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M A G A Z I IS E. 


VOL. XLYir. 



188 3. 



•« • ■ • I 

[T/ie right oj I^lishing Tramfatioms of ArtkU^ m ikti Ma^atint U rrtfrtmf.] 


Iks Biwam of Lombox — Put I. 

■ •••H*«*4*»MHaa I 

• ■n«>a*«a**lH«a*»i ■> 

■•>i>f*4t>*>l*ll« ■■••■•• 




So Hkw Thino. 

Clwpter XXI. Two Flattering Oe&n IIU 

XXII. 3In. Prowers Saue of I}Dt7 117 

„ XXm. Philip kt Florenea 1S9 

„ XXIT. L«tten and Telegnnu «..._ 1S8 

„ XXV. Contuttatioiu ~ 148 

XXVI. Philip andt out all ftboDt it SOS 

XXVU. Walter gotB to » Ball 3M 

XXVm. Tom StBDDifortli Snda hu Hatch 373 

XXIX. "Peccaril" 481 

XXX. A Fiaaco „. 49* 

XXXI. Tom Stanaiforth girai Mm« Ttonble 603 

XXXII. ^iUp iMforB the Pulilic 614 

XXXUI. Waltn'i Each ii Httled 032 

„ XXXIV. Hn. Staonifortli eumot eoBlml hn Harrsa 612 

XXXV. HonooM DiTided 756 

XXXVI. lUvardi and PonialiDMDU 7:>A 

.. XXXVII. Ytt and No _ 744 

„ XXXVUl. ;AlBordigh«pa 752 

XXXrX. Last^Vorda „ 7(8 

Ev imt n*-n or rns Skjl. 

C1i>flai I ».. 3S7 

II. 2K 

m „ 271 

IV. „ 878 

V. „ 888 

VI „ 1%K 

. Vlt ...„ 4M 

vi coirrsirrs. 

Bi THE Qate or TBI SsA.—{Conlin»e<l.) 


Chnp(*r IX 522 

X 629 

Xr 041 

XII 6ol 

„ xiii oeu 

Alcwino 70 

Al Huiti 313 

Anioial Mftbologj; or, Sloiiesof Bicds and Beasts 463 

A Faatoral HediUtioD 696 

A Scribbler's Apolc^ S38 

AStripofSufiblkStaboard 17* 

A Stud;r in Fool LiUratan „ Hi 

Aafnor 439 

Bacchus Id Gmubiindea GO 

BackvoodH of Caniida, Hix Years in the 6S2 

BaLb nod Timbridge Wclb a Contury ago „» 717 

Biogrnpliy BOl 

Boys 28* 

Bumia, Hill TrilwB of 2UJ 

CalifomU, EarJ; Spring in 410 

Canada, Six Years in tii« Btekwoods of. b82 

Church-goilig Tim 171 

Clergy of the Eighteenth Century, Th« 62 

CrMhaw, Kcbard „ 42* 

Divining Rod, The 83 

Early Spring in Catiforniii , 410 

Eighleenlh Century, The Clergy of the 82 

PauHt as a Pupjiet-liero ,.,. 02 

Folk Songs of Proienca 666 

Fool Literaturp, A Study in 4*3 

From a Garret SDS 

Grlgnan, Lp M:\rquin de 3S3 

Hill Tribes of Burmn 202 

Italian Feaaant Lift? 710 

Le Marquis do Urignan -I^'S 

Le Hing'i Harringe ■'*•> 

L^B Oambetta, Memories of lei) 

My Daughtcr-in-Uv „ C31 

" '^-Ji.^ ■----••- |nA 

■',■',<■■ .t -.r^.. . , ^ ,. < . . -11 ., 



PaKonl UadilBtioD, A 695 

Pwuiit Life, Italian Tl(> 

PuUin* for Ihe People 344 

FtMs and MightingaleB 192 

Pciitnii Alt cf the ReDaisuDce, The G61 

PiDTtDcc, Folk Songs of 686 

»— ■— ~-. The Portrait Art of the 684 

Eeiolt of Sir Thomaa Wjatl, The 680 

Bichud Craahav iH 

BoMtiti and the Beligion of BeMXtj S13 

Ssibfaleri Apology, A 63S 

StaCallB, Th< 325 

Six Yun in th« Backwoods of Canada SBS 

Springtime „ 600 

ifenicior Birds and BMMa 463 

SBfclk Sttboard. A Strip of 174 

l^DiTiniDKltod 83 

IkSmOlls 326 

T^Lbrtilee WelU and Bnth a Century agj 17T 

i*'^:. "hooting , 292 

^■jni. Sir Thomas, The Revolt of 680 



"Ut dbak Sib Abtbdb, I wuh vkbi kucb vou wodld oo" 1 

"It uh't a LOTB-LanBB" lOS 

"Favobisci, SraijoBB" 129 

"CoMx TO spt HI oDT u vsniL* 333 

Fob AWBiLK ami hid Bbb hbu> iS7 


The nsit watb cuts aamJHa Op 3BS 

"\Vk htst all fobqiti SOUETllOa" 4S1 

"What stas?" 613 

"Oh, Euoa, HAVB tod con bibb to uioe fob hgF" Bit 

I'BIL LU> the vat SILINTLT 641 

"Yon SAID 'Ko' TBAT DAT—" " VUBV WBIL?" 720 



JANUARY, 1883. 

ff^e Sicgt of Joi^on.* 


rflATeolcmn piece of up- 
iiolaten-, the curtAtn of 
tbo Com^die Fran^Aise, 
kail fallen upon tbe first 
act of the piece, and 
our two Amerlouia Imd 
ttiken advanUgo of tliu 
interval to i*m out of 
tho huge, hot thuitre. Id , 
company with tbe otbor 
occQpnntif of thu Hlalls. 
But tlwty were among 
the flnt to ictum, and 
tlioy licgulloil tlM nsC 
of the iuterrainioD with 
looking nt tlio boime, 
which bad lately bwa 
cl«tuuied of it« hi4toric 
oobwelM and OTitamcnt«d \ 
with trmcota Uluattativa ' 
of tba dame dmna. In the month of 8<-i>teiiiber tbe ftvdieooe at tba 
TU4ln Fnaifua b compaiatively thin, nod on thia occasion the 

VOL. Ill 

ilm :lia Daitnd SlatM by ll.Jama, jua, 18B2. 


ditmA—L'JveMtKrii^e of Emite Augita* — lind no pnttoiudonK to novelty.! 
iStiay of the hoxta want ompty, oUien wero occa|Hed by persons oeU 
provindftl or noQuulic sppearftiioe. Tbc bons nra far from tht! Ktnge, 
Dear vhiclt our npeclAton wa« jilaced ; bui even »t » diaUnoe Rupert 
W*t«rvillo WAS ablo to Appremto cortnin details. Ho wiu foiul uf J 
apprecuitiiiK ilotaiL-s udiI vthea bo vr«at (o tbo tbeaU« li« looked aboabi 
him » good deal, making nse of a dainty but remarkably powerfulfl 
g1a'<H. Ilv kninr that Huch a oountu was wanting tn Uu« distinctionj 
and tbat it was ind(>1icato to Icrol at a lady an instrtimcnt wbith wiiyfl 
often onlj !um( injunotut in tfitct tiiuii a dintble-biuTellMl piiitol ; but bu 
was alwajv ve'ry ctinous, and be iras sure, in any case, that at than 
momont, at tliat antiquated play — ko be wax plouod to qualify tba 
masterpiece of an Academician — be would not be observed by aay one 
bu ktidw. Standing up tbcrrioTD witli hia ImioIc to the atu^^ hn mnilo 
the circuit of ttie boxes, while several other persons, near him, performedJ 
tho namu opcmtion with even grcntvi- ooolncM. I 

" Xot a tiiugle pretty woman," he i«marke«] at last to hU friend ; au 
observation which Littlcmoro, sitting in his plnco and atarin^ with •■ 
bored ex|>T(«xion at ihu now-looklDg curtain, reL-t-ived ia [wrfwit nilfUL-e.l 
lie rarely indulged in tbrnc oj>tical tuccumaiiK ; he bnd been a great deal 
ill Paris and liad ceajied to caro about it, or wondei- about it, much ; liej 
fancioit that tho Krnich nipilal could hare no more nurprtMs for him J 
tlioii{;li it had had a good many in formtrr days. 'WatcrTille was still in 
t!i(! xtagc of furiiruin ; he Hiiddcnly rxpniNMHl thin eniDtion. " Dy Jgvc ! " 
he eisclaiiued ; " I beg your pai-don — 1 beg Aer pardon — there in, afted 
idl, a woman tliat may be called " — be patacd a littl^ iuHpectiiig her— a 
"a kind of beauty!" I 

" What kind t " Littlemoro aaked, vaguely. I 

" An uniuual kind — an indwcribable kind.'' Littlcmor^ wiu nod 
ht^Iing his answer, but bo presently board himadf appealed to. " m 
say, 1 wish veiy much you would do me a fiivour." 

" I did you a favour in coming here," said Littlemore. " It's insur* 
furably hot, and the play in like a ilinncr that Itas been dnutwd by the 
kitcbon-maid. The actors taa all </flti4ht««." 

"Il'sMimplytoaiiswertne thia: i» (A* resectable, nowl" WatcrriUe 
]«join(Nl, inattADtive to his fviend'a eptgrmia. 

littlL-more|[aveagToan, without tumtog hia head. " Youaiealwaya 
waattng to know if they are i^iectable. What on earth can it matter!" 

•' I have made oucii miaiake*— I have lost all conlidwioe," miil poor 
Watcrvillo, to whit»a European dvtlL'ation bnd oot ceased to be a 
aovelty, and who during the last six mouths Und found hinuolf con- 
fronted witli problems long unsuspected. Wlbcnerer be enoountcnxl a 
very tuce-lDokin]{ woman, bo wau earc to discover tliat she ticlouged to 
the class topraMuted by the beruinu of A[. Augicr'sdrama ; and wbenevah 
hb attention rtsted upon a pDmon of a florid style nf attmction, Uicifl 
was tbc strongeat pivbability that Nbc would turn out to be a cuunteat. 

TOG smac OF Lo^t)OIr. 


Tke eonntaMe looked so Mipcrflcial and tlio others look«tl m uccltuivc. 
Kow Uttlnnorii ilintiiij^iulird ntngbuioe; be aewt atmle laiaUikna. 

•■Sitojilv for lookiug at th^m, it docaa't matUr, I suppose," aiid 
W«terviUe, uig«Duou!il;, niuwcring liis viMiipanii^ii's mtliur cjiiiuil 

" Yoo sUw at ibera all alike," Littlemore went on, still withont 
BUiTiDg ; " except iiulcod w1m-ii I tt-Jl you that tliej* are not nwpectablfr^ 
tfacn jraur •ll^ttlion aci|mrea a fixedncsn i " | 

*■ If Toar judgment is ngainst this livly, T promiM! nsrer to Inalc at 
her agMS. 1 mmn tbc one in (be tfainl box fruni tlift [loanf^, in white, 
with tbe rril tlowem," b» added, as Littlvmoro slonlj- rose nul stood I 
boiile him. " Tlie J'onng man in luuning fin-waid. It L< tlie young uiita 
dial nrnkes nw doubt of bcr. Will you hare the glass t" 

[itttumBn limkcd abuut hini without tmnoentmtion. " Xo, T thank 
yoD, my «9aa are good enougli. The young mau'a a rery good young 
nwn," ha adiled in a mouient. 

•* V«y indeed ; but he's mveral years younger than bbe, Wuit til! 
■Ih torn* ber haul." 

8fae tnroed it veiy soon — she ap]KU«ntly bad been sjieaking to tke 
wrrYuK, at tbo door of Um box— nnd presented her faoc to the public— • ' 
a &ir, well-drawu fitoe, villi BUiillug tyvs^ nmiliug lips, onuuneutud over 
(fca bniir with dcticnte nngt of bUck hair and, in each car, with tho 
tfmMa of a diamond sufficiently lai^ to bo seen acTO» the ThvKtro 
tnatgti^ Liltlemors Inokwl at her ; then, abruptly, he gave an ex- 
cLuaaticn. " Give tue the glass t " 

** IJn yog know bn- 1 " his companion asked, aa bo directed Ibe little 

liuhwwre made no answer; be only looked in Kilence; Uien ho 
IssdMl hack (be glaM. " No, nbeV not rmpectAble," he said. And he 
dmppHl intu hia seat again. Aa Waterville tenulned standing, he 
wUmJ, " }'t«a« ait down ; I think alie xaw me." 

"Don't you wont beriosieeyouI"iukedWaterviI1o the intorrogatoi, 
iBkJnf his aeat. 

Littbmiire heaitnted. " I don't want to spoil b^ game." By tUL' 
tiav tha rvi/aeie wan at nn laiit ; the cuitain ixwc ngnin. 

Tl had bmn Waterville's idea ihat th«y tibould go to tlie theHtiv. 
liUlDmncY, who wan always for niH di>itig a thing, had reooinmendcil 
Itin : bring li;rrly, llitv tihould Hiiiiply ait and smoke nt the [ 

fc> < L'l Cofi.-, in > iletXTiit [vtrl of tltu I.toalevard. Xuverthr* 

hat Uopert Watervilte enjoyed the sGoond act even Inw tlmn bo had 
^ -^-1, which hi thotiglit heavy. lie began to wonder whi'thrr 

Id <u would wish to stay to the end; a u«tl<9H line of specu- 

la! ■ ' ' " hull gtit to tilt: tlitTitrc, l.iltl«mor«'a ubJM^liim to 

4ui! , : ^ '.rtainly keep biui from guing. Wat^Tvilln also 

•ondvod wbjit hr knew about Out Liily in iho box. Onoc w WW« >)« 
fbnmd at hl« Uend, and then be saw tltM Xittleui»« wub nob toVVowiitg 

1— i 




the plfty. He was thinking of soQi«tiiiiig «!« ; bo wm Ui!nl:!ng of tfant 
wOBuuu Wlum tli« curtain fell tipiia 1m nt in bts plai», maldn^ way 
toe hb Deaghbours. m usual, to «dgo pMt him, grimling h» knoc* — htK 
legi w«re lon^— witli their own ptottibereDcea. When th« two men 
were alone in the stallti, LitUamorc nid : " I think 1 ahoultl liko to arn 
her ai^in, ftft«r itl!." He spolM as if Watarritl« might hAve knoirn all 
about her. Watervillo wu conscious of not doing so, bnt as thcro was 
evidently » good deal to knoir, he fdt tbat be ahoiUd looe noUiing by 
being a little discreet. So, for tbo moment, h« askod do <|asttiont; he 
only nil]— 

" Wt^lt, hero's tie glafis." 

litUemoTO gave him n glance of gixtd-nalnml coropaiMon. " I don't 
maui thai I wiint lo atare at ber with tiut beosUy thing. I mean — to 
see her —as I u^ t^ son her." 

" How dill yovi (lie to see hecrt " aakeJ WntirvlllL', bidilng fitrewclt 
to discretion. 

" On the hack piuzia, at San Dio^o." Ami m hU intorloctitur, in 
rectipt of thb inforiaation, only Htarad. lie went ou — " Come out where 
w* can breatbo, and I'll tttU you mon>." 

They made tiieir way to the low and narrow door, mote worthy of 
a mbliit-halch than oi" n gr*»t thcntir, by whkli you paaw r«)m tlio 
ttalls of Ihii Com^e to the lobby, and as LiMlemoi^ w^nt first, liia 
ingeDDons friend, bt'hind htm, could tuie that he glationd up nt tli« box 
in tbc occiijKUits of which tbey w«ro intcreated. The mon* iatMi>itin:,' 
of these had faer bu-k to the lioiue; lOte was ajfparently just Irnving the 
box, after ber compimion ; but ns she had not put on her mantle it wiu 
evident that tliijy w<:r<! not quilting the tbentre. I.ittlomoi«'H pursuit 
of fr«sh air did not lead bim into the street ; he had jiuued hiii arm into 
Waterv-ille'*, and wlii>n they reached Uiat finn fri;pd suirwtse wliii-h 
aaceiids to the /o</er, he liegan silently to mount it. Jvialcmoti: wnn 
averae to active pleEUuren, but hi« friend i<f Si-ctt^l that now at Inut be 
had launched bimaelf— he was going to look for the lady whom, wilL a 
monosylUblc, be a;>i>cnm<l to iiave clawnlicd. Tlin yoim? man rmigned 
binwelf for the roonent to asking no questiomi, and the two ntrotli'd 
together into llic diining mloun where Houdon'a admiraUo f^tjitue of 
Voltaire, reflected in a down mirrotf, ia gaped at by vbJlo» ohvlotiNly 
lem acute ihau the f^ntus cxpn«>C(l in thoan living feature*. Waters 
villa knew that Voltain) wan wry witty ; he had road OaHili*!*. and bad 
atnmdy bad nevenvl opportuniliea of apiirecuttiiig tJiii Htatuc. The /<>*/'r 
waa not orowd«l ; only a doien groups went «oitloted over tlto )>oliahctl 
floor, Bovenl otberii having pa^twd out to the Inlouray whldi oTerbimga 
tJi« Hquara of the Palain Royal. Ilw w!niIov,-M nrm open, Ibe )>riIIi»iiL 
light* of PariM made tbe dull summer oveuiuK look like an aunivetauiy 
or a revolution ; a munanr of \au^c» tieeiui'i] to como up fixtm the 
•tfeets and even iu Uie/ojrn- one beard the alow click of Ihu homiM and 
the rumble of the orookedly-diivca Gavrea on tbe hai^, luooth aapfaalte. 


A Ujr aai s grntli-toiiD, n'itb Ibcir liuckit to our rricnds, sbxkl before 
tbr Inuito "f Voluire ; Uie lady irss dr«t«(«l in whitr, includiog n wliitu 
tMWtifit. Liltltnnora foil, u m wnnj pcmonn fuel In that epol, thut the 
««Dv wu ciiiuplcuoiwljr PttrUion, and ho gav« a mjsterious Ijiogh. 

" It seeou comiciil lo »« her bora ! Tbo Ust time was in Kew 

-In N«w Mexico!" 
" At Hwi I>i«^o." 
" Ob, DD Ihu li*ek jniicui," said WaUrville, piitljnf; tliingB t(^el1i«r, 
Hb hftd not b»*n •wni-o of tbo })C«iUon of Snn Dii^, for if, on the occn- 
•ion of liU Ut«ly Lcinff H|i|ioiittMl to n siibonJtnAte dtptonittUc post in 
liiodoD, bn lud l«i^ paying <^ good i\fi of ntlonlion lo European 
pDpKphj, he bail ntber uc^ilAc-lwi that of hU own oounlry. 

The; bod not ipokcn loud, and tbnjr vtnn not stAndJng nmir hvr ; 
bat Baddaily, sa if she had h«ud tbera, the lady in white turned round. 
Hh* tipi cnnght Watcrrillo'a first, and in tliat glwwo ho saw tbiit if nbis 
bad bnud tbem it wn« not k«caa«! tbcy were audible but b«cauHo she 
bail cxtnardtnaiy qoidmen of nr. Tbvre was no ncognition in it — 
Umm wu doimv at first, nmn wbm it rested lightly upon Gcorgn Iitttl»- 
DMK. Bat racognition QaAhed otil a moment later, aoeoropanied with a 
iiU(Mt« inrmiMi of miour and a t[uiclc extension of h«r appnrrntly con- 
ataot atntlo. Ehe lud turned cotiipletiily round ; nbe nlood thfira in 
Hiddm (ncniiiiiuuv, with paitrd lijin, wiib a hand, gloved to the elbow, 
alsioat impflriotwly ofTercd. 8b« was en-n prcttitr tbun at a dtMtance. 
** Well, I declorv I " An exclaimed ; so load that every ono in (he room 
■ppiAred to fed pemonnlly ad(Ire«aed. WatcrviUe wm Mirpriaed ; b* 
hmi not b«n pTvpaied, even after Ibc mention of the baek ]i!aua, to 
fed ber an Anutrican. \lrr ctiuiimDum turnrd round a* ^he i^poke ; ho 
wi» a rn'<>h, lean yoniij; ni»R, in evening di«Hii; be kept bJs b&nda in 
bb puckrt* ; Wnterville inui^innl thnt h« nt any rato wan not an 
Antcrican. He looked very grave— for sadi a fair, festive young man — 
Kod i^vn Watn-rilla aiiJ I.iltlcmoro, thoitjeh )iii> Iwi^'ht h-hii not superior 
la tUn. a nanow, veTtical glaaoo, Tlieu ho tiii-ned back to (be Ktntuo 
iif Vultaiiv, an if it bail b««n, after all, among his premonitiono that the 
lady Im wajt altondiug would rexwgnise people be didn't know, and didn't 
«*«iD, pwrbopa, aa» lo know. Tbia posaibly confirmed slightly IJtUe- 
iMm*a aaaertiua that hIm wan not re«peeiablo. Th« voung miin wax, nt 
but; mfinimniat«ly M>. "When? in the world did you drop fium 1 " 
Ike lady inquired. 

•• I ba»»» b»«n hem nome time," Littlemore said, going forward, 
ralb«r delibsalnly, to abako lutnda with her. Ho raiiM n little, bat he 
wan mora MTtuus than *ho; ho kept hiaeye on her own as if nhe bad 
' baaa JtHt a trifl« danjinroaa ; It waa the manner in wbich a dniy discreet 
imwa would bav^ approached Hime gloaay, graceful animal which bad 
•B wtraafcinal trick nf biting. 

**ncrT in I'arw, doyon mean " 



" No ; Iwre ftnd there — in Europe geawaUy." ^^^^B 

" WoU, itV queei- 1 IiAVcn't met you." ^^M 

*' ThUer lalo than never 1 " «aid Littlemore. His smile wu a ITUle 

" W«ll, you look very natnntl,' thn ludy went on. I 

"So do you~~HM- very dianutng— it'a the aame tUinj;,'* Littlemore 1 
ftnituond, laughing, nnd evidently wishing to boatsy. It was as if, I 
&oa to foco, and >(lcr n cunxidtmttili' Ujiki! of tiniir, hit bud Tuund tier 
more impoeuig than he expected when, in the ^UtUs below, he determined J 
to oouM nod meet bcr. Ax he Npoko, tho young nuui who vntA wilh hor I 
gftvo ii]> his inspection of Voltaire utd hctd about, listlessly, without I 
looking either nt Littlemon; or nt Wntorrillo. I 

" I waul to inti-oduoj yini to my friend," ahe went en, '' Sir Arthur I 
Demecne — 31r. littlemotv. Mr. littlemore— Sir Arthur Dcnicntic. I 
Sir Arthur Demome t» on RiigliKhiniin— Mr. Littlemoi« la a country- I 
man of mine, an old friend. I haven't seen him for yxtm. For how ' 
longl Don't let's count' — I wimil<tr you kiUMn- me." »Jie continued, ' 
addi-ee^ing Ijttlemore. " I'm fearfully changed." All this wax said 
in a dear, gay tone, which was tho mora audible ua shu spiihc with a 
kind of uareaaiiic alowneai. The two men, to do honour to h«r intro- 
duction, silently totcbangocl agiauoo; t&e KnglMhrnnn, |ierhapi^ coloui-nl J 
II little. III! wa« very oonadona of liis companion. "I haveai't tutro' I 
doced you to many people yet," she nmiarked. I 

" Oh, J dou't mind," nid Sir Arthur Dc^mcu-iin. ' 

'* "Well, il's qnoci- to see you ! " ebo exclaimed, hx>king stilj at 
Littlemore. " You have <Jiangeil, too— I am K» that." 
" Not where you are coiieerued." 

" Thal'n what 1 want to find out. Why don't you inlroducc your 
ft-Iend 1 I see lie's dyiog lo know mo ! " 

I.ittlemotti proco«<I(>d t<i this ceroinoDy; lint In* retJucwl it to iis 
Kimplesl elements, merely gUuciug ut Ittijierl WatervUIe, and miir- 
mui-iog his nam«. 

** You didnft t«ll htm my name," tlin Indy crieil, whiU' Watcrville 
made hei- a formal MtUitation. " I ho|>e you hik\'«n't forgotten it ! " 

Litttc^noiX! gave lu>r a glance which was intended to be more 
penetrating than what ho had hitherto ponnitted hiniMlf; if it had 
been put into wonU it would have taiid, " Ab, hnt trOch narao?' 

She ansvoreat the nnsjmkea question, putting out her band, aa she 
hnd Ann*: to TjtttleiuoTtt : " Happy to makn your ntqitaintance, Mr. 
Waterville. I'm Sirs. ilc»dway — ])eriiaps you've beurd of mn. If 
yoo'vn vvur \ievn in Aiumca, yuu hnrn hniril of mo. Not m> 
much in New Vork, but in the Western cities. You art an Amorieaii ti 
Well, tlven, vn an! nil <^>niputxiottf — exc^>t Sir Arthur Demesne. Lc| 
me inlcodnco you to Sir Ai'lhin". >^r Arthur I)emuBne, Mr. Waterville 
Mr. Wiitcrville, ^^i^ Arthur OonHiciK. Sir Ai'thur Ifemesno ia 
member of IWIiamentfj don't he look youngt" She waitvd for no 


uu^ro' ta tilia riunsUon, hut iuddenly mkal nnotLcr, as >]i« moved her 
jjluHdrti lark over litr long, luuM gloTC«. " Wfll) Mr. LiUlomon-, 
nvkat w rau Itiinkinf; of t " 

H* WW tfaiiiking that )>» mnit i[i<l«e4 hare forgotten her uamo, for 
IW imo thkt oltn tiiut [n-ononncod swnkeRwl no aioiocutKni. Unt lio 
eilt|]il knnlljr Icll Uel' tliAt. 

"I'm ilitnking of Snn Diin^." 

" Tlib lAck |>wam uL niv siati3-*H T Oli, ilon't ; it wns too tiorrid. 

8be hii* Wl now. 1 ttfli^vc (wwy oua Itiw left." 

L Sir A-rlliiir Oiuii&ui' (Irww out his wali'li with the nir of a mnn who 

Pwolil Uikp nil port in tlirro domrstic rvmiiiisctiiiocs ; he afifienreil tu 

curabuio A gtattie ntdf-pu-aivtaaoti viitli a ile^Tiw of indivtdtia) i4iyn«K!:. 

He «ul nmnthing about its Ixnng ttmo thi*/ should go bock to th»ir 

«PBt«, liiit ttln. UeAiiway paid no attention to the renurk, Wulavillo 

vitlHtl Iin- to Ihigw ; ho felt iu looking at her im if ho hnd beeu looking 

•tadunniufiiiicturv. IXer low -f^wiiig hair, with it«fin«d«nMi tinilitla- 

I tioM, waaof aritade of bUclcnMS that Ims nowbeeotno ntro; her camplexiuu 

I lad the liloom of a «rhit« Bower; luir |irolUu, when Rbe ttintod tirr head, 

I"***!* [turo anii One na theoutlino of a cnmoo. 

I " YiKi kiiuw this is tlid fint thmtro," iihir itntd to WntAn-ille, n« if 

I tbt wiibed to be suciable. " And thid is Vollairo, the ci|>^i>i-ated writer." 

"I'm dvTotrd to tho Co(D6dk) Fnui^aiM," Wiiterv-ille anxwi^rDil, 

" TTiMilfiinj bad hoQM ; wd didn't hmr n wonl," said Sir Ai-thiir. 

'■ Ah, yes, ihp Imxra) "" nmnuiinil Wiil^-rvilli^ 

" I'm nitiwir diaapjMintMl," Mn. Ueodany ncot on. " Bat I want 
to aot what btttOBiM of that vonuui." 

" Doua (JlorlDdul (}h, I *u[ipo«o they'll aboot Iter; the; (eoeratly 
■bvit tha wonrat, In FrvMii-h plavs," hittlcntoro nid. 

" It will nnnin<l ni» nf Axa Diego 1 " cried Mm. Hondway. 

** Ah, at Bau Diego tba women did tho i>lio>itJn^." 

" They doat Hon to have killed j-ou !" Jim, Miwlway rejoiiieJ, 

" Xu, htit I an riildled with wounds." 

*• Well, thia u way n.-ituirknble," t)i« lady w«nt Otk, turning to 
Bondon'n ttatui!. " tt'a l>t«utifully modelled." 

" Yoa u« poThap" nndiiic U. do Vnlluiro," LittloDion) stiggestad. 

■ X.,; \r,- ■ ■ ' M wdtka." 

"TliKt itti , I,' for Ini.lioi,"' wiiil Ui» yOnng English' 

Sia, •Kvrrvl.f. utTt-ring hii> atri to Mtb. Headway. 

" Ah, you tiiigfat have told m« before I had bought then I " aho 
mrfaJmnd, In KnsjTP.rattst diNmny. 

" I iiruliln't itiia^'iin' ^ n would trny a hnndred and fifty volomcs." 

" A hundn-d and bfty I I have only boU|{[ht two." 

" I>ri«[M two won't hurt yool " Mud Uttleoiore with & anule. 

*f (lutnl him a R^trtuushfa) my, " 1 know wluit yott uetuti — \WV 



I'm too bad nlreddy I Well, b^d as I am, yon muitt cotn« and eeo me." 
Ai^it thf llimw him tho mmw of luir bot«l m site walked awny with her 
Kn^flishumii. WftU-rville looked after the UtKr wiUi n ctrtiuD iut«i««t 
111) hnd hoard of him in London, and had tixa his permit in faniti/ Fail 

It wati not yet lime to go down, in iigiitn of thi« gcntlcmon'a a»y\ 
■0, and Littlemoro and bis fWend passed out on the haloony of 
/ogrr. "Headvray — H«adwAvt Where tho d«nco did she get that 
Darnel " liittlrmorv nskod, as thpy looked down into th« nninatod d 

"FVnm bcrhuHhaiid, 1 KujiptMxr," Watervjlls sngg«t«d. 

" From h»r huahand 1 From which 1 Tlia last was namod Beck.' 

" How many lian Aiti hod t " Wiiterrillo inquired, anxioiu to 
bow it was that Jdra. Headway was no[ re*]M«liibli>. 

" I haven't tho least idea. Dnt it wouldn't be ditScult to find ont, 
I boUere tbey are all liring. Site was Mn. Beck — Nant^ Bei'^ — wb 
I kaew her." 

" Nancy Beck ! " nriixl Wiilcrvillo, ajihaiit. He waa thinkin]; of 
d(^li<»t« profile, like that of a pretty Kotoau empress. Iliere wa« a greal 
deal to bo cxplainnd, 

Xiittlemore explained it in a few words before tUey returned to th' 
plaoM, ndmitting indeed Ibnt he wan not yet nblo to elundatn b< 
present Hituution. Sbo was a memory of his Weatvm ilayn ; lie had 
her last come six ycam before. Ho had known her very well and ti 
several place*; (he circle of her activity wiw chieKy tho Soutbw 
This activity was of a ra^oe eharftctrr, except in the n-nxe that il 
was exc1u«iv»ly hdciiiL She was supposed to ha%-o n bnsband, one 
Philadiilphus Beck, tho e*litor of a Democntlic newspaper, Uie Daiotah 
Stnlinet; but Littlcmoio had never seen him— the pair were livii^ 
apart — and it woa tlie imprsMion at San Piego that matrimony, for Air. 
and Hn. Beck, was about played out. Hn renicmberod now to have 
beard afterwards that she was getting a divoix«. She got divorcee very 
CMtly, sbe was w takii^ in court. &be had got one or two before from 
a man whose name be had forgotten, snd there wu a lef^nd that even 
these woi« not the lint. Sbe had been excwedinjcly divorved ! When 
he first met her in California, abe called beraelf Mr*. ORUviUc, which 
he bad lyien given to utideisUnd was not an ap[)elbitiDii ocqtiired iu 
matrimony, but ber pnrental name, rraumed after tite distotutioa oF an 
onfortunate tinion. Sbe bud bud tlxuv cpiAOilMt— her unions were all 
unfortunate— and had l>oino half a donn nam(«. She wm « charming 
woman, especially for New Mcjcioo; but sho had been divorced too 
oAoi— it wu a tax on one's credulity; sbe must have tejmdiatod tooie 
buahands than she bad mamed. 

At San Diego she was atayinj; with l»er sister, whone actani spooaa 
(she, too, had been divorced), tlie princi{Ml man «f the place, kept a 
bank (with the aid of a six-ahooter), and who Iwd never safiered Nancy 
to want for a borne during ber uualtaclied periodic. Xancy had lirgiin 
T«I7 Tiling; she mmt be abput Uurty-MTcn to-day. That was all 




nrntit I7 her not Mtig n*]>«cU>bl«, Th» chronology wa« rathn- 
her riitcr nl ImsI Itad once told klm that Ui«ra was ooe winter 
rhnibB didn't kuow befself wfto wne Kanc>-'s hiisbond. She hftd gone in 
July fnr nditMn — »h<> rfltecmoil the jinirrutlutic ])rafi»Bd<>n. Thej mwtt 
II luvp ti(«ii iltiiadful nISaDs, for brr own aminbility was manifeftl. It 
wm« w«)l knnirn that whatercr Nbokad doDORhu luul donointwlf-dafpnc^. 
In lin«, eb# h«d done tbinfp; tkai was the main point now 1 8h« wsh 

ptvtty, gtNxl-iutiinrd and devor, and (|iiito itio ticnt comp&ny in 
ii)M pula, Sbc waa a gennioe product of thp fir WAtt— a llou-er of 

IVcilie akiijn; ignorant, ntfUcioiui, urnd«, but fall of pluck and 
ri<irit, of natnnU iiitelligeiKe, and of a oortain int«rmitt«xil, liaphnxard 

U*1a, She numl to «ay thiit alio only wanted a chanOA — ng>p«rriitly 
' ImiI fuaml it now. At one linio, withont bur, ba (lido't mw Kuw )iu 
soolil bare put lip witli ihn life. Ha hiid Klart«l a cnttl»-mnrh, to 
w^icfa 8an ItWgq wma the nearvdl town, and bo in«d to ride over to ntxt 
her. Boamtimr* he slnynl tbctm for a vtmIc ; tli«n lio frnnt to me her 
vn^ nvpnirij;. I( wna horribly hot ; th«y used to sit on the buck 
piaxBi. SliK wait aUn.^a a* attractive, and v«ry ntaHy an woll-drrascd, 
w they badjuit beheld ber. Asfaras nppcanuicr wtrnt, she nii^ht Imvo 
imai tranaptantrd at an Iiotir'M notice from that duaty old Huttl«mcnt to 
tin dty by the Sciiie, 

** ftmifi of IhoBB AVwlcm woratn are wonderful," Littlonore paid. 
** Likp livr, tltay only oranl a chance." 

U« had not l)««n In lew with bcr — tbcm n«Tcr vme anything of 
Ikat tort Iwlvntn tliem. Tli«rc might have b(«n of cour»n;-bat aa it 
happcnn] there was nob Hcwlwny apparently wfl« the Hticccaaor of 
fifck i pvtliBpii Ibcm had been otbers lietwetin. She wiw m no aort of 
" KKiely ; " she only I»d a local reputation (■' tlie elog&nt and accom- 
ptiabnl Mr«. Itcck,** tho novnpnpont calleil bcr — the otlicr editors, to 
vkiMB aba wain'l roarried), (bough, indeed, in lliat Mpaoioita civ-ilimtion 
lb ha alii J waa large. 8bc knew nothing of the KaMt, and to the bent 
rfUataU«rAttbat]>eriod bad nerer been Now Vork. Varioun thia^ 
miilil hav* happmied in UinMi nix ymrM, bovrevin-; no doubt ahe had 
"Boneaii." 1'ba West waa aending na everything (Li ttlemora spoke 
ai a Nrv Yurkcr); no doubt it would xend u* at last our brilliant 
■ wauB. Thia little woman used to look quite over tbe liead of New 
Tark ; wnu hi tboea A»y% xhe thought an<I talkod of 1'nris, which Utere 
vwoafimafafctiif hifr knowing; tliat vna the way nhe bad got on in New 
Moina, Hh* kail hail hrr ambition, hrr prroNmlimeDta; aba had known 
>b «M mant for hotter tlituga. Even at San Diego ske had pref!^ii«il 
W tiltJa Hir Arthur; evnry now and then a wandering Engliabman 
(kiw witkiu ht-T raiiKi*. Tltoy were not all IxtiviietH Mid M.p.'g, 
hut thay wrjv anniiUy n cbangf from the rditoro. What ahe wua doing 
<i'li W prw a nt acinuiition he waa curious toaee. Sbe wan orrtainly— 
t^h4h^ uiyeaiMi' ' ' Mt Mateof mind, which was not loo apparent 
— i^ikuig Uis bsi :' looked very uplendid; Headway had pKh 

I— » 




balily xMd« a. " pile," an aohicToincnt doI to lo imputei to any of 
others. She di4u't accept money— be iras sure ahc didn't «cc^ moooy. 

On Uioir wny \nck to tJidr nents Littt«aw»«, whose tone hud iMon 
buinoroii:^ hut vith llial utt-ain of the petiuvo which ii iiatfaraiAo from 
retrospect, ^nddmly broko into nudiblo lunghter. 

" The raoddtiog of « ilAtue tuid tlto worloi of Voltniro 1 ' 
exclaimed, recurring to two or threo things sbo hnd sud. " It's coniie 
to hoKT hor attempt thoK lli^hta, lor in Hew Uexioo afa« Icticw not 
ahout model ling." 

" Sho didn't strike me M sfiWted," Wtilcn'iUe njfoinnl, fueling i 
vngue impolso Ut uko a eoiudderate riow of her. 

" Oh, no ; tdiu's only — ax *he aayi — fefttfutly duui;^." 

They wera in tWir plticei bofoi-e the pUy wont on again, and thvy* 
both gnvo anoUior glance at Mrs, ^^adwsy'fl box. Shu lunnod bade, 
idowty fanning henelf, and ftvidenlly vatchiog Littl<!monv as if xhu had 
been vaiting to noo him oume in. Sir Artlinr DcmuMie sat beside bcr, 
rathor glounity, resting a round pint chin upon a bi^h stilF rallar; 
neither of them nRmed to iipiuik. 

" All! you sure slue makes him happy ? " Watervitle a-ikud. 

<• Yes — that'x thn way thofw [>«opl« iJiov it." 

" Bat doM Hhe go aliont alono with htm that way t WhcrD's 
husband t" 

" I 6Uppo«! Shu ha* divorced him." 

" And doee she want to many tho baronftt t " Waterville nnkcd, uj 
hid companion were omaisGlvnt. 

It lunused Littkmore for tfao monHmt to appoai- so. " He wants 
many her, I gneM." 

" And ho (Uvorecd, like the others? " 

" Oh. no ; this tinw she hn« got what ibo wants," said Littlemore, aa 
the curtain rose. 

Hu sufTerod tbiw days to olapso hdbro ho called at the n*'trl Meu- 
xiee, which tim hud deeij^ated, and we jony occupy tJiis ia(«rval in 
adding a few words to tbo rtory w« havo taken froax his liim. George 
litUemore's remdcnce in tbe far Went had been of tJio usual tentattro 
sort — bo had gono tlwre to roplonisb n pocket depleted by yoalMul 
extrAVugance. lliK finit atlempta bad laiW; the days were passing 
away wlirn a fortune was to be picked up «vcn by a young man who 
might be EUppQMKl to have inbori ted &om an hononm bio Esther, latdy 
Kmovcd, Komo of tltoae linn ahilitiM, mainly iledieated to the importa- 
tion of tea, to irhich the elder Mr. Littlemore was imtobtod for tlw power 
of l«sring hiii son well off. liUlomore had diBsijMted his patrimony, 
and be was not (juiok to diitoover his tAleuts, which, consisting ohiedy 
of an unlimited factdty for saioking and borm-brealdux, appnared to Iki 
in tbe direction of none of tbe profeesiooB called lilicral. jjo had been 
Mini to Harvard to Invo bis aptitudes cultivated, but h«r« they took 
such a form tbatrcprRMiou bad been bund mora occensary tbun ttimuliw 
repTVMion umbodiol in nn occnsional a^oam In one of th<' luv 



TJPigi of tto Conncctjciit tkIIpf. Rnsticotion mved him, periiapH, in 
oM that it iletiujied titm ; it dwtrujed hit nnttiitionH, wliii-h hnd 
fiwiiiii. At the ago of thirty, Littlcmore tiad nuulefcd uou« o( Lho 
iMrfol Brta, tmlHBx wa ludcidQ in ib» number llie gmAt art pf iDiiiflcrvnc«. 
Ha wu raoanl fr«m bis iudilTarence bv » Btrolce of g:o(x) liiclc. To 
[■bligr n &iaDi) wbo ima er«u fu man [inwdng neml of cash tliantiiin§eir, 
^ba IimI punfaAfied for « modcrnl« sum (Ibe prooeedit of a aaeconfnl giimo 
pokor) a oharti in a sitv^vr-mine wliieli tlio ilisposn-, with unusual 
l^uidDttr, admitttid to 1« ilostituie of metal. LJttlemora loiJced into bix 
InitM mad leoognisnl lli« tnith of tlio oontontion, wbich, hovev^r, was 
f'^Mttolialind wonte Iwu yi-un lat«r by a sodden i«\'ival vt curiosity nn tho 
pwi of one of tbc utJicr nharcbolden. TbU gentleman, convinoMl that 
• ailver-mlne witbout BU*«r ia m rare as an effect witliout a caui«, A'tn- 
■mnnJ tbii Fpiarkip of th» prvciotia daaant dmp down in th« iVMons of 
tluapL TIm discovery was ogreeable to Littlcuioi-e, and was tlio bcgin- 
tia^ of a fortuno wbicb, throagfa ««ror&l 'lull yvar-i and id mftoy rough 
placaa, be bad repeatedly despaired of, and wbiob a mna wlioau parpoco 
VBB nevrr rety keen did not prihapw nllogoUier dnmrvo. It was before 
ha Miw Umaalf sucoffisful ibal lie bad nude the aoquaintjinaA of tk« Udy 
MOW established at the l]<>ta] Menrtco; To-day ho owned the largest 
■hai* in hi* mine, which nmaiuod perrcraely |>rodtietiva, and which 
im1i*H bim to bay, nnumg olbar tliing% in Montana, a cnttle-rauch of 
nradi fioto' pniportioiu tliau the dry acres near San Diego. lUnchM 
Md ninw eocounge aecority, and tb* coowioamMa of not having to 
watch tba SDUrnca of hva inctHBe too anxiously (au obligntion whioh for a 
van nf hia diqumtion spoils cvnrytiiing) now added itself to bU n.iaal 
noloMB. It WM not that this same coolness tuul not lm<n oonsiderably 
triad. To take only ono — the principal— instance : be had loal bw wifo 
■fUr only a twclveuionlfa of nutrrtA^ eome Ibmn jenra before the dale 
Kl wfalelt we meet him. lie wa« more than forty when he enootiutered 
and wmml a young girl of twenty-three, who, like biiuneif, hiul oonsultod 
aU the probabilitjrs in expecting a aoootanon of happy years. She left 
him a osall daughter, nuw eutrusted to the oora of hts only si8t«r, the 
wib of an EngUsfa equire and miatrem of a dull park in nainpsfair«>. 
TUa lady, Mr». t>t)]|'hin by niuu«, Itad OBptirntL-d licr tnudowner during 
a jiiarBry in which Mr. Dolpliiu had promisMl himwJf to cxacrune the 
iiKtitutiaos of tbo Unitrd Ktatiw. Tbs inKtitntton on which be R>|iortciil 
twatCavoarahly was the pretty girU of the larger (ownn, and he returned 
to Xew Yurk a yrar or two later to marry Mik^i Littlemore, who, unlike 
hv lirntiwr, bail not waNted her )ji>trimony. Hirr Ki*t<^r-in-law, mariied 
amy jvu* later, and coming to Europe on this occusiou, hnd died in 
Undm — wlien *hn Battered h^ntidf the doctors were infallible — a wrek 
afUr IfaM Ui!' ~ ' ' lildtt f;irl ; tind poor Littlemoro, though relin- 
ifiiMdiv liis : tlie Rinment, trmainnl In Ihe^e diaappointing 

■MiDlniai, lu liv within Cull of llie HaiBptibire nurMry. He wna rather 
a n-' -">■'- nun, eejKcially dnco bis hair and moastache Iind tumod 
WT and aUtwK, wiib n ^;ond liyurr- and a bad Gorriitge, \mi 





looked opkUe but indolent, nni] wm n.<niUIj rappOMcl to Iiavo 
importKnon of which hii u-iut Ear from heu\g eonsciona. Uta e^e was 
once keen and quiet, hia smile dim nnd dilatory, bat DX««clingly 
genuine. His prindptil occupation totUy mu doinfc notltlng, uud he 
did it with ft sort of artistic perfection. Thi« facalty eocdtod rml cnry 
on the piirt of JtiipiTt WnterviUi', who wna tnn years j-oiingcr than he, 
and who bad too ruftny aoiliitions nnd anxictiee — nooe of thorn ve 
importknl, hnt nuikiDg collootivoly a eoniiiddnible tncnbua — to be Able 
wait for inspintion. He thought it a great nocxKopli^mont, hn hoped 
ROtne day to arrivo nt it ; it made a man mo indi!|>endent ; be titid his 
reeooroffi witUin bis own brosEt. Littlemore conid nt for n. whole 
ovanio^, without atttrancR or inovonH'nt, aiuoking ct|^n und looking 
absently at bift fiDgerDaib. As every one knew that he was a good 
fiiltow and had made hia furluno, thtR dull lieliavionr «ould not wnll be 
attributed to stupidity or to inoroseaeeii. It seemed to imply a, fund of 
rominiMcnci?, an oxpori«ncc nf liln which had left htm liundmlx [)f thing* 
to think abouL Wat«rville fell that if he could make a good use of 
thoM prevent years, and kt'Pp a sharp look-out for expcrionor, he too^ 
at forty-Gve, might have time to look at bis fingei'-naila. He bad aa 
iden tliat such con torn plations — n«t of counrn in thpir lit^m), but in their 
Kymbolio Intt-nuty — weru a wgn of a maa of the world. Wntorvtlle, 
reckoning poKsibly witliotit an ungrat^iful Doportinrat of i^tAto, hod also 
an idea that be bad embiacied the diplomatic career. Ho wiis tbe junior 
of the two Socmtnrie* who ntiidur tho p^snnii^l of the United States 
J>KratJon ill London exceptionally numeixiiis, and was at present enjoying 
bis annual Im-vo of absenoe. It b^^mmo a diplomatisi to be inscrutable, 
and thoufib lie bad by no means, an a whole, taken I>ittlemore as his 
BMcIri — tlicm witrc much hiAU:r on<« in tho diplomatic body in London 
— he thought he Joobod ioHcrulable when uf an e\taiins:, '» Pari", after 
be bad been a«ked what he wouUl like to do, he replied that he Bboiitd 
like to do uotliing, and simply ttat for an intennlnable time in front of 
the Orand Cafe, on the Boulevard de la Madeleine (lie won very fond 
of oaf&i), ordning a suocCKtion of ilrmi-tiu*''*. It was very larely tint 
Littlemore cared even to go to the theatre, and tho vixit to the Oom^die 
Frnn9UHi, which wo have dAwribed, had been undertaken ab Water- 
ville'« inslaoce. He had seen I^ J)emi-Motvie a few nights Ijefora, and 
hail been Lold that I.' Aetnturiire would show him a partionlar treats 
meut of the aajaeaabjeot^tbe justice to be mftnl out to umcrnpnlous 
women who attempt to thruHt UiemxrlvcK into honourable tUDtlies. It 
seemed to him that in both of these cases the tadla had deserved thfli^^ 
fate, but bo wudied it might li«v« been brought about by a little li^^H 
lying on the part of the iepi«eeDtalivee of bonour. Littlemore and be^^ 
without being intimate, were vciy good fHeods, and spent much of 
their time together. As it tui-col out, Lidtomora was very glnd ho had 
goiM) to the Ibeatra, fur bo found himself much interested in this new 
incamatioa of Nancy Bedc, 



IIw Maj In goiog to se« lier wna nev«i-lticlcB4 CfelctilnteJ ; ih 
wtn mora nnaoitB for il tliMi it u iu«<saar;r la mtntion. But when bi 
wwUt, Mra. Hewlwiif wua ii( boniP, and Littl«more vaa not Hur[»riM-d 
i^ 8ir Artlinr Dvmomv in bcr >tittin([-ny)m. Thftrn wbh Mmcthinf; 
tlw kir which (mn«d to indicale that thi* gfintleinaD'a visit hud nlrcndjr, 
iMtad ft cettaia tint*. Littlonorit thoaght it prohkbl* Ui»t, given tbi 
drranuiuK»<i l>« would now bring it to h «loee ; he miut have Iiiimi 
ban ibslr boaten tlMt Littl«moro was on nld nnd ramiliar frieud. Hi 
■I|^t of eoanie harn definite Hgbta — he bad evny Kppe&rancn of it 
bat tW mora de&niu tbey wen the more gnteofulljr h« rould aObrd to^ 
*iuvs Ihrat. IdtUxnwrs mad<i Ifaeae reHeoUoiu wbilo Sir Arth 
INwimiii ut tlM>r« looking at him withont giving nnj sifrii of 
inrton^ Mr*. IIi^dwAV «•« very gmciom — kIw had the manner 
hmng knowDTon Ahiinilnyljrmn; ahe scolded LittlcmoroeitrtivaKantI 
for not bkvin; been to tec htr wwaer, but this wn« only n Tonn of tl 
padotB. Bf dajlight »l»e looki^ k little Imdcd ; but sho lukd an ex 
Men which conld navcr 6ute. She bad the beat roomii in the lintfil, and 
an ur of exuvine opnIenc« and pn»p«rit>- ; her cornier wit Oulxidr, in 
tkfl anttf^hiunher, and lOie iMrldetiUy knew bow to liv«'. Kho ntlewpled 
la taeiuiln Hir Arthur in the conv«raation, but thongh tJio yoxin^ ma: 
maiiinl in hit piMoe, Imi declined to be indadml. lie fmilpcl, 
dinm i but he waa evidentJjr uneomfortAble. The eonwraation, th 
(tn, renuinnl siiprrficial— a quality thiit, of old, bad by no means bft>' 
httgidlaMn. HotdwAv'a int«rruiwa uitb hn- friondsL 'Dut En]iili:ih> 
aau looked ol I.ittl<Tmon.> with a idranfiio, [lervenw expmnion whi< 
litUraioT*, at Gni. with » good deal of private aDiu§eDiejit, tuni])] 
aUrilxited to jealooxy. 

" ilj dear Hir Aitbar, I wish very mnch you would ^," M] 
UmAvwf iwtaarkHl, at ibe »nd of a (juart^- of an liour. 

61r Arthur got up and took bia bat. "I Uwugbt I ahould obti; 
jwi hy aujftog." 

"Id ileAatil mo againat Mr. liitUemore t Fve known him aince 
«« a hahy — I know tlie wont be can do." 8b<t fixed her ehonnini 
mS* for « moment on her n-tntatiiif{ viiiitor, and alie oddfld, with iniicl 
mofKtiuittan — " I want Lo l*lk to him ahoiit my pact I " 

**1Wt'a Jiiat what I wnnt to hMr," aaid Sir Arthur, wilh bit ban 

'Waarvgninfitotalk American; you wouldn't understand oa! — He 
•(Mks in tbe Englidi atyle," ahe exptaioed, in her little mflicloiit way, 
•a lb tMronct, wbn annimncod that at nit event* ho woald oomo back 
01 tl* ■votbijc, let himwir wit. 

"IIw diM't know ahool your past I" littlemore Inquired, trying 
DM tu iBalif' Iho <iiii9t!on roand impcHinent. 





"Oh, yea; I've told hiiu «vei7thinfr; but he (locm't undentand. 
Tlic Ei^liith «rc MO pnculiar; I tbink thi!; ni-e ntlfaor Btnpid. Ho liu 

never heard of a, wotuin IxiinR " Btil hwu Mra, Haulway obecked 

iMraotf, whilo Littlcmoro tUIod out tbe blank. " What ftro )'on Unghing 
Att It doatn't inatUr," iih« went on;, "then hta DKinthtnga in tbe 
vorld than ttta* people have beard of. IIowev«r, I Like tbcm Tor; 
inucfa ; at leant I like Mm. He's sucJi « genlteiuiiu ; do you k»o«r what 
I mean t OdIv, be 8tnji too long, and ho ian't amusing. I'm verj glad 
to aee j-ou, for ii change." 

" I>o yon mean I'm not a gentleman 1 " IjtUeniont asked. 
" Xo indcwt; yon luwd to be, in Xew Uexiuo. I think yoa^ 
lbs only one— and 1 hope you iu<e still. Thai's u-by I recognuad 
the other night ; I might hnvo cut yoti, you know." 
" Yon nui »till, if you like. It's not too late." 
I " Oh, no ; that's not vhat I want. 1 want yon to help me." 
I " To Iwlp you I " 

' Mi^a. Headw-sy fijtod h«ir eye* for n moment on tfae door. " Do yoj^ 
K^poeo that man in Lhem Ktill I " 

"That young man — your poor £ngliebman t " 
I " No; 1 moan Max. Max in my courier," Htiid Mn. Headway, with 
a eerbtin improwivenees. 

" I havrn'l the luiKt ItUa. I'll nee, if you liko," 
" Ko ; in that case I shonld have to give him an onlor, and I don't 
know what in tbo world to ask htm to do. He (dt« there for houra ; 
witii my aiuiple habits 1 afford him no employ meiiL 1 am afraid I haTo 
BO imagination. " 

" Tito burden of grandeur," said Lildemore. 
I ■* Ob yen, I'm very grand. Bat on the whole I like iL Tm only 
alVaid h«'JI hear. T talk ao very loud; that's another thing I'm trying 
to got over." 

" Why do you want to be different 1 " 

" Well, bccniun erurylhing eteie in diCTerent," Mm. Headway njoined, 
with a litUe ugh. " Did you hear that I'd lost my hucband t " she 
weiit on, abruptly. 

"Do you mjoaa— « — 3fr.^— f* and LitUemoro jiauaed, with an 
effect that did not fcmn to oome home to her. 

" 1 menn ^Lr. Headway," the i^i<l, with dignity. " I're bmt 
through a good deal noce yon saw m« ImI : marriage, and death, ami 
tronUcv and all norta of things." 

"You had lx«n through a good lUwl of maninge before that.'* 
IdttlMDOm ventured U observe. ^M 

She rested her eyes on him with soft brigbtnees and without^| 
change of coUmr. "Kut m> much— not .'w miteh — •'* ^M 

I " Not so mud) as might have been thought." 

" Not BO much aa was reported. I forget whether I mta marnud 
when 1 anw you Isat." 


" II WM DM of the rqwrto," sud IitUemoi«. " Bat I never tat 

"Ton diiln't UiM mndi; be was a timple terHeAl I bave don 
oertaui tUngB in my lifa which I hnve never undoTEtooil ; no woni}rr 
uUwneui'tiUMlatvtaiid tbcia. lint Uiat'sall ovwr\ Arc j-uu iiure Max^ 
dOMD't bimrl" ■bi; ukeJ, qui^ly. 

" If Ob &i ail saro. But if you BOBpoct bim of Hitvnio^ at tho key^ 
bola, 1 wooM Mvod bim away." 

" I doDt liiiiik he doea that. I am always rushing to tbe door." 

" Hum ho donm't h<ar, I lud no iJm you bad ao many aeerct 
Whan I parted with you, Mr. Ht>;Ml>ay was in the fntiira." 

" Wall, now hoV in tbe ptuit. Ho was a plcacantmiui— I con nmlcr-' 
flaad ny Amng thuL But lin only lived a year. He bad neuralgia of 
tW iMtft ; Im) Ivft mo rvr>' woll off*." &ui mentioned th«w rariouc facb 
■» if ihey vci« uniUt ot the same order. 

" Va glad to h«r tt ; you nacd to havo ospcnaive ta^tM." 

" I have plenty of money," i«id Mra. Headway. " Ur. Headwaj 
lad propnty at Denver, which has incrmKxl imiuenmly in valued 
Aftar hi* disth I triad New York. But 1 dont like Xew York." 
iittionoro'a hoatan ottered thia hut *mUsacf in a tone which wa^ i 
fitumi at a aoeiBl epiaode. " I mean to live in Europe — I like Koropu,^ 
•he ann<nincMl ; and the mannrr of the oRDounctunrnt had a touch 
pupbiKy, ax tbe athor word* hod bud a reverberation of hintnry. 

litUemore was very much ntnu^k witji all thin, and he was f^fatl] 
(otNttainKl with Mi*. Headway. " Are you travulliiix wiUi that young 
iftui I " be inqiiinxl. with tbu cooln«M of a pcnon who wishes to makq 
In* nlartMnnuait go aa Cu- a« poaaJble. 

Bbe bided her arnta as she leuDod hack ia b«rr chair, " Look her 
Ur, litUeoiu»,"abeanid; "I'm about ax gowl-uatured us I u^rd to 
in Attune*, bnt I know a gtvat deal morir. Of course I ain't tiavdUiij 
Titli that young man ; he's only a friend." 

** Ha Isn't a lover I " asked littlo-mor^, rather cruelly. 

" Do peOplit trnrrl with their lovers I I don't want you to laugh i 
a»— I want you to help me." Bhe fixed her eyes on him with an i 
rf taote- nnu»atnui«e that ml^dit have loudied bim ; nbe looked i 
fmtla and leaaociable, " Aa I tell you, I have taken a gntH fnncj ' 
iku old Eompe 1 I foJ an if 1 tibould never fip hack. But I want to 
M wnadiinK of tbe lif^ I tliink it would suit mc— if 1 coidd get 
•autail a little. Hr. Littlcmore," she added, in a moment — *' I may na 
vtU ba frank, for I ain't at all »liamrd. 1 want to get into socie^. 
Thal'i what I'm aThr I " 

Littlunora leltleJ himself in his chnir, with the fwling of a mu 
aiy^ knowing that he will have to |nill, Micka to obtain a 
Inwra^ It wna in a lone of light joco«ily, altsost uf enconmgeme 
howirWBr. t' riipeated: " Into HOcietyT It voeins to me you an i 

it alnuli roueta for yonr adoi'ei^" 



" Tbat'e jnst vbut I want to know ! " iibo said, witb a certain enger' 
aew. " In n Inronot mnch } " 

" So thoy am apt to think. But I know vtry Uttlo almut it." 

" Aio't yoo in sodety youiwlf t" 

** II N«rer in tlio world I Wlivni did yon g«t that ideu 1 I cam 
no Dion alfout Kodety tliaii about UuU co|>y of tbo Figant." 

Mrs. IleiLdway's countcnanoe ncsiiini^rl for a momvnt a look 
extrcTc^t diKappointm^'jit, and litUemoro could i-ko tbat, baving beard 
bin silver mine and bis cnttlp-mncbf and knowing that bo vraii living i 
Enropo, sbo bad boped to find bim immened in the world of fa^Mo 
But abe spccitily rooovenvl hrnwlf. " I ilon't btttuivo a word of it. Voi 
know you're a gciiUeiuaii— you cau't belp yourself." 

"I mty bo a p^ntbiman, bnt I Itavn nonu of tbe babiu nf otin,' 
XiittleiDoro beaitatod a moment^ and tbeu bo added — " 1 lived too lo: 
in tbe great SouUi.yrtatv" 

Sbefluabed quickly \ ti1t« InafantJy undentood — understood even moi 
tban be bad mcunt t» «>y. Jttit sbc wixbcd to ntako neu of him, and 
it WW of more tii)|K>Hnnce lliat sbo sbould appoar foipving — oipecially 
an (ibo bnd tiio bnppy conMiouj3ir>« of bean^ ta — Lliaii Ibnt lAtc. iihoii 
jiuoiab a cruel qieccb. She could afibrd, bowovcr, to be lightly iroui 
" Tbat niakm no (liiruniice— a geutleman is (dwaya a gentJiiniiii." 

" Not always," said I.ittlcinoi-«, latigliiDg. 

'* It'« ioi]>oK>ab1o iFiiit, Ibroogb your ejster. yoti abouidc't know nmo- 
thing about Eurojxnn mcioty," Maid Mr». tleulany. 

At the montion of bis aialer, inado witli a studtrd ligbtnccs of 
leference wbicb ho i-jiiiglit nn it po^H^d, LitUemore wae unable to l eiu c ua 
a Htai-t. " Whul ill tbe worW hiive you sot to do with my jbMw ? " bo 
woubi bnvo liknl to xay. Tbe inti-odiiction of tbia lady wna dinagrvmbbt 
to bim ; obe bt-longed to ^uiCe auothei- uiiler uf iilnut, and it was out of 
the question that Mnt. Ilnulway xbould over make ber acqnaintancn — 
if Ibin wiLs wbat, as tbat lady would liavo Mud, vlie wan " aJ^er." But 
be took ndvantngo of a nidv iimuo. " ^^'l)nt do you mean by Europraa 
■ocicty 1 One cau't talk about that. Il'a a very rtign« phnu«^" 

" WoU, 1 mean Engtisb «ocieTy — 1 mean tbo society yonr AtHn 
Uvea in — thul'H what 1 mean," aaid Mm. Headway, who waa quite pre- 
parod to bo dcGnito. " 1 mnui thi> people T iww in Iiondon laal Jklay— 
tho people I saw at tbe 0|>ora anil in ibo )<ark, tb« people who go to tbe 
Queen's dntwing-roomit. \Vhcii I wna in Loiiilon 1 stayed at tbat hotel 
on the comer of Piccadilly — that looking atr«igbt down Ht. Jam^s'i Street 
— unit I Rpent liounttogutbrrat tbe window looking at tbe people in tbe 
Daniages. 1 bfl<i a carriage of my own, and whL>ii ] was not al my 
window I was drivinj; all i-nund. I was all alone ; I aaw every otw, but 
I knew DO one— I had no one to tell me. I didn't know Hit Arthur 
tliCD — I only met bim a monlli ago at Horaibiirg. tie followed me to 
Pari»— tbat'a bow he camo to be my guest." Serenely, pronaically, witliout 
any of tbe inflation of vauity, Mn. Headway made tbia last a«»erlioii ; it 



I M if iIm V«n> lued to being fbltowed, or ns if a gentleman one xac 
at Hanibarg vonld inevitably follow. lu ike some lnn» iihn wont on r 
'*lattiwl»l « goodd«lofatt«iitioD iaLonilmi — I ooold easily see tliat." 

"Yon'll i|o that wWtv«r you go," Liltbmore iwid, inKuflicienUy 
OKKisfa, M bo (elL 

"1 don't wnnt to Attract no mndi; I thiok it'« vulgar," Mn. 
Uadway njoimi], with ftcertmn aoH sweetoem which seoiDCd to tlonota 
tke HQoyinnnt of it now idea. 8bc wai ovidontiy open to Dovr idms. 

"Erery otm wu luokinf; nl )-ou the other jughl at lh» theatre," 
Utthnaorv eontinoMl. " How can you hopo to «eeap« noticol" 

"I don't want to Mcnpn notico— (MtopVe h&TO alwsya looked at mo,.] 
ai I suppaptbey always Hill. But thor« aro different ways of heinf 
Itolml ml, luul I know Lliv u-ny I wiint. I ni«ait to bari> it, too I " Mrs. 
Hadvay exdaimeJ. Yes, she was very definite, 

littlMDon att there, fnco to &co with lii-r, and for some time he 
ail Mitfalu^. He bad a mixture of feeling*, and the memory of othn* 
fiww, oUmf hoon, waa frti^liiie over him. Tbcro had been of old 
a "mj cownideruMe abonuw of uitetpadnx anHkeai between tbno two— 
ht bad known bn- as ona knew people only in the great Soulb-weet. 
R* had Itkod her extremely, in a town where il wonUI have Imen 
tifenlaaH to hr iliHii-alt U> plou*-. Hat his frnm of thin fact wna mmdo- 
bo DDnnedcd with South-wwtera ooodiUona; bin liking for Nancy 
ll*ck waa an emotion of which the proper setting wna a beck |iiwata. 
SapraimUiil herwJf hii» on a new Imaia— aho spprarod to desire to be 
dMiM afrwh. Littlemore said to himself that thin was too much 
ImUa; be luul taken hor in ih.-tt way — lin couldn't bngin nt this time of 
•iaytotake her in another way. tie nsked himself whetlier aim wore 
pint to be a bore. It was not eii.iy to sruppntu' .Mrs. Headway cnpable 
J iliia (denre ; bat ahe might beoome timonie if ti\io went bent upon 
taing dUlmmt. Il nuulc him mthcr afraid when ahe hejian to talk aboat 
EorepHUinciety, about h'm aister, about thinj^aheinfrrulgnr. Littlemore 
WM a very good fellow, and he bail nt leaKt thu average liirman love of 
pKtia ; but thmt waa in ht> cumpoBitioo an eleaiont of tho indolent, 
ft> ^Kiml, pvrhnpH <n-en tlie bmtnl, which mudo him d«wrc to pmer^-e 
lb KupUcity of tliuir former lenoii of iBteroourve. H« had no par- 
timlar dcairr In nr^ a woman rite agvn, an tlm mystic prooeaa waa 
ilbd ; he didn't l«Iii>ve tii woiueu'a fining ag^tin. Ho believed in their 
M loing down ; tlmngbt it perfectly poiwiblo and eminently deairable, 
i-i hnld it waa much better for aociety that they slioidd not radeavoar, 
»• llio F'r«n<-h aay, to m''rr I't gmrf*. In gMwiml, be didn't pretend to 
«.r vhdt wac gpoA for aoriely— ouctety vet-taeA tu him in rather a bad 
••3 . I>nt be had a rouvictioii on thia particular point. Nancy lierk 
fUMg in fur the ^reat prisM, that f|«ctacte mi^ht ho entertainiof; for a 
^>le epeetalor; hat it would be a aulaance, an emlnrmnininiit, from 
>^ utaaiB. ' ng mon than oaulemjilation ahould be expected of 

'4K Ha 1. inh to be rough, but it might he woil to *how 

^ h« wu not Ui Ui hnmboggKL 


— -" 





" Ob, if tlicra'it anvUiins jrou wont you'll bnve it," lie Miid in nivin-er 
to lurr lii«t romark, " Yon have always hnd what you waiiL" 

*' WdU, I wunt wMDcthiii^ Dftw this tiniD, Does your nster rwHb 
in London 1 " 

" 3Iy dear lady, what do you know about my risterT* Liltlemo 
acked. " Sfac^s not a trotnan yon would care for." 

Mn. Headway via ailest a naoinQOt. " Yoa don't respect im ! 
abe cuiclidnied nxMeiily in a loud, aliaooit gay fame of votM, If I jttlo. 
raoro n-iflied, as I say, to prwwrrp ([ii< simplicity of th«r old tenna of 
inti-i-courK^ Hho was appaivntly irilliim to liumotir him. 

" Ah, my de«r Mre. Beck .... I " he cried, vainly, probeelinKty, 
and tuitig luT fonnw name quilAl>yaccJ()e«it. At San Diogo ho had 
nerer thought whethar ho respected her or not ; that never came up. 

" That't a pKiof of it — calling mo by tliat hateful name '. Don't yon 
believe I'm married I I bavra't been fortunntc in my named," kHo 
added, petudvely. 

" Yo<i make it very awkward when you say such mad Ibin^. )ty 
niticr li^va laoKt of the year in tha cuuntrr ; h]ii> im very innipii?, rather 
dull. perUapa a trifle narrow-minded. You aro very clever, very lively, 
and M wide m nil cmtion. That's why I think you wouUn't like her." 
"Yon ought to be ashamed to run down yoin- sister!" otlod Mm. 
Headway, ■' You told me once—at Ban Die^go — tliat she wu thfi nicoet 
voman you knew, i made a note of that, you iee. And you told ma 
abe WM juHt my age. 80 tliat maknt it rnthier UDodmforhiblo for yon, if 
yon won't mtrodnce me!" And Littlemore'a hostdgs ptve a pitilwa 
laugh. "I'm not in the least afraid of her lH--ing dull. It's very di»- 
tingnblted to ba doll. I'm ever ao mndi too iirely." 

" Yoo an indeed, evor so much I But nothing is more easy than to 
know my hnKt," wud Littiemore, who knew purfectly tliat wlint he said 
waa nntrue. And tium, as n diversion from thia delicato topio, lie 
suddenly awked, " Are you going to marry Sir Artliur T" 
" Uon't yon think I've been manied abonl enough 1 " 
" Possibly ; but this is a now line, it wotild be diflerent. An 
Engliidiman — that's a new senaaiioQ." 

" If 1 should mnrry, it would bo a European," nid ISn. Headway 

" Your chance Is very good ; Ihw are all mmrjlnj; Amitriaan«." 
" lie would have to tio some ono fine, tJte man i shoulil marry now. 
t have a good deal to make up Ibr! That's what I want to know nfaotit 
Sir Arthor; all tbi? time you haven't told me;" 

" I have nothing in tbe world to toll— I have nRrrr hcnrd of bin., 
llnsn't be told you himself I " 

" Nothing at nil ; lie is veiy modmt- lie doesn't bmg, nor 
bimscif out anything great. That'i what I like bim for : t think it's in 
mcb good tniitii. I like gixid buite 1 " exclftimM Mrs. Hnndway. ■■ Bi 
*U this time," she add^, " you haven't told me you would b«l|i mn," 
ft " How can T help yon T I'm no ono, f have no power." 




" Yiw ttu bel{t mo by not prAventinx tn«. I wiuit yoa to pTomixn 
nni to iiK-Timt iD^." SImi gav« liim h«r fixed, brigbt gue again ; her 
a^M tnanml tu luulc Gir iiita kb. 

" Good Lord, how oo«ld 1 prevent you I " 

" I'm not mm that yuu coulil. But joti might try." 

" Tai loo iadolenty and loo Ktuptd," »id Littlenioi« joomdy. 

" Vm," nhn riTlii-d, momitf; MiUin rfill lookm) nt him, ■• I tlvink j-on 

tn too ituiild. Itiit 1 think yoii are also too klud," hIiu lulikd muru grn- 

tnndf. Sfaft WM KlnuMt itTMHtihlB wboit »h« mid inteh » tliiog ns that. 

They talked fur a i|uarlcr of an 2uitiT louj^r, aud ut la»t — an If 

■U IimI hnd iKTupl«— aba w\>uVv Ut liim of hix ov,-n lonrnnge, of the 

imlk of bii wife, oiAtten to which ahe aUudeJ mora felicitously (u he 

tk*lg}it^ than to kdbio other point*. " If j'oti b&vo a littlo girl yoa 

1^^ to be tvTf happy ; tkat'n what I HboiUd like to bare. Lord, I 

dMald otkks hn a nion woman I Xol like mo— in anotbor style.'" 

Vhm ha roM to leftv« her, alw told hfm UiM hn nuM oome laA Me her 

iRj oAen ; slw wiu to he tomo wooks longer to Puis ; bo mnitt bring 

■r. WalcrvUlft. 

"Four Bnglidi fHrad won't tike that^^wir coming very often," 
UlU^noiw niil, M he atoud with hiti band on thd door. 
" I don't kaow what ho bu got to do with it>" sheADSwerKl, staringi 
" StiOur do L Ooly he utuat be tn love with you." 
" That doesn't givn him any right. U^my, ir 1 bad had to put 
B^wlf mit for all the at«a thai lave been in love with me t " 

** Of ODOtoe yoD would have had n terribU) life 1 Even doinff a« you 
,yoa have had rather an ofcitatod one. Ilut your young Jingli^h- 
■)'• ■ottlfflenbi apiHtar to give bim Ibe right to sit tberv, uft«r one 
^ in, looking hlightMl and l>oriil. That might liccome rory tire- 

'Tbe moment be beoonMs tiresoiM I ceod him nwAy. You can 
inM me for (bat." 

"Oh," mid littieilior^ "it doran't matter, after all." Ee remem 
Wnri Umi it woold hm Tory inoonvtaiwnt to him to have uodifiturbed 
jtmrnama nf Mn. lioulway. 

9n CMne ovt wiib him into tbn antediambor. lifr. Max, the 
tMrier, wait fertnnately not Iben. She lingered a little ; nbe apiK«rcd 
b have murti ta aay. 

"Uu Ibe nmtrwT, ho likea y<in to oomc," she ranarkod inm inoiDont ; 
"W «>Dt» to Htady my frienda." 

"ToRtntiy tbnml" 

" Ue wantd In find out atiout me, and lie tkinka Ibey may tell him 
Wi^lili iL Bamm day ho will nslc yon right out, ' What sort of a 
*iman i> *hD, any way I ' " 

** Hiau't Li> found oat yrt I " 

" Ue doou't undKnUnd me," Raid &[[«. Headway, mirroying tho I 
Am iJ bv drem. " He has never ama any one like me." 



" I idiatili] im^no DOt!" 

" So bo will auk yoii, as I my." 

" I will tetl him jon an Ui« UMt cliAr[Din<j iroman Jd Etiropo." 

"Thnt uin't » ilBtK!rii>lioii ! BmuIm, bo hnowR it. He wanbi to 
know ir I'm ivepect*I>lo." 

" [Tn'i! very curiou" ! " I.ililcmoro cried, with a laugh. 

SIief>tew a little palo: 8he8e«>medlol>(! watt^hin; Iiim lijxi^ ''Minilvou 
tell liim," dlifi wwit on witli « Moilc timt brought nonn of hor twloiir Ii.wilc. 

" Bespectahle 1 III tell him jrwi'ra ailorable ! " 

Mnt. Ilcftdway Ktood a moment Iob|^. "Ab. jWrc no nw!" 
she niiirmurcO. Aoil aho Hudclralj turoMl away iuu[ puwd kuk inld 
her nilting-room, elowly drawing h«r f^U'siliog rtirts. 


" Hlh ne w itoHit din rin% ! " T.itttotnora »!<! to htrnwir ac he wnlk«d 
■way from the hot*l j and lie wpcatwl the pbraw in talking about hw 
to WatcrvilJp. " Sho wants to bo right," hu added ; " but she will tiwer 
i«ally HuccceO; tdie lins b«piin too late, sho will uever bn more than 
linir-right. HownviT, tiit won't know wli«n Hhc'rt wrong, ao it doesn't 
MgoMj I " And then he proceeded to aasart that in some respects sbo 
would rrninin iocunible ; ahc had no dnliau-'y ; no disurcticn, no Hhatling ; 
she wan a woman who viddeniy said to you, " Von don't nvpecl me '. " 
At if tbat wnro a thing for n woman tit tiny I 

"Ii depends iipoc wliivt elie moaut by it." WatevTille liked to a«e the 
nmtningt of thingti. 

" The mora ahe meant !>>■ it tlie I«m ahe oit»bt to any It ! " liltleinore 

But lin returned to tbo Hotel Ikli>tirici;, and on the next occasion be 
took Watervitle with him. The 8e(9«tary of Lc);a(ion, vho had not 
oflcn born in cli'ttt' r]iiiirt*T)i wilh a lady of tbix ambignom quality, was 
]>rej>arMl to le^ai-d Mrs. Headway ns a vecy ciirioua ly|ie. Kb whk 
afraid ahe might hv daiigerooii; but, on tli« whole, he fctt arctiro. 1'he 
object of his doTotion at present was his county, or at lea&t the lin- 
fuvlnont of Stiite ; ha hud do iril<-ntion of liring divin'tM from tliat 
•UtgiBace. Ueeides, be bad his ideal of the attiurtive woman — a |wnon 
pitched in a very much lower kvy tlun this aliiniog, smiling, rustling, 
<thattnrLDg daaght«r of the Territodes. The wonuui he shoald csm 
would Itavo Tppoae, a certain love of )>rivacy — abo wonld mmetiineft 
one alone. Mm. Headway was personal, familiar, intimate; ahn 
always appealing or aeeusing, damiuiding explanations and pledges, aayii 
IhingB one had to answer. All this vaa acoompoaied with a hnndmd 
smiles and mdiatioca and other natural graces, but the general ufii-ct of 
ll waa slightly fatiguing. She had certainly a gmt deal of ttbarm, an 
immoMB deairo to please, and a wondorfnl collection of dreawM and 
trinkets; hot Bhe was ei^r and pre^KCupled, and it wax impoaaibb 





Ibt iKW peo^ile tlwuM >hu« li«r eageracM. If abo wlilied to get iato 
MOBtf, time WMfl no roason why bcr hachetor rUaton Hhould wish to 
■■bTUiavv; fur It WM tb« jilwisoco of tku uhux] icociul encuinlmincuii 
■hidi tUMla Iwr dr«wiii}[-room HttractivQ. Tbero va£ do doubt what- 
civtiiat tha wii» «evei«l wotucD iu one, and nbii uufjht to cont^mt fattr< 
•V «!lb Uwt aort of numerical ti'iDinph, littJeiuore taid to Wat«rvmo 
A*t il «H stapdd of hat tu wUlt to ncolu Uio LuigLta ; Hbo ought to know 
k«« tnncb man nhe was ia hei- place down below. She appeared 
fqadf 111 iniljitt: bim ; rrcn b«r Uutlvring nttnmpl^ nt iwirculturi) 
— ^htlwl twoome B great ciitic, and liaudled ntaiijr of ibe producuooa 
*f lb* *|g» witb a bold, frva touch— caitstitutod a VRguo Int-ocstioo, an 
■ifBl for sympathy wbicU waa Datvimlly auiioyiug to a man who 
Afifced the trwiblo of rovuiiig old dn^isioiu, conMiumtod by a certain 
■auU of nmiiuMMDCB that might be called tender. She had. h«w- 
fW.oM palpable diann ; abii vas full of eurpriaec. Even Watcrvillo 
«• «hbged to coalem that an element of tli« ones |)ectcd wm not to be 
: from bja ootiiocption of the vomao who should have «a idual 
Of roartie there >v«i« two Iciudi of xurjiriaee, and ouly one of 
Am vaa thofiiugltly pirannt, tlMMigli Mr^ Headway dealt impartially 
s koth. Site had thv :>uildea ddighia, tiw odd excJamatioue, the queer 
nultin ofa pvnoo who baa gmwa up io a country wburu vvcrytbiog 
• ^uJ many thiu;;H ut;1y, aud who, with a uuiural tutu for the 
1 aoiRtiittra t>f lifo, makes a tardy ac<liiaintanc« with aohiv of Iho 
tmi ij(ia, the bit;'"''' pl^^xureo. Slie waa pixivindul— it waa «AHy to 
•atfcat ahe was provincial ; that took no great rUiVvmof. Uut what 
•«• I'ariaiaa enoogh— if to be Fariaian vm the muaaun of aucutsa — 
*1B IIm way abn picko) up iOcaa and took a bint from every circnm- 
MaMF. " Only give mv time, and I nhall kiniw oil 1 have nM.-d at," abe 
"more, who wat«htil bor progrtm with a mixtniv of ad> 

.. — .i aailnuKt. Sho deli}:blL-d to sjiuak of berwJf on a |N)or little 

UtWiaa whu waa tiying to pick up a few cranib« of knowledge, and 
tba habit tugk great illcct from bur d^Licatu £ioi', hvr iwriuct druw, and 
tbi l»iltiaocy of her mann«n. 

IIM of her MiTpriti-a was that after that fir«t \*i*)t sbe said no raoie 

la liUlHunre almut ilrr. Iiulphin. He did her pcriiapH the gruowbt 

(■dstwi but ho liad ■(n)t4> <3pcct«<l bo* to Ining up ihtv lady wltcnerct- 

■', " If ibe will only t«ivc As'""' aUwe, tihe may do what fcbo 

' aaid Io Watervillc, oxprriiMng bin relief, " My niater would 

< ik at hrj-, and it wontd be very awkward to have tu («11 her ho." 

-'- 1 aaiialanraj aho made bim fiiel that "imply by tlio way aba 

in ; but for the muuiimt »\m demanded no detintlu nrriicr. 

^ UU W uingM«, bat "be wailed, anil Iwr potianoe itaelf waa a kind 

rf a^BunitiaiL. In tlkii way nf lociaty, it mnitt be eonfaaaed, hor privi- 

: ataptv. Sit Arthur Demoac and her two eoniiwtnoi* being, 

ixrnmlil diM^ivcr, her only viaitont, Hbe tni^bt hava 

. but >liQ Ill-Ill hut- Itend vny bigb, and likuJ ImAHo! to 



.lint thf" 1 
ted. hot 

Doo no imo than not to mm the best oompanj'. It woa evident tlint 
flaHwed herself that she ]>roctnc«d t)i<> effect of being, not inflected, hot 
fiutidions. ThcD! wm? plrntr i<f Ami-rioaiix in Paris, but in thia 
direction die fiiil«d topxtendherarqiinintMico; the nice p(>«t>l« wouldn't 
com* Mid KOe hitr, nnd notliinx would Ivtvn induced kei- U> rec«iv<- the 
others. She had the moat exact conc^ion of tlie people »hp vished to 
aee nnd to nvoid. littlemore expected ever; da; tlmt sb^ would ludc 
tun why he didn't bring mmo of his (iionda, nnd ho hnd Uh aiiHwn- 
rcnd;. It vras ii veiy poor one, for it conaisted simply of a con%-«itii>iinI 
assurance that he wiihod to keep htr for himself. SJie would 1* ■««! to 
retort thnt thin viu veiy " thin," ax, indeed, it iriui ; but the days went 
by without her calling him to ac«nint. The little Anipricnn colony in 
Pftri« it i-idi in amiable womnn, but there wrjo nonu to whom Ijttlo- 
more could make np hi8 mind to any tliat it nould 1>n n fnvonr to him 
to oU) on Mm. Headway. He nbouldn't liki: tlicm tlic better for doing 
so, and ho winhed to like tho«o of whom ho might nsk a tkvaur. 
Kxp>]>l, therefore, that be occnsonnlly spciko or her an a litUe West«rti 
womau, very pretty nnd i-ather ijueer. who hod formerly been a great 
chum of his, nhc n-nmineil unknown in tho »nlon* of llie Avenue Gabriel 
ftod the etreetB that encircle the Arch of Triumph. To ask the men to 
go and eae her, without nuking tbu ladies, wonid only accentuate the 
fact that he didn't nrk the ladie-i ; tw he naked no one at all, Bondcs, 
it wn-H true — junt ii lillltT— that he wislwi to keep hrr to himaelf, iiud lie 
was fatuouK enough to belteve tliat she cared much more for him than 
for her EugUabman. Of coume, however, he woulil novitr di«am of 
marrying her, whereas the Kn^liKlimaii apparently wa8 immeraed in 
tlutt viaion. She hated her pa»l ; ahe unrd Co announce that rery often, 
talking of it as if it were an appendage of the same order as a dishonest 
courier, or oven an iiiOKiintnieut protrusion of dmpoiy. Tlieivfore, ma 
Lilttemimr w«* part of her pant, it might have been auppoe&d that ehe 
would hate him too, and wiiili to bauisli him, with nit tite imagcK be re- 
called, from hcT vght. JJut i^he maile an exception In liis faruur, and if 
she disliked their old relations AM a c)iBj>ti!rnf herown history, «be secnect 
Htill t>' like tbem as a chapter of bia. He felt that aho clung to him, 
that ehe t)i'ieve^l be could Itelp her and in the long run would. It was 
to the Ion. .un that kIio appeared little by little to have attuned berwdC 
SIl«' M^cceeded pei^eeily in mninlnining Imnnoiiy between Sir Arthur 
DL-mmie and bur American risitor?, who spent much lean time iu her 
drawing-room. She had easily |)ersuudc<l him that there went no 
grouuda for jeidonay, nnd that they ]iad bo wish, aa she aaiil, to crtiwd 
him oat ; for it was ridiculous to Ii' joitoits of two porsowi at onco, and 
Ru|H7l Wiitfi-v ille, afliT lie had le.-u-ued the way to her ho-ijiitahlp ajmrt- 
ment, appeared there aa oft/n oa his friend Litthuuora, 1'ho two, indi 
usually came togetlier, and they ended t^ relterisg Uieir com{i 
% oerlnin sense of responoibillty. Tbis aniiahle and exe-^llent hut i 
what limited and sUgbtly pntcDtioiis young man, who hud not yet 


op hn mind, vss Eometimcs ratfaer opprcffied witli tliie magnitude of btB 
■B^rtakiD^, And wliai he wi» alone with ^tnt. Hnulwuy the tt^niiinii of 
Ua dkvustils oocaoiotUkUy li«cfunfl (iuit« (uinfuL He wwt vm* slim and 
rtndght. and loukvd taller than hi* baigfat ; he had ib» prettiest, nilkmt 
httir, vhlcU wared kwuj frotu k Ui^ white fordimd, and he waa 
ndnwad wHh a Done of th« «M»llcd Roman raodol. llo lookH ^oiingiir 
(luui kia yam (in Kplte of Uioae k»t two atlHbutctt). yikrtiy mi eeconnt 
«f tba dirlirsry of lux comiilrxion and tbo nlmoat childliko mndnnr of 
Ui rooad hino eye, He wits diffident wid aelf-oonsdotu* ; there were 
■rtabi lattars tw coold not pronounoc. At tho same time he hnd the 
■■ma* of a Tooug man who had been brought ii{> to fill a eonid Jerable 
fliBB in iImi world, witii whom n oorUin rorrcdnoes bad become a habit, 
ni who, tLougli hi) mi);bt ocuisionidly be a Itltli! uwkwnrd about Kmnit 
Ueob. would be care bo acquit himself hononrablj in great ones. H« 
•u vety aimjiln, uad ha belicriKJ hitniielf very »rriouit ; h« had the blood 
*f a won of Warwickahire squires in hia veins ; mingled in the last 
hiMitB with the iK>mewIuit pnlur fluid which iininiKtiil the )ong-ni«l[Ml 
itiaghtf of a banker vho hod rxpectoil an mrl fur his son-in-lKw, but 
«la WI mcuestisl U> reK>ird Bir Baldwin Pumome na the Icaat in- 
wlriaiit of lanDetfl. The hoy, the only one, had oome into his title at 
'*t jMm of Bf(«; Ilia mother, who ditajijiointed li«r aiirtfcrniiN nire a 
anotl time wlien poor Hir Bililwin hroko his nwlc in the hiinting-UHd, 
nklnl over him with ii tenderiiRtH that buroed ax ■ttw.lily aa a ouulle 
•hfeM b; a tisnupareut hand. Sh« ncvm* admitted, even to herself, 
thu be wa« not the oleveteat of men ; btil il took all her own cle\'vr- 
■^ widch was mocli graat«r than hi«, to maintain this appearance. 
P«t«uafad]r ha was not wild, to tlul he woiUd never marry an actKM 
T a gonram, 1tk« two or thitio of th« yoang men who had been at 
EtdB with Um. With this ground of nervoiunMW the Icaa, Lady 
UuBSKM awaited with an air of ronfidcncc hia promotion to eome high 
iAk Hb rHpRMtnted in Birliament the Conaervalive inatinota and 
•Ma uf a rvd rooTMl ntaiket toa'n, and ■.•nt regularly to his l>ookselUir 
braU the new pablicstiOQS on evonomica] enbjecU, for be was deter- 
•laad tW Ilia politimi attitu'le shonld have a linn statiatical baaia. 
U* «■■ out ooneatnl ; bo was only miaiiifnrmMl — miainfurmod, I mean, 
Am luJBMilC He thought himself iudiapeiissble in the scheme of 
Aiap— fuit a« an indiviiliial, hut at nn inatitutitM). Thia conviciion, 
Wtnr. waa too aocrcd to betray ibiclf by vnlgar aHnimptiona. If bo 
*!■ ft Httb uaa In a hie pUw, ha nevitr etrutled uor talked lotid ; ha' 
^nty felt it A« a kind i>t luxury that he Imd a large social drcitm- 
^nm. It wma like alecjiing in a big bed; one didn't tutw about tbe 
^f*. bat one felt a grnutcr rmluMi& 

n* had never seen anything like Mm Headway ; he hardly knew by 

•iandard tn mouniv hifr. Blie wan not like an EoKUsh huly — i*o' 

:it, leaM witli whom he liad been aeeuatoincd to ronTmw : and 

UD[«adbJa not to auo tliat ah« bad a stamhtrd i>l her own. 





I 1^^ 


Ho imx|)cct«il tlikt the u-M provincial, but nit be wm wry tnncli un4«r 
tite cbarm fa« oom[>romued natUn by eajii^ to himaeU' tbai eli« waa 
only foreign. It wiu of coonw provincuil (o be fonign ; but tbiK iros, 
aft«r s]l, » peculiaiilj wliicb she sbaiBd witli & grcM toaay nice people, 
He wu not wiii), and liLi mother had llattered herKrIf tlmt in tliin *U> 
importMit matter be would not be perrenw; bat it vasal) tlieBnme 
mceit uuexped«d that be nbould bam taken a Inncj lo an American 
widow, five yean older tban bimaelT, who knew no one and who some- 
timcB didn't ap|>ear to UDdenland eznctly wbo be wax. Tliou;[h be diic 
approved of it, it wna precuoly her fcmiganeea that pleased him ; 
•eemed to be aa little as poaaibte of bia own mce and creed ; tbere 
not a toiMb of WarwickKhiie in L«r compoaition. She was like 
HaUKai-ian or a Pole, with tlie dilTen^tce tliat bu cuuld ulmoat ucJiir- 
, stand her langungc. Tlie Dnfortunato young man was fiscutaled, 
tliou^i be bad not jot admitted to him.->elf that he waa in love^ He 
would bo very alow and deliberate in sucb a podtton, for be was deeply 
ooDscioua ot ita importance. Ife wax a young man wlio had 
hia life; be had determined to marry at thirty-two. A long line 
anooitoni wan waUbing hiu ; he hardly knew what their would tbi 
of Mrs. lleadway. He bardly knew what he tboiigbt bimself; tbe oi 
thing he waM absolutely sure of was that thti made tbe tiiue piua as 
pasKd in no othci* ptii^uit. lie was vaguely Hncn»y ; be wa« by 
jnaaiu mm it was rij|;bt the time should pass tike that. Tlicrc i 
nothing to shew for it but the frngmeiita of Mrs. Headway's conver- 
sation, tlie pvculiariticsof ber acoent, tbeoalliei of hor wit, the andacitiis 
of her louey, her mystorioiis allonons to her pat<l. Uf course be knew 
that el'C had a pant ; nhe vraa not a young girl, she wan a widow — nnd 
widows are esaentially an expre>aIon of an accomplisbed fact. He was 
not jealoMS of her antMiedcuts, but be wiaht^d to umlcnitand tbvm, tuid 
It was bete that the didiculty occuiTed. The But^«)» whs illumined wllb 
fid'ul fiashcK, but it iiuv^ pluoed itself before biin as a general jHcture. 
Ho Bikod her a good many question*, but her answers win* so stanlinj; 
that, like »iiUdon luminous pointii, tbey seemed ti> intensify the dnik' 
uess ruuiid their edges. She bad apparently spent her life in on fufoi 
province of an inferior country ; but it didn't fullow from tbis tbat 
herself had been low. Hhe bad been a lily among thb^llMt ; and 
was eometbiug mmaiitic in a man in bis pu«ition taking an inlcrrst 
■neli a woman. It pleased Sir Arthur to bciiere liewasromauiic; t 
had heet) the oun with seveml of his ancatoni, wbo aiipplioit a preced< 
without whicb he would [terbape not have vcntund to trust hi 
He was tlio victim of iwrplrJiitim fn>m wlitcli a single spark of di: 
^j)eroq>lion would have saved Mm. He took everytliing in tbe liietul 
r sense; be had not a grain of bumnur. He mb Uttt* vaguely waiting 
for KKDetliing to bappen, and not oouunilting luoiself by raiUi decliua- 
tious. If he was in love, it was in lii^ own way, rellectivcly, iiuixpmi 
Bively, obsliimtcly. He was «-aitiuj; Tor tbv foiiuula which would ju&ti 




il MrB. tloailway'x peculiarities. IIo liimlly knew n-h«re 
rrom ; j-oii mi);lit tiave tliought frtun hi» manner tlial be 
■nij! if!«n>rer it in nws of Umj elaboratfi tJtlrlet Ihnt wero nerved to Uio 
|Nir kiien Mm. Hntilwaj' coDKentcd to liilio with tiiiu at B>;[u<>u's or 
th> i'tfi Angiitis) or in one of tbr niimorous Ixojloi'n tli»t an-ived 
(n» Ibe Tiwc Alt U Pitix, muil from whleii alie oden lifted ibe lii) iii Uiu 
jtHoat of iter wlminrr. Thn* von momaDta when ho got weary of 
*^us in vain, aud at tbcae momenta the arrinU i>f lier Ametionn 
fiiiiht :' ■'''... V !■■] tlint nho lind no few) M«ni^l to lift thn 
ai'I'' ' i-s and give Kiin a cbanee to test, 'niis for- 

'»«li— *l;r' li. fM If wim Dpi. \^l tilil<? to giviiit, for Mbe wn« tiut awni-e bow 
^^^tt ;tT)Qu-1 i[ was pxpociPil to cover- Hbr tnlked alxxttber past, 
^^Hbm alu) tltongbt It tlM U»ct ibing lu do; kIil- hud a slirfwd ooo- 
^^B|^lhat it waa belt(-r to make a t!«oJ uw of it tbait to attempt to 
H^^^^ To «BiMw it wai iin|i(waib!i<, tb»it|ib tbat waa what idin would 
ktn jirwfcjTiH]. ahi.' bad no objection to t«lling db^. but now tj»t Kbe 
*■• lakinf; n nrw di-parturc, she wulivd to tdl ontr Ihwt) tbat woro ' 
HBOMTj-. She wonid have b(«n dcliglittid if it had tvnn possible to 
M Boeii at alt. A fen-, liowevrr, were iiidUftcii-Mibk.', and un tun.l not 
IHivpt to Mtliiinte uiiim clowly tlio in^nioiiN rc-arrangt-ntciitM of fact 
*)A wbicb fitr. mU'rtaini'') aitil niystiliMl Sir Artlinr. Slio kn<!w of 
^^^ti tbat a- a {jrudutri of fiMhionable circles abo wm nowhcn, but she 
^^BjktliaTi) gnat hucom* om n child of nature. 

Tiajmt WateWille, iu ilbi> midtt of iutore:Mii-w in wliicli every ouo 

|v(Apa bud a c»ud luaDjr mental rraervations, never forgot tliat ho uaa in 

i< >n, tlmt bo was rcijionsib]*!, nlEdal ; anil ho a>ke<l 

'0 iiow far it WM [Mirniittc<I to bim to counl«nanco 

Uia. IJouIwkj'm jvctnimuna tu buing an Aintaicun lady ty|>icul even of 

.L „^ phaflH. Id his own way b« was a* pnulnl as poor Sir 

. and {tulml lui lUlt«rtyl blmaelf that he wa« lu partictiUr aa any 

'il lir, Supposo tliftl jiflrTali this frm uNioeidtion Mrs. 

I (1IIMI OTvr to Limilon and uAk al (ii« I^K*tivn lo b^ 

'"^ to lire Queen t It would be to awkward to rcfune her— of 

vould bavo to tr/iiwi birr — tbat he was vtry- careful about 

' firondiuia, Klx' ini^dit con^tiiin anything as a tacit ]>it)miss 

iturCB uf diplomnliKta w«tv ntudiifl and 

: ' iben>foro to bo mil/ tlie dlplomatbt in 

with tbia attractive but dangcruiu wuuuui. Tim party of 

to diuH togetlter — Sir Arthur pmlied bis couQ ileum no 

b/— «i. " oveakltma Mrat Ileatlvray. availinju; horsolf of onn of 

I^ priiiiryr* oi' n !n-1y. even al ibn most cxpensire reetaurabt, used to 

TjtP !;-r --!.i,i^ with tier napkin. One evening, when aAer ]ioli>liiitg a 

I4ititptotlw light, giving it, with her bead on one u<\e, \ke 

T3I. iLTil.— no. 277. 3. 


leftHt gUmmn- of a wink, lie said to himself as h« watchect bor that Ae 
loalced Uki.' a modern bttocltMil& He iioticod ut ttiic luomeDt Uiat tlie 
bftronet was ganng Rt h«T too, and h4 wondoi-cd if the mmc idcn hod 
come to liim. Hn ofUsi winidirrttd wlmt tliu IwroiMit Ibought ; Ue tud 
dovoted Cm and In^t n gocxl dcnl uf specalalion to the buoninl clsm. 
Liltlctiion.^ idonc, nt this muuient, viut not- ubscrring Mra, Hwdn^y ; bo 
&«rer Appeared to olworre hor, though sho oflpn obMTvod him. Wntra^ 
tUIo iwked UmKi^lf amoii;; other Lltinj^ why Sir Arthur had not bronglit 
his own (Vipnds to seo hor, for I'nria during the wivcriJ wDck* that now 
cliipMsl wiu rich in Eu^litili viHitorv. He wondered whether she fa»d 
ukcd him and )i« had rcftuoi! ; ho would have likod very much to know 
whether nhu luwJ iuik«<l him. Hu «x[iliuii<^d !iia curiuoity to littlejnorc, 
who, bowerer, look rcry little int^reet in it. Littlomorsnid, nm'crthpkifn, 
t)iat he faiut no doubt she liad anki-d liUn ; she never wonid he deterred 
by falfo delicacy. 

"Sbu luw bwD v<iry (lelintt^; with yon," WfttervJUe replied. "Sbo 
hasn't been st all ]>reKing of bite." 

" It Is uidy bucnuKR sho Ijam given me up; sh<! thinka I'm a bnite." 

" I wondior wbat ehe thinks of me," Wateiville wiid, pensivdv. 

" Ob, nhc coiinlti U]ion you to tnlroduut hvc to the MiuiBler. It'a 
lu«ky for you that our reprcsentstivc Iipto is «b«qit." 

" Wdl," Watorville Tvjoincd, " tlio lllinist«r hiis settled two or throe 
dilEctitt i)U«stioas, and I suppose he settle tliis onev 1 sh.^ll do 
ii<itluii;{ but by the onten> of my chief." Ho wu very fond of talking 
aWut Ills cbicf. 

" She doen me injii.-4u«," T.itttemvro ndded in n moment. " I have 
6))0ken to several people about her." 

" AJi .' but wh«l have you told them I " 

*' Thnt nho livcK at the H^it«l Mourice, and that sbo wants to know 
nice iii-ople." 

" They arc llatt«r»l, 1 ftuppcse,at your thinking tliem nice, bat tbey 
don't go," iwid Wuterville. 

" I spoke cf her to Mra. liagtluw, aod Mrs. Bsgahaw liaa [iromL-ciisd 
to go." 

" Ah I " Wn(«rvill« uunnn»d ; " yon don't eull itrf. Bngnhan nic 
Mrs. Headway won't wo bor." 
I *' That'll oxiitily what she WAiits—tv be able to <-ut scnifl one ! " 
' Watcrvillc had a theory thiit .Sir Artbiir was keeping Hrv. ileadwny 
Ma itur]>riiti> — hu meant ]>cTfaa|i9 to [iruduoe htr during tbe nvxt I^onduu 
auiuwo. He presently, however, learned na luneh about the malterj 
he could have dciiired to know. He bad onoc olfenxl to aouompany i 
(•«3iiittful compatriot tu tin' Must-iim cf ibe Luxembourg nnd tell he 
litlle nbout tlm modorn Freucb .icboal. 5^1i<! Iind not exuniii-i-d this col! 
lion, In »i>ito of her delerminAtion w fee everything rrmark^ble (aim' 
carried h«r J/^ktu^ iniierlip ovon wlinn >he went to hm tlie |[roat tailor 
in the Ttiic de la Paix, to wbom, na she ea>d, she had giwo uo cud of 



ftisto) ; for tki> oimlljr went to kikJi jilaoos irith Sir Artbnr, sntl Sir 
Atdiarwu iniliffemit to the mcxti^m pointtrnc of Fnuuv. " II<' KnyA 
Uspuv luaiii t)elter men in HogUiiiL I tniiht wnit for Qu> Hoyal 
Ataieoj, next ynv. Tic MmnK to think oni: mti wnit fur anjUiinj;, but 
Fb not ■> good at wutiiii; w lie. I ckn'l nffanl to wait — I've waited 
lait fwragh." Hd tunrti kx tKU .Mriu IIi-juIwuv miiil ou tlii! occuion of 
brr uTU|tLii]* wlUi Kti|HTt Wfltf-Tville that thoy ahoald some Haj visit 
lk*LiunAliuiir]{ tog<.'tlii-r. ijlmalludiid to Ui6 EngiiAlinion hh if ho vrure 
bv bnduid or lier brotber, ber natural |irotectov nnd companioo. 

* I woodn- If sbn Iniowii hotv that soiiniU I " WHtorriil« mid ta him* 

^ ~1 dou't boli«ve nlin woiilil (Id It if she kn«w )iow it aouu<.la." 

Aft] h» made tbn furtlior ivtlct^lton tltat vlu-n omt arrived from iSnn 

Oiip tiifra «u no vDit til tlio tiiiiiga one bitd to I«aru : it took »o 

■uyUiio^ to iDidcc it well-bred wouiaa. (,'Ievrr a* she wiw, Mrx. 

Bailvaf wu riitbt tn nylu^ tlikt sbe couMu't afford to wait. She 

niiit iMm iiiiickly. She wrote to \V«tcr>ill<> one day to propow that 

1^ iboidd go to tlie MuHCum on thi- morrow ; Sir Artbur'a iiiotL<>r wiiii 

in fui», on her way to CAnww, wIwit xImj wa« to spend the winter. She 

*w "iilf pianng throuKb, but nbti wuubl be tbeie throe dajn, aud lie 

■tnld nalniall* givv hitiiBplf n|> tii Iiit. 8be sj'jwart'd to )mvc! tbn pro- 

^tst idbta aa to what a gentli-uiaii would jirujiow.' to do for Lis niolher. 

fdir li>^r>Fir, tliereforr!, would \)f. froo, and sIm) luuniil tbr boitr nl which 

«lbr ibuald injm;t Iiiiu to caII for hor. Ha wa« punctual to the ap[>oiDt' 

Uat, and llivy dmrt! ueroui tbi; tixer in the liirj^u bigh-hting hurnuchf in 

•kick ^M cotutonti/ retted iibont Vnti-. With Mr, Max on the Iwx^ 

tta murier waa umuiueut«-.l witJi c«ortu«iiii wlii-kc-i-a— tbii. vi^bicli; bud 

an apfiDLr^uiRi of great respocbibililj, though 8ir Arthur amured her — 

ikt iffoatud tbiii ti> lier oilier friouda— Ibal in London, next yuiir, the/ 

vtMbI do the thing miicb better for hei-. It »tnick hn- other friends, o{ 

wane, that lli« liaronot was iTrepnTul to Iw vet; coosictent, luid thin on 

tba wtmla wa0 uliat WuierviUe would have exiwcted of him. Little- 

DuiTv aunply remarked that at Son I>i>^ she drove henMdf nlxxit in a 

ticfcMjr bopgy, with muddy whe«li». mA with a inulo Vi*y often in this 

theft a. Wm«rvill^ flit ^omrtliing like »-\ci(enii:nt(w be a«knl himself 

*h«tbcr the Imtmet's utothiT would now eiiiL-uint In know tier. IjJhn 

WMt id euimu b» nwaiv ihut it was a woman who was kwpin-; her sou 

iM Vtirt* kC a anuun when EngtUli gentlemen were must naturally vni- 

(Iq'ed in >bnetinf {•arti-idiiMt. 

' i*if \- ntayiuif ut Uir tl<'>tel da Itbin.aiid I have nuulo liim feel that 

>va hitr nliili) fehe is here," Mix. Hnutway Mid, an tliry 

aamiw Itit^ dn ^'einc. " Her numu in Uidy Demwiie, but 

' tfa(> llooourable Lidy Demwoc^MaWna Baron'H iLu^htiir. 

1 lunker, hat he did tMMnethin;; or otber foi' tlie 

■•. villi k»aw, th«v call Ibem— «iid »o bo wua 

iin •m unu em Iw nUiii<dI Shu ban ft li^>f 

. , ^...j--....,^. " Wiiien-f//c'a ou^bhour gava him tti\» 



iafotntAtton with m wu-iousQeas thut made liiiii amile; be womkitKl 
whether slie tbDu^lil ht> itidn't kiion- how > Baron's dangfaUr vrtks 
luldrMMxI. In thftt shv wiu vei^ proTincia] j alie Imi] & way of exAfrgera- 
img Um Tklofl cX her intcUeclual tti-ijuiHidonx mi<I q( sMuming that 
othvra bitd bc«n as ignonoit as sbo. He not«d, loo, that the had ended 
bj su])|>RtBdi4; poor ^ir Artbur'a u^uimi iilUigtttlioi', and deaiganting 
him onif by a «wt of ooojiigal proiwuii. Sbo had been so ntucli, aud 
■0 eM!>ilj, mnrrin], that Hbe was full <ir tbi-HO mtidondirg rcrorcncc* to 


Tlunr walkod through tlw gallpfy of tli» Luicomboiifg, ftml pxcept 
iliat yint. Hcttdway looked at e^-erythini( at once and at nothiug loug 
enough, talked, ns amal, mthcr too loud, and bestowed too much atten- 
lioa on the bud c-ojiicn tlutt yreru )n-iiig mndv of M-veral [DdifTerenl 
pictnres, she wsa a very ngrcoable coin|>fiiiion an<l a grateful recipient of 
knowledge. She wan very <|uick to niidemtund, an<t WutervJIIo waa 
iiuru that before tihc loft tli« galloiy ahe knew aomothing nlioat the 
Fi'euch Mcboot. She wan cjuite pi«|Mi«d lo coin[Hirv il critically with 
IiondoR exhibitions of the followiug year. Ae Uttlemoiv and bo hail 
temark^l mon than once^ itbu waa u veiy odd uiixtui«. Her coarttva.- 
tion, her peraonality, weiv full of little jointfi and Geams, at) of them 
very viitible, wbcro the old and tlin new had Iwcn piuvvd l(y^(l)Cr. 
Wlk^R they bad piis3ed tbraugb tbc different rooms of the palace. Mm. 
lleadauy propoaed that itistiod of reluming din.'ctly tlioy afaould take a 
fltroll in the adjoining gafdetu, which abe wLaliod veiy much to sou and 
wui aim ^10 idionid likv. Bbc liad quite neizeil the dtiTenmce betweeu 
tbe old Patis and tbo new, and felt tbc force of the ii>tanntic assodatioiu 
of the I^liu ijuarlcr a* [irrfeetly an if the bud eiijuyed all the betielJuuf 
modem culture. Tbo autumn «un waa warm in tlie alloys an<l t«u-aGM 
of the Luxembourg ; the maaaes of foliaf^ above them, clipped aiMl 
(qnared, ruxty with ruddy patchw, sbcd a thick lacework over the white 
*ky, whicli WHS Atreidcud witJi the putuct blue. The beds of Do^cn near 
tbo I alace weie of the vividct yellow and red, and tlie sunlight :< ' i <i 
on the smooth grey walla of those porid of ita baaemeol that i'v>l.>'l 
Mvtti I in front of which, on the long green benches, a row of bn>wa> 
cbeekei] nor&ctt, in white cupi and whito aprons, ait offeriiig nutrition to 
as many bundlfai of while drapery. Tbero were otiier while c«pH wan- 
dering in the l>rond [AtJia, attended by Ultlebruuu Kivueh cbildreti ; the 
smill, straw-M>atcd ctiRira were pUed and stacked in sonio phuva 
dineminatod in otbeni. An ohl lady in black, with white boir fa< 
ov<a- each of her teniptea by a lar^e Mack comb, ut on the edge 
s'.one bench (t«a high far her dclicaLv tenglb), motUHtlas, 
Stnigbt befai« her and holding a large dooiki^- ; undci- a tree a 
wn»tcading— yon could see hialipa move at adiuaitct>; a youu^ sold 
dwarliib aud red- legged, strolled jmst with lii« liuds in his j>uck 



«Ui^ «rn> wr; mncli >Valervilli> tnt itown wriUi Aim. 
IhaJrar on tLe tttravlM(toine<l cbftira, nnd eb« prrscntly mII, " I like 
'*'• . it's cran better tlMn tlm ]>tcLitRB {n the giilkry. It's moru of n 

■ : in Fmnw in « |Mrture — ptcd thin)^ (but urn ugly," 

■ ■!. " Kveryihing makes a nuLjccl." 

-WoU. 1 likp KmnCT"!" Mf*. Ili-ndway wiMit r-i>, witli » little 

UBSjpnnaa fi^b. Tli«D, huildmiy, from an impube «Ton iuoi« iiMOii' 

Mfvottluin bi-r Etgk, sbo itiidiH], "IIo ntkci in« to go nnd seo h«c, 

IM I tokl bim I wauldti't. H\i« m»y come And m« ni« if nbo liko." 

11h*u«0 abrupt tbat WftUrvilltt wnn sligbtljr ronroun<I«>d ; but ho 

i|Mdl)r pB«*iv*<l ihat sbe bad fiol«n«vi by a nhort mil to Sii- Arthur 

Itnnimi and hia honourable motbcr. Wntrnrillo liki>d to know about 

•Air pNiplr'a aAiuni. but be did not Uke this tu£t« to lie ini]>uto(l to 

Vm ; and tbtvi>ror(>. Dmngh hfi wu ciiHoqii to sm bow thn old lady, as 

b aJM bor, vroiibl trc»t bin mrupaoiuii, be waa ntlier displmM^I witb 

lb liUer for IiHng bo confidontinl. fie Imd novrr iaiagined he wa« bo 

iaifaatr irilb ha na ttiaL Mrs. ITeadvny. bow«Ter, bad a nuinner of 

(■kJDg intimacj* for grentnl ; a manner which Sir Arthur's mMber at 

Wk vnal'l \m aun- tuit to like. He pr«t«uded to «roti(l«r n littln *bat 

•b *M tMlltis]; alMnl, but sbe scarcely explained, t^bo only vent on, 

tbsMgk natnuiMlils tfanvitionn : " T1i« l«a«t abc con do ia to oomo. 'I 

ten been rtry kind to h(T son. That's not a rcMon for my i^iuR to 

br—itV a rcama fir ha- comintc to me. BMi(}«, if rh« dnmn't Hko 

akai I've iloue. »Imi can leave nit< »k)iM>. I want to get into Kiirepean 

oi.^v. liiit I vunt to gi-t in in my own ariiy. I ilon't wiuit to run 

■'yh', T TADt tbem to rnn aA«r me. I giuoa then- will, some 

V ,■; I '. tlie U*1en«d to thk with bb eyes on ti»o gronnd ; he felt 

.' u little. Tbvro vm Mnwtbing in Mm. Headway that 

■Mik«t anil niortiliml him, and Littlemore had been right in mying 

Oai .h^ hod a dcSoicncy of shading. Sho v«» terribly distinct ; bta- 

1. b*v impabea, ber de«ii«B wt-re absolutely glaring. 8b« needed 

iv ■ -, tti bmr, bT nwn tbongbta. Vdiement tboaght, with Mrs. Head 

ny, «iw tntTrilal>}y apM-di, though speech vna not always thought, and 

^ the bad fuddoily become vebemnit. " Ifshedoesonreoome — tlien, 

)L ihen. I ahall ba im jmrteci with b«r ; I Rlian't let lier go I But sbo 

MM take Lb) firat step, 1 oonfms, I bopo sbo'll l>o uicct." 

T- • won't," Niiil WatcrvJIb: pervuntcly. 

" V. i,"t cnn.' if hhe bn't. He lias no^v^ told me auythiiij;; 

irfiwrn wofl about anyofbia own belongtiiga. Ifl wished, 

. -.,,, - ■ !"■■- -bunod of them." 

•■I cluU." 

•■1 kw*« u, I know what it ia. It*« just moibsty. He 
♦•^'t »ttrt t'l htng — he's too mticb of a'gcntlcman. He doceii't want 
— bu WBiiln me to like bin for himself. Well, I do UVe 
iti'il in a moiDfat; " But I shall like him hUU beltcv tl Vub 
.i r, Ti^atmll kaow tluki in Ameiiea." 




" Do yoa Ibink It will make an impi'OKtoii in Ameiicn 1 " Wai 
Mkod, imiliD];. 

"It will Hhow tbiMn that I nm visited bj tba Briti«li amtoctiicy. 
Tboy won't like tlutt." 

" Sun-ljr tiioy gruilgcyoa no iiuioccmt pl«ware," ^ftterrlDomurniuiwI, 
tmiltnii aliil. 

" Th«5 grudged me common polIt^Dfim — when I was in New York I 
Did yon evtrr IwAr bow thoj^ trenUid in^ when I <nmn on from tbe 

Wnt«rvi]le eUtiMl; this qiisode wwi qiitto now to hita. Hin com- 
pillion bad toiued towurda biiu ; lia- pr«lty bead was uuaed back like a 
Unwnr in the wind ; there wm a flu«li in bcr cbcck, n flhupcr light in 
ber tya. "Ab ! my d«u- New Yorkum, Ui*v'ro inciiipnblo of rudcueM ! " 
cried tlwjouug mnn. 

" Vou'rti one of (licm. I soe. But I don't *pcak of tlio men. 
men were well eaouRb— ibouj-b tbey did allow i(." 

" Allow what, Mni. I[««dwa.y J " Wnt«rvill« wn» quito in tbo 

Sbb wouldn't an»wer nt onw; lier eyes, glittering a little, were fixed 
il^Oliftbient images. " Wtint did you henrnbout mc oror tberc T [>on*t 
Jjntendyou hmud notbitig." 

He had limn] nothiii;; at all ; tliere bad not Iteen a word about Mi-s. 
Headway in Now Votk. Il«n>iildu'l jirK^nd, uitd be wu obli^^ to 
tell btrr tbin. "But T biivo bwii away," bo added, "and iu America I 
didn't gi) out. Tbere'a notbing lo go out for in Now York — only little 
boya and girls." 

*' Tbei« are jilciity of old women I Tboy decided I was improper. 
I'm very well known in the West — I'm known from C'hia^o to San 
Fraiic-ii'cii — if imt g)i-nu>iially (in oil caaes), at least by n-putalion. pM>]jle 
car tell yon out tbere. In Now York tbry docidnl I wasn't good 
euoogb. Not good nnough for Now York ! Wbat do you aay to tbat 1 " 
And 8bo gave a swoct Ititle latigh. Wbotli«r nhe had etrugglnl with 
lim* [tridn bcfoFQ mnkiDg this avowal, Wotcrvtllu ii<!vrr knrw. Tbe 
crudity of Uie avowal tiiem«d to indloate tluit she bad no pride, and yet 
th<nie wii*L a spot in ber bwrt wbicb, ah ho now iierccivml, wnii intensidy 
sore and bad nHddenlj- l«f;iiii to throb. " I took a lioiuio for liie wintw 
— one of tbe liand»om<«t hoiiNCH in the place— Init ! mit there all alone. 
They didn't tbiiik me propi-r. Sucb as yon see me bcw, I waitu't a 
Micmx« '. 1 tell you tbe truth, nt whatever twl. Not a dccunt woman 
came to see mc ! " 

Waterville was emljarressed ; diplomatic ns he was, be hardly knew 
wbat line to take. He ooidd reowbut need tbtiru was of her telling him 
tJie truth, though the inci<ient apj>c«ir<?d to have liorn moid curiims, and 
he was glad to know thi- facta on the bwl authority. It was tbo fimt 
be knew of tluK remarkable woman's having spout a winter in bis native 
wly— which wflH virtually u proof of bi-r baring come and gone iu oom* 
Itlctu otwcurity. It was vain for bim to pretend tbnt lie bad been a 



1 iloil AWDf, far ha luu] bnon .ippointcd to ids post in London only 
Biotitlin iHtfon', uwl Mr^ Ueadva^s socUl f^tire pn-co]!})] ttut 
<n«it. tn Ihn iiu>:lst of thosD reflections ho bad an inspiration. Ue 
uttnm. - r 1.1 (ujiUfu, U> minjmiae, nor to ajiolo^tM ; lie rontarcd 

•luplt . . J _.i^ lujtd for itii instADt on tier own anil to excl.iiui, aa 
tniWI; u pocsilitu, " I wiib / hiu! known yon weare Ukk I " 

"I luul plenty of mon— Vut men <lon't count. If llwj-ftro not n 
pOHlirc bnlp, tlmy're n liindruioo, and tlia moM }'ou liavo, Ltiu vom it 
b>Li. Tlut womeo ninipl; turncil tlit'ir luckc" 

"TIwj- »r«t««ftiuJof yon-tlii-j- vrerti jeoloiut," Wnlcrville mid. 
"IlV iwtj good of yon to try ami pxpbin it away ; all I know ia, 
OM of tlmn cnmnd my tfarvshold. You wjcdn't try and tone it 
1 knnw perfectly Iww the caso stands. Id Sew Yoit, if jou 
}!«■, 1 wan a failiin.< ) " 

"So aufik the vorae for New Yoi-fc ! " ctitd Watwrille, who, a* ho 
ttuTwtrdB naid to litllt^iore, had got i]iiit« n-orkcd up. 

" JLtuI nxiw yott know wliy I want to f;H into society ovor l)cr« I " 

Ah JaBi[>nI upaud stood iKfore him; with a diy, hitrd xmile alio looked 

iawn at liim. Ili-r MuiU) itaelf wna an aDSWt.-r to ltd- riuiwtion ; it cx- 

(r — il an uraeat il««ir« for revenge. There was an abruptness In her 

aMtmcnta wliicti left \Vnt«rrillocjuitri behiud; hul oh he&tiU eat thpre, 

irtiBiutijt her j!lanc«, Ita felt that bo at laHt. in iho lightof that sniUc, t)ui 

of that almnat 6arw ifai^tion, iindtTntood Mm. ITcndvny. 

B lumiil away, to walk bo the £at« «f tho gnrdeu, and lio went 

hm, Uxuhin? vnguoly, tuica*ily, at her tmgic toiin. Of coiirw Bio 

1 hiiQ lo Iwlji her to her rcTeit;;e ; but hU f<;iiiule relationit, hi« 

aul liiii tiMiTis l<^ tiitiTminnMi' n)ti»im, had brcn a party to the 

•Im su Amnl. and he n^lloctcd m li« walked aloii]; tlialuftcr all tbey 

Uon rij^t, They had been right in nut going to an a woman wlio 

chattm* that way alxint Iter tuoidl wrong* ; wliothor ^Irs. llc«d- 

vem mjicDtable or not. they had a correct inatinct, for at any ruto 

ma ratgnr. Eim>)>cnu :<M'ifLy lui^Ll IkI hi'r in, hut 1''iiroprdn 

wrJtty would bo wrong. ^<rw York, \\'atcirT'i]|Q Kkid to hiniadf with a 

■ 'driepridn, was i)uito capable of takiugahiglMrHtani) in such a 

uann ibau London. They went nomo distance without qieaklug ; at 

M U raid, i'i]irMaing boniNitly titu ihoughl whii^ at tliat moment wan 

ifpvmoat in his mind, " I liate that phra«c, ' Kiting into cocifily.' I 

'[■•t'l I'l.jul- nag ou^ht to attnhate to one'a tictf that Kort of ambition. 

1 aMumc that one is in soriety — (bat oua i« society — antl to 

: r.. t ; ■ li L! :jr4ii, one has, frcinitlraaocialpointof view 

.1..' L ■ 1 i , I ■■ rcrt re5;ai'da others." 

r ■ UMunvnt iho apjinnx) not lo nndcrvtani! ; tlicn sho broke Out : 

. I SDpjKue I haven't ^^oodmanuera; alauy late, I'm not Mtitti^dl 

i.v). I dim't talk ri;;ht — 1 know that veiy well. But tot rao get 

ii ni k"il; iifti-r uiy i^xprrsKtomi. If I onrc get 

' she cri^'i »iUi a ti^cuior of ^lah^on. Tboj 

reache<1 tie gtto of the guden and xtood « moment ontdile, oppraito to Uio 
low Aroulo of tlio 0<lton, linod with bookstalls at wUIcbWntcrvilhioMt a 
slightly wistful {[lance, waitiog for Mrt. Ilmtiirny'ii en rrli^, which had 
ilrnwn up nt a abort diataac«. TI14 whiskered Max hud oeBt^d hinwdf 
within, and on the iatto, diwtic ctithions l»d fiillen into n don. The 
carriage got into trtotion without his awiiking; he aaao to his Mdsck 
unljr u it stopped *g/aD. Ha itarted up, etoriogi tboD, withoat ocmru- 
eioD, he proceeded to deiieeiid. 

"I hcTe learned it in Italy^lhey say tbo ti^it'i" ho remarked 
irith an agreoublti tunili,', boliling the door ojwn to Mm. Iltuulway. 

"Well, I should think you had ! " this lady replied, lan^hin;; 
fttOieahly ■« aho ^t into the vehicle, wliilh«r Watcrrille followcnl her. 
It was not a stu^irise to him to perceive thst she spoiled her courier ; 
Nhft nntiiralty would iipoil her courier. But civilisation bngius iit home, 
said Waterville; and the incident threw ait ironical light upon her 
(Iniirr to got into society. It failed, however, tr. divert her thotight« from 
the Bubjf<ct she was diHcuH.-ing with Waterville, for oa 31;uc n^rmded tlio 
box Mul the cnrringn went on ita wny, idio thrrw out nncitlirr little noto 
of dedance. " It oii«o I'm all right over here, I can snap my fingeiv at 
New York I You'll nco the ficps thoeo women will make." 

WatM-rillo wax aiire his mother and sisters would make no tnem ; but 
be felt Hfr<?^, ai tbo carriage rolIe>l hnck to the lICt«l Menrioei, that now 
he andt.-rHtoo>l Mr». Houdwnr. An Uiey were about to enter tbe court 
of the hotel, a closed carriage pnssrd before them, and while a fow 
moments lalei' be belfNy] bU <^ompLnion to alight, he saw that Sir 
Arthnr Domosno bad liesceniled from the other vehicle. Sir Arthur 
pprecivpil Mm. ITcndwtiT, and instantly gave his biinil to a liidy xmtei 
in the rotipc. Tliis lady emerged witli a certain slow impreefdveuesa, 
and as she stood before thn <loor of tJio botui — a wuuian still young aru) 
fair, with a good deal of height, gcntlo, li-antjuil, phunly dressed, yet 
distinctly imposing — Watcrvillo ww tbnt tbo baronet bad brought his 
mother to eull tijKiii Nancy Bock. Kirs. Headway's triumph had lic^uii ; 
the Dowager I.fl<ly l>nmo!itir bad taken the firat stcji. Watt-rvillo 
wondered whether ibo Udles in New York, ootiBed by some magnetio 
wave, were distorting their fantnrea. ^frs. Headway, quickly eonscioua 
of what had happeiuii. was neitfaer too prompt to appropriikte the vuiit, 
nor too slow to acknowledge it. Sbejii^t paused, gmilin^ntSir Artlinr. 

"I wii>h to inlroduoe my molher^she wants vay much (o know 
yoa." He approached TilrK Ijendway; the lady had taken his arm. 
She waH at once »imple ami arcunivpcvl ; sbo Inul all tlKt reiMuruOs of UH 
Kngli»}i matron. V 

Mrs. llttidway. without advancing a rte p, put out her bnnds ne if to 

draw her vinitor cjuiekly closer. " 1 declaiv, youV iivi s«-rt.* t *■ WatAd 

vilte board her say. H 

He was turning away, as his own hnsiness wa^ ovoi ; but llif youi^ 

ISD^lisbtnan, who bad (urreodeiwt his mother to tbo cmbrsoe, as ^ 




t now a]mo«^1l« otUad, of Ui»ir bnU«ut, juxt cbccknl him witL n 
Ueoillr ^luTR. " I (Um !«ay I slian't m« you agun — I'm gwiiigaway." 

"dnod-byp, Uw-nr Baid \V«t«i'vi!ic. " You return to KiigUnil J " 

" No ; I go to Onnm witb my motfaer." 

" Vou rODAlD at Cuudw 1 " 

"TiU ChrwUnas rwy likolf." 

Ilia Iftititai, tneorOnd liy Mr. Mkx, h»A jmsbhI iuto tli« boUl, iiDtl 
WMMrrillu pnaentlj- qiiittod his intcrlocntor. Ih: snitlpit u lie wnlkcd 
Avs;, nsAMluig that ibia penoitkge had obuioed a eonce«don Atdui Iub 
tUDtiiBr cmly at tbo pricd or a cooomaion. 

Vi« uexi morning he went to moo Littlemora, from wImu hn hntl a 
•taadiiig inntatioD to breakfitst, sod who, nn itsuni, was sinokjng a cigai* 
Mid looking tbiough a iloxcn cua'spaper^. LittluUKHis bail a largo apart- 
aanl and an acoomiilalied cook ; he got up Ut« and wamkrad about his 
TOOID all tiui moroing, BtoppiDg from time to timu to look out uf bis 
vimfarwa which ovei-liaug Um Plaoo io la Madeleine. Th«jr bad not 
lawuaratoil nutof mlnutisa at broakfaitt wh«n Wut«rTil|« announced thut 
Ibln. tlaadway was about to be abaudoDed by Eiv Arthui-, «bo was 
foitig toCaaDM. 

" That's DO uews to mo," Ll(4l«mora said. " He came loat nifiht to 
l))il OM good'byo." 

" To hid yoo gooAAiye 1 He van tery civil all of a Midden." 

" tla didn't eomo from drility — h« cune from curiosity. Haring 
«iicc<d bum, bo Lad a |>fvti!xt for calling." 

"I hapm bis curiosity was ntisfled," Waterville remarked in tlio 
of a [iBfsoii who could cut«r into nucb a KLiilinwnit. 

[ittbranrr Iwrnlated. " Well, I *t»p«ct not. He mt bom namv 
; but ws talked about everything but wint lie wanted tu koow." 

** And what did bo want to know 1 " 

•' WhotbRr I know anything againM yancy Beck." 

WatDrvQlA ilaml. " Did be coU ber Nauey Beck t " 

" Wa narer me ntiouod her ; bat I saw wliat fae wanttd, and that 
he waated me tc Ickd up to ber — only I wouldn't do it." 

" Ab, poor raan I " Wntervillo murmured. 

•• I don't mw why you pity Eim," uJd OtUemore. " Mn. Beck's 
^Atairm went uctlt jiiUml." 

'■ Wall, of onunie he wants to marry bcr." 

" [>>t Uim do it, theu. I liave notbiDg to say to it." 

*' Ho larlinv™ tiicir's mmothing in Iwr pact that'n hard to swallow." 

" L«l him leare it alone, then." 

" Tluw can bi% if Ihi'» in love with hert" Walcrville asked, in the 
ten* ill a man who could «iter iuto that Henttttwnt too. 

" Ab. ray dnar fcltow, )io muxc settle it hiroaelt Hir has no right, 
■1 any rat*, to ask mn luvb a i|(i(»iioo. There was a moment, joht ns 

WW (uiBX, when be had it on his tongue's mil. Be stood them in 
tM tkvway, fa> ranldn't leare mtr^he was going to plamp out v'Mi It. ] 

2— ft 


He looked at me Btraight, and I looked straight at hirri ; we remamed 
that ■way for almost a miaute. Then be decided to hold his tongue, and 
took himself off." 

Waterville liatened to this little descriptton with intense intetest. 
" And if he had asked yon, what would you have said I " 

" What do you think ! " 

" Well, I Eiip|K>Ee you would havefiaid that his question wasn't fair 1" 

" Tliat would have been tautamotint to admitting the worst." 

" Yes," said Waterville, thoughtfully, " you couldn't do that. On 
tbe other luind, if he had put it to you on your honour wbeUier she 
were a woman to marry, it would have been very awkward." 

" Awkward enough. Fortunately, he lias no busiaess to put things 
to me on my honour. Moreover, nothing has passed between ub to 
give him the right to ask me questions about Mrs. Headway. As she 
is a great friend of mine, he can't pretend to expect me to give con- 
Udentiiil information about her." 

" You don't think she's a woman to marry, all the same," Water- 
ville declared. " And if a man were to ask you that, you might knock 
him down, but it wouldn't be an answer." 

" It would have to serve," said Littlemore. He added in a mo- 
ment, " There are certain cosea where it's a man's duty to commit 

Waterville looked grave. " Certain cases 1" 

" Where a woman's honour is at stake." 

" I see what you mean. That's of courss if he has been himself 
conrern ed " 

" Himself or. inother. It doesn't matter." 

" I think it does matter. I don't like perjury," said Waterville. 
" It's a delicate question." 

Tliey were interrupted by the arrival of the servant with a second 
coui'se,'and Littlemore gave a luugli as he hel[)ed himself. " It would 
be a joke to see her married to that supciior being j " 

" It would be a great re.«iionsibility," 

" Responsibility or not, it would be very amusing." 

" Do you mean to assist her, then ? " 

" Heaven forbid ! But I mean to bet on her," 

Waterville gave his companion a seiious glance ; he thought him 
strangely superficial. The situation, however, was difficult, and he laid 
down hia fork with a little sigh. 



%t Ring's ipHrriagt. 

i\ wwikjt nfirr Ia< Jling ■ liiwl nchiovml sntrrawi in las 
Dili II Uial 1)1! wan utUiig ouo Giilby evening in Iiia (,-ardt-n 

•I jK itinijawing conplcts. Hot a lirckth of «-in<l hUttlhI Ibu lata* Ivftve* 

• wfi coitTinl tliepond tu froutof Ilia wrindows. Tlieairwas latUm with 
lie %r\i!. •■( » hiin'lnx] lloworn, which gnir in jtrafmion id pots and 
'^I'j^i'.ilJv >]ia{H-il btifilen ouull iiid«in of the pnTilion. For the momfiit 
In UJ jiiit uitidu hifi tobooco pipo, and, ^fieldin^ lo tlu' inlluoncm of u 
■<a.7 t<ntn uid ibe luot of t1i« wentlior, wm jiut dropping off iuto n 
<>u< of dtmmjr dniwfdiMie)^ whRn he. viu aruiuod by Ibn noiind of 

• ftolstnp cTiMUUK tho (|iuiiill}' deviited brid^o which tipuiDcd tho {KUid. 
b-^icj op, hn tnw hi» rathcr'n oM Ixidjr-iFrrvaiit ajipitiuurliing. 

"Voting «ir," Slid tUa iitUcdimt. "the old maaU]- rvquestR JTDur 
fnH=«Q in the rMOpUoa hall." 

VtumiMa u to wh&t tlie businiois cotild be on which be wns 
■nKKansd, I^ Min^' rallow«d tlwi man to thn hnll, wbi^rn he found his 
t lt«r and mulher fitting in atnio, evidently propai-cid for ibo diiictiBsiou 
rf mne imporiant fkmiljr matter. Uuvinj- uiade hU obui-^anccn, and 
Uiiaf sealMl hiuuolf oo a chair Mpocially plnco'l for him oa hiu 
BJtW* rij{ht luuid, hLi fathur tjiux oddnMHi'd him :- - 

''UariDil now taken ^our dc^oo, and having thus a piixi{M!Ct of 
•Mtpininj; nOiiw and fjijuyin^ uiuoluineut, it U ri^^bl and Citing that; 
jn lUaiii think of oiarrj ing. IE«n«mI>er a man in accouutod able to 
|*<«i& n dlitrkt 00I5 wlum Itu had Hfaowa himself ca|iibl(.> of ruling well 
■ W^i»botd ; luid how aa yoa show thnt you c:in riil<^ a bou^liold until 
fWhaTit iiua uu which to tr7 yotirhaudl Bo^idnt, who knuwH wtiat 
fc* oij Iv ia Atoro for yon t Wci-o yon to visit tli« 'yellow Hpriujjs't 
Mn I dopart from thU lift), wbo would uffer thu ynu4y «icriiices at 
"J tDnb 1 or if yon were to remain a barren pole, t who. in vonrMi of 
Jftn, wnii'' '-to ymrtatta tbi> Kinie ofliMn at your gntve I On all 

iMnsti, til .our duty to marry, and your mother will thereforet 

illtnt lam of linti.*, oouiniiin lotto witli a Go'lwtwLyin." 

"To IiMr i« lo qUij, as it always has boen with me," replied Sling, 

'\m, at the aame time, I aliould like to know wxiMthing about tho lady 

n my wife t<efi>re you exchange the wedding prmaitB. i 

•Atil that in oornv w(wl«ni couniries youths and maidens 

r, and obocBA their vivos and hutlicuidK fbr tbcmaelTeH, 

HwiAinntbrSUy ISM. f n>dM^ 

t A bacWloi. 



mad lliKt tma within th« eighteen provinom of Ctiina thero Bxiat bar- 
b&riaAs vbo exetcdse a sunilftr freedom of clioioe. Now I iutv« tia wisb, 
M foil may iaugiDO, m to outrage the rales of propritity Uid down by 
tJi« Mastei' * an to follow Iho eixiUDple of sudi peo|»1o ; but 1 kIiouIiI IiIes 
to know ntiAt my future vifo is liko— whether ulia » m bcantifiil Ha 
£.in-leeii, or as hideoim hh the olil vetgetnbl^-MitWr at tbe eornvr of thn 
HtrMt^whetbM- she is good-tern pend or it shrew — wkotlier she i» of a 
complacent dispositioD, or Jealous and rarcngeTul." 

" Murringee, my koo," said his mother, " aie maile in heareit, mhI 
you can do man break Ibe h«avEnly cocda which, aufell, tmt muely, 
bind your ankl« to those of your future bride tban you cnn upeet tiny 
oth«T decree of t&e goda. Thefiiiuily witU wliidi I purpooeto dodlra the 
(jio-bctwecn to oomniunicate in tlio finct iniitMicc is that of the ex- Prefect 
Yang. I bare already spoken to you about Ua dangkter Tsai-yen, the 
' T«Lrif^t«d Swallow,' who is, as I myself know — having; Men Iter— ex- 
tremely pretly, with it Uwulifnl comploxiou and a willow-lik« waUt. 
Biuidcs, a good daughtor makes a good wife ; and remeniboi- but year, 
when her motlior wna m) ill, what iiho did — ^how itbe cut a dice out of 
bcr leg to mix nitli Uio broth which the doctor ordered for her mother*^ 
reoovery. Kol dupnnd upon it, my Kon, if the Tari«gatod Bwatlon- 
ent^is your liousdiold afae will make an excellent wifo, and in cduealin^ 
yonr children will not fall far short of the wimloin of tlie mother of 

" Aa I said just new," relied Ming, n]iou wlioui thin d>«crij>lion had 
a naiked eflect, *' my only wish is U> obey you, and I am titorcfore ready 
to be led by you whiihoreoevYtr yon drairi!." 

" That is s|)ok<U) like a true son of mine ' " said Mi«. Le, smiling on 
Uu) youth. " I will now nt once write to nty ohi fnimd lAvt, Sow, wlio 
baa the best practice as a Qo-between in tlie district, and who kuuws 
moro about the youtlis and mautcns than a grrat nuuiy of thrqr own 

Wlien Ming returned to his study after tiita interriew, bo fell into a 
reverie in which he pictured to bimtelf the delights of beuig oonatantly 
in llio sodoty of a beauty mich iw onv of tbone of whom he hod occa- 
(doually caught glEmpacti through the blinds of their seJan-cbnira ; and, if 
Buch a one could only write vcnwM, lie fdt tiui hin ctip would bo fuU. 

Meenwhile Sirs. Lo retired to her room, and, tiddng pencil in band, 
nddrtssml tho fiillowing nolo to the rolunblnMu Riatchmukcr Mrs. 

" >ty unworthy Hon, tbouxh fETOwn Up, has not a» yet acdiicv 
wedded harmony. I know, inoit rr*pecb.-<l Wy, Itiai you di-light 
pairing tli« youths mid the matd« of Uie lian-uis, and in thus diotdpat 
the ooldnoes of tiicir oxiatencee. If yon oonld ratabltfih nn nlUaQc* I 
an a tripod, and ally our houte with that of the ex-Prefect Yang, juu 

• CmAiiiIm. 



l^iUetiiipiiiioa woulil be gntoTuI to yon for uvnr. Bogging jou to Iwlp 
is i\at nuUvr , 1 ir'uh yon bouodleia ]>roeperitT and continual Joj ." 

Eiriy UiB next taorning, Uforo Mm. Lo lw<l 'jnito oompMod iter 

Uhul lii'iMekee|iiuK ■muRi^uwnb*, a tBeasengtt- announeoil Uiat Mn. 

lifv WW AlrmJ; on ]uir n-ny to par hiw irspocta. Scarcely had lh« 

bcwn fiwa, wUlii » w<lAn-cliiiir I»ariilg tlw expected guest 

iMy^ at tltn Ki()(>^oor InuJiog to tbe ladim' JtpSkrtaMnta. ^Vitliout 

LkMamt'ii tli^tny, ^li^ Sttvr waa con(luct«(l to Uie preaeooe of Mm. I^, 

1^^ irNrlnl Iwr conLftlly. Ilie laulcb- maker wati btont and comely, 

t»lA biij;litiifl, lrHf;lit cyo, and tboitgU livr noMi wnit, jndged by a 

l^vfuti ttutilard, ralliur too lint, and Iwr mouth too wtdo to be oon- 

'mbM rmlty {irvlly, yet tnkon ma n nholc xbi' wiui a good-lool:ing 

' voBao. |[«r niaoiicr, too, wka cbeety and coiilMlent, and alie had a 

pi**rof inapmRg ber clM^nts with n profonDd belief in hur Klcttl nnd 

aawil}-. • 

"Fnraumatimn," ehf>M>id, wIientbc&ntgiwtiDgswcroover, "IfaaTo 
Im oipMtiitig (o nmivc tnna yuu Huma Buoh pearl-like epiatle aa tiiat 
*U rawbtd ma liwt night ; nnd, cnriooily onongh, 1 luul Maroely put 
d^iiTonr httterHbenawrranl brought me in anotefromMi^ Yang on 
lfe«Bo titlijecL Ji* I Uiotight JOU would like to "fa what she loiyx, I 
Iv^hl it with m>^ Bctncm our two wi|v«s, Mrs. Yang U not a v^ry 
) woDum, anil bvr noUi, ax yot) will MXt, is no mon: to ho compArud 
1 tbn flowU)]^ of •/our pencil than anything I could write would Iio 
(o iIm ktMl. Ciuit)|>nntian of your talentMl aon. Bub read it for younclf." 
Nothing loUi, yira. he took the iu>t«, and rend as followa : — 
"jly duufjLtur, tlKKigh xtill yonng, ik, lot me t<:ll yon in oonfidunoo, 
Wiimu to have her feet tie<l with the red silk with which heaven con- 
mni tile rant (if bridm and 1>rid<^Toonui. r.iut me hcoceob you to act lui a 
|ti»Wt*i!f>n fl»c me. aui) I shall ea^^erly await the reauU. Ho ! he I " 

"Wult," niil Mni. I«, rotiiniing the nolo, " it ii aI all erents fortu> 
■Ufa that her dauKhti'r altuuld ha thin way of thinking jost now. But 
m tiH hm* all you know of tiie V'nriogati-<l SwhUow ; for tlmiigh I have 
I W, I h&ve DO very dlxliuct reooUeotiou of Iwr. But wail; I will 
I (or my con, am) ynu tiliall dcacribc bar to mbotb. Ileforo he vomc», 
r, let me a.ik you wlieiher there it any reason, physical or oUier- 
khicb miaht nako itio marriagn ot>iocttonal>Ie." 

rhntever," n>iil>iid Jiir^, Sew ; and the two ladifs had ecmvoly 

Rinmantian wnind on for a mtnutn »r tno tn an uudurtonu 

the Lr Sliac; cubnvtL An the young man bowed bia «ckDowled;;muut 

>(^ [wnHSUT! i]f tlie two Imlim, Mm. 6n«r cii*t tipan biiu ii Ncrutinixing 

|l*<)^, vlilrJi Bodcid in & louk of that kind of oontcmpluous iimuaemeut 

vinncn i>f mponiincc n-ganl [Htduntiu young men. .After a 

, icaxllng Tip to the aulyect in hand, abe eaid, addicming Ming, 

; let mo tell you, young air, something about the VnriegktMl 

liAve known hur all her life, nud so out speak oonfidenUy 

Ucr dlwl jrjity is tmuwiMol tfaroogboot tbe FretBCtura', »V« ' 


MtteodB vfoa her par«uia in oampkte fuIBIment of Ui« Boot 6/JiiUt; 
^■nd though so learned a scholar u j'onnclf nti^t not coaHi4i-r hnr (ieripljr 

vened in lit«r»tur6, nlie U yut wvll rewl, ftud hu an art of Htrikiug off ii 
.copy of vome which k wonderful. Only Inst wqc^ I wu rvmnrlung 09 
pthio bOMily of tfaft rieir uf tho dl*lant hilts from their garden, and, quii 

M tbotight^ bLo composod this oouplot :— 

, St«, floftlio;^ tkniila <uuJinii»I Ills lliatMll, hUlf. 

I iViIovn wluia* uOib pgur conuUiot ilnnlinK riUs. 

"nim hnrappoaruioo is pcrfoct. Hnr eynbrowit an arched lilco the rain- 
ihowr; her complesiou in aa Ike mingled white and piiilc of the ap|>le 
Ebloesom ; hor lips nro i-cd lut rcACs; hctr ftwl aiv vnritiiltlc goldrn lilios \ 
rand ithe mrayii 0.1 Am walks like a willow hmnch Bvingjui^ in the wiml. 
r^ a word, she is perfection ; and a marring bt^twwrn «> ripe a scliolai- 
aa yovtrwlf and vo aooomplbhed a maidon would, in trnth, be aa the 
marriage of a pair of phnc<iiixc«." 

It waa impiMMble that Miu;; cotild he olhui-ti'isit than moved )>y tht 

dpscription of such ricullenoc*, and the intfrvicw ended with a conJially 

. expiitifted wi.ih oil hia part that Slra. Sew might he imecc^ul in her 

IjK^tiatioiM. Thus for all wa^ wdl, and tho match -makoi- started in 

(ttoaecutJon of her miseJOD lo tlie Varici^ted Svallow'H paivnttt {» high 

spirits, which wero by no meant lcMCn«d whi>a, on arriving, she found 

BIra. Tang was already a keen partiaan of youog 1* Sling. The T«ri(»- 

gated SwaJlow alco, who joini.-d in Uinr dcltlxrations, and who amn by 

the light of nature, and not through Mrs. Sew's mHM.-olouii!d spectacle, 

or through the medium of Mrs. IVa doubtful reeollection, appeared na a 

very ordinnry-lookiuK younR woman, witli a henry L'xj>r(fti(ion of fooc, 

aud a somowlmt slotit iinwinldy figiH*' a'ncntod with alncrity to endow 

tlie young gruduale villi her abundant jieiwu. Tho only other mnnber 

of Ibe family oonopnmd— tho ox-Pixirert — aflcr some intjniriee as to the 

L probability of young Ming obtaining employment iu the Maiidarina 

} and as to the proviMOii wliicli Mr. I/! was willing to make for the yon 

couple, on both of which points Sirs. Sew ^tiatied him bj- drawing on 

lier sanguine iionginiition, Dolemnly pive hia consent to the propoM-d 

alliance, and finally arranged with ^fr^ Sow that ou reodi-ing notice 

bJiom her at any timp during Uie nextfi-w days, tie woiilrl ho rcsidy to 

Ireceivo thu me«»cger who, according to custom, sliould Ira tho i>cnror 

I m formal proposal from Sir. I^e. 

f With tliia fuirourehle response Mr*. Sew bui-rii-il hack to ilrs. 
not altogether williont M>mi) misgivings ns to what Ming wonhl think of 
his bride when he should lift her Tt-il on [he «■■ ■ ' ' " If nhD li 

only c'lt a slice or two off her waist In mis wi- i ilier'a broth, I 

fitend of Irom her thigli, she would have ooiue ncorej- my diMcriptlon 
her," she fniA to herscir, aa alic wns carried llirough ihe streets in b 
sedan. But, aft«r all, alio consoled hemdf with the n^Ucction tliat brii 
groomfi are ooi over porttcubu', an<t that 3Iing did not appear Ukdy 

Lhv I 

on 1 



III p- ' 

mj obaorTitot, Mm. Ut was, she (gunU. awaiting Iicr return in full 
Uer lutir wa« sUileni-i] aal with Imidotiuc, tuiil giiy witJi brigUt- 
haiqaas aiiil i;uudj' fluwon. llcr kcc was liiicklv coTerctt with 
oaMin^ an'! her lijia veto [xiititi^l n rudily rc<l. Hlic wore a hand- 
m^ umlniiiilurvil iIiuik, wliivU onty ludf ooitceakv] n Duuiy-coloorod 
pliitd [«tuco*t, iMnefttli wlii<A her cTi{i|)!<tI, luin<Ligci| foct appeared, as 
•im buernd mtli«r tlinti wallii>d forwaii! to rtvuivu Imtt gtuat. 3In. 
t)int'« roiii()Laa.'iit (ii|imeJou of laco an tlw rotiirncd ^Irs. Le's preeting 
lit oMv unurtil that laitj that fho woa tho buater of gooil rows. Ka^^orly 
lln. Ij> listened to all lUni lind iiaawd at the intATviow, and iiuUiinj; Uiat 
ImJ hnn ujd which wm roinplitneiitary IukI anything in Hn, i^w's 
ncitii- Ariel' c>.<ttiiuuiiiiatiag ttio iiewa to Mr. he, it was dft«i-niiiied 
tMllu'>hijnlil M-iiil H l~i>rtiial proposat uti llio following day at dooo, and 
Oal lln. Sew ulioutd take a muai^fe to the ex-Prsfecl to that dTod. 

At wan aa llm. Sow IukI taken hmr lunvo, a family council was h«Ul, 
l^vUrli Mb;; wai ■uminouiit. Tho jniMoedinga of tho hut two dnya 
Ud MM tuuaidf ralily to hia sense of wlf-impoilaiioo, which hot! already 
bn tuffidenUy iLtviUipcd by Kta auoceis a« a schotar, and li« vnt«ied tbo 
bdl with a twngs^r and a conooitcd air which fairly reilocted tho 
nTliiii min'L llu lixtencil with an expronion of approval to hit 
■ Kia-aitut (if tli« nwgotiations, ami then rcplioil : " Uy gmtitiul« is 
for the iuSmttt truublu you are tukiug ou behalf of your un- 
•Brlty too, and I can aasuio you liiot it will ho tlte ondntvour of this 
iLiii" niHi tit iiuial un tuy fatnro wtfis iMyiDK ov&ry inspect to you, my 
'uit-i . ' '. Hot let luQ n^miud you that, being now a Sow-ttai,* 

m* . 1 uf mu in thn muttiT of ci-ivmonial than from oat who 

Wnpt [XNujinnMl in thcexAminaliou ludls" — Mr. Im hnri' mthcr wiqcikI 
M Kt liuiti;,^!! fif Ihu thrw ini-i)tN:tunl attem|>t(i he had uiadu ytum ago la 
«nt a lachdor'a robe — " and I wwUd thcrofora pray yon tliat in eveiy 
•■fnet Uio man ' \ hm huil dawn in thi^ Ititual of the Groat Fan: 

I^Tvriy may t. | on this occasion. 1 \i»w just boon looking; 

■!^i,.■ ,l^;.\. ■■ L I .-Hi; to the Nutijuct, aud 1 lind Uutt Ibcnuxt fct«p 
*ill Li< t,ir Villi, Liiiuuur.ihla sir, bo send a mcssongpr with a Icttei' of prO' 
to thJ huly'n fatUrr." 
'I sm quit- r tho rict,''sjiid the old man testily; "and yon 

■»J \m KJTT^ ih'i _ will bo donn wliiih 4uidd by any |ioia)bility bo 

■■V' calory lo your position ah it Uow^sai. I have already 

""" .;. Luasin Cliang Kin, ' thu Gotdcu,' to act as my ambn*andor, 

I Hke, you may be present whcu 1 giw faim direction* to- 

'' O^ii {armimion Minx availed himself, portly out of a deatro to no 

iETil«d <-ti>|ntilte was i«Blly carriwl ont, and partly out of n 

-II hin uniform as a sradnato. On entering Uw hall 

r. 1i« found that canfal preparations bad been made 

A li'>^ fpT "f a baclidiir't d'gm. 

tor the cmtiaoaj. T^o room Imd been vn-qit nnd gftrntibed, and 
bauginfcs which adoruiyl the diraa and Uw <ibaini wen ncv niul brUliw 
H« hnd Marccly timci to uotitx; Uicao porticnUni wbeo bis cousin « 
ushcr«d in, dniMMl like himself in the full canoiiialu of ■ Sow-Uuu, 
witli nhoin ho «xchMigf<d ccrvmoniul grectiii^ Alincml 
«ft«r«-nrct«, Mr. I.c entiered, uUired in roben of tli« finert 
Uclcing thoM iiislpiia of scholarship or of office vbi«li are wo dear 
hearts of Cbinnmen. Hnving lx>w«d to tli« j-oung nKoi, ho ad 
slow, Confucian Mej* to the «ut side of the ludl, while young 
who had cvidMiUjr Imod drilted for Uw occnaJOD, iodic np a position 
the frwl Hide, &ciiig him. Tliey iJieu hoth advanced, and Mr. T<e, wi 
an obwsMiM, gnra tho l«tt«r to hi« nophru-, nt t,hn luimo time dmoriU 
to him its oonteiita and reqaestlD); liim to liand ii to the ex-PreCect 7u 
togother irith the proMints which Imi ootiliilixl to hia ouv. WiUi in& 
bowH, Chang the Golden r«Ur«d from ibe hall, and, entering hi* Bnl| 
was bonvcT Kitiftly to hU destination. H 

Not BO Hn-iftjy, liouever, Ixit tbnt a messen^ bod pnceded hiro 
announco his approadi to tho ex-lVrfcct> aidonJoKMrnp, who wan nvrniti 
hia arrival in the out«T oourtjraid. Hxe inttant Ibo moMcngci- oat 
word was sent in to tlio ox-Frofoct, who rcttchcd the front door just 
Ohaiig the OoWi'u's f«daii arrived in front of it. "Lai fi>.'''{h« Ir 
come I) ishoutod tlio porlnra, as thoy clir<:w open tbo oGDtral doors ; ai 
at the atmo tiraei ihu ex-Pn^ect stepped outside to ircrive the wdcxii 
guest. A small knot of Kp«ctatot«, who, attracted hy tbo evident p: 
parations which hiul heen tiuule, had collcctml to mo who the cxjMct 
6trangei- could be, vcf, gmtljr cliRod at tho low bows which *t 
exchanged by tlie hotit and hb K"*^l< "A*! by tJio glimpse they caught 
the easy court««y with which Mr. Yang ushcrHl young Ohntg throui 
the outer courtyard, before tbo heavy doom wero again swung back 
their Caoos. 

TIu! houw hnd been Id the poaeewriog of tho hrad of the Yang el 
for many geacrations, and was of oonbiderable pretenaions. In tlie ou 
oourtyoiil, on the eaat uud west aidw of which were aerv\int«' rooi 
stood a namher of ornamental shmhe in immense woodni tubfl, while 
Umi miilJlv there »pliujied a fountitin. A pauage through a hall at I 
norlhcm pnd of thiH tuurtj-nril led into another which wna gay w: 
dowera, and at the noi-tbcm end uf which wag the hnll to wbi^ 3 
Vang cutiditcted hi« giusl, followed by the aido-de-cnmp and two or thi 
w.>rva&t« in full official tirery. On reacdung tltc middle of the b 
Cbniig till- Golih-n, who bud cjitnTnl on the lefb of lila host, fitced ce 
wards and luindrvl to him Lo's letwr, »L the same time briujiy describj 
its contnntA, whiln Ibu MrvAnl* spi-ead the rcnvmoninl gifts on a t» 
«>p«i-ially pri?pai"«l for iho occsaioa. Mr. Vang, iLsvin^ made an ot 
aaoco northwunU toward* tho family altar, look tho letter with a d( 
rev«>«Dce from Chang, who bowed and made lu (hough bo would rvti 
taring, " I will trouble you Do fnrtfaar, but hfg to be allowenl to df-pw 



. Tba aide JO' on p. hovcver, hon gttp])«d fonrard, and invited him 
I rnaa mi the riiia at llm eourtiriin], wIm-to he botongbt bun ta Ktnjr 
I ttoMcpt Ibr^ r«w RiinnUs. The yoiing men n-pro RoqiutiDtanora of 
[ yumAinfi, and Um balf-lioiirtliey ni>w iijicnt in cncli oilier'n comptiny 
[avd •luk-kly «ni>ugh iu mnrorefttioa oo«it tb«> cotntng vnmt, accom- 
I in liys nf ten anJ whil£i oT tlieii- l«faa«o-}H[>e«. 
Mnumtulv Mr. Yang, Itaving Ernt Iftid tbo l«Uei- n]iou a tnblo hcror» 
Qj altar, again nii)M>d it, and, opcoinjf tlie enrcli^w, mtd ax 

"Vv unwdiibj'' taa't nnmo w Sliiig, and, tiowtng hU boad, be pava 
ln<p(ict« to TOIL. 

"Uopi^fiilly I brg tlmt jronr Exccllencj mnj dctgn to Im kind, iind 
ltip«> cokl and niMti lulvanwa, but may list«n to t)i« [iroposal 
(ro litdwei^n, ami bo pluasvil to bcxtovr your lirIo,-»l cluuglili-r in 
mten»gp nn thi> n>d oT your ^^rrv.icit. Lot ni>, I bosccdi you, fulfil th« 
(ilul tu tbu letter, and mf>octfulty cast tlie horo»ooi)«« of your lionour- 
•M) (tanghlor and my uDwortliy son, that by faitbfiil attiiition to Umi 
nUtn); ovnnoiiioft wn may wi-ld togi^tbet a comiMct which sliall imite 
nrfaailiiw for n wntory to romc. I send lierewith n fnw [kiUi; prc- 
w^^ b accurdancp wilt umgti, and I pray your ExccUoDcy to caat lli« 
H|hi of jnur cnunti!n5ncD upon Ihi-m. I will tuiy no more, but nMtroly 
•|>p=il Ibe ttnto of my soo'it biilh, vbicli wna at the bour of Iho Rnt 
|)M<nai II v.v. af:il 1 a m,), on (tin 7tU day of tho 'Jih month of tlw 
JWi yw of t>.c roign of UceiifuiiK <IS60)."' 

la a diort fnvocnttnn Mr. Vang informH (bo Npii'ite of bin dcccnxrd 

Bm of t)i« ront^Dtj) of tho letter, and of hix intention to acce^ tko 

D[AmI fnr tila ilnngbtrr'a Imnil ; aii^t <Tith a jitnyrr (or thrir blnsix^ 

I lb* nnion, and a pmstratioti bcfora tlw altar, lie retun-.od to bb study, 

^hare, Ukhiy [<ADcil in luuid, tin wn>t« tbiii reply : — 

'Hnaltly 1 n>j«ic« titat you havo listi>a«d to Ute words of the Qo- 
ilVWR, and Iia«t aoteetnl Uwi daugbtcr of your alavo to be tbo briilo of 
rboUHinblo beir. I quite n;^r«> with you that ws should proceed 
■n tanf tla noB with tlie rilm, nnil tJiuN convnnt iin allimiC! vliirb iihal I 
W fiir all tUnn. I ani ji'jrfMrlly niibanied to otfbr in exchange for your 
Wnm jonMJita Uio pnltiy tnmtp-liko tiling whicU I n«w vpntare to 
■>■', umI Upon which I bog tlm yon will drign to cart » glanco. My 
dniktorwaMhornat tbobonrof tlin Dmgon (between 7 a.m. lunl '.) .t.ii.), 
I lliB Sltt liay nf tba 3nl tnontb of thft 4tb yMr of the reign of Tang- 
M 1(145 )." 

"Km wpMtt', wUdi Waa ivri(t«n on iluliAtely-Unled akmlA of |iapDr 

><rpliim-1>lq««>n), Uio iinhl«in8of tnarrinj^, 

. .iMnuuriivriope to tantcb, waa earrtod by 

ball, wlittLrr the aidodc-carop bid alriinly ii>coii ducted 

t...uii3i. lIiTd ttin princtjiolii look up tlit> Mine juftitlona an 

« |>rofound bow. tiio «x-Prrfcct hnodid ibo doeumuvi. 

nvdrsd ft wit* arnry vxpremoa of r«ipoct, ani, WvVnij 




; of 1 

given it tnio tha charge of a snrmnt, twgged lore to rcctro. This tie 
woll know Mr. Yatifc iruultl nut allow, and iriu pivpam] villi an mo- 
txft»aen when his host invitctl him to s I'^pxnt in tlw ontcr hall. As a 
mntUT of course, thovgh not until be faad proUBt«*l vtOieiiiftDtly, Ohaag 
Uui tinliikn occnpiod (Iw smt of honour on the left of hU host. Tba 
sweetm«tt8 tuid viiuiibt were idl good, and tint win« wan excvllMil; so 
chat, sUthougli Mr. Vang iras Dot a. man afier tho OolddO One's heart, 
llial irurUiy «iiooraT<l4Hl in nnjojriux himsvlf. l>oru far tha Coafnciiut 
clas&ics vas th« ouly boiiit of uuiou bc^ireon th« two mm. The one wah 
by nature colli hikI BtiKb.'rv, aitd, linving npunt nianjr jthtk in oEGciul lift^, 
hia natural i-eaei-vo liad pown u|ioii Mm until he hiul become a£ nnoom- 
inttnica(iv<! a mjin as it vo* ponnUo to meet witli. Cluui^ on thi> otbVhJ 
hand, was of a roUicking lukturv, und found an even greater il^liglil in^H 
conviviiil supper thnn in a phaptw of ttm I'oiit'uciau Atnl'd*. Altor r ' 
few vain atl«mpls to bruak tlio ici*, Chang dct«rmi»ed to <fevote liia 
attention to his plate and cup> and ao gratifjin^ vrcn: tluiir contonts to 
his taeto that it wna vrith bomu nnwillingnesa that, when the wine had 
Ummi poxM-d round tliiico, he roea to ttike his liitvc. Willi much for 
Eoality Mr. Yang conducU>il him to the door, ami bade him adieu, vi 
many bowa, at Uio Nd« of his acdnn-dinir. 

Mr. Le was <lolI$:lit«d with the aouount liixiugbl back bj Cban^ 
the r«cepitioii he had met witli ftom Mr. Yung, und having read that 
gentleman's amwcr he i^mad it uit tbi^ family niLir for the information 
of those naMKrn but ever present members of bin boiutchold who, though 
dead, jet spake, and who were as i-eal and liviug per)u>aagea tn 
inin^'inHtion of tho worshipper as whun they walked tho faalU of 
family dwelling in oorporeal fonn. An tuwardcousoionaness assured 
tliat these guardians of his household approved of tho proposed nllia: 
and he therefore at oiioc Kcnt for u Taouist priest to cast the horasonpe 
the youthful couple from their nativities. Mr. Yang followed aLw exaell; 
tlie lame coune^ und, oa it linppened, aent for another priest of Taou from 
tlie same temple. By a private understanding those worthies, having 
extiuutird tli<t Inrgivkt |ioMib!e nuiounU from their patrona by luenns ot 
tliTOatfined difficulties, agreed to a Esvourable report on the destiniew 
tlie young poople. Tlioy fortlwr earned an additional foo by clHxwtn; 
lucky day for the ioterctiange of a formal engagement. At one uoucnt 
there wat a danger tltat this might never be enten^ njKin, for ou tJte 
very day aft«r the hi>rusociiiCH had lie«tt cast, Iklm. Le, in dusting her 
cliina iinuimpDts, dropped from her hands one of her moKt chorLdied 
bowls, and broke il into a tliouiund picctvi. Horroi^xtrickeii at tini ill 
omen, she was at Cret inclii:ed to foibid the banns, but in talking ll^ 
matter over wtlb her less .-•upom'.itiou.t huHliaiw), it was agreed bet 
thon iliat the marriHge oDToTcd so many positive advantages that 
vtmldheapity to break it off for an iduu; ag tile incident was rttippivsseJ, 
and Mr. ( ~ - ■ - > out preparing the pnsents which were to be the iwa] 
of the en,: 



Witli j^nkl cnre bo dioeo with tfae iieJp o( hU wife six Hilkeu (InMtten 
ImfiUiaK Umi VimC|pitoil tfwnllow'M futuro raak as wife of « Hew-toai, 
ox tmiunenU ooitiieliug of bangles uitd eamo}^, uul eight )>ox(» of 
^ir*. Having anfnily [lackvd Uioso in red Ucqacr boxes, each 
» unupleji cbancter toeaning "double ha|i|)iiittat," ke 
tban, Iwrno by BorvaiiU dremod in rod tiintcs, toge(U)or 
vitli b {iftir tJ vag^gtamiai curds, Mlornei viUi a drag^ ukI u [iliicoix, 
•ltd * eaoipUtaiffitMy lotUr oddmuci) to tlu> cx-Prafoct, all of whicli Iio 
^pin anUiuled lo the au» vf Chang tho OoId«D. After aaoUi«r formal 
SDtarvivw uid nk-ot meal th« iimliMudor won glwl to hurry l)ock, 
l^rit^ a luituLlf n'ply to tlie more congenial hoUMbold of but {trmcipal, 
^rb«m a plan was lc«pt for him at tho dinnu- which was HprMd to oele- 
hata the etijcajmii^al. 

A ftfw days later onotbnr procession l«ft the Lo mansion. Tliis time 
duu^ tliH (ruldan'a Medan-chair wan foUowud l>y another, and a tar^r 
bHtd <d »J tuiueked men bntiing on bamboo poloa led laocjuer boxes 
llUiitaiiiiiHl laduw* onianii^tx and nkk-nacka, a oouplo of wild garao, a 
jkqi aad jar« iif wioo. On his arrival at Mr. Yang's houm be was met 
19' tkst gmtlaman a* al oUic-r tjincit at tfao iliiorway, and was cooductod 
«v the li»U, whorf, after a few contpliueulary tcinarka. Mr. Vang begged 
that liK Ttfiikl namo a day for th« man-iii}^. Jn auHwor to this cue 
LImox pToducnl from tbo folds uf a tvd dotb a letter which Mr. Yang, 
h*Ting bvt laid on tti« family altar, o[>«iied and read a* follows : — 

" linntbly and Joyfully 1 cougc^tulale myself tliat your Excellency 
kaa civm yQnr oonaont to thit mai-riagv of yonr beloved ilaugbtcr (o my 
BiLW'Miiiy iuu, who U now longing to go foi'th to meet her. Let me, 
Uwfafarw. li nm eb your Exoi'll^tocy to c1uhx>« a furtunata day for their 
■lytitU. fSionld yon not alMKuly bavo dll^t4)rmined upon one. I veuture 
Ib ^afgat thb ITitb day of Llu^ StU n:i>iith of the jwvsent year. I b^ to 
hB«d yutt iumviiSt a fnw tdfUuK preaents, and triut that they may not bo 
•tlRly lB«i»tb your notice." 

Kssetly the man furanlilioi a-«ro obacrved in the delivery of tliU 
r M QO the fonnrv orcajiion, and after a aiuular deUy in the aid»d»- 
anil u ivpetitioii of tbe same cetomonioua tepaat, Chang the 
'•'Hn twtnmBil !■) Mr. Ijt Ivaiiug tliis regij : — 

' Piuatntirt I nnunnl your r«lidtowi coinntanda. The emblematic 
^" * n» in my cold hall. But I long for a respite, for the thought of 
I ' T-iu;1ititr in mintt Uian 1 can lioar. I pnty yoo 

III lo receivu Iciikdiy my oontemptiblo preseota. 
vug oaniB Ibr ttii^ marringit, I aliould not dikre to oppoaa 
— ., !>.it liaten rcrentnlly for your orders to aawit as may bo 
On toy knees 1 Ixrox:!) yon lo look down on this epiHtle." 
-liiJt inuaih waa alrundy fur advanced, not much time 
' pafvnta iif the t-onng people for the completion of 

■ EaAUm attotjtfd IbMitj. 

'"• i^r,: 




all tho neMSBnry ArrmngnnmUi; imA wli)1«> the Variitgated Swaltow, 
h«r miten, ftmale oouains. nod fierranta dally wtyi vritU loutl tiuncn- 
tatiosui lit the proKpnrt of hftr rtTDiarn] from hnr old faom«, Lo Hing 
wiw mit^rtgiiniDg his fnendH iu a butk* of laii<iue(B. On tho daj 
Inttii<:<luitp1y iiiTcctltng tlwi WvaMinx, it proconion of portpra nirived nt 
Mr. Le'a door, b(itri»j; 00 open tm;« the Ironanan of llw Wide, lORcUiur 
witJi n Imikftt, a Worn, ciirtAinx, cittJiiaon, n mnttm^ ftii'l oth«r thingB 
for dom«atic hm. Tbceo objiKlavrei'e botli nunverona and lumdfiome, and 
U the proMNoon ti*d pomded (be principal tiUvHs on ito ront*;, tlw 
pojilo in tho nrigii bolt rhood had ample opporiunilica of adroii-ing Um. 
liberality of Mr. Yaiip. 

Jtist M tli« eriitiing was cloaing in, a l6lt«r n-»s brought to Ming 
by a troi-vlling mercbuitwlw (aid lia hod tmcn utrictly Cfijoin«d to 
givo it into lli« hnnds of Ming by a i^nilentan wliose name be bad 
flH^lten, at u town li« liiul stoppi'il iit for tho night two dnys IWon^ 
Ho »i)dcd that iio «houli! l>o niartin^' on bia i^Uiru by tlic (tame ro»d the 
next moniin);, and tliat if Min^ would «end an answer to hts inn, it 
nhouUI be faithfnlly drlivirrd. Ming rpcogntaed tite handwriting ita that 
of Ilia former companion, and ooupctitoriu the examination bnllit, Wnng, 
who, baring failed to talEn bin <)ngi«e, had entered hia uncle'H bank in a 
ndghliDiiring invfecturv na BCConntARt. Gtad to find titnt hi* friend tuul ' 
not for|;ottea him, Ming opened the envelope and read aa followa :— 

" I rpjoice tbnl the male and female plMSnixftt tang in hnrmony. imil 
(hat you are within reach of the fcalh«ry veiilure of the mHlriuionial 
prnch, suid within tasihl of tlie river's btinln. May crrry jay nttend 
you. Let not any coldness or backwardnoas on your part mar your 
joys, and may hravcn and eortli eombinn to gim you prc^coy. All4| 
now I iMiiy (bat the heavenly chanticleer ■ may delay his crowing, and ' 
that tlie river drum t may not.break in upon your iitambvrc." 

MinR, wlw waa in high good humour, vraa delighted at re<*iving the 
good n-iiibc8 of bi« friend, and withont locqi of tune bo retired to his study 
and thita wrote iu reply t — 

*' It is trno that I haro now barmonioiiBly arranged a wellaHsorted 
marriagis and that the ailken threads wbieh t-ntwinL-d our f«ntUfivo done 
their worlt. It now, thenfore, only rfrm-iin* for roo to hope, as tbe 
ode nayit, ' thi) d.twti may Im darbetiod.' 1 was overcome with gnttitiid« 
when I road your lutter, the words of which am engmvcd on my beurt. 
I t]iank you for tbe wish it oontains that tb« heavenly chanlirlwr may 
forgot to rrnw, ami tliat (hi: river <lnim may Imvn mn iitKlisttnbiL-d.. bid 
tbwe vriHbee origiiuile from a looollrvlwn of » i-imilar periud iu your 
otiii rxistmcel JIah, hub !" 

It wna tal« before the laM light was put out ut Le'a bouxr, white at 
Vas^g the frienda of t)i« bride wuiled witliont r^aaing throughout tlie 

* Till* i> na aliniivji tj tb* l.«Ii<f ' 
a bcarealy dunltdter, iiU« cnivi kt 
f Tho mwniDg iitu. 

:tr uo •ol Mowing tacii aionivif Iiy 




Ab to Umi tiridtf IutrhJC, rhti wm >cnt oir (o bed onrly in |no- 
for ibe monvw. But at eaily <Uwn tbe acn'outa auil work* 
lid Imth bonacH wi'n> tuUr. Sir. Im lind portiniWHl oflT twn court- 
I wbiob ai^/outed tb« principul buildings of his mauiiioii, for bUsoti'H 
Mi,iBd to ihew rtiofM tli« aarfcittcn luxl uplwlstovni bud giv«D tbcir 
faAl tooebw Ob th* proTious ormiuig. Oo tbe wedding; morning (be 
••rcal* took ptEtceMton and dnvoled tlivir fimt fnrc to tbo |<n!fmt»- 
tbntf Uw irnldinff team. lu ibo }iri\'«t« apiM-tiii«nt they set out two 
<tU(i,<ni> fiiHngrast And tbr olbt-x wcM, on wbicli tbry {ilncvil fniit, 
"VtaUi*. » jiir of wiutf, four cu[«, and thp wod<Iiug KobleU Tli* lejfi 
•< 'K- iwa tahW tbfi)' iKMind UqcRthn- wlUi IbrawlN <if rrd xilb, omi on 
U« tlinwLi tlic; btti>;c twti hllvor Ii'iIIh to tinkle Kvrort bnrmoiir. 

AD tbov lutd otbiT |>ir)xmtiotis wuujiiol Hut ^-i-rjitcr )i»it of (bn 
^jr,utj u tW evtuuig advaQced, Ming, who wiisalreody drvesed in fidl 
•McnkaU, wa» maiiDOtiwl to lh«< family ball, wbine bo found bi« E>thor 
>>i.;iii|[ bim. Having |*radouBly reewivod th« homage of bis son, 
' ■ ' liim. trbilv ynt on liii Ldl-wi, " Uie parting cu|i," Glk-d 
-I nnir of Soodiow. TIiu JlJng dminod to tbo dtt^. 
ts. r-'.untml emjity lo lb« evLV pre»nt Ubaug ibo Golden, whi> hUmA by 
■Wj to l»ki it. " And >ww, my hou," luLd liiti fiitber, " m yon wi»h to 
f m patoa to rveeive your l>rid(% go foi-tb, and mAy oveiy Llessinx 
tUOul jon. As soon tus you bava croaiied thu (tirraholil I »liall butakii 
apfmit tcp ibo family ulbir, tbera to inform titc spirite of my ttoowtore uf 
Ihi ensu of tltiM lUy." " 1 olxiy," replied Min^i **'<d liiing Iroio hi* kneoa 
b «*«( (itii, faUuMud by Cfaikog Kin ciirrving « (uiir of li^-o wild gmtt 
ouikt hs «nM, fur M Ing wua deteriuiited (o have tbe real tbtng, and luino 
of Ui«ani((cial lymbobi common on Miclt ocvnsJone. Itcfotrotbofronl dool- 
ie TQldias procrtMon bad idixiMly Ix^n duly mareballed. In front wct« 
'Ininiuuva aiul muMiaans, bobind LlMWCKttxjil twoaorrants cArryin^ 
.■u..-i ' " - fur by tbit limo it vos duak, iM-xt came Ming'a and 
Qua; Villowi^d liy anrvantt* tuiil bnnncr-mcn, and Ia81 of all 

■^ I 'tTJan-uliuir, richly carrvd, adorned wilb many oulount 

mJ k; II 1,'iv fringes. As Ming mnunlod hu al<xi1 and thl^ 

p*w^><ii atartod, ttm miLML-iaus istrui:!! up « wnoroua und opprojiriiUa 
ur. miiicli ttltncted a cra«d of sighkecn along the ront«. 

lltanwbiit! ibti VoritqpUd Swallow had bccu i(0"*8 tlirougb tbo 
farMfiiJM pnijHT t'l Uki After having been att4red in bor 
*>Uag pnounU by ihi- pivfisMOiwI Iu8Cru«ti«e of matiimony, wIm b«d 
l«a«nci^[tdrorlhooccasiaa.BbciiUo wentlonieciveapiuiiDgcupMtliv 
Wd fd bcr Cathi r ; bul, leas furtnnat« than Min^, abo wm duoawd to 
iitai ra hvr kn44M Co h long Icvtuiii on tbcr dulin of ber n«w pcntioa, in 
vlikt: < 'biidiuucu to tbo ordera of bor buabond and dutiful 

XVn' ...1 fathoraail mothvr-in-law were duiyinsiiit«d upon. This 

utiod, ber uolher bad acATcaly time to any a few woitls of 
•nj'l'^niLuiArv >' i ' bcDKaorvantcKmL' loaay ibatlhiibridegrtoD*! 

uoa wv ni , ■ ^. loitonUy Ibe ex-Pivlcct Liuriwl tuUis trml . 




>eO i n- ,1 


door, while Ui« briilo betook honinlf aj^in to htr bedroom to ndd Uio 
ilaM faUhhig loQcfaM to Iter dnw. The nteeting betiraen Mr. Yutg 
' tad Ming, M tbo btKr dintwHintwI from hU tioiw, was ocremoniousBiul 
cordial, aud tliu fx-Prefwt Uviabed moet unuikua) comtiUmenta on bis 
. giitHt, who, witb a. wild-gooM amtcr owli nrcn, luid sotno difficnlty to 
ti|ttifonning tlie aec^saary bows an Im accon]{wn(ed Ui« boit to the ball of 
■udwDCP. The %ceMi nt tbis momcot was bustling and bri^t. 'fho 
courtyani wna Tull of tlie male friends of tiie Yutf fiuniljr, all dressed ia 
Cbnir most brilliftnt robm, vbile tboM among llicm vrbo were or 
been boldera of office wore on tbeir caps tbe ooluunxl buttons of 
ranks, to which, in the casae of some who had distinguished th«a)«ol 
J Wore attacbad peacocks' feather* of one, two, or thi-oo "«!jr«^" acconling 
M the wesren had earned a gnater or less amount of the Emperar'j 
ai>]>roval. Inndo the hnll, uiid«r tlie glaxctl tllos and upturned oomi 
r <rf the roof, were vlsaUe the licb k<1 hangings of the fui-uiture, 
^flelicato Iranrjr and exquiKiti! carving of tho doorway aod numorotiSi 
prieelesM cuiiosilius m-ningod itrtietically about the i-oom, while cotmtl 
nmnta mo^-ril to and fm bdiriog tlic nnplial gif^ Iwugbt \y tbo gm 
and attending to the wants of alt. 

Tlirotigh this ttirong 1h« ex-Pn.-r<«t In! Ming up the steps into 
hall. AJi eyes wvi-e no>' tiinied to the two men as tlief walked witb 
moiMircd pucfv to tlit' ci^utRi gf thu hnll and stop|i«(l. I'hi: tx Pra^cct, 
with a alight inclination of his liead. then lumed towards Sling, wbo,^, 
still kept bis fuco nortliwardx, while Chung (be (ioldcn, taking the gMtiJH 
from Sling's nrms, quickly tied their Ic^ to^t-ther with red silk, andf^ 
pliu«d thi'BJ ill pOMliun on the ground. Mr. Vang's uide-dii'dinp now 
rstopprd forwfttxl, siid with x bow presented a goblet of wine to Min 
who poured from il» Ubutiuu to lli« bound birds, acconijianying Iheocti 
with a kow-tow townrils the family allnr. 

At tliis momeiit from behind the scrtvu which «>nceal«l the 
way at tbr nortlicm end of tbu ball, *nilini:d thn Vnric-^'nlcd SwaU 
LVhoOB features and even form wciv completely biddi^n tinder a rod 
rrilken veil whicli at tliv lust moment tliv Inati-uctres* bad thrown over 
Elier bead. His veil made Ming as invisible to her as ahu waa to bim, 
and it wii» only, tberefow, by the guidancr of hrr two ttttcoflants, who 
tnip|>orted her one on oach side, that she wtn. able tu ftdviiuee and bow 
in the diicctionof tbl^ spot whenv Iw-i- futnru liuxhand ntoo:!. Wbi 
Ming was gaiing Willi eager curiosity on tlw 6guru befon* htm, 
attendants cried tu chorus, " Bridegroom, bow ; your bride departi 
Tlmn recalled to a sense of bifi duties, Ming returned thu \>oQr y 
Hwiillow's rpYTTcnco, and, inviting In^r U> urconi[iiiny him, loft 
followed by his bride. On reaching the doorw;»y the Imitua 
attendants, who bod been [mrUculurly MJwted for the office as 
" wouH-u of luck " with liiuttornds and diildron Uving, bfied Ihn helpl 
Varii-gnt»sl Swallow into tlie chitir iii i' "it thi> door. 

riwch orua cbsotH, " Dridegroom, ul '. and go liefi 

tit 3IIXa-3 M.UtttUGG. 


Amr ; " ujd, agatn obadlent to th« cue, Ming did oe ho v.iu biddoi. Ab 
da Hiae tnuwuil tlia (iriin-u.i<iii Kturtod on its return Joiii-n«y, tbe 
mvicLuui tn rionl iirrfonuing »□ airof Uiampli. Only oneaitdition was 
■uk to Uu' arnloule, unil ibat vnui lUe twdiin-ditir of tbe bride's 
Twimart br\iUi«r, whii^ Ebllowcd immediately bvltind his sister's moro 
gw^iva mavrrtara. 

On -or of hi* Iwttw Mm;: itimtiountM and ittood 

imtr , nUone miUu wju <urru.'d to tlio docir between 

mtmciatu ftod tuumrnuen, who nn baiting bad formed n]> on 

••■UPT .1 or tl.ii road. An the cbiur wm tfepuwitwl, ^liiiK stepped 

tc»iir I.. > i>ii-Ty anil tapped the dooi* of tho cbaii- nith hi^ fan. 

lb* iwjuni'ri; ' ' ,1. , .:l ■] '■y Uifl I lutnictrvsN, wlio opitnci] tbe door 

■ml hasd>*i vi: lU:- i. ;il'Liug Vati«gat*^ Swallow, who was still 

mhruuiii^ III bar lni[H!Oi!trablu veil. Witli tbe bdp uf an a&lendant 

tbe luFtnu-tma UOmI hvr liodily over a pan of lightKl charcoal which 

flotx) (iti llif thiv^Lull, wliile nt tUv aams timv a H»rvaut went Ibixiugb 

Ih* farm of olK'nog tier souo rico and i*wcrv<^l fniita. At one time 

Vitit liad inttmilc-J (o nwdvo tbe bomajfe bf Lia bni]e uu enteriu}; the 

aa waa Iba cmttoiii of t)u> niTigbliautbmxl, Irtit not finding any 

' " [nctiett in tbi> A'l'tudZK, be ili'termiuod to dilipeuw with 

i; •.forr, atonccix)niiiict«d bit tn-idn to lb«! ancrstial bull 

^h'-rr ulnuily liiH uttenduutB Iiad npK'.id two pr,iycr nubtou tlie Boor. 

^11 -Mill); tiak ap Iiii pontiou aa llu- (.-aslcm mat, tlie ItuttmctiCM W 

tW VkrirnttMl Swallow to the western mat, atid at a aignal fram tbo 

B. ' T«nM)sia tbe |)air fell ou tboii- koni Ixtforu thu anceabal 

a: i; repmted thu followin;; invocation : — 

""i 11 of iuah iiml wife i.i tbutuf the liigbcat iuiportanoP, and 

«£ all li.. ... . uiairiu)^ U tbe moal «etimabl*>, since from it 0ow auc- 

^■Ivo ctiwratiofw. AetinR: on my father's commnml I baro married 
'\' ~ ii.-rt to tbe lota ewt before tbu altars of our 

r 'II thi» day coiiiiiliTtiMl tlui ccTiciaony, Wc 

r' <- "iMr 'iji tbid tufoimattoQ to you, boeoecbing yon, at the Bamo tim», 
' ^ii'I biil.iw yiiur g;ifU upon, tbLi wdl.ordttrod bouwe and 

• family." 

crof llip «;rcrint>nii3 tbo jKiir now rCao to 

<i - r wortl of coiitni^uil proetra^cii ibeni^elvea 

aJoraticm Ut braven and earth. Apdn thi>y Kim:, and once 

I'll to call (luwn tbo bliMiingH of tbe hoiLieliold gods on their 

Tbia cunrbiJril tli« ntligiouM fiirt uf the cauiiony, and ili tho 

' I loalities rafll^w, even Ming, ritualist 

I .ii<y iiad nnuly |icTfi>rmnl Uicir l«.tk. 

far Uu) pour V<kiii';^nlud fiwallow, wboso cHUDpod feet made em-ry 

— - ' Kiuiritumv, nikil wbcr 1on;c; iiilkDii veil nlTcctunlly excluded 

u uf, the a'a« ucll iiii;li rady to sink down from beat 

(JWly, tlirrrfnT I '.a their [irivntu Kpartmcnt^ 

ijb aa-vauta «ra-t . _ ^ilinglnand out guvloAV)^ 



the ord«n of th<t Itutructnte*, limy ucro to bn allowed » fu* inimilc* 
nepiU. An aJditional intcre&l ulto sttacfaed to the lutjoiuiiinrnt in 
Mit^ 0]r«8, M now for tho 6ni tJmo lio wiw to sco tbo fui-c of Ids bride. 

The ttpuidMnt van * Ittrjce oue. In Llie oenti« were ])lace>l ihc tw(> 
teUes vihUh hftd &Ir«ftdy boon prafMretl fitcio); one anotlwr, wbile u^iii>l 
ihti back ma]) RtoodLli«inkt-coverfcI licdatfetcl wliivh, ikuudedu it wux nf 
all fc«d fiimittiTO with the exception of the curtaiitR, looknl ]««« like a 
iedateail limn ii lUvan, tin- purponv -of wbiuh it vntt now iDt«iidc«l to 
wrvo, unil for wliicti it might liavu l«-m mistakctn liad it »>) li««o for 
\'ariouH iDoltont tiuu;:; ubuut it, eticti a.i "Mny u liunOi«d sonn anil n 
thousand gnin(l«jn« lic yonr jwrtitin," Slowly, too elonli- for MiugV 
iinputicuixi, tli« InMmctrvKt kil tbc* Vnriotptleil ^wntlou- to tlw lock of 
lti« tabtos And flovly liflol the vpit from licr li^nil, nli>cn vhi^ Htood 
i«v«»W bt^foro h«r liiabatKL Tlie tuuiuunt vna a tryiH« one. Custom 
biid forlndiiun licr to [nunt or iid^ni her fiidi in miy nay. Ko li«nna 
gave lustre to but- tyta, or relieved tlii- bbuJc rimii which fiktigtie had 
■mprintsd nroiind tJiom. No rougo nddod colour to bor paio ch 
nor ma thrni a trjtcu of powder to conoeal the saniewhal yidlow 
which tbp hpftt of tho day and tlw natural billon:* huo of linr rnmpl*- 
had together produced. Cwiscioiw of the di».idvanl.iK«B under w 
alio appeared, an<l natni-atlr n«rv-oi»« at liaving (o fitcc Ming'fi i 
the pour Vartc^'aled Swallow looked ahy aud awkwaixl, and wa* o 
twics on llw point of bursting into turn, Ming m his part vrw> 
tainly ditiilluuoned, hut he vra^ out ninch aocoHtonicd to tlie preMowt 
of young UdicH. Mis two nist^ra were tho only maidens of bis own mnk 
with whom hi! had uver bucii brought into contact, and natnre bad not 
endowed them bountifully. It was true that he had occasionally cnnght 
g^lmpaeH in the sttvcti and tcmp!(» »f ladiun vciy unlike bin ^iinterx in 
appcanuioo ; but they had alwayn i .-enied to him as umetliiug visionary', 
whereas hei« wan bin bride btiuidlnj; bcfuro htui in rcr)- subntanci-, and 
hdng a young man of a kindly diKpoution \w felt compjission for tlrt 
oenrans fihynns of the poor tremhling ca^iden. He spoke to ber 
encouragingly and oonlially, thovforu, and nuated hfu- on t)i« Imdstead 
divan. The iDStnidrrM watchod thu process with superatilious i-yen, 
and mnarked with inward nuliiiljuKion tliat ilia Varie^tcd Swal 
bad Mated h«T»c]f on the lappet of Ming*fi robe. 

" Dull at> she undouhled!}- in," stid the InntmctRn la herself, " 
plain that ah« has ultM «no<igh to nde in Ml« bouse," 

At thbi moment the acrvanla announcvd tlutt tbn fiiist was re. 
and IlliDg mt down at tlie ea«tcrQ table opposite hli bride, lu 
courtyard, ouLddo the open doon of <lui apartmont, table* w»nt 
for the gnrsta, who had no sooner tidcen thidr plaom tlian there 
forth a continual elalter of chujHticlifi, wiuo rups, and convi 
after the manner of wadding fejsts. The npfiearaiice nud ixmduct of 
bride we» &eely okaerved and cnttditcd, a&'I bm etiqwito forbade 
to cat anything, she bad to go through the trial of oittlug mptii 



Itidn* the b;bjd» <tf her hoslnnd opposite Mid of the giteeU in Uto 
■HT^vd. An aoon tu Miog"* appetite wu appoiwed, the Instructim 
{HMried bim wIUi tbe wedding goblet iii wbicli to i^edgc liU bride, 
"io ia hiT turn remivod tlic mme goblot, replooisbcd, from tho huids 
■' ''Ving tbe Golden, and timidly teturued the pledge of her fausbMid. 
•, >iii onvmony th« fcitat rome to im cad and tba newly marned pair 
na 6iim the taltle. The VariCjpted SwaUov betook herself to the 
£wi, and &[ing. afU-r exdunging a few wordM with her, wtint otit to 
JJa tho ivnUen in the courtyard. As he paascd out of the door it was 
■fait Wuml him by the InxlnictreM, who ranained in full poe-sowion to 
■tka nch alterations as were ocoessary to fit the room for it« original 

Th« p«aonce of Ming added n«t to the revel ia the oourtyard, 
■4Ui wa> by tbi* iJme bucoming mther tamo. To hare tba brid«|{pn>om 
BpBioa at wiiom to Unncb their jokee and sallies was tlio vinegar to 
IbHkd of their wit, while liia aoinurwlwt olumay attampte to answer 
tUr attacks served only to ettmulato their mirth. Altogether this. 
|Bt of tba entflrtaiament was not. In Ming's opinioo, a suooeas, and he 
•u hj DO miKiu aonj to bid adiea to the last gneat. Tiicd tliongh ho- 
*u, iwverer, bb oonntenance brightened and his qtirita roee as he 
tanad towards hi* bride's apartment. As he entered the room tJie 
IwtiuLtieas VM in the act of I'iddii^ gDod-nif;ht to the Varic^tod 
Ivalknr, wbo aeerew d unwilling to part fix»D her only reniiuning link 
tithhtr old bona. 

" Von won't hn far off I" showhifpcml. 

" Jio," replied the ln&truttt«BH ; " I fdiall sleep on your doormat, so 
W to ba at band if yoit want met" 

The &hhful and weary woman was croe to her word, and in five 
sAnla tba nya of the fnll moon shone through the lattice of the 
vfadiv en ber sleeping fonn coiled up at the door of the bridal 

R K.T). 

*«L sum. — ira 37'. 


^act^s in 6rmtbun&en. 

SoXE yeare' roidence in the Canton of the Orisons mndo mo I 
irith dll 6orta of ValtttlUue wine : witli ma^tculiuo bat rough Tr^a 
geDeroiis Fm-zato, (t6]icnt« Sa^seUa, harsher Afantagnnr, tlm rjwpbenT 
flavoui' of GruHHllo, the sharp invigoiaUug twmig of Villa. Tfap colour, 
tanging Iroia gnmet to nlmnndine or rubj*, told mo the ago luid qtiktitj 
of wine; and 1 could judge fi-om the crust it fonas QpOD tho bottl4 
whether it Imd \>eea left lung enough in wood to i-ipcn. I had fartbcr- 
more arrived fit tho conclusion that the beet Valtellino ctui only hi 
tasted in collars of the Engndino or Davos, wheni this vintage nmtiiKC 
slowly in the mountain air, and takes a Savour unknown at lover 

In a word, it had amused my leisure to mako or think myself a 
ooonoLBseur. My literary tAste wiis tickled by the praise bestowed in the 
Augustan ag« on Rhntic grapes by Virgil : 

Et qao t« mrniiae dimm, 

Khiclini? DM ci-Ui» id«u cuiitoiid« Fiileriiis. 

I |Mqued myself on tliinking that could the poet but have drunk one 
liottle nt Kanuiden — where Stilicho, by the way, in his famous ncruiti^ 
expedition, may perhaps have drunk it — he wouid have been lees chary 
in liis ]iani^ric. For the point of inferiority on whicli hu seems to insist — 
namely, that Valtellioe wine docs not keep well in oellfur — is only pniMr 
to this vintage in tho lower and inferior air of Lombordy. 

Such meditations led my fimcy on the path of history. Is there 
truth, then, in the dim tradition thai this mountain land wa« oolontMd 
by Etruscans 1 Is Kas the root of Rhtetla t The Etruscans weiv 
;acoompUahed wine-growers, we know. It was their Montepnlctnno whidi 
.drow the Oauls to Rome, if Livy can be trusted. Pta-hapB they fin* 
iplanted tho vine in ValtelUne. Perhaps its sujMjrior culture in ih*l £>- 
trict may be due to nncient use aurvivlDg in a secluded Alpine valli-y. 
One thing is cerbtin, that tlie peasants of Scmdrio and Tiranu undemtaod 
riticulture better than the Italians of Lombardy. 

Then my thoughts r&n on to the period of modern history when the 
Grisons sei^^d tho Valtelline in lieu of wur-pny from the Dukee of MiliJi- 
For some three centuries they held it ae a suViject provincei. From tto 
Jtath-Uaus at Davos or Chur they sent their nobles — Von Sali* sn^ 
Buol, Flanta and Sprecher von Bei-negg — acrow the bills, as goverDCr* 
or podcsUu to Poschiavo, Soudrio, Tirano, and Morbc^o. In tbo«e 

BACCnUS IS geaubUhdek. 


d*j*tk Valicllina iriniyi oudi; tluty evcty winter arm itnirrr -Infp [WHMir. 
ttOI Um n^»ra of Uw Signori Urigioni. That qualitt trAreller. Tom 
OvpL, in lii* ao-DiLllail CruditU*, nutvo tbc ctutom MtHy in tho nevcu* 
NnUi emtor;. And as that coMwn then o1>tniu««l, it stUl sul«ate vitb 
Glib tltonktian. Thn winfrcuricn — wtin-j'itlirrr, m tlxy arc mlted— 
M tttlal the Bernina pass, luJting then, as doit perliafM, at Poeehukvo 
ttd KjotRKiM. AAM-w&nU, in urdtir tg ttoxix Dhtuh, the puw of tlie 
HwlitU nat boforo tb«tn— « wihl«mcss of nntracked snow-drifts. Tbi; 
MBti7-&tk «iUI point ta iuutdw lixbl huMl-itledgiiti, on wbUtli the casks 
««« dwripilli^ore the last pitch of the jiiss. Momo of thowine caaic, no 
MUi, oo pftok-MdiUw. A niMilow in front o( the Dischmu-Thal, where 
Ibi |M« nadft, ftiil bmn tho nanw of tfa* Bon-Weid, or bor«»-pactai'Ci. 
It vu huo thai the be«at(i of btuden used for this wiiw-aerrioe rastod 
Whr lb«ir lanii lahour)>. In (nrounblr weather tiie whole jonnu:}' from 
Kuo woold hav« ooRiipi«i] at least four days, with uanty balu at night. 

The VnltelU&Q Hiipjieil from the hnndti of tbo Grinonx («rly iu this 
mtagj. It ia nuaQanx) tlut one of the Voti Salis family negotiattnl 
wttN» with Napoleon, more for hbprivabibeaefit than for the int«rest« 
it iha tiuio. Uowvrer this nut; havo been, when the GmuUindeu 
Iwinii a Uwtsa canton after four oenturiea of noverei^ ind«]MndeDce, 
<W wkola VaJtvllititt poMwl to Austria, and w orpotually to Italy. 
Aoaerdiag to modem and just notiooA of uatlaDalily, this was right. In 
Ur jwJod of power, the Gnsocw nuuten had treatMl their Italian 
il^HMleiidiM with harahneaa. The YalttfUlne ia on Italian vall^, con- 
HcCad with the n«t of the pcoinMila \>y tiea of nee and lanj^uege. It 
k, motmytw, geographically Uakol U> lUUy by the groat stnam of the 
lAk, which takts ila riao npon the Stclvio, and, aftrx ixuaiiig through tbo 
Uka ef (^^BRio, awellB the ralloy of the Po. 

Itot, thounh politically eevored from the ValtelUne, the Eagadiners 
•nd DaroMn bBTe not droppad Ibeir old habit of iniporUng ita boat |iro- 
il>K What they formerly levied as tnaaten, they now acquire by pur- 
ehan. 11m fWiiin raventw dorivtn a Inrg« profit from tlio frontitT dues 
■■id at the ^te between Ttrano and Poecbtavo, on the Bemina roitd. 
ViMth of the maw wine mten SwitierUnd by another route, travel- 
liDf frBB SoiMlrio to CbiaTennM, and acroaa thie Spitigon. Until quite 
■MiUy the wine itaelf ootild noreely bo found outaidu the canton. It 
^M faidaed quoted upon Lombard wiao-lists, [yet no one dtnnk it ; and 
*ha I fauic«l it at Milan, I found it quite nnrocognicahle. The fact 
^im tu \m that the OmubUudenen alone know how to deal with it ; 
Md, M J have hinted, the wine roqnirai a mooatain climate for its full 

The dMtnct wfaevfl the wine of ValtelUne a grown oxtenitii, nugUy 

, horn "nnuio to MorlNgno, a, diatanee of soma fiCly-four milee. 

bH ncia couui from the aiddle Vt Una n^oa. High np ui 'Com 




BACraCR !S CBimt'SDEJf. 

TsOcj, soil ami cltnuits an aliks hm ftTonrmU*. Ix>w do«n, a wnig 
eanUer qaalitj ^c&iS!« &«n fat land whan tbe TaUejr troaJetH L Ths 
Bort&em hiQ-ndea to a vcrr conatdarabto h«i|1it abova tba riw an 
coTcred with vitu^ranb. Hic aoDtlteni Blofwa, on the 1<A bank of tfaa 
Adda, Ifing more in iihadio, jieM bat tittlo. Infamo, Onuadlo, and 
P»k di Sawelln are tbe namea of fiuBOoi Tinerarda. Samlla ia ibe 
genoBl name far a larg* tract. Bajring an Infrmo, '<rnBMlIo, or P«rla 
di SaneDa trine, H wtMild be abaurd to suppoae that one obuined it pra- 
tiael; from th« fpoajuuma mtat«. Bat a« each of thna viniTaiila yidda 
a narked quaHtj, which ja taken as ataiidardgiviiip, tke produce 
at Uio whole dtstriet maj hn broadly elaatfied a« appreaehing more or 
Imb BBarly t« me of these aooepted typm. Tbe Inferno, Gnancllo, and 
Pctia di Saaella of commerce are thanaforo three aorta of good Valtdlioia^ 
tidceted with famous names to indicate certain diAroncm of qoaUQr. 
Hont^Cner, aa tha name implies, is a aomewhat Ugfater wine, grown 
higher up, in the htll-viM^ardiL And of this class there ai» many 
■peciea, soma approximating to Saaaelh tn delicacy of ^▼onr, othats 
approaching the tart ligbtiMM of the Villa vintages Hus last takes its 
title from a viUage in tbe nei^'hliouriMXNl of Tirsno, wheT« a tablcwine 
ia chiefir grown. 

Formlo is tbe strongcet, dear^ tongeat-ltTod of thia wkolo family of 
winni. It is mannEaCtorad diiedy at TJmno ; and, na wjl] be andantood 
bma ita name, doea not ptofeaa to belong to any ooe of the fiunou 
localities. Ponato, orSlbrxato," forced "or "enforced," is ia facta wina 
which has andergone a more artiCctal praoeM lo Gennaa the people 
call it Stroh-wein, which aim points to the motbod of ita proparatuHk 
Iht fmitet Kra)«a ate aeleeted and dried in tbe son (hence the SOoh) ft* 
a period of eight or nine weeks. When tbcy ha^o almost become i«i«u, 
they a» pnand. Hie most ia heavily durged with sognr. and ferments 
powcrfally. Wine thus made requires serera} youa to ripen. Sweet at 
first, it takai at last a rery fine qnniityand flavour, and is rongh, almost 
acid, on tbe toogne. Itxcoloar, too, tuma from a detf) rich crinucQ'J 
tbe tone of tawny port, which indeed it much reaemUes. 

Old Fomto, which has been kag in c&ak, and then perhnpa 
yeara in bottle, will tttth at iMst six francs, or may rise to eveo 
francs, a fiaak. The hot Stusdln rarely reachea more than fire 
Good Montagner and Urvmello can be bad perfaapo for fonr franca ; 
Jnfnmoof ft Npodal qoslily for sis franca. Thus tfaeaveraj^ price of I 
Taltelline wine may be taken as five Erancs a bottle Tbeae, X i 
ohaerve, are hotel prioea. 

Valtelline win««, bought in the wood, vary of conrae nceonlingj 
their age and ycur of vintNgn. I have found that from S.riO tr, 

3i.50 fr. per litre ia a fair price for sorts fit to bottle. The nirw ■ 

of 16S1 sold in the fidlowing winter at prices rarying from 1.05 (t. to 
1.60 fr. per litre. 

It ia Gostomary for tbe OraubUnlen wine-tnerclutnta to bay up 



vbol* pfodoe* of a nDe^'uil from Uia iMMwto •! tho end of tbo vintngc. 

T^Bjr fa in pmoa, or livpobi bbcir AgeDtfi to inspect tho vinfl, make 

iimr bugniiu, »uiJ »«al ibe cclUn where the wine ia abocvd. Then, whan 

tfc* waow )m bllon, tlicir ow-d horaos u-itb H^igha and tntated EUTaats, 

p MBDH tk« pMRB to bving it hom«. Q«De»lly tbey luiv« toow locftl 

■■a of confldauw al Timoo, the Nt»rting-point for tho boDMwanl journey, 

wbo lalcM th* OMks up to that plaoe, and sees theoi duly charged. 

MwdiULta of old Btandtng mutnlAin lelationa with tho muu> pooMnt*, 

ttUag their ■mu) rvgolnrly, bo thattrom I»renxtir«digfttFootrasiQai or 

MMdxmm Urpdig at D*vo« Burtti, from Fanecau at Suuaden, or from 

Ojnomi at Ciukrimnn, apoaal quaJitiM of wine, the produco of ocrtiiiii 

vinafank, ar« to be obtained. U[> to the praBcnt time this wine trade 

taa kaea oooiliicteil with cimplidty and hotoMty hy both the datlun and 

Ihepwan. One chief mtnric of ValtoUine wino is that it is puro. liow 

(■I ■) dcsiiahlu A Htttte of thiaj{s will itarvtvo tho alow but «teiulj- de- 

nkiuMnit of an export badness, may be questioned. 


TTith m> much pnuitimi and tlioorvtiotl intcreat in the produce of the 

;a« tu atiBiuUta my curiosity, I delennin<K] to vixit that dintnct 

Kaaon when the wino wok l«%-inj[ it. It was the niater of 

., a wistnr of unparalleled beauty in tho high Alps. Day ftuo- 

aadial day witboui; a cloud. Kight fbllowed aij^t with steady Btwa 

tfB^ Knaa view ntintntatn ranges, and fonwta of dork pin«s unatirred 

I? wind. I eouM nut hope for n mon prosperona season ; and indeed I 

■■dcmefa uaa of il, that beiween the months of January und Marah 

I bumbI ail panes of the Alpa in open sleighB^tho Flm-ln, Unmina, 

IflBgni, Julicr, Mjilqja, and iUbiila— with less diOiculty and di^oomfort 

hMid-wintan- than the tnreller may o(l«n find on tfaem in Juixr. 

AA Iha end uT Janmuy my friend Christian and I left Davoe before 
Ibaon waa up, and aaoended for four hours throoglrtho interminable 
■e^r-drifia of tho Flui^ In a cold grey shadow. Tbe sun's Ujht seemed 
hdndetn. It nui along ibe nvin« throu^-h which we toilod ; dipped 
Mvu 1m lODch tho topraort ptnes above our huida ; rested in golden 
■te span Uai Schiiibara at our hackj capriciuusly pUynd hen and 
ft>» aero* tike Wet>«lMra on o«ir left, and made the precipices of the 
Wnnrtibuni glhler on our ngbL But athwart our path it never full 
■Mil WH rnadMa] tbe very nuniait of Uio paxa. Then we passed quietly 
iMo Mm tail ghny of tlia wiut«r morning : a tnUMguil Hood of sunbeams 
(■ii'iH' sod piMiec rating air of crystal purity, fraseu and motionless. 
Vbta ymi* and dork brown rocks eaarcd up, cutting a xky of almost 
^pfc M i r nw . A sttllneaa that mifffat ho fell htooded over Uio whcdo 
^tM . Lit •tillniaH th«ro was nothing sad, no soggeation of sos- 

^M ._. It waa the stiUu««» r»Ui«r of nttUoutded health, of 

v^nh omuifiutent but unoxorted. 



Prom tliii Trochspite of lh« Flntla Uie trnck plni^M »t one- htmnA 
iirto thit vntlcy of th« Inn, folloviiig ft nnirov roroioe carv«d from the 
smootb b»nlc of imow, and hung, wJUvout bienk or 1j«tw<p, n thDiiaanil 
ffint or mom iilif>v« the torrent. Tho xiimniw ronJ is loat in snowdrifta. 
Tho g?illcTic« liuilt as n pmtedioQ from avaUjtchrsi, whieh sweep in 
riwm from tbosi' grim hwo frtlit (ibori!, m» blockeJ witli snow. Their 
nsolctn iircli^s ynmn lut we glide over or outside them, by patlw whklk 
imtlBct in our bonco niul driver tnusts. At k Ay ta*j cre^ oiong a 
fionso-roof, stunting downwards, wo dMMit'l. Oraa whiik (max tbe 
swinged (All of an avalaiidin wonid hurl ii!i,likeii fly, into thontinoftbe 
; g"Fi>£ gorgs- But, this s«»aD, litUe snow hnx fnlkn tin tJie higher hJIlM. 
Mid what still liw tliere it hnrd froxsn. TliepefiMB w» havw no foar as 
«B whirl faet and fnster from the snow-fitild* into tlie black foredU of 
gnaHcd rtmlima and wind-w(nri«d pinei. ThMi Sii§s is r«ich«l, when 
tlw Inn hurries it* ehfiUow waters clogged with im-Aont tliiuugh aalMpy 
hamlet Tlie »iti«iim in pure and grmn ; tar the fountaiiw of the gUoors 
an locked by winter frosts ; and only dmu- rilU from perennial souroeB 
BweU tU tide:. At Sua* we lo«t the sun, and toiled in garish gloom and 
tuletieo, nipptv] \>y the erer-doopening cold of evening, npwarda for four 
hours to Sbmaden. 

Tbo next day wnx *pcnt in risittng thr wiulrr colony at Saa Morita, 
whore the Kulm Hotel, tebant«d by some twenty guests, pt^aentoi) in ita 
vmitneAi the nppcamnco of a noble country houKi!. One of t1>e prettieM' 
^K>ta in the world is the ioe-rink fiuhioned 1^ tli« f^kill of Itmr Caspnr 
Badratt on n high ratsod terrace commaniling the valley of the Inn and 
tho ponderous bulwarks of Beniina. The sillKXKUtn of skater^ definvd 
against tbttt laudiwajM of pure white, paNtnl to and (h> beneath a clond- 
IcM sky. Ladim sat and worked or reftd on seats upon tbo ia^ Not a 
breath of wtD<I «-na astir, and warm bencKoent sunlight flooded the im- 
mcAimralJo air. Only, as the day declined, some iridowxTUt ftlmn orer* 
spread the wcrt; and just above Malujatlie aj^iarititm of a mock son — a 
Wbll-deGned eirclo of opaline light, broken at regular intorvals by Ibi 
^ohea — seemed to port«nd a change of wmther. This forecast, i 
naCely, proved deliudve. Wc drovo back to Snmadnn ncroeui thA 
■now, enjoying those delicate tinta of rase aiul riolot and saffron 
shed enchantateiit for one hour over the whito monoteuy of 

""At hnlf-pnat eight the next morning tho sun was rising (kim 
Pftx lAnguarrl, n* wo crossed the Inu and dro\-e through Pontiwriun !tt~ 
Ae glorioua lii;bt, with all its huge hot«Js ({nitc empty, and none but a 
few country folk nbrond. Those who only know thr Enfftwiino in sum- 
mer have little cxinceplion of its beauty. Winter softens ihu hard details 
of bare riKh, and rounds the melancholy gnwdnna ntountaiit Hanka, ana- 
pending iddes to every ledgo and spncglinK the trurved surfaces of snow 
witli crj-staU. Tlie landscape gains in purity, ami, what sounds unl«- 
liovaUo, in b^denuas. yor does it lose in grandeur. Looking up the 



nUrr iiT t&e Morleratwli that monuiig, Uie gladera were disUuguiababla 
in ban of gnon »nil mpptiin through th«ir veil oF fn>ow ; uid tlui highuKt 
(hJb anntd ia n mnti[*u«nef of tuaetbystiDe lij;lit benentli m 1>lu« sky 
tnnd irilli fflanunte of windjr «l<Hid. Some storm mnKt httvo disturbed 
*■ atBisplMK In Italy ; for (iui-dttped mistafrothed oat arottwl the sua 
>b4 csridd tbMBwIres about tho monntAins in fiiw liMtbcfj wreatba, 
■dtinit impen«fiiib1y into Mr, niitil, vhax we ha*] rism above the earn' 
tna, tfae tVy wm <m« <lwp solid blue. 

All tliat u|ibLQ(l wiMvm«H8 la lovelier now tltauia thesummeq-; and on 
tbn morninf^ i)f which i writP, thoairit^df n-as far m<>n) Fnininnry tbtui 
1 bamvTcrVDOim It intbeEngadtn«in AugtuiL W« could scarcely bear 
la jiImo oar hands ajion the woodwork of the sleigb, becauM of tiic fierea 
■n'a h^t And yet tb» atmowpbere wah ci^irtalline with windl«aa frost. 
Aa ihoD^ til tncTOM* tbo Btrnngeii«Hi of theeo oontmxta, tho iMroment 
of boaten «DOT WHS sUined wtlli umI dropn >{nlt horn the wine-casks 
«U(fc iMaaororii. 

TlieithierfntliraortiieBeRiiiia what niaJ:M it a dreary [was enonglk 
ia nimmer, bat infinitEty l)o«ntifi)] in winter — in ito breadth ; illimittb)** ' 
nUkHaoK of snowdriAs ; immensity of open sky ; nnbrok«n linw o(~ 
«UtB dBBBuUbfE in onooth cnrvo from glittering Jco-pmkii. A glacier 
hnp hi air alxtve the tmxea lakoi, witli all iIh green-blue ice-cliA glistcn- 
iiglainmaMt ligliL Pits Pain dMota aloft like sculptured marble, <ieli- 
iHil^ <niixil with soft avrialEdMdoiTBOftnnBluoeDt bine. At the summit- 
rf the |iai» aH IiAJy Nnems to traret npon tho eyes in thoHn kUt^p Mttied 
nagn, with tiwir craggy ar««ts viokt-bued iu nooniUy sunshine, as 
j^tmfjk a bfaxnn of jAum or gnipo Iibi] botrn xhcxl ov4ir thrm, eRamellln^ 
ttuir Jagged pracipiceR. 

Iha top of the Bemina b not alwaj-n tlina in wint«r. It has a fanoT 
nfMatinn f»r thu fury of invading Htorm°, wlien fKlliD)t Know htirtlei 
kpthm withsinedanovacooped from tliedrifta in eddies, and the writer- 
is^ wUla an afaifU at tho will of whirlwinds. The Hoquce then may be 
^ndsd fix- tkys together by weathet^MUul wayfiu«i» ; and a lino, drawn 
danlMMnth ila loof, hhowa how two yeara ago the whole building was- 
taiM in one SBOw-ahrood. This morning we louiigvtl alxint the door 
tide mr hmMB r«*t«d, and pntilioDS and eartera pledged one anotkon- 
fa <^ dT amw Veltinsr. 

n* road iskna an awful and eiidden dive downwanla, rjnlto irnwpec- 
IhtartiM euvlnltj engineered [Matrtrack. At thin soneon the way ia 
Wly ievknn Into jnUi and chanos by (be wiue traffic In Home placa 
llwte indnbitaMy periloua : a. narruw letlge of mere ice skirting thinly- 
<fc4 hanl-frinen hank* rf mow, which (ell preci{nbitely aMeways for hon- 
*»*rf«h»iiFr fwU We did noluli]) otot tbtspantpet, tliough we were 
*• within an innh of doing so. Had owr hone Httirobled, it is not 
(MfaaliU tluit I xbonld have been writing thiii. 

When wn camo to th« gsUcriee which defimd the mad from ava- 
we nw ahead of na a train at over forty sledges ucendins, <\\ 




basis of Inttltng vttli iia|<«rnwit>l« drifbt. 'Hie wine ia ofl«o froacm into 

oam sDUd niMe of r>»y ice befw* it rescliM Ponlrtsiiut. Thu docs not 

httit tba ^otin^ rinU^ - bat it is b^hlir injurioua to viae of aoime yean' 

HsiiiBjig. Tlie periU of iBh jouin^ ajmtmgravsleilbytlwMngG tamper 

tt tka drivank. Jcsloonos betwaai tba nntivM of rirsi disttiols qmng 

>p ; snd tiiaro Are tacn «Uve wlio lisvo fought Um vholo wsj doirn from 

UbiIji HcMp(e« to DsriM PbUt with knives und otoma, btUMmers luid 

tUahali^ wooden RtNves &ud s]>lioteredcstt-wb(<elii,atsiniiigtlieaDOw with 

Uoodh Hid bringing broken pstoc, brutntd hinbp, nod Muwlras comrodcs 

hiMi totfarir women to be tended, 

BMidiiu Alpinui ■begJiord^d hb train avrky from lu to northward, 
mi ■■■ p sisi J Cnrth into noondny from the gsllery. It tbeaaeemsdcletu- 
thit both oooduGtor Mut poHtiUon wen sufSeientJy meny, Tba pliu^ 
1% took iM down those frown fianpats, wilh iihri«k and jawAtm and 
odid whips, wax mora than e^er datii[«rou». Vot wo rcncbod La 
K^ nftlj. This is n loretj- eolitarjr epot, beside n ruaUnx stream, 
■■BQI gray granila bonldera ^rowu with Hpritce ttnd rhododendron ; a 
*aitaUs Bon td' Sharon blooming in llie dueerL The waetw of the 
kataa itistoh abore ; and round about are leaguered mmn of tite nioi:t 
MiUing, abBrp-tootbud poftka I ever tnw. Onwards, acrona the ulent 
'■w*gUdodin Unmitigablo ■aoflhine, throu);h oiwoing %-nllc/a and 
pn«t the robber butaof Pijiciadclbi, until at evttufal) we r«fit«d 
b tb rsuiaide inu al PoKehiax'o, 


Hw SDOw-pnth ondod at PoocbtaYo; aod when, m nxnal, we ntarted 
■>OQr Jtnimif imt day al HutiriM-, it was in a carriage npon whoali^ 
Th evsn bai« w» wore in full midwintoi-. Itcyond Ijo Freae, the bkke 
fModfd ooo ahoet of amootii, bhi^-k ice, reflecting eraty peak and 
<fea« iiT the noontaina, and Nbowing the rackx and wateiswe«ds in the 
^m, fptn dp]rtha l«tow, The glittering floor Htrotched away for aorea 
<f WlUnantod expntuo, with nob a akatiir to explun tboee dark, 
*}^aiiw carat, or Rtrike nrrom the slanting eanUght pound from 
dA ia tba LmfaiBdeiil hflla. Iiuliore, tbo iubstaoce of tlie ioe Hparkled 
w*«id thEiia with iridecoencfl (like th« plumelMa of n battvrlly'ii wing 
' the aiiaronope) wbererer light bappenvd to oatch the jagged or 
I dawa that veined tfo solid crystid. From the lake, the rood 
■oddndy for a conaiderablo difltanoe through a uairow gorge, 
"Anriag » (oi7«nt wUivb ruabon among gnuiito liouldot^i. OliDHtnut 
li^ l«|iD to r<Ef>Uoe iho plnea. Tlw aonnicr terraen aro phutU-d with 
'*^wu; and at a lower tern), vinoe appear nt intervala in palchcu. 
^oon^ at length to a griMit red gala acn»a the road, which aepsratw 
■•Hi^tnnd from Italy, and wlwre I lie exjiort dgna on wine aiv paid. 
Cnntom-honae la lumantioally iierched abora the torrent. 
<iu and ehigant /innnsifri, mere boyo, wore sitting wrapped 
uuy dooka and t«ailiug niivcU in the nun, ati vc drovu up, 





tfacn^ faifontw notlfcwmnl lo B o nn iB aB^ tlw Stolna pa«, MoUtwaid 
l» HaaJric and hembnij. It it a littb ImmIm, kaont bjr tts nww of 
I^ ifa^KBa £ TbmMv faavias grawn up raaarf a iMlfiiiimn ckmch of 
fcaauty laH laabad briMsra-, fiMwd with mmnj tin* of 

tMtie cDpolfc-hwiMittg of tbs au&r Bwiimiiii Tibn >HogHhBr, 
4iK a » gWfiuiig lit of atiAiMctat!^ pinianudj att bmnth tb* 
pnttoMw-pnkavf tlMValliffiiw. 1Wiknn^tl^»rr **>imaB4 
■tlbdnnftli ova —— "-^ to atay the tfab of tefiy iMPWflag ftcn 
a» Why AhiB ; aad ia Hh jnu- IfiSO tU fanoa* iW» of SC IGehael, 
wiaA ttm spnads inilv ito viap above iIm cofnb. lootai down apoa 
tbe BaaMoe of xtx himlnd ftntwtanf sad fatdguii, ooMm a aJ wl I7 
tbe pMiiot Jaoofo BotanUffi. 

From MadBBPa ifae toad InAn up Uie ralkf tlmvgli a 
svaneof popi«-tnwMth»lo*Bof TtraDo. We were bow ia Umi 
bract wh0« Vanrnto ienaib ; ami envy nuiyard Iiad a maam aad hi 
Im TlraiM we faMook onsttf to the house o( aa old aa^nUBtaaee of 
Boel fiMcify. Bmanlo da OBnpa^ or, m the Gnabiadms call 
BBtaaid ChapbML We fimad hba at dmoer wiih hta bob asd | 
daiUren, in a Tiat, da^ faare Italian dtambrr. It wottld bo dittcnltl 
Sod a mon typical oU ScotchnaB of the Lowkada than be 
with hja ckaa, ili^iili^iiii Skb, fan^it brown a^t*, sad naow-wbile 
bair wacaping fttna a broad-bBamed bat. He might ban eat 
puntCT for aoDia OoTcnanCrr'a portnut, eacecpt that there WM nothing < 
aboot bin, or ftr aa iUostnttan to Bozna'a " Coiter'e Satonfair Ki 
tha air cf pndiitj aad itiiiiiina eombiaad, vith a twinklo of 
hnmanr, mn oow|iltUily Seotdi; and when he t>|ilMd his 
fmHirnj, i1m4TB of oU days, I eonU aot l e faatu from MJciBg htm about 1 
pedigree. It riioald bo Mud that then is a mwiilwililni tuaHy 
OuBpeOa or Campbella in the Ocaubfiadui, who am bUed to dodv 
their atock tram a Scotch Proiectant of Zwiogti'e time ; aad this 1 
it inaMtibio to imegtae that in our bioid BeiMudo I iMd dtaaeed 1 
a aetohle ipe ela wn of eUirtani. All hoknew.bowoffer.wetbat hi»l 
aaoeetor biwl hnn a foraigao-, who eaoke mtnm the noantalae lo TSnuw 
two centimee ^fo** 

lUa old gntlvBaa is a coocidanble wioe-dealer. He sent ae with 
faie eea, Qiatpnio, oa a long Jtnmiey nadergroniid through his eoUno^ 
where we lartad aefend aorta of ValteUiae— «pedaUy the new FmatOv 
made a few weeks abwe, wliieh ragnlarly oooJiuMa KwaaUimi with 


■ lb* Gtiwot nnuu Caiii)-)<tll suj [mwlil; ilrrlt- tma tiu '• 
IlaDa. Tb» fenmkr uf lb* bone ma vo» SUt^mr VjuufM, yiha lu .»• . 
tW forteotb mat*Tj jnttifA Itm Brfafwul nfigteo fa Ihr Ei^kMaa. 



9t<<n>Btb tuid both wi(b ■ elight cJ^rrreot^co. It u ccrtftinlv tbp aort 

IB wbcwwith (u t«mpt « Pot<i>heintis, iind no', uiinpt to turn a 

it'« iintd I l^-nving TirMi", iind nnen mom pn»iiiig Ihronqh tho 

poplani of ^titilonna, w« ileseeDdeil Uie valler, nil nlon); tlie rim-yanbof 

villi, and th» wit district of Sftwwl In. Hrro nnd tbero, «t w^ysido iniM, 

wa >trt|i|W(l ta iMnfc n glaasof soniepMlicnliif vinta)^ ; and everywlien 

It avRiM a* IkcmghCiod Hflcditi): wi-rnat home. Thnwlioln vn!lo\'iintlMi 

of Um) Adda ia on« i;ij:;antic vineyard, dimbbig (l>p hills in ti«rs 

which JniiifiMi ite lUlLun C|>llbe4 of teniro iH Baoeo. TTift 

> gnyiah gnn>t«, awutning ciiUmi broirti and omngo tints where 

1u nut and wcatlitr. Tli* vines ar» k^"'''^ "^ ataken, not 

oTrr Krm nr turned mtoh boatdcni, njj is tho fnehton iit Ohia- 

or Terlau- Yet M-etj advantiLge of tbo mountniii i« ■drolU]' used ; 

mka and mu>nin> being K]>mal1y prufttriTd, whrrc tbo unit's 01711 tan 

Mbcied from hiui;do;f cHITh. Tlie aoU seenL^ d««p, and U of ft dull 

lAv faitw. Wbpji thp Tinr» nnd, hnmbwood tnlcM np tli« ^rowthf 

«Udi niHna it Lut in crag and mow. SotoA alps and chidets, dimly 

Inted a^atiMt tliB nky, »xv 0THl4tncI^s that a puitora] life prmiiils nbmro 

*» vine^'ardt. Pan there stntcbes the pine-thyrsna down to Tine- 

prittdad tKonynca. 

Tla Adda Huvn ntalestlcally among wUIowk in the midst, and the 
wlW is wwrly "tmiglit. Tliti pretlkoit spot, pirrhufB, in at TrwiMid* or 
& Qiacomo, wLiT^ It pass tcma Edolo and DrcMia 'l«scntds from the 
iMihani IuIIb. But the Valtclline has no gT«at ofaum to beatity of 
Mmmj. Xt* I'liEpf town, l^ondrio, «li«ro wo mppcd and drank soma 
•pcttal winw cnlW it vihu tW Xiy^oi'i Griyioiti, has been modttroised in 
•hn Italian Atahion. 



Tbn bat«i at KoTtdrio, I^i Sfaddnlenn, wn« in CaniiTal npmu* of 
wn, tuperv, and mosiriani;, all uigbt tlii-oiigh. It wu as mndt as 
*• nmhl dtt to roil*" tlin nlMipy Mrvants nnd grt n cnp of oofloc, cm wo 
•lirtad in tha frua-n dawn. I«ng experience only oonGrma the first 
iaifnntloa Uut of all cold, tho coUl of an lUlkn wintor w ntoat poooitni- 
Mgjp Aa w« Inmbncd out of Sondrio in a beery dib'genra, I oouM hav« 
AkW myaalf }mdk onc« again at ICjidieofani or among thn Ciminian 
Wi The fra>t wns ponetrating. Fnr-«oata would not keep it out ; 
Iklwt loDfrid to be odgb noro in open sledgn on Bcminn rather tban 
vtivd in that cold ooMjnt. Now we pnaaed Grumelto, the second largeafe 
rilbamKrwnMl vuw-diatrie(<i ; and alwaja ktM-pinv tbo whili: mnM of 
IbMe dl Dii^racia in Mgbt, mllwi at 1n«t into 3lorbegoD. Ileie the 
VUlrfliniB vintapD pmperly ends, tliouf;h mueh of tbo ordinary wine i» 
pAMy mjifiiinl from the tnffrio*- prodnoo of then Helds. 

Il «.!.'. I'.i.i noon whoa wo rceched C«lioo,andBawtAeLakcaf Como 
I'l'^Tii.j iL ■■■^•'■i'jH — daBdingcloBlraof RDow on all the BioontAinx, which 
*U**.lr)' iiti.l 1 :i.»i] aa dead beccfadeara ftt this KMKia. Our BMlditoj 


BAOCBrs IS gbaubCkcek. 

jounMjr hid tadHditschNe; Add it bnotsiMlhtn 10 Ufl-tn detail how w* 
aatde oar wmj mmm tli* Spllgai. |«iiriiig ite nrnkni&a, fa; bm-arabed 
gtUetim wM u pcd bvm IW mlid mow, «ad ■■irnlim in oar iledge* down 
patpaodicotu- BUFw-fidda. vbiok no one vW fcas crcwil that pan Gram 
the Ilalkn tide in winter, will CmsbL We Mk tfce nAig»«lilioti »t Ui« 
top togetiMT with ■ tnuD of wiaededgea. uid paasid tlimn in tbn mid* 
of the wiU dMccnt, I.aoking fam^ I mw two of thair bonea stnmUa 
ia the plunge, aod roll beadkmg ovtr. Ualoddljr, in one of iboee 
eonyraanlta a m*a wae injimd. Flung eheed Into the enmr bjr the 
Srat lurch, tlie akdge imd wine-cask q o aa d him like a gatden-rollw. 
Had Ida ied beat not atatow, he nnat h*T* b ean cnaited bi duUh ; and 
M it was, he {inaented « woeful ajipearaace when he aAarwuda emnd 
at Splugcn. 

t n 

iriiMiiii iriiiiiBfrpirft tfiiHIirffff •■ 

afisode wkhdi illmrate* their caiiooB ▼tBisartndg. 

li wee late in the nontb of )la>d) ; nnd monrijr nO the mountain 
nwls were open for wheeled rehieles. A carriafe «nd foar botaHOome 
to meet oa, at the tenninntioa of a nulwa; joonMir, fai Bepiti. We 
tfoA one dajr in Ttsitiog old hoaaea of the Oiimns ariatocracy at Mar- 
cofeld and Zisera, n^otciog in the earir aamJtitie which had »|i«eMd tlie 
fielda with qning-flowen : primroeee and oxli|M, violeta, anMBooaai aad 
bright blue aqnilU. At Cbnr we )iwpt, fad pu-It ont mondng einrted 
fbr ovr homeward drive lo I>aiMM. Bad weather had deeiared itaelT in 
Ihe uigbt. It blow riolootlj, aiKl the ntin aooo dwnged to mow, &omi 
bjr a bitter aorth-blaal. One^ag the dieair heath of Lenx waa Loth 
ma|;ni£eent and ilnadfal. By the time wo rcarhod Wiesm, ell the 
fbswta were Uden with anew, (he raeda deep In aasw-drifls. the whole 
Htoe wintriv than it had been the winter throng 

At Wiewn we ahould hare stayed ; for evening wm fiui aettii^ 
Bat in ordinary woohur it i* only m. two bonis' dfire trom WJ cwM a 
Dnroa. Oar eoechinan made so olyectioiia to raenmiag the joarn 
and our four hoteta had but e li^t load to dr^K. So w« tet«gTaph«d da 
eappn to be [ic^patml, and started between nvc an i rax. 

A deep gotjre baa tu he tntrcncd, whine ihu toneul dea*M Its nr»y 
Iwtwocn jiiwa of limaetoae procipioee. The road is carried alot^; ledgea 
■ad through tiiunela in the rock. Avnlanrlww, which aweep thia pae- 
m^ aantMlly from the bilk abore, fpv« it the name of Zogo, or the 
SDow-Fktha. As we entered thegarge, darknoo fell, the huneadtagged 
mora hcttrOy, and it looa beeame erldeat that our Tyroteoe drj*^ wM 
bopelealy dniak. Be nearly upset OB torioe by taking sharp lams H 
Utv n«d, Lkaged the carriage agaiaat telcgreph pnte and jutting '*'™| 
dutTedthoTMy v«rgeof thetan«tiaplaa»wbwvthen wadnopurKpM 
and, what waa wgntof all, nsfiacd to leave his box withoala^fat, Tifl 


BAOcmrs rs graubCndes, 


iaikaem bf thU timn wna k11 bat total, «nd a bimding anoirstona 

*«^l itowUoit llmni;h the nirine. At length w« f^t tke carriugw to «, 

AmA wtop, «nil RmtniluiTil out in iloep wet enow townrda eom« wootlen 

hna <rba« nunera in otil dkVB tQa<l0 tii«ir habitation. Tlie plitoe, \iy a 

catbo*, [iari»iMnnoQn><cioi»iTaiir, iacnllecl UoflhniigMn, or tho&lcndoT 

■f Hofat. Indeed it ia not ill-oiinied ; for many waoderers, eaoajdng^ as 

w* dill, from the JmulTiil Gorge of AnOanoliw on a vtorni}' nigbt, mny 

taw Wt, M wo DOW felt, th«ir hope reviving when they reached this 


Than waa no light ; nothins abor^ beneath, around, on any ujo, 
bat Uuing tvmpcst anit imow wbiHed throtigh tbn ntviiw. Th« horsm 
van taken oat of tlw carmge; on the^r way to tho Btable {which for- 
taatdy In iimm mountain ivgiona will be iilwikjai fonnd bmido Uio 
pMMl babila^on) ono of th«m fell bock across a wall and nearly broke 
Ui(|ijiM). Hofliiungitau i* inhabited all through tho year. In ita diK- 
mtl, Auk kitchen we found n knot of worfcroen gathered together, and 
hmM thera went two Ivimw on the premlMa besides our own. It lh«n 
•Mned to ns that we might accomptidi the rmt of the journey with 
mA iladgn aa they bring the wood on from tlto hilla in wintl^r, if ooal- 
b»iH or boxea of any sort conld b« providod. 1'beeo thould be Inched to 
ttadndgoaand fillnl with hay. W« were only four penona ; roy wifo 
ad a frienil ihould go in on?, myself and my littla giri in the other. 
Xa B0DI9' thunght of, than put in practice. Tbew originjJ convey- 
•Ma were improvised ; and after two honn>' halt at the Meadov of 
Bi^ WB oil Mt forth again at half-past eight. 

I haro rarely felt anything more piercing than the grim cold of that 
JMRiay. Wb oawled at a foot'.n [xice tUrough changirful ntowdrifte. 
the road waa ohlitentcd, and it wastny ilnly to keep a poU-oleum frtabteu 
kap iwinging to {lloiniiutte the uolracked wilderaeai^ My tittle girt 
*w nx^y UKted in the hny, and sound aflloop with a deep white 
•mrh^ of anow above her. MAinwliile, the drift clave in froxcn 
timm to our Eicaa. lashed by n wind ho fierce and ke«n that it was diffi- 
<nlt ta br^tthe it. My forehend-bone ached, aa though with neural^, 
iran tiie mere oiaik of toy nnow upon it, plaricord on with frost. 
IhtUng eoold he aeen but millions of white specks, wlu'iled at us fn 
■Aiiiaf ttmmotne drclM, Not fiir from the enlrnnDO to the village, wrr 
aMMrhoiafle^'olk ont with lanterns to look for us. Their bewildervd 
■UiMs &na, aa tbiry llaiihed the Uiitems en our aupino iinow>piIed 
Uitt, taking ui for dead or direly wounded, were a sight to see. It was 
pHsbwi at night, when at tut we entered warm rooms, and refrahed 
^■1«» fiv the tiring day with a Jovial champagne supper. Horvoa, 
wriip, and dnmlcen driver reached home next morning. 

J. A. B. 

She Clergn of iht €i^^ittnih Cenlarg. 

A LITTLE book has jtist bera poUistied by ilr. Murraj, which afibrds ns 
a mrj LDt«rcntinj[ glimjiMt into the nuuineni luid occupntiona of Uw 
GVUDtrf clergy dunog the ei^t«eDtli centuiy. The popular oonoeption 
of Uu! l.'hurc:h und thw vtct^ of thiit iniicli-iiuiU^ii«d opoch hjui Rat bmn 
tna^eriall; uupAii«d evea by George Eliot's pleasant poitniu of them, 
ll in truL' thut tbe AdftoiHeo and TralUbcn ora unuully undontood ba 
bav« beloDf^ to the earlier half of the century, Wore the Weeileyan 
roviral lutd introduced a souuiwhnt Kighw xtandkrd of clcricvl condnct, 
And when the rery hntred of Methodiam which preTailed nmong the 
mral aristocrat' bftd otnud the clngy of the E>>tabUafaed Church to bo 
treated with greater ooooideratiOD. But sUll there is a prevailing idea 
that (bo country dcrgymnn of the period w*e, generally epcaking, a 
eecnUr character, who farmed, hunted, and shot, and gare up to his 
bones, bit poJutem, and bin i>igk the greater purl of the tino which 
ought to have been devoted to his parish. Nor indeed is the tradition 
witliotit iu element of tmtb. Such prohably wua the life of the majority 
of tbe beneficed rural clei^gy down nearly to the dcatb of tieorge IV. 
But tliey were tar from being all ulilce : thi-y were nut iiU sportsmen and 
["good fellons." Mis» AoBten, who died in 1817, has drawn sevend 
iclergymeu Cor our intttrucLion, whoae manneni are confessedly token from 
whom sbo had known in her youth. Her own father was an 
Jleiil apedmeu of the cIb», a clerical eountcy gentlrmnn better 
P«dncat«il nnd more reSnetl than the smaller H|airM round aboat 
him, but otherwbe very much the same. The raLttuko thitt han been 
made is in sappoeing tliNt such men were nccefitnrily bad cleigymeo. 
fdney Smith libelled lun own oi-der by uylng that when ha wim a 
young mu>, if you met a clergjntan, tbo chances were that he wns a bod 
one. We do not believe this, and within the Ia»t 4|unrter of a cen- 
tury two wriiera of pre-etuinent gcnios and Oxc^tioiuU dailBS upon our 
confidence have giv^n us n very diflbrent description — we mean the 
authored already nuiued, Oeorge Kliot, and Mr. J. A. Fronde. The 
forater hnd abundant (^portnnittes in her youth of observing the tins 
and mannen of tbe detgynum of tbe SlidUnil Counties, among whom 
fifty ycnn »go must have been many sur%-ivorB of the eighteenth cen- 
tury ; men who might have dined with Dr. Johnson at the rectoiy at 
Ashbourne, or hare stand nt tiw qnoer figure of Dr. IWr wbeu he first 
made his nppennuicq at Hatton. TheoriRiiialsorHlr, GUfil.Mr. Irwine, 
and Mr. CrackontLoiiic niijjht all bare been found wilhiu 



tm^ nitn of (IriRh. Mr. Froudn is tlic son of a Dovonsbirv clergy-' 

iia4 it ii aeedkn to my Uikl hta »ocaunt of the cUirfy whom he 

ibwi la Itu boyhood » implicitly to b««Kl. Th«jr boUi bcnr 

(o Ute tnamooe then sxercJied by cl«i;gymea of tbetypo we ha.T« 

4Heril«d, uh) nttnl^ dnido tho iJicoi; whicb th» wTing of Sfduc/ 

Sailh liM dooe ao uucb to count«imnoeu It is iupoanble to road the 

teortption of Mr. Irwiue in AJam Ittd^. witliout Muag tiimt Hut vriter 

mul Itava Impu dooply imprcH^od with th« practicRl effidenc]' of tfao 

■111 Hj mill «l>u likod Sophodeti mmI .I'lacbyluB bctti.T than Isaiah and 

A»a»t wbo " foU no eorious alamu about tbfi tow\» of bin |wri>hioD«rB/' 

htt «ln Hxenised " a mora wholesome ioflucooe in bU pttriah thao the 

^•a Mr. Rydc, wIm c«ne tbvra twenty yonn aftoru-itrdii whiuk Mr. 

[niu was g^berMl (o bis tatiuim." Language of a nmilar cbaracta: 

■If be laaml in ifr. Ci/Jift Love Story. And it in clear that from 

tb^ biKlUy finiab<^ portraits, which betray in every line the Afi«ction 

uJ (TiBpathy of the nrtut, >dw meann im to leam tba_«nuia loKton which 

ik. t'rowio toaebm in hia enaya. 

W« bava dwell on Ibuae KkctcbiM of oIci^-tii«n bccntuo WA feel that 

■a Mr. Twining, tba Knez clergymaD of a bundrad yeara ago, whose 

/Nnuda aad u o n e ijMu dcPCe arv ooatainutl in tho \ohune we bsve 

•nt&mxl, wo haro in soma respect* tho very couDt«rpait of the Rector 

f n>yik)|ia. He waa bom iu London in 173.% the w>u of 'Six. Dame] 

■ •■ .~M^ taa doalar, and, having no turn for the bnainceu, was sent to 

lb* XJntnaitj «( Ouabrid]^ wbm he was in his twenty-tint year. He 

«■ a acbolar and fellow of Sidney, and highly diaUngaialiod in tho 

imiiiiialiiiii for the Chaowllor'a ntcdaL In 1761 he married and 

•UU dawn no tb<t curacy of Fordhnm, oear Colchester, to which was 

ihnnly aftarwarda addol the atnall living of White Xotlc)-. Here he 

bMd a plwint tnimrdy litcmry lifo, reading the clasks and lftik«- 

iatrtm, traulaiiug AnstoUe's " Poetn*," and corr»»i»Ddiug with Dr. 

llonwytMi t pi c rt i oiia of litvratum, politics, and, aboro all, mnnc, in 

VkUi be waa a ST«at fmficicut. Hia parsonage houao " vaa old and 

la^vUr, but NoiSefanitly convcniant, and hia atudy-— the room in wliich 

ktqmttbM most part of hia tJae— was extrainely cheerful and plcnsant, 

luu.n- .nfu B (]ard<)n of inrceto." Who oinnot sew both the man and liia 

.00 1 Thdold rambliBghotiao,alloomet«and chimneys, oo\'crod i 

■rJi inu* and Ucbeu, and afarouded among ^-camoreti and Lorae-oheet- 

■ak. tbn laog low wainsootod room with its wcU-fiUnl bookiihalTw, its 

MiaeBl windew, and a {lear tras most likely trained against the a-all out- 

*^; (or trf'miiiae it bml n Mothem aspect. Andtbenthe kitcliong^trdcn 

i*i lumvr pirdm all in one ; the long gratn jisthH between tows of gooee- 

hniia awlciUTMita andftipnlierVf thuoc^naTKirtiuii in the ahapo of roMSr j 

Md*, w:4Udo*ini>, anil sweet peas which filled np eror; vacant Book, ' 

tU iha ubl brkk wall at the end, dividing it from tbe orchard, nhoro 

tie flycatcher api] tlio redbreast built their nefrta from year to year in 

brkH fajnilinrity and eecnrity. Who cannot aou it all — and the 




cumte in dnt^ himaolf Mimt«ring op ami down tht> gniui on a 
suuimer momlBgi his hatuls in thfl pock^ta of hu falfu^ or drab " small 
clothcM," liiH feet wicmmnI in braiul-totid nkom, bis whtto nnrk-dotb 
TOtnminonts nnd ata^i^esH, his low-crawned hat a tittlo on one eid« of 
hit powdered bend, and bin tyo wanderinji about from inx to Bower and 
hvm bird to bush, as h« chews the cud of some ptuzliDg oonstntetioD in 
Pindar, or casts and i«casbt soino &vourite paao^ in his iimndatfoa of 
Aristotls^ Hon kept mrly honrs in those daTii, and the onrato's brsak- 
&at irsa OEUall; floished by eight; aft«r wbieb h« made a point, he tetls 
us, of mding somu Greek aulbor "for aboatan bonr." llis tims ssoiih 
to have been divided between readiiuc Oreek and Latin and Engliili and 
Frnncfa Utfirntme, playing on tho fiddle, nnd writing to bis DtinMtvns 
ooTTMpondenU ; bat what was tlie order of rotation in whieb tbeas 
foroaritm followwl nach other wo are left to conjtictnre. llo wooM pn}- 
bably din« about thn«; tea would i-txiuire turn at six. and supper a^^ 
at nine or teo. But bn had no repilar orcnpiition. He wxa not a pro- 
fessed author like Cowp«r or Ctabbo. He publjalied nothing all bis life 
but th« Poetic*. He wok not a Kportsman ; be was not a nnturnlist ; be 
was not an antiquarian. He was a graat lover of natural scenery ; bniiJ 
he oRen coRi|JsJns (most nnjustty, however) that there was none ^^M 
E^sex wortli tookini* at. Wo hear nothing of his parishioners, and next 
Ut nothing of liin dutiot. Ho u'lut not <Wply intcrwted in any of the 
phtlosophicsl or Tvligions qu«staoDs of that epocfa. We bear nothing of 
Voltaiieor RoatHoaii; nothing of WoOey or ^\^litfic3d. ButUr. Twining 
OonttBsta Phiednis with Ln Fontaine greatly to the advantage of tha 
Kri>iich author, in whom bo fimis a grace, a beauty, and a ttaivctf 
are totally wanting in the l.atin one. ^Vhen he liears of the Gordon 
be congratulates himself on his safety at Poixlhain in tbe Teraes of Lni 
tin«, llie war of 1703 suggMts to him a quotation from 
Amid tbe horrors of tbe French Revolution, as bo is lamenting 
]ntiable condition nf Uio Qucmj of France, he hopes Dr. Bnmoy may be 
able to alleviate his grief by pttr&uing bis translation of MeUstasia 
Happy the man, it nay be ttaid, who <mn Mclnde himaolf In bts Ubnuy 
from tlie turmoil and straggles of the world, and hear them only U 
bran tho wind outoide, iraprfMiing him at times with a sl^ht and 
pleasant sense cf awe, but never for a moment disturbing bis oomfbit 


Illnm aoti popoli fueei, uoa puifnia ngum 

The philorapher of tlits description is not ixgitsted very mnch hy 
ejtber patriotism or pbilutthropy, and it would bo unjutil to Twining to 
say that ho was exactly that kind of man ; for his lottrn contain 
some t<rferab1y strong denunctalionB of tbe Frencb BevoUition, and 
wiui ta frightened in 1803 at the prospect of an invasion, tliai hn fti 
from Colchester to Cambri^^, and there apeat tbe winter. But ^ till ] 
always conveys the impression that in his eyw tbo world of books 
tbe real OD^ and the world of «ctii» the jiheDomemd. We bare no deal 

I always tx 

I tbe real 


^Bt to a mill) of kindrnd tMt«e lie was %a exoellect companion, tuid Cbat 

iVlw pMsed through Ufti li« both experienced and diffuHoJ k great deal 

of happtani and etgoyment. But then comw th« question, what was 

bs SB a clergTinaol And we dure auy that if we could follow him iuto 

ihoaa houn of his Life of whidi he kept no account we should fisd that 

he ma lar ftma inatt«uUve to hiii duties. Wo dan my he wu just the 

VaA of man to hav« sent I>Ame Fripp a piece of bscon or Silas Mamor 

K diah of p«ttttoes. He woa load of good eating himself, and was very 

VSuiy a gniial and wvloomo visitor in the cottages of the poor. We find 

Um dildog with his fannerB at a tithe dinner at White Nolle;-, and riding 

home afterwards with a hundivd pi^unda in his pocket. In the journal 

which be kept of his tiwels he everywhere appeara in the light oS an 

tmiaMeandsoGiahleman, with notliing of the bookworm about him; and 

9iA nun, w« venture to believe, must have been commou enough even 

raoog tli0 rani eWgy in the hut ounturj-. The; were not, at oil events, 

Mre brmcTS and fox-hunt^ni. They wcro scholars and mem of lottunt 

who might hare appeared at the Litentry Club with ci-ediL And if 

ftnr » e nnoM were not very awakening or "spiritual," they roconmutnded 

tfaU iiin[de ooutse of duty of which, though it is in everybody's power to 

fmm it, everybody requires to be reminded. 

Bnt perhaps one of the moBt characteristic traits of t>ur great-gtand- 
bHun which this volame presents is the observant curiosity with 
*liiDh thnj tmnllad about their own country, malciug remarks on the 
iDUt commonplace market towns at which they stopped to dine, u if 
It btd bem a Sjiioieih or a Guruiiin one. A country dei^gyinaii'a 
"ooting" then very often consisted of a tour through two or three 
nmotiat, taken comfortably and leisurely in liis own carriage if he 
Uene, on honK^back if he hod not. And we lind hers little sketches 
<^ tbif modest amusement as it was practised to within living momoty. 
limt tours of the kind are reoordod by one Essex clergyman. In 
I'^G lie drove hia own horse, Foppot, trvm Colchester into Yorkshin^ 
"d Huntingdon, Stamford, Gnuitfaam, Newark, TuxFord, and Doa- 
*»««r, following the same line as the Great Northern Itailway takes at 
^» pneent day. Ho and hia wife went together, generally driving 
*■ Grv miles b^ore breakfast, and Ending good accommodation at many 
■dl places which now probably boast of nothing better than a public 
^Mta If any one in tempted by the antique roomy appearance of 
"■>• ef tbme decaj-ed hostelries to enter and ask for anything beyond 
^"^ailaod cheese, ho will be lucky if ho gets it, as also if he gets any 
''MKubly good bmir, instead of the rile decoction now sold by many 
<*wtiy brewers under that name. Our clergyman, however, never 
tTiUDhlcs, and it in eany to see that when people travelled so much ia 
wir carriages or on their own horses as they did then, it waa neoee- 
*iylhit there should be at least one " gentlemanlike comfortable house," 
■> ISriniDg calls it, in almost every considerable village. Hence a claw 
'f hmdlords, who are now almost extinct, equally removed from the 
XLTii.— xo. 377. 4l. 


parH^ well-to-do Bonifaiv, who kqit Uie |M)Httiifi-iim in bbe tountir 
town, or tliR rommnn piiblicnn who dcalH in littlo bnt li(]uor. They 
are gone from onr gtie, and we will not ilepton them ; bnt our tnvel- 
liog dergyniao ocouaonnlly rnminds ns of their mutbaxet, h htt will aaj 
ODO who hu even » UiyUli recullection of the pne-nilway period. H» 
wr)t«« to litH brcrtber tiitnut'* dmcriplionK of kll bo svim ; ooni|Mni 
Kcwark find GMntfaam with each otlier as carefully as if they wore 
Venice and (tenoH, and uxhibit« an interat in erory pluoa he paasee thiDUKb 
totally unknown to tho railway traveller. It is curious to sw am otdi- 
naiy English conuty " doni' " in the stylo of n tnodom tourist In Italy or 
Spiiin, and to not« ibo old-fashioned habits which the eoitrieit in the 
Diary r«oorcI. WheT«rerthetmTi>Iter might bi% the dinner hour lascme 
time in the aflomoon, and "drinking tM " is almost always entartd 
as a eepaiate and imjiurtAnt incml. In Twining'a Webth tour we an on 
feniliar grotind. He describee pictnreaque scenety as others hart 
described it Muce. But thL-ns is sumetbing nt onee aulique and yet 
oorel in his pmit^hnifo joomcy from FordhAm to Uitteawcll, near 
Lntterworth in Leicestenhlre. "Wo break&sted at Xorthamptoo ; 
we dinted nt \VcIford, wo lity at Hitdiin,'' ice. Xoi'thamjtton is " oik 
of the neatest and handsomest towns he ever eaw." \Velfoid ia now a 
mere vitln^nt ; btit fifty yean ago it was a tlonrinbing little town, whwe 
the principal innkeeper drore a thriving trade in posting and ooaching, 
aii<l wlifTO a good dinner eould alwa}-s lie obtained at the shortest 
notice, and (loiibtli^ax a htindivd years ago it was much the aam& 

At J)itti?sw€ll there was anothd- country clergyraan, Mr. PowcU, 
who tiikM his frieiid Twining out to ten with him at Coteshacb, 
Twining taking his fiddle, and spendiog a very pl<»sant afternoon we 
some musical ladies, one of whom gave them a great trea t on the 
ebord. One morning 31r. Powell went over to Bugby to iurita -Dr.* 
Junea — then Hfad Muater — to dinner. People eoem to have bean 
asikod to t<u in those daya as they are to liindioon now. It avoided the 
formality and expense of a ref^nlar dinner party, and enabled the wbol» 
oompany to rtroll about nftcrwiirds out of iloon, which woa an ca^ 
way of entertaiitiug them. These t«a purliee were specially in vognw 
among the clergy, neighbouring fiimiliis ort«u walking as much as tw» 
or three miles out to tea, and home again through tho pleasant bayfiold* 
and under the soft summer uioon. 

There is not eren a iiinglo chance alluHOO in tho pages of 
Twining to any leas reputnbltr c!n»H of clorgy. Playing the fiddle^ 
reading the classics, and attendance at muacal tea-parties do not coi^ 
«tltut« altogether the life uf an ideal country clergyman ; but they 
to the existence of a class quite different from the port^drinking, 
hunting set to which it i» thought there were no exceptions, nnlefla tt> 
tn^fat be among the Kv&ngelicali. And the country life of tlio ciorgf^ 
is here taken from tho very port of England where such types of 
eecnlar sinecurists were likely to be most abundant, NorthamptooriiiTC^ 


r, ft^^ 



Yorkdiiie, the great icporting oountins. Bat th.o injtk 
vm bsCon' us is oot th» only cridnice wo have that alonj^de of Hit 
■■• fa— >H'- typa whirh gnotn a* in TliaomiD, (iotdnaitli, Cowper, 
uJ nthn^ U)«n: nxuted « dus of mm who carried into th«ir oountry 
pnMi||M all Ihft UUimy tuUn they IukI ikoquinst al tko UntrorritMM, 
^■AUr ** BUUI7 *t)ald have called them, " little better than pajuSBS," 
^^^^hdnut CBiItivated, Mid refined, and int«lleDt«inl pa^n*, -who eon- 
^^BPts ha uttidpnta throujjh life from choice, not iteceK-fty, and wlio 
iri in esunplu in tluar rM^xsctivv Mphcim which wam porfcapa littlo lew 
■wMllian one oi'tnore devotion and ascetidEm. 

Thtn wfn of ooonw infiiiiUi vaHetieti of ououlTy cler^. There 
"•!• ill* mm likv Twining, who, without l>cing of the " sqnareon " tvpe, 
U w loftier eonceplfan of thiiir npirituol dntieii than the Rvv. IHU 
^h*li>y, who l«Iaag«d as mticiL to the e^teeotli oenturv ns the nine- 
f It , the ubl; lUflbranoe beiiig that tha one poatpooed them to field 
Kwu nul tlie plwmm of the table, th« otber to books, mtuic, nad the 
'. Bat time two da«u« were tijMt again into unmeroits »nbdi- 
, „[.. Then wiu> the fox-huDt«r, who wm a good cWgyraan, and all 
^ l^lrr aiiLe to mxiuikI hiii imriKhiom-n in th«ir troubles, and coroiMse 
tm ((vamh, tluit he JMned in their amu»-ni<int«, had • thorough 
bNwM^ of tJieir c)iitnet«T«, and was Iruated by them in pri>portion- 
n^ Bun mulil not htmt eveiy <Uy, and the time that vm net occupied 
■ ^xrt, iD0t«d of being di^voted to Euripidis, was given up to visiting 
lbBr|«rU>W»u'n. They hiMlft word for yenng mmI old.and were always 
nfeoma to tbo ootta;;«r'B wife al thai hour of the aftemoou when she 
\ti made bondf tidy, »wc[>t up the beiu-th, and was sittiog down by th<; 
k« vitli the storking of the family before her. He would chat witfa 
Wahonl ll» natwD of the Tillage, give her a friendly hint about lier 
taifaajid's absence from rhurcb, uimI [luihapd before going would be taken 
«t til Inok at the> pi^ on whose condition we may be sure^he would have 
aoM nloabU' iiijtgeeiioiis to bestow. The sermons which he pnached at 
■hrdi would be roblicd of none of their divct by the example cf bis 
•^ life, which, aooordlng to the standard of those days, would ho 
UhbbIos ; aiul tjiut there oonld bo anything intriniacally wrong in hts 
Mowing the biNindii, if it did not lead him to neglect olh«r matten, it 
^«ld oervr hnve vnlcrtNl into the bnidit of bin porisfalonen to conceive. 
Tin sad vtjtae wera divided Croca each other in thorn Any* by rery 
Wad Giui, tf a man committed any of the sin* <Ti)umeT«ted in tlie 
bf^mpit, fcfl WM a lail niftn ; if not, bo wan u good one. There might 
' land between obedience and diiobcdicnoo in whioli 
., : — ...jiiil dwelt, and whom we were oot to Judge baraldy, 
wv Dot all "poor frail creatures"! — s reflection that on the whole 
ralkfT eiirafi'itin^ to the ordinary mind. But tinlcra a nuui was a 
liVcrmanlt-P'r, »[i0t)enhla«pliem?r,or notoriously covcboni, my ust, or 
■^awnl, B.cre " wurtdlineia " wont for nothing in their eyes — no motw 
I!.. ..» gf s ohn^ynan than in tliat of any other man. TWey 

4— i 


did DOl know what ft meant. Then of course then was the coant(7 

[^non vho vrsji a btd clergj-mui, and brought the wholo cUn into 

discredit — the man who was In the saddle foor (hys a we«k, passed his 

OWiii^ is drinking nmt card-plnring, and left the dead who wcr« 

iatnnd dnring the week to wait for tlie bunal-sernoe till Sunday, 

Onbbe bean witnuai to tbix. But li« xliowm, on tlie other band, that 

anong th« conntiy clergjr even of that lime thore wero tbow who did 

not Hear to do their duty by r«bnking thA riom of the rioh both prE- 

Tatoly Utd in tb« pulpit. And the pnscnt writer han oflnn hmrd of a 

clergyman in the Etttem Oountiea who Sourixhod circa ^Ir. Pitt, who 

iDiut have been in soma mpwts the oountvrpart of Cralitin's " icbsm old 

Kctor " in the Squire and Ae PrietL Ttiia remarkable rnxn iraa in the 

liabit of making vny pointed reftroncee to an old nnvttl olHcvr who noYsr 

mined ebtmh morning or afternoon, but wfaoae union with the lady 

-who Mt at the haul of his talilo Iiad not been nndified by thn Chardi ; 

npoo which, so runs the Htory, an inquidtiTe old mnid who oocupied the 

adjoining pow inrariably rose from h«r sent uid peeped onu* the top of 

the partition at the white head of the deiUnqnent just below. Among 

tho morn rlogont and aoholarly of the clergy, like our friend Twining, 

there wer« alno numsiona nrietica. Cowper ia equally mrrtn 

1)0tb kindx, ■ 

TliB CMWocked bnDUmnn and iba Rildliag priMt. 

So we fear tiie ourete of Furdliam muftt hare been included in 
OHWitrca too. Cowper BpecinUy finds fitnlt with concerto on Sunday aflw- 
ooona, and to iiitm wo knuw tlutt Twining vraa addicted, Melng no wrong 
in rafrcehing hinmelf after the fatigues of tho day with the stmins of his 
"Rweet Straduarius." Tho GddHug prieat, however, was Cowper'sRpocijd 
iLTornon, and thore are some touches in his cjwinctar of " Oodduns" so 
like Thomaa Twtuiug that one mig^t bncy be had sat for the porlrwt. 
Fiddling seems to hare been p«rticiilar)y fimliionable about thin jxn-iod, 
and Cuvper aeetnH to liave seen in it only one oat of many trails by 
which tbo clergjnsan might be <l<!tected who aMpiml to bn a man of 
bahioD. Thefe wer« many anch in those days, though the brned is 
now entirely extinct. Wo toe some traces of it in Illisi Amten, whoi 
in one of the bi-tit of her charsetets, Air. Tilney, namely in XortAangtr 
Abb^, has given its a dorgymao who attendi watcring-pluooi, goes to 
balls and sssembliee, danoee, plays cards, and, in diort, li^ee like other 
men of tho world without the slightest idea that ho is other tlian a model 
young man. Sir. Tilney, however, shows the cfajumcteron it« favi 
iiidn, but Ihero wore clivgj-men of the same guana, and who, to 
D^ds, were br more iirKJcncal and far Icm agreeable than the trai 
out dericei squire who farmed his glebe, shot bis partridges, and took hi« 
tuiti with the houudd like an honest num without in any way lodng the 
respect ftnd afieetioii of his parishioows. 

AnotluT Intcr(!*ting iUmdratiion of the country clerical lift may b* 


i^n Id Uib raoenLly polilUliad Autobiography of Sir Archibald Alimn. 

Hu &tb«r WW near af Kvalaj, in Hhropsfairo, from 1792 to 1801. He 

v«t no^ as fur as «e can make oat, one of Uw uporting tribo ; but be 

«M a grsat natnraliirt, nn4 took tha Bar. Gilbert Wbite as hia model. 

"Botanr, vxAogj, autl onuttiok^r" WGa« bLi &\-oiirite {mnuilii, and 

ba waa mia of Utc first to adopt tbo allotment ryiAem ; that, at all 

•mta, ia on» boon for which th« poor are largely indebted to the 

ilwU of tha ca^htaenth century. H» Itred in a c]nict but hospitable 

i^ ; waa ■ nan of lelten and a scholar, and the author of a work 

«hkk Icmg enjoyad n higb reputation— an rsmy, naincly, on tha Prin- 

(i|lw of Taste. Bir Archibald recalls but little of ihe tlwoIo^«al or 

fvniy pastoral M0 of bis father's life. Hut ha van tiie idol of bis 

pMidiiosMta, and when be left Kenley " was followed for seTera] miles 

kf tha vfaoke parish, most of whom wore in taors." 

Oiafjrmen cf this description still survive in the CliurcU of England, 
fttt Uwy an^ Domparmtivoly speaking, few and far lwtwi;Fii, and, whor« 
l^ still exist, are perhaps to some extent op]kr(eaed by the coosoionsDese 
Iht tiuir Urea do not come up to tlin Ktandon] which modern tlioorien 
sad. In fact, tbe kind of influence which they formerly exercised is 
■stctactly tbe kind of inflaenca which ix now ro^rdLiI with admiration. 
Il aaa of the pst^nal and patriarchal character ; and paternal end 
ptmnJad pnnciples an supposed to be ofaaolete. In days like our 
xra, wbeo " so many grave proUome of humanity " are waiting for 
l^kOm, BDd when the fundamenlal priodplea of Christianity are dis- 
t^srf m villaga nawspapan, that Hmpk conce pti on of the dorieal office 
vUcb wriBcad a bygone genemtion is no k>i>fpcr adequate to our wants ; 
m4 tba pleMsnti genial old gentleman in knoo-broochea, and sometimcK 
tiy b o u ts, wbo tei his pooltrj and went into the stable to scratch tbe 
sus of hia fiiTonrite eob, and rmmA by the pigs^m to the kitcben-garden, 
■tea be took a torn for an hour or two witli his spade or his pruning- 
kaift, nr mmtenid, with his bnmU in hia poclcoU, in the direction of the 
f^Kiibera, and lifted op the framea to see how tbey were getAing on ; 
• in to an isHy dinner, and going oat again to visit tbe old woman 
I tta fkraer^ wives till tea time ; then reading an old newspaper tall 
r, BSoUng bis pipe, and going to boil at ten — U sadly behind tbe 
■gs, and ia &st disat>|iearing (torn view. Demands are now mado upon 
tta a >» p ma n's intellect incompatible witli this easy mode of life; but 
wtstW- the people have gained by tbe change — a change which removes 
Wr ilimjiiiiMi so much further from themselres and their own oocapa- 
Ina and amnsemfints — is poostbly open to donbt. But 1 fear I am 
<«ipBg 00 thn political, and feel that I bad better stop before I warm 
*U tha mt^ecC and write more than can be published. 


; wrliwt bc^ntiingn of our cominou life u EngUsbiureD caa tutniljr 

[ &n of It iierentiial interest for iia. And to retant to the fouat&in-bakd 

I of Eogliab huboiy, to llui {icffiud wbcD EugUad was in tli« uftking, and 

f io tix fttuilf of one among th^eet great iukI Mtrly EogUitbiauu, i» no 

iinprofitatjlc nor uncongtuiittl Uuk. Among tLe illustnoas of that 

early period the n&ioe of Alcwinc stiuuls higb. Coming, n* ho ilid, 

between Utfl fatbor of Go^cU^ learuin^, tlte venerable Bcde, and AelTrodi 

tho fin^t great EnglUh king, bix historicnl powiiionnuilcuibim lutcratUi^ 

am two point* of view. Ho is tlio otitc-omu of that earliest petiod of 

glish intelloctual derelopment which wiu tho work (if KorthtunbriA, 

I internal dLiconb compl«t«d ita nun and eompelled it to submit to 

term under 09a. And he is an Koglishman of an England whoM 

^'jxtlitical capital wiui not Xondou but York, whose i«ligiotia centre wu 

iXindialame not Canterburr, wboec fathois of tbo Church wcr» AJdan 

I and St. Cutbbi-rt, nut Tliuodom or St. Dunstau. AJcwiue belong to Ibo 

[ iTorthumbrian epoch of Kugliab eTQlution. And it is unportant to bear 

I this in mind, for htn cKamctei* and tbu colour of hia iuu^ivtttou viwv 

fteeotially northei'n. Bi)t Atcwinc differs from the great scholar who 

Jirocodi'cl him ntid tlic gn^t king wbo followed Mui in thijt. IIu Lx tbo 

I firrt Eoglishman who diroctly B^i.'cteil tbo movoment of the coutiuout 

l.uid wboiio iufluiMicc bn^ mniained a pcruuutent factor in European bi| 

|toty. Bede n«ver left his convent of Jnrrow, by iho mouth of tbeWV 

|Aelfi^'8 dayti were vmiiluyed in repelling thn Danes itud in 

I^VeaNox supiomc in England, liut tbo active period of Atcwtac's life 

%as passed ddeflj in Fhmoe. His fame is bound uji with tJie court and 

f tlio work of Ohai'tomngne, or Karl, as wo ntuiit c>tt htm. To tliat work 

be brou{(bt au Englinb temper aivd a Northumbrian tiaiuiug. TIicsu are 

hill sjiiriciial pedigroci the conditions whidi fomtod tbo man, :utd gave 

rto hia life the colour which it wear*. To uudet^taud that life we must 

eonnidor wliat tliis Englinh tanjinr and Xortbumbrinn training m«|Uit. j 

It would be difficult to exaggerate the influence of lli«ir pareut- 

i In tbo fonnation of tlu! KngliKb c)ianict«r. The gritn and lomlxv pLaii; 

^mt that timo uoivciaimed, which bonlei* on the noctbem oceuu; 

lopdeaa grey eky, Hn-opt by ii n,-nu:k of oloudH scudding before tlio nortb 

''iho illimitable monotony of tlio matsby levels; the " truculentia ladi* 

tbo " vin luriMnum," wUicfa Blmck tbo Itotnan mind with auch a terror, 

then were the chanctoristics of the EDglisbnuin's fint borne. On tbo 

aboTM of Kortbombrla, vheii comiucat bad led tlwn thus far, they i 



Uie Hitiv forbidiliDg glnnoe of Nntnm — tlic tong rtntiAiOT of <U>«n, gnj 
bmmih u «Mt wiod, tbe loD^^r t«u)i» of the Rny oceui tmnMinK or 
■sUtag «B tlw rackx of Fame, ixr on tho nuulf ri<tgn that joina tho iioljr 
Utnl te the Balolftrid. Such a stern dwelUng-plaoo oooM not bit to 
gmvs ■ j^omaj iautginatMrn deep into tlut luttniv ot Ihia jieople^ Tktar 
iM^ailia n«- tbe blinding sraow-drifts of KiBheun, th« borne of tbe 
boNfl* )wwen of leu*-, fidling in vnilkM Mwtrb^ vttfling uwl tiuekoN 
•Hi TbA flm of Miispe), the netbor ngioa of flftBw, ara not y«lloir or 
■wp vHh M17 nBtontl beat, but lilack globM, for ever tfamra U{> and 
tvwcr fkUing buck into ft bottomlecu pit. Alcn-ine paintB Muong tb« 
tJ bdl tbo " frigoriit imnHUutoR," tbo ** infinita tniierin ipatift," 
hmUa of doom. All tbnt the imagination ootyttres up is vftst, 
tetvi^ ODibfiiMd. If a limit be found, tbe fiuicy ia ever nadj' to over- 
ly tb» bet. Hm outUaea of the nsioD are lost and confounded in the 
■iita vUefa bide the nndiaoovend horror bt^nnil ; jiint m Uio driiriug 
■>fcg ukroada and blura tbe landscape that RUTOunded tbaeoinnt. How 
ttbant frtMD tba imnginatMa of a KKthem people ; of the Italiooa 
IMa* OraagiiM.or Angelico, dealing with almoel tdantkal foocHt. With 
tlHB all ia dry, bikrd, and defined ; as clear and perapknoua as tbo soDr 
Kgb io which Uiojr daily lived. 

[)«dMl the bfigbiacM and tbo liuigbt«r of Nature, the bamao ipirit 
k Ib^ nonhvn tnra was niect«d upon itself to find its Hustanaaoe. It 
aiqA* >u relief in iotoueating emoticMui ; in tint triumph of ondomnM 
adiwhidctvniDiation, of teeth set and will rewK-ed in the &ce of 
|*in, Oilnn, and d«ath. And Ifabi temper ma through tlie whole fibra 
if (he noe. to eoidwiplatiri) natnras the Gererity of discipline in which 
ttej* Mofht tbair Joy, tbl« tightening of the Kpiritiial mux-lvn, Gltud tbeu 
lAiiOkM; fat acaei>ting the slenm- qnatities of Cbristianitv. The un- 
■nd. the uulefned rowiird, the injunction to look bejond, the 
eooSict hm*, the victory achievaUe tliToagb endunmoo and 
tekl alone, mtn eompoiwnts of a rRliguxtta idM which tfaoeo men might 
^^t ^nth |HMaBate eonwetnen. Tbe men of netive temper, on the 
¥im hand, •oojfbt their itOBteaanee in tlut fierce excitement of batllev 
la (ha gtim dtdiafat of victory, the iuel^intion of blood and wonnd* nnd 
WUfiic et«iL Udio, Uie wv god, in their chief. Thdr InttliMiongD 
thnb with Umi miw biw< of fight. Eaoh verse, in its vitdcnt tfMm, 
*mM lUw a jM of blood tlirost frum the bcalinK liuart, and tingleM to 
fa wy hand* that dutch the eword. Tbo rliytiim is broken by the 
p^awl tlw eolr of ovfr-mastei-iiig Hensatious. Tliis ia a deep-nwied 
fB^fa Ibtt Sogliah, and Km all down our litrmtnre ; in tbo border 
WUb, ia Uinyton'H rollickiuj: tioopcr*!) chauutof victory fur Agiiiooort ; 
Mmiallarai iisurviva; and tho luttlt' fury, Hfi delight and gtoiy, 
M ofawMiufi u ha tolln us how tbe Scolti^i went " r«d-wek«hcMl " 
ina^ the ranMg» nnd tho gora. 

Bet whether thi* Smw and sombre temper of theEugUafa nuuiiABlod 
**Kmah&ur cxmleupiatiou or a li£b of action, tta cbaraeteiifitut tit 



strife and etideaTOnr rnnAuiB. For tlie wamoi'S their bards Bitgg (f 
war or o( bnttl* with :iionxtr()UN foroiK, ilnigon.i und loathsome Miftkat> 
vague, unformed, and terrible, haunting mietymet'es, gorged with hutnsa 
blood, iMJiunoiiH nnfl mnk. While for the nu-n of ivtUiclive Uaa Geo- 
wuirs dmgon, by no violent or difficult chaD);e of fADcy, bocnma trnitv 
foruied into soiui^ jxinlouH ftn<l bwettiuf; vice, gorfp.-^ witli l<»t aotils. 
For on« and for the other tb» fight remains; the ijUAlity of fierce and 
hot flndonuiOR Js reqnircd if rictorj' ih to bo nchiaved. And throuj[b the 
glory of the ajuritual as of the pbyaical victory there erer runs the aame 
uuvatying iinilnrtono of unilnRm, It is EingiilAV how little »f contiihmt hope 
and outk>ok Christianity brought to Alcwine. Mii^ niiiid dwells chiefly 
on the " volutllis nmbm," the flL-H,ing nhiulow of itll enrthly thingx ; " >io 
tFMwit " is written acroes the &ce of all he seefi ; and of the end whithor 
, all b hastAning he biui no knowledge, " per vallem liiehryiittthilem ad 
inoertuni [iropemmus finein." From the rery lirst tho ^mnoM of 
the Bngliiih ti'mpi^r hiid bstenisl upon thiw point of trKnaitflrinaui, The 
mythology of the English spared not even itsowu gods; their beroea may 
he viotorioua, but they must din. Neithor Beowulf, their palMiin, nor 
llaldei*. their god, the loveliest and the bwt, a<cape tlies]Ht« of Lokl and 
the dnrk rciilm of HeU, wherv nil kwt' thingE must lie. Nothing braTS 
or fair may Iiiat agninst the hatred of tho older gods of diaos, the 
strouB find mulignant pawrrs. Ho AMgnrd, the gnlden glorious h' 
and all its gods, fail nttd )MriHb, and are lost in the ocean whence tiaj 
sprang. Yggdrnsil, the ash-tree of existence, has its roots d**]) down in 
H«I, the region of Death, wliilher its lenves oiid branches shn 11 full. And 
nothing remiiins but endless stHfe, for whieh is rei^tiired undying en- 

With thiti tmgic conception of life as the heritage of their birth, 
English settled down in the POHOlry they had cont|uere<i. But conttant 
warfare among themsclws kept the fighting spirit alive and graved ii 
characteristics deeper into the n&tiire of the poopin. No convendon 
Christianity, no imposition of monnsticism, could altwthe temper of 
Eoglieh, however much they might modify its exhibition. The Hpirit of 
the fighting men was in St. Outhbert n* he wnnduifwl over the lonely 
Lammermoor. It urged him to seek the BoUtudee of the rock of Famej 
" a place," lis Bode ha* it, " without water, com. or tree" ; infest^ 
evil spirits, and very ill-suited for human habitation." But for Oui 
bert there waa nature to struggle with and tn Eubdiie ; the devils to b^ 
fonght, and the long, grey, inSnite ocean with ila unknown iihare!i foi^^ 
constant com piuiy. Henrism re'iiiire<l no leas in the conflict wiUk. 
tliD powiirs of darkness, than against the visible foe to the field. T%(^"* 
spasm of the wiir-wmg became converted t<i the spasm of prayer; th^^ 
wild tunen of thn one sei-ved eqnally well for the othei-. The rayatery «^^ 
existence, the <iueBtioii of tbo biryond, still fnscinnted the Bnglish ima— ^ 
gination. The btuiitifiil allegory of the sparrow, preserved to db 
Bede, shows ua the northern temper n])[)rooching the problHD of 

tant I 


it of 



fkn tiM nnr point of view, mnA 4Tnd«nvouring to nnim at tli« Christian 
•ttit&diL It w«s in tbeso words that do E«r1 of Eailwinn's court argnl 
Ifc Uaf ta oonrider the ne«- reli^oo. " TTia hft of innn, O Uu^. meois 
Mbiu tlie flif^ht of * i^parrow tfarougfa the hall wh«i« rou nit at mCKb 
nh your M>ldlna and yaar nunintert, and a warm firo biiminfi in 0)6 
■Mt, whilo ontmde are drirm Hm sUwata of min and snow. The Hpar' 
wrIStm in ut un« ik>or and find* KhcJUT from Itio vrintery storni witfaont. 
Rva wldl* it tarriw in ibe waimth and li^t, and then Biosixit again 
tatfct ilailcovaivlieuM ft came. So it ttwIiTtf of man. Bui what went 
W«v or what oooteth aft^r we know not. If this n^w doRtnco lM» ua 
1^ flerUin tltenof; I«i ok ftillow iL" And it waa bi tli« hope of this 
fawirkilgB that Northumbria tnm«d to Chi-istianitf. 

But d>o new r«li([{ot), taaght liy for«j^t-re, hy Panlinus and tbo fol> 
lOf St. Ao^nirtitMi, did not bite ihoro»gli)jr inln thn laugh Xorth-, 
oaWiui nature. With tl>e Engliah the tto of UomI had alwaj:^ hcea 
tufily bindlni;. And tKmr conversion coutd bo worked out by man of 
lUr tnra stock onlr ; iiNnking the ume language and knowing Um 
itria to tonefa if thrj woiild reach the li«krt and make it Ttflpood. 
iUm, Calhtwrt, Hmvhert of I>erw4;>Dt«-at«r, and Hilda of 8trtnnnthah:h 
<M tba real apmtJea of Northtimtirian cnnreraion. Sue when tlw 
MMliy had nnoa hem impregnated with the ideas of the n<-w fitith the 
«W» fiery and rnvNtie ardour of the peo|)le waa poiiT«d into tlie new 
MbU. Bandi' of wandering miBdonariea or soUtAr; preacfai'ni croaned 
b knd ID all direcliona. Momuterif* Iiqian to riae. Hilda builc her 
basoaAbbn- of Whitby; Boisil fonndcH Helran; Bnnedict Biaoop hia 
Ma «octmit« of Wmrmonth and Jarrow. From Rome he brought tlio 
li^pM for hi* church, pirturM for the i«nT<^», iiinjp-rs for liia cl»oir, 
(ooln, ton, for tlie convent library. Eaeb of fais live jonroej-s added 

I wialtli of art or Iit«ratnre to hi* s(«r«. Tbrangfa L'ln life of the 
riaa tin clodicat intimacy waa aitabliafaed between Northumbria 
ud BofBe. Tl>e fervour of religions nal burst bojymd th« bo^indn of 
Ih g huid . Bonifant, the ajMslle of fiermanj. set sail to convert the 
•MntriM nvwly eooqnnwl hy the Franki, and hi« miiwion MAtiom apread 
IhanaiiM uf Britain atntnit A iiptrit of ooemopolitantsm, of oomnMn 
Mtmlkood for all who were inaido of tbo Church, waa created, aod thht 
It p««ihle for Atcwine to pa«a, as he did, from hii cathedral 
I at York to tiie intplW-tTia) trorcmimint of Karl and hia empire. 
And Ma fervour uf ttie religious life led to a (piickcning of the 
■Mhatu a ] life, It was ImpotBible for the KnglUh to stiuljr the language 
1^ Um ipiril nf tba Old IVetament without responding to a temper ao 
■Mar to their own. Tbey rould anawer to the Hebrew hattlc-ory, 
'Mmh, Lord of Horta." Thry oonM sympathise with the ondloaa 
•fc tt larmeL The mysleiry of tlie vallej- of dry bonw was not unin- 
MpMa to tbeBL The pillar of clood by day anil of liiv by night 
ifpAlad U> tbrir own mythologio Instinct, which madu tiiem fadiion 
^Wr aatiait godi ottt of Um fonra of satarcv the summeir tfannAer, \h« 



poww orinud the pmnrorftm. And bo tha ftnt bvBCt of EagUik 
Mug WH bMpind br tb« OU Tnttawml 1I017. Cha fa wa. tii» eemlNid 
■tHDdft*iAlifa«r,fiHlaHdBpotttliaUN«7«tf£nil>Dd (Autad it in 
Um BqgSd tsDgBK. Tlw oonTfBt lifanuiai al» pndaeed thmr san 
nmh. Hm brotUn beouDs studenta fint, and thm tvoed t ham a a lwi 
totliB bodMB of wntaag. B*lc, io the coaveot of Jmov, vtiHit tin 
wdiMt lurtoi7 4tfEiglaiid witfc « ftwtin— 'mmI rigaar of calotB- tfaat 
> italill dtli^tfal to md. Sorilramfam hid Ihm |Mwd boa 
I tluovgh xflUgiOQ to l)t«nUMnL Bat tfa« natiooa] lamrBr HtSl 
MBMioBd as tbo "'^nvn poond opon which tfak UtetaCora waapUntnl, 
and whifih gava its aolonr to the work. This was Um eoad h io n oi tkn 
wnU Into wUeh Akwina wai bom ; and we have nov nMhsd tha 

AJewliM was bom timr York— ft {• i^ cF noble pannts— in tha 
jraar 739, the vnr of Bede's death, tltoogfa va that potnt there i««te 
aoma dotibt. ArchbUiop Bc^ariit had JbondMl a scbool ta g wme t ti n a 
inth Ub tktuda o£ Yatk ; and hen. too. be -waa a&ttiag. after tba 
aeaoer ofBaoedki BiMO|^ the finl ttteat EDgUafa lifanu?-. Alewina 
im aMtt bf hk pareBta to the eathe>iF«l «cbix^ He «w a 
MoaitiTa bc^, giren to aeeiiig Tviooa and Ultti); into traneca. Od»( 
u hia dam was stadyug (be Geopeb, wfaao tbay cuea to the 
whan St. John ia aitting at the Laiat SB|:9er, Alcwine'a e3« doaid ' 
be bU into a tnnoe. He nid, aft«rwan]s, that he had been <anied Up 
en high, and had aeaa the whoto world lyiag at hi« feet, rentlnag in a 
•ea of blood. Such rimcmB wete b; ae aieanir onconnon ; and oniy a 
ahoti tune befure, a brother of Ualiwe had joomejed (hroogh Hh^v 
and Hell ta a ttanoo. Alcwine renailMd at York, atadying ia^ 
lilcarjr, reading the Greek and Latin anthers that be (bud 
ddefij VugQ, who fiudaated him by the beaatf and &^A ef hitl 
ae be had bscinated Bede at Jarrow. In later life Alcwine dwedad < 
att faction tar liis jiupiK He fratod that tfa^ woald fbrsake 
Btadiae to follow Um Koniau. Two of hia aehobrs, whom he 
merdiy reading the poet, received a eevere teptinand ; aod to 
Biabop of Trevoa, he wrote, " I wbh yoa wonld stody the four E» 
gaUata and nut Out tweire .^ooids." Bnt the dread of the " luxti 
■wi acaia Vir^i facundia" waa not the leaolt of aa illibeml aiind 
nndi as of a deeire to k«ep in check the excoadve paaatrm br the ■ 
whidi hU own teaching bad done ao moicb to awakaa. For 
hia devotuD to pagan poeUi did not interfara with an earnest ; 
the Old TestaaHOtaathota. HU writiag been the narks of tbaa»4 
stmliee, and ba owea the richneM of hia opistolaiy atyle ebleSf to bli 
aeqoaintaaoe with tba BiUe. Hia inures; ia iiuinnd I7 ar cofded firan 
the books of Job and Eoclnaiaetea ; or, in ita morw florid pasagee, bf 
the 8aQg of SoBgs. Jerome waa Us nodal ; and the exqtdaito flaronr 
of the ""»'^*'-'' I^tia had aa mneh attsactten for hie Blaeaiy nnan ^l 
tlw grim thaokigy of the Old Testament tied for hia pa tio aal iaattacL^lj 


'Wb«n the office of libnuinn and bcttd of Am aclwot «t York fell 

TMMit in i&fi, LImi ajipuintnuint wm eaafen«d u|>ou Alcvine; uid lui 

bt^an Ui«t Apimaticoahip m a tencher wliicli wrs to Krro huu In mdi 

good «Uad at lb« Frankkb court, und wliicli fitted liim to exoroM tine 

ilt&aeoc9 be dwt upoo thjo course of European le&ming. For fourteen 

jmn he Ubourt<d C|uiclly at Uls poft; nwtbtnng tli« contentn of thft 

Jilitai;, Uid b}-iiig in tlioso storeB of leanung from which he wu to 

mlttidy the exorbiCJuit ApituUto uud ctirioxitjr of Karl. In these Ktudiuu* 

MCOpatioiiB the jvan went by til) Atchbiabop Ecgberbt died, and 

Akvine'K coDl«ra)iotmr]r uid fellow -vtudeut, EudIioU, w«s ciectixl to tli« 

Mu Tba new wchbubop seot Alcwine as his tlclrgatti to Rome, to adc 

&« £atliuia fkoin tbu Popt^ It i.i uuoerUuit u ImUim- Aicwino hul uuidt 

t (nrioas joonie/ to the holy dty in the company of bin old patrott, 

bgWhL lluwevci- (hat tuny bu, thin journey of 7S0-7S1 fornu the 

tonuDg point in Alcwioo'a life ; for on his way back to Eugluid he met 

KkI at Fanun, tuid reoeired aii invitatwti to attach himself to the 

Empoior's couit. 

Akwioe wan Jbrty-fiv« yuora of n^ in tba very prime of his vigour, 
uid foUy matured by his training at York. Iliii fimin an the head 
(J « ffvtX ecoleuustical itchool had already npr«ad boj'ond Britaia- Aitd 
cittuHbuic«« were m happily arranged that, in tbiM niwtiii^ of tho 
pMM C0]>queix>r and tli« gmt(b.t t«aoher of the age, there was koiuo- 
lUii( dmtnatically o])])urttuie. It was tho union of two " noble bar- 
Ivwie" to put lut tad to harhariKm, to amuct tb» loni; declension of 
Enropr, anil to set the nations ouce mor& npoo the upward path. Kavl 
*H ia the middle uf hut mutoorio coursu ncrcen the world's history. 

KfelUdbfgrmtappctileSf intellectual no lees than physical, and a dudie 
nlveoal aurere^ty, he was idundily pursuing the two biaDchea 
U»<areer. On the odo baud, the whole of Europe sewnod n field 
Mloo Tasl for Im military vnterpriw. He did succeed in conquering 
lb larger part of it, and strove to stamp it with the imprees of bin own 
c^Uiisatiori. But all bia etiibombe systvui of centi-alisatlon was doomed 
^ bH and dtnppear with Karl himself. It was out oGT. ns a serpent 
*<t* its ii]ouj{h, leaving £urO[>e fashioned upon its modum linus of 
^*«lopiD«it. The Emperor's work served merely for a shelter from 
'Wa ; and behind this shelter Europe guthered force to follow a counu 
^'^7 ilitrcrctit from that int^-nded by Karl. No lew amliitious woa the 
'^liwar'a attempt to coni^uer tb« world of barluriiint and ignorance) 
*Di la wart his soverdgoty oi'er tho human spiriL It wiu a tank iiuili- 
**Ul7 vaict to atimolato bin •pjwtiti; for doiuintitioii, and he applied 
'■•idf with his wonted fervour to tho work, lie summoned to hia aid 
*b l«unud of isvvry nation : TlieodulF, the Goth ; Leidrad tKoa Gaul; 
''*bl Wamefrid and Fet«r of Pisa from Italy. But his scheme of inl«l- 
^tul re^goniCntMin for Europe wa^ iitill incomplete. The Emperor 
"^MelfcouU not attend to every detail of the eilucational system. It wan 
'^H ^'j ft dirituou of labour and a nubordination of duties that the work 





taoHA be cftrriM to a succeft§ful i§§u«. And K&rl waa still !n MIUA 
ttft fint utiniKtnr of odntvition wh«Q ho met Alcwineitt I'amtit in 76l9 

Alcwtne ncceptod the propooal Ifaeu nude to him, thftt be ^tould 
nndertalM tho direction nf KatI's odiicnUoDAl ecbemc. The two ram 
ngrncd in loyalty t<i their object, but the diflbtvnoe of their tempeia- 
inenl« compelled them to ir^rtrd thnir proxpocU of fiicoeM in diflcroit 
ligbtK. Karl, as s man of action and a greaX conqueror, had anl 
confidence in hin own ability. Tho riiiion of n vwt ompbv, Moun 
foc« o»t*!ide, ba«ed ou a perfect legiaUtive system within, and 
lectually Hupnimi^ and univonuil, intoxicntod bin imnginntion, aod 
Keempd hardly beyond his powers. But the Empei-or was a child in hit 
perception of what wna required to make an age of iiitelleotual gianlK 
On tlilN point Alcwine, the student, the solitAr\', contemplatiro mas, bad 
a jueter view, " It rerta not with you or me," lie aaiJ to Karl, "to 
make of Franco a Christian Athens." Karl, however, bpliered tbnt it 
did rest with him, provided that be could find tlie fitting instntmeDtlv 
and he bad the whole of Europe from whence to draw hix t«ftcb«ra, bi* 
poets, his philoeopliera ; but it was an ignorant and a barbaroua Europe. 
" Oh, had I but twelve clerks as wi§e as Jerome and Augustine I " h» 
cried; aiid Alcwine iinswerud him, "The Lord of Heiiven and Eartta 
liRM not another like to them, and do you call for twelve t " Karl, tli0 
conqueror, hail not the word " imjmssible " in his vooabulaty; Alcwtne, 
the student, knew bow rare and how divine a biid a wise man was. Bu^ 
Ak'winn, with bin Knglisb temper, was loyal though diffident ; willing 
to do all and ezpoct little. And, by one of those ciirioun pieces of irooST 
which biKtory sometimefi dispjayis, the work which especially betongi bo 
Karl, bis conqueata and hix le^bJation, which he believed to be so psr^ 
manent, fell away almost immediately after his death. While tlie wnSc 
which especially belongs to Alcwine, the restoration of tbo classics aacl 
the Knivntion of learning, that work undertaken in difiideiioe almoB^ 
amounting to despair, endured and became the cJiiefest gloi7 tt hi* 
master the Emperor. 

The ditScuHy of the task which Alcwine had undertaken justific^<l 
his doubts of ahioliite f^ucceso:. Learning was nt ita lowest L'hb. Tl>0 
few students who read the classics read them in copies that were cox** 
rupt ; the Latin of tlie aactvd office had, in the mouth of ignonuo'^ 
priests, l^ecome an nnintolligible ^bberish. Nor was there any »pp^' 
ratus ready to Alcwine's haiiil to enable Inm to affront the problein- 
llc was obliged to begin from the very beginning. (.>nn clrcumstanC 
alone he had in his favour, but that waH a circumstauce of ffn^"^ 
moment. An ardent deeire for knowledge pervaded the atmosphere xo 
which he was called to work. Karl hinutelf concentrated the iipirit *>f 
his time, and showed it at its highest power. And the roUmt inl»I' 
leotual a|>petite, the in.satiub!e curiosity, which drove liim pdl-mAM 
tluonf^ all the range of science thai was open to him, found taprmno** 
among bia aubjecta. The age exhibited a for«.glow of that 

^Ucb cbimcUrised tko later rerivAl of l«Brniiif;. It vas a kind of 
" rabe da jour ; " a firal uttempt of the «pirit in thitt (lirocLiun wltioh it 
afterwartb imntwd n vigorooslf in the fifteeoth ceatuiy. 

Relyiuf; upoa thin univetwi] tompnr, u[Km tho impetuous ilebermi- 
Mtion lit tho Kinpn<i>r, and nUo ou his own resolute power of labour, 
Akwine ^pU«d liiinaelf to the vaHouk Jo[>u-tiuiintii of bis work. And 
Hrtunly DO mut ever found a better master to work under than Karl, 
tgrbewssnow a fellow -kbourer with bis luinuttur; now, where need 
*U, a [MticBt piqiil ; and now a powerful sovereign on whose anthoritv 
b Mrva&t mi^ptt rely for rapport Kiirl's political conneelion with 
Borne direct«d his 6rst attontioD to tho reitoration of the church nnd ibi 
wiicta. The I^tin of the Litnrfty wtui corrected, and the Emperor and 
Akrine together tindnrtook a reviKiMi of the sicred bookii. Side by 
idewhh this reetonitjoii of the Bible, a reBtoi-sitioD of the cln^ica was 
hgtm, in which Alcwine took his ehnre by editing the plays of Terenoc. 
An impM-ial decree orduined the fuuudutiou of public sohools on the 
wivl uf York, attncbcd to the gfreat cnthedrala or nhbeys, and under 
>ti« itiperiutendeiun ot the faiiliop or abbot And the Euiperor, with Eia 
^tn Amrr. to centra in himself all the threads of his vast deeigos, 
nqnired from thene bi«hopa or abbots a letter of atewardnhip and an 
Mwuatof tho work done. In one of these rejKirts, Alcwine himself giyw 
uiUK>uat<Jhis work at Tours. The letter ia written JnUis own peculiar 
^ of florid tmagnr^-, and proves tbc width of his acheme aa a teacher. 
^L^Somo of my scholuia," he wijs, "I strive to inebriiite with tbtt old 
^^Wm of ancient dixciptines ; nnd some I pas»onntely deeire to illumiuo 
Ml the order of the stars that ntud the heuveus, as it were the cdltng qf 
UDw mighty lidiiM^ Itut I miss the more exiiuijate l)ooks of scholar^ 
■lup- Let me, therefore, I jiiiiy yon, seud some of my boys to bring to 
nuue the flowcru oF Rritniit, thnt tlin went wind tnayoome and may 
Ho* on the gardens of Loire, iind all their bulmy mloim may fiow out. 
■ • • lu tha morning of my days I sowed good seed in Brit«in. And 
^* my blood runs chtU, und evening di-awH on apaoe, yet I cease not to 
ubuur in Fntnce." In these public Kchool^, besides the Dible and tho 
''■uiu, the boys studied sinking and Uio art of illumination. And 
tbrougik the Echofds of miniaturiate the praetJce uf deei^ wna handed 
'"''ii to the workers in glass ; and from these flawed one of tho piincipal 
t^t^iuna that went to fc«d the great fiood of lliilian [utinting. 

liiit K.^rl dill Dot trust to repoi-bi only, lie sometimeti made a per- 
■"wl inK|«(-tion of hia Nrhook. The monk of Son Oallen has preserved a 
vivij picture of one of these imperial visits. At the close of a lung 
.Nunicy Karl aunn to a seliool which he had established under a certain 
"■^tter named Clements At this school, as at all the others thi-uughout 
we empire, the sonii of noblen and of conimonei-a alike were requtreil to 
*M#nd, (ind no dixtinrlion of birth was allowed to inteifere with tlio 
"ii^ipline of the pupiU Tlie Emperor called all the boj-s to bim and 
""^'^ them mad their exercises. The sons of poor parents liad done 




gW^Mt work, but the vouuk nolil«a bad iii>tluiig at all to fdie«. 
HWrwyo u tho Kmjimor dividtHl tho boyu into two groupe, placing 
indnstrioiia on UU right aiid thft kU« on bfk l«ft. TlieD turning to 
fiicaur bo mid : " I give you thanks, my rhildren, tbst yo hnvo so «< 
answered to my desire, and I will rrwanl yoii." Tbun h« tiirDL-d to 
young nobtos nnd npoke in tuigrr : *' Vou pompovd darlingH, 3roa lw*6 
reliod upon yowr liirtb and your jwiiBeaBionB, and have n«{gl«ct«d ywr 
HtudicM to delight yourselves in Itixniy, and trport, and idlcnnw, or omIm 
games." Then, shaking liis hand on high, "your nobility andbuthtball 
bi' BK uaii^'ht to nio. Uiilis-i you mt^d your wayx, look for no Gareiira 
from Karl." Tho etory, whether ir<ii> or not in its details, bears witaw 
to tbe tborougiincwt of Karl'ft dttt«rtn:iuitioit to mako tirnry on« Icuneti. 
Ho had wen bis aim, and resolved to achi«TO it. With such a tempv 
in bm miutt^r Alcwinc L-ouId never Imve bad to complain of ooldnus M 
want of support. But whether Karl'H great nobles, his fighting iDi>ii nxid 
gBWrnU, relislied baring tbuir lads tiirii«cl iutodo-ks i» j>erhaiia doublfol. 
^Vhstber they relished it or not, tliey were obliged to feign a*>iiunc 
cenn^ not for thcdr Koiia alone, but for thoEDMil\'M lui n-ell. For not only 
did the Emperor eetAblish public schools througbout tbe empliv, but 
inside bin own ]>iila<% Hua (evvr of iimtructioii m^enl more tlian ebewbof: 
It was a part of Al<^ivine's duty to give daily lessons to the court, to tho 
Emperor tiimaelf, to bia aons, his sistors, and bia nobU-s. It must liav» 
bi?«Q a strani^ sight to see those tunazons, the Kmp«rar's daugblos, 
fimli from Uic himting-liold, iitU-udod caob by Iter Iovit: tlte ISmpenr'* 
sons and his mistresses ; all the crowd of a free and warlike courb 
gatbend rotuid the desk where the mantiir tat, ansvreriug (jimtions m 
even? conceivable subject— on the ectipses of the moon ; on the prinand 
pte» of rhetoric ; on tlie gentler of " rubuK," on the distinction betwfd^H 
eternal and immortal : and Karl himself, grimly in onrnest, stimulat-' ' 
ing ntl witli his supembuiiibint vitality ; insisting that tliiK work 
leamng, as well as the otlier of war, of the chase, or of love, shall 
serious and genuine work. Considei- for a moment tbo ]xMiition of tti 
teattber, called apou alone and IVom the wells of his own knowledge tv 
fiintisfy a vast spiritual craving, a know! edgi-- hunger that seeroi'd insa- 
tiable — for this quickening of the curiosity was peifectly genuine in Karl 
bimnlf, and ho im[)OBed bts will on all wbo came witbfn his rencb — U>J 
tlie master himself in tbeir midKt, a wiser but a sadder man tban any «f 
these his vignrous and ravenous puj>ik; with eyes tbat looked lar oofc 
oTffl'aseaof time in which tbts great empire, so vital arotmd biii>» 
seemed but a speck growing ever lees and less upon tbe ocean. 

In this palace school tbey pleased their fancy by talcing fictitk 

. namnni cboaeu from the Bible or the clashes, as the men of tbe 

' lUiuuMance were wont to do. Ale wine called himself Flaccus, 

was named David; olhers bore the nauioe of l*ind&r, Homer, EulaKa^ 

Damoitas. Several instances of Akwine's method in giving bia limODBj 

" disputes " as they were called, renuun to us presei'vcd among his worlcc*^ 




One U of apedal luUroBl. Tlic interlocutors in tku ilidpgiwiHf^AlniM 
hiiDSelf tmd Pipin, son of ICarl. Alcwine askf tho 4)a«B!(RW"«id 
Fi|UQaiis«-o»aftheluMl)M«utaaghl: thus: "A. Wlml be^taa wonH — 
P. The taagOQ, What is the U>nj{ue 1 — ^A scourge of hnms. Wlmt in 
lifet — The joy v( tlie bapp}', the misery of tho wr«tchecl ; a waiting for 
d at t h. What ig dtiith )— An inevitnble issue; a doubtfal t(i;i^(« ; the 
fWr of the lining; the thkf of men. What is the bnuuf— Tho store- 
houne of memoiy. Whit in th« blood ?— Tlie humour of tli« ir«inii. 
What are the veiDs }— The fountains of tli«< fl«ih. What is cold 1 — The 
tenoentor of pUntit, the thtstroyiT of li«Teii. WliAt in mnn t — TIi« iiUve 
(fik«th; a posaiDg way-fnrer ; agucet of his home. Uow is he |)laced f — 
As a lump in a vtind. What in the «artbt — The uniwi-Hat devoucer. 
Vlut is the sen t — The pathway of the biai'o ; the home of rivers ; a 
nfn^trindaogor; ■ delight among plauurea. What isasiileep to a waking 
uaut — IIa[)o." And so 00, qnfsUoD and answer go, running over all 
Imicbes of human iiitcmt. Tliia is the early struggling i>r tlio Hpu-lt (o 
fnq> and un<lprNt«Dd its surroundings, the human intelligence com- 
Boidlif; to vralk, netting out on Its endless voyage of ilisouvery im[ielle<l 
iycnrioMty, And, as in all early efforts of thespiril, a qiuxint mingling 
fi* fottry and aoienco rxuu thntujgli tlio dialogue. The [wetry of the 
*vrU has not yet became atyih ; tho science lias not yet bcoonif foot ; 
Ibttionienof the two are not yet distinguished. And tlie i-agueness, 
'■tiHB, the sadness of some of tli^ee ani:woi-»— Earth, tho univei-sal 
ntmtnr, not the nniverMd molhu' ; Deiith, the uncertain voyage — ikeaa 
*« to ba expected from Alcwine. Tliey ai-o the outcome of bis northem 
tatim, Thetr Doto i> a eommon note in English poetry. 

la thrae UbouK, scholagtic and titemry, Alcwine passed the larger 
put of bis ilaya in Franoe. On his fii at nrrtval there the Emperor hud 
ptpo him the charge of three abbeys, t'cmei r», S. Loup, and S, Joese. 
^ U^ of reforming and governing thise monadteriea proved uo euay 
""^ They were corrupt, " woody brakes of luxury," as Alcwine calls 
•^ ; and the brothwe were given to Ibe pleasures of tho table and ex- 
tav^utee in dnn. They were too wealthy to louiain eimplo, Alc- 
**»• himself, as Abbot of Touiit, had twenty thousauil serfs allaebej to 
"•••lil»y lands, lint Karl attacked the vicesof the monks as vigorously 
■• h» attacked their ignorance. And Alcwine attcd as his ptiuoipal 
^■ptutttr in fmnting and enforcing the " Capittilnrics." No one who 
^^krtl (he Emperor could look for much lei^uie. Aud in addition to 
"■work in Fnuiec, Alcwine was also emplojijd in important foreign 
*«»■ Id 790 be returned to England, as Karl's ambasMdor to Oflk, 
'''^Mercian King. It was a sad Journey for Alcwine, for he found 
■"H bome broken up and the lordship of NoHhiimbria wpidly passing 
*HT fiv ever. Hia eflbrUi to pacify his own countrymen failed, but 
■"nigh bis exortions a war between Karl and Offa was avoided, and 
*gl»iid o^oUated bw first commercial ti-eaty. Sis years later the 
^pcnr presented Alcwine with the Abbey of St. Martin ul Tours; and 


tMtiier be retired to pasa tbe rest i>f liis life in iJirectin^ his inoQ«it4r]r 
■oluwl Rod in compo§iDg his comnnPiiUnes on the Bible, hia espo^tlon 
of tb« Song otBoagi, lu» litutgio uid controveimAl wtn-k*, hia tmntins 
oa rti0torio, grunmar, kud BstroDomy. 

Through nil Utis Diftas of erudittou it h iteetllnw ia folloir AIcwidv. 
Mo«l of it is (lend now, and doroid of intorort. It is ntlier oui- object 
to aee what maimer of inan this courtly life and contact with t}ie gnat 
vorl*! htul \«li htu, how fiir it Imd dortiojrod or modified bis Knglish 
character. And here, olmoet for tbe first time, Atcwine Bpeakn for hun- 
celf in hilt lettura, written cbidly aAnr be hiul rvtimdi to Toun. " Ls 
•tyle o'est I'bomme," saya M. Renan, aud it Is aa mudi in the atylo u in 
the nMtt4!r of ii wriKrr that we catch tbow indications of chai-acter 
which enablo um tu portray a maci. ^Icwiiue himaelf, when apologixiog 
for Uic! iinpcrfoctionii of bis writing, give* ur a gUm])«u of hia inner 
nature which reveola Ui« fervour and paaiioii of bts l«mper. ** It ia tli* 
' Ti^locibwi nnimi,' the swift flight of tbo mind," Iio says, " that makes my 
poll nut WI-0I1);." Bui it it> juBt this " velodUa animi " which gires hil 
■tylo iU ]>ciciiliar chai-ni, its richness and strength of phiuu, aiul its 
variety of imageiy. Wlien be is deeply mored, bis words run and boni 
like firoL Yet it is when 1m is writing p<rMo, not wbon lie ia engaged on 
verse, that bis mind moves moat i^ly and attains ite gimtost swiftnen 
While working in vniw ho is working In fettera ; the i^iunit of 'lAtin 
tradition are upon Itim; tho lyriam of the English spirit finds itself 
iMmpered and confined. In Alcwinc^s baud^ Latin ba<l not attained Its 
medinval fluidity, as of molten gold, whitth nlt«rod its onciont cluinict«r 
aud made it sudi a splendid reliicle for lyi-ical outborats as it become JM 
til* bands of the wandering students. The longaoge was still too H^^H 
iron, and Roman. But no strong wii£ tlus KuxHsb instinct of Ij-rism ^H 
Bede, Alcwino, and tlidr contomjrarsrius, that, though cngetl, they ^H 
attempt to sing. Aud in bjnite of frequent failure these efforts t^H 
intensting to n*, fin- th<'y Ntlung lo Hn: cnrli<v>t moTvuient of tbe En^i^H 
qiifit of BODg. Ferbit{iB the happiest among the many attempts, a^^| 
best, because hix uiind whs mot-ing iiioxl swiftly, in Alowino'a lament ov^H 
hia friend and pupil Oswulf, niekiuuned Cucutoa. spring and Wint^H 
contending fgr the lad, nug an umahoan ode; aud tbe poet crloK— ^H 

Non ptmt CncDtiK Tmiet nb iMnpM* verii ; ^H 

El noliii rtnieni canniiia Ma mt. ^H 

Hw tu>t» cf " Lyddns " rtins throogh the poem ; it is an elegiac <k^| 
tinnt between Th«ocrituK and Milton. ■ ^M 

Ibe fervid spirit of Atcwine attached him warmly to his fneod^l 
Bis letters run over with affection. He turns to friendahlp as a roU^f 
from the native gloom of his tcmpnr. " 1'his age." bo writes, "vl 
racked witli many misHriee ; and there ht no refbfte to hm found ia ll^ 
fave through tlin pity of God and thn loyulty of frirndn." Ovi^ '^H 
piijul Chiwulf, who left him to follow a vicious life, hi> uttors two pi^H 
mionat^t erios in two successive tcttem, entrt»ttug, a^^uring, implovil^H 



kin In Mtnm. Tton In a tlitnl aiul lii-idin- Ixlta- br t-ttwcs liii^ hoKti 
•kl aiMl* it to endure : " I f yoa will go, go I " And Uiia fvrrotir of 
dBAtiaa find* fmiuent «x{)n»xioti in kin poetry. Some linM of hi«, a 
nrflaUi ■cmoAt utt fiiMMleliip, cnlled " Ad nmicutn abeenteim suspiria,'' 
vtku liBg to qinite hi.i«^ nnd il ix iilino.-4 Jinpoaiiyu to prv<ti>r\-« thtt 
McltiflATaur of thb mwliffiml Latin in thn process or translation. 

Uinflin^ with lliu Miulii-e fei-Tuur of lib EngUab toinp«r, tii« 

U> uf sulnPK ulw runs t^rotigli Alcwine'K cimmetcr. Ho dwells on 

MlUnit «!■* tn natiini wllli m much love as on tbe atam. He and 

' ts i'igotli«r wiUcbing tbo movmncnt of thoplaDoto; 

I'- jMili, Rfotiwrque mamntJa i-cgna" tiad ui eodlcM 

•■ him. He warnefl hi« tnonb; uminst tbo injuria wron^^tit 

- !(tai-p in liniut n-titlmi nbove tkeir doruiitory ilour; anil 

■ iojiirioi ia UiLs, thnt ■• Biwp uill rti*** tbn «'y«j*, nnd thoy 

■-po tb" »pln»nUinr« of the Ntnr- illumined sky." With till* 

I ItimjilutioD oaioe the inevitable qiic^ioaiiii; of the unknown 

ItfOit TIh) (-qriovatj of bii« inlellctrt nttiu^kiyl it* confincji, }>roko 

Unntftk its bounds, an<l sluittik before the illimiteble void whicb, by ila 

OTD att it hMii divoramd, and whidi, in Belf-defi-'iwu, it was oc>n)}H-Ucd to 

M^wr -in. And Ali'wine, not tliroii^ hi»t«inper only, tint also 

ifllKVi- :3uA»itct», wnx piHTiilinrly .iiisCf]>tibh* to this sadnc^ of 

Ihi piooMring spirit. For all around him there was a widening of the 

taaan borisnn, and tii tliiit rmult bo Dion tlinn any mitn was ountrl* 

labBg, Smh vpocfas of espansioa miKt alirays he- charged with melan* 

duly fur tbi^ ranli-mplnlivn man. Tli« buuian »q>irtt in ils gruwtli luui 

'^nt its oowr and abnndon«d its slicltor. it fftiU the unwonted aira 

<>al it. Onb of tboae trtmuKe aim anil cliAnxed coiiditiom it will 

"" ' .'rbooiir. But Uint JK for tho(iy«of liiitJi todisopm, and 

•e. Aku'uto. liviiiff St Iho »ery ht«it of ibis niove- 

Inxed at the rliaitiin. He tnnXi DoLgtwp t])0 mijEhty 

- — itf" to be, nor eoufideiilly Immo hii4 liopes npon Uie future. 

Akrwinn was atill Englbli in finipur, forTtil and sombre. Bnt 

nv all Uda, tin groundwork of hia cliaracter, w6 aee an aecumuU- 

IM of wisdom and knowlod^ of tiw world, the oulootno of his long 

mi active Ufd. Hu was nwoi'e uf llie dangers attending liis beatMuig 

and liiiuanlf attarks it in wurtU of wnmiug tliat are as truo 

tboi for ihote whom Dante saw in the foartb divle uf Infvmo. 

.icn ajdi ti ed In C^xint Guy, who winhoit to take with him 

an " focbiridko" on ll»o Virtues ami ViceH. *' Udau- 

:i'wiiiB, "is of two mrts. Thn one healthy, the other 

r i..-.l nelancbolyia liealthy wlicrvb}- we n^M-nt of nn and 

■l 1. Tbn otfaar tori is the melancholy of Uiis worid, whioh 

-la d(W of tbn Miul to death ; which te*a its hand to no good 

wUdi turri&int tbii anul and often drives it into desperation, 

tmi rsfc* it «f all liopu of future guud. From ibis is begotten tnnlicv, 

— •- - cDvan] honn, sonmeH, and do^iir." And apmkiug at tW 

tiriu—m, STT. g. 




in f^te 01 
io learoflli 

iBiiaaAcilf, Alewine «lfen » diigDMb of to «uwi dnva ftan 

the obMrtBtioa of htiBi«IC "Tlicn ii this diflcrran^" be ann, " twtwent 

the cteroU and the tenpaml MMe : UuU tn lln Ule we love end deein 

vba T» hkv* nflt; in Um next we diall Icree wl»t we hnve heetnae we 

hare it." Thk M, Ibr him, the hkimag ot bnnn. Wliai Aknrine 

mtflmd from, wbat nil people nwt i^nfBT ^DOt wbo livn at a pvriod i;^ 

intoUiKtual grnwUi and are alhni to iU imfiolw. wna tfai? dusiR of tfae 

ODatCatnahin, which is the wiy growing pain of the Fpirit, wiUiont 

«Uc4i U wimld tu)t ii)on>. " BI«ain] in ba wbo eoBTtrta neoearity into 

BiMdy will." This in Alcwine's t«m«dy; hia atataOMnt of tme ftntdon, 

mB wu Daniel after him. " In U ma Tolontade h noetn paoeL" 

Tbie wwi tbo d«Bnte instrumeDt that Karl empk^wd to porfo 

achetne of intcllodnal numeration. Bst with the rvmonekM i 

of a KT«Bt graias, who aacrificee all to the ohject he bus in Tie^,1 

Empcmr wim< out liiic MirTwit. Soon after mMhing^ Toura, Al 

tiegaa to ooiaptaiu of failuiK faealtli, and begged to be relieved of I 

rlntim. But Knrl wonid not oonspnt. He wijdMNi to toku AJew 

with him to Rome to be |wineut at )m oorooation in 801. in f^te of 

all the RiiiiHTur'* inKiHtrnc, howovcr, bLt minbler nfbscd to 

"sm'iky rr->ofsof Toiira for all thegohlen pelners of Rome." 

atill bopo) lo wUim to Englnnd, and to be boried at York. " yei**" 

forg^ me as I shall not forget j-oo, be it in life or ilntth," he wrote to 

the Imotlicr!! tlwiv. " And it nuiv ho thai God wQl hare pity on RM^ 

■0 that in Ids <AA age you may bary htm w1mn<o >'oi]th you 

And aheold another rcEittng-placo bo ordtined for tbiK my body,; 

ihrongh God's grace, I txvn my muI may he gmntnd r««t with ya 

But it wan not to hi*. Jfe never law EugbuMl n^pun. TIm cm! of \ 

life's labour had come ; bo was to embark on n vojage not for 

bat for that mom diniant (vnintry to whoso bourn )iii> c^fa hail 

often tumod. lie died at Toan ou the day of IVntwcet, Mny 19, \ 

after a few diiya fever. 

Oar chiof interest in Alcwine htis kin in tlM> coDsideration of bii 
ono of the fint gttnX Kitglinhmcn ; in nhfl(ir\'tng.th4! Ktrong cfan 
(Even to him by the circumfctiincea of his birtli, and bow that cl 
tWDAUMxl pvminnrnt. But Alcwino wns mom ihnn a gmit Kngliahmi 
his naioe belongB to Enropean btstotr. It is singular that of all tiw 
{tecra^ of warriom wbo Kurronmlod Karl, tliat pecm^ wbirh iosptrwl 
BO deep a xmtimcnt of romance, baidly one name exoqit the naawof 
Boland nmiTi-s in ony sut)H-ntK- coutrtnpumiy- reoord. The peenge of 
lettcss has bred better ; the Funtarabbia of Time has dealt more tenderly 
witJi thorn. Alewine and 'nioodutf, an<l T.«idrad and Kginluud, stiU 
stand out in comp<Lratir« clearaesa through the dim, half.light of thai 
early dawn. Of th«Mi figunw, by far the mo«t distinguished in thnt-t£, 
Akwin« ; nod it is ni>t too much to uiy of him that " ho vavn (ho fifl^B 
nnd »o«t active intcUeot of tb« ci^htli oentut^' i>(lnr K nrl hinuudfl" ^| 

II. F. -B. H 


S^^e ^ibimtis ^oi). 


finu >• nBicUnng rnmu-lalilo, aiut not llxttning to hunmn sngacityi 
>i lb partodlwl re«un«ot*oo of MpenUtloua. Hoiiw«, fi>r exAmi>l«^ go 
« hsn( " baunUid " in eoantry districU, nnd no odncatod m*a notices 
(W BRsatstA&ce. Tbiea com«s a ckm like Uiat of the Bnunmer of 
MwcrtL, DT tlie Cock Imne Ghost, uid aodtty u dwply moTod, philo- 
*t^«n plunge into oontvorersy, and be who grufae amoim: tbe dusl;^ 
tnebof tlie i<wi finds a worti) of fugitiw literatoreon forgottnt bo^ee. 
Qain mom untoaclied bj humuD hands, aiid tatilM w»lk about in 
)mAj eutloi of Skvoj, sod no onii murks tlwcn, till n daj* comen whfla 
lb foTTiitura of aotne Ametinui cottAf^ b simJlaHjr »fllict«d, and tben 
Be«r nd%ion a boaod r-n tho phrnom&non. Thi- Intent rcrival 
bill belM& ia tiiat in the divininf; r<Kt. "Our liberal shvphrrdH 
it a JHtrUr namv," and m do oar oonfcrvAtive peasants, calling the 
*rad of Jatob ' the •■ twig." To •' work the twJR " is rural Kn^ttah for 
oaft (/ Don>ter*wtvel !n tli« AHliqnary, and pnrbiipn from this 
mm alaag ezpraauon to " twt);,'' or divine, the biddeo tneuuDS' of 
lUceot oorraipondcnco in tb« now^pa{>cni has proTod that, 
^US TCT may bo ih* troth aboul tho " ting." Mief in its powei-a is (rtill 
fsvraJntt. Il4a|i«citnbl« pwipln nm not imbamM to licar Kgood 
%a its nibrwruloaa |Mwcr8 of di-tr<-Uug .-iirinpi of «iitvr and mcret 
It bi habjtiully uskI by then minon in thf> Mradipe, aa Mr. 
fixEnd t«n y«an Ago; and forked huzvl divining nxia from 
Vmdip* on a rvoogoiaed part of vlhnologiml coUodtoaa. There are 
I (/ Inraati^tinji; (he facta or fancies aboni the nxL One ta to 
it in ita ai-tunl Dperntion — * tank of eonaidcTaUa labour, which 
4MbUcM be undertaken bv tlie Sodety for Pt^cbicul Kc«euiTli; tbe 
', MiA asaifir, way ta tn atuily the appearanoM <it tho dirtning wand 
b Will J, and that ia what we propose to do in this article. 
Wbn « snparatittnn or IwliKf ia widi'ly rpn^d in EurOfie, na the Gutfa 
dtvinbiK rod anrtainly ia (in (lermauy rods aro bidden nader Inbiee* 
wheii they ojri haptbed), wfi naturally oxpfx-t to find tmcts of it 
tiniM and amoai; aavafnea all over tbe modeni world. 1^ us 
bat mtmia a very similar oxamplr. I'horo is a mogioJ instrumnit 
fi* ~ ))»eoe of thin, flat wood tied to a tbonf; — which, 

'kM^i .'.prodncsit a Strang wnse, a compound of roar and 

turtminenl ia nered nmonK the iMtivea of Auatratia, where 

-" Mrirr Uw men, and to frighten away the womCnfrom 

1 of th« nuliM. The Bame iuiftrnmcnt ix used tor 
mm ia 2iew Nudeo^ aad ia South Africn and New ZenWd 

El— » 



THB DrnmNG rod. 

^■faxt* 0/ thtf world very wi^lelj dtctnnt from each oUmi 
hy very dirarge nem. It hu al^o 1)MU Intoly diworcred 1 
uavd tku to>', which Um]? aillod {^'f,^t, in tlw MysteriM of Dionjuii, 
Mkd pOMiUy it nuy be idfutiMl with th« miftlica vannut laecki (Virgil, 
Omoryta, i. ll>$). Tlie oonclnnoo dntwn hy tha trUmologist is tliat t]ia 
object, called TumJtat bj Ute AusttBliana, i* « very enrlf tHvm^ in- 
tgdUoo, prolMlily <I!itmr(!rol nii<l applied b> nligioos pnqwees in \-uioat 
aepante oeolree, and tvuinutl IVom th« age of t^ngay in tlio ntjitiftj 
ritea of GrAulot aod porbapa of RomaDS. Well, do we fiad Mij 
MialogouH io the caao of the diviaiiig rod I 

Fnttiro rraxttrchea may incrcnse oor knowledge, but at present lit 
notkim b known of the diYining rod in clMainl ag», and not very mg 
{tbongh that little is significatit) among aodTiliBed rao«e. It is 1 
that in all coontnen rods or wands, the lAtin virga, havo a 
power. Virgil abtaJDcd his mediaeval repute ns a wizard beoanaa 
name was crroaeausly Donnedvd with virgula, the magic wand. 
we <Io not actually. know that the nnci«nt wand of the eodwuitreeB ( 
in ITomn', or the wand of ITcnniit, wiw nsvd, like the divinii^ 
indicate the wlier««bouts of hidden wealth or water. In the Ho 
hyntn to llortnce (line 529), Apollo tbiut dcecribw tlie oaJu^iu, or ' 
of Hennee : " ThemAer will 1 give thee a lovely wend of wealth 1 
ricbesi, a goldi-ii wand with tbrtie lt«vM, which ahoU keep thee 
tiuhai-tned." lu later art this wand, or cndiuxuf, is usually eotorii 
with etirpenta ; but on one vaae, at least, the wand of IXenaes b umg 
the forked twig of our rostic minora and wat«n--findcrK. The samel 
is found on on imgrat'ed Etruaoan minor.* Kow, was a wand of ' 
form used in clas^cal times to discov«r bidden objects of value I 
wands were used by Scjtbiam and Genoans in vrHous methods { 
oastlng lota is certain ; bat that b not the same tiling aa th« wo 
dS the twig. Cicero sjieaks of a IsUed wand by which weiiltii can I 
prooored; but be says noUiing of the nHtbod of it^ use, and 
was only thinking of the rod of Heimee, as deseriled in the . 
kj-mn idiubdy quoted. Thero was a Itoniaa play, by Vorro^ 
Yirgula Dinna ; bat it i$ lost, and throws no light on the snbjecL 
posMage usually qnotod from Seneca has no more to do with tbe dit 
rod tban with tlio ti^leiihone. Pliny is a writer exti«mely fond of 1 
vela; yet when be dcecribnw the Tiu-iiiuii mtxliw of Boding wdls of ^ 
Iw KuyM botliiiig aboat the divining wand. The isolated t«xts 
Scripture whidi ore usually referred to cjeorly indicHte waods 
diiEBrenl sort, if we except UoaeA iv. 13, the passage used as matte I 
tlie author of iMtre* ijui tUctouviftU tUbuion il«t PkUawpfta t"f ' 
SagvHU {\fi^^). This text is translated in our Dible, " Hy pcopla a 
counsel at thdr stoclo^ and tkeir atqff dtdareih ttiito t/mm." Hov, 
have hero no tt^erence to the eeaurch for wells and oiiueimls, but !■ | 
form of divination for which the modem twig bas ceM^d to be npp 

* PtdUr, Auff 



EngLand people dm the wui4 to find water, km not to givo 
■ to iiulJinle thiavM or murdiiren; IhiI, iui wo eball uv, Ihr 
rod ba* boBD naj much used for Uiese purpoaefi witliui tbo ImA tbroe 
iMtiirifi This lirinp mt to tbn moral powont of tliB twig ; and bero 
*• bad «oau) MUMancw ui our iuijiuiy fi^ia the praotioea of tmciTiliaod 
■■K la ITIU JoliD lloll wsa IravcUiDg merosi Aai« ; h« fell in with 
a ttsBini laarajia&lt wtio told hiiu of » ciutom common among tbc 
M ^ B go l Pi TImi Itumdan hiul loot cltIiuii pieoo* of cloth, nhich were 
•liiin oat «f iiif tenL The Kutucbtu Lama otdcred tho |tro|i«- at^s 
lu W tktEu to God out the thief. " One of tho lMua» took a beueh 
•ith finir fwfc, umI alier turning it in sevetal direc&ioiut, at hut it ]xiintod 
'imtl; lu tliM tant vbeav Uw stolen gooda u-oni coucaaled. Tine Luiun 
on iiiount«d actum the bench, and aoon earned it, or, ait wu conmionly 
Uwed, it carried him, to the vei? tent, whom bo ordered the daniaak 
to ha pnalured. The demand wm diroctJy ouniphod with ; (or it is rain 
■ neb a»m» to ofir any exeuae." * Here we Imvo doI a wand, indeed, 
hat a voodea object which tnrnod in the direction, not uf water or 
■iivala, bat of homan guilu A better in&lnnoo ia given b; the Kev. 
n. Rowley, in Ilia aooo<int of tb» Maiiganja. f A thiuf liad atolen tooio 
na. Thn medicine-maa, or aareerar, produnU two Micki), which he 
|it« to lour jroong man, two holding eudi btiok. The mediciae-man 
AHad asd aaog a magloal incantaljou, while a aebra-tail and a lattJe 
*wv tfaakeD over tho holdera of th« uticlu. " After a whila^ Uw nun 
*ith ibu ataeka had apaamodio twitcbtnga of the anna and legs ; tlieae 
haiiaad nearly to ooaTtdawOE. . . . Acoordiog to the nativa idaa, it 
aai Ht 4ticiu ithiJt inrtf fio t te aed primnrily, and through tbeni Uie 
■■, m(c it'uU AitrJIy hobi ihfm. The atleka whirled and draggul tho 
[JH nxrad and round like mad, through iMafa and thorny ahnib, and 
^Hp wnrj ohatade ; nothing ittopped them ; thetr bodice were totn and 
^^kfing. At but they came back to the aaanmbly, whirled round again, 
^^P raidiad down the path to fall pnnling and azhaiiated in the hut of 
'^ of a chief 'a wina. Tlie atic^ rolling to her very foct, denounced 
W «» a thieC Sbo denkid it ; hut the medicine-man answered, ' Tbc 
^aat baa dMland hnr guilty ; tiie spirit oerer lies.' " Tho woman, how- 
•w, waa avqaittad, after a proxy trial by onleal : a cock, naed as her 
pny. tfantw np tha wiutr^ or ordeal -poiaon. 

Bk« thn points to be noted are, firet, tho violent momment of tbu 

>iiA»i which the men eould lunlly hold ; next, the jthj'aical ablation of 

lb wm. TImi form«T potul in illuidrated by the Gonfttaiou of a civil 

mtoaar writing in tho TViimw. Tliia gmlleBuui bod seen the rod mo- 

■sAiHy osmI for water ; he waa ask«d to try it himaolf, and he do- 

that it thnulil not twist in hU luuuLt " if an ocmui ixillcd iindar 

Twtai, it did, however, in ^rite of all bis odbrta to bold it, 

<ama abuTfl a cuncoalod spring. Anothur (ixample bt tjootod in 

. TiL33T. 


TUE DnmnsQ rod. 

tfce QuatUi^ Bewtm^ toL xxii. p. 374. A DAirator, In whom the 
had " iiB|4idt oonfidmoc," aumtiona how, when « ladj fadd thn twig 
mtt ft hidden wdl, " th« twig tamed aa quick as to aoap, ImMkins DMr 
her fingcf^" Thnu smiim to b» no indiacretion in M>jiag, >« the alal*- 
ttmt haa cftau beui printed befcn, thai tbi- lady spoktit cf in lb» 
Qttartrrly Ktvina «st Irf^ Uilbitnlrai mother of tho wifn of Bynm. Dr. 
HutUoi, tho gBokglat, is qiiot«d oa & witiuat of her aaecM» iu the aeanh | 
for iTAter with the diviaing rod. Ilo aaya that, in tui experiineot Ktj 
Woolwiob, " th« twi^ twiat«d thciutdvcs off balow her fingera, wUch : 
TO* oonaidcntbly iiMknted bjr ao bnibly boldiuK the roda between | 
than.* Kext, the violant ncitnmeDt of the four jonng men of ikm 
Maogaiya is pendleled by the phxeical expmenoe <if the lady quot«d in 
tho QuarUety lUvit^p. " A dpgice of agitation wax riHblii in bar Uo^ 
when Eh« firet mado tho esperimenl; she says this agitation was great *' 
when Kho Gnrt kcgiui to praoti«e tbo art, or whauror wo aiu to eaU iL 
Affaiu, in Lrltrtt jm dieottvretU fiUunon (p. 03), we read 
Ayuiar (who diaoovetvd tho Lyona intadOTer in 1G9^) •« ftti 
ftela gnutJy ii^tatdd — wbeo be oomea on that of whidi be is in 
Ou page d7 «^ the »mo volume, the body of tbo man who ho)' 
difining rod is deeeribed m " violently agitated." When Aymar 
tho room where the murder, to be described later, vm comniittnl, 
poise nee as if be were in a burning (erer, and the wiind tumnl rapUlf 
in his hands" {Ltlirft, p. 107). But the moet singular pamllol to tiB 
pcdbrmaaee of tho African winrd must lie quoted &om a curiom 
pam|ihlot alceady refeiTod to, a tmosblion of the ol<] Prvnch Vrtyt il^ 
Jawh, written, uutotaMd, aod pubtUned by a Mr. Iliomafl Wi 
Ur. \\'vlton MNxn to bavo been % believer in mamarinD, animal 
netism, and stmllar doattinea, but the eaincidcnoe of hie ilory wli 
of tho African aomrer is none tbo \em rcmarkablo. It is a 
which must ahnott oMiainly be ■* undes^iaed." Mr. Welton'a vifft| 
what modom occult pbiloet^era call a " Ijensilivo.'' In 18o1 , h« 
her to tty an eiperimenc with the rod in a garden, and seut a 
Mirvant to bring " a ecrtain etid: that stood behind the parlour 
In great terror she brought It (o the garden, her hand firmly oli 
on the stick, nor could iho let it go. ..." Theetick w«igiren 
WeltoQ, " and it drew ber with v^ty oosuiderable fone to near] 
centre of tbo garden, to «. bed of poppice, whore sbo stopped." 
water w-aa found, and tbo gardener, who had gtTBn Op his leaae »a 
was DO well in the garden, had the lease reoewod. 

W« liave tliuK i^videnoe to «1iow (and mndt more might ba 
that the boliof in the divining rod, or in analogous itistrumctitii, is 
ootiliitnd lo llic Kumpean rsotti. The supcnrtition, or wbat»ver we 
to cftll it, produces the hubo efltects of physical agitation, and the us* 

* Qnolad in "Jacob'i Btid": LDnikava.d., a tnoslstun ^l* Ftrgtt 
Zjtm. 1S93. 



Ifci fiMi ia acwm p Mund witit nihuIm- |>h«iiom«iit uaong Mongols, li^lisli 

If [ihi, FnttMihiB«n, «uil tfao natiTeii of L'e<ntT&l Africa. Tho same ooin- 

■daew mn ftNitid in almoat all MnpcntitKiuH pnctiow, and in tbo tdTootji 

of Ui«* pnotioH on belwven. Tbo Chineee uso a rorm of ;>/aNC&fUtf, 

«Mab ia half « dintung rod— a hrancli of titc pnu-h trm; and "Bjnritu- 

kllnk " if mon Uian tkroe-quartcn of the i^eli^ion ot mort eava^ tribes, 

^■■aci^toiu* baitift muru ioiiinwMvt! tliiuianj^tliingtlioeiviliwd Sludge 

m a4far hi« craditknu p«troo& tVom tJi«ce beta diflbnnt people draw 

Mw wtt iabnuom. ht&prm My that tlu) wido cUstribution of their 

fcwiiuito mytbaim Lh a proof that " tbeir« is someiluuK >■> tUeni.'* The 

teitelooa look on our modem " twigs," and tnming-tnblM, and gboKt 

■ nwa " iRinriTmlM " from (he ilage of an-nga onltore, or wuitof 

when the fiuioy of ludf-starved man wsm active and his rataoa 


Tka gnat authority for the modem histoid of the divining rod is a 
vorfc fMiUiiliMl by U. C'ImviciuI, iti Pariit, in 1854. K. Clievtetiil, 
[WlhiMr with tmtb, ngwdad the wand as much on a per with the 
ming-tdble*, whidi, in 1^4, Bttract«d > good deal of attontioo. Ho 
Uw topic hiatoricaliy, and his Ikk^, with a few acceomblo A«ncb 
and lattom of the MventMitith imtiin,-, miutt hara bo our gnid«. 
k good deal tt U. CbeviwiU'B leaming, ii ahould be nud, b reproduced 
b }ijr. lUriag Uonkfa CHrwu^ MyOui of tJt* MitUU Ag«t, bat the Pit»)ch 
itor M Boeh more eKhamrttre in his tnatoent of the ttypic. U. 
Cheiwuil conld find no oariler book on the twig than the Ttttamtnt du 
Mr* Aim/ Ko^mIm,* botjr man wbofiourub«d(the twig)about Ui:t; 
iBtwbowtraatiaiipaBiiblyapocryplial. Aoeotdiag to Ban] Valentin, tho 
tvtg WM ngaided with awe by ignorant labouring nneo, which issUl) true. 
ftmdwM, tjKiu^ he bu a nfmtalion for magical daring, thought the 
W of tiw twig " niwcrtain and oolawftil ; " and Agrioola, in hia J)e He 
HitaOia* {1M6) expraaeH a good deal of accpticiHm abmit tlie oae of the 
■ad in '"■"■"g A cmvriler of 1554 found that the wixnd was not used — 
okd thianama tohaveaurpriwdliim— in tho mincaof Hacfdonia. Moat 
H iLa writara of tbo aiztMntb century aooouoted fur the turning o^ the 
nd by " ^ni|tttliy," wkioh wna then as fiLvotiritii nn oxpknation of every- 
Um$ aa wolalkii is to-day. In lij^O th« Barou de Beau SoleiJ of 
Mmbib (hia oame Hmnds rather Bohemian) came to Knuice with hia 
wih, and made nncfa use of the rod in ibe seareh for water and minarala. 
1W Oumam wmtn a little Tulnnaa on the aatgeetr aHerwards reprinted 
ta a gi^t etorefaoDse of tliia lorv, /^ PAymgiM Oecttlu, of Tallemont. 
PialiM , a JBBait, madn oxperimnntK which came U> nothing ; but G>ui- 
pai MuHt, A loamiHl writer, cautiously declined to aay that the Deyil 
«wal«<iyi ** at the bottom of it" when the rod tnmml sticoenfully. 
Si IMihlain iif the rod waH placed before our own Koyal Society by 
kifH *" If'i'Qi bat the Society WHa nub more Nuoeneirul hon than in 
fc«liii( with tlw philoBOphical difficulty proposed by Charted XI. In 
Ifla bv Haint Rottudn, deaerting the old Jiypotheeia of aeet«t " vym^ar-] 



Uiied," iiX[)liunc<l thti motion of tlic rod (supposing it to more) by die 
nation of corptismlf». From thiH tiino Ibo qtuntion beouiM) th* pUjiog 
ground of tlm Onrti'Hian lunl otticr pliiloeophers. The BtrugRlo wm be- 
tween theories of " atoma," wafrm^liam, " coriwuwiil ex,' VI pctric effluvia, mti 
no forth, on onn fide, ■»<! the immcdinlo action of <l<iTtlji, or of ooosoon 
impoftturo, ou tha other. Tliu coalTOVtny, coiDparslivclj- nimple n leog 
fts the rod only indicated bidden wtiter ov minerals, was oomplti»t«d bjr 
the revival of the mvage disoovery (hut thn wnnd <xiiild "komiII o«t" 
moni\ otfencai. As long m the tan'p tiii-ned oitt nintoriaJ objects, ron 
could inniKino KympntliiM Kid "pfUiivia" nt jileiunirtt. But w)i<.-n tb 
wand twirled ovm- th« Kc^'nt' of anttirdeir, or drngg«d thscx]>ertfeftertfci 
tnuiM of Uie culprit, fVeah eiplaimtionH w«rc wiinted. Ijo Bnin wn4e 
to MalebraODhe on Jnly 8, l)f89, to t<01 him that the wuid only tun«i 
over wimt the holik-r linJ tbi? intenlion of diaooveriiiK.* If he i»iit 
following ft murderer, tbo wnnd gooH-nntiircdly rafuMd to distract tarn 
by tumiDg over biddtui water. On the other hand, Valtemont mya Halt 
when a pe&eant was Uding the wAnd to find water, it tamed over a tptA 
in ft wiioil whei* a murdered womAii wa> buried, (witl it oondnolrd tin 
peaaant to tlip miirderei*';) houjw. These ovonts seam incouaiatent «ritli 
Ix! IJriin's theory of intmliun. Mulebiunche replied, in vfToct, that be 
had only hcai'd of the turning of tho wand ovor water And miiterali; 
that it them turned (if turn it did) by virtue of KOmc such force w 
iiWtritity ; lliat, if auch force cxiatml, tl)C wand would turn otw open 
water. But it does not so tnm ; and, an jihyHicnl pjuims are constant, il 
follow* that the turning of the i-od cannot bo the result of a phi'scai 
canao. The only other esplnnation \# an intellignit eanse— enther the vil! 
of an impoNlor, or the action of a Hpirit. Oood (i|>iritA would not tnediUs 
with such matters ; thei-eforo eithrr the I^vil or an iropontor caOMt lb« 
motion of ihu rod, if it t/ocr move at all. This lof^le U not agreeable h> 
believers in the twig; bnt thero the contrt)\-i(!TRy stood, till, in 1(92, 
Jacqaea Aymar, a peuMint of Dauphin^, by the use of the twig diwxiT«l«I 
^0 of the Lyorns mnrilprers. 

Tho >tory of tliia suigtilar event has recently l)een told, but innccumfel;. 
And on the authotity of a seconil'hiind <x>tnpiliition, in the St. Jmut'f 
Gaetttf. Though the aneedole ia jn-etly well known, it imott ban l» 
briefly repeated. Ko afTnir <nn lie luTtti-r authimtimtcd, and our luiim 
14 abridged from the Krtntiong of "Monsieur le Procureur da R^ w 
Monsieur ]'AI>h^ do la tiarde. Monsieur Banthot, Dciyen des lAiiiess^ 
de Lyon, and Jtonsieiir Aulwi-t, Avocat oilibre." 

On July S, Ifi93, a vintner and his wife were found dead indi^ 
cellar of their shop at Lyons. They had been killed bv blowa fiOB ^* 
hedging- knife, and their nionny hud been stolen. The culprits «J** 
not be discovered, and n nt-ighbuur took upon him to bring tol^** 
a peasant out of Banpbine, nsimed .rneijuea Aymar, a man noted forb»* 
skill with the divining rod. The Licutenant-Urimjpel and the Prociii ****' 

• LettM4 tw ta lS.igii4i(t-, j-p. lOfl-l IS. 



ia Rfli look Ajrmsr into Uui cdlnr, foTTiUhing liiia with it rod ot Ui6 

fnt vaod that caiitii to tiujid. According to the Frocureur da Itoi, thn 

lui Ad not nmra till Aymar n^icbnl tlin very r^nt wliero tiio <:ritn« had 

Umi ivBiitiittAd. IftH inilM lh«D row, *nd tbe wand twisted rnpqdly. 

'Utxkhxl hj Iho w»n>l nr by Miaa int«rTUil Huiuuttton," Aymar now ibilowfid 

Ite uck of the aaMffiins. «nt«i«d tha court of tbo Archbishop'B jmIacb, 

Irft Uw lawn liy tliB twidgs orcr U>u RJwne, and fullovti<d th« rij|lit bkiik 

i/lhe rivor. He raiohMl a ganloner'* bouse, wliich tie drclarrd tb« men 

^ natflml, and mm« cbtldivn oonfvMud tbal three tn«n (icAom iJi^y 

JMwJUrf) bad MiiBo into the hou»c ont^ Sunday morning. Ax'miU' 

faUgwd Ihn Umek np tbe river, {loinled uttt all ib» ]iIim»i wbivn^ the 

Mn bad bnuJail, and, to makn a lung gtory short. sto|ip(id nl but nl tho 

Iht o( tfa* pruan (if Beanoairft. lie «ra« admiltMl, koked ut Uifl 

pvum, ami jitcbed wit ns tba munkrir n littl« buni'hback (had tlio 

Aikbra dvcrib«d a bnnobbaokt) who bail juat been broiiftbt in for a 

■iU Ibaft. Th» hnncfaback wax taL-cD to Lyons, and ho wa« raoogniMid, 

m Ibc way, by tiie {leoide at all lti« blaj^m ubere bo had utopped. At 

ba waa Mcsmtiml in tbo nsunl roannn-, and eaafimeA that ho bad 

an acBomplioe in tbe erimo. and Iiad guarded tbe door. Aymar pur- 

Uta otkar ciilprita to tbe oowt, followed tbem by mm, landod wbora 

kkd buided, and only d«sietoH from his search wbon they crowed 

IW booXin. Am far tbo bnudibftdc, be was broken on lli« u-bcol, being 

■oicBUMd on his own eaufankw. It doM iwt appear that be was put 

t* lbs lortni* tu nwka blm oonfeH. If tbiahadbeendomobiaadmueionw 

o[ ooone, bavo bom as raladeM na tbom of tbe vieUnu in triaU 


lUt ia, in brief, tfa» biatovy of tbe fainou* Lyona miirdera. It munt 
b«bM tbat many experiiiwnti were mado witli Aymar in Pai-is, and 
Um tbt^ wera all fiultuw. Ho fdl into erery trap that waa aet tar 
hm; J-f*-*— ' ttdavM wbo were innooeot, failed to dat«ct iho guilty, 
4irf tBTnled sbntd exconm; alleging, lor example, tliat tbi> rod would 
iadkato a munlMvr wbo had coofoH'^l, or wbo wrh drank when he 
hia mino. TbuMi exoima acctn to annibilato Ibc wild 
HkaBpnntry llttoij of Cbauvin and otherv, tbal Iho lx>dy of a mur- 
4nT ■atorally cxbalo* an iuviiulile matUre mMi)«-tJ)v>— .peculiar indo- 
rirvttl^ atouB, wbbib may bo del«ct«d by the expert with tbe rod. 
iiiiallili>|. Ukn tba nmr tbuory, wo beUcve, biw bnnii nacd to expliun the 
pta wl ad pbmutDwa of hauntod bouae*. But tk« wilOent pbiloEO|)bi(x] 
mlality ia at^^Brod by a Tnatiire Htenririire which is disengagad br 
' ■ 'ly of a Mibin-. but not iiy that nf an intoxicated, mnrdorar, wbicb 
' . f» ti!iui«ita ill tbcair, lUideaduroafor many yoare, hut iadiaaipated 
Um oHinMit tbo murdotw oonfanaa. BnlMivon in Aymar hare oonjw 
tand that bia real pewen wera destroyed by tbe exotcntenta of j^ia, 
•od Ibat bo took to impoaturo ; but tbia in an eAort of too may good- 
oaMm. V :]<«ni)nt defended Aymar (16:i3)in tbo book called 

%>••; . ,bodecbuvd tfaat Aymar wan pbyaicnUy ufTect«<i \A 



Ul saplMnnt aztent bj maiiire Tjuta-lriere. but waa not IhiM ^M 
vbeti bo lucd tho nxl to disoorar mJiMTitls. Wo haro com .^H 
modern evjdene* can bo truatod, holileis uf the rod are <3eei^M 
modi agitated ens vhan tluQr are only in March of woUm. I^HI 
9v« nM to a pcoloDged oontnveny, and the aa» nmaiiis a jodi 
pimie, bat Uttlo oJocadatod by thn ooofaaioa of the hunohbaai^H 
ttt»y have bem inaane, or morbid, or wearied by cunslant <jtMi^| 
till ho waK tind of hia lifv. Il« was oaly tunvtmn year* of a^ 

llie DMLt OM of tlie rod was veiy much Itko tliat of " tipping " i 
taming tablm. Kxprrts lipid it (an did L» Pi-ro Mcneetjier, Itt 
qnostioiui u'ctu aidced, and tbu vand aoawend by tttmingln dH 
dlreotiooa. Uy way of showing the ioconmeteoi^ of all phihMO|^H 
the wand, it may be tnid that one girl fonnd it tunll^l ovnr oonoealed ^ 
if aim boM gold in her hand, whilo anothor found Uiat it indicated 
inetohi ao long na nho did not carry gold with Iwir in thu quest. In 
wanliforwater,ecGleaAStioawefoparticalarlyfoDdofufiing the rod. ' 
Har&ha) de Boofflura doj; many walla, and Iband no water, on tJio ii 
oa&ooa of a rod in the faanda of Ura IVitnir do Dotoiio, noar Oaiaei 
1700 a Cut4, near Toulouae, used the waod to aoswar qucxtiomc, whi 
Like ptantAelu, it ofton answered wrong. The gnaX 9ourci^r, or wa 
finder of the oightoenth cenltm,-, was one lUcton. Ho dcdanid 4^| 
rod was a men index, and that physical aensations of the aearohJI 
municatod tbomaelveH to the wand. Tht* i* the rorone of tha AAi 
tfaeoiy, that the stick is inspirod, whOe tho men who held it ar« o 
infinonced by the ktick. On the whole, Bleton'a idea aeems the ] 
abanrd, but Bleton bimwif oflon failed when watched with adlB 
care by tho incrednloua. Ponimelle, who wroloon mctboda of JhujuW 
weihi, in 1^66, came to the oonolusion that the wand tuma la 
hands of certain individuaU of peculiar temponunoat, and that it is 
much II matterof chance whathorthno an\or are tkot, wells in tho pla 
where it ttinia. 

On tho whole, the ovidociM for the tominf; of the wand ia a ahi 
better than that for the magical turning of taUoi^ If there are 
pbeoomcna of thia sort at all, it Ja remarfcabli- tliat the bti'liuf in th 
b ao widdy diffuaod. But if tho phcnomma aio pnroly aubjeetl 
owing to the oooacioss or unconscious action of nerromt patifli 
then they are prce'iaely of the «ort which tbn cunning medicm»i 
ohaervee, and maliai his profit oat ot, even in the earLiMt sta^ev 
society. Onco introdnoed, tlmm pnuticesi nerer die out among the oonj 
\'uuve and unprogreniTe cla^ of peeauils ; and, oveiy now and th 
tbey altnct the curioaity of philoeopheia, or win the belief of the 
loKU aiaoog Uie educated daaiee. TbMi comee, as we have lately m 
ravival of ancient mporstiuon. for it wore a«eo^ to pluck the uuil 
of tile sky by the tail, as lo eradicate saperslition from the mind tl 
PerhapB one good word may be «aid for the divining rod.fl 
aidering the chanoM it has enjoyed, the rod has done lem miKhioT 



■%ht have been expected. It mif^t ver? well have become in Europe, a 
iaai of ordeal, or metbod of searching for and trying nuJe&ctors. Men 
Hk» Jfaoqnea Ajmar might have played, on a lai^r scale, the part of 
Hopfcina, the witch-finder. Aymar was, indeed, employed by some 
TDoag men to pdnt oat, by help of the wand, the houBes of ladies who 
bed been mora feail than faithful. But at the end of the seventeenth 
ontoxy in Franoe, this research was not r^;arded with favonr, and put 
tha final tondi on the discomfiture of Aymar. So far as we know, the 
kndiback <rf Lyons was the only victim of the " twig " who ever suffered 
a civiliMd society. It is true that, in rural England, the movemente 
gf a Bible, gospcnded like a pendultun, have been thought to point out 
lb gnOtf. Bnt even that evidence ia not held good enough to go to a 



/aiisf as n ^iipptt-bero. 

Few Ittceuil&n' hert»s have been mora fortunate as to the utistic hiutiiU 
into whjd) tbey luivn fallen Uiau tlie fiuaovs wbunl of tlte nlxteenUi 
centuty. Fainting, poeti^', and inunc hxre pat fortli Ui«lr highest powen 
to immortjitiHO his wdnl, my&iic ligure, wlii^'Ji Ureti for erer on IIm 
anvas of Bambrandt and in tbo dramatic and lyrical nuut«ipi(«M of 
ibo and Counod. But while tbeee euprvinu arti^ liav« not dis- 
dained to id«ali§« the onuent k^tmd, ncithw have humbler cal«r«r« for 
tlte •attucmcnt of Ibo vulgur n«ftlec<«d ao stnkiu^ a mil^t ; and iitt 
'ago, developed to fullest blosum of porfection bf the stimiilating atmo- 
kspbors of gciuii)>, whilii rooted deep in tliu popular heart, Uiu» fulfiU an 
utial condition of artistic ritatity, l>y dmiFing its sympathetic elements 
of life from the widv«t slretum of Immauity. For that inipL-rtKHiitl, mnoy- 
voiced poet — the people — is the tnio avatar, brin^n^ to the mint the 
P'sntire bullioo, ilie vbg^n ore, which taJtes tlie &tamp of all BubB»{ui-ut 
I of art, 
Thfl pontoualily of Faust, as it luu ocim« down to tw, in wovvn of three 
[separate Btrands of identity, which, howorei- cloanlr tniood together, may 
bu wuiily parted and discriminated — tJie liielonenl Faust, the inythicni 
Faust, nod the dmtnatic Fnust, Of these, the firal, though tlw actual 
I individual, in tite one of the trio of whom we Iwve tlic IhiaI vivid mn- 
' ception ; for tnitb is luu-n far Ims campl<4« and miiiuto in dot^l tlian 
UXAc Yet of authentic f^t, and even of Mig^eaUvo toucbus of chnrac- 
ter, enough hM been noonUxl to enable lu to underatand pretty aoau«t«lj 
I vhftt manner cf man wus he whose life gkve Ui« kernel of n»lity to so 
mtuty and various KukIcs of 6ction. Indeed, since impo^ire may cLun;;!- 
its fikshiou, but not its eeMuoe, thera will be nu Lick, in any agt<. of th« 
type of character iviM«wntcd by this German Caglioetro, half mounto- 
buik, half sage, whole knave and btn^jgart, who, with rait ability »aA 
acqairemciitK Hutliciotit to have icecurad Mm a front place in any hoaoot^ 
able caK«r, |H«feri»d to exerctse his talentd in trading on the credulity 
and cupidity of the world. 

Ibt earliest mention of him oomi« in a letter of August 30, IMI7, 
I addlCMed to the niiithentntic'i»n Juluuin Wirdang. of Ila&furt, by ilie 
Iwmed Trithesm von Sponheini, not liimsclf albogothrr free from the 
BUBpidon of duuling in Ui« IJack art. In n tone of acriiuuny, iii'riiii[w 
intensified by a loucli of professional jealousy, he Wjieoks of thu rival 
magicinn, under Iuh aelf-iyitamed name of Gcori/iiu SiibdUetu, Fa%ul<u 
Junior, aa a pretentious impostor, who claimed proficirncy in all the 
occult scicnoes— nstixilogj-, magic, necmmaninr, pyrOBUmcy, agromaney, 
mitfi ebiroaiaBiy—vbo vaunted the power of working minudeM, ami 



Mcnn) liisHolf oipftlilo, if aJI tlio cxUnt works of Flato and ArLs* 
MIf «ra« dcMroyftl, at rtstor'mg ibtto with eleftance BurpMainK that 
rf tli« oh^nkJ text. Thn wnt^r luIiU that, vtii^i nccitlMit hnjl on 
■• wnAoD hruiu^lit tum into elcac (juarlnn witb tliJa fi(lvfiitiir«i-, the 
kltar liail iihrrwilly tiihpn mro to nvwl >n int^n-icw, Intving a vftrd 
Rivliicli Ilia vuiuiui nelf-bwIowtU uOm of calxUistiv honour were in- 
■iftid. In tho nae of pompous njipnllntiomi, in<lo«d, tb» gontlonuta in 
nooia lo have been anything bufc cli^ry, c«lUiig hinsclf, on 
it ccBtmoax, " Prinoo of HaaxiRuinmrK," " rhtlotopbcr of Fhilo- 
■ft ui ." anil the " Deiuigo*! of Heicielberg," IfemilAetu Uedther^ttis. 

Pnm vuiooK eonteniporaiy doeamentfs which it woiiIH bo wcnrinomo 
ti mnnit seriatim, the ouUinea of his cai«er can be gathered witii (oler- 
*Ut dMRnn>. Ilom pf ob«cure puraitAgc, in or nunr Knittlingrn, in 
TurtambofB, '" ^^ ^t ciuarter of tho fifteenth century, be early showed 
it^kaUe tftlimtx, and va« probably cdtKntcd for tho Church, m tiurtory 
aribbla m agreed in repcMoitin^ him -m a profScient in theology. He 
Hk, iiwrtr, abaixloned tho fitady of divinity for that of luagio, in 
«inA he pofaUd hitnself at the I'nirerHty of Cracow, Poland being 
tt Aat time tlw groat Mat of nonrotnantic Xoro. He tlion adoptod the 
«nv of a wandering student— a claas of di^nputable vagrants, wkoao 
HB^iamey, ori^nally Juatifioil by tbdr Hujiponnl thint for teaming, 
m tften MMOctated with atill more quMtioiuible pretexts for Uvioj^ on 
lit|MhUcL Whil«> tlM'j HometiiDM lawfully inniL-d u iiigiit'K hoiipitaltty, 
« a few cotna lo hti\\i ibem on their way. I>y the innocuous excroM of 
iWrvit*, in iMching, oboir ainging, praicbing, or ntory-lvUiag, they 
IWBliiBil the attU more incmliTO aria of treasar«-hiintiug, fortune- 
tAo^ dHuiB.ooai|iounding, and oUber tlmuniatur^o opcnitioD*. Tho 
■U» j* dneribed lu the tihtr VwjalorHtn, pubtislied early tii the 
^slMotJ) a>nlQi7, and attributed to Thonaa Municr or C«basti&n 
Brant, in a pavage quoted by M. RisUdhuber * : — 

til* tJuplir UiaU td tiba ra^boadi: Ibal ■■ t> «y, of Uio brggan. lb* ad- 
wfatt wmr a yillo* a*t. sad ««»• iiom (lis BWDtaia 'A Venus : tliay knov 
I an caI1a4 trcToIlioit iindent*^ Wb«i lb*; arrirc at a haiisa tlicy Uigin 
\- pfUUhn ; " Ilfni \» x lr«**iliag atialaal, a maitar of tl>« litanil arU (aiaitcr of 
tto ail of dvj'ioc tha iwun). abft oia oorym up Ilia dariU itnaninu* aipiIiiM hail. 
Tk^alar, aad aiha atfJitoau.* Tlica b» jatmanmet* •odd vordi. OMMa biiairlf twu 
■m 4n> tiw, aad aa** : ** Whan iImk vorl* ars altacad ■» eaa ean bo Iiillad, du 
■»c^ tuM will) nnf >7' '. i li*n or atHvliara," nnl oik«r Boa phraaa*. Titu 

^■Maii fkt ii all fur ' w lajaioad al Uia *iui ot i!i> tiiidtal. for thaj 

Mn» B/ < r My to liim : " Tliii or llial liu bafalltn nia ; it 

M^k.; . '. oc twu." Tba *lii<tml contoiiU. ■lilt clieala tho 

>1 t-t ■'!-—''■ ■" 

t>I tiiia hamad proAiuian Th-. Pan«t aooa bccnmo thn moat illtiatrloua 

unHTfii, Tuinc to the head of Ii by anch niprome pr^^piinence in mou- 

oa Hiiiit barn i*mn tba eniry and nilmirulion of all more baaUuX w 

• Jimtf Ja*^ rifiiMrt U lifffMdf. P. KiauUiuW. 




lees ioTentivs knights ermntofphikdopkj. 11>ere is, iiMloed, »n unouat 
of cflrontwy di*t coiMtituta gcaiiM, wkI witfa Uu« cnviiible tituUitj tfao 
demiKixl of HoUlelbetg waa ptUd iii tliu lii^iot liegree. 

His MioomB iriu in praportiion to hi* Mmrauox ItinceB wcra fab 
ilupcs, io-steod uf iwaaaata ; and, if baniiheil from ODe State, lie fouud a 
not lom I'ntuly Iktd fur hix toJcnU in another. Monks were doputMl to 
eoavert, aud guDdurui«s to imiiriMU htm, e(|uaUy in vain; he allpped 
through the •marw of Uvr and logic with the samo snppUi odroitniMt, aad 
waa alike proof againat argumont and an«st. Uta learning iras qait« 
untinctumd witli aswliciiim, mumi hi: wiut na dnvout u vrorsliip|<or of 
Baochus as of iteelmdvib, and tho villany of Lia caivM* is half rcdeeme'I 
bjr tho iipirit of rolliL-kii^ adviMitiire thut pnrvail<a it. iifaiyot liiit reputed 
eoroeriea ai-e iodoed ratbrr of tho nature of supematiual pntctical joiua 
than of Holumn Deorouuuitic iierformunctM. 

Of thin duunctcr ia iho feat oon)m«motiit«d in tlie most fiimiUai-I; 
known rcprcauntuUon of hiin, 1^ luiinting on th* wiitl of the Auorbach 
cellar in I^eiprag, beuring the dat« 1S25, Here lie ta portrayed astride 
upoa the gmit hu7«l uf wine whioh, aicoonling to tha It^cnd, after it 
had de6ed tho ofibrtH of a gang of men u> move it, he mounted and roda 
tnuiDplinntly out of tlie cedlar. The occurrowO in deticribed in tiie 
following doggeivl lines at the £bot of tho pietuiv ; — 

Dr. Fausttu. tliia tiiiia nlxiat. 
I FTDm Auertodi'K vino tolUr rwlc out, 

I Some l>]r n «wirU]r morin^ t«a. 

I la aiithl of man/ a motlirr'k tuD. 

I Bjr miigic nrt Ihi* vomlvr hn hcIiIvtoI, 

[ Fur whi«li thn deril'i wagn lio ^li rtMinJ. 


The date ia, however, more prohnbly that of tlie event it««lf Uiun uf 
tho record of it, M it n donbtful whether Faust'ti deatli hail tuken plac« 
NO early. 

As glib wiUi tliu claatioa a« with the Cnhaln. he received, aboat i 
year 1513, liom the I_rniversily of Erfnrt^ a licntce to Itvturoon Ho 
On one occa»a» hu iiltiHtmlHl hu diMiourse by invoking; tho hIumIm ' 
the llomeric boit>eE, perhaps by no tuoro diabolicnl madiinery than ft 
nio^ lantom. The aeriea closed with Polyphemne, whoie tarriGc aspecN 
us he u-aa xean gnawing a human leg, weaned the mtdionoo of all funlier 
doaire to niako ao>]uuintjiDi.-« with cla«aical ghoeVi. In tbii optiod exhi- 
bition we have the originHl g«rm ot the legend of Itnltm. His vancting 
ofibr to mtore the IokI ooniediOK of Platitiis and Terence was rejuctml by 
tho nuthoti^ett on the groimd that it could only be iloae by diaboUoal 
intervention. Uowe\-«i- enterteiiung us a {MroAeeMr, his '*»''1iing ww^ 
found anytbing but impro^nng to th«< jotithfnl mind nt tlrfui-t, and, afl^l 
a nboi-t residence thon, lie was tinally dismitiaed JUid Iwuiohed, ^| 

\ Thoekrookleauf thetownuair«t«echi>u»ly,aaanin£identof hiaat^H 
.^•r iw ODO day, to tho adminttton of a. gaping orowd, drove n groat c^^ 



. with hay, nad ilntwn hy » jMir of oxen, through n »troot so ttnirow 
M MftinJjr U •draib of two people pMsing abrawt. The spectacle vas 
iatKriqited bjr Um nrrivnl of ua Angiutinain monk ^m a noighbooiing 
^vHit, wIm, sUnU/ rabuidng all present for tbctr tokntUon of bo^ 
>lt*"^"' iritcjiend, alb-rwt a fohaaa exoreism wiUi iiisbintanooai «fiecl : 
Mitand oxeu diBappearefl, ami in their place wn« seen a pairvf oooks 
tearing a itnw, wbiln tint wiuu-il viuiiiibL-d in the rrowd. Tho sooccm- 
M txcaviA was Uarttn I.uUipt, huRMlf, as all llt(> world kuowa, a llrm 
Mkmr in dialmtical upiuHtionH. A uurrov Iudv in KifurL sUll bvai% 
tha nune of I/r. J-'auM'/asM^eu in mtsmory of this exploit. 

"Dmi victoriiM of tlw Imptiria] ami» in Italy were aHcrjIjoil hy the 
Inigciag ductor to lus awa int«niit with the powers ofdarkDetta Thin 
intaMon wa* qnite iueantroTorliUe ; l>ut, uitfortunutdy, hn did not 
ilm^m oattflne hia boaste to tnatton odmittiug of uo ]>Tai;tical Und, and 
ift Vmk» bo nairowly onipul drovriuuf; in an alt«iopt to Zy. 

tOa AMb, the dnbe of which i« uncertain, was of so mystei-ioui and 
■aUm a Datnit! aa nutmutly to Boggevt the ageaoy of the foul iiend. It 
•■Bind al midnigbt, wlwia a loud aoUo Hhook the inn in wbich ho 
toigid, and bi* body whu found in tikc moi-ning ntudi disfigured. Heri' 
bfri * auggHta the plnnMiblo explaiMtion iJttt aa he had been for wmo 
tfrna p rivto wa engi^ tn the piusuit of alchemy, a /titut-JTudle or labo- 
Mlaty buing one of the apoiii still traditionally awociaited Willi hia nnmc, 
(ha atMtraphe waa produced by a cbaDiical oxplosion during some of his 
iwictantal oqwrimMitii. 

ILiwanr thai may be, il wtus dotibllo8s this violent eiut that im- 

bt^bmI tha popular imagination, and laid the foundation of a structure 

at labia roared on the Inaia of tmtfa oaUincd above. Round the name 

of Faul wore thiauk^orwai-d grouped all the tales of diabli^iiu and wit«b- 

«aA afloal in oariier tnulitiim, anil the iudiriduaUty of the elder heroes 

•f iMUiuiaaiiiiJ baa ainiw been mw^ged in bis fiingle peraouality. In hiK 

maty waa inuw-porated the much motw ancient lugrad of TlioophiluM, 

■mhiA iMvamA the anlq^ of two m^iicra] Afystciy Playa — one by 

tlw ealabratad troubadour of the thirt4)ontb cvntuiy; and 

■ ID UUl Saxou, the text of wbich, util) extant, has been edited and 

hy a modem Genitan writcr.t Thia Eastem prototype of 

PaMt, wbo lived about biff, wi £u- rot!Uibl«l hia Uaratan sooeeaKii ax 

ihg^A^Mtod at bttiug lu^ustly dejioBed from the recteriaatieal dignity 

tt ftuiiiLwrwn of Adana, in Cilicia, ha made htniwlf over to the fiend, 

tt f-TiwHtiMi ot beinfi natond to wealth and dignity. Repentance, bow- 

11 hi* OBM (jUowed immediately, and the impious conlnct ngniMl 

wj HOB waa reoorend bom the nether world by the intcqio«ition of the 

lf.%tn^ Thla bgeud, fiial narratad in Greek by Eutychtanm;, a dia- 

d|ib of tba [umitnnt TbaophUua, has obvimialy influenoad aoone renions 




of the Fautt dmira; for in one of the puppet-plk^rs on tlie subjntA i 
bero ia raprmentol na kiH«lmi;, In a moment of oontrition, b^fora 
" w»yiiula sbrine," and only foifrntiDg tho intoranMon of liia iMtfoneM 
by a !<q)»e<)neRt reliipoin. ITUi iwnnanttDl c«nvenIon was obvunwiy Ik- 
ooii»irt«Dt with the main luotivo of tho tnlor kgvnil, tho violent ihMtb 
which wreftked [loetiial juMioe on the siiinfr. 

'ITio <«rJiiwt /(it*rt-/A(i-A WM piinted at l''n»nkfMrt,in Ift87, hy Joh^nn 
8i>iea, who only ginifncKnil to eilit n 'MS. of nnVnown nulboi«liip. It 
attainrd to univereal and immodi«te popuUrity; eomnd and thtjtl odi- 
tioDs Vive soon exh&UNtnd, and it *tis imui^M within a few years into 
Dkni»h, Dutch, Frondi, and Kngtixh. A now and onUi^gml voniion, witJi 
additional episodes, wm ]>uhli&hed hy Widmnnn, in Ifambnif, in 1599 ; 
bnt in ito nudn ontliom it >s CMmtintly tiiv Nimo tu tlio older namttivi-. 
Other variations on the or!^[{n&1 t«xt hare appeared at rariotiB dxtM, bai 
tlitte two are tite principal (tmlxKliinent'i of tho Fav*l myth. We have 
it h«r« in all its naic« simpUcity, eviiloiitly narrated in pfrfeci good 
fiiith. Mid with it<4 supifrxti-iirturo of tho nutrvnltona gmfted on the life . 
of a man whom nrtunl pxiHt«nc« wns at that <tat« a mattor of m litdfl 
doubt as that of Xapoluon Itonapartn at tlie present day. It in con^H 
qnently a composition in which shrewdnms and credulity, fitct nfl 
falaehood, dovetail into one anotlier in a Htfwn;^ moaaie. We have tlH 
invocation fcoan in a forest, when the fiend, aftnr many t4!rrific maoH 
fcHtations, finally pUti-e^ himoeU ut the disposal of hh neopbyto, weariiM 
tho gai'li nl' a ViauciH'iui monk, and imdrr tho (iunillar iuuih) of AtepbiH 
topkilM. Tfaeii foUoa'B tho Hif^iiig of the infernal contract in the usufl 
Rjiiigiiinary furm, and tho rnriouii iims to which Fatwt gvuts his snpwH 
natumi pon'ero. A drai,-unlM>nie (»r id at hia disposal, in whioh fcj 
takut a diSvo throti^Eh thi^ (ronxtr^llationH ; ami nliim he joumoj's in ma^| 
mrtJily fashion, the fiends, in anticipation of Macadam, smooth a levfl 
raiul hdure hi» o>iTiuf[i> whci-la, which disapjinua again Imhind them. ^| 

At tli« Court of Charles V. ho calls ti;> tho ghoelH of AteKander llH 
(irMt and his consort, and the luUer jnjlitely remiuiiH until tho Kmporfl 
Mtublishes her Mentity by examining a mole on the bock of her neck. A 
young noblctuaa of the Court kivoi ofllnioe to the magician, and, while he 
isaaleopon a balcony, a pair of stag's antlorsattaditbonaelvcs to ULi fore- 
head, and are only charnted off a^pdn when lie baa been sufficiently puiu'cii^l 
Tho Pope at Koiun anil the Sutton at Ooa«taatino|4e wore equally mjiH 
tified by ihn tricky' wixsid, wlio appTMched the timt in tho gaHj of a 
oardinal, and the Mvnond in tho character of the efaado of Mahomci, 

The legendary Faust fignrcs as tbe hen of Biany BaocbunuJiaa ad- 
vontnmiL. like CJuelht^'it fivnd, h« supptiivi nich of his boon c>impauii|H 
with his farourito liigitor by drilling hi^ee in the taUe, from whiiA tfl 
vintageH tielecied ||;ufih forth. Again, like the modem Alepbistopbekcfl 
the same twcne, he hewitchM the company into eaeh preparing to cat ^| 
bis neigbbour's nose, nutll tbey wake frum tho dolnaioa to find the^l 
selves mutually gnujiing eaolt olbcr by that featoie^ ^^^t 



Soeii eibth tneka u litming k prieat's tirevlarjr into a paclc of CArdfl) 
■Aing • mma u hom whicli, kk hu in riding Acrccn a fvH, tunM into r 
««paf «tnv, and leaves him BtruKftlln;; in tho irater, »lt«rDftte vith 
Itnlopokl disraaiiyiu botwrni thn wimrd tuid hix famiEiu-, in which tli« 
hjon of DsHutMK oocuionaUf deliwn hunwlf of snfficiADtly edif^iRg 
nsiflieatB. Specaktivu mnbviw will Tfjoim to hwni timl holy iRutrf- 
mmj wBfi w KpedoUy olrtiusioixs to h'lta that an expreea atijmUtioa 
■piast it funaed pan of tlw bone) iiolvoen him und hisi diBciplA. lu 
(H vncalon tfao InUer is dHurouB of mvrying a grwxt'a danghhir— « 
■rtewnriliy ejtiiudv, as coDMinins the only niitcrior tHig^CHtiim of Ouellia^ 
QnldMR. nia (kinuntncnl counu-Uor (ii.-«iiwles liim eff'BCtuMlly fi-nm no 
iai a step, and th« timely nppoaranoe of the chado of ]fl^1nD fiuiiUy 
•MD* hitn from nil I«hh dawitnl attodtmcoU. Medtieval diablerie ii 
titagdy lilHMlnl Uiroagfaont with thnt of nl<lor mythotogiu*, and Um 
4»thmiai Anubix. the E^-[>tiaa Gcrberas, appvant among the poim of 
team In aonut of ibo invwoUon smdm. 

In thn niidat of more auperaatunil futttn, a diapter is d«vot«d to 
nvMuUng, what wan doubtknu historical fact, how Fnust puMiiJind nn 
''-11"^. " nut," aays Um narrator, in ull good fnith, " like Uioae of soma 
i|aataJitastrolagers,vbo prophesy for winloroold, andiw, and RM>w,»nd 
hr th* dog-day* hmt, thunder, and Htonun," tint containing prediotiona 
U vTmta whicli twdly cunu Ut pass, tmch u wars and faminoa. The 
^mUi of Fanat,ti> which thed«(« ir>40 in given in mkiw Itookx, ta narrated 
«ith ^jvat cimunstantiatity, and its details bwu-tho stamp of probability. 
Tba midiugfat noiw^ tba ooocuHum of tbo house, the duaUwcd antl di*> 
■f hirwl caoditioD of (be raouuiis, while they lent tbeoMlvcH to tha 
pifMltf tbKiry of damoniaiaU ratribntion, all admit, aa wo havo moi, of 
* Batnntl oaqiUnatiun, and lh«re i» then tM> reamm to i^ecC them u 
fttitioM^ The martyr of occult sciencs wan, by an cn»y motajnorphosiit, 
Oaadarmai into the rictiw of diabolical malignity, and the catastiophs 
waa daably wclcoma to mytli n^tailcn and nuurvl-nongon for tb» 
aWiona moral it couveyod. 

Ona onor which has in Inter timM cropi into the populi\r idea of 

FaaM, idnntifyliif him willi Johaun Fuirt, one of the inrentom of pruit- 

iag, baa beaa cumplrtely rliminnli-d by modern rnoardt. No such con- 

. in any of tlte early lurmUves, and the modem bU^ilc art 

' in it* inbncy aJMoctatvd with andont mtt^c, wboM wttnder- 

vwiiof {Miwcr it ao far ttansoenda. The muue of Fatal wa-t in bU 

fnbihility n>i mura tli« patranyiniL- of tlm charlatan who bore iti than 

2adkial ia of tho mo-Iem aoothsaycr. Id all ancient docuuieots it appcant 

w r.„, mml was donbttem adopted hy him in thia form, bxim ila 

iiatiooias [wculiiirly ap|>rO|iriatj» to an aatroluger. Nay, from 

" ' ttion t/uit»»r, wo am pediajM jiulificd in 

': aptM.-llulM)n fur thoBi who pnbmded to 

nti, intended to eoooungo tboir clienl« by iti sound of 




TiM Fatul legeod wm not Ukdj- to be long iwglectod l>y au^j 
dnunntutB, ne it fnmi^ed thom <il«m«Dtfl of diaholtcal drolkiy alwsjs 
^iaberpoUt«d on tbo nwdia^val «tA^ a* a reUxatioo Iram thfi aolniia 
pvolgwts treated. The gix)UM}tif, tiMin bo iucmtgnumelj' blent tiUi tlie 
norad to k11 forwH of lut, luuJ full wtopn in tbo luiitofj of Ou: viivd 
l'UmI his dealinge with bis infonial allies, while ilw invocation ksd« 
livwe nch in maberiiil for oj>ti«l uflect Accordii^y wa find a GermaD 
Hoanedjr of FauA meulioined as earljr a« 1 598, bnt of lhi« ito text survivw. 
F^nij a year lnt«r,acoor«Iing to n icccuL writer, Marlovr's Faun tHtbuugjbtt 
to have Appeared,* and this English vcmioD is thus the oldest Dztaot 
■ dramatic reailering of tho Hubjeet. It odluirtti dowly Ui tbu t£xt of tha 
UttUff-ZiucA, and embodies all it« principni eptsodes, while it coDtain^ 
huKM tliat aro not in it. In the Jud^cnt of Uie writer hut quoted — a^ 
t~nrf competent criUc — this tragedy contains some of tJko finest diwnatws 
Itoetry in tbo English limguagb The venifiaUioa in certainly rery 
Hpiritod, as the following pusage spolcen by I^ust may Hbow : — 

{[im1 1 n% tDMBj (Oub M then t» tbtn, 
L rd giv6 tbtn aU far 3l«]ilu«topbiLia. 

^^^ By btin ni be gitAt empeior of Uio world 

^^^b An<J make n brid^ tliorougjl Uio mmiug air 

^^^B To puc (ti« uN«a witli > l«nd ottara -, 

^^m I'D join rb« bill* IkU bjad ih« AfTJ.: slmrn. 

^^H And nudM tlut oevouy wauaDDt to Spain, 

^^^^ And boiii rontribnUvy lo mj erawn ; 

^^Ht The Einptnr aball not lira but bjr my Imtf, 

Not May puicutato of OnrniaBy. 

or the famous apotdropho to Helen, the opcnutg Udm — 

W»9 thi* ihv fiK« Ihnl Uancbcd a iboiUMiid iliiis 
I AndburatUiatopliw tMreaoflUan?— 

ue by Cu- the bctit. 

Stany critics have conjectured Mwlow'n dnmn, ou-ried into GwnwfJ' 

by Eiiglish Mtrolliiif; playem. to have b«tn the original model on which 

the existing puppct-playttintliM miintry were haaed ; but thiic conjootniv 

it tmneeewaiy, as tfa«»o tittle i»ec«e follov Te>y closely tlie outUnee ot 
Ltt German play now lout, but of a performance of whidi, at the burn 
rDaatzic in 1688, adetvriptiou by an cyft-witnew Btill rciuftiui). Many 

old German dramat have only bmn prwBrvtd in tbo nytsrtaty of (be 
L pnppet-tbeatxe, as, during the protracted miKcricB inflicted on the oo>tiiitn|J 
ny the Thirty Ycnnt' War, all other tliMitrical performoncu* were *>^| 
nended. A yawning gap in the national artistic history ia thiLs bridgifl 
rtrrn* hy tboee ob*cnr« Ttiift of pant culture, and jt lit by thetn that i1m 

tradtdons of Ibo earlier stage have been hRnded down to our own difl 
I links Vwtwcrn the prannb and the pnat, connrctinx the eixtatnth WflB 
Lihe d^liuentlk and nineteenth centuries, tb^y tmiictbe Fmai oTlbrilfl 

with tlie Fautt of Goctbc, and tlw mtimo of Oounod with the oohifl 

■ AuAmv by R. OuBMt. SaeydiyrJui Uninmnkn. KiMh lUlUa«. 



(Dom *)t Retaimadt. In Uuaa uIodu tiie wodeut myth atill ivlAiuK 
of ibi nrtier vtulJtr, §itu» tfa^ appml to an MiduoHe whkh even 
}«t (mn HUT|>t it witli c4\xlii1ity. 

It w».i tiui n-itboflt >o(n« difficulty that Genuan inquircn into 
pgfoW iitenUuTO siicw«iled in proruring nuatuseript rapics of Uh 
Jtftt pt»y of yaiul, Kinoo tlitiw! <lnuiuui are gcnnuUy Uoudetl duwu by 
■d tndition. It 1ia«, bowevor, lx«n dooo by two AuUiora,* vrWo li»vo 
tfital aad (•uli|iiih4Hl mindrj' %Tnii«nK cif it, in Kulmtiuitiitl agmfUiFnt u» 
lottwir mun fAturw. It opecw vitli a Prologne in Tnrtams, which, 
fshifia, nqg^tMi tiootho'e Prologun to Hmvon as an iiitruducliuQ 
l« tim tu[ienwtiinLl iniu-binety, though he boa woi-kod into it an iiea. 
•Arwuly ivpitrd by tlio Hook of Jiib. In Uin ptipjint-draiiia the 
•dico u opeaaJ by C'barou, wlio ibus Utuunlfi tlie falling off in lh« 
feiffie raceipts of the Tartaivan ferry : — 

Oa AAttna uii Siyi I'U «(«io t« ply ■flaat, 
Sine* imopa of (onla eoaiUouiDd no lont'or uowil my best ; 
Than Tuftaru 'ipe i*>d«, i;n4t Lend of HIiwlMBiwa! 
iVua Ihiiia Inrcriul ipilcvi iliy fsiiliriil Giaron mim. 

U tooNi) by bin buneotalioDa, and fltimmons the Furios, whom h« 

OB oartli to UHul mAnkiiul. To ?kft>pbUtopbiUK ho givM a Hpoci«l 

to Mcure the soul of I>r. Faust, whom he deecrihes as a man 

with lumself and the world, and loQg brooding ovnr an 

with th« powen of darlmraw. He desinia that a ito-A of magic 

*? W tniwod to bll into his haQ<U, " for the fool thinks that only in 

•ay au> h» approach nn, (Jiou^h ho is alr»i)y oura through his own 

Charon u satiafled, and nti-tuita jubilant. 

Xo« na I battiifc can and ba alert aad toirtj. 
By nnk/s (nM hU mmd ■ load will eroia iho (my. 
Bai^. Cprlianu Hhca tangiM>: gboit* flii apoo tht ihart^ 
Ri I nwrrlly m bwrd to ply iha inraniHl rmr! 

first act of iho drama opens, like that of (loetbe, with Fauat 
La hia study, nutrounded by tltii jnraphoraaliii of alcboiny 
mtniogf. Ua nads Iroin a book, moralising as he g/xm along. 

t^rit emlmttit wf,— No c«w U MtiiAtd vilh hi* poiition : iha dnptad 
> to W ■ pMBot, ilia pH»ut > sh>ifikMp<T, thp rhopkMfitr ■ nobUiaan, 
fcirUia PI ■ phnr>, Um pfitKt n king, lit* king an tm'pmr. Am) ertaiha wonlil'^ 
>*Ma ki«har nak, If Ui* wnrtd mfRWid it. 

I'cnajiD djtirtatr- Cliaagi JB rivf^rtliiiic i* aappiiMd ta giT* nu pleuan aiul 
lafiwiia Thu ii a Cn> aaying, but it no way luffict* to cooual Nydnito*. Oaa 
Mi lal* flMMn in Utii, anotbar 1b that ; Iml we all cany wilbin at tho inifiuUo to 
••■■la lafliM f«*Uivn than onr uwn. SUIitt. uteHalt* ' fim^ mr r i u rat, il ailtmiiU 
*^m mrUatim I 9uaA (till, yv monab. and ccmUapIsI* wilb mo a trath clear m 
*r-tkat nuliiint ririttx D»d»r llm >ud liua rtached Ilia giial of aMitfcetiaii, Had tb« 
hMlni ut lu diaim Tkc* tuo. Faiul, art diatontratsd witb Ihy madilka ; all 
aai vianoM laagiMbl* hara 1 sMditd ; all Ganaany iaxrvs th* nanva «f 







F«Ut; bat what diw> lhi« profit ma? Kov tlint I Imr< ouried tb* «finAwm CimJiijri- 
dtm Ki bu" ma to bnvs ucrrplpi here in Vr'i[(r»)>»r^ li fradam dorttnUlU, I find in it 
no (urh Ktl»rii^Iiuii M xnj viiitii^ii lUniimd. aihI in flcoiiytii I nut |t» no tiaOm. 1 
hnv* tlipn llrmly n«oU0j to tRiidy nrcroinaney. Ilcnt. itiM. aw*; vilh IbU tnmit 
[Hi ifoclti a jiilt D/htiokt efftkt taliU) ; thou alone, oil iitxt nKtootituy, ituik hciu:«- 
forth ht ttrhomo (o ma '. 

OoDD Ckviuv [Miail tif ictrut, i'* a lAin Inhit), Fkilit«t 

FAvn {frrrt/M). Ha! nhaeaiWf 

Ooon Qkkii'k. Allcmpl nut Xha tiudiam nlgrmiaaikum, but Mnlltnt in tlw 
tiuJitrm Iht^tagicum, uul Juu will Le tlia IiApptMl nf man. 

Bad G«»ini (dinpiM £«Aiiii{ iht taatt. in a Jfp haa). Paiutt ! 

Fii'ifr {trrrifieJ, tookiiig to tlu (cfl). Hn ' wJicj ('alln Ibere? 

lUn Oiutiow. f'suKis: choose llin itudium ntgramenticum, ani jon wjUla tSia 
niOHC Immnl »od tlia liaj'f lot of mitii.* 

Tlio biul goDuie, who ilecIarM himmir n meRMttigcr from tbomJoi of 
Pluto, remaim, of courae, tnaiitei' of the Qdil ; t1i« good genlut db^ipeAZ*. 
IftmMtbiiig ovn* th« loit tboologinn, nnd n cbonia of exulting ku^tcr is 
beard from unseen spinta of evil. At thnt moinetil Wagner, Lbe pro- 
fmnm^t/amulttt or apprpntiiw, nppwirs lo nnnouncn thiit two noknown 
fttudCQlB bav« called und \vi^ & book, wliicb proves lo be a tnagioLl 
Volume, tbo ClaeU Aitarta <U itayia, lillnd witb tho ilcsirod aocroDuiiitio 

Somo furciail scrries follow during wliicli Wagiiw' cngagoa Cwpofl''. 
the Puiiob or Hiirlei|iiiu, tlie licensed jester of tbe German puppoWutf^ 
to assist in the serriof of bis miisUr ; jind then Faimt, with tlio help of 
tbc uuwt^'iKviutrod \'olumo, hogin.H tiis invtuitiitiona in due form. 

Ill Uie Klrriigih of iIid iripio fign 
I 1 iliAka iho powcn at lloll • 

I In the iiAniD of the might; nin« 

I Snifl tpirito I ruuipvl. 

■ Up, PrlnC'e of DHrlniniiR '. Cumn. givo m;/ JMirM fnll mAunn. 
I FiirlfH : liy Siyx iif pwtr, In <1a t'ltust'* niit and iilounte. 

m ThniuUrn and ••ittUtring* ef iiianti witV* art Ktard. 

fi " III (Imnd AniATtiV namo by Styx and Achcton. 

\ AppcLiAch Fault'* drcio lietc, formlfo tho infsrnal Ibrane. 

I Jn tbo book'* luiine jn'ro tound io hdtr mo in n trice. 

■ And Vy ili po^i^r 1 now iorokp yt Iwies and ULrke, 
Cito, SpirilUB. dto : luikintrlivo o Ptuli! 

At tbin treiueiiduiiH iiivoc-atioii, amid lightning:, tempest, and Urnnde''. 
apjiear in t^rrihle foims the GcDde Asmodi, Aiicrholui, Pitzlipntzli, nad 

I'^i'KT. WIki arp yp, friphlful appariiioni ? 

Deviij. Wd nr«> Prlni:i>i of Hell, come ul tliy drtira, aadnadjr toMTra th*^ 
PiCBT. Wtll. then, I will Icit your vfBcicDi-jr. Thou, th« Siat «b By riglil, *'^ 
ii thy name and hu« mift ait Ihou 1 

Auioiit. niy numc ii Aunodi, and I am at nwifl na tjio (nail npoo Uia tk*dg*- ^ 
Kavst. Away from mc, Ihou princo of Iminwa! PlylleriwI Jftigt,mtle*fititf'^- 
^AfmaU Iniiirt tiau/lf/ auiaf/.) 
I pAt'»T. Tliiai on my toft, !« (Iiy numc J 
I AdmiiAUx. My nniu« i> Au^rhnhn. 



And bo* niUI *ri tiuiu, Anariaha? 
InaxAAX. I BM M twift •« (b» atrow ibc4 from tbo toir. 
Fmr. ?iot «a>Mgb hr mt, Apagt, malt tpiritui ! V*nul> I 

'Div nmAituag aitiriU ah) Rub^cctvd b> u f-iiiiilnr crow Wtnminntioa ; 
tU, UuKi||b FiUUpnIxli decbrM himseir na »wi(l m a hiril, an'! AnUnitb 
tlw bnrriauw to outiipoed him, (tie result la tlia nuuif. The uiogi- 
b «tiU unaiLtiBBfid ; aod vhon bo luks if tb«r« bo do spirit swiKrr 
■Bi) tbnj Niiswvr ** Mephitfbofibilcti," bo diHiniiiMt them, uaA prooeedc 
u taToks ibb new mUjt . Mopbistopbilcs, wbo Appmra in a iwl coatiini*^ 
iaJuw hinuwlf mriH u huiaaa tbougbt, aod FhuA id at toiit nuited in » 
UBmv ne inakoH an nppoiutmcnt with Hcpfaistopbilosfor tbo follow- 
li| niilni^t, vhen the fiia\ Kcmtnxi is to be aigaed, Bulod, aud de- 

Co^wtria nest comes on the sccnc^ picks up tlto myalia VDliims, and, 
teiduijrall itnconsciousljr within tho cti^nnnl circle, proceeds to Kpvll 
■\j tn« Ibv conlenttt of tbc atrtiUj;;i> l*»k. Ah he euuiit-iatea, letter 
iHUr, tbo wonl Ptrluif, a number of imps appenr round Ui« circlv, 
with t^ual npiditj on IhauUcnuoeof tb^euocvcdings^UablM, 
Caupcrlo, abMrbod in hifi irtwliM, rainains for aotno time un- 
ttm at tba ttSeiA be ia |)codi>oiit]<, wIiiIl* the apirita coni« ajid go with a 
*UiTiag noiw, ha he recitM tbu two myxtic wonb bj- turns. He at lul 
fmnt ihtaa, holds a conrarsatiou wiUi tbem, and, gnKlually aod ex- 
fciiMBtatlf latmiDg tUs power oviir thom, i^muHW liimwlf hy altemiit- 
'»| >b» taliwBBntc ay tlablu8 with in>.T«aNng mpidity while tliKy raniah 
ndnappoar, aotil tlwciirbiiii falbi nn tbu i-lowi of tbo first act. 

1> Iha nut act we have Ihe heru of (he pii«o in colloquy with a 
■TMt of roioopK imptraonnting the mrvu <tcu>lly gins, and cncb proBin- 
Hl hia XU peculiar form of jjr.iiiGcatiou. MephiiitopblUa interrupts 
lUi Jialogov, and with him Fiiu-t ootidii'lRS tho infornal ooiopnct, ac- 
to which tli« eervicea of the fiend wete to be at bu diapoeal for 
Wr ymra, n-ckoniitg 3l>:> days \«cli, whilo bin soul waa to br tbu 
al themd. 
Tin tUnI ad Inuwiiorta th« ajwdator to the Court of tlio Dolce of 
niBB, whei« Mephtato[ihileB and bin client nrrivn in time for ibo fnitive 
iMntiun Lif the Mvmtgn'a mairiagie. Oaaperie, wboeo doinxa through ■ 
a Murt 'if parody on hia ninxtcr')), also tumx up hcn>, linving eouiv 
ki a private tmdorBtanding, on his own nccotint, witli Aucrhahu, a minor 
^irii. ajod diartdnil a flying dragoit u hia convcyanw. Kaust givim tlm 
l-Wt a qcdnuoi of nifi powora t>j ooiuuctnx "p a aeriai of ticriptura) 
M^K— Pftvid and GoUatii, .Jndrtli with tho bond of llolofemoa, and 
*stiir vfiaode* — but exdtee tike jeotonsy of tbo Duho hf ptUant ^leecfam 
labiifccidt^ and i> wanuid by his biniliar that lio iaafaouttobopoisODed 
M Ub SUIb bnaquei. Faiuitand ]Ue]>hifltO]>liili<ei accordingly dinppear 
••thif miH^ laanng Uuipvrlo to idiift fur himself, and bar^n with 
Amriialin for hta mtam jounvoy. 

T*«lTa jmn *lapw Mom ibe curutn ri-'<<^^ noxt, to ak>« Vaual, %\' 



the opening of the fourth aitd last act, Mew/, combrite, and kite«UDg 
fore ■ fthino to implore mnrc}'. From Mq>bistophilM, wlio ut plodgod to 
tell him the truth, ho oxti-acta hy cro^a-oxmainatioa tfao ftvowiil that iv 
pcnfaiDCO is Rtill partible to him if h«can resist temptation tiU the folloir- 
ing iiiidnighL Nothing aeeam auunr to the jrnlo'l rovi, but Uw finnd hiw 
a. tramp ottd in n!«arve, Mid be plays iL Summoiuiif; up tbo abade of 
lldon fa" ckIIa tiie Doctor, who by alt acooiinta luid a gr«Rt tjv fpr 
beauty, to look ou thEs marvel of daasieal loT«linet«. The halt is eagerly 
HwiiUow^sl by tbo qiiondam penitent, and ho mshM after the fair spectre, 
to find her turn, ou his approach, into a faideotia Fair. Doobly duped, 
h«: nav Itftrnit from HephiitopbilcM tliat, as tbo night* during u-liieb be 
1ms beMi at his service were not included with the da}*)) in the original 
luirgain bctwomi tlMrm, tbn yean bnvti counted double, and tba forfeit 
dn« for tliem vitt be daimed at midnight. Tbeu IbUows the despair of 
tbo doludcil victim, wbi» now trien in vain to pray, as the mild face of 
the Uadonna is blotted out by the vision of Hcdeo. Ca«perlc, in the 
cupadty of a watchnuui, eomes on the scene, dianluig n» he go m bia 
ronnd — 

n«nr, good nn. and noil: in« wtU, 

Kins o'cleck ha* lollnl lb* b*n ; 

IJUftU tnil lira (stinitaiili ill, 

I^tt aom* tDiwIiajua Ihg town bafkll. 

rJ&Hfr'liour. as it arrives, is announced by a similar sinvr, while its 
ft^W cmtirrncil by the wit of Ofl»pcrIo, mlicTing the audti>nw from 
tlio too pixitonged cunt«mpb\tion of Faust'e despair. At each stroke of 
(the clock a warning voioo ic b«inl from thn xkio:', Fav^f, nccujtfittu tt! 
Va%uU, jtuiiatttu ta ! and at'the knell of midtiigbt, the fatal sentence ia 
prodaimod, Fawtt, Fatt^f, in trtrmtm liaiantthui r* ! Tbim, wbili- all 
the soenlo resources of red fUmw, fiends, and hobgoblins are lil 
di^layed, faiist t> dragged off, after a concluding notiloqny. 

Kov, Fault. BTl tliou condtninKl to ihy tiiis' npiatiun, 
Tbo nnCenci' ilrMd I )i*ar «f iWUi md rrjiroluilon : 
Yh VuriM t than Mm* Arlfc frcm t\» ilailc re*1m]i iofanal. 
And bmr tlie nbaiidonsd muI to *nflMBg> etvraal. 
T«ir from the lionM Uio flcvb, rt itd vtnj limb •rasder, 
Tbo dim Bbj» of air flio^ tlio trunk thrauKh and andvr. 
Quick lo tlicw'ork! Ii«d un, IhrotiKh n*UifrK«!(ii of twror, 
VntQ lb# <lr»*d nbodn at *ODb caadtmnod Ibr onvr. 
Yfn. yrn. bo romca ! br fllti! in b>dM«« tarj rtariot. 
Hi* balliab mga to chl, ia my h««<'N 'blood cuTiKmrtnir. 
Qone fa all bope, and thn I [la; lin's uittcr om^ 
WMto m; hiptraa *uu), nu« sad fur nviii lixtl 

Thp diAlogun of lliis little piece, which is in nome placua left to 1 
imprurtacd ut the dfaoetiou of the player, ia eretywbere f^ntaseous ) 
lively, but the reader will have pormveil that it i» wanting in dr 
cohesion. Tbu events at tJia Court of Panua are di'eonuecto:! frmc 
)v«t at the ACtJOflj which is resuiDed in an tfpbaodtcal &>hign after 



Ifjav of twitlw vMt¥. Tbo opening sronm am a vny don r«procltiction 
I of SUriow'fl Fatut :\ml the Uur onw iliffer Maridertil>l,v fixna 
ttlw En^uh dmma, which is & br moiv liwntl rendering of tho 
I M|r iilJ 99^fi-, 

TSn tntermt of tlM puppet-pUjr is, howevM-, due, not bo much to its 
If mntiu, M Id the billucnee it ucvmisnd in keeping aIItc the 
•fad. aad lwn<Hi> g it down to modfrm drama. Leering wm finit 
immtf kt4V wiitisv to dnipi w ntit venioii of (}i« piera ; and, having 
«« it antnl by puppetn in 1753, bo aketched tho ontlino* of two AitCar- 
Bttngodloi On tlie Kubji-cl — onv cluMtl/ following thv pUy liuhiui lU-tiiAlly 
OTQ, tfaa other omitting entirely tti« eupematnrnl eleinent. The mami- 
■apt w«s IrMt tn a^mnk witli n quontitT of oUiit papers, nnd oril}' on« 
«^ ttasatribed in a letter, survives. It is that iu which Fniist quee- 
lli^ tbv vaHon'* Kpiritii iia to thrtr di^rem of f^jicvd, and tlu> more eU- 
torue phisfiu iainxtuoed are scarcely on iraprovement ou tbe uopre- 
kBtou liinctacM of the pappet-ilialogne. 

Bat the remodelling, nr rtiUi«r the new erention, of the Fn%ut li>genil 
«u ua o-T w l for a grent«r than LeMtng. Uoetbo vaa of all moitom 
fnU tbe moat nngidarly fitl«d to dual with the mibjeet, from hi* un- 
ap«Uad power of combining the BuUimc with the grotcsqo& He was 
■ tUa reapBCt a nviuiaimation of the miiid of mMli»val C«nnany, far 
mm than of that rUwiod ftDtifjnity whosw l>-p«! 1»p is sMppoajxt hy wmr 
rf hi* eritfci to have inlierit«d. Tbiut liis Fautt reM-robl«A tbu fii^adu of 
anotKir cnthrtlral, in whidi fantastic monsteni and nightmare births of 
iutj at* wan in oontnidt with tlie loveliiuas of angelit and the majcaty 

Tlie pradoctlon of thn Fti'irt tragndy, nrolred from bin niin'! gradually, 
■ by MOM ilow prooen of nature, was the artistic miu of Coctbe's entire 
Gia He waa but fenr ynan old when hr aaw the pnppct-play pnfonned 
bytl* tBiniature actors in a marionette theatre given bim aa a Chriiitinas 
pOKOt by hi* grandmother ; bn wna irtill a child when an abridgment of 
Wjibiann'* /'niuf-JJucA, sold among popular literature at &in, foil into 
kfckand*: ami be hid oomptctod his cigbty-svcorad ynur wbon be laid 
fawn the pen after having written the last lineaof tlw veud phantasmft- 
fviawbirb nmclndua Uu> gmt tragedy. AH that lay between that 8rat 
lUUii ba p wi nn and the final jierfecting touch, went to tlie making of 
tka *boK and we may ho mire that there wtu no cinglo experience of 
11>r uvi'a Ufi) that liiil not lea\-e ibi iitnnip tipon the work. The avntury 
'•utMt ia dombod in tiie Easter walk of tl>o profcnor aad hia 
"■npir; OrMchcn is the iilealiaed rvminiMunoti of hi* first Iioyinh 

Ipri of fr'rankfort, of that txamc, whom be adoivd with a 
<Udiih pMiIan at Altean ; eren tbe ittudy of mogio was ono which had 
^■D liu utnal nocnpation daiing wmc months of retiremeut. Bat bow 
' iy tnunmut^d and metamorphosed are all anch nctnal ezperienon 
■■: Ui' vonderfiil '■'vri p«wrror|rfq]iiiii,weoiayiapnrt fano'fioin 

tte lim^ntey )ii u of tbu p rev ioi inly existing tufttieriiAs ttoia 



whieti llie perfect slrtieture '"a* ilevulopeiL In tl»e ]>r»-Ooethe 
£nd, ii)i)(«d, but tho rudiinciiU of ull thaC no nvw aMMuatA i 
nuns ; and if ve art: at first aui-|>rued U> dUcoror tbM the poet 
any suggCKtiom from cstmnoflus sonrrm, this fcfling is sooa I 
gTMter wonder cf seeo&g liow much Ito tuiiloil of Uis own. In tli«. 
native mnstorpiuco tbo ori^n«l niAtcruUaiqipcar MMvdy la» tmn 
And Eoodifiod than ar« the cTiid« «lemeQtai7 subitaaoee used bjr 
in Dlabornting thg vital iMguusin. 

It vita in A fragmenUry state tliat Faust first nw tiie ligktv 
diMcotncctod seciiwi piil>Ii*h«l in 1775 were only worked tip ial 
CDiDpk'te drniu't after tho poet's journey to Ituly ia 1787. It isj 
cord tint ttiv hobgoUin ilrolIenM of tho Witchcn' Kitchen wcracoi 
in the beautiful grounds of tbe Villa Bor^b<«e at Rome, stnuigely 
groons M tlivy mora with tho aontbom landscapo and olawirwl 
of the iipot. The UoI«n episode, another fhigment, was ori 
tended to form n wtjiurntc dninia ; bat, bore tumnl to acootuit wi 
eoonomy of genius, it is grafted on tlie second yattol FaiiM, not w 
eliowing, in ita dUoropancy with tho remainder of the work, wnw 
of it* extraneous ori|pn. 

Anong later adaptations of tho FauH materials is » ballet, i* 
by H«inrich Hebie, at tbu tv(|iif«t of Hv. Liimley, when manager a 
Majesty's Theatre, but noror performed, as tho appeoranoo of 4 
Ijnd that seaeon, and theaouution she crMited, rendered the ]>rodd 
of any utlici- no^xlty superflnous. The scenes are of courso only slcij 
oiit in dmcriptioQ, na there ii no dialugiio in tlic fqiwiuEt of enterlaid 
it was intended for. 

Amid many divei^cnceii, theri; is one noteworthy coincidence 
the various versions of the I'auft legend, from Widmanu'e to 
They are all niiauiiuous in rupreKenlin^ their protagonist as Itrsi 
to invoke tbo fiend by infntiabJo thirst for knowledge, end eu 
Inl on by bin tempter to seek the lower grxtifieations of a life of p! 
Tbns the subtle atlt^ry is <«nroyed. that the soul, having once 
delibenite choice of evil, loeea tfaeooeforword all controlling pow 
its own worm impulsea, awl sinks to unforeseen depths of deg;rw 
And if tho warning against dialwUca) tnteroouna nu empbatieal 
veii'ed by tbo tragicnl Ktorj- of the wiianl Fnust to bia oontcmpora 
tlw sixtAentb oentuiy seem to naof the ninetei-nth aomewbat snper 
wc Uill may find in the old ti^cnd a ID0>^1 applicable to all time. 


Ml ^ 







C'^s«^'^ ' ""*" 

r niKi^MBI^ttSB 

E^"';*?>^" ' . ■ 

^^H ' ' X '' 


'"•-'■' ii tJIS^^ " ^\rf 

^■'^ \ 

' i''i«l"r"l iflwilffflli? ' 


^r^^T*-^ .-^- - ^'« 

|V :■, 

W^ y ' }/■ 

^■;ils'''^4 ,.;^ 


fc^^^tt^' ■ ■" ■ 


r^ *■ 

Pw : 1 


^^■'^' '4 


r ■ ■ -^^iPt 

^H t ^^^^^^r jH' ^^^^|^B!fnvCK/.^^l 


HJI % vl 

'•' ^ , ■ 

MwV il 





.^K'M '-SsstiT""- 


^^^Wi^ fl 


7;-i:>:.iS^asi-: ' 

Sm^^: ■ 

um-iMTia.'' ^^H 


-It MT^Jt 


9I0 Hetn filing. 

'V ; 




IFB in tho wanttj K'enenlly, and 

life \a tbo ndghbonrhood of Cny- 

miiuter Botnovbat more ]iar(4ca- 

laHy, U HcUoni rcmftrkuble for 

nbiindnnco of inciOent ; «nd upon 

the principle Ui«t th« mSM ihiag 

for n silor to do «itii Ub botd, 

when in the lient of action, is to 

tlimt it through & bole made id 

the side of the iihip bj- n ronnon- 

bkll, it tatty bo swiiniml that, afl«r 

awh an eventful day iw tbut ihroitgh 

which Him Brtme had jiKt pnsaed 

when we took l«a\'e of bM* in Uio 

month of Novemlior, rtothtuf; mom 

of a Btaitlii^[ uatuie wsk likdy to 

happen to bor for eoioe time to ooine. 

To Ije run away with, to b^ thrown 

rroiii oixt'fl horscN, to receive and 

(an oOiT (/ nuuriago, all within tho twenty-four hour*, iit indt«d 

raehloceir ujun one's fair »v«n^ of exatmnent; and 

ii jnay \m rrtamnbert'd, had been a g;ood den! b»t«d and 

u; ainaU triCf in tho vmy of novelty iKifom thera thingii had 

F. wna hlfuiidiuitly tntinfied with what she liad got, and aalted 

ttw than a fui-tii«r period of r^om ami dalnna in wkidli 

jxTriinl ilid in dnc coarse follow, and butted for a mnttvr of *ix 
' the explnUluu of that time a truly reinaricakle piece of 
: 10 Netlie's ibaro— a piuee of ezpenciioe lucfa « do wonum 
, and which la looked bacli upon with a certain degree 
«od willi heaKfelt regret by a good many. It was to- 
ll* end of I>eoeml>er thxi tJie county was roused to a high pitch 
. aod ozp*c^tion hy the ro-appoanuioe of the Duke of Retford, 
1^ Uaf sUU ijiut out of hL> Yorkshire manaaon, hnd sdacted Cray- 
Hdp tit p»m niristsua at, as heiag upon tho wIk^ the least ooiafiwtJeaa 
m. urn.— so. 377. 9. 





of Uie maaj eotaAij booan tiat Maogid to him. Ue euie dawii^| 
■Itiite K pAUiwtiu) Dbihkm, ■ccompuued or «[xedil}- (bUomxl ij tUOMR^I 
nbttTaa, and unoog thcw ma hia lililmt aon. 

Now this jroong toau bad grcKtlj Uked and adnurad N«lBa danng 
hks ataf at Crajrlindge at tbe time nt tiw fostiviUe* oonseqneBt npoa bia 
ecKaing of ago ; and aa idnoRre had boon hh ndmirsUoB tbat hv h«d not 
at all forgotten her, althoof^ fivo whole montha had pi—ttd awnj onoe 
bo bad bidden Imit farewell. One of tbn £rxt thinga, tbarcforc, that he 
did opon finding hioiaelf once more vitbin reada of her wa« u> rido oror 
to Broooi Lean, whera ho was m Idndljr rowavn] that ho ducovorod ft 
ftrite of pntoztfl for i^poaing hi^ riait throe times in little moK Hum a 
wedc Ahoat Christmaa time bin parents, an in dirtj IhhikI, ffkvv a baU 
at vhich 1m danced a great manjr timaa with XcUie — thereby exdtin^ 
much anrpriae and eavj, aiid not a little sptefulnno. Aftor that tb«n 
eame a lea daj^ frort, vbidi aflbrded additiooal opportoiutMa for ne^JH 
boorlf intercoom; and tbn ovtcorao of it alt was Ihnt, whilo tlte new 
year was still TOnug, the UobC Honourable tbe Mai:t{uis of Cittv1irid([e 
made a famal ofier t£ bis hftnd and «I1 tbe coatiagmt gtorioa bdongbig 
theseto to MiM) Bruue. 

It nut; bi» a>.s«rt«d vritbout ill mttitre— «nd, in tmtb, than in DotblDf 
iU-uatared in the asaeilioii — that the number of women in England wlio 
oould rclinqai*li withoat a pang tbo pirmipoct of beconun^; a dadiees v»y 
bo oounted upon the fingers oCotie hand. Nellie Brune, at uay mt«, wa* 
not ono of ttiAt kcIl-cI and high-minded few. She woatd have UJked 
vay much to bo a doclieai, and to be rich sad powerful, and to ImU 
out a helping baud to bur brotbiirs in thoir sovend pn>f«esioos, and to 
wear the famous Retford diamonds, and to st«|> at once and witboot an 
fiflbrt from the retpocteblo bat obMuro nuiln of the ootmby gentry into 
tin initv circle of the highest society of her native land. AU this wOuU 
b&ve been ezooediogly plenaant to ber ; and jot she fdt that she < 
not marry Lotd Craybridgi.'. Blic rcfmvd liim witb an honest a^b, ' 
sbo did nfuse bim. 

The jDutig man wna very roach astonisbod, which was natuml 
enoogh — imd ntb«r augty, which showed & want of proper foeling on hii 
part, but was also, perbnps, not unnntund. Of cooree, in a mftniur ■/ 
■peaking, Bliss Bruno was worthy of «a impert«] throne j but, DonCom- 
plaling things from a commoD-sense and orery-tUy stAndpoint. she rvotly 
Tss hardly in » position to treat marfjuises as tlioogh tfacy wsra made of 
mere common day. This marquU bad bocn willing to art tJie wlidiea of 
his pareobt at dtdunoe, and to brave the displeamra of liia taitim fiimily 
tor her sske. He had thought mtlior well of himmlf for being so fad^ 
pendent, and it certainly bad never entered into his bead that itny oppo- 
sition to his desires oooid oomc &om Imt. ITo wns a vtrj young 
and ft aomowb>t liot-temjierod one, and be could not l.elp letting be 
aoroidbing of what bo Uioiigfat respecting her condnct in tliia nut 
Tbereapoa ab^ too, bvcomd angi^^ and told bIm he bod a vulgar i 


so SBW TiUSO. 


■Md « tii^ wards pauod, wwl Uio ist«rview wa» nouly ending in « 
Burtel qn*miL LonI Cinjbrul^, bowev«r, KvTUiwd bia sclf-ounUol in 
liiaH fu Bvm. n anilii^ified it [MtrUng. IIo o»nfrsM>^I thnt bu Itwl for- 
gaUm Inmaelf, bojQ^'d for [bcgiv«iWBB, and «nin foi^irea. Would Utera 
ha 4IIJ hope for him >t on^ fnUitv time I be lukftd. Ni'Ilio ivpli»] tbiil 
riia was very ^ortj, bat Uutl them never could be any bo[>e for liim tit 
«IL Be tiMn nWmd tbat 1mi didn't aire what bcautia of hint now, and 
dtpKrCtd deobrinjt tbat b« abould live and di« a bacbelor, and expifwlng 
abep« tliat In* detntM might sprcddy cnnw. Aiu) iibnnl tiirm vmtkM 
aftnrnrda be ptupcaed to tbo bmutiful Lady Hilda Montacnte, by wbom 
Iw VIS Msvptid ; and tiwy van auuTt'xl witb great {>oin|» at Westminatv 
AUmj in UiB qinofii ami lived b^^y evei- aft«rwnrdi^ i i . 

The fangmag *fnto>i^ having only un indirect bonring upon tlie 

ema» nf the present story, has been somewhat condensed in naiiatiou ; 

bM tlw fmriuo* vorldngn «f it occupied n Uigs portMO of NcIIic'h tjmo 

end iboni^ta durioj^ lie winter, and it was tbo ueana of exaltjug ber 

Wfoad iBMrare in th« Mtitoation of ber luughbouK; for it need hardly 

hiMHl tiwt tlia wlii^o county Iteard all at>out it, the news tiavinj; leaked 

•st and bfwn prainiilgntod in tbo uxiial invxtorious way. [jBiliox nee iiot 

■miiMail to reT«sl die namca of thrar rej<vted snitora (as a matter of fact 

Ibay gKwnKlly do reveal tlwoi, but tbnt i» ndthw here nor tbsn), and 

m tbe pTHMut instance Nellie was as letioent aw the Klricteat code of 

*aaal atfaica amid have r«c[uitv<l bnr to hv. llMNdn her father, ah« only 

— lunbalail the circuui^taiux' tu Mrs. Stoniiifortb, who was almost 

Bhs a motbar bi b*tr ; and l'tott lady is allowtil to bnru ono confiduut. 

Ikqpwvt, a^pun, was ouylbiti^ but a garruIouH peraon ; but wbeu Mrs. 

K'Ontegtan sneenal ofwnly at Nelliv for having so signally fniloil to 

"attk poor Mr. Ktonniforth," how was it posiible to resist the Icmpta- 

tta of pntvini; Uiat n much ntoni eligible /Mrt« than Tom Stnnniforth 

U Imsi (IndtDtd by th« younf Udy 1 Pmvinj^ is perimiKi banlly tlie 

r%bt wnnl to uau, inanancb as tbcru oonld be »o tangible proof ailduccd 

a rapport of (he ELttemenU and iudisfd lAn. Wiiuiiugton d«clared at 

xaa and without bedlntion that she didn't boli«v(i a word of it. Xature^ 

Waver, was Iwi strong for JJra. Winuington, and, denpilc ber pxpresied ' 

iaEndvfity.sbn could not help troatang Nellie from that day forth with a 

anadmng naipact which its subject via* piuxled to acoount for. 

As lor Margaret, brr joy over tbo diacomfiture of Lord Craybridge 
*«■ csUwwL TbcTB coald be but one reason, »h« thought, for his rejuo- 
and, b«ing quite aatisficd now as to the slAto of KeUie's aHbrtions, 
Uouns laon than ever anxious for KiiUp to tvturu. Pliiliji, bla 
ud his praapvcta were tJie most frequent suttfect of coDveroatioa 
tbs two ladies. It was a comfurt to the elder to have Home oiie 
ivmfa wlu) nndantood and appmointdd that paiagon, while tba 
Km iiliid to be able to speak wtthuul ivpugnanc* of one, »t bust, 
IDS in whom her kind frioudwas interested. Mn. Vliik- 
•h^i^, lAca. ti4iB ber autumn ouutaaTtva Xo tJio w«at, and upon lVi» 

6— a 




whola Dol ill'pI«Ased with tho results thereof, waa more than usually oat 
of Rf tnpatUy wiib thuu both at thin tinut. ^VbeQ Mar^uret bon'UtiDi^jr 
iB&nood her of Um onreer wfaicli Pbilip liad dioaoD for hiinnclf, eli« to- 
miu-ked drily Uiftt slw wik not At nil surpriMx), but tbut for bar pul she 
did not CKTO nhoat including a mountehunk in th« list of her Mqoaiat- 
ance*; und to Ni>lliu ^lw nuido bcomelf olijcctiatuble by intimating in na 
ambiguous language tliat Tom StaouiforUt's enKagomenl to Edith migU 
now tw tookrd upon nsrory neArly an iicoon)[iIiali«d fact. 8hc had to- 
ooontfred Mr. 8tanntforth, it appnred, in the ooune of her peregiin&tioaa. 
and bail— or said slu: bad— been giTon to nndentnnd |irettj dearly br 
him what his amiMtiua was. " I have not btMthed a word u|>on tbr 
salgoat to dear Kdith ; I would nerer interfcn in midi a matter, I 
ftnoy, though, that I can foreoee ber answer, and I leully thiiilc diut b 
many ways gbo will have chosen wiecJy. Itank, nfl«p all, is not er^rr- 
thing, and dear Mr. Stanniforih is k> good — suck a thorougbly aterligg 
and gflDnin« character." 

Kellie, albiiit not unpnpared for this intell^encr, was profomtdlydtf- 
gusted by it, and said some Utter Uiiitxato Margaret about tlte ease with 
whiob Kdith hml got over hw attachment to poor Waller. Not ptmi <" 
Alargaret had she ever diaclotied what had passed Iwtween her and Mf. 
Stanniforth on that nienoiabte November aft«moon, but In licr hmrt the 
condemned him no Igm Mrrerely tlian tJie young woman Ic whom bc< ho'l 
BO promptly tnmsfemd his alle^nce. To be sxm, sbo did not wtnl l" 
marry him hemelf, anil it was nothing to her whom be might diuo^c <>i 
man^'; bat she thought lie might haiD had the dooenej' to wait a little 
longer. He liad taken nther a liticrty in asdting ber to be luswiftal 
all ; but that he should have asked ber in tltat sort df way, iiimply f'^ 
eause bo wanted n wift! — any wife — was juid a little bit too iusulling' 
One ts fovrj to have to record weakneasefi on the part of oneV li^romi.' ; 
but it IN a fact that wbrn ISdith complaimid that Xellia Branc nevi^r mot 
her now without snifEng at her, she was not going far hm-ond the Uniiti 
of truth. 

There were thus many little daily pin-pricks which served not on^T 
to strengthen the fneiub^ip which had mihsairtoil for so long bel««" 
Margaret and her young neighbour, hut to narrow the stream of tlioif 
eommon intermits into one ehannel. If aomo p<-o|>le (IxKight thut Iliil^ 
would lower liimself and thote connected with btm by «iu;;iiih- for tuR 
supper, like little Tom Tucker, that was by no means iMisn itrtuw't 
opinion. On tha contnuy, she applandod his resolution with a hearUsM* 
that quite reassured Margaret, who, as wo have swn, htt<I had soin. 
givings upon tho point at firrt. Why, \dlio purtioeiilly imiuirwi, 
it be considered a mora hooanrable occupation to plen<l tin eaiue li 
murderOTB and forgers than to alTord innocent pleasure to puoplv of 
finemontt Bid nnybady dare to look down upon artista no 
And vos not a great singer just as much an artlrt aa a great pam< 
What tras really diHgraceful wm to cat tbe bread of idten«as ; ual 



wImL hltii hiwi Himvtim«s fconxl Uuit Philip might Iw ooutODted to 

Nitvaliu Kiiil "be rliouli] «lwii}ni feel ]>ruu<l iif litm. 

jfipMcha of tliU kiuil ircro v«i-y Bootbing und oaeoura^;!!);; to Mnr- 

fu«t, mad «mt fur toTards ooDMling bor fgr tbo unaniDOW whicb sbe 

Ul at fliQiii'* jmitmctDd abMUC«. He wu ftlwnjrt vrriling to mj that 

1> DMUit bi Komv iumI «m bar m moo iu ov«r bo could find tbe time, but 

M ariwi w Or otbuT li« turrar did fiiiil tbu Hum ; and « mgao niniMur con- 

wMtmhii DBffioTilh that of Stgnonv TomiriMrini (jiddod dowu toCiuj-- 

■inrfHr, utid ^Tu Mnr^ptrel {who hud novvr bocq tba 8ignoro, wkI 8U|i- 

fiwil kiv Ui !m a young aod fJKcinnting cronture) a terrible fright. At 

lB|[(fc, liDinirvr, tbtni ouno a letter tu annooiioe tbnt Fhilip )>ropuM.'<) to 

mkH LmijiboiimB nt Ewi«r, nad that bo hoped to U> nMe to renudn 

flva far aotiLD wixki. TliU joyful uen-ii vimt ut once Ittuuimittod to 

ihdeiB I^Maby itDTpavt, who in<?i)tione<J n-ith rogrot that the eama poet 

U Imagbt bur > i«fuHil from Tuni StainuTarth. " I bo|)ed lio m^t 

bi« ton aUo to nm dowo for Eastor too," she snid ; " hot be tdlR m« hv 

■'H bo buy oil throngb the rmHii." 

" (th, whal a good tiling I " exclaimed 2<eUie, ctaaping her bands tn- 

Hor ejncttbtiuu hud been called fuftJi by tJio latter jmcco of tntelli- 
fM«, bqt MarfruTt nalamlly set it down to gratification at the formor. 
hi is tmlh Ni^llix wan v<-ry glad to am Philip ngain. H« vrived 
veiy ]mIi* iukI (aggod, as he inigbt haro been c>rpeoti)d to do after 
■pdl iif liartl labour, and mta made mueh of by tha ladies whose 
he chiefly oov«tt«d. Margaret, of course, would have ]>ettocl 
Uk cwhr any dreumatanom ; but tin wu« not prepared to meet with so 
Vai a nvptioo nl Ui« lianda of }<ellio, haring found ber on provioua 
wniwi* nore of a critic tlian a sympatbtAer. Kow iJio wafl amiability 
■Wf Bhe iBidti him Bibg to her ; sbo praiwd his Toioo in torms aiore 
*lhiauBtie than any that had yet flatterad his «u« (poor Vvaj had 
knUy known on« uotc from another) ; she prophenod a triumpliant 
"iM for liim, and liitmw) with much int«Tc«t to all that lio would teU 
W ftboat bi* lifo in London. 

Tiim nrt of thing dslightod Philip, and so, for that matter, did every- 

*Um|[ oaniMKted with Longboumo and the ordinary oourte of «jdstaiioo 

fta& He km) lieeo for ao inany moDths wttlMxit the email lozurtM and 

■hMumta wlili-h ft° ""ifh wealth tli^t he bail alinont fiii^tten what 

U>T m.^n liko. and raluMl them doobly now that tbey wet« cmoo more 

hia rscIl Even neli trifling niatt^^n as a conictant 8Dp|dy of 

M-< iMdroom and tbn (Indiog of bis clothes ready bruabed 

liim whsii 1m wnntoii tlimii w^m producdire of a great 

> him, and be somiHimos found him^If ronr^-i'lltng faow 

. .^.. ^.'xt uj) so obc«rfully with tfan wirdchod disoomforla of 

lid Vttla ami Conduit SIneL But it was not often that b« 

Uu^t.: ><mi Villa am) Condnit Strrat, or of his rendenoo there, 

_*fl' of bli life alnndy hdongod to tiie past, and hn<l l<erR 




poriwd into B pigMO-bols of kk mmaorj, to be looked at occasimiAUf , or 
fa> be fiBgDUen tUtog«ther, « dtanee might deone. Hk tliciuj|bta now 
wen oocnpied eattrdy witb the prantt ; uut • T»ry Bj^naibla son of 
imnot H wu, taking it all in aU. Flentf of wpUiirilleJ Mrvaubi ia 
mioUtn- to hi* ««tit«, good tLiogs to tKt, the beat of wUme to dnok, 
■oft-rokcd, welt-bnd women to talk fa>— tbase (bings aofficed, at l<aat 
Ibr tlM time twisg. to aatacfy bis soul. The nmjkmi of tba ymr, booi was 
tklidoiu. Tke wlitte,1)rifibt Bontigbtof apring vasrotuuig (lie BlrnpiDj 
earth to Vifo; t^ cJioatotit-badH want bunting; tlir fruit-troea vmt 
mrertd with tbatj bloionn, vhidi fell )ik« minjiitore uimi-»Lanaa 
befon evvrj puff of tb« soft went wind ; tb» thnishea and blaokbudi 
oonld be htard in tlie cool uocninga ; all nature wa* preparing tar a 
fnA atart : am) what roald be more Gtliug than that the heart of tkie 
young man abouU lightljr turn in tlie amal diivctioa t 

It tnnet not, bowerer, be suppoe^l tJ»t Fhili]) bad learnt so ItUk 
from oxperienoe an to think in any aerioas fanbion of pajiog bin od- 
dreBWs to Ifellie Brune. He said to luinself, witb a smile, that : 
would iMX'w indnoo bim to do that, cfaarm dm nerer so wiaeiy. Of 
pinch of povert]' ii« had bad more than vnov^ to laat him his 1 
and to coRrinco him that tnatrinioni*] bappincea waa qnitn it 
with Ktinilfut^I mtavA. He warn nerertheleci — eo he lvUc:\-c<t — dMflT 
in lovc> with Ndlic. lie had alwaya uiapected bitnselfof being bo; and 
now varioiM robtle inOueooia, aome of whiob havo been oiiinicntMl, 
tntned bia muptoioo into oertuntr. All this being so, a delicately 
•tmpiiloiu youth m^t hare thought it hi* duly to keep out of Ibi 
maiden's way, lest perch&nra be ehould d^nde her with hopc« «-hi<li 
could never be fullllled ; hut Philip, it is Msrocly neMaaaiy to «uy, did 
sot ponue any eucb ooutw. What be did waa to resume bia ehionii) 
flirtation witb Nellie jutt where he bad left it, thniwing a 
ardour iuto hia wordx and leoka oa beaeeaned the iaereased 
paaaon, and, fortbe^es^ allowing himiolf to drift down sbeam, in . 
aoce with hin old habit, with a hingui J, pteaMd cnrioidty aa to what i 
be going to happen to him next. 

One moraii^, iibout a fortnight after hi* return, ha made hia app 
•noe at Bniom Leas in an evident ittato of suppreoed exdteiMa^ 1 
hardly gave htm«e)f tinte to my good morning beforo lie attacked ! 
Brune with a direct ijnftitioo. 

" I say, Kftllte, is it a lact that you rrfuaed Cmyhridgo laat 
winter 1" 

Noliie, who at that moment was standing in one of the paddocks, 
trying to inilnc n Khy young oolt to aooept a lumpof mgnr from hor 
band, whiaked ronitd abraptly, and threw her Inm]> of mgar away. 

" Who told yon th»t t " she aakad. " Wiw it Mn. Staitniibr 
She promised mo Ihal .Jie would mit iiienlioii it to anybody." 

"No, it wiusii't M<B. I hwnl it Usi nij;h( at thx Clah at Cra, 



; Clitb t— Imv ilis^Hting I How do people find thcM Uiings 
th«y would aind Ui«ir own burinev." 
' EirurrlioJy known ev^tTtiung; : it can't bo helpwl," wvij KuUp. 
'1 BtHtoDDflea tint, if a dncJMw Iuh) propocod to tna, and I h»d rcfoced , 
_W, I ihouU immedMUily publish the fact abroad myuit. You nall^ 
. mfoH him, then I " 

Ys, I RMlly did. Woodorf ul ; w«ui't It f " 
"Cpin aij word," aoawcred Philip, looking nl her cimoudy, "I 
it ins ntlwr woaderftU. "Why iu tli« world did you da il, 


XelliB l«i«fa«L " Wby did I refiiM him t Well, Tor tlw butt of all 
I didn't <»ro pitoiigh about him to marry liiu." 

' And you call that tlia best of all reaaons I " gocnktcd Philip, with 

' Ak '" nld Jftillie, witli a toooh of nam, " you can't imdentaud any 
Ti rHutioi thu eldoat uo of a duke." 

" I could aniy undiimtand it upon one soppoKitaon," aiuiwai«d Philip, 
tkivly ; " that there waa some on« dee whom fibo liked better." 

fia pCDDOuaoed the la£t worda in a low voice, k<«pii^ his oyt* on 
dw gmaad •« he Kpoke. Ua rai^od tboiD Id time to oncouuter 
V«1U«'^ which wGi« Uanng with auger, while a fine rush of colour had 
mn^nad her hcu. 

" Philip," sho cried, " you are very imperlineut I " 

" What a littlo Npitiiro you are, }JoIli« ] Surely aucb old friend8 n« 
}M and 1 ouy aiy ai)yUuD){ U> eadi otluir. IJuwcvor, I apulogiiie 
huBttiy, and U^ Iavo to wiUidraw the remark, since it makes you ao 

"1 am upt a Ut angry," returned Nellie ; " hut I don't think any- 
' iighi Co »y a Ihii^ lilcu Ihat To l«gia with, it in quite unti-ue ; 

"What boidaat" 

" Wall. 1 bate thai »orl of tiuug twing said about mo. Wluit bnsi- 
tuva you and your rrieuds at the Craymiusler Club to di-wuwi me 
I T UuKigbt ladiea' uusm weio nevar mentioned at dnbi," 
" Uaooiu goubivi 1 what oould have made you auppoaa that I All 
to »t2a% you migbt ham kouwo thai 1 shonld not discusi you, or allow 
)M to In dhwiUMd, in any club of whkth I waa a member. A man 
■Ifnad to masttm to me thai tharo wajt a rumour to the e0Bot that 
1*1 had mrnaed Craybciilgp, awl asked me whether it wa« trtw ; that 
|H" Vary wall ; I don't want to hear any more about it. Let ut 

Kiif did aa lie waa bid ; bat although h* ceaaod to apeak of the 

v'^ ba did not by any mnna ceaae to think of it ; and, at the risk 

if WwniBff him atill further in tlw mUntm of tht^ rvndei-, it must be 

that Ub abarvi] in «mm degree in the rcapbct wlucji Mrs. 



WinniDgtOQ felt for a gitl who did not GU« nbout Ijccomiug I>iicli«s i^ 
Ketfurd. For tbLa bo kIuiII bn dcMptsnl n tnndi m the ivader mnjr tJunk 
£t; but it votM be Iwrdlf £tb- to bUin« hita for bcUovtu-; that the 
nstonialiing Kacrifico in qiiu»tian had bocn miulc for hii uko. MargKnt 
b»d no sort of doubt upon the point, and did not Iieaitate to say m 
much wtion wuiultiKl ; wliilo NoUio'M confusion adiI wmth hnd aormod 
to tell th«ir own (ale id tolerably pl^n luiguiige. No wonder tbsl 
Philip tihonld limve ootid nil i-d tbnl tlm prin^— if [trim it irvtv — migtit Ixi 
Ilia for th« ssking. And from tbnl day fortli tie began to tliiuk thnt 
porhjipti be wonM uk for il. Aft«r nil, then wmt Dotluiig to dotrr hiiu 
from dtaas bi>. L-xcopl Ilia dread of privations ; and was it not a inalt«r 
of oertaint/ that in a few ytfon' timo bo would be in receipt of an incooM 
noarif, if not (juil«, lu largft ns Signom To(aina*im'a } At the aaiDe 
tim«i lio wna not inclined to do anytbing hastily. It han bwn mid 
bnfom thai Pliilip waa fond of a eertnin mrekn method of self-atudy, 
and it would liave beni stmngo ind««d if he had not fonnd out this mnch 
nbuiit himKuir, ttiat nono of liis posaiona or de^rea were rety deejviixited. 
He certainly would not ha%'o bttikon hU boart if Nellia had inarriud 
Lord Crayl'ridge ; ho did not suppoae that k!a heart woold brenk if she 
were to do so oven now ; tlura^ the notion of her bolonging to any ime 
eisa WU.-I an exoeaalvdy painful one to him. I>elHy, then, oould do no 
harm, an<l might pomibly be prodiictivo of good ; anil to he oainu round 
to bin old eoiiiforlahle detcnmnation to wail upon cveuta. 

It will be obvioos to any one who cam to be at lh« trouble of think- 
ing over the utuation thai only a very nnall event waa requtrvd, undw 
tbow circunutancoa, to overoonM Philip's pnidamee and huny him into 
a doclaiation ; and auch an ercnt oaioe to past, not many daya later, on 
the occasion of a dinner-party at Longbounie. It wax a iargt dinner- 
party — one of thowo dinner-portiflN which are given only m the oounUT. 
where anything like a Mtloction of company is not to be thought of, and 
wbaro, if the tahli! Im big enough, everybody muM: be aaked on the aame 
day, InI unworthy euspiaona should arise of a Moond diviaon of gocA 
having been invited to eat up the l«aring« of the first. All the ma{{nat« 
of the Mirronnding district and various clefical dignitaries from Cray- 
minxtcr were jmHent at it ; and, as some of them did not happen to be, 
upon speaking tertra, Mm. Winnington bad large opporlnnities fori 
diaptay of ta<:l, and enjoyed hoi'nelf vvry tnucli. 

Philip aim had been acenstomod to derrive n good deal of quiot «■ 
ni<nit from Iheae periodical ftasls, which, indtwd, wmo ricJi in hti 
inddent to tbe appreciatiro spectator ; but this time he wau not amn 
at alL lu the firHt place these waa nobody to UukIi alth him, Har^uol 
bmng too btmy, and Nellie otha-wi»o occupied ; aud then Im wan dis- 
ngroaahly counuioua of being overlooked. In London he had idwayt 
been somebody; people had thought him vm-y cleror and di- > 
Inul listened to him wlien Im talked; he liad alao been a ■.' 
small way by reason of hit well-known talonlx. But Uie fame oi~ Um 





b*d ont tiFiMitrat«d so f»r tu C'inyBunster, or, if it h&i, wiis nol tlu>U!;')it 

■■cli ■'■ 'ni6B>]uireii nud tin) mnoiiH, yritli tiM'ir trnprrlivo wivr-«, 

«ho Ri' I Mrs. Sbuinironh'o dLuui};-t«1)Ie, knew Mr. Iklui'eanilcLt 

Q«l; M • <k>paidun( of dura, hriI, if ihoy noticed Kim nt ull, considered 

hint nthwn poor sort of foslloir. Jle Lutditoclatms Upon the admiration 

tt may tif thinn. Ht* liod not dUinguiKbrd himwlf iit (MovU bo wm 

I In Ika binittiiff firli) ; iuhI, for »11 tlint, lie (;uve blnuieir aiis anil 

cnbodtHL 1'iiilip, tlwrcforo, «im tlirnst compMeljr into tho 

WtccroaiMl. Dnc |M!iliikp8 bo would not bare minded that to mudi if 

■ .dnot twi-irrd Micb ntiirkodraicognitJonframftlliiMrterH; 

.1 Wiiiilil nol ])«rl:iki)« have minded ao much if tJio vounKf r 

IV bud bean l'«s iwiidnous in tbcir ntt«ntionK to her/ 

— vuun^ men vera rich; ou«, in particular, bad just oouu 

iaiB an trimtv wbicb wu Mud ta tw worth ten thousMid k y<ar, ond ho 

Wl A pwd-luokiufi fellow into t-lio bar^^n. It wan be wbo took Mina 

&VI* in to itlnnor ; and wb^n lliiiip Haw bim <lcvi>ting liiiiiiu>tf In bor 

in R hmmI ootuptciiuuB uunner, and Nellie nooepUn^r hin devotion with 

ttvj Afifieantaai (it eomplaoencj', bo br<gnn to be uKiiUvl tiy the pongx 

J JMluiuy. If be had uiied hia reaaoninf; powers, lie mniit hare per- 

«ind (hat, having triumphed over Ibe riralrT of a future duke, he 

«mU laiTe litllft to fear from a mere eountry ^ntleman ; but when a 

Bu b m lave~-aod t^ilip, it mn«t be r»mcmbero<l, was really in lore — 

fciaraMning powRrt am uddom at (lietr beflt. BeaidM, what hn ex- 

lanraced wna uot ao inueb a dreail tliat Nellie might mnrry the clif^ble 

foolli n* intms" m aMing h^r mouupolided by anybody but liim- 

•V, Inthedi-i ' 0), after dinnar.tbingi: werp Tcrynxttrly as bad. 

5dl« wu tlM-n Mnmnndnl by a oompuct body of men, young and old, 

nanried and kitif>Ie, and (here wax no getting D<ar bn-. Ho he retired 

in 'b^fOMt, ontl tHi^ to get m ris4< out of Hn. Winnilifitoa by nuking 

violvj' ^!dith; but here again hn was doomnd to faiJoro. Edith 

■i U'' , in h«r chair, looking abeolutely blank and not Uatening 

In a wiinl Uul ho naid, and Ktn. WinniogtOD waa no longnr to bo drawn 

I7 Uiat tliiradhuv stmtngiun. 

Tliv riminiT WM Umg and dull, aa anch evMiings most inevitably be, 

••d pnibably do odo in tlift room wan iiKim liort-d br it than Philip. It 

'b^I. howntr, with Boa of tJtone atrekea of luck which fell to his ahare 

,itftnUy that Im bad come to look upon Ihnm aa in nome wnt hie 

_' ' !ttr. Bnmi-, who hud been obliged to go up to London for 

TLiI wbo «'aa to return by tbe last train, had arrai^ad tltat the 

; 'lam which was to brina; hiro tip fruiu tliii station aluMild proooad 

.'rV.iiTnia aft/trwanla and fetch hi* dnnght«r. But as this ooold 

U heAint mitlniglit, aa tint lanl of tb6 gnoMa departed while 

'.rildng eleren, and aa there waa a Inilliant mooD ontetde, 

k i' fntn hor haad that she would ptefer to walk, and 

11 tlutt waa nn Philip'e lip* hy nxking him point- 




It wns tbns thnt Philip, luving tfarowD Hm roins upon tli» nadc i 
«Teut«, fciuud hiouelf ^vutlir kurriMl by iheta tdoag « patli which be vas 
not unwilling to folloir. Tbo lim« nnd the hour hoit evidently Eomn : 
tbo mUe en atint, ub 1m K»id to kiiniiulf witli » Uttlo invrard btu^h, wan 
<juitfl wliAt it ought to b«. Htm were rilenoe, solitude, a slecfiing world 
bklhed in tbo n^vtcriou.-i tulvr-ry light <>f tivo moon ; liore wii« the beloved 
object tripfung bjr liis sido across the broikd blMlc ahadvws of the lim^ 
trees ; it only nauiiiicd for tiiin to iav what he bad to mj in wt firei 
ftnd apposite words ss he could cominftnd. Aad loug before the ]< 
hnd comn in xigtit lie boil suid it. Ha bonrt boat n littlo more qnicl 
while be waited for his answer, but only a little uore quir][l7 ; 
Ihftt he had uot rmlly any d<iubt at all us to whsl thnt answer 

Apparently it WM Kclli« Bruiw'ti fiit« to astoimh lier sahoni. 
uUniBbed Ffailip very much indeed ; for she not only walked oo vi 
out reptjing, but she did not eveo look at hiia, or tuni away her hi 
moA alien- Min to K*ia poesesuon of her band, or aigiufy her coiucikt 
any fashiou w-hatsocvor.. He was obliged at hurt to rqwat his question ; 
and then kIil- answered, as coolly as if 6lio had been remarking that tt 
was a fine night, " I wiis tliinkuig.*' 

A(t«r tliat she walked on for E)>veral yardd in sUenoe, and thai tskid, 
" Philipi, arv you qnite Kuru tliat you wixh thin t " 
" Nellie ! " be exclaimed roprofwhfully. 
"I mean, do you really wish it vory much I IJecaiue^ nnl' 

do " 

If there was an art of which Pbilip was complete mauler, it wa.< thnt 
of lovo-nuking. Ho wim always mi lliomughly in eaiiMst for the 
moment. Uo begged and implored now as humbly as if ht> bad not fdt 
oerlAin in his bivirt of succnn; hit protested —boUaruig lirmly in the 
truth of the statenxont, as he made it — that IteUie bad been the one 
love of his life ; lie rcuiindird her of tli" x'owh which they bad excban^ped 
as children, and assuml her that he had never in ruitity Hwemid fi 
bb allegianoo. Ue acknowledged tlint iihu bud ovwy right to tbiuk 
fickle ; be bwl, as she knew. ha<i many other £aui;iaK ; btit tliey liad 
bi-en fsndM. In nhuri, be bad bctm a hoy ; ai)d now he was « 
and knuw hU own mind. All this, and a great de«l wotr, he 
winding up with a ouidid avowal that lie had not Intended to 
bor of bi» love so soon. He had Mt that be ou^t not to np^ok bo lot^ 
an he lind ni>t a linuH< nnd an amu^ iocome to offer ; and tiiin was why 
fihc ha<l purlupe fancied him lukewarm. 

" That wa.t not quite what I meant," answered Kcllie. ns Hoan 
had done. " I have known for a long timi! that Mn. Htanniforth 
this very nutcb, and httvly 1 liave thought that you wiiibud it 
way. Only it struck me that, if you were not vrry much wt m>oii| 
it would be so much nicer to— |^ ouas wo are. 1 eiu't expUin 
abf wmt on, speaking more rapidly ; " but, do you know, FhiHp, 1 


BO NBw xniso. 


•6mid «oiD«ti]B» th«t I hnTMiwhwn. I am toad uf you; I lutrtt Ijevn 
jnj food ol 70U adl 1x15 life. Yon alwsys cam« neoct to Walter," 
■■ Nvxt to Walter I ' (^aciilAtod Philip in doleful kcoeuU. 
I aia wery aorry ; 1 cau't help it," aaid XoUio penitcntl]'. " I 
1 noght w> t«l1 you." 

blow lu PbOlp's Tuulj vru ao aevet« and eo tUMxi)ec4«d that ho 
voM dot bcip lAOj^hinj; » litUn, though he f«lt rcr^ aon^ 

" TIm lum and Ibe Abort of it ia," ntid lie^ •■ that I luve bMO aaa 
■mgli la flaltar mjiwirtliAt yoa corod for me •• I do for yua, whtm ull 
tW tioM ywx Imtq had nothing but a tort of sistetl; afibetioii for me. I 
hitv lirought tlUe upon mjaelf, and 1 moat try io make tbe bwt of it, 

Sh» ow thnt liw wax htirt, though Iw spoke so lightly, and aba looked 
vp al ktm willi a liumlilti, dcprMfttinj^ giuu which rathiT [wnled liim. 
* It in't ooly a aon of affectiou," abo said ; " it's a great d«d mora than 

Stidifenljr it Hashed actnaa Philip that here was a new variety of the 
^nvoeuui. I1f> bml iMnnJ of ifirlit wbi> ooold not acknowledge to 
rtwialTni Hut tlioy vert io love until tboy were tanifbt to do ao; bo 
I that in tho <arly yearn of the rentiiiy all women w«ro like that, 
[ RtppoMBd to be ao. Might not tbta onu, who wiut ouuDtry-brad, 
UaKTviralof that bygone typal 

" ydlift," lift fsdalmod triumphantly, aramtij; Ikt hy both bandti, " I 
Uerv yon do \on ae, in spite of all you My I T«U me one thin^ : did 
iM mer ta>»t another man vrbom you ooald by any ponibility have 
ll>mht 1/ uarryiog 1 " 

" No," Fill' niwwerwl promptly and dcadrdly ; " certainly noL" 

"Tien! " cried Ptilip. 

'Ah, but," thf toterrapCcd, drawing hack from him, "I doot think 
I Im ewa yuu mongh to many yoo. At }eaa4, t <lon'b think 1 love 
TV b tbn riKUt way. I wiiih I did ; bnt I'm afraid 1 don't." 

" KcUIo," mid Philip gravely, " don't tiuow awny yoar happinosii 
oJ mion like thla. 1 won't iu>k yon for a final answer to-night ; but 
[■f B.irmiw, or the day after, if j-ou Uke, yoo tduUl tell m« wbl^tber 1 
fM for all that I mra to live for, or whether I am to go Mraigbl 
'' -4e (ia(tfc~M I oorteinly shall, if I have nothing in life to look for- 

Rha caujfht at tliU retqute eagerly, promticing that, if it were poMible, 
ft ihfloU bp a* hv triaboil ; bat entneitisg him not to oonolude that, 
Ixanm ahe bad not said No at once, xbu might not be Corocd to da so 
■hi audi. HIm did nut nndnnitand bencif, ahe eaid, and oonld not 
9fm% ^t bn thodld uudcntand hear. 

But Philip nndcnclood perfectly well that the battle was aa good as 





L CHAITKa XXU. ^^^^^ 

' ilfiB. PaosszB's Sbxse or Dinr. 1 

TitEXE nrv few et«t<M in lifo mom rvnitionR onii UnmiluUing tlian tbu «/ 
not knowing ooe'i own mind It iaa]aoAliaiu^,rorwbntKhoitliibe«uier 
Ui«n to diaoover vhatfacr odd penomlly desinis a (Jung or not I VTbea 
th% wUies or ailvimUgft of Otfa«n huvo to bo Uk«n into consideration, 
so«)6 d«gre» of iodecisioD may be paixiooable ; bU NelUe Brunv conld 
not pload any such oainpliaitioiu> an an exotua for ber iiiahility to aoive 
tlie problem set before her. Sbe knew porfcictly well tlul b)i« iuifi>)tt Biaul 
I'hilip nbout hU linniniiiu without any futu- of pemuuirntly blighting a 
fair existeowe, and she veny properly oooduded tkatall tilie bad to do wu 
tOMtisfy honelfof bur own iiioUnations in tbe ntftttT. It was there- 
fbra eapecially provoking to one of ber ratlier impatient tempennunfc to 
find that tht* wan what kIw could not iMcomplixh, and that aAer many 
boon of akilly-Bhallying she was not only in as much doubt as erer upon 
tlie main point of wbotlin' she could accept (he mnn or not, bat ala> 
punled to aoootmt to benolf for a very decided feelinj; of anxiety to aoeqit 
him if she cotild. 

In this perplexity slue rcsolnKl to adopt » course which, If not wUe, 
VB8 at any nie calculate to jiiit an end to aiuqxinM. Hho went to Unb 
Btonniforth and begged for eaUghtenmeot and advic«. From tlio respoo- 
dbility thus cast upon bor it mny tio wdl nupiwced that Maigarot did 
DOt for one moment dkrink. Slie began by embracing Kellie, and nyiog 
bow del^htcd she wna that thinf;ii hod all oomo right at Last, and then 
procMKl«d to langli heartily at the girl's miagivings. Lookent-on, 
remarked with much originality, saw most of the gaiao. and it waa i 
long time atnoe Hbe had begun to watoh tbia one, and to poriMive 
signdAcatJon of all it« mores. 

" Poor Philip !" she said oompamioiutely; ** I can ([uite nndc 
now why be has kept away from us oil tbow months. Philip baa mo 
pride than people tliink, and of eonrae he would i-aiher not have spoken 
until be had soeoe tfaousands a year to lay at yonr foeU But tbe tboq- 
sands will come all in good time; and if yon have to hc^gin with the 
fauodreds — wbatofthat? You mustremeniberthat yonamny diildren, 
both of you, and tliat it is a mother's privilege to help ber cUldnm onl, 
wbea she oan. As for you, my d«itr Nellie, you are simply made up of 
pride, or you wouldn't mind acknowledging the truth. ^Vliy, you silly 
child, yoD harp bocn in lovo with Philip nil your life, and I oould prore 
it to you withonl any difficulty if I cbose. But I will only ask yoa one 
thing. 'N^'hy did yon refuse Lord Crayhridgol " 

" Ob, I oouldn't have married Lord Craybiidge t " answnmd KelUa. 
" That w&a diHerunt." 

"Of counc it was difTcrent," cried Margnret triumphantly; "ihuv 
waa all the ditfbrcuoe in the world betwem tit* two etna. Don't ytn 

no KBW TmKO. 


1 tlwt it u (|uit« poariblo to feci kmbo dotiH u to whntbcr you 
m niu, tmt that yoa cnnnot bo in any doubt at nil wbon you 

Whkt«vcr tltis maming may havo 1w«n worth in the abslmctt Ndlio 

UttU to tu^ ofialDHl it aa a]>]>lied to hcrsciir. She lud had reoouno 

b ug /mt C a atmmfi in order to he conrincml, and was not diqnmd to 

.lOMe tlui ii1h|>o Iu wUicli oaiivicUou mifflil be bn>u([lit lunuc to ber. 

bsn ooop KhA boil cast itwajr all hoiitatton from h«r, had Philij) 

ancfa I'M! on bo aoBi|)liuu of bar cc^dnwa. She was not qmte aa demon- 

itimtivB at hi> wonlil baro likol hor to bn; but she wdoomed him gladly 

at all boun ; tba aeemed tfj be bappy tn bis presmoe, and sbft made a ' 

petBt of f^rotifying «very whim and caprice of big with a pretty little air 

rfwihmtmino wbkth woa tbe moro charmlo); to him beoause iu all their 

]TCtiaB« tnteraoareo sho bail nbown luenelf anything but Bubmiaeive. 

Fhitip, tndiwil, had nothini; to oompliun of, uuImh it were the r«cq>- 
tiDnaoDOnled to him by iiis fiitaro fat ber- in 'law, which was not marked 
by aoy tmum of conltality. )Ir. Bruue hiul bia own o(itaion <if Philip, 
Mul U ubjcrtioiu lo hiia ns a Fon-in-Uw quite apart from that of in. 
aAMDcy of mean*. Thft latt«r, ho waa sure, was a ationg one enough 
Jt* in iKMCtical purposes, and hod the ndnntago of being one ehnt could 
^^ta^aaly nrgnl ; bat Ur. limno did not nicocGil in ""^"g mudi cmt of 
^^B How is a Eatber to prevent bts daughter from mnrrying whom iibe 
^^HImmI Mothern may do tfatMC thinga ; but when it oomex to an ulti- 
^^bato trial of ureiigth, fathen ara hdpless. So at least Mr. Brune 
vmrad, with a ti^ and a abrng^ of the ahooldenL Did ha or did ho 
OM wiA tJiat his daughter xhould )« bappyl llaigarat donred to be in- 
Utmai ; and wbtn be rsplted that tbe [trospect of her manying Pfailip 
wctgectiaDable to him iirecisely because he doubted wbeitbcr it would 
lo Imt l]B|i|iiiUMi, ilra. Stsnniiortb asked him, with oompaa- 
diMiun, wbetlier he really mppofod that he was the beet judge of 

"1 had Lad the cfirantery to form some such idoa," Mr. Unne replied 
iy ; **bnt nn doubt it is better to yield before one lua henn igno- 
> lUmtnl tbon after. Ilave your own n-ay ; nml then, when 
ll Baanar at trouble ODmes of it, Uame me. One oondilion 1 do, how- 
■w, (aal nyself ittoog enough to stand out for. There shall be no 
Mniage until Pliitip «^ show ana that lie la in reoei|>t of a reaaonaUe 
ianac, and one that is likely to lie ]iennanont." 

If Mr. Bnuw carried hia point in tliia particular, it wan perbapn Ion 
nriaf to hia fiiamwa than to tbe fact that ho had do pvM amotml of 
o>[<»Hiai to eontenil against as regarded it. Ittra. StanniforUi wouM 
iknd to mm tivt youiig couplo unit«d forthwith, and hinted that 
« niMoa to provide them with a modest bom* aluiald not ba laek- 
'^ : bat both Fbilip and J^ellio displayed a eomHwadable prudence 
* Ua a^net, and declared that it would never da for them to start 
«n tDMoa of nothing a year. Tbej wrre both young, they u\» 


HO SEW TmifQ. 

Uum be 

aarved ; tfaejr ImwI aU tfaeir lina befora Uum, uad titety wett 
■■tbfivd with the sntiBg sUte of UiiBgs. FbOip added tba 
determined not to be a btuden a{<OD daar old Mrg any longer Lkan lie 
ooald hnip. 

" X moM. becoming Mmtunent," «iud Mr. UniiM, wImo tbta 
Tiu (liilfrafxirtMltohLmbyHargwet; ■' uid U be po■^Mlles bia ' 
uulil be is quite indefNsndont, it ix probable tb«t I sIwD do loogv 
Uwn to hmt tbe ceremony bv acting tbe [lart of ircC blanfeet. Mean- 
while I miwt trtiHt to Um cbaptor of ■oddenta. In two if'Otint' ttin»— I 
think you nud it would tnte Philip two years to become a mlllionnain — 
auuy thingK may happen. Tbe poor fellow inay die, or bo tony elope 
with • pretty actieH, or " 

" I wiMh you wouM not talk like that," intemiptod Mai^arat ; *' you 
know you don't mean what you Muy." 

"MydMrHn-Sbinnirortb.l amlikcthelUrba-ofSeville; Ilugh 
bMBQM I don't want to do tbe other thing. And wq koow that life I* 
tmoerbun, end actreame are oRan Ciwctnating. By tbo wny, Philip wu 
nying aomethioj; tbe other day about goinfc to Italy to perfect his vtnoe. 
What ea excellent plan that would bo ! He most study eomewbors of 
oourae, and Italy wotUd be in so many way* |tre£nable to London.' 

" I EuppoM it would," enid Marguvt tfaonghtfully. 

" (Hi, I don'l think there can be a doubt of tL Florence, 
good placo — otippdally in winter. Tbor« is a Bin bmcing 
tbera wltidt Mows down from tbe Apennines, and vrhidi baa been fooiul 
vwy eflectire in many r:uv«, I bolici-^ But then, again, mticfa might be 
hoped for trwa the «nit«ry arnmgcnMmta at Kaplta. At both plana 
tbera should ba an ampio supply of bMnteoos b^dlerine, and otheu. 
Now I do tmst, uy dar Mrv. Stanniforth, that j-ou will uq;e him to 
lose no lime in bocomini; noquainted with the land of bis birtb. All, 
dear mo ! — and to tltiuk tlut, but for you, be mi^bt bare been living a 
contented and pictnrDsquo life there at this moment a» a strolling pUyer, 
or a biigand, or an impr<m»alort, or aometbing of tint land." 

Uargaret did not lik« to hear Mr. Urunn raako iinch Kpoecboi w this, 
hut shn oon.-Htled bereelf by rafleoting that it was only bis way. AAw 
oil, b« n-iiA trsctable enough as r^orded essential points, and % great 
lees severe than her mother. 

^IrvL. Winniitgtoa, whan told of the engagement, obserred that 
no af&ir of bcrs, and that she thouU abetain fram making any oommeni 
whowvcr upoo it : but, just as a matter of corioetty, she would be glad 
to know 000 thing : uponwhsL — or perhaps ehs ought nUlia- to wf 
whom — did this predouM psir ])ropoee to live 1 

Mai^arct, with a mtho- guilty tur, replied that Philip bnd at Inat 
good a cbaikoe of euoceeding ia bis profeasioD as other young men. 

" Ob ! 1 was not aware that be had a gwnbtition,'* retamed bv 
mother. And as Margaret judged it bast to make no r^oiader, and 

<m etite^ra; ailaitly at a go<]gDo»a cbaxubla dwrttned ereo tnaD: 

ondon.'* ^ji 

ice, now, is ^H 


I been, fbond^ 





d hw^ 
and IQ^I 



lb* iMck of tli« roetor of tfce iiaruli, Mnt. Wlanin^loii was ooiu> 

■rf, •Ber » lime, to ncur to the sabject uninvited. 

" Dow Motgikrct," uiid ab^ " 70U know hoir v«ry iield&m I kUow 

ofaalf to iiU«rien with jrou in uy wny. I k« maay foolish things dovw 

fact thv 1>Mt mativet ; 1 aeo you impoetHl upon coiutantly — I mi^it 

^■ort. wj ever; hour ; bat I )>otd my tongnu. It i> not alw«va »xy; 

l« I tluak it in tifitl — I hi^. it is ri^lit. Let me Jiut for onou brcRk 

itean]^ m/ rule, and ask yoa wlimtlier yoa bnrv tntuitlorM) vbftt you ure 

Unc ia meounmriu^ thin vUd acheme. Surd; you muat iiee that thcue 

tn sad their funily—for of course they will have a family, nuil en 

■K^ita me ; prafili* withuut a idspvncc sloayi do — ^you must kc th«t 

itj »tll Ib tUiiendeut wholly and solely upon your charity. Kow, in 

Alt teinthl* t Is it even ptacttoililc t By irtinliuK ymirself end your 

w u ^them 1 — by stinting yourself you may, and J have no doubt yon 

*i^ nsasg* to gtvo tbeca evety tuxui-y so ]ong; us you live ; but wo must 

Ink il BBAtinnandeB, and we most Km«mber st your death you will be 

tld* to lasn> th«tn n<:xl to nothing ; and wlul will oumo tbon t Penuiy 

— aarvstinn— the wurkhousu I " Mrs. Winnington's voice and ipsturGe 

m iku ibow this pTOpliutiu uutlino wecv qttilv dramatic. " Afi 1 said 

Utny" she rwuutud, " 1 shall sot iat«rftov, nor shall I ofler any cxua. 

■■t ; bat of ftll tbo hara&cal pirsden tlud. I hitTO Men pnwtieed ofoa 

jt jH, this dcwi strike me a» " 

"Tun dont nmlafstanil, mother," broke id Margsret in her qoiet 
nior. " Philip would noi allow mo to »up[ior1 him, even if 1 were sblo 
isd villisi to do so ; and lit. Bniau expitasly stipulated for a long en- 
gywrt to ordo- lu avoid auy risk of the kind you mention." 

BA Mra. Wumington'a only reply took llio fonn of n sound Kscni' 
Uiaitlst nuniiugof adogst Acloseddoor. ^u^ trauspanint profosdoos 
*e> aot likely la deceive bcr. Sin. Wuiniugtora knew the world, and 
*w not an Ample as to bolicve thst it contoinod any maiecm or 
i^iwiliiiiie people, except herself. 

Ibfpuet, for hsr put, had not expected niudi s}'ni[iathy &om hor 
■ttfao-, whosa wntdifol care of Iwr int«rasts appeared U> Ii«r very 
Waal aai flTfTwH" ; but al Lbe tuae time it wan dislicnrhtniug to 
aesl wiih oppgsitiun from all odes, and she begat to wondor wfaather 
R>l[h wuubi show liimwlf Ium prejudiced than otbarn. Upon the wIk^o 
tttt anHd so impcobable that sho resolv«d to write nothing to him 
qw ibe nulgact as yet. 

Tbo dialognn jnft recordod had one remarkable result, in that it 
«>Htl Mjuipuiit to iki a thins wlucb she had iMi doao before tn tho 
•«■» td cJiMr upuQ a doBfi years nf patient foi-beaiwue— nanwly, to 
W W lonpsr nitb Hrm. I^tMaer. Mvt. Prownr, it most beconf^Htl, 
•latKMi^ ta try the pslienra of Any mistrras, and U> driva n harassed 
"m >nit iif all pijwiir uf Mlf-cuutrul. Hiui Was always in the dgbc, 1mi* 
lb r. :iUnt4d with that, unleea she eonld m^jcetfully prove 

^.•- it> be in the wrung; alio alwnjn got her owawfty- \H\t 



—^ I ■ '— — 

in ortkr to derive any aatcAction from doing so cbe man ctmj 
arttatiy to sttr Dp Mid overcome itoinft [irelimituiry opfNudUom. 
recMved a gnat deft] of kindnces, fii-Kt and laet, fhnn Mu;ganA, fbr 
whom tdiu had oonoaveil n imiporlionately rtrot^ di>>lilrk It wu 
Ulra. Pi'oaKir'B cu&tom to gireseot henelf for what she waa faoetiouidj 
ptoued to cnll her nrdvi^ in the dininjf-room avtny noming ; and on 
this puiicular inomitiK H wui evideot tliAt Hhi< iutd brou^t oni 
hiUiuUtig gtioriui«o with her. 

"Well, ProeHT, what is it nowt" &sked Margwt 
porcniring, from Kvend laiatliar m^fis, what wait in store for her. 

"Ibegyoorpardoo, ma'aul'nidMKi. ftoner, withaheoexprfM- 
ii^ many doforantial notea of iDt«rrogntion. 

" Ton Itars got •omething to oonplain of, and I am rather in a himy. 
F[«am My what it ts at oooOi and lot vn gvt it over." 

" Ob, it'K of oo oonsaquenoei, ma'am, itot if it wax to put you out m. 

Tikete ia a matter which I sboitld fnol it my du^ for to mention it to 

you ; bnt I kliould prefer to wait tall to-morrow, ratlicr thu-n 1^ 

annoy you." H 

" I will hoar it to-day, pltaM." H 

" Eifllt-Andforty yean hare I lived in this hoiuo, girl aa 

woman " ^t 

"Oh, Prosaei-, I know all that," intorraptwl Hai^garat with a Gho9 
Toxod laugh. " Do conw to the point.** 

" And ncviir till now waa I aalied to s!t down to my meals with a 
DiHCoter. Neither of my poor mastem that's gone was what you oouht 

call a bigot ; biit^ ** fl 

" By all accounts, they were anything but that," stmdc in &laT;gat^| 
who nsually allowed Hach rdbrenOM to paM without comment, bfl 
whose nervee wore now in a state of UDWontod irritation. " I eapp<H 
It is the new housnmaid who haa oBindwi yon. Well, yon may h| 
reassured. Shu Lt a Church woman, and she uAi ae so when I 
engaf^ hflr." J 

" Ab, just so, ma'am. She ware engaged without my koowlad a^l 
or peihaps a few more inquiries would have been made. But to chiirS 
she bare not been, nnd it did oome to my ean that bor p«reut^|^| 
Anabnctcrx." ^^^| 

" Were tiAat I I sa|q»se you moan Anabaptists." ^^^| 

" Tory likely, ma'am," answered Mrs. Proaeer, with a laint auperid 
■mile ; " I have never tnnibtod myrolf to Inam the names of au^l 
persuaaioDH. The girl aiwwered me veoy abort and disraipectfnt when V 
put a few quaBtioufl to hor, and I giro her to nndorBtand that ahe had 
best lootc out for another aituation." 

■' Vou know perfectly w^, Proaser, that I oever allow you tta 
dismiss servant*. I had a very good diaraoter with thin girl, and I fl^| 
not gwng to ftmd her away because her parents are Diasonten — if th^| 
nro UucMnbvs." ^M 

HO sew THISO. 


Mn. Pramnr's t*n gnvt veiy dftrk. " You'll nxcuM of mo iDention- 
But'am," uitt she witii cold dignity ; " but I dou'l tlunk lbi« in 
Mr. Luigiey wwiM «ip|irov&" 
It WW at UiU (taint Ui^ Mai%»r«t Io»t lior tamper. " Proffsr," sba 
wdriMad, '*your impertinence U inst all bearing 1 I cannot submit 
t» W lUctftlvd Ui in tliifl Wfty eitbsr by yoa or by Hr. Luigloy. Tbo 
tnoh i» Uikt i b*TQ giv«a viiy to you a great deal too mui^, and nov 
tan fat^et youreelT Be bo good m to nndvreLind, once for nil, tbni I 
iitcnd to Im miatram in my own hou&e." 

" Oarteinly, ma'am ; nod I'm glad to Iimr tbut ciii^h in your int«D- 
l^M," rvptied Mm. l'rn>«tor uimniiixly. '' But if all authority is to be 
tonk nnt of tny haods, it will \ir an tmpotmliility fur mo to diiicbarg« my 
4itM to your Mtialnctiun, let alone my own. 1 feel tbal I didn't ou(;bt 
lirlOaBeept aiMbmiMMition, ma'am — though Ixbull Ut plcvwd to remiun 
•Hh yoa till you iirii miiW." 

MMfpuvtL did uol attach much importonoo to thU thirtat of resigna- 
liao, wltidi bwl bean tittered many timea before, and whidi nbo knew 
«M BBt ouuit to bo Uken amoufily; but Bbowudissatisfifld with beraeir 
far kstili^ been betrayed into ho much wnrmlb of kngiugi>, and, breixle* 
Hw ifaa ««■ vary macb afrud tbnt the offmdtDg bovaecoiid would baro 
ta p in the long run, after alL TlMra i» no dutguitlng tlie fact that 
Nvjpiet'a duuwuo- was a weak one, and she berBalf waa painfully 

■ It ii most humiliating to be auch a poor erestnre; but I am afraid 

I on toe (lid to refann now," ahe nid lat^r in the day to Philip, whom 
■ke liod inJbnned of thui domoMio broil, and wlu> laogfaed nnmaniifuUy 

"Yoa make moontalnfl out of niotehiUi, Meg," nuil be, "and 
Imlila out nf blemlnp. Wbat could be e graater bleuing to yon than 
lUleUFnMK-aboaldtdcieberBelf off! But ohe wont take henelf off. 
IMipi, if y<m are rery good, abo won't even ask you to b«g her 
fHidoa. ill bsTB a talk with her, and make U all right. Dear me, 
vhtfe tneky thing it i« tliat we an not all like you I If I bod been, I 
ikoold hara worried myoelf into my gntre long ago." 

n«« waa acemedly no Caar of Philip's life being Bhort«Dpd by wony. 
Jmag Humgh ho woo, he had had tiouUoe of the kind which Iroon 

II lilt ^ upon inoct men's raceej but they bad left no more upon hia 
ttaaafnaiinggiiatof wind kaTee npon the smooth aur£acc of a lake. It 
•w hardy two aonths lioee Fuiny hod predicted tbat ho would marry 
SiIHii Brune, and Iwt little more tlum a month Kinoe de bad been Lud 
It Ur grwvfi, and pradiction and prophetess were alike to all lnt«iita 
tad pa r ja> — forgotun by rhillp. He did not Kwget I'^ny in a literal 
mM , be lhoD|^t of her eometimee, but only when bi> ooold not help it. 
IW It olwayamoilii him aod to think of ber : not witJi a dreamy, pathotia 
^inMi. which be woald have i-ntber enjoyed; but with a sharp, 
Wagoing p>tn, onpkaAnUy ougguative of a guilty oonscMinev. Thi«, be 




• of <H 


told himArlf, vm nlMtird. It wu n morbid feeing which oagbt not to 

be encourafied ; aod it muat be owned be was rery RutNXsieJiiI la Ut 

elfortK b) nibduo it. AlU^etlwr, thuiv wm prabab(jr not, at tbn ttiiMv > 

mow I iffht-bearted cnature in the whole Dovinty ttutn PbUIp MfcrwwtlAi. 

Hi;: [tut tifu oontkinod n great sccjet which mi^t bo tlivnl^<tKl at any 

moment, and wbicb, if divulged, would Klmoot wrtaluly ulienate tna 

him the aifectaon of tbo girl wlioio h« loved ; ha owed boiho tbooaanils 

ofpouada (o & wouuui whom he balf suspected of Uing in love with hiin 

and whom bo did not in the least aw hts way to rcfw}* ; his fature oaner 

was aa siieculative and ahadowj u an)'thiut; could well be ; btil none of 

tiiivo thli)^ weighed iipon bin mind. With hie present life hn m* 

onUrelj satiated. Tbin weather waa perfection j so v»a tine freeh oou 

air; and m.aboro all, wu NoUie. 

In the latter ho diKOveted froah attractionK ov^trf day. One < 
most delightful things about her was that bo did not (juite under 
her ; atid she was so prettily im{>ttticut when she va^ not undontood. 
Sliowaa not ptuticalairly clever, or witty, or wdl-infoimed ; but she bad 
decided and original ways of looking at common ihing)i which wooU, 
he felt siu-o, lender her the mmt charming companion for life that a man 
could winh for. He wun with ber now every day, nud olmoKt all di 
nnd ^0 never wMriod him. Uo sauntered over to Broom Losks to i 
her, tut voofi as tie bad l«(t Slar^ret, and made for a oerbtln spot in 
orchard whci'e ehe had told him that she would be He caught ug 
her from ubr, oa sho ctood und^r an ajtplo-trtio, reading n lettgr, i 
BtaolJiig vp Mftly behind hei- over the long grass, suddenly laid a I 
upon naoh of hor kboulderK. 

She started Tiolently, and exdaimed, with s stamp of her little I 
"Ob, I wigh yoa would not do that! Tf you only know bow I 
poi^le who nmlce dm jump ! " 

"Ik that the way to speak to your fatoiv husbuidt" de 
Philip gravely. " And, oh, Nellie, what are you stufilug into your [ 
in that gnilty and utterly fatilo way ! Don't you know that lore-]i 
ot^t always to be read within four waUa, or else boldly flouriabod 

" It isn't a love-lettar," answered Nellie, looking a little alarmed ; " it 
only from Walter, and— }-ou can see it, Philip, if you like; but 

" But it wouldn't increase my nuiity if I did ; isn't ibul what yo^ 
m<\iui I Waiter dimpprovee ; mid between you itnd mo, NoUiei, I don't 
wonder at it. Walbv, j-ou iwe, knows me a great deal bcMer thnji you 
do. 1 don't want to ate his letter, liccnuM I can tall yon exactly what 
he says without h)okit^ at it. 'Philip has no business to think utxMt 
uairying at all. He is a panper, and ho >» w> oonibnndedly buy that he 
will Jie?er bo anything ^ao. Added to which, he is not a tenth [wti 
good enough foryon; and hn has many suiull rioee, mii:li as fititiug wit 
other men's vires, and leaving bis bills unpwl, and )>laying curda 
Sundftf^' titc. The wont of it is that it's trtu^ too." 



Vfllie Ibu;;Im«1. " Vou are quite immg," sbe uttmered ; " h« doeui't 
.' 'if till' kinil ; tnit kothinlnloiigiingiigenieiiU are a murtuke, 

, louU you are r&lbw too sangviuie about making your fartune. 

Wahor b very ptBOtical, joa know ; he alwaja was mi, and I think the 
iiliBiw[il>«ii II of tbe City is bavinij ita effiict upon him. How I wlsli be 
•■■U ffftm op lluil, borrid bunk I I tloti't in Umi leant beliuve Uiat UDdo 
Wttbtn will iHt^ liiiD on. Walter aa}-a be is an odious old man ; bnt 
W £nea with him odoo a we»k, and 1 havn a »oit of liugoiiag hope that, 
!« tha oU rrilow iua quiirrclltfd wJUi all faia olbcr relattoiH^ htt may mnku 
VTahor his heir imt of spitv to them." 

" ]\iur iiU Walior I " wid Plulip compMsiunut«ly. He ii<MMu>f], from 
lbs ^)rt«wilii which Nollio tiad led th« eonvcnatioii away from the 
Ma, that it amtaioed uxprnnfiooa not very i»m|>limeDl«r>- to htaiMilf ; 
totht) bora no malkw. For a long time bo bad ivit himsolf to ba superior 
hf W«ller, and a HebH- of aujvnority tinf;«iid«n plly, wliich. iia we know, 
i* ikia to tov>». It i» o^)! allogcAfacr tcne that the world dclighta in 
bAtaf iboao who an> down. The world would dearly k>ve to kick 
UoKvlui am ap, if it dand, nnd ovoa doc* so after a annxiptitioos 
Uiuo. Tu \m auoueiatfu] is to inault your fellow-creaturaB ; but t« fail 
bUiadmint- mle oonipUmcnt to their vanity, and to (Ktnhli^ a 

UfKdainii:. : intlulgenire. Only K)ve)eo|ili! tin- ri^-ht t<i Hpitakof 

jmi ■* " ]«M- rSo-nud-fio," iih<] you will ncvei- lack frienils. 

Kuw WalUir tuij^ht oRTlaJiily bo OMiMiWi.'d a failiirn. II« had luilod 
b icn. and tu alt ajifjcgunmoo he had failed also in life, haviuc; 8uuk from 
A>|vai(ioa of a enuntry goDtleman to that of a banker'K cUirk. Itiilip 
lipn kiat (tmu his tieari, ami tho mora remhly inasmuch as ho did nol 
Mi*n it la bu in Waltcr'n power to do him the amnllcHt injniy. If 
tbi* WW* aome things in Nollie vhicJi he did not understood, he undcr- 
Avd at least this much, that when once nha hud put hur haiul to the 
flm^ Am mi^l be oounlod npoa not to look back. 

Ba p«sm) Ida arm through hen, and they movod iJowIy away to the 
li|U« pbiul of the orchard, whence the woods of Longboontc could bo 
■a faeycnd fields awl pastures. Just then the boanchea of tho trooa, 
•hfai h*il hurtlly ynt assunwl tliNi- gr««n Eumm«r garb, ehowed black 
■d dmr B^inat the f;low of the i>uii»ei ; lon^ xbiilYH of li^ht, streaming 
Ihtooj^ them, lay oevoat the mtwlows and fell upon little gli«t«mn;[ 
raih. la the still uvaiing air the tinkling of Mr. I.uugley'a diurrii bell, 
V tola and a half away, wuadad dose nt band. 

" Haw laawtifiil and p— aifal it in I " xaid Neili«. " I don't wondtv 
■t fOD haiog Klad to eonw down hero again aiVcr all that timo in London. 
I la ran 1 oould n«vnr ktir t" liv in n groat city. Doesn't thin fmim 
lib JLnadia to yon 1 ' ' 

The phfiar aDggMLoJ uieiwitit^ii to Philip which WAro not wholly 

EHg. " AtnuCa would lie a alow aort of pliioo to lir» in, I ahould 
,* ha mid ; " M dow aa Itmotia. Both oouitOrics might ho vary 
n < 

■ n qwT' 

< "unitDer time, )>utwlutt would the^ lie when Uie 



]nvW ven off ikv t4^eni ninl all tbu nj-Uijilu atid dryaiU van ^^^^| 
MtlDgT You are mllj' not luiulc for a couutt? iUo, NotUe^ iriuimfl 
jrou mi>7 my; uid when you bnrv onoo bi;caDM nccaiitanicd to Lomlon 
you will f«el «s if yoa wero only ludf ti'ive »wsy Troiu it. I Hiq>po«s te 
•hal] livD in London ; but tbat, you know, uu MhuU Ihi iilura\-K U»rollins 
kbout — to Faris aud St. FMfirsbittg Mid Madrid, and I dou't know wbeta 
«Im — occordtog to my vogsgementtt. I dnru my w<> iihall bo abroad i 
miMib an iu England." 

"Oh, I vas not tliinkins Al>«nt tfaitt," snawored Neliii< )uuiUv 
" that will nut bu tor a gtvoi tunny ymun ; wo ncudit'l tronlilw about it." 

" Well, 1 don't kaow about a grsot many. Two yean — tlire* ynn 

" Oh, I skould tluuic it will be at kaM fim. Ton will iu>t bo i 
to if^car on the stagv at dl, yon know, for two or tbrae yoaiv. Yo 
said BO tbo other day. I woiidvr what opera yon will naka your < 
in. I think I shoold liko it to be J^ausi, because thn draesm arel 
protty, and you know you are fond of pretty dresses. Tell lue about t 
tbo opotuethat tbero am. I have only Mcn throo in my life.'* 

The opera and Ike lustra destined to be rebooted upon it by Sfn 
Mnreacalcbi took up a eomowhat unduo dun o( tho ooDTareation of 
Uieae lovers. It was Nellie who osually brought forirard the subjoct ; 
but it WAS not in any way objected to by Philip, who ooold talk con- 
t<.-nt«dly about hiuiiMlf for a comiiderulile lengtli of tinie, pcovidwl that 
he was listened to with proper interest. He talked about hiniaeU now 
until it vras time for him togo,and apologiMd to Nellie, as ha said good- 
nigbt, for having weaned h«r with hii egotiam. Bat she answei^d quite 
truthfully tlint he had not wowried hor at at) ; and indeod aTHcy one mn 
hare Doliood that egotists are not always bom, though bona are al« 

FhiUp, not at all tnspocting himself of being either blie one or 
other, started on his homeward way, whistling xoftly an ho w«nt, : 
vaa amused to kco a stoot fignin, arrayed in blade silk, statioiiod oub 
the rectory gates, and evidently waiting for him. _ 

" Old ProKfi<(r has got into a funk tliix time," thought he, " and h 
goini; to aak me to intercede lor her. Shall I do Meg a good Uua, i 
make the <dd siRn«r Mt humble pte 1 I think T wilL" 

Mrs. Protnur dropi>*'>) > <nirti>ey, and asid " Good evening, air." 

"Well, aire. Prosser— been to oonfMmont It won't do, I'm ufnud. 
Your priest may foi^vo you, but your mistres nover will. \\'hy are 
you Fuch K croes-grained, cantankerous old womani You oan'l i 
people (o go on having patienoif with you for ever." 

^liiip had always bmn a (avooriti! with Unc ProKscr. Her 
i«aturea oontortcd themsnlv4'« into aometliiiig that wan meant to do i 
for a anile as eJie answetvd, " Oh, I nui wvU aware, air, that if me i 
Utk. Stonnifcnth has not got on na well together aw could be wi 
there has Ixwu faul&i on Iroth Bid«s. I hope I mn fciroi vnand forget 

Ko vmr TmNd. 


K> Aiiothi.T, niid I don't brar no mrt of ill r<vling ngninst Mrs. 
niftifth. i)nt it'* doubtful wluAliar I cut renuin inaeh longer in 

"Dn't ^m nieh a pg-hciuhx) oM idiot, Mn. Pto^mt. Then nre 
fknty of goml lunuelnM^ien to be had for good wagoi; but you w<m'C 
bd twch inothn- place a« Longbournn in u hurry." 

■* 1 didn't My aothtnu nboat leaTiDf; Longbovroe, tit" obeerved Mrs. 
pRHstr with ijniftt «D)i)uuis. 

" Ita vera mein lo ^vo Mn, StAnnirorth notice to tjiul, tlien I" uked 
I1iilt[), Ijuighing. " I bclibw you ore aipalilo of it." 

" WeO, ale, I doo't know but what I am. I bare bten wiitii^ faeii% 
Mr. IHulip, aotiM* littlu time fbr to tak« tlx! ot>|>ortan)^ of tilling yon 
OMthiiii; which wei^lis upon niy oonsoience. If you wonlJ jmnJon tbn 
Bbsty, BT, I wonid tniJc* bold to walk u ftr m tbe iioiiso atongsido of 
^ IMn^ twiligbt, and most people gone homo to liivir (mm, you 
•nlil |Mriui{M Iw ao kind u to overtook the rncdom* 

"CoDM along, Itra. Promer; 1 should be proud to be eten by the 
«h«ltpariali in such reepectable company." 

" Y«q are to kind aa to My to, iiir." 

'hb^Vnmer deand bar roice, and ihea pi-oceeded with grent m- 
Inrity: ** What I am going to t«ll you, sit, hmt l>e«ii told to no living 
Wet, «xeept under eeal of confeaion, for a mailer of twi^nty yam. 
Tvtnty years bari; I kc|)t iilenoe ; but the tinin hiM comt' tlint I can't 
Hoade U witli my Eecue of right for to do so no longer. But bdbm I 
Mnrny motv, air, I murt nak you to give ml^ your word that you wont 
In It pr DO foitbex till I'm prored to bo tight or wroog." 

" Mn. i'romrr. ynu iwiy rrfy on my abiwlute dixcrvtioD." 

Uik riiiiiii cafil a nliarp ude glance at Philip. ** Tu no joking 
Mtlar, ^" mill tiba, iiliglitly offended. " Mr. Itnino mtiat not kikOw of 
ttK nor y*t His. Stanniforlh must not know, nor yet Miia Ndlio must 
m kncnr — iMatwny* until it'a necf i aty tliat evoryboily should be told." 

■Goom, Mr». ProsieT; you excitr my ourioaily greatly. I'll swmr 
art (o bnatbr a wnrd to a cmitum till y»ii girc mc lonre. Will that do 

" lliank you, mt ; that nnl) bo sullicient. 1 don't know whether you 
mr heard loll of my old matitM*, Itlr. (George Brune^ air, Air. Neville^'a 
hmW that wna. Be was a fino-Hpirited gentleman, though langlar in 
^ •■II, aail terrible extniTagant. AlwayH a.ninhing about ho was, 
:io fnnte land to anotlmr, and never could abide bia own home 
>VTti^, Im C0BWt txw^k them to die. ' I*ro(ntnr,' he aays to mc when I 
<«« to meA hlu at tlin door, ' Proeer,' )ie aaya — I reniemlMr it aa if 
^t*B yntenlay — ' I'to coma back to I^ngbonmc to die^ yon ate.' Oh 

r,(ik ilBiT 1 it givti ma roch a tiun 1" 

"I am mm It muat hara beeai a grmt shock to you. Well ; and m> 

M&ledan awful fjunily xnrrrTt to you on hia dcatli-bnd. I don't want 

Wy you, Mn. Pnwaer, but it's getting raUicr lat«." 


so SEW THDtO. 

" I ehaii iM>t liletua jou long, nr. As I yna a-iMying when 
intoRU|>ted me, air, Hr. Gtorgo wtre always on the more, and we 
ii(!Ti:r told bow lung he was to be away, nor irbcn wo wiui to 
lUm back. Sometimaa b«'^ atop a moatli, and sometimes only a ooit| 
of days; and one* w« wan tbr two yoara witboat MGOig orbcariiigj 
biin. He wer« in Italy at tliat tiina, as I underatood. Kow, air»{ 
denay you're awiuw tiiat tiiuro'M a many Uui^ vtiicb Mrvante hear i 
and dDii'L mention, and it did come to my eats, Uirougk Phnona, '. 
George's ouui, that tiwre wax a lady in Italy. I'araoiiR, be were al« 
a Tory cloae man — been dead now — let me «ee~— going on forfiftrao ^ 
it U since Paiwnu died, and mvnr loldnQmoreaboutiti bat it did i 
(Hit in tlui »»»»» of eonvereation, you underMund, aar, tbat tb«if 
lady. At tiist I thonglit it w«re one oftboee eonnecttons wbicb I < 
ou^t to speak abont uur tbiuk about ; but wlicn poor Mr, George ' 
a^ying I ehaaged my opinion, sir. Uy«t«r'ous, indeed, b tbe 
of Providence, and Hb ways past finding out I I Jttln did I think, a«| 
Uxtened to that poor gentleman's ntTings, that I should be repeat 
them to you, nr, twenty years bit«T iu tbia park 1 " 

"Mrs. PioBscr, 1 would not for the wwld §poil yoor climax ; bot 
oan'l help seeing wbat is coming. I bavo no Ktrawbdrry.niArk on 
left arm. And now, wborc is Ur. Ill-une'e maznnge certidcatet' 

" li««ly, Kir, if yoti fluster mo ao we sball nerer get on. If there 1 
been nny murriago certiilcaCe, do yoQ think I should bave vGntnred i 
to conceal it 1 1 don't know nothing for ncrtain ; and what I do 1 
must bo strietly betwixt me and you, sir, if yoti please, for tbe pr 
I nUTseil poor Mr. Cieorgc, nigbt nnd day, throtigfa his but ilinen, 
what be said t» bin dolii-ium, it was impoesible for me to abut my i 
to it, sir. He Icop' on tidking very exdtod about a marriage, 
' Tbey can't dispute it,' be says : ' 'twas all n'^'lar,' be Mya. And wh| 
I a«k him what marriage, and wham did it take piaea, and i» fo 
just to noothu him like, you uiulemUiud, ear— ha opens hin i-ym wi^ 
and aavH, ' \V*by, nt b'lorence, you fool, and that brat's Ute heir.' 
that ho didn't sty no more — not to be int«lligiblo ; but onon 1 be 
him muttering, ' I'm sorry for poor Kcvillo ; Nerille'a in the wt 
box ; ' and otioe, if you'll pardon of my ivfMsating the expronion, sir, ', 
calU out, ' Wbat a damnod ass 1 was I ' I onght to bare miinlio 
that just before he was look no bad be made me fetch a box full of 
letters and bum ibem before his eyee. They was mostly httlvm writtnn 
in a tanin langongo ; bnt thvre wax no iinvtlopoH, no I conldn't tell 
whether tbuy was from Italy or not. And 'Pioaer,' be nya to ma, 
'you're a foithfnl cnintarc,* be says, ' and you'll find I've not forgot ; 
in my will/ Ami then be lie^ back on bLi piUer, and UuKbK. Hn 
a very our'oas laugh, liud Mr. Gvoigo ; and to be saro tlii:re was ae 
any vrill found. Now, sir, you kuow all tfaat I know, and yon 
judge whether it's your intentat to look into it '>r not." 

" Upon my woixl, Mn. PtuuHv," au»wn«d Ptiilip, who wm a 

Ko WKW tmso. 


iUd tlkan be dioaa to >):>])«ar, " I ilon't koc 
'MiSOD At ftU, Ixifond Uki fact that I vta» bom 
'^ to be tlw Iirat to wkoin your iDsiiter so 
ff^i'^jt jji'ii]' -I I 

' I«Rk ill Uui gtua, tdr," niilied His. Proawr, " nnd you vill itoo a 

flov you can have lirM Iwre nil these yean nod no 

. .11 wra» tiir. murnl of Jlr, NovilJe, liarritut lie eyes, U 

IE I iMu't coiupn^bvnd. Hut I nover fnlt no doubt in my own mind 

'' -r first. Uument u t hemri tlie name of UanTMkalker, I 

r. • Tw bim I ' '• 

'Inw tlied49ductivo jirocon; but it in potoiklo tlint 

^ __ ' 1^ iu it. 1 skonld like to fcnov, b; tli« w»y, why 

itpvvr «>id «a7tlung nbont all ibin boToro." 

* Sr." ui9wn«d Mm. Proaser gnvoljr, "it have hven a point of 

vitb tDB. Wero ! Jniitifi«d, 1 Iwvo axk tnywif, in betraying 

M 1 irera nrrar mmnt to bear, and aa come to my knou'tiMlR<3 

in ui nn&ir way, wt oau may Mty t And thon, I nnyH to myself, 

to lh« coodi If 'tii trne, depend upon it tmtb will out, 

ny mnUUnit ; and wby am i to ilo an injvry to the fiunily » 

«■« nnTtldng to and«r ProTid«Dce I For, you see, eir, you may be 

9mte, at you may nut ; bat I could norcr font to vou quite iJte mmo 

lijtoSIr. Serille." 

'(^vdhabls. Mm. Fruttttr, if a tiiflrcMOwtic. And then, I suppoiiic, 
fanaptation to turn Mra. Htannifortb out of bouse and borne wui too 

Tbat, ar.isaifmch wliich yotirpoor father would have (niownue 
thAn to makit. No; my motives wiut rcry diffiircnt. When 1 
haw thin^ wih with yon and ilisa Noltiei, my dooty romo mot« 
to Tot. Tliinka T, Mr. Philijt and Mr. Neville will jiettlo it 
now, a* brtwixt father and son; th«<m StanDiforths caii have 
pvrdiBMi-Diimey Iwclc by degren, and 'L won't he au very mncb a* 
liii nwtng lu thou n-huo yoa take off wliat they ^ot from the mil- 
«ty j and to no one won't suffer, and tJui Amiily will txiaiK by ita own 
Tbat'e what I thrntght, eir; and Mr. I^ngley, ho a|i|>rove 
and, ' itrtler late than never,' be wiya ; tltouj^b — -" 
" Mr. Iar^pv I Do you mean to say that Mr. lAngley bas known 

* Undnr mmJ of eooitndaD, nr." 

" By JoTB { Do fan know, Mm. Proaeer, I am not nt all sure Aat 
■ul Mr. Ijtngtey Lave not boon oompcKtndittg a felony under seal of 

" Xot a Twtigf! of pnwT, *ir. If you1l flena to recollect. NotfaiDfT 
W the nrlngi of a dying man to go by, and IM> namea mentioned enn 
Ika BKim of tbom mrin^" 

" V«7 trua. I daw aay yon h«»e found a manV nart, alter all." 
"F«faapi », rir. But 1 think it might ba wortli your while fw to 


l(x^ into it. Florance, ^n vill remember, air, were the pUoe, asd flx 
Tear would be 1663 or 18fi4. From tikuig one thing witii uiotheranJ 
counting beak, I think aa we should be safe in putting the d«te ■ob» 
wheres between March andJone 1863. I questioned fanoni Tnj Imd 
about what they wag doing that year and about the Italian lady; hot I 
couldn't get no Batisfaction out of him. Sometimee I thought he didnl 
know n much himself aa he pretended; for Mr. G«oi^ would often 
send him away for a week or more at a time, to order rooma or hin 
villas, or such like, and 'tisn't to be supposed as he would want to 
acquaint Parsona with his mairiage, if bo be aa 'twas a marriage." 

Philip took out his note-book, and wrote down " Florence : Uudi 
to June 1653." But this precaution was hardly needed, for thediti 
remained clearly before Ma eyes through the greater part of a imtitm 
night; and the more he thought over Mn, Prooeer's rerelationUieinon 
he became convinced that her surmise was well founded. Hehad taiH 
her advice of looking carefully in the glass while dresaing for dinnar, 
and had certainly disoemed in the small, Gnely-cot features and tk 
dark complexion reflected therein a decided resemblance to those of Hr. 
Brune. The expression was as different from his reputed ancle's as 'i 
could possibly be ; and perhaps it may have been owing to this dretUB- 
ntance that the likeness h^d never been noticed by those who wen bait 
acquainted with the two men. 




|lo llrto ^^0. 

chafteb xxiir. 

PniLIP AT t-'^^KKXl-C, 

If ERR ai« people irlio 

W011I4I mtlvor lulmit nnj- 

imptitattun m tl>e noHd 

Uian UiAt of being fnvoiiml 

by Forlnnn; pea|>ltt wlw. 

ir Will they are looking 

well, will rnminil you re- 

procKrlifully tliat tbey hail 

a very Itiu] cold in tilt) 

lieaJ tlie week before bmt ; 

people who gniiulitc nL 

iNiming into a rurtiine be- 

caiifle of Ibo pajraent of 

Ittgncyduty nnbtik-d tlwire- 

hy, niul wlio could Dot 

MTcept a (iraUckm em- 

Lriuoy or n unA iu t)i« 

C-abinet witliowt xighuig 

over Uie arduouN ilali«s 

"~ atUcfanl 1j> such poobi. 

'luftuU may Luvo liivik, wnn nnt onn of tbo§e 

,-^' il R{>eciii>rnK of Imiuiujity. lie liad alwky* 

' Ji* Ckd, lliat liu luck WM uk(v]tlioniil ; nm) liU Gnt nfliicttoD. 

' •uii>^- oat of IIm xhnrL al««p into which lie buU fallen towardn 

*«iiiei( WBK Ml ii<jEDi>wlnl^ni!iit thul in Ute |in!arat iiutniine, ua in 

tiiu iLTtt. — mn 2iS. 7. 

11... ! 



so DU117 previous ones, the stus in Umu- eonreee were figli^^fl 
him. Cb&notenatJcallf mougb, hv n-iu U» struck hy Uinictnui^ Uq| 
of fortuno which proEoiaed to cfaaaga him from n peatiilen aobodjr into 
ft higlil/ r»]Mctab]e huidod proprietor than bj n ooncurrence uf circtuD* 
stancM which seemed Ukely to r«ii<ler the task of investigation nntunl 
and ouEf. Of nil dtiM in Earopo Elorcnce wax th't one to which b« 
could betake himself at Ihla time mtb the letut fear of exciting remark 
or Mutpcion. In the ordinary amno of things bo wotihl moat Ulcdj 
have tooTed thither before the uulumn; and latlerlr botli Sir. Briiw 
oud Mnrgarot had been hinting to him that h« ought not bo low time b 
tirii^jng the |i<>ricNl of hia mutdckl «ducatiou to an end. Herr SUin- 
bei^r, too, who hod not approvod vety cordiallj' of the Italian plaa, would 
probfihl)' prefer that hi* pnpil Mboutd take kare of abaenoe during the 
hufy time of the London eeaaoD than Iat«r in the year. Tie conid, in 
shorL, go wliem he wanted to go, and iit the aainu Umc lell ihe Uteial 
trutli as (o hid df^tinntion — which was mmething iif an unwonted 
luxury for him. Hh liad (juite made up tua mind that tho tnystor}' 
diould bo wtlvcd, if by any mwinit ho oonUI solvo it ; and nmlly tiie 
Klntion did not aeeru likely to pi«aeol any diiBculties whatercr. 

After hnsikfaxt, therafiwv, Margaret waa led out into the giink-o, 
and vaa informed tliat Fiiilip proposed to hasten the fulRlmenC of his 
prognmmt! hy a fcrw monlhK. " Kvcrybody nu j« that May i.i the tim« 
for Florence," ho remarked ; " and I auppoee, if one wants to get all the 
good uDH con out of a place, one nhontd tnkn it at it« bntit. That old 
Kgnora Tommasiui whom I told you about will be there soon, and wQl 
gtre m introdudiuna that may bo useful to nio. Moraover, it ia high 
timo for me to be setting to work again, K^. Capua ia veiT delightful, 
but ittvnt duty sMmu to motion me towante Tnxnmy." 

" Cajtiia I wliere is that t " asked Marjpiret, who had not the educa- 
tioDul odiraiitagM enjoyed hy the yonikg won^n of the pvemnt day. 

"It is within tdght of the toveia of Cra>'mintiter cat 
anawered Philip ; " and it is a dangerous iwad^nco for Iwgr people wl 
being spoilt. It isn't everybody who appreciates it at itn proper 
thottgh. 1 ilou't belipre yon care a straw for this dear old 
Meg; you would go olT and Itavu it to-morrow witLuut 

"Oh, no ; indeed T should not t " Miil Margaret " It hat 1 
a gn»t many years to get fond of Longbourne; hat I am vecyl 
of it now, and of all it» msiociatiorM. I Icnve home so seMom, 
that I bare become like a limpet on a rock, and I abould fed 
lost if 1 were dragged off it, and thrown out into the world agun," 

This was not at all the ktad of reply that Phih'p had wiahed atul 
expcctvd to receive. ITc made liaste to change the eulyact. 
way, Mng," said he, " didn't you tc-l! me onoe that my taihw and 1 
were raarri«d at Kloraioe T " 

Maigaret threw a quick glaooe of appv^tuion at him. 



M,* A» Aatwwttl ; " I think it wnn at FIoreoM ; but it i* so long sipce 
I WM toM aboat, it that I cumot ha quit« Bin?." 

Tbn tntb ytui Ui>t sbu vu Ebr from feeling u certnin u tbe had 

QBct do*M tbat Uud marriage had enr been soLemniaed at all. The 

I f fobafcOity of OoontCK Uamealdii's rtorjr bad bacomoiDoroapparont 

to bar with tbe lapm of yeu« ; and ttam ^ dune oaune Bondr; UtUe 

lan ah w i uf Hnceritjr nbotit tl>c dying womui's iitteraDcta, which had 

flurriKl conviction to M&rgai-et'a mind at the time, had lost diKtinctiMBs. 

PUiip bad not alluded to hU Entbcr or mother half-a-dcaen tiniM in tho 

bM bm fcmn, and she was tcatj Uiat it tdiould hare owurred to him 

ami to malin inqntrics about what might prow to be nndtsoovwnble. 

" Being in the place, 1 ehould rather like to aee the cfanmb where 
tbj' were mairind. Jt mvuui odd to know «o littlo nbont ono'a porenti," 
FliiUp weal on, "1 suppose yon don't remember tlie name of the 

Maiipvet abook ber head, and looked rather dmae&ced. It stnidc 
Ur far tbo fint time that abe Iiad Iiatdly done her datj toward* tfao 
«>&rtmtat« woinaa whoae child nho bad a{ipro|iriated. In her anuet}' 
lotnat Phili(i in all irspects ae hrr own non, she hnd fotgotten a little 
•4at her wiahca would have been, had she been in Die HitiLitiua of poor 
QaMm Hamcalchi, and had taken no pain* to krcp Uio mothn' alivo 
b the msiiMn^ of lIb! bamUita whom ahe bad so lored. 

"Idant think J erer hoard the nnran of tlto chat'cb," Hargarct 
•arreml. ** Indeed, I almott sore I never did. I am nfmid I have 
Um my seUab. Philip," she added pmiti-ntJy. "1 ought to faave 
blU man ahunt your mother to you ; and 1 aiu sure yon muet often 
knwKiitMl to know about h«r. Why did yon never ask me brforet " 

Fldlip foddmly bunt out lan^iing, and tbm an iiaddnnly cli«ckcd 
UiBolf, tarnOK his bead away for a momi<nt. If there was a peraon iu 
fa wotU -whom be loved, it waa Margaret ; bo never dMaivcd bcr with* 
•a a gnater or Inn degnc of pain ; anii the contrast between the tnm 
■ite ot Ilia faaqoiriaa and that (o which slie attTibut«d them had itadhed 
itiridljr aoniH his mind, imhi» impraesioas always did, and hnd &diid 
•wif, laivinf the echo ot that inappfropHate laugb ua ttio trace of ila 


" Why do yon la>mb 1 * naked Marniimt. 

"^ I doB^ know. 1 doo't balisve in instinctive afirction, do yoo t 
BiwiBBeaenAily Buefor a pemou whom one hardly reoollMt^t Tou 
^•7 f«U mother, Meg; and m for my btfaer, I have small raison to 
w*«t« kia mDmocv, by all acoonnts. I ahoilld like ju^ to know who hu 
^ itww^H. Uno feels a tittle pardonable cariosity npon such points." 
AfpvtA Margaret, with some bceitation ; " hot I should hope 
~i tLuuiii think, at lonut — that be mnvt be dcnd. I hare your uncle 
^por Caraatn's addteea in Florence aomewberef and I can give it )-oti. 
If !«a like. Tliat is, 1 have what was his Mldmae twelve yean aj[o: I 

I* Bsver beard a wurd uf or from bim since." 


-- ■- 


Tfo XKW vrmto. 


" Uivn me tlii> ail'lrfim. Me^, an<l I'll 1m>Ic Uteold feUow Dp. ^Brfatpt 
hif miijT know sonivUiiiig ; and, if be doeoi't, il oui't be beljied." 

" I almost hope h« any not," Bud Hargarat. fl 

Pbitip wan not pmpaml tofco qnit« no fur lut tiitJt, ; but h* o ff iaJ xKf 
general oliHttrralioii Hint it waa 31 qu^r world, to whidi Mn. StaaDtfortli 
signiftet] Iwr wwoni ; and with that Uw eubjcrl droppod. 

A few d&ya aA«r tliin Pliilip set out for Ilaly, witb tbe good wiahM 
of nil his fri*nds to Kpood him on hui way. tjotno of titma drovn dovit 
to CmymtDHter stAtion to hid tiiru fiuvwvU ; aud the bat tliiiig tlitt 
Philip MW, )uth« train lM)^ntJ>nH>Te, was NHli«-, vrmving brr huidtuiil 
noddinfEtoliim, uitli the l>ri;;tit«nt(>f amtlitf upon Iter f»CL>. 

" lluiraj' I " «xGUitn<!<l Mr. ftrun«, u hp tnmml to Unrn tbo 
fonn. "My dear Nellie, may 1 lie punnitUdtumy burrujf ?" 

" Yon mny my anythingr you Itbc^ P^P^" answered she, witb 

" Tliant yon, my drar. How I do didik« that young man I " 

" Ah ; but yoii wonld diftlikft anybiidy who wnntvd to nury mei 
wouldn't yout" mid Nollir, taking her fatlifa-'s arm and giving it a 

■' Well, well ; perhapfl m. I cao't bmr Uie sight of UareacalcU, I 
knew. Ilowovpr, we'vo seen tlxi Itint of him for tho jnwcnt, and Uwje 
may it bo before we see him again ! It is my firm belief tJwt yon don't 
caro a brass larthing for him, Nrlt." 

And )wrliapa tbe very veliemenoc with ivliicli lllisa Bnine repelled 
thin accumtion may liav« oonlirmod ho- CtllKtr in his opinion. 

It ta oertAin Umt Nellie did not abed any teurs, and was in no way 
caat down by Imr lover'n dcfNirtiirc; nor, for that niatt<>r, wan tho low 
bim.ieir caat down. Plitlip's ])owL-nt of amusinK n»d etgoyiDg bimaell 
wrrii qnHjo imboundMl; and th« pltaflun he got out of » nulwkyjoufWjr 
from FluxUud to Florence waa an graataa tbe diacomfortMitailedthenky 
upon common mortnla—whidi ia mying a good dnal. Thn odil ^^p*x 
tlutt hti eiicouiiteivd among hin Cetlow-tmvcjlcra, tbe novelty of the soeiWK 
that flittcil, like dixMilving views, pa«t tho railnay^amage window*, ihi* 
everinoreaiiiug warmth of tlie nun and cleamen of (be atnii>i)]i)if[p. a« 
the exprem riHiliml KOuthiranU— all thiaw, and a hnndrod utlicr tritleeg 
eontribuUtd to divert and exhilarate him. A ft«sli sensation awaitml 
him afW the pasnag ot U11 frontier, oamoly, a vaguo and pIcAAUit Mir- 
rtngof lang'bnried inentoHeH. TboBt aollow ikcvK. thoae biKb-pitcLi-n 
voicM, tboMi uDiihaTcn chins, those ^out and brilliantly-drraMid Iodic* 
bad hi- not known them all in some pnwiauit tttalc of exialenCD 1 tl^ 
mnlUn-y-trMis, th« maup-fields, tbe trailing Tinm, tho ragged bnggiu^ 
who liiitisred and «-luiM<d outaide tlxi milinfpi of wayiudn wtntiunx, wer~ 
not all tlMce familiar, and yet atrnnge, to hirn 1 Even certain fMUe. 
odours, in which ^-arlic and laul Uibacno had a Ur^f shun-. M«mcd t- 
recall ithadowy «xpt.tieii>c« through which tH>raebody liad oace- 
Philip really oonld not have sworn that be bad passed through 



^■t— -J^ Hefdt half jiiducd to shak^ IuuiiIh with tlin poopio who got 

into tlw nilwBjr ouriago; for saroly they ven all old frieads, tboa(;h 

tUr BAmw had Bomebow eacapod him. He studied their featun« with 

ft panUd mntbt ; wlMirapon tluTjr Kmiled bade, nn Italians nrtt iJw»f a 

tmAf te do, and [promptly entered into cooveceatiou. Philip bad some 

haowtad^ if It«lijin, and htx i(nii.-k car muu picked op tbn iutonation of 

dial mIitI of Idd;{u<« : perhaps, t>M>, memory came to hia aid aj|,'aiu lieiij. 

fl* luuiagvd to amkn faiiaaolf agreeable ; he ncrvpvd iiO(]uaiiit«nce with 

rarivna cutartaiiunf; peoraooa; and so arrived at his destiiuttion at 

hoftii, not at all timi, in a vrry ch«orfnl fnune of mind, and withont 

larii^ tnnitiltNl hIa li«ail ouce iu the coiinte of hia jQiirney about itd 

Bnlwiicn he had t»tiiUii>bRil hlnuMlf ootnfWiAbly In an hotel ovcr- 
Miiij( tb« Artio, and had Iiad a bnth and an ample bnftkfast and a 
dpr, b* br^ui to think it wiu time to altvoi) Ui buninRivt, and, atrolling 
•xtiahi thfi Buualiiue, imjiiireJ hia way to tbe Via di !^n Giorfpo. 

Hu diiTCtionn that bo r«coivcd won not very pn-cim, and h« had 
Vm UltJe dittculty in following them ; but he waH in no burty. H« 
^«l a T«ry agireahto boor in aitmiring Oiotto'ii t'Ampanilr, in loitrring 
4n« the sunny aide of bread Utorougbfarw, in staling in at ^Jtuir-wiii- 
fcn, aad id explorinf; a netvPOflc of narrow bywaya. At U-ngtb, more 
'T'dntot than inteutiun, be bit off tlio street of which lie was iu aeftroh, 
•e4,iiniring « alip of papm' from biK pockot, oom[iiin^l the nddrcM 
bnihed upon it witii the number of the Imvub Ix-forc bim. "Via ili 
Iha ffiurgio, Ko. 34, (mo pitmo." I [cm, Mir<: cnougb, wm No. 34 ; and 
■ *M7 diamal and poverty-stricken habitation it looked. Aa Philip 
dhiJiFd the dir^ uUmn ataircaso, bo bnd tcaiiro to ivflent that an uncio 
•la lived in nnch i|iiiirten wonld be a T<ei7 likely sort of tinclo to make 
bamb ujwn tiis pmve of ft nephew poHansd of Inndnl property; but 
(aiuiuny Inul never been one i^ rbilip'H view, and be aaid to hiniaclf 
lUi, if Uiixtgs tnmed out woll, somp wort of proviKion nhould be made 
W |U» needy relatlva. It pnneiilly appeared, however, tJwt 8ignor 
'VfBtti was no kingor in u (KMition to rvgrnxt or rtttpare biiman aid. 

"flgnnr CBTOHLril" criotl ttit- (UBbvvellwl uei-rant-of-all-wurk who 
isaweil riiilip's ring. " ICh I aignorc." And ebe miard l>er ri;;bt 
^ai ami fuddonly allnwed ber bvad to drop upon it aiiiuwayH, an if it 
*i«M mil off her ^Kwlden. 

nnlip bad nsrer mam thu^ f^otnic eniptoycd before : btil lla mnuiing 
■^riied no dplanatioii. " l>o you rnoui to Hay tlmt tSignor Carcntri in 
U 1 * be ittfcnd in soma dianay. 

" S mmriu — i morto — «/" answered tbo woiuan, nodding a grant 

*>iy ttats, en apparmt itolmni tuition tlial tboni diotild Im no misl«ka 

«r 10 ihe bet ill her late inaster'a dptuLif ; and xhe went uii t4i xiatn that 

*t w thvKo yv^n and more aince hu bad l««n laid to n«t, and to 

"cne pirticnlnrs of hie la«t lltncn, to vhMi I'bilip |<aid little 




a\ prora 

"What a bother! " h« muttered. Then he aftid abud: " I n^m 
this exoaedJDgljr- I Iotd txnaa all llio way froto Bqgknd to ano Sign^ 
OkT«rtri upon a matter of LuMUtoe which I bad hoped might pror* 
sdvaatagooo* to him. Do yoii Icnow whether wxj nfaitMiu of hi* 
UtIiijc is FIorCDoel " 

"Sieuro! Ilta daogfatw, the 8ignor«Boncra,«adherf)unil7i 
the floor upon which joor Exodlmicy in Btaadid|:," replied the wa 
upoa whom Philip's well-to-do appeai-anm had not fitilod to prodnoe SMM 
efihetk " With permid<iioii, I will ([o and cttll Ute tdifaan." 

Itot, bofora Philip ooiild make^any atuwsr, » third pormn had codm 
to ths frost, in the idia|Mi <if an obaw, dttrlc-haited Ud; iii a nilhor dirtj- 
white dmsing-gown, who loay perhaps have overhMrd the prcviooa 

" I am the aignora Bonera," qnotb Ae, with a sweeping mrtsej and 
A fiuKiRikting Kniilc " f'atxrruca, tignort." And iha lod tfao wny into a 
scaDtily-fonushed and caipetleas nttisj^-ioom, and rw]uefited the stnuifer ' 
to do her the honour to ait down. 

" So you are my oousld ! " Lboui^l Hulip, aa bo Mat«d himueir with , 
procaution opoo a decn|nd arm-chair; "and you hnrc got a Camily, and 
be banged to you I All tliinjp oanaideMd, my dew cousLd, I shall not 
rsTOa] my idmitit.y to you until 1 am obligod." 

He therefore uudu known ihit nature of bia ernuid with much tai- 
oomlocution and a great deal of pittendcd difficulty in expmesing himself 
ia Italian. Signom Botiera beosnie immenaely iateieetad and excitnl 
vhCQ iho hcnrd what it wna that hnd broogbt the stranger to Florence; 
she waa very inqniaitivn imd aakiil iiumberteaa questlona ; but tW greater 
port uf thtso Philip nfTocUxl not to understand. Ha aoon found out that 
abe WHS not likely to lie of any uMoiitanoe to him, and that abe knew 
little or nothing beyond the Ciet that ber aunt bad been manied to a 
irealtby Kugliahman, who had deantod her. 

"lint," aaid she, "my onoleFilippo, wholiveaat Sologna, would be 
aide to fumisb you with evoiy particular. He waa at Ibe marriage bun- 
self, as I have oA«n heard him tell, and he can prove, if that ia what » 
wanted, that !t waa ai;ood marriage. I will write to him this evening, 
and beg him to come here and meet you. /m sio is growing an oldmaiL 
— and then! is the coat of the journey. But doiibtlea]i the aignorv ham 

the means " 

An ei^needre panae aeemed to call for aomo rejoinder from Philip^ 
who bowed and aud there would be no difficulty on the soore at le^-i 
mate lucpenaoa. 

" I will write by the very next post," oried the Signora BonaiiJ 
"And what nnms shall I havothopleasnraof mantioning ton; vndel*^ 
abe ashed insinuatingly. | 

Fbilip declared that he ootUd not think of putting the lady to solj 
mnoh trouble. Only let her oblige him with Signer FQippo Oanartri'iSI 
address and he would himself undertake the reet. This propoettion dii^ 



Ht »t >11 mMt tha Ticiva of Sgoon BoDora, «bo poinbAd wit tbat it 

wmM he • gnftt deal cetaier for ker than for her iiit«rlociitor to oompoM 

n itklikii tMt«r ; tmi Philip uid he h«l do doubt hn ithoald bo ahl* to 

Bika fciMMilf uit«)l)g^ble with the b«lp of a dictionary. Th«reu|ion a 

hag and tiTely dabato enauad ; but in tho and Philip carriod bis pointr 

isd ■lapid vithoat having Kiven hia name. He promised to eall again 

Mm lua^ at tlw Baai« time throwiitg out sooao pndlying hinta as to a 

pnriUa ohaofn in tho fortunca of th« Caveatri family, aod ao mad« hia 

aayout ioto theairand iranshiii« a^o, not lU pi«a»od, upon tho whole, 

vith tba rarall uf hut afUwnooa'a vork. It would haw htat tnoro con- 

nsim, and probolity Ims oxptnaive, to haro had to dml with om pw* 

■Bthao with a whole Eatnily, and be eould hare wiabed that his couatn 

W hacn a rathar mora praaentable individnal ; attll, be nflected, it 

■1|IA hava baaoi worv. Thwe people were <»'idenUy too poor to be rery 

twriiJMOMa, and it waa a Eu- cry from Longbourofl to Florence. Taking 

v^ftUng into conaidnatioD, hn wiu inclines! to put down the wbol« 

Qnittii clan at ao aoiiual expenditure of from three to four hundred 

pwih; anil tmUy they would 1>o chtnp at tli« inonoy, if thuy could 

Vff/tj him with th« information tbat he wanted. 

VhMk ha Rtunwd to his hotal tbo sitn. sloping towards the west, 
na goofing the Lung Amo with mellow light, und iUuminlng, among 
4Ur panoM and things, a very smart landau, which wna waitinx at 
>b<ioar. FUlip wao indulginf; in a moment's idle curiosity as to who 
tWavoarof this showy oqiiipago might bo, when th« port«r hurriod 
■li oqi to hand) to hold open th« door. Then came the swiiih of 
aihttiaous akirta ; a shrill axclamalion tang tbroagh Philiji's hrad, and 
tnaadiatefy both hit ItaniU wga« bang gni^ied in the ttghtly-glovod 
Wb of SigtKwa Tt»nmastm. 

"Ton, of all pdopla in the world I " alie axclainiod. " Well, I am 
iti I I had really begun to think I was nercr to sea you again." 

* Kor your 6,00(U. aithor," thought I'hilip. And «multanoo»&]y it 
■Miiul (41 htm that, if ha abould indeed proro to he the lieir of Long- 
)«na, this and otbor debts might bo discharged within no rery long 
1M of timsL This enablMl him to weieome Signom TomniMini with 
W rf Mental l ea w T u than he might otherwia* bare done. 

* Taa cant be more glad than I am," he anawenid. " Yon are more 
W|i1bu1, I daro aay, booauso I folly expected to meet yon here^ and 
Wn baan lonktRg forwanl to doing so for n kuig timo." 

* Oara yon I I don't bolierra you a bit ; but it is polito of you to say 
'taL Why hare yoa aarrar written to ma I Am yon fixymn in thia 
WMt Am yen really going to lAudy bare)" veut ou the Signora, 
afaag ipiHtaona with her nsnal volubility, and pausing for no SMWors. 
*C«aa (in- a drive with me. I am going to the Caacina, where it ia 
t^ims at thia hour, and where you will meet all the world. I am 
kiflag at the 4^))icrik bare, yon know, and am r«or'iT<'d latii hien fun vial. 

tldont like tbcao FloKnttuesj they are reiy dificreot bom my good 
-^ ^_„, 



L Knglub public, Tlutjr nn coH ; f hey ara oritica] ; they main no JmH 
t uioQ for a pour kM n.fmiAn vriih a umclcMl voint, who u doing ber ImoI 
to pIcMo them. Ab, well, ov«ry ilog has his day, Tho Florantiim 
would adorn you ; Uiey lova a kaudMnio dux m niucli ns a Bwoct voice. 
Yon ought to mnko your ilUmt han. Uut I suppow old 8U!ltiber]pT 
would ot'JMl to UiaU Xol titiit you would over ho abh> lo make 
yoiimnlf hpai-d beyond snch an orcbeetra. Tbe public taato is hecofnlnf; 
roiued in Italy, on it i« ererywhere dM. In old days they loved 
kinging ; now titcy only «aro for noise. I was nnging io Ihm Cariot Iwrt 
nifjht, and tliey iiiHHtcd on having the nutrcb Lhrao timoMi th« idlotBl 
All that is raliier a help to old stagers, like myseir, who don't mind a 
litil>t>ub wbidi ooren deficloneJoa ; but it would l>o fatal to you. When 
ka^'v yon been Hinco you l«fk London I Down in tfae country all tlni 
timet I Ihouftbt yon lial«d tJie country. Oiv« an account of youradf 
and of alt (bat you have been doing." 

" I will, if you'll let niu k4tI in a wotd," answirrd Vhilip, laiigfaiDg. 

He had been aeatcd in the landau bwido Signoni Tommaeini long 

before this, and tliey were within the galee of tbe Oaaijlne by tho tima 

' that Hbe had itiai'vi] Hpcaking. Thn lairriage had (alien into a tine of 

} otliers, which vcre pi'oceeding at a snail's pace along tite ahady drive, 

mating a ntrtnnt ol' n-tutnin^ rvbirlm, miian Khabby, nome nvpIendeDl. 

all, or nearly all, badly horsed. Many hala wei« raised and many baaUa 

wavpd lo tb<! poinilitr jrrima lionna, who aoknowliTdgL'd llit«e greotinga 

witti a bow from bcr waist to tho tadie«), a boti of b«r head for the man, 

and a brcimt, good-hiinioiin-d sinili5 for vvenrtiody. Her line was no 

taken up with rec^ring and retnming satutntions that she could |i»y 

but Itttlts attention to ber companion, and at lust ordered tho ooaebmnn 

to drive on to a mora secluded part of the gardens. 

" It JH iniptnciible to lidk or to liirten tn this crowd," said Bbo ; " and 
I want to tAlk to you, or rather to hear you tnlk." And when Ihv 
fitsli ion able world of Flontncn hiut been leR lieliind, thi^Signora pmpoc«d 
(hnt tticy should get out of tbe carrtsgu and walk a little way. " 1 a» 
«»))ligpd l» lake nonie cxeraae every day to keep down niy fat," aho Mid, 
Lwitli a laugh. "I haven't snoeeedod very well, you'll wty; \mi IbMi 
Ftheie'K no telling how much worse I might have been if I luul I>een 
lazy. (Tow, what bna bionght you borol 'Warot it rather a nidden 
reaoUition t " 

"1 always talked, you Icnow, of coming to Italy tor a time." 
anitwrrrd l^itip ; ''and it w> bappcnii tbat I liave reaaom for wjKhinj; to 
be in FIoi«iioe just now, bendea tbed««dre to lake afev lenonb mtd 
enjoy tht- pte«inre of your society." 

At that moment he felt a idron^ impult« to Ife candid will) Si^moll 

TomuRMni. Philip, 1ik« many other pprxinii whn tiabitnalty disL 

L their Icind, wiin Htiliji^l to irn)>t.>itili)i9 ItmiinEA luHurils couthteniw in i 

reau of certain individtials, and particuliii-ly of such us tie tlioiighl. like 

to ptore of servioa lo bim. SignMm Tommauni wm emphatically 




oT \hmm. H« knnv thai lier kAImtUoii for him whk sinoera ; b* hod 

laauA beroho to be « ahmvHirr woman tbiut nae generally But'i-onei), 

^■d b» liMi ft BOtioa that Khrowdii<'« mi^ht )in a vary nacwmrjr (lunlity 

^HcAling* irilli tiw Oivestri f&iuily. Added to tbiii, lie wu u&titmlly 

^BuMM to let thii Higmm know tliat th«t« vnu so fnir & pro^hility of 

W 5,000/. Ufln); bonded back to her before hIw «ras murh ulder. 

Pack baiiut hi* rtatn i>f mind, it mny welt hn HiippiMrd tfaftb within 

•pwe <if •boat half ao hour (be Signora bi>ew all tbul there vaa to 

■Iwat bur fritnul's parentii^ aiid nAe^Um, muI mbont tim 

uHi which Hope and Mrs. Fro»er bad whispered in his «tr. 

wooM bavn hcon in ptuBnuiun of the facts a gretit deal Noonor it abn 

Wool uilerru;*led the beginning of tbo recital by many qii«ries and 

t^nlatiiiiui, and tf abu had not stopped Phili|> to Mold htm ruuniUy for 

tK niontM when he alluded to the prospect of iu8 being able tooil to 

tdwai tho adraiMM which alui bad so kindly made to him. But aftiir 

IhtNfae hefluiM more and more grare and f>ii«nl, an<l he<r linal comment 

ifMi what abe hwl beard w»> the unexpected one of "Well, it in a 

IVUfi looked at btr, looked u)> at tiu> fky, \aaknd aruimd Mm at the 
tUM HB flitlMr aide of the fihndy alley along which they were pacing, 
ti. ^s—tinn oat hw hajids with a gerton of patient expoMulutiun, 
lihiMnJ himMtIf to rpaco. " Now, did you ever^ I ii»k you, did you 
M»— hear anythiotE Uku ibntt 1 have seen nmelhiug of women; T 
Un find antnu^t Uiem^ motw than mo«l m«n do, and I flatt«n<d myeeif 
lUl I andantoud tin- •luiMn- naturo of lb«n to nomu extent, but after 
lUiIlpTe the siihjert iigi, it benta me altog^tber. Oh, itV liatak and 
iimih Dver ag«iu, you know. I being her out bit« toconcnitolntc nui, 

Uhold, idw [-iile on a long face, nni) aaya it's a pity I Now, I 
Itku to kiH/w why it in a pity. In what |ian>ible way oaii it bo n 

It Mmw (o nti)," anxwnrod tbi* Sigtiuru, " Uiat it la a pity in 

vay. Tba atury will turn out to be true, I'm afraid ; and I toll 
T« EtMikiy that I'm rery aorry for iU I hud bad gi-oi hopoa ot you. 
^Mk Ulwnr and palicDra I do believe that you would bare become a 
^■"Ot abiffer aomit ilsy ; and I am i)uit«< certain that tha life of a 
ftlMHringv wnuld liavn \<vma (he on« alx>rp nil otbera to make you 
hff^. Yoa will nut Ut lupjiy at all a» n ooonlry gentJefnan with a 
nitd ineooie, and you will go to the Iwd, most likely, for w«ui of 
•Tilhiiiji '" ^ *"'' "omclxKly to look after you. llore than tiiat, I 
Ikiyillta u pity--we arc frieQibt,yoii kiMiw,awlyoti mu-itn't be angry 
fl^Hik my mind— I tliink it b a pity that yon sbrndd he tuniing tbtt 
l*^ *lui baa he«> the making of yoii out of house and hoaUb" 
ftaUji WM not Miily olTcnd«d ; htit this oat«poken cefURira touched 

b a Mre plaen, and the blood mounted to hiit foivhead as ha 
" That if m wry unliur way of putting it. It in true that 

StHtBtfnrtli stay hara to leave Longbouma ; but is thiat any &ult 




of mine I She won't \m> k penny tho poornr, r«m«inlMir, and all that 
will loM irilt be tlio bouse. And let me tdi yoti that, if 7011 kaaw h 
you would be awM« th*t eho i« tbo rmj lut penon in tho world to 
grodgo am a picco of good lertuiM." 

" Then why didn't fOB toll her what you wero coming; here fort 

" ^Vhat would hkvo beto the uao of tiouhlinfc her, whui I 
nothluK fur cerUin 1 Beddea, I promised Vnmer that 1 wouldn't nj 
word to any 000." 

" I dou't oare » anap for that maligoant old ho^ of a houaekeepec ; 
and you don't coro a map for yoar promioe. You hava brolraoi il 
already in telUofc me ; break it again, and writo to Mrs. Staimiforth by 
to-night's mail." 

" My dear Slgnora Tonmaalni, I baro thfl most sincere r^peol fer 
yoor opioioD ; bat I do think 1 mvf bo the bud. judgu of what ought to 
be my eonduct towards Mrs. Statmiibrth." 

" W«ll may yon mj that ymi don't uodenrtand wruneo I " cried the 
Si^aora with aome impatience. " Oh, you foolish fellow I can't you 
iindarataod mk-Ji n Himpld thing as IhU ? — that AIis. Stunniforth wooM 
forgitro you for taming her out of her home, or even lor taking her 
puree out of hnr pockci ; but that abo will never i^tiilo forgivo you for 
duc«ivin([ her. Vou have oiade a very stupid mistake as it ia ; but you 
may iin'li) it partly, if you write by to-night's po«t and explain evecj- 
thio^. She will think you found writing mote ea^ than speaking; 
many peoplo do. Comn along bacJc to the OMrinfle ; wo havon't a minute 

And thi« onurgntic lady caught Philip by the arm, unit hurriod him 
away, paying no heed to his proteste. 

" Yon are quite wrong," h« said. " She'll tell ber mother, and 
then therell be the deuce to pay. And a protty fool I uhall look if the 
whole thing turns out a myth." 

*< Stdif aDd ncHisHiso I " nitamed the Signora ; " she wont l«I) aoy- 
body i and ifslie doea, tt is better to look like u fool than like Mtuethim 
else. Don't you play fast and loose with your best friendsL You can't 
aiford it, I toll you." 

All the way back to Flor«nce the Signon lectured and Philip— 
argued ; but the end of it was that bo did write the letter, as ha 
hid, aiM^pofltcd it at the same timo with one addreaaed to Signor Ca^ 


Lrrrnu and TKutauxus. 

Tre Vast Office, as brought to its present state of affideaoy, in doubtie 
one of the glori«e of the age and an institutioQ for whicli evetyl; 
oug^t to be tbanlcfiU. That the bdlitles for speedy oomffiuokati 

so SEW Tmua. 


■Iviiad b; H givA w all ui inunonn^ of needless woin7 m, howeT«r, 
iadi^ntaUe; mai tliis dimpter will nbow how n mi|;btf pother wu 
Wovpbt khont unang one 8et of insignitlcnnt jicoplv by Umi |>o>(&I 
mAcUimy iliiring tlto npimt «f k ninitlc xbort week. 

P- Pondhly ttuii^ miAl>tl»v« fallen out dilTereDUy but for tbo accident 
■ Fhilljf'ii hariiig dioeni to Iomts Ijon^bounM for lt*]y on ft Mondftf ; 
«Udt was thm dAj iBvnri»bIy set apart hj Mrs. SUnniforth for tha , 
dB^aleih of Uut voskl? brnigot to Shornclifb which ha» boen nlreMlr 
uwn tfaan ooca ra&mn] to^ For several jmuC MoodaTS Uaigant h»A 
ontiired, with no enuUl difficulty, to keep her own counsel upon th« 
aljirt which ebicfly eagioiaed her tkoi^tv; fornbehad felt cortAia 
ttat Hu^ woiikt coniider the eogsgemeut b e twwm PbiUpand NelUe an 
■pmdeat one, an>l would ny ao ; and she had heard this said so many 
ijeai alrady that it aeened almoet better to hold her peace olto^ther 
thin U> expo«» herwdt to a nfttttilton of it from a fnah quarter. But on 
ttla Sifweial Uonday, vhen nil the agitation of leare-takiQg wna still 
i|iB bar, it waa inevitable that Hbc Khould writu about Philip, and , 
muoAf le« Inevitable that, in wiitiog about him, ehp should t*l] the . 
vtala tntth. Thi> was the condtiMOD to which she ame, afbtr teariqg 
^thna abortive atteoipta at mystery. Either she inust diabiirdan her 
Ml, OK Hn^ must do without hiM letter, llor own inclinations and 
npii far the belinga of her frienil alike uD^ed bi-r to adopt tlM former ; 
thamsUn ; and accordingly she did adnpt it — with a ranilt which will 
hm been toieacnn by readen witji good mcmoriM. 

Oathn Wsdusaday monung Hn. Winnington, ntting oppodts to 
W dsn^itM' at tbs bceakiast-tAblflt and reeoivinga patofbutiM- in' 
WrlBa, Dutaad of a lamp of sngsr, fbnned the itot imnatural oonclu- 
^ that aoniB news of a ^aijoiedng nature had ronchod the mistrcw of 

" Ehnvt yUxg^m," mid she, whcm th« abovo trilling mistake bad 
iHamBatiooed and nctilwd, " I trust yon Invo not had any unpleasant 

"Knarly all leLtiiK ura nnpleuant," answemd Mai^pu<et, with 
KhUb in her t<mcv and a rcty nnaueoessful imitation of a Iauf;h. 
I'M Miactbing inooharmt about bneinem bttan and begging letters, 
•il lud down the one which sbo had been pemtang. 

Vmt aa sooa as her mother, who bad a fioo healthy nppetitc, had 
QMd tn iviitmiie bar, she picked it up again and finished it, her &oe 
POvaig palar and paler, as she nwl. 

I-Xydsar Mar|pwet'-(Hi«li wrot«>), 
"I mat wO you bow sbtonisbed ami grieved 1 was to hear by your 
iMtn-ar tlua mDmtDg that AUnacaldii had engaged himMlf to Miss 
toDA. It is and) a had bnsineas that I hardly know hew to tell ywi 
*lat it tha nal itot* (tf the case ; and yet it ia certain that you most bo 
W. I wish witfa all my heart thnt 1 had not been such a fool aa to 
<«Bmd what I ban known for the last three months ; but I acted, as I 



bought, for tho boot, nvvar doubiing but tliAt tbn young folloir wo 
dW it nil lu vuu himaelf, aooDcr or lat«r. IaII«i'1>-, ioiJeed, t liav 
fiutoud, Trom yoor uevcr Hayin'; anj-tliing about biiu in ymir ktUra, tiia 
b* iiftd dooe HO. 

" It ia naekMi to Uj^ miuI brmlc Uum UiinKit geuUjr : UtO 
ulh is that bo ia mtirried almiAy. Unfortnnntely. there k do rtmrn ta 
i Hhiulow of a (loiibt an to Ibc duA. Vou luHy nomMnlwr Uiat jru 
vroUi to mo ti) Jftuuaiy lust, asking me to go up to Ixtndon tind 
Mnmuadchi, who, you fmivd, wah in somo trouble; audit vru tbon 
1 (Iiaco*«red Ui&t he was living in Conduit Street vith bis wife, towba 
be nuiRt bnvo \vca some tiino iii»rri<til, ax tlit-rn was a liaby. I liafipi'i 
lo ac« tlie wbolo thiT« of thnu entering tl)C houw, and I am l>onnd 
my tho young woman aji^xnnxi to Ih! ix modent, rcKpectnblo mtt of pRrHOi 
though oortaiuly uota lady, i hoBilat^d to spaik to Marcecaldii At tl 
tirai>,iui jwrlitijNt I might tolutvn duue; uid wliou I wnit next able to i 
I beard ttom the buidbdy of the lodgings tlint he nnd Mr^ Uatflealc 
wvrv in grrat diKtrraii, owing to tlia sudden ilealb of tb« cliild ; no th«t I 
tntb r«a]ly imiiotbible Tor me to intrude iijmtu him. Had 1 bad 
■ OullMt idoA that he oould be Rueli h MHituiiIrel na he ovidontly is, 

uld Dot liave beeu ui Mrupuloua. I need not fay how much I bai 
felt for you nil thia timd ; and I miiy add tliut I biivf aluo wanted aon 
good pity upon biro. Poor little Mis^ lliiiuc ! (his is a nd 
for bflr lif«. 

" If I con be of may hdp to you iti niiy vny, yoa know tlial yoD 
command me. I could get Itwvr, if ueooawry, and a journ^ to /ut{ 
would be <[uit« wilbin my [wwi-r. I drmid to awni inttrrffring 
officious ; but Lhcrct are emergentim in vhicb a strong arm is a uef^ 
thing, and Uiere aru |Mr)ions w]u> uuderwland no otlwtr nj^iiment. 

"1 am writing in some hiL>l«; and, besides tlint, 1 thought yo 
would rather I aiiid wliat 1 had to my a« brinlly a* poKiiblc ; but 
«>ur6i.\ if yoii'wisb it, 1 can give yoiifullei- particulan. For the] 
, I will ouly add tlut, if you v-au think of any way in which I can 
, and will tell me of it, you will confer a true kindneM upon 

" Your alfectiouale fitend, 

"HriiH Kkjivos." 

Tliere were eertain paaeoges tn this Ipttrr which were K»roeIy jii 
R, and th« wholn uomposition waa pervaded by a anl>du«d " didn't 
(ell you Hot " flavour which Margaret wgald Krtiinly have Doticod 
rtBtnt*^, hjid itK MiltJ4«l-m«tU>r Iwen law appalling. Ac it wiu, i 
atdd ouly repeat to heiwlf, " 'Itiis is Dot true. I can't l«lieve it. Hi 
Host hav« made mdui mistake." But tJiec« w>k very littli- oomfori 
be got out of t^ing herself tlut she couldn't believe It, wheu she 
all the tune that ahe could, and itid. Hhe nod tlie letlnr nrcr again, nai 
ma umblb todtMOOver anyloopholefoTt^mipe. Tbi;fe wasnugettlngovi: 
' landlady's alluxioo to " Un. Mamtualehi ; " nor wm it oonutiv 



■ImmiIi] btvn bIIowiiI liny wihoiui bi paw an liU wifr, tmten Iw 

Ij fiwrrin) U) Uer. Itiii-^rel di<[ uol nak Ii«i-b«H wiiethor it 

Tkhlv tlwt Pliiliji fjinnld coRtt-niphte bignmj. Hhe liad imH 

time la wei;^ {iroUiiMlities, uid was so sUiuncd und bewililonvl 

Un. WiDDiagtoi) bad chmuTii ta qncktioD bcr rnrtbor, thit k'IuiIi) 

■nA ttkUIiU; liave oome otit in tbo ooune of » few ininnUs. 

Ako^idt huwerer, that Mtx Wiimingtnn'n mind wa.i iMt|;«gvd with 

vatCont at the moiMnt. Sft^. Wiunington hftd been rrading 

4f Iker own — Hte(% finni Ijofid<in — lett«ni in whicb mmUou was 

faaUB And dinnnn uwl Rt«t« cooaerts, luid all Ui« other unvarv- 

of tkftt Ur« for which hrr houI >-cnmcd, Mth. Winiiington 

diligbta Buuiy » tinw nud ofico, and for Iter lutaurvdly 

he no new thing (isder tho dtta I>n>doD sun ; but ns nlio wax 

fir from doBrhig anjrthiug new, itxtrh pliUosophicul rattoctioiui wen 

ta «iaiw<l«i her, and it w.-u wjtli a profound and patfaatio righ 

iialnmil faiT Ivttvra to tJinr cnvt^lcjxw. Mar;^n-t did not appear 

tfaia iiIkrhI of dfaUvaa; ao iXin. Winnin^n Mgbrd more loudly, 

&iling to attract attcnliun, row, walked to the oth«r entl of 

and pladn;; Ix^r hands aflectioBatAljr on li«i' datighlcr'a itboiildnra, 

' ga thn fuivfamd. 

UarfCanH," miS she, " you am looking vny pain. Don't 
50a oagbt io havB a little cbungel " 

no," anawered MatT^rat hastily ; " I am porfectly n'oll, and I 

gmag away fnm hmav. Ijongboomtt snitu ue better than nny other 

ia Ihe world." 

"My dear, am yon Hurn oT Uuttt (Junati lotions differ, L-crt^inly ; 

W 1 tMuxA holp tbtukiug it very unlikoly that n placo which invari- 

•bj makaa nw ill afW thmn wrvka out agree with ywi all the year 


■ " Bat it raally doeB," anawtnd iloi^aivt, witli provokiiig ohtuMOen. 
B Uik. Winnin^cton moved to the window, and lookol oiit upon th« 
PfeiaB, wW« tin- younger dniighUTWHK to In Melt walking upauddown 
r ittUotnahiiMt. "Poor Editbt'alw murmiirrd ; "I do f«\l to very 

■ .-^i'. - ... widi" 

-- ii; -.. I . t" repaatcid )tat|pu«t abaently. "Wbyriwnld yon 

' Oh, my dMr," criad Mr«. WuuiEngton with mme asperity, " you 

"■■Hi lltfonly p«non in the world wbo ia to bn pitie<L Oth«r ptx^la 

W tbirir tionbbw t'M ; and naturally, at F/lith'a age, it M>cma liard to 

nblnriad (luwn in th" nnintry. wlion all bcr frit^^la are ei^joyiog tbein- 


^BAil dlraot epl>Ml prorod etTnctoal. Slivrsnrct rouanl bowlf, got 
^^^^^jeit^ Imt uutlh^r ai tlin window, '■' How selli^ of me ncrerto 
^^^B mimed penitently. " Of txiuraenlie ought 

I^Vti 1 1 you. I>a tako tier Uierwat oDoe; you 

rW oM hMAat* about loaving ttu^." 




But ILlni. Winningtoa fJiook li«r hnul. " No," Mud nho duidvi^ 
"I determiDOid, ance for all, lju«t year, that 1 DCvjei* would aponil 
imotlior 3W4tM>n in Ijcmdon lodging. To be^ with, it is more Uuui I 
na afibrd." 

" But, mother " 

" Deateat ^largaraty you are alwrays eo kind ; and T know jon^i 
gladly help us out with our rent; hut rent in r«a]ly the lout Iliil( 
Tberu wa carriage«i, and dreeaM, and Howum, und a hundred othtf 
necesKtii'ios, which would swallow up the whole of my wretched littli 
inooiuo ill a few months. Bwddn: which, living in lodging* laobiMlioii- 
aUe in pvciy way. I felt it so very strongly last year, and I mods ^ 
niy mind that I would never <■« it again. If one wii4i<« to bold upM«^ 
bead in eoci'ety at all, one must entertain. It need not be npon a tup 
8cnl<i, and it ne«d not cost much ; but thorn IkjukI tho fcmling, yva knav. 
that one can have a few jieople to dinner sometiiuea, and that one bui 
dpccnt htiatn (o receive ono'n vJKitorB in, 1 bavo thought very oft«0 
]at<ily that I have acted i-ather unfairly to Edith in remaining ooMttU, 
year aftor ytvir, as I have done. It is so difBi:u1t to km odd'* dn^ 
plainly ! I believe now that what I ought to have done wonW h»n 
been to establish myself in a email house at the farcnd of lielgnivBotd, 
or aomu otiier dieap iilace. It would lmv« been very n«aty ; bwl ft 
would have given hor an opportunity of Bometim«c catching gUntpM 4 
civilisation. Thore ia no help for it now, tliongti. To hira a boon in 
Londoa for the season would be out of the queetjoo ; and to lodgtnp t 
will not go. A* I said to Lady Laum Smythc th« oth(tr day, goaajc ii*> 
Bociety in thatiort of way is almost like living uponthecbari^of otltf* 
— a thing I could never consent to do." 

If Margaret did not aiiMwer immediately, it waa beoiuiw ahewa*!"*" 
aftwd that it was not in her power to make thr only answer that wnlo 
be considered at all to tlie point. That a childlesH woman, witli fiftM> 
thousand a year and the simplest of personal tastes, should ew b* '^ 
want of money may sound somewhat incredible ; but it is aaid by lb'' 
who ought to know that there are people with twice 'Htb. Staiuufis*^'* 
means who are not unacquainted with the pinch of poverty. Howt** 
that may be, it is certain that Margaret was not, in the true Mon of I* 
word, rich. From various causes, which need not be euUtred intOW*i 
she wiu seldom able to keep a lai-ge balance at her hankors', and it 1m 
been shown before what excellent reasons she had for deairing toUybj* 
certain sum every yenr. Still, she felt that, if (ibe remained long B!<al> 
her mother's dplicalo scruples would bo arotiBed. and poor Editli wonli 
get no London sonson. Therefore she only hesitated a moDUot befiK 
declaring cliewfully that the London house ought to be her a&ir, «^ 
that shrt would give instructions about securing one forthwitfa. 

Mm. Winniiigton could not hear of euch a thing. No t ahe kDf» 
too well how many people had claims^if you could call tbetD cJaioi— 
upon ]>oor dear Margaret, and what it cost to provide young hub «iA 



nalimifl tnTellingexpensee imd tb<> bteX singing- imutcrs in Itnly. No ! 

if dMu- Mat^arel Iwd wi>h«il to t«ki.' u liouso in Lotulon (br h^stlf. tlutt 

wmlil ItKTfl tama uother tiling; but lire. Winnio^n could notiuxcpt, 

and wontd notaempt, ttven fri>Ri bnrown dttugfater— uid w Ibrtli, mndao 

liirth. for ton minutM, witLout a braftk. la tbo cdotko of tbeao ten 

nfeattto* it AiA, inilwd, tniiuqurA tliat Ikera was ft nnall hoosB in Park 

Ati^^ tukniguig to R jwrticnlftr frtend of Lady TAurn Smytho'it, wbicli 

«H now bo be luid ; but the i«nt naked fbr it wunquite loo lidiculoiu — 

^Mh Iran a pity, as ttio situation and the very modoet dimensioDS of the 

tna mi|^t h«v0 matle tt suitablo in otli«r wnya. " But," added Mrs. 

WtoningtOD, " no doubt it will b« snapped ap at onee. Lady Lftura 

ukad BM to let hor ham u rrply by rntitm of post. Ho abnurd of hor ! 

ii if I oaold ponobly aflbrd a4icJi an eipouBe! But I nerer can get 

pi^ to andctvlAnil that your pnrw ia not min*." 

Tba renukinder of tlie aiffonient nii^ .-Ecarccly be chionioled. Of 
nam Mu^giuvt pKi(«st«d that all that was bt^re was hir mothar's tnd 
rfmna Hn. Winnington poiiilcd out that, hoireviyr jualifiable audi a 
(tawy might bo npon abcttaci grounds, it wm impcwnblo to makd it lit 
a «i)h the condiliona of a sopbtaticatvd ntAto of wxil«ty. Th« gcoarouin 
^nti WM a ptolongol ono ; bnt it was not eo unduly prolongod u to 
mnat Mn. Wioniugton from datibiDg off a fvw haiity line* to Lady 
lurtSiiByth* in tiin'^ 1^ akich tb« midday post. 

Maisu«l bmtbeO lof r« freely as coou aa thin qiiMllou was disposed 
bC In thr impmding catsKtiopho her mother's fynipalhies irould not, 
M At «ndl knew, Ix^ with her ; and it would bo U«l for hor to be alone 
vlsitbe terrihis ilijcIoMura bad to be made. It iihoiild not be mnjlo 
Mn as answer diould have come ftom FhiUp : aht* had now ao fur 
*mnnd bv acatttrwl wits oa to hare decided opon that much. She 
voold writ* to him, enoUwing Hugfa'a )etl«r, and she would not condemn 
4is until h« should have bad an opportunity of giving his vMuon of 
lliKMafy. Who knew hut that b'l niiglil be alJo to «xciilpMt« him- 
«lfl Evan a prtKiDar who has been caught in the net of eutoing a 
^lUJag^hBoae by the area-window st midnight is lield innooont until he 
hH Un provod guilty ; and was abo not to extend Uie muu) muwiire of 
hn jvatioe to poor PhtUpl She had alraady begnnto ibiok of bim sh 
*|nr FUIip," it will be obecrnd. Periiapa in hia csm, aa in that of the 
«|fBittitioiu horglar, it was upon the nbaraoe of "felonious intent" 
fiat A» boilt h«r vain hopce. 

Bat, as tha day want on, it hemmo n>or« and more apparent to her 
1^ aba nnU never liv« Uiraugb tlie tong interi-ol of anspenffi that 

IUtt take place bvforv a n'ply eontd bo rcctdved from Florence. ThiH, 
■b oknlatad, oonld not, at earlieat, be beforo tlie fifth day ; and to 
ttst ht a state of loment through four monal days and nigbta aaa an 
•tel not to Iw faeed, if by any mauu it could be aroidad. She k>iig«d 
Nbdqpapli, Imt raiiM not sea her way to doing ao, etmaiatently with 
THhiiM ; for Lonfibounia was not ooo of the hoiues wture telegnau ' 


ntv receiTed ftnd i1««}iittch«l m froqucntl; mi to givp rise to Tto ivamrk ; 
mill, btwitieti Uut, iL would be impaniUe to tnune u. rrnmi^ whick 
hlMmld be ftt odco ititcllipblo to Philip luvl iininUlltgiblc to thft clerics it 
Uue Onymtniter i)0((tH>lBc«L It was wtiilt^ jMnultrin^ Ibe latt«r diffieoh; 
tlint Mwgiuri tJioaght of n vcn- iiimpio oxpotipnt for overroming it. 
Wliy ^ot^d obe not word hM- t«Jogram in s romKO liuiKna^ T Hib 
nntkiD pl«i»ed Iitr m miu^h, and Iiat doMro to bo put iiprodiiy oat of lur 
piiiD WM 80 stran;;, tlial r>}i« nwolred, nt laet, to mn the mk; aad in 
thu couRiti of tb(! nfti^moon i>h« Knt <nil to wxlk Bcrom tli« fislda to 
Onyminatcr, aiid to wnt« Ibc mom«»lo«iB qu<«tion witb her ovm hand. 
Hho dill not ouro lo let tUu ktvwiUi kiiow tlint aba wm in tnich bust* to 
conimunic»t« vitli Hr. Marescalchj, Mid she would not dri\-«, for tliB 
kn«"w Ihnt if nho did ko her mother wutilil accompany brr. 

Tbo younj;; f^eiitlcrnui wbo snatdted Mn. Stiuioiforth'a t«ti^r>)ili- 
form out of her bniid — -(Is it hccatiso poctmr'n iiIw»tb have the gr^tuitin 
of CbrinttimH licforc tlicir mind'M «ye, wliilo (KWt^ffioe olerku fa»ru notbntg 
i:oniiMl«d nitli tliat wiimod to look forwaid tOi except an iacraaM of 
Inlwir, thnt th« former luv mo BubMrvicut and tJie Ultt^r mi anlm^eooBly 
iTircnaivi) in their demennourtowwde the public l)~--lhi« young gontl«Biaa 
W08 RB sntiidMctortty pac.l«il aa could bava be«n viabed. MafgnnA bad 
written diBtincily the folloving words in (Jcrman, having bad donbU 
AA to the tniKtwortluii«« of Preneb in tlitH a^e of uuiveruU nocompUab- 
ment : " Is it the cnse thnt you un not froc to mnrn' ! 1*my telegraph 
till' exact truth, llngfa baa been in Conduit 8tji>el." Tlilt amiKtgFn 
itfter much preliminary fivwning and muttering, iriw nooepted and paicV^s^ 
foi' ; nnd when niargaret bad asked tbrM linioi at what hour it wouli 
bu iHivercd, luid hnd been answered itt lust by n curt, " Can't say, *j 
sliHW," abo irtartoil on her liomnward way. 

It was a long up-hill walk, and the cud was hot and scorchinf;, as if- 
often in in tho monlli of May. Mar;^vret, weary in body uid miiul, 
loKt alt thinking ))Owor, nnd, fortnnntoly for benicif, wm unable to si 
in anticipaltoii u( a terrible rutiira. Her ono anxiety, tfaeu and throu^b^^B* 
out thf remaindM- of Uio day, v/iuf tlut tlKi rrply to her telognua shnul*- ■) 
reach hor after liei- mother and aiaUir bad gone to l«>d. It would bat ""i" 
puzzled ber to give any account nftcrwacds of tha manner in wlueh ^b^^K* 
had got through that intvnuinablo uflemooD and <:Ti:niii^, But noaatiw^^^" 
or otlmr iJie time paseed ; and Focione waa wry kind lo ber ; for hanll — ,** 
had Mrs. Winnington and Edith wiabcd her good'night, and gone u]^ -^ 
•tain, than a ring at tho front door brought her heart into her mouUk- 
and a minute lAt«r Ibe wiakod-for yollow itRT«k>pa waa in ber hands. 

8ho tore it open, devoured il« cootMits, and then, ooverjug her bc::^ 
with brr baads, buret into toant of joy. Philip'a answer was briieirac*^ 
to ihs p<»ut; and Iw had not thtM^hl it neoesuu-y to MUploy itny lac»~ 
;;uage but his own. " All right. Free aa air, Very tintiiral mistAle* 
of Kenyon'd. WUl writo about this and tbo Otlivr nuUtec nhortly." 

It was Tery well to be tfauikful ; but H wae nafbrtonatCi, though iw»<i> 




ytAmfm, vwtj siirpruing, that Uargurefe thuikrulnme sbouM liave been 
■ngltMl with u »trang rioting iif vmlli nxutiut Uu! IimIcIchk Fliigh 
Bjayim. " Ilo* like Hugh to jtinip to condiMons iu UiAt wny ! " nhe 
tbM^t, " Hugh vrunlil Mievn anything bad of Philip ; uii] ha nnvor 
rmpf^T n wWt mi Ml J be infltcte upon mo when h« nukes snch cruel 

TUb was, no iloiibt, extremely iinjiist, hhcip Ooloaol K«uyon «ras 
ikoot Uw laat Run in England to jump to coRcliiniouM, und certainly tlw 
h« In bJlict Deedlen patin npoD tbooe whom bo loved ; but that he was 
ndy ts balioTc aaything bnd of Philip wbh tnui enough, nnd it wns 
intnUy thin pradie^ontion which Marguct found it most hard to 
fa|i«K Sho Mt down forthwith, and ccribbled off a hwity Iett«r, which 
«nid have gaae near to breakinfi: Hu^'a benrl if lio had ever reedved 
1 Itui ho nevsr did recdvo it ; for Iiiii corrmjioiidant, oAcr relieving 
ha-fadfapi hy uyins wnw very outling Uiiugs, winolj toro up ivhat idi« 
U vnttedi aad went to hod at pmce with all luitnkind, fgrginng her 
IHvda ■* well oa li«r enemies. 

Il waf not ontit the following morning that abo bc^n U> wonder 

*lri Kiigbl hu that "Oilier matter " to which Philip bad made alluHion ; 

^^A h iGd Dol orair to hvr to attaidi any impovlanoa to (hn phraMi. He 

B«||bt have inliinded Ut rel<ar to Ida enjfl^niient to Nellie, or to his plana 

naaining at Florenco — moat likrly to tho fortnn-. Thnraday, tbor*- 

day of real and freedom from caiv for Mut;garel; but ii|md 

Ptiday mombig aho found, bendo her plato nt break {nst-time, the 

which had been writteu at Sif^-nora Tommaaiiu's iuotauce, and 

lUi had been poat«d btforo tbo tijrgram from Ixnigboiimo had reached 

tion. Tikb subetanoe of this lector astoniabed and perturbed 

a gooA deal ; but it by no laoana fillod bar with oonnlomation, 

CUomI Kanyon'a bad done. Ckmaidertng the haate with which it 

bam wriCtm, it w^w a not unekilfutly worded epistle. It wnn— ao 

it thnoabt — tjuite luinewaKarUy onntrito in tune, and it cxphuii^it 

full mtiiiactioD Philip'* prsvious oImkc It was both nAturnl 

that, upon the fint Umdi of tbo thing, ho nbould hii^'e hold 

besad by his proniiM to Froaaer, and it was a proof of bia henrt'B 

ia Iha right placn that, afti^r more mature camidimtiou, be tibtmld 

fimml II imiioMible to keep auy secret from hentelf. As to the main 

hat aympatliiui aiid hupea were entirely upon tbo aide of bnr 

^■difABd «m. Moat wtQingly woold ah« retue from Ix>ngbouma to let 

^*M «iMr than na maater, and most thankful would nho Im if the rs- 

^■MMirji nf bia liirtlt CDuId bo proved bi<yoDd a doubt. Not having 

^d liBB tn RKtMUplabo poembjo aide-iigRiee, Hfao wa« inclined to h.-iil the 

^w\ MB (ar aa it WL-nt, aa thorangfaly good nam's. 

" A. lauer (ram FlonmL'e I " aaked lira. Winnington insinnatiDgly, 
••nw iha tabla. "All wdl. 1 bopel" 

Pliitip ha<i got over his journey saAljr," anawe>nd Margaret, will) 

149 NO XBV TniNO. 

" So glad I Kow, deArot MargM«t, don't yoa think you might 
up to Lon<loti to UK fur k time t Wo would aot keep 70a » dfty loogn 
than you wished to stay ; but I i««llr believe yon womld enjoy yoaiMl^ 
when ooco yoa woro chcrra." 

What reply ^[r*. Stonnifortli voold have nuicltt to Uiiit Icinilly 
[mKore to pnrtnka of hvr own hoepitUi^ wilt novcr be known ; for at 
tbk momcut Kdilh, who had been looking out of the window, tonod 
round to ny that on« of the oows had got into the gurdeo, aod wm 
SKting up the roaea. 

" Oh\" rxdnimrH MsTgitret, nnd flew out on to the terrace, followed 
by her ^l«r. 

An cxdting chaM, saliMquenUy joined in by two gardeners, cttsued, 
and tiist4^ for a mnttrr of ton minute*, whiln ULn. Winnington lotdagd 
on from the window witli a fjtoe of gtri>Dh' disapproval. It did not accord 
with Ii«r viowN of propricity that ladiM should rush about and naka 
th«mselvee hot, when they had a large staff of r«tainen handsomely paid 
to do that for them. Buch behavioor, she thought, lowwed one in tin 
eyea of one's inferiors, and encouraged them to take Ubeartioa. Powifaljr 
with a deur« to Bpain herself tJie sight of so degrading a spectaolev dw* 
ttime<l away, and lHJ;;au curolfiKaly glunoing at the letteta which Margai*^ 
had imprudently kfl on the tablix It has been said before thai TiTii ■ 
Winnington's noUona with n^ard to tlie aoicredneaa of other people' 
letters wont of a liberal order ; and she did not for a BKHneot hositate t 
draw theae &om tJieJr envelopes. And n> it came to pftn that wh^aia 
Ifa^ant returned — flushed and breatbleas, but trinmpliant — she* foi 
her mother cxt«nded ri8:idty uptin her chair, with the aolen of her 
well expound to view, ber h«ad falling on to her shoulder, and her 
hanging bclplesa by her Hidex liko thoae of a rag dolL What had 
pmed was only too evident ; and Margaret, for once, loM all oontrol 
her intUgnation. 

"lt«ally, mother," sbe exdaimed, *' this is too bad! Why do 
read my letters 1 " 

"Oh, Uavgarot," answered Mra. Winmngton in a hollow vmc«,* 
TxA—do not speak of such trifles at a moniinit liku thui ! Huw you cstti 
scamper after oows, when you may be upon the brink of being tarxMd 
out of j'Our houM-, iK mom than I can comprehend. Thia in what one 
gets by adopting orphaos and pampering them 1 But for your infaluft- 
tloD, tliia wretched boy might have did ycat* ago." 

" NonsenKt, mother '. it is not in the least certain that I shall H 
tnmod out of my honm ; and I don't cam if I am. You ought not 
have looked at my letter, and you have no buainen to know an; 
about thia. Tho least that you can do now is to behav* u if yoa kuf 
nothing about it" 

" Tioy well, my dear ; if yoa think that is a proper way to speikl 
joor molJier, I can aay no note. In my opinion, letten that >m 
open upon the table are aa much public p ro p er^ aa newspapent; » 



itist say I Kbould never have sup|KMeiI you wiahod to conceal anythinf; 

WB met Prfty io noc inutginci thnt I shall interfere in tiia lofttter, 

inctly or indtroctlj'. It mnat he sifted, however," cootinaed Mn. 

KTutiuDgtOD, muumiuR • more en>ct nttltndix "Tho vomiMi Frosser 

aoKt be imit for at oium!, uid mnde to tell all that hIiq knows." 

" I cuanot allow it ! " exclaimed Margai-et. '■ The secret ia Philip'a, 

Tiot mioe, imA it wonlil be most ungGntirotis in lue to betray him. It 

vould not do any f-ood either; for, naturally, Prosser could tell us no 

DOtt than she told liim." 

" It wotdd do thia good," answered Mrs. Winninffton, " that it would 

Mtmy mind at rcist. I don't beliece a word of tliis xtoi^, mind you — 
not I word of it ! It mif;hl be tmy enoosh for that woman to deceive a 
nlly, vain boy ; but she will not find it fo auj to deceive me, I can toll 

The issue was inevitAble. Mrs. Winnington hftd fatken the bit be- 
Uetn hor tenth, and STurgaret knew full well that m-j^mcoit would ho 
ibvni away upon her, Iude«d, the good lady herself confessed as 
wA iSx wiw not going to interfere in any way, tihe luid ; but at the 
tUM time she could not blind herHetf to her plain duty. She could not 

, atldll sad allow a monstrouH &aud to be coucocted under her daugh- 
Wt roof; and, in short, if the mountain would not come to M&homet, 
Hlbomet most go to the mountain. In otlier worib^ Mrs. Winnington 
hHukjJ h<r intention, in the last resort, of betaking herself to tho 
bnuAeopet'B room, and doing battle thm.-. 

Aa a eboice of evils, therefore, Mrs, Prosser was summoned, and 
pnUbly dorivvd much nntisfaction from the spectacle of her enemy's 
<liiRimSture. Hn. Proeser, it need hardly lie suid, was victorious all 
•hog th« li&e. Her ovideaice was not to be shaken by tho most 
MrAiag crow-eoamiuatioo ; nor did she allow herself to be moved for 
flW imtant from the placid respectful ness of her bearing. Mrs. Win- 
Wijtoa aho ignored altogether, addressing her replies exclusively to 
Marpiet, and, it must l>e confessed, producing a rather favourable im- 
pMBioo npoD tiie latter by her straightforwardness. When preei^d to 
^whj the had not told her story before, she answered that that was a 
Oltlir " betwixt her and her oonsciencr," and she must "decline for to 
WUa upon it again." She had "already spoke to Mr. Pliilip upon the 

" It all seems to be the moat preposterous rubbish ! " cried Mm. 
ffianiogton at length. "At all events, the (juestioD cannot be set at 

twitltout a lawsuit ; that is certain." 
I don't think, ma'am," oliservcd Mrs. ProBwr to Margaret, "as 
Neviilo would wish to go to htw, if Mr. Philip's rights was proved 
U> bis MttJxfaetion ; and I believe there U nobody else who could do so." 

" Of oourea there could be nobody else, Prosser," answered Margaret. 
" It ia a pjty, I think, that you did not speak sooner ; but I quite believe 
■11 ikM you have told ua. It does not prove anything " 


" Nothing &t all, ma'am." 

" Still, it nuv help ub to find put the truth. You can go now, 



■tetn wbldi bod navvr been bis ta dupone of. Wlica, bowevcr, Mmr- 
ftrat dnw ber kttentiou to tliis oopect of the aflair, she ailmitted that tbe 
foar nui'a tan wwt n lard odd. 

" And that," atiA ahc^ " nuikeft me tli« man anxious that you dioultl 
CDUob bisi vithout Ion of Uiucn In fadi I think it would bo bnrdly 
howst til ke«|i him anj- )oDf:Dr in ijinonukce offabi danfcer." 

Mar^ittt mill that van not ber fepling at »lt, 8bo wonM mitch ratbrr 
Mf Qotbia|[ to Mr. Braue yet. 

" Wdl, injr dear, if you f^l any Itfoitation about spoikiag to hitii, I 
dMold not mind doui^ it myaelf. I dondtlikn Ttlr. Bntno; bittmauDers 
n> my naooalh and abrupt, and I hare no doubt heirill 1i« rudo io 
■> Still, wv muit not coosidDT thiit. If jnucun K[uuvniB tbeoania^ 
Ui aDwnoon, 1 will just drivo over to Broom L«a«, and have a few 
««di vUb bliB." 

MaigMwt groaned. " I tlwnght you agreed with me," the said, "that 
tblMt Uuag we could du wun Ui bold otir tonguntl" 

" Unqftionably tho btst thinK — it is the uttiy Uiing that w» ran do. 
AuUtat id not to wiy that we abould nnglod any miniM of gaining iu- 
fcnattoii. Mr. lUnnn mii&t Itavo known more about hia broUiei* than 
•f tan do^ and It U quite poniblo Uiat be may havo been aware of tlia 
oiiilKM of this Italian lady, and ni«y be able to tell un wbo siifl was. 
■At hart it (mn do no barm to a»k him." 

" 1 tliink it nay do a kmmI deal of harm," Marjcarvt (irotosted. 
but mho eoold ixiitlia' Kng li«r mottMT nor lock ibn doni' upon her; 
«d K, in tb» eourw of tbe aA«n)oon, ftlr. Brnne, wbo woe mjoyiug 
^■■Mlf in hb riilit^leeVGa, lopping off the trtraggUi^ bntiicfam of a laurel 
*ijpi on bis doQuun with a billhook, was Htartled by tbe apparition of a 
Wf wliOK riaita wtn nernr vety wHcomn to hiu. 

Un. Wimuogton'i ruftomary bland HUiile at pveting was tampered by 

%MmBfaLiMMi which il wiui iinpi>raiib)ir to ignoro. "So sorry todHtnilt 

9o*.* waiA ahfl j " but I was [util tbat I should find you here, uid aa t 

■ ■Jtaniaak toyon nthrr partipiilarly " Hero* natuml frvling 

*J nhodty cauaed ber to bmdc off, and inquire, "Do you teally tUie 

" I inally do," answered Ur. Brune, nMnininx Iiih cuat with some 

" lliM only objection to hedging and ditdiing is that, whra 

il onplofed in that way, one It Hcanvly in trim to rvooiro vi«ito». 

1 daiv My you will kindly exr^uao me from shaking hawla with you, 

Witmlngton. ^'on wero saying tliat you wanted iMUticuhuly to 

^«k Li ma." 

*- Vta, indMd I" repliwl Un. Winnlnfttoo witli a grcntdgb. 
lis* Philip MuMcalohi broken his neokt If he baa, don't mind 
Kjg^fl •• : 1 uu) bear to baar tbe wont." 

yit% Wianin^oD irfghed ngain. "Oh, do," said abit ref;ntlblly ; "lie 

W dot broLtfti bJa nedt. But it t* aliont bim that I an aaxiona lu 




And tlioo the Ulc vm told, nnd wm lisUDod to withoDt a ' 
idfcn of intemipUon. Mrs. Winnington wm k good deftl ]>ut unt 1 
calm way in whkh ev«<ry one, except ImwJf, BMtned to take tiie ^&Btpd 
iag procpect tb&t wu opening oat before Ibem. 

" Well, Mr. Bnine 1" sIm eud impatietitly, when ehe hod vail«d 
■ome eecondit in vain for htrr compuiion to »])Mk. 

" WeU, Mra. Winniofftont" M 

" WUt do you think of nil tlii« t Do yon beUero that there i^ 
tmtb in it 1 Do j-ou think yonr brother wu a likely mau to inaki 
dandeetine nuuriafgc t " 

" My dear madais, U it ponible for ine to auawer such qaeattoctt 
■ny paqxMO t Y<«; all thingn contiidfrcd, I «bouId ny It wa« proba 
tnCk 1 see no n^non why I'nMser shmild hare inrent«d the wo 
whidi nbe nayn ahe h««rd ; and the diitcn appear to be correct, and tk 
is a snggcative similarity betireen tke Damee of Brown aod Brane. < 
yea ; the cbancee an all in fnvoiir of f li beui^ tmo. As to whether 
brother George was a likely man to act aa li« b eaid to have dow 
really can't give an opinion npon thn itiibjoct. In (unc miia% nobot^ 
likely to do Biidi a thing, and, in another Mfiae, anybody ia. One is ae 
Hnrpruied at hearing that a man lia« Iioon mnrriMl on the sly ; but I ti 
it that DO one hoe catotal prccUvitieA that way." 

" But, dear me 1 ** exclaimed Mra. Winaington, ** arrnt you going 
doanythingt Do yon mean to sit still and allow youreelf to be pli 
derad I Ouu't yon make any impiirint 1 " 

" 1 Bhall write to my brother's lawyerti, and ask them whetltflr U 
know anytluBg. It appeani tliat >[areaealchi'i< toother was aecustOD 
to receive rentitlAnces from her hoaband's lawyen." 

" lI'm—ycK ; it would be well to do that, oortainty. 1 foe) that 
ought to be bestirring onrselveo. It wotild be a terrible blow Ut p 
Margarat to be driven from hor home." 

"I shall be only too happy to talk tblnfnt over with Mrx. Stannifer 
if that would be any aimfort to tier." 

" Well, the truth is that dear Marfiaret i«tber iihriDltB from speaki 
about the matter iit ntL But if yon can Knggcst aoy way in wli 
muld be of service " 

" Yon an» mi«t kind. Xo ; t don't know that yon can do an] 
relied >lr. Bmne, thinking of Diogenes and Alexander, hut patien 
refraining from applying the preeedent to the jwtinnt caM). 

A psiiso of aomo mintitoH mpcrvened, dniing which Mrs. Wuuui' 
ton tHlguted ii -riUbly, and Mr. Bi-une luoked wLttfnIly ul his l>illbo9 
It was evident thnt the man did iMt ehooM to bu communtoalivo ; anil 
'Only i«iiuun«d for his visitor to lenve him, consoling kfltwJf as btstjj 
might witli Uin hope that mouiUui^[— or rathn* that nothing 
toiiio of the lawywV letter. 

Thia lM)pe wu fulfilled muii; lUyn later, when Moten. Hob 
Jftlieon wioto to say that, to the best of their belid*, tbair late < 



■ikI (tied k liadidlor. TImj bad, at all events, never traaaacted 
I no IiIb bctuilf with any lUtlian ladj. So far >o good ; but Mrs. 
s, *• my powiUy Ia rrnivnilMU«d, had a pemnud acquaintance 
vilk Aa mdIot m«mbor of tbo fim, and abo could not roiu«t writii>g to 
Ub ia a kiaaHj, informal manner, to beg for hix caiidtil oj)uiion upon ttiia 
hM diiliiwiiini nibject Hu answer mad« ber ratL«r unoimfortable. 

•■ Deal HaduD (wrote Mr, Hobacm), 

** W* bar* almuif bcHi in commiinicatkin with Mr. BniiM! with 
H^bmeii to tbe matter apon whidi yoa comult me, and I lutre notlung 
H «U to tiw np\j antt to bim. SpcakiDg geucndl^, bowovOT, I muj 
■; that, Kippadog sucb a marriage as yoa mention to have taken pUoe, 
H wDold in mf opinion ho in tho but degiT>c imi>TObahle that Hr. Oeor^ 
imm, or may otlier tnnu ninilarly lutuatfid, would have let liis fiunily 
IteToiinto iusncrct. 

" Faithfully yogre, 

" Saml. lloiwox." 
"Awl tbiH it tin! nHtu wbu box AinvA witli tw ovrr and oror agajni 
aii W itaycO iu tlie bouse U|>on tliree feejurati! octaaiont I " crii-d Mm, 
ItaBington, vwy angry witb Iblr. Holwon for Itaving writt«it »o curtly, 
■■I mQI moro angry with turn for having auggealed mivb unplenaant 
Into. " I will acTor trouble tnpelf to bo civil to n solicitor again u 

b the meantime Margaret bad beard oaee mon from Philip, who 

Km tfanw pa^v with n doacriptjon of Flonoico, mrationod inddontally 

Am be expected eooa to have an interview with bis uncle, Si^or 

Omdri, who wu coming from liologna to meet him, and esiid not one 

*nd aboDl tbe nib^eot of Margaret's tel^cnun until quite tlie end or bis 

Am " I maat to have toM yoa all about that C-onduit Sti-cel busi- 

■M," he wrote; "but, aft^r oil, I think it will keep until wo meet. 

^ Xktn an wiae thtngi which it in just na well not to oominit to paper, 

I OB* ia not at liberty to tell every tiling even to one'a bot IHimdM. 

,ny daor old M^, bow couU you Buppoae that, if I hod had ono 

iQtrint,! ilionld think ()f mwrtying anotlMr t lam not a bit angry, 

ksuw ; but I am raUi«r amused, I confess, and Borjirised that you 

tM know me heltn-. Cokind K«nyon, r« doubt, thinks ma 

I of all maaiNr of iniijtdty. Even he mi^bt have given me credit 

I small atumint of |>nidetK<\ though." And then he iiddixt in & 

. I : " If you luivw spoken to Nellie of what you have heard, and 

^it* ftnil* at bII uDcnay w <Uahatui£«d, of ooume I will write to hiT more 

^''- OthTwtse 1 think Inwt said aooncct mended for the present." 

' was mil faeeatiae this explanation struck her aa insufficient that 

<lujptf«t wvntp a lino to Hugh Kcnvou, requesting him to ran down 

m % d^ or two and tee her. Shu hHd— and she was donbthwi right in 

-that it was worw than Dsekss to bestow eonlideim by bidves, 

i fkai, if tile hellev«d PbOIp at all, she must bdiove, without reqnirinji 


fuller elucidation, that li« vae cutircrly iiinocont of tli« crfTrnce impuM 
to bini. But witli Mnt. Winningtoti liiizxiti^' about liei-, like a pm 
. bluebottle, at all hours of the day, with Mr. Brunc nntl HiMt holJiiiii 
aloof as if tliey wn« offended, Mid with licr own uncui't&iuty aa to «b*< 
ooone eveota would t^Ice, and what derelopmcnt k\»i ought to hope tin, 
she did fnit n Httnng wiiih foi- a littlu Kj-uijmtliy ; luid, Uuit beiii^ so, it tu 
natuittl thitt she should tiii-ii her eyes towardn that ((unrtcr wh«nue 
pkthy hftd beon forthcoming for no ninny jean, 

Ku^k, it Is ueedleas to eay, ob«yed the BUnimons with 
Dinpiti? thn molimcholy chkrnctcr of the ocouiion, be arrivi.'d la laif 
bourne in better tiptritA than he had eiyoycd for many montb* pMt 
Uarguret's note had lod him to hope thut hcwA-s to be retDtttated in ibl 
poat of Hinlidnntiid ndviit-r wliioh he liod forfdted by his untimalr dt- 
cl&ratioii, and which, notwithstanding many friendly lUciiiniDces to 111* 
contrary, he wns well nwwp liiid nuvur been fiilly rt-stoi-ed to him. Sbt 
was comiug back tu liim, he thought ; &he had turned to hitn instinctin^ 
in tlie time of her trouble ; iiiit],altliou{{h he did not now expect thtl 
would ever cuuaeut to be auythin^ moro than his friend, it would 
greiit deal to be recoivei! agtun u])on tlie old tonus. Without p 
rejoiciug over Philip's downfall, he yet could not help fc«ling that if iW 
young deceiver were cut off with n nliilling — -(the trftditioiuJ duDio; 
beiug ieprt«enled by a few huudreda a year) — hifl most dnngnons re 
would be removed. 

Ha wna thirrfiirn not n littln taken ubuck by the first wonit 
Margaret addruKsed tu liiui. 

"Hugh, what made you give me such a drmdful fright! Yon 
quite tuintukcn iibout loy poor boy." 

"MiBtnkenI how mist&keni" 

"There wna no tnitli whatever in that — nport ftbout hi* 

" You metai Uint ho denicH it, I supjKne." 

" Yei>i. I telegraphed to him at once, and had An answer tbt 
night, and niiice then 1 havo honnl from hJm. He (iivi,-k it wm ■ 
mistuke on your pail, but it cmi ull bo auuly exiiliuiied." 

" Uod blesn my soul ! wh«t explanation docs he givo)" 

Margaret wait obli^fod to confess that uotliing veo^ explicit 
reached her from I'ldlip l>oyond n hti-o deninl ; hut that, she Mid, «** 
fjuite enough for her. Hia word waji Miflldeut, and she could j"*" 
fectly ent«r into bis muons for <]i8]iking to put ui>on papcT what B^* 
very well bo cominunicuted by word of moiitli. Lettora, unTortimatelJ'' 
were sometimctt i-ead by people to whom they woro not »iJdi«M«d,"* 
very Hkely Philip had thought of that. "It waawitm^of me todittn^ 
him at bU," fht^ coucludi'd. " For you, <if courw.', it was diflemit ; 
as he says, I ought to have known him bottei-." 

"OhI isUin.talI he nap)" 

" You cuu tiee bin lett«i', if you like," anawered Mitrgaret, 




imr Um liteei Ui qaestioa. " I don't knonr wlietlier jwi will find it 
neriaBBi^, hut it ia tpilU ao to me." 

Ho)^ raid tlia ilkort psrAgreph whi«h bas bera qaotcd aboro, and 
■in* <krwD tlM) enmon of hi* moutb. " It atnkaa me aa a sbntting eovt 
rfritlaBUDt," Im reuiArkAL " It'a nil rerv well to my, ' How cui jrou 
Mm« that I«bouId bemu^a bluckguard aa (o do wand eol' but that'A 
Kinnrtr to n man wbo Mw yon do it." 

" It i> on annvcr to mc, at naj taUk And don't you think, Hiigli, 
iWt toM wen ntliiir in a biirry to take tbiog« for gmntod t Von novor 
■A any iniiQtnin, jvo know," 

- Bat, tBj daar Margaret, I had tbs evidenoe of my own mows. I 
■* tbr wDBoan Kttar tbo hotue with him. I ealled in Conduit Street 
Artarda, aod foiiDiI that tbey Wfro tiring th«x^ na husband and wife. 
IWd th« landhuljr apeak of lier ua Mm. Muwoalchi. What more 
•Mldfou bavAl" 

"Ok. I admit that it 1h uiyntKiiom," aaid Mai^taret ; " but what of 
tAl So man; thinga are mystciioua nntil tho}* are explained. Alight 
havo immi to acrve a friend (n 8om« way that bo allowed that 
10 paaa as bia wife for a tim« f I think that ia coaoeirabta" 
doBt," *aid UukIi nborily. 
&nd jiMi don't lieliovo bim on hia word I" 

loDlwd np uncoaily. " Tbitv is no one on earth whom I trnat 

iapUdtly than 1 do you," be said ; " but if you weio to t«U ni« 

ynv name wiu not ^largartt Staoniforth, and that you didn't 

It DPceHu; to ny any morn at pnwcnt, but would explain it all 

or other, bow conld I bring myaelf to beliero that you won: 


Ah, well," said Marganrt, " women havti more faith than men, I 

I aluiQld believe you if you told me black wax whiUv But 

mind. I am on certain a* I um of my owu cxiKtenee that Philip 

» able to clear himaelf all in good tim«; and we won't aay any 

akiot it nnw, cBpoiisllv lU I have tomttlhiuf: elan to t«ll you, which 

beu tbinking ufa great deal more during llie laat few iluyv." 

i»I Kenyon'i aatoni>htu«nt woa only eijnallnl by \>u dii^ist 
W waa informed of the frosh complication of which Philip Mare- 
wa» the oentnl Gf;ure. " Coufbund that follow t ' be rxclaimvd ; 
I «4*li lo hMiven hLt motlier had scragged him wlien be waa a babj' 1 
lI*wMm tiuiuul tu bring perpetual trunhle in one way or anothor. And 
ti tvevuklnR part of it ia Uiat yoa don't mind it a bit. I believe you 
"uj'-y il." 
IiUId oiiti'iir->l of iiii|iutieiHv bud the bappy effect of making 
laogli. Uin;n wlilu-h M Ugh Uughnd too ; and tfaiu fHeuUly 
Mumg^ wfaidi for a monunt had shown aymptomaof becoming atnained, 
rr aitahliiJird 
'■Xuw tali ne," aaid Margaret ; " do yoa think Philip in really Mr. 
firaWa aon I " 

. ZLTIL— so. S70. &. 




Hugh wMi com[M!l!od to ncknowlodgn that the lAiiTy bivd a horrid lir 
of i>roixi1>ilit)- ftbout it. "To tell yoii the truth," he actiM, "I 
tiotiMil hia liki*:iv!« to Uii! family long n^ ; but I Mt it down to Utn 

" Vi« ; ia it not otnui^ tlmt I Nhoiild nuvor lutve r«iiiftrk«d U t 1 
•w it 80 plainly now ; and not onlj tbtt, but 1 cau traoo * ilrciiM 
WMOmblmice betui-eii bin cliivnictiti- nnd Mr. Brune's." 

"There I can't go nlong witb you." 

" Tlutt IK IweuuKt! you like Mr. Uruni-, nnd you hnvn n«v«r liked 1 
poor Philip. Dut pcrhups it is not bo much » fticailarity in 
cbarttcter Unit I luoin, at in wnys of Hponking >nd looking uttlutigL 
know oicnctly what Mr. Bi-une will say ia certais caaOB, and it 1* ji 
whut Fbilip i^uyx, nnd oftcm in the rnry wune wordii. Both of thaa hm 
a, wajr of pretending to biuj;b at «verything. and both of tiii^ia ara R«Cf 
aa t«ndKr'hi»)rtnd n.i womtTn. [ wikIi you knew Philip lut well as I dn 
You can't think what u pcnil«'iit Itttt^er ha wrote me about this jonnin 
of hin to ttorcnc-o, nnd how grioTod h« is nt tlio idea of my hana; H 
jpvti lip lionj(Uiiiru(!. Ak if it wus any fiiult of kin that Ite ia liia Edbtrtj 

" Wt^ll, I Km glad to li<'nr thut he !h pcni(Ant,''8ai(l Hogti, | 
up, and walking about the iMom. " As for your Ivnving Ijonj^h 
dou't know about that, I'm sure^ It will b« a cbao for the lavjoB,] 

"Wliy^ihould it bet Ifoncoitcan bo pi-ovtMl tlutt Count i 
■calchiandMr. Oeorf^Brunewere one and the same person, tlMTcoa] 
BO mom lo Ix- wiid. I am suro Mr. Bruno would not go Ui law 

" PerhapN not ; bat it's rather nn intii«t« question. You W^l 
Mr. StanniforthmadeaRiftof Iboentiit^t to Jack, and th« tiilio-Ae*^ 
now in the liandii of the triifit«os. I know no mora of law tlian 1 1 
Hebrew : but I suppose we could not aurrender tlicm at all ovenls i 
tlie parchii.4C~niunoy biid \nxt\ mfundi-il." 

" But tbon thei-o i^ llio comjiensdtion paid by the railway eotaf 

" Yea ; but I don't know whutbur old gtanDifortli would 
that without making a fight for it. Ite is a sharp old fellow — or i 
to be. It is a moxt unmitignti^l nuinintw, look at it which way ; 

" It will all come right in thn end," eAtd Margaret oonfidcnUy. 

"I am not at all so Hurc of that. I would much rather it ws^ 
wrong in the beginning, I know. I wonder, now, whether there !• "F 
hope of thut old I'lxiaaer's having trumped up a plausibl* Ktorj' to 
eomeendg of her own. It iadilSeult to believe that a woman ooolJ 1 
a aecrct like that eutiraly to herself for n doxcn yean and more." 

"She had the mfety-vnlvn of eonfesaion to her pnmb priest, jpoui 

" WbAt, to old IjinRley I Do you mmn to say ho has knowntiiili 
along, and never said a word 1 " 


" I tafpetm ba tui& He bna not bnn b«re since tho dMcIosarv, uii) I 
i^wit Im U ntlier afr&id of fodag as.* 

" WeU b0 auty be, tbe o1<t Jetuut t I dull look liLm op Uui After- 
nma, mai hear wbiit ho Itu to E&y for liiuuieU." 

" Vaa won't W rude to htm, will jou, Ilugli t You mtL'>.t ivineTnl>er 
UM I* UiL* oiilf done wb&l he would consider to be lua bouodea duQ* in 

" Oil, I won't be rude to blm," ftuswered Hofili : " 1 only want to 
ind uQt W« nndi bu knowit. I supponc Iw'U t«ll me the truth uny- 

Dm ramlt of thn ilotortauuttioo wu that Colonel Ktnyoa fonued 
' U • enisTegKtioD of three tA eveoaon^ and, waiting for Um rector 
pot tfan nmnml gvntlctmui, m ho montdly laqwcwed it, 

" Ycft, ya," Mr. Luiglejr mid; "antmfortiin&tonJlMrinnuuiy wnj-s; 
■I W IB bopo llut aome ntmngeineiit may bo come to. I am Kind tho 
^mtn W «t IcngUi nudo op her mind to tcU what she knew. I Iuit« 
■■> mpag b*T to ilu nu fur ytam ptwt." 

" But why didn't you make bar qtoak out I Couldn'c you h»vo with- 
t^t iloolnlimi, or somothing I " 

Mr. lAttgiey eaiiled. " 1 think you hardly understAod tho caar," be 
«ii "Than ooaU bo no qiiertion of abmlntion, the woman havinf; 
— iiiiUt»i no «ia. What abe r«vealed to mo waa in the nature of a 
\f mtifidwitial communidilion, initilp to mo ttshor prie«t." 
Shu mid it waA under wal of ooniesdon." 

''Ah, yn; a alight c^nfojikni uf t«mu not nnoommoo among the 

It » tne tliat she first divnlffed the malter to me as apart 

twt a fnmn a ; lint I pointiMl out to her at the time that she waa 

in doing m). Of course I ouuM not do oth«rwiso than regard 

waa impartud to mn in ancb a nuuvnar as aacred. iiinoe then I 

kM no opportunity of impnaaiiij; upon her what I believed to be 

; but mtifl in, unfurtunut/ily. a very obatinato porson. I abould 

Ms mywir jutitiliidJ in l^in^ a {xxtlivo command upon her so 

■bn held it a aiattor of oooedukra to keep ailoDce." 

Well, I don't know," aaid Bngli, twirling hia niuuatadie ; " I ahonld 

lbon|ht ynu might hnTe brouftbt a little more preemre to bear ; 

bat much tsm Ullciog about that now. Yon l>eUeve, then, that 

lly w>l»ll(hatt" 
!««,■ rii,i ■ (liiubl vt It; an*l I may add that I hava very Ultle 
J ManMcnldiTa being tho sou." 

-." remarknl IlncU. " 1 cKjwct I shall have a lot 

- I'm a&aid our friiuiU at lW>m ljct\m will ■ulTi-r.'* 

^o went on to explain tuuin of llii' difficnitimi which In- autici|wl«d, 

•J "lifch WW* likely to inif>rfer« with tlie amMnltto family armnjtcoionl 

"i>'l> He Langlvy, aa weU aa Mra, i'nmw, appmrcd to have UiokeiV 

a— a 



Mr. lAng1«y oould only oxpras his nj-mpfttlty muJ regret, i 
m moral to be dedomd from tbo whole *ffittr, tint if the l»te TUtt. Bn 
faml bixin » niyani CharchnuiD, iJl bhiii trouble would IiAve bean aToU 
" Id such a cute, lie would Iwve wut to me opoa his deatli-bed — wU 
I am wrrj to my that bo did not think fit to do— «iwl tli« trutli wot 
hnve been revealed." 

" WliAt, «ron if hn had mode it th« subject of a rtrictly ■ 
conimunicntion I " Uagfa oould not help saying. 

" UntguestioRahly. CoDocalmcnt of maniaga, and the loaringl 
diild deetituto, would be deadly idn ; whereas it might very weUl 
queation with many people how far they were entitled to make ] 
words Bpoken by one in a stata of delirium. But perhape I had 
not weary you with di'Snitinnis" said Mr. I^ngley mtlicr ooldly.j 
trust," he lidded, " that there is no feeling of BOnoOB Bfl reganb : 
ray dear friand Mni. Hbinniforlti'ti mind." 

" Oh. she'll forgive you," sajd Ungh ; " she'd forgire anybody 
dtavg Miythiog." And ad ho walked away, it ocenned to blra iki 
there wss only one pei'son iu tlie world towards whom ha had avsrlaMr" 
Miirgan^t to ditiplay an u:if<ii^ving xjurit, and that that peraon ' 
eclf. Which seemed a Uttlebard. 

IVitdging pensively homewards along the Aeep lanea, he hean) fall 
OB a sudden, called by name, and was presenUy overtaken by If oil 
Bmae— a pMson whom, under the circumstances, he would much i 
not have encountered. 

" Hnr« you come down about this bu-iiness. Colonel Kenyont' 
asked. " Is it really true that Pliilip is Uncle George's nou 1 " 

"Ah, that's just what I want to know, Miss Bmno," anawti^ 
Hagh. "If I WC7D not afraid of making you angty, I ahimld say II 

" Oh, but I hope the tatae thing," said Nellie quickly. 
" Why, I tliought the gnmt wish of your life was that Long 
abotild como back into the poeffistdon of your Ehmily." 

" But I don't want Mm. Stnnnifiirtfa lo htt turned adrifU And, I 
I could never feel as if Philip were one of us." 

" You ought not to havo much difficulty in Ceeling that," 
looking at hei- kindly. His bouest hoart was so ftall of pity for i 
girl tliat he hantly knew how to»penk to her withmit betraying I 
Ha could not doubt that Philip was a married man, and he bad i 
formed an indefintde renlntion that he would prove him to bo aO) I 
thnit at least save Miss Brune from the danger of an irreponble < 
But what in the world was he to my to the girl now ) 

Bhe allowed hie alluuon to pass, and asked : " Ito yoa supptae 
Philip knewof Uiis btdniti ho w«nt Ui Florence I* 

" Of OOUI80 he did ; it was the old Itousekeopn- w bo told him, yon I 
In &ct, I imagino that he only went to Florence In <ndor to got at 6xa^ 
mmtsiy proof of Mr, Bnme's marriage." 

If oil 




7t60ia ti^temed bee lipe, and nodded. " I KuspActod u much," mid 

."AKyoa'n heginxdag to find Uic young ruotl oat," tboogbt Hqgb, 
A MitttfltrttoM. But, feeling that tbe devil ougfit to likve Iii« 
, lu> Mid khmd : " J nm not sure tiutyou cui esuotly btiunu bim, joti 
r, fiir nut Mjing unj-tliini; nUnit Jt iMforo he Etu-t«d. It seonu that 
I did write without loss of timo." 
" H» Qoad not h&ve said wbat was untrue, though. He told as all 
, }m <na eoing tbero to study." 
" Wrll, pcrii«[*i he la goiog lo aiudy." 

"Yea; I dam say he ia," agtxMtl NclUo hastily, tbinkJng perbape tliat 

p kad aaid too much. '* Will you f;ireinybe«t love to Mru. Stanni> 


' Cartatnl; I vill." anawered Hu^i ; " l>ul wby don't you come up 

•ad Mi her I She thinks yon are offended with ber about this onlud^ 

* (A, no I " exclaimed NeUie \ " wbat poraible reason could I hare for 
[ (Anilcd with boi- 1 I liav« kqit away lately bccnucc — because-^ 
lli) ralhar difficult Ici explain ; only don'c you know lnow dia^'eeable 
a it to talk one things with people whuu you don't quit* agMO with 
t^ and when they — think you oupht to agree with themt" 
And. having givtn nU«ranca to thix Homvwhat vague mntiaunt, Miss 

' took fas' leave rather hurriedly. 
■ I wonder whether ahe rally carca for that wortblces fellow," muaed 
Il>|lt, lauuBing bis walk. " I don't believe ah* does ; and I'lu suto 1 
Ha ebe doem'k It waa Mai|[aret who got up tbe nmtdi, 1 aaspect. 
1 a pity it is that she will innist upon making people happy in bor 
I ny, whstherthey wiah it or not l " 

~ ,m eooD aa Ue reached tho houM, be delivered NelUe'e ue«ago. 
•■ndeaaly on Ua own aooocint : " She dotau't mtem to pine for her 
lorv to any alamUDg extent. Is she very much in Ioto with 

'Mar* wo than you might auppoee," anawered Margaret, smiling. 
I ahom hv feeling v«ry little ; hut I undontond Iwr, and I know 
t ^ bM never cared a f4n*s bead lor any one but Philip. It ia a rcry 
twiilaiiilii^ altaclimeQt on both aide* ; but wnnt of money baa pro- 
: Inm auning to a climax. I am eo very gUd that the 
lade place while Philip wm still a poor man ; I think they 
I ba gUd to ninonber that afterwards." 
, even If he ge<t« Longbotime, bo will be a poor man." 
" 8* will be waU enough off to many, I suppose ; and then, I hope 
^••y W ahle to help tbem oat a little." 

Ta tluB Hugh made no answer, except to shake his bead gravely; 

«1 a* Aln. WtuningtOlt came in at that moment, eager to bear whether 

■■jtltisg fraafa had br43i elidled from Mr. Langley, the 8ul{j«<ot dropped. 

Hi had no farther opportqnity for privaio coBVcmtioa vvI^l 

)'U ^^^ HO NEW THISO. ^^^^^^^^ 

IblSIDLret thitt liny. Tho it-liolo cruning wait ooca^od hy ah aatimUa orai> 
teat betwwn her and her mother with refereoce to the Ialt«r Udy'u mo?* 
to London ; Mrs. Winnington proUwting thst siin ooold not boor to Imtt 
hoi* daughter in tlie mid&t of so much trouble, while BlMganC decLtnd 
thnt Kh« wiut in na trouble at itll, iitid thitt it would distrms Iiot bajcoJ 
everything to deprive Edith of ber season. ' Hugh, know-iug trh>l (to 
outcome of the dt.scussion wmh certain to be, took littlo intorflstia iU 
pragresB, but sat Hilently twirling his thumbs and heartily wishing tfat 
Mrs. Winntngton were in London uIiiNidy. Evnrr now luid again hi 
was appealed to — " Candidly now, Hugh, do jwu think deiu' Maiprtt 
ought to be left quite alone t " and so forth. Ho nnsworacl sonwwjuit at 
random ; which was of the less couaequeuce since his answers wen nam 
listened to. Edith remained ns silent na he tliroughout, and was to ifl 
appearance quite aa indifferenl. Once, when, juvt by way of MjingsoiM- 
thing, he (isked her whether ahe was not looking forward to having t 
greut d^l of danutiig, eJie replitsd thnt she never danced in London, aal 
volunteered the additional infommtion that !;he hated London at all timo, 
and particularly during the sen^ou. Whereupon Mra. Wtnningtoo 
glanced sharply over her shoulder, ei:c!iumiug, " li^dith, my doardiil^ 
bow can you talk auch nonsense ! " and Edith at ouce coU^iaed. 

It was close upon midnight before Mrs. Winnington ncknowlidfiei 
herself vanquished, and laid down her arms. " If you put it in &A 
way, my dear," Hugh heard her saying. "1 suppose I ought notlo 
refune; but I shu.ll be longing to be with you all the time; and I io 
truHt that you will write or telegraph for mo ntaiiy roomcut, if }'au vut 
me. DnloEi you promise me that, 1 positively will not go. Yoo wv" 
she continQod, turning to Hugh with a depmnttory waiile, "how w«ak I 
am. I had fully determined to give up all thought of I^ondoD for ibe 
present ; but dear Margaret mftkee such a, point of our going that I !td 
i nhould have to yield to-morrow, if 1 did not do so to-day. 1 am quits 
ashumod of myself ; for I munt confess ttiat a fow hooni ago, I ;diould 
have said that nothing could shake my i-eeolulion." 

As, however, shu led at ten o'clock on the following montii^, it 
must be nsKumed that her maid wiu endowed with the gilt of praptwcfr 
and had packed up in a&ticii<fition of tbo event. I[er Urtworditv 
Hugh, as she stepped into the carriage, were: "WoU, good-bye, dnr 
]Iugb. If yoit should be comingup to London, you must be son tonA 
on usinF&rk Street. I hope you understand that I shoold not begoin^ 
away now if I thought I could be of any use here. But I really do ii*^! 
believe I oould.™ ^M 

'* Not the slightest use in the world," answcrod Hugh, whose sl^elc 
of patience, large as it was, bad not been quite equal to the demand idmI^* 
upon it by the ueedleea wn&te of his only evening at Lmgbonnie. Ili*^ 
duties compelled him to return to Shorncliflb the hubs aftenioaD; 
it was a little mortifjing to him to percmve that Mai)g»rat was 
Tslieved than otherwise when she was totd thai he, too, munt leanhcr- 



Ha attriboted this to Ilia mifortimate iiiabiUty to syinpttthiae with lier 
i^on the snlgect tlut was neareet her be&rt ; but it was probably quits 
ai maeli dne to a aaoBatioii of embarrassment on her part at finding her- 
idf alone in the honae with him. It had been comparatdvely easy to 
bury the past in oblivion when writing to him, or when other people 
w«nat hand ; bat now that they two were face to &ce, and free &om 
all chance of intermption, she found It impossible to keep a certain day 
ia the past snmmer out of her memory ; and what was worae, she saw 
tlut ha ma labouring under precisely the same difficulty. BeKidee 
wiiidi, he had a patient, half-reproachful way of looking at her which 
■ttde ber ahy and uncomfortable; and this, in ito turn, made her angry. 
Ihan waa something ridicolooB, she thought, in a woman of her age 
'fatiag niiyect to sucb girlish afflictions ; and, after the manner of women, 
Mbe Tinted hor anger in aome degree upon its innocent cause. 

Upon the whole, Hugh felt, as he drove away, that his visit had not 
bvnaiaooeeB; and the same reflection was at the same moment passing 
tbn^ Uargaret's mind, while she stood on the doorstep, watching the 
dqartBre of her guosL 



iPlcmorus of "^(on 6uuibtUit. 

Kovr Uukt tl)» fimotion canmd bj M. 0«mbette'fl Badd«B deatli 
paitljr mbotded, pe^le liars begun to ask calmly wliat positKm (lot 
rt*iR>irknbI« rawi will fill in the ^Itcrr of ilcfwrtad French rnlenl 
Historical judgmtote may be aociimte!}- ]>rc<licteil in tha case of % bub 
whom whole pablic lifo hnc Iain opon befom thft world for yeare. It 
will not be with I^aa Gambetta as it waa with Hintbenti, wbow (uvi 
wan posthumonxly dnrnitl by tho pai>CTa found in Xoais XVl.'s tm 
oupboard. If tbcre had been anythio]:; discreditable in Oainlietta's ibvt 
but moct crratfal nfiicial oirorr nt Totira and Bordeaux, it wotild hi** 
oome out during the terribly minute tntjtitRitioD held by tbv ComnuoKB 
aj^inted to oxnininc tlia acta of tlin (iovonimml of the Natioi^ 
Defence ; but that Commission, oompoaed of Uoyaliata and BonaparliA 
drchuytd, with ill-graea enough, that not one of the chargon brongU 
ajuainst tho ex.Dictator had been enbetantlaled. He had be^ mooaatitl 
pockirting a larg« eammiarioti on the Itlui^o I/>ui, of pasiting duadna- 
tagwus contracta for army stores and ammunition to his private gkia.o' 
employing dineputable aidrmtuiertt and oooniring at ttieb- pccoUtiiai 
llie written denunciations againet him (many of tbom anODymoiis) 6Sti 
" thte« targe fumittire vans ; " u docecn kwotu derka w«ro oocnfild • 
durinf; ten months in sorting Ihcm, and thrM catamining msglMnm 
forming a Kent tribunal, oiftcd the mnsn of aoonsatioas as if they bui 
been evidence against a suspected criminaL Yet, from the cartlowh <f 
calumniM nothing was evolved ; aitd the Duke d'Audifftet-FUqiiiur, tlif 
Frendmt of the CommiwDon, »id ta 'M. lUiaanttl Hu-vu, who was t^ 
editoroftbeOrleaiiisl^oumnii/e/'arw: " Cttl tit iiomtiU Aomnte :l»^^ 
EVance a great deal of harm, but lie n-rod from oreroonGdonoo in hint w 
and in our weakened country." No fuller homage could have been pud 
to a public man by an opponent, even though onn may admit that 
ovei^cuofidence in blmaelf or in the reaotirae of his country i» a sMwa* 
fault in a ruler. 

With rwpeot to hia doings as au agitator and parltamentar; BtnWfi<<^ 
Gambettas mooioTy will be found C(]ually free trotn blighting tainu, i^ 
hap|)ily for him, be had no taat« for intrigue. In this he diflcred &td* 
M. Thiors. The greatMt admiren of Thiera are dicnuiyed when ll>f^ 
Btudy hia pc^itical life to find at every turn too well-autbcntieatml «Uri^ 
of backstairs plots whidi seem to indicate an utter want of siDcerit)' ' 
Uia man. He was not inaancen^ but be waa a believer in ^tatccrafV ; 
put too much fikith in finessing ; be thought great nnd« wore beat tW 
by tortoona paths, and bis policy alwaya voamt«i in playing off 


ioQ agkioKt Miothnr, feigning to rnly upon «ich ttim bytnm. Everj- 

thing that Tliien diil could be explained away ao tu to kn\-o no reproach 

upon him ; bnt hU conduct wuh nlwAyn requiring the«e expltuiatioiu. 

QambetU's record, on tbe oonlniry, st&ndH out writUrD in largo plun 

•enUnow which ilemnnd no footnoltw. Though ho whs of C}«DOBee ex- 

tnciiOD, and waa alwaya being accused by lilt oneuiii» of Ihilinn aMliitc- 

na«,G«nb«tta iMod hiK acumi^n to penetrnto tho tiurtice of his opponents 

bM not to outwit them; ho wsa Ulce a geneml who kecpx himwlf 

bfennwl of the movommtB of tho enemy, hut nllows them to win Kdvaa- 

tigea in potty akiimlsheB, relying on his power to cruali tlieni in pitched 

btttlw. Thiers delighted in secret negotiution^, and in cunningly 

vnded ord«ra oC tlte day which oltwurcd the iseum of a parliitnientAry 

taaflin ; Q&mbetta hated Rmhigaitiee nnd tmcra, and was always on his 

fmi agniutt cmi<aarie8 who citme to pro^iose " arntngements." His 

llGioot with tli« Legitimists at the first election for lifeivnators in ISTIV 

VMtihithiu^ Bank movement by which he dofeaUid tlie Orieanists; hat 

lbs* WM nothing underhand in it. Th" treaty with the Marquis de 

Kviclicii wfts concluded openly in the emoking-room of tho AaaemUy 

M Vcrskillce. where Uambettn said to the Koyalist nobleman : " Your 

■tmi^ in the Aiacmbly does not entitle you to clAim mora than t«n lifo- 

mul«rthi|is, and you will find that the Itight Centra will hardly allow 

jeu 10 many mi that ; but if you vote with us and give us fifty-five of 

Ihf (Mis, you shall have twenty." Th« Marquis touched his hat coldly 

iiif(!atnbott4i's hunkHtwing tone displwieed him; but the bargain wb« 

rtrvrk. and if tUu I.ttgitimUts had nut gi-own frightened when two-lhirda 

lie elections had taken plaoo they would havo got all tlic s^aW 

th«ni. Ah it was, they secured twelve, the Republicana forty 

f^gbt, and the Orleanist«, owing to thfl Legitimate defection, manag^ in 

tiKMrainblcti of the fmal polU to win fifceen. In theu- plana for the 

' ttntiOQ the Orleanista had coolly allotted sixty seats to their own ]>arly 

nd hu) decided that the other fifteen ahould go at huphtuou-d. 

On this, as on some other occasions, Gnmbettn Kr«ms to hav« hoen 
■rnd l^ luck. It may b« asked what would huve liecome of the 
EfpaUic if the Marquis do Fmnclicu had declinoi G am betu'a offer, 
Wd if the now Upper House, which wa* to play so greut a part in th« 
<«Dts of the next two years, had been packed at the outsort with oon- 
ftitutiooftl BoymlirdK t But it may also be asked what would hav« 
%ip«Ded in 1870 if Na])oleon Ill.'s Oovornment had not played so 
twklM^y into tho bands of the Bepublicans by declaring war against 
Ownany 1 After the filc'/iKiCf the Emperor'* position was very uti-ong, 
bid Gambettft's, from a statesman's ]xiint of view, weak and iinpromifiing. 
bad adviaed him so tc act that he might in timo become Liberal 
iflr to Kftpoleon III. or to the latter's son ; but Gambetta, by de- 
himMcIf ngiiin and again, with needless vehemence, the irrecon- 
dbhle foe to Imperial institution!), hud condemned himself to remain a 
Ttroltitionivt or else to become a turuf^^at. A man vhose amludon *9 



merdy edf-fieeluDg would act have cxiinproinis^ his proq)ectK in thii 
Wit)- — aU Um loxi vo as GauUitta ii'oa warned by pruitent LUienila that 
)io van doiDg their mum no good by his diwpoimto tactics. 

But it WBH his wb(>I»-])«ftrt«d fiutli in B«]>uUtcauian that cmtmiI 
him along ; aod it n from his stubborn aelf-deajriiig oombkliTvims fer tha 
cauae h« loved that will be diuwn hk ekims to a fpot Cuba, Witliout 
diMuning tho ijuostioD as to whether Bopablicanisn it » good thing fa 
Pnnoe or not, it nuy he affirmed that a uaii who baltJ«6 for any eww 
an (inmbfftta did tor that of thn iUipo hi ic— for om ipg it« dostinies wlios 
as y«t few other man did,Btaldng all his bopea and his very life on them, 
Ktandai^wrtfivmaod above tbo common rank of Ktatasraan who alwa.n 
look to see which way the popular wind blows before they set their uilf. 
It moxt not bo forgotten that Qamhebta'a conatanoy to the Itepablic «m 
preserved under dreumstanoes that would have siokeued mo&t men, and 
in the bee of inducements to tjim, wldch, although they wero ov# 
muat hax-e tried eirery fibre in lii« moral nature. In 167 1, during i 
laat days of the Communis his beet frimd. O^mont Linrior, 
sadden ooovert to Rnyatiicm. " These wretchev (the CommaiuBts) I 
dutroyod all my illusioDS," he wrote to tiambetta, who wax at Ht. i 
tian ; " but perhaps I could have forgiveD them ererything except I 
ingratitude to you. Sec how their nowspepcn have reviled yout 
tJme may come when the Republic will be poseible in France, but 
day i« not with u« yet. Lvt na acknowledge that wc haw both 
mJatake. As for you, with your unrivalled geiuus, you have ttawi 
patriotic cnreor opon to you if you will cast in your lot with the i 
who are going to try and (juell anarchy." 

One must recall the confusion of the dreadful times when than I 
wore written, to understand how tliey moved Gambetla. Tbe 
Bepublicans loatbcil him, and many moderate Itcpublicans eyed 
aakanoe. Thiers had called him " a madman " ; U. (irov'>' bad saidl 
he would die in the akin of a rebel ; on the other han<l, Hoyalistc i 
BunajiartiBts were damouring fnrioualy for bis impeoohmeut, 
him of tho lo«a of two French provincos which would never have 
ooofiBcated by the Oennans if peace had been conclDded aAer 
Tbe Boyaliabf, however, were in want of a Icailnr, and if (iambotta I 
stood up, tike I^urier, to make his mea euljia, and to say that the i 
sions in the Republiou party had convinced him that the 
a monarchy was the best thing for Fiance, the effect of this o): 
most have bctn ianncnse— tto immense as to comjieneatc him for 
peasing ohkxiuy from old friends, had be been a mere doxomanioo as j 
enemiea aaaertad. lAurier never conooaled that he luul encWvon 
work upRu Gambetta by every argument io hi& power | ap|iealiug H 
only to bi» nobler instinctK, but to thuw Hmallor paaaiuiui which W> 
in every buumu brecud. He urged him to bo revenged on the Radi 
who bod flouted him, and to " dish " M. Thiera who bad hold bimdt 
iio pointed out that the [weBibtlillea of fiepuhlioaniflm were far nm _ 


■hereu the jxist of RoyitliHC parliumentiirv iMuhir unui a thiai; that 

nuld bo gntsped at onc« and would bring with it powof, digsilica, and 

he cbanciw of dotug grtnit good to Fmnoe. Gamhelta had a weakness 

br Um titlM and sjrmMg of power, and he lored good oompuiy ; so 

Unrier Bashed befnre bin eyw ibn piw|iect iif hwoiuing n Duko. a Grand 

0>rd<Hi, and n High Chancellor. Bnt Gftmbotta only laiig'hed at all 

tiiU). Lauricr luid gOnc U> mw liim at SL Sehastiiui, where, ua Bonapart- 

iitjoamals affirmed, the M-Dictator, enriched with millioni;, was liixu- 

iklfaig in miirhle halLi and orange-groves. Tlie truth is, he found 

Ombotta loflgingin twoKmnllroomHOver thsnhopof ntlader in enrthnn- 

voK, and mudi pestered by raoA^uitoen. " His face," wrote I^urler to 

ifiitad, "wanall bnmps and hollows, liko a map of SwiticrUnd, and bo 

'na jaded hy want of *lwpand conoern na to bin money nffaira." Gam- 

(««»'* whole fortune at that time consistin] of SOM., b>ilan<« of the lart 

fiuKir'n salary hu had drawn at Bordeaux ; and when he returned lo 

Fuit in ibe autumn of f^Tl with the intention of founding his news- 

I<{at La Repuhltijae Vrtinf^aiite, he ezpei-ienced some diUJculty in find- 

iiCacipitalist who would admnce him monej- for utarting the journal. 

that period h» went to lodge in a thii-d-door apartment of the Rue 

itaigne, and hix annt, Aldlle. Mnt^abie, cooked for him. 

W the man, who, up to the very day of hU death, wua being 
by certain Kqiublimns a* a traitor to their party, ax a democra- 
tic Hdlc^bnl an, bloat«d, xenituou!!, and fussing, withaxiilgar nmhition ! 
ItmtkeB one laugh to think of it. Gambetta — with all his faulte, and 
h«bid many— wiii« one of the mont hoacet men who ever dignified the 
ttamt of politician, and all who kneu- him can bear witness to themoHeet 
dvmeunotir of bin inte(;rity. He waa uol one of tbom fVenchoien who 
Umoip their brcostii and exclaim, iloi qui ntia honnf^e homtn*. M. 
AIljonWolfThaa wi-ilten of him that, when ho waa aatru^Ung barrister in 
the Ijitin Quarter, ho used often to ho apjipflkd to asan ai-hiter on points 
cf honour by brother advocates of his nliuading and bystudenta; and the 
nn Hoiight of him were always delivM-ei) with a jovial kindnwe 
ipt from dogmatism. So it was with him, when, in hk days of 
I, ho waa worried by people wanting him to do things contrary to 
ds^r — for be bad to reeist ot her eolidtations betddsb thoMt of h\A iVioad 
Grandlj vituperative tm he could he in his public speeches 
interruplianas, ironical cheering, or insulting epigrams seemed 
to madden him like a. bull amid the fireworks of a tiptLnish 
somehow never got angry when, in jirivate life, people made 
proponla which implied a total dinbelief in his principles. Hearing 
gtoniy impertinent request that had been made to him, his secre- 
. Reinach, irnce exclaim eJ : "Why didn't you kick tlic fellow 
io«BBiAin> } " " Kick him downstairs I " hiughed GambelU, " why, iat 
M I am, I shotitd have loKt my balant.i! ami rolled after him ; where 
•wld my dignity have been then J " Ou imother ocoanion, the wife of 
a ez-Bonapartist minister — a lady of great lasdnatioa — took it upon 


herself tu <«11 od Gjunbeltu unil ]ioii>t oat to him bow moeh fa« wo 

ftdvaticc bis forturtru if hn cii»t tii bis lot witb the Frtnou ImperiAl. . 

listened f;ood-tia(uiM)ly, " fieliuj; likv n nuwUlF tvlio was iv'mg talked 

by ■ tomtit," dk ho aftci'wwdH put it, till »t length the Indv, ukit^ 

butiuh of vkil«i« (the B(uut|Mrltsc tsiublem) ttma her drws, mniiM him 

VOMT it in hiM 1x1 tton- hole that d*y. " With pleMHro," lumwerad Ok 

belt*, glad to bring the iiiter\'icw t» uu end ; but mi Moon as he bad h 

this he rmnMnbetnl Uutttlui dnte wiu the Ifltliof Maidi, itiePrittivI 

peri&l's binbday, aad tli»t, if ho appeared at tba Ohnniber of Deput 

-witb violHH in bU button-bole, some vttry iil\y rumoiire alight get it 

ciroubtionu Ue reminded his vinitor of diist, but aha vias ioejcoiul 

" You're promMBd 1 " ahe Mid. " Ab, iveU 1 " replied CJumbctta, ud 

wort) the violets All thataftemooD, CKUsing thereby just tJ»! mtrtotgMt 

be had aatJcipated. One maj add thnt mch gofisp was not iadiftn 

to him. E)Khtf aenaitim sa lie was, he oft«n wiumd inwardlf at il 

natared rajingx which bo buro witli outward oampoaarv. i 

Garabetta'a chief fault was an irrapressible reBileunew, wbick If 

carried into nveryUiing. lie oould pre|i«re a largo, fine plan of politiqi 

aetion, and wait patientljr for its accomplish meat as a whole; M 

meanwhile, ho would muddle and muddlu with tlie dotnils. Instaowfl 

thiit ma he fumiBhed from his doings as conductor of the /trpulJi^ 

J-'rtntfain. He wrote often for tliat impor and aometimea sent in to ih 

printer articles remarkablG for their statesman- like viewM, but, is tin 

very aame imiu to which he had contribuUxl aome lauler that was intend' 

to oouciliate a particular poHtidnn or faction, he would suddenly lino 

in a pnntgmpli tending to quite a contniry ufii<cU M. Oballemal LkM 

and ^f . Isninbert, who were auccMmTelj- editors of tite journal, bU I 

dread of bim whoa he stroUed into the editorial room with a buuibO 

the momiDR's papers under his arm, and proooeded to i«sd, aa he aQW 

it. H«i votild do thia on idle thya, when U>o Chaiulxin ware Dot sitttid 

nnd whim he oould treat himulf to the relaxation of performing as Dwi 

work as would have fuliiiued n sub-editur. His reading wonld b 

interrupted by violent snorts, and, catching up a sheet of j<uper,heWWil' 

scrawl off twenty lints which aeemed to splutter fire LUce ctnclun. if 

to[AC was beneath his notice, and no enemy was too nnall for hi* tbv" 

Bf his panignphK he frequently did mischief which it took his id*! 

cauti'itw fellow-workero days to l«pair. 

Oambetta waa not a good writer. The bant of his articles read lilB 
written apcecbee,and were but;gid ; manyof tbeoi, too, wereof inonUcai 
lemtb. Ho nmd to omqih in powvrrfuUy i;xcit«d aft<<r n great dehete STS 
my, " I ahatl want Bl>out half-a-column to-night," and, sitting din 
would be^ to cover paf^ after ps^ with bisolose, mumped liandv 
For «o Impecnoas a man he wrote a cnriously stiff hand, anil, i 
his finger* moved Enat, tlieir motjoo was feveriah and spasawdical, 3 
oould never be said of him that be " diudied otf" any of hia effiiKUis: b 
nt&er j«rked them off, swaying the n|>]ier part of hts body 


ly poodji^ 



tBMiU Ito M be wTOtA, nnd novr and tkon ooll«K!tiiig bis UiongliU hy 
frtng hb large left luind rapidly thr»ui;h lii« hut. Bluck ooHcc winld 
hi hw w g li t hijti, nnd he wuulil git on writing ; tbcQ lio woiUd cidl for u 
IoUIh of Burgundy and ^p down tiro or tbree glnasos, luiiuicliiiig vwoet 
Uwaita «fi«nrunt», vr cJno Kticlu of oJuicoUtu in liiiu of HinDor. The 
flditoTt wlio had hoen mabiRg Allowances for half a colnmu, would wo 
OunbHtta't arlicii- ov^rllow una «oltuua «A«r ouotfaor, wiuJiing nvay all 
uUwr orticlca Hiid ui>U%, till it Mpread likv nn inundttCioD over tJi« snliro 
riant pa||« of t1i« |Kiper. TlwB with ft bearty ■* Ov/," tbu French 
wjaantiom of reliof, )ir would throw down titit pon And tay, " Tleare, I 
(Unit tboae few line* will state our ca£0 iilaiiily; wlutt ! du they realljr 
ivn lo ftro enlantna t SacnlUu i it mi^ummI tt> dki u if I had onljr been 
wRiing ton aunates ! " a&d upon tioM li« would br«ftk into a laugh tliat 
fMntodad uU orer the offioa, and partly dUpalled tho gloom of hia 
mBtrilnitron, who had been pulling wry fiiOK at MciDg tLeii- cvcning'u 
wwk loat. 

It would not do for tli« editor to bondk n lin« of OambettA's writing. 
He wu Om &nt to laugh at tLnoxaggenited duvclopmenui of hiii articlM 
one they bad sftpeand in print ; but when they were going to pr«a8 ho 
^Mwed a mrrota ixapatitnoa of correction, and a aort of poorilo vanity 
b npntliig that " ercxy liypben and oomma " bad ita importaneck Tbu 
am obatinacy waa oWrvable in his purlin mwitary toctta. It was 
a«y to argoo him away from a particular oouree before he bad made 
np hia mind about it ; but orxa li« had bognn to more ho was no more to 
U itoiilMal than an irio|iliant on tlie obarge. Having a few dn-otod 
tlimia who nnderttood him and know in what «merK«iM»e» he required 
(■kknen, be waa oft«n witbhdd from ba«ty action ; but aometunM bin 
hnkiDong impetnoeity took lu£ moet intimate confidants unawares. 
Ahiat thtJi time Wt year, during bi> brief pntmiiiraliip, he ajHViu! con* 
Unwtian amoDgrt his frimd^ and bis Cabinet collea^um by insistiiigJ 
ttathia pet Elertoml Reform Bill (fur tonttiH de litU) diould lie intro-' 
ihmd. It waa pointed out to bim that if ho waited for a year or two, 
4ad gradaally aeeuatomed the BcfwUican pu-^ to tlie measure, it would 
W t— ed, wfaenM then was no chanoo of getting it carrinl by a 
Chnbv only a Gdw month* oH, which would be voting iw own 
fltiJtrth'n by letting the Bil\ beoonw hw. " Tbcy ohall iwnllow the 
BQl BOW, and aa I h*Ye ptepued it," ejaculated Gambetta ; and tliis word 
'(Wallow," being t«port«d in the lobbtM, wn« the chief caune of hi^ 
davnUl. \M« tho numbers of the divuion were announced and 
Ombatt* found himself in a minority of fifty vdI«o, be toraod pali', and, 
lajinil a hand upon M. SpuIIer's shoulder, said huskily, " The fact in, 
i I have not folt well of lato^ and I dare aay 1 Uundeted i but all Uie aanie 
' I mi glad to g«t nut of that ; " pointing to the seat he liad ooctqned as ■ 
hwilatt of tlM Council. f 

' It )«■ been said that Gambetta took his fall from office mn^ lo 

^^Hft, and that ho WW nover qtdte the Hue an aft«r«atd», TU^ 




»rEMORiE» OF [.Son oahbrtta. 

is a co&ftuton between cause aoi] effwt. The paN-martMn examinati 

of Oambette's bod/ haa nraaled that he hail heen Noffitring for ; 

fttMD a diabttoe whicb ntuBl hare carried Mm off mej soon, «nr«n IT 

'iModdsntal voiiiut fnm a rcrolv«r had not aocsalerated hU and. All 

^ttuough tbo (mat J«a Ite was in low spirile from pam and the «f&ct oT 

r'hjpnotica ; and thn Kplen«ttc policy which he ptiniii«d !n office wu 

) undoubtedly a symptom of his ttisonlerad eondition. lint h« ftxporieQced 

''Do more tfaan a teuiwrui^- murlifioatum at his ov«rliu-ow ; becaoM it 

was his ambition to become Pr««id«Qt of the l{e|Hihlicv not to ramsin 

Prnmior. Ha hail ncccptod OtRm becaiue it luul been in a tnannw Ibteed 

upon him, and h« would hsivn rontinn«d to hnld it, had ho been abbi to 

do ito on hi-t own temui — that vt, with an «lectond i^Kian which wtNtld 

have secured to him a Iwgo and pliant majodtjr. Ho must havo \xmA 

up hiH popularity, bowerer, bad be tried to rule with an unmanageable 

Chamber ; and so he ooiirtod a fall in order that he nti^t oonw up froah 

lor tho pr(iud«'uUal fitnig!»I« of 18S1-5. That is the only exphuiation of 

''his conduct; but the ngnK of btH foiling pownnt wcrn viaiUo — finit in tbi) 

fiad that he played bis part clumsily go that he got an undignified (all, 

and sncond in tlie want of recupentivo energy which be diiplayod ailcr- 

wards. AU throng^ th« hi«t session his speeches and arttcke, especiBlly 

"tboM on tbe Egyptian ijoeadon, showed him to be Soundering in vmrA 

■ of a popular policy ; and tfaey betrayed his secret alarm at the discovery 
that his oloquenoe had bsgan to lose its magic. 

Yet he remainod to the very last a superb orator. He wiui re«lly 

■ A* modem inoaraa taoii of Ogmiu*, that god of wartb whom the Oaals war> 
' ifaipped, and out of whoso mouth Bowed chains to botd UsteiMrs captittL 

Kven when read, his speeehes eommunioate n glow ; but wbon heard, 
they Biirrod one as evoytbing Artistically perfect — wbetber a fine pioee 
of mujtie, a noble painting, or a well-irritten book— must do. The pans 
of speech, it has often been observed, ai« three — wwds, look, and U>n>- : 
to the partd of oralo«y geeture must ho added ; and in Oambecta gmtiue. 
WIS an art csiiied to its highest finish. Actors of the Theatre Fr»nij 
went to bMT and see him. Mounot-Bully, who was going to play 
part at Augustus in Vittna, studied him during one of his most im| 
sioned hanngtu-H, and rather weakly obserred : " Comme il sonut 
tueux s'U portait la logo ! " Gaubetta was majestic enouj^h witha 
toga. 8ome of hia morcmontit in the tribnne had an 
dignity, otheiii a motit pers'uaaiTe graoe ; there were tim«» wB 
' oonld think yon saw n ttwonl duah in bis gmip, ssd oitfasrs when, . 
made an spp«a1 to concord, you wondered that his enemiea did . 
forwnnl to irini bis utiUtrctdwd hand. Th» lata Uiafaop of Orle 
shed tean on bearing faim — not ostentatious tenis luleotled to tihow that 
bu was in sympathy with the speaker's Umnntntaons oror the i 
tbe war, Init furlivu tram which he sought to hide. " I Inrn 
thinking," he said to Duke Decaxcs, '■ that if that man bad 
priaA, he wooJd bare bean anotlier INAer tha Ueraiit." 



pit aamt be anted, nevertlielMS, that Gunbetta oalj HUooeed«d in liia 

I loDd of oratory. I^npoleon L, who won gmt ImUIm m tamiy, 

■IwBjTB beaUu ai cheas; mkI Bimilai'ly Qftmbetta, wIm bad auofa 

' la BWsy maaMM, mw Btmngsly ina{>t to oooTtnco iiulividunls. loM 

Qav raDarlaii tn liia Mhiteriat iU Sle. Ifeihif, Chat tho Emperar vnat 

■uMiiil at eittm because Im would inast opon fighting with hii pnwoB ; 

md ao OambnUa, who jmt faith tho inoct loftj argumeutA in [lalilic 

timtm, wmdd noi Moniplo ti> oae the nieaneat reasons in dJKuaiuinM 

U^Mtt, Bp a a rnn p il to hnvc a ohnmnfatiod foar tliat hfa hcAror nhoutd 

(Uhk ha VM canting;, or "tju'ii &lsait de k poBo," to use the French 

1k& ISiia wai oat alu-nyn tho CAM, for ftt diniMr-partraa, with friflods 

nad hb table, ha wan often as hagrjij in bin aallim ub when faa waa do- 

tUam^ Ethd > balcony or a pUtTonn ; Irut li« was ¥017 liabto to flt« of 

aAvaidmaa when oonveraiag alone with nien of gr^at mdIc and nicely 

pUnd mannmi whom hn know to bo nnfricndly to him. With thoM 

Uvai fraqoently churlish and downriglit a^gna/aYe. Onco, during tbo 

HBAaUta, lie n>eb tJonnt Wimpffisn, thnlata AuHtriannmbaiNuIot-, who, 

attoilriuni; tbo taoaning of wmo French vxpnssion which he had oaed, 

fal «p hia band to hi* ear and nid, " I beg pitrdon t " l'nfortnnat«ty 

tta UmtC was noted for his antipathy towards Re)>ublieantnu, m> 

flwlalfc duM* to cmutrue this hartaleoa little gMtiiru into a mockevy : 

"Look ben, H. rAnbamadear," he lairl to the astoniwbed diplomatiiit, 

*H'i qstta trae I apaak the tongne of tbe people, but if you liko I will 

■may nmai^ tranalated into htraUic jargmt for yon." 

Ha poat of Miniater for Poraign Affiura wna the one least suited to 
*BMiao MUtJve and Klf-coDaoions a* Gambetta waa He wore hi» 
Wi Bpoo bis c1mv«!, and the peck of n dijriomatJit'ii toi^fue, eapedally 
if Una diplouMiU tiappeued to be * lady, made it bleed sorely. Hi; 
•wmttA Id he PrtoM Minister withaut portfniio, and xhould baro innsled 
• having hla way in this matter dR3|HUt M. QnSvyV rather jealoui ot>- 
jirtiRai, far tlM dtflalla of dupartoKnta) baunMH overtax (he cnefgiea of 
inui wba ifaniWB buart and sont into eTerything be nndertakea; )»- 
•■hi vUdi Gambetta alwaj* leat hie lioad when he had to aigae with 
f^nmiAaf^j ia eonun, or when be bad to rniat appeals made to bin 
paiualuiM, hia genousitY, or hia vanity, by de«i;;Ding KiiliordinuteK or 
rha {HraHved the Tuloerahle sida of htscbaraotcr. To be«eu 
,Oanbettn wanted an audience at onoe Luge and ratponnve — 
i not naoe— ry that he should get apphiaae ; loud, boiatemua oppo- 
sintMl hi* purpoae 0|tially well by Knisng the leonine tfint in 
Ub. Cbldnes in othnm rliiltnd hut heart, eo that it nay bo imagineil 
\m bnd amiilat aniUuwadon and plnoemen who on caMntiolly 
If H Wfm not dipping too deep into his prirato lifv, one m%ht 
show at ooB tinui he wau kept miHerable for days by a nuui-stfvaot, 
itUnUiw of mitfavl Lampur, wlio lunl to treat htm to prcdoDged 
t^ef Miki. A trieudly Uinist«r uf tho Interior ut last took jNty upon 
I ky ptamting tba caabuUccmus domoitia witit a frwrtau ds (abo«. 



It wns bccAiiKn tie crnved far retpotisivnnrNi that Guulicttk flOO^I 
nerer liaT« nude a gi-eat figm« at the Bur, Although it waa a foranati 
epoech tliat first broaght him to renovn. Fnndoxioil *it it 111*5 "" ^ 
ny 80, Gambetta's best speeobOB as an avwat were deiiTm-ed during tho 
^first saven ynnra of his profeninnul Ufn, wlmn liu lirod npon bncb 
handed over to him by M. Cr^mieus, arid by hia friend Latmer, mi 
vhen he laboured to make bix way by pnticntly mnatering tedloia tut 
Jeots. Oaoa he had felt his winga grow, as it wore, he row in airlw 
high nbovc the benton road where good " prnctioeK" are to bn o1>1aicaL 
His fatuoua phU-ippio iti the DolesclLue afiklr coat hta cUeut aix moDtht' 
imprisotunetit and n henry fine. lie might by one or tvo raoro of aek 
elTorta have added to hia reputation aa a rhetorician, but sfdidtora «m)iI 
soon have Khunned a man who made htDisdf n name at the expense of hi: 
cUenta. If, on the other hand, GaoibettA had T«verted to the to\m 
muthodn of hin c-nrly daya abtha Ditr, bu muat hav4! f^ilod, for ho would 
have pleaded without hotirt<. Once a mau has tasutd the tumult of 
popuUr applniiKd h<i ImngcrK for it i^nia ; and (tvIk ill at WW talking is 
small, ailont courts, before solemn judgea : " Ria duiio, imbecile I " was n 
apos^pho which nn avime onrf hmrd fly untfo voiy. from Gambctta'i 
lipe while Preaidont Vivien eat listening with a wooden face to a comical 
Kpeoch by CU-ment Lanrier, who was the funny dog of the Fnrinaa Bu. 
It wag, agnin, owing to tiamt>ottAV yearning after ^mpathy awl 
demoiuttrativeness that be nevei- visited Kngland, which had bem re- 
preNent«d to him as a coimtiy where n)»n have freeODg nuanera. Hii 
friend. Sir Charlca DJlke, several limi« invititd him to ooniR over ; nnil 
ne received flattering invitations from 8ome political asaooiationa wkidi 
promised him aa eulbuHJaAtao a re<«plioii as that which grmted Oaribaldi 
in 1863. But his friend and comrade, the actor Coquvlin, had |[tvai 
him a dt^piritiii;; accotiut of how tbu ptrFunniinciw of tbfl Th^iti* 
Fraoi,ai« company wont off in lAmdon. "Wo have good, poGt* 
audiences," said Coqueliu, " but not onethinl of the poople in tii« hoow 
understand what we say; thoy applaud with their finger-tipa at lh» 
wrong plucos, and our most subtle pleiisantritm fall flat." " Oh, yra, I 
see," rospondnd Gambetta, " I ahoidd stand up to be staiod at like a bt 
man in a fair, and I shontd t^ee jieople wringing their months to extract 
amilCB At tho moments when I was struggling to move them." GambetU 
veiy nearly crcesed the Channel in 1871, immediately afW tbe war and 
before th« Communal outbreak, when he hoped that hia pTecemce on ow 
shores might rouse a vast popular dt'monstration of ermpathy for Fnnce. 
llmiuestioBably it would have done so ; but it was pointed out to him 
that his coming might seriously emban-aas the British Govommetnl, aixl 
he abandoned his projected visit " out of deference for Mr. GbtdstoDt,' 
tfl be atdd. He always spoke kindly of the great Kngtish orator, and 
regretted that, being imable to understand om* language, he cotJd nerer 
hope to enjoy an evening in tlie Houes of Commons. " Mr. Gladabua 
tuid I may not think alike on meet points," be once sftid, at a time Thn 



Htymili^a Fraifttise -waM tudinf; wttli Lord Beaeonafi^d on tho 

<lu»i.ion. "but wo are lioth Jibertds, And though our paUift.J 
titiirmdiTL-r[[it, va tirv wAlkiti|[ (owardtt Uie uunegool, and muwt often 
Boddo*, 1 hftvp Itoud <mn his nntounMy that Ii« u « good man, 
•ad that b « Idod of ]>nuae public men do not oA«d get from Uicir 

In man reoeat Umw tb« Prinoe of Wales inviud Gunbettu to vi»tt 
EagUod, aad the Francli •t«t«cmaii'ii reaaoiu for dvclinmg 'a 
(II ma— I — or at least for ad><^i>^i^^f! ^'* aooeptanoe of it — aro of an 
-nn-™g kind. HxnW who Iwvo Keen Sanlou'x owBcdy of flabaya* will 
Mmtmbv tb9 livaly ducoaBioa that arisea when Bab«gM u ennunoiied 
to PriaOB FlorBKtuD'it palw and hiwitatea na to wh«t]i«r ho out with duo 
r^ud to his dignity aa a li^publioan put on Icnee-bi^ocbea. Oambetta 
had tu Dhjcction to Court ootitunin ; but bo hatl to oonstdcr what tba 
fttnring Bumbec of his Radical ensmiee would i»y if th«j saw him 
«t«rtiiig aboat in rojal paWea. Aadr^ Oill, tbo Kpitcfiil cancatuiM. 
puhfiabod in the Zune n cartoon which d^picW C!ainbe(t» as a lion 
InnBg hx» dawH cut and bis mano curlod by (liu nrincoM of WuIm 
(i^0l*A bf-tho-by oDce publisbod a similar one, in which Hr. Cbamber- 
htia, titan UB<For vS Binntogbam, was tlut lion). Gaiabotta langbed at 
tta BSilaOB. bat it nettled him ; and he decided — perhapa wisely, ooo- j 
Mwlaiiim hi* difficult poattion — that bo would not aocc]it royal hoqiittili* 
Vta, ihoogh he would nccire kings and prinoee with all proper lespoct ' 
it tbrf iBme to him. 

It ia wall known that he bvonrod the Athenian, not the Spartan 
tettU of K Ba|NibUc. He know his oountfymon too well to think that 
thay ooold be oanverted into Puritana. Ho want«d Parb to remain i 
*iiy of eitiM, the tentre of ait, letters, fiuihioD--nnd porfaitps the Grand ' 
Birfri ot the world ; and he took up all of N apoteou 111 .'a policy in the 
■altv of public worka, knowing well liow stnte(y mantuncnta mark the 
paodMr of a rfyime, and leave iraperuhaUe acmoriala of it. " Jt v^i'x 
mm BfjFaUi^ur UIU, Uen parSt" bo said, in a speech to bin tQwiiBiuon 
<((Uion, and because be aaid " ma Ripnblique" the wanton malice of 
% tnaanaa aoraaed liim of aiming at dicCatonthip, that ho [uij{ht con- 
teM all the pablio libertiea and reduce the French onee more to 
^ of ptaetMHu et eireentt4. This was the outcry raised a^ost bin] 
^kb uun^uured virulence during the last two yearit of bla life, andl 
■M loudly by the Coaunuuncta whom hi* ioterooaaion had caoMd to be ' 
Ikmtsd from Kew CSaledonia. It was said, of course, that he had 
t'ntatnd the amnesty in order to curry fnvotir with the populaces bat 
tlVseU ha miqudgiitg Oambetla'a sbniwdnesa to suppoee that he ever 
nikansd opon the grutitnde of those whom be nut free. He fully fore- 
I «i that UuBbert, Louise Uichd, and the others would all band them- 
*itm togetbar against him ; but whoa oisod to laaTc tbase pooplo at 
*k* cntip n dM, bo said, with bin nsaal gencTOOs tropulaJvep n a n : " Bah, 
1^ Yxtt wntebM ban snared oaoa^ I nj^t bftYO been tniMi{Ot\«& 




too if niRtlen hftd tamed out difbrantljr in 1870, and I 

(eeliDK witfa th«in &U. In nny am ■ Rcfmblic with 8tat« prisonB full b 

■n Absnrditf ." 

TlMae traita, And Uio others that bim bocn aot down in tliia paper hj • 
On« wfao knew G«iBbetta well, m&y hnve aerrod to *kMch tfa« ovtliaoki^ 
of hU truly noblo and lovable chankct«r. It ma ybe asked now whethera 
lu) diod too ioon, or wbetlier by dying l>dbro lie come to power again b^ 
saved hioudf from errora and Franea from aJamities tiiat might liav^ 
destroyed his liuu« t Ttiia qoeatitm muMt be answered, on a review one 
kU whole public career, by saying moat emphatically that Uaiubetto^, 
d«nth IK OB inunenae loaa for Prance. Ha was tke gKnt««t man in tk^ 
Republic, and it would have been natural, aoconling to the "-p""'— — 
theory, tknt be adMMild aucoeed in time to the hij^bnit ulEat in the States 
nor is it to be doubted that, loving tka Jtepiiblic og bo <iBd, and havii^B 
aerved it witb w much devotion and Iioueaty, be would hare found ^E 
his tove a power of self-restraint to kwp him from ooHraes that migfcs 
have lieuii hurtful to liid own wi>rk. For the catublisbmunt of ttxri 

■Bepublic was his own work, principally. He proclaimed its birth 
IRTO, he gave it a ImptiMu of aome glory in the fSory tliou^i usnle 
tesiBtaDce which ho opposed to the Uei'man invasion, and be kept it 

Intending at a time wbon it required the support of n sturdy, vigikaf 

^ehauplon. To die end it must be believed that, ao far as in him lay, be 
would have pfeaarved it from barm. A tav days bcCbiv bis end, during 
a lull of pain when be be);ari to feel hopeful of leoovety, he said to I>r. 
lAnnolongne, who wiik attending him : " I have certainly mode many 
stokes, but people mu^l not imagine that I am unaware of iu t 
: ttunk over my fault*, and if things go well, 1 daivsay I shall 

the patienee of my (neoda teas oAeu. On ae eorrigt.'' 

Forhapa thwe aliuost dying words are gioDdsr in tfaur humiiib 

tbaa tJie Roman Empei'or'a — " Si bene tgi, pkmdiie." 



^^^-fpnttg Sim. 


Tn Black is bedridden, 7011 eaj t ' 
Well scnr, I'm aorry. IVwr <dd fKin I 

Time's not is »U tlie place to-dsy 
A Bonl u irill not pity him. 


These twenty jean, oome hul, oome mow, 
Come winter cold, or Bummer heat, 

Week after week to church held go 
Or them two hobbling sticks for feet.^ 


These jean he's gone on crutches. Yet 
One never heard the least ooraplaint. 

And see bow other men will fret 
At nothing; Tim wus (]uite a saint 

And now there's Kervico every day, 
I say they keep it up for him ; 

We bnsier ones, we keep away — 

There's mostly no one there but Tim. 


Yee, quite a saint he was. Although 
Ha never was a likely HUD 

At bia own tiBde ; indeed, I know 
lEuT^ tb» ^ Vn fitMd Kan. 



She had a time of it, his wife. 

With Eill those childreD &nd no wage. 

As like OB not, from Tim. The life 

8he led ! She looked three timee her age. 


The half he had held give to trampa 
If they were hungry, or it was cold— 

Pampering np them idle scamps, 
While Kan graw lean and pinched and old, 


Held let her gnuubla Not a word 
Or blow from him she ever had — 

And yet I've heard her sigh, and heard 
Uer flay she wished as he was bad. 


Atop of all the fever came ; 

And Tim went hobbling past on sticks. 
Still one felt happier, all the same, 

When he'ld gone by to church at tax. 


Not that I wished to go. Not I ! 

With Joe so wild, and all those boys — 
It takes my day to clean, end try 

To settle down the dust and noise. 


But still — out of it all, to glance 
And see Tim hobbling by so calm, 

As thongh he heard &e angele' chants 
And ta.w their branching crovns of palm. 




And vhea he amilKl, Iia had a look, 
Ods^i bordBn seemed to loooe and roll 

like Cbtia&ai'a in the piotore-book : 
It ms a oomfort, on the whole. 


It made one eaidei^like, lomehoir — 
It made one, aomebov, feel so sni^ 

That &x aboTB the dnat and row 
The gl<H7 of Ood does still endms. 


Ton say he's well, thongh hs oan't stir : 
I'm sue ^u mean it kind — Bnt, see, 

It's not for him I'm crying, sir. 
It's not for ^m, sir; it's for me. 



% 51tip of Saftolh «EeaIniar&. 

Os the low coKj^ of Suffolk, jiut ■ hnndrod mikm tnok London, 
awert mvluKion from tha noisy highway the pntty Tilla^ of Dimwid 
Its double row ot ootlu^m mkI KumhaqM!* KUn<l« n littl« back from tlia 
Mw on the soutbcm eilg« of » creeMnt^h^ied tract of emerald uuraUftnd 
and uumedutt«ly undur a Koiwp of higher ground which shtit« it in on 
tho Boath fuid wrats Its dwollingH are moHtly pnni. modem- looking 
liuildingti of gcniunely nxl farick, &iul Imvo iTnoiiglt fiimiUrity of form to 
HOggOBt the proMjioe of a controlling aulhoriiy not devoid ot iaaXt in 
arfihitwtnnd matteiH ; for tJiey are prvtty and nrm omato-IooJnng, witii 
their tapering rootf, their polygims] diiianeys, and the carred woodwoifc 
about their gnblts. Hit-y tuv overgrown with fruit ttvni or dimlMtig 
phuiUi, the brnnidies of whidi idl the stioiBier make a fatal garland aWtit 
their proJL-ctuixporafaw and caaoneailit. A small mod«m>looktng church, 
well -proportioned to tho nxR of the rillago, etwwU at one end of it. In 
addition to tli« cliuivh the ej-e mdly singlen out a well-built Mcbool and 
a fair-aieed inn, which Inst, hMt«*d of making a grmt du^lay of hospi- 
tality 1^ a hu^ and glaring tdgnboand, gives a iqtdet nmunmce of eom- 
petenoe to pToridv for mnn and bcm^t hy its air of old-fashioned dignity. 
Ono other featuru strikta the eyo in tJie villaj^ itaelf, and that U n 
diminnlive, toy-like «-indmilI, which seems by its position to have for i(a 
Function th« pumping of water out of the mardics^ Tlie Uttie machine, 
ihougk no doubt able to throw iteelf into a great flurry on accanon, is oo 
this still day taking thingN coaily enough, only nuiking a languid rcvoln- 
Lion or two now andsgain.uHl than lapmng into MMDpletc i«Bt. Beyond 
the vtUnge, rlcnn to the beach, we Kpya cluster of fiHburmen'ii hut«, wh 
by their vernaiUon rooEs pvs a touch of Htill warmer colouring to 
{iIacc. Above the village on the liiglier !c\-cl near ihe ecn tttand tJ>o i 
of a church, cnongfa being left to give a pret^ camplet« oiittino. 
bock are «xLniaivo rtiiua of walh^ whidi dl^iy li>era and 
arched gateway. These ruini, running ju<A above tlio lino of the' 
thdr outline clearly marked i^aluBt the sky, form a cnriouK appendage 
to tlte prim and thoroughly modoni-toaking plftrc. 

Tbi* double row of oottagee. It may be said at onoe, id not tho whole 
of Onnwich. So far we have firen only one of ita KtRet«, known aaj 
Jamca'K StreeL Delachod liom LhiH ou the hlgber ground to the 
webt, liidden away from view, is another quiu-tor which is deaig 
the High Street. It is a juniilar line of jiicturo^ue oottogea, i 
the eeaward ride by a thici: plantation. Pairing through the 
village, and following a Bandy Uuw to the left, which runs Maavanla 



lb V0i Ktond, ve pax* below n pmnunent oout-gnard statioB mul 
liaati; wriro tA the dntUr of boat«Den'« tiotiNON. TImij- urn wooden 
ifeMUivB hkckened witli hir, whicli wrrcB admiiably to inteasfiy the 
W|Mmh of tbatr vermilion tilo roofs. Tbwo aheHs or Iintit form a 
tmtm of thin HiiiTolk ooaiU Oiut fiuiL-< tbem everjwbere, now 
ta ra>ira on tbo smooth turf insido Uio lieach, noir nrntlin^ in 
wpitl sranps under a Lit of dlff, and now strewn on tbe upper tavelB 
rfUia bwih ttnll Tliojr Mmn to delight in illngtrnting orcoy absurdity 
tf aondlt Aum. Tlieir quaiiilnaHt of ntructure b enhanced by Uie enda 
rfdJ boati^ wbicb now, plaocxl Tertitallf, do diitv as a dido, and now, 
MaoB Bpwarda, ekeoiil Lh« rootin;;. A finiskin); touch of groteequeuee-t 
■ ■nitijnei nqifilied by a sbowj figan-h«ad or a board boarxng thn froad 
Ub «f a ihip, a« f mii^funi or Enterpritt, which has a oonuc patkoe in 
ii ptamt bnnUe aomni tidings. Tboy an atoragn hatv, filled with 
UtDi gear, oorloH nets, and ao on, and supply interiwa whidi in tli«ii' 
(ab Kloaai of htadca an<l hrowns would \».\^ ddighted tlie vyt of Rom- 
InkK Hm at I>nnwkti the ahnls are leas uncoDventional than elao- 
*bR, and Mam to lavn aocoaiBiodntod tlHrnuwlvm to the preraitinK <^ 
af— till, Tnnungaov tothebeacfa, we find that ittcaviK>- ordioaiy 
WM, Bade np of aUofile and itiuall pebbloH with streak* of sand towards 
Ito m tm '■ vlgB. H«T« lie nbont half a dozen fishing-boata, witb their 
Imi [wintinff ttiaisht to tbn una. 

At this point tho low nutraby Mstioard giveA [ilaoe to a line of difT. 
IwtiiH iiiiillii mil, the tya tranx the giTnlli- cun,-o of a brand bay. TliiK 
■ Imniilfid at th«> farther exlmnity by tM)utJiwo)d, which seen from here 
nma wall oat into tba Ma and shuta otf the view of tbo ooniit further 
■nb. It Mwou to stand quite high sbove tbo low coasU It baa an 
cnnular {qrratnidle outlinu, tlii) hjkix Imn^' cooKtituted bj a £ini> cbarob 
ft*ar, and an a aunnj day it glows with all manner of warm tints, 
taalring in tbe Other dirt^tioo, oar eye follnwa a long and tolemblj 
M^^rw«sp of ycllowii^fa diff, down which bright verdure creeps here 
<m1 thsfT, and alnvi> wbicb inay be Mwn Uin« of tall y<dlow wild Howem, 
nd ftntbar no a raria>t of purple tinuber resdiiitg tbe very edge of tbe 
baSiity, A climb up to the vlilF liy a palb of looac mnd takua as 
P^aitly 1o tlie rotns of Hvo ohiirdi, which wo now discover to be only a 
W Tuds Crutn tbe nljce. JukI twyoud this caa bo nmo a apan of Oie 
phabtkn* which dividi- Uie High Stnwtfrom tits sos. These are a part 
'lbs«puRi'a«*ta4tt, and just beyond tliem, ntaiiding well bade froni tlin 
ta. half mhowvmd in woods, is tbo wquirri's srat, a pictunaqne boose, 
' ' Tlllaip!, balT old and half new iu look, and of a pattern whidi 
■=^aa Iu Iwra Barred aa a diriont model for all tbo other ImitdingH of 

Tla Bai^hV«nr)ioo<l of Dunwich often little in tlie way of wild or 

■«3jilLi urnitry. Yet theu« is a ^^ood deal that ts very pliA!ia»t to llu 

IK an> a few pouita which have a rant sort of pictnresqueneoa. 

ijiv UnrlyJni laiuls of £ast Suffolk, il U not a wry fertile tegkm. 



Onbbe glm a taxAj nccanUi datcription of tlio dLttriot in tho poem #lridi!9 
u mppoaed to represent his n&tive tow», Aldebargfa : — M 

Lo 1 «h«ra lliu liMtti. with withering brake f^vo o*er, V 

' Load* lh» Itgtit tuif that imrmi 1h» □t'lghboimng poor. S 

^^. Prom thrort k UrkUi of biimiD^ sfinil appran, ^ 
^^H When Iho lliin harvnat* iM trltlipT'd tnn; 

^^^r BADk wokI* that *ytr\ art nsJ cam drfy ^J 

^^ft Bctgn o'«t the Und ami rob ths blighted 17a. ^M 

The salt iimn<h>» near the aea are wiicl to yMd rich pMttmgi, tijB 
thia onewontd inforfromthdremoraMgraenneea; but the higher gTOBn^^ 
is for tJi« most fnui tnuiy mvi pour. Ttio oemwquence ix that eoltink- 
tion, when tttt«mpt«i], is apt to be a very half'hearted nfEiir, while iDUjr 
tracts are ul together given ovc-r to thu " wiUioiitig liniki-" luirf UiehH^f, 
iincxoctiRg henthw. Dunwich amy bo sud to bogirtabout on tbeaotiA 
nnd west hy it chain of heaths or commons. Tboy luv of good extuit, 
stretching in some places u far as eye cnn seo, and having in thnr'^ti, 
billowy outline a. look of the Vorkabire moon fthout them. Here in 
August tho pinks and deep purplee of tli© henther, tho almost fierce yollo"' 
of the gorse, aided hy the warm ochiw tint of nix occasional sjwtiy of pre- 
maturely turning bmckcn, make up qnite a bajiquet oF colour. In tho 
halffinhioned fielda, too, which lie about these commons, ftnd where the 
contending claims of nature naiJ man linve ended in a groteeqnc coia- 
promiso, splcnclour of colour is supplied by the yellow mArgtimt*, which 
here uhoots straight and tell in all the d«8ant pride of life. ThetlJUiimiW 
of blooming heath are relieved by tracts of fir and other vood, wludi gtr© 
a platureaque JnggedDCas of line to the distant uplands and a d^th of 
mysterious gloom to tho liollonrg. 

Sunwich, unknown to the toniist, la In "the height of the seosoD 
the abode of perfect quiet. Here the jaded bmin-workcr may Uin • 
deep iind refrcoliing draught of the rejMHe for wMch he thirsts. Stto 
from the cHriouB passpr-by, he may throw himnnlf on soft Bwnrd or yitht 
ing heather and give himself over to tlie soothing influence of Ibe nwi* 
ivstOiI of scenery. If, for example, ho aelects for his couch tho smootl* 
gross olwvB the cliff iu the shadow of the ruins, hia delighted «ye wiU 
wander over the vast expanse of mnny-tintud wntisr, where on ^iiittgi 
as in the masiy movements of a dream, a hundred soil. Aa he look* 
perhaps tho London steamrr heaves in sight, laden witli tourists for Yar- 
mouth, and enliances his consciousness of ratirement hy oontrastiojT 
images. Or a Oerman hand mny trudge by on the difT, hurrying p*^ 
hxR retreat with stolid indifference in their eagemMs to reach the n*" 
catering- pkce. From their s(«iit i-esponse to his greeting ho gains DS" 
hlrtisfaclion, assured that no piercing clarionet or discordsjit born will to 
th soul in hia present resting-plnco. If, again, he chooses for hi* bed liSj 
fine common gross between the beach and tlie marahoti, bis aeaa^ will i 
hilleil by all mannrr of roft deltghta, Here flourish tho flowcn whiA" 
lovo tho aaudy soil odjoinings sea beuuh — the handsome yellow poppy, tin j 



kttotifal eonTolTitluR. wad the fiDfly-carvAil se* hollj-. Under the nu- 
Mk infliMiic^ of Ui<! ynainiag betm' dtejt buin lutd of tboM nuDMiroas 
MiA bdmm whuii maux tlie proximity of Um fiea to thoM wl>o (h«iik 
liMBta with tlut nit air in tbnr cfaildbotNl, ho murdrMunily cointpinplnl« 
itkownMttki btoWMog in tlieliishmanlm. ^ long ho will imAgiue 
Hamit iaooFponiv in tiioM! quiet formii, nnd for m moment rcftliiiu tbtir 
pirr tttinuJ existence mada uji of happy, nnr«6ectiv« BUitwnce. 

IfttlivKWRitig, wbea tbo miDKinkN lov, hn will Gnd tuiothnp and room 
mlaAoly calm. Waoderius over the ^ptickms comtuon, he may watcfa 
Aa 'U^trng ray givn ii more vi'-rmilinn huu Lci liut tufU ot heather 
ttwont, or Lnmsform with alchemist ekill tho long y«llo<ir gna inta 
gU, vr finally ihrciw a Tutldy nhvr on llie bron-n nil of a diiitAat miack. 
Ilii not only on the west const, h^ reflecia, that tlie unking sun lu» hia 
mjtk ■plHndoun. It U Mmetliin^ to hm tha heatlierand y«Uow flowers 
tiffaig th» cttff an abbue «ith his lito while the cliff itmlf and beadb 
*" S aM tihade ; aomrthJitg to turn iVont the diil) exfaaiM» of Ma, over 
<Ui the gloom of nijiht is beginning to eettlo, and watch the warm 
''- 'inpojo^ in the werti^rn itky. A deeper mystery In Riven to the 
g wonder by the proximity of a clump of hcnt and lwist«d fira, 
*iJdi aland up abori' the lorel of the oontnMO, aharply and minnl«ly 
Mu(d in their nnnlieved bUdcBCEK, soggceting vague images of super- 
k«wa Ril&diig and GnlUhe rcaiBtiuiot!. 

latKr on, wh«n thw Diywtic beauty of the {Imparting sun lias vaniahod, 
J" and yet more impnaKive marvels awuil Iilm. Standing on tba 
dy bcBch, he may watch ilxf. full o<ri> of tbo moon rise above the 
aspanae of aeo, gnulually trxtrii'atiivg beraelf from her clond 
and Hbuwing hem^lf in hpr itakod bmuly. And now the- 
: Mtrftee, bat just now robbed of nil light, altowa an ever-widening 
|Hh of aOvcr Hhem, KCrms which piuut, (listinet in tlwir int«n«e MncfanMi, 
Ik liny forma of dintant vhips. In spite of knowltxlf^v of ojFlic.s be i«n- 
Mmnrt the pleaalng iUi^ion that at this moment tiw wmry utarin^r is 
hj a raddm tranaition out of Stygian darVnees into this 
' MSalgimce. Tnmtng Ium i-yn nouvir the shore, wbrro the rilvor 
I Mntncta (o a point, he watcbeti the bettm gtow wanton, throwing 
la a ihownr td nomentuy luitn- «f i>ilr«r and gohl on thi- ridgm 
jfthr waves, netaraim; lytho cti(r,be will nut GUI to linger n moment 
pt«« h; thfl rtdtn of thn ohnixdi, the gr«y stone of which now takes on 
'(hot lika hoc. Tie has a v^fne aeoM uf aome myttery attaching to 
*W Tvlioa of the pant. How, ]« aska himself, came thase ndaa here so 
^r Ida Wow of thecliiri 

A plaix, no leas tlmn a man or a woman, is the more interesting for 
"'io^ a history. There am £iom which bacinate tts by nndo6nahlo 
^V^oau of a past full of deeds of kindness, it may be, or of heroic 
Nonnoa. A town, a village, may wear tho ininf) kind of chjirm. 
rvlna, bun at Dunwich. haunt the mind; they throw it biuik in 
It of retnispeotive iDi|tiiry, which harmonisoa pedectlj inil 
m. ZLTtl.— KO. S78. 9. 



with tbc mood of dreamy conteinptaUort otlifirn'tso Induced. Koriiit 
die ruiiis ouly wliicli augment a pout worth iiiquiriag into. Tbcre u* 
other features of tiie plnco which soem out cf keeping with its rctitisj, 
village look, iind which sjieuk of nnother and wholly iinUko oriln' (t 
things. On a boani above the clitT one spies a notice, wliitji yeu* of 
rain and hiiii have Ooae their Ixwl to effiice, htiaded " Boroagh of Du- 
wich." In the village itself, among the two or three old hoiiMa,i«i 
whilew&nhed cottAge with Gothic caHemeDla, looking much like m modtrt 
conventicle, which turOH out, on intjuirj', to be a town h»l]. Nor 1> it 
only Uie em))ty di;;uity of the wune of borougU wliioh Dimwich vwa 
It nctitnlly diocbnrgra Gomo of the functions of a munidpalily. On* 
certaiu day in September the vLtitor miiy ttottoe a num1>eT of gsntkoKB 
srriring »t the inn, and entering the modest town haU. Theee ut 
hoDountble burgesses nhout to perform one of their moat oulemn dulia: 
this is the election oE neart year's hailiffs, a pivir of officers who hm 
I answer roughly to the mayor of other boi-ouf-hs. At firwt the vtulMr is 
etruck by thp grotesque incongruity of tho thing. A xwcct ru»tic vtllign 
I liktt thie, the embodiment of Arcadian simplicity, the sanctuary of pwce, 
ttammelled with the forms Hnd tlie duties of a municipality I Yet, vben 
taken with those venerable rtiins up there, the municipiil rank ce«n lo 
be ludicruus, and yet further stirs the iniud with it Kentui of iin tincxptoied 
punt. A visit to the tgwii hall, under the friendly guidance of a loading 
councillor, conGrnuk th« conviction that Dunwich lian had it« raemanUo 
history. Hei-e standi an ancient iron chest, of Dutch worknaotl^p* 
where arw ilejiosited the archives of the village borough. A tmly won- 
derful safe this, with Dutch paintings on it^ {uiDela and an intricate 
8yat«ni of bolts and locks, rendering the opening of it a matter wkicli 
' requires a lengthy apprenticeship, though it closes of itwlf in an artonnrf- 
ing fealiion. Htire are documents reaching buck lo the daya of good 
Queen Bess, and recording the pen-eral gatherings, doings, and disband 
mente of the corporation. Su much is certain, then : Dunwicji bu t*^ 
a place of Eorao repute, hut how did it sink into its preHcnt vilkg* 
conditioa t Did an invader pulverise away the older I>unwich, or did 
. ■ome fierce oon6ngratioa tittcirly consume it 1 Tliow ([uMtions an no^ 
'•nsvered by the Dut^h chest. For a full solution of tlM myttety v« 
must have recourse to a small quarto volume, uoiilaiuing the hii^atjo* 
I>unwich and neigh bo uihood. In order to follow this the better, ** 
will first take n further look ut tho udjacent cou«t. 

The finest coast scenery lies to the south. Uore one may walkt0i* 
miles without seeiug anything dL-nen-ing to be cmIIoJ a Tttta^ Hw^ 
is a choice of walks along tho edge of the cliiT or on tbo beat^ by tb* 
atripft of sand which are exiiosed towards tow water. At ibo end of * 
mile or so we reach tbn lieath, whose purple muntic is visible from Dufl" 
wich. Here tlie eveu level of the cliff, alHuit 40 feet in height, is brota* 
into furrows and hold rounded ridges, which eci>m lo tilt orcr the bcM^ 
The overhanging edge, with drooping tufts of brown heather, suggetu 


^^UOBg brow OT«rhiuig with chn^y locks. Here, in a sihaU fiinmro 

BHui cliff, oaa can obtain a good view from nbove of iU <.-urious strati- 

ficatkni. AlmoKt imm»liat«ly below the bealber th«re comes a deep 

■bmbun of bluck-broiru, pcnty-loolcinjc aubstAuce. Th<<n follow etntia 

of various hues of ochre. The yellow, saody-lookiDg material is picked 

out bare und there with ]ifltaltus of j^rey jiebble, whtcli takii on ii fnint 

tinge of oomplementary blue. Seen from below they look like a kiad of 

inkid work. The eliff ia ev-idently of a very fragile sti'ucturo. It* boaa, 

winiitiiig of a very soft, (nn>ly material, is here tmd there hollowed out 

inlo iIibIIow caritJetL. Between these the angle of cliff and beocb is 

fiOtd with masses of debris, smooth drifts of pebbIe,aDd piles of bl.-vckish- 

btowu clods. Hif[liier up, near the surfaoe, tlie clitT is lioitey com lied by 

k myriad sand-iniuiins, a flock of which is qow wheeling about its holw, 

fAMone thrown ay from ibe beach against the inluid work of pebbles 
(wily dislodges a number of them, and produces <|uite n small avalanche 
(if t»bbl«i and finer shingly substance. A confirmation of the crumbling 
d&nutcr of th9 r.liif ts suppl^eil by tlie light grey streaks which are 
liiililo among the heather close to the edge of the declivity; these are 
pllinly the remains of what was once a secure footpath. 

In the midst of the heath, ou a lof^y plateau some distance from 

tlw cliiF, stands a conaideraMe coastguard station. It conaiat^ of about 

«il hoimea, all having theii walls and chimneys cai-cfully coated with 

1v, and preseutuig, with their dark grey jtlating, masses of decorous 

Hide, relieved only by a few touches of white paint on the woodwork. 

OlM thinks how excellent a thing life miglU be passed on this bree^ 

with all the varying aspect of land and sea for the eye. But 

l*Ik aith one of tlie ooastguord men way somewhat subdue the wish 

) (tore their romantic-looking ixtost. It ia a hard fate which compels a 

to trail out of bid warm bed on u January night, when the uorth- 

*iad tbricks through crevice of door and window, for the lonely 

00 the dark, sptuy-dreuebed beach. Thu women seem even leas in 

with their almde than their faardylords. They would any day hail 

*^ wjoicing a snmmons to migiate to some dirty, stuiTy firiliing town, 

Suiting the glorio^ of their heathy plateau as nothing against the sub- 

"Uilisl ^lin of cheaper suppliips and a moi-e divei-tdfied gossip. 

Jutbeyond the eoastguai-d station the breeiy common dip* down, 

"> setios of graceful folds, to anotbcj- low level. This jioint U called 

Vaaa Haven, though why a haven it is hard to see. Here we have, 

*" I'lsce of the etitf, a stretch of low coast corresponding to that to the 

^'h of Dunwich, only wanting its pleasing curve. Inland, too, ia a 

'p of bright greet) marshes, intersected by dykes, whose course U 

'ked by the darker and more blitbh greens of the rushes and the 

of the sorrel bushes. Just iiwde the grass-tuTted ridge of the 

I, between it and a substantial earth-wall, lies a chain of stagnant 

half choked with i-eeils. Hero we onoe saw a successor uf Isaac 

Alton casting his line; and though we, uninitiated in tho piscatorial 



tnH, hnnt frwiiicntly pusW ounsclTes otot th» Kcloctian of vatora by 

tiie London angler, oar ustouiahmetit on this occaaion vaa yet grcKtar. 

A Dlilij'K trai]|o aloi^ tho high hank, or over the now moro aandy 

brings IM to a cluster of thre« or four quaint little cottai^ had 

dOMo togntlwr juNt bdhind tho dviirlMli tmiHlliilU wliidi becre crown 

beach. This u known aa Sluice. A broad dyke, whirh rougfaly kutcta 

tlie rtntcb of raatah land, here thootii into tha aeu the wanhings of maajr 

ft aqnara niil« of low Snflblk laud. The outflow ia rogalated by a UrgB 

kIuici), whif^K is connected with ijtiito an iiitricato fyiitcni of dykt*, pools, 

ani) dividiug bnnkit. A coiit>Ip of windmilla appear, by a kind of ia- 

T«rt«d nntlemhvd wut^r-whwl amingeonent, to lift the wat«r from tha 

lower to the higbtrr 14-T«i8, and finally into tb« dsmpoif; torrent. The 

wholo ]tluce ban a quaiitt Dutch look. The only other htiildaiig near ia 

tho ruin of a bonso on tbc marebea, which is anid to hare been a chi^, 

and wbloh IooIes a likely place for a inL<v4ing-pc>ini of wiU-o'-tbe-wtaiH or 

othrr epnt^» of the mamb, if isvich nrn to be foand hcuv. Uut chandng 

Ion it one wann Augast morning', w^ found it a ]>lMa*tit and «ven a oo^ 

l^acc It is ebb titl*^ and tbti WHtvni are ooring sliiggiahly tlmm^ 

|the sltuc« ([ate. An old mau, with buonzod face aivd bent figaje, 

atoring up picturewjuo biinilint of heather — for firing, we imppMn, 

our arrival be hoapitably intermits bis work, and oouee and bids us 

a aMt hy his ride on n liODcb in the Hhiidow of the cottages. A coup! 

ftoliesome kittens are pevfonainf; miraic asaaulta and straggles in tba 

aun beyond. A woman or two come ont of the boiiBea, oatensibly for 

Ibe purpose of fetching wat«- or stretdung clothe* to drj-, but not wholly 

nnlDfluenccd, porhups, by tbi; attraction of iii<: raiv ttpcctado of » pawing 

pedestrian. Tb« old man has charge of tbe a]aic«, and be describee to 

OS in tlie <|iiccr Saftblk idiom, to which a cortnin pni^cnoy la given 

the frequent substitution of an emphatic " that " for ** it," bis win! 

expei^eorc;;. Then, when Ibc forem of rain, ddage. and stonay aca 

combined agninst him, bis woi-k is hard enongh. Somctunn ho baft 

dear Uw alniec gab^ wbif^h has Iwcn buried uufer afaiiigle by 

petnous waves. At this bleak seafoo tbo ridge of sandhills, w 

little buman colony, bt but a narrow tongue of dry granad between 

^dark and threatening watrrv Well may tlie women'a fiuxa lack 

tt here, where the tenure of Ufe is so ill secured I 

Another mile along thn bench brings ns to a third human KCttlcuienl, 

rno len quaint in its way than Sluice. It bears on the map tbo naiae 

SlZAwdl Gap, but tbo appeilatJon is lew obviously appropriate tban t 

Sluice; for tberc is notbing here but an unbroken line of si 

cK It is only two miles from a little oiann factoring town, 

some of the townsipvuplo, eager for sea air and finding no better acoom- 

modatlon, have built for themsolTea neat wooden diSleta ou ibe btgl 

aandy tarracea of the wide shelving beach. To Utese are addrx) in 

sommcr a nombcr of gtcaming tents. The gay aettlemant U {>'}< ' ' 

■poncd amoiig rade fiBhetmen's bats, one or two of wbidi iire 



71m looli of (be place OD an August monung Ubriffbtond preUjtmoQgli. 
Th* weUim M«m to rovel in tb«ir primitiva uodo of life, tlw younger 
inrtMi iBading w; much thD amphibious exiat«DC« of nnsoplUAt<»t«d 
mpktti blaoden. 

A. bUs l>«yoDd BinvoU Gftp lim Tborpo Kms, a low, sandy point, 

«t which Mm cout Ubo Ixndi Bomewhat, but wlii«h faaa little of the look 

rf> proown tor]' About it; near it n«etl« atnoog th« MndhilU and on 

the low pKimd l^ltiud Ui« oolUguK of Tlioriie village. Tli« broatl bunch 

ii thickly ftnwn «-ith bnta, windies, and boats ; tli« country behind i^ 

fial koil dnsry omu^I). To oomplele tho gloomy •sOect, tlio green of thn 

■anky AaIb is aoiled by a taeaudoring stieani, with «lie]viiig, muddy 

hanka asd IntMbd, atagnant-lookisj; aliallows, utterly u.sel«M for naTiga- 

lioo, aod a stnlcing emblem of a diffnae, superficial, an<l iinfniitful mind. 

At tkii [luioi only a mile of the ooaet aepantes ua from the unciuit 

horao^ AliUmrgfar whme pUo of booMfl, ctomiwl by icn flint chorcfa, 

km an impnatfve object aft«r our lonj[ Btietch of low and blank cohkI. 

AlMurgh haa its points of int<TCst for tha anttquarlaD ; but oomparod 

with the rest of our CoaM liue it belouxa to (ha refpom of the known, and, 

« oar xaynf-o iit into tJio Dnknon-n, its coriottities inu«t b? IWV onnotiood. 

Jud hare wa may look at oar uodwt lour of invwtigation sootbward of 

iNnwldi at ooinplwed, and Biay pursue tlw line of coaat to tha north. 

SMing oat bom the clu!(t«r of bo«tmen'a hul«, we may follow the 
bgairreaf tha faay either by th« atripH of nnnd on ttie low beach, if 
tta lUe ia (ar cnongfa ool, or, adoptiug a more devious ooutm, jnck our 
^ tOMoi^ the tiucts of pebble and awactp imhind tlie beacb. By 
(boouQ Um latter we may get a good idea of the unfamiliar weeda and 
nU tamm which llonrieh in these man>hy rvgionx by thn »ea, canlc yet 
tfcn haadaoroe growths of which Crabbe girea na A )Hct(u«. 

tlcre in ila «>I7 tusa, in Tijl;ict Mooa. 
Gr««t Ills utt iHVHidrr llwt Ixk* jMrfaia* ; 
Hut* tha dwarf Mlknt cnap. tluirplfati hirsb, 
Anil Uio Kifl ^Ubj mallow oi tbo tDUih. 

Tve milos, which will be certain to weaty tbr fiict moi« than six of 
^4 natd, bring lu to th« mouth of a narrow riwr. Tlie ^mtrance ia 
'ubil by two Ttide wooden piers, which form the extreme point of th« 
MA riidde tnm Dimwieh. Thi« la known as BouthvolJ Harbour. 
tittiDgon one of the beocbea of the pJer, and looking w<.wt, w« haT« 
'I'm n* a aistie wlil^h wd) rt!]isy!i the somewhat dreary tw<i miltVwalk- 
& On iTw Inft liauk of the stream, at joat the right diataoce from the 
net yM corapn>faan«ive riaion, utamU tlw strikingly |rictnr- 
■7-' t-'Uiig Tillage of Wnl I ^rewicjt. ] ta eottogte, soea end on, show a 
^w ■uiline, oue uJe of the lu;:;b roof being carried nearly down to the 
Vviil, aa if tiv MVe mlling. Thny cliwtvr togvtlu-r in groups aef»rated 
^ f^wy vpaem Oloser to the river, conneciiu" it with tlie village, 
■ mam atrildng cliulcr of boatmen's huts, tbeir black aides 
'^^i»d as nsoal by faffgbt red cooBl year these arn one or two higb- 






nreked wooden t)di]([« wEiich apMi Ibe narrow dylw-lilce ruoificMtoma 
tli« rimr. Dabiad tlic vilttigv rim Uie fomiK of « windmill, novflr 
wxl of sight in Uiis region, and a fine wjiukiv clinKih-tower. On tbe 
opposite Umk am iitrcwn in |iictur«wjaa dUordcr tbe AAiia of muijr 
storms, hero a group of old anchors, cov«rod with mat, looking weary of 
ibdr yeurv of tugging and Btmining, and then the abapelen hnik of a 
fislung Binnclc thrown oror on its side, dishoooond and abandoned of 
men. Biglier up the strctua is n small quay, markM hj another gfronp 
of tall sea-roofed bnildings, end a single vmmI in front witlt that ati^t 
lean in her mast whieh t«lU tliat she Is resting on Urra firma. 

The whole scene, the village and itssuTTOundinga, would hethoro: 
Dulch-looldag were it nut for the noble tower. And on a momeot^a 
flection we are ploostd that that tower is thi-re to chvcic unr paying tbs 
place a doubtfol comptimeat by celling it " un-English-looking." BnfloUc 
la the oonnty of cbiircliee. An an old writer tias it, " Norfolk eicoeeds 
SoSTolk in the numhcr of its cburc]i<w, bnt Snffi^lk doth more exceed 
Norfolk in tlie handnomcneeft of them." And tbia Walberswiok church 
is a Tcry good spedmen of tlidr handitomf'nnni. Whilu the bulk of tbe 
chui^h ie reduced to a ]>ictureeque overgrown ruin, the high sq' 
tower stands Round and tinimjniKd, nliowitig clearly it» well-pTO|>orLii 
diviuons, ite carred parapet and ttirrets, and its long' pointed windo' 
The church stands at the extremity of a fine »weep of beatber-clad co: 
To tbi) wandcnrr over these " walks," as they tav somutimcs called, 
intlie evening light it fonnsabold and imprMure object. Tbe varied ont- 
b'noe of tower and ivy-clad rain arc well defined against the soft grey Aj 
vhi^ surrounds it and looks through its empty arched wiadowa. 
Toofef a detached cottngD or two not Ur from it just peep above 
common, serving well to indicate tbe siie and usjoeiy of the Cower. Ai 
the ray of the declining trtin touches it^ its gray stone takea on a pnrpli 
hue, its patdies of ochre Uoben grow ruddier, while tbe greens of 
foliage overhanging the ruins brigbten to a yellowuih tinge. Tbe 
something like that of a fsint flu^ of plensure steatii^ over a veoei 
and wrinkled &oe at a child's curcss. Ilerc, too, tbe sense of a 
poet takes possesBion of tbe mind. This stately tower cloarly bears nft 
relation to tbe queer little village hard by. It seems bo belong to soouk 
extinct order of tbinge, and looks lora and loncsone at the edge of th» 

Betuniing to the rivev, we find that ear fuitbor progresais dependcnifc 
on the goodwill oT a venemhle ferryman, wboee aim is kept active in thA 
summer months by the comJng and going of visiton fixmi Soulhwokl* 
and whose task in by no means light wben the spring tide ^vea added 
force to the ourr«nL Tliis fony, togetker witfa ite ferryman, ia pecfaap* 
the meet carious feature of Walbert>wick. It happens to be « pictunMi|n 
pcHnt of tbe river, and the view from the north heitk, including 
of nxl-ix>ofed boiuea of all heights, divided by maases of feathery foli 
mm} showing tlie church-tower behind, is a vety plcaidng one. A 





with a ttrrj and fmck a Inckgroand is a tmwurc to thv painter's oye ; 
utd iMm nuiy be found gatli«rc4, on * Bunim«r 6&y, half a icaxai or m> 
nailMiiKP of tlie branh. Romo of them nm xtiuiiJing bcibrn thoir oasele, 
pring wvmr moA anon hasty Hi<lelon{; glancea at the oppoate afaoro, but 
■attly intent on tlwir oanvu, uov and then mtiring a fow paow and 
^niccUkg thwr work with hcnd on one side and ey« scrflired Up. Others 
an ttttkng on camp-Rtoolii, bobbing tlidr boida up and down in a oomicnl 
BMUBA-. Wo bava pawtwl tho place agitin and again, and can testify that 
cold wiadt are no olaUcle tu tbeoe indc&tigaUo wwken, and (bat ttiey 
an wuni to hold on with fi«ice t«nacily till the gathering daifmesa Uunt 
ad conftiMa alike thdr subject and their pictora. It baa all the look 
•fan art daaa working avray at one model. It is clcttr fiom the look of 
(b piBn«-by, who glance over thn painter*' alionlden, that Cbey aro at 
t Ian to undorntaad this entlmxiasin for a lovr Jetty corcred with dirty 
^wwd, a atrip of » somewbut muddy HtnArn, and a heap of tiled roofs, 
(hr fanynuts takes a mora aympathetie view of the matt^vr; for bo 
Unaetf a offioally ootmccted with thtx nchool of art, being ila frequent 
•adweD'af^mreil model. And wtiU he may be, for he Is n nohl<»- looking 
ntein, with form and colour «iu>iig)i in hiii (nnuod and wrinkled faw, 
fcfa twder bino ej^ ami hi« curled gi-cy beard to kindle detdre in 
Bf I»h)tcr'a bnasL Wc ant not sure that he does not think mom 
tlao ti guod tor him of his many portraits, oirrying hia Ctnie far and 
*ii*; bat he would he a nvere monitbt who grudgw him thin flatter- 
Thi* linr, named tbeBlylhe, Is, tn iiptt« «f Its flat aunonndings, w«ll 
I **th ticplaring. Tbi^w! 8nflblkriT«rs, winding about in their bro«ul plains, 
I ^cnaanoddezporienocL Theohnrch-toweror windmill, which wiwjniit 
I MvhililDd tui to onr left, prcanilly atai ta itp in front of us to our right, till 
I tfJ-by we have a giddy feeling that our surround inf,'8 are porooctting 
halxM onr baadii. Here on the BIythe the tower of Walbcntwick church 
^^ki a nnmlvr of tbeae ptnnka with lu. The scenery ia tetno till we 
^wka varieoseenlargeiDcntof thralrram. which takes the form of an oval 
hb vith a dala of rnsh-growu island-i for its axis. On one nidu dips 
Ik* Walbmvwiek eonuuon, its nlopes corerod with solemn pinee, through 
)■ fVBing in whidi one Fpies a chsnning keeper's cottage. In these 
)»■ bwois may !« seen Rxwting in the crvening, their gaant forms 
■lhnattedBgain*tth«glowii^w«»t. Ainite ortwotioyond this point the 
^■a beings in to Blytheburgh, a vilUgc adnmr^ v> ith another of thcso 
■sihoBlu Buflblk cbtirr4iM. It is a loAy and tJegant structure, with fine 
iMSiulal work on its lower, pantpeta, and bnttmoKw. Its base stftnds 
^•HtUa beigbt above the river; and se«n from hero, stirronoded by 
■• towly cottage itwfs, it t»> oommnnding and ovm awe-lu^piring. Its 
"(■I of flint and atonu giro it n li^rdv aspect, and one fancies as one 
•• Up at it that Ftonn and tonpcrt wdl never impair its perfeet, clear- 
■* fcnn. But thlu look of adamantine strmgtb proves to be trt»- 
***)«. hr tbs rouT is said to be so unatable that the worghi^tpon wt« 



drlTen fa> bmJc wfvgt in some leas iii8i>irui2 templo. Here agaio ooa is 
Btrock t>y ttio dUfiroportioii batwwn church Aod Tillage. Dljtbcbnrgb 
ia a mii«t little pla«« only a Bhad« Uiger than Dunwicb. lu retin- 
jotait luw not tM boon itiiiturbcd hy tbo oontignit}- gf tbo tiny braaclt 
railway bxim UaleeworUi to SouUiwold. Qtuta on inaooent invMler 
tlii» siiqla lino of tminvay dimensions, whidi bringi noma ten times 
in tbe day its toy tr«in, conBiating of ftnjtine and two dlminntiTe Ameri- 
cuicars. U JK an cftKy-goin^, ]«iiar«1y v«hMl«,iuidiE()uit« roftdy toKtop 
ill the most acoominodntiui; fjuhiou if il bappens to be in the way of a 
otrt, or «n>ii n pnruubutntor, on ono of tbo lorcl orotsin^'^i. Then t* 
•bout Blytheburgh, ae about Walbersviokf a look of old ago and doc^. 
Tliwe stalwarl to«r«ira, vith thttir icnnt mmnant of hnauin h«Uttatio(ui, 
aro lik« thonn rusty anchors on tJio bnnka at th« rivi>r'a mouth, which Un 
and watch tho \-e««lK they oncv acrred break up and diMppear. 

But wo lMkv«atr«y«<lfiKim our coast Uae, seduced by th« placid current 
of th« Blythe, and muat r«traca our Ht«]M. Leaving our Aged ferryouui 
and oonttDuing north, we prwently mch th« town and bocougU of 
Southwold, pleoMntly perched above a low^clif. }{ore o^iain w«! are 
within the pule of oiviliuttton, and description must halt. But we 
cannot foibcar to say a word about ita busiest and most intorwting 
suburb, the beach, which in phtoeu is a Ter%- thicket of boatmen's hnts 
winches, boat«, and nets, lu shingle is e^-er rurtling with mo^'emcnL 
The most lively moment is whm with the ri»iig flood the I'etamtng 
boats thoot straight for the bench. The sen is merry with swiftly muv-ing 
sails making for th»ir rOKpocti\'e bcrthK. Men and boys lend a willing 
hand, and oa Noon as the boat grounds she ia attached to a ropetwd liaulod 
u]> high on the beach. Then oomea tbe opening ot the ne>t and the sori- 
ing of the fish. It isasvelloot toaeoostlkefishenacanow, fbrperMdven- 
ture they have toiled since daybreak, and have hanlly anything to show 
but ft few misenblo little lUouaders and soles among a heap of nibbisli, 
mnasM of collapsing jelly-fish, fieroe little " wolvei-s " throwing oot thcir 
Inky, £ui-«haped stings in a fine rage, and startled cmhleta mat log f^asmo- 
die movements in all directions ou the diaoce of rraching las ot|{eott«i- 
able surroundings. One can easily forgive tbe look of dtagost with 
which thn refuse is net bock into the sea or trodden under beeL After 
aU, these batd-werking fuUowH take their diAppoiutmeots W enbrniMingly 
ojt moat people. A fine race of follows th«» SolToIk fiahermeu, carrying 
in their Ter>- mien and attitude wmelhiug of a ooblogravity and tihilcw^ 
phiu oumposiini which haa boeo won from tbeir perilous calling 1 
the dark immeiiHitie« of Ma and sky. 

Tbe Southwold clilf is n very short ono, and beyond the last hut* 
on tlie bench the coast sinks ognin to a low common. Hei-o ve notice 
the extrenuty of anotlier of those long tentacka which thn river Btylh» 
throws out over tlin flat, mai-&hy ground. This mmificatiou ap|>eani *'~- 
pose beliiud Southwold, reaching nearly to tlie beach, a (joarter ttf a nr 
tu the north of the town. Then foUQwH another and longer line at d 
loose and crumUiog like the other, and altogether wonting in intan 

1 philc w^ I 


(■BDBfC pariiape, to gwlofUta), were it not for the rain of a t»na aUoi- 

ituf on be ed^ Tlie tmildinf looks m though it had been out In two hy 

ft hailaUp. This point k known u EaaUm Nen, though tbore is at 

pwBut notJitng to suggest beak or promontory. Aiul here we maj 

Wag o«r b'ltlo jonnutT of discovery to an end, W« Iwvn gon« far 

•aMqh, ptnbalilf , to gain a rongh idea of tiiis flat Siuffolk coast. Taioe 

tongb, no doubt, aA<!r Ibe rucky liattlementa of Cornwall or tho moun- 

tiitt bairlen of KoKli Wales, yet ploaaing, too, in itannobtrnavefatihioo. 

And tlt« to the baoinalton of liuitory ban^ng about it. Ennywhora 

n aart with Mhoes of tlte remote past Them archaic word-eadingB, 

"vitk " and " but^h," tlieaeraiiuordtu(vhandnwaactety,theM relicsof 

■nddpal dignity, cany back the mind to a far-off human life, oth«r and 

■aw trnporing than that which one Brnlit now. Dull, dcHolata, tritte, as 

k aduahtodly is to-day, we feel sure that it wna once animated by a 

Uvand mora energetic human lifis thut it wiuioncc Hhona upon by Uie 

t^ «f mnterial prosperity. To what blighting foTiM« has this former 

ifpiff tncenmhed — to tbi^ tardy imxNea of induau-ial change, wiLli its 

BapsdMsbU caprices and ita fine contempt for locality, or to some 

Mila and vioient cataKtropbe I 

Tbaanxwer tothaqneslioD issngge«t«dhy thoooaatliiwitaelf. These 
Mnby flats AetenitA by slont earthen walls, these loo>^ dinolriDg 
4tt. this ndnod farm on the rery cdg« of the cliff, tlMK Jaapptropriate 

Sixewvlt Oap. Ulaner Haveu, Eaatoo Nees, all whisper of the 
)'b efladng and tmnxfonning might. With thin prwcntinMnt in our 
wv toTB lo thaold ({uarto volome already alluded to. It beats tlie 
•*!• Ah JIMwie Aeewini o//hintci^, of Bi^*livrgk, and SouiAwold. 
Iliiktab ITSi. ItauuiJ>or,Thoma> Oardner, deaerrea apas^gnotlea 
Ba «M a aalt mwcfaant ia Southwold who became to impraassd with the 
MtsRit dignity and renown of the <liHtrict that he devoted himself (o Uie 
Umt ef oompUing it* hUtory. And vcty thoroughly he seoms to liave 
*»t ll, and »«ry truHiwonhy is hia nvord said to bo. The good mer- 
*tnt hialoriaa lies poaonfully between his two wlrea in Southwold 
tUrebyajtL Itis tomb, with its qoaintinaoription, is worth a visit. A 
Mb who pmw yoor noble linaigedcaorvasyMU- gratitude, and the South- 
*>Uin diu well to Iw prond of their pious chronidor. I'hiH work, aidad 
^sto or two suppiKmentar^- anthoritica, enabloi us to recoutttruet tbe 
Meant eandgnration of this itieoe of coast, and to traoo its snccsMiv* 
We loam that what ia now an apptoaifflately straight Una, 
and t«pelleDt, was some 4O0 yean ago broken np into a suc- 
'^■1 cf pnijeetinQa anil lumttM. Tbi-n KiMton Num was indeed a beak, 
k^K the ma*t easterly p^tnl on the whole coact.* The high ground at 
^viith tnn aonn nx miles fiirthair into the sm, making the southern 
' The river Blyth(<, instead of emptying itself into 

Hfur" by WallMirswi<:kf turned and Sowed sontJik- 
^%"^ isside the pebble nuge^ ftoding an exit near where tbo, lower 

Thlt honwr baloegi now, wr. bcliiFr*, to Loweitoft. 



viUngo ot Dnnwich now vtiiiids. And it niftde a bmve b»ven li^re wUli 
the high pnmontoiy sbelt«riag It to tbewmtli. Then too, it would a|i- 
pntr, MimM-UATcnbaditartnAin,)»X)bi>b]y tiM wnifl wUdi now «m{itiai 
iUelf by Urn slaia, uid Siaenrdl Gap wm a cn^' The smbasfor 
■gen bam stendilf aoeroMhiDg on this torritor}*, ««ehing ftwny Duny 
IbottSUidB of a4trM of valnaUe ■oil, Gbolcing up buvens, and alteiuig the 
ODunw of riren, and last of all destroying the fair vorkmambip at 
fauDHUi baoda. Of tliia procMi of di>va«lAtioii Dunirleh b the moat signal 
laalaBcei. Dunvich had the favoured nte to etart witJi, and rvached a 
{(reatneas to which no other point oonld aspire, and Dnnwich was exactly 
tito point of the oo«st againat which the sea's fury could tnoct edfectiTely 
horl ilMlf. 

The hic^ projecting laod which then lay beyond where the niiniTd 
flhurdi now slaiuht ■eem* to have attracted the eye of our warlike in- 
vadon at a very eariy period in onr history. There is a good deal of 
evidence to support the Huppositiun that the Romana had a station here^ 
Kor is it difficult to understand how the keen-eyed wanion ame to 
■ingle out tliiaititt*. HtAiiiling high above the saa, having, an our chronic^ 
boa it, " a fine beak every wav ; " screened on the sonth-eaat by afforest, 
and overlooking the mouth of the rirsr, which at once ecrved an ■ mode 
of approach for fHmda aiul a natural moat to ahnt out enetnim— it ofiered 
a number of alriking ndvnntages. However this bo, it ta certain that 
the pliuw HCiuirod importance soon after the arrival of tli« Goi-man in- 
Tsder. The East Anglian kingdom Bgnrea but UtUo in tcxb-booka of 
Kngli*h histoiy. It seeua to have played a Kubonliuate part in those 
fierce stni^}[1eH betwL-cn kingdom and kingdom which finally leil to Utt 
union of the whole under the awuy of one monaich. Yet it has a special 
interest of itH own. It is thought lo Iknvo been one of the fint ct 
the Teutonic fettlemenl«. It ts oonjectored too that, owing to it« 
remotenee« from the retreating bancb of CcltM, it exhibited the purest 
^I>e of Gcraian, or, if the reader prefers, " English " life and institntioni 
to be met with in tho iiiland.f According to the accepted story Gbristir 
aiiity WM inti<odiirod into the kingdom by King lUedwsJd (68<!-C34)t 
who hud made its aoqnaiotance in Kent. But it eeemB to have 
but little root till the aooeesMU of BtedwaM's bratfaer Sigeberht. 
had been driven into exile by hii brother, and during bis tesadenoe 
Fnmce bad picked up CootilMntal ideas reepecllng the value of 

* A rongh ultitoftliiiiniicirntMDScu'SIiaB nay be otitslncd troni a mapi 
to Bichonl firumi:'* tract cm Suifolk {exuaotd (pja lii* LnlauaM). vliicb Icu> tb* 
(Ule 1673. It ii to be (tniDd lo ■ Tdnino of [lotnpUelJ rcloiic^ to Esflclk in tit* 
British SIuwuDi. 

t Bo I^{ip*i]l>fr|t. *to olvniTi* tbat " in no othtr jiirt of TafintA do h> nM>7 
wtjl-preeervod GmiuiD naRi4ii (!mIu« who ihto lIiereaneitM loni* or r-xnxltn.' B»a* 
the new thaony that ihw Unnuia intadcn lorntd L«l a ikin >|:tii>kl:n| Rinoifl*^ 
•nating Oeltk popnlation woolil (erba^ ridinik lhi« M<* of a pwc lyp* ol Oi 



«nd hmiitig. Aoeardinglj-, on cuinbg U> the tlirone (citm C30), bo tent 

br Pbiix, ft Btugu&dJM) priest, to eDlig)it«ii 4ii<t chmtiMun his pogaa 

m^BoU. Kfttibarlit fixed on Dunirub, then knowa u Donwio or 

I>Bii*7k. u lu* ai>iul. H«f« Felix hegna to ptvach tbo Ooepel, nod 

■ftda Mcb WSJ ibAt be sacceinled not only in building a cborcb, but lu 

fa m fe ig ft Usboprifi in Uio pkoo, ho biioMilf being th« fint occapftnt of 

Uw Hft, In ftd^Uou to tbift be is Mid to k&T« eetabUtfatd ft high Bobool 

for Uuning, an innUtntioa which nutjr porbnp* bo n^gardod u tbo first 

pnt «f one of onr groat ejiiatijig univenitiea, In this vay, faToored 

•d4 M|>ported bj thn King, l-'clix amnUi Dunwich a, bright lamp in tbo 

^k Eut Anglian (vhUii. Fraiu Dtmwicb religions xeal spmd througb- 

ggl iiM kingilaai, leading to tb« building d many fins chnrch«i aiut tiic 

fcwiitii^t of ume of the ridnati mouMteriM of the island. Th« end of 

S^clwht wfti rtmgo ODOogfa- Vi'«u7 of temporal concerns, be Ibtlowed 

(bt pwadant of Fnnkub king and eatcbonged (bo crown for the monk's 

(D*i So Intlaw did 1m gruw oonoeming bis kingdom, that nron the 

anpt of that obfttinutv old imgon Pcnda of Merotft fitiled to call him 

ntaf bi* aolt, and when at I«ngtb be wna forcibly broogbt out \>y his 

Ugnaul HiltJMtfl ODil Mt Gkca to fnon witli the euemj, lie firmljr rofiucd 

!■ fl|^ and ■tonding iinmovp>I with a k>ng whito ittnff in his hand 

dmd the etMmr to cut Uim down. 

Duwicb WOK tlie Hrat oT ft bishopric for abotit 200 yean, (ill the 
^ mm of SuJTolk and Korfolk w«re united. During this period it 
p>v fuMMU not oi«nJ; as tiw rapilAl of East Atiglia but an omi of the 
ptHtpftl eodeaastieal ceiilmi of tbu ialimd. lu rtpiilAtion, we may 
W ton, esteniied tbrangb F[iui<« and Itaiy, and tlii-ru wns probably a 
|Nd ibfti uf direct intercourM between the place and Continental [Kirta. 
Ibeofbout the greater port of tho period of Saxon rule it held tbia high 
nik asoRg En^iab dtice. But towanls the reign of Edward the Con- 
^B- Be giwIneiB hod b<^n to decline. The eoa hod already com- 
^bOm) ita dapcedolioBS and waabed away palace of king and of biahiq) 
Ai, Al thii t*m« it wm a burgb containing 1 20 boigoMCi, and paid ten 
fnJlu not to Um Crown. Between thia dateand the reign cf William I. 
IkodlcKtoao-half of its lonibi. Under the yormau novenignB it acquired 
*M« importaiMH) oa a farwLing end Aahli^ port. The number of ile bur- 
*M( bmX now reached the r«cp(ctftble number of 236, and it paid fifty 
fMad* and lixty tltonMnd herrings to tbo Crown. In tbo r«ign of 
Bntj U. tbe town Reenui to bavo roocbod the nnith of ita material 
^ptritj. It woe now a ploco of great note, and is daicribod on 
'ibH&dii^ with much ricbta and Htindry kinds of nMrebondiae." It 
Nlia annual rmtol tbe goodly ftim of 120 poonds, bendes a IiCftvy 
"Wtdimion in bcrringB. If}' all ooeoants it wan a Htalely -looking town, 
"*tt)| ita itotdy waila with (heir bandsomc galcwayi, il« ijuay, its 
■■eaiis chnrcbes, oonTCotB, and boepitale. It is described in on old 
tt^Uviog the date AtigtiU Ih'jO, na having been at the time now 
*^nd to " a towns of great and strong d€f( nee, ennioiw&witlbptaX 



dykMand bcuiks, with nutnjrBimilry high hill* abont and witfai 
towne and libti« .... in wbidi tiiuikH and df kM vtre saxidry g*t«8 for 
«Dtranc« And pnitNige." * Iloir Strong tbcM deicncM were in nUcBted 1:^ 
the following atoty. IhirlDf tli« r«bellion of Henrj's mne tb* nen»- 
narj faroopn, with thn RatI of IxaentMr nt thdr bend, eamjed to UJn 
Dnnwidi out of the King's hand. " Gnt when he cunc luwro and beheU 
the Ktrtngth tlinreof, it wu ttrrror and ftiaro onto him to heboid it ; and 
80« ret^Tfd both he and fats people." An idea of the wraith of thn plao* 
nt thiK period may hp giiinml from tlin Cict that on the miirriajj^ at Maud, 
the King's datn^ter, Dnnwich paid ao aid of 133/. G*. 6J., wlwiwi 
Tpswich onlr paid r>3f. 6i>. iirf. 

Danirich was a etaafioh suppotter of Jobn in hie qnan«l with 
hiirons, in contiidenition w)i<T(V>f ho created tbo town a ftee boroagii, t^ 
taitted iOL of its rent, exempted it from sundry tolls and cnstomK, and 
finally besio^t-d on it the h»tiour of W-iii^ K<>verDed by a mayor and Itnr 
bnili^ How woU the town etill maintainod itHMttcfprifdngHpiriti 
Its vigour ta abown by the Bervic«B it reodered Edward I. in hi*i 
with FrnnflP. The town of rhinwich, we are told, built eleven ahipa ] 
war, well furaiabed with nitmition, and having for the mo^ part 
mm ajnece, and they maintainnci thefie Khip« at their own cort 
tbo thirteen weeks in wliicb they serred. We know, too, that at 
time it owned sixteen fair Rhi{K, twenty luirkit or vmneb trading to ' 
North Sea and Irdand, be^des amt^ler craft for home fishing. K« 
tbelcteitit [lOwwwasRteidilrdnolining.aaniay bpxenii by tbo mtPterwfB j 
mi:aions <rf' i-ent. At the beginning of the i-ei^ of saff 
« tenible dtiaxter. Itm Unit port was completely choked op by a i 
idon of lieavy gales from tiw nortli-enat. The rircr, depHx-ed of its • 
outlet, forw'il it« way through the pebbly bdrrier two wiles to the i 
of Dunvrich, tliua readiinj; the sm iniKh sooner than it asedtoda 
«ntnuioe mnKt hare Ixsn nbont a ntiln smith of the preeent one. 
however, seems to have been but a temporary escape, for, as 
ehrooioler phrases it, " the whole raan^ne of shingle oasnretb it no | 
esrteine." It seems to liave tried different points of exit, till, aided 1 
man's lumd*, Et Mttleil u|>on its prexral ejciU 

iNinwich fonght hard with fat«, and kings inaooint of potiti 
«00nomy thought to ni,-ert tbe hand of destiny by feeble moAsnrtlj 
TsHsf. Thus we read of mandates sent by more than one monardi ' 
the Sberiir of Suffolk, bidding him wee tliut uoods Imported into the 
port bo sold as hitherto iu Dnnwich mar4t«t. Mnnilat<ia wen 
issued with s view to secure to Dunwicfa Its attcunt dues, tolta, 
customs. Such royal decrees were futile enough over against the hi^b 
' fiat of inexombJo nature. Dnnwinh wss doomed to be brought tow 
to he effacrtl : yet it was long lie/ore her brave, sturdy sons could 
up tbeii- minds to tho fact. What auido it hardv was Ihnt othw j 

' Quoted by S. Wtk* la M* vwk 5>WAmU «d iU Fitin I3. 



High btnir hood, n««r apstut towns lika Blj^tbcboi^b, Sonthwold, 
Wlbcnwujk. were Krowinjt ricli »t ker axpenx. Tli« Ivo Uu«r 
kwl ilitvctly proGtnl bjr tli<i ilMtnicUon of Dunv-ich bftrbaor. 
to of Souiliwotd C'hiircii, ui for as it can be aaagned witli any 
t^, liMtn unt UiM conjectDra that il bcj^ to h« « proapcruiK tnid- 
i aoon after tiiia calamity had oTerukeo Ihmwich. It wua still 
■d by tho tar- reaching jiniinuntaty to th« north, which Mxantl 
■I Rfaga for Bhif^ng. While Souibwold and Walbenwidi 
Inn pcofitiaic by (he diacomfiture of Dunwich, tbu L«n] of 
borsb iaccMded io dcfirivuig thiuwich of ihe^hippingda^ewhioh 
imtTUit had ani([ht (o rvtoin for her. The ancieut city bor« all 
Ik diffieBlty, and Lh«re ia a long record of fUiat to the Crowu 
k|al eotiiliot with iha men of Southvold and Walbcnwick toudi- 

tmw hrnvwa- U«an«hi]a new incunions of the aea still fortber 
riArJ (he town, (lardaer giveB n» a \ht of the prinoipal storms 
InatDTCTtfaapliuw. lathe t«ga of Edward III, il loat, besides its 
r, a luge part of its houses and a number of its churches. During 
tMath eantory a ceriM of oton&s nttacksd the town, Hndtrmining 
Binnung church, UMUaatery, aud wall, and leaving standing lees 
^vtK of tlifl bousaa. Tlie despcrat* hnrgMWCK, forMMdng tba 
down&U of diurdi or market eresa, made baste to fetrip it of all 
ad oUtB* raloablss tiiat ooutd be ouriod away. By tlje due* of 
itary it WOT? a ilraary and ghastly look. The writer of an MS. 
:&73 wnlMS, " Exeited by ourioaity, I riaitfid thia pliMW, when I 

Uie ramaina of ibb ramparts, somo tokens of 31iddle-gat«, tfao 
ioosof «IownEiJI(me4i6c«B,aRd totttricg fnigmcnUiof noUosQ-uc- 
MBaina of the dead exposed, and naked walls divested of the 

about tbioa l^ the waves of the sta." * A cciitury later Bromo 
f obaBTwaa about it, " Tltrougli tbe renewal of the £pit<»pal Soe, 
wehmsot of (he Sea, the decay of Mippatg, and the aecKt fiite 
ImJa BOiSP old Toiprtu, 'tis ratlier tbe remains of a 7'oum than a 
waptAy K) called." Gnnlnur aniit bU gloutny record by a full and 
I ■eceunt of a mamorabia atortn which visited Oonwich in 1 740. 
niauia lasted for aeTeral days. The adjoining manthes were over. 
and gnatly ii^ured by tbo sand and shingle thrown on tbem. 

tba old ttooe quay together with the pipes of an andent aque- 
m laid btm. Tbe Cock and Hen hills, standing fi>rty feet high, 
tuir bads levelled wiUi iJtetr boam." More hideous still, " tlie 
daa of (In cemirtory wen) naked, within which the oeciwt lejioaito- 
IW daad w«n> c-xpoaed to open view : several skeletons on the 
inMal of thtdx (uvecings, aome lying tn pretty good order, others 
ftarfandtoittorolBH ihsEurgrs earned than. " In (iardaer'« time 
bna Church, whose ruin ailU matka tbe site of the old city, was 
if ana idt, front wliich it is drar tbot tbo encioachments of the 

* Till* US. has Imn aufiliiitnl (« Slow*, 



SMtiaoetliftt time cannot bnve b^en considerable. ir,asa«einspTOWItv I 
tht dty had itood itt tho busnof « pri>ii<«ting hrndlniid, vs nwy Mir I 
that this etorm completed the wot'k of weariti;: away tlie promooloiy, I 
Wving tlic line of const pretty even as we now lind it. I 

AVhile thus ehorn of her real strength, Uunwich has j«aloiulf bcU I 
fiut to ber ancimt foims of ^reatnexa. A new charter viv gnutttd Ibi I 
place in the r«ign of William ami Atary. fixin;; it§ present constitntkn J 
It retained its ancient privilege (dating from thu fourt«cnth centinr^ ct m 
Bending merabors to Farlinmr^t iip to tho memorable ycnr ld32,«b«al 
tiie claima of so many ancient boroughs were »et at nought. And no* I 
there appears to bo some talk of further 8ti'ii>ping her of her tncira I 
dlgnitf. The corjioratioTi liaa th« charge (>f Liirtatn endowtnt-nts, limit I 
that have been saved from hospital or convent, and according to moJn I 
ideas the munagenicnt of theiie eliaritic:! is a thing for oommlaaioQen [n I 
inquiro into. Possibly there are good n^aaons for intorfering with tkim M 
mimic muni(.-i|iitl doings, Nevertheleas we nhould recfret th* exlincH^f 
of the borough. It baa it« nmuMng side, nn doubt, tbiK village mtl^^H 
pality with ila town ball, its baiti01t, it< assMubUea, in which Bokm J 
resolutions are passed conferring the freedom of the place on lM|fl 
honoured head at a distauoe, and eo forth. Still there is an impna^^f 
nesB about the very shadow of depiirted greatnes*. Thai's is a patS^W 
in these quaint civic cu>t turns, just aa there te in the failed and moulJj I 
garment which haa long survived ita royal wearer. They carry baft I 
our imagination to the fair and famous city which once lifted its h«d ■ 
serenely above where the breakers now make tlieir monotonoux b(»l. ■ 

The old §alt merchant's story leaves the mind pensive " revolritcfl 
many memories." Tha completer effac^^inent of the East Anglian capttl,! 
even to the removal of its site, strikes an<} fixee the imagination. If t 1 
fragment or two of that royal pilaco, those proud gateways, or that I 
market cros^ wore stilt standing, a. palpable eviiloncc of ttifl place, ttt» 1 
effect would be different. A Minse of reality would bo given to tie 1 
thing, and the intellect would have something deSnitd as n starting' podni 1 
in seeking to reoonstruct the {)ast. At the same time thore woald U { 
minting that profound impression of annihilation, of man's impotom j 
whennaturechoosos toahow her teeth, of tUeevanesconceand nothiognss 
of all things hiimnn. There seems a sardonic irony lurking in the rauh 
o( those Hummer waves there below the cliff, looking as though tbfj 
could never find it in them to harm the frailest of mortal tliingx. Bat 
presently as we ponder the capricious cunrentii of reflootivv fooling take a 
new direction. After all what matters it that a city belonging to 
another cycle of human cii>enence should thus have been clean swtpt 
away 1 It is enough ]>erhaps that this pile of ruins overlooking the fsEj 
city's watery tomb should remain as its moot ap|>ropriatA of omotlfifl 
The new-fledged village below, with its clean, wholesome look, h ^ 
happy image of the new order of things, an order tho KUfKiriority of. 
which few students of history can doubt. If we look more oloaely «■ 


hat there ia no iacoagntity in thia sprace modem nlkge wttb its 
;giurd BtatioD and school Bpringing up liere under the rnins of the 
!Dt burgh, and asBuniing its very name. Nor is there any unseemli- 
in our pillowing onr jaded London brains in indolent reverie on the 
Bword here, just where perhaps the zealous Felix thrilled the blood- 
ied pagans with the Church's urgent sammons. Onr month's idle 
am in tlus retired village may, perhaps, be aa trae a fulfilment of 
I dnties in this orerworbed nineteenth oentury aa the withdrawal of 
ik to his lonely cloister a thousand years ago. 

J. 3. 

^ctis atib Hig^tiiisalts. 

Mit. MAimirw Akxald ia hia reemt elefcj on "Poor Matthui^' 
pet C&nory, laments the unhappv lot of birdi^ who iwrcr fiod, 

1)0 *II lii*7 cna, 
pMHg« fnnn (heir lou!* lo man. 


If tliia be so, it is oortaioly owiag to no Uek of interpreters, for alow 
eTSiy poet kks made doroted attempts to tmnslato tbetr T&nous n«Mis 
Fcrhnpe tho original stnini urn still Ui« most ratpnniTc lo thatt wb 
li&ve musio in tliemselm ; 1>iit in man^ casM the poet seenu to out-sn 
th« binl. bikI to give > iloeper meaning to her nttcranon. 

Thiji is eapociiiily u-ue in the oaae of the nightingale, vho ei^ojrs 111 
h«[^ distinction of bdng tho poeUt' fuTOuritct. Her chief rival in M 
good graces Ia, perhaps, the eagle, with whoae royal aloofi>eaa, bomfC 
only tho kin^ of ntnn can fully symjAtbiae. The stock-doTe'e " bowl 
tale " was dear to Wordsworth ; bat, as Shelley said of the skylark 
imptnroua song, it is all too bright and good for thin wortaday «oH 
and we miss the undertone of earthly passion. It is in the Ungnil 
evenings of uirly summer, whtm tbe Hoft brown air wooa u« with I 
qdiot melancholy to forget the strain of life, and lulls without sattffyil 
^e liearl, that the voice of the nigbtii^ale, brmking on the ear " Cn 
aome grovo nigh," never fails, by the contrast of its d«ep emotion m 
the general tranijuiUity, to wake an ocbo in every poetic natorc. ( 
Bndi an evening Keats translated the fadrd's mnsH into that " strai^ 
aaddeat, awaeleii tong " tho world bmt crer li««rd~porhap» tbe mi 
pcrfi'ct exprwsion in all literature of the townees of hope deferred a 
uuiuitiitluxl oupimtiona, of 

IiiAiiitf peanon. and the pata 
Of finite haaiU xhu jwint. 

One need hardly i^Mlogise for quoting ibe dew lauQ^ 1 
take A deeper pathos wbcn we remcmbcT that the writer 
actually on the wa of death :— 

IhuUing I liiten ; mhI far aiany a tinr 

I hsTO bots half b t«t» «lth raaifal Dwlli, 
CalI'd him (oA aasMa in UI17 ■ mvaU tfayou^ 

Tt> taka iaio llw air my qnitt bnath ; 
No» BMt« ihaii »TM M»Btfii it nth to die. 
To enut* Bpoa lb» mi^n-'Kli; wiib do fain, 
WUIc thou an : ' b tlijr tow] ahioad 

In mcfa iv:i 


Still rauldVt ihou Bag. uid I httr* mil la rus — 
To thj high m]iiiFni bceoMM > ami. 

Thr»« «iA noi Inn Gjc dtoUi, inuDonkl Bird t 

No Imgtf gonastiou iNad tlito dora i 
Tto vnicr I hoar thin jiMtia^ uil-lit wst hrarl 

Id oarlaat dkjt hj ttaprrf.r »iiJ riowii— 
Pa^kja (&B arUaiiM Mng that fonlid a |i*lh 

ThnaglitlieMdliMitof Rnth.'wliiai, tkk for bone. 

Mm lUed in Iran HKid t&« alien torn i 
Tlia laai! that oftUmM balli 
Oaraad nui|[i< rw>«aHiU, 0|>wiiigt w> tho (ai(n 

Of pnitoiu tola, ia fanj Und* forlMo. 

i-nij^litini^A'a crown of hou);— (he traent anil rocMt tuiwfiil 
I mvtr down from tho h<Brt of man. But from tko da,ys of 
»wn to our own draea her paMuonal« ntnun luw lieeu echoed bjr 
' poM, in dtU^mnt kojm of rooting. 
r Oraeka aeooimtad for the " fiory keait " ia that UUle body by 
fvkich gKTi! ft hnimin object to her lamcntatioBs, She was ODco 
, XiAaa, tbe wife uT ^hiis, king of TliebrK, to whom iho bore 
I ehilil. a ion named Itjlue. Now, Niobe, thp irifo of Atnphion, 
1^ Lwiit-brotber, had «U lutis and nix dniight«n, and boasted 
and beeutj of ber childtm, insomnoh thnt ^Kdon was 
t Je»loti)y, and rewlved to kill the firstborn of Niobe's eons, 
kke she slew in hin stead ber own son, Itylas. Thc<n Zou>, 
f, changed ber into a luxbtiugale, and in that rorm nhe con- 
I bewBll favr Ion : 

Eitra u «b*i), in liia Drv rtmal hmtn, 
Ca^Afi in lii» ourMt i>r asowi \t»t<f daU 
Ctvm ell uniud Iim with amliroaiol ■hevon. 
PandarM' ehilil, llui mItui nightingnl^. 
With lamXj ramtioiti hoi iwcrt l«Ia 
ThIU hMwU&dljr Well, okJ thn wmdt rinx 
Wlib wrmw, whit* fa'r koy ii!ii> ulUl doth wiil, 
Ilin, Jmr It;-*, rlilM (ifZilliBi kiiiE, 
WhiH IdlndlT Bh* mt off uid now der.Ii Mdljr *ing. * 

idiag to aaolhef- M017, the niglitin^le was once a princeM 
PnctMi, danghtvr to P<uidioD, king of Attica, aod Bist«r of 
L, II<T (atlicr gnve Frocne in marriage to Torcnw, king of Iho 
in DauUi ; but after the hail borue hira a eon, It^e, Temu 
in coocoaliBent, and.-fdgning that slic wa^ dnad, took Pliilo- 
vih. Tho Irand waa tn eome waj disoovesed by tbe two sisten, 
in a bvay of rerenge, elew h«r eon Ityx, and twrred up hie 
diab liclbni Tet«iu. Sbit then BM with her shier, and, npon 
itmiaing tbam, prnjrvd tlte godx to chango tbom alt into Urds, 
Temu beeamo a hoopoo, Philomela a swallow, and Procoa 

Lm.— «0. SIS. 

^ m-> lb. Wor*lcf'« Ineaiatios. 



It nightiogftle. Tbo nnnies in these legends wore, hoirorrr, coutintiAlly 
tn)iis{>caed, and the nightingale was more oomnionl; called Philomela, 
while the nune of the child is indiflerentl; Ityit or Itylna. 

In the ' Bii-ds' of Aristophanra, Tereaa is introduMd u & hoopao, 
nnd enya that SophocW hod mdiiccil him to Itiat condition in Ids 
tisgedieH, alluding to a loat play of that poet which turned npoa tli« 
transformation. lie is tlie Kin^ of thv Birds, and sings to his QuBcn, 
the nightingnle, a §ong which by the purity of its langonge defies trani- 
lation. It is only eijualled among thu ntghtiugalu's {xwticul additan 
by the ode of Kmts. Trom an ai-tiatJc point of riew the Qreek posm ii 
superior to the English, but only as one seu-^ell iji more bnautiful than 
another. The transparent and pearly grace of the former is indoMt 
inimiUbte ; but tlirough the " twisted ounvolutions " of the latter one 
may catch a deeper murmur of imagination, a far-off moau of " pocilcw 
iscas in faery l&udx furluru," whtcli will uuke it even de)u«r tu tlie hatt 
than the perfect Qreek. 

One of the moat charming of Mr. Swinbartu^S eerlicr poems ia baatd 
upon this legend of Itylas. The nightingale, whose constant bent b 
erer brooding over the old woe, n-bultes — half In pity lutd half in teaa 
— tile light heart of her sister, the swallow : — 

iiraot, (tmy lutcr. ahifting iwallnw, 
Th* h«art'» diTition dirideth lu. 

Thy hmrt U light nc o lenf of a ti«o; 
But ming goon forth ninung >«-^1fs hulloir 
Tu Ilia ptnco u( <)ii> Rluvinc uf Itylut^ 
Tlia fsiul of Daulin, Urn Thnwltn ■ss. 

»!»ler, (istPT. thy llnt-lieeollen ! 
TliR hHndu ttiAt elin^, find itie foot that fuDow, 
Thfl Yoiwi of tlin cliild'i blood crjiag Tot 
" Who liitih nmenibcrcd me ? Who bntb fargoIt«o t " 
ThoQ hiut loigattBii. O Bumincr avnlluv, 
Bot tim norld aball «nd wIiko I forget,* 

This is the disdain of Antigone towards Ismene — of Romola towti4) , 
Tito — tbo universal lament of the earnest and clear-sighted for tht 
intrblind creatures of the hour, the slaves of convention or of »df. In 
the same spirit the terrible cries of Cassandra, in her prophetic agoaj 
before the nincJer of herself and Agamemnon, ore oompored by ^^gcbylat 
to the nightingale'^ deep and porsistent anguish : 

Choria. Diciriiught thou ut. diviady stirred, 
Anil wsilMt for ihytelf a luiii'lcmljiy, 
Aa {riT«ous afl tbn c^JVieluBM Inte 
WhsTOwilli Ihe brnon melodioD* bitd 
Doth CTCF Itj-B : Ilyii: imit. 
Ceep-liQYi'ured in Mirrow, all itn little lifc-tlmo*) day '. 

Potru and Balladt, • lijlm,' p. 63. FLIXh edition. 

Samn mUu fur tti; won did HMtrta nlbid, 

CtoU>*J ilio* with Kiti tiniwn pliiiiiM, kod life opart fraiB boln ; 

Bst taftaj duth b «>!g*d Ihe d«nbl(~tntitig ivotdl* 

r, nuelj vm tlxi le«/y stcltMon of tba sorrovfal bird more Mrtctl^ 
denfted tliui in that spiritual |ihmBe " deqt-bowend tn sorrow" 
(■HfihXg tatv'ic) I It i§ pnmllolcd only bj Sbvllflf'K drccriptioa at the 
pM " hUAea in llie light of UioukIiL" 

Tka tkigfatu^^tlo kpfieMra «g*iii ns an «mbl»m of dwp luii) constant 
imiOB In CWtnUnii's poem to Iloitnliu a.ftvr the death of lUs brother, 
dhfcilily tnuiBlat«d by Sir Theodora Usrtin : 

OK U ib7 i«i««> for ovtr hutM and •tin F 

Oh, bM«kr, iltaMr br itun )lr«, ihnH I 
BiboU Uuw narw? But in uxth I «iU 

Tar avtr lore llxe, m in d^ja pi*» b^ ; 

And (tcr ihra^b sty Mnf » *l»ll riitjt > rfj 
fikd mhth llj death, Md m ja iblctuK iliado 

or tutnUnglfd bonghs tbe mrlody 
Wbicfc by lb» vorfbl Dfttdns Utd w made 
SobUag Ibr Itj* dead U» wul tknogb all iti* |tUd«-t 

Scitbode*, "idiqiu of sweet Co1odo«, and Its child," t«lla how the 
'fathvmd flocks of ni^tingsln" {mriiTTtpor Aiftvrtt) toTi»d bis nntive 
toaa^ gipcdall; in that paange wUch be is oaid to hare redted to his 
wiwn accosed of dotaga ,■— 

WdooB«,atrang«r! TbontfttoiiM 
T« lb* bMt and bri^Urt hams 
Ta OolMwa (luUiibg whit*. 
Whcm tba tonefd nl|htiDKalit 
Date dalU of tiding (mmi, 
JtauBttb nrettlj all tba sight 
Vilb plai»ti*a wail, 
JlniU lb* lijr-btrriK dark aa win*. 
DwrUlBg In Um Itatj gtvr* 
\MMr< n« BMial «Ut> ua; ntra, 
Vk*rc tb* noukina faila Dot atar 

Ttmagh tba Tnulaga of the MM, 
AM tba wbUjr Uaapcat aor«r 

SiitB tba dMrarfd ImT vlib braaca— 
Then wUd Baathaa icaraa for ajr, 
lajoyaai mvby, 
Attunit iba DTm(b who n«i»«d bia joiitb dJTia*. J 

TbiM aoMtanqr of the bird to on« ravonred >pot, and to one farouriU 
' boak, hat br«n nft«n noted. HhnlcoapMUV, who acbloiia allndea to 

' .fjvkjliu^ JgtmtBHitmi, r. 1 1* *ff. Mr. Uonbtod'a Innilallea. 
' /\wu */ Caiultut. TrMitiaUd I'y Tliaudorr Mtrtia, p. 101. 



POBTS Aira TnaHTiwjALra. 

the n!^lititi^1e, fknd who makM Portia fmy that tnoro than hilf tbi 
chRrm of her song i« iMit by the silence of the 8urToun<lmg oi^t, • tud 
erideDtly obeenrcd thia Iwbit, for Jiilwt t«]i8 her lover whpn ho in 
cftlled from her by Iho lark's moiiiing song — 

It wn th" iii^liliiipiTe, Bnil not lli» UrV, 
Thu pifirrwl tl>c fBurnil holtov at lliinn mr; 
XifflUly tit rii^< IM jr<»>ul pomeffrana/i! Iiw.t 

The poets have often attributed the st>rroTS of the mgihtii^ilt to 
tlio loR8 of her young, Virgil comparce with her nng th*t of OtpbiL' 
after the low of Euiydice : — 

So PliilDmoIa, 'mid the poplar slisda, 
, F''nii»ii>< liar captira tiii>od~-tli« trad bind 

Siiw tli<'ni nnpluianl. nnd took Ihnn— hot nil aiglit 
Or>ei'«6 tilia. aod. (ittiDg an n boiifib, rum o'er 
Her wrctthod ul«, »nd fllln Un> wooda wiUi woo.} 

Thoro is n atory toll) by the Rev. J. Lambert, aomHimo Fello" rf 
Trinity College, Camhriiige, wbicli rfiowa bow true to nature WM to 
poet's description iu this psuisage. Ha rnya that he coce fbnnJ *• 
keeper of a toll-gat© neai- Cambridge, aud bis wife, both plua^ in • 
stftto of deep ilpjectioD, and, iipon bia iniiuiriug th^ caust^, hovoa Wl3 
that a oig^htitigule irun in the babit of siii^JJug evciy iiight near iVo 
cottage; bnt somr hoys hud stolon ber young from the nest, and SbI* 
her losB the mothcr-liird had uiotirned all night hi a Btraln of«ii* 
irresistible pathoh that she had infeeteid the gate-keeper and his "i^ 
with her own melancholy. 

A reason moi-e commonly Assigned for the grief of " the gratis ^ 
who ainga of pity bcMt," is tluit she is sutFeriug from the |imng>of 
We know how 

Th« luacj siTMt of Fenta faiffii'il tha lor* 
or ill" m1iii>tuouM rem and nlghtiiigale ; 

aad in English [K>etrj- she ts " the love-lorn nightingale " — 

Tho wttkffUl nightingale. 
Wheal! night 1«D|{ ber amoTOui dMcant pour*; 


Tan** bar viAe* i>i lofl caDipUInu of lore. 
Making her IIf« our great hurmoDJout nroo; 

• TlhTnl 

Tlio niglitin^Tile, if »ho(!ioulJ ting br dny, 
When ererj gooie is ciicktinu:. vould ha thoiiitbt . 

No better n mnEicinn thiin llie urao.—AfVrfiiixf qf (oMf*. ' " 
t ffanvK mid Juliet, iu. 5., Coatmsl witJi th'.a |iii>iii*j{a tho following &«n^ 
attributed to S!llllte^p(>■^^■ in 'ITu PargioniiU Pili/Tin : — 

Whilv FliilonivU iiiib nail aing>. I sit itttd mark, 
And vti«!i ItiT Inya were lun^d like Ihe laik. 
For sh" doth VDlcome dayligbt wtlli her ditt^. 
J Virgil, G«irsir i». 61 l-fllS. TRinnIiited by W. 8. Landor, in Dry ■ 



poet of the Stiuons thou^t she craglit to be li*ppy ccoagb 
r fam ber ovn blcoaedoen : 

kightitigtlr, bM pMt of thf gniTs ! 

Tliat iiUintiTo atnis md no'tr bi<li»iK to tl)o<v 
BiMt in lb* fall {ttncMiua oT ih; Inrr : 

Ua<l that ilnia. iirenl nigbiingiJe, to nut 

' nlfttoi a tradition tluit it ia a good omaa for loren to bear tbo 

before " the sorry Uid, tbe lend cuckow," and Blillon haa 

tbU superatitioD tiio mcivt mtuicad of hi« soniMbR. Both 

of tbcir bftd ludt, but Lh«j would aeem to have been 

nnfortutula ; and loront may oonfort tJieniKlva that tho 

in favour of tbeir hnring tbe nigfatiognle some time before 

I's alMUow bill." Indood, C'owpor hiu) llio extraordinary 

h^r'tiqaid notca''BO early as " tbo for«iooHt day of nil 

and velcomcd tlivoi, in but dejection, a« containing a [ttt—ge 


ThiiN vtlcoM*. t&nl far nan; • long 

Ami J-»f|eM fur hara I. 
A* tbuu ta-«t*r, pnt CoriJi Mjr MMif 

B«niwlli ■ vintty tky. 

I Rwootcet of all snmnier'a barbingera. Ben <loti«OD, ti«i»- 
. a tOddi of moderu buKy onu of Safupbu'* Hweot stny venes,* 
r ^ai uigel of the spriog." No enperstition i» oimilod 
■ « welcoaie. 

tinuBi a quMtion has been raited wbetber tho po«^ were 
OtlUug bor flODg HO Md and moumfuL She was fluently 
I aa tlio on* exception 10 the g«neml joy cf eammur :— 

EroyiliinB did baniifc mwD. 

Sar* ttit niffallogal* alon*. 

8fc<^ poor bbd, a* hU fcrUm, 

lMa*d her brvat agataat a ibMrn.f 

Aad tlunangtlMdoUrnUcatdiUy 

Thai to faanr il ■■* gnM pity. 

Ft», Oa, fi«, DOW wadil aha crj— 

Tmm, Itm I b; ud 1>7 ; 

ThtX to btor iMir u (sapUin 

9e»n* I ooald frwn Imm lefrais, 

For hergtiar N> lircl; nbowa 

Mada n* think upon minv own. 

— Ah : (boqgbl L thou maatwtt. in vain, 

Kone take* piiy c>d tby paja : 

braii'Ura tno, lliP7cnmat bfttrdMti 

Km' . thaj aiU not dM«r thM j 

iXn. QniWDUii;. 1*1* ImI Bvmr:— 

Kntn Dighlii^ialp •» ■i«z<(ti . 
Ob '. tL* Uan* so Uiurev ir«i ! 



King rnndion. he U dMd. 
Alt iby Invo'iii u« iHpjinJ in 1elt4: 
AU ih; Mlow-liinlii •!'> *lii|t, 
Car«l«M Cf Ihy xortriviiiii;. 
Eren «Q, poor MnJ. liko thc», 
Kouo uiivo wi!l pity mo.' 

Chancer, iodeed, speaks of the "merry nightingate" but ho alio hit 
" tho merry organ of tlio miuw," n«a>nmg thu wileiDii church organ ; toi, 
in fact, the ej)itLet did uot then convey its prwont moanii^ hntvM 
applied to liny hearty and vtraiuouM effort. The fint attempt to nfntt 
the popular opinion the itightingnle is, as it apixarod to UilUn'i 
pouMve niAn, n " moMt nitmicnl, luoxt mduncholy bird," ia to be fooad in 
Coleridge : — 

A m»Uiifholy birJ ! Oh idle tbongbt ! 
In Nftture ttirre in iiutbiDg molanoholf. 

But BOniK n^glit-vmiiteriiig timn. wliuw hvaet WjIR plaicnj 

With iho I'umonibriUioe of \ grioviius. wroiijt. 

Or elow diBtemppr, or nogleclod luvi',— 

(And BO, poor wretch, filled »11 tlimgi with hiniieir. 

And miido all gentle loundB lell biu'k ths Ute 

Of hiB uwD sumjv.) he. and luc'i lit hf . 

Pint BKinnl ihrte uoioii n moUiwljoljf ilnta ; 

And nuiny n pout ochoes [hvi coiu:ui(.t 

And agiun in Uie same poem he says — 

"Tie Ihs marry niphlingnlo, 
That CTinrd* xnd burript and prtvipitalM 
With fiistthirk wiublii httdolicioue Dota*. 
A* h« «»r* foMful LliHt iiQ A|)Til night 
Would bo too (liart fur liim ta utiar farlh 
His lovo-chnnt. and dUburtliMi bi» full sonl 
Of nil it4 music ! 

The beliof tluit " in Nature there is nothing melancholy " followed 
catuinlly from Coleridge'a Kubjcctive view of the outer worlcl — that 

Wd r«i^pgre but whnt vo gire. 
And in our lift i%\odt doth Nature live: 
Otira i& ber wuddlai^gHnni^nt, vnrt lit^r iibrvud I 
And would »u f.iiglit bnhold of higher vf-rtli 
Thnn that iiuinimnta cold world nilowod 
To tho poor lovolcai aror-anxiou* crowd. 

Ah I from tho auul itself muit isiue forth 
A light, a glory, a fair iuminuui oluull 
Eureliiplng the eftrtli — 

■ Riohard BamlivM, "A* it fell n[Kia a cIhj" — an odu flalMljr MttitiDtad W 
SbaWpvare in 3^ Fttnni'ivalt Pilffrtm. 

f Coletidg.', Sil't/lline Lfitrn. ■• Tha Siglitingal(< : a ConnirBatioD Poom," ApB 
1T9S. llnrtlny Coluridgti baa a [lociii on Ihli "diacovery* of Lib fatbrl ("Tbt 
Xigbtingulc." Tol. ii. p. Hfl), He sponlu of him as " a mighty bud" who oa i1b 
occiuioD found out ■' that mighty poct« may miilakcn be " — ou itMfiatiUe nggMlfaa 
of the old logical pvul'- uf Kpimenidc* the Crvlan '. 


Aai ftiM Ik* Hd itadf MMt tlwM b« Mat 
A >waM ami pMaat iwe, of iu «wi Unh, 
or aU •*«<( aimd* Uii t)f< ud ilwul I • 

fto tbM*«lK>lHi) to tho Xfttiuv-ironhipof WoRbwortli, loving 
I of life, ftnd flympAthising with th« jove and sorrom whieh 
■ ermtarat «bM« with man iu (li« ;;eoffial Btnij;^ for exut«noo 
Dt, tli«« linn of Colsridg* will aMOi to atoot of here^, 
I no wsaaaa Min tbe enr-vnlic! plot of ieuity. They would 
; that th» (ugfatiDgal»'s aon^ i» infinitoljr ruvnu, utd tiMt 
of itaujir oBotioiu^ 9OII10 pleuutf mid Boms lad, lo 

Is tlM Biit-Bort bMIt of 2Ti*' 

Bcr pmJM dMpi a mcm jojr. 

ronLd qoottt the vetSM in which H&itloy Coleridge gives 
rlfatsnaw: — 

Ti* tvMt to luar the mmtj Uric 

That bid* • htitha gooAiaormr ; 
Bat tvMlet U hkrii, lii Uw t*liikliog dark, 

To tk* aoMltias aoog <tf •corow. 

Oh dubtlnipiU ! wfaadMaibaoU? 

Aad u *lw Bd cr jaUjf 
For na'cr on mrlh waa aoimd ol loiTtli 

So like to ni*lai>c^l7. 

Tka mpriT tark. lie sasn oo high, 

.Vnwiirl'ljr I lina|tht «'<«tak*a him; 
fl* *JB|p aload to Ui* eUar Ua* iky 

Awl thadajli^t Ihot avsltra lii4D. 
At mri a la j, a* l«nd ai gaj, 

Tha Rixhtfniala it irilliiv; 
Wiih brlian blUa, M law than bin. 

llur Uula lirarl 1* IhrilUng. 

Yat arif and annn a *igh 

P«c» tbinagh bM larlah mllth ; 
Fcr llio lark'a bold ««■( i* of lb» ikr, 

And htn ii af tli« urih. 

Bj nlghl and daj slie Innn bar laj 

To drira awa; all kutov ; 
For Uka, alia ! Ui-ajfthl mM (aa, 

And woo maf mm* lo-inorTow ! f 

' hownver, geon-allj oxprMses a pasuoD so iotnitKC Ui»t it 
' analjiacd into aoy chcttper emotioD*. It hurtu into the h«srt 
, h> MuL Brovniiig's poem, tho ronienibranco of her own fieroe 

rn; — 

W* Mimi knew If mtr natura nmat 
XflitiMialaoata aartb or IntaAm hMTan. 
Tha alghiJn|E*lm. th* elshtinvJca ! 

.'■f^Sa* il/ai*j, " Itfjrcilon: aBOd«.''ir. 
"ridfa, roL L p. 61. Utomi, ted adIUoii. 

Wr polled with lorr, wc liook *rirh lorf ; 

We kiHpd so cloit vr mutd not tow ; 
Till Oiulio uliinprri). "Swwt, abovo 

Gih!'* Kvrr KimranlBPs rliii Now." 
^nd thmutth liis Tonls iho nighlinsnlra 

Dravp .iriiight mid fuU ihcir lung elm oil, 
Ijlr niTova ilipjiigh liMDic mnilf, 

Aud lorn v*t awful in it nil. 

Tt>« uightLngkle*, tha a!|clitin|t^t'ii I * 

At Uie ml of die pot^m, Bumca in almotit maddened by Oie 
perdsttnl repetition of an Aoguish so llk« h«r own, and cries out— 

Oh ffwl-liki) had* t Th*; tiog for ipilc. 

Thry ling for hut, Omj aiog for tloom '. 
"Xhty'n ting tlirn' dcatli who eiug ilin>* nigbt, 

li)«)'ll aing iind *liln nm in itii' UiRili ! 

The nightingnloii. iJio DlghllogaUai! 

Willi oil this fiery jiasaion tliere seems, mort'over, to he MmetlfilM 
feeling in the bird. It has been remarked tbnt she usu&lly sdorti ii^ 
her Kong o. plnce where there la n good echo. She also Hecnu t« ^<rt 
the proverbial jealousy of artiste. " Nightingales," says Piiny, "anuWc 
one nnother, mid the cont«ution is |ilujiily an iinimnted one. 'Hte 
eonqaered often ends its life, its siurit failing snoner than its roag. 
Nay, tboy will not brook a htimau riTid. The atory of Stmda'a cij^*^ 
ingale, as told in Latin by Vincent JJouine, and by Cowper in Eu^lisb, 
ia well known : — 

Tlie shephnd tonchMl his rred: nmt Philomt'l 
Ettnyal and oft i<iuiht«<! to rutrh tlia ttrsia ; 

And Irvtuiirtng, mi on Iipr vnr tlii'.v fi^ll, 
Thii numbcre, cchord noto for note Hgaln. 

The contention which ensues leads to a fatal end : — 

Hlio darf4 the tnilt, mid, riling us lie rt«p, 
' With nil (lie fin*c?c Umt paniaQ givts inHp'Htd, 
Bvlumcd till? sonode BwbiU ; limt in the cloov, 
Eihnustiul fell, tnd »t bis fut upirad. 

Tennyson represents her, however.'as secretly owning to herself' 
fluperjority of the poet's song : — 

The niglii-tij^it« thought, "I bavecuiig ainny tongi, 

Bat n CTtr n ona lo gay ; 
For be fings &f whnt the world will he 

When tho yiars have died Jiwnj'. 

And one of Mrs. Browning's allegories fifavwa how the bird !a indttoi 
to the poet for the gloiy of her eong : 

.^uid n pi-oplo to A poFt : " Go out from uatmg m atniigblWK;^. 
Wbttt VD tin ihinkinit ranhly Ibinp. tbuu liagwt of ditrina. 
Thcrc'a a litlto fair brown niglitin^Hl<' -thv, titliiiB ia lh« gil«vay. 

M^n fllUr music to our cor ihim nn; auiig of ihiDa!" 

* Mm, ]lroiraiiig, Bitnca amenff tii Xyiiiagalti, 

Ibpott *«i>t aatvM^Off— thnia^tingdoc««*ed<fautuig: 
■- Ho* nhMtdarr, than kiB^"B>'t- " >'! ^7 awcelnnt don* T ' 
"iMMMIBDKBiTiwrtliljr things lIwliMVMil; pott WMliSff, 
Wkca* higluM husonj indiuIrH At l««i«t nndar •an," * 

TatSj, «h«i botb ruib uul bird ure dead, th« muBie UH i& the place 

Wu <aly at Ui* |ic>l'* Mat. asd not th« nightingaS***. 

Tie £iUo IU7 be constnted Utcfally. A lutlo of poetry has boen thrown 
mad iKis 00711115 tniiutriO by tli« love snd 1uii«ful worship of the 
iattnljr pwU. Sh« has fcuud » peamge from h«r eouI to mns, and 
upj' u answering itoUi ih tninglc<l with li«r Diitive Ntnun, (tivuig it k 
tiduH and variety of suggestion tL«t is not 8nr])a«aed in any natural 
TOuL Unr Mog ia tbm, for tho cnitimtcd, in liarmDiiy tritb the 
BdUist lunutloiut — hope and remotw, devotiuu to the dmd, and paMionale 
Ivwof the living. It tremhli'ji n-ith the pntbon of Catntlt», and nwcIIn 
vitb thu nptare of Keata. like a Toiee from higher I^Tela of life, it 
diip ODt the fntrfut wamingM of an unh<vilcd (.'nnnndra ngtiiniit the 
GilkacM and tyractiy of m^n, and then thrills us with fluch an exfjtiiaitQ 
i wdwB o M ijf hopT and low that "the nightingalo^ awnko" in our ovn 
, and fill tu vith joy. 


■ Mr*. Itrovuing, Tte Art wul fV AM. 


c l^ill Sribts of f iirm:». 

lOrdiniHyidM of nomadlo tribee ie ttiAt they Arc a Inxy, iluftles 
raw, who wander about seeking piuturngo for tlicir flocka, aud oect- 
sionnlly, like tlio IIuiui, Arabs, ami Turtars, vaiy the iBonotonj' a'. 
thoir «xist«nce by wnging wars of conquest on the peaceful, scttlol 
inhabitiinfs of tlie cultivated plains. NomiulH, theraforo, oa tbo vbcle 
bear but a yery indifferent diamcU^r. Such i-oving bands as the Kunk, 
Pians, or Oauchos arc hcli) to be, in[]irod, a little xuperior in civiliMtion 
to mare liUQtei'3 or fiaberiucn, but iaiuieAaurably bolow tbo dvvlUniu 
the towliuuts, who support thoiiiHclves by agriculture anil majiufactuni. 
But this geaei^dlaatlou U apt to be misLtken in eomo cuart. Tlie !^l 
tribes of Bitntu are cultivators of the soil, and gather in their hamA 
with much liard work and trouble, yet they are as bomelem and doomn 
to roam as any lindouin or Mongolian of thcra sU. Rice can be gra*t 
on the fat plain-lands year iiftctr year with never diminished rrtiira, un 
no greater lubour than is implied in turning loose a number of bn^ca 
or oien to poach up tbo soft ground with their hoofs, as an «o*y «uM>- 
tute for ploughing ; and lator on setting tbo women and young duUrat' 
to plant out the young seedliuga from the paddy nursery, an optnCim 
effected with a little knobbed stick nnd not iucompatible vriUi imo kin g 
ft cigar. But on the steep hill-sides it is a very different matter, tbus 
the jiiiiglo grows fast and dense, and the torrent ruinK wash away all lbs 
BoiJ that ia not held together by the roots of T^«table growth of Md« 
kind. About the month of February the hill peopla hava to set itml- 
clearing the jungle from the elopes near their temporary village. I'l 
after year it is the same, for when one crop haa boon groim the 
out soil miut lie fallow for seven summers and winters before it 
yield a hftr\'eBt again. Therefore, when the cold woathcr is ilra' 
to a close, each householder selecte the patch which he proposes to colt'' 
vatc and sots about cutting do>vu the jungle on it. It u hard wort i* 
any case, but perba|i3 least so when the trees are %iwy Urge. This wSi 
seem puzding to an oi-dinary woodman, but is explained by the ingcaiV 
device of theae experienced foresters. They cut a slight notch on ll* 
under side of the bottom iaw of trees, and proceed upwanht, for !*• 
clearing is always on a !(Iope, cutting graduully deeper and deeper int^ 
the Btems, and leaving as a rule the smaller trees untouched, until tii^ 
come to the top of the patcli, where the tree-trunks are compleldf 
through and, falling on those below, snap them over, and »o the wfc»^^ 
acre or two of forest goes down with one great grinding crash- E' 
with this lightening of the toil it takes many daj-s, but by the «ld 


April Ihe jtmgle hu been cut long enough to be drj And ready for bom- 
iag. But still the uixiettefl of the cultivntor nro not nt tin end, and 
ooneidenble jodgmeitt haa to be exercised in even so seemingly slight a 
tuttor OS ehoosing the time to set fire to the miscelUuunus benp. Tha 
hugs treo-trrmk? rEujuire a lot of burning, nnd often Emoulder for long 
OTer & week. If the timber is Ered too long before tht; riiins come, the 
Mb« bcoontc dry and light, and are cniricd off by the wind, so that a. 
I great portion of the furtiliaing element is lost, and only u v«ry ccanty 
ttof a tho result. If, on the other hand, tbe kindling is too long do- 
lled, lb« nun conies and vxtingtiiabe« the flames. Greut half-^harred 
lep cnmhcr the- ground, and tho undeigrowth beoomrw soppy and wet, 
Uit vriti not burn at all, and a more or lexa total failure of the harvest is 
the result, with most direful conBttjuenoes to the farmer, Thia hill rico 
cultivation is therefore a tt-rribly uncertain support, and yet there is 
little to replace it ; for tea and coffee plantations, even if the tribesmtii 
bad the requisite aldll and experience, would have but a very doubtful 
f^nm of succeoE ; besidea that yon cannot eat tca-leiLvcs or grow fat on 
toAw'beAiw, and the lowland Barmans would hardly barter a KuSicient 
qttantily of rice, Uie staple of Oriental life, for such cotnmoditiea, and the 
bill raismtuut^ would therefore probably have to starve. 

But aoppoelng all to go well — tbe masB of timber to be well burnt, 
the surfiicn of the ground to be broken up by the heat, and the first 
ndruto come immediately afterwards— there is abundance of hard work 
teforethehmbandman. The whole of the Geld has to bo laboriously 
boed with the rudely fsahioned " mamootie " to mix in the ash manure, 
•nd then follows the sowing. In some few lucky places, found two or 
thrMtiniee in thenomitd's lifiHiine, this may be done by scattering broad- 

»aa.i; but in tbe groat majority of districts it is a far more toilsome mat- 
ter. IIol«a have to be dibbled in the ground — ^not the soft slirae of the 
plains, but obiitanat« monnt.iin soil — and into each hole a precious grain 
"f tico is dro>pped. After a short time, when the young plants have 
sprung up a little above tho surface, Indian corn, cotton, and capaicumK 
*n planted in between the ridges, to serve as a laat resource in case tho 
^ij crop -ibould fail ; and near the frail bamboo house, run up in a. 
"^Jtcrcd place hard by, there are yams, their tendrils creeping over 
"Offle logs laid there for the purpose, a row or two of sugar-canes, some- 
*''*t stringy and Hapless in Fuch uncongenial ground, and a score or so 
"Mel vines to unppty the leaf wherein to wrap the areca nut, the frag- 
"•"t of tobacco and cutch, and the •OM/i'^n of lime which will, when 
I ™**ed, fumLih philosophy and resignation to the farmer if all does not 
I B" ••©l]. Ercn with the sowing the toil is not over. Occaaionally the 
"Kitl refoHes to produce even one year's crop without irrigatioD, and 
'~*''=ial channels have to be dug and conducted through the clearing, 
j It" *^»finit« care in necessary to prevent the water from carrying off all 
'^^^^rth with it. Then a small hut has to be built on jjoste in tho 
^^*<« of tlw 6old, and aoma member of the iamily has to be perpetually 



OU.Wfttch tlictre ngainst birds and lieuEts. By dny notity fiodct Mta| 
Ii^ Bad sci-eamiiig gi«eD pairoU wouJi) fain devour tlie Hpeoinf pll$l 
ftnd bj' uighb herds of wild )>igB would eoon root up uid daitraf tb( 
whole field. In additiou to this, if the ric« is stunted in its gnvth 
tli« wi^ds nre not. Two or thn« limes during tbo Nummer the vliob 
fumUy has to tuiTt out to rescue Uie corn fi'oui Htmnpilation, utd Iht 
jouthful bigbtFUutcr is called upon at a very cnrlf age to Uaia botacf 
enough to disorimuiate between young riee pl«&t« and tares. At le&(1& 
iu September or October reaping commenceB, and tli« crop is gatfacndit 
and stacked up neiu* the hou^e in a sheltered pluco, irherv tbe «iU 
mountjun utotins will not catch the stacks and »cntt4-r them ortrib 
hiU-Bldc. Thresblug the gr^un out la not by any means the Uj^teet fUi 
of tbe work. In the plains tiie lazy Burman ptaoo* hu eboTM Id i 
double circle with the heads together, and his bullocks do the work b 
him, and ho i^ not cuefu 1 to tniuzle the ax that trcodoth out the cotn tht 
wbiJ* he leiauielj puifd a contemplative cheroot. But the hill men bu* 
neither bufikloea nor oxen, and must, therefuro, pntiontly beat the an 
agninst a lojf of wood, or humbly tread the paddy out with their own 
nuked feet. The two methods ar<; utiualiy combinod, for it iii difficult H 
say whidi is tlie moie w&uisome and monotouoiiB. Then attboendif 
tho ycnr, when at lost the rice crop has been stored up, the hSl nce 
make visits to the low countrv, currying down in long proconoi o( 
Indinii file betel nuts, fowls and pigs, wild honey and bMn'-WHX, viU 
oardumomH, and thelilce, wherewith togsttheinselvfsalittlemoney. biit 
a little more rice perhaps, aud Bome obeap cotton goods, aikI tput 
clothes againfit the cold weather, to supplement the poncho>like cdoib 
that the women weave fui' them from hill-grown cotton, comfortlsM p^ 
meuts with a hole for the head and clumsy foldx ■*"*!" ng down to tbt 
knee. Now aud then speculative Chinese podlani toil up tbio inounitt 
jtalhs, with their baskets balanc^ul over iheir oboulden aa the Ualot 
sUeks without which a Chinese coolie is uaelf^; but tlwraimnallTi^ 
fit to be made out of the mountain wanderei-a, andeuob vials are lookri 
upon un gi-eat events in nomad life, and Ah Gwan or Boon lA, 
the Chinese packmen, newly set up in businees as they are, will preb^ 
never make such ventures agtLin. 

Then aftei' a short season of leisure, che(|uered by estrousals as long 
as the "kboung" or "sheroo'' lasts, heady liquors occupying an inW' 
mediate position between spirits and beer, aud an occasional opiun pf. 
got from the poppies which grow without any lending, the en«I of JaaWT 
comes round ^oin, and the whole labour has to be gone through we 
more on a new piece of ground. Is tlie course of three years At moeti^ 
villagers have usually fuiiahed the cultivation of all the land in the ia- 
mediato neighbourhood of their settlement, and it in neoMMrj toaafc 
out " fresh h oods und pit3.tuii;6 new " iu a very literal aauM of the word. 
SaaiGues are tniuh to the spiiits of the foi'eet, the hilla, *nd the air; tht 
vise man of the community pilches on a lucky day, and tbe olden w* 


«sil oat to TCut^ for « new locnlit]:. Thnr itr|mnt« and «acli goffi hia 
vn -wny, prwp-tiia^ tinlil Im fiiuLi a jiIim wLich si^emK to him tmlteUe. 
Ee lakm n ckd of earth and carrirr* it Ixipk with him. ntiH whcm nil hnvn 
ivtnrTMd nch dd«r \mta hia clod of earth under hn pill«w at night, and 
■waita a (avoarablo omon ia hU alccp. Next momii^ nil Urn drounx are 
cacapand, and the most promising of these det«nnin«s the site to which 
te Tili>g« ahall be removwi. If nn riephant, or a i-ultnre, or may gajr- 
•)o«i*il or imiuaal vUd animal, fii^r^e in a dmam, it is a good prcaage ; 
Ml mm loaded cart or n <^an full of wnt«r, n do^ or a gout eating, a man 
aurriog msit or «u);ar. On the oth«r hand, a goldstnith, a barber, a 
taqKnter, a eotton doaner, a amith, a tailor, an^ mort ill-oicened iiigbtH, 
In tiw ptiiicipl« that aacfa hnndipraftsmcn h»v» nothing to do with the 
US Itibea, aad enggrat nothin;; ran mncfa >k inifrntion to the plains to 
■Bf>< otarvatioti. An e<}na!ly unlacky vision in a n-i>1ow or a corjwc, 
tn aiptv jar or a man cnrrrinK weapons of nay kind, butter, ocl, or milk. 
Suft iletalla hare to be cartfully coondervd, for it is very seldom that 
tt* Mm% dream dnamx bearing obrion-ily on thn sdiifting of the riUa^, 
«d It la nennRaiy to neelc a sign in the other mAnifentations. Vei7 
tatritv points ncnuinnally turn ap, &k vben the ilreamn' wca a hmrily- 
ludfld out, Imt the vehicle capdies, or Inu a i-ision of a dead bo^y sur- 
fMrnded bv Titltiir'«. Th? good baa then to he vcighed against the bod, 
«ad "ImUng etaea'* have to )« a<hluced, a book of which precedents 
•fifry wijo man of any credit alwny s law aliout him. Tin- nNttination in 
vludi the rolture is hdd, it may be mentioQed, ariiwa from the fact that 
W ia a good Buddhist, and tx^vrrr t-ikra "the brpath of flontittg lifn," b-ut 
inritsB to live in AMetie fashion on can-ioo. If none of the dreams give 
fc ap c, or point ncdnxrvely to any parttcular ptnvP, thn mea am nnt to 
^j (rat the land again and seek inspiraliort na 1«fan^. If the result (s 
more rtmnlfafftctory, nmnrM b had to another meibod. A fowl is 
ifced with grrnt solMnnity, atid the pioneers nt down to e«t it together. 
It daw niH takr loni; to gi-t through it. Thelrnncs am picked quite clean, 
are then brolcm in pieros and thrown into a basket or an earthen- 
jar. Ontof thlaeach ef t]u!rtdcr:itaku« a ftagraent aft«r tlio village 
haa redted totoe " mantras " and incantatioos over it. The man 
draw* out the largest pteoe of lione in ilengnaled as he who in to 
ottt the p«op]e, and the pboo Ite has hit upon is adopted for the new 
Wttiaint The few household goods are xoon jqpitlicnyl together, tliu 
*ihp« ii braken np, and the wliole community wts ont to the ucw site 
1^ dKmu New hnfo of wattled bamboo with thatched roofs coming 
itm down to the grmind tar mo up in a day or two, and then tbo ftvail- 
*^ rifK-Lui'l — DOW ilnua.> formt— is allott^ iimong the bonacfaoMen, or 
*f,w iit more frwinently tlie ease, the luil it cultivatnl in common, tlio 
^^*^ Maogm to each hi* puticiilar share of the work and everything 
Ti i|aiatly and peaceably. The aept aeldom wanders VC17 far from 
'■ "r^nml rwtg* t4 hitla. TIm nomadic changes usually take plaoe up 
* dovn tbo oonnc of some mountain stnam, from which fisfa old bo 





otrtunad to aks out n Muity livclibood, nnd tlu> ckn tu oStea W not tokaa 
it* BMBB firom this etreND. Thna, as tber« ia do wubUaoe of Uteimture, 
or «vmi in most cue* of a wriUoo chtuuctcr, Ui« dialeeta aru eaiutwitljr 
dlMlging, and tLo ptUoU of one Mtttein<nit U oAcr qait« uniatclligibla to 
tlw dwdlLin in a village oolj " thiee lulls off," ucooidin^ to tbe grsfliio 
phraseology of mountain rockosung. 

WlicD tli«y VDJpj lupP7 ataaoaa, these nomadi — Karenna, Chjrcns, 
KyavB, Kyoangthahn, Tonngthaha— knov nothing whatoTer of tlw 
regnUr worsbip of higher heingft. Am they pMB tlirougli tbe Jungle 
OD a hunting or tntpfnng exctumon the; may berv and thoro tic down 
the topfl of n shoot of bamboo and deposit « few humble oflbciogs of traits 
and flowors to tbo " nnt " guardian of the pUco ; but tkoru ii no r^olsr, 
Bystem&tic wonbip, tliougfa tbe fe&r of tlie qiirita is aJwajrs on cbeiD. 
When, bow<^rGr, bod tiroca coukt, they oacribe it to the anger of the 
dcoaons, either at neglect or on account of some particular oflbnce, and 
tbcy sock to propitiate the oflistdod HpiriU with a moie organised war* 
ship. Tbe two spirits most regnlarly reTeronced are the " nat " of th« 
Jungle and the "nat" of tho villiig«. For the fixnner, in seasons of 
public oalamity, such as famines or long- continued drought, a little hat 
is poiodioill/ built in tho forvst, a guuililj-dreeaed wooden image b 
sometimoBset up, and»*crificeBof fowls, oSeriugs of lamps, trail, fiowets, 
and oookedrioe are made for a time, with many prostrations and muttend 
prajram. Tho headman of tbe villsgo and of melt «cparato houMboId— 
fbr the systeta of patria pote^taa uuiversally preTatle — directs all the 
arraagemoDts of tbo wonbip, and tho revennce paid for tJie time is vtry 
grfat, aiid becomes the oocanion of a continued feetival. Neverthdeai, 
though (he wgrabip is thtis casual and interrupted, there is n constant 
fear of the demons, and a desire to propitiate them whenever it can ba 
done without too gruit troublo and cxpiMise. When a new clearing is 
made, a couple of tr««e or so ai'e always left alaodJng by eadi party of 
woodmon. This is fur tho haUtntion of tho Kplrita, thu fauns and satyn 
of tbe place, who would otherwise be rendered homeless and would 
wander shout incctsaantly, a dangerous enough proceeding in itMilf, but 
rendered tenfold mora so by the feeling of resentment which must iDOvit- 
ablj bo Hmouldcriug in the bosoms of the evicted " nats-" Such wsnder. 
ing spiiils havo boon frequently known to fall upon tbo lonely wayfarer 
in tho forest paths and shake bim so violently that be lias either died oa 
the vpob or has had bis brains hopelessly confused luid muddled np for 
tho rest of bia life. Such dire contingencies are proTided against as far 
BS possible by the oxpodient of Iraving a few tret* &om Mtch strip of 
jungle felled, into which the dryads may retiie and find a home. A 
superatitlon of a like duuact«r is said to be sUll found amonjt thu Lithu- 
anians, who are paitkukrly careful not to cut down thedr oom-flelds to 
the last stalk when they are harvealing. In the laat few stem* left 
Rugia Boba, tho com mother, dwells ; and if she were U4l Iwmdm 
fiunine would probably bo the lot of thu iccklenly greedy a^cullurixU 



Tte Saaona Iwvo &1m> ■ MtniUr mgard prentlant unong Ihcm for Hub 

btter^X Ccn*— a middte-aged, aoroewhat unpoetica] dame, wliom tlt«y 

oUl Mothw Ood« or Mother Harko. Bat tlio liill trilM buIio%-<i aot 

wmAy in ana spirit ot ibe rof««i, but in man/. Id &c4, every groat 

ttca u almoflt cartaia io harv iu iD>lvroll<n-. Not only tlie Ibliago and 

tb» ti«»-tupa, but Ibe Btetne and tbe roots are inbabjted, and tlie tninka 

is tbe (ieptba of tbe forest iu« as likdy to tiarbour tli«ir " boogu," or 

(boita, aa ibe friugeoCtnea left standing round nbOQt the Tillage. Ttme 

'byngu" aj« dixtnrWl If leaf, bcandi, «tein, or root ia bamuxl ; bow 

■wii more (bsn if tbe wbole tree itedf is actuslly bcwo down and 

beracdl Tbe BuiMbiam of tbe pitting witli Us lordly pagodas and 

kwplra. Ihtili iTinntt fnil toimpresttbosamMavageiuind.iudsinkeqiiiig 

wf UuB bcUef at tiu) bill spirit-worsbippen. Under llie e&end •' bavdee" 

few the BwUhas attain to their Kupromo wUdoia, and each succeedutg 

BiMba bee Us own upodal tree. Iliat sacred to Shin Gautama, tbe 

BilAa of tbe present dispemation, is tbe " nyouag-lnD," the f'iev* re- 

fiflOMi, the noble baayau ttee. Wben a twig or a leaf is br^Ven off tbe 

■osd tfee. whetbsr by an nnlucby raitKbancc! or for purpuKM of wonthip, 

At ordinary lowei^ekia Buitdhii.t believes that deprecatory sacrtOoee 

wml be oSarwi up, and pardon wagbt forthe odfimee. In some districts, 

■el flipeeially in China, It is costomary to scratch letters and phrases OO 

Ikt ttvak to spprisa tbe spirit of what bos been done, and to htg pardoo 

1r Ibe oAoosl This rererence paid to trees by tbe sdhennts of another 

fan of fiiitb naturally tends to confirm the hill uitm in tbvir rapcnitilioa^ 

mi boirerer moch tbey may be impressed with awe and sdmiratioa by 

lis taaplss and gikkd shrinw of the plains, they aie inclined tu tv^ard 

as only anolber falling away from the primnval &itb belOQgiltg to 

-Hw lire Ingh np in tiiv uouulninn, near to tbe sun and moon and 

•tan. wbsfe tbe great spirits live, and wbenoe came tbe £iet inhabitants 

<f lbs earth. Tbe lowla&dera, they say, are tbe deeoendants of tbe moun- 

'riniwa, and have dsgsoanted in many raepects from tbrir progenitors, 

bA in iwttiiftg so mnefa as in the seoondary r^ard tbey hare tor the 

^irili of natore. 

Of tbcM iqdtlts tba« are nntnrally Tery many, and It is fortunate 
W tbe tribenavD that tbe nsta of the traes are compsntively inferior 
Wjli, for Us whtAt life is spent in encnaGfaIng on tbe donuins of tbcee 
ta^ p arsonages. To obtain Isnd for bis crops tbe forest mnst ho cat 
'tvs, sad tbe balf-down trees or so that are left standing aflbrd but a 
^>ty anetiiary for the domons, who at tbe best of times are vtrjr TMt* 
W<nstsTfli,aad Utile Ukely to subtuit tamely to a curtailment of tbelr 
HiiUM. WhUs^ tberefuv, paying all tbe ratpect bo postibly can to the 
}s|b Data, aa being most directly brougbl into contact vitfa tbem — all 
** t^istt he OKD, that is to say, oomintent with yoariy making inroad* 
« lUr dodtaiiM — tbe bill man to espeaiaJly careful to reverence tbe other 
^i^ »bo bannt bills, rivet«, lakes, mrtb and air, villages, and even 
■A a^Malu indlvidosL Some, Ulco ttie Kbaeias, reTetenoe parLlcaW 
U'tOfi sod rocby cWb^ into wbieb tbe apirite of tbe night deeiccoid aM 





hide theinwJval swnj, Mid this ia {wrticalkriy Uw case with tliow lulk 
where, aoconUof; to & wtdely-aprtttd ccutom, Uw dtad an buried. Aiooag 
th« Knmiuis tttvn i* ■ [Muticalar hill, tli« Natiilloo, the p««k of the 
BmImm, nuui-ealing ogres, which not a nmn of tlium oould bn prevailed 
opoD (o uonnd, no nuttar on vhitt t«niptation. Others, Again, like tli« 
Kbomia, wwship the earth as tlie autlior of all that tlMy tiimimii, and 
also the son in ita nododajr hoigbt as the pl«K]ge of their mitty from few; 
or, like the Khurka Khols, Join it wilii ibe inooa ami re;;ard the MaiB w 
tbeir children. A* a rule, boweror, the onljr visible plaoea for wotuhip 
in (bo mountain villagM are the t«ra or three trees left ataniliug when 
iho fotTiit is cleared nway. Olfrring* of fruit Mtd flowers and cooked 
meats may oocasionally be seen depoBitcd near Ibeee for tlie roKaliag d 
the DAbi, and now and then Iirnnchcs ar* tied down to specblly attract 
the attention of the tpirite ; t>ut it in laiv to find actual ehiinee oonatmoted, 
sHcli oe Tuny t» wn onLwde almont ovoiy small Uurman riltags, wbera 
an attempt is made to fnmish a viaible repceseiiiatioD of the demon, and 
a little thatched house i* built, under a pent roof or np in the braDdtee^f 
a large tree, for liis habiution. Boraetines tJie lillags fpuudian spirit is 
loc^isrd for tlin Nakn nf Burttii-ial cnnvenicnce, a» the KJiond* roveroaee 
the Kadiru Peniui, the hamlet f=]>int, tn the form of a stone unds a 
cnttmt tree, or na the Kyam pince in dtflbrent quarten. antuilly at oppo- 
site ends of the village, upright stones consecrated to the nats of the 
ncighbonrhood. Of tli<«(i two nnt«, repivmnCed by tJie ntoue piUara, 
one, the male on^ the " yuaaonn); nat," guards the village, the Other, ih* 
female, prcaideH o*er the river Sdayoo, the stream vhicfa fignm* lo 
cnrioDsly in many Oriental superstitions, refunding one of (he Styx, and 
concemiup; which ao little information is to be got from those who nona 
the leas firmly b«Jieve in it. Bnt these spdnta thus direct iyreTereucei tij 
the vtllngers are not really hold in any gmUor r>-tinu>ttwi, nor arc (hey 
mote dreadod than any other kind of nata. ITiey are only ihn« Iw 
nourcd because, like thejungIeitpirita,tiuiyai«inoon)itiuitiMideaoe,ao4 
therefore more likely to do harm when annoyed than any of the other 
demonii. None of thn nafji, in fact, aro held in nnytliing like reUfptW 
ni^rd. The worship is deprecatory more than anything else. 2io oo* 
wanta thdr prneenee. If there were any method by means of which tbc? 
might be got rid of, it woold be forthwith adopted, for tho ^Hrits oe^^ 
do any good except in tho n^^tivi- kind of way of preventing oOien I* 
their kind, oretranger hntnan beings, from enooaching on their douuis* 
and poKfiibly doing harm, t^onwequcnlly the religimts aentiuMnt nenr 
developcs itself very strongly. It is only wlien epidemics or bad 
oomc that tlie hill men exert themselves to any great vxtent to 
their Kpiritnal neighbours, or when they are on a joumey in a 
eotmiry and do not know what gliovtn and aerial waaderen they BK 
come acToaa and disturb in their haunts. Then they bestir theosl* 
and make ofibrings and mutter i>ntyerK. not with the view of inrob 
any one's proteetion, bnt merely with the hopo of quieting the do 
and kffipiog tbetn oat of the way. 



Bone of tbc "— **"^« adofited wiUi tliis ot^wt are ntli«r awkwknl to 
for Ti«itdia^ tmkn tbow ju« ac^iainted with tb« 




_ lofwlwni 

v iKtrwDdv btr u>d sUlwut tndividnmb— wlun an epidemic bnak* 
ovt to » nOig*, all the oth«r tuighbouriDg aettleoMnta establififa ftn ele- 
iMiilaij kind of ijOHnuilinc, to bn«]c through whicb aitail* Ttry nnpIcK- 
•wl eattmqmaam co the oflender. The hill Mid rorwt pkths leaiding to 
tb« <llltr4inl TillB^ *** kloektd op in & Iouml' kind of vay. A beun li 
rimf Kn^ tbe truck, ftnd to thi« is fmspendod a hcKvy stone. Any one 
] — ~£ oTvr tbis log burioide troolj luvc to pay tl)» penaltjr iritb hi* 
IBfc, imlf be was ii>U to buy himaetf off with tbo vrei^t of the (rtono ia 
|eU, ■& iim»iliimlj improbtlile coDtiDgency in the cue of moet moun- 
hhw ifcraa. Tliis cnstom is Btill to bs met with to aome oaC-of-tli«- 
I of the British prorinoe of Tenuan-im, and C«ptiun Low t«Ua 
I be attM found hime^ in ft dilemmn of this kind. Like moat 
Wv-bnaikiiig En^liihrnen in fon^ porta, he bowaver got off free. He 
Wlnad altogether to pay anything at all, and tlte hill men viwlj am- 
AM that the cmhmvoar to exB«t bts btood vruuld be almost »» 
loaaa to risk the infection, which it ts eattafoctory to nifario did not 
opoD the Tilt9^;«n> thou intruded upon. Roving demons, who 
I jiut aa readily oury the f«atil«ncc as haman b«ings, an U^gpd off 
Mlpg ban4enbythedepu*itiBgofoffeniigsofthen(ua]kind,moatly 
, an haag man likely to prodnee lethai^, or at any rate good 
l^cr, tluLD fiovcn, a poxy of which iK, however, frequently reiy oooept- 
Hit to the spirita, ci^iecially if it is made up of hftavy-smelliDg orchids. 
In not a few of th* hill tracts there is an anatcgoan custom obMmd, 
rhidi bean a stnoig' resemblance to the rite called "ganna " by the 
B«fore the aeaAon for the commeocement of labour on the 
1 elnritiga the whole villsfo is shut up mtirely, and no ono is allowed 
' tu Wt> or to nit«r the stockade which Nurroundii it. All thcfirfs 
ji^t are put out, and no oookinx is done until the pnworibed 
, vmrytog fron one day lo a week, has paioed over. Thaae lights 
eihUked from a " Kpirit fire," if the district is fortunate enough to 
Wn •oeh a Wiil-o'-thR-wisp-lilut phL-nonionon in its neighbourhood. If 
*Olv tha wiflud or spirit doctor of the community frnniahes fire in 
^XRious tabiao, and mumbles many " giuu " over it before the good 
*ms are allnwed to kindle tho flame on the household hearth. Till 
I ttas been dooa any viHiton there may be, though euch apparitions 
b) mi«t districts exmeding rarilios on the cbcvrlom hill-tops, are 
t oaiside, and have to pravide for IbeoMwlveB In tJie way of tooA and 

■ aa tml they am. Fortunately for them the higfalandera ore not 

*) bhai|iitable in tholr pre|»ratioiiH •■ the Malaya and Acbineac, who 
•ruaiofwn" (sharp-potDtod ealtrops) on Uie paths and featlior 
' beg ^nm witli harlied books which work Into the Sash, or lut oer- 
I Mipii trib«, who hope to make themselvee inaeceaable to demoiui 
r )t«tiftilly Hwinft the puhs with thomt. 
l«* n.yiL— Ko. 278. 1\. 



ftble to M 


Tlie wuret kind of dotaoti that can get into a village' U Um create 
knowu udotifE tlie fastei-u tribes towardii Stam u* " i>lu takln." tixt 
an spirits who have a rnrcnous appetite tbat can amvr be satiate 
and Bwallow eveT}itbii)g thi>y come ■.tcTixtH witli impardiil avidity. ^ 
gmtify tbrir enonnoua appetites, and that tbey may be able to , 
mnudiiio with two moutii* iuxtcad of one, they usuallj' tako 
a tnan and devour tiirough his iostrii mentality. Whore harvests 
unall and so hanlljr won, it in not to bo wondi^rcd at that atxeh a gluttt 
ia the village is regarded as a public catamit}-, and immediate measBi 
are talcea to exjwl this devouring Hpirit from out of tlie m&n. Tl 
trcatoaDt is of the most diaslic character, and tbe oabappj^ poason 
personiige KtaniU n wry fair chaoue of deporting tlua lilo bcTorQ tl 
demon is got rid of. If be survives tbe pmcriptions, internal and exU 
nal, of the ileuiuu doctor, uQil is yet not ddlivev«d of Uie devouring fieiid . 
liis inside, thci-e is notiiing for it but to tarn bitu out of tbe place and « 
him adrift to lind out a localitj wliero tli«re are more eatables to spar 
£ngl)xhmvu tinder the influnncii of the keen mountain air are looked up« 
as purticulurlj Ukdy subJL-cbi for tJie att«utioiu( of the " phi takU." i 
any rate, they all of tbom have such mnarknbly facslthy appetites tlu 
a glutton spirit could nut do better than tulce d]> hiii abude in than. 

Naturally when a man dies there is particular care to be taken ifht 
becomca of hid spirit, for buwevur easy-guiii^ an individual the motk 
nan may have been, experience has proved that his gbost may be al 
exceptionulty teaty, irritable crtnturc, and may quite poaslhly dertkf 
modes of annoyance whicji the living man would have been the fintw 
deprecate. This in nuulo all t}ie wothc by Ibv) fact that, aoeordiag Is 
Eomo opinions, each single individual baa not merely one but four ifMl 
in hii pvnon. Thewi " bongas," when the corpm Li buriad or bwoW 
forthwith run avay. The ono that first reaches the deceased'* bW 
iMlttliM down then ax a spirit of tbe domicile and has tmm«diatety to^ 
propiUated. The other three then hurry on to the nearest monastctf » 
■acred plaoe, and the viuner of thii* sootmd race takee up lua abode th^ 
as the " demon of the buryiog." The two that remain then mA aS pw' 
mell fur Uie forest, where Uie (julckeat of foot installa himself as di^ 
or satyr ; and the slowest of tbe four, typical of tbe wandering tmtai* 
thcm^vns ^ku can find nowhiire a penuaoent lesliog-place for hiitf"! 
wanden about perpetually in an uneasy way and proves to be the 00' 
tnmblcaomo of the quartutb-. He is a ghost in genuine diantcter.iid 
being no doubt soured in temper by his want of 6]m»d, roontt abaalin 
i>ovm>CMStng, noiauiny iwitlrccsnea*, venting his spite on whomseevtrW 
chaooee upon. It is these lag^rd, " unplaced " domons that ovpecisH? 
haunt tbo forest {Nithx and slMke up the brains of luddees travellenvio 
come in tbeir way. Frobably it is the btw that dooms tham to wi 
about which maVtn tiiem approach most in their dMnctsr b 
ordioai; ghosts of other countries, such ax ntight fidi under tbn i 
of the PKychological Society, though that body, if it followed 
(ribas'tufrioc^ would probably leave litem alcoB. These nnj 



•nduasof whom ServioB toll* lu^iuid wbomh«doe*Bot(aO todeaounce 
■i iaagawm. " M*mb sunt illo temporo uiimi?, quo do aiS» rccodea- 
libMWcpotQNUi iiaodinn to aluttntiuiere. Sunt autemnoxuk" Tbuea 
tmmmmu at opbiian stampa them as the most tnubleaome oT tbo lurfa. 

Ths ChiDMP hill triboo bnliov« tliat nuin Ii&h only three BDUte, and 
Omm ot bmtc Mtisrutorily dkpoeed of. Oao appropriatdjr and con- 
nolMitiy nmuns in tbo gnv^, anoHitrr tiiki'H up liis {Nwitioa at tbe 
Mnatnl boftH, and the third roams abont unrestrained in the spirit 
*wU nad not inuwiiJIji juimi earth. Manv of tbc hiil women are fiind, 
m in I&dik, of KiriBR their dead child a dog, or (bjr dint of prajrvn and 
MppUeationM) thr dof>art«d tttnil of an old and experienced penon as a guide, 
(hat the inTant wandenr may not miw its way on the pAth to th« eptrit 
wU. For this rtMon it wan tlial tbn Mon^liaaii Hont aUvea to acoom- 
fu/ their dead prineea. The CtiineM<, how«ivcr, have a more hainan« 
Im. Thef bdievQ Uiat since it in likely tbal tbe dead uaB will be 
MaUe to find his wny nafely to thn world of spirits, and maj n probnbly 
M not stray (rum the tiitlit path, the kings of the under-world furnish 
im with a Uttl«' devil to a«l th« part of guid^ and s«rvant to tho newly 
<«mlmllud sfiult on i(A journey. The Poles used to have a notion of a 
Malar Idml, tliongh limy, lik» the Chinew, did not display it in mxh 
I* nnplauant way for ntrvivors. Il was their custoia to lay bears' 
^w* in the grave, to mtto the dead nuin ns hooks with thn belp of 
*Ueh be nugbt climb tli« gnut rUhs mountain. According to tbe 
tMnoB ootian among the Kiinrnnii, tho dead renew tw " plu-pho " in 
%• woHd of Plu, tinder the .luvereij-nly of the giwit king Cootay or 
I^Mdo, the noRupatioQS which they had followc>J whilo ns yitt mortals 
■|Hi earth—* cnnoos hint at the caste system of tite lUndoos, whieh 
W lu pUoa with the Kunmns while tboy are alive. 

Sane of tbe tribes are n impressed with the dangers that nuty oome 
VfOB tluMn tbmogb drporVd «pints that they destroy tbair villagee 
WWw tba death of a i[rown-up p<inou talcce place, juat aa many negro 
taftw Ao with lh» hooan in which tho dead man ttveil. It is, of ootuBe, 
• -my naple matter with ibem wher» tho boosM are mere wattled j 
ihMtden that can \m mtond in a day's tiotc by a modontely Indtutrioos ^ 
Mb. Vli«t« the bouses are at all of a better and more nubntantial cha- 
*»rfT, •» whsi* the community is fairly numerons, it is generally found 
uBdent to poriiy tbe hvme with the aid of a witch doctor and 
rr~f|3uala the nitw nato. Anything that gives very great trooble is mttc^ 
^■a qNwCly found out to be grossly Bii|>er«(it*ous than a maaaare which 
Viaik no gnat Ulnur, while at the same time, being of a vmr obrioux 
softAdve charactvr, it txeems likely to bo clBcacioati. Tbe destroo- 
of the house or village is of cotine intended to get rid of the 
IS irriiimity of the ilefiarled spirits, who, luvnrding to the i 
nul many iilli«r tribex, witbdraw into a corner of the house ^ 
tho d«atb haa occurred, and have a knack of ntaking Ibeiuhelres 
*— >ily unplotaant unloss they are well carvd W. Tbo Tlo Wva 
> wbkh hi ouriotuf/ at nriaoee wjtii iho Western thnonw sa to 
11—4 J 



ibe kabiU of glionta. Tbii MDiidiinwo tribo nrcr Uuit tlw spirits 
of d«Ml mcD vnnder about during the day, but wbca night coueei od 
retire to thcEt- hoBUt in tho must ticmtaitio pawible way, for all the world 
M if thojT vtun good M>Iid fl««h and blood, Ponibly this Duy be duo to 
the difficulty of HuOduiily clinnjpiig thu hnbitii th«y wen MCuatomcd to 
while y«t thoy oxifitod upon earth in the bodieeof tnen, tad it may le 
only the newly ettfrani-hiiied spiritti that act in thix wuy, though the 
Ho do not iwy to. Tlio oppaaeots of the deetmction of vilUf^ to 
diapoanwt the nata lute a very Mrong ca«a in the argument that aa long 
OS the demons aro in the houses one knovr* where they are, and is 
enabled to GoncUiate thutu with loore or leaa succeea ; wbereui if Ihny >u« 
ruUileesIy evicted they wander about faoEoelew and in an aggrieved 
stale of tntod, likiOy to He oxtrcmuly dangnroiin to tliu luckksn wights 
who come in their way, eqMcially aa the victims hare not tl>e means 
of Sliding mil whi-re to propitiate tliem, howOTci' respectful their nenti- 
metita may I'?. It seems, therefore, that bouse-buming will nbortly be 
altogether abandoned as selfish and aulagoniKtic to the puUic wolfarc. 

Kotwilbstauding the ttoubtes that may be caused by tbo Of, arted 
spirit, the deud are not on the whole so badly treated as perhaixi in oountriM 
where "finrt-class" and " t Jard-cliuw " fiineralfiaTetobohad. Ttiere ate s 
few " dkeU-loo biUi " iu every distilct, where the dead are finally de]>0Mtecl 
and far from uhicii the noainds never go. It is not nlways possible to 
inter It l>ody tW-e immediately. Thedeathmayooeurin thebusyacneMu 
of seed-tiiuc or harvest, luid the corpse is tberoforc buriiid tomporarily 
anywhere near the Tillage, and afterwards, when tjine serves, sometioist 
OS long as several years afterwards, the bonen are carritxl off to the 
saaed hill and there ]aid to rest with a few jove^ or whatever 
v&luables the deoeasod may bare luft hc<}iind. Tli>o oonTinoniul oboerred 
on thwe uccaaious is a tribal secret, aud oacli community kee^is tkt 
oxact locality of it* " ski-luton hill " a.i far as potiMble niiknown tc 
strangers, whether of auotber village or of tho plains. Ordinarily thcto 
hill nomads are m«:lc, harnil«ai', brokeii-ajiirit^ ]MU|ile, as difTerent U 
possible frora fierce Bedouins or raiding Mongolians. They are tn 
hard-worked to have any time for interforiDg with theirnetghhoani, asil 
wish for notliing so much a« to bo lot idone. In British Unrma oust 
of thMn are U'gmning to bo tempted down to settled habitaUons on ti* 
lower slopes, or even in the plnins ; hut in native Burmese territc?. 
where tbey liave bad diie experience of district go\'eru»ni, wlic& 
viDoges occauonally die of famine and pcKtitonoe ntiipr i]ian Tilt 
tboQud^'cs tn the low country, where they may bo scieed and satd in 
slavery. Neverth«le««, in spite of tbdr weakniat, whether for 
or deience, tho hill tribes are proud enongb, and look down upm 
inbabitantu of the lowlands as "Oaktliahs," infcHor |ieople, "Ii)«* 
bom" in thephysieal eunsuof the woni, dcneendants of tba hill men,* 
with no claim to tbeir antiijuity or fo tboir ucanMss (o the hes 
wbeao» came the fidlcct spiritt from whom all mankind ara dem 

Ml rill! 
old into 1 



Sofisttti atib tbt Itclision of lUautg. 

Utoae jjiictniveque aspecU of life which the adv&nce of civiltsaUon 
Jo rodnce U> snioothtMW anJ unlfunnity, we vaaj includo that 
I conflict which m rougher d^y s nted to salute Ui« a]>pcgtranoe 
BDjr nwrkmlljr n«w infloenot! in ccionui', lilentunr, or art. Prpjudicti 
loog ainco BO formidable and ubiquitoUB a giant — now nhows somo- 
CUiiii moro vitalily thun Bunynn'it Pope or Fiifpin ; unit the moa 
w\o atone one of our modem propltcts do it hurriodl}', fccJing that thejr 
■1^ bo intarrapt'-rl at anj'' monKrnt by having to tuuki^ nrranjenivnts 
tor his InlBDuent iu Wealininalor Abboy. 

'Saw, wfailo it wuuld bo ahenrO not to KJoaco in tJiia inereaaing 
(vocpUvJtr of cultlvawd mea — absurd to wi«h tlio stni^le of gonins 
■kaqier, or iU recognition )oag«r ddVrred — w« may vet note one lad- 
■UntaT advuDtui^e wbkb belonged to the older r^»i«, Whik victor; 
WW kppt loofior in doabt, and while tlw conflict woa roogber, the advo< 
of a new ansa felt a (Stronger ohligatjon to tnutfj- it in nil it« 
, and In (ct it forth with iiudi expuHitlon ua mlgfat beat pi-«pare a 
flaM for it iu onltnary mindii. The merits of Wordsworth (to take an 
obrania inatanm) wtne lon^ ignored by tbo publio; but iu the inMintiuju 
bit kdour«n had inptainod ih^im ao often and m> (Mj, that the rvoog- 
Ktiao which wun at Inat OMurded to tbeiu wu giren cmi Umhc merit*, and 
■M in OM!T« d«fen>oce to tbo avthority of an; esoteric circle 

Ti ■ in uf Daute ItiHiH'tli'H pjciuri-s whidi now eovt-r* the 

«aU« ' I ' ^'on Itonse in tlie visible sign of the admission of a new 

tfntn of iLuught and emotion within the pale of our artiHtlc orthodoxy. 
Aad soca IIuMatti'a poeti7 «^pro«Ms with itingnW oxacttMsa tlie same 
nap of idaaa an IJa painting, and ia at anj rate not inferior to hia 
in tedinicol iikill, wo may fairly Kay that btit poetry nlno bna 
I betalij Bomi) aort of genenU rocogntlioo, and that the cntbiuiuatic 
which appMivd on hi* daoeoMi embodied a view of liini to which 
tti poUic ia willing to some extent to defer. 
Yd it hardly aconui that enough 1im been dono to nkal:« that deAr- 
' i|sntaLneoUB or int«lli^eiit. T1i« ctudfmta of RosMrtti'a poem« — 
I tbtjr looa from Mr. (iwinhnmoV luagiiilioont cnlogy — have for 
• iDi«t part ntbor set fbrtb Iheor arttstic excellence than cndenTowed 
qiiaiu Ihnlr ctintcnta, nr to indioato tbo relation of the poet's ha)ut 
■ttMfhi and feeling to the idau which EngUahmen are aeciwtomod to 
1 m adnuiv. And confioqacntty many eritia, wha» ethical point of 
' luauMk rtapeetf oootinue to find in Boogetti't wwkk ao enigma tkA 




wtnth Ibo pains ot wlntion. and to decty tbem as ofaeonn, bntaatlc, 
even as gnady unmoral in tVDdenoy. 

It will b» Ui« otgect of this maay — ^wHlteo iVom a point of riinr i 
by DO iDeaiiB udusive i^miiatliy with the movement which 
M — to ahow, in the first plAos, the great pnMlical iinportenon of that 
tnoToment tor good or civil ; nn>], fnrthnr, to traco such rdatuma betweon 
this Beligion of Art, this Woi-ahip ot B«Auty, and the oMer and moM 
Moredit«d uauiEKtatiuiu of tiin [Iigh<-.r Lifi!', na mny iodicato to tba 
moralist on what points be should oouc«Dtrate his e0br1« i^ bopeleaa of 
wiUinUniUiig thr rifling xtrmm, he Baeks at leaaC to letain some power of 
deepening or modifyiu^ ite channel. 

Prom tbo mtbciio iiido Buch an attempt will bo regarded with tn* 
, difierenoe, and from the ethical aide with littJe hope. Even au Wd a 
'peaoemaker tut tlxi nulKor »f .Vatural Heligioa ha« »hrunk from thii 
teak ; for the art which he odmita as an element in hi» Church of 
Civilintion !« nn nrt vi.'ry diflercot from Koeaettj'v. It is an art niani> 
festly untaiDted by senmioiUEieHS, manifestly akin to virtue ; an art 
which, like Wotdaworth'c, finds its rovolation in aea and sky and moon- 
tun rather than in " «7M wlueli the Bun-gate of the aoul unbar," or in 

Sneh Km ttt Lora'a tunl-winnawiog lianila duMil. 
Evwi from Iiih iamod ark of lig^t and dew. 

, OTI^^I 



Tet, However aliglit thn jioint^ of ouotact between the ethical 
aaethotic theorice of life may be, it is important that they ahoold \<o noted 
and dwell upoii. For aMnreiUy tJi« " BHlhotic laorcntcnt " in not a mete 
£kshioD of the day — the modish pastime of niacompoopa and diarlatana. 
^0 imitutors who surround itn li»dnra,nnd wbctH.' jurgoDalmoatdiaguita 
OS with tbo vfry mysteries of art, the veiy rocabulary of emotion — thi 
men are but the ntmwH that murk the current, the inevitable panvmi 
of a rapidly rising canse. We have, indeed, only to look aroand us to 
perceive tlint—whothcr or not the oonditions of the modem world ar« 
favourable to artistic A>««&nce— all tbo main foiona of ciriliMtion an 
tending towards iirti^lic attivUy. The iiurease of wealth, the djffiirian 
of education, the gindaal decline of the military, the hienttic, the aricto- 
cralio ideals — each of Ibcao camn removes aome ofaetoole from the artial'e 
path or oflci« some freah fineeh priEe to hia cncluirontw. Art liaa otiUi 
both tht! Puritonn and the Inqtunition ; she is no longer deadened 
a|)irit of self- morti Sen tion, nor endarod by a JmIou* orthodoxy, 
incmaed wealth iit the n-orld makce tlie artist's life ataUe and 
while it sots fiee a atupltis inoomu so large that au incKaaing ahare 
of it must almost necesnrily be diverted to some form of asth»tie 

And more than this. It is evident, especially in new oountrios, (hat 
a need is felt of WNoe kind of wcial distinciion — aome new arinbociM^y- 
bMod on diffbnniceci other than Uioae of lurth and wealth. Kot, va> 
that rank and family are tikidy to eeaso to be held in hooonr ; ha 





paver k grmAnAUj iwaocwttii from tiMm, they kwe ilmr ncdnsiro pre- 
dnaiEDADcr, and Uk« t]i«ir |iU<« on tive sanui rooUug w other grsces and 
Afnitiee of Uft^ Still less awA in asmune any slackening in tho pnrsnit 
«f riebM ; the fitct bohig ntlwr that thu punult is so widely succcNiful 
tli«t In civitiMd catpitols even immoase opnlcaoe can now iq;iii-cely confcr 
tB iu pomuMor nil thd dutinction which ha dedres. In Ameiicn, 
"*»*t"gJy. wh«i« modern iostincta find thdr fnwst S«1d, wt> hnrc b«fai« 
ear ayw tlw picniM of tli« ftmdtwl du>lnlHitiou of tli« old prcro^tives 
of Urtli lunoiigBt woatthf colturo, nnd the prolotarut. la Euix^ a 
gnnviUigBd by Inrth oovd la Bupply nt 01)00 the mien and the 
I of uther men. Id Am«rica tho rale hss panod to the multitude ; 
lapalj swkynd in HnI)iirdiiMt« inult«n> by organised wealtli, but in tho 
laM tiMtrt niiprema. Tho id«si] of the now oommanity at first tnta 
WMltli , liBt, oa H* b(wt lilcmturv and ite beat society pUtnty show, that 
b idiiUtiiig in the dli'oclion of Cnlture. The younger cities, ib» 
rliinfW. ictill bow down undiic^Uedly to tho god Dalhu; but 
this nultBtine deity is r^cctedasHhiunini; his wonhippen, Rsthetic 
OnMon ■mdbs hoosIiow the only Power ready to insta] itself iu the 
weant shrine. 

And all over tbe world the spread oT Scienco, the diflinaon of 
MUislitj. tend in tliia ssjue dinction. For the net r«iilt of t^imoe and 
WmaiBty tar the msM of men is simply to giro them oomforl and leiiiarw, 
fc hare thm c ho e ifti l, peaoefnl. and amious for otrnpation. Xay, even 
As aamai tll*tiTV*. a* men become lev vehement and unbridled, mergoe 
is Wpr and UrK«r meosute into tho mwc a^sthctiP enjoyment, of 
teo^; till SteaichoTua might now maintain with more truth thno of 
M tfaat our modem Uel«n is not hen^lf fought for by two oontinonta, 
hat tatlMr her i72«Xop or image is hhunelutBly diffused ovor tho albums 
rftwo haousphem. 

It is liy no mfftiis drar that thew! modem randitionii arc favoutable 
It the dsrchipment either of tbe highest art or of the highest rirtuo. It 
kneH oartain even that tliey are pr^rmanent — that this Ksthetic paradise 
rfths wkU tn-domay not aomotimes be ooaTulsed by an invasioDfiom the 
nagk world without. Meantime, however, it existit and sfveads, nnd its 
Imfiof figom «xen an iafluenoe which few men of adenoe, and fewei- 
tlMlapBaa, can surpass. And alike to univini, to theologian, and to 
Hnliit, it muicb be Iminrtant to tnuw the workings of a powerful 
tSti, BsoneniHl with intercsto which aru ao different from thoini, but 
alUk tbr a hu^ section of aociety are becoming daily more paiamonnt 

* CiKler tlut arch of Life," says Roaetti in a sonnet vIkwb VMiaStm 
m thi mure impnasve because probably nnooascious— 

OdiIw iLs anh «f Utt, when Iot« and dMtb, 
T' ! — "" ' "'Tilefj, ipaiTd hw »lirtii», I &«* 
IV jA ; ud though htr gku it/uck awe, 

1 drrv n m ta natpt; as Xmj breath. . 




Rowetti wu ^piorant of Qteak, and it mxma tloubtful wbetJi«r ha 
knew Plato evoo by tnoaUtioiu. Bat hU i'kuiltsiDg spirit has repio- 
duond the mytli of Ifae J'hadnu—evtia to tbe rpi^trai mi tirmOti 
— tbo words tiiitt affirm th« npoM and wcU-bcuig oF Um oool when the 
pcTOcivM bcnutb tlui arch uf httivoi ibo pure Idea vludi is at otK» ber 
aateSBOce and her lord : — 

Han AT* Uia •;« wtiicb. on* asii Iwnnth. 
Thv tk^ Mul •(« IwDd on tbn ; vkkk cui diav, 
Bj •« M Aj or vnmoB, U on* law, 

TIlc ■llbllnl bindotaii of hrr y\lm nod tfTMtli. 


For Beauty, as Plato tiu told us, ui of all the divine idea* at ooea 
most manifmt and most loreable to mm. Wboo " Jostiee and Wisdom 
otid all other tblngK tliut art- held in honour of aoub " are bidden from 
tbe worabippcr's gnns ns finding no ari>nuo of Mniw by which to reacfa 
him through tlio roil of lleab, Beantjr has still aome paaa^ and entnnea 
from mnrtAl 6y«« to eyes, "and ho that gand m> esjiMctJjr on what 
things in that holy jtltwe were to be seen, be wfaeo be dtsoecna on >wrth 
some godljlcfl coonteoanoo or Eubion of body, that conntwfsite Beant; 
w«ll, lint of all he tnembleti, and there oames over blm something of the 
ftar which erst ho know ; tmt then looldng on tlint earthly bem^, he 
wotifalpB it as divine, and tf he did not fear tbe reproach of utt«r mad> 
Ben, be would sacrifioe to his heart's idol as bo the imngu and presenes 
of a god." 

Thif it Ibnt L«iiy BmuIj. la wtiOM pralso 

Thjr Tails ukI hand tbjikv (IJll— tang knovn t« tliM 
Bj flying tuir and flutlpcicg iittn— tli« bMt 
Following b«T doily of tby bMit and feft. 
How puiioiiatel]' and irroUifreblf, 
la Thni fond Uf bt, how aunj ways and ityt '. 

Tlicro are some few hearts, uo doubt, in whteb "sky and 
the face of Katurv are able to inspire tbiis yearning passion. But with 
Ihia iMwer school — with Rossetti ejpedally — we feel at once that Nature 
is no more llian on nocewwry. The most direct appeals, tbe most pene- 
trating reminisoODcefl, oome to tbe worabipper of Beauty Aram a womau's 
, tjtt. The steady riso tn tbe statat of woisen ; tJiat constant deepening 
lud complication of tbe commerce between tbe sexes, which is one of the 
■igns of progressiTe dvilisatton : alt this is poipetnally leaobtng and 
preadung (if I may ny so) the diaruis of womanhood to all sections of 
tbo commnnity. What a difference in ttus respect baa the century sinoo 
Turaei'B birth mode in England ! If onoUicr TnmAr were born now — 
an oyo which guei, as it u-er«, on a new-«roated plaoet from tha 
bedchamber oikI cutting of the tnin— can we suppow) that su«h an i 
would still find its most altiacUro feminino tf\» in tbe bnmboatH 
Wapping 1 Tbe aiwmaly, strange enough in Turner's day, is now in 
^Msvable. Oar pnctent danger lies in just the opposite dii«otion. 
Jb ilugw of loaag tbrt diieot and stni^Ubrwaid outlook 



huniA loralimv (of which Hx. Millftui may Berre a> a modem oxnmple), 
irhieb Bots ami KfmamU tite object with a rrank ayojniieiit, and see-la 
fa> aa Ciijtbar insight iota tfao «ecTvt of it« cbum. All tliu arts, in facti 
«« rHanuas now to th« »|iarit of LeoDArdo, to the sense that of all 
rittbU oiyoau koovn to m tbo human fooo anil form are tbo most 
eonqiW awl mnlwioua, to the (l«fiiro to extract the utmost aeoret, tha 
omit mwaHge, from all the pbuaomona of life udiI Being. 

Now, tban it at aaj rate one obvious explanation of t]ie senM of 
mpterj wfaieli attaches to the Ceoiale fonu. We aiay iiitcr]>rct it all us 
ia aona way a tmiaformation of the sexual passion. Tbh eEsentiallj- 
msltrttliitif view is sniroondwl with a kind of ({lamour by ituch writera 
m Gaotiv and Baodelain. The tone of sentiment thus fjeoeroted ijt 
w p ugna at — ia eoowtimos stoq Dauseatli^ — to EngltKli fu'Iing ; but this 
tctw ei ■sotimmt in uurtiuulr not RosMtti'a. Thea« is no buoe in liiu of 
lihit dalihente worship of lloal and Ai>htoroth ; no tonob oT tbo cruelty 
wlnji ia Uw cluuuctcnitile note of natun<8 in which th« sexual instJuctti 
hm haaomt haunting and dominant. 

It ii, indand, at the opposite end of the scale— amonf; thoM who 
■stf lbs iD7ateri«s of Iov« and woinanbood with a very dtifnivnt inter- 
fiirlsliiiii — that RiMictti'a ueatcat afiloitiAs are to be found. It munt not 
W fiu])otl«a that one of his most oxqoisito lit4:raTy acJuovcmsnta consists 
ia a tnuslstioa of the VU» Xtioea of Dante. Now, the Vila Nuova, to 
Ihf rnlgar nader a cMldiah or DManinglew IaIa, is to Uiose who ri^tly 
snnhvnd it the very ijoapel and charter of mystical pMsion. When 
lit ddld Dante tramblei at the first sight of the child BMtricu ; when 
thtvcicp yniLm^m cnte Sees d4vt fortior fM, qui mm«»a daittinabiiur 
rnAi; whan that majosUo spirit passes, at a look of tbo lidovnd one, 
iWirh all tha upward or downward trajectory between heaven and 
< iib indeed ia a lore which appertains to Um cat«gor}- of rwmned 
EKuooa on mom ; its piaoo is with the risions of saints, the intuitiomt 
ft nkHeeophsia, in Plata's iduil world. It is reoogninnd as a secret 

hope to (atbom till we cod discern from tome mount of 
MmrtUy ^iaion what tiicae at«mal thtufpi were Indeed to which some- 
<^ ia human aaluro blindly peroeiveil itself akin. 

Hm parallid Isttwcen Kowetli and Dante must not bo puabed too far. 
Pi—tti ia but as a Dante still in the i*lw* Mcvra ; he has not sounded 
Ul SB prafoundly, nor mounted into heaveu so liigb. Ilo is not a 
>nii.>t but an arU^t ; yet an artist who, both by the vecy inl4!nsity of 
.utle fimaa, and by some bibom bent towards symbol and 
mjaiaaa, stand* un the side of these who «« in material tliin^i a 
ifUtal ffKBiflcancc^ and otters wonls of univenuJ meaijing from the 
Mb— aC his own heart. Vet b« is, it must be repealed, aetther prophet, 
l^i^if^, aor saint. Tbe luui of his love is the nonoal amotloa — 
'lb Might in henuty alloyed with appetite, and strengtbooed by the 
*lli7'-~«nd altboDgh that lore haw indeed learnt, in George Eliot's 
^rA^ le " acknowledge an cfleet bent the imagined U^t ot im^ptvraa. 

1\— 6 



StduuiuidU, «k) bnro its tait) Mt to tbo gntnd«r othit of what bath bmn 
Uid «luJl be," this traLas%uratioti is effected Dot eo mu>cb by uijr 
elavatioD of ctbical fooling, as by the more mi^t Mid pot«ocy of an 
ardent i^Miit wfaicb projocti ititelf with jModomte inteealtr uoocg thingi 
wmadwble and uDknown. To him his Movodone eeemg not as benelf 
aloDO^ " but a* tho moanii^ of all thingK that aru ; " h«r vuioo noalb a 
prenatal ni«mory, and ber eyn "dream against a distant goal." We 
hear littjo of Lhu int«]Icotiial iupccii> of paMion, of the itubtlu intsracticnt 
of one character on another, of the modes in which Lore po nDoatcc hJimelf 
of the eager or th« reluotaat h«art. la thoM poem* tho lowra bavn lort 
their idioeyncrasiw ; th^ are made at one for ever; the two strvama 
havp niinglnl only to beoona conncioiu that they are being (in«n 
together into a boundless sea. Ifay, the very passion which serves to 
nnito thorn, anil which in iiomctimr^i dwdt on with an Itattan (imphaiaii 
of unanouuiew wliich our English reserve condaouw, tends oftecter to 
mei^ itself in tbc mystic companiooeliip whidi holcb tha (wo__ 
together in their enubantAd land. 

Ob* ll«m*-viDge(l brought k whito-wtDKod barp-^iliijir 

Etmi irbM* nj Iii4y "t^ I I"; a" ulnae ; 

Saying; : " Bdbold. thia minntrol ii uBknon ; 
Bid bin popart. Sir I am minstrol hen • 
Only my tlm\mt an to Lovq'n itu^r unvH dnar," 

Tliea wd I : "Throng tJiina houlbc/'i nptnreu tan* 

Unto my lady (till Ihi* baip make* mou. 
Ami (till die Atanu tbj> «ad«noe il««p and rleu-." 

TIicN iwid ID}' IimIjt : " Thou Mi Pnaiiea «f lier«, 

And this LuTvB WonJitp ; boUi ba |ilij;hU lo m*. 

Tlij maMoriiijc miwic wnlki ih* (oalit Ma ; 
But wbetQ van witot Irrmblw in the giona, 
And llw wnn niouni is «li tliu light Uitnof. 

Tliu harp uiU makn my nan* it* VolnaUrj.* 

The voluntaries of the whito-wi&god harp-player do not linger ] 
amoDg the accidvota of «iarth ; they link with tbe beJoved name all "the 
BonlV sphere of infinite iButges," all that she fioda of benign or wondnwt 
" luuid tlie bitt«rue>« of things ooonlt" And as the lover movea uM 
these mysterise it i^ipears to htm that Love in tlw! key which may onJodc 
them all. For the need is not bo noeh of an iittellcctual inn^t eael 
an devation of tbe whole bcnng — a rarolaction, aa it were, of man's apiril 
which Love's pun Brv eifixrta, and which enoiblee it Co penetiate man 
deeply into the ideal vorld. 

In that thin air Lovo nuderKoee a yet further tranafomiation. Tbe 
personal element, already sublimed into a mystic compnnioiMibip, : 
into tbe l)acfcground. Tlie lover is now, (n Plato's words, tni ro 
riXoyov Ttrpaiifii fos Toi naKoi; he has set sail upon theoce*aof Beaad 
and Love bcooanea the jp/rrrtuoi' mi ttarofiOptvrrv, |J|« ** interpmter i 
mediator between God and mian,'' througfa whom tJw true prayvr | 
mad tlM true reveUlion is made. 



Itnt I mjMiritiiotr ftllny loToforthtt: 

Hmr (fconld I rsuh vo ta, -who ouiMt wvigjl 

To-tHVTDw'i (lawtr bj f^^^ otf^MoitfJ 
Fb«U Urtli Bad dMtb. Mvl all Atik r«b(« that b> 
Ai dean aad wjodov* bu«l to khho loud (o*, 

Luh iWf ndm («n ftod blind nj fliM with tpmj ; 

And ■ii*U my muw piaim kn — titr last nlSf 
And iiliiBKt« oDtpoM o(M«rnUy? 

For thus, indeed, U Love discerned to bu Dumetluiig which lies heyood 
tkt ngioD of tlubi worU'fl vrisdom or dedro--«omethiag ont of propottioD 
to mrtiil; iHwh and to muaM that wti know. Bflrn ia the point whn* 
tba bn-er'i panMoalify nems to be exaltod to ite higfaMt, and at the aanw 
■BOaUDt to diMppeor ; iia ho pernciviai that hui iDdtrulual emotiou b 
iiwi|iiil in the flood uid tideway of a ooamic law :— 

Lo! vlMtua I toLoTo, Ui« lonlof aUT 

bOa* nsnuBri^ ahcU ho pth«r» tKaa tho wid— 
Om Htlb twaK-flaa* tbtlMnd in fal« hand. 
Y<t thioai^ thine cyM be gnena ue elaaMit call 
Aad f (dot lootk ef powna fnaerdie] 
Hid a^ boarfjn lifb majr aadeatanid. 

I lUi mU, hj its vet7 nature^ ia heard in one hoait akoe ; this 
** IswJi irf powwa primordial " ia intntnaferable toother aoala. The eyes 
^d^ to the (over's vmoa, 
^^^^ Tbn Ma-gu* «f the nol tmbu^ 

^^^^^L Bbisr t' il* fbitLnt Arct oncuUr, 

^HB«d ikda nem^ to the worid onlj tkraofk dgn and i^iiibd ; tilM 
^^4awar of imiina(itMd flow«r and tne " is lashioned hj Ixrv» in such hearts 
■aljr es be hna already made Iuk own. 

And thna It ia thai so much of Roeaetti'e art, in apeech or ooloor, 

itself in tlw rffbrt to oommnnicate tho inooramanicable. It ia 

"tho rale of magtml dark mystertu" that UiOee grave low- 

htowa are b«nt, and "ranixbud hours and hours eTentual" 

tnodin the raDonefal gattof Pandora, the jeaminggaao of PcoaarpiDO. 

Iha piotam that perplex aa with thotrobriooft incoDipl«<tenen, tboir new 

ml fasimtiiig boanty, are not tlie mere o^trioM of a richly-dowm«d but 

vsnlnng apirit. Bather they may be cnlled (nod none the lees ao (or 

IWr abutseniis^) the aaered jAdtana at a now tidigion ; forms and 

i>BB which bear the aanH tvlalion to that mystioal wor^p of Beauty on 

vltidi wa bare dwell so long, as the fmni and fhoea of a Ruida or a 

Lenaido bear to the mediftral mystcrieB of the worship of Mary or of ' 

CMC. And hsre it is that in RosMtti'e pjcturw wo 6nd ourselves in the 

^te of a no«d aymboUsm — a Hymboliam genuine and deeply felt as 

that of tho fiflesDtfa OMituij, and using ooco more birde and flowers and 

■On, oolgtuni and ttghls of the evening or the &wn, to tell of boantiM , 

WtlpaU*^ apaciB uofatbomecl, the setting and resorreetloo of no 

■MwiraUs or nrtUy day. 

U ia dUaSy in a Hries of womra's (aces that theat iima Bwk. ts^n*- 





■ion. AU tbne have BomeUuiif; in common, woiimi anion of stnnge utd 
ot phxriaU lovdineas with depth aoA rvauMnen otgnaa. Tbej 
ftom deaaora to An^— na ttucli mmM nm./ bn totcrpimtod ia a 
Itoligioitof BoAUty— from Lilith,whcsc bcant;- ie destrucUoo, aad Astute, 
tbroned betwi-cn the San bqiI Mood in bi»- ninutcr splenilour, to U)9 
Bkttd Damotti and tbo ' maiden pre-elect,* type of tlie love wboae look 
rt^enerataa and whcMA attamptioD tifta to haavCD. But all bavsthe look 
— diaractenBtic of Rosaetd'H foeea u tlie n^stic aciile of Leoaardo'a— tiia 
look which bid« tlio spectator manaur — 

What Bcthorvartd Bnlf-I>hi*pani doth tilt Hmt, 
lo Hiiavcring ctbow bom vhat pUDiipheco, 
Along ibo >uij. ■long ths rdiuuj? 

And tdnce thwe primal impuUw, at any rat«, «-ill remain to naakEad, 
ainoo Iiiove'i pathway will bo n-trodden by many a gen«ration, and all of 
L&ith or knowledge to which that pathway lt«dfl will etidur«, it ta no 
'asiall piirt of the pOAt'a functdou ti) xbuw in bow great ii miuuniro Love 
does actually presuppose and ooDsist of this exaltation of the uystio 
element in man ; and liow the MnM of unnarthly de«t4nteFi may give 
dignity to Love's (nvatiion, and atflkdtetneea to his continuaoee, and sur- 
roimd hia vaniahing vitJi tha mio^od Katoiy of anguish and of bopa. 
Lot aa traoe^ with Rouetti, MMDS ttagea of hta onward way. 

Tbo incxpticablR xuddcnnrM with whic^ I/>ve will aometimM poMoa* 
himself of two several hearts — finding a secret kinahip wlticli, like a 
' common iiroma, pt^rmnatm tho whole bdng of Mch — ban often snggwtad 
the thought that sodi companionabip is not iit reality now flret b«giut; 
that it in founded iu a pre-natal aflfeotion, aud i» the UDCOoacdoua { 
g&tion of the emotions of an ideal world — 

Enm !□. trbra lint I »« tou, Momtd it, ton, 
Thut iiia>>iig ■oolii olliol M mine «u yrt 

Oac ncnrcF kimlrol Umn Ufa hinted «f. 
InjTD with mu »»iiiBirhBr» Ibsl mca forpt. 
And UioukIi ill jwn of tu^Iit kiiil mnnd uiimal. 

Kdokd Tor my «oo1'h birth-jnrtnw well »noDBh ', 

It is thua that Itoasolti Iraoos backwaixl the kindling of the cartbly 

I .fianie. And he fccU alto that if love ho m pervading, so fateful a thing, 

' the man who takea it uiion Iiim ku much to fear. He moTvtt among 

great risks; "the moon- truck nf the journeying faoe of Kato" is subject 

for him to atran^'e [letturbatious, to tenible ecljpsei AVIiat if his love be a 

mistake 1 — if he foela against his will a discnchantmont Mealing otct tbo 

L anctiantod garden, and his new aelf walking, a ghastly intruder' among 

l^Boenes Ytinly consecrated by an illative pnat I 

WbaacA oana bU f>M iota nj 6«\d, and why} 

lIow i> it that ho fittiU it all w dttvt ? 

H'>w do i iM liU (Ring, and how hmr 
Tlis nnin« Wt bitl«r kiImm know* 1< I>y? 

Or what of him for whom some unforgobtaD hour baa 

rossoth akd thb beuoiok oj? bkadty. 


lilc'a bnt tdidty, rt itvptinavit ten tempta anreuml What of tl>« 
moUwtMn tlut chilis his freest momenta with on inward and icy 

1 an tiMt mDttI Ko-noi*, Toi>'Utai FuvnD. 

Tber* i» no ne«I to invitn nitontion to tfao linen which thus btgia. 
II17 wiQ ttUMann Ui«ir own aiuli ton ; thej wilt not die till that inward 
hwBM dks olfo, anil tliero uts not nt the heart of any num a memory 
ii^H'thaB hia)<7. 

Bat 0*ar all Invnn, how^Tnr wiaoly thoy may lore, and wol), there 
hapaui ahaduw which uo wiHlom can UTerL To one or oLhcr tho 
Ask mnt onoM, the mpontjon wliidi will mak^ tho survivor'a after- 
tt«m tnmathing poothnmoua, and its ereota Uke the changux in a 

V'foa Rowietti, an in well known, that abode MX with dcaolatini; 

tnK Tlnra rnsRS a kind of indi-tioicy in iinalymng ttw pMms which 

nflvt the «tafl» of that nn<0w. But thoac who know the utmo«t 

w^nA at yearning hare found in tho nonnetn entitled " Willow-wood " 

■ niee •peakitaf as ^m th«ir own heart*). The state of t«O£30n which 

hit vttrranen in thcae MnnctH a by itn tit%- nature tnumitory. There 

«Ma a time when moat men forgM. Bnt in aotne hearts the change 

Hkh cotan over the jia.'uriaD of lore is not decay, hut tranxl^ttration. 

Tlat |waiou ia generaliMil, as PInio doairod that it ahoald be lienemltaed, 

llan(^ ia a aanuwhat diJEuent wny. The ^atonic enthnaiaaoi of admi- 

Mim waa to extnd itsair " from oon fair form to all fair forms," and 

btm fair forou (0 nobis and beautiful ideaa and uclioiu, nnd all that ia 

Ekist God. And something not anlike this takes place when the lorer 

iab timk the objoct of hLi tarthly wonlilp, now remored from his sight, 

illiMailiifc liliiillilliiil for him with nil clan that hn has l>ocn wont to 

liWia mwiiaijallMi to hini, to un? Plato's words again, "of thom 

tUnp, by dwelling on whidi it is that even n god is diviDa." It b not, 

iadHd, i1m> bnmred torer only who Hods in a female figure tho ideal 

imlliisiit at his impulses of adoring love. Of bow man* creed* has this 

han t^ w»ii™''|r element * — from the jMinter who inrokes upon his 

aans a Virpn tvrealod in sleep, to thn philoso])he>r who praftobee the 

wmi^if of IlBBittoity in a wodoso's likeness, to be nt onoe the Mother 

Old 1^ Bciorad of all. Yet tlii* ideal will oporate mast actively ia 

which can give to that oelMtial visioD a remembeivd reality, 

•• mrmfwisl thraihold " nocnts vuaMy to bridge the pasnp betvroen 

tnoHHary and the sapetnal worUL 

Citj, of tUiM ■ liDglf. umple door, 

Bt Mm* n«* Biver ralaplieat*. niwl bn 
Et*o rti nit !if»-|i«feb (a mnritj, 

Ena with DIM i^rnHWa SUad, aa am of jw* ; 

Ij* ■w^ff wiadt wliUl inuad a cbaff-elrawn floor 

n** iBil tbv jroan sad Uus* lay void* and ns. 



beaotr I 

And it •omotuncs thiit tranimuted ptuoloo — tbiii i«li^ri of beaa^ 
BpirihudiBed into & beatific draun — Bhoald prwapt to qiuetisin -nibia 
tiwo to vtgoroa* action ; if Hoinciuiim w« Imjju- in the monnua'* nttannoe 
» tone Ml of k UftD too weak for his deetiiiy — Uus Iws its p«UiM too. 
For it i« a p*rt «f tbc lot of nuui that tbo fires which porify should aim 
oaonrnw him, and that as the loa-w thin^ b«oam« diitaBteAil the timjff 
which twoks th« higher thingx ahoold &de too often into a lad roposfc 

Here irith hci Imc* Aoth Hasiory lit. 

Mcaui*'tlili\ and w»it Uir day* dKlioe. 
Till oUmt «]r«a ahaU look from il— 

Eju of Ui* iptril'i PalMtin*. 
Bt«d ihso the old Kuo l«iid«Mf j 
WUU hopM and aimN. long loit vittt lur, 

SMod roDiid her itaagt nde b]r aid*, 

Lika tomb* □/ pilgrim* ihac Iutg dud 
About tbs H0I7 Supmldm. 

And whnn tlia dream and the legend which in«pired Rocwtti'a 1 
with the Tiaion of the Bkned Damotel — which kindled lus early 
hood i&to the Hweeteat Ave that ever aduted "Maiy Yirgtn, fall of 
gnea " — hod troneformed themsvlvieit in his heart into the reality and 
the rcNM^llucUau ; when Love had heea made known to him by life itsdf 
and death — then the vaguer worship became a GOnoentnted oxpuctan^: 
one TajuDbed hand aeemad to oflcr the endlm* welcome, one name 
symbolise all heaTen, and to be in itwif tlw sing^ ht^tei. 

Ah t vbto III* WAS Mnl in that gnUen wr 
B«l«MB th« tcriplund ftM* aolUj Uo*b 
Pmi* famthlAw for th* 0ft of gmcr oaHcaom,— 
Ah I 1m ooiw othor itlian fptO «oo**r, 
Bat eai)y tha o»« Hopo't oaa nun* bo thm, — 
Not 1« nor more, but d'ca that •moid olonn. 

Enough, iterhapH, ha» been Mid to ahow not only bow superficial if 
the view which repmeota Rceaetti as a dangerous eeosiBUisC, bat aba 
how intu)(M)uutt>ly we shall undentand him if we think to find in him 
only th« comDionplaces of paanon dneaed oat in fantastic laognage and 
ltalianL-«d allegDi7. "niflre is more (o be learnt (torn him titan this, 
though it bo too HOOD, as )■«*, to disowrn with exactoeae hia phu« in the 
hi«b>ry of our time. Yet we may note that his sensitive ajvi reserved 
individuality ; his life, absorbed in Art, and aloof from— withont being 
bolow — the cirdea of politica or &shion; his re&wmant, cceat«d as it 
were from within, and independent of eonventiooal mod^ point him 
out as a member of that new aristooney of which we have at 
spoken, that opttnaey of paasioa and genius (if we may nrive 
obsolete word to ezpresa a new shade of meaning) which is coming 
-existenoe as a cosmopolitan gentility among the oonfosed aiul (sdl 
daas-dietJnctiims of the post. AjmI, further, wu may observe in him 
Tsaetico) of Art i^ainst Uatuialism, which becomes more marked ai 



tooo of Kii>WK!0 gn>¥ni mora mnllaw and .-icveiv. The insUncUi 

Duke oifaer loeo Oatfaolics, Rita&lutA, Ue^luuis, have oODiplIed 

., too, Ui Mwk " Um mMQing of all things thtt u« " oliiowlicm tlian tti 

lehaviour ot eUier and sloms, thongh 1m can track his rvvebtiou to 

IB nnrca more explicit thva tbe look in a womut'a ejre^ 

But IT WB uk — And it was ooa of tli« qtuationa with which w« 
mui — whMi auxmngetnetA the monliBt ciui find in this count«r-w«,ve 
tf m tad mjrstleiiim which metta tlie iB&t«r!tttiaUc tiil^, iberc In do ooi*- 
tam or tmsf uuirer. The one view of life smma ns powerlws %s the 
oUht to mjipljr tluU uitlque luid loonlj- virtue wliicli ciTilisation IaimU 
It nuleniuiw by tbo lanening eSort thit it eutcta of iii«d, the increAstng 
mjajm^at vfaidi it oifien to them. " Time hm« run 1»ck nnd fetchwl 
lb*^p ofgoM." in the wtatat that the oi>ul<-nt can now take life m eaaly 
■ it WM lakMi in Pandi» ; and Ruiautti's ptK-jnx, [ilocod bends Sidnt^'H 
(r LonUcc'a, aoem tho oxprMHioo of » c«ntui7 which is reining itself 
^^^MqsiatiMn juiil nwllowing into docBjr. 

^^M Tm ihiu modi we may t^Mj affim, that if we contrast «atheticiain 
^^■bk |ran badanlMn— the pnnnit of pkwraro thraugh lu-t with tlia 
^^gpmdi of pleasora amply as pleamre — the one has a tond^^icy to 
foiako sod exalt, as tbu other to dmckm atid vulgiiriitn, the Grontioati 
nd appMeneJaa of man. If only tho artist can keep ol<ur of tbe eensinl 
■llihiii II wfaicli will, in ttn turn, depiule the art whkh yields to it ; 
i only be can voralup beauty with a stroog and ainf{Ie heart, bis 
iBBtianaJ natnn: will nc^oiru a grace and deration which arc not, 
illM^ idaotioal with tli« elevation of virtue, the grace of holinees, but 
«Udi ai« none the lem a priecleM cmriehment of tbu complnx lifo of 
man. Bi^Ktti oonld novet" have aummoneal ua to the clear beij[hts of 
Toidiwuitfa'd Laodamia. Yet who can rnad tlie Ilotti of Life and not 
ftil thftt liw poet has known lovo aa love can be^Dot an enjoyment 
«)jr, or a trismpfa, but a wonhip and a rcgi'nc«ation ; lovo not fleeting, 
■nr BfaaogefU, bat " far above all |ia(«iouato wuida of welcome and &re- 
«tU ; " km oAferinj; to the aonl no mere excitution and bj-play, bat *' a 
fc» I Milj aataticB, hushed and halcyon;" love whoK "bouia eleei in 
^■mI oaniOBUUiy" bcur wiUi thorn nothing that is vain or vulgar, 
—BM or ODflleaii. lie must liave felt as no pasung tragedy tbe long 
•cka of partad patn, "tlie grouixl- whirl of tlw pvritdwd UtaN-w of hojie^" 
"thf woaat^ dmolate dlMiray," ibe Amitlen striving " to wnsl a bond 
ftoB Bii^'a Invetrtney," to bcJield " for onoe, for onoe alone," the no- 
fayittaB wfm re-risen from tJie daric of deatlt. 

Ixm, MFtatosaidfia the J|>;iitril>ar i-di ^luvopd/Kuor," the interpreter 
wk ""^-'^r " bstweon things haman and things divine ; and it may bft 
lo Vm that WD muai look to teach thn wonhippnr of beauty that tbe 
thing! an also the loveliest, aad that tbe stmngcM of tnonl 
k alao tbe moet pemdtng and keenest )oy. Art and nl^ioo, 
«%bb no aUBpnaion ooold amalgamate, may by lore be expuuled anA 
^■f iMd : and tbui tbo |)oet may not err eo whoU; who iwinVi \xl ^ 





woman'e eyes "the "waning of all things that are;" and "titeunl'a 
sphere of infinite images " may not be a mere prismatdc fringe to rosJity, 
Irat nth^ those images may be as dark raya made visible by paaing 
through the medium of a mind vhich is fitted to refract and reflect 

A &int, a fitful reflex! Whether it be from light of sua or of 
moon, tole repereuMunt out radiantu inutgint ^tue— the glimmer of a 
vivifying or of a phantom day — may scarcely be for us to know. But 
never yet has the universe been proved smaller than the oonoeptionB 
of man, whose furthest, deepest speculation has only found within him 
yet profouuder abysses — withoul, a more unfatiiomable heaven. 

F. W. H. ISrSBS. 


Part . 



hoverver, be h»<I K«epc«d th« ioTitAtwn to Loa^Uo^; itbad oome to 
bim in r amplo and fiunilUr oote, from Ladjr baaMno^ witfa whom fa* 
had DO aaqiuuntamce. Hft lEnew of bar return fh>m CWonea, wbcra At 
bad spent tlut wbolo winter, for ho had mon it ralatod in » Handnj qipws- 
pi^ar ; yet Et was witb a oertain snrprtAe tbat be beud from ber to tiinn 
infbrnud tonus. " Dmr Mr. Watcr%-illc" ahn wrote, "my son t«Ua BM 
tbat ran irtU {)eriuipei be able to oomo down bei« on the 17tb, to tpend 
two or throe days. If yon am, it will giro as mucfa ploasanh We 
prombe you the society of your diarming eoantrywoman, Hnt. Head* 

He Itod seen Mrs, Headway ; she bad written to bim a i 
bcTon? (rora an bold in Cork Street, to«uy tbat nbu bad arrivod in Ixmil 
fbr tbe actuwn nnd lOwuld bo very glad to see bim. He hud f^oe to ate 
bcr, tremblinji; with Uio fenr that ftho would braak grotuul about her pi*> 
notation ; bat be was agreeably sarpnsod to obeerw tbat sbe neglected 
this to|MC. Shti bad Kpcnt the winter iu Rome, travelling Hir 
tlttt dty to Engtanil, nith j»at a little stoi) to Paris to bu] 
clotlMM, Sbe luul t<ikeii niucb mitisfoction in Rome, wbora cbe 
many frienda ; sbe ai«ured him that sbe knew half the Bonbm nobUit; 
" Tboy are ebarming pcopl« ; they bavc only one fault, tbey stay too 
long," sbe aaid. And, in answer to his inquiring glance, " I mean when 
thoy come to hoc yon," obo iTxplutiiMl. " Tbey used to oonie vnrv evok- 
ing, and tbey wanted to stay till tbo next day. They were all |>rii 
aadoounta. I uaed to ^votbem cd^ara.<b«. I kni:w a* many pooplei 
muted," she added, in a moment, di(«overing perhaps in Wa 
eye tlio uuoes of that empathy with wliicti ax montba before be 
listegud to her accooot of her discomfiture in New Yoi-k. " Tberv were 
lotx of English ; I kniiw all ibe Knglinb, nnd I lutan to visit them hen. 
The Americans waited to si?e what the Knglish would do, ao ■« to do 
tbo <)ppoMt«. Thanks to lhat> I was spared oomc precions BpeiciinMl& 
There are, you know, wme ftarftil oiue. Beeided, in Boini>, nodi 
doesn't matter, if you buvv a feeling for tlw ruins and the Camj 
I bnd an immense feeling for the C'ampagna. I was always 
ing round in some damp old templb It remiodod mc a good 
of the country nuud Ssji Diego — if it badn'c been for the tompks. 
I liked to think it all over, wbirn I wua driving round ; I was always 
brooding over tho fOMi." At this moment, however, Abv. Uewlway 
bad diuuisiMyl lli« ]iasl ; iihe wax pivgmitd to give li«nc>tf up wboUy 
to tbe actual. She wished Watenrille lo advise her as to bow sIm 
efaoold live — what «he should do. Should sbe atay iit n hot«l, fl|^ 
4uKild she bike a bonse ? 8fae gueased she had better take a liuase,J 
aba oould find a nioc one, Iktax wanted to look for one, and the did 
know but she'd let him ; be got h«r such a nioe one in Borne. Sbe md 
nothing about Sir Azthnr DeoMwne, who, it aeemed to Watervillo, would 
bav0 liocn her natural guide and sponsor; he woodeted wliether ber 
idslioiu with the baronet bad i.-omi' to tin cud. \YntvrnUii bad mv* 
hba a couple of timea sinoa the opening of Parliament, aitd titej I 



tt eb u ifctd Iwosty wonlji, none of vfaicfa, however, bad ntenac* (o Mn. 
Bmiwny. Waterrillo bad been renlted to I^mloii juxt after thn inci- 
tel at wliieb ha wait wHaaa in thn coni-t of tbo I[f<t«l Meaner ; and 
«B ha knew of ita conaeqiicnoM waa what b« Had Immn] from Tittle- 
wan, whc, on hia way hack to Ajanica, vhere bs Lad Bnddeuly asrer- 
■iaad tbat there were reasoDB for hia ttpendrng (bo wintor, pawed 
Ikmogb UiB Brltlnb oipital. Utt^ntnore had n>port«<l that fttiv. Kf«d- 
nmf WW onehaaied with Lady Demnue, and bad no wordit to fpeak of 
bar kfodimai and awgataaaa. " Sho told mo she lik«<I to know her son'a 
friesdi, and I told her I liked to know my friend*' mutliMv," Mn. 
UimSwmj had ralatsd. " 1 tibould be willing to be old if I could be 
tti that," aba had added, ohliriaaa for tlio mouonl that ah*! was at 
\tmt tm Dear to iha »ge of the mother as to that of the son. Tho mothsr 
«d aoo, at any rat«, bod n>tii«d (o Canw^n U>s«tbn-, and itt thix inoni«nt 
T M! t II I had raeavod lottery from home wlu«h caosixl him t^ start for 
AfiHOa. Mn. Headway had accordingly bMn left to her own deviwii, 
and hu WM afraid Ae bad bored herself, though Mn^ Qag^aw had 
aiM spaa her. In Norcmbur «lie had tniv<tll«d to Italy, not by any 
tf CuOMS. 

** What do yoa 8(ip|io«e ehell do in Itome I " Wnt«i-v)l)« had asked ; 
Ida iaa^nUiaD fiilUiig him here, for be had not j-et trwldea lii« Sovea 

"1 havMl the laut Ulm. And I don't are ! " lilUentore added in 
anonaDt. BftDn he Wt london he mentioned to WntmnrillB that ' 
A& Hmdwar, im hta goitijc to tiike ti-arc of her in Pnm, had mado 
anlhwr, aod a ntbn- unexpected, attack. " About the socuoty biuinew 
-^hjfttd I mnac really da aOmetliing — sbu couldn't fpi on in that way, 
And aha appaalod to me in the name — I don't think I quite know how 

" I ihuald he vary ^oA if you would tr\-," said Wut^rx-itlo. who wua 

WMtaotly mninding htmavlf that Amcrioaud lu Burope were, aft«T 

•U, is a manner, to a man in hia poeition, «> tho afafvp to the afaepherd. 

" Wail, to tho name of the affection that we had formerly entertained 

kad. other." 


* Bo aha was good enough to call it. Itui I deny it all. If one had 
li hafe an affection for every wniann tmo oaod to sit up '.eveiungs 
•iiL^— 1 " And LiUtemora paused, not defining the roanlt of lueh 
M. MliB^uiotL Wat«rville tnuA to inwgini: what it would be ; while hi* 
UMd amUrkwl tor New York, without telling him bow, after all, he 
Wd radatL-d Mn. Headway'a attack. 

AtOhriatinaa, WatarriDeknew of Sir Arthor'a return to England, and 
MWf«d that be alao knew that the baronet had not gone down to Rome. 
Ha kid a tliaor7 that L*dj' Demesno waa a ^wy clflTcr woman — clever 
»— i|)b to make hftr toa do what rite prvTcrred and yet alao make him 
^tak it hia own choiee. She had been politic, aoeotumo&aUn^, ' 




going Ui see Mrs. Ileftdmiy ; but, h&Tin^ eeea h«r lutil judfced her, she 
bad detenouu'^ to brmk tim thing off. Sha hud Ixco itveot and Idmii 
M Hn. Heodwuy aiitl, beeanae for tbomoDMOt Clutt wu Msiest ; but die 
h«d made lier Intt viKit on tho Kuno occMion u bcr fint. She bad bmo 
svwt uid kind, but abs bad set her face aa a atoDo, and if poor Ifrs. 
Headway, arriving ta London for the aeaaon, expected to tiiiil any vague 
promiaee ndeemed, abe voutd la«t« of tbe bittemoes of ahatteied bopeai 
He had made up hiii mind tbnt, xhupbenl as be mut, aud Mm. II«id«ay 
ome of bia shmp, it waa none of bia present dntjr to ntn about after bar, 
eigteciallj aa ahe could be tnutted not to atraj too (at. He mw bttr a 
aeoood tlma, aimI shi; still said iiotbing about Sir Artbur. Waterrille, 
who nlwaya hiul u Uu-oiy, said Lo bimiielf that abe waa watting, tiiat the 
baronet had not turned up. Sb« wan alao getting into a bouae; tbe 
courier IiikI fiuiid hi^r in Cbexterfield Street, MayCair, a little gHD, 
which wan to cost hci' xvhnt j^wcla coat After all Uua, Waterville waa 
grcutly MirpriKC'd nt Lady Demcane'a note, and be went down to Tjong- 
lands with much the sanii^ tmpntienon with which, in I'ariEt be wonld 
have guni', if he bod Imen able, to the tint uigbt of a new eomody. H 
seemed to him that, through a anddcn atroke of good fortune, he bad 
received a triiltt d'aulttir. 

]t was agreeable to him to arrive at an Knglish coontry-boose at the 
doae of tbe day. He Ukcd the drive from tho atailon In tbe twiligfat, 
the eight of the fiolda and copaca and cottugot, vn^ie and lonely in eon- 
truat to bia definite, lighted goal ; tbe aoond of tbe wboeb on Uio long 
avenue, whicti tnrnvd and wound repeatedly without bringing bim to 
whathe reached however al laat — the wide, gi«y front, with a glow in 
iM MC«tt«red windows nod a awoep «f Ktill tinner graval up to tbe 
door. The front at Longlands, which waa of tliia sober oompli 
bad a grand, pompous air ; it waa attributed to the genioa of Sir Ohf 
topber Wreo. ITiere were wings wbidi camo forward in a 

witb slatnos pliicrd at interval* on tbo cornice ; ao that in tlio Batb 

dnsk it looked like an Italian palace, erected tbrosj^ some ma^cal evo- 
cation in an Engli^ jiarlc. Wat«rvUle bad taJcen a late train^ wh 
left him but twenty minutes to dress for dJanor. Ha prided hii 
oonaiderably on the art of draoiing bolli cjuickly and wtd) ; but 
operation left bim no time to inquii-e wlietlitT tlie ojiartment lo which ha 
had been aasigneJ befitted the dignity of a Secretary of Legation. On 
nnet^giog fiiom bia room he found thern was an amhasMdor in the boa 
and tbis disoowry waa a chock to uneasy reOectiona. He tacitjy i 
that ho would hare had a better room if it had not been for Ibn ami 
sador, who was of eonne countod fin<^ The lai;ge, briUiant hon8e> i 
an impression of the laat ceottu; and of foreign taat«, of light eotoun, 
high, vaulted ceilingH, witb pale mythological frnwoea, gildod dnara, 
surmounted by old French panels, &ded tapestries and delieate dama 
storea of andent china, among which great jars of ptnk roses were i 
quicaous. Tbo peofdn in tbe bonse bad aaieaiUed for dbuutr in 


. Wl, wlilch wn* anin»tod l>y a Gn of groat log*, and the com- 
Df wu as numeroug that Wat«rriUe vas aCnid 1m wu Um luit. 
l±Ay Deamiui g>vti bim ft aosilo uui n touch of bar hand ; tlifl was very 
tntM|uil, sad, nTiag nothing m phi-Uctilar, trmt«d him aa if be bad beea 
■ ■nrtrat vuitor. Watcrrillc wm not Bura vhvthsr be likod thia or 
hu*d it ; bat thcae alMroatives mattered ei^oally little to hU boeten, 
via luoknd at bnr goMta aa if to noo whetkcr th« nnmbo- wen right, 
IWaaiter of lliv lioose wm talking to a lady b«fore tli« fire; when be 
<u|lit aigbl of WalerTilltf acroffit the Tootu, hn wn^-cd him " how d'je 
ia,' with an air of being: delightod to see him. Ue had never had that 
•ir ta Paria, and ^Valerrillo had u ohanoe to ohnorvc, what he had often 
honl, to how Qidcfa gTMtar adTanttigo the English appear in their 
CMBtrj-boqacit I^dy Demesne tamed to him again, with lier Kwcet 
Tips mfle, which looked aa if it were th« snme for everything. 

" We are waiting for lklr!«. Huudway," tihe naid. 

"Ah, ebo luu arrired t " Wnterrilleliad quite forgott«n her. 

"Sba oame at half-paat five. At six she went to drem. Sbe liaa 
lad lw» boon." 

' IM us bopa tliat the reetilte will be proportionate," mid Watdrrllle, 

' Oh, (be t«9iullji ; I don't knew," Ij«dy Dointmo murmured, with- 
lookatg at him ; and in these nmpte wonla Waterrille aaw tht 
of bb llieorj tiiAt she wm pinying .t dc«p game. lie won- 
1 wbsthar be ithould nit next to Mrs. Headway at dinner, and hoped, 
I due dcCnmee to this lady't diamiR, tbut lio nhould hnro aonwtliing 
■on DOvaU The renlta of a toilet which she had ]>rotracCed through 
tvB haura were piewntly riaiblo. She appeaiwl ou the staircaae whidi 
tmnndad to Uiu liati, and which, for throe mtnutn, as she came down 
■(W alowly, facing Ute people bdoeath, placed her in oonsideraUe reUef. 
WilvrUla, ■« be hieked ut ti«r, felt that thin wna a moraootof import- 
na far her : it waa virtually her entraDC« into Engliah aocdety. Mn. 
HadwBf entered EngUah sodety very well, with )i«r charming smile 
^B her lipe and with the trophiia of the Buc de la Paix trailing behind 
tm. 8hB made a [lorientouB mtilting t» abe moved. People turned 
tt^eyM toward her; there waa won a ]i(ne|itiU» diminution of talk, 
ftaa|h talk had not been jMrticuIarly audiUe. She IfxHtxd very much 
•te^ Bad il waa rather pratontiotiH of her to come down laat, though it 
«« pnmnilo that tliia was rimpty because, before her glass, she had be«o 
lis |i)bu« hrnrlf. For alin evidently felt the in^ortaooo of the 
, and Vaterville was sure that her heart was hcnling. She was 
' valiant, faowerer ; she Kmtled more Intoiaely, and advanced Uke a 
who waa oard to being looked at. She had at any rate the 
i£ kuDwing tiiat ahe was pretty; for nothing on this occasion 
*» wauing to bor prMtince, and the det«rmination to suooeed, which 
■J(M havs made her hard, was veiled in the virtuous i imsi iiiiiiiiisi that 
** bd ui^[)«ted nothing. l«dy Demesne went forward to meet h*r \ 



Sir Arthnr toc^ no nottoe of her ; asd pnaeoUjr Watarrillo (aaai 

self proceeding to <liiuin- with the wife of an eodenailio, to wboDi 

Domocnc IimI i)t«aeDted him for this purpose wheo tlie hall wu 

empty. Tho nak of tJiia ccelcuutio in tito htennchy be iMrned 

on tho inomw ; but in th« meuitinw it aeemed to him stnnge, Mnriim 

that in England KslcsiMtiai itboulil have wirtn. Ei^ltxh life, Rven nt th 

«Dil of II year, was full of those snrprises. The lady, however, was ver 

easily accounted for ; w\m wna in no mtmn b Ttolcoil exoqition, and iha 

liAil been no needofthi^Rvfonuatioutu produce her. Her name was Ua 

April ; fihc was wrappnl in a Iju^i- tuci: ^awl ; to flat her dinner ihe n 

morcd but one gloTe, and the otlMr gave Watervilts at momeata an od 

imprcHian that the wbolo rapast, in vpita of ita great complutofusi, wi 

KOmctfaing of the picnic oi-der. Mra. Headway was oppocite, at a Utt' 

distanca; vhe bad b«(-n token in, ua W«t<irrill« leaiiMd from hi* nsigl 

boor, by a general, ai^utleman with a lean, aquiline Gaoe and a cultimu 

whislur, and aho had on tho other ttida a smart young man of an identil 

leM definite. Poor Sir Arthur 6&t between two ladiee much older tin 

hinuclf, whoeo namos, redolent of histoty, Watenrille had oftan bear 

and had asaooiated with figures move lomantie^ Mrs. Headway ga< 

Wat^rvillri no greotjng ; iiho evidently had not seen him till thqr we 

9Mnt«d at table, when ah« aimply starod at him with a vielenoe of smfri 

that fnr a moment nlinocit efliKml her aniile. It wiw n roptouii and we 

ordered banquet, but as Waterville looked up «nd down the table 

wondnml whcthiT nonin of its elL-ments might not be a liLtk doll, j 

lie made this vcfloction be became conscJOdH that be wm8 judging tlieafll 

ntiirii [uoru fruui MrH. Ktvulwaj's pmnt of view tliaii from hiw own. ] 

knew no onr hut Mrs, A.pril, who, displaying an almost nioUierly das 

tit giv<i Iiiin infurmalioii, t^ild him tho namen of many of their go 

|janioi\» ; in return for which he B]q>lained to her that he was not in ll 

not. Sim. Headway got oa in perfecttoa with her gnoeral ; Watervi 

vatclied her more than be appeared to do, and saw that the K^nei 

who evidently was a cool hand, waa drawing hn* ont. Watenrilk ln| 

fibo would be careful. lie was a man of fancy, in his way, and aa 

compiired bt-r with the rvsl of the oomjiany b« said to hinuclf tbat i 

vae a very plucky little woman, and that her prcient undertAJdng b* 

touch of the heroic She wno alone aguiiut many, and liar oppooa 

w«re ft very iwrried phalanx ; those who were there npnsaented a Ih 

saud otbera. 'Vbuy looked w> diflenot from her that to the eye of 

ima^nation she stood very much on her merilM. All those people mu 

ao completely made up, so unconanouH of efibrt, so sarroandcd n 

things to reat upon ; the men with their clean complexlona, their « 

bung chins, their cold, pleoMuit oyea, their shouldora set book, tl 

^afaaenoe of gmtnru ; the woman, sareral very haadaome^ half Btna^la 

string of pearU, with smooth plain tnwes, aacming to look at niitt 

in particular, eupportiug silence as If it were na becoming «» 

jet talkiujj u Uttto, aometi m cs, in En«b, neb Toicea. Tbey 



*n))^ in a ooramtinity of iilutut, o£ tmditiQnii ; thtj nntlonitooil mch 
ttim't aodttit, even «HCh oUier's Tm^&tiouK. Sfre. tlecdwa}-, with all 
hr pntdoan, mmudhI to tnunoMid tbeM vxiiatioDH ; xho looked foreign, 
aagfKtlUBi ; she bad too miidi «xpre«Eioii ; ebemigbtkavc bemi engaged 
br iW irrtning. WatiirTiilv niEou^ml, niorooTV, tliat Eugliidi nociutj 
n» dwajv looking oat for omufcmpnt and that its tranaacUooa were 
MirfDeted on a oaab Ixuri!!. If Hr*. Hmdway wnrfi iimusing cnongh itho 
■nnU prohably aiKOeeil, and bor fortune— if fortane there was — would 
Mb* a himtnintM. 

In tiw dnwing-room, after dinner, he went n{> to her, but ah« gftve 
Ub an gT»t!ng. She only looknl at him witli an vxprttniun he liad 
mw MMn before— « stnuigo, bold repression of ilisplwuxire. 

" Whjp lura you conio donn berel" ^le aaked. " Have you coni« to 
vttrh mel" 

Watn-irille cnIoui«il to the rootflof bia hair. He know it wao Uuribly 
ike ft digilnm-ttift ; but ho n-na nnahlo to control his blnahen. Be- 
M.^. W wm» ahocXtd, b« was angiy, and in additiou he was mjrstiGed. 
* I came bMaa*<< I wan a»kcd," he sud. 
" \no a«kid ;ou I " 

" Tha mat {wnoa that ankcd you, I suppoee^Lady Demesiie." 
" fBui'aanoldcatl" Mm. Hc»dvay«xcUinM>d, taming away from htm. 
Ho tamed away from bcr as wet). He didn't know what be had 
A»« to Sam r vn saJch treatment. It woa a complcto nitrpdse; bo had 
Hrar aeeo hn- likv tliat btfore. She was a very rulgar woman ; that 
WW Um way p«oplo talked, be BupjMMed, ftt San Dii^. Ilv throw him- 
•If atmoM paaMoaat«-]y into the coRrer<atioR of the otberg, who all seemed 
ta UoL, iwwdbly a httle by controat, extraoidioarily genial and tiiendly. 
BahaJ not, hiiwv*<Tr, th<i ooiuolaUcn of vccing Mr^ Iloadwny pnnisliipd 
tr Iwn- rudonna, for [the was not In the \«uA neglected. On the oun- 
trary, in the part of thn room where kIio «at th« group waa denser, and 
mej BOW and then tt waa af^Utod with nnanimoim laughter. If hIw 
tfaMldunoH theiBt bscaid to himself, she would soooeed; and evidently 
ika w«a amoaing them. 


If riw wM stnmge, Iw bad iMt come to the end of her stnogeoeas. 
1W uut day wim ■ Sunday aod nnoomoumly fine ; ha was down brforo 
kKk£ut, ami took a walk in the ]xirk. Bto[>)iing to gue at the tbio- 
Vg^ deer, Kaltered like pins on a volvH cuKhiun over aome of tho 
MMitar alniNBi, and wandering along tho edge of a large dieet of oma- 
^aul waior, which had a temple, in imitation of that of Vesta, on an 
iAuul in thn milldb^ Hh tltuu^ht at this time no mote about Hn. 
lUilvaj ; ]m only rafloct^n] that thve stately objects had for mora tfaan 
' Imlynn' fununhed a background to a gnat de^ of family histoiy. 
^ iiiO* mnni radrctimi wiiuld perh^[iH have auggeelMl to him that Mnt. 
ly VU pcatibly an Enddetit of some importance in the history of 



a faiailjr. Two or three kdiee fnil«d to appear nt Wakfast ; Mn. Head- 
wny vu One of tlieni. 

" S>be tells me she never Ictvee h«r room till noon." lie heard l^s 
Demona My to the gennsl, her companion of tint prerioiui ereniii^irliu 
had asked about bcr. " Sbe takes tlut« hours to drtsa." 

" She's a mooatroua clever woduui ! " the geiienU excLiuiuiJ. 

" To do it in thrwj hount t " 

" No ; 1 mouu tbo way she ke«pc< her wibt aliout her." 

" Vrv ; I think tihc'» eery drvcr," aaid I^ady Deiaesne, in a tone in 
wbkk Waterville flattetvd bimaelf ibat be nir more nteaning tWn tbcr 
gMMval coutd •«(^ There wax mmethtng in Ihiii tall, istrMglit, deUheraU 
waaua, who seemed at once bc8wvol«ot and diatunt, that Waterrille 
admiral. With her dfltcate aurikce, her oonventionnl mildnea, be 
oonld a«« that die wao very strong ; she hnil set her patience npon a 
height, and she carried it like a diiideni. She liad v«ty tittle to mjt v> 
Waterrtlle, bat eveiy oov and then tihe made game inquiry of him that 
showed ehe hod not forgottisi him. Demccne himwir vas appuently in 
exoelleDt ijMritB, though there was nolfainj; huatUng in his deportmenl, 
and bo only wont about loukin;tC ^'CTy fresh and fair, as if be took a bath 
every hour or two, and very secure agaimt the uuexpeoted. WuterviUc 
had lees conrerwtion with him than with his mother ; but the yonng 
man had found occasion to Nty to him tlie uigbt before, in the amokinf- 
Toom, that he wait dejiglitwl Wiit(.-rvUle hod been able to <»nie, and that 
if he was fond of real English Kvaory there wore several thiu^ alioni 
there ho should like ver)- much to sbow him. 

"You mm* give mo an bour<n- tno before you go, you know; 
mally Uiiiik there are some thiuga you'll like." 

i^r Arthur spoke as if Waterville would l>e>-e[y fastidious; bai 
to wish to attach a vu^'ue importuuee to him. On the Sunday ma 
ailsr breok&st be asked Waterville if be should can to go to cbt 
most of the ladiea and M^veral of the men were going. 

" lt*s just as you please, you know ; hiit it's rather a pn-lty walk acftiM 
the iicldn, and a curious little church of King StcpheuV time." 

Wat«rville knew what this measb; it was alreati^ a |rictui«. 
aidee, lie liked )^ing to chuicb, especially when be sat in the Sqn 
pew, which was Homctimes as big an a buudoir. So be replied tint 
sboulit be ili^hted. ThfA be added, without explaining liis ; 

" Is Mre. Headway going ? " 

" I really don't know," said liia boit, with an abnijit chaitge of I 
— ^LB if Waterville hod oaked him wliether the housekeeper wertr gotn^ 

" The Engliiih are awfully queci- ! " Walervillo indulged metit 
in this exeJamatioa, to whidi Binoo bis arrival in ^nglund Le luul had 
twouna whenever he encountered a gap iu the eonniiituDcy of tV'"^ 
The cfam«h was even a better picture than Sir Arthui''8 deaeriptixi. 
and Watervillo said to himself that His. Hcoilway liai] 1 tl 

not to ooDM. Ue knew what she was aft«r ; she wiahad i- 



]!&^Mtlut»Iie migbt Uke pomwion of it ; nud to pass In «mong it Led)j^ 
of bobbing nutics, imd ait amoug the monuments of the old DemesDCfl, 
«ouM hAva told W n f(n»t doivl About English life. If tha wished to 
fortifjr htrsclf for the slriigglp sho hnd licttcr come to tliat old dmrch. 
Wliea be ntunicd to I.onglmuk— iie liiid walked back ncroas the tueadows 
witii the canon's vi[e, who was » vigorous pedestrian — it wanted half an 
hour uT luncheon, and be was unwiiltng to go indoors. lie ronuimbored 
tbitt h« had not jet aeca the guvdeus, and he wandered away in search 
of lh«tn. They were on > >cide which «mibleil him to lind theni without 
ditteoltf, and they looked u if they had boen kept up luiremittiugly for 
auntaiyor two. Huhiul noludvauuod very far between their blooming 
boKlen when he heard a voice that he recognijiod, and a moment after, 
tt tbu turn of an nlloy, lie come upon Mrs. Headway, who was attended 
bj the roaater ot Longlaoda. Sbe wfis baiehmdod bi'neaUi her p&rikaol, 
irilkli slw flang bnek, Mopping shoi-t, na she beheld her compatriot. 
. " Ob, t^s Sir. Wftterville come to spy nte out aa usual 1 " It vu& with 
ll)i« remArlc tliAt she gn>eted the slightly emkarrofaed young UAn. 

" Uallo I you've come home fi-om chuich," Sir Arthur aaid, pulling 
vnllua w«tcfa. 

Walerrille waa struck with his coolness. He admired it ; for, after 
■0, be mid to himself, it must have Ixwn disogreenble to him to be in- 
taimi>t«d. He felt u little like a fool, and wiHhE<d he bad kept Hn. 
April with him, to give him the air of having come for her sakt*. 

Mn. Hakdway looked adorably fre^, in a, toilet which Wntervill^ 
who had his ideas on such matters, wns sure would not be regarded aa 
tha proper thing for a Sunday monuug in na English countrj- houai^ : a 
*igligr t£ white flounces and frilbt, interspersed with yellow ribbons — a 
garmi!(it whidi Mwlatne do Pomp»<lour might have worn when she re- 
nived a visit from Louis XV., but would probably not have wum when 
■kewent into th« world. The edght of tbin costume gave the finishing 
tooeJi to Waterville's impreeaion that Mrs. Headway knew, on the whole, 
what she wuh about. She would take a Uiie of her own ; slio would not 
be too accommodating. EJhe n-ould not come down to breakfast ; she 
would not go to uhuToh ; the would wear on Sunday mornings little 
ahbotvtely informftt drcKn^s, and look dreadfully ua-Britisb niid ua- 
RobaAanL Porbapa, after all, this waa better. She began tu talk with 
ft certain volnbUity. 

" Ltn't thia too lovely 1 I walked all the way from the bouse. I'm 
not muoh at walking, but the grass in thia place is hke a parlour. The 
vholo thing is beyond everything. Sir Arthur, you ought to go and 
look afl43- the ambaKSudor ; it's shameful the way I've kept you. You 
didn't car* about the ambassador] You nxtA ju.'^t now you had ncarcelj 
ipofccn to bim, and you munt make it up. 1 never saw such a way of 
neglecting your gueeta. la that the usual style over hero ) Go and take 
him oat for a ride, or make biui pluy aiganie of billtiirda. Mr. Water* 
Tille will taka me home ; besides, 1 want to scold bim for spying on me/ 

TOL. ILTII.— SD. Vt&. \1. 




Wat«rviIlo riuufilj tcMnted ihbt aeeunlion. " I bad no t(W Ton 
were Ii«re," li« dcclwed. 

" Wfi wenn't hidii^," md Rir Arlhtir qutntly. " ra4ia)tt irodll tM 
Mm. Headway back to thei house. I tltiiik I ougbt to look atA«r old 
Uiiviiiotr. I Ij^icvp lunch is at (wo." 

He left tbem, and Wnt*rv-iHo wmnditrod tfarangh the f^ardena witi 
Mre. 1 [twlwny. Bh« immorlinti-ly visfapd to know if ho bad comfl tbnv 
to look after ber ; but; this inquiry was aceompanied, to Ids snrpriat^ vitk 
tho acrimony *ln> bad divpUyod th« nigbt bofin«. lio wm detoraiiiMd 
oot to let that pais, bowoTer; when people had treated him in tliat way 
they should not bo allowod to foi^gct it. 

" Do you aMpi>aw I am always thinking of you 1" be aaliML "Yoo'm 
out of my mind SDmetimes. I came ben to look at tbe ganlen^, anJ if 
you hadn't upoken to mn t ahoiild have panc^! on." 

Mrs. Headway was perfoctly sood-natui«d; ahe appeared not tntn to 
boar IiiH defence. " Ho luw gtA two Other placca," abo simply rejoined. 
" That's just what I wanted to know." 

But Watorviltn would nofc bo tin'nod away fW>m hiit grioTiuieek 
That mode of reparation to a person whom you had insulted whMi 
consisted in forgoKing that yon had done so, was doahtlfv lately in 
use in New Mexico ; but a person of honour demanded something mon^ 
" What did you ramn last night by nccosing me of barinj; catat down 
bete to wati'h you I Vou oiust escui;e me if I t«11 you tlint I think you 
iffK latbcr nid<i,'' Tho vting of this accusation lay in the tact tbat 
tlicrt! wod a certain amount of truth in it ; yet for a moment Hra. Head- 
way, looking vrry blank, raiti-d to rooogntMt thn alliuaon. " Kbe's a 
biirbanuii, aft^r all," tlioughl Wateiville. " Sho thinks a woman 
eb^t a man'N face and ran away I " 

" Ob 1 " cried Mro, Headway, anddenly, " I remi^mber ; I was ang 
with yon ; I didn't ncpoct to hoo you. But t didn't rtnily otre abont i 
at all. Srery now and then I am angry, like that, and I work it 
on any one that'a handy. But it's ovrr in thnw minntM, and I nnr<r 
think of it a^piin. I was napy laat iii^ht; X wai fnrions with tbe «U 

" With thi- old woman I " 

" With Sir Arthur's mother. Sbc has nO buslnrw! hetp, nnr 
In this country, wbcu Ui« hnxlmnd dies, they're expected to claar 
Slui iukt a bouse of ber own, ten miles from here, and she has another 
Fortman Si)tian.> ; tu> eJiu'itf^t plenty of places to live. But sbc at 
alio Hlk-ks to him like a plaater. All of a sudden it camo 0V«r nw i 
she didti'l invitv mi.' hi'm hccauao she likod im-, but booui*" nbi) sirt>* 
pecte xae. iihe's afraid we'll make a mabrh, and A« thinks I ain't tr>-o^ 
enough for ber Mm. She muni think I'm in a groat linrry to get V.' 
him, I uerer went after him ; be came after me. I eboitid ne*«r i" 
thought of nni.'thing if it luuln't bcon for litm. lie }wgtm H last v 
at HombuTg ; he wanted to know why I didn't oorae to Bngland } ^ 



■kinlil hnn gnnt snccMS. U« doesn't know mncb nbout it, any 
mj; htf tutsn't fiOC mooh ginnpiion. Bnt Wa » rtrj uice num, nil U« 

•Be ; ii'« vi^ pbwMutt lo «« htm 6aritiun<1«d hy his " Anil Mi«. 

BMiNnyiNDBeda uonicut, looking luUuiHogly about ber — ''Bumoniwled 
k; «D bid old lt<-irlo<>ini>. I liltc Uw oW plad-," ulii* w<>nt on ; " it'n 
Wutifu ily mounted ; I'm <)uite tsattsAixl witb whitt I've uvea. 1 tliongbt 
lady IteauMaa wom very fK^milly ; «bc l(4i n cnrd on tno in London, and, 
<By ^(u after, die wrote to me to aak me h«ire. But I'ro very quick ; 
I i pi— ti wi wr* Uiingii in h fluli, I mw somstlung yr>4<:rUAy, whon 
teame tc uprnk to m« nt diiuwrtimp. Sbe nw I looked pn-tty, nnd 
It nad» bfr hltw witb ngv ; i^he bop^ I would Im ii^y. I ffaoutd like 
my mnfb to oblige ber ; bvl wbnl cnn odd do t Tbcu I mw tbnt abo 
hii Mkad mv hrrn only bMniif« be iiisistol. He didn't niDte to nw nw 
yim I tint arnvcd — be iu^v<-r aaan nenr nttt fur t«u dnvH. Slie maiu^;ed 
lb{«VTenl biw; tha k^ liim to mnke snmc promtw. Bnt Iw obMi^jetl 
Ife tnind aftar a little, kud Ui^n bo bad to ibi sonietbing fcully polilfl. 
BraUled tbn« dayo in MaceeKxion, nnd bo mndn iunr nomv. 8b«^« one 
•ClliuiB women ib&t reeUlA as long an site uiu, aud tben fcemit to give 
ik, wUlo Rbtt'a rmlly mwting mora tbtin ••vrr. 8bn lintw me Uke 
p^i«i ; 1 don't know what she ihinkn I've done. Hfac's vei^ nniVr- 
taftd ; abe'K a rvfobu- otd nt. Wbcn 1 taw yini Inst night nl ditiDiT, I 
tei^fat sbit bad got you bere to belp ber." 
■• To bel|> bwt " WatcnrilW io.V(«l. 
** To tal) Iwr kbont me. To p;iv« her informikliun, thntsbe cmi make 

i^'nxt me. Yon may toll brr wbat yon liko I " 
>i alervilla wna idmoat bmtlikoB wiUi ibu at(«nlioii be bad i^ren to 
to latwu riKnary bon>t of conSdcon-. and now be nmlly Telt faint II« 
fffai aliort ; ib%. Headway went on ii Tttw utep, and tbcn, titoppiuK 
to, tmwd ukI looked at bin). " V*on'n> th« most unspeakable woman I " 
bi ruJaimod. Sbu fvenwil to him tiubied a harbarian. 

ftha langberi at Iiim — he felt abe was laoghing at his expn«uon of 
bw a nd her binsb rang tfaroagfa th« stately garden*. " What noot of 
• vaan u that I" 

" Yoo'to itol no doUoscy," taid Watervillo rrfolntely. 
hiOTloiuMl quickly, tbou{;b, strang« to any, ufae appeand not to be 
apj. " No dalJoicy 1 " ab« n^pinted. 

*Vm ou)^t to keep tbooe tbinxs to yoitnolf." 

"Ob, t know wbnt yon mean ; I talk about overylbing. When I'm 
OM I'to gat to talk. But I must do tbtngs in my own way. I've 
H flmOiy of ddiraciy, witoo people are uim lo me. Aak Artliur 
Waal- if I ain't ddi»t« — atk Geor^ littlcmon^ if I ain't. 1>on*t 
4ad tb«e all day ; come in to hmcb I " And Uia. Headway rtfiumed 
W«aIk,wbilH liuiwrt Wntttrville, nifiing biK eyoifor amomont, slowly 
»^— V i.,r. " Wait till I get twUled ; then 111 be dclk»t«," nbo pur^ 
r It cxa'b be delicate when yon're trying to BBTB yoTir Vite, VVa 

^^»7 T«i; (to- yo«i to talk, with the whole Amwiaui Legation \a \wcV 

1 i_ .. "-^.^ 



joo. Of courac I'm excit«d. I've got hold of this ibing, aai t' 
UMn Co let go I" Befom thty reached the house ebo told him why he 
had b«*n iDvit«d to LongUads lA tho same tiino om benolf. WatecTtll* 
would likvo likod to believe that hu jienonai *UrMitiODa Kufficicntl; 
cxpLai&ad tiie fttct ; but xho took no BccunDt of tills suppoattion. 
Mm. Hendway prer«rt«d to think thftl she lived in an element of is^ 
nious tnachinntioD, ukl that iao«l thing* thut happened httd relsnooeto 
beraelt WeterriUe li*d been asked beoMiae be npneented, howenr 
modeeUy, the Amerinui I>rgBtion, and tbeir boot hod a friendly deain to 
make it appear tlial tbia pretty Aoiencsn viaitor, of whom no one knew 
anything, vaa under th« protection of that eatablishmcnt. " It would 
Blart me botttv," inid Urn. Headway aerenely. " You oau't help your- 
■elf — you've helped to irturt me. If he bod known the Sltuister he 
Tould have asked him~or the GratsocNtary. Bat be don't know them." 

They tmcbod tha bouse by the time Mrs. I[eadway had developed 
this idea, which jtsve Waterville a pretext more th&n sufflcdrat for d«tau>- 
ing her in tbo portico- "Doyoumoanlowy Sir Arthur told you thiat" 
he inquired, almoit storalj. 

" Told mo 1 Of course not I Do yon suppoee I would let him t 
the tune with me tliat I nued any faruuml I ahodd like to hear 
tell mo that I'm in want of assistaaoe 1 " 

_ "I don't ace why lie shouldn't — at the pace you go yonraelf. Yl 
any it to every one," 

" To evwry one t I say it to you, and to George Litilemore — when 
I'm nervous. I say it to you because I like you, and to hiea beoauM 
I'm afnid of him. I'm not in the leoet afraid of you, by the way. I 
all alone— I haven't f(ot any one. I niUAt liavti aome eomfurt, mna' 
II Sir Arthur vcoliied mo for putting you off last night — he nottoed it ; 
and that was what made me giiMct liix idea." 

*■ I'm much obliged to him," said Wat«rvtU«, rather bewildered. 

" So mind you anawer for m«. Don't yon want to give toe yom- 

" You're a moat oxtmordinary oombLnatii>n," he murmured, an lim 
stood smiling at lum. 

"Ob, come, don't you fall in lore with me ! " ahe cried, with a hu^ ; 
and, without taking his arm, paand in Imfotu him. 

ThaA evening, befora be went to dre^ for dinner, Waterville waa> 
dered into the library, when be felt sura that he should find aom^ 
superior bindings. There was no one is the room, and be spent a hoppw- 
half-bour among the trauturm of liUmtture and the trininplia uf 
morocco. He had a great esteem for good literature ; hr held that 
should tiavc iiandaome oovurs. The daylight had begun to wane, fau^l 
whenever, in the rich-looking dimneee, he made out thu glimmer of i 
wdl-gjlded back, he took down the volume and carried it to one of tb 
deep«e( window*. He had jmt finished tbe iuspectian of m dsU^i^s^ 
/b/i/ fi^gmnt fidio, and was about to onrrr it bock to ibi nidw, wba 



faoBil binuMlf sUnding tuee to &« with I«d}- Bemesne. He wu atAtilod 
far* »on«at; for bar tnll, slim flgxin^harfoirTinge, which looked wbit« 
IB tfaa high, brown room, ftnd tli« air of aerions inteotion v,-jth whicb *))« 
imimtod bnwir, gATO KomeUiing RpectriJ to bor prawnoe. He saw Imt 
■nkt, bowertv, knd bMrd li«r ny, In that tone of bera whidi vna sweet 
klnoM to Mdnns, " Ar» you looldng at onr booksl I'm afraid ihey ten 

K** DuD I Why, titfj- srv as bright aa the day they were bound." And 
tamad tho glittering |ium1s of hi» folio townrdx bar. 
Tm afishl 1 harea^ looked at them for « long time," »he mar- 
nd, going nearer to the window, when) she atood loolring out Beyond 
fte daar t«ne tbi^ )iark «tr«tch«>d away, with the preynos of evt-ning 
bqpntitng to Iiang itaolf on tho grant limh« of the oaks. The place 
mid and empty, and the trWM had an air of conxciona iisport- 
if Natoro b«<rantf had hwn bribed aomebow to take the side of 
■OB^ fa^^tli^ Lady D^niMoe waa tioC an cwty poraon to talk with ; 
ik was niMtberifOBlaaieoaa nor abundant; she was conacioua of berteir, 
^Mcioiu nf many thing*. Her very dnplidty wait conventionnli thotigfa 
it wia ratl>er a noble ooaTOntion. You might have pitied her, if you 
lad laan that *ho tinid in conxtant unn^tiixnl mmmtinion with cortain 
^pd idfli ThU made ber at tlmiss seem tired, like n pcrnoii who hnx 
■riartakan too macb. She gave an improMion of still hrightncts, which 
aaa not at all brilliancy, but a carefolly preserved purity. 8ho luud 
Mikiiqt for k nomcot, and theio waa an appearance of deeign in tier 
dBoe, aa if ahe wished to let him know that idie bad a onrlain l>iiunnw 
vitii him, without taking tlie trouble to announce it. She had been 
■ ■Twt i JBi eJ to axpwt that people would siippoM things, and to bo saved 
A» tn»Ua of explanaliona. Walerrilte made some h^>hBiard remark 
ibe«t tha beauty of the ercning (in point of fact, the wtathar bad dianged 
far (h« wane), to wliicb abe vouchwfed no reply. Then, presently, iihe 
■B^ with her osoal gantloneaa, " I hoped J sbould find you hwe^I wish 
% Mk jnm BosMtbing." 

AnytUng 1 ou tdl you— I flhall b« dslight«d 1 " WatorvUIe ex- 

Ehegave bim a look, not impcrio'is, almost appealiD^, which !teem<.>d 
W *f — " Plsaw> Im Twy si[nplt< — rcry simple iiuloed." Tlion Hbc glnnocd 
*kn W, as if there had been otiier people in the room ; nbe didn't wish 
O Hfi- doaeted with bim, or to have oome on purpose. Thon> idi« was, 
M nj rate, and she went on. '■ When my son told me be should a»k 
Tm la Dome down, I wm very gbid. I mtan, of ooumij, that we were 
— " And abe paused a moment. Then slie added, simply, 
*I «iu to ask you about Mrs. Hmdwsy." 

'Ah, barw it is ! " cried Wstervilte within himself. More super- 
_ ^i!!;, he nuile'l, as agrneably as poaaible, and said, " Ab, yea, I sec I " 
* Do jon mind my asking }'ou I I hope you don't mind. I bareat 


'* Yoor Bon knows hor much Letter thao I tlo." WaUrville a^ 
thin wttliuut un mteation of uoUoe, auDjily to ttcape from Uhi diifi- 
cultiee of Lis eituAtjou ; but nfter be bad nud it, he Tas altuoW (irightenud 
hj iU mocking wuiuL 

" I doo'e think h« knows h«r. She koowfl kxta, which b vary diffe- 
rent. WbcD I ttsk hiia ithout her, bo niMxljr t«IU ma Aa u fascinatiiig. 
Sbo M fhsciiwting," t-aid her ladyahip, witli iaioutAble diyneau 

" fto t think, DivHolf. I liko bor ray mach," Wotornlle r^oiiMd 

" You are in nil the bettor poaitton to sftaik of hor, thon," 

" To iqieftlE wtil of htir t ° Mtitl WktarriUa, B&iUnf;. 

" Of cotireo, if yoia oftn. I nhould be dntightcd to hour you do that. 
ThRt'n wliat I viHb — to hwr fotiiie good of her." 

It might h»ve soemod, niter thia. th»t nothing would hare remained 
bat for Wnt«rvitlo to kunch bioudf into a panegyric of hia myvtoooos 
t-ountr]' woman ; but he w&h no more to be tempted into thatdanger than 
into anothci-. " I can only say I like her," he rEpeatod. " She baa bent 
very kind to n>c." 

" £very one eeoms to like her," mid I^dy Demoeno, with an tuh 
atudiftd lifted of luilhoa. " She is certainly very amusing." 

" !Sho lit vor}' g(iod-nAtnr«d ; abn has lob" of good intentianB." 

" Wliiit do you calJ Rood iutenlioiwl" asked lady I>emM&e,vetr^-!nn«t]y. 

" Well ; I mean that she wants to bo friendly and pleasant" 

" Of ooimo you hiire to ddvnd hvr. She'K your ouunti^'wamati." 
., " To defend ber— 1 must wait til) she's attacked," said Wat 

" That's v«ry true. I needn't cxM yow atlentioa to the fiwt that I 
am not attacking bur. I ahoold nemr attnck n porvon atnying in thJs 
houae. I only want to know something about iMr, and if you can't tell 
me, porhftpK at I<»iKt you can mention aomo on« who will," 

" She'll teU you llei-self. TeU you by the hour 1 " 

*'^l]At libe hD« told my wn I I shouldn't tindorstand it, Kji 
doesn't understand iU It's very strange. I rather hoped you nught i 
phtin it." 

Watprvillo was ulvnt a moment. "I'm a&aid I can't explain it 
Headway," he remarked at last. 

" I aoe j-ou admit ithe is vttry puculinr." 

Waterville he«ilated again. "It's too great a reqionatbiiity 
anitwtr you." Ho fult Uiat he wait very dirahligiug ; he know axnctly 
what Lady Demesne wished bim to say. lie was nnpiepand to blight 
the repntalkxi of Mm. Headway to aooommoUutc Jjidy DeraeeDO ; and yol, 
with hia active little ima^nation. be oould entw perfectly into she feel- 
ings of this tender, formal, scriouK wnonnn, who — it was (ssy to see— had 
looked tor her own happiness in the (.-ullivutiou cf duty and in exb«a» 
oonstMuy to two or three ol^ucts of devotion choeun ouoe for nil. Sh^ 
, indeed, have liad a tiiioa of things which woald mprMMmt 

9J M btitfa displnaing and dftogeroos. Bitt lui pnweDtly kocuno 
I Uwl abe had Uken liin liuit woniU as a conoesEioa in wliicli &hfl 

"Ton kocw wlijr I «sk you thtw Ihings, ttieu t" 
tX thiak 1 hav«i an idea," Hii<l Watervilloi iwrnsting id ini}kv«nt 
Hi* Ungh Kiandod fooliidi in bin uwn uhl 
70a koo* that, I think vou ought to assiit me." Her iaaa 
aa cha ipolct! Umh words; Uiura vran u quick tremor in it ; he 
It it WM a cDDlMBcn of dieUwfr, H«r distress wtu deep ; he 
t— riithJy Mt thnt it mnst have b«en, b«(bn> ibe mmdo up hor mind to 
ifaak bi hiiB. Be wu sorry for her, and detenained to be vt(7 senous. 
" If I MKild bolp Tou I woold. But my potation ix vory difficult." 
" It's not so dilEcuIt as mine 1 " Sbo was going all Icugthd ; fihe was 
rappaoling to him. " I (lon'timagtoethstyoaaroundiT any ol>liga- 
i Id Mim. Uoadway — ^yon seem to me very difieront," she added. 
ValcrviUo waa not iiwMuibla to any discrimination that told in his 
hot thuM vnrd* gave biin a a]i{{ht kliock, as if tiiay had been an 
at bribery. " 1 am surpriMxl thai you don't Uko hor " bo T«a- 
tady Demeoie lookfid out of tbo «indotr a little. " I don't think you 
mt nmllj ■Br]rri«cd, though powibly you tiy to be. I don't like bor, at 
By nte, and I can't lancy why my eon should. She's ver>- pnHty, and 
diiisp|s«ii to be very clever ; Imt I don't truxt her. 1 don't know what 
ka takai puaseauon i>f him ; it is not uMual in bin family to marry 
|Mpi« like tbaL I duo't think xbo's 11 hidy. Tbo pomon 1 idionld wish 
fcr him would l« so very differmt — peHiaps you can see what I wfsua. 
Iksa^s soaaetbing in bur faivtoiy tliat we don't undonUnd. Uy son 
taAaAuida b no better Uum 1, If you omild only explain to us, that 
■i^ ha » Itelp. 1 treat you with great oon&lenoe the first time I see 
JH; it's lantuK I don't know where to turn. I am exceedingly auxiotu." 
It waa vnry plain tliat tbo was anxious ; her manner bod bocoms 
Mm ■■JuMwwt; her eyea aeeued to shine iutbe ihidceninf; du£k. "Are 
IM wj wai% iberc is dangwl" WaterriUo asked, "lias be naked 
^ to marry him, and has she oonsunted I " 

■If I wait till they twttle it all, it will be too late. I have rcasoa 
ll yirvii that my son is not eagn^, but be ia terribly entangled. At 
(^ ama tiaa W is vny noenay, and tlutt may save him yet. He has a 
DM MBM id honour. He is nut satia&ed about her pnat life ; bo docan't 
i*« «hat to think of what we have bean told. Even what she admits 
'■sutfsngie Uhabsa been married four or five times — ebo has boen 
tftnid ^^n and again — it aeooB ao extraordinary. Shu tellii him 
)t>tia Aniincx it indiflhrant, and I daremy you Iwvb not our ideas; 
^■■Ity thn*iaa limit loeverylLiDg. Th«to muxt have been Kome 
P** bregolarities— 1 am afiaid some] great scsndals. It's dreadfU 
''bvtMiaoaiptsaeih Udugs. He hna not told me all this but it's not 
ha dimld tell me i I know him well enoogh to gucM," 




" Does he know that ^oit have spoken to me t " WatervUlA uik«d. 
" Not in tiic iMist But I mnst toll jron Uut I bIwII R>pwt to him 
BLDythinK ^^^ 7ou i")' *ny agaiiuit her." 

" 1 had better »j nothing, then. We very delicate. Ura. Ueadw&y 
u qoibi andoruiKlecl. Ono maj Iiki> bcr or not, of ooanw. I haw bmo 
nothing of Iter that is not peifccrtly correct." 
" And you liavn honnl nothing I " 

Waterville remembeivd Littlemoiv'H aiiwrUo« that tberu wer« iwm 
in which a man wax bonnd in hononr to t«ll an untruth, and he won- 
dnred wbetbiT thin wore nicb a caao. Ijuly Detncme im[io<KMl koiMtf^ 
she mailo him believe in Iho rcAlity of h«r grisranoe, and be nw the 
guir tluit ilividi-d hiir from a pushing littla woman wlio had livsd with 
Westflru ediloiw. She was right to wish not to be oonneoted with Mni, 
Hmdway. After all, Ihcrv had been nothing in hta rriatiooa with that 
lady to make it incniubeut on him to lie for her. He had not aouf>bt her 
'Itoquaintnnoit, nhn bail miight hix ; aho bad tKott far him to oomo and seft 
her. And yet he conldn't gire ber away, as they *aid in Kew York ; 
that Et lick in hi» throat. "1 am afraid I roolly can't Kay anythi 
And it vrouldu't matter. Your son won't give ber u|> b«cauae I 
not to like hor." 

" If he were to believe slue haa done wrong, be wouM give b«r up.' 
" Well ; 1 have no right to «y ao," mtd Wnt«rvill«, 
Lady Demesne turned away ; ahe was tnncli diauppointed in htm, 
was afraid she wa« going to break oat — " Why, then, do you mppOM I 
atiked you linrnl" She (|uitt<Kl h(^r plane nmr the window and was 
apparently about to leave the loom. But she stopped short. " Yott 
know Romething against ber, hut yon won't i«y it." 

Waterville bugged tiis folio and looked awkward. "Yon attrti 
things to me. I shall nevsr nay anytJiing." 

*' Of oounm yun nr* pci-fectly fw*. Thwi> in *omc ooO idim w 
knows, 1 think — another American—a gentleman who was in Pi 
when my nan was thero. I have forgotten bis name." 

*'A friend of Mrs. Headway's! I euppoae yoo mean G< 

" Yea — Mr. Litllemore. Ho has a sister, whom 1 havo met ; I dt<Ici'*~ 
know she wn« bis KJitter til! to-dny. Hik Headway spoke of ber, but K-^ 
find sh« doesn't know ber. That itself is a proof. 1 think. Do 
think A« would bd]> mo I " Ijuly DomcKDO asked, very edraply. 
" I donbt it ; but you can try." 

" I wiHb be had como with yon. l>o yoti think he wonid comal " 
" Ho i^ in America at this moment ; hot 1 beilieve he soon oouea 
"I shall go to his aister; I will n«k her to Imng him to aoe no. 
is extremely nif« - I think aho vUl ODdenland. Unfoiitu>at«ljr 
very little time," 

"l>on't count loo much on Littlemore," said WalervlUe jtavaly. 
bare no pity," 



' Wliy rfionliJ WB pity yoni How out MiB, Headway hurt such » 
person &s you 1 " 

lAily Demesne h^iutod a moin«nt. " It hui-bt m« to hoir ]ior 

"Hw Toioe ia very sweet." 

•• Poasibly. But nhc'ri horrililo ! " 

ThiswM too mticU, il boi-iiiikI to Wtttcrville; poor Mrs. Heiwlw»y 
waa cxtreDidly opm to criticksm, and be Iiiiaielf had declared ahe was & 
b*r1)arian. Vet iiU« wm not horrible. " It's for yonr son to pity yoUi 
IT he domn't, how can yoii expect it of others ) " 

" Oh, but fie d<M» ! " Add with k mnjesty that wax more striking 
van than her logic, Lady Demot'iie moved towardu the door. 

Wat«rTiUo odranccd to opno it for her, find as aho pHsswI out he eaid, 
'TViere'a one thioK you can do — try to like her ! " 

SliQBbot him A terrible jj^Unoo, "That would be worst of >UI I" 


(leorge IittJnnor« nnivrtd in London on the twentieth of May, and 

owoftlm first ihin^ he did won to no and sun Waterville ut the Lt^gn- 

; Ron, where ho made known to bini thnt he hnd tnkcn for the rest of the 

'*M*oii« hou«f at Quocrn Auxie'sGate, ao that hin stater and her husbnnd, 

*ho, under the presanre of diminished rente, had lettlieirown town-reu- 

^Miw, might roibc up and xptni r coopi* of months witli him. 

"Odl' of the eoaaeqnenoea of your having u house will be that you 
*fll hivn to entertain Mrs. Headway," Wntervilln said. 

Littlrmora Mt tliore with hi« hands crossed ui>ou his stick ; he looked 
*t WateiA-ille with an eye that failed to kindle at the mention of tbiti 
Wt 1 name. " Has Rhe got into EurojiwMi soviuty t " he atked, rather 

" Very much, I should say. She has a bouse, and a carriage, and 

dbmonds, and everything handsome. She seems already to know a lot 

of people; they put her name in the Mominy Pii»t. She hat cotno up 

vffy quickly ; she'a almost famous, Eveiy one is asking about her — 

yooll he plied with quMtions." 

Littlemore listened gravely. " How did she get in 1 " 
" She met a hirge party at Longtands, and mode tliem -ill think her 
great fun. They must hare taken her np ; she only wanted n ntnrt." 

Littltrooro »tt--iiifd suddenly to be struck with the gi-otesqueni-w of 
thi» news, to which his first reqtonse was a burst of i|uiiik laughter. 
" to Uiink of Nancy Beck ! The people here are queer people. There's 
no one th*y won't ro after. They wonldn't (ouch her in New York." 

" Oh, New York'* old-fa-ihioned," said Waterville ; and h« announced 
to hia friend that Lady Demesne was very oiger for his arrival, and 
wanted to make him help hnr to prevent her son's bringing such n [>erw>n 
Jnto the Cunily. Littlemore apparently was not alarmed at her lady. 



ship's i>rojects, and intimatod, ia the manner of a man xrho tbooghv 
tbeui niUici* iinpeittnetit, thitt liu could ti-itat liimself to kee]i out of )i's 
way. " It isn't a itroper momags, at any rate," WaterriUe dedared. 

" Why not, if ho lovw hor t " 

" Ob, if that's aU you want ! " cried Watorvilla, witli a degpw tf 
cyniciiua thnt mthnr Kurprisvd his cotDpoaioD. "Would yoa many hit 
yourself 1 " 

" c:pjiain!y, if I were in lovo with her." 

" Vou took cuio uuL to bu that." 

" Ym, I did — and so OemeBue had belter have doiie. But kUim I 

bitten ! " and Littivmcro twrniantfid hi* Bontenw in a 8U 


Wnternlle prranntly asked him how ho would manage, is view of 
his sister's udvcnt, nbtiut utkin^ Mn. Heudwny to his house ; and ht 
replied that he would manage by simply not asking; her. Upon Oat, 
Waterville decliireil tlwt he was very incomristont ; to which Littlenww 
njoined that it wits vety po)iH.ble. But he aiik&d whntlicr they oonlds't 
talk about something I'lee than Mrs. Headway. He couldu't enter uiU 
tho }-oung mxa'a intei'Mt In her, and wa& nun: to luivo onoagh of ha 

Waterville wotitd Imve lieou xorry ta givn a fAtmi idea of his intend 
in Mt-ti. Headway ; for he Hattcred himself the feuUu^ bad <Iefiiuto liailL 
He had been two or three UmtH to »oo hor ; but it was ft relief to thinl 
that she wua now quite iudependent of hira. Tburo hnd been no levirtl 
of that intimati? intnrcoiirno which occun'ed during lli« viKtt to l^uig- 
lutds. &ip- could dispense with aaai»tiuico now ; sho knew hernelf tluit 
she was in the current of success. Hhe pretended to be surprued at ia 
good fortune, especially at its rapidity ; but Bhe wna really sorpriaid tt 
notltiog. She took tbiafpi as tiicy came, and, being o^tentially a woau 
of iictioii, wostml aluioat as little tiiue in elattoii ns i>ho would have iwt 
in deeqiondence. Hhe lAikcd a groat deal about Lord Edward and Ud; 
Margaret, and about Hucb other miuubers of the nohdtity as had ttbownt 
deeire to uultiTate her acquaintance ; professing to uuderatend perfocl^ 
the BOurcM of a ]iopularity wbleh ajiparently was dc«tiD6d to incitIM 
" They come to Inugh jit me, " slio said ; " they come limply to get thiap 
to repeat. I can't open my mouth but tlitiy burst into fits. It's a mUM 
thing that I'm an American liumourist; if I say the simplest thin^ 
they begin to roar. I must expi«ss myself somehow ; and Indeed vW 
I hold my tongue they think me funnier than ever. "Diey repeat *hit 
I say to a great person, and a great person told some of tbom the otlier 
night that he wauled to hear me for himself. I'll do for htm wh»t I do 
for the other?! ; no bettor and no worse. I don't know how I do it; I 
talk the only way I can. They tell me it isn't so much the thiogi I mj 
as the way I say them. WeJl, they're very easy to please, Tbvf dv'E 
care for me ; it's only to be able to i«peat Mm. lleadw»y*s ' ktt' Erar 
one wantei to have it first; it's a. n^ar i-ace." Wbon she foond «btt 



qpactwl of ber a]i« tuulertook lo supply the drtio'e in abund&occ ; 
. th» poor Littlo woOMUt rmlljr worked hAnl at bcr Ajnenaatifiax. It 
ikn uhIb of London U.y ihal wkjr, she would do her beet to gntity it ; U 
tm odIj b pitir aba badn'l known it b^totti ; nho woutil hnv" moJu mora 
■UmmIvv pnfiuxtions. She thought it & disadvantage, of ol<l. to live in 
Mximah, in llakotah, in tlio twwljr-mdmittol StaUut ; but nov sbo por- 
■irad Uikt, u ibe phnsed it. to heraeU^ thix vm the boet thing that ever 
kad haffMDM] to ber. She triwl to itmombor all tlio quMr storiM abe 
hid baud out there, and kmnly regntted tluU abe lutd not 1«ken them 
iawa. in writing : ttho dminmod up the c^km« of th* Bockjr Mooataiiw 
■d pfattbcil the intouKliouti of the Fudlio slope. When sh« mw her 
mimuK in oonvidnooa. iibe said to bcraeif that this waK euccras, and 
blli«i>l that, H iIm; had only oomo to LoDdon £tv years tooner, the might 
kn« Bttried « duke. That would have b«en even a more absorbing 
qadado for tho Loodon woi-ld than tho nctnal procoodii^ of Sir Arthur 
SuBue, who, bowe%'er, lived euffictenilj in the eye of aodety to jujitlfy 
lb noBOur thiU tboro were IxitK about town a« to ibo twuo of hia already 
IwiinHnl ootirt«bip. It WM food for ourioeity to aoe a young man of 
Ui fWurn QUO of th» few " crunmt " young mm of lti« Tory ddo, with 
• iMoma anffidaut for ta>t«a mote uturked Hun tkoav by which he was 
bown— makv op to a bdy aeveral ;fttu* ohler than himfatlf, wlio«o fuod 
if CaKfbnuan eiUng was even buffer than her stock of dollara. Mrs. 
IWway had got a good matiy new idtnx unce btr arrivnl in lioudon, 
blih«>alui ratLviiml wvenU old oui>«. The cbuif of tiieme — it wna now 
t fwr old — was that Sir Arthur Dcmctinp was the most irreproachable 
JVag nan to tW' world. There were, of coorae^ a good many things 
IWt ha was not. He was noi nmuaing ; bo was not inainuating ; he 
*« not of am abaolulely in«fxreaublo ardour. 8bu bvlievvd ho was 
—tent i but ha wsA oerUinly not eager. WtUi these thinga, however, 
3liK Hmdway oonUl pi-rfuctly dij<peD»o; sfae had, in pnrticuhu', quite 
wilind the need of betug amused. She had hsd a vtsy exciting life, 
*bJ bte vison of hAppioasa nt pnaont was to he mogniAcsntly bored. 
lU Uaa of ancuplcu aud uocritictsed tetpwtal^tty lUled her soul with 
■iMiiliiin ; lier imaginntton proaUatnl iteolf iu tho prmenco of this 
viitn^ filha waa uware that Bbt> had udiJeved it but ill in Iwr own 
fBvcti hot abo ooilU now, at tenst, connect herself with it by sacred 
tiK She oonld {rrovn in tliat wuy what was her deepest ftvUng. This 
«t a reUj[i(HU u|i|irecuation of H'tr Arthur's great quality — his smooth 
«d nMUubd, bin hluoming, lily-liku exemption from socijd Saws. 

ihe WM at home when littlemore went to see ber, and sarTonaded 
if mrml viaiton, to whom she was giving a hit« cup of t«a and to 
*biK aba intmdnad her oompalriot. Ho ntayed till tboy dinpcnod, in 
ifOi Mf the manaovre* of » gontloauut who evidently deurcd to outvtay 
^, tni mbii, what«v«r might bavu been hs h*ffy fortune on fonner 
niHk racciviKl on thl^ oocnsicm no eneoungemeot from Mrs. HL«dwuy, 
Ik looked at litUamon slowly, bflgJPBUig with his boots antl VivicU^o^ 



u]>wanla, as if to diaoover Ui« reason of so unexpected & [irefereno), «n4 
Ubiea, without « wiiutntion, lofc him (aat U> fiuft with their hastM&. 

" I'm curious to 8e« what you'll do for me, now tktt yua'v« got Toor 
alater with yon " Mrs. Hmdw^jr pnaently ronuirkedf having heard of 
this dreumittanoe from Rupert WattttUle. " I suppoco yoatl 1mt« to 
do sometliing, yon know. I'm sorry for you; hut I <k>n't see how you 
CUi got otf- Vou mi)tht hak nu lo dine aome day when tha'u duung oat 
I would CDBM «veD then, I think, becnase I want to keep Oti the right 
sido of yoo." 

" I coll that the wroug side," mid UtUouiore. 

" Ves, I «M. It's your iiutor that's on the right tido. Yott're ia 
mtlier an embarraaaiaj; poeition, ain't you t However, ynu takn thom 
things vei-y quietly. There's something in yon that oxusperatai mo. 
Whftt doM your tMtinr think of me t Dom >hi> hale rae 1 " 

" Slie knows nothing about yon," 

" Have you uAd her nolhii^ 1 " 

" Never * word." 

" Hasn't she aaked yon ) That showi that itho hatea im. She thlnki 
1 ain't cr«di(«1>le to America. I knoaF all that. She wanta to ehow 
people over hei« that, however tbe>' may be taken in by me, she kuo*-* 
muck bett^-r. But shell have to ask you about me; xhe can't go on for 
ever. Then what'U yon nayt" 

" That you're tlie most Kuooe!isful voman in Europe." 

*' Oh, bother ! " rried Mn^ Heailway, with irritation. 

" Uaven't you got into European society ! " 

" iMaybe I have, maybe I haven't. It's too aeon to tee. I oui'l tell 
tiiia BOaMin. Evtrry one Kays I've got lo wait till ncxt^ to ik« if it'« the 
same. Sometimes tbry take you up for a few weeks, and th^-n never 
know you again. You've got lo fii^ten the thing comehow — to drive hi 
a nail." 

" Vou Kpnak a« if it woro your coffin," said Lit4i«mon>. 

" Well ; it ia a kind of ooffin. I'm burying my piwt ! " 

Littlemoro winced at thi>. He was tired to death of her past. He 
changed the iiubject, and made ber talk abont London, » topic wlu<& she 
trailed with a great deal of humour. She entertained Mm for batf-an- 
honr, at the expeuaa of moat of her oew acquaintanow and ct aome itf 
the most venerable fcaturaa of the gioat dty. He hinueir looked 
at England from the outside, aa mndi as it was poasible to do ; hut fa 
the midat of hor familiar alUuuma to people and things known to ha 
only since yustorday, be was atmek with the tut that ahe wonld navtr 
raaily he initiated. She bunsH over tbo surfaee of things like n fiy on 
K window-pane. She liked it immensely ; she was flattend, encoaragpd, 
excited ; she dropped her confident jiulgments as if she were scattering 
flowcm, and talked about her intentions, her prospects, her wishes. But 
she knew no mora about Kngliah life than about the molecular theory. 
"Xht words in wliidi he had deaeribed her of old to Watorville oaoM back 



to hfaD : " XUt iM M tImiU <& nm /" Sudiknly «lie jumpod up ; »h« vrta 
foing (Hit to lUoe, an4 it was time to dran. " Before jou leave I wont 
jm to pmniM nw Mmetiiin^," «he Ukid offhand, bat vriUi a 1o(j1c 
wUcii Im bad mwiii before and which meant that the point wm im- 
[Tf^Mti " Y'>t)'ll ho Rure to be ({niMtioned alxiat me." And Iben ebo 
^^K " How da people know I Icnon- yovt \ " 
^H "Ton baveo't bragged ahout itt Is that wtiat yoa mmnt Yoa 
^^bi be a bratn when joa try. TV; do know it, at nnj rtit«. Fomiblj 
H!| Bty hamt told tiiein. They'll oome to jviu, to ask abont me. I meau 
ba ImAj DraitMM. ShflV in an avfn) atnto— abe'a ao afmid h«r son'll 

litUemcm waa onalilc to control a laa^h. " I'm not, if be hasn't 

' Un aa't make ap ht> niinil. He likne me ao much, yet he thinka 
Tb BOt a woman to mam'." It «'aa pcaitivcly grotcaque, the d«ta.cb- 
WBt with which iibe spoke of h«r«elf. 

" He mtut bo a poor owture if he won't marry you aa you are," 
lUknora aaid- 

Tloa waa Dot u \-«rv gnllaal form of apeedi ; but Urn. Hcndwny let 
iifua. ah* un]y replied, "Well ; be want« to be verj* oaieful, and no 

" If be aska too many qnestioos, hs'a not worth marrying" 
"I beg your pardon — bn'u worth marrying wbalever ho doea — he'a 
«ath iMTTTing tot me. And I want to mnrry him — bhat'a what T want 

" b be waiting for me, to nettle it > " 

"Hr'a wiUting for 1 don't know what — for mnd* one to oome and 

HO him thai I'm tbi< aweetcat of the sweet. Then hell believe it. Some 

Ml «ha faas been out there and knowm all abont me. Of oonne you'm 

IktMrn; yoa'ra created mi purpose. Don't you mnembn- how I told 

tain^u^ that lie wanted to nsk you t Ho was itahamed, and he gave 

il^; he tried to forget me. But now U'n all on again ; only, me&n- 

*U^ hia mother baa h«cfi at him. Slie worka at him night and day, 

Uk* a aanarl in ft hola, to ponntade him that I'm br beneath him. lie's 

*«y fand nf ho-, and he'a vnry open to influsnce — I mean IVom hia 

', nnt from any one tUti. Yixrvpt me, of oonntc. Oh, I'vie in- 

hnn; I'veexpUined everything fifty timeeovor. Butw>methingK 

^n mthir oonplicated, don't you know ; and he keepM ooming hack to 

Ve» He w«iita anry little speok explained. Ue wont come to yon 

^■■11^ but hia mother wilt, or ohnll aend eome of her people. I guoM 

4A ^nd the kwy<tr— the Eamily solicitor, th^y call him. She wantwl 

^md Um oint to America to make in<|uiriM, only abn diiln't know 

^bae to Mbd. Of eoanm I ooaldn't be expected to give the pUeaa; 

'^'va fot to find thf^n out for tlinmMtlvi-a. She knows all about yon, 

-M^dkabwiiiado tbeaaiuaiuumooof your iistcr. So yon «e faowmtacb 



I know. She's wutuf; for jmi; site metaa to catdi 700. SbaliMM 
ide* alui can fix you— matio ywi mjt whnt'll maet ber vmwb. Thio 
iLflll bty it betwt Sir Arlfatu-. So yoo'U bo k good w to deny evtaj- 

litUnnoro liateood to thi« liUla mdditB KUcntivdy, but tlie oanela> 
aioa left him Btariog. " You don't mean th»t anTthing I oui say will 
BMk« a diffoiTuxxT 1 " 

•' Don't be aObcied ! You know it will as well as L" 
!,■•" Yoii iBake him out a pndatu idiot" 

" Kev«r mind wbaL I nialia him out I want to marry Iuid, tlat'* 
alL And I appeal to yoa iolemnly. You nui eav« nw, aa yon can looe 
no. If you loae taa, you'll be a coward. And if you ny a word agHa4 
BO, I d«U be lost" 

" Go and ditm for dtDii«r, tlufn your Malratioo," littlemon ao- 
swered, sefiarating from ber at tbe bead of the etaiFS, 


It was very well for him to take that tone ; but he f«lt as be walked 
homa that ho itbould iwarotJy know what to aay to people who wera 
determined, as Mis. Ut^dway put it, n> catch him. She had worked a 
certain Bjioll ; nhe had BueuHided to ninklng him feel rocponsible. The 
tight of her suoogeb, however, i-ath^ hardened bin heart ; he wan tni- 
tatod by her aacending movejuont. He dined idono that evening, while 
bis siat«r an<i hen- husband, who had enfagenMntserery day for a month, 
jMtrtook of ibtiir re]»uL at the expenite of wme frienda. Mra. Dolphin, 
however, came home rather early, and immodiately sought admittance to 
tho HionJl apartment at tho foot of the KtaircniM, which was already 
apokeu of as Littlemora's den. It^inald had gone to a " w|naiih " iinme 
where, andahe had returned without delay, having aometbiog partioula^T 
to xay to her brother. She was (00 impatient even to wait till th« 
morning. Sbe looked impntiont ; Kho was vet; unlike George Ltttl^v 
mora. ** I want you to t«ll me about Mn. Headway," ahe mid, while la. ^ 
Btarted slightly at the ooincidoooe of tbii remark with his own tiuniglit^M 
He waa jiut milking ap bia miud at laat to upeuk to her. She 
&stetiied h«r cloak and toesod it over a chair ; then pulled off bir 
tight blade glovot, wliicb were nut va fiae a« tboae Mim. H<:9)dway m 
all this as if she wero preparing heiself for an important LDt«rview. SB^ 
was B small, neat woman, wbo had once been pretty, with a email, th — ^ 
voioc^ a sweet, tjuiet manner, aud a perfect knowledge of what it 
proper to do 00 every oecaeion in life. She always did it, and bar tr^^' 
oeptioa of it waa lo definite that failure would have Ml ber witbi»wi 
cotouee. ^te waa usually not token for ao AnMrican ; but she made * 
point of btung one, booauae riie flattend herastf that nhc was of a y»r 
which, in that nationality, borrowed distjoctioii ttma il« rarity, E 
by natur« a gnat Conaervativv, and had «Dded by being 


Torj ihan Imt liiubMid. Sbe vaa Uiooftbt by aome of bor old fri«nds to 

hm cbu^sd iMntuaatij kuco W Duurii^e. 81m know as much about 

b|^iah tadHj m if ahe had invcoited it ; bad % w&y, unntUy, of lookiiig 

m if Am w«n dnaawl for a ride ; Wl niso tbin Lips and pntty t««tb 

•ad vaa mt iiodllTe us alie was amiable. She t^d ber broLhar tbat 3)[ra. 

Btmiw»j I»il ffTva oat that bo vm hcrr moKt intiinate ftiend, and abe 

Aon^ H ntbur odd ba bad tiov«r spokeo of li«r. He udmiUod that 

ka laid knova b«r a lottg Umo, rc&md to tii« circumstanots in wbicb 

tht aeqtauataaoM bod Npruiig U[>, umt addud tliat bo had soon hor ibftt 

tBtnaoa. Ho sat tbere EioakiDg bis cigar and looldo^ at the oeiUng, 

*Ue Un. Ihiljibin delivnvd Ixiredf of a series of quMtionx, Was it 

&« lluU bw lUtud Iwr ao mticb, waa it tme bo tbmiglit bnr a pomblc 

VMin U> BBaiT7. Tae ft not trno tiint Iter anlocedente bad been moat 


" I majr aa well tell yon tbat 1 bare a lettw from I^y Dnnemo," 
Xb. DolitUin said. " It cnoi* to mo jiuA bofora I went out> and I baYO 
kknj podtei.'' 

Ska dreir fbrtli tbo nuMivo, which idui ertdcutly wished to r«ad to 
)■ ; but bo gave her no iavitation bo do so. Ue knew thai ibo bnd 
1^ to bJiD to extract a dccliumtion ndveovu to TAn. Ifoadwny'H projoots, 
■4|homTM- littli' aatLtf action bo migbt take in (bis lady'ii upwiird 
^t, ka baled to be oiged aiul pqabed. Ua bad « gnat <eteem for 
1& Otjphia, who, anraog other Hompohire notjona, had pdokod up tbat 
rf Us prvfiotulfmaoa of the malo mombon of a family, ao tbat abo 
ImImI bim with a ooondemtioB which madq hia having an Rngiish 
•te ntbar a luxiuy. Nevortfaelom be waa not very encouraging about 
koLB^ahray. lt« admitted once for all that alwi bad not bebavod 
(r(yly— it waan'l worth wfailo to split bain about that — but ho 
liilii'l aw tbat sbo was much woiae than many other women, and he 
torifa't gat up much HeeUitg about her marrying ornot marrying. Mora- 
«HK, it WM none of his bu»in«M, and he inltmalod thai it was none of 
Un. Dolphin's. 

"Una ■itrely can't rantBt the daimn of oomnvm bamaoil^t" Ids 
•^M nfiiiod ; and «Im> addi-d that be wa« very inooDsisUtit. Ho didn't 
t«f«t Uim. Haidway, ho know thn moat drandful tbioga about bi-r, 
ha dUn't think hrr fib company for his own fl«afa and blood. jVnd yet 
I* «aa wilHii^ to If^t ]ioor Arthur Doinoano lio taken in by h«r I 

"fWEwtly willing!" Llttlemoie axdaimed. "All I'vu got to do is 
M to BHTy ber myaell" 

'Don't you tliiak wo have any reiqwnaibililie^ any dutiaaf 

I don't know what you meaiu If aho ean stieowd, aha'a walooniA. 
t'taifleodid light in ila way." 
— -In yon nuan q rf^^ 'ti d I " 

, idlie has run up the tree as if sbo wore a aqniircJ t " 
' Ui vtny trtio Uiat abo lias an anducity 4 toutt ipntivr, lint 
Wiiib toeiHty has boooma aoandalmialy ua^. I never saw ui^jlkua^ 




like iL» p0O]>le thiit &■« taki>ti up. Tdn. Hcndway b&s bad OBlffl 
ttppetr to succeed. If they think there's si>mcthitig Imd aboot jgi 
th<!}-'!I Ikd Riiro to ruii uftci- j-ou. It'ii lik« the ddcadeuM of ih* RoOHa 
Empire. You can wo to look at Sire. Ilwdwaj- thivt stic's not a hiij- 
Sho'n pmtty, voy pri'tt}-, but aiw. luokk Uku h <li«(d|»W<d drcunuker. 
She failed nbsolutelj in Nev York. I have ser>n hor thi-eo tinwe—At 
•ppanMitly goal oxfiiywherci. I didn't Hfxnik of hor— I wns waotijigto 
see what you irould do. Z f&w that you meant to do itotliinj*, tb«n tUi 
letUu' decided nio. Tt'M itTttton on ]>iirposA to bo nhown to yoa ; M't 
wUttt she wAiibt yiiu to do. She wiote to me heforo I oniDe to town, ud 
I wont to "TO hfr iw soon m I iinivod. I think it very importuL 
. I told lier that if she would draw up a litttu Btnt<>meiit I wonlil yat 
It before you an soon as ve got settled. She's in real distress. I tUnk 
you ought to feel for hor. You ought to commnnicate tho facta exactly 
ua tliey ^timd. A woman haa no right to do such tilings and ootneanj 
ask to be accepted. She may make it up with hor coDscienod, but ibe 
can't make it np with society. Lost ni^ht at I^ady DoTodolv'ii I W 
afraid she wouht know who I was and coino and ^eak to tne. I uttta 
frightened that I went away. If Sir Arthur wiBhex to marry br 6r 
what she is, of coiine he's welcome. But at least be ou^ht to knoir.' 

Mm. Dolphin wax not excited nor vohihti'; iiho movud from poiattt 
point with a enlmnof» which had all the air of beqng used (o haft 
reason on ite sido. She deeply desired, how8v«r, that Mrs. HeadmyH 
trinmphant oai-eer §>liould he checked ; nhe had pniflSciently abittoJ (1* 
facilities of things. Ifersclf n party to an international marriage, lin- 
Dolphin natiiruUy wished that the clam to which she belonged ihonld 
close its ranks and carry its ttandard high. 

" It mxms to lun that she's quite oa good as tho littlo baronet^' 
Littlomorc, lighting nnothor cigar. 

" As good ! What do you uiuau } Xo on« boa fiver brealbJ 
word against him." 

" Very likely. But he's a nonentity, and «ho at 1«ast la 
She's a pcTEOn, and a very clever one^ Beddos, she's (]ait<i aa gMlH 
the women that lots of them have married. I nerer heard thil lis 
British gentry were so wnspotted." 

*■ I know nothing about other ctsee," iln. Dolphin Mid ; " I obI; 
know about this one. It so happen<i that I have been brought ntarti 
it, and that nu appeal has l>een made to me. The English are my 
romantic — the moat romantic people in tlie world, if that's what toa 
mean. Tliey do the strangest things, from the force of pastiioa~e>n 
those from whom yon would least expect it. They marry their «ob— 
they marry their coachmen — and their romances always have the bM 
miserable end. I'm sure this one would be most wretched. How no 
you pretend that such :i. woman as that is to be trusted I What littv 
a fine old race — one of the oldest and mo»t hononrable in Kigbsl. 
people with every tradition of good coniluct and Ikigli principle— and > 



A«idfiil, dttnpntablo, rolgmr littJv womAn, who hiun't an !<!«& of what 
lUn^ &n>, tmn^ to furoQ li«r fny into IL I bkte to em sach 
I want tii go to tbfl rescue I " 
" I don't — I don't nra ao/Uiiug aboat tlie fino old moe." 
"Not tnm intonwtod motivm, of coune, usy more than I. But 
•dRl]r, ao uti>tic groiindti, on grouodM cf dooooiy 1 * 

"SEn. neodway ifln't indocant — you fft too br. Tou must ramem- 
kft Uiftt abii'M lui otil friirnd of mine." IJttlcmoro lud booome ralJier 
itam; Hrs. Dolptiin was rorjieuiiu; tiie ooDsiderottoa due, from mi 
ffbgBih point of vtftvr, to brother*. 

Bhe Ibrcot it erun k little mora. "Ob, If joa kra in low with h«r, 
HbI' abB munnoTBd, tnming Kwajr. 

H» iuid> no kniwor to tbti, und tbo wordn bad no itting for bim. 
Itftt lait. to fioiafa tbe aS&ir, be askod what in the world the old Udy 
■Wied liim to do. Did abe wubt him to go out iiito Piccadilly unA 
MuatMB to the fMBnra-bjr that th<>r« was one winter when even Jiin. 
Hadway^ viater didn't know who was Iwr huibnnd t 

Mia. Dolphin aiww«rcd ibis inquiry by reading out Lady Demcane'a 
Mb, wtueb ber brother, an iibe folded it np a^n, pronounced one of 
Ibiuwt (fzlrvordinary letters he had ever heard. 

"It'i wry aid— it'a a cr>' of distrew," aaid Mr*. Dolg^in. "Tho 
*U» nMuiing of it is that eho wisb«« you would come and aee ber. 
h> doem't lay m in no many words, but t cnn rvad 1<«twc<>n tbo lines. 
BaUa^ aba told me ilie would give anything to see you- Ltt me aatiare 
jot It'n jour duty to g;o." 
"To go and abuse Kan«y Beckt" 

'Go utd praiw bar, if yon llko ! " This waa vny dever of Un. 
flrffhia, but her brother wax not ao eaoily Otugltt. He didn't take that 
*■• af Ilia doty, and be dRciinral to croea ber ladyifaipV tlir<»lioU. 
* An aball come and aee you," mid Mrs. DolpbtD, with dedtdon. 
"if aba dooa, I'll toll hor Naiicy> an angel." 

" 1/ yoD can nay ao can«cientioa»Iy, alie'll be dvli^tod to bear it," 
l(i% Dul|ihtn replied, as she gatberv'd up bcr cloak and glorea. 

Hpattng ItupMt Wat«!rTill<! the next day, as he oA«n did, at tbn St. 
QAf^a Club, which oOina a raiMb<a[)preciabed boepitality to aect«tari«e 
W la^ation and to tbo nativoi of the countries they awiatod in rrpreeont- 
fa^ littlnnani let bim know that his profiheey had been fuUUled and 
^tat lady DennBa had hern making proponle for an interview. " My 
*te lead me a moot remarkable letter from her," he uid. 
•WUtewtofa letoarl" 

"Tba letter of a woman m nonml that idie will do anythiog. I may 
^ • fnat tamtM, Iwt ber fright amuan me." 

'Toa'r* ta the pocitioii of Olivier di; Jalin, in th* Ihrni-yfowU!' 
^Mrrin* lemnrked. 
* la the itfrni-S/ottttat" Littletnore wm not quick at catcbin^ 
^ WraBwioD*. 





■. " Don't jrou ntDoaber tbe \AAy wo nv in P&riKi Or like Don 
fkbrioft in L'Avetattnira. A bad woman tnee to autrty ad boDOonUa 
Duui, wlio dotm't know liow biul iJm ut, K&d tboy who do know : 
and pu«U kcrt«kck." 

" Yet, I romember. There wok * good dniJ of lying, all round." 
" Tbuy provcut«d tbo marriage, however, whicb is tfae grc»l i 
" The gmt thing, if yoii gw« nboiit it One of thom wiw the iati^ 
mate ftiend of the follow, tbe other wa^i Iibi son. DeoMKiu's no( 

" Ho'r a TOry good fellow," mid WatcovOleL 

"Oo and UH him. then." 

"Pky the part of Olivier d<i Jnlin» Oli, I caii't; I'm not (Mil 
But I wish he would oome aioag. Mrs. lleadw^ oushCn't reallj 
allowod to pass," 

"I wUb to beuvHu tl\ey'd lei me nlonc," littlemore mti 
ruoftilly, staring for a wbilv wit of tbo win<low. 

" Do yuu nlill hold lo Uiat Uieorj- jou propounded In Ptuia t 
you willing to commit perjury ) " Watcrvillc asked. 
. "Of oonna I out rvfune to auswer ([uestioiui — ev«n that ooe^" 
" As I told you bofoir', Uiat will aooont to a condemDatioa." 
" It may amount tu what it pleasea. I think 1 will go to Puia.* 
" That will be the same as not anRWoring. But it's quito tbe 
thing you can do. I have boeu Utinkiug a gr(«t deal about it. 
Hems to me^ from tbo social point of new. that, as 1 say, she 
oughtn't to jULas." Wat«rvillo bad the air of looking at the thing 1 
great elrvation ; hi^ tono, the expreesioo of his fu», indicated this I 
Sight ; the edieot of which, as ho glanoed down at liis didactic ; 
friend, Littlemoni found peculiarly irritstJng. 

" Ho ; after all, hangvd if they nhull <lriv« nui away I " be 
abruptly; and walked o^, while his compaaion looked afW him. 

The morning after this littlemore received a not« trom Mn. Ha 
way — a short and cample Dote, oonaistiog muvly of the words, " I 
be at home this aflemoou ; will you oome and see me at five t I 
wnnothing particular to say to you." He aent do answ«r to this in 
but lie went to the little house in C3Hster6eld Stteet at the hour thai! 
nustremhad doagnatcd. 

" I don't believo you know what eoti of woman I am ! " aha i 
ciaiiDed, as soon as he stood before her. 

*' Oh, Lord ! " Littlemore groanol, dropping into a chair. Thn ^' 
added, " Don't begb on that sort of thing!" 

" I ahnll begin — that's what I wanted to nty. It's very ImpdiM 
Von don't know me — yon don't imderalaad me. Vou th^ik yon ^ 
bat /ou dou'u" 



k*t lor tbo wmat of your burlng told tav—uiMuy, many liniiM ] " 
tlcoiOM smileO, tbougb bo was boi-ed at the proapect tbnt opened 
im. Tho Lut «Tord of all wu, decidedly, that Mre. Headway 

to. 81ie didn't d«fierva to lie spared ! 
Uml at him a little, at this ; her fiw» was uo longer th« fiuo 
m], Sba looked KluLq> uul violeut, ulmoiil old ; tho chango was 
Bat ab« gave a littU angry laugh. " Tea, I know ; men 
pid. They kiww anUiing about womrn btit what women tell 
&od women rell thun things on purpose, to see Itov Mupid Uiey 
I'm hill) you thing* liko that, jiut for amuaomout, when it was 
yoQ believed them, il was your own £ault. Biit now I am 
X want yon rwUly to kiiow." 
on't want to know. I know enough." 

dtf ygo moan, you know anoti^ ? " nho cried, with a finahed 
What buBnooi have yon to know anything I " Tli« poor litllo 
[a b«r pMBJonate porpoae, wkk not obliged to be conai&tettt, and 
l«agfa with which LilUEUioro (creeted tJua inlorrogation must 
Dad to lier unduly hanh. " Von ahall know wbftt I want you 
, hewerar. Yon think me a bad woman— yon don't respect me; 
that in Vaxit. 1 have done things I don't undentand, my 
ty ; that 1 admit, «a fully aa yon plotse. lint I 'w oomplotely 
and I wiut to chan^ every tlun]C> Vou ou^t tu enter into tliat ; 
tloiMwhatI want 1 faato ovurrytfaing that has bAp|)ened to ma 
I IcMtho it, I dtwpiao it. t went on that way trying — one 
IsDother. Bulnow I'vegoi whati waul. I>o you expect mo to 
OB my knees to yoa t 1 beli«vo I will, I'm so anxuras. Vou 
ma — no one else onii do a tiii»s — no one can ilo imything—tbey 
waiting U> a«a if hell do it. I told yoa in Paris you could help 
it'i jost aa trna now. ^y a Ruod word for me, fur God's Make I 
I't linAl your tittle finger, or I should know it by thb time. 
ag- Dtako the dilTunmoe. l>r if y<mr maIiv would come and aet 
^HU ba ail rigbU Women are pitiless pitiless, and you are 
BBE It isn't that she's anything so givat, most of my &uinds 
ttatn that I — but she's the one woman who itwiet, and peo|>le 
ti rfM knowx. JJe knows that sho kEM>ws, and ha knows sho 
So dte kills me — ilie kills me 1 1 understand perfbcUy 
la — I shall do mwytlung, be anytliing, I shall be the most 
rifc. Ths old woman will adore me when alio knows mo — it'a 
of lis' not to sea. Everything in the past is over ; it has all 
ray from me ; it'* tiie li£B of another woman. This was what I 
I bkHw I alufUd find it sMoe day. WbU could I do in thoee 
|dHBH 1 I had to take what I oonld. But now I've got a niee 
X want yoa to do me justice; you havenever done roe jnrtioe; 
1 1 amt for yon for." 

Budiluily OHBied lo bu bored ; but a variety of feelinga 
Ihepbeeofasingleonc. It wuimpomiUciiobtob»toQiibc&.-, 


Tire fflEOE OF tOSTOlf. 

she jvaMv mmnt wbttb sh« said. People don't oliange th^ lutum; %^M 
thojr ciutngD tbuir dMirw, tlieir idoil, tlieir effort. Thu inoobencit uV 
|>iasioDat« protestation waa on ass<u-ance lliat nlie was )it«»l}j pulling 
to be ri«pectabIo. But tlie poor wom«n, whatevrr Hho dld.vwcao- 
denuiM], aa Littlemore lind said of old, inPuria, to Watt-rville, to be adf 
hulf -right. I'b^ ralotir rose to her vixitor's &ce u b« tistencd to ttu 
outpouHog of uoxiety and ^^tism ; she bad not managed h«r vuij lift 
very well, but there was no nwnl of b*r going down on bor knew. "Ift 
very painful to me to hear all tbia," lie said. " Yon are tiiidf* no 
obligation to say mcb things to me. You entirely misooiKvive nj 
nttitude — my inflnftnee." 

" Oh, yw, you ehirk it — you only wish to shirk it!"eh8 cried, flinjpi( 
awny fiercely the eofitr^usbion on which she had been resting. 

" Marry whom you pleaao ! " Littlemore almost 8hout«d, ^wingigg 
to hia feet. 

He had hardly 6|>oken when the door wm thrown opnn, nnd the 
servant announced Wi- Arthur Demesne. The baroDC^ ent«r«<t with > 
certAiD hrisknee^, but he stopped short oneeeing that AfrvL Headway U 
another viaitor. Beco^jnieing Littlemore, however, he gave a Bli](ht cx- 
clamation, wliich might have imjised for a greeting. Mn. Headway, «1» 
had risen as he came in, looked with extraordinary eArnestueBs bom <M 
of the mm to the other ; then, like n person who bad a itndden ijiiqn»* 
tion, she cluajied her hands togather and cried out, " I'm so glad you't* 
met ; if I had aminged it, it miildn't be better !," 

" If you had aminged it 1 " Eaid 8ir Arthur, crinktii^ a Uttla Vk 
high, white forehead, while the conviction rose before Littlemore thaiita 
had indeed arranged it. 

" I'm going to do aomothiug very atmnge," abe went on, and W 
eye glittored with a light that confirmeil her words. 

" You're excited ; I'm afraid you're ill," Sir Arthur stood tlinvirilk 
bis hat and hh stick ; he was evidently much annoyed. 

"It's nn excellent opportunity; you must forgive roe if I liks 
advantage.*' And she Hashed a tender, touching ray at the baitmet. * I 
havo wnntjid tliis a long time — jierha^is you havr Men I wanted il 
Mr. littlemore has known me a long, long lime; he'a an old, old fitod. 
I told you that in Paria, don't you remember t WcJI, bo's my omiy oaf, 
and I want him to apeak for me." Her eyes had turned now to littloirat; 
they rested npon him with a sweetness that only mads the wbols pi» 
ceeding more audacioua. She bad begun to smile again, tboogh At 
was visibly trembling. " He's my only one," she continued ; " it's a gr«l 
pity, you ought to have known others. But I'm very much ale«v ' 
must make the best of what I have. I want so much tlukt BOBA •>« 
else tliun mj'nelf should Rpeak for me. Women usually can aak tW 
service of a relative, or of another woman. I can't; it's a great fiVt 
but it's not my &alt, it's my raisfortime. None of my ]>eo]>lo are Ixn; 
and I'm terribly alone in the world. But Mr. littlemore will teDyoa; 



TS will ny be has koovn mc for >-«Lni. He will tell you whether he 

knows tiny reuOD — wheUiei- bo known nDjtUing against lue. He's beun 

wanting ihodutDoe; bnt h» thought he couldn't begin himAolf. You 

Ke I treat jooM an old frieni!, dear Mr. Littlemore. I will leave yoti 

with Sir Artlinr. You will both excuse me," The expression of her 

I ftoe, turned towardii Littluinorr, an she ilelivered herself of this un- 

' piUr propoanl, had the iutentueea of a niiigioiun who wishes to work 

■ apell. Site gavn Sir Arthur iuioth«r smile, and then ebo awept out of 

,tii« room. 

I lliu two mem miDftined to the extraordinary position that ahe had 
l.cnatMl for them ; neither of them uiovei eren to open th« door for her. 
[ Ska elated it behind her, and for n moment there was a deep, porteotoua 
ailcaioft Sir Arlliur Demesne, wlio was very pule, staroil hard at tho 

" I am (>liu»(l in an impoaslble ntuntion," Littlemore said at laat, 
"and I don't imagine that you accept it any more than I do." 

Tho buronnt kept the aiQio attitude; ho neither looked up nor 
uawered. Littlemore felt a audden guah of pity for him. Of course h« 
•OuUln't acenpt th<^ situation ; but, all the ^me, he waa half sick with 
•axiety to aee how tliia Bondeocript American, who was both so valuable 
■ad ao aap«rtluous, «o faoiiliai' and so inscrutable, would coDHider Mm. 
Htwlway's challenge. 

" Ilave yod any question to ask me 1 " Littlemore went on. 
At thiK 8ir Arthur lookrd vp. Littlemore had seen the look before ; 
i be bad described it to Watervillu ofti-r the baronet cnme to call qq htm 
I m Pkri*. There were other things mingled witli it now — aliame, annoy* 
iuiee, pride; but the great thing, the intense desire to inow, was 
I panuDount. 

I " Good Ood I how can I tell bim 1 " Littlemore exclaimed, to him- 

Sir Art.htir'n hftdtatjon was probably extremely brief; hut Little- 
Inore heard the ticking of the clock while it lusted. " Certainly, I have 
|bi) qiMBttoii to nok," tlic young man said In a vuicu of cool, almost 
iBMleot, Butprise. 
^ " Oood day, th«a." 
■"Good day." 

^^And Littlemore left Sir Arthur in ixMsewIon. He expected to find 
' Mr*. Hi«dwfty at Ibo foot of lite stuiiTasu ; but he quitted the house 
without iutcmiption. 

I On the morrow, after lunch, as he was len^'ing the little mauaioti at 
iQtu«D Anne's Gate, the postman handed hiin n letter. Jiittlemore 
I opeaod and read it on the steps of his house, on operation which took 
) a momont. It ma aa follows : — 


"Dear Mr. Littkmoie, — It will !nt«rcfityou to know tbat I am en- 
pged to be married to Sir Arthur Domeaue, and that our uairiage is to 



t&ke place as Boon AH their stupid olil Parliainenl rinoi. But itV notB 
coini! out for loinu dnn, und 1 un mrc tbAt I can trtist mmui^Uk^l 
yoQT complete diacreiion. " Youni vtry tcncomlf, ^^^| 

" F.S. — He made me a U'lriUe gc^iie for what I did yMter^d^l 
he camp buck in thr^ ovnning nnd nindo it tip. That's bow the lt^| 
oomw to \m settled. He wou't t«U iitu wliht piuuKiI bclwoen veo— fl 
nqu«etod me never to nlhidu to the subject, i don't care; I «m ^"41 
joa tdiould speak ! " H 

Littlcmoro tlirust this opisllc into hin jKickrt and marched Stmj vH 
iU He bad come out to do varJouB thiiiKiS hut li« forgot hix Ixwiiww t^ 
the time, nnd before he knew it bad walked into Hyde Park. He Irft ^M 
cniTuigui Hud riders to one Hide uf Ulni and foUonecl tho Serpt^ntiDe mB 
Kensington Oardcnx, of iThi(?h ho made the complete ctmiit He Sfl 
nimoyod, and more disappuiated tliiiii lie andcmtood — than be *edH 
hare understood if he hod tried. Now that Nancy Beck bad mkcwAi^I 
her succcm wwrncd otTeniiive, niid hi- wm almost eorry be bad ^H 
raid to Sir Arthur — " Oh, well ; she was pretty bad, you know." H^| 
ever, now tho thing was settled, at least they woald leave him nloa& ^H 
vrallo'd off bia irritation, and before he went aboiit the Imrinew ht MJ 
come out for, had cene^d to think nbout Mn>. Headway. He wentkol^ 
at six o'clock, and the servant who admitted him informed him in iMf \ 
Ko tliat Mrs. Dolphin had requested lie should be told on hin rc<ura UU 
she wi^h^d to sev him in ihu drawin^i-oom. " It'H another trapT* lu 
mid to himself inductively; but, in spite of this reflection, he imiti^| 
staiis. On entering the apartment in which Mm. Dolphin va^^^H 
tomed to sit, he found tliitt she hiul n visitor. Thin vitutor, 'l^|^H 
apjAiimtly on the point of departing, wat a tall, olderly woman, and^H 
two ladies stood together in the middle of the room. ^B 

" I'm BO glad you've come Imck," said Mrx. Dolpliin, without meetlBi • 
her brother's eye. " I want so mnch to introduce you to Lady Dem^M^ 
and I hoped yon would come in. Must you really go — won't JW 
stay a little 1 " she iidded, turning to her compiinioM; and without wait' 
ing for an answer, went on iiastily — " I must leave yoa a inoniait— 
excuse me. I will come bnefc I " Before he knew it, Liltlemore finnd 
himself alono with Lady Demeane, and he underetood tliat, since be h^ 
not been willing to go and sec her, she had taken upon lter«elf to maka 
an advance. It had Die cpiL-ere^t effect, all the same, to Ke bis Micr 
playing the asme tricks as Nancy Beck ! 

" Ah, she m«Bt he in a fidget I " he said to hiramlf as he stood Man 
Lady Demesne. She looked delicate und modest, even timid, as faraia 
tail, serene woman who carried her head rerj' well could look so : iri 
she was such ii diffei-eut ty]>e from Mrs. Headway that his pr«(ittit nsin 
of Nancy's triumph gave her by contrast something of the di^ty of tla 
TUDqnished. It made [him feel sorry for ber. She to«t no tiiue;i 



^^^H[glit to the fmai. Sbc wkk-ntl^ folt that in tbo sitnnUon in 
l^HIB hod placed beraeli^ ber oaij adrantag^ oonld coiuist in being 
^m|ttuoi boriDTM-lilcv. 

" Vm M gbtd to ne you for a monMnt. I irbih bo miutb to uk 70a 
if jn am grri> ntf any {nforntatran about a [icraon 3ron knov and about 
vim I lure been in comspomlence with lira. Dolftbin. I lnl^atl Mn. 

"Wim'bjrtKidt downt" iwlced LittI«morc. 
* 5o, I thank ymi. I havr only a momtot." 
" Haj* I aak jtm wliy yon niako thia iaqntiT I " 
■Ofooonp I must giro you my reason. I un aft«idmT»m will 
•wy her.' 

UtUeaoTB was {itialMl Tor a moment ; that be felt irare th<^ nhc wan 
mt ^ awan of the Tttct inipiirt«d to him in Sirs. Ileadway'fl note. 
'T« don't Ilka bcrt " lie Mid, exaggernting, in i^ntn of binuidf, tbu in- 
Ora^UiTi' infiexion. 

' !?ot at aU," said Luly Demesne, itmiUi^ and looking at him. Uet 
■D« was gentle, withont rancour ; Littlemore thought it atmoet beau- 
L|^ What would yon Itkn me to my t " he naked. 
^PWbe4her yoa think k«r re^Kctuble." 

^PWkat good will tfant do yooT How can it possibly aSM the 

"It will ilo mo no good, 1^ oonno, if your opinion is favourable. 
ht if yon tell me it is not, I > halt bo ablo to »y to ray son lliat Ui« one 
I |san in London who has known her more than six months thinks hor 
I *U woman." 

Ilua BfMlhvt, on t^dy Bennsnci's clear 1i[)e, eroked no protest from 
' UUaumb He bad ntililcnly bvcooie conscioni of the nrod to utter 
, ft* iwfiit tnth with which be bad answeiM Rupert Watervtile's firat 
I Wfan at tiMi TbUtre Fraii4;>in. " I don't think Mm. llaulwuy n- 
' t»bh,''beBaid 

"I «■> anie jrou would my that." Lady Demesne Namied to pant 

" I can tuj notUng mo w —not a word. That's my oiMoion. I don't 

*1 (bink it will. I wisbod to have it from your own ltp«. That 
Mka all Iba dlflerence," wuil Ijuly Demesne. ''I am exotiedingly 
*tt|dl (" jou-" And the O^red him livr hand ; after wbkh Ii« aocom- 
|i<M iur in ailenioB lo the door. 

Hr fett nu diwomtort, no remone, at what he had aaid ; be only felt 
"M Pobafe it waa betmnso lie bcUcTod it would make no differenoe, 
ll Mdi a dllltnnioe only in what wan at the bottom of all thing* — bis 
'n mam of fitnoa. Ha only wished he had remarked to Z«dy D«mosos 
^ Uta. Headway woold prnbahly make her eon a a4)ttal wiCc. But 
^jStt taMt, WDttld make no dtffiireoce. Ue reqnoiled bli da*a,v\kD 





had wondered gre&tly &t the brevity of Us interview with lodjr 1 
tOipVoMm nil (lUMtionx on thUsnbj«ct; nad Mm. Dolphin weotaln* 
toe aome days in the bappy faith Uiat tboru were to be no intSU ^ 
Amermna in English society compromiaing har native land. 

Her bith, however, wa.s nhort-livud. Kothin); had made tnjt 
enoe; it was, p9rhap«, too late. The London world hfArd in thel 
dnyn of July, not that Sir Arthur Domnsn'? wa« to marry Mrt.ll«ada 
but that the pair hud bt-en privately, and it v/aa lo be hoped, as : 
Ura, Ii«ndway, on this occuion indissolubly, noitcd. L«dy 
gave neither sign nor sound ; ahe only retired to (he country. 

" I think you tmght havo done differently," said Mrs. Dolphin, i 
pale, to her brother. " But of counie everything will oome out no«.* 

" Yes, and make her ntofe tho fashion than ever I " Litthmon i 
KWGTvd, with cynical laught<tr. Aftvr his little ictorviow with tbe i 
l>dy Demesne, be did not feel himself at liberty to call ttfitda upoath | 
younger; and he never learned — ^he never even wiahod to know — wbettej 
in tlie pride of her success ahe forgave him. 

liVaterville^it wn£ very strango— was positively scandalised at dk 1 
success. He held that Mrs. Headway ought never to have been ollovitj 
to marry a confiding gentle^uan ; and he used, in speaking to Lit 
the same words as Mrs. Dolphin. He thought Littlomore might ksltl 
done difierently. 

He spoke with such vehemence that Littleuore looked at him hui ^ 
— hai'd enough to make him blush. 

"Did jou want to marry her j'oui-aelfl" hill friend inquired. "Hjl 
dear felkra-, you're in love with her I Tliat's what's the matter «ilk| 

Thia, howevcTt blushing stiil more, Watervjile indignantly de 
A little Inter lie heard from New Yurk that people were beginning U ] 
aak who in tbe world was Mi-s. Headway. 


IT w»A tn the (UyR of the 
last dyDMt; of tlie dan- 
dies, and anybody nndcr 
tbe ag« {iihitij wtw spoke 
with tlia MOent of ChrU- 
tian, figan, or man oould 
ncnrcdy be aocount«d a 

" Shtt is a faino < 
chair,'* aaid the Captain ; 
"a dajrviliflh faino cm- 
ihitw — an excoplionaUy 
faiiie creaobaw." 

Tbn licutcnunt echoed 
the Captain's encomiuni, 
and the pair struck into 
formidaUe atUtud«B at 
tha porch of the thuab«. 
little knots of the eoantiy 
people gathered on the 
«tW aide af tha n^ and sorreycd the two gentlemen, who were attired 
k ¥miiag draw and knew Ui«m»dveK to be objects of interest and ad- 
U. Ctihttk had jtist given to tbo world hix lanwni> invention, 
twn tnIUbU7 f;cnttRiii<.-n, who were id tbe van and foremoet of 
, hod adopted It. Tbe Captain waa fully K^f-poHoawd under the 
gan at tbo yokela, but the Ueat«naot bo Ear yielded to a. 
I irakaeM aa to take off bh but and fiatteo it a^inal \ua Vn«uX. 
»0t »'"(_•«. 573. \3. 




ly woti." 

the (9 

...» 'J!? 

It WM dom with an ■llI^inll>ll^ nir of akaent-minded kabit, and U ununj 
tha bfitMaden. Tbe Lwuteuuit felt that he made a telliog figure but 
vhen be relCBsed tbo «|irings and ibo kat Hod back into iu fonnnr ahape 
he WM bctnyod into a smile of triumph at the senaatiou he created, and 
from that niofDcnt lie bcouno mlf-c(>n«ciouii and omburtuacd, inxomnch 
thnt hiK hgn — whioli ven oommonly bis strong point— becftiue a trouble 
b> Iiiiu- Th« [laasing by of a friend at mich » mooicnt suvmol almort 
ovidnitiiil, nnd ita Liautttiant sprang inUi the f^aalit street vfitb » 

red cooipotrure. 

"UoUo, Trognrthont IIow d'yo dot Quito on n^ ainccw* 

yon, old (rUow. Here's lluivuurU Have you aeon Misa CburohlQI 

She's a fitine creachaw, an exot^osally fitinc crmchaw, 'pon my irord." 

The Captain amiled at thin echo of hb O'lrn ooBvea aa tiotutl fa 
Hie l.ietitenaDt, aa be knew, was a fellow of no origiuali^, 

"No,"a»JdTr«gftrtk«n; " I haven't nocn hnr. Whoiiiahet' 

" Aetreas," replied the Lieutenant, auccetwfully imitating the 
tain's drawl. " Playing here now. Dayrillih fiiine crcatJutw, 'pon ' 
mlionoui-. Come in and look at her. Usrcourt awl I have a box hem 
Mo ladies with ur. DotMi't matter thnt yaw not drooecl. Come ak>ng^ 
tbarea a good fiOIow." 

The nev-conier Bllowod himulf to ho persnndcd, and the tkne 
ent«mcl tho thutttu togelber. It waa a amall 1iuiiiil>, but too largo for it* 
audience, »nd ail ite tinsel vaa sbabby na well as tawdry, and moat d 
the ga> globutt around the dreoii circle vera chipped anil hraken. As 
impo^blo old Adam ilodd<'Tpd tmd dithered off the at«ge, tknraping Ih* 
bonrda with a ataff like tht- ]iiop of u dot^iW-Uuev and a burly Urlanda 
followed him w ith hia caIvm in hia ankles. Then the aoeoo ahifted, 
aod on aunt! a diBMp*ted TouchtitoDC in nnound-hand garmoatSiondk, 
dowdy Celia,and between ih^m Jtosolind in doublet and bose. "Ob, 
Jupilor!" xigliwl Rotolitid; "bow wenry ara my spirits C Som^ 
tliiijg knocked at the heuri of Cornet TWgartkcn. He had nevor hafan' 
iKtened to Biich n voioi!, .ind iU ton«« went through hiiu like a diilieale 
tro. TouubnUioe jiin-cd in wiUi ids auitwer, and RoNilind spoke again I 
" I oould find it in my htnrt to disgrace my man's appni-fl. and to cry 
like a woman." It wiik dowurisht jiitifiil, and yet tliero was a luuch of 
comedy in it, " Itut I luuHt comfoi-t the weaker vatsel, ait dmiblet and 
luMW ongiit to iihow itaelf couragnonK lo pvUioaat.'' The couudy ahoM 
out there with tender brillianoo. ''Therefore, courage, good Altenal" 
To one listener there wan anrh a womuily coura^, aolicitado, awl 
friendehip in the phraae and in the lovely voice that i^ke it, that Mi 
vy«s dimmed uid his heart ^tud: in bis throat. Coi-net Tnigotrtbcn ; 
but two-aod-twenty, and youth !tt Munetinaot imprmaionable. 

Itosalind, in spito of the fatigue which evidently at upon bar,' 
aa atnu^bt and lithe a^ the atalk of a lily, and she had a mice 
dilrcr bell. Th* Comet was *l>Drt-sighted, and her feutiirm w** 
wi. t'rji lie fiiivcif^t lln-in lovely. An oMrr utiil latfn exp» 



vxcusmI Tor tbo fitni^, vitb such a. voice and sncii a 
lobase it. 

•iprcMod tlirir admimdoii for the aotrasa in (Jteir 

\ ha scutdy heard them. Kven vlicn Koaalind wna abwnt 

stagp be Im] l/itt iniitl4mtiTR mm for the OKptain.Knd the 

at, anxl h>> answered them when thn? tuldremed bim with Ml 

r"« " or " No." or m dmiDjr nod. 

I," Boid the CaptAin, " hmn gone MpooDs on the ChnnhilL" 
■teouit nodded and hooked tha KtAternvnt for futore use 
plicit}- uid ditvctoess chanued him.aod he reeolved to 
' Rylondsat bendqu&rtersif heeaw hun bnfore Hucoiirt did. 
mj wa» over, the curt«in was down, and the sweet voice dwelt 
(ulheo's «atn. "Bid me Farewell," wiid the nweel vxmc*, in tlie 
onb of the ejnlogne. It xoanded pemiuJ to him, and there wa« 
Mmt gmtl* MdnCH in it. 

inutn dn ytya join lut nt hmd'|itnrterK, Tregarthent" anked tlie 
k. " Vou mml find it moat intolUUy dull where yaw stB^ing, 

. un anlered to rvjotn to-moi-row," said Tngarthci). "Buel 
m that Colonel I'oIUrd will be tbore. I hnre not «een him jrot." 
Su." «id the Captain, " Old Pollj'a been on sick leave at Etretat— 
Je ritlo^ HoniiTwlierfi on tho Continent. Voull like lum. 
I Utd is ^lljr. Tdls thimderiit' good yam. Polly dow. Mostly 
y* knnw— «lf an' Udiiw, y* know— that sort thing, hot 

Sly old dayvl Polly is, nneommou." 
to-morrow," mid 'I'ngnrthen, somewfiat 

s' yoiid Uioy are. 
I dtaO meet htm 

B^a a bit of a crib-bitar, too. Polly ik," Riid the^iloDsnt, " bit 
■Unat, y* know ; bateveirybody gets on with him tn the long run, 
K^-, BaroonrtT" 

Bi^iaeumed f:ood old Mrl, is Polly," tJie Cii|ttnin nplicd with 
" Yoa'U like him no isid, Tn'jfarthun. Ni^fat-nighl, my hoy. 
! tDrtyott,"* 

, took train and rrnohed hi^owii r|U»rt<!ni.and histhoughta 

I dad about Hub Churchill by the way. To his miud aho 

nnl artist be bad seen upon tbo stage, and for the time at 

> vniee had taken him oaptivc. Shakeepeore for onoe bad found 

I wartliy to intdim* him, and am^ly no other man wbo liad 

amid have created a [wit swcvt and brij;ht eno^(h for «a 

I oaature to play in. Tie smoked a cigar in oompsay with 

Jily (li)ttered fancies, and then he went to bed and ale]>t 

hapitthem. Hr was ni>t nearly so madi impresEed with 

bi the momius, and though she touched hia thonghbt 

I or twim he ^t throngfa the day's basinoM with no gmt 

rfl«*B her. 

I laatid bim «( /lesdijiuirtais with lilUo mor« than Mxan 


■ tb^ 




to droHE for dinner. TJmUraant-Colonal Follurd liwil reKiiiMd the 
oomnuuid of tlie ooq» and took the bead pUoe at the iii«a»-tali)c. 
([arthen was pit wotod, uiA formed a poor opinion of the bloiited old 
warrior, who met him with it disreputalde jeet, and told Mnugbtva^r an 
objectionable atoty which grtAwi od the Comat's e*n. WImd the real 
baMioowi of till! (liiuiL-r hogaa tlio niamieni of the oflifier in coniBMUid v«n 
not at all to tho toetc of the Toung gentUnuta, who was pooaibly facUdi- 
oiu. Tttf Colon^'ii tyeti go^led and hi» &m crimsonud as be atrainod ov<r 
tbe table to get at his soup, and his wicked speecfa was half ch<dcad hj 
wbetainga and pantinj^K. Ho gobbled as a geatlcman ought not to g(Aibl«b 
and he drank as a geatloman ought not to drtok. Wheu dimMa- vai 
OTor tho nniigbt; old man told aLaiiM!l<w tiilcn of his fonth and ddm- 
hood, and TrcigartheD, who had been bred to nvtsnoes old afct> and to 
think purity as desirable nnd \avtiy in a man as in a woman, found the 
evening almoit intupportable. 

*■ Somebody ought to put a stop to all that," he told Captain llanxnit^ 
oftor dinner, to that ^ntUant offioer'a grtAi tistoniabment. " In a 
of gentlemen the thing is intolerable. Wo servo a Lady," be added, 
tbo gemeroua pompoMity of youth, " and that of itself might teuJi ■ 
better manners." 

Tho Captain stared at him with an am a seatcn t he took no paint ta 
disguicie. A toui-h of contempt was discernible even in his wonder, 

" Shouldn't advaisc yah talk liukc that," Im said. " Cursed I 
vienienthavo yang fellahs oflbiin' tliat sort opinion in tho anny." 

" I shall mako it my btuinem," returned Tregarthen in some 
the Captain's contemptuous wonder, " to tepneent to Cotomil Pollard 
at least ou« of his officois finds his style of coDTenation irkaoms, 
tliinks it uuljocoming." 

" Don't bo an ass, Tregartben," swd Captain Haroourt. 
inclined his linul ntillly, Mid marched awny, Tbo Captain told cue] 
two of bis cloeost friends the story of the youugster't* n: 
enute, and they all agiviud that ho was a prig and a greenhorn. " 
said Hiu-oourt, " is about the bwt sort in the serYloe. Idea of 
fool like thaat pretending dictate ofliceis old enough be hui btHia.' 

Captain Uanoourt's ftiends ooiururred witli him, and tlie 
Troga^lien's presumption a[Hread rapidly throughoul the n^ioent, 
day he was tr<>-al«d with erident coldncs*, ami Mime of his brother 
who bad lutherto been on friendly tenns wiih him took pains to . 
him. Ho was not unpopular to h^n witb, but it was the geoeral 
of the oufpe that the sort of inaoleuoe be hod tthown deserred tviM 
JId must bo made to see at once that this was not tlie tone to take. 

That «vi:ning there came a time wheu Ihe (^onvwnatio^ at tlw 
of the table was animated and loud. The youui^sten at tlw lown 
smoked and listowid and t^ littlu good by liHtoniag. It wu a 
lees than the reputation of a lady which so excited the senton, ( 
J^d out Against'jLbe xv&l and Hvowed Vv\a UUef that the 



as idi mJ poM m hdow. Tbe otlien natnnlly laughed at faiin, for tbo 
bs diAoded wu mi actno, ftiid is Ukmh; Jajts — it mnj- he better 
•etnas wu unylxxly'B fitir gaiiio at » inc«B'table. 

** Wait aint," aaid the ColoDoJ, with bis wicltcd bnmchial old diuokJe, 
- rn tdl jou » (itofj A jfQpM." 

"Jtrwyhoij listened asd the Colonel told bifl story. It redom'.d«J infl. 
iJ^jr ta hi« ova credit M* man of gniUntty tuul infiuitcly to tbo disredit 
ofiba l>dy, wbuse itenonal cbums be mig and wbose character he tdole. 

** No«, who do yon think that irtit t " n«kvd tha Colonol. Nobody 
•uvKwl, uui the fat old mti re-lit biti affix and gaud about him with 
a look of tviaUiag triampb. " 2«o&o other," ho uid, sAer this pause, 
" than our duote youi^ tHend, Mitat Cliurcbilt. What do you mj to 

' liApptned at tbta motoent that thu ColoDol'ti Iwinlcliiig tift* looVwl 

u>tb»«y«8ofTTeKartbeii, who wsfl beading forward a littl«atthe 

bttont etui of tbo table and nratrJiiiig hia coiumunditifc ofSoor uith an 

«}VHBOo of mtiordne disdain. The black-browed Comet half roac lo 


"I brg your pftrdoit, sir," he Bidd, slowly and distinctly. "Von peemu] 
I* addnn yoar quevtion to ma. If yoa pron mo for an nnswor I must 

ll WM gBurally felt that the Iwur bad come, and the asiembled 
pMlaDan biw»d tbatnadra to Hnpporl authority. If tlie Colonel bad 
■iartood the otoation b« would probably have snubbed the qvwrist by 
hnlag Un tuuoeti and auuwwered. But, being token by nirpriw, ho 
MfpBlant,''W«ll, sirt" mod stared at tbe intruder with a look half 
Htp»^ half anger. 

I am to answer your quettioa, nirt" said Tr^garUien. "I think 

iir, tiiat no geatlvman oould have told sncb a sUny, and that no 

of gentlemen could bear it nitltout marking their aenae of 

aiwai&en, its bratAlity, and it« gsneml offbaavnaess." 

Hm Colonel bounced to hi.i feei, and sent a doxen wineglaawa Hying. 
l^or, adjutant, captains, licuteoanta, and conicds all le^ up wildly, 
^^allMn nmmed bk loat, and was calm auitdxt thli tempest ot bis own 

"Ratini to your (]uartiM«, sir," stormed tbo Colonel. "Oonsder 
JBwlf mder amst, sir." He stood puffing and Knotting for a moment 
tlw qflhnjar aroM^ saluted, and left tli« man-room. "Resume 
«t*, gsitlemen," be said then, and all sat down in awkward 

A genaml Mnso of relief was fi^t tivo minutei later when, after a 
Un tis TO d word or two to bis nelgbboun at tigbc and left, tbe Colonel 
•^ and wUbdrow, foUowed by Hi^jor Eykia and Captain Haroourt. 
Gkamr aaned, and notbiug was talked of but tbe awful and unheard- 
tf hnAat of the imtting. 

Tn^rtbtm in tba rasontiine Walked to bis quartern, and retutned 



Itift aulutu ofliared bim by bamicV lotmgcrs and MDtrus on tbc wxj-. It 
wts BOiaiiur UnWi Utd the twilight lingO-red soIUjr, An odour of ai|- 
nonette stole pl««eantlj- through the Open cttsement of his chuuW, aai 
ha tNfttcd hiinKflf on ■ couch near the windoiv, imd looVcd »t the du^Q- 
ing XMiith uA he siuokei]. If he were not altogether as pUeid » b 
gmmfid — And bi^ mndc it n point »f honour to Ki outwardly tranquil 
in Lib owu solo company — he was lesa distiiilied ttuut tnigbl faftTC 
prcdictod of a miin no yotiny nfbir hJn nhurc in txuit a sccitn. 

"The man's a black^ruard," he »(id quietly. "Perhaps 1 was Mi 
to toll him HO — nnil yet I don't know. Tliut sort of tiling ought not 
l>e allowed to ^ on amongst gentlemen, ami if it does it is clearly 
one's duty to put a foot upon it." 

He threw away the Htump of his ciiptr, lit a new one, and 
himself nloiig tbo couch. In tliat position ho smoked nnlil bo could 
nothing in tlio gittheriiif; darknciia but the little ]X)int of light an ini^ cr 
two from his nos<?. 

Then xto^Hi Huiindud on th« sttium and there WAa a kuodc at the 
ITo called to the knocker to enter, and two men okme in and looked 
them uncpi-tainly in tlio gloom. There wm a light upon the stairK 
out, and he recognised hia viaJtorK. 
" Mr. Tregarthon 1" said one. 

" At your eervios, sir," he anaworeil giavdy, " Be seaUd, 
Allow mc to light the lamp." 

lie mov«d qui^lly about the room, found his l&mp. set it opan 
table, and, haviug lighted it, reeunied his place. But Mucing that 
visitors remained standing, hv arose again and fikcni them. 

" (Lionel Pollard," began Major Eykin, with great Mlemnitj, " 
OOOKiilted Tapt^iin ITarwurt and myacilf, has decided to nuet tho 
ORcin-runce of this evening by a atep which b at least as unnsilll, 
which seems to he called for by the circumat&ncw of the casc^" 
" 'Ciwiy. Quite bo," said Giptain HarcourL 
" The result of tbnt docluon is," pursued the Major, " that we 
here to demand a uioetiug. Colonel PoUanl entirely waives the qi 
of rank, feeling as he docs that nothing short of the coQrae ha 
Clin vindicate liis hononr." 

" And you concur I " inquired the Comet. 

" 'Zaelly," wiid Claptain Hurcourt. " Wo eoncur." 

'' 1 must ask you to allow me to difior from you, gentlenMa.' 
Ti'cgartlii^u. " I do not aue liow it in in any wny poadble for 
Pollard to vindicate his hononr." 

" Wo will not trouble you, Mr. Tn-gaHhnn," mid the Major, " 
any expression of your opinion." He spoke with infinite di^TieaB. "V^* 
will mcroly ask you to nominate nn lionr for the meeting and to iW 
your ftiend." 

" I cannot oblige you, gentlemen," rotumM Trc^Khen. "Qoiiiti 
Pollard has wantonly and publicly defamed tbechiuacter of aladfiuJ 


tunr «ron a public Kjiologj- «nd viUtdntwal could belp 

Tbtt CoIoiwI'b enunariM looked at nch other wiUi iipliAul eyohrowx. 
■* An wft to tuukntond," aakeiA the ftlajor, '* tbkt jtou decline to meet 

^^1 ** I do not MM bow tbo bre»cb of Uw whidi Colonel PolUnl proposes 
^H unaojf him for a fonuor miadenManour." 

^P " Uay Jo««, jr'know," ctiimI IlArcontt, " tli« fclluw'a mod'* e Slardi 

" I UD not idmI, moBt noble Koetm," aud Trt^rtJi«n, boving. 
Tfa* t«u niilitary geatlsmen wxtrn Ktruif[nni to tbo volama from wbtch 
kiqwted, wui tlM^ looked at ee(^ Oith«ir again vitb a glance tbat mid 
fltUf that the marie had been hit. 

-I ril) fight iuthcgueeu'Rcaiue," said the Comet, "bnt in no other." 
Bfl« wae another loach of ih'^ bombast natoraJ to anient ]:outh, bat Tre- 
pnhon'a aspect was calm, and it was not difficult to see that he meant 
•bil he laid and vtmi Itlcntv l» nlmli; by it. 

" I dn not think, far," said Slajoi- Kvkin, *' that you properly ajipre- 
Btte the litoatian, or tiiu alti-niativu that titai bc(bn> you," 

" May I ao far (reepaas on your kiudneaa," asked the iinpertai4»ble 

man, " aa ti> beg yon to inHtruct mo I " 
" Vou have offered to tbo virliial head of your regimant a public uul 
■M aluunvful tmuUt," returned tha Jifajur in i-onNdetable boat. " He 
«iiT«i all eoDgidcxation of his rank, and aioopeto demand a peraonal cm- 
Mutai in rindicatian of hiaoiitragod honour. Stoops, Br ! — underi^tand 
m, m—t ny— stoopa to demand a penonal encounter. Tlial cucuunter 
tifitaa^ Do jxKt know what cotuitriict^on gentlemen will put upon 
'1 aarut instmction, air," ansireKd Tregartben. 
"Vary weH," aaid the Afajor, ^rown Mrdunic on a nidden, "j-on 
havail. Ittsoppnforyou tooflcran n)>jecC apology and to exchange 
~^jm at* atill inolinfiil lu oimunent the ■erriei!.'' 

la tfaott the only alternative ooniso you see t " inquired the Comot. 
me, genlhtrann. We are all naturally a little heated by the 
id the evening, llay 1 aoggoet that wo attempt a milder 

"the liung, air,'" declared the Major, "standx beyond tUsouanOD. 
i|gTa«a1e an original oQmiiOii by the tonu you ehucae to take." 
"IWrnu me," aaid Ihui nma^ing subaltem. " Is it not at least 
It (i|itm tu Colonirl Poilanl, witli Rtynrlf, to offisr an apology and to 
if he ia Mill inclined to oi-uauient thewrricot" 
U^jt t^ykin na-unK ruund upon his bed and marched to the door. 
tunMMl ahmptly. 
mim dianoD, tiir I Do yon upolo^iMi or fight I " 

', rir," returned Treftarthon. The Major tore the door Open 
HrrgitrLht^n ran forward and hold the dooc wU^iA 



HftKouti left the room. Tbeir Mps die<) off iuto alooee, luid U 
dumpiaous young mna was left to liis own nifioctioDs, which 
iliMturbed and bitter. He rounil Iitil« (atilt with Unuielf aa jr«t, 
lutd iMTDed io whjit light hie coodoet wm likely to be rif^u'ded 
moa amongat irhom he had dMimd to live. He lutd acted deU1 
ftBd WM not in the least difipoBed to be asbam«d of hinuetf. 
miildlo agv can aometimcs Khool thernxdven to hold m ondfe 
deriL They Imru the wiwlom of the worid and are not greatly 
to oluunpiim their own notions. Thoy fiwl no duJionotir in tol 
Sob with two-and-twonty alt thU may be dUTetvnt, and hapfnly it 
times i*. Quixote grows into Sancho Penxa, ea often an not, 
OMnea to forty year. That may or may not be sorrowful, but to ba| 
Sancho would snrely seem something of » pity. \ 

Contrary to Trejiiu'thi'n's uxiMKUition, no immodiate action fol| 
upon his refiiaal of the Minor's ultimatum. A day or two went bj 
ho ya» nimply diairuf^Lrilod. No brother ofBcor came n«ar him ; he 
nothing about the continuance of his avr«it or its discontinuanci 
itAer waiting in hiii own quartern tintil ttie ncnno of teditim becam 
marked to be easily endured, he wrote a careful little oiissive t 
Colonel roqticsting to know what form the charge ngainst htm ' 
take and when it would he [irofurrod. In rMpon-w to these tn^ 
came n letter from the Adjutant informing him that the character i 
ehar^-e woa under conaidoration, that he would receive ample warn 
the date on which it would be preferred, and that ho was in the : 
time to regard hinuolf ax being rolcaaed from active )iarticapal 
n^mentAl duties. Following on this came another letter (rigc 
Avery officer of the n^ment with tho exception of ibc Col 
names following eaoh other in ordor of seniority) nrgiog upon hil 
extreme demrablenon of a withdrawal from th» regiment, and m\ 
in terras of studied politenes that eren the service at large mi^ 
to get along without him. 

This NCcond qiistle Trognrthen left uoaaswered, but he ap| 
the Adjutant to know whether be might regard himself as 
viaionally at liberty, and being answered in the oflinnatiTo ho wt 
Zx)ndon. Ue found his story tliet« before him, garbled, aa such 
are. He had drunkenly innultod his Colonel, bod thrown a wi: 
at hint — in milder veraiOBB bad only thrown the oontetita of the 
in veniloDa even strODgor had nsed a dccnnter as a missile. 

He Buffered much heart-borolng before the eonii-martial mm 
to decide bis case was appointed, and if lin had cx|)6etatioDB i 
port bom any court of hoooor they were daahed to pleoes. The 
hinge of ofiloon and gcntJomeu who investigated the history 
quari-el were Rnaniniously f^nirt bim. They were ahto ttniiniR 
their reoommendntion that ho should quit the service. This, wi 
oheiioacy natural to hitii, he utterly declined to do, and the up 
the whol« nintUtr was that, when all dno formalities bod been 


1, Utf eontamnctouM yoatfa ns deprived of bia eommiaion, md waa 
lo tlie world with a chuMtOT more dunxgcd tiiftn H dcscrvttd 
toW Dinplino mtwt ho miuolaiDcd, wad there is so doubt tluit it 
goniflto wen uotutomed (wibUcIy to Tcbaho tli«ir colonels for bnmchu 
rf|M)d-h(«ediii£ Uia Bri&h military t«r%'icu would cuter on a pheite of 
«RM* nordt^. 

TragutlMn went home 4ixgust«d tuid embittorod. The only career 
besNd fiv wM doxid to liim for good and all, ftod Area in later y«br$, 
«lun oqnriflDCfl bnmght htm mora wisdom than two-Aod-tvonty con 
onBDoly bofMt of, he belimred httowlf to have been unjustly ueed. 

It nemed n«ceeaary to i-olnte this episode of his caroor for two 
fawni. It rtrihen n keynott of diiiRict«r, and it fumiHbuiianes{t)ai>atiou 
It U> sfter-modo of lifo. 


•boot the time of the cvemta juat recot>deil that Mr. Hooald ManL 

vpon LoodoD. Tbi-re am varionit wayi of ilawning : the gray 

B pethafM esteemed the mOHt pcoeperoua, but Mr. Marsh dawnail 

ii ririd apludoont, and bin gloi-icn at thn beginning wcro invlined to be 

timfmtiaovs. London ia a big^eh place to dawn upon, and the lumiiinry 

4(n raja pjeree evoi; araony and eomer of it mnat n» high and xhino 

higfat Indeed. Now ^Ir. Slarsh made no pretence (thotigh be knew 

Uimtr a aitn of tlie first magmttid«) to NhiDo u|ion tbo vulgar. Tbo 

l^t/ their nndcrytanding wax obvtoualy loo dense for him. Ue did not 

«m caant upon illuming the wht^e of tbo polite world, m yot. I'horo 

UtBRi and wooun in the highest circlps who never gel a tJirill of' 

^imthura ray of comtdoua light out of ^KitcbyliworShakenpcare. Xot 

Hat Blr. Manh thought much of .J^hylua or Shakmpeare, but they bud 

iMed, np till now, oa amongfit the oarth'a greaUwt, and thoy wnro well 

«ni^ in titu way of parallel or illusti-stion. He waa contealfor the 

^Jnmt to be neen and known of liiw. IIo wonid have been oontmt, in a 

^1^, not to be seen or known at all~«t least, he bad the nwdeaty to say 

^^w-to «bia« nnbevded, and to rtjoioft in biit own atrength and nuUanoo. 

I Be dawned, then, in fitful splemloui-s, and his sigui and poiientji were 

bt noted tn the houM of I^y MaigittTitw Oapudne, whan be appeared 

ta oatarcfaed linen *0<1 appaiel of iitrange deVioe, and with a head of 

Ihb like a diaonlvly hala He bad no ncUial componiomi, biit two or 

tbii ntellitea aeoompanied him, rising at hia risings and aetiing at hb 

wltiii|^. Their merely jihysical a'<pi«t wiw like liin own ; tbry wore 

iWr hair at oa great a length and in as picturesque disortler ; ifaeJr i 

Oilmna and their cloalui w«n) aa brigandish as their laadar'a. Tbey 

ttoe^ gn)»t tltings of tiMinaelvee and of each other; b«t tbey awora 

^ Iha Lauler and proclainad blm Um Enaiudpator of Hitman Thoogbt. , 

Ihty aad to Bay, with eireiy eTidenoe of sinoerity, that when tb& ' 



gftve bis poems to the world tho pltlare of a woni-oat system vooli] 

The LbmUt oouJd occafiWu&Uy be prevailed upon to K|ie«t or read a 
mero fntgffientnty extract from bis worli, and the appetite of liw 
folluwcra grew with wbat it fed on. In tUcM trxoerpbi tbu world vas 
called upon to knrak its fetters — ^noi particokrised witb deuneBft— and 
tluiro w«r«: tnijfhLily Hunototu panagtM about tbo Dt^mtfed Oods and tbe 
uced for tbcir oomplcto sbolitioti. 

Kobody oui live a]wa^-!l ut oxtremest high premiie, and Mr. Itoonlil 
Marth went about sometimes quite like an ardinary penou. At lb«ee 
timcK be cDDSOrt«d for tbe most part witb poopte wbo vent Jitsnuy, 
artistic, and theatrical. Bohemia is a 8par«ely-|ieoplad eoimtry imw. 
Ono or two men wlio mlly know its crowded hannts and ite fow soli- 
tnilu*, ila ebeerfitl lugfawaye and sad by wajs, wiot« about it niul tnada 
it familiar to the world. Tbcn came tbo inevitable cloud of imitatont 
nnd pitrUiidci-s, and made poor old Bohemia aD irapoasible jilaoe to live 
iu any longer. It« name is so cbcuponi-d that tbe tot? mention of it has 
n rinjf of nbam seutiment and sbam mittb ; even Its tried ^Id bim been 
so laoquorod tbat it looks liki! pincliliQck. Itut tbere was a Bc^teaii 
worth knowing even so late as Ronald Marsh's day, aiul the {(rent youiis 
man sometimes etrayi.'d into It and tried to feel as if be were itativ* 

There was, and Is, n dingy bnck room in ouo of tbe oldest houses is 
the Strand, a mere box of au apartment, in which, hy crowding then- 
selvcH tmoomfortably, ten mm of avcmgc Inmdth of beam cob sit i 
the cltimsy ccnti-e table. Half one nide of tite room is occupied 
window, but the smoke- encruHtcd wall of a ndgbbouring building 
within two yurds of it, and a ••rueeoiue twilight reigiia within tlie apait- 
moot even at noontide. Thure, once » wc«k, in the days of whidi 1 
write, spectral-looking Sfm-es sal and held hi;{h convene on books and 
pictures and the drama, and on the men and women who wrote or 
painterl or played. Tlieaii- was heavy with tobaccu-unoke and thei 
of strong potabhw, and a ti«w comer, imtering from tiio fn^tsher air of | 
Sti-snd, hiid Hume adu to make out the inmates of tlie room. Tboi 
nine wt-lcomed the pttoi witU grave voicci, and wedged ibcmsdvu i 
to make room for him. The Lender took his seat witli an air of mode 
and tbe epeclnd nine bepui to clialF him. 

" I am Sony to tell you, Mr. Maisb," anid oiw, tipeaking from 
cloudiest comer, " tliat tbe ix.-liliDu yet awaits a eigaatutv." 

" A\1iat petition 1 " asked the jwwt, removing hts aombn-ro, nnd j 
a hand of nnuuutl whiteoeBs throt^i his auburn locks. 

" Tkf petition," mpondod the other, bending forward to be me 
preisive, and waving the smoke aside with one han<l. " Signed by 
crou-ned heads of Europe, tho Poiw of Borne, and tbo EagtL^ -irehl; 
and now awiiiting the idguatute of IbeMetropcditnn of the Gn-fk i 
at Moscow." 

IK umu* 
ed iM 



■*] do not teft'i Uie iww8pa|>«n," suil tbe poet, duntil; ligbting n 
ijpr. "What in tbdottfoct of Um petition I" 

" Goatlcnan ! " cried, tlie mut In tbe corner. " I appeal to jon : la 
H Dot tufitir for Sir, Marsh Xo feign igitoraoce on fwh a topin 1 " 

" Un&ir in thm txttauo," naid (iigliL oolcunu vokob. " IHioDgenuDua,*' 
«• aAM, wbta tbe gravo uiitrmurs had diod away. Tber all uchucd — 

" Tba (HatlmuUhnd petmoage* alrauljr enumerated," mid tbe man in 
Aa canMT, " address Ih^ii- petition to you, air, and entreat jon not to 
tldi^a. Thoy droad tlie advent «f your coming rolume. Tlwy 
yos to spaire tbe Chriirtian faith, and to allow monai<cUiaU iiuti- 
ttfitoa K final <ibaaoe." 

Th» poet auiled and oarceaed hia akaveu cheek with the tips of his 
iqpn. Many n tron word ia spoken in jest, and the num in the corner,] 
*iB nearer thtt mark thnn he Eancied. 

" If the pntym of the great cannot more you," pnraued the man in 
tfe eomer, " ynn are a man, for you are a poet— «ntl the greater iiK-ludea 
iht 1— ami you may he moved by tlte petitiona of the lowly. 1 hav« a 
■aiden aunt, a harmlem crentnra wbo nnulm hard by, and clckT-starcbea 
kdprafaiabop. If you dcatniy tlifl Churrii you take away h«r means of 
^ftnGhood. Smite the loity if yon will, bub ^jmje tiie huuil>t& Spare-I 
Bj ""'it"" aunt." 

All the ■olinsn roicM munuurod, led by a man in aootlwr oonmr, 
"Spve, oh, spare Ilia maiden aunt!" 

" A ifiedal fund Hhall bn .-eel njxirl, ont of the pnbliaher'ti profitn," nnid 
U» fMt, " and your maiden aunt Bhall be provided for." 

"Hw imhnnda," naid one. "Ho inhuman after all He can gieek 
apn occasion, like the Athenian weaver." 

"1Hu> take him to the collective bosom," aaid the man in the comer. 

"Itt m ttauil bim drinks. Lorrimer, when the glad child of the nun 

Mu h) upon UK yon Wei's in poeaesak>n of the ear of the buuw, Uonr 

tiana. Poof, L« ailent. A harp Imh vmned than thine own awakot in 

—fwha of beauty." 

^V "OantJii I en," laiil Sir. Lorrimn-, who beamed rutnniDd and jovial 

^■Uiviqtk the auiitkp, " xh« ia a stmiiWT. I do not xpeak iniulvijiedly or as 

V Mxrhohaj ni' ki^uwlnlgr. It wwi I wlvo found her. SIve hu tbugrac* 

^ ^nw and the voioe and figure of a wbat's-hin-uame. I have no 

PWfciiu] to elawDot attainraonta, gcntlenivn, and I wish that onr gifted 

rmg friend ran Id daKiibe her for me." 

"V* ahall judgt for nnnwlvca wbon she makes her ilitmt" aaid tlu) 
Mb la the oorocr. " But in the meantime, who is «h« I Whev« doee 

" Van efaall know aH I know," atld Hr. Lort^mcr, with a superll ac 
frwomoe of Dandonr. " Kumlcy has bou^t a bit of fishing at a p)u 
H «IIhI L>ok(.-y, down in Bcrkaluic. I Jttle Ut of a pbioe with little hit iif 
^■*J|ptn, And (he wont company 1 tvtr saw, JBamtey uk«>i nw 4Awa, 







and oTcotme, with ngthing doing at the end of Uay.dowD 1 n-cui. Wtr&i 
to tbotbMtrefinLDi^L 1?lftj wax, ' Am YouUkelL' As / liked il, It 
WAS the most feurful nibbiab ev«r staged. Even Shakespeare oonldn't 
liv« through thnt intcT]»r«UtUHi. But, bognd, gtioUcuittn, in wnlks Rm- 
lind, KoA 1 tliouglit I miut bo drauuiDf;, Socii a figoret such a voice, 
wieli n HUgfl pTfwi'ticc, rnich n stylp, Faon not parliculArlj prct^, b«l 
sweel uad exifreesivc, an<l all that sort of thing. Made m« Uugh, begad ; 
nutda m« cry ; did what »bn wanted with mo. I've bmn in tli« profcMioo 
BOW for tatty ;r*«ir8, and I «id iiot iMsily raored." 

" Wrong, Lotrimer I You are mora easily mot^ than ever," said tlie 
man in the eomer. " W« alt are. We oullivale the emotions until they 
mast«r us more readily than they used. Oin unaweetened is the uext 
beat thing to the jwrfuit of aji artiittic otlling. Take tbcin lioUi togctha 
aadyoa are blest indeed. You can weep at any moment. Will you ring 
the bdll, I^nrriaier t Tliaok yon. Waiter — gin un»we«taiM)d," 

" Well," said Mr. Lorrimcr, " I've aeeo 'em all for fbrtf yeftra, 
played to moKt of 'cm ; and, only give the new otui a bit of practii 
genUetui-n, and shell beat the lot of 'en. Into stieka," be caudnded, 
beating the table two or three timiM irith the palm of hb hand.—*' into 

" What ia this wonder's name T " asked the poet. 

"Her nnme is C-'hurchill," naid Mr. Lorritnur^" Mini Churchill 
And when the Siddonses and the Biac«igirdlee and the Oldfields a 
thi- KMIp and the Keelya are forgulten, nho will be remembered. 
uncqDiillM. There nev«r was anjrthin;; like her." 

'' The puff pitiliminnry," naid the man in thn oomcr, " mpiirca an 
which only Lorrimei- has mastered. Dramatic critics, bold up 
hands. Five ; and all big fish." 

*■ I don't want to puff this time," cried I»rrimer. " Wait till 
aeo the lady, gentlemen, and youll my with me iJiAt no adTem cri' 
can gel near lier. 1 de^' the crowd of you. And now, though I 
to leave yon, dear boy* all, I muxt bo off to rriiearaaL" 

Two men rose to allow him lo unwodge bimnclf from between tha 
tebloand thownll. AiihepuHtod thepoetbotoncbed him on the ahoulder 
and gave him an inviting backward nod. Mr. Marah araee and foll< 

" Now yuti're a jndgv of acting," said Mr. Lorrimer, when they 
in the Strond. "You're a judge of female boau^ too. Vini 
rebearial tUa aftoiMMD. You skalt jnai take a seat in the circle, tnf 
boy, and then yon shall give me an opinion." 

The iheatrtoal manager had not nearly so high an Opinion <rf' Mw 
Uorah's critical powers as tlie young gantJoman himself «ujoyeil, am 
had he^ peshsps, even to high an opinion as he exprtMied, bat h« tevefl 
enced "a nob," and Mr. Manh wat undimbtodly a nob of the acM 
inllneotial order. Tie poet was hand-iii-glore with Ijtdy Margueri^ 
Cnjnictne, his nsLcr-in-law, who hud a good deal to do with artiiia 





in tn Umi nppnr drcW Xeitliur nUu aor any other lojy, Iiowotci' 

I, omilil make or break the forttises of any prodoeUon of 

iM^S, tnit the mnnitgrr had nn exikltcd tdea oT licr nMofulnmi, 

poot hmi tlu) niD of tlie 1iotu<e, and was young enough to enjoy 

«&*' ' taking ofl* the gliuuour of tlmtriml (KTformuivou by 

TtuBtt yrtn, perha]«, a do»>n men and women fprinklnl about tiM 
feaky hmiae — two or thtve in tlui |>it, and tlto rtitt *<Bttet«d ov«r lite 
4n« cindc — whim the outain rose and disooT«n>d Adam and Orlando. 
FKUtaMdaya,tbe reviral iraa tobe nnnsually ma^nlfiMnt and complete. 
Ti» Mtiag vas compet«Dt. though n liUlo old-fashioned And sombre till 
'mllml came upon the stage. Mm Churcliill bewitched (he poet aa 
AaUd bawitelMd Um; C-oriMtt in thn littlo country tomi, only, when i* 
*« dntrakoJ the poet fult It was Ida duly to In: .■'omuwitat mom diannetl 
tn a ommonpLace pcnon rould draun of being, tie c«Hncd Ktrango 
tfiiMa whaivwith to diswriUr hvr to U» tHcndti, and at tlte tall of the 
vBitxa on the ttdrd act he made Via way round to tlie back of the 
i^e. Tfaatc In uuit Lonimer, and ftH on faini with pmlsEx, tooth and 

" Uy dear I»rriracr, a ntpvmal parfonanuce I Thct«'s eoTncthing in 
fc-a J* ne aot* ijuui—a tenderueas in chidinj:, a dignity in repoae, a 
MrtlhicH in 1ndinng«!-~«iie aeekn in rain for words of enough aptnoes 
ViddliBcy and dvocripiive amgditade : but one is delighted— one itt 
bne away. I must n^nlly mako a point of boin|; allowfid to do the 
Moi hi Ttie Scoutye. Tli^y praiae so rarely there that oue will hare 
AfWar of making an impr(«'ion. My dear I^>rrimci-, you have dit- 
maxl ajewel. I most nally make a point of asking to he prescnteil. 
Tni maat pranct m», Lorrimer, rou most raally." 

UrnauT, ajunntiiig, led the way. RoouUnd, in a fnr doak whidi 
Mdud to her toee, wiw standing, with a somewhat cmborraoMd air, 
Mdof up at n pictutv on t]ie grwiiroom walL 

" Pmnit mo, Miss Churchill," eud Lorrimer. '* >lr. Roniild 3darah, 
fti mat charming of l«ndoii's poets." 

nets an few things ten plaftaint> as evet? raodert man knows, 
f^ Uj \m pniacd dlWruly, and yet bdow one'n obvious merits 

" Mr. Lorrimer flatters me," said tlie poet bowing. 

"Xot at all," cried the nuiuager, " not at all." 

IIm taD and stately BosaltDd vouchsafed one ^Uuco to Mr. Ronald 
Kni, gflhnd bira ■maethtng between a nod and a mutilated curtarf, 
ad twiunMl the study of the picture on the wall. Hu«-eM>r mudi at 
*v mm ihd mt^t be on the stage, she had at prtscnt but a poor tmtta- 
tt*rfwlf-pwiMJnn when off it. But the gentle flattery of ladies was 
fc pest** Mxial rtfong point, or *o Im fancied. Somebody called 
^T^u astJa, and Sir. Marah saw nothing butter than to tepttt tbo 
' b« had so rnoostly spoken. 
A Bpemal perfonnaoce, Miss Churchill. XtwiUy, bcUort m%, 




(inite u Kupcraal pctfomuince. ^ swoct a tMulemcn in chiding— «udi 
a dignity in n>poee — ^uch courcUneas ia badimge it has nem been nj 
h»ffy lot (u Bieut o[)OD Ui« Engltab boftnfa. I vmxn jwn, Atin 
OkorduU, that oae seeks in rwii for words of eoougli aptoen &nd dslb 
CKcy ftnd dcitcriptivo un{ilitudc. Ooc la delighted, od* u borne mwtj' 

Betbn Ur. Hnrsh had got mora tfcau Lalf vbj: throu^ ihu apcn^ 
Lorrim«r iud returned nnbanrd, Mid stood with n broad grin .^t ht 
«lbow. The poe4, eDCOuntering Uw taaaafget's smite, resd ttn mHsniug 
and b]ii«li«d at detcctioo. Mixs Churchill, who hiut kept her ejes i^ 
Ui« picture whilst he spoke, looked round sA him like a diaguiied k^ 
in sn old play. 

" I am oblifted to you, Hir," Hhe said, with somethtu^ of the acicent of 
the stage. " Kxcniw mci, dr. My <al\." 

She walk«<d to th« grpvnrootn door, at wludk the call-boy bad aimi 
at tliat uioioent bawtcd her iiaioe. The call, however, wu not for ikt 
Htk^e. Tbe boy hMMlnl ber a letter, a formaMooking doounieut, in « 
lai^ blue cover, with n sftlasbed seal of red wax. The nctnwa, sesnui^ 
hy a digbt ioclinatioD of h«r bead, to denuuid leave i^ the raanagor n^j 
the poet, broke the neal and, 0]>miDg Uie letter, begim to read. Ik 
poet watched ber tiie wliile, and saw a blosb rise beyotid Uie Hue if 
necenary rouge upon her cheek. Looking np, i>bo cnught him ia Ikt 
lid of Mtaring at her, and with a curteey she swept ttota the roooi. 

Mr. Uanh felt that be hntl £iu«d but poorly, and stood sookiBgit 
tbo knob of his walking-cane with a more vacuous aspect than a gmt 
mall often wears, lly-nnd-by, finding that Bosallnd did not nwppMT, 
be strollod back to the dreas circle, where lie lounged with ofmi 
jtlanee and rtstod hix nubiim head npon his hnnd in tlw most approMl 
poetic timnnor. Ue was so absorbed in thinking of what the otbr 
people iu tbe drees circle wpio liksty to think of him, that for awhile U 
did not notice that the curtain still lay between him and tltu laiig.iiiW 
exploited and exploded fairyland of tlii^ stage. Byand-by the scstUnl 
deoimu' of the OnMt drcle drew nmr each other and laid tlieir hwit 
together. Then Ijommcr appeared tietwoTO tbe curtain and tbe lliali 
as if in act to address the limited audience, but he retired witbMl 
Hiying a word. In tlie front of the bouflo atMO a whisper — Nomethi>| 
was gm>% wrong. Aroused by this eonyectiire, the poet once inM* 
availed liinutclf of the freedom his intiraocjr witb the manager gavi- bin. 
and sanntorod bebiiid tlie scenes. He florid Lorrinti-r was EwniHnf 
likn a Bedlamite. The dncal tinurper, the haoishnl duke, Jiu^u*> 
Oelia, Vhosbe, aiKJ Orlando, stood about him, all in attitudes of more tt 
len amazaueot. 

" Vn^t'K tW matter, Lorrimer t " asked the puoL 

" Matter I " cri^d Urrimcr. " The jade's off at the Inst mil 
this is all she huvm bcbind her." 

The jioet book from the manager's uutslretched band a note. 



" Sir, — OircumstAncfn luivo arisen wliich make it impogaiblo t.hiit I 
ibould oootiouo my career upon the stage. I sha]] bo bitpi'y to reimy 
yoo Cir ftU cacpenMS yon mfty have incurred Id my bebftlf. Frtty com- 
nonicftte in mpect to th*t matter with my Uwyers, M<>«rs. Lowe and 
Carter, of Clement's Inn. 

" You» Toiy tnily, 

"CuiaA OnuBCiiiij," 

" Sho am't mcnn it 1 " cried Lorrimer, (ictiinlly gasping. " I've spent 
ee biindrod poundn in lunney, iiiid tUreu thousand pounds in wit in 
jivortising her. She wauta more salary. That's wliat it is — she wanta 
■ salary. But, 1>e^d, rince she's tried it on in tliis way " (ho mas- 
nl hig rage so far as bo be ablo to embroidei- it, oh it were, with a 
toncli of mock-li<rroim), "if that hci- jmiscs wei-e my dear beartslringB, 
I'd wbistJe her off and let her down the wind to prey at forttmo." 
Mr. ItonaUl Itlur«}i nghod audibly. 

*' Sfaakeapcare erowdx us all from the field of popular qnotAlJon," ha 
; inwanlly. " Hod I^rrinicr known it he might harr found a piw- 
I l»r inoi-e appropriate in my Ki>illialauiium.'* 


fMSS Tl^artheo found that hi« itcal for the reform&tiOB of muss-roixii 

I had wrecked hia military fortunai, h<i went homi?, nnd thecv 

himself aniong his books. Many, many yeai-a ago the Ti^egai-- 

bin forboADj, had huilt for themsulTea a fortn^ss for .a dwellin;;- 

, and thi: house had wasted away bit by bit like the otliej' lielonging* 

fil« owners, but Imd hw^n niodpmised and ttdded to every Iiei-e and 

. until it had grown and fiillen into one uf the oddest and most 

ous pilcfl in Knghind. A man mu«t Iw curiously moulded in- 

I if his chamcler i» in no way affect*d by the character of thri houso 

. which he is br<;d, and a guoil dual of the sontiment of the frowning, 

stAtely, y«t half-ruined old house had found it« way into 

Hia aocntora, for rrasons of their own, had built Uicir houKo upon 
I istanil, and thia inland fiicctd Uie Cciminh nminlnnd on the one hand 
1 the mt-lanchoiy Atlantic on the other. The house stood high and 
t for wintM" Htnrma to nivo at, nnd in thn i-ougher months of the 
■ it had oonstantly to be provisioned for a siego of stormy wentlier, 
Minn for weeks at ■ timn it woa diuiginiiuK if not itopassihle to approach 
tke liland. The one harbour faced the mainland vfith two prodigious 
'Will* of i«ck, and a narrow U-lt of smooth sand between, which raw 
'*P»(ird towards hardy urasaes, and was diieotly orerlooked by the 
..HuiiBJoii. Those varf walls of rock and the narrow space hetwemi them 
l-^orc known to the local folk as the Uate of the Sea. So old a house aa 



tJul of the Trcgarthenx oould >cai'coly tail to hxn b«en shot »t 
locfti bards And soothmj'ers — aboot bolts enough aad aome of this m 
aora to stick— And oq« of many proph<x!i« and mottoes dung. It 
set forth, that whataoevei- ■•ood or evil the TregarUi«ns aiidnr«d AnU 
come lo tlinni liy tlic Gnti* of the Sea— a concIastoQ somewhat obrim^ 
nncOi unlMB by ballc«ii or <!arlltqiuike there wna no other way of i 
ing thwrdwdling-pltico. If the Coi-nish couptpt bo faitlifally 
it prophesies za tnuch for character an for fortune — 

Whatevil of good yo bare or bo 

Sliult ouiiir tu you all by llio Oi,li of tile Sou- 

Kow, in tlic Aiy* when n fnll cellar, a roughly goneroiu larder, i 
chauoe of haid knocks and loot could tempt adrenturous aoabi to follnt 
a frwboothig gontlotnnn, Tregarthon'a houn might liav« been a pli 
able place Lo livu in foi- tliotte whose Cuuy lay that way. But Ibr i 
almo^ companionleas yoiing«t«<r, who boil jaxt learned one of the ' 
blttenet leMoni*, it was ud unwholesome a readenoe as m[|[bt aoywb 
bare been found. Tregarthen Deeded home inilueooeB and 
companionHhip, but ho hud louK bec» nii orphnu, tmi) h«! had adlj 
brother nor sister, lie was not absolutely wealthy, but he had 
money than bo wiintficl, &iid there wem few thingn which would 1 
been of more use to him tlitvn the spur of poyeily. 

It isetuy in tbc hot day:« of youth for the mind to peranade itMlfJ 
anything. Tregarthen [M-muadtid himaelf thai he huil dono wtth'l 
world foi- good and all, thitt it should occupy him no more, and timtl 
would live for bin etuilics and no otiier earthly thing. His stadieel 
to lend him in a direction which it was somewhat odd that a 
gcntlemnn of tlie nineteenth century altuuld tukeu Some anecwtor of I 
had collected all the works of that crowd of impostors, quadn, : 
dectdvers, enthusiasts, and uinrtyrs to science who have writtAO oa t 
transmutation of motals, the divining 1*01.1, theelizir ritie, the powtrai 
ertien of the stnrB, uod so forth — -n.l\ the works, that is to say, thsti 
in one short lifetime lay hnnds on. Tregarthen began to 
smongBt the diixkEayinga of these gentry, at lirst with an nmuaed ix 
and then with a singular growth of doubt. There might bo 1 
in the doctrine of tranemutution after nil. 

Wlien a man begins even to doubt oq a queetJon like that hs li ] 
far gone on a rond which hns led oflener than not to men 
Ti«gaitlien saw the diinger, but the study drew him and abeorbtd hta' 
more and more, until he begnn to find in it a compensation for all Oaafft 
It ft man could find the philosopher's stone I Let any man in hiiaM ' 
and sober tens^ surrender himsolf to the fancy for a moment, and whs* i 
ace the glorieti of the cave into which the ini^pcian dropped AladdiBi*' 
the vnlley into which the roc carried Sinbad 1 They are no mow Ihtt 
a billiard ball in compiiriimu with Sntum. But ho touched with donhl 
u to the bare possibility of its actual dificoveiy, and tbe poor mM 1> 

Utled, ■taggwed, overawed, by th« ntagniticenoc of its own ronciat. 
VcfputlMD htffia to drenm them ilrunnw. 

Ilo liTed alnost ftlone through the wild winter find the blustering 
pring. Ekrif summor found liim mare and more resdy to surrender 
limaelf to tbn intoicicatioR of this smgulfti' madueBs. Perliaps it notrda 
kkt A Mrtuin ittrrtin otgccatxie^ ghnll lie in a man's nature bnfure be can 
p mad in that {larticular way. Tlie compact small creature whom 
kenlties mv alt ofk tiuo U ns snfe m the compn^t great creature whose 
owors are eijaally well balaiicud. 

Happtlx fT ti>0<^ ■>f ti«, the world is too much with us to allow un to 
lavelop to complete fulnees of eocentricity. Trannplauted to Jupiter the 
lOttuui nux might find elbow room enou;;h to grow into a huge asylum 
if ctaiy humoui-i&ts, hut our crowded civilimtian actn upon ua as close 
ludter iict« on iho trom in a plantatiou — ^the outer linM grow a little 
mated, perbapa, but in the middle of the wood the steins ai« straight 
lad fmifortn. Trogarthen in bis island castle off the Cornish coast waa 
tiU a little sheltered. By-and-by a shelter he hod not bo])e<l for began 
a grow iiboiit him. 

1^ The hhisleriui; Hpriiig had pnsiied, and horp was a lovely day in mid- 
^■ne, with a sky of sapphiw, a sea of sapphire and pearl, and a breeze 
if varm spion tind balm. Tregartben wandered, soioking and lust in 
lUc meditation, to the cliffs on the right side of the seji-gate, and thei-e 
kat biiDScIf full length on tliewarm and scented herbage. The aplcudoin' 
If tliAday wu nothing to him just then, and though his boilily eyes took 
■gHinnee of one of the &ie8t reaches of rockbonnd coa^t England can 
Swv, he luul no conscinits pleasure in it. He pulled his soft hat over 
!iM eym and surrendered himself to his ]»]M) and bis dreams. Everything 
raa wonderfully still. ITe could hear the plash of the waves on the 
bocka below, tliongb be gave no hee<l to it, and the intricate murmurs of 
Buny inecctx mingled drowsily with the voice of the sea, as though t\iej 
trare of equal volujne with it, Ttegartlien's dreanw, under these con« 
lituHU^ grsw more and more dreamy ; his fancies, like the sounds about 
klm, beouae dim and diffused. Anything was welcome to the domina- 
ion of his mind at such a moment, and a certain idle rhythm in the fall 
tfid rise of the wat'^mdown below did well enongh to think about. 

Ilo was certainly not quite wide awake, and he was jiist as certainly 
lot qnito asleep when a vision dawned upon him. Two or three viloly- 
ntnted tnos fluttered ou n ragged canvai and libelled the forest of 
Lrdm. A dowdy female, and a melancholy male in a fool's coxcomb 
rallced before tlie painted cloth and libelled Celiaand Touol;Btone. Tlien 
oddeoly came into sight a rndiant creature, and a voice spoke in tones 
rhicb blended rodgnatton and fatigue with something almost jesting — 
' Ob, Jupiter, how weary aie myspiritsl" This roioe was so near and 
ItBT tliAt it awoke him and brought him bolt upright, sitting in tho 
nwkon. TlKire was a sound of laughter and ToicE« on the little strip 
Cauid below, and, moving to the edge of tiie cliff, be looked over. 


In fine summer weathei- il waa a common tiling for |MB|dB^^^^| 
Kcrom from tbo laainliintl nnd picnin on tlin iitlujid. ^h<^g|utfH^^H 
bean hod permtttod Uu§, and TrogarUieD JiuuBelf Imd dotot felt am <^ 
joctJon to it until now. It may bo nllow«d tliat, at the looiDOnt alvUdi 
bo found Mmwlf iuterrupttMl, liU nliicUM wei« not of tbe tnoetaxipal 
fort, ynt bin (ii«t thought wim thnt the pra»nc« of tfaoan iotmdna ui . 
tlieir like would be iutnucitl to Htuily. Then he Rgr«tt«d the Iom of Uu 
drcun, nnd bUin«d the intrudere for breaking it, though the <tn-«m it^l 
had ao'akeiipd liim. I 

Hiiihnlf KlumWliad liut«d for Hosltort a spuceof tim«> that tbapiM 
fas bold between hia finger and thuinb Blill nent up a ntrMik of bintidst 1 
Minaki!. Hn xtuck it bntwrnm bin lips ngain, and hn<l turned to nuohh 
homewards when the votoc of his drwm s}>oke in his waking ear, wd 
stnycd bin footxtttps. 

" That ia MIsh Churclii]), tlie nctretui," he mid to himiwlf. " Tbm it 
not another voice liko that in tbe world. I ahotild fancy. 1 should Vatn 
itamongKt a tliotiNind." ^ 

Since tbe nigbt on which he had earned bin own ruin by r«b«kifl 
t'oluiiel Pollfird for IiIk ntory of the nctrms he had xcnrooty thonght ■'fcdM 
bei', but he felt a curious {.ileasure and iu(«rest now in tlie belief tittt nfl 
WHS nciir. In xpito of Iiik ahurUiglitrdna-A he hud a very dofinite ideaH 
wlutt ahc wna liko. it 8eomed to him that he could summon h«r firiP 
before his iniud'a eye rjuit^ ckurly, and, aw ho wiw it, it wm worthy tf 
her figui'e and her voice. He confessed to hlwitelf that he would lik*U 
ECO her nearer nt liand, and to know how far h^ mind ccrrcspoadMi U 
Ilia own iia)»'e«dona of her g^uiaa aa an aetretn. It could not be difficnlt 
to dcTison meansof Mwing hor orvvm of gpcaking to her, aootDgthattbi 
was actually a tieepaeaer upon his ground. He thought, bowet«r, of* 
si^ore of devices, nono of which commended thianKcIvot to bini, and M bt 
thought be strolled towarda the spot where the gradual rise of tbe wA 
and the more prccipitoti.i full of the clilf brought tlio two apoti a Icnl 
Thia «pot was about midway between liigh-water tine and ibe gMv rf 
the old innnNion, and l\v reiichiMl it iilnioit at the Ktnio moment wit]itl> 
vititora to tjie islaud. He heard the sweet voioe talking again, and m 
more than evur pcrstiadt-Hl that it bcIongiHl to ilvm Churchill. 

He polished his ey^lass iu reodineea to observe, and before be hiaa" 
wft.1 MCCn bu had secured a good look at every imrwon in tlio Itttlo fit!- 
'I'he lady with the sweet voio? wns tnll and graoeful, but ber&eewu 
not the face of hi!i niomory. (-Niinpamd willi that ineniory the ftea «•>, though few people wonki have expressed /•o l1ntil^'ourable ■ jtif 
ment had thoy but looked at it hy itoolf. Tho eym, of ik> portaMltf 
colour, were large, intelligent, and sympathetic ; the Ufa wean beaxitiU 
alike! in fnrm nnd ex])ression ; tho brow broad and white. Tlwikis 
was pallid, and the hair, Uke the eyes, uus of do i«rticnlar rdtna. 
Fcrhnp* the want of definilA colouring was the chief fault of the bet'. 
but, be that as it may, it wna throwii Imck, for «-liatc\'er l)C3tiitT0T'cliin 


ltd, npon «ix]ircMtK)n. TherowaAiKtchuioeoffiikdiugoatal] Ihmb 
at ft look, and Tn^rtbon was ooljr cooaciona of > ili.-wppointnieat. 
Tb Gmb wiu not tlie om- li« renMEabemd, nor anftiiiog like it ; au<I then 
nngtit ba two roitvs alikn id tbe vorld after M. 
^_ He wu ih little emUtmned for & mon)t'Dt> ev«n tboi^h lie ntood on 
^^p own ground widthenow ooiQpra wnm Ktntngl^r« and intnid«i«, foi- tbe 
^^Bf bkokad at bim wbeni ouoe iibe bad felt his glance, aiid regarded bini 
^Bitb a enritnsl; candid and amdEi>ct«d giuv, mtidi motv likn tbat of a 
ddld than a wunuin. Before Tre^rtben'a atnae of embamtauiHnt bt- 
iMe'ovvrwbeliDiDg, me of the lady's mate compaiiions stepped forwant, 
villi a MtDswIut ovHTwrougbt doiiriNb of polileneBS. 

** 1 Laliaro I bave tb« plMMora of addmwng Mr. Trogartlien t " 
^■gtrliicn bowed, and tbe Bitaniter floorisfaed bis bal to bin licrnt and 
koiiibod bi« handkercbicf out of bin pockt^U " I bavo not the honour 
tflwBS |MsaoiuUy kuo'^n to joii, xir, but niv father waa your roipocti»l 
titWa niiritor — Mr. Fmnith ot Ciorba^. I have dared to trespaas in 
tnlar to obU|[« tboac taditn and guntleuen with a sight of Tngartbcn 

" I retoi-inberjraar father, nr,"Huid Trogartben a little confaxodlf, 

[tni jmi are 'iiiito welcome here." It was strange, bo thought, that iu 

I Uttlo a while but ahaenci-' from the voinmoti hiiunia of men ihouh) 

eoa( hUn so much in fiwrirjuirt. " If your friends would caro to 

M the interior of ibi! Iionsn 1 nball be happj' to admit tboni. i'ray ' 

nnalurn me." 

-. rmrnth wna nhTiousI/ doltghtod, and waa liooonrvd by Tifigar- 

affi^itf. Tbe laal representative of the great hxal family 

not rich, as tb« times go, but he had a background : a Ctct to wbidi 

bo have no backgrannil are a)>t to attach a snpGcstittoits ralue. 

wUdtor flourished thronj[h tbe introdnctions, and Tregaiibm 

'"■Ofht Ml name until he faced tlio lady he bad Kupponed to bn Mias 


Uiai Faimar," aaid Mr. Pcnruth ; " tiorbajV chief ornament. — Mr. 

Ibt girl fiaMbml at this for a moment with a look of anger, hat alu! 
: to Tnipirthen as if be had been a squiro of low degree and tdie n 
'fniBM. It L'inMwii htm that Ae waa not ao plain nabe hadlimcied. Mr. 
IWnlb wu )wr^iadi*l tliat he liad said tl»e right tliint; in tho riglit , 
n^, and got throtigli the remaining inlrodiKition.i with incivu.'ied tut* 

*If we 'a>ry hnv" yntir pimniaraon to vital tbucaKtIe,''he Icgnn, when 
IteeanBooy waa over. Ttvgarlheu cut him sborl with a dry "CVr- 
'a'bIjj'' and foil into talk tritb the ladyof iba voice. SbeacMnod cbarjr 
«*» U lettinfi Ibi' voice be heard, hoi bj-and-l^, at the sight of the 
Pttv^jaa old ruinx and tminaats of Tirgarthen'M booae, she wanoed. 
lIWDiu (■■ 'raita, Ihi- anuNaiid armour, tho blnck oak of walla, 

t'tiV' a> ' >v dvtightorl hor, and she took no lem iubcrvWL Vtv \)lv 




I anTtttif 
iiclix Tr- 

grey wallH fiom wbich treca spmn)i, Ui« broken nrelKKiiniliriiiilo#J 
opening on hluo air, in vhat liad onoe been tbe &11UI7 stronghold. 
n cue like tbU it is purhitpK lam important to noto what n cbitnnag 
womoD Bays than how she says it. Her commonplaoM were eommot- 
pUee enoagfa, but thc^ di-qipcil on Trogarthm's «tra bo pleMoatly tint 
he would rather hare listened to them than to niudi ieaming u)d 

She was chiirmingly dressed m a fashion which ia now doVrveJIj 
KtigTuiitiMxl nil ttj^ly. TrognrUieD thought he bn<l rarely soeo aaytUif 
80 dignified, yet so jientle, M h«r canfage, and the aingular, ttoft I 
lion of her voion grow apon him more and more. 

When the rouad.4 were GuiNbui) tbis host profflsrod to his gii« 
slight rcfn-shmunt, which tho (Jorbay solicitor, in l>olialf of 
fnendR, declined witli niony flouristifs of hiiniility and gntttuclix 
gnrthen rAv notiilug for it but to pormit them to r^ire, tl>oa|^ bt 
would willingly have detained one of them a little longer. When ihiff 
had gone, tho young gentleman was gutity of what he felt to be a uaa- 
ueoa. He utationed biEH8<^ at bia bedroom window, and tlioacc, by mtau 
of a singlo-harrellcd oiiera-glasit which had belon^d to his mother, fat 
kept the Iiuly of the voice In sight until she and hor companions bad 
entered the boat in which tliey had arrived, and the little vessel, Iniif 
jnisliwi off, disappeared behind the cliffM. 

Tre^rthon did not resume bis studies that evening with anytliii^ 
liko hi.i niMtomary fcuKto. A commoner malady than tbo old onehid 
clapped him on the shoulder. Uis books lay spread about his Itbtaiy 
table, and now and then he fingered t)io loaves of one or another of thai, 
and even reinl a passage in w^hich he found no meaoing. That wan art it 
all at) unc{)mmDn thing at tho best of time:^ but it generally arose from 
the fact that tliere was no metuiiug to bo found, wheroaa no* tbt 
main rcnaou was that he brought do imderstanding to hia reading. . 


TuE plain Kngliali of the matter was that Trcgarthen had fitUen in lorti 
though only in an experimental fashion. He was not yet bcTOiui all 
cliance — no1)ody c\'er waa, as the result of a idnglo intOTview — hot ■ 
longing was upon him to see more of the woman who had so amdt 
interested him, and he walked into bondage with his eyes open. Bts 
thus early he gueaaed what was the matter with him. 

" I must know more of her," he aaid. " A man must be 
poor (-reatiire who allows himself to go down before a pair of uqM^ 
dve eyes before ho can guess whether there is a soul behind tbtao or 

The young man set forth deliberately in qneet of Miss Farmer's md 



iolmt to nxKinim adiJ appnuve it. Ho foun4 tlio alighttkit difficulty 
ibtaining » MconJ introdtictuMi to Xiiib lady, fuad it was mauage*! to 
ModoofaU Kad UDsought. Gorijajr wu not » Ug ptnce, nor i»d it 
poopln of Lmporttuioo witliiii tU Lonnduritw. Tlio ijii|iortiuico of 
pqila b not ilMermined, to tbemaelrce, by tfae OBlitiiatioD in which th«y 
Md by othen, and the iiilubiUnts of tiorb*y w«ro u much tnt<ii> 
in tbor own a&in u if tbi>y Iiad all been dukes and duoheene — a 
of natnra witiiont wImmm opontioo thing* would bo cxtromoly 
Ebr tnoat of im. When Tre){ar1beo, wboM aedusoD had been a, good ' 
tmX talked about, livgan to inalco visits to the nuunland and to cnJUmtv ' 
Um Bnatt gentry of bbft town, Um unfavourable opiuiona which had been 
ixmed of him molted and dtM^ifNmred. Tho lY^artfaeoa bad alwaja | 
bMBiMifiir aljove live (Koftiaioaal people and the uaall retired capitaliata^ 
if Dorliay that the condwoonaiou displayed by this lutcat Kton of the 
%aam waa tliir moaw remarkubls and the mure valued. 

Ibs« were people who could tall him all about Mi» Kanuor'ti 8imple 

tad nnaroDtful hLttoiy. He learned tliat she was the daughter of the 

Vumr, ami, except for the time cbo had spent at nchool and n term of] 

^^gklam tnODtlu puawd in London, was bred in Gorbay. ^le passed 

^^kn aa bans lewned beyond tha rights of woourD. bat that wa« tho 

^W&ly Eult that anybody found witli her. The Vicar nearly three yeain 

igo, aliaut UiD time wh(<n Tn^rthen had boon awaiting his oommiesion, 

Ind d«partcd thia UA, leaving two daughten very ill provid«<l for. IklifB 

Ftfaer had thereupon g0lM> to London and had there made n living for 

tM«df and ber young idster, it was believed by wriUug for the miijpuineH. 

Ovtrin pocma and itoruw bearing her nonio had readiod ov<ni to tlorbay, 

mt than was a gonenl belief there that in the outer world »li« wiu> 

fcfflona. But an uncle in the north— the ParaMrs wero nortliern poople,.| 

itcffcaied— had died two years later than Ids btotlier the Vicar, and 

WliA toMinFanupr funded nxMieys to the v»lno of some five hundred 

a JMT. Ou thin ahe kept bouse in modest and elefiaul wiini(>r(, and the 

Man of Lhi- older girl lud Imuu wclcooiod by nil wiio know bcr. Tli« 

jaaa^ bad been put to school during ber aiater'a abseuue and was now 

fairfdug bar oduention at borne. 

TUani ta not mticb out of tbo couimoa in this namtivo to anybody 
1*W doM nut happen to be in lov« with Miss Futbuo-, or atrongty. 
faAiad that wray. But to TicgurtJieo tlio btfiiy seMBsd one of beroiaiit ' 
wi MBTow, and bo thought ho could see already somo of thoM inwni'd 
qM&tJaa of wliicfa bt) dttdrcd to o.'wurD himself. The daughter of a 
^{jiuau b conventionally a gontlovoman, and he was nlimdy per- 
«aid(d that Itlist Fanner pcaacKKcd all deairahlo womanly qualities whea J 
W Dat hoc fur tbo second time. Thay had talked cnmmonplaoes at I 
ibwi first iBBwting and luul l«en aware of tlw &et. They taUced mm* 

Efdaon now and did not know ii, becauM thvy spoke of liooka Hiid 
sad nobody bdiovm that he or abo can talk ooumonphuieH ui^cm 
• LEs{ihiig tbemes. Jtflia Farmer's soul dedaral iXtnAi mot« u^^ 



more fredy to TVv^rtlMiD'a nUnnttvn olNcarviition, kimI lio u-ns mem aoJ 
Bum convinoed that it was of th« right qoalltr and pattoni. 

Thp ywtng man had taken a]i«(iiiienU for tb« mt of tiut tntmmcr 

I leuMn Kt " Tbe Oeorge," and Gorbay knoir bv this tiin« m wIiAt pnmiit 

[>l>e was ongn^Ml. Mr. Trt^artbcn iaml)l«il tnucti in the plonmntlWIih 

I beyond iho town, and Mtss Farmer, who had a tastr for botany and 

['•omo littln kiion-ledgjci! of tliu MJenoo, wa.4 mderatigaltle in taxeatc IV 

' two young i>«<opIe met on most days, and tho liUlo siater waa old enoaj>h 

to ]>lay pro|iriDty, and — which was pcrba[M of more iin|iort«iM!u — i 

old enouj^h to know when sh« was not wanted. Any wandering buU« 

fly wiL-i mwon enough for a nioti which at liaut took this Mnniblo cliiM 

round a corner of the hine in which her elders strolled. 

Thp Ncnrvhcr nlVv the pliilotopher's nUixxi hiul found it, but iio< 
whure lie ej([)ected. Ererytliiog had grown golden for tiin. Tho suuile 
is poverty-strickttn, hot thcru is no ximilo which will oxprees tb« 
i^iritunl wcAllb of » bcnrt which for the fir«t time hait given away aO^ 
ita subetonco. ^^H 

It waa time for h>verB' confldeDccs, and tbey were exehanged. H^I 
[ aensibto chihl hml gonn fall tilt round ii leafy oomt>r wid tbo young man 
['And bis sweclhcAi-t lingei'od at a stile. The cjtild carolled with a 
[iPODdorfiilly kw<«1 tJirill roicn fifty yards away und thl^ iJduni talked. 

" Yoo rvmember," sud Tr^&rthen. " the day on which wo fir* 

" Y^" she answered with a delidons ahynen. Uis aidcnt eye 
sb» ttioaght hIk! had nev«r E«en anything ao tender, ardent as Ihcy 
— 4Dd her boahful glance met for a moment and ebe Umbed a little. 

" I W8» lying OR the grawi,'' he said, " on the top of tiie cUIT, nboro 
the landing place, when I heard your vcicf, and it awoke ine^" 

" Wh 1 M boiateroua ! " xhe asked, Kmiling, with her eyw upon tho 

P " No," h« luwwflr^-d, with n little tender Ini^h, which of iUolf was.j 
« kyirv^a Battery, " but it awoke mo. From a cnrioiia drcuu," be i 
with BB air of odd rolnctancc. 

" Indt«d I " she uid qiieetioniugly. 

TrcgArUwm liegan to whdi in n vugun wny tltut ho iiiid not mention 
this. His goddeas might not cue to know that one of h«r i«reat ' 
had ramindod him of on Mrlnns. But, liavinf; bfcnn, lie fcJt bound to j 
OS, ao be spake with a feigned lightness, and looked «nywhea« tiUlM 
thnn At his gwit^tbvnrt'K face. I 

" I suppose you don't know," he bcf^, "what a lovoly voice yfl 
haTnl" ^0 mode no reply to this, l>ut ntill loekwl demurely on tl 
ground at ber feet. " When 1 first heard It 1 was diuuuio;;, and! 
diMioctly hcnwl tlie woi-djt, ' Oh, JtipitcT, how wMry arc my spirits I ' 1 
"That was not strange," she answered, looking up at him, " I wftm 

m "Did yoa 1" b6 asked with samie oonfuaioB. All this asenat I 

■ we^fl 


bten nid and done Mkmtimo, and to haw k-d to wuie unliafipinwt) 
lUiA anw BguD Llmatened fima tlio near liituro. Kveryhoiy )mk 
■pMUaKBd (hat Btruge aeivntion. 
■' WImI tu jcmr draam I " 

■Ob, my dream 1" ho utsworcd. "It ■»».■' fiotliing. 1 dnwnwid 1 
I at tba pl«)', and I ai>w RoMtUnd upon tiie ata^" 
Ac loulced lip Hi lum Hwiftly, with a bint uf ftui; and hulf n hint <if 
■■iilliiiii in hvr fuci.-. lie titmck out. with a transparMit juvt^noe of 
Inif parfoetly at his 4iwii, und cut dawD a iii4(Je witli hid w-alking-eano. 
" S"<Mir voico ntnkinilcd ate," lu> said, ufter a liUlo pause, " of th« 
•n beaulifiil (oiw- I bad ever Itoanl till then. I ovrm tJiaiight I 
wmpuawl it, iu)d 1 walked down to meut you and found thai I h<ul 
mim a Uundrr." 

" In mneling m« t " nbu uakod. 

Ba laogbwl %ffun, luid their cyn mnt. In hot* tlwra was a tender 
tmapb and jtaielj which nn!(W«n>d her uwn qtUKtion fairly w«ll, evint 
titfcoot tho aid of his, which bcamocl witli admiration. 

"Xo," ha answetnl, " but tii dtvamiuR that that lovdy TOioo hiul 
Mr Mundeil fnnn (Jm* staf^." I(n v.'viit on mom at cnac " And y(A 
Ik bncy faaunteil me nil day." Sbo was lookinfc on the gi-ound oncO 
mt and with ths |wiBt of hor [Mrasol wa« tnraing a little pebble over 
mi mer. She ttooped ai tlial Lor fiioe was hidden from him by tho 
•iikbriaunad ntmnuT luit Nb« wore. If this wvrn cociueCry, tho fasliion 
lf ibe day bvounid il, for at thu ilrou]tiii;{ ctij^ of tho width uf ptait<«d 
■law wu a Eriog)! of finp black liMW soroo two or thme inches deep, 
ttd ha would have had to fiill upon his kneed to aeo her face. Could 
W han tnai it lie ooiiM not harp fnilcl lo notiw bow flii^Jiod sbe was, 
a look of fear and sharno waa in her eytst. 

Ibo lady," aba adcn). " wboan voico m remmbted mine t " 
X Xh Churchill," oaid Tnipulhen. •• A delif^tAtl abtnw. The 
tfc a r m in g aclnii» I evur saw." It MH-mrd ncenmry to make as 
•wh a inii;fat rcnawoaUy l« mudo of Uiaa L'hiirdiiirH jH.'rfn.-tions to 
«aMany enminriAon, lu>wpver tiirial, betw«oa hor nod tho womait of 
hnirl, mho not witlj wua not iin nciraBi and wuh a (;«uilo woman, but 
and (jf eaonw \ivyoaA comjiariaoa with anybody. " I saw Iwr 
bu lium'nl on, " and ninL-v lli« fimt words I henrd you 
tho fiiX words 1 Ikonnl b'^r speak tiii] naenibtHUw of Un^ 
^Bi ac^dimtally liiugbtntMlil,'' 
"Did you wtah very much to see Jlisa Churchill } " aaked Um young 
" W*»» ynw »ary muuh int^rcatiKl in hor I " 
Mot at til." cnWrregiirtheQeaf[orly. " Iliad forgotten her— nntti 
hnd thr rtiice." 
*W«fcyou diaa(ipoiiit«l wtieu you found that it waaonly— mol" 
"Only run :" mud iIm lover, und woald not aondeaoend to odd to 
^ inple bwl aoflicieiu diacUiioor, exMpi by poananng hinuwK ftnl 
W hand »nd then of hor wani. For a vUle abe bent her \i«ail tua& 





rcfusct] to iiJIow- liim to Ktotl the uion»t glunco ftt ker fitca, but bjr-i 
afao turned upon him gmUy luid gued tal\ in hia vjm for a moracnt, 
whiUt hor figui« yisldtd limit mom freely to hk embnoe, and do longer 
r«pa]nd him by its rigidity. 

"If /bad turned out lo b« MiiM Churohill," »lio udcAd bim, "alioiild 
you 1 " She pauEcxI, l>ul the vny silence woa eloquent. 

" IIiLro lovni yon 1 " mid Tr^^artben. ■* No. I oonM not fanra 
Enllcn in Ioto with ao actnes." It seemed to him that there mifrht be 
a touch of jealousy in the appeal, and h« va» in the mood to be t«iK!«r 
to all love's &neiea, however shadowy and onreal they might bet 

** Why not t " she uked. " Thgn are many good wonen who 
actreawB, Ruroly." 

"No doubt," he angwored lightly. "Many. But yon rub 
bloom from the peedi if you handle it ever so gently. An aotieaa | 
Bometbing nun* than most women bope for or care for, bat abe mmt j 
oonbent to loee eometbing — a deliea^, a fineneaa, which {■ not easy] 
describe, but mean« much to a man with any refinement of mind." 

He was &r from being actually diBboneet in layiug tbU, and yet] 
was not precisely honeet. Ltdt to lusuelf and his own judgment ', 
would not have thau^t tbeee tbougbte at all, but tlio tattcy (hat 
liotrotbed had that visionfli? jealooiiy of the actrea moved him to i 
thejealonay imponible. 

" But if you had met her and hoMl rallen In love with ber," said 
^1, "and bad tlwa foniut tliat xhe vns an Mtnes — that would 
made no difference to you I " 

" Yes," be said graroly, and as if coDsiderin^ the matter, "a 

" I fancied men tbongbt dif&iviiUy," sho mid, witli some little 
ofMom. "I fimeaed that Uiey did not altogetboTcareaomndi fort 
of us who lire along in the one litUo groovn of houeefaold mrM and id 
accom[diehmflnts and silly joys and sorrows." 

" I shall aak you to acbtovu no ot)t>of-doois greatneee," Ti 
answered fondly ; "thoof^ you ai-e more fit to tJuno in Um! v,-orM'e< 
than any uUkt voman now olive." 'flw young man irna not afinoja 
of Teree, and it waa natural to think the lauretUe'a outpouringa i 
to tboeo of the woman he himwif wae in love witb. " Be as great 
you will, but thine at home, my dear, and let me woisbip you." 

Thnt WAK a pretty [irognunme, and the girl fonnd no &ult with it *> 
it applied lo her own pns^tects. But nbo bad rnthir — bow nucb 
rather S — that bcr futon buMfaond ahonid have tbooght better of Hi* 
Cfanrchill'a profesuon. It waa dear that he sunjiectMl Dotliii^, inx^uM 
nothing, but it was a pain to have a secret, tboi^ it were as barnM 
aa ber own. For Mis Churchill, tJiimgh on iLctnn, witc aa puni w * 
daijty, and nobody knew better than Mies Farmer bow little evQ 
stage had taught ber, though the» arc mElUooa wbo know infiti 
^(tcr bow much evil it has the power to teach. 


■«•'« risk J.,*. r._ °^' Wond P^^J" •*.). -«.._*" *•"•. as « 



tliey wen coutent Ui rMrcndi, and Mtk. TrogutkieD wi«4a indiutnoufhr 
at ft romADce on ft lar^ ecat«, ilotormined not to oo«t bar hnsbwid » 

tpennj tn dreows, and to urn an Anooymoua fame, of whicb ho, wIm 

yftloo* rfuraJd hnro the socntt, «faoatil Iw nn proud m nbo vtm of him. 
YUtorn cam« tluckljr to Trepu-tbeu tJiat summer; aonte, who hid 

Farcbirolopcnl Uu>t4«, from afiir, t)i;ot on Ncoing tho houxo once bcfor* it 
aoBumed ita oev fonn. It wax no matu-i- for stirpriae, therefore, vhm 
% eoapio of Ktiird}' bonttncn ptillod over n [Mtrtv of Udiw nni) g«:ntleM£ 

I vitl) a fat ftod spectacled savaut at their kfuid, and the fat and tjve- 
twl^ oafi txtgao to wnnilur abont amon^C tlie tdonni and tho morlar. 
deUvfliing a little lecture to tua foltoiring as ii« went. The niarriri 

. pair wsro in tJio liahitalile pArt of tho Iiatme, and at tliu momeat vhm 

' llw boat ip-Dunded at the sea-gate Mrs. Trc;;artlieQ was receiving a rot- 
frasion from bur hiiHliond. Iln wa5 tctwtdtng at tbe window from wUch 
bo had watched hor on her first visit to tho idand, and wan telling brr, 
with no itliamufacndiiow, bow be lutd kept bcr in alfjbt after he puini 
team her. It yr»a not from any standpoiDt but bcr own ft deed to be 
rewarded, bat dia kiaaed Itlm for it with all her beart^ aud Uiey wtsA 
gaitf out together for a nunblo on the cHAi. Brforo Iber xtn: 
lYegnrtben took a look at the approftcfaing parly tlirouj;b the ningl 
barrelled opera-glau. 

" Wo cnn go out with a clwir oosadenoe, my dear," ho said ; " 
is no one we kuow amongst them." 

Thoy bad not left the bouae long when an arcfcitect'H clrrk ckik 
racing after tbcm, and asked Tref^nrtben's prcMocv. Tbn architect bin* 
setf wiu on the ground, .ind desired liia opinion on some tjueatiop or 
another which oould only be decided on tlio spot. 

" Walk on," will! Tregarlbeo to liia wife, " I shall overtake yon.' 
She answered with a smile And n nod, and mnblod slowly ov«r thB 

^Tddurotu sloiieii, and enjoyed the Ircsh 8c«-breeH>. lu a wbiln ib« 
looked back, and, seeing no sign of her hn-^lxind, »ho mto in the ah^tf^' 
of an orcrbiinging boolder, and, linking don-n in the soft mooHc*, '^''^ 
rendered herself to happy brootlingn upon 1i«r hiwlMind, hor homo, bi" 
love and her own, and the dovHQeea sky tbat OTerbung Ibcdr aweir^ 
domi^tic life. She was so deep sunk in r^tvorip, and the moRawIierc^ 
about wpn; ro soft and thick that a wandi^ring footstep near at )ian» 
fiuled to reach her ear, and i^ was a little starUed to find a ptctur««ia^ 
young roan baring his head t»twn her with au almoat UiontnVnl 


"Misct ('hurchilll" mid tho pictiinsxine young man in -.vxew 
detixbted suquaBe. " 1 woe assured lie world was not rabbod of jou. 
but I am aoiaiicd to find yon bero. Ama2i>d and charmed." 

She did not recognise him, and arose with eome tndiguatJon al ib^ 
fomiliaritj of bin tono. She wait startled by bis mildcn coming, loc>r 
and at the first tlash she saw danger ia tlie presenoe of any man wha 

> had known Mist Churchill. 





'*T mm Mn. Tregnrlhen, eir," abe said Iwug^tily and colOIy. 

' I fa«g {nrdon," Bud tbo pcttmsqao young nun. sUU Rtnnding, Itat 
k hud, Mbra ber. " I cAnnot be misUken. I b&d the honour to 
■it you Kl thft ' Tttiimr.' My iMne U Manb— Ronald BInnh. I ovrod 
Ac plMmn to Mr. Lomm^r." 

~ I hMV« DO raeoltoction of Utfi (^irnunuttnnce," *h« nid emm more 
nUy thou Ixfora. 

)fr. Booftld Mftrsb emilcd with no loncli of «inlnrrftwancnt^ It waa 
t WUIb odd that tliMV wen people in the world who did noi leap at th* 

EM of talking to him, Init the tuct ma iadiqiatAblfl, tmA be waa 
r beg yntir i»i>ton "gain," he Bud, with ft graccfiil ware of hia 
mo. "At l«at I may bare tho gruUGcatioa of beinit nMnrnd 
ht I an not in *>n-or in aasumiDg yon to bo Slue ChnrcbiJl." 

IWnia)); telta in all tlilDga, aod tbeve waa » litUe ring of the fltago 
ia W h>Tcly vtnce aa sbo answerod him— 

"I vac Uiaa Churdiill, sir; but I have no deaira to rMnmeac. 
^■bitaBW wtih any p«rw>n wbo know va^ by that mime." 

Ml; Bonald Mamli (lTiah«d to Ibe roota of hla hair, and donncd liia 
with a final Iww. 81>e moved past htm, with flashing ey«a 
i erect, and sweeping tbua round the edge of the gmtt boulder, 
tTn^artiuD face to fa«o. 




As a humble atudeiit of savage life, 1 hnro found it aeceaaarj to i 
reseu-choe into Die m&nnors luid cukIcidh of boyii. Boys axu not whill 
vaij) j>eo{)lQ Nupponett. If you meet them in tho holidays, yoo findtbM 
afTftblc and full of kiitdni^sK and good qutditim. Th«>' will cODdoBtol 
to your weaJcuess Rt IiLn-n-lecuiiii, lliey will aid you in your seleetiMoC 
fly-hooks, find, to bo brief, vil] bt>have with much moro tlina U* 
cirility of tjime Ziiliie or Red Men on a miasiooaty bettlemcnL. Btt j 
boys at school and amoDg themeolvoB, left (o tho wild jtutic« 
truilitioniil Iuwh witich ninny generstlMu of boys bava eTolt 
entii-Eily diffuimt beinga. They marablo that I'otyncsiMt 
hnd rejected th« orrorH of polytheism for tliou of na oxtrome Met i 
Primitive Secedere, for weeks at a time this prinoe was known to I 
" 8t«iu)y," but ovory month oi- so lie disappeared, and LJk wilijoeb i 
be was " lying ofl." To adopt an American i<liom, he " felt liko I 
and wfttw"; be also "felt like" wiring no clothwi, and 
rejecting Iua new conoeptiona of duty and decency. In tact, he bid ^ 
good bout of savagety, and then ho returned to hia tall hat, ki* 
varniahed bootii, liix h,vnm-book, and hla edifj-ing prindplcsi. The life of 
mnall boys nt school (before they got into long-tailed coata and Um 
iipper-fifUi) is oiten a mere course of " lying oft"— of reli^Me into i 
savagery with its laws and customs. 

If anyoue has so far forgotten lils own boyhood M to think tli3 
description exaggemtcil, lot him just fancy what ourcomfortAble civiliawi 
life would bo, if we couid become boys in chai-acter and cuMom. Let n 
siip{>o(ic thut you are clectM to a new ciub, of which moat of thi 
members are strangers to you. You enter the doora for the filBl iintt, 
■when two older members, who have been goaxijong in the hall, pgooa 
npon you with the exclamatiou, "Hullo, here's a ntw fellow! Yoi 
fellow, what's your namel" You reply, lot us say, "Johnscc" "I 
don't believe it, it's such a rum name. What's your father 1 " Fcrht[a 
you are constrained to answer "a Duke" or (moro probably) "i 
solicitor." In tho former case yoiir friends bound up into tho imi fl ri!^- 
room, howling, " Here's a now fellow saya hia fatlier is » Duke. Let^ 
take the cheek out of him." Am! Ihoy "t»ko it out" with umbtdlM; 
slippers, and other surgical instruments. Or, in tho latter case (j«V 
parent being a solicitor) they I'eply, " Then your fuUier moat bo a bMlIf 
c*d. All solicitors are sharks. J/i/ father soys so, and ho knoir. 
How many Btstcrs have youl" The new membnr anawcn, "i'oar.' 
"Any of thorn married I" "No." " How awfully awkward fbr jwa" 



I tiMie, perhaps, luuchMD is ready, or tbe eveuin^ p«p«t« oomo in, 
I jtn >n reloftsrd Tor a momcDt. Vou aaeak up into the libnuy, 
jroa Batundtj- vjip«ct to be entirely alone, unil you aettl« on n 
ith m novel. Hut ui old ii.cmbar bant* into the room, epleA n 
i fallow, and puta Him tliraugb (lie naoal catechiam. He enda witb, 
moch tin h»ve you got!" You answer "twenty poooda," or 
tbe Rum may be, for perliaptt you hud oontemplutod {ilayiDg 
" V«y wolt, fork it out ; joo must give a dinner, all n«w 
I mu*t, and y0u are not going to begin by being a tttin^y beaat 1 " 
, aa your friend is a big bald man, wbo looks mtB^i«TOUa, 
out " all your Ttady money, and your ncn- friend gots off 
the odok. M«anwbi]e you "sbed a blooming tear," aa 
■aya, and go home heart- l)n>k«i. Now, doc* any grown-up man 
I sUta of society dTtUsalioa 1 Would life bo worth living (wbat- 
la'a nligioBa ooDaolatioaa) on tbne timnnt Of coum not, and 
picture is a not overdrawn eketch of the career of some new 
: Mune (clioola new or ohl. The existence of a small schoolboy i», 
respeda, not mtlike that of an outeider, a hslf-trusted and half- 
OBtiBder in an Iriiih " Brothcibood," aa the Irinh playfully 
murder clubs. Tlie small boy \a in the society, but not c/ it, 
M any fccnefiu go. Ho bat lo field out (and I admit that tltu 
ia salutary) while other boys bat. Other boys commit the 
Dompel him to copy out thi- im|)oaitiofla — say fire hundred 
i — with which their sins arc visited. Other boys enjoy 
I of lootijall, while the amstl boy has to run vaguely about,' 
five yards of the ball. Big boys reap the glorim of papei^ 
, the small boy gets lost in the bitt4»' weather, on the open moora, 
I (aa in one historical caae) is froiwD to death within a meaaur- 
I of the eobool playground. And the worst of it is that, as 
of the great eebool secret aociety, the small hoy oui never 
I of bta wnngs, or divulge tbe nainc of his tormentors. It is in 
el that he reeembica a liarmlosa fellow, dragged into the ooils of 
"Xaner Brotbcriiood." JIo ia exposed to all tortaof wrooga 
I nai^boiira, and be can only eecspe by inming " infonner," by 
I inoat sacnd law of bin Mxncly, loain^ all social statua, and, 
obUgiog his puents to remove him from school. life at 
aa among the IriA people, turns oo the belief that law and 
ty are aatura] eocatiea, aicainat which eveijoDe ia banded. 
idMpbo- of Imllying among Iwys ia one on which a man enters 
Boysar-. en the wholt^ sudiiiood fellows, aud no full 
kivtioitTCl finalities, that Um mature mind would gladly 
ay its efta from beholding Ibeir EnMiuitiee. Even a cruet bally 
iimitaldy and invariably develop into a bod man. He is, 
|hope, only passind through llto savajp sta^ ia which the tortun 
{» a TCcogniaad instiUitioo. Ho has, poriiaps, too tittle 
, la uadentand the pain be cansea. Vftry often Viul\3\i^\a 
Uj rrwti, bat anijr a (>Qi-verted sort of humour, Bvu\i a* 



Kiagxlcy, in Hypatia, recognivecl Kmong tiis Carouriu OottiS. I tt- 
membar a feeble foolish hoj aX school (f«ebl« be certunly was, mu) wm 
thouf^ht foolbli) who became the snljeot of much liumorona buHying. 
His compnniona used to lie a thin thrpnd round his tax, nod ittlMb 
this to A bfti* Kt Huch A liright that he could only avoid braUclnx it by 
stADding on tiptoe. 13ut be was told tiutt he must not brt»k the thne^ 
To avoid uifringinj; tliix conimivndrnimt, he put hiniMtf to eooBtdcnUl 
inoonTfittienoe and alTordcd much ciijo^ent to the apoctAtora. Aceori- 
ing to most atithontii!«, huUyiuK in no longer what It waa. Ilea tf 
niid<]lo a^, mthet- early middle n^ remember the two followitf 
specita (if biillyiiig to wliich they were subjected, aad which, perii^a. 
nrc obsolescent. Tall ntoola were piled up in a pjrmmiJ, and iSt 
victim ^vas seati'il on the top, neer tliCroofof the room. The ote 
Bangee hiought him down ttoia this bad eminence \>y hurling otkr 
■took at those whiiih niipport4!d him. Or tbn victim waa made to pba 
his hands a{{aiu»t the door, with tlie lingeia ontebretched, while ike 
young tormeiitora ]ilnjod at tliu C'hincve knife-trick. They llin* 
knives, that is to say, at the door between (he aperturew of the fin^eu^ ' 
and, tus a rule, they hit tlie fingrm and not the door. These divera(M 
I know to bo correctly reported, bnt the following pretty etory it, 
perhaps, u myth. At one of the mo.^t famoiia public acbooU, a pn»- 
poster, or monitor, or sixth-form boy baring authonty, heard a piabd- 
shot in the l^x>m nbove hix own. lie went Up and fuund a big boy attj 
a little boy. They denied having any pistol. The monitor returned te 
his Btudiee, again was sni'c he hoArd n xhot, wont up, and found tie 
little boy dead. The big boy bad been playing the William Tetl trick 
with him, and hml hit hix hitiil iitxlwu! of tlie apple. That b <!« 
legend. Whether it l>e ti-ue or false, all boys will agree that the litlk 
victim could not hnvc oHcnpt^l by complaining tu the monitor. No. 
Death before diiihonoiu'. This is an exti'cme example, and really tht 
tale seems oni: of those best told to a gallant, Init pix>ver))ially conUlBg 
branch of lier Majesty's service. But the tide not so wamy of thli 
picture of school life is the extraordinary jiowcr of honour among hvjt. 
<.)f course the laws of the secret society might well t«rrify a piwrile 
informer. But the sentimeut of honour in even more Strong than fesr, 
and will probably outlaat the very disa^-eeable circumstnncee fn wbici 
it was dtivi'lopi^d. 

People say biiliying is not what it used to be. The faiKk-abnNd 
monitorial ayatem hua tliia in tt of good, that {I euablea a cterer BBd 
kindly boy who is high tip in the school to stop the cruelties (if he hMi* 
iif them) of a mudi biggor hoy who Ik low in the vcbool. But ha >d>iw 
hears of tliem. Habitual bullies are very cunning, and I am aoqaainud 
with instanoea in which thny carry tlieir victima olT to lonely tortan> 
cells (so to speak) and de#ert«d phices fit for the sport. Someyw* 
a^o n small boy, after a lung ouuraii of rope's^ndiag in out-of-the-vtr 
dens, revealed (ho abominations of some naval cndets. There wm M* 
much sympathy with him \u t!li« ^u\A\c umtd, and perhopti his eax *■■ 


not w^ BuuHigad. lint it wnit mMle duur tbit wbcrnw wnoiig men tux 
n^wpulu pcraon is only spoken evi] of behind his bftdc, an nnpopalar 
tamSl hnf ninoog boyti in diaJo Ui mil&r io a toon direct uiid v«ry 
nnidannat way. 

Moat at tui leavo mIioqI with Uio improwon tliat tii«ni niu a good 
<lal of bullying when ire wen little, but that the institntioD has died 
I^BbU The truth ia that wit have grown too big to bo ballicd, and too 
^^pml-tialured tO bully onnielves. When 1 left ^hool, I thought bully- 
^Bv *■' '^ BXtiact art, lik« oncMutic painting (before it waa rgdieeoveFod 
^ty Mr. nichmond). But a distingniabed wriUr, vrbo irna a amall boy 
vlien I waa a big one, luut kidco revnded to tne the moat abominable 
svrftin which were beinR pmrtjsed at the very moment when I 
mppiMDd bullying to hnre hud ibi day and omsed to be. Now, the 
oall boy ueod only have mentioned the circutnfttaDCtM to nuy one of a 
won of big boyx, and the tormentor would bare been first tJiraahed, 
f»l (liao, probably, expelled. A friend itf my own wan travi41ing lately 
• wild and Mlly region on the other i4i)c of tbc world, let ui ny In 
Moimtaitts of the Uooo. In a mountaiii tavern be bad thnut npon 
the auciuty of the cook, a vtay naclcM young maa, who astoDMbod 
by rsfarmces to ow of our unlverailiea, and to tbi.' enjoymenUi of 
of loariung. Tlii» youth (who wua mailn cook, end a very had 
<Mk too, hecwwe be oould do nothiUK i-ise) bad been ex|>elled from u 
Kngliiih acfaool. And be wa» expelled bccauiw ho had foiled a 
widi a iMTing-etone, and had expraaud his readiness to do It 
Nov, tbm was no doubt tbnt this cook in the monntain inn 
•"■ a very UDserriceable yoong fellow. Bot I wiah more boys who 
Wit toBmd thing* Utn«lly onspeakable fixMU bullies wonhl try u-hethor 
(in the form of a |ianng-ictone) h really no remedy, lini perhajia 
b a Tvlapm into the "wild jostice of revenge," as they csll it wlicn 
nun ■hooU another In Ireland because bo owcn bim money. 
Tkfi CatboUo author of a recent book (&Aooff, by Lieat^-Cot. Kateigh 
), is very bard on " Frotimtitut tdiooU," and tliinka that tbe 
iTBtem of oooatant watching is a i-emcdy forbulljing and other 
" Swing -doon with their ujiper hnlf ghmtd, might have their 
b* wya. and be doee not se« why a b>,y should not be penaittod 
■npUn, JTbe ts roastad, like Tom Brown, before a liir){e firv. Thu 
V}«at WM Catholic acbool described by Colonel J{alcif;b Chichester, 
never without sarveEllance of soino aorl." Thin la true of moat 
■eboob, and anyone who wisbee to twderstand tlie ooos«]iMBees 
1 the recently publiKhe'l c<uiif<nHMMui of a pi<m — an luber, 
lire dcgradod and dc^'Ttvding life tlian tliatof tfao wnlched 
it n unpoMdble to Imagine. In an Engtixh prirato ncfaool, the 
Wju of fffiionoffr. and tale-bearing, when it exists, is probably not 
nSka what Mr. Antrtey deacrfbea in Vice Kervd. But in the Catholic 
IB^ i bv Colonel Italui-jh ('hiclie<ttor, tlieflarveillancemiiy be, 

^H '( of a parent ; an aid to thr boys in their gamm t^Omt 

am a cbuHc" The nllgiona i/noftton ut bolweea Oathotim udA 





LlcalaQts bu DO eMentJal oooneotion with tlte subject. A Fiot««tafl 

badragl loiglit, nad OnmiUauft did, hnrc tnlc-bnrcrs ; poanbly k f^HmJ 

f adiool mil-lit exi&t without pttnotal surveilluice. That system is called 

'■ hy >U fom A " ]>olico," b^ iu friend a " patenud " sjnibiaa. But btlian 

don't «xerciae tlie '■ ptiUnwl " Bjrslem theBosdres Iii this ocmntr^, and we 

L jnay take it for granted that, vhile EogUsh societjr And religion ar« u 

I iiusy are, surveiUoooe at onr larg« icIiooIb will be impotttuble. If aiijtate 

I regrets this, let him reiul the dcscriptionB of French schools and *dioc4- 

I dajs, in Boluo'a Louis LoMbert, in the Mvmoin of M. Maori me do 

P'.Oamp, inaof book where a Frenchman sp«akahis mind about bis jonth. 

Ha will &ad Kpyiiig (of I'ourMt) among tha uiiboni, coutcuii>t and hatred 

on tbe side of tiie bo^a, unwholesome and crueJ punisbmenta, a total lack 

of health/ exercise ; and he will hear of holidays epent in prematon 

COecUTBions into forbidden and ehady qoai-tcra of the town. Ko duoU 

l&a best eectint/ oguinxt bullying in in ootutaut oocupation. There can 

1 hardly (in spite of JUsster George Unbome's esporicnce in Vaniljf /W) 

t bo ID II ch bullying in nn open cricket-fttild. Big hoys, too, with good 

hearty should not only atop bulljtog when they come acroes it, but vtake 

it UiMT biuinoca bo find out where it «xc>ts. Exi«t it will, mor« or lo^ 

despite all prvoauttoiui, while boys are boj^a — that is, are passing thiw^ 

a mDdifi«d fonn of tho savage state 

There is a curious fact in the boyish cfaaeacter which seems, at 
sight, to make good tho opinion thnt private education, at home:, is tbt 
true method. Bcforu th<y go out into aehool life, many little fellows of 
ninOi or so, ai-e extraraely oripnal, imaginative, and nlmoet poelial' 
\ They are fund of booka, fond of culture, and, if you can win tb«r ocnti- 
I dence, will «tU you all sorts of pi-etty thoughta and faaciec which li» 
about them in their infancy, I hitvn known a little boy who liknl t« 
lie on the grass and to people the alleys and glades of that nunktun 
fbmt with fairies and dwarfs, whom ho Mxinicd actually to see in a kina 
of vinion. But he went to sohool, ha instantly won the hmidred >'sn^ 
i«ce for boys under twelve, and he came back a young barbarian, ia- 
tenwt«d in " the theory of toueh" (at fbothoU), curiona in the art of 
bowling, and no more capable than you or I of seeing fiuries in a t;n^ 
} meadow. He waa caught up into the air of the boy's worhl, aiid tii< 
imagination was in abeyanco for a smwn. Thla ia a coniniou i!uoa)!^ 
thing, and mtliiir a mclandioly spectade to behold. One is t«mple>l to 
believe that school causes tho loss of a good deal of gcniua, and that tb 
I small iMyn who leave homit [locta, and come back barbarians, have bsB) 
I wasted, llut, ou the other Iiand, if th^ had boon kept nt hooa iA 
I anooamged, the ehanccii are Uiat Ihey would have blossomed into infut 
' phenomena and nothing better. Tho awful infiuti^ of Mr. John Stuait 
Mill is a ttaading warning. Mr. Mill woold probably have been a mni^ 
happier and wiser man if be had not boon a precocious Lir.' 
and philoaopber, but had pa«cd through s healthy sta>; ,l . 

to learning and speoulatioo at a public school. Look again, at ■ 
childhood of Bishop Htulvull . Ilia Vritnitic: were pabliaiied (liy Bsi ' 



Bitoo. 1808), wfafin younj: Conoop wu bal fller«n jruus of 
iaUiscTMit fatlitr " Uunch«)d thi« slondcr bnTk," u ho mj-s, and 
iMogli tbroattiittoua betweui 1808 a&d 1609. Yoimx ThirU 
tMgltt lAtin at three jreara of ago, " and »t four road tiroQk 
MB uul flneuc^ wlikb Hatoniahed lUl who Ueanl him." At 
Dompoaad an cmaj' "Un thfi lTDi»rUint}r of Ilunuui Life," but 
fiirpoetty WM nut diiMOvered till nlaUiriJeriod." HisMnuoos, 
^ecupjr most of tho littlo volumo in which theee J'rimitiat 
^^ Ue wosCBperi&lly oonoerned about Subbatli deaeonUoo. 
^Blwrvfx tliia saga of ten, " wImtd 1 look upon tho present 
Bfc of uur p'jUic morula, and when I conlntal uur pnaeat 
^p«^Q, and depravity, with past frngalitj- and virtue, I feel 
r a aoiUMlion of regret, but alto of turror, fur the rotull of the 
"Tha late Berolulion in France," he adda, " has aff.>rd©d uaa 
la Iowa bow naccsar; njigioa ia to a Stat^ anil tbit froia a 
on chat h«ad aria» the chief evils which can befall aocit'ty.'* 
lida IM "remcmboi' that the N'ttbuchadnesxar who may destroy 
ia war at hand," though it might be difficult to show how 
ooaar daatroyed Ismel. Aa to tlut nnoertaintj of UEn, hu re* 
it "Edward VL died in his minority, and disAppoinUxl hia 
o whom be had pramiacd a happy mgo." Of lhi« tiiTunt's 
■ wnawia Unat as many a* tho Articks), it may bo sud that 
a DO way Infinor to otlier examples of tbia class of literature. 
KM on among the least "aoarce " and "rare" of human oeeays, 
panmts would ralher have thwr boy pattently aoqulring the 
tet-kecpJDg at school Iban momlisiDg on tho uiioniaiuty of 
M. Some ooe " baring pi^eented to the joung author a copy 
n the (rite and familiar subject of the llongbboy," he replied 
doon "the Potboy." 

BIiB it tct altraj* joda'd to Wtolth, 

Kac direll* tcoMth t^ pUad roof, 
For putrrtjr U liliM with hfalth. 
or Uui m; [«<^ Klaad* a ftoat. 
I ndt with this determination, 

I shall I srek ApoUo'i >h«U'ring rav, 
I chair 01/ >pirit« sal iiupim eijr tii;r. 

or guardian drairat further information aliont fM 
I ct&ftrw par kura eeriU, he will finil it in a work of that 
in Pftris in 1GS8. The loanwd Sdoppiuo jiublidied 
*■ which dcMTTud " (and perhaps obtsiiied) " the od- 
fdoterd*." U. Du Manner aanrte that, at the age of fifteen, 
Mded nauaes at ttw Har. At eleren Meonius iDa«le orations 
gam whick wen much admti«L At fiftmn AJefsadre le 
M anocrtxintis tbtms, and (leas excusably) a conmmUry on 
rtions of C;\jus. Orevia publiehcd a tngedy and twocomedios 
of thirloai, and at lifU«n Louis Stdla wae a \m>I«iiK(C oH 

H— 4 




un N 

Onek. Bat no one raftJs Gravtn nov, nor StoUa, nor 
Jflonti Kod perhape their ttmo might lutrc been better occupied in beii 
"aooring hunuu 1>d7« " thun in compouog IngedlM nnd eommculi^ 
MonsHur la thtc de Mun« published, in 1678, his (Hutrf^ />ii--«)-«m fl 
JuUur dt Sept An»t k royfti uuunfils to be svoided bf all bo^ft. 19 
wild Mvend soot9 of other oxamplee nwy perhaps reooocite as to t 
SfteoUide of puurile gcnim lading ttwiiy in the oxixtenon <]f the 
Jjrttuh schoolboy, who ia nothing of a poet, and still lees of a juria 

The Briti^ authuni who undtnituul boyit bent are not thomi 
lutvo written books exclusively about boy& There is O&Don Famr.l 
example, whom roinannui uf Ixivinh life appear to he vwy populnr, b 
whoMt boys, somehow, aro not real boys. They are too good when I 
aie gooO, and when they are bid, thoy are not ]«i*hapii too hod (ti 
impuiuriblo}, bat they are bad in the wrong way. They are had < 
uaDnish and eonseioas rice, whertias ovi-n bad born wem to nin 
«an«aondy and aftei- a ferocious ftmliton of their own. Of the boys j 
Tom BrOKiH it ia dtflicult to K|>ealc, hecauae Uie Ru^-by 1>oy under .An 
Menu to tuivo boon c4' m ]>oculiar npedes. A oontomporary piqnfl 
aiiked, when as undergraduate, what Ii« coneeived to be the pwfl 
dianu!t«riiiitc of Riigliy boy.i. lie Mid, after matan reflection, than 
d^ermtw of the Hagby Ijoy w«a his moral thoughtfblnem. Now ( 
cfauracteriittic of Uie ordinary boy in htit want of what is called 
tbougfatfulneaa. He tives in simple obedience to acbool tradition*, 
may compitl bim, at one nchool, to spviik in a pocutiar laognage, i 
persecute and boat all hoys who are slow at Icarninj; thin Ui>j;u^[&' 
another irJiooI he may rt^ard diiilike of tho innuly game of fo 
the sin with which " hmven bends the count of crimes." On \ 
thui notion Buama n uncful protegit a^nst the imuaturely artis 
who fill thoii-Ktodira with photographsoftireekfjngmenlA, casta, (4(iia| 
by tlie neweat etcher, bit« of vhina, Oiicntitl ri^pi, and very curiooi d 
bnus candloRtidcs. Tlie " challenge cup " soon passes away fieni U 
keqnu^ of any bouM in a public achool where BautJiome ut a pofuli 
and imitated chamctcr. But when wo noch tr«thetic boys, we |iaa« 
of the s&vnge Kta^ into hohbledehuykoad. The hiiser bpyn at |)aU 
schools are often tenibly " advanced," and wlwtn they are notwordd]^ 
tho HunHuwer the}- oro vexing thoua^Iv^ with the riddle of the i 
evolution, agnosticism, and all that VmA of thing. IaUu verses i 
be what oonservativtti fondly Oe<au them, and eves ci-ieket may] 
said, become too absorbing a pursuit, but cither or both are betUrj 
precoctoud frei^lhiukiiifr uud sacrifice on the altar of the 
big boy who is tnckling Hiiockol or oomposing virtlais in 
doing hintteU no good, and is worse than naeJeea to the wxdety gf i 
he is a member. Tho email hoys, who are tho most ardent of \ 
wonJiipptav, cither doipiite him or they allow him to addraai 
dMntonn rayniix.and respond with trehtcK in irwlrU. At presao* 
maay bt>j* learc nohool, pan three yean or four at the uoiT)"^ 
go tuck lu mutcm lu the pWe v^dkk wymnti ^]m»s <M scfaoc 



■till pttpilt. It is throu^ tbete vfoy joung nuurt^rs, perbai*, Uiat "lA- 
muBfi " qweuklkMu adiI tAstaa get into adiools, where, hoirevar ex- 
orifaBfc is ttmuelTes, thc^ are nthor out of plnoe. lodood, tbo vrry 
]roefq{ BDaMtcr, UumgU usmdlv (inmeid in lii» work, must be & sage in- 
Soti U im GftD ftvoid tnlking to the elder boys about the problems thot 
iitest Mm, uul no forcuijf tbeir mluds luUi {irecocious attitudca. The 
tinatmgo of Eton bt^ nsed to be, perhapft it Mill, tlwt tlwij cnioo up to 
«oUq|i« ftbiolutd; decUtute ot " idcoa," tad guilUeos of reading auj-tluug 
Don tDodera thxo Vu^l. Thus their iotellficte wcra qnite EbIIow, Mid 
they uttds aetonbihing ptogneti wliea they bont their freab and unweftried 
■tailM to atody. But too nutay hoys novr Wve Kchool with Mottled 
«)iiiuoni deiiTed from the very htbwt thing out, from tliff newcflt Oormui 
)wMi'miit or Amartnn sodntiflt. It m«y, bowoTer, bo ugnuil that idms 
d titaa Mrttf Are like mnules, &ad that It ia belt«r to tAko them early 
tad he done mth tliem for ever. 

WhOe fidioob are reformed and I^tln g^mmara of the utmoaC in- 
pniity and ilifGcidtyara publisJvGd, boys on the whole change vejy little^ 
raiuiUi the b^gs whom Thackemy understood better tlum tay 
writer: Tltackeniy, who likfxl Irayn no much and wu so Uttlo 
Llo their defecta. I think be e:tageentes tbeir habit of lyiuK to 
or, if they UrI Id his day, tlwir cbamcter has altered in that 
, and they are more truthful than niauy men find it ex{>cdiuut to 
>il tbi^y hartigiran up ligliting; thu old batltoi lictwuvn Ikny 
, or IJobbiD and Ctiff (major) we things of the glorious past, 
don't fight, and then is a whisper that litUu bt^ kidc each 
/» ahi&B when iu wraUi. Th*t practice can hardly be called an im- 
fnTOWnt, even If we do noi oate for (tHtioiilk. Ptfrhnjitt the glovoM ar« 
p«R«em>tLoni at school. When all the boys, by pradiee in 
, know pretty well whom they can in a friendly way lick, they an 
ptod to mote cracial ox|i«riniimt« " without the gloves." But , 
I tlie MMrtainmeiit of one's relative merits with tlie glovvs burt« » ' 
good doU, and one may thank hoiren that tbo fountain of youth (aa 
by Puntus 4o Tyarde) ia not a comniou beverage. By drinking 
ay* tliu old Frnnchniiui, one is inacnKibly brought bdwk from 
I middle a^, and to youth and boyhood. But one wonld prefer lo , 
I drinking befiira actually leing mliMed to boy's mtato, and passing] 
Ihrongb tlie tumultuous* ez|iorieni«s of tiiMi period. And oCl 
rtui hai-itiff num</k to tat in by no nit-juis tlio lenat common, j 
TV eridiuKc as to execrable dinners is rather disjiin ting, and one nuj \ 
Hbl t:^ •ivtnK that If tliere is n wonw fallow tlian a bully, it is a masteri 
vIei di>a mil Mte that hia boya ai-o supplied witli plenty of wholenmv^ 
' ■ ■'■ Hi!, at Uaut, toald not vtmture, liko a dixtinguiiibed IkwJ master, 
!•' ^'KMcfa and pvbliah sennous on " Boys' Life : itii Pnlnau." A school- 
maater who has boanlent is a lH)t4.'l-k<«p<tr, and theruby makn his ioooue, 
Iml he ur- ' i-p a hotel which woulil be diiiprsined in guide bouka. 

Itansn a- ' ii of xchoul economy which «hoaId not lie Wtt \o Man 

viviM of Kfauolmastani, TAey ftare aerer U>en boya. 


mil'd scooting. 



rL Bui u 

A* things AN going in » world cf progreo it seems likely that, so 
bjg gUDO is coaoernod, witil nhuoting will rood \x: ii pliiosum of tlie 
Tltt futuro of tho mi^itoiy wntorfoirl is aafis ; tliflf haro their breaJtiDl 
plaon »motig the Polar ioe-flow and on Ihe (ImoUIu Siberiiui tunJnu, 
I tfaougb ^9 stTings of bwaos and of wild gwes an being steadily aeand 
[ftway from tlio lovlut and acA-anoa that wore their fiirourita aoulhsn 
' ifiKNia. Bat tho big gamo are being gradnalljr hemmed ia and h iailal 
dovD,and llie uiiri/rluiwte auimalei canoot kelp CbMnselirea, 
{nstinda hare been outraged and their habits rsvolutioniaed. 
no longer the raogo of linitWi natural parka, or of fbruata and im 
traUo janglea where the savage seldom danxl to follow them. Ctrilisati< 
lia.1 heieu clearing tlivm olT tliv face uf the earth, while commenxi 
hithorto made handsome profits of them. The lahoiua of the ni< 
Hi3rciil<!( have oft«n boco severe, but hn kills hi.t lions and wild boaia 
ttie sake of tlie skitis, whiob are to be converted into Insurious ragi 
I carriage wrappers, while the l.'itt<ir'<laj Nimnxl tiarcls for some tndinf 
firm that equips him for bis sporting adrenturea by coDtraeL But 
bluinon of iho kind cannot be pushed iadofioitcly, and tlie more 
it goes fot'wai-d the (xuner it must slacken. Each ti«ding poat 
miamon station cttablisbcd in tho witdit has become a mparato oentnt it 
organised exterminatiou ; and ev«o the nughty Hndfon Bay Oomi 
itself, the soci«^ of sporting capitelists par exwlUna, after raining 
absorbing rivaU who ran it liai'd, has resolved itself vety much inlo 
land corporation. The employes of tho Oon)paR}''s trading forts 
f the Saskntchcwan cun no longer sally forUi in parties for tli« fall ban 
and ky in uulimit^ supplies of " fat hump " and " t«nder loin " 
the winter; they must be content with bcicf in»t«(Ld of bnfialo fledii 
import the ]>6mauoan that is made in the settlements. As yet, bows' 
civUisatloa has barely toitcbcd thcM temtorios, and they are still, to 
' intento, a preaerre aodfa Eanctuary for for-wcanng animalsL Yut « 
there the improfemimts in firearms hare made themselves eenaibly feH, 
and elsewhere they have \xeii spreading death and dcBtruotion whnle9d& 
It ia not only that tho white man goes to Liigv and Birmiujeham for 
, ponderous elephant guns diBcbai;giDg explosive ebella, for npc- 
'Kad heavy-bore sLx'shootcra ; but wrvicenblo riilos, of somtv 
quatcd make, have beo(»ne tegular articles of barter with trihet d 
■ Mvagos who make a profccnon of hnnting, and who hare ga 
. tho muskoU that had replaced their bows and arrows. 




llniu tan turn ooti for tnula purpoMB, a *' gun UiAt shooU " 
\ id. Tbo btubftriauH uied prudeoUy to giro tho Tbinocnros a wiJe 
^kunriag Uwt li« vos viciously rosoutfol of inUrrTenovce ut li<; iHouctl 
iltl« foliln of lentlier; nor did tny but tbe Unmnun Ai«ba 
OHD* to plonn qiurUn vntfa tbe dopluuit, anil tlieir [inutLee of 
1 1 III iiililiiil ^eigbt of lund, Thoso monBters were the 
uf &II they survcyixl, nnd took their earn MOOng the mimuKi 
J nii-A-liil Hcnili like tbe idiow caul« in an English park. But 
' are stklkHl nnd MobuNhMl by gtngn of tikullciug vninnic*, who 
Dp tiuna with broadsides erm onskilfully directed ; and the mere 
OhI of tliti file-firing dmri whole dintricUi wkidi n-ere undiNtnibud by 

• aknt fliuiit of th« arrow. 

IVt Btorj of wild sport In AtricM t» romuiUD enough, and brief 
HD|^ ; tbr alroady it u wdl-nigb brought to an end. Uams was th« 
<t lo writ* a book upon it, whkh wan tbo ildtglit of our boyhood, Mn<l 
«d>kli wff still Cum witii ptotsure, partly perhaps from old oasooiationi' 
ka Tboro nay nnl 1m initch of tbo refincfnont of art in hin oolotirixl 
riliw of aoiioala, but tbere » an abundance of ivaliam, and that is 
■■v Tbo (TOutduttg lion It swiUhtng liia tail, meditating a spring on 

• asMO loosened tnm Hun trek ropo in tlie sight lager ; the camelopord, 
A a gTvnful swesp of bbe hea<l, is oUibliiig at the drooping Imugbit a 
Ml ef f«eC above the harbags ; mixed multitudes of gnus, eJaada, and 
Igpa an scouring Uuoogh the sand doods of their own nusing, and 
Ijnm a pletur«eqae (Moorsnui of tbo windings of a well-timbet«<l 

■a &r OS tbo eye can reach with thu gTou[Ni of gigaatic 

'that tnelt away in the dim pn^poctivc. The senntional 

Mraa Dwanl to " draw," like Uiose shown <m thn stage of tho 

[ mierui|t«iie ; yet, in the main, wo donbi not thai tliey were tmn 

fer then it wax almost iiniKuoible to exaggerate the nasses of 

that had been increasiiig and multiplying from time im- 

Tlien Uii' Doers, tbongh tliey Itad migrated to outlyiu;; 

, had n>ut trekkcxl very far into the interior. They were kept in 

}tf anch MXtgninary potentates as the late lamnatcd MoeolekabM), 

nf the Zvila kingdom. Bnt they had shooting to tlt>eir 

■taut with thuir unwieldy rotrt, without riding beyond their 

Great drares of antelopM in the migratory Mason "sUm 

' slwep, and ostrieliai droj>iied their egg* aatong tlie waterI«M 

tlw! waoikring tui-key hens that are the despair of the 

It woe a bold thing for any whita tnan to Tent«i-o 

I aanig^ ""^ detested the l>utchmen and were peqHtnally 

I tbwB ; but the risk waa well repaid by tho ahooting, and, 

ttiL, the chance of being raurden>l was only mte danger among 

Sfothing is toon h««rt«tirriRg than tlie narmtiTe of IlaiTLi'a 

, and nothing but tbe passion for Eport oould hare made thcui 

Uis lucMB gave oat with abort commons aad hard work ; 

I sBiaalual wliea " hu oama orojipen " io his gallopi^ anA W 



liwl to hAmmer tho locks tuto working ov^tee a^gun, and spliae tlw 
■hivend eiocka with liiitpopotAaiiu hide. Ho vm cfaugod by iniau* 
tbrepk; tfaiDoecixMeB, which, Btiddii); to bim with pig-hauled petsevemioe. 
wnnt nearly a» U^Uj-iu htxjtilod M«cd; ho liail wouoded bull ols|)huita 
tnuap«tini{ Bt !>>'> heels, with Iuw«r«<) liuks uid uplifted trunk ; and be 
turned Into the wiig^n, nfUr » dnj's «z«ftioas, to s^rntphoniM of liooa 
Knwwering Mch other in the darkuMa m the eat« w|ui>ll wid ecr«edi in » 
suburban h»ck garden. Wo my nothing of mich incid«ntal duig«TS w 
bcdiig misled in tbe witdcraeas by native guides, or finding fetid mad nt 
thu fountainx whnro be looked for drinking wntor, when tha dng» ottht 
iluid hnd ov»por»ted in the water casks and the panting oxoa were 
tumbling; over in the trnc«--<. l^xciteoMuit cupported Ibe udest spmtt- 
man through even,-thiux; and us l««d was shot away, and he vm 
Uf^teood of thr preMotR lin had brought, he loaded up the wofgou 
with Hporting trophira aod ivory. And it is suggeetivo of tbe imoiur 
of sport of ft couple of gi'otantionK ago Uiat llte« trophws wete oompiifr 
tivdy hardly eotne by, A modem elei>bant hnnter sends a minial«N 
shell Into the animal, aiming at lodging it nnjwherw in tbo ritala bdiul j 
the Hhoulder. Tbe shell explode like a eiibcuta&couK mine, i-msAin 
the bone*, rvnding tlio nni-n-N, aundin^ pufls of grey amoke through Ik 
ga|>i»g orifice, and tlio strongest elephant in very efi«cttin)ly " utofffi' 
If Harnn liojivd to kill by a «ingle ^ot, he was hound to cover a jir- 
ticulai' spot below the forehead, for tbe stighteat deviation watA » 
Mnimhle for life ; and, indeed, hia buuuuiitnrian critics had boim rMMa 
for repioRcfaing Mm with cruelty when be tells of gaQoputg bohtad ite 
giralle, firing fifteen up to thirty vJioU into the shouldw, till tbe datk 
tilm veiled the reproaobea of the imploring eye and the nMMt Mtalf 
of tbe antclopca totlend and inioourobed. 

Harris was followed by Qordon C'tunming, at a very oonniknU* 
intc-rvaL. PamgraplM in northuru jonraala published i-utooora of a "dt- ' 
bora Soattiah gentleman, somewhat notortow in bin younger day* ai*k 
umntcnr poacbo-, who had tidicn kiutlly in middle age to snni-barbuM* i 
life. He was said to have ]>enetratiMl U) the interior of South AfnarJ 
whcro bo cupportod himself by tkc rod and tbe rifle. It is etgniScaiiti 
the rarity of tlial kiud of advedLtin« at tho timi», that thma lioriH vm0 1 
getiemlly taken to be ennariU. But Cumming NLme back to main < 
exhibition of liU HpuilN, and to publish a. uoiiple of rolumn -edited, < 
believe, by literary lady r«-lutionM — which were very fastinating luadiiig-J 
Tbe «Oiutent« were very similar to those of Harris's book, altJtoa^ 
that time tho fronti>-rn of the {iihoe|ntnblo «-ildem«» had boon patbll ' 
further to Lliv ourthwurd. I)uC Oiimuiing hnd tlie ataati talM to tall <* 
ivofy in any quantitic* to bo bad for tbe shooting, of lions chargiBg ■■* 
npon tbe waggons when ni^t stornw had deluged tbe Urea, and uftof 
walofaee in tlie moonl^hl by looely fouDtixin*, wlioiv Im pased all ' 
iqiectnil forms of the dffiMt iu itn-iew to a -howUuf iienuiad* of kjV 
AihI wild io^ 



Imm had tnuiy n book of 8outh Africui adventure fiinoo ttiat, 

int Cnmmtiig nuiy bo add to h»vo been «mai^ Um la^t of tlw ^Dtlttm«n 

[JiMiW ■miln Ths Eogluh settled ap tbo IHoaked aod Nat«l ; the 

^**^'m*r-^ Dutch trakked <mt into the Tntaevaal. LiTinjtxtano luid 

■ad* frimdi with tbe wild tribes on tlw Zambon, nod had sent th« 

ttaniUnf gwiUemao of the period ou pU^niagee of admirntion to the 

TiDtatia Falls. These toariMe into the interior, on espoditiona *' per- 

taaaUy aoodncted," tried lo pe,/ tbelr way, and not unfre^uentlj natrly 

A noe of hoavily-anned elephant-himten arose, who organised 

I in unall partial, and wets Rgalarl; equipped bf ifacir ideep- 

iaf fmitntn for slaaghter or bariar. Boada of the fiMkiooable coloon 

ind bn^dUui of Ksriot cloth with robi.-tt of Uiwdry embruiderj- were as- 

ifc angwd lor tuak^ skina, and kai>oas«e. Though most of those tnea had 

pdaarily aa vye to the nuun cfaanw, vaaay of them woe an kc 

^mtaiim m Cuuiming; and if the life vas toii^h there were ibe seduo- 

liSM et rumaaoa in it. Tbi-r« were other dttngers bouidea the ritkn of 

Ike actoal efaaaa. Aetnt* chiefs " pounded " the waggons for frooliei^ 

nrUtiarily ini{in«ed ; the [loiaoaiotu UttM Ay kill«d honiM and 

III oxou ; fiHinUins gave out on the long doort 8lages ; or the 

I daoaadcd and the flooda [eU,duuiging meadows in the river valle^rK 

malaiiona swainpe. Tho atrength of the tradera waa saj>ji«d and 

'^rj were shakes to |iaucect hj feven ; venomooe eoakai, on tlui look>oul 

Ir Hnig i[unrt««, coiled th«iaa*l*w in their blankaU and under their 

fiUowB i and Uhht ottle were " lifted " by tiny barbarianit, aniivd with 

^•naad arrows, who could ecaicoly bo tracked orer the Btones tu their 

«nli> and lain in the i:ramet. But the danger and the profit ooiitiaued 

la draw thsaeuKin like magnuts, tUlthe boats they were wont to travento 

I li^n pretty nearly cleared of big game. And where Hporting ad- 

I haa ocued to Icmpt the Bbooting trader tbo savage has beeu ]rH 

up wliai is led ; so there is a riatng market for the dwindling 

|ilia of iraij, Jcc, dnwo from Um ujcphanl dixtriota tliat are yearly 

roBota. A precnely aimiUr piXKCSB has boon going forward front 

I ammiveial eentn on the ooa»t« of Uie oontinenL Arab tndcn^ , 

jnlk thidc hatd-tpMrtera at ^ianidbar, meet the tnerdianta of the Congo ' 

' Bfigar, who dti biaanacoa tlifl wmtt^m wattfnihodn. A Colonel Grant 

. walk aotMB Africa now, and ocvov atumMo by any accident on the 

> <C an elephant ; and although Uie «mtbcra frouticra of Ahyniaia 

tv* been nniparaL)v«ly imdiHturbed, we anspnct that riSea couajgned to 

JU nai^antn nf Klunoum liavc been opreudiiig d«nohaioa in Baker's 

panuhae on the AbyadniAn tribntarioa of the Mile. Vet it Is 

I >'vTy many yean ago sincv, while Hitting like the potriarclu at the 

' the teut, bo aaw ginfles and nltri>liant9( panulii;g tbeaindvttt in 

(ntl» m thawvIl-UmbRrod MTanuahs in tiie valleyti beneath him. U>i 
• xnia that certain animals ora bora with a luck of their own, seeing j 
Hat nothing bat dan^ror is to be got by punuing tbetn ; and 
is of a Aifpikrly dingreeaUe kind. We can conu^Ye 





I horrible Uun Uio emfance of tha gorilk, wlu> ta mtd to liaV6 ' 
irbnman entA of the cue^oa witli tli« habit of dr(^>t>ing on the 
Rimn from tlio bruicbes ovesbttMl ; und should your nerv«8 Lave 
Die terrors of his noeUima] gniwUuga, Aad if fou should eucceed in 
Uie tables on him, tfao aols «tis£ltetioD is in IniTiiig the monater 
I and Rifting aonw proYincisl mumiBi with the grotesqiWDnB of a 
lughtinaro incarnate. 

So AMoa aa a sliooting jicroiind ia neaHf " plnxed out," nnlesa you 

aretocontoutyoanelfvith wild boors and wat«i-fovl in Morocco, or witli 

LtkooUiig Papons from a dakaheoA on tbit mud ImldW of the Nile. Nor do 

rTodnd that mattcranre much belt«r in tbe oTgrgrow u t«rritorin of tl^ 

Amerionn ITnion, nattimtlf nnggostod to an b;rtlMi Vnnkm «xpraraian< 

"pUyod out." The Mormons who settled up tli« Ctah district hal 

I to anawnr far, sinoe thcj gav« tbs Q«ntilo biintcn and thepio 

am tlie eastern States a firesh batte of departure. It is onlj' a queetiM~ 

! of A generation or to, more or lens, since Washington I rring, a hoouj 

ataying mortal if ever Uiere wu one, went ninning bultilo ou (lie ] 

irithinftn«a^rid«oftheMissi8sippi,Rnd wrote the SADgninaiylriogFapli 

of notorious tmppers and half-Uwds ; since Brillat Savarin, sq)i 

in tbe hontectcad* of lUiuoiK, saw deer and wild tnrkejn Hcientii 

cooked, that had hem shot In the copplcM ot tbe backwood 

since Ruxtcn went' his famoiu solitary rido throogh the wilds of >'< 

SIcxioo, when Apadiea and Comanebee were abgmkd on the «rar ptth 

and Mncc the educated I''Rglish tnvrller met in his lot with 

mountain men, ^raduatin;^ among the moat skilful o( them as a de 

of tlieir craft. We bftve nynsidenibly mixed the datca,aswe well '. 

bnt railly tb« trivial detAils of chronoJogj* are of little oonaequefioe. 

^•Ko have alluded to only happened the other <lay ; yet it ia all h 

natter of ancient hi«(ory. If the Amnriciin deaert doesi not ex 

I'hioaiiom tike the roM, if theieare viattationaof tomodoea and fligbtsj 

locusts, Eprending dustruction hroadnut among tbe craps of the Guve 

At all eronia it baa been cut up, built orer, and allotted, while tt I 

,lntetMcted in alt dirrctiona by railway )in<K and tdlvgrapli wires. 

kvagox have be^n swindled and utarved out, or i«]egat«d to tbe i 

able *' resorvtv," whom tbcy arc never mto from intmiaon. What I 

happened to the lonely ac«ne8 of mauy a tragic incident of the traf 

btiaiuesB and the border warbrnl The rtreooia wbcru the tnpper i 

fta act bia anatM, casting flte«lthy glances o^'er his shoulder and 

I'" his eyes skinned for Indian nign," turn the Kawmilln and 

iring machinery of floorishing communities, tlie news boyti shout I 
' Bensational contents of a brood sheet where (be eclioo wem 
wakened but by tho plaintive whine of the pnirio wolf. The " St 

and the " Bloody Blufb" have given their nomea 1^ nulv^ 
stions, and the face of the eonalry is absolntcly diangcd. For a tin 
the buflitio, or mora strictly the American btson, huM hi* own 
linsC ti»e ntokets. The ozcitii^ pwtnres with which we 




i| g prca»n> xtopped bf irroiisUble biiflalo obargw, while am- 
irMnrmf;rrm wrrn potting ftt tbo AoimAb promiacuouflly, with 
F 4f riile» and rvvulrcn, were fouDiJed upon actuftl &ctA. It 
iaeetMdiiD|xiwiblD, indeed, over toexteniiiiuit«thi»eDiimbei- 
iwludl swvpt tli« oountiy in a billowy k« of boms, uid wer« 
Inoptibly Ibinned even on tke ouukiite by tbe uinual Induin 
■it thoM wlio faacieJ that bul no foreknow Inlgu of tl]« waiit«fiil 
\mt wu to be wrought by niodeni wea|M«s. Some startling 
b tfan iUnght«r worn given some yean ngo in an adminblc 
pndrie ^lort, written by the Amerltaa Colonel Dod]^ BauuU 
tUDten bail followed up tbo bonis for tboir sluiw, ond Ibe 
te lleib tkat was left ratting on tbo pmiries was something 
I. It was raKimstod that tn n single y«u- the riml nulwnyH 
^ the eontinent had carried freiglUs that did not fall much 
WBUoohidosuiddnMsed robes; and these figuras wer»ofooann 
pm Kfnceeniing the ext«ut ot tbe butehacy. The authors of 
pulilisbcd a iliagram showing tbo oontrnction of the buffalo 
|cb had once umbraccd the wtkolu oC tbe eMiLtul oontineraL In 
jUbad boon pushed op towanU tlie cttlemeDts on (he Ited 
k to ihs south it (i>nued a sfarinkiDg ring in tbe more inboipit- 
|ni pMstora] territories of New Mexico. Sines then tbe ex- 
m hM nlackunad for want of suntauuico, although it has been 
riUf on. To tlie south the rutreating bu&loea have been in a 
^tertid in a wtlitcmisK from wbtch oolonista am socnred by 
jT watsrlaai wastes and tbe bands of ferocious savi^ges. Dut to 
prnrda we Cuicy that they luvo benn irteatlily hunted down, 
^ hare boea driven back upon tbo settlers of the fertile belt 
pdiag ktations of thn Huilaon fiaj (.Vimpany. 
End of wiltt shooting ia still to be found tu the Stales, and that 
sing Tory far from some of tbe new mining cities and pnurie 
IDoUona. Tbe mot^n, or Rockj Mountain sheep, is still to lie 
^■oog Ibo {jcaks onil procipioss of t1»e Alt^bsnies and thi^ 
^rada; and no doubt there can hardly be prettier sbooUng 
man who uogbt to lie oebabritiM of the Alprao Club. It is 
last doer-italktng, with tbe danger thrown in of being pre- 
Ub bottamless abyiMcs and having jour bonus pickLsI by tbo 
^HVulluiiM have Hti'ij^ied tlie Ihtsb. Every fair stalk involves 
^Btui^ with the dianoo of seeing the game Htnrtlad at thu 
PBbt mbaing the shot after whidi yon have toUeJ au mori> 
The Scottish nrd deer is genomlly to bo sought in tli« sliei- 
im, and jrou cmwl upon bim tlirougb [leat bugs that are 
liraly itat,ar up streams, as Alontgomory obsorred iit a line tern 
Macaiiky, " which meander levvl with their founta." Tito 
haunts the least aoossotle cngs ; ho ke^iM a sharp 
braUi-tMck. rock-landsoapos beneath him, aiid tbe aim 
la drop iIowD upon bim friHD the dowU -, k> t>:is,V ik^. 



ibe object point, wbenoe you cfttdi a bLrd'ft.flj>c viov of Um 
graccftdly bending hona, uuMtt prububly yon mre h&agittg on I 
lids to a skclTiog ledgo of achict or gravni. Tbo pomtion vould trr tbs 
oarrMi of ft retena of tb« fin bdgode, accustomed to in&ke hiniHtf 
comfortabl* on tana-iU>rj nno^tten. Tbo ftune t* abalting wiU 
oHxauTe exertion and t3ie poises an tfanbbitip vitli mad ezcitctnBni. 
Tho Kfaot is n long i>nu ttt bent, and tlwro is no ponibitity of nxtactng tlv 
dinta&w, tml«« it wrre given yon to borrow the wings of oq« of tb 
tiill hawlra. I-J>ng tpiiot i:i »eaict>ly likely to calm yon, inim> th* vya 
arc rcpoaing th«m«lves in unfttbrnnablo spa«e. So yoii most take tl» 
aim, tant lien fne mat, at an animal tliat Ih blowed yrith extnordinur 
tonghncn and ia «nHven4)d ratbor tbon Athcrwisc by a ballet tiiat Bia 
wido of tlte ritnlx. And of all tJie minor InttiT dinappointmontj b 
life thcro ia none, perhaps, mora bttt«rly kamiliatuig than tlw oomsan 
one of raiwing tlie ninrk under tbeae Uremdndoiii ooiiditiona. 8ixea> 
in bis efaot ia the sporting KUtlotV (unlution ; but sometltnee lie goM 
stalking the wouffion vilh immediate objocU mora rautcrial. It ii i 
vei7 well for touring gentlemen, like I.ord Dunraven or 3Ir. Pend 
Viviiin, to ronin bock from one of tliofr rioud expoditiona with 
lianda to the camp bironMs they had eababltBhod with reeervee of 
mcnta ; not that, to do tluim jn-ilicei, they did very often corae back ] 
Iks. But we sometimea read of that most precarious chaseof the i 
wlicn gnunt famine was Hptimng the eportaman on, and wbon tbfti 
citeuient of tlie agitating diniax wna aggrnrated by hopes of a 
As n-hcn T>r. Ohcadle and " the AHsineioine " w«nt after thow 
when nitiking the Morth-Wcet peuei^ by land to the l^wifio with 
Alilton, and, in Uicir absorbiuf hunt after ta.\omy meat, worn all 
consciooa that the soles had Ifccn torn olT tltvir moccasins, though 
miglit havit been tracked by tli« bleeding vX theJr lacentted fViet. 

The colonies of our North Amnicnn I>oniinion hare lagged ' 
tlie United States in pointof InunigratioQaiidthedeAringsllintfattowI 
The ctiinatebeoomeemorcinhoa^tablo a* wo approach the froecn Kc 
and NO tbeacattond bonds of stunted Indiaw stall roam thostolitudes i 
tbe tracklcea forests are intoraocted by n^^cd riv«r-TMlley*i. The 
K«(|ixcnai ix tbnl fair Hhooting is still to be had within easy reach ofl 
capitals of the thriving wttlcmvnt*. Theni nrfi men from onr Uu 
i^rriaons who return j-ear after year to mal;o flying trijia in their 
fitrloagfn to tbe forests they fell in Iotp with when on sorvioa. 8ahB»~ 
awann in the acnaon in such rivent as tlio Saguenay and ita trih 
And the coloiua] authorities. wi»Dr in their generation than arms I 
tli«irino««eDathcr)yneJghbour)>, took l<^slal ire action in titni^ to proV 
Vb» mooee and the cnrriboo. In Nova Seotia and Now Bronenrtck 
|«ul>— we know not whether It may be tbe tsae daewbera - H is b 
have a jubilee jiivea them one year out of throe, for In Bib 
suaaon all tdiouiing ia focbiddeu nnder he*vy ]«naltu«. Tha]gDtid 
0/' tiiat wiae measure ora apparent, for lUrtMdy the game b fl 



^(tiAn Bonw yean hffi. Nor <lid tli« l<^tiitbUurc« intetfora at all 
vlian thflmoom gntlwr into thoir "ywrds" no ammftl i« 
%j iiUa^tond. Ouee tita locality Ik " iipott«d " yoti haro only 
iwmUc dp to Uie mow walla and sboot the animals jMlnt-blaiik from 
riiltul tbtt harruiailM Uiay bare out up tliomMlmc, Itkq n VitelUvts 
luddDg OTBr lioiiB Mid girafim trna tho imporial box in the tlATtiu) 
■pbrllMKtra. But cUilltuig throof^ the wooda in ihn lat«et duyn of 
m fali, when the gnraod is eprinklcd with tli« first snow of tiie staaon, 
I ft nary lUAraDt tluny. Evwry Highland daer«talk«T known the diffi- 
■Ify oT Blading the nd dwys mporfinc hcim of luaring, cv«ii whon tlw 
ffvoBtfli b ovtr open hesths and bare liill. An approiich Uiroufch tbc 
Uek drvooda ti of tmmt) infinJtvly moro difficult vrbcn fotlowing up ft 
nil lowanlM «n inrisibla ol^oot will) eyoeigfat that i-n inCnitoly k«nHr 
kaa yanrown. Tk* pmloi^nd delnya aro a|>t to niakn odo canJeas, 
■4 ftt any BunMnt there nay be tlw vraddni; of ft rotten brendi, 
r ft ttUm twig nay rnrtlo nntUr tbo foot. TIwto «ro good iilalkisni 
mmg our oolooiatu and recuo^Q'*^ sportsmen ; but in sud) casea eveiy- 
Mm dapanda on tlm gaidn. Tliora an Indian banters, though by no 
kMa too Biany of tluua, aobor, stauly, long-winded, and p«r»v«riiig1y 
MUila tM thd tnil, who avem to onito the infallibk scent of Ibo nleulh 
kmd with Um) tntuUigent iiylvan instinota of a " teatber-etocking:.'' 
ks down yoar impatient tampamnant to thoire ; follow their atuillhy 
Wl in ailefit mimicry ; Iiatb to copy eaoh ntovement almost machaai- 
■Bf. lad to aat yoor foot in the rcry spot from which the Indion'H bt 
nl, and yuti a-UI be brotifjkt within ^oi of Uw unBiiap««tiDg qoarty, 
Wi pnaiMy witlitn a scon of yardti of the n>ve(«d honia. As for tlw 
Mwa MMftit, It la r«ry well in tla way, but w« tliink on the whole that 
K la* honn dedilMlly ovrTrat«<l, nnlMS wL«n a hunter's nppRtitv is 
iknwn ta by wfty of lamw. But then can be no doubt thai &ho wiflt 
lla Mioato morael, and to be p arf eiiwl to the hump of the fintat- 
kaowad buOalo. And we may rvmark by-tho-by, as a itotowortliy 
fciiaialaiM<, that shooting in the baclEwoods of thmo ci^loniMi has U.«m 
Mi ^aiOHd by tlie railways — ^probably because llivn- ii eompanttivoly 
■It bat tlirongli tiafllc, and the AtaofaitMn oomca iitmoat to the stdings 
if thf Military aUtioaa. But the fact b tlwt the moose and the oaniboo 
■to bad up to tba vatry boHont of Uio lines, and soaroaly lift their lioada 
tofisUiB to the whiitle of the paKning ea^rine, 

Bieoling in wlwc niay Iip aillod Uw bomo lettlemeRtau vrry much 

|ipJcDic Vuatunioutwitb tinned meala and ft cono6ntmted^r«rh< 

*; you an* in the chaigc of a computent guide, whose singla 

I Jihb wnknaas tot strong di-ink, and wbo may be trusted to take 

ily aoywhanu He will gr^p.-^ hiic wny tlirough the falling 

a, (uQipllcaiad by the vapoan of a Ncwfuundliind fog ; and 

hvn i.Tr.i-ii scarve, and ohort oommonn threnton starvation, you 

I nuy raach of provi^n marketa. It is, or rather it 

, ray ililliatiiit tiling when a man andertoolt a roA cx^vVt- 


WILD aHoonaa. 

tiOD to Uie wil<t«rne8B ; whoa be cast loose from the moorings that 
tied him to ciriliMtioa Mul Uuoched into tlie liinitl«u wOdoRMMec 
of the pmirioe, among viindecing savages who raaented his inUnakiD. 
That is so mucli a thing of tbu put tltat we oeed hardly dwelt ofMo 
It. Tb« days are goua b; wImd a Ruxton ootihl ride out it])OD the 
plains, mixing vith tbe moiintain vaea like one of thcmaelTvs, campbig 
out and " eaehtng " as if he had been to the manuer horo, " ekiniilag 
bis eyea " oveiywlicro for " Indian Bign," and " shooting ptum catn" 
at a momont's notice, though be had been reused out of his beauty sleep 
bjr a voll<>}^ uud a warj^dl.and though his Dambeil feot could hanUjr 
support him, or lux Irottn Gugers cast the flaps tram the rifle-Iockft 
Kor is there much t«m{>t«tion now to beo dvatb in somewhat diffcRal 
forms in tbe Korth-Eastem LerriturtM of our own dominion^ wh«xe I 
saragea are fwr less fonntdable, but whore the weather is more nnr 
ing. When mcoi nscd to 1m induced to wiater out, atar^ing ou 
ooumons of froeen fiab, with precarious suppliee of pemmican fetched ■ 
dog aledgM from the trading puxta, titoy vcre gnMltiiiUy led on, '. 
after league, by thejoyaof the buflalo hunt« in the &U and the j 
of renewing them next aeaeon- A ningulurly fnaanaling Ufo for 
who loved it, it ia almost as difficult to realise its jojrs as ite harddup 
When one lived in a gloomy log-hut, or slept out In blankets fn 
bnid ns boards in tbe open, in a, temperature rcsGmhliug thnt of I 
Polar K^ODs, with fuw of the comforts that are carried iu the . 
•hqia; when English gemJemen were driven to concilisto the 
graces of fiunily pnrtioK of dmulcen aavagea, wlio were their pab 
rether than tUeir comrades ; wbon in tbe shifting aolituilu of 
wild nifht bi%-ouncs they would ihll back on the companionihip i 
some gaunt old wolf, who, following their trail, tmt howling near < 
fires, and cleared nway nny scrapd they mi^t have left for him in 
morning— it seems Htiunge to read of tho sporting cpLtodai that i 
to cheer tbdr dismal ejdstenc* : how they fcdlowed the &ilv«r fox, 
Dr. Uheodle, into wilds that were seldom trodden at that eeaMoaeren I 
the fcot of the loamiog Indian ; how they aet their wibt againat 
of tbe Machiavellian carcajou, which Tiadicatod iti* diaracter for ssp 
natuml strength and astntcnMi by tbe ctiuuJng with which it i 
their traps and eluded their most ingenious enarcL Conmdering I 
liardiihip« tboy were called u)>on to endure, and tike chancee nf a : 
able death tliey volunteered for, we might call these enthufiiaste 
uurtyni of floM spoits, were it Boi that they seem to haro found i 
Elysium in what would be the purgatory of moat of ibcir follow-n 
And ^10 climax of their joys was an enoouuter with some " gnzxly ' i 
can crack a skull like a walnut with a gentle pal froiu his paw. 

Turn from that picturo to another ; and Btctding scrom tbe Stnita < 
Befaring in the foot-tncka of Eugene Sne'a long-winded Waodaring Jr 
wo ore landed in all tbe Inxnriosof ^Vsiatio wild sports— In xorioua aljf 
»« ^lu our Indian Kmpire is coDcemed, where the sumpLuou 



kukliAnjiilts Mid nyalin hftvc be«n perpetu&tctl bj woallliy dril 
Uul hf atiiibay qwctBmeo in cooifortable drcumstanoM. Tho 
I in Korili Amorica awl in AJriea vil! Bunedy bti killed down ; 
I miwt aJmyii )« a future fortlie ^lortMiUkn in India. Soniodi 
^ lor onergetic Kngluhmon in I'sile ; ao much the wortn for tbo 
k»li*«« whatf Unw ham fallen to th«m Moong their foreetA and 
I Oar Engliflh rural pontoicn oUtin compliuD, with wnnc renaon, 
I <Uily pilgrimK^oi on miaerably inade^nate pay. Hie most 
of them all may onnsidor hiniKlf forttiiiato ntu-n lie compares 
ith that of Konie of lib IiuUan etm/rfyv*. The Illjxla l«ttcr- 
'ho Inu hi« heat, or rather hix swinging trot, through a jungle 
ooold honfly have hb Uf« iimireil on any rcasoDablfl terma 1>y 
lapecalutjvn aamnuice company touting for bitBinen. Hestarts 
nfilny to mTM- Iitit ilUlanoo, casting fekrAil giluicen ovm his 
koolder, and Bhoddering nt orvry rtistlo in the twigs, as ha 
kto tbo trail nnder the sliadows of the jaii;j;le. Bnakns, ice, are 
|rcl«l to, aa ODO of the " iuwadin" eonquprors " at Pawkln.H'ft its 
lo Mark Tnpley, when ^tightening him iia to tho attractioDM of 
L TigRH are cootlunally " on tho rampnge " ; aa likely iia not the 
Ittor-carrier may ho atnlkcd by iwme notorious "man-cat«i-" as 
ly n0>|uainted iritli Us habits oa himself. If he wera to stapnnd 
^MMe of tliD contignons thicketx, the fiirourite lairs of the atrol- 
brge, bff might eorae upon a deposit of lioaes and ImngUs, and 
IIqb of deadly cpringp and raids. Bat what is one man's moat is 
^lan^ fioiaon. The pooidhle Freacnoe that aeuds a thrill through 
of the postman lands the solitary chnrra to the life of the 
lector of Boggtftwullah. There a» always men who bavo 
to he Mnt up country ciinply hecaiua the mantlv cf 
baa dwcended on Ibem. What man of filly or m does not 
kr Th» Old Forrrt liaiigfr that was Uhi delight of bis boyhood, 
tgail faSiB, if be had friti>ds in Leodenhall Street, to mako iDt«t«ii 
HtOlhip 1 For ni OU FoTMt RattgtT had all the onmistakabte 
«f tbs veritable biography of an ancient sporiamon, and Haas- 
L ^r|M Utatona ninst always meet, in Halite of the influx of Kilkoct- 
[ onDpatitloD wallahs. Your geauUte Indian sportsman has 
k bMn an odd eompovnd of modified aRoio&Ii^ and of oourago 
laid Iv focJbardy were it not so cool and oaleulating. He bees 
b tJie way of daily plm>:nn', in all its forms. The ohances of the 
ItargB an a matt«r of ooutse; and he shooU Uw jaDglos at the 
■dly boon and sesMOS, ecaroely caring to |>rinie himself witli 
qixfaiino agaJiwt tbo pcstOenco that walks in the darkncM. But 
liake hlmMilf more than eomforitble so for as he can tuanagc it. 
elephant sooner than go on foot, and latber to spare hima^ 
to avoid danger. He coroea liock at dnsk to a cooniooduMiB 
his aemuiU have everything in readineaa for the aati^ 
rtaxariviwly; and is Idsarcly shampooed ; be (uwMinvlwnAi 



on muUigiiUwny with curried entr^ aiwl ganio ; iic cmU hioMU "iw 
clarntA iind kb'niUHl wntoni, tuii) aleeps within monqnibi onrUiu iKV^ * 
folds of hemvy canvas. Th^n in the momiog vith tbe dajHhnK -^ 
afi>ot«gkin, an<I rcftdy to riilo nny dtKtAnnc on tho ckanoe of a mraaa^M 
thftt lias been MrangMl for him. ^^| 

(Shooting out of n howdnh >s alt very woll, »lthoug^ evon t}utiB^^| 
without its hazards. But at auy naomeot may ooib« odd of Hie hijmBwj 
which givn itii savour to tho Kjiort, nn<I ^hich try tho nam tf^^si 
" luxurious " Auglo-ltidiAu Co tho utmost. Thu ti^pvr inay ba nllii^LSL^ 
h:K luir among tho rocIcK, ami muni bo forced to " bolt " like a 
Or he may be known to be aktdkinA in the dejHhs of some tbioket, 
can only liu pani;tratoil on thi; handx and koeoc. The coonot) <f 
denco would b« to loave him alone, but, with a character to Kupport: 
troop of native bi!ut4;r!< bohinit, for th« Hportaman tHwc is no 
retreating. Half melted with the heat, imd excited id spiteof 
has to cmwl forward, with the ear keeping tinio to tho ryo, and 
the fingEin) ready to thei triggers of hta rille, A crash that 
bushes in front, or it pair of ^'laaming green cyoi flanhing huiUm^ 
of the darknrae, may bo nil the warning of the oominf; cbargK 
then it is a tota-up between dc«th or victory, between an ohiluuy 
vei'tisement in the newspapers or an ovatiou in the nearest village. 

Tiger-shooting is good fun in ittt way for thmw who liko it, and 
can affotd (o sot climate and malaria at doGancp. And it is marvti 
how Englishmen who lire veil though temperalolr, and who 
themaeWee besides with constant exorcise, can aoclimato thenuelw 
trying extremes of temporature. But in the way of phymoal 
tion it cannot compare with mountain shooting in Cashmere and B 
mountains on our North- Weistern frontier. It has been tlie torixmnet 
to follow tho >ihaggy yak oi'er the storm-driven plateaux of Ladakk 
Thibet, where tli«> barren steppes that slope upwards to tho "Bootff' 
World" m'O henpfld with the storm-drift of countleetKagca, Tony 
of the certain suaivity of fresh wat«r, you may be aurpriaed ther« at 
moment by one of those hurricunuH which have bean known to 
camel bodily off its legs, and would sweep tho most strongly pitched 
down the wind like n feather. But many of tlin offioera in her M^et^ 
service, attached to the frontier irregular corps or quarlcrnl in canlM- 
ments within rencli, r^ularly relieve their nithor niolaiicholy dutMsk; 
BOUhining Himalayan climbing with wild-shoop or hill-nnt«lop9stalkia|i 
trad a mnn who hua fairly taken to that kind of sport becomes bMlk 
indeed to change his i]tiartorB. There is all the excitement of JL^iM 
Club work under skies that are geneiully blue and cloudless. The guM 
is wary enough to give xest to the parsnit, and yot far from being ao ifaf 
as to be hopete^Iy unapproachable. Ejioept among tho highcet pasMi 
where it may be diiiBgreeably rareScd,theRtDiosphero is wonderfully jnav 
and bracing ; and while the tracks you follow lead through the gnatiMl 
aoenet7 of snowfield and glacier, on the moat, magnificent sciUcv tbi 

WILD SHOonxo.' 



t Tiow« from twolt commanding fcaal ot v&ntuge ore aiinply 
id ExD»fit ior the tigtsr nnd teojwrd KbootiDg id other 
cooDtries towiutlH the bouUi, tli«ro is not much to t«mpt 
a fJwwlMTO in Ani^ lie it rcmcmbrnvd tlint we Are 
ipa»luos of hif gamo; for nowhere, iierhapo, «u tht> habiUhla 
mill tlio wDiI-fowkr imlulgc hi« buitca to stioh ii(h-nnt«ge. 
at iDdian hiaoa is sUU to bo fonod occaaonnily io it^ forest 
Fnjernhik^ had other truvellen lutrv liuonl of bcrdK of wild 
nnnitig Iocnm ■om«wki>r« on the ooKhera Chinese fiontlera, and 
who ffli^l be h&td enou|tfa of henrt to Eoce th« dying cMnel'a 
Ihl tj9 there vould be rara sensation in the novelty of mich 
Bnt evm uuiming as (act ramotini which m-oiti morp than 
, tho Hauntiona m^t very euily be overdone. It would tie 
k |ilajr taUoinng a mitivu of Ibe waterlcn wiMx, tbnt lajg in ite 
JatTniJ tnwTToin a» an occnn steamer lilis its tsnlu, into the 
of lh« GrvAt Gobi D«MTt; and the oiiUkirtx of tho 
Died by mamudeni who would ofk nothing bettei* than a 
I apurtRmeDi white coDfinement for life with hatd labour in an 
X lit wandenng Moi^k would bo an iinplemmit wind-up to 
tram 8l JameB'a. Very much moie acceraJble b the Oaa- 
fiur bear and wild lioar tihaoting are to bo bad in tho oovers 
BideHor Uie hills and almost choke tlie valleya with their 
"She beat account of Caucasian sport tbnt we have 
w that by Mr. IliillijHi WoIIvy, formerly our riovoonaul at 
and he (pvc8 ver^- pic.ureetiue aocotintH of hi-n ocoatiiona) 
in following up the game acnmi the rugged wateroonnee, and 
tbii labyrinLhs of the thick oudergrowth, to the gladm beneath 
of thv fomit tnoi, wbmn tbcm waw n iMttv clianoe of 
K Um open. But tlu man who goce to tl>e Caucasus muni be 
to inngh it, and, eomaidliring thn sum total of tho bags, it may 
wbiitltur it will repay bim to go so &r for ao UttJe, Tha 
raadit they may be called, are Almo«t a* primitire aa the oofi< 
thaeompaniondiipof Co«aclui,Ttirtan,and Circaeeuuis is apt 
tnd w«lni<laa thniugli thA w[nt«r in a lonely t«legT»pli hut iuni>nj( 
^drtfia does not aeeu particularly inviting, eapecinliy wbon the 
xbaiudiDD of tlie lardor oompels one to severe privationa for the 
SBxiaaaoare for the morrow. You areas likely be«d«e to catch 
M to eoBW! upon a beiir, though for fever Hr. liVoiley found a 
qurcific. ft oo«ua>t«il Kimg^y uf Hwcnting it awny by sxooanve 
uul rasolutdy following up the sport eren when bis leg* 
to fail him ; although it is tme that if (be sport ahotild prove 
dlBiijnintiag yon an recompensed in a meaanre by the 

goiag the ronnd of the globe among elepfaanta, and "man* 
Biul "grijcdiea," ooming back to oar own oontinvnt is com- 
y tamo. We are in the eountritcof game laws, and doae 


WILD 8H00TI56. 

ffonsotu', and irtrict proprioitiuyrighU ; wul the largcrwildi 
vknlk inlMck-ortb^world coraen or ura {mMrwd for tbo unmoni 
looov^ and miUwHuures. Tbe wcJves in Roaai* ni&j still be a i 
nnd oocftfionally tHcj mnko Im^-oc in tlur itl»o{ifaUIs of tbs 
tli<»i(;li thpy liAve been Uiinned since they put Crusoe in bodUjr i 
But ercn th<t wolr« are " nujisgod " ia tie foraetii of Central 
hf t]i« Bobeidised maaters of tli« wolf paclta, JuhI as the uastan 4 
lioandii in the Eogliah Khirca bare a care of the foxes that hav« Ihd 
earths in the pheasant ooven. Anoth«r of the TcOomes that hold i 
cheriahedplacein tltcrecolkiRtioiuof oorj-oulIiu-ithllaiTiii'H WiU i^pu't 
«nd TA* out F</rfft Hanyer is Lloyd's Seaudtnavian Fi/^'l Sporit. Aai 
there wUI alwajnbo wild ithootingoa tlui SeandtniLvutn waxt«a to lonfll 
thero are woods so remotfl as not to pay for the felting a.aAJ]^lJt UmI 
niuRt be: ahiindoned to tho rypfr aud the reindeer. Bat tinuM ban 
changed &iuoe Lloyd naturalised himself there, proving his quaitmiig 
nnd hiking out ii patoiit of Swedinb oobiUt}' that bo mi^t not bar« tl 
yield precedence at tho solemn ahootingpartieetocacfa petty Gove 
ofGcial. Then tlie groat bear iikiJii were common enough in dti 
where the boars hare aince been extirpated, thanka to the prices i 
their licnds and the apread of population. Stanj of the fonntii in wh 
ho used to shoot tho surly lynx hnro been hovn down to Ton) ih 
fiirnucca of iron worlca or to sloke tlio firoe of nulway en^;in«8 auij 
steamers; and not on!y do etcnmen; ply upon the targer 
Iiiknt, bnl the roguIuT linai of paatenger boats from the Ki^Klinh ] 
have facilitated the anniinl doeconta of tlie i^orting tourisU ; 
uport i.t fur liardur to come by than it used to be, and tlie prove 
pitality of the Xortbman i» much mort! diarily cxmtawxl. Buti 
hcnr may oceaxiDnally full to the rifle of a stranger who baa palfaal 
nnd pleasant manners and good introductiona ; and mm who ar» (Ofd 
in wind and limb may atart from thnr own Bnu(; Killeencampmuolf 
follow the waiy reindeer orer his nntivo fjftdt, and without going Ti< 
far a&old either, aa we may read in a lively little book puhlixlwd !■ 
aeason by Messrs. Longmans relating thetulventnren of T^m m^Voni^j 
lly the bclp of rods, guns, and riSes tbe three advenliirvnt )uid a XitA 
time of it ; and though they climbed high and walked br, and \aA mall 
n disappointing blank day, they brought home ntidkctory trophka I 
tbe ahape of reindeer beads. 

In etrilcing ountraH to all that tiiieaomo hill-walking on tho 
of a ai^jit or a shot, is ihe ceremonial sport of certain kaisers and 1 
Thoee who hari> tJin disttnguLsIuKl honour of pnrlidpating in an ', 
or royal German deerdrive shotild he happily deaitEtuto of nEi 
the ridiailotw. The sum total of the animnls alain will mry, '. 
rclatiro proporliortH are religiously presierTed. So many am 
to the death-dealing tubes of tho Kmperor, whofc' loaders \»Ba ' 
riflcM to his court chamherlatmt anil gcntlranen in waiting. So ^ 
fewer &U to the lot of Princee Imperial and Serene T^unajmnnwatSi ft 


tiikt everybody goes Jiway ooutent, becatuo everybody 
v^ DOu-l; wbitl h« ti»y expect. We had nearly spoken of Ui« 
ibnghtrrwl daor «• " unlndcr," but we do not knaw, od m-cond tboiighto, 
iul tliejr u« to b« pitied. They Tatten oa tbe 8W«eteet puturae in tlie 
(bnatM, with a gnperduit)- of artificwl food in the winter, fttid wboo tho 
4t mnuH tbej iu« pnraded in forma] prooeasioa put tbe standH, wliere 
Ac tW moA jmit tbin- aiu " pottod poiab-bluik," «nd m put qiiicklj- out 
itf iWr vdmry. The northern OenaaiM nut; b« bora soldiers — we liave 
ntUng |ji my ufjaiiiAl tli*t after tlie experience of recent rnmpiijpn 
tat BMiii^lly in thvir Gtld eporte they an eiuin«ntly aKiikial. We hare 
pa» to lie chttte In a liuinble way in obtir^ of profowional fororten^ 
mA eniaini; tbeJr tactics hnre not impi«»ed na ; for they are etratc^jeal 
•kitacticalintbe fon«ta,aBou tbebatite-field. A German luw no notion 
dpviag an animat any taw, and, were it notforttia waste of |;ood ineat> 
veaU blow him to piecn from the mouleB of bia gun-barrels. He has 
JBtiated all m""""^ of diabolical lUtviccs, which aern likp the Motfaiag 
'tf tfae kid in ita mother's milk, which the LeTiticul dispensation eo 
■ty coaduninod. Uo will <»11 up the innocent roe'dctir to hiH lun- 
jjr i'i'<y*'ffg the cry of the buck with sncb tidmirablo realism that 
poUoat stager in tbe eoTcrta may be deoeiTcd. Tbe fint experiment 
' kind nay be axdting tonstrangcr, bat though it may bo logcoioua 
.tatkatte. You boar the roebuck aDAwering out of tbe distanoeto 
Dg, or rather the" belling," of tbowhiiitJc;gntduallyhigrwpcaM>W 
eater and nearer, till at last, if you are down wind and well 
, be will make hix bound froni tbe bunUuit within half a donn 
I ef yoa, and stand palpitating, staring, and Itstening, till ih» oborge 
: tela his cnrio<tity at tmL We may remark by tbe way that 
at roe-ebooting is to he had in the neighbourhood of almost any 
i&nata Ocraian bath% if you cnn make friendtt with Mmu of tho 
landownen : and many of tbo laodlords in the leading 
I out always lei tbclr goeata in Cor a toletable thing. ITay, ewn in 
of Naoaa, Iwtweon tbe popular aanatoria of Sditanjienbad 
I fldnrallM!b,and within aifihtof iJie tourist steamen on the cooknified 
■i<kil Bhine, tbe atmo^r nii«y kill n stag tliat will oi>mpare more 
favooralilr with tlie liueat ban in Bnem&r or en the Btata of 

ilaManauicratiooutaideia, who raaypOMiUy beeavioua, tbeihooi- 

[Ikiiilniia nf thf Tiiimiim rmpirni mnn Inmi nnnini;li ; but there iaooc 

la^ ansaofc liiecrowued heads of Europe who might eauily " i^ve 

' to fiooM! of tlie best among us. Pmocta Joaopb of Austria has 

pranatutdy agad by his tmuUee ; latterly he has always looked 

oUtar tbnn bis years; but we fan^ bo would have broken down 

' had It not been for bb anient devotioa to the chase. He ia 

'no IhaniHUntahu than bis consort in tbe hunting field, and, over- 

aa be baa been with tbe onxiMiee of state, be baa never nriwed 

oppuvtunity for a flyiog ■hooting trip. lacbl is porbapa tbe pUoe of 

, vnt. xLTtt. — so. 279. \&. 



hu prodilMtion, nnil titevt. u no more eaKhnntinf; bntli in ail tlift hSI 
oounttT of Europe. Bat the S^'ri&D monntAins have thetr ragnlftr Uiea 
in liU Npirrting prognwKH ; nut unficqtMiUy. like Rudolph, bi« mm Knd 
lueir, he follown tlui fkmous hokn of the OarpkthiiiQs ; nor have his 
MttfcfAT subjtsitit ill tine tiunting-fiiTOtind* of Lower Hunguy any icmoq 
to complnin of ni^lMt. Xor is Um ahooting of tho Austrian KnfMror 
light uroutvur worle by any dmmib when h» lias Bang oourt cetvcoixnal 
fairly bdiind him. Ho Hm* mriy, loiU liko any noitntaia-brad pt» 
feariopal cbatnoie-htinter, and his spare and ainewy form aham tfe 
HFcrity of the training. 

Ferhapi no man in the world, hia Ba>~ariaD neighbour not nxoqitet 
can bonrt of moru magiuBeent preaerrca. TIm grand pictiirmqnima 
of the wildcat of onr Highland deerforesta is magnified tudttfimUily, tai 
tho ground often fiklU firara afanoKt inaoeaKiblo *&ow-pealts throng t 
jnmble of glaciers and soow^opes, lakes and cataracts, to the fir wixdt 
and the " AIjmi" ofthn tower levtils. The round of one autumn daynaj 
offer ereiy variation of temperature, from icy hdl-itorms to seordiiq^L 
heat. Cireumrenting the diamois from the ico-bound latitiMka alni(|j 
Ibem, you may be cau^t in a falling veil of mist, that shioadt ' ~ 
barely praoticable tnickii, where only the hunter** c^e can 
a pooiMe foothold. Then tliere may be nothing for it bat to 
the eloud Kbiill lift or it* xhiulowii lighten ; and then in a ini 
fog may thin as by eochantmeDt, leaving eveiything above and 
batlied in a flood of ranjdiine, with pomdbly a group of ohamoii 
■hot, aa much enrpriaed as yonrmlf at the sudden transformation 
Perbape the moat enchanting ehamoia- pteaervea in Europe aiv 
Bavaria overhanging the deep waters of tlio Kbnigsec ; and thn £1 
and longs of the House of Wittelabo^ were wont to be a race of hi 
But tlie present king, as evorybody knows, has gone Wa^iMu-'raad, 
fert^g the scraping of his fiddle-strings to the snap of the ri4«-l 
and trying costly czperimentH with the ansoeptibibtius of his anhji 

The late King of Italy, on the other band, was a man very mi 
thn Htjinip of FianciB Joecpb, save that hu waa more cnlin4y (tvvoi 
Sport and paid less attention to statecraft. Victor Kmanuel's 
hunting grounds in Piedmont, hold the inottfion,or AlpinosbiMp) af 
as the chauiuia, and in Hpite of the flesh that the burly monaitib 
lay on. it took a stiff procipJen to turn him when on the bill tnck. A> 
«niqueror and a politician in spite of himself, be would have he** 
patriolXatlly content to die King of Sardinia, sinoo bis heart was in hill 
bi^Unds, where be found his pleasure. In spite of himself ho wsa podc 
peUed to go to Rome and Naples ; and the half-tomed wilil iMw raia^ 
Agnano I'ark, or the pheiiKLnIs that rose rocketing from the 
Capo di Monti coverts, were but poor conaolatiuD for them 
left behind. Yet even for tliose who have not tlie privilege of exts 
Alpine prMorvcs nowhere is there more of the nnunce of wild sfao 
than in Italy, 'niere, aa elsewhtr^ wild afaootii^ ia on tlie dec 



I diateieU gnnt works of recl&m«tioo havo beoD undertaken, while 
I ■tfc i ' o Um ootutDuniU authuiitie^ um beoome traubtonmo. Th^ 
t u wn ff ¥m, tlioiiifli thc^y like vtuit nuty b« iomIb of tlieiii. Tb^ 
Wf baoB nva^in^ tboir wood* iknd grubtnng ttioir undergrowtlt, and 
Hi Bcn whow fkUiicra did a QouriBhiiig busiDWS as brigwida Lavs turned 
Mfastftfak uad fiUko hack upon |>oachii^. Kow- that liampcn tD»y bi> 
jnmpHf conrigned to Um iteidcn por tnun tlio game that usod bni«ly 
b pqr ibr powder and shot nprtMobi u snbstantlal market value. Y«l 
Aara miut Ktilt bo bappy hnnting-gi-oiind* in tbo Toacan Maremma, id 
Roman Campagna, aitd in (Jie PouUne llanhea, wUcfa the d«ad]y 
, that ia always to bo drradod, dow more to pn>t«et than any 
bbar of fonattinal guarda. In Uiese the excit«ineiit of th« shootinfc 
|alwmya hd ^ta ned by anch a mata o( oncroadting oo tbo nalma of 
Ui« diUd may feel iu lonely paaMgea after dark, or Ota 
. wlio liaa MimdcnHl in thv gloom against the wall of tlio rillagc 
You took roar preoautiom, no doubt. Yon fortified tltc 
: enp otooSnei with co^nAc, and followod it up poaiibly with port 
f ^viiilBe. You wen well fad aad warmly dad ; in very diflereut 
fVoiD thu cadavorous embodioicrnts of famine and fcvor who 
in Uieir r^uh-tbatchfrd borols among the reed-bods, and viho, 
ipfDoaMof hfiteditaiy " amnoning," had lost both etamimt and apirit. 
' the senaons when you went out Hbootbig woco comparatir«ly 
, and it i» to be faopvd that you w>:ro not Ibol enough to tempt 
boforo tb» niste of tlio monung had liflod mor« or l«>s. 
it oaedod no vaty foatostie imo^uatian tu bora viaMoa Off 
tmm tbo invisibte world, onTcloping yoo in tho biwatb of an- 
a» InflMDces. Grey vapoont stratclieil in Kbwtly tapetrtrioi (ram 
trm, dirtorted aolitary boshvs into spectnU thnpon, hung in 
' Buiopiea oTer i?acb staguant ahoi-t of water, and vrratthed them- 
in mid-heavvt in dianging clouds ovor the frequent tbickato 
tit bruabwood. Notidng can be more pletureaque than those 
abmhlxa^ea and {prdona of tho Hartmma, or vvm than the 
- nffitatlnu of the Rion ooxioiu Fiontlne Harshes. In tbe former 
ar* lliiiJcuta of tho bay and laur«t!nus tindiir Uie Kpmading 
■ of Tioarable ilexes, OTOrgrowiDg tbo dihria of tufa and aaad- 
I vbieh mark the sites of forgotten dtioa or of homeattada. Thnre 
i gimt liada of dowering reeds or of broed-leaTed water Utiea, that 
Isn* bean nany.buod blaaai of gorgcooa colour or aheela of Ku>wy 
in the tpring. As you thread your way alternately tbrongb 
1 jungle over the stipiwr^-, nnn-biu-ncd lierbege, or aink ankle-deep 
> tmaeiuns soil that ovorlits some half-dried swamp, or as you nay 
by a aatiir« over the lagoons or alonf; aome aluggiab «oal tfaat 
■oeb Hknanatunl wild-dork decoy, you listen to UDwooted sounda 
• OB the liHik-aut for unexpected Higbbt. You bear Uie booming 
UtSare, tlia iriu<tU) of the snipe, and tho whir of the winga of 
I wniarfawl. You may atumUe at any motnont on a touivJot <A 



wild Hwine, KStimng ttndf through Ui« biuh with sftva^ gnmC 
cotuidcrabiy more trjiog CO the novioe's nerv«s than the riM ti * i 
Mellfttion of rudtetiux |)he«Miita; or you Iumt the pounding of booGi 
npom the hftrd>bBkecl ground, whidi is the gallopinf; of BaiD« sUnled 
troop of wild boneti ; or you urn dunaed b; k srouii of gn<!«fnl Auus. 
go«a, 80 many pAtcbea of ro^ tight on % swampy landsoape done in 
browns and Mpiii ; or you ofttch the glare of Urn Ivinkling ey« i 
the crtimplod horns of aome bodily Kubowrgad bufiUo loxuriating in I 
mod bath, with hia luatberti lud« euviubly impervioiu to matah i 
and luog) Uiat dmw lifo and vigourfnini the mtrat foully pcstiroi>oa< i 
vapouis. At first, even if you are tolerably unausoeplible to on 
forebodingK,youdK>otUuwepUgun-j|tncken Holitudm with a certain i 
of aj^rehennoD. Nor are tLe boUow-cbeeked tJiepbenla stalking aboa^ 
tiuir aad-oolouied dr«pori» SgorM that are greatly 6ttcd to 
yon. But a« these first impteauottB fade away, and as you funiii 
yourself with funereal suggestions, thatjiort and tbelifo 1)WOido i 
Mtdtio^. There Ih a thorough game fl&Tour iu all you do or 
and all the ronuuioo of the unexpcct«d in probabititise or poasibititi 
If you are to be rvady for what dumceti that may come la you ut i 
ntoment, you should have your right baml n&fd for ball for boar i 
your led cjiargetl with (wrtiidgM for smpo or woodcock ; and, if youi 
to bo armed at all points, you ought to have a third chamber in 
against tlio nimbto ronbuck or the dowu^utltvd wild duck. 

i\i\i<r breathing tlie sickly air of tho Italian solitnden, where I 
fading buLumnul colour* wwai ibo hectic fluHh of diseoM, and when I 
soil is tainted with the dust of departed civilisations, a cbango to I 
Highland hills is whalnwrae and iuvlgoratiug. Tfaeie are no wild ' 
to be bayed there nowadays, thot)^ " itountain of Hie Sow ' 
Celtic dcajgnalion of the loftiest sumiuit in her Ai^jesty's dOE 
It is long rince the last of tho wolvos was killed wmewlKTu in ] 
though men w«re mi fitmiliur with those ferocious skktlkets in coKp 
tivcly recent historic times that one of tho most furmidabla erf 
north(Tn marnuding loaders wan kuown Ear and wide sa tJie Welf j 
BA^Ienocl), But there is no more exhilamting sport Ibao dc<-r-»b 
when Ihi! red dear has fair play giveo him in his native wU 
IX)ok, in the flnt place, at the seeuery in which you seek him, i 
glortoualy diruRufiiid in ita grand pidureequeness as the exctb 
variations of the «eathor. " It winnit deny," as Boillio Nicol Js 
mi^t obaern), that the Himalnyas and ctvn the Alps are on 
toagnificant scale. Wo have alrcstdy remarked on tho thrilling] 
tiOBS of balancing the body on a slippery ledge between a bott 
abyia and an orerbaagltig we-wall ; hut danger nuty be eutly overdt' 
wbea we ^ abroad for amneenMnt : thero ia monutony in tbe doui 
exponso of timitlc)# snow-Holds nnd glaciers, and the mount^un gi 
and chamQi.H nre scarce at the best, conudenng the axcrtloos iniUsp 
able to drcuntvent thou ; while merely drawing the breath becoi 




lUeir at m]tiUi(I«s of from t«n to ciglilAeD tbduand feet above 
RraL A«ray amoDg the Scotch hilU tJMro is jart nildnom 
a make ;ou oeotible thai you kav« lo(t " society " fu- bdund 

Biat absolntdjr rely od yotinolf tuid th» gOliM. Then Is 
cf riak in the tough sctambUng to mtikB ym feel that n E]ip 
m mlOwBrd ooDRequoncm, lus for tniitaiioe, wlivn ynn aro 
Bit up" BOme natural gutter io tb« rocks, ]abricat«d by th« 
of th« tloy wnb^all over ttin momm or tlx! wat«r-wm'(liu Then 
aeeii«7 ) Tliere are fortflts and formtA, and some are relattTcIy 
tnm* ; bat, m a rulo, a poramboJatdon ronnil any one of iho 

tbom vill Bhov you a panorama of the beauties and glories of 
Hill Tiata above kill, n» Qvo amateiu' kaniti to liia cost, 
■caliag what Mem«d the summit, he fiwUliirnHnlfnuTvly landed 
Talli^ wbd ninty Into ever-narrow in;; reoeaam, where 
doM in upon gtooDDygorgM, where you hmr tittle but the croak 
.Ten, or perhaps tlie melandtoly moan of the wild eat. There 
, and pnd)>icra with waterfAllK tumbling oror them ; atrcanu 
' in ailmry threads over their (j^rclly beds through the 
Biul anddeoly swell into foaming torrcntii iu the nins ; 

cxpames of purple heailier and b]a«k bogs, iatanected by 
siAfaM and pitted oror with diwkweod-coverod " moNt-pota." 
i thero, in a lap of the hills, lies a atorm-twiitod pUntation of 
I ptnewood. Ilound the next turn of the ridjicii and you am in 

n] eorry, oupeted by the solWt and sweetest of turf and 

ihroi^ the liotteat inininicrr by the iitminiti from Eta bubbling 

I. On the lower gwunda the oovera of natural biidws stretch 

I dtnrii t0 the glaaoy waters of the lalcea, Uirowing Hhadowa 
b gBfltering white items aerosa the mirror-like 8urfa(«. Pliilan- 

nay protnt ngainst the depopulation of the IligliUnds, and 
that the Imlk of the Celtic aborigines have beoomo prosper- 
m) whQe IhoM that are left behind earn handaoue wages and 
tip* of tho Saxon in the local savings tmnka. It is somctimea 
admit, to come un thi- hi«rthstoaca of a deaestcd hamlet, or om 
of a forgotten graveyai'd vbere Its rode foreAtbers wore hiid. 
■ost pnuio nmat be oouactou.H of an agreenblo poetry iu the 

wharo, walking on from eunrise to sunJtet, ho nc%-rr ooa »H. 
m human betac save the gilly who haa his lonely lo^ in tho 

and is on duty in som^ pnrticnlur gIfTi. 
U as for tbe hill weather, that ia so gonerally abused, the 
stalkw loves it for ifjt wry fitfulnirxn. Of counw on any &nv 
my 6«im to have ererytliing iu his favour, and he may weary 
a ttira of Imprisonment in the nbooting lodge when the rain 
I liliiii. relentleosly aj^iiut his winJowa while the mwcnry 
I penirtntJy refuMs him a ngn of ]>romUe. Vul, aftw all, the 
which be l«araa by experience is a virtue sure to l>e richly re- 
weather must ohiuige at la^t, and the elotids ho\d up. TWu 



'to I 

Uie son fla»b«s out In UU tpleo'loar to brigfatao sven the dinolnng i 
Mid DAtuiv, ontorgiiig kll ilripiiiim Iruin ber faatli, raOects Iter 
sEoUeH from aJl tie vurrouDdiDg ol^jects. Wo mtut wiut porforoa till Um 
water dntna off a Uttlff, unl then ne ahaU scarcely object to tbe hari 
waUdn^ Tbe inaBClcs, osmped by (lunwcv fad tbe bottor in tbi 
raamtinie nt IcMt Ibr mtoto Ktretcblng. Streanu that Me osnilly 1 
aneaed diy-abod on stepping-Btotiee must now be wndiid thigh <)«(• 
anlunt, vritb iniiuy luujjivingA &t to the teourity of the footiog. Biib 
ftteUcor onght to take to the water Uko an otter, and if hU ki 
bookeni aliould be Uicro is Ihe^son to dry then. Kor, i 
tiu-D to the rerene of that picture of mnshine following the 
ia excitement wauling, or trtea a oertua pleasure. The moraing 
bccat hot; the ekiM \r«ro almost cloudtoMt. An jou atretdiMl you 
by tbe s]>riag-Bi(ie for tbe midday meal you saw Uie warm 
rarnfiicHlair Btckeringand dancing over tlui paixJicd hcabbef. Ax tlte i 
drew on the atmoepbere became more oppreeaivet, thoi^h the aznrc i 
akiuK wax more liwtratis than ever. Then tliu almost nnnatuml i 
waa broken by a distant muttmng. Pricking ynar cars, yoa 
what that mnuit. The muttering grow to a growl, and tbe grovl 
toae into longdiawn thundcc^ieala. Loader and loader becama 
poitentoiui roar, na rc<p(>rt aooeocded to report, till all the lnMV 
artilleiy of the heavens soemed to be firing an inoetauit enltite 
awakening a\-ery echo in tha glens. Souoely lea ewUl Uun 
wwcndiii}; kixIo of the aouuda was the apprntcfa of tbe black clond ' 
from beliind the jicukts that dinur i(«olf in a iu>mln«<iano])y aeroaj 
itkicsj and tbe £noe of the landscape changed as hy nagie. 
darkened to soowla as tlie light turned to bloofcuess, and, wlule 
the peat bugs hod bc«n glwamlng brightly tlio boatlior I 
and the green slopes have gone into mouraiii^. Vou bare favt 
time to uiiike tbeae obacrvatinns, as indo^l tlie tnuisformation noi-m i 
well nigh inxtantanaous. A few warning drops about the size of i 
tings, and then the sluices of hcKven are opened, and five mbinUM ■ 
downpour has drenched you to the skin. Yet>(iprwj)Mtotransfo 
Moues, ftbnoet more inipreailve is tlio staiilii^ly »udd«n descent of al 
One momi-nt things ai« bright as we hare i]eecxib«<l tbem ; the n« 
grey cloud wall may be gliding dowit n])on the stalker about as i 
as a itoil i>edi»trian could walk ; and, once enveloped in its dripping ■ 
impalpable folds, tbe situaltou may well become excosivtdy 
Each well-known landmark biw hcon hopelcwily swallowed upi ) 
there a brmth of wind to indicHte direction. The veteran for 
knows Ilia own hilhi " like his hand," may be as absolutely i 
Uu) merost tjro, unless lie have the luok to find a liunitiar mbrtMa be 
his guide, and follow it dovmwnrds in its windings. Nay, tha t^I 
birdt of tho nir appear to ba\-e lost tbvir lieuda ; and irlum b^ by ■ 
mists high up among tiu: ptanoigan we have had onv chede lita 
hrufiliod by tlie wing of an eagle. 




I ol eagles, tba otermJnfcticwi of what keepers u« pleiued 
'%a vilify H " v«nnin" is much to bo ragreitod hy tbe ]Jtgh> 
ihootar from the pictures^no point of ri«w. A prm u set on 
r Um DobUff birds uf praj by tb« ornithologists, wbo ought to 
wd in p m na i ' v iiig lb«in ; and mora sodnctive Huinv nro jcarlj' 

ibcir eggit ta Xhe supply aiuiuull7 diniinJahw. Aa for t)i« 
ytff'M" of the HigbUnd knpcr, 1m: Rbootc or tnji* avtoythii:^ 
b, pnttifig loan out of tJve qaeatioo. Y«t it iit oertaln that 
|Ua nor raounbun vuU of aay kinil, nor Eor tho mnttor of that 
lin foxes, will do any appf«ciabl« damage in a deer forutl m 
a AJpiue harm are plentiful. Ths noigbbouring abi^bordM 
■my hava "cTowG to pluck" with the foxea iu the lambing 

II that we t»y niHbiiig. Hut »t prevent, coicopt in tho uioct 
Itrict* of tb9 n>ore northerly counties, it is comparatively 
|l ne the golden iiaglo swcoping in drcloii ovctbnul, or the 

Sriog thnatr like an arrow to its deadly stoopon the heather. 
Itta wliifbf when on tlio deer-ttalk, we are torry to ntiA^ 
MloDg to bis hMt, or when " prospecting " tiie ground, H» 
baated uatura will have all his ej-cw about him. 
■ an bound to my that when he hag sighted (he noUe gafflo 
■Itim an oouoentrated on the cuooe» of the atalk. W'a aro 
1^ of ootiTM% of the mw* ttangbtering aatouatoa who plaoee 
■dvivcly in the ohai;ge of the ke«|)cn. The keen and prac- 
ir, while glad to profit by their upeiieiwei has neverthelesB a 
jndgmimt uf hU own. In any of the gnndcr fonwte there is 
lack of de(<r ; indeed, as a nile a sooceeaful Htalk is likely to 
■nd by their oxecnivo nnmbora. MeTcrtbclcMi, owing either 
I or their mpricea, a great ext^it of tempting- lookiog countiy 
iwn blank. Time afW time yon may have dragged joanelf 
to tbe crat of some emiiKDoe which conunaods an extetudv* 
l^fgliUnii i-n'ifTf Hw «tafr which mipportii your steps has. 
I into thn hmther ; the weather-staioed g^an has been drawn 
toadied against it, but the eye luu Imvelled in vain over the 
a of your vision. The perplexed formt«r scmtdH« hia gnzzlvd 
'waulsn *' when tlie camstairy benst^ can ha\ e got to ; "* 
m Dolhii^ for it but to pluck up tho etalfand utart njion 
igft fat the survey. At leu^, and it may be befora the Syiag 
rha«heonaet up, thn forester Taia» his baitd, accompanying the 
n muuamiuj " Uuah I " Instinctively, thon^ the deer may 
inila a«-ay, yon am nUfling tho sobbij^ of the laboniing chert. 
iilfcey are, and clearly to be diatinguLihed by lh« naked eye — 
^Brihnriog of half a doxon hinihi, tbo nionRrvh of tJio wild* 
|V«f bis seraglio. And a fine hart he is, an harts go nowa- 
Ibe pridtt of their antlora i* being [lerpetually and ]>t«gma- 
i^t low by Ibeimproveinents iu modem weapons of prectsion. 
vjmt bo ctrennrcnted is natter fi»ootHdderatiiaa,dA(«uUi>( 


on tho ground and tbe wind (uid b&lT n noor^ of otlier drcnmtfiim 
Bat brilliant Rtrst^gisU saldom hceitaU long. Mid a pliui of opcnticMii 
qoickl; decided upon. It boots not to dwell on all lis dMAils. P«wK< 
w begin by tnming onr baclcB on tim olgoctiro point, and tatioaf i 
east of about the oompaas of a ooupto of Englisb parishM, bofera «c n> 
again romo in Right of tbn <]UAny. P<Kwib1y tba ntalk u ooinpUeat«d W 
aendinx a gilly to " giv« tbe dt«r bia viud," on tbe chance apf>roadili$ 
to certainty of tJieir gJiifting off in ii given dtrectioa. A^tradl^n 
ehall bare much rough work to undertnkc brforo dragging our pd{t 
tatlng limbs to the tinni ]Kiint of aim, where wo prepare to (taJte <■ 
fortnnes on tbo crowning sbot. The ctalk«r abontd bo ratirely iaSS- 
ferent to excoriations which ou the kneea of a yonng cbimnojvmf 
vonld draw tho (cnre of bencvolenco ; lio abould bo able to clear Iti 
most broken ground at a baiid';!uUop doubled np ina half-circl%withlk 
EnppIenettB of an acrobat ; hoiibould bn caiiaUe of glidJn^ tkrovgli UKr 
ciouspent mos^s like an eel, and of submitting in all th» bittnnCKcft 
cold ftiituuin duy to face thntrickling How of icy wal«rbei««eii hit 
heatEul cbratand his clothing, And all tbf«« trial* of tbo flnli 
be iguor«d or mado pkatumt to bim iu tbe abounding «xcitem«it tf 
approaching dinou«7nent. After such an ordonl it is not difficolt to 
ceive tbo intensity of that <-scit«[u«ut as tlie cUnax appvoacbca. 
8light<:«t mistake in the last yards that arc to bo oorernd may 
nil the fmit of hilt InlKiiiri. At liutt bo liiui wormed bimsetfwitbiD 
shooting difitajice, and tbe next minute must mako or mar bio. 
astonishing bow nntumlly the viTti-Tan ailmv htmitelf, in tbe 
tbat he must inTallibly kill at the distance. Uut with tbe ingbm, 
m reputation (o make, tt is a rciy dilluri^nt tbin^ ; and now is tbe 
to test whether be ha^ tbe true stuff of the stalkor iu biin. 
will go jumping madly, tbougli tbe mere exertion he has gaw tl 
may go far to account for thftt. A film may \xs drawing owr hit 
or distorting lights will be dancing before tbem. And petbapa the 
will bo covered by the gioup of hinds, or will pernstoitty turn kia 
qnarters so as to protect hi.s ritals. In tbe latter CAM further 
only can Iw prescribed ; in the former a quiet pull at tbe whiaky 
may be advisable. But, come it slow or came it fast, the moment 
shot will come at last. The barrels are levelletl, and either they tnonUi 
in the hand or they are nteadied by an clTort of tbe will, as if IhcT 
were firmly Bcciirml in a gun-rest. The report u[ the shot noga tbroagh 
the bills, and the deer either drops or goes olT >n a gallop. 1 n tbe lalttr 
case all need not be necessarily lost ; many an aaiDDal will gHU^ br 
many yards even when dean Kbot through the lower Tossala of tht 
heart. But tho practised ear will listen for tbe tbitd of tbe boll, and tb» 
experienced eye will epeedily decide whether or no tbo deer in gnmif 
wounded. Nor do we know n more thrilling moment in all the 
range of wild shooting than tbat when the nmnicur baa 
maiden deer with a clever shot after a creditable stalk. 

His pal 


Si JPariii. 

n^s Ia Rodtefcucftold, tvra kinda of cMiioidty : odb of 
^rfaich oiaMM a* to denra tbo know(ectg«ofthingii which maybe 
ounclvw; the other, of pride, which induoee it§ to learn Uial of 
hfln ■» ignomnt. BnUi thi«o faoltogn mny ho ^prittitinl hy it 
.tion of the eh'f-l'mivr^ of Al Hariri. It abonnil^ with mor*! 
for the guidjwoe of tifo, and it hwi for tli« mBJortly of Europcowi 
Bftmu of Bowl^, thoogb it« in«diipnil n!]vat«tion cxtrndml from 
inlio to the Bay of Ben^, aii<! tlM uauo of ite author emi now 
Lu cotnitrymoD pomatww n fnmn which is cnllcd by mortals im- 
In the Eaat, a knowledge of Al Hariri, ts o( Milton wiUi uk, 
ooaMary to tbo formation of a nchoUr %tid a gvintlomnn. Ho is 
tried inatmctlon, but he amusm aa we'll a§ informs, T^kougli we 
Htlioitoof ItiKqithtuiiaiittcndmirMii, think it iilmoot worth whiln 
am for tlw sake of observing with what dexterity Le uses a 
iLrahii; purttcki of rarical powv, ha can happily Uy olaim to our 
b on other grouiwls, wiiter, more popnlar, and mora pltttsing. 
t&e names surpam in IcngUi Ihottc of Rponinli hidalgoa. Iliio fall 
I Al lEariri ia the Shaykh al Riis Abu Unbammad a] K&sini 
bm HuhommJtd ibn Utbntan ul Ifai-iri al Baart al HarnmL 
Falltituistringof appdlattrra. Al Kiucim ix the only name which 
pi r«a»ifvd at hid birth or circumcision. This ia th«rifare hts 
!«, And nailer thia hb works are properly cJa«ai6od, Tho title 
priri, W which he iit pnierally known, aiftniiien the silk mer- 
hd uriiiinally ilesdfciiatnd iiinfiither orsonuioiMof hixonnwtors who 
IB a trvdoin silk. D'Hcrhelot, by the way, tells us that Harir 
name uf a town in Prrniit where hn rmidiHl, but this is probably 
. Ibn Ati ibn Muhammad ibu Ctfamau lets posterity know 
naa the aou uf Ali. w)io wui tho son of Mohammad, who was the 
thiiULO, nAer Ibn familiar fashion of our Biblical geneologiM. 
IMM.H..1I informs uh that he was the fitther nf Muliammod, hia 
c The |>r«4in)imiry Shaykh is our own Sheik, sig^i^ing an 
aa«Xpc«Minn sooicnlinl indefinite in English, but in Arabic in- 
all trevr OAy. It is used in tho prsMal ioatance as a titJo of 
and ropBclability. Tlie Rail b a term of sitprenuuiy, fr«()iHintly 
a thn cajiUtn of a boat. Tlie only unknowns which remain to 
ikipcnl prohlf-m ar«i Al Baari and Al IlantniL TIm! forrotr of 
luoi that be w«B a nativn of Basra, familiar to the render of 
HiH /Tif/AU u Balsora, lyin^ on the Shat el Arab, or weeteni 

Kand the mat of a <»Iabrat«d acadeiny, fhe n^ 

AL HABim. 

of that in Eu&. The Utter implies that ho <iwo]t in the particulAr 
Ktroet or (iiiflrtM- of the Baau Hatmh, >o ealUd fVom ft tcihe of Badmiin 
Ai&lei, irho liad chosen it «a th«ir nalclanoe. The vxmA plaee o( Al 
llnrm's liirth wii« Uuhsm, aUttU lotbenortbDr fiunft^ftpLBooftboinid- 
ing in dat« trees, but of ■ iwd Ktmo«ipbc7«. It becauae, in oonaequcoee 
porhnpM <if thia laiter peculluitj, a aort of ^taa^ Bay for Muxlim rafira* 
bat«8. Of its dato trees Al Hariri tt HU<i to have poeswwd 18,000. H» 
WM tbcrvfom in ewy oircamBtanoeB. He traced hiA origin to Ahnhui 
from Rabiat >1 Fans tu bhmavl. Ilia profcaxion was that of a miuMki, 
ur u perwHi employed by tbo Government to draw ap official correaponil- 
once. In thoao day* tho munxbi wan little rJiu) than a Oormmuat 
spy. Al liariri had probably visivax bestowed od bini while jti 
a child, an i» r«tat«d of Jdin the Baftlst in tbe ninvteuuth Hui*, «• 
titled " Mary." The acadetny of Uasra. tboiigb it might hare im|iroT«d, 
could mvor ham iospartcd to lum that keeunosa of wit wbicli has nmli 
celebrated his nuae. Letters bad EUlen into discredit in hia time. He 

, malcM miieh tliv mmc complaint aa his oelebimted oontompomty lis 
nathematioiaD Umar Khayjam — " Now," he cries io bis pr^aoe, "los 
lantnrtis of lit«Ritttrc are extinguished, and its wind is atiU 1 " Y«t be 
■Banaf^ed to make luniself kuown beforo his death from tho fnmtieit 
Peniato tlin Columns of Ilorciika. llu died in llL'2, aged 66. 

Al IlMiri is tho author of eereral works. The J'earl ij/* tf>e IHm 
a treatiao of hui on grummatiaat erront in tho ttpeuch of edncnt«il 
and men of rank. It may be ooimpared wiUi Um Dean of Oanterl 
Queoi'a Engliak. The DtlighU oj Synlax in a alturt pieO) with a 
commentary written in rhymed couplets. He niao wrol«i a divan, 
cc^locliun iif epistio*, and sovefnl poema. Bnt the work by wUch In 
boat known, to which h« devoted the last twenty ycantof his lif<.>, » 
MakttnMt. Mutamzi, one of lus many coumentalors, explains 
word as convenations io assemblies. It has bocn vnrionsly in: 
asaemblie^ eonvemtions, eeniooa, atatiooe, and oommon-plaoei 
guurol heads. As no singlo word in ICnglish can express it, it 
perhaps beat U> kskve it in tlie orif^nai. Of these itakaniat. uur 
oompoecd ftf%y at tho request of one—tt i» uncertain which— of tho 
viziers of the Khaleefeb SIustAnhid Billab : one, as ho wys in 
preface, whom more signal was % mandate, to wlwm obedience wi 
duty. Tlicre Im no order of arrangement in the Makamat, not eren 
of length which guided LTUiioan in bis di^wmtion of tho chapten of 
Jvuran ; but as mtry one <>f tbom ui oom]>lete in ilsell^ tbeir urbii 
aasortnuitit ia of little oonseqnencr. All aro diKtinguL^hed by 

^gSoeraUj but not always iknottiig tbeir particuUr place or venue. The 
fi>r example, is culled that of Sanaa, tbo metropolis of Yomea or Amis* 
yutix; the last of Baxra, the native |>laoo of the author, which be 
bntea in that Makamah with ranch fervour, nTminding the rvadtr 
thsM his oltiiaatA uttunncos uf Antor, Eronder's ill-fated friend — Ih^ 

\ iMOrinu rvmtnucifw Argot. With this exM^jtion, th«re is ywj 

AL HAJtmi. 



rgrlc. Tbc ccavwrwtiMU in UngtUd lutd Barkftid, in 
BUS, inigbt as well have been lueld elsewhei-e. It is 
riri thtia cUfwi¥«d hia book of « mighty duuiu. But 
I WM not Ilia bimnettc In the fow oun in which the 
• oilled by say local Damo iboy bmr a tiU» rtferriDg to 
; Mil^oebL Tko luL but <iii« is odled Sasan, a prince 
1 ; tli« forty-roorth, Winl«r ; anil that bcfon: it, Tho 
is oititled ibe Dinar, sad tlie imjioi'tant part playod 
will be nan bonaftfir. Ai Hariri wiu not tli« 6m to 
In bis pvefiioe he makes mention, undor tho appel- 
' of tb* sgo," of a corUiii gontlcnuui, a {aut of whose 
1 Ahmad ibn al Hamyn, a most leai-ocd pciwn of 
^Penia, <nUod in cotiM^iuinco Al Ibunudtkuii, who wntA 
taiamat a ovntut}' before Hariri They are aluxtor than 
r, and of h» wit, Al Ilniuiultluuii wm the waster 
Bory and an ef[regious acumen. Ho was also an im- 
Hariri was not. Yet liiti oouditiou watt not in all 
wd. Ite appears Co have been ill mtislicd with his country, 
I in wme naat vcne, Uw x-iIl-kI of citiw; its young men ar« 
in viUany; its oM bmu ai« like young mon in intoUigwioe. 
eovsr, buried olivu at the age of forty. Of thutotreamBtsnos, 
in, tho fiunooa bit^rapher, baa given ua a detailed aoooant, 
iwtMitial horror. Lot m bi^, as the old lady mid to Uie 
vas fix- bringing hvr to re|)cutance by u' hat he bad read to her 
igsofUiedaninod— lcbnabop«itisDODoefiLtm& Al Hariri 
I ipeskB wilb exUeaie modeaty in comparing himsoir with 
■^^Ba can hitt ecoop np the overflowings of that pannnr of 
^^Vof iniraolea. The lame hone, he says, never attaiua 
DO of tbo utrang-sided. He says alsoy " Al Hiunadtliani was 
L age; I am not tbe wonder of a day." Bub towards the 
y-S tf VS o Ui aantrmbly tho tables am cJiaagvd. In that 
ditcf cbanct«r, oonvertdng with bis em, ctiea out, " By 
rof toy heart, t£ll me if thinu eyes have over aecn aught 
ly opining by magic every lo^, and taking captive by en- 
amfeistanding, and kneading grave nuittnra with the 
?!bs obiaf ebuacber of AI Uamodthaai waa before me 
|iIriialiBg rain oomeN baEors Uie beavy shower; but the 
iivy sbowon bdong not to the drilling rain." This 
the proverb quoted by Al Hariri, " Tbe firub it 


1 Introduced two principal personages lo bis readers 

n dmar oounp of Alexandria ; Ui« other, laa or Jesus 

> flontinaally encounters and is deceived by bin. BoUt 

, UM Al Hariri takoi care to infarm us in his prtAtt^ 

i ttnkODWn. Follow iu^ tbe exauide of lus predeoOMOTt 

. iUM fintenl two ligurui of importanoa on bis aui'na. 




Haritl) ihn HAinmam, cortr^pomling with JcBaft ibn HMibuii ; uid Abu 
Znyd, with the rogu« of Alexandria. Th« ImfdkI Qolias. bj tbs nj, 
loukfMl ou Al Hiuiudthaiii'a diunctcrs m bi« living predemucm, and 
bewtiils th« Kttto w« kuow about tbem. Of tbese men h« laments nttUa 
feruntur tuperfne monumtnla. (^oneeminfc Horith (ind Hmoduub 
thero is a tmditioB of tbe prophot thnt tbcv are tbe troeat of nauMS br 
c^iSldmi, Harnmam tneuiinf; on« who i* anxioiw, and HaritJi on« wbo 
Iftboms ftir hia living. Comluned, ibty raprcwnt tbe destinjr of all nwn. 
H&rit]i ibn Itautnam alvraja opemi the UMDibUtt, generullj- as a 
lumtor of the pisnlts of Abn Xayd. Ho in of Boera, mA ta»j poriupi 
be tokea to r«pi«aent tJio autlior. It is of tittle moment^ for this ] 
h hlmosl entirely roloiirlf-i^. Thn nnmo of Abu ZmyA hu aa 
definite menninff as that uf Haritb. ^yd is oar own John NokoJ 
HiODUUt 8tf li», the CuntliAT Italbux or Cainn of oricntnl i^nunman. 
iiofBamJ, near HaiTnn, a town tn Mesopotamia, exposed, nndertli* I 
Byamtine empire, to the incuraions of the Gnelca. Abu Zayd b i 
pfMnd to Intro been himself di-iven from his borne by tin infidd 
under Baldwin, tbe brother of Godfrey. He nay perhaps be takcnl 
reprmcmt one of the anthor'g pupLls. It i« Aha Zayd who is the hcse j 
tfaie book. Continually ttppcnrin^ In dillisreDt di^guiwa, he is, Uke 
Jimn, all things unto people of all aorti!, and in this matter < 
follows the pteivpta of the apostle Paul. A vwy Vci-tumnns or ! 
i« Abu Kayd. Now he is poor, and that almost always ; now rich. N4 
be is blind, now baity now paralylia Kow a suitor bdote the Kaifi| 
n feigned cauKO, wboran his ton or one of his two wires is bis i 
plice ; and now a pilgrim with bin kU^O and cup, his rosary and fla 
robn. W'n meet him, tJiis per^oni fixation of luck, aa a belated va 
a mufti, a slaTe-dealer, an old W4iroan, a ragged meDdicanti a prendxr j 
aermon.4, a seller of (^anns. a enpper, a pedagogue, and a rbe 
We meet him in the khan niid tbe mosque, the meadow and canr 
tbe Bedouin camp and the oonrt of jtixtico, at a lit«nry aiaomUy of i 
learned and a marrispt feasl of heggars, on tbo desert and on tbe I 
Everywhere he can raiell a dinar is Abu Zayd to be found. In 1 
domaiuU he is as free fVora auy tna«raif« honte, as, aooonling to I 
AtaUc proverb, tbo wolf from tbo blood of the sun of Juooh. 
author of the Smiimental Jaurwiy, moralising on the t>cggnr's gusj 
two twetve-soUipteoea^omtbn tvoiuaidenladi««,TttitalBist«rsun 
by amorous solicitation, tells us that flattery wax tbo Mcnit of i 
soeoen. Abu 7/ajA undenriands this tu well aa Sterne's beggar, 
were students of biimao nature. But with thn Arab it to 
motto rem. If be mnnot by lair means, then by fool. To lUs adnb 
when infrticluoee soon Euooeeds abwe. His "gooti and kind gontlemui' 
when he gets nothing from him becomnji » glittering white atone in 
valley, bia teamed and piou» doctor a mirage on tlie mi^y |tlahi. 
a word he tcUs the sul^ecta of bin Koli<ntAtii)n roundly that they < 
to be ashamed of theiDMlveB. Ho is as liberal when he has : 



DuW whim lie u wilhout it. Biil whether rich or poor, wKotber 
tbiana wcr«d with proUne ia tli« siiocceaiT« rUet of priwi and 
M, or in tboM of monduil and grammarbui comhuiCK Muhamnu^ 
wiiliexperiiocflt4kli>)ii[ology,haisoompioii1yrmd^uid deairous 

bk ni^il in camuMng till tha false dawn — an Anbic expnasioD 
Bnoming twili^l — or till Um tail of Iho lion irddonii in tho enst. 
ting tlio pliiloeopby of tudiffereutiam, h« seems, liko the wiso 

tn tba Aj'ix of Sophoclm, to look tipon al] men ah nothing but 
md hUe shadows. Save ibe love of moiiej, one only thing aflbota 

a lova of hb home ITo has tntrelled over many conntrioi, but 

lika the coeiDO]Mtit« of M. de Uontbron, found them all equally 
a tha oontnuy, h« sayii, with tho Prcndi poet : 

nnajs Til r^uuierr (Jim j'ainoi ma patric. 

noTtd to genuine teant, if aught in him be g^iuino, by the 
iao of bis bom«. Tlio captivity of his daughter, if indeed he 
a dangbtcr, occoaionit Dio«it mournful ntt<tnu)CCM. H« 

■Dtaian oath by tbe sanctity of bia house, if ever bouae waa hia, 
igli on columnn, that Ikc will coosidcr his oamel in Ui« light of 
if it will bear him safety bock to tbe grton gardens and lan;i:lung 

at SarnJ. Thither tba fiicetions {mprurlser and Rahelaiaian wit 
•tama. Constant only in inconMancy, this rogue and paratJU), 
!tX Jogglar and literary pratUdi^itatcur U kept, according to ttio 
tin Angttrtan critic, unto the end as be was in tbe bcigilininf. 
—'**■"»*■ oraticn is an animated and Klo(|ucnt apol^y of tho 

of bt^ing, in which he oxhoits his eon by a sort of nuncu- 
rjU to follow doitely his (utbor'a foolstepa. It is only in tbe Utst 
' of all that Abu Zayd — wlio, like the classical Spanish begifar of 
in picnrtaca, is, in tipiln of bin impudMt rngueiy, perhapw ia con- 
I of it, always a public favourite — bcoomnis B sincere penitent and 
D or [nveentor of lus |iari»li cbutch. It is a eoavnnnon as 
and sndilnt as that of Aymoa's famous eon Benaud of Hon- 

TWe is no record of bis subsequent tiehavionr. The sincerity 
iliat pnniuinn' is submitted to no test of ramat soduction. In 
bunoA Ibe iaditer and the narrator, Abu Kayd and Harilb the 

I, port to meet no more. 
Makamat are written in mixed ver^e and proae. Tie proac, 
', ii of that kind which is culled sir;', from n supposed nmoi- 
D aoaiMi to the cooing of a tnrtle-dove, a sort of immetrical 
to which the Ankbio cUsncs an commonly oomposnl. In this 
) BMtaaure not only the diflVrent members of a sentence have 
I nalbig, but often uveiy word of one member fuids its parajldttni 
laoe in tbo other. These married wonls, as ibey ate oalled, or 
itli sixuilar fringam, bar* boon ably itproducod by three of At 
tnnsUtora, tbe Spaniard Al Barixi, Ibe German Bti<^ert, and 
eb lUulc In the third Makamah the usmtor says ; 



Now wliilr we fmnti inrnnria nn ili* «anMn d laciMtkiiu, 
And bclMk 111 ui mrsItiM of oUcpMionib 

11i« Frendiman glveai thi« pan^ thtu : 

Et 1or*qno noiu nnga^nn d'aimBUn eonrtnattioaa, 

Et que DODi noni ^Jime* ptrd'if riaU** ImpnTiMtloaa. 

The GurmMi in/rcUr XaehhUdmug, t» be bimaelf confcmm, 

L'stl wlilircud •*it una di« I'odcti ilct Itedon Ilia nod Kinder ■pd'ea. 
Vnd im Scli'knkcn drr (iwlnolf n uoii ontFrhitllcD— mil Ocacbichtoi— 
Bcricbioa— und GcdJi^lcs. 

Such tranalattoBit, tliongh ncarct'ly DonnxUint with nocura^, aAaat 
ably dUpIftf the form of tbeir origiual. Id a tongiw- oo rich iii words u 
tbe Ar«kto Uiere b u teodeocy in tboAo «bo caltlrftte Ihtit M;k b) 
BftcriSco the nuittcr of their work to ite fonn, the spirit to tii« fidh. 
ttlie lamooH Honllukiit »ro frao front tliis, nniJ front olbw literary iloiDM 
wbick arc fi-dqnent iu our autlior'e pagc>i. Th« iJarknea of the Cam* 
dm of Ljroog^iron and tlio ilifliciiltiuii of nian/ of the I^mIidii of Dtvil 
are principally owing to the fetten of literary form by which, faj 
oomioon with Al Hariri, the wrilcn of thooe ooupoutioos bound iho- 
m1v«8. But the literal^- etylo of otir author Mldoiu ovcrbabnon lb I 
intvnwt of kia aubjwU It in dlflioult to agree with tfaoM- wlio itick 
that hie ^al:amai are mere acaffolda of lioguistic orrauncntitiun. lb 
smutted the ear, hut bo also iutereated the b«art. He hut yielded utk 
spirit of bin 0^, iLc mm bavu yioldod in all tiino, frotn llwi dajra d tl* 
Sifrinz of TbeocritLta to Uii»e of the literary cuiioatiee which prwdwl 
the satire of Adduton. Tiiu JUaiiamat mix tbe sweet u itli the vtJi, 
aad wed eatertaituaent to iostruction. Sontenoeafram thu ucrcd Ki 
— ^r thiit jnelate of hb ago, ns Iho Kbaliikan cailo bitn, did not 
witli ilr*. AdniuN in Joiccpf, AndniM that tbo Scrijitntea out of cb' 
are blttsphemiffi — rare old woi-ds aitd proverbs of thn Bedouins t^' 
of rhetoric Mid figures of gnunmar, eiugninaand jmlindrouies, puns 
aUiteratiODs, linguistic ttmra Jt fmw which defy tiaii*lntioti, tnle 
reader's &Dcy at eveiy ttint. In but own words, to be found ia 
INTofoce^ tbo O0Dt«iita of tbcw MtUmmat arc serious and amusin g . 
laBgua^e digniSed and deUente. They contain the omamcmt* it 
eloquemoe and itx pcorln, thn benutics of litentturu nnd itit nui^ 
They are belted with fair metaphors and vetMS froiD the Kurui, 
KCV studded with literary daintin und Arab proveriM. In Uiea 
gianunatical riddles and quibbling decrees, virgin addremcs and 
orations, jests moving (o luugbter and ouunaelii occstclooing leatik 

Commeutatots agree that in order of compoeitiou and of tinun the fi 
cnghtb awKuibly in tlie fimt. In it aloue Abu Zaj'd U the iotrvjd 
speaker, and tells of himself his story, while in the rest lUrith 
for htm. Thin waumlily is calk-d Hununi from the ufime of tho 
in which Al Hariri ti^'ed, Saya Abu 2ityd : " After nnildling my 
long-tailed sbe-cainel, and Udding brvwell to my wifo and bm 
amved at Beara, famous for its schools and thn tumlx^ <>f \u m* 




nt out at earlv d&wn, vrben Lkc die of <UrkiMS« wim 
fiUher of admonitioQ (that is th« cock) was caUiog 
B Uui •lenper. And I Ihrawled tt« ntncU UtI iiuiuet, wIm-d I ckow 
■^na w]imi& niMi «at disocmning on the intarcfawig««Uo iMtos." 
lyd Aowi liiiBflclf licEre, nii in olbcr Ualamal, weU aware tliat 
'w^oB bot from friouif dLKonrae are most dispoeed to open tlwir 
He nattrely eonftmea tluit ha entered the aored sliciiw mtlier 
nk» of pAcanurj MsiBtwtee Umh gnunmftttoU enli^tenmciDt, 
Ijr, he tells ns, eonaded tlw maenin's call, to that in due 
■nconeded the precentor or imam, and them a middlo-nged imui 
I Uiv MidieiMo for advice. ThiH middle-a^ted m&a had, froiu 
■CDAimt, nttcml a vow of atwtioenae from wioo, bcit in an 
moraent bad laid aside respectabiUtj, sodded biOBelf with 
mdlng Uijiior, uid fargoC bin vow an Uie dotd. He bud gone 
to got oomplctelj l^iddled on the eve of the Sabbatb. He now 
■ kMnn for tbdr oounnnl. Abu Zayd aen at once u bappj- 
nitj tar his favouriM hnnt. In a taiidni, or long set of venw 
M Mme terminating nyllabte tbtoujilioul, be dJIa tlie middle-aged 
polite Una)) titat lie is acquainted with a npecilic for his maUdy, 
witli Lvgina lUa own tAovy. He in, lit:, n natin) of Sanij, 
and was wiginally a mmi of mucli niitbority and wealth, 
a rodtal of bis many acts of Ulieiwiity. In biaown 
boa^t jiraiae with gifts. Tlds, by tho way, is the convonn of 
il bobaviotu- in tl>e ani iii1»lim, «,-livn> lie more IreqnetitJy is 
gifts with praiao. A fire wns ttgbtod on his hill wbon the 
thcin. The tbir&ty soul which loc^ced for a shower 
of hi* promtMs ncv(ir lookn) in vain. The man who 
■trikinjr a tight on bis tind«r-l>ox invariably met with a re- 
it tfiMrk. All llxwe are common phnaett ia Anbic poetry for 
lalila bahavioor. This w«Dt on till Uod changed his oonditJOD, 
people of Iloam took lua luuem and bin propiirly. The people 
I am, BccordBng to aomecommentatoni, the daaoendonta of Jacob, 
ftsuoially nodBMtood to indnde all the Chriali&na in that wluc}i 
rtad thr Koman Empiri!. His daoglitor waa taken nptire, and 
■0 moMPy left to procure her ransom. " Here now," says Abn 
the middle-aged man, "i«yonr rvm«dy. AmUt mo,and 
will be aooepted before God." It is a leading dootnne 
fiulh, m m mt»b if not all religions, that the giving of 
Iha poor is the host manner of secnring divine favour. It is 
mntdy nndenbood that the prieato are to be the collixtora. Abu 
■coonliagly tbo wlMrewithal to enjoy himself at the ueareat 
p> anJ tnU off to his neat exulting; iu the anceen of liia trick, 
the tlume at which most of tbe MaMantat are bat variations. 
thqp appear In Bngii.h without the conctw Dervoua s^le of 
l^oal. anil necoasarily daaoded of ita ptquont form of expnaogo, 
^1 story is aeldom anintensting. 





'XTiR third «Ksoml>lf » wUed tho Diniur, hooMMO tli« ^■noftltn' 
pieces of monpy of tbtB Baue to Abu ZajA ia its pnocipAl inctdenL It 
ig iUno cjilloil KnyliJi, tlio oiimc of a noUte In^ir from whom Abu Z«t<l, 
with hb uiiial impudenccv ctaiiua deecent. " At » connctl," nys Harilb, 
" in which iny fritmdn nml 1 wer<! anseinbled, suddenly appeued x nii. 
halt nnd »Uir«d in a talter^ robe^ H« addrwcd the oonoctl, oVwnitf 
thitt b<! WAS a noblu nnd gnnintias peneu untU eabinities csiue, Wtd i 
palm of his hand was empty, and his bed ww of gnv«l, utd hit I 
howled, nud bo put on the shoes of pain, and was fed with 
nnd painted his eyes irith the kohl of wakefnlncsF, ani! found ' 
soft to iiix triHul, ttnd thought utt«i- doict ruction a ble«aiu|:;, and the! 
day long in coming." Now, this person is conipell<>'l to nsk . 
tlie " noble gent1«mon " in thn nxnet cant of • modera beggar. 
offtm him a dinar if he wUl nip i; its praise in renc. Aha Zayd— fa 
coui-ae the liult nnd tattered boggnr is none other than he— doea I 
several mort difficult and elaboiate line*, in each of which the i 
rhyme occure twicL-. They spcnk of the dinar as a mighty travieii«f, ( 
genera] lore of men as though made out of Ihoir boariji, of the 1 
of him who baa it iu liia purse, of its power to rout the army irf i 
ita ability to bring down ftUI moons of benuty; '-in Gno," aaya Abnl 
" if it were not for my reverence, I would spcnk of it as n god." 
glvea him the coin, and ho puts it at onco into hi* mouth — a; 
politeneis or Kuperstitlon Ntill obaervatile in our own a^ and 
invokes God's blesning ujion it, and tueks up his &kirt« to be off. 

But HaHtb uushcnth.i nnolbor dinar, and ofl'ais it to him on* 
dition that he will condemn money as ably as ho has before prainJj 
Abg Zayd at once seta to alniniiig the " yellow slave "* as it is i 
TImon of Athens, and cureing the dinar as <loubl«fitced, 
love of which invokes tlie wrath of the Creator, cut* off the haadil 
thief, prevents tlic covetous from giring a lodging to tits 
traveller, causes the crsditor to eoinplain of the debtor's delay, i 
invites the evil eye. It Cnn help a man by fleeiug from bin 
runaway slave, and it is well for bim who, when it whispers in hi) i 
bids it depart. Upon this Abu Zayd receive* the aeeond lUiUtfii 
casting it likewise into his mouth to join its twin brothor. is for 
tracks, congratulating liimself on bin uominK's work. Harith ' 
finds out somewhat lnt« that tho recipient oS the dinnre is his old 
and bitterly rcjiruaeliGs liiin with countei-feittng lameness. Bst ' 
Utter escuscB himself in some concluding wne with his uKoal phal 
the force of povoi-ty. Abu Zayd shows himself on Uiis ocosioa i 
cunning a rhetorician iis llie founder of tlie Kew Academy, the 
philosopher of Cyrone. But the censor Oato was not BO iodulgvMl 
Horitb, when Carneailes praised justice one day, and on the nsxt i 
futed all he hod said, in order to estAb1i:<ili hit doctrin« of the I 
of human knowledge. He was for sending bim bttck at OHM lo < 
instead of presenting him with a piece of gold. 

All UABUtl. 


f. first SfukanteA our betu tony bo Kftid to rcadi tiie aiiogM 
at hjr|iocrt«T. It u luiowti as that of 1*10111*, a city in 
Umw i^Efpt on tlio Sdut of the Nile, giving u&me to iu TAuitio 
■Hdh. Tbk dty, Duwjin dacnj, wu onea oekbmtod, according to tin 
kMiMt Zftoiakiulinn, for Hm delic«t« rohes and tui'b*ns and striped 
MbA. lalu UDi- of itA niusqucH n«ntk, tired of Lli« iollj- of hut youUi, 
rf Ui dcUgbt in tbo aociot}" of Koft and t^todor woraui, and of hi« lovo of 
•iMie, iMMt da7 ent^ni. Qi«y hnin, adnuMiiaben of tbe eu<l, liave come 
W kin, aad tlto golden dajrs of lun youth aro gone, ilo is for giving 
JUklt, aeoordiog to oar liomely proTcrb, tbe devil's leavings, and for 
Inaio^, Uka an old maid, to God vrbon men will no motv turn to ber. 
Rc Boda in tba oeotre of a lai;ga throng one speaking with a rewlute 
M^Mt and a doar voico. lie is denouncing, not witliout miuny pnns, tlio 
I dit* luetmjtte /xtlitttrrin, ns Peraiua culls tbem, ibe dayi speut in 
tof ermrand uinof lust. "Aliut!" bccrioH, "for tiiomiiMrjofthe 
Rsi^auui, who siipporta himselThi a world itself wtUioul support, and 
Mki «li«ngtit from tiiat which ix itMilf void of a(Al>ilit,v. Fie ia 
■mfiiiiiid by hia love of it in a lingeriu;; death wjtliout a knife, lie per- 
I Wii* in ilia atlAtdinient to it to his own folly. He ui mad as a do^ fhr 
bto liia own pordition. He bmvee the place of flame to amass for his 
AHndanta gold and Undt." He makiM Iiih fajiper in fact, as the 
naau satirist nyn, of a dried pig's Iwnd and a nettle, that his son may 
bt an tlui lircr of a goaeo. Diit now cotnts the practica] part of ttie 
r* a Bcnnon, which, oa the most important, h nsnally in Christian 
M WD a* Huslim pnlpita naerrod for the concltuion. " It is yonr 
tttj." ha cries, " to featlier the wing of the uoUe when fortune has made 
Uny he who dww not this Koon ooase to exi^t I ItaiM u[i the 
, vbra he calls npon you ; it may be you will )>e miscd up by hini 
I laat judgment." Upon this a lad, cost, as we are told in anoUter 
in hmaty'* mouldtand cleaving the undentAnding hy the Gsir 
his forelocks, prawnta htinself to the ooi^egation, and tells 
ia ihair time to show that the words of the preacher have not 
«iB trmtlam. Aeeardii^ly hIa ]m(se U soon slocked, his well, a* tl>o 
>Mttttw iiijiiiiMia it, is Blled with w.tlm-, uml bii dutvrt grows green, and 
It* sd^ oS. The praacher follows him. Ilanth follows tbe proachor, 
M diiojven that he is Abu ^yd, and tbe lad his SOD — in reladoD his 
tkk A , in hiuuMM his decoy. Ahn ilayd, no way nbaiJiod, invitea Haritli 
tatahr a Dopof wine at his liou^e. Harith isasusunl indignant> and 
Ifea asaanhly cuticlndsa with some versm of an Epieui-enn chaiTicter im- 
tratwd hy Abu Z*y4. 

Ihsra b a well-known paMage In tJie Hurat called " IjokEoaa," con- 

; tb» jmnishfflHit of those introducing to public notice ludicrous 

or hJIr &Ues, or, as ihoy are named En another chapter, rain 

DU by night, which turn dmri from the right road. Al llariri 

tn his preface, put Gn<t according to custom though written 

fear of being misUikm for one of tliesc^ of being allied, as he 

, xLTtt.—jm. 279. \4. 



»}« in ft qnotation from th« Kuran, to thoB? wlio m« nuxit wmtiagM 
tbeir works, men wlio.-u) viiduuTOuni in tlii.t lit'o iuiv« gooo Httmj.Mfl 
]wt imagino tbov liAvo done w«U, II« md scMoely, be Uunks, onM 
fVom tb« rude and iignorant uiil iniilevolent, wlio will detnot fiom AH 
morit ofhiscompoaitioD, imd declftroittoboforbuldonby tlwdiriMb*. 
But Uie intelligent will consider it » profitable aSAir, and set it is tk 
Mtmp filo with tbo^a gUiries about bnitcs and iniuiitnnto olijwfr tta 
which none was ever found to deny bin eai*. He who t«lhi such Kodfl 
W ihtae in duo season cAtinot bo bUmMl. Bosidiw, tlin intention u cnfl 
tiling. And the pleasant l&lea of Al Hariri are intended to awaken Ci^| 
leoBneM, not to gild ov«r vrong ; to tuich amendment, not deeoit. H 
KDj CUB, conclude* the antbor, I am content if I obtain my desue, ifl 
cone off without anything on tlui creditor debit adds ofnijnoroi^| 
Ifo man ia bolter aware of the danger and difficulty of writing lU 
who (Irawsupiuiarmy of vrordiiinhaKtf wilt olUaigatberaftimfliiWi^l 
ragged a. muster us FjiUtalf; and as for the tlangcr, an Arabic IradiliH 
says, tbu man livi<!i itt hi.t oue who nov«r utten u pocm nor compaae^| 
book ; and there is a proTerb, alluded to by Al Hariri, that he who ctnfl 
a vene or two, or piitit a couplo of woi'dit tfl^elher, aata lunutdf t^l^l 
butt for criticism if he aucoeeda, and if he fail i« assailed with BtoMt.^^^ 
Al Hariri may be companjd with Sliaki-Hju-iire liolli in the tirelil^l 
of his Inncy and the number of his commentators. Fifty are ofl 
foimd in Arabic alone. Of theoo tJie moat famous ta-e Al Bo^fl 
Okbari, Al Teblebi, the guide and recourse of Schultena; Al Uu'.n:^ 
whocoiiGned himself to the cihicidation of tho grammaticnl ohtcnri:. 
hia author Al Sheriahi, no called from his being a native of Xer<L-, '^ i 
most voluminous of all writers upon Al liariri'it work ; and AlZamitfia 
shari, who svt theso MiLkamut >u the same innk as the Mu'allakal.arfl 
oeJobnit«(l sovrn ponmx susgiended in the temple of M<<cca, whom nofl 
are affixed to lUe convenient and excellent edition published in B^nl 
in 1873. Most of these nnnntaturs wrote within Kocnttiryaft«r tlie lii-tJi^ 
of their author. Host of them wei-e used by De Saey in his w«II-lu>^*U 
and Gxoctllmt edition. Most uf tlieut nbow large emditlon, and BsriM 
them, after the fashion of their tribe, Hty least about the S^MU 
dilBcuItiw. Portions of Al Hariri hare been tsBOsUled from the <ifl 
of Yehuda a) lliu-izi, a Hpani^h rabbi of tbo thirteenth oentiuy.H 
those of Kir. Tbomaa Chener>-, a doxen years a^. Among the " «nii>fl 
hands" or "able pettE," which hnve bboured in thin market, an) JdH 
Fnbridus, of Dontug, GoUuB, 8cbalt«nH, Peiper, De Sacy,lfe^| 
niickert, and Preston. Of these, Schult«ns and the Spaniard 4^^| 
eetiecially noticed. The former is renuu'kahle for his eratbnaiastk ^M 
miration of his subject, " T took," he says, " a tasto of Al Hariri a^t 
boy with Die edge of ray lips, wbftreupon an ardent tbint crept llMfl 
my wins, wliicb drove me to seek the full and copious lotiiilailt.^| 
there to irrigate and thoroughly soak my breast." Having dOM «Vi^| 
he tells ua, he flourished more blessed than a Penman king. In ^M 



•ark oJled ilaUtahbtroA, lifaiel stands for HnriUi, nnd 
Kanite Tur Aba Zayd. Tlio chief merit of tbis work ia tlie 
wttk wbkb ibi author baa Inberwoven to ite wub paoMgw from 
ihl ftHii Uie i)tbl«. 

uiri ho* reoeiTvd pnuws on all tuuidiL Ibn Khallikut, who 
Dtuiy kfter tbe poet, sprakx of Iiim tx ono of tlte ablest writers 
He iiuiiiU on liia emincot merit, his vaxt iiitelligemoc, and 
lenminK- ^^ work ts cetuooMd next in place to tho 
TluMie, Mtja SdiullKU, irbo li»v« not wrII Ihttmbed him and 
his juices into tbnr own blood and marrow, are thought bf 
■nuUts Ambit to Imvo read and undunrtood nothing. One 
m crowd of his mlmirii^ coQiRientAtoni finds in him a llv«l]r 
4 that graadikM]UHnoe which astound* un in Job and Imiah, in 
and tho TMilmx ; whih* anotlior honours him u tlio Cicero 
■ieuL Kow bH deaerves to be coniiecratoil as the Muuo-ira of 
in tha Eaatem acroi>oliii, and now his works ou^t to be 
in oedar, utd, a^ Zamakbsbari, the fanioia Amb ffnuamftrian, 
tb» Doighbour of God, mjit with rcfor«nc« to their author's 
ftt«n only on silk in gold. 

happincw has alwaj-s Its almteraciitA, and tho smuhtno of 
the words of Uh momlist, is never without a doud. Al 
\, Itka Saof, of ooiitetit|)tIbl« and deformed appounsce^ For 
Iw made up hy the slMtrpnoee of his tongoe, and was w, aa 
Id put it, eren with Nature. One daya rivit^ir cnll«d on him, 
I dbgnsC at the personal appeanuioe of the port. Al Ilariri 
■Eune imnr» to tha idbct that htii viidtor wan like a noctnnud 
vlto mistook mootdight for day, and like one iu search of 
vbo was delifihted with th« grvcnnen of Mnno herb* whicb 
a dspontof dun^ "1," oondudod Al Ilnriri, "am Uko Al 
ft Ustan to ms ia he{(«r than to look at me." Quoting Shikka, 
H~^*. bo thought men wcro not, liko camels, deatined for 
bat W«f« to he appreciated liy thrar aaudlest parte, thoir 
XUa toogust it ia abo mid (hat tlio p(X>t was affiEctod by an 
Ilcb known lo the Anvhs as the oontplaiBtof tbo tax. 80 
■ ba diatrened by this J l — m o that his children wata wont to 
■b- fioher'a hands in his own pocket-handkerchM One day, 
■asd the predswasor of Muatarahid Billah by a duiplay of hia 
poartay, that soraKlKn offered him the choice of a prorinoe. 
tha port, " I thank your Klajcstr, l>nt my aspiration is 
I wish only to be allowed " — and here he held up hands 
of llw Ineklev Lavinia in TUtu ^ndnxuras— " I wish 
> lerateh myself at my eaae, that my children may 
a given a nuui authority over big own brard." Of 
t whole story bo not a fabrication of the ingenious 
thorn in the f]«s)i of Baaiu'a bMt poot, AJ Ilnriri. 
ly aa mnch as the Haute of a ntagujpe article wU\ 




allow, hu b«en bare mM of one of llw stran^att Gwtent Aoirint^ 
fanuwplknt«d into a Waitem gurdeo. Tlio far greater aumber o( ii 
diiktaoteristJcs have been left unnotieed. Xotliin^, far exampl«^ fa» 
boon d<«crib«)d of tlioae difieila nt^ym which have goa» far to oxtW 
tli« aathat'e influeDM from tlie Indiu to tite GoadalquiTir, frotn Um 
faanksof thciN'igcrtolhobordvnt nf tbo Volgn. Not a word isbonofUi 
"panther" compositions, in wlucJi all the letters are point«d, of Ifait 
" britiM without a ntiuo " in which no lettnrv nre pointed, or of thoMio 
which the letters are pointed and not pointed alteraateiT'. Xotavoidit 
hem of his metapbon, hui Kynoajaw, hi« rvnot, part whereof naj l>' 
teowved witlioat nltei-ing eenao or rfajme, or liia palindromes, rampnndU 
whUi theCamouti tv P. (j. I!, witli ibt two intvqmtatHHui, A'ancte PoUf, 
guid ridea t Kiilto quia Papa mmn / ia of little valoe. Not a wtcdit^ 
hen of hli riddlea, of whJeii be \ma heeu graoioiu euoa;;li to append tb» 
»amvm, or thejr liad been, tike Samson's Guaooa enigma, well 
inmlubla. Not a w»rd of Iiiit prattigintarj artificeo, bjr which be 
tects tiaTcUera from thievee, and brings childbirth to a )M:pfij 
Not a word of h!a douhU enUnUt, wbicfa, it bi nd to remember, leii i 
oooaaonally from the sttmigbt path of decomm, and may wdl a; 
us nmetimea through a glau daridj, slnee some of them are w o1 
as to make eren tbc most emditc of his commcntatorH (l(t«pair. 
to these probably and his riddles that he refcre in his preface wh 
pmj's for forgironees shonld hia evil powons dmw him into tlia 
of ambiguitiee. Peiliapa he consoled himself with tlie hope Uiat 
might in time he rrgarded m the mjstie monognMiw which are' 
fixed to Home of Uie cbapl«i« of the Kximn, whicti nobody uadeW 
and are naturally thprefoie conudored divine. The litenrr frux tfi 
of Al Hariri, his extomponur eloquence expressed in Arabjc by 
ooiToepondtng with the Dutdi ep ttaande vort; hia oxpl 
Mu^tm law, bis palvotoJc aampjea of bejcgar's slang, attract 
millionH of lulmiring readcn in the Orient, hut few elsewhere. 

They are left, therefore, as tlie j^raba eay, folded in the old folds, 
wo hope not opened tbe month of our autliur to look at his 
But there is io him also that whirb attrade l^^tst and West 
Ak n mtirut he ia ever ready to expose and conrtct popular error, 
that great and evei^increasing class of men, •^t Curio* aimutiml, 
none baa painted the fahtity In more lively eolours. In the 
Tldantudea of life be has carefully followed troth and natntv^ 
these qoalitieti that have made tbo Makamat of Al Hariii aur«'ive 
other Makamed, It is tbeec that an likely to make tbn fame 
Hariri, u far as fame of man may be so, everissting. 

Cbc Stn C:il[s. 

(THOCcsn or VOICE ix THE niQB ju.n.) 

«kiulowy numiitaiDB and tlie boumdleBs plain 
And silvtr strmk of ooean part ub, friend, 
Sintti that last nij^ht id Venioe ani) CIm cod 
Of oar Boot's conHict in a. throb of pain. 
■tiUnom of tboM bilU, tboso woods, a^tn 
PoItU nB dttqiu«tcd ; while you aK«ud 
Uai^ta hithorto unsought, which lightnings rend, 
When strife, and tamult and ambition rel^n. 

faadc, oome boek! The smooth aea call«th you. 
The waves that hi«ak on Lido caj- to rao. 
England and Alps dind« us ; but the blue 

of Iboae sliunbtrous wat«ra, oftlui yet tite. 
The aixae of those dwp wild eyee we know, 
Win bring botii homo to V«uioe, to the sea. 


Away, awayl Tlie mfflii^ breeoes call ; 

Tlie alack waves rippling at the smooth fiat kect 
The Bwanllke swegrving of the qneenly steel -, 
The anils that flap ag&in«t their marte and Ul; 
The dip nf oam in time ; the mueieal 

Cry of tbn statne-poued lithe gondolier; 
The scent of Mwwnedx Cram the sea-fttrt mete ; 
Tha sargn that frotsi on Mahunoooo's wall ; 
TWe xdllaiy pxtx Son (jiorgio peaii ; 

Hie monuiiroaa pigeons, penaionent of St. Uark ; 
Tb« d(«p tcngam of the alender mmpamilM; 
TVs scog tliat fitful llonU bctuis tlio dark ; 

An SDunds, ail «ght«, all Mcnta bom of the »ea, 
VfDfiia, nil, and otU me hock to thee 1 . 





To-ntglit with now of niultiludinoiu rilU, 

8now-awotIen in full mid«umm«r bftlie bresw 

Thkt blows from Italy, oar silent hUls 

PImd to tfao ttMti dry gnuuto-gmppliog tnm, 

Tmm wluMc baixl bougbn tlM unwilling gain distiU, 
Yield, AS in grief, Arebifta frngi-nncyvs 
WorTing their plniun, wbich tho wild cootb wind filb 
With moMning miunc, pUngcat litknies. 

I thrmigli tbiii cUmour of boune itrauax, this wail 
Of woods dcopoiled tiiat wocp bon«iLtb tbc storm, 
Too tiott, too nwuet fi>r oar Nbem upland nOe^ 

Hear only onn dec]) mcsfogo bonu! to mo, 

From dorlc Ingoon, from glininivring i^e^ fiuiu vaita 
Venetiau midniglit — lioLr tl>0 calling Ms. 


Xlghtuing; and o'er thorn bills the rattling shook 
Of Alpine tliunder, Hhort, & dropping fire ; 
ITuformidable hero, but on yon -■'pin;, 
Where snow lias ndged, splintering thu HoUd 

Slow host -, the stout hinds swink in swwttng unock ; 
The milking maidens pent by lneo and byiv ; 
No boouct cub tlutn carried, high and hi^ier 
Tlie Hccnl^ hay is stored by swathe and shock.— 

Puch Is oui- feuniUMT. Tillage gmtx«rds swear 
Tb«y nor theur fatliers felt to sultry air. 
But I ail mute; how metal-molten glows 

Thy bumished m-a ; one flame ; damboyast dyes 
Of sulphur daqxming into gold and rom 1 
How o'er thy bell-towvni boom thoeo tliuudennu 



Then art not clamorous. Kay, tby sliver; tongue 
And rhetoric that holds me night and noon 
Attentive to one tender monotone, 
Are clear as fairy chimes hj lilies rang. 

They speak of twilight and grave ditties sung 

By seamen brown beneath a low broad moon ; 
And breezes with the sea-scent in them blown 
At sundown, when the few faint stars are hung 

Dim overhead in fields of hyacinth blue ; 

When, lifted between sea and sky, those isles 
North-gazing change from rose and bloasoming rue 

To privet paleness ; and dark harbour piles 

Bar the wide fire-irradiate west ; wherethrough 
Declining day, like a dead hero, smiles. 


Hours, weeks, and days bring round the golden moon ; 
While I still wait. I 'mid these solemn fire, 
Late-flowering meadows and grey mountain spurs, 
Watch summer fade and russet hues imbrane 

The stem sad hills. All while thy smooth lagoon 
Invites me; like a murmured spell recurs, 
When south winds In^athe and the clond-laudscape stin, 
One Bombre sweet Venetian slumberous tune. 

Arise ! ere autumn's penury be spent ; 

Ere winter in a snow-shroud wrap the year ; 
Ere the last oleanders droop and die; 

Take we the rugged ways that soattiward lie; 

Seek by the sea those wide eyes sapphire-clear. 
Those softened stars, that latger firmament. 



^t ^artjius be CJrignan, 

Amdnu the points which give to tho mgn ofliivuix XIV. ntpcdili 
laatiug iiiterent, u the circuniatiinoe that tbeu was fanueii and i 
thiit bigh acid chartniag idiml cif souiitl intercuiiTHe hdi] tnuiiut««M 
throiigli many cliaogcs tmd riciaailudoe, ram&ins hh the 
chamcUMvlic of the Fi'onch. It« rootH were xtruclc iu n time c({ 
prosperitj, when the ti'iumphB of a epiendid roign hwl midf I 
Rupr«macy of France iintjuMtionccl in Europe: it bms outlived tit I 
Htitutions wLicli foeteicd it. Of the stAtcljr court of Lf<gitii&at« i 
not a vestige hiia siirviv(.it ; of the briltiunt and ehiraliwix Kr;iUKn<T| 
France titik mor^ tluin tb«' tradition remains; jret fiven her 
enemiciH ilo not disjiuto her right to I'auk utf the most civflaei] of i 
From Madame de R^musat's Memoirs, and mtay other Mnrcn>, wt I 
that this lofty and refim^d idetd waa all hut cruahed UDd«r the i 
rfgimf- of the Fiist f^apoloon. It has run in our own time* the ] 
greater danger of bting '■ Hausmit unified " by the Tfiird ; but, wilhi 
limitation of 8ph<^rc and action, the winning, Mftr&iog tradition) 
lianded on ba one of the glories of Franc«. It is, thereforo, not I 
wondcrvd nt that thu names of the rept'CAnntatiro tipirit« of the) 
which produced it have become houfiehold words in their oim tx^J 
and that concerning many of them there has iiprung up, in pnxevi 
time, a diatinct litvrului'e. Witli Madame da S^^igui, wboM 
of a Franco that no longer oxi«t« have beoD the delight of many i 
tiona, this is specially the case ; the wand of that viae and wiH 
chautress conferred immortality on whatever it toudicd, and evtaj 
gmndson, the Marquis de Gngnan. though he died oorapamtively ; 
leaving no other reputation than that of a bntve and honourable ; 
man — courteous, agreeable, and kindly — ^haa been made the sal^jad < 
memoini which, from the glimpses tliey give of a society whoM «»' 
written laws hai'e aiurvii-cd the Revolution, may bo ntted utEOO 
more than their intrinsic value. 

In the autumn of 1661^, IMadame de Scv)gn6 wrot« to her 
Bussy da Rabutin : " I muat tell you sometliiu^ that will ^re y«< 
pleasure. Tlie prettiest girl in Franco " (for m Madame de SivigDJ^ 
friends used to call her daughter) " is going to marry, not tlie hui- 
somedt, hut one of the best and m(i»t lionouiable tnun in the kingdavii 
M. de Gngnan, whom you ali'eady know. And a few moatfai lattcj 
marriage of Mademoieelle Franqoine Maigu^nte de S^vigni wis 
bnited in the presence of a brilliant company, aad the : 






I bj A long uraj of historical nnitioi ; for, modoKtly m Ma>dnni« de 
Hnipt bAroioctM facT non-in-ljm-, ber itaAen are tnade swan ibat bo 
CM lk» hmd of otM of th« ooblest Cunilioa of Fruicn. It u said thnt 
M cf roqwct for the Itouriionii, the Gri^iuutii were woDt to pass tightly 
om tb« tf«ditioD irhicfa traom Ui«tr origin bock to tho sixth oentun* ; 
Wl th^n waa no iiacslioD that in tho twelftli they were iudependent 
( of Uonlcil an<1 CaatclUiMi, appointing jodgM aod coining money 
I tkeir effigieii, and (Jiat, after tli«y ha<l suconinbed before tlw rapidly 
pownr of the kings of Fnuicr, th«ir namm frequently recur in 
I of cmMdera, ambanadon, luugbta of the Holy Ghoat, and Goreroors 
Vol the long lin« bad thrown out no collateral branchca ; 
I Ifaat it wa> a niattrr of condoleance laliier than of ooDgraloIatioD, 
. in NoToaitwr IST'i, Aliulamo de Grignan gavu birth to a daughter, 
I of tJie son ao eagerly looked for. Howeror, in th« year following all 
I made rtgfat^tbe Marqni* do Grignan " se donna la pcino de nnitre " 
I that |)ireclady at the moment wh«n the States of tlie Province were 
ablHl at Ljunborc. 'llic lui)i]>y rvont was announced to tliero by 
. de Grijtnan in person ; whereupon it vas votMl that the expenses of 
I chnateoing nhotild t>e borne by the Statat, who stood collaetircly oa 
to the boy, who was nnmed "Lotus Provence." 
• had boca a gn>nt day for Mndiime de Sevigue when tlie oonner 
ht to " lea Bocbecs " the news that ber daughter had her davpktA 
and ax yean roll on, amid the inqoant anecdotes, the sparkling 
with which her leltera are filled, her grandson is seldom 
>; her eager qnevtioningp nnke him na wdl known to her 
«> we are tolil he was to her friemls. Ei^ieaally after a long 
I Ofignan, her iutetest Id blm redoobleii • sbo given lulrino as to 
irfnrattirm, ami, witli her iwial energy, lodus no tinio in turning pre- 
; iaio practice. Fric«ids are consulted, and (it la somewhat a nurprisa 
I tbey diMade that the little Uarqnis is to b^n bts education by 
German ; for, DotwttbstandiDg the King's frequent wan with 
neighbonn, the mlattonji hrtwcnn tJio two conatrim were far 
p ecrdiBl than they have beuoroe in reomt times. It was in Germany 
the King sdaetAd his sulcr-in-Uw and his eon's wife, while the 
'as filled with Germans who bad oooae In tht-ir suites. So "Le 
Rdnn " is to bave a German tutor ; but h« must on no account bi a 
hahisaora 8wi8*; bo niiiKt teach the purast Hooh-Deataoh, Mch an 
n ifaken liy |>TinrK«(!i. A UtUe later we hear of another tator who, 
■ilhairt pnymlwie to tba Oennan, is installed at Grignao ; and wheo be 
W n«ahed his tenth year Louis Pi-oveiicv wan able to send bin flnt 
blbr to his gnndntothcr. Pleiwvil though fJio was, his writing did not 
fdia aUiify her. Ilie Uiv'h tiridB was rouiud ; he worked diligently 
Wil he bad atsjniivd tho finn, ciniu-, oral hand, tho Ipttcrx somewhat 
■FRRlit, alwajv perfectly fonned, by which, whethur at court or iu 
*<Ms his leitci" are nlK-nyn dintinguiabcd. It is, in bet, the tytrical 
fS^lfa g nf tba Hiitin^ r(;/iMT, uf which royalty set the fiublou ^Uwt W 





vroto boautJfuU; in about the onlj f;ood thing raconkd of t/raUXV,).~ 
But on oiH) point Alwlanio de Sdvigni was thoroagh)^ wUriierti At tfat 
age of twclv« her graDdsou Hlreiulj danced to perfectioo, " kM^iog i» 
uiuutli Hliiit," kIio writni, " turning out his toes, making his pttUi mA; i 
tb«ii, as be rau«« hh liond, throwing Imrk lita vilg. Be atsani tlw liUll 
tuui will make a figiii« in the world: I fincy I n»d hiK bonaeofli' 
Them, &s if conscious the occasion hardl)- Jtistiiles such anthwii^j 
M«dMiUi de 8£vign« ftpologetimlly adds : " For, afber kll, 10 be Iclfl 
and Nlf-roliaut At the right momenty bo do what is e3q)«cted in whatnH 
|)oel one liun to till, is th» secret of soooem, both oa the field of battle a^f 
claowliarc." fl 

In 16d<J Madame de CHgiian came to Paris, end leouuned at hfl 
mother's houae two years, diioBy in order to watch over her childraH 
education ; no that a break occurs in the hitbcno BCti%-e eoneB|Mliita^| 
But iL letter wHttun iliiring some teinpuraTy separation neotiaiMl ilfl 
de»tuU,v that l<ouin Provenco is in the rhetoric cbus nt liiit coUqp, l^M 
lioforc V017 long the eerioua buidneiat of life began for the little Mmi|^| 
When hu had reochod his fifti-enth year, ho was commanded to sif^| 
at Court and be preeenUvd to the Kiiix ; aud 011 his demeatioar at t^| 
criliciil iDumtTnt much dc|>onded. Any want of nJf-jicweKiiioiQ or V^M 
witrdnvss of ^'CAture mi^ht crcaUi ft )>rejudioe not easily removod. It i^| 
a. Mvvuv ordtvil, fur no monarch over itmpii-od more awe in tboea nH 
approached bjiu than did Louiit XIY. Calm and.cyiu<sal as 8t.-SiiaM 
Kfloctit U> lii>, ovCTj page of his Memoirs showa that OTon n» he co lici a l n 
he trembled ; uvea iJie haughty liludame de GrigDan bereelfi in ProvaM^ 
«lmuHt a quoen, when once unexpectedly summoned to play at IM 
King's table, bo lust liur Helf-poswHiiiui) an to OTertum with her haogi^| 
aleeve the pile of gold placed before the King. So it ix a reliaf to fifl 
that on this impoiltiiit ouciuuon our little friend bore himaolf simply 4H 
waU. Ilia grundmrilher's intimates caitic trooping in with the jojIH 
news, " Ue plen^d." fl 

The next few years passed without much iiiaideot, bnt in 1*^8^ JiH 
OS youDg De GiigmiD was about to begin in earnest tlie life offl 
courtier, warlilce sounds wprc h^nrd on tho Flcmiah frwutier. "I alfl 
ft son of »eTent«eii," writtu Madame do Grignan, " and ntn told it is jOlH 
the right age to begin campaigning. For my part, 1 wish eitbet bt 
were a little oldw, and so better fitted to bear the hardshiiw of war, « 
else younger, that 1 might keep hiio at home. But it ia an ill It 
which there ia no remedy." Remedy thcru certainly waH Dot wiUw<t 
loK of honour ; of tlio youthful coiirltcm of VereaiUcs not ome v» 
aheent from the rewfrs-twtis at Philippsbonrg. Monaeigncor, tbe h^ 
to the thi-oue, was tliere, awaiting his baptism of fire ; the l>(ilxa de 
Maine, di.* Luynea, de Valeditioois, nnd Soyeoourt, and BeMOeoott 
Bi-ioune, <_'hatvuui*uiitid, Broglio, Novion, and the iwt ; for in tb^ 
days every gentleman as a matter of course was a Boldier. There waioo 
drawing of lots, no seeking a subetitute ; othen migbt pay ihdr UKi 



Hmx9 wratobo paid in blood. And tbn ductpUno wu 

tii« King's ordeni were Ifaat each gentleaum roliintecr ebould i 

' & nigiment Ui wliicb tonttocb himHclf, and tben follov tli« rontinv 

tdirtf wHboiit «z«DptioD or indulgence. Tbat nttendaDce on tbe 

I taigfat Dot be pleaded aa an exouae, tbe Daupbia waa to bohl no 

, md (u be noarted onlj hy tbe soldiont of the royal giinrd. Itnt, 

to do lb* volantMSA justice, tbe chief difficnlty ReeuLS to liAve Uiu in 

fivnmtiag tbem, wfavanrur ■ skirmisli took place, from rushing into tbo 

tluek of it; tin at last, tira peo&Itj of imprisonaiieDt in a fortKss imtiJ 

thk doK of tlia campaign had to be impowd. !><! tirignnn attached 

liouelf to tbe fanooB " Rt^meat de Champagne " formerly commanded 

bjr hia (jULIier. Slnuitrbik', hU motber, in bcr di>i4int Frorcnco home, 

«ia gciiug throoglisgonieeof sospenMaudfear, vhile SladnmedoS^vigo^ 

HCmined In Paria in order to gi't tbn bitcnt nnwn luirl dmi«t<!b it witJiont 

Majr to Ori^nnn. Kbefltrorftoti^ten theangnlah she bormlf felt almost 

I keenly, conttaluUtitig her daaf^ter that tbdr ciuld ia abating vltb 

I htvra kinfc Uie dangen and the glories of a first campntgn — '* ealoant , 

I lee mfiraea booleta, qneUe date 1 " However, ithe is soon able to 

I sabrtantial coiuolntion ; good nawg came from tbe camp, the 

I bearing biinaelf w«l] ; he is bmve^ aerkms, and eelf-poaseased. 

I aide, hinwelf a i!ijitingnii>hod xoldicr, epeaira of bim as a eomrado^ 

I acmee a letter, touU raJotanle d« joU. " Philippebotirg ia t*k«n. 

lu ia «afe ! " It wan hoped tbe annj would now be moved into 

>4[aartere, bat instead Hoiaeignenr pnabM on to Manbeim nnd all 

ety U renewed. KorwaaitwitboutcauM, for on November 14 

Ohrralicr d« Orignan, on his way to VeTsailJee. was mot bjr tbe 

! de la Rocbcfencauld, wbo Kt()[)])eid bim to say tbat be bad just 

Ifrotnthi) King hiinmlf ibnt the little Man)ui« doOrignanhnd been 

but not to nlgnity, lie waa in tbe auddle next day. The 

i can be fiuriy cotintod as a pJeco of good lock ; crny one rrawded 

Knid tbe ebevalier to cotiipliinent and oongratulate bim, and wbm, in 

■fnkitig of it to Madamo de Uaiotmon be tiratod it an a tacm nothing, 

ie aMwared wilb an admirable air and tone, " Monsieur, cola vant 

9kia que rira." It certainly was not tbn Marqaia's binlt that tbe ball 

M laly gnued him; no wonder that when be arrived in Pari* a 

kta%bt biter hin gnuidmotber mwli; much of him. "He came in 

Wl^g ao gay, no baodeamc," she writea to ber daugbtor; " he wanted 

It kM my hand*, and I to kixa bia cb««k!<, m wo btwl a dispute wbicb 

«M hi my taking bia head betweon both my bands and kmaing bim as 

Ip)<Bi«d, all of which he took with the beat grace poaaible." Then 

^"•tfliaantititfWH loo awaiting bim. Ilewasatraadycaptainnfacompany 

liWau-tfgera, which bi< motlier, aasbled by the Marqnis do la <larde, 

<M frimil of the Sivign^ had raised for him ; abe had Itoraelf 

^■rwd tiw uuiform. adected tbe hoiMH, and taken care that tbe men 

*■>>' nil «i fiiici?t?esfiil1v tbat Valcroitant, who bad 

intiiii.-ct thu cavulrj- recniita, pronrnmccAlilL. ^J 




GrigiUkn'» company to 1)« Ui« finest. Mnduoo de Sivlgui, 
lier daugliter dnpUybg » n«ir ulent, ia doqutmt in bor 
young bem hilnM^lf, who hait brought huck Kvin Uie wots a cai 
which HoitB him to perfection, ate down to ndd n poctaaript 
gmndtiiotber'ii lclt«r. 

I luiT« knit «1. msdiune, nut) hare ftireodj bc«a on 107 own xecnnt la ats SI 
de GonUngn ; I h*t» diMUd vitli U. (1« I«moigiion al bis cJiimoqr-ocrBW.uiI 
MlTiM vtlh UmUme d« n^piotw. b not thai conilaM worlbjr of > nun wbo hj 
bsM tlitvujib Ihrnt •!afM f. You ownol ikisk bo dallgblvd 1 ani at haring | 
auoop; and I owo it nil tojoul Whaait tfatCbaloiwIihaUgo toMcil. jj 
a good troop, a gocd UautaoaDt, and a good martc^ dc logii ! As fur tlw n 
Ito i« joung. Uit I na antwer for him. AdUu, midamo : pcnnit ma tnutl rMf< 
Ui klm botli 7aur 1)and«. 

That winter, which b«r gtwidsOD spent with her, wiu a titry 1 
one for KltfJome de S^vigni ; both die and the Chevalkr de Ori 
who octrupird the ground floor of ihb H4tal de OAnwvjdet, ihraw ' 
ttclreH iuto all bis interoitit and uaoMouiDtM with that int«nae ^id| 
which, while strictly insjsting os the oheerrancB of curtain nd 
ctrnvennnce and barriera of otiquetto, vtdi'riy Frvndi peoi^e so oftunj 
with the yeung. And then, tie Iwy is only scvsnbecn, tkete are 1 
things in which L« Deedn tci bo inntructed and counselled. Madaa 
Svvigue impMBMH on him the necessity of )i«teniog attentively toj 
otbcra say, so as to be able to roply pertinently and quickly, not yk 
to tlie natural inclination to speak withonl thinking. Ihiea bei 
study the hnmoura of tlioxe witli whom be converses; when he 
M. dc LiunoigDOD, for insbince, who haun idlent people and 
customcil to tho chatter of little BrogUo, he must bring plen^ 
It is not BufEoient to obeorve oertatn oonrentiooal fornts, hi 
habttuiite himself to move freely within Ihem while idiU 
own individuality. But own withan in«ti-tictre»so Bkilled 
do S^vignc, it vras no ea^ matter to acquire the art of talking as 3 
undeFBtood in the society of whieb Talleyrand used to say, " TImm 
have not lived before '89, and did not take part in the conversai 
tJiose tim«s, will never know Uk higbcnt uujoyment allowed to 
Thaa on more scrioiia matlcn, on pointii which ooncem repu' 
honour, it is his unde's torn to advise him ; he preaches eoonomy and 
and hos to warn him against the noncAaJanai <l« j/raml teiefitettr, the 
fair* which lends to alt kinds of iujittlice and evil, and finally 
BoUi giandmotbcr and uncle are a litttu worry lie has no incli 
continue hJastndies; but ao muck wisdom oould hardly hn uL]>ccti 
a young head that hiul ahvady enough to occupy, perhape to 
and that hk days were pretty well filled, a letter to his tuother, 
an account of liis visit to VeraaillcK, shows. 

I have jnat rftDrTKdftvni Vgrmnitu, Midaar. tnrluL' 
I w«ni BirM t« M. la MarietaJ d< I»rsp>. <u ask liim to j - 
imnlMil ii) do it, asd laid nw to mit at Uadaau lU JiUiateonns 1 



ILiMj la pua dM. Am I BMd« ■; bov, the King (topptd, uwl nodilMl tq ma 
mllin Tin nad lUj I orndft uj obouiinMi to Itaaaaigaour, to SliiJaino la 
, X.-siirar, Ani liM iVis.-rt uf ibo Blood, ttoA wm w^l rae«ir«J by all. I 
I «ilh ICwlttnt d'Arnui^fiue, ubo nid a (li»aitiiid kind lUiag*. and denrod om to 
Md yon Iwv Bomplioicou. FMat thane* I meat lo H. d« Mootanawr, vhon I 
lUfti tin Uu pU; bcgLid. b ViU .JnJrvnafN. wbiA ww qails oirw to me, m jva 
HT fB" ^* niaali I nyored it. In thr ai-minj; 1 ott miiIkI la Sa^prrt ei U4 
Oirin , tk> daj fulli>ali«, wlikh wiu y*at*rd(y. I wv*t to III* £«i«r>, llwn 1 1— ifd 
&• n« of tha d*j at Ilia InuaMU with 31. Charptotior ; diaad «ith H. do Uontaoaier, 
W aflcr liianef lo «• ^tadnina d'AtBMgnne. nod tb«nM to Sirioriiu, TUa mora- 
]mi I nt n> l.^f fj^rm ; mtttt Ibat V. <1» h TnwMc t»ok me (a M. da Loavoia, vba 
Htfd a^ -ranj : I r(7>llad it wu alrradjr raiaol. V. da U TmuiiM aJdad 

K n* ' Ami bo>, niaitamt. yoo bivn a prwlta *<couM of all that 

fHMl M, VaraaiUca, I an lixJimg at jrour pktOM ; fnnnU ma to eomflala tiMt I 
itluMW myattfat tbefort of ilia«riginal, kin ber two hiiiila, andaapia tolm 

la pMris, luw UduDg tbo saiuhin« of rojndty , fod<Ay \na Ima cere- 
jmiooM than at TenailUs, but seema to tuive SDJojed itoelf more. W« 
^■raf Tuita vitboiit ood and ploannt littlu «nppcni; bulls aro iuptXH 
Pb tA MacUme do CuXielnsu'a. Tb<> Tkl&rquU brings bis hautbou, 
uA tlipj all datiev till midnight. On JaDuar}' 1 1 ho atUuila Motut-tgnear 
■Ubii fint represantaUon of CoUbso's opera ot Thili* H I'tiit ; then b» 
^Bi^o to VcIwl1e^ wbem, tho Duclinuw do Cliaiilnn) writ4«,"I« 
Hit wmptoe " amtMed huoself well. 

^t But y» •raocei«, for uiuiuartioinably h« u t^ fanbtoii, luia not tuinc^ 
b btml ; bo u Klill ao trathful anti frank tbat hia grondmothfr baa 
liim " &lonai«ur li) pied d« lu IctUv," and well a« li<i can 
htniaolf at Veraaill«s, his heart is in bis pi-orossioD ; odc« February 
eeno, all his ihoogbt* torncd on joining bia ragimeni. " I do nob 
tli«fotingiiw<DoftheprceeDtda]r"Madam«d«|S£vign6 writee; 
*A<7 think of notbing but tbuir camp oqutiMge." Howeivr, an offioer^a 
ffapu^ wna in those days do trilling mattar. Ikfantulay bu told ua 
UMtbaDuo de Sl.-SiiaoD (who, a Utile younger tJian I>a OrigDun, after- 
*irl( beoame on« f:^ liia dearest tri«Dda), when ho joiaed the King's 
Omj in FUodain ua a atiiplii^ of aoTtntaeD, brought with him thirty- 
W hunea mm! trompMr-mules, Ihongh hia family were at the time vary 
Wl pT P ied fur money. At laat tho final puroliaao of homea waa made 
*> Tn^day morning in the market of the Faubourg St. Victor, a fare- 
*lU nppiT wan gircn by (he little 1^ Martilliire, who ia extrnTngnBt 
■Bli|«mK tK> expenan, and eatly in the mortiing of March 5 Louia de 
'liifpui rale away from tbe Hutel Camaralet, learing it« inmatea In 
tela af totrv, to join his ngiment nt Philippe ville. Tho campaign 
1|Hai lata that yvtx; au for two months be remained quietly leanung 
Whwae^ ItoweTsr, in July figliting began in camnit, iu>d the 
" lUidtDanI Jd UrijOian ** wan Mul to jiun tJie anuy of the MoacUe under 
H^iini. When the tiewa Atne of the tAkJng of Kockhcim, lUdana 
wniti' In miiob L'xciteoieat to announce it to l«r daughter. 
of that otiild «ut«ring the csatle fivrord is hand, nitd XilUn(«ic 


I'iftktngprtwnrrs clitren or twelve hundrod m«D I C«ti you fancy him * 
^ntirior, h bunier of Iwusta! " Thu litUe Mttrquiii oertaioly did not, u 
Lis gnuidmother's wordi< might imply, tftke Kock]i«ini angloliuidnl, Imi 
BouffluraaMms U> have tn!»t«<l him with marked (avunr, giving him 
OpportanibioH of distinction which he was quick in tnming to anoQunt ; 
'. befora tiie campMgp had ended, unlocked for, almost umrelcmne 

[ promotion, ouno to him. In October 1689 nn order wa.-i iamud 

'nquiriDg ail colonttla of regtmenta irho were nnal>l« to «>mmMul tfaia 
in pumon, to retire on rccoiving the ixipiIntMNi prii.i! ut ^2,001) lirrw, 
and the CheviUi<ir do Grignan, onc« a dlMiDguiidied solditr, hut no* 
completely L'ripplcid hy rbrumiiti«n), wan oni! of the Snt to he ofiiwtAl bf 
iu The luw of the rugiment, the raiddng of whicli had ooat a targ» 
expenditnre of money and of cr«dit, would havo bMD n tcrrihlc blow lo 

. the not too prMperona fortunea of lli« Gngnamt, au every effort vaa 

- made (o secura the sucoewion from the nncle to the n«pbcw. Adm • 
puriod uf anxiuns suBpenno the iavour n-mt gnuited, and tliuii, before ho 
was quite nijMitcea, Louts de Grigoaa becamo colonvl of one of the finot 
rvginieuta in the Bervtce of Franea. It numbered twenty c«m|Wi)ei. 
who, in their almost whit« iinifonns, with scarlet lacingt, red and blMk 
([alloons, braad-briromed blaek hata, and blue saddledotha ; with tMr 

[ fftandanl uf rich crimoon ulk, with long ilowing frtngee, on which tm 
embroidered the motto chosen twenty yeara beftxre by Uadamo 
Si'irigni.- for the Uivn luilliant ('bcmlior du Qri^fnan, " Che pera po 
n' initkld " mtut have made a goodly show. But tho lavonr wac I 
40*tly one ; though the Chcralior, with chanuileristio generosity, > 

(ficvd ku8 own claim to com]>ensation, tbo oat6t of the new (<oloneli 
other «x|)etiHeii were exceedingly heavy; money bud to beproviikil 
pay the irgimcnt ; to keep up a stiitable establiDhnipnt ; to reccire I 

: offieeiK ; to miM nscruitn and kr^ avorything in proper order, 
the young oolonol's personal expeosta. Not that then vn« a mo 
hcidtation ae to accepting the burden ; to Kpend and to be speot IB 
Borvice of tho gtat«, wa«, to a family witb the traditioasof the Or 
ft matter of oourae. Kor waa Madame de Orignan a woman likely i 
to t«ll her eon of tbo sncrifieea she vras making for bin iii)\i 
only to her mother did she confide them ; the Marquia was to see i 
tho snnny aide of things. And to be at nineteen colonoi of a 
meat was certainly a very brilliant bit of noabine, yet not withonl I 
drawbacks, «a the more prndcot nnole, Cbarlm 4le Sirigftd pointed 
dearly enough. 

U ii« i» May goifig bo vilt )• Ihoai^lit weak, smI admalac* tak«a of Uo i 
ODca. U* win do w«tl to l« Mtift and tomawbtt bkUghtr, but then ha 
tako cnro nercr to b« b tho wroog. Sbtmld h* tmr bo obliged to act with i 
willl«aiLiagti«iuinattrTwilb tltoM oU rthtmsw nad iBw*.'an(>it. lun ooTrylilil 
awtioa hiw ooMo m nriy. 

And it appears some difficulties did arifo, in con9e<|uenee of wbkh^ 
wan thought better the yotuig oolond ahoald not remain with bin i 
durii>j[the 6r«t winter. In the following spring of 1C90 he rt'jotned U 





lh« In-iiliant victory oT Flenruti had practioBlly eloaecl 
tn-FUmlers, the K^t^iiui-iit <le Grigiuui wut wnt by t|nick 
aarom Fnuoo to join Ui« nrmy of CoUiut, Lli«n oeeupi«<l in 
&vnT and Piodiuout. Nice ww btEni'god Mnrcb 27, lASI. 
&«itiiH I " writes MaduQe do Strigiw ; " bundlra of onoge and 
tmftUi ImuMtliM ; tl|«ir perfume ia atmo«t oppraniirtt." Tlw mcfft 
ft bkiadjr one ; after ton days tho citadel 8urt«»]eT«d, and l^« 
aide to apiiDil a niuntfa at Grignan. Dnt )i« hn<l no «oonor 
than he «a<i prortrated bf n fcrer vhich had ntlncked him for 
tinia at GreDoble, and it w«k not utilil June that he whm able to 
n^meat again. Iloworer, ho hn<l noc mtesed any action of 
; the lUjguaent de Gti^au h»d tho f-ood fortune not to bave 
in tfau aicfie of Coni, whvru tbt* French truop*, under M. de 
by a auddea panic, had retreated precipitately. The 
jiaign naded witliout further inddi^ut ; owing to the 
of foaa)te the Divalry mire sent nnnsiially eoriy into winter 
and Do Gii)[nan having ol)taiiMd learu to upend tho winter in 
a|> his i|nart«ni once mora at the llAtel de Camavalet, end 
to regain the ground k>e had lo«t hy two yean abMnua fiom 
ly Util mtical •ooioty. Madauut d'lJxeUes, to whom h« made 
, proDOunc«d Itim to be handsooM, agieeabbi^ and estrem«ly 
it wait dogbtlaw not rory njihill work. 

rfajle be bad reached hie twenty-lliird year, and as very early 

ware then tlw mlu amot^ people of qiuUi^, tho world was 

to wonder why the Qrignana, who had bitbcrto been «o active 

lionaura and pramotioii for tbuir Mon, wlio had made htm a 

v« he was seventeen, were now dilatory in providing him 

It waa tor tban to take the initintiro in the matter, for 

tlH axecvive and arbitrary powor which Freoob fatbe» and 

BOW have over their children could not be le^ty enfor^ced 

oompamtiwly recent date of the Code A'apoUon, ye4 it haa 

enatom in France to look on nuirriage merely aa a 

it concerning two only ; in so §erion8 a malior, not 

puttnta, but also all the elder and more important memben 

of tbafiuntlywOTo consulted. AUpaaHibiliticaandprolMf 

to be pondered over, the advantagea and dinadvantagM of 

and m«wiurcd, imtil n» many «km«mia of suc«eKi as honan 

eoolil uoUect wcro wcured. And in De Grianan'si autn them 

I ilUGcnlliaa. Tito hi«tvric Unengo of Ida family, hia fkther'a 

a> tiovemor of Provence, a dignity which tbero was 

hopa he wonld inherit ; hia pOTMUMJ qualilioK. and tJi« favour 

itt had been diatinguished at Cooi't, made liim an equal 

daugbtcm of tlie greatest Kouaea. But on th« other hand, 

podtioD of tJte Orignaua waa a terrible dniwhedc. EwD 

of ^L lie Urignan'ii tnurriagu with Iklademoianlle do S^rign^, 

lather dowry wont to pay bin moat pnaeilig debta, atid luflft 




M wu the odkia] inoomc of the tioronwr of Pn)v«ncc, it nrsa very 
tram defraying his wnu-mgiJ >Mt». Xo wonder chat M- de L»vu-diim^ 
wlien ovettora wen DMd« for hi« dnugbtcr'* hnnd, raptu^l thai hLi ton- 
in-law most bn free from debt ; ae tiiftt llie LMaoignona made much (be 
HuneMimrer. Mad«niouel]e d't^rmOKmn wm tbougbt of, but ahe W 
an odiotu fatlMr; ohanning as was Mademoiselle de Caet^Inau, iwr 
fertune irniild not niii&re, no tbe Mai^uu yrm» fortMilden ewa to tliiut 
of her; Madame de Nogiret refused to marry again; in abort, nil tJic 
Ikndliei wlio hy rank and |>oution v-on.' e(|ml« of tbu Grigoaiu »^kvd to 
be excaaed. At laat, U. de Uontmor, a devoted friend of the familv, 
proposed a youag and ehanning fpr). dai^Iitcr of a ri(fb M. de Sl.-Anuuic, 
pomoning erory qna1il!cation aavo that of birth. The impediment «» 
not a triAing one, for tbo eacutdieon of Uk' Gri{[iuuis, with its dnul 
CTOWD and itK conntlom i)TiaTteriiigS| oonid not be taiaivbtKl with iu- 
puntty. fiy a HiDgle iutermarrlage wiUi the " uaUetM de finanoe," iin 
hononr of oocupying a acnt to the roj-al earriagm irould lu forfuted 
for jjnwratitHis, the hetid of the house voold be ^ot out from the 
iUnstrJouK ordem of knighthood, the yonnger aoiut and dau^tfln 
all claim on the great C^apterm It cost the haugh^ Hadamo do 
gnnn, whoM woemiea wed to mil her " L'orgueil fitit femme" a 
Btrnggle to f^ve np then priTilegea for her postarity, but tbo 
anil entreati** of Iter mother and of the frienda of the family at l< 
piwatlod, anil it wu arranged timt AIndcmoiaollo do St.-AmiuiH liKf 
spend a few wjuka at Gni^uaii. The orde«l waa rather trying for a 
of eighteen nnnsed to the world, but she pawed through it irell, aod 
nuraen>n« lettara eroaHing to and fro in the fWity unite in desciibing 
as pretty, amiable, well-miiicated, and wctt-bred. Betireen Iter and 
young daughter of the houaev PanUne, afterwaids Uadamo dc Simu 
a friendship whi<:h hutod all their livva 'Sprang up at once. SdU 
bridegroom does not appear on tlie scene. Until i^l ttonbtM anJ all 
pediments bare biom mmoved and the neriona difficulty of drawing 
Uie settlements got OTer, he has to content himself with tlie virid di 
tton of the moAt brilliaut of letter-writers, his eagerly interested 
mother. And tbo difficultjca were UDqacttonalily very aeriou. 
Madcnioiaelle do 8t.-AmaDs' <b>wer of 400,000 li\-ree 300,000 bad 
go to the payment of pranag Uubilitux. However, M. de St.- 
took ca« that the money was all secured on the Grignan estati*, 
that, in the ov«iDt of the bridegroom dying without iaane, it vrotilil reti 
to the SL-Amana, although, when Mademoiselle de Scrigni, with 
ancient lineage and h<T triumphant beauty, brought ber 300,000 li 
of dowry to M. de Grignan, there had been no such saviog 
However, an regarded hia dan^ter'a IroosMau, U. de St-Amans « 
Uriah in his generosity, expending 60,000 Uvros on Ism, dnnaa, ■ 
jeweliy without a murmur. All preliminaries being now cooelii 
the Marquis de Orignan was sent for to Montpellier, wher« Madal 
8t.-Am>na waa blaylng wilii her daughter, and a month girsn * 



Mple to iMwnnui Najunintnl, nrUr whtoti Um; toMnuf^ vim c«1»- 
i UiB obiipel >t Oricnui— if tlin mngnififlont cctiBcc, a huiKlrcd 
iglit, irbich UirmiDAtn] t}M> fa^'a<]<r of the ch&teau, could 1>e called 
dent a tauDC From tivo eUurch tha brnUl l»rt/ ualkwl in pro- 
thn Imnis?. ThcTK ii liaiiitit wo* T«{HUit wm served on bibl«e laid 
««t gallwy — iu vu&t liiepliuwa piled ii]> with IJiudnK log* ; nuinc 
oring tlu< banqnet. and aftwwiu-clc Ifae long nii(c of npartineuU 

Opm to Uie company > *U witli anUUly dtgnity which ?kliulii&Le 
at WToUt w«fi till! |>rHtJ«t tJiin;; fiiti had ovcv atea. When the 
napaign opeoed, iIm t>Hdogi-ooui had to return to Iiih r«ft>ni'nt, 
lia wife at Gngnan nntit tltr anttinin, when her Either wan to 
to Vuw. Somfl mtNiindamanding about moDOT matt«ni caused, 
lie, a coolncM betwucn the heMlx of tbo familicK, hitt Lliey did not 
wttb <l«iiM«UchanDon}', and when all was made right. M. do St.- 
UDe to GriKiuui to fetdi hia daugbt4ir. " Wu dtil not," wHtaa 
da 86Tignf, " kt her go without tetrx, and eho on hor part, wept 
jr when Uddinfn uh rurawcU, (hat no uno would have fnt«cM>d alie 
it to «nt«r on a life of pl^osuro, iTOrroundc<l with ovwy luxiity." 
p wonlh of Noveiulier following De Orignnn iwjoimid hi* wife nod 
'law in rati*, whim it was drcidcxl th^it tlio youn^ oaii[^i> shoajd 
lir boni) with tht KU- Aiuaii^ kwi'iii^ thi^ir M-rvanlH and ecjtiipMgn 
•r hoBW) Ukctt for Ui« purpoNP. Tticir MtAhhsbiucut was not a 
>, «nd the young Marqauw de GriKnau lui^t uuduuhtodty have 
brilliant pobtion in wxicly. Hut xhe •wau to baTo Yevo of a 
irinfi diflpcdlioo, pxeferriiig to keep within ber own famtlr circle 

pleoMd Madame de Sevign^'it friMuls and oorraipoadcDt*. 

birrever, the bride had Buffici«ut exriibe fur li«r retii«d life iu 
undag. >Udanui da 8ivign«, wIki liml hc«n spending the viot«r 
■Ht^m her <fauic^tcr through a lung and trying iUoeiB, fell 
all^ and in a few ihiya anuJl-pox aurivd bvr off. With h«T, inoel 
ritfitnew of the fanul/ circle teeati to have puaseJ away : there 
the otowd of eager, intor«s(«d friv'jids, coming to bear and to 
vTory Utile incident wilh gniial sympalby, but what remains 
lU ia froaa thr pea of St. -Simon, who, though be Kfieakii of the 
M Itii doarat friend, never leuivce a )>itter worti nnwritt«Q. He 
f Ibdame itv Griifuan, this winter fullnwing, aa liaviiif[ much 
n^Hin bo- poeilion at Court after ynm of obmnc^ and bring- 
ud herdanghtv-in-Uw with many xliru)^ of her ahouldenc while 
B^ eaDfidentially to her frienilH, " II faiit (|iiolcjnefois engrainer 
l" Hot SL-HiuOD waf, prcibahly, not exeupl frum the eonimon 
'wila — of giving his frirnilt> ercdit for many Mnnrt things thry 
.Ml Mid but dill ont My, and it niiisl l« allowed that tbo fanioin 
.< -I. L^m become almoet a provBrh, in Car moie in hbi own Htyle 
Madaae do Siyigni'a stately danghtar. At any rote, it 
nlcr i-i trnat to Madame de Grignan'H own account, wntteo to 
iMr, Hedkine de Simiane. 
«Ein.— KK 379. IT. 



U; diuit'i^^*''-'** '■*■ ^"^ ffnM *ac«(M. You I(mi» k«r naUr, AiftiM 
iwuia*r, het modMt, nlf^poMCHcd «>y of norr* kltMing lUj aorslt; to jImomM 
bcf : aha apporoi in that ebancUir, atti luu boen muub pniiwd. 

And ft lett«i- from Oabrielle de UMtilloo, M&dame de GtJ];iiM^ 
devoted imivani^. di'Htrilni ■ dinner giriii liy lliu ^t.-Aimui* io tlw Jiae 
de ChanlDes, wl>eti> the f&re was cosily andvxijuisit^^ thi> liouours doiiB ID 
pcrftctlon — ** AI. do Ht.-Ainitnii ilimI Miidiuuo In SEkrqnbio wore mtchaalei 
to see Madame ds Gi-igpian, wlio o« her put was diobI chorminj; to i 
— Mhonriiij^ ttiv ndntionn v<n-n cordinl. 

Tlio hnt; eeries of Hnininor i!nm]Hugua van l>rouf;Ut to a ckmi 
lDfl7 hy till- IVmOv of Kynwipk, bnl thn bnnthing titun tliiui 
was occu{iii?d chiefly in proparing for the fresh wara which irould 
«Tit«b!j hrcdk out on tbu dnttJi of tlic King of Spain ; and the I 
was ontcTlaincd by odd of tho most mat^uificent militAry BpectfldM I 
Iwd thi'n evir tioon iritii«ned. From AnguKt 31 to SeptiTmber 31, 1 
flower of tlif> French army was enMmpdd at Oompitgoo. Whni 
ten Any* «Mt the country and nil th<nn who hy tli«ir oActul pouti 
wero oKligcd to cntrrtAin, would ho didinnK to cAlonlalc. " H. 
firiiiiUMi held his own,'' writw Madiuna d'tTxelles, "and his r«giin« 
ymt partitmUrly admintd." It« arrived nt tbo cnmp an 8<^>tiinbeFl 
and nothing could have been more effective than his entry, drums I 
and triimpctM MHinding; the drummftn and tim ttunpetcTH worn i 
colonel's livory of btae and hnff, while tbo eoldio^ were clad in 
gtty clotli, rnlinviid by tho red and b)u« fiuan^ and aaddlc-clotli*. 
ground thn regiment was to occupy had been previously railed off; i 
reaching it the men war« drawn np in order of bftttle, the atSBd 
planted ten foot in front of the tine ; th«D the t«nts neo up rep 
forming regain r >lrMU. 

With tii« brc«ldng-np of the ounp «t CompiupiQe, aO 
gaining military honount ended fur the lime. The &Iiin{ni!> dn flrig 
was therefore donbly grstlGed nt r«)eiving, in the month of Kefanii 
following, un invitntion to Jlarly. The gueuta wei« montly PrincMJ 
the Blood : Monmgneur, the Duke and Ihicheen of BitrguDdy, the 
and Dudiewi of Bourbon, the Dnlce* of Anjon, Berri, Chnrtnw, 
Conite de Tonlouae. th« l^trraince; to tbeae were added the KIux 
Qiwen uf England, ftnd a few uf the biglMet nubility. Thr King 
l>(»ntedty cxpr«wod tbo wi«li that tlie I>urbees of Bourgogne sfaonid \ 
amoMd ; m tu tins end all the tntrgUB of the ootirticn wem i](r 
Mid tfae UveJy, tniAlling littlo Princnn, nolJting loth, inaagnr»ted] 
ouoe a (wries of lalleta and maaqucradM in which mnwt of the 
took part. W'b rciul of a Venetian maequeinde, then a Basque fael' 
followed by the happy thought of some more inventive mind — a 8iui 
dnnoe, and finally n cAatte dt huji, the prettifisA tbi^i ' i-i ■' 

which the Marqui* do Glrignftn,aii admirable dona.': ;,■> 

tiimaelf. Bat int'itatiouii to Miu-ly wcm not ext<!ndcd lo the Iota 
trioOB gnestx mcre^- in urdrr for Uieiu lo shew their HkiU to dl 



%, bat also lo enable tbe Kuig*!! quick, wnrcbing tiyo to 

! qwiitin Blmly to do him nerviix. In liio milituy capMlty 

. da Otiittuui luul Hastained his part well ; his i^tiMnt WI 

at in Uw field, hrillintit nnil w«ll-diiici]>liiie<l in camp. But 

i of podtwn was exp«cl«d to G«rv« tbe Suto witti his brains 

hU Kwotxt. Sbort as might tiav« bocn tbe pvriod of hla 

WM> taken for granted liiat ho bad turned, not only to 

bat alao to Kpcnk witli dcorneM and tbink vritb pro- 

duu Id tbe atmoepbere of Vereaillee, when tbio liigh«a( 

habitnatly and &miliar)}r tiuntod, ba luul iDibib«Ml oon' 

kiiowled][e of conUuiporaiy hiHtorj- and policy. The King's 

■tatacrnfl aa w^ll iw warfur«--<>na mcr^gcd into tbo 

I dlpkHDatic miasioD, no matter how u-iiliag, was conadered 

teat at a joitag nunV ability, of hb ]ieiiaq>tiuu and tact, of 

I to wkidi litA fidelity to the inalructions ho rereivod eonld bo 

8a tliat when Ik- <h-tgnitn won named Envuy Exlraordinaiy 

to tbo Xiuke of Lomiuo tlie King's coudolsnce)) on tbo dentil 

; mo, tbo appoinUnent triui loukod on a* a probable Kt«pplng- 

I higher things. Tbo memoir of instractiofl, which stjll (ountts in 

Inroi, is, ooocidering Ibe aligbt impoo'tanoe of Lonaine as 

hi State, HLDgtdorly ininut« tm to tlio eeramonial to be ob- 

' aod IowurIs tba Envoy, who bi d«Mced to pve hut Mi^esty i\ 

', praoiM oGcoiint of tbe way in which the au<lionca is conducted. 

a'a r^nrt, wliicb Htill exiitU in the atcbiTCi, bears no trac« of 

r'« brilliant, picttire«qiK r-ty]*:. which would, bowcmr, 

I out of place ; btil it ui w^ll worded aud i^lear. Tbe miieiou 

' ana of otiqnatto, and to thU be rMtriots bimsalC A note in 

^a wntiii^, oHering a giaUficatioD of 3,000 Uvrea to be gmd to 

da (f rtgnan fur bis s s rriwK on tliis occasion, shows that bo 

170(1, thn I>nkw of llar^ndy and Bcrri accompanied 

PhUip, Kinj! of Spain, to the 8|ianiiib fioutier. It wtu 

opfKirtnmty (or making tbo hcint to the tbrono known 

of the aoutberu provinoas ; and a progr<»< Was urrangod 

, CarcMMoniM, anil AlantgHdliir to MnncilltMt. From the 

the Lonndary of Proveuoo, II. de tirifcnan became their 

Match a hu wmt, accomjwtuLiJ by bin mm, the Haniuiit de 

l>y two bondrod gwntlenien of the provini«>, lo await bis 

at BwnoJre and conduct them to Tanu«ini, wbun* U^pan 

aad orations whicb lasUd wv«ral we^ka. Al Atx tbe 

frmttiliotn. Five triumphal arelica went itrectml un thair 

a guard of honour of the citjana, " lerteoiMit vtUa en habit 

I,* Unad tha streets loadinit lo tii« AtcbUshoj/a palace, whcnt 

was prvparsd ; tJiere w«f« il laminations, Sraworks. accb^ 

uwl nil Uiat, tnn exprasa the joy of a peopK I'be fimt night 

gsTO a ImIIi ^m next day be ofiiBted \he v^inoea 

17— a 



tJi« dlnriddD of n "oomWt d'orangw," wbicli Ui«y Trjlnrnnil ffniM 
VmIcodj in tli« Conra, followed hj « o«raiiioiiions colbuloo. On tk 10 
Uiey l«ll Aix for Maroeillea, wber« tli« GoveriKir, having ])r«c«dei!l litai, 
c«ni« out to nwcivo thnu at ft pbce caUed " Ia Piuade," whero tha mi 
If*}- of AtarHctllM Iny boQentii Uintr foot, wmI the citjr, tlio tiHrbour, «iA 
the forte and iMttoriea ooastruct«d 1^ AL de Gri){uui in 1A96, oooUU 
Nfwi itt « ^iuii». An tlia batterioa Mdntad the priocM tluee tua<»; *1 
tbo gate at tine d^ tlic DobiM and principal aliat» r«»T«d thcm.iuii 
tho g^y fnaamimi paaied on waive triumphal arcbM. one ofwbidi ■ 
deeeribod ns a i-pecially grand nnd impeding Mructure. tha hat^mt 
vrtftti undrr arnis, tJi« atrMit* huii); with Uip<^tr7, salroes of artilinj i 
nfWaUdly ^tschaisod Bcarcely drowned tbe tapturoiui aoclamationii whi^ 
mit tbo air; fi>r here again we arc told, "nnching eonid «xix>«d Uaj 
tnn«pori» of Joj" of U>e |>«Opl«, which MU. 1m PrinuM noonwd to witnw | 
u-i(h {ilcnxiirf." Ono woiul«rt if tliore wu iwUly do diseordant nmuLJ 
no etifled murmur to warn tho Sons of Fraooe that, before tbo eanl«a| 
cloved, thcTo would rvm from tboao nmo Aloditemnran aborea the fiH 
Htruuui of tlial temble Iiymn in which seems to be conden«d the haftd 
of centnrioR; how tho wariw of sound, lu thi'y rolled ap tlw vaUtyfl 
the Rlione, would gather in their onward ooune strenRtb and volnfl 
far fcn^lcr than of tho denocudtng walcn, tilt, l>i«aking at 1^| 
a^tainab iheir [lolaoe walla, would flood its courts with blood. Ba^| 
any such waming note wmi hmrd, Ihu dironideni of the province ^| 
not record it ; they only tell of an unintcrniptcd seriM of feBliritltB i^M 
KJoidn^, Iniiling t.ill Iklnich '2-, wlien M. <!« (irignan (Kuortod his gm^l 
>mok to the frouticr of Provence. ^H 

Id tho Uutobcr following there came another ro)'al progn'eft ^H 
younx Queen of Spain, GabrioUe do Savoio, aocomimnivd by the PrinM^f 
do« Unina, ]NM<Bod lliron^'b Frunoo; and, as if to give tlie tiri^pana ^^M 
eoiip de ffrAoe, they bud to rccciro, in tbo *pring following, the Cooitt^l 
ToiiloiiM, nnit in October, the King of Spain, who, in onlcr that llH 
])«opI» might have the joy of eeeing him, nude a public mtry >l^| 
MareNltf*. C'biunitkrt, writing privately Co M. de Grignau, mu<1 it i^| 
lioped t&at ttuyre er«n than thn King could okIc would lie done to w^l 
the reception of his Catholic )[aj«aty irorltiy of Provonoe ; » hope wUfl 
wua BO Lnviahly fVil61lod tliat isven Paris waa sstonlahed by thn aoMW^I 
of the ^U». It would bo hard to say what all thorn nception* H^l 
have cost the Urignane, <«]>ed«lly ua wnno of ibeee iUtwtrioua ]imm^| 
out of consdRration for (lie provinoM throngfa which the) paH^| 
tnvdied tMco^mft, tho roanlt being that the whole ezit-uHM hail toH 
borne by tbo Oovernon. ^| 

Earfy in 1 702 it wao plain that the hollow ti-uco following tlio t«^^H 
Kyawii'k would not last mitcb longer,and prcfmnOionii for the wa^^^f 
.Spanish }^coo>aon began on all sidea. The ormiiM of Franou wvnp'^H 
on a war footing, and a batch of brigadler^iptteralH created. amoDg * H 
D» Origiaa ranWl aa fourth. The promoUoD, aclinowledged in H 



i gratitudfi, vn«, hgwovor, fnirl; «kme<t. De Ungnan bad 
mesti Una fifteen jrean ; ftom 16SStol698 ho luid not muMd 
T^ util lud proved lumsclf « bmvAaud gnlknt xoldicr. The 
f gmonU officer obl%wl him to Knew hts <»m\i e<]tupage ; m 
reut later, thegr«at Iratber tranka which bold it wnrabcoo^ltl 
md tlidi- oootcntK, mnifully li*t«d in au inventory irhkb still 
V aotDMhing of iJie wcnr^r'a balHte tuA taste*. The lixt l)cg!nH 
loa of apfmral ; lunong which wwt u r«d doth nnrtoul with goM 
rait of brown camlet with silver flLagree buttoiw, » tinm co«t 
M, k damHjik dmwi&g'gawn with gold Qowers, ajutl-it>t- 
Iver Uittoos, &nd * siirer-hiiiiNi sword. Then comn an 
at of lingerie, table linnn, imd pinta ; in a little oulcct 1^ 
I wm dght hooks of d«votion, bonnd some in cnilf, somo in 
Ttaae mem to luve been the only books he took abotit with 
rillulandbig bH bis grandmother's hopes nnd eflbrtu, the loro 
bad itol eome to liim. 

rHtnn to the camp, l>e Crign&n, at tL« opeuing of tbo ouii- 
102, was ploooil undrr Hut orders of tbu Mitr(|uLi du Bedmor, 
laaitod a Frxoco-Spauish corpb destined to keep the lines and 
ana of Bnfaant, and to unpport ttio main nnay, wldcli was 
d by M. do IBoaffl«rs, nnder tho Duke of Burgundy, geixtralin- 
tn army iif Phmden. JI. do IVfliniir'!' mrjLi wiia coiii[h><l-<I i>I 
aliOBB and twenty squadrons ; ihe brij^e of GrigiuiD, ronnod 
nunta of GHgnan and of PclU-port, wnx intended, in eunjunc* 
aaotlier caralry brigade, to form tike left wing. Do Grignsn 
Iter sent with ■ detaehment of two otvnliy regimmtA and six 
vF iaUatry to protect a convoy of SOO wn^jgons sent from 
Uiest on July 10. Ho brought it mfvly, aiul bud rvjuincd M. 
by the 2(>tii, but only for a few days, as on th« 3 1 st the Duke 
If onlercd all tbu troop* dhtponblo to join lh« uinin army at 
Mt battla was hoped for, hut did not come off; the month of 
« q)ent ill marches nud counter- nunclK!* nbicli hiul nu udWl 
VAstini; tJia Ntrmgth of the army. In September tho 
Irignan had lost, tanoo thn opening of the oam|iaign, S'J 
», Mid was nitw rfduood to 21 1 men and boi-Heti. All 
ifo Wtllc waa now ovi-r for that yrar, and on Scjilcniljcr G 
rBargmuly Lift for l*iui«. 'fli* campaign of 1703 was hardly 
lU, mvB for llie brilliant victoi^' uf ^^eren, where De 
^fult) furmnl t)i« remrve gnard. 

■H04, the army of I^Uiulnr^ rouwnnbled al tlxi camp of 
^rttut wluti it lioonie known that the allies werv !ii 
OS on tlw German frontier, it was decided that Villeroy 
i at ouoe to join Tallard, leaving in Flandera only a ccaj» of 
Daring the tnardi an order came direct from thfl King 
it of Rs-o rr-^mrnts, among which was that of Oi-ignan, 
lu •npi>ar( ToIUrtL They arrived jnst in UuMs U> 




take |]>it in Ihe diaaatrous ImUle of HocI»t«lt ; Bo Gdgoati'a bnghk 
of eight iHioiidroiui covmog IUIotA'b right wi&g. An anMOfnioiM writer, 
qnoUd hy U. Maason, aaya tbat after M. de T&llard w&a Utketi [irim>t 
tbo cavnlrj rctrctod hurriedly, ami one portion (witli cbMUcteoti) 
^noranoe of the country} got oa to tut island of the Daoulie, and «raU 
hftvo bren mado priimnon biit for tin Brigiado do Grignoo, vhidi ■» 
l«lnatiiig in aootlier dLrectian. hot caine at once lo help tbeu, diits^ 
tii9 eomy from the fc>n) ami kn-ping the height* of llooiii^tedt, till aS, 
ev«n tnoludiog the wounded, were able to get away. The inciittat i>