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^^P% University 



Evanston, Illinois 


MBER, 1972 





Evanston, IIU 

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The announcement on Saturday, December 16, that the federal government 
had approved a grant of $40.5 million to CTA was a milestone in CTA history. 
Coupled with a $20.2 million grant from the State of Illinois, the $60.7 million 
will enable us to implement the second year of CTA's Capital Renewal Program. 

Some of the projects made possible by these grants are the purchase of an 
additional 525 new buses, environmental improvements for 1100 older buses, 
new service vehicles and maintenance buildings, more rapid transit station re- 
modelling and track and structure rehabilitation, plus cab signal equipment to 
complete signalling on the rapid transit system. 

Besides providing much needed capital improvements, the announcement re- 
affirms the faith that the U.S. and State of Illinois Departments of Transporta- 
tion have in CTA. It also fulfills a commitment I undertook when I arrived here, 
to obtain the funds necessary to restore and modernize CTA properties. 


Michael Cafferty 


Ernie Banks 

Michael Cafferty, Chairman 

Clair M. Roddewig 

Wallace D. Johnson 

Lawrence G. Sucsy 

James R. Qu.nn 

Donald J. Walsh 


CTA emergency crews lauded 

for aiding IC crash victims 

iVITfflN MINUTES after CTA's Operations Control 
[Renter learned of the disastrous IC crash on Monday, 
3ctober 30, emergency crews and trucks from both 
;he Utility & Emergency Service and Electrical De- 
foartments were at the site of the crash near 27th 
street and King drive. Using their heavy duty cutting 
Equipment and power jacks, CTA crews assisted in 
i;he removal of those trapped inside the tangled 

Emergency measures were also effected to carry 
thousands of stranded IC commuters from standing 
trains to the Loop. Many buses were diverted from 
South Side routes to serve IC stations. Jackson Park- 
Howard rapid transit trains remained at their eight- 
par length for several hours after the A.M. rush be- 
cause of the heavy influx of regular IC commuters. 

"I am especially proud of the way CTA employees 
responded to the catastrophe on the IC," CTA Chair- 
man Cafferty said, "Our employees contributed valu- 
able service to the Chicago public. It is unfortunate 
that a disaster such as this was the basis for several 
iirecent commendations." 

Alan S. Boyd, president and chief executive officer 
)f the Illinois Central Gulf railroad, in a letter to 

Chairman Cafferty said, "You must know what a 
terrible time these past few weeks have been for all 
of us at Illinois Central Gulf. After nearly a half 
century of almost flawless operation, a tragedy of 
massive proportions almost crushed our fine organi- 
zation in spirit and outlook. 

"It probably would have, but for the sympathetic 
help and courage given us by many organizations like 
yours. We put an advertisement in the Chicago 
papers to thank everyone — and predictably missed 
some to whom we owed much. 

"But I still wanted to say 'thank you' in a more 
personal way than that public advertisement. We 
were in great need. You and your people helped. My 
associates and I at Illinois Central Gulf can only 
thank you and promise to remember." 

Two other commendations, both in the form of 
resolutions lauding those who provided immediate 
assistance were proposed by Mayor Daley and other 
members of the City Coimcil and also by the Illinois 
House of Representatives. Both documents cited CTA 
emergency crews as well as doctors, nurses and or- 
derlies at Michael Reese and Mercy hospitals, Chi- 
cago firemen and policemen, civil defense crews and 

Senior citizens receive new CTA permits 

AN INTENSIVE effort to issue CTA reduced fare per- 
mits to senior citizens began December 4 at 23 regis- 
tration centers throughout Chicago. By December 19, 
49 locations in Chicago and suburbs were cooperating 
in the program. 

The first permit was issued at the Civic Center by 
Chairman Michael Cafferty and Mayor Richard J. 
Daley. A regular CTA rider, Mrs. Jessie Barnes, 
was the recipient of permit No. 1. She is 94 years 

When paying reduced fares, senior citizens must 
display the new CTA permit rather than the Medicare 
Card which had been used previously for identifica- 
tion. Senior citizens were afforded 24-hour reduced 
fare privileges starting November 5, 1972. 

\olume XXV CTA TRANSIT NEWS Number 9 

Published monthly by and for employes of the Chicago Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public Information Department. 

C. William Baxa, Director of Public Informalion 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 

Annual subscription price: 

$2.00. Distributed free of charge to all active and retired CTA employes 
Ti 742, Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

Mel Alexa 

Editorial Assistant 

communications to 


Limits, Forest Park, Skokie 

ESC winners named for third quarter of 1972 



^^^HK'iy: kC^ 

,, 1 



FINAL STANDINGS for the third quarter of the Employee Safety 
Contest (ESC) were announced recently naming the winners in eacl 
of three competitive groups within the Shops & Equipment Depart- 

ESC gives recognition to men at work locations achieving the 
best safety performance during each quarter of the year, as de- 
termined by the number of injuries per million man-hours worked 

Winning the surface garage competition with a frequency rate oj 
zero was Limits Garage. In the picture top left, Foreman Edwarc( 
Murray (right) is accepting the award from Supervisor of Garagesi 
Tim Riordan. 

Taking first place in the rapid transit maintenance terminal 
competition. Forest Park Terminal had a rate of 57.4. In the pic- 
ture at left, Foreman Aaron Swoope (left) is displaying the award 
presented to him by Superintendent of Rapid Transit Maintenancee 
Terminals Anthony Porcaro. 

First place in the shops competition was won by Skokie Shopf 
with a rate of 53.1. In the picture below. Superintendent of Skokiee 
Shop Robert Winther is displaying the award before nine shop safetyy 
coordinators, from left: Mitchell Faczek, Michael Connolly, Mich- 
ael Fabian, Ted Lesniak, Mr. Winther, Donald Prendergast, Kennethh 
Blocker, Joseph Flanagan, Gary Wilson and Thomas Torrey. 

B. P. Dinter, CTA property accountant, dies at 63 

MASS FOR Bruno P. Dinter Jr., 63, property account- 
ant for CTA, who died suddenly on December 6, was 
said December 9 at St. Matthias Catholic church, 
2310 W. Ainslie street. 

Mr. Dinter joined the Electrical Department of the 
former Chicago Surface Lines on May 22, 1934, as a 
laborer. He subsequently served as a rail bonding 
foreman and clerk within that department until trans- 
ferring to Property Accounting in June, 1950. Mr. 
Dinter was a valuation engineer until January, 1968, 

when he became assistant property accountant. He 
was appointed property accountant in September, 1969. 

Mr. Dinter was on military leave twice during his 
transit career, serving in the U.S. Navy for three 
years during World War II and 16 months during the 
Korean conflict. 

Survivors include his father, Bruno P. Dinter Sr., 
a brother, Michael F., and a sister, Kathryn Shufli- 


79 . IS S ««-,« 

„ 33CH 012 2072 

Medically Speaking 

by Dr. George H. Irwin 

COLD FACTS — The common cold is an acute disease 
of the upper respiratory tract which includes the 
nose, throat and the upper part of the breathing tubes. 
The signs of a cold usually appear within three days 
after exposure and last five to eight days. 

Why are colds called colds ? It may be because 
chilling causes the symptoms or because a feeling of 
cold is a prominent symptom or because they occur 
during the cold season. "Old King Cold" is a king- 
size troublemaker causing much human suffering and 
costing the people of the United States many billions 
of dollars annually in lost wages, material produc- 
tion, school absenteeism and medical expenses. 

The common cold has been one of the most elusive 
illnesses in medical research. The common cold of 
itself has probably never been fatal but its impor- 
tance lies in serious complications and the many days 
of disability it produces. For over 2,000 years, doc- 
tors have been trying to find out what causes colds and 
how to cure them, and, so far, they have had only 
limited success. 

In ancient times, people blamed their colds on 
night air, decaying leaves, face powder, cats, or the 
influence of the comets. Colds have been fed, starved, 
ignored and treated with more remedies than any 
other ailment of the human body. However, some 
progress has been made. We now know that colds are 
caused by viruses, but viruses are tricky. When a 
vaccine which kills them is found, another breed of 
viruses is developed which is not affected by the vac- 
cine. A vaccine was found for polio, in time medical 
research will discover one to cure the common cold. 

The number of colds during the cold season will 
run between 25 and 50 million at any one time and can 
therefore be considered a most important public 
health problem. 

As stated before, we know that a cold is probably^ 
actually caused by one of many viruses. However,,' 
just being exposed to a virus is not enough to start a 
cold. A second factor is needed — a lowering of gen- 
eral body resistance to infection. A few of the con- 
ditions which lower our body resistance are getting 
overtired or chilled, also overeating and not dressing 
properly to maintain an even body temperature. 

The symptoms of the common cold most everyoneej 
knows. Briefly, the onset is usually accompanied by." 
loss of pep, a chilly feeling, a head cold with ajl 
running nose, sneezing, sore throat, headache, gen- 
eral body pains and a fever. If complications occur,, 
symptoms will vary depending upon what organ is in- 
volved — the ears, sinuses, lungs, etc. 

The treatment or management of the common coldc 
should be considered in two parts — preventative pro- 
cedures and active measures after the cold hasi 

Preventative procedures include keeping in thd 
best physical condition possible by following the 
simple rules of good hygiene. Namely, adequate resi 
and sleep, moderate diet with plenty of fluids, reason- 
able exercise, proper clothing, and correct heating; 
and ventilation of living and working quarters. Avoicf 
the twin dangers; chilling and overheating, either oi 
which can weaken body resistance. You may improvej 
your physical condition by avoiding fatigue anc( 
crowded places. 

Cold shots or vaccines for the common cold and( 
flu are a controversial subject. Some statistics show 
that vaccine will successfully immunize against about 
50 per cent of certain types of viruses. It is espe- 
cially advised for the elderly or chronically ill per* 
sons who have lowered body resistance. 

Active measures after the cold has started includes 

1. Stay home and rest in bed, especially during thai 
early stages; this is the period when colds arei 
spread most easily. 

2. Cover all sneezes and coughs. When blowinfi 
your nose, do it gently and use disposable tissues 
or a clean handkerchief. Use your own towels! 
dishes, etc. 

3. Take a warm bath or shower frequently. 

4. Eat a well-balanced diet with emphasis or 
more fluids than usual. 

5. Use a steam kettle or vaporizer to relieve 
nasal congestion. 

6. Don't experiment with cold pills or nose dropss 
Aspirin frequently relieves headaches or general 
body aches. Penicillin and various other anti' 
biotics should be reserved for complications. 

7. If you are no better in a few days or the feve: 
persists, call your personal physician and folloiji 
his instructions. 


Service anniversaries in December 

30 years 



L. Jacobson, Office Services 

J. Korzen, Stores-North Division 


J. Kunka, Beverly 

R. J. Arendt, South Shops 


A. Kusiak, Electrical Distribution 

C. Bowman, Keeler Garage 


E. Levee, Schedule & Traffic 

G. 1. Campbell, Law 


J. Mickovic, Schedule & Traffic 

F. Corpino, Kedzie 


S. Mocarski, North Avenue 

P. R. Colucci, Limits 


J. Reinhart, Forest Glen 

A. T. Cooper, Kedzie 


Rini, Security 

J. P. Cosgrove, North Park 


T. Skiba, Forest Glen 

J. D. Craig, District C 


Strzeiecki, West Section 

J. A. Cunningham, Treasury 


Tarantino, 52nd Street 

C. A. Drozda, Research & Planning 


Tignac, Forest Glen 

C. E. Eugene, Kimball Maintenance Terminal 


S. Turek, Skokie Shop 

E. J. Evans, South Shops 


C. Vidmont, South Shops 

P. J. Fidanze, Security 


Wegl, Power Operations 

25 years 

Z. Artis, Track 

E. Cooke, 77th Street 

W. B. Duren, District D 

J. E. Durr Jr., Electrical Distribution 

0. ErtI, Utility & Emergency Service 

J. E. Foley, South Section 

T. E. Freeman, West Section 

G. Hann, North Avenue Garage 

J. Hennelly, North Park Garage 

J. Hudale, Shops Squad Car 

J. J. Mortorano, Forest Glen 

W. 0. McDaniel, Limits 

J. McPartlan, North Park Garage 

J. S. Mule, West Section 

W. J. Murray, Electrical Distribution 

G. C. Olson, South Shops 

L. F. Powell, North Park Garage 

A. G. Rizzuto, Beverly Garage 

R. E. Ryan, North Section 

S. J. Salamone, Electrical Distribution 

E. J. Superczynski, Substation Engineering 
W. E. Walker, 77th Street 

G. Woodmore, West Section 

F. W. Zoloudek, Forest Glen Garage 
H. F. Ziolkowski, Instruction-Surface 

Archer-expressway bus service expanded on weekdays 

EXPANDED HOURS for the route 62A Archer- 
Expressway service started Friday, November 24, 
just in time for the busiest downtown shopping sea- 
son of the year. 

The service previously operated during weekday 
rush hours only from Archer/Harlem to the Loop in 
the mornings and from State/Wacker to the Southwest 
Side in the evenings. The route operates non-stop via 
the Stevenson Expressway for about six miles. 

The new mid-day Express provides two-way ser- 
vice every 15 minutes between rush hours, operating 
to the Loop from Archer/Cicero in 27 minutes, from 
Archer/Harlem in 42 minutes. 

Buses leave Archer /Harlem from 6:10 a.m. to 
3:0.:^ p.m., routed via Archer, Pulaski, Stevenson Ex- 
pressway, Cermak and State to Wacker. Buses leave 
Wacker/State from 9:30 a.m. to 5:51 p.m., routed via 
State, Cermak, Stevenson Expressway, Pulaski and 
Archer. During rush hours, certain buses serve 
Cicero avenue between Archer and the Stevenson Ex- 

The Archer-Expressway service makes all local 
stops between Harlem and Cicero and limited stops 
from Cicero to the Stevenson Expressway. All local 
stops are also made on State street between Wacker 
and Harrison; limited stops will be made at Roos- 
evelt, 18th and Cermak. 


m^ m%m\ 


ACCOUNTING (Payroll) - 

MAUREEN HOULIHAN took part of her vacation at elec- 
tion time so she could campaign for her father, Represent- 
ative JOHN J. HOULIHAN. Although she worked hard, she 
said it was very interesting; an interview and her picture 
were in the Joliet Herald November 8. She was also a dele- 
gate to the 1972 Democratic Convention which she found 
most educational. ..CLOTILDE FRANKIEWICZ spent some 
pretty interesting days on some fascinating ca^L ; while 
serving on jury duty...ERNA KARGE, who took an early re- 
tirement, paid us a visit last week. Now that she has more 
leisure time, she has traveled a great deal around the 
United States. She also had a pleasant surprise to reveal — 
she is now Mrs. DEDERT. Best wishes, Erna! ..JEANNE 
and JACQUELINE BIZIK, Revenue, had a marvelous va- 
cation in Hawaii in October. They flew from Chicago to 
Los Angeles on a new TWA 1011, then boarded a 707 to 
Honolulu where they spent a week in the Hawaiian Village 
hotel. They enjoyed some time on the other islands of 
Kauai, Maui, and the big island of Hawaii before returning 
to Oahu and flying back to the mainland. The weather was 
good and everything was so enjoyable that they highly rec- 
ommend a visit to these lovely islands to everyone. 

(General) - 

On a lovely autumn day HELEN FRANSON, a retiree of 
the Revenue Accounting Department, and WANDA BEKIER 
dropped in on RUTH HUGHES, another retiree from Rev- 
enue, who is confined to Oak Forest hospital. Ruth is well 
and as witty as ever. Ruth's door is always open for vis- 
itors at Oak Forest hospital, 159th and Cicero, Oak Forest, 
Illinois, Room H-22. Helen and Ruth asked to be remem- 
bered to all of their CTA friends. .. MARTHA NEFFAS be- 
came ill while on vacation in Asia. She is now at home 
recuperating after surgery. We all wish you a speedy re- 
covery, Martha!. .Our condolences to ESTHER ERMANN of 
Revenue Accounting in the death of her brother. . . Best 
wishes to LORRAINE FALK who went on a disability re- 
tirement October 1. Hope you're feeling lots better soon. 

- ^cuOf ^aci 

(Tabulating) - 

October 1 marked the date of retirement for MARIAN 
BUCKLEY. A very nice luncheon was given in her honor at 
the M&M Club. Among the guests were her husband, JIM, 
their son, JIM Jr., and daughter-in-law, MARY ANNE. 
Also, our former boss, HERB ROHDE, interrupted his busy 
schedule to attend. Marian was gifted with a nice check 
from her many friends. Good luck, Marian, and enjoy - 
enjoy. .. After 15 years, HELEN ROMAS decided that she 
wanted to be a full-time stay-at-home housewife. Friends 
and co-workers presented Helen with a lovely gift, and on 
November 10 she bade us a fond farewell. .. We extend a 
warm welcome to ROSA MARIA BENEDICTO who was em- 
ployed on October 11. Glad to have you aboard, Rosa... 
Santa Claus came early for EMIL RUSINAK when he 
brought Emil a new 1973 Ford Custom 500 automobile. 

Come to think of it, Santa Claus probably is Emil Rusinak. 
Happiness is a new car. Many happy miles, Emil. 

CONGRESS (Agents) - 

Janitor AUSTIN YOUNG will begin the New Year by 
joining the pensioner's ranks. We wish him many happy 
years. Working with him has always been a pleasure. . . 
Janitor JAMES CLARK took December for his vacation. He ■ 
will probably spend it hunting, feasting and showing his • 
grandson a good time by starting out with a visit to Santa i 
Claus. Guess who will have the most fun?.. Our sincere 
sympathy to FRANK ELIA and his family in the loss off 
their beloved father, EUGENE ELIA of Schiller Park.. .We; 
also wish to extend our sympathy to EVELYN STOFFERi 
and her family in the loss of their beloved father, OLIE: 
KING, who passed away in Florida... GEORGE HALL and hisi 
wife, CORRINE, had a pleasant and memorable vacation ini 
Washington, D.C. George's brother and his family live; 
there and they made sure that the happy couple saw all! 
the places of interest. ..December 18 was an eventful day ati 
Janitor BEVACQUA's house because his daughter, IV ANA, , 
had her first birthday party. . . FAY CAPRIO's poodle,, 
Taffy, surprised her with two black puppies. Fay's beauti-- 
ful little granddaughter will be a very happy little girl wheni 
Santa brings her one. ..Pensioner MARY NOLAN and her- 
sister, ELIZABETH, just returned from their trip to Flor-- 
ida. They plan another in the near future. .. Pensioner ■ 
MARY DOYLE came home from an extended stay in Wex-- 
ford, Ireland... MARY GALLAGHER is still home in Ireland,! 
visiting with her parents. .. One evening I met Pensionerr 
HELEN McMAHON in the Cermak Plaza shopping center. 
She looked as glamorous as always... Trainman SAM PAR- 
RILLI is home on the sick list and we hope that he will be 
up and about to enjoy the holiday season... My New Year 'Sj 
resolution is going to be that I keep my column filled withi: 

- ^uUa SlauitJi 


Received a nice letter from BILL (Red Devil) RAD- 
LOFF. Bill and the Over the Hill Gang, Pensioners CHAR- 
WALTER (Hagen) BAROWSKY live about ten minutes from 
one another. They fish, play golf and old maid, and talk.; 
about their leaders and followers on the streetcars and thee 
good old days. Bill's address is 29 Pilots place. Gulf Har--i 
bors, New Port Richey, Florida 33552. We hope to see all! 
of you next year and drink from the fountain of youth. Good ' 
luck, brothers. ..Operator OLIVER LEE Sr. is taking hisaj 
pension after 27 years. We will all remember Lee for hisa| 
sermons on the mount every morning in the depot. Every--' 
one has to do his "thing", and Oliver is going to continue 
his good work by being a Jehovah Witness, and like St. Paul 
he will spread the word of God. Keep the faith, Lee. ..Pen- 
sioner FRANK BLACK visited the depot recently and looks 



in good shape. Frank's address is 934 Maxwell Terrace, 
Bloomington, Indiana. Frank was scribe for the Union 
Leader for many years and did a fine job. Pensioner FRED 
RAPP was a frequent visitor at his home. . . Clerk BILL 
LEWIS is back home at Beverly on the night shift. He is 
always glad to help the operators — if they have a cigar... 
Operator DAN LEAHY celebrated 30 years with CTA by 
going for a bus ride. ..We extend our sympathy to the family 
of WALTER PYPER. Walter was an instructor for many 
years and was always a kind, soft-spoken gentleman. He 
will be missed by all of us. ..Operator GONZALO GARZA 
is helping out the Employment Department by taking care 
of the Spanish speaking people... Box Puller HARRY LEWIS 
vacationed at French Lick, Indiana, and really enjoyed it... 
Operator CHARLES GILTMIER celebrated 35 years of 
wedded bliss by taking his wife, JENNY, out to dinner as a 
reward for faithful service. You are a brave girl, Jenny... 
We wish a speedy recovery to Operator W. BAILEY who is 
on the sick list. ..When you send in pictures, please send 
black-and-white photographs as they reproduce better. 

Boy oh boy, a trip to Atlanta in November is just what 
the doctor ordered. It was super. Your co-reporter, 
AMOS FOSTER, ran into Operator DAVE YOUNG of 77th 
Street, and he wants everyone to know that his son, 
CHARLES, is the proud father of twin boys, CHARLES Jr. 
and MAURICE, who weighed in at 6 pounds ... Operator WIL- 
LIAM KELLEY lost his sister, LEATHY STEVENSON, in 
Greensboro, Alabama. Our sincere condolences to him 
from all of us at Beverly. . . Operator O. G. SCROGGINS 
wants to get back on Pullman so bad he can taste it. We 
take all the good runs before he gets a chance to pick. His 
whiskers are too short.. .So long! 

- Ham VoMidi & /ImM "^aiteft 


Silence is golden, but not so when it comes to the news. 
After a lapse of a few months, we are resuming our col- 
umn. I hope all of you men will help me out and send any 
news you might have to me. .. Chief BOB MILLER had a 
successful cataract operation and is now home recovering. 
We all hope your leave of absence is short, Bob, because 
we miss your presence at the old homestead... Acting Su- 
> perintendent NORM GRAVER recently took a vacation and 
spent most of his time at his most favorite spot in the 
world — the golf course. Now that you're all rested, wel- 
come back into the swing of things. . . HOWARD PERRY, 
chief clerk, said he just stayed home on his vacation and 
waited for the Indian Summer which never came. Howard 
did take his daughter, NOREEN, for her driving test and 
she passed with flying colors... Sergeant TOM SULZER and 
his wife, MARY, had a couple of surprise visitors this 
month. Their son, THOMAS Jr., and his wife, PERCY, 
stopped by for a few days while on leave from Washington 
where he is stationed with the navy. ..Mr. Stork recently 
made visits to three of our officers. To the home of 
MARIA and HARVEY BELL he delivered an 8 pound 6 
ounce bundle of blue named JASON ROBERT. To the home 
of BETTY and GEORGE EVANS he delivered a 6 pound 2 
ounce bundle of pink named KRISTINE MARIE. A bright 
pink package named ELIZABETH CLAUDETTE weighing 
in at 7 pounds 6 ounces was brought to the home of the JIM 
LaFOLLETTES... Sergeant SAM RINI has been giving organ 
concerts nightly at the Oleander Opry. Play it again, Sam. 
..Congratulations are in order for Stenographer JOAN CUCI 


golden wedding anniver- 
sary with smiles to match 
and his charming wife, 
MARY. George retired from 
the Rapid Transit Signal 
Division May 1, 1963. He's 
already saving to give 
Mary a diamond for their 
75th on May 27, 1997. 

and her husband, JOE, who works in Methods and Pro- 
cedures. They both reached their goal weight through 
Weight Watchers. You both look fantastic! 

- Pat "PO^Mt 

ELECTRICAL (General Office) - 

Signal Engineer C. L. WKSTEN was feted at a farewell 
party at Slowik's hall on November 10. Len is leaving CTA 
after 20 years of service to join De Leuw, Gather & com- 
pany as an engineer in charge of signals and communica- 
tions. He will remain in Chicago for one year, then he and 
his wife, CAROL, will be making their home in Washington, 
D.C. Best wishes for success in your new undertaking. We 
will all miss you. ..To brighten her dreary November days, 
MARIE HAVLIK flew to Florida for a mini-vacation. She 
visited St. Petersburg and Disney World in Orlando. ..We 
welcome PARKER HAND, electrical engineer I, to the de- 

(Rapid Transit Signal Division) - 

Superintendent C. L. WIKSTEN has resigned from CTA 
after more than 20 years of service in the Signal Depart- 
ment. He will head the Train Control Communications Di- 
vision of DeLeuw Gather International, a consulting firm. 
A party was given in his honor on November 10 at Slowik 
hall, 3200 North Milwaukee avenue. Some of the people 
there to wish him well were: Superintendent of Shops and 
Equipment G. J. CLARK, Electrical Engineer A. R. SAND- 
BERG, Superintendent of Transportation D. M. FLYNN, 
Superintendent of Utility & Emergency Service J. J. 
ROCHE, Ironworker Foreman E. P. WADE and Local 9 
President FRED HINGE. Best of luck, Lenny, in your new 
position.. .No one had a better excuse not to attend the party 
than LEON WILSON. The night before, someone burglar- 
ized his home and stole all his clothing. If any of you guys 
were wondering what to get Leon for Christmas, take no- 
exchanged marriage vows on Saturday, November 16. The 
wedding was at St. Charles Boromeo church in Bensen- 
ville. Jack is the son of Signal Maintainer ROY WILLIAMS, 
and is now serving in the U.S. Navy with the Seabees, sta- 
tioned at Davisville, Rhode Island. We congratulate this 
lovely couple and wish them many years of happiness... 
JACK PIPP is back in the hospital. As you know, he spent 
considerable time in the hospital last summer because of a 



serious operation. Jack re-entered this time for treatment 
of a back ailment. We all wish him a speedy recovery. ..A 
dinner party will be given for PATRICK J. DOYLE, North 
Section signal foreman, on Saturday, December 30, in honor 
of his retirement. The party will be held at Zum Deutshen 
Eck, 2924 North Southport avenue, at 7 p.m. Anyone de- 
siring to attend may contact ELMER J. STOKES as soon as 
possible. He can be reached at the relay room, 1036 West 
Montrose avenue, telephone north 464. This type of party 
is given for each of our retiring employees and all Signal 
Department personnel are invited. 

- 7« 


(Chicago Avenue) - 

HOBBS does it again. JACK and VICTORIA announced 
the arrival of number four, REBECCA LYNN, on October 
28 weighing 7 pounds 13 ounces. How is that for almost 
trick or treat... BRIAN PATRICK MURPHY wishes to an- 
nounce that his parents, the JOHN MURPHYS, have pre- 
sented him with a baby sister, MAUREEN THERESE, who 
arrived on November 2 weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces. She 
just missed coming in on a broomstick. ..VITO RACANELLI 
brought down a birthday cake on November 2 to celebrate 
his 39th(?) birthday. .. Again after advertising about pen- 
sioners it paid off. CHARLIE PAXTON, former telephone 
repairman, wrote me from Pomona, California. Charlie 
has been retired about 17 years residing in California 
where he has been active in civil defense work as an ama- 
teur radio operator assisting in emergencies. .. LARRY 
SHELBY is flying again after getting the needed parts for 
his airplane. I don't know how good Larry is at flying, but 
from what I hear he is very good at landing. Larry re- 
ceived a first place award for proficiency in precision 
landing at Gary airport. He touched down nearest to the 
white line. Didn't bounce once. ..JOE STUDLEY, RON NEL- 
SON and TONY RIGLER were all in Florida at the same 
time and spent one day together fishing. I guess one day 
was enough. Too many fish? 

- Sat TiceUac 


Once again we find ourselves welcoming another new- 
comer to our department, KATHY LEBAHN, replacing 
DARLENE JANSEN who left us a few months ago. Kathy is 
probably better known around CTA as KATHY MOSER as 
she is a recent newlywed. She has worked in a round of 
various departments since her employment with the com- 
pany in '68. Kathy's most recent department was Special 
Investigations. We're glad to have you move upstairs 
again, Kathy, and we're sure that your old department is 
going to miss you much... It's good to hear that GEORGE 
SULLIVAN is out of the hospital and doing fine after having 
surgery. Hope you're feeling much better, George, and that 
you'll be returning to work soon. ..Our sincerest sympathy 
is extended to the family of KSAVERAS KAUNAS in his ac- 
cidental passing. We shall all miss him very much. ..LEO 
LIZAK flew to New Jersey and New York for a week vis- 
iting with his brother. Talk about picking up strange eating 
habits, I hear he ate fish every day. Since his return, it 
has been reported that he is starting to grow gills. Next 
thing you know he'll be swimming around in the water 
cooler looking for a mermaid. ..BILL HUTCHINGS has sug- 
gested that ED HESS enroll in a juggling class. Maybe it 
will help when he's trying to balance the capital budget for 


this year. ..Every department should have a Santa Claus to 
keep in season. Well it seems that we have two well- 
qualified candidates— BILL HUTCHINGS and KEN HOLST. 
We'll have to have a "ho-ho-ho" contest one of these days 
to see who is better suited for the job. Maybe DUFFY, 
Mr. LUEBECK's new secretary, can volunteer to be one of 
Santa's helpers, if Santa wouldn't mind having an extra 
hand around the house.. .DICK BRAZDA, BOB VANCE and 
DAVE PHILLIPS went to North Dakota for a weekend. They 
arrived there via the Empire Builder. Hope you fellows 
enjoyed your train ride. ..HOWARD BENN and his wife vis- 
ited his folks in New York over the Thanksgiving holidays. 
Hope your Thanksgiving dinner was super delicious, How- 
ard, and you brought along your exercise book to work off 
some of the extra "stuffings. "..BOB VANCE is planning to 
visit his family in Westerville, Ohio, during the Christmas 
holidays. Maybe he can surprise them by arriving through 
the chimney. Anybody got an extra Santa Claus suit he can 
borrow ?.. Best wishes and congratulations are among the 
farewells extended to MARY ELLEN RUSS, JOHN O'CON- 
NOR'S secretary, who left us to take up that good old mar- 
ried life. Her husband, JAMES McKINLEY, is in the navy 
and stationed in Millington, Tennessee. A Florida honey- 
moon is planned where they will visit some of Jim's rela- 
tives, and of course Disney World. Mary Ellen was quite 
surprised at the number of people who attended the limch- 
eon in her honor. John O'Connor gave us a short scare by 
his late arrival, nevertheless a good time was had by all. 
Mary Ellen wishes to thank all of those who attended and 
says she will miss all of you very much. ..Glad to hear that 
GEORGE MACAK is feeling much better after his stay in 
the hospital. ..We'd like to welcome two newcomers to our 
department: KATHY KUDELKA, former telephone opera- 
tor, who is replacing MARY ELLEN RUSS, and DAISY 
FORTE, clerk-typist. Welcome aboard! 

(West Shops) - 

BERNIE HOLTANE, ironworker, was at the airport to 
welcome his wife, MARY, when she returned from a 22-day 
tour of Austria, Yugoslavia, Greece and Italy. Mrs. Hol- 
tane's roommate on the tour was RITA DEAKDSt. Bernie 
has shown us the many pictures that were taken, and all I 
can say is that I wish I was there with them. .. Welcome 
back to JOHN IWANSKI, plumber apprentice, who has been 
away too long. Good to see you back, John.., A special get 
well quick to WAYNE HANSEN, machinist foreman.. .We bid 
a fond adieu to BOB STAVINGA who worked for Superin- 
tendent of Track and Structures T. L. WOLGEMUTH. Good 
luck. Bob, wherever you are... Happy to see ROCKY FER- 

A CHIP OFF the old block 
12-year old son of Forest 
Glen Station Inside News 
reporter W. A. HENRY. 




WILHELM A. BEHNKE, Bus Repairer, 

North Avenue, Emp. 5-9-42 

North Park, Emp. 7-6-37 

Lawndale, Emp. 1-13-36 
MICHAEL T. CONDON, Electrical Worker, 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 1-9-46 

Limits, Emp. 10-24-45 

West Section, Emp. 10-5-51 
ALBERT J. HOFER, Ticket Agent, 

South Section, Emp. 11-5-42 
PATRICK J. KANE, Collector, 

77th Street, Emp, 1-2-45 
JAMES M. LUNDY, Bus Repairer, 

69th Street, Emp. 6-10-42 
DANIEL C. MOODY, Operator, 

52nd Street, Emp. 1-15-34 
STANLEY A. OSIKA, Collector, 

77th Street, Emp. 1-26-46 
JOHN P. WALSH, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 7-8-43 
JOHN F. ZARAZA, Carpenter A, 

South Shops, Emp. 3-10-37 

North Section, Emp. 7-23-66 



77th Street, Emp. 11-7-60 
OTTO KLEIN, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 7-17-46 
FRED I. STOWELL, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 2-15-46 
EUGENE T. SULLIVAN, Darkroom Technician, 

Reproduction Services, Emp. 12-11-50 
PETER J. WEBER, Bus Repairer, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 4-2-47 

RARA, labor foreman, back from his short vacation. You 
do look a little rested. Rocky... A speedy recovery to BOB 
HODGETTS, resident engineer. We are rooting for a quick 
recovery, and hope to see you soon.. .We extend our deepest 
sympathy to FRANK ROSS, machinist, and his family in the 
death of his mother. 

- XadUeK SrtuOf & ^ouUt Satt 


Belated happy 25th wedding anniversary to Operator 
BOB and Mrs. BUEGE. By the way. Bob, how come the 
tuxedo ? Is that what you were going to show up in for in- 
spection?. .Supervisor PAUL LOCASSIO is now back on the 
job working our terminal board after having open heart 
surgery. It so happens Paul takes after "Chappie," another 
fine gentleman. Keep that smile, brother Locassio, and 
you'll never lose. ..Did anyone happen to see smiling ED 
KRATZKE with his cleaning equipment at Jefferson Park? 
What a job he was doing!. .WOODY OWENS is wondering 


why his wife isn't working. I believe Woody is looking for 
early retirement. Good luck!. .Supervisor GEORGE HAND 
and his lovely wife are back from their vacation touring the 
East. Of course, George showed his bride all the good 
night spots on the trip. George says it was like a second 
honeymoon. . . Operator GEORGE SPORLEDER had a little 
work done on one of his eyes. It seems he can see all the 
pretty girls even better now. ..Operator BOB and PEARL 
EVERS had a late vacation, but the weather was bad... BILL 
WITKUS went hunting and with much luck got his limit 
again. . . Did you ever hear of anyone coming to work and 
forgetting his teeth? Well, ANDY KOSINSKI did It one 
morning. .. BILL LEMKE and his lovely wife just passed 
their 31st year of togetherness November 8. ..It so happens 
yours truly and Mrs. HENRY just made 16 years November 
25. ..Operator W. BARRON is still looking for a live one, so 
beware all... Operator BOWERS is coming up with names 
for some of the boys who meet in the corner of the depot. 
He is now calling CHILDERS "Sparky. "..Please take notice 
of PAUL CHRISTINO who operates with his seat belt on... 
Operator T. POLITOPOULOS and his Mrs. announced the 
birth of a baby girl named KATHERINA. She was born on 
October 27 at Ravenswood hospital weighing 8 pounds 8 
ounces and is their first child... Operator "POOPSIE" and 
Mrs. ANN NELSON really rubbed it in telling about all the 
fine weather on their trip to Florida in November. ..Our fine 
credit union officer, JOHN KURINEC, was an outstanding 
model for the Ladies Sodality of Divine Savior parish. At 
present we are not sure if it was underwear or outer gar- 
ments, but I am quite sure he was very outstanding, and 
did the church proud. 

- TV. fi. '»emif it«,.-...,(,..,,b.., 


The welcome mat was extended to DIANE (Ritrovato) 
PECORARO who transferred from the Claim Department. 
She became Mrs. JOSEPH PECORARO on October 7 and 
honeymooned in Jamaica. Her husband is a bus repairman 
at North Park Station. Her father, FRANK, is an instruc- 
tor for Shops & Equipment at Archer Garage. 

(Insurance) - 

RONALD KRAMER and his wife flew to Disney World 
for a two-week vacation.. .MARJORIE HOLMES, along with 
three other girls took a Greyhound to Atlanta, Georgia, to 
attend the Morehouse college homecoming. They were ex- 
hausted when they got there from the long trip, and decided 
to fly back after spending three days sightseeing... MARIE 
CRAWLEY has been advancing in her swimming lessons. 
She has now learned to dive, and the exercise is doing 
something for her figure. Keep up the good work. 

(Personnel) - 

The welcome mat was extended to MARIA LOPEZ, 
clerk-typist, and JOE KINAHAN, file clerk, who trans- 
ferred from 77th Street Shops & Equipment where he for- 
merly was a repairman... DON RIESS and his wife drove to 
Disney World in Florida touring the east and west coasts 
for two weeks. He said they had a marvelous time and the 
weather was ideal. ..Have you noticed JOE O'SULLIVAN's 
face is redder than usual ? In last month's issue of the 
Transit News, he said PATTY JOE JACOBSON was thrilled 
with her shamrock from Ireland. She was thrilled alright, 
but not by the way her name was spelled. Her name is 
PATTI JO JACOBS. Sorry, Patti. . . LEN LOHN spent a 



week in Rochester, Minnesota, undergoing tests at the 
clinic. Although he didn't get a clean bill of health, he 
found out he is not as sick as he thought he was. ..We re- 
ceived a letter recently from Pensioner WALTER GAR- 
BUTT stating that he has completely recovered from his 
heart attack. The only thing he can't do is shovel snow. 
He says his wife will do that for him. 1 wonder ? . . RAY 
FLEMING showed off his new home by having an open 
house for the members of the Training Department... PAT 
DUNEK toured the Pacific Northwest and said she had a 
wonderful time. She liked it so well she is thinking of 
going back. . .EVELYN, the wife of BURT BOSAN, took a 
trip to Rome, Italy. She said she had a good time and is 
now back home— wiser but poorer. ..RICHARD FABRY, the 
husband of KATHY FABRY, has started his new job. Rich 
is now production clerk, MC&OP, at Skokie. 

(Public Information) - 

Our deepest sympathy is extended to QUENTIN MI- 
CHALCZEWSKI in the death of his beloved grandmother. 


Superintendents M. HARRINGTON, A. TABEL and J. 
McEVlLLY would like to take this opportunity to wish all 
the personnel at Kedzie a Merry Christmas and a Happy 
New Year. . . Congratulations to EMANUEL D. PORTER, 
p.m. foreman, and his wife, ORA, on the birth of a baby 
girl, KIMBERLY ANN, October 14. . . Operator A. DOMI- 
NICK received a surprise telephone call from Pensioner 
E. ZIELKE, who says hello to all his friends at Kedzie. 
The only street Zielke ever worked out of Kedzie was Har- 
rison street. ..I received a card from Pensioner NICK 
(Money Bags) PAPPAS who said he attended the wedding of 
his grandson in Wilton, New Jersey. He said he also vis- 
ited Reading and Trenton, New Jersey. We are sorry to 
report that Nick passed away on November 13. Our sin- 
cerest sympathy to his family. ..ELINOR COLLINS, the wife 
of Operator R. COLLINS, recently underwent surgery but 
is now home recuperating satisfactorily. We wish her a 
speedy recovery. Also at this writing. Operators T. SHEV- 
CHUCK and RALPH POTTS are hospitalized in Presby- 
terian-St. Luke's hospital. FRANK VONDRASEK is in 
Loretto hospital, and G. PAPPAS is in West Lake hospital. 
..MARY FIORITA, the aunt of CARM GRAHAM, your re- 
porter's wife, passed away on October 30 in Dayton, Ohio. 
She was also the aunt of Pensioner MIKE FIORITA, Fore- 
man JOE FIORITA of Archer, and Instructor of Garages 
ADAM FIORITA. We extend our deepest sympathy to their 
families here and in Dayton... The mother of Operator M. 
GAYLORD passed away in Plymouth, North Carolina. Our 
deepest sympathy is extended to her family. ..Don't forget 
your credit union — save a little each payday. 


Hi guys and dolls. I found this witty observation after 
my Thanksgiving dinner— there are more gluttons than 
drunkards in Hell. Of course, I'm lost either way. ..Last 
Issue your old scribe pulled another boo-boo. I acknowl- 
edged that the JARECKIS were vacationing in Florida, but 
failed to mention that Operator DON BABER and his lovely 
lady were the Jarecki's travel partners. Don forgave me 



and took JOHN off the hook. He will suffer enough now that 
LINDA is taking clarinet lessons... Superintendent KE AG is 
very proud of his son, KEVIN, who is the quarterback for 
the Wright Junior college football team. He led them to a 
28 to 19 victory over Rockford, remaining undefeated as 
the undisputed champions of the Northwest Community 
Conference title. Kevin was also chosen ail-American 
quarterback for junior colleges throughout the nation. Boss 
man, please steer him in the direction of the Chicago 
Bears. . .Another father-son happening involves my good 
buddy. Supervisor LEE OAK. Lee's son, DON WILCOX, 
with the aid of his wife, MARGARET, made Lee a grandpa 
recently. Don is also one of our good garage servicemen... 
Not to be outdone. Serviceman BYRON LeVAULT boasts of 
his son's very extensive vocabulary. GREGORY BYRON, 
at the ripe old age of 16 months, can very plainly say da- 
da... Mechanic A. M. PARILLO owned up to 53 miles on the 
birthday odometer November 16. ..Mechanic JOHN ZAJAC 
will shortly leave the garage force to join the ranks of the 
courageous men in blue. ..Glad to see CHESTER FILIPEK 
off the sick list. We do, however, miss MELVIN STOKES 
who, as of this writing, is hospitalized. No one can take 
Stokes' place as no one can take up that much space. Hurry 
back, Stokes...! heard a rumor that T. J. (Boerwinkle) 
JONES has his leg in a cast, the result of the strenuous 
practice basketball coach C. BLAKENEY puts his team 
through. We want a running team, coach, but at that price? 
..Received a nice long letter from ZIELKE, and his letters 
never fail to give us a lift. By sheer coincidence, one of 
Zielke 's favorite operators, CHACHERE, was visiting his 
old buddies at Keeler and was tickled to see his name men- 
tioned in Zielke's letter. Zielke didn't know that Satch had 
abandoned us Keelerites for Limits Station... These fellows 
are really on the ball. Operator G. KARRAS remembered 
that his wife, DONNA, had a birthday on November 16, or 
was it her 16th? Operator O. HAMPTON had to buy a pre 
Christmas gift for his Mrs., ADDIE, when she birthdayed 
on December 2. Clerk RONNIE MILLER isn't so smart 
He tells me that his wife, BARBIE, can now go dancing at 
the 30 and over club following her birthday on October 19. 
Barbie is no dummy either. She's letting Ronnie go deer 
hunting in upper Michigan with her cousin as guide. Ronnie 
will definitely hunt deer— not dears. ..SY GOLDMAN and his 
wife, NELLIE, are taking a second honeymoon in West 
Palm Beach, Florida. Just in case things are a little dif- 
ferent the second time around, they will also do some 
sightseeing at Disney World in Orlando. ..Say, fellows, have 
you noticed the svelte look of Operator M. WIDEN- 
HOEFER? He has lost 20 pounds, and I can't lose two 
One of our new operators, PHILLIP DAVILA, and his wife, 

THESE THREE leisurely 
fellows are Pensioners 
LAYTON enjoying a "cool 
one" by the pool at Bill's 
home in Newport Richey, 






HOCKEY IS a year-round 
sport for Forest Glen Bus 
and his son, VICTOR, who 
looks like a typical de- 
fenseman. Carl has been 
teaching and coaching 
junior hockey teams for 
over a year at Rainbo 

THERESA, just celebrated their second wedding anniver- 
sary and didn't bring us a piece of cake... A hearty welcome 
is extended to FRANK TORRES and CARMELO MONTA- 



Well, fellows, as I am writing this the weather is giving 
us an indication that we're in for a long, cold winter (but I 
sincerely hope not). Station Superintendent JACK MORRIS 
recently reminded us that for the first month of the last 
quarter we're in first place in the system for the least 
lamount of accidents. This is a very good sign that we're 
all trying harder to improve the overall safety record of 
CTA. Keep up the good work!. .A hearty welcome to these 
new men at Lawndale: Operators CHARLES E. WILLIAMS, 
UEL DeLaCRUZ. All of us here at Lawndale extend a wel- 
come to you, and we also hope that you'll enjoy your stay 
here. ..P.M. Foreman CLARENCE MILLS is preparing for 
the 1973 model airplane championship matches. Clarence 
is looking for a couple of new models for Christmas. Good 
luck. ..Clerk JIMMIE KORLONIS of the repair department 
recently returned from a three-week vacation, but on a sad 
note. During the last week of his vacation his mother 
passed away. Our deepest sympathy is extended to you and 
your family. . . Our condolences are extended to Operator 
IRVING CUNNINGHAM in the recent passing of his mother, 
and to Operator TOMMY HARPER, whose mother also 
passed away. ..We recently received a beautiful card from 
Pensioner BILL and EM KLECKA who are vacationing in 
Florida. . . Operator ABE WILSON is challenging anyone 
capable of playing the game of chess. Abe must admit, 
however, that checkers is not his game. ..Congratulations to 
Operator SOLOMON DAVIS and his family on their new 
home. . . DARRYL D. PENDLETON, the son of Operator 
JOHN PENDLETON, recently received a scholarship to St. 
Francis de Sales High school. Congratulations to you, 
Darryl, from the men of Lawndale.. .Congratulations to Op- 
erator EDDIE McCUTCHEON who recently took his MARY 
in matrimony on October 13. ..Glad to see Operator JAMES 
FITCHPATRICK back with us after his recent illness... 
Former Operator PETE MOLFESE of Lawndale has been 
ill for some time now. We hope that Pete is doing better 
at this writing.. .Also back on the job after his illness is 
Operator EXCELL BENN... Personnel on our sick list as of 
this writing are: Operator TILLMON SHAW in Mary 


Thompson hospital; Operator GEORGE M. O'DONNELL, 
and Cleaner ROBERT WALKER. ..On December 1 Operator 
GEORGE F. BRICHACEK retired after 36 years of service. 
We're all wishing George loads of good luck on his retire- 
ment... Fore man JOE RITROVATO will retire on January 1 
after 38 years of service. Joe spent 18 years as a fore- 
man. You've been a very nice guy to know and will be 
missed around Lawndale. Good luck on your retirement... 
Our condolences are extended to Operator LENZIE AL- 
FORD in the recent passing of his brother. ..Here are the 
men on the 1972-73 basketball team from Lawndale: Coach 
DUANE SMITH. Good luck for the season, fellows, I hope 
that as many of us as possible can get out to see the games. 
. . Wedding anniversary congratulations go to Operators 
WILLIAM and ANN MILLER on their 15th, October 26; 
JOHN and ANN HAWKINS on their 3rd, October 28; 
ARTHUR and MELVITA WILLIAMS on their 11th, No- 
vember 10; JEROME and EVELYN JOHNSON on their 12th, 
November 27; ROBERT and SANDRA BRAXTON on their 
2nd, December 5; EDDIE and ROBERTA JOHNSON on their 
11th, December 10; and it's going to be eight years of 
wedded bliss for HAYWARD and JOYCE BORDERS January 
9. Many happy returns to all!. .Congratulations are in or- 
der for Clerk CLARK and MARGIE CARTER on the recent 
birth of their son, CLARK LEE CARTER Jr., on November 
2. Little Clark topped the scale at 7 pounds 65 ounces... 
Happy birthday to the following personnel: LOU J. KAZDA, 
On Sunday, October 29, the St. Joseph Branch of the Little 
Flower Society held it's communion breakfast at St. Pat- 
rick's church. Lavnidale personnel in attendance Included 
Mr. and Mrs. EDDIE KAWCZYNSKI, Instructor and Mrs. 
DAVE HINMAN, their son and his mother-in-law, and Clerk 
and Mrs. WILLIAM KELLY. Former Assistant Superin- 
tendent of Lawndale STANLEY BITEL and his lovely wife 
were there. We also had a chance to see Pensioner and 
Mrs. ARCHIE DILLON, who are both looking very well. 
Archie happened to win a prize in the drawing— a statue of 
the Madonna of the Kitchen. Other winners from Lawndale 
were EDDIE (Cookie) KAWCZYNSKI and yours truly. Ev- 
eryone really had a wonderful time. ..We extend our deepest 
sympathy to Assistant Superintendent H. P. BRAUN in the 
recent passing of his brother, WALTER BRAUN... Our 
hearts go out to Operator A. A. HADAC who sustained an 
injury recently en route to work. We all wish you a speedy 


Time marches on, and the time has come when your 
scribe has reached that golden age of 65. As of January 1, 
1973, I will be retired. I thank the good Lord who has seen 
fit to keep me in good health and strength these many 
years. I want to thank the men at Limits for their coopera- 




tion In writing our column, for without their help there 
would not have been a column. I also want to thank Bob 
Heinlein, Mel Alexander and the Transit News staff for 
their help. They have all done a fine job of getting the 
Transit News out regularly to all of the employees, active 
and retired. Your new scribe beginning with the January 
issue will be CHARLES TURNER, who is most capable. 
Please keep the Limits column alive by giving him the co- 
operation that you gave me. Thank you. ..The Limits credit 
union annual business meeting and party will be held on 
January 28 at 3 p.m. in Weigelt's hall, Byron and Damen 
avenues. All members and their families are invited to 
attend. Prizes will be given after the meeting, and deli- 
cious food and beverages will be served... Superintendent 
M. DeWITT and his dear wife returned from a refreshing 
vacation down in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where they enjoyed 
themselves to the fullest... Operator STANLEY DEERING 
took his pension on December 1. He and his dear wife are 
planning to tour the good old U.S.A. and visit the many 
places of historic interest. ..Mechanic KEITH KLEIN and 
his dear wife, DIANE, became the parents of a cute baby 
girl, KAPRICE MARIE. This is the first girl in the Klein 
family after having eight boys. Congratulations to the very 
proud parents. .. P.M. Foreman E. KUKLEWICZ and his 
dear wife , FRIEDA, celebrated their 30th wedding anniver- 
sary on November 16, and it was also his 31st year with 
CTA. Congratulations and best wishes to this fine couple. 
They are planning a trip to San Antonio, Texas, to mark the 
occasion... Our sincerest sympathy to Operator MITCHNER 
in the death of his beloved mother; also to the families of 
CARLSTEDT, formerly of Devon and North Park, who 
passed away. ..In closing this column, as it will be my last 
one, 1 will not say goodby but just "au revoir." May all of 
you and your families enjoy good health, happiness and 
prosperity in the years that lie ahead. 

- ;e. S. ^ouM 


Clerk ED PFANNKUCHE celebrated 39 years with CTA 
in October, and he and his wife, VI, celebrated their first 
wedding anniversary on November 26. Our congratulations 
on both occasions. On October 27, Ed and Vi flew to Chat- 
tanooga, Tennessee, and enjoyed a boat ride dovra the Mis- 
sissippi river... Motorman GEORGE EASTMAN said so long 
to CTA and his co-workers when he resigned recently to 
open his own business, a hardware store. If any of you are 
in the vicinity of Madison and Western, drop in and give 
George some business... Janitor CRUMPLER spent his va- 
cation in New York this year. He said he really had a great 
time. ..CHESTER GAVIN is back to work after his four-day 
holiday. Tell us, Chester, is it who you know or what you 
do?. .Our deepest sympathy is extended to the family of re- 
tired Assignment Agent ANTHONY BALKAS who passed 
away recently. Anthony was with CTA for 25 years. High 
mass was celebrated for him at Our Lady of the Ridge 
church on October 11. ..Our sincere condolences are also 
extended to Agent MARTHA BLEERS who recently lost her 
grandson, and to Clerk RON SORENSEN in the death of his 
mother. ..Agent TONI STIPATI, the wife of Agent SAM STI- 
PATI, is recuperating nicely. We hope to announce her re- 
turn to work shortly... JOHN FILIPEK has asked us to thank 
all his co-workers who so kindly remembered him with 
cards and gifts during his hospital stay. He was deeply 
touched. .. Agent W. RAJEWSKI and his wife happily an- 


nounced the birth of their fifth and sixth grandchildren, 
born just three weeks apart. Their daughter had a little 
girl, VICKI, and their daughter-in-law had a little girl 
named DEBBIE. Moms, dads and grandparents are really 
proud... We just can't seem to keep the DOYLE name out of 
the news for one issue. This time we announce the 33rd 
wedding anniversary of DAN and Co-reporter MILDRED on 
November 11. May they enjoy many, many more years 
together. Congratulations from all of us. ..It is with deep 
regret that we announce the retirement of Janitor E. 
SCHULTZ, Lake Street. He will be greatly missed and, 
hard to replace. Schultzy, as he was affectionately known 
by his many friends, never idled away his time. He man- 
aged to keep busy at all times, and his stations showed it., 
Good luck and many happy retirement years to a truly fine 
gentleman. Don't forget to let us hear from you. ..We are 
happy to see BILL CUSACK back at the old stand after his j 
recent illness. Stay well. Bill, and don't let anything get 
you down... Agent MINNIE DIKE MAN is much too humble to 
tell anyone, but we found out that she received an "Employ- 
ee of the Year" citation for 1972. Minnie certainly de-j 
serves this honor as she is a most conscientious andgra-^ 
cious lady. . . Belated birthday greetings to Chief Clerkt 
HARRY BAKER and retired Agent PIERRE FLECK. . . Oht 
November 4 a retirement party was held for Agent MARY\' 
JO OHNESORGE at Weigelt's hall on Damen avenue. Those* 
who attended enjoyed a lovely dinner and an enjoyable eve-^ 
ning of dancing. Mary Jo was presented with gifts whichl 
she accepted graciously. Everyone was moved by her ac-i 
ceptance speech when she said looking around this roomn 
and seeing all these people as her friends was the greatesfcl 
gift of all. ..Agent ED ROHDE retired on November 1. May) 
he enjoy his retirement in good health. ..Electrician JOE^ 
HOBBS is back on the job and really looking great. Joe had( 
open heart surgery at Presbyterian-St. Luke's hospital. ..,| 
Agent OPAL (York) WOZNLAK is home recuperating fromi, 
her recent surgery at St. Anthony hospital. We will be glad^ 
to give her number to all her friends who would like to calllj 
her. ..In closing, our grateful thanks to Transit News Editor^ 
BOB HEINLEIN and his staff for all their hard work and( 
efforts in putting out our magazine in 1972. Thanks, gang...j 
May 1973 be a blessed and happy year for all of us. Keepn 




Anyone interested in a puppy or kitten for a Christmas) 
gift? Please contact MATTIE ANDERSON. Don't ever telll 
her when your birthday is, or you will be sure to get one om 
the other as a present. ..Speaking of pets, KATY MORLAR-ll 
TY, your co-scribe, has a big beautiful Irish setter whc« 
was graduated from obedience school in November. Con-« 
gratulations...JIM GEORGE spent his vacation in Wiscon-* 
sin working on his cottage there. .. DOROTHY FORD hasij 
some new glasses, and had a two-week vacation whicli 
started the week of Thanksgiving. Gee, what a nice time tt 
be off and get ready for the upcoming holidays. .. JUNi 
BAREKMAN and her family had a wonderful vacation ii 
Hawaii in August... Relief Superintendent R. SUTA said h( 
had a nice "honey-do" vacation. He did everything his wife 
told him to do. Knowing Mr. Suta, he enjoyed every minut( 
of it. ..Congratulations and good luck to all the newly-hire( 
agents. Those hired as conductors recently are: JOSEPI 



- ^tuce ^(xwrf^ & "KiUtf TH'i'Uaittf 


Congratulations to Operator LAWRENCE ABRAHAM who 
;Icomed his second granddaughter, LAURIE, born Octo- 
T 23 at McNeal hospitaL..On February 1, Clerk EDWARD 
KEEFE will be joining the ranks of pensioners after 39 
lars of service. He has some great plans. First, a trip 
Hawaii with his wife and sister-in-law. Then an auto- 
Qbile trip and some sightseeing. Good luck, Ed, keep in 
^ch. . . My co-reporter, WALTER BLIX, had open-heart 
irgery. He is at home recuperating and will be back at 
)rth as soon as the doctor gives him the OK. He would 
to hear from all of his friends. See ya' purty soon, 
klter... Operator RALPH POTTS from Kedzie is in Oak 
irk hospital. Operator HERB LINDEMANN is on the sick 
fet. We hope you both are well by the time you read this... 
are happy to report that Bus Dispatcher BILL KOSEK, 
)uth Shops, is back to work after surgery. ..Pensioner JOE 
EBEL and his spouse, CATHERINE, vacationed in San 
•ancisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. According to 
eir card, they were having a ball. Joe says, "Old bus 
ivers never die, they just drive away. "..Clerk WAYNE 
lEDEMA and his wife, BONNIE, paid Day Foreman ALEX 
MA and his wife, ROSE, a visit during their vacation, 
ayne and Bonnie enjoyed the local forest preserves and a 
licious dinner prepared by Rose. Alex and Rose are big 
id owners in Wisconsin — they have a nice farm. Wayne 
d Bonnie are also new property owners. They bought a 
me on the Northwest Side of Chicago. ..Congratulations to 
2 September members of the Courtesy Caravan Club. 
ley are; Operator W. JOHNSON for assistance of handi- 
pped. Operators R. COVYEAU, H. FIELDS, E. BRYANT, 
FLIENT and J. DUBIN for exceptional courtesy... Pen- 
oner WILLW.M BUETOW lost his wife, ANNA, November 
Operator WADE SIMMONS lost his father October 13. 
iOerator NICK DE FINA passed away October 13. Operator 
:J SUKIS lost his wife October 13. The sister of Operator 
illED COOPER passed away October 11. We extend our 
tiepest sympathy to these families. The Bible tells us 
P.'sus said, "I go to prepare a place for you that where I 
!:n, there ye may be also. "..Superintendent LES KEAG of 

iECEMBER, 1972 


AUER, the daughter of 
North Avenue Station In- 
side News reporter WAL- 
TER BLIX, was a recent 
graduate of the Ravenswood 
Hospital School of Nursing. 
She will be working at 
Swedish Covenant hospital. 

Keeler Station and his wife, LORETTA, are very proud of 
their son, KEVIN, who is quarterback on the Wright Jr. 
college football team. They beat Rockford 28 to 19 to win 
the Northwest Central Community Conference for junior 
colleges. He threw two touchdown passes and scored a 
touchdown himself. Last year he received the award for 
the ail-American quarterback for junior colleges all over 
the U.S.A. ..We received a welcome letter from Pensioner 
NEIL COTTER in Portage, Wisconsin. The duck hunting 
and the deer hunting are good there, but Neil doesn't care 
to take advantage of it. He asks to be remembered to all 
and tells all, "Stay well. "..In the January, 1953, issue of 
Transit News, there was a feature story on BILL LOUB- 
SKY', the son of Pensioner BILL LOUBSKY. At that time 
Bill, age 12, was building scale models of CTA buses as a 
hobby project. In 1963 our magazine announced that Bill, 
age 22, was a graduate engineering student at the Univer- 
sity of Illinois. Now 1973 is coming up and we have a letter 
from his father telling us that Bill is now attending Stan- 
ford university to obtain his Ph.D. He is considering many 
offers of teaching, one of which is at M.I.T. in Boston, or 
to go into research at Los Alamos, New Mexico. He also 
has an offer to teach in France. He has worked part time 
at NASA and gave a televised talk to NASA and Lockheed on 
November 7. Bill went to Russia August 12 to attend the 
13th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied 
Mechanics held at the University of Moscow where scien- 
tists from all over the world met. There were 4,000 in 
attendance, 2,500 Russians and 1,500 foreigners. Bill 
wrote a technical paper, and out of 400 entered in the 
U.S.A., 48 were accepted. Two were from Stanford univer- 
sity, and Bill's was one of them. This trip was paid for by 
Stanford and the U.S. Academy of Science. Bill visited 
The Red Square, St. Basil's church, Lenin's Tomb, Lenin- 
grad, Province of Georgia, Armenia, and the Russian Riv- 
iera on the Black Sea. The Russian buses are very much 
like the old "Queen Mary", only gasoline versions. They 
have many trolley buses and streetcars. People there ride 
on the honor system and some of the fares are 3 cents. He 
said Russian subway stations are the most beautiful in the 
world, made of marble, many paintings, sculptures and 
golden chandeliers. Whatever Bill's plans are for the 
future, we wish him luck. ..I want to thank all of you who, 
like JULIUS BISWURM, let me know the news that gets into 
this column. One little problem has arisen. When I moved, 
I put my new address in the column but many of you didn't 
keep it and a lot of my mail is still being sent to my old 
house. Send it to Bill Miedema, 3900 North Pacific avenue, 
Chicago, Illinois 60634. Write it down right now before 



you forget! And use it to let me know all of the things your 
friends would like to read about. I can't print things if 
nobody lets me know about them. Just drop them in the box 
at the depot, or, if you are a pensioner, write to me. 

- TViJtUam TtUaUma. & TVattm ?&t 


The North Park credit union annual business meeting 
will be held Friday, January 12, at River Park Fieldhouse, 
5100 N. Francisco avenue at 8 p.m. Dividends will be de- 
clared and refreshments will be served with drawings for 
door prizes. All members are urged to attend... Operator 
HAROLD BASON and his wife, NORA, became grandparents 
for the eighth time when their daughter, Mrs. JANICE AN- 
DERSON, gave birth to a daughter named GWEN MARIE on 
November 1 at Lutheran General hospital weighing 7 pounds 
7 ounces. ..CHRISTINE CHRISTENSEN, the daughter of Op- 
erator CHARLES and GRACE CHRISTENSEN, was married 
on Saturday, December 15, to STEVEN KOIS at Evangelical 
Free church of Wauconda, Illinois. The reception was held 
at the church and was attended by 200 guests... BOB and 
EMELIA CIESLA became grandparents for the second time 
when their daughter, CAROL ANN COLBURN, gave birth to 
a daughter named CHRISTINE MARIE on November 4 at 
Wesley Memorial hospital weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces. . . 
Hospitalized at this time are Mrs. MILDRED SHER, the 
wife of Operator IRVING SHER, at Weiss Memorial for 
major surgery, and Mrs. CONNIE DiGIOVANNI, the wife of 
Clerk JOE DiGIOVANNI, at Forkosh hospital tor major 
surgery. The ladies are recuperating satisfactorily and 
our prayers are with them for a complete recovery... Going 
on pension November 1 were Operators RICHARD HALLI- 
GAN with 43 years of service and Operator RAYMOND 
BLAA with 33 years of service. On December 1 Operator 
ALVIN BLOOMQUIST with 35 years of service started his 
pension. In the near future we expect to hear from Richard 
who is expecting to move to Florida. Ray will be at home 
at 1706 Rogers avenue in McHenry, Illinois. Alvin will be 
found playing golf on many of the Chicagoland golf courses 
when weather permits. We at North Park wish to express 
our sincere appreciation to these fine gentlemen and their 
wives as they enjoy their leisure years together. ..Operator 
JAMES HALL and his wife, VIRGINIA, traveled throughout 
the West and Southwest. Points of interest visited were 
Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park 
and several stops in the Ozarks with a boat ride at Bagnall 
dam... Operator JOHN HALL and his wife, MARIE, drove 
their new '72 Buick LeSabre to Dallas, Texas, to visit Miss 
NANCY NANN, who is attending Southern Methodist univer- 
sity. Also on the agenda was a trip to Ellington, Missouri, 
for a two-week rest period... Superintendents ALEX JOHN- 
MUELLER and their wives spent two weeks on a Caribbean 
cruise visiting islands in that area. ..Operator SAM POS- 
NER and his wife, ETHEL, flew to Los Angeles, Califor- 
nia, where they stayed with Ethel's mother, Mrs. MINNIE 
MOLL. On the agenda were visits to San Diego, Long 
Beach, and three wonderful days at the Executive Sweets 
motel at Las Vegas, Nevada... Operator JERRY BUDZICZ 
and his wife, HELEN, traveled to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, for 
their traditional visit with Helen's relatives. While there, 
Jerry challenged the relatives to a golf match and won 
some Wisconsin money... Operator PLEAS (PG) SMITH and 
his wife, MADELYN, wish to announce that they are dis- 
tributors of Amway products. The phone number is 



539-9358 and the Smiths will be happy to come out an( 
serve you. ..Pensioner ROY PEDERSEN of 310 John street 
Decatur, Michigan, has another champion beagle namec 
Black Hawk Billy. Billy has won two seconds and one firs 
place trophy in competition against other beagles. Roy 
who is an avid hunter and fisherman, along with his wife 
BERNICE, invites his many friends to stop by for a visit.. 
Happy anniversaries are extended to: Street CoUectoi 
TONY GLOPPE and his wife, JENNIE, their 37th; Signa 
Maintainer JAMES NESBIT and his wife, MARGE, thei): 
34th; Pensioner STANLEY ZALE and his wife, MARIEi 
their 44th; Sanitary Engineer STANLEY GUSTAFSON ami 
his wife, RUTH, their 33rd; Operator CONNIE SCHMIT anti 
his wife, FRANCES, their 41st; Operator FRED BOLD'J 
and his wife, AGNES, their 40th; Operator FRED STOWEL] 
and his wife, WILMA, their 37th, and Paymaster MlKl 
KOMPANOWSKI and his wife, JOSEPHINE, their 38th.. 
Happy birthdays are extended to: Pensioners BILL SEI 
Clerk BOB PETERSON, Operators LEO HARA, ME] 
JOE DiGIOVANNI... Our sympathy and condolences are ex 
tended to the families of Pensioners WILLIAM KROSS: 
MIKE KOMPANOWSKI in the loss of his father-in-law 
Mr. ALEX KAWALSKI. . . Repair Department Chit Chat 
Congratulations to the garage personnel on their seconr 
award-winning performance. For their safety recori 
coffee and rolls were served... Repairman C. TICE was Ini 
jured in an automobile accident, and at this writing is rei 
covering satisfactorily. . . Enjoying December vacations 
this time are the following: DANIEL LOHSE, ANDY KARR 
HEAVEY. ..Watch your money grow by saving each paydali 
in your credit union. You can save through payroll deduo( 
tions every two weeks... Remember to change your bene( 
ficiary on your insurance and pension plan as soon as youi 
circumstances change. 


North Side employees were shocked by the sudden deaHJ 
of our pensioned North Side Station Superintendent KE>B 
NETH MANAUGH who passed away on November 7. Oin 
sincere sympathy to the members of his family. . . OO, 
deepest sympathy also to Agent TONY ABBANATI in tli 
death of his aunt. Tony is now caring for his 86 year o^ 
uncle. ..On Saturday, November 4, agents from all sectioii 
had a farewell dinner for Agent MARY OHNESORGE 
Johnnie Weigelt's banquet hall. There were many formi 
and retired employees in attendance. Among them wei 
Former Division 308 President JOHN BURNS and h 
brother, CHARLIE BURNS (with his good jokes), MIKt 
CRONIN, Mrs. McMANN, retired Agents ELSIE REIME: 
of our North Side agents (names withheld) showed everyo: 
how to do the Irish jig. A good time was had by everyoD 
and we wish Mary many happy years of retirement. ..Age* 
MINNA KING flew to Florida for a few days to visit wi' \ 
her parents... Agent ANN TOMLINSON was in Las Vegas 
vacation and managed to make the machines pay out. G1.I 
you had a good time, Ann. .. Birthday wishes to retiri 
Agent BETTY HAWKINS. May you have many more. All 



ANTHONY C. BALKAS, 65, South Section, 

Emp. 9-3-42, Died 10-7-72 
ARTHUR A. BREEN, 82, Lawndale, 

Emp. 2-16-35, Died 10-7-72 
JESSE BROADNAX, 57, Limits, 

Emp. 3-15-51, Died 11-9-72 
OLAF H. CARLSTADT, 73, North Park, 

Emp. 1-21-44, Died 10-7-72 
PETER F. DALEY, 75, Archer, 

Emp. 2-23-17, Died 10-5-72 
AUGUSTA S. DALY, 76, Transportation, 

Emp. 8-27-23, Died 8-25-72 
NICK F. DeFINA, 61, North Avenue, 

Emp. 3-4-42, Died 10-13-72 
JOHN DROBENA, 73, South Shops, 

Emp. 3-30-37, Died 10-2-72 
FREDERICK C. GOETZ, 74, South Division, 

Emp. 9-21-37, Died 10-27-72 
FLOYD N. GRAHAM, 87, Engineering, 

Emp. 4-1-27, Died 10-24-72 
ALBERT E. GRUENLER, 72, Stores, 

Emp. 2-3-37, Died 10-24-72 
WALTER HOGG, 80, Track, 

Emp. 9-17-30, Died 10-1-72 
PAUL JAKSEBOGA, 88, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 5-1-20, Died 9-13-72 
PETER JOCIUS, 78, Kedzie, 

Emp. 6-28-23, Died 9-30-72 
JOHN Y. JOHNSON, 75, Howard Street, 

Emp. 6-3-26, Died 10-28-72 
THEODORE A. KAWOL, 81, Electrical, 

Emp. 1-5-10, Died 10-5-72 

Emp. 1-27-25, Died 9-25-72 
EMIL C. KROSS, 65, North Park, 

Emp. 12-7-36, Died 10-23-72 

TOM LOMBARDO, 83, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 8-13-19, Died 11-2-72 
JOSEPH M. MATEVICH, 78, South Shops, 

Emp. 9-6-27, Died 10-17-72 
PATRICK McAREE, 83, 61st Street, 

Emp. 4-24-41, Died 10-19-72 
MARGARET M. McBRIDE, 64, North Section, 

Emp. 3-9-51, Died 10-4-72 
JOHN W. McGUIRE, 65, South Shops, 

Emp. 6-7-24, Died 10-17-72 
WILLIAM Q. MERRIOTT, 69, North Section, 

Emp. 8-26-26, Died 10-6-72 
THOMAS MORAN, 77, Devon, 

Emp. 3-8-23, Died 10-15-72 
PATRICK J. O'REILLY, 89, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 10-2-17, Died 10-25-72 
CLARENCE E. OVERMAN, 70, West Section, 

Emp. 6-11-26, Died 10-8-72 
ELISABETH A. PAYSEN, 80, West Section, 

Emp. 9-7-18, Died 8-26-72 
WALTER F. PYPER, 67, 77th Street, 

Emp. 11-1-33, Died 10-19-72 
HENRY E. RENKEN, 84, 69th Street, 

Emp. 6-23-09, Died 11-1-72 
ARTHUR H. SEPKE, 77, Devon, 

Emp. 6-4-24, Died 10-21-72 
JOSEPH SUSMAN, 61, District D, 

Emp. 10-3-45, Died 10-9-72 
ALOYSIUS L. TUCHOWSKI, 65, West Section, 

Emp. 3-14-28, Died 10-16-72 
GEORGE B. TYRIVER, 75, North Avenue, 

Emp. 11-5-29, Died 10-26-72 
SAM WILSON, 51, Limits, 

Emp. 2-1-65, Died 10-26-72 

o Agent CATHERINE ZIEMBA... North Section Motorman 

OE WACKER went on pension October 31. He started with 

he Chicago Rapid Transit as a station watchman; his duties 

eing to spend the midnight hours at a station which was 

losed due to the depression and the loss of riders. When 

lassenger traffic began to pick up, he was transferred into 

rain service as a guard-conductor. Later he became a 

fnotorman on the South Section. During the last system 

lick, Joe transferred North, finishing his days on the 

I 'Jorth-South route. His total service spans some 37 years, 

j :.ll of which Joe said he enjoyed very much and would 

I [ladly do over again. Joe was taken to lunch at the Kon- 

'riki Ports by one of his former student motormen following 

'lis retirement, where he told some interesting tales of the 

■'Id rapid transit. The former student is Supervisor BOB 

*fANZ...On the sick list at this time are Agents JERRY 

^!)LSEN and DOREEN HORN. Our best wishes to you both 

-'or a speedy recovery... Agent CLESEN and his wife and 

laughter took a trip to Algoma, Wisconsin, and brought 

lack 272 pounds of potatoes. Well there is one wife who 

loesn't get a chance to use instant potatoes... Everyone was 

;lad to see Agent ROSE O'CONNELL who returned to work 

iter her long illness. ..Our best wishes and good luck to 

:onductor CARL SCHERIERMAN on his retirement after 

jnore than 30 years of service. Carl says he is just going 

o goof around and take it easy... Birthday greetings to Mo- 

torman ANDREW CROUT, Collector JOE GOLDBERG, and 
DAVIE S. . .Wedding anniversary congratulations to Agent 
GERDA MATTHEWS and her husband, BILL, on their 27th 
year. May they have many more. 

- 7<W« ■»em4e 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

Our sympathy is extended to the families of AUGUSTA 
S. DALY, retired stenographer from the Transportation 
Department, who passed away on August 25 and KENNETH 
MANAUGH, retired superintendent at Howard Street Rapid 
Transit, who passed away on November 7... JACK TCHELE- 
BIAN, his wife and a guest from Europe drove to St. Pe- 
tersburg, Florida, for a vacation. They spent some time in 
Disney World and were quite amazed at the things they 
saw there. The weather was in the 80's all the time and 
was beautiful, just like the whole trip... We would like to 
extend a warm welcome to JEANNE ROHE, clerk- 
stenographer, who is replacing ELKE MOLINA who trans- 
ferred to the Insurance Department. We also wish the best 
of luck to LORRAINE BRAZZLE who transferred to the 
Claim Department and KATHY KUDELKA who transferred 
to Research and Planning.. .CHARLES E. KEISER, retired 

:)ECEMBER, 1972 



ONE LOOK at this hand- 
some young lad and you 
can easily understand why 
supervisor in Operations 
Control, is so proud of 
his 8'/2 month old son, 

operating manager, recently came to the General Office 
and visited with many of his friends. It was good to see 
him and to know that he is feeling fine and enjoying retire- 

(Transportation Instruction) - 

Our condolences are extended to the family of WALTER 
F. PYPER, retired supervising instructor at 77th Street, 
who passed away on October 19. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

JAMES ROCHE and his wife recently vacationed in the 
east and said that Connecticut was very pretty. They en- 
joyed the great weather and the beauty of the fall colors. 
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. JOHNSON went to Iowa for their vaca- 
tion and had a real nice time. . . Congratulations to J. J. 
ROCHE who celebrated his 35th anniversary vrith the CTA, 
and to N. GEWELKE and F. BECKER with 30 years of 
service each. ..A word of thanks for a job well done to O. 
and J. ROCHE who worked at the site of the I.C. train crash 
on October 30. 


We missed wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving in the No- 
vember issue so we hope that you all had a very happy day! 
..On October 22, our office attended the wedding of MARY 
BETH (Murray) MROZ. Everyone had a real swell time 
dancing the different dances, and JOANNE BOETTIN is 
still saying that she could have danced all night. After the 
wedding, Mary Beth and her husband, JERRY, flew to Aca- 
pulco, Mexico, for a seven-day honeymoon. They stayed at 
the Contessa Del Mar hotel, toured the bay, shopped in the 
market, and swam in their pool. The weather was very 
hot, 90 degrees every day, and after that it was hard to 
return to the rainy weather in Chicago. They both say they 
had a wonderful time. . . Get well vrishes are extended to 
BECKY COUSIN, Purchasing, who is in the hospital. Hope 
you have a speedy recovery ! ..We received word from Pen- 
sioner FRED LOITZ who attended the Softball champion- 
ships in Texas and also stopped to see his daughter. Fred 
reports that he is feeling fine and says hello to everyone... 
Glad to see LEE DE SUTTER, Specifications, on her feet 
again. Hope she is having a great time on her vacation in 


Florida. .. MARY ANN BURNS, Stores, and her husband, 
JIM, purchased a new 1973 Oldsmobile Royal. It is bur- 
gundy with a burgundy vinyl top. They took their first trip 
in the new car to Wisconsin to spend Thanksgiving weekend 
with their family... JIM TOOLIS, Purchasing, has moved 
into his new home. Jim and his family spent Thanksgiving 
day in the new home. He likes the house, but Jim says he 
is tired of painting. Jim and BOB MCCARTHY, along with 
their sons, attended the "Dad's Day" football game at 
University of Illinois in Urbana. . . Congratulations are ii 
order for KEN SIPICH, stock clerk I, who received a 10( 
per cent on his Red Cross training program. You fellows 
in Storeroom 20 must feel awfully safe with Ken around!. 
As of this writing MARVIN CASTLE, stock clerk I, is on 
vacation in Florida. ..A big welcome is extended to RALPH 
LOUIS and JAMES QUALLS, our two new stock clerks at 
Storeroom 42. ..Divisional Storekeeper MIKE KORZEN is 
vacationing in California. ..SAM CANELLA, fork lift opera- 
tor, and his wife flew to Las Vegao on a 747 Jet. This was 
their first time in an airplane. Hope you had a nice quiet 
flight! . .Assistant Divisional Storekeeper GEORGE LIN- 
DEN went fishing with his two sons on the Chippeflow 
River. George informed us that he was the cause of letting 
the "big one" get away. It seems that George's son, GARY, 
caught the fish and George tried to help by grabbing the 
line. The line snapped and the fish got away. This sounds 
just like another fish story... We are sorry to report that 
one of our co-workers, GRANVILLE CHEATHAM, stock 
clerk I, is in the hospital. Granville helps us gather the \ 
news from the Stores Department, South Shops. Hope you 
are feeling better soon as we miss you! ..Belated happy 
birthday wishes are extended to CHARLIE BENNETT'S 
daughter, SYLVIA, who celebrated her 13th birthday on 
November 5. . . The WEATHERSBY brothers, HOMER and 
RICHARD, spent a week touring the West Coast. ..Congrat- 
ulations are in order for RICHARD WEATHERSBY and i 
JAMES RILEY who both became the proud fathers of 9 
pound 8 ounce baby boys. 

- Cecilia ItMca. & ffoAx l}iU 


Our condolences to the family of Pensioner FRANK|! 
FORNIER who passed away at the age of 73. ..Congratula- 
tions are the order of the day for some of our 61st Street'' 
men: JESSE CROSS on the purchase of a 1973 Cadillac; 
FRANK LEWIS on the purchase of a new home; M. LALLY 
who also bought a new home, and MICK MALLOY who 
bought a new Buick convertible. We can all go for a ride 
in the new cars to see the new homes... The opening of 
hunting season is the start of vacations for L. STRYSZAK 
and S. NETTLES, 61st Street. Wonder if they bag anything 
or do they end up in the bag?. .Happy to see ED SHIELDS, 
Dan Ryan, back at work. He and his wife spent a two-week 
vacation soaking up the Florida sun and they've already put 
a reserved sign on a retirement spot. ..The gang was all out 
to wish F. PICKETT, Dan Ryan, a happy birthday. His fel- 
low club members gave him a party to remember. . .j 
GEORGE NICHOLSON, Dan Ryan, is getting his Santa'ffr 
helper suit ready and collecting contributions for the an- 
nual Christmas party... Enjoying a holiday vacation are A,. 
Forest Park.. .Best wishes for a very joyous holiday seasoBi 
from all the boys who keep those trains neat and running! 


- ^<Uf StfOft/i 




DOROTHY ETSCHEID flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 
to rest and enjoy the sun and surf. She returned sporting a 
beautiful tan... RUTH HAVLIK, along with her mother and 
sister, MARIE, of Electrical, flew to Tampa, Florida, for 
a short vacation. However, most of their leisure time 
these days is being spent readying a recently-acquired 
summer home. ..Pensioner JAY KELLY sent a letter and 
pictures of his new mobile home in Sun City, Arizona, and 
says he and his wife are really enjoying living there. Mrs. 
KELLY also sent a poem she wrote which we all enjoyed... 
We also received a letter from Pensioner PAT LENIHAN 
who is also enjoying California living. . . Our newest pen- 
sioner. Retired Superintendent L. C. DUTTON, is keeping 
us abreast of his happy wanderings with a card from the 
West Coast. Another retiree, BILL DEVEREUX, is happily 
wandering southward with stops in Chattanooga, Tennessee, 
Atlanta, Georgia, and various points in Florida. ..Welcome 
to new Traffic Clerk JOE LYNCH, Checker GUADALUPE 
NAVARRO, and Statistical Clerk BILL STANLEY who is 
just off the graduate trainee program. 


News from the Upholstery Department! Upholsterer 
KEN METTLER's wife, MARG, is recovering at home after 
undergoing surgery at Augustana hospital. Take it nice and 
easy, Marg, and get well soon!.. Upholsterer JOHN ZDU- 
NEK and his wife, VIRGINIA, celebrated their 27th wedding 
anniversary with dinner and a play at the Rustic Barn. 
John claims he picked up the tab (but we know you better 
than that)... Upholsterer LARRY VANDERHORST's daugh- 
ter, JANICE, was married on October 21 to WAYNE OR- 
LOWSKI at St. Veronica's church. Janice also works for 
the CTA in the Claim Department... Phew! The stork must 
be exhausted. He's really had a busy schedule! Electrical 
Worker Apprentice MICHAEL KEELE and his wife, MARI- 
ANNE, had their first son, MICHAEL, born on November 1 
weighing 9 pounds 4 ounces. They also have a daughter, 
MICHELLE. Shopman JIM GOLDEN and his wife, JOAN, 
had a little girl, TERESA, born September 26 weighing 9 
pounds 8 ounces. Material Handler DAN PROZANSKI and 
his wife, VALERIE, had their second son, ROBERT MICH- 
AEL, November 7, who weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces. Our 
hearty congratulations to the proud parents !.. Congratula- 
tions to Electrical Worker CHESTER BUJNOWSKI and his 
wife, MARY, on the birth of their first grandchild! Ches- 
ter's daughter, ALICE, and her husband, ROBERT YEARS- 
LEY, had a baby boy, CHAD, born November 7 weighing 5 
pounds 15 ounces and 19 inches long.. .Machinist JIM PAO- 
LICCHI reports that he and his wife, MARY, had a wonder- 
ful two weeks in St. Petersburg, Florida. To their sur- 
prise. Electrical Worker ROBERT BINNIE and his wife, 
CAROL, were vacationing close by and they had a chance to 
visit each other. While he was there Jim took time out 
from fishing and swimming to visit Skokie pensioner 
friends, WILLIAM MICHALK, airbrake axle foreman, 
GEORGE RATEKE, engineer, and PETE EHMKE, machin- 
ist. Jim's happy to report they are all enjoying good health 
and look wonderful. ..Electrical Worker LOUIS KARIOLICH 
and his wife, RUBY, spent 15 days island hopping In Hawaii. 
They visited Maui, Kauai, Hawaii and Oahu. They saw 
many interesting places and things and enjoyed every min- 
ute. They went to a Luau and even tasted poi (ugh). Talk 
about a small world — they met retired electrical worker 


JOHN McGEE on the island of Maul... Skokie Celebrity- 
Electrical Worker BILL BUERGER sings with the World 
Champ Golden Throat Medinah Chanters. This outstanding 
group was on FM radio on November 12 and previously ap- 
peared on Channel 5 TV. Line forms to the right for auto- 
graphs, fellows!.. We'd like to welcome Material Handler 
DAN PROZANSKI to Skokie, and congratulate RICH FABRY 
on his promotion to production clerk. Good luck, fellows!.. 
Electrical Worker ED MAY and his wife, ALYCE, clerk III, 
were happy to be in California to celebrate their grand- 
son's second birthday. Their grandson, GREGORY RYAN, 
is the son of DAN and KATHY RYAN. Kathy was formerly 
in Public Information. Alyce and Ed had a great time and 
enjoyed every minute they could vrith Gregory. It's hard to 
return to work after such a wonderful vacation... We were 
sorry to hear that retired shopman OTTO LINK passed 
away. Our sincere condolences to his family. ..I'd like to 
thank all the fellows In the shop for the help they've given 
me with the column! 


The South Section has done itself proud once again. In 
the third quarter of the Interstation Safety Contest, 61st 
Street finished in first place, Ashland Avenue in second 
place, and 95th Street in third place. We took the whole 
show. On November 2 61st Street received its award and 
coffee and rolls were served and keychains were given to 
the men. Director of Personnel F. C. KNAUTZ presented 
the plaque to Assistant Station Superintendent JAMES 
WALSH. Ashland Avenue broke their par for more com- 
mendations than complaints for the third quarter and they 
had free coffee served also. Keep up the good work, men... 
Conductor STANLEY ZIELINSKI had a big smile recently 
when he told us about his new grandchild, a baby girl 
named CHRISTINE MARIE. This makes three grandchil- 
dren for the happy grandma and grandpa. ..We welcome 
back to work from the sick list Conductors SCOTT GIVENS, 
office force at Ashland Avenue was treated to a delicious 
chocolate cake for Clerk BOB STEWART'S birthday. That 

THESE FOUR guys really had a lot to talk about when they got 
together at the home of Pensioner STEVE HERMAN in Forsythe, 
Missouri. Pictured left to right are: North Park Operator BEN 
NEUMAN, Pensioner ART MUIR, North Park Station Inside News 
reporter MEL HORNING and Steve. 



sure was nice. Oh boy, all the weight I lost when I was 
sick is coming back, so I'm going to have to cut down on 
my eating. But I love to eat as everyone knows... We were 
shocked and saddened to hear that Agent VELMA HUS- 
BAND'S husband passed away suddenly. Velma is a real 
lady and our hearts go out to her in her sorrow... It was 
real super to see Retired Yard Foreman WALLACE (Wally) 
BROWN when he stopped in to see us at Ashland. He lives 
in Riverdale, Michigan, and just loves it up there. He was 
in Chicago for a few days and said Mrs. BROWN had been 
ill and was in the hospital but is now home and feeling 
much better. We talked over old times with Wally and 
that's a sure sign we're all growing older. No, I'll take 
that back. Now they call it nostalgia... This is a little late 
in reporting, but I just received the news, and it is better 
late than never. Our Division 308 Softball team did itself 
proud for the second successive year when they beat 69th 
Street Station 9 to 2. The championship team was managed 
by Motorman JOE RAYBURN. Everyone who attended had 
a swell time and a picnic was held after the game. ..Hi to 
newly-hired Conductors JOHN MARTIN, HAMP JOHNSON, 
HENRY LESLEY and RICK MOORHE, and to newly-hired 
IDES RIOS. Also glad to see Student Conductor CHARLES 
WILLIAMS Jr. who decided to stay with us as a full-time 
conductor... We received a nice postcard from Retired Con- 
ductor JOSEPH MASCOLINO out in San Bernardino, Cali- 
fornia. He said he was getting a good rest and trying to 
get his mind off his daughter who had passed away recently. 
While there, he was also planning to visit Retired Tower- 
man CHARLES RUMMEL and Retired Conductor JOHN 
LOUGHLIN...Well, women's liberation has hit our clerks' 
staff when the first woman clerk started on the South Sec- 
|tion November 12, KAREN DOMINO, who transferred from 
an agent. Congratulations, Karen, and much good luck on 
your job. You know all us women are looking at you, so do 
a good job. ..We went to a wonderful retirement dinner for 
West Section Agent MARY JO (Fergus) OHNESORGE on 
November 4 at Johnnie Weigelt's hall on the North Side. It 
was a complete surprise for Mary Jo as she thought she 
was going to attend someone elses retirement dinner. She 
said this was the first time she was at a loss for words. It 
was really heartwarming. My hubby. Clerk ROLAND, and I 
had a chance to see many North and West Section employ- 
ees we hadn't seen in a long time. It was fun to renew old 
acquaintances. We were so happy to see our old boss. Re- 
tired Station Superintendent RICHARD MEISNER, and we 
:alked over old times. Former president of Division 308, 
JOHN BURNS, was the master of ceremonies. Our hats are 
off to West Section Agent DELORES BERO and the other 
igents who arranged this dinner. The food was good and 
ibout 250 people attended. Division 308 was well repre- 
sented with President LEONARD BEATTY, Vice-president 
:HARLIE LOUGHRAN and Secretary-Treasurer HUGH 
iEGARTY. We talked to quite a few pensioners : Retired 
^signment Agents LULU HAMANN and ROSE HEIDEN- 
3LUT, Retired Agents PEG WENSTROM and HELEN 
)HA>JNON, Retired Conductor JERRY HANAFIN, Retired 
Division 308 Board Member CHARLES BURNS, and many 
nore. Our very best wishes to Mary Jo and her husband, 
Retired Supervisor GEORGE, for a happy retirement life, 
vlay good fortune always smile on them... We were at a loss 
or words when we heard that Retired North Section Station 
Superintendent KENNETH MANAUGH passed away sudden- 
y. We had just seen and talked to him and his wife at Mary 
■o Ohnesorge's party, and now to hear this sad news. Mr. 
4anaugh was a real gentleman and will be missed by all his 


friends and co-workers. Our sincere condolences to Mrs. 
Manaugh and the family. ..We had a delightful visit at Ash- 
land from Retired Conductor WILLIAM RUEHL whom I 
haven't seen in ages. He brought us a nice apple pie which 
he baked himself for the office, and it was enjoyed by all. 
He has been on pension almost 15 years. He worked with 
my father, deceased Motorman ARON ROTHSCHILD, for 
quite a while. Mr. Ruehl looked just great and spry as 
ever... Recently two of our foot collectors were on televi- 
sion. On October 30 Collector LYN FLOWERS gave blood 
to the injured in the Illinois Central train wreck and was 
interviewed on Channel 2 on the p.m. news. Also Collector 
THOMAS BRAGGS was on Channel 9 for the 10 p.m. news 
on October 31. He was interviewed by Jack Taylor, "Man 
on the Street," and was asked what he thought about the 
"Watergate Incident" in Washington. Our men are really 
making headlines... Motorman DOMINIC CESARE is on the 
sick list at this writing. He was in the hospital but is now 
home recuperating. Motorman SIDNEY EDWARDS had an 
operation but is now home getting stronger. We hope they 
both return to work soon. . . Our deepest condolences to 
Agent LEOLA CULPEPPER whose husband passed away 
recently... Received a nice letter from Retired Conductor 
HARRY ANTONION who has been on pension 12^ years 
after having worked 40 years. He and his wife are now re- 
siding in Oak Lawn. Harry said "hello" to all his old 
friends and co-workers... Conductor JAMES HOWARD re- 
ceived a second commendation within a short period of 
time for his good announcements. Keep those commenda- 
tions coming in. 

- 't'euta "^aiUxtif 


It's time to report all the things that have been hap- 
pening here at South Shops. . . Congratulations to LENNY 
WIENCEK and WALLY FEULNER on a successful hunting 
trip that saw them take their limit of pheasant in Illinois. 
Unfortunately they were the only ones in their party to take 
the limit. The only other bird taken came when Len's 
brother, RICH, tripped on a cornstalk, thereby firing his 
shotgun and striking a nesting hen pheasant. The fourth 
member of the party, TONY PLATTA, didn't take any 
birds, but was photographed by Outdoor Life for the cover 
of their November issue as the best dressed hunter in Illi- 
nois. ..We would like to welcome GAIL HATHAWAY back to 

THEY SAY that when you 
retire, that's the time to do 
all the things you never 
had time to do before. This 
seems to be the philosophy 
of OTTO MOSER, retired 
Skokie Shop electrical 
worker pictured here de- 
ploning in Cusco, Peru. 
Since his retirement Janu- 
ary 1, 1967, Otto has 
traveled all over the world. 




our office after her furlough. We would also like to bid a 
short goodbye (we hope) to JEAN ROHE. We surely do 
miss you, Jean. The first week you were gone, the coffee 
machine broke down three times!. .Now for the out in the 
shop news. Our hearts are heavy due to the sudden death 
of JOHN McGUIRE, formerly of Area 344. John retired on 
October 1 after 48 years of service and passed away only 
17 days later. We extend our deepest sympathy to the be- 
reaved family. ..It sure is good to see the smiling face of 
GEORGE CHRYSANTHOPOLOS, Area 346, again. George 
had been recuperating for the last eight weeks from sur- 
gery. . . We extend our deepest sympathy to WALTER 
STREET, Area 333, in the passing of his aunt, Mrs. L. 
GLENN. ..We also extend our sympathy to CHARLES BREl- 
SHIS, Area 333, in the passing of his brother-in-law. ..JO- 
SHUA JAMES, Area 333, can now translate — HanloEspanol, 
Joshua?.. A speedy recovery is wished to O. ELLIOTT, 
Area 333. Hurry back, Elliott. ..ERIC SMITH and his wife, 
PAMELA, recently celebrated their third wedding anniver- 
sary at the Millionaire's Club. Wow! What a star. ..HEN- 
RY MILEWSKI, Area 333, and his wife, BERNICE, spent a 
wonderful vacation and a combined 32nd wedding anniver- 
sary In Orlando, Florida, jaunting to Nassau by boat for 
two glorious weeks. ..LEON GRIFFITH, Area 317, is sport- 
ing a new Cadillac. He says it's white on white in white... 
Also in the Cadillac crowd is CHESTER ZIELINSKI, Area 
312. How about that?. .A happy retirement is in store for 
J. ZARAZA of Area 312. Congratulations! ..HARRY HOL- 
LANDER and his wife recently returned from a vacation in 
the Bahamas. ..CLARENCE DIDOWSKI, Area 321, spent a 
fun-filled week in Las Vegas recently, taking in all the 
gambling casinos and all the glamour that town could offer. 
Maybe Clarence has a hidden shoe box of silver dollars... 
Congratulations are extended to BOB MARRION, Area 318, 
on the arrival of a new baby boy, GARY JOSEPH. . .JOE 
CARROLL, Area 313, is recuperating from a recent ill- 
ness. We all wish Joe a speedy recovery. ..Tragic news — 
winter fires are upon us again. A recent tragedy happened 
when fire destroyed GEORGE WRIGHT'S, Area 312, father- 
in-law's home. ..STEVE SLUZINSKI, foreman of Area 336, 
is extending the welcome sign to all his good buddies at 
South Shops to patronize the new resort he will be opening 
next year near the Manitowish waters in Wisconsin. It will 
have a nice community size recreational area and cabins, 
with good fishing for walleyes and trout. To make it com- 
plete, Steve will have scales to prove your catch. So, who 
is the best fisherman of South Shops ?.. Sorry to hear that 
Mrs. DOMIKAITIS, the wife of R. DOMKAITIS, is ill. We 
wish her a speedy recovery... CHARLIE KARKO Jr. is the 
new owner of a 1973 Dodge. Maybe he will offer all his co- 
workers a ride with their work clothes, shoes and screw- 
drivers in their back pockets... Congratulations to N. SI- 
MONETTI, A. BEAUCHAMP and S. SARNA on their recent 
promotions to Methods & Standards technicians. A number 
of applicants applied for the positions, and all who parti- 
cipated should be complimented. The new technicians are 
well qualified. So with a positive connotation we say — on- 
ward!. .RAY EVANS, Area 349, and his wife recently spent 
eight days in Ohio visiting his father and relatives... DAVID 
MAGEE, Print Shop, is recuperating from a recent heart 
attack. Get well soon, Dave... TILLIE MOORE, Print Shop, 
is at home recuperating from a recent illness. A speedy 
recovery is anticipated. ..It's good to see the smiling face 
of JIM FORREST AL, foreman of Area 334, who has re- 
turned to work after a short illness. . . Congratulations to 
KEN ROSSOW, MC&OP, on his promotion to shipping clerk. 
..PATRICK HANNIGAN, MC&OP, was married to KATH- 


RYAN, the two-year old 
grandson of ED and 
ALYCE MAY of Skokie 
Shop. Gregory's mother, 
KATHY, formerly worked 
in the Public Information 

LEEN HUNDRIESER on October 10. Pat Is a newcomer to 
MC&OP and we wish much luck in his new job and mar- 
riage. Incidentally, Pat's dad is a painter in the Paint 
Shop. . . I wonder why JOE LUKOS is known as the "Big 
Trapper" of Bay 6. Maybe another Pied Piper, eh?..AL 
SAMASKA Jr. is now known as number 201 after a recent 
bowling tournament. I wonder why ?..We extend our sincere 
condolences to I. WOODS, Area 345, on the sudden death of 
his sister, Mrs. ANNIE MAE TAYLOR, in Memphis, Ten- 
nessee. ..On Sunday, November 12, the annual CTA South 
Shops Bowling Party and Turkey Shoot was held. CARL 
LIDZBINSKI and E. KRAVUDIS who headed the committee, 
wish to thank each and everyone for making this affair a 
success. Loads of fun was had by all. Winners of turkeys 
winner of the low scratch turkey shoot trophy. Joe was 
elated when he received a standing ovation from the group 
for his outstanding participation... No more for now. See 
you next month. 


Our credit union's annual meeting is tentatively set for ■ 
Friday, January 19, 1973, at 7:15 p.m. All members are • 
urged to attend. There will be awards, refreshments, and I 
honored guests. Treasurer TYLER M. PHILPOTT prom- 
ises something symbolic to all members who attend.. .Op- 
MACK and WILLIAM HILL recently attended seminars •• 
sponsored by the Illinois Credit Union league. Applications 
for membership are available and may be obtained from 
Philpott or Potts. Now is the time to join. ..Operator L. 
GARMONY purchased a new car last month. When asked 
what it takes to get one, he said, "Just a little sport.".. 
Operator WALTER FALLS Jr. returned from a four-week i 
vacation that took him all the way to Greenwood, Missis- 
sippi, with a lot of stops along the way. ..Western Electric- 
held their second open-house in 100 years of existence.' 
during the week of October 3 through November 5. Invitedi 
as special guests to attend this occasion were Division 2411 
Secretary-Treasurer JAMES PATE and his wife; HOSEA* 
JOHNSON, assistant day foremtm at 52nd Street, and hisi 
wife; DORSEY GARNER of 52nd Street garage; MEL. 



ALEXANDER of the Transit News; Division 241 
JMember JAMES MOONE and his wife; Circuit Court Judge 
Russell Debow and his daughter, Deloris; Dr. Jeff McGehee 
jOf the Chicago Board of Education, and Calvin Hill, a Chi- 
bago public school instructor. They were greeted by Gen- 
eral Manager Wylls Rheingover and Assistant Superintend- 
3nt Robert Strohm, representing Western Electric, and Leo 
Becker, president of Local 1859 I.B.E.W. and Executive 
Board Member Thomas Dillon. After a delicious dinner, 
;he group was shown movies and taken on a tour through the 
jlant by Mrs. Rose McDonald, shop steward of Local 1859. 
:t was a very informative and enjoyable evening. 


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. LEO USPEL on the 
jirth of their second grandchild, CHRIS ANN SAVIANO. 
She weighed In at 7 pounds 12 ounces on October 16 and is 
he daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ROCCO SAVIANO... PADDY 
?ITZ GERALD is heading for the sunny land of Florida and 
vill spend the winter there. ..PAT HAFFEY is enjoying the 
ife of leisure as are LUKE MORLEY and DENNY GRIFFIN 
vho also followed the birds to Florida... MARTY GRIFFIN 
low resides in Fox Lake, Illinois, and is becoming quite a 
isherman.. .WILLIE COOPER took advantage of his vaca- 
ion to visit his father who is ill down in Tennessee... BILL 
aiMAS, ROBERT BARNEY and JOHN VINE are on vaca- 
ion at this time and we hope they are enjoying themselves. 
ipeedy recovery. Frank is the son of SCOTTY, the bus 
hriver, a real nice guy... Is it true that HARVEY BROCK 's 
riends bought him water wings for Christmas ?..SWANSON, 
OHNSON, ROSS and O'DONNELL remind everyone to take 
t easy and drive safely in the months ahead.. .By the way, 
lupervisor N. TRIFFON is the former 69th Street bus op- 
rator known as Nick the Greek. . . CHARLEY (Drawbar) 
lOLLAND and his Mrs. celebrated 38 years of marriage 
ast October... With TOM GROGAN on pension, ED BEHR- 
;NS and JOHNNY MORNAR are trying to take his place by 
unnlng on their leader's time. This makes HANK RISCH, 
aen on Marquette. . . LEROY MARSHALL, custodian, took 
Is wife for a quick weekend vacation to Las Vegas. He 
laims to have won enough to pay for it all. ..Mr. and Mrs. 
(EORGE JAROS were surprised how much Acapulco, Mex- 
20, has built up since the last time they visited there three 



HUBACZ on June 10 in 
Hales Corners, Wisconsin. 
The groom is the son of 
ART HUBACZ of the 
Training and Public Safety 

A FOUR-WEEK trip to the 
West Coast was enjoyed 
recently by Mr. and Mrs. 
E. L. BRZECZEK. Breezy, 
on operator at Forest Glen 
(right), is shown at the 
home of retired District D 
Superintendent JOHN 

JACOBY in Scottsdale, 
Arizona. John retired 

December 1, 1968. 

years ago. ..MAT SCHNEIDER, who has been on retirement 
since 1954, has moved to Sun City, Arizona. His address 
is 9438 Raintree drive. ..From back of the "bars" in the 
clerk's cage comes a cry by "B.B." for cement work. He 
said he tried it and liked it... Heard tell that Head Custo- 
dian RAJ is getting clerk FORD's paper so as to keep him 
abreast of the stock market. They say a big windfall is 
coming.. .The clerks wonder why Mr. PETYON isn't sport- 
ing that McGovern grin anymore. ..Is it true LARRY HEL- 
INSKI, that you have moved to Florida? Send us your ad- 
dress and we'll send the beer. ..WALTER PYPER, former 
instructor, died, as did the father of R. RAJ, custodian. To 
all their loved ones we extend our deepest sympathy... Your 
co-reporter, ART BUESING, is on sick leave again due to 
a pinched nerve in his neck and hopes to be back by the 
time you all read this. ..God bless you all. 


I know that I speak for all the operators at 77th Street 
Station when I say we appreciate the additional new equip- 
ment... I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate 
a very fine lady and mother— my wife— upon the birth of 
our daughter, RUTH SERENE DeBONNETT... Congratula- 
tions to Operator and Mrs. W. SHEPPARD who celebrated 
their 23rd wedding anniversary on November 5. . . Led by 
Coach R. PLATT and Assistant Coach E. GRESHAM 
(there's that name again), our basketball team is off to a 
promising start with such dazzling ball handlers as E. J. 
give us added firepower. With this fine array of gladiators 
of the wood floor how can we lose!. .Our bowlers are second 
to none with rollers like MAC (Mr. 642) PORTER, followed 
by such stars as J. C. WHITE, GIPSON WARDELL and Mc- 
CANTS.. .Let's get a running start in 1973 by supporting 
Local 241 and attending meetings... Propane JOE tells us he 
bagged two pheasants on a recent hunting trip, but not the 
two he was looking at. They count just the same, don't 
they, Joe?. .My New Year's resolution is not to miss any 
deadlines for the Transit News in '73. ..So long for now. 

ECEMBER. 1972 


DRE^> LIKE fm 






p p 0) — 

F o > 


. -tf. 




■-■■■ 1 


Michael Cafferty 






MAR 3 1973 


CTA Chairman Michael Cafferty 

taicen by death at 4t 

MICHAEL CAFFERTY, 48, CTA Chairman and one of 
the nation's best known public transportation figures, 
passed away January 17 after a short illness. Mr. 
Cafferty was appointed to the CTA Board by Mayor 
Richard J. Daley in April, 1971. 

From 1969 to 1971, while with Secretary John 
Volpe at the U.S. Department of Transportation, he 
helped to establish the new office of Assistant Secre- 
tary for Environment and Urban Systems. He was 
Acting Assistant Secretary of Transportation at the 
time he left the Department to come to Chicago. 

It was ironic that Mr. Cafferty's passing should 
coincide with a fare increase and a reduction of ser- 
vice at the CTA. He was emphatically on record in 
behalf of reduced fares, and often cited as his long 
range goal — free fares for the citizens of metropoli- 
tan Chicago. 

Mr. Cafferty believed that the mobility of citizens 
in a free society was essential to the well-being of 
that society. He was particularly concerned that the 
aged, the handicapped and the poor suffered the great- 
est inequities from insufficient and expensive public 

Mr. Cafferty believed that raising fares beyond 
certain levels was counter-productive. The CTA, 
however, determined that it could not survive as a 
system without some form of financial subsidy. Its 
Board was forced to vote a fare increase and cuts in 
service, along with other economies, in order to keep 
the CTA operative. 

His environmental concerns, a carry-over from 
his Department of Transportation days, led to pro- 
grams controlling rapid transit noise pollution and 
providing environmental improvements for both old 
and new CTA buses. 

Recognized as one of the chief spokesmen on pub- 
lic transportation for the nation's cities, Mr. Cafferty 
led the crusade for operating assistance (subsidies), 
a battle that some think is close to being won, largely 
due to his efforts. He was frequently called to Wash- 
ington to testify before various Congressional com- 
mittees on urban problems. 

It was Mr. Cafferty who organized a summit meet- 
ing of transit industry leaders in Chicago last Novem- 
ber. The objective was to mount a campaign aimed at 
obtaining subsidies during the upcoming session of 
Congress. A subsidy bill narrowly failed during the 
last session. 

In less than 22 months as CTA Chairman, M 
Cafferty put his own indelible stamp on the CTA. I 
inherited antiquated equipment and a staggering deb 
but a system he stoutly defended as one of the best : 
the nation. 

He saw two immediate goals: a more modern sys 
tern and obtaining the funds with which to operate i 
He accomplished the first and was in the thick of tl 
battle over the second at the time of his untimely ill 
ness and death. 

He believed that his first mission was to restoi 
CTA's aging physical plant. He was eminently sue 
cessful, personally spearheading a CTA task fore 
that obtained $140,000,000 in Federal, State. and loc: 
funds for the most extensive capital improvement 
program in Chicago's transportation history. 

As proud of that as he was, Mr. Cafferty took £ 
much pride in finding a method by which passengei 
could communicate their views to management. I 
called it "Project Suggestion Bus." It was a massi\ 
elaboration of the corporate suggestion box theor 
"Project Suggestion Bus" featured CTA buses circi 
lating throughout the city allowing people to mai 
suggestions on how to improve the CTA and enablir 
them to give opinions on what they wanted in the ne 
buses which today appear throughout the system. Tl 
concept received the plaudits of public officials froi 
coast to coast, including accolades from Secretai 

Mr. Cafferty was keenly concerned about the mc 
rale of CTA employees and often toured various loca 
tions, sometimes turning up at night in a remote paj 
of the system, to the surprise of the employees. 

He considered himself more than the Chairman ( 
a transit system. He felt he was at the heart of tl 
nation's urban problems — all of them. Thus, hi 
views generally ranged far beyond the ramificatior 
of transit. Pollution, noise, parking and the automc 
bile all received his vigorous attention. He cor 
sidered automobile traffic a threat to urban Americ 
and insisted it should be better regulated — particular 
ly in terms of its entry to downtown. 

He advanced the theory of downtown transportatic 
that would resemble a horizontal elevator. A pas 
senger would pay one fare and be permitted to trans 
fer unlimitedly. He thought of this as a way to pr€ 
serve the vitality of downtown, a concept to which I 
was greatly committed. 


SHOWN DURING his tenure of oHice 
OS CTA Chairman, Michael Cafferty 
is pictured on our cover: 

• In November 1971 standing at the 
entrance to one of the suggestion 
buses he created. 

. In March 1972 in Washington, D.C., 
testifying in favor of federal aid 
for transit systems before U.S. 
legislators, with American Transit 
Association President Carmack 

• In October 1971 presenting CTA's 
Chairman's Award to Bus Opera- 
tors eleven Wordlow ond James 

• In August 1972 with U.S. Secretary 
of Transportation John A. Volpe, 
Mayor Richard J. Daley and bus 
operators who drove the first of 
525 new buses delivered to CTA 
in 1972. 

Mr. Cafferty is also shown at right 
on a few of the many visits he mode 
system-wide to CTA locotions. 


, Mr. Cafferty believed that public officials should 
a more involved with their transportation systems, 
p kindle that theory, he established the Chicago 
jransit Authority Technical Institute (CTATI). This 
rogram gave a crash course in CTA operations to 
^presentatives of industry, government officials and 
chers who were willing to invest several days in 

i Mr. Cafferty had a special regard for his Board. 
!e felt that some had prodigious talents that had 
jever been given sufficient latitude, and he sought 
pw ways in which to have those talents put to their 
ptimum use. It was a source of pride that while he 
■as incapacitated, it was Board members who stepped 
ato the breach to keep the CTA functioning well. 


I He firmly believed that while other systems might 
je newer or have better financing, none were better 

, Though a Democrat, who came to Chicago from a 
Republican administration in Washington, D.C., he had 
. unique capacity as a brilliant analyst of the political 
cene. Yet he was able to remain free of the en- 
angle ments of partisan politics. He got along well 
f'ith Governor Ogilvie and stated that Mayor Daley's 
inly mandate to him was to give the city the best pub- 
ic transportation in the country. He had met Gov- 
irnor Walker on several occasions and was optimistic 
pat since the Governor had campaigned against the 
trosstown Expressway, he would be very sympathetic 

to public transportation. He was looking forward to 
working with the new administration. 

Mr. Cafferty served with the President's Task 
Force on Transportation after the 1968 election. 

From 1965 to 1969, Mr. Cafferty, while engaged in 
the practice of law, served as personal advisor to 
Mayor Dorm Braman of Seattle, who was heavily in- 
volved in national urban transportation policy. From 
1961 to 1965, he served as special assistant to Alan 
Boyd, then chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board 
and later secretary of transportation. From 1959 to 
1961, he served as counsel and legislative assistant 
to Senator Henry M. Jackson of the State of Washing- 

Mr. Cafferty was a naval aviator during World 
War II and held the rank of Commander in the United 
States Naval Reserve. 

He was a graduate of the University of Washington 
from which he received a degree in economics, and 
from its law school he received a doctor of juris- 
prudence degree. 

He is survived by his widow, Pastora; three grown 
children by a previous marriage, Michael and Terry 
of Seattle and Christine of Boston; a brother, Frank of 
Seattle, and a sister, Mrs. Henry (Joan) Wittman of 

A funeral mass for Mr. Cafferty was said on Jan- 
uary 19 at St. Ambrose church, 47th and Ellis. 

lANUARY, 1973 

SPECIAL SAFETY awards were 
presented recently to ten Trans- 
portation Department operating 
stations which established new 
safety records during 1972. Each 
of the stations — six on the surface 
system and four on the rapid 
transit system — broke their own 
previous safety record and made 
1972 their safest year. 

The surface operating stations 
include Archer, Forest Glen, 
Kedzie, Lawndale, Limits and 
69th Street. 

The rapid transit operating 
stations include Ashland, Forest 
Park, Jefferson Park and Kimball. 

Accepting the safest year 
plaques in behalf of operating 
employees at their respective 
stations are the superintendents 
pictured here. Making the pre- 
sentations is Superintendent of 
Transportation D. M. Flynn. 

70 stations cited for safety in 1972 

Above: holding safety awards 
for surface operating stations are 
Superintendents M. F. Harrington, 
Kedzie; G. D. Peyton, 69th Street; 
W. J. Moser, Archer; Mr. Flynn; 
G. W. Daubs, Forest Glen; M. H. 
DeWitt, Limits, and J. B. Morris, 

Below: holding safety awards^ 
for rapid transit operating sta^ 
tions are Superintendents T. D. 
Boyle, Forest Park; M. V. La- 
Velle, Kimball; Mr. Flynn; M. J,l 
Veltri, Jefferson Park, and E. J,l 
Heatter, Ashland. 

Transit News mailing, frequency revised 

TO REDUCE costs related to production and mailing, 
Transit News will be published bi-monthly starting 
with this issue for January -February, 1973. The 
mailing to homes of active employees will also be 
discontinued; magazines will be distributed internally 
at each employee's work location. The mailing of 
Transit News to pensioners will continue. 


Published bi-monthly by and for employees of the Chicago 
Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public 
Information Department. 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 

Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

C. William Baxa, Director of Public Information 

Distributed free of charge to all active and retired CTA 
employees. Annual subscription price to others, $2.00. 
Address communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, Room 
742, Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 


lecond largest year 

' Suggestion awards total $5,950 in 1972 

JJGGESTORS ACCEPTED cash awards totalling 
$,950 during 1972, a dollar amount which ranked the 
var second in the 28-year history of the suggestion 
I stem according to the annual report issued recently 
1 the Employee Suggestion Plan. The top ranking 
;iar was 1968, when cash awards totalled $6,183. 

The cash awards were presented to suggestors in 
1'0 categories: $2,720 represented the amount pre- 
cnted as a result of the adoption of 103 suggestions 
(Xing 1972 and $3,230 was presented to five sugges- 
Irs whose ideas adopted in 1971 continued to produce 
SLvings to CTA. 

According to the suggestion plan report, 904 em- 
joyees submitted a total of 1,233 suggestions during 
Li72, bringing to 29,700 the number of suggestions 
Dceived since an employee suggestion system was 
«tablished in 1945. During the same period, 2,898 
iiggestions have been accepted and awards of $65,338 
live been presented to employees. 

When it began in November, 1944, only Shops De- 
jirtment employees of the former Chicago Surface 
'Lnes participated in a suggestion system which pro- 
'ded cash awards for accepted ideas. Since then, the 
!,iggestion plan was expanded system-wide for all 
mployees (October 1, 1952) and the anonymous sug- 
listion system became effective (September 1, 1965) 
Foviding awards of up to $10,000 for adopted sugges- 

Estimated value of the first-year savings realized 
through the adoption of suggestions during 1972 was 
$29,040. Total first-year savings realized on all 
suggestions adopted since the plan went into effect in 
1952 amount to $400,770. 

In its announcement of award winners during the 
month of December, the suggestion system named two 
joint suggestors who split a $230 cash award, a $25 
cash award winner, and four winners of $10 gift cer- 
tificates. Additionally, winners of supplemental 
awards for $90 and $50 were also announced. 

Sharing the proceeds of their $230 award-winning 
suggestion were two Shops & Equipment Department 
employees at Skokie Shop, Anello Digianfilippo and 
David Fuereca. Winning his $25 cash award for hav- 
ing a second suggestion adopted within a year was an- 
other S&E employee, Daniel R.Watson of South Shops. 
Among the four winners of $10 Jewel/Osco gift cer- 
tificates were three more S&E employees, Albert 
Bonick of Forest Park Terminal, and Max Kuchan Jr. 
and Joseph A. Wydra of South Shops. Mary Jane 
Johnson of Payroll Department in the General Office 
also won a gift certificate. 

The two supplemental award winners are also 
Shops & Equipment Department employees, both of 
whom are assigned to Skokie Shop — Kenneth Blocker 
who was awarded $50 and Joseph Sarata who received 
$90 as a result of previously adopted ideas. 

loard member C. M. Roddewig elected acting chairman 

AT A special meeting on January 19, Board Member Clair M. Roddewig was 
elected acting chairman of Chicago Transit Board to fill temporarily the 
position held by the late Chairman, Michael Cafferty. Mr. Roddewig will 
serve xmtil a permanent chairman is elected. 

Mr. Roddewig, an attorney, was appointed to the Board by Mayor Richard 
J. Daley in August, 1970, and filed his oath of office on October 8, 1970. 

A veteran railroad executive, Mr. Roddewig was a former president of 
the Chicago and Eastern Illinois railroad and of the Association of Western 
Railroads. He has also served as a member and president of the Chicago 
Board of Education and was a member of the Metropolitan Fair and Ex- 
position Authority. He is vice chairman of the Chicago Committee on Urban 

During World War II, Mr. Roddewig was general counsel of the federal 
government's Office of Defense Transportation in Washington. 

ANUARY. 1973 

MEDICALLY SPEAKING by Dr. George H. Irwir 

ACUPUNCTURE is a procedure which, because of its 
newness in this country, is arousing much public in- 

For your better understanding, acupuncture means 
therapeutic insertion of needles. Acus is the ancient 
word for -needle so putting it together we have the 
word acupuncture meaning puncture with needles. It 
signifies the old method of Chinese needle treatment. 
According to some statistics its origin dates back to 
207 B.C. 

The old Chinese opinion is that there were several 
nerve routes and sensitive spots in the human body. 
It is also believed there are connections between the 
nerve routes and sensitive spots. There are, in fact, 
about 14 main nerve routes and their names are de- 
rived from various parts of the body; the routes of 
the lungs, heart, pericardium, spleen, liver, kidneys, 
small intestines, large intestines, stomach, gall 
bladder, urinary bladder and the routes to the head, 
back and extremities. 

Furthermore, the theory reveals that there are two 
interacting antagonistic forces along these nerve 
routes. It is also believed that if a person is healthy, 
these two forces are in balance. If the balance is dis- 
turbed and one of the forces suppresses the other, 
then the person becomes ill. 

In view of the above explanation it becomes a little 
more clear what the technique of acupuncture involves 
and how its use may be divided in two general clas- 
sifications: first, health control through stimulation 
or suppression of nerve routes by electrical or drug 
agents ; second, application of these principles for 

In September 1971 there was an article in the 
American Medical Journal relating to a visit to China 
by Dr. Paul Dudley White and Dr. E. Grey Diamond. 

Acupuncture was one of the medical subjects tl 
Chinese doctors demonstrated. A typical case stoi 
or example follows: 

A man 40 years old walked into the operatii 
room. He had no previous or preoperative medics 
tion. He removed his clothing and got on the operal 
ing table. The diagnosis of a large tumor of the th} 
roid had been made. The needles were inserted : 
the forearm and proper electrical current appliei 
This point or nerve route had been selected for tl 
most effective in thyroid surgery. A skilled surgici 
team completed the operation. The man, fully awal 
all the time, sipped a glass of milk when surgery wj 
over, got off the table, thanked the doctors and walkt 

Spinal puncture has been used in the U.S. for 
long time and is very efficient in operations on tl 
lower abdomen and lower extremities. 

In the classification of health control acupunctu] 
is used to control or cure certain illnesses. Not a 
diseases are helped but the following conditions air 
said to have been helped or cured by acupunctun 
certain types of paralysis, neuralgia, epilepsy, tootl 
ache, headache, tonsillitis, asthma, stomach disoi 
ders, diarrhea, constipation, high blood pressur 
urinary tract disease, gonorrhea, arthritis, menstru 
problems, skin rashes, eye infections, deafness ai 
influenza. Duration and number of treatments va: 
according to the nature of the illness. 

Conclusion: acupuncture is an old method usf 
chiefly by the Chinese doctors. Its use in diseas 
control and anesthesia is safe as far as I know. Re 
suits are not always 100 per cent beneficial accordii 
to the literature reviewed. There are some medica 
legal problems about its use in the United State 
Only time and further medical research will detei 
mine what the practical use or value of acupunctui 
will be. 

Eight-car trains serve Lake-Dan Ryan route 

SINCE DECEMBER 18, about 160 of the 450 trains 
operated each weekday on the Lake-Dan Ryan rapid 
transit route are eight cars in length. 

The one-third longer trains provide increased 
passenger capacity and greater freedom from service 
irregularities. Traffic on the Dan Ryan line has been 
growing constantly. On the first weekday of its oper- 
ation, September 29, 1969, about 35,000 riders entered 
the stations south from Cermak through 95th. Cur- 
rently, about 63,000 persons enter, an increase of 80 

per cent. Counting passengers travelling from dow 
town makes total riding about double this amount. 

Preparations for eight-car train operation includ 
the extension of 20 platforms which previously cou 
accommodate a maximum train length of only s 
cars. This work was carried out at a cost of abo 
$500,000 as part of the 1972 capital improveme 
program funded by the Illinois and U.S. Departmen 
of Transportation. Fourteen other platforms on t 
route were built new for eight-car trains since 196 


Combined service totals 616 years 

14 transit veterans retire Jan. 1 

A.MONG THE 112 January 1 retirees listed on pages 12 and 13 of 
Jhis issue of Transit News are 14 CTAers whose transit service 
extended over periods of 40 to 47 years each. Combined service of 
'he 14 transit veterans is 616 years. 

Topping the list in length of service is Paul L. Spolec, a South 
;5hops electrical worker who was hired on February 3, 1925. Also 
retiring with 47 years of service was Edward P. O'Connell who 
■vas hired on July 6, 1925, and retired from the Claim Department 
is supervisor of legal investigators and statementmen and William 
F. Hansen who was hired July 13, 1925, and retired as a South 
Shops electrical worker. 


j The careers of the 14 retirees have taken diverse paths and at 

.he time of retirement they were employed in seven different de- 

jartments; four were in the Shops & Equipment Department, three 

^t South Shops and one at Skokie Shop; four were in the Transpor- 

.ation Department, one on the North Section, one on the South Sec- 

ion, one at North Park, and one in District D; two were in the 

Ireasury Department at Central Counting; and one each was as- 

jigned to the Claim, Electrical, Public Information and Schedule- 

fraffic Departments. 


47 Years 

47 Years 

46 Years 

47 Years 

46 Years 

44 Years 


45 Yeors 43 Years 

43 Years 





42 Years 

40 Years 

42 Years 

41 Years 

JANUARY. 1973 

Service anniversaries in January 

35 years 

C. C. Cacioppo, Mechanical Maintenance Division 

30 years 

p. J. Cannon, Stores - South Division 

D. J. Coughlin, Investigation & Claims 

J. Dennesaites, 69th Street 

E. J. Hammond, Forest Glen 

R. F. Horning, 69th Street 

R. G. Illion, North Park 

C. J. Kcsal, Lawndale 

T. P. Lyons, North Section 

F. A. Madaj, Forest Glen 

P. S. Marchisotto, North Park 

T. F. McGuire, 77th Street 

J. T. Mollo, Forest Glen 

W. J. Murphy, Treasury 

W. J. O'Brien, 77th Street 

D. A. O'Leary, Limits 

N. J. Ouimet, Kedzie 

R. Sheldon, Archer 

A. F. Shimkus, District A 

W. M. Sieron, Kedzie 

L. Vanderhorst, Skokie Shop 

J. G. Wolf, North Avenue 

F. A. Zemaltis, Beverly 

25 years 

J. H. Brown, Kedzie Garage 

P. M. Coliff, Substation Engineering 

P. Cleary, Archer Garage 

A. DeBuono, Forest Glen 

A. J. DlGiovanni, Stores 

L. E. Ford, North Avenue 

J. B. Forrestol, South Shops 

S. G. Gorski, North Park 

W. Griffin, Kedzie Garage 

E. P. Grzenia, Stores - South Division 

J. L. Heffernon, Beverly 

L. D. Holmgren, West Section 

S. Kieldyk, South Section 

A. G. Kiopocz, North Park 

H. Lindberg, Kedzie 

J. E. Mojka, Kedzie 

S. Montrose, Transportation 

A. E. Muirheid, Stores - South Division 

0. I. Porter, Kedzie 

V. P. Shoyer, Limits 

G. A. Silicani, Skokie Shop 

R. A. Tannhcuser, Building Wiring Division 

J. R. Tyk, West Section 

A. Voss, Limits 

M. Wenger, Operations Control 

M. F. Wesely, West Section 

New appointments announced 

GENERAL MANAGER Thomas B. O'Connor recently 
gave approval to the appointment of eight CTAers to 
new supervisory positions within three CTA depart- 
ments in the General Office. 

Taking new posts within the Electrical Department 
effective November 12 were Signal Superintendent P. 
C. Cleaver, Senior Signal Supervisor T. M. Szewc, 
Supervisor of Signal Maintenance G. E. Matejovsky, 
Senior Signal Design Engineer K. D. G. Bisset, and 
Senior Design Engineer C. R. Hayes. The appoint- 
ments were made by Electrical Engineer A. R. Sand- 

Effective December 7 P. J. Clifford was named 
property accountant and J. R. Boland became assist- 
ant property accountant. The appointments were 
made by Manager of Finance P. J. Meinardi. 

The appointment of E. W. Tobin as assistant su-i 
perintendent of stores effective January 1 was madd' 
by General Superintendent of Purchasing, Specifica-i: 
tions and Stores G. S. Graybiel. 

Superintendent of Transportation D. M. Flynn alsc 
announced the appointment of five CTAers to nev 
posts at Surface System District Offices effectivt 
January 1. T. A. Hildebrant became District C su- 
perintendent, P. J. Kehoe became relief superintend- 
ent of Districts C & D, W. J. Rickert became Districi 
D supervisor, J. E. Ohse became relief supervisor ol 
C, D & Central Districts and J. Thrower became re- 
lief supervisor of Districts A, B & C. The appoint- 
ments were approved by Operating Manager G. Kram- 



ACCOUNTING (Payroll) - 

j Cupid did it again! He shot his arrow and MARY 
BLACKMORE was his target. You can imagine what happy 
confusion occurred when Mary came in after Thanksgiving 
with a beautiful diamond sparkling on her left hand. We 
would like to extend our very best wishes to Mary and her 
fiance for much happiness. ..The bad weather, with the ice 
and cold, has taken its toll. Poor CHRISTINE CAMERON 
slipped and fell. Result — a broken arm, and right before 
Christmas too ! We hope she will mend quickly and that 
the cast on her arm didn't hamper her enjoyment of the 
holiday festivities. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, 
Chris, from all of us. 

{(Tabulating) - 

The Key Punch Section held a very nice Christmas 
limcheon on Thursday, December 14, at Henrici's. MARI- 
AN BUCKLEY came down to join us and we liked having 
her. The consensus of opinion was that, "Luncheons are 
great, but it's sad to have to return to work. "..We welcome 
CAROLYN HASKELL who joined us on November 27. Glad 
to have you with us, Carolyn. ..Not to be outdone by others 
who have fallen on the ice this year, MARGE DORGAN took 
a nasty spill one Wednesday evening spraining her left 
Iwrist. She is mending nicely, but is still wearing the dec- 
jOrative bandage. 


It was really nice seeing all the officers at our annual 
Christmas party. I would like to thank all of them for being 
the greatest bunch of guys all year long, not only at Christ- 
mas. Among the familiar faces was Pensioner MATT 
HOWE, who stays home and relaxes by serenading his fam- 
ily on his new organ. ..RAY LOHSE is enjoying his retire- 
ment doing what everybody would like to do most — nothing 
at all. ..Little JOHN McGRATH spends his time taking trips 
to the old sod just to look at the 40 shades of green... A few 
|0f our alumni who have graduated to the Chicago Police 
Department also stopped by to wish a Merry Christmas, 
looked good in their Christmas blues. . . Officer JOHN 
HIGENS has been appointed Illinois State Vice-president of 
the American Federation of Police. Anybody who wishes to 
iDe a member can join through him. Good luck to you, John. 
'. . Officer JOHN PARKS took a vacation before the big 
Christmas rush and went to Traverse City, Michigan, to 
see his niece begin many years of wedded bliss... Officer 
[JOHN LEAHY spent his vacation at Our Lady of the Snow 
(Shrine in Belleville. Jack said its beauty and elegance was 
a sight to behold. I think it sounds like a worthwhile trip 
for anyone. . . Sergeant PETE GENUTIS spent his three 
weeks of relaxation looking over his new property in India- 
na. Pete says it will be nice when he retires as the man- 
made lakes and other beautiful sights are absolutely 
breathtaking... We of the Security Department wish to ex- 
|tend our sympathy to the family of Sergeant CHUCK BERG- 

LUND in the loss of his grandmother, MARY KUNZELMAN. 
..The new face in the department is that of KENNETH PAV- 
LAK who transferred from Shops and Equipment. Glad to 
have you aboard, Ken, and we hope your stay is pleasant... 
December was a big month for hospital hopping. As of this 
writing FELIX ROBINSON is recuperating from a very 
painful operation on his sinuses. We all hope you're feeling 
chipper and back on the job soon, Felix. ..Graduate Trainee 
DICK GROSS, on loan to this department, also had a little 
visit to the hospital. A case of walking pneumonia walked 
right into him. It's good to see him recovered and back in 
the groove of things... Lieutenant BILLY BUTLER suffered 
a slight stroke. Thank goodness it wasn't too serious as 
he was back to work in no time. 

ELECTRICAL (Blue Island) - 

Here we are into a new year and looking forward to new 
things. We'll start our column with something brand new. 
SHANE MICHAEL RUNDLE was born on November 12 to 
the daughter of PAUL and LaVERNE SAUVE, LINDA, and 
her husband, JAY. He is the fifth generation in the Sauve 
family. . . Congratulations to ARTHUR ARDUINI who was 
elected commander of Republic Post of the American 
Legion. .. MILDRED and JOHN FELHABER celebrated 30 
years of marriage on November 30. Best wishes to both of 
you. ..It seems like the pensioners are doing a little travel- 
ing. RALPH and MILLIE JOSSI vacationed in Hawaii, and 
JOE NAGRODSKI also said "aloha" from the 50th state. 
Joe said he forgot to take his scissors which he could have 
used while watching the hula girls. Received a card from 
BRUNO CZANSTKOWSKI and his wife. He was trying to 
break the bank at Las Vegas, and then moved on to San 
Francisco. .. Off sick at this writing are MIKE WHITE, 
WALLACE. Fellows, if you can't visit them, please send a 
card... ROBERT BOOTH would like to thank everyone for 
their contributions to the Christmas buffet... Welcome back 
to BILL TIMMERMAN... Best wishes to AL BRONZELL who 
retired on January 1. 

- TOiUiam "ReUei 

(Chicago Avenue) - 

It is with deep regret that we report the passing of 
TRUMAN SHELBY, the son of LARRY SHELBY, on Novem- 
ber 30. Services were held December 4 at New Friend- 
ship M.B. church. We extend our deepest sympathy to the 
Shelby family... HARRY BUERGER, one of our pensioners, 
is convalescing at Fairfax Convalescent home, 3601 South 
Harlem, Berwyn. I am sure cards would be appreciated... 
CHARLIE SALVATORE visited with BILL EGAR, another 
one of our pensioners. Bill would appreciate hearing from 
his old friends. He lives at 9529 S. Sacramento, Ever- 
green Park... PATRICIA SHEAHAN, the daughter of BILL 
SHEAHAN, is a public health nurse for the City of Denver. 
Pat was recently the recipient of further schooling by the 
City of Denver. She was graduated from Colorado univer- 
sity as a pediatric practitioner... ED WHITING is back to 

ViAHUARY. 1973 

work after getting the works in the hospital. Also recently 
returned to work is SANDY BOCZKO. 

- Sen TtutiM 

(General Office) - 

We were pleased to learn of the recent appointments in 
the department; PAUL CLEAVER was appointed signal 
superintendent; TED SZEWC, senior signal supervisor; 
GEORGE MATEJOVSKY, supervisor of signal maintenance; 
KENDRICK BISSET, senior signal design engineer and 
CLYDE HAYES, signal design engineer. Congratulations to 
you from all of us. ..We also extend our best wishes to the 
parents of two new arrivals ; KATHLEEN JANICE PIENTO 
was born December 8 and weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces. She 
is the daughter of CHRISTINE and JOSEPH PIENTO, power 
supervisor. She was warmly welcomed by her brothers, 
HAYES, signal design engineer, flew to New York to meet 
their chosen baby daughter, KIMBERLY SUSAN, when she 
arrived from Da Nang, Vietnam. The Hayes' little son, 
CRAIG, was also on hand to greet his new sister... HERMAN 
SMITH, engineering assistant III, decided to get away from 
the January weather for awhile. He and members of his 
family boarded a 747 and took off for Miami. They planned 
to visit Key West and then fly to Nassau. What a wonderful 
way to forget about the long Chicago winters. 


Happy New Year to all, and may this be the year all 
your dreams come true. . . Operator CHARLIE FRASSICO 
and his wife celebrated 28 years of marital bliss on Sep- 
tember 16. Charlie and the Mrs. had a night out on the 
town, dinner and dancing until the early morning hours... 
Box Puller BILL DEVITT and his wife, ETHEL, celebrated 
their 39th wedding anniversary on December 1. A surprise 
party was given for them by their four children and close 
friends. Everyone had a wonderful time — in fact. Bill 
didn't even have a drink. . . A proud father was FRED 
KRAWCZYK when his wife gave birth to a baby boy on De- 
cember 26. Mother and baby are doing fine, but Fred, 
we're not so sure. Fred said he will give us the name of 
the baby later... The boys in the repair department also 
believe in night work along with their day jobs. J. BES- 
WARD are all expecting the stork to visit their homes in 
the spring. What gives in our garage?. .JOHN JOYCE is 
one of the finest fellows in the repair department. He 
treated all the boys to a Christmas drink at their club. The 
boys all say thanks, John, and a Happy New Year to a fine 
gentleman... While we are freezing here, Supervisor GAL- 
LAGHER is enjoying five weeks in sunny Florida. Boy, 
what fish stories we will hear when he returns... Operator 
LEIVA RICARDO wants us to say a good word about him. 
Well old buddy, just keep up your good record and watch 
the road. Also, your hair looks 100 per cent better.. .Yard- 
man WOODY OWENS is in the hospital. Here's hoping he 
will be well soon and back to work. Woody, your smile is 
very much missed.. .We welcome JOHN MAHNKE and JOHN 
PLANTHABER back to Forest Glen. You were missed in 
your absence. ..CHARLES LATHAM'S daughter, SHERRY, 
gave birth to a 10 pound 7 ounce baby boy named SHAWN 
CHARLES on December 9. Charles says he is a young 
grandfather at the age of 37... GEORGE STOVE took his 


pension January 1. He will be missed on the trolley buses. 
Good luck.. .On December 24 GEORGE KUBANDA and his 
wife went to Hawaii for a week of sunshine and relaxation... 
ROBERT VELINSKI and TERRI ZEMAN announced their 
engagement on Christmas eve. All the boys said it was 
about time... The Christmas and New Year's party at Park- 
side included a big surprise when Relief Foreman DAN 
LOHSE, North Park, stopped by and bought a round. ..ED 
KRAUSE retired on January 1. No one believed that Eddie 
was old enough to take a pension. Anyway, Eddie, we will 
all miss you on Austin. 

- "UJ. A. »«<«* ,D.. . „„ ». .,n... 


First off, I would like to welcome 1973 to the Engineer- 
ing Department by wishing everyone a healthy and prosper- 
ous New Year. . . I've heard a few strange rumors about 
some of you fellas being on diets (not mentioning any 
names, of course). Well, anjrway, I hope those "what have 
you got to lose" pounds are coming off well. ..I would like to 
join with my father, FRANCIS L. BRADY Jr. of Placement 
Department, in congratulating my grandfather, FRANCIS L. 
BRADY Sr., who retired on January 1 after 30 years of 
service. Gramps worked with Way & Structures of the 
Engineering Department for eight years before transferring 
to South Shops in 1953. Best wishes from both of us and 
grandma, too. .. The Engineering Department joins in ex- 
tending our sincere sympathy to EVAN E. OLMSTEAD, 
general superintendent of Engineering, in the loss of his 
wife, RAJEANE... CAROL HART, a former employee of our 
Real Estate Division, paid us a visit over the holidays. Ev- 
eryone was happy to see her again and glad to hear that 
she is enjoying her leisure time. Glad you stopped by, 
Carol. ..LINDA and BILL LEMONNIER are the proud new 
owners of a duplex in Hometown. Linda, with those two 
extra rooms you inherited, you should find ample space to 
house those two cats of yours... Congratulations to all the 
fine bakers in the department (plus a few of the wives) who 
baked up some super delicious cookies to spread the holi- 
day cheer among the co-workers. .. DLANNE TRAXLER's 
husband, SCOTT, is the proud winner of two tickets to the 
Chicago Rock concert. All he had to do was be lucky 
enough to call in third on the WLS news switchboard. 
Dianne said they enjoyed the concert, but their ears were 
ringing for days to follow. . . Hope CHARLIE DROZDA is 
feeling better after his fall. It couldn't have been too much 
fun bringing in the holidays with a cast on your leg. Hope 
you're on your feet and out of the cast soon.. .Well that's all 
there is folks. I hope all of you will make a resolution to 
stop by with some interesting news for the column. 

(West Shops) - 

On November 17, JOE MARSZALEK and his bride cel- 
ebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. Congratulations 
and many, many more happy years together. ..Happy to see 
J. BAJIC, tinner, back to work again. Also WAYNE HAN- 
SEN, machinist foreman, and WILLIAM SMITH, our mail- 
man. Stay well, fellas. ..JOHN HEFFERNAN is back from 
his vacation spent painting at home and getting ready for 
the holidays. Not my idea of a vacation though... Now Mr. 
and Mrs. DON EDWARDS, laborer, have the right idea for 
a vacation — spending it in Florida at the height of our very 
bad weather in Chicago. ..I heard that the farewell party for 
Superintendent C. L. WIKSTEN was a beautiful success. 
Mr. Hallahan and his band of renown were there, and TOM 




STAUNTON, track foreman, helped with the serving of the 
liquids. ..At the end of December we said goodbye to two 
new pensioners, CHARLES SCHREY, assistant mason fore- 
man, and V. SCHUBAT, painter. Many happy years of re- 
tirement, fellas... We want to welcome two newcomers to 
NEK. Welcome aboard, men, and hope your stay will be a 
happy one. ..We want to wish ROCKY FERRARO, labor 
foreman, a happy birthday. You don't look a day over 39, 
Rocky. . . I'm wondering how the turkey tastes that M. 
SMITH, steamfitter, won. We didn't ever get a sandwich. 
Happy eating, Smithy. 


First, I would like to wish the office staff, operators 
and repair department a very healthy, happy and prosper- 
ous New Year. ..To start the New Year off right at Kedzie, I 
hope everyone will obey the "No Parking" signs in front of 
the depot. This is an order from the General Office. In 
case of an emergency, the buses won't be able to move to a 
safe area. So please, NO PARKING ! . . Operator JACKIE 
HAYES received a letter from Pensioner ED McCALLUM 
who is enjoying his retirement in Colorado City, Colorado. 
Ed says hello to all at Kedzie. Ed, all I can say is, "Have 
a nice day, operator. "..Pensioner DAVE CLARK underwent 
surgery in Northwest hospital. We hope you are up and 
well very soon, Dave. ..Our clerk, C. (Red) O'CONNOR is 
back to work after suffering a broken shoulder. It's good 
to see you back on the job... Operator A. LOHMEIER took 
his pension January 1. We wish you the best of health on 
your retirement, and let us hear from you now and then... 
Our deepest sympathy to Mrs.R. POTTS in the death of her 
husband. Operator RALPH POTTS, who was laid to rest 
December 23. Also to Mrs. B. BRUNO whose husband. Op- 
erator T. BRUNO, formerly of Kedzie, was laid to rest on 
December 7. 

^iUfMtOHd i^lA^^ltH 


Happy New Year to all you lovely people. Now that we 
1 have shelved the last of those idiotic resolutions we made, 
; let's relax and be our over-indulgent selves. Seriously 
; though, my last paycheck came through a total blank. At 
; first thought I felt no need to bother our new chief clerk, 
i ANTONIO J. ARNIEKI, as I figured my deductions finally 
j caught up with my salary. ..The welcome mat is out for our 
entire clerk force. Chief Arnieki's staff includes ED 
(Curly) STENZEL and JOHN WALTHIER. Reliefers are 
will give you a bit more on our new office force in the 
I near future. Keeler lost Clerk J. O'BRIEN to Limits, and 
I as of this writing Clerk JOHN SIMKO will have joined the 
ranks of the retired. ..Rumor has it that since former Sta- 
• tion Superintendent R. W. CHRISTIAN dropped by, the sta- 
tion has been extolling the attributes of Phoenix, Arizona... 
I'm gonna miss my follower, JOHN KREBS, who turned in 
his punch on January 1,..SY GOLDMAN will have to train 
another man to replace recent retiree JOHN MARTEN. 
Here's wishes for many happy years of relaxation to all 
you nice guys. ..Would you believe that Mechanic CHARLEY 
BOWMAN has 31 years of service and all of it at Keeler ?.. 
Seems that January is a very popular month for birthdays. 


The following operators share birthday salutations: E. 
LEE remembered that his wife's birthday was January 20, 
and wisely forgot which one. ..Meanwhile, downstairs in the 
garage. Chief Clerk MULCAHEY PATRICK'S daughter, 
LAUREEN, reached the ripe old age of five years January 


Hi again fellows. Well, we're well into the new year and 
I hope that 1973 will be everyone's year for good luck... 
Christmas arrived a little early for Operator DAVID and 
MARJORIE HARRIS, who were blessed with a son, DAVID 
HARRIS Jr., on December 20 who tipped the scales at 9 
pounds even. Congratulations ! . . We extend our deepest 
sympathy to the family of Repairman JOE JAGOS who re- 
cently passed away. Our condolences are also extended to 
the family of Retired Operator JOHN PATER who recently 
passed away. ..Our deepest sympathy to Operator TILLMON 
SHAW in the recent passing of his brother, CALVIN SHAW. 
..We sincerely hope as of this writing that Retired Operator 
ART KENNEDY is up and around since being confined to 
St. Anthony's hospital... On January 1, Lawndale said fare- 
well to one of its finest operators. OTTO TORK retired 
after 37 years of devoted service. We hope you enjoy your 
retirement Otto, and stop by to see us sometime. ..We sin- 
cerely hope at this writing that Operator GEORGE BROWN 
is doing much better. George is now convalescing at home 
and would like to see some of his old buddies. ..Received a 
card over the holidays from former Operator PETE MOL- 
FESE. Always nice to hear from you Pete. .. Operator 
RUDY HOLAN, recently back from a vacation just before 
Christmas, said that it was the best yet and he's sorry he 
didn't pick his vacation this way 20 years ago. Well I 
learned early, Rudy, I also just got back from vacation and 
enjoyed the rest. We'll be going again in a few more 
weeks. ..Amvet Post No. 247 held its annual family Christ- 
mas party on December 15, and it was a huge success... 
Happy birthday to the following personnel: R. E. BELL, E. 

(lamei 7H<vt4AaU 


To start off my first column I would like to wish every- 
one a very happy and rewarding new year. . . Now to the 
news. The drivers who worked the free State Street buses 
during the holidays said they enjoyed it very much even 
though it — now get this — was hard work. ..And a big hand 
goes out to our great basketball team with a win-loss 
record of 2-1 at this time. Stay on the ball fellows... A 
speedy recovery is wished Operator LAMONT UPTON who 
was injured in a gallant play in our first game. ..Wishes for 
a quick recovery also go out to the wife of Operator B. H. 

JANUARY, 1973 



LAWRENCE E. AGIN, Blacksmith, 

South Shops, Emp. 6-4-27 

Forest Glen, Emp. 3-31-47 

Engineering, Emp. 10-21- ;2 
FRANK J. BECKER, Line Truck Chauffeur, 

Utility & Emergency Service, Emp. 10-3-42 

Tire Center, Emp. 5-25-47 
ROBERT S. BENSON, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 7-2-42 
ROY G. BERGLUND, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 9-15-36 
PLATO L. BIBBS, Supervisor, 

District A, Emp. 10-21-43 
ANTON J. BOBER, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 1-11-34 

North Avenue, Emp. 5-20-46 
FRANCIS J. BRADY, Carpenter A, 

South Shops, Emp. 4-17-42 
JAMES J. BRADY, Motorman, 

West Section, Emp. 2-4-37 

North Avenue, Emp. 1-31-34 
ALFRED R. BROMAN, Supervisor, 

Central Counting, Emp. 7-30-32 

Electrical, Emp. 12-28-44 
LOUIS BRUNO, Trackman II, 

Engineering, Emp. 6-26-42 
HENRY BUIKEMA, Supervisor, 

District A, Emp. 10-31-42 
LYNN H. BUTLER, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 9-9-42 

North Avenue, Emp. 11-24-36 
ROSS CARTER, Operator, 

Kedzle, Emp. 10-11-45 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 11-18-42 
HUGO J. CINCETTI, Platform Man, 

North Section, Emp. 2-18-42 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 9-20-40 

77th Street, Emp. 1-19-41 

North Section, Emp. 1-6-30 
FLOYD T. CREAL, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 11-30-36 

69th Street, Emp. 11-28-42 
JOSEPH G. DECKER, Electrician Foreman, 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 7-17-29 

North Section, Emp. 2-1-51 
GEORGE H. DlGlORE, Material Handler, 

South Shops, Emp. 8-5-36 

North Park, Emp. 4-23-29 
RAYMOND J. DOWDLE, Supervisor, 

District D, Emp. 11-30-36 
PATRICK J. DOYLE, Signal Foreman, 

Electrical, Emp. 6-18-29 
JOHN R. DUDEK, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 2-18-42 


North Section, Emp. 6-20-45 
CHESTER L. ELKE, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 9-3-42 
GARFIELD L. FRANCIS, Photographer, 

Reproduction Services, Emp. 8-11-41 

Archer, Emp. 4-29-42 

North Park, Emp. 3-12-48 
GEORGE C. HAAK, Operator, 

Keeler, Emp. 11-28-41 
WILLLVM F. HANSEN, Electrical Worker, 

South Shops, Emp. 7-13-25 
DANIEL P. HAYES, Supervisor, 

South District, Emp. 2-20-36 

North Park, Emp. 5-8-41 
JERRY J. HURT, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp, 8-26-42 
LEONARD T. JOLLY, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 7-25-46 

South Shops, Emp. 7-6-42 
HAROLD L. JULITZ, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 1-20-42 

Forest Glen, Emp. 10-25-33 
DAVID L. KELLY, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 11-16-36 
JOHN A. KENT, Box Puller, 

North Avenue, Emp. 9-2-42 

North Park, Emp. 8-19-37 
HOBART E. KNIGHT, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 5-12-42 
JOHN W. KREBS, Operator, 

Keeler, Emp. 9-5-45 
ARVIN A. KREUTZER, Supervisor, 

Schedule & Traffic, Emp. 11-2-31 
EDWIN J. KRUSER, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 10-7-52 
STANLEY L. LECK, Supervisor, 

District C, Emp. 5-22-28 

THE 31-YEAR transit coreer of GAR FRANCIS came to o close 
January 1 with his retirement from CTA. Gar started with Chicago 
Motor Coach as a bus driver in 1942. He become a photographer 
for CTA in 1959 and through his knowledge of photography has 
produced many interesting pictures for the pages of Transit 
News. Gar is shown here accepting congratulations upon his 
retirement from Manager of Finance P. J. MEINARDI (right) and 
Coordinator of Reproduction Services T. C. HAANING. 



Kedzie, Emp. 11-26-45 

JOHN J. MAHONEY, Supervisor, 
District D, Emp. 10-1-33 

JOHN W. MARTENS, Janitor, 
Keeler, Emp. 4-24-43 

EDWARD F. MEYER, Operator, 
69th Street, Emp. 9-18-45 

MAYNARD J. MORAN, Senior Radio Operator, 
Operations Control, Emp. 3-13-34 

MICHAEL J. MORAN, Bus Serviceman, 
69th Street, Emp. 6-6-51 

BON H. MULLINAX, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 8-19-43 

EDWARD P. O'CONNELL, Supervisor, 
Claim, Emp. 7-6-25 

JOHN D. O'DONNELL, Bus Serviceman, 

North Avenue, Emp. 11-11-42 


Howard Street, Emp. 6-1-36 


West Section, Emp. 10-27-33 

West Section, Emp. 5-7-60 

Central Counting, Emp. 9-3-26 
WILLIAM POWELL, Communications Technician II, 

Electrical, Emp. 2-3-36 

77th Street, Emp. 2-11-36 
RALPH D. REGNIER, General Clerk, 

Executive, Emp. 11-17-36 
PAUL W. REID, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 8-18-37 
RAYMOND F. REIGHARD, District Superintendent, 

District C, Emp. 2-20-36 
NORMAN U. RIDDLE, Supervisor, 

Central District, Emp. 12-7-36 

Kedzie, Emp. 4-21-43 

Lawndale, Emp. 9-26-35 
CARL E. SANDBERG, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 4-16-34 

South Section, Emp. 7-1-42 
EARL W. SCHNEIDER, Collector, 

Limits, Emp. 7-7-47 
CHARLES SCHREY, Assistant Mason Foreman, 

Engineering, Emp. 11-18-42 

West Section, Emp. 9-27-37 

Archer, Emp. 6-27-42 

Engineering, Emp. 6-19-41 
JOHN A. SIMKO, Chief Clerk, 

Keeler, Emp. 5-22-35 
OTTO J. SMITH, Machinist, 

South Shops, Emp. 10-7-47 

North District, Emp. 7-1-42 
PAUL L. SPOLEC, Electrical Worker A, 

South Shops, Emp. 2-3-25 

Forest Glen, Emp. 8-28-42 
THOMAS J. SPRATT, Instructor, 

77th Street, Emp. 2-12-42 

ROBERT A. STEWART, Collector, 

77th Street, Emp. 7-29-41 
MARY STOMNER, Stenographer VI, 

Public Information, Emp. 6-24-26 

District C, Emp. 6-25-37 
GEORGE R. STUEVE, Bus Repairman, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 5-12-43 
JULIUS B. SUKIS, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 4-18-44 
STANLEY J. SWIEC, Bus Repairer, 

77th Street, Emp. 11-14-42 
ANDREW E. SZUREK, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 11-25-42 

Forest Glen, Emp. 12-22-42 
OTTO S. TORK, Operator, 

Lawndale, Emp. 1-14-36 

North Avenue, Emp. 4-17-34 
FRANK M. WAGNER, Janitor, 

Kedzie, Emp. 5-10-45 
MARCUS C. WALKER, Motor man. 

South Section, Emp. 10-28-30 

North Avenue, Emp. 11-24-41 
CHARLES E. YOST, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 11-1-45 
AUSTIN E. YOUNG, Janitor, 
West Section, Emp. 9-29-37 
PETER G. ZACHARIAS, Supervisor, 

District B, Emp. 8-18-36 
STEVE ZITTMAN, Carpenter A, 
South Shops, Emp. 8-6-42 


ANDREW M. LEE, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 8-11-55 

North Avenue, Emp. 3-30-37 

Electrical, Emp. 12-26-50 

Engineering, Emp. 5-26-41 

South Section, Emp. 4-18-52 

CLOSING OUT his 30-year 
career with CTA end the 
former CSL, ROBERT S. 
BENSON retired January 1 
as a bus operator from 
Limits Station. He started 
as a motormon at Devon 
Station in 1942 and be- 
came a bus operator in 
1957. Bob has also served 
as a reporter for Transit 
News since May, 1967, 
representing Limits Station. 

JANUARY, 1973 



SMITH who had a recent stay in the hospital... Now I have to 
report some news which is both sorrowful and happy. Su- 
perintendent M. H. DeWITT is going to retire February 1. 
We will all miss him very much. He has worked 31 years 
with the company, the last ten of which were as a super- 
intendent. He said he has enjoyed working with the men at 
Limits, and has always had good cooperation from the 
drivers and the board members. He and his wife want to 
see much of this great country, then they plan to take it 
easy around the house. Happy days to you, sir; you deserve 
the best... Another new retiree is Operator R. S. BENSON 
who retired January 1. He was my leader on this column 
and always did an outstanding job as a scribe. Hope you 
are enjoying retirement too. Bob. ..Our sincere condolences 
to the family of Operator H. L. WASHINGTON who passed ' 
away January 1. He will be missed by everyone. ..Before 
closing for January I would like to introduce myself, I am 
CHARLES TURNER, Badge 9509, and I have run 180. If you 
have any news, give it to me or just leave it with the clerk 
in the station. 


We would like to give out a loud word of praise for 
DAN DIGNAM. These fellows did a very commendable job 
of painting the offices at the 54th Street Terminal. ..VI and 
ED PFANNKUCHE retired on January 1 and are now enjoy- 
ing a life of leisure in Florida. Have fun, kids, you have 
earned it. Keep in touch with us. ..We offer our sincere 
sympathy to the family of PAT O'BRIEN, retired trainman, 
who passed away recently... Retired Janitor PETE NAUGH- 
TON Sr. is seriously ill in Presbyterian-St. Luke's hospi- 
tal. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. 
We hope he will be back on the road to recovery soon... 
Jovial Janitor DOMINICK CASSELINO is on vacation at 
this writing. We know whatever he is doing he is having a 
ball. Don't burn the candles at both ends, Dom, for soon it 
will be back to the salt mines. ..KAREN DOMINO has left 
the central assignment office and is now working as a clerk 
on the South Side. Congratulations and best wishes to 
Karen in her new job. ..Student Agent TOM CAHILL cer- 
tainly likes to be different, and goes from one extreme to 
another to prove it. Tom is now wearing a short-short 
hair style, and believe me, it is really different... We are 
sorry to report illness in the DAN and MILDRED DOYLE 
family. We hope everyone will be back in good health by 
the time our news is in print. The Doyles planned to leave 
on January 13 for Florida if everyone was well. More 
about this in the next issue. . . Hearty congratulations to 
elected as president and financial secretary of our union. 
May 1973 be an extremely good year for all of us with your 
help.. .Agents FAY CAPRIO and OPAL (York) WOCZNIAK 
are on the sick list at this time. Hurry back to good health, 
girls, we miss you both... ADAM WAAS will retire on Feb- 
ruary 1 but he does not intend to let the old rocking chair 
get him. Adam plans to find part-time employment to keep 
him busy. Good luck and many happy years to come are 
wished for Mr. and Mrs. Waas...By the time we read this 
the new pick will be in effect. We hope everyone is happily 
settled in their new station.. .Superintendent J. ZUPKO en- 
joyed a week's vacation at home resting up after the holi- 
days, and enjoying the sports programs on TV. ..Agents 



restful week at home after the Christmas holidays. . . On 
Saturday, December 23, Agent JULIE MATTRAN had a pre- 
holiday get-together at her home. Everyone enjoyed the 
refreshments and gay chit-chat. Among the invited guests 
were EDITH MORROW and your Loop co-reporters. It was 
a most enjoyable evening. Thank you Julie and RAY. . . 
That's all for now gang. We would appreciate any news 
contributions you may send in. 

- TKMfied t>«fU & TKaruf TOixttd 


Congratulations to JUANITA EDEN who lost 36 pounds 
through Wei^t Watchers and received a pin for reaching 
her goal. ..EILEEN CARMODY was in the hospital in De- 
cember but is now home recuperating. Hope to see her 
back to work soon.. .Good to see ELEANOR HASBROUCK 
back to work after a short illness. . . VERN NORDSTROM 
had his vacation during the holidays. Also BETTY RUSSO 
had a week's vacation before Christmas. It must be nice to 
have seniority... Conductor TONY WOLFE and his wife are 
the proud parents of a baby boy, TIMOTHY, who weighed in 
at 8 pounds 5 ounces... JIM SCHUMPP had the misfortune of 
breaking his arm recently but is now back at work and 
doing fine... Janitor DOMINIC CASALINO started his vaca- 
tion on December 24. That sure was a nice Christmas 
present... Congratulations to IRWIN WIECZOREK who made 
Employee of the Year. Keep up the good work, Irwin, we 
all knew you could do it. . . ED PFANNKUCHE and his 
charming wife, VI (Moehring), took their pensions on Jan- 
uary 1, and will spend some time in Florida. Also taking 
their pension January 1 were AUSTIN YOUNG and ERWIN 
SCHULTZ. We wish all of you a long and happy retired 
life... Station Superintendent T. D. BOYLE enjoyed a vaca- 
tion to Florida and stayed right in Disney World.. .My co- 
reporter, GRACE MOUNTS, and her husband, CLEM, 
ushered in the new year by joLning in on the celebration at 
Mangam's Chateau. 

^ime TKouHti & 'Kaiif ^aiin/iiif 


Congratulations to our new Courtesy Caravan Club 
members for October. For exceptional courtesy, J. 
JONES, A. FRENCH and R. THOMAS; for assistance to the 
handicapped, R. JACKSON and L. SANFORD; for being 
helpful in recovering a lost article, C. REDEMSKI; for at- 
tention to duty, K. CHRABASZ, and for being considerate in 
curbing, A. JACQUES. For November: for attention to 

duty, M. McCarthy, m. bystrek, r. spakowski, t. 

OPFERGELT and C. AIKENS; for assistance to the handi- 
capped, C. LESTER, J. LYNCH and F. KONOPKA; for ex- 
ceptional courtesy, J. GREEN, D. SKOWRONEK, A. KISZ- 
KA, R. PEACOCK and H. FIELDS; for a heroic act, P. 
GONZALEZ, and for excellent street announcements, J. 
BACON. ..A number of the boys are taking their pensions. 
Bus Hiker JOHN P. WALSH from Archer left on December 
1, and he and his wife, FLORENCE, are planning on trav- 
eling around the U.S.A. Now for our January 1 pensioners. 
Operator ARTHUR BRINDLEY and his wife, MARINA, plan 
to visit California for a second honeymoon. Supervisor 
plan a trip around the states and more time with their 
hobby raising tropical fish. Operator CHESTER ELKE 
leaves us after 30 years of service. He and his better 



half, CLARA, plan a fishing trip down South. Also headed 
for the easy life are Supervisor STANLEY LECK, District 
Superintendent RAYMOND REIGHARD, Storeroom Clerk 
LINDEMANN... Received a postcard from Pensioner VIGGO 
WINDFELD and his wife, ZORA, who spent their vacation in 
Los Angeles, California. They visited Hollywood and Bev- 
erly Hills where they saw some movie stars' homes and 
Universal Studios... Pensioner JOHN SENKO and his spouse 
visited Russia and Poland... Operator JERRY HURT became 
a grandpa for the seventh time when his son, EDWARD, and 
his wife, KATHY, became parents of a baby girl on October 
27. Jerry now has six granddaughters and one grandson. 
Our congratulations to all. ..I met Pensioner TOM SCAN- 
LON who is looking and feeling better than ever. He asked 
about "Otto Mobile" who, you may remember, is Pensioner 
BILL ECHOLS who wrote a column under that name years 
ago. I'm also certain you remember Tom's antique car 
with a mind of its own, and ran with or without gas. Tom 
finally retired it to the junk pile. ..Pensioner NEIL COTTER 
writes that they had so much autumn rain in Portage, Wis- 
consin, that the farmers couldn't get some of their corn 
harvested. The deer hunting was good. . . Pensioner JOE 
REINHART and his wife, VIOLET, have a new address: 
513 School street. Harbor Beach, Michigan 48441. Joe was 
in the hospital in November, but he's home now and doing 
well. ..A note from Pensioner BARNEY CALLAHAN tells us 
that he and JOSEPHINE spent the holidays in Wichita, Kan- 
sas. They visited their daughter, MARGARET, son-in-law, 
and ten grandchildren. ..Pensioner LARS PEARSON and his 
wife, ANNA, are keeping busy. Lars is keeping up with his 
trout fishing at his home in Mountain Home, Arkansas... 
Pensioner ART MOILANEN and his spouse, BETTY, visited 
Chicago in November. They bought some Rosen's Jewish 
rye bread, which they can't get in L'Anse, Michigan. When 
they got home, the bay was full of lake trout, rainbows, 
brown trout, etc. The Indians had put out their nets and 
got hundreds of pounds of fish. They couldn't sell them so 
they threw them back into the water. There were dead fish 
all over. ..Bus Hikers RALPH POTTS of Kedzie and FRANK 
KNORR of 77th passed away in December. Ralph was an 
old school pal of mine from Morton High... Pensioner BILL 
BUETOW lost his wife, ANNA, after a long illness. Last 
May she was confined at the Mayo Clinic. Until this fall, 
they thought she would make it, but she passed away in the 
hospital and was buried on November 4. We extend our 
sympathy to the families of these departed. Jesus said, "I 
go to prepare a place for you that where 1 am, there ye may 
also be. "..We received a Christmas card from FLORENCE 
BLAKE, the widow of our old friend, JERRY BLAKE. She 
is well, but lonesome. She comes to Chicago frequently to 
visit her family. ..Thanks to all of you who sent me lovely 
Christmas cards. They came from Pensioners E. BOCK, 
E. DIETZ. Elmer Deegan has a mobile home in Payson, 
Arizona. It's good fishing country. Living near him are 
SKI and PARADISE. Frank Coleman gets around fairly well 
after his illness. Now to the operators, I have cards from 


MEO and R. SHOLTENS. Also cards from Bus Dispatcher 
BILL KOSEK, Clerk E. LOTITO, and last, but not least, my 
friend and co-reporter, WALTER BLIX. I hope he will be 
back at work soon, also helping me with this column. See 
you purty soon, Walter. And cards from Garage Clerk 
BILL MIEDEMA, Forest Glen, and Garage Clerk WAYNE 
MIEDEMA, North Avenue, who also happen to be my No. 1 
and 2 sons...I want to thank the pensioners who have been 
so helpful sending me news. I wish I could do as well with 
the operators. How about it? Thanks to Operator JULIUS 
BISWURM for his contribution. ..Here's hoping you're all off 
to a good start for the New Year. 

- TVaUoM THUdcma & "UJaUm SUt 


Hope you all had a Happy New Year. May you find 1973 
to be healthy, happy and prosperous. .. The North Park 
credit union's annual business meeting was held on Friday, 
January 12, at River Park Fieldhouse. Dividends were de- 
clared and refreshments were served. There were also 
drawings for door prizes. . . The Sambruca Club dinner 
dance was held on Saturday, November 4 at the Chateau 
Royale. Operator PAT SCIORTINO, who was chairman of 
this fine event, would like to add his thanks to the many 
CTA families who patronized this event. ..Clerk JOE Di- 
GIOVANNI retired on January 1 after 43 plus years of ser- 
vice at the age of 58. Joe, who is one of our most respect- 
ed and congenial clerks, plans along with his lovely wife, 
CONNIE, to do a lot of traveling in the future. ..Also going 
on pension January 1 were Operators CARL SANDBERG, 
38 years; TED KINDERMAN, 32 years; ANDY HOLZMAN, 
31 years; HAROLD JULITZ, 31 years; LYNN BUTLER, 30 
years, and RAY GOLDSTEIN, 24 years. We at North Park 
take this opportunity to wish these fine gentlemen many 
years of happiness in their golden years. ..BOB ZIENTARA, 
the son of Operator EDDY ZIENTARA, shot a large buck 
deer while hunting near Westfield, Wisconsin. The Chicago 
Tribune showed a picture of Bob and the deer in the sports 
section of the Sunday, November 26, edition... JOHN STEIN- 
BEISS, the son of Instructor WALTER STEINBEISS, along 
with his wife, VICKIE, spent the holidays with his parents. 
John, who is a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, will be 
stationed at Rapid City, South Dakota. John was working as 
a bus operator at North Park when he was inducted into the 
service. . .SHELDON BAKER, the son of Operator SAM 
BAKER, has accepted a position with Montgomery Ward as 
a copywriter working on advertising. .. JOHN GUZALDO, 
who has been off sick, is now back to work as a street col- 
lector. We are all happy to see John back on the job again. 
..Operator FRANK SAUCIER, who is a patient at Veterans 
hospital, has gone on disability pension. Our prayers are 
with Frank for a complete recovery.,. Happy anniversaries 
are extended to the following: Pensioner WILLIAM 
STINESPRING and his wife, DOLLY, their 43rd; Pensioner 
MIKE PARK and his wife, GLADYS, their 19th; Pensioner 
LARRY BENNETT and his wife, JULIA, their 32nd; Pen- 
sioner ELY PESTINE and his wife, RUTH, their 40th; Pen- 
sioner IRVING WEINER and his wife, IDA, their 42nd; Pen- 
sioner WALTER LINDEMAN and his wife, ELEANOR, their 
45th; Operator LEO HARA and his wife, ANN, their 36th 
Operator JESSIE GILMORE and his wife, ROSE, their 16th 
Operator JOHN WAIT and his wife, LUCILLE, their 34th 
Operator SAM BAKER and his wife, HELEN, their 32nd 
Operator ALLEN LIGHTER and his wife, SUSAN, their 

JANUARY, 1973 



31st; Operator BUCKY WALTERS and his wife, DORCAS, 
their 36th; Operator SAM POSNER and his wife, ETHEL, 
their 34th; Operator JOHN EISELT and his wife, LOUISE, 
their 15th; Operator DAVE ARREGUIN and his wife, 
THERESA, their 16th; Operator JIM HALL and his wife, 
VIRGINIA, their 22nd; Operator BILL HODGSON and his 
wife, LORRY, their 23rd, and Instructor WALTER STEIN- 
BEISS and his wife, MARY, their 36th. .. Happy birthdays 
are extended to: Supervisor GEORGE HAND, Operators 
HOLZMAN and Pensioner JOE Di GIOVANNI. .. Our sym- 
pathy and condolences are extended to the family of TONY 
BRUNO who passed away suddenly on Monday, December 7. 
Tony was assistant treasurer of the North Park credit 
union and a most respected and likeable person. Also to 
the family of Retired Supervisor HUBERT JIMMY MORAN 
we express our condolences...! would like to take this op- 
portunity to thank all the pensioners who sent me Holiday 
Greetings. . . Repair Department Chit Chat: Repairman 
FRANK SIBLEY and Electrician RICHARD ROCK were 
winners of turkeys at the Wauconda Gun Club shoot-out. 
Repairman BUCKY BAKER is in charge of the charity 
project. .. Enjoying vacations this month are Repairmen 
FRANK SCHENDL and GEORGE WITT, and Servicemen 


CHARLES KEELER, traffic clerk, and his wife flew to 
Los Angeles, California, and celebrated Thanksgiving with 
friends. ..GEORGE HANUS and his wife drove to Redington 
Beach, Florida, and other parts to visit... WALTER THOM- 
AS, assistant superintendent of schedule makers, and his 
wife flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to spend Thanks- 
giving. ..The Schedule Department was blessed with many 
Christmas season birthdays. Best wishes to KAY BATINA, 
SCOTT was promoted to schedule clerk... RUTH HAVLIK 
and her sister flew to Spain to spend the holidays there. 
They became part of the jet set when they stayed in the 
sunny resort area of Costa Del S0I...ARVIN A. KREUTZER, 
supervisor of traffic data section, retired on December 29 
after 41 years of service to CTA and the CSL. Better 
known as Fritz, he started as a traffic checker November 
1, 1931. He worked as a traffic checker and traffic clerk 
imtil transferring to Burnside Station in 1933 as a conduc- 
tor and one-man car operator. He returned to the Schedule 
Department in 1942 and was promoted to schedule clerk. In 
1961 Fritz became supervisor of traffic clerks and was 
promoted to supervisor of the traffic data section in 1965, 
the post he held at retirement. His dedication to his work 
and his candor will long be remembered in the Schedule- 
Traffic Department. 

- 'Kai/i.iifH SutOta 


Now that 1973 has begun and all of you have started in 
an honest effort to live up to your resolutions for the year, 


John and I would like you to add one more resolution to 
your list; we can't invent news, we need your help, so let's 
all resolve that 1973 will be the best year yet for news... 
Congratulations are in order for EDWARD W. TOBIN, 
Purchasing, who has been promoted to assistant to super- 
intendent of stores. Good luck, Ed!. .We have a special note 
for BECKY COUSIN who has been on the sick list for quite 
sometime. Dear Becky, HELP! Signed, Jill. Hope you're 
feeling better real soon! . . Congratulations to JOANNE 
BOETTIN, who became an aunt for the third time. Joanne's 
nephew, DAVID W., was born on December 5 and weighed 
7 pounds 3 ounces... The welcome mat is extended to WIL- 
LIAM DOERING, stock clerk 1, Stores Department. Bill 
transferred from the Treasury Department. Welcome 
aboard. Bill. . . Congratulations to JAMES WHITTLEY, 
stock clerk 1, and his wife who were blessed with a beauti- 
ful daughter, LATASHA, on October 29. ..ANDY CUNNING- 
HAM spent his vacation traveling with a jazz band while 
on vacation. Andy also stopped at Monte Carlo Bay. ..DAVE 
SMITH, laborer, has returned from his "honey-do" vaca- 
tion. ..GRANVILLE CHEATHAM, stock clerk I, is off the 
sick list and back to work. While recuperating at home 
Granville received a surprise visit from his son who is on 
leave from the army. Your son's visit was probably just 
what you needed for a speedy recovery. Glad to see you at 
work once again. 


Happy New Year to all! May 1973 be a good, happy, and 
healthy year for everyone. ..Congratulations to Conductor 
NEIL SULLIVAN who had such a big smile when he became 
a grandpa again. His son and daughter-in-law had a baby 
girl named TAMMY. This makes two grandchildren for the 
Sullivans. . .Relief Station Superintendent ED MITCHELL, 
West Section, and his wife. South Section Agent SAUNDRA, 
celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary at the Playboy 
Club in Lake Geneva over a weekend. Best wishes to the 
happy couple. ..Hooray! Back to work from the sick list 
are: Work Train Conductor THOMAS SCHWARZ, Work 
Train Motorman DOMINIC CESARE and Motorman SIDNEY 
EDWARDS... Agent ALBERT HOFER, who has been on the 
sick list for some months, went on pension December 1. 
We sincerely hope Albert regains his health real soon and 
enjoys his pens ion... Retired Conductor JOSEPH MASCOLl- 
NO stopped by recently upon his return from a trip to Cal- 
ifornia. While out there he visited with retired Conductor 
JOHN LOUGHLIN and retired Towerman CHARLES RUM- 
MEL. They said hello to everyone. Joe looked great for 
his 83 years young; he's been on pension 18 years. ..Our 
heartiest congratulations to the winners of the Division 308 
election: President LEONARD BEATTY, Vice-president 
CHARLES LOUGHRAN, Secretary-Treasurer HUGH HEG- 
ARTY, South Section Board Member WILFRED SPEARS, 
and to all the other people elected.. .Our Ashland parking 
lot attendant, STAN from 69th Street Depot, went on pen- 
sion December 1. He is one swell guy and everyone misses 
him. Happy retirement, Stan. ..Hello to newly-hired Con- 
We're also glad to see Student Conductor CARL DAVIS who 
decided to return and be a full-time conductor... We were 
very shocked and saddened to hear that Agent CHARLES 
GRIFFITH passed away quite suddenly. Our deepest sym- 
pathy to his family... Retired Conductor PHARAOH (Mother- 
in-law) CAIN dropped in to see us. It sure was good to see 




CLIO E. BERGER, 85, North Section, 

Emp. 7-15-36, Died 11-16-72 
WILLIAM BETSANES, 86, 61st Street, 

Emp. 10-16-42, Died 11-6-72 
WILLIAM H. BONNE FOI, 70, North Park, 

Emp. 11-10-25, Died 11-7-72 
VASSILIOS BOUSIS, 77, South Shops, 

Emp. 8-8-26, Died 10-22-72 
TONY BRUNO, 50, North Park, 

Emp. 10-4-43, Died 12-4-72 
HARRY C. CROSS, 83, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 3-6-13, Died 11-17-72 
BRUNO DINTER, 63, Property Accounting, 

Emp. 5-22-34, Died 12-6-72 
MARCO DUNDEVICH, 61, Skokie Shop, 

Emp. 3-19-29, Died 11-27-72 
CHARLES GRIFFITH, 53, South Section, 

Emp. 1-2-58, Died 12-9-72 
MILDRED I. HUMES, 84, Executive, 

Emp. 12-4-05, Died 11-7-72 
MAURICE T. HYLAND, 72, Kedzie, 

Emp. 8-31-27, Died 11-11-72 
JOSEPH J. JAROS, 58, Lawndale, 

Emp. 5-8-42, Died 12-8-72 
ARTHUR P. JOHNSTON, 73, 69th Street, 

Emp. 1-25-27, Died 11-16-72 
FRANK C. KNORR, 64, 77th Street, 

Emp. 8-11-42, Died 12-18-72 
MICHAEL J. KOHUT, 74, Skokie Shop, 

Emp. 6-3-42, Died 11-10-72 
ARTHUR LAVIGNE, 81, West Section, 

Emp. 11-17-11, Died 11-11-72 
BERNARD J. LAZISKY, 62, Beverly, 

Emp. 2-2-38, Died 11-29-72 
OTTO A. LINK, 76, Skokie Shop, 

Emp. 3-18-43, Died 11-4-72 
KENNETH L. MANAUGH, 67, North Section, 

Emp. 9-21-26, Died 11-7-72 
EDWARD J. MARSH, 68, Kedzie, 

Emp. 5-18-28, Died 11-6-72 
WILLIAM McTIGUE, 73, 69th Street, 

Emp. 12-16-24, Died 11-14-72 

Emp. 11-2-36, Died 12-10-72 

EBERT C. NYBERG Sr., 78, West Section, 

Emp. 6-25-17, Died 11-22-72 
THOMAS F. O'BRIEN, 68, Internal Auditing, 

Emp. 10-18-23, Died 11-5-72 
JOHN D. O'LEARY, 89, Halsted Yard, 

Emp. 5-15-08, Died 11-15-72 
ADOLPH PAOLINI, 73, North Avenue, 

Emp. 5-22-43, Died 11-11-72 

Emp. 1-17-24, Died 11-14-72 
VINCENT PENDOLA, 71, Engineering, 

Emp. 6-23-41, Died 11-13-72 
RALPH S. POTTS, 58, South Shops, 

Emp. 4-10-43, Died 12-19-72 
JOSEPH RAGGI, 59, West Section, 

Emp. 10-29-46, Died 11-27-72 
MICHAEL J. REGAN, 76, 69th Street, 

Emp. 11-25-19, Died 11-19-72 
PATRICK ROCHE, 81, 77th Street, 

Emp. 10-28-15, Died 11-25-72 
JOHN H. SCHEID, 68, South Shops, 

Emp. 8-20-36, Died 11-23-72 
KATHRYN T. SEGALE, 89, West Section, 

Emp. 6-8-20, Died 8-24-72 
CALVIN SHAW, 31, Limits, 

Emp. 5-5-69, Died 11-25-72 
EDWARD SMITH, 72, South Section, 

Emp. 10-3-27, Died 11-24-72 
THEODORE M. SOLOVEY, 84, West Shops, 

Emp. 2-23-45, Died 11-11-72 
JAMES J. STANTON, 57, 77th Street, 

Emp. 11-26-41, Died 12-15-72 
HILTON C. STEWART, 56, West Section, 

Emp. 6-22-48, Died 11-17-72 
GEORGE STRICKLAND, 80, North Avenue, 

Emp. 8-4-21, Died 11-30-72 
CHARLES C. SVOMA, 85, Kedzie, 

Emp. 10-5-07, Died 11-3-72 
MICHAEL J. TAYLOR, 84, Devon, 

Emp. 9-16-19, Died 11-9-72 
WALTER C. TRINKL, 62, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 7-27-45, Died 11-23-72 
FRANK H. WEISHAAR, 64, North Park, 

Emp. 8-14-41, Died 11-11-72 

him. He and his wife had just returned from New Orleans 
where he visited with Retired Conductor MOSES GILES and 
his wife, who live there. They really enjoyed New Orleans. 
Moses says "hello" to everyone, too. New Orleans is one 
of my favorite vacation spots. ..The officers of the South 
Side "L" credit union and their wives were feted at a din- 
ner at David's restaurant recently. My hubby, ROLAND, 
president, and myself really enjoyed the diimer and get- 
together with the other officers and their charming wives. 
My little quote for today is: "Put a little money away in 
the credit union every payday for a rainy day. "..Mrs. 
IRENE DOUGHTY, the wife of deceased Conductor RAY, 
has moved to Van Nuys, California. She said the winters 
were getting too hard here and she wanted to be in sunny 
California. Good luck to you, Irene, all your many friends 
here in Chicago will miss you. ..Agent CORRINE DALMAS 
;was in the hospital recently for an operation but is home 
jnow recuperating. We all hope you can get back to work 
Isoon, Corrine. . . Retired 308 Board Member CHARLES 

BURNS has left Chicago for the winter to stay in Phoenix, 
Arizona. He sure is lucky to escape this ice and snow... 
The agent's pension club held their Christmas dinner on 
December 3 at Sharko's East restaurant and a good time 
was had by all. We take this time to thank retired Assign- 
the wonderful parties they put out each year. Retired Agent 
MARY KLUMPP, who lives in Jacksonville, Illinois, was to 
be honored at this dinner having gone on pension this year, 
but she took a trip to Florida and wasn't able to be here for 
the festivities. We had a Christmas grab bag which every- 
one enjoyed. Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE RILEY, superintendent 
of operating stations, were there to help us celebrate. 
Talked to all the retirees and they looked wonderful: Re- 
tired Clerk JOE BRENNAN and his charming wife. Retired 
Yard Foreman JOHN LEMKE and his missus, Retired 
COLLINS and HELEN SHANNON, Retired Towerman PAT 

JANUARY, 1973 



HICKEY and his missus. Retired Motorman JERRY HANA- 
FIN and his wife, and many more. ..On the sick list at this 
writing are: Agent LEONARD HEILBRONNER. Janitor AL- 
PHONSO NERl, Towerman ADAM MODELSKI and Supervi- 
sor JAMES FAHEY... Assignment Agent LILL CULLINAN 
is in the hospital at this writing. Hope you get home real 
soon, Lill, and also hope that all our ailing people have a 
quick recovery and be back to work soon. ..Mrs. VERNON 
(Alice) AMMONS, the wife of deceased Conductor AMMONS, 
who worked in the South Section office at 61st Street years 
ago, passed away. She was a wonderful person... Conductor 
LONNIE PERRY received a passenger commendation for 
his efficiency and good announcements. Keep up the good 
work you South Siders... Former employee ALFRED CRIS- 
LER, who was sick for many months, passed away recent- 
ly. Our condolences to the Crisler family. ..Retired Con- 
ductor CARL MAGNUSON called the other day to tell ev- 
eryone hello and to say that he is well. ..Resigning recently 
for other positions were Clerk ROBERT HARVEY, Switch- 
man ROBERT BRADFORD who went with Standard Oil, 
and Conductor WILLIAM TALLEY...Our sincere sympathy 
is extended to Towerman ADAM MODELSKI in the loss of 
his mother; Conductor GARY GLEASON who lost his moth- 
er, and Motorman ALEX KOMIS whose brother passed 
away... Clerk JOHN BARRY was elated when his son, who 
was in the air force, came home from the service with his 
family to reside in Chicago. 


Congratulations to Laborer FRANK PIENTO and his 
wife on the birth of their granddaughter, KATHLEEN 
PIENTO, on December 8. The proud parents are FRANK'S 
son, JOSEPH, and his wife, CHRISTINE. Joe is a power 
supervisor in the Electrical Department in the Merchan- 
dise Mart. ..Electrical Worker KERRY HOWE and his wife, 
MARGARET, had a baby boy November 28. Little KERRY 
weighed in at 8 pounds 8 ounces. . . Machinist Apprentice 
GREG MARSHALL and his wife, BEV, are happy to an- 
nounce the arrival of CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM, born De- 
cember 14. Christopher weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces and 
was 22 inches long. ..Machinist Apprentice HORACE GREEN 
and his wife, BEVERLY, had a son born at home November 
16. KYLE weighed in at 9 pounds 12 ounces. Congratula- 
tions and best wishes to all the happy parents! . .FLASH 
from technical services — Stenographer MARY JANE HAR- 
NETT surprised everyone when she arrived the day after 
Christmas wearing a lovely diamond ring. The lucky fel- 
low is BILL ARSENEAU of McHenry. A fall wedding is 
planned. Our best wishes to the happy couple... Congratula- 
tions to Carpenter GEORGE KIMMSKE and his wife, FRAN, 
on their 20th wedding anniversary on November 29. ..Happy 
retirement to Laborer PAUL CEROTZKE, Electrical 
Worker DENNIS CLIFFORD, and Motor Line Foreman 
JOSEPH DECKER. You are going to be missed, fellows, 
and we hope to hear from you. Best of luck! Attending the 
retirement doings were Pensioners CHARLIE QUALIARDI, 
JOHN LEAHY. Nice to have had you with us, fellows! 
Speaking of pensioners— JULIUS ELENBOGEN keeps him- 
self very active. Julius can be found making lovely latch 
hook rugs in his daughter's handcraft shop in Long Grove. 
The shop is called "The Slipped Stitch." Julius received 
quite a writeup in the Long Grove papers. Thanks for 


letting us in on your activities, Julius... We were very sorry 
to learn that Retired Welder WILLARD LUCAS passed 
away. Our sincere condolences to his family. 


We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone 
in the CTA a healthy, happy and prosperous year ahead. 
We also hope the future will bring joy to all of our fellow 
employees... GAIL HATHAWAY, South Shops receptionist, 
just bought a new 1973 Camaro. It's bright red with a black 
interior. Gail says it's running great. Gee, it must be nice 
to be rich!.. We in the South Shops office are bidding a sad 
farewell to EDNA WALKER, secretary in Technical Ser- 
vices. We wish her the best as she leaves us to go to the 
Mart as secretary to GEORGE RILEY, superintendent of 
operating stations in the Transportation Department. Do 
keep in touch, Edna. ..Now for the Out in the Shop news... 
A banquet was held on December 21 for seven of our re- 
tiring co-workers. Sharko's East was the place. Plenty of 
fun, food and Christmas cheer was had by all. Best of luck 
for a long, happy and healthy retirement to OTTO SMITH, 
Area 342, PAUL SPOLEC, Area 317, Foreman BILL HAN- 
SEN, Area 317, FRANK BRADY Sr., Area 317, LAWRENCE 
AGIN, Area 314, STEVE ZITTMAN, Area 312C, and JOHN 
ZARDZA, Area 312C. Believe it or not, these men com- 
piled a total of 240 years of service with the CTA.. .LOU 
DRINKER, mechanic of Area 335, and his wife, IRENE, 
were invited as guests to witness the launching of Apollo 
17 at Cape Kennedy. In his own words, Lou said he was 
awed by the spectacular lift off. Lou is such a pro, that in 
case of any mechanical failure or an attempted hi-jacking, 
they could depend on him. Congratulations, Lou. ..MADON- 
NA GUSTAFSON, the daughter of JEAN GUSTAFSON, Print 
Shop, and GEORGE HOLLENDONER recently exchanged the 
holy vows of matrimony at St. Thomas More church. The 
reception was attended by co-workers in the Print Shop 
and from the rapid transit. . . Congratulations are also in 
store for JEFF JANKUS, Area 313, and his new bride, 
MARYANN. Best of luck, Jeff. .. BULLETIN! Christmas 
comes but once a year, especially to GENE PAGE, Area 
348. Gene recently tore the wrappings off his 1973 Ply- 
mouth station wagon. Since he is single, we wonder what 
his need is for a station wagon. Maybe he's contemplating 
giving CTA competition at the bus stops... Congratulations 
to AL YODUAL, dynamometer room, and his DOLORES on 
their 25th year of wedded bliss. Wonder why he wears his 
hard hat home. ..The DENNIS FERGUSON family is elated 
on the birth of their daughter, GINA LYNN, who weighed in 
at 7 pounds 14 ounces. Congratulations ! ..Congratulations 
also go out to JOHN LASKEY, Area 312C, and his wife on 
the arrival of BRIAN JOHN, 7 pounds 8 ounces.. .The stork 
was really busy as he also made a delivery to the JOSEPH 
REED household and presented them with their third beau- 
tiful daughter... Congratulations to LEROY HUNTER and his 
lovely wife on the adoption of a baby boy, ANTOINE. With 
the tender loving care of the Hunters, I know he is wel- 
come in their home.. .And now for the grandfathers--The 
proud ones are RAY SPATZEK, Area 342, with a grand- 
daughter, JENNIFER NORAE; Pensioner FRANK BRADY 
Sr. has a new grandson, BRIAN McGUlRE, and last but not 
least is JOE LUKSO, Area 349, with a grandson, PAUL 
JOSEPH. . . Good luck to RICHARD BRYAR, formerly of 
Area 317, on his new assignment in Technical Services. 
Don't work too hard, Dick. ..ED MYSKOWSKl has returned 




after spending ten days visiting relatives in Phoenix, Ari- 
zona. Ed said the temperatures were about 76 degrees 
most of the time. Quite a difference from Chicago; right, 
Ed?..IRV KRAULEDIS, Area 348, and his wife, PAULINE, 
jetted to Mexico City for the Thanksgiving weekend. Irv 
says there are a lot of beautiful sights to see and the 
people are very congenial. Irv and Pauline visited the 
Floating Gardens, the Lost Pyramids and took in a few 
night clubs and the bits Mexico City has to offer. Irv and 
his wife are planning to make another trip around Easter 
time... Nice to see the smiling face of SAVARINO BIAGIO 
back on the job in Area 312C...The watermelon business 
must be very lucrative because AL COX, Area 344, man- 
aged to buy a 1973 Pinto wagon. I wonder how many melons 
will fit in the back of that car?. .We wish a speedy recov- 
ery to JOHN BROADNAX, Area 333, who is recuperating 
from surgery at St. Francis hospital in Blue Island. Hurry 
and get well, John... Congratulations to RICH STANTON and 
JAKE WEBER. Both men received honorable mention 
awards from the Chicago Area Camera Club Association 
on their fine art work. 


To begin with, we would like to thank everyone who 
helped us out during the cold spell. ..Those enjoying winter 
ERSON...We heard from Pensioners DENNY GRIFFIN, 
ZEN who are doing well. We wish them many more years 
of happy retired life. . . Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. 
FRANK HIGGINS on the birth of a son. We also hope that 
Frank will recover soon from his illness and return to 
work hale and hearty. ..Good luck and good health to JIM 
LUNDY and JOHN WALSH who retired on. December 1, and 
to MIKE MORAN who retired on January 1. They all 
started with the CSL...We also heard from Pensioners JIM 
doing well and enjoying their pensioned life. 

We may be in the middle of winter, but one look at the 
fish that Superintendent PEYTON caught will warm the 
dearts of all fishermen. He even cut it open so we could 
see it was real. ..We certainly lost five good men via the 
oenslon route; E. MEYER, L. JOLLY, A. SZUREK, D. 
KELLY and J. DAVIDSON. May all these men have many 
iappy and healthy years of the easy life... JOE and ETHEL 
DAVIDSON celebrated their 43rd anniversary January 20. 
rhey have nine grandchildren, and the youngest just born 
December 9 is called JACQUELINE REBECCA. ..I met aa 
R. A. PAUL of Orland Park who has a lifetime badge from 
I local in Fort Wayne. He worked for us from 1947 to 
1951 and Is now foreman of quality control at Electro- 
motive. He says hello to all his old friends. ..One of our 
Jowling teams out of 69th is fighting for first place at the 
3ak Lawn Lanes. Only eight points out are WALTER 
Lay it in there fellas and go all the way. ..The 69th Street 
Credit Union will hold its annual meeting on February 16 at 
3 p.m. In the depot clubroom. Something new has been 
idded in addition to the meeting, election and raffle. A 
juffet lunch from soup to nuts will be served. ..Is it true 
;hat Instructor SWANSON is getting ready to put a for sale 
3ign on his uniform?.. Superintendent Peyton had Instructor 


O'DONNELL, Clerk CLARK and Sanitary Engineer RAY 
try their darndest to open his locked car (the keys were 
inside) Along came Operator RICHARDSON, and with a 
little twist here and there with a coat hanger, bingo the 
door was open. ..The instructors ask us to slow down during 
the winter as the streets can get mighty slippery. They 
also remind us to check for fire extinguishers and to be 
sure to write up any defects in the buses. ..Haven't heard 
much from the Gout Club lately only some soft moans and 
groans. ..KUNIGUND (Olga) GREEN, the wife of Operator 
R. GREEN, spent 11 days in Intensive care. She is now 
home and well on the way to recovery. ..Instructor JOHN- 
SON became a grandpa again as did SCOTTY HIGGINS who 
passed out cigars when his son's wife gave birth recently... 
We regret to report that the mother of retiree JOHN 
LYNCH died. JAMES J. STANTON, a supervisor and 
formerly of 38th & Cottage Grove barn, passed on. The 
family of your co-reporter, ART BUESING, also suffered a 
great loss when my eldest son passed on suddenly at the 
age of 34 on the day before Christmas. Please accept my 
thanks for all your kind expressions of sympathy... One wish 
for the new year would be that all you operators keep my 
mall box filled with news. 


Congratulations are in order for the new treasurer of 
the 77th Street Depot credit union, REDO HALL. Mr. Hall 
is replacing a fine man. Former Treasurer TOM SHEE- 
HAN, who has retired. The assistant treasurer's post was 
filled by BEN GULLEY. In Mr. Hall and Mr. Gulley our 
credit union has two competent and deserving men. And for 
the first time in history, our credit union is paying six 
per cent interest quarterly... Another first at 77th was a 
holiday drawing sponsored by Executive Board Members 
A. BUTLER and E. GRESHAM. The prizes were five 
hams. The winners were Operators O. C. COLEMAN, E. 
WILLS. Congratulations to the lucky ones and thanks to the 
board members for the prizes and the drawing.. .If you note 
a certain air of pride about ANTIONE AYERS nowadays, 
it's because of the lovely baby girl presented to him by his 
charming wife, JOYCE. The little lady. Princess ANTION- 
ETTE ANDREA AYERS, was born November 28 and has 
Antione and Joyce well trained for 2 a.m. feeding... On Jan- 
uary 23 Mrs. PAT DeBONNETT will have been married to 
this reporter for 13 years. When we were married I prom- 
ised her a long honeymoon, so she's hanging around to see 
that I keep my promise. ..Mrs. CLAUDIE MYERS, the wife 
of Operator CHARLES MYERS, spent the Christmas holi- 
days with her grandmother, Mrs. OZIE McCLURE in Pul- 
aski, Tennessee. Hope her trip was pleasant and her re- 
turn safe. ..DORA, the wife of Operator ROBERT L. BAR- 
CLAY, is recuperating from illness. Mrs. Barclay is em- 
ployed by the U.S. Postal Service. We would all like to 
take this opportunity to wish her a speedy recovery. ..We 
were all saddened by the passing of a fellow operator, 
FRANK KNOR, on December 18. Mr. Knor was also a 
respected officer of the 77th Street Depot credit union... 
Good luck and Godspeed to retiring Instructor TOM 
SPRATT. Speaking of retirees, JOHN SHAW, on pension 
since 1964, received his gold union membership card on 
January 1. 

- /llUiM Ve S<UtH€tt 

JANUARY, 1973 


Stock in 




■0 • 
I 50 u) 

P p to 

F o > 

■ ^O 







MAY 2 3 1973 


$18.9 million operating subsidy approved for CTA 

ON MARCH 27 the Illinois Legislature gave final approval to an operating subsidy 
for CTA which assures that operations will continue at the present level and rates of 
fare until June 30, 1973. The legislation provides financial aid for CTA totaling 
$18.9 million; $12.6 million from the State of Illinois and $6.3 million from the City 
of Chicago and County of Cook combined. 


During the month of May, CTA will conduct its annual campaign to acquaint em- 
ployees with the benefits of purchasing U.S. Savings Bonds through the payroll sav- 
ings plan. All employees will be contacted and given the opportunity to begin a sav- 
ings program or increase their present programs. 

Give something to yourself each payday! U.S. Savings Bonds can provide money 
for your children's college education, a down payment on that new home, extra com- 
fort for retirement, PLUS a bonus — extra security for your country. All it takes is 
regular saving, and that's where the Payroll Savings Plan comes in. You name the 
amount you want to set aside each payday for U.S. Savings Bonds and the pay office 
does the rest; it's automatic, sure and painless. Write your own ticket. 

Bonds are better than ever, with a bonus interest rate of 5| per cent when held to 
maturity of 5 years 10 months. 

I urge you to sign up for this saving program, or increase your present deduction. 

Very truly yours, 


T. B. O'Connor 
General Manager 


Published bi-monthly by and for employees of the Chicago 
Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public 
Information Department. 

Robert 0. Heinlein, Editor 

Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

C. William Baxa, Director of Public Information 

Distributed free of charge to all active and retired CTA 
employees. Annual subscription price to others, $2.00. 
Address communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, Room 
742, Merchandise Mort Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

OUR COVER: Nearly 6,000 CTA employees are saving 
for the future by participating in the payroll savings plan. 
Bi-weekly payroll deductions currently amount to $97,500 
and result in the production of 3,300 U. S. Savings Bonds 
every two weeks. Inspecting bonds which have been 
imprinted is Mary Ann Bandur, programmer trainee in 
CTA's Computer Operations Room. 


I>C, ESC award winners 
lamed for fourth quarter 



Keeier Garage 

Lawndale Station 




Forest Park Station 

South Shops 

OURTH QUARTER winners of safety contests among groups of Transportation and Shops & Equipment Depart- 
lent employees include three locations which had won awards previously in 1972. 

First place winners in the Interstation Safety Contest (ISC) pictured above include Lawndale Station, which 
laced first among 12 surface operating stations, and Forest Park, which took the lead among nine rapid transit 
perating stations. Forest Park's first and fourth quarter wins in 1972 were accomplished with perfect scores of 
5.00. Lawndale's second win of 1972 was accomplished with a point score of 61.40, exceeding its second quarter 
/in with 58.26. Displaying Lawndale's plaque are, from left. Superintendent J. B. Morris, Relief Superintendent 
. J. Lahey and Assistant Superintendent F. J. Vitek. Station Superintendent T. D. Boyle (right) is shown accept- 
ng Forest Park's plaque from Assistant Superintendent of Operating Stations C. W. Gibes. 

Holding the No. 1 spots in the three areas of competition within the Employee Safety Contest (ESC) are Keeier 
Jarage, 61st and Racine Maintenance Terminals and South Shops. The winner within each group had the lowest 
lumber of injuries per one million man-hours worked. Keeler's rate of zero for the fourth quarter and 43.7 for 
he year made it No. 1 among surface garages. A fourth quarter rate of 29.9 and 1972 rate of 56.7 made the com- 
bined 61st-Racine Terminals No. 1 among rapid transit maintenance terminals. South Shops, first and fourth 
(uarter winners in 1972, had a frequency rate of 38.0 in the final quarter and 64.9 all year, placing it first in the 
ihops competition. Accepting Keeler's award from Supervisor of Garages T. Riordan (left) is Garage Foreman 
I. F. Vance. The award presented to 61st and Racine Terminals was accepted by Foreman J. J. MoUoy (left) 
;rom Senior Foreman of Maintenance Terminals R. E. Flowers. Holding the South Shops award is Superintendent 
^f Surface System Shops J. A. Rosendhal who is being congratulated by Superintendent of Surface System Shops 
ind Garages J. J. Repplinger. 


MEDICALLY SPEAKING by Dr. George H. Irwir 

CLIMATE and its good and bad affects on health have 
been the concern of the people for centuries. And 
this is surely instinctive, as most of us would like 
to live in an area which adds to our comfort, good 
health and longevity. 

In looking over literature on this subject it has 
been interesting to learn what medical researchers 
and weather experts say about climate and health. 
Before leaving your native land for an extended vaca- 
tion or a permanent change of location, it would cer- 
tainly be wise to do some investigating first yourself. 

While it has been said that thousands of individuals 
have been helped, health-wise, by a change of climate, 
the experts say there is no guarantee attached to such 
a change. It is well to remember that there is no 
such thing as the perfect climate. The purpose of 
this article will be to inform you of the general view- 
points, good and bad, of climate and your health. 

Research has shown that a temperature of 66 de- 
grees is the best for the normal functioning of the 
human body. Temperature range, variability of 
weather, suddeness of weather change, humidity and 
atmospheric conditions are all strong influencing fac- 

Age is an important factor in considering the af- 
fect of climate on health. Studies show that persons 
under 25 are not strongly affected by weather 
changes. Persons between 25 and 50 are moderately 
affected, and those past 50 years of age are strongly 
or seriously affected. This does not mean, however, 
that younger people are more resistant and more 
physically adaptable to weather fluctuations. The 
study on disease resistance also points out that cool- 
zone people in the U.S. withstand disease better than 
do the warm-zone people up to the age of 50. Above 
50 the person in the south has a longer life expectancy 
than his northern counterpart. The ideal climate for 
the older citizen is a place where outdoor living is at 
the maximum, where weather changes are slight, 
where the temperature stays a little below 80 degrees 
during the day and seldom goes below 50 degrees at 

night. Healthy people bear up under weather change 
better than those in poor health. It is also true th£ 
women are less affected by weather changes than mer 

What the weather does to us: Man is notorious! 
weather sensitive. Every change in the weather, ai 
temperature and velocity, degree of electric activit 
and of positive or negative ionization, barometri 
pressure or relative humidity brings about alteration 
in the acid-base (chemistry balance) and changes i 
body metabolism. These changes are reflected in th 
functioning of the nervous system, circulatory systei 
and body temperature and indirectly affect body re 
sistance and disease control. 

It is generally known that cardio-vascular (heart 
and arthritis cases do better in an equable warn: 
dry — but not too hot — climate. Tuberculosis, respir 
atory cases such as bronchitis, asthma, emphysem 
and allergy patients are also definitely benefited. Ex, 
tremely high altitudes are not favorable for hear 
cases. To confirm the advantages of a warm climat 
one recent study showed that respiratory infection 
are four to five times more frequent in January tha 
in July. Other statistics reveal that diabetes, ulcers 
heart disease, arteriosclerosis, stress diseases, in 
eluding mental diseases and even cancer (exceptin 
skin cancer), occur less frequently in the south an 
are also more controllable. 

In conclusion, I wish to emphasize the following, 
some of the information in this article may be helpfui 
to you in selecting the proper climate to live in. It i 
well to remember that even though your friends ma 
have been helped by certain climates there is n 
guarantee that you will be. Before moving to a dif 
ferent climate discuss the change with your famil. 
doctor. A short visit to the area in question may nO' 
give you the proper evaluation so you may want fct 
make several trips before making a permanent de- 
cision. In addition to the climate factors, one ma; 
wish to consider schools and medical facilities. Fo:. 
certain people, cost of living and availability of worl 
may be important factors. 

Package found on bus 

yields $2,500 reward to operator 

LIMITS STATION Operator John Cradick is $2,50( 
richer now because he made a routine terminal in- 
spection of his bus. The reward was presented tt 
him by Edward F. Blettner, vice-chairman of th< 
First National Bank, for recovering a package con- 
taining $375,000 in negotiable bonds. Operator 
Cradick found the package at the Union Station ter- 
minal of the No. 156 Wilson-LaSalle route only min- 
utes after a bank messenger left it on a seat. 


Old yoke not such a tough egg to crack 

IXCAVATION ALONG Clybourn avenue hasn't exactly 
jncovered the archeological find of the century, but it 
,id produce some relics of early Chicago history 
ating back over 80 years. 

And the truth is, the team of "archeologists" 
ren't too happy about what they're finding. They're 
/orking between the old streetcar tracks digging a 
'rench to bury a duct line for Commonwealth Edison 
ables and the job went smoothly north of FuUerton 
venue. As the crew worked south, however, they 
:egan to uncover huge castings right in the path of 
le duct. Unable to identify the objects which looked 
.ke ornate ruins from a long-lost civilization, they 
pnsulted CTA. The objects were promptly identified 
is cable yokes — 400 pound cable car track supports 
[lat should have been removed 65 years ago. 

I It may be hard to believe now, but Clybourn avenue 
''as once one of nine busy transit routes that war- 
anted use of cable car trains. CTA predecessors 
lay well have copied the travel mode from San 
'rancisco where it was originated in 1873, but in 
Ding so they formed the largest cable car network in 
le world — totalling 86 track miles. 

' Chicago's first cable cars served State street in 
'882 between Madison and 21st streets; by 1887 cars 
ent through to 63rd street. Cottage Grove service 
itarted late in 1882. North Side service began on 
jlark in 1888, Lincoln-Wells in 1889, and finally 
'lybourn in 1891. West Side lines included Mil- 
waukee and Madison completed in 1890 and Blue Is- 
^nd and Halsted which were opened in 1893. 

I Incidentally, the introduction of cable cars to Chi- 
3,go was in no way occasioned by geographic features 
f the area, as was the case in San Francisco. Rath- 
f , the cable system was chosen because the seem- 

ingly limitless power source had the capacity to move 
more people faster than was ever possible with 
horsecars. Frequent trains of three to five cars in 
length were not uncommon, each one carrying up to 
250 people. 

Installation of the cable car system proved to be 
an expensive venture in itself though — costing in ex- 
cess of $100,000 per mile, including the powerhouses, 
boilers, engines, pulleys, continuous cables and 
special track. Cable car track was unusual in that it 
included an underground slotted tube to enclose the 
moving cable. Supporting the running rails as well as 
the tube were a series of yokes set in concrete every 
45 feet. The cast iron yoke was designed to maintain 
a constant slot opening at street level while resisting 
side pressure from packing of soil under the weight 
of heavy wagons and expansion due to freezing. 

Added to the cost of the fixed plant was the con- 
struction of more than 500 cable cars, each of which 
was equipped with a grip mechanism suspended be- 
neath the car into the slot. The moving cable passed 
through the open jaws of the grip even when the train 
was standing; however, by pulling a lever the grip- 
man tightened the jaws, gripping the cable and accel- 
erating the train to its maximum speed. 

San Francisco's cable car system is now 100 years 
old; Chicago's lasted only 24 years. Conversion to 
electric streetcars brought the last cables to a stand- 
still in October 1906. Except for a few remaining old 
car barns, powerhouses, and a grip car at the Muse- 
um of Science and Industry, little evidence remains of 
Chicago's cable car era, save for the occasional dis- 
covery of a buried treasure from bygone days. 
Buried treasure, hah — at 400 pounds each you could 
almost say the yoke's on the guy who finds one. 

tISTALLED IN 1891 on the Clybourn 
l^enue coble cor route, yokes like the 
le below ore being removed to moke 
ay for on underground electric duct 
.ne. Positioning of the yokes, spaced 
/ery AVi feet along cable routes, is 
iown in the inset of the coble cor pic- 
ire at right. 

\1ARCH-APRIL, 1973 


Service anriiversaries 
in February 

30 years 

J. R. Boland, Property Accounting 

J. W. Bruen, North Avenue Garage 

C. A. Desch, North Park 

J. J. Dubinski, 69th Street 

J. J. Duffy, North Park 

J. P. Esposito, Keeler 

A. Fricono, Archer 

P. P. Gerame, North Avenue Garage 

C. R. Giltmier, Beverly 

0. Goers, West Section 

R. J. Howe, Archer 

R. N. Jewett, 52nd Street 

T. P. Kcminski, Archer 

E. S. Kawczynski, Lawndale 

C. J. Lochner, West Section 

T. J. Lenihan, Forest Glen Garage 

J. D. Lombardo, Forest Glen 

S. V. Lukasik, 69th Street 

J. J. Madigan, Electrical Distribution 

E. W. McLaughlin, Lawndale 

C. P. O'Connor, Kedzie 

J. Pope, Treasury 

R. J. Redding, Insurance & Pensions 

A. F. Reszotko, Forest Glen 

A. Tranchito, Archer 

R. D. Zielinski, North Avenue 

25 years 

L. F. Ashley, Investigation & Claims 

J. Capaccio, Congress Maintenance Terminal 

D. L. Casalino, West Section 

J. J. Cirino, Electrical Distribution 

H. J. Clark, Investigation & Claims 

N. M. Clesen, North Section 

G. W. Deuter, Investigation & Claims 

M. G. Gilmartin, Kedzie 

C. A. Haynes, 69th Street 

E. Huffmon, 77th Street 
R. C. Jerozal, 77th Street 

C. C. Jones, 52nd Street 

F. M. Kaisher, Kedzie 

E. C. Kennord, 77th Street 
E. P. Killian, Skokie Shop 
M. Kissel, South Section 
J. Kovctz, 69th Street 
J. Marecek, Limits 
N. Murden Jr., 77th Street 

D. F. Noncek, District D 

W. A. Schmarje, South Shops 

C. E. Skorc, Stores 

L. Smith, 52nd Street 

A. M. Tennelle, District A 

G. H. Ward, North Park 

E. White, Instruction - 77th Street 
T. W. Wieczorek, Power Operations 
H. Williams, District A 

R. K. Williams, Travel Information 
A. J. Wolowiec, Forest Glen 


J. A. Lohrmcnn, 

District D 

35 years 

H. G. Geler, Power Operations 

30 years 

E. G. Baden, North Park 
A. DelGiudi, Kedzie 

T. Friend, Don Ryan Maintenance Terminal 

J. A. Gorecki, Archer 

L. S. Mora, North Pork 

W. D. Hart, Utility & Emergency Service 

W. J. Kenna, Kedzie 

J. A. Malloy, 69th Street 

R. K. O'Collaghan, South Shops 

W. R. Peters, North Park 

C. F. Pieiuszynski, Archer 

S. S. Polniaszek, Forest Glen 

J. F. Radloff, 69th Street 

T. J. Roan, Forest Glen 

F. W. Schode, Limits 

H. Schumer, Mechanical Maintenance Division 

P. J. Sciortino, North Park 

M. W. Seredo, Limits 

A. D. Stahl, Stores - South Division 

G. W. Steigelman, North Section 
S. Steinberg, North Park 

F. P. Stelnmetz, 77th Street 

C. P. Vandervest, Forest Park Maintenance Term, 

J. J. Vioitt, Lawndale 

W. F. Wantroba, 69th Street 

R. H. Williams, 69th Street 

25 years 

L. P. Anosenes, Building Wiring Division 

V. Burgess, Rapid Transit District - North 

C. W. Dupass, Kedzie 

R. D. Green, 69th Street 

A. M. Hinton, Track 

M. Imbraguglio, Building Wiring Division 

W. F. Knabe, 77th Street 

J. Moore, 52nd Street 

F. D. Riggins, 77th Street 

E. F. Saenger, 69th Street 

J. A. Siebert, Stores - South 

E. L. Smiley, West Section 

N. F. Suero, Congress Maintenance Terminal 
M. B. Vasquez, Congress Maintenance Terminal 

F. A. Wilson, Utility & Emergency Service 



45 years 

m €rk 

J. C. Williams, T. Guiheen, 

nvestigation & Claims Building Maint. Division 

30 years 

p. Alessi, 69th Street 

C. J. Bachara, Forest Glen 

F. Benanti, Kimball Maintenance Terminal 

A. J. Canova, Limits 

A. F. Delcorse, South Section 

S. Glanpicolo, North Park 

J. S. Guzaldo, Limits 

V. F. Guzniczak, Forest Glen 

E. J. Juric, Schedule-Traffic 

F. T. Karl, North Park 

D. P. Leahy, Beverly 
P. J. Miaso, Kedzie 

W. L. Nelson, Electrical Distribution 

J. E. Rusnak, Power Operations 

S. Scellato, 69th Street 

J. R. Sutherland, Archer 

A. W. Szymell, Keeler 

A. J. Tcheleblan, Operations Control 

R. J. Valerious, 52nd Street Garage 

R. Wenzel, Limits 

H. W. Zych, North Avenue 

25 years 

J. D. Brown, Archer 

J. S. Chambers, Operations Control 

M. W. Chatman, Beverly 

M. J. Fitzgerald, Electrical Distribution 

J. Gilliam, 77th Street 

P. M. Haralamos, Electrical Distribution 

W. S. Harvey, 77th Street 

C. G. Honath, Archer 

A. J. Jackson, 77th Street 

I. Lewin, Limits 

J. H. McCarty, West Section 

P. J. Meinardi, Finance 

F. W. Nichols, 52nd Street 

J. A. Ryan, West Section 

J. T. Summerson, North Park 

C. J. Urbik, 69th Street 

1972 Retirement Plan report 

■ 386 take pensions 

■ April distribution announced 
for cards showing Plan credit 

SYSTEM-WIDE DISTRIBUTION of report cards show- 
ing each employee's credit Ln the Retirement Plan as 
of December 31, 1972, will be made between April 11 
and 19, according to W, A. Ashley, Plan secretary. 

Information provided on the face of each employ- 
ee's card may be used in the formula on the reverse 
side to estimate retirement benefits and total credit 
with the Plan as of the last payday of 1972. Employ- 
ees with LESS than five years of service, for whom 
no "estimated five year average earnings" is pro- 
vided, can make the projection by using the earnings 
credit for 1972. Employees are advised to retain the 
cards for ready reference . 

Mr. Ashley also announced that during 1972 ap- 
proval was given by the Retirement Committee to 386 
retirement applications of CTA employees. Of that 
total, 139 applicants had reached the normal retire- 
ment age of 65 years, 207 were early retirements in 
the age group under 65, and 40 were disability re- 

Exercising survivorship options were 42 retirees; 
five of whom chose the "all" option, ten the "2/3" 
option, and 27 the "1/2" option. 

Contributions to the Retirement Plan during 1972 
totaled $29,092,692 — contributions by employees were 
$10,182,466 and CTA contributions amounted to 
$18,910,226. Approved during the year were dis- 
bursements totaling $13,875,899 covering payments to 
retired employees, refunds to employees who termi- 
nated their services and to deceased employees' ben- 
eficiaries and expenses of administration. 

During 1972 assets of the fund increased $20,278,- 
387, making a total of $118,709,385 as of December 
31 held by the Continental Illinois Bank and Trust 
company, trustee for the Plan. 

These funds held by the trustee are invested in 
U.S. government securities. Farm Home Administra- 
tion loans, corporate bonds and notes, common stock 
and CTA revenue bonds. 


ACCOUNTING (General) - 

Congratulations to TONY and KATHY SCARDINA who 
were married in St. Francis DeSales church on November 
25. A lovely reception was held at Fontana D'Or for about 
300 relatives and friends. Among those attending was your 
scribe who was lucky enough to catch the bouquet!.. ANDY 
and LEONA FITZSIMONS sent greetings to all their friends 
at CTA from beautiful Hawaii, where they spent a 16-day 
fall vacation. The message was sent via FRANK McGUIRE 
of the Specifications Department who enjoyed the company 
of the Fitzsimons on the tour. ..Among other fall and winter 
vacationers were LOIS JAHNKE who toured South America 
and ESTELLE KALECKAS who visited Panama City and 
Costa Rica. ..Get-well wishes are in order for TOM Mc- 
GARMISA. We hope by the time this reaches print you'll 
all be feeling lots better! 

- ffueUf ^ti 

(Payroll) - 

Our sympathy is extended to JOSEPfflNE COLEMAN 
whose father, ROMAN CARBONELL, passed away February 
6. Josephine and her family would like to thank all their 
friends who sent cards, monetary gifts and Mass cards. 
All were greatly appreciated... We were glad to welcome 
CHRISTINE CAMERON back on deck after her bout with a 
broken arm and hand. She is still sporting a bandage, but 
we hope it will soon be discarded and she will be as good as 


The Security Department would like to express its sym- 
pathy to the family of Sergeant ANTON MOKSTAD in the 
death of his mother-in-law, CONCETTA LA CATA.. .Offi- 
cer HARRY LAATSCH spent some of his vacation time at 
the Playboy Club and visiting friends. ..We've been hearing 
rumors of a brown flash being spotted on the North Side at 
various times. It's not your imagination, it's none other 
than Officer AL COOPER sporting his new 1973 Cutlass 
Supreme. Yes, he finally got rid of his red jinx. Happy 
motoring. Coop. .. Sergeant TOM SULZER and his wife, 
MARY, and their son and daughter-in-law, TOM Jr. and 
PERCY, recently took a vacation to Tampa, Florida, as 
guests of the Tampa Police Department. Tom said one of 
the most thrilling parts of the trip was flying down on a 
private jet. ..Officer JIM SYNN and his wife, DIANA, have 
decided that raising children is too expensive so they have 
switched to breeding Samoyeds. They're beautiful dogs, 
Jim, and I wish you a lot of luck. 


ELECTRICAL (General Office) - 

Retired Estimator ADOLPH KUTZ sent us greetings 
from Florida where he vacationed for a few weeks this 

winter. What happened to that sunny weather in Hot 
Springs, Adolph?.. Welcome to JERRY GUTH, draftsman I. 
He was formerly a signal malntainer.. .MICHAEL KELLY, 
testing engineer, had a surprise visit from his brother, 
JOHN, of Green Belt, Maryland. Mike's look-alike is 
student at DePauw university in Greencastle, Indiana.. .Have 
a happy springtime. 

- Xaif '>Kc^U4tn 

(Blue Island) - 

Congratulations and best wishes to WILLIAM POWELL, 
AL BRONZELL and JULIUS CICHON who retired on Jan- 
uary 1. They were each presented with a $100 bond. A 
breakfast was held for them, and A. R. SANDBERG pre- 
sented them with their riding cards and folders and gave a 
nice short speech. Also present were R. SWINDELL, G. 
RICKSON, all from the General Office. Pensioners presenti 
We want to remind everyone that the annual corned beef and 
cabbage dinner for retired electrical employees will be 
held at Harringtons on Friday, May 4. Contact the follow- 
ing men for tickets: H. COYNE, W. BECKMANN, L. ANA- 
SENES, K. MIKOTA, R. DORGAN or R. BOOTH. ..Received- 
a card from our traveling pensioner, JOHN DARCY, and 
we don't know why he has an apartment as he lives out of a; 
suitcase... SAM GAFFEN, another pensioner, is vacation- 
ing in sunny California... BRUNO CZANSTKOWSKI and his 
wife are spending their time in the various cities of Flor- 
ida.. .Off sick at this time are HANK GABAUER, ROBERT 
O'BRIEN and ROMAN PRIESBE. Drop them a card or. 
make a visit; I am sure they would appreciate it. 

- TVaUam ■SdUm 

(Chicago Avenue) - 

KEN and KATHY HOFFMAN announce the arrival ofi 
JULIE MARIE on December 31 weighing 6 poimds 7? 
ounces and 19 inches long. How's that for timing — a taXi 
break for the whole year. Julie Marie is the second grand-i 
daughter of SIGGY DOBOSIEWICZ...I talked to CHARLIE 
PAXTON via amateur radio and he sends his regards to all 
his old friends back here in snowland. Charlie resides in 
Pomona, California, where he has been retired for many 
years. ..JIM ROEBER paid a short visit to the hospital and 
returned to work to take over for CHARLIE SALVATORE, 
who also went to the hospital. Charlie is now resting at 
home. Help!.. CHARLIE NOLTE is now off sick. Return- 
ing _?_... On January 26 Local No. 9 held an Old Timers 
party at Plumber's Hall on Washington Boulevard. A 
corned beef dinner with liquid refreshments was enjoyed by 
all. The party was given to honor all members who had re- 
tired during the past year. CTA men honored were C. 
KNUTSON and C. SCHUMACHER. The retirees received a 
gift in a wallet from the union. I was glad to see many CTA 
men: BILL WATERS and WALLY YOCIUS were there, and 
TOM HENRY came in by Greyhound from Minnesota for the 
party and returned to St. Paul afterwards. ..There are many • 
new faces around the shop now. Many fellows that were 



Ijver at Blue Island are now at Chicago Avenue. If you have 
Lews items please let me know, and WELCOME. ..February 
12 was the 24th anniversary of the BILL MAROSES and 
klso the birthday of HARRY BUERGER who is still con- 
valescing. ..CHARLIE KNUTSON has been in the shop a few 
imes and I had forgotten to mention it in the column. For 
:his I was soundly reprimanded. Purely an oversight, 
Charlie. Really. 

- Sen "HieluK 

[Rapid Transit Signal Division) - 

At our union meeting prior to the holiday season, PAT 
DOYLE and LUKE HOWE each won a 13-pound turkey in a 
raffle... The burglar alarm system installed at the 47th 
Street "L" Station on the North-South turned out to be more 
like a body alarm system when it sounded bringing security 
men to the area. They found the alarm equipment case 
lying on the ground by the "L" structure with a man lying 
hext to it. He apparently fell from a train knocking it to 
the ground with him. No one could explain how it happened, 
neither could they explain how the person could get up, in- 
sist he was not hurt, then just walk away. ..FRANK HAL- 
■PER, JOHN GAY and D. TOPOLINSKI returned from jury 
duty without serving on any exciting cases...! heard from 
Pensioner GEORGE E. WAGNER who says he and his wife 
are fine. ..I talked with TOM NOLTE who is in the hospital. 
He sends his best regards to all the fine fellows in the Sig- 
nal Department. ..HOWARD HELT is now living in Florida... 
GEORGE DEARING and his wife are now residing in the 
Chicago area and doing fine...VlCK ZASTERA ran into 
some very unusual weather conditions during his four-day 
excursion to the ski slopes near Salt Lake City, Utah. Be- 
cause of something called a temperature inversion, it was 
il5 degrees at street level with choking smog, while high on 
^he ski slopes it was clear and sunny with a temperature of 
[32 degrees. I always thought there was an advantage to 
Iskiing, but wasn't able to figure it out until now... A dinner 
party honoring PAT DOYLE on his retirement after more 
than 43 years of service was held on December 30 at Zum 
Deutchen Eck restaurant. Signal Engineer PAUL CLEAV- 
ER presented Pat with a gift, and a congratulatory letter 
from General Manager T. B. O'CONNOR was read. Our 
thanks to FRANK HALPER and DAVE GREIG, the party 
committeemen, as well as to the m.c, DENNIS DOBBYN, 
!for a fine evening. We wish you a long and healthy retire- 
:ment, Pat. ..JEFFREY M. KEATING, blacksmith, was in the 
fhospital with a back ailment, but is now home. Watch it, 
'Jeff, let's keep those vertebra properly stacked so you can 
toe on your way toward lower Wilson Avenue again. ..Please 
;say a prayer for little KIMBERLY ANN WOULFE, the 11- 
month old daughter of JOHN WOULFE, who suffered burns 
on her chest and tummy when something hot spilled on her. 
•Doctors contend that she will be alright, but it will take 
^time,..LEON WILSON and SUSAN DANN exchanged mar- 
riage vows on November 18 at First St. Paul Lutheran 
church. The maid of honor was COLEEN WARD and the 
■best man was T. HARTSOUGH. The reception followed 
iimmediately with over 150 guests in attendance. The Wil- 
sons joined in with the other guests in dancing to music 
'provided by a jazz band. Their favorite tune, "We Are 
iLovers Together," was very appropriate. Congratulations 
land best wishes. ..FRANK BONK and his wife, MARGE, and 
:their daughter motored to Disney World in Florida during 
the Christmas holidays. They enjoyed the visit very much. 
So much in fact that his 19-year old daughter elected to 
stay on awhile. This, of course, worked out fine as Frank 


has a sister living in Florida. Frank has some suggestions 
for those who want to visit Disney World in the wintertime; 
go, but not at Christmas time. The place is too crowded 
with schoolchildren... Apparently there are better jobs in 
this department than signal maintainer. At least JERRY 
GUTH thinks so. He recently applied for and was promoted 
to signal draftsman I. Congratulations! . .Signal Helper 
LEON WILSON recently became a journeyman, filling the 
vacancy created by the retirement of PAT DOYLE. Con- 
gratulations and lots of luck to you, Leon. ..DONALD WOR- 
CESTER on his return from Europe said he had a wonder- 
ful time traversing the country of Switzerland. He also had 
a lot to say about their railroads, how you can travel any- 
where by train. He did it, and enjoyed every moment of it. 
ING were off sick for awhile and Jeff has already returned 
to the daily grind. Bill and Frank are still recuperating at 
home. ..JACK PIPP, who has been struggling against a per- 
sistent back ailment for some time, went on disability pen- 
sion March 1...A bigger and better Old Timers' Party was 
held Friday, January 26, at the Plumber's Auditorium. 
This was the seventh annual dinner given by Local No. 9, 
with about 600 men attending. As always , a number of our 
signalmen were there: Pensioners CLARENCE ZAK and 
father and brother-in-law, RICHARD GAVRYS, DAN MOR- 
GREIG, DENNIS DOBBYN and yours truly, to name a few. 
The men devoured tasty corned beef and cabbage dinners 
and drowned their cares with beer. Each of the 25 retiring 
members received a leather wallet containing $20. 1 talked 
to TOM HENRY, a retired lineman from Chicago Avenue 
who is 81 years old. He was making his rounds looking for 
old buddies. He said he traveled by bus from Minneapolis- 
St. Paul, Minnesota, for this affair. Our sincere thanks to 
J. A. McCann and President Fred Hince and the other union 
members who made all this possible. 


A hearty welcome is extended to DOTT HUDGIN, our 
first lady co-op trainee. Dott is a senior at Lake Forest 
college and is majoring in economics and mathematics. 
After graduation this June, Dott is considering employment 
with the CTA. Hope you decide to join us, Dott (hooray for 
women's lib). ..We also wish to welcome RAYMOND SHEA, 
graduate trainee, who is presently working for G. KRAM- 
BLES...Our sincere sympathy is extended to JOE DUGO and 
his family in the passing of his mother, MARY DUGO. ..ED 
HESS has been wearing a proud smile since the arrival of 
his second grandchild, JENNIFER. You're giving away 
your age, Ed.. .Sorry to say that DIANE TRAXLER, FRANK 
MISEK's secretary, has left us to go to Public Information. 
We shall miss you much, Diane, and hope you will stop by 
once in awhile. By the way, who's going to fill the candy 
dish now ?.. Congratulations to JOE DUGO on his retire- 
ment. May you enjoy it in the best of health and happiness. 

(West Shops) - 

Many happy retirement years to JAMES SINCLAIR, 
steamfitter foreman. We will miss you, Jim. ..The credit 
union held their annual meeting January 26. Many thanks 
to TONY SPAK and his wife, JUANITA, for the delicious 
buffet. It was good to see MARY GALLON again, and she 


41 Years 


45 Years 

42 Years 

43 Years 

44 Years 


JOINING THE ranks of the retired during the months of 
February, March and April were the ten employees pictured 
here who had 40 or more years of transit service each with 
CTA and its predecessor companies. 


Archer, Emp. 12-10-44 

Beverly, Emp. 5-14-34 

North Avenue, Emp. 11-25-42 

Forest Glen, Emp. 9-17-45 
M. I. BLAKE, Conductor, 

West Section, Emp. 1-13-42 

Lawndale, Emp. 12-12-57 

77th Street, Emp, 10-31-42 
JOSEPH C. CISZEK, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 9-1-37 
CECIL R. CLINE, Assistant Foreman, 

Keeler, Emp. 11-18-36 
ANDREW DALSTROM, Bus Repairman, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 3-3-40 

North Park, Emp. 2-6-43 
MILES H. DeWITT, Superintendent, 

Limits, Emp. 10-16-35 
GEORGE J. DIPPLE, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 1-13-36 
HAROLD R. DONim, Coordinator of Office Operations, 

Treasury, Emp. 10-14-26 

LEONARD A. DONOFRIO, Chief Operator, 

Electrical, Emp. 2-19-41 
JOSEPH DUGO, Senior Clerk, 

Engineering, Emp. 7-10-25 

Engineering, Emp. 5-16-40 
FLORLAN C. DWIEL, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 5-5-42 

77th Street, Emp. 12-2-43 
ANTON GASPAROVICH, Electrical Worker A, 

South Shops, Emp. 9-15-27 
HARRY A. GINTER, Supervisor, 

District D, Emp. 6-17-41 
OTTO GOERS, Conductor, 

West Section, Emp. 2-15-43 

North Park, Emp. 2-9-37 

Keeler, Emp. 10-26-37 
ROBERT S. GRAY, Supervisor, 

District A, Emp. 4-22-42 
FRANK GUAGENTI, Signal Maintainer, 

Electrical, Emp. 8-27-48 
GEORGE P. HARPER, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 9-28-36 

Stores, Emp. 7-27-59 



HARLAN L. HEIL, Assistant Foreman, 

Howard Maint. Terminal, Emp. 6-24-29 
HENRY W. HELLER, Conductor, 

West Section, Emp. 7-12-43 

North Avenue, Emp. 8-20-42 
HENRY M. JARECKI, Bus Repairer, 

North Avenue, Emp. 8-26-42 
ROSCOE P. JONES, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 3-28-44 

Archer, Emp. 2-24-43 
GEORGE T. KELLY, Switchboard Supervisor, 

Transportation, Emp. 2-5-25 
WILLIAM H. KEOUGH, Supervisor, 

District B, Emp. 1-13-36 
JOHN A. KOCHER, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 1-16-34 

Archer, Emp. 1-27-42 

Keeler, Emp. 9-2-42 
WILLL4M H. LINGL, Supervisor, 

District B, Emp. 2-24-42 
ROBERT L. MANVILLE, Superintendent, 

Purchasing, Emp. 8-18-30 
VICTOR E. MARINO, Box Puller, 

77th Street, Emp. 9-4-41 
WARDER C. MARKS, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 1-7-57 
NEIL McGILL, Car Repairman A, 

Wilson Maint. Terminal, Emp. 2-8-51 
EDWARD L. MELANT, Collector, 

Archer, Emp. 9-20-45 
GEORGE MIKOTA, Assistant Superintendent, 

Stores, Emp. 5-8-25 
JOSEPH A. MILLER, Machinist, 

South Shops, Emp. 2-23-42 

North Section, Emp. 9-28-35 
JAMES NASTI, Yard Foreman, 

West Section, Emp. 7-27-29 
MARGARET M. NOLAN, Ticket Agent, 

South Section, Emp. 1-18-46 
EDWARD W. NOVAK, Superintendent, 

District B, Emp. 9-4-41 
JAMES B. O'BRIEN, Mechanic, 

South Shops, Emp. 3-24-47 

North Avenue, Emp. 2-27-34 
DANIEL A. O'LEARY, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 1-27-43 
JULIA T. O'MAHONEY, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 8-11-56 
DAVID O'MALLEY, Motorman, 

South Section, Emp. 11-6-45 
HENRY C. PETERSON, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 12-30-66 
GUSTAV F. PETRUS, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 7-9-48 
CHARLES F. POSCH, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 11-22-46 
JAMES P. QUAIN, Blacksmith & Welder, 

South Shops, Emp. 9-8-47 
JOSEPH RE ILLY, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 3-24-37 
CAROL J. REYES, Tire Repairer, 

Tire Center, Emp. 1-22-47 

WALTER E. RICHARDS, Mechanic Foreman, 

South Shops, Emp. 8-11-47 
TIMOTHY RIORDAN, Garage Supervisor, 

South Shops, Emp. 9-13-27 
FRED W. SCHMIDT, Night Foreman, 

Keeler, Emp. 11-29-33 

North Park, Emp. 3-27-34 

Archer, Emp. 8-25-42 

Archer, Emp. 8-30-43 

West Section, Emp. 6-7-46 
JAMES L. SINCLAIR, Mason Foreman, 

Engineering, Emp. 11-7-50 
JOSEPH A. SWIATEK, Traffic Checker, 

Schedule & Traffic, Emp. 8-21-41 

52nd Street, Emp. 12-12-42 
GEORGE L. TYSL, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 9-11-42 
JAMES VICEK, Group Leader, 

Engineering, Emp. 4-2-29 
ANTHONY VIDMONT, Upholsterer, 

South Shops, Emp. 12-23-42 
ADAM H. C. WAAS, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 9-23-40 
JOHN P. WALTHER, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 10-1-52 

Engineering, Emp. 12-15-45 

Kimball, Emp. 4-29-42 
JOHN A. WITKUS, Electrical Worker A, 

South Shops, Emp. 12-5-28 

Claim, Emp. 4-16-31 
BERT E. ZODY, Box Puller, 

North Avenue, Emp. 12-21-36 


LORRAINE D. BUEHLER, Revenue Clerk, 

Accounting, Emp. 1-22-52 

Engineering, Emp. 6-12-47 

Limits, Emp. 9-6-56 
HIAWATHA M. MOSS, Operator, 

77th Street, Emp. 3-4-52 

Beverly, Emp. 5-6-41 

West Section, Emp. 1-11-46 

Archer, Emp. 2-16-45 
JACOB C. PIPP, Signal Maintainer, 

Electrical, Emp. 2-14-40 
FRANK L. SAUCIER, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 2-16-42 

North Avenue, Emp. 1-22-62 
EDWARD L. SMITH, Operator, 

Kedzie, Emp. 9-19-57 

1ARCH-APRIL, 1973 









A ""^ A 







the daughter of Archer 
Station Operator JAMES 
JACKSON Jr., received her 
bachelor of science degree 
in education from Chicogo 
State university on Jonuary 
15. Commencement exer- 
cises were held at the 
Chicago Civic Opera House. 

just happened to have a picture of her son, SEAN. Sure is 
a doll (Sean I mean)... Our deepest sympathy is extended to 
WAYNE HANSEN and his family in the loss of his father... 
A get-well cheer to J. BEDNARIK, electrical worker. 
Keep the faith!.. We want to welcome AL BOFFICE, a new- 
comer to the West Shops, and at the same time bid a fond 
adieu to HELMUT SCHWEITZER who will be working at the 
Mart. .. Congratulations to C. D. ALBERTS, steamfitter 
helper, whose wife presented him with a beautiful daughter. 
Babies are wonderful! .. M. STRAKA, machinist, returned 
from a three-week vacation in San Salvador, Central Amer- 
ica, where he visited his family. He had nothing but praise 
for this beautiful country. 

GENERAL OFFICE (Internal Auditing) - 

The Chicago Legal Secretaries association, of which 
DENISE BENSHISH is president, celebrated its 25th an- 
niversary on January 16. Denise formerly worked as a 
stenographer in the Law Department and is the daughter of 

(Medical) - 

We wish a speedy recovery to HARRY SOREGHEN, 
whom we hope to see back to work soon after his unfortu- 
nate accident. While being a good "boy scout" and taking 
the garbage out for his wife he accidentally turned on 
his ankle, sustaining a good sprain. ..Birthday greetings to 
our karate nurse, MARY LEDWITH, February 21; EARL 
BOYD, X-ray technician, April 16, and HARRY SOREGHEN, 
medical technician, April 25. ..We welcome EARL BOYD to 
the department as an X-ray technician. He previously 
worked as a ticket agent on the West Side. 

(Personnel) - 

BILL SHOLDICE and NANCY ARNOTT, an employee of 
Rothschild Securities Corporation, announced their engage- 
ment to their families. ..We understand it's a little difficult 
to live with IRWIN WIECZOREK, ticket agent at Jefferson 
Park and the father of MARIE CLINE, who was one of the 
"Employees of the Year" for 1971-72. He and his family 
are proud of this award. BILL and MARIE CLINE cele- 
brated a new addition to their family on February 3, a 3 
pound 6 ounce tri-color wirehaired terrier named Sparky. 
They have only one complaint, they now must purchase all 


four daily newspapers; that wouldn't be so bad except thee 
don't get a chance to read them all. ..Our deepest sympatht 
is extended to ERVIN HARRIS in the recent death of hit 
mother, MATTIE HARRIS, who passed away on February 
at Jackson Park hospital... JOE O'SULLIVAN and his wlfei 
HELEN, flew to San Francisco on a 747 jet. They rented 
car and drove to Fresno to visit with their son. Dr. MAR 
TIN O'SULLIVAN. While traveling they fell in love with 
model house in Mesa, Arizona, and put a down payment o 
a lot and will probably build at the end of 1973. It lookli 
like Joe and Helen are going to spend their retiremeci 
years down there. ..JESSE RODRIGUEZ, acting superintendt 
ent of Employment and Placement, and his wife becamij 
proud grandparents when their son, DANIEL PAUL, and hii 
wife presented them with a baby girl named VALERIE LEx 
weighing 7 pounds. Daniel is stationed with the ArmC' 
Forces Institute of Pathology at Walter Reed General hos- 
pital in Washington, D.C. While Jesse and his vrife wen 
visiting in Washington, D.C, they also visited with thei 
other son, GLENN R. RODRIGUEZ, who is stationed on th? 
USS Kitty Hawk and was recently married on February 3.. 
CINDY SYKORA and her husband, BILL, had a home builtn 
a two story colonial in Wheaton, Illinois, and plan to rnovi 
in by May 1. Good luck to both of you in your new homi: 
and lots of happiness . 

(Public Information) - 

We are proud to report that Brother TIMOTHY NAVU 
(a former summer employee), now at St. Procopius Abbee 
and a senior physics major, was among 49 students whil 
earned first honors and made the dean's list at lUinoli 
Benedictine college in Lisle. ..A small luncheon was hell 
and a gift presented to QUENTIN (Ski) MICHALCZEWSKf 
who left CTA to enter mortuary school. Lots of success II 
your new profession. ..RUSS WARNSTEDT, CTA employe* 
suggestion coordinator, has been named first vice-pres ideal 
of the National Association of Suggestion Systems, Chicag 
Chapter. Congratulations. 

(Insurance & Pensions) - 

Things and happenings are popping in the departmer 
again. To start with, RITA OPFERGELT became Mrs' 
WILLIAM KRUEGER on January 10 at Las Vegas, Nevada 
JOAN LISAGOR received a sparkling diamond ring on Feb 
ruary 2 from KENNETH STAIR, an electronics technicia' 
for the FAA at O'Hare Airport, and they were wed o 
March 22 at Unitarian church in Evanston, Illinois. MAR'' 
LABUS received a sparkler on February 12 from RUSSELI' 
BLATCHFORD. Wedding plans are indefinite at this time.. 
EMMA HUDGINS became an aunt again on January 25 whe 
her brother, JAMES, a bus operator at Forest Glen Sta 
tion, and his wife became the proud parents of a baby bo 
named GARY DEAN weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces. 


The Kedzie Federal Credit Union held their annua 
meeting on January 20 at 937 N. Pulaski. The meeting wa 
presided over by our president, WILLIAM LARSEN, an 
reports by all the committees were read and acceptec 
Treasurer and Manager T. J. HEFFERNAN gave his repor 
and said he's still keeping up the insurance for our mem 
bers, but this can only be on a year to year basis...! hear 
that the wife of Pensioner JACK WILLIAMS was hospital 
ized after a fall and now Jack has to do all the housework.. 




|iood luck and good health to Operators V. RISCOSSA and 
t. CARTER who retired on January 1. Keep in touch, 
allows... Our deepest sympathy is extended to Super intend- 
nt M. HARRINGTON in the loss of his brother, JAMES 
(ARRINGTON; to Clerk C. (Red) O'CONNOR in the loss of 
is brother, MAURICE O'CONNOR; the family of retired 
anitor P. NAUGHTON who was laid to rest on January 8; 
)perator W. CANDY Jr. in the loss of his mother, Mrs. 
1ARY CANDY, and the family of FRANK VONDRASEK who 
lassed away in February... To everyone on the sick list we 
Tish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back on the 
bb real soon. ..Don't forget your credit union — save a little 
lach payday. 


; Hi all you wonderful people. It is with heavy heart that I 
jen what is probably my last Keeler column. Perhaps as 
ou read this, I'll be giving my all at Kedzie depot. Truly, 
tver the years I've made some wonderful friends through 
ais column. Some I've had the pleasure to meet and some 
^ve had beautiful words by proxy. So continue to think 
|ood things of me and all your neighbors... A special thanks 
b a good friend. Big LOU OLANDESE, who has been a 
iource of much of my garage writings. We missed Lou on 
anuary 4, but discovered that he was taking a much needed 
est in preparation for starting his 27th year with CTA... 
,'he new face in the repair department belongs to ALDAN 
.IURPHY...That big smiling face belongs to JOHN COLE- 
IAN. He and his "missus" are expecting a new tax ex- 
[mption...The sad faced one is R. GOTTLIEB whose wife 
nderwent a serious operation. We hope that all will be 
miles soon. ..It seems that only the garage foremen were 
ermitted to have birthdays in February. Happy returns to 
I. VANCE, February 2; C. CLINE, February 22, and FRED 
CHMIDT, February 17. Fred also joined the ranks of the 
etired on March 1 after 39^ years of service. ..Our good 
ustodial constituent, SY GOLDMAN, commemorated 29 
ears of service on February 2. Pensioner GLONKE 
xopped by the station to give Sy a tew pointers. ..Operator 
.'. DA VILA was really proud of his wife, THERESA, who 
resented him with a daughter, LIZITTE, on January 12... 
,etired Chief Clerk JOHN SIMKO dropped us a letter from 
daho where he is enjoying himself... Well guys and gals, it 
^.s been a good relationship over the years. To one and 
|11, may the good sunshine of life shine brightly upon you, 
enceforth, now and forever. 

- Zttt^ 6 ^attvt 


Well, fellows, Lawndale won the Interstation Safety Con- 
3st for the fourth quarter in 1972. That made it twice for 
972. On January 25 the men of Lawndale were congratu- 
ited for their efforts. Winners of ISC gift certificates 
'ere: A. SIMS, E. B. DUFF, C. WHITE Jr., R. J. HEN- 
flHA. Our congratulations to all of the winners. ..Congrat- 
ilations to Operator RONALD and ANDREA JONES who 
elebrated their first wedding anniversary on March 8... 
fetired Operator EDWARD WISS and his wife recently re- 
urned from a vacation in sunny California... Our deepest 
ympathy to Operator SAM HARDY and his family in the 

recent passing of his brother. ..Condolences are also ex- 
tended to Operator THOMAS HOUSTON and his family in 
the recent passing of his step-father in Champaign, Illi- 
nois. ..Personnel on our sick list this month are MARTY 
OROWSKI's wife is doing much better at this writing.. .Op- 
erator DOMINICK PAPA'S wife is still in the hospital. . . 
Happy birthday to all the Lawndale personnel celebrating 
this month.. .That's all for now fellows, see you next time. 
Don't forget where the news box is. 


A real good guy took his pension on February 1 after 30 
years of service. He is Operator DANNY O'LEARY. His 
wife, BERNICE,who worked for another company, also took 
her pension. They are planning to live in Florida. So to 
Danny and Bernice we wish you both many years of health 
and happiness. ..We were sorry to hear of Operator CAR- 
TER'S misfortune. A fire destroyed his home. Just 14 
months prior to this he had a fire in his home. Board 
Member R. GOLDMAN, with the help of Operator CRUMP, 
took up a collection to help Carter and his family. We all 
wish them well. ..We would like to wish a speedy recovery 
and EDDIE DAPPEN who were all hospitalized for a short 
time. ..Our sincere condolences to Operator UMBRA in the 
loss of his grandmother, and to Operator BALLARD in the 
loss of his mother. ..The annual credit union meeting and 
dinner was a big success. The dinner was served buffet 
style. Door prizes were awarded. Winners were: Mrs. 
BETTY BAXTER, Superintendent DeWITT, Mrs. KONIG, 
Mrs. COLUCCI, Mrs. BUCHWITZ, Mrs. DIEDEN and Mrs. 
MULLER. Some of those attending were Operator RUFUS 
MORRIS and his wife, DAISY, Operators VOSS, WENZEL, 
GLASBY, OTIS and his wife, ELLA, WILLIAMS, and GART, 
Instructor KADOWAKI and his wife, and Sanitary Engineer 
TUREK. The honored guests were Mr. and Mrs. LEONARD 
URBAN from Downers Grove and Mr. and Mrs. BOB 
QUETSCHKE. All the retired personnel attending looked 
very well. Those like LYNN, SYDELL and BOB BENSON, 
our former Transit News scribe. ..Congratulations to Op- 
erator ODOM on the birth of a 6 pound baby girl, and to Mr. 
and Mrs. DIEDEN on their sixth grandchild... Get this — we 
have some guys here who really love their job. I won't 
mention any names, but Operator GLASS came down on his 

HUGHES on January 13 at 
Our Lady of Peace church. 
The groom is a bus service- 
man at Lawndale Station. 

\/IARCH-APRIL, 1973 


anniversary day, and everybody got in a line to shake his 
hand for being so loyal. A couple of days later Operator 
SANDERS came in on his day off but didn't stay long enough 
to make a dent in the air. Don't mention Operator CAN- 
NON, he got a "What are you doing here" stare from the 
clerk, and was last seen running out the door. ..A very 
happy birthday to Repairman H. ZDRAVKOVIC. 

- &ianUA '?im<m 


There really isn't much news for this time of year, 
other than that we are all wondering what will happen to the 
CTA if we don't get some help. ..Your Co-reporter GRACE 
MOUNTS was able to stay at Irving Park, so please send 
your news to me there or to KATY...Our sincere sympathy 
to JOHN CAROLAN in the loss of his wife. ..ADAM WAAS 
took his pension on February 1, and your co-reporter, 
Grace Mounts, and his daughters gave him a surprise party 
on January 28 at DiLeo's restaurant with about 50 CTA 
friends and relatives attending. Adam's wife, FLORENCE, 
also retired as a secretary and bookkeeper in a real estate 
office in Addison... Grace Mounts and her husband flew to 
Florida for a ten-day vacation where she visited her sister 
and brother. . . DOROTHY ADLER and a couple of other 
agents also visited Florida in February... The North Side 
credit union held their annual dinner on February 11 at the 
Queen Anne ballroom with about 300 attending. Everyone 
had an enjoyable evening. .. Don't forget to send me the 
news, folks, or the next issue will be shorter. 

- f^iaC£ THoUHti & 'K<Utf ^O-K^T/^ 


North Park's annual credit union meeting was held on 
January 12 at River Park Fleldhouse and a fine report was 
delivered by Treasurer JOHN O'BRIEN. The officers de- 
clared a dividend of 6 per cent on savings, and all mem- 
bers are urged to bring in their books so that they may be 
brought up to date. BEN NEUMAN, JOHN COSGROVE and 
FRANK KOZIOL were elected to the credit committee, 
were elected to the board of directors. Refreshments were 
served and the following won door prizes: Mrs. HELEN 
WALTERS, Receiver ED STENZEL, Bus Transferer JIM 
EVILLY, Division 241 Clerk WARREN SCROLL and Oper- 
ator CHARLES WISNIEWSKI. Our congratulations to 
Treasurer O'Brien and Dale Peters for a very efficient 
job. A minute of silence was observed for our late assist- 
ant treasurer, TONY BRUNO, and PAUL COOK. A prayer 
was delivered by Operator FRANCIS GALLAGHER... Pen- 
sioner HARVEY GERMAN and his wife, INGEBORG, were 
in Chicago for their annual visit with their children, TED, 


Thailand, visiting with 
their son are EDWARD and 
is stationed at Camp Same- 
San on the southern tip of 
Thailand. Ed is with the 
Electrical Department at 
Blue Island. 

HELEN and MARIE. Harvey is living in Spring Grovii 
Minnesota, and invites his many friends to stop by for ■ ' 
visit when in the area. ..Pensioner HAROLD JULITZ au' 
his wife, ANN, were honored at a surprise retireme: 
party on December 31 hosted by their sons, BRUCE ac 
DICK, and their wives, SHIRLEY and PAT. The eveniii 
was supposed to be a babysitting job for the Julitzs, but 
turned out to be a grand evening for all concerned. ..Tt 
medical bus was stationed at North Park for the month i 
January. Doctor BOLES PIERZYNSKI and Medical Exam- 
iner HARRY SOREGHEN are to be commended for thefe] 
part in the examinations. The two gentlemen would like ) 
take this opportunity to thank the personnel at North Pan 
for their cooperation and promptness. ..Operator HAROL! 
NIEMIEC and his wife, MARY JO, became parents of theii 
first child when a son, TIMOTHY EDWARD, was born o 
October 3 at Gottlieb Memorial hospital weighing 9 pound 
5 ounces... Super visor ROY RIPKA and his wife, IRIS, be 
came parents of their fifth child when a son, JOHN PAT* 
RICK, was born on December 22 at Edgewater hospitii 
weighing 9 pounds 8 ounces. ..Pensioner IRVING WEINEf 
said his third grandchild, MINDY JOY WEINER, will i 
one year old on IV[arch 21... At this writing Operator Ef 
McDonald is hospitalized at Northwest hospital with \ 
broken leg suffered from a fall on the ice. While confine 
to the hospital, Ed had a major of)e ration due to ulcers an 
at this writing is recovering satisfactorily. . . Operata 
JUNIOR BROADBENT fell in his kitchen and suffered l' 
broken wrist. ..Operator ZEKE JAGST and his wife, HILDA 
celebrated their second anniversary with a two-week skiin 
trip to Koloster and Grindenwald, Switzerland. The Jagsft 
are accomplished skaters and skiers. .. Pensioner RA' 
DONESKl and his wife, EVELYN, along with their grandsor 
RAY-RAY, came from Forsyth, Missouri, to spend th] 
holidays with their daughter, Mrs. LINDA MOOLWINE.. 
Pensioner STEVE HERMAN and his wife, HELEN, also c 
Forsyth, enjoyed their holidays with their daughter an 
son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. O'TOOLE, and their children- 
Operator STERLING O'NAN and his wife, BETTY, are al 
smiles these days. The reason— the 1973 Delta 88 Olds 
mobile they are driving. Sterling's brother, HARRY, an 
his wife, LYDIA, presented the car to the O'Nans as a gifl 
Harry, a former CTA bus operator at Limits Depot, is no' 
vice-president and board member of Davis Brothers Foo 
Service of Atlanta, Georgia. 

Repair Department Chit Chat; Repairman ROBER' 
VANDERMEIR Jr. and his wife, SHARON, became parent 


If their first child when a son, ROBERT GUSTAV III, was 
prn on December 16 at St. Joseph's hospital weighing 9 
■ounds 14 ounces. Robert Ill's grandfather is a bus repair- 
man at North Park, while his great-grandfather is a pen- 
loned supervisor. The CTA is well represented by this 
ine family... Enjoying vacations at this time are Repairmen 
lERSCH donned his Santa Claus suit again and gave his 
even grandchildren another wonderful Christmas party... 
lepairman PAUL (On the Ball) SCHREVES entertained his 
eighbors with his annual Christmas concert on his theatre 
rgan... Remember the credit union is ready, willing and 
ble to help all who need cash to meet those Christmas 
ills and income tax problems. So see JOHN or DALE for 
eady cash... Happy anniversaries are extended to the fol- 
ding: Operator JOE SCALETTA and his wife, DOREEN, 
; leir 15th; Operator HENRY NEUMAN and his wife, LEO- 
I lA, their 41st; Operator MEL HORNING and his wife, 
jlOLET, their 35th; Operator ARTHUR OLSON and his 
"ife, LENORE, their 33rd; Operator ED ZIENTARA and 
|is wife, ROSE, their 37th; Operator ROGER AYOTTE and 
'|is wife, HELEN, their 14th; Pensioner JOHN KARASEK 
[nd his wife, LILLIAN, their 43rd; Supervisor ROY RIPKA 
pd his wife, IRIS, their 9th; Superintendent EDWARD 
iRODD and his wife, ANN, their 36th, and Utility Chauf- 
bur JOHN MILLER and his wife, ROZIA, their 39th.. .Happy 
[irthdays are extended to the following: Pensioners IRV- 
Drtrayed his role of Santa Claus for the sixth year in 
orsyth, Missouri, where he passed out candy and presents 
I the children... Our sympathy and condolences are ex- 
mded to Operator PAT BROWN in the loss of his father; to 
iperator CHARLES SILAS in the loss of his father-in-law, 
ir. JEFFERSON DAVIS, and to the family of Pensioner 


, Congratulations to Operator CHESTER CORDEK and his 
Ife, WANDA, who became proud grandparents for the fifth 
me when their daughter, MARY, and her husband, RICH- 
RD ODWAZNY, had a baby girl, ANNETTE, on December 
9... December Courtesy Caravan members are H. FIELDS 
ERRY, A. BATTLE and C. LEWIS.. .A letter from Pen- 
ioner ERNEST PEARSON tells us that he and his wife, 
jNNA, are well. He says that Pensioner PAUL DAVIS and 
is wife are well and happy in Florida and send along their 
reelings to all, along with Ernie and Anna. ..Two more of 
nr old friends are joining the ranks of pensioners, FLOR- 
IN DWIEL and Operator JOSEPH BADALUCO. Florian 
IS been thinking of moving to Florida, but I hope he 
aesn't because I hate losing a good fishing partner. We 
ish many happy years and the best of everything to him 
ad Joseph... Operator RAY JACKSON and his wife cele- 
rated their silver wedding anniversary at Mangam's 
ihateau in Lyons with their children, LINDA, 23; ALLEN, 
^; SARAH, 17 and ROBIN, 11. They enjoyed a good dinner 


TRYING HARD to suppress 
a happy smile is TOM 
LORENZ, enjoying his 
Hawaiian vacation as he 
escorts a beautiful native 
girl to a luau. Tom is a 
traffic technician in the 
Traffic Planning Depart- 

and show. We wish them many more happy years together. 
..We wish all of you a blessed Easter. We are so thankful 
that our boys are home from those POW camps, and that 
our boys in the armed forces are leaving Vietnam. We 
pray that it is the beginning of a period of peace for the 
entire world. ..GEORGE HAAK sent a card from the Florida 
Keys to let all his old friends at North Avenue know how 
much he is enjoying retirement. He retired January 1 as 
an operator at Keeler. 

A great big HELLO to everyone from your co-reporter, 
WALTER BLIX, after an absence of several months. The 
operation was a success and the patient will live and con- 
tinue to annoy you in every issue from now on. ..During our 
absence there were others who were confined to various 
hospitals; Custodian RAY JABLECKI, Operator AL 
JACQUES, and the mother of Operator JERRY DUBIN. . . 
Some well earned retirements went to District C Super- 
intendent RAY REIGHARD, Limits Station Superintendent 
MILES DeWITT and Clerk EDDIE O'KEEFE. Good luck to 
all of you and be sure to drop in occasionally. ..AH of us 
that knew or worked with Retired Clerk ART BATES (at 
one time Art was quite a matinee idol, having appeared in 
several silent movies), and Retired Operator FRANK CAL- 
DRON of Keeler Station, were sorry to hear of their death 
and we extend our deepest sympathy to their families. . . 
President Richard Nixon wasn't the only one to run for of- 
fice and win. Our own superintendent, WARD CHAMBER- 
LAIN, did the same thing, only in the Kiwanis club. Next 
time you see him ask him about it. Congratulations, Ward. 
..Once again the flying HICKEYS took to the air. This time 
TOM and his wife, BE A, headed for Hawaii. They had a 
great time, but it's just too bad we don't have a picture of 
Tom doing the hula in his bikini. They weren't home very 
long before Bea decided to take to the air again, this time 
to Rochester, New York, to visit their grandchildren. . . 
Senior Station Instructor JAMES and Mrs. BROGAN were 
treated to dinner on their 34th wedding anniversary by their 
daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE WAGNER. 
Wonder if they had Dolly Madison goodies for dessert. ..In 
1972 Operator RAY ZIELINSKI had the distinction of oper- 
ating one of Chicago's oldest streetcars — the old red Pull- 
man No. 144 at Union, Illinois, and one of CTA's newest GM 
diesel buses on his Armitage avenue run... To all of you who 
are celebrating your birthdays during the months of April 
and May, we send out best wishes and hope you all have 
many, many more. ..I almost forgot to thank all of you for 
those scads of get -well wishes that I received. They helped 

^ARCH-APR\L, 1973 



immensely. I am also very grateful to those of you who 
donated blood, or wanted to but were prevented from doing 
so for some reason or other. A special note of thanks to 
Carpenter BILL CROSS of South Shops, Operator and Mrs. 
..See you all purty soon. 

- "UJiUiam THiedema & -WaUei ^Ut 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

On January 1 MAYNARD (Pinky) MORAN, radio- 
telephone operator, retired from CTA with 38 years of 
service. Coffee and cake were served in Operations Con- 
trol where many of his friends came to say goodbye and 
wish him well. We all extend our wishes for the best of 
everything and a wonderful retirement. ..December 3 was a 
very big day in the lives of BOB and JUNE QUETSCHKE. 
This was the day their first grandchild, KIMBERLY ANN, 
was born. She came into the world weighing 7 pounds 8 
ounces and was 19 inches long. The proud parents are BOB 
and JEANIE QUETSCHKE. Bob was formerly a car cleaner 
on the West Section. Congratulations to all. ..We want to 
welcome MARIE M. CASILLAS as a clerk-stenographer in 
the Transportation Department and EDNA WALKER, steno- 
grapher, who transferred from the Shops & Equipment De- 
partment at South Shops. 

(Traffic Planning) - 

TOM LORENZ recently flew to Honolulu, Hawaii, where 
he stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. He did a lot of 
sight-seeing which included a tour of the city and Pearl 
Harbor. It was a wonderful vacation... MICHELE ALEX- 
ANDER, the daughter of MEL ALEXANDER of the Transit 
News staff, was married on February 3 to CHRISTOPHER 
LLOYD. Congratulations and good luck to the happy couple. 

(Transportation Instruction) - 

On January 17, Senior Station Instructor RAYMOND 
TREZISE became a grandfather for the second time. 
KRYSANNA TREZISE, his first granddaughter, weighed 6 
pounds 13 ounces at birth. The happy parents are STEVEN 
and CATHIE. RAY PRYOR, supervising instructor at 77th 
Street, became a grandfather for the eighth time. RAY- 
MOND W. PRYOR HI was born to RAYMOND and MARY 
PAT on February 13 weighing 7 poimds 4 ounces, and is 
their first child. Ray now has six grandsons and only two 
granddaughters. Congratulations to both families. 

(Supervision) - 

District B Superintendent EDWARD NOVAK retired on 
February 1 after 31 years of service. A luncheon was held 
in his honor at the M&M Club on January 31. Also honored 
was Station Superintendent MILES H. DeWlTT. Ed intends 
to relax and enjoy himself, spending much time in Florida 
and Arizona. We wish them the best of health and happi- 
ness for a wonderful retirement... District C Superintendent 
RAYMOND F. REIGHARD retired on January 1, after al- 
most 37 years of service. Congratulations and best wishes 
for a happy retirement. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

On December 1 BUD BECKER retired with 26 years of 
service. We hope he has now and will continue to have a 
happy retirement. Among those present to wish Bud well 
stopped in to say hello before returning to Florida where 



he and his wife will stay until the weather gets warms 
here. ..PAT PORCELIUS and his wife vacationed in Call 
fornia. He said the weather was ideal and Disneyland wa 
wonderful... TONY CANDELA and his wife spent their vaca 
tion in the Los Angeles area, visiting their daughter an 
grandchildren. They went sight-seeing and to Disneylai 
and Santa Anita, but didn't say whether he made expense 
or not. ..Others on vacation were HAROLD FELTZ, WIL 
JOHN. ..Congratulations to OTTO ERTL who celebrated hi 
25th anniversary with the CTA, and LARRY HEISE wl 
celebrated his 43rd anniversary. .. JAMES ROCHE's soi 
SP4 MICHAEL, was recently discharged from the U.! 
Army after serving for two years, and JAMES was gradu 
ated from Illinois State university... Mr. and Mrs. HOWAR 
SURRETT had a chilly but enjoyable vacation at Niagai 
Falls. ..Our sympathy is extended to JULIUS KUTA whos 
brother recently passed away; to SAM McCULLER whos 
sister passed away at Dowoglac, Michigan; to CHARLE 
GAGE in the death of his mother-in-law; to A. C. WORK 
whose mother-in-law passed away; to Pensioner BO 
GILMORE whose wife recently passed away, and to th 
CHARLES MARTENS family in the death of Mrs. MABl 
TENS. Mrs. Martens was the sister of JOE MULREE. 


Our condolences to the family of LEONARD STRYZAI 
61st Street, in the passing of his father. . .Wishes for 
speedy recovery are sent to ABEL CASPER, 61st Stree 
who is at home recuperating after an operation, and to JO 
HASSMAN, 61st Street, who is watching the bones in h; 
broken arm knit. . . Best wishes for years of a happy an 
healthy pension are sent to H. L. HEIL, foreman at How 
ard, who retired on March 1, and also to NEIL McGILl 
Wilson, who retired on February l...The C. WILLLAIV 
family had a wonderful winter vacation in Texas... Hope , 
KOGER, Dan Ryan, will be up and around soon after h: 
illness. ..J. ARMSTRONG, Dan Ryan, enjoyed a lovely sui 
prise birthday party given by his wife, ANGELA. M, Mc 
INTOSH and F. PICKETT also enjoyed themselves at tl 
party. . . Our sympathy to JOHN CANNELLA, Congresi 
whose brother passed away recently. . . Congratulations I 
VITO COLLYARD, Congress, on his promotion to "B" re 
pairman. Hope Vito likes Dan Ryan Shops. . .Welcome i 
JOHN HOFFSTEAD from all the boys at Congress...! 
VANTOR, Congress, spent a glorious two-week vacation ; 
Hawaii. ..Others enjoying vacations were C. B. BROWN, i 
WATSON, W. MAJEWSKI, M. BOGLRA, 61st Street; . 
Dan Ryan... Surprise visits were paid by Pensioners LOUI 

^<jy Stjec^ei 


Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family of MAB 
TY DUNDOVICH, electrical worker who passed away c 
November 27. Marty was a fine man and will be missed t 
his many friends here at Skokie. Marty's son, MARK, ar 
brother, JOHN, are also electrical workers in the mote 



EDWARD ADAMS, 62, West Section, 
I Etnp. 8-28-41, Died 1-2-73 
IHENRY BADE, 52, North Section, 

Emp. 2-5-68, Died 1-30-73 
iJOHN T. BARRETT, 64, West Section, 
I Emp. 2-16-51, Died 1-14-73 
i)ENNIS P. BARRY, 80, South Section, 
' Emp. 1-7-20, Died 1-25-73 
HARRY F. BARRY, 70, 77th Street, 
, Emp. 12-18-22, Died 1-20-73 
EUGENE BOHANNON, 56, Forest Glen, 
Emp. 1-24-57, Died 1-21-73 
jJAMES P. BRANNAN, 66, 77th Street, 
Emp. 6-18-29, Died 12-27-72 
jCARL F. BRUNN, 68, North Avenue, 
. Emp. 7-18-23, Died 1-23-73 
[JOHN F. BURNS, 80, Keeler, 
?Emp. 7-17-34, Died 12-29-72 
MICHAEL CAFFERTY, 48, Transit Board, 
.Emp. 5-11-71, Died 1-17-73 
iFRANK P. CALDERON, 68, Keeler, 
I Emp. 6-27-27, Died 1-17-73 
eUCARPIO CAMPIONE, 77, Way /Struct. 
|Emp. 5-7-23, Died 12-15-72 
JOHN J. CARBONEL, 86, North Section, 
'Emp. 4-21-08, Died 12-26-72 
JERRY F. CERNY, 73, South Shops, 
Emp. 9-10-17, Died 12-24-72 
ALEX D. CHALIKIS, 81, Devon, 
Emp. 8-4-26, Died 1-9-73 
DOMINICK T. CONDELES, 79, West Shops, 
Emp. 1-28-20, Died 1-26-73 
PAUL F. COOK, 64, North Park, 
Emp. 2-5-30, Died 1-4-73 
FRANCIS J. CRUMB, 78, West Section, 
Emp. 9-24-23, Died 1-31-73 
ANDREW J. DINNELLA, 66, Spcl. Invstgns., 
'Emp. 5-10-34, Died 12-27-72 
tVILLlAM J. DORAN, 77, 77th Street, 
iEmp. 10-1-26, Died 1-14-73 
.lAROLD T. DOYLE, 78, 61st Street, 
,Emp. 3-24-42, Died 1-13-73 
rOSEPH DUDAK, 84, West Shops, 
Emp. 2-6-24, Died 12-3-72 
George a. ENGER, 73, office services, 
'Emp. 11-22-23, Died 12-13-72 
tlMOTHY FALAHEE, 69, Stores, 
iEmp. 4-2-28, Died 12-18-72 
:.EONARD W. GIERKE, 76, North Section, 
Emp. 9-22-22, Died 1-26-73 
JAMES HALLEN, 51, Forest Glen, 
Emp. 9-13-48, Died 12-29-72 
^EIF O. HALVORSEN, 76, West Shops, 
Emp. 3-13-23, Died 1-20-73 
i.LVIN F. HANSEN, 77, Kedzie, 
Emp. 3-12-23, Died 1-6-73 
Emp. 10-13-42, Died 1-7-73 
VILLLAM B. HENN, 68, West Section, 
:Emp. 5-23-44, Died 1-15-73 

MAURICE HICKEY, 54, North Section, 

Emp. 2-21-45, Died 12-28-72 

JOHN W. HOBAN, 77, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 6-12-25, Died 12-29-72 

GEORGE HOBERG, 94, Blue Island, 

Emp. 10-24-44, Died 10-25-72 

BERNARD HOJNOWSKI, 78, Lavradale, 

Emp. 10-13-22, Died 12-29-72 
RAYMOND W. JOHNSON, 73, 77th Street, 

Emp. 4-10-43, Died 1-30-73 
RICHARD G. KENDALL, 71, Electrical, 

Emp. 4-29-24, Died 1-18-73 
JAMES J. KESSNER, 82, Devon, 

Emp. 5-29-25, Died 1-20-73 

CHARLES R. KIEHN, 74, Devon, 

Emp. 5-23-24, Died 12-8-72 
JOSEPH G. KLEIN, 76, Devon, 

Emp. 3-8-23, Died 12-13-72 

Emp. 5-4-22, Died 12-31-72 
SHERMAN LANEY, 31, 52nd Street, 

Emp. 9-24-64, Died 12-28-72 
ALEX LAPINSKI, 85, 77th Street, 

Emp. 10-15-14, Died 12-23-72 
WILLIARD LUCAS, 68, Skolde Shop, 

Emp. 2-7-39, Died 12-16-72 
MICHAEL J. MALONE, 85, Devon, 

Emp. 4-9-18, Died 1-22-73 
RUSSEL MILLER, 59, Archer, 

Emp. 5-6-46, Died 2-19-73 
DAVID B. MITCHELL, 78, West Shops, 

Emp. 11-15-26, Died 12-26-72 
HUBERT J. MOHAN, 69, District C, 

Emp. 2-7-24, Died 12-9-72 
WILLIAM E. MULLINS, 78, Limits, 

Emp. 11-28-25, Died 1-9-73 
JOSEPH F. MURPHY, 74, Transportation, 

Emp. 10-23-19, Died 12-27-72 
MULDREW J. NASH, 67, Track, 

Emp. 8-13-42, Died 1-23-73 
PETER J. NAUGHTON, 70, West Section, 

Emp. 12-23-42, Died 1-4-73 
JOHN O. NELSON, 83, Devon, 

Emp. 7-29-25, Died 12-26-72 
PATRICK J. O'BRIEN, 72, Office Services, 

Emp. 11-23-22, Died 12-22-72 
DENNIS O'CONNOR, 73, Constr. & Maint., 

Emp. 3-27-43, Died 12-31-72 
LEROY A. PARKER, 66, North Avenue, 

Emp. 11-13-28, Died 11-25-72 
JOHN PATER, 64, Lawndale, 

Emp. 2-11-48, Died 12-13-72 
LAWRENCE PAWLAK, 68, Executive, 

Emp. 7-29-25, Died 1-19-73 
GUSTAV C. PELZ, 80, North Section, 

Emp. 6-13-13, Died 12-28-72 
BROR T. PETERSON, 87, 69th Street, 

Emp. 2-18-25, Died 1-20-73 
THOMAS W. PILITAUSKIS, 80, 69th Street, 

Emp. 8-8-24, Died 1-30-73 

WILLIAM B. REDDICK, 75, North Section, 

Emp. 4-7-43, Died 12-19-72 
GREGORIO RIZIO. 78, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 6-26-28, Died 11-24-72 
JOEL ROBINSON, 38, Kedzie, 

Emp. 6-21-56, Died 12-25-72 
MATHEW ROSGA, 89, North Avenue, 

Emp. 6-23-20, Died 12-14-72 
RICHARD H. RYAN, 66, 69th Street, 

Emp. 3-11-25, Died 1-12-73 
VULE SAVOVICH, 82, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 4-6-29, Died 12-23-72 
NELL SCHNEIDER, 71, Executive, 

Emp. 1-2-48, Died 1-7-73 

Emp. 4-25-14, Died 1-28-73 
RAYMOND R. SIERS, 63, 62nd Substation, 

Emp. 9-2-30, Died 12-18-72 
LOUIS L. SMITH, 70, Security, 

Emp. 4-17-29, Died 1-2-73 
EDGAR K. SNLDER, 77, 77th Street, 

Emp. 3-15-26, Died 1-17-73 
HOWARD B. STORM, 70, Ins. & Pensions, 

Emp. 9-30-24, Died 1-5-73 
EARL STUMP, 71, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 3-21-57, Died 1-24-73 
LEO SWEIDEL, 63, Engineering, 

Emp. 11-19-45, Died 12-11-72 
LOUIS J. SZACIK, 68, Archer, 

Emp. 9-6-23, Died 12-22-72 
FRANK SZYDLOWSKI, 85, Armitage, 

Emp. 2-8-13, Died 9-8-72 

Emp. 4-7-43, Died 1-10-73 
GUST TRAINA, 74, Shops & Equipment, 

Emp. 5-9-24, Died 12-12-72 
SAM VITALE, 85, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 8-24-29, Died 12-14-72 
ANTHONY VITTORIO, 68, Engineering, 

Emp. 8-14-46, Died 1-7-73 

Emp. 1-4-49, Died 2-12-73 
NORMAN WALLACE, 57, Electrical, 

Emp. 9-18-44, Died 1-1-73 

Emp. 1-6-64, Died 1-1-73 
RAYMOND WEVERKE, 59, Spcl. Invstgns., 

Emp. 8-3-48, Died 1-22-73 
KENNETH R. WHITE, 79, North Section, 

Emp. 4-16-20, Died 12-22-72 
CHARLES R. WILKE Jr., 80, Armitage, 

Emp. 3-3-21, Died 11-12-72 
JAMES V. WILLIAMS, 76, Way /Struct. 

Emp. 1-31-47, Died 1-12-73 
JAMES WYATT, 26, West Section, 

Emp. 5-15-70, Died 2-15-73 
LEONARD ZAGAGLIA, 80, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 11-5-20, Died 12-17-72 
JOHN S. ZYCK, 69, Keeler, 
Emp. 7-27-27, Died 1-21-73 

ine. I'd like to apologize for the delay in reporting this 
lews. . .Congratulations to ROBERT BUEGEL, machinist 
ipprentice, and his wife on the birth of a daughter, 
pAMANTHA HOPE, February 5. ..Electrical Worker STAN- 
LEY RAVEN became a grandfather again when his son, 
DANIEL, and his wife, PEGGY, announced the arrival of 
WILLL^M JOSEPH RAVEN on January 21. Little William 
veighed in at 11 pounds 9 ounces. Congratulations, gramps. 

were in a car accident on January 21 in which Mary Jane 
suffered a sprained ankle... KATHERINE SUSAN BUERGER, 
the daughter of Carpenter ROBERT BUERGER, has been 
wearing a POW bracelet for Captain Howard Hill for the 
past two years. Kathy was very happy to see that Captain 
Hill was among the first POW's to be released. He had 
been held prisoner since December 16, 1967. ..Some of the 
men from the motor line that take Addison street to work 
reported seeing an old friend up bright and early. Pension- 

iARCH-APRIL, 1973 



er MIKE CONDON bought his wife a 26-Lnch three-wheel 
bicycle for Christmas, and apparently Mike uses it to go 
for the morning paper. Happy cycling, Mike... Speaking of 
pensioners, we'd like to wish a speedy recovery to HOMER 
DOUGLAS. Homer had been in the hospital but is now home 
recuperating.. .LES REICHARD, retired superintendent of 
shops and terminals , recently visited us. Retired engineer 
TED NIENABER also stops by every now and then to say 
hello. ..The North Side "L" credit union held their annual 
meeting and party at Johnny Weigelt's Sunday, February 11. 
They had a great turnout and a wonderful time was had by 
all. Our congratulations to the board of directors for all 
their time and hard work in planning this fine affair. ..Shop- 
man ANGELO VENTICINQUE and Electrical Worker 
FRANK DELAQUILA are on the sick list as of this writing. 
We hope you'll both be back and feeling better soon. 


PHIL LEAHY was one of the guests at the Governor's 
Inauguration in Springfield. Phil is also sporting a new 
1973 Plymouth Fury HI with all the extras... JOE SABOL is 
sporting a 1973 Plymouth Valiant. Congratulations to Joe 
who was promoted to supervisor of traffic clerks on Janu- 
ary 15. ..Best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement go 
out to JOE SWIATEK, traffic checker. . .JOE LYNCH and 
his family took a winter vacation by driving down to the 
Florida Keys. ..Mr. and Mrs. BILL STANLEY celebrated 
their third wedding anniversary. Congratulations ! . . We 
welcome NICK ZAHN and WAYNE SUSSEX as traffic 
clerks... Pensioner BILL DEVEREUX has moved to Wau- 
watosa, Wisconsin, with his family. 

- 'KatiiufK 'SaUmi 


Congratulations to all our South Siders for making 1972 
our third consecutive safest year in the history of the CTA. 
Ashland, 61st Street and Dan Ryan all received plaques to 
commemorate the event, and coffee and rolls were served. 
Also, Ashland Avenue received a plaque for making 1972 
its safest year. ..Retired Supervisor HUGH KELLEY was in 
town from Florida visiting his sister and called us. He's 
doing fine, but his granddaughter passed away several 
months ago and he is still broken up about it. ..Super con- 
gratulations to our newly appointed supervisors on January 
21: Motormen OLLIE WINSTON and MYRON WOODS, and 
Yard Foreman ROBERT GRAHAM... Retired Division 308 
Board Member CHARLES BURNS is back from Phoenix, 
Arizona, where he spent a couple of months. He said the 
weather was rather cold there this winter. While there he 
visited with Retired Motorman ED HENNESSY and THOM- 
AS and NANCY McINERNEY, retired collector and former 
assignment agent... Motorman MARCUS WALKER went on 
pension January 1 after 42 years of service, and the men at 
61st Street gave him a nice send-off. They had a get- 
together with sandwiches, cake and coffee and they pre- 
sented Marcus with a nice radio. He will be missed by all 
his co-workers... Agent RUTH LOVELL has just returned 
from a nice vacation In Colorado Springs where she visited 
with her daughter and her family... Just heard that Retired 
Agent BRIDIE MULDOON and Retired Conductor DENNIS 
BARRY passed away ... Happy , happy news — back from the 
sick list are Motorman McRAYFIELD CALDWELL, Tower- 



and BENNIE HARRIS. ..Also going on pension January 1 wa 
Conductor CARL SCHEUERMANN. Carl had 30 years c 
service and will be missed at Ashland Terminal. Coffe 
and rolls were served and a token of remembrance wa 
presented to Carl from his co-workers. ..Isn't this a won 
derful bit of news — Retired Svritchman and Mrs. GEORGl 
LaFAIRE, the parents of Switchman RAYMOND, came u 
from Florida to celebrate their 70th (yes 1 said 70th) wed 
ding anniversary with their family at the Millionaire' 
Club on February 11. Congratulations to the "young 
couple !.. Motorman TONY JAGLA and his wife, MARIE] 
vacationed in beautiful Hawaii. They said that everyon 
should take a vacation once in Hawaii as It is so beautiful., 
We were sorry to hear that Retired Station Superlntender 
RICHARD MEISNER was in an auto accident and was in th 
hospital. We sure are thankful to hear that he's home noi 
recuperating. . . Two of our well-known supervisors als 
went on pension January 1, DAN HAYES and CHARLE 
SOUTHARD. They were feted at the district office betor 
they left. Our heartiest wishes to them and to all our nei 
retirees for a happy pensioned life. ..Last month I forgot t 
mention the nice notes and letters we received during th 
holiday season from Retired Clerk and Mrs. JOHN HEFi 
FERNAN, who live in MUbank, South Dakota; from Retire 
Conductor WILLIAM DOHERTY who lives in St. Peters 
burg, Florida; from Retired 61st Street Shop Clerk CLAR 
ENCE and Mrs. BIRMINGHAM, who live in Algonquin, Illi 
nois, and from Retired Superintendent of Operations am 
Mrs. JOHN HIGGINS, who live in California. Thanks loads 
..Agent VELMA HUSBAND wishes to thank all her friend 
and co-workers who were so wonderful to her during th 
time of her bereavement when her husband passed awa 
suddenly... Retired Conductor WILLIAM ROWE told us h 
was going to take a trip to St. Petersburg to look at house 
and see if he'd like Florida. .. We were all saddened t 
hear of the untimely death of Ticket Agent ANTOINETTI 
STIPATI, who went on disability pension January 1. Tod 
had been off sick for several months. Our deepest sym- 
pathy to her family. She will really be missed. ..Our con 
dolences to Conductor ARTHUR FOREST whose mothe: 
passed away recently. ..Retired Yard Foreman CLlFFORl, 
BECKER stopped by Ashland recently and he looks wonder! 
ful and is enjoying life. Also, Retired Towerman FRAN! 
PINTA and Retired Motorman ANGELOS YPSILANT 
stopped by not long ago to say hello. ..Clerk JOHN BARRY' 
wife was in the hospital, but is home now recuperating 
John is sure glad she's home... Retired Assistant Statlo 
Superintendent JOSEPH TVRDIK called me and stated he' 
really enjoying pensioned life, just fishing and traveling 


Dear readers: I would like to apologize for not writln 
often enough. With the magazine coming out every othe 
month, LOU and I promise to have a column in each Issue 
..The passing of MIKE BELLEZZO, JOHN BARRETT an 
Pensioner BILL HEN has saddened all of our lives, fo: 
they were all fine men. All of us send our sincere con 
dolences to all their families... Now for a bit of glad news 
Shopman DAN RENO'S lovely wife, FLORENCE, gave birt 
to a beautiful girl named DAWN MARIE. With the signin 
of the peace treaty we hope Dawn will never have to sei 



THIS HAPPY little cherub 
MILES, the six-month old 
doughter of DONNELLY 
Donnelly is o clerk in the 
repair department at 52nd 

ar... EDWIN SCHULTZ, one of our fine janitors, has gone 
ji pension and hopes to reside in Arkansas. We wish him 
ealth and success. To DAVE JOHNSON and his wonderful 
few, thanks a lot for the great party you gave Schultz...At 
ji unusual hour of the morning when I report to work, I 
Jce the steps three at a time just to greet the many fine 
fople working at Lake Street. The comedy act of JAMES 
Southern) HOOD and Yankee ROBERT L. CflAWFORD 
laying checkers puts a smile on everyone's face. Mid- 
ible sits JOHNNY BRIGHT holding everyone spellbound 
ith his knowledge of the world. He has helped us all get a 
jttle smarter. JOHN CIMMERER and LEROY HASLAM 
fe holding fort at the other end of the table selling coffee. 
I feel sorry for anyone who forgets to put a dime in the 
pffee can. Their screams pierce the air. Coming up the 
fairs are the ding-a-ling pair, STEVE DUDASIK and AR- 
|HUR NEWMAN who carries his rosary with him every 
corning since he rides in with Steve. Sitting and not saying 
pything is GEORGE WOODMORE who everyone would like 
> be like when we get older. JIM LANE also sits there for 
p one wants to hear his old-time jokes and it sure has 
^ddened him. And standing behind us all is DAN CAW- 
HORN, all nine feet of him. The great Dan is the best 
Lnitor of them all. Any may God bless anyone who drops 
aper or cups on the floor. And there I sit not saying any- 
(ling and enjoying it all, ..My motorman, BARNEY CHROM- 
|ZAK, is calling me to get on the train so see you all in a 
puple of months. 

- StuUa SudiAHa & ^ou 'Patftu 


Congratulations go out to SUE JURKATUS on her new 
5b as secretary in the Technical Services Section of the 
outh Shops. Good luck on your new job. Sue. ..Word has it 
nat WALLY FEULNER will soon be offered a pro-Hockey 
ontract with the Chicago Cougars purely on his skating 
bility. Keep up the good work.. .The "Muff Divers" of the 
jouth Side Milkman's Bowling League at Ford City Bowl 
.oared to three big wins on Wednesday, February 7. The 
aam was led by JIM FELTZ's 683 scratch series and the 
|lutch spare-making of his teammates: D. ROHE (318), H. 
pLLENDONER (312), and J. LASKEY (312). ..And now for 
fie "Out in the Shops" news. ..Well, let's begin by wishing 
lome of our fellow employees a happy wedding anniversary. 
8est wishes go out to FRANK GRAY, Area 336, and his 
|rtfe on their eighth; MAX HAMILTON, Area 348, and his 


wife on their 34th; JIM LARSEN, Area 348, and his wife on 
their fifth; ED NAUSIEDAS, Area 348, and his wife on their 
18th, and RALPH BERNDT, Area 348, and his wife on their 
eighth. .. Brace the walls fellas! FRED PETROZZ, Area 
348, known as "Groovy" by his friends, is seriously con- 
templating getting a haircut, What'U it be, Fred? Flat top 
with fenders? Well, anyway, happy 30th birthday to you 
from the boys. . . Birthday greetings also go out to TOM 
PORTER, Area 345, and JOHN TARCZUESKI, Area 338. I 
won't give their age, I don't think I can count that high... 
Gee, it's sure nice to see DAVE MAGEE, Print Shop, back 
at work after being off sick for three months. ..It also was a 
welcome sight to see TILLY MORA back at the job after 
her illness. ..BOB HACKBARTH, Area 344, and his wife, 
MILLIE, returned recently from spending a week in Puerto 
Rico. Bob was filled with words of joy describing their 
fabulous vacation. Boy, it's a good thing they put limita- 
tions on how much booze you can take out of that country, 
huh. Bob?.. Due to a recent illness the smiling face of 
HENRY STUVEE has been missing in and around the engine 
line area. Your fellow employees and friends miss you and 
wish you a speedy recovery, Henry. ..The same feelings go 
out to CARL LIDZBINSKI of the air gang who was hospital- 
ized recently. Get well soon! ..Best of luck and a long, 
happy and healthy retirement go out to these men who will 
be leaving us soon: WALLY RICHARDS, Area 345, with 26 
years of service; JOE MILLER, Area 348, retiring after 
31 years of service; JIM QUAIN, Area 314, retiring after 
25 years of service, and TONY VIDMONT, who put in 30 
years. Best of luck fellows! ..Congratulations go out to 
GEORGE LACEY and his wife, MARY, on their first grand- 
child, JOHN GEORGE, who weighed in at 6 pounds 8 ounces. 
Grandma, grandpa and grandson are all doing fine... Final- 
ly, if anybody tells you that you can't buy a house by selling 
peanuts, let them talk to E^^L (Peanut Man) VELICAVRH, 
Area 31 8D. Business must be terrific Emil. 


The 52nd Street Depot Federal Credit Union heldits 12th 
annual membership meeting on Saturday, January 20, at 
Bethel A.M.E. church center, 4448 S. Michigan avenue, with 
President ERNEST A. HILL presiding. Reports were given 
by the president; TYLER M. PHILPOTT, treasurer; ALVIN 
POTTS Jr., assistant treasurer; ROBERT B. HOLMES, 
chairman of the credit committee; WILLIAM HILL Jr., 
secretary of the supervisory committee, and CHARLES 
O'KANE, chairman of the membership committee. All re- 
ports were well received and reflected the continuing prog- 
ress being made. The membership re-elected LAWRENCE 
LIAMS to the Board of Directors, and elected BYRON D. 
DEAN and WILLIE HENRY Jr. to serve on the credit com- 
mittee. The meeting was well attended by our lady mem- 
bers and it was gratifying. Among the honored guests were: 
Mrs. LAWRENCE BARNES, Mr. and Mrs. H. BEY, Mr. 
Mrs. E. HIMMEL, Mr. and Mrs. DAN McFADDEN, Mr. and 
WARREN E. SCHOLL and Mr. and Mrs. JOHN TIFFY. Re- 
freshments were in abundance and 12 prizes were awarded. 
To those members who didn't attend, you missed a very 
nice affair. 

4. "^ucUm 

i^ARCH-APRIL, 1973 



TJ • 

P p u) 

F " sj 
r o > 


UCC^-A^-: .VW.L,.»- bCUrU/'-^- 





MAY-JUNE, 1973 

bus of the future 

AM General Corporation 

Rohr industries 

GIMC Truck & Coach Division 

Milton Pikarsky 

elected CTA Board Chairmar 

of the news media after 
his election os Transit 
Board Chairman on 
May 24, Milton Pikarsky 
is shown beside Clair 
M. Roddewig who served 
as acting chairman since 
January 19. At right, 
Chairman Pikarsky is 
congratulated upon his 
election by Mayor 

Richard J. Daley. 

MILTON PIKARSKY, former commissioner of public 
works for the City of Chicago, was unanimously elect- 
ed chairman of Chicago Transit Board on Thursday, 

May 24. 

Mr. Pikarsky, 49, was appointed a member of the 
Board by Mayor Richard J. Daley. He succeeds the 
late Michael Cafferty and completes the term of Mr. 
Cafferty which expires September 1, 1973. 

Since 1964, Mr. Pikarsky had been commissioner 
of public works for the City of Chicago. He joined the 
public works department in 1960. As commissioner, 
his position covered the management and control of 
all matters pertaining to the department of public 
works and its bureaus— engineering, architecture and 
building maintenance, and maps and plats. He had the 
responsibility for the design and construction of cap- 
ital improvements, participation in the planning of 
future public works requirements, beautification of 
the city, and continuing performance of a variety of 
essential services to the public. 

Prior to joining the city government, he was proj- 
ect coordinator for the Blue Island Railroad Group 
(B&O) which involved liaison between four railroads, 
and for the railroads with municipal, governmental 
and administrative agencies. 

From 1956 to 1959, Mr. Pikarsky was a partner in 
the firm of Plumb, Tuckett and Pikarsky which de- 
signed and supervised construction of highway and 
railroad bridges, roadways, office buildings and park- 
ing facilities. As assistant engineer for the New York 
Central railroad from 1944 to 1956, he was respon- 
sible for design, field engineering and construction of 
the LaSalle street station in connection with the Con- 
gress expressway work in Chicago. 

Mr. Pikarsky received a bachelor's degree in en- 
gineering from the City College of New York and i' 
master's degree in engineering from the Illinois In-' 
stitute of Technology. 

Mr. Pikarsky is registered as a structural engi-i 
neer in Illinois, and as a professional engineer in Il-i] 
linois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri and Texas. ' 

He is a member of the Urban Mass Transportatioj- 
Advisory Council of the U.S. Department of Transpor- 
tation and of the standing policy committee on Trans-^ 
portation and Communications for the National League 
of Cities. He was co-chairman of the Transportatioi 
Committee of the U.S. Conference of Mayors in 1972 

Mr. Pikarsky holds memberships in the America. 
Society of Civil Engineers, the National Society 
Professional Engineers, the Illinois Society of Pro 
fessional Engineers, The Western Society of Engi 
neers, the American Public Works Association, th, 
Highway Research Board and the State of Ulinoi 
Transportation Study Commission. 

The highest tribute paid to professional engineer 
in the United States was conferred on Mr. Pikarsky o 
May 3, 1973. He was installed as a member of th 
National Academy of Engineering. Only 429 engineer 
have been elected to the academy, a private organiza 
tion established in 1964 to advise the federal govern 
ment on engineering matters. Mr. Pikarsky wa; 
honored for his achievements in urban transportatior 

Other awards held by Mr. Pikarsky include the To 
10 Public Works Men of the Year, presented in 196 
by the American Public Works Association, and th 
Townsend Harris Medal for Outstanding Achievement 
presented in 1969 by the City College of New York. 


CTA Board approves experimental fare reductions 

free fare experiment 
in Evanston rapid transit 

. THREE-WEEK experimental Free Fare plan for 
leal riding in Evanston and Wilmette on the Evanston 
:ipid transit route was approved June 7 by Chicago 
Iransit Board, The test period will be from June 11 
t June 30. 

"We are experimenting with this Free Fare plan to 
itermine whether we can lure people out of their 
irs in favor of public transit. Tests like this have 
len made in other cities throughout the world, but we 
int to try it here in metropolitan Chicago to gather 
ir own data. At present, there are about 120 round- 
ip local weekday riders on the Evanston service," 
Jd Chairman Milton Pikarsky. 

The free rides are available 24 hours a day, seven 
iiys a week, for persons boarding and alighting be- 
\feen South Boulevard station in Evanston and Linden 
.irenue station in Wilmette. 

On southbound trips, all through riders into Chica- 
|i continue to pay their fare at their boarding station 
lid obtain a transfer or identification check. They are 
necked at the South Boulevard station for identifica- 
ton proving that they have paid their fares to Chica- 
f». Those who do not have identification are required 
^ pay the regular rate of fare, 75<? without transfer 
lid 85<;; with transfer, for the continuation of the ride 
i;to Chicago, 

On the northbound trips, no checks are made be- 
luse all through riders have already paid the cor- 
ijct fare when boarding in Chicago, 

Test 2 for 1 bus fare 

on So. Western, 83-95 routes 

MIDDAY RIDERS on two South Side bus routes. No. 
49A So. Western and 95 83rd-95th, receive two rides 
for the price of one under an experimental reduced 
fare plan which began June 11. 

"We are experimenting with this program for a 
90-day period to determine if riding can be increased 
by lowering the fares," said CTA Board Chairman 
Pikarsky. "By offering a round-trip ride for the price 
of a single ride , we hope to encourage more people to 
take advantage of midday bus riding for shopping, 
business, and pleasure trips. 

"The No. 49A So, Western and 95 83rd-95th bus 
routes were selected for this test because they travel 
through high-density population areas and serve major 
business cores along 95th Street and Western Avenue, 
the South Chicago shopping area, and Evergreen 
Plaza," added Mr. Pikarsky. 

A person boarding a bus on either the So. Western 
or 83rd-95th routes and paying a full fare (45<;! ) be- 
tween 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, ex- 
cept holidays, will receive a check good for a return 
ride anytime on the same day. The special rate is not 
applicable to children, students, and senior citizens 
who already ride at reduced rates of fare, or persons 
desiring transfers. 

The So. Western route operates between 119th 
Street and 79th Street via Western avenue. The 83rd- 
95th route operates between 83rd-South Chicago and 
Evergreen Plaza at 95th-Western. 

Contracts let for escalator renewal, construction, diesel fuel injectors 

ITS meeting on June 7, Chicago Transit Board ap- 
•oved the awarding of contracts for escalator renew- 
', the new Kimball-Lawrence transit terminal, the 
tlth avenue inspection shop, and for anti-pollution in- 
?ctors for 1,050 buses, all being purchased under 
(TA's $140 million capital improvement program. 

' Contracts amounting to $1,346,589 were awarded 
!r the renewal of 38 escalators at various rapid 
ansit stations. 

"Escalator renewal has been given top priority be- 
luse of the inconveniences that our patrons have 
^en subjected to because of their frequent break- 
i)wns," said Chairman Pikarsky. "Some of these 
scalators are 30 years old and are beyond repair." 

The contracts were awarded to the Otis Elevator 
Company for the renewal of 35 escalators at a cost of 
$1,285,777, and the Haughton Elevator Company, Di- 
vision of Reliance Electric Company, for the renewal 
of three escalators at a cost of $60,812. 

The escalators to be renewed are: State Street 
subway— 22 escalators; Dearborn Street subway— 12 
escalators; State-Lake escalator from street level to 
elevated station; and escalators at the Central, Austin 
and Oak Park stations on the Lake service of the 
West-South route. 

All of the escalators will be treadle operated which 
will allow them to run in the direction desired. When 

(continued on page 4) 

'AY-JUNE, 1973 

A CONTRACT for the purchase of 545 air-conditioned 
buses at a cost of $22,719,093 was signed April 16 by 
Acting CTA Chairman Clair M. Roddewig (left) and 
Edward Stokel, assistant manager, coach sales, of the 
Truck and Coach Division of General Motors. Looking 
on, from left, are Frank Bates, GM sales representa- 
tive; CTA General Manager Thomas B. O'Connor; 
Board Member Lawrence G. Sucsy; Assistant Secre- 
tary Bernard G. Cunningham, Illinois Department of 
Transportation; Board Members Wallace D. Johnson 
and James R. Quinn, and E. Jar vis Ransom, GM re- 
gional sales manager. 

The buses are being purchased as part of the $140 
million two-year capital renewal program being 

Award contract to GM 

for 545 air-conditioned buses 

funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation an 
the Illinois Department of Transportation. This is th 
largest single order of passenger equipment in CTA' 

General Motors corporation, of Pontiac, Michigai 
was the successful bidder with a cost per bus ( 
$41,686.49. Other bids were received from AM Ger 
eral corporation, Wayne, Michigan, with a price ( 
$42,850 per bus for 500 and $42,950 per bus for ac, 
ditional vehicles, and from The Flxible company, ( 
Loudonville, Ohio, with a price of $43,194.80 per bm 

The buses will be similar to the 525 purchased] 
1972 and will have the latest type anti-pollution dej 
vices in order to meet all federal, state and locfj 
standards for exhaust emission and noise control. 

Delivery of the first 100 buses will be complete 
by mid-October and the total order is to be complett' 
in late December. 

Escalator renewal (contd. from page 3) 

not in use, the escalators will shut off automatically. 
The automatic operation will enable CTA patrons to 
use them 24 hours a day. 

A contract for the construction of a new terminal 
for the Ravenswood rapid transit route at Kimball- 
Lawrence was awarded to the B. R. Abbot Construc- 
tion Company at a cost of $830,900. An entirely new 
complex consisting of a ground-level station, train 
platform and transportation office for operating em- 
ployees will replace present facilities constructed in 
1907 on the southeast corner of the intersection. 

The modern station will include fluorescent light- 
ing, radiant heating and an attractive barrier and 
landscaping which will screen the platform and stand- 
ing trains from the surrounding area. The project is 
scheduled to be completed in March 1974. 

A contract for the construction of a modern rapid 
transit car inspection facility near CTA's 54th avenue 
terminal in Cicero was awarded to J. W. Halm Con- 
struction Company of Elk Grove Village at a cost of 
$891,857. The building will provide inspection and 
maintenance facilities for rapid transit cars serving 
the Douglas-Milwaukee route, and will replace an out- 
moded, open-pit operation now in use at this location. 
The building will be constructed of steel and masonry 
and will include two parallel inspection tracks, 4- 

cars long each, with a depressed floor througho' 
their length making the entire running mechanis- 
visible and easily accessible. The single story she 
building includes an adjacent two-story structure wr 
basement for a shop office, employee facilities, ai 
parts storage. Located at the southeast corner of tl 
present car storage yard north of Cermak road be 
tween 54th and 56th avenues in Cicero, the shop 
scheduled for completion in June 1974. i 

As part of CTA's continuing program to preser^ 
the environment, a contract was awarded to Interstai 
Diesel Service, Inc., of Cleveland, Ohio, for the pui 
chase of diesel engine fuel injectors for 1,050 bus< 
at a cost of $178,992. The contract includes the pui 
chase of 800 new injectors and 5,800 rebuilt injector 
all of the lo-sac needle valve (LSN) type similar 
those in use in CTA's 525 new buses purchased durii' 

The LSN injectors are to be installed in busi 
manufactured between 1960 and 1967, replacing lei 
efficient injectors. Each bus contains six injector 
one per cylinder. Experience with the LSN injecti, 
has shown that pollutant-causing unburned fuel b| 
been virtually eliminated in the combustion chamber 
resulting in significant reductions of smoke, unburni 
hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. 



TRANSBUS models introduce 
latest bus design advances 

CHICAGOANS WERE given the opportunity to view 
three models of the bus of the future during the week 
jf May 24-30. The five-foot scale models were dis- 
played at the Civic Center, Museum of Science and 
Industry, and the Merchandise Mart lobby. 

Known as TilANSBUS, the new vehicle will contain 
the first basic changes made in urban transit buses in 
more than 15 years. The scale models were of three 
rRANSBUS designs now being developed by AM Gen- 
eral corporation, CMC Truck & Coach Division, and 
Rohr Industries. 

The program to develop TRANSBUS is being funded 
with a grant of about $25 million by the Urban Mass 
rransportation Administration (UMTA) of the U.S. 
Department of Transportation. In 1971 contracts were 
let to the three corporations to develop their own de- 
signs for a new-generation bus and produce three 
prototypes each. Evaluation tests will be conducted 
Ml all three designs, and UMTA plans to select the 
Dest design in mid-1974. 

The project also includes the manufacture of about 
100 buses of each company's selected design. The 
first few of these buses would undergo additional test- 
ing, some on city streets, resulting in final TRANS- 
BUS design specification approval as early as 1976. 
rransit operators such as CTA would then apply under 
Ihe normal capital grant assistance program for funds 
;o purchase the new buses. 

' The nationwide tour of TRANSBUS models is being 
sponsored by UMTA and the American Transit Asso- 

ciation. The primary objective of the display is to 
give transit users a preview of the engineering ad- 
vancements setting TRANSBUS far apart from any 
mass transit vehicle yet manufactured. From its 
sleek exterior and low profile to its countless pas- 
senger comforts, TRANSBUS is an all-new bus. 
Wider doors and lower steps will enable riders to 
board and leave the bus more quickly. Seating will be 
roomier. Speakers inside and out will enable the op- 
erator to assist passengers with current route and 
stop information. 

TRANSBUS will be safer, too. Its broad tinted 
windows will be resistant to the high impact of thrown 
or falling objects. Bumpers and extra strong body 
construction will minimize damage in traffic acci- 
dents. The design will also incorporate environmen- 
tal advances making TRANSBUS quieter and cleaner, 
inside and out. 

In the picture above. Central District Supervisor 
John Grayer is shown answering questions on the 
TRANSBUS display in the Merchandise Mart. 

?edgwick station reopened on Ravenswood 1' 

iFTER UNDERGOING complete renovation, the Sedg- 
rtck Station on the Ravenswood rapid transit route 
/as reopened for passenger service on Monday, April 
;3. The reopening was approved by Chicago Transit 
5oard on April 20. 

The interior of the station, the stairways, and the 
ilatform area have been newly painted and the exteri- 
■r of the building has been tuckpointed and sand- 
lasted. The cleaning and brightening of the station 
'/as done to determine if a more attractive atmos- 
'here will help to generate increased riding. 

I The station was closed January 13 as an economy move. Financial assistance 
ptaling $18.9 million from the State, County and City made the reopening possible. 

t AY- JUNE, 1973 

September 2 departure arinounced for 1973 CTA group tour 

A GROUP tour being planned for this fall will once 
again afford CTA employees the opportunity to visit a 
distant part of the world at a considerable cost- 

A 22-day tour leaving Chicago on September 2 in- 
cludes scenic and historic stops in England, Hungary, 

Czechoslovakia, Germany, Switzerland and France 
The return flight from Paris will be on September 22 

Active and retired CTA employees who are inter 
ested in obtaining complete details should write t 
Miss Jane Mitchell, CTA, Merchandise Mart-Roor^ 
734, P.O. Box 3555, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

Safety Council 
cites 8 stations 
for improved safetl 

FOR OUTSTANDING safety performance during 1972, eight surface system operating stations were recently pri, 
sented Transportation Awards by the Greater Chicago Safety Council. Shown here with Superintendent of Tram 
portation D. M. Flynn are superintendents who accepted the awards in behalf of operating employees at their r( 
spective stations: from left, Lawndale Station Superintendent J. B. Morris, 52nd Street Station Assistant Supei 
intendent H. P. Braun, 69th Street Station Superintendent G. D. Peyton, Limits Station Assistant Superintende 
L. R. Mueller, Mr. Flynn, Archer Station Superintendent W. J. Moser, Forest Glen Station Superintendent G. \ 
Daubs, Kedzie Station Superintendent M. F. Harrington, and North Avenue Station Assistant Superintendent W. 
Chamberlain. The awards were presented in recognition of reduced accident experience over 1971. 

Appoint four to new posts 

NAMED TO new supervisory positions during the 
months of May and June were four CTA employees in 
two departments. 

Effective May 1, W. C. Roman was appointed su- 
pervisor of accounts payable & material accounting. 
The appointment was made by General Accountant 
H. F. Brown and approved by Comptroller P. J. Kole. 

Appointed to new posts at Transportation Depai 
ment surface operating stations effective June 1 wei 
Beverly Station Superintendent J. E. Will, and Assit 
ant Superintendent F. E. Zeiger. Named as relief s 
perintendent of 52nd Street and Beverly Stations w 
E. R. Swanson. The appointments were made by 
perintendent of Transportation D. M. Flynn and a] 
proved by Operating Manager G. Krambles. 

W. W. McKenna, former CTA board member, dies at 67 

MASS FOR William W. McKenna, 67, a former member of Chicago Transit Board, 
was said on Monday, May 14, at St. Barnabas church on Chicago's South Side. Mr. 
McKenna died Friday, May 11, after an extended illness. 

Appointed in 1945 by the late Mayor Edward J. Kelly as one of the original 
members of the Board, Mr. McKenna served as a member until November, 1971. 
He was an attorney and had served as executive assistant to the Mayor of Chicago, 
secretary to the assistant superintendent of the New York Central railroad, sec- 
retary to the staff attorney of the Public Service company of Northern Illinois, and 
executive assistant to the president of the Chicago Board of Education. 

Survivors include his widow, Pauline; three sons. Dr. William Jr., Robert D., 
and Michael J.: three daughters, Mrs. Elizabeth Simon, Mrs. Mary Lou Gravier, 
and Barbara Jean, and 16 grandchildren. 


aiELER STATION, the last of 
Ive depots to be activated by the 
Id Chicago Motor Coach com- 
any, locked its doors for good on 
larch 24 after 40 years of service. 

The building was originally erect- 
d as a boiler factory in 1923. In 
933, it was purchased by the Motor 
loach and used as the general office, 
verhaul shop and bus garage. CTA ac- 
uired the property, as well as the Rav 
nswood, Rosemont, Wilson and 52nd 
treet Garages, in 1952 when it purchased 
le system. Only 52nd Street remains open 
)day, and it, too, is scheduled to be closed 

Two bus routes requiring a total of 90 
uses were serviced by Keeler Station, 152 
.ddison which has been transferred to North 
'ark and 76 Diversey which has been trans- 
srred to North Avenue. Closing of the station 
5 a move that CTA has wanted to make for many 
ears to reduce operating expenses; until fueling 
icilities were expanded at other stations, how- 
ver, the change could not be made. 

A few of the last-day activities at Keeler Station 
re depicted in the photos reproduced here. Top— a 
roup of Keeler operators chatting just one last time 
efore departing for new stations on the system pick, 
econd row, left— Station Superintendent L. M. Keag and 
lerk Tony Arnieri displaying two of the station's many 
afety awards. Right— Keeler Station Reporter Ernest 
arter gathering news for the station's last Inside News 
slunxn. Bottom— Superintendent Keag locking the door to 
16 station closing out Keeler 's 40 years of service. 

Keeler station closed 

Fanfare marks start of Rt. 64 extension 

HE INAUGURATION of service on an extension of 
le 64 Foster-Lawrence bus route was marked by a 
sremony on May 28 at Lamplighter Towers. The 
eekday route extension began operation Tuesday, 
.ay 29, serving the densely populated area within 
hicago and Norridge bounded by Cumberland, Hig- 
ns. East River Road and Lawrence. 

No regular transit service had previously been 
•ovided to the area which includes such activity cen- 
Ts as the Lamplighter Tower and Catherine Court 
ipartments. International Towers, AU-American 
jailding, O'Hare Plaza and the Marriott Motor Inn. 

I The Foster-Lawrence route operates to and from 
(e Jefferson Park Transit Center and provides local 
trvice to the area from about 6:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. 
kpress service to the area is provided in rush hours, 
derating to and from Jefferson Park via the Ken- 
idy Expressway. 

Breaking a champagne bottle to christen the new 
service are newly-elected 41st Ward Alderman 
Roman Pucinski and Jean Arrigoni of Lamplighter 
Towers. Others pictured are, from left, Hobart 
Radewagen, manager of Lamplighter Towers, State 
Senator Edward T. Scholl and CTA Supervisor of 
Research/Planning Frank J. Misek. 

'AY- JUNE, 1973 

MEDICALLY SPEAKING by Dr. George H. Irwin 

ent upon the selection of the proper personal or 
family doctor— a very important and necessary de- 
cision. And the time to select a physician is now, be- 
fore illness strikes. All persons should have a family 
doctor in whom they have great trust and confidence. 
Regular visits and checkups are helpful. Put your 
doctor's name, address and phone number with other 
credentials in your wallet or pocketbook and next to 
your telephone. 

How to select your personal physician. If you live 
in a small town or city where you have grown up there 
is usually no problem. Your family doctor will be the 
one your parents had and may be the one who brought 
you into this world. However, in this day and age with 
so many families on the move, a new location is pos- 
sible every few years. In that case you should find 
yourself a doctor as soon as possible. Before you 
move, ask your present doctor if he knows anyone in 
your new location. If the recommendation proves 
useful, it will also give you an introduction as you can 
use your former doctor as a reference. Incidentally, 
to save money and needless tests in the future, ask 
your doctor to write a letter describing an effective 
form of treatment for whatever tends to ail you. 

If you are seeking a doctor on your own, discus- 
sions with friends may help. If not, contact the local 
or county medical association. Often you may locate 
a good doctor by calling the community hospital for a 
family doctor. If he is on the staff he has to be well- 
trained and in good medical standing. 

Having selected a physician, the next step is to 
make an appointment for a pre-illness checkup. This 
will give you a chance to become acquainted with the 
doctor and determine whether or not you like him. 
This will also give the doctor information which will 
help him in your future care. Every doctor realizes 
the disadvantage of seeing an unconscious patient in 
the home or hospital without any previous medical 
record. It would be a great help to the doctor if he 
knew in advance whether the patient was, for instance, 
a diabetic on insulin, an epileptic, or heart case on 
certain medications. A complete and mutual under- 
standing between the physician and patient before an 


Published bi-monthly by and for employees of the Chicago 
Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public 
Information Department. 

Robert D. Hemlein, Editor 

Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

C, William Baxa, Director of Public Information 

Distributed free of charge to all active and retired CTA 
employees. Annual subscription price to others, $2.00. 
Address communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, Room 
742, Merchandise Mort Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

emergency arises could make the difference betwee 
life and death. 

A house visit by the doctor may turn out to be help 
ful. For example the cause of a patient's asthma ma 
be noted by a pet animal or the bed of plants c 
flowers in the house to which the patient may be al 
lergic. Furthermore, the illness may be related t 
the husband, wife, their children, in-laws or relatives 
Without a house visit these factors would not be know 
to the doctor. 

Physician-patient relationships in the hospital ar 
very important and frequently misunderstood. Ac 
cording to an article by the Colorado Medical Societ 
bulletin, a lot of "invisible doctoring" goes on in ever 
modern hospital. Good patient care these days doe 
not always equate directly with the amount of time tt 
physician spends at the patient's bedside. Upon enter 
ing and during the hospital stay a tremendous amoui 
of paperwork is necessary. After examination of tb 
patient, orders for the nurses and interns must h 
written. Laboratory tests. X-ray requests necessar 
for proper diagnosis, pre-operative and post-operativ 
orders, and daily progress notes are the responsibil 
ity of the attending doctor. Interpretations and cor 
sultations with the laboratory people and the X-rs 
department take a great deal of time. Study of tl 
patient's chart and recording orders before and aftc 
the doctor visits the patient in his room are neces 
sary. All of this information becomes a part of tl 
patient's hospital medical record and as such it i 
a protection to the patient. It is estimated that foui 
fifths of a doctor's time on any individual hospit; 
case is spent outside the patient's room. 

In conclusion, these general remarks should t 

(1) Don't be afraid to see your doctor. Often p£ 
tients postpone the visit to their doctor because the 
think he may find cancer or some other serious ail 
ment. Often these fears are unfoimded. On the othe 
hand, the earlier the illness is diagnosed, the bette- 
the chance is for a cure. 

(2) Don't expect the doctor to present inflated bill 
or unrealistic disability claims in accident cases. 

(3) Take the medicine the doctor prescribes aii 
also follow his other orders. Don't let it stand on tl 
shelf unused. It if helps you, tell him, and if it doe 
not help he will want to know that also. Try not 1 
withhold any medical information from your doctor. 

(4) Remember, doctors are here to help peopl 
Perhaps the best plan is to have a close relationsh 
with your doctor so you can think of him as a friei 
as well as your doctor. If you don't have confidenc! 
in him you should consider changing physicians. Wil 
your faith and the doctor's efforts, much good can I ' 
accomplished. Without it, the best medical treatmei 
will be valueless. 


Service anniversaries in May 

30 years 

J. G. Bieniek, Forest Glen 
G. DeMatteo, Stores 
J. J. Corcoran, Forest Glen 
P. Geoghegan, South Section 
E. J. Hojnacki, Lawndale 
R. Kershaw, Forest Glen 

W. J. Lakofka, Forest Glen 

J. LeMond, Building & Construction 

B. Pulick, 69th Street 

R. B. Rose, Kedzie 

J. Sabol, Schedule-Traffic 

A. F. Strosser, Forest Glen 

J. F. Wojclk, Forest Glen 

A. R. Zchumensky, Employee Relations 

1 25 years 


McGuire, South Section 

1 ... ,.. — 


L. Mednus, Archer 



W. Mulree, Electrical Distribution 

! L. A. Bates, North Pork 


Noga, Archer 

1 S. Battle, 52nd Street Garage 


F. Petersen, Beverly 

1 J. W. Crusoe, Stores-South Division 


P. Porter, 69th Street 

' P. J. Frank, West Section 


Powers, Schedule-Traffic 

A. Grimaldi, South Shops 


H. Sexton, North Avenue 

• S. Hoffman, North Park 


A. Siclllano, West Section 

i F. B. Jenkins, Special Investigation 


J. Sommer, 77th Street 

1 V. E. Kee, Power Operations 


T. Speer, Limits 

A. E. Lubke, Archer 


Streeter, Limits 

G. T. Mathews, Lawndale 


A. Thurman, Kedzie 

1 S. A. Maturo, Forest Park Maintenance Terminal 


M. Ward, Archer 


45 years 

F. Pavesic, Building Maintenance Division 

35 years 

J. C. Kovarik, Mechanical Maintenance Division 

30 years 

A. Kelley, North Section 

S. LaMorco, Building Maintenance Division 

P. A. Molfese, Lawndale 

N. P. Aleo, Track 

R. T. Nielsen, Archer 

W. C. Bahl, Limits 

J. J. O'Connor, Employment & Placement 

M. T. Barris, 69th Street 

1. S. Schank, Forest Glen 

S. W. Dockus, 52nd Street 

A. M. Selvage, North Section 

D. E. Doyle, West Section 

R. W. Slingerland, Kedzie 

H. V. Forbes, Kedzie 

M. Vitoie, Investigation & Claims 

N. E. Gnodt, North Avenue 

R. W. Workman, Signal Division 

R. M. Helnze, South Section 

E. W. Zlentara, North Park 

25 years 

T. J. Basgall, Forest Glen 
E. Blakely, 52nd Street 

A. R. Habich, 77th Street 

L. Jackson, Instruction-Kedzie 

B. A. Jones, Electrical Distribution 
W. E. Kelley, Beverly 

P. J. Klelty, South Shops 
B. Konlarskl, North Park 

\/IAY-JUNE, 1973 

C. J. Kotara, Low 

J. D. Lasinski, Instruction-Archer 

J. T. Lynch, Transportation-General Office 

A. J. ManonI, West Section 

C. D. Mays, 77th Street 

J. M. Melster, North Park 

P. C. Owens, 77th Street 

J. D. Rlordon, Building Maintenance Division 

L. Rockmore, 52nd Street 

H. Thomas, 52nd Street 


ACCOUNTING (General) - 

On April 27 a luncheon was held in the M&M Club honor- 
ing TOM McGRATH who retired as supervisor of Accounts 
Payable and Material Accounting on May 1 after 31 years of 
service. The number of pensioners, as well as present 
employees attending, was a tremendous tribute to Tom's 
popularity, not only as a supervisor, but also as a co- 
worker and friend. Also present were Tom's wife, ROSE, 
his daughter and son-in-law, CAROL and RICK SWETT, and 
his son, TOM Jr., who flew in from Boston for the occa- 
sion. Among the retirees present were former general 
McCLOWRY, and many more too numerous to mention 
here. A special guest seated at the speaker's table was 
Father TOM of Assumption church who has been closely 
associated with Tom over the years. Tom was presented 
with an AM-FM radio-television combination, a golf cart 
and golf accessories, along with a monetary gift. Tom, may 
you enjoy all your gifts during a long and healthy retire- 
ment... Congratulations are in order for BILL ROMAN who 
is replacing Tom as supervisor of Accounts Payable and 
Material Accounting... LORRAINE BUEHLER, Revenue Ac- 
counting, recently took a disability pension. A wish from 
all your friends at CTA is extended to you for an enjoyable 
retirement and improved health. . . JUNE NOREN recently 
returned from a vacation in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 
where she visited her nephew who is stationed at the Air 
Force academy. She suggested the beautiful chapel as a 
"must see" for anyone visiting that area.. .Congratulations 
to CHUCK DAVIS, General Accounting, who recently earned 
his B.S. degree in accounting from DePaul university... Our 
sympathy is extended to ESTELLE KALECKAS, Revenue 
Accounting, in the death of her husband, and your scribe 
would like to thank all who sent cards, masses, or mone- 
tary gifts at the time of the death of her father. Your kind- 
nesses were sincerely appreciated by the entire family. 

- ^ucOf ^«« 

(Tabulating) - 

MARION SUTHERLAND flew to California to visit with 
her daughter and friends. On the way she stopped in Las 
Vegas where she saw the Elvis Presley show. Nice stop- 
ping, Marion. She also visited Travis Air Force Base 
where she saw some of our POW's returning from Vietnam, 
something which she will always remember. After a boat 
cruise along the southern coastline of California, they 
stopped at Carmel by the Sea for a day, wishing they could 
stay longer... If DAN PROFFITT seems to be a bit "puffed 
up" these days, it's with good reason. His son, PAUL, was 
on the winning four and eight relay teams for Morton West 
High school in the tough Oak Park relays. Paul also ex- 
cels in football and baseball. A June graduate, Paul will 
attend Drake university in the fall on a football scholarship. 
And girls, he is most handsome. A sad note for Dan, was 
the death of his father, AREA PROFFITT. We extend our 
deepest sympathy to Dan and his family ...MARY GRACE 
CASTRO is recuperating at home after an unfortunate auto- 
mobile accident. Hurry back, Mary Grace, you're really 
missed.. .We wish CLARENCE BUTHMAN and his family 

many happy smiles in their new Ford Galaxie 500. Also 
his son, BRAD, is now walking around minus his tonsils... 
Her many friends will be glad to hear that Pensioner MAR- 
IAN BUCKLEY is recuperating at home after eye surgery. 

(Payroll) - 

MAUREEN HOULIHAN had the pleasure of attending the 
Governor's dinner at the Conrad Hilton hotel on March 16. 
She had a wonderful time and was especially proud when 
Governor Walker was presenting his cabinet and introduced 
her father, JOHN J. HOULIHAN, as director of the State 
Veteran's Commission... VICKI LEPEK was all smiles and 
proud as could be to show us a picture of her ninth grand- 
child, TINA MARIE, who weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces on 
March 21. Her parents, CAROL and JOE TOMASZEWSKl, 
are doing well and everyone is happy... YVONNE ZAJAC is 
all excited about driving her beautiful new Pontiac Catalina. 
Lots of luck and happy motoring, Yvonne! .. DORIS and 
FRED YOST and friends enjoyed some time at King's lake 
in Northern Wisconsin. They also joined the Chicago 
fishermen at Montrose harbor for a little smelt fishing... 
We had another pleasant surprise when MARY BLACK- 
MORE announced her marriage to JAMES LYALL on March 
31. A luncheon at the M&M Club was held in her honor on 
April 5 by her co-workers and friends. She was very 
pleased with the rotisserie and steam iron which were pre- 
sented to her. We extend best wishes to Mary and Jim for 
a long and happy life together... JOSEPHINE COLEMAN'S 
daughter, JOYCE, was graduated from the Academy of Our 
Lady on May 22. Commencement exercises were held at 
the Arie Crown Theatre. Joyce will enter St. Norbert's 
college in DePere, Wisconsin, in the fall. 


Operator HERB COBB is mighty proud of his daughter, 
CARMELITA, a sophomore at Academy of Qjr Lady High 
school who made a sculpture of Cub pitcher Fergie Jen- 
kins and presented it to him. The work will be entered ir' 
the Scholastic Art Awards in New York. . . Pensioners! 
NESSY were observed holding up the corner at 111th anc 
Kedzie, talking of the good old days when they separatee 
the men from the boys... We wish a speedy recovery to the 
men on the sick list: Supervisor FRANK McGLYNN. Al 
Operator HARRY LEWIS' wife, who is on the critical list.. 
We express our sympathy to Operator H.AROLD FREl- 
WALD in the loss of his wife; to Operator JOHN KING ii' 
the loss of his sister, and to Pensioner HARRY BERR^ 
who was union steward at 77th for many years. .. BILI 
SHIPLEY of the repair department had his car tuned up foi 
a vacation but didn't know where to go. ..Pensioner ILAl^OLI 
ERICKSON celebrated his birthday in Orhmdo, Florida, b 
going fishing. Harold is quite a handyman and is fixing uj 
his new home. Good luck, Harold, and say hello to all th( 
brothers in sunny Florida. . . We will all miss Operate) 




THIS SMILING little bundle 

of joy is 
month old 

the eight- 
daughter of 
and LOIS 
Maureen's dad 
is a statementman in the 
Claim Department, and her 
mom is the former LOIS 
POTTS who also worked 
for the Claim Department 
before becoming o full-time 
housewife and mother. 

WILLIE TRASK who was shot and killed while working the 
Pullman night bus. . . Pensioner BILL McCONNELL cele- 
brated his 78th birthday with a visit to Beverly Depot. . . 
JEANETTE FORTUNA, the daughter of Mechanic EDWARD 
and SOPHIE FORTUNA, has been named to the "Who's Who" 
of high school students in America. She also won the Illi- 
nois State Scholarship award. Their other daughter, MARY, 
was graduated from Morraine Valley Community college 
this spring. 


June is the big month for pomp and circumstance, and 
we have a few graduates in our department. CARRIE ANN 
.HIGENS, the daughter of Officer JOHN HIGENS, was grad- 
uated from Healy Grammar school and will attend St. 
Barbara's High school in the fall. . . Officer PAUL WAL- 
iLACE was graduated at the end of the spring quarter with 
a bachelor of arts degree in administration and criminal 
justice, and a minor in political science. He graduated 
magna cum laude with high departmental honors from the 
University of Illinois, Circle Campus... Officer BOB NAIF 
graduated at the end of the fall semester with a bachelor of 
arts degree in law enforcement. Let's apply all that good 
knowledge to help the betterment of the Authority... Officer 
iFRANK INGRASSIA recently bought a new home in Hoffman 
Estates, and Officer BILL McKENZIE moved to a new 
domicile in Chicago... A welcome back is extended to JOHN 
ACTON who was off sick with an injured foot. ..JOHN HIG- 
ENS' son, WILLIAM, is a very brave ten year old. He was 
in the hospital for four days after he was pushed into a 
parked car and had to get two fingers operated on. He is 
doing just fine now. . . Officer ED TOKARCZYK's wife, 
JUDITH, was recently operated on and we hope she will be 
well soon. . . Officer JOHN FIRLINGER has been strutting 
iround with his pearly whites showing. The reason being 
Ms son, JEFF, who seems to be winning more medals than 
Mark Spitz for his swimming ability. Congratulations and 
teep up the good work. 

- PiU JO^mt 

■LECTRICAL (General Office) - 

I Congratulations to PHYLLIS RAPPOLD, the daughter of 
jto. and Mrs. WILLIAM RAPPOLD Sr., power supervisor, 
vho has a lot going for her at the tender age of 17. She is 


a member of the National Honor Society, Tau Epsilon and 
the Emblem Club of Morgan Park High school. She also 
won a scholarship and plans to attend the University of Il- 
linois at Urbana in September... TONY ANDREWS, engineer 
assistant III, became a proud father when his wife, CAROL 
ANN, gave birth to a baby girl, CHRISTY LYNN, on March 
25 weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces. Best wishes to the An- 
drews family. ..AL MORE, retired estimator, who under- 
went surgery recently, passed away on April 21. Our deep- 
est sympathy to his family. . . We welcome former signal 
maintainer PERCY ERVES as a signal draftsman I. ..MARIE 
HAVLIK, general clerk I, flew to Denver, Colorado, for a 
spring vacation. She visited Colorado Springs, the Royal 
Gorge and rode the cable cars and did a lot of sightseeing,.. 
HERMAN SMITH, engineer assistant III, and his wife went 
to Hawaii in April. The Smiths celebrated their 25th wed- 
ding anniversary and the trip was a gift from their chil- 
dren. That was really a beautiful present. . . While BILL 
REHDER of Blue Island is on vacation, your scribe has 
taken on the task of reporting his copy. The news from 
Blue Island is that BILL STAUNTON Sr. spent St. Patrick's 
day on the mainland, while his son, JAMES, celebrated the 
day in Hawaii. MARGARET LOUISE, the youngest of Bill's 
seven children, was graduated from grammar school and 
will enter high school in the fall.. .When little CHRISTINE 
LOUISE KORSGREN was born on February 15 weighing 8 
pounds, she became the sixth grandchild for DICK and 
HELEN DORGAN. She was the third granddaughter born 
in four months... When JOE and JANET ZALUD vacationed 
in Florida they visited Disney World, Busch Gardens and 
the Ringling Brothers Circus. They were in New Orleans 
for the Mardi Gras and also visited with their niece and her 
family. ..Pensioner BILL LOOS and his wife, LEONA, also 
enjoyed a winter vacation. They toured Florida at their 
leisure, while ANDY BOURNE and his wife cruised the 
Caribbean. ..We hope that JOE LAMB is recovering rapidly 
from his recent illness... Best wishes for good health and 
happiness to LEONARD DONOFRIO who retired on March 
1. The fourth annual dinner for retirees of Local 134 of 
the CTA is to be held on Friday, June 8, at the Diplomat 
restaurant. The honored guests will be W. CARLSON, B. 
TOAL and L. Donofrio. . . Our sincere condolences to the 
families of Pensioner JOHN DARCY and NORMAN WAL- 
LACE who passed away recently. We also extend our sym- 
pathy to M. COOK, J. ZALUD, R. TAUSCH and H. CORDT 
who lost their mothers recently... JOE PIENTO, power su- 
pervisor, and his wife and family vacationed in Florida. 
They visited Disney World, Busch Gardens and also visited 
with ART HANSEL, retired chief substation operator, at 
Homosassa Springs, Florida. They enjoyed a boat ride 
down the Gulf and had a great time. 

- "Katf "TKcAliitm 

(Rapid Transit Signal Division) - 

When I last heard from GEORGE WAGNER, retired 
blacksmith helper, and his wife, CLARA, they were living 
it up in Hawaii. This trip was a dream come true for 
George. The last obstacle was removed when his wife 
agreed to ride on the airplane. Remembering the fun-filled 
hours he spent in Hawaii during the war, George longed to 
get back there and start where he left off. I wouldn't try it 
if I were you, George. They stayed at the beautiful Kaana- 
pali Beach Resort on the Island of Maui. ..Little KIMBERLY 
ANN, the daughter of JOHN WOULFE, is now home from 
the hospital with only a hint of a scar to show for her 
ordeal. She's walking, climbing and getting into all sorts 

A AY- JUNE, 1973 

of things just like a 14-month old should, for which John 
and TERI are thankful. ..KENNETH KLEICH, signal main- 
tainer, resigned to become a water plant operator for the 
City of Des Plaines. This job is much closer to home he 
said. And besides that, his wife, GERRY, thinks it's ok. 
Best of luck to you and your family, Ken, and please keep 
in touch. ..We extend a big welcome to our new signal 
helpers. They are DONALD GRUDECKI, JOHN G. LONG, 
Congratulations, fellows. .. M. T. NOLTE, retired signal 
foreman, passed away on February 16 after a series of 
minor illnesses. He had been in retirement over nine 
years. Tom began working August 15, 1919, and was a 
signal maintainer until December 1, 1942, at which time he 
became signal foreman. His retirement of May 1, 1963, 
ended over 43 years of employment with the company. . . 
Since I last talked with you, the following signal helpers 
were promoted to journeymen: ROGER COMER, ART 
BEDOE. These men who are now officially classified as 
signal maintainers will find their work a little more inter- 
esting. Congratulations, fellows, I know you can handle it. 
. . PERCY ERVES, signal maintainer, was recently pro- 
moted to draftsman I. He took his place alongside JERRY 
GUTH, another former signal maintainer, who now occupies 
space in the front office... JACK PIPP, who went on dis- 
ability pension, would like very much for some of the fel- 
lows to come around and talk with him sometimes. His 
wife, LEONA, said he's still unable to move about but does 
a bit of reading. When you go by there, fellows, take some 
reading material with you. Thanks a lot. ..Regretfully we 
report the death of THOMAS PATRICK STAUDT, the son of 
Signal Foreman PATRICK STAUDT. To the bereaved fam- 
ily, may you know an imending source of strength in your 
hours of sorrow.. .Signal Maintainer FRANK GUAGENTl re- 
tired and a dinner-party was held in his honor on Friday, 
March 2, in the beautiful Alpine Room of the Zum Deutschen 
Eck restaurant. The guests included Frank's two sons, 
former head of the Signal Department. The food was ex- 
cellent and there was a good turnout of young signalmen. 
He was presented with gifts which included a wallet with 
one full day's pay; his free riding pass was presented by 
PAUL CLEAVER, head of the Electrical Department's 
Signal Division. Our sincere thanks to FRANK HALPER 
who did a good job of putting it all together. Thanks also 
to Big LOU and BIRNEST HICKS for the entertainment. 

- Commie ^OiMruf 

(Chicago Avenue) - 

It is with deep regret that I report the passing of TOM 
NOLTE, the father of CHARLIE NOLTE. Big Tom, who 
served for many years as a signal foreman, passed away on 
February 16. ..On the sick list are CHARLIE SALVATORE, 
Had a card from SAM GAFFEN who is having fun in Cali- 
fornia. ..It was reported to me that April 1973 was the 25th 
wedding anniversary for the BOB HORMELS and the BAR- 
NEY JONESES. ..On April 1 TERRY McANDREWS entered 
two Italian greyhounds in the dog show at the Amphitheater. 
Terry's dogs, Kimbe of Kashan and Jubilee of Kashan, won 
prizes in the toy group, then competed against a field of 
3,490 for best of show. Last year they won two best of 
show prizes. . . CLARENCE MALOTTKE dropped by for a 
visit. I guess the weather down in Florida isn't too good... 
Congratulations to JANET MICHALSKI, the daughter of 


BERNIE MICHALSKI, who received her first communion it 
May. ..Late Flash: As I was writing this article I receivec 
a phone call from JIM BERGEN. His wife, PATRICIA, hac 
just presented to the world JAMES RICHARD weighing in at 
8 pounds 8 ounces and spanning 22 inches. Mother, son and 
father are all doing well. How is that for good luck on Fri- 
day the 13th? 

- 'Sai TtieliM 


We bid adieu to PATRICIA REED of Real Estate who 
transferred to the Specifications Department, and bring out 
the welcome mat for SANDRA KILTZ who took Pat's place. 
We also say hello to JILL MISE who replaced DIANE 
TRAXLER as Mr. MISEK's secretary. Good luck to you 
all... A big thank you from CHARLIE DROZDA tor all the 
get-well cards while he was recuperating from a brokei 
leg. We're glad to see you back... Congratulations to both 
GENISE JONES and MARSHALL lACONO who were grad- 
uated May 27. Genise, the daughter of WILLIAM JONES, 
was graduated from Chapman college, Orange County, Cal- 
ifornia; Marshall, the son of GRACE and FRANK lACONO, 
South Shops carpenter, was graduated from St. Ignatius 
High school. Good luck to you both in your new endeavors.' 
..DARLENE JANSEN, former Transit News reporter, gave 
birth to a 7 pound 8 ounce baby girl named KATHY ANN otf 
April 3. Mother and daughter are both doing fine. Con-) 
gratulations from all of us. ..KATHLEEN BRADY has been.'' 
transferred to Governmental Programs and left her Transit' 
News reporter job vacant. 1 have been elected to take her' 
position as reporter, so be sure to save up all your news 
for later editions. 

(West Shops) - 

Our deepest sympathies are extended to: T. J. QUAL- 
TER and his children in the loss of his wife and their 
mother; to JOSEPH and MARION MILOS in the loss of their 
mother, and to C. J. MAGEROWICZ in the loss of his 
brother-in-law. ..Sorry to hear that DAN BALANDIS, car- 
penter foreman, is on the sick list. Get well soon, Dan...' 
Happy to hear that Mrs. MARSZALEK, the wife of JOEf 
MARSZALEK, is back home after a stay in the hospital/ 
Stay well, Mrs. Marszalek. . . JEAN REDD has celebrated' 
her first year with CTA. Seems like only yesterday, Jean, 
and hope it will be many, many more anniversaries you 
will celebrate with us... Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. 
T. L. WOLGEMUTH on the birth of a son; also to Mr. an* 
Mrs. R. HAMPTON on the birth of a daughter, LARHONDA' 
MICHELLE, weighing in at 7 pounds 8 ounces. I still say^ 


50th wedding anniversary 
on April 29 were FRANK 
Frank worked as on up- 
holsterer at West Shops 
before his retirement Oct- 
ober 1, 1962. Their son, 
superintendent of rapid 
transit maintenance ter- 




babies are beautiful. ..Mr. and Mrs. E. P. WADE celebrated 
jheir 36th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to you 
(Oth, and may you have many, many more happy anniver- 
ariesahead...! wish to apologize to Mr. JAMES SINCLAIR. 
p our last issue 1 listed him as being a steamfitter fore- 
nan. Mr. Sinclair is a retired mason foreman. Sorry 
bout that, Jim... Seems like a lot of us have been and some 
re going on vacations — but no matter — we all seemed to 
ave enjoyed ourselves. Your scribe enjoyed one in Flor- 
la; lovely weather, lots of fish, and even a trip to Disney 
jERSON and A. W. MALMQUIST all were on vacation, 
iope you all had a smashing good time and all are rested 
ad ready to start all over again. 

- "Kai/uf ^aiaii & ^ouiU Salt 


The stork presented Supervisor GEORGE HAND and his 
ife with their first child, a son born March 31 weighing 
pounds 4 ounces named DANIEL CHARLES. Many more 
) follow according to Papa George... Operator BEN GAR- 
,ER and his wife, SHELLEY, greeted 9 pound 6 ounce son 
jO. 1 on March 30. Baby makes three and all is well...Re- 
iirer JIM HALLEN passed away suddenly. Our hearts go 
at to his beloved family. . . Our old friend, Box Puller 
HESTER BACHARA, transferred to North Park Station, 
jour smile will be missed by all of us. Good luck and the 
est to you. ..JIM and DOLORES STEED welcomed little 
AMES on January 13. He is the grandson of Operator 
DSEPH and HELEN GRZELAK. Mrs. Grzelak was a for- 
er ticket agent. . . Big AL ALSTERLUND is now retired 
om Milwaukee avenue. He and the Mrs. have been visiting 
lorida for most of the printer. At least MARTHA is feel- 
g better having Al home with her. Good luck on your 
ptirement — come and see us soon. . . Recently Operator 
|VCK MURPHY and his lovely wife, ANNE, visited Hawaii, 
understand Anne saved her money for a long time to take 
ick on this trip... Operator LES DANDERS and his wife 
■|Ured Europe. He says the wine was out of this world, 
ley also dipped into the Mediterranean Sea. . . Operator 
DM ROAN is back on the job after being off due to a heart 
yndition (which turned out to be love). Anyway, Tom, wel- 
i>me back... Operator ED MERK invites us all to his church 
tjhear him sing in the choir... Operator PLACKO also be- 
feves in a winter vacation. He enjoyed some sunshine in 
Jorida. Of course he got a nice tan... Our white-haired 
lerk, SAM GIRARD, will not use "Color Back. "..The "Gray 
iiost", REINHART, recently came out of the hospital and 
lans to retire June 1. We will miss you, ..Our outstanding 
<5rk, RAGE, spent some time on the West Coast, but the 
Irses weren't up to par. ..Clerk MILLER'S wife still puts 
1/e notes in his lunch.. .Loader JOHN MAHNKE was in the 
Ispital for a short rest. He's now back on the job and 
l;ling fine. ..To Operator WEBSTER who went back to 
i'cher Avenue, we all will miss your pool games. Sorry 
ju left us but do visit once in awhile. ..Welcome to all the 
lin who came over to Forest Glen on the system pick, and 
god luck to the ones who left us... ANDY KOSDSISKI lost his 
tather, STANLEY. All our hearts go out to you, Andy, and 
JJr dear ones. ..CHARLES LATHAM'S daughter, SHERRY, 
ive birth December 9 to a 10 pound 7 ounce baby boy 
rmed SHAWN CHARLES. Could Charlie be a young grand- 
fher ?..If you will take time, please notice our young re- 

MY-JUNE, 1973 


lief superintendent, Mr. BARHAM. This fine gentleman is 
doing a very fine job. The best to you, Mr. Barham..,Our 
retired clerk, LOU TIGNAC, had open-heart surgery and 
from last report is doing quite well. ..Use your credit union 
for saving; it's always there when needed. 


Congratulations are in order for MARY LEDWITH, our 
Irish nurse who received her yellow belt in karate. Keep 
up the good work, Mary. ..Well it seems like spring is here. 
Dr. ARNOLD PECK flew down to New Orleans to spend a 
few days for the Easter season. ..Dr. MOSNY and his wife 
and grandson took a two-week vacation motoring through 
New Orleans, Biloxi and Gulfport. A good time was had by 
all and the weather was wonderful. 

(Insurance) - 

The welcome mat was extended once again to DONALD 
P. LEMM who was appointed assistant superintendent of 
insurance and pensions. Don worked as assistant station 
superintendent on the West Section and previously was in 
the Insurance Department. . . Congratulations to JOHN 
BOYCE who was appointed director of industrial safety and 
fire prevention... Welcomed to the department was MARY 
ANN PRATT, clerk-typist, who was assigned to work in the 
Industrial Safety and Fire Prevention Section... Wishes for a 
speedy recovery were sent to KATHY KOHLMAN who re- 
cently underwent gall bladder surgery. ..We see FRANCES 
CALPIN motoring to work every day in her new 1973 Mus- 
tang. Looks like she gave up riding the CTA, but she will 
be back when gasoline rates go up. Never say "die. "..JOAN 
STAIR left the services of the CTA to take up full-time 
household duties. 

(Personnel) - 

JOANNE FERLITO, receptionist at Limits Station, spent 
a four-day holiday at Las Vegas with her girlfriends, and 
we understand came back broke... A speedy recovery is 
being sent to DONNA SCHWAMB, clerk-typist, after her 
surgery at Resurrection hospital. ..On January 3, ARTHUR 
J. HUBACZ, national zone III commander, Polish Legion of 
American Veterans, represented National Commander 
Richard Gralinski at a plaque presentation on the U.S.S. 
Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. With him 
were his wife, BERNICE, daughter-in-law, KAREN, and his 
son, ARTHUR G. HUBACZ, E/T 3rd Class, who is present- 
ly stationed at the naval communication station in Hawaii. 

(Office Services) - 

MELVIN SCHEINER and his wife were very proud par- 
ents when their son, EDWARD SCHEINER, was promoted to 
Lieutenant JG in the U.S. Navy. Their son received the 
Thomas Jefferson award for editing a cruise book while 
aboard the U.S.S. Coral Sea on a ten-day cruise in Vietnam. 
His son is presently stationed in Hawaii. Congratulations 
to the proud parents and their son... Well, it looks like our 
boy, LENNY SKRINE, got a raise, as he is now sporting a 
1973 Oldsmobile... LARRY SHIELDS, mail clerk, spent six 
beautiful weeks down in sunny Florida. Have you noticed he 
has been wearing a bright sunburst colored tie with a royal 
blue shirt to show the folks the beautiful tan he inherited?.. 
Sympathy is extended to SIDNEY JACOBSON, mail clerk, 
in the passing of his mother. ..JOHN PHILLIPS of the mail 
room recently became a proud uncle when his niece, SHAR- 









P. Aguirre Jr. 

S. Andrews 

S. Andrews 

F. J. Barley 

F. J. Bailey 

C. J. Bennett 

G. Christens 


Forest Glen 

Forest Glen 

77 th Street 

77th Street 

Storeroom 30 









R. Desvignes 

R. Dorgan 

P. Fallest 

B. M. Flenaugh 

E. Fortuna 

S. Foster 

S. Grazian 

South Section 


South Shops 

North Avenue 

Beverly Garage 

Limits Garage 

North Aveni 








J. McNamaia 

W. Weber 

W. Moore Sr. 

R. Morrow 

J. Murray 

P. Nally 

J. Negro 

South Shops 

South Shops 

District B 

77th Street 

South Shops 

South Shops 

South Shop 








F. Ritrovato 

J. Roche 

W. Simmons 

F. Simmons 

M. Smith 

Dr. G. Slier 

W. StaunK 

Archer Garage 

Utility & Emergency Service 

North Avenue 

South Shops 












J. Coleman 

E. Corker 

T. Curry 

T. Curry 

R. Daugherty 

L. Davis 


South Shops 

South Shops 

South Shops 


77th Street 

R. Heffernan 

H. Helfcrt 
South Shops 


M. Hendnckson 

Skokie Shop 

J. Higens 


E. Hobson 

North Avenue 


T. Hogan 

Operations Control 







L. Howe 

L. Howe 

L. Howe 

G. lacono 

F. King 

E. Krumprey 






South Shops 






M. LaVelle 

J. Lazzara 

D. Maiden 

E. Majkszak 

W. Mann 

Howard Street 

General Accounting 

South Shops 

Skokie Shop 

South Section 



P. Nolan 

L. Poe 

South Section 

South Shops 


C. Post 

South Shops 

S. Pszczola 
South Shops 

W. Rappold 

J. Redmond 
Skokie Shop 


W. Odoms 

West Section 

MAY- JUNE, 1973 

J. Vodvarka 


G. Weathers 


I. Wieczorek 
West Section 

E. Willis 
77th Street 

G. Woods 


ON RICH, took her marriage vows on January 13 at St. 
Petronille Catholic church in Glen EUyn. 

(Reproduction Services) - 

MARY NASTI, dictaphone typist, and her husband flew to 
Italy to spend a few weeks meeting and getting acquainted 
with her new in-laws. Hope everything was alright. 

(Public Information) - 

INGRID JANKOWSKI traveled with her husband, PAUL, 
on his smelt fishing jaunts to the lakefront and caught their 
fair share of the little fish. ..It was a happy Friday the 13th 
when PATRICIA (Mrs. JIM) BERGEN, a former employee, 
gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, JAMES RICHARD, 
weighing 8 poimds. 

-}uui T><VUH & S'ift^ "HtwuuUm 


The Illinois Credit Union League held its 43rd conven- 
tion in Chicago at the Conrad Hilton hotel. TED HEFFER- 
NAN, president of the Illinois League for the past two 
years, was presented a wristwatch as a token of apprecia- 
tion. Ted is the treasurer and manager of the Kedzie credit 
union.. .FRANK SKRZENSKI now lives in Carol Stream, Il- 
linois, just one of those happy suburbanites... It was like a 
reunion in the repair department when LESTER SIMPSON, 
JOHNNY NORTON and JOE PORCELIUS stopped in to say 
hello to all at Kedzie. It was sure good to see all of you... 
Operator ROBERT LEGG, formerly of Kedzie and now at 
North Avenue, wants to know why Box Puller TOM MUR- 
PHY bought a new hat since he says he is going on pension. 
..Operator PETE MAISO's wife, WANDA, is In the hospital. 
I hope you're home by the time this issue comes out. ..Op- 
erator J. RICHARDSON'S wife is home from the hospital 
after a series of tests. Also home from the hospital is 
Operator ED BARRY'S wife, MARGE. Janitor RAY JAB- 
LECKI is back to work after an operation. He looks good 
and is doing fine. Janitor ED BREAST is home from the 
hospital resting. I wish all on the sick list and in the hos- 
pital a speedy recovery. ..Mrs. ALICE KATHRYN HENDER- 
SON, the sister of Operator B. COLLIER, was laid to rest 
on March 10 in Bowling Green, Kentucky; Pensioner WIL- 
LIAM WEBER passed away on March 21, and JEAN LOM- 
BARDO, the wife of TONY LOMBARDO of the Archer Re- 
pair Department and a close friend of your reporter, was 
laid to rest on April 3. Our deepest sympathy is extended 
to their families... Don't forget Division 241's golf tourna- 
ment on July 6 at St. Andrew's golf course. WILLIAM 
(Bill)LARSEN is chairman.. .Don't forget your credit union, 
save a little each payday. 

"RaifmoHti (^loAotM 


Surprise! Yes 'tis your ole scribe again. I've been 
given the opportunity to indulge in a few last nostalgic 
moments. The feeling 1 have, penning this last Keeler 
column, is reminiscent of my high school graduation emo- 
tions. The old gang is separating, each to go his different 
way, some of us never to meet again. But we did have fun 
and unforgettable days together ! ..There will never bean- 
other fountain of knowledge on all subjects like ALLEN 
JACKSON, nor a family that could provide news for an 
entire month like the WHITEY SZYMELLS...Then there was 


"Mr. Smooth Operator", WILLIE McGANN. the hipster, 
"Ole Satch", and downstairs we'll never forget LOU and his 
American Legion affairs. .. Who can remember seeing a 
frown on the face of L. BANKS, or a smile on BABER's ? 
We really can't forget the hardest working street super- 
visor, AL OCHWAT, who still owes me some time! Where 
else will we find another scoutmaster, part-time police- 
man, and an all-around good guy like JARECKI?..No sta- 
tion can boast a succession of such real good bosses like 
KEAG! When the going got tough, we could always depend 
on a much-needed charter from Chief Clerk ELMER RIE- 
DEL...SY GOLDMAN and ZIELKE were the best Christmas 
tree decorators — especially Sy with his Kosher touch!. .I'll 
never forget J. J. JOHNSON, the quiet one, FREDDIE 
HOLDEN, a true bible scholar, and DON SEGAR or his 
brother, ANDY. ..There are so many names I wish space 
would permit me to remember here, but all you "Keeler- 
ites" rest assured I haven't forgotten a single one of you... 
And now, If I can insert the regular news: Foreman CHAR- 
LEY CLINE was fortunate to finish out his last days here, 
retiring April 1. .. Material Handler TONY BLAZEVICH 
opened the birthday package with his wife, CINDY, curtsy- 
ing prettily April 15. TONY Jr. bowed handsomely June 9, 
and dad stumbled up the rear June 10. ..Clerk DUANE KU- 
CHENNY actually remembered his wife, MARIANNE'S, 
birthday was March 9. . . NAOMIE ELLIS really tries to 
please our serviceman, WILLIE, because she presented 
him with little LEMANS ELLIS March 19. He's just the 
sweetest little tax exemption. . . Earlier I mentioned good 
scoop, WHITEY. Well, here goes again! The missus, 
HELEN SZYMELL and daughter-in-law, BARBARA, are 
both on the recuperating list. Son-Ln-law, RALPH ANTON, 
one of Chicago's finest, birthdayed March 8 and grandson, 
RALPHIE ANTON, celebrated his 12th on March 26. Last 
but by no means least, Whitey celebrated 30 years with the 
CTA April 21, 22 of which were spent at Keeler... Would 
you believe that your old scribe and his VIRGIL saw 35 
years of togetherness April 27? And they said it wouldn't 
last! . . Did you know that ANDY SEGAR never worked 
another station till now? Fox is no longer number one!.. 
After arriving at Kedzie and seeing so many of my past 
students, boy do I feel old! Say, fellows, do you think we 
can have a class reunion in about ten years?. .This column 

GOOD THINGS happened (as you can see by the containers in 
their hands) when CTA pensioners gathered to talk over the good 
old days at the home of BOB CHRISTIAN in Sun City, Arizona. 
Pictured left to right are: RAY REIGHARD, GEORGE MAY, 
Bob, JOHN JACOBY and EARL PETERSON. Kneeling is 




was co-written by my helpmate, VIRGIL, who said, "Actu- 
I ally, I really only tried to correct some of his mistakes 

this time, as I have been doing for 35 years! I really en- 
I joyed meeting all of the grand guys of Keeler and hoped 
I until the last minute that the station would never close. I'll 

just have to return to reading JIM MARSHALL'S column. 

His was second to my husband's, I thought. Anyway, the 

best of luck to all the guys and a word of advice — A very 

wise man once said, 'If your wife really wants to learn to 

drive, please don't stand in her way'." 

- ZiMOt 6. daiUci 


Hello there again fellows. As I am writing this the 
warmer weather is beginning to pamper us a little more 
each day. March was a very good month at Lawndale. We 
managed to break our pars again, and the Lawndale Credit 
Union showed its appreciation by treating us to coffee and 
rolls on April 5. We thank the credit union for its kind 
gesture. The Instruction Department at Lawndale also 
thanks each and every individual who took part in striving 
for that goal. Let's keep up the good work, men.. .We re- 
cently received a postcard from Pensioner CLIFFORD 
LUNDIN and his wife who are now residing in Phoenix, 
Arizona. Always nice to hear from you Cliff, you'll be 
hearing from us very soon. ..Our heartiest best wishes go 
out to Pensioner ALBERT CALABRESE who retired on 
iApril 1. Drop by and see us sometime, A1...0n March 31 
the Lawndale Credit Union held its annual meeting at the 
Lorraine Ballroom, 2801 South Hamlin. There were so 
many present that I'm unable to mention everyone, but we 
saw many of our active as well as retired personnel. Ev- 
eryone enjoyed himself because it provided us with time to 
reminisce, and that can really be an experience in itself. 
On that same afternoon I met a friend of mine whom I've 
oad the pleasure of working with for the past four years, 
former reporter of Keeler Station, ERNEST C. CARTER. 
We'll all remember those gassing Keeler articles that 
we've been chuckling over through the years. Well, the 
Duke is now at Kedzie Station where they already have a 
reporter, but had he known that Archer Depot needed a re- 
oorter, he might have gone there on the system pick. So 
wherever you are, good luck.. .Our deepest sympathy is ex- 
:ended to Superintendent JACK MOflRIS in the recent pas- 
sing of his wife, DOROTHY. Condolences are also extended 
o Operator CLARENCE SPEIGHTS in the passing of his 
grandmother. . . Personnel still off sick as of this writing 
:.IE SANDRICK and CHARLIE WAIR. . . We welcome back 
COU KAZDA and VINCE PATELLARE. It's good to see 
:'ensioner GEORGE MILLER up and around again. . . Pen- 
lioner JESSE CINKUS is still under the weather. .. Mrs. 
lOSE WISS, the wife of Pensioner ED WISS, recently won 
^100 from National Foods' Fun at the Races. Congratula- 
ionsL.We extend our sincerest condolences to the family 
<i Operator WILLIE TRASK who met with a fatal accident 
n.^ril 15.. .We recently saw MICHAEL SHELTON, the son 
f Repairman MELFORD SHELTON, displaying his artwork 
n Chicago's Channel 26. ..We welcome at this writing all of 
le personnel who have transferred to Lawndale from other 
tations during the recent system pick. We hope that 
ou'U enjoy your stay here. There are also quite a lot of 
jew faces in the repair department, and we welcome you 
ilso...For those of you who are celebrating birthdays, an- 
^versaries, or any other special occasions — we wish you 


^^K^t •o'^Z^^^I 


^Hk^' '^l^^l 




gv ^ ^ 


V ■ 

w ^'■ 



W di 


/ ^B 


y. -^ 


gl^' JjiMH| 



golden wedding anniver- 
sary on Moy 6 were 
KAREL. A (ornier motor- 
man out of Lawndale 
Depot, Joe retired in 
April 1962 offer more than 
38 yeors of service. Their 
son, JOE, is a stotisticion 
in the Schedule-Traffic 

the very best... Drop your news articles in the News Box 
near the clerk's window, for everyones participation is ap- 
preciated.. .We'll see you next time around. 


Hello guys. It looks like we're going to have a long, hot 
summer this year, but coming from reliable sources it will 
be kind of cool on the new buses we're getting this year... 
Well, on to the news. ..First of all I would like to personally 
congratulate Operator JOHN CRADICK on his honesty and 
the reward he got for being that way. All the newspapers 
wrote about him so there isn't much more I can say other 
than I'm glad he works out of my station. Hey, John, don't 
spend it all in one place. ..Our sincere condolences to Op- 
erator BAHL in the loss of his mother. ..Congratulations to 
our very fine board member, R. GOLDMAN, on the birth of 
his grandchild, TRACY; also to Repairman FRANK GUAR- 
DERAS on the birth of little CHRISTINE... Happy retirement 
to Operator RETVEN...Well, they finally closed Keeler, and 
they did it by having a closing-out party. The funds for the 
party were collected by raffling off a TV set to the men at 
the station. . . Once again we welcome a very fine super- 
intendent, Mr. KEAG. . . The Limits Credit Union board 
members had their annual dinner at the Club Martinique. 
Honored guests were: Mr. and Mrs. L. KEAG; Mr. and 
Mrs. L. MULLER, and Mr. and Mrs. flAGE. A good time 
was had by all. ..Hey guys — we have another forget-me-not 
in our midst. This flower of wit played a joke on himself — 
he came down on his company anniversary, March 7, at — 
get this — 4:30 A.M. What a time to find out you don't have 
to work, huh, DAVID BUTLER?. .A speedy recovery is sent 
to Operator MARR who is hospitalized at this writing... Sor- 
ry to hear the bad news about Operators LeDREE and 
SEREDA. They both were victims of acts of vandalism. 
Both are doing fine now, but let's all take notice and watch 
ourselves on the street. . . If there is any news of fishing 
trips or vacations of interest, please let me know. I'll be 
glad to put it in the Transit News. 


Since we didn't make the last issue, our greetings and 
condolences are belated but nevertheless sincere. ..Birthday 

^ AY- JUNE, 1973 



JOINING THE ranks of 
the retired during May 
ond June were the three 
employees pictured here 
who hod 40 or more 
years of transit service 
each with CTA and its 
predecessor corrponies. 


46 Years 

44 Yeors 


77th Street, Emp. 7-17-37 
JOHN T. BERQUIST, Motorman, 

North Section, Emp. 10-22-56 

77th Street, Emp. 8-17-37 
FRANK J. BUGLIO, Bus Serviceman, 

North Park, Emp. 10-1-47 
JOHN A. BURNS, Representative, 

Community Relations, Emp. 6-17-27 

North Avenue, Emp. 3-27-29 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 2-22-42 
WILLIAM COOK, Conductor, 

North Section, Emp. 1-20-42 
DANIEL E. COUGHLIN, Supervisor, 

District B, Emp. 12-10-40 
JOHN S. DANEK, Conductor, 

South Section, Emp. 9-6-45 
ALBERTA M. DAVIS, Ticket Agent, 

South Section, Emp. 5-21-69 

Forest Park, Emp. 10-19-56 
JOHN A. DePAULA, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 9-5-46 
ANTHONY J. DeVAUX, Mechanic, 

South Shops, Emp. 5-8-47 
GEORGE E. EVANS, Superintendent, 

Beverly, Emp. 8-14-41 
SAM S. FIORITO, Carpenter A, 

South Shops, Emp. 5-10-45 
LEO J. FORD, Conductor, 

West Section, Emp. 7-25-45 

North Park, Emp. 4-24-43 

Building, Emp. 4-3-28 
MATTHEW V. HEAVEY, Bus Repairer, 

North Park, Emp. 3-28-41 
ASTRID V. HEDBERG, Assistant Secretary, 

Transit Board, Emp. 12-15-36 
DAVID T. HENNINGSEN, Transit Technician V, 

Engineering, Emp. 4-5-45 

69th Street, Emp. 12-2-46 
HALVARD O. JOHNSON, Painter Helper, 

South Shops, Emp. 1-27-42 
RAYMOND W. JOHNSTON, Car Serviceman, 

Wilson, Emp. 12-29-49 
LEON J. KAJPUST, Electrical Worker, 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 7-21-26 
FRANK T. KARL, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 4-14-43 
JACK LAPIDUS, Supervisor, 

District D, Emp. 1-12-42 
DANIEL J. LEMERY, Bus Repairer, 

69th Street, Emp. 9-5-47 

Kedzie, Emp. 5-26-34 

MALCOLM C. LYONS, Supervisor, 

Central District, Emp. 1-13-36 
DAVID E. McGOWAN, Box Puller, 

69th Street, Emp. 5-24-41 
THOMAS F. McGRATH, Supervisor, 

Accounting, Emp. 12-1-41 
JOHN A. MOHAWK, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 8-12-41 
JOHN F. NOLAN, Janitor, 

Limits, Emp. 11-12-41 

Campaign Area, Emp. 9-7-25 
CHARLES W. PETERSEN, Steamfitter, 

Engineering, Emp. 8-22-46 

Forest Glen, Emp. 12-2-42 

North Avenue, Emp. 8-11-41 

Beverly, Emp. 4-30-42 

West Section, Emp. 1-21-56 
JOHN S. SPOO, Supervisor, 

District B, Emp. 9-29-36 
MICHAEL SULLIVAN, Bus Serviceman, 

North Avenue, Emp. 7-17-47 

Kedzie, Emp. 8-16-51 
JOHN E. THOMPSON, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 6-30-37 
HAROLD W. VonLAVEN, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 9-8-36 

North Section, Emp. 4-24-46 

North Avenue, Emp. 9-1-37 


HENRY BARBEE, Trackman I, k 

Engineering, Emp. 8-25-48 
JOSEPH BEDNARK, Electrical Worker, 

Building, Emp. 9-21-36 

South Shops, Emp. 5-12-47 
OARY ELLIOTT, Bus & Truck Mechanic, 

South Shops, Emp. 11-20-50 
WILLIAM R. MOONEY, Conductor, 

North Section, Emp. 1-27-49 | 

GEORGE PAPPAS, Operator, | 

Kedzie, Emp. 1-3-44 

Beverly, Emp. 1-9-46 
TILMAN SHAW, Operator, i 

Lawndale, Emp. 9-24-53 I 

MICHAEL L. WHITE, Lineman Helper, 

Electrical, Emp. 8-27-45 




wishes to Foot Collector ARTHUR SCOTT, and Agents 
tions to Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM PFEIFFER on their second 
wedding anniversary. May 8. ..Your co-reporter, M. WIX- 
TED, enjoyed her ninth company anniversary on April 11 by 
having dinner and attending a play with her four daughters. 
. . MONICA LAMPKE celebrated her tenth company anni- 
versary on April 20. Since it fell on Good Friday, she 
started the day at church. Monica also had a pleasant 
March vacation in Florida with her sister and family. She 
is now marking off the calendar in anticipation of a return 
trip next year. ..Our sympathy is extended to SAM STIPATI 
and his family in the loss of TONI STIPATI, South Section 
agent, who passed away February 23. Also to the families 
of Clerk E. ADAMS, Pensioner P. NAUGHTON, Janitor J. 
BARRETT and Chief Clerk JOHN CAROLAN in the loss of 
his wife, IRENE. May they rest in peace. ..Get well wishes 
to W. STRASSER who is on the sick list at this writing. 
Please hurry and get well and stay healthy... We hear that 
Foot Collector VERN NORSTROM is recuperating nicely 
from recent surgery. It should be interesting to have Vern 
tell us all about the operation so we can compare notes. 
Hurry back... Everyone had a marvelous time at the retire- 
ment party held for ADAM WAAS and his wife, FLORENCE. 
The party was given by his daughter, DIANE, at DiLeos 
Banquet hall. Adam and Florence have asked us to thank 
everyone for their gifts and attendance. . . We understand 
ELEANOR HASBROUCK hated to end her vacation in the 
Virgin Islands this year... BETTY RUSSO is now enjoying 
a restful vacation at home. .. DOROTHY ADLER resigned 
from CTA on March 16. Several of us enjoyed a pleasant 
evening with her at the Metropolitan "L" Credit Union 
dinner at Nielsen's restaurant on March 17. Dorothy is 
now living in Clearwater, Florida. We had a card from 
her and she asks to be remembered to all her friends. 
Dorothy's mother is recovering from a stroke and respond- 
ing well to therapy. We hope she will soon be well enough 
to join Dorothy in Clearwater. ..BOBBY DUBOSE is hap- 
pily settled in her new apartment, but says no more moving 
for her. Bobby and her husband have been working so hard 
painting and furnishing the new home, but the end result 
was well worth the effort... HATTIE ROHR was a vision of 
loveliness in her new blue gown at the wedding of her son, 
WAYNE, to SHEILA DERET, at St. John Birchman church. 
A reception was held afterwards at Robert Allen Regency 
Inn where 200 guests attended... Good luck to BETTY SE- 
GERSON who retired on April 1. All your friends will 
really miss you. . . Congratulations to Janitor DOMINICK 
CASALINO who just completed 25 years of service with 
CTA. .. ROSEMARY ROBERSON has a special glow these 
days. The reason? Her son is in town visiting her from 
California... MORA HAASE is as happy as a lark these days. 
Her 1969 Chevy is back in running order and she is having 
a ball driving. If you are in the area of Circle and Lake, 
please drive defensively, that's where Mora parks. Just 
kidding. Mora... In closing: one and all, send us some news. 
We need your help to put forth a newsworthy column. We 
are counting on your cooperation. In the meantime, keep 

- TftUiOia VotfU & THtntf TOitted 


Hope everyone is satisfied with their new stations. It's 
hard to please all of the people, but we try. Your co- 
reporter, GRACE MOUNTS, will be working midnights, and 
KATY will still be in the assignment office. Let's hear 


about those vacations.. .HUGH HEGAflTY was in the hos- 
pital in March for surgery. He is now back at work and 
doing fine. Hugh would like to thank everyone for all the 
cards, calls and visits he received.. .FRED FRIEB was with 
CTA for 27 years on March 11; BETTY RUSSO follows 
with 26 years on March 13, and DOROTHY FORD celebrat- 
ed her 19th year with CTA. Congratulations to all of you... 
MARY WIXTED was off for two weeks with walking pneu- 
monia but is back to work now and feeling better. ..SONNY 
and EILEEN CARMODY are the proud owners of a new 
Chevrolet Caprice. They're riding around in real class 
now. ..DOROTHY ADLER has resigned and moved to Florida 
where she is now employed by the phone company. We all 
wish her the best of luck in her new venture. . .SHEILA 
MURPHY vacationed in Florida for a week and came back 
rested and ready for work.. .BETTY RUSSO spent her two 
week's vacation at home. I wish I had taken my vacation at 
this time of year, but when you have five weeks coming it's 
easy to carry two over into the next year. I had two weeks 
last year but will get three weeks this year, and would you 
believe — nothing planned... Superintendent JOHN FLYNN has 
returned from a three-week vacation in California. He had 
a great time just taking it easy and was eager to get back 
into the swing(?)... Superintendent JIM ROBERTS just re- 
turned from a two-week vacation in Hawaii with a beautiful 
tan. . . Superintendent BOB ROESING spent a week in Hot 
Springs, Arkansas... Our superintendents are being moved 
around again. TOM BOYLE has been assigned to the Mart 
as management training coordinator; JIM WALSH came to 
us from the South Section as superintendent at Forest Park; 
DON LEMM was appointed assistant superintendent of In- 
surance and Pension Department; ED MITCHELL was 
transferred South as assistant station superintendent; KEN 
BROWN was appointed relief superintendent of the West 
Section, and BOB JANZ replaced Ken as senior station in- 
structor. Congratulations to all of you and good luck in 
your new positions.. .BETTY SEGERSON took her pension 
April 1. We all wish her a long and happy retirement... 
HAYWOOD OWENS has been on the sick book for awhile. 
We all wish him good health and hope he returns soon... 
Former assignment agent JEAN WASHBURN has been sick 
for some time. We hope to see her back on her feet and 
feeling fine soon. . . Congratulations to former assignment 
now regular clerks. BARB COLWELL was appointed to 
take Karen's place, and CYNTHIA FLORENCE was appoint- 
ed to replace Luddie. . . We extend a big welcome to the 
newly qualified assignment agents: BARB REEVES, DO- 
and H. ISACK.. .Agent IRWIN WIECZOREK has a lot to be 

was ordained on May 12 at 
the Cathedral of St. Mary 
in Miami, Florida, and said 
his first moss on May 20 
at St. Senedict's church 
in Chicago. He is the son 
of Pensioner CLEMENS 
mer electrical worker at 
Skokie Shop. 

MAY-JUNE, 1973 


proud of. On May 21 he celebrated his seventh year with 
CTA, on May 25 it was his 33rd wedding anniversary, and 
on May 27 his daughter, THERESA, was graduated with 
honors from St. Stanislaw Kostka High school and wore the 
gold ribbon of honor at the ceremonies. Irwin was very 
proud of her. ..Janitor CARDINE SMITH performed an act 
of heroism on February 25 when he caught a purse snatch- 
er at Kedzie-Congress and held him until the police ar- 
rived. Congratulations, CardLne...JlJNE BAREKMAN, the 
vamp of Van Buren, gave her partner, JOHN DALY, a card 
and a box of candy for Valentine's day. This will be in- 
teresting to watch — what happens when a Swede meets an 
Irishman.. .Well, the Transit News Staff has done it again — 
they goofed. ADAM WAAS' retirement party was strictly 
a "family affair", whereas we inadvertently stated that your 
CO- reporter, GRACE MOUNTS, took part in planning the 
party. Sorry Grace, we hope this has exonerated you! 


Congratulations to our Couresty Caravan Club members: 
E. NEAL, R. HAflRIS, and E. AGUAYO. Let's all get busy 
with a good deed each day and put North Avenue Depot at 
the top of the list... The North Avenue basketball team took 
first place this year and the members hope to keep us on 
top in the future. They are Coach WADE SIMMONS, Cap- 
WILLIE BAKER, and LOUIS GARNER. Great work, boys!.. 
Pensioner RUDIE KANNEWURF writes that he is enjoying 
life in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When he retired, he 
and his wife enjoyed a trip to Hawaii and would like to visit 
there again someday. They lived in Roswell, New Mexico, 
for awhile but it was too dry and hot for them. Pensioner 
GEORGE HAAK finds life great in the Florida Keys, but he 
neglected to send us his address. From Mountain Home, 
Arkansas, Pensioner LARS PEARSON and his better half , 
ANNA, write that they vacationed in Florida. A fishing trip 
on the Gulf of Mexico yielded no fish because of the strong 
winds. They had a visit from Pensioner W. HALLFORD 
and his wife, and they all spent some time with Pensioner 
GEORGE ROHRHUBER and his Mrs. Neither George nor 
his wife were very well for awhile but we hope both are 
back in the pink by now. In Florida Lars and Anna stayed 
with Pensioner PAUL DAVIS and his spouse and they had a 
nice visit with Pensioners R. O'BRIEN and ELMER TET- 
CHOW. Pensioner FLORIAN DWIEL and his Mrs., EVA, 
are in Florida deciding whether they want to make their 
permanent home there or live back here. . . Repairman 
HENRY JARECKI joined the ranks of pensioners April 1. 
We wish him the best. Keep in touch, Henry. ..Chief Clerk 
WILLIAM PINASCO and his wife are terrific on the dance 
floor. Bill skips some of his fishing trips to attend square 
dance festivals arranged by groups all over the United 
States. Maybe now I'll have a chance when Bill isn't catch- 
ing all the fish from the lakes... Superintendent LES KEAG 
is now at Limits Depot after being superintendent at Keeler 
which has now been closed. The red carpet was rolled out 
to welcome him back... We hope all of you have a safe and 
happy Fourth of July. 

A great big HELLO to everyone! Here we are again, 
just as we told you we would be, every other month. Fel- 


lows, don't forget to pick up your copy of Transit News at 
the station when it comes out. The only ones who still get 
it by mail are the pensioners. ..Speaking of pensioners, I'd 
be more than happy to hear from any of you, and you can be 
sure that your names will be mentioned in North Avenue's 
column... Maybe some of you old-timers can help me out. 
I'm looking for a picture of "Cook County #1", the old green 
streetcar that used to haul the inmates from the County 
hospital out to Dunning and Elgin State. Also, old CSL or 
West Town transfers. ..By this time all of you who trans- 
ferred to North Avenue from other stations should be pret- 
ty well settled. We've seen a lot of our old buddies from 
Keeler and Forest Glen roaming around the driver's room. 
We wish you all a lot of luck and never mind asking, "When 
is the next system pick. "..On the last clerk's pick I lost a 
mighty good partner when AL (Elkhorn) ROHDE decided he 
wanted to see how the other half lived and picked the token 
job. Come back, Al, all is forgiven. In his place I've got 
BOB ARENDT (who took up cigar smoking two weeks before 
he came; what a pity), and BENNIE (Please) MAZALEWSKI 
for his relief. . . The last two trolley buses to operate on 
Chicago streets were chartered by the Omnibus Society to 
make an eight-hour trip under existing wire on Sunday, 
April 1. Operators SPAKOWSKI and ZIELINSKI had the 
honor of pUoting about 100 transit buffs throughout the city. 
In spite of the inclement weather, everyone had a ball. 
They also proved the statement that "it takes two hands to 
handle a whopper." Since Ray Zielinski pulled into North 
Avenue behind Spakowski, he has the honor of having op- 
erated Chicago's VERY LAST trolley bus. The end of an 
era. ..With the closing of Keeler Station, this magazine lost 
the column written by Operator E. CARTER. I want to say 
that you did a great job while it lasted. I only wish you had 
picked here instead of Kedzie, I could really use you. ..An- 
other fatality was the column "Keeler Klusters", written by 
SY GOLDMAN for In Transit. Yours truly had the pleasure 
of originating that column and the name for the old UnioD 
Leader on July 15, 1955. After more than 17 years we 
sure hate to see it go, it's just like losing an old friend... 
Our deepest sympathy is extended to Clerk JACK HESTER 
in the loss of his father, who was a streetcar man from 
way back. Also to Lawndale Station Superintendent JACK 
MORRIS in the loss of his wife... By the time you read this, 
Supervisors CLEMENTE, FAY and I should be quite busy 
comparing the incisions we have from open heart surgery. 
..After a stay in Jackson Park hospital. Relief Sanitary 
Engineer BILL OLIVER should again be with his two best 
friends, Assistant Station Superintendent WARD CHAM-' 
BERLAIN and me. ..Has anybody ever figured out why Re- 
lief Superintendent J. McEVILLY is off every St. Patrick's 
day ? That shouldn't be too hard, it happens to be his 
birthday. ..To all of you who are celebrating birthdays or 
anniversaries in the coming months, we extend our most 
sincere best wishes for many, many more. . . Last May 
while Clerks E. WITEK, T. HICKEY, B. ARENDT and my- 
self were all on vacation, who stayed and watched the store 
during our absence?. .The Scandia House is a great place to 
run into such people as Instructor JOHN CRAIG and Re- 
tired Operator BILL LOUBSKY, who really looks great and 
is certainly enjoying his well-earned retirement... A recent 
station visitor was Retired Supervisor CONNIE (Smiling) 
O'SHEA. He really looks like a million... Instructor WEIE 
is doing a great job here at North Avenue, and Instructor 
HOEPPNER has been making quite a few surprise visits 
recently.. .A few lines to congratulate my own pride and joy, 
my daughter, Mrs. TOMI GRIESENAUER, who recentlj 
passed her Illinois State Board exam. This makes her a 



full-fledged R.N. at Swedish Covenant hospital. If you're 
ever there, look her up on three south. Tell her 1 sent you. 
Also best wishes to Tomi and hubby, BILL, in their new 
four-bedroom, seven-room house. Wow, thatsa' house! 
..Three last-minute communiques will tend to end this 
column on a rather somber note. Our vacation relief clerk, 
HANK ZYCH, was involved in a serious automobile accident 
that landed him in St. Mary's hospital. (Hank, that's NOT 
Swedish Covenant.)... Our most sincere condolences are ex- 
tended to the family of Retired Instructor ED WEHMEYER 
who passed away April 14. Also to the family of former 
North Avenue Operator WILLIE TRASK, who was fatally 
injured while operating a night bus on Chicago's Far South 
Side. ..See you all purty soon. 


' We welcome back Agents M. GRAFFELO and C. STEV- 
ENSON who have been on maternity leave... We wish a 
speedy recovery to Agent ED PORTER who underwent eye 
surgery on both eyes. Agent SHIRLEY KNIGHT is home 
after having been in the hospital for surgery, as is Agent 
MINNA KING, who was in the hospital with pneumonia. We 
send our well wishes to Agent LOLA DuCREE, who has 
been off work because of surgery. May you all have a 
speedy recovery. . .Agent BETTY FIFE and her husband, 
ART, flew to Las Vegas for four days. Betty said she was 
going to try and beat the system. We wonder how she did... 

' Former Agent FEDELMA HENRY sent a brochure of the 
New Burlington hotel in Dublin, Ireland. Fedelma is em- 
ployed there as a head cashier in the main dining room at 
the top of the hotel. The place looks fabulous. She sends 
her regards to all her CTA friends. . . Conductor LOUIE 

' WIENCORD retired May 1. Louie has been with CTA for 
27 years. Good luck, Louie, and may all your problems be 
little ones. .. Congratulations to Motorman C. PISZCZEK 
and his wife on the birth of a baby girl. They now have 

; one of each, a boy and a girl.. .North Side Clerk ANTHONY 

■ MULLEN went on retirement March 1. May he enjoy a 

' long and happy pensioned life. .. North Side Motorman C. 
EBENHOLTZ retired recently. Mr. Ebenholtz finished out 

' his years on the Ravenswood line. . . Congratulations to 
Student Agent JEFFERY THOMPSON upon his marriage to 
IRENE TUCKER. May they both have many years of 

; wedded bliss. ..Agent DOROTHY HARRIS is one happy per- 
son, but these days she's just about popping her buttons. 
Her son, RONALD, received a $500 scholarship from the 
Sunbeam corporation. Ronald also has his own band, "The 
Nation Survivors. "..Agents H. ISACK and D. SORENSON are 
in training for the assignment office. We wish them both 

. luck. . . Agent LINDA LINDSEY and Motorman MORRIE 
SCZCZIN are now in the clerk's pool and are doing a ter- 

' rific job of it. Good luck to you both. . . ANNABELLE 
DREW'S daughter, CATHY (a former student agent), and 
her husband, GERRY, presented Annabelle with her ninth 
grandchild, JILL MARIE . This is four grandchildren in one 
year. Annabelle says she now knows what they mean by 
population explosion... Our sympathy is extended to Agent 

! JANE JOHNSON in the untimely death of her son, THOM- 
AS, who was fatally injured trying to help a holdup victim. 
Our sympathy also to Janitor J. BROWN in the death of his 
father who was killed in an automobile accident. May they 
both find comfort in fond and loving memories. . .Agent 

; SARA SIMMONS, who sings with the "Caravans", recently 
performed with the group at the Arie Crown Theatre at 

MAY- JUNE, 1973 

McCormick Place for the 20th anniversary celebration 
held in honor of Gospel singer Albertina Walker. 


With the coming of the college students, your help Emd 
consideration will be appreciated by the instruction force. 
The hiring of these young fellows makes summer vacations 
possible for most of us, so let's give them a hand.. .Super- 
visor GEORGE HAND and his wife, MERVA, became par- 
ents of a son, DANIEL CHARLES, born March 31 weighing 
7 pounds 4 ounces... Operator FRANK VON SCHWEDLER 
and his wife, BETTY, became grandparents for the first 
time when their son, FRANK Jr., and his wife, DIANA, be- 
came parents of a daughter, LISA MARIE, born February 
24 at Lutheran General hospital weighing 7 pounds 10 
ounces. ..GARY KEMP, the son of Operator CHARLES and 
HELEN KEMP, was married on Saturday, February 24, to 
DEBBIE MEACH at St. John's Lutheran church of Niles, 
Illinois. The reception was held at the American Legion 
hall with 100 guests attending. The young couple will be at 
home in Streamwood, Illinois, where they have purchased a 
new home. ..PATRICK KENNY, the son of Operator FRANK 
KENNY, was awarded his masters degree in education from 
Loyola university on February 4. Patrick is an English 
teacher at Cooley High school. . . KARREN PAOLI, the 
daughter of Operator GINO PAOLI, was graduated from 
Kelvyn Park High school in June where she ranked fifth out 
of 392 graduates. Karren, who was president of the Nation- 
al Honor Society, will be attending the National College of 
Education in Evanston, Illinois, this fall. Gino's son, 
KENNETH, who is a music major at DePaul university, was 
cited again for his musical scores in several dramas that 
were presented around Chicago recently. . . Clerk STEVE 
PALLADINO recently resigned from CTA and is now with 
the Metropolitan Life Insurance company. We at North 
Park wish Steve much luck and happiness in his new posi- 
tion. . . Operator GREGORY ANTHONY rolled a 598 
"scratch" plus a 75 pin handicap in the recent Beat the 
Champs tournament... Operator JOHN COSGROVE has been 
off sick for two months. At this writing he is convalescing 
and hopes to be back to work soon. . . Operator ALLEN 
LIGHTER has a new '73 Pontiac Safari station wagon to 
park alongside his new home in Skokie. He is a very proud 
person nowadays... Pensioner JOHN KARASEK enjoyed his 
ninth visit to Palo Alto, California, to visit his son who is 
teaching at Stanford university. ..Pensioner LYNN BUTLER 
and his wife, ANNE, enjoyed a winter vacation in various 
parts of Florida where they hauled their camper trailer 
along with them... Operator LEN BAEUCHLER enjoyed his 
annual vacation in Phoenix, Arizona, and Balen, New Mexi- 
co, where his daughter, LYNN, and her husband, ROBERT 
WILLARD, are living. Len reports that the weather in the 
Southwest was very poor. . . Operator ULISES RUIZ and 
SIDNEY HUTNIK were deer hunting in Elizabeth, Illinois, 
and Ulises bagged a 130-pound 8-point buck. Sidney wasn't 
so fortimate, but we believe Ulises will give him a few deer 
steaks... Operator SAM POSNER and his wife, ETHEL, cel- 
ebrated their 34th wedding anniversary by going on an 
eight-day tour and cruise. They spent three days sight- 
seeing in Florida and five days aboard the SS Emerald 
Seas cruising the Bahamas and stopping at Nassau and 
Freeport... Beginning retired life on March 1 were CON- 
years; CONSTANTINE DESCH, 30 years, and Sanitary 


Engineer SAM GIANPICOLO, 30 years. We at North Park 
wish these fine gentlemen many years of health and happi- 
ness in their retirement. ..Our sympathy and condolences 
are extended to Lawndale Station Superintendent JACK 
MORRIS in the loss of his wife, DOROTHY; Operator MEL- 
VIN COLLINS in the loss of his mother, Mrs. COLLINS; 
Operator WILLIAM KNUDSON in the loss of his mother, 
Mrs. MABEL KNUDSON; Operator JOHN HALL in the loss 
of his mother, Mrs. ADA HALL; Operator PAT BROWN in 
the loss of his mother, Mrs. MARGARET BROWN; Opera- 
tor JAMES DOLAN in the loss of his mother, Mrs. BRIGET 
DOLAN; Operator EDWARD JENKINS in the loss of his 
brother, SAMUEL JENKINS, and to the family of Pensioner 
FRANK SAUCIER... Repair Department Chit Chat; Foreman 
PHIL O'CONNOR welcomes the 24 men who picked North 
Park in the recent seniority pick and states that the door to 
his office is open at all times. ..Retiring May 1 were Bus 
Dispatcher FRANK BUGLIO who did an outstanding job of 
scheduling buses in the A.M. rush, and Tire Repairman 
MATT HEAVEY... Enjoying vacations at this time are the 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

On April 1, GEORGE T. KELLY, supervisor of tele- 
phone operators and information clerks, retired from the 
CTA with 48 years of service. An open house was held in 
his honor, attended by many of his friends. We all wish 
him the best of everything for a wonderful retirement. . . 
Congratulations to JOSEPH, the son of JOSEPH and MARI- 
LYN VODVARKA, who was recently installed in the Nation- 
al Honor Society at a banquet held at Conant High school in 
Hoffman Estates. . . The Transportation Department four- 
some in the sport of golf are at it again. The teams of 
LIC began their golf rivalry early this year. Getting a 
head start on the weather they went to Callaway Gardens in 
Pine Mountain, Georgia, where they enjoyed a full week of 
golfing. The weather was beautiful and the winners in the 
first competition were Ray and Tom. ..Your scribe, COL- 
ETTE SZCZEPANEK, flew to Florida for two weeks of 
rest, fishing, swimming, 
etc. I only caught one 
fish this trip, but it sure 
was a dandy and quite a 
thrill. In fact, it's the 
biggest fishl ever caught. 
What was it — a 49-pound 
cobia. I caught it while 
fishing at Haulover in 
Miami Beach, Florida, 
with a gig and balahoo on 
a 20-pound test line. It 
really put up a good fight. 
I had to have help to hold 
it up and Wayne Conn, 
captain of the boat, gave 
me a hand. As usual, I 
had a real good time. . . 
Our sympathy is extended to WALLY OQUIST and his fam- 
ily in the death of his mother, EMMA, who passed away on 
April 3, and to the family of retired supervising instructor 


at North Avenue, EDWARD WEHMEYER, who passed away 
on April 15. 

(Traffic Planning) - 

On April 7, FRANK and ETHEL, the parents of FRANK 
BARKER, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. A 
party was held in honor of this wonderful occasion, which 
was attended by many friends and relatives. We extend our 
congratulations and best wishes for many more years of 
happiness together. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

Florida, that wonderful land of sunshine, draws vaca- 
tioners like a magnet. ED KENNEDY spent his vacation in 
Florida, JOE RICCARDO went to Miami and NORBERT 
GEWELKE stayed at Fort Lauderdale. ED SLAMP vaca- 
tioned in Las Vegas where he said the gambling was fair, 
whatever that means, and then went to Salt Lake City, Utah. 
After he returned he won $100 in the National Supermarket 
"Fun at the Races" contest. If you happen to see Ed be 
sure to ask him for the address of Blue Island Garage.. .A 
couple of fellows on pension paid us a visit recently. BILL 
COLEMAN, who lives in Moimt Olive, Illinois, when he is 
not traveling, stopped in to say hello. He plans to visit 
Hawaii and Mexico in the near future. BOB GILMORE also 
dropped in after his return from California where he spent 
the winter. ..MARTIN RICCARDO made the dean's list in 
communications at the University of Illinois in Urbana. 
Martin is the son of JOSEPH RICCARDO... DAN St. JOHN 
has been elected alderman of the third ward in the City of 
Burbank... Pensioner DAN BOAL passed away April 16. We 
extend our sympathy to the Boal family. ..Our sympathy to 
GENE HILL whose mother-in-law passed away. 


A big farewell and best wishes are extended to pension- 
Manville is now living in sunny Florida. Hey, Mr. Mikota, 
we have new buses on the Kedzie run now. ..More goodbyes 
JILL MISE. Ce is now working in the Methods and Pro- 
cedures Department. She was also co-reporter and will be 
missed by many of her readers. An acknowledgement of 
applause, Ce, for a fine job. Mary Ann has gone to the le- 
gal side of matters, and is now working in the Law Depart- 
ment, and Jill has gone to work in Research and Planning 
as a stenographer II. Best of luck on your new jobs. ..To 
JEAN O'NEILL who is Mr. J. T. HARTY's new secretary, 
and to PAT REED, our new Specifications stenographer II, 
a big welcome. . . After a speedy recovery, we were very 
happy to see ANN JOBARIS smiling back at us through the 
window of the Purchasing Department reception area... We 
also wish a speedy recovery for JANICE SMITH, the daugh- 
ter of DAVID SMITH, laborer, who is recuperating at 
Jackson Park hospital. Janice is a former ticket agent... 
Our department received deep thanks from the Wally Phil- 
lips Neediest Children's Christmas Fund for its contribu- 
tion. ..Our condolences are extended to the family of JIM 
WALLACE in the loss of his son. ..If you didn't believe it at 
No. 26, you're not going to believe that JOHN SPRINGER, 
stock clerk I, South Shops, is a granddad for the 27th time. 
WILLL^M RUDOLPH, 6 pounds 15 ounces, changed the 13 
to 13 figure to 14 boys and 13 girls. Congratulations, 
granddad, again and again and again. ..And it's a first for 




GRANVILLE (Chico) CHEATHAM, stock clerk I, and his 
wife, MILDRED, ticket agent (Dan Ryan), who became 
igrandparents of a baby girl, CATINA, born Feburary 8. 
Chico, we suggest if you need any grand-parental advice, 
give John a call. Congratulations... Storeroom 59 sends a 
big hello to everybody. . . DALE DAUGHERTY, the son of 
ROD DAUGHERTY, specifications engineer, will be a June 
graduate of Chute Junior High school. Dale and his class 
just returned from a t3rpically beautiful spring week in 
Washington, D.C, and reports all is well with the Presi- 
dent... Another graduate is SYLVIA DENISE BENNETT, the 
'daughter of CHARLES J. BENNETT, Stores, South Shops. 
Sylvia is a student of Horace Mann Elementary school. 
Like her father, her uncles CLEVELAND BENNETT of 
Storeroom 48 and Operator JOSEPH BENNETT of 52nd 
Street are very proud of her achievement... Mr. and Mrs. 
ROBERT McCarthy are very pleased with the academic 
achievement of their daughters, MARY, a junior, and 
THERESA, a sophomore. Both made the honor roll at York 
High school. Theresa, congratulations upon making the 
girl's varsity basketball team. May you have many vic- 
tories. ..We sadly report that LITA TOOLIS, the daughter of 
JIM TOOLIS, buyer, broke her leg during tryouts as a 
cheerleader for Mt. Carmel High school. We will all be 
cheering for you Lita...And now if I may introduce to all 
our readers your new co-reporter, MARY ANN JOBARIS. 
We hope you will continue to enjoy reading our column. 


Our condolences to the family of DON SANDUCK, 
Congress, who passed away on March 7. ..Congratulations 
are in order for JOE LaBELLARTE who was promoted to 
assistant day foreman at 61st; to GEORGE BARNES on his 
promotion to night foreman, and to R. M. STOWELL who 
was promoted to terminals instructor I. ..A hearty welcome 
from the crew at Forest Park...T. TOGHER and J. TRACY, 
Forest Park, enjoyed a spring vacation... Anniversary and 
birthday wishes to HERMAN and JOSEPHINE SWOOPE, 
Forest Park, who celebrated their second wedding anni- 
versary; to EDDIE SHIELDS, Dan Ryan, who celebrated his 
birthday at the London House, and to FANNIE PICKETT 
who was honored at a surprise birthday party given by her 
husband, FRANK, Dan Ryan... Best wishes for a speedy re- 
covery are sent to LEROY STEWART, Dan Ryan. ..Dan Ryan 
personnel welcome V. LINDSEY, H. BIGGS, C. JOHNSON 
and Y. PATE. ..The Dan Ryan Softball team, under the lead- 
ership of G. NICHOLSON, is getting in shape tor the com- 
ing season. The boys sure look professional in the new 
uniforms obtained with the help of Q. BONDS. Their first 
game will be with Skokie Shop. 

- "Raif Sv. 


Laborer JOHN BEHOF and his wife, EVIE, had a won- 
derful vacation in Florida. They were given the royal 
;reatment by Pensioner WESLEY WILSON and his wife, 
MARIE. They had a great time sightseeing together. . . 
WEDDING BELLS—Painter MITCH FACZEK and his wife, 
MARY JANE, announced the marriage of their son, MITCH, 
;o PAULA GREELEY on April 7. The happy couple was 
married in the First Congregational church in Des Plaines 


with a reception following at Heuer's restaurant... Machine 
Shop Foreman RALPH KEMPE and his wife, NORMA, spent 
a few weeks in Saipan and Guam in the Mariana Islands. 
They visited all the sites of World War II battles, and were 
entertained by the Trust Territory people who live there. 
Boy, it's nice to have a son working for the airlines! ..Con- 
gratulations to Shopman DAVE GUERECA and his wife, 
JOSEPHINE, on the birth of their first grandson. LAM- 
BERTO FIGUROA was born March 30 and weighed 6 pounds 
6 ounces. The happy parents are Dave's daughter, MARY 
ALICE, and her husband, LAMBERTO FIGUROA... Carpen- 
ter GEORGE KIMMSKE and his wife, FRAN, announced the 
arrival of a great-grandson, CHRISTOPHER RASKINS, 
born March 8 weighing 6 pounds 12 ounces... Skokie Shop 
will have its fourth annual picnic July 21 at the North- 
western Woods in Des Plaines. Everyone had a great time 
last year, so we'll look forward to seeing even more of you 
out there this year! Tickets are $4.00 per family (free 
beer, pop, ice cream, cracker jacks and pony rides). The 
Skokie Softball team will play the Mart team again! We'll 
also have games, races, horseshoe pitching and dancing. 
The picnic committee has worked hard all year to make the 
picnic a success, now all you have to do is buy a ticket and 
come out and enjoy yourself. Remember that date — 
July 21. .. Congratulations to Electrical Apprentice DON 
MOTYKA and his wife, PATRICE, on the birth of a son, 
BRIAN MICHAEL, February 25 weighing 8 poimds 8 ounces. 
Operator JOSEPH MOTYKA of Forest Glen is the proud 
grandfather. . . Congratulations to Electrical Apprentice 
EDMUND DELANEY and his wife, CAROLLE ANN, on the 
birth of a son, EDMUND DELANEY III, April 4 weighing 
6 pounds 3 ounces... Proud father Painter PABLO CARIDE 
reports that his son, PABLO Jr., won a trophy for first 
place at Spry school and in the district for his science 
project entitled, "Science Behavioral." His project went on 
to be displayed for four days at the Museum of Science and 
Industry during the science exhibition. He also received a 
letter of congratulations from the board of education. 
Pablo will be enrolled in the honor class of Harrison High 
school. Congratulations! 


JOE SABOL was one of the first to receive a new pass 
holder from the Suggestion Department during their new 
promotion. ..BILL WORCESTER and his wife drove to Cal- 
ifornia, Arizona, Texas and many other points west. ..Happy 
birthday to CHARLES KEELER, traffic clerk, who cele- 
brated on March 2. , . Happy birthday to DOROTHY ET- 
SCHEID, April 1, who celebrated by going on vacation. . . 
PHILIP LEAHY became a great-uncle when his niece gave 
birth to a baby boy...WALLY THOMAS and his wife, FRITZ, 
entertained their daughter and son-in-law who were here 
recently from Colorado... JAKE SUMNER, schedule maker, 
is home recuperating from ear surgery. We wish him a 
speedy recovery... BERNIE KINCANNON and his wife and 
son drove to Washington, D.C, and South Carolina. 

'Kat^vufK ^aiiHO. 


Now that we only write our column every two months, 
some of the news may seem old, but many of our people and 
pensioners haven't heard it and I think it bears reporting... 

MAY -JUNE, 1973 



We extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Conductor 
LEONARD SUCECH, of Ashland Terminal, who passed 
away suddenly on May 2. It was really a great shock to 
all his co-workers and friends. He was a wonderful per- 
son and will really be missed at CTA...Good luck to all our 
janitors who transferred to other sections on the system 
pick, and hello to all the janitors who transferred to the 
South Section. . . Congratulations to Switchman THOMAS 
ANDERSON who was appointed yard foreman on March 18. 
..Everyone was shocked and saddened to hear that Switch- 
man JAMES CALDWELL passed away suddenly on March 
3. Our sincere sympathy Is extended to the Caldwell fam- 
ily. He was a good worker and a fine person and will be 
missed by all. ..We had several changes in our station su- 
perintendents on April 1. Assistant Superintendent DON 
LEMM was transferred to the Insurance Department; As- 
sistant Superintendent RON BAKER went from the P.M. to 
the A.M. at 95ch Street, and West Section Relief Super- 
intendent ED MITCHELL was transferred as P.M. assist- 
ant superintendent at 95th Street. Also, temporary changes 
were made at Ashland and 6tst Street: Assistant Super- 
intendent JAMES WALSH, 61st Street, was transferred as 
superintendent of Forest Park; Assistant Superintendent 
ROBERT DESVIGNES went from the P.M. at Ashland to the 
A.M. at 61st Street; Relief Superintendent JOHN TAGLER 
was transferred as assistant superintendent at Ashland 
Avenue, and DAVID MARTIN was transferred from the Line 
Supervisor's Office to relief superintendent. So our fond 
goodbyes and best wishes to all who transferred to other 
sections, and congratulations to the new appointees... The 
trainmen and agents at 95th Street had a nice get-together 
for DON LEMM. The agents baked a cake for him and he 
was presented with two nice gifts. Don said it was a won- 
derful send-off. . .Ashland Motorman DAVID O'MALLEY, 
who was on the sick list for a couple of months, went on 
pension March 1. We take this time to wish Mr. O'Malley 
a wonderful retired life and a return to good health.. .The 
South Side Credit Union held their 36th annual meeting on 
March 11 at Robert's motel and the crowd that attended had 
a swell time. They had a nice room and a buffet luncheon. 
There was an election of officers and my hubby. Clerk 
ROLAND, who had been president, declined the nomination 
again as he no longer has the time that the position re- 
quires. Motorman CHARLES SPEARS was elected presi- 
dent. Retired Towerman PATRICK HICKEY, vice-presi- 
dent, and Motorman FRED GRONEMEYER, treasurer. 
Quite a few pensioners turned out, including Retired Mo- 
torman and Mrs. MARCUS WALKER, Assignment Agent 
LULU HAMANN and Division 308 Board Member CHARLES 
BURNS. Division 308 was represented by President 
and his missus. ..Back to work off the sick list are Motor- 
men PAUL DUCAR and WILLIAM MOUNT, Switchman 
RAYMOND LaFAIRE, Work Train Conductor THOMAS 
SCHWARZ, Supervisor JAMES FAHEY and Conductor 
CLARENCE HARRIS. ..Received a card from Retired Con- 
ductor PHAROAH CAIN who went down to New Orleans for 
the Mardi Gras and spent some time with Retired Conduc- 
tor MOSES GILES and his wife. They went fishing, but the 
fish weren't biting... The Agents' Pension Club spring din- 
ner was held on April 8 at Sharko's East restaurant, and as 
usual everyone had a great time. The dinner was good and 
I won first prize for the ladies — a lovely pearl necklace. 
Enjoyed talking to Retired Agents CECELIA MORAN, MAE 
SHANNON, Retired Clerk JOE BRENNAN and his lovely 
wife, and Retired Conductor JERRY HANAFIN and his wife. 


Also attending the festivities were Superintendent of Oper- 
ating Stations GEORGE RILEY and his wife. Division 308 
Vice President CHARLES LOUGHRAN and Secretary- 
Treasurer HUGH HEGARTY. A big thank you to Retired 
Assignment Agents LULU HAMANN and ROSE HEIDEN- 
BLUT for putting on such a good party... Assistant Station 
Superintendent JOHN TAGLER was jumping for joy when he 
told us about his new grandson, MICHAEL JOHN, born Feb- 
ruary 23 to his son and his wife... Received a letter from' 
Retired Motorman ED and VIOLA HENNESSY from Phoe- 
nix, Arizona. They said the winter was cool and wet, which 
is unusual, but they are doing fine. They saw Retired 
North Section Conductor FRED BECK who had been in the 
hospital but is now home, and would love to hear from some i 
of his old co-workers on the North Side. His address is 
4140 N. 4th avenue. Phoenix, Arizona. ..Clerk JIM CAREY 
and his wife spent their vacation at the Wagon Wheel re- 
sort in Rockton and had a super time... Received a note that 
former CTA Policeman CHARLES BURKE who now lives, 
in Fairmont, California, suffered a terrible tragedy when 
his only son, CHUCK, a Vietnam war veteran, died in a 
tragic accident. He was sky diving and his chute failed to 
open. Our condolences to the Burke family. ..West Section 
Superintendent of Agents and Janitors BOB ROESING and 
his wife, ALICE, went to Lake of the Ozarks and Hot 
Springs, Arkansas, for a little spring vacation and took the 
baths while in Hot Springs... My hubby, ROLAND, and I at- 
tended the Metropolitan Credit Union Meeting and Smor- 
gasbord at Nielsen's restaurant on St. Patrick's day and 
had a nice time. Saw many people from the West Section I 
haven't seen in a long time. The Metropolitan Credit Union 
has nice dinners... Our condolences to Conductor LEOTHA 
PATTON whose father passed away recently. ..On the sick 
list at this writing are Motorman ROBERT RAWLINGS, 
Switchman LEWIS REED and Conductor FRANK PONZIA- 
NO. Hope they all are able to return to work in good 
health soon... Retired Supervisor DAN HAYES was around 
to see the boys at Ashland recently wearing the latest 
men's style — a big bowtie. He and his wife spent some 
time in Arizona this winter. He said he's really enjoying 
his pension. 

- t/euca "^atiHOf 


Congratulations go out to the winners of the 1973 picnic 
raffle held on March 16: 1st prize— CASEY of Area 349; 
2nd prize— FITZGERALD of Area 321; 3rd prize— WIEN- 
CEK of Shops & Equipment office. Happy drinking, fel- 
lows! . . Congratulations also go out to the winners of the 
South Shops golf outing raffle: EDWARD GRZENIA, Store- 
room 57, a portable TV; IRA FARMER, Area 312C, and 
JOHN GUZAITIS, tinner, a half gallon of whiskey each. 
Congratulations, boysL.ELROY BLAKE of the Paint Shop 
did his civic duty by serving two weeks on jury duty. ..RITA 
O'CALLAHAN, Print Shop, was recently married to BOB 
NELSON. The marriage took place at St. Patrick's church 
on St. Patrick's day. The happy couple plans to buy a home 
on the Southwest Side of Chicago. Congratulations I Well, 
FRED, this makes the third bride in your area in less than 
a year. Fred is reported as saying there are still four 
more widows, so maybe he'll have a few more weddings... 
Now for the out in the shops news. . . Let's start off this 
month by welcoming back to work some of the fellows who 
had the misfortune of being laid off. It's sure nice to see 
back on the job. ..Wedding bells have been ringing lately, as 




IjOHN W. BACKHOLM, 73, Devon, 
|Emp. 10-12-28, Died 2-27-73 
CHARLES J. BAKER, 85, South Section, 
Emp. 12-18-18, Died 3-5-73 
i\NTON F. BARKAUSKAS, 83, 77th Street, 
Emp. 9-13-23, Died 4-13-73 
^TONE G. BEDALOV, 78, Way & Struct., 
Emp. 3-12-24, Died 3-11-73 
DANIEL T. BOAL, 66, UtU. & Emerg. Serv. 
,Emp. 12-20-40, Died 4-16-73 
iVILLIAM E. BOHLEN, 64, Lawndale, 
■Emp. 1-9-36, Died 4-16-73 
jEORGE E. brown, 97, North Section, 
Emp. 9-4-01, Died 3-11-73 
3LENN BYERS, 76, West Section, 
Emp. 5-19-47, Died 3-19-73 
JAMES CALDWELL, 53, South Section, 
'Emp. 7-20-53, Died 3-3-73 
THOMAS P. CARROLL, 68, Lawndale, 
■Emp. 12-18-29, Died 2-10-73 
lEmp. 4-29-26, Died 3-8-73 
JAMES CERMAK, 81, 77th Street, 
,Emp. 12-28-18, Died 2-12-73 
MICHAEL CLANCY, 81, North Section, 
Emp. 3-22-17, Died 4-18-73 
bLAUDE B. COBB, 78, Devon, 
Emp. 2-22-23, Died 4-17-73 
BERNARD COHEN, 66, Lawndale, 
lEmp. 3-6-43, Died 2-9-73 
DELIA CROWLEY, 80, Employment, 
.Emp. 3-29-43, Died 3-11-73 
JOSEPH A. CUCI Sr., 58, Engineering, 
|Emp. 10-2-41, Died 3-12-73 
JOHN J. DARCY, 67, Electrical, 
Emp. 1-8-29, Died 2-16-73 
3E0RGE J. DOERR, 81, Skokie Shop, 
Emp. 11-23-21, Died 1-31-73 
PATRICK DOOLEY, 52, Engineering, 
Emp. 8-1-60, Died 3-23-73 
■FRANK DORSEY, 83, North Section, 
:Emp. 4-1-26, Died 4-2-73 
LEW P. ELLAS, 73, West Section, 
Emp. 10-8-41, Died 3-20-73 
LOUIS FRANKLIN, 74, Engineering, 
Emp. 8-12-47, Died 3-18-73 
THOMAS E. GARY, 65, Kedzle, 
Emp. 4-17-37, Died 2-13-73 
ftlCHARD A. GROLIG, 67, South Shops, 
'Emp. 7-31-29, Died 1-5-73 
aOBERT O. GULICK, 82, Limits, 
Emp. 12-31-19, Died 2-19-73 
FRANK HAAS, 89, 77th Street, 
Emp. 9-9-20, Died 3-4-73 
JAMES M. HATAWAY, 74, Kedzie, 
Emp. 7-5-27, Died 2-7-73 
HARRY H. HAYES, 75, Lawndale, 
Emp. 12-16-19, Died 3-4-73 
DANIEL HEAFEY, 70, North Avenue, 
iEmp. 1-30-34, Died 4-5-73 
TIMOTHY HEALY, 74, Limits, 
Emp. 1-15-29, Died 2-10-73 
JOHN J. HESTER, 72, Kedzie, 
Emp. 4-28-26, Died 3-1-73 
JOSEPH H. HILL, 81, 61st Street, 
Emp. 1-7-24, Died 12-30-72 
ROBERT L. HILL, 73, Revenue Accounting, 
Emp. 12-3-19, Died 3-28-73 
FRED JALLITCH, 79, 39th & Halsted, 
I Emp. 5-26-42, Died 3-27-73 
JOHN G. JOHNSON, 81, Devon, 
Emp. 5-23-16, Died 2-28-73 

JAMES M. KALAL, 75, Devon, 

Emp. 4-16-23, Died 3-15-73 
ARTHUR F. KENNEDY, 65, Lawndale, 

Emp. 3-15-34, Died 2-26-73 
EDWARD J. KOWSKE, 68, Lawndale, 

Emp. 7-22-29, Died 4-24-73 
VALENTINE J. KNOPFEL, 70, 77th Street, 

Emp. 11-6-25, Died 3-30-73 
JOSEPH M. KRUK, 80. West Section, 

Emp. 7-22-11, Died 2-13-73 

Emp. 9-29-21, Died 4-11-73 
MATTHEW A. LAFFERTY, 74, Beverly, 

Emp. 7-2-23, Died 3-5-73 
JOHN M. LALLY, 75, District A, 

Emp. 2-21-23, Died 4-8-73 
ARCHIBALD K. LANGOHR, 76, Sched.-Traff. 

Emp. 9-25-16, Died 3-16-73 

Emp. 2-20-20, Died 2-22-73 
JOHN B. LIPINSKI, 66, South Shops, 

Emp. 11-20-42, Died 2-3-73 
ADOLPH F. MAMPE, 92, Armitage, 

Emp. 4-30-13, Died 2-8-73 
PATRICK J. MASTERSON, 65, West Section, 

Emp. 11-22-43, Died 4-15-73 
MARY A. McGEE, 81, North Section, 

Emp. 7-12-44, Died 2-24-73 

WILLIAM J. McLaughlin, 75, 77th street, 

Emp. 9-19-39, Died 2-17-73 
PERRY W. MILLAR, 85, Wilson, 

Emp. 6-22-14, Died 3-12-73 
ALFRED G. MORE, 69, Electrical, 

Emp. 4-29-29, Died 4-23-73 
BRIDIE MULDOON, 83, South Section, 

Emp. 4-8-18, Died 1-30-73 
RUDDY F. NEBELSIEK, 80, 69th Street, 

Emp. 8-25-10, Died 1-5-73 
MALCOLM T. NOLTE, 75, Electrical, 

Emp. 8-15-19, Died 2-16-73 
JAMES H. NUGENT, 81, West Shops, 

Emp. 2-9-21, Died 2-1-73 
DANIEL J. O'BRIEN, 81, District B, 

Emp. 2-12-20, Died 2-1-73 
WILLL4M OCCLESHAW, 84, West Shops, 

Emp. 2-13-28, Died 2-25-73 
MICHAEL B. O'NETLL, 71, Sched.-Traff. 

Emp. 8-23-22, Died 4-27-73 
DAVID P. PAPIC, 70, Track, 

Emp. 7-6-27, Died 12-15-72 
ELMER T. PETERSON, 73, 77th Street, 

Emp. 3-17-26, Died 2-13-73 
IVAN FOLIC, 90, Track, 

Emp. 10-6-20, Died 2-10-73 
JERRY PRAZAK, 77, Congress, 

Emp. 4-12-15, Died 3-6-73 
ANTON J. PRAZSKY, 81, 77th Street, 

Emp. 10-23-20, Died 2-3-73 
ROMAN PRIESBE, 58, Electrical, 

Emp. 9-7-44, Died 4-16-73 
CLARENCE E. RANDALL, 73, South Shops, 

Emp. 1-15-37, Died 3-13-73 
WILLIAM REDICAN, 89, 77th Street, 

Emp. 12-18-19, Died 2-22-73 
JOHN ROGERS, 33, 52nd Street, 

Emp. 12-17-62, Died 5-3-73 
JOHN A. ROJESKI, 92, Blue Island, 

Emp. 6-7-07, Died 3-12-73 
MARTIN RONAN, 73, 69th Street, 

Emp. 3-12-23, Died 3-25-73 
GEORGE ROSENKILDE, 88, 77th Street, 

Emp. 11-1-22, Died 6-6-72 

WILLIAM J. RYAN, 80, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 6-24-42, Died 3-23-73 
ANTON SALZER, 84, Keeler, 

Emp. 8-16-20, Died 3-6-73 
DONALD SANDUK, 44, Congress, 

Emp. 5-29-50, Died 3-8-73 
JOSEPH SATKOS, 88, South Shops, 

Emp. 8-20-24, Died 2-12-73 
FRANK L. SAUCIER, 60, North Park, 

Emp. 2-16-42, Died 3-16-73 
CAROL T. SCHILDT, 69, West Section, 

Emp. 3-9-51, Died 2-27-73 
JOHN SCHLEICH, 81, North Section, 

Emp. 10-12-43, Died 3-18-73 
ANTONIO SCIMECA, 79, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 7-26-28, Died 2-28-73 
HARVEY W. SHEPARD, 48, North Section, 

Emp. 7-11-52, Died 2-5-73 

Emp. 6-26-23, Died 2-23-73 
JOHN W. SMITH, 82, Douglas, 

Emp. 11-1-19, Died 2-19-73 
ROBERT SMITH, 59, Lawndale, 

Emp. 12-9-57, Died 3-24-73 
WILLIAM E. SMITH, 77, 39th & Halsted, 

Emp. 9-20-19, Died 3-12-73 
FREMONT R. SNYDER, 69, 69th Street, 

Emp. 8-18-37, Died 2-23-73 
PETER C. SPOO, 67, 69th Street, 

Emp. 2-23-34, Died 4-29-73 
ROBERT A. STEWART, 64, 77th Street, 

Emp. 7-29-41, Died 4-27-73 
ANTOINETTE STIPATI, 59, South Section, 

Emp. 4-18-52, Died 2-23-73 
HENRY P. STRETCH, 65, Claim, 

Emp. 6-1-42, Died 4-7-73 
LEONARD SUCECH, 55, South Section, 

Emp. 11-23-42, Died 5-2-73 
ELLEN A. SULLIVAN, 85, North Section, 

Emp. 10-8-25, Died 3-27-73 
GEORGE P. SULLTVAN, 58, Engineering, 

Emp. 7-6-38, Died 4-22-73 
CHARLES M. THOM, 80, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 10-21-11, Died 3-1-73 
OTIS O. THOMAS, 65, West Section, 

Emp. 12-10-43, Died 3-4-73 
JOHN T. TOMS, 72, Kedzie, 

Emp. 4-8-24, Died 2-11-73 

Emp. 11-5-42, Died 4-5-73 
WILLIE TRASK, 36, Beverly, 

Emp. 10-10-60, Died 4-15-73 

Emp. 3-25-36, Died 3-16-73 
JOHN TUREK, 82, West Section, 

Emp. 12-29-10, Died 3-20-73 
PETER J. WEBER, 58, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 4-2-47, Died 2-24-73 
WILLIAM F. WEBER, 65, Kedzie, 

Emp. 8-19-41, Died 3-21-73 
EDWARD J. WEHMEYER, 69, North Avenue, 

Emp. 1-16-29, Died 4-14-73 
RALPH R. WOLFF, 83, Devon, 

Emp. 4-13-21, Died 4-27-73 
WILLIAM J. YOUTS, 79, 77th Street, 

Emp. 9-14-21, Died 4-14-73 
ALEX ZAWISTOWSKI, 82, South Shops, 

Emp. 9-22-19, Died 3-20-73 
STANLEY ZERDEL, 76, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 11-22-30, Died 12-28-72 
PETER ZTELEN, 85, Division, 

Emp. 10-4-19, Died 4-17-73 

VI AY- JUNE, 1973 


some of our co-workers can attest to. Congratulations and 
best wishes to BOB and LA VERNE SMITH, Area 346; TOM 
and CAROLE CICIURA, laborer, and to my co-reporter, 
DENISE, and RICHARD COX who recently tied the knot... 
Congratulations are also in order for those who have wed- 
ding anniversaries soon: RONALD and PATRICIA BLAIR, 
Area 336, their 25th: JOHN and JEANETTE DOPAK, radi- 
ator repair, their 25th; RICHARD and MARGE ZAJAC, 
radiator repair, their 25th; ATLAS and TINNY HORN, radi- 
ator repair, their 29th, and JOHN and WILMA NEWMAN, 
Area 312, their 30th.. .PAUL and MARGE SUNDBLAD, Area 
346, became the proud parents of a daughter, PATRICIA 
LYNNE, who tipped the scales at 7 pounds 14 ounces. Nice 
going, Paul. . . Retirees this month include ANTHONY 
(Johnny) DEVAUX, Area 346, 26 years' service, and SAM 
S. FIORITO, Area 318, 28 years' service. Good luck and 
the best of health to you guys. We'll miss you. ..Sure is 
nice to have CARL LIDZBINSKI, Area 349, and BOBBY 
BYRNES, Area 348, back to work after their recent oper- 
ations...! know you guys aren't going to believe this, but 
how's this for a fish story. TOM PORTER, Area 345, told 
me he and OSCAR LANDOR pulled in a 150-pound smelt on 
a recent fishing trip. Come on, fellas, that's stretching it 
a little too far. It must have been loaded with mercury... 
CARL POST finally came back from a vacation in one 
piece. Carl and his wife and son had a fabulous time in 
their Winnebago touring Florida. Disney World, Kennedy 
Space Center and the Alligator Farms were just a few of 
the sights they took in.. .Warning to the Paint Shop: JAMES 
HAYNIE is going to recruit some new members now that he 
was elected the 21st district commander of AMVETS, 
Cook County Council. Congratulations, Jim. ..BILL EL- 
DRIGE has a good reason to be proud of his daughters, 
RENEE and LORRIE LYNN. They took second and third 
place in the recent Indiana State Open musical competition. 
Good show. Bill. . . Good news from AL SAMASKA and 
HARRY POCES. Their wives are both home and doing well 
after recent operations at Holy Cross hospital. ..That's all 
the news for now, and we hope that the warm weather 
brings nothing but the best to you and yours. 


The St. Mark United Methodist Fellowship presented 
its annual Man of the Year Banquet Sunday, February 11, at 
the Beverly House. This year St. Mark selected Operator 
BYRON DEAN Sr. as their man of the year. Dean has been 
an active member of St. Mark church for 15 years, serving 
well in both performance and gifts. He was president of the 
St. Mark Usher Board for four years, past chairman of the 
Commission on Missions, former scoutmaster of Troop 
730, and cubmaster of Pack 3730. ..Well, it's vacation time 
again and Operator STANLEY PHILLIPS is taking what I 
would call a very outstanding one. Starting August 3 he's 
heading for five weeks in South America, with stops planned 
in Bogota, Colombia; Quito, Ecuador; Lima, Peru; Buenos 
Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and 
Caracas, Venezuela. Stan says if his money lasts after re- 
turning to Miami, he'll head for Puerto Rico or San Juan, 
making a total of 30 days. ..Clerk TIM HALL just returned 
from a one-week vacation in San Francisco, California. He 
said he really enjoyed the time away. . . Operator BRENT 
HANDSPIKE and his wife, ETHEL, are jumping with joy at 
the arrival of their new baby girl, BRHONDA, weighing 6 
pounds 3 ounces. ..Superintendent JOHN LYNCH took a two- 



March 31 (or DENISE and 
Lansing Presbyterian 

church. The bride is the 
GER, typist I at South 
Shops and Tronsit News 

week working vacation, moving into a new home. . . Chie: 
Clerk ARNOLD HILLSTROM had three weeks— "Didn't dc 
nothing, didn't go nowhere. "..Man-power Clerk BILL RI- 
DELL had three weeks that started on Easter Sunday — it'i 
all over now. Bill. . . Sometimes you win, sometimes yoi 
lose. This time we lost. Janitors, that is: C. MONCRIEFI 
won: LARRY PAGE and LEE LANEHAM. . . By now tht 
baseball team is in full swing. Your reporter, JOHN LI, 
HUDSON, is coach, and the team is managed by Operators 
ROBERT RILEY and JOHN REYNOLDS. So come on out or 
Sunday morning and give some support !.. For the first time 
in the history of CTA the repair department had a systen 
pick. This resulted in losing some old friends that we hac 
worked with for years. We welcome new additions to 52nc 
from other garages and campaign areas... GUS PAVELKA 
day foreman, picked his vacation in July to attend his armj 
reunion with World War U buddies. ..HOSEA JOHNSON, as- 
sistant foreman, picked August to go to points unknown... 
DORSEY GARNER, clerk, will go to East St. Louis to picl 
up his mother and journey south to her birthplace... On sick 
leave at present are L. AVERY, who is confined to a hos- 
pital, S. CRAWFORD, and R. TURNER. 


So, some of you fellows missed our column in the last 
issue of Transit News. Glad to hear that you noticed that 
and 1 hope now you will drop a little news in my mail box... 
Received a nice postcard from Pensioner J. DAVIDSON 
from Tombstone, Arizona. . . CHARLEY (Drawbars) HOL- 
LAND is now using his police influence on poor FRALE. 
Can't get blood from a turnip, Charley. By the way, Frale 
says he can see his way clear to get married again, now 
that he can use the club room as a hall and we bring our 
own food and drink... 1 would like to welcome all the new 
men who came to 69th Street on the system pick, and wist 
those who left the best of luck. We have a great team here 
starting with Superintendent G. D. PEYTON, the station 
instructors, all the way to the men in the garage. ..M. A. 
McLOUD Jr., formerly of 69th, is one of the finest super- 
visors in the entire system and does a fine job. . . TOM 
O'SHEA bought a condominium in Boca Raton, Florida. ..The 
Gout Club was observed comparing medication. Trying to 
get in the act were Superintendent Peyton and F. ROONEY 
asking for a supply of gout pills. ..RAY CARSON, former 


;lerk at 69th, is now working in the Insurance Department 
in the Mart...G. E. MELANDER, R. D. GREEN and Opera- 
:or STEVENS are all hospitalized at this writing. Hope you 
ire all back and well when you read this... Retired Instruc- 
CROSS, the sister of Operator PRICE, died, and J. DAN- 
ELS lost his wife after a long illness. To all their fami- 
ies and loved ones we extend our deepest sympathy... G. P. 
HARPER went on pension March 1. Best of luck and a 
lealthy, happy retirement are wished for you. ..Have you 
bellows noticed my new look? Watch me smile, boys, your 
icribe has new choppers. ..It is really something to hear 
WUKE BARRIS and F. C. STAWINSKl greet each other at 
I A.M. ..Box Puller McGOWAN, "the fastest key at the 
vaults", retired June 1. What wUl ED TEERNEY, the 
japerman, do without you.. .Believe it or not, ROY HORN- 
NG, the Hollywood Kid, told DAKE he didn't want any more 
charters. ..EARL WATSON is now back at work after being 
)£f sick. Good health to you, Earl...R. GREEN was opera- 
;ed on and will probably have to stand up for awhile.. .GENE 
HOWE is commuting to the Texas Gulf, keeping an eye on 
^s property there.. .IRENE HAMMERSCHMIDT, the daugh- 
OURRANT on June 30 at St. Bedes church. . . En route to 
:<orea, CLINTON LEWIS, the son of Operator JOE LEWIS, 
was killed. Our sincere sympathy is extended to Joe and 
lis family. ..OTIS PEARS' mother passed away in Missis- 
sippi, and ESTELL BERZEK, the wife of Pensioner WAL- 
TER BERZEK, passed away. To their families, we at 69th 
extend our deepest sympathy... B. E. JOHNSON has taken 
ois pension and is now the owner of Barney's Tap, 3350 W. 
55th street. Best of luck, and save me a beer. ..Pensioner 
iVALTER NORTON was a passenger on my bus and he cer- 
tainly looks good. He says hello to all his pals.. .Pension- 
er HARPER was operated on recently and is now feeling 
■:ine.. .Would you believe that ED BERENS and his dog get 
heir haircuts with the same clipper and for one price?.. I 
TOnder if HARVEY BROCK will catch his first fish this 
/ear, even if it is a carp... From the repair section JIM 
\HERN reports that CARL ASCHENBREMMER took his 
jension. Carl was a carpenter for many years... We also 
leard from ELMER COBEILLE, retired transportation 
;lerk, who took a trip out west. ..BILL RYAN is doing well 
>n pension, as is TOM TOOMEY who now resides in Colo- 
rado. Many happy, healthy years to all our retirees. . . 
5ABIT0WSKI are on vacation at this time. Hope they en- 
loyed it. ..We extend our sympathy to WALTER CICIURA 
ivho lost his brother recently. ..It's good to see BERNARD 
work after their illness. . . Pensioner EDDIE GAYNOR 
laid us a visit and looks good. Congratulations to his son, 
3ILL, who was recently elected clerk of Orland Park.. .We 
vere saddened to hear of the death of Retired Janitor MAR- 
TIN RONAN; Pensioner JOE CUCI, formerly of the Track 
Department; the mother of Repairman BILL McCRAY; the 
)rother of JIM CASEY, and the father of ANDREW JONES, 
fo their families we extend our deepest sympathy. . . To 
General Foreman TIM RIORDAN who retired on March 1, 
Ve wish you many happy, healthy years of pensioned life. 
VJid to all our retirees we wish them the same. ..Good luck 
ind Godspeed to all those who transferred to other ga- 
■ages, and the same wish to those who came to 69th in their 
)lace. . . Congratulations to LOUIS BLAUGH who came to 
i9th as relief foreman, and to TERRY SHORT and TEDDIE 
^lEZABITOWSKI who came as repairman... On vacation are 
A. BARNEY, R. GRAGIDO and R. BOSCO. Hope they have 


a good time fishing... Thanks to all who participated in the 
St. Patrick's day parade, in spite of the inclement weather. 
My daughter, MARGARET, was runner-up as "Queen of 
St. Patrick's Day". We hope everyone had a good time. 


The 77th Street Credit Union is sponsoring a free base- 
ball ticket drawing for its members. Those members de- 
positing $40 or more in their shares beginning April 2, 
1973, will receive a ticket for the drawing for free box 
seat tickets to a White Sox game. As of this writing the 
lucky winners are T. ROBINSON, D. SCOTT, E. GARRETT, 
SPENCER, J. LARRY, and W. COLEMAN. Congratulations 
all, and an added thanks to 77th Street Credit Union Presi- 
dent NEAL KINNISH and board members for making the 
drawing possible... The world is always in need of another 
beautiful girl, and so we welcome the birth of NOTRIE 
HOSETTE SCOTT, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH 
E. SCOTT, born February 20. Congratulations and best 
wishes to the Scotts... Congratulations are in order for Op- 
erator CHARLES CLARK and his lovely wife, GERALDINE, 
upon the March 21 arrival of fullback MICHAEL A. CLARK 
weighing 10 pounds 8 ounces. WOW!.. Operator and Mrs. 
BAILEY are doubly proud having two fine sons graduating 
in June, STEWART and FRANKIE. Congratulations! ..Re- 
turning from an extended leave earlier this year. Operator 
SAM FAVRE once again joins the ranks of the operating 
employees. Welcome back, Sam, Port au Prince, Haiti, 
must have been beautiful this time of year. ..Smelt fisher- 
man ED MROZEK informed this reporter that he's pre- 
paring for his late spring fishing trip to Wisconsin. The 
big ones that got away last year had better watch out this 
year. Lots of luck, Ed. . . The fabulous Wheelers Social 
Club, headed by president DAVID L. DURDEN and others, 
staged their extravaganza at the Palmer House, Saturday, 
May 12... The CTA Bowling League held its 1973 banquet 
May 4 at the Palisade Bowl. It was a well-deserved affair, 
they had a good year... Operator BOOKER BYERS and his 
wife are bursting with pride and rightly so. Their daughter, 
ELLEN, has received straight A's in her studies at Brad- 
ley university. Right on, Ellen; keep on pushing.. .Operator 
ANTON DRELLE is looking forward to going on pension 
next month. But after giving it some thought he quickly 
added maybe, maybe not. Well, whichever way it turns out, 
the best of luck to Mr. Drelle...It is with deep sympathy 
that I report the loss of Board Member E. GRESHAM's 
brother. Mr. Gresham informed this reporter that he 
would like to thank his fellow operators and friends who 
made donations and attended the funeral... Our condolences 
are also extended to JOHN DeGROAT in the loss of his son, 
JOHN Jr., and to Operator CECIL H. SIGGERS who lost his 
lovely wife. ..Well, it's spring again, and that means base- 
ball. At 77th, Softball is the name of the game. Team Cap- 
tain R. PEEL has stated our team is shaping up very well, 
and that this year as in past years, first place is the objec- 
tive. I know we have the best players in the league, so let's 
put it all together and make it the best team in the league... 
Our 77th Street Transit News mailbox is still attached to 
the west wall inside the depot. Use it for news items about 
you and your family. ..So long for now. 

- AUii(ui Ve SoHKctt 

\/IAY-JUNE, 1973 


Announce ISC-ESC standings 
for 1st quarter of 1973 


Surface System 

1st Limits 

2nd Kedzie 
3rd Lawndale 
4th Archer 
5th Beverly 
6th 52nd Street 

7th 69th Street 
8th 77th Street 
9th Forest Glen 
10th North Avenue 
11th Keeler 
12th North Park 

Rapid Transit System 

1st Kimball 

2nd Douglas 
3rd Forest Park 
4th Congress 
5th Howard 

6th Ashland 
7th Dan Ryan 
8th Jefferson Park 
9th 61st Street 


Surface Garage Competition 

1st Beverly 

2nd 52nd Street 
3rd Archer 
4th Limits 
5th Keeler 
6th North Avenue 

7th Kedzie 
8th 69th Street 
9th 77th Street 
10th North Park 
11th Lawndale 
12th Forest Glen 

Rapid Transit Maintenance Terminal Competition 

1st Dan Ryan 

2nd Forest Park 
3rd Congress, 
54th, Foster 

4th Kimball 
5th Wilson, 

Howard, Linden 
6th 61st, Racine 

Shops Competition 

1st South Shops 2nd Skokie Shop 




*ni™ 1 — imrnnmr-;; — ^nc;» ^''.-^ nDBMLJU-//JgilUr 

• Bus routes 
■ Rapid transit route 
and stations 

25C fare, free transfers 

Evanston subsidizes 
bus service on 
4 new CTA routes 

FOUR NEW CTA bus routes and the Evanston rapid 
transit route were combined to form a transit network 
serving the entire City of Evanston starting Monday, 
September 10. 

Evanston has been without bus service since April 
24 due to a strike by employees of the Evanston Bus 
company. On August 20 the Evanston City Council ap- 
proved the new bus routes and authorized CTA to op- 
erate the services. By underwriting financial losses 
incurred up to the amount of $300,000 annually, Evan- 
ston became the first Chicago suburb to subsidize 
public transportation. 

The basic fare on all five Evanston services is 
251;^, which includes a free transfer for a combination 
of rides using buses or bus and rapid transit services 
anywhere within Evanston. AU passengers must pay 
251?, except CTA employees who ride free. Through 
riders using rapid transit to Chicago pay 25(^ on 
buses, the regular 75i;^ when boarding southbound 
trains within Evanston, and 45i? when starting the 
northbound return trip within Chicago. Riders using 
connecting buses at Howard street pay 25^ in Evans- 
ton and the regular 45(;* fare in Chicago (SSi;* with a 

All four bus routes operate six days a week, Mon- 
day through Saturday. Service on routes 201, 202 and 
203 operates from about 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. with 

buses every 15 minutes in weekday rush hours, eve 
20 minutes during mid-day Saturday and every ) 
minutes at all other times. Service on route 204 (• 
erates from about 7:45 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. with bus 1 
every 15 minutes during weekday rush hours ili 
every 60 minutes at all other times. Routings dep • 
ted on the map above are as follows: 

201 Central-Grant operates to and from Centr; 
Crawford providing two-way service in a loop ' 
Central, Sherman, Noyes, Green Bay, Grant ai 

202 Emerson-Dempster operates clockwise in a k 1 
via Church, Grey, Emerson, Asbury, Church, Chicai, 
Dempster and Pitner; counterclockwise in a loop'. 
Church, Pitner, Dempster, Chicago, Davis, Asbu;, 
Emerson and Hartrey. 

203 Main-Oakton operates from South Boulevard ' ' 
station via Oakton, Dodge and Main to a loop via C ■ 
cago. South Boulevard, Sheridan and Main. 

204 Dodge operates from Howard via Asbury, 0: ■ 
ton. Dodge, Simpson, Bridge, McCormick and Grei 
Bay to Central. 

The Evanston rapid transit operates 24 hours da 
between Howard street, Chicago, and Linden aven'. 
Wilmette; however, the 25i;! local fare applies only 
stations from South Boulevard to Central, inclusive 


ii Woodlawn area 

Break ground for substation 
to power North-South "L" 

(CA CHAIRMAN Milton Pikarsky along with representatives of The Woodlawn Organization (TWO) on July 18 
larticipated in a ground-breaking ceremony for a new electrical substation in the Woodlawn area at 862 East 
63rd street. Addressing those in attendance in the picture at right, Chairman Pikarsky is also shown in the 
I picture at left turning the first shovel of dirt with the aid of (from left) TWO President E. Duke McNeill, 
TWO Chairman Andrew Smith, TWO Housing Committee Chairman Edward Grady, Mr. Pikarsky, and Sen- 
ator Cecil Partee (26th). Looking on are Representative Lewis Caldwell (24th), Alderman Leon Despres 
(5th Ward), Representative James Taylor (26th), Chicago Urban Transportation District Trustee Pastora 
Cafferty, and Manja Miles, administrative assistant to Representative Robert Mann (24th). 
"This project is especially significant because it is part of 
the Affirmative Action Program in which contractors have 
agreed to hire area residents for the work," said Pikarsky. 

The general contractor for the substation building is G. H. 
Halm Construction company. The cost of the substation is about 
$726,000 with one-third being provided by the Illinois Depart- 
ment of Transportation and the balance by the Urban Mass 
Transportation Administration of the U.S. Department of 

"Our relations vwth The Woodlawn Organization have cer- 
tainly made us feel welcome in the area," said Pikarsky. "This 
facility has been designed with the community in mind and when 
it is completed, I know that you will be proud of the product of 
our combined efforts. The substation will serve a function not 
unlike the heart within the human body. It will provide elec- 
tricity, the lifeblood of a rapid transit system, to keep trains 

"In turn, public transportation provides opportunities for 
people in Woodlawn and surrounding communities to get to 
1] work, to enjoy recreational activities, and to continue their 

•] education. A substation is more than brick and mortar. It is 

indeed, an essential part of the total CTA system and necessary 
for a viable community and in turn a viable Chicago metro- 
politan area," added Pikarsky. 

The new substation with remote control operation will re- 
place antiquated equipment housed in a Commonwealth Edison 
building at 62nd and Cottage Grove. 

'iLY-AUGUST, 1973 

ON OUR COVER: 'L'ephant Special-new 10C shuttle to Lincoln Park 

A NEW 10<? shuttle bus service called the 'L'ephant 
Special began operating weekends between Lincoln 
Park and the Fullerton 'L' station on Saturday, 
August 11. Riders on the first buses were greeted by 
the Lincoln Park Zoo residents pictured on our cover, 
chimpanzees Jo-Jo and Henry. 

According to CTA Chairman Milton Pikarsky, th 
new low-fare shuttle service is being offered to mafc 
visiting Lincoln Park easier and to encourage moi 
people to enjoy the many activities and amusement! 
available there. In addition to the world-famous zoc' 
the shuttle bus serves the following points of intere, 
identified on the map: (1) Theatre-on-the-Lak; 
(2) Conservatory; (3) Cafe Brauer; (4) Farm in tlj 
zoo; (5) Augustana hospital; (6) Grant hospital; ('[ 
Children's Memorial hospital; (8) McCormick Thee' 
logical seminary; (9) Fullerton Branch library, ai 
(10) DePaul university. 

Buses operate every 10 minutes between 9 a.m. aa 
7 p.m. on weekends over the route shown. The fai, 
for those using just the shuttle bus is lO*;!. Persoi 
transferring to or from other CTA services pay tl 
55^ fare and request a transfer. 

For CTA pensioners only: the "hot line"-(312) 467-6033 

AS AN added convenience for CTA pensioners, a new 
"hot line" was recently opened direct to the CTA Pen- 
sion Section according to Retirement Plan Secretary 
W. A. Ashley. 

The "hot line" enables retired CTA personnel to 
dial direct and thereby avoid placing calls through the 

busy CTA switchboard. For information regarding t)' 
Retirement Plan call (area code 312) 467-6033. 

Calls for information regarding other services ; 
pensioners, such as insurance, hospitalization, ridii^ 
cards, etc., must be made through the regular Cli 
number— (312) 664-7200. 

Supervisory personnel attend 

CTA Management Institute 

FORTY-FIVE CTA employees representing ten de- 
partments recently attended the first CTA Manage- 
ment Institute at the invitation of General Manager T. 
B. O'Connor. 

The Institute consisted of weekly eight-hour ses- 
sions over a ten-week period starting May 7. To en- 
sure equal opportunity for participation, the group 
was broken into three sections of 15 each which met 
on consecutive Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. 

Participants were familiarized with the latest in 
management techniques through the use of films, case 

studies, and group discussion. The primary emphasi 
of the Institute centered on the application of managii 
ment principles. i 

The Institute included a wide range of manageme 
topics including the responsibility and authority 
management, motivation, leadership, employee rel 
tions, training and communicating, performance r 
views and evaluation, and problem solving. Sessio 
were also devoted to problems and procedures with 
various CTA departments and included tours of t. 
General Office as well as Shops & Equipment, Tran 
portation and Engineering Department locations. 

Participants hailed the Management Institute 
being enlightening, informative, and time well spe: 
CTA will be conducting the CTA Management Institi 
on a regular basis. . 

New appointments announced 

BULLETINS WERE issued recently announcing the 
appointment of seven CTA employees to new posts 
within the Transportation Department. 

Effective July 1, E. J. Heatter was named district 
superintendent of Operations Control and the follow- 
ing assumed new positions at rapid transit operating 
stations: South Section Superintendent S. C. Christ, 
Forest Park & Jefferson Park Assistant Superintend- 

ent R. Suta, and North Section Relief Superintended 
D. T. Martin. 

Effective August 1 the following assumed new poi 
at surface system operating stations: Kedzie Stati 
Superintendent W. H. Chamberlain, North Avenue St 
tion Assistant Superintendent J. P. McEvilly, a' 
Lawndale Station Acting Superintendent F. J. Vitek. 

The appointments were made by Superintendent 
Transportation D. M. Flynn and approved by Open 
ing Manager G. Krambles. i 


HVE SUGGESTERS, all employees at South Shops, were simultaneously presented cash awards totalling $920 (or their suggestions which 
ire adopted recently. Pictured here (from left) with CTA supervisory personnel, the suggestors and dollar amounts of their individuol 
lards include: Superintendent of Job Classification R. J. Ruzich, Ted Pietrus ($150), Alfred Haas ($150), Maurice O'Connor ($150), 
iberintendent of Shops & Equipment G. J. Clark, John Tarczewski ($350), Woyne Staples ($120), and Operating Manager G. Krambles. 

Suggesters reap $2,275 for adopted ideas 

eiGGESTION AWARDS totalling $2,275 were approved 
CjTing the first half of 1973 according to E. E. Olm- 
Esad, chairman of the Executive Decision Committee 
c the Employee Suggestion Plan. Paid to individual 
Eiployees in amounts of from $10 to $350, the break- 
dwn of awards for 64 adopted suggestions is as 


■ ■ One award of $350 

I ■ One award of $450 split three ways 

I ■ Three awards of from $120 to $225 

'[ m Fourteen awards of from $15 to $45 

■ Sixty-three $10 gift certificates 

Winning all of the three-figure cash awards were 
Sops & Equipment Department employees assigned 
tf South Shops. The largest single award ($350) was 
v'n by John Tarczewski. Splitting a $450 award three 
vys were joint suggestors Alfred Haas, Maurice 
CConnor and Ted Pietrus. Also winning a $150 award 
ws Frank Sprovieri. Wayne Staples won a $120 
aard for his adopted idea. 

Other cash award winners include Herman Johnson 
o' the Engineering Department Track Division who 
wn $45 and the following $25 award winners: from 
tl General Office, John Hoffman of Travel Informa- 
tia and Herbert Schomer of Internal Auditing, and 
fim Shops & Equipment Gary Olsen of Skokie Shop. 
To $15 cash award winners were Alan Hall and Rob- 
e: McCabe, both of S&E at North Avenue Garage. 

.Seven employees also received cash awards of $25 
e:ih for having a second suggestion adopted within a 
oii-year period: General Office— John Billis of the 
Amounting Department, Regina Daren (recipient of 
tVi $25 awards) of the Medical Department, and Mary 
J'le Johnson of Payroll Accounting. Shops & Equip- 
ant— Louis Alleva of South Shops, Terrance Muellner 

of 69th Street Garage, and David Passarella of Skokie 
Shop. Transportation— Sidney Edwards of South Sec- 
tion rapid transit. 

In addition to their cash awards, gift certificates 
worth $10 at Jewel/Osco/Turnstile stores were pre- 
sented to each of the above suggestors and also to the 
following 41 employees: Louis Alleva, James Cer- 
venka, Vernon Howe, John Kalinowski, Mario Mariano, 
Edward Meskimen, Maurice O'Connor, Jerome Pavel, 
Henry Peterson, Juan Sinclair, Wayne Staples and Bill 
Tetyk, all of South Shops; Michael Healy, David Pas- 
sarella (winner of two gift certificates), Thomas Tor- 
rey, Jim Zazula and William Zimos, all of Skokie 
Shop; Steven Butler of Racine Rapid Transit Mainte- 
nance Terminal; Roger Clemens of Archer Garage; 
Clarence Forbes of 77th Street Garage; Ernest Guedel 
of Lamon School; Arthur Lowder of Forest Glen Ga- 
rage, and Thomas Rafferty of Kedzie Garage. Gen- 
eral Office— John Billis of the Accounting Department; 
Regina Daren (winner of two gift certificates) of the 
Medical Department; Rita Krueger of the Insurance 
Department; George Laica of Internal Auditing; Jos- 
eph Sabol of Schedule-Traffic; Marjorie Schintz of the 
Claim Department; Olivia Thompson of Reproduction 
Services, and William Winters of Traffic Planning. 
Transportation-rapid transit— Minnie Dikeman, Pat- 
rick Mclnerney, J. R. McLane and Harold Thurbush, 
all of the West Section; Lemuel Kemp of the South 
Section, and Donald Liberko of the North Section. 
Transportation-surface— Arnold Hillstrom of 52nd 
Street Station and Leo Stern of North Park Station. 
Electrical— Richard Gavrys of the Signal Division. 
Stores— John Springer of South Shops. 

Another cash award winner was William Rafferty 
of S&E, South Shops, who was presented a $225 sup- 
plemental award on his suggestion adopted last year. 

I\LY- AUGUST, 1973 

WANT TO cut your medical bills? Like most other 
living expenses, the price you pay for medical care 
has been rising in recent years. Wages, food costs, 
clothing and automobiles in many instances have in- 
creased even more than medical costs. Hospital ex- 
penses account for the greatest increase in medical 

In a recent article by the American Medical As- 
sociation they list several common ways you can 
stretch your medical dollar. 

One of the most important steps is for the family 
head to evaluate his insurance status. By that I mean 
he should determine what health insurance he is eli- 
gible for. His age group has much to do with pre- 
miums and insurance income. 

As you all know, after 65 Medicare will pay a good 
part of your hospital and doctor bills. There are 
certain limitations, but generally speaking it is well 
to be covered by Medicare, Space does not permit a 
detailed discussion of the benefits of various insur- 
ance policies here. 

Briefly, there are two parts to the Medicare cov- 
erage: Part A has to do with hospital coverage; Part 
B is voluntary and helps to pay doctor bills and for 
medical supplies not covered by Part A. Your local 
Social Security Office can help you enroll for Medi- 

If you are under 65 it is wise to buy enough health 
insurance to protect you and your family in case of 
prolonged illness or injury. Unfortunately, too many 
people insure against minor illnesses, disregarding a 
long-term serious illness. 

The Chicago Transit Authority Group Hospital, 
Surgical and Major Medical Program provides excel- 
lent coverage for persons under age 65. The program 
insures employees against minor illnesses and long- 
term serious illnesses. For information regarding 
eligibility or coverage refer to your Group Policy 
Booklet and Certificate of Insurance or contact the 
CTA Insurance Department. 

Volume XXVI 


Number 4 

Published bi-monthly by and for employees of the Chicago 
Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public 
Iciformotion Department. 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 

Mel Alexander, Editodal Assistant 

C. William Baxa, Director of Public Information 

Distributed free of chorge to all active and retired CTA 
employees. Annual subscription price to others, $2.00. 
Address communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, P.oom 
742, Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

The following suggestions will help to cut you 
medical expenses: 

1. Have a family doctor: select him carefull* 
based on his reputation in the community, the type o 
practice he has, his hospital association and privi 
leges and his availability. Be sure you are comfort' 
able with him and trust his judgment. Don't hesitati 
to ask your doctor about his fees. This will result i. 
a good mutual understanding. 

2. Arrange for regular checkups. Detection of a' 
illness in its early stage may reduce the duration c 
the illness and the number of doctor visits, and there| 
by the medical costs. 

3. Don't wait too long to call the doctor. Remeni 
her "a stitch in time may save nine." 

4. Go to the doctor's office: house calls are mon' 
expensive and less efficient. With his office equip 
ment and trained staff he is able to make a muci 
better examination. 

5. Use the telephone: this will save you money ai 
makes good medical sense. Your family doctor a. 
ways has your medical record available. Consequen 
ly, he can frequently advise you over the phone f(, 
minor health problems. If it is something serious 1 
will most likely arrange an office or hospital appoin' 

6. Follow your doctor's orders: you might 1 
surprised to know how many people don't. For ei 
ample, if he tells you to take off weight, exercise aij 
take certain medicine — you should do it. If you don 
you are wasting your money. 

7. Buy your drugs carefully. 

8. Take allowable tax deductions. Doctor bill 
hospital and drug bills beyond certain percentages 
your income may be claimed as deductions for t 
purposes. Medical expenses for senior citizens, wh 
paid for by their children can be deducted by t 
younger citizens. 

9. Don't waste your money on "quack cures." T 
American Medical Association estimates that Amei 
cans spend more than two billion dollars each year 
quacks and quack products. When in doubt ask yo 
family doctor. 

10. Finally, stay healthy. It is the best way 
hold down medical expenses. To a certain extent yo 
health is determined by the kind of life you live, 
try to avoid excess of all kinds and mix proper re 
reation with your work. This will help your doctor 
head off emergencies. 

By following these suggestions you will spend le 
for medical care and get more mileage out of yo 
medical dollar. 


lervice anniversaries in 


35 years 

W. Malmquist, Track & Structures 

30 years 

.. Batina. Schedule-Traffic 

,. M. Brzeczek, Rapid Transit Terminals 

'. F. Collopy, 77th Street 

. Durfee, Forest Glen 

. Dvorak, Lawndale 

. 0. Frey, North Avenue 

. R. Gosick, South Shops 

. F. Gill, Building Maintenance Division 

. A. Grezlik, North Avenue 

. Meer, North Section 

, M. Mendyk, Utility & Emergency Service 

, G. Reich, Forest Glen 

. P. Robe, South Shops 

1 J. Staunton, Building Wiring Division 

s J. Tool, Power Operations 

. P. Walsh, Archer 

'. H. Weiss, North Avenue 

25 years 

D. Bolandls, Building Maintenance Division 
W. Blix, North Avenue 

J. Bobko, South Shops 

P. Brennan, Forest Glen Garage 

L. A. Brubach, North Park 

R. A. Buege, Forest Glen 

W. Cooper, 69th Street Garage 

G. D. Ephgrave, Beverly 

J. Glynn, Archer Garage 

R. Grod, 77th Street 

G. J. Gullery, Skokie Shop 

F. Higgins, 69th Street 

J. lacono. District C 

E. F. Kendzierski, North Avenue Garage 
H. V. Koepeke, Limits 

S. J. Majka, Building Maintenance Division 
P. J. Maroncelli, West Section 
E. McDonnell, Limits Garage 

E. A. Mrozek, 77th Street 
J. R. Miller, Forest Glen 

F. J. Neubouer, North Avenue 
W. T. O'Brien, 69th Street 

W. Odom, 77th Street 

P. O'Shea, Electrical Distribution 

P. O'Sullivon, South Shops 

T. Rowlings, 77th Street 

W. Schneider, North Park 

F. T. Sloter, West Section 

E. Turner, Archer 


iS years 

A. Sumo, 

iCampaign Area 

40 years 

L. C. Burns, 


35 years 

W. Unwin, 

Insurance & Pensions 

30 years 

F. AdelizzI, Reol Estate 

R. 1. Apitz, Limits 

W. Bonicki, Power Operations 

V. A. Bowman, General Accounting 

R. Dolke, Forest Glen 

M. E. Hovlik, Electrical Engineering 

J. Kocolowski, 77th Street 

F. J. Koss, Electrical Distribution 

R. H. Kramer, 69th Street 

J. Krzok, North Avenue 

D. P. Popo, Lawndale 

J. Poponek, North Avenue 

F. M. Portlpilo, Forest Glen 

H. F. Prosser, West Section 

W. J. Steinbeiss, Instruction-Surface 

G. J. Zastresek, Archer 

ii5 years 



M. Fahey, Rapid Transit District-North 


D. Oddo, Plant Equip. Maint. 


P. Henry, Training & Public So 



H. Parker, 77th Street 


Jacobs, Forest Glen Garage 


C. Parr, South Shops 

HL. Beoty Jr., 77th Street 


F. Joglo, South Section 


Peters, North Park 

^F. Blume, North Avenue 


S. Kazmiercz, Limits 


Pletrowski, West Section 

J A. Chunowitz, Investigation & Claims 


Keone, Mech. Maint. Division 


E. Ruroede, Skokie Shop 

J E. Chwistek, Power Operations 


Kivlehan, South Shops 


C. Rusakiewicz, Civil Engineering 

LH. Collins, 77th Street 


Leibovitz, West Section 


R. SmolinskI, 69th Street Garage 

MCunnone, South Section 


Mimms, Investigation & Claims 


A. Stochovic, Archer 

SjL. Donk, West Section 


J. Nolly, South Shops 


C. Staudt, Rapid Transit Signal Div. 

C|A. Draper, North Avenue Garage 


P. Nichols, 77th Street 


G. Uginchus, 77th Street Garage 

R|L. Eichelberger, North Section 


Motyko, Beverly 


H. Vernon, CTA Security 

JIY- AUGUST, 1973 


ACCOUNTING (General) - 

Your scribe is proud and happy to announce her engage- 
ment to Mr. CHARLES WEIER. The wedding date has been 
set for January 19, 1974. ..Good luck to CHUCK DAVIS who 
left CTA recently for another position; and to ESTHER 
ERMANN who resigned to become a full-time housewife... 
A warm welcome is extended to MAUREEN DORGAN, tem- 
porary file clerk, who has joined us for the summer 
months. ..Our condolences to JEAN WRIGHT in the death of 
her mother, and to BILL ROMAN in the death of his father. 

- ;7««V ^«« 

(Payroll) - 

STANLEY MAILUCK, payroll accountant, and his wife 
were on the move again to one of their favorite areas, the 
Smoky Mountains, where the rhododendron grow so lovely 
in the spring. They looked at some lake property on their 
trip, and it would not be surprising if they planned to settle 
there some day. . . Our deepest sympathy is extended to 
MARGE ORGAN upon the loss of her mother, Mrs. MARIE 
ORGAN, who passed away June 14. ..DORIS YOST became a 
grandmother for the third time when PEGGY and LEO 
PARISEAU welcomed another baby boy into their household. 
BRIAN PARISEAU arrived at Great Lakes Naval hospital 
June 18 weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces. Doris proudly showed 
us a picture of her and Brian when he was just four days 
old.. .Your scribe took advantage of a spring vacation and 
made short trips to Three Lakes, Wisconsin, and Sandusky, 
Ohio. The foliage looked so fresh and green and the dog- 
wood was beautiful in full bloom. We considered ourselves 
very fortunate that we were not in the path of a tornado 
which caused a great deal of damage in Ohio on May 10... 
DOROTHY NYCZAK and her family spent another delightful 
vacation at their favorite spot. Saddle Island, Michigan. 
The time always flies so fast when things are enjoyable, 
and Dorothy said the vacation seemed like just one day. 


Congratulations to JOE WILL, our new day superintend- 
ent who replaced GEORGE EVANS who retired on June 1... 
F. ZEIGER is our new night superintendent. We hope Mr. 
Evans will enjoy "the golden years", and all the men from 
Beverly wish him good luck, health and prosperity. We 
couldn't have had a finer boss. ..Pensioners BOB GRAY and 
MEL STOLET are living in Arkansas. .. Pensioner BILL 
RADLOFF of Florida should write to ED DUNNIT, his 
neighbor in Chicago... We express our sympathy to the fam- 
ily of PETE SPOO of the 69th Street Station. 

liuK "DmUU & ,4'>u>4 'Psitn 


We would like to extend a big welcome to FRANK DRISH 
who transferred from the Shops and Equipment Department. 
It's nice having you here, Frank, and we hope you're not 
sorry about transferring. Frank started out right by taking 

a two-week vacation. He flew to New York where he joine 
some of his relatives for camping and a little R&R...Chie 
BOB MILLER also took a vacation — a "honey-do" vacatior 
He and Bud just stayed home and did the spring cleaning.. 
Sergeant BOBBY GENE CULBERTSON drove out West o 
his vacation. He spent six days with his son, ROBERT, i 
Las Vegas. Other places visited were: the Rain Forest 
Redwood National Forest, San Francisco, Los Angeles 
Disneyland and the Grand Canyon. He spent three days i 
Colorado where he went on a sightseeing ski ride, and als 
visited Four Corners where you can see four differer 
states at one time, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizo' 
na...The department would like to extend their sympathy t 
the family of former Lieutenant MANLEY (Matt) HOWE i 
the death of his wife, LUCILLE. Matt, to our dismay, re 
tired from our department after working with us for 1 
years... Sergeant CHUCK BERGLUND has moved his troo 
to Elk Grove Village. Best wishes. Chuck, to you and CAR 
OLYN at your new location... Sergeant TOM SULZER's so' 
re-enlisted and was assigned to sea duty on a submarin 
tender based in Spain. What a job!..l would like at thii 
time to welcome my brother, JOHN FLYNN, to the com' 
pany. He is working at Howard Street — more Irish Power 
..Sergeant CHUCK RIMMELE's wife, PHYLLIS, had one c 
the best Mother's days ever. On May 13 she delivered a 
pound 11 ounce boy, JASON. To say the least. Chuck is i 
little exuberant as this is his first boy. Best wishes to a 
the Rimmeles... Sergeant CHUCK BERGLUND had a reunio 
with an old army buddy not long ago after 13 years. Chuc 
and his wife, CAROLYN, took a one-week vacation to Juai 
rez, Mexico. They visited some old friends In El Paso 
Texas, and went to the dog track while in Juarez. Chuck i 
also the proud owner of a 1973 Chrysler New Yorke' 
Brougham. It's regal blue with a midnight blue top ai- 
equipped with everything but the kitchen sink. ..During Eas 
ter week, Officer HARRY LAATSCH and his wife, BER^' 
ICE, went on a second honeymoon and took a tour of Floi 
ida with some friends. They drove through Venice, F 
Lauderdale and Miami among other places. Harry saidth 
water was beautiful but the fishing was terrible. On thews 
they drove through Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee. 
Clerk HOWARD PERRY also took a vacation during Easte' 
week. He stayed home and enjoyed the mere thought of dc 
ing nothing, while his daughter, NOREEN, was rompii 
around Florida with her high school band. 

- Pat "PtifHK 

ELECTRICAL (General Office) - 

Recently KEN MIKOTA, engineer of building mainte^ 
nance, and his wife took a Caribbean cruise aboard tl' 
luxury liner Carla C. Among the ports of call were S; 
Thomas, Trinidad, Martinique, Caracas and Curacao 
Netherlands Antilles. Just hearing of all these beautlf' 
places gives you the urge to book passage for the nej 
sailing date. . . BERNIE KIZIOR, stenographer, and KA' 
BATINA, Schedule Department, drove through Centr 
Florida. They visited Disney World, Cape Kennedy, Bus(/ 
Gardens, St. Augustine and Sarasota. They had a wondei< 
ful time even though their schedule was a busy one. ^ 



lEORGE MATEJOVSKY, supervisor of signal maintenance, 
nd his family drove to Missouri. They visited Six Flags 
ver Mid-America in Union, Missouri, took a ride on a 
'lississippi river boat, and went to the top of the Arch 
rhich is part of the Jefferson Expansion Memorial. The 
.ttle Matejovskys loved every minute of their vacation, but 
lie rides at Six Flags and air-conditioned waiting lines 
liade the biggest impression on them. ..JERRY GUTH, sig- 
al draftsman, joined five other fishermen for a week of 
shing at Nestor Falls, Canada. The walleye, bass and 
ortherns were really biting, and Jerry brought home a 
lood catch for his wife to fry... Condolences to DONALD 
/ALSH, chief testing engineer, whose mother passed away; 
Iso to the family of CARL W. WOLF, retired electrical 
ngineer, who passed away in June. ..A retirement dinner 
jr the retiring members of Local No. 134 was held Fri- 
ay, June 8, at the Diplomat restaurant. The four honored 
uests were BERNARD TOAL, substation operator, LEON- 
ilD DONOFRIO, substation chief operator, WILLL\M 
lARLSON, B maintainor in building and wiring, and WIL- 
iIAM POWELL, communications technician. A short 
peech was given by Operating Manager G. KRAMBLES. 
L. SANDBERG, electrical engineer, made the presentations 
the retirees. Local No. 134 was represented by business 
gents J. MOORE, L. CELENO and fellow members. Fath- 
X Donahue, Chicago Building Council chaplain, said grace 
lefore the great meal. Needless to say, everyone had a 
jreat time. 

Chicago Avenue) - 

I am sorry to report that CHARLIE KNUTSON won't be 
topping in to visit anymore. Charlie, who had retired as 
oreman of the line construction gang, passed away May 3. 
[e retired on July 1, 1971. ..BILL KURTIN has returned to 
fork after a three-month layoff. With some of the older 
pUows taking their pensions, we expect to see a few more 
pys back on the job. ..LUKE and PAT HOWE are grand- 
^rents again. This time it is a grandson, THOMAS ED- 
arents for the fifth time. Their daughter presented them 
fith another granddaughter. Charlie has been off for some 
^me and will be retiring shortly; we will have more on that 
IIKE RICKSON are familiar names in the Electrical De- 
artment because they are the sons of employees. Me- 
(links that they will get a good look at Chicago's subways 
^is summer, and the lights should be brighter down the 
^bes. . . GEORGE (Tarzan) COX dropped in for a visit, 
eorge is still on crutches, but he looks fine. Trees and 
reorge just don't get along.. .JACK HOBBS is in the hos- 
ital getting straightened out. 1 hear that he is doing fine... 
•OB MONSON has just a few days left to work. He is re- 
ring early and will soon be leaving for Louisiana where 
e plans to spend his retirement. Good luck, Bob. ..JACK 
I'RAZIER recently completed Red Cross training for basic 
nd advanced multi-media instructors. Jack is looking for 
dummy to practise on. Any volunteers ? 

- Sm TtuUcK 

[tapid Transit Signal Division) - 

Hello there! Glad to see you. I bet you're looking for 
ews about summer vacations and stuff like that. Well, so 
m I. Looks like both of us will have to wait. You see, all 
f our men get a late start on their summer vacations. 


had to call and tell every- 
one that my name is 
cently won the "Baby of 
the Month" award. My 
dad is Officer CHET 
Security, and my mom's 
name is JO. 

Traditionally, our fellows take advantage of the mild sum- 
mer weather to get their equipment shipshape after the long 
winter. Only a few of our guys are away at this time. And 
they're too busy enjoying it to talk about it. ..Another spring 
fishing trip comes to a close for FRANK HALPER, CLYDE 
DOBBYN and RICHARD VIETH. For two years now, these 
gallant fishermen have ushered in the fishing season with a 
full week fishing trip to Leech Lake at Walker, Minnesota. 
The men I talked with didn't boast of having made any unu- 
sual catches or breaking any records, but they had a very 
good trip. Their comfortable stay at the beautiful Forest- 
view Resort made this trip as close to perfect as one could 
expect... PETE SMITH, formerly with signal maintenance, 
has had a series of major illnesses and Is now going on 
disability. We understand he is now showing some signs of 
full recovery. All of the fellows here wish you the best of 
luck, Pete... Our sincere condolences to the family of Pen- 
sioner CHARLIE KNUTSON who passed away recently. He 
has been a friend of the signal department for a long time 
and will be greatly missed. ..Back again for another summer 
of "earn in the sun" are: MICHAEL HASTING, ROBERT 
ERY. Along with Foreman CHARLIE SEMON they make up 
the Electrical Department's paint gang. It's nice to have 
you guys back — make like an artist, you'll feel better. ..We 
must be doing something right in this department. New 
men keep coming all the time. Our newest additions are: 
W. ALBRECHT and A. COLI. Congratulations, men, and 
lots of luck... DENNIS DOBBYN, who underwent a minor op- 
eration, is now back on the job. You said you didn't miss 
him? Now that's not a nice thing to say ! Welcome back, 
er, what did you say your name was ? Oh yes, Dennis. ..Sig- 
nal Helper AL PELUSO was recently promoted to signal 
maintainor. While his promotion is to fill vacancies 
created by an expansion of the CTA signal system, it also 
means an increase in pay for Al, ROSE, and those twins 
born to them some time ago. Congratulations, Al, there 
are a lot of guys ahead of you, but none better... My partner, 
FRANK HALPER, at the time of this writing was recuper- 
ating nicely from a minor operation. He entered the hos- 
pital without my permission (I call it an escape). After all, 
with the 90 degree heat and all, I'm the one that's in the 
most misery. Get well soon, Frank, we have a lot of 
goodies waiting here for you... There are clear indications 
things are going exceptionally well with JERRY GUTH and 
PERCY ERVES. In the purse at least. Recently both of 
them went shopping. Jerry came back driving a Cadillac 
Eldorado while Percy came back towing a new 22-foot 

'ULY-AUGUST, 1973 

travel trailer. Jerry is up in Canada now getting better 
acquainted with his Caddy, while Percy will be putting him- 
self at the mercy of his home away from home later this 
summer. . . COY CAUSEY received a nasty cut on his leg 
when he became entangled with his power saw recently. 
After some stitches to close the woimd and a week or so off 
from work to think about it, he is as good as new... Local 
No. 9 of the IBEW recently gave 50-year pins to those men 
having 50 or more years of continuous membership with the 
union. Included in the line-up were some of our retired 
MESSER and TOM NOLTE (deceased). In the case of Mr. 
Nolte the pin was given to CHUCK NOLTE, Tom's son, who 
is also a member of No. 9. We congratulate this select 
group of youngsters. 

ENGINEERING (West Shops) - 

Our deepest sympathy is extended to JOSEPH SEDIVY, 
Frog Shop, in the loss of both his mother and his wife 
within a two-week period.. .PAUL and MARIE ANDERSON 
celebrated 37 years of wedded bliss. Congratulations to 
you both, and may you have many, many more happy years 
together.. .Congratulations to ED AMUNDSEN, ironworker, 
on becoming a grandfather for the first time. It was a boy. 
Babies are beautiful. . . "A pat on the back for a job well 
done" to E. P. WADE and his ironworkers on the Dan Ryan. 
..Clancy is his name, and he rules the roost at the home of 
E. P. Wade, ironworker general foreman. ..We bid a sad 
adieu to AL BOFFICE, student engineer, who went back to 
school and we welcome back JOHN HRONEK. It was nice 
knowing you, Al — study hard. Hope your stay will be a long 
one, John... From all reports a good time was had by all who 
came to the 11th annual retirement party on May 18 which 
was held In the Peacock Room. We saw many new faces, 
and the committee headed by TONY SPAK wishes to thank 
all of you for coming and hopes to see you again next year. 
Thanks to Mr. HALLAHAN and his group for some beauti- 
ful music. ..I would like to welcome back those returning 
from their vacations and wish the ones going a happy vaca- 
tion. Drive carefully, bring back lots of fish; I have my 
freezer empty and waiting. ..We would like to congratulate 
CONLEY DOWNING, the son of AL DOWNING, steamfitter, 
who was graduated from DeLaSalle Institute. Conley made 

CORNED BEEF and cabbage topped the menu this year just as 
it has in the past 26 years. As always, active and pensioned 
Electrical Department employees turned out in force to honor the 
year's retirees at their annual dinner held this year at the Diplo- 
mat restaurant. Three of the four pensioners honored ore pictured 
here. The group includes, left to right, Electrical Engineer A. 
SANDBERG, Pensioner B. TOAL, Power Engineer J. STEWART, 
Pensioners W. CARLSON and L. DONOFRIO, and Operating 
Manager G. KRAMBLES. 

quite a name for himself in basketball. He was a forward 
in his sophomore and junior years, and was guard in his 
senior year. He was voted MVP in his junior year. He 
represented DeLaSalle in the Catholic all-star game and 
tied as high scorer of the game. Conley 's efforts helped the 
North easily take the South in the all-star game. He has 
been involved in the Pep Club, intramurals and pep rallies. 
He ran a concession stand for the Father's Club Las Vegas 
Night. In his spare time, Conley teaches drums to under- 
privileged children for the Operation Impact Youth Organi- 
zation. During the summer Conley was in management 
training at Church's Chicken. This year Conley is starting 
as assistant manager at Church's and Conley's goal — a 
chain of restaurants. You know something — I know he'll do 

- "Katitf ^a6aiit & ^ouiU Scott 


EARL BOY'D, X-ray technician, together with his wife 
and family are spending their vacation in New York for a 
much-needed rest... Dr. B. PIERZYNSKI and his wife en- 
joyed a vacation in Wisconsin and riding the cable cars in 
San Francisco, California. . . Birthday greetings are being 
sent to DIANE PECORARO who celebrated July 28. 

(Office Services) - 

JOHN PHILLIPS, mail clerk, vacationed at the Wiscon-i 
sin Dells and received a nice sunburn. 

(Personnel) - 

The welcome mat is extended to GERALYN MILLER, 
KAREN SCHULTZ and JERRY TAPLING, our summer re- 
placements. . . Well, SUE MUCHA and her husband have 
finally moved into their new home in Glendale Heights, 
Illinois. At the same time an addition was made to the 
family, an 11-week old German shepherd-collie known as* 
Teddy Bear. Things are sure happening in that family... 
MARY ANN McMAHON and her husband moved into a new 
ranch home in Edgebrooke, where the elite reside. Con- 
gratulations and good luck to both of you. ..SUE HESS, to- 
gether with her girlfriends, flew to Hawaii for eight days 
and visited Pearl Harbor as well as the Don Ho show in 
Walkiki. She sure came back with a beautiful tan and can'ti' 
wait to go back next year... RITA HURLEY and her family 
flew to San Francisco, California, and visited Disneyland... 
The welcome mat was extended to JEAN KELLEHER.f 
clerk-stenographer. . . On May 24 MICHAEL RAYMOND 
FLEMING arrived at Evanston hospital weighing 6 pounds' 
1/2 ounce. He is the son of RAYMOND and PHYLLB' 
FLEMING. . . The welcome mat was extended to MARY- 
JOHNSON and JIM BLANCHARD. Mary is a new hire and- 
Jim is a graduate trainee... LEN and JULLA LOHN cele- 
brated their 33rd wedding anniversary on June 9. Len had 
his semi-annual checkup at Mayo Clinic in Rochester and 
came away with a fair bill of health. Congratulations. . . 
FAITH BOSAN, the daughter of EVELYN and BURT BOSAN, 
started a chain of graduations by graduating from Ruggles 
Public school kindergarten. Faith had to wear an extra 
special dress for the graduation exercises. ..BILL SHOL- 
DICE is sporting a 1973 green Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 
with a white top and white interior. Good luck. Bill, with the 
new car...KATHY FABRY is home recuperating from her 
long illness. She would appreciate hearing from her 
friends. . . Congratulations are in order for RUSSELL 
WARNSTEDT who was elected president of the National 
Association of Suggestion Systems. 




[Treasury) - 

' The welcome mat is extended to MAUREEN O'CONNOR, 
he daughter of JOHN O'CONNOR of Research/Planning, 
vho joined the ranks of the CTA for the summer months... 
liAY CORCORAN, together with friends, flew to London, 
ilwitzerland, Germany, Brussels and of course Ireland, for 
hree weeks. A good time was had by all. . . LORETTA 
LYNN McBAY, the daughter of ZANE McBAY, money 
landler, was graduated from Thornwood High school. South 
iolland, Illinois, on June 9. .. After five weeks of pinch 
litters and substitutes, we finally got our real boss back. 
|/Ir. PALILUNAS and his wife, SHIRLEY, took off for the 
jTeat Southwest as have quite a few of our fellow workers 
jecently. Unlike the others, however, he skillfully avoided 
''egas. Something to do with frugality. That word comes 
ut tightwad in some interpretations. Nothing cheap about 
he living quarters he utilized though, as his trip was well 
ocumented in pictures which he is proudly displaying to 
veryone. He visited with some of our pensioners in Sun 
f'ity, Arizona: HARRY POLLAND, VERN and HILDA OL- 
ON, Mr. and Mrs. CLYDE NORTH and Ms. BETTY SHUR. 
.On the debit side we lost a long-time co-worker to the 
[Omputer. Automation is really something. TOM OLENICK 
,as transferred to the computer programmer department. 
lS a last favor to Tom, we would like to ask that all his 
ew fellow workers bring all your crickets, living or dead, 
> Tom. He feeds them to his tarantula... Also hitting the 
,acation trail recently was J. McGANN, W. MURPHY, J. 
HURROW and J. DUFFY. Welcome back, fellows, your 
eplacements were awful... On the sick list we have MIKE 
JCAI and CHARLIE DERRICK. Hurry back fellows for the 
ame reason we mentioned above. ..Central Counting now 
Jas a bowling team. After many attempts to get into the 
Iready established 77th Street league, we finally broke 
irough when the house granted them four more lanes, 
jnyone else interested should contact Z. McBAY. ..DENISE 
jARTER, the daughter of WILLIE CARTER, money hand- 
;r, was graduated from South Shore High school on June 
jl and will attend Northern Illinois university at DeKalb, 

Reproduction Services) - 

SUE (Pierce) GILLESPIE paid an office visit showing off 
pr daughter, ERIN, with that bright red hair which really 
pings out the Irish in the family. 

psurance & Pensions) - 

: The welcome mat is extended to KATHY KILGALLON 
iho is working for the summer months, and JENNIFER 
flCKMAN, the granddaughter of GEORGE WICKMAN, Ex- 
putive, who will be a permanent employee. .. JEANINE 
ERARD and her girlfriend drove to Elmyra, New York, 
•r a two-week vacation, and are also taking in New York 
jity...A visit was made to the office by CATHY MURRAY, 
^rmer stenographer, with her three-month old daughter, 
HARISSE...We welcome MARY BETH MROZ, who trans- 
Tred from the Stores Department, as a clerk-typist. Good 
ick to you in your new position. 

j - '^e<)iKa 'Vaiteti & SUeen Tteuxeiutet 


( Sorry about the lateness of this good news, but congratu- 
j.tions to Operator JOSEPH and LAUflETTA MOTYKA on 
jie birth of an 8 pound 8 ounce grandson, BRIAN MICHAEL 
OTYKA...A wedding is planned for the CHRIST PANTOS 


ordained on May 9 at St. 
Mary of the Lake seminary, 
and said his first rross on 
May 20. He is the son of 
Lawndale Station Operator 

family next year. Their son, STEVE, has announced his 
engagement. Either it was excitement about the engage- 
ment or the fact that he loves his job so much that caused 
Christ to report to work on his anniversary date. . . LEN 
MALICKI was taken off the bus and placed in the hospital. 
At last report he was doing very well. Also, AL DREWKE 
is on the sick list and in the hospital. We wish them both a 
speedy recovery... Our best wishes for a long and happy re- 
tirement for Operators LEONARD (Gray Ghost) REINHART 
and JOHN MOHAWK. You will be missed.. .Belated birth- 
day wishes to JEFFREY MILLER, the son of Clerk MIL- 
LER, who was nine years old May 15. ..WARREN G. (Woody) 
WOOD Sr. and his great helper, JACQUELINE, celebrated 
their 35th wedding anniversary June 10. We wish you many 
more happy years together. ..Instructor HANK ZIOLKOW- 
SKI will be defending his title at the CTA Open... We may 
have a budding artist in our midst. DEBBIE SW ANSON, the 
12-year old daughter of Supervisor RALPH SWANSON, 
cleaned up on an Easter coloring contest co-sponsored by 
the Free Press Newspaper and Businessmen of Carpen- 
tersville. Debbie won an Easter basket from CID Realty; 
an Easter basket from the Jewel Food Store and a $15 check 
as first prize from the Free Press. Congratulations!.. Now 
the news from some of our vacationers. Our great fisher- 
BILL LYNAM and FRED HERMANN really had a good time 
on their trip this year. I guess a lot of bottle bass were 
caught, too! . .A postcard was received from SWEDE who 
was enjoying the climate and scenery in the Scottsdale and 
Phoenix areas... A card was also received from HENRY 
WISINSKI who was having a wonderful time touring other 
parts of Italy after visiting awhile in Florence, Mrs. Wis- 
inski's native city. They also visited Switzerland, France 
and Belgium. Sounds like something that the rest of us 
only dream about. ..Your scribe will be up north getting in 
some fishing as this goes to press. I'll tell you all about 
the ones that got away when I get back. 


Congratulations to Superintendent MYLES HARRING- 
TON who went on pension August 1. He'll be greatly 
missed at Kedzie for his fairness in dealing with the opera- 
tors. His friends had a party for him. Everyone enjoyed 
himself and wished him and his lovely wife, BEA, the best 

ULY- AUGUST, 1973 

48 Years 

46 Years 

ranks of the retired 
during July end 
August were the 
six employees pic- 
tured here who had 
40 or rrore years of 
transit service 

eoch wIthCTA and 
its predecessor 

44 Years 

42 Years 


PETER ALESSI, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 4-7-43 
LOUIS P. ANCHOR, Box Puller, 

Beverly, Emp. 7-17-37 

Revenue Accounting, Emp. 7-18-57 

South Shops, Emp. 11-17-36 
WALTER B. CHASE, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 10-28-42 
FORREST B. CLEMENS, Substation Operator, 

Electrical, Emp. 8-4-42 
EDDIE DAVIS, Derrick Car Laborer, 

Stores-South Division, Emp. 10-19-43 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 8-13-46 

77th Street, Emp. 4-6-42 

52nd Street, Emp. 6-30-43 

Electrical, Emp. 6-3-36 
WALTER A. GIRA, Bus Repairer, 

North Avenue, Emp. 11-24-52 
FRANK A. GRICUS, Operator, 

77th Street, Emp. 11-15-45 

Forest Glen, Emp. 4-7-43 
JOHN I. GUZOVICH, Frog Shop Foreman, 

Engineering, Emp. 3-23-29 
ALDEN M. HANSEN, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 6-21-56 
MYLES F. HARRINGTON, Superintendent, 

Kedzie, Emp. 10-12-26 
WILLIAM D. HART, Service Truck Helper, 

Utility & Emergency Service, Emp. 3-2-43 
JAMES A. HUNT, Janitor, 

69th Street, Emp. 3-7-39 
ROBERT N. JEWETT, Operator, 

52nd Street, Emp. 2-20-43 
JAMES A. KAIN, Motorman, 

West Section, Emp. 5-6-29 
EDWARD J. KELLY, Collector, 

Kedzie, Emp. 7-13-37 

ANDREW J. HLGORE, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 8-13-41 
EDWARD KRATZKE, Bus Serviceman, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 8-11-42 
RALPH H. KUGELARD, Superintendent, 

District D, Emp. 8-19-36 
HARRY G. LANG, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 7-29-41 
OLIVER M. LANG, Painter Foreman, 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 1-8-49 
ANDREW G. LENARD, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 5-19-47 
LOUIS E. MARCINEK, Bus Repairer, 

Lavnidale, Emp. 9-4-47 
JOHN J. McCarthy, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 6-24-36 
WILLIAM J. McGOVERN, Fork Lift Operator, 

Stores-South Division, Emp. 11-16-36 
GORDON D. McGRATH, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 11-25-42 
JOHN H. MELODY, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 11-12-41 

Electrical, Emp. 9-20-40 

Claim, Emp. 9-3-24 
JACK B. MORRIS, Superintendent, 

Lawndale, Emp. 3-13-34 
EROL T. MURPHY, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 10-17-52 

Kedzie, Emp. 4-29-41 

North Avenue, Emp. 12-7-53 
ARTHUR J. O'BRIEN, Machinist, 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 10-6-42 

North Park, Emp. 7-24-45 

Beverly, Emp. 7-17-41 
LEO F. POWELL, Bus Repairer, 

North Park, Emp. 12-10-47 
CHARLES D. SALVATORE, Lineman Helper, 

Electrical, Emp. 4-17-47 
JOHN E. SCHILTZ, Bus & Truck Mechanic, 

South Shops, Emp. 9-17-46 
ARTHUR A. SIM, Supervisor, 

South Rapid Transit District, Emp. 4-10-42 
WILLIAM H. SMTH, Laborer, 

Track, Emp. 7-10-46 



■I J. A. KAIN 

I 44 Yeors 

GOJKO T. SPASOJEVICH, Section Foreman, 

Engineering, Emp. 10-2-30 

Limits, Emp. 8-19-37 
JOHN J. SUDA, Information Clerk, 

Transportation, Emp. 9-30-37 

Forest Glen, Emp. 3-19-36 
JAMES P. WALSH, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 1-11-52 

District C, Emp. 11-10-36 
THEODORE J. WOSS, Machine Shop Foreman, 

South Shops, Emp. 8-1-29 
CHARLES A. WROBEL, Token Clerk I, 

Treasury, Emp. 10-15-41 


LYLE J. BLACK, Carpenter A, 

South Shops, Emp. 5-10-62 
FRANK J. DELAQUILA, Electrical Worker A, 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 11-20-39 

Beverly, Emp. 9-27-45 
JOHN W. KOGER, Car Repairman A, 

61st Street, Emp. 1-12-54 
JOHN J. McGOVERN, File Clerk, 

Claim, Emp. 3-18-46 

Beverly, Emp. 1-15-37 
HAYWOOD S. OWENS, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 6-5-45 

77th Street, Emp. 8-20-47 

South Section, Emp. 3-19-62 
RAYMOND B. SCHEID, Bus Repairer, 

69th Street, Emp. 2-18-42 

North Avenue, Emp. 7-11-52 
RICHARD M. STANTON, Supervisor, 

North Section, Emp. 7-1-42 
JOHN E. SUTTER, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 8-7-41 
JOHN R. VITELLO, Trackman 1, 

Engineering, Emp. 5-1-36 


of health, an enjoyable pension, and the hope that they can 
do all the things and see all the places that they always 
wanted to. . . Operator JOHN LOCACIUS took his pension 
June 1. He'll be going to Canada to do some fishing and to 
enjoy life at its best. Good luck, John!. .Operator L. NULL- 
MEYER, formerly of Lawndale Depot, went on pension July 
1 after 32 years of service. We wish you the best of health 
and good luck... I saw WALLY SERAFIN, retired operator. 
He looks good and says hello to all at Kedzie... Clerk ART 
COOPER got a hole-in-one, his first in 45 years of golfing. 
Clerk JERRY BLAKE was with him when he made his 
greatest shot. . . CAROL WALLIN, the daughter of Jerry 
Blake, has moved to South Amboy, New Jersey; her hus- 
band has been transferred there. Jerry and his lovely wife, 
SHIRLEY, will visit them on their vacation. .. Operator 
JAMES SPRAAGS had a surprise birthday; a few passen- 
gers got on his Madison Street bus with a small birthday 
cake and a couple of lit candles, singing Happy Birthday to 
him. Jim, we wish you many more. ..Congratulations to Op- 
erator WILLIAM LARSEN and his lovely wife, JOSEPHINE, 
who became grandparents for the third time. Their daugh- 
ter, MARGE MAHONEY, had a baby girl, PAMELA ANN, 
who was born at Georgetown hospital, Washington, D.C., on 
May 29.. .Operator HARVEY BEY's lovelywife, NAOMI, had 
an operation on her feet. Naomi was in West Lake hospital 
in Melrose Park. She is home now, and we all wish her a 
speedy recovery. ..Retired operator A. LOHMEIR broke his 
leg in a fall while siding his garage. ..Operator J. RICH- 
ARDSON, the number one man at Kedzie, was in the hos- 
pital but is now back on the job. ..Retired operator I. BER- 
LIN had a memorial service for his wife at Shalom Memo- 
rial Park cemetery. Then he and some friends went to his 
daughter's home in Palatine for some refreshments. ..Bus 
Transferer DAVE KISSANE's aunt passed away May 12. 
She lived in Kearny, New Jersey. ..Night Foreman FRANK 
GRIMALDI's brother, NICK, passed away and was laid to 
rest on June 2 in Mt. Carmel cemetery. . . Operator ED 
BARRY, top charter driver for Butterworth Tours, had a 
nice viTite-up in the Quad Cities newspaper for his excel- 
lent service. They always request Ed for their charters, 
and now you know why. . . PAUL BARNETT has resigned 
from the repair department and is moving to Yuma, Arizo- 
na. We wish you the best of luck, Paul. ..Don't forget your 
credit union; save a little each payday. 


We extend our heartiest congratulations to Operator and 
Mrs. ED CELOVSKY who celebrated their 32nd wedding an- 
niversary on May 2. ..Our deepest sympathy is extended to 
the family of Pensioner JESSE C. CINKUS who recently 
passed away. ..Operator JOHN P. McGARVEY recently re- 
turned from the cable car city and the streets of San Fran- 
cisco. ..Good to see Clerk BILL KELLY back to work after 
a lengthy illness... Former operator MARTY KARIOLICH 
recently returned to work as a janitor. Welcome back, 
Marty... We had to give out a chuckle on May 3 when Oper- 
ator BENNY J. HERRON showed up for work on his 22nd 
anniversary. Well, Benny, it happens to the best of us... 
Give all of your cigar coupons to Chief Clerk RUSS GUN- 
DERSON. Russ will be spending his vacation this year in 
Columbus Park and wants all the cigars he can get. ..Con- 
gratulations to the families of all personnel who had grad- 
uates this year. Many successful years to all... By the time 
many of you read this, vacation time will nearly be over for 



many of us. However, I hope that you were able to visit 
your favorite places this year and managed to get around 
the gas shortage. I'll let you know in my next article if I 
made it to Spokane, Washington, or not. You know, that's a 
lot of driving on ten here and ten there. ..I'll be looking for- 
ward to you telling me about your vacation experiences this 
year, so use the news box... Happy birthday and anniversary 
to all who celebrate them this month... So until next time 
think with safety in mind. 



Greetings, fellows, this is your on-the-case reporter... 
First, I would like to congratulate you all on your ISC 
award... Congratulations are in order for Limits' former 
scribe, BOB BENSON, who sent me a very nice letter in- 
forming me of the birth of his seventh grandchild. What a 
nice way to enjoy your pension. ..The next time you see ART 
COOPER, be sure to shake his hand for his first hole-in- 
one in 45 years of playing golf. WOW!.. Also, the next time 
you see JUDGE LORD, ask him how many fish he has. 
From what he tells me, there's a couple hundred in his 
freezer — Limits' very own fisherman of the year. ..There 
are a lot of our men who are on cloud nine this year be- 
cause of graduations. Operator ALLEN JACKSON saw his 
daughter graduate from Washington university and is still 
feeling the sunny effect of the outside exercise, and Oper- 
ator JEROME WALKER saw his daughter graduate from 
Jones Commercial High school. She plans to attend college 
in the fall. ..Operator RUFUS H. BOYD's number one son, 
RUFUS Jr., was graduated from C.V.S. and plans a college 
major in electronics. Operator STANLEY FOSTER'S son, 
MICHAEL, was graduated from Thornton Township High 
school and plans to study data processing in college... A 
wish for a speedy recovery goes out to IKE WILLIAMS and 
NEWTON MYERS, both of whom are in the hospital at this 
writing.. .Hey, here's a good one. AL SCHUSTER dropped 
me a line to let me know how great our credit union is, as 
if we didn't know. They came to his rescue while he was on 
a trip to Florida when all other banks could not help him. 
That is really great. ..Sorry to hear that our Softball team 
didn't do too good this year. Well, fellows, if it's that bad, 
I'll be out next year. Ha, Ha! 

(^^tlei licitui 


Our sympathy is extended to the family and friends of 
GENEVIEVE WASHBURN, former assignment clerk. Gene 
was a lovely lady, beloved by all who knew her. She will 
long be remembered... Our sympathy also goes out to the 
family and friends of former agent EARL GILBERT who 
was on disability retirement at the time of his death, to 
Clerk KOKOWYNSKI in the death of his mother, and to re- 
tired chief clerk HARRY BAKER in the death of his broth- 
er, MORRIS. May they all rest in peace. . . Chief Clerk 
JOHN CAROLAN has asked us to thank all his friends for 
their kind expressions of sympathy at the time of his vrife's 
death. . . Congratulations to Agent MARY RITTER's son, 
JOHN, who was graduated from the Chicago police academy. 
..Conductor JOE FRITZ is on his second vacation of the 
year. Poor Joe says he has lots more vacation left, but no 
cash. Get out and enjoy Mother Nature, Joe. The best 
things are free; hike, swim, camp, fish — try it, you'll like 

PARENTI on February 17 
at St. Angela church. The 

bride is the former CE- 
ographer in Methods and 

it. ..Agent BILL PFEIFFER and his wife spent the weekend 
of June 15 up in Free Soil, Michigan, where they attended 
the wedding of Mrs. Pfeiffer's nephew. Bill says he ate 
too much and increased the Alka Seltzer sales, but all in 
all, they had a great time.. .Agent CAROL BOWMAN started 
her vacation on June 24. We will get the story on that when 
she returns. ..Agent EFFIE ALEXANDER could hardly wait 
for June 10, when her vacation began and she left for Mex- 
ico. ..Agent MARY VIDAS celebrated her tenth anniversary 
with CTA on July 13. Mary will spend her vacation during 
August with her niece and husband in San Bernardino, Cal- 
ifornia, where they will also celebrate her birthday on 
August 22. Happy birthday, and have fun. .. Speaking of 
birthdays. Foot Collector VERNE NORSTROM had one on 
June 24. He took off Friday the 22nd, and went to the races 
hoping to come home with a nice birthday gift. As of this 
writing, we haven't heard the results. .. Agent MARTHA 
BLEERS snuck off without leaving details. We'll corner 
her on her return.. .Agent JULIE MATTRAN and her hus- 
band, RAY, spent the Memorial day weekend at the Arling- 
ton Park Towers hotel in Arlington Heights. They wined, 
dined, danced, swam in the pool, and had fun in the sun. It 
was a lovely way to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniver- 
sary. Congratulations! ..Agent JOHN WOODS had an ex- 
ceptionally wonderful Father's day this year; he learned 
that his son had won a four year scholarship to Tarkio col- 
lege in Missouri. John is one proud daddy. Congratula- 
tions! ..Agent VIRGINIA TOTCKE is looking forward to her 
August vacation. She and retired agent LILLIAN CONROY 
and other friends are vacationing in Hawaii this year. We 
can hardly wait to hear about this trip. Have fun.. .Agent 
JUNE BAREKMAN is having a surprise vacation this year. 
She and a friend are going to get in the car and go with no 
destination in mind. This should be interesting to hear 
about when she returns... Former agent DOROTHY' ADLER 
is enjoying the Florida sunshine very much. She sends fond 
greetings to all her CTA friends... Keep smiling! 

- THUdxtd "DtufU & THofUf TOcttai 


CLARENCE F. BRIEGER, who retired in 1969 with 42 
years of service at Douglas Park, paid us a visit and told 
us that his father, WILLIAM A. BRIEGER, who retired in 
1952 from Douglas Park, is now 87 years young, and his 
lovely wife, FRANCES, is 85 years young. They celebrated 
their 67th wedding anniversary on May 12. We wish them 




[many more happy years together. ..MARY GALLAGHER is 
leagerly planning her trip to Ireland in July. We hope to re- 
port about it when she returns. .. DAVE GRAFMAN and 
[fRED FRIEB both celebrated birthdays on May 8. We want 
to wish them many more. ..We had a lot of people celebrate 
their aimiversaries with the CTA in May. Congratulations 
NANCY WIXTED, the daughter of Agent MARY WIXTED, is 
the proud owner of a 1973 Mazda. Nancy won the car when 
she took a chance for $1. We are all happy for her and a 
jlittle green — with envy. ..Congress Motorman A. POULAS is 
the proud father of two graduates this year. His daughter, 
HELEN, was graduated from the University of Illinois Cir- 
:;le Campus, and his younger daughter, KATHEY, was grad- 
aated from Foreman High school and plans to attend Circle 
|in the fall... Relief Superintendent KEN BROWN spent a two- 
week vacation camping with his family in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Ihey had a wonderful time... Superintendent JOHN ZUPKO 
lad planned a two-week vacation but got sick and instead 
i3pent a week in the hospital and three weeks at home re- 
cuperating. He is back to work now and feeling fine. He 
ivishes to thank everyone who contributed for the terrarium 
md the fruit basket which were sent to him from the Ken- 
ledy Line, and for the cards and phone calls which he re- 
ceived.. .Co-reporter GRACE MOUNTS plans to spend her 
/acation visiting relatives in Indiana and Michigan... Former 
issignment agent JEAN WASHBURN passed away after a 
.ong illness. Jean was a great lady and a favorite of all the 
iVest Side temps. Jean's husband, RAY, wishes to thank 
sveryone for the expressions of sympathy he received.. .As- 
iSignment Agent JUSTIN MCCARTHY went on pension July 1. 
BOB MALONEY is planning to go on pension September 1 
,md will move to Florida. We wish both Justin and Bob a lot 
:)f happiness. They are two great guys that deserve it...Re- 
:ired agents CATHERINE KENNEY and NELLY REDY are 
joth residing at St. Andrew's home, 7000 N. Newark, Niles. 
;'m sure that they'd both love to hear from some of the 
igents who knew them. 

. - tfiaa THoutti & "Kattf Tftatiatt^ 


A great big HELLO to everyone! Yes, that's the way 
)ur column will begin from now on. Since BILL MIEDEMA 
jot the job transferring buses to and from the South Shops, 
le no longer writes for North Avenue. We know that you'll 
igree that he did a tremendous job of reporting over the 
)ast several years, and we will miss him. We hope he will 
;ontinue to share all the pensioner news with us. In this 
vay North Avenue will continue to be noted for news about 
ts retirees. Drop us a line, fellows, we'll be more than 
;lad to hear from you. ..Here's a belated welcome and 
•oiling out of the red carpet for MILTON PIKARSKY, the 
lew CTA Board Chairman. We wish him continued success 
n his new position and hope to meet him in the near future. 
.After talking to ART HALEK recently, we decided that 
ifter IO5 years of retirement, he doesn't look a day older 
han when he was working the old red streetcars... Another 
;pry retiree is HAROLD JULITZ who chatted with us while 
■iding the "L" from the Mart. He sends his best regards to 
;ll his old friends... Former North Avenue Trainman TOM 
^ALENZIA, now living in San Diego, underwent the same 
ype of heart surgery that yours truly had almost a year 
j-go. At last report we understand he's coming along OK. 
lood luck, Tom... Finally hanging up the phone at Grand and 

Halsted was Central District Supervisor MIKE LYONS who 
took his pension June l...Also going on pension were Oper- 
you now have loads of time to look back over the years 
through the bus mirror that was presented to you by your 
friends. .. Two other fellows who are going to have more 
leisure time will be Station Superintendents MYLES HAR- 
RINGTON of Kedzie and JACK MORRIS of Lawndale whose 
retirements will become effective August 1. Good luck to 
all of you, and please be sure to keep in touch with us. ..Do 
you folks realize that on April 26 Superintendent BOB 
KEAG became a grandpa? He held up so well under the 
strain, that just a little over a month later he and Grandma 
KEAG got into their new "autymobubble" and headed for the 
southwestern part of the country for a little rest and relax- 
ation. Two weeks later Assistant Station Superintendent 
WARD CHAMBERLAIN and his wife, MARGE, also deserted 
the camp and headed across the border to Montreal, Cana- 
da. You can bet they were back in time to celebrate their 
30th wedding anniversary on July 30... After a bit of family 
roundtable discussion. Instructor MARVIN KOCAR and his 
wife, PEGGY, and their two daughters also decided to pile 
into their I'll ol' bug and head through Canada... District C 
Supervisor M. McLOUD didn't get any further than Gary, 
Indiana, but even that's getting away from it all... Just ask 
Clerk BOB STACH's daughter, DOROTHY, who it was that 
pulled in all the muskies while on their vacation at Leech 
Lake, Minnesota. I'll give you a little hint, it wasn't Bob... 
Of course there's also Operator FLEISCHAKER's way of 
doing it. He let his vrife and son have an enjoyable trip to 
Austria while he stayed home and worked to pay for it all... 
Operator AL JACQUES and his better half combined a bit of 
house painting with their Tennessee vacation. Al, you is a 
good boy. ..Operator and Mrs. RAY SPAKOWSKI had an en- 
joyable time in Clearwater, Florida... "Honey-do" vacations 
were spent by ART ECKER and JIMMY O'BRIEN. ..It would 
have been nice to have been able to accompany Collector E. 
BRIESKEY and his wife and grandson on their AMTRAK va- 
cation to Albuquerque and El Paso. Thanks so very much 
for the souvenirs. ..Speaking of trains, who do you suppose 
rode the cushions behind Southern railway's steam loco- 
motive #4501 when it made the trip from Centralia, Illinois, 
to Chicago? None other than Relief Clerk BILL REY- 
NOLDS. In our book, that's the way to travel. ..To continue 
our vacation varieties we have this "first" vacation taken 
by District C Supervisor JOHN HOFF and his wife, DORO- 
THY. This was the first vacation trip for their new '72 
Impala. It was also the first car of theirs to sport air con- 
ditioning. It was also the first time they rented a camping 
trailer; all their previous vacations were spent in motels. 
August 10 was the day they headed for beautiful Kentucky 
Lake. From our own experience we know that this is one 
of the nicest places to spend a quiet restful vacation... How 
about a one-day jaunt to Union, Illinois, where you can see 
four old red streetcars, a PCC car, and an old sweeper. 
These were recently acquired by the Illinois Railway Mu- 
seum and at one time were owned by the CSL. These new 
arrivals should be inducement enough for anyone to want to 
go there and relive the "good old days. "..There are three 
more reasons for putting out the flag on July 4. It was the 
60th birthday of our No. 1 box puller, CHARLES BARA- 
GLIA; the 37th wedding anniversary of Custodian JOHN 
MARACEK and his wife, and last but not least, the birthday 
of the fella who can whip up one of this town's best hot dog 
barbeques, BILL (Mr. Clean) OLIVER.. .BOB STACH, JOHN 
MARACEK and MIKE LACRIOLA rounded out the rest of 
the month with their birthdays. ..The month of August finds 

lULY-AUGUST, 1973 



blowing out the candles. ..The calorie laden goodies in Sep- 
tember will "hopefully" be supplied by Assistant Superin- 
tendent WARD CHAMBERLAIN and Clerk AL (Elkhorn) 
ROHDE...N0W how about spilling over into October when 
EVELYN BROGAN, the wife of Senior Station Instructor 
JIM BROGAN, celebrates her birthday on the 10th. This is 
closely followed by yours truly on the 13th. (You know, 
some of the BEST people are born in October.). ..If you fel- 
lows would like to keep yourselves out of the doghouse, take 
my advice and don't forget this date — October 20. That's 
the day you remember the gals in your life, such as moth- 
ers, wives, daughters and sweethearts. Don't say I didn't 
warn you in plenty of time. . .By this time the melodious 
voice of Switchboard Operator JOHN STICH should be 
greeting you again after his stay in Columbus hospital... 
We're also hoping to see Operator LUCIUS BANKS out of 
Mt. Sinai soon... Operator ED KELLY's wife, JUNE, spent 
some time in Resurrection hospital. ..After one false start, 
that little ten-year old guy of Clerk BENNY MAZALEWSKI 
found out that "the hip bone meets the thigh bone, the thigh 
bone meets the leg bone, etc." at Northwest Community 
hospital. ..The youngest member of the hospital corps was 
the three-year old grandson of Operator MIKE BYSTREK 
who underwent surgery at Lutheran General hospital. .. It 
was mighty nice to see the return of Clerk BILL KELLY 
and Operator A. PALICKI who have been out of action for a 
good while... We would like to take a moment to offer our 
sincere condolences to those who have suffered the loss of 
a loved one recently. To Operator WALTER REMBACK in 
the loss of his wife; District Superintendent WERNER STO- 
KELL in the loss of his mother; Clerk BILL CERKAN in 
the loss of his grandson; Operator ED SZAREK in the loss 
of his mother, and to the family of retired District C su- 
pervisor JIM O'MAHONEY. Also to the families of two 
men who I had the pleasure of working with for many years. 
Operator GEORGE DEARMAN and Collector RAY KRUML, 
both of Forest Glen Station... Clerk BOB STACH tells us 
that during a heavy rainstorm, if water gets up to his new 
home, located on the sixth floor, it will have to be carried 
up in the elevator. 

As an opener for my first article, I wish to express my 
gratitude for this opportunity as co-reporter with WALTER 
BLIX. I only hope that I shall be able to come up to par 
with the thorough job that Walter has and is still doing. 1 
aspire, without the expertise of a professional, to report 
news that will be both informative and entertaining. 
Thanks.. .A romantic courtship ended in "I do" when Opera- 
tor TOM YAPELLI and GRACE PESOLA exchanged the 
vows of matrimony. Our very best to the two of you. ..In- 
structor ED JURCZAK celebrated his 60th birthday on May 
2 and received many gifts and was feted on three separate 
occasions. . .MICHAEL ENGSTROM, the grandson of In- 
structor MICHAEL LACRIOLA, wondered what it was all 
about as he observed the candle on his cake May 21, de- 
noting birthday number one. His daughter, DORENE, is 
proudly sporting her class ring, meaning she will start her 
senior year at Resurrection High school in the fall. ..The 
domicile of Instructor DAVE EGGERSDORF and his wife, 
AMY, turned into a place of academic atmosphere when 
their son, DANIEL, was graduated from Stevens school, and 
their daughter, PATRICIA, was graduated from kindergar- 
ten. The Eggersdorfs celebrated the dual occasion in one 
of the finer eateries of the Forest Park area. ..The sliding 
of the checkers across the board goes on daily as members 
of the "checker set" sharpen their wits to appear on the list 


of the top ten best players. As we gazed upon the face of 
Operator JULIO RODRIGUEZ as he was lending his pitch 
to the game, this scribe would interpret Julio's thoughts as 
"there are some tough hombres to beat, amigos." Accord- 
ing to the latest reports. Operators LEON (Cool Tom) 
THOMAS and OLIVER (Sausage) WILSON are among the 
top contenders. ..From the Repair Department we found the 
following repairmen on vacation: Foreman A. PALA at his 
farm in Wisconsin; Repairman RICHARD CREAL and his 
spouse in that number one city. New York, and Repairman 
JERRY ROCHETTE and his spouse at home in Woodstock. 
The Rochettes also celebrated one dozen happily married 
years on June 17. ..Repairman RONALD FILARSKI played 
the role of GI as he fulfilled his military obligations to 
Uncle Sam for two weeks at Fort Gordon, Georgia... DALE 
WISNIESKI, the son of Repairman FRANK WISNIESKI, and 
DONNA DEATHERAGE were pierced by cupid's arrow and 
became Mr. and Mrs. in the early part of June. ..The tire 
section of the Repair Department brings into focus the ac- 
tivities of Repairman JOHN RUDDLES and his wife, 
ELAINE. The month of May offered many occasions for 
celebration. Elaine's birthday on the 5th and the couple's 
wedding anniversary on the 10th (21 years). Sharing the 
spotlight with papa and mama Ruddles was their daughter, 
MARIANNE, a senior at Good Counsel High school, whO' 
was elected president of the organization. Christian Life 
Communities Prefect... Operator HORACE BROWNING, 241 
board member from the deactivated Keeler Station, camei' 
to North Avenue and brought a special smile on the faces of' 
North Avenue board members JOHN WEATHERSPOON andr 
ANTHONY KEMP. (Nothing like more hands on the oars, 
eh fellows?)... Operator BRUCE WILLLfVMS and his wife,' 
BARBARA, were wearing that special smile when their son, 
BRUCE Jr., was graduated from Maple-Dodge school and 
their daughter, BARBARA, was graduated from Crane Highi 
school... ALBERT LOWERY Jr., the son of ALBERT and 
VERLA LOWERY, is back this summer to help keep the' 
fleet rolling. Albert is in his junior year at Arkansas A&M 
college majoring in business administration. . . Operator 
FRED LABERN, a native of Managua, Nicaragua, was very 
elated to learn that members of his family were able to 
drive to safety to the nearby City of Jinotepe during the re- 
cent earthquake there. ..Operator JOHN (Jack) McNIFF has 
returned from a vacation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. i' 
Have you observed the similarity of John to Sonny of thei 
Sonny and Cher team?. .The ringing of the hammer hitting/ 
the nail is coming from the shingle going up reading Dr. 
ROBERT L. WITT, podiatrist. Robert is the son of Opera- 
tor BEN and SALLY WITT, and was graduated from Illinois 
College of Podiatry on May 25. Best of luck to you. Doc... 
Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family of Operator 
HENRY LOCKHART and his wife, PEGGYE, in the death of 
their daughter, KENYA, who was the girl of a set of frater- 
nal twins born to the couple on November 28, 1972; to Op- 
erator PETER and BERNICE DOWDALL in the death of her 
brother, DAVID ABBIHIL, and to Operator RAYMOND 
SWOPE in the death of his sister, FLORENCE SWOPE... 
Operator BEN FLENAUGH is defending his title as city 
tennis champ in the senior doubles set. The matches 
started at Garfield park and will end in Waveland park. 
The winners will go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the 
National Park District Tournament. Good luck, Ben... The 
accolades of the fans have long since faded, but we must 
mention the quasi-professional teamwork of our basketball 
team under the scrutinizing eye of player-coach. Operator 
WADE SIMMONS, as he guided the team through an unde- 
feated season. Wade said the team's 55 to 45 victory over 




[he Forest Glen team was the sweetest and most revenge- 
a\ game of the season. It was Forest Glen that beat them 
; n the championship game last season. The team consists 
J :he team lost Collins to Archer and Blue to Beverly on the 
; jystem pick, the team plans to come back strong next sea- 
: iion...From the credit union. Operator PETER DOWDALL, 
, reasurer, proudly reminds us that the 6 per cent annual 
T ilividend, paid on a semi-annual basis, was paid on June 30. 
: .FERN METTLER, the wife of Operator KENNETH MET- 
fLER, is now home from the hospital and progressing rap- 
, dly. . . Operator JULIUS TEDESCHI was missing for a 
i!Ouple of weeks because of jury duty. . . Operator LAWR- 
ENCE CASEY is sporting the broadest smile of his entire 
;areer. You guessed it right — he moved to the number one 
ipot on the seniority list after the retirement of Operator 
}EORGE CARLSON... Operator LUCIUS BANKS who was in 
Vlt. Sinai hospital is now in the Veteran's Administration 
lospital on Damen Avenue. A speedy recovery to you, 
, (Lucius. ..Pensioner BEN SCHOLTZ has returned from Sar- 
isota, Florida, after attending the funeral of his sister-in- 
aw. Prior to the Florida trip, Ben spent a few months in 
California where he tried to contact Pensioner OLIVER 
WLKBENT, but to no avail. ..Pensioner LEO PLUSKOW- 
5KI was in from Wisconsin for a few days recuperating 
I'rom a recent operation... Pensioner JOE HEIBEL is still 
joing strong. He was observed by Instructor D. EGGERS- 
DORF painting vrindows and attending to a few other chores 
iround the house. ..Among the many pensioners that still 
lave their anchors in Chicago are RAY KUSTOHS, around 
;he local pub at Springfield and FuUerton; ART HALLEK 
standing tall guarding the money at the bank at Pulaski and 
North Avenue, and JOHN TUREK on the opposite corner 
around the paper stand... Operator PATRICK GATELY has 
been observed keeping close quarters with Operator LOUIS 
|F0RD. Ford is the only person we know that opens his 
lunch bag, and with the magic of a modern day Houdini, 
lays before you a complete seven course lunch that would 
he the envy of any gourmet. Nice work if you can get it, 
Patrick... Your scribe and his wife, lONE T. PRUITT, were 
presented with a new granddaughter, SEQUANDRA, on May 
4. ..As vice chairman of the Advisory Council, WGUPC, 
Model Cities/Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity, 
this scribe was chosen to represent the council at a senior 
.citizen award dinner held at the Chateau Royale. As an 
added attraction, I found myself seated next to Congress- 
woman Cardiss Collins. 


GARY KEMP, the son of Operator CHARLES KEMP, is 
now a member of the CTA family, Gary is working as a 
car serviceman at the Jefferson Park Terminal. ..Operator 
BILL OCIEPSKA received his bachelor of arts degree from 
Northeastern Illinois university on April 18 and is now 
qualified as a physical education instructor. . . Operator 
DARNELL WILLIAMS and his wife, GLORIA, became par- 
ents of their second child when a daughter, KIMBERLY 
NATE, was born on April 30 at Mercy hospital weighing 
8 pounds 10 ounces. .. Operator DAVID BENSON and his 
wife, JACQUELINE, became proud first-time parents when 
a son, ROBERT WESLEY, was born on June 15 at Swedish 

Covenant hospital weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces. Robert's 
grandfather is Pensioner ROBERT BENSON, former 
Transit News scribe at Limits Depot. ..Pensioner EARNIE 
BOURBON was hospitalized at St. Elizabeth hospital at this 
viriting for major surgery. Our prayers are with Earnie 
for a complete recovery... Pensioner FRANK LITTAU en- 
joyed his vacation in the great Northwest. Highlights of the 
trip were visits to Lake Louise, Saddleback Mountain, 
Banff National Park and Vancouver. ..Pensioner GEORGE 
KRINKE and his wife, PEARL, along with former CTA em- 
ployee RAY MURPHY and his wife, LILLIAN, vacationed 
throughout Florida. A visit with Pensioner PETE CUN- 
NINGHAM and FRANK POWELL of St. Petersburg was 
most enjoyed. Trips to Disney World, Cape Kennedy and 
St. Augustine were also on the agenda. ..Pensioner JOHN 
CLARK spent a week's vacation in Mountain Home, Arkan- 
sas, with Pensioner WENRICK (Blackie) NELSON and his 
wife, MABELLE. Blackie operates the Mockingbird Hill 
Gift Shop and the largest driftwood museum in the state. 
Blackie invites his many Chicago area friends to stop by 
for a visit and browse around his novelty shop. ..Pensioner 
RAY DONESKl and his son-in-law, BERNARD WOOLWINE, 
are the operators of the Tucker Hollow Boat Dock and Ma- 
rina located on Lake Bull Shoals in Arkansas. Ray and 
Bernard have a complete service — boats, motors, live 
bait, free campgrounds, cabins, etc. Their mailing address 
is Route 4, Harrison, Arkansas 72601, or phone (501) 436- 
5564. ..Operator MEL HORNING and his wife, VIOLET, va- 
cationed for a week in Forsyth, Missouri, at the home of 
Pensioner ART and RUTH MUIR. Visits with Pensioner 
also enjoyed... DEBBIE BASON, the daughter of Operator 
HAROLD BASON, was graduated from Schurz High school, 
and at this time she is still mulling over several college 


The family of EVELYN (Coveny) MADDEN wishes to ex- 
tend their sincere thanks to all who sent cards and flowers 
when Mrs. Madden's mother, JOSEPHINE COVENY, passed 
away May 23 after a short illness. Mrs. Coveny was a 
ticket agent out of North Section for 30 years and had been 
on pension for nine years. Our sincere condolences to her 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

JULIE WILLEM and a good friend flew to Warsaw, 
Poland, where they began their two-week vacation. Visiting 
with friends and attending an opera and a play were the 
first things they did before driving to Krakow where they 
took a tour of King's Castle. It was then on to Weliczki, a 
salt mining tovm, and a trip that took them below ground to 
see a beautiful altar carved from salt. They continued on 
to Zakopane where Julie met her cousin for the first time, 
and saw Poland's most beautiful mountains. Good weather 
helped to make it a very nice vacation... JACK CHAMBERS 
and his wife, EILEEN, went on an eight-day cruise on the 
MS Boheme. They visited the Islands of Puerto Plata, 
where Jack bought some beautiful amber jewelry for his 
best girl, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Haiti. Their 
home is now decorated with some very nice wood carvings. 
They had such a wonderful time that they are planning to go 
back again soon. ..JAMES R. TUCKER recently returned 




Emp. 12-10-44, Died 5-14-73 

Emp. 10-31-55, Died 5-17-73 
EUGENE D. BABCOCK, 90, Auditing, 

Emp. 5-20-12, Died 3-31-73 
MARIE C. BERNHARDT, 78, North Section, 

Emp. 6-5-39, Died 5-1-73 
EDWARD J. BLAIR, 90, Engineering, 

Emp. 7-7-05, Died 5-20-73 
EDWARD BOYLE, 73, Electrical, 

Emp. 3-27-29, Died 5-19-73 
LEONARD J. BRINK, 89, South Section, 

Emp. 2-26-17, Died 6-19-73 
ALFRED BUCHANAN, 88, South Section, 

Emp. 4-4-07, Died 5-14-73 
ADAM M. BULZAK, 77, North Avenue, 

Emp. 8-29-42, Died 6-8-73 
JAMES J. BYRNE, 67, West Section, 

Emp. 10-12-37, Died 5-11-73 
PETER CAHILL, 86, 69th Street, 

Emp. 11-12-19, Died 5-20-73 
JOHN D. CANNADY, 76, Specifications, 

Emp. 11-26-46, Died 6-6-73 
JOHN J. CARNEY, 76, 69th Street, 

Emp. 1-15-25, Died 5-17-73 
TERENCE CASSIDY, 75, 69th Street, 

Emp. 3-26-43, Died 5-10-73 
JESSE C. CINKUS, 66, Lawndale, 

Emp. 11-27-28, Died 6-12-73 
JOSEPHINE COVENEY, 74, North Section, 

Emp. 6-23-43, Died 5-23-73 
DOUGLAS C. CRON, 69, Beverly, 

Emp. 9-2-27, Died 4-20-73 
GEORGE DEARMAN, 47, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 7-7-55, Died 6-16-73 
THERON DYKES, 78, West Section, 

Emp. 8-24-45, Died 6-11-73 
WALTER A. ECKEL, 72, 77th Street, 

Emp. 2-9-23, Died 6-20-73 

THOMAS A. EMMETT, 85, Devon, 

Emp. 3-20-24, Died 5-31-73 

recent deaths. 

ELMER J. FEIEREISEL, 64, North Avenue, 

Emp. 2-28-34, Died 6-1-73 
FRANK FRENZEL, 58, Archer, 

Emp. 1-27-58, Died 6-1-73 
PATRICK J. GAFFNEY, 69, South Shops, 

Emp. 8-8-27, Died 5-3-73 
EARL J. GILBERT, 49, West Section, 

Emp. 12-27-60, Died 6-3-73 
MICHAEL GILL, 81, Limits, 

Emp. 4-25-24, Died 5-24-73 
GEORGE R. GOULDEN, 83, 77th Street, 

Emp. 3-5-14, Died 5-1-73 

Emp. 12-9-19, Died 6-11-73 
FRANK W. GUNSOLUS, 74, 77th Street, 

Emp. 1-26-23, Died 6-7-73 
WILLIAM W. HAIG, 72, Howard Street, 

Emp. 12-7-44, Died 5-16-73 
HARVEY R. HALL, 63, Limits, 

Emp. 2-22-34, Died 6-27-73 
THEODORE HELLAND, 71, 69th Street, 

Emp. 1-30-29, Died 6-7-73 
AUGUST L. HILDEBRAND, 92, 77th Street, 

Emp. 5-18-10, Died 5-6-73 
LOUIS C. HOFMANN, 79, North Park, 

Emp. 8-20-13, Died 6-7-73 
HOY M. HUSTON, 58, North Section, 

Emp. 2-20-48, Died 6-14-73 
ANTON IPCZYNSKI, 77, West Section, 

Emp. 3-20-21, Died 5-10-73 
SAM H. ISON, 42, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 5-22-58, Died 6-19-73 
JAMES JACKSON, 42, Limits, 

Emp. 9-6-56, Died 5-21-73 
EDWARD J. KALAS, 70, North Avenue, 

Emp. 10-30-23, Died 6-19-73 
JOSEPH W. KELLER, 72, North Section, 

Emp. 12-4-17, Died 5-16-73 
ROSEMARY KELLY, 56, North Section, 

Emp. 9-17-55, Died 6-27-73 
WILLIAM KENNA, 63, Kedzie, 

Emp. 3-3-43, Died 5-4-73 

from a vacation which included Dallas, Texas, and New 
Orleans, Louisiana. He had a good time and hated to come 
back. ..CARL GIBES and his wife, HILDE, drove to Hot 
Springs, Arkansas, for a week of relaxation. It sure was 
for Carl because he played golf and his wife caddied for 
him. Of course, he didn't trust her to give him the clubs. 
Once after he swung the club he asked her where it went, 
and she told him he had to hit the ball first before it could 
go anywhere. They had a wonderful time and enjoyed the 
baths and massages the most. ..ELSIE SMITH stayed home 
on her vacation. Her daughter, MARGIE, and her two 
children, CINDY and BECKI, who live in Montana, came to 
the Windy City to visit Elsie. They did things together and 
had a good time... TOM STIGLIC also spent his vacation at 
home with his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren who 
were in from Florida. He had a ball even though he didn't 
go away... On July 1 JOHN SUDA, information clerk, retired 
with more than 35 years of service. We extend our wishes 
for a very happy retirement. A very warm welcome is ex- 
tended to EDWARD KULPIT who transferred from Revenue 
Accounting and is replacing John. We are happy to have 

you with us, Ed. ..Congratulations and the best of everything 
is wished to GEORGE E. EVANS, superintendent of Beverlj 
Station, who retired on June 1 after more than 31 years oi 
service, and to RALPH H. KUGELARD, District D super- 
intendent, who retired on July 1 after 36 years of service. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

Graduations were the thing in the CHARLES GAGE fam- 
ily this year. MARCIA was graduated from Bradley uni-; 
versity with a degree in sociology; GAYLE from Fenger* 
High school and will continue her studies at Illinois State 
university, and DARRYL from kindergarten at Roselanc 
Christian school. His son, CHARLES Jr., just completec 
his freshman year at Florida A&M where he is majoring ir 
architectural engineering. ..DON EDWARDS and his wife va- 
cationed in Mexico City, Mexico. He said he never sa* 
such driving, or so many 1930-model trucks and cars. To 
his surprise he found that they have a beautiful subways 
there. They had a real good time.. .PAT PORCELIUS and- 
his wife, LORRAINE, flew to Las Vegas where they stayed 
about six days. They took in some shows and did some 



^mong employes 

CHARLES KLICPERA, 88, West Section, 

Emp. 2-18-20, Died 5-8-73 
ALBERT A. KLINGBEIL, 66, West Section, 

Emp. 6-17-41, Died 6-4-73 
CHARLES N. KNUTSON, 65, Electrical, 

Emp. 3-4-30, Died 5-3-73 
RAYMOND KRUML, 61, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 5-23-52, Died 6-9-73 
JAMES C. LALLEY, 67, Limits, 

Emp. 6-27-42, Died 6-13-73 
WILLIAM J. LANGAN, 85, Devon, 

Emp. 4-2-13, Died 6-7-73 
WILLIAM J. LEAHY, 87, 77th Street, 

Emp. 6-28-05, Died 5-6-73 

Emp. 11-5-18, Died 6-28-73 
FELIX R. LIENAU, 87, South Section, 

Emp. 7-6-10, Died 5-12-73 
AUGUST MANTHEY, 83, West Section, 

Emp. 3-16-14, Died 5-6-73 
CHARLES J. MARTENS, 83, Util. & Emerg. Serv., 

Emp. 11-27-30, Died 5-18-73 
FRED S. MARTIN, 75, Claim, 

Emp. 12-9-42, Died 5-14-73 
JOHN McELWEE, 80, 77th Street, 

Emp. 1-9-30, Died 5-20-73 
PETER T. MILLOCK, 82, Devon, 

Emp. 10-13-27, Died 5-4-73 
WILLIAM MITCHELL, 87, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 4-24-13, Died 6-17-73 
ROBERT MORRISON, 47, Instruction-Surface, 

Emp. 7-21-47, Died 7-13-73 
THOMAS MURPHY, 84, Kedzie, 

Emp. 12-10-13, Died 5-5-73 

Emp. 8-29-16, Died 6-8-73 
KENNETH N. OESTREICH, 73, North Park, 

Emp. 6-11-26, Died 5-24-73 
JAMES F. O'MAHONEY, 68, District C, 

Emp. 4-27-26, Died 6-18-73 

CLARE E. OSBORNE, 73, North Section, 

Emp. 2-12-44, Died 5-16-73 

iightseeing in a car they rented. The weather was very 
ot, and evidently Pat was too, because this time he didn't 
iome home broke. They really enjoyed themselves... Mr. 
nd Mrs. ROY BOWERS went to Arizona for their vacation 
adjust to relax... Recently, TONY CANDELLA met JIMMY 
;ALAHAN who has been on pension for 19 years. He sends 
is best to everyone. .. Our sympathy is extended to the 
amily of CHARLES MARTENS, retired supervisory chauf- 
eur, who passed away, and to Pensioner BILL COLEMAN 
/hose wife recently passed away. 


A memorable day it was for CECELL^. TRUCCO who 
vas wed to RICH PARENTI on February 17. A beautiful 
•eception took place at the Fontana D'Or. We wish you the 
oest in life. ..Congratulations are in order for EDDIE DAV- 
is, 63rd Street Yard, and WILLIAM McGOVERN, MC&OP, 
South Shops, who retired July 1. Best wishes to you both!.. 

KEVIN J. OSBORNE, 71, Howard Street, 

Emp. 7-12-46, Died 5-20-73 
NICK PIAZZA, 82, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 9-25-24, Died 5-19-73 
JACOB C. PIPP, 56, Electrical, 

Emp. 2-14-40, Died 6-26-73 
RUFUS PORTER, 43, West Section, 

Emp. 4-13-64, Died 6-7-73 
ANDREW PUDK, 80, South Shops, 

Emp. 9-14-43, Died 5-16-73 
HAROLD C. RACE, 87, South Section, 

Emp. 7-8-41, Died 5-15-73 
BENNY RUSSO, 71, South Shops, 

Emp. 7-13-43, Died 5-25-73 
STEFAN SANDRIK, 75, West Shops, 

Emp. 1-16-23, Died 6-18-73 
LESTER SILINS, 55, North Section, 

Emp. 1-12-63, Died 6-27-73 
VITO R. SIMONE, 72, West Section, 

Emp. 10-7-47, Died 5-10-73 
DOMINIC J. STUCKIS, 80, South Shops, 

Emp. 4-23-24, Died 6-29-73 
JAMES TAYLOR, 55, West Section, 

Emp. 7-19-55, Died 5-29-73 
RAYMOND THOMPSON, 75, West Section, 

Emp. 2-13-43, Died 5-22-73 
ALEXANDER THOMSON, 70, West Section, 

Emp. 10-22-45, Died 5-25-73 
CURTIS TURNER, 37, 77th Street, 

Emp. 5-4-64, Died 7-3-73 
JOSEPH WARSHAW, 73, South Section, 

Emp. 5-13-18, Died 5-11-73 
CHARLES N. WEISSEG, 84, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 3-7-11, Died 6-30-73 
RAYMOND J. WINKELS, 74, Schedule-Traffic, 

Emp. 7-28-24, Died 4-30-73 
CARL W. WOLF, 72, Electrical, 

Emp. 6-14-24, Died 6-22-73 
GEORGE E. ZIEGLER, 76, Keeler, 

Emp. 5-26-34, Died 5-4-73 
ANTHONY C. ZIENTEK, 63, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 5-12-47, Died 5-31-73 

Our condolences are extended to LEE DeSUTTER and her 
family in the loss of her husband, FRANK. Lee would like 
to extend her sincere thanks for the donations and mass 
cards... We wish a speedy recovery for two of our fellows 
from Storeroom 42, MIKE KORZEN, divisional storekeeper, 
and CHUCK SCIMECA, fork lift operator. ..Additions to our 
department are TINA RODRIGUES, stores typist I, who 
came from the Claim Department, and THEO SCOTT, who 
is a stenographer II for Stores. Welcome, and we hope you 
will be happy with us. . . PRISCILLA KAMRADT has left 
Stores to join the Specifications Department. Congratula- 
tions on your new job. ..We would also like to acknowledge 
our temporary employees, BARBARA BRADY and ED WIL- 
SON. Barbara will be a senior at Marion High school and 
intends to study nursing after graduation. Ed is a co-op 
trainee in Specifications and has been working with us for 
about six months. He feels that firsthand experience is an 
important part in education. Ed will get his engineering 
degree at Bradley university in Peoria. We hope you will 
both graduate with high honors in your areas... There is a 
new fad going on, and you'll never guess who started it. 

JULY-AUGUST, 7.<37o 



JOANNE BOETTIN, Stores, purchased a C-harmonica, and 
now she's got everybody doin' it! Not only in the office, but 
she also just bought seven more for the kids on her block. 
Watch the next issue for concert times... Congratulations to 
NET of Storeroom 30 at South Shops. She has been elected 
to membership in the South Shore High school chapter of 
the National Honor Society. Induction ceremonies were 
held April 19 in the school auditorium. We would also like 
to wish Miss Bennett a happy 17th birthday. ..Our congratu- 
lations also go out to LEE, the daughter of JIM GILLI- 
LAND, who was graduated from grammar school on June 7. 
The best of luck. .. At least one person will be riding in 
comfort this hot summer in his 1973 air-conditioned car. 
CHARLES JUREUS has purchased a Buick Century and 
says it's the best car ever. ..Happy anniversary to Mr. and 
Mrs. JOHN W. SPRINGER, stock clerk I. They celebrated 
their 39th wedding anniversary on June 28 by dining out... 
Happiness is being a winner of the Ford City Mother of the 
Year as was ROSE TOOLIS, the wife of JIM TOOLIS, buyer. 
..Summertime news brings reports of vacations from the 
East to the West Coast. FRANK JOHNSON, superintendent 
of Purchasing, and his family took a beautiful two-week 
camping trip out east. Among the many historic sites vis- 
ited were Gettysburg and Charlottesville, Virginia. They 
had a wonderful time.. .ED THORNE, stores clerk I, re- 
laxed during the entire month of May in Florida. Ed and 
his wife traveled to Fort Meyers and Miami Beach, then 
looked at homes and condominiums in Newport Beach. . . 
FRANK MAGUIRE, buyer, traveled through the Midwest for 
one week visiting his three daughters. He and Mrs. 
Maguire went to Palos Park and Sterling, Illinois, and Cin- 
cinatti, Ohio. ..GENE ROSS, Storeroom 61, vacationed for a 
week in Framingham, Massachusetts, to visit his folks and 
also for another very special reason; Gene's brother, 
WALTER, was graduated with high honors from St. Mark's 
High school. Walter has also been awarded a scholarship 
and will enter Harvard university in the fall as a medical 
student. Best wishes for a very successful future. ..TONY 
VELCICH, stock clerk II, Storeroom 30, spent two weeks 
between Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and California. He said 
he had a terrific time, but there was no mention of how 
much money he might have won or lost... BILL DOERING, 
Storeroom 42, also made a trip to California and stopped in 
Mexico and Las Vegas. ..We hope everyone's vacation was 
or will be enjoyable. 


Everyone would like to extend their thanks and apprecia- 
tion to RAY BRZECZEK for the fine job he did while serv- 
ing as our reporter. . . We wish a speedy recovery to ED 
BLICHARZ who is in St. Mary's hospital. .. H. YOUNG, 
Wilson Shop acting foreman, and J. ANTONUCCI did a won- 
derful job while replacing M. KRISTMAN who was on vaca- 
tion... A class was held June 14 in Wilson classroom for all 
terminal clerks. The subject was unit exchange material, 
and the instructor was RICH FABRY. ..While E. SHIELDS 
and H. DICKERSON, Dan Ryan, were on vacation repairing 
their houses, T.GUTT was in California visiting his daugh- 
ter and G. NICHOLSON was in New Jersey with his Grand 
Master Lodge... ANGELA ARMSTRONG, the wife of JERRY, 
gave him a lovely barbeque for Father's day. Among those 
present were C. WILLIAMS, M. McINTOSH, L. LACEY and 
R. LONDON. . . EVELYN WILBORN was given a surprise 


birthday party by her husband, DONALD. Those invite 
were J. COLBERT and J. CAMPBELL. .. Congratulation 
are in order for J. BUFORD, 61st Street, who lost te 
pounds before going on vacation. Others from 61st Stre« 
who are on vacation are C. DONLEY, B. SEYWARD, J. La 
is viewing the sights in Copenhagen while J. SHANAHAN i 
doing the Irish jig in Ireland... M. BRINSON spent his tw 
weeks in the peach state, Georgia. 

- 7■^«^ Pce/iett 


Retired Schedule Maker SAM DeSALVO visited the offic 
on May 17. He has moved back to Chicago from Floric 
where he spent the past year. His wife is hospitalized hei 
after hip surgery and is showing an encouraging recover; 
. . Retiree CLARK V. JOHNSON, former supervisor i 
schedule clerks, visited the office on May 18 to give us h: 
new address in Largo, Florida. He and Mrs. JOHNSO 
were feted with several farewell parties. ..RAY WINKEL; 
retired traffic checker, died in Louisville, Kentucky, c' 
April 30... Retired Schedule Maker JOE DeGRAZIA visitf 
the office. Joe is completely recovered from his rece); 
illness and came down to prove his good health... ROBERl 
SPOONER, traffic checker, was married on May 19 at S 
Gabriel church. Congratulations !.. GEORGE HANUS' so 
was promoted to major in the air force. Congratulations!' 
BILL WORCESTER and his wife celebrated their 30th wee- 
ding anniversary on June 22. Congratulations and mai, 
more happy years.. .RUTH HAVLK along with her mothfi 
and sister, MARIE, Electrical Department, flew to Califoi 
nia to visit with relatives. A misfortune occurred wh< 
Mrs. Havlik fell breaking her hip; however, Ruth and Mar ; 
were able to fly their mother home after a two-week sta; 
and she is now resting comfortably at Palos Communl 
hospital. We wish her a very rapid recovery. ..Your scrili; 
and BERNIE KIZIOR spent a busy eight days driviii 
through central Florida. Every point of interest was saB 
pled, including the preparations for the launching of Skyli 
at Cape Kennedy. Time was taken, however, in Saraso 
for a bit of sun and swim... The Schedule Department ej 
tends their sympathy to the family of M. B. (Barne 
O'NEILL, who passed away on April 29. Mr. O'Neill, as 
sistant superintendent of Schedule Department, retired ( 
April 29, 1966. 

- 'Kat^'UfM ^eUcfUi 

GUESTS OF HONOR at the llth annual Engineering Departme 
retirement dinner in the Peacock Room, May 18, were depai 
ment members who retired during the year ending May 1. Thi 
are, left to right: D. RENO, E. FOREMAN, A. MORTELLARl 




F. lacono 

South Shops 


J. Lee 
69th Street Garage 

J. Mulligan 
South Section 


E. Campbell 




' C. Williams 


B. Brown 

South Shops 


R. Boyd 


June graduates 


CTA families 


NIEL KEMPE, the son of Mr. and Mrs. RALPH KEMPE, 
lachine shop foreman, was graduated from the University 
■f Illinois Medical Center as a pharmacist. Congratula- 
ions, Niel!.. Congratulations to Laborer FRANK PIENTO 
nd his wife on their 25th wedding anniversary... Lots of 
tensioner news — DAVE GURWICH stopped in to tell us his 
irandson, ROBERT YUDLER, was having his bar mitzvah 
t the Hyatt House. ..RALPH DuFRESNE recently visited us 
<a his way home to Coello, Illinois, after a fantastic trav- 
ling spree. Ralph and his wife, JULIE, are the proud 
frandparents of 15 and great-grandparents of two. .. BEN 
aUCIA dropped in to say hello and visit his friends in the 
■'hop. Retirement certainly agrees with you fellows!.. We'd 
Ike to wish Pensioner AUGGEE FEINENDEGAN a speedy 
let well... This will be my last column as your reporter as 
: will have the pleasure of resigning to be a full-time 
lousewife! I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you 
Ellas, for your help with this column; it was really appre- 
ciated. It's been a pleasure working with you. 


As of July 1 Ashland Avenue changed superintendents. 
Xir boss, EDWARD HEATTER, was appointed District Su- 
perintendent of Operations Control, and STANLEY CHRIST 
►f the West Section was appointed South Section station su- 
'lerintendent. Also DAVID MARTIN (who was our tempo- 
rary relief station superintendent) was appointed relief sta- 
tion superintendent on the North Section... One of everyone's 
avorite people. Conductor JOHN DANEK, decided to go on 
)ension May 1. His cheery disposition will be missed by 
.11 his riders and co-workers. Good luck, John, and may 
ou enjoy your pension to its fullest... Congratulations and 
lest wishes to Motormen RAY RHONE and LAWRENCE 
)AVTS who were promoted to supervisors on April 15. . . 
'assing out cigars was Collector LYN FLOWERS who an- 
lounced the birth of a baby girl, APRIL JEANETTE, born 
^pril 20. The happy Flowers family has two girls now. ..Hi 
o our newly-hired conductors: CHARLES COLEMAN, 

feree from carpenter to conductor PETER FLYNN...Many 
happy returns to Agent ALBERTA DAVIS who also went on 
pension May 1. We know that all her riders and co-workers 
will miss her charming smile. .. Good news! GEORGE 
RILEY, superintendent of operating stations, who was on 
the sick list, is now back to work... Agent RUTH LOVELL 
was very happy when she told us about her son, WILLIAM, 
who married DEBORAH KOBLALKO on May 5 at St. Louis 
DeMontfort church in Oak Lawn. A reception for 200 guests 
was held afterwards at the Orland Chateau... Our pension- 
ers really do get around — retired supervisor ED MUNRO 
went on a trip to Hawaii, toured the four main islands, and 
took in all the sights. He said Hawaii is a beautiful vaca- 
tion spot. ..Back to their posts off the sick list are: Motor- 
Train Conductor ELLSWORTH WIGGINGTON...Our sincere 
condolences to Conductor PAUL DUCAR whose mother 
passed away recently. . . Assistant Station Superintendent 
JOHN TAGLER is on the sick list at this writing, and we all 
hope he'll be feeling chipper soon and back at work. ..Re- 
tired towerman LEONARD DeGROOT (the bowling whiz) 
helped his team, Bartz Funeral Home of the Southwest 
Craftsmen League, win the championship for the 1972-73 
season. His team sponsored by Standard Federal Bank of 
the Club Lucille League won their championship too with 
Leonard's help. Recently, he saw retired clerk THOMAS 
O'HARA and retired conductor ERNEST HARDWIDGE, and 
they both are doing fine... Chief Clerk JIM MARTINEK and 
his wife, DOROTHY, went on a trip to Jamaica, soaked up 
the sunshine and dipped into the ocean. Jim says that if 
you want to "get away from it all" Jamaica is the place to 
go. ..Heard that retired conductor JOSEPH WARSHAW and 
retired electrician CHARLES (Bud) KNUTSON, whose 
father was OTTO KNUTSON (deceased night trainmaster of 
the South Side) all passed away. Our condolences to their 
families. . . Former president of Division 308 and former 
South Section motorman JOHN BURNS, now in community 
relations, went on pension June 1. John had 46 years' ser- 
vice and really received a nice send-off. The General Of- 
fice gave him and his wonderful wife, KATE, a luncheon at 
the M&M Club in the Merchandise Mart where he was pre- 
sented with a token of remembrance. On his last day he 




was feted at the training school where he worked. Kate, 
their daughters, his sister. West Section Agent DELORES 
BERO, and some old friends surprised him by coming to 
the school. Many of the superintendents were there along 
with instructors and supervisors. John was presented with 
a big radio and a savings bond from his friends. Kate re- 
ceived a radio also. Supervising Instructor ART RABEN 
did a splendid job running the party. John said that he'll 
never forget both parties. Everyone wishes Kate and John 
much happiness and a long and healthy retired life. ..Con- 
ductor WILLLAM SMITH resigned to join the Sheriff's 
Police; Conductor WALTER JOINER resigned to go into 
business for himself, and Motorman JOHN HARRIS re- 
signed to go back to school. ..Received a nice letter from 
retired conductor JOSEPH MASCOLINO, and he said to tell 
everyone hello for him... Motor man TONY JAGLA and his 
wife flew to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Holland, and had a 
nice trip seeing all the sights and doing quite a bit of shop- 
ping. ..Receiving passenger commendations were: Conduc- 
tor HERBERT DILLARD — commended for good perform- 
ance of his duties; Motorman EDWARD TRIBUE— com- 
mended for attempting to retrieve a woman's purse and 
although unsuccessful, the passenger was grateful; and 
Clerk JOHN MULLIGAN — commended for assisting a man 
in recovering his briefcase... On the sick list at this writing 
and in the hospital is Motorman ALEXANDER KOMIS. 
Hope it won't be long, Alex, till you're home and your 
health returns... Retired conductor PHAROAH (Mother-in- 
law) CAIN was in to see the boys at Ashland. He's going to 
make a trip to Mississippi to look around for property... 
Clerk JOHN MULLIGAN was throwing out his chest with 
pride when he told us that his son, MICHAEL, was gradu- 
ated from Indiana State university, receiving a bachelor of 
science degree in elementary education, and has accepted 
a teaching position in Fort Wayne, Indiana... Back working 
for the summer are our former part-time conductors: 
MITCHELL, the son of Yard Foreman JOHN MITCHELL... 
Received news that former agent JEAN WASHBURN passed 
away recently. Our sympathy is extended to her family... 
Retired supervisor DONALD MURPHY and his wife, GEN, 
who live in New Port Richey, Florida, were in Chicago to 
attend the wedding of his brother's daughter. He called and 
said they really enjoy living in Florida... Agent ANNETTE 
GORDON wishes to thank everyone for their expressions of 
sympathy when her father, JERRY GORDON Sr., passed 
away in Metter, Georgia. ..Motorman HERMAN DUKES was 
bursting with pride when he told us about his two daughters 
graduating from college with master's degrees — SHIRLEY 
was graduated from the University of Illinois and PAT- 
RICIA ANN was graduated from Roosevelt university, ..Mo- 
torman THOMAS BLANEY was telling us that his daughter. 

cameraman are RAYMOND 
and DEANNA THAL, the 
two year old and ten month 
old grandchildren of JO- 
ic, South Shops. 

Ijeuia "^fcntHUf 



Superintendent GEORGE CLARK is quite a fisherman 
In April Mr. Clark went to Toledo Reservoir in Texai 
where he and GERALD GRAYBIEL, superintendent of pur 
chasing, caught some real good size bass. From there the; 
went to Cabo San Lucas in Baja, Mexico, where Mr. Gray 
biel caught an 80-pound wahoo, and Mr. Clark caught an 8 
foot marlin weighing 110 pounds. It took Mr. Clark 58 min 
utes to land the marlin. Then in May Mr. Clark and JOl 
BOLECH, superintendent of rapid transit shops and term! 
nals, went to Atikoken, Canada, where they caught som/ 
fair size fish such as northern, walleye and lake trout 
Congratulations on your fishing, boys. ..On May 17 the Su( 
perior Public Service Awards Luncheon was held at th 
Grand Ballroom of the Conrad Hilton here in Chicagq 
Mayor Daley was present as the National Civil ServlO( 
League paid homage to JAMES F. DUDLEY, CTA safefc 
coordinator, and to other men engaged in public servioi 
careers. That they were selected from thousands of publli 
servants employed in nine different areas of government is 
in itself, a singular honor. So, a big congratulations goe 
out to you, Jim. ..We know what JIM FELTZ, MC&OP, i 
going to do on his up-coming vacation. It seems like Jim' 
wife, DIANE, is sporting a new set of golf clubs these days 
Well, Jim, no more 19th holes for you and the boys, he 
Jimbo! Also, sorry to hear of Jim's dad, ERNIE FELTZ, 
collector out of Archer Station, who was injured in an auti 
accident on his way to Canada for a fishing vacation. Gej 
well quick. Big Em! 

Now for the out in the shop news. ..Let's start off thii 
month with some really good news! FRANK PAPALEO'l 
wife, LIBRA, is home after being in the hospital for ei] 
days following an operation. . .It's also nice to know th^ 
HARRIET GURGLE, Area 359, is home and doing fine afte 
being in the hospital... Congratulations go out to JIM POLI 
LICK, Area 334, and CHUCK KARKO Jr., Area 333, o 
making journeymen on June 25. ..Happy anniversary wishe 
go to these workers and their wives: STANLEY and EL 
ZARAZA, 35 years; JOE and JUNE HULL, 17 years; JOH] 
and JEANETTE DOPAK, 25 years; HOWARD and JOSE 
REY, 35 years; MAX and LORETTA KUCHAN, 26 years 
and MARIE KEELE, five years; CASEY and MARIA STR 
ZYNSKI, 27 years, and LARRY and DIANE BERNAS, si 
years. ..Congratulations go out to the newlyweds: GEORGI 
and JOAN KLINE, Area 344. ..JOE McNAMARA has reasoi 
to be proud of his son, PATRICK, who was accepted to at 
tend the University of Chicago in the fall. Pat finished 22ni 
in his high school graduating class at Weber and also heli 
state honors... Congratulations also go to EMILVELKAVRH 
His son, JIM, was graduated from Loyola with a B.A. de 
gree. Emil's other son, PATRICK, finished 11th in hit 
class at Fenger High school... Looks like RICH STANTOl' 



md JOHN VIDAS of Area 333 have done it again. Rich and 
fohn both entered the second annual Chicago Lawn Art 
Fair. Rich won first prize, and John took third in the photo 
livision. John also won an extra prize and one of his photos 
vill be in Talman Federal Savings' 1975 Calendar. Rich's 
ather, JOE STANTON, who works at 61st, won an honor- 
ible mention with his woodcarving at the same fair. Nice 
^ing, fellas. ..GEORGE OLSON returned from vacationing 
.n the Canadian Rockies. George visited Glacier Park, 
Banff Park, Lake Louise, and Jasper Canadian National 
Park. . . SHERIDAN (Butch) LEACH drove all the way to 
pisney World just to shake hands with Mickey Mouse and 
joofy, too. One of Butch's co-workers told him he didn't 
lave to go that far to do that... Two wedding anniversaries 
■n the Print Shop: ALEX GASICK and his wife, their 34th, 
uid MARGE and GEORGE ELLISON, their first. ..Paint Shop 
Foreman VERN HOWE's son, S/Sgt. RAYMOND HOWE, was 
graduated from the Lowry Air Force Base precision meas- 
|iring equipment specialist course which taught repair and 
calibration of precision measuring tools. Congratulations 
fo your son, Vern... Congratulations go out to the winners 
ind players in the annual South Shops Golf Tournament held 
^une 23. A big congratulations goes out to JOHN JANKUS 
jn winning first place! Big John came in with an 80! Word 
las it that Big John has been challenged to play for $5 a 
,iole by TED (Fitter -Patter) PIETRUS. The only question 
's who will choke first? We sure missed WALLY OLENICK 
^t the tournament — the silence was deafening!.. That's it for 
jiow from the gang at South Shops. 


, It really is news to know that P. A. MANNARELLI de- 
liberately picked an eight-hour run for the summer. ..Box 
Puller McGOWAN has traded in his fast key for one at 
Barney Johnson's Tap. ..Former operator R. M. PERRY has 
seen selling New York Life Insurance policies for the last 
;hree years... Pensioner DAN CAREW suffered a heart at- 
fack, but he is doing okay now... JIM HUNT, formerly of the 
Cottage Grove barn, has taken his pension. . . Pensioner 
jTHOiMAS O'SHEA moved to 22715 S.W. 66th avenue, Boca 
Saton, Florida. ..Our No. 1 custodian's wife, Mrs. RAJ, at- 
tended her granddaughter's first communion in Albuquer- 
jue. New Mexico.. .CHARLEY (Drawbars) HOLLAND had an 
pperation on his nose and now can't see beyond it...Opera- 
jor E. ORACKI says that it's a lot simpler in the hot 
leather to rub your thumb under your armpit than across 
/our tongue. .. Instructor SWANSON's son, RONALD, was 
graduated from the University of Colorado. ..Clerks ROON- 
EY and BECKER took vacations at the same time. Barney 
jTOnt to Hawaii and enjoyed it very much. ..Relief Janitor 
JOHN RODGERS passed away and we extend our deepest 
pympathy to all his loved ones. . . PETER SPOO was all 
,)acked to go to Florida and start a new life when the Lord 
jailed him. His brother, JOHN, a supervisor, had just 
jaken his retirement and both were going to enjoy it. To 
|iim we extend our deepest sympathy... Hey boys, how about 
pome news, especially from you fellas on retirement! 

j From the garage we note that Retiree PAT HAUGHEY 
jracationed in Florida. LARRY HELENSKI is down there 
(low, and he likes it very much. Larry was transportation 
flerk at 69th Street for many years. ..LUKE E. MORLEY 
juid FRANK YERMAN are on their way to Florida for the I 
fummer months. We wish them and all other pensioners a I 


TOM THORPE are also enjoying a life of leisure... Congrat- 
ulations to DAVE McGOWAN who retired recently. We hope 
you have many long years of happiness and health... Con- 
gratulations to Mr. and Mrs. FRANK ANDREK on the birth 
of their new grandson... To those on vacation, we hope you 
all have a nice time: W. COOPER, L. USPEL, B. BURIAN, 
KULIKAWSKAS, H. BROCK, the well-known fisherman J. 
JANECKO Wcis busy on his vacation being commander of 
his army post. He was out parading in full colors on July 


Well, it's that time of year again, with the weather so 
warm and the sun its brightest, when our attention natural- 
ly turns to the out-of-doors and faraway places. We yearn 
for all the rigorous and vital outdoor activity that this sea- 
son affords us. So we throw off our shackles and rush 
headlong into the sun. There's a word for this type of be- 
havior — vacation!.. One of the first to break away was none 
other than our superintendent, JOHN KNERR. He and the 
Mrs. loved Hot Springs, Arkansas. There are quite a few 
former employees and retirees residing there. Perhaps 
Hot Springs will have a new resident when Mr. Knerr re- 
tires... Board Member ANDREW G. BUTLER informed this 
reporter of his recent trip to Atlanta, Georgia, to visit his 
ailing mother. I'm glad to report that she is feeling much 
better. May she continue to prosper in good health and 
with the loyalty of a loving son... Operator FAMOUS HOOKS 
couldn't get over those walking catfish deep in the heart of 
Texas , so he 's returning this year for a second look. Inci- 
dentally, he's also celebrating his birthday on August 14. 
Happy birthday!.. Operator G. VAUGHT and his wife will 
return to Kansas to visit his in-laws. The Kansas lifestyle 
is quite a change from the big city hustle and bustle, and he 
welcomes the change. . . Our chief clerk, ED KRAUSE, 
spends more time in Pittsburgh than behind his desk. In- 
cidentally, he just returned from a three-week vacation... 
Clerk HARRY RONS went on a three-week vacation July 1 
and enjoyed the hospitality of the State of Florida. ..Clerk 
NEAL KINNISH has the right idea for a vacation: work a 
week, off a week for five weeks. ..Clerk FISHER recently 
went to Fremont, Wisconsin, and had fair luck fishing. 
What do you expect using bourbon corks for bait?. .If EARL 
SMITH has to visit the dentist again, he'll need a full plate, 
so I was informed. Sorry about that. Earl... Operator RAY- 
MOND WILEY'S daughter, JOANN MICHELLE, was married 
June 20 to Mr. WALTER WILLIAMS. They are residing in 
Chicago. Congratulations. . . Operator LAMPTON EVANS 
and his lovely wife, CHARLENE, celebrated their fifth 
wedding anniversary July 6. Mrs. Evans is also employed 
by CTA. May their marital union be blessed with love for 
many happy years to come... Congratulations to the LOUIS 
R. MARAUILLAS upon the arrival of a son, LOUIS R. Jr., 
on June 4. Operator Marauilla and his lovely wife, SHIR- 
LEY, are now the proud parents of two wonderful children. 
..The Wheelers Social club presented their annual picnic at 
Greenslake. And I know that it was in the typical Wheeler 
tradition, and that a good time was had by all who attended. 
..Support our Local No. 241 and our hard-working board 
members. Attend the union meetings whenever possible. 

- ,4(tiMx t>c Soiutelt 



^ OtOOO •>! 



^ r* r* r* !•* 

r* r* r* ^ -i 


=• 3-3-3-3- 


i- ^r-->j oi 




2nd Stree 
7th Street 
lorth Park 

CD -1 (D CD O 








irth Aven 
th Street 







(3)"n> o t- 






an Rya 
orest P 
1st Stre 








CD 0> 3 ^ 


^5- T3 









^Z CDOi r- 




M 03 
























Dan Ry 
Cong re 




W 03 _^ U 


W 3 X 03 



, 54th, 


7 r~ 

o =• 

c« S 

(DO o 

CO-* ft) 



















































■a • 




p 0) 


p 00 rl 
r o > 




New s>puris t)«uiiuii— paye 

Goodbye, old friends! 


making on the 'L'— page 4 




Administrative changes- 

O'Connor retires; 
Krambles, Meinardi 
named to top posts 

Mr. O'Connor 

A MAJOR modification in the top administrative or- 
ganization of the Chicago Transit Authority was an- 
nounced in conjunction with the retirement of Thomas 
B. O'Connor as CTA General Manager. 

Milton Pikarsky, CTA Chairman, also announced 
that O'Connor, who reached the mandatory retirement 
age of 65, has consented to continue serving as a con- 
sultant during a transition period in the administra- 
tive changeover. 

The modification of the CTA's administrative 
structure, as concurred in by the Chicago Transit 
Board, is based on the following general changes: 

* The establishment directly under the Chair- 
man of three new divisions designated as (1) 
General Operations; (2) General Administration 
and Finance, and (3) General Development. 

* The creation of new positions of Manager to 
head each of the three new divisions. 
To fill the new positions of Manager, Pikarsky an- 
nounced the following appointments: 

George Krambles as Manager of the General Op- 
erations Division. 

Peter J. Meinardi as Manager of the Division of 
General Administration and Finance. 

On an acting basis, Pikarsky will serve as Man- 

Mr. Krambles 

Mr. Meinardi 

ager of the General Development Division. 

The new Division of General Operations, with 
Krambles as Manager, embraces a long established 
Transportation Department, a newly organized Main- 
tenance Department, and a consolidated Operations 
Planning Department (including the former schedule 
and traffic, research and planning, and traffic plan- 
ning groups). 

The new Division of General Administration and 
Finance, with Meinardi as Manager, takes In the Fi-, 
nance. Personnel, Medical, F>urchases and Stores,- 
Claims, and Insurance Departments. 

The new Division of General Development, with 
Pikarsky as Acting Manager, includes the Depart- 
ments of Engineering, Public Relations and Marketing,;' 
and Capital Development (including government pro-j 
grams), and a newly organized Department of Long; 
Range Planning and Studies. 

O'Connor, who retired as General Manager on Dec. 
1, started his transit career in 1935 with the former 
Chicago Surface Lines, another predecessor company 
to the CTA. 

A nationally recognized expert in public transpor- 
tation, O'Connor had served as General Manager of 
the Chicago Transit Authority since August 21, 1964. 

Chairman, is presented with 
the 1973 Good Scout Award for 
his achievements in public 
transportation at Lunch-O-Ree 
in the Conrad Hilton Hotel. 
Among those extending con- 
gratulations were Joseph R. 
Klein (left). Scout Executive of 
the Chicago Area Council, and 
Norman A. Erbe, former gov- 
ernor of Iowa now serving as 
regional representative of the 
U.S. Secretary of Transporta- 


Volume XXVI Number 5 

Published for employees and retirees of 
the Chicago Transit Authority, under the 
direction of the Department of Communica- 
tions and Marketing. 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 
Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

Distributed free of charge to all active 
and retired CTA employees. Annual sub- 
scription price to others, $2.00. Address 
communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, 
Room 742, Merchandise Mort Plaza, 
Chicago, lllinoi s 60654. 


Referendum March 19 

, GOVERNOR WALKER signs R.T.A. legislation on Dec. 12 as Mayor Daley and leaders and members of the 
Illinois General Assembly look on. Others besides Governor Walker and Mayor Daley are (left to right) 

, Rep. James T. Londrigan (D., Springfield); Rep, Daniel M. Pierce (D., Highland Park), Assistant Minority 
Whip; Sen. Philip J. Rock (D., Chicago), Assistant Minority Leader; Rep. Gerald W. Shea (D., Riverside), 
Assistant Minority Leader; Rep. Clyde L. Choate (D., Anna), Minority Leader; Sen. Cecil A. Partee (D., 

' Chicago), Minority Leader; Rep. Corneal A. Davis (D., Chicago), Assistant Minority Leader; Rep. Benedict 
Garmisa (D., Chicago); Sen. James H. Donnewald (D,, Breese), Assistant Minority Leader; House Speaker 
W. Robert Blair (R., Park Forest); Sen. John H. Conolly (R., Waukegan); Langhorne Bond, Illinois Secre- 
tary of Transportation, and Mrs. Joby Berman, Director of Office of Mass Transportation. 

HOUSE SPEAKER Blair explains how the R.T.A. 
will benefit the metropolitan area and urges a fa- 
vorable vote at the March 19 referendum. Others 
left to right are Rep. Garmisa; Sen. Howard R. 
Mohr (R., Forest Park), Assistant Majority Lead- 
er; Secretary Bond; Sen. Conolly, and Mrs. Ber- 

fin !RK' I iini 

MAYOR DALEY tells the news media of the im- 
portance of the Regional Transportation Authority 
to the entire six-county metropolitan area. To the 
right forefront is Gov. Walker and in the back- 
ground are Rep, Londrigan and Rep. Pierce. 


On a quiet Sunday! 

"CAMERA, ACTION," was the cry that instantly brougl 
life to the LaSalle-Van Buren "L" Station, normally close 
to traffic on Sundays, but giving every appearance 
being in full operation on October 28. 

As if on a normal weekday, passengers walk out 

the station building onto the platform. A train rounc 

the curve at Van Buren-Wells, approaches the sta 

tion and stops — the cameras continue to roll — pas 

sengers board and the doors of the train close. 

As the train starts the seemingly normal rou 

is interrupted by a scuffle on the "L" plat 

m. Action reaches a peak as four men bat 

2 each other and a foot chase ensues dow, 

the length of the platform to the Clark Stret 


The activity was all part of a seer 

being shot on location in Chicago for th 

film "Three the Hard Way." Othe 

scenes were shot on Loop streets, 

the Old Town area, and on a speedbot 

in the Chicago river. 

Taking part in the action shot 

were the co-stars, Jim Brown, th' 

former Cleveland Browns full; 

back, and Fred Williamson, 

native of Gary who starred i 

football at Northwestern uni 


The film is directed bi 

Gordon Parks Jr., son of i 

former Chicagoan wh 

gained fame as a maga 

zine photographer, ani 

is produced by Harr 

Bernsen, a Chicagoa, 

who went to Holly: 

wood some year 


Stars of the movie, Fred Williamson (left) and Jii 
Brovra, assume their positions on the LaSalle-Van Bur 
en "L" platform awaiting the approach of the train. 

Conductor Aubrey Bates at his post in the charters 

The pace hastens as two 
Williamson and Brown. 

"heavies" assault co-star 

Director Gordon Parks Jr. (right) discusses a seen 
vnth Robert Heinlein of CTA's Public Relations an 
Marketing Department. Coordination of train, actor 
and cameras was done with walkie-talkies. 


bn the 'L' 


Working at the scene for the CTA were Maurice Murphy, 
I rapid transit supervisor; Richard Brown, motorman of 
he "L" train; Aubrey Bates, the conductor, and Robert 
tteinlein, assistant director of public information, who 
ijoordinated the train movements and the filming, 
i The LaSalle-Van Buren Station was chosen for the 
novie scene because of its locale in the Loop. It 
Use offered the advantage of being closed on Sun- 
days, thereby giving the director free reign to re- 
';reate an actual situation without the presence of 
Regular riders. 

' "L" tracks on both LaSalle and Wells Streets 
ire also unused on Sundays, which allowed the 
Irain to be operated to and from the station 
■or any number of takes, at the discretion of 
:he director. 

i CTA accommodated the moviemakers 
)y opening the station and also by placing 
L two-car chartered "L" train at their 
ilisposal. The crew performed duties 
Is if in regular train service, and in 
loing so joined the more than 20 
ixtras with minor roles in the film. 
VIotorman Richard Brown and 
Conductor Aubrey Bates are as- 
signed to Forest Park Station 
md regularly work the Lake- 
Dan Ryan route. 

Scenes for the film will 
Continue to be shot over the 
lext few months on loca- 
ions throughout the 
United States. The film 
« to be released by 
Allied Artists late 

wo cameras are rolling as the train approaches and 
etion starts further down the platform. 

'he acceleration rate of the train is an important mat- 
BT of discussion between the stuntman posing as a 
heavy" and CTA's Motorman Brown, Rapid Transit Su- 
ervisor Maurice Murphy, and PR Man Heinlein. 

lotorman Richard Brown at the controls of the char- 
?red train. 

'reducer Harry Bernsen and Script Supervisor Diana 


Evanston benefits 

THIRD RAILS were energized November 
8 on the Evanston rapid transit route, 
bringing an end to 65 years of overhead 
trolley operation. The new power rail 
was installed at a cost of $541,000 as 
part of CTA's $140 million Capital Re- 
newal Program being funded by the Illi- 
nois and U.S. Departments of Transpor- 
tation. One of the last trains to use the 
trolley is shown above; one of the first 
on third rail (below) is passing newly- 
Installed automatic track gates that block 
entry to the right-of-way. 

LATEST ADDITION to the 20-bus fleet serving Evans 
ton's four bus routes is this specially-painted 8400 wit 
a combined Christmas-Hanukkah greeting. Under tb 
sponsorship of the Evanston Chamber of Commerce, dei 
sign and painting of the bus were done by Evanston Town 
ship High school students, Evanston Art Center students' 
and a CTA painter. 


old "L" cars on November 8 was 
made possible by the electric 
power distribution changeover 
from trolley wire to third rail. 
The cars embodied the last bits of 
nostalgia reminiscent of old-time 
"L"s and streetcars — bare incan- 
descent lightbulbs, window shades, 
seats that flip over, and handles 
for "straphangers." James Blaa, 
superintendent of rapid transit 
operations, greeted Motorman 
John Hill, North Section, upon 
completion of the last run. 

from further CTA improvements 

;«ilEVISED BUS routings within the City of Evans- 
ton which became effective November 26 now in- 
clude a centrally located transfer point common to 
all four routes. Right in downtown Evanston, the 
Sherman Bus Arcade is located on the west side of 
Sherman Street between Church and Davis Streets. 
Three of the bus routes also terminate in Chicago 
at the Howard Transit Center. 

A WEEK-LONG Smile-A-Ride promotion to acquaint 
residents with new bus routes attracted more than 
38,000 riders. During non-rush hours on weekdays 
and all day Saturday through December 1, a smile en- 
titled each passenger to a free ride. The bus service 
operated by CTA has been subsidized by Evanston 
since starting September 10. 


TA Sport 
. Nevrs 

77TH STREET OPERATORS LEAGUE And in the beginning . . . 

STAN McBAY, Secretary 

Standings as of 11-29-73 






Archer Bandits 





George's Arco 










Pin Busters 





Road Runners 





700 Club 





Hot Hands 






























Late Comers 




















Individual Handicap 


G. Redd 





E. Cooke 



Love lady 


J. White 



V. Johnson 


George's Arco 


George 's 



Archer Bandits 


Archer Bandits 


Road Runners 





J. Motton 





E. Gipson 



Mc Cants 


E. Ford 





This week's individual stars 

High Scratch Game 

F. Ba 

ley - 225 

High Handicap Game 

V. Love lady - 

- 249 

High Scratch Se 


L. Warden - 


High Handicap S 


W. Walton - 625 

Team High Game 

Poppers - 1009 

Team High Series 

Toppers - 2851 

Top Ten Averages 

E. Gipson 





H. Hodge 



y Williams 


E. Ford 





L. Warden 





J. Motton 





ALL GOOD things must have a beginning — and this i 
the beginning of the new Sports Section of the Transi 

In this column we hope to bring you all the lates 
information about CTA's sports program and othe 
sports news. We will keep you abreast of what i 
happening now and any fu*^ure activities in the sport 

77th Street bowling league growinc 

THE 77TH Street Operators Bowling League is goin 
great guns at Palisades Bowl. With the addition c 
four new teams this season, the league now has a 
overall total of 16, compared to eight teams when i 
first started 11 years ago. And with the acquisitio 
of more lanes, we are hoping for more teams nex 

Composed of CTA personnel only, the league ha 
representatives from every department in the comi 

pany. The league president, Calvin Pollard, is fror 
the Engineering Department; the vice-presidenl 
Booker Byers, is a bus operator at 77th Street Sta 
tion; the secretary, Stan McBay, is from the Centra 
Counting Room; the treasurer, Talmadge Ireland, is 
bus operator at Archer Station, and the sergeant-at 
arms, Robert (Bozo) Barnes, is a chauffeur with Util 
ity and Emergency Service. 

The pictures shown here depict some of the actio 
and intense desire of the league members each bowl 
ing night. 


JTA basketball season 
;b start in January 

E CTA basketball league will kick off the 1974 sea- 

Iin January and from all reports promises to be a 
ly exciting cage campaign, 
ifteen teams, divided into two sections, will go 
i:r the championship in the league which plays its 
Sularly scheduled games at the Washington Park 

;rhe CTA league teams and their respective 
jches this season are as follows: South Shops, J. 
^.ew Jr.; North Section, R. Mayfield; South Section, 
James; Archer, H. Bankston; 77th Street, R. Piatt; 
liits, C. Patton; North Park, S. A. Tharp; Forest 
In, A. Harris; Beverly, W. Goodes; 52nd Street, J. 
^■ry; Kedzie A, Jackie Robinson and Kedzie B, For- 
^t McHerron; 69th Street, A. Henson; West Section, 
.iVoodard, and North Avenue, W. Simmons. 

Agis Bray, former Harlem Globetrotter all-time 
tat, is the director of the CTA sports program. 

Action shots of last year's championship gome. 

CTA Mart team in bowling slump 

AS AN entry in the ten team City of Chicago, Bureau 
of Engineering Bowling League, the CTA Mart team 
is not faring too well. 

The team now in eighth place is comprised of Cap- 
tain Tim O'Rourke, Claim Department; Burt Bosan 
and Lennie Lohn, Training and Public Safety; Jim 
Toolis, Purchasing; Charles Drozda, Research/Plan- 
ning; Ed Coman, retired, and Mel Alexander, Public 

This league holds a special significance as some 
of our prominent CTA officials, at one time, bowled 
in this league: the late CTA Board Chairman George 
L. DeMent, Superintendent of Engineering E. E. Olm- 
stead. Superintendent of Purchasing F. A. Johnson, 
and Supervisor of Traffic Planning F. E. Barker. 

Even though we are now in a slump, the members 
of the Mart team are proud to be a part of this tradi- 
tion. We shall do better. 

V. Lovelody, C. Henderson, J. Motton, J. Beatty, R. Williams 
and Y. Walker. 


Birthday party on "L' 

Riders surprise conductor 
on Evanston Express train 

By Russell B, Joseph 

LEON HAYWARD is one of those people with a happy 
disposition and a pleasant smile for everyone. Dur- 
ing the time he was assigned as conductor on the 7:17 
A.M. Evanston Express out of Linden Avenue in Wil- 
mette, Leon's outgoing personality developed a bond 
of friendship with a group of regular commuters from 
Wilmette and Glenview who likewise became acquaint- 
ed with each other by sitting in the same seats at the 
end of the same car each morning. 

In the course of the usual greetings and exchange 
of banter one morning, Leon announced he wouldn't be 
seeing us the next day because he would be off cele- 
brating his birthday. Rather spontaneously it was de- 
cided to surprise Leon when he returned with a birth- 
day cake, which was presented to him along with a 
humerous card signed by each member of the group. 
Mrs. Carey Wolf provided the beautifully decorated 
cake and Nick Wolf did the honors. Russell Joseph 
brought his camera to record the event, participated 
in by fellow commuters Jim Leahy, Bill Hermann, 
Bill Burk, Ken Kiser, Buford Earhart and Craig Han- 

Leon was obviously at a loss for words, but with a 
broad smile and expression of some bewilderment, he 
said, "Nothing like this has ever happened to me be- 

MR. JOSEPH IS assistant secretary for tlie Santa Fe Lines and 
one of the small group of Evanston Express riders pictured 
above who board the same train together each morning. Conduce 
tor Hayward worked Run 511 from Howard Station until the 
September pick when he went to Kimball Station. 

Service anniversaries 
in September 

45 years 

A. J. Arnieri, 


35 years 

A. H. Hillstrom, 52nd Street 

30 years 

C. Cullen, North Section 

W. P. Dobrowski, North Avenue 

W. C. Erickson, 69th Street 

H. Filip, West Section 

A. J. Gorikiewicz, Stores-North Divi 

G. S. Graybiel, Purchasing & Stores 

R. T. Kuchenny, Forest Glen 

W. Prokop, Beverly 

W. J. Rapocz, Forest Glen Garage 

M. W. Rovella, Archer 

25 years 

T. Cherry, West Section 

S. Crawford, 52nd Street Garage 

J. Daniel Jr., 69th Street 

J. P. Duffy, Stores 

J. Kemnec, Archer 

F. J. Lambert, North Avenue 

J. J. Levickis, 52nd Street Garage 

W. J. McCarthy, 77th Street 

W. G. Nessler, Stores 

P. J. Nolan, South Section 

A. J. Ruane, Kimball Maintenance Terminal 

C. H. Siggers, 77th Street 

E. N. Souvigny, Limits 

T. F. Sweeney, Building Maintenance Division 
T. Togher, Forest Park Maintenance Terminal 
R. W. Tracy, Transportation 

F. A. VonSchwedler, North Park 
W. J. White, Forest Glen 



Service anniversaries in October 

45 years 

40 years 

F. J. Norton, 


A. C. Peterson, 


A. W. Eggert, 

Stores-South Division 

35 years 

T. P. McCormock, West Section 

30 years 

M. F. Ashley, South Section 

A. Baron, Kedzie 

J. Bloke, Kedzie 

W. J. Burns, 52nd Street 

J. Q. Corey, South Section 

A. W. Gniewek, Kedzie 

C. Jacobs, Utility & Emergency Service 
R. G. Koster, West Section 

D. L. McAdams, 69th Street 

E. J. Neurauter, Public Information 
J. P. Olszewski, North Park 

A. Petok, North Section 

J. P. Phillips, Office Services 

W. J. Rickert, District D 

R. S. Winther, Skokie Shop 

J. Wisniewski, South Shops 

K. H. McNeely, 

General Accounting 

A. L. Mazza, 

District D 

25 years 

R. R. Booth, Electrical 

M. F. Cioffe, Electrical Engineering 

V. A. Ferroresi, North Avenue 

R. Fuhrmon, South Shops 

G. V. Hortwig, Forest Glen 

C. M. Heorns, South Section 

A. Hennelly, North Park Garage 

E. T. Jurczok, Instruction-North Avenue 

E. L. Kruszyna, Electrical 

R. L. Kurtz, MC&OP-South Shops 

J. C. Lamb, Building Wiring Division 

J. C. McPartlan, Kimball Maintenance Terminal 

W. J. Rofo, West Section 

R. C. Jonkowski, H. R. Gennett, 

Archer Archer 

R. J. Reding, Skokie Shop 

W. Remback, North Avenue 

F. Rio, Congress Maintenance Terminal 

T. P. Slottery, Skokie Shop 

M. Tsuchida, North Pork Garage 

D. E. Wilson, Skokie Shop 

P. Winnick, Skokie Shop 



ACCOUNTING (General) - 

CHU GOSRISIRKUL and his wife and daughter were 
lucky enough to visit Thailand recently, where Chu and his 
wife were born. They visited Chu's father and brothers, 
as well as his wife's family. Although they enjoyed them- 
selves very much, Chu said the 30 hours they spent flying 
and changing planes was very tiring... Among the recently 
retired was ALICE ARKIN, clerk I, of the Revenue Ac- 
counting section who took her pension on August 1 after 16 
years of service. A luncheon was held in her honor on July 
31 at Henrici's restaurant. ..On Wednesday, August 29, a 
luncheon was held at Ghisela's restaurant in honor of FRAN 
HADDIX and CLARA LAWRENCE who retired on September 
1. Fran, of Revenue Accounting, retired after 47 years of 
service, and Clara, of Payroll Accounting and former 
Transit News scribe, retired after 32 years of service. 
Among the guests at the luncheon were Fran's mother, Mrs. 
LOUIS HADDIX, who looks great for her 83 years, Mr. and 
Mrs. ROBERT WALTHER, Fran's nephew and his wife, and 
representing Clara's family was her cousin, Mrs. SHIRLEY 
GACKI. Also attending were Pensioners JOSEPHINE TOL- 
KIN and ASTRID HEDBERG. On their last day of work, 
Clara was presented with a lovely pink sweater, and Fran 
received a charm bracelet and charm of the Merchandise 
Mart; along with these they both received monetary gifts. 
Also retiring on September 1 was LOUIS MROZ, formerly 
of Revenue Accounting and now a janitor at West Shops. To 
all of our retirees we extend our best wishes for a happy 
and healthy retirement... The Accounting Department is es- 
pecially proud of two of its members, RAY CORBEL and 
DENNIS McFADDEN, who successfully completed a ten- 
week course in the first CTA Management Institute pro- 
gram. Ray and Dennis had nothing but nice things to say 
about the program and their instructors. ..The welcome mat 
is extended to KATHY DAIGLER who joined the ranks of 
CTA as a file clerk in our Accounts Payable and Material 
Accounting Section. ..Our sympathy is extended to HARRIET 
KRYZAN in the death of her brother, and to the family of 
Pensioner LORRAINE FALK who passed away recently. 

- /7«a^ Sua 

(Datacenter) - 

Our department has a new name. We used to report 
under Tabulating Accounting, but now we are Datacenter... 
We wish to extend a welcome to our new "chief," JOHN 
HOGAN, a former CTAer who comes to us from Zenith 
Radio corporation... We wish a quick recovery for MARIE 
FOLZ who is hospitalized at St. Francis hospital in Evans- 
ton. ..Good luck to PAT SCHOENBAUM who purchased a. new 
home. ..MICHAEL ECKEL, the son of JOHN ECKEL, was 
elected "all-star shortstop," and also received a first place 
trophy in the Oak Lawn Little League. Congratulations, 
Michael. ..ERMA GOARD and her sons, DOUGLAS Jr. and 
DERRICK, vacationed in California staying at Seaside. 
They visited San Jose, San Francisco and Los Angeles, en- 
joying such things as swimming in the surf, sightseeing, 
mountain climbing and of course, Disneyland. Something 
else the boys will always remember was a visit to Fort 
Ord. Needless to say, they can't wait to go again. ..MARI- 

ON SUTHERLAND visits California often, but each time sh 
manages to see something different. This time she visite 
San Simeon, the luxurious estate of William Randolp 
Hearst. . . We wish to extend a belated welcome to JIP' 
STUCKEY who came to us in June from Spiegel's...A ge 
well quickly wish is sent to DAN FRUSOLONE who is re 
cuperating at home after a bad fall. 

- ^w^« ^eu 

(Payroll) - 

It is with pleasure I again join the Transit News famil 
as a reporter. I would like to extend to our retiring re 
porter, CLARA LAWRENCE, best wishes from all her co 
workers and pay this tribute to her: To Clara, a fine job o 
reporting was done, some serious, some in fun; and ii' 
parting I'd like to say, hope you will write again, day b 
day. ..As I look around the department I see the cheery nev 
face of JERRY KUROWSKI, a graduate trainee. You knov 
that old saying, "It's so nice to have a man around," well 
too bad, girls, Jerry is a newlywed, recently married t( 
his wife, BETTY. Good luck. ..Ah yes, it's vacation time 
Isn't it great? That's what I've been hearing from our pay-; 
rollers. JOSEPHINE O'KRAY and her husband, GEORGE: 
had a full vacation starting at Shafer Lake in Indiana, whert 
they enjoyed the resort amusement fair and daily swim- 
ming. They then trekked to Las Vegas for a little arn 
wrestling (one-arm bandits) and entertainment. Such well- 
knowns as Johnny Carson, Patti Page, Don Adams and Rob- 
ert CJoulet were appearing. What's this rumor about sell- 
ing plane tickets and hitchhiking home, Jo ?..Lake Namaka- 
gon, Wisconsin, was visited by MARY LYLE and her hubby 
SCOTT, where they stayed at the Duel Point Resort. Th« 
men aren't the only ones with a fish story — how big was 
the one that got away, Mary?. .DORIS and FRED YOST vis- 
ited friends in Wisconsin, doing a little fishing and enjoying 
those north woods. ..There's no generation gap for MARY- 
JANE JOHNSON and her family. She and her husband, BOBj 
drove four generations to Florida — great-grandmother, 
HELEN; grandmother, MARYJANE; daughter, SUSAN, ano' 
granddaughter, KIRSTEN. All had fun in the sun. ..What 
better place is there to have R&R than in big "Chi Town.' 

A 31-YEAR transit career 
was closed on September 1 
with the retirement of 
payroll clerk I in the 
Accounting Department. 

Clara had been on Inside 
News reporter since Feb- 
ruary, 1964, and was eighth 
on the seniority list of 
reporters. The Transit 

News staff and her many 
friends at CTA extend 
their sincere wishes for a 
long, happy and healthy 
retired life. 




'AJIIE COARI did a little redecorating at home, adding a 
Jstive touch here and there. Mine's next, Marie... VI 
:EYER took advantage of our city by doing plenty of gal- 
l^anting. There were short trips to Twin Lakes and Lake 
bliday with her sister, DEE, which included swimming and 
I'ating. . . Your scribe stayed home and enjoyed the good 
'!ather...To JOSEPfflNE and ALEXANDER COLEMAN we 
ilend our deepest sympathy in the loss of his mother, 
;aANCES COLEMAN, and to ROSE KENNEY our sincere 
imdolences in the loss of her father, WILLIAM EME... 
eandmother MARYJANE JOHNSON is singing lullabies 
(nee the birth of little RACHEL ELIZABETH HOSTETTER 
II July 6 in El Segundo, California. Rachel is the daughter 
1 ROBERT and LYNNE HOSTETTER... Happy birthday to 
;iu and yours in September and October, The best to ROSE 
:ENNEY who celebrated September 9, and your scribe on 
liptember 19... See you soon. 

I.ECTRICAL (General Office) - 

', Six Flags over Mid-America was a popular site to visit 
lis summer. RONALD SWINDEL, distribution engineer, 
id his family spent a week taking in the highlights of this 
bnderland... HERMAN SMITH, engineer assistant III, and 
is family also visited Six Flags, then drove along the Mis- 
ssippi to Hannibal, the town of Tom Sawyer fame. They 
opped off at Grant's home in Galena, Illinois, and visited 
ttle Switzerland in New Glarus, Wisconsin. ..BERNIE KIZ- 
)R, stenographer, became an aunt again when MARY TEK- 
,A was born on June 27. Mary is the daughter of EUGENIA 
id JOSEPH ZAWADZKI. The little one's brother, JOS- 
PH II, just celebrated his second birthday. ..Congratula- 
pns to MICHAEL RICKSON, administration supervisor, 
Ad his wife, MARIAN, who recently celebrated 25 happy 
!3ars of marriage... From Blue Island we hear that ED- 
'aRD BOURNE, the son of ANDREW BOURNE, "B" elec- 
;ician, was united in holy matrimony to KAREN PUCTHA 
^^ August 25 at St. Stanislaus church. On September 16, 
ndy became a grandfather when his son, JAMES, and his 
^fe, JOANNE, became the proud parents of WILLIAM 
AMES who weighed in at 8 pounds 4 ounces. Congratula- 
ons to all... GEORGE UNWIN, retired lineman, was in 
'•om Florida recently and stopped by the office to say hel- 

ELEBRATING THEIR golden wedding anniversary on May 5 
ere ROY KIRCHOFF and his lovely wife, EDNA. Roy retired 
om the Purchasing Department on August 1, 1964, and he and 
idno now make their home in Boynton Beach, Florida. 


lo. . . Our sincere condolences are extended to WILLIAM 
REHDER, general clerk, whose mother passed away. 

- Xtu, THcAtMet 

(Ctiicago Avenue) - 

June 27 was the last day of work for BOB MONSON. By 
now he is happily settled in his retirement home in Louisi- 
ana. . . Despite a Fourth of July celebration, KEITH ERIC 
KURTIN was not to be hurried. He arrived at 12:08 a.m., 
July 5. BILL and LINDA KURTIN said the new arrival 
weighed in at 10 pounds 10 ounces and was 22 inches long. 
WOW!. .It was a beautiful summer day, July 7, when FRED 
ODROWSKI and LYNN RASMUSSON were joined in holy 
matrimony at Faith Lutheran church on Chicago's North- 
west Side. The reception was held at Algauer's Fireside 
in Northbrook where friends and relatives celebrated. . . 
CHARLIE SALVATORE retired August 1. He and his wife, 
DOROTHY, celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on 
September 29 with a special mass at St. Mary of the Sea 
church where they received the Papal blessing. . . HANK 
GABAUER, who retired on October 1, dropped in to see us. 
He looks good and has lost a lot of weight... GEORGE COX 
and JACK HOBBS are now back at work. JIM BERGEN was 
in and out of the hospital where they stretched his neck. I 
don't know why, he's tall enough. ..PAT GRIFFIN and his 
family paid a visit to Ireland, and we also had a card from 
BARNEY JONES who also visited the "Old Sod.".. MIKE 
BITTOURNA sent us a card from Canada where he vaca- 
tioned, and RON NELSON and his family visited the Six 
Flags in St. Louis... JOHN MURPHY was hospitalized. We 
wish him a speedy recovery. . .JIM and DOLLY ROEBER 
are the proud grandparents again. This time of a grandson, 
WAYNE. ..Your reporter and his wife, SHIRLEY, are proud 
grandparents also. Our daughter, BONNIE, presented us 
with a granddaughter, AMY JOY, on August 10 weighing 6 
pounds 5 ounces. Her father, TOM, arrived home from 
Germany 27 hours before the happy event. 

(Rapid Transit Signal Division) - 

STEVEN ZELLNER spent his week of vacation with his 
ten-year old son, STEVE Jr., at his camp on Beaver Creek 
near the Kankakee river. His only accomplishment was to 
beat a path between the beer cooler and a big oak shade 
tree. ..JACK PILIP's day in court turned out quite well after 
receiving his first traffic ticket. Jack said the judge sound- 
ed like a big brother when he told him to go and be more 
careful. ..DAVE GREIG and his wife, SANDRA, hit on a good 
vacation idea when they threw all the kids in the car and 
took off for a camping trip in upper Michigan near Pine 
river. I think little 11-year old DAVE had a hand in the big 
decision. You see, he's had some experience with summer 
camping. They all had fun, even KARVIN, 7, and SUSAN, 
2. ..One guy who had enough money left over after his vaca- 
tion was DAVE BATTERSON. After his trip to the Smoky 
Mountains National Park he bought his wife, PAT, a much 
needed major appliance. Dave's 14-year old daughter, 
BONNIE, accompanied mom and pop on the trip, while 17- 
year old THOMAS stayed home. ..Hey, I found a fellow who 
really knows how to save a buck on vacation — JOHN LONG. 
1 don't know who made the big decision, whether to go out of 
town or not, but John and his wife, PAT, spent the entire 
week in their backyard and loved it. ..During your report- 
er's vacation, my wife, LENNIE, and I spent the larger 
portion of one week at the Smoky Mountain National Park 


46 Years 

45 Years 

42 Years 


JOINING THE ranks of the retired during September and October were the 
three employees pictured here who had 40 or more years of transit service 
each with CTA and its predecessor companies. 

ROY E. CARLSON, Box Puller, 
North Park, Emp. 10-5-45 

WILLIAM G. CARLSON, B Electrician, 
Electrical, Emp. 11-5-45 

Archer, Emp. 4-20-34 

RUDOLPH P. DAVIS, Car Serviceman, 
Dan Ryan, Emp. 9-16-41 

Forest Glen, Emp. 4-24-47 

PETER P. GERAME, Bus Serviceman, 

North Avenue Garage, Emp. 2-6-43 

SAMUEL GLOVER, Machinist, 

Engineering, Emp, 6-20-45 

FRANCES HADDIX, Balance Clerk II, 

Accounting, Emp. 12-21-26 
JOHN HEIN, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 5-8-41 
ANDREW M. fCARIOLICH, Day Assistant Foreman, 

North Park, Emp. 11-22-30 

Engineering, Emp. 11-1-41 
CLARA J. LAWRENCE, Payroll Clerk I, 

Accounting, Emp. 12-17-41 

Lawndale, Emp. 11-18-42 
ROBERT J. MALONEY, Assignment Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 11-18-36 
EDWARD J. McDonald, operator. 

North Park, Emp. 8-8-42 
SARA M. McDonnell, Payroll Clerk I, 

Purchasing, Emp. 11-21-52 
JOHN A. McWILLIAMS, Bus Repairer, 

Forest Glen Garage, Emp. 9-25-47 
WILLIAM MOOG, Chauffeur, 

Utility & Emergency Service, Emp. 4-12-34 
RUSSELL R. MOOSE, Operator, 

Lawndale, Emp. 10-2-51 

LOUIS R. MROZ, Janitor, 

West Shops, Emp, 11-30-43 
MICHAEL J. MUSIELSKI, Acting Foreman, 

North Park Garage, Emp. 8-7-47 
MICHAEL P. NESTOR, Bus Repairer, 

Archer Garage, Emp, 10-19-41 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 8-24-27 
ANTHONY T, REED, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp, 8-11-42 
FRANK C, SCHMID, Bus Serviceman, 

Forest Glen Garage, Emp, 8-11-42 
GEORGE E. SHARPE, Operator, 

North Park, Emp, 10-5-45 
HARRY A. SMITH, Operator, 

77th Street, Emp. 2-19-45 
MATHEW SMITH, Steamfitter, 

Engineering, Emp. 11-14-45 
HAROLD TICKELL, Bus & Truck Specialist, 

South Shops, Emp. 7-18-36 
VIRGINIA M. TOTCKE, Ticket Agent, 
West Section, Emp. 1-4-64 
Engineering, Emp. 2-5-42 
Archer, Emp. 1-4-46 
EDWARD W. WELCH, Bus Serviceman, 
Archer Garage, Emp, 5-13-35 
JOHN C. WILLIAMS, Procedures Coordinator, 
Claim, Emp. 4-4-28 
Forest Park, Emp. 8-23-45 


EDWARD E, BARTKUS, Sheet Metal Worker A, 
South Shops, Emp. 6-4-47 

77th Street, Emp. 9-10-46 

HENRY C. BORGMAN, Operator, 
77th Street, Emp. 1-12-34 

North Avenue, Emp. 4-13-54 

HENRY P. GABAUER, Lineman Helper, 
Electrical, Emp, 1-12-37 

FRANK J, GALEK, Bus Serviceman, 

Beverly Garage, Emp. 10-28-48 

JOHN H, MACK, Trackman U, 

Engineering, Emp, 8-7-52 
WALTER C. NORVILAS, Bus Repairer, 

Archer Garage, Emp, 7-30-47 

Skokie Shop, Emp, 5-24-39 

South Section, Emp, 6-10-46 
ALFRED M, SELVAGE, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp, 6-23-43 
JOHN J, STRAKA, Machinist, 

West Shops, Emp, 5-22-46 
CORTLAND L, TICE, Bus Repairer, 

North Park Garage, Emp. 11-30-43 
HENRY B. WALLER, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp, 2-28-63 

77th Street, Emp, 2-4-54 




jlth our three daughters, ANITA, 16, LYDIA, 13, and ROB- 
;[, 1. Our relaxing stay at the beautiful Fontana Village 
3Sort,with its unlimited recreational facilities, as well as 
je breathtaking views of the Fontana Dam and Nantahala 
Jitlonal Forest, made our vacation most enjoyable. ..DON- 
.LD HAWKINS almost had as much fun with the three 
Idles of his household as I had with my four. Don and his 
•ife, JAKIE, along with daughters, DONNA and DARLENE, 
lUred Toronto and Niagara Falls. At Toronto the rapid 
lansit trains provided them with exciting joy rides, while 
i Niagara Falls they didn't get Involved too deeply. They 
ftose to look on Instead. Girls are a lot of fun on a vaca- 
l3n trip if you can keep them out of the souvenir shops and 
]iwder rooms... Signal Malntalner ROY WILLIAMS was re- 
lintly promoted to electrical signal malntalner specialist, 
pnerally referred to as relay repairman. His work In- 
ludes repairing relays as well as other more sophlstlcat- 
il electronic signal equipment. If I know Roy, better known 
:; Chip-Chip, he'll have more trouble pronouncing that big 
tie than he'll have spending that raise he will get. Good 
Ick, Chip. ..Replacing Roy Williams was A. J. (Tony) Di- 
iillSTOFANO. Tony is being promoted to journeyman, 
ongratulatlons, Tony, we knew you had it In you. .."Come 
(I, Dad, you can afford It," Is what LORI, 17, might have 
!iid when she pressed her dad, ROBERT BROWN, for per- 
;lsslon to join her older sister, KATHLEEN, on a month- 
ing European tour. These two lovely young ladies com- 
jeted the first leg of their trip when their plane landed at 
1e Dublin, Ireland, airport. Sure, Bob gave Lori a little 
nanclal encouragement, but don't expect me to tell you 
I'W I found it out. ..Congratulations to RON and VALERIE 
:SDOE on the birth of an 8 pound baby girl named MEL- 
'SA ANN. This was their first child and Ron was in labor 
Inger than any — , well, scratch that one. Apparently no 
ie told this little angel about the high cost of food, as she 
kes her four-ounce formula and keeps crying for more, 
an spent some time at home earlier with a sprained knee. 
Real wet Is the way FRANK HALPER and his wife, DOR- 
THY, described their camping vacation at St. Ignace on 
le Straits of Mackinac in upper Michigan. It rained three 
lys continuously, but that didn't dampen their spirits, 
rank had a new boat and some new fishing gear he was 
leaking In, but they got more enjoyment from their bl- 
/cling. A ferry ride and a day or more spent on Mackinac 
land was a real treat. . . COY and LITA CAUSEY had a 
ost interesting vacation week. They took all of their flsh- 
g know-how, along with the "X"-dollars worth of fishing 
!ar to Ludington, Michigan, where they entered the fishing 
^rby, one of the much publicized events there. The first 
Hze catch was a 38-pounder, and the smallest prize was 
r a 30-pound salmon. Coy didn't win any of the prizes, 
it he was right in there with his two 25-pound chinook sal- 
on. If I know Coy, he'll be back next year. ..And all this 
me FRANK HALPER and I have been working the Dan 
yan rapid transit route, I thought I couldn't do better. I 
as wrong! Frank picked off the a.m. trick and a guy 
imed ROBERT BROWN picked In to replace him. Halle- 
jah and holy peace pipe; this could be the start of some- 
ing. Now I know all the other malntainers will be trying 
; bump me off the p.m. trick so they can work with Brown. 
11 I can say is, the line forms in the rear. ..We join Mrs. 
EONA PIPP in mourning the death of her husband, JACOB 
. (Jack) PIPP. Mr. Pipp, who was on disability at the 
me of his death, had worked for the CTA over 32 years, 
/ of which were with the signal division... JACK PILIP and 
s family didn't travel the thousands of miles on their va- 
litlon that some of us did, but he brought back just as many 



HI THERE! My name is 
NEDY and I am the grand- 
who retired from the Claim 
Department on September 1. 
My mom's name is JUDI, 
and my pop's name is RAY. 

pleasant memories. Their trek carried them up to New 
Glarus near Monroe, Wisconsin. They also visited Little 
Norway and Little Switzerland with customs similar to the 
old country. 


We bid adieu to WALLY PASZYNA of Research/Plan- 
ning who transferred to South Shops as a unit exchange 
clerk. Best of luck, Wally.. .Graphics Supervisor JOSEPH 
J. O'CONNOR, R/P, with his wife and youngest son, PHIL- 
IP, spent over three weeks in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, 
where they enjoyed the bullfights. Flamenco dancers and 
Fado singing. They also visited the Casbah and Medinah 
In three of the four Imperial cities of Morocco. Somewhat 
belatedly we learned that Joe had three graduations in June, 
which Is probably some kind of record. JOE Jr., a former 
summer employee of CTA, and his sister, PATRICIA, were 
graduated from Northern Illinois university, and THOMAS 
was graduated from Little Flower High school and Is now a 
freshman at Norther n...LENN HESS and his wife had a re- 
laxing vacation at the Wisconsin Dells. They enjoyed a 
boat ride at the upper Dells, but spent most of their time 
just soaking up the sun by the pool. . . Congratulations to 
GENE SULLIVAN who, after 41 years of night school, was 
graduated from Roosevelt university with a bachelor's de- 
gree In general studies. 

(West Shops) - 

A happy 18th wedding anniversary to CHESTER MAJE- 
ROWICZ, plumber foreman, and his wife, ROSE. ..J. ROGO- 
WIC, track foreman, and his wife are the proud parents of 
a baby girl born on August 15. Congratulations! ..JEAN 
REDD, Building Department, became the proud grandma of 
her third grandchild, a baby girl named ERICA. That 
makes three to babysit for — enjoy. ..Our best wishes go with 
Pensioner JOHN MACK, trackman II, who retired on Au- 
gust 31. Enjoy a long and healthy retirement, John. ..A 
farewell party was held for JOHN GUZOVICH, Frog Shop 
foreman, and TOM SPASOJEVICH, track foreman, who re- 
tired. We will miss these two gentlemen, and wish them a 
long, healthy and happy retirement. ..A get well SOON wish 
for DAN BALANDIS, carpenter foreman. Hurry back, Dan, 
we miss you. ..A happy birthday to E. P. WADE, ironworker 
general foreman. ..I'm sure that most of us have had our 
vacations, and a few are still going to leave on theirs. For 
those who have returned, my freezer is still empty — where 



are all the fish?.. We had a surprise visit from Pensioner 
J. D. RETZLER and he looks wonderful. Only wish he 
could have stayed longer. John lives in Lajolla, California, 
and he and his wife, HELEN, were visiting with their son 
for two weeks. Come back soon. ..Our deepest sympathy is 
e.Ktended to the families of CALVIN THOMAS, trackman, 
who died recently, and to N. CINQUEPALMI, ironworker 
helper, in the death of his sister. ..The CTA plumbers would 
like to extend their condolences to the family of Mrs. JO- 
SEPH FRANZONE, who died suddenly. She was the widow 
of JOSEPH FRANZONE, former plumber at West Shops. ..It 
is with deep regret that we report the death of Mr. and 
Mrs. H. SCHUMER, tinner, who were killed in a tragic ac- 
cident while on vacation. They were the parents of HENRY 
SCHUMER, trackman. ..R. FERRARA, labor foreman, was 
certainly happy that he paid attention when J. P. UITZ, 
safety and fire coordinator, gave instructions on safety. He 
had the occasion to use these instructions recently which 
helped save a fellow employee. 


Operator BERG spent a few days visiting all the brew- 
eries in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wliat some people won't do 
for a free glass of beer..."Poopsie" NELSON and his lovely 
wife, ANN, vacationed in Florida. They had such a grand 
time that they hated to head north... Operator C. WEIL had 
company this summer from Monroe, New York. Their old 
friends were Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH FRANOISCHINI and 
Mr. and Mrs. GUS YAKOS. . .Supervisor AL OCHWAT is 
looking forward to his vacation, which will most likely take 
him to the East Coast. ..Operator FRANK PRADZINSKI had 
a lovely trip to Morocco, then Lisbon to see the bullfights... 
were seen in the Pabst Pavilion at the Wisconsin State 
Fair. From the looks of them the advantages of retirement 
were evident. ..Pensioner S. E. DUKE, who retired in 1969, 
just celebrated his 54th wedding anniversary with his beau- 
tiful bride who is getting younger day by day. Mr. Duke 
started with the Chicago Surface Lines in 1928. The best of 
everything to this fine couple and many more years of to- 
getherness. ..Surprise — guess who got hooked? None other 
than JOE SOLAN, who was wed on September 21 to the 
lovely VIRGINIA. .. Operator WHITFIELD finally took his 
wife, GRACE, fishing up in Ontario, Canada. Looks like 
Grace fell in love with the sport, and now is looking for- 
ward to another trip up to the wild woods. ..J. J. O'NEILL 
went back to the "Old Sod" this year. Things are changing 
over there too, O'Neill says. ..Operator BARRON visited the 
islands instead of Florida this year and boy, what stories 
he can tell. Each trip gets more interesting. .. GEORGE 
FUENTES and his family had a ball in Ottawa, Ontario. He 
just loves to travel but says vacations are too short. ..Chief 
Clerk BILL PINASCO and the beautiful Mrs. visited Pen- 
sioner WEINRICK (Blackie) NELSON, who has been retired 
for 12 years, and lives in Mountain Home, Arkansas. He 
rims a gift shop which is called the Mockingbird. 1 under- 
stand Blackie is quite handy in making beautiful things out 
of wood... Operator TRYGVE BERG and his wife, KAY. have 
a new good-luck talisman in the arrival of their 13th grand- 
child. Miss CHANTEL CHRISTINE PAYNE, the daughter of 
CAROLYN and MICHAEL PAYNE, made her debut at Lu- 
theran General hospital on June 23. She has a big brother, 
MITCH, 5. Tryg and Kay spent a couple of days' vacation 
visiting the Ford Museum and Greenfield Village at Dear- 


born, Michigan, but passed up the Ford Plant steel mi 
tour — a one-mile walk with temperatures up to 130 degree! 
..Forest Glen operators feel they have a good chance ( 
entering heaven, and here's why. Father GREGORY PC' 
KLADOWSKI, a former summer operator, was ordaine 
May 9. Father Greg's first concelebrated mass of thanks 
giving took place May 20 at St. Isaac's church in Nilei 
Forest Glen was represented by Instructor and Mrs. LO 
BIENIEK and Instructor and Mrs. HANK ZIOLKOWSK 
Following the mass, dinner was served at the Hyatt Hous 
in Lincolnwood for the legion of friends Father Greg hai 
Instructor Ziolkowski says, "We've got it made now." Is 
structor Bieniek says, "We can't miss." Father Greg ha 
some kind words about CTA and especially Forest Glen an 
the many friends he made during his stay and promised t 
remember Forest Glen in his prayers. He is assigned 
St. Simeon's in Bellwood. God's gain is CTA's loss. E 
the way. Forest Glen won the Quarterly ISC award. Sei 
it's working already!.. WHITE Y SZYMELL, box puller wt 
recently transferred from Keeler Depot, celebrated hi 
35th wedding anniversary. His daughter, CAROLE ANTO^ 
celebrated her birthday Jime 11; his son, DON, celebrate 
his June 12, and his daughter-in-law, BARBARA, celebraf 
ed her's June 20. His wife, HELEN, is still recuperating 
from surgery after a serious illness. 

- "W. ,4. "^avuf 


It was 33 years of wedded bliss for HARRY SOREGHE:)'] 
and his Mrs. on September 25. Keep up the good worlf 
Harry. ..Belated birthday greetings are sent to Dr. MOSNl 
who celebrated on September 20. ..DIANE PECORARO tor 
gether with her husband, JOE, bus repairman at Foreii 
Glen, flew to California and Las Vegas where they visitel 
Disneyland and took in some night spots in Nevada.. .Df 
ARNOLD PECK became an uncle twice in one month whefi 
his sister and sister-in-law became proud mothers. Di] 
Peck is really beaming... MARY' LEDWITH.our Irish nurse 
received her second belt in karate, the green belt, togethe' 
with bruises and discolorations to prove it. 

(Public Information) - 

EILEEN NEURAUTER and her husband, RUDOLPH, ,' 
bus operator from Forest Glen, took a three-week Euror 

pean tour, taking in London, Germany, Italy, Monte Carli 
and Paris, France. A good time was had by both. ..The weli' 

lady will answer with a big 
smile when you call her 
SARA JAYNE. She is the 
granddoughter of GEORGE 
MILLONAS, superintendent 
of Building and Construc- 
tion, West Shops. 




cJne mat was extended to ELDA LEAL, clerk-stenogra- 
plr, unassigned, who is doing a very good job in the Ser- 
yie Section. .. Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH (PAT HALLAHAN) 
DSILVESTRO are proud and happy to announce the birth 
o/heir first, a little girl, DEANNA MARIE, on October 19. 
Dinna weighed in at 6 pounds 14 ounces. Pat formerly 
wrked in the Service Section... Another happy set of par- 
eis are Mr. and Mrs. BARRY (DIANA BOYLE) WOOD, who 
p:iudly announced the birth of their second — DANIEL 
L WHENCE — who weighed in at 6 pounds 1 ounce on Sep- 
teiber 27 at Elmhurst hospital. Danny went home to join 
h' big sister, GAIL LYNN, Si. Diana formerly worked for 
Tins it News. Congratulations to all! 

(liurance & Pensions) - 

The welcome mat is extended to COLLEEN YOUNT, 
crk-typist, and THEO SCOTT, stenographer II, who re- 
p'.ced ELKE MOLINA who transferred to Industrial Safety 
&Fire Prevention Department... JEANINE GERARD took a 
f4> to Hawaii with a church group, touring several islands, 
aJ came back with a tan. ..Something new has been added to 
tl; appearance of KATHY KOHLMAN. She finally had her 
e;s pierced and is sporting solid gold earrings. ..MARJO- 
EE HOLMES is sporting a 1974 Monte Carlo in burgundy 
ad white, plus a new addition to the family — a six-month 
ol German shepherd by the name of Topper. . . We were 
srry to see RON KRAMER leave CTA to take up residence 
i Boynton, Florida, where he purchased a beautiful home 
v;h a swimming pool attached and all that wonderful sun- 
sine. RAYMOND CARSON replaced him in the department. 
Cod luck in your new job, Ray. 

(hrsonnel) - 

LOIS BOOMER, Suggestion Department clerk-typist, is 
sorting a psychedelic cast on the left leg due to breaking 
abone in her foot as a result of chasing a horse in the 
crk...LYNN HARRER was surprised on September 1 when 
£e received a beautiful diamond from the lucky man, GUY 
ItETZ. Wedding plans have been set for the future. ..JES- 
i, RODRIGUEZ and his family spent two delightful weeks 
1 Eagle River, Wisconsin.. .STAN TADEVIC and his wife 
£d another couple flew to the Adriatic Coast along the Al- 
Inian border and across Yugoslavia near the Italian bor- 
er and visited with his mother and sisters. The scenery 
i,d mountain sights were out of this world, including the 
iflages they visited. .. ARTHUR J. HUBACZ was elected 
cmmander of the Combined Veterans Association of Illi- 
lis. This organization is composed of 13 veteran groups. 
..)n August 10 WILLIAM SHOLDICE took unto himself a 
Hde, NANCY ARNOTT, who wore an empire style dress 
(intily trimmed vidth white lace. They were married in 
', Luke's Catholic church in River Forest with the recep- 
1>n at Fontana D'Or. They honeymooned in Los Angeles, 
In Francisco and Las Vegas. While in Vegas, they met 
:vis Presley. .. JOE O'SULLIVAN and his wife, HELEN, 
;iwto Phoenix, Arizona, to finalize plans tor the building 
I their retirement home in the Veldo Rose area of Mesa, 
rizona. Their home will be about 25 miles east of Phoe- 
)x and just a few miles west of Superstition Mountain. It's 
: the range of mountains that legend says the Lost Dutch- 
an gold mine is located in. Joe and Helen travelled to the 
'rand Canyon, and on the way back stopped in Sedona, Ari- 
ina, the red rock country along Oak Creek Canyon. They 
so visited with ELIOT and VAL HIRSCH. They both look 
pnderful and are thoroughly enjoying retirement. Eliot, 
jio was supervisor of the Training Department, asked to 
'i remembered to all his friends at CTA. . .KATHLEEN 


MCCARTHY, the daughter of MIKE MCCARTHY, began her 
scholastic career when she started kindergarten at Kinzle 
school this September.. .STU MAGINNIS was one of three 
counselors who took a church group of 12 teenagers on a 
canoe trip. The trip started in Ely, Minnesota, and made 
its way into Canada. The trip took two weeks and covered 
125 miles. The group ate dehydrated food most of the time. 
However, after a good catch of trout and northern pike, they 
really had a feast. It was a memorable experience for all 
who went on the trip. By the way, Stu loves canoeing — this 
was his third trip over the past few years. 

(Reproduction Services) - 

Congratulations to JOHN GRITIS, supervisor. Reproduc- 
tion Services, who became a grandpa for the third time when 
COLLEEN PATRICIA was born September 29 to his daugh- 
ter and son-in-law, PATRICIA and PATRICK GILL, at St. 
Anne's hospital weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces. The proud pa- 
ternal grandpa is Paint Foreman PAT GILL, West Shops. 


We welcome Superintendent W. CHAMBERLAIN who 
comes to us from North Avenue Station as our new day su- 
perintendent, and also E.WESTON as relief superintendent. 
. . Now that winter is approaching don't forget "defensive 
driving." Always allow more space between cars and 
buses. . .Instructor JACKSON wishes to thank all the line 
instructors for the good job they did in training our sum- 
mer replacements. .. Congratulations to Superintendent A. 
TABEL and his lovely wife, LaVERNE, on their 32nd wed- 
ding anniversary. , . Supervisor CARL HICKMAN'S son, 
CARL Jr., received his bachelor of science degree in 
speech from Northwestern university on June 16. Like 
father, like son; a chip off the old block... Congratulations 
to AUGUST and MYRA LAZZARA who were united in holy 
matrimony on August 11, with a reception at Garden Man- 
or. August is the son of Mr. and Mrs. RAY GRAHAM, your 
Transit News reporter... Operator PETER MIASO's daugh- 
ter, MARYANNE PATRICIA, was united in holy wedlock to 
RONALD F. PARTIPILO on September 1. A reception was 
held at the Chateau Royale with everyone having a good 
time... Operator NORBERT OUIMET became a grandfather 
for the fifth time when a girl was born to his son, THOMAS, 
and his wife on September 6 at Gottlieb hospital weighing 
7 pounds 14 ounces. ..In our repair department, THEODORE 
and BERTHA YANCY became the proud parents of a baby 
boy, THEODORE JERMAINE YANCY Jr., who was born at 
Presbyterian-St. Luke's hospital. . . Street Collector ED 
KELLY took his pension on August 1 after more than 36 
years of service. To Ed, we wish you much health and 
happiness in your retirement. ..We welcome our new as- 
sistant day foreman, JAIME MORALES, and relief foreman 
JOHN JOHNSON to the repair department. ..WILLIE GRIF- 
FIN went to California on his vacation, while CLARENCE 
MILLS attended the National Model Airplane meeting.. .Our 
sincere sympathy is extended to the family of EDWARD L. 
SMITH who passed away on July 28. ..Your scribe and his 
wife, CARM, attended the Amalgamated Transit Union con- 
vention which was held in Florida, and then went on an 
eight-day Caribbean cruise. Going with us was MYLES 
HARRINGTON, retired station superintendent, and his wife, 
BEATRICE. I had three weeks of beautiful living. 

^eUfKOHti (^>l€lA€Ml 





We're saddened at this writing by the recent passing of 
Operator ELMEfl SHAW. Our deepest sympathy is extend- 
ed to his family. ..Operator JESSE MOORE informs us that 
on June 23 he was married to the former Miss SYLVIA 
JOHNSON in Orlando, Florida. Jess and Sylvia spent their 
honeymoon visiting Disney World. Many years of happi- 
ness. ..Congratulations to Operator MAURICE WALTON who 
was married to the former Miss SUSAN TENA on Septem- 
ber 10. Many years of happiness... We welcome all of the 
new personnel who came to Lawndale on the system pick. 
We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here. The best of 
luck to all the men who left Lawndale for other stations 
throughout the system... Congratulations to Operators JOHN 
McCLAIN and NAMON BROWN for doing such a fine job in 
the supervisor's pool. Keep up the good work, fellows... 
Clerk EARL MCLAUGHLIN just returned from vacation, 
spending a week of leisure in the friendly confines of his 
home. ..Clerk CLARK CARTER informs us that on Novem- 
ber 2 his son, CLARK LEE, will be two years old. Happy 
birthday, Clark Lee. .. Our deepest sympathy to Operator 
DOMINICK PAPA in the recent passing of his wife. ..Oper- 
ator DAN DeBUONO showed up one Monday morning for 
work only to find that he was on vacation... Operator SOL- 
OMON DAVIS received a phone call from the clerk one 
Monday morning informing him he had missed. Said Davis, 
"I'm on vacation." "No," said the clerk, "your vacation 
starts next week." Well, we all make mistakes... Operator 
TOMIE PHILLIPS still stands at the paymaster's wdndow on 
Wednesdays instead of Thursdays, and if it were on 
Wednesday, he's there on the wrong Wednesday. ..Operator 
EDDIE McCUTCHEON enjoyed his vacation this year in 
Jackson, Mississippi. . . Happy wedding armiversaries to: 
Operators WILLIAM and ANN MILLER, their 16th, Octo- 
ber 26; JOHN and ANN HAWKINS, their fourth, October 28, 
and JEROME and EVELYN JOHNSON, their 13th, Novem- 
ber 27. ..Operator JAMES and MATTELA BURRIS recently 
celebrated their first year of wedded bliss... On August 31, 
Operator R. R. MOOSE retired after 22 years of service. 
Good luck on your retirement, Moose... Incidentally, I did 
make it to Spokane, Washington, this year, and it was a 
delightful trip going and coming. . . Operator DOUGLAS 
CAMPBELL also toured the Northwest this year with his 
family... Well, that's all for now, fellows, I'll see you next 
time around. 


VIRGINIA TOTCKE and her traveling companions en- 
joyed a marvelous vacation in Hawaii. She said the beauty 
of the islands is breathtaking and must be seen to be ap- 
preciated. Virginia retired October 1 and we all wish her 
good health and many happy years ahead... MYRTLE APITZ 
and her granddaughter enjoyed a vacation in Florida vis- 
iting with her son.. .GLADYS RUEDEGER spent her vaca- 
tion visiting her sister in St. Louis... SHEILA MURPHY en- 
joyed her vacation in her favorite place — beautiful Ireland 
(where else?). ..MARY WIXTED, your co-reporter, and her 
daughters had a wonderful time while on vacation in New- 
port Beach, California, visiting relatives. ..MINNIE DIKE- 
MAN had a restful "at home" vacation this year. ..DAVE 
GRAFMAN and his wife drove to Rockville, Maryland, 
where they had the time of their life. Dave had so much fun 
with his grandchildren he was reluctant to come back home. 
..Retired agent ADAM WAAS sent us a card from Arkan- 
sas where he vacationed. Shortly after returning home, he 


became ill and spent a week in the hospital. Adam is doing 
well now, with rest and a special diet. ..MILLIE BLAGO- 
VICH spent her vacation in Florida. She and her family | 
toured Tampa university where her oldest son became a 
student in September... Mr. and Mrs. BILL PFEIFFER en- 
joyed a great trip through Canada. Shortly after returning 
home. Bill entered the hospital for surgery. We are happy 
to report that he is well on the way to complete recovery... 
Janitor JOE FASO had a bad fall injuring his back. We 
hope he will soon be back in good health. ..In closing our 
sincere sympathy is extended to the families of Agent A. 
MANONI and Janitor R. GIOVANNI... Keep smiling. 

- THMted "DoifU & "tHav, 't^/ixted 


The "Hawk" is coming early this year so you better get 
those old buUy-woolys out of mothballs. It looks like it's 
going to be a long cold winter... Operator J. FORD showed 
me a picture of the 85 pound northern he caught while fish- 
ing in Ely, Wisconsin. It was a beauty. Congratulations... 
Congratulations also to our board member, R. GOLDMAN.j,; 
on the birth of an 85 pound baby boy named RENARD ASH-- 
TON who was born on September l...The next time you guysi 
see KEITH in the garage give a warm welcome back. He( 
stopped me on the way home one day to let me know he re-- 
turned to work. ..A speedy recovery is sent to Operatori 
WESTBROOK who suffered a heart attack a few months! 
ago. ..Our sincere condolences are extended to OperatorsE 
W. SMITH and G. MENDYK in the loss of their wives. ..Well I 
that's all the news for now, but if you have any news or in-- 
formation leave a note with the clerk for me. I will seat 
that it gets into print. See you next time. 

(^A^a lutHct 



Now that vacations are over and our fall pick is com- 
pleted, your co-reporter, GRACE MOUNTS, is back on her 
usual 3 to 11 p.m. shift. ..BOB MALONEY wishes to thank 
everyone for the retirement party in his honor which was 
held at the Assignment Office on July 26. Among those at- - 

WHOOPING IT up at the retirement porty for Assignment Agent I 
BOB MALONEY on July 26 was this group of gay revelers. Pic- 
tured here, left to right, are: HUGH HEGARTY, treasurer of 
Division 308, Superintendents MIKE VELTRI and PAT HALLA- 
HAN, Instructor THURBUSH, Bob, Superintendents FRENCHIE 
Standing in front is Ken Brown's son. 





Limits, Emp. 5-14-29 

Engineering, Emp. 9-18-29 
JOHN DUNNE, Laborer, 

Stores - North Division, Emp. 11-12-45 

South Section, Emp. 5-19-43 
THOMAS S. McGOVERN, Messenger, 

Law, Emp. 8-31-37 
GEORGE J. MENDYK, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 4-24-44 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 9-23-53 

North Park, Emp. 2-3-44 

South Shops, Emp. 3-31-43 
THOMAS B. O'CONNOR, General Manager, 

Executive, Emp. 1-14-36 
RICHARD C. O'GORMAN, Service Truck Chauffeur, 

Utility & Emergency Service, Emp. 9-15-41 
NICHOLAS J. RUPP, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 8-21-41 
FRANK SOLURI, Carpenter A, 

South Shops, Emp. 6-24-37 
FRANK J. SOMMER, Collector, 

77th Street, Emp. 5-28-48 
THOMAS A. TOMASEK, Bus Repairer, 

Beverly, Emp. 1-13-47 

North Park, Emp. 2-14-39 
GERALD T. WEBB, Motorman, 

West Section, Emp. 12-18-45 

Archer, Emp. 8-5-43 


tending were: District Superintendent ED HEATTER, Sta- 
tion Superintendents MIKE VELTRI, JOHN FLYNN, FREN- 
and S. CHRIST, Acting Superintendent THURBUSH and 
HUGH HEGARTY, treasurer of Division 308. A long, 
healthy and happy pensioned life is wished for you. Bob... 
Congratulations to Conductor CARRUTHERS, Jefferson 
Park, and his wife on the birth of a baby boy, MICHAEL 
GREGORY, July 17 weighing 6 pounds 9 ounces. .. DAVE 
GRAFMAN and his wife vacationed in Rockville, Maryland, 
visiting his son and grandchildren. Dave and his vvafe cel- 
ebrated their 39th wedding anniversary on October 27. 
Congratulations.. .Our sincere condolences to the families 
of Janitor ROY DeGIOVANI who passed away in August, and 
Motorman JOHNNY JACKSON Jr. who was drowned on Sep- 
tember 5. . .Superintendent JOHN ZUPKO's little league 
team did it again with 17 wins and 1 loss to take the pennant 
and championship for the sixth straight year.. .LEVA SHEL- 
TON received three commendations within a three-month 
period. Congratulations !. .Agent FRED FRIEB and his wife 
spent their vacation taking short trips. They also visited 
Union, Illinois, where Fred got a chance to work the con- 
trols of old red streetcar No. 144, They visited Joplin and 
Kansas City, Missouri, and Fred said he averaged 24 miles 
to the gallon in his 1971 Hornet and can prove it. Pretty 
good, Fred... Pensioner ADAM WAAS was in the hospital 
recently but is now home and watching his diet. ..EILEEN 
CARMODY combined her birthday, anniversary date and 
vacation and took a trip to Ireland to visit her mother. ..Z. 
FUNCHES is now back to work after her long illness. I 
hope she is feeling good and will stay well.. .Former as- 
signment agent NANCY McINERNEY's mother celebrated 
her 85th birthday on August 10 and received a letter of 
congratulations from President Nixon... Assignment Agent 
JACKIE HOLMES is now driving a red Volvo. Her other 
car was stolen in March from 22nd and the Dan Ryan. Her 
daughter, TRACY, is now going to nursery school. She 
loves to go and hates to come home. I guess she is having 
a ball... Believe it or not— by GRACE MOUNTS, not Ripley— 
but when she and her husband were on vacation in Holland, 
Michigan, there was such a terrible electrical storm, it 
started her electric clock going backwards. Her sister 
says that every time they have a storm now, it does the 
same thing. That must be some clock... We wish all our 
students good luck in school and hope to see them all again 
next summer. ..In the meantime, keep the news coming in. 


RAYMOND G. GAIDES, Conductor, 

West Section, Emp. 1-8-46 

77th Street, Emp. 5-25-50 
AVA M. THOMAS, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 2-2-63 

Beverly, Emp. 1-26-45 


^tacc "THoukU & 'Kattf THoii^ittf 


A great big HELLO to everyone!.. Welcome to our new 
assistant superintendent, JAMES McEVILLY. Come on in 
and say hello, fellas, he really doesn't bite. We also wel- 
come ED WESTON who now has the relief job. On a recent 
vacation. Superintendent McEvilly found that he liked Dis- 
neyland so much he went back two more times. . . The 
CHURCH brothers separated their vacations. VAL headed 
for Eagle River, Wisconsin, where he caught enough small 
ones to make a big one. His brother, GENE, took his fam- 
ily and headed for Georgia. ..Operator H. FISHER and his 
son should have taken Mrs. FISHER along to bait the hooks 
for them. ..Operator D. FREY and his Mrs. had their vaca- 
tion interrupted when she developed a bit of ticker trouble. 
..Supervisor RONALD ROY let Uncle Sam foot the bill for 
his naval trip to Boston, Hyanis Port and Spain... Operator 


E. GUNDLACH really had a ball riding the merry-go-round 
at Six Flags. At least that's what we were told... Repair man 
GEORGE SLADEK and his better half, MILDRED, spent two 
enjoyable weeks in Charlevoix, Michigan, where he caught 
two real good size trout. ..One of the first things Supervisor 
WHELEHAN did after his retirement was to head for a va- 
cation in Ireland. Amongst those at the Whelehan get- 
together was none other than smiling CONNIE O'SHEA, 
still looking like a million. . . Operator BARSANO and his 
wife say that a $20 bill goes a long way to prove that "hon- 
esty is the best policy. "..Our most heartfelt sympathy is 
extended to the following men at North Avenue in the loss 
of their loved ones: Operators M. ANDERSEN, J. VAL- 
TAYLOR, Station Superintendents J. MORRIS and BILL 
MOSER, and Switchboard Operator J. STICK. Our condo- 
lences also go to the families of: retired security officer 
RAY LOHSE, retired mechanic GEORGE BAEHR, retired 
operator OMAR HART and Instructor BOB MORRISON. . . 
Operator WHITEY SYZMELL decided to give up the box 
puller's job and come back and show the other fellows just 
how to drive a bus.. .Retired operator CHARLEY WINTERS 
was spotted at North Western depot looking in tip-top 
shape... Operator MORGAN'S little 18-month old daughter 
had mom and dad pretty worried when she spent a bit of 
time in West Suburban hospital. Doorman TOM DOBBYN 
figured if that place was good enough for her, it would also 
be good enough for him. Now that he's out, he's doing very 
nicely, thank you... All of us are rooting for Operator LU- 
CIUS BANKS and waiting for that smiling face of his to 
come through the door... Instructor WEIR and his Mrs. re- 
cently became grandparents for the 11th time. It was No. 7 
for Operator and Mrs. HARRY (Moe) MOCARSKI when little 
ANTHONY JOHN arrived tipping the scales at 8 pounds 2 
ounces. Senior Station Instructor JAMES BROGAN and his 
Mrs. ran a close third, becoming grandparents for the fifth 
time with little MICHAEL ALLEN WAGNER weighing in at 
7 pounds 2 ounces... Operator R. WEEMS was passing out 
cigars while his wife sang lullabies to their very first little 
tyke... Chief Instructor JERRY KNOPF will be observing 
two anniversaries ui November. His wedding anniversary 
on the 25th, and his 33rd company anniversary on the 26th, 
Who says you can't get your name in the magazine for 33 
years of service. ..I wish to thank retired instructor FRANK 
G. O'CONNOR and all the rest of you who didn't identify 
yourselves for all the old transfers you sent me. I'm still 
on the lookout for more of them, also old 241 union buttons. 
Maybe you have some pictures of the old red streetcars 
that you would loan me. Their return is guaranteed... See 
you all purty soon. 

Collector ELMER BRISKEY lived it up in Mexico, Op- 
erator DAN MELENDEZ at Six Flags in St. Louis, and Op- 
erator KEN METTLER in Minnesota. These are just a few 
who took their well-earned vacations during the peak 
months of July and August... LINDA DOWDALL, the daugh- 
ter of Operator and Mrs. PETER DOWDALL, gained the 
title of Mrs. when she and EDWARD SUTTON were united 
in holy matrimony tn June and went to Hawaii for the hon- 
ey moon... Now the operators of the early morning pull-out 
set can be assured of having all mirrors in place and tight- 
ened. Also we can be assured of having transfer bags, 
thanks to the instant service and cooperation of Night Fore- 
man ALLEN WEBB... Retirement bells broke up that father- 
son team of ours as Operator ANDREW KILGORE inked his 
name on the retirement list. To the best of our knowledge, 
Andrew and JOHN KILGORE were the only father-son team 


Service anniversarie 
in November 

45 years 

H. A. Coyne, 

Substation Engineering 


T. J. Culhane, 

West Section 

F. A. Schueler, 


16 B 



A. E. Bianchini, North Section 
J. Flaherty, North Section 

D. A. Frusolone, General Accounting 
A. M. Golding, Insurance & Pensions 

N. C. Kaczkowski, Insurance & Pensions 

E. A. Laube, Forest Glen 

E. A. Mannlon, North Avenue 

C. P. McAlister, Power Operations 
M. E. Morgan, West Section 
W. F. Shipyor, 69th Street 

F. J. Wojcik, Power Operations 

25 years 

R. L. Barclay, 77th Street 

C. Brown, Kedzie Garage 

R. L. Brown, Rapid Transit Signal Division 

J. Cooney, Stores- South Division 

M. H. Daley, Utility & Emergency Service 

T. A. Fllipiak, Kedzie 

S. Graham, Archer 

W. P. Hall, Investigation & Claims 

L. E. Howe, Electrical Distribution 

A. J. Johnson, 77th Street 

F. A. Johnson, Purchasing 

W. H. Jones, Kedzie 

R. L. Kennedy, 77th Street 

C. E. Lowery, 77th Street 

C. R. Marchinski, Skokie Shop 

K. F. MIkota, Building Wiring Division 

A. C. Ochwat, District D 

A. A. Petty, 77th Street 

R. A. Ptacin, West Section 

R. A. Rennhok, 77th Street 

A. B. Salvaggio, West Section 

J. A. Sowizral, South Shops 

35 years 

B. C. Becker, 69th Street 

M. J. Buckley, Investigation & Clai 

R. Jestice, Investigation & Claims 

J. C. Martinek, South Section 

V. E. Rage, Limits 

30 years 

A. A. Basedow, Kedzie 
J. H. Bishop, 52nd Street 
G. E. Garfield, 77th Street 
J. L. Goldberg, North Section 
J. E. Hall, North Park 
R. J. Howard, Central District 
E. M. Janio, Investigation & Claims 
I. L. Krauledis, South Shops 
W. J. Rooney, Kimball 


25 years 

Q. L. Bonds, Dan Ryan Maintenance Terminal 

A. R. Bray, Beverly 

W. E. Coffrey, Property Accounting 

D. J. Guest, 77th Street 
C. C. Harris, 77th Street 

J. Henry, Stores- South Division 
J. J. Hoiek, West Section 
W. Holland, 52nd Street 

B. Holtane, Track & Structures 

E. Jenkins, North Park 

A. J. Kraus, Utility & Emergency Service 

W. A. McGrath, 77th Street 

J. H. McManus, North Section 

T. P. McNicholas, Building Maintenance Division 

J. F. Mikieta, North Park 

J. J. Moss, South Section 

C. C. Newsome, South Section 
J. Perkins, Track 

N. Rossille, Forest Glen 

D. S. Scott, Archer 
J. M. Slavik, Archer 
W. Somerville, Archer 

F. R. Wiley, 77th Street 
T. Wright, 77th Street 


of operators at North Avenue Station. ..On the sports side of 
the news, Operator BEN FLENAUGH took second place in 
the Chicago Park District tournament, senior men's divi- 
sion, on July 8. Congratulations, BEN, you gotta be good 
to even enter the tournament. ..Operator-coach WADE SIM- 
MONS and members of the Softball team threw the old 
spikes in the closet when the season ended August 19. The 
gym shoes are being cleaned as the basketball team pre- 
pares to launch a new season. With the new system pick, 
we can expect to see some interesting changes made. In 
spite of it all. Coach Simmons is optimistic and believes 
that North Avenue will still have the team of champs. ..Pen- 
sioner ELMER DEEGAN was on the sick list. Here's hop- 
ing he has fully recovered... Pensioner LEE MUSSARED, 
now of Sun City, Arizona, paid us a visit at North Avenue 
Station. . . Pensioner VIGGO WINDFELD mailed us a card 
from Hawaii where he is enjoying the trade vrinds beneath 
the palm trees. The card was mailed to BILL MIEDEMA 
who turned it over to us. Thanks for the courtesy, Bill... 
Our moments of commiseration are for Supervisor JAMES 
DOHONEY in the death of his brother, CHARLES; Pension- 
er ARMIN KOEHN in the death of his wife, GENEVIEVE, 
and to the family of Operator PABLO MENDES. 

- TOaUm 'Slit & /(an»K Piaia 


Operator JOHN KIPPES and his wife, VIRGINIA, went on 
a 2,300 mile escorted trip through Canada and the New 
England states. The ferry crossings and cruising along the 
St. Lawrence river were beautiful. The trip took in Mon- 
treal, Quebec, New Brunswick and the beautiful Gaspe Pen- 
insula. For many days the Kippes were in the wilderness 
of the upper St. Lawrence. The salmon fishing around New 
Brunswick was excellent, with catches of 20 pounds. ..Pen- 
sioner RICHARD HALLIGAN and his wife, JO, and their 
prize poodle, Ricky, enjoyed their annual vacation in Flor- 
ida. The Halligans stopped off at Bonita Springs, Florida, 
to visit Pensioner CHARLES KERR and his wife, ANNIE, 
but the Kerrs were in Chicago at the time. Better luck next 
time, Richard. . . Operator HOMER REED and his wife, 
MYRTLE, became grandparents for the first time when 
their daughter, Mrs, CINDA SMITH, gave birth to a daugh- 
ter, CHANTEL ERICA, born on July 1 at Illinois Research 
hospital weighing 6 pounds. .. Operator BILL SMALL and 
his wife, EUNICE, became grandparents for the first time 
when their son, RONALD, and his wife, PAMELA, became 

UNITED IN holy matrimony 
on July 7 at St. Basil's 
church were JAMES and 
groom is a motorman on the 
South Section. 



AS THE bells chimed, 
PARRILLO were united in 
holy matrimony at Queen of 
Angels church September 1. 
Joseph, a former summer 
employee of the Transporta- 
tion Department, is the son 
budget accountant, and the 
bride is the former JO-ANN 
MITCHELL, the grand- 
daughter of CARLO DE- 
SIMONE who retired from 
the Building Department 
in 1966. 

parents of a daughter, MARY BETH, born on August 23 < 
Northwest hospital weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces. ..Operate 
JACK URBAN had the misfortune to fall off a ladder ar 
broke a bone in his heel. The injury was very serious, an 
Jack will be home for a considerable time. ..Our sympatfc 
and condolences are extended to the families of Instructo 
ROBERT MORRISON and Pensioner FRED BOLDT, and t 
Instructor WALTER STEINBEISS in the loss of his mother, 
Mrs. CARRIE STEINBEISS. ..The North Park credit unia 
annual business meeting will be held on Friday, January 11 
at River Park Fieldhouse, 5100 N. Francisco avenue, S 
8 p.m. Dividends will be declared and refreshments will b| 
served with drawings for door prizes. All members an 
urged to attend. 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - i 

Congratulations to JEANNE M. ROHE, stenographer 
was was united in holy matrimony to ROBERT H. DIEHL o 
September 22 at St. Christina's church. Many friends an! 
relatives attended the reception at the Cherry Hills Countr. i 
club and had a wonderful time. The bride and groom spen' 
their honeymoon in Jamaica. Our best wishes for a veri 
happy and wonderful life. . . Our sincere sympathy is ex- 
tended to Telephone Operator MENETTA FERRARI whosi^ 
husband, ROBERT, passed away on July 26 after an ex-:, 
tended illness... We extend our deepest sympathy to thil' 
family of South Section Assistant Station Superintenden', 
JOHN V. TAGLER who passed away on September 28; alS(!, 
to the family of THOMAS J. McGOVERN, retired norti, 
rapid transit district superintendent, who passed away oi 
July 31. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

Mr. and Mrs. ED SLAMP vacationed near Internationa 
Falls, Minnesota, where he reported rain and poor fishing 
..Recent Retiree WILLIAM HART was traveling in the Nev 
York area and said that pensioned life is great... Pens ionei 
CASEY DeBOER paid us a visit at Blue Island and said ht 
spent the winter months in Florida and returned to Minne- 
sota in March. Congratulations to Casey and his lovelj 
bride who recently celebrated their 45th wedding anniver- 
sary. ..Good luck to WILLIAM MOOG who joined the ranks 
of the retired on September 1 after more than 39 years ol 
service. Among those who came to say goodby to Bill were: 
BECKER. ..Our sincere sympathy is extended to ROBERT 




lELLNITZ and his family In the death of his brother, 
LMUEL...Mr. and Mrs. O. W. JOHNSON vacationed in the 
)rth Woods of Wisconsin and said the weather was beau- 

ful... Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. STANLEY KAMIN- 
;i who are new grandparents... Recently hospitalized and 

)W recuperating nicely are PETE PETERSON, LOUIE 




A big farewell and best wishes are extended to SARA 
tcDONNELL, Purchasing Department, who retired on Sep- 
umber 1, and to YOLENE CLAUDE who semi-retired to 
wait the arrival of the stork. We have another pensioner 
lat we missed in the last edition. He is BILL McGOVERN, 
iborer at South Shops, who retired on July 1 with more than 
6 years of service. Congratulations to both of our retir- 
tes and to our mother-to-be... While we are congratulating 
(eople, let's not forget South Shops' latest hero, DONALD 
tOWELL, stock clerk I. On August 20 he noticed smoke 
oming from an apartment window at 86th and Blackstone. 
Ion called the fire department, then rushed into the burn- 
ing building, alerting everyone in it and carrying out two 
tesidents. Our heartiest congratulations to Don for his 
iravery...ART EGGERT and his wife, STEPHANIE, vaca- 
ioned in LaJoUa, California. While there, they spent a 
>ouple of days visiting with TOM MADIGAN, retired divi- 
ional storekeeper, Skokie, and his wife. Art told us that 
'om looks great and that the California sunshine certainly 
grees with him. We almost forgot to mention that Art and 
tephanie celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary while 
hey were with the Madigans, and the treat was on Tom. 
"he Eggerts had a wonderful time. ..We are glad to see that 
::DDIE GREZNIA is out of the hospital and back to work. It 
ust goes to show that you can't keep a good man dovni... 
"his last bit of information is probably the most difficult 
hing anyone ever had to write. TOM SKVARLA, stock 
;lerk II at Storeroom 50, South Shops, passed away on Au- 
gust 28. To Tom's family, we extend our deepest sympathy. 
I.This is the last column for your co-reporters. Please 

une 16 at Mt. Greenwood Evangelical Lutheran church. The 
room is a bus repairman at 77th Street Station, and his dad, 
feft, is L. C. DUTTON, former superintendent of Schedule- 
fraffic, who retired on October 1, 1972. 


give all your news items to your new reporter, PRISCILLA 


Enjoying vacations during the months of July and August 
were Superintendent A. J. PORCARO and Foremen R. 
and D. NICOSIA did a wonderful job of supervising at Dan 
Ryan while Coyle was on vacation. ..Congratulations to L. 
FIELDS on his promotion to night instructor foreman. ..Our 
deepest sympathy is extended to the family of G. BARNES 
who passed away on July 24. ..L. STEWART, 61st Street, 
spent a week's vacation in Fresno, California, and then 
stopped by to see his old friends at Dan Ryan...L. LACEY, 
61st Street terminal clerk, won fourth place in the South 
Side "Superfly Hair-do" contest. .. Repairman WILLIAM 
SPARKS, 61st Street, and his wife, MARCELLA, became 
the proud parents of their sixth child on July 5 when a baby 
boy, DAVID WAYNE, was born weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces. 
..Enjoying summer vacations were A. WITHERSPOON, A. 
MOORE and W. MAJEWSKI...A party was held for Repair- 
man E. WITKOWSKI, Forest Park, who retired on Septem- 
ber 1 after 25 years of service... Happy birthday to DONNA 
MARIE, the daughter of D. RENO, Forest Park, who 
reached the ripe old age of one year on September 24... J. 
RANDAZZO, Forest Park, the master chef who specializes 
in making pizzas, recently made one for his daughter who 
visited him from New York... During the week of July 21 
through 25, the 90th annual grand session of the District 
Grand Lodge No. 22, and the District Grand Household of 
Ruth No. 9 was held at the Robert E. Lee Inn, New Albany, 
Indiana. Among those present was G. NICHOLSON, Dan 
Ryan, District Deputy Grand Master of Gary, Indiana.. .C. 
WILLIAMS, Dan Ryan, the barber and beautician, can be 
seen nightly doing his thing at the Louis lounge... Congratu- 
lations to FRANK and FANNIE PICKETT, Dan Ryan, on 
their 11th wedding anniversary. ..Mr. and Mrs. E. SHIELDS 
said they really enjoyed themselves at the Skokie Shop pic- 
nic, which are getting better every year. ..Everyone vrtshes 
a speedy recovery to RUTH NELSON, the wife of CHARLES 
NELSON, Dan Ryan, who is in Blue Island hospital. .. V. 
COLLYARD and L. RODDY, Dan Ryan, who have worked so 
long together as truckmen, are now beginning to dress 
alike. ..Those from Dan Ryan who enjoyed vacations during 
July were: Q. BONDS, who took his family to see Disney 
World in Florida; D. WILBORN who visited his mother in 
Arkansas, and T. FRIEND and C. NELSON who bumped into 
each other in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. C. DANS- 
BY, L. SLAY and W. THORNTON enjoyed their vacations 
working around the house... The CTA American Legion Post 
1216 held its joint installation of officers for 1973-74 on 
Sunday, October 21, at the Fort Dearborn hotel... DAN 
MULVIHILL, Wilson, and his wife, CATHY, became par- 
ents for the first time when a baby boy, BRIAN KEITH, was 
born on August 10 at Northwest hospital weighing 5 pounds 
15 ounces. 

- '^UMi. Puittt 


WALTER THOMAS and his wife flew to Oregon to visit 
his in-laws, and then stopped to visit with his daughter and 
son-in-law in Denver, Colorado. Shortly thereafter, Wal- 
ter became a grandfather for the first time when his daugh- 



ter, MARILYN, gave birth to a baby boy, JASON, weighing 
7 pounds 5 ounces. Congratulations... JOE BILLIS and his 
family drove to Clearwater, Florida. ..RAY CARTER, traf- 
fic checker, was elected district commissioner of Midwest 
District Boy Scouts of America... GEORGE HANUS and his 
wife drove to Washington, D.C., to visit with his son and 
family. ..WILLIE SCOTT and his wife and daughter flew to 
Jamaica and enjoyed it very much. ..BOB LaVOIE and his 
wife and daughter, MICHELLE, drove to New York, Mas- 
sachusetts and other eastern places of interest. .. BILL 
WORCESTER and his wife drove down to Six Flags and had 
an enjoyable time. ..KEN MAREK and his wife and daughter 
flew to Florida. They enjoyed Disney World and visited 
with Pensioner CLARK JOHNSON who now lives in Largo, 
Florida.. .JOE RITROVATO and his wife, RITA, drove to 
South Dakota... JOE SABOL received letters from Pension- 
are all enjoying their pensions. Pat is sporting a new Ford. 
The mystery of the season is what happened to W. P. DEV- 
EREAUX. If anyone has the answer please contact Joe Sa- 
bol. . . We extend our deepest sympathy to retired traffic 
checker FRED WALPOLE whose wife died while vacation- 
ing in Ireland; to GEORGE WEST in the death of his moth- 
er, and to JOE BILLIS in the death of his father-in-law, 


Yours truly and her hubby, Clerk ROLAND, had a super 
vacation down in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and through the 
Smoky Mountains. Even saw some bears panhandling along 
the highway... Motor man ROBERT BUTLER and his Mrs. 
took the train to Dodge City and saw the Long Branch Sa- 
loon where Wyatt Earp used to hang out. Also went to 
Flagstaff, Arizona, and saw the Grand Canyon... Motorman 
ROBERT RAWLINGS, who had been on the sick list for 
many months, took a disability pension on August 1. We all 
hope that Robert will soon return to good health... Hello to 
newly-hired conductors JEROME RILEY, MAXWELL BUT- 
a former motorman now in the Claim Department — ED- 
WARD McSWEENEY Sr.), and JOHN STARKS. . .Ashland 
Towerman CARL (Gentleman) BRADLEY and his Mrs. had 
a good vacation in Canada, Washington, D.C., and then down 
to Disney World, Ft. Meyers, and Tallahasee (his home 
town), Florida. They sure covered a lot of miles on their 
trip. ..Had a nice visit with Retired Assistant Station Super- 
intendent JOE TVRDIK who now lives in Oakland, Arkansas. 
Joe loves the Ozarks where he can fish and hunt to his 
heart's content. While Joe was here, retired clerk JOHN 
MORAN came in to see us. It was "old home week" at Ash- 
land. ..Back to work and off the sick list are: Motormen 
WILLIAMS.. .Agent RUTH LOVELL flew to San Francisco 
with her sister and rented a car and saw all the sights. 
Ruth says she'll still take Colorado to Frisco anytime... 
We were so saddened to hear that retired district super- 
intendent THOMAS (Terry) McGOVERN passed away re- 
cently. Terry had many friends and everyone has fond 
memories of him. Our condolences to his family. ..Motor- 
man JAMES FIGHTER finally bit the dust and was married 
to HELEN KIMAK of Lansing, Illinois, on July 7 at St. Basil 
church. The reception was held at St. Michael's Ukranian I 


hall in Hammond, Indiana. Best wishes for a happy ma: 
riagc.Saw retired motorman MARCUS WALKER recent 
who said that he and his wife are enjoying their pension ai 
taking trips. Marcus had even bought a bike to ride aj 
joined a bowling league. Pensioned life must really 1 
wonderful. ..Switchman LEWIS REED, who was on the si( 
list for several months, became an agent on the North Se( 
tion. Good luck, Lewis, in your new position. ..Agent CI 
died suddenly. He was also the brother of Janitor CLAf 
ENCE THOMAS. Our heartfelt sympathy is extended i 
Cecile and Clarence in their sorrow. . . Motorman FRE 
GRONEMEYER and his wife have had two vacations in n 
cent months. First they drove down to Venice, Florida, ai 
then to the Keys. While in Florida they visited with WAf 
REN (Sam) HILL, retired conductor, who lives in Po 
Charlotte. Recently they drove to South Dakota to vis 
relatives and also visited with the JOHN HEFFERNAN, 
retired clerk, who live in Milbank. Both the Hills and He: 
fernans wish to say hello to everyone. Mrs. Gronemeyer 
picture was recently in the Southtown Economist newspape 
celebrating 21 years with the Evergreen Park bank...Clei 
JOHN BARRY told us he became a grandpa again when h: 
son, KEVIN'S, wife gave birth to little JULIE. This no 
makes 14 grandchildren for the Barry family. ..Our sincei 
condolences are extended to: President of Division 3[ 
LEONARD BEATTY whose brother passed away recentl' 
to retired motorman DAVID O'MALLEY whose son passe 
away, and to Agent JAMES PATTERSON in the loss of hi 
son. ..Superintendent STAN CHRIST and his children drov 
to the Black Hills and Yellowstone National Park and sai 
that "Old Faithful" was really spouting. They even sa 
mules panhandling in the Black Hills just like the bears d( 
..Agent BESSOLA JAMES is on the sick list at this writinf 
but hopes to return to work soon. She vrishes to thank a 
her co-workers for the many calls and cards she receive 
during her illness. ..Clerk ELIJAH (Smithy) SMITH and hi 
wife returned from a trip to Pennsylvania where they vis 
ited relatives, and to Washington, D.C., to see the sights., 
Agent SAUNDRA MITCHELL and her hubby, ED, assistar 
station superintendent at 95th Street, are proud godparent 
of twin godsons MCHAEL and MITCHELL born July I 
They are the children of Saundra's cousin. ..Receiving an> 
other passenger commendation, the second within a month 
was Conductor HERBERT DILLARD for his excellent an 
nouncements. . . The Agents' Pension Club held their fal 
dinner on September 9 at Sharko's restaurant. Our pen 
sioners looked very chipper and are enjoying life as muc 
as ever. Retired Division 308 board member CHARLE; 
BURNS, who had been in the hospital recently for an oper 
ation, said he's starting to feel better now. Also talked t( 
CILIA MORAN, retired towerman PATRICK HICKEY ani 
his wife, retired clerk JOE BRENNAN and his Mrs., an( 
retired motorman JERRY HANAFIN and his wife. Retiree 

The nomes of the \ii< 
June graduates picture^ 
here were inadvertenti 
transposed in the July 
August Transit News 
They ore correctly iden 
tified here. 


E. Campbell 


J. Mulligan 
South Section 





3.MUEL ABRAMS, 77, Way & Structures, 
Up. 12-16-43, Died 8-24-73 
IQUE ALLEN, 69, 52nd Street, 
mp. 10-23-47, Died 7-28-73 
tSTER ANDERSON, 68, Keeler, 
mp. 6-24-42, Died 10-7-73 
^CTOR A. ANDERSON, 96, Skokie Shop, 
mp. 3-31-31, Died 7-8-73 
(.:ORGE G. BAEHR, 74, North Avenue, 
mp. 1106-42, Died 8-9-73 
(j:ORGE L. BARNES, 46, R.T. Maint. Term, 
mp. 5-8-57, Died 7-24-73 
:\TE BEJO, 81, Laborer, 
mp. 8-7-13, Died 7-13-73 
^lANK J. BEHNKE, 83, Lincoln, 
mp. 10-14-26, Died 8-12-73 
; O. BOLDT, 65, North Park, 
mp. 5-24-51, Died 8-6-73 
^)AM A. BONCZKOWSKI, 74, North Park, 
|mp. 4-12-44, Died 8-13-73 
Lm BRATINCEVICH, 82, Way & Struct., 
[mp. 10-14-23, Died 6-4-73 
.•SEPH F. BRZUSKA, 81, North Park, 
'mp. 8-25-43, Died 10-11-73 
IICHAEL BURKE, 74, Lawndale, 
;mp. 1-31-34, Died 8-26-73 
PWARD J. BUTLER, 82, 77th Street, 
jmp. 1-20-12, Died 10-4-73 
i O. CAMPBELL, 77, 77th Street, 
mp. 4-27-25, Died 8-3-73 
.\NIEL G. CAREW, 68, 69th Street, 
'mp. 6-21-29, Died 8-25-73 
MANUEL COLLETTA, 87, Way & Struct., 
Imp. 4-8-21, Died 7-12-73 
(lARLES CONLON, 74, North Section, 
Imp. 2-3-42, Died 7-9-73 
|ifDA M. COUKART, 80, North Section, 
mp. 9-19-47, Died 7-7-73 
\TRICK CREAGH, 91, Kedzie, 
mp. 4-6-21, Died 8-28-73 
.iMES P. CULLEN, 83, 77th Street, 
'mp. 7-22-27, Died 8-26-73 
kRLIN E. CUNNINGHAM, 66, North Section, 
mp. 12-17-40, Died 10-10-73 
pSARIO DiGIOVANNI, 48, West Section, 
jmp. 3-5-68, Died 9-2-73 
ALTER DOLPH, 65, Archer, 
imp. 5-26-34, Died 7-14-73 
^MES A. DONALDSON, 69, 69th Street, 
.mp. 11-22-22, Died 10-1-73 
pBERT J. DONEGAN, 75, 52nd Street, 
Imp. 7-31-46, Died 7-18-73 
bHN H. DORR, 78, Grand Substation, 
imp. 6-15-13, Died 9-19-73 
aiLIP F. DWYER, 74, 77th Street, 
imp. 12-4-19, Died 8-25-73 
DSKO DZIDICH, 82, Way & Structures, 
jmp. 5-24-29, Died 4-22-73 
;STIN B. EVERTS, 69, Kedzie, 
imp. 12-7-27, Died 7-20-73 
'. E. FALK, 47, Accounting, 
jmp. 6-26-44, Died 8-3-73 
I W. FARLEY, 53, Engineering, 
jmp. 6-12-47, Died 8-1-73 
!UY E. FARRELL, 77, Way & Structures, 
fmp. 8-24-26, Died 8-10-73 
OHN H. FISHER, 79, Beverly, 
".mp. 11-13-25, Died 7-7-73 
HERESA A. FOLEY, 80, South Section, 
Jmp. 8-15-44, Died 7-8-73 
UGH A. GARRY, 77, North Avenue, 
Smp. 10-29-20, Died 7-1-73 

WALTER L. GRIFFITH, 83, North Section, 

Emp. 5-21-09, Died 10-12-73 
C. GRIGAS, 81, 77th Street, 

Emp. 4-2-26, Died 8-7-73 
H. STEPHEN HALL, 33, Law, 

Emp. 7-17-73, Died 9-4-73 
WILLIAM F. HANSEN, 83, Kedzie, 

Emp. 7-27-14, Died 8-26-73 
O. C. HART, 67, Revenue Accounting, 

Emp. 8-28-42, Died 8-4-73 

Emp. 12-10-40, Died 7-19-73 
GEORGE HEVRDEJS, 74, South Section, 

Emp. 3-21-44, Died 7-24-73 
JOHNNY JACKSON Jr., 27, West Section, 

Emp. 12-26-69, Died 9-6-73 
ZENON KASPAROWICZE, 87, 77th Street, 

Emp. 10-4-19, Died 10-9-73 
JEREMIAH KELLEHER, 88, 77th Street, 

Emp. 11-7-12, Died 7-13-73 
WALTER B. KUBIAK, 73, South Division, 

Emp. 3-18-25, Died 8-8-73 
LOUIS J. KUHNS, 63, Limits, 

Emp. 11-25-36, Died 7-12-73 

Emp. 9-7-43, Died 8-19-73 
MIKE LAZICH, 82, Track, 

Emp. 8-6-29, Died 7-24-73 
JOSEPH R. LISANTI, 60, Lawndale Garage, 

Emp. 1-18-38, Died 8-15-73 
RAYMOND LOHSE, 62, Security, 

Emp. 10-31-33, Died 8-17-73 

Emp. 5-26-27, Died 7-28-73 
JAMES K. LYNN, 78, 61st Street, 

Emp. 10-24-22, Died 7-10-73 
ROBERT P. LYONS, 56, 77th Street, 

Emp. 8-25-41, Died 8-3-73 
R. F. MAAS Jr., 67, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 5-13-42, Died 8-4-73 
LOUIS MAGILL, 71, Lawndale, 

Emp. 2-1-44, Died 7-15-73 
MARY J. MAHONEY, 71, South Shops, 

Emp. 7-7-42, Died 8-10-73 
JOHN J. MALLON, 88, 77th Street, 

Emp. 3-31-21, Died 8-10-73 
ALEX J. MANONI, 51, West Section, 

Emp. 6-10-48, Died 8-10-73 
PETER MARINO, 63, Engineering, 

Emp. 5-26-41, Died 7-25-73 
P. V. MATSOUKAS, 78, North Park Garage, 

Emp. 4-26-44, Died 7-22-73 
CHESTER MATU, 84, Skokie Shop, 

Emp. 5-27-37, Died 7-15-73 
ALBERT MATULIS, 59, Limits, 

Emp. 10-11-48, Died 9-1-73 
THOMAS McGOVERN, 68, North Section, 

Emp. 9-16-26, Died 7-31-73 
PAUL MENDEZ, 35, North Avenue, 

Emp. 11-20-67, Died 7-24-73 
ROMAN S. MENDYK, 78, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 4-23-29, Died 7-15-73 
MAX P. MICETIC, 77, 77th Street, 

Emp, 10-12-21, Died 8-22-73 
ANTHONY J. MICKOVIC, 64, Sched.-Traff., 

Emp. 12-9-42, Died 7-16-73 

ROY H. MOHLER, 86, West Section, 
Emp. 12-6-23, Died 7-12-73 

WALTER MORIARTY, 75, 52nd Street, 
Emp. 4-12-42, Died 10-12-73 

FRANK NARDINI, 81, North Section, 
Emp. 2-27-12, Died 7-11-73 

AMANDA I. NARRANCE, 75, North Section, 

Emp. 7-31-44, Died 3-31-73 
JOSEPH J. NOVAK, 70, West Section, 

Emp. 9-24-28, Died 8-2-73 
ARTHUR F. OBERG, 90, North Avenue, 

Emp. 11-13-26, Died 7-7-73 
PATRICK J. O'CONNOR, 70. Archer, 

Emp. 11-3-30, Died 8-14-73 
LESLIE A. PAINE, 81, Beverly, 

Emp. 7-29-35, Died 10-9-73 
SAMUEL W. PARRILLI, 58, West Section, 

Emp. 1-11-46, Died 8-7-73 

Emp. 6-4-42, Died 7-30-73 
GEORGE R. PAYNE, 84, Burnside, 

Emp. 3-9-21, Died 8-10-73 
HUGH C. PEARSON, 86, West Section, 

Emp. 10-14-10, Died 7-12-73 
STEPHAN PEKARK, 80, West Shop, 

Emp. 2-20-45, Died 6-28-73 
FRANK J. PELZMANN, 62, Campaign Area, 

Emp. 9-7-25, Died 7-20-73 
CHARLES V. PERI, 71, Wilson Shop, 

Emp. 6-25-36, Died 8-30-73 
LOUIS B. PETERS, 84, North Section, 

Emp. 12-19-25, Died 8-23-73 
WALTER E. PITANN, 75, West Section, 

Emp. 12-12-12, Died 7-10-73 
EDWARD REID, 59, 77th Street, 

Emp. 12-9-48, Died 9-11-73 
RUSSELL E. RICHARDS, 81, Kedzie Garage, 

Emp. 4-18-23, Died 8-23-73 
HENRY SCHIMER, 59, Engineering, 

Emp. 3-30-43, Died 9-9-73 
ELMER SHAW, 28, Lawndale, 

Emp. 7-11-68, Died 9-3-73 
THOMAS R. SKVARLA, 54, South Shops, 

Emp. 5-25-50, Died 8-27-73 
FRANK SLADEK, 73, Archer, 

Emp. 4-21-44, Died 8-20-73 
EDWARD L. SMITH, 47, Kedzie, 

Emp. 9-19-57, Died 7-28-73 
THOMAS P. SOKOL, 72, Douglas, 

Emp. 6-21-23, Died 8-10-73 
WILLIAM A. STEINER, 74, Kimball, 

Emp. 2-27-18, Died 7-26-73 
ANTON STIGLICH, 85, North Avenue, 

Emp. 7-1-03, Died 7-24-73 

LEO TABERT, 76, West Section, 

Emp. 11-11-25, Died 7-11-73 
JOHN V. TAGLER, 38, South Section, 

Emp. 2-20-58, Died 9-28-73 

CALVIN THOMAS, 44, Engineering, 

Emp. 5-15-51, Died 7-16-73 

PETER K. VASEL, 86, 69th Street, 

Emp. 10-5-25, Died 7-3-73 

ANGELO VENTI CINQUE, 61, Skokie Shop, 

Emp. 1-13-41, Died 8-18-73 

PATRICK WALSH, 75, Loomis, 

Emp. 3-14-22, Died 9-28-73 
WILLIAM F. WALSH, 85, West Section, 

Emp. 11-10-41, Died 7-23-73 

CARL E. WELIN, 73, South Shops, 

Emp. 1-15-19, Died 7-5-73 

EDWIN WILLIAMS, 82, 77th Street, 

Emp. 12-28-16, Died 6-11-73 

RUSSELL E. WINGER, 74, West Section, 

Emp. 10-4-26, Died 8-18-73 

Emp. 1-26-23, Died 7-27-73 

OTTO H. ZIEGLER, 75, Wilson Shop, 

Emp. 11-17-42, Died 7-18-73 




agent CATHERINE COLLINS told us about just returning 
from a lovely trip to Montreal and Toronto with her daugh- 
ter. Also just returning from a lovely trip to England, 
Scotland and Ireland were retired agent MAE DRISCOLL 
and her sister. Of course, our president and secretary, 
LULU HAMANN and ROSE HEIDENBLUT, were looking as 
grand as ever.. .The Traveling TONY JAGLAS, motorman, 
were traveling again. This time to London, Paris and 
Zurich to see the sights. When they came home they de- 
cided to go to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands to finish up 
their vacation. Now that's a vacation.. .We were shocked to 
hear that retired agent SARAH McEVOY passed away sud- 
denly on September 11. We had just seen and enjoyed her 
company at the agents' pension dinner. She was a lovely 
person and will be missed by all her friends... Returning to 
school were our part-time conductors: KEVIN HENNIGAN, 
JONES enjoyed his vacation in Beaumont, Texas, to see his 
relatives, and in New Orleans seeing the sights. ..Resigning 
recently were: Motorman BENNIE HICKS who went down 
south to live and work, and Switchman WINFRED WATSON 
to accept a position with the Harris bank. Also good luck 
to Conductor MICHAEL WATKINS who was transferred to 
Shops and Equipment as a car serviceman on August 27... 
Now this is a true fish story — Superintendent of Agents and 
Janitors FRENCHIE ELLIS and Assistant Station Superin- 
tendent ROBERT DESVIGNES went fishing about a month 
ago and Frenchie lost the whole rod and reel trying to 
catch a fish up at Three Rivers, Michigan. Then just the 
other day they went fishing again at the same spot and Bob, 
in casting out, thought he had a fish but instead caught 
Frenchie 's rod and reel which had his name on it. I won- 
der, Frenchie, if the fish were using your rod and reel that 
month?. .Mrs. DANIEL McBRIDE, the wife of deceased mo- 
torman DANIEL McBRIDE, passed away recently. ..Clerk 
JOHN BARRY and his wife, and Assignment Agent LILL 
CULLINAN had a swell summer vacation. They drove 
through the Smoky Mountains and then down to Pensacola 
and Panama City, Florida, and swam in the gulf. Then on 
to New Orleans to see the French quarter and the night life. 
..Received a letter from Mrs. THOMAS E. JONES, the wife 
of former switchman THOMAS JONES, telling us that her 
husband passed away suddenly on July 11. She wishes to 
thank everyone for all their kindness in her bereavement... 
North Section retired supervisor CHARLES SOUTHARD 
called recently to say hello to everyone and to say he's en- 
joying his pension. ..Congratulations are in order for INDIA 
(Helm) HUGGHIS, former student agent for four years, who 
received a master's degree in counseling from Roosevelt 
university. India already holds a B.A. in sociology from 
the University of Illinois. She is the daughter of Agent 
VENETIA and Beverly Bus Operator RAY Sr. Her brother, 
RAY Jr., is a conductor at Ashland Avenue. A very proud 
CTA family indeed! 




Holy cow! That's what the Milwaukee Brewer fans were 
saying when the Skokie gang arrived at County Stadium for 
the night game between the Sox and Brewers, August 13. 
Everyone had a great time including the Cub fans. Thanks 
to BOB BINNIE for the fine job he did in organizing the 
trip. Bob says an overnight trip to St. Louis is in the plan- 


TAKING THE holy vows of 
mofrimony on August 5 at 
Lilydole Baptist church 
were EMMETT and 
bride is the former 
phone typist in Reproduc- 
tion Services, and the groom 
is a army staff sergeant 
now stationed in Thailand. 
The bride's dad, MAJOR 
CHATMAN, is a bus opera- 
tor at Beverly Station. 

ning for next year. ..In their first year in league compet 
tion, the Skokie Shop baseball team ended up in fifth plac 
The team would like to thank all those who supported the 
and promise a much better season next year...Congratul; 
tions to GARY OLSON, carpenter, who after six months ■ 
Emergency Medical Technicians school, recently became 
paramedic on the Buffalo Grove Fire Department... When; 
did the summer go? We would like to thank all our sum' 
GREENE and FRED POSKA, and in the office, KATH' 
GRAYBIEL and MAUREEN DONNLEY for the fine job th<!' 
did.. .Carpenter GEORGE KIMMSKE and his wife, FRA>' 
CES, are the proud grandparents of their 14th grandchil: 
GEORGE NICHOLAS, born July 11 weighing 9 pounds ] 
ounces. The proud parents are S/Sgt. VICTOR and VICE 
PERRY. ..TONY ANTHONY, Wiring Department, won tl 
first place trophy for men's doubles and singles tenn 
tournament at Athletic Field Park. Nice going, Tony. 
Happy first anniversary to PATTI and FRANK VUKOVIC 
electrical worker. ..Mr. and Mrs. RALPH KEMPE, machii 
shop foreman, had a wonderful time on their Caribbe; 
Cruise. "Frenchie" REGNIER, South Shops retiree, we 
with them and really lived it up...KATHERINE BUERGEi 
the daughter of BOB BUERGER, carpenter, was a contes' 
ant in the Miss Buffalo Grove pageant. Good luck, KatV 
erine...Our deepest sympathy is extended to the family i' 
ANGELO VENTICINQUE who passed away recently. Ange;' 
will be missed by all here at Skokie. ..Our deepest sympatl 
to THOMAS CARRERA, machinist apprentice, and his wif 
JILL ANN, in the loss of their daughter, PAMELA ANN. 
GENE JANKOWSKI, upholsterer, was a juror for 41 coi 
secutive days. Gene said it was an interesting trial and 
good experience. ..EVERETT E. ENGLAND, retired Skok 
Shop clerk, and his wife, MARCELLA, motored sou 
through Illinois, stopping at Coello to say hello to RALF 
DUFRESNE, retired welder, who is now the proud owner 
a lovely new home. They spent a nice day with EDWAR' 
WYNN, retired carpenter, and his wife, who are now livii 
at Mountain View, Arkansas. They said hello to some lonj^ 
time friends at Kinsett, Arkansas, and then went on 
Florida where they visited Disney World. They tried to S( , 
JOSEPH BARO, retired machinist, living in Orlando, b 
couldn't find any address. Sorry Joe. Then south to tl 
gulf side of Florida, they were lucky to find WILLIAM M 
CHALIK, retired machinist, and his wife at home. Then 
visit with GEORGE RATEIKE, retired engineer, and h 
wife, but missed PETER EHMKE, retired machinist. Th( 
said it was nice seeing DOROTHY' STEMBRIDGE, retin 
clerk-typist, who sends a big HELLO to everyone. The 




i^d with ERNIE JONES, a pensioner from Wilson Ave- 

terminal, and his wife who just returned from St. 

linas, Virgin Islands. ..Chairman GENE JANKOWSKI and 

tojhairmaa ED REYNOLDS would like to thank everyone 

Ived for working so hard to make the Skokie Shop fourth 

nial picnic such a huge success. Thanks to all who took 

in our raffles throu^out the year. 

- patTfivuua 

91 STREET - 

Congratulations to Relief Superintendent SWANSON who 
married in September and celebrated at the Illinois 
.fletic Club with more than 30 personal friends. ..Superin- 
3 lent G. PEYTON said that Superintendent W. MOSER, 
jher, put a $5 bill in the box for a heart and will now 
ag it on a peg board and use it for the next ten years. 
"1 relief clerk who mistook Mr. Peyton for a janitor has 
c,been seen or heard from since. ..Instructor O'DONNELL 
a his taste buds all set for a big fish, but was let down 
rln Superintendent Peyton said the big one got away. 
I.onnell was all smiles when his wife won a big color TV 
t at a carnival. He can now watch the football games on 
hold one out in the garage. ..Instructor WILLIS GUTHRIE 
«ame a member of the grandfather's club when little 
GHAEL ANTHONY was born on August 27 weighing l\ 
cpds... CHARLEY HOLLAND is now the proud owner of a 
C|Se trailer and has ROY HORNING for a neighbor. Roy 
ij ED STEFFAN took their wives on a tour of South 
lerica. I hope it didn't start another revolution. . . The 
tl bus operators are taking up a collection for Operator 
[BELL to see if he can find out why he holds his jaw all 
t time. ..Our sincere sympathy to our No. 1 sanitary en- 
jeer, R. RAJ, who had to cut his vacation short due to the 
(fth of his father-in-law, JAMES KUCHAR...It's good to 
C| S. LANE back on the job after being off sick for two 
cnths. .. Farmer DAKE caught a big 15 pound, 45 inch 
j'thern in the front yard of his summer home in Wiscon- 
;...W. M. BIERNAT had the misfortune to suffer a stroke 

is recuperating nicely at home now. ..Box Puller STIL- 
.TO has now recovered from his heart attack. ..P. ALES- 
i;ook his pension on August 1 after more than 30 years of 
-vice. Good luck, Pete... Congratulations to ROBERT L. 
iJnEAL who was married to BERNADETTE THOMAS on 
■s 28. ..Our sincere condolences are extended to Operator 
,E LEWIS in the death of his brother, JAMES LEWIS; to 
\ family of Collector ROBERT LYONS, and to the family 
pensioner DAN CAREW. 

From the repair department we hear that O. J. DAVIS 
i JOHN ROBINSON were here from Florida and paid a 

it. They both looked fine and would like to be remem- 
red by all their friends. Also heard from LUKE MOR- 
;y who lives in Florida. We wish them all many years of 
alth and happiness. ..Good luck and good health to Repair- 
m RAYMOND SCHEID who retired on August 1 after 
)re than 31 years of service. ..Our deepest sympathy is 
tended to the families of retired foreman FRANK PELZ- 
\NN and A. FARLEY who passed away recently. ..To JOE 
InECKO and BEN VENHUIZEN, who are on the sick list, 
) wish a speedy recovery. ..BEN BUTHIEWICZ, CHARLES 
iLEY and S. ROWELL are all on vacation. Hope you all 
ve good luck and good fishing... Congratulations to newly- 


weds, Mr. and Mrs. DON KRIVICKAS, who honeymooned in 
Hawaii. May you both have many years of happiness and 
good health... Pensioners MIKE DWYER and MIKE MORAN 
paid us a visit and said they are really enjoying their lei- 
sure life. 


Some operators drive because they love to travel. Here 
are a few who took advantage of their vacation time to add 
another 100 miles or so to their travel log.. .WILLIE JETT 
and his family motored to Florida, then sailed to the Baha- 
mas for seven glorious days and six nights. Oh those 
swinging nights. Welcome back, Jett... Chances are that if 
the Jetts had looked, they may have seen Operator BOOKER 
BYERS and his family in Florida. Byers informed me that 
they had one whale of a time...KENCH BORUM and his fam- 
ily went the other way to Washington where they visited 
relatives and enjoyed the scenery. ..Big GUINN stopped in 
St. Louis where he visited relatives. He said the trip was 
most enjoyable and that highway driving "ain't what it used 
to be." The road to St. Louis is better than ever... Sanitary 
Engineer WALT SHYDLOWSKI took a two-week vacation 
late in September. . . Clerk FISHER's wife, ROBERTA, 
went to Hawaii for eight days and returned chocolate 
colored (I would have said deeply tanned, but I report the 
news unaltered)... CHARLEY HALL had his bowling team 
organized again this season, only to finish, where else 
but last. Sorry about that Charley. ..The switchboard op- 
erator was in Florida petting sharks and barracudas. 
Never knew his name, nice guy though... Operator RALPH 
ZACCARIELLO's wife is sending him to Germany for 
awhile to get rid of him. Have a good trip, Ralph, and we 
hope they can understand your diction better than we can... 
Clerk McGUIRE's family has a very interesting hobby. I 
understand they have a zoc.NEAL KINNISH also has an 
interesting hobby. He collects stamps and coins. Since the 
cages are closed, I don't think he is having too much luck... 
Operator R. E. JENNINGS is recuperating at home after 
his recent surgery. Lots of luck and get well soon... It is 
with deep regret that we report the death of our fellow 
worker, EDWARD REED. We also share the grief of WAL- 
TER COLEMAN in the loss of his father, and Collector B. 
FREEMAN in the loss of his aunt, Mrs. MARIE GUSKIN...I 
couldn't close this column without mentioning that Operator 
HENRY BEATY had finally reached the 25-year service 
mark in August... So long for now. 


Your new 1974 CTA Riding Card 

is being mailed 
with your Jan. 1 pension check. 

If you did not have a 1 973 CTA Riding Card, a new 
photograph must be taken in Room 750, Merchan- 
dise Mart, for the 1974 Riding Card. 

For further information 
call 664-7200, Extension 381. 



77th Sti 
52 nd SI 
69th St 
North P 

Forest ( 
North A 














o o Q 

Dan Ryan 
61st Stree 






rest Pa 

























^ ^ 





ooi-^co ro 




r* i-¥ r* f^ r* 

»♦ »♦ »♦ -^ 3 



3- 3" 3- 3" 3- 


























61st, Racine 
Wilson, Howard, Lin 
Congress, 54th, Fos 
Forest Park 











3 B) 
0) 3 
— 01 











5- Q- 





~' 13 







52nd Street 
69th Street 
77th Street 

Forest Glen 


North Avenue 


North Park 




















■D • 

S. PO 



P 0) 


F o > 






Bouquets are Refreshing 

ouring by Bus 

By Mary Knoblauch 

{Reprinled, Cour. 


Closed gas stations leave me 
weak with laughter, and so do 
city-living car addicts who turn 
pale as Saturday afternoon wanes 
on, turning off the supply for 
y ^ their habit. 

CsJir * Mostly I laugh from a seat on 

^^^ ^^ a bus or an "L" on my way to a 

movie or back home. Movies 
oen all over Chicago, and I don't have a car, so I 
ulk or take public transportation. There are lots of 
pople like me, and soon there will be more out of 

It's not as bad as it may sound, either. You truly 
cm get anywhere in Chicago with public transit, tho 
;ime places are harder to get to than others. 

Buses take longer than cars, but THEY buy the 
;is, and L's go faster than cars. If you can drive 
om West Howard and North Clark streets to East 
)th Street and South Michigan Avenue for less than 
y cents, you're not in a car I've heard about, and 
Im're an uninsured driver. Add 10 cents for a 
♦ansfer to get to the Beverly or the Evergreen Plaza 
tieaters, and I'm still beating (Continued Page 4) 

A 'Piece of Humble 

By Ellen Warren 

(Reprinted with pe 


Pass me a piece of humble 
pie, please. 

When the CTA trumpeted its 
new transfer plan, I hooted and 

I spewed scorn and derision 
on our transit system. Blasphemy 
like "publicity grab" issued from 
these little lips. 
The new system works. But that's because it 
doesn't work. 

My ire had settled on the CTA's assertion that 
shoppers could make a round trip on one slender 55 
cent fare. 

They'll have to wear track shoes and work out for 
a month, I said out of one side of (Continued Page 5) 

People Seem Friendlier 

By Louis Dombrowski 
Editorial Writer 

{Reprinted. Cou 


People seem to be friendlier 
these days. Ordinarily, this close 
to Christmas, it would be easy to 
assume that the friendliness re- 
flected nothing but the spirit of 
the holiday: "On earth peace, 
good will toward men." 

The friendliness is deeper, 
tho, and more lasting. It is the 
attitude of people bound together by a difficult situa- 
tion. It's the energy crisis, you say. That maybe 
part of it— and the heavy snow, too. It is both of 
these and more. 

My awareness of this attitude began a few days 
ago. The commuter trains at Glenview were late be- 
cause of an accident up the line. It was cold and the 
early morning commuters had overflowed the station 
and were huddled in the lee of (Continued Page 5) 




Mr. Hirsch Mr. Olmstead Mr. Flynn 

Mr. Kole Mr. Graybiel 

Mr. Knautz 

13 CTA Managers Appointed 

The appointments of 13 top-level managers in a 
further administrative reorganization of the Chicago 
Transit Authority were announced by Milton Pikarsky, 
CTA Chairman. 

In the CTA's reorganized administration, the posi- 
tion of manager is comparable to that of vice presi- 
dent in the management of a corporation or company. 

The 13 new managers are heads of departments 
under three recently created CTA divisions, which 
have been designated as General Operations, General 
Administration and Finance, and General Development. 

In the General Operations Division, the new ap- 
pointments are: 

David M. Flynn, Manager of the Transportation 
Department. Flynn, with 38 years service in transit, 
has been the CTA's Superintendent of Transportation. 

Evan E. Olmstead, Manager of the Maintenance 
Department. He formerly was General Superintendent 
of Engineering, and has been associated with the for- 
mer Chicago Surface Lines and the CTA since 1937. 

Harold R. Hirsch, Manager of the Department of 
Operations Planning. Hirsch, who joined the CTA in 
1957, has been Superintendent of Schedules and Traf- 

In the General Administration and Finance Divi- 
sion, the appointments are: 

Fran C. Knautz, Manager of the Personnel Depart- 
ment. Knautz formerly served as CTA's Director of 
Personnel and has been with the former Chicago Sur- 
face Lines and CTA since 1942. 

Gerald S. Graybiel, Manager of the Materials Man- 
agement Department. He has been General Super- 
intendent of Purchases, Specifications and Stores. 
Graybiel joined the former Chicago Surface Lines in 

Paul J. Kole, Manager of the Finance Department. 
Kole has been Comptroller of CTA since February, 

William A. Ashley, Manager of the Insurance, Pen- 
sions and Industrial Safety Department. He has been 
Superintendent of Insurance and Pensions. Ashley 
was with the former Chicago Surface Lines from 1940 
to 1947 and then joined the CTA two years later. 

Mr. MuHen Dr. Mosny 

Mr. Ashley < 

Mr. Sandberg Mr. Buck Mr. Luczak » 

Francis J. Mullen, Manager of the Investigation)! 
and Claims Department. His former position was SuiJ 
perintendent of Investigations and Claims. He ha 
been in Chicago transit for 24 years having starte 
with the former Chicago Motor Coach Company. 

Dr. Stephen D. Mosny, Manager of the Medical De 
partment. Dr. Mosny was the former Medical Direc: 
tor and has been with the former Chicago Rapii 
Transit Company and CTA since 1941. 

Appointments in the General Development Divisioi 

Miss Joanne Vlecides, Manager of the Departmer 
of Long Range Planning and Development. Mis 
Vlecides joined the CTA last October after six year 
of service on the Washington, D.C., headquarters staJ 
of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Develop 

Arthur R. Sandberg, Manager of the Engineerin 
Department. Sandberg has been the Electrical Engi 
neer for CTA. He has served 37 years with the for 
mer Chicago Surface Lines and CTA. 

Thomas Buck, Manager of the Communications an 
Marketing Department. Buck joined CTA in Octobei 
1973, as Director of Public Relations and Marketing 

Ronald L. Luczak, Manager of the Capital Develop 
ment Department. Luczak has been Project Manage 
for Governmental Programs. He joined the CTA i 



rst Woman Executive in Chicago Transit {History 

thi responded so gra- 
biiisly to congratulatory 
te phone calls was be- 
fit ng a young woman 
wl had just become the 
fiit woman executive in 
Clcago's transit history. 

But Miss Joanne Vle- 
cifes, 31, would be the 
fi];t to say that being a 
wcnan has nothing to do 
mi her new position. 

i'lt doesn't make any 
dijerence that I'm a woman when it comes to a man- 
agjment challenge," she explains. "I feel I can offer 
th Chicago Transit Authority a different perspective 
beause I am a newcomer with different points of 

Miss Vlecides, a native of West Hartford, Conn., 
is he CTA's new Manager of the Department of Long 
Rage Planning and Development. 

Ser appointment was one of 13 appointments of de- 
pjtment managers announced by Milton Pikarsky, 

CTA Chairman, in a reorganization of the Transit 
Authority's administrative structure. 

At the CTA, a department manager is comparable 
to a vice presidency in the administrative organiza- 
tion of a corporation or company. 

Miss Vlecides joined the staff of the Chicago 
Transit Authority last October after six years of ser- 
vice in various administrative positions at the Wash- 
ington, D.C., headquarters of the U.S. Department of 
Housing and Urban Development. 

Her last position with HUD was director of finan- 
cial assistance programs for nonprofit sponsors of 
housing under the Federal Housing Administration. 

Prior to her service with HUD she was associated 
with the Aetna Life and Casualty Company in Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Miss Vlecides was graduated from Mary A. Burn- 
ham School, Northampton, Mass., and obtained her 
B.A. degree from Connecticut College, New London. 

She also did graduate work in urban and regional 
planning at George Washington University in Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Constantine 
Vlecides, 509 S. Main St., West Hartford. 

Isf VIce-Cfia/rman Highway Research Board 

MILTON PIKARSKY, Chairman of the Chicago Transit Authority, was elected First 
Vice Chairman of the Highway Research Board at the Board's annual meeting Jan. 
23 in Washington, D.C. He also was re-appointed to a further term on the Board's 
Executive Committee. 

As First Vice Chairman, Mr. Pikarsky will become Chairman of the Highway 
Research Board a year from now. Organized in 1920, the Highway Research Board 
is a cooperative organization of transportation technologists of America. 

The Board's purpose is to advance knowledge of the nature and performance of 
transportation systems through the stimulation of research and dissemination of 
information resulting from such research. The Board operates within the Division 
of Engineering of the National Research Council, which serves both the National 
Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering. 


The Transit News editor is always looking for new ideas 
and suggestions to make this publication more meaningful 
to all CTA employees. 

So become a Transit News Tipster by passing along any 
ideas as they occur to you. We are interested mostly in 
unusual news items about CTA employees and their fam- 
ilies. Telephone us at 664-7200, Ext. 812, or write us at 
P.O. Box 3555, Chicago, 111. 60654. 


Volume XXVII Number 1 

Published for employees and retirees of 
the Chicago Transit Authority, under the 
direction of the Department of Communica- 
tions and Marketing. 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 
Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

Distributed free of charge to all active 
and retired CTA employees. Annual sub- 
scription price to others, $2.00. Address 
communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, 
Room 742, Merchandise Mart Plaza, 
Chicago, Illinois 60654. 


Mary Knoblauch (Continued) 

your costs, tho you may beat my time. 

I don't go out that way much, because 
the round trip takes a good three hours, 
but if you live on the South Side, you won't 
be trekking up to the Will Rogers much, 
either (5635 W. Belmont Av.). 

What this city needs is not a Crosstown 
expressway, but a crosstown rapid transit 
line, as anyone who ever has tried to trav- 
el from North Clark Street and West Di- 
versey Avenue to Ford City can attest. 
(Hanging the cost, the easiest way is a 36 
bus to the Palmer House, and airport lim- 
ousine bus to Midway, and a Cicero (54B) 
to the shopping center, where a true public 
transit rider again discovers the tyranny 
of the car — no sidewalks to speak of.) 

All of this sounds intolerable to a car 
addict, I know, but I feel the same way 
about their mobile cells. You learn to like 
public transit by using it, and I was started 
early, during World War II by my mother, 
who used to take me for a bus ride on Sun- 
day afternoon instead of a drive, when the 
ration coupons ran out. 

Buses are a great way to discover a 
city, a leisurely means of transportation 
that permits sightseeing, people watching, 
sleeping, reading, or working on handi- 
craft projects, as well as moving from one 
place to another. 

Perhaps withdrawal is the easiest way 
to stop caressing a steering wheel unnec- 
essarily. First, get a new CTA route map 
(send a stamped, self-addressed envelope 
to Map, Chicago Transit Authority, Mer- 
chandise Mart, Chicago 60654). If you're 
a suburbanite, also get map for all the 
commuter railroads serving your city. 

Then, the next time you want to visit 
friends in the city, or vice versa, park 
your cars at a rapid transit or train sta- 
tion and take a train. On weekends, es- 
pecially, the suburban trains make local 
stops within the city, and you have a lot 
more leeway in getting on. You can, of 

course, trek down to one of the main sta- 
tions in the Loop, but won't have to if you 
have railroad schedules. 

Ever since buses instituted the exact 
fare plan in Chicago, almost all routes are 
safe to ride any time. Rapid transit sta- 
tions are not all that secure late at night, 
so try to avoid the least traveled hours. 

And get over your fear of buses by rid- 
ing them just for fun. Try a 10 Lincoln- 
Larrabee from the Loop to Peterson (6000 
N.) and listen to the spoken language 
change about every 15 blocks. 

In fact, almost any north-south bus 
route is fun to ride— 22 Clark, 36A State, 
which parallels the Dan Ryan, the 153 Wil- 
son-Michigan, which takes you thru Lincoln 
Park and along North Michigan Avenue, 49 
Western (the longest, if you take its two ex- 
tension routes— 49A and 49B— which make 
a three hour jaunt from Howard Street 
(7600 N.) to 119th Street). 

The Halsted 8 bus is equally fun as the 
Milwaukee 56 bus for ethnic neighborhood 
watchers. The east-west routes are drags, 
requiring needlepoint, plastic knitting 
needles (for safety), or a good book. 

With its shuttle bus service, the CTA's 
Jefferson Park "L" line offers a terrific 
day for a family that never has been to 
O'Hare International Airport. For 75 
cents, you can get on any rapid transit 
train, transfer in the Loop to the Jefferson 
Park line and take the bus to O'Hare, 
where you can spend a fascinating day ex- 
ploring and watching the planes. (You can 
also catch the bus taking a Chicago and 
North Western train to the Jefferson Park 
stop, where a protected walkway comiects 
you with the "L," too.) 

Those coming from the Loop should 
take a B train and pause at the Belmont 
subway station on the Jefferson Park line— 
a beautiful airy, esthetically pleasing re- 
minder of how gracious public transporta- 
tion can be at its best. 

' ftom Ihc bus o( Lin. 

CHICAGO TODAY I'holo hy I urn Khinhmi 

Riding public transportation is a malf 
ter of readjusting your nerves, relaxiij 
and taking your time. On unfamiliar bit; 
routes, allow about a minute per block t 
reach your destination on time. On rapi|| 
transit — about a minute every three blocblj 
The second time around you can judgi 
more accurately, but at least you won't b' 
late by that formula. 

Some of you, I know, will try to call tb 
CTA information number rather than sen 
for a map to determine how to get ther 
from here. Don't, except in an emergencj. 
because it's rare when you can get thru i 
any reasonable amount of time. Cnbeliev 
ers can call MO 4-7220 and be serenade 
by a busy signal to their hearts' content. 

Using a map is more fun, anyhow, be 
cause there are many ways to get ther 
from here, and finding different ones i 
half the fun. 

You'd be surprised what you can do wit 
45 cents. Last winter, at least twice 
month, I rode a Dlversey 76 bus from th 
east to the west end of the line, walke 
four blocks south on Harlem Avenue 
clutching a brown paper sack full of wine 
and two blocks west on FuUerton .'^venu 
because 1 am crazy about the Cathay Man 
darin restaurant in Elmwood Park, an 
that's how you get there, from my house. 

From the office, it's a 65 Grand to tb 
end of the line (which is on FuUerton) an' 
a straight shoot on foot six blocks west 
My car happy friends think I'm crazy 
Maybe I am. But I feel a lot more self 
righteous about eating all that food an' 
walking, instead of eating all that gas an' 

Now, if I could just persuade somi 
friendly Penn Central freight train ti 
pause while I jump off at Phil Smidt'; 
perch paradise in Whiting, Ind., my lifi 
will be complete. That's one place that 
as yet, you can't get to by public transpor- 
tation. Of course in the summer, b\' sail- 
boat. ... 


ilen Warren 


iut, I rummaged through Marshall 
?j d's until I got bored— after a bus/train 

from the Northwest Side— and made it 
again on my worn transfer. 

lo, I couldn't have made it under the 

•hour transfer limit if my original bus 
iifer hadn't given me a 10-minute bonus 
J less he pimched a bunch of transfers at 

iven then, the bus driver on the final 
.e.of the trip back to my starting point 
jaj me an extra seven minutes (but he 
tiri so confused that he told me the much 
ahsed transfer was still good for an hour). 

Lltogether, I made it from Belmont and 
Cotral Park (3600 West) to the Field's in 
;h Loop, back to Belmont and Central 
(510 West), then back to Belmont and 
Cftral Park. 

U Field's, I tried on four sweaters 
(bight none), checked out their 'Young 
Cbago' collection (kidding myself), 
wlzzed through the South American Shop 
ar took a leisurely stroll through the 
plit department. 

3n the way back to the subway for a 
fribie return trip, I stopped at Stop & 
Sip on Washington to buy a 25-cent apple 

^d, in my travels, I bought a birthday 
ctti at a shop in the 5500 block of Bel- 

in all, my transfer was honored for Ig 
hc^s (three bus rides and two subway 
trls). And if my feet hadn't gone numb I 
wild have tried— heady with beating the 
S3tem— to ride the CTA all day on one 

But I got tired. I figured I'd tried my 
lu,i. And the CTA proved its point. 


Dombrowski (Continued) 

the building seeking shelter from the raw 
wind. They did not, as was their usual 
practice, grumble about the way the rail- 
road was being operated as they buried 
their noses in the morning newspapers. 
Instead, they were talking to one another. 
People who until now had been faces in a 
crowd, someone to nod to in the morning, 
became human beings with names and fam- 

Nor did this camaraderie end when the 
trains finally arrived. It continued until 
the men and women dispersed. 

Sure, you say, it was because people 
were drawn together by a common prob- 
lem — the delayed commuter trains. Then 
how can you explain the fact that they re- 
sumed their conversations when they met 
aboard the homebound trains that evening 
and continued their friendliness in the days 
that followed ? 

Albert Wilson is a service station op- 
erator. He is facing all the problems that 
are beginning to plague gasoline dealers 
because of the energy shortage. I had 
been dealing with him for more than a 
year and, aside from his courteous "Hello, 
may I help?" we had never spoken. The 
last time I stopped at his station for gaso- 
line, he greeted me by name, something 
that has never happened before. As we 
concluded our transaction, he handed me 
his business card. 

"We're closed on Sundays, you know. 
President Nixon's orders," he said. "But 
if your car won't start or something else 
happens— no matter where you are— give 
me a call here or at home, and we'll come 
get you." 

Perhaps, you say, my Mr. Wilson is 
trying to provide service to his customers 

in the expectation of keeping them when he 
may not have as much gasoline to sell. 

Everyone has a favorite story about 
CTA bus drivers. Many of these tales are 
based on rudeness or discourtesy or down- 
right nastiness. I don't know the name of 
the driver in this story; he wouldn't tell 

An elderly woman, carrying a suitcase 
and the inevitable shopping bag, boarded 
the bus at Union Station. She spoke almost 
no English. She had just arrived in Chica- 
go to visit her grandchildren and was un- 
familiar with the city. Haltingly, she asked 
the driver in a mixture of Spanish and 
English how to get to her destination on the 
Northwest Side. The driver patiently tried 
to explain that she would have to transfer 
at Chicago Avenue to another bus. It was 
clear that she did not understand. 

The driver assured her that he would 
help her. When the bus reached Chicago 
and Michigan Avenue, he stopped at the 
curb and set his brake. Helping her with 
her suitcase, he walked her to the comer, 
waited until the bus came, and then told 
the driver of the second bus to make sure 
she reached her destination. Instead of 
complaining, the other passengers on the 
delayed bus applauded their driver when he 

The driver was a rare cat, you say. 
Maybe so, but how does that explain the 
warmth and friendliness of the passengers 
whose travel was delayed by that act of 
simple kindness ? 

Others have noticed this new attitude, 
but they cannot explain it either. If I were 
to make an uneducated guess, I'd say peo- 
ple were just being themselves— friendly 
and basically warm. And I like it. 

George Clark Retires as Supt. of Shops, Equipment 

GORGE J. CLARK, who was responsible for the maintenance of 
a the CTA's trains, buses and other vehicles, retired Jan, 1 as 
s'Serintendent of shops and equipment. 

Clark began his career in transit in 1939 as a test engineer for 
tl former Chicago Surface Lines. He was appointed CTA super- 
iiendent of shops and equipment in 1969 after having served as 
c ef engineer of equipment, and as superintendent of the South 

In recent years, he was chairman of major committees of 
Aierican Transit Association, and was active vrtth other industry 
Ofanizations at both the national and state levels. He is a member 
othe Society of Automotive Engineers, and holds a degree in elec- 
tical engineering from the University of Illinois. 

He was honored by a large gathering of friends and business as- 
spiates at a dinner on Dec. 19. Pictured beside his wife, Ruth, 
^•. Clark is shown with Milton Pikarsky, CTA Chairman, and 
J^eph Bolech, superintendent of rail vehicle maintenance. 



MEL ALEXANDER, Sports Editor 

Bowling "Wives Night Out" 

THE WIVES of the 77th Street Operators 
League will be honored at a "Wives' Night 
Out" on Feb. 15 at Palisades Bowl. 

Through the cooperative efforts of the 
bowling alley management, tables will be 
set up behind the lanes to accommodate the 
wives for this very special night. 

Calvin Pollard, league president, said, 
"Since the wives have been so lenient about 
giving up their weekend Friday nights, we 
thought it would be nice to give them an- 
other wonderful night in conjunction with 
the last night of bowling." 






George's Arco 




Archer Bandits 




Pin Busters 




500 Club 




Road Runners 




















Late Comers 




Hot Hands 
























CTA Mart team improving 

SHOWING A vast improvement over the past month, 
the CTA Mart bowling team has won 12 of their last 
16 games. 

The team captain, Tim O'Rourke, came up wit a 
whopping 215 game, combined with a 60-pin handi'P 
for a total 275, and sparked his teammates to a swp 
over their opponents. 

Tim said, "We promised you that we would ih 
prove, and now we are beginning to prove it." I 


jasketball league 
Ipens season 

HE CTA basketball league opened its 
;ason on Friday, Jan. 4, with the North 
venue Saints advancing towards their 
pcond league championship by defeating 
le 77th Street Bandits 49 to 39. 
'' With a composite of 14 teams, the 
iague appears very strong as they go into 
le second round of play. 
I The games are played every Monday 
id Friday evening starting at 7:00 p.m. in 
e Washington Park fieldhouse, 55th and 
ing Drive. The crowds at these games, 
reraging 350 to 400, are tremendous, 
irpassing all attendance marks for the 
'evious years. 






prth Avenue 
Wzie "A" 





>th Street 






)rest Glen 




th Shop 



)rth Side "L" 



)rth Park 



idzie "B" 






th Street 



uth Side "L" 



;nd Street 








^K^m'- -JinH 


Beverly Operat 



North Park Operator 


Service anniversaries in January-February 

45 years 

p. A. Comiano, 


J. E. Will, 

on vacation 

J. A. Laskey, 

Forest Glen 

J. P. Wallace, 

District D 

R. J. Holon, 


E. L. Carlson, 

North Park 

S. F. Mailuck, 

General Accounting 

35 years 

J. R. Anderson, North Section 

P. Hodul, Archer Garage 

R. C. Newman, North Avenue Garage 

D. E. Riess, Personnel 

30 years 

J. Burns, 52nd Street Garage 

W. E. Cerkan, North Park 

D. D. Coney, Archer 

A. M. Garrity, Purchasing 

H. Goldman, Kedzie 

S. H. Goldman, North Park 

R. McCabe, North Avenue Garage 

W. Molenda, North Park 

W. T. Ruddle, 52nd Street 

H. R. Schmidt, Forest Glen 

R. M. Schneider, South Shops 

N. V. Scimeca, Howard Maint. Term. 

W. F. Stasulas, West Section 

W. A. Taylor, District B 

W. Thornton, Dan Ryan Maint. Term. 

25 years 

M. H. Adams, V/est Section 

J. D. Allen, West Section 

L. Blake, 77th Street 

V. S. Brookins, North Section 

L. F. Cook, Limits 

R. Crawford, 77th Street 

R. L. Crawford, West Section 

D. Daly, Garage Campaign Area 

R. L. Desvignes, 61st Street 

A. DiCionfilippo, Wilson Maint. Term. 

F. J. Duczman, Beverly Garage 

C. F. Estelle, 77th Street 

C. E. Filipek, Forest Glen 

R. E. Flowers, R.T. Maint. Terminals 

H. A. Fullriede, Specifications 

P. Gaza, Forest Park Moint. Term. 

W. Green, North Avenue 

B. Hill, Building Maintenance C. 

B. I. Houzz, Archer J. 

C. J. Jones, South Section W. 
E. Jones Jr., South Section R. 
A. J. Karkoska, Beverly Garage D. 
E. M. Kelly, Util. & Emerg. Service J. 
W. N. Kinnish, 77th Street W. 
W. J. Kosek, South Section D. 
P. J. Kourakos, North Pork J. 
S. L. Kubicz, North Park J. 
S. Kuropas, South Shops J. 
J. E. Lone, West Section F. 
T. G. LeNoir, 77th Street W. 
W. A. Loftlin, South Section W. 
R. F. Lorentz, North Park Garage L. 
R. Loughran, Communications & Mrktg. R. 
L. H. Lykins, South R.T. District R. 
E. Marcanton, West Section J. 
L. L. Matthews, Districts A-B R. 
G. Millonas, Buildings & Const. E. 
W. R. Mooney, North Section C. 

P. Moore, 77th Street 

0. Mulligan, South Section 

E. Nash, South R.T. District 

E. O'Brien, North Avenue Garage 

T. O'Donnell, MC&OP-South Shop 

Pilip, R.T. Signal Division 

W. Postada, West Section 

E. Reed Jr., Substation Engineer! 

E. Roberts, Congress-Douglas 

Rodriguez, Surface Stations 

J. Russ, Skokie Shop 

R. Simmons, South Shops 

0. Simpson, South Section 

Thomas, 77th Street 

C. Troken, Executive 

R. Troy, Forest Glen Garage 

G. Vandermeir, North Park Garagi 

T. Virruso, South Shops 

N. Walston, 77th Street 

H. Washington, Kedzie 

Wesley, 77th Street 




XOUNTING (Payroll) - 

jfew of our payrollers finished off the old 
;ar with a vacation. Not a bad way to go 
1: JEANNE BIZEK, Payroll, and her sis- 
(.-, JACQUELINE, Revenue, when they 
■jjted their father, JULIAN BIZEK, who 
]sides in Arizona. Besides theexcellence 
(dad's home cooking, they enjoyed great 
vather while sightseeing in the Grand 
myon and Old Tucson, ..VICTORIA LE- 
:;K said, "Why not," and took her first 
j.'plane ride, venturing to Florida with 
Ir friend, MARGE LYNCH, Claim. They 
icationed in Tampa and Orlando visiting 
Isney World and the famous Busch Gar- 
tos. Vickie admits she still prefers hav- 
k both feet on solid ground. ..The rustic 
•intry of Hilsboro, Wisconsin, lured 
jmY CARNEY up north. Mary tells us it 
i,s deer hunting season so we wonder if 
le was really shooting the "buck" or the 
'nil. "..Sometimes the holidays seem even 
<.rmer when friends or relatives come 
Ime to visit. Assistant Payroll Account- 
t ALBERT LATHOWERS was glowing 
len his daughter, KATHY', and her hus- 
d. Dr. JOHN BERRYMER, an oral sur- 
n, arrived from New Orleans for a five- 
ly visit. They agreed it was great fun 
ling home, but due to the gas problem, 
kvelltng was like pulling teeth!.. The JO 
OLE MAN household was celebrating when 
Ir daughter, JOYCE, returned home from 
1 Norbert's college in De Pere, Wiscon- 
!i. ..Y'VONNE ZAJAC had her holidays 
1 seled a bit with the return of her daugh- 
t-, DEBORAH, from Ball State university. 
.)ORIS YOST was treated to a visit in the 
lirchandise Mart from her daughter, 
;;GGY, and her husband, LEO PARISEAU. 
lo is a career Navy man who is presently 
iitioned at Great Lakes Naval Station, 
it-month old grandson, BRIAN, highlight- 
f the visit by stealing the show. ..It's al- 
I'ys a pleasure to hear the pitter-patter 
(little feet, but of 13 dogs ? That's what 
I2ently e.xperienced. Both of the family's 
(gs. Senator and Minkie, gave birth to 
rps in litters of five and six. It was cer- 
tnly a kind gesture when DOROTHY NY- 
l)AK offered to place one of the pups in 
Ir home. Good luck to all. ..Bring out the 
(Ice and light the candles for our January 
V-thday people: MAUREEN HOULIHAN 
id JOSEPHINE COLEMAN. ..See you soon. 

(itacenter) - 

'jF sincere sympathy is extended to 
l.ULINE TORREY of Keypunch and her 
fnily in the loss of her husband, PHIL- 
lpE...On a happier note, we wish to wel- 
•me NORRIS EVANS who transferred to 

the Tabulating Department from 77th 
Street where he was a relief clerk. ..DAN 
FRUSOLONE and his wife, NETTIE, a for- 
mer CTAer, were down for a visit. Dan is 
getting along fine and looks great. It was 
very nice to see them both... A big hello is 
extended to four new employees in the 
Systems Section of the Datacenter. They 
would also like to welcome JAMES GRIF- 
FIN, programmer trainee, who came to us 
from South Shops. We wish all of you the 
best of luck in your new positions. 


Received a nice letter from Pensioner 
CHARLIE HOOGSTRAAL who retired from 
77th Street in 1955. Charlie wishes Pen- 
sioner GEORGE EVANS and all the boys 
good luck. He says the golden years are 
the rusty years. Charlie's address is: 
13681 Cedarcrest, Seal Beach. California 
90740. Thanks for the pictures and clip- 
pings, sorry we can't reproduce newspaper 
photos though. Good luck, Charlie. . . Re- 
ceived a card from Operator CHARLIE 
(Peepers) GLINES and JOHN BARBER who 
vacationed in Los Angeles, California. 
They went sightseeing on Main Street and 
Pershing Square, but found out they were 
too old and had to go down on the beach and 
watch the girls go by. . . Received a nice 
letter and picture from Pensioner ED MO- 
LONEY and his wife, 
CLARA, who drove ^"k 

to Chicago from ^ ,| ■< 
Deerfield Beach, 
Florida, to celebrate 
their golden wedding 
anniversary. Mass 
of Thanksgiving at 
St. Bemadette's, 
followed by an open 
house at the home of Tde Mo/oneys 

their daughter in Evergreen Park, was 
attended by more than 100 relatives and 
friends. Ed and Clara now boast of 20 
grandchildren and seven great-grandchil- 
dren. Mrs. ANNALEEN HELMS, the wife 
of the late FRANK HELMS of Beverly, 
came with them to visit friends and rela- 
tives. Ed says that Pensioner JOE O'CON- 
NOR, former chief clerk at 52nd Street, 
lives two doors away from him in Flori(ia. 
..We express our deepest sympathy to the 
families of Pensioners JOHN NANNINGA 
who worked Kedzie and ANDY BAKER who 
had the night bus on Western; to Pensioner 
ART RYAN in the loss of his wife; to the 
family of MARGE GEARY, wife of the late 
JIM GEARY, and to the family of CHES- 

TER WILLIAMS, former board member of 
69th Street. ..Pensioner JERRY GLEASON 
is still doing charity work. You can't keep 
a good man down for long. Keep up the 
good work, Jerry. 

Pensioner RALPH LEIGHTON of Holiday, 
Florida, was here to visit his friends and 
couldn't wait to go home to the land of sun- 
shine. Ralph said he had enough of this 
snow and zero weather... We express our 
sympathy to the families of the following: 
Pensioner LEONARD (Swede) ERICKSON, 
PETERSEN, and our pal from Kedzie Ave- 
nue, Operator CHARLES GLINES who went 
to his eternal reward. . . Pensioner WAL- 
TER DALY, formerly of 69th, looks in 
good shape and would like to say hello to 
his many friends. ..Thanks to all the pen- 
sioners for the Christmas cards, and to 
Pensioner BERNIE ZESCH for the nice 
letter. .. Superintendent JOSEPH WILL is 
leaving on pension Feb. 1. We hate to see 
him leave as we couldn't have a finer boss. 
We wish you many years of good health 
and happiness. 


Since our last writing we have added a few 
new faces. In the field we have GEORGE 
MUNYER who transferred from Skokie 
Shop; TOMMIE BOSLEY from Kedzie Sta- 
tion; BILL TALBERT from Special Inves- 
tigations, and BOB SMITH who worked out 
of Lake Street as a temporary summer 
employee. I would also like to bid welcome 
to MARGUERITE RUFFULO who will be 
my sidekick in the office. We would also 
like to bid adieu to a few people: JAY JO- 
NAS who is now with the Chicago Police 
Department, FRANK INGRASSLA who 
moved to Florida where he wall work for 
Bell & Howell, and JOAN CUCI who moved 
upstairs to the Law Department. Best 
wishes to everyone on their new jobs. ..Our 
sincere sympathy is extended to the fam- 
ily of retired lieutenant RAYMOND LOHSE 
who passed away. ..Our chief, BOB MIL- 
LER, is home recuperating after having 
one of his lungs removed. We all hope 
you're feeling better, chief, and will be 
back with us soon. While Bob Miller is off, 
Lieutenant BILLY BUTLER is acting chief. 

Congratulations to GEORGE and BETTY 
EVANS who are the proud parents of 
GEORGE MICHAEL weighing in at 8 pounds 
4 ounces... It was nice to see some of those 
faces that we seldom see anymore at the 
Christmas party: JOHN McGRATH, KEN- 


recent Illinois Police association conven- 
tion at the Arlington Park Towers was at- 
tion enjoying the great comfort of his 

- Pat "^tfHH 

ELECTRICAL (General Office) - 
DEL TOSH, chief power supervisor, and 
his wife flew to England to visit their son 
and his family. WAYNE TOSH, a former 
CTA employee, has been stationed in En- 
gland with the air force for the past year 
after returning from Vietnam. The sen- 
ior Toshes enjoyed touring the English 
countryside, but seeing their granddaugh- 
ter, SHERI, was also one of the highlights 
of their visit. ..CLYDE HAYES of the Sig- 
nal Division has left the CTA and we wish 
him good luck. . . Welcome to JAMES 
SCHUMPP, engineer assistant, who trans- 
ferred to the department recently. Jim va- 
cationed in Washington, D.C., during the 
Christmas holidays, and he also made news 
when he received a $10 suggestion award... 
and KENDRICK BISSETT Sr., signal de- 
sign engineer, was bom on Nov. 25 weigh- 
ing 9 pounds 5 ounces. Congratulations to 
the loving parents. We also learned that 
DONNA KAMINSKI and her husband, RON, 
are the parents of a daughter, KRISTEN. 
Donna was formerly a stenographer in the 
department. . . From Blue Island we hear 
that OLLIE THOMAS, B electrician, and 
his wife, LILLY, are very proud of their 
twin daughters. The girls are honor stu- 
dents with ANNIE ranking first in their 
class, and AGNES following closely in sec- 
ond place. They are 17 years old and it 
certainly is unusual to have two in one 
family take top honors. 

- Xax, Wc/ilMei 

(Chicago Avenue) - 

The retirement party for CHARLIE SAL- 
BOB MONSON at Johnny Lattner's Marina 
Towers restaurant was one of our largest 
parties. It's a good thing I got there early, 
as the fellows started coming in groups. 
The bar was overflowing — with people that 
is. Pensioner friends who attended were 
MORI and C. BUCK. Local No. 9 was rep- 
resented by G. SCHMIDTZ, N. BURK- 
SHEA was the master of ceremonies and 
kept the program rolling. Electrical En- 
gineer A. R. SANDBERG presented all the 
retirees with wallets... CHARLIE NOLTE 
became a grandfather again when little 
JUDITH MARIE BLUM was born weighing 

in at 9 pounds 11 ounces. Congratulations, 
Charlie... JOHN MURPHY is back to work 
after a stay in the hospital. ..ED DEVLIN, 
back to work after being hospitalized. 73 

- Sett TtutuH 

(Rapid Transit Signal Division) - 

ROY WILLIAMS and his wife, MARION, 
celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary 
with a surprise party given by their chil- 
dren. Among the guests were GEORGE 
front office. Congratulations to you and 
your charming wife. May you have many 
more years of happiness together. ..Regret- 
fully we report the death of Mrs. JUANITA 
WALTON, the mother-in-law of Signal 
Maintainer EARL BELL. You have our 
prayers and sympathy in your hours of 
bereavement... We congratulate KEN BIS- 
SET and his wife, DONNA, on the birth of 
their first child, 9 pound 5 ounce CHRIS- 
TOPHER JOHN. Ken's broad smile cer- 
tainly indicates he's very happy with the 
new arrival.. .All the way from Chicago to 
San Francisco for a ride on BART, only to 
find it shut down because of a strike was 
the lot of ROY WILLIAMS and his family 
on their recent vacation. ..Back from a wet 
vacation in Hot Springs, Arkansas, is VICK 
ZASTERA. His drive home took him 
through Ava and Van Buren, Missouri, 
where he saw HERBY TEMPLE MAN... 
CLYDE YOUNT spent a 17-day vacation in 
and aroimd Los Angeles, Santa Barbara 
and San Diego, California. He said he en- 
joyed every moment of his get-away trip 
but would rather be there than just talk 
about it. He had an exciting side-trip to 
Tijuana just over the border. 

Congratulations to Signal Maintainer BIR- 
who were united in holy matrimony in De- 
cember at St. Martha's church in Morton 
Grove, and honeymooned in Jamaica. Also, 
Birnest is now a draftsman in the Electri- 
cal Department in the Mart. Congratula- 
tions on your promotion, Birnest... A fare- 
well dinner was given by the CTA Electri- 
cal Department's Signal Division for EL- 
IVLER J. STOKES in honor of his retirement 
Feb. 1.. .Returning from a month-long Eu- 
ropean tour are LORI and KATHLEEN 
BROWN, the daughters of Signal Maintain- 
er ROBERT BROWN. They are home now 
but will need several more months to fin- 
ish telling all they saw on their trip. The 
tour, which was quite educational, carried 
them to several countries including Ire- 
land, England, Holland and France. ..RUSK 
SCHAEFFER's wife went out and got a job. 
Rusk went out and bought a 1974 Gremlin. 
I don't know which one to congratulate, so 
I guess I'll just mind my own business... 

Hats off to our signalmen who work the 
night shifts. Those night hours in the win- 
tertime not only can be dreary but very 
cold as well. We can't help but smile when 

we board an on-time train in the mornii 
going to work, because we know it didn 
just happen all by itself. Thanks! ..FRAN 
HALPER has that far-away look in his ej 
again. Frank said, "As we peak the coh 
est days we know that our annual fishii 
trip (this time on May 19) is not far away 
Vera and Orville at Forestview Lodge ne; 
Leech Lake, Minnesota, said everything 
in readiness for the Signal Departme 
spring fishing expedition. . . The Trans 
News is taking on a new look and we wi, 
all have to put forth a little more effoi 
One thing's for sure, we'll have to 1 


Wedding bells rang on Oct. 13 wh 
KATHY KRUEGER, stenographer, Desi, 
Section, became the bride of PAUL STR/ 
NOR. Best of luck with the duties of' 
wife, Kathy...A speedy get well is wisb; 
for CATHY HANSEN, Research/Plannirl 
now home recovering from an operatic; 
We hope to see you soon, Cathy. 

(West Shops) - 

The welcome mat is out to ANNIE LOVEl- 
the Building Department. She is small I 
mighty. Happy to have you aboard, Ann;: 
..Our deepest sympathy is extended to ti 
families of J. P. UITZ in the loss of h 
father; to A. SUNZERI in the death of 1; 
mother-in-law, and to R. SALINAS in ti 
death of his grandmother. ..FRANK MOt 
TEFALCO, leader A machinist, Frog Shd 
was selected for the "Man of the Yea, 
award. Congratulations, Frank, it couldl: 
happen to a nicer fellow.. .Congratulaticj 
to Sheet Metal Foreman STEVE KUDELll' 
and his wife on the birth of a son, STi 
CEY, and to Track Foreman TOM STAUi 
TON and his wife on the birth of MICHAl- 
ANTHONY on Dec. 11 weighing 8 poundil 
ounces. ..WENDY HALLFORD, thedaughK 
of W. C. HALLFORD, supervisor of nr; 
chanical maintenance, was a very haf 
and thrilled young lady when she was £!■ 
lected "Queen for the Day" at the Ringli{ 
Brothers Circus at the Amphitheatre.' 

A little note of cheer is sent to DAN BA.» 
ANDIS, carpenter foreman, JOHN HEi- 
FERNAN, carpenter, and TONY SUNZE , 
track laborer, to get well quick. ..J0| 
UITZ had a very exciting vacation in I." 
rope visiting Rome, England and m£f 
other places. ..PAUL and MARIE ANDE.- 
SON have returned from their vacation i 
Hawaii. It's getting to be a habit w» 
them. ..We bid a fond adieu to AL THOf 
AS, clerk in the Track Department, v,i 
left us for greener pastures — 77th Strej 
It was a pleasure working with you, .b 
and don't forget us. (3ood luck. > 

- "Katiu^ ^ai<xiH & ^aixie Satt 




I'm sorry to report that BOB EVARTS is 
;till on the sick list. He was in Northwest 
lospital for several weeks but is now home 
tying to get his strength back with the 
telp of his lovely wife, PEARL. ..From the 
•epair department we hear that TONY YA- 
COVACCI and his wife celebrated 40 years 
if marital bliss. Congratulations... Opera- 
ior JOSEPH DIIVLARTINO finally became a 
ather when little ALVERA DIANA was 
torn on Dec. 1 weighing 6 pounds Sj 
funces. Mother, JILL, is doing fine and 
:ave dad lots of support. . . Our deepest 
ympathy is extended to Operator JOSEPH 
leath of Father LOUIS TUSINSKI Dec. 17... 
'lash — Operator Woody became a grand- 
ather for the 13th time when little STEPH- 
ANIE WOOD was born weighing 8 pounds 
I ounces. ..Happy anniversary wishes are 
ixtended to J. R. MILLER and his wife who 
elebrated 37 years of marital bliss. Mil- 
er says it's only a few years, and that's 
l-hat love can do.. .Clerk HERB SCHMIDT 
^d his wife also celebrated 40 years of 
redded happiness. Married life sure must 
.gree with the old boy as he always looks 

: had a card from GARY NAPIER who says 
he girls in Florida are out of this world. 
Jo wonder he's walking around in a daze... 
Operator GEORGE BARSKI finally took 
iinto himself a bride and is very quiet about 
t all. At least he has slowed down while 
Iriving the coach on Milwaukee avenue... 
telief Superintendent W. R. PARNUM was 
een one afternoon showing Operator 
4IUNTA how to clean the windows in a bus. 
Wore power to both of them... TOM MEA- 
5HER is finally getting wiser in his old 
:ge. He is now picking Irving Park West 
hstead of the Milwaukee downtovvm run... 
Operator STOBART is talking about taking 
lis pension and settling down and doing a 
ittle fishing... Loader JOHN MAHNKE is 
Is lively as a spring chicken while loading 
luses at Jefferson Park terminal... Opera- 
pr BERG says to be on the lookout for 
nore babies in his family... Operator BAR- 
jiAN is still up to his old tricks every 
Aorning... Operator HAMMOND is waiting 
or another snow storm so he can ride the 
ire engine to work. ..Operator LOMBARDO 
^as slowed down and it's no problem fol- 
owlng him now. ..Our friend, MALFESE, 
aid he will be leaving us Apr. 1. He's 
banning on going to greener pastures. . . 
:)perator WITKTJS is still driving Harlem 
venue but says he doesn't see the boys 
nymore at the clubhouse. . . Operator 
CHRIST PANTOS is getting set for the 
'pring wedding of his son, STEVE, and 
■aid that we all are invited. Gee thanks, 
Christ. ..We have had no report from Op- 
rator NELSON since his last Florida va- 
ation, but he is still working Elston...Op- 
rator LAST is still working nights , but is 
till behind in his club dues. ,. Operator 
jEE is now trying out the O'Hare runs and 
loing a finejob.,.BASGALL is now working 

the snow and salt trucks in his spare time. 
He always finds time to do extra work as 
long as it brings relief to our drivers. 

We haven't had any news from Operator 
WHITE FIELD for awhile. I guess his Mrs. 
is waiting to go fishing again... We really 
miss Clerk MILLER each morning since 
he was bumped off the night shift. ..Loader 
PLANTHABER is still trying to play pool. 
..Operator T. HICKEYis contemplating his 
pension on Mar. l...The HENRY family 
(Don't call me Wilbur) has another son. 
My lovely wife and I just adopted a ten- 
year old, and now my son, WILLIAM, will 
finally have a brother. Our new son's 
name is DAVID, and he fits into our home 
perfectly. . . Night Clerk RAGE is really 
doing a fine job. He always has your 
transfers and trip sheet ready when he 
spots you in the depot... Our hats are off to 
Curly JOE, the young man who assigns our 
coaches to us each morning. Sorry, Joe, 
for all the tricks yours truly plays on you. 
..Operator ARTHUR DAVIS and his wife, 
AGGILENE, are the proud parents of a 
baby girl born Jan. 8 weighing 6 pounds 8 
ounces. This now makes No. 4 for the 
Davis family. Congratulations. ..Remember 
your credit union — it is always there to 
give you aid and for your savings. 

- TV. /?. »«!» 0.....i,-..,,b., 

During the holidays Dr. ARNOLD PECK 
flew to Pompano Beach, Florida, to visit 
with his folks. Also birthday greetings are 
being sent to him for Jan. 23, The years 
are creeping up. Doc. 

(Insurance & Pensions) - 

Congratulations are in order for JAMES 
BURKLOW who was promoted to Insurance 
clerk V, replacing ANNGOLDING who took 
her retirement on Feb. 1. . . FRANCES 
CALPIN and her mother flew to California 
to visit with her sister, ANNE MARIE. 
While there they took a tour of Alcatraz, 
visited the wine country where they drank 
all the wine they could hold, and also vis- 
ited the Christian Brothers company where 
they purchased some brandy. A good time 
was had by both. ..Congratulations to PAT 
AUGDAHL who became Mrs. EDWARD 

HOFF on Dec. 1. Mr. Hoff is a supervisor 
in District D. A church wedding and re- 
ception was attended by many CTA friends 
and co-workers. ..TONI MISETIC, recep- 
tionist, presented her husband, KRIS, A 
electrician at Skokie Shop, with a real 
surprise for Christmas. She made ar- 
rangements to have his mother and father 
take their first airplane flight from Croa- 
tia to visit with them starting New Year's 
eve for two months. It was really a sur- 
prise since Kris hadn't seen his parents 
for seven years. 

(Personnel) - 

MARTHA MORALES, clerk-typist in the 
Placement Division, left CTA to await the 
stork. ..JOHN O'CONNOR and his wife and 
daughter flew to the Bahamas for a week's 
vacation and a good time was had by all... 
DON RIESS and his wife drove to Texas, 
Louisiana and Florida and had an enjoy- 
able time. What with the gas shortage, how 
did you make it Don?..T&PS sends its con- 
dolences to WALTER GARBUTT, formerly 
of this department, in the sudden death of 
his son-in-law, JOHN O'BRIEN, the hus- 
band of KATHIE who formerly worked for 
CTA... The welcome mat is out for VIR- 
GINIA HARRER, newly assigned to the ac- 
cident statistical section. . .Working tem- 
porarily in the department is NANCY 
LEN LOHN is coming along fine and is now 
at home. He would like some cards or 
letters as he is unable to go out as yet... 
and daughter-in-law, KAREN, home for the 
holidays from Hawaii. Arty Jr. is in the 
U.S. Navy and he and Karen are anxiously 
awaiting the birth of a baby in April. 

(Treasury) - 

Aloha from ERIC SMITH, maintenance en- 
gineer of Central Counting, and his wife, 
PAMELA. They spent an 11 -day belated 
honeymoon at the Princess Kaiulani hotel 
on Waikiki beach in Hawaii. The honey- 
moon was only four years late. ..A three- 
week vacation for F. C. PALILUNAS, Cen- 
tral Counting, and his Missus included a 
jaunt to Florida with a stop at Disney 
World.. .Assistant Supervisor JIMMcGANN 
had to contend with pictures of Disney 
World and Fort Meyers, Florida, sent by 
his older son and his wife, and granddaugh- 
ter, KRISTIN. They also reported that 
they met retired North Avenue Operator 
JOHN SENKO...The big story out of Cen- 
tral Counting is MICHAEL KANE Jr., born 
to Money Handler and CC bowling team 
captain MIKE KANE and his lovely wife, 
TOANIE. Little Mike weighed in at 7 
pounds 2 ounces, checking in at Little 
Company of Mary hospital in Evergreen 
Park. . . Three other vacationers snuck 
away under a shroud of secrecy: BILL 
COLLOPY. What's up, fellas? 



We welcome all the operators who came to 
Kedzie on the system pick, and also all the 
Lawndale operators. Our board members 
are R. HARMON and J. EDWARDS. See 
them and let yourself be known...! met 
Pensioner TALLEY and his wife who just 
returned from Florida, They sure looked 
good and said hello to all at Kedzie. ..Con- 
gratulations to Board Member R. HAR- 
MON and his wife, FLOftENCE, who cele- 
brated their 25th wedding anniversary on 
Jan. 2. . . Congratulations to MICHAEL 
CHUCK, who took unto himself a wife, 
MARCIA JEAN, on Dec. 22. The reception 
at Chateau Royale on Chicago avenue was 
just great. ..Our deepest sympathy is ex- 
tended to Operator EUGENE JOHNSON in 
the death of his mother; to Mrs. KENNEY 
in the death of her husband, Pensioner M. 
in the death of his wife, ROSE MARIE, and 
to Repairman J. FINLAY in the death of 
his wife, VERONICA. . . Don't forget your 
credit union, save a little each payday. 


Now enjoying the 
beautiful Hawaiian 
breezes are Mr. and 
Mrs. ERWIN A. 
STOflKE who now re- 
side in Kailua, Ha- 
waii. Ed, a former 
West Section train- 
man, retired in March 1969 after more 
than 41 years of service. They are staying 
with their son, S/Sgt. E. M. STORKE, and 
Ed says he is feeling so much better since 
moving to the Islands. We all wish them 
the best that life can offer. 


THa<Oud VoifU & "Wa^ TVuted 


Congratulations to J. ARNIERI, FRANK 
pleting 45 years of active service. No 
other station can top this for active per- 
sonnel... Operator ROSS is the proud father 
of a 6 pound baby girl. After finding out 
that everything was alright, Ross reported 
to work his night car. Congratulations to 
the new parents... Congratulations to Op- 
erator RUFUS BOYD on the marriage of 
his daughter, LINDA, to RALPH BUNCH 
on Nov. 24. flALPH MUELLER, the son of 
Assistant Superintendent L. R. MUELLER, 
was united in holy wedlock to CHRISTINA 
ROPEL on Nov. 17. Best wishes to all the 
newlyweds.. .Retired station superintendent 
GEORGE MAY informed us that his son, 
G. E. MAY, has been appointed principal of 
Linne Elementary school... When you see 
Operator DANIEL ROGERS, shake his 
hand. Because of his coolness, he pre- 
vented his passengers and himself from 

being robbed... A warm welcome is extend- 
ed to Operators J. CLAY and GEORGE 
VLASS who have returned to work after 
being off sick. A speedy recovery is 
wished Operators L. DANIELE and MARR. 
Our sincere condolences are extended to 
the families of Operators E. NOWICKI and 
E.WESTBROOK, to L.CRAIG whose moth- 
er passed away, and to R. BENSON in the 
loss of his wife. . . I heard that our great 
basketball team lost its first game. Maybe 
we should give them more support by com- 
ing out on Mondays and Fridays, 7:30 p.m., 
at Washington Park Fieldhouse, 55th and 
King Drive... Since the Transit News will 
be coming out monthly in the future, I will 
be expecting a lot more news from you 
guys. Remember, leave a note with the 
clerk for the Transit News. 

Jefferson Park, traded in his badge for a 
tag and became a ticket agent. ..Congratu- 
lations to Former Agent JAMES SCHUMPP 
who went to the Engineering Department 
on Nov. 12 as assistant electrician. . .We 
extend our condolences to Superintendent 
JOHN ZUPKO in the loss of his brother. 
May he rest in peace... HARRY COTTON 
and CHARLIE GARDEN went on pension 
Feb. 1. Best wishes for a long and happy 
retirement to both! . . Your co-reporter, 
GRACE MOUNTS, celebrated another 
birthday (her 29th?) on Jan. 8. Her daugh- 
ters took her and her husband to dinner, 
then took them home to a birthday cake in 
the shape of a bus. The license plate on 
the green and white bus read "912" — 
Grace's tag number... Glad to see that Co- 
reporter KATY MORIARTY is back on the 
job after 2j weeks off sick... I'm still at 
Irving Park — keep the news coming! 

(^laci "yHoitHt-: & "Katcf "THaicaiCcf 


A great big HELLO to everyone! ..Clerk 
ED WITEK and his wife, GLADYS, trav- 
elled to Austin, Te.xas, in a small van-type 
truck, where they spent an enjoyable vaca- 
tion with Ed's sister. Leaving the truck in 
Texas, they returned home by plane... What 
ever happened to AMTRAK ? That goes to 
Te.xas. In fact, that's what District C Su- 
perintendent VIC LAULETTA and his wife 
used when they spent a holiday vacation in 
Kansas City, Missouri. We're real proud 
of you, Vic, that's the way to travel. ..In- 
structor MARVIN KOCAR's little ol' VW 
took him and his wife, PEGGY, and their 
two daughters to Canada. Sorry about 
missing your birthday, LINDA. ..My better 
half and I went to Bloomington, Illinois, to 
spend time prowling through the Illinois 
Central Gulf railroad yards taking pictures 
of a lot of old and new equipment. Also 
spent some time at a real great shopping 

center they have just outside of town. Yo, 
can guess who enjoyed what part of thi 
trip the most... Superintendent BILL MO 
SER, Archer, and his daughter, KATHi, 
celebrated their birthdays in Januan 
along with Instructor MARVIN KOCAR. , 

Instructors JAMES BROGAN and ED JUE 
ZCAK and their respective spouses cele, 
brated their wedding anniversaries in Jaii| 
uary. No, we didn't forget that No. 1 dis: 
trict superintendent, TOM HILDEBRANl 
was also a January baby. February finC: 
Supervisor W. GILLIES taking his well 
earned retirement. The other big evei 
this month is Clerk HANK ZYCH's birtt' 
day. ..AH of us should be putting on a littr 
more weight on March 13. My wife, VIB 
GINIA, and Tom Hildebrant will be cele 
bratuig that day together. Her " ? " birtl- 
day and his 40th anniversary with the coc; 
pany. Clerks ED WITEK and BOB Wli: 
TENBERG, along with Mrs. PEGGY KG, 
CAR take up the rest of the month wit, 
their birthdays. Our congratulations ar, 
best wishes to all of you... Some time at 
Operators M. LONGTINE and M. WATSOj 
found that honesty is the best policy. ..Tb 
third man of North Avenue's open-hea;j 
team, Supervisor MIKE CLEMENTE, i- 
really smiling behind that face mask he' 
wearing during the recent cold weather.ii 

Assistant Station Superintendent J. McEV 

ILLY's son is up and around after under. 

going surgery. .. The last we heard, otj 

genial box-puller, TOM MURPHY, w^ 

still keeping all the pretty nurses compai^ 

at St. Anne's hospital... Our sincere syn 

pathy is extended to these fellow workeii 

in the recent loss of their loved ones: Rt 

lief Station Superintendent E. WESTON :• 

the loss of his sister; to Operator M. AK; 

DERSEN in the loss of his father; to Ofj 

erator F. NEUBAUER in the loss of h; 

mother; to retired transfer instructCj 

BILL KENNEDY In the loss of his wife, aii 

to Senior Station Instructor JAMES BRC< 

GAN in the loss of his mother-in-law. Ou 

condolences also to the families of Distru- 

D Supervisor W. HOFF and retired clen 


Supervisor JOHN MILLETTE and his wif'i 
NANCY, spent a most enjoyable vacatlc 
with retired clerk HERBY HARRIS and h, 
wife, HELEN, in Tracy City, Tennessee 
It's about 75 miles beyond Nashville on tl 
way to Florida. The Hari"ises have tl 
welcome mat out for anyone who can fii' 
enough gas to drive down and visit wH 
them. As I remember, Herby, this shou' 
be something we would certainly enjoy.' 
Operator LEWIS MONTGOMERY and h! 
wife, GLORIA, are proudly presentill 
their first son to the world. Our congratii 
lations to the happy couple. ..The RTA couf 
be a mighty successful thing if we com 
get all our friends to vote for it. ' 

Special thanks to former reporter BIL| 
MIEDEMA who provided the following nevi 



tout our pensioners. .. FLORIAN DWIEL 
liderwent surgery and has fully recovered. 
3 and his wife, EVA, are going to make 
ieir home in Florida. Now I'll have an- 
her pensioner to visit for some fishing... 
EIL and BETTY COTTER, Portage, Wis- 
insin, are well and happy. Betty was 
mder the weather" tor awhile... ART and 
teXTY MOILANEN are fine and keeping 
isy in L'Anse, Michigan. Art hasn't done 
uch fishing, but has been hunting several 
mes... FLORENCE BLAKE, the widow of 
IRRY BLAKE, Michigan City, Indiana, 
sited Las Vegas, New Jersey and the 
Wention in Miami. She tells us AUGIE 
3HNS0N looks great. He moved to 
learwater, Florida. . . GUS and MARIE 
AY are happy in Winter Haven, Florida, 
id say hello to all their old friends... 
ANS and ELLA HABBESTAD, Eatonville, 
'ashington, were back east last summer, 
hey have 2^ acres of land and are very 
re enjoying retirement in Colorado 
wrings, Colorado. . . LARS PEARSON, 
fountain Home, Arkansas, gets a lot of 
'shing done. He and his wife, ANNA, were 
1 Chicago and visited with us. Both look 
ood...AIl is well with FRANK and MARIE 
OLEMAN, Ormond Beach, Florida. ..ED- 
A and RUDY MAY, Phoenix, Arizona, are 
ell. Edna recently had surgery. ..JOHN 
nd JEAN SENKO have been travelling... 
esides the above mentioned, we also re- 
eived cards from OLIVER and MARGE 
VKRENT of Garden Grove, California; 
lAROLD LEMIEUX of Wautoma, Wiscon- 
.rkdale, Wisconsin; ERNEST and EMILY 
;iO WINDFIELD and his wife; JOE and 
ilETZ...We are sorry to report the death 
four old friend BILL ECHOLS. Bill had 
'een ill for some time. He passed away 
lov. 24 in Veteran's hospital. Hot Springs, 
Lrkansas. Many of you remember him 
rom his column in the Union Leader which 
le wrote under the name "OTTO MOBILE." 
Ve were also saddened by the death of 
5ENE KOEHN, the wife of ARMIN KOEHN 
n Westfield, Wisconsin. Jesus said: "I 
*o to prepare a place for you that where I 
im there ye may be also." 

- 7e/aiin Slit & /4a>tMi PtuM 


Pensioner HARVEY GERMAN and his wife, 
NGEBORG, came to Chicago from Spring 
3rove, Minnesota, to visit their children, 
ffiLENE, MARIE and TED. The occasion 
ilso included the confirmation of their 
^anddaughter, CINDY COLLARITSCH. . . 
Operator SAM POSNER and his wife, 
3THEL, flew to Los Angeles, California, 
where they stayed with Ethel's mother, 
;Mrs. MINNIE MOLL. On the agenda were 
Wsits to San Diego, Long Beach and three 

wonderful days at the Executive Suites mo- 
tel at Las Vegas, Nevada. ..Pensioner AL 
RE MACK and his wife, DOROTHY, vaca- 
tioned throughout Europe this past fall. 
Starting in London, they toured Holland, 
Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and 
ended up in Paris, France. 

Pensioner JAMES DOWEY and his wife, 
EULALIE, and her brother, the Reverend 
JOHN NICHOLSON, spent a week in the 
Ozark area where they visited with Pen- 
LASKE and his wife, GERTRUDE, attended 
a wedding in London, England. The Laskes 
were very impressed with the beauty of 
England and enjoyed their stay on the old 
sod. . . Operator LEONARD QUINLAIN, 
while fishing from Operator CLARENCE 
VAN MIDDLESWORTH's charter boat, the 
Debtors Prison, caught a 32-inch, 17-pound 
lake trout off Algoma, Wisconsin... Opera- 
tor LEROY CARR and his wife, LOUISE, 
became grandparents for the first time 
when their daughter-in-law, STEPHANIE, 
and their son, THOMAS, became parents of 
a son named THOMAS TRENT born on Oct. 
29 in the Northglenn Colorado hospital 
weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces. . . Operator 
flALPH Mcdonald was hospitalized at 
Edgewater hospital for major surgery and 
at this writing is at home convalescing 
satisfactorily. ..Our sympathy and condo- 
lences are extended to Pensioner MARTIN 
DEVANEY in the loss of his beloved wife, 


Taking their pensions on Jan. 1 with a 
combined total of 95 years of service were 
the three trainmen pictured here receiving 
a farewell gift from Superintendent M. La- 
VELLE and congratulations from Conduc- 
tor ABE PETAK. They are, from left to 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

LESLIE and EVELYN PEASE araiounced 
the double wedding of their son, CRAIG, to 
CARYL MINCH, and their daughter, PAM- 
ELA, to JAMES NAPIER at St. John Lu- 
theran church. Leslie is a radio-telephone 
operator in Operations Control. ..Line Su- 
pervisor JIM LUVlSI's retirement Jan. 1 

right. Conductor HOWARD D. BROWN, 32 
years, Mr. Petak; Conductor HAL G. 
STAATS, 32 years; Chief Foot Collector 
JOSEPH L. GOLDBERG, 31 years, and 
Mr. LaVelle. Everyone on the North Sec- 
tion would like to take this opportunity to 
wish these three fine fellows many long 
years of health and happiness. 

was marked by a party and a gift presented 
by Transportation Manager D. M. Flynn. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) ■ 
Our sincere condolences to the family of 
Pensioner ELMER FEHLHABER. Elmer 
was formerly the president of Teamsters 
Local 726 which represents the chauffeurs 
in the Utility Department. We also extend 
our sincere sympathy to MATT SZAREK, 
and TOM GODFREY in the loss of their 
fathers. ..ED KENNEDY and his family va- 
cationed in Massachusetts where they vis- 
ited Plymouth Rock and other historical 
places.. . Pensioner CHARLES BELASICH 
called Blue Island during the holidays to 
extend greetings to everyone. Charles is 
now living in Alsip, Illinois. . . ALBERT 
SCHMIDT joined the ranks of the retired 
on Jan. 1 after 28 years of service. We all 
wish you many years of good health and 

A warm hello goes out to these new em- 
ployees: RITA KRUEGER who came to 
Stores from Insurance Department, new 
Specifications Engineer GENE FREGETTO, 
and South Shops Typist MAUREEN SHORE. 
At the same time we wish a big farewell to 
MARYANN JOBARIS, former co-reporter 
who left us to work in Engineering Depart- 
ment, and MARY JOHNSON who went back 
to school at Indiana university. Last, but 
not least, is our former co-op student in 
Specifications, DEAN MEYER, who has re- 
turned to school at Marquette university... 
The holidays meant vacation time to many 
of us. BOB PIEPER, Stores, went up to 
Michigan visiting relatives. MARGARET 
KELLS, Purchasing, was gone for a week. 
She had a grand time sleeping, she said. 
VIRGINIA RESNICK, Purchasing, was busy 
preparing for the Christmas season. Her 



45 Years 

45 Years 


WITH COMBINED service totalling 603 years ore the 14 employees pictured here who 
retired on January 1 and February 1 with 40 or more years of transit service each with CTA ' 
and its predecessor companies. i 

40 Years 

JOSEPH AFFRUNTI, Track Foreman I, 

Track, Emp. 5-26-41 
ARTHUR V. AMBERG, Operator, 

Kedzie, Emp. 8-11-41 
ESTHER E. ANDERSON, Control Clerk, 

Accounting, Emp. 6-1-26 

Archer Garage, Emp. 1-23-36 
HUGH W. BARNES, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 10-16-45 

North Avenue, Emp. 10-23-44 
CHESTER M. BIRD, Collector, 

77th Street, Emp. 7-15-37 
WILLIAM C. BLADES, Supervisor, 

District D, Emp. 6-12-41 

Enginee ;ing, Emp. 12-1-45 
HOWARD D. BROWN, Conductor, 

North Section, Emp. 2-17-42 
JOHN W. BRUCKER, Superintendent, 

North Section, Emp. 1-27-42 
BEN E. BRUHNKE, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 10-15-41 

Wilson Shop, Emp. 1-26-51 

Limits, Emp. 11-18-36 
CHARLES GARDEN, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 9-8-36 
LUTHER A. CARR, Car Repairman, 

61st Street, Emp. 10-16-47 

North Avenue, Emp. 3-6-34 
ROBERT J. CASEY, Chauffeur, 

Util. & Emerg. Service, Emp. 2-14-44 

61st Street, Emp. 11-4-29 

Forest Glen, Emp. 9-8-36 
GEORGE J. CLARK, Superintendent, 

Shops & Equipment, Emp. 4-9-35 
JOHN H. CONLON, Investigator II, 

Claims, Emp. 12-1-30 

77th Street, Emp. 8-11-41 
JOHN M. COOKE, Audit Clerk IV, 

Internal Auditing, Emp. 5-21-46 

HARRY C. COTTON, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 5-4-37 I 

HARRY O. COX, Operator, 1 

Archer, Emp. 11-17-36 \ 

THOMAS J. CULHANE, Motorman, i 

West Section, Emp. 12-7-28 I 

RAYMOND DAGENAIS, Superintendent, ; 

Surface Operations, Emp. 8-15-41 I 

RAYMOND L. DALKE, Operator, I 

Forest Glen, Emp. 8-1-43 i 

South Section, Emp. 4-10-43 ! 

Stores, Emp. 5-5-43 I 

GEORGE DEMCO, Ticket Agent, i 

North Section, Emp. 2-12-29 I 

GEORGE W. DEUTER, Investigator, i 

Claim, Emp. 2-23-48 j 

FRANK A. DISCH, Clerk II, \ 

Communications and Mrktg. , Emp. 4-3-1 
THOMAS H. DOUGLAS, Conductor, 

61st Street, Emp. 3-19-51 
PAUL P. DUCAR, Conductor, 

South Section, Emp. 4-11-41 
ARTHUR E. FANSTILL, Supervisor, 

District D, Emp. 10-5-40 
JOSEPH P. FLYNN, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 1-27-34 

North Avenue, Emp. 11-19-53 
LeROY R. GALLAGHER, Operator, 

52nd Street, Emp. 4-23-45 

Forest Glen, Emp. 9-8-42 I 


Archer, Emp. 5-15-41 ' 

WILLIAM A. GILLIES, Supervisor, I 

District C, Emp. 9-21-36 ■ 

ANTHONl L. GLOPPE, Collector, ■ 

Limits, Emp. 9-15-36 I 
JOSEPH L. GOLDBERG, Chief Foot Col. 

North Section, Emp. 12-9-43 I 

ANNA M. GOLDING, Insurance Clerk, ! 

Insurance. Emp. 11-17-43 ■ 

PETER P. GURETZ, Clerk, '' 

West Section, Emp. 11-29-40 ' 

COPSIE A. HAL, Janitor, | 

North Section, Emp. 4-17-49 j 



ORGE HANN, Bus Repairer, 

rth Avenue, Emp. 12-29-47 
.'mES G. HARRISON, Supervisor, 
ttrict B, Emp. 11-1-34 
IwRENCE W. HEISE, Chauffeur, 
HI. & Emerg. Service, Emp. 3-26-30 
Icher, Emp. 4-19-34 
IBUR E. HOLMES, Platform Man, 
%st Section, Emp. 12-3-29 
Jan p. HOWARD, Operator, 

■rest Glen, Emp. 1-29-34 
jARLES J. KASAL, Operator, 
Iidzie, Emp, 1-23-43 
IHN C. KASMAN, Bus Repairer, 

th Street, Emp. 2-5-29 
IJOMAS K. KAY, Operator, 
Irth Avenue, Emp. 5-19-42 
("LLIAM P. KELLY, Supervisor, 

uth Shops, Emp. 9-16-36 
IHN D. KING, Operator, 
.jverly, Emp, 3-30-37 
'ARLES W. KOENIG, Operator, 

mits, Emp. 8-22-41 
[iMUALD LAUDANSKI, Car Repairman, 

ilson Shop, Emp. 1-21-52 
IHN R. LERNER, Operator, 

3verly, Emp. 11-20-40 
ISEPH M. LEVIGNE, Carpenter, 

lilding, Emp. 5-6-36 
;HN a. LOHRMANN, Supervisor, 

[strict D, Emp. 3-5-28 
[.RRY J. LOUIS, Box Puller, 

3verly, Emp. 9-21-36 
;iVIES J. LUVISI, Line Supervisor, 

aerations Control, Emp. 4-24-41 

Drth Park, Emp. 1-16-43 
lMES C. MARTINEK, Chief Clerk, 

mth Section, Emp. 12-5-38 
itTHUR L. MAZZA, Supervisor, 

[Strict D, Emp. 10-30-33 
(LBERT C. McKENZIE, Operator, 

arth Avenue, Emp. 3-17-54 

,iHN C. McPARTLAN, Car Serviceman, 

imball, Emp. 10-6-48 
l^RIE S. MULVIHILL, Assignment Agent, 

est Section, Emp. 11-10-56 
:tEDRICK O. NELSON, Operator, 

imits, Emp. 8-19-36 
DGAR P. NEWTON, Operator, 

orth Park, Emp. 9-12-42 
^XLIAM NOVOTNY, Elect. Wrkr. A, 

)uth Shops, Emp. 8-15-29 

LEE R. OAKES, Operator, 
North Avenue, Emp. 9-3-47 
WALTER J. OLENICK, Mach. Foreman, 
South Shops, Emp. 10-16-39 
52nd Street, Emp. 8-19-36 
Forest Glen, Emp. 10-22-41 
JOSEPH B. PELKAN, Operator, 
North Avenue, Emp. 8-22-41 
EDWIN H. PLATH, Ticket Agent, 
North Section, Emp. 10-5-40 
Beverly, Emp. 9-20-43 
Travel Information, Emp. 3-23-42 
RAYMOND W. PRYOR, Supervising Instr., 

South Section, Emp. 2-18-36 
CARL G. REDEMSKE, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 9-25-42 
RUDOLPH A. RIEP, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 2-9-37 
JOSEPH M. ROCH, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 8-29-41 

Archer, Emp. 11-19-41 
JOHN J. RYAN, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 10-26-36 
JOSEPH A. RYAN, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 4-12-48 
JOHN SABO, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 7-3-51 
STANLEY J. SAGEN, Blacksmith/Welder, 

South Shops, Emp. 7-2-45 
FRANK J. SCHENDL, Repairman, 

North Park, Emp. 6-25-42 
ALBERT L. SCHMIDT, Chauffeur, 

Util. & Emerg. Service, Emp. 9-25-45 
NICHOLAS V. SCIMECA, Car Serviceman, 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 1-8-44 
ANDREW SKELTON, Bus Repairer, 

Archer, Emp. 8-30-47 
GEORGE SLADEK, Bus Serviceman, 

North Avenue, Emp. 6-30-45 

North Section, Emp. 1-3-46 
HAL G. STAATS, Conductor, 

North Section, Emp. 4-4-41 

69th Street, Emp. 7-23-46 
ARTHUR STERN, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 11-14-45 
ELMER J. STOKES, Signal Maintainer, 

Electrical, Emp. 7-16-30 


Building, Emp. 12-27-44 
EARL P. TIERNEY, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 2-18-42 

69th Street, Emp. 8-7-41 
JACOB T. URBAN, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 8-18-41 
EDWARD A. VANEK, Collector, 

Beverly, Emp. 10-29-53 
CHARLES J. VLASAK, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 11-10-36 
BRUNO F. WARDA, Conductor, 

South Section, Emp. 7-19-40 

North Avenue, Emp. 6-17-41 
GEORGE WICKMAN, Receptionist, 

Executive, Emp. 7-12-29 
JOSEPH E. WILL, Station Superintendent, 

Beverly, Emp. 1-9-34 
HARRY E. WILSON, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 9-24-45 
JOHN H. WILSON, Switchman, 

West Section, Emp. 12-20-40 
JOHN E. WISNIEWSKI, Upholsterer A, 

South Shops, Emp. 10-28-43 
GEORGE S. WITT, Bus Serviceman, 

North Park, Emp. 4-8-47 
FRANK J. WOJCIK, Chief Operator, 

Electrical, Emp. 11-22-43 
CLYDE E. WOOL, Box Puller, 

69th Street, Emp. 8-20-41 



North Avenue, Emp. 8-6-53 

69th Street, Emp. 3-6-58 
JOSEPH C. GOOCH, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 9-15-58 

Beverly, Emp. 1-22-46 
ROBEY McKAY, Operator, 

77th Street, Emp. 2-6-51 

West Section, Emp. 10-28-42 
EARL J. ROCHE, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 6-25-46 
WILBUR J. STRASSER, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 8-19-41 

cation provided her with the time she 
leded to put her Christmas tree up and 
t her shopping done. Mr. HARTY had 
weeks with his family. He said it was 
delightful treat to be with his entire fam- 
' for the first time in three years. Mr. 
JLLRIEDE, Specifications, spent a won- 
rful time with his family. NICK LACOR- 
JV, Storeroom 42, spent his vacation at 
■me with his family. And last, your new 
porter was on a great skiing trip for a 
iek in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and nearby 
eas. I had fun snowmobilmg too and 
ited to leave to come back. ..We were 
ippy to see JERRY LEVINE, Purchasing, 
ick at work after her stay in the hospital. 

..BOB MCCARTHY, Purchasing, is proud 
to report that his daughter, MARY BETH, 
has been named an Illinois State scholar. 
She plans to be a nurse. ..One big announce- 
ment I have left for last. ED TOBIN, 
Stores, is looking forward to moving into 
his new house. Anyone interested in pur- 
chasing his present tri-level in DesPlaines 
can call Ed. 

- "PtUeUtu 'KoMtiadC 


Unbelievable! Fantastic! Those were the 
words describing the winning of the Irish 
Sweepstakes by Instructor D. NICOSIA. 

His share was $24,000. He stated some of 
the money will be spent for a trip to Cal- 
ifornia and possibly a new car. The rest 
will be taken care of by his financial ad- 
visor and bookkeeper, his wife. Keep up 
the good work, Do m... Instructor H. YOUNG 
is enjoying his vacation doing chores 
around the house... Our deepest sympathy 
is extended to the family of Repairman L. 
CARR, 61st Street, whose sister passed 
away, and to J. HINTON, Dan Ryan switch- 
man, in the loss of his father... Vacationing 
from 61st Street are J. BUFORD, G. BUN- 
DLEY and W. SPARKS. ..A party was held 
for Car Serviceman M. BUCHANAN, Wil- 
son, who retired Jan. 1 after 23 years of 



service. Among old friends present were 
C. DANSBY of Dan Ryan and J. LOCKE. 

Congratulations to J. ZACCOLI, Congress, 
on his new Buick Riviera... Superintendents 
J. BOLECH and A.J. PROCARO would like 
to congratulate Foremen M. COYLE and 
H. DICKERSON and all the employees at 
the Dan Ryan Shop on the cleanliness of the 
shop which was praised by representatives 
of New York City Transit Authority and the 
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Author- 
ity when they visited the shop. With them 
from the Fire and Safety Department at 
South Shops were J. DUDLEY and W. 
FINKLER... Vacationing during December 
were Dan Ryan's H. DICKERSON, F. 
took his lovely wife, ANGELA, to a Holiday 
Inn in Wisconsin on her 21st birthday. . . 
Congratulations to Q. L. BONDS on 25 
years of service, and to T. FRIEND, now a 

- "Ptaxi Puittt 


Pensioner ARVIN KREUTZER recently 
visited the office and looks very well. Re- 
tirement really agrees with him. ..Mr. and 
Mrs. NICK ZAHN, Mr. and Mrs. ED 
and Mr. and Mrs. DAVID JACOBS all flew 
to Hawaii for vacations, and all came back 
recommending it highly. ..EUGENE WRO- 
BEL is sporting a 1974 Dodge Swinger... 
GEORGE HANUS and his wife drove to 
Redington Beach, Florida, for their vaca- 
tion... DOROTHY ETSCHEID flew to Flor- 
ida and really enjoyed it. .. Your scribe, 
KAY BATINA, flew to Las Vegas and came 
home with empty pockets. 

XaUiufx ^oUtM 


electrical apprentice, who transferred to 
South Shops. Stop in and see us, Willard... 
Congratulations are extended to ED MAJ- 
KSZAK and his wife who became grand- 
parents for the first time on Dec. 23. ..That 
old saying about money goes to money, how 
true it is I GARY OLSON, carpenter, won 
a $600 diamond. Congratulations, Gary!.. 
Everyone will be glad to hear that DAN 
O'BRIEN finally put a muffler on his MG. 
Thanks, Dan... Our deepest sympathy to the 
family of ED O'GRADY, retired laborer 
who recently passed away... The welcome 
mat is out for GENEVIEVE BERG who re- 
cently joined our office staff, ELMER 
FISCHER in the Welding Department, and 
all our new electrical apprentices, JIM 
Our very best to JEFF BiiADY, technical 
services engineer, who left us to become 
a car inspector for the Northwest Subur- 

ban Mass Transit District. He will be in- 
specting commuter cars being built in 
Philadelphia for operation on the Milwau- 
kee Road. So good luck to a really swell 
guy and a real sharp engineer who will be 
missed by everyone at Skokie. I think 
that's about everything you told me to put 
down, isn't it Jeff? 

A hardy hello to Electricians ED DELAN- 
are presently working at the Springfield 
Shop. Good luck fellows! ..TOM HOEY and 
his wife, ANN, spent two weeks in Florida 
visiting Disney World, Cypress Gardens 
and Miami. Tom says they had a great 
time... I stopped in to see CATHY HEGAR- 
TY, former timekeeper and Transit News 
reporter, who says hello to the fellows out 
in the Shop. It looks like you're really en- 
joying your new job as a full-time home- 
maker, Cathy! 

- Pat'Xaiuuit 


To catch up on the news, I'll start by re- 
porting that the Agents' Pension Club Din- 
ner and Christmas Party was held on Dec. 
2 at Sharko's restaurant and the honored 
guest was former Division 308 president 
JOHN BURNS. It was a gala affair with 
about 140 people attending, including John's 
wife, KATE, their daughter , grandsons , and 

John's sister, DELORES BERO, West Sec- 
tion ticket agent. Master of ceremonies 
was ROBERT ROESING, West Section su- 
perintendent of Agents and Janitors, and 
he did a bang-up job. Retired assignment 
agents and president of the club LULU 
HAMANN and Treasurer ROSE HELDEN- 
BLUT did their usual super job with the 
party and John was thrilled... The 1973 va- 
cation for yours truly and husband. Clerk 
ROLAND, included stops in Florida with 
retired clerk JOE and retired agent ANN 
O'CONNOR in Holiday, and retired super- 
visor DON MURPHY and GEN in New Port 
Richey.. .Accepted for supervisor's school 
from the South Section are Motormen 
ETT, Extra Conductors JERRY JOHNSON, 

SON, and Switchman JOHN HINTON. Con- 
gratulations! . . Mrs. JOHN LEMKE, thi 
wife of retired yard foreman JOHN LEM'~ 
KE, was in the hospital but is home no\ 
recuperating and feeling better. . . Retirei 
conductor JOSEPH MASCOLINO recentl; 
had an operation but is doing fine now. 
received a nice letter from Californis 
where he is spending the winter. He li 
going to see retired towerman CHARLEi 
RUMMELL and retired conductor JOHl 
LOUGHLIN while there. ..This is a "goof* 
on me. I said in my last column that Part' 
time Conductor JOHN BENNETT had rei 
turned to school in the fall. Well he didn't 
he decided to become a full-time conduci 
tor and is now working the West Section- 
Retired station superintendent MICHAEI 
(Mickey) O'CONNOR'S wife, ALICE, wai 
in the hospital for surgery, but is doini 
fine now. The O'Connors live in Tucson 
Arizona, and love it there. . . CoUectoi 
GEORGE DeYOUNG was very happy whei 
he told us that he was named chairman o 
the Boy Scouts Troop 686 of Alsip...Re-. 
tired conductor PHAROAH (Mother-in-law 
CAIN and his missus were down in Nev 
Orleans and they say hello to all of us. 

A big send-off was given Chief Clerk JI1_ 
MARTINEK who retired on Jan. 1. A nicn 
luncheon was held at the Ashland office anii 

the food was delicious. A token of re-j 
membrance was given Jim by all hin 
friends and co-workers. Jim's lovel.'i 
wife, DOROTHY, his two daughters, DOR- 
OTHY and DELORES, two of his grand-, 
children, and his son-in-law surprisei 
Jim by coming down. Among Jim's for-: 
mer bosses who came out were retire(; 
station superintendent RICHARD MEIS-i 
NER, Superintendent of Rapid Transit Op-| 
erations JAMES BLAA and Operationi 
Control Superintendent EDWARD HEAT- 
TER. Also Superintendent of Operatini 
Stations GEORGE RILEY and Chief Clerl 
of the Transportation Department JAME! 
TUCKER. Pensioners who came include! 
clerk JOHN MORAN and conductor FRAN! 
PONZLANO. Many thanks to Clerk AI 
ED FREEMAN, and Motorman TONY JAG- 
LA, without whose help we couldn't hav< 
managed. Everyone wished Jim a happ;; 
and long life of retirement. . .Just hear<, 
recently that retired supervisor CHARLE! 
SPIELMAN and retired motorman PAT-i 
RICK GALLAGHER passed away. Ou) 




tLIAM ADAMCZYK, 93, Armitage, 
p. 10-12-06, Died 11-28-73 
(tDERS E. ANDERSON, 83, North Ave., 
up. 4-10-17, Died 11-18-73 
(tDREW J. BAKER, 68, Beverly, 
■np. 9-9-26, Died 10-14-73 
[IrMAN F. BARDWELL, 82, 77th Street, 
Tip. 3-24-20, Died 9-10-73 
fTER M. BEDALOV, 75, Track, 
'•np. 4-13-34, Died 9-16-73 
(SEPH BEDNARIK, 58, Skokie Shop, 
mp. 9-21-36, Died 12-1-73 
:SEPH BERLEN, 82, Way & Structs., 
:mp. 6-28-43, Died 11-12-73 
i\LTER H. BERZEK, 71, 69th Street, 
■mp. 9-17-25, Died 11-14-73 
lANK BOKSA, 77, Paint Shop, 
tap. 7-26-23, Died 11-30-73 
,1HN A. BUCHANAN, 77, Lake Street, 
tap. 7-23-46, Died 9-6-73 
,'IHN P. BUERGERMEIER, 67, Beverly, 
'mp. 6-26-29, Died 11-20-73 
MN BURKE, 90, 77th Street, 
tap. 12-1-52, Died 9-23-73 
aYMOND BURKE, 71, Throop Street, 
mp. 5-6-25, Died 11-18-73 
ilARLES J. BURNS, 83, 61st Street, 
'mp. 9-27-16, Died 9-26-73 
'iTSY CARBONARA, 71, West Section, 
mp. 8-5-43, Died 9-20-73 
rXO CARMAN, 85, Devon, 
mp. 4-6-21, Died 11-21-73 
Imp. 5-17-18, Died 11-27-73 
.^EPH CIESLA, 87, Elston, 
jmp. 4-16-23, Died 10-20-73 
:HEL CLATFELTER, 74, North Section, 
mp. 7-11-44, Died 12-5-73 
XLIAM DIGNAN, 93, Burnside, 
mp. 4-17-06. Died 11-9-73 
)BERT J. DILLON, 89, Kedzie, 
mp. 10-10-08, Died 10-27-73 
:iANK E. DIMMICK, 78, South Section, 
'mp. 1-11-22, Died 11-11-73 
SANK DONNELLY, 76, North Park, 
mp. 7-13-23, Died 10-18-73 
30NARD C. ERICKSON, 64, Beverly, 
■mp, 11-23-36, Died 11-19-73 
puis F. EWERT, 80, 69th Street, 
■mp. 9-7-23, Died 9-15-73 
LMER J. FEHLHABER, 74, Utility, 
mp. 5-5-17, Died 11-7-73 
, J. FEINENDEGEN, 79, Skokie Shop, 
imp. 1-11-13, Died 11-18-73 
OWARD W. GADWILL, 75, 77th Street, 
:mp. 7-1-26, Died 9-18-73 
ALPH GALLO, 75, Constr. & Maint., 
•:mp. 6-6-41, Died 11-17-73 
'ALTER GANDOR, 60, Skokie Shop, 
Smp. 2-21-51, Died 10-7-73 
'ETER GERHARZ, 62, North Avenue, 
Jmp. 8-17-37, Died 10-19-73 
DWARD GERVAIN, 57, Archer, 
Smp. 5-16-46, Died 12-11-73 
HARLES GLINES, 60, Beverly, 
3mp. 2-3-42, Died 1-8-74 
l/ILLIS E. GOODALL, 77, Surface Dist., 
Emp. 10-28-19, Died 9-18-73 

DAVID HAGER, 81, Devon, 

Emp. 7-12-23, Died 10-16-73 
FRANCIS J. HAGINS, 60, Sched.-Traff., 

Emp. 8-25-36, Died 11-11-73 
HARRY HANRATTY, 72, 52nd Street, 

Emp. 8-25-23, Died 10-22-73 
GEORGE V. HARRISON, 65, Kedzie, 

Emp. 11-24-36, Died 10-19-73 
THERESA K. HAYES, 81, Revenue Acctg., 

Emp. 3-16-42, Died 12-6-73 
ROLAND B. HEAD, 65, North Avenue, 

Emp. 6-24-42, Died 9-24-73 
JOSEPH HOBBS, 53, Electrical, 

Emp. 3-25-47, Died 10-23-73 
WILLARD HOFF, 57, District D, 

Emp. 7-16-46, Died 12-1-73 
C. JENNINGS, 76, RT Maint. Terminals, 

Emp. 1-22-24, Died 10-20-73 
WILBUR JOLLY, 52, Archer, 

Emp. 8-2-54, Died 10-19-73 
JOSEPH KAJPUST, 88, Limits, 

Emp. 11-14-18, Died 10-29-73 
MICHAEL KENNY, 76, Kedzie, 

Emp. 10-24-29, Died 10-29-73 
ANTON J. KIRSZA, 90, South Shops, 

Emp. 10-23-18, Died 10-26-73 
MICHAEL KOROSY, 87, Executive, 

Emp. 7-8-14, Died 10-25-73 

Emp. 8-26-13, Died 9-9-73 
JOSEPH P. LADENBACH, 76, North Sect., 

Emp. 10-2-45, Died 10-22-73 
VERENA LANGHAMMER, 83, Real Estate, 

Emp. 5-1-41, Died 9-20-73 

Emp. 1-14-19, Died 9-12-73 
ALVIN J. LAWSON, 71, West Section, 

Emp. 10-5-26, Died 10-15-73 
LORENZO LAWSON, 62, South Section, 

Emp. 12-5-44, Died 12-30-73 
CARL E. LEAF, 94, Devon, 

Emp. 7-8-11, Died 10-2-73 
ANDREW M. LINKLATER, 94, NorthSect., 

Emp. 8-27-06, Died 9-29-73 
PHILIP LOFRESTI, 85, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 4-1-29, Died 9-24-73 
ROY O. LYMAN, 72, 77th Street, 

Emp. 5-10-27, Died 12-1-73 
SARAH McEVOY, 75, South Section, 

Emp. 5-19-23, Died 9-11-73 
THOMAS McGILL, 73, North Park, 

Emp. 9-20-29, Died 11-22-73 
JOSEPH MORLfVRTY, 84, Kedzie, 

Emp. 3-13-17, Died 11-5-73 
EDWARD J. MURRAY, 87, Transportation, 

Emp. 2-15-23, Died 12-7-73 
WILLIAM F. MURTAUGH, 79, North Park, 

Emp. 6-21-27, Died 9-10-73 
JOHN NANNINGA, 61, Beverly, 

Emp. 1-15-37, Died 11-2-73 
CLARENCE NIMTZ, 60, West Section, 

Emp. 10-8-56, Died 10-18-73 
E. J. NOWICKI, 63, Limits, 

Emp. 10-17-40, Died 10-8-73 
ALBERT O'DOWD, 72, 77th Street, 

Emp. 9-19-23, Died 11-25-73 
MICHAEL J. O'NEILL, 89, Kedzie, 

Emp. 5-28-13, Died 10-28-73 

JOHN C. PEARSON, 30, Beverly, 
Emp. 3-25-68, Died 11-17-73 
DONALD PETERSEN, 57, Beverly, 
Emp. 5-25-48, Died 12-26-73 
Emp. 7-3-37, Died 11-2-73 
MICHAEL PRIBISH, 80, West Shops, 
Emp. 3-2-18, Died 8-11-73 
WILLIAM PRUNO, 81, Metropolitan, 
Emp. 5-23-27, Died 11-2-73 
JAMES RANDLE, 40, South Section, 
Emp. 4-12-67, Died 12-15-73 
ROBERT A. RAWLINGS, 51, South Sect., 
Emp. 3-19-62, Died 10-13-73 
CHARLES A. RITCHIE, 83, North Sect., 
Emp. 1-2-24, Died 9-12-73 
MELVIN E. SAYRE, 62, 77th Street, 
Emp. 9-5-29, Died 9-30-73 
CARL L. SCHUELER, 74, Keeler. 
Emp. 1-9-20, Died 10-22-73 
OTTO H. SCHULTZ, 76, West Section, 
Emp. 1-19-19, Died 8-31-73 
ISAAC SEARS, 58, 69th Street, 
Emp. 7-5-57, Died 11-21-73 
WILLIAM G. SEDGWICK, 84, North Ave., 
Emp. 2-11-20, Died 9-17-73 
WILLIAM F. SIMS, 82, South Section, 
Emp. 7-16-20, Died 11-14-73 
JAMES SIMSEN, 76, North Section, 

Emp. 7-1-19, Died 11-27-73 
MIRKO SOBOL, 82, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 2-25-37, Died 8-28-73 
RAYMOND SOMMERS, 63, 69th Street, 

Emp. 10-7-42, Died 12-19-73 
KAMIR SPARK, 81, North Avenue, 

Emp. 7-27-25, Died 10-23-73 
ANTHONY SPATAFORE, 64, South Shops, 

Emp. 10-17-30, Died 12-6-73 
CHARLES A. SPIELMAN, 80, North Sect., 

Emp. 5-6-20, Died 11-30-73 
GEORGE STRALLAS, 85, West Section, 

Emp. 7-15-12, Died 8-31-73 

Emp. 4-3-43, Died 12-19-73 
HARRY SWIETLIK, 58, North Avenue, 

Emp. 11-12-47, Died 12-8-73 
WALTER B. TAYLOR, 78, West Shops, 

Emp. 12-3-23, Died 11-5-73 
AUGUST THOMAS, 86, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 6-4-27, Died 11-23-73 
EMILY C. URBAN, 72, Office Services, 

Emp. 12-3-19, Died 11-28-73 
FRANK VRASTIL, 78, West Section, 

Emp. 4-12-24, Died 12-7-73 
JOZEF WEGLARZ, 85, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 8-1-29, Died 9-24-73 
EDWIN C. WENDT, 69, South Shops, 

Emp. 3-12-18, Died 10-19-73 

Emp. 10-25-53, Died 10-3-73 
CHARLES C. WIDEGREN, 94, North Ave., 

Emp. 7-3-07, Died 10-19-73 
BENJAMIN W. WILIEKO, 79, North Sect., 

Emp. 2-6-30, Died 11-9-73 
CHESTER F. WILLIAMS, 68, 69th Street, 

Emp. 9-11-29, Died 11-6-73 

Emp. 8-11-42, Died 10-3-73 



sympathy goes out to their families,.. Go- 
ing on pension Jan. 1 was Conductor 
THOMAS DOUGLAS of 61st Street. The 
men gave him a nice send-off and a gift of 
remembrance was presented to Tom by 
his co-workers. May you have many 
healthy, happy years of retired life, Tom. 
..Passenger commendations keep pouring 
in for our men on the South Section: Mo- 
torman ROOSEVELT GRADY and Conduc- 
tor MARSHALL MASON were commended 
for aiding in the capture of a purse snatch- 
er; Motorman THEODIS WELLS was com- 
mended for avoiding striking a passenger 
who had fallen to the tracks; Agent EN- 
GELBERTA CLARK was commended for 
doing a good job; Agent WILLL^M PERRY 
was commended for performing his duties 
in an excellent manner; Conductor MAR- 
TIN CUNNANE was commended for doing 
a good job, and Motorman DELMUS AL- 
LEN and Conductor WILBUR COOLEY 
were commended for assisting a woman in 
recovering her purse which was snatched. 
Keep up the good work everyone. . . Work 
Train Motorman DOMINIC CESARE and 
Conductor BRUNO WARDA who retired on 
Jan. 1 have our sincere good wishes for a 
long and happy pensioned life... Our heart- 
felt sympathy goes out to Conductor 
THOMAS MOORE in the loss of his father, 
and to Janitor OSCAR GROSS in the loss of 
his mother. It is a terrible loss to lose 
someone you love... Last, but not least to 
retire on Jan. 1 was Conductor PAUL DU- 
CAR at Ashland Avenue. His co-workers 
gave Paul a nice send-off and a gift was 
presented to him. Good luck, Paul, on 
your pension. 


In our office here at the South Shops we 
have had a few changes. SANDY HOFF- 
MAN, who resigned to await the stork, and 
her hubby, JOHN, are the proud parents of 
a bouncing baby girl named JENNIFER 
ANN who weighed in at 9 pounds 2 ounces. 
SUE JURKATUS, formerly of Technical 
Services, and her husband, STEVEN, are 
very proud of little MICHAEL STEVEN 
who tipped the scales at 5 pounds 6 ounces. 
Congratulations to the Jurkatus and Hoff- 
man families... We will all miss Superin- 
tendent GEORGE J. CLARK who retired on 
Jan. 1 after 38 years of service. A party 
was held in honor of Mr. Clark, and it 
seemed as though the whole company 
turned out for the affair. A good time was 
had by all. We sure will miss seeing you 
around here, Mr. Clark. Best of luck and 
health to you and Mrs. Clark... Our deepest 
sympathy goes out to JOHN JANKUS and 
his family in the passing of his mother... 
In Technical Services we have some good 
news and some bad news. First the good 
news. Welcome to JIM GEBIS, a graduate 
trainee. The bad news — a fond farewell is 
extended to BHUPINDAR MALLHl who left 
the quiet confines of South Shops to join the 

many people in the Equipment, Research 
and Development Department in the Mart... 
daughter of J. F. 
DUDLEY, safety co- 
ordinator, was a- 
warded a scholar- 
ship for academic 
e.xcellence to the 
high school of her 
choice by Divine In- 
fant Catholic school. 
Katie chose Immac- 
ulate Heart of Mary 
High school in West- 
chester. ViTlile a Katie Dudley 
student at Divine Infant, she was a member 
of the senior girls' choir and was lead 
guitarist for the school guitar group. . . 
Leaving our ranks is KAREN DONDLING- 
ER who resigned to go to work at the Tal- 
man bank. Best of luck to you, Karen. 
GEORGE BARTON also left us to work for 
his church. PATTI JO JACOBS trans- 
ferred to the Mart and is now working in 
the Reproduction Department. JOHN 
STEINMETZ also went downtown to work 
in Datacenter. Best of luck to all of you in 
your new jobs... We extend our welcome 
mat to the following newemployees: RENA 
SABOL who's dad works in the Mart in the 
Schedule Department; JUSTINE JANASEK 
who rejoined us after raising her family 
(Justine's hubby, STAN, works here in the 
Shops); MARILYN HAYWARD who came to 
us from the Employment Department; TOM 
MARASOVICH whose dad, JOHNNY, works 
out here in Storeroom 60, transferred to 
us from the Treasury Department, and 
JEANNE DIEHL returned to us from the 
Transportation Department. Jeanne 
worked here in the summer of 1972, and 
her dad, BILL ROHE, and her brother, 
DENNIS, work here in the Shops too. Wel- 
come to all of you and the best of luck... 
Congratulations go to STAN SARNA and 
ART BEAUCHAMP on their promotions to 
Methods & Standards section. We welcome 
back GEORGE HAENISCH who is now also 
a proud addition to Methods & Standards... 
Get well wishes go out to RALPH KEANE 
who fell and broke his ankle. Hurry and 
get well. ..It is with great regret that your 
co-reporter, DENISE COX, is giving up the 
job of reporting for Transit News. My 
successor will be JEANNE DIEHL. I know 
Jeanne will do a fine job, and with LARRY 
BERNAS as her co-reporter I'm sure the 
column from South Shops will be the best 

OUT IN THE SHOP, we extend congratu- 
on the birth of a son, EDWARD JAMES, 
who tipped the scales at 8 pounds 4 ounces. 
Ed is a mechanic apprentice currently 
serving time in Bay 6... Good luck to Mr. 
and Mrs. IRVIN KRAULEDIS in their new 
home and mortgage. Irv and his wife now 
live in Richton Park. . . AL SAMASKA Sr. 
visited an old friend and former co- 
worker, CHARLIE BUZA, down in Angola, 

Indiana. Charlie, who worked in the fp 
office, hustled Al in a round of golf 
won 7 of 9 holes. Charlie is in great hea 
and says hello to all his friends... CHARL 
STARR visited retired electrician I 
KALOUSEK down in Seminole, Florida,! 
reports that Irv looks great and says 
won't come back to work no matter what 
We would like to take this opportunity 
welcome WILLARD CARPENTER, elect; 
cal apprentice, to South Shops. Wills 
transferred to us from Skokie Shop. N; 
to have you aboard. ..Stopping by during 1 
holidays to say hello were CHARI 
All are retirees and fellow workers in I 
6. It looked like an "old folks" reunii 
Nice to see you fellows. . . Hey anyb<J 
lookin' for candy (cheap) see RICH STA 
TON in the Brake Department. Sure he 
it's not left over from Halloween, Riclt^ 
Congratulations i 
FRANK and SAR.( 
celebrated their 5i4 
wedding anniverSEi' 
on Oct. 30. Befci 
his retirement I 
December IS' 

Frank was a cs.* 
penter A at the Wi'. 
and South Shojl 
The Casligliones .pj^^jj. gQ^_ ^;,(,| 

AEL, is a South Shops electrical workei 
JOHN WISNIOWSKI, Area 321, upholste' 
shop, retired Jan. 1 after 30 years of S£» 
vice. His co-workers had a dinner for hi 
and presented him with a gift on his b' 
day here. Good luck and health, John...ll 
and Mrs. ROY EVANS Jr. were blessi 
with their second child, TERRENCE, W 
weighed in at 6 pounds 7 ounces. Terreri 
is reported as doing just fine. . . Mr. a-. 
Mrs. HARRY POCES were blessed W' 
their first grandchild recently. Their n' 
grandson, CRAIG ANDREWS, weighed' 
pounds 7 ounces at birth. . . Our deep*' 
sympathy is extended to RONALD BLA 
in the death of his father, MARK L. BLAl' 
..JERRY MORIARTY, Area 321, and 1' 
wife just returned from visiting their s' 
in Hawaii. Jerry tells me the islands a 
something else. Maybe he would like 
retire soon and live there. With all 1 
money he could do ft... ED FITZGERAl' 
has returned from his vacation in Cottaj 
Grove — Minnesota, that is. . . With J(' 
REED'S new Pinto, MKE KEEL'S m' 
Apollo, BERNAL DAVIS' new Buick a' 
FRANK GRAY'S new snowmobile, y^ 
wouldn't think there was an energy oris' 
would you. . . Last, but not least. VERI' 
HOWE tells me his son, RAYMOND, w' 
graduated from Lowery Air Force Bas' 
Colorado, as a precision measuring equi; 
ment specialist. He now holds the rank 
staff sergeant. Good work, Ray! 

Vouje Cot S j!, 





'- sorry, I'm sorry for not writing the 
'.avail, but my mind has been a total 
jlik. I know there are many who will 
ijee with me. My partner, LOU PAYNE, 
u made supervisor and has been shar- 
Hing his pencils, but I tear it will not be 
:c, writing a column. Congratulations to 
Pne, FREEMAN and PEPPER on their 
);motions to supervisor. I'm sure they 
v.. do a fine job... JOHN CIMMERER and 
ji lovely wife, JUDY, took a trip to Flor- 
,() and had a real fine time. The only 
;uble is that since he left the carhouse 
.t been like a morgue. JERRY BOYLAND 
ij, ZIG KOPIZINSKI have tried, but they 
si never be able to shout as loud as John. 
LROY HASLAM also left and they stuck 
I with making the coffee and cleaning the 
> every day. Hurry back, fellows, we 
li losing money. I did have help from 
PTTERSON and CRAWFORD and would 
,ie to thank them very much. Speaking of 
C.iwford, he is confined to the hospital as 
)this writing, but hope that by the time 
;1> is published, he will be out and feeling 
[i;. Alright, he didn't go to the hospital 
t)m drinking my coffee. . .We had a new 
[ik and two of my buddies are gone, JOHN 
BIGHT and STEVE DUDASIK. John vrill 
bsorely missed for he has the smarts and 
ov we are left In the dark about things. 
Sive is missed for different reasons. We 
MS his soft voice and those sweet words 
bkeeps saying, 'Tou want to buy an egg?" 
[sounds like a knife on glass... Did you 
I'S see our two movie stars, BATES and 
lOWN, In the last Transit News ? They 
33 now considered the "Super Fly's" of 
Ike Street...! have an original recording 
c Janitor AL MONTGOMERY singing "Oh 
Ird," and would like to sell it to the high- 
K bidder. I'm sure it will bring in a lot 
c pennies...! know I should write some- 
tng nice about GEORGE WOODMORE, but 
!• the life of me I can't think of a thing... 
\ FLOYD, one of my old-time students, 
sU thinks of me as a young fellow. My 
cier students just don't have any respect 
1: me as they call me gramps, old man, 
if! a few other choice names. ..Say, come 
iound on Friday morning at Lake Street 
;d see pretty Mrs. BUTLER working the 
(irk's job. I know that GRIFFIN is cute. 
It Mrs. Butler is a lot prettier. TOM 
iJLHANE took his pension on Feb. 1, and 
' all wish him much luck and happiness 
:his retired life. He was a real nice guy 
(work with and know.. .You can't help but 
]tice the safety record at Lake Street 
.ely, it hasn't been too good. So let's all 
V a little harder so we can be number 
'.e again. ..I'm really going to try and 
•ite more often, but I need your help. I 
luld love to put up a suggestion box in the 
rhouse but fear what you would write 
out me... See you next month, and speak 
pdly of me. 


Night Clerk and Mrs. THOMAS A. RAN- 
DALL proudly announced the arrival of 
their new son, RAMON DAVID, born Nov. 
3 weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces. Also the 
Nov. 7 arrival of a granddaughter, MAR- 
RIETTA LORRAINE, weighing 4 pounds 8 
ounces. This makes seven children and 
five grandchildren for the Randalls. Mar- 
rietta Lorraine is the first for AARON and 
CARMEN BROWN. Carmen is the daugh- 
ter of Clerk RANDALL... There was an ad- 
dition to the BETTISON family— a boy, 
DENNIS WILLIAM, born Nov. 16 weighing 
7 pounds 12 ounces. The mother, WARD- 
INE, is doing fine... Operator LEROY GAL- 
LAGHER pulled out for the last time on 
Dec. 31 as he retired Jan. 1 after 28 years. 
Now life will be a long vacation. Good 
luck, Leroy... Chief Clerk A. HILLSTROM 
started a two-week vacation on Dec. 31... 
GENTRY had minor setbacks and both are 
doing fine at home. A call or a hello would 
be welcomed. ..Operators LEYDELL SMITH 
and JOHN KELLY at this writing are off 
sick. We look for their fast return to 
work...ALVIN DAVIS resigned as secre- 
tary of our credit union due to illness. We 
all wish him a speedy recovery, and thank 
him for his long service on our Board of 
Directors. . . Join your credit union and 
save. In joining you also help another 
member who might be in need of financial 
aid. A 5j per cent dividend was declared 
for 1973. The credit union also has a fam- 
ily group life insurance contract at low 
quarterly premiums. All men are advised 
to take advantage of this plan. See TYLER, 
M. PHILPOT or ALVIN POTTS Jr. for de- 

- fain ^ "^udMK 


I finally found out what MIKE HARRIS 
means when he leads you down the street 
and wiggles his index finger in the air...C. 
came to work on his anniversary date. . . 
Pensioner H. MILLER is back living in 
Palos. He said it was just too hot in Flor- 
ida. ..Farmer DAKE became a grandpa for 
the fourth time when little CHRISTINE was 
born in Memphis, Tennessee... J. WHITE 
and D. SMITH went to Honolulu, Hawaii, 
just to play in the Chicago Tribune Print- 
ing Trade Golf tournament. They also took 
time out to visit four islands... It is always 
nice to see M. J. MOORE 's pleasant smile 
when my day's work is done. . . RAY 
ORACKI, now on disability, paid us a visit 
and looks great. He still claims he doesn't 
tint his hair. ..ROBERT LANE, the brother 
of S. LANE, was hurt in an automobile ac- 
cident, but has now fully recovered. ..BOB 
DAVIS, former 69th Street operator, is 
now doing K.P. in the out-houses. ..Two 
retired fellows from 69th Street who are 
looking good and say hello are JOE DA- 

is now back to work after being off 111 for 
five weeks. ..J. RADLOFF and CHARLEY 
(Drawbar) HOLLAND are still off sick... 
A. PORTER and his wife vacationed in 
Hawaii, and Al just had to take a ride on 
the city buses. They met Al Harrington, 
Ben Kokua of Hawaii Five-0, and Al was 
kissed by a golden Polynesian. This trip 
was to celebrate their 35th wedding anni- 
versary. ..Choo-Choo FRALE is planning a 
winter vacation in Hawaii to see if things 
look the same after 30 years. He was in 
the army there ui 1942-43. I think he had 
other reasons as he didn't go alone. ..Op- 
erator S. ROGERS was confined to South 
Community hospital. We hope he is feeling 
much better now. ..Our sincere sympathy 
is extended to the family of former board 
member CHESTER WILLIAMS, and to the 
family of BILLY TAYLOR, former opera- 
tor and box puller. Clerk RAY SOMMERS, 
Pensioner WALTER BREZEK also passed 
away. To their families we at 69th Street 
express our sincere condolences. 

From the repair department we hear that 
Pensioner JOHN LOONEY, that famous 
motorman from 63rd Street, was here for 
a visit and looks fine. He says he is en- 
joying retired life very much. John visited 
the "Old Sod" and California, and said he 
likes to travel... DENNY SULLIVAN is get- 
ting along fine and enjoying his pension to 
the fullest, as is DENNY GRIFFIN, MIKE 
Pensioner MIKE McGROARTY we extend 
our deepest sympathy In the loss of his 
wife. ..On vacation are RALPH GRAGIDO, 
We hope you all have a good time. . . Off 
sick are C. CRACCO, J. JOHNSON, J. 
wish them all a speedy recovery... We wel- 
come K. MICHALSKI who recently trans- 
ferred to 69th, and say good luck to K. 
KARSON who transferred to Forest Glen. 

- 74'U Sue4i*t^ £ ^cm*Kif ;4^ei»t 


Travelling all the 
way to his home- 
town, Newark, New 
Jersey, to take unto 
himself a bride was 
Operator AARON 
lovely bride is the 
former ANNETTE 
BRANCH of Chica- 
go, and the wedding 
in the Friendship Baptist 
the fellows at 77th Street wish 
Annette many long years of 

took place 
church. All 
Aaron and 
marital blis 

yfUiMH Ve SoHHta 




The Chicago Transit Authority chalked up its safest operational year in 
history during 1973. 

Milton Pikarsky, CTA Chairman, credited the outstanding safety record 
to diligence on the part of operating employees, as well as instructors. 

In 1973, CTA buses traveled 89,617,000 miles and rapid transit trains 
traveled 48,186,000 miles, for a grand total of 137,803,000 miles. 

Overall, the 1973 rate for both traffic and passenger accidents amount- 
ed to 6.6 accidents for each 100,000 miles of travel. It was the fourth 
consecutive year that the CTA achieved a new safety record. 

Safety Contest Standings 

4th quarter of 1973 
Interstation Safety Contest 

1st Beverly 

2nd Archer 

3rd North Avenue 

4th 77th Street 

1st Jefferson Park 

2nd Douglas 
3rd Kimball 

Surface System 

5th Kedzie 
6th Forest Glen 
7th 69th Street 

Rapid Transit System 

4th Dan Ryan 
5th Ashland 
6th Congress 

8th 52nd Street 
9th North Park 
10th Limits 

7th 61st Street 
8th Forest Park 
9th Howard 

Employee Safety Contest 

1st Beverly 

2nd Limits 

3rd 52nd Street 

4th North Avenue 

Surface Garage Competition 

5th Forest Glen 
6th Kedzie 
7th Archer 

8th 77th Street 
9th 69th Street 
10th North Park 

Rapid Transit Maintenance Terminal Competition 


1st Wilson, 
Howard, Linden 

2nd Dan Ryan 

1st Skokie Shop 

3rd Kimball 
4th Congress, 
54th, Foster 

Shops Competition 

5th Forest Park 
6th 61st, Racine 

2nd South Shops 







U) , 




TJ , 










the Primary election March 19, you will be 
/en a BLUE BALLOT for the vote on the RTA. 

re is a question-answer explanation of the 
p^posalto create the Regional Transportation 
^ithority for the six-county Chicago area: 

C What is the RTA? 

t The RTA will be a new Regional Transportation 
/thority with the specific purpose of providing more 
ad better public transportation — bus, elevated- 
sbway and commuter railroad — at fares everyone 
ca afford throughout the six-county Chicago metro - 
p litan area . The area will include the City of Chica- 
g, suburban Cook County, and the other Illinois Coun- 
ts of Lake, DuPage, McHenry, Kane and Will, 
leryone agrees that it is impossible to charge fares 
hjh enough to pay the full cost of public transporta- 
tn, so public funds vyill be provided to keep fares at 
aow level. 

C Does the RTA have any special meaning In 
riation to the energy crisis? 

/ It certainly does. The energy crisis — the short- 
as of gasoline — makes the creation of the RTA an 
asolute necessity. We must have improved and ex- 
paded public transportation throughout the six- 
ciinty area if people are to be able to move around — 
t get to and from work and to make all of the many 
cier trips that are so essential to everyday living. 
^th the energy crisis now upon us, a collapse of our 
pblic transportation systems would actually mean a 
cllapse of our life in Chicago and the suburban area 
£ we know it today. 

( Besides improved and extended service at 
f-es everyone can afford, does the RTA offer 
Cher direct benefits? 

t Yes, there are many other benefits which the RTA 
iftst provide, in accordance with the recent state en- 
Eling legislation. 

Ir instance, the RTA must provide for the special 
tmsportation needs of senior citizens and handi- 
fjpped riders. 

The state legislation makes it mandatory that the RTA 
protect its riders against crime. 

The RTA, through its mass transportation facilities, 
will be concerned about protecting the environment. 
The RTA will coordinate the planning of transportation 
improvements throughout the six-county area and will 
coordinate such planning vidth that of regional planning 

Q. Are there other specific benefits from the 
standpoint of the rider? 

A. Concern for the rider will be foremost in every- 
thing the RTA does. 

For instance, through such new benefits as joint fares 
and transfer privileges, it will be much easier — and 
less costly — for people from Chicago to get to jobs in 
the suburbs and for the people in the suburbs to get to 
and from Chicago and also to and from the various 

Q. How will the RTA operate? 

A. Generally, the RTA will contract for transporta- 
tion services with the existing systems — the CTA, the 
commuter railroads, and the siaburban bus companies. 
It also can operate transportation itself, and can 
create new systems, such as much needed suburban 
bus operations. 

The RTA also can set fares and determine transfer 
privileges — all for the purpose of guaranteeing the 
amount and quality of service the public needs. 
The RTA will be required to operate in a fishbowl — 
completely open to the public. The state law requires 
that RTA proceedings and actions be open for public 
disclosure. Budgets and operations of the various 
transportation systems — such as the CTA and the 
commuter railroads — also will be subject to scrutiny 
by the RTA and the public. 

Q. What will be the labor provisions of the RTA? 

A. RTA employees will have benefits and protections 
equivalent to those provided imder comparable federal 
laws. Employees will have the right to organize and 
bargain collectively. Employees of transportation 
agencies acquired by the RTA will lose no existing 
rights and benefits. (Continued Page 2) 



MARCH, 1974 

Q. Will there be any new types of transportation? 

A. One of the prime responsibilities of the RTA will 

be to develop new and better ways for people to travel 

by public transportation. 

For example, dial-a-bus service will very likely be a 

new form to be developed in the near future. This new 

dial-a-bus service would be provided both in Chicago 

and in the suburban area. 

Dial-a-bus already has proved to be very worthwhile 

as a result of experiments elsewhere. Under the 

dial-a-bus arrangement, a person would telephone a 

request for bus service and the bus in a short time 

(in less than an hour) would pull up at the person's 


It is an excellent t3rpe of personalized transit service 

for persons wishing to go to medical centers, to 

shopping districts, or to catch a commuter train. 

Q. It was mentioned earlier that the RTA would 
depend upon public funds to help pay transporta- 
tion costs and keep fares at low levels. What will 
these tax sources be? 

A. First, everyone should realize that there will be 
no tax on real estate for the RTA . 
Fare collections will continue to provide the largest 
amount of money needed for public transportation 

To provide the extra public financial help that i_s^ 
needed , the RTA will receive most of its tax-source 
money from existing state revenues . 
The RTA will receive from the state a set percentage 
of sales tax receipts and a portion of the existing 
state license fees for vehicles registered in the City 
of Chicago. 

A special $5 million annual payment will be made by 
the City of Chicago and other Cook County govern- 
ments as a condition of RTA aid to the CTA, 
All of this money comes from existing sources. It 
also is expected to be supplemented by millions of 
dollars in federal financial assistance and in bond 

The RTA may also, after a two-thirds vote of its 
Board, use two narrowly defined tax sources. One is 
a sales tax of up to 5 per cent on motor fuel sales in 
the six-county area (about 2 cents per gallon at 
present prices). The other is a tax on the privilege 
of parking at parking facilities. 

Under the RTA, it is estimated that about 60 per ce 
of the funds for public transportation will come fra 
fare collections; 24 per cent from existing 
sources, and the remaining 16 per cent from the ti 
limited tax sources of the RTA. 

Q. What will the parking facility tax actually 

A. It will be limited to the "privilege" of parking 

lots and similar facilities. 

The RTA could not possibly tax parking on the str( 

or in a private driveway because such parking is 

"right," not a "privilege" as specified in the Rl 


Six-county area to be served by RTA. 


i What will be the governing body of the RTA? 

/ There will be a nine-member Board appointed on 
ione-person, one-vote basis. Chicago, with half of 
t3 area's population, will be represented on the Board 
■\th four members. Suburban Cook Coimty and the 
i>e other counties, altogether representing the other 
llf of the population, will be represented on the 
hard with four members. The Board membership 
vll be reapportioned every ten years to reflect pop- 
vation shifts. 

i'ntnth Board member, who will be the chairman, will 
1: elected by a vote of three-fourths of the eight ap- 
I'inted members. The ninth member not only will be 
1e chairman, but also will serve as the full-time, 
(perienced, professional manager of the RTA. 

I. Will any one area of the Board control the RTA? 

,. Such control would be impossible. The RTA leg- 
lation was drafted specifically to protect the in- 
vests of all portions of the six-coimty area, giving 
iiual rights and representation to the City of Chicago 
id to the suburbs. 

3Cisions on such major matters as enacting each 
;iar's budget and effecting the two limited taxes of 
•e RTA will require the extraordinary vote of at 
ast six of the nine members of the Board. As an- 
ther safeguard, the RTA law requires that proposed 
•ograms and budgets must be subjected to hearings 
, each of the six counties. 

. Who supports the RTA? 

. The RTA legislation was passed in the Illinois 
eneral Assembly with bi-partisan support, Support- 
rs of the RTA legislation included the Governor of 
linois, the Democratic and Republican leaderships 
' the General Assembly, the Mayor of the City of 
hicago, the Mayors of many other cities throughout 
le six counties, the Illinois Federation of Labor, the 
nited Auto Workers, the Illinois State Chamber of 
ommerce, the Chicago Association of Commerce and 
idustry, the Illinois League of Women Voters, many 
;her civic groups (including especially organizations 
3ncerned about the environment and about the wel- 
ire of senior citizens), the four major Chicago met- 
jpolitan newspapers, other news media, and many 
aburban newspapers. 

Shades of the 1940' s 

North Side Train Crew 
On a Journey into History 

WHEN BILL ATHANS reported to work at Howard 
Street on Friday, Jan. 25, the chatter in the train- 
room suddenly turned to silence. Everyone looked on 
in bewilderment. Why? 

As chief collector. Bill is certainly well known on 
the North Section — everyone recognized him. 

It's his uniform, one man said, there's just some- 
thing different about his uniform. Neatly pressed, 
spotless. . . but the color, that's it, the color, , , his 
uniform is dark blue. 

Bill stood out like a sore thumb among the multi- 
tude of CTAers who had been wearing blue-gray uni- 
forms since 1968. And to top it off, he took a brass 
badge, unused since 1963, and clasped it to his cap. 

Ready for a day's work as a conductor. Bill and 
Motorman John Hill deadheaded to Wilson Yard where 
the mystery of their unusual assignment was to grow 
even deeper. Their special train from CTA's moth- 
ball fleet was a pair of 1925-model cars. 

Riders who might have noticed the old-time cars 
and Bill in his unusual attire had still another shock 
when passengers dressed in styles of the late 40's 
boarded the train at Randolph and Wells. 

If you're a regular viewer of Chicago's TV stations 
then this setting probably sounds familiar. The Chi- 
cago Sun-Times TV commercial with its old-and-new 
scenes on the "L" starts out on Bill's train. 

In his full uniform reminiscent of early CTA oper- 
ations. Bill Athans added a necessary touch of real- 
ism to the commercial. 

'/ARCH, 1974 

100 New L-Subway Cars Ordered 

A $29,321,300 contract for 100 air-conditioned 
rapid transit cars was awarded by the CTA Board 
on Feb. 14 to Boeing Vertol company of Philadel- 
phia, the lowest of two bidders. 

Purchase of the cars is part of CTA's $140 mil- 
lion Phase I Capital Improvement Program being 
funded by the Illinois and U.S. Departments of 

Delivery of the first four cars is to be made 
within 21 months. All 100 cars are to be delivered 
in 31 months, or by late 1976. 



A PROPOSED new Capital Development Program 
costing more than $391 million was announced Sat- 
urday, Feb. 16, by CTA. 

CTA Chairman Milton Pikarsky reported that an 
application for 80 per cent fimding has been presented 
to the Urban Mass Transportation Administration of 
the U.S. Department of Transportation, 

A similar request for funding the remaining 20 
per cent has been filed with the Illinois Department 
of Transportation, 

The federal share amounts to $313 million and the 
state share would be $78 million. 

A public hearing on CTA's proposed $391 million 
Capital Development Program will be held on March 
22, 1974, in Room 734, Merchandise Mart, 

The new program represents Phase II of an on- 
going CTA improvement program for which the fed- 
eral and state governments are providing $140 mil- 
lion for Phase I. 

Like the first phase program, the newly proposed 
program is aimed at acquiring new equipment and 
rebuilding old facilities. 

The major equipment acquisition would include 
650 rapid transit cars and at least 500 buses. 

This new equipment is in addition to the equipment 
acquired imder the current program which includes 
1,070 buses and for which final plans were made 
Thursday, Feb. 14, to acquire 100 modern rapid 
transit cars (see above). 

Other major features of the proposed $391 million 
program Include reconstruction of 18 rapid transit 
stations, modernizing 20 other stations, and the in- 
stallation of 100 bus passenger shelters. 

The bus shelters would be the first facilities of 
this type offered CTA riders. 

Other major items include a radio network for 
rapid transit trains to provide better communication 
between train crews and CTA's Operations Control 

Tied in with the improved commimication network 
is the installation of coaxial antenna cables in the 

State, Dearborn and Kennedy subways. The instal- 
lation of the antenna system is required to permi' 
radio transmission to, from and within the subwa) 
tubes because radio waves will not penetrate the sub- 
way structure. 

What the new communication system means for the 
rider is that passengers will be better informed re-, 
garding service adjustments and delays. 

Other major items included in the program are tht 
reconstruction of tracks and structures, replacemen 
of electrical substations, and new passenger informa-; 
tion directional signs. 

The purchase of 650 rapid transit cars will makfi 
CTA's rapid transit fleet totally air conditioned. Th< 
cars will replace those purchased between 1950 anc 

The 500 buses Included In the program will mak( 
CTA's bus fleet over 60 per cent air conditioned 
Buses to be replaced have an average age of 12 years 

In the program, 18 rapid transit stations will b< 
rebuilt with new facilities — lighting, platform cano- 
pies, escalators (wherever possible), and fare col- 
lection equipment. 

The stations are: 

— Morse, Loyola, Granville, Lawrence, Belmont 
Cermak, Indiana, 47th Street, 51st Street, King Drive; 
Cottage Grove, and Racine on the North-South rapiij 
transit route. ' 

— Pulaski, Polk and Cicero on the Douglas rapiij 
transit branch. | 

— Medical Center on the Eisenhower rapid transi: 

— Dempster terminal on the Skokie Swift rapii; 
transit route. ' 

— Western on the Ravenswood rapid transit routej 

The stations selected for rebuilding are thosi| 
which are major transfer points between bus an'l 
rapid transit and have between 5,000 and over 14,00 { 
daily passengers, I 

Twenty other stations will be improved wit 
modern lighting and platform heating. 


Employee Suggestion Awards Total $1,900 

plOFIT FROM any ideas lately? The 59 CTAers 
i;|ed on this page did — to the tune of $1,900. 

And all they did was put their idea down on a sug- 
'(tion blank and send it in to CTA. In return, each 
ji;gester won from $10 to $195 when the idea was 

Top winner was Wayne Matejka, South Shops, who 
pcketed $215 from two separate ideas. By adopting 
lii suggestions, CTA stands to save over $1,300 each 
fiX the suggestions remain in effect. 

Good work, Wayne. Keep sending those ideas in. 

fash Awards Plus Gift Certificates 1 

195 Matthew Spatzek, Skokie Shop 
175 Wayne Matejka, South Shops 
100 Jerome Pavel, South Shops 

50 Chester Seymour, 

Congress Maint. Terminal 

Wayne Matejka, South Shops 
Edward Reynolds & George Wylie, 
Skokie Shop 

Regina Daren*, Medical 
Muzio Ficarella, Skokie Shop 
Joan Fitzgerald, 

Reproduction Services 
Clarence Forbes, 77th Garage 
John Friedman, Building Wiring 
Richard Gavrys, R.T. Signals 
Michael Healy, Skokie Shop 
Luke Howe, Telephone Maint. 
John Kalinowski, South Shops 
Max Kuchan Jr. , South Shops 
James McLane & Harold Thurbush, 

Rapid Transit Instruction 
Dominic Nicosia, Skokie Shop 
Maurice O'Connor, Skokie Shop 
David Passarella, Skokie Shop 
Jerome Pavel, South Shops 
Harold Rowbottom*, Street Traffic 
Daniel Sagel, Forest Glen 
James Schumpp*, Electrical 
James Zazula, Skokie Shop 

Supplementary Cash Awards 

>40 John Kalinowski, South Shops 

)20 John Kalinowski, South Shops 

John Newman, South Shops 

Gift Certificates 


Michael Caselman, Kimball 
Thomas Coates, South Shops 
Raymond Corbel, Accounting 
Edward Coyle, Repro. Services 
Regina Daren**, Medical 
Don Edwards, Blue Island 
Sidney Edwards, Dan Ryan 
Muzio Ficarella*, Skokie Shop 
Robert Hasemann Sr., Kedzie Gar. 
Sandalio Hechavarria, North Park 
Mary Jane Johnson, Payroll 
Frank Klein, South Shops 
Stanley Kuropas, South Shops 
Evelyn Leu, Accounting 
Daniel McClure, Skokie Shop 
Eileen Neurauter, Comm, & Marktg. 
Dominic Nicosia, Skokie Shop 
Daniel O'Brien, Skokie Shop 
Timothy O'Mahony, Security 
Walter Onysio, Skokie Shop 
James Pankonen, South Shops 
Nello Paolicchi, Skokie Shop 
Kenneth Pott, South Shops 
Donald Powell, South Shops 
Arturo Rivera, Skokie Shop 
Joseph Rombout, Skokie Shop 
Lawrence Rosebar, South Section 
Harold Rowbottom*, Street Traffic 
John Sara, Skokie Shop 
Biagio Savarino, South Shops 
James Schumpp*, Electrical 
William Sholdice, Personnel Dvlpt. 
Frank Sprovieri, South Shops 
Ted Szymanski, Skokie Shop 
Raymond Tieri, Investigation & Claims 
Donald Villa, Skokie Shop 
Paul Wallace, Security 

♦Winner of a subsequent award of amount shown 


Volume XXVII Number 2 

Published for employees and retirees of 
the Chicago Transit Authority, under the 
direction of the Department of Communica- 
tions and Marketing. 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 
Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

Distributed free of charge to all active 
and retired CTA employees. Annual sub- 
scription price to others, $2.00. Address 
communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, 
Room 742, Merchandise Mart Plaza, 
Chicago, Illinois 60654. 


Leonard Skrine, Office Services 

\ARCH, 1974 

Wives Night Out 

Huge Success 

THE WIVES turned out in grand fashion on 
Feb, 16 at Palisades Bowl as the husbands 
honored them with a very special occa- 
sion — "Wives Night Out." 

Bowling was fast and furious as all the 
fellows tried to outdo each other as the 
wives watched on their night. It was an 
overflow crowd, and extra tables and 
chairs were made available to accom- 
modate everyone. 

League President CALVIN POLLARD 
said, "It was really wonderful to see so 
many of the ladies come out on this very 
special night. I hope they will make every 
Friday a special night." 





George's Arco 




Archer Bandits 




Pin Busters 




500 Club 




Road Runners 












Late Comers 
















Hot Hands 





















yorth Avenue Looms as 
Jasketball Champs 

Is THE basketball season slowly comes to 
n end, North Avenue looks like a repeat 
,s champion of the league for 1973-74. 
I Going into the last two weeks of play, 
orth Avenue leads the league with a 7 and 
record with only one more game to play. 

Playoffs will begin Mar, 8, with the 
'jials on Mar. 22 at DeLaSalle High school 
ym, 3455 S, Wabash avenue. 

Prior to the championship game, there 
/ill be an all-star game, pitting the CTA 
perators against the CTA lawyers start- 
ig at 7 p.m. Tom Stiglic, CTA represent- 
tive for the sports program, says he will 
lay in this game with the attorneys. You 
ill have to see this for yourself, so come 
arly if you want a seat. You can be sure 
lere'U be standing room only if you're 

:ta basketball league 


lorth Avenue 
9th Street 
forth Park 
[edzie "A" 
forth Side "L' 
7th Shop 
'crest Glen 
tedzie "B" 
outh Side "L' 
2nd Street 
7th Street 





Softball League Managers 
^lan for 1974 Season 

THE CTA sports program Softball league 
n\l kick off their 1974 season when they 
lold their annual meeting in April. 

All interested players should contact 
heir respective managers. 
1 The exact time, date and place for the 
neeting will be announced in the April is- 
lue of Transit News. 

As in the past, the meeting will be re- 
stricted to managers or their designated 
representatives only. 

|W/\RCH, 1974 

Service anniversaries in March 



E. P. Heidenreich, E. Shields, 

North Avenue Utility & Emerg. Service 

C. W. Schmook, T. A. Hildebrandt, 

Archer District C 

J. A. Laskey, 

Forest Glen 
(on vocation at 
time of anniversary 
in February) 

H. J. Risch, 

69th Street 

W. H. Lynam, 

Forest Glen 

J Steizner, 

52nd Street Garage 

35 years 

F. W. Petriekis, 77th Street Garage 

30 years 

S. Baker, North Park 

J. Bedame, Building Maintenance 

P. Brown, North Pork 

W. H. Dean, Mechanical Maintenance 

M. M. Dorgan, Datacenter 

J. P. Kmiec, North Park 

P. J. Schreves, North Park Garage 

25 years 

L. G. Anderson, Building Maintenance 
G. P. Daly, North Avenue Garage 

C. J. Florence, West Section 
J. S. Kopinski, South Shops 
N. J. Kujawa, South Shops 

P. P. Malone, Power Operations 

J. J. Molloy, 61st Maintenance Term. 

D. A. Murphy, South Shops 

P. S. Sauve, Power Engineering 
J. Vasa, Mobile Bus Maintenance 

CTA is First Stop 

by Cleveland Board Member 

on Tour of Transit System; 

MRS. STELLA G. WHITE, first woman board member of th. 
Cleveland Transit System, discusses transit problems wit' 
Milton Pikarsky, chairman of the Chicago Transit Authorit) 

Chicago was the first city to be visited by Mrs, White in ' 
tour of major cities in the United States and Canada she i 
making as chairman of the advisory committee on minorit 
affairs of the American Transit Association. 

In addition to being a Transit Board Member, Mrs. Whit' 
also is active in the marketing program of transit in Cleve 
land. She also is a columnist for the Cleveland Press. 



keOUNTING (General) - 

{<T scribe wishes to thank everyone who 
)£;icipated in any way in the pre-nuptial 
.mheon which was held for her on Jan. 17 
itfhisela's restaurant. Special thanks go 
»piTA ilACINE, Revenue Accounting, 
ik, Special Investigations, MARY ANN 
BINS, Law, and of course to two great 
"fif. The beautiful wooden salad bowl 
»l;hwas presented to her that day will be 
I felong reminder of all her wonderful 
xnds at CTA. The wedding took place on 
fa. 19 at a mass at St. Patricia church in 
Jiiory Hills, Illinois. The reception was 
lel at the Driftwood Steak House and ev- 
sithing went beautifully. After the wed- 
il:, the new Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES 
V ER spent two beautiful weeks seeing 
Diiey World, Miami, and many other 
Flrida attractions in lovely 80 degree 
leperatures. . . Congratulations to BILL 
liiIAN, Accounts Payable, who received 
licertificate for completing the 10-week 
Miagement Institute program, and to 
B-INEY KANE, General Accounting, who 
jeime a grandfather for the third time on 
Si. 2 when his son and daughter-in-law, 
MHAEL and JOAN, became the parents 
jfllCHAEL KEVIN Jr. ..Congratulations 
u also in order for MIKE CIKARA and 
M^YANN JOBARIS who became engaged 
rsjntly and will become Mr. and Mrs. on 
hi 22. Mike works in General Account- 
ji and Maryann in Capital Development. 
Bit wishes to both of you.. .A warm wel- 
;cie is extended to TERRY LATTIN who 
)£ie to General Accounting from Internal 
iiiting, and all our best wishes to ES- 
l/iR ANDERSON who retired from the 
2\ Payroll Department on Feb. 1 after 
I'i years of service. Many happy and 
ifethy retirement years, Esther! 

ij - <7<«<^ TCeie^ 

P'roll) - 

Mir 47 years of service starting with the 
R;id Transit and continuing on through 
PiiroU Accounting, the achievements of 
E. HER ANDERSON were honored at her 
Krement luncheon on Jan. 29 in the M&M 
Co. Accounting Director HAROLD F. 
B OWN expressed the feelings of all her 
trnds that she certainly will be missed. 
iV jng the many who celebrated with Es- 
Ih- were some of our retired friends: 

r3ert baxter, naomi bohlen, 
S'x:k comstock, jeanne fitzger- 


HAST. It was a pleasure meeting Esther's 
two sisters, ENEZ BEENING and EDNA 
ANDERSON. God bless you, Esther, and 
we hope to see you soon. . . Pretty little 
RACHAEL HOSTETTER visited her grand- 
mother, MARYJANE JOHNSON, at the 
Mart recently. The baby's mother, LYNNE 
HOSTETTER, had been visiting from her 
home in El Segundo, California.. .VI MEYER 
has been doing a little redecorating at 
home fixing things up here and there. Too 
bad you didn't win that bingo jackpot you 
told us about to help with those little ex- 
penses. ..For those of us who may be ani- 
mal lovers, you can appreciate the pride 
that JEANNE BIZ IK and her sister, 
JACKIE, take in their beautiful Arabian 
horses. The girls of J&J Arabians recent- 
ly sold their yearling filly, Maryia, and 
are planning to again breed their mare, 
Fadrina, in the spring. Here's hoping they 
get as good results. ..To CHRIS CAMERON 
who is ill at home, we send her our wishes 
for a speedy recovery. ..Since we can't hide 
them, we may as well celebrate them, so 
happy birthday to MARIE COARI on March 
10... See you soon! 

(Datacenter) - 

JOE GINGRAS and his wife, CAROLYN, 
became the proud parents of a daughter, 
JANET LYNN, born Feb. 4. Janet has two 
sisters and two brothers. Congratulations 
to all of you.. .The welcome mat is extend- 
ed to BERNICE CONNOLLY who joined 
Datacenter on Jan. 14 as senior applica- 
tions analyst. Welcome aboard, Bernice. 


Lieutenant JOE OSTERBERGER is retiring 
after 16 years of fine work in our depart- 
ment. Joe is very knowledgeable in the 
juvenile field and has received many com- 
mendations for his good work. Good luck, 
Joe, to you and Katy. We all hope you have 
many years of happiness in your retire- 
ment. Replacing Joe will be SAM RINI who 
worked with him in the Juvenile Division 
for many years and is also well -trained in 
the field. Congratulations on your promo- 
tion. . . RAY WISNIEWSKI is now a full- 
fledged sergeant and doing quite well. 
Best wishes on your new job, Ray. . . Be- 
cause of pressing duties, PAUL WALLACE 
could no longer be active as department 
representative of the Illinois Police As- 
sociation. He turned the duties over to 
GEORGE EVANS, but Paul is keeping ac- 
tive in State IPA af fairs ... JAY JONAS, 
formerly of this department, made a visit 

to the office not long ago and is presently 
working at the 20th District. . . MARGUE- 
RITE RUFFULO is trying to stay one step 
ahead of the boss. She recently took up 
golf. Keep swinging, Marg! 

- Vat "pUfM 

ELECTRICAL (General Office) - 

BERNADETTE KIZIOR, Stenographer, is 
at home now after being hospitalized with 
a broken leg. Bern suffered this misfor- 
tune in a skiing accident. We hope it won't 
be long until she will be back with us be- 
cause we miss her.. .HERMAN SMITH, en- 
gineer assistant in, and his family started 
the year off right with a vacation In Flor- 
ida.. .Welcome to BIRNEST mCKS, signal 
draftsman, who joined us recently. He was 
formerly a signal malntainer... Start por- 
ing over those seed catalogs now because 
spring is on the way. ..Congratulations to 
trician, who became the parents of PAT- 
RICIA LYNN on Feb. 3. Baby dear weighed 
in at 9 pounds 11 ounces. ..We are happy to 
hear that VERNON KEE, substation at- 
tendant, and his son, TIM, are doing well 
after surgery at Illinois Research hospital. 
Vernon donated a kidney to his son and we 
hope they will both be enjoying good health 
very soon. .. GERALD CHRISTENSEN, B 
electrician, is on the sick list and we all 

join in wishing him a rapid recovery 

Welcome back to FRED DAMROW, unit 
supervisor of rapid maintenance, who has 
returned to work after his illness. ..Con- 
dolences to JAMES BRANDON, substation 
utility man, in the loss of his father and 
mother. His parents passed away within 
three weeks of each other. 

- "KtUf 7Kcf4tMm 

(Rapid Transit Signal Division) - 

JOHN GAY is back in the signal construc- 
tion gang. John, if you can make it there, 
you can make it anywhere. Good luck ole 
chum. .. Signal Maintainer COY CAUSEY 
and his wife, LITA, a ticket agent, cele- 
brated their silver wedding anniversary on 
Jan. 26 at the Veteran's Tavern and 
Lounge, 2532 West Fullerton. The party 
was well stocked with food and guests. A 
number of our signalmen attended the gala 
affair with their wives: BIRNEST HICKS, 
Roy stole the show as he danced with a 
little 17-year old doll. Also attending the 

WfiCH, ^914 


JOINING THE ranks of the retired on Morch 1 were the 
three employees pictured here who hod 40 or more yeors 
of transit service eoch with CTA and its predecessor 
tronsit companies. 


North Park, Emp. 9-14-46 

Plant Maintenance, Emp. 7-16-26 
HARRY E. BONESS, Adjusting Director, 

Investigation & Claims, Emp. 1-6-26 

North Avenue, Emp. 2-2-37 
JOSEPH S. BRZOSKA, Electrical Worker, 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 3-13-29 

Archer, Emp. 10-17-42 
JAMES BURNS, Bus Repairer, 

52nd Street Garage, Emp. 2-21-44 
JOHN J. CLARK, Stationary Engineer, 

South Shops, Emp. 12-2-52 

Building Maintenance, Emp. 4-20-53 

Forest Glen, Emp. 9-8-36 

Archer, Emp. 2-3-43 
EDWIN R. GROESS, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 4-6-34 

Forest Glen, Emp. 6-7-46 

Forest Glen, Emp. 1-23-43 


Forest Glen Garage, Emp. 1-3-47 
THOMAS E. HICKEY, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 11-10-36 
EDGAR T. HIMEL, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 10-17-57 

Office Services, Emp. 12-9-42 
STANLEY G. KLICH, Bus Repairer, 

North Avenue Garage, Emp. 8-2-42 
ALBERT J. KUNKA, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 12-5-42 
THOMAS J. LENIHAN, Bus Repairer, 

South Shops, Emp. 2-10-43 
LEROY P. LILLY, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 4-2-53 
THOMAS P. MURPHY, Box Puller, 

North Avenue, Emp. 12-16-40 
ROY T. NIELSEN, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 6-30-43 

Security, Emp. 1-24-57 
GLENN D. PEYTON, Superintendent, 

69th Street, Emp. 4-19-34 

Forest Glen, Emp. 2-10-43 


44 Years 


Archer, Emp. 9-17-43 

69th Street, Emp. 4-14-43 
WILLIAM F. SHEEHAN, Ticket Agent, 

South Section, Emp. 9-4-41 
HOWARD D. SMALE, Investigator I, 

Investigation & Claims, Emp. 8-11-41 

West Section, Emp. 10-1-45 
ALBERT F. SUMA, Bus Repairer, 

Campaign Area, Emp. 8-21-28 
ROBERT L. TALBOT, Senior Radio Opt, 

Operations Control, Emp. 8-26-36 
RAYMOND V. ULRICH, Supervisor, 

District A, Emp. 2-13-36 

Beverly, Emp. 2-13-36 



Senior Tabulating Machine Operator, 

Datacenter, Emp. 11-17-43 
CURTIS B. ROSS, Janitor, 

Archer, Emp. 8-27-59 

party were Coy's sons, his sister, VIC- 
TORIA, former signal maintainer R. CAU- 
DILL and his wife, HOWARD NORMAN and 

D. (Andy) ANDERSON, CTA towermen, and 
their wives. After exchanging gifts, Lita 
received a set of diamond earrings. Coy 
said, in referring to his 25 year old mar- 
riage, "I'd make the same mistake again, 
only I'd make it much sooner. "..Congratu- 
lations to four signal helpers who were re- 
cently promoted to journeymen: DONALD 
fellows have a lot going for them. ..GEORGE 

E. WAGNER, retired blacksmith helper, 
had a recent operation and is now at home 
doing fine. He sends his hello's to all of 
his friends here and there. ..Local No. 9's 
annual Old Timers corned beef and cab- 
bage dinner held on Jan. 25 had the largest 
crowd ever. Of the 36 members retiring 
in 1973, 24 were present and received a 
new wallet containing $20. Among the re- 
tired members present were: BILL BAK- 
Signal personnel attending were: CLYDE 

truly. Special guest at the fete was Joseph 

B, Keenan, executive secretary of the In- 
ternational Brotherhood of Electrical 
Workers who came in from Washington to 
attend this gathering. We thank Fred 
Hince and Mr. J. A. McCann, president and 
business manager, respectively, and the 
entire No. 9 staff for an enjoyable evening. 

ELMER J. STOKES retired after more 
than 44 years of service. A party was 
given in his honor Feb. 2 at the beautiful 
Zum Deutchen Eck restaurant. Gifts were 
presented to Elmer by Senior Signal Su- 
pervisor TED SZEWC. Some of those at- 
tending were: PAUL CLEAVER, super- 
intendent of signals and communications, 

C. L. WIKSTEN who now heads the train 
control and communications division of 
DeLeuw Gather International, and ART 
MALMQUIST of the Track Department. 
All of us will remember the very fine job 
JIMMY NESBIT did as m.c, even if he 
doesn't. We thank FRANK HALPER and 
Big LOU GONZALEZ, co-hosts of the 
party, for such a nice evening. ..The North 
Section signal foreman's office has been 
moved from the relay room, where it has 

been for countless years, to Kimball j 
nue on the Ravenswood line. DA] 
WATERS, North Section signal foremai 
pleased with his new location... We welcq 
a new crop of signal helpers. They a 
BOUT. These three fellows are destil 
to be tops in their field. 

- Commit ^oweof 

(Chicago Avenue) - 
Jan. 25 was the big night for the il 
Timers party at Local 9. As usual it \ i 
held at Plumbers Hall. These partt 
have always been big successes and t* 
time it was even more so. About !' 
people attended. If more people had co ) 
they'd have had to sit out in the hall.l 
wouldn't care to estimate how manygallt' 
of beer or pounds of corned beef and c; 
bage were consumed. It would boggle 
mind. I saw the following pensioners 
the shindig: SALVATORE, LUKAS, ( 
MACHER, and many more. ..We would 1 
to congratulate LUKE HOWE who is n 
foreman of telephone maintenance... A 1 
flash brings us the sad news that WILLD 



if{, one of our pensioners, passed away 
11. We all extend our sympathy to 

- Sot Ttuhoi 

|rAL office (Reproduction Services) - 

welcome mat is extended to VERNA 
tTLEY, dictaphone operator, who 
Iferred from Insurance Department. 


e'onnel) - 

''e welcome back PEGGY STEVENS, 
,e:-stenographer, who had left us to get 
la'ied and decided to become a career 
ir The welcome mat was also extended 
A who were hired as clerk-typists. . . 
1)3 WARNSTEDT spent a week's vaca- 
in and around Chicago and was busy 
Reeling snow. . . Welcome to CRAIG 
ZTTER, job analyst, who transferred 
.•oi the Vehicle Maintenance Department, 
rg's dad, ED HEATTER, is senior su- 
entendent in Operations Control. ..Con- 
ralations to GEN BERG, who transfer- 
di Skokie Shop. We wish her the best of 
icon her new job. ..Good luck to GERAL- 
\l\ TAPLING who transfered to the 
r uate trainee program. She's now a 
Icit agent on the West Section as part of 
e training program. How's it going, 

Puerty) - 

)I.NE H. BURDA, a former employee of 
lu Accounting Department, was recently 
ipiinted head tax accountant for the 
CtDler Cookie company located in Elm- 
lust. He is the son of HAROLD F. BUR- 
)iDf Property Accounting. 

Instigations & Claims) - 

3<ing Grandpa 

a about his grand- 
ic, DANIEL J. 
WT Jr., is an 
is> task. Dan's 
ic, DAN Sr., is a 
IE cleaner at Kim- 
)£, and his mom, 
J -ANN, stays home 
u takes care of 

(I urance & Pensions) • 

MRY LABUS and her fiance, RUSSELL 
B\TCHFORD, drove to Florida for two 
ivks where they visited Orlando, Disney 
Add and Silver Springs. A good time was 
1' by both. To her surprise, her mother 
tt'owed them, driving her own automobile, 
^ acted as chaperone...We welcome to 
;1 department PAMELA LLOYD, clerk- 

licutive) - 

A-uncheon was held in the M&M Club for 
GORGE WICKMAN who took an early re- 
ti:ment on Feb. 1. George, a former bus 

operator, worked as a receptionist in Ex- 

(Communications & Marketing) - 

We wish FRANK DISCH loads of happiness 
in his retirement years. Frank retired on 
Feb. 1 and was a clerk II. Before coming 
to the Mart he worked as a bus repairman 
at Limits Garage. 

(Medical) - 

Dr. MOSNY and his wife flew to Massachu- 
setts to visit with his daughter, son-in-law 
and grandson, STEVE, who are permanent 
residents there. 


Greetings fellows, . . The annual credit 
union meeting and dinner was held on Jan. 
27 at Johimy Weigelt's restaurant. It was 
buffet style and very delicious. All of- 
ficers were retained. Door prizes were 
awarded, and some of the winners were: 
ERY, Mrs. L. KEAG, Mrs. R. CALLUM 
and Mrs. T. O'LEARY. Some of the guests 
attending were: BOB QUETSCHKE from 
the Mart, Retired Superintendent GEORGE 
MAY, A. VOSS and his family, S. TWERK 
and his sister, and Operator WINGEL pro- 
vided us with songs and jokes, and it was 
good to see Mrs. JOE CLAY out after her 
stay in the hospital. Retiree DANNY 
O'LEARY was also there, as were FRED 
PEPKE and his wife, MARY, the daughter 
of Big Mike RICHARDS.. .A little note of 
interest to our board member, R. GOLD- 
MAN, keep up the good work, we never had 
it so good. . . As for our basketball team, 
get yourself together and good luck. . . If 
you have news, let me know. 


A big heUo goes out to COLLEEN THEIR- 
BAH, stenographer I, Stores, who joined us 
recently to work with ED TOBIN. Ed said 
he is very happy with his new stenc.We 
are most proud of SOPHIE REYNOLDS, 
typist I, Stores, who has performed 500 
hours of volunteer work at Holy Cross 
hospital. She received her 500-hour pin 
on Feb. 17. ..FRANK TAMBURINNO, order 
control clerk. Stores, is dreamy-eyed until 
his retirement in 203 days. TONY DiGI- 
OVANNI, order control clerk. Stores, said 
he is helping Frank with the countdown. He 
can't wait. Tony, we know how you two like 
each other... A hearty hello goes out to 
JOHN TOUSSA, laborer, who has joined the 
crew at Storeroom 20. ..HANK BRANDEN- 
BERG, stock clerk at Storeroom 15, spent 
two enjoyable weeks with his wife in sunny 
New Port Richey, Florida. He also ex- 
tends his best wishes to his sister, Mrs. 
SPEIGHT, who resides in Florida, for a 
speedy recovery. . . JOHN MARASOVICH, 

stock clerk II, Storeroom 60, and his wife 
are going to spend one week in Las Vegas. 
Don't lose too much, John, and at least 
come back with your shirt. John also 
wants to report that his son was trans- 
ferred from the Treasury Department to 
Vehicle Maintenance. .. BERT MULRHEID, 
stock clerk I, Storeroom 60, is proud of 
his daughter, ROBIN, who completed her 
high school training in three years. She is 
now working on scholarships. . . DAVE 
MURRAY, stock clerk in Storeroom 59, is 
looking forward to getting some relaxation 
in Freeport in the Bahamas. ..GABRIELLE 
DeMATTEO retired from Storeroom 20 on 
Jan. 1. Congratulations, GabrielleL.Yours 
truly celebrated her second wedding an- 
niversary on Feb. 11... CHARLES BEN- 
NETT wants to announce that he and his 
lovely wife, MARITA, celebrated their 18th 
wedding anniversary on Mar. 17. Many 
more to you, Charles. 

- "PniOiiUA 'Kamxadt 


Congratulations to MARIE MULVIHILL on 

her transfer to the assignment office 

RY COTTON and J. ROCH took their pen- 
sions recently. To each of them we wish 
a long and healthy retired life. ..Congratu- 
lations to Assignment Agent LELIA WHITE 
and Agent CLIFFORD HINTON who were 
united in holy wedlock on Jan. 1. They 
were married by Reverend W. HINTON, 
Clifford's father, in the Hinton home... 
Still on the sick list as of this writing are: 
Assignment Agent CECELIA ROPA, V. 
PFEIFFER. We hope you are all feeling 
better soon and return to work... Congrat- 
ulations to BARBARA REEVES who was 
appointed assignment agent, and to KAR- 
EN BULLOCK who made clerk. Others in 
training for clerk are: NATHAN KAPLAN, 
JACKIE HOLMES is really excited about 
her first airplane ride to New Orleans to 
attend the Mardi Gras. Have fun, Jackie... 
Congratulations to Supervisor RICK ARM- 
STRONG who was recently graduated from 
Arnetta's Beauty college. He was vale- 
dictorian of his class and received a spec- 
cial award in the science and practice of 
cosmetology. As the elected king, he will 
travel to Los Angeles with the queen in 
April for the national convention. Foot 
Collector EDDIE WILLIAMS is also a 
graduate of this college. Keep up the good 
work, fellows. . . EILEEN CARMODY has 
returned to work after being off for nearly 
a month. She fell down the stairs at her 
home and sprained her ankle. JO DILLON 
fell and broke her wrist. . . MARY GAL- 
LAGHER, who was in an automobile acci- 

MftCH, ^914 

dent, has moved into a new apartment in 
Forest Park. . . The janitors have been 
transferred from the Transportation De- 
partment to the Maintenance Department... 
Former Ticket Agent ALDA B. CLARK 
celebrated her 89th birthday on Jan. 27 
with a big cake at the Harding hotel in 
Marion, Ohio. Congratulations, Alda, that 
is a good age. ..Co-reporter KATY MORI- 
ARTY adopted two lovable little kittens 
from the Animal Protective Association. 
Any of you animal lovers Interested, con- 
tact the APA at 248-2410. ..Congratulations 
to STANLEY CHRIST Jr. on his engage- 
ment to JUDY STACHNIK, a student nurse. 
The big day is planned for next year. ..Con- 
gratulations to Agent and Mrs. I. WLE- 
CZOREK on the birth of their first grand- 
child, KATHLEEN MARIE, born on Jan. 
22 weighing 6pounds 12 ounces. The proud 
parents are BILL, of Personnel Develop- 
ment, and MARIE CLINE, also formerly of 
that department. The proud godmother is 
THERESA WIECZOREK... Recently return- 
ing from maternity leave are: TAMARRA 
ERIE BARKER. Still on maternity leave 
SON and PATRICIA BANKS. ..Keep the news 
coming, GRACE is still at Irving Park on 
the Kennedy, 3 to 11 p.m., Tuesday through 


Agreat big HELLO to everyone!.. Recently, 
all of us here at North Avenue bid a reluc- 
tant farewell to District C Superintendent 
VIC LAULETTA who was transferred to 
District D. In his place we roll out the red 
carpet for JIM KEHOE. Good luck to both 
of you. . . Forest Glen Credit Union just 
couldn't have had a successful evening 
without North Avenue representatives 
Clerk HANK ZYCH, and I also attended 
along with our better halves. ..The month 
of April is going to see us celebrating the 
birthdays of a few nice people, such as: 
Senior Station Instructor JIM BROGAN, 
Clerk FRANK PASCHE, Sanitary Engineer 
ED KOCIENSKI, and a very special young 
friend of mine, MARIANNE KOCAR, the 
daughter of Instructor MARVIN KOCAR. 
Congratulations to all of you. Also belated 
best wishes to RUSS GUNDERSON; we 
weren't aware that he was a March baby... 
Our most heartfelt sympathy is extended to 
Assistant Station Superintendent J. Mc- 
EVILLY in the recent loss of his son, 
PATRICK. The brother of Archer Super- 
intendent BILL MOSER also passed away 
recently. . . By the time you read this, 
CHRISTINE ENGSTROM, the daughter of 
Instructor MIKE LACRIOLA, should be out 
of the hospital and looking more beautiful 
than ever after her recent surgery. For- 
mer Box Puller TOM MURPHY is out of 
St. Anne's and feeling much better. His 
place in the hospital was taken by Switch- 

board Operator LOU DRAPP who should 
also be out of there by now. Retired Chief 
Clerk FRED MURBARGER, and Clerk 
BOB ARENDT are amongst those who 
spent some time chasing a few pretty 
nurses around. Let's try to stay healthy 
folks.. .Judging from all appearances. In- 
structor ED HOFF and his wife, PAT, are 
sure enjoying being newlyweds. Just an- 
other happy CTA family. ..See you all purty 

The following bus operators changed their 
status to pensioners as of Feb. 1: LAW- 
MAN. . . DANIEL, the son of Instructor 
DAVE EGGERSDORF, qualified for the 
yellow belt in his karate class. ..Repairman 
DANIEL COSTLEY and his wife, LINDA, 
are the proud parents of a son, DANIEL II. 
..DARRYL, the son of Operator GEORGE 
MYLES and his wife, ANN, was anxiously 
awaiting the end of the month to get to his 
third birthday. Mar. l...The Repair De- 
partment lost two repairmen to retirement 
HANN... Repairmen RAY NEWMANN and 
JOHN RUDDLE are enjoying vacations at 
the time of this writing. Those two fellows 
must have some connection with the wea- 
therman.. .Kedzie Station's gain is our loss 
as Relief Foreman WEBB has transferred 
to the Kedzie Garage.. .A hearty welcome 
to Foreman JONES who comes to us from 
Archer Station.. .In our constant discovery 
of talent among the men of North Avenue 
Station, we find Operator HOLLIS LEWIS 
holding his own among the contemporary 
artists. ..Among the many visitors to the 
Station, we were greeted by Pensioner 
ANTHONY GLOPPE (known to many as the 
"Rlvervlew Kid"), Sanitary Engineer MAR- 
TY LUDOLPH (a former Cicero Avenue 
operator now at the Training Center), Pen- 
sioner JOHN SENKO (who is still talking 
about his wonderful trip to Europe), and 
Operator CLARENCE BAKER (now working 
at 77th Street Station)... We wish much suc- 
cess to Supervisor HUGH D. SHORT on 
his appointment as Relief District Super- 
intendent. . . Our sympathy is extended to 
Operator HORACE BROWNING in the death 
of his brother, JOHN L. BROWNING, and 
to Instructor BOB ANDERSON in the death 
of his father. Pensioner FRANK ANDER- 
SON. . . Congratulations to Operator KEN- 
NETH C. METTLER on his appointment as 
treasurer of the North Avenue Credit Un- 
ion. He filled the vacancy created by the 
resignation of Operator PETER J. DOW- 
DALL. The board of directors of the cred- 
it union also appointed Operator AARON 
B. PRUITT (your co-reporter) as the 
secretary-assistant treasurer, and Oper- 
KEMP as clerks. Operator JOHN W. 
WEATHERSPOON was elected president 
and Operator JOSEPH PERNICE was elec- 
ted vice president. We also wish to wel- 
come as new members Operators ED- 

WARD STOKES on the supervisory con 
mittee and Operator GILBERTO CORRE 
on the credit committee. ..The finalists; 
the "checker set" have narrowed down i 
SON and RICHARD LONG. The compel) 
tion was going strong as Operator E. WIC' 
GINS, a top player, looked on. Wiggins r 
not eligible to compete since transferrir 
to North Park Station. . . We will see yt 
again next time in print. 

- TCattm Si^z i i4a/u>H Piuitt ' 


Our deepest sympathy is extended to tl 
family of WILMONT SIMPSON, TransJi 
Room, in the death of her father in Ri! 
Banks, Mississippi.. .R. J. STAVINGA ri 
turned from his Las Vegas vacation with 
smile on his face. Guess it wasn't so ba 
..Janitor GENE RE ID and Carpenter Fort 
man JOE FUCARINO chose their vacatio) 
wisely. They are sunning in Florida, 
haven't heard from JOE KLEIN, Transfl 
Room, as to where he chose to go, but 
wish them all a very restful vacation..,! 
welcome mat is out to Inspectors JO] 
of building construction. 

- QautU SeoCt 


Foreman A. SWOOPE, Forest Park, 
asking that anyone who would like to dor 
blood for Repairman CHUCK MEYERS 
do so at Illinois Masonic hospital. Chuc"" 
will undergo open heart surgery. . .The o 
flee personnel wish a speedy recovery 1 
Clerk C. VANDERVEST, Forest Park, wll 
is home sick. . . Congratulations to I 
BRINSON, 61st Street, who was promoti 
from B to A repairman. . . Everyone we 
comes C. JOHNSON to 61st Street Term 
nal...A party was held for Repairman 
CARR, 61st Street, who retired Feb 
ter 27 years of service. ..Lots of luck to 
BUFORD, 61st Street, on his instructo; 
training. Hope you make It, James, 
surprise party was given for S. NETTLE 
Among those attending were A. MOORE al 
his lovely wife, ARLENE...C. WILLIAJ 
with his new hairdo became Dan Ryan 
first "Super Fly. "..Good luck to C. TOWI 
SEND and V. COLLYARD on their Instruc 
tor's training. .. M. McINTOSH gave tl 
birthday party of the year. Everyoi 
seemed to be there. Even the weig 
watchers, J. ARMSTRONG and his beaut 
ful wife, ANGELA. 



?i*U Pieittt 


Retired Schedule Superintendent L. ' 
DUTTON visited the office recently aJ 
looks very well. Retirement really agretj 
with him.. .WILLIE SCOTT'S daughter Wi; 



risd on Jan. 26. Congratulations to the 
;p;oouple... NORMAN OSWALD and his 
li) drove to Florida where they visited 
at es and Disney World. . . We extend 

^artfelt sympathy to Pensioner JOHN 
N;S in the loss of his wife on Jan. 9... 
oe'ed a short note from Pensioner 
;0.3E BRYAN who is living in Califor- 

:d doing well after a hernia opera- 
a. Congratulations to BILL STANLEY 
3 ecame a father for the first time 
erhis wife gave birth to a baby girl, 
jiBETH ANN, weighing 7 pounds 14 
ici. Mother, father and baby are doing 
U . Schedule Clerk JOE RITROVATO 
1 ;rforming outdoor household chores 
d now hopping around with the aid of a 


ilitiere it is March and soon the trees 
11 3 budding, flowers blooming, and the 
:d, singing with spring making her 
iiiul appearance. ..Congratulations and 
icgood luck to Assistant Station Super- 
,e:lent RONALD BAKER who was ap- 
ind district superintendent-North R.T. 
st'.ct on Feb. 3. ..On Feb. 1 Agent AL- 
ICfSO DELCORSE decided to take life 
sjind retire. Racine Station on the En- 
i\od Branch won't seem the samewith- 
fc l...Good luck to Conductor PAUL DU- 
Llwho retired on Jan. 1 after more than 
;ars of service. An open house was 
ICjit Ashland Avenue by his friends and 
-jrkers and Paul is shown here re- 

ing a farewell gift from Station Super- 
;ident STANLEY CHRIST. ..We all had a 
e shock when Conductor LORENZO 
VSON passed away suddenly. He al- 
t; worked and never was sick. Our 
Direst sympathy to the Lawson family... 
il Foreman JAMIE MORRIS took a win- 
ivacation to Florida and enjoyed the 
in sunny weather... Greetings to newly 
Il employees: MICHAEL GREEN, 
;n JASPER. ..Our heartfelt sympathy to 
!red Towerman PATRICK JOYCE and 
(wife in the loss of their daughter, 
[iRENCE, recently. .. Received a nice 

letter from Retired Assistant Station Su- 
perintendent JOE TVRDIK from Oakland, 
Arkansas. He says they are really getting 
a winter down there. He's just waiting for 
the ice to melt so he can go fishing for 
trout. He visited with Retired Motorman 
CHARLES McMORROW in Mountain Home, 
Arkansas, Charlie had just returned from 
a trip to Alaska which he said was great. 
He even went up to the Arctic Circle by 

plane Good to see Conductors ROSCOE 

to work off the sick list. 

Supervisor ANDY O'BRIEN told us all 
about his winter vacation in Phoenix, Ari- 
zona. While there he visited with Retired 
Motorman ED (Three-star) HENNESSY and 
his wife, VIOLA, and Retired Collector 
TOM McINERNY and his wife, former As- 
signment Agent NANCY. They all had a 
good time talking over old times. Ed also 
wrote to tell us he had a nice visit from 
Retired Conductor JOSEPH (Mr. Sox) 
SCHUMACHER and his wife who live in 
California. They talked about the Sox and 
Cubs. ..Congratulations to Conductor ED- 
who recently qualified as clerks. ..Received 
news that Retired Motorman DENNIS 
O'GRADY passed away. He was 96 years 
old. . . Clerk AL RAKESTRAW got away 
from it all and had a ball down in Miami 
Beach, Florida, on vacation... Stopping off 
at Ashland not long ago were Retired Tow- 
erman FRANK PENTA, Retired Motorman 
DAVID O'MALLEY and Retired Supervisor 
DAN HAYES. All three look wonderful and 
are sure an advertisement for retired life. 
. . My hubby. Clerk ROLAND, and I were 
guests at the retirement dinner for HAL 
STAATS, secretary-treasurer of the North 
Side "L" federal credit union who went on 
pension Jan. 1. There was a big turnout to 
greet Mr. Staats, and the buffet dinner was 
just delicious. Our congratulations to MAE 
CRONIN of the credit union on a wonderful 
party. . . Good luck to Conductor EUGENE 
TRIPP who transferred to Vehicle Mainte- 
nance, and to Conductor HENRY TAYLOR 
who transferred to Personnel Develop- 
ment.. .Congratulations and best wishes to 
CHARLES LOUGHRAN, vice-president of 
Division 308, who was appointed special 
organizer of the International Amalgamated 
Transit Union.. .Our passenger commenda- 
tions keep pouring ui: Conductor ROBERT 
JORDAN for helping a passenger recover 
his wallet; Conductor JOHNNIE PALMER 
for his clear and informative announce- 
ments, and Conductors MATHEW WIL- 
clear announcements. . . Received a nice 
card and folder from Retired Towerman 
and Mrs. ELMER PIPKORN from Laguna 
Beach, California. They live in a beauti- 
ful new project with all kinds of recrea- 
tional facilities. . . Instructor DARDEN 
FULLER'S young daughter, LACARISHLA, 
passed away suddenly. Everyone sends 
their deepest sympathy to the Fuller fam- 
ily.. .Motorman TONY and MARIE JAGLA 

just came back from a beautiful trip to 
Hawaii. Oh for those sandy beaches and 
warm days. The Jaglas think Hawaii is 
just great. ..Received a nice note from Re- 
tired Supervisor WALTER HILL and his 
Missus from St. Petersburg and they say 
hello to all their friends here in Chicago. 
. . Taking his pension Jan. 1 after more 
than 22 years of ser- 
vice was Conductor 
A luncheon was held 
at 61st Street for 
Tom and he was 
presented a gift by 
Assistant Station Su- 
perintendent ROB- 

from his co-workers and friends. ..Collec- 
tor THOMAS BRAGGS and Motorman 
ROBERT JAMES were elected co-captains 
of the South Side "L" basketball team. 
Go-go team and let's win some games. 


I'd like to start this column by acquainting 
you with the administrative appointments 
since the first of the year at the Shops: J. 
J. REPPLINGER as director of Vehicle 
Maintenance; J. A. ROSENDHAL as super- 
intendent of automotive vehicle mainte- 
nance; R. M. SCHNEIDER as supervisor of 
bus shops; J.R. PANKONEN as supervisor 
of bus garages ; J. W. DAIN as supervisor 
of instruction and O. K. PETERSON as su- 
pervisor of personnel relations. Congrat- 
ulations and best of luck to all. ..BILL 
KELLY, supervisor of material handlers, 
retired on Feb. 1 with 37 years of service. 
A luncheon was held for Bill on Jan. 31. 
Bill will be at the Marquette Bank, and we 
all wish him the best of luck. ..Congratula- 
tions are extended to JIM RIZZUTO and 
his wife, ELEANOR, on the birth of their 
daughter, ANGELA MARLA, weighing in at 
7 pounds on Dec. 1. Jim works in Material 
Control. Eleanor formerly worked in the 
General Office and was known best by her 
maiden name, Weber. ..The South Shops 
Credit Union hosted its annual meeting and 
dinner dance on Jan. 26 at the Glendora 
House in Chicago Ridge. The entertain- 
ment was provided by Ted Grayson. All 
officers were re-elected for another year. 
The dance was a huge success with approx- 
imately 250 people attending... RAY BLAU 
was appointed project coordinator to Mr. 
Repplinger. Congratulations, Ray. . . I am 
happy to announce the engagement of 
GREGORY. The couple will be joined in 
marriage on May 5. Everyone at the Shops 
wishes Elaine and Bill the best of happi- 
ness in the future. ..It seems GAIL HATH- 
AWAY of Technical Services buys a car 
every year. This year she bought a 1974 
OldsmobUe Cutlass. The exterior is a 
dark green and the Interior is white. Any 
plans yet for next year, Gail?.. A warm 

Arch, ^Q74 




EDWIN O. ANDERSON, 72, North Avenue, 

Emp. 10-17-27, Died 12-7-73 
FRANK A. ANDERSON, 87, North Avenue, 

Emp. 6-1-21, Died 12-26-73 
HOLGER ANDERSON, 90, North Avenue, 

Emp. 7-31-13, Died 12-18-73 
BERNARD ARKEN, 58, North Section, 

Emp. 3-7-44, Died 12-16-73 

Emp. 12-5-24, Died 1-31-74 
WILLIAM J. BLISS, 72, West Section, 

Emp. 12-29-49, Died 12-8-73 
MABEL S. BRADFORD, 84, South Section, 

Emp. 9-12-44, Died 1-26-74 
IRVING BRIM, 69, West Section, 

Emp. 6-14-43, Died 12-29-73 
THOMAS BROWNE, 78, Skokie Shop, 

Emp. 5-6-27, Died 1-13-74 
LOUIS BUSHMA, 83, South Shops, 

Emp. 6-25-43, Died 12-25-73 
JOHN B. CARLSON, 85, Kedzie, 

Emp. 4-2-14, Died 1-1-74 
FRANK CONLEY, 91, North Section, 

Emp. 1906, Died 1-29-74 
FRED CONLEY, 91, North Section, 

Emp. 10-30-07, Died 1-27-74 
JAMES J. CONLON, 88, 77th Street, 

Emp. 1-9-18, Died 12-15-73 
THOMAS J. CONNELLY, 68, 77th Street, 

Emp. 5-8-29, Died 12-26-73 
MARINUS COOPER, 72, Beverly, 

Emp. 9-29-27, Died 1-3-74 
THOMAS A. CUMMANE, 67, NorthAvenue, 

Emp. 7-5-29, Died 1-28-74 
RAYMOND DIETZ, 75, Archer, 

Emp. 12-17-24, Died 12-27-73 
WILLIAM G. ECHOLS, 77, North Avenue, 

Emp. 6-14-28, Died 11-24-73 
STEPHEN FARRELL, 88, 77th Street, 

Emp. 1-9-20, Died 1-26-74 
JOHN F. FIALA, 88, West Section, 

Emp. 6-15-08, Died 12-10-73 

THOMAS FITZPATRICK, 84, 77th Street, 

Emp. 6-1-18, Died 12-17-73 
MIKE FRANCISCO, 83, Wilcox, 

Emp. 4-6-43, Died 1-7-74 
PATRICK GALLAGHER, 77, So. Section, 

Emp. 8-23-43, Died 12-15-73 
MAE I. GEORGOPOULOS, 90, West Sect., 

Emp. 4-20-18, Died 12-21-73 
JOHN HEDERMAN, 87, 69th Street, 

Emp. 10-25-10, Died 1-27-74 
JOSEPH J. HICKEY, 78, North Avenue, 

Emp. 7-13-21, Died 12-29-73 
ROBERT J. HICKEY, 81, Lake Street, 

Emp. 12-7-18, Died 1-21-74 

Emp. 10-8-47, Died 12-21-73 
HOMER J. HOLT, 72, West Section, 

Emp. 4-4-24, Died 1-10-74 
CHARLES KASPER, 88, District C, 

Emp. 7-27-27, Died 1-20-74 
STANLEY KAWALEC, 81, 77th Street, 

Emp. 12-30-19, Died 1-27-74 
HAROLD N. KING, 61, North Park, 

Emp. 1-9-47, Died 1-28-74 
JOHN F. KRIZ, 81, West Shops, 

Emp. 2-20-30, Died 12-28-73 
GEORGE G. LARSON, 78, Lake Street, 

Emp. 6-12-26, Died 1-28-74 
THOMAS J. LEAHY, 72, 77th Street, 

Emp. 12-4-25, Died 1-5-74 
MABEL M. MAGNUSON, 77, Payroll, 

Emp. 11-26-17, Died 12-31-73 
JOHN J. MANNING, 77, 77th Street, 

Emp. 5-6-24, Died 2-1-74 
MICHAEL MASTRE, 90, 69th Street, 

Emp. 4-16-23, Died 12-17-73 
JOHN J. McGOVERN, 60, Claim, 

Emp. 3-18-46, Died 12-30-73 
OWEN McGRORY, 82, West Section, 

Emp. 5-14-14, Died 12-15-73 
MARTEN McHUGH, 89, Devon, 

Emp. 4-17-13, Died 1-18-74 

JOHN MILLER, 83, North Park, 

Emp. 7-27-27, Died 12-24-73 
EDMUND NONA, 69, West Section, 

Emp. 3-6-34, Died 1-13-74 
THOMAS NORTON, 83, Devon, 

Emp. 3-20-12, Died 12-22-73 
DENNIS O'GRADY, 95, South Section, 

Emp. 11-15-05, Died 1-22-74 
EDWARD J. O'GRADY, 69, Skokie Shop,[ 

Emp. 2-7-51, Died 12-25-73 
EDWIN L. OLSBERG, 75, West Division] 

Emp. 9-3-43, Died 1-20-74 

Emp. 3-10-60, Died 1-9-74 
CHARLES PIEKAL, 74, Kedzie Garage, 

Emp. 10-29-42, Died 12-14-73 
ISADORE PLOTNICK, 74,Constr. & Mall 

Emp. 11-30-48, Died 1-14-74 
JOSEPH A. RABIG, 84, 77th Street, 

Emp. 7-24-18, Died 1-26-74 
JOHN J. REILLY, 91, Lincoln, 

Emp. 6-20-11, Died 1-21-74 

Emp. 12-19-23, Died 1-11-74 
EMIL J. SCHREIBER, 74, Limits, 

Emp. 6-24-37, Died 12-20-73 

Emp. 6-1-25, Died 12-29-73 

Emp. 5-29-23, Died 12-22-73 , 

ANDREW L. STEVENS, 73, North Sectio, 

Emp. 10-7-26, Died 12-23-73 
MATHIAS E. STIGUCH, 65, Building, , 

Emp. 7-20-42. Died 12-21-73 
JOHN E. SUTTER, 59, Beverly, 

Emp. 8-7-41, Died 12-28-73 
ELMER H. THIEBEN, 80, 77th Street, 

Emp. 6-28-26, Died 1-15-74 , 

MICHAEL J. WATERS, 82, 77th Street, , 

Emp. 11-27-22, Died 1-5-74 
MARK R. WEBSTER, 84, Kedzie, 

Emp. 2-10-15, Died 12-14-73 

vv'elcome is given to AL THOMAS, who 
came to us from West Shops. 

TER just had his skis repainted. On the 
bottom it says, "if you can read this send 
help. "..News from the engine line is that 

the fellows are looking for a pie thief 

JOE KOPINSKI and his wife, JEAN, have 
been married for 35 years now. Congratu- 
lations! Ditto for MAX and ADELINE 
HAMILTON who also celebrated 35 years 
together. ..BOB SMITH is willing to share 
his camper with anyone who will supply 
the gas. How about IKE WOODS, Bob?.. 
ED and MARY NAUSIEDAS are celebrating 
18 years of marriage this month. In the 
Machine Shop, FRANCIS and CHARLOTTE 
SOBZAK are celebrating their 34th wed- 
ding anniversary. ..Happy birthday to FRED 
(Banana Nose) PETROZZ. Fred says "29 
and feelin' fine! "..In the convertor area, 
anniversary greetings go out to WTLLLAM 
and ELSIE PANEK, their 29th. BILL and 

ROSE HOWE celebrated their eighth by 
taking in a movie and dinner afterwards at 
Lum's. They had hot dogs steamed in 
beer. ..You can blame a new stereo if you 
see BILL RAFFERTY coming to work late 
and still half asleep. ..JOHN GAUDIE and 
FRANK KLINE figure they'll save over 
$100 a year on milk costs since buying that 
cow last month. ..Congi'atulations go out to 
ing journeymen last month. ..NICK SIMO- 
NETTI and his wife, ANGEL INE, spent nine 
days in Greece. While there martial law 
was in effect throughout the country and 
Nick insists it was purely coincidental... 
It's sure nice to have WALTER KAWECKI 
and PAT BARRY back on the job after 
being off sick. Good health to you guys... 
I would like to wish speedy recoveries to 
are on R&R at home (that's not Rock & Rye 
either). ..JOE KENNY reports receiving a 
letter bomb from the guys in Bay 6. ..ALEX 
GASICK, print shop, has good reason to be 

proud. His daughter, GAYE, is going; 
appear with actress Anne Jeffries in ap' 
at the Pheasant Run Playhouse Feb. '■ 
through Mar. 17.. .RICH and MARGE 2; 
JAC are elated over the birth of thj 
third grandchild, KEVIN, an 8 pounel 
ounce bouncing bundle of joy. . . EUGEi 
CORKER, Area 345, is looking for so^ 
former army buddies who served in f 
452nd Anti-aircraft Battalion, D Battoj 
during World War U. Please contact GiJ 
c/o South Shops. ..Rumor has it that RU,' 
GOODE has been getting his shoes shi) 1 
at a topless shoe shine parlor. .. HEN, 
and BERNICE MILEWSKI enjoyed a wee,l 
vacation on the paddlewheeler Delta Que f 
They travelled from Minneapolis-St. P.I 
to St. Louis. Aboard ship they dinj 
danced and were entertained.. .More anf 
versary greetings: to ROBERT and CCf 
LEEN FUHRMAN on their 25th and A/ 
22nd wedding anniversaries.. .We 're clos! 
on a sad note. ADAM ZARAZA, Area 3 



Bills mother-in-law this past month, and derful retirement, which will be spent in 
irlondolences also to TED W06S, re- the Sunshine State of Florida, 
re foreman, in the passing of his mother. 

- ^eAHtu T>itM & ^ou/tiHCt ^euuu 


iVvIOND DAGENAIS retired as super- 
tcient of surface operations on Feb. 1. 
s ad combined service totalling 324 
jai with CTA and the old CSL. Ray is 
cired with General Operations Manager 

ERGE KRAMBLES (left) and Transpor- 
itQ Manager DAVID M. FLYNN (right). 
Bind his wife, SYLVIA, will now enjoy 
i£iselves in the warmth of Arizona, 
h'e many of their friends are living, 
'eill wish them a very happy and won- 
iiA retirement. . .We extend our sym- 
alyT to Line Supervisor DARDEN FUL- 
E whose daughter, LACARISHIA, passed 
w on Feb. 7. 

JIty and Emergency Service) - 
band Mrs. W. J. (Pat) PORCELIUS va- 
ajmed in Las Vegas during the holidays 
[I'were greeted by a record snowfall... 
[] and Mrs. HOWARD SURRETT vaca- 
osd in Mexico where they visited Aca- 

10 and did some deep-sea fishing 

ARY HEISE with 43 years service, and 
G CASEY with 30 years service, joined 
K'ranks of the retired on Feb. 1. They 
i both be greatly missed and we wish 
111 many long years of good health and 
aiiness. .. Congratulations to CHARLES 
^lE on his appointment as union steward 
):Local 726 of the Brotherhood of Team- 
ti's...A big "Thank You" is extended to 
VH, the wife of O. W. JOHNSON, for all 
]i homemade goodies she sends to Blue 
ind for the many retirement festivities. 
I'ryone extends their appreciation for all 
^hard work and generosity. 

r'nsportation Instruction) - 
li'Feb. 1 RAY PRYOR, supervising In- 
t'lctor, began his retirement after 38 
trs of service. There was a very nice 
lorise luncheon for him at 69th Street 
tion which was attended by his many 
t!nds. He was also presented with a gift, 
'ch I know he appreciates and will use a 
Jat deal. Congratulations and best 
'hes for a very healthy, happy and won- 


first baby born in the Kenwood-Hyde Park 
area In '74. The proud parents are Oper- 
ator and Mrs. J. C. SKIPPER. Janine 
weighed in at 8 pounds 12 ounces. The 
Skippers will receive gifts from mer- 
chants in the area who sponsor the "First 
Baby" each year. ..Day Foreman GUSTAVE 
PAVELKA retired on Feb. 1 and his co- 
workers from all over the system came by 
52nd to see him off. H. McGANN has re- 
placed Gus as day foreman. H. JOHNSON, 
former assistant day foreman, was trans- 
ferred to Kedzie Station. . . Our credit 
union's 13th annual meeting was held Jan. 
25 at Bethel A.M.E. church center and was 
well attended. Reports were given by 
ERNEST A. HILL, president; TYLER M. 
PHILPOTT, treasurer; ROBERT B. 
HOLMES, chairman of the credit commit- 
tee; FRED B. POWELL, chairman of the 
supervisory committee; CHARLES 

O'KANE, chairman of the membership 
committee, and ALVIN POTTS Jr., assist- 
ant treasurer. All reports reflected the 
credit union's progress and were approved 
unanimously by the membership. ROBERT 
CHARLES O'KANE were again elected as 
members on the board, and WALTER 
FALLS Jr. as a member on the credit 
committee. Among the guests were Mr. 
and Mrs. JAMES A. PATE, Mr. and Mrs. 
FY, and the wives of our attending mem- 
bers. Prizes were awarded and refresh- 
ments served.. .Best wishes for a speedy 
recovery are extended to LYDELL SMITH, 
Mrs. FLORENCE HOLMES. ..Too many 
fail to read posted notices — get in the hab- 
it of reading them daily. ..Protect your job 
and your future. RTA will help, but it all 
depends on what kind of service we give to 
the public as operators, so pitch in and do 
what's expected by our patrons. Better 
service will mean more riders, more jobs 
and benefits for us . 


On Jan. 2 my roommate and I were mar- 
ried for 36 years. This scribe, ART BUE- 
SING, hopes she has 36 more. . . Did you 
fellows see the picture of our No. 1 man, 
J. R. WILSON, in the last issue on the an- 
niversary page ? He was in the 40-year 
class. He and I are going to help HANK 
RISCH, soon to have 40 years also, get rid 
of the insides of those antique whiskey bot- 
tles he has stored up. ..Sure miss seeing 
Box Puller ED (Paperman) TIERNEY now 

that he has retired. . . My elbow-bending 
friend. Box Puller CLYDE E. WOOL, also 
retired. Clyde was formerly from the old 
38th Street barn. ..To make sure it was of- 
ficial, about 80 people stuffed themselves 
with food cooked by SIG WODARCZYK, and 
beans by LEROY MARSHALL, when Super- 
vising Instructor RAY PRYOR retired. He 
is going down to Florida to play a little 
golf. .. Pensioner DAVE McGOWAN, for- 
merly the fastest man with a key at the 
vaults, can be seen buttering up BART 
JOHNSON at his tap on West 55th Street... 
Instructor BIRMINGHAM has lost so much 
weight (160 pounds), he also lost his pants 
when he stretched while painting his house. 
..Pensioner F. C. STAWINSKI won't send 
me his address in Florida for fear I will 
out-fish him and drink all his booze. ..Gee, 
G. JAMES, I miss how you operated and 
picked me up after I had breakfast with 
Marge at Walgreens... GEORGE JAROS will 
be taking his pension soon... Former Super- 
intendent E. C. TOCCI took about 50 boys 
from Leo High school to Notre Dame on 
retreat. The boys were fine, but I'm not 
too sure of Ernie. ..Pensioner MIKE HEN- 
EHAN paid us a visit with his two teenage 
sons. He looks like he could lead any of us 
down the street. . .TONY VANDENBERG 
lost his three-week Florida tan when he 
returned to our eight degree weather. ..We 
extend our deepest sympathy to W. J. 
WITTSTOCK in the loss of his mother.. .It 
is dangerous to come around the round 
table between 4:00 and 4:30 a.m.; J. J. 
KELLY will vouch for that. SCOTTY HIG- 
GINS is there on Monday, and between F. 
and myself, you better not miss a meeting. 
In fact, MICKEY YOUNG, after indulging in 
Dake's picnic basket, has always brought 
a good supply of coffee from White Castle 
and homemade cake just to stay friends... 
Have you noticed the new look of the 
Transit News ? How about helping by 
dropping a few lines of news in my mail 
box by the clerk's window. 

From the Repair Department we hear that 
TOM CLEMENS took his pension on Mar. 
1. Tom will make his home in Ireland... 
We offer our sincere sympathy to the fam- 
ily of JOHNNY (Pops) HEDERMAN who 
passed away recently. . . The best of luck 
and happiness in their retirement years to 
these new pensioners: BILL KELLY who 
retired as supervisor of material handlers; 
GUSTAVE PAVELKA, formerly 69th day 
foreman, who retired from 52nd, and 
JACK COOKE from the Mart. . . HARVEY 
BROCK is going on another of his famous 
fishing trips. I only hope he brings back 
some bass instead of carp this time. . . 
Here's hoping JIM CASEY will have a good 
time on his vacation.. .To C. CRACCO and 
JOHN JOHNSON who are on the sick list, 
we wish you both a speedy recovery. ..We 
wish KENNY KOELYN and his bride many 
long years of health and happiness. 

V^RCH, 1974 


CTA Provides More 

Service for Skokie 

13 Southwest Skokie 


— OdLi 

^B - CTA bus route 
( ) - United bus route 

CTA's NEW weekday rush 
period bus service linking 
downtown Skokie with CTA's 
rapid transit terminal and bus 
interchange center at Jeffer- 
son Park on the city's North- 
west Side started Monday, 
March 4. 

For riders within Skokie, 
the new bus service features 
a local 25-cent fare as a re- 
sult of a subsidy program 
provided by the Skokie Village 

Known as No. 13 Southwest 
Skokie, the new bus route also 
provides residents of Lincoln- 
wood and a section of Chica- 
go with a new "feeder" ser- 
vice to the Kennedy rapid 
transit terminal at Jefferson 

The Jefferson Park termi- 
nal is also a major transfer 
point for ten existing CTA 
bus routes, a North Western 
railraod commuter station, 
three routes of the United 
Motor Coach company, and 
cross-country service of 
Greyhound buses. Connec- 
tions may be made at the Jef- 
ferson Park terminal with 
CTA's No, 40 buses which 
serve O'Hare Airport. 
Service is provided Monday through Friday every 20 minutes be- 
tween 6:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., and between 2:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. 
For rides other than the local 25-cent trips within Skokie, the 
basic fare schedule for the new rush period bus service is as fol- 
lows : 

Jefferson Pa* 
Transit Center 

Connecting wrtti: 
Rapid Transit to 
Loop/West side 
arid Bus routes 
United Motor Coach 
and CNW Rit 

Inbound from Skokie— 75 cents. 

Inbound within Chicago (originating south of Pratt 
avenue)— 45 cents. 

Outbound— 45 cents. 

Within Skokie, free transfers may be made between the new CTA 
bus route and the United Motor Coach No. 16-17 Skokie bus route. 


11 • 

S. P 





f- o > 





cc-n,x4^f ijtv 



Cher Station Wins 
Crown as Season Ends 

ATER AN outstanding season of ten wins and one 
Ics, the Archer Station team put it all together to 
dieat the highly rated North Park team 80 to 77 to 
ivi the coveted CTA Sports Program 1973-74 basket- 
b:l crown in a game that spelled excitement from 
3irt to finish. 

In the final game at De LaSalle High school gym, 
Nrth Park led at half time 39 to 38, and at the be- 
f ning of the second half they jumped out to a seven- 
pmt lead. Archer immediately called a timeout, and 
Cich Bankston stressed control of the boards to win, 
A:her quickly responded and assumed a three-point 
ltd, a margin which was held until the final buzzer. 

Throughout the season Coach Bankston reminded 
t players that the most disciplined team would win 
tl tournament. He feels it did. 

High point man for the game was Archer forward 
Jnes Reynolds who had a total of 25 points. Backing 
"Reynolds during the game was Tom Collins at the 
er forward post, Ray Garner at center, and James 
'Iker and Jackie Paradise, the guards. 

iThe fans responded with an overwhelming ovation 
tfshow their appreciation to the athletes for their 
fe display of sportsmanship and excellent per- 
f<mance. (See Page 4) 

ardening in Your Yard 
an be Fun and Profitable 

IF YOU didn't have a reason to grow a garden before, 
you sure do now. With prices of vegetables being what 
they are it makes sense to turn a non-productive 
patch of your back yard into a goldmine for your din- 
ing room table. 

Begin planning your garden now because the plant- 
ing season is almost here. 

For some within the CTA's ranks, gardening has 
long been a favorite warm weather avocation. Fol- 
lowing are the case histories of five such CTA gar- 
deners whose experiences can serve as guidelines. 

For each one of the gardeners interviewed, toma- 
toes have annually been No. 1 on the list of vegetables 
in their gardens. Tomatoes come in different shapes 
and sizes, but cherry tomatoes are generally the 
easiest to grow and require the least space. 

Each of the gardeners planted tomato seeds during 
March in the protection and warmth of their homes to 
give the plants a good head start before transplanting 
outdoors during May, 

Ed Weston, relief superintendent of North Avenue 
Station, starts his tomatoes in six inches of dirt in 
peat pots sitting in dirt on the floor of his utility 
room. Until they are planted in the garden, he takes 
the pots outside into the sunshine for at least an hour 
each day. When the plants are about a foot high he 
places the pots into the ground, 

Frank Vitek, assistant superintendent of 77th 
Street Station, starts his tomatoes in a way that in- 
sures maximum exposure to sunlight. Seeds are 
planted in miniature hothouses — wooden trays filled 
with dirt and covered with plastic (Continued Page 2) 

Frank Vitek unwrapping a "hothouse," 



APRIL, 1974 

Gardening (Continued) 

food wrapping — which are placed adjacent to the glass 
sliding door on the south side of his house. 

He also starts a second crop of tomato plants from 
seed in April alongside his house under the protection 
of neatly arranged storm windows. The "greenhouse" 
is removed when the weather warms up. 

Art Cooper, clerk at Kedzie Station, plans to move 
his 18 or 20 tomato plants outdoors late in May. 
During June he will buy another dozen plants to add to 
his garden, insuring a constant supply over an ex- 
tended period of time. 

Preparing the earth for planting is essential to a 
plentiful crop according to Weston. Early in April he 
rototilled his entire garden, mixing in sheep manure 
and peat moss. He says the crust which forms on top 
of the earth holds in moisture as seeds germinate. 

Paul Cleaver, superintendent of signals and com- 
munications, is one gardener who refuses to buy 
fertilizer from the store. Instead, he uses such waste 
materials as egg shells, used tea leaves, vegetable 
skins and even grass clippings which are turned into 
the soil. 

Besides tomatoes, each of the CTA gardeners sur- 
veyed also grows lettuce. But that's where the sim- 
ilarity ends. The wide selection of other vegetables 
goes on to include beets, brussels sprouts, cabbage, 
carrots, cucumbers, green beans, onions, potatoes, 
radishes, spinach, squash, sweet corn, sweet pep- 
pers, turnips, and zucchini. Vitek's garden offers the 
widest selection with a total of 14 vegetables. 

Besides six common vegetables, Weston's garden 
includes watermelon and cantaloupe. It is, in fact, 
Ed's melon farming that has resulted in a 30 per cent 
expansion of his garden this year. "The garden was 
just too crowded last year," he said. "Cantaloupes 
reached the size of a 12-inch Softball and I had to take 

Heat and humidity within the 
"hothouse" boxes is condu- 
cive to early germination and 
rapid growth. Frank Vitek dem- 
onstrates transplanting into a 
peat pot for planting in garden. 

a watermelon into the station to show everyone llv 
big they got. Besides that, their garden-fresh ta'e 
is just beyond comparison." [ 

Weston's garden measures 50 feet by 20 feet, e 
started it four years ago to have a hobby and now i^ 
one of his favorite pastimes. He would be quick'o 
admit there's quite a bit of satisfaction in grow'g 
food for the dinner table, especially after walkg 
past the produce counter in the supermarket id 
looking at the prices. 

Cleaver didn't increase the size of his garden t's 
year but his wife has already established priorits 
for what to grow based on the cost of produ«. 
"Onions, lots of onions," he said. "Frozen beans il 
carrots lasted until just a couple of weeks ago, 't 
the onions hungup in the garage were all gone eay 
in the winter." | 

What's he leaving off this year's roster? Grti 
peas — according to Cleaver they just didn't come 3 
to expectations last year. His garden measuis 
10 feet by 25 feet. And as for how he began gardt- 
ing four years ago. Cleaver says, "That's when ^3 
moved from an apartment to our own home. Besidr, 
I've always been curious about what makes thirs 
grow. And, you know, you can really tell the diffe- 
ence between fresh vegetables and packaged ones."' 

For Cooper gardening has been a pastime since Is 
first victory garden in World War II. Once his enti^ 
back yard was overflowing with vegetables. Nowti 
garden covers 10 feet by 30 feet. 

In addition to planting tomatoes at two differs t 
times. Cooper also has two plantings of cucumbei, 
in mid-May and early June, to stretch out the harveu 
"I have always found gardening to be a pleasure. It 
seeing the prices of vegetables today really makest 
worth my while," Cooper e.Kplained. 

Vitek is another long-time gardener, and he sei 
aside a 20 foot by 40 foot plot every year. Besidf 
starting tomatoes indoors, head lettuce and swe^ 
peppers take well in his "hothouses." '■ 

Not only does Vitek reap a savings by not buyi; 
vegetables in the supermarket, he also saves on sel 
costs. "For a number of years now I have kept t^ 
seeds from acorn squash, sweet peppers and zucch:i 
for planting during the following season," he ex- 

Harold Childers, the reputed "green thumb" " 
Forest Glen Station, is another whose gardening da; 
go back to World War II. His victory garden w 
along the Milwaukee Road tracks near Irving Pai 
For the last 15 years though, gardening has been co- 
fined to a 15 foot by 25 foot area behind his Norrid 
home. On retirement since Feb. 1, Childers will ' 
moving soon to the warmer climate of sunny Flori 
where he hopes to eventually resume his hobby. 

Childers liked nothing better than to walk into h 
garden and pick fresh vegetables which he could e; 
joy with dinner. In fact, the picture on page 8 of th 
Transit News shows him in uniform standing in h 
garden holding a tomato in each hand. 


17 Advance as L-Subway Traffic Supervisors 

- Jcently qualified as traf- 

1; supervisors upon com- 
,. letion of the Rapid Trans- 
P i Supervisor Training 
J? |-ogram. 

Graduates of the pro- 
.„ i-am have been placed in 
,j.|e rapid transit super- 
j 'sors pool, from which 
.. iey will serve assign- 
. |ents on a temporary 

ksis to obtain valuable 

■cperience and be evalu- 
,., ed in their progress toward advancement as regular rapid transit supervisors. 

I ' Listed alphabetically, the graduates of the training program are: Braxton Atkinson, Roosevelt Cory, John 
", pzzens, James Daugherty, Thomas Freeman, John Hinton, Jerry Johnson, Elliot Linne, Joseph Nash, Howard 
" 'or man, Thomas Overton, Louis Payne, Walter Peeples, Frank Peppers, Freeman Pickett, Gerald Rhodes and 
,, 'illie Wofford. 

!^, j Management personnel in the Transportation Department pictured here with the new supervisors are, from 
I [ft, Edward Heatter, senior superintendent of Operations Control; James Blaa, superintendent of rapid transit 
I perations: David Fl.\Tin, transportation manager; Ralph Tracy, superintendent of operations, and Herbert Low- 

istein, superintendent of south rapid transit district. 


ISTRIBUTION AND use of a new health insurance 
laim form for active and retired CTA employees and 
"leir eligible dependents will start April 1974 accord- 
\g to William A. Ashley, manager of insurance and 
bnsions . 

The new form replaces all previous forms except 
16 "Disability Notice" and must be completed by em- 
loyees for themselves or their dependents when 
laking claims for hospital, surgical, diagnostic or 
{lajor medical benefits. 

The three-page snap-out form includes (1) a cover 
page of complete instructions, (2) a page to be filled 
out by the employees and (3) a page to be completed 
by the doctor. 

Active employees may obtain the new claim form 
at the location where they work. Retired employees 
may obtain a form by calling the CTA Insurance De- 
partment at 664-7200 or writing to the department in 
Room 746, Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illi- 
nois 60654. 

CTATI Students See Inner Workings of CTA 

THE WINTER session of the CTA Technical Institute 
CTATI) acquainted 14 more participants with the 
nner workings of CTA. The class included eight 
larticipants representing governmental agencies, 
ransit properties and private corporations, as well 
iS six CTA management-level employees. 
; The CTATI is a six-day seminar designed to 
icquaint participants with the day-to-day operation of 
vTA and its associated problems. It includes ses- 
lions with CTA personnel from virtually every de- 
i>artment and is conducted by the Personnel Develop- 
ment Department. 

I Participants also get a first-hand look at transit 
pperations by visiting a bus garage, rapid transit 
terminals, shop facilities. Limits Training Center, 
juid the West Shops base of the Plant Maintenance 

The final session included discussion of CTA's 
plans for the future anr' a presentation by a repre- 
sentative of the Illinois Department of Transporta- 
tion regarding coordination with other transit car- 
riers and regional planning. CTATI participants and 
personnel who served in an instruction capacity are 
pictured at the conclusion of the session. 

APRIL. 1974 

TA Sport 

MEL ALEXANDER, Sports Editor 

At The Cubs Training Camp 

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Frank Wsol, assistant sta- 
tion superintendent of 77th Street, on a recent visit to 
Scottsdale, had the pleasure of meeting Ernie Banks, 
CTA Board Member and Chicago Cubs coach, when he 
visited the Cubs spring training camp. 

Ernie sends his regards to all CTA employees, and 
a big hello to all the operators at 77th Street Station. 

Noted for his famous quips, Ernie said, "The Cubs 
will do more in '74 and also CTA." 






George's Arco 




Archer Bandits 




Pin Busters 




Road Runners 




500 Club 












Late Comers 




Hot Hands 



































North Avenue 
69th Street 
Kedzie "A" 
North Side "L' 
North Park 
77th Shop 
Forest Glen 
Kedzie "B" 
South Side "L' 
52nd Street 
77th Street 





Archer Station New CT/ 
Basketball Champs 

CARRYING THE fight to the boards after a gq 
"chewing out" from Coach Bankston, the Archer St 
tion basketball team outfought and outshot the No: 
Park team to emerge as champions of the CTA Btf 
ketball League by a score of 80 to 77 in the tournj 
ment finale on March 22 at DeLaSalle High schc 


With the quarter finals starting on March 8, elii 
inations began with North Avenue defeating 71 
Shop, North Park beating 69th Street, Archer knocki ' 
off Forest Glen and North Side "L" topping Keds 
"A". In the semi-final round on March 15, Arch 
and North Park were the winners. 

The clash between Archer and North Park was fj 
and furious with the score being tied 11 times duri 
the game. After the final buzzer, the overflow cro' 
gave both teams a standing ovation for one of the b( 
games of the season. 



!<-:/.% y 

THE CHAMPS, Archer Station, had their picture taken prior to the final 
buzzer. In a seemingly pensive mood are, kneeling, left to right: Assist- 
ant Station Superintendent W. V. Coleman (now station superintendent at 
69th Street), J.Walker, J. Paradise, G. Golden, K.Williams and R.Woods. 
Standing: Sports Director A. Bray, Assistant Sports Director J. Robinson, 
Coach H. Bankston, T. Collins, R. Garner, J. Reynolds, H. Johnson, 
W. Caldwell, W. Lewis and K. DuCree. 

SOME OF the fast paced action of the championship game is shown in 
the above photos, while the bottom pictures depict the action in the 
consolation game between North Side "L" and North Avenue. In the 
left column, the starting five for Archer are, top to bottom T. Collins, 
J. Reynolds, J. Walker, J. Paradise and H. Garner. In the right column 
the starting five for North Pork are: B. Barn, C. Brown, C. McGee, 
B. Barry and D. Lewis. 










F^ ■■ ''-^9fi 

^fl/L, 1974 

77th St. Superintendent 

John Knerr Honored 
at Retirement Par 

to the large crowd in attendance at Club AH'o 
by Clifton Servant, chairman of the retirerit 
party for Mr. Knerr, 

UNAWARE OF what was taking place, Superintendent 
John Knerr received a standing ovation when the 
doors to the main dining room at Club Allegro rolled 
back and revealed the large crowd on hand to honor 

On the night of March 16, John Knerr was the man 
of the hour. The occasion was a retirement farewell 
to a man who had shown much consideration and un- 
derstanding to the men who worked for him. All of 
them refer to him as "the man who cared." 

In addressing the large audience, Milton Pikarsky, 

CTA Chairman, had high praise for Mr. Knerr, | 
Clifton Servant, chairman for the occasion, reaa 
letter from T. B. O'Connor, retired general manag). 
The letter read in part: "You were a loyal and der 
cated employee — one who accepted, as a mattertf 
course, long hours on duty, in bad weather and goo- 
in an earnest effort to provide the best possible s - 
vice to our patrons." | 

A special award was presented to Mr. Knerr j 
Operator Robert Holtam in behalf of all the 7h 
Street operators. 

With Next Paycheck 

Report Cards Show Retirement Plan Credit 

ALONG WITH paychecks distributed between April 10 
and 18, all CTA employees will receive report cards 
showing credit with the Retirement Plan and other 
valuable information. 

According to William A. Ashley, Plan secretary, 
information provided on the face of each employee's 
card may be used in the formula on the reverse side 
to estimate retirement benefits and total credit with 
the Plan as of the last payday of 1973. Employees 
with LESS than five years of service, for whom no 
"estimated five year average earnings" is provided, 
can make the projection by using the earnings credit 
for 1973. Employees are advised to retain the cards 
for ready reference . 

Mr. Ashley also announced that during 1973 ap- 
proval was given by the Retirement Committee to 334 
retirement applications of CTA employees. Of that 
total, 116 applicants had reached the normal retire- 
ment age of 65 years, 163 were early retirements in 
the age group under 65, and 55 were disability re- 

Exercising survivorship options were 22 retire ; 
three of whom chose the "all" option, three the "2 ' 
option, and 16 the "1/2" option. 

Contributions to the Retirement Plan during 1 3 
totaled $28,063,452 — contributions by employees Wie 
$10,341,877 and CTA contributions amounted b 
$17,721,575. Approved during the year were d- 
bursements totaling $15,475,740 covering paymes 
to retired employees, refunds to employees ^p 
terminated their services and to deceased empl(r 
ees' beneficiaries and expenses of administration. 

During 1973 assets of the fund increased $17,71 - 
490, making a total of $136,422,875 as of December J 
held by the Continental Illinois Bank and Trust co" 
pany, trustee for the Plan. 

These funds held by the trustee are invested i 
U.S. government securities, Farm Home Administi" 
tion loans, corporate bonds and notes, common stc: 
and CTA revenue bonds. 



a;OUNTING (Datacenter) - 

IVRION SUTHERLAND again had the good 
fctune to escape Chicago's bitter winter 
ft awhile with a sojourn on the West 
Cist. Included in her vacation was a visit 
t( Vegas (she won but she isn't saying 
h/ much) where she saw many of the 
crent shows. Among other things, she 
tii very impressed not only with the 
tent of Liza Minelli but with her beauty. 
..AN FRUSOLONE took a disability re- 
tijment on March 1 after more than 30 
yirs of service. Dan, we all wish you 
wl. . . MARIE FOLZ has purchased a 
l(ely condominium apartment in Highland 
Irk. We wish you lots of luck and hap- 
pess in your new home, Marie. 

- Six^ 4eu 

(lyroll) - 

Pppy spring everyone! Wehrner Von 
llaun wrote, "Nature does not know ex- 
tction. All it knows is transformation." 
■VU, we can see this happening as the 
viter days roll by and the sun shines in. 
ling on vacation, your scribe found it a 
frfect time for spring cleanup and re- 
I'dng at home...VAL BOWMAN found her 
Isure vacationing in Chicago visiting her 
inily and friends. ..With time to travel, 
IVRGE ORGAN visited friends in Lake 
lla during her Chi-Town vacation. ..The 
(11 of the wild lured DORIS YOST and her 
Ibby, FRED, to Northern Wisconsin. You 
cQ't beat those long walks through the 
iods!..It is certainly a pleasure to see 
IIRIS CAMERON her chipper self again, 
iter her recent illness, Chris would like 
t| thank all her friends for their thought- 
tness during her stay in the hospital... 
fe you soon and a happy Easter to all. 

1 - ^(aUlde "pztiHieieufie^ 


fperintendents H. BRAUN and F. ZEI- 
CR wish to thank all the bus operators 
Ir winning the fourth quarter Interstation 
ifety Contest award for the 11th time, 
oo gives the men a pat on the back, and 
Kes a word of caution on the operation of 
<T new buses: when you pull a new bus 
i|t of the depot and it's running when you 
It behind the wheel, be sure to check the 
iarshift switch. The bus may be in re- 
rse, and if another driver is walking be- 
•een buses behind you, a serious accident 
«uld occur when you step on the gas. Sure 
is nice to see Pensioner JOSEPH WILL, 
ijr former superintendent, at the ISC 
yard festivities. He deserves all the 
'nor due him, and we tip our hat to him. 

We are fortunate in having Mr. Braun as 
our new superintendent. He knows every 
phase of bus operation and understands our 
problems. ..We wish a speedy recovery to 
Pensioner LEROY LILLY who had a seri- 
ous car accident just before he went on 
pension. Keep your chin up, Leroy, as we 
know it was hard to have a happy birthday. 
We hope to see you soon. ..New pensioners 
PROKOP, and my old buddies from Kedzie, 
J. RYAN, JOHN KING and JOE (Squeaky) 
FINNAN. We were sorry to see Union 
Steward John King go on pension, as he 
was one of the best men we had. He was 
always ready to go to bat for you when you 
had a problem or needed help. Good luck 
to all of you fine old-timers, and we wish 
you good health in the golden years. We'll 
do our best to keep the street straight and 
spaced out, and look forward to giving you 
free rides ten times a day for your quart 
of beer. .. Don't forget the Sacred Heart 
Knights of Columbus silver anniversary 
dinner dance at the Martinique Garden 
Room on Sept. 14. Come out and have an 
enjoyable evening. 

- 7<w« Z>AHieti & A*wyi 'pastel 


A big welcome back is extended to LES 
DEMAN who returned after a long illness. 
..There were a couple of housewarming 
parties this month. TOMMIE BOSLEY and 
JIM WYNN recently purchased new home- 
steads. How's the voltage at this one, 
Jim?.. Good luck to HARRY LAATSCH, 
North Division, and RALPH VERNON, 
South Division, on their election to the 
position of divisional representative. The 
alternates are CHET MAZURKIEWICZ and 
HARVEY BELL of the North Division, and 
GEORGE EVANS of the South Division. 


ELECTRICAL (General Office) - 
GEORGE CHRISTENSEN's home was gutted 
by fire over six months ago. Now the 
Christensens are once again back in their 
completely rebuilt abode and, judging from 
all reports, it sounds like a dream home. 
It was a great inconvenience for awhile but 
thankfully no one was injured in the fire. 
Best wishes for many years of happiness 
on Eddy street. ..GEORGE MATEJOVSKY, 
unit supervisor of signal maintenance, and 
his wife, MARY, accompanied his parents 
to Greece to attend the wedding of George's 
sister, CATHY. Before the wedding they 
visited Athens where they met THAN OS, 
the groom-to-be. From there they went to 

Thessalomki to see Anatolia college where 
the bridal couple teach. The wedding was 
on Feb. 10 and the ceremony was celebrat- 
ed in the 1,200-year old Agias Sophias 
(Holy Word) church. The Matejovskys 
rented a car and toured Halkidiki, Kas- 
sandra, Pella and Edessa. George says 
they enjoyed the food, shopping, and es- 
pecially the people during their three-week 
stay and plan to return in two or three 
years with their three young children.. .We 
extend our sympathy to the family of S. S. 
DANECKE, retired superintendent of con- 
struction and maintenance, who passed 
away recently. . . When Pensioner BRUNO 
CZANSTKOWSKI and his wife vacationed 
in Florida they enjoyed a visit with ART 
HANSEL, also retired. . .Keep this date 
open — May 3 — for the 28th annual corned 
beef and cabbage dinner honoring retiring 
personnel of the Electrical Department. It 
wall be at Harrington's, and tickets may be 
obtained from the following men: H. 
JAUMAN and P. SAUVE. Come one, come 
all. We will have a ball. .. CHARLES H. 
PARK, the son of retired substation opera- 
tor C. K. PAflK, recently completed a 
four-year electrician apprenticeship in 
Local #134 I.B.E.W. He was chosen the 
outstanding apprentice and awarded a 
watch at the dinner-dance graduation cer- 
emonies in January. 

- -Kcuf THc/iluu-^ 

(Chicago Avenue) - 

Our opening items aren't too cheerful. 
It was a sad day when former Super- 
intendent of Construction and Maintenance 
SYLVESTER DANECKE passed away on 
Feb. 22. Syl had been on disability re- 
tirement since December 1968. We extend 
our deepest sympathy to his family. Our 
sympathy is also extended to the family of 
Pensioner HARRY BUERGER,, former 
lineman, who passed away March 7 after a 
long illness. Harry had been on pension 
since February 1967. His many friends 


Volume XXVII Number 3 

Published for employees and retirees of 
tfie Chicago Trar>sit Authority, under the 
direction of the Department of Communica- 
tions and Marketing. 

Robett Heinlein, Editor 
Mel Alexamjei, Editorial Assistant 

Distributed free of charge to all active 
and retired CTA employees. Annual sub- 
scription price to others, $2.00. Address 
communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, 
Room 742, Merchandise Mart Plaza, 
Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

PR/L, ^914 

will miss him.. .JACK FRAZIER recently 
conducted a seminar on industrial safety 
and first aid. The two-day session was at- 
tended by 20 men who saw movies and lis- 
tened to Jack. ..JOHN SHEA and his son, 
JOHN, went with the Amvets to Springfield 
for a bowling event. All I could get out of 
John was that he enjoyed the scenery. 
When I mentioned scores, John just 
scowled.. .CHARLIE SALVATORE is in the 
hospital again. I'm sure that cards would 
be appreciated. Let's hope by the time 
this is published, Charlie will be back 
home. 73 

- go. "HitUeH 


First of all I want to thank the Forest Glen 
Credit Union on behalf of all the members 
who attended the last party. It was a love- 
ly affair, and everyone enjoyed them- 
selves. We're all looking forward to next 
year. . . I understand Operator UTLEY's 
lovely Mrs. is quite a coach operator. She 
drives a school bus and is loved by all her 
passengers.. .Very proud new grandparents 
are Operator and Mrs. GRZELAK. Their 
son and daughter-in-law, JACK and 
KATHY, presented them with twins on Feb. 
21. JACKLYN MARY weighed in at 5 
pounds 12 ounces and was 20 inches long, 
and LAURA COLLEEN checked in at 6 
pounds and was 19^ inches long. ..Another 
proud grandfather is Operator TONY De- 
MAY'O whose grandson was born on ieb. 
27. 1 understand he was passing out cigars 
that day. Oh well, leave it to Tony. ..Hap- 
py belated birthday to Operator MILLER. 
He claims 38 years. His lovely daughter, 
NICOLETTE, saved her allowance for the 
past year and treated the old boy to a 
night out. ..Received a card from Operator 
HAAK. He is enjoying the sunshine in 
Florida. Some people just love to rub it 
in. Glad you're enjoying the weather... 
HAROLD CHILDERS said farewell to all 
his co-workers when he retired Feb. 1 and 
turned in Badge 3002 after carrying that 
number for more than 37 years. He is 
shown in one picture as a conductor out of 

healthy years of retired life. . . Operator 
J. R. MILLER just turned in 37 years of 
happy married life with his wife, LU- 
CILLE. Of course he's saying his wife got 
the best of the deal. Yes, Miller, it must 
be love for Lucille to put up with you for 
so long.. .We extend our deepest sympathy 
to Operator ODELL ZEIGLER whose 
mother passed away on Feb. 9. . . By the 
way. Operator MURRAY is correct In 
everything he says about his new bride... 
Operator TONY DeMAYO is planning on a 
return trip to Mexico this summer. Looks 
like he and the Mrs. found a place they 
love. What's down there, Tony?.. BILL 
LEMKE is looking forward to visiting Wis- 
consin again this summer... LESTER DAN- 
DERS, 1 suppose, will take a trip to 
Europe. .. Operator HAGERTY thinks he 
may use his free time working in our 
credit union.. .Operator F. ENGELTHALER 
will be leaving us at the end of the month. 
He has plans to relax and check us opera- 
tors out to see how we are doing. Good 
luck, Frank. ..I've heard lots of things in 
my life, but when an operator wakes his 
wife up in the middle of the night by putting 
ice down her back just to talk about in- 
come tax, that's taking a tax problem 
quite seriously. The operator is none 
other than GLEN McCANN. Please, Glen, 
take up the subject a little earlier— your 
wife needs her rest. 

- 7<J ,4. »e«Ty c..,,.„„..,i.„ 

Limits, and in the other displaying some of 
the huge tomatoes he grew in his garden 
last summer. His wife, DOROTHi', insists 
Harold has a green thumb. All the fellows 
at Forest Glen wish them many happy and 

GENERAL OFFICE (Personnel) - 

Congratulations are in order for BILL 
WIEHER and his vrife, who presented him 
with a baby boy, WILLIAM.. .LYNN HARR- 
ER, her parents and sister took an Il-day 
Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. This 
will be her last "singles" cruise, and she 
enjoyed herself immensely. Lynn's moth- 
er, VIRGINIA, is also a CTAer in Per- 
sonnel Development. . . The welcome mat 
was extended to MARIA HESS, HATTIE 
Placement Department. . . LOIS BOOMER, 
typist, employee suggestions, has an ad- 
dition to her family. Don't get too ex- 
cited, it's her new pup, Samson. ..KATHY 
FABRY, Personnel Development, and her 
husband, RICH, of Skokie Shop, bought a 
Honda 750 motorcycle. Their new set of 
wheels is a good way to save on gasoline 
this summer. Kathy and PAT REED, 
Specifications, were hostesses recently at 
Beverly Station, the fourth quarter winner 
of the ISC surface award. Kathy and 
REBECCA WILSON of Accounting were 
hostesses at Jefferson Park Station, the 
fourth quarter winner of the ISC rapid 
transit award. The men really enjoyed 
the coffee-and...JOE and HELEN O'SUL- 
LIVAN flew to Phoenix, Arizona, and then 
drove into Mesa to check out their new re- 
tirement home. They'll be moving out 
there pretty soon and e.\tend an invitation 
to all their CTA friends to come visit 
whenever they're passing through. .. AR- 

THUR HUBACZ, Commander of the C;- 
bined Veterans Association of Illinois, |s 
present at Governor Walker's signing iia 
proclamation designating the week if 
March 2 through 9 Veteran Organizai 

(Insurance & Pensions) - 

We wish lots of luck to MARGARET Mj- 
CHINSKI, typist I, who left CTA to joine 
navy and see the world.. .The welcome t 
is extended to HOLLY ROSCHMAN, typ;, 

(Office Services) - 

Best wishes were extended to SIDJi? 
JACOBSON who took his retirementfl 
March 1. Welcome to EDWARD ;, 
O'SHAUGHNESSY, former bus opers* 
from Beverly, who took his place. ..L/'- 
RY SHIELDS and his wife spent sixw- 
derful weeks in sunny Florida. We s ; 
envy both of you. 

(Communications & Marketing) - 

We welcome BILL ROBINSON, clerk, 4 
the department. Bill transferred frji 
77th Street Station, replacing FRAt 
DISCH who retired Feb. 1. Good lucki 
your new position. Bill. ..A familiar vai 
in the Travel Information Section hunga. 
the phone for the last time on Jan. \ 
LARRY PROVOST officially closed out 1 
31-year transit career when he accepl 


his retirement portfolio and a handsha 
from Communications and Marketing Ma 
ager THOMAS BUCK (left) and Public 1 
formation Supervisor JOHN BURGESO 

(Treasury) - 

Central Counting welcomes RON NORT 
CUTT as our new custodial engineer. R 
replaced ERIC SMITH who is now ana 
prentice electrician at Skokie Shop. R 
has been with CTA for three years. ..T 
boss, FELIX PALILUNAS, can hardly w: 
for the golfing season to begin. He 
eager to defend his championship at Ce 
tral Counting. He earned the title la 
season with a sweep of the South Shops a 
Division 241 golf tournaments. .. BERN; 
DETTE WEATHERS struck another blc 
against bachelorhood when she and GRA> 
MOSELEY, Central Counting money hani 
ler, announced they will succumb to tl 
urge to merge on Aug. 10. Congratulatioi 
and the best of luck, Mose... Let's hope tl 
Baggers improve on their record in tl 
77th Street operators' bowling league. M 


^TRICK J. CANNON, Laborer, 
torerooms-South, Emp. 1-23-43 


'orth Park, Emp. 1-9-36 

)SEPH B. CURRAN, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 4-30-42 

flTER J. DOWALL, Operator, 

Jorth Avenue, Emp. 11-9-36 

3SEPH P. FINNAN, C^erator, 

Beverly, Emp. 6-25-37 

NTON HADAC, Operator, 

^awndale, Emp. 7-17-41 

3HN L. HEFFERNAN, Operator, 

Jeverly, Emp. 1-6-48 


lurcher, Emp. 9-25-42 

PHN lOVINO, Trackman II, 

Track & Structures, Emp. 7-7-42 

EORGE J. JAROS, Operator, 

59th Street, Emp. 3-30-42 

•■ERCY F. JOSEPH, Supervisor, 

District B, Emp. 3-26-45 


Kedzie, Emp. 11-29-40 

;HARLES E. KEELER, Traffic Clerk, 

Schedules, Emp. 8-13-36 

foHN A. KNERR, Superintendent, 

:77th Street, Emp. 4-27-37 


South Shops, Emp. 11-30-45 

;ARL H. LINDQUIST, Act'gCen'l Foreman, 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 3-10-37 

lOCCO MALFESE, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 11-25-42 

'ETER M. MOROWSKI, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 6-3-47 

lAYMOND C. NEWMAN, Bus Repairer, 

North Avenue, Emp. 2-8-39 
5ARA J. O'ROURKE, Clerk, 
(Accounting, Emp. 3-19-42 

Forest Glen, Emp. 10-13-36 

61st Street, Emp. 11-5-52 
. Law, Emp. 9-3-29 

West Section, Emp. 8-12-41 

Forest Glen, Emp. 2-19-44 
JOSEPH STANTON, Assistant Foreman, 

Buildings & Grounds, Emp. 12-3-41 

West Section, Emp. 11-30-36 
j North Park, Emp. 8-26-42 


; Buildings & Grounds, Emp. 7-29-48 
I MICHAEL J. KORZEN, Div. Storekeeper, 
Stores-North, Emp. 12-1-42 

Palilunas was really worried when the 
Baggers dropped three last week.. .JOHN 
POPE took his annual Florida vacation 
during March, spending two weeks in sunny 
Miami and coming back with a tan to prove 


Everyone on the Kennedy line was sad- 
dened to hear that Superintendent JOHN 
ZUPKO had been transferred to a new 
position in the Maintenance Department. 
As much as he will be missed, we are 
happy to see him move on to bigger and 
better things... Agent DAVE GRAFMAN left 
on March 16 for a ten-day visit with his 
son and family. They just moved into a 
new home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 
Dave had his bags full of gifts and goodies 
tor his three beloved grandchildren. Need- 
less to say the kiddies were anxiously 
awaiting grandpa's arrival... Belated birth- 
day greetings to DOROTHY PARKER, 
March 14, and our favorite leprechaun, 
MINNIE DIKEMAN, who shares the same 
natal day as St. Patrick, March 17, begor- 
ra!.. Pensioner ADAM WAAS sends greet- 
ings to all his CTA friends. Adam is 
working part-time now and enjoying all the 
comforts of home in his leisure time. . . 
Agent MONICA LAMKE enjoyed three 
restful weeks of relaxation at home on her 
February vacation.. .Transit News Reporter 
GRACE MOUNTS and her hubby spent two 
active, fun-filled weeks in Florida. They 
visited with her sister and her son and 
their families. , . Happy retirement to 
ED SEGERSON. Happy days to all of you... 
Your co-reporter, MILDRED DOYLE, is 
still on the sick list as of this writing. 
She sends thanks to all for the many cards 
and calls received and says keep in touch. 
Mildred is recovering slowly but surely 
with the help of therapy treatment. .. I'm 
sure you have all noticed a shortage of 
news in our column. With one reporter off 
sick and the other working midnights, the 
news has been hard to come by. Please 
lend a helping hand and send in any news 
items you may have. Contact MARY WIX- 
TED on 2520 between 10:30 p.m. and 7:00 
a.m. Monday through Friday. If you work 
different hours have a friend on midnights 
relay your news. Thank you. ..In closing, 
congratulations and our very best wishes 
to all the new agent foremen. . . Keep 

- THadned Votfte & W'Vuf "U/cKed 


Greetings... The next time you see Opera- 
tor GLASS, shake his hand. He's the proud 
father of a 6i pound baby boy named EL- 
ROY. How about that! Keep up the good 
work, fella.. .Condolences go out to Opera- 
tor J. CLAY in the death of his mother-in- 
law.. .Well, now that basketball season is 

over it's time to play Softball. Let's do 
better this year, fellows. ..The next time 
you see R. BROWN, pat him on the back. 
It seems he did a good thing for a change — 
he made a movie for the Manor South 
Deering girl scout troop which was very 
good... Well, that's about it for now. Re- 
member, if you have any news, let me 


We just got the news— YOLENE CLAUDE, 
utility clerk in Purchasing, who has been 
on maternity leave, is the proud mother of 
a lovely little bundle of joy, MARIE RENE, 
bom Feb. 21 weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces. 
Lucky you to have another baby girl ! . . 
FRANK TAMBURINNO, order clerk in 
Stores, is still in the clouds. As of this 
printing he has 178 days to go. We are all 
going to help TONI DiGIOVANNI count the 
days for Frank. Toni has left for Las 
Vegas. Hope you don't lose too much. 
FRANK MAGUIRE, specifications engi- 
neer, and his wife, ANN, spent four days 
there. They took in many of the shows — a 
great specialty of Mr. Maguire. He en- 
joyed the "Lido" Follies, along with Abbe 
Lane, Jack Carter and Robert Goulet. In 
the meantime his wife met Liberace, got 
his autograph, and took in the winnings 
from the slot machines. Frank says he is 
not lending any money to anyone! ..MAR- 
VIN CASTLE, stock clerk I in Storeroom 
42, can't believe that this scribe doesn't 
know who he is. He has been with CTA for 
31 years and said everyone knows him. 
Marvin is flattered and proud of receiving 
a letter from Mayfair college telling him 
his son, GEORGE, made the dean's list. 
George is also the sports editor of the 
school paper. We'll try to save a spot for 
George in the sports section. ..CASANDRA 
DENNIS, the daughter of CHARLES DEN- 
NIS, stock clerk I in Storeroom 30, will be 
18 years old on April 19.. .DON POWELL, 
stock clerk I in Storeroom 32, blew out the 
candles on his birthday cake March 19. On 
March 26, he and his lovely wife celebrated 
eight years of wedded bliss. . .Welcome 
aboard to LOU KASPER, our new stock 
clerk I in Storeroom 42. . . Senior Clerk 
JOE MICHAUD will celebrate his second 
anniversary at Storeroom 42. Hope you 
have many more happy years at Skokie 
Shop. ..GEORGE LINDEN has climbed the 
ladder of success at Skokie Shop. He is 
now divisional storekeeper. NICK LA- 
CORCIA is following in his footsteps — he's 
now assistant storekeeper. . . SAM CAN- 
NELLA, fork lift operator, and his wife 
became proud grandparents of a bouncing 
baby br-, MICHAEL JOHN, who weighed in 
at 7 pounds 5j ounces. Congratulations!.. 
RON TABOR, specifications engineer, went 
on a tour of the Pabst brewery in Milwau- 
kee but didn't bring anything back. How's 
the beer, Ron?. .The third session of the 
CTA Management Institute was attended by 
JACK GUBBINS, Stores-South Division, 

APRIL, 1974 

Service anniversaries in April 

35 years 

C. E. Cameron, Accounting 
R. G. Ellerbeck, South Shops 
C. W. Guzik, West Section 
T. E. Pietrus, South Shops 

30 years 

J. Milos, Building Maintenance 

A. R. Ecker, 

North Avenue 

R. C. Baird, Building & Grounds 
C. Johnson, 77th Street 
G. J. Mendyk, Limits 
C. Petrella, Datacenter 
M. M. Stipati, West Section 
M. Sullivan, Limits 

25 years 

D. J. Carroll, Track & Structures 
C. Gillespie, Building & Grounds 
M. Murphy, Skokie Shop 

K. O'Floherty, West Section 

E. A. Sapinski, South Shops 

J. W. Stewart, Surface Instruction - SoutI 
B. Tetyk, South Shops 

and ROD DAUGHERTY of Specifications. 
Everyone agreed the time was well spent. 
It gave them a chance to get acquainted 
with the vast CTA operations. STU MA- 
GINNIS of Personnel Development and his 
staff are to be congratulated for their ef- 
forts in directing the course. ..Let's hear 
more from the bench, gang! 

The news may be a little short this month 
as my co-reporter, KATY MORIARTY, was 
training for a new job, and I was vacation- 
ing in Florida for three weeks taking in all 
the sights and enjoying the sun. I also 
visited with my son and his family for six 
days as I hadn't seen them for two years. 
My driving was limited due to the gas 
shortage south of Tampa and along the 
West Coast. ..LINDA TAPINS and her hus- 
band celebrated 22 years of wedded bliss 
on March 16. Congratulations and we hope 
you have many more. ..BETTY RUSSO had 
a day of leisure on March 13 when she 
celebrated 27 years with CTA. DOROTHY 
FORD celebrated 20 years of service on 
the same day. FRED FRIEB celebrated 
28 years on March 11. ..Congratulations to 
the Jefferson Park trainmen on winning the 
Interstation Safety Contest Award for the 
second time in a row. Transportation 
Manager DAVID M. FLYNN presented the 
plaque to Station Superintendent MIKE 

VELTRI while Superintendents JOHN ZUP- 
KO, R. J. SUTA, R. A. ROESING and 
KENNY BROWN looked on with pride. 
Each trainman received a key to the 
treasure chest, with the grand prize going 
to G. KOLMAN. It was a night on the town 
for two, to see the stage play at the Drury 
Lane Theatre with dinner at the Martin- 
ique. M. COLON won the coffee pot; J. 
MORALES won the instamatic camera, and 
O. MILLER won the electric fondue. Keep 
up the good work, fellows, and let's keep 
the treasure chest at Jefferson Park...D. 
CASILINO was on vacation during the week 
of March 10. ..With Katy moving on to bet- 
ter things, I'll be in the market for a new 
co-reporter. Anyone interested please 
call me at 2513. 


The good old lunch team of H&M should be 
out again trying to find new ways not to 
win friends or influence waitresses. ..Won- 
der if Clerk BOB STACH's daughter, 
JUDY, could tell us why someone would 
try to "break in" to their new home. ..Op- 
erator HERB OPFERGELT and his wife, 
MARIE, would have enjoyed their Florida 
vacation much more if they had Florida 
plates on their car. It would have made it 
a lot easier getting gas. Clerk ART 
COOPER and his better half (and his golf 
clubs) made the same trip, only by plane. 

Wonder how she liked her first plane ric 
. . Senior Station Instructor JIM BROG^ 
and his wife, EVELYN, headed down , 
New Orleans, then to PhoenLx, Arizoi 
where their autymobubble broke down. T 
balance of the trip to Los Angeles w; 
made via the big white dog. They did pi I 
up the car again, and made stops at Din 
neyland and Knott's Berry Farm. A ve 
nice vacation in spite of the problems. i 
Retired operator T. KAY writes from Ca' 
ifornia that he's enjoying his pensio' 
That's probably because he's riding t' 
cable cars... Now that Box Puller TO 
MURPHY is out of the hospital, he's di 
cided to take his pension and leave all 1 1 
hard work to his buddy, CHARLEY BAR/: 
GLLA...We'd like tooffer belated congrat'i 
lations to retired rapid transit superi;: 
tendent WILLARD MURBACH and his n{' 
bride. ..Switchboard Operator LOU DRAIr 
is back at work after an extended illness. 
Clerk BOB ARENDT still seems to prefi, 
the company of all those pretty hospit 
nurses. Let's get well and get back. ..Oil 
erator D. M. VILLANUEVA was recent 
appointed supervisor. That's great, Pali 
cho, but why up in District D?..A belatd 
happy birthday to retired trainman AKSE; 
WINDFELD who celebrated his 85th birtli 
day March 13. ..Instructor JOE DAUGIfl' 
serves a good cup of coffee at Mt. Prospei 
smorgasbord. .. Our wishes for a speecj 
recovery to Operator R. MARTINEZ wll 
recently underwent open-heart surgery.; 
All of us here at North Avenue extend oi 



Ast sincere sympathy to District C Su- 
iintendent PAT KEHOE in the loss of his 
v'e, and to Instructors JOHN CilAIG and 

^PANIK in the loss of their uncle and 
er, respectively. 

Cerators ED BRODERICK and ED R. 
C.OESS, and Repairman STANLEY KLICK 
iig up the working garments and took 
tiir well-earned retirement. Operator 
Coess' retirement left much speculation 
c the part of the Grand avenue operators 

to the welfare of Operator LUCAS. 

't fret, Luke, you may be fortunate 
lUgh to get Operator FRITZ MOELLER 
a leader. ..At the time of this writing we 
fd Box Puller LEONARD CZAJA enjoy- 
i; a vacation.. .Congratulations to Super- 
ior L.J.FLETCHER on his new appoint- 
imt. ..North Avenue Station's most eli- 
ple bachelor. Supervisor DANIEL GILES, 
Is committed himself to being engaged, 
(les says he has withheld the lucky yoimg 
ly's name for security reasons. Watch 
lure columns for a revelation of the 

e... Belated happy returns of the day to 
lerator DORSEY MUMBOWER who cel- 
frated his 55th birthday on March 13, and 
!io to all the many men of North Avenue 
.'ition who were born during that month... 
jspeedy recovery is wished for basketball 
1im coach. Operator WADE SIMMONS, 
inmons had a slight mishap during the 
fme with the Forest Glen team... We wish 
liafe trip to Operator ARVEL MILLS and 
B son as they travel to Corpus Christi, 
"xas, due to the illness of Mills' mother. 
; Operator JOE KRZAK and his wife, 
ELEN, have returned from their vaca- 
te. They visited Pensioner JOHNNY 
UHUH in Youngstown, Arizona, and Pen- 
uner EARL PETERSON in Sun City, Ari- 
:oa. Earl is former superintendent of 
>dzle and Limits Stations... Our sincere 
smpathy is extended to the family of Pen- 
iCiner RAYMOND A. KUSTOHS in his re- 
i.nt passing. . . Our visitors during the 
bnth included Pensioner VITO LOCON- 
'i, now residing in McHenry, Illinois, and 
msioner JOHN McINTOSH of Chicago... 
ie deep, melodious baritone voice in St. 
.igela's choir belongs to our talent dis- 
'very of the month. Operator JEROME 
Brry) DUBIN...We wish you all a very 
ippy Easter even if you do have to wear a 
rA uniform In the Easter parade. We 
Ji't all be off that day. ..See you all purty 

- 7Ca4eet Siit & AmoH Ptaitt 


10 North Park Credit Union annual busi- 
:ss meeting was held Friday, Jan. 11, at 
tver Park Fieldhouse. Dividends were 
!clared and refreshments served. The 
flowing won door prizes: Ms. JOAN 
ELLA and Mrs. SAUER, Pensioners TIM 

Chief Clerk RAY SIMON, Janitor BRUNO 
and Instructor WALTER STEINBEISS. . . 
Our congratulations go to Pensioner JOHN 
MILLER and his wife, MLDRED, who cel- 
ebrated their golden wedding anniversary 
March 21 with a party hosted by their sons, 
RON and LARRY, who are a.m. clerks for 
the CTA... Pensioner GARRETT FOY, who 
is living in Jasonvllle, Indiana, has started 
his spring garden. With winter hunting ac- 
tivities behind him, he is going to be kept 
busy harvesting his vegetable output. ..Pen- 
sioner WILLARD GILL and his wife, LILL, 
have purchased a mobile home and are now 
living with the rest of the CTA colony in 
Forsyth, Missouri. Will's address is P.O. 
Box 83, Forsyth, Missouri 65653. ..Pen- 
sioner PATRICK HEIRTY has left Chicago 
for warm climates. Pat's new address is 
8444 Austin, Pinellas Park, Florida 33565. 
..Operator LEN BAEUCHLER spent two 
weeks in Belen, New Mexico, visiting his 
daughter and son-in-law, LYNN and ROB- 
ERT WILLARD. Len's next stop was for 
two weeks at Phoenix, Arizona, where he 
stayed with his brother, EDWARD, and his 
wife, ELEANOR. They enjoyed several 
rounds of golf and a few visits to the 
races. ..Supervisor GENE ADAMS received 
a commendation from Mrs. Bannon of the 
Evanston Review newspaper. Gene was 
directing traffic around the intersection at 
Oak and Church streets and Mrs. Bannon 

was very impressed by Gene's action 

MARCLA O'BRIEN, the 16-year old daugh- 
ter of Operator EDDIE O'BRIEN, was 
graduated from St. Mary's High school. 
As yet she is undecided on her college 
choice. . . Operator JIM DOLAN and his 
wife, RITA, became grandparents for the 
first time recently. They are proud as 
peacocks of the new arrival... The bi-annual 
mass and communion breakfast of the St. 
Joseph Branch of the Little Flower Society 
was held Sunday, AprU 7, in St. Patrick's 
church at Adams and Desplaines. North 

Park was again well represented Our 

sympathy and condolences are extended to 
the family of Pensioner HAROLD KING, 
and to Operator JOSEPH ESPOSITO in the 
loss of his sister, MARY PORTO. ..Super- 
intendent ALEX JOHNSON and his wife, 
HELEN, hosted a party for Helen's moth- 
er, Mrs. EMMA REDKER, on her 75th 
birthday. The celebration, attended by 
members of the family, was held at 
Lancer's restaurant.. .RALPH McDONALD, 
who was on sick leave, is now working at 
the Mart as receptionist in the E.xecutive 
Offices.. .The following have been off sick 
and our prayers are with them for a fast 
JIMINEZ and Box Puller DAVID YAO. . . 

pensioned life on April 1. His many early- 
rising friends at Clark Street bid him 
adieu with lots of gifts. 

Repair Department Chit-Chat: The repair 
department welcomes TONY KASMAN, as- 
sistant day foreman, who replaced new 
Pensioner ANDY KARIOLICH... North Park 
personnel retiring were Repairman FflANK 
SCHENDL, 32 years; Servicemen TOM 
LENIHAN, 33 years, and GEORGE WITT, 
31 years. A party was held at the garage 
and gifts were given to the new pensioners. 
. . At this writing Repairman DAN PRIS- 
BLE is hospitalized at Bethesda hospital. 
The prayers of the men are with Dan for a 
speedy recovery. . . Repairmen PAUL 
home recovering from surgery and hope to 
be back soon. .. Assistant Foreman JOE 
COUGHLIN and his wife, DOROTHY, va- 
cationed at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 
staying at the Ocean Manor motel where 
they enjoyed the sand and sun. . . Clerk 
EARNIE LOTITO and his wife, ELSIE, and 
their son and daughter-in-law, ALLEN and 
BONNIE, vacationed in Las Vegas. They 
stayed at the Frontier hotel where they en- 
joyed the singing of Wayne Newton. ..Re- 
pairman BUCKY BAKER was installed as 
sergeant at arms of Wauconda American 
Legion Post 911. .. Congratulations to the 
North Park garage force on their winning 
of a quarterly award... Assistant Foreman 
TONY KASMAN had his home and garage 
carpeted. Now his new Chrysler feels at 
home. . . The welcome mat is extended to 
North Park's new garage members who 
came on the recent system pick. 


Retired Supervisor CHARLIE SOUTHARD 
is in the hospital having undergone sur- 
gery. We wish you a speedy recovery, 
Charlie, and once out of the hospital we 
hope you enjoy your retirement more 
fully... The North Side employees held a 
farewell party for Superintendent of North 

Side Agents JOHN BRUCKER, who retired 
Feb. 1 after 31 years of service. Doing 
the honors at the Howard Street office was 
Assistant Superintendent of Operating Sta- 
tions CARL GIBES (right). Our best 

\PR\L, 1974 

wishes for a long and happy retirement, 
Mr. Brucker. We will all miss you! ..Our 
deepest sympathy goes out to the family of 
in the recent death of his mother. ..Wel- 
come back to North Side Secretary MARY 
and GEORGE HENKE. All were recently 
on the sick list. ..Once again the employees 
are beginning to pick vacation time. It 
reminds us of a night at the tables in 
Vegas. Let's hope the fuel situation will 
be better by vacation time so that trips 
can be made and vacation dreams can 
come true. . . BRIAN 
W. ROONEY, the 
son of Superintend- 
Kimball Station, re- 
ceived his master's 
degree in psychology 
from Illinois State 
university at Nor- 
mal. It just goes to 
show that there are 
some brains in the 
Rooney family. . . 
A question to all 

North Side employees — Do you look for 
this column ? If so, and you have any news, 
send it in so it will appear in Transit 
News. You can leave it with the clerks at 
the Kimball office. 

- 7"<a '»ch(x 


Apologies first — I mentioned in a previous 
issue that STAGEY KUDELKA was the 
new-born son of Mr. and Mrs. S. KUDEL- 
KA, tinner foreman. Sorry — Stacey is a 
GIRL, the first in the family. Three lashes 
with a wet noodle!. .A little late but a BIG 
welcome to J. J. MARCY', construction in- 
spector. He's the good guy with the white 
helmet. ..A fond adieu to J. J. MARSZALEK 
who left West Shops for the Mart. We miss 
you a lot, Joe. ..PAUL ANDERSON retired 
Feb. 28 after 48 years with CTA. He was 
always there to help anyone with whatever 
question they might have. It was a pleas- 
ure knowing you, Paul. A long and happy 
retirement is wished for you and MARIE. 
Feb. 18 weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces. The 
proud parents are CONNIE and Machinist 
JAMES RIGNEY. . . I hope when W. C. 
HALLFORD, supervisor of escalator 
maintenance, returns from his fishing trip 
in Texas, that he brings back a few for 
you-know-who. . . I have a big request to 
make to all at the West Shops; PLEASE, 
how about bringing in some news. Drop it 
off in the office. Thanks. 


■ Seatt 


Congratulations to LARRY MONAGILAN on 
his recent promotion from instructor to 

general foreman of Springfield Shop. . . 
Good luck to DOM NICOSIA on the pur- 
chase of a new Ford Maverick. I guess 
he's trying to spend some of his sweep- 
stakes winnings. . . Congratulations to In- 
structor HAROLD YOUNG who became a 
grandfather for the second time. ..Foremen 
98th Street Terminal, surprised their men 
with coffee and rolls for winning the safety 
award. ..Everyone wishes a speedy recov- 
ery to Repairman MARC PAYTvIE, Wilson 
Terminal, who is off sick. ..Lots of luck to 
R.REUTELL, combination clerk at Wilson, 
on his new bid for electrician helper. . . 
Good luck to Repairman EARL JOHNSON, 
Desplaines Terminal, on the purchase of a 
new Ford Maverick. Now all Earl needs is 
a wife. . . The office personnel welcome 
PHIL ALCONTORS to Desplaines Termi- 
nal. Phil was just promoted to combina- 
tion clerk. ..Sorry to hear about L. KAS- 
PER's transfer. Lots of luck to him on his 
new job at Skokie Shop. ..CHUCK MEYERS, 
yard inspector at Forest Park Terminal, 
is home recuperating after his operation. 
Everyone wishes him a speedy recovery... 
Clerk ED STAMBORSKI did a wonderful 
job in replacing C. VANDERVEST who was 
off sick...C. WILLL^MS, 98th Street Ter- 
minal, and his pretty wife, LOIS (who did 
some modeling), are very happy with the 
purchase of their new home in Blue Island. 
HAROLD BIGGS was saving his money for 
a new car, but decided that he wanted to be 
Williams' neighbor. He also bought a 
home in Blue Island.. .Lots of luck to our 
youngest car servicemen, J. M. O'CON- 
NELL and T. E. HURLEY, on their re- 
pairman training. . . Enjoying Ms vacation 
while working around the house was J. 
NICKEL. ..It's system pick time again and 
we are all sorry to lose J. ARMSTRONG 
and R. LONDON to 61st Street Terminal. 
But good luck in your new locations. 


Spring training for the Skokie Shop Softball 
team began April 1. Player Representative 
WALLY ONY'SIO is predicting a good sea- 
son. According to Wally, last season was 
the team's first year in league competi- 
tion. Team Captain WITOLD SKORUPSKI 
says a lot will depend upon the attempted 
comeback of one-time star first baseman 
DICK WILSON, also known as Tricky Dick. 
Anyone interested in playing ball should 
contact Skorupski...We would like to wish 
good luck to BILL EBERHART who is 
learning how to play the harmonica. 
Thanks to his instructor, DAN O'BRIAN, 
Bill can now play "Home on the Range." 
Dan says that with a little luck, Bill will 
be able to play "Far, Far Away" in no 
time. (The farther away the betterI)...The 
welcome mat is out to MIKE O'SHAUGH- 
NESSY and S. L. THOMPSON, Paint Shop, 
Department, and Laborers JOHN ZOHN 

and STANLEY CALDWELL.. .Our deepe 
sympathy is extended to RON PIANTKOV 
SKI and his family in the loss of his motl 
er, HELEN. ..Sorry to have to report t 
early retirement of BOB BINNIE, Electr 
cal Department, who will be moving 
Redington Shores, Florida. Bob says h 
new home will be completed May 1. He hi 
been with the CTA more than 39 years 
has been union steward of the Control D( 
partment for the past seven years. Goi 
luck from all of us. Bob... We wish BIl 
LITTLE, Paint Shop, a speedy recover 
Hurry back, Bill. . . BILL (Big Dadd: 
MEANY, laborer, will be in cliarge of tl, 
steak dinner at St. Timothy's church 
May 17. Have fun, Bill. ..PATRICK METl 
LER, the son of Upholsterer KEN METI, 
LER, celebrated his fifth birthday Man 
15. Happy birthday, Pat. ..We would 
like to wish MARY JANE ARSENEAU tl 
best of luck. Mary Jane was very hapi 
when she announced that she will become 
mother for the first time in mid-summe; 
The proud father-to-be is WILLIAM Ali 
SENEAU of North Park Garage. I wou' 
like to thank Mary Jane for her fine ai 
sistance in helping your scribe with tl 
Transit News. 

- Pat "yfivutea 


JOE SABOL received a letter from Pe! 
sioner PAT LENIHAN and his wife, MO) 
LIE, saying they will pay us a visit fra 
sunny California.. .Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAC 
STANLEY celebrated their fourth weddi' 
anniversary on Valentine's day. Congrai' 
ulations to the happy couple. . . At th 
wi-iting. Typist DOROTHY ETSCHEID 
home recuperating from surgery. We wi 
her a speedy recovery. . . Pensioner Jt 
DeGRAZlA paid us a visit and looks ve 
good. He says he is kept quite busy arou 
the house. . . The department received 
card from Pensioner W. P. DEVEREAl 
who is visiting in Chattanooga. From the 
it'll be Orlando, Florida. . . Happy East 
and a happy springtime to all! 

- "^at^iiftt ^atiMA 


I am sorry to have to start off this colur' 
on a sad note. We extend our deepe' 
sympathy to LENNY WIENCEK in the su 
den death of his mother, SOPHIE... We 
come back to TOM ALFRED who spent 
week in Mexico. He did a great deal 
sightseeing, sunning and of course spe 
some time with some senoritas. . . TB 
PIETRUS spent his vacation with his wif 
WICKY', and grandchildren in Colorad 
He e.\plored the slopes, and I am happy 
report that it was a very safe holiday f 
everyone... MARTHA JUGIN, unit reco 
clerk, celebrated 21 years with the comp: 
ny on March 12. ..JOHN LIPKA, Teelinic 
Services, and his wife, LOUVAINE, a 




BERT BURNETT, 88, 77th Street, 

D. 1-12-10, Died 3-3-74 
biPH CRAIG, 92, North Avenue, 
Ep. 9-10-10, Died 2-6-74 
YVESTER S. DANECKE, 65, Electrical, 
Ep. S-13-29, Died 2-22-74 
nLIAM P. EGAR, 74, Electrical, 
Ep. 7-22-18, Died 2-11-74 
■A-£S F. FLYNN, 85, 77th Street, 
E'p. 4-28-20, Died 2-14-74 
CN J. FLYNN, 82, District A, 
Ep. 2-25-19, Died 2-17-74 
;i.UDE C. GILLESPIE, 84, District A, 
Ep. 5-7-18, Died 3-5-74 
JIlNARD J. GRAHAM, 91, Lake Street, 
Ep. 4-16-10, Died 2-18-74 
SDRUN HANSSENS, 68, Stores, 
Ep. 12-8-26, Died 2-18-74 
V1LL\M D. HART, 65, Utility, 
Ep. 3-2-43, Died 2-16-74 
ViLIAM J. fflGGINS, 74, Security, 
Ep. 1-12-26, Died 2-19-74 
IIIERT O. JOHNSON, 75, North Park, 
Ep. 12-28-42, Died 2-6-74 

wy to say that the set of bone china 
)i;red while Louvaine was in England 
.a September has arrived safe and sound. 
Wawait their invitation to a formal dln- 
M party. . . We would like to welcome 
djPH KEANE, Area 334, temporarily 
lEfgned to Technical Services, back after 
a. ce eight weeks off. Ralph was recov- 
eng from a broken ankle after a hole in 
th| side-rfalk got the best of Mm. Ralph 
wi,ld like to announce the engagement of 
hidaughter, NANCY, to GARY MITTEL- 
MIER. An October 1975 wedding is being 
plined...We also would like to welcome 
th, Dynamic Duo, JERRY KILLMAN and 
D,'J TARNOWSKI, Technical Services, 
b;k from their 55 month stay in Pontiac, 
Mhigan. They were top-notch inspectors 
oihe new 7400 series buses coming to us 
fi.T3 GMC. Don is back to all his tricks 
aj is still ready, willing and (maybe) able. 
Jiry, on the other hand, was hooked. On 
Fi. 8 Jerry wed the former SHEILA 
KIDER of Draj'ton Plains. At the time of 
h. catch. Sheila was working as a secre- 
ti/ for GMC in Pontiac. Congratulations 
tooth of you. ..JIM FORRESTAL, Area 
3 , is being accused of carrying fishhooks 
iitiis pocket. Jim should also be proud 
b ausehis son, FRANCIS, was a vrinner of 
a Ray Brennan Memorial Scholarship 
(ctablished in honor of the Sun-Times re- 
Pter). Francis is a journalism student 
al once worked for the CTA...Inthis day 
a^ age commendations are hard to come 
b but WILLIE PICKET received one from 
sne of the employees of the Union Oil 
cnpany. Here is one of the many nice 
tfigs that they had to say about Willie: 
'p is friendly and cooperative, and to us 
tit means a great deal during these hectic 
tjies." So if you've seen Willie with an 
era big smile, now you know why. He 

HJALMAR G. JOHNSON, 77, Kimball, 

Emp. 8-19-18, Died 2-12-74 
GEORGE A. KLOPKE, 90, 69th Street, 

Emp. 9-7-06, Died 1-30-74 
ALLEN E. KRIMBLEBINE, 74, Comptrllr., 

Emp. 1-15-25, Died 2-7-74 
RAYMOND A. KUSTOHS, 64, North Ave., 

Emp. 3-6-34, Died 2-27-74 
THOMAS E. MALONEY, 78, 77th Street, 

Emp. 3-29-17, Died 2-26-74 

Emp. 8-31-37, Died 2-14-74 
JAMES McREYNOLDS, 79, 69th Street, 

Emp. 6-6-18, Died 2-12-74 
JOSEPH T. MILLER, 79, West Section, 

Emp. 9-6-16, Died 3-1-74 
WILLIAM R. MOONEY, 62, North Section, 

Emp. 1-27-49, Died 2-8-74 
JAMES C. PEDERSEN, 72, West Section, 

Emp. 1-9-22, Died 2-13-74 
EDWARD J. PEVITTS, 75, West Section, 

Emp. 8-23-44, Died 2-13-74 

PETER F. PEITSCH, 69, 69th Street, 

Emp. 11-6-33, Died 2-28-74 
JOHN J. RIORDAN, 84, South Section, 

Emp. 9-10-20, Died 2-25-74 
CHARLES W. ROSS, 82, Devon, 

Emp. 5-14-24, Died 2-9-74 
HENRY RUSSO, 80, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 4-5-22, Died 2-1-74 
EDWARD J. SHEFCIK, 77, 77th Street, 

Emp. 3-6-28, Died 2-6-74 
GEORGE W. SPEERS, 80, Logan Square, 

Emp. 5-29-23, Died 1-31-74 

Emp. 10-26-33, Died 2-6-74 
ANTE SUSNYARA, 78, Track, 

Emp. 4-19-21, Died 2-10-74 
JOHN SZAFLARSKI, 85, Way & Structs., 

Emp. 10-22-23, Died 2-3-74 
DAVID E. WESTERLUND, 83, Lawndale, 

Emp. 5-26-20, Died 12-2-73 
ERVIN A. ZIELKE, 60, Keeler, 

Emp. 6-26-44, Died 2-17-74 
JOHN ZIEMBA, 74, North Avenue, 

Emp. 2-13-26, Died 2-2-74 

certainly deserves it... Welcome back to 
our two ace hunters, LENNY WIENCEK 
and WALLY FEULNER, who just returned 
from a three-day hunting trip at Plata's 
Pheasant Ranch in Wood Dale. As you can 
see, the first morning's hunt was a pretty 

good trip. The only sad note was the ac- 
cident that Len's brother, RICH, had. It 
seems that while trying to cross a barbed 
wire fence he dropped his shotgun and it 
discharged accidentally, killing his hunting 
dog, Frankie. It was understandable that 
Rich didn't feel like hunting for the re- 
mainder of the trip. . . Congratulations to 
RENA SABOL who received her driver's 
license on March 8. Look out, everybody! 

Out in the Shop, the Bay 6 Bombers soft- 
ball team is getting ready for the coming 
season. This year's draft choices will be 
Budweiser and Old Style. ..Retired Machine 
Shop Foreman TED WOSS has moved to 
Hollywood Hills, Florida. Ted is willing to 
rent his spare room to any friends who 
vacation down there. ..TOM (Gypsy) VUJ- 
NOVICH sure is a proud father these days. 
His son, MIKE, received trophies for first 
and second place and a sportsmanship 

award while playing in the Midget Division 
of the American Hockey League. Nice 
going, Mike. ..LOUIS ALLEVA is another 
proud father. His daughter, NANCY, a 
senior at Bloom High school, received a 
second place award in the Office Education 
Association area competition at Thornton 
High school. ..Sure is nice to see the smil- 
ing face of BEN MALONE, who is back on 
the job after being oft for a few months... 
Retired Machinist SAM GLOVER stopped 
in to see the boys recently. Sam retired 
last fall and is looking like he's really en- 
joying himself.. .A wish for a speedy re- 
covery goes out to FRED MOMMSEN, 
foreman of the Print Shop. Ditto to ANNA 
KANISAUSKAS, also of the Print Shop... 
The Brake Department's three hardest 
workers are off sick. Get well wishes go 
HERBIE PUGH... Attention: all little league 
managers and coaches. Let's start getting 
those spikes and caps out of the closet. 
It's just about that time. ..Best wishes go 
out to RAY MINOGUE and his wife, ELEA- 
NOR, on their 36th wedding anniversary 
(oris that 30, Ray ?)... MAURICE O'CON- 
NOR has one less mouth to feed now that 
his son, DENNIS, has joined the navy. 
Dennis will be at Great Lakes for boot 
camp. ..RICH STANTON tells me the cam- 
era club he belongs to is trying to roundup 
some new members. If interested, con- 
tact Rich in the Brake Department. ..Memo 
from the Electrical Department, Bay 6: 
Anyone who is thinking about building a 
garage should first contact our resident 
architectural design engineer, FRANK 
KLINE. Frank's motto — you've tried the 
rest, now try the best. . . To TERRY 
REILLY: your fellow workers want to 
know where you got the fine looking mus- 
tache, and what wax you use for it. ..Fact 




or rumor ? The guys over in the Body 
Shop tell me there are a few streakers 
working with them. One of them is slightly 
overweight. ..FRANK SPROVIERI's daugh- 
ter, JoANNE, won a first place award for 
her violin solo at Hiawatha school in Ber- 
wyn. . . FRED SIM- 



MONS, Area 336, 
could wear out his 
wallet opening and 
closing it to show 
this picture of 
granddaughter TRA- 
CY BUSBY to all 
18,000 Transit News 
readers. He's one 
proud grandaddy, 
but he sure can't 
match the power of 
the press. . . HOW- 

elected Worshipful Master of his Mystic 
Star Masonic Lodge. Congratulations, 
Howard. He also tells me that his co- 
worker, SONNY (Bear) THOMAS, can sure 
bake a great Harvey Wallbanger cake. . . 
This is news—CASEY NOGA, Tin Shop, has 
finally decided to quit tending bar and is 
going to get married this summer. Try 
and stay awake for the wedding, Casey!.. 
After 25 years, BOB MARRON finished his 
'37 Plymouth. BILL SCHROEDLE has 
given up restoring his car and is now 
selling the parts for scrap. JERRY DEX- 
TER tried to sell his '29 Plymouth for 
$2,500, but will settle for $375 and a huff\' 


THE DIVISION 308 Pensioners Club 
of Chicago will hold its ne.xt regular 
meeting at 2 p.m. Thursday, April 
18, on the 13th floor at 32 W. Rand- 
olph street. All retired members of 
Division 308 are invited to attend 
these meetings which are held the 
third Thursday of each month at the 
above time and address. 

The CTA Pensioners Club of St. 
Petersburg, Florida, will hold its 
next regular meeting at 2 p.m. 
Tuesday, May 2, at the Odd Fellows 
Hall, 4140 16th street North, St. 
Petersburg. All CTA pensioners 
living in that vicinity are invited to 
attend these meetings which are held 
the first Tuesday of each month at 
the above time and address. 

bUce in good running condition. . . HENRY 
KOLAR has another granddaughter, JUD- 
ITH ANN, who weighed in at 8 pounds even. 
In his spare time, Henry is teaching BOB 
LEE to pick mushrooms. ..Good luck to AL 
COX and SHERMAN CAIN on their new 
mortgages. . . MIKE and EILEEN ROCHE 
were the recipients of a Mayor Richard J. 
Daley award in recognition of an outstand- 
ing effort to keep Chicago "one of the most 
beautiful cities in the nation." The Chica- 
go Park District judged their garden one of 
the area's best in city-wide competition 
last summer. ..HAROLD THOMAS just re- 
turned from a balloon trip to Africa. ..Hap- 
py birthday goes out to WILLIAM ROHE, 
electrical worker and my co-reporter's 
father, who celebrated March 10. 


My column will be shorter this month be- 
cause I served on jury duty for two weeks. 
It was really an experience and inter- 
esting... First of all, congratulations to my 
hubby, ROLAND, who was promoted to 
chief clerk on Feb. 17, and to Conductor 
JAMES FARLEY who was appointed clerk. 
. . As of Feb. 25, all the janitors have 
transferred to the Maintenance Depart- 
ment. Good luck to all and congratulations 
to ROBERT ROESmG who was appointed 
supervisor of janitors. . . Roosevelt-State 
Station won't seem the same without Agent 
WILLLAM SHEEHAN who went on pension 
March 1. Much happiness and good health 
is wished you, Bill. ..Hello to newly-hired 
AMBRUS CRUMBY, and transferees CLIN- 
Happy news — off the sick list and back to 
work are: Motorman JAMES RIORDAN 
and Conductors LEE DODD, ELBERT 
Hawaii seems to 
hold a fascinatior 
and his wife, MAR- 
IE. This is theii 
third trip to the is- 
lands, and they seen 
to be really enjoying 
the sun and the 
warm sand on the 
beach at Waikiki. . 
We had several departmental changes. As 
of March 3, DAVID MARTIN was appointed 
a.m. assistant station superintendent at 
95th Street; ART RABEN was transferred 
from the North Section to p.m. assistant 
station superintendent at 95th Street; As- 
sistant Station Superintendent ED MITCH- 
ELL was assigned to the p.m. at Ashland 
Avenue; FRENCHIE ELLIS was assigned 
relief station superintendent, and Instruc- 
tor ARDIS MORRIS was appointed relief 
station superintendent... Our sincere sym- 
pathy is extended to Conductor CHARLES 

MILLER in the loss of his mother. ..cJ 
ductor NATHANIEL MOORE receiveof 
passenger commendation for his courteij 
ways and good announcements. ..Two il 
classifications have been established 
janitor foreman and agent foreman. c\ 
gratulations to all employees who wn 
promoted.. .On the sick list at this writ; 
are: Switchman ALEX ROSADO, who\i 
injured on duty; Switchman EDWARD J- 
Conductor GEORGE MAY and Switchui 
auto accident. Hurry up and get wi, 
everyone, so you can get back to wi; 

- 1/etM "Tfatttai 


One of our motormen said that he ' ; 
never had his name in the Transit Ne', 
So here is your name, JOE PEZZUl, 
even though you didn't do anything excitj 
(smile). ..My co-reporter, SANTO SlCrj- 
ANO, tells me he wants to make it pij- 
fectly clear that he loves everyone, ;1 
that he has a tape to prove it. It goesf 
Like Everyone." It's in Italian, and ; 
can't speak his own language yet...Swito- 
man JIM ALLEN had his car struck frii 
behind and was lucky to escape with milt 
damage. After he and the other fellow (-• 
changed insurance data, etc., the manwi 
recklessly off hitting three more ca. 
Watch your rear, Jimmy (and your front , 
Switchman BOB CANE will be off sick • 
awhile. We wish him a speedy recovej 
Conductor BOB CRAWFORD is stUl L 
sick. Hurry back. Bob. Our old frie 
Conductor CLARENCE HEARNS, has ) 
turned to work after a short sick lea 
Welcome back, Clarence. Conduc 
GEORGE WOODMORE was off sick ( 
day, and young Conductor PAT NOLAN 
worked his run. Then he got sick. We ! 
checking out Motorman CLARENCE KN 
to see if he had anything to do with il 
Fair warning, fellows, when Clerk LP 
KOKOWINSKI isn't smiling, his leg mi ; 
be aching. So don't bug him by banging i 
the window. .. Former conductor STE™ 
JONES got a new Chevy. He sold his 1!> 
Caddy. . . Conductor ALTBREY BATES, j 
movie star, is either still growing f 
getting too big for his pants. That's vf 
they're short, fellows. ..Conductor STE'l 
DUDASIK wants you to know that he doesi: 
sell eggs anymore --just doughnuts £« 
rolls. His chickens told him to go lay'' 
egg. .. Conductor EUGENE EMBRY isk 
real snappy dresser. He is known as il 
Superfly of the conductors. . .A guy v ' 
must not be forgotten is Towerman 
FARMER at tower 18. He is doing a f ^ 
job running that place, so wave at hi 
some time. . . Switchman CLAREN" 
GREEN is really angry with the enei 
crisis and all, his car hasn't i-un gc 
since he got it. He will take any sugge 
tion as to what to get fixed next... We woi 



Ikjto wish Repairman CHUCK MEYERS 
icessful operation while in the hospi- 
ll' Get well soon buddy. . . Switchman 
niLIE GREGORY cried when Supervisor 
;ftRLIE BANZER left for his new ap- 
otment at the Rapid Transit Instruction 
telrtment. We will send you a cross- 
joi puzzle book on ghetto slangs, Char- 
iel Good luck.. .Motorman IKE HOUSTON 
3(S real fly with his new hairstyle. But 
iwife, CHRIS, wishes he would buy his 
W curlers. ..I would like to wish Motor- 
li JOHN Mccarty a belated happy St. 
>£y's day, even though we got no corned 
le' and no TV viewing at your house, 
'im the little black leprechaun: Ah, 'tis 
a laddy. . .Speaking of food. Conductor 
illNIE RADCLIFF will start his diet as 
ici as the inflation is lifted. He can't 
i£i lifting something to his mouth. To 
It a person who is really fit, Bernie, 
irl don't you check out Yard Foreman J. 
t^'INSKI. He is really down to a nice 
ir;...Well, gotta run now. So if we missed 
'0 this time, who cares, only you. So be 
lieful, what you say and do, for if we 
tl it out, we will tell the world about it. 
k you later. 


36 TALBOTT signed off as a radio dis- 
),[;her for the last time on Feb. 28 and he 
i: his wife, FERROL, immediately got 
llTi to the serious business of planning 

ff their retirement to Hot Springs, 
fkansas. Making retirement official 
Eer Bob's 37 years of service was 
'ansportation Manager DAVID M. FLYNN 
w presented him a gift from co-workers 
:d friends. 


'r baseball charter driver, LEO POR- 
"R, is switching his hobby to hockey 
tiying. He's been seen running around 
'th hockey sticks. Maybe when he gets 
lecked into the boards a few times he will 
f back to baseball. ..Maybe the next time 
'»erator ROBERT JONES finds a shoe 
'le, he might take along a few of his co- 
kkers — even though a few of us might 
it like those red soles. . . Good service 

does not go unnoticed. Last month I re- 
ceived two letters of commendation within 
three days. Keep up the good work, you 
never know when your day will come... 
LAFAYETTE GARMONY was appointed to 
serve the imexpired term of ALVIN DAVIS, 
who resigned as a board member of our 
credit union. ROBERT B. HOLMES Jr. 
was elected as the new secretary, and 
SAMUEL E. WILLIAMS will serve as a 
new member on the Executive Supervisory 
Committee as will JAMES S. TERRY Jr. 
Also re-elected were ERNEST A. HILL, 
president; CHARLES O'KANE, vice-presi- 
dent; EUGENE T. JONES, vice-president; 
TYLER M. PHILPOTT, treasurer, and 
ALVIN POTTS Jr., assistant treasurer. 
Hill and Philpott are also members of the 
Executive Committee. The credit union 
is continuously growing. Join today and 
participate. It's where you and members 
of your immediate family belong. All 
members' accounts are fully insured. 
Support your union by attending the meet- 
ing. The officers deserve our moral sup- 
port and cooperation. Their task is not an 
easy one. ..Our Ace No. 1 station instruc- 
tor, HERBERT WILLIAMS, wants to see 
his name in the news. So here it is, sir! 


Co-reporter ART BUESING became a 
grandpa for the second time when little 
March 4 weighing 6 pounds 9 ounces. The 
proud mother is my daughter, JUDY MAS- 
LANKA.. .F. MITTLER met W. (Cannonball) 
LYNN who has been on pension for the past 
ten years. He lives in that beautiful ice- 
box and fishing country called St. Cloud, 
Minnesota. He loves it there, looks great, 
and says hello to all his many friends. ..B. 
MOBLEY paid us a visit. He has been 
working in the Mart for the past two years. 
He said J. THOMAS, formerly of 69th, is 
down there too, and feels fine. ..Drawbar 
HOLLAND is now a loader at 63rd and 
Kedzie. . . RADLOFF is now back driving 
after being off sick for quite some time... 
CLAUDE GILLESPIE, former superin- 
tendent of 69th Street, and his wife, 
VIOLET, passed away within a day of each 
other. To their loved ones, we at 69th 
extend our deepest sympathy. ..Pensioner 
FRANK J. SOMMER is now living at RED 
Route 1, Princeton Road, Green Lake, 
Wisconsin 54941. . . There was a great 
turn-out for a great guy and boss at the 
Midway Lounge when GLENN PEYTON 
retired. 1 know his wife, ANN, realized 
how much his drivers respected him and 
how much we will miss him. We're sure 
VIC COLEMAN will do a fine job in his 
place, and we wish him luck. Glenn wanted 
me to be sure and tell everyone he will 
miss them and that he appreciated their 
respect and jobs we did for him. . . 
We extend our deepest sympathy to the 
family of Pensioner PETER PEITSCH who 

passed away. Pete worked at 69th for 
many years. ..RAY SCHEID is really en- 
joying his life of leisure on retirement... 
Congratulations to our new electrician, 
JOHN CALVIN. He really has shaped up 
the garage since he came. Hope he keeps 
it up — as it'll look like a new garage pretty 
soon. . . Our assistant day foreman, WIL- 
LIAM TOOMEY, is also doing a great job. 
..On the sick list at this time are JOHN 
JIM CASEY. A speedy recovery is wished 
to all. ..Here's hoping all of our pensioners 
and their families are enjoying retirement 
to the fullest. 


It is with pride and satisfaction that we pay 
tribute to a good man and a fine gentleman. 
JOHN KNERR retired April 1 as super- 
intendent of 77th Street Station. He will be 
missed by the men who served under him. 
We know Johnny to be a man of under- 
standing and compassion, qualities which 
make a man more than just a boss. When- 
ever we were called into his office we al- 
ways felt, no matter what the outcome, that 
at least we were heard as operators and 
respected as men. After 37 years with 
CTA Mr. Knerr will now begin a well- 
deserved life of leisure. I know we would 
like nothing less for this fine man and his 
wife, DOROTHY, than continued happiness 
and great success in whatever endeavor 
they should undertake. . . The Wheelers 
Social Club will present their annual 
spring affair on April 20. The Wheelers 
are known for their "out of sight" affairs, 
so if you want entertainment at its best, be 
there. ..Operators JULIUS (Red) MARTIN 
and ARTHUR JACKSON are confined to the 
Veterans hospital. We would like to wish 
them both a speedy recovery... We would 
like to express our deepest sympathy to 
Board Member ANDREW BUTLER and his 
family upon the loss of his aunt, Mrs. 
away on March 5. Mrs. Bruce was also 
the mother-in-law of former 77th Street 
ELLIOTT. ..We would also like to express 
our sincere condolences to the family and 
friends of Pensioner C. F. BARTZ, for- 
merly of 77th Street Station, who passed 
away. ..I would like to take this opportunity 
to introduce EDWARD BROWN as a new 
addition to the reporting staff at 77th Street 
Station. Ed will enable the reporting at 
77th to cover a broader area and help to 
ensure representation of our station in the 
monthly Transit News. We still need the 
cooperation of our fellow operators in 
giving us items for this column. This re- 
porter would especially like to thank 
Clerks FISHER and HALL and Instructor 
WHITE for their cooperation in submitting 
items to this column. 

- Mi^iw t>e 'SoHMtt 

^PRIL, 1974 


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who have trouble saving. 

U.S. Savings Bonds are one 
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TlilEE MAJOR CTA appointments—John L. Aurand 
asManager of the General Administration Division, 
Tcrell W. Hill as Manager of the General Develop- 
mit Division, and Paul J. Kole as Manager of the 
Giieral Finance Division — were announced by Milton 
Parsky, Chairman of the Chicago Transit Authority. 

rhe appointments of Aurand and Kole were made 
iii;omiection with the pending retirement of Peter J. 
Minardi, veteran CTA executive who in a recent ad- 
miistrative reorganization became Manager of the 
Gieral Administration and Finance Division. 

Meinardi, who will retire Sept. 1, was praised by 
Parsky for his "long and successful career with the 

"He will be missed by everyone," said the CTA 

The appointments of Aurand and Kole, to be effec- 
tive July 1, will involve dividing the General Adminis- 
tration and Finance Division into two divisions. This 
change represents a further refinement in the re- 
organization of the CTA administrative structure. 

During a transition period in July and August, 
Meinardi will serve as a special consultant to Chair- 
man Pikarsky. 

Hill, a former transit executive of Atlanta, Ga., 
joined the CTA on May 13. The General Development 
Division which he heads as Manager includes four de- 
partments — Engineering, Capital Development, De- 
velopment Planning, and Marketing. 

The newly created General Administration Divi- 
sion, with Aurand as Manager, will (Continued Page 2) 

Pictured af left is one of 28 
CTA buses which evacuated 
upwards of 1,500 persons from 
the Altgeld Gardens area on the 
night of April 26 when that far 
southeast Chicago neighborhood 
was endangered by a chemical 
cloud from a leaking storage 
tank. In the early morning hours, 
the CTA bus drivers also re- 
turned the people to their homes 
after the area was declared to 
be safe again. The CTA was on 
the alert for much of the follow- 
ing day for a possible recur- 
rence of the emergency. 

joto Courtesy CHICAGO SUN-TIUES 



^AY, 1974 

Managers (Continued) 

include five departments — Personnel, Medical, Labor 
Relations, Management Services, and Insurance, Pen- 
sions and Industrial Safety. 

The newly created General Finance Division, with 
Kole as Manager, also will include five departments — 
Materials Management, Controler, Treasury, Data 
Center, and Management Systems. 

The CTA now has four Divisions, the Managers of 
which report directly to the Chairman. The Division 
Managers hold positions comparable to that of exec- 
utive vice-president in a corporate structure. 

The fourth CTA Division — General Operations — is 
headed by George Krambles as Manager. Krambles 
is a veteran CTA executive. 

Terrell W. Hill 

Hill joined the CTA after having been associated 
since 1970 in various executive positions with the 
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, His 
last position with the Atlanta Authority was Assistant 
to the General Manager for Intergovernmental Rela- 

Previously, Hill was active in San Francisco in 
work closely related to the construction of the new 
rapid transit system by the Bay Area Rapid Transit 
District (BART). 

In San Francisco, he served as Executive Director 
of the Market Street Development Project, a private 
association organized to spark public and private de- 
velopments in connection with BART subway con- 

Among other activities in the San Francisco area. 
Hill was Vice-President and Transportation Commit- 
tee Chairman of the San Francisco Planning and Ur- 
ban Renewal Association, a private planning group. 

Hill also was active with the California General 
Assembly for obtaining additional funding for the 
BART system, with the planning and funding for an 
additional major station for that system, and with a 
study program for the possible future extension of the 
BART system to the San Francisco Airport. 

He also was active in a successful environmen- 
talist campaign to "Save San Francisco Bay" from 
further landfill. Formerly, he was associated with 
contracting, land development and manufacturing 
companies in Columbus, Ga. 

Hill, who is 44, was graduated from Georgia Tech 
in 1952 with a B.S. degree in science. Hill and his 
wife, Jennifer, are now home searching here. A 
daughter, Paula, is attending school in Italy. 

John L. Aurand 

Liaison Representative since joining the CTA 

Aurand previously was a Regional Representa 
in the Chicago area for the Illinois Education Asso^ 
tion and the National Education Association. 

He formerly was a collective bargaining and a 
tration consultant to the trucking industry; Supe 
tendent of La Harpe Community School Unit No. ; 
La Harpe, Hancock County; Principal of the Cr^B 
Monee School District 201-U, Crete; and a teachej 
the Thornton Junior College Evening School and <; i 
ior High Schools in Oak Lawn and Oswego. 

Aurand, who lives at 18254 Highland Av., Ho 
wood, holds B.S.E. and M.A. degrees from Nortl 
Illinois University. He and his wife, Karen, are 
parents of two children, John and Nancy. 

Paul J. Kole 

Kole, who is 40, joined the CTA in February, l'i2, 
as controler. He recently has been Manager of y 
Finance Department. 

Previously, Kole had been associated with the (1- 
cago City government since 1956. Among variis 
positions with the city, he had served as Directo gl 
Data Processing of the Mayor's Datacenter ancis 
First Deputy Controler. 

A certified public accountant, Kole obtaid 
a B.S. degree in Commerce and a Master's >- 
gree in Business Administration from Roose'lt 

He and his wife, Claire, are the parents of v» 
children, Robyn, Sheri, Lori, Michael and La 
They live at 2814 Jarvis Av. 

Peter J. Meinardi 


Aurand, who is 36, has been Administrative 
Assistant to Chairman Pikarsky and Legislative 

Meinardi joined the CTA as assistant controle ii 
April, 1948, about six months after the Transit i- 
thority began operations. He was named Controle in 
December, 1950, and Manager of Finance in Octolr, 

Prior to becoming associated with the CTA, IV i- 
nardi was with the accounting firm of Arthur Anc:- 
sen & Co. He was graduated in 1931 from the Ii- 
versity of Illinois with a B.S. degree in account?. 
During World War II, he served as a Lieutenant Cijr 
mander in the U.S. Naval Reserve, Bureau of Suppi| 
and Accounts. 

For the last 10 years, Meinardi has been Trea 
er of the American Transit Association, and has bl 
elected Secretary-Treasurer of the American Pu! 
Transit Association, the successor organization to if 
ATA and the Institute for Rapid Transit. 

Meinardi and his wife, Edith Marie, live at SI 
Sprucewood Lane, Wilmette. They have three daul 
ters, Mrs. Thomas S. (Barbara Ann) Ricker, 1V| 
William (Donna Marie) Siedhoff, and Mrs. Franc^ 
(Diane Lucia) Murtha Jr. 


Suggestions Pay Off 

(3ERT ADAMCZYK, bus repairman at the Archer 
sage, is presented with the top suggestion award of 
t) by P. J. Meinardi, Manager of the General Ad- 
liistration and Finance Division, as R.T. Warnstedt, 
jgestion Coordinator, looks on. 
fwenty-two other CTA employees shared a total of 
1)30 in the latest Suggestion System awards. 

i 8h Awards Plus Gift Certificate 

DO Joseph Kovarik, West Shops 

j) Michael Granger Jr., Stores 

,|5 Paul Wollace, Security 

William Rohe, South Shops 
' Muzio Ficorella, Skokie Shop 


Jim Forrestal, South Shops 
Henry Kolar, South Shops 

i pplementary Cash Award 

<Q Mario Mariano, South Shops 

i t Certificates 

i) Jaime Morales, Kedzie Garage 

Harold Burda, Property Accounting 

Clotilde Fronkiewicz, Payroll 

Ernest Johnson, South Shops 

Louis Alleva, South Shops 

Fred Petrozz, South Shops 

Peter Gaza, Forest Park 

Williom Caffrey, Property Accounting 

Giles Liddell Jr., Limits 

Vince Fiorita, West Shops 

William Buetow, Claim 

Donald O'Sullivan, Claim 

John O'Brien, North Park 

John Jearas, Limits 

Kabala Appointed 

Marketing l\/lanager 


ment of Stephen J. 
Kabala as Marketing 
Manager of the Chi- 
cago Transit Au- 
thority was an- 
nounced by Milton 
Pikarsky, CTA 

Chairman. Kabala, 
who has had exten- 
sive experience in 
marketing in the 
railroad and airline 
industries, heads a 
newly created CTA 
Department of Marketing. 

Before joining the CTA, he had served as Central 
Regional Sales Manager in Chicago for AMTRAK (Na- 
tional Railroad Passenger Corporation) since the in- 
ception of AMTRAK in 1971. 

For eight years previously, Kabala held marketing 
positions with Trans World Airlines (TWA) in San 
Francisco, New York City, and Chicago. Formerly, 
he was Regional Manager in Chicago for the Railway 
Express Agency. 

A native Chicagoan, Kabala, who is 43, was gradu- 
ated from Loyola University of Chicago in 1953 with a 
B.S. degree in business administration. He lives at 
233 E. Erie st. 

The new Department of Marketing is part of the 
CTA's new Division of General Development. 

In this organizational revision, a previous Depart- 
ment of Communications and Marketing, headed by 
Thomas Buck, was divided into the Marketing Depart- 
ment and a Department of Public Affairs. Buck, as 
Manager, heads the new Department of Public Affairs, 
reporting directly to the Chairman. 

Knautz Heads Association 




'-^ ^ 

- ^ \ 







FRAN C. KNAUTZ, Manager of Personnel of the 
Chicago Transit Authority, has been named national 
president of the National Association of Suggestion 
Systems (NASS). 

Russell T. V/arnstedt, Employee Suggestion Co- 
ordinator of the CTA, has been elected president of 
the Chicago Chapter of the association. 

NASS is a service organization composed of mem- 
bers from finance, commerce, industry and gov- 
ernment dedicated to the worth, contributions and 
benefits of Employee Suggestion Systems. 

/»Y, ^Q^4 

MEL ALEXANDER, Sports Editor 

CTA Softball Season 
Opens May 19 

THE CTA Sports Program will open its 1974 Softball 
season on Sunday, May 19, and it promises to be a 
highly exciting year. 

At a meeting in the Mart on April 9, plans were 
formulated for the upcoming season with a maximum 
of 16 teams. From all indications the league seems 
very strong. Attending the meeting were, alphabeti- 
cally: M. Alexander, Transit News; T. Andrews, 
General Office; H. Bankston, Archer; A. Bray, Sports 
Director; C. Coleman, Kedzie; K. DuCree, Archer; 
W. Goodes, Beverly; W. Haulcy, Limits; M. Holmes, 
Human Relations; F. King, Human Relations; J. Pate, 
Division 241; F. Porter, 69th Street; H. Reed, North 

Park; R. Riley, 52nd Street; J. Robinson, Assistant 
Sports Director; W. Robinson, 77th Street; B. 
Rodgers, Kedzie; W. Simmons, North Avenue; T. 
Stiglic, CTA Representative, and R. Wright, Kedzie. 

The games will be played each Sunday morning at 
10:00 A.M. in Grant Park. The large crowds at these 
games come to picnic and root for their favorite 

The 1973 champs, 69th Street Station, will have 
keen competition this year. Kedzie Station, which 
will have its choice of players since combining with 
Lawndale Station, will be tough to beat. Runner-up 
52nd Street Station will be pushing hard to take it all 
this year. 





L ' 

George's Arco* 


37 .1 

Pin Busters 


37 ,8 

Archer Bandits 






Road Runners 


46 .i2 




Late Comers 



500 Club 














57 .7 

Hot Hands 


57^ .2 



64 ,iO 



66 .1 



77 .3 

*Won first place in roll-off 
**Won fourth place in roll-off 

Mart Bowling Team 
Last Place Champs 

TRYING HARD to win first place in the City of Chi 
go Bureau of Engineering Bowling League, the W 
team will get a trophy — as last place champs. 

Getting off to a good start at the beginning of 
season, the team was beset with injuries and illn 
and couldn't get it together after that. 

Team Captain Tim O'Rourke is positive that 
team will make a better showing next year and wi 

Members of the team, along with Tim, are B 
Bosan and Len Lohn, Personnel Development; ti 
Toolis, Purchasing; Charlie Drozda, Operatis 
Planning; Mel Alexander, Communications and M- 
keting, and Ed Co man, retired. 


||)wling Season Ends, 
George's Arco Champs 

E; 77TH Street Operators Bowling League ended its 
j'(i-74 season with a dramatic finish when George's 
rD, the league leaders and eventual winners, lost 
ue games to the Pin Busters and were forced into 
ill-off to determine first place. 
4nishing in third place were the Archer Bandits 
h clipped the Clippers three games. This forced 
1^ Clippers into a roll-off with the Road Runners 
h lost two out of three games to give the Clippers 
nth place. 

At a meeting on April 19 election of officers was 
<d at the Palisades Bowl for the 1974-75 season. 
>tured here are the newly elected officers who will 
^de the league for the coming year. Left to right, 
.:i: Talmadge Ireland, treasurer; Mike Kane, vice 
liisident; Calvin Pollard, president; Hank Mosely, 
cgeant at arms, and Wilson Washington, secretary, 
ttallation took place at the annual banquet on May 10. 

George's Arco, first place winners. Left to right, standing; C. 
McCants, Captain J. C. White, E. Ford, L. Wardell and E. Gipson. 
Kneeling is M. Porter. 

Pin Busters, second place winners. Left to right, standing: V. 
Collins, Captain L. Lee, D. Williams and R. Meeks. Kneeling 
are W. Washington and C. V. Johnson. 

ppers, fourth place winners. Left to right, standing: E. 
Tidall, H. McMillan, R. Cheatum and Captain A. Joe. Kneeling 
: N. Duff and R. Sullivan. 

Archer Bandits, third place winners. Left to right, standing: T. 
Ireland, J. Motton, H. Hodge and Captain H. Kemp. Kneeling are 
J. Coleman and L. C. Taylor. 

AY, 1974 

Youth Week Celebrated 

Name Senn Girl 

CTA Chairman for Day 

PAMELA KLEIN, a 17 year old junior at Serm High 
school, was sworn in on May 6 as Chicago's Junior 
CTA Chairman for the day. 

One of 34 city youths who served as honorary city 
officials during Chicago Youth Week, Miss Klein was 
among 18 girls selected. The swearing-in ceremony 
took place in the city council chambers. 

Miss Klein accepted a Certificate of Merit from 
Mayor Richard J. Daley, and is shown displaying it to 
Chairman Milton Pikarsky. 

Former Stable: Horses Make Comeback at Illinois Garage 

ILLINOIS GARAGE, 152 W. Illinois Street, originally 
constructed as a stable in 1886 was briefly re- 
assigned in its initial capacity on May 8, the occasion 
of a Loop parade which included a team of horses 
pulling a transit vehicle. 

Labeled "The Great Hatsby" by the State Street 
Council, the parade was a salute to late spring and 
summer millinery by 13 State Street stores. It fea- 
tured headgear for men, women and children. 

The parade included five nostalgic vehicles — a 
1927 Rolls Royce touring car, an old hook-and- 
ladder rig, a 1938 beer truck, an Excalibur sports 
car and CTA's 1859 model bobtail horsecar. 

The horsecar was held in readiness at Illinois 
Garage. Two Appaloosas from Country Boy Ranch in 
Prairie View were transported to the garage and 
hitched to the horsecar. 

When constructed in 1886 by the North Chicago 
Street Railroad, Illinois Garage was a stable and 

wreck wagon barn. The site was selected became 
Illinois and LaSalle was the junction for five Noh 
Side cable car lines routed to the Loop through f 
LaSalle Street tunnel. A cable powerhouse adjacjt 
to the stable is occupied today by Ireland's Oysr 
House. I 

Horse-drawn wagons were housed in the garjb 
until the early 1920's when automotive vehicles WfS 
acquired. A wreck wagon remained on assignmentt 
the garage until the early 1950's when streetc;? 
were being phased out. 

CTA's HORSECAR is pictured at State and Wacker, ossem ■ 
area for "The Great Hatsby" parade on May 8. Before para 
team was fiitched to tiorsecar (below) at Illinois Garage 
Country Boy Ranch fiandlers Normo Rothbart and Paula Wilcia 
ossisted by Supervisory Chauffeur Jim Jacobs, Utilitya 
Emergency Service. ■ 




OUNTING (General) - 

March 27 a luncheon was held at the 

a Club in honor of SARAH O'ROURKE 

retired from CTA after 32 years of 

nee. It was a lovely affair and Sarah 

I presented with a beautiful gold pend- 

p watch and a very generous monetary 

from past and present CTA co- 

kers. She and her husband, JOE, 

•ed here at the luncheon, will be 

iving to their new home in Fort Myers, 
Frida. The best of luck, health and hap- 
)iess to both of you. ..HAROLD BROWN 
ijs if you enjoy golfing. Myrtle Beach, 
i)th Carolina, is the place for you. 
iirold and a few friends enjoyed a week 
;lre this spring playing all the 18-hole 
;!f courses they could... Congratulations 
X BARNEY KANE, General Accounting, 
1^1 his wife who became grandparents for 
1 fourth time on April 6 when their 
lighter gave birth to a baby girl, KATH- 
[EN. The proud parents are MARY 
•ILEN and BOB McELLIGOTT. Kathleen 
,:a very special baby for the Kanes, she 
their first granddaughter. ..The welcome 
it is extended to SERGIO RODRIGUEZ 
rb joined our department as an account- 
■ specialist. . . Our sincere sympathy is 
:.ended to the family of HELEN FRAN- 
:N who passed away recently. Helen re- 
;'edfrom the revenue accounting section. 

yroll) - 

'ith this ring, I thee wed" were beauti- 
i words shared by the parents of VAL 
N, on May 7, 1924. On May 4, the John- 
is celebrated their 50th wedding anni- 
:8ary at a party in the Bowman home, 
was an exciting event with many rela- 
es visiting from Iowa and Chicago, 
rtin Johnson retired from CTA Security 
May 1966. Here's a toast of good wishes 
Martin and Violet! ..VICTORLf^ LEPEK 
8 a happy grandma when she had a sur- 
ise visit from her daughter and son-in- 
edless to say, one-year old TINA stole 

the show. . . One of the most appreciated 
words in the dictionary has to be "vaca- 
tion." Several of our payroUers can vouch 
for that, like MARY CARNEY who played 
Picasso with a brush and redecorated her 
apartment on vacation. MARIE COARI en- 
joyed her leisure time in Chicago visiting 
and relaxing. Marie tells me she's anti- 
cipating the occurrence of a happy event. 
She plans to elaborate on this at a later 
date. We can hardly wait. ..No doubt a 
fascinating vacation would be a traveling 
one. That's what MARY JANE JOHNSON 
did when she visited her family and friends 
in California. Though her vacation was 
spread over much of California, including 
Los Angeles and the San Diego Zoo, Mary 
Jane found one of the main highlights of 
her trip to be the Hearst Castle tour in San 
Simeon. Its vastness and cultural beauty 
is difficult to capture in words. To Wil- 
liam Randolph Hearst this mansion was 
never referred to as a castle, but his 
home. It has been preserved as a memo- 
rial by the State of California since 1958. 
. . A very happy birthday to these cake 
cutters: JEANNE BIZIK, April 28, and 
MARY JANE JOHNSON, April 26.. .See you 

(Datacenter) - 

We would like to extend a warm welcome 
ZOGUS and MARLENE TROCK, who joined 
the Systems Section. The best of luck to 
all of you from all of us. 


PAUL WALLACE went to Reno, Nevada, 
where he attended the Academy of Criminal 
Justice science conference at the Eldorado 
Casino. He visited with his mother and 
then gamboled (not gambled) a little. He 
went to Oakland and was treated to lunch 
by the Oakland Chamber of Commerce. 
The next day he visited the BART Police 
Department and spent a day looking into 
their operations, and was treated to a nice 
lunch on the waterfront by their chief. 
Paul then went to Kansas City, Missouri, 
where he spent five days attending the 
Conference of the American Criminal 
Justice of which he is an executive board 
member. He performed his business 
duties during the day and skipped a light 
fandango at night. If anyone is contemplat- 

ing going to Kansas City, Paul says it has 
excellent eateries. 

ELECTRICAL (General Office) - 

JOSEPH W. PIENTO Jr., power supervi- 
sor, and his family vacationed in Southern 
California recently. They visited the San 
Diego Zoo, Disneyland, Knotts Berry 
Farm, the Queen Mary, Marineland and 
the Mission at San Juan Capistrano. While 
visiting in California, the Piento's oldest 
son, JOSEPH PAUL, received his first 
holy communion with his godparents, 
rence church. Grandpa, FRANK J. PIEN- 
TO of Skokie Shop, was not present for the 
happy occasion but telephoned his best 
wishes long distance during the day. ..Con- 
dolences are extended to the family of 
FRED DAMROW, unit supervisor of radio 
maintenance, who passed away March 30. 
He will be missed by his friends at Blue 
Island and the Mart. . . Please send some 
news items and let us know the latest. 

(Rapid Transit Signal Division) - 
As you would expect there is a good rea- 
son why you didn't find me in last month's 
Transit News. I moved. I am now at 58th 
Street on the Main Line. During the mov- 
ing process I missed my notice of the 
deadline date for last month's copy. Nei- 
ther were you able to reach me with your 
news bits. Results: blank-blank. All is 
forgiven now. So if it's OK with you, we'll 
get down to work and welcome the recent 
additions to the Signal Department, Signal 
RY. Congratulations, fellows, you have 
made a good start. 

- 7« 



Volume XXVIi Number 4 

Published for employees ond relirees of 
the Chicago Transit Authority, under the 
direction of the Department of Communica- 
tions ond Marketing. 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 
IVIel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

Distributed free o( charge to oil octive 
and retired CTA employees. Annual sub- 
scription price to others, S2.00. Address 
communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, 
Room 742, Merchondise Mort Plaza, 
Chicogo, Illinois 60654. 

AY, 1974 

(Chicago Avenue) - 

I hear that MEL FELTON, one of our re- 
tirees, was in Bethany hospital for sur- 
gery. Hope all is well now Mel. Let's 
hear from you. . . BOB BOSCHERT was 
flying on one wing for awhile. The law of 
gravity was in full force when Bob took a 
fall. Bob is back at work now and all is 
well. Right, BEV? . . BILL SHEAHAN's 
son, TOM, was accepted for the Air Force 
Academy in Colorado Springs after going 
through some rigorous tests. Good luck, 
Tom. ..BARNEY JONES is back to work 
after a sojourn to the hospital for surgery. 
Barney looks good and is almost back to 
normal ... CHARLIE 
PAR HAM took a 
long walk on March 
16, to escort his 
daughter, LINDA, 
down the aisle when 
she was united in 
holy wedlock to 
at New Friendship 
Baptist church. Best 
wishes to the newly- 
weds. . . PETE FAR- 
BER dropped in 
sporting a van dyke 
mostly white in color. Looks good, Pete... 
DINO FUGGITI and his wife attended the 
convocation at Northeastern university on 
April 9 when their daughter, DIANE, was 
honored for her academic achievements. 
Diane graduates in May as an elementary 
education major. ..Our sincere condolences 
to the family of TONY RIGLER in the pas- 
sing of his father, ANTON, who was 81 
years old. 73 


We 're finally getting warm weather for our 
vacations. So, fellows, drop me a line on 
what you and the family will be doing.. .Op- 
erator D. M. KESKE was seen driving his 
coach with holes in his shoes. I guess he 
has been too busy to pick up a new pair. 
Sorry, Keske, us fellows aren't starting up 
a collection. ..We lost a fine clerk to the 
retirement rolls — none other than HERB 
SCHMIDT, who will be missed greatly 
around our depot. Following Herb were 
three fine operators who contributed a 
good many years of service to CTA — 
MARTIN KARIOLICH. These men will all 
be missed. Following in their footsteps 
on June 1 will be FRANK ENGELTHALER 
and BILL LYNAM. ..The young man now 
assigning us our buses in the a.m. is 
GREG BABICZ. I guess he is getting used 
to finding his coat sleeves tied and pockets 
stuffed with paper each morning. But he is 
good natured about all the tricks yours 
truly plays on him. ..Received a card from 
GEORGE HAAK who was heading for Hono- 
lulu. He says the plane in Miami, Flor- 

ida, had the wrong destination sign. I sup- 
pose his next card will arrive from China. 
Good luck, George.. .Operator LOMBARDO 
recently spent several weeks visiting his 
son down in Florida. Looks like he and 
the Mrs. are planning on retiring there 
later. ..At this writing everything must be 
pretty quiet in the BERG family. No new 
arrivals for the past several months. I 
believe they are getting behind... Operator 
LYONS has been enjoying his new home. 
He and his family are now living inNiles... 
LESTER DANDERS has started saving for 
his next vacation. Where to this time, 
Lester? . . GEORGE SPORLEDER was 
around visiting his old buddies. He's 
looking fine in his retirement. .. CHI ODO 
hasn't made up his mind whether or not to 
retire. Al, you look so young, why rush 
things? .. COB URN hasn't been spotted 
walking hand in hand with RUTH. Keeping 
out of my sight, old friend ?..KOMPANOW- 
SKI has given up his collecting job. He's 
made his bundle and will take it easy now. 
..BRZECZEK is looking forward to his 
annual fishing trip with the boys this 
spring. I wonder if they really catch any- 
thing.. .ED MERK is still doing a good job 
singing in church on Sundays . We are all 
invited to come and listen.. .See the boys In 
our credit union for any kind of help. 

- TO. /I. '»iwuf , 

GENERAL OFFICE (Insurance & Pensions) - 

We bid farewell to MARIE CRAWLEY who 
left the CTA to await a blessed event. A 
luncheon was held for Marie at the Red 
Onion in Marina City. THEO SCOTT, 
stenographer, was promoted to Marie's job 
and we wish her a lot of luck in her new 

(Medical) - 

Birthday greetings are extended to HAR- 
RY SOREGHEN, medical technician, and 
EARL BOYD, X-ray technician. The years 
are sure catching up with you gentlemen. 
..Dr. MOSNY and his wife were surprised 
by a visit from their daughter, son-in-law 
and grandson, STEVE, who came in from 
Boston to spend the Easter holidays. 

(Treasury) - 

The welcome mat is extended to KENNY 
McCREA, token clerk, who transferred 
from the Claim Department. 

(Administrative Services) - 

A bouncing baby boy named VINCENT was 
born on April 11 to MARY NASTI, former 
dictaphone operator. We wish you a 
healthy and happy future. 

(Personnel) - 

JOE O'SULLIVAN takes this opportunity to 
say goodbye to all his friends at the CTA. 
Joe retired May 1. He and his wife, 
HELEN, are moving to Mesa, Arizona, at 
the end of May. Their house is ready and 

waiting. Joe wants all his friends to c t 
out and see them. They will be at 20f! 
62nd street. Mesa, Arizona 85205.. 
department welcomes PAUL KADOW 
Also welcome to DAN KANE who is 1i 
porarily assigned to the Training Secti 
Belated (sorry!) congratulations to M^l 
CLINE and her husband, BILL, on thelll 
of their daughter, KATHLEEN MAi, 
Kathleen was born Jan. 22 weighing d 
6 pounds 12 ounces. Marie was forirlj 
with the Public Safety Section. . . T\ 
BORCIC decided to become an Eskiir» 
his vacation. He flew to Anchorage, A \- 
ka, for one week to visit relatives. |i 
said the scenery was very impressive tl 
mountains, avalanches and rock s'.n 
around every corner. With no air 1- 
lution to contend with, Tony said it i 
warmer there than in Chicago. But 
glad to be back in the Windy City, smc 
no smog. 

(Communications & Marketing) - 

her husband, RUDY, a bus operator Ii 
Forest Glen Station, flew to Las Vegai 
a few days and then to Los Angeles to 
it with Rudy's mother. Don't spend 
that money gambling, Murph, save s 
for a rainy day. ..Pensioner FRANK DI B 
dropped in for a visit after a Florida r 
cation. He says he bought a home in Lj) 
and will be moving out there during 1 1. 
The address is 2000 East Bay Dii, 
Colonial Village, #109, Largo, Flo la 
33540. Frank invites all his friend :c 
come visit him, but not all at one tiil 
Gee Frank, are you taking all your ib 
with you? You're looking good! i 

(Capital Development) - i 

Congratulations to KATHY BRADY on!i 
engagement to KEVIN MORGAN. The el- 
ding date is set for Sept. 21...Welco!S 
are ex-tended to GERALD HOFF, direm 
of program development, and BE.Jl 
WELSH who also joined our crew. B;a 
was formerly with the City of Chica's 
Department of Public Works. 


I hope everyone had a happy Easter, a 
hope some of you will send me some r 
to put in our column. . . Clerk JEl 
BLAKE had a wonderful Easter, 
daughter and son-in-law, along with t 
children, drove in from New Jersey 
the weekend. ..Congratulations to (Z^era 
C. KASEL and A. AMBERG who wen 
pension. We wish you both the best in} 
retirement years, and may you enjoy y( 
selves and do all the things you alv 
wanted to do. ..Operator G. DiMEOanc 
lovely wife, DORA, had a part.\' for t 
grandson, JOHN DiMEO who was two y< 
old. John c;ui do no wrong at grandr 


Service anniversaries in May 

J. Bejo, E. A. Bole 

Track & Structures Employee Relations 

35 years 

J. J. Heffernan, Building Maint. 

H. J. Pcolicchi, Track & Structures 

E. A. Vonella, Electrical Maint. 

30 years 

' J. B. Daly, Claims 

' L. W. Drinka, South Shops 

J. Giblin, West Section 
, J. B. Murnane, 69th Street 
1 J. T. Welton, Skokie Shop 


R. Guthrie, 

District D 

R. W. Peterson, 

North Park 

25 years 

D. DeCook, 

North Park 

J. M. Fiorito, 

Tire Insp. Center 

W. A. Ashley, Insurance & Pensions 
P. Venticinque, Skokie Shop 

ome. . . DORICE MARY PAPPAS, the 
aughter of Pensioner GEORGE PAPPAS, 
ISLS recently married to ROBERT A. 
[ARTLEY. The reception was held at 
lajor Banquet hall. The food was deli- 
ious and the band was great. Everyone 
ad a grand time. ..HELEN HAIMANN, the 
rtfe of 69th Street Clerk GEORGE HAI- 
lANN, is now confined to Little Company 
f Mary hospital. We hope by the time this 
ssue comes out she will be home...Oper- 
tor P. MAISO was in the hospital and is 
oming along fine. Operator ERNEST 
;ARTER, formerly of Keeler, is back to 
rark after being off sick. . . Our deepest 
ympathy is extended to the family of Op- 
rator MARTIN KEHOE who passed away 
n March 25. ..To everyone having a birth- 
lay this month, happy birthday !. .We wish 
peedy recoveries to those of you who are 
n the sick list. Hope to see you back on 
he job soon. ..Don't forget your credit 
inion. Save a little each payday. 

.OOP - 

Velcome to new agents D. GAY, M. De- 
'ACKSON and C. SCOTT. ..Belated birth- 

day greetings to Agent HELEN GUTH and 
to Clerk JIM HARTIGAN who celebrated 
on March 31. All we can say is one can't 
tell by looking. We hope both of these nice 
people enjoyed their free day. ..We are 
happy to report that the young son of Agent 
AGNES NOONE is recovering nicely from 
his recent surgery. . . Agent DOROTHY 
PARKER was indisposed for a few days, 
but as always with Dorothy she snapped 
back in a hurry and is on the job good as 
new. . . It is great to see former Assign- 
ment Agent C. ROPA back in good health. 
We wish her the best of luck in her new 
job...ZITA DOUBLIN had time off due to 
an ear infection but she too is back on the 
job. . . Co-reporter MILDRED DOYLE is 
still at home recuperating at this time. 
We hope to see her back by the next issue 
of Transit News. Millie's grandson, 
JOHNNY DOYLE, 8, is one proud fella. 
He and his dad won first prize in a father 
and son project for Cub Scout Pack 13 in 
Bridgeview. The two Johns created a 
colorful totem pole and both shared in the 
carving and painting. Congratulations!.. 
Agent MINNIE DIKE MAN is all settled in 
her new apartment. We hope the move 
will be a happy one. ..We received a note 
from former agent DOROTHY ADLER who 
now resides in Clearwater, Florida. Dor- 
othy is very happy in her new job with the 

telephone company. She plans to spend 
her vacation here in early August. We are 
looking forward to seeing her. . . Retired 
agent LILL CONROY is vacationing in 
Arizona. This young lady lets no grass 
grow under her feet. Let's hear from you, 
Lill, we would like to hear about your trip. 
..HARRIET, the wife of DAVE GRAFMAN, 
is in Edgewater hospital recuperating from 
a mild heart attack. Our best wishes for a 
rapid recovery. . . Mother of the bride, 
GRACE MOUNTS, was really busy getting 
ready for the wedding of her daughter, 
EVA, on April 13. It was a lovely affair 
wdth 125 guests attending the reception... 
In closing we would like to e.xpress our 
sincere sympathy to retired agent VIR- 
GINIA TOTCKE and her family in the death 
of her brother. May he rest in peace. . . 
Once more we appeal to our friends. 
Please send us some news, we need your 
help. ..Keep smiling! 

- '>HiUru<C Vi»fU & MlVUf tOCxttd 


FRANK TAMBURRINO, order clerk in 
stores, has set up a countdown pull-apart 
type calendar on his desk for days left to 
go till his retirement. Well, this scribe 
was really serious, Frank, when she said 

M/AY, ^Q74 


JOINING THE ranks of the retired on May 1 were the 
three employees pictured here who had 40 or more years 
of transit service each with CTA and its predecessor 
transit componies. 



Treasury, Emp. 4-1-68 
WALTER M. BANICKI, Substation Oper., 

Electrical, Emp. 8-12-43 
ROBERT G. BINNIE, Electrical Worker, 

Skokie Shop, Emp. 9-14-34 
LESLIE W. DEMAN, Security Offer. I, 

Security, Emp. 11-5-29 
DOROTHY E. FORD, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 3-13-54 
EDGAR E. GRAHAM, Box Puller, 

Limits, Emp. 11-12-51 
North Avenue, Emp. 7-1-42 
JOHN R. HOFFMAN, Information Clerk, 
Communications & Mrktg., Emp. 12-17-40 
RUDOLPH J. HOLAN, Operator, 
Archer, Emp. 1-3-34 

your countdown will go down in print— 
138 days to go. ..TONY DiGIOVANNI didn't 
seem to have too much to say about his 
vacation in Las Vegas. Like FRANK MA- 
GUIRE of specifications, he took in the 
shows. At least Frank's wife, ANN, took 
in some winnings. I guess you men don't 
have much luck. Liberace and the "Lidos" 
were the highlight, Tony said.. .BOB MC- 
CARTHY, purchasing, and his wife were 
fortunate enough to travel to England and 
Russia the first week in March. GEORGE 
CLARK and his wife were also in the 
group, and a good time was had by all. 
Upon his return Bob had many stories and 
experiences to tell about Russia. The high 
point of the trip was in Moscow where Mr. 
Clark set off the buzzers as he passed 
through customs in the airport. ..We have 
some newcomers to this department: 
ALEX FRITZ LER gets a big hello at 
Storeroom 61 as a service attendant; the 
welcome mat at Storeroom 42 is for 
JAMES WHITTLEY, stock clerk II, in 
Skokie, and in purchasing, a big hello goes 
out to DONALD HEPNAR, the new buyer... 
In the meantime, some new changes have 
taken place. BARNEY GAGNON says he 
was moved because the next move is out 
the door. We have a new department es- 
tablished called Contracts, which includes 
The seating arrangement is changed some- 
what, so look around when you go through. 
Superintendent ED TOBIN, stores, said he 
is pleased with the scenery since this 
scribe, instead of JOHN GILL, order 



40 Years 

STEVEN J. IPPOLITO, Security Offer. I, 

Security, Emp. 7-15-63 
WILLIAM KROPP, Material Coordinator, 

South Shops, Emp. 2-25-42 

North Park, Emp. 5-31-46 
THOMAS E. MACE, Radio Dispatcher, 

Transportation, Emp. 8-17-37 
JOSEPH R. O'SULLIVAN, Training Ass't, 

Personnel Development, Emp. 4-24-41 
PETER C. PETRULIS, Machine Operator, 

South Shops, Emp. 10-17-45 

Forest Glen, Emp. 3-20-43 
HAROLD F. PROSSER, Conductor, 
West Section, Emp. 8-5-43 

44 Years 


44 Years 


South Section, Emp. 10-12-44 

District D, Emp. 4-10-43 
JAMES R. TUCKER, Chief Clerk, 

Transportation, Emp. 6-17-29 



Limits, Emp. 12-30-54 
THOMAS E. REED, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 10-11-56 
JAMES RIVERS, Operator, 

52nd Street, Emp. 4-25-45 
CARL H. RYDELL, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 5-6-53 

clerk in stores, is located outside his of- 
fice. Sorry to deseat you, John. ..A few 
retirees in the past month are enjoying 
sleeping late. MIKE KORZEN retired 
from Storeroom 42, and PAT CANNON 
from Storeroom 48. Congratulations to 
both of you. ..Our deepest sympathy goes to 
JOHN SHERIDAN, stock clerk HI, Store- 
room 7, in the recent death of his mother. 
..A hearty hello goes to JAMES QUALLIS, 
who recently joined us. And a big wel- 
come is sent to RALPH PODGORSKI, stock 
clerk I, who transferred back to South 
Shops from Skokie. I guess Skokie didn't 
agree with him. BILL DOERING, stock 
clerk I, Storeroom 42, is being transferred 
to Building Maintenance in West Shops. 
Good luck to you. 

- PiuciUa XanieuU 

First of all we would like to congratulate 
all who were promoted to new positions... 
EVELYN BETTS' brother Is in the hos- 
pital with a kidney ailment. Hope he is 
well soon. . . Our sincere condolences are 
extended to R. KLACZYNSKI in the death 
of his mother. May she rest in peace... 
BILL PFEIFFER vacationed in Florida 
for two weeks. When he returned he 
worked for a week and then had a day off 
to celebrate his 28th anniversary with 
CTA. How lucky can a guy be. ..Speaking 
of anniversaries, we have quite a few for 



GRANT. Let's all have a good time on our ' 
day off...JUNE BAREKMAN had the mis- 
fortune of having her home burglarized 
recently and suffered quite a loss. ..It was 
a very happy day when EILEEN CAR- 
MODY's daughter, NORA TERESA, pre- 
sented her with a grandson, KEVEN SE.\N, 
bom April 5 weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces... 
Agent iMYRTLE APITZ announced two ' 
graduations in her famUy. Granddaughter 
DEBBIE SZCZEPANIK, left, will graduate 
from Fremd High school in Palatine and 
join Kemper Insurance company. Daughter 
MARGO SZCZEPANIK will graduate from 

Harper college as a registered nurse, and 
is now with Northwest Community hospital 
in Arlington Heights. Myrtle has a right 
to be doubly proud. ..Had a nice telephone 
visit with retired North Side agent MARIE 
TOWNSEND. She attended Mr. BRUCK- 
ER's retirement party last month and says 
she had a wonderful time. She lost her 



lakhter earlier this year, and we extend 
ni sincere sympathy to her. . . EVA 
iflMIDT, the daughter of your reporter, 
Jjk.CE MOUNTS, was married to HENRY 
iOAUER on April 13 at St. John's Lu- 
hran church. A reception followed with 
.i guests joining in the celebration. 
J:.ce's two sisters from Michigan vis- 
it her for the Easter holiday. ..Hope ev- 
jjane got what they wanted on the new 
pis. Your scribe is still at Irving Park 
U has a new co-reporter, ZITA DOUB- 
L . She'll be at Damen in the P.M. and 
Ljan Square #2 in the A.M. Be sure to 
B(d us some news! 


G;etings. Your on-the-case reporter 

h-e, letting you know spring is sprung 

p-manently, 1 hope, if only for our great 

stball team. They're out to get it all this 

yir, so let's get 

blind them. Let's 

g. out and root for 

tm every Sunday. 

.Sey, speaking of 

Ecing, one little 

seet bug of joy is 


t: 20-month old 

aghter of Operator 


\;11, it's vacation 

tne soon, so if you are going anywhere 

t.s year let me know. Even better, when 

ju get there drop me a line and I'll tell 

1^ whole system about it. 


J great big HELLO to everyone! ..This 
onth we have a few days to remember 
.ch as Mother's day, Polish Constitution 
ty, Norwegian Independence day, and of 
'jurse Memorial day. . . Vacation time 
lUed around again for Clerk ART COOP- 
R and his Mrs. They headed down to 
ishville, Teimessee, to visit Opryland. 
'nis time the trip was limited to ground 
ansportation even though Mrs. Cooper, 
ler her first plane ride, thinks it's the 
reatest thing since the invention of the 
heel... Another vacationer was Clerk AL 
:ikhorn) ROHDE. He didn't let us in on 
ly of his plans so we'll have to wait till 
3 gets back. ..Yours truly and Mrs. BLIX 
ill be down in the Jacksonville, Illinois, 
rea visiting some of her kinfolk around 
le end of May. That always makes for an 
njoyable vacation. ..We have two fellows 
ho have decided to take a permanent va- 
ation. Clerk TOM HICKEY retired May 

^and ART ECKER will go on pension 
el. All of us here in the office will 
;ertainly miss these two grumpy old 
omedians. We have nothing but the ut- 
iiost sympathy for their wives who will 

have to put up with them all day, every 
day. Good luck, fellows, be sure and keep 
in touch with us. ..In addition to celebrat- 
ing his birthday. Instructor ED JURCZAK 
and his family are telling everyone about 
the five little pups their pet poodle, Lacey, 
presented them with. How come no cigars, 
Ed?.. JEAN LACRIOLA, the wife of In- 
structor MIKE LACRIOLA, and their 
grandson, MICHAEL ENGSTROM, will 
both be celebrating their birthdays this 
month. Operators RAY ZIELINSKI, 
FRANK KOLCZ, and their better halves 
will be celebrating wedding anniversaries. 
Congratulations and best wishes to all of 
you. ..TOM and BEA HICKEY will probably 
be spending a lot of time around Minne- 
apolis with their brand new granddaughter, 
KIMBERLY MADER. Kim and her two- 
year old brother, BRIAN, should be able to 
keep grandma and grandpa hopping... We 're 
has a real good news item for us ne.xt No- 
vember. ..By this time we hope Instructor 
and Janitor JOHN MARACEK are all out of 
the hospital and well on the road to re- 
covery ...Our most sincere sympathy to the 
famUies of Supervisor WILLIAM YOUNG- 
LOVE and retired District D supervisor 
ART MAZZA, who passed away recently. 
Both of these men were well liked by all of 
us who knew them. Condolences are also 
extended to Relief District Superintendent 
JOHN MILLETTE In the loss of his 
brother. ..We understand retired janitor 
CHARLEY ANDERSON is down in St. 
Louis, Missouri, recovering from open 
heart surgery. There are getting to be 
more and more of us in that club, aren't 
there?. .Our first high school graduate of 
'74 is DOREEN LACRIOLA. She'll don 
the traditional cap and gown on May 29, 
her Mom's birthday, when she leaves 
Resurrection High school. . . See you all 
purty soon. 

Now that the gloom of winter is gone, in- 
come taxes have been filed and spring is 
definitely in the air, we look forward to 
many activities shaping up among the op- 
erators. Your reporters will strive to 
have any and all the news of such gomgs 
on right here for you in print. ..The path to 
retirement on April 1 was not a crowded 
one. Operator PETER J. DOWDALL was 
the only operator from North Avenue ink- 
ing his name on the retirement list. ..Op- 
erator S. NICPON is minus his famous 
handlebar mustache. He said it was by 
the missus' request (or order). Kissing 
must have been a difficult task, I guess... 
Operator HORACE BROWNING was brag- 
ging about the fish he caught during the 
Easter weekend. A picture or two may be 
a bit more convincing, Horace. ..While we 
are on the subject of Easter, you can 
really see the latest styles and fashions 
for the men If you just take a peek at Op- 
note, fellows, some have it and some don't. 
..Our sincere sympathy is extended to the 

family of Operator MARTIN KEHOE in his 
recent passing, and to Operator ARVELL 
MILLS in the loss of his mother in Corpus 
Christi, Texas. . . Our visitors during the 
month were Pensioners FLOYD CREAL 
and EDDIE DOWLING.. .Pensioner LARRY 
CASEY is visiting and enjoying the sun- 
shine of Arizona. Perhaps this will be a 
permanent address. Who knows ?..See you 
next time in print. 


Pensioner RAY DONESKI and his son-in- 
law, BERNARD WOLLWINE, axe the op- 
erators of the Tucker Hollow boat dock and 
marina on Lake Bull Shoals in Arkansas. 
The mailing address is Route 4, Harrison, 
Arkansas 72601, or phone (501)436-5564. 
..Operator SAM POSNER and his wife, 
ETHEL, enjoyed an eight-day Caribbean 

cruise aboard the T.S.S. Fairwlnd, which 
took them to San Juan, St. Thomas, Santo 
Domingo and the Haiti Islands. They es- 
pecially enjoyed the food and hospitality. 
Pictured on board the ship, Sam and Ethel 
are shown at right beside Captain Ferru- 
ccio Rocconi. At left are GEORGE and 
TINA HENKE. George is a North Section 
clerk and Tina a North Section Agent and 
Transit News scribe. .. Clerk EARL MC- 
LAUGHLIN left North Park and is now 
working in the Charter Department. We at 
North Park wish Earl good luck in his new 
position. . . Evanston Bus Operator GENE 
SCHIAZZA is an active American Legion 
member donating his free time at the Dow- 
ney hospital for veterans. Any reading 
material such as books, magazines, etc., 
would make life a bit more bearable for 
the vets. Contact Gene at 724-6766. . . 
GLAVIANO have given North Park that 
clean and new look with a wonderful paint 
job. A hearty thanks to these gentlemen 
for their artistic efforts... MARY TULLY, 
the daughter of Clerk PHIL TULLY, is a 
member of the Golden Knights marching 
group which held a recital at North Park 
college on March 31. Phil flew Irish Air 
Lines to Dublin, Ireland, where his aunt, 
Mrs. MAGGIE BRADY, and uncle, THOM- 
AS SMITH reside. Phil spent three weeks 
at various places in Ireland, visiting other 
relatives and seeing the sights. ..Operator 
GEORGE WARD and his wife, CAROLINE, 
became great-grandparents for the first 

W/AY, ^Q74 

time when their granddaughter, Mrs. 
TEESA GAINES, gave birth to a daughter 
named TRONDA, born March 8 at the 
University of Illinois hospital weighing 7 
pounds 11 ounces. . . Pensioner MAfiTIN 
BAKKA and his wife, CAROLYN, became 
grandparents of their tenth grandchild 
when their daughter, Mrs. LORENE MAR- 
LETTE, gave birth to JENNIFER on Feb. 
25 at Resurrection hospital weighing 6 
pounds 5 ounces. ..Our sympathy and con- 
dolences are extended to Operator FRAJIK 
KOZIOL in the loss of his mother-in-law, 
Mrs. KATHERINE RAKOCZY, the family 
of Pensioner WALTER OSE and to Pen- 
sioner HAROLD COOK in the loss of his 
beloved wife, MARGARET. . . Operator 
life on April 1 after 38 years of service at 
Division, Devon and North Park Depots. 
Charles, who is an avid follower of the 
bible, will be using his leisure time to 
spread the Lord's word among the un- 
fortunate and handicapped, . . Operator 
became engaged on April 1 and are plan- 
ning a fall wedding... PAMELA GOMILLA, 
the daughter of Operator JOHN GOMILLA, 
is the great-great-great-granddaughter of 
Mrs. CARRIE LEE HILL of Vaiden, Mis- 
sissippi, who was born in slavery and is 
still living there at the age of 101... 
Box Puller JOHN COSGROVE and his wife, 
HELEN, spent five days visiting In Wash- 
ington, D.C., and surrounding areas. The 
Cosgroves were most impressed with 
visits to the Smithsonian Institute, Arling- 
ton National cemetery and the Tomb of the 
Unknown Soldier. 

Repair Department Chit-Chat: Repairman 
TOM LENIHAN retired on April 1. A 
party was held at the garage for Tom, who 
received a savings bond and the well 
wishes of his fellow employees... Repair- 
man PAUL SCHREVES enjoyed his spring 
vacation and entertained his neighbors with 
an Easter organ recital at his home. ..The 
repair department has stationed Repair- 
Howard-Hermitage Terminal for two 
hours in the morning to service buses that 
have minor defects and everyone is ad- 
vised to take advantage of this opportunity. 
..Repairman JULIUS CONLEY returned to 
work after four months of inactivity. His 
many friends are happy to see him back... 
Congratulations are extended to MIKE 
HIGGINS who was promoted to repairman 
at North Park... Repairman MARTY DAW- 
SON and his wife, DOLORES, became par- 
ents of a daughter named SIONA born 
March 29 at Ravenswood hospital weighing 
7 pounds 9 ounces. . . The Little Flower 
Communion Breakfast service was held on 
Sunday, April 7, at St. Patrick's church. 
North Park was well represented with 
Pensioner PAT SULLIVAN and Clerk 
WARREN SCHOLL of Division 241 winning 
beautiful door prizes. ..The North Park 
credit union is ready to take care of your 

needs for vacation loans or saving de- 
posits. JOHN, DALE and JERRY are 
eager to assist everyone. Hours are Mon- 
day through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 


Our well wishes for a speedy recovery are 
sent to Conductor GEORGE STEIGLEMEN 
and Motorman CARL GESBECK who have 
been on the sick list for quite some time... 
Foot Collector J. BLUM has gone to the 
Mart for training In the Schedules Depart- 
ment. We wish him good luck... Ravens- 
wood Conductor ARTHUR JOOST and his 
wife spent their vacation in Las Vegas. 
While there they took In the Jim Nabors 
show. Art says he won a little. ..Kimball 
Avenue Superintendent BILL ROONEY and 
his wife, MARY, spent their vacation at 
St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida. One 
of the highlights of their trip was a visit 
to Busch Gardens.. .Howard Street Sec- 
retary MARY GALLON spent her vacation 
In Peoria and wishes it was longer. Don't 
we all ?.. Ticket Agent MINNA KING left on 
Easter Sunday for a vacation to St. Peters- 
burg to visit her parents. She said that all 
she wanted to do was soak up the good 
warm sun and relax... Your reporter and 
her husband. North Side Clerk GEORGE, 
spent one week cruising the Caribbean 
aboard the T.S.S. Fairwlnd. They visited 
San Juan, St. Thomas, Santo Domingo and 
Haiti. While aboard ship we were invited 
to ship's Captain Ferruccio Rocconi's 
private cocktail party, held in his private 
quarters. Eight passengers of the 850 
aboard the ship were honored with this 
special invitation. Captain Rocconi also 
broke a long- 
standing precedent 
and permitted your 
reporter to be pho- 
tographed with him 
on the bridge. One 
of the highlights of 
the trip was a visit 
to a rum distillery, 
where we could have 
all the free samples 
we could drink. 
George enjoyed this. 
It was a beautiful 
trip with clear 

weather and 86-degree temperatures. Also 
aboard the ship was CTA Skokie Bus Oper- 
ator SAM POSNER and his wife, ETHEL, 
who by coincidence were seated in the 
dining room at the same table with your 
scribe and husband.. .Agent NORA KLEM- 
CHUK spent one week in Ireland and 
wishes she could have worked out some 
means of stretching it to three. It was 
beautiful and she hated to leave. . . North 
Side Station Superintendent MIKE La- 
VELLE had a week's vacation which ended 
up being the "honey-do" type. .. Our sin- 
cere sympathy to Assignment Agent 
JEWEL HUNT in the recent death of her 

uncle. Also our condolences to North Sic ; 
Clerk LOUIE LOEBAKKA and his wifei, 
the death of their premature baby boy.. 
Our well wishes to retired North Sid 
clerk LAWSON DELVIN, who was hit by al^ 
auto over a year ago. He has been in aujS' 
out of the hospital several times and is i{% 
home now stUl wearing a cast on one lefjS' 
His wife has also been In the hospital. Wl '% 
want them to know that we hope thingilf, 
will soon begin to get better and that ou. ;C 
thoughts are with them... On April 13 In:: 
structor DENNIS GLOSS was elected ' S 
school board member of District 116 1(3 
Round Lake, Illinois. Congratulationaj ill 
Dennis... ARDIS MORRIS HI, the son o);? 
ARDIS MORRIS II, newly appointed relief jf 
superintendent of North & West Sectionsj i( 
was married on March 30 to Miss BETT'!! t 
HUSSEY. North Side Student Agent GAR3| i( 
WOLFE was best man. Congratulationi'j J 
and best wishes for a long and happy marif 'i, 
ried life. ; \ 


April 1 was the day Carpenter Foremai 
DAN BALANDIS and Assistant Laboi 
Foreman JOE STANTON retired. All oui. 
best wishes for a long and healthy retire-' 
ment to Dan and Joe. ..A happy (?) birthdaj' 
to C. J. MAJEROWICZ, plumber foreman, 
..What is the mystery of the "hornet?".. 
Happy to see DANNY ALBERTS back tc 
work. Stay with it, Dan!. .The welcome 
mat is out to the new plumbers: JAMES 
MILLARD (Ernie) MABRY. Happy to have 
you aboard.. .MATT KUZNIAR, ironworken 
helper, was elevated to Grand Marshall ii 
the Knights of Columbus. This is a great 
honor. Congratulations, Matt!. .Our deep- 
est sympathy is extended to J.W. LeMOND 
and his family in the loss of their mother. 
. . Wedding bells will ring on June 1 for 
VINCENT FIORITO. Congratulations, 
Vince. . . Mr. and Mrs. J. KRASOWSKI, 
steamfitter, are the proud and happy par- 
ents of a 7 pound 11 ounce son. 

fcMHU Seott 


Congratulations to Shop Foreman MATT 
COYLE, 98th Street, on his completion of 
management training school... Superintend- 
ents J. BOLECH and A. J. PORCARO ex- 
tend the welcome mat to the five new in- 
structors of the Rail Vehicle Terminals... 
Congratulations to Chief Clerk RAY 
BRZECZEK on the fine job he is doing.. .A 
gala retirement party was held at 61st 
Street for Repairman GARNER T. PLEAS- 
ANT who took his pension on April 1 after 
22 years of service. Among those present 
were Senior Foreman ROBERT FLOW- 
ERS, Shop Foreman J. J. MOLLOY and 
Pensioners JOE DERAND and M. BU- 
CHANAN. ..Everyone wishes a speedy re- 




W.LIAM H. ANDERS, 80, Devon, 
up. 10-15-24, Died 3-21-74 
J.m S. ANDERSON, 74, North Section, 
tap. 1-27-43, Died 3-18-74 
CARENCE BARTZ, 58, 77th Street, 
)np. 9-10-46. Died 3-9-74 
GEGORY J. BOJAN, 74, North Section, 
Inp. 10-3-23, Died 3-24-74 
INY BOLGAT, 59, Track & Structures, 
:np. 6-9-36, Died 2-7-74 
IJIRY F. BUERGER, 72, Electrical, 
np. 12-10-36, Died 3-6-74 
IiWIS J. BUHLACH, 79, North Section, 
mp. 3-9-20, Died 3-12-74 
OHN BURKE, 74, 69th Street, 
mp. 11-1-33, Died 3-28-74 
iMES M. BURR, 85, Security, 
mp. 7-13-49, Died 3-10-74 
(IRIST CAPRA, 83, Track, 
mp. 7-17-36, Died 3-16-74 
:iANK L. CASTRE, 71, Electrical, 
mp. 7-10-25, Died 3-17-74 
'lOMAS F. CRINNION, 85, Cottage Grove, 
mp. 11-23-27, Died 3-22-74 
ilED DAMROW, 59, Electrical Maint., 
,mp. 12-13-39, Died 3-30-74 
:gTONIO D'ANGELO, 82, Wilson Shop, 
Imp. 7-17-25, Died 3-28-74 
ATRICK DOCKERY, 96, Limits, 
limp. 2-21-14, Died 3-4-74 
EONARD DONOFRIO, 65, Electrical, 
imp. 2-19-41, Died 3-12-74 
ATRICK DUFFY, 73, Skokie Shop, 
Smp. 8-16-29, Died 3-9-74 
Smp. 5-3-45, Died 3-25-74 

CARL M. ELMER, 85, Devon, 
Emp. 5-28-18, Died 3-11-74 
HELEN I. FRANSON, 71, Accounting, 
Emp. 11-8-43, Died 3-12-74 
DAVID W. GORDON, 95, West Section, 
Emp. 3-25-14, Died 3-13-74 
JOHN F. HEFFERNAN, 81, South Section, 
Emp. 11-2-42, Died 3-25-74 
JAMES HENRY, 79, 77th Street, 
Emp. 1-7-20, Died 3-1-74 
LOUIS H. HERMANN, 82, South Shops, 
Emp. 5-25-34, Died 3-20-74 
JOHN P. HRUSKA, 61, Skokie Shop, 
Emp. 10-17-50, Died 3-3-74 
JOHN J. JAUMAN, 93, Division, 
Emp. 2-16-15, Died 3-20-74 
JOSEPH T. KAREL, 73, Lawndale, 
Emp. 10-22-23, Died 3-23-74 
MARTIN KEHOE, 63, Kedzie, 
Emp. 10-3-42, Died 3-25-74 
HUGO KOEPEKE, 60, Limits, 
Emp. 7-8-48, Died 4-7-74 
JOHN KUBINSKI, 88, Lawndale, 
Emp. 3-31-10, Died 3-9-74 
JOHN F. LYNCH, 63, 69th Street, 
Emp. 2-6-43, Died 3-9-74 
JOHN MAHONEY, 80, Kedzie, 
Emp. 8-30-23, Died 3-3-74 
WILLIAM J. MARTIN, 65, 69th Street, 
Emp. 2-17-43, Died 3-18-74 
JOSEPH C. MATLEY,81,DistrictsB,C,D, 
Emp. 5-22-12, Died 3-9-74 
WILLIAM F. McEVOY, 74, 77th Street, 
Emp. 9-6-23, Died 3-30-74 
JOHN E. McGRATH, 70, Security, 
Emp. 11-7-27, Died 3-16-74 

overy to S. NETTLES, 61st Street, who is 
1 Englewood hospital, and N. BRINSON 
'ho is off sick.. .J. BUFORD, 61st Street, 
eems to be smiling again after his re- 
ent illness.. .V. LINDSEY and Y. PATE, 
'1st Street, are happy to be "home" again 
ince the new pick...MELVIN McINTOSH, 
'8th Street's number one motor blower, 
las a new helper this pick — TED GUTT... 
). WILBORN, 98th Street, stated that 
.:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. was just a little too 
■arly for him since Arma's Lounge doesn't 
:lose until 2:00 a.m.. .Anyone who wishes 
join the 1974 South Side Transit Softball 
earn can sign up now at 98th Street termi- 
lal, or call the coach, GEORGE NICHOL- 
SON, on extension 457.. .A surprise party 
was held at Ella's Lounge to welcome the 
aew men, T. DUNCAN, I. PATTERSON, L. 
FOBB and J. FURCRON into the club. 
Among the old timers present were C. 
NELSON, president; D. WILBORN, ser- 
geant at arms; G. NICHOLSON, C. WIL- 
LIAMS and F. PICKETT. ..The 37th annual 
meeting of the South Side "L" Federal 
Credit Union was held on March 17 at 
Robert's motel. A moment of silent pray- 
er was held for the late ROBERT BURNS, 
followed by the opening of the meeting pre- 
sided over by CHARLES SPEARS, presi- 
dent. Assisting Spears were Treasurer 

ALBERT MEISTER, 65, North Park, 
Emp. 6-1-45, Died 3-1-74 
FRED MELAU, 68, West Section, 
Emp. 6-24-29, Died 3-28-74 
EDWARD E. MOELLER, 72, North Avenue, 
Emp. 9-19-28, Died 3-29-74 
NONIE C. MURRAY, 78, West Section, 
Emp. 1-10-41, Died 3-31-74 
JOHN J. O'MALLEY, 83, Kedzie, 
Emp. 11-7-22, Died 3-10-74 
WALTER A. OSE, 70, North Park, 
Emp. 1-28-27, Died 3-11-74 
JOHN POCIUS, 85, 69th Street, 
Emp. 12-14-28, Died 3-1-74 
Emp. 4-19-17, Died 2-18-74 
ADOLPH RAPP, 82, Devon, 
Emp. 11-30-25, Died 3-27-74 
CHARLES ROMANO, 78, West Section, 
Emp. 5-18-23, Died 3-23-74 
MICHAEL RUDDY, 68, South Section, 
Emp. 7-8-43, Died 3-25-74 
STANLEY SKIBA, 55, Forest Glen, 
Emp. 12-23-42, Died 3-2-74 
VINCENT VADEISA, 38, Forest Park, 
Emp. 9-26-60, Died 4-6-74 
GERALDINE VINZENS, 71, West Section, 
Emp. 12-2-40, Died 3-19-74 
ERNEST WALKER, 45, Kedzie, 
Emp. 2-5-70, Died 3-20-74 
JOHN WILSON, 83, 69th Street, 
Emp. 1-18-23, Died 3-31-74 
JOHN C. WITT, 85, Kedzie, 
Emp. 9-12-13, Died 3-22-74 
Emp. 10-12-36, Died 3-29-74 

PARD. It ended with a wonderful turkey 
dinner and lots of refreshments. ..Assist- 
ant Foreman HENRY DICKERSON wel- 
comes Repairmen A. CURTIS, W. JOHN- 
ALLEYNE and C. NEVELS to 98th Street. 

- -p^Mi PiciM 


Director of Schedules BILL WORCESTER 
and his wife vacationed in Naples, Flor- 
ida. Bill came back with a beautiful tan 
and well rested.. .JOE LYNCH and his wife 
and daughter, KELLY, drove to Memphis, 
Tennessee, for their vacation. Joe also 
came back with a marvelous tan.. .BOB La- 
O'ROURKE from the Claim Department 
drove to Georgia to play some golf. They 
are all ready now to play in the Master's 
golf tournament. Watch for them! A good 
time was had by aU. ..We welcome ED 
COYLE to the department as traffic check- 
er. Ed came to us from the multilith sec- 
tion of Reproduction Services. . .WILLIE 
SCOTT vacationed at home and rested up... 
We are happy to hear that Pensioner JOHN 
BENNIS is now doing well after his heart 

attack and the death of his wife, MAME... 
Our sympathy is extended to JOE KAREL 
in the death of his father. 


Congratulations to JIM REIDYof the motor 
line who transferred to the Signal Depart- 
ment. From all of us here at Skokie — the 
best of luck, Jim... The very best to JOE 
BUTERA who transferred to the South 
Shops. Joe will be missed by all in the 
armature room.. .RAYMOND HART, con- 
trol department, learned how to catch 
smelt the hard way. After three long 
hours of fishing Red landed only three 
smelt, while only a few yards away PAT 
LANGOSCH caught 300. Next year he is 
going to try something new. Instead of 
using minnows for bait he is going to try a 
pinky. Good luck, pal!. .FRANK KLINEC, 
axle section, and his wife just came back 
from a vacation in the Canary Islands. 
Some people really know how to live. . . 
MATT SPATZEK returned to work after 
being off six months due to an injury. 
Welcome back. Matt. . . BILL HEBERT, 
motor line, bought a new rototiller. Bill 
plans to plant a big garden on his property 

MAY, 7974 


In Wisconsin. Good luck. Bill. . . JOHN 
SARA, control department, bought a "new" 
1972 Vega.. .A hearty welcome to our Elec- 
trical Apprentices ED LUBOMSKI, RICH 
..BILL (Big Daddy) MEANY says the floors 
will be shining when Big Bertha comes to 
Skokie soon. By the way, Big Bertha is the 
new scrubbing machine, so stay out of Big 
Daddy's way. Nothing can stop them!.. The 
Skokie baseball team had its first spring 
practice April 10, playing for two hours 
after work. Second baseman TONY (Stone 
Fingers) COLUCCI had a hard time field- 
ing ground balls. However, Manager MKE 
FABIAN feels Tony will be in shape by 
opening day. ..Happy birthday to KENNETH 
JAMES METTLER, 6, the son of Uphol- 
sterer KEN METTLER. 

- Pat'Tfauiett 


Springtime means the birth of many things, 
and we've had several births of our own on 
the South Section.. .Congratulations to Con- 
ductor LYN FLOWERS and his wife on the 
birth of a baby boy, MALCOLM EMANUEL, 
March 28. The happy Flowers family now 
has two boys and one girl. . . Conductor 
JOHN PELT was grinning from ear to ear 
when he passed out cigars and told us 
about the birth of his baby boy, JER- 
MAINE ARDRAINE, on March 24. ..Clerk 
JOHN BARRY announced that he and his 
wife became grandparents for the 15th 
time when his daughter, PEGGY, had her 
first little girl, AIMEE MARCINIAK. . . 
Springtime also means love in bloom. 
Clerk ERVIN HARMON and Agent DOR- 
OTHY KELLEY decided to tie the knot and 
were married on March 18. It couldn't 
have happened to two nicer people. Best 
wishes for a happy married life... A big 
welcome back to Conductor EMANUEL 
FITZPATRICK who just returned from 
military service. ..Qualifying as supervi- 
sors were Switchman JOHN HINTON, Mo- 
TON ATKINSON. Our heartiest congratu- 
lations to all. ..Hello to newly-hired Con- 
ductor GEORGE ELLISON Jr. . . On St. 
Patrick's day the South Side "L" credit 
union held their annual meeting and party 
at Robert's motel. It was a real nice af- 
fair with a big crowd. Congratulations to 
all the regular officers and the newly- 
appointed officers and committeemen, in- 
cluding Clerks JAMES CAREY and ELIJAH 
SMITH. It was old home week for me. I 
saw so many of my old pals from my alma 
mater, 61st Street. Guests were LEON- 
ARD BEATTY, president of Division 308, 
South Section Board Member WILFRED 
SPEARS and their charming wives. Pen- 
sioners present were retired assignment 
agent LULU HAMANN and retired tower- 
man PATRICK HICKEY. The turkey with 
dressing, hot corn bread and ham were 

just delicious. No one dieted that day. 
Your credit union is working for you so be 
sure and drop in and put a little money 
aside for those rainy days. .. Congratula- 
tions to Station Superintendent STANLEY 
CHRIST whose daughter was married on 
March 16. A reception was held at the 
Millionaire's club in Lombard. . . Agent 
CORRINE DALMAS and her husband, 
GEORGE, who works out of 77th Street 
Station, celebrated their 15th wedding an- 
niversary on April 21... Hooray! Back 
from the sick list are Switchman BER- 
were shocked to hear that retired assign- 
ment agent GERALDINE VINZENS, who 
lived in California, passed away recently. 
She was brought to Chicago for burial. 
. . Oodles of good luck is wished our re- 
cently appointed agent supervisors from 
the South Section: MAXINE JEFFERSON, 
BURGE. Also to our newly appointed 
South Section janitor foremen: PETER 
sincere condolences are extended to As- 
sistant Superintendent of South District 
WILLIAM NASH in the loss of his father, 
and to Supervisor MYRON WOODS in the 
loss of his mother. 

My better half, Chief Clerk ROLAND, and I 
were invited to the Metropolitan "L" Fed- 
eral Credit Union meeting and dinner at 
Nielsen's Village restaurant on March 23. 
Besides eating all that good smorgasbord, 
we each won a $5 door prize. Now I call 
that mighty lucky. Motorman JOSEPH 
GRIFFIN'S wife, who sat at the same table, 
also won a door prize and the table prize, 
and West Section Agent DELORES BERO 
won a door prize. Thanks to president. 
South Section Motorman HOUSTON WASH- 
INGTON, and West Section Chief Clerk 
JOHN CAROLAN for the wonderful job 
they did on this affair. ..I received a heart- 
warming letter from Mrs. JOHN HEF- 
FERNAN from Milbank, South Dakota, 
telling us that her husband, retired clerk 
JOHN HEFFERNAN, passed away at the 
end of March. He was a real gentleman 
and we shall always remember him. ..Mo- 
ceived a passenger commendation for his 
quick action when he had a defective train 
and kept the delay to a minimum. ..Heard 
that Conductor MICHAEL RUDDY passed 
away recently. Our sincere sympathy is 
extended to his family. . . Received a nice 
letter and my yearly calendar from retired 
conductor JOHN DANEK who is really en- 
joying his pension. He's been traveling 
around seeing the sights in Hawaii, Cali- 
fornia, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Now 
that's what I call enjoying your leisure 
life. ..Assistant North District Superintend- 
ent VERNON BURGESS and his Mrs. are 
climbing up in the rolls of grandparents. 
They now have eight grandchildren. Their 
daughter, KATHY, recently gave birth to a 

little girl named BRANDI-LYN...The BO) 
ROESINGS, supervisor of janitors, enjoya 
a spring vacation in Florida to see Bobi 
mom In Clearwater, and then a week oni 
Caribbean cruise. They said it was grea 
fun. What a way to go! ..On the sick list a 
this writing is Work Train Conductol 
return to work in good health real soon. 


Welcome back to Foreman FRED MOMM 
SEN, Print Shop, and ANNA KANISAUS: 
KAS, wrapper in the Print Shop, who wer 
both off sick since February due to opera 
tions. . . Pensioner LAMBERT (ShortJ 
BRONS, who retired from the Printing Del 
partment in 1969, has asked us to prin 
his new address: 9712 West Shore DrivB 
Oak Lawn, Illinois 60442... Welcome baci 
to WILLIE PICKETT who was on vacatio 
for a week..jifter receiving her driver' 
license, RENA SABOL bought herself 
1974 Toyota. Congratulations and saf 
driving, Rena. ..We all wish JOHN CAQ 
CIATO a speedy recovery. John is in tl 
hospital undergoing cataract surgerj 
Hurry back and leave those nurses alone 
FRED BARTOLAI, material handler 
North Park, and MKE GRANGER, materi 
al handler at 77th, are both off sick. Hur 
ry back, guys.. .Congratulations to Capti 
D. ROHE, Area 318 and J. LASKEY, Are( 
312, on breaking the sophomore jijix il 
bowling. After only two years togethe) 
they went from 11th to third place in thi 
South Side Milkman's League at Ford Cityl 
Good going guys. . .RICHARD HANNIGAN 
Paint Shop, was surprised to find that s 
Cadillac had hooked bumpers with hii 
Volkswagen and towed it for a few blocks 
Even more shocked was the driver of th* 
Cadillac, who thought the bug was just an: 
other tailgater, until he saw there was nO' 
body driving it..jVnother good guy down thi 
tube: GEORGE HAYES took that fatal stei. 
and was married on April 27. All kiddinj 
aside, we all wish George the best of luck 
and especially his bride. ..The office ii, 
being painted this month. I would like t( 
say the painters are doing a real nice job. 
LOUIS of the Paint Department has done i 
fine mural in Mr. REPPLINGER's officf 
and also in the lunch room. They ai: 
should be commended on their fine work.. ; 
Best wishes and a happy retirement arc 
extended to AL SUMA who left on March 1 
after 45 years of service. His smilinf 
face and cooperative attitude will be sore-i 
ly missed by all those in Technical Ser- 
vices. We all hope you enjoy your re-i 
tirement and come to see us when you havt 
the chance. Good luck. i 

SHOP NEWS: Get well wishes go out tc. 
BOWIVIAN. . . UtUities Foreman IRWIKi 
KRUMREY retired after 26 years of ser- 



;:c with the CTA. The fellows in the 
iln\ Area gave Irwin a party at Sharko's 
ist restaurant, and gave him a Gold Rolls 
nee with a flask of his favorite beverage 
side. Good luck and health to you. Irwin. 
Pensioner ANGELO FALBO dropped us a 
ird recently while he was vacationing in 
IS X'egas. Angelo says hello to all his 
rmcr co-workers and friends. .. Happy 
iniversan' wishes go out to Mr. and Mrs. 
OBERT HACKBARTH and Mr. and Mrs. 
AYMOND SPATZEK. Both couples were 
ariied on May C at the same time 34 
;ar.s ago. .. LOUIS ALLEVA's daughter. 
ANt'V. was accepted by the National 
onor Society at Bloom High school. Nice 
liiii;, Nancy. ..Sure is nice to have LYLE 
I.Al'K back at work after beingoff for the 
tst 1 5 months recuperating from a broken 
Ip... HENRY KOLAR. chairman of the pic- 
ic committee, says that streakers will be 
'elcome at our annual picnic on June 22 
toviding they buy a ticket... Congratula- 
'ons to NICK SIMONETTI on the birth of 
is first granddaughter last month... A big 
ckiune goes out to all the fellows that 
ave joined our ranks at South Shops: 
iave you all aboard. ..SAM KASPER vis- 
ted his dad, JOE KASPER of the Brake 
tepartment. last week before flying to 
Germany. Sam is stationed there during 
(is hitch in the army. ..JAKE WEBER is 
'fling to mark all the wheels and tires in 
iraille from now on, thanks to the fine 
Vork of "leave it to" BEAVER. ..The al- 
eged l.'urglar who stole TOM BURlAN's 
'ools was actually doing Tom a favor. The 
^uy figured Tom wasn't using them any- 
way so why leave them around. . . Welder 
JOE PERRY' is now cruisin' around in a 
wand new Thunderbird...Our prayers go 
but to HOWIE BURRIS' mother who is 
gravely ill in Henderson, Kentucky. ..BOB 
j^ORD has just purchased a new Ford 
bamper. Bob says he's going to keep it on 
blocks until he goes on pension in two and 
one-half years. If you need gas tor that 
bamper. Bob, see FRED and CHARLIE in 
the Clutch Department. They've got plenty 
bf it. ..In closing — anyone who has a son or 
daughter graduating this spring or sum- 
Imer, PLEASE submit their grad pictures 
Ifor our special issue in June. 


VitU & ^M.1i 



'Happ\' d.i\ s, spring has finally arrived and 
lit lias been a long time coming. Now all 
our thoughts are for those sweet vacation 
days. ..What a wonderful time we all had at 
the Lake Street Credit Union annual meet- 
ing. We congratulate Treasurer JOHN 
MCCARTHY' for the wonderful food that 
was served. The turnout was fabulous and 
everyone had a marvelous time. A few of 
our pensioners who showed up looked 

of our past presidents. We also had visi- 
tors from Ireland. JERRY BOYLAND's 
brother and sister-in-law. What a delight- 
ful pair they were. Now I know where 
Jerry got all that blarney from. WILLIAM 
PAYNE and his lovely wife. ARTIE, finally 
came to one of our meetings. I didn't care 
about Bill, but it was a pleasure to meet 
his wife. We found out that they cele- 
brated their 25th wedding anniversary on 
April 13. We all wash Bill and Artie many 
more years of marital bliss. LOU 
PAY'NE's girlfriend. PAM. came and she 
looked so sweet and tiny when she walked 
in, but I noticed her when she walked out. 
and she either ate too much or she had a 
dogg\' bag under her coat. She is going to 
kill me for this.. .Bad news—STEVE DU- 
DASIK tell off a ladder and broke his arm. 
Hurry up and get well, Steve, we miss you. 
..ZIG KOPCZYNSKI was in the hospital for 
an operation and we all wish him well... 
PETER MARONCELLI is also in the hos- 
pital. We hope he has a speedy recovery. 
..It was really a shock when we heard that 
VINCE VADEISA had passed away. Vince 
had been off for awhile with a broken arm. 
We all extend our deepest condolences to 
his wife and family... We also extend our 
deepest sympathy to TOM DUNLEAVY in 
the death of his father who resided in Ire- 
land. ..Say, here's some good news. Re- 
tired switchman TOM GRIFFIN and his 
wife, OLIVIA, now residing in Green Lake, 
Wisconsin, were given a surprise 50th 
wedding anniversary party by their child- 
ren and grandchildren. It was a huge suc- 
cess. Our congratulations to Tom and 
Olivia on their beautiful marriage, and 
may they have many more healthy and 
loving years together. ..We hope JIM HOOD 
gets his car that was stolen back. He 
really liked it. He said if he doesn't get it 
back he is going to buy a hog, and I don't 
mean the farm kind that gives us pork 
chops. ..JUDY' CIMMERER, one of our fav- 
orite people, has such an artistic talent 
and can make the most beautiful wall dec- 
oration. They most certainly should be on 
display. Sorry to say that her husband, 
JOHN CIMMERER, doesn't have any. My 
wife just told me that I have less than 
John. She sure knows how to hurt a guy... 
One of our beautiful people, DOROTHY 
FORD, is going on an early pension to be 
with her husband, LEO. She has always 
been such a kind lady and nice to every- 
one. We will really miss her. So good 
luck, Dorothy, and may all your days be 
happy. ..So long everyone, see you soon. 


CORNELL GRANT Jr., the son of Opera- 
tor CORNELL GRANT, was graduated 
from Harper High school and plans to 
enter Northwestern university. He will 
major in commercial law. I hope he does 

.as well as his dad does when he goes fish- 
ing.. .Two brand new shoes are going un- 
claimed \i\ oiir lost-and-found. Anyone 
with two left feet should be interested. , . 
Wlio is the smart guy who is trying to un- 
load a dark blue uniform overcoat ?.. It is 
official that FRAIL got married on his 
split and worked the next da\ — his day 
off — so he could afford to tal« his bride 
away to Hawaii... G. J ARCS, one of the 
nicest and quietest operators, took his 
pension. He is seriously considering tak- 
ing an extended trip to the Orient., '.HOR- 
ACE BROOKS said that he stood outside of 
his supervisor's shack to keep w.irm when 
they moved it all around while repairing 
the street. . . Former Archer Operator 
FRED KAHLFELDT. who now works in the 
tr.affic section at the Mart, is going on 
pension and will then go to Coons Lal-ce. 
Indiana. . . M. LEVEE, former operator 
from G9th Street and the old Cottage Grove 
barn, retired June 1. He was also in the 
traffic section at the Mart. He vrill go to 
Bass Lake. Indiana... P.AUL JOHNSON lost 
Ms young son recently when he was struck 
by an automobile. Pensioner JOHN 
BURKE passed away, as did former op- 
erator and janitor RUDOLPH FUNNYE. 
To their families and loved ones we at 
69th extend our deepest sympathy. Con- 
dolences are also extended to the families 
of Pensioner J. J. LY'NCH. Operator 
OZIE DAVIS whose father, ED DAVIS, 
passed away at the age of 77 leaving 20 
grandchildren, and Pensioner WILLIAM 
MARTIN. ..J. E. LEWIS was really sur- 
prised when the clerk demanded that he 
return his trip sheet and transfers. It was 
his anniversary date... We all hope that our 
new superintendent, VIC COLEMAN, likes 
it here as well as the men like having him 
here. ..To all you fellas on the sick list, 
hurry and get well. We miss you and need 
you. ..I would certainly like to hear from 
everyone as to what you're going to do on 
your vacation. It would be nice to hear 
from our pensioners too! 

The Repair Department hopes everyone 
had a nice Easter holiday. ..Congratulations 
to Mr. and Mrs. CLAUDE FIZER on the 
birth of their son who arrived on April 10.. 
The best from all of us!. .JERRY JONES 
made a trip south on his vacation. He had 
a nice time. BOB BOSCO also had a nice 
time... On the sick list are JOHN JOHN- 
who was in the hospital. We wish them all 
a speedy recovery. . .We all welcome the 
newcomers to 69th: R. SUTTON. C. HOL- 
We hope they will stay with us for a long 
time. ..We had a note from MARTY GRIF- 
FIN. We wish a speedy recovery to DEN- 
NY GRIFFIN who had been quite ill. Also 
heard from Pensioners PADDY FITZ- 
NULTY and LUKE MORLEY. They are all 
enjoying the life of leisure. 

MAY, 1974 



TheCMcago Transit Authority has been recognized for 1973 safety rec- 
ords with 13 awards by the Greater Chicago Safety Council. Seven of the 
safety awards to the CTA were in the commercial vehicle category and six 
in the industrial safety category. The awards were presented by the Safety 
Council in recognition of reductions in accident frequency rates at CTA 
operating locations and departments in 1973 as compared with 1972. 

Accepting the awards for the CTA at a dinner meeting May 20 in the 
Pick-Congi-ess Hotel was George Krambles, Manager of the General Op- 
erations Division. 

Safety Contest Standings 

1st quarter of 1974 

Interstation Safety Contest 

1st Beverly 

2nd 52nd Street 
3rd 69th Street 
4th Archer 

1st Congress 

2nd Jefferson Park 
3rd Kimball 

Surface System 

5th 77th Street 8th North Park 

6th Kedzie 9th Forest Glen 

7th North Avenue 10th Limits 

Rapid Transit System 

4th Douglas 
5th Dan Ryan 
6th Forest Park 

7th 61st Street 
8th Howard 
9th Ashland 

Employee Safety Contest 

1st Beverly 

2nd Forest Glen 
3rd 52nd Street 
4th Archer 

Surface Garage Competition 

5th Limits 
6th North Park 
7th 69th Street 

8th North Avenue 
9th Kedzie 
10th 77th Street 

Rapid Transit Maintenance Terminal Competition 

1st Dan Ryan 

2nd Wilson, 

Howard, Linden 

1st Skokie Shop 

3rd 61st, Racine 
4th Forest Park 

Shops Competition 

5th Congress, 
54th, Foster 
6th Kimball 

2nd South Shops 


TJ • 




.Op 0) 


r o > 





'' -ic^L^cr-^ 

llaa is Appointed 
Manager of Trans portatii 

Flynn Retires Sept. 1 

CTA's FirstMy Driver 



THE APPOINTMENT of James R. Blaa as manager of 
ransportation of the Chicago Transit Authority was 
uinounced June 7 by Milton Pikarsky, CTA Chairman. 

In this key operating position, Blaa succeeds David 
M. Flynn who will retire Sept. 1 after 39 years ser- 
vice with Chicago's transit system. 

Until his retirement, Flynn will serve as an ad- 
ministrative adviser to George Krambles, manager of 
the CTA's General Operations Division. 

Blaa, who is 49, has been CTA superintendent of 
rapid transit operations for the last nine years. 

He began working in transit in 1942 as an office 
boy for the former Chicago Surface Lines, one of the 
predecessor private companies to the CTA. 

Blaa, who attended Oberlin college and studied 
electrical engineering at the Illinois Institute of Tech- 
nology, has served in various positions with the CTA, 
including instruction and technical analyst and station 

He also holds a distinction of being a third genera- 
tion member of his family to be engaged in transit in 
Chicago. His grandfather, Charles Blaa, was a rapid 
transit conductor, and his father, Joseph Blaa, is a 
retired CTA employee who served as a motorman, 
■ supervisor and dispatcher. (Continued Page 7) 

265 Miles on Supertransfer 
See Page 2 

iss Mary Wallace 


THE CTA's first woman 
bus driver was hired June 

She is Miss Mary E. 
Wallace, 22, a native Chi- 
cagoan who lives in the 
south side Englewood com- 

"I have wanted to be a 
bus driver since high 
school because I like driv- 
ing and people," said an 
affable Miss Wallace. 

Miss Wallace commented about her new job upon 
being introduced at the CTA's headquarters in the 
Merchandise Mart by MUton Pikarsky, Chairman of 
the Chicago Transit Authority. Taking part in the in- 
troduction also was James Pate, Secretary-Treasurer 
of Division 241 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, 

Pikarsky said Miss Wallace was hired under the 
CTA's affirmative action program of extending equal 
employment opportimities to women and minorities. 

Ten other women have applications pending for 
bus driver jobs, Pikarsky said, and another woman 
has Inquired about becoming a conductor on the rapid 
transit system. 

Miss Wallace, who left a business office position 
to join the CTA, began the bus driver training pro- 
gram June 20. 

This stringent training program, extending over at 
least 15 days, will include both classroom instruction 
and practice driving under close supervision of an 
instructor. (Continued Page 7) 

MISS WALLACE was introduced as CTA's first woman bus 
driver by Milton Pikarsky (right), CTA Chairman and James 
Pate, Secretary-Treasurer of Division 241 of the Amalgamated 
Transit Union. 


JULY, 1974 

Supertransfer Lasts for 265 Miles 

By Howard S. Marks 

I TRAVELED 265 mUes Sunday 
for the bargain price of 70 cents 
using the Chicago Transit Author- 
ity's new supertransfer. The only 
trouble I had was staying awake. 
During my 23 hours and 72 
minutes on the CTA system, I 
traveled thruout Chicago and 13 
suburbs on 28 different bus lines 
and six Rapid Transit lines. 

The goal was to travel every 
mile of the sprawling system, but 
I managed to cover only 8.5 per 
cent of bus line miles and all of 
the Rapid Transit Lines that op- 
erate on Simday except the Engle- 
wood branch of the North-South 
line. This was almost the same 
number of miles as the distance 
between Chicago and Detroit. 

My impressions were over- 
whelmingly favorable. Certain 
outlying bus routes resembled 
mobile parties with passengers 
and drivers laugliing and enjoying 
trivia with each other. 

The happiest buses seemed to 
be the South Chicago Express, the 

CHICAGO TODAY reporter Howard S. Marks decided to determine how much of | 
the Chicago Transit Authority's 2,065-mile system he could cover in the 24-hour 
period when the 70 cent, unlimited ride supertransfer is good, from 3 a.m. Sunday 

to 3 a.m. Monday. Here is his story. (Reprinted. Courtesy CHICAGO TODAY) 

South Pulaski Road line, the Sko- 
kie line, and the Harrison Street 

On the South Chicago Express, 
steelworkers en route to the Sun- 
day morning shift at Republic 
Steel Company, 11600 S. Burley 
Av., chatted with other workers 
going to their Hegewlsch homes 
near Wolf Lake. 

After criss-crossing the city, I 
came to believe that Southwest 
Siders are the friendliest Chica- 

I was even Invited to the home 
of my Pakistani bus driver. 

"You should try some of our 
food," he said proudly. He also 
directed me to a hearty breakfast 
at the Purple Steer Restaurant, 
10600 S. Ewing Av. He was not 
the only considerate bus driver. 

South Michigan Avenue line 
driver Charles Fair slammed on 
his brakes at 105th Street and 
Michigan Avenue after spotting a 
blind youth on the other side of the 
street. Fair left his bus and es- 
corted the young man to the bus. 

On the South Pulaski Road line, 
the driver discussed the merits of 
retirement with several of his 
passengers. It was like a roving 
Kup's Show. 

Most of the passengers I met 
also were friendly — but only on 
the buses that wind their way thru 
the outer city and the suburbs. On 
the Rapid Transit Lines and inner 
city bus lines, everyone seemed 

One young woman otherwise 
friendly, confided; "I had to buy 
this briefcase so 1 could have 
something to put on the seat next 
to me to keep the drunks away 

Grand Avenue bus driver William H. West 
punches another hole in Howard S. Marks' 

CHICAGO TODAY Photo by F,onk Hones 

while I'm riding the elevated 

The mixture of passengers on 
the CTA bus lines cut thru every 
strata of society. 

While on the Harrison Street 
line, I met a physician who had 
just flown in from Newark, N.J., 
en route to the Ramada Inn, 506 
W. Harrison St. He almost forgot 
a suitcase. I handed it to him be- 
fore he jumped off the bus. 

His gratitude equalled that of a 
passenger on the Skokle bus who 
the driver faUed to wake when we 
arrived at the terminal. I woke 
him and he yawnlngly thanked 
me — at 4:50 a.m. 

WhUe on the Skokie bus, I met 
a woman who had lived in Mexico 
and Spain and was studying about 
Guru Maharaj Ji, 16-year-old 
spiritual leader who recently 
married his 24-year-old secre- 
tary. She was going to her 6 a.m. 
job in the Coffee Shop in McCor- 
mick Inn. 

"I think I'll have to take a cab 
from the Chicago Avenue subway 
station because I can run up the 
stairs quickly and grab a cab. 
You never see a policeman," she 

During my 24 -hour tour of the 
CTA system, I saw only one uni- 
formed policeman. He was at the 
95th Street Dan Ryan Rapid 
Transit terminal. But I didn't 
see any crime, either. 

On the O'Hare express bus, I 
met an oil company employe going 
to Houston. Nicholas Symkowlcz, 
3342 N. Southport Av., said he 
always takes the bus. 

Aspiring singer-comedienne 
Donna Tufts bought a supertrans- 
fer aboard the Westchester bus en 
route to a rehearsal at the Wagon 
Wheel Restaurant, 400 N. Wells 

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BRYK MAWR station on the North elevated route was 
reopened June 12 and became the first of nine rapid 
transit stotions to be modernized under CTA's $140 mil- 
lion federal-state financed capital improvement program. 
As bands played, CTA Chairman Milton Pikarsky and 
guest speakers opened a giant gift wrapping covering 
the station entrance to become the first of 500 free 
riders to pass the turnstiles. Pictured, from left, ore 
Aid. Marilou Hedlund (48th), Ms. June Trovlos, executive 
director of the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, and 
Chairman Pikarsky. Features of the modern station 
Include an escalator at the location for the first time, 
fluorescent lighting throughout, o terra cotta tile floor, 
stainless steel hardware and new signing. Totol cost of 
-the project was $307,692. 

EXPANDED SERVICE on the 'L'ephant bus route was kicked 
off at o Lincoln Park Zoo ceremony on June 15 which in- 
cluded a contest judging the designs of three buses for the 
route. The buses were specially designed and painted by 
youngsters from the Model Cities/CCUO Youth Development 
Program. The winning design was that of four 1974 graduates 
of Lone Technical High school representing the Near North 
Side Urban Progress Center. Pictured at left putting the final 
touches to their award-winning bus ore, from left, Rosetta 
Russell, Ellery Triche, Arthur Johnson and James Jones. 
Other entrants in the contest included the two buses being 
painted below by students and graduates from Hyde Park and 
Morgan Park High schools. The 741. 'L'ephont service now 
operates daily from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. from the Fullerton 
'L' station over an extended route through Lincoln Park via 
Fullerton, Cannon drive, LaSalle drive and Stockton drive. 

JULY, 1974 

Sports Banquet a Gala Affair