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QfotneU Hnincraita Hihrarjj 

atljaia. New ^ark 

Cornell University Library 
Z1207 .M96 

Catalogue of books and pamphlets, atlase 


3 1924 029 555 897 

Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

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0t[tlt and ^0ttth ^m^rt^H, 

LUDiNG THE COLLECTIONS OF VOYAGES BY de Bvj , Hulsius, Hartgeis, etc. 





Heerengracht, KK 329. 

f/ V,i ^..^ is i ? <i Ei„ L, !!_, 








The indication of the size of the maps ancl plates is gitien in ceutimeter, French 
measure, and relates to the coppeiplaie, without the margins. — The abbreviations for 
the autographs are following : A. L. S., Autograph Letter Signed. — L. S., Letter 
Signed. — B. S., Document Signed. 

The prices are in Butch florins. 

I Aa (P. van der) De doorluchtige Scheeps- 
tochten der Portugysen na Oost-Indien, gelyk se 
door J. de Bavros beaohreveu zyn. Uyt h. Por- 
tiig. vert. 2 vols. fol. 

(The famous voyages of the Portuguese to 
East-India, as described hy J. de Barros. Tratisl. 
from the Portug.) 

De gedenkwaardige Voyagien der Spanjaar- 

den na West-lndien, gelyk ze door A. de Herrera 
beschreven zyn. Uyt h. Spaansch vert. 2 vols. fl. 

(The memorable voyages of the Spaniards to 
West-India, as described by J. de Herrera. 
Transl. from the Spanish). 

De wydberoemde Voyagien na Oost- en 

W. Indien der Engelsen; alles onlangs uyt h. 
Eng. vert. 2 vols. fol. 

(The widely famous voyages of the English to 
East- and West-India; alt transl. recently from 
the English.) 

De aanmerkenswaardige Voyagien door 

Franc., (talianen,beenen,Hoogduitschen en andere 
vreemde volkeren gedaan na Oost- en W. f ndien. 
leder Keisbeschryv. uyt de oorspronkel. taal 
vert. 2 vols. fol. 

(The very interesting voyages hy the French, 
Italians, Danes, Germans and other foreign nations 
to East- and IP est- India. Each voyage trans- 
lated from the original language.) 
Together 8 vols. fol. Many maps and plates. Leyden, 
P. V. d. Aa (1706 — 7). — Complete collection. 25. — 

2 Aa (P. van der), Same work. Large paper. 

fol. Calf gilt. Very fine copy. 45. — 

Each work also to be had separately. 

3 De aannierkenswaardigste enalomberoemde 

Zee- en Landreizeu der Portugeezen, Spanjaar- 
den, Engelsen en allerhande natien, zoo van 
Fransen, Italiaanen, enz. Voornaamenlyk onder- 
nornen tot ontdekking van de Oost- en West- 
lndien. Voormaals alleen ten deele verzameld . . . 
door J. L. Gottfried. Maar onlangs uit de Por- 
tug., Spaansche . . . taalen vermeerderd, en nu 
eerstlyk in het Nederduits overgezet. 's Gravenh. 
en Leyden, 1727. 8 vols. Dutch veM»^. fine copy. 
fol. 32,50 

(The most remarkable and celebrated voyages 
and travels of the Portuguese, Spaniards, English 
and various other nations, as Erench, Italians, 
etc., undertaken principally for the discovery of 
the East- and IVest-Indies. Only partly previously 
collected by J. L. Gottfried; but now augmented 
from the Portug., Spanish etc., and for the first 
time translated into Dutch.) 

4 Naauwkeurige versameling dergedpnkwaar- 

digste zee- en laudreysen na Oost- en West-lndien, 
mitsgadei's andere gevresten gedaan sedert 1246 
.tot o.{i desen tijd. Leyden, P. v. d. Aa, 1707. 28 
vols, calf or vellum. Mciny maps and plates. 8vo. 
Eine copy. 30. — 

(Accurate collection of the most memorable voya- 
ges and travels to the East- and Wgst-Indies, and 

Peedeeik Mullkr & C°., Amsteedam. 


to other countries, from the year 1246 down to 
this time.) 

5 Aa (P. V. d.) The same, 8". in 29 vols, sewed, 
uncut. Very rare in this state. 45. — 

The 5 preceding JN'os. are all one and the same 
work. — No. 1 is the first folio edition of 
1706 — 7, wherein the voyages are arranged according 
the nations of the navigators with special titles to 
each division of 2 vols. — No. 3 is a re-issue, 
made iu 1727 of the unsold copies of that edition, 
with addition of a (rare) general title for the whole 
work and omission of the 4 national titles. No. 4 
is the original- 8vo edition, as proposed in the begin- 
ning; this is the commencement of the whole underta- 
king. The voyages are arranged in chronological order. 

6 Cartes des itineraires et voiages modernes, 

qui ont este faits tant par Mer que par Terredans 
toutes les parties du Monde, et particulierenient 
dans FAsie, I'Afrique et FAmei'ique, depuis 1246 a 
1696. Leide, f. v. d. Aa. (1728). calf. squ. fol. 
^are. 6. — 

Collection of 114 maps, published originally in 
the preceding collections of Voyages by v. d. Aa. 
Wormed in the broad exterior margin, but without 
any damage to the maps. 

7 Nouveau Theatre du Monde ou la Geogra- 

phie Eoyale, aveo description par Gueudeville et 
l^'errarius. Leide, 1713. caXf. roy. ioL — Mne copy. 

Contains 95 fine maps, amongst which 2 of the 
Globe, a general map of America, Canada, Morida, 
Mexico, Brasil. — The doscriplion of America, pp. 
25 — 34, is by Ferrarius. — At the end of the work 
an extensive list, pp. 33 — 76, printed in 3 columns, 
giving the longitude and latitude of hundreds of pla- 
ces and islands; pp. 69— 76 contain those of America. 

8 Aan 't Volk van Nederland, of bevFijzeii en 
consideratien over de voordelen der Negotie met 
de Noord-Amerioaueu. (1781.) 8vo. 16 pp. 1.50 
{Address to the people of Netherlands or conside- 
rations on the profits of the com.merce with the 
North-Amer icans.) 

9 Aaumerkingeii van eenen reiziger over Hol- 
landt, Duitsehland . . . Braeilie, etc. Arasterd. 
1729. 4to. uncut. 1.50 

(Notes of a traveller on Holland, Germany . , . 
Sranil, etc.) 

10 Aauraerklagen over t verval van onze West- 
Ind. commercie-oolonien. No place (1790?) 8vo. 

{Notes on the decline of our West-Ind. commer- 
cial colonies.) 

11 Abbiug (C. A.) , Geschiedenis der stad 
Hsorn, gedur. de XVUe en XVllle eeuw, ... 
beginnende met 1630. Hoorn, 1841 — 42. 2 vols. 
sd. pi. and portr. 8vo. (8. — ) 3.50 

{History of the city of Boom, during the nth 
and 18th century, from 1630). 

Contains a. reproduction of the Patent granted by 
the SJtates-Gener. to John Keeps, for founding a co- 

lony on the Western side of the Eio de las Ama- 
zones; with a description of the lands etc. 1689. 
13 Abbot (H. L.), Siege-Artillery in the Cam- 
paigns against Kichmond, with notes on the 15- 
inch gun, etc. New-York, 1868. 5 plates, cloth. 8vo. 

(9.75) 2.50 
Professional papers. Corps of Engineers N". 14. 

13 Abdy (E. S.), Journal of a residence and tour 
in the United States. Louden, 1835. 3 vols, cloth. 
8vo. 3.50 

"The republication of this work was commenced 
in New-York, but suspended on account of its re- 
marks on Slavery." Sabin. 

14 Accoord van Brasilien, mede van 't Eecif, Mau- 
rits-Stadt ende de omleggende Forten van Brasil. 
Amst. 1654. 4to. (Asher N". 281.) 4.— 

{Agreement of Brazil, as also of the Reciffe, 
Maurits-Stadt, etc.) 

15 Accoord tusschen de Gemagtigde van de Staaten 
van Zeeland en de Bewindhebberen van de West- 
Ind. Compagnie wegens 'tovernemen van de Co- 
lonie van Suriname. (1683.) 4to. 3. — 

{Agreement between the Commissaries of the 
• States of Zealand and the Governors of the Sfest- 
India Comp. about the transfer of the colony of 

16 Account (An) of several late Voyages and 
Discoveries to the South and North, towards the 
Streights of Magellan, the South-Seas, Nova-Zem- 
bla, Greenland, Groy nland or Engrondland ... by 
J. Narborough, J. Tasman, J. Wood and Freo. 
Martens. London, 1694. 2 parts in 1 vol. calf, 
8 plates. 8vo. 5.50 

17 Acosta (Jos.), De natura Novi Orbis 11. II. Et 
de promulgatione Evangelii apud Barbaros, sive 
de procuranda Indorum salute 11. VI. Coloniae 
Agripp., 1596. calf. 8vo. 10.— 

3d Edition, the first having been published at Sa- 
lamanca 1589. — The work is especially valuable 
for the many details about the Indians of Peru, 
amongst whom the author lived for a series of 17 

18 Historie Naturael ende Morael v. de Wes- 

tersohe Indien. Nu eerstmael u. d. Spaenschen 
overges. door J. Uuyghen v. Linschoten. Ench. 
1598. 8vo. vellum. — Rare. 18.— 

{Natural and moral History of the West-Indies.) 
Mrst Dutch edition. Translated on the 2d and 
best edition of Sevilla, 1591. The exactness of Lin- 
schoten's version is guaranteed by his name. 

19 The same. Amst., 1624. 4to. vellum. 10.— 

2d and last Dutch edition, with numerous wood- 

20 Act for increasing and encouraging of shipping 
and navigation (to Asia, America, etc.) Lond. 1739. 
fol. Uncut. 1.— 

21 Acte van de Staten van Groeningen etc . . . Item 
een schriftelicke Contestatie van Groeningen tegcna 
Hollandt wegens de Portugesche Traotaten. 1662. 

Fkedeeik Mtjller & 0'., 


4to. (Asher No. 310.) 2.— 

{Act of the States of Groningen etc., . With a 
written protest of Groningen against Holland re- 
garding the Fortug-uese treaties). 

Against the peace with Portugal, aud in favour 
of the West-India-Comp. 

22 Acts passed at tho 1st session of the 2d Con- 
gress of the United States of America, 1791. Phi- 
lad. (1792.) 175 and 111 pp. bds. 8vo. 4.50 

23 Acts passed at the 2d session of tho 3d Con- 
gress, 1794. Philad. 1795. 8vo. — iVo title. 4.50 

24 Acts passed at the first session of the 4th Con- 
gress, 1795. Philad. 1796. sd. uncut. 8vo. 4.50 

25 Acts find proceedings of the general Synod of the 
Reformed Protestant Dnteh Church in N. America, 
convened in extra session, in New-York. Oct. 
20, 1841. N. York, 1842, 146 pp. 8vo. 1.50 

26 Adair (Jam), The History of the American 
Indians, particularly those nations adjoining to 
the Mississippi. Florida, Georgia, Carolina and 
Virgiiiia, etc. London, 1774. hf. calj\ folding map. 
4to. 15.— 

"One of the best and raost instructive books of 
its kind." Dibdin. — The author was "Trader with 
the Indians and Resident ii\ their country for 40 years." 

27 Geschichte der Amerikanischen Indianer, 

besonders am Mississippi, Florida, Georgien etc. 
Aus d. Engl. Breslau, 1782. hds. 8vo. 2.25 

German translation of the foregoing work. 

28 Adams (HCanna), celebrated female writer of 
Amer., anthor of Hist, of New England 1799, 
Hist, of the Jews 1812, oet, — A. L. S. to Rev. 
Jos. Emerson of Bevei-Iey, dat. Boston, Dec. 17, 
1806. 1 p. closely written. 4°. 6.— 

Very fine letter : ', the greatest attachment I have 
to life is the affection I feel for a few particular 
friends; but ... it is out of my power to do them 
any good. I do not feel as if my death would be a 
real loss to any one person. However I earnestly 
wish to be able to say, 

"What'er the colour of my fate. 

My fate shall be my choice. 

Determin'd am I while I breathe 

To praise and to rejoice." 

29 Adams (John), Geschied. van het geschil tns- 
schen Groot-Brittannien en Amerika, sedert des- 
zolfs oorsprong in 1754. Amst., 1782. 164 pp. 
8vo. With Portr. of J. Adams, by R. Vin/celes. sd. 
Uncut. 2.50 

{History of the dispute between Gr. Brit, and 
America, from its origin in 1754.) 

Written in 1774; translation from the reproduc- 
tion in 177.5. 

30 Defence of the. Constitutions of Govern- 
ment of the United States. London, C. Dillg, 1787. 
3 vols, calf gilt. 8vo. — Vol. I slightly different 
in binding. 15. — 

Presentation- copy of the author to the eminent 
Dutch publicist J., Luzac. On the fly-leaf of the 


2d and 3d vol. the autograph iusoription : Mr, 
Luzac from his friend John Adams. 

Original edition. — The first volume, being 
published as a complete work, bears no indication 
of volume on the title. The 2 subsequent vols, were 
only written after the first was published. 

31 Adams, J., Antwoord op het work van Thom. 
Paine : Reohten van den niensch. Uit het Eng. 
Haarlem, 1793. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.50 

{Tieply to Th. Paine's work : Bights of man.) 

32 — Autograph signature. 2.50 
Adams probably made use of this signature as a 

introduction to Mrs. Perez Morton, whose 
inscribed on the same paper in A's hand- 


card of 

name is 



(J. Quincy), Tho duplicate letters, 
tho fisheries and tho Mississippi Documents rela- 
ting to transactions at the Negotiation of Ghent. 
Washington, 1822. bds. 8vo. 3.50 

34 A. L. S. to Sam, Bell, Governor of N. 

Hampshire, flat. Washington March 1, 1832, 1 p. 
fol. 5.50 

On the secret Journal of the Old Congress. — 
Fine Specimen. 

36 Addresses and Messages of the Presidents of 
tho United States (from Washington to Van Bu- 
ren), together with the Declaration of Indepen- 
dence and Constitution of the U. S. New York, 
1839. portr. sheep. 8vo. 2.50 

Presentation-copy with inscription from the His- 
torian J. Romeyn Brodhead, to the Royal Librarian 
J. W. Holtrop, The Hague, 1840. 

36 Aduard (O. A. Lewe v.), De juris contro- 
versia Magnam Britanniam inter et colonias Ame- 
ricanas. Lugd. Bat. 1835. 8vo. Thick paper. 1.50 

37 Advys op de Presentatie van Portugael. Het 
Eerste Deel. (No place.) 1648. 21 and 3 unnurab. 
pp. 4to. Uncut. — Not in Asher^s Essay. 3. — 

{Advice on the Presentation of Portugal. The 
first Part.) 

The Second Part is only mentioned in Tromel's 
Biblotheque Americaine (n". Ill); a Third Part 
announced by the author in his scheme, seems not 
to be published. 

A Counter-Advice caused by this pamphlet, see 
Asher n». 236. 

38 Advysen (Eenige) ende verklaringhen uytBra- 
silie, 19 May 1648, van 't gepaseerde aldaer. {No 
place.) 1658. 4 pp. 4to. (Asher N». 237.) Very 
rare. 3. — 

{Some advices and declarations from Brazil, on 
what has happened there, 12 — 19 May 1648.) 

39 Aemilii (Ant.), Dissert, politica, ad Cap. V. 
Annal. II. Taciti, de inaximis momentis rei mari- 
timae in nostra Rep. ad S. P. Q. Batavum. Traj. 
ad Rhen. 1649. bds. fol. 2.50 

Latin discourse with a Greek and Latin poem, all 
on the victories of the United Provinces by the glo- 
rious exploits of the admiral Piet Heyn. 


40 Aen de Hoogh Moog. Heeren Staten-Generaol. 
4to. (1674.) 16 pp. 2.50 

Request of the shareholders of the W. I. C. for 
a subvention by the States Gen. — Interesting, as 
it contains ad abridged history of the Company. 

41 The same, annexed: an extract (4pp.) from 

the resolutions of States Gen. of 1649, relat. to 
the pecuniary assistance of the Comp. 3. — 

42 Aen-Spraeok aen den getrouwen Hollander 
nopende de Procednren der Portugesen in Brasill. 
's Grav., 1645. — Antwoort van den getrouwen 
Hollander. . . Ghedr. 1645. — 2 parts in 1. 4to. 
(Asher. 206 and 207.) 10. — 

{Address to the faithful Hollander on the pro- 
ceedings of the Portuguese in Brazil. — Reply of 
the faithful Hollander, etc.) 

Entirely tmcut copy of these two rare pam- 
phlets; both — very interesting and written by 
violent adversaries, — are so closely connected, that 
they ought always to be kept together. 

43 Aenwysinge, datmen van de Oost- en West- 
Indische Coinpagnien (5en Compagnie diene te ma- 
ken, etc. 's Gravenh., 1644. 4to. foot uncut. (Asher 
No. 187.) 36 pp. 2.— 

{Proof that one Company ought to be formed out 
of the East- and JFest-India Companies.) 

44 The same. 2de driick vermeerderd en ver- 

betert. Ibid. 2644 {sic! instead of 1644.) 4to. Not 
mentioned ly Asher. 3. — 

{The same, 3rf edition enlarged.) 

45 Aikin (P. P.), Vergleichende Darstellung der 
Constitution Grosz-Britahniens nnd d. Ver. Staa- 
ten v. Amerika. Bearb. v. K. J. Clement. Leipz. 
1844. hf. calj. 8v6. 1.50 

46 Aitzema (L. van), Historie van Saken van 
Staet en Oorlogh, in ende omtrent de Vereen. 
Nederl. beginnende 1621 tot 1668. 's Hage, 1657— 
1671. 14 vols, in 15. vellum. 4to. 15. — 

{History of the affairs of State and War, of the 
United Netherlands, 1621 till 1668.) 

47 The same, with the Supplement by L. Syl- 
vius (1669—97.) 's Hage, 1669—99. 11 vols. calf. 
fol. JBest edition. 30. — 

The high importance of this work consists in its 
vast mass of original documents, instructions, trea- 
ties, memoirs of the ambassadors, resolutions of the 
States-General etc., which are nowhere else to be 
found together. The relations of the author with the 
highest functionaries of the State, enabled him to 
collect them, and it is a fact sufficiently known, 
that — where these did not suffice — he even had 
recourse to corruption and other meatts in order to 
get those authentic documents, which make his work 
one of the richest and most valuable sources existing. 

It contains numerous pieces concerning New-Ne- 
therland and the other parts of America, forinst. in 
vol. I : The foundation of the "West-India Company; 
Piet Heyn and the capture of the Spanish Silver- 
fleet; Capture of Olinda. — Vol. II: Usselincx and 

the Swedish South-Company. Prince John Manrice. — 
Vol. Ill : Affairs in Brazil. — Vbl. IT and V : 
Negotiations of Downing and Disputes between the 
W.Ind. Comp. 

48 Albany — Accounts of the annual festivals of 
the St. Nicholas Societyat Albany (founded 1827), 
in commemoration of the relations with the Ne- 
therlands, as part of NewNetherland. 1828— 42. — 
14 Nos. of the Nederl. Staats-courant and Baghlad 
van 's Gravenhage. — D. Veegens, Account of the 
New York Historical Society. Konst- en Letter- 
bode, 1845. 2 Nos. 8vo. — In all 17 pieces in 
Dutch; bound in 1 vol. bds. 4to. 6.— 

49 Albany Gazette, Tuesday, March 19, 1799. 
1 sheet. 4to. 4.— 

Interesting specimen of an American News-Paper 
cont. tidings from Baltimore, New-York,Bassaterre, 
on the capture of the French frigate Insurgente, on 
an insurrection in Northampton County (Pennsylva- 
nia), etc. 

50 Albertinis,Fr., Opusoulum demirabilibasNouae 
et Veteria vrbis Romae, editum a Francisco de 
Albertinis, clerico Plorentino. Romae, per Jacolum 
Masochium, 1510. cloth. 4to. . 30. — 

On leaf 101, a passage referring to Vespuccius. 
— Harrisse, Biblioth. Amer. Vetustiss. N». 64 First, 

51 Album Amicorum of P. Scriverius, lear- 
ned Dutch Historian, whose many relations with 
the learned Europe of the 17th century have made 
his Album Amicorum the receptacle of the most 
illustrious names of his century in every region 
of Science. It contains no less than eighty-tWO 
autograph signed inscriptions, mostly Greek 
and Latin poems, proverbs, maxims, aphorisms, 
etc. etc., by Dutch, German, FrciiBh, English, 
Polish and fiussian scholars. Besides flye feupe- 
rior drawings by famous Dutch artists. Item- 
braces a period of 38 years, from 1600—1638. 
Together 356 pp. itl the original vellum binding. 
royal 8». 350.— 

To give an idea of the interesting contents of this 
Album a selection of the names Is made, amongst 
which some deserve a prominent place in an Ame- 
rican Collection : 
JosEPHUs ScALiQEK, Greek poem aud quotations in 

5 Oriental languages. 1601. 
HEUiiEKSTiiN, O. H., V. S., and G. S., (Russian 

Traveller and family), their devices. 1609. 
J. BoDECHEE Banning, Dutch poem and Latin 
letter of 3 full pages, written on the Recif 
DE Pernambuco in Brazil, 30 July 1638. 
Greek poem. 17 lines, with Russian signature and arms. 
I). Heinsius, Latin poem of 56 lines. "With subscrip- 
tion : iiscripsi Amstelreodami in domo Austriaca." 
J. C. Gevartius, of Antwerp, Lat. proverbs. 1615. 
Ph. Cluveejus, the Geographer, quotations. 1617. 
"W. Bedwellus, Anglns Haslingburiensis, inscrip- 
tions in Oriental languages. 1612. 
P. V. K. (Palamedes v. K6ulen, Pseudonym of the 

rKEDEKIK MulXEE & Of.-, 


Dutch poet Joost v. Vondel), pqem on the Armi- 
nian Hogerbeets. (See his works edit, by J. van 
Lennep II, 323.) 

Hugo Geotius, Latin poem of 24 lines. 1616. 

Is. Massa, Dutch Merchant in Russia, author of 
the vei-y interesting pamphlet on the discoveries 
of Hudson, the early Voyftgfes to the North-Pole, 
cet. : Russian inscription. 1627. — UNiquE au- 

P. Choart de Buzanval, French Minister to 
Holland, Lat. device. 1601. 

cet. cet. 

Of the 5 drawings, we mention : 

J. VAN DE Velbe, portrait of an old man, bust, 
with interwoven inscription: IVE. 1628. — 
Splendid drawing in red and black chalk. Ex- 
ceedingly well preserved. 

J. VAN BoTJOuoKST, a Haarlem-artist, whose works, 
engravings and drawings, are of the greatest rarity, 
3 beautiful drawings. 

P. Saenbbdah, the famous painter, the Market- 
place at Haarlem. — Very fine drawing in India- 
ink and pencil, signed and dated 1629. 

52 Alexander (Cr. "W.), Letters on the slave- 
trade, slavery and emancipation. Lend. 1842. sm. 
8vo. 1.— 

53 Allen, Will., distinguished -anther, Pres. of 
Dartmonth Coll. 1817, of Bowdoin Coll. 1820— 
39. — A. L. S. to Silas Ddrkee of Meredith, dat. 
Bowd. Coll. July 17, 1824. 1 p. 4». 1.50 

On the course of Lectures in the Medical School 
of Maine. 

54 Allert (L,), Der DoUmetscher in Amerika. An- 
leitung, diis engl. Sprache in kurzer Zeit zu ler- 
nen. Lelpz. 1848. bds. 8vo. —.80 

55 Almanach (Groote Sclirijf-)ophetjaerl64l. 
Gheealculeert door D. Origanus. Amsterd., C. L. 
van der Plasse. 1641. sd. 8vo. 10. — 

(the Great Writing- Almanac. ., for 1641. Cal- 
culated by D. Oriffanus.) 

PeK^ctly clean copy. — This very rare Almanac 
contains an Appendix of 10 pp.: Een gedenckwaer- 
dige bedenckinghe van 't vinden van de Nienwe We- 
reld, dat niet langhei geleden is als omtrent 150 
jaren . . . door Cht. Colambus. {A memorabU ac- 
count of the discovery of 4Jie New World, not lon- 
ger ago than 150 years ... iy Christ. Columbus.) 

This Appendix may be had separately for flor. 8. — 

56 Almanach (Dte naanvfkeurige Hollandsche) 1779. 
Amsterd., A. Meyer. (1778.) plates, hds. 16mo. 4.— 

{,The accurate Dutch Almanac >i 

Very rare and curious. — Besides a Description 
of the (14) British Colonies in North America, it 
contains 12 fme engraved satirical plates on the 
mode of Head-dress of both sexes, for every month 
in the year, and 2 folding plates representing 12 kinds 
of hair-dressing of ladies. 

57 Almanac Am6ricain, Asiatiqiie et Africain, ou etat 
physique, polit., eccWsiast. et militaire des colo- 
nies d'Europe en Asie, en Afrique et en AmSrique. 


Paris, 1786. 390 pp. hf. calf. 12mo. 2 

At the end: Recueil diplomatique pendant 1785. 
82 pp. 

58 Almanak (Surinaamsohe Staatkundige) voor 
1796, door Cli. Brouwn. Paramaribo, (1795.) 8vo. 
— Very rare. 2. — 

{Political Surinam Almanac for 1795.) 

59 Aloe Americana. — Specimen of this plant 
in the Royal Gardens of Ciipenick (near Berlin), 
the first which bore flowers in Europe, from 
25 May till 28 Oct. 1712. In the distance the 
palace and the old-styled gardens. Fine and curi- 
ous engrav. by J. 0. Wolfgang, Berlin 1713. With 
Lat., Germ, and French inscription. 2 sheets. Very 
Ig. fol. — Together: 112 by 60 centim. 8.— 

60 Another specimen, „florens in Horto Vol- 

cameriano. Norimbergae. 1726." German engrav., 
with addr. Numberg bey J. G. Puschner. With 
German legend. Ig. fol. 69 by 45 centim. 4. — 

61 Another specimen, flowering at Leyden. 

1757. Dutch engrav. by A. Delfos. Ig. fol. Colou- 
red. 63 by 48 centim. — With separate explana- 
tion in Dutch. Rare. 4. — 

62 The same plant, difl^er. engrav. sm. 4". Copy 

on satin. Very curious. Unique. — For: The Dutch 
Mercury, 1757. 4. — 

63 Another specimen, blossoming in the Im- 
perial Gardens at Schonbrnnn, near Vienna, 1760. 
Dutch engrav. by A. Delfot. 1762. With Latin 
inscription. Ig. fol. 61 by 42 centim. 3. — 

64 Another specimen, flowering at Utrecht 

(Holland), in 1782. Dutch engrav., with Latin 
inscription, fol. 43 by 26 centim. 2. — 

65 Another specimen, in full bloom, at the 

villa Wesiermeer, near Haarlem (Holland) in 1825. 
Lith. by Sngelmann. With Dutch inscription. Ig. 
fol. 1.— 

This curious collection, N". 59 — 65, of plates on 
the various specimens of the Aloe Americana, which 
blossemed in Europe, interesting for the many par- 
ticulars on its growth, etc., if taken together; fl. 20. — 

66 Alphen (D. E". van), De Novo Belgio colonia 
quondam nostratinm. Lugd. Bat. 1832. 8vo. 1.75 

67 America. — The four parts of the World: 
Europe, Asia, Africa and AmeriCM, represented 
by women in caracteristic attire: America as a 
naked femjlle riding on a fantastical animal, in 
perspective cannibals, tight of the natives, etc. — 
Set of 4 emblematical plates (1 — 4), engrav. after 
M. de Vos, by A. Collaert, with address of C. J. 
Visscher. (about 1600). Ig. sq. 4". — Mounted. 
Fine and rare. 15.— 

68 Same subject. America represented by 

a scene of native life. — Set of 4 emblematical 
plates (1 — 4), with address: C.J. Visscher de Jonge. 
(1650). sq. fol. 12.— 

69 The four parts of the World. Emble- 
matical plate: on one column the names of the 
13 Unit. States and of the other different conntries 


ill America, with figures of the natives of these 
regions. Invented by J. O. Visser, engrav. by 
T. Koninrj, at Amsterclam 1798. Ig. sq. fol. — With 
engraved key. Ig. sq. 4". 3.50 

70 Same subject. America represented by a 

young girl in native dress. — Set of 4 plates by 
Bertrand, with address: -Pam, y^«woK^ (about 1800). 
4". 4.— 

71 Same subject. Africa and A m e r i c ;i repres. 

by young girls. 2 lithogr. by Lemercier. am. fol. 


72 America. — Maps. — Novissima et aocuratis- 
sima totius Americae descriptio per N. Visscher. 
(Amst. about lG70).fol. 54by 44 cent. — Coloured. 
— Dedicated to C. J. Witsen, Director of the 
Dutch W. (. Comp. 2.50 

73 Same map, but much more correct, 

especially N^. Amer., and larger, by J. Danckerts. 
Amst. (about 1080). fol. 59 by 48. 2.50 

74 Keoentissima Novi Orbis s. Amer. tabula, 

by C. AUard. (Amst., about 1695). sq. fol. 58 
by 49. 2.50 

In the left hand corner a small separate map of 

75 Same map, the interior of N. Amer., 

and the form of S. Amer., corrected by 6. and 
L. Valk. (Amst., about 1740). fol. 60 by 49. — 
Coloured. 2.50 

The map of New-Zealand effaced. 

76 Ainericae tam Sept. quam Merid. delineatio, 

opera A. F. ZUrneri. Amst, P. Schenk. (about 1700). 
fol. 58 by 50. — With engrav. represent. Golum- 
bna putting an egg on its point and inscription: 
•iJiun konnen wirs alle." — Coloured. 2.50 

77 Map of the Dominions of the King of 

Great Britain in America, by Herman Moltj. 
(London) 1715. 2 sheets, fol. Together: 102 by 
61. — ■ Coloured. — Rare. 15. — 

Interesting map, dedicated to Walter Dowglass, 
Governor of all the Leeward- Islands in America, 
1711. It has 4 special maps, viz; 1. '/Improved 
part of Carolina with the Settlements" and with the 
proprietors' names. — 3. Plan of Charlestown. — 
8. Loni&iai.a. "With the Indian settlements and the 
number of the fighting men according to the account 
of Capt. T. Neam a. o." — 4. General map. — 
Besides an engiaviug of the Niagara -fall with view 
of the industry of the beavers. — In the upper cor- 
ner an account of the post-regulations in America 
in 1715, in 21 lines. 

78 Map of the British Empire in America 

with the French, Spanish and Dutch Settlements, 

by H. PoppfjE. Amat. /. Covens §~ C. Morlier, 

(about 1737). 4 sheets. Ig. fol. Together: 104 by 

114. — Coloured. — Very rare. 15.-- 

Interesting map, on large scale. With approbating 

note by Edm. Halley, Prof, of Astronomy at Oxford. 

Each sheet forms a whole, having its own border 

and French title (in 3 lines): Nouvelle carte de 

VAmerique ou sont exactement marquees" etc. — 
A complete copy rarely occurs. 

79 Grand theatre de la guerre en Amfirique., R. # J. Ottens. (about 1760). 6 sheets fol., 
each 53 by 46. — Coloured. 6. — 

With special plans of Mexico, ,St. Domingo, Aca- 
pulco, Vera-Cruz, etc. 

80 Map of America. Amst., Is. Tirion. 1754. 

fol. 36 by 34. 1.— 

81 ■ Map of the British and French dominions 

in North-America with the roads, distances, limits 
and extent of the settlements, by J. MiTciiEr.L, 
(London) 1755. 8 sheets, fol. Together: 194 by 
134. — Coloured. 15. — 

Very large fine map giving a variety of indicati- 
ons on the natives, their wars, their destruction by 
the French and English, etc. — With approbation 
of the Lords Commiss. for trade and plantations, 
signed by John Fownall, Secretary. 

82 • Same map, but „With improvements" 

and augmented with special plans of Halifax (No- 
va Scotia) with vicinity, of Quebec, and of Louis- 
burg and harbour. Amst., J. Covens and C. 'Mor- 
tier. (1760?). 194 by 134. — Coloured. On cloth. 


83 Map of the English and French possessions 

in N. America. Amst., Is. Tirion. 1755. sq. fol. 
45 by 36. — Coloured. 1.50 

84 Carte des possessions Angloises et i^ran- 

coisea dn Continent de rAra(5r. Sept. Amst., U. et 
J. Ottens. 1755. sq. fol. blhy iX. ~ Coloured. 2.— 

85 Grand Thi5atre de la Guerre en Amerique. 

Amst., R. et J. Ottens. (1760). 6 sheets, foi. toge- 
ther 156 by 83. -■- With 8 separate maps of the 
Harbours of Acapulco, Vera-Cruz, Havana, Car- 
thagena, etc. — Coloured. — Rare. 10. — 

86 New map of America. Amst, Tirion. (1765). 

fol. 33 by 28. — Coloured. 1.— 

87 Map of America, by F. de Wit. Amst., 

R. and J. Ottens, (1765). fol. 50 by 49. — Co- 


88 Map of America, corrected by W. A. Ba- 

chiene, engrav. by J. v. Hagen, 1783. fol. 43 by 
35. -.75 

89 North America." — „Der,Groote Noord Zee 
wassende-grade-pasoaarf nieuwiycks beschreven 
door Jacob Aertz Colom." [Portulano of thelarge 
Northern Sea, latelg described by J. A. Colom.'] (Am- 
sterdam, about 1630). Large sq. fol. 105 by 82. — 
Printed on Vellum. Coloured. — Of the utmost 
EARITY. 35. — 

Highly interesting and very correct portulano, de- 
lineating the whole coast of N. America, from Sir 
Thomas Smith Sound till Florida. — The names 
of the various places in Canada, Acadia, nNorem- 
bega" are given in French, those of New-Nether- 
land (which name however not yet occurs) in Dutch, 
those of Virginia in English, of Florida in Spanish. 

Fredeuik & C°., 


90 Korth-Amelrica. — Amerique Septeutrjonale, 
par /SaKiora. Paris, H. Jaillot. (1695). fol. 65 by 46. 

— Coloured. 3. — 

91 Am^rique Septentrionale, par G. de I'lsle- 

Amst., P. Schenlc. 1708. sq. iol. 59 by 45. 2.50 

92 Carte de la Nouvelle France ou se voit 

le oours des Grandea Rivieres Mississippi et S. Lau- 
rens, etc. Amst, Gerard oflMXeWea. 1720. 2 slieets. 
fol. Togetlier: 99 by 59. 6.— 

Interesting map of tho countries whicii are now 
the United States, witli a special map of ttie Moutlis 
of tlie Mississippi and of tlie coast of Louisiana. 
Besides a large number of historical annotations f. i. 
on the fortilied places by. the i'rench, etc. 

93 Amiirique Septentr., par H. Jaillot. Amst., 

B. et J. Ottens. (1755?). sq. fol. 57 by 46. — Co- 
loured. 2. — 

After the map by Sanson, 1695, with but few 

94 Map of North-America belonging to the 

Dutch edition (1772) of P. Kalm's voyage. 1753. 
sq. fol. 75 by 56. — Coloured. 1.50 

95 America Septentrionalis a d'Anville in Gal- 
lia edita. Noribergae, Homann. 1756. sq. iol. 51 by 
46. — Coloured. 3. — 

Published on account of the war. Some historical 
observations relating to the English and I'rench claims 
occur on the map. 

96 Amerique Septentrionale. Amst., Covens et 

Mortier. 1757. sq. fol. 62 by 46. — Coloured. 2.50 

With separate map of the Northern parts ofAmerica. 

97 Carte du theatre de la guerre entre les An- 
glais et les Americains, par Jirion de la Tour. 
Paris, Esnauts et Rajiilly. 1777. High fol. 51 by 
65. — Coloured. 5. — 

98 - — - I'Amerique Angloise, savoir le Canada, la 
Nouvelle lioosse ou Acadie, les 13 Provinces Unies. 
Augsbourg, M. A. hotter. (1780). fol. 49 by 60. — 
Coloured. 4. — 

99 Carte gen6rale des 13 Elats Unis. Amst., 

C. Mortier et J. Covens et fits. (1783). sq. fol. 57 
by 41. — Coloured. 4. — 

One of the first maps of the Independant United 

100 - — Central-America. — Map compiled from 
materials furnished by the Committee on Foreign 
Relations of the Senate of the U. S., under direc- 
tion of W. F. Palmer. 1856. Very large map, fol- 
ded and bound in-S". clot/i. 1.25 

101 South- America. — Mardi Aethiopia: the 

coasts of S. America. — Fi-om: Janssonius's Large 
Atlas. 1657. 2.50 

102 Amerique Meridionale, par Sanson. Paris, 

H. Jaillot. (1695). fol. 65 by 46. — Coloured. 3.— 

Porms with JM". 90 a very fine map of the JMew 
World in 2 sheets. 

103 South-America, by G. de VIsle. Amst.i 

P. Schenk. 1708. sq. fol. 59 by 45. — Coloured. 2,— 


104 South-America, by d'Anville. Paris, chez 

I'Auteur. 1748. 3 sheets, fol. Together: 78 by 
123. — Fine map. 6.50 

105 ■ South-America. Amst., Covens en Mortiei. 

1757. fol. 59 by 54. — Coloured. 2.- 

With topographical annotations on the map. 

106 South-America, by R. Jaillot. Amst.,'7i!. et 

J. Ottens. (about 1760). fol. 60 by 48. — Coloured. 


107 South-America's Central and Southern 

part. 2 maps embracing the whole of Brazil, Peru, 
Chili, Paraguay, etc. No place nor date. (About 
1845). Each 198 by 80. - Coloured, on cloth, with 
wooden rolls. 7.50 

108 Maps of the Rivers Amazon, Huallaga, 

Ucayalli, from the observations of W. L. Herndon. 
(1851—2). 3 large maps folded and in 8». cloth. 1.50 

109 American Annual Register, or historical 
memoirs of the United States, for 1796. Philad., 
Bioren & Madam, 1797. hf. bd. uncut. fiyo. 288 pp. 


Contains interesting anecdotes, historical, topograph, 
and other notices, etc. 

110 American Archives: consisting of a Collec- 
tion of Authenthick Records, State Papers, De- 
bates and Letters, and other notices of Publick 
Affairs; the whole forming a Documentary His- 
tory of the origin and progress of the North 
American Colonies; of the causes and accomplish- 
ment of the American Revolution, etc. Published 
by M.. St. Clair Clarke and Peter Force. Fourth 
Series, from March 7, 1774, to the Declaration of 
Independence. Washington, 1837—46. 6 vols. — 
Fifth Series, July 4, 1776 to Sept. 3, 1783. Ibid. 
1848- 53. 3 vols. — logether 9 vols, in 2 columns, 
half liussia. fol. 140. — 

"This great storehouse of British Colonial and 
'/American history was printed by order oftheUni- 
"ted States Government, only Jor distribution and 
iinot for sale. It was the intention to divide the 
»work into Six series, from 1493 to 1789. The nine 
"Volumes described are all that have appeared, and 
"the further progress of the work is suspensed. The 
(/manuscript of the unpublished series is in the Li- 
"brary of Congress." See: N. Am. Review. XLVl. 
475. — (Jomplete series as this are very rare, ^X^ova 

111 American Ephemeris and nautical Almanac 
for the year 1856. Washington. 1853. sd. roy. 8vo. 
600 pp. Publ. fior. 6 1.50 

112 American idol. — Very rough but apparently 
a facsimile drawing of an American idol, with 
a Latin description in handwriting of the very 
first years of the 17th century, signed : A. Wiyer. — 
31 by 21 centim. 2.50 

According to the description : — Idolum a K. P. 
Soc. Jesu ex Occidentali India Mediolanum allatum 
mense Aprilis Anno 1603, fere eandem longitudinem 
habuit quam haeo ipsius vera effigies," etc, 



113 American Journals etc. — A collection of 
25 different numbers of various reviews, journals, 
etc. published at New- York, Washington, Phila- 
delphia, Utica, Charleston, Boston, Buffalo, Cleve- 
land, Eichmond, etc. 1854—66. 4.— 

114 American pirates. — Bartholomew the Por- 
tuguese, Bock the BrasUian, Francois Lolonois, 
and John Morgan from Walles. — Set of 4 busts, 
with represent, of their exploits against the Span- 
iards in America. Old Dutch engi'av. 4". From: 
Exquemelin — Amer. pirates. Amsi. 1678. 4". — Rare. 


115 American Privateer takes an English paquet, 
1777, engrav. by S. Fokie. sm. 4". 1.— 

116 Amerika, in alle zyne byzonderheden be- 
schouwd, ter verkrijg. eener naauwkeur. kennis 
van dat thans zoo gerucht maakend land. Am- 
sterd., P. 3leyer, 1780— 8ii. 4 vols. 2 maps. kf. 
calf. 8vo. 4.50 

{America in all its particularities, for an exact 
Jcnoioledge of this now so rumour-making country.) 

117 Amerikaan (De), biyspel. Gevolgt naar het 
Fransch. 2e druk, verand. en verbet. Arasteld. 
1756. 80 pp. uncut. 8vo. 1.50 

(The American; comedy, iranslat. from the French. 
2rf edit, changed and corrected.) 

118 L'AmeriQLUe delivree; esguisse d'un poeme 
sur rtnd^pendance de I'Anierique. Amsterd., 1783. 
2 vols. sd. uncut. Svo. 2. — 

"An epic poem on the revolutionary war with copious 
historical notes, dedicated to J. Adams." Sabin. 

119 The same. ;i vols, c.alj gill, gilt edges. 

Thick faper. 4.50 

120 L'Amerique et I'Europe en 1846, on Congres 
de Panama. Par Mr. G. L... Brux., 1826. 8vo. 


121 Ames, Fisher, one of the most eloquent 
Members of Congress, 1789 — 97. A. L. S. to John 
Worthington of Springfield, dat. Dedham, Oct. 10, 
1796. 2 pp. 4". 5.— 

On various subjects : "This week will produce the 
first Bedham news-paper, but our own news will 
scarcely find matter tho fill it. Like Peter Pindar's 
razors, it may do to sell." 

122 A. L. S. to the same, dat. April 3, 1799. 

2^ pp. 4». 2.50 


123 Ames (W.), Wederlegginge van 'tberioht van 
H. Jung. Amsterd., voor den Autheur, 1662. 4to. 
29 pp. 1.50 

(Refutation of the report of H. Jung [against 
the Quakers'].) 

124 Amherst, Jeffrey, Governor of Virginia, Com- 
mander of the British forces in America 1758 — 
64. — L. S. to Sir Will. Johnson, dat. N. Y. 
Dec. 20, 1761. 2 full pp. fol. 10.— 

Interesting letter on various transactions with the 
Cherokees, the Six Nation?, the Iroquois, oet., pro- 

bably to sconre their assistance in tlie war against 
the French. The Six Nations receice M 1000, the 
Cherokees clothes, two Iroquois 40 Dollars each, a 
gun and clothing, cet. cct. 

125 Ampzing (S.), West-IndischeTriumph-Basuyne 
van wegen de veroveringhe der Spaensche Silver- 
vlote van Nova Hispania. . . door P. Pz. Heyn 
en H. Kz. Lonk. Haerlem, 1629. 4to. With title- 
plate representing the capture of the Silver-fleet and 
2 small porir. of Piet Reyn and Lonk. (Asher 116.) 

(The West-India^ Triumphal Trumpet upon the 
capture of the Spanish Silverflfiet.) 18. 

Bound up with the Author's : Bescbrijviuge en de 
lof der stad Haerlem .... Mitsgad. P. Scriverii Laure 
Kranz voor Laurens Koster, (the inventor of printing.) 
etc. Haerlem, 1638. qili. plates. \ vol. calf, 4vp. 

126 Amsterdams Dam-Praetje, van wat Outs 
en wat Nieuws en wat Vreemts. Amst. 1649. 4to. 
(Asher N». 263.) 2.— 

(Amsterdam's Street- Talk, on something New and 

127 Idem, only the top cut. 8.— 

128 Amsterdams Tafei-Praetje, vanwatGoets 
en wat Quaets en wat Noodicha. Gouda, 1649. 
4to. (Asher N». 260.) 8.- 

(Amsterdam's table-talk, on something good, so- 
mething bad, and something needful.) 

129 Idem, uncut, with some contempor. Mss. 

annotations. 4. — 

130 Amsterdam's Vuur-praetje, etc. Amst. 
1649. 4to. Vncut. (Asher N«. 261.) 4.— 

(A fire-side chat in Amsterdam.) 

These 3 pamphlets (N". 126, 128, 130) written in 
the form of dialogues, contain most curious details re- 
garding the West-India Comp., and its affairs in 
Brazil, sometimes in a very invective manner. 

131 Amsterdamsche Veerman op Middelburgh. 
Vlissingen, 1650. 4to. (Asher 267.) 4.— 

(Amsterdam skipper to Middelburg.) 

On tlie Brazilian affairs of the West-India Comp. 

132 Anania (Lor. d'). L'Universale Fabrica del 
mondo, overo cosmografia. Venetia, J. Vidali, 1576. 
ital. caraot. fif. vellum. 4to. ' 9.— 

133 Universale Fabrica del mondo, overo cos- 
mografia. Fenetia, Muschio, 1596. vellum. 4to. Fine 
copy. 10. — 

Contains a large description of America. 

134 Anburey (Th.), Voyages dans les parties 
inf^ricures de I'Amerique, pendant le cours de la 
derniere guerre, par un Officier de I'Armee royale. 
Trad, de I'Angl. (par Le Bas.) Paris, 1790. 2 yols. 
k[. calf. map. Svo. 3.50 

135 Anderson (Joh.), Beschrjjving van Ysland, 
Greenland en de straat Davis. Uit het Hoogd. 
door J. D. J. Amsterd. 1750, map and plates, vel- 
lum. 4to. 2.50 

Description pf Iceland, Greenland and the Strait 
of Davis. Trapal. from the German. 

Fredekik Muller & G°., 


Contains pp. 344—286 : Danish, Dutch and Green- 
landiah Vocabulary, Grammar and translations. 

136 Andet-son, Tl^e same. With the corrections by 
N. Horrebow. Amst. 1756. 2 vols, in 1. map and 
pi. /if. bd. 4to. 'A.— 

137 Andree (K.), Nortl-Amerika in geograph. u. 
geschiehtliclien Umrissen, mit besond. Boriick- 
slchtigung der Eingeborenen u. der Indiauisehon 
Alterthiimer. Braunschweig, 1851. /j''. W. voy. 8vo. 


138 Andrews (J. D.), Report on the trade and 
cdi'nmerce of the British iN'orth American Colonies 
and of the Great Lakes and Rivers. Washingt. 
1853. With 4 (large) maps. 2 vols, cloth. 8vo. 
906 pp. 5.— 

139 Anecdotes secretes suv le 18o Pructidor, et 
nouv.' meiijoires des Deportes % la Guiane, ecrits 
par eii.^-memes, etc. Paris, Girjuet, (IT^d). plaie. 
sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.25 

140 nl'Angloisatoute extremitez." — Dutch ca- 
ricature. 1780 : an Englishman in his bed, suffering 
from colic; a Frenchman wants to assist him but 
is prevented by an xVraerican, a Dutch farmer 
all the while looking forward to the Englishman's 
vomiting the Act of Navigation. — With French 
and Dutch explanation, sq. fol. — Per^ rare. 4.50 

141 Annales (Mouvelles) des voyages, delagt^o- 
grapliie et dc; I'liistoire, ou recueil de relations 
originales in^dites fran^aises et etrangeres, etc. 
Pub), p. J. JB. Bi/ries et Malte-Brim. Paris, 1819 
— 28. 44 vols. 1 — 26. !if. calf, 27—44 sewed, matij/^ 
maps and plates. 8vo. IVaniing vol. 36 livr. 2 — 3. 
(or 2e sirie livr. 17. 18.) '25.— 

Cout. mapy pieces ou North- and South-America 
amongst which for instance, in the first 8 \^ols. ; 
Alverez do Prado, Les Goaicouras ou cavaliers Tndiens 
(Brazil) — L'e'tat de la religion dans les Btats- 
Unis. — Details sur la Patagonie. — Voyage de 
Buenos-Ayres' a San-Jago. — Les Ottavas du Lac 
Huron. — Zingaris au Bresil. — Le Luxe aux 
Etats-Unis. — La terre australe au sud de I'Ame- 
rique. Etat de la colonic de Demerary. — Indiens 
dn fleuve Colombia. — Scoresby, Les courants et 
les animalcules de la Mer du Groenland. — Les Ca- 
pitaneries de Para et de Solimoens an Bfesil, etc. 

142 Annales Hydrographiques, recueil d'avis, 
instructions, documents et me.uoires relatifs a I'hy^ 
drographie et a la navigation. Pai-is. 1849—50. 
4 tom. in parts. Maps. 8". (20.—) 3.— 

143 Annals of the Minnesota Historical Society, 
1856, containing iWaterials for the History of Min- 
nesota. Prepared by Edw. D. Neill. St. Paul, 1856. 
large 8vo. plates. 2.50 

144' Anslijn liTz. (If.), Beschnj\ing der Washing- 
tons- en Sandwioheilanden, en van het Pitcairn- 
eiland. Leyden, 1834. 6 cnl. plates, sd. 8vo. 1. — 
(Description of the W ashingtons-and Sandwich- 
islands, and of the Fiicairn-island,) 


145 Anson (G)., Reize rondom de woreld gedaan 
in 1740—44. Opgosteld uit de papici'on van Lord 
Anson zelven door K. Walter. Uit li ;t Eng. vert. 
3e druk. Leiden, 1765. !if. calf, maps and mang 
plates. 4to. 4. — ■ 

{Voyage round the world in 1740 — 44. Compo- 
sed from the papers of Lord Anson hivt.self by R. 
Walter, Transl. from the Engl. 3d edit.) 

This is the trauslatiou of Ansous's original account, 
much more ample and trustworthy, than the ante- 
rior relations of his voyage. (See followiug Nos.) 

140 Vierjarige reistocht naar de Zuid-Zee of 

genoegnaam rondom de waereld, 1740—44. Uit 
het Eng. Delft, 174.5. portr. 4to- 2..50 

{A four yearns voyage io the South-Sea or al- 
most round the world. Transl. from the Engl.) 

147 The same. 2d edit. augm. and corrected. 

Ibid. 1749. portr. and plates. 4to. 3.50 

In this edition we find an account of the ship- 
wreck of the Wager in the South-Sea. This tract, 
although mentiooed likewise" on the title of the 1745 
cditi'oti, is n6t in the above copy of that edition. 

148 Antidotael-Memorie, betreff. de prysen door 
de Engolsche.oorlogschepen gemaekt op schepen 
komende uit de West-Indien. 's Grav., 1758. fol. 

{Atitldotal memoir on the prizes made by the En- 
glish men-of-war, oj Dutch vessels coming from the 
West-Indies. In favour of the English.) 

149 Antilles Eranfoises et Isles voisines, par G. de 
Vlsle. Amst., i. Covens en (!. Mortier. {ahoxxilliO). 
Coloured, map. fol. 45 by 59. 2. — 

150 Antwoordt op sekeren brief Eulalii, verva- 
tende de redenen waerom dat men nK^fden vyandt 
in geen conferentie behoort te treden. 1629. 4to. 
(Asher N». 126.) 2.— 

{Answer to a certain letter of Ealallus, contain, 
the reasons, why not advisable to enter into trans- 
actions with the enemy.) 

151 The same, other edition, with slight diffe- 
rence in the title. 4to. — Not cited by Asher. 2.50 

152 Antwoord ... op de memorie van conside- 
ratlen van Bewindhebberen der Wcst-lnd. Comp. 
Amst., 1791. 8vo. 52 pp. 1.— 

{Reply . . . to the memorial of consideration of 
the Governors of the If. 1. Comp.) 

153 Antwoort van den getrouwen Ilollandei' op 
den „A.enspraock van den heet,<febaeckerdcn' Hol- 
„lander." 1645. 4to. (Asher N". 207). 5.— 

{Reply of the faithful Hollander to the address 
of the hotheaded Hollander.) 

154 Antwoorde van de Staten Genei-ael tegens 
'tversoeck wegens den Koninck van Portugal... 
ora restitutie van Conchin... met het geene ver- 
ders omtrent 's Nederlauts vrije navigatle op de 
Brasilien past. Sohledaui, L. Lamberisen, 1664. 
4to. 1,1 j)p. 2.50 

{Reply of the States Gen. to the King of Por- 
tugal's request for the reslifution of Couchiv, , . , 



and vthat JuHher relates to Neikerlatul's free na- 
vigation to Brazil.) 

155 Antwoord (Welmenend) van eenen vreemden 
Stndiosua wegeiis het onafliangiijk vorklaren van 
Noord-AmeriUa. Utv., 1780. 8vo. 12 pp. 1.60 

[IV ell meaning reply of a foreign student on the 
Declaration of Independence of Aorth-America.) 

156 Anuario Estadistico de la Republioa de Chile. 
Santjag'O, 1861—63. Entrega 2—5. 4 vols. 4to. 
1600 pp. 4.50 

Statistics: Movimiento de poblaoion. — Establi- 
cimientos de beueficia. — Causas civiles. — Crimi- 
nalidad. — Carceles. — Comercio. — Mai-iua. — 
Estado militar. — Instruccion publica. — CorreoS. — 
Agricultura etc. 

157 d'Anville, Keponse au memoire centre le 
Mesure coujecturale des degrez de I'Equateur, en 
consequence de I'etendue de la Mer du Sud. 
(Paris). 1738. 12». — 48 pp. — Rare. 3.50 

158 Apianus (P.,) Cosmographia, per Gemmam 
Frisium ... aucta. Additis eiusdem argumontilib. 
ipsius Gemmae Frisius. Antverp., 0. Jioniius. 1545. 
IfitA woodcuts and revoking diagrams as in the first 
edition, vellum. 4to. (Harrisse 262.) 16. — 

Title somewhat stained and with a name in MS. 

In addition to the first edition this has some extra 
astronomical disquisitions by Gemma Frisius, the 
table of the American islands at the end, and the 
description of Pern, discovered by the Spaniards in 
1530. Besides the figure of the American continent 
in the first of the two small maps, is altered and 

159 Cosmographia... per Gommam Frisium.. . 

aucta, figurisque novis illustrata. Parisiis, I'id. 
GaultAerot, 1551. IFoodcats^ revolving diagrams and 

folding map. bds. 4to. 24. — 

Reprint of the edition of Antwerp, 1550. Large 

copy, with the diagrams and folding map in excel- 
lent condition. 

160 Cosmographia, per Gemuiam Frisium . . . 

aucta et illustrata. Antverp., ap. Baeredes A. Birck- 
manni, 1564. Ifoodcuts, revoloing diagrams and the 
large folding map. hf. Russia gill. 4". 18. — 

Somewhat stained, else a fine copy. 

161 Cosmographia, per Gemmam Frisium aucta 

et annotatt. illustrata. Coloniae Agripp., apud 
Baeredes A. Bircmanni, 1574. vellum. 4to. Very 
fine copy. 11. — 

Woodcuts, revolving diagrams and the large folding 
map conform to the former edition. 

162 — - et Gemmae !Prisiae, Cosmographia, 
sive Descriptio universi orbis . . . reatituta. Ad- 
iecti sunt alii turn Gemmae Frisiae, turn alior. 
auctorum eius argumenti libelli ac tract, varii. 
Antverp., Jo. Bellenis, 1584. 4to. 478 numb . pp. 4". 


Exactly the same woodcuts, revolving diagrams, 

with the large folding map as in the editions of 1564 

and 1574 With the Description of the New World 

by Lopez de Gomara and Jeron. Giraua Tarragonez 
(pagg. 160 — 187), and some augmentations in the 
matliem. and astronomical part. — Large copy, 
slightly stained by water in some of the margins. 

163 Apianus et Gemma Frisius, Cosmographia, 
s. descriptio universi orbis, . . . linic edit, additus 
est de Astrolabo Catholico lib., nunc primum a 
Mart. Everartho in epitomen redacta. Antverp., 
ex ope. Arn. Coninx, 1584. 478 numb. pp. tgpis 
J. Wilhagii). 4to. ^ 10.— 

The same edition as n°. 162, only with another 
title. — Good copy with all the woodcuts, revolving 
diagrams and the folding map. At the end slightly 
stained by water. 

164 Cosmographie, ofte Beschryvinge der ghe- 

heelder Wereld . . . Ghecorrigeert ende vermeer- 
dert door M. Gemma Frisius. Amsterd., Corn. 
Claesz. 1598. Woodcuts, revolving diagrams and fol- 
ding map. vellum, sm. 4to. 15. — 

Fifth edition, in Dutch, containing the additions 
by Gemma Frisius, and the extensive description of 
the New World translated from Lopez de Gomara 
and Jeron. Giraua Tarragonez. 

165 ■ Cosmographiae introduotio, cnra quibusdam 

geometriae ac astronomiae principiis ad earn rem 
necessariam. Venetiis, Petr. de Nicolinis Sabiens., 
1551. 24 leaves, woodcuts. 12mo. 6. — 

This scarce little work is evidently an abridgment 
of the cosmographia of Apianus as entire passages 
are literally copied from the latter. Keferences to 
Ainerica on leaf 17 and 18. 

166 Apologus van den Krijch der Gansen met de 
Vossen, ... tot welstant der Vereen. Nederlanden, 
ende bevorderinghe van de aeustaende vloot op 
West-lndien. No place. 1622. 4to. (Asher N». 90.) 
Stained in the upper margin. 1. — 

(Apology of the War of the Geese and the Fo- 
xes . . . for the welfare of the United Netherlands 
and to advancement of the next fleet to the West- 

167 Appun (C. F), Keis door Venezuela. Voor 
Nederland bewerkt door J. B. Rietstap. Arnhem, 
1872. sd. 8vo. 1.- 

(Voyage through Venezuela, transl. into Dutch.) 

168 Appleton's Northern and Southern Traveller's 
Guide. New-York, 1854,65. 2 vols. Cloth, numerous 
maps and plans. 8vo. 1.25 

169 Handbook of American travel. Northern 

and Southern tour. N. Y. 1867,66. 2 vols, cloth, 
maps and plans. 8vo. 2. — 

170 Araneel de aduanos de la Republica Mexicana. 

(Load.) 1827. 8vo. 24 pp. —.80 

171 Arbousset (Th..), Tahiti et les lies adjacentes. 
Voyages et sejour dans ces iies, 1862 a 1865. 
Paris, 1867. portr., pi. and map. hf. cl. 8vo. 1.25 

172 Archaeologia Americana. — Transactions 
and collections of the American Antiquarian So- 
ciety, Vol. L (all published:^ Worcester, Mass. 
1820. maps and plates, bds. 8vo. 7.50 

Pbbderik Mullkk & 0°., 



173 ArohaeologiaAmericana. — Critical account 
(in Dutch) by J. T. BodelNyenhuis, with Supplement 
by VxotC.J.C.Rieuvens.) 1823. 54 pp. 8vo. Extr. 1.— 

174 Artischau Arciszewsky, Chr. ata, Pole, 
General in the service of the Dutch W. I. Comp., 
in Brazil. — A. L. S., in Latin, to F. van Lim- 
borch, dat. Arasterclara, Oct. 28, 1638. 1 p. fol. — 
Veiy rare autograjih. 7.50 

Arrangements before his starting for America. 

175 Arctic Regions. — Portulano of the coasts 
of Europe, with separate map of a large part of 
Greenland and Spitzbergen, a part of Nova Zem- 
bla, etc. Amst., J. Ez. Cloppenbuigh, 1621. Large 
fol. 61 by 83 cent. — Printed on vellum. 

Interesting map, drawn by Barmen and Marten 
Jansz., renowned chartmakers at Edam, and engra- 
ved by Abraham Goos. Amstelod. 1620. 

176 Arends (F.), Het Mississippi-dal of het Wes- 
teu d. Vereen. Staten van N. Amerika. Uit h. 
Hoogd. Groning., 1839. /if. calf. 8vo. 1.50 

{The Valley of the Mississippi, or the West of 
ihe Un. Slates of N. Amer. 

177 Argensola (B. L. de), Histoire de la conquete 
des isles Molucques par les Espagnols et Ics Hol- 
landais. Trad, de I'Espagnol. Amst., 1707. 3 vols. 
hf. calf, maps and plates. 8vo. 3. — 

178 Argentine Beputalie. — Plan del Puerto 
y Bahia de San Julian situado en la Costa Ma- 
gellanica. Small sq. fol. 39 by 30. 12.— 

"With indication of the shallow sand banks. Drawn 
with india-ink and pen. 

179 Argonautica Gustavlana. — Marquar- 
di (Joh.), Tractatus polit.-.juridicus de jure 
meroatornm et commerciornm. Francof. 1662. 
vellum, fol. 25. — 

One of those books, whose great importance is 
by no means indicated by the title. Valuable for the 
mercantile history of Russia, Germany, Scandinavia 
etc., it is of first rate interest for the history of the 
Swedish South Company and its settlements in Penn- 
sylvania. It contains an exact reprint of the extre- 
mely scarce 1st ed. of the Argonautica Oustaviana, 
publ. by W. Usselincx in 1633. This is the list of 
documents, all in German translation, relating to it: 
a. Patent of Axel Oxeiistiern to the Soath-Company, 

dated : J'rankfort, 1633. 2 pp. 
i. Extract from Usselinex's essay appended to the 

Dutch edition of the Patent. 3 pp. 

c. Patent of King Gustavus Adolphus to the South- 
Company, dated: Stockholm, 1636. 8 pp. 

d. Amplitication of this Patent in favour of the Ger- 
mans, dated: Heylbronn, 1633. 4 pp. 

e. Manifest of Gustavus Adolphus, with an explana- 
tion etc. by Usselincx. 79 pp. 

This contains also the German translation (made af- 
ter the Dutch) 'of the Swedish Forklaring {See 

f. Mercurius Germaniac, on the South-Company. 
1633. 50 pp. 


g. Instruction on what is to be done to obtain sub- 
scriptions to the amount of the capital. 4 pp. 

h. Appendix of doenments and privileges. 32 pp. 
The original editions of some documents reprinted 

in this collection are totally lost. 

180 Arnim (Th.), Das alte Mexico u. die Erobe- 
rung Neuspaniens diirch Ferd. Cortes. — Das 
heutige Mexico. Land n. Volk unter Span. Herr- 
schafft. Leipzig, 1865. 2 vols. 370 woorfcK/i, 12 jo/a- 
ies and map. cloth gilt. 8vo. 2.50 

181 Articuli Pacis inter Seren... Carolum 11. 
Magnae Britanniae Eegem et Ordines Gener. Belg. 
conclusae. Hagae Corn. 1667. 4to. 3. — 

This is the treaty of peace of Breda, by which as 
result of Uov^ning's diplomatic tricks the right of 
Great-Britain to New-Netherland was established. 

182 Articulen van Vrede. The foregoing treaty in 
Dutch, 's Gravenh., 1667. 4to. 3.— 

Both these editions are not mentioned by Asher. 

183 Articul-Brief van de Nederl. Geoctr. West- 
(nd. Comp. gearrest. den 12 April 1675. 's Hage, 
J. Scheltus. 1675. 4to. 40 pp. 2.50 

(Articles of the Dutch West-Tnd. Comp. made up 
the 12« April 1675.) 

184 Aruba, after the surveys by Capt. W. A. v. 
Spengler, 1820, and by Capt. R. F. v. Maders, 
1825. sq. fol. 45 by 30. 1.— 

185 Asher (A.), Bibliographical essay on the col- 
lection of voyages and travels, edited and publ. 
by L. Hulsius and his successors, 1598—1660. 
Loud., 1839. 4to. — Out of print and rare. 10. — 

186 Asher (G. M.), Bibliographical and Historical 
Essay on the Dutch Books and Pamphlets, rela- 
ting to New-Netherland and to the Dutch West- 
India Company and to its possessions in Brazil, 
Angola etc., as also on the maps, charts etc. of 
New-Notherland. Amsterd., 1854—67. sd. With 
facsimile of the map of Tfew-Netherland ty 

N. I. Visscher and of ihe three existing views of 

New-Amsterdam, sra. 4to. 12. — 

187 The same, large paper, only a small 

number printed, roy. 4to. 24. — 

"For New-Yorkers, Mr. G. M. Asber's series of 
memoirs on Dutch books relating to New-Netherland 
is a very valuable compilation. It was nndertaken 
for Prederik Mnller, the Amsterdam bookseller, and 
compiled chiefly from works he had for sale at the 
time ... As far as the compilation extends, it must 
be considered a bibliographical contribution of great 
merit and usefulness. In consequence of the compi- 
later's extreme unpopularity, his publications are fre- 
quently assailed, but we have only to judge a work on 
its merits, and freely confess, that bibliophiles mnst 
go as far back as Camus, to find a bibliography 
which can favorably compare with Mr. G. M. As- 
her's Essay." — Ilarrisse, Biblioiheca Amer. Ve- 
tustiss. p. XXXVl. 

188 Commentationis specimen de Navigationum 

quas Batavi typis descripsernnt collectionibns. 



Berolini, 1860. 4to. 3.— 

Very rare, only 60 cojies being printed. 
ContaiDS the very full bibliographical description 
(in French) of de Veer's Voyage to the North (in 
Dutch) 159S and 1605, and Houtman's Voyage to 
E.-India: in Dutch 1597, 1598; in Latin 1598; iu 
French 1598. 

189 Asmodee a New York. Revue critique des insti- 
tutions polit. et eiviles de I'Amerique, vie publ. 
at privee, moeurs, poutumes, anectlotes romanes- 
ques, etc. Paris, 1868. .50.3 pp. ids. 8vo. 2.— 

190 Asplund (John.), The Annual Eegister of the 
Baptist Denomination in North-America to the 
first of November 1790. (Bated:) Southampton- 
County, Virginia, July 14, 1791. Uncut, ito. 60 pp. 
the last two erroneously page:l ff9 and 70. 16. — 

Very rars and curious. This is the first 
list of Baptists in America ever publi.'hed, contai- 
ning a detailed account of all the churches in the 
different States, counties, towns and Indian settle- 
ments, their constitutions, dates of foundation, the 
ministers' names, number of each congregation and 
also "remarks upon practical religion." In the pre- 
face the author calls himself " Sweede." — D. Be- 
nedict in his History of the Baptist Denomination 
says of him: "This Register cost the author about 
"7000 miles' travel, chieiiy on foot . . . The Baptist 
"churches of America have reason to respect the rae- 
//mory of this diligent inquirer into their number, 
"Origin, character, etc. His Register has been of pe- 
"Culiar service in the preparation of this work." 

191 Association, or public virtue displayed in a 
contrasted view.'" — 15 Febr., 1780. English cari- 
cature: a procession from York, London, etc., by 
J. S. Publ. by J. Wilson, sq. fol. 1.50 

192 Atlantis. Journal des Neuesten u. Wissens- 
wiirdigsten aus d. Nord- u. Siid-Ameril?an. Eeiche. 
Leipzig, 1827. Vol. (. II. part 1. sd. Svo.pp. 97— 
104 of vol. I. wanting. 2.50 

Published by B. F. Kiviuus at Philadelphia. Con- 
tains a. 0. : Topograph. Skizze der Gegend urn Ta- 
lahassee in Florida. — Zustand d. Malerei in Penn- 
sylvanien. — Die Creek-Indianer in Georgien. — 
Die Universitat von Charlottesville, etc. etc. 

193 Atlas. — Historical, Chrouolog. and Geogra- 
phical American Jllas, being a guide to the his- 
tory of North and South America, and the West- 
Indies, exhibiting an accurate account of the dis- 
covery, settlement and progress of their various 
kingdoms, states, provinces, etc. According to the 
plan of Le Sage's Atlas. Philad., H. C. Carey and 
3 . Lea, 1822. 53 coloured majis, with text. hf. calf. 
large fol. 5. — 

194 Atlas belonging to the prize-essay on the 
Dutch discoverie.s and the original Dutch names 
of the discov. islands, capes, etc. by Bennet and 
van Wijk. Dordr. 1829. 7 plain maps. fol. With 
the prize-csaay. 8°. — Uncut. 4.50 

A map of New-Netherland — of the Dutch dis- 
coveries in the Polar regions — of their surveys of 

Greenland and Spitzbergen — Cape Horn, Strait 
Magellan and Le Mai re, etc. 

195 Atlas tot opheldering der: Hedcndaagsche His- 
toric, verbeterd door W. A. Bachiene, gegrav. d. 
J. V. Hagen. Arast. 1785. 37 Flain maps, and a 
Supplement treating exclusively on America, with, 33 
plain maps. hf. bound. Uncut, fol. 12. — 

{Atlas elucidating to work : Recent history, revised 
by W. A. Bachiene, engrav. by J. v. Hagen.) 

Interesting for America as published just after the 
Revolution. H is one of the iirst Atlases with maps 
of the independent United States. 

196 Same Atlas. Only the Supplement on Ame- 
rica. 35 maps. Uncut. 7.50 

197 Atlas of the American States. 'Wtima.x, Geograph. 
Instilat. (1825). hf. bd. fol. 10.— 

Collection of 30 Amer. maps, each in a border 
formed by a German text, giving physical, political 
and historical particularilies. No title. 

198 Atlas of the U. States of N.America, by Prof. 
II. Eogers and A. Keith Johnston. London. 1857. 
hf. calf. fol. — 29 Maps. (27.50) 5.— 

199 Atlas van omtrent honderd platte gronden der 
Toornaaraste vestingen, kasteelen en steden van 
Europa, de Nederlanden en eenige Kolonien. 
Amst. (1790). 8". half hound. S.— 

{Atlas of about 100 plans of fortified places in 
Europe and some Colonies.) 

Among the 100 plans and maps, 14 of American 
places occur, (on 7 sheets) viz.: C)arthagena, Lima, 
All Saints Bay, Brazil, St. Salvador, (Jayenne, the 
Fortress of Cayenne, Surinam, Berbioe, Paramaribo, 
Cura9au, Demerary and Essequebo, New-Orleans, 
Mouth of the Mississippi. 

200 Attibert (Fr.), Vier jaren in Cayenne. Amst. 
1863. roy. Svo. (1.25) —.75 

{Four years in Cayenne.) Translated from the 
journal of a French exile. 

201 Aubery, Louis Sr. Du Maurier, French 
Ambassador to the Dutch Unit. Provinces, His- 
torian, d. 1687. — A. L. S. (in French) to Mr. 
de Pequze, Counsellor of the Court of Parliament 
in Provence, dat. The Hague, Dec. 15, 1618. 
2 closely written pp. fol. — With seal. — A copy 
in modern handwriting is appended. 20. — 

Highly intleesting letter, giving the opinion 
of Maurice of Orange, Stadtholder of the Unit. Prov. 
on the voyages undertaken to find a passage to the 
East- Indies by the North; some information on the 
passage discovered by I. Le Maire, and the quarrels 
between W. C. Schouten and Le Maire, concerning 
the publication of Schouten's voyage: aqui est fort 
defectueuse Vayant mise au jour audevant de Isaac 
le Mere avec lequel il u fait ce voiaqe, deguoi ledic 
le Mere est fort deplaisaht et pour y remedier est 
resolu de fuire imprimer la sienne tout au long en 
flamand et en Latin, cet." (See for both publica- 
tions infra.) 

Peedeeik, Muller & &., 



202 Auokland, the Capital of New Zealand, and 
the country adjacent: including some aeconnt of 
the gold discovery in New Zealand. Lond. 1853. 
map and plaiei. cloth, sm. 8vo. (3. 60) 2. — 

203 Auflfenberg (J. v.), Der Flibiistier odor die 
Eroberung von Panama. Komantisches Trauer- 
spiel. Bamberg. 1819. hf. calf. 8vo. l.— 

204 d'Aunet (L.), Voyage d'line femme au Spitz- 
berg. 2e 6dit. Paris, 1855. hf. mor. gill. 8vo. 1.90 

205 Avanturen van de kleine Stipio, of Historic 
' van de bereisde Kat. Ziunebeeld. en vermakelijlie 

geschiedenis, getroklcen iiit een Amcrikaansch 

Handschrift. In Holland (no place.') 1783. 93 pp. 

8vo. 4.50 

Adventures of the little Scipio, or history of the 

travelling cat. Emblematical and pleasant tale, from 

an American Manuscript.) 

Curious and scarce pamphlet. — Scipio, taken on 
board of a Dalcb man of war bound for England, 
tells his adventures to Milady North, goes with Ad- 
miral Eodney, to America, meets General Arnold, 
Washington, etc. 

206 Aysma (J.), Spiegel der Sibyllen, van vier- 
derley vertooningen. Amat. 1685. 4 part. 938 pp. 
numerous fine engraved copperplates of religious cere- 
monies, a. u. in Florida, Mexico, etc 4°. 5. — 

(Mirror of the Sibyls, in four different represen- 

This work treats of the different religions in the 
world and their ceremonies ; the Sibyls and their 
prophecies ; all illustrated by many plates. 

207 Aztecs (Histoire des). Paris. 1855. 24 pp. 12mo. 
Very rare. 1. — 

208 Memoire illustrd d'une expedition remar- 

quable dans I'Amerique CPntrale, la d^couverte de 
la ville d'lximaya, ct deux merveilleiix Aztecs; 
decrite p. J. L. Stephens et d'autres. Trad, de 
I'Espagn. de Velasquez. Arust. 1857. 44 pp. wood- 
cuts. 8vo. — Curious. Hare. 1. — 

Printed at the occasion of the exhibition of two 
Aztecs at Amsterdam in 1857. 

209 Baanman (Th.) — Ongelukkig of droevig 
verhaal v. h. schip de Gouden Buys, uitgevaaren 
ten dienste d. 0. 1. Gonip. in 1693 onder T. Baan- 
man, volgens de beeedigde verklar. v.D. Silleman 
en D. Thys, die alleen v. 190 zielen zyn overge- 
bleven. Amsterd., Gysb. de Orooi en A. van Dam. 
(1718.) 4to. 2..50 

{tfnhappy and sad narrative of the ship called 
the Golden Pipe, which set sail in the service of 
the E. I. C. in 1694, under T. Baanman, accor- 
ding to the sworn declarations of B. S. and L. T. 
who alone survived o/' 190 men.) 

210 The same. Amst., S. en W. Koene, 1796. 

4to. In vellum-wrapper. — Popular edition. 2.50 

211 Backhouse (Sam.) A narrative of a visit to 
the Australian Colonies. London, 1843. cloth, maps, 
15 etchingi, several Koodcuis. 8vo. 5.50 


212 Baeck, (M.), De topasio eaemleo Brasiliensi. 

Aboae. 1818. 4to. —.70 

213 Baers (Joh.), Olinda, gelegen int landt van 
Brasil . . . met manneljjcke dapperheyt . . . inghe- 
nomen . . door D. v. Weerdenburg. Amst. 1638. 
4to. (Asher X". 141.) 16.— 

(Olinda, situated in the land of Brazil. . . hap- 
pily conquered with manly bravery ... by D. van 
IV eerdenburg .') 

An excessively rare little pamphlet, containing a 
detailed account of the taking of Pernambuco by the 
Dutch, the first place they retook after being expel- 
led in 1626. The author accompanied the expedition 
as ministi-T, his narration has therefore a special value. 

214 Baird (B.), De la religion aux Etafs-Unis d'Am6- 
rique. Origine et,progres d.Eglises Evangel., leurs 
rapports avec I'Etat, etc. Trad, de I'Angl. p. L. 
Burnier. Paris, 1844. 2 vols. hf. calf. 8vo. 2.50 

215 Korkeiyke gesohied., statistiek en gods- 

dienstig levon der Verecn. Statcn. Schoonhoven, 
1846—49. 2 vols, in 3. sd., map. 8vo. (8.—) 2.50 

Dutch translation of the preceding. 

216 Gosehied. der matigheidsgezolschappen in 

de Verecn. Statcn. Utrecht, 1837. 8vo. (1.25) - .75 

(History of the Temperance Societies in the Uni- 
P'd States.) 

217 Bancroft (E.), Essay on the natural history 
of Guiana in South America, with an account of 
the manners and customs of the Indian Inhabi- 
tants. Lond., 1769. calf, plate. 8vo. 2.50 

218 Naturgeschichte von Guiana in Siid-Ame- 

rika. Aus d. Engl. Frankf. u. Leipz. n&d. vellum. 
8vo. 1.25 

219 Natuurlijke geschied. van Guiana. Uit het 

Eng. Utrecht, 1782. bds. 8vo. 1.50 

Dutch translation from the Engl., of the preceding. 

220 Bancroft (G.), History of the United States 
from the discovery of the American continent. 
London, Rouiledge, 1854—61. Vol. 1— 6<till 1775.) 
cloth. 8vo. (10.50) 7. — 

221 Bank of the XT. St. — Eeport on the con- 
dition (and history) of the Bank of the United 
States. Philad. 1822. 8vo. With the documents. 2.— 

222 Barclay (E.) Epistola amatoria nee non con- 
sultoria ad legates Magnatum Europae, tie pace 
Christianor. consultandi gratia, Noviomagi con- 
gresses. Kotterd., 1678. 4to. 2. — 

Written from his gaol in Aberdeen in Scotland to 
the l)eputee:i for the peace between Holland, France 
and England, assembled at Nymegen in Holland. 

223 Verantwoording van de ware christelyke 

godgeleerdheid, geiyk dezelve gepredikt word van 
het volk, spotsgewyze Quakers genaamd. Uit het 
Latyn vert, door J. H. Glazemaker. 2de druk. 
Amst., 1757. hf. calf. 4to. 2.— 

(Vindication of the true Christian Theology, us 
preached by the people, nicknamed Quakers. Trans- 
lated by Glazenmaker.) 

The preface is dated 1675. 



224 Barclay (B.), The same. Vncut. 4to. 2.50 

225 Bajeri (J. G.), Synopseos et examinis theolo- 
giae Enthusiastanim seu Quakerorum, praeoipne 
R. Barclaii, dissertationes VI. Jenae, 1701. calf. 
4to. 2.50 

226 CoUatio doctrinae Quakerorum et Protes- 

tantium, una cum harmonia errornm Quakerorum 
et Heterodoxorum aliorum. Jenae, 1694. 4to. 2.— 

227 Barbinais (L. G. de La), Nonveau voyage 
autour du monde. Paris, 1728. 3 vols, calf gilt, 
maps and vieros. 8vo. 2. — 

A large part of the Ist aud 3d vol. treats of 
South- America. 

228 Barlaeus (C), Rerum per Ooto-ennium in Bra- 
silia et alibi nnper gestarura, sub praefeetura Co- 
mitis J. MauritiiNassav. . . historia. Amst, J. Blaeu, 
1647. calf or vellum, fol. 20.— 

With beautiful portrait of Prince John Maurice 
by T. ifai/iam, large map and 56 veri/ fine plates 
etched by the renowned painter F. Post, who ac- 
companied Prince Maurice in Brazil. 

A work of historical value, almost the only and 
the best authority upon the events of that period. 
Not common, a quantity of copies h.iving been con- 
sumed in 1673 by the fire, which destroyed the 
warehouses of the publisher. — A Chilian vocabu- 
lary will be found on pages 283—89. 

231 The same Work. Editio 2a. Clivis, 1660. 

hf. hd. porir.^ maps and plates. 8vo. 4. — 

This 2d edition is augmented with the natural 
history of the country, by G. Piso. The Chilian-. 
Latin vocabulary fills p. 474—491. 

232 Brasilianische Geschichte, bey achtjahriger 

in selbigen Landen gefiihretor Regierung Herrn 
Johann Moritz zu Nassau. Gleve, Tob. Silberling. 
1659. vellum, portr., maps and plates. 8vo. 6. — 

I'irsl German edition, contain, the same plates as 
the Latin of 1660, and being much scarcer. 

233 Triuraphns super eapta Olinda, Pernam- 

buoi nrbe, facti {sic!) ducibu.s L&nckio et Waar- 
denburgio. Lugd. Bat. Ex ofic. 0. Basson, 1630. 
sd. fol. 8 pp. — Barissime. 10. — 

234 Barlow (Joal), The Columbiad. A poem, with 
the last corrections of the author. Paris, 1813. 
plates and portraits, calf gilt, gilt edges, large imper. 
8vo. 5.50 

Fine copy of a splendid edition on vellum paper, 
illustrated with portraits of Franklin and Washing- 
ton, etc. 

235 Author of The Columbiad, 1807, Chaplain 

in the Revol. War 1778 — 83, Minister to France 
1811. — A.L. S. to Sam. M. Hopkins of N. Y., dat. 

• Washington, Jan. 17, 1806." 1 p. 4». 5.— 

On the encouragement to fine arts in America, cet. 

236 Aut. Billet Signed, no address, nor date. 

1 p. 8». 2.50 

"Continue to boste and bang me when you can 
aud try to get me more correct." 

237 Barnard (Edw.) Neve, complete History of 
England, from the earliest period of authentic in- 
formation, to the middle of the year 1783. Lond. 
1782. 710 pp. maps and upwards of 100 portraits 
and plates, on copper, engraved by the first artists 
for this work. calf. fol. — Perfect copy. 12. — 

With portraits aud dresses, relating to the "pre- 
sent, very important crisis. \ viz: Portr. of an Ame- 
rican General and rifleman, General Lee taken pri- 
soner, American colonies declared independant, Sur- 
render of Earl Cornwallis in N. Amer., Count de 
Grasse delivering his sword to Admiral Kodney, En- 
gagement of Capt. Pearson with Paul Jones, Death 
of Mayor Andre, Attack on Bunkers Hill, etc. etc. 

238 Barnard (J. G.), The Peninsular Campaign 
and its antecedents, as developed by the Report 
of Maj-.-Gen. G. B. Mc Clellan, and other docu- 
ments. N. York, 1864. cloth. 8vo. (3.50) 1.50 

239 Barnes, Albert, Presh. Clergyman at Mor- 
ristown and at Philadelphia, 1825 -70, author of 
the popular Notes on the N. Test., firm antagonist 
of slavery. — A.L.S. to Rev. Rob. Baird of Prin- 
cetown, dat. Morristown, Oct. 7, 1828. 1 p. 4». 


On an exploring tour in behalf of Sabbath schools. 

240 Barriere (P.), Nouvelle relation de la France 
Equinoxiale, conten. la description des cotes de la 
Guiane; do I'isle de Cayenne; ... les moeurs et 
coutumes des peuples sauvages . . . Paris, 1743. 
19 maps and plates, cat/. 8vo. 2.75 

241 Barros (Giov. di), L'Asia. Nuovara. di lingua 
Portoghese trad, de A. UUoa. Venezia, P. Val- 
grisio, 1561. 2 vols, in 1. vellum. 4to. 6,— 

This Italian edition has not been completed, it 
contains only Oecade I, II. — See for America: 
Vol. I. leaf 55—57. (Voyages of Columbus), leaf 
85 — 88. (Discovery of Brazil by P. Alvarez.) 

242 Barrow (J.), Chronological History of Voyages 
into the Arctic Regions, chiefly for discovering 
a North-East, North-West, or Polar Passage, be- 
tween the Atlantic and Paoitio. Lond. 1818. map. 
bds. 8vo. 3.— 

243 Besuch auf d. Insel Islands, 1834. Stuttg. 

1886. music and fig. sd. 8vo. 1.— 

244 Barthema (L. di). Seer wonderlijcke zee-, on 
laniU-reyse in de Morgenlanden, Syrien, Persien, 
Indien, Egypten, enz. Uyt het Ital. vert. Utrecht, 
1654. 3 parts in 1 vol. Ifith plates. 4to. 3.50 

( Wonderful voyages and travels through the East- 
ern countries, Syria, Persia, India, Egypt etc.) 

215 Barton, Memoir on the American Alligator. 
PhJlad. 1812. 8vo. With plate. 26 pp. Printed for 
the author. — Rare. 1.50 

246 Bartram (W.), Voyages dans les parties Snd 
de I'Amerique Septentrion., les Carolines, la G^- 
orgie, les Floridos, les pays des Ch6rok6es, des 
Creek et des Chactaws. Trad. p. P. V. Benoist. 
Paris, an vii (1799,) 2 vols. sd. uncut, large map 
and plates. 8vo. 3. 

Peedeeik Mui.ler & C»., 



II A most interesting work to lovers of natural his- 
tory,, especially of Botany." Lowndes. 

247 Bartram (W.)", Reizen door Noord- en Zuid- 
Carolina, Georgia, Oost- en West-Florida, enz. 
Haarlem, 1794. 2 vols, in 1. /if. td. uncut, map. 
8vo. (5.—) 1.80 

Dutch translation of the preceding. 

248 Battle in Brazil, fought hy Colonel Arcis- 
zewsky. Commander of the Dutch W. 1. Troops, 
against the Spanish General Don Luis de Rochas. 
■1636. Plan of the battleground with the position 

of the armies, sq. fol. 2. — 

249 Battle of Bunkershill. Death of General 
S^arren. 1775. J. Trumbull px., engrav. by 7. G. 
Muller. — Fine impress, but stained. )g. sq. fol. 4. — 

250 Same subject, same disposition. French lith. 

by Ostermld. With Spanish and French subscrip- 
tion, sq. fol. 2.— 

251 Battle of Quebec. — Death of General Mont- 
gomery. 1776. J. Trumbull px., engrav. by J. J, 
Clemens. Publ. by A. C. de Poggi, March. 1798. 
Very Ig. sq. fol. 10.— 

With rare key in outlines and names of the per- 
sons represented. 

252 Battlefields of the South, from Bull Eun to 
Vrederioksburg ; with sketches of Confederate 
Commanders and gossip of the camps, by an En- 
glish combattant. Lend. 1863. 2 vols. maps, cloth. 
8vo. — One map wanting. (12.60) 4. — 

253 Baudartius (Gul.), Memoryen ofte Cort ver- 
hael der gedenckweerdichste so kerckl. als wereltl. 
gheschiedenissen van Nederland, Vranckryck, 
Hooghduytschland, Gr. Brit., JEIispan. . . . 1603 — 
1624. ^d ed. Arnh. en Zutph. 1624—25. 2 vols. 
iine porir. of the author, and many other portraits, bds. 
uncut, fol. — little stained by water. — Scarce. 10. — 

{Memorials of the r/iost . remarkable ecclesiast , 
and worldly occurrences in the Netherlands, France, 
Germany, Gr. Brit., Spain, etc. 1603 — 24. %d ed. 

These chronicles by an highly esteemed author, 
contain an ample description of the armies and fleets in 
Brazil, in 1624. Vol. 11, Book XVI, pp. 72—100 
and elsewhere. 

254 Baumanu (L. A.), Abriss der Staatsverfassung 
der vornehmsten Lander in Afrika u. Amerika. 
Brandenb. 1776—38. 2 vols. bds. uncut. 8vo. 2.50 

255 Baumbach (L. v.), Neue Briefe ans d. Ver- 
eln. Staaten von N.-Amerika. Ca^sel, 1856. 8vo. 

(1.90) 1.25 

256 Bayard (P. M.), Voyage dans I'int^rieur des 
Etats-Unis, a Bath, Winchester, dans la vallee le 
Shenandoha. etc. en 1791. Paris, 1797. sd., tmcut. 
8vo. ' . 1-80 

257 Bayer (P. W.), Eeize naar Peru, 1749 -70. 
Amst., 1782. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1-50 

(Voyage to Peru, 1749—70.) 
Pages 157—59 treat of the Quichua-language, 
with the Pater-Noster in (Juichua, 


258 Beatson (Al.), Naval and Iililitary memoirs of 
Great Britain, 1727—1762. Lond. 1790. 3 vols. 
bds. 8vo. 2. — 

259 Beauchamp (A. de), Histoire de Br6sil depuis 
sa d(5couverte jusqu'en 1810. .Paris, 1815. 3 vols. 
hf. calf, map and 3 plates. 8vo. 3. — 

260 Beaulieu (A. van) Rampspoedige scheepvaert 
naar Oost-lndien, met veele aanmerk. besehryvin- 
gen der plaatsen, inwoonders, etc. UithetFransch 
vert, door J. H. Glazemaker. Amst., 1669. plates. 
4to. 3.— 

(Unfortunate voyage to East-India, with des- 
criptions of the places, inhabitants etc. 

261 Beaumarchais (P. A. Caron de), Obser- 
vations sur le M(5moire justificatif de la Cour do 
Londres. A Lond., k Philad., et partout, 1779. 
8vo. 1.25 

"Apologie de la conduits de la France, relalive- 
ment a I'insurrection des colonies Anglaises." 

262 Beaumont (G. de), Marie on I'esclavage aux 
Etats-Unis. Brux. 1825. 2 vols. hf. calf. ]2rao. 


263 [Beaumont (], Pertinente Beschry vinge 
van Guiana, gelegen aan de vaste kust van Ame- 
rica. Hier is bygevoeght der Participanten pro- 
fyten ... als oock de Conditien van de Staten 
van HoUandt voor die gene, die nae Guiana be- 
geeren te varen. Amst., /. Ctaesz ten Hoom, 1676. 
4to. XII and 55 pp. TFHh a map and view of the 
coast of Guiana on the title, hf. vellum. Very fine 
copy. — Bare. 27.50 

{Accurate description of Guiana, situated on the 
coast of America. With addition of the profits of 
the shareholders, and the Conditions for those, who 
wish to sail for Guiana.) 

264 Becher (Joh. Joach.), Politischer Discurs 
von den eigentlichen Ursachen dess Aufl- n. Ab- 
nehmens der Stadt, Liinder u. Republicken. 2te 
Edition. Frankf. 1673. vellum. 8vo. about 1300 pp. 

Highly interesting for the documents relating to 
Guiana. — The whole 5th part (pp. 909—1272) 
treats of transmarine commerce, and the foundation 
of a German East- and West- India- Company, the 
plan of a Colony in Guiaua. The author gives all 
the documents relating to this afFair, and many 
others especially on the Dutch West-India Comp., 
the colony of Gerbier etc., for inst,; pp. 1052—79 
Translation of La Barre's Kelation de la Guyane. — ■ 
pp. 1138 — 50 Privileges of (lie States General of 
Holland for founding a German colony in Guiana 
within the limits of the West.-Iud.-Conip. Transla- 
ted from the Dutch, (Is the original Dutch ever prin- 
ted ?) — pp. 1213—18 Translation of the Privile- 
ges granted to B. Gerbier, etc. 

265 The same. 3d edition. Ibid. 1688. vellum. 

8vo. 6.— 

266 The same. 4th edit. Ibid. 1721. 8vo. 6.- 

267 — - Narrische Weissheit u. weise Natrheiti 



Frankfurt, 1683. itis. 16mo. — Rare. 5.— 

Very curious containiug aa nocoiint of discoveries, 

inventions, etc. which have been declared «feolis)i" 

at first, and have turned out very reasonable, and 

vice-versa. We find amongst them : 

N". 2. Various voyages and discoveries in the 
East- and West-Indies. — N°. 4. Prince Rupprechts 
Beaver- Company in America. 5. The Uutch coloni- 
sation of Guiaua, etc. 

268 Beohler (Gust. R.), Atlas showing battles, 
engagements and important localities, connected 
with the ■ Campaigns in Virginia. Philad. 1864. 
16 plates cloth, sm. sq. 4to. — Plate 16 wanting. 

(11.20) 2.50 

269 Beokmann (J.), Litteratu'r der iilteren Eeise- 
bcschreibungen. Giitt 1808. 2 vols. Iif. calf. 8vo. 

This is not a simple nomenclature, but rather a 
critical review of some of the most interesting 
voyages, as; Sagard, Voyage nu pays des Hurons. 
1633. — Voyage of Martiniere. — Mocquet, Voya- 
ges aux Indes Occid. et Orient, llouen, 1645. — 
Relations du Bresil. 1651, etc. 

270 Bedenckinge over d'antwoordt d. Bewint- 
hebbers vande Oost-fnd. Comp... belang. de coni- 
binatie der twee Compagnieu. 's Gravenh. 1644. 
4to. (Asher N". 202.) 2,60 

{Rejtections on the answer of the Directors of 
the East-Ind. Comp. concern, the combination of 
the two Comp.) 

271 "Bedlam of the world." — Dutch cari- 
cature with Englisch subscription. King George 
dozing and signing the manifest against Holland; 
whilst the candlestick tumbles down, one of his 
Ministers reads a paper, headed: ^gewapende Neu- 
traliteit'^ (armed Neutrality) of the Europ. conti- 
nent during the Amer. war which highly aggra- 
vates another Minister. Invented and engrav. by 
P. Batsman. (Pseudonym.) 1781. sq. 4» -- Fine 
and rare. B. — 

272 Begin en Voortgangh v. de Vereon. Geoctr. 
Oost-lndische Compagnie. Vervatendo de voor- 
naamste Keysen by de Inwoond. ders. Provincien 
derwacrts gedaen. Nevens boschvyv. d. Eyeken, 
Eylanden, enz. In 2 din. (met 14 en 12 Voyagien.) 
(Amsterdam) 1045. 2 vols. squ. 4to. — Ver\) rare. 
230 maps and plates. Fine copy. hf. calf gilt. 
(Tiele N". 4.) 55.— 

(Origin and progress of the United Oclr. East 
India-Company ; comprising the principal I'oyages 
thither by the inhabitants of these Provinces. IFith 
descr-piions of the Stall's, Islands, Government of 
those nations, etc. In 2 vols, {comprising 14 and 
12 Voyages.) 

This collection is one of the most valuable ever 
mode in any lauguage. It comprises the most inte- 
resting voyages to the East and North, and, besides 
the Journals of the 26 Voyages mentioned on the 
title, the book contains short narrutisns of nearly 
100 minor voyages as appendices to the other ones. 

All these journals are either reprinted with slight 
varitious from the original editions, or iVom the auto- 
graph RISS. placed at the disposal of (lie editor, or 
from personal narratives of the voyagers made to him. 
The compiler is the learned Isaac ( ommelin at Am- 

The vast mass of plates and maps in this work, 
are either copied from the original editions, or from 
the autograph maps of the navigators. Tho col- 
lection was first published in 1645, as some venj 
rare titles bear that date. The edition with the yeor 
1646 is that generally found, but »vry fine copies 
are rare in consequence of the frequent usage of these 

273 -■— Same work. Edition of 1G46. 2 vols, aid 
calf. gilt. I' erg neat copij. (Tiele N». O.j 33.— 

274 Same work. Edition of 164G. 2 vols, vel- 
lum or calf. Ordinary copy. 20. — 

275 Behr (Joh. v. d.), Dlarium, oder Tagobuch, 
iibcr dasjenigo, so sicli zur Zeit cincr nouniiihrigen 
Keise zu Wnsser u. Lande, in Dionst der NiedeH. 
Ost-lndian. Compagnie... zugotragon. Jena, 1668. 
vellum, plali'S and portr. 4to. — Rare. 5. — 

276 Belknap, Jeremy, distinguished Historian, 
founder of the Mussacluis. Hist. Society. — A. L. S. 
to Mr. David Mc Clnre of Portsmouth, dat. Dover, 
Felir. 14, 1774. 4". 3.75 

277 Bellegarde (Abb6 de), IHstoiro univeraelle 
des voyages. Amst., 1708. calf. 8vo. 2. — 

Vol. I. (all published) treating exolusively of Ame- 
rica; Extracts from Petrus Martyr on the discovery 
of America; the account of F. Cortez of the disco- 
very of New-Spaiu, etc. 

278 Ballot (J. K), Journal d'un voyage aux mera 
polaires. n la ruidiurcho de Sir J. Franklin, 1851— 
52. Pr(5c. d'une notice s. I'auteur, p. J. Lemer. 
Paris, 1864. portr. and map. hf. mor. uneut. 8v(5. 

2, BO 

279 Beltrami (J. C), A pilgrimage in Europe and 
America, leading to the discovery of tho sources 
of the Mississippi and Bloody River. Lend: 1828. 
A''ol. I. bds., plates. 8vo. 1.50 

280 Benedict (.D.l A general History of tho Bap- 
tist Denomination in America and other parts of 
the world. Boston, 181!!. 2 vols. culf. 8vo. 18.— 

First edition, very rare, not mentioned by Rich ; 
it contains matters which have been omitted in the 
subsequent reprints.) 

281 Benezet (A.), Observations sur rorigino, lea 
principos et I'litablissenKuit en AuKirique des Qua- 
kers. Lond. 1817. 8vo. l.BO 

282 Bennett (G.), Acclimatisation: its eminent 
adaptation to Australia. A lecture delivcr6a in 
Sydney. Melbourne, 1862. 8vo. 1.— 

283 Rules and objects of the Acclimatisation 

Society of Victoria, with the rijport at the first 
general meeting, oto. Ibid. 1861. 8vo. —.60 

Fbederik Mui,mih & Qo;, 



284 Bennet (It. G.) en J. v. Wijk, Verhand. 
over de Nederl. ontdekkingen in Anierika, Ans- 
tralie, de Indien en de Poollanden, en de namen, 
welke weleer aan dezelve door Xederlanders zjjn 
gegeven. Utrecht, 1826. 8vo. With atlat of 7 maps 
in-fol. uncut. 4.50 

(Treaiiie on the Butch dUcoviries in America, 
Juttralia, tie Indies and the Polar Segions, and 
on the names formerly given to them hy the Hutch.) 

Prize-essay, published by the Utrecht Provincial 
Society. The atlas, being published separately, is 
very often wanting. 

285 Benzoni (Gir.), La Historia del Mondo nnovo 
. • . laqaal tratta delle isole, e mari nnonamente 
ritrovati, et delle nnove eitta da lui proprio ve- 
dnte, per acqoa, e per terra in quattuordeci anni. 

. Venetia, 1572. 179 pp. woodcuts, hds. am. Svo. 


Second edition of the original, augmented nd^al- 

cune cose notahile deW isole di Canaria." — Veet 

EABE. — Good copy, only some leaves slightly stained. 

286 Der Neuen Weldt tind Indianischen Konig- 

reichs, newe und wahrhafften History . . . Teutsch 
durch Nic. Honiger von Konigshofen an derTan- 
ber. Basel, S. Henricpetri, 1579. half calf. fol. 17. — 

Very fine copy of this rare German translation. 
From the SobolewsM Library. 

287 Novae Novi Orbis historiae, id est, Eerura 

ab Hispanis in India Oecidentali hactenus gesta- 
mm, et [de] acerbo illornm in eas gentes domi- 
natn 11. III. Urb. Calvetonis opera in Latin, trans- 
lati et notis illustr. Adjnncta est de Gallorom in 
Floridam expeditione historia. (Genevae) Apud 
Enst. Vignon, 1578. bds. Svo. 12.— 

First edition of the Latin translation, with addi- 
tion of the Acconnt of the French expedition to 
Florida, under J. Riband in 1565. 

288 Benzoni (H) et Jo. Lerius. — Historia In- 
diae Occidentalis , tomis duobis coraprehensa. 
I. Ees ab Hispanis in india Occident, hactenus ges- 
tas, acerbuiu illornm in eas Gentes dominatum, 
insigneque in Gallos ad Floridam insulam saevi- 
tiae exempluiD describit. — II, Brasiliae (quae et 
America dicitur) rerumque in ea observatione 
dignarum a nobis penitus incognita descriptionem 
Cdntinet. Sieron. Benzone et Jo Lerio, . . . autoribus. 
In Lat. serin. Urb. Calvetonis et G. II. studio 
conversi. S. 1. (Genevae) Eust. VigTion, 1686. — 
2. torn. 1 vol. hf. calf. 8to. 35.— 

Fine tall copy of this rare edition. With the rare 
foldin g plates and the 6 other woodcnts in the work 
of Lerius, bound at the beginning of the Volume. 

289 De gedenkwaardige West-Ind. Voyagien, 

gedaan door Chr. Columbus, Amer. Vespntius, en 
Led- Hennepin, behelz. een vraaracht. besehrjjving 
der Americaanse ontdekkingen. . . Leyd. P. v. d. 
Ja, 1704. — L. Hennepin, Voyagie na 'tge- 
deelte van Is'oorder Araerika gelegen tusschen 
Nieuw-Mexico en de IJs-Zee. Ibid. 1704. 2 vols. 
In 1. vellum, 14 maps and plaiei. 4fl, 6. — 


{The memorable West-Indian Voyages, made by 
Columbus, Jot. V'espuccius and L. Hennepin, con- 
tain, a true description of the American dis^.ove- 
ries. — L. Hennepin, Voyage to a part of Vorth 
America, situated betioern New-Mexico and the 

These two works belong together, the 2d being 
mentioned on the title of the first; but both have 
separate pagination, title etc. The work ofUennepia 
was also put into commerce separately, see infra : 

290 Berbiee. — Octroy ofte conditien, waar by 
de Stat. Gen. aan de Directenren der colonie v. 
Berbiee hebben toegestaan de vrije vaart en na- 
vigatie op dezelve colony, voor alle ingezetenen 
dezer landen open te stellen. Amst., (1732;. 4to. 

Privileges of the States Gen. allowing Governors 
of .the ^colony of Berbiee to open free navigation 
to Berbiee for all inhabitants of the Neiherl.) 

291 Eortbondige beschryvlnge van de 

Colonie de Berbiee, behelzende de legging, bevol- 
king, de zeden, enz. Amst. n&3. sewed, uncut, map 
and plate. 4to. 2. — 

(Brief description of the colony of Berbiee, con- 
tain, its situation, population, etc.) 

292 Kort dog waarachtig Verhael van de Ee- 

bellie en Opstand der Xegers in de Colonie de 
Berbiee, en de ysselgke wreedheden aan deszelfs 
Inwoonders gepleegt, etc. Midd. en Amst. 1763. 
4to. 2.— 

{Brief but truly relation of the Rebellion of the 
Negroes in the colony of Berbiee, and of the fright- 
ful cruellies committed on the inhabitants thereof. 
... 21 Febr. to 14 Jane 1763.) 

293 Vermaakelyck en kluchtig relaes van een 

reyse van Amsterdam naar de nieuwe Collonien 
vande Berebisjes, in 1735 . . . door G. T. Gal- 
bano Elepbanstius, Historio-Graphus Eotterodam. 
. . . Amst., 1736. 8vo. uncut. Very rare. 3. — • 

{Pleasant and comical relation of a voyage from 
Amsterdam to the new colony o\ Berbiee, in 1735.) 

294 Kort Hlstorlsch Verhaal van de Co- 
lonie Berbiee... behand. het onderwerp der pri- 
vate eigendomme der Societeit van Participan- 
ten... en het gedrag van de Gonvemeur A. J. 
V. Imbyze v. Batenburg. Amst. 18u7. hf. bd., col. 
view. 8vo. 319 pp. 2.50 

{History of the colony of Berbiee, includ. the 
question of the private possessions of the Society 
of Shareholders and the conduct of Governor Ba- 

295 Naauwkeurige platte grond van Eio de 

Berbiee, gemeeten d. .7. n. Knapp. Amst., H. de 
Zeth. (about 1730). Large sq. fol. 85 by 56. 3.— 

{Accurate plan of Rio de Berbiee, surveyed by 
J. I). Knapp.) 

Berbiee, formerly a Uatch Colony, was c£ded to 
England in 1815. — Fine map, with delineation of 
the plantations, list of the proprietors, and the fa- 
mily-arms of the 9 Directors. 



296 Berbice. — Map of the Colony. Amat,, R. & J. 
Ottens. 1740. Large sq. fol. 97 by 47. ' ».— 

With special map of the coast from Eio Berbice 
till Rio Marawini, and separatey printed list of the 
plantations and the names of the proprietors. 

297 Same map, later edition. Amst., R. & J. 

Ottens (1763). — Same size. 2. — 

With engiaved acoonnt of a Negroe-inanrrection, 
25 Febr. 1763. — The printed list not republished . 

298 Berbice and Surinam, with plan of Para- 
maribo. Amst., {Tirion. 1755). fol. 40 by 34. 1.50 

299 Berbice and Surinam. Without name or 

place. (Amst. 1780.) fol. 65 by 45. 2.— 

With separate plan of the Hernhut-colony Pil- 

300 Berbice. Map of the Colony, after the sur- 
veys of Wiedeman and Roelofs, by Major t>. Bou- 
chenroeder. Amst., Moriier, Covens & Z. 1§02. fol. 
59 by 59. 3.50 

The productions of the plantations are indicated 
by different colours. — On a separately printed 
sheet the names of the plantations and their pro- 

301 Berckel (P. J. van), first Dutch Minister to 
the U. S. 1783. — Dutch embleraat. plate : a man 
of war surrounded by Tritons, engrav. by K. F. 
Eendorp. 8". 1. — 

302 His first audience in America, 1783, en- 
grav. by JB. finkeles. 8°. 1. — 

303 Bergh (L. Ph. C. v. d.), Nederlands aauspraak 
op de ontdekking van Amerika voor Columbus. 
Arnh. (1850). 8vo. 1.— 

(The claim of Netherland to the discovery of 
America before Columbus.) 

804 Berghaus (H.), Almanach auf d. Gebiete der 
Erd-, Lander-, Volker- u. Staatenkuude. Gotha, 
1837 — 41. 5 vols. With maps, plates and portraits 
of J. Cook, F. Drake, Frobisher, etc. 4.— 

805 Berkenmeyer, (P. L.), Le curieux antiquaire 
ou recueil giSograph. et hibtor. des choses les plus 
remarquables dans les quatre part, de I'Univers. 
Leide, P. v. d. Aa, 17i!'J. 3 vols, vellum, plates, 
8". 3.50 

Pp. 984 — 1034 and 3 plates treat ou America. 
At the end of the last vol. the publisher has added 
a complete catalogue of the maps, plates, portraits, 
views etc., he has published, very interesting as we 
find in it the exact enumeration of the plates of 
most of V. d. Aa's great publications, for inst.: the 
collection of voyages by Dapper, JNieuhoff, Monta- 
nas etc. 

806 The Same. 3 vols, old calf, 8vo. 2.— 

Without the catalogue of the pubhsher. 

307 Neu vermehrter curieuser Antiquarius, . . . 

zum 7den Mahl vermehret. Hamburg, 1738—42. 

2 vol. vellum, plates, 8". 2.50 

The second volume is entitled : Fortsetzung .... 

(f, Merckuiirdigkeiteu in Asia, Africa und America, 

Pp. 332 — 384 of this vol. treat on Ataerica. Van 
der Aa's catalogue is not reproduced in this edition. 

308 Bernagie, Sebast. (Curaoovia Americaijus), De 
fidejnssoribus. Lugd. Bat., Abr. Mzevier, 1705. 
calf extra, richly gilt. 4to. 1.25 

309 Bernhard, Herzog zu Sachsen-Weimar-Eise- 
nach. Reise durch Nord-Amerika. Herausgeg. von 
H. Luden. Weimar, 1828. 2 vols, sd., plates and 
maps. roy. 8vo. 2. — 

310 Eeize naar en door Noord-Amerika. Dordr. 

1829. 2 vols, sd., plates. 8vo. 1.50 

Dutch translation of the preceding. 

311 Beschxiovinge van eenige voomame kusten 
in Cost- en West-Endien, als Zuriname, Nieuw- 
Nederland, Florida, Kuba, Brazil, Suratte, Mada- 
gascai', Batavia, Peru en Mexico. Van haar ge- 
legentheid, aart en gewoonte der volkeren, enz'. 
Leeuwarden, 1716. hf. vellum. 4to. (Asher N". 19.) 

{Description 'of some principal coasts in East- 
and West-India, as Surinam, New-Netherland, Flo- 
rida, Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, etc. On their 
situation, the manners of the inhabitants, etc) 

Interesting volume. The description of New-Ne- 
therland fills p. 50—76. 

312 Beschrijvlnghe van Virginia, Nieuw-Ne- 
derlandt, Nieuw Engelandt, en d'eylanden Ber- 
mudas, Barbados en S. Christoffel. Amsterdam, 
J. Hartgers, 1651. 4to. With map, a Vieu> of N, 
Amsterdam and engravings repres. the aborigines, etc, 

{Description of Virginia, Hew -Netherland, New- 
England, and the islands of Bermuda, Barbadoei 
and St. Christopher,) 

One of the most interesting, scarcest, and first 
books on New-Netherland. — See on it at 
large: Asher's Essay N". 6. 

313 Beschryvinghe van Moscovien ofte Euslandt 
en Weghwyser om te reysen door Moscovien enz. 
na Groot Tartaryen. Amst., 0, J, Saeghman (1663.) 
bds. 4to. (Tiele N". 208.) 20.— 

{Description of Moscow/, or Russia, and guide 
for travelling through Moscovy to Great Tartary) 

One of the rarest of Saeghman's pnbUcations. — 
This work is a reprint of J. Danckaert's description 
of Moscovy, first printed in 1615. 

In the collection of voyages by Saeghman is ano- 
ther edition of this book, of 40 pp. only, in which 
the 1st or historical part is omitted. 

314 Beschryvinge (Korte en wonderlycke) van 
de seltsame wanschepsels van menschen, die ge- 
vonden worden in het couinckrijck Guianae, aen 
het Meyr Parime. Alsmede van de Satyrs, en van 
de Vrouwen die Amazoonen genoemt worden. 
Amsterd., 0. J. Saeghman (about 1663.);jWej. 4t0i 


{Short and curious description of the monsiruoul 

men, who are found in the Kingdom Guiana, near 

the lake Parime; ako of the Satyrs and women 

rREDEBIK, Mui,l-HR & C"., 



called Amazones.) 

This is by far the rarest of all the parts of Saegh- 
man's collection of Voyages, to which it forms the 
last part. The curious subject must have given to 
this work as chapbook, a great number of readers 
and caused the present rarity of it. 

315 Beughem, C. a, Bibliographia hiatorica, chro- 
nologica et geographica. Amst., apud Jansson. Ifaes- 
hergios. 1685. vellum. 12". 3. 

Contains many interesting accounts on Bleau and 
other Atlases, having been published by the succes- 
sors of Bleaii's competitors. 

316 BeuUoch (M.), La Mexique en 1823, ou vo- 
yage dan3 la Nouvelle Espagne. Av. dea pieces 
justificat. et des notes p. Sir John Byerley. Trad, 
de TAngl. Paris, 1824. 2 vols. 8vo. and Atlas of 
20 partly colour, plates. 4to. hf. id. 4. — 

317 Mexico in 1823, ofreis door Nieuvr-Spanje. 

Delft, 1825. 2 vols, sd., uncut, plates. 8vo. 2.— 

Dutch translation of the preceding work, augmen- 
ted with historical annotations by the author and 
the translator. 

318 [Beverley (B.)] Histoire de la Virginie, ... 
trad. d'Angl. Amst., Tk. Lombrail, 1707. 15 plates 
including froniispice ; old calf. 8vo. 5. — 

Esteemed work for the informations on the Native 
Indians, their religion, laws and cii.stoms. The plates 
are copied from those in the collection of Voyages 
by de Bry. — The author, a native of Virginia, 
died 1716. 

319 The same. Amst., CI. Jordan, 1712. Ihpla- 

tes. old calf gilt. sm. 8vo. 6. — 

Same edition as the foregoing, with a changed 

320 Beyer (M.), Auswanderungsbuch nach America 
u. Texas. Leipzig, 1846. sd. 8vo. — .50 

321 Bibliotlieca Americaina. Catalogue of a 
valuable collection of books, pamphlets, MSS., 
maps, engravings and portr., illustrat. the history 
and geography N. and S. of America and W^.-lndia, 
by J. Eussell Smith. Lend. 1865—67. 6598 and 
892 lota. hf. calf. 8vo. 4.— 

322 Catalogue of a private Library comprising 

a large assortment of rare and valuable books 
relating to America. N. York, Leavitt, Streiergh 
& Co., 1870. 1262 lots, teith the prices- 8vo. 2.50 

Important collection of valuable works. 

323 Bibliotheca Mejicana. A Catalogue of an 
extraordinary collection of books and MSS., rela- 
ting to the history and literature of N. and S. 
America, particularly Mexico. Lond., Futtick & 
Simpson, 1869. 2962 lots with prices and pur- 
chasers' names, cloth. 8vo. 

Important collection formed by Kev. A. Fischer, 
the confessor of the unfortunate Emperor Maximilian 
of Mexico. 

324 Bibliotbeque gfiograph. et instructive ou re- 
ciieil de voyages Int^ressants dans toutes les par- 


ties du monde. Paris, 1804 — 7, 74 vols, sd., maps 
and plates, sm. 12mo. 8. — 

325 Billiard (A.) Voyage aux Colonies orientalea 
ou Lettres ^crites des ilea de France et de Bour- 
bon. 1817—20. Paris, 1822. sd. 8vo. 1.50 

326 Bion, (A.), rUsage des globes c^lesjes et ter- 
restres et dea spheres. Paris, 1699. 2 parts. 1 vol. 
plates, vellum, 8'. 1.50 

327 Bisselii (Joa) Argonauticon Americanorum, 
sive historia periculornm Petri de Victoria ac so- 
ciorum ejus. Monachii, 1647. vellum, front, and 
map. 12mo. 4.50 

Not in Sabin's Bibliotheca Americana. Priced in 
Stevens' Nuggets £ 1.11.6. 

328 Icaria, Eeeusa AUopoli (Monachii?) 1667. 

vellum, map. 24mo. 1.50 

Description of- and stay at an imaginary island. 

329 Blaeu (W. J.) — Terrestrial and Celestial 
Globes by Guilielmus Janssonius Blaeu. Amster- 
dam, 1599 — 1603. Both coloured and illuminated, 
with brass meridian; in the original wooden stands. 
Diameter: 34 centimeter. — [k EXCELLENT STATE 


See on the high importance and the exceeding ra- 
rity of Blaeu's Globes, Mr. P. J. R. Baudets Prize- 
essay on the Life and Works of W. J. Blaeu, Utrecht 
1871, 8», pp. 35—52. Notwithstanding Mr. Bau- 
det's utmost exertions, he could find in Holland but 
two pairs, one in the Astronomical Observatory at 
Lfiden, the other in the Physical Museum at Am- 

As to the importance of Blaeu's Globes it will 
suffice to say that they form the second link in the 
chain of which the celebrated Globe of Martin Be- 
haim at Niimberg (1402) is the first. All links 
laying between these, viz. the work of Schoner, 
Gemma Trisius, G. Mercator, Jodocus Hondius 
and of M. Florentius van Langeren, are lost and 
gone, with exception of 3 Globes of different date 
in the Ducal Library at Weimar, and a Globe by 
van Langeren in the Library at Gent. This last 
however, not being anterior to the year 1617, is 
nothing more then contemporaneous to these by 
Blaeu. (See Baudet, p. 35—37). 

Blaeu's Globes are formed by engravings pasted on 
wood; in this way, he was able to introduce each 
progress, made in the Geographical Science of his 
days, by correcting the original copperplates and 
giving then new editions of his Globe. The present 
specimen still bears on the Earth-globe the date of 
Vnt first edition: »1599", under the inscription, be- 
ginning: „Spectatori meo S. Hanc terrae marisque 
faciem qui aspicis sic inspice ne dispicias •■ mulia 
hie mutata (sed nihil iemere) quae nisi aitendas 
facile fugiant. etc." — This copy, however, is not 
of so early a date ; the almost correct delineation of 
America even with the Strait of Le Maire, Staien- 
Island and the Islands of Barnevelt, all discovered 
in 1616, proves that we have here a revised edition 
«multa hie mutata'", as the above cited inscription 



tells. The year 1620 will not be far from the truth. 
Tn another inscription on the Earth-globe the «tm- 
moTtale nomen it gloriam incom^arahilenC of Co- 
Inmbiis are mentioned, besides the discoveries of Ma- 
gellaen, Cortez, the English, and last : uhis demum 
pas3i graviora BatavV\ the unsuccessfuU exertions 
of the Dutch, to find a passage by the North-East 
to the Indies (1594—96), ending with the energetic 
advice]: '/male coepisti si hie sisias: Durum kocsed 
perdura ; ne cede malia, led contra audeniior iio . 
Tata viam expedient.^' 

On this Globe a posterior adress of iT. de la 
Feuille, map and printseller in Amsterdam in 1680 — 
1700, is afterwards pasted, telling, that he sells 
I'tous 6lobe.s et Spheres que defunt J. Blaeu a 
laisie de plusieurs Jutheurs." 

The Celestial Globe is of the highest interest to 
the History of Astronomical Science. The date of 
publication "1603" is still preserved on it. It offers 
the result of Blaeu's residence and studies at Hven, 
(about 1591) in the Astronomical Observatory of 
TyoHO Bbahe, as is stated in the inscription: 

"Sphaera stellifera a Guilielmo Janssonio, 

magni Tychonis quondam discipulo, accuratissime 
disposiia, etc. See on Blaeu's friendship with Tycho 
Brahe (whose portrait occurs on the globe): G. J. 
Voeilus^ De Scieniiis maihematicis^ p. 263, and 
J. F. Foppens, Biblioih. Belgiea, p. 408. 

An examination of Blaeu's Globes, preserved at 
Leyden and Amsterdam, and those in my possession, 
offer many variations. Also the size widely differs. 

— BaOB mat thus be considered as NEAEtY 

330 Blaeu, (W. J.), Tweevoudigh onderwijs v. de 
Hemelsehe en Aerdsche Globen, na Ptolemaeus 
en Copernicus. Amst., W. J. Bleau. 1638. vellum, 
woodcuts, i". 1.50 

( Twofold instruction of the celestial and terres- 
trial globes, after Ptolemaeus and Copernicus.) 

331 Same work. Amst., J. Blaeu. 1655. vellum, 

woodcuts. 4". 1.50 

332 [nstitutio astronomica de usu Globorum et 

Sphaerarum coelest. et terreitr. Latine redd, a M. 
Hortensio. Amst., /. et C. Blaeu. 1640. vellum. 
With figg. 8». 1.50 

333 Same work. Amst., J. Blaeu. 1652. Vncut. 

With figg. 8". 1.50 

334 Same work. Amst., J. Blaeu. 1668. vellum. 

With figg. 81. 1.50 

Blaeu wrote this mannel for those who bought his 
globes. The editions (in Dutch: 1620, 1647, 1655, 
1666, 1669, etc. — in Latin: 1634, 1640, 1652, 
1655, 1668 etc., and in French: 1642, 1658,1669 
etc.) offer no variations. The Latin edition is aug- 
mented with a prefage by Hortensiua, the translator. 
(See Baudet, pp. 45 — 52.) 

335 Blaeu ("W. J.), Zeespiegel, inhoud. een korte 
onderwijsinghe ende konst der zeevaert en be- 
schryv. der seen en kusten v. de OoBtersche, 

Noordsche en Westersche schlpvaert. Amst., 1627. 
Vol. I and III (6 parts) in 1 vol. vellum, 52 maps. 
fol. — 2 leaves (pp. 1, 2 and 31, 32 of part I) 

wanting. Bare. 8. 

(^Mirror of the tea, contain, a short instruction 
in the art of navigation and a description of the 
seas and coasts in the East, North and West.) 

With autograph of E. de Buyter, son of the ce- 
lebrated Dutch Admiral. 

336 Blaeu,(W.J.),Th6atre du monde ou noavelAtlas, 
etc. Amst, J. Blaeu, 1638. 2 vol. vellum, gilt edges, 

204 coloured maps. roy. fol. — French text. 18. 

William jTansz. Blaeu commenced his renowned 
cartographical publications in the early years of the 
17th century; in 1606 he had already published a 
map of the "World, followed by several other sepa- 
rate maps, which he united, in 1631, into an Atlas 
entitled: Appendix Theatri Ortelii et Atlantis Mer- 
catoris, containing 103 maps. This work, now of 
the utmost rarity, forms the starting-point for Blaen's 
set of Atlases. The firm oi J. Janssonius and 
B- Sondius, who had continued to publish the 
old maps of Mercator and Hondius (see infra) 
tried in vain to beat the new competitor by editing 
a similar Appendix of 106 maps, in 1633. Both, 
Janssonius and Blaeu, continued in doin^ their ut- 
most to outdo each other, by enlarging, correcting 
and refining their Atlases, even by pirating each 
other's publications, untill that of Janssonius readied 
at last its tenth volume (the Orbis Antiquus), to 
which he afterwards (in 1661) added Cellarius, Har- 
monia Macrocrosmica ; the Atlas of Blaeu reached 
the highest pitch by the magnificent Latin edition . 
of 1665, in H vols., to which he added the Thea- 
trum TJriium (of the 1 7 States of the Netherlands) 
in 2 vols., that of Savoye and Piemont in 2 vols, 
and of Italy with Naples in 3 vols., all large folio. 
The present edition is the Appendix of 1631, but 
remoulded and augmented; it gives 14 maps of Ame- 
rica: General map; Nova Belgia et Anglia Nova; 
W. Indian -Is lands; the Bermudas; Virginia; Nova 
Hispania et Nova Galicia ; Granada and Popayan ; 
Venezuela; Guiana; Brazil; Paraguay and adj. coun- 
tries; Strait Magellan and Le Maire, Chili, Pern. 

Blaeu's maps excel by an accurate «nd veryartis- 
tical execution; almost each map is adorned with fi- 
gures bearing ou the customs of the inhabitants or 
the productions of the soil. — See on Blaen's At- 
lases: Clement, Bibl. Curieuse, IV, 267—276, and 
Baudot's Biogr. of Blaeu. Utrecht. 1871. pp. 76—114. 

337 Theatre du monde, ou nouvel Atlas, etc. 

Amst., J. Blaeu, 1645—55. 6 vols, gilt vellum. 
Fine copy with 412 plain maps. roy. fol. — French 
text. 20.— 

The 2 volumes of the foregoing edition are here 
increased unto 6, divised: I. 2 parts in 1 vol. ; (Iri 
part): The Northern and Eastern parts of Europe 
(Arctic regions, Russia, Poland etc.), 20 maps; Ger- 
many, 65 maps; (2d pari): the Low Countries, 36 
maps. - II. 2 parts in 1 vol. i^lst part): France 
48 maps; {2d part): Spain, 13 maps; Asia 11 maps. 

Frederik Mullee & C°., 



Africa, 5 maps; America, 16 maps (General map 
with 10 figg. of natives and 9 plans of cities, New- 
Netherland with N. Engl, (quite another map as 
that hy Visscher. Asher's List n". 7.) W. Indian 
Islands, Bermudas, Virginia, Florida, N. Spain, Gre- 
nada and Popayan, Venezuela, Guiana, Brasil, Para- 
guaya, Straits of Magellan and of Le Maire, Chili. 
Peru.) — III. Italy, 51 maps , Greece, 4 maps ; 
Gr. Britain, 4 maps. — IV. England, 63 maps, 
with extensive description by Camden. — V. 
Scotland, 46 maps, (by James Gordon); Ireland, 5 
maps. — VI. China and Japan, 17 maps (by M. 
Mariinius, Soc. Jes.) 

The text is not limited to the geographical de- 
scription only, giving likewise historical and other 

338 Blaeu,(W.J.), The same. f«BcA(ej-(.1647— 50. 6 
yol. vellum, gill edges, 4ii2 plain mapi. Toy. fo\. 23.50 

Same division and same maps as in the foregoing N'. 

339 Tooneel des Aerdrycx ofte Nieuwe Atlas. 

Jo/i. Guil. fil. Blaeu, 1649. 6 vol. vellum gilt, gilt 
edges. Very fine copy. roy. fol. 406 plain maps. 30. — 

(lAeatre of the World or New Atlas.) 
Same division and same maps as foreg. : only 6 
omitted, viz. I. Northern parts 19 instead of 20. — 
In Hi the 4 maps of Gr. Britain omitted, and IV 
contains 62 instead of 63 maps. 

340 Atlas Major sive Cosmographia Blaviana. 

Amstolod. 1662. 11 vol. gilt vellum, gilt edges. 
Vert tine copy with coloured maps. roy. fol. — 
Latin text. 70. — 

Collation: I. Map of the Globe; Arctic Regions 
6 m.; Norway 7 ra.; Denmark 23 m. (With Brake's 
Observatory, etc. See note to N". 343); Schlesvic 
21 m. — II. Sweden 10 ra.; Eassia 7 m.; Poland 
10 m. ; the Danube and adjacent countries 5 m. ; 
Greece 6 m. — III. Germany 95 m. — IV. Bel- 
gia Regia 35, Foederata 26 m. — V, England 58 
m. — VI. Scotland 49 m., Ireland 6 m. — VII. 
France 60 m., Switserland 7 m. — VIII. Italy 
62 m. — IX. Spain 29 m. (with the 7 plates of 
the Escurial), Africa 13 m. — X. Asia 11 m., 
China and Japan 17 m. — XI. Treats wholly on 
America: 387 pages text with the 23 maps as 
in the Dutch edition. See N". 343. 

See on the Latin text the note of N". 343. 

341 Le grand Atlas, ou Cosmographie Blavi- 

ane. Amsterd. 1663. 12 vol. in 9 vellum. Coloured 
maps. roy. fol. — Text in French. — Kare. 

Almost the same division as the Latin edition, a 
few alterations excepted. I. 61 maps. — II. 39 m. — 
III. Germany has been augmented with 13 maps, 
in all 105. — IV. 62 m. — V. 58 m. — VI. 
55 m. — VII and VIII- contain France and 
Switzerl. 70 m., (which form but one vol. in the 
Lat. edit.) with other and much augmented text. — 
IX. 61 m. — X. 43 m. — XI. 28 m. — XII. 
America with 23 m., and the text translated from 
the Latin. 

342 Blaeu (W.J.),Grooten Atlaa oft Wereltbeschrjj- 
ving. Amsterdam. 1664 — 65. 9 vol. gill vellum, gilt 
edges, roy .fol. Beautieul copy. The maps exquisitely 
illuminated in colors and gold. — Dutch Text. 55. — 

343 The same. A fine copy, vellum, with colou- 
red maps. 45. — 

(Great Atlas, or description of the World.) 
Blacus Great Atlas surpasses by its sumptuousness 
and correctness all similar publications of equal ex- 
tent, up to our time. The part treating on America 
may be regarded for the specialities it gives of 
North- America as the^rj< Atlas of what are now 
the United-States, in the same sense as Wytfliet may 
be called the first special Atlas of America in general. 
The contents of this edition is as follows : 
I. Map of the Globe ; Europe, Arctic regions 8 
maps ; Norway 8 m. ; Denmark 22 m. (Amongst 
which Tycho Brake's Astronomical Observatory at 
Hven, and his astrom. instruments, 15 plates); Schles- 
vic 21 m.; Sweden 10 m.; Russia 8 m.; Poland 11 
m. (the Borysthenes in 4 m., Crimea etc.) — II. 
Germany 106 m. — III. The Spanish Netherlands 
and Unit. Prov. 65 m. — IV. England 62 m. — 
V. Sciit'.and 46 m., Ireland 6 m. — VI. France 
67 ra. U9 m. more than in the edition, in 6 vol.) — 
VII. Italy 60 ra., Greece 6 m. — VIII. Spain 
38 m. (amongst which the Escurial in 7 plates) ; 
Africa 13 m.; Am.erloa 23 m. (the 15 maps of the 
edition in 6 vol. augmented with a general map of 
A., the Canibal Islands, Guatemala, Bahia de Todos 
1. Santos, Capitania di Cirii, Fernambuco (2 beau- 
tiful maps], Paraiba.) — IX. Asia 11 m., Siual6 m. 
The text of the Latin and of the French edition 
is nearly the same, the latter being in most volumes 
a translation of the former. It contains a geogra- 
phical and a historical account of the lands, f. i. 
on the trials of the first colonists, the founding of 
New-Amsterdam, New-Plymouth, Ja- 
mestown, etc. The text of the Dutch edition is 
somewhat abridged. 

344 — ~ Atlas Major, sino Cosmographia Blaviana 
en la qiial exact, se descrive la tierre, el mar y 
el cielo. Amsterd. (1659—72). 10 vol. hf. hound, 
Vncut. Plain maps. roy. fol. — Text in Spanish. 

This edition is of the hiquest kabitt. It is 
known that nearly all copies perished iu a fire of 
Blaeu's magazine in 1672. l-aihe Biblioiheca Vilen- 
hroukiana (Amst.1730) where the unique copy in large 
paper occurred, is annotated: •Huius Atlantis lingua 
• Hispanica non plura quam sex exemplaria, praeter 
•nonnuUa charta minori, sunt a flammis, quae Ty- 
//pographiam Blavianam devastarunt, vindicata," etc. 
These 10 vol. contain only the description of Bo- 
rope and Asia, the eontinuation (Africa and America) 
never appeared. The volumes are not numbered. The 
maps correspond with those in the Latin edition 
(See N'. 340), only the North has been augmented 
with some maps: Arctic regions 2ra., Norway 9 m., 
Russia 8 m. 

345 • Baudet, P. J- H., Leven en werken 




van Willem Jansz. Blaeu. Utrecht. 1871. Wilhportr. 
after the rare engrav. by J. Talch. 3 {acs. and Sup- 
plement. 8". — Prize-essay. 3.60 

{Life and worlcs of W. J. Blaeu.) 

Contains ample information on Bleaa'3 globes and 
cartographical works. 

346 Bleaii,Nova totiusTerrarumOrbis tabula. 

(Amstertiam) J. Blaeu. (1648 ?). 21 sheets, roy. 
fol. each 43 by 57 centlm., forming together a 
map of 303 by 171 centimeter. — Exceedingly well 
preserved. — Of the utmost baritt. 90. — 

Splendid testimonial of the geographical and car- 
tographical talents of the Blaen's. No mere repro- 
duction of their former labours but a fair standard 
of the knowledge of the earth up to the day of the 
publication. Even the discoveries of the year 1644, 
in the Antarctic regions, are amongst many similar 
annotations marked on the map. By the enormous scale 
the different parts of the New World, f. i. : New- 

Netherland, Virginia, Florida, Nova 

Francia, etc. etc., are very distinctly delineated. The 
names of the places and the historical and geographi- 
cal annotations are in French, Latin, English, Dutch, 
Spanish, etc., which proves that the records of all 
nations have contributed to this magnificent work. 
The corners are filled up with special maps of the 
Arctic and Antarctic regions. Astronomical maps, 
etc. — To give some further idea of the size of this 
map it will be sufBcient to observe that the diameter 
of each globe is 148 centimeter. — The whole, sur- 
rounded by a broad border, is dedicated to Gasparo 
de Bracamonte et Guzman, Spanish Plenipotentiary 
to the Place of Munster, 1648, adorned with his 
arms, and signed Jo. Blaeu. 


347 Blaeu, Joan, celebrated Publisher of Atlases 
and maps at Amsterdam. — Signed Document, 
dated Oct. 25, 1656. 1 p. fol. 2,50 

348 Blanc (V. Le), Vermaarde Eeizen in Oost- 
en West-(ndien. Uit de Fransche taal vertaalt. 
Amst., 1654. 2 vols, in 1. hf. vellum, 6 flatei. 
4t<). 3._ 

(Famous voyages in the East- and West-Indies, 
translated from the French.) ' 

349 Blanohard (P.) et A Dauzats, San Juan de 
Oliia ou relation de I'expeditiou Franjaise au 
Mexique (1838), aveo des notes p. E. Maissin. 
Paris, 1839. hf. morocco, plates, roy. 8vo. 3.50 

350 Blankenheym (C. M.), (ieschied. der Com- 
pagnie van Ostende. Leiden, 1861. sd. 8vo. 1.50 

(History of the W. India Company of Ostende.) 

351 Blefkenlus (D.), Scheepstogt na Ysland en 
Greenland, in 1563, waar in d' ontdekkiug der 
landen, godsdiensten en zeden ... Nu eerst ver- 
taald. Leyden, P. v. d. Aa, 1706. map and plate. 
8vo. 1.50 

(Voyage to Iceland and Greenland, in 1563, 
wherein the discovery of the lands, religions, cus- 
toms, etc. Note first translated.) 

352 Blefkenius (D.), Het vermaak der tover- 
hekzen van Lap- en Finland. Alsmede de Hiatorie 
van Lapland en Beschryving van Us- en Groen- 
land. 2de druk. Leeilw. (1716.) 2 parts in 1 vol. 
hf. calf, 2 plates. 8vo. 3.— 

(The recreation of the witches of Lap- and Fin- 
land. With a History of Lapland a*d a Descrip- 
tion of Ice- and Greenland. 2d edition.) 

A very curious book on the superstitions and cus- 
toms of the Laplanders. — The 2d part comprises 
the treatise on Greenland. 

353 Blodget (L.), Climatology of the United States 
and of the temperate latitudes of the North Ame- 
rican Continent, embracing a full comparison of 
these with the climatology of the temperate lati- 
tudes of Europe and Asia. Philad. 1857. sd., many 
isothermal and rain charts, roy. 8vo. (17. — ) 6.60 

354 Blom (A.), Verhand. van den landbouw in de 
colonie Suriname. Amsterd. 1787. 358 pp. 8vo. 
hf. calf. 1.25 

(Memoir on the agriculture in Surinnm.) 

355 Hetzelfde werk, in orde gebragt en met 

ophelder. door F. v. Heshuysen. Amsterd. 1786. 
448 pp. hf. calf. 8vo. 1.50 

(Same work, arranged and augmented with elu- 
cidations ly F. V. H.) 

Quite different of the foregoing book. 

356 [Blome (B.)], L'Am^rique Angloise, ou de- 
scription des isles et terres du roi d'Angleterre 
dans I'Amerique. Trad, de I'Anglois. Amsterd., 
1688. vellum, 7 maps. sm. 8vo. — Fine copy. 6. — 

"Ce qui donne une valenr particuliere i cette tra- 
duction, ce sont les cartes qui sont mieux faites que 
celles de I'original." Tromel No. 339. — Both 
Tromel and Ternaux mention 6 maps; my copy has 
seven. The 7th map represents: New England, New 
France, New Scotland, New Britain, Greenland. 

357 Englisches America. . . Beschreibnng aller 

Lander u. Inseln, so der Cron Engeland inWest- 
Indien zustandig sind. Leipzig, 1697. hf. vellum, 
2 plates and 1 map. 12mo. 9.— 

This German translation differs largely from the 
French one. It contains pp. 1 — 303 a history of th« 
English navigations to America which is not in the 
French edition. — Very rare, not in TromeVs Bibl. 
Amer. nor in Steven's Nuggets. 

358 Blosseville (E. de), Histoire des colonies p«- 
nales de I'Angleterre dans I'Australie. Paris, 1831. 
sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.80 

359 Bodel Nijenhuis (J. T.), Jonas Michaelius, 
eerste predikant der Nederd. Hervormde Gemeente 
op Nieuw-Amsterdam. (Extr.) 1867. 8vo. 1.75 

(Jonas Michaelius, first Minister of the Butch, 
Reformed Congregation at New-Amsterdam.) 

First publication of a very interesting letter of 
J. Michaehos, written from New-Amsterdam in 1628, 
and giving an account of his arrival and his first 
adventures in his new home. The ori^nal of this 
highly interesting document. Mr. Fred. Mailer 

FaEDERIK MtriLBK & C°., 



bpngtit at the sale of the Library of Dr. Bodel 
Nljenhnis. A reprodaotion facsimile in photolitho- 
graphy, with the Dutch transcript, the English trans- 
lation of the Hon. H. C. Mnrphy, ^nd a preface 
by Mr. Fred. Muller, is to be had. roy. 4°. 15. — 
See infra Michaelius. 

360 Boekeren (G. R. Voormeulen v.) Keizen 
en ontdekkingatogten van A. Jansz. Tasman. Gro- 
ning., 1849. plates. 8vo. — .75 

{Voyages and discoveris of A. J. Tasman in the 

361 Boelen (J.), Reize naar de Oost- enWeatkust 
van Zuvd-Amerika, en van daar naar de Sandwichs- 
en Philippijnsche eilanden, enz. Amsterd. 1835 — 
36. 3 vols. h/. naif neat, maps and plates of costu- 
mes, partly coloured. 8to. (16.80.) 3.50 

(Voyage to the Eastern and Western coasts of 
South-America, and thence to the Sandwicha- and 
PhUippine islands.) 

362 The same, sewed, uncut. 2.50 

363 Boemus (J.), Omnium gentium mores, leges 
et ritus . . . Aphricam, Asiara et Europam des- 
crlb. Aug. Vindelic., Sig. Grimm, 1520. fol. 3.— 

First edition; rare. — Stamp on the title, worm- 
holes, and somewhat stained in the nnder margins. 

364 Mores, leges et ritus omnium gentium. 

Ex Nicol. Damasceni historia excerpta quaedam; 
itidem ex Brasiliana J. Lerii historia. Fides et 
mores Aethiopum Dam. a Goes auctore, etc. [Lugd.] 
Apud J. lornaesium, 1620. vellum. 16rao. 3. — 

The part relating to America fills pp. 387 — 406. 

365 Omnium gentium mores, leges et ritus . . . 

Accessit lib. de Eegionibus Septentrionalibus ex 
Jac. Zieglero. Antverp., J. Steelsius, 1538. vellum. 
sm. 8vo. — Slightly stained by water. 4. — 

Rare edition. — The Supplement on the nations 
of the North, and on Greenland, by Ziegler, in his 
Schondia, is not in the Italian edition. — 

In the same vol. : Mich. Bumelbergii Epitome 
grammat. Graecae. Basil 1532. 

366 The same. Gen., apud J. Tornaesium, 

1620. — B. G. Peregrinus, De Turcarum moribus 
epitome. Gen., </'. de Tournes, 1629. — 1 vol. vel- 
lum. 12mo. 3.50 

367 Costumi, le leggi et I'usanze di tutti le 

genti, trad, per il Pauno. Tre libri cont. 1' Africa, 
I'Asia, I'Europa. Venetia, 1543. vellum, sm. 8vo. — 
Slightly stained by water. 6.50 

First edition in Italian. 

368 — ~- The same. Venetia, 1585. vellum. 12rao. 


This Italian translation contains a supplementary 

4th book by G. Giglio, on the costumes, manners 

etc. of the Indians of the New World. — This 

treatise is not in the former Latin and French 


869 BoliVar y Ponte, Simont the Liberator of 

Colombia. — A. Zi. S. dat. C^uartel-General de 

Angostura, Dec. 14, 1819. 3 pp. 4°. — Copied in 
lithogr. — .75 

370 Bondt (N.), De eer der regeering van Amster- 
dam verdedigd tegen den laster van het Engelsch 
Ministerie. .. in eene Contra-Memorie tegen de 
• Rechtsgeleerde Memorie" en het „Politie& Vertoog." 
Amst. 1781. 8vo. 2.50 

{The honour of the Magistrate of Amsterdam 
defended against the calumny of the English Mi- 
nistry... in a counter-memorial against the 
"Juridical Memorial" and the //Political Deduction.") 

371 Bonn (A. C), Over de Mastodonte van den 
Ohio. (Haarl. 1809. Extr.) 8vo. 2 pi. 1.— 

(fin the Mammouih of the Ohio.) 

372 Bontekoa (Wl. Yebr.), Joumael ofte gedenck- 
waerd. besohryv. v. de 0. Ind. reyse, begryp. 
veel wonderl. en gevaerl. saecken hem weder- 
varen, v. Dec. 1618 tot Nov. 1625, Hoorn, 6y 
Is. Willemsz. voor J, J, Deutel, 1646. ids. 4to. 
(Tiele N". 168.) 9.— 

(Journal and memorable description of the East- 
Ind. voyage, comprising many wonderful and peri- 
lous, adventures, from Dec. 1618 till Nov. 1625.) 
— Journael v. de reyse by D. A. Ba^en, na 
Spitsbergen in 1639, waerin syn droevighe Sohip- 
breuoke, ellende op h. wrack en blyde verlos- 
singhe. Hoorn, .7. J. Deutel, 1647. 

(Journal of the voyage of D. A. Raven to Spits- 
bergen, in 1639, containing his lamentable ship- 
wreck, his misery on the wreck and joyful delive- 

first edition of this memorable voyage, the most 
popular of all Indian voyages, for its great perils 
and its charm of narration; it is repubhshed in a 
great number of editions. With 8 engraved plates 
and portrait. The perilous voyage of Raven in 1639 
is nearly always subjoined to that of Bontekoe, but 
with separate title and paging (1 to 16;) only in a 
few editions of Bontekoe this narrative is omitted. 

373 Same edition. — Magnificent copy on 

Large Paper of text and plates. Excessively 
rare. 16. — 

374 The same. Hoorn, Deutel, 1646. With: 

Kaven's voyage. — 1 vol. bds. 4to. 10. — 

Other edition of the same date, but of 72 pages 
(the former has 76 pp.) The table of fig. is in this 
edition at the end of Baven's voyage, in the former 
on p. 76. This edition is not mentioned by Tiele 
(pp. 215) — fery rare. 

375 The same. B.ooxu, J . J . Deutel, 1648. (Vdt) 

and 80 pp. With portr. and 9 plates. 4to. (Tiele 
N». 171. 6.— 

Augmented edition by the relations of four other 
expeditious 1645—46, and two engravings in the text. 

376 The same. Amst., /. Bartgers, 1648. bdi. 

4to. (Tiele N». 173.) 4.— 

Reprint of the preceding edition with Raven't 
voyage, and a plate in 6 divisions, 




377 Bontekoe (Wl. Ysbr.), The same. Utrecht, 
L. de Fries, 1649. itis. 4to. (Tiele N». 176.) — 
Rare. 5. — 

This edition has 13 amall plates in the text and 
is aagraented with narratives of many other similar 
adventures, mostly in the North. — The narrative 
of Bontekoe and Raven are the same as before. 

378 The same. Amst., G. J. Saeghman, (1663.) — 

Eaven's Voyage. (1663.) 4to. 5. — 

This edition differs in Bontekoe's and Raven's 
Voyage from that of Saeghman, described by Mr. 
Tiele at N». 185 p. 221. See f. i. the title. 

379 The same. Amst., Wed. Theunis Jacohsz 

1664. 4to. 76 pp. With coarse woodcuts. 3.50 

This edition is not mentioned by Mr. Tiele. 

380 The same. Amst., Wed, v. Gysbert de Groot, 

1700. 4to. 2.— 

Popular edition, reprint of the preceding. 76 pp. 
with similar coarse woodcuts. Not mentioned by 

381 I'he same. Amst., J. Broutoer, 1722. 4to. 

Popular edition, with similar, but still worser 
woodcuts ; 76 pp. Not mentioned by Tiele. 

382 The same. Amst., Is. v. d. Putte (1640?) 

4to. (Tiele No. 195.) 2.— 

Popular edition. Reprint, with the woodcuts, of 
the edition of 1694 by G. Lootsman, but with 
other portrait. 

883 The same. Amst., J. Kannewei, 1756. 4to. 

In orig. wrapper. 2.50 

Popular edition, not mentioned by Tiele, p. 224. 
Reprint of the preceeding; 76 pp. with 7 different 

384 The same. Amst., Erven Wed. Jac. v. Eg- 

mont (1770?). 4to. (Tiele N". 200.) 2.— 

Popular edition. 76 pp. with 7 woodcuts. 

385 The same. Amst, B. Eoene, (1820?) 4to. 

Uncut. In orig. wrapper. (Xiele N". 202.) 1.50 

One of the last popular editions. 64 pp. with the 
7 old woodcuts. 

886 The same. Haarl., J.J. Weeiieringh,{lS61.) 

4to. (Tiele N». 203.) 1.50 

92 pp. Fine popular edition, with 4 excellent new 

woodcuts by B. Vermorcken. — Edited by Mr. J. H. 

V. Lennep, in a series of popular writings. Out of 

print separately. 

387 Sordini (Fr.), Qusesitorum et responsorum 
chilias, ex quibus quse ad sphserse, eosmographise, 
geographic . . . attinent contemplationem, exae- 
tissime et brevissime explicantur. Bononia' , A. 
Benaiius, 1573. stamped pigskin. 4to. — Fine copy. 

Tbis curious and scarce work contains a quantity 
of articles on America, as: 468, 469, 470, 707, 
(Nova Gallia), 708, 709, 710, 711, 712, etc. 

388 B[o8] (L. VCan] D[en]), Leven endadendef 
doorluchtighste zeehelden en ontdeckers van Lan- 
den deser eeuwen, beginnende met Chr. Colom- 
bu3... en eyndigende met M. A. de Euyter. 
Amst, 1676. 2 vols, in 1. vellum, fine portraits and 
plates. 4to. 5.— 

(The lives and deeds of the illustrious naval 
heroes and discoverers of countries during these 
centuries, beginning with Columbus and pnishing 
with M. A. de Ruyter.) 

Containing the portraits of Columbua, Piet Heyn, 
Heemskerk, Tromp, Loncq, do Ruyter, Wassenaer, etc. 

389 [ ] The same, same edition, calf gilt, fine 

copy. Large paper. Bare. lo.— 

390 [ ] Leven en daaden der doorluehtigste zee- 
helden, beginnende met de tocht na Damiaten in 
1217, en eindigende met M. A. de Ruyter, ver- 
toonende alle de voornaamste zeedaden der Hol- 
landers en Zeelanders. Amsterd., 1683. hf. calf, 
fine portraits and plates. 4to. 6. — 

(Lives and deeds of the illustrious naval heroes, 
beginning with the expedition to Damiate in 1217, 
and finishing with de Ruyter, showing all the prin- 
cipal actions on sea of the Dutch.) 

This work is a quite different book of N". 388. 
The work of 1676 contains biographies of illustrious 
navigators of all nations, — that of 1683 gives 
only those of Dutchmen, but in a more ample way, 
with addition of many lives not contained in the 
former edition, and accounts of all the principal 
Dutch naval achievements. All the plates of the 
1676 edition, relating to foreigners, are omitted, 
many others, by John Luyhen, added. — ■ The impor- 
tance of this work for Amerika is considerable. 

391 [ ] Same edition, vellum. Beautiful copy on 

thick large paper. Verri rare. 12.50 

392 [ ] Leben u. tapffere TKaten der beriihm- 

testen See-Helden u. Land Erfiuder unserer Zei- 
ten, angefangen rait Chr. Colombo, [u Hoch-Teut- 
sche Sprache reinlich tibergebracht von M. Kra- 
mer. Nebst Anhang von E. Prancisci. NUrnb., 
1681. vellum, plates and portraits. 4°. 6. — 

German translation of the Dutch work of 1676, 
with the same plates, and a supplement by Fran- 
cisci, (p. 1009 — 40), contain, the lives of P. and 
L. Almeyda, Albuquerque, Tristan and Nuiio Aciina. 
— 'I'he German edition is scarcer than the original 

393 Bosch (G. B.), Eeizen in West-Indie en door 
een gedeelte van Zuid- en Noord-Amerika. Utrecht, 
1829—43. 3 vols. sd. 8vo. (fl. 10.95) 2.50 

( Voyages in the West- Indies and through, part 
of South- and North-America,) 

394 Bosch (J. V. d.), Nederlandsche bezittingen in 
Azie, Amerika en Afrika. 's Hage, 1818. 2 vole. j 
8vo. With Atlas of 12 maps in roy. [ol. Thick 
paper, uncut. — Rare in this state. (36. — ) lOi— | 

(The Dutch possessions in rAsia, America and. \ 

Africa,) ■ - • ■ i 

Vol. n, pp. 172—252 treat Of America. 

Fruderiic Mtn-LER (k C'l 



395 Bossu, Nouveaux yoyages aux Indes Ocoiden- 
tales, contenant une relation dea peuples qui liabi- 
tent los environs du fleuve Saint-Lonis, ou Mis- 
gissippi. 2e fidit. Paris, Le Jay, 1768. 2 vols, calf, 
plates. 8vo. 3. — 

396 The same. Amst. Changuion, 1777. Engrav. 

froHiisp. iy de Saint AuUn,. hf. calf. 8". 3.75 

Sequel to hi» voyages published at Paris 1768. — 
The author came in 17S0 at Louisiana and stayed 
there for 12 years. 

397 Nieuwe reizen naar Noord-Atnerika . . . 

beschrijving van de volken omtrend d« rivier 
Saint-Louis of Mississippi, enz. Amst. 1769. 2 vols. 
in 1. sd. uncut, plates. 8vo. 2.50 

Dutch translation of the N". 395. 

398 Boston and its vicinity from actual survey by 
J. G. Hales. Boston, 1819. — Map, 65 by 80 
centim., pasted on cloth and folded in-8vo. 1.50 

399 Botero (Griov.), Kelationi universal! . . . cont. 
la descrittione dell' Europa, Asia e Africa; e i 
oostumi, ricchezze, negotii, et industria di ciascuna 
naitioae. Et si tratta del continente del Mondo 
Nuevo. Et deir isole, et peninsole sino al pre- 
sente scouerte . . . delle superstjtionl in che vive- 
ano gia 1© genti del Mondo Naovo; e delle diffi- 
Golta, e mezi, co'quali si e quivi introd. la reli- 
gione Christiana, eet. Venetia, 1600. 4 parts. 1 vol. 
4to. maps, vellum. 15. — 

With map of America, engraved on copper. 

400 Both-Wiek (J. D.), Three years in California. 
Edinb. and Lond. Lend. 1857. 8 plates, cloth. 8vo. 

(.8.40) 2.— 

401 Botta (C), Storia della gueira della indepen- 
d;enza degli' Stati Unlti di America. Milano, 1820. 
3 vols. sd. map. 8vo. 2. — 

402 History of the "War of Independence of 

the. United States of America. Transl. from the 
Italian by G. A. Otis. 3d edit. New-Haven, 1834. 
2 vols, map and pi', slieep. 8vo. 3. — 

403 Boturini Benaducei (Lor.), Idea de una 
nueva historia general de la America Septentrio- 
nal. Madrid, 1746. Engraved frontisp. and portr. 
vellum. 4tQ. — Uame. Mne capy in anginal condition. 

At the end of the vol.: Catalogo de (en) Museo 
historico Jndiario. 4 and 96 pp. 

»Thfi ourioua and learned author of hip work ar- 
rived in Mexico in 1750; . . he made, during eight 
years he remained- there, the most diligent researches 
into its ■ antiquity . . . Clavigero. — The appendix 
to this work is of the highest bibliographical inte- 
rest. It contains a catalogue of a rich collection of 
books, MSS., and maps, relating to the ancient 
history of Mexico, which Boturini made daring his 
travels in the middle of the ISist century, and which, 
infortunately , is now lost." Sadin 6834. — «Ce 
livre est rare en Bufope . . . Vendu avec le Catalogo 
del Museo fl lOOi — Meerman; seul 43 fr. et20fr. 
Kaetzelv'-' — .Brunei. — Eord Rothesay's copy sold 
Ihr M 3. 3 shi 


404 Boucher de la Eicharderle (G?.), Biblio- 
thique univ. des voyages ou notice compl. de tons 
les voy^ea anc. et mod. dans lea differentes par- 
ties du monde. Paris, 1808. 6 vols. Af. calf. 8vo. 


405 Boudyck Bastiaanse (J. H. v.), Voyage a 
la o6te de Guin(5e, dans le golfo de Btafta, a I'ile 
de Fernando-Po, I'lle de St. Helene, etc. La Haye, 
1853. sd. 8vo. . (4.50) 1.50 

Chapt. X. treats of America. 

406 [Bougainville, L. de]. Voyage autour du 
monde, par la frigate La ■ Boudeuse et la flllte 
I'Etoile, 1766-69. 2e 6dit. augm. Pax'is, 1772. 
3 vols, calf, maps and plates. Svo. The first vol. 
stained by water. 3. — 

The 3d vol. has the title: SuppliSment au Voyage 
de M. de Bougainville, ou journal d'un voyage fait 
par MM. Banks et Sofander, 1768— 7L Trad, de 
I'Anglais p. de Frevilie. 

407 Reis rondom de weereldt, gedaen in 1766— 

69. Dordrecht, 1772. hf. calf, maps and plates. 
4to. 1.25 

Dutch translation of the preceding vfork. 

408 Bougainville hoisting French colours on a 
small rock in Maghellaii-Straits, 1766. — Engrav. 
by Royce. fol. 1. — 

409 Tiger killed in America by the Prince of 

Nassau-Siegen, when on hia voyage round the 
world in the i'rigate La Boudeuse, Commanded 
by Bougainville. 1766. F. Casanova px., Mezzotent 
by /. Jaeobe. Very Ig. sq. fol. 5. — 

410 Bouguer, Eeisen nach Peru, Acadien u. 
Aegypten, worin die Merkwtirdigkeiten, nebat. d. 
Sitten u. Gewohnheiten d. Einwohner beschrie- 
ben werden. Aus d. Franzos. iibera. Gott. 1751. 
maps and plates, sd. uncut. Svo. 1.75 

411 Boulaye Le Gouz, Eeyae en optekeningh, . . . 
der landen van Jtalien, Syrien, Byapo.ur, d'Oost- 
Indiens der Portugijsen, Arabien, Polen .etc. Uyt 
't Pransch vert. A mat, 1660. hf. calf. Fine copy, 
numerous engiavin^s. 4to. 4. — 

{Voyages and memoirs of different countries: 
Italy, Syria, Byapour, the Portuguese East-Indies, 
Arabia, Poland, etc.) 

412 Bourbon.— Propositions adress^esauMinistre 
de la Marine pour I'introduction de cultivateurs 
libres a I'ile de Bourbon. 1842. 4to. 26 pp. Litho- 
graphic. 1. — 

413 Bourges (M. de), Naauwkeurig verhaal van 
de reia des JJissehops van Beryte uit Frankryk 
naar China, door Syrien, Arabien, Persien, onz. 
Uit het Fransch vert, door J. H. Glaaemaker. 
Amst., 1669. wall engravings: 4to. . 2.50 

(Exact account of the voyage of the Bishop of 
Beryte from Francs to China, through- Arabia, 
Persia, etc.) 




414 Bourrough (Ed.), Een standaert opgerecht, 
ende een banlere voorgehouden tot alle natien . . . 
door duijsenden van sijn volok, dewelcke in spot 
Quaeckers genaemt zijn. Uit het Eng. vert. Ara- 
sterd., gedr. in 'tjaer 1959. {sic, instsad of 1659.) 
4to. 2.— 

{A standard erected and a ianner held up to 
all nations... by thousands of ?iis people, nick- 
named Quakers.) 

415 The same, other edition. Amst., Chr. Cun- 

radus. 1669. 4to. Uncut. 2.— 

416 Bow (J. D. B. de), The Seventh Census of 
tlie United States, 1850, oubracing a statist, view 
of each of the States and Territories, with the 
aggregate tables compared with every previous 
census from 1790. With appendix. Washingt. 1853. 
2 vols, cloth. 4to. 8. — 

Stout volume of 136 and 1023 pp. 

417 Bowditch (N. I.), Suffolk surnames. 2d edition 
enlarged. Boston, 1858. cloth. 8vo. 3.50 

A very interesting work, compiled from the '/Re- 
gistry of Deeds" and the "Probate office" of Boston, 
from the first settlemeut dowa the year 1837, and 
containing names of the first colonists, etc. — ■ Suf- 
folk County denotes Boston and its immediate vicinity. 

418 Bowdoin (Jam.), I'hilosophical Discourse, ad- 
dressed to the American Academy of Arts and 
Sciences, ... 8 Nov. 1780, after the inauguration 
of the President into Office. Boston. 1780. 8vo. 
Vncut. 4.50 

Original edition. 

419 Boyle (Rob.), Voyages et avantures. Aveo la 
relation du voyage et du naufrage du Sr. Castel- 
man, ou Ton voit une description de la Pensyl- 
vanie et de Philadelphie. Trad, de I'Anglais. Am- 
sterd., 1730. 2 vols, in 1. sd. uncut, plates. 8vo. 


420 Boxhornii (M. Z.), Apologia pro navigatio- 
nibus Hollandorum adversus P. Heutorum. Acced. 
Tractatus pacis et commereii Londini 1495 cou- 
firmatus. No place (1650?) 12mo. 2.— 

On the old Dutch voyages, especially to the 
North, daring the 15th century. 

421 Brackentoridge (H. M.), Views of Louisiana, 
containing geograph., statistical and historical no- 
tices of that important portion of America. Bal- 
timore, 1817. calf. 8vo. 3. 

422 Brainerd (Dav.), Historiesch verhaal van het 
leven en den doodt van den Eerw. Heer D. Brai- 
nerd, bedienaar des Evangeliums bjj de Indianen 
te Nleuw-Jersey. Getrokken uit zjjn eigen dag- 
re^ter enz. door Jon. Edwards. Uit het Eng. 
Utrecht, 1756. wncui. 8vo. 516 pp. 3.50 

{Bxstorical account of the lije and death of the 
Jlgv. O. Brainerd, Minister of the Gospel among 
the Indians of New-Jersey, laken from his own 
joitrnal by ^- Edwards.) 

Yery interesting. Almost exclusively taken from 
the 4's^ °^ *^® celebrated Missionary. 

428 Brakel (W. a), Brief aan de Heer N. N. . , 
Koopman in Nieuw-Nederlandt, behels. een op- 
weckinge en bestieringe tot en in de Bekeeringe, 
Heyligmakinge, etc. 5e druk. Rotterd., 1705. vel- 
lum. 4to. 10.— 
{Letter to Mr. N. N., merchant in New Nether- 
land, contain, an exhortation to conversion, etc.) 

This copy has the autograph, signature, 

in full: Jf. a Srakel, of the author at the end. 
Most copies bear only the initials W. ti B. 

424 The same. 9e druk. Deventer, 1724. 4to. 

Nearly uncut. 5. — 

425 The same. lOe druk. Qron. 1730. hf. ef. 

8vo. 4.- 

The same. Amsterd., 1835. 8vo. —.80 
The same. lOde uitgave. Sneek (1856.) 

i -.80 

428 Trouwhertige waerschouwinge . . . voor 

de Labadisten, ende haere dwalingen, etc. Leeu- 
warden, 1683. sd. 8vo. 3.50 

{True-hearted exhortation ... affainsi the Laha- 
disis, and their errors.) — The Labadists, perse- 
cuted in Europe, went to America. 

429 Brandes (K.), Sir John Franklin, die Unter- 
suchungen fiir seine Kettung, u. d. Nordwestliche 
Durchtahrt. Berlin, 1854. map. sd. 8vo. (3.40) 1.40 

430 Brandt (G.), La vie et les actions memorables 
de M.. de Ruyter. Trad, du Holland. Am3t.,1698. 
IVith fine portr. and plates iy Sioopendaal. vellum. 
fol. 9.- 

This eminent biography of the celebrated Admiral 
includes a detailed account of his expedition to Gui- 
nea and New-Netherland, which he recaptured on 
the English. 

431 • ■ Leben und Thaten des See-Helden Mich. 

de Ruyter. Aus d. Niederland. iibersetzt. Amst, 
1687. IFiih portr. and plates by Stoopendaal. hf. 
bound, fol. 6. — 

432 — Historie der vermaarde zee- en koopstadt 
Enkhuizen. Enkhuiz., vellum. 4to. 3.— 

{Sistory of the renowned sea- and trading-placet 

Contains a nomenclature of the Governors etc. of 
the West-India Comp. and a list showing what sum 
each place in Holland had contributed to its capital. 

433 Historie der Eeformatie en andere kerke- 

lyke geschiedenissen. Amsterd., 1671 — 1704. 4 vols, 
vellum. line copy. 4t0. 10. — 

(History of the Reformation and of the other 
church affairs.) 

This is the standard-work and very ample collec- 
tion of documents for the history of the Protestant 
religions movements from 1610 to 19 in HoUandj 
which had such immense influence on the develop- 
ment of the West-India Comp. and of New-Nether- 
land. The author makes also mention of t^ie, Brown- 
ists. See on this at large: Ashefs Essay, pp. 81 
and foil. 

Fbederik. Mulles & C., 



434 Brandt in Brasilien. Gedr. in'tjaer 1648. 4to. 
Uncui. (Asher No. 235.) 4._ 

[ConHagraiion in Brazil.) 

435 Brasilsohe Breede-bijl, ofte fsamenspraek 
over den verloop in Brasil. 1647. 4to. (Asher 
No. 830.) 10.— 

{The Brazilian Broad-J,re (Port of tlie Eeciffe) 
or dialogue on the loss of Brazil.) 

This rare pamphlet contains curious details of the 
management or rather mismanagement of the West- 
India-Company, especially with relation to Brazil. 

See the extensive note on the Breeden-Raedt in 
Asher's Essay (p. 182—200.) 

436 Brasilsohe Gelt-Sack, waerin dat deerlijk 
vertoont wordt, waer dat de Participianten van 
de West-lnd. Compagnie haer gelt ghebleven is. 
Gedr. in Brasilion Op 't Reciff. 1647. 4to. (Asher 

No. 231.) 15._ 

{The Brazilian Money-hag, in which is clearly 
shown what has become of the money of the share- 
holders of the W. Ind. Comp. Printed in Brazil 
at the Recife.) 

Printed in Holland. The pamphlet is full of inte- 
rest and contains many curious details ahout the 
administration of the West-India-Company, explaining 
a part of those difficulties which weighed so heavily 
on the other colonies of the Company, chiefly on 

437 Braun et Hogenberg, Civitates orbis Ter- 
rarum. Antverp. 1572. Tom. I— 111. 3 vol. vellum. 
Original binding, fol. 35. — 

Superb copy, with plain, uncolonred plates, in 
good impressions, and with Latin text. 

438 ■ — - Theatre des Citfis du Monde. Brux. 1574— 
1618. 6 vols, vellum, fol. 70.— 

The same work, French text, with coloured plates. 
Highly interesting work for the numerous plans and 
views of nearly all the cities in the world; each 
plan and view is illustrated with figures in the dress 
of the 16th century. With the plan ofMexico, Cusco, 
and a prospect of Sevilla, on which are marked the 
dwelling place and garden of Columbus. 

The edition in French is rare. — Vol. V of this 
copy is in Latin, hound in old calf. 

439 [Brauw (J. de)], Herinneringen eener reize 
naar Nieuw-Tork, gedaan in 1831 — 32. Leid., 
1833. 8vo. 1.— 

{Memoirs of a voyage to New-York, made in 

440 Brazil. — Besohrijvinghe van de Landen 
van Brasilien ende het veroveren van Bahia de 
todos los Santos. t'Amsterdam, voor de Wed. v. 
C. Lod. van der Flasse, 1644. vellum, sm. 8vo. Fint 
copy. 30. — 

(Description of the lands of Brazil and the con- 
quent of Bahia de todos los Santos.) 

8 unnumh. leaves. — Of the utmost rarity, 
not mentioned hy Asher, Sabin nor by any other 
Bibliographer. The only copy I ever saw. 


441 Brazil. — Kronleb van het Historisch 6e- 

nootsohap te Utrecht. XXIXe Jaargang. 1873. 

Utrecht, 1874. sd. 8vo. 8.50 

(Proceedings of the Historical Society at Virecht. 

2'ith year 1873.) 

Contains : Clasaioale Acta van Brazilie. — Acta 
of the directors of the Dutch Reformed Church in 
Brazil, 1636—44, published from the Records of 
the church in the Province of Utrecht, hy Dr. J. A. 

442 Map of Baya de Todos los Sanctos. sm., 

sq. fol. 35 by 27. — From: de Laet, Nocui Orbis 
1633. 1.50 

443 Map of All-Saints Bay, with plan of St. 

Salvador. (Amst., Is. Tirion. 1765.) Colour, sq. fol. 
41 by 35. 1.— 

444 Map of Brazil. Amst., J. Janssonius. (1669). 

sq. fol. 49 by 38. — Prom: Jansson's Atlas. 1639. 

With separate maps of All-Saints-Bay and of 
Olinda de Pernambnco. 

445 Map of Brazil, by J. Blaeu, with dedi- 
cation to C. ab Artischau Arciszewski. Amst. 
J. Blaeu (1645). sq. fol. 49 by 35^. — From: 
Blaeu's Ikeatre. 1845. 2.— 

446 Brasiliae littora. Amst., P. de Wit (about 

1675). Chart, fol. 57 by 48. — Coloured. — From de 
Wit's Maritime Atlas. 2. — 

447 Map of Brazil, by J. Blaeu. Amst, A. Wolf- 

gangk. (1680). sq. fol. 58 by 50. — Coloured. — 
From: Wolfgang's Atlas. 1680. 2. — . 

448 Large map by F. Porf. Amst., Allard. 1689 

9 sheets, fol. 52 by 27. — Only one sheet, on 
which the figure of a sugar-mill and other scenes 
of Brazil-life. — Very rare. 2. — 

This map is a later and much altered edition of 
the 9 plates in the work of Barlaeus. Amst. 1647. 
(See N». 228.) 

449 Carte du Bresil-Hollandais au commen- 
cement du 17e si6cle, p. P. M. Netscher.'La'Bltje. 
1848. Small sq. fol. —.75 

451 Views on Eio-Janeiro, engrav. by Finkeles, 

(1775) and lith. Backer. 2 pe. sq. 4<>. 1.— 

452 Panoramic view of Kio -Janeiro. Very fine 

engr., printed in colours, Paris, Rittner et Goupil. 
(1835?) 1 plate in 2 sheets. Ig. sq. fol. Together 
100 by 20 centim. 4.— 

453 View of Fernambuco, from Schenk. sq. 4». 


454 Panorama, taken from the Kua do Amo- 

rim. Fine aqua-tint by Salathe. Eio Janeiro, Stein- 
mann. Very Ig. sq. fol. 100 by 25 centim. 2.25 

455 Views on St. Salvador, old engravings 

from Schenk and from Moore's Travels. 2 pc. sq. 
fol. and 4". 1.50 

456 „Foret vierge du Bresil." Fine engraving 

by Fortier after Count Clarac. (1820?) Very large 
sq. fol. 75 by 54 centim. 2.50 



457 Brazil— A Landscape in Brazil. Charming 

pictui-e : a large hacwnda (farm) ; on the foreground 
the Jandholder and his wife, a negro and other 
figures; to the left a palmtree; in the distance 
a cultivated country. Painted in oil and signed 
by the celebrated Dutch Painter F. Post, (about 
1640): — On pannel, 25 by 15j- centim. — Ex- 
ceedingly well preserved. 140. — 

458 Similar Landscape, in the same style 

somewhat larger. On the foreground some negroes 
with their children ; on the second plan a farm 
with the landlord and his wife, palmtrees, etc.; 
in the distance a river and several houses in a 
cultivated country. By the same artist, but not 
signed. Oilpainting on pannel, 27 by 20 cen- 
tim. — In the same good condition as the former. 

The Dutch pointer P. Post accompanied Count 
John Maurice of Nassau, Governor of Brazil from 
1636 — 1644, to that country, where he made many 
sketches, some of which (53), he afterwards engra- 
ved to illustrate the now rare work : Barlaeus, 
Merum per Ocioennium in £razilia gestarum sub 
prae/ectitra J. Mauritii Nass. historia. Amst. 1647. 
iA. See N". 228. 

Old-paintings by this artist very rarely occur. - 
The above described are undoubtedly made on the 


459 — ■ — Dress and habits of the natives : the Ta- 
poys and other tribes. 9 old engrav. sq. 4°. All 
mounted. — From Montanus' America and Moore's 
Voyages. 2. — 

460 Bree, H. van, Dutch Navigator. A. L. S. (in 
Dutch) to C. Huygens, from the Islands Mauri- 
tius, Jan. 4, 1606. 1 full p. fol. — Interesting and 
rare autograph. 4, — 

Tidings of tlie squadroon of Mateli^f de Jonge, 
on which van Bree was embarked. 

461 [Breugel (G. P. C. v.)] Dagverhaal van eene 
reis naar Paramaribo en Suriname. Amst. 1842. 
8vo. (1.20) —.75 

{Journal of a voyage to Paramaribo and Surinam.) 

462 Breeden-Eaedt aende Vereenichde Neder- 
iandsehe Provintien. Gemaekt ende gestelt uyt 
diverse ware en waerachtige mcmorien door [. A. 
G. W. C. Tot Antwerpen, IPr. van Duynen, 1649. 
4to. 45 pp. (Asher No. .334.) 175 — 

{Homely Advice to the United Dutch Provinces^ 
made up from divers and faithful documents.) 

This e;ccessively rare pamphlet is, no doubt, the 
most important document existing on IsTew-Nether- 
land; its importance was discovered by Mr. Asher 
in ransacking in 18i9 my 20 k 25000 pamphlets. 
See on it at large Asher's Essay pp. 183—200. 
It was entirely translated by Mr. H. C. Murphy 
and printed at the expense of Mr. J. Lenox, but 
not put into commerce. 

463 Extracts from a w'ork called: „Breeden 

Kaedt aende Vereen. Nederl. Provintien," printed 

in Antwerp 1649. Translated by Mr. C.(owanj 

Amst. 1850. 14 pp. 8vo. 2.— 

These extracts of the most important passages from 

the extremely scarce original were translated by 

Mr. F. W. Cowan, English teacher at Amsterdam, 

and only printed and sold in a limited number. 

464 Breitkopf, J. G. J., Ueber den Druck d. 
geographischeu Charten. Nebst Probe einer Land- 
charte durch d. Buchdruckerkunst. Leipz. 1777. 
4». 1.50 

465 Breton (J. de) Notioia histor. da vida e das 
obras de Jose Haydn, Doctor em Musica. Traduz. 
(com appendice do traductor.) Rio de Janeiro. 
1820. 8vo. 1,50 

466 Brief van NN. aan zvjnen vriend A. te Am- 
sterdam betr. de verbetering van den West-lnd. 
handel. Amst. 1765. 8vo. —.75 

{Letter by Mr. N. N. to a friend at Amsterdam 
on the amendment of the IF. I. Traffic.) 

467 Brief van het Algemeen Synode der Hollandsche 
Gereform. Kerk van de Ver. Staaten.v. N. Ame- 
rika, aan de Leden . . . der Gereform. Kerk in 
Frankrijk. Uit h. Fransch, met aanteek. Amst., 
1830. 40 pp. 8vo. 1.— 

{Letter from the General Synod of the Kef. 
Dutch Church in N. Amer., to the members of the 
Ref. Church in France.) 

On the unity of the Reformed Doctrine. 

468 Brief van een zeker Heer aan W. Pen, eyge- 
naar en gouverneur van Pennsylvania, beneffens 
zijn antwoord daarop. Uit het Eng. Amst., 1689. 
4to. — Rare. 18.— 

{Letter of a certain gentleman to W . Perm, ow- 
ner and governor of Pennsylvania with his reply.) 

469 Brief Statement of opinions, given in the 
Board of Commissioners, under the 6th article of 
the Treaty of Amity with greath Britain. With 
an Appendix. Philadelphia, 1800. sd. uncut. 8vo. 
Sabin N». 7904. 3.50 

470 Brieven geschreven door gedeporteerde gees- 
telyken uit de Fransche Guyana aan hunnefami- 
lien in Belgenland. Loven, 1799. 8vo. 1.50 

{Letters written by banished priests from French 
Guiana to their families in Belgium.) 

472 Bring (S.) De pisoatuns in Oceano Boreali. 
Lond. Goth. 1750. 4to. 1.— 

473 Brissot, (Warville J. P.) Nouveau voyage 
dans les Etats-Unis de I'Amerique. Paris, 1791. 
Vol. 1. 2. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.50 

The 3d (last) volume treats exclusively of the com- 
mercial relations between the U. States and France. 

474 Nieuwe reize in de Vereen. Staten van 

Noord-Amerika. Vert, en met bijvoegselen ycr- 
meerd. Amst. (1792.) 3 vols. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.50 
Dutch translation of the preceding work, with 

475 Nya Resa genom Nord-Americanska Fri- 

Staterna ar 1788. Fran Pranska Origin, saramen- 




dragfen, och med Anmatkn. af J. E. Forster. Stock- 
holm, 1799. hf. calf. 8vo. 2.50 
Swedish translation , with annotations. — Not 
mentioned in Sabln's Bibliography. 

476 Brodhead (J. Romeyn) History of the State 
of New-York. New-York, 1853—71. Vol. 1. 2. 
cloih^ map of Neie-lietherland. 8vo. 15. 

■f?? 7 Noa. of the Amsterdamsche Courant. 1865, 

containing articles on the early history of New- 
Netherland till its conquest by the English. Ta- 
ken from a discourse held by J. E. Broadhead 
af New- York. fol. 1.50 

478 Broeck (Matth. v. d.) Journael, ofte histo- 
toriaelse beschrijvinge van 't geen hy selfs ghesien 
ende waerachtigh gebeurt is, wegen de revolte 
van de Portugese in Brasiel. Amst., 1651. 4to. 
(Asher No. 972.) 12.50 

{Journal of M. v. d. Broeck of what he ha! 
seen himself, concern, the revolt of the Portuguese 
in Srazil.) 

"Opuscule contenant des particularites tres-inte- 
ressantes, et inconnu k la plupart des bibliographes 
et des historiens, qui out traite de I'histoire du Bre- 
sil. Ce qui lai donne une grande valeur, c'est la 
Tue de Pernambuco qui s'y trouve jointe et qui est 
faite specialement pour cet oavrage." — I'romel 
No. 265. 

With map of Brazil, 2 engravings and the large 
and rare view Pernambuco, — in all 3 plates. 

The 4th plate properly belongs to » C. Claesz, Oost- 
Ind. Seys-besckrijvinge'" . 

479 Tlie same, with plates, and bound up with : 

Journael ofte Oost-IndischeReys-beschrijviDghe, 
ghedaen door Corn. Claesz van Purmerendt, ver- 
halende veel vreemdigheden van Mosambiecke en 
Goa. 4o. Ibid. 1651. 15.— 

{Journal or East-India Voyag,e by 0. Claesz of 
Furmerendt, contain, many curiosities of Mosam- 
bique and Goa.) 

Complete with all the plates, the fourth being in- 
serted (in its right place) at p. 31 of the 3d work. 

480 Lykstati . . . van Matth. van den Bronke, 

Burgermeester ...Dordrecht, 1685. 4to. 1.50 

(Funeral procession at the death of M. v. d. 

The same person who wrote the foregoing work, 
and afterwards Burgomaster. 

481 Broeeke (Pt. v. den) Korte Historiael ende 
Jonrnaelscbe aenteyeken. van de langhiiuerighe 
Keysen nae Cabo Verde, Angola, en insonder- 
heydt na Oost-lndien; benefif. do beschi-yv. enaf- 
beeld. v. verscheyden Steden v. IhdJeii. Amst., 
/. Sarigers, 1648'. bds. 4to. With one plate in 6 
divisions. (Tiele N". 211.) 3.50 

{Short historical journal of the long vdyages to 
Oiibo Verde, Angola, and especially East-India. 
With the description and representation of various 
towns of' India, etc.) 

First edition of this highly interesting journal by 
the navigator himself. 


482 Btoeeke (Pt. v. d^n), The same. -^ Amst., 
G. J. SaegkUan, (1663.) hf. vellum. 4to. Very fine 
copy. (Xiele No. 212.) 4.50 

With the fine portrait by A. Matham, bbt in bad 
impression, and 33 pi. (18 woodcuts and 5 pi., the 
5 last from Hartgers' ed.) Abridged reprint of the 

483 Korte Historiael en Journaelse aanteeke- 

ninge, enz. Leeuw., 1717. ids. uncut. 8vo. Very 
rare. 6. — 

Popular reprint of the former edition, 188 pp., 
without plates. — " 1 hove never seen nor heard of 
this edition before. Not mentioned by Tiele. 

484 Broes (W.) De kerk en de staat in weder- 
zijdsche betrekking, bijzonder in de Nederlanden 
en in Noord-Amerika. Arasterd. 1832. 2 vols. sd. 
uncut. 8vo. (4.80) 1.75 

{Church and State in their mutual rilation, es- 
pecially in the Netherlands and in North America.) 

485 Bromwell (W. J.) History of (minigratidn to 
the United States from 1819—55. New-York, 
1856. cloth. 8vo. 1.50 

486 Brooks, John, served in the Eevol. W^ar, 
Governor of Massaohus. 1816-23. — A. L. S. 
to General Eben. Mattoon, dat. Medford, Deft. 30 
(no year). 1 p. 80. 1.50 

487 Brooks (J. Tyrwhitt), Four months among 
the gold-tinders. — E. Bryant, What ( saw in 
California, description of its soil, climate, product, 
and gold-mines. Paris, 1849. map. large 8vo. 1. — 

488 The same. Dutch translation of the first 

work. Amst., 1849. sd., map. 8vo. (1.80) —.60 

489 [Brosses (de)] Histoire des navigations aux 
Terres Australes, depuis 1501, contenant ce que 
Ton SQait des moeurs et des productions des con- 
trees d6couvertes etc. Paris, 1756. 2 vols, calf, 
maps. 4to. 5.50 

Cont. the voyages of Am. Vespuccius, Magellanes, 
Fr. Drake, Cavendish, J. le Maire, G. Schouten, 
Tasman, Roggewin (RoggSvecn) etc. 

490 Vollstandifee Geschichte der S^chififarthen 

naoh den unbekannten Siidlandern. Uebersetzt u. 
m. Zusatzen von J. Chr. AdelUrig. Halle, 1767. 
2 vols, in 1. calf, map. 4to. 4. — 

491 Brouckner, Nouvel Atlas du Globe Terrestre. 
La Haye, 1759. bds., 18 maps. fol. 1.50 

492 Brougliton (W. R.) Voyages de d^couvertes 
dans la partie septentrionale de I'Ocean Pacifique, 
1795-98. Trad, par J. B. B. E(yries.) Paris, 1807. 
2 vols, map and plates, hf. calf. 8vo. 1.50 

493 Brouwer (H.) Journael ende Historisverhael 
van de Eeyse gedaen by Oosten de Straet Le Maire, 
naer de custen van CUll, in 1643, vervatende der 
Chilesen manieren, etc. Met eene beschi-yvinghe 
van bet Eylandt Esb by Japan. Anisterd., Broer 
Jansz., 1646. plates and map. 4to. (Tiele No. 204.) 
Rare. 20.— 

{Journal and histor . account of the voyage made 
through the Strait Le Maire to the coasts of Chili 



in 1643, deicriUng the customs of the Chilians 
etc. With a description of the Island Eso near 

Very interesting journal, only onco reprinted about 
1660. The description of Eso ncnr Japan, written 
by Mrt. Gorr. Vrios, is of the highest interest. 

494 Brown, Jacob, of Brownvillo. — A. L. S. to 
laainli Townsend of Albany, dat. Bi'cwnvillo, 
April 23, 1812. ii pp. fol. 2.— 

Brown is scandaMzed by- and asks for explanation 
of a rumour spread by Townsend, Spencer, a. c, 
that "He was to receive somethintj very conside- 
rable jor his esrertions in lavor of the Bank of 

495 Brown, James, Senalor 1812- 17, 1819—24, 
Minister to Trance 1824-20. — A.L.R, to Mr. Ic 
Comte de Forbin, dat. Paris, Sept. 13, 1827. 
1 p. 4». 1.60 

496 Brown (Rob.) Der Enselsehe Held n. Kittor 
F. Dracke in einer ausfiihrlichen Beschreibung 
von dessen Leben, Thaton u. Sce-Heisen. Aus dem 
Engl. Mit Anbang: Von dera evataunenswiird. 
Schiffbruch dea Oat-lnd. Jagd-Sohiffes, der Schel- 
ling genannt. Leipzig, (1740?) calf neat, portr. of 
Drake. 8vo. 4. — 

As no work on Di'ake by R. Brown is known, 
Sabin thinks, this is ;■- translation of R. Barton's 
•'English Hero, or Sir Fr. Drake." The appendix 
is a translation of the Dutch work: Vervarelijke 
Schip-breuk van ... ter Scheliing, Amat,, 1675, 
mostly ajijjended to the rcjjrint of Struya' Voyage 
to Russia etc., in 1718. 

497 Brownists. — Belijdenisse des Oeloofs, ofte 
verantwoordinghe van soodanighe Christenen, wel- 
cl<en doorgaana (doch t'onrecht) Brouwnisten go- 
noemt worden. Tegens d' aantjjgingen . . . van 
d' opperhoofden en loeraren in de Hooge School 
van Oxfort . . . Amaterd., gedruckt by Gair. lien- 
dricksz. voor F. P. en /(jn te koop by Joh. Bruy- 
ningh, 1670. vellum. 8vo. Excessively hahk. 18. — 

(Confession of faith, or Apology of the Chris- 
tians called (hut injusthj) Brownists, against the 
imputations of the University of Oxford.) 

In an Advertisement the reader is informed that 
here the Confession of Mr. Ainsworth is reprinted: 
then follows the Apology against the University of 
Oxford (p. 1 — 7) and the Confession in Dutch, 
conform to the Latin edition of Amstcrd. 1698. 

498 Bruce (P. H.) Memoirs, containing an account 
of his travels in Germany, Russia, Tartary, Tur- 
key, the West-Indies, etc. (1710-45). London. 
1782. hf calf. 4to. 8.— 

499 Brummelkamp (A.) Stemmen uit Noord- 
Amerika. Anist. 1847. 8vo. 1. — 

(Voices from North- America.) 

500 Brutel de la Riviere (P. M.) Togt van hot 
Engelsche barkschip Pagoda, naar do Zuidpool. 
(E.Tlr. 1850.) 8vo. 1.— 

(Voyage of the Engl, bark Fagoda, to the South- 

501 Bry (de). Grands Voyages. Gterman Text. 
Samnilnng von Reison naoli dom Oocidentali- 
sohen Indien. Heransgobon von J. u. Tli. de 
Bry. Franckfurt. Vol. [-IX and XU. — 14 
vols, maps and plates, half morocco violet, top gilt. 
fol. 375.- 

VicRY i'(NE oopv rnoM the Sobolewski Li- 
BKARV, composed of the following editions. 
Vol, I. 1620. Third edition, according to tho col- 
lations of Brunet. 
Vol, II. 1603. Second edition, according to Brnnot, 
Vol. 111. 159.S. Second edition. With the plate Adam 
and Eva, according to the description of Brnnet. 
Vol. IV. 1594. First edilion, according to Brunei. 
Vol. IV. 1613. Second edition. Tho title of tho edi- 
tion in Latin, with date of 1594, and the map: 
//Nova Hispania etc. 1595." Besides as in Bninut. 
Vol. V. J596. First edition. Tho map of Now Spain 
is bound in tho foregoing volume (2d edit, of vol. 
IV), besides as in Brunet. 
Vol. V. 1G13. Second edition. Title in Latin, with 
date of 1595. The plates 9, 10, 17, 18 aro of 
tho first edition; plates 16 and 19 wanting. 
Vol. VI, 1697. First edition. According to Bnuiot, 
Vol, VI, 1619. Second edition, Tho map of Amoricn 

wanting; besides na in Brunet, 
Vol. VII. 1617. Third edition. The title of tho plotci 

with date of 1624. 
Vol. VIII. 1624, Second edilion. With preface only 

to W. Raleigh ; besides according Brunet. 
Vol. IX. 1601. First edition. Title without doto, 
with the //Historiache Relation" dated 1601, and 
//Addilamcntum" dated 1602. According to the 
descriiiiiun of Brunet. Bonnd in 3 vols. 
Vol. XII. 1623. Only edition. Tho map ./Amorico 
8. novus orbis" and the plan of Cnsoo wanting; 
else according to Brunet, 

All tho volumes very clean and with large mar- 
gins, uniformly bound, 

502 Bry (de) Grand Voyages, Gorman Text. 
Part I. Franckfurt, 1690. fol. First edition, rarit- 

sime. 14. — 

Warhafftige Contrafaoturcn nnd Gcbriiiich dor Iirn- 

wohnor dcrjcnigen Laudschaft in Amorico, wdclw 

Virginia ist genennet ... 
Printed title, preface, mop, plate 2—8, 16, ?0— 

33; of tho //Pictens" tho explanations, and plato 

4 and 6 ; Register and impressum, 8 loaves. — Tho 

5 first loaves mounted or mended. 

503 Grand Voyages: Latin Text. Franco- 

furti. 1590—1606. Part 1-7 in 2 vols. velkm.M. 


I. Admiranda narratio lida tamon do ooramodis ot 

inoolarum ritibus Virginiao... ab Anglis inven- 

tae... Francof. 1590. 27 plates and map of 


1st and 2d edition. — Mixed copy. The first lint 
of tho dedication ending with; Ma. — The vono 
of the Index praecipuarum rerum blank. Tho Inst 
loaf blank. — Plate 3, 6, 10, 11, 12 from the 
2d ed. 

FltEDlElK MULI/EB & 0°,. 

IT. Brevis nartatio eoi'Dm que in B'lorida, Americae 
provincia, Gallis accideinnt. . . 1591. Map and 
42 plates. 

1 st and 2d edition. — The plates of the first edi- 
tion. The text has partly the particularities of the 
first, partly of the 2d edition, according to Brn- 
net's collation. 

III. Americae tertia pars, memorahilem provinciae 
Brasiliae historiam continens germanico sermone 
scriptani a Joa. Stadio. 1605. 
2d edition. 

IV. Americae pars quatta, sive... historia de re- 
perta primnm Occidentali India a Christ. Colombo... 
scripta ab Hier. Benzono. 1594. 34 plates. 
First edition, bnt the verso of page 145 blank. 

V . Americae pars qninta ... Hier. Beuzoni secun dae 
aectionis Uia [Historia] ... 1595. Map and 
22 plates. 

1st edition. The word Hia (abbreviation for Historia) 
added between the fourth and fifth line. 

YI. America pars sexta, sive historiae ab Hier. Ben- 
zono scripta sectio tertia, 1596. 28 plates. 
1st and 2d edition. The text of the first, the plates 
of the 2d edition. 3 plates mounted. 

VII. Americae pars VII... descriptio praecipuarum 
qnarundam Indiae regionum et insularum . . . ab 
Ulr. fabro invent . . . 1599. 
Ist edition. The 3 plates belonging to this part are 
always in the 8th part. 

Good and very tall copy, even with temoins, measu- 
ring 34, 8 mill, by 25, but wanting: I. Plate of 
Adam and Eve, plate 4, Pictonum plate 1—3, 5.-^ 

III. Title, dedication and privilege (3 leaves), 
map, pp. 41—46, 65, 66, 71,7i5, 135, 36. — 

IV. Frontispice before the plates, pi. 3, 23, 24. — 

V. Map, pi. 10, 20, 21. — VI. Begins at page 
7 vranting map of America, pp. 9 — 10, plan of 
Cnsco, pi. 8, 26. — VII. Title. 

504 Bry«ie)Grands Voyages, Latin Text, Part lit. 
Historiae Antipodum, sive Novi Orbis, vulgo Ame- 
ricae, et Indiae Occident, nomine, pars II la, com- 
plect. . . . Terrae Brasiliae . . . histor. . . . repur- 
gata et in ord. red. stnd. J. Xi. Gottofridi. Fran- 
cof., M. Merian, 1620. plates, lol. 20.— 

Contains the voyages of J. Staden and J. Lerins 
to Brazil. — Third edition conform to Brunei. 
No engraving on pag. 86. 

505 Brevis narratio eorum qnae in Florida, 

Americae provincia, Gallis acciderunt, secunda in 
illam navlgatione, dnceK. deLaadonniere. Auctore 
J Le Moyne, cui cognomen est de Morgues. 
Francof. a. M. 1591. fol. 12.— 

2d part of the Grands Voyages. First edition 
(only pi. 18 of the 2d edit.) — Wantjng pi. 15, 
19—21 31—34, and text: privilege 1 leaf, Men- 
dae qna'edam, 1 leaf. The map damaged. 

506 Petits Voyages: Latin Lext. Franco- 

fiirti 1598- 1607. Part 1—8 in 1 volume, vellum. 
fol. — First edition. 100.— 

In the first three parts some leaves and plates stai- 

DE BRY. 81 

ned or torn, the remaining parts in verif good 
condition. All with good margins. — By a colla- 
tion with Brunet the following differences have 
been remarked: 

I. Eegnum Congo, hoc est vera descriptio regni 
Afi'icani. Prancof. 1598. 14 plates. — Agrees with 

Brnnet's indications. 

II. Pars Indiae Orientalis. In qua Joh. Hug. Lin- 
schotani Navigatio in Orientem. Fraucof. 1599. 
38 plates and 4 maps. 

The leaf containing Linschoteu's preface damaged. 
Plate 4 wanting, plate 37 damaged. — The 4 
maps at pp. 18, 48, 72, 96 bound up with those 
of the 3d part; two of them (those of Goa and 
Java) damaged. — At the end of the text no 
blank leaf, but 2 unnumb. leaves of index for this 
edition. Brunet mentions them only for the se- 
cond edition. 

III. Tertia Pars Indiae Orientalis qua continentur: 
1". Secunda pars navigationum J. Hug. Linscho- 
ten. 2''. Navigatio Hollandoram in insulas Orien- 
tales, Javam et Sumatram. 3". Tres navigationes 
HoUandornm per Glacialem Oceanum. Francof. 
1601. 58 plates et 5 maps. 

2 Plates (Angra and Goa) and 2 maps. (Delineatio 
trium navigationum and Bi/dograph. chart) much 
damaged. — Without the map of Nova Zembla 
on the verso of pi. 58. 

IV. Pars Quarta Indiae Orientalis, qua primnm varii 
generis animalia describuntur; secundo novissima 
HoUandorum in Indiam Orientalem navigatio. 
Francof. 1601. 21 plates, fol. 

Page 27—28 slightly damaged. 

V. Quinta Pars Indiae Orientalis: qua continetur 
descriptio navigationis qnam HoUandi cum octonis 
uavibus in Terras Orientales susceperunt. Francof. 
1601. 20 plates. 

VI. Indiae Orientalis Pars VI. Veram ethistoricam 
descriptionem auriferi regni Guineae, ad Africam 
pertinentis, continens. Francof. 1604. 26 plates. 

Plate 2 and 3, as usually, with the misplaced ex- 

VII. Indiae Orientalis Pars Septima; navigationes 
duas, primam a Georgio Spilbergio in Indiam, 
alteram a Casper Balby, Gemmaro Veneto, anno 
1579 Babyloniam versus. . ad regnum Pegu usque 
continuatam, continens. Francof. 1606. 22 plates. 

The dedication with the coats of arms of J. Adam, 
surmounted by those of J. Swiehard. 

VIII. Indiae Orientalis Pars Octava: navigationes 
qninque, primam a Jac. Neccio, secundam a Joh. 
Herm. de Bree, tertiam a Corn. Nicolai, quartam 
a Corn, de Vena, quintam sub Steph. de Hagen 
in Indiam Orient, susceptae continens. Francof. 
1607. 18 plates. 

The right part of pi. 18 wanting. 

507 Bry (de) Petits Voyages. Latin Test. Pt. 3. 
Icones sive . . . delineationes quarundam mapparum, 
locorum maritimorum, insularum, urbium^ et popu- 
lorum ... c. descript., omnia in Indica naviga- 
tions versus Orientem suscepta ... incisa per 



Jo. Th. et Jo. Tsr. d.e Bnj. Francofurti, 1601. Title, 
58 plates and Table of distances, ids. io\. 17.50 
Separate edition of the plates from thq Petits 
Voyages in Latin, 'id Part, belonging to the second 
voyage of Linschotcn, the voyages of the Dutch to 
East-India, and to the North. — "Without the map 
of Nova Zembla on the verso of pi. 58. 

508 Bry(de) Petits Voyages: German Text. Part 
v.: Fiinffter Theil der Orientalischen [ndlen, ey- 
gentlioher Berioht der Reise, so die Hollander mit 
8 Sehiffen in die Oriental. Indien gethan. Auss 
Niederland. Verzeichnuss in hochteutscher Sprach 
beschrieben durch G. Arthus. Frankfurt, 1601. 
20 plates, fol. First edition. 18.— 

Voyage of J. C. Van Neck. The blank leaf after 
the preface wanting. 

509 Map: Conterfactnr der 3 Schifffarten, 

welche di («c/) Hollander durch das Mitnachtischen 
Mer... durch Waygats noch (sic!) den Orientali- 
schen [ndien fuhrgenomen ... 1 leaf. fol. 9.— 

The same map as in the 3d part of De Bry's 
Petits Voyages in Latin, but with considerable 
differences, belonging to the German edition of the 
3d part of de Bry. 

510 Canms (A-, GO Memoire sur la collection 

des Grands et Petits Voyages, et sur la collection 

' des Voyages de M. Theveuot, Paris, 1802. bds. un- 
cut. 4to. 10--;- 
The copy of the well known collector of De Bry's 
Voyages, Mr Sobolewski, with some MSS. annota- 
tions of his hand. Valuable copy. 

511 Weigel (T. O.) Bibliographisehe Mitthei- 

lunften ttbcr die deutschen Auagaben von De Bry's 
Sammlungen der Reisen naoh dem abend- u. mor- 
genlandischen Indien. Leipzig, 1845. sd. uncut. 
8vo. 3.— 

Reprinted from the »" 

51 la The same. sd. rmcut.- 8vo. 7. — 

Valuable copy with numerous corrections in the 
handwriting of Mr. Sobolewski, the celebrated col- 
lector of the De Bry's Voyages. 

512 Bry, Theod. de, the head of the celebrated 
family of engravers and editors of the fine set of 
voyages, cet. — A. L. S. (in French), to Franc. Ra- 
phelengius, (Frans van Ravelengien) Hebrew Prof, 
and editor at Leiden, son in law of C. Plantinus, 
dat. Franckf., Sept. 19, 1595. 1 p. fbl. — Fine 
facsimile in lith., on tinted paper 3.— 

Interesting letter on his publications, especially on 
the 5th part of his Grands Voyages, of which he 
sends a copy to Raphelengins. — From: H. Lem- 
perta, Bilderhefte d. Buchhandels. 

513 Bryant (Ed.), Voyage en Californie. Descrip- 
tion de son sol, de son climat, do ses mines d'or. 
Trad. p. X. Marmier. Paris, (1849.) sm. 8vo. map. 

(1.90) 1.— 

514 Biiohler (J. U.) Lotgevallen van een Zwit- 
aersoh landveAnizer op zjjne reize naar Noord- 

^merika en de West-Indien. Haarl. 1819. uncut. 

8vo, . ' '?-P) 1— 

{Adventures of a Swiss emigrant on his voyage 
to North-America and the West-Indies. Transl.from 
the Qerman.) 

515 Buchon, J. A., Atlas geographique, statistique, 
histor. et chronolog. des deux Am^riques et des 
lies £(djaceptes. Paris. 182^. hf. bound. Unqijt. Co- 
loured mnps. roy. fol. 6. — 

Contains 63 fine maps, each in a bprder formed 
by the extensive text. 

516 Bucquoi (J. de) Aanmerkelyke oatmoe,tingen 
in de zestien jaarige reize naa de [pdjen. Haar- 
lem, J. Boschy 1744. hf. oalf, map and pi, 4to. 2.— ■ 

{Memorable occurrences during a XG years' voyage 
to India.). 

517 Zestien jaarige Reise naa de Indien, Kio 

de la Goa, Madagascar, Batavia enz. 2de druk, 

vermeerd. met de Waterwereld. Haerlem, 1757. 

2 vols, in 1. bds., portr., maps and plates. 4to. 4. — 

Second edition of the preceding, augmented with 

the Waterworld, {See following title:) 

518 De waterwereld ... en de byzonderheden 

langs de kusten aangeweezen . . . bijzond, van 

Oost. en West-Ind. handel. Haerlem, 1752. map, 

hf. calf. 4to. 2.50 

( The Waterworld ; the particularities of the eoasii 

for commerce and navigation, specially/ on- the E. 

and W. Indies.). 

61 — 105 treat of America atid the North. 

519 Buddingh {ID,) , Ontdekking van Anaerika en 
herhaalde zeercizen derwaartg in de 3^1— XIV 
eeuw. 's Gravenh. 1838. 8vo. 1.— 

{Discovery of America and j-epeated voyages 
tJfither in the 11 — lith century.), 

520 — - De Kerk, school en wetenschap in de 
Vereen. Staten van Noord-Amerika. Utrecht. 1853. 
3 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. (8.20) 3.50 

{Church, School and Science in the United Stahi.) 
This work is the result of the author's voyage to 
America to investigate the important subjects men- 
tioned on the title. 

The 1st part contains the history of the Dutch 
Reformed Church in North-America. 

521 Buggle (Sam. B.) Report to the Inteijnational 
Statistical Congress at the Hague, 1869. Part. I. 
Cereals of the United States of America. (The 
Hague, 1869.) large 4to. 1.25 

522 „The Bull broke loose." English capica- 
ture, 1780. Publ. by J. Kearby Stafford, sq. fol. 


523 The Bull overdrove, or the.dHvers in dan- 
ger." English caricature: a running- bull dri- 
ving before him an American betweein a French- 
man and a Spaniard. 1780. Publ. by I. Karris. 
sq. fol. 2.— 

524 "The Bull roasted, or the political eooh" — 
English caracature : an Aw^wcan sitting, at table 

Febderik MUI^;,J1JEI 4. (fl'j, 



tietween a ^ and Spaniard: Eiigland, 
as a bull, roasted, eic, 1780. Piibl. by J. Earris. 
sc[. fol. 4. — 

525 Bulletin dos sciences ggographiques, (5conomie 
publique, voyages. Publie sous la ihreotiou de A'. 
le Baron de Ferussac. Paris, 18:!4— 1831. 28 vol. 
hf. calf. 80. (150.—) 25.— 

Highly esteemed jourDal, with contributioua by 
ChampoUion-Figeac, Dureau de Lamalle, de Ferussac, 
de Freyoinet, Jomard, Klaproth, de Laborde, Abel 
Remusut, Walkenaer, a. u. — A host of articles treat 
OQ American geography, (physical, political, statis- 
tical, etc.); besides on cpiumerce, cartography and 

526 of the American Geographical and Statis- 
tical Society. Vol. I. pai-t III. New-York. 1854. 
maps. 8vo. 1.— 

Cent.: Description of Natal, by H. A. 'Wilder. 
With map. — Uescriptioa of the Isthmus of Pa- 
nama, or "Darien." by G. B. Watts, etc. 

527 Buma (J. Acronius a) Argo Belgica, s. de 
expeditione Belgica in Africa et America, sub ce- 
leb, heroe Mich. Rutero carmen chronicum. Da- 
ventriae (ca. 1665.) sm. Bro. — Rare. 10. — 

528 BuDJan (J) Eons Christens reyse na de eeu- 
wigheyt. Jtr. 1688. fFoodcuis. 12mo. 7.— 

( The nigrimm^s progress.) 
"Rare Dutch edition. 

529 The same. Op nieuw bewerkt naar de 

oorspronk. uitgave, met aanteek. van Th. Scott, 
met levensbcrigt v. d. sohrijver etc. door J. H. 
Gunning. Amst., 1864. 2 vols. wUh 66 iine steel- 
engravings and portrait, roy. 8vo. 12. — 

( The same. New edition made after the original.^ 
with notes bg Theod, Scott, and the author's life 
by J. H. Gunning.) 

530 Den heilighen Oorlogh. Uit het Eng. Amst., 

1685. veiUm. 12mo. 7.— 

( The Holy War. Transl. from the Engl.) 
Very rare edition, with many fine plates by Luy- 
ken. — Somewhat stained by water. 

531 Komst en Welkomst tot Christus, etc. 

Harderwijk, 1711. ]ortr., calf. 12mo. 3.— 

{Come and welcome to (.hrisi, with a circum- 
stantial account of the author's conversion, eic.) 

532 The same. Leeuwarden, 1718. »eZ;«m,po)*. 

12mo. Fine copy. 2.50 

533 Het leven en sterven van Mr. Qiiaat, ofte 

eens godloosens reyse na het eeuwige verderf. 
Uit het Eng. 4de druk. Amst., I'i02. vellum, plates. 
16mo. Fine copy. 5. — 

(Life and death of Mr. Bad, or a godless's pro- 
gress to eternal perdition.) 

634 De Leer der Wetender Genade verklaart. 

Uit het Eng. door J. Ross. Groningen, 1746. hf. 
calf. 8vo. Neat copy. 4. — 

{The doctrine of Law and Mercy explained. 
Transl. from the Engl, i.y J. Moss.) 

Fine copies of Bunyan's works are rare, as is quite 
natural, coasidering they were very popular in Hol- 
land ant not only bought but really read. His prin- 
cipal work is still much read and used in popular 
editions ; the elegant editions are not much sought. 

535 Blirek {&..) Magellan Oder die erste Reise um 
die Erdc. Leipz. 1844. sd. uncut, porir. 8vo. 1. — 

536 Buren, Martin Jan, 8th President of the 
U. S. 1837—41. Governor of N. Y. 1828.. — 

A. L. S. to Mr. Mills, dat. July 8, 1826. 4». 4.— 

537 (Burke [Edm.]) Account of the European 
Settlements in America, comprising a history of 
the discovery of that part of the World, the man- 
ners of the original inhabitants, etc. 5tli edit. 
Lend., 1770. 2 vols, calf, maps. 8vo. 2.25 

538 Histoire dos colonies EuropSenues dans 

I'Amerique. Trad, de I'Angl. p. M. E(idous). Paris, 
17.67, 2 vols. sd. uncut. 8vo. 2. — 

Sabin says, that this is mainly the work of Ed- 
mund Burke, assisted by his brother Richard and 
his friend Will. Bourke. — In this French trans- 
lation it is ascribed to the latter under the name of: 
"W. Burck. 

539 Burkhard (J. G.) Geschichte dor Methodisten 
in England. Niirnb. 1795. 2 vols, in 1. h/. bd. 
8vo. 1.25 

The 3d vol. cont. a biography of llie founders of 
Methodism: J. Wesley and G. Whitefield, who pas- 
sed a long period of their life in America, and foun- 
ded there many churches. 

540 Burmeister (H.) Reise durch die La Plata- 
'Staaten, mit besond. Biicksicht auf d. pbysis. Be- 

schaffenhcit u. d. CuUurzustand d. Argentin. Re- 
publik, 1857—60. Halle, 1861. 2 vols. sd. maps. 
8vo. (11.40) 5.50 

541 Burnaby (A.) Travels through the middle 
settlements in North-America, in 1759 — 60. 2d edit. 
Lond. 1775. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.-- 

542 Burnet (Jac), Notes on the early settlement 
of the North-Western Territory. New- York, 1847. 
cloth. 8vo. (6.—) 4.50 

543 Biisching (A. F.) Nieuwe Geographic. 6de 
deel: Vereen. Staten van Noord-Aiiierika (door 
Ebeling:). Haarlem, 1798. 8vo. (6.90) 2.50 

{New Geography. &ih pari: United Slates of 
North- America.) 

A stout volume of 896 pp., exclusively treating 
of the States of New-England (New-Hampshire and 
Massachusetts.) At pp. XII — XIII the author names 
the sources he has used, among which we notice: 
Smith, General history of New-England . . . Lond. 
1626. — New-England in America. 1627. — Mor- 
ton's New-English Canaan. Amst. 1637. — books 
now alltogether very scarce. 

544 Biittner (J. G.) Die hoehdeutsche reformirte 
Kirche ip den Verein. Staaten van Nord-Amerika, 
von ihrer Griindung bis auf die ucueste Zeit.Nebst 
Beilagen. Schleiz, 1846. 8vo. 1.50 




545 Bydragen tot de kennis der Nederlandsche 
en vreeinde Kolonien, bijzonder betrekkelijk de 
vrijlating der slaven. Utrecht, 1844—47. 4 vols. 
870. All published. (16.-) 3.— 

(Contributions to the kwowledya of the Dutch 
and Foreign Colonies, specialty on the ]^mancipatiu7i 
of the Slaves.) 

546 Byekorf (Den Nederlandsehen) : waer in 

ghy beschreven vindt, al tghene dat nu wtghe- 
gaen is, op den Stilstant ofte Vrede... (nt jaer 
zestien honclert en acht ... (No place nor printer's 
name.) 4to. (Asher No. 26—28.) 38 pieces and 35 
duplicates in other editions. Unique collec- 
tion. 75.— 
{Netherlands Beehive: in which you will f,nd 
all that has been published till now on the Truce 
or Feace, in the year 1608.) 

This is the title of a very interesiiug collection of 
38 pamphlets published during the years 1607 — 8, 
against the truce with Spain, which truce prevented 
the erection of the Dutch West-India Company, 
proposed by W. Usselincx. 

Asher in his Essay gives a list of the pieces, con- 
tained in his collection, in all 38, but he does not 
mention the different editions of them, except the 
3 editions of the fii'st with the general title; Bi/e- 
korf. The present copy does not only contain the 
38 pieces, mentioned by Asber, but, besides, 35 other 
editions differing from those. Even 250 years ago 
complete copies were judged rare, now they may be 
called very rare, — a copy of such an extra- 
ordinary completeness as the present may boldly be 
called unique, the more so as all are in very good 
condition — 22 even uncut. In the followiog 1 give 
the list, according to- Asher, of the pieces which are 
in different editions : 

No. 1 (3 editions,) — No. 2 (2 editions.) — 
No. 3, the scarcest of all pieces, in uncut state. — 
No. 4 (4 editions.) — No. 5 (4 editions.) — No. 6 
(2 editions.) — No. 9 (2 editions.) — No. 10 (3 edi- 
tions, one of which in-8vo, very rare.) — No. 12 
(2 editions.) — No. 15 (2 editions.) — No. 16 
(2 editions.) — No. 17 (2 editions.) — No. 23 
(2 editions.) — No. 24 (2 editions.) — No. 27 (3 edi- 
tions.) — No. 30 (2 editions.)- No. 31 (Seditions.) — 
No. 32 (3 editions, one of them extremely rare.) — 
No. 30 (2 editions.) — No. 37 (2 editions.) — 
No. 38 (3 editions.) — Stucken in de Byekorf 
(2 editions.) 

A early complete list of al the different editions 
may be found in: Tide's Sibl. van Pampfletten 
I. p. 88 — 89. The most interesting pieces are those 
by Usselincx (No. 4, 15, 22, 29, 30) and others 

relating to the navigation to America. 

547 The same, the 1st piece In 3d edition. 

38 pieces. 4t.o. (Asher No. 28.) 20.— 

Part 3, 6—8, 21, 29, wanting. 

A large number 'of separate pieces in stock; in- 
complete copies completed, if possible, at reasonable 

548 Byler (H. C. v.) Libellorum tariorum partlm 
editor, partim inedit. fasciculus primus (unicus.) 
Gron., 1733. sm. 8vo. 7.50 

This collection coht.: Narratio et contlnuatio rernm 
omnium a Draco et Norreysio, jjost felicem ex Oc- 
cidental. Insults reditiim in sua expeditione Portu- 
galiensi singulis diebus gestarum. 

549 Cabo St. Augustin, in Brazil, stormed and 
taken by the Fleet of the Dutch W. I. Comp. 
under I. C. Lichthart, 7 March. 1634. The B"'ort 
on the coast, with the Dutch fleet, and inscription 
in the upper right hand corner, sq. fol. — (From: 
Commelin^ Fred. Henry. 1651.) 1.50 

550 Same subject, reversed. — (From C:/mme- 

lin. 1652.) ■ l._ 

551 Cabot, George, Amer. Statesman confidential 
friend of Washington and Hamilton, Senator 1791 -6. 
— A. L. S. to Rev. Jos. Dana of Ipswl-h, dat. 
Oct. 12, 1797. 1 p. 4». 2.50 

On the education of his son. 

552 Cacegas (Fr. L.) Historia de S. Domingos 
particular do reino e conquistas de Portugal. Ee- 
formada por Fr. L. de Sousa. Lisboa, 1767. 4 vols. 
calf. fol. 32.50 

A rare and valuable history of the order of St. 
Domingo in Portugal and the Portuguese colonies. 

553 Cadix. — Large view oi the city with its 
harbour, as it was when Columbus set off from 
thence to America. On the plate the figures of 
2 animals, with inseript. : f'anis leporarivs ex Indiit 
Occidentalibus allatus.^ 1565 and Pica Peruviana 
dllata, 1578. G. Uoefnagel px., ongrav. (by Hogen- 
berg). Ig. fol. With Latin explanation 1- 24. — 
(From the rare work : Braun et liogenberg, Civitates 
orbis terrarum. Col. 1572.) 6.— 

554 Caerden (Pt. v.) Journael v. de reyse naar 
0. [ndien met 4 schepen, onder d. Adm. Pt. Both, 
in 1599—1601. (Amst., 1646.) bds. squ. 4to. 3.- 

(Journal of the voyage to East-India, with i . 
ships under Adm. P. Both.) 

120 pp.; no plates nor separate title; part of the 
collection: Begin N". 272. With interesting notices 
on New-Guinea and the treaty with the natives. 

555 — - Loft'elycke Voyagie op 0. ludien met 8 
schepen, uytgevaren 1606, tusschen Madagascar 
en Abissena deur. (Amst., 1646-) bds. squ. 4to. 2.— 

(Praiseworthy voyage to F. -India with 8 shifs, 
setting sail in 1606, and passing between Mada- 
gascar and Abyssinia.) 

48 pp., no plates nor separate title; from the 
collection: Begin N». 272. This voyage is the same 
as that described by Corn. Claesz v. Purmerentbut 
both accounts are entirely different. This journal 
seems to be composed by a companion of the Ad- 
miral V. Caerden. 

656 Caerte (de) van der Kee om cost ende \Vcat 
te seylen, ende is van de beste piloots gheconi- 
geert, ende elc cast opt zijn gestelt, elckmetzjn 
flgueren verbetert. Amstelredam, Corn. Claesioon,^ 


1588. //. calf, many small woodcuis, representing ihe 

outlines of the coasts, etc. 12mo. 20. — 

(Map of the sea for sailing to the East and 

West, compiled by the best pilots, with a view of 

each coast etc.) 

Of the highest rarity, as all Dutch works on pi- 
lotage of the 16th century. 

557 [Cailies (Geo)] Enriiiiry into the Law mer- 
chant of the- Unitecl States; or Lex Mercatoria 
AmericSia, on several heads of fonira(!rcial ijnpor- 
tanoe. 'Vol. I. Now-York, 1802. sheep. 8vo. 3.— 

558 Calancha (Act. de la) Het wonderlyok mar- 
telio vanden salighen Pater Didacus Ortiz, eerste 
Martelaev van Peru. t'Antwerpen, 1671. calf. 8vo. 
yery rare. 6.50 

(The wonderful martyrdom of the blessed father 
Didacus Ortiz, first martyr of Peru.) 

Translated from Spanish into Latin byJ.Bndius, 
and from his Latin history of Peru into Dutch by 
some Augustine Fathers. 

559 Calborn, J. C-, distinguished Amer. States- 
man, upholder of sUtvory. — A. L. S. to W. J. Watt, 
dat. Paddleton, Oct. ?1, 1846. 2 pp. i". 2.— 

560 Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, 
1574—1600, preserve.! in the State Paper Depart- 
ment of H. M. Public Record Office. Edit, by 
W. Noel Sainsbury. London. 1860. cloth, roy. 8vo. 

(9.-) 6.- 
A stout volume of 580 pp., being an abstract 
and catalogue of all the documents in the Publ. 
Record Off. relating to the English colonies in Ame- 
rica (1574 — 1660) with notices of their contents etc , 
chronologically arranged ; indispensable to every Ame- 
rican historian. 

561 California. — Costume and mode of fishing 
of the inhabitants. Engl, engraving, fol. 1. — 

562 „Naufrage de ftlr. La Borde sur les cano's 

de La Peyrouse aux ports des FranQiiis dans la 
Californie." 1786. Crepin px., engraving by Prot. 
Ig. sq. iol. 2.- 

563 [Calkoen (H.)] Systeme politique de la Re- 
gence d'Amsterdam, expose dans un vrai jour; et 
sa conduite justifiee . . . contre I'accusation du 
Chev. Torke.' Trad, du Holland. Amst. 1781. sd. 
uncut. 8vo. ISO 

On Amsterdam's conduct during the Amer. War 
of Independ. 

564 Calligraphic teatimonial on: ^America's 
Independence when cemented by the blood of 
Heroes, established in 1776," written by ('. S. 
Hare, (about 1815). Very Ig. fol. — The cornei-s 
at the bottom restored. 4.— 

565 Callimachi Hyrani, epigrammata et fragmenta, 
c. notis H. Stephani et alioruai. Edid. J. A. Er- 
nesti. Lugd. Bat. 1761. 2 vols, calr gilt, coats of 
arms on sidrs. 8". 3 — 

We insert this book here only on account of this 
copy, that gives a fair testimony for the Dutch en- 




thusiasm for the American cause. On the fly-leaf 
of the first vol. we find the following inscription : 
"Praesiantissimus juvenis, Rinso Koopmans hoc 
Callimacho . . . praemio ornatus ab Jmpliss. Leo- 
vardiensibus Magistralibiis quum Gymnasia valedixit, 
verba facims, in laiidem illustrissimi Americano- 
rum Herois, Richardi {Gnorp) H'ashingtonis. 1787." 

566 Cambodia en Louwenlant in Oost-Indien 
(Vremde Geschiedenissen in) 16.S5-1644. Mits- 
gaders de Reyse der Nedorlanders van Cambodia 
na Wincjan. Haorlem, P. Casteleyn, 16C9. ///. vel- 
lum. 4to. — Rare. 18. — 

{Curious histories from Cambodia and Louwen- 
land in the East-Indies, lfl.'J5— 44. TFiih the voyage 
of the Dutch from Cambodia to Wincjan.) 

One of the rarest and most interesting relations 
of voyages ever published. It is the only old account 
of the country of Cainbodja near Slam, since not 
visiti:d by Europeans, till recently in 1S66 — 68 by 
the French, (see the articles of Mr. de Carrie — in 
the Ri;vue des deux Alondes 1809.) 

567 (Garnier (Fv.) Voyage lointain aux roy- 

aumes de Cambodge et Lanuwen par les Neerlan- 
dais et ce qui s'y est passe jusqu'en 1644. (Bulle- 
tin de la Societe de Geo.4raphie. Paris, Sept. — 
Oct. 1871.) map. 8vo. 2.50 

Translation of the foregoing No. 

568 Campagnes de Virginie et de Maryland en 
1862 ; Documents oificiels soiimis au Congrfea. 
Trad, de I'Angi., avec introduct. et annotations 
par F. Leconite. Paris, 1863. hf. cloth, map. 8vo. 


569 Campagnes et croisicrcs dans les Etats de 
V(5n6zu(5la et de la Nouv.-Grenade; par un Offi- 
cier des Landers Venezufls Trad, de I'Angl. Paris, 
1827. map and portr. sd. roy. 8vo. 2.— 

570 Campanius (Thomas) Holm., KortBeskrif- 
ning om Provincien Nya Swerige uti America, 
som nu fiirtiden af the Engelske kallas Pennsyl- 
vania. Stockholm, trycH uti Kongl. .Boktr. 1702. 
vellum. 4fo. — Fine clein copy. 80. — 

8 unnumb. leaves, 190 numb, pp., 1 leaf Errata. 
With 10 maps and plates. The title-page and pi. 
10 in facsimile. 

This excessively rare work is of the highest 
interest for the history of Pennsylvania. It is divi- 
ded into 5 parts: 1. On America in general, pp. 
1 — 26. — II. Description and history of New-Swe- 
den, otherwise called Pennsylvania, pp. 27 — 110. — 
III. Account of the Aborigines of Pennsylvania, 
with very curious details of their manners etc., pp. 
110 — 153. — IV. A treatise of the language of 
the natives, with vocabularies, pp. 153—180. — 
Appendix: On the Mynckussar Indians and their 
language and "various mai'vellous thing from America." 
1'. Plate to face the title: Novae Sueciae sen Penn- 
sylvaniae in America descriptio. — Eugraved, 
bnt in this cojiy in facsimile. 
2°. Map, numbered 1 to face page 10: Totius Ame- 
ricae descriptio. — Engraved. 



3". Plate, numbered 2 to face page 4. : Catai'act of 

Niagara. — Engraved. 
4". Map, nimitered 3 on page 10: Terre de 

Jesso. — In woodcut. 
5". Map, numbered 4 to face page 36.: Nova 

Sueciae Tabula. — Engraved. 
6°. Map, numbered 5 to face page 36. : Novae 

Suecia, bodie dicta Pennsylvania. — Engraved. 
7". Map, numbered 6 to face page 52.: Virginiae, 

N. Angliae, N. HoUandiae delineatio. — En- 
8". Plate, numbered 7 on page 76. :TrefalIdigheets 

Forte. — Woodcut. 
9". Plate, numbered 8 on page 81. : Christinae 

Skantz. — Woodcut. 
10". Plate, numbered 9 to face page 110.: Three 

Indian Aborigines. — Engr. (facs.) 

571 Campanius. — The same. Titlepage and n». 
1, 6 and 10 of the plates in facsimile. 37. .50 

572 Campbell, Alex., Baptist Minister in Was- 
hington 1800, founder of the sect called, „Carap- 
bellites." — A. L. S., in French, to Rev. P. H. 
Marron of Paris, without date. 2 pp. 8°. 1.50 

On a volume of sermons, published by Campbell. 

573 Campbell (John) Tegenvcoord. Staat dev vol- 
ken van het Spaansche rijk in America, met een 
byzonder verhaal van d. Koophandel, etc. Amsterd. 
(ca. 1740.) vellum, maps. 8vo. 2. — 

(Present state of t/ie peoples of the Spanish em- 
pire in America; with a particular account of the 
commerce., etc.) 

574 Campe (J. H.) Ue ontdekking van America, 
ter aangenaame leezing voor kinderen en jonge 
lieden. Amsterd. 1782—83. 3 vols. hf. calf 8vo. 

{^The discovery of America^ a pleasant lecture 
for children and young men.) 

First Dutch edition, made on the German original. 

575 The same. 3 vols. sd. uncut. 2.50 

576 Histoire de la d(5couverte de I'Amerique. 

Trad, de I'AllPmand, av. notice biograph. sur I'au- 
teur p. Larenaudiero. Nouv. edit. Paris (1830). 
2 vols, sd., plates. 8vo. 1.50 

577 Camper (E.) Over de voortteeling der Ame- 
rioaansche Padden. (Haarlem. 1761. £.vtr.) plate. 
8vo. —.50 

(On the procreation of American toads.) 

578 Canada. — Partie de la NouveJle Prance. 
Paris, //. Jaillot. 1685. sq. fol. 65 by 46. — Fine 
map. 2. — 

579 Canada and the Lakes, 2 Maps from La- 

hontan, Voyages. La Ilaye. 1703, sq. fol. 55 by 
41 and 65 by 28. 4.— 

Interesting maps, one bearing the inscription: 
"Carte que Us Gnaciisares ont dessine sur des peaux 
de cerfs;'" on both historical annotations. 

580 Carte d^s PSys cOnntis Sons le nom de 

Canada, dedi6e an Comte d' Argeflson pour le 
d^partement de la guerre par S. de Vmi^aadij. 
Paris, ch6s I'Autenr. 1753. sq. fol. 67 by 48. — 
Coloured. 2.50 

581 Canada. — Partie orientale de la NouVelle 
France ou du Canade. (Nurnberg), Homdnn. 1755. 
Map. sq. fol. 54 by 42. l._ 

582 The countries of the Hudson's Bay and 

the North- Western parts of N. America. Amst., 
Is. Tirion. 1769. Colour, map. sq. fol.' 44 by 31. 


583 Topographical Description (A short) 

of H. M.'s province of Upper Canada in Jforth- 
America. To which is added a provincial gazet- 
teer. London, 1799. bds. uncut. 8vo. 2.— 

584 — — Religious, nuptial and funeral ceremonies 
of the Canadian tribes. — 'Engraved plates by Bern. 
Picart. 12 I'epresetit. with French subscript, on 5 
sheets, fol. — First impress.— From: Picart, Ceri- 
monies. 2.50 

585 „Canadiens au tombeau de leur feiifant.'' 

Le Barbier px., engraving hj Ingoufle teun'e.'liH. 
Ig. fol. — Full marg. Stained. 2. — 

586 Autograph. — Aiionyme. French 

Prince or Nobleman. — A. L. in French to Coiint 
Verhuell at Paris, from Canada, 3 May 1835. 4 pp. 
4to. 3.- 

Curions letter' signed M. N. D. "Depnis plnsienrs 
annees il languit au sein des forets de Canada et 
mange le pain de la misere en se livraht a I'inStruc- 
tiou de la jeunesse. La mort de Franjois II '(I'em- 
pereur d'Autri'cbe) le fait esperer de revendiqder les 
droits d'apanage sur le prin'cipaut'e de Weslerwald, 
mais il craint que Metternicb," etc. etc. 

587 Candish. — Joumalen v. 3 voyagien : 1°. v. Th. 
Candish, door Magell. in 1586, enz. 2». v. F. Draeck 
en J. Haukens, naer 'West-Cndien, in 1593, etc. 
Amst., J. P. Wachter, 1643. calf. 4to. Very f,ne 
copy. Rare. (Tiele No. 282.) 9.— 

Exact reprint of the edition of 1598, but the na- 
mes of Javanese princes omitted. See Tiel'e'p.^gs. — 
The voyage round the world by I'Heretnite in 1623 
is the 3d voyage mentioned on the title, but having 
a separate title and paging, it sells separately. 

588 Canterbury Papers, information concerning 
the principles, ob.jects, plans and proceedings of 
the founders of the settlement of C£lntp.rhury in 
New Zealand. Lond., 1850. '6 parts, fl^iih indp. 
8vo. 1.50 

589 Canzler, F. G., Neue wochentlidhe Nach- 
richten von neuen Landkarten, geo'graph., statist., 
histor., wie anch Handlungsbiichern. 'Gott. 1788— 
89. 2 vol. 831, 982 pp. With portr. of P. Egede. 
irds. 8". 4.50 

Appeared in weekly parts, the last pa^es of «ich 
mentioning the new cartographical publications. — 

590 Cape-Breton. — De impdrtantie fin 'vObrdee- 

Predeeik MuLLiiR & ^., 

Cap^llen ~ dAUotf. 


ligheid Van Kaap-Bretoh, aangetoont in efenc naanw- 

keur. beschryving etc. Uit hct Eng. Delft, 1746. 

2 maps. calf. 8vo. 2.55 

[Importance and advantage of Cape Breton, stated 

in an ejcaet description etc. Transl. from the Engl.) 

591 Capellen (J. D. v. d.) Distinguished Patriot, 

promotov of the American interests, etc. — 

2 A. L. S. in Dutch, dated Amst. 14 March, Zwol, 

7 April 1782. 4 pp. 4to. 2.50 

On the American affairs; Adams is acknowledged 

as JH inister of the Dn. States. 

692 Capitein (J. E.J.) Dissertatio politico-theolog. 

de Servitnte, libertati Christianae non contraria. 

Lugd. Bat. 1742. 4to. 4.— 

The aathor was captured as a Negro boy, 10 years 
old, from the tribe of the Ashantines, on the coast 
of Guinea, brought to Holland, and educated at Lei- 
den under special tutorship of the celebrated Prof, 
of Theol.jT. H. van den Honert; he studied afterwards 
ilivinity, took his degrees by the^w riting and defence 
of this 'book and was shortly afterwards sent to 
Africa to christianize his tribe; but nothing more 
was heard of him, and it is generally accepted that 
he by and by joined his people and was totally lost. 
I have once had an edition of his version of the 
Pater Noster in Ashantine tongue, 4 pp. ^to, but 
saw never any other copy. 

593 The same, translated into Dutch. Leiden, 

1742. 4to. uncut. 3.50 

A portrait of the author by Eleyswi/i added. 

594 Capture of the Admiral and Vice-Admiral of 
the Honduras, commanding 2 very richly laden 
vessels, by the ships and yachtsof the W.i. Com- 
pany under direction of the Dutch Admiral Pieter 
Adriaensz. ((ta), 1 Aug. 1628. On the foreground 
the battle, at the right tlavana. sq. t'ol. — Plate 
from: Coinikelin, Life of Fred. Renri/. 2. — 

595 Same subject. DiiEfer. representation, smal- 
ler. On the frontispiece of IVassenaer, Ilist. Ver- 
hael. 4". 1.-- 

596 Capture of the Sugar prizes in the Bay Todos 
los S'anctos in Brazil. 1627. Plate, sq. fol.J-- (Be- 
longs to Commelin, Life of Fred. Henry.) 2.— 

597 Carey (H- C.) The Slave trade, domestic and 
foreign: why it exists, and how it may be extin- 
guished. Load. 1853. 426 pp. 8vo. 2.-- 

598 Carey (M.), Short account of the plague, or 
malignant fever lately prevalent in Philadelphia 
with a statement of the proceedings that took place 
on the subject in different parts of 'the United 
States. Philad. printed ; Londoii reprinted, 1794, 
92 »». and list of tneteorol. observat. sd. Svo. uncut. 

^ 4.50 

Pp. 86—92: Ilist of the inhabitants of Philadel- 
phia, whe have died since the first Of Aug. 1793. 

•599 Caricature (EWglisli) on the defesit of the 
French by the English near iBrest. — Ah English 
■sailor driVea 'a Frehih one „into Brest's scMlkin'g 


hale," by wiping his nakefl posteriors. 1778. With 
address IV. Richardson. Sq. 4°. 3. — 

602 Caricature on George III; he is deprived 
of his clothes by two Americatis; near them Lord 
North, as Kmg, on horseback, etc. 1780. - With 
Dutch. explanation, sq. 4". — Very rare. 4.— 

603 „// new Plan for raisihg the Royal 

George, ly a Lady." — English caricature. 1780. 
8». —.75 

604 Carisnis Chronica van den Beginne des we- 
relts aen tot op den Keyser Carolum "V. In'tLa- 
tijn door Melanchtlionem en C. Pencerum. Overg. 
door W. V. Zuylen van Nyevelt. Arrihem, 1^29. 
2 vols, in 1. vellum, fol. Scarce. 6. — 

( I'he (-//ronicle of Carion, since the beginning of 
the world to the Emperor Charles V. Described in 
Latin by P. Melanchton and 0. Peucer ; tra-nsl. 
into Dutch by Tf\ v. Zuylen v. Nyevelt.) 

Contains: Part V. pag. 148— 16B: History of 
the conquest of the New World. 

605 Carller (Aug.), De rosclavage dans ses rap- 
ports aveo rUnion Americaine. Paris, 1862. sd. 
Svo. 1.50 

606 Carling (R.) et C. ChristiaDSon, Priuise 
linese Unionis civitatium (.sic) Americse Septentrion. 
TJpsal. 1813. 4t0. Rare, not mentioned by Rich. 3. — 

607 Caroehi (Hor.), Comp. de Jesus, Compendio 
del Arte de la lengua Mexicana : flispuesto . . . por 
Ign. de Paredes. iWexico, 1759. engrav. froritispiece, 
representing Ign. de Loyola, 12 leaves prelim. 202 
pp. vellum. 4to. 37. — 

Fine copy of a very scarce work, sold in auction 
Eaetzel 140 Francs; Qu'atreteere 90 Francs. 

608 Caron (F.), Beschryv. v. h. machtigh Coninckr. 
Japan, aert en eygensch.ippen t. 'tljandt, maniere 
der Volckeren, als mede hare grouwel. wreedt- 
heyt teghen de Roomsche Christ. Amst., J. Hart- 
gers, 1649. hf. vellum. 4to. — Fine copy. (Tiele 
No. 278.) 7.-^ 

{Description of the mighty -kingdom of Japan ; 
'nature and pecutirlrities of the country, manners of 
the nations, also their horrible cruelty towards the 
Roman Catholics^ 

Rare 2d edition. Keprint from the edition of'1646 
in Begin en VoOrtgangh (No. 272) at the end of 
the Journal of Hagenaer's voyage. 

609 The saine. AmSt., J. Rartgers, ] 652. bds.Uio. 

(Tiele No. 229.) 5.— 

Rare 3d edition; reprint of the former. 

610 Oaron's Japan. — The same, 's Grav., J. Ton- 
gerloo, 1661. bds. 4to. (Tiele No. 230.) 5.— 

Kare. With 2 separate pi., and 1 in the text. 
Short copy, the map wanting. 

611 TlVe same, 's Grav., J. TongeHoo, 1662. bds. 

4to. (Tiele No. 232.) ' T3.— 

With map of Japan, and the 2 separate plates. 
The plate in the text has a printed subserip^ion. 

612 Caron and SehouteTi. — A true description 
of the mighty kingdonls of Japan and Siam. Writ- 


ten originally in Dutch by Francis Caron and 
Joost Schorten {sic!) and now rendred into En- 
glish by Capt. Roger Manley. London, Bob. Soul- 
ier, 1671. ids., a folding map. 12mo. — Very rare. 

613 Carolina. — Carte generate ct particulifere de 
la Caroline, par S{anson). Amst., P. Mortier. (about 
1700). 2 maps. fol. 45 by 57 and 60 by 48. — 
Coloured. 3. — 

614 Carrel (Arm), Oeuvres Iitt(5raircs ct 6cono- 
miques, publ. et annotfies par Ch. Roniey. Pr^o. 
d'une notice biograph. par E. Littr6. Paris, 18.54. 
Jif. cloth. 8vo. l.BO 

Cont. au article on the mother of Washington. 

615 Carthagena. — Jonrnal de tout ce qui s'est 
paas^ a la prise des forts de Boeachica et an siege 
de Carthagene aux Indes Oocidentales, tire des 
relations de S. de Eslaba. {No place, but printed 
in Holland.) 1741. 4to. 2.- 

On the defeat of the English fleet. 

616 Plans of Carthagena, Porto-Bello and Ha- 
vana, with their fortifications and harbours. Amst., 
J. Covens et C. Mortier. (about 1735). 3 maps on 
1 sheet, each 31 by 21". 2.— 

617 New and correct plan of the Harbour of 

Carthagena in America, by P. Chassereau. Also a 
view of the (Englisli) fleet as they anchored . . . 
to besiege the town. London, Th. Bowles. 1741. 
sq. fol. 51 by 41. 5. — 

With English text in 6 columns relating to tho 

618 Plan du Port, de ia Ville et des Forte- 

ressos de Carthag6ne suivant le dessein apporti 
. . . par la {sic) Capitaine G. Laws. Amst., Covens 
& Mortier (1741). sq. fol. 60 by 51. 5.— 

A plan differring from the foregoing, with expla- 
nation on the positions and operations oftheEnglioh 
fleet in 6 columns. 

619 Cartier. Relation originale du voyage de J. 
Cartier au Canada en 1534. Documents iniSdits 
sur J. Cartier et le Canada. (Nouvelle serie) Publ. 
p. H. Michelant et A. Rame. Paris, Tross, 1867. 
sd. uncut, 2 porir. of Cartier and 3 views of his 
mansion. 8vo. ' 8. — 

620 Bref recit et succincte narration de la na- 
vigation faite en 1535 et 1536 par le Capitaine 
Jacques Cartier aux iles de Canada, Hochelaga. 
Saguenay et autres. — Reimpression flgnr^e de lY.di- 
tion originale rarissime de 1545. Avec une intro- 
duction histor. p. M.. d'Avezao. Paris, Tross, 1863. 
sd. uncut. 8vo. 8. — 

621 Carver (Jon.) Reize door de binnenlanden 
van Noord-Amorica. Vert, door J. D. Pasteur. 
Leyden, 1796. 2 vols. 8vo. sd. uncut, map and col. 
plates. 2. — 

{Iravels through the interior parts of North- 

Vol. II. p. 150 — 173: on the Indian languages, 
with a Chippeway and Naudowess vocabulary, Tlie 


work contains cnrions details on the American In- 
dian tribes. 

622 Castriottod' Albania (Stephan-Annibale) Oeu- 
vres choisies, contenant le portrait caraotiSrist. du 
Prince h6ri5dit. de Prnsse, une letlre au Congrh 
de I'Jmerigue, etc. (Bruxelles) 1782. sd., Porir. 
8vo. ,3.— 

Privately printed, very rare. The author is the 
famous impostor Stefano Zannowich. 

623 Catalogues of American Literature, compri- 
sing collections by H. Stevens, 6. E. ijason. Crow 
ningshield and otiiers, sold in London, nearly 100 
day's sales, 1856—61. Bound in 4 thick vols. hf. 
morocco. 8vo. 30. — 

Contain a vast mass of Valuable materials for Ame- 
ricin bibliographers; of special interest is the collec- 
tion of H. Stevens, being the bulk of what appeared 
in his Nuggets, and being accompanied by highly 
interesting notes, descriptions, collations, etc. 

624 Catalogue de la Bibliotheque de J. M. 

Andrade. Leipz. et Paris. 1869. Prix imprimes. 8vn. 

Important collection of hooks and MSS., especi- 
ally on America, comprising the rarest works rela- 
ting to Mexico, once the propriety of the infer- 
tnnate Emperor Maximilian. 

625 Catalogue of maps and surveys, in the offices 
of the Secretary of State, of the State Engineer 
and Surveyor and in the New -York State Li- 
brary. Albany, 1851. sd. 8". — 288 pp. 1.50 

626 Catalogue of the Manuscript maps, ch."rt8, and 
plans in the British Museum. London. 1844. 2 vol. 
cloik. 8". , 6.- 

Page 3 — 8 of Vol I contain the description of 
the MS. copies of Ptolemy: pp. 11—38 the maps 
of the World, portulani, etc. 

627 Catalogue des Cartes g^ographiques, topograph, 
et marines de la bibliotheque dn Prince Alex. La- 
BANOFP DE RosTOPF a St. Petersbourg. Paris 1823. 
bds. uncut, roy. 8". — 494 pp. 6.50 

A rare and highly esteemed catalogne made up 
by the Prince himself and printed at his expense 
for private distribution only, enriched with biblio- 
graph. and other notices. — N". 51—112 oont.the 
maps of the World and the general Atlases, N". 
1480 — 1543, the maps of America. 

628 Catalogue de la collection 6(5ographique, his- 
toriqiie et cartographique de feu le Baron Derfel- 
den de Hinderstoin. Utrecht. (1858). 8». hf. calf. - 
With some prices in MS. 2. — 

Interesting catalogne of geographical and carto- 
graph. treasures; prefixed a biography of Derfelden. 

629 Catalogue par ordre chronolog. et gdograph. 
d. cartes, plans, vues de cotes, m^moires, etc. qui 
composent I'Ui/drographie Fsanfaise. Paris. 1866. 
2 vol. hf. cloth. 8". 3.— 

See for a list of American charts, in geograph. 
order, pp. 74—124. 

630 Catalogus dcr verzameling v. Kaarten v. het 




Ministerie van Mafine. 's Gravenliage. 1872. 1284 

pp. 8». 5.— 

Catalogue of the maps and charts of the Dutch 

Marinc-UeparteineDt, made up Tjy P. A. Lcnpe, Mnj. 

Dutch Navy. Ample description of 110 Mlases, of 

70 maps of the Arctic regions, and of about 250 

maps and charts of North- America. 

631 Catechism. — The Heidelbergh Catechism, 
or Method of Instruction in the Christian religion, 
as the same is taught iu the Relormed Chnrches 
and Schools ot Holland. Translated for the use of 
the Keformed Protest. Dutch Church, of the city 
of New- York. N.-York; J. Bolt, 1764. calf. 8vo. — 
yery scarce. 8. — 

632 Caton (Will.) Den Matelijken Ondersoeker 
voldaen, in een klare beschrijvinge . . . aengaende 
het versmaede ^olk, gemeinlijk (Quakers genaemt. 
Uit het Engelsoh vert. Amsterd., 1669. ito. 2. — 

( The moderate inquirer satisfied, hi/ a clear des- 
cription . . . of the despised people^ commonly cal- 
led Quakers ) 

633 Caveri (Gemelli), Voyage du tourdumonde. 
Trad, de I'ltal. p. L. M. N. Paris, E. Ganeau. 
1719. 6 vols. ca(/', plates and maps. 8vo. 5. — 

I'irst edition: a second appeared iu 17<i7. — The 
name of the translator has remained unknown. De 
Bure in his Bibliographie Instruct., sais it was 
Le Noble, while Barbier^ Bictionn. des Anonifmes 
thinks it more probable that Babuis de St. Genois 
made the translation. 

634 Cayenne. Map of the island and the colony, 
with plan of the city and the fortress. (Amst., 
Is. Tirion. 1765 ) fol. 42 by 36. Coloured. 1.25 

635 View in the oonnti-y, with inscription : 

fc'est en cet endroit que se doit rendre la nouvelle 
Colonic Frangoise, cet. Dressce par Mr. Betcow, In- 
genieur." (1775 ?X — French plate, coloured, sq. 
40. 1.50 

636 Cellarii, A., Harmonia Macrocosmica. Amat., 
/. Janssonius. 1661. — , Frontispiece of this work 
with 6 portr. of astronomers among whicli Gali- 
lei, Tycho Brahe and Copernicus. Fine engrav. 
by F. M. van Houen. Ig. fol. 1.50 

637 Same plate nicely coloured and illuminated 

at the time of the publication. 2. — 

638 Celsius (O.) Iter in Americam. Upsal. 1725. 
8vo. Very rare. 12. — 

639 Census. — Eeport of the Superintendent of 
the census for December 1st 1852. To which is 
appended the report for 1851. Washington, 1853. 
clolh. 8vo. 1' — 

640 Ceremonies, (religious, matrimonial and fune- 
ral), of the American tribes. Engrav. by Bern. 
Picart. 71 representations with French subscript, 
on 34 sheets, fol. — Fine impress, on large paper, 
uncut. — From : Picart, Ceremonies religieuses. 10. — 

"64:1 — — Idols of Yucatan and Tabasco; religious 
ceremonies in Panama, engrav. by Bern. Picart. 


6 represent, with French subsoi'ipt. on 3 sheets, fol. — 
First impress. — From : Picart, Ceremonies. 1.50 

642 [Cerisler] Le Destin de TAmfirique ou dialo- 
gues pittoresques sur la cause des ^v^nements 
actuels, la politique des puissances de I'Europe 
dans cette guerre. Trad, de I'Angl. Lond., (1780.) 
uncut. 8vo. 1.25 

643 The same, bound together with : [Tickell] 

La cassette verte. 1 vol. calf. 8vo. 1.50 

644 Certificates of the marriage, the good beha- 
viour and the births of three children of Juan 
Beaz Zeina and Agneda de Espinosa, with legalisa- 
tion of the signature of the Vicar in Mexico, 
1604. 22 pp. fol. 5.— 

Manuscript in calligraphy, with different orna- 
mental borders in colours. 

645 Cespedes y Meneses (G. de) Primera parte 
della historia de D. Filippe IV. Key de las Es- 
pauas. Lisboa, P. Graesheeck, 1631. (Vol. I. only 
publ.) vellum, fol. 6. — 

Contains the Spanish history of the years 1605 — 
28, and gives many particulars on the colonies in 
America, the contests with the Dutch in Brazil, etc. 

646 [Chambon.] Traite gfin^ral du commerce de 
TAmerique, cont. I'histoire des diicouvertos dans 
cette partie du monde, etc. Amsterd., 1783. 2 vols. 
marbled calf gilt, maps and plates. 4to. 3.50 

647 Chabert (X.), Abrege histor. de la vie et d. 
avontures d'Adola, chef de la peuplade des Puris, 
av. la descript. d. moeurs d. sauvages du pays. 
(Paris, 1820?) 8vo. 1.25 

648 Chamfort (de), De ionge Indiaane, blijspel. 
Naar het Fransoh. 'sGravenh. (1780? 8vo. 1.50 

{The young Irtdian isoman^ comedy. From the 

649 Ciianning (W. E.), Memoir of — , with selec- 
tions from his correspondence. Lond. (1851.) clolh. 
8vo. 535 pp. 1.50 

650 [Ciianvalon (Th. de)] Voyages a la Marti- 
nique, contenant diverses observations sur la phy- 
sique, I'uistoire naturelle, I'agriculture, les moeurs, 
etc. Paris. 1763. hf. calf. 4to. 3.50 

"Relation tres-estimee." Leclerc. 

651 Chappell (E.) Voyage to the Newfoundland 
and the Southern coast of Labrador. Lond. 1818. 
hf. calf, map and pi. 8vo. 2.50 

652 Charlevoix (P. .Fr. X. de) Histoire du Pa- 
raguay. Paris. 1757. 6 vols, many maps, calf. sm. 
8vo. 9.— 

653 Voyage to North-America: undertaken by 

command of the present king of France. Contai- 
ning the geographical description and natural his- 
tory of Canada and Louisiana. Bublin, 1766. 3 vols. 
calf, maps. 8vo. 10. — • 

Some pencil-annotations on the margins. 
664 Chastellux (Chev. de) Voyage en Amerique. 
(Cassel?) 1785. calf. 8vo. Scarce edition. 1-25 

"This appears to be the subreptitioa; edition Qi 



Oh/s tjisvelg, pripted at Oassel, which is referred to 
in ths Pitris edition of 1786." RicA._, 

655 Chast-ellux (Chev.- dft>, Th,e sapie, Paris et 
Bruxelles, 1786. sd. uncut. 8to. 1. — 

656 Voyages (Jans I'Amerique Septentrion. 2e 

edit. Paris, 1788—91. 2 vols. sd. uncut. 8vo. 2,50 

657 Chevalier (H. Em.), Notice sur F. Gabriel 
Sagard Theodat et son oeuvre, servant d'introduc- 
tion a la nouv. <5dit. de l"Hist. du Canada, p. le 
F. Sagard. Paris, 1866. 8vo. 1.— 

658 Chevalier (Mich.) Lettres snr I'Amerique du 
Nord. Paris, 1836. 2 vols. hf. calf neat. 8vo. 2.50 

659 Chili. — „ Figure of an unkwown monster, 
discovered in, Chili, high 10 feet, with a man's 
head, a lion's mane, . . . two wings and the tail 
of a mermaid, eet." — Curious engraved broad- 
sid*, with Dutch explanation (about 1780). 4". — 
Very rare. 2. — 

660 Dress of the inhabitants of the Island Con- 

ceptioij. Dutch, engrav. (about 1760). sq. fol. 1. — 

661 China. — British relations with the Chinese 
empire in 1832. Comparative statement of the 
English and American trade with India and Can- 
ton. Lond. 1832, 8vo. 1.— 

662 Choris (L-), Voyage pittoresque autour du 
monde, aveo d. portraits de Sauvages d' Amenque, 
d'Asie, d'Afrique, et d. lies du grand Oci5an ; d,. 
paysages, vues maritimes et plusieurs objets d'hist. 
natnrelle; acoomp. de Descript. p. Cuvier et A. 
de Chamisso, et d'Observations s. 1. cranes humains 
p. Gall. Paris, Didot, 1822, hf. calf, large, fol. 

With portrait and 110 coloured plates, published 
at the price of 330 francs. 

663 Christmann (Pr.) Australien, Geschichte der 
Entdeckungsreisen u. d. Kolonisation ; Bilder aus 
d. Leben in d. Wildniss u. d. Statteu d. Kultur 
d. neuesten Welt. Leipzig, 1870. 120 woodcuts, 
4 maps and 5 plates, cloth gilt. 8vo. 1.50 

664 Chronicle of the Dutch Whaleflshery in the 
years 1753—1773. — Notices of the vessels^ which 
have sailed in each year to Greenland, the. Strait 
of Davids etc. for the whaleflshery, with details 
of their success etc.; Dutch MSS. 28 pp. 4to. 5. — 

665 Chronological table ofthe progress of Chris- 
tianity in the four parts of the World from 100 - 
1800. Aquatint by Boosing, sq. 4°. 1.— 

666 Ohys (A. M. M. van der), Wed. W. Storm, 
Het Cooper's Instituut te ISieuw-York. 's Gravenh. 
1863. woodcuts, large 4to. 1. — 

{Description of Coopers Xtisiitute at New-York.) 

667 Cinerii (P.) Dissertationes litterariae. Floren- 
tiae, 1742. sellum. 8vo. 3.50 

Cont. Dissert. V. VI. p. 69—106: De Gron- 
landia veteri. — De Gronlandiae veteris et novae 

668 Clarkson (T.) Essay on the impolicy of the 

African Slaye-tr;a,de, 2d edit;, ^^ond, 1788, 2 parts, — 
Idem, on the Slavery and commerce ofthe hujiian 
species, partio. the Affrje^n, 2,d edit. Ilj. 1788. — 
Idem, On the comparative efficiency of regulation 
or abolition, as applied to the slave-trade, lb. 
1789. — in 1 vol. hf. calf. 8vo. 2.50 

669 Clarkson (T.) Memoirs ot the public and pri- 
vate, life of Will. Penu. New- edition, with apre- 
face by W. E. Forster. Lond., 1849. cloth, map of 
Pennsylvania^ plan of Philadelphia, and plate. 8yo. 


670 Clavigero (F. X.) Geschichte von Mexico, aus 
Span. u. Mexican. Gesohichtschreibern, HSS, u. 
Gemalden der Indianer. Aus d. Ital. von C. Ci;l- 
len ina Engl, iibers. Leipz. 1790. Vol. II. map. 
sd. 8vo. 1.— 

671 Clay, Henry, Orator and Statesman, Secret, 
of State under J. Q. Adams, — 4-- L- in the 8d 
person. 3 lines. 4". 1,— 

672 Clay (J. Curtis) Annals of the Sjfeclig|i on 
the Delaware, with the Charter of the United 
Swedish Churches. Philad. 1835. pQrir'., hf. calf. 
12mo. 2.50 

673 Clayton (Joh.) Flora Virginioa,exhibensplan- 
tas in Virginia observatas,, Edid. J. Fr. Gi:ono- 
vIqs. Lugd. Bat. 1762. With map. 4to,. Nev/. copy, 
entirely uncut. 3.50 

674 (Clere, N". de), Tooneel der Keyzeren en Eonin- 
gen. Delft. 1615. folio, vellum. Numerous portraits. 
{Theatre of the Emperors ap.d Kings, 1450—1600.), 

The last 30 pp. treat on America, withthf pprtr. 
of Cortez,— Montezuma and Athabaliba. 

675 Clinton, Admiral George, Governor of 
New York 1743-53, Gov. of Newfoundland till 
1761. — S. Document, to Will. Johnson ilsq. 
Colonel, dat. N. Y. May 9, 1748. 1 p, fol, — 
ITith seal (broken). 4.26 

Military orders to protect the frontiers and annoy 
the enemy. 

676 Clinton, George, first President of the State 
of N. Y., 1777. Vice-Pres. ofthe IJ. S. 1804—12.. - 
A. Ij. S. to Henry Glen, dat. Poughkeepsie, May 
2, 1778. 1 p. 4»-. 15.— 

Some military arrangements daring the Revol. 
War; Clinton was then Brig. General. 

677 A. L. to S. De Witt Esq., dat, Green- 
wich, Sept, 6, 1791, 1 p, fol, 1.25 

Attested in a notice by Kev. Will. B. Sprague as 
the handwriting of Rev. George Clinton. 

678 A. S. Message, in conveyance of some pa- 
pers relative to the Onondago, Caynga, and Dela^ 
ware nations, etc., dat, Jan, 29, 1802, i p. 4°. 

■ ^50 

679 Clinton, De Witt, Amer. Statesman, Lieut 
Governor of New York, '1815. — A. L. S, to 
Dr. Griffin, Pres. of Williams Coll., d?it, Albany, 
Jvay 2i, 1824. 5 line?, 4". 1,75 

Fbederik MujiLM ^ C*j 



Offers thanks to Dr. &. 
delivered iu N. Y. 

for his excellent adresses 

' 680 Clinton, De Witt, A. L. S. to A. Campbell 
Esq., dat. Nov. 11, 1825. 1 page. 4». 1.75 

681 A. L. S. to Major (West?) ofWest Point, 

dat. N. Y. May 18, 1827. 1 p. i". 1.75 

682 [Cluny (AL)] Le voyageur AiiKSriuain, ou ob- 
servations sur I'fitat actuel, le commerce des colo- 
nies Brilann. en Amfirique, etc. Trad, de I'Angl. 
Augm. d'un precis sur l'Ain6rique Septentr. et la 
E(5publ. des Ktats-Unis, par J. M(andrillon.) Am- 
sterd., 1782. sd. uncut, map. Svo. 1.50 

683 The same. Ibid. 1783. uncut, map. 8vo. 

264 pp. 1.50 

Both editions have the same contents; hat the first 
is preferable, being splendidly printed on thick paper. 

684 Goast-Survey (Eeport of the Superintendent 
of the) showing the progress of the survey during 
the year 1855—60 and 62. Washington, 1856 - 64. 
7 stout vols, cloth, with about 430 maps and charts. 
4to. 20.50 

685 Cookbnrn(J.) Ueis-beschryvingdoordeSpaanse 
West-lndien. Amst., 1740. 8vo. sd. uncut. 1.50 

(Vogage through the Spanish West-Indies.) 

686 Codazzi, Aug., Mapa fisico y politico de la 
Republica de Veneznela, dedicado al Gongreso 
Constituyente de 1830. Caracas, 1840, 4 leaves, 
coloured, with indication of the height of the moun- 
tains, etc. KemarkaUy well executed. Largest fol. 
hf. id. 6.— 

Uricochea, Mapoteca Columbiana, page 141, N''.41. 

687 Coinage. — Keport of the operations of the 
Mint and branch mints of the Un. States. (Public 
Documents.) Washington, 1824—45. 33 pieces in 
1 vol. hf. cloth. Svo. 5.— 

688 Colleocao de noticias para a historia e geo- 
grafla das" nagioes ultrauiarinas que vivem nos 
dominios Portugnezes, ou I'hes sao visinhas. publ. 
pela Academia Real das Seieneias. Lisboa, 1812— 
13. vol. 1. II. in 1. hf. calf. sm. 4to. 10.-- 

Very valuable collection of documents on the ear'y 
history of the Portugueze maritime discoveries. We 
notice amongst them : Navega9oes de L. de Cada- 
raosto. — Cartas de Anier. Vespucio i Pedro Sode- 
rini. — Navegacoa k Indias Orientales escrito par 
J. de.Empoli (1503.) etc. — A complete list of the 
contents will he found in Leolere's Bibl. Amer. 
NO. 357. 

689 Golleotion of Autograph Letters of celebrated 
persons from the 16th century to the present time, 
engrav. in fac-siraile. Stuttgart, 1849. hf. calf. 
4<.7 6.50 

Some of the valuable documents and antogr., amoun- 
ting nearly to 300, relate to America, f. i. : 
Adams. I La Fayette. i Buchanan. 

Columbus. I Monroe. | Kaleigh. 

Pp. 77 — 134 wanting. 

690 Collection of Hymns, for the use of the Pro- 


testant Church of the United Brethren. With Sup- 
plement. Philadelphia, 1813. 2 parts in 1 vol. 
ealf. Svo. 2,— 

691 Collections of the New-York Historical So- 
ciety. New-York, 1811. Vol. 1. calf. Svo. 428 pp. 

Contents: 5. Miller, discovery of New- York. — 
Belation of John de Verrasiano of the land disco- 
vered, 1534. — The voyages of Hudson, 1607—8.— 
Abstract of Hudson's Journal, 1610. — Laws esta- 
blished by James Dtike of York, 1664. 

692 Collection of Voyages in Frmch, published 
by Corn. Claesz. (Corn. Nicolas or Nicolai) at 
Amsterdam from 1605 to 1610. 5 parts in 1 vol. 
vellum, fol. With the plates of the original Dutch 
editions, 100. — 

A very tall and fine copy, even with rough lea- 
ves, but portions of the upper interior margins of 
of part 2 and 4 stained with oil. 

Contents : 
r. Premier livre de I'Histoire de la Navig. (de 

C. Houtman) aux Indes Orient. Par. G. M. 

A. W. L. (Guill. Lodewijks.) 1609. 

II. Le second livre. Journal ou comptoir, cent, la 
narration histor. du voyane par 8 navires d'Amst. 
en 1598 sous J. C. Nec, etc. 1609. 

III. Description du p^nible voyage, fait autour de 
rUnivers du globe terrestre par Ol. du ITort 
d'Utrecht, de 1598 a 1601. Amst., V^foe de 
Com. Nicolas, 1610. 

IV. Vraye description de 3 voyages de raer, faits en 
3 ans, par les navires d'HolI. et Zelande au Nord, 
etc. Par G. de Veer. 1609. 

V. Description ct recit historial du riche Koyaume 
d'or de Gunea norame de Miua... en Afrique. 
P. D. M. (Par Pierre de Marees.) 1605. 
These 5 vols, form the complete collection (wi- 
thout a collective title) of the French translations of 
the original Dutch editions, published by the same 
bookseller. — In Holland they are all rare, especi- 
ally complete. As far as we have duplicates of them, 
they will be found under the separate editions of 
these voyages. 

693 The same collection of 5 parts, with the 

same titles and dates. — No. 2 (van Neck), 3 (van 
Noort), 4 (de Veer), are in other, probably earlier 
edition. In 5 vols. hf. vellum, fol. — ITnique 
Collection. 125.— 

Till now these different editions (of No. 3, 3 and 
4) were entirely unkwown and no bibliographer men- 
tions them ; only recently, in dressing up the cata- 
logue of our extensive collection of voyages, we dis- 
covered by chance notable differences on nearly every 
page in the copies of de leer; going on, we dis- 
covered also the existence of reprints of the 2 other 
voyages; but we have not been able to find varia- 
tions in the copies at our disposal, of the Premier 
livre (1) nor of Marees (_V.) 

In the voyages of Van Noort the margins of se- 




veral pages are mended and some very few, 10 of 
20 words of the last page added in MS. 

The 5th part (Marees) has a title in MS. and 
the last 5 pages are carefully restored. 

694 Collection of Voyages undertaken by the Dutch 
East-India Company, for the improvement of trade 
and navigation. Translated into English. London, 
1703. calf, maps. 8vo. 5. — 

Contents: pp. 1 — 68. The 3 first voyages of the 
Hollanders in quest of a passage to China ; pp. 68 — 
70. The voyage of Hudson, 1609; pp. 71—89. 
Description of Siheria "taken from Muscovites wri- 
tings;" pp. 89 — 93. Pontanns' dissertation upon 
the North Passage; pp. 94-296. The two first 
voyages of the Dutch to the East-Indies; pp.297 — 
336. The voyage of 5 Dutch ships to the Streights 
of Magellan. 

695 Collection (A new) of voyages, discoveries 
and travels in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. 
Lond. J. Knox. 1767. 7 vols., many maps and pla- 
tes, hj. calf. 8vo. 6.— 

Interesting collection^ comprising the four voyages 
of Colomh, the conquest of Mexico by Cortes ; of 
Peru by Pizaro; Voyage to South America, by 
G. 3. and A. de UUoa; to Brazil, by J. Nieuhoff; 
to Darien, by L. Wafer ; Bouquet's Expedition against 
the Ohio Indians, 1764; Voyages of Drake; Dam- 
pier, Sogers, Anson, etc., etc. 

696 Collection of 25 tracts in Dutch and German 
on the colonies and colonization in America, prin- 
cipally the Dutch colonies, 1836—54. 8vo. 5. — 

Interesting also for the history of immigration. 

697 Collins, Account or the English colony in 
Nev? South-Wales, with remarks on the native 
inhabitants. London, 1804. hds. uncut, many plates 
and maps, some coloured. 4to. 3.50 

With vocabularies of the aboriginal languages. 

698 The same. hf. calf. Neat copy. 4.50 

699 Colonial Essjays. Transl. from the Dntch. 
Lond. 1864. hf. bd. 8vo. l._ 

Cont. pp. 31—158: Survey of the English pos- 
sessions in America and particularly that of Guiana. 

700 Colonies Prancaises. Tableaux de popula- 
tion, de culture, de commerce et de navigat. pour 
I'ann^e 1865. Paris. 1867. sd. 8 to. 1.50 

701 Colom, Arnold, Zee-Atlas ofte Waterwereldt. 
Amsterdam, (A. Colom, 1660?) vellum, roy. fol. 
First edition. — Rare. 10. — 

18 plain charts, including besides a fine map of 

the World, 6 charts of the American ooasts, 

viz. ; Braail and New-Netherland (copied after Theu - 
nis Jacobsz, but larger and more correct). South 
America, Carybe Islands (2 maps), New-Netherland 
(with Virginia and New-England), the Pacific. 

The chart of N. Netheriand is not mentioned in 
Asher's Ust. 

702 — ■— Same Atlas, same edition, but with Latin 
title: Ora maritima Orbis Univerai s. Atlas mari- 
timns. pdt. 18 Coloured maps, fol, 10.— 

703 Colom, Arnold, Same Atlas, later edition. 
Amsterdam. (1656). vellam gilt, gilt edges. Title wan- 
ting, fol. 6.— 

16 Plain maps, the same as in the first edition; 
that of the Pacific wanting. The charts are here 
with date, in the first edition without date. 

704 Colombia, being a geographical, statistical, 
agricultural, commercial and political account of 
that country. Lond. 1822. 2 thick vols. hds. map, 
portraits. 8vO. 3. — 

705 Columbus. — Primera Epistola de Colon 
dando cuenta de su gran descubrimiento 4 D. Gabr. 
Sanchez ; accompana al texto original Castellano 
el de la traduccion Latine de Leandre de Cosco, 
por Volafan (F. A. de Varnhagen). Valencia, 1856. 
sm. 4to. 9.75 

The Spanish text is from an early MS., which 
serves to correct the original letter in Castilian as 
published hitherto by Navarrete and others. 

706 Folieta (Ubertus), Claroruro Ligurum elo- 

gia. Romae, apud haeredes Ant. Bladii, 1573. vellum, 
4t0. 9.— 

Pagg. 32 — 35 contain the elogy of Christophorns 

707 The same, calf extra, gilt edges. — Zarge 

Paper. 12.— 

708 Columbus on board a ship, discover. America. — 
Fine and curious engraving from the beginning 
of the 17th century, sq. fol. 7.50 

Columbus staying fnll length on board of his 
ship, which is conducted by Tritons to the coast of 

709 Same subject. C. Ruben px., galvonoplastie 

by Hanfstangl. Ig. br. fol. 4, — 

7 10 arrives in Spain, covered with chains, and 

received by a mass of people. Challe px., engra- 
ving by Vidal. Ig. fol. — Full marg. Fine. 1.75 

711 ■ Same plate, proof before all lett. — FuSL 

marg. Fine. 2. — 

712 Columbus' dwelling-place at Sevil- 

la. — Large view of this Spanish city; the 
houses and gardens very distinctly drawn; one 
of these last, a garden near the Puerta de Goles, 
adjacent to the Guadalquivir, bears the inscrip- 
tion: Guerta de Colon (Garden of Colon.) 
Prospect of the same city, with Inscription at the 
top of one of the houses ; Casa de Colon (House 
of Colon); with prospects of Cadix and Malaga, 
on one sheet. — 2 Plates engraved by F.Bogen- 
berg. Ig. fol. Coloured. — From: Braun et Eogeu- 
berg, Civitates. Coloniae. 1572. 20. — 

As the biographers of Columbus are still uncer- 
tain where he lived at Sevilla, these indications of 
Hogenberg deserve some farther investigation. 

713 Commelyn (J.) Leven en bedryf van Fred^ 
rich Hendrick van Nassauvf . Utrecht, 1652. 2 vole, 
in 1. vellum, fol. 6.— 

(Life and actions of Prince Frederik Uenry of 

Fbxdebik MvLiilui k G% 



Containing the history of Holland from 1627— 
1647, with an ample account of the events which 
took place in this period in the Dutch colonies and 
possessions in America. This edition of 1652 is the 
best, containing the fine etching} by D. Stoop. Some 
of the many other plates represent the Uutch achie- 
vements in America, as p. 21 Capture of the Sil- 
verfleet, p. 23 Capture of the sugar vessels in the 
Bay of Todos los Santos, p. 101. Taking of Olinda, 
p. 185 Rio Grande in Brazil taken, p. 209 view of 
Paraiba etc. 

714 Commelyn (J.) Histoire de la vie et actes 
mSmorables de FrSderie Henry de Nassau, Prince 
d'Orange. Translat. du Flamand. Amsterd. 1656. 
2 'gaxis'm i. vellum, portrait and many plates. fo\. 9.— - 

The plates are the same as in the preceding ori- 
ginal Dutch edition. 

715 Compaen (Claes) 't Begin, Midden en eynde 
der See-Eooveryen; lioe hy met weynich Sche- 
pen de Zee onveylieh geraaeckt, eeu ongeloof. 
Buyt en groot getal Sohepen gerooft heeft. Amst., 
Wed. Gysb. de Groot, 1697. ids. 4to. 3.— 

{Commencement, middle and end of the piracies 
of CI. C, 1 how he made the sea unsafe with a 
few ships, and took an incredibly booty and large 
number of ships.) 

With 3 woodcuts in the teit and one on the title. 

716 — The same. Amst., H'ed. Gysb. de Groot, 
1707. bds. 4to. 3.— 

717 The same. Amst., Wed. Gysi. de Groot, 

1715. In orig. wrapper, 4to. 3. — 

718 The same. Amst., Erfg. Wed. G. de Groot 

en A. ». Dam, 1723. 4°. 3.— 

The same, lb., 

719 - 

720 The same. 

B. Boehholt, 1781 

de Groot Keur, 1756. 


Amst., Erve H. v. d. Putte en 

In original wrapper, woodcuts. 


721 The same. Title vpanting, edition of 1780 

or thereabout; text complete. 4to. 2. — 

Popular edition which may be recognised by a 
printing-error in the motto under the preface, viz. 
Nihil occulsum, for: Nihil occultum. 

722 Company (Danish). — Kurtze historisch Nach- 
richt von dem Danischen Ost-Ind. nachherigen 
Asiatischen Companie-Handel. (1616 — 1752.) Ma- 
nuscript (1760?) 23 pp. fol. 2.50 

Historical Summary of the Commerce of the Da- 
nish East- Indian or Asiatic Company. 

723 Company (East-India.) — Short History of 
the E. I. Comp. exhib. a state of their affairs, 
abroad and at home, political and commercial. 
2d ed. with an abridgment of the New Act. F. R. 
Lond. 1793. uncut, large 4to. 2.50 

724 Historieseh Verhaal van het begin, voort- 

gang en tegenwoord. staat der koophandel van 
de Nederl. Oost-lnd. Comp. Amhem, W. Troost, 
1768. 2 vols. hf. calf, uncut. 8vo. 3.50 


{Historical Account of the origin, progress and 
present state of the commerce of the Butch Mast- 
Ind. Comp.) 

Contains a complete history of all the voyages 
made in behalf of this Company; a sort of abridg- 
ment of the "Begin en Voorgang" of 1646. See 
N». 272^274. 

725 Company (Austrian East-India). — Oc- 
troy de Sa Majesty pour restablissement de la 
Comp. aux Indes Orient, et a la Guinee. Brnxel- 
les, 1698. 4to. 1.25 

726 Vertoog van het regt van de Voreen. Ne- 
derl. Oost-lnd. Maatschappye op de vaart naar 
Oost-lndien tegen do inwoonders van de Oosten- 
rijksche Nederlanden. Amsterd. (1698.) 4to. 1.50 

{Account of the right of the Butch East-India 
Comp. to the navigation to Bast-India, against the 
inhabitants of the Austrian Netherlands.) 

Writteu by A. Westerveen, Doctor in law; a reply 
to the foregoing. 

727 Lettres patentes d'Ootroy accordSes par 

S. Maj. Imp6r. pour 30 anuiies a la Compagnie 
generale 4 etablir dans les Pays-Bas Autrichiena 
pour le commerce et la navigation aux Indes- 
(Orient et Ocoid.) Bruxelles, 1723. ctoth. 4to. 2.— 

728 Eefutatio argumeutoram quae a DD. Di- 

rectoribns Societatis turn Orientalis tum.Occiden- 
talis in Foederato Belgio stabilitae obtruduntur 
adversus libertatem exercendorum In remotis cli- 
matibus commerciorum per Belgii incolas. Bruxel- 
lis, 1724. sd. 8vo. 1.50 

Reply to the preceding No. 727. 

729 Lauraguais (Comte de) M^moire sur la 

Compagnie dea Indes. Paris, 1769. 4to. uncut. 
82 pp. and 17 statist, tables.- 2. — 

Advice of dissolving the Company. 

730 Company (French India). — Examen de la 
r^ponse de M. N»* au memoire I'abbS Morellet sur 
la Compagnie dea Indes, par I'auteur du M^moire. 
Paris, 1769, sd. uncut. 4to. 151 pp. 2.— 

731 Company (Land-). — Plan of Association 
of the North-American Land-Company, established 
February, 1795. Philad., Printed by B. Aitken 
& Son, 1795. 8vo. 8.50 

732 Company (South-Sea-) — Brieveri van een 
voomaam Lord ... op den naem van Cato ge- 
sehreven, behelz. een fafereel van het gedrag der 
gewezene Bewindhebbera der Zuid-zee Kompag- 
nie, en van den val van die Kompagnie, etc. Uit 
het Eng. Delft, 1722. 397 pp. calf or vellum. 8vo. 


(Letters of an English Lord, written under the 

pseudonym of Cato, on the conduct of the late 

Governors of the South-Sea-Comp., and^the fallof 

that body.) 

733 Company (West-India). — Conditien voor 
de West-lnd. Comp. te fourneren een fonda . . . 
tot de behandelinge van de Gout Custe in Guinea, 



mitsgaders Ardra, Popo ende Benyn. 1666. 4to. 

uncut. 2. — 

{Conditions ... for ihe IVesl-Ind. Comp ... to 

trade to the Gold Coast of Guinea, and also to 

Ardra, Popo, and Benyn.) 

734 Company (West-India). — Consideratie. . . 
waarom het voor de Oost-Ind. Comp. onmogelick 
is, om met de West-lnd. Comp. in 6en Octroy 
ende Societeyt te treden. 's Gravenh. 1644. 4to. 
(Asher N". 201.) 1.50 

(Considerations , . . on the impossibility for l}ie 
Sast-lndia-(Jomp. of a combination into one Patent 
with the West-lnd. Comp.) 

735 Consideratien ende Redenen der Bewiud- 

hebb. van de West-lnd. Comp. nopende detegenw. 
deliberatie over den Treves met den Coning van 
Hispanjen. Haerlem, 1629. 4to. (Asher N". 130.) 

(Considerations of the Directors of the W.I.-C. 
on the present deliberations on u Iruce with the 
King of Spain.) 

736 The same, with slightly different title and 

vrithout date. 4to. Not cited by Asher. 3. — 

737 Copie van Requesten v. Amsterdam, etc. . 

Requeste van de West-lnd. Comp. aen Prince 
Frederick Hendrick etc. 1628. 4to. (Asher N». 111.) 

(Copy of Requests etc. . . Request of the W.-I.-G. 
to the Prince Frederik Renry.) 

738 The same, other edition, with slight varia- 
tions in the typograph. arrangement. Nearly uncut. 
Not mentioned by Asher. 3. — 

See for a firm reply to this pamphlet : — Ondersoect. 

739 Copye van seker articulen beraemt inde 

vergaderinghe vande bewindhebberen . . . vande 
West-lnd. Comp. Gliedr. in 'tjaer 1623. 4to. (As- 
her No. 63.) 2.— 

(Copy of certain articles laid down in the assem- 
bly of the directors. . , of the W.-I.-Comp. 

740 Copye van de Resolutie van Burghem. van 

Amsterdam op 't stuck van de West-lnd. Comp., 
gen. in Aug. 1649. Uytrecht, 1649. 4to. (Asher 
No. 252.) 2.— 

(Copy of the Resolution of the Burgomasters of 
Amsterdam, on the question of the W.-I.-C.) 

741 -• — '■ The same. Reprint of the foregoing, wi- 
thout place. 4to. (Asher No. 250.) 2. — 

A refutation to this pamphlet is No. 746: Examen. 

742 Deductien (Twee) aeng. de Vereeninge 

van d'Oost ende West-lnd. Compagnieu, aen de 
Staten van HoUandt. 's Gravenh. 1644. 4to. (As- 
her No. 198.) 3.— 

(Two deductions regarding the Union of the 
Bast and W est-lnd .-Com-p.) 

lis Directeurs (De ghemeene) gestelt tot het 

formeren van de Capitalen van de West-lnd. 

Comp .. 1622. (Asher No. 66.) 3.— 

One folio-sheet, beginniug with the above words. 

and containing an Edict of the Directors of th^ 
W.-I.-Comp. regarding the subscriptiou for the 

744 Company (West-India). — Discours opver- 
scheyde voorslaghen rakende d'Oost en West-lnd. 
Trafyken. Het le Deel. 1645. 4to. foot uncut. 
(Asher No. 200.) 2.50 

(Discourse on different proposals reg/irding the 
B. and TV. India Traffic.) 

745 Discours ( — Anderde — Derde — ) daer 

in kortelyck ende grondigh ward vertoont, hoe 
veel de Vereen. Nederl. ghelegen is aen de Gost- 
ende West-lnd. Navigatie. Arnhem, 1621—22. 
3 pieces. 4to. (Asher No. 94, 95, 96.) 10.— 

(Discourse [1st, 2d, 3d] proving of hop) much 
importance it is to the Unit. Netherl. to preserve 
the B. and W. India Navigation.) 

746 Examen van de valsche Resolutie van 

BuTgem. van Amsterdam, Op 't stuck van de West- 
lnd. Comp. Amst. 1649. 4to. (Asher No. 253.) 2.- 

{Bxaminaiion of the false Resolution of the Bur- 
gomasters of Amst. on the question of the H^.-Ind.- 

Reply to: Copye vaa de Resolutie. — See N». 740. 

747 Extract uit 'tacteboek van de West-Ind.- 

Comp. ter Camere van Stadt en Lande. 1669— 
60. — Negotieerde penningen tot laste van de 
W. Ind. Comp. van Stadt en Lande, gecalculeert 
A". 1655. — ■ Contemporary Manuscript. 10 pp. 4to. 

(Extract from the acts of the W. In/i. Comp., 
Chamber of Stad and Lande. — List of the trade- 
amount at the Charge of the W. I. Comp. of Stad 
and Lande.) Groningen.) 

748 Extract uit de A cten en Resolntien van de 

... W. Ind. Cornp. in de Vergad. der Negen- 

fhienen A". 1668. Comtemporany manuscript. 50 pp. 

4to- 10.— 

(Extract from the acts and resolutions of the 

W. Ind. Comp. in the Sessions of the \.% Directors.) 

With the printed : Condition etc. (Conditions for 

the W. I. Corap. to trade to the Gold Coast of 

Guinea, to Ardra, Popo and Benyn), marked as 

Concept. See N". 733. 

749 Extract uit de Notulen van de Vergadering 

der Negentynen A". 1759. Contemporary manuscript. 
10 pp. 4to. 2.50 

(Bxtract from the acts of the Sessions oj the 
Nineteen Directors.) 

750 Extract uit de Notulen der Thienen van de 

Nieuwe West Ind. Comp. tot Amsterdam verga- 
dert A". 1674 en 1675. Contemporary Manuscript.. 
10 pp. 4to. 1:50 

(Bxtract from the acts of the Ten (Directors) 
of the New W. Ind. Comp., held at Amsterdam 
A». 1674 and 1675.) 

751 Extract uyt ... de resolutien by den Ge- 

comm. van de . . . West Ind. Comp. representer. 

Pkedeeik Muli-ke & 0°'.) 



de vergaderinge van de XIX. 31, 3 en 5 
Sept. 1654. ConUmperary Maniscripl. 8 pp. fol. 1.50 
* (Extract from the resolutions of the W. lud. 

Camp, in the Session of the 19 Directors.) 

!For giving up the fort Prince William alias d'Afo- 
gados in Brazil; on the Officers returned from 
Brazil, etc. 

752 Company (West-India). ~ Fin do la Gu- 
erre. — Dialogus of 't Samenspreekinge , . . over 
de West-Ind. Interprince. Amst. (1623.) 4to. uncut. 
(Asher No. 101.) 4.— 

{Fin de la Ouerte. Dialogue . . . on the West- 
Indian enterprise.) 

753 Loosen handel van de Aetionisten, die dob- 

bele partjjen maackeij... 1642. 4to. 1. — 

(The treacherous trafic of the Jctionists, making 
double parties, etc.) 

754 Memorie over de achterstallighe subsidien 

by den Staat geoonsenteert aan de West-Ind. Comp. 
etc. (No place, 1674?) 4to. 4.— 

(Memorial regarding the subsidies in arrears, 
granted by the State to the W.-Tnd.-Comp.) 

14 pp. without a title, contain, all the publications 
from the year 1631 — 54, with treat, of the different 
subsidies granted by the States Gen. etc. to the 

755 Middelen en motiven om het kopen en 

verkopen van Oost- en West.-lnd. aotien . . . te 
beswaren met een impost (door D. Muys van 
fioly.) Amst. 1687. 4to. 1.50 

(Means and . motives to charge with taxes the 
and selling of the E. and W.-I.-shares.) 

756 Octroy. — Placcaet van de Staten Gene- 

rael, ghemaeckt op 't besluyt van de West-Ind. 
Comp. 's Grav. 1621. 4to. Entirely uncut, not even 
cut open. (Asher No. 50.) 3.— 

(Edict of the States General on the resolution 
concern, the establishment of the W.-Ind. Comp.) 

757 Octroy by de Staten Gener. verleent aen 

de West-Ind. Comp. 'sGrav. 1621. 4to. (Asher 
No. 54.) 7.50 

(Patent granted by the Stat. Gen. to the West- 
Ind. Comp.) 

The original edition; rare. 

758 Octroy by de Staten Gen. vei-Ieeut aen de 

West-Ind. Comp. 3 Juni 1621. Mette ampliatien 
en h. accoort tusschen de Bewindhebberen ende 
Hooftparticip. ders. Comp. 's Grav. 1623. 4to. 7.50 
(Asher N". 65.) 7.50 

(Patent by the States- General to the West- India 
Comp., 3 June 1621, with the amplification and the 
agreements between the Directors and the Chief 

759 Octroy conc6d6 par les Estats G^n. de la 

Comp. des fndes Occident. 3 Juin 1621. Ensemble 
la l.e eu 2e ampliation. Amst., Jaq. de Wackier, 
1623. 4to. (Asher No. 62.) Very rare. 10.— 

760 Publicatie: Prolongatie van 't octroy d. 

West.-lnd. Comp. (30 March 1673.) 's Grav. 1673. 
1 fol. sheet. 1.50 

(Publication: Prolongation of the patent of the 
W.-I. C.) 

761 Compaay (West-India). — Octroy by de 
Staten Genor. verleent aen de West-Ind. Comp. 
's Gravenh. 1674. 4to. uncut. 2.50 

(Patent granted by the States- General to the 
West-Ind. Comp.) 

First edition of this second patent, quite diffej-ent 
from that of 1621, publ. after the definitive cession 
of New-Netherland to England. 

762 Octroy by de Staten Generael verleent aen 

de West-Ind. Comp. 20 Sept. 1674. Mitsg. de pro- 
longatie voor 30 jaren. 30 Nov. 1700. 's Gravenh. 
1701. 4to. Vncut. 1.50 

(Patent granted by the States-General to the 
West-Ind. Comp. 1674. With the prolongation for 
30 years, 1700). 

763 Nader prolongatie van het Octroy voor 

de West-Ind. Comp. 8 Aug. 1730. 's Gravenh. 
1730. 4to. Vncut. 1.50 

(Further prolongation of the Patent of the West- 
Ind. Comp.) 

764 Nader prolongatie van het Octroy voor de 

West-Ind. Comp., 31 Dec. 1761. 's Grav. 1761. 
4to. uncut. 1.50 

(Further prolongation of the Patent for the Westr 
Ind. Comp.) 

765 Ondersoeok der Amsterd. Requesten tot 

verdedigingh der onsehuldighe ende onderrec-h- 

tingh der misleyde. 1628. 4to. (Asher No. 112.) 2.50 

(Investigation of the Amsterdam Requests, for 

the defence of the innocent and information of 

the mis-led.) 

This pamphlet affords an interesting insight into 
the position of the leading parties of Amsterdam, 
that played such an important part in the. history of 
the W.-I. Comp. 

766 Ontwerp en voorstel tot remedie van twee 

swarigheden in de West-Ind. Companie. Noplace. 
1644. 4to. (Asher N». 190). Stained in the upper 
margin. 1. — 

(Plan and proposal as a remedy for two difi- 
culties in the W. Ind. Comp.) 

767 Ooghen-Salve tot verlichtinghe van alle 

Participanten, so van de Oost- ende West-Ind. 
Cffmpagniea, aang. haar vereeaiginghe. 's Gravenh. 
1644. 4to. (Asher No. 193.) 3.50 

(Elye-salve, for clearing the eyes of all the 
shareholders of the E. and W.-I. Comp.) 

768 Placcaet d. Staten Gen. tot verbod van 

den handel op West-Indien, enz. (24 Mei.) 's Gra- 
venh. 1624. 1 folio-sheet. Not mentioned bv Asher. 

(Edict of the States- Gen. : Prohibition to trade 
within the limits of the W, I. Company.) 

769 The same (14 Junjj.) 's Grav. 1632. 1 folio 

sheet. Not in Asher's Essay. 2.50 




770 Company (West-India). — Placcaet op 't 
stuck van 't verkoopen ende transporteeren van 
Actien in de 0. "ende W. Ind. Comp. 's Gtavenh. 
1621. 4to. Entirely uncut, not even cut open. 5. — 

{Edict concerning the sale and transfer of shares 
in the E. and W. Ind. Comp.) 

This edition is not mentioned by Asher, who cites 
only (No. 72) the renewal of this edict in 1630. 

771 • Kemonstrantie... by de W. Ind. Comp. 

jegens versclieyde memorien van den Heer.Chari- 
aius wegens de (gepretendeerde) Deensche Afri- 
caensche Comp. Amsterd. 1664. 4to. foot uncut. 
(Asher No. 320.) 4.— 

{Remonstrance... by the W.-Ind. Comp. against 
several memoirs of Mr. Charisius, concern, the 
(pretended) Danish African Comp.) 

772 Schaede, die den Staet der Vereen. Nederl. 

en d'Inghesetenen van dien, is aenstaende, by de 
versuymenisse van d'Oost en West-fnd. Negotie 
onder een Octroy en Societeyt te begrijpen. 's Gra- 
venh. 1644. 4to. (Asher No. 191.) 4.— 

{Damage menacing the Unit. Neiherl.for neglec- 
ting to unite the E. and W.-Ind. Commerce under 
one Charter and Company.) 

773 Toestant der swevende verschillen tussohen 

de Oost- en West-lnd. Comp. v. Engelant en v. 
de Vereen. Nederl. 1664. 4to. (Asher No. 322.) 

{State of the present differences between the En- 
glish and Dutch E. and W.-I. Comp.) 

774 Dntch W. I. Company erected. Emble- 
matical plate: the various Dutch Trade-Compa- 
nies, viz. the E. I. Comp., the W. [. Comp., that 
to the North, and to the Levant, represented each 
by a female, receiving tribute from all parts of 
the vrorld. Etched plate (by Romet/n de Hooghe). 
Ig. sq. 4». 2.50 

775 The flag of the Company, Jised in its Co- 
lonies and on its fleet, bearing the interlaced ini- 
tials G. W. C. {Geoctroyeerde West-Indischc Com- 
pagnie.) — Dutch engrav. Coloured, sq. 8°. 2. — 

776 Concept tot veroveringe en verdelinge van 
de Spaensche West-lndien tusschen Hollant en 
Engelant. (1707.) MS. 8 pp. fol. 2.50 

{Froject for conquering and division of the Spa - 
nish West-Indies., between Holland and England.) 

777 Conditien door Burgemeestereu van Amster-. 
dam, volgens 'tgemaeckte accoordt met de West- 
lnd. Comp. . . . gepresenteert aen alle de gene 
die als Coloniers na Nieuv^-Nederlandt willen ver- 
trekken. Amst., E. Meuwenhof. 1656. 4to. 20. — 

{Conditions offered by the Burgomasters of Am- 
sterdam, according to the agreement with the West- 
India Comp., to all those who wilt go as colonists 
to New-Netherland.) 

This edition slightly differs from that behind: van 
der Donck's Description of New-Netherland. 

778 The same. Amst., J. Banning, 1656. 4to. 

Nearly uncut. (Asher No. 337.) " 20.— 

A very rare and most important document, trans- 
lated by O'Callaghan II, p. 328. 

779 Condition. The same. Amst., Wed. J. Banning, 
1659. 4to. (Asher No. 338.) 30.- 

These new Conditions offer very considerabls chan- 
ges from those, published in 1656, and are of the 
same, if not greater rarity. A comparison of both 
may be found in Asher. 

780 Conduct (The) of the Dutch, relating to their 
Breach of treaties with England, particul. their 
breach of capitulation, tor the surrender of Suri- 
nam in 1667 and their oppressions committed upon 
the Engl, subjects of that colony, with a full ac- 
count of the case of Jer. Clifford, late Merchant 
and Planter of Surinam, etc. London, 1760. 8vo. 
220 pp. In red morocco, richly tooled, but binding 
crached. Very rare. 10.— 

This scandalous pamphlet is issued by the desoen- 
dants of a certain Jer. Clifford, in 1760, in order 
to get at last abolition of a sentence pronoanced in 
Jan. 1692 against Clifford by the Council of Suri- 
nam for mutiny, condemning him to the cord (to 
he hanged). That sentence was mitigated to 7 years' 
imprisonment and at last entirely remitted. 

781 Connecticut (Map of) by D. F. Sotimann. Ham- 
burg, C. E. Bohn. 1796. sq. fol. 44 by 36. — Co- 
loured. 1.50 

782 Connecticut. — The Political Greenhouse 
for the year 1798. Addressed to the readers of the 
Connecticut-Courant, January Ist 1799. Published 
according to Act of Congress. Hartford, Printed bj/ 
Hudson & Goodwin (1799.)/ *rf. uncut. 8vo. 7.50 

In verses. Very rare, not mentioned by Rich nor 
by Sabin, under the heading Connecticut. 

783 Consideratie over de tegenwoordige ghele- 
gentheydt van Brasil. In twee Deelen gestelt. Int 
eerste werdt aenghewesen op wat maniere men 
aldaer alles beter coop sal connen hebben, ende 
wat voordeelen aldaer uyt staen te verwachten. 
Int tweede deel ofte profijtelgoker is dat sulci 
geschiede door de Compagnie selfs, ende hare 
Dienaers alleen, ofte door Particuliere. Alles met 
redenen bevesticht . . . Amst., 1644. 4to. (Asher 
N». 184.) ^ 5.- 

{Considerations on tie present situation of Bra- 
sil; in two parts: The first shoving how one may 
have every thing there much cheaper, and tchat 
advantages may be derived therefrom; Tie second, 
whether it be belter thit this should be dons by 
the Company alone and by her lertants or by pri- 
vate Persons. All proved by good reasons, etc. 

784 Consideration op de Nadere Memorie van 
het nemen der schepen van deezen Staat door de 
Engelschen ; uitgeg. onder den tytel van : De Yrye 
Vaart en Handel, etc. 'tHage, 1768. fol. 1.50 

{Considerations on the second Memorial on the 
prizes made by the English on vessels of this State, etc) 

785 Constitutie voor de Vereenigde Staelen van 
Amer., den 17 Sept. 1787. ('s Grav. 1791.) 8vo. 2.&0 




{Cortstiiution of the United States of America, 
T86 Constitutie. The ssxsxq. — Annexed: De Fran- 
sche Constitutie van 1791. Ibid. 1791. 8vo. 2.75 

787 De Constitutie der Repnbliek Colombia, 

met het decreet betreltlcel. de afschaffing der sla- 
verny. Amst. 1822. 870. 1.25 

(Constitution of Colombia, with decree on aboli- 
tion of Slaverny.) 

788 Constitutions of the United States of Ame- 
rica, the Declaration of Independence, etc. Tren- 
ton, 1813. sheep, sm. 8vo. (a few wormholes.) — 


789 The American's guide compris. the Decla- 
ration of Independence; the Articles of Confede- 
ration; the Constitution of the U. S., and the 
Constitntions of the several states composing the 
Union. PhUad. 1828. Sheep. 12mo. 1.— 

790 Constitutions of the several States of the 

Union and United States, including the Declara- 
tion of Independence and Articles of Confedera- 
tion. New York. 1852. cloth. 8vo. (7.20) 2.— 

791 des treize Etats-Unis deU'Ara^rique. 

Paris, 1792. 2 vols. sd. uncut. 8vo. 2. — 

792 r De la Croix, Constitutions dcs princi- 

paux 6tats de I'Europe et des Etats-Unis del'Ame- 
rique. Paris, 1791—1801. 6 vols. ^/. cai/. 8vo. 4.— 

Complete copies are rather scarce. — The 2d vo- 
lame (pp. 321—385) contains the constitution of the 
United States of America. 

793 Verzameling van de Constitutien derVer- 

een. Staaten van Amerika, benevens de acte van 
onafhankelijkheid, enz. Uit het Engelsch en 
Pransch vert. Dordrecht, 1781—82. 2 vols. sd. 
uncut. 8vo. 3-50 

(Collection of the Constitution of the United 
States, with the act of independence, etc.) 

794 Constitution federal de los Estados Unidos 
Mexicanos (Mexico.) 1824. calf gilt, gilt edges, sm. 
fol. .3-- 

OfSoial edition, "imprenta del Supremo Gobierno 
de los Estados-Unides Mexicanos en palacio." 

795 Constituoion del Estado de "Venezuela. 4a edi- 
tion. Caracas, 1842. hf. calf. 18mo. 1.50 

796 Constitution of the French Republic ... by 
the National Convention. Translat. Philadelphia 
B. Franklin Bache. 1795. 8vo. uncut. 1.50 

797 Cook (James) Voyages autour du monde. Trad, 
de I'Angl. Paris, 1774—89. 14 vol. numerous maps 
and plates, calf gilt, 4to. 15. — 

Fine complete set of Capt. Cook's Three Voyages, 
viz : Hawkesworth's Voyages dans rhemisphere meri- 
dionali — Voyage dans I'hemisphere austral et au- 
tour da monde; -^ Troisieme voyage k I'Ocean Pa- 
cifiqne, etc. — Vie da Capit. Cook, par Kippis. — 
AU uniformly bound in old calf gilt. 
793 — w An Account of the voyages undertaken for 
making diaooveriea ia the Southern Hemisphere, 


4 vols. Af. calf, 

by Byron, Wallis, Carteret, Cook, drawn up by 
Banks, publ. by J. Hawiesworl/i. Lond., 1773. 3 vols. 
— Voyage towards the South Pole and round 
the world in the years 1772—75, by J. Cook. 
With Capt. Furneaux's narrative. Ibid. 1784. 
2 vols. — Together 5 vols, calf uniform, many pla- 
tes and maps. 4to. 12. — 
These two works must be kept together, forming 
a complete account of Cook's first and second voyage. 

799 Cook (James), J. Ha.wkesworth, Voyages 
de decouvertes dans I'hfimisphere meridional, Execu- 
tes par Byron, Carteret, Wallis et Cook. E6dig6e 
par Banks. Trad, de I'Angl. Paris, 1774. 4 vols. 
hf. calf, 52 maps and plates. 4to. 5. — 

Account of Cook's first voyage. 

800 The same. Amst., 1774. 

uncut, 52 plates and maps. 4t0. 

i'he same Paris edition, as the preceding No., 
only with a new title, and a privilege of the States 
General to the Dutch publisher, and a very curious 
preface of them about their promises of this work, 
its price, etc. 

801 Voyage dans rh^misphfire austral, et au- 
tour du monde, 1772—75, dans lequel on ainsSrfi 
la relation du Capt. ITurneaux et celle de M. Por- 
ster. Trad, de I'Angl. Paris, 1778. 5 vols, calf 
gilt, many maps and plates. 4to. 5. — 

Account of Cook's 2 voyage. — The 5th vol. 
of this French edition contains: Forster, Observa- 
tions sur la geographic, I'bist. natur. etc, faites pen- 
dant le second voyage de Cook. — In English this 
has been published separately; it is not included in 
the above No. 798. 

802 Keizen naar den stillen Oceaan en rondom 

de wereld, vertaald door J. D. Pasteur. Leyden, 
1797—1803. 13 vols. 8vo. hf. calf aud Atlas of 
133 plates and maps. hf. bd. fol. (40. — ) 10. — 

(Voyage to the Pacific Ocean and round the 

803 Eeizen van een raatroos met Capt. Cook, 

gedaan rondom de waereld, met een geschiedenis 
van alle de zeereizen rondom de waereld. Am- 
sterd., 1796. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1. — 

(Voyages of a sailor with Capt. Cook round the 
world; with a history of all the voyages round 
the world.) 

804 — - Death of Captain J. Cook. Webber px., 
Engraving by Bartoloizi and Byrne, sq. fol. 1.— 

805 [Cookman (Q. G.)), Het vergaan dor stoom- 
boot De President. Amsterd. (1851). with plate. 
8vo. 1.— 

(Shipwreck of the Steamer The President; diary 
found in « bottle, on the coast of Cape Breton.) 

806 Cooley (W.) Geschiedenis der aardrijkskundlge 
ontdekkingen. Uit het Eng. met aanteek. v. d. 
vertaler (N. G. v. Kampen.) Haarl., 1835—37. 4 vols. 
sd. uncut. 8vo. 2.50 

(History of the geograph. discoveries from thf 
earliest times till the present day-') 



807 Cooper (Thorn.) Eenseignementa sur I'Ame. 
rique. Trad, de I'Angl. Paris, Maradan, 1795. sd. 
n'acut, map of the United States. 8vo. 1.25 

Treating principally of Pennsylvania. 

808 Cooper, William, American Botanist. — 
A. L. S., in French, to Mr. M. C. van Hall in 
Amsterdam, dat. N. Y. Dec. 29, 1830. 1 p. 4«. 


809 Coperuious (Wio.) De revolutionibaa erbium 
coelestium, libri VI. Norimbergap, apud Jo. Petreum, 
1543. figures in woodcut^ ornamented initials^ origi- 
nal binding in vellum, am. lol. — Fine and large 
copy. 50.— 

„FiRST AND RAREST EDITION of this Celebrated 
Work." (Libri.) — See Fol. 2: "Magis id erit cla- 
ram, si adduntur iasiilae" etc. Harrisse [N". 241.] 
cites only a copy in the British Museum. 

810 Copies or Extracts of the Despatches from the 
Governor of Britsh Guiana, showing the state of 
the dispute betvreen the Combined-Court and the 
Governor. 1849. 200 pagg. fol. 1.50 

811 Coreal (Fr.) Voyages aux Indes Occidentales 
en 1666 — 97. Trad, de I'Espagnol. Aveo une rela- 
tion de la Guiane de Walter Raleigh etle voyage 
de Narborongh a la Mer du Sud par le Detroit 
de Magellan. Amsterd., J. Fr. Bernard, 1722. 3 vols. 
Af. id. uncut, maps and plates. 8vo. 8. — 

812 Cornelis Claesz v. Purmerent, Journael of 
0. Ind. Keysbescliryvinge, verbal, het belegereu 
V. Mosambiecke en Goa met h. veroveren v. d. 
Portug. Sohepen. Amst., G. v. Goedesiergen, 1651. 
4to. (Tiele No. 208.) 15.— 

{Journal or account of a voyage to E, I., nar- 
rating the siege of Mosamb. and Goa, and the 
capture of the Portug. ships.) 

Fine and tall copy in original state, stitched with 
wrapper. With 1 pU numbered : 4. Complete. Bound 
up with M. V. d. Broeck's voyage. 
- This voyage is made under P. v. Caerden (see 
N". 554,55), but this journal is kept by Corn. Claesz, 
pilot of an other ship of the fleet. — It is printed 
in the same year and by the same publisher as 
M. V. d. Broeck's History of the revolt oftba 
Portuguese against the Dutch in Brazil (see N". 478), 
and although both books bear no relation to each- 
other, and each has a separate title and paging, yet 
Claesz' journal is nearly always found bound up behind 
that of V. d. Brceck, and the only plate belonging to 
tbe Journal of Claesz, is numbered 4, forming a conti- 
nuation of pi. 1 to 3 in V. d. Broeck. 

813 The same, without v. d. Broeck's Jour- 
nal; no plate. 6. — 

814 Cornuti (J.) Canadensium plantarum, aliarum- 
que nondum editorum historia. Paris., 1662. calf, 
plates. 4to. 17.— 

"Cornutus was never in Canada. The plants de- 
scribed by him were observed in the gardens of Paris. 
The figures are very good ... He deserves the credit 
of having described about 40 American plants for 
the first time." Rich. 

The first edition was puWiahed k 1636. — The 
work of Cornntns is the first specifically botanical 
book OH America. — Rare. 

815 Cornwallls (K.), The new El Dorado; or 
British Columbia. 2d edit. Lond. 1858. map and 
plate, cloth. 8vo. 1.60 

816 Cornwallis surrenders his army. French engra- 
ving by P. C. Marillier. Vf ith French text. sm. 4". 1.50 

817 Correspondance politique de I'Europe. Par 
une Sooiete de Gens de Lettres. (Amsterd.) 1780. 
3 parts. 8vo. 2.— 

On the war in America, etc. 

818 Cortes, Pern. — Esta es vna carta que el 
muy ilustre Senor D. Hernando Cortes, Marqnea 
que luego fue el Valle, escriuio 4 la S. C. CM. 
el Emperador. . . Fecha en la Gran Cibdad de 
Temistitan, Mexico, e la nueua : a XY dias del 
mes e Ootubre 8, M.D.XXIV. 12mo. 18.- 

Reprint in Gothic letters: Mexico 1865. Published 
by J. Garcia Icazbalceta. — Onl^ 70 copies prin- 
ted, and entirely out of print. 

819 Cartas y relaciones al Emperador Carlos 

v., colegidas e ilustraJaa por D. Pascual de Gayait- 
gos. Paris, 1866. sd. roy. 8vo. 10.— 

Contains many documents of the higliest impot- 
tantfe, which are here published for the first time. 

820 Correspondance aveo I'Emp. Charles-Quint 

sur la conquete du Mexique. Trad. p. de Flavigny. 
En Suisse, 1779. hf. calf. 8". 2.— 

821 Brieven aan Karel V wegens de verove- 

ring van Mexico. Amst. 1780. 2 vols Ifiih map. 
8vo. 2.50 

Dutch translation of the foregoing work. 

822 F. Cortez' interview with Montezuma. — 
Montezuma's cruelty to the Spaniards. 1519. — 
2 Engrav. by P. van Gunst and J. C. Philips, sq. 
4". — From: v. d. Aa, Collection of Voyages. X. — 

823 Cosmographia, das ist: Warhaffte Beschrei- 
bung des Erdbodens, nemlich Europe, Asie, Affrice, 
vnd die nach Ptoleraeo neuw erfundenen Inseln, 
Jmerice vnd Magellane (so jetzt die ueuwe (sic I) 
Welt genennt.) Franckfurt a. M., S. Feyerabeifd, 
1581. fol. 6.5a 

A translation of the text of Ortelius' French Atlas, 
or perhaps a reprint of the text of the first German 
edition of Ortehus, 1572? 

824 Costume of the natives of Florida, Brazil and 
Paraguay. — 3 Engrav. by A. Melaer. fol. — 
From : Hazart, Bist. of the World. 1667. 2.60 

825 Cotton (John), The Doctrine of the Chlirch, 
to which are committed the Keys Of the King- 
dome of Heaven. Second edit. Lond. 1643. 4to. — 
Rarissijne. . 5. — 

The author was "Teacher of the Church iii Boston 
in New-England." 

826 Coup d' oeil sur la Grande-Bretagne. Lond. 
(en Holl.) 1776. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.60 

On the differences between England and America, 

Prbderik. MuW.'EK & C, 



827 Courant (Haarlemsohe). Haarlem. Joh. En- 
schede Sf Zooneti, 1 Jan. to 30 Dec. 1781. 155 No3. 

^ fol. uncut. 6. — 

Highly interesting annual series ot this esteemed 
Newspaper, then pnblished three times a week, and 
containing ample notices of the news concerning 
America and the war between Holland and Eng- 
land. — N». 1 contains the Declaration of War ot 
England, 20 Dec. 1780. 

828 Covens, C, Handleiding tot de kennis enhet 
gebruik d. hemel- on aard-globen. Amst., 1802. 
plates. Ig. 8". 2.— 

{Manual for the knowledge and use of both gloies.) 

829 Coxe (Tench) View of the United States of 
America, in a series of papers, written between 
1787 and 1794. Interspersed with authentic docu- 
ments. Philadelphia, W. Hall, 1794. calf. 8vo. 5.— 

Original edition. Scarce. 

830 Coxe (W.) Account of the Russian discoveries 
between Asia and America. With the Conctuest 
of Siberia, etc. 2d ed. corr. Lond. 1780. calf, 4 
folded maps. 4to. 2. — 

831 Les nouv. dficouvertes des Eiisses entre 

I'Asie et I'Amdrique avec I'hist. des conquetes de 
la SibSric, etc. Paris, 1781. Ifith maps and plates. 
4to. 1.50 

832 Die neuen Entdeckungen d. Kussen zwi- 

schen Asien u. Amerika. Nebst d. Gesch. d. Er- 
oberuhg Siberiens, etc. Prankf. 1783. Ifith maps 
and plates. 8vo. 1. — 

833 Crane (J. G. de) De Joanne Mauritio Nas- 
saviae Principe, cognomine Americano. (Groning.) 
1806. 4to. 1.— 

834 Cranz (D.) Historie von GriSnland, enthalt. die 
Beschreibung des Landes u. der Einwohner, ins- 
besond. die Geschichte der dortigen Mission. Barby, 
1765. hf. calf, 8 plates and maps. 8vo. 2.50 

History of the Moravian mission in Greenland; 
but by far more valuable for the history, geography, 
natural history, the manners of the natives, etc., 
which fill pp. 1—400. — Page 277—290 cont. a 
treatise on the Greenlandish language, p. J096 — 
1101, letters of natives, Greenlandish and German. 

835 Historie van Greenland. Haarl. or Amat., 

1767. 3 vols. sd. or bound, maps and plates. 8vo. 


Dntoh translation of the preceding work, with 
12 plates and 2 maps. The maps are larger and 
more correct than in the original German edition. 

836 Hedendaagsche historie, of tegenwoordige 

staat van Groenland, en Straat Davids, benevens 
eene uitvoerige beschryving van de walvisch- en 
robbenvangst. Amst., 1786. 3 vols. hf. calf, maps 
and plates, 8vo. 2. 

{The present history and state of Greenland and, 
the Strait of Davids, with an ample account of 
the whale- and seal-fishery.) 

Exactly the same work as the preceding, only the 
title reprinted. 


837 Cranz (D.) Fortsetzung von D. Cranzen Brii- 
der-Hiatorie. li- bis IVr Abschiiitl. 1769—1801. 
Barby u. Gnadau. 1791—1816. 3 , ols. bds. 8vo. 

History of the Moravian Brethren and their vari- 
ous missions in North-America, West-India, Gron- 
land, Tranqaebar; Ceylon, etc. etc. 

838 Crawfurd, William Harris, President of 
the U. S. Senate, 1812; Judge of the North Cir- 
cuit Court of Georgia 1827—34. — L. S. to J. 
Butler, dat. Treas. Departm. Dec. 16, 1822. 1 p. 
40. 1.50 

839 Crisp (Steven) De waerheydt triumpheronde 
over valschheyt, in een antwoort op dertig val- 
sohe beschuldigingen tegeu het volck Gods, Qua- 
kers genaomt. Amst., 1670. 4to. 1.75 

{Truth triumphing over falsehood, being a reply 
to 30 false accusations of the people of God, cal- 
led Quakers.) 

840 De Gronden en Oorsaecken van de ellende 

der Nederlanden ontdeokt, als mode de middelen 
van derselver herstellingeu aangewezen., 
167(). 4to. 1.25 

{Ihe foundations and causes 0/ the misery of 
the Netherlands, and the means for their resto- 
ration {by Quakerism.) 

841 De onde waerheyd ontdekt, en het licht 

Jesu Christi, 't welk veele eeuwen verborgen heeft 
geweest, verhoogd, en wederom aan de menschen 
gepreedikt. Rotterdam, 1684. vellum. 4to. (i. — 

{The old truth discotered, and the light of 
J. Chr., which was hidden during many centuries, 
held up and preached again to mankind.) 

A stout volume of 645 pp. containing tracts, let- 
ters etc. by W. Penn, G. ¥01., S. Crisp, P. Hen- 
dricks, G. Keith, W. Caton, W. Ames, J. Park, and 
others, collected and edited by Steven Crisp. After 
the preface of the editor isto be found a printed list 
of all the pieces of the collection. 

842 [Crevecoeur, (H. H. John de)] "Voyage 
dans la Haute Pennsylvanie et dans I'etat de 
New-York, par un membre adoptif de la nation 
Oneida. Trad, et public par Tauteur des „Lettre8 
d'un Cultivateur AmSricain." Paris, 1801. 3 vols. 
plates and maps, portr. of Washington, hf. cf. 8vo. 

. 5,50 
»Cet OQvrage renferme de curieux details sur I'etat 
des penplea iSdigenes avant I'arrivee des Enropeens. 
II n'est pas une simple traduction, comme I'annonce 
Son titre, mais bieu ronvrage original de John Cre- 
vecoeur." Leclerc. 

843 Agriculturist, author of the: Voyage en 

Pennsylvanie, 1801, etc., came to America 1754, 
French Consul at N. Y. 1783. — A. L. S. "au 
citoyen Maradan," dat. 18 Brumaire (1800?) 1 p. 
4». 2.— 

On the' publication of a' work (probably his: 
Voyage dans la Haute Pennsylvanie.) 

844 A. L. S. to the same, no date ^ p. 4°. 1.50 

Same subject. 



845 Crockett, Exploits and adventures in Texas, 
with a topograpli., liistor. and polit. view of Texas. 
Lend., 1837. bc/s. 8vo. 1.— 

846 Cruelty of tlie Spaniards in the West Indies. 
1519. Dutch etching (school oi Uomeinde HoogAe). 
sq. fol. 1.50 

847 Cuba, Jaaiaiea ;ind St. Domingo (with sou- 
thern part of Florida). — [Amst. 1657.] — Sij. fol. 
51 by 41. — Coloured. Dutch text on verso. 2.50 

848 Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, etc. Amst., R. et 

J. Ottens (about 1756). sq. fol. 58 by 50 — Co- 
loured. 2.50 

This map, including Central America, the coast 
of Florida, etc. was published on account of the war 
1756 — 63, as is indicated by the Dutch title. 

849 Cuba, St. Domingo, Jamaica and the Isth- 
mus of Panama. Amsl., R. et J. Ottens. (about 
1760). 2 sheets, fol. Together 55 by 85. — Co- 
loured. 4. — 

With separate plans of Havana, St. Domingo, and 
St. Augustin, with their harbours. Besides indica- 
tions on the route and on the traffic of ships, etc. 
850 Cuba and Martinique. 3 maps by G. Rat- 
ios, (about 1780). sq. 4». 24 by 17. 1.— 

851 Cunha de Azevedo Ooutinho (J. J. du) 

Ensaio economico sobro o Comeroio de Portugal 
e suas Colonias. Liaboa, 1794. sd. uncut. 4to. 1.80 

862 Political essay on the commerce of Por- 
tugal and her colonic ■), partic. of Brasil. Trausl. 
from the Portug. Lond., 1801. bds. uncut. 8vo. 1. — 

853 Ueber Brasilien und Portugals Handel mit 

seine Kolonien. Aus dera Portug. Ubers. von K. 
Mnrhard. Hamb., 1808. 8vo. 1.— 

854 Curacao with plan of Fort Amsterdam and 
St. Anna's Bay. Amst., G. v. Keulen (about 1720). 
fol. 59 by 52. 1.— 

855 Map of the Island, with Indication of the 

plantations, separate plan of the city and harbour, 
etc. Amst., G. Eulst v. Keulen, 1836. Large sq. 
fol. 60 by 51. — Coloured. 1,50 

856 The Island, with separate map of the Ca- 

raibs and plan of Port Amsterdam. (1836). sq. 
fol. 51 by 36. 1.50 

857 2 Different views on the harbour and town. 

Di'awn on the spot bj B. F. van Raders, 2 fine 
coloured aquatints by iV. H. Hoogkamer. (1820). 
Ig. sq. fol. 6.— 

858 The Lutheran Church at Curagau. Dutch 

engraving with address of £. Mourik. (1750). sm. 
4». 1.— 

859 Explosion of the Dutch man of war: Al- 

phen in the harbour of Curasao, 1778 by J. Punt. 
sq. fol. 2.— 

860 Same plate, later impression, with address : 

P. Conradi. 1787. sq; fol. 1.— 

861 Same subject. Different disposition, by 

S, fokke. sm. sq. fol. 1, — 

802 Curacao, Same engrav. Proof bef. all leil. 2.— 

863 i Same subject. Differ, disposition, by S. 

Fokke. sni. 4". —.50 

864 Funeral procession at Curasao, In honor 

of the killed by the explosion of the /i/pAe». Dutch 
engrav., with addr. B. Mourik. i". ;.5o 

865 Keglement op het beleid van de regering 

... op Curasao, 's Grav. 1815. 8vo. i._ 

866 Ontwerp-reglement op het beleid der rege- 
ring in de kolonie Curasao, ('s Grav. 1860?) gyo. 

{Project-regulation of the government in the co- 
lony of Curafao.) 

867 Catechismo pa uso di Catolicanan di Cu- 

ragao. — Catechisrnus ten gebruike der Katholy- 
ken van Curasao, door M. Joh. Niewindt. Curajao 
(1840?) 157 pp. 8vo. — Veri/ scarce. 5.-_ 

Text in the language of Ciira9ao (Papiement) with 
the Dutch at the opposite pages. 

868 Qurita (Geron.) Anales de la corona de Ara- 
gon (714—1516.) ^aragossa, 1610-21. 7 vols. 
calf. fol. 55.— 

Best edition; very rare. — Vol. V. VI comprise 
the years 1492 — 1516, and contain some communi- 
cations on America: Del desciibrimiento de las Islas 
del Oceano Occidental que llama os Indias. (To/, f, 
Chapt. 18.) — De la diferencia que se movio entre 
los reves de Castilla y Portugal sobre el nuevo dcs- 
cnbrimiento del mar Oceano del Occidents. (Ibid. 
Chapt. 25.) — De la Concordia que se assento sobre 
el descubrimiento de las islas y tierra firma del 
Oceano Occidental {Ibid. Chapt. 29.) etc. — The 
7th volume contains the general index. 

869 Lanuza (V . Blaseo de) Historiaa eccle- 

siast. y seculares de Aragon, en que secontinuan 
los annales de Qurita, y tiempos de Carlos V. con 
historiaa ecclesiast. antiquas y modernas. Qara- 
goga, 1622. 2 vols, in 1. vellum, fol. Pine copy. 

This valuable and very rare work (a Supplement 
to Curita down to 1618) contains Vol. I. pag. 70 — 
74 a Narrative of the discovery of America by Co- 
lumbus; pag. 163 — 6'; a Narrative of the voyages 
of Hernando de Magellanes, etc. 

870 Dagtaoek van het Britsoh Ministerie, sodert 
het begin der N. Americ. onluston ... Uit het 
Eng. . . . door Will. Pen, Secundus. Amst., 1781. 
1 plate. 8vo. 1.50 

{Diary of the British Ministry, since the begin- 
ning of the N. American troubles (3 Jan. — 7 AprU). 

A political satire under the name of W. Penn, 
by Elis. Wolff and Agatha Deken. 

871 Daggett, David, Senator and Chief-Justice 
1832—34. — A. L. S. to E. Mills, Senator, dat. 
New-Haven, Jan. 7, 1824. 1 p. 4». 1.50 

872 Dalmas, Hist, de la revolution de St. Dorain- 
gne (1789—93); suiv. d'un m(5moirc s. le rttabliS' 
sement de la colonie. Paris, 1814. 2 voU, bds. 
8vo. 2.50 

Fkederik Mullbr & C°.. 



A corner of the title and of the 10 firat pagg. 
, torn off. 

873 Damrymple (Alex.") An historical collection 
of the several voyages and discoveries in the South 
Pacific Ocean. Lond. 1770—71. 2 vols, in 1. boards. 
With many maps and platfs. large 4to. 5. — 

The 1st vol. of this very inturesting book, con- 
tains a literal translation of the Spanish writers; the 
2d the Dutch voyages (of Schonten and le Maire, 
A. J. Tasman and J. Roggeveen.) With index to 
both vols. 

874 Voyages dans la Mer dn Slid, par les Es- 

pagnola et les Hnllandois (1.520-1722.) Trad, de 
I'Angl. p. M. de Freville. Paris, 1774. calf. Swaps. 
8vo. 2.— 

French translation of the preceding. 

875 [Dairy mple (J.)] Les droits de la Grande 
Bretague "etablis contra les pretensions des Ame- 
rieains . . . Trad, de I'Angl. . . . par (A. F. J.) 
Frfiville. La Haye, 1776. 8vo. sd. tmciit. 1.25 

876 Dalton (H. G.) History of British Guiana, 
comprising a general description of the colony 
with an account of its climate, geology, natural 
history, etc. London, 1855. 2 vols, cloth, maps and 
plates. 8vo. 9. — 

877 Dampier (Will.) Nieuwe Keystogt rondom de 
Waereld, waarin omstandiglyk beschreven wor- 
den de landengte van Amerilsa, versoheydene kus- 
ten en eylanden in Westindie, Chili, Peru, Mexikn, 
enz. (1676—91.) Hit het Eng. 'sGravenh., 1698— 
1700. 2 vols, or 3 parts in 1. vellum., maps and 
plates. 4to. 4.— 

{New voyage round the world, wherein are mi- 
nutely described the Isthmus of America, various 
coasts and islands in the West-Indies, Chili, Peru, 
'Mexico, etc.) 

The 2d vol. is divided into 3 parts, the last of 
which contains a description of the Isthmus of I)a- 
rien, by L. Wafer. 

878 Derde deel van W. Danipiers Keystogt 

rondom de Werreld, behelz. zyne reystogt na 
Nieuw-HoUand in 't jaar 1699. Uit het Eng. 
's Grav., 1704. .id. uncut, maps and plates. Ho. 1. — 

{Third part of W. Dampier's voyage round the 
world, cont. his voyage to New-Holland in 1699.) 

This forms, together with the preceding, « com- 
plete copy of the first Dutch edition of Dampier's 

879 The same. New edition, with the voyage 

to New-Holland. Amsterd., 1716—17. 4 vols inl. 
vellum, maps and plates. 4to. 3. — 

880 The same. New edition. Nymegen, 1772. 

4 vols, in 1. hf. calf, maps and plates. 4to. 2.- 

881 The same edition. 4 vols, in 3. sd. uncut. 

Large paper. 3.50 

882 Nieuwe reize naa de Zuidzee, en verder 

rondom de Waereld, in 1708—11. In 't Eng. door 
W. Rogers. Amsterd., 1715. vellum, maps and pla- 
tes. 4tO. 2.— 

(New voyage to the So uth -Sea and further round 
the world, in 1708-11.) 

"To this work, written in the style of a plain, 
bUint sailor, and full of correct information, parti- 
cularly relative to the numerous islands in ihe Pacific 
Ocean, Cook, Byron, and other.s have been greatly 
indebted." Lowndes. 

883 Dampier (G.) Nouv. Voyage antour du Monde, 
oil Ton diicrit en particnlicr I'lathine de l'Am6- 
rique, etc. (Trad, de I'Angl.) Amst. 1701. 2 vols, 
ot Suppl(5m. — Id. Voyage aux Terres Australes, 
avec les voyages de Wood, Sharp, etc. lb., 1712. — 
Id. Le meme, avec le Voyage do L. Wafer, con- 
ten, la description de I'lsthrae de "Darien, etc. 
lb., 1735. — Together 5 vols in 3, calf, many maps 
and plates. 8vo. 5. — 

884 Dana, Daniel, President of Dartmouth Uni- 
versity. 1820. — A. L. S. to Governor Bell, dat. 
Londonderry, Dec. 30, 1822. 1 p. 4». 1.50 

On preparing a sermon for the ensuing election. 

885 [Dana (R. H.)], Twee jaren voor den mast. . . 
Zeereis naar de Noord-West-Kust van Amerika. 
Uif h. Eng. Dev. 1842. 2 vols. sd. 8vo. 1.50 

{Two years before ihe mast.) 
Voyage to the North- West-Ooust of America. From 
the Engl. 

886 Danckers, J., Atlas. Amsterdam, (about 1680). 
k[. calf. fol. 20.— 

Contains 75 coloured maps, amongst which Map 
of the Globe, General map of America, West-Indian 
Islands, New Netherland on which the view of New 
Arasterdaro, with Danckers'' address and inscription: 
Nieuw-Yorck. {See Asher's List N". 19.) 

887 AtUas. Amst. (about 1680). bds. fol. 12.— 

Contains 30 plain maps, 3 of which of America: 

New-Netherland with view of New-Amsterdam, etc. 
all the same as in the foregoing number. 

888 Dane, Nathan, Member of Congress 1785 — 
88, distinguished author on Amer. Law. 1823 — 
29. — A. L. S. to Th. Dwight, dat. N. Y., Sept. 
14, 1788. 1 p. fol. 1.50 


889 Daniel (L.) La guerre aux Etats-tJnis. Paris, 
1862. map. 8vo. —.90 

890 Dapper (O.) Collection of Voyages and de- 
scription of foreign countries in Dutch, by Dapper 
and others. No collective title. Amsterdam, 1669 — 
1729. 13 vols, vellum or calf. fol. 40.— 

Contains the following works, each of 800 to 1200 
pages, all with a large number of maps and plates : 
Montanns (A.) Beschryvinge van America en het 

Zuidland. Amst, 1671. 

— Gezantscbappen der O. I. Maatschappy in 't Ver- 
een. Nederland, naar Japan. lb. 1669. 

Nieuhcif (J.) Brasiliaansche Zee- en Lantreize bcne- 
vens Bescbryv. van Nederl. Brazilie. lb. 1683. 

— Gezantschap d. Nederl. O. I. Compagnie naar 
China. lb. 1670. 

Baldaeus (0.) Beschryvinge Malabar, Choro- 




mandel en Ceylon; en een Malabar. Spraakkonat. 

lb. 1672. 
Kaempfer, Beschryving v. Japan. Uit h. Eng. v. 

J. G. Sebeiicbzer. 's Hage, 1729 or 1733. 
Dapper (O.) ?,e en 3e Gezantschap naar China, en 

IBeschryvinKe van Sina. lb. 167U. 
— ■ Asia, of Bescbiyvinge van hot Ryk des Grooten 

Mogols. lb. 1672. 

— Bescbi'yvinge van de Afrikaenscbe Gewesten. 
2d edition. lb. 1676. 

— Beschryvioge van Syria en Palestina etc. lb. 1677. 

— Beschryvinge van Mesopotaniie, Babylonia, Assy- 
rie, Kl. Asie. lb. 1680. 

— Beschryvinge der Bylanden in den Archipel der 
Middel. Zee. lb. 1688. 

— Beschryvinge van Morea, etc. lb. 1688. 

891 Dapper (O.) The same. Larz/e paper, old gilt 
calf. — Very line copy. 50. — 

A fine set, but wanting Kaempfer's Japan. 

892 Darien. — Koddige Eeisbeachryving naar Da- 
rien, (12 Aug. 1681 till 25 Jan. 1682.) Contem- 
porary Manascript, copied by P. v. d. Sohell'mg. 
44 pp. fol. 27.50 

(Comical Voyage to Darien.) 

tinder this title is here a serious ayid very inte- 
resting account of a Voyage in 1681 of a Dutch 
fleet to the gnlf of Darien, the arrival at St. Pedro 
and the Capture of a Spanish ship; the exploits on 
the river St. Jago and the conquering of the city 
of Puna; arrival at and description of Trurillo (battle 
with the Spaniard) ; at Callao de Lima, Baldivia, 
Castro; description of Chili, Terra del Faego and 
Staaten-land, etc. 

This journal has, besides the exact description of 
the voyage and of the countries visited, a special 
interest for the history of the discovery of Terra 
del Puego by Barthol. da Fonte, whose voyage to 
the North West of America has been so often dis- 
puted, and whose visit to Terra del Fuego should 
be fancied. 

893 Darinel. — La Sphere des deuxmondes, com- 
posee en Frangois, par Darinel, pasteur des Ama- 
dis. Avec im Epithalame, que le meame auteur 
a faict, sur les nopces et raariage de . . . Don 
Philippe Roy d' Angleterre etc. Commente, glose 
et enrichy de plusieurs fables poeticques, par Olfl- 
les) M(oilleau) D[e) B{iiiUon.) Anvers,' J. Bichart, 
1555. figures and 17 maps in woodcut, ids. 4to. 
The first leaves somewhat stained by water, the 
margins of the last leaf partly cut oft; else a very 
good copy. 67..50 

Vert rake and interesting. This cosmographic 
poem, little known, has as the end 17 curious geo- 
graphical maps, one of America, with the Strait of 
Magellanes, and named at the top: «T?cru. Brevis 
exact, totiiis Novi Orbis ejusq. insulorum descriptio 
recens a Joan. Bellero edita.^' Besides these and 
the map of the World, there are maps of Sarmatia, 
Sarm. Moscovia, Brevis exactaque Moscoviae des- 
criptio (large folding map), Hongrie, etc. etc. with 
a verset on each in the text. 

A copy sold at the Sobolewski Library, leipsic 
1873, for 101 Thaler. 

894 Darwia (Ch.) Journal of researches into the 
natural history and geology of the countries visi- 
ted during the voyage of H. M. S. Beagle round 
the world. 2d ed. with additions. Lend. 1845. 
!if. calf. sm. 8vo. 3.50 

895 Daum (G. C.) Eene Nederlandsch-Amerikaan- 
sohe stoomvaart- en spoorwegverbinding-maat- 
achappij. 's Gravenh. 1870. 8vo. —.75 

{On a Society for Dutch-American steam-naviga- 
tion and railway-connexion.) 

896 Dauvion Lavaysse (J. J.), Voyage auxilea 
de Trinidad, de Tabago, de la Marguerite, et dans 
V6nezu(51a. Paris, 1813. 2 vols. sd. 2 maps. 8vo. 


897 Keise naoh den Inseln Trinidad, Tabago 

u. Margaretha, so wie in Venezuela. "(Jebers. von 
E. A. W. V. Zimmermann, 1816. map, hf. calf. 
8vo. 1.— 

898 Davenport, James, Amer. Statesman, dis- 
tinguished Member of Congress 1796 — 99.— A.L.S. 
to Sam. M. Hopkins of N. Y., dat. Stamford, July 
21, 1796. 2 pp. 41'. 3.— 

Requests Mr. H. to dispose by sale in Europe of 
46.000 acres of land in Virginia. 

899 Dawson (A. B.) The Sons of Liberty in New 
York. A paper read before the N. Y. Historical 
Society. (N. York,) 1859. 8vo. 3.50 

Printed, as Manuscript, for private circulation. 

900 Day, Jer., distinguished Mathematician, Pres. 
of Yale-College 1817—46. - A. L. S. to Eev. 
Edw. D. Griffin, dat. Yale-Coll. Nov. 2, 1818. 
1 p. 4». 1.- 

901 Dean (H.) Hocus Pocus ; or the whole art of 
Legerdemain, in perfection. Philadelphia, printed 
for Matheio Cary, 1795. bds. 1 plate, woodcuts, sm. 
8vo. — Hare. 4. — 

902 Declaration des Ambaasadeurs d'Eapaigne, 
touchant une brefye pour Portugal. Mtinster, 1647. 
4to. Uncut. French and Dutch. Not in Asher's Essay. 


903 Dedel (G.), Diaput. jurid.-politica de Coloniia. 
Lngd. Bat. 1826. sd. uncut. 4to. Large paper. 1.75 

904 The same. 8vo. 1.— 

905 Deduotie van d. Ambass. v. Portugael, dat 
den vrede tussohen Z. M. en de Staaten Gener. 
in de deelen des werelts buyten Europa zfln be- 
gin mocht nemen op den 25 Oct. 1662. 's Grav. 
1663. 4to. 1.50 

[Deduction of the Ambass. of Portugal, that the 
peace between II. Maj. and the States Gener. might 
begin in the eitra-European parts of the world 
the 25 Oct. 1662.) 

906 Deduotie van den representant. . . van de West- 
Ind. Comp. over de saake van Isequebo en Demerari. 
1767. {Deduction of the representative of the West- 

Predeeik Mullek & C°., 



Ind. Comp. on the state of Essequeho and Deme- 
^ rary.) With other official docuraenta relating to 

-72. 4 parts. 

the affairs of these colonies, 1765- 



907 [De Foe (D.)] Des welt-beriihmten Engellan- 
ders Robinson Crusoe Leben iind gantz unge- 
meine Begebenheiten, insond. da er 28 Jahre lang 
auf einer unbewohnten tnsul auf d. American. 
Kiiste gelebt hat. Franckf. n Loipz. 1720. plates. 
ids. 8vo. slightly stained; one plate damaged. 7.50 

First German edition, very scarce. Tlie original 
English was published: London. 1719. 

908 Delacoste (J. C.) Geschiedk. en waarverhaal 
dcr gebeurtenissen, welke in de Colonic Demerary 
by en zedert het vertrek van Baron van Gro- 
vestins hebben plaats gehad. Uit h. Fransch d. 
0. Hitters, 's Hage, (1798.) 2 vols. sd. 8». 2.50 

(Historical and true account of the event.': in 
Demera^-y, at the departure of Baron van Grove- 
stins. 2Vansl. from, the French). 

909 Delano (Amasa) Narrative of voyages and 
travels in both hemispheres, comprising three 
voyages round the world, etc. Boston, 1817. calf, 
portr., map and plates, the last leaf slightly dama- 
ged. 8vo. 3.50 

'Comprising voyages to Chili, Pern, the Sandwich 
Islands, New-Holland, the West-Indies etc. 

910 Della-Cella (P.) Voyage de Tripoli de Bar- 
barie aux frontiercs Occident, de I'Egypte, 1817. 
Trad, de I'ital. (Extr. Paris, 1823.) Notes MSS., 
map and f^g. drawn, hf. cloth. 8vo. 1.25 

911 [Dellon] Aanmerkeiyk historiseh verhaal van 
de Inquisitie der Portugeesen in Goa. Middelburg, 
1688. vellum, plates. 12mo. 1.50 

{Important historical account of the Inquisition 
of the Portuguese at Goa.) 

912 Del Rio n. Minutoli, Beschreibung einer 
alten Stadt in Guatimala entdekt. Berlin, 1832. 
Only the Atlas of 14 plates, fol. obi. 2.75 

913 Demerara and Essequebo Vade-Meeum; cont. 
the principal Laws and Regulation of the united 
Colony, and miscellaneous articles of local impor- 
tance. Georgetown, 1825. cloth. 12mo. 1.50 

914 The same, with Addenda contain, the laws 

and regulations from May 1825-28. Ibid. 1828. hf 
cl. 12mo. 1.75 

915 Demerary, formerly Immerary, by L. L. van 
Bercheyck. (Amst., B. de Leth 1740.) Large sq. 
fol. 100 by 44. — Coloured. 6.— 

With indication of the sugar-mills . and of the 
productions. — In the under-margin a list of the 
plantations, the number of acres and the names of the 
proprietors. — This colony belonged to the Dutch 
till 1815, when it was ceded to England. 

916 Same map, later edition, with a special 

survey of the coast. &■ — 

917 Demeutlier, I'Amerique Ind^pendante, on les 
differentes Constitutions des 13 provinces des 


Etats-Unis. Av. I'histolre de chaque province, et 
des remarques sur les constitutions, la population, 
les .finances, etc. Gand, 1790. 4 vols. sd. uncut. 
8vo. 3.— 

The 4th volume, being a supplement, is often 

wanting; it treiits exclusively of New-York and 


918 Denys (Nic.) Geograph. en histor. Beschrij- 
ving der Kusten van Noord-America, met de na- 
tuurljjlse Hist, des Landts. Amsterd., 1688. 4to. 

(Geograph. and histor. description of the coasts 

of North- America, with the natural history of the 


This work is properly the 2d part of: Hennepin, 

Beschrijving van Louisiana, on the title of which 

it is mentioned ; but it has a separate title, new 

pagination and signature. 

919 Depons, (F.), Voyage k la partie orient, de 
la Terre-Ferme dans TArafirique MSridion. cont. 
le Caracas, etc. 1801—4. Paris, 1806. 3 vols. sd. 
map and plans. 8vo. 1.50 

920 Des Barres (J. F. W.) Nautical remarks and 
observations on the coast and harbours of Nova- 
Scotia. (No place.) 1778. fol. obi. ' 1.50 

921 Des Combes, Geographic universelle. Laus., 
1790. 4 vols. hf. calf. 8vo. 2.— 

Tom IV. contains America. 313 pagg. 

922 Deser (E.), Les cascades du Niagara, et leur 
marche retrograde. Neuchatel, 1853, map and pi. 
8vo. 1.— 

923 Desjardins (E.) Le PiSrou avaut la conqulte 
Espagnole, d'apres Ips princip. historiens originaux 
et quelq. documents inMits sur les antiquit^s de 
ce pays. Paris, 1858. hf. id. 8vo. 1.75 

924 Des Marets (H. et D.) Histoire curieuse de 
la vie, do la conduite et dea vrais sentimens de 
Jean de Labadie dont le nom et la reputation 
font tant de bruit parmy les gens de bion. La 
Ilaye, 1670. 359 pp. calf gilt. ]2mo. 7.50 

Very rare; nicely printed volume in the Elsevier 
style, one of the best works on Labadie and his 
doctrine. — It contains also Labadies' Declaration 
chret. centre le Synode dit Wallon. — At the end 
of the vol.: "Copie de deux Lettres qui se doivent 
joindre & I'Histoire curieuse etc. La Haye, 1670." 
Some of his mystical sect went to America. 

925 Detectio freti Hudsoniani. — Collection 
of Heasel Gerritsz, la. Massa's and de Quir's tracts 
on the Arctic Voyages, — on Siberia, — on H. 
Hudson's 3d voyage, — and on Australia. Facai- 
mile reproduction of the rare Dutch edition ot 
Amst. 1612, and reprint of the Latin edition of 
Amat. 1613. — With a new English translation 
by F. J. Millard, and historical introduction by 
S. MuUer Fz. — Amst., F. Muller. 1876. 4to. 
H^ith 2 maps. 25.— 

The title indicates the various subjects this edi- 
tion contains, viz: reprints of the nearly unique 



Dutch work, basis for all works on the 
North West passage, the Ijatin edition, etc. The 
historical introduction explains the origin and the 
special purpose of the rare original collection. The 
book is printed on a fine modern imitation of old 
paper, uncut; the Dutch edition of 1612 is repro- 
duced in photolithography by Mr. A. Kroon. 

926 De Witt (Thorn.) Discourse delivered in the 
North Reformed Dutch Church (collegiate) in the 
City of New- York, Aug. 1856. N. York, 1867. 
many plates, cloi/i. 8vo. — Privately printed. 2.50 

Very interesting for the History of the Dutch 
Reformed Church in New- York and America, con- 
taining a list of the Ministers from 16S3 till 1800, 
and other histor. particularities. 

927 Dickens (Ch.) Uitstapje naar Noord-Amorika. 
Uit hot Eng. Ainst. 1842. plate, ids. 8vo. 

(4.50) 1.25 
(TVip to North- America.) 

928 Dickerson, Mahlon, Governor of New Jer- 
sey 1815—17, U. S. Senator 1818—34. — A. Sig- 
nature. 1. — 

929 (Dickinson), Lettvea d'un formier de Pensyl- 
vanie, aux habitans de rAm6rique Septentrionale. 
Trad, do I'Angl. (par Barbeu du Bourg.) Amaterd. 
1779. calf. 8vo. - 2.— 

These^letters contain a review of the griefs of the 
American colonies against the British Government. 

930 Dickinson (R.) A geographical and statistical 
view of Massachusetts Proper. Greenfield, 1813. 
bds., uncut. 8vo. 80 pp. — ■ Bare. 3. — 

931 Diereville. Relation du voyage du Port Royal 
de I'Acadie ou de la Nouvelle France. Amst., 
1710, vellum, sm. 8vo. {wants engraved frontisp.) 


932 Dillon (P.) Voyage b. la Mor du Sud, 1827— 
28, et Relation de la decouverte du sort de La 
P^rousc. Paris, 1830. 2 vols. pi. and map. hf. 
calf. 8vo. 1.76 

933 [Dinouart] Vie de Dom Joan de Palafox, 
Eveque d'Angilopolis et enanite Evgque d'Osme. 
Cologne et Paris, 1767. calf, portr. and plates. 
8vo. 3.— 

"Get ouvrage est .public en grande partie sur celui 
de Champion, .Tesuite, I'impression duqnel fnt arretee 
Ek cause de la franchise de I'anteur." Leclerc, Sold 
fr. 20.— 

934 Dionysii Alexandrini, de situ orbis liber, 
Graece et Tjat. (interprete A. Papio.) Antv. C. 
Plantinus, 1575. vellum. 8". ],60 

935 et Pomp. Melae Situs orbis descriptio, 

Aethioi cosraographia et Solini Polyhistor, cum 
interpret. H. Stephani, annotatt. J. Olivarii, scho- 
liis J. Simlori, etc. (Gen.), //. Stephanus. 1577. 
4 prts. 1 vol. vellum. 4". 3.60 

936 Orbis descriptio, commentario critico et 

geographico illustr. a G. Hill. Lond., 1678. Maps, 
amongst which one of the New World, vellum. 8°. 2.60 

937 Dionysii Alexandrlni, Orbis descriptio cnra 
veterum Soholiis et Bustathii Commontariis. Ace. 
Periegesis. Prisciani. (Edidit E. Thwaites). Oxon., 
e Theatro Sheldoniano. 1697. Maps, vellum, 8°. 2.B0 

988 De situ orbis liber, (Graece et Lat.) ciiva 

S. Ilavercampi. Lugd. Bat. 1736. hf.calf.S". l.BO 

939 Dirok Albertsz. Raven's shipwreck on the 
coast of Spitsborg. 1637. — Rare engraving, sq. 
4°. — J'eri/ fine impression. 3. 

940 Disoours over de glielogenthoyt van do nieuwo 
Cruyssors, daor hot wel-varen van de Zeevaert. 
endo alle Inghosetenen van hot Lant, op 't hooghste 
aan gclegen is. (Middolburg), 1G45. 18 leaves. 4to. 
Slightly stained at the upper margin. 2.B0 

{Discourse at the occasion of the new Cruisers, 
necessary to the welfare of the navigation and the 

At the end a list of 30 .Spanish ships, taken in 
one year, by the Cruisers of the West India Company, 

941 Disoours (Socond) d'un bon Hollandais i sos 
oompatriot(!a sur difterents objets int^ressants. 
No place, 1799. uncut. 8vo. 1,50 

On the insurrection of the Engl. Colonies in 

942 Discussions importantca, d6batues au parle- 
ment d'Angleterre par les plus c(51c')bros oratenrs 
depuia 30 ans. Paris, 1790. 4 vols. sd. uncut, ivii. 

Contain many interesting discussions on the Ame- 
rican war; almost the whole 3d volume is filled 
by them. 

943 Dissel (S. V.) Curag-ao. Herinneringen en schot- 
sen. Loydcn, 1857. 8vo. (2.60) 1.— 

{Curasao. Remembrances and sketches^ 

944 Distressed situation of the Quebec, when on 
fire and of the Surveillante, a French ship of war. 
1779. B. Palon px,, engraved by KWfer. Ig. fol. 3.— 

945 Dobereiner vonTiirsolienreut(Ph.)S6nat- 
achreyben vnd warhaffto zeytungen. Von auffgang 
vnd crweitorung dos Chriatenthumbs, bey den 
Haydcn" inn der newen welt: Auch von veruol- 
gung vnnd haliigkait, der Gaiatlichen Apostoli- 
achen Vorstehor daselbs... jotzt inn teutsohe 
spraach transsferiert {Last page:) Godruokt zu 
Miinohen, bey Adam Berg, 1571. sm. 8vo. 11.- 

Tittle, 15 unnumb. leaves for the preface, 95 un- 
numb. leaves of tuit. 

Fine clean copy of a very rare work, contain, 
a translation of the Epistolao Indias Patrnm Soo. 

It contains an account by P. Dinr, of the mas- 
sacre of 40 missionairies by 3. Soria, General of 
Navarra, during their voyage to Brasil. 

946 DobrizholTer (M.) Account of the Abipones, 
an oqnostrian people of Paraguay. (Transl. by 
Miss Sarah Coleridge.) Lond. 1822. 3 vols. 8». 
calf gilt. - Very fine copy. 14.— 

9't'? Gesohielite der Abiponor, einor boritteiien 

und Kriegerischen Nation in Paraguay. Aus dem 

Predeiiik Mult,er, k C,, 


Lat. ttbereetzt voa A. Kreil. Wieu, 178;). 3 vols. 
majts and platis. 8vO. Uncut. 7.50 

ills Doouments relative to the Colonial History 
of the State of >iow-York, proeiireil in Holland, 
England mul Franco, by J. R. Brodhead. Eili- 
ted by E. B. O'Callaghan. Albany, 185G— 58. 
11 vols, clo/A, maps, rie. large -ito. 65.— 

949 Doouments iPublio) printed by order of the 
Senate of tlio United States, 'Jd Session of the 
iOd and ilst Oousress, ISiS— 30. Wasliintiton, 
lS-8— 30. 4 vols, sheep. Svo. 5.— 

950 — - Tlio same, iid Congress. Washingt. 1832. 
Vol. I. sheep. Svo. l.^fi 

951 Doehn (Bud.') Die politisehen Parteien in den 
Vereinigten Staaten von Aiuerika. Leipzig, 1868. 
Svo. 1.— 

952 St. Domingo. — Carte de I'lsle do St. Da- 
mingne, par 0. Delisle. Paris, cliez I'antenr. 17-0. 
sq. fol. 61 by 47 j.. J.- 

953 Map of St. Domingo, by G. delisle. Auist,, 

J. Coi'tHS & f" Moituir. (Xbout 1740). sq. lol. 61 
by 47. — ColoiirL^d. 1.50 

954 ■ The strnggle of the blaoka hi Hayti for 

thoir independence. 1705. Eiigrav. by JR. I'in- 
ieh'S. 8". — Proofs bef. all lettfr. — Rn'n: 5.— 

955 Donok (Adr. van der) Boschriivinge van 
Nieuw-Nederlant, ghelyck het togonwoordlgh 
in staet is, begrijpende de nature, aevt, goWgonthoyt 
en vrueUtbaerUeyt . . . als mode de maniere on 
ongeuieyue eygensohappen van de Wilden . . . 
Amst,, i.'. Xieuioeahof, 1655. 4to. Title, Vl([ and 
104 pp. (Asher Xo. 7.) 150.— 

{Description of Xew- yelherlaiul, such as it is 
noWj comprc'h ending the nature, character, situa- 
tion and ferlUitif . . . as also the manners and un- 
coinmoH qnalites of the sal/ages, etc.) 

First edition of van dei' Donck's Description 
of N. Nether land. 

956 Beschry vinge van Nieuw-Nederlant (ge- 

l^ck het tegonwoordigh in staet is\ begrijpende de 
n.itnre, aert . . . En hier aohtor bygevooght het Re- 
glement vande Burgermeesteren doser Stede. be- 
trofl. de aaken van N'ieiiw-Nedorlandt. Den twoe- 
den Druck. 'tAuisteld., E. Xieuioeuhof, 1656. 4to. 
A/, bd. (Asher No. 8.) 140.— 

{Description of Sew-yetherland (such as it is 
noto), including the nature character, situation. , . 
To this art' appended the conditions of the Bur- 
gomasters of this citj/, regarding the aj^airs of X. 
'Xetherland. id edit.) 

2d edition of the preceding. Fine large copy, some 
leaves in rough state, with tlie map, the view of 
Nieaw-Amstej-dam ^the second view existing) and the 
appendix: Conditien etc.. which is often wanting. — 
•; rerjf scarce and of invaluable importance. See on 

it at large: Asher's Essay No. S. — See for three 
editions "of these 'conditien' (conditions), all differ- 
ed ring N". 777—779. 



957 Donoker. H., Zee- Atlas ofte Water -Waerold. 
Amsterdam, H. Doncker, 1659. vellum. Coloured 
charts, fol. 15. — 

(Maritime- Atlas or JVater- World.) 
First edition of Uoncker's iinportimt . Atlas, con- 
tinuing 19 charts. Besides a map of the Globe 
charts occur of the W. 1. Islands (2 sheets), Neio- 
Nelherland and Brazil, S. America, Brazil, West- 
Coasts of America. 

958 Zee-Atlas, etc. Amst., M. Doncier, 1666. 

t'ellum gilt, gilt edges. The charts in gold and co- 
lours, fol. 25. — 

Second edition, containing 33 charts. Besides a 
new map of the globe and a quite different set of 
European charts, this edition gives the same of 
America, but augmented with the coasts of New- 
IQ^etherland (not moutioned in Asher's List). 

9,-)9 Same Atlas, same edition, vellum gilt, gilt 

edges. The charts coloured but not illuminated. 20. — 

960 Same Atlas, same edition, vellum. Coloured 

charts. 22. — 

lu the same binding 30 chorograpbical maps by 
S. All<irdt, withont title, amongst which the map of 
N ew-Netherland with the view of New- Amster- 
dam, with the address of Hugo Allardt, {coloured). 
(Asher's List, N". 10.) — and a general map of " 

961 De Nieuwe Groote verraeerdei-de Zee- 
Atlas. Amsterdam, H. Donci-er, 1676. ids. 27 Co- 
loured charts, roy. fol. 10. — 

(The neiD large augmented Maritime Atlas.) 
Quite another work as the preceding edition of 
Doncker. It is wholly based on Colom's Atlas, whose 
6 maps of America are here reproduced. 

962 De nieuwe groote vermeerd. Zee-Atlas. 

Amst, jff. Doncier. 1697. vellum, i'o Coloured charts. 
roy. fol. 17.50 

New edition, offering again many interesting varia- 
tions and additions, though also based on Colom. 
It contains amongst many other new charts, deli- 
neations of the Str!ut<: Davis and Hudson, Greenland, 
Spitsberg, the Pacific Ocean, Terra Nova, and quite 
a new map of New-lfetherland (with Tirginia, 
yeio-Engel<ind and Pennsglvania), on which apian 
of Piliiadelphia, in 1697 wit exidanation : A— H. 
(Not mentioned in Asher's List.) 

963 N'ieuw Groot Zeokaert-boek. Amst., ff. 

Doncker. 1712. calf. 2S Large folding maps in colours 
and gold. Very large fol. 15.— 

(Sea large book of charts.) 

No reproduction of the former editions, but a new 
set of charts of double the size of the former, amongst 
which i of America: the Norhern part^ with Green- 
land, Hudson's Bay, etc.; Brazil with the Caraih 
Islands and New-Netiier land ; the W. I. Islands; 
and a very largo chait embracing almost the whole 
American cosist. 

964 Dooregeest ("E. A. van) en C. A. Posja- 
ger, Den Eyper Zeepostil, bestaande in XXH 




predikatien toegepast op den zeevaert ; mitsgaders 

een korte beschryvins van d. oorspronk ... der 

Having- en Walvischv.iagst. Amst. 1G99. 8vo. 3. — 

(Seapos/il, contain. 22 sermons applied to the 

navigation, with a succinct description of the origin 

etc. of the whale fishery.) 

965 Dooregeest (C. A. van), Koit verhael van 
eenige merkwaard. geschitdeniaaen van Holland. 
Amst., 1744. 8vo. 1.25 

{Short account of some marvellous events of 

At the description of Bnkhuyzen a history of the 
Greenlandish whalefishcry is inserted, pp. 78—96. 

966 Dorrington. Le Solitaire Anglois, ou avan- 
tures merveilleuses de Phil. Quarll. Trad, de I'Angl. 
Eotterd. 1728. plates and maps. calf. 8vo. 2.50 

The map represents an island near Mexico. 

967 Doughty beheaded by order of Sir Fr. Drake 
in Patagonia, 1578. Engrav. by Gaidar, sin. fol. 

968 Downing (Sir George). — 41 Dutch pam- 
phlets published by — ,or against Sir George Dow- 
ning, English Ambassador at the Hague, and on 
the wars and disputes between England and Hol- 
land from 1663 to 67 and 1672 to 74, the conse- 
quence of which was the cession of New-M ether- 
land to England. 41 parts. 1 660—1674. 4to. 50.— 

Very rare and valuable collection. 

*It is generally known, from Macaulny's History of 
England, tliat the war between England and Holland 
from 1664 to 1667, in the course of which New- 
Netherland was wrested from the Dutch, was the 
work of Sir G. Downing. But Macaulay did not 
know the motives, by which Downing was promp- 
ted. This statesman was a New-Englander, and 
one of the earliest pupils of Harvard College; his 
thorough acquaintance with Dutch politics was pro- 
bably the fruit of the border quarrels in his trans- 
atlantic home, and in the interest of that home all 
his skill and craft were employed. In spite of the 
recent alliance and the many interests which ought 
to have maintained a firm friendship between the 
English and Dutch, Downing succeeded in enveno- 
ming every dispute and in kindling the war which 
broke out in 1664." Asher. — An English scholar 
of this time writes me: »The renegade Downing 
was an unprincipled, time-serving varlet; for after 
serving and eulogizing Cromwell, he was one of'the 
most slavish flatterers and tools of Charles II and 
James, altogether one of the basest of a bad race 
of politicians; I got this information from many 
books but especially from the perusal of a great many 
of his letters in the original." 

969 Aenteyckeninge (Sommiere) ende 

deductie ingcstelt by dc Staten Gener. op de lest 
ingediende memorie van G. Downing, 's Grav. 1665. 
4to. Rare. 15. — 

{Summary remarks and deduction made by the 
States Gener. on the late memorial by G. Downing.). 

^his very interesting pamphlet contains a 

deduction of the Dotch title to Neio-Netherland, on 
purpose to prove that Charles II had no right to 
occupy that country. 

970 Downing (Sir George). — Verdere Aen- 
teyckeninge of duplyque, op seeckere replyque 
vanden Heer 0. Downing, ingestelt op dessoUs me- 
morie vanden 30 Deccmb. 1664. 's Gravenh. 1666. 
4to. Uncut. 260 pp. ^ Very rare. 40.— 

{Further remarks or rejoinder of the defence of 
Mr. 6. Downing, presented against his memoir of 
Deeemb. 30, 1664.) 

This pamphlet is highly interesting to every stu- 
dent of North-American history. It furnishes the 
most exact documents on the great dispute between 
the English and Dutch, on the Delaware and Bud- 
son, the remembrance of which is still so fresh in 
the United States. It contains 157 pages of docu- 
ments extracted from books and registers kept at 
New Amsterdam and Boston. 

The present edition is the original one; there is 
a counterfeit edition of the same date printed at 
Middelburg. See the following number. 

971 Te same. Na de copy in 's Gravenh. (Mid- 
delburg?) 1666. 4to. 166 pp. Rare. 30.— 

Asher does not cite these two editions. 

972 The same. Middelburgh, 1666. 4to. foot 

and sides uncut. 176 and IV pp. 40.— 

This is the edition cited by Asher N". 352. 

973 Drake (Fr.) Expeditio Franc. Draki ... in 
Indias Occidentales A" 1585, qua urbes, Fanum 
D. Jacobi, D. Dominici, D. Augustini et Carthe- 
gena, captae lucre. Leydae, apud Fr. Raphelengium, 
1588. 21 pp. 4to. 40.- 

ExCESSiVELY RARE. Very fine and large copy 
high ai), br. 15 centim. The four folio plates wanting 

974 Drake, Le voyage ourieuxfaiotautourdn Monde, 
par Francois Draoh, Admiral d'Angleterre. Aug- 
ments de la seconde partie. Paris, Ant. Robinot, 
1641. sm. 8vo. — Rare. 10.— 

Title mounted, a few leaves slightly mended in 
the upper margin. The copy has been taken out of 
the original cover and prepared for being rebound; 
in a new cover it would be a good copy. — Title, 
dedication 3 leaves, text 230 pp. 

This French edition is made by V. de Louven- 
court upon the original BngKsh of 1600. It con- 
tains, besides, extracts from various voyages. See 
for America p. 1 — 40. Priced in Steven's Nug- 
gets 4' 2.2. 

975 Memoire dv voiage en Evssie fait en 1586 

par Jehan Savvage, suivi de I'Expedition de Fr, 
Drake en AmSriqve k la raeme epoqve. Publics 
pour la premiere fois d'apres les mannsorits dela 
Biblioth. Imp6r., par L. Lacour. Paris, Auiry, 
1855. cloth. 8vo. 5.- 

Keprint in: Tresor des pilces rares ou inidiieil 
only at 183 copies. 

976 Drake (S. G.) History and antiquities ofBos- 
ton, from its settlement in 1630 toi tUe year 1770. 

Fbxoseik MuLLna & C°ir 



With a history of the discovery and settlement 
of Kew-England. Boston, 1854. clotA, portraits, 
a facsimile), plates of antiquities etc. roy. 8vo. 

(22.—) 10.— 

977 DrieSBen (L.), Leben des Fflrsten Johann Mo- 
ritz von Nassau-Siegen, General-Gouverueura von 
Niederlandisch-Brasilien, etc. Berlin, 1849. Fac-sim. 
id. 8vo. (5.10) 2.— 

978 Dublin volunteers meeting on College Green. 
4 Nov. 1779. Engrav. by J. Colb/er. Ig. sq. fol. 2.60 

979 Dubocoage (Mad.) La Colombiade oa la Foi 
porttSe au Nouveau Monde. Paris, 1756. ad. uncut, 
portrait and 10 firte plates. 8vo. 2. — 

980 Duchassing et Miohelotti, Spongiaires de 
la Mer Caraibe. Haarl. 1864. td., g5 colored plates. 
4to. — Priee-essay. (8.70) 5.50 

981 Dufey (P. J. S.), Abr6ge de I'liistoire des re- 
volutions de TAm^rique Septentr. et Merid. depuia 
les prem. dficouvertes jusqu'en 1825. Paris, 1827. 
4 vols. hf. cf. 18mo. 3;50 

982 Duflot de Mofrae, Exploration du territoire 
de I'Oregon, des Caiilornies et de la Mer Ver- 
meiUe. Paris, 1844. Livr. 2 et 4 (Vol. I, 2. 11,2.) 
plates, bds. large 8vo. 2.60 

Vol. II. pp. 390—400 contain the «Faier Hosier" 
in 24 languages of California, the Aztecs, N. Zea- 
land, the isies of the Suuth-Sea, etc. 

983 Du Graty (S. M.) La Eepublique de Para- 
guay. Brux., Leipzig, Gand, 1862. 21 maps and 
plates, cloth. 8vo. (13. — ) 5.— 

History, Geography, Hydrography, Language with 
Nomenclature, pp. -MS — 333, Climatology, Pro- 
ducts, etc. 

984 (Du Hautchamp), Histoire gen6r. etparticul. 
du visa tait en France pour la reduction et I'ex- 
tinctiou de toua les papiers royaux et des actions 
de la Comp. des Indes, que lesysteme des finan- 
ces avait enfantez. On y a joint un Etat desAc- 
tionnaires et des Mississipiens, etc. La Haye, 
1743. 4 vols in 2. calf. 8vo. 3.— 

985 Duhriug (H.), Kemarks on the United States 
' of America. Lond. 1833. cloth. 8vo. 1.— 

986 Dulac (A.), Melanges d'histoire natnrelle. Lyon, 
1765. 6 vols, plates. Af. calf, uncut. 8vo. 2.50 

Cont. a. 0.: T. Scheffer, Ueacript. de I'or blanc 
(Platina), trouve en Amerique. — Divers morceaui 
de riiist. natur. de la Jamaique. — Le Page du 
Praty, Hist, natur. de la Louisiane. — J. Gumilla, 
rOrinoque illustre. — Ueacript. de quelq. animaui 
de I'Amerique Septentr. etc. etc. 

987 iDumas, Mathieu, Count, served as Aide- 
de-camp to Eoohambeau in America, (1780—83), 
fulfilled American missions in Holland and Tur- 
key, General at Waterloo. — Autogr. Poem, imi- 

•' tatldn of Horatii Odae, II, 10, in 6 stanzes of 
French verses. . .'^•50 

Very fine antograph, signed: nTait la nuit du 
i Nov. 1791, pendant une insomnie. D— ." 


988 Dumbar (Q.) De oude en nieuwo Constltutie 
der Vereenigdo Staten van America in hare gron- 
den ontvouwd. Amst. 1793 — 96. 3 vols. sd. uncut. 
8vo. 2.50 

{The old and new Constitution of the United 
States, explained in its principles.) 

989 Dumontier, Bijdrage tot de kenuii der geolog. 
gesteldheid van Curafao. Amst. 1858. 8vo. — .80 

(Contribuiioti^ to the knowledge of the geolog. 
condition of Curafao.) 

990 [Duner (N.) ooh A. E. Wordenskiold] 

Svonska Expeditioner till .Spitsbergen och Jan 
Mayen, utlorda 1863 och 1864. Stockholm, 1867. 
map, plates and figg., sd. roy. 8vo. 2,50 

991 Duusterville, E., Admirality Catalogue of 
charts, plans, views and sailing directions. Lond. 
1868. 8". (2.—) 1.— 

992 Same work, former edition. Lond. 1860. 

8<>. —.50 

993 Du Quesne. — Journal d'un voyage faitaux 
Indes Orientales par une escadre commandee p. 
Mr. Du Quesne, 1090-01. Kouen, 1721. 3 vols. 
hf. id. uncut, plates and maps. 8vo. 3.50 

994 Dureau de la MaUe, Province de Constan- 
tine. Kenseignements pourl'expiidition ouretaulis- 
sement des Frangais dans cotte partie de rAfrique 
Septentrion. Paris, 1837. map. hf. calf. 8vo. 1.— 

995 D*''* (Duret), Voyages de Marseille a Lima, 
et dans les autres Ueus dos Indes Occidentales. 
Avec une exacte description ue ce qu'il y a de 
plus remarquable . . . Paris. 1720. 2 parts in 1. 
old calf. 8vo. (plates wantiug). 1.75 

996 Dutch W. I. (The) and E. I. Compaoies, 
each represented by a female holding the Hags of 
the Companies on which the family arms oi the 
Burgomasters oi' Amst., van den Bempdeu and 
Geelvink, Directors oi the Comp. in 1V26; the 
inhabitants ol various countries bringing tribute. — 
Fine engraving by £. Ficart. Ig. sq. 4°. 2.50 

997 [Duyl (A. C. G. v.)] De eerste vestiging der 
Nederlanders in ludie. (Amst. 1860?) roy. 8vo. 

(Z/5e first settlement of the Dutch in India.) 
Abstracts of 4 lectures on the History of the E. 
India Company, held by the author. Privately printed. 

.998 Duynenburg. — (Echt relaas wegens het ge- 

smeede oproer op h. uytgaande O. iud. Comp. 

schip) — onder Kap. L. Helmstroom, in I'ieS 

naar Batavia vertrokken. Kott., J. Rugs, (1766?) 

, 4t0. . _ 2.^- 

{True relation of the projected muting on the 

E. I. ship puynenbnrg, which set sail tinder Capt. 

Heli/istroom, in 1765 for Batavia.) 

Popular edition of this only ouce or twice printed 

.999 Dwight (Timothy, President of Yale- 
College) The duty of Americans, at the present 
crisis, illastrated in a discourse "preached 4 July, 



1798, at the request of the citizens of New-Haven. 

New-Haven, Printed hy Thomas and Samuel Green. 

1798. sd. uncut. 8vo. 7.50 

A very curious diseoiirie on the political and eccle- 
siastical state of affairs at that time, principally di- 
rected against the Antichrkiian Empire as the author 
calls the Catholicism. He declares that all the mis- 
fortunes, which have befallen the Roman-Catholic 
World during the then last years, are only the fnllfil- 
ment of the prophecies of the Bible. 
fiAKE, not mentioned by Rich. 

1000 Dwight (Timothy, President of Yale- 
College) Autogr. Signed Testimony, dat. Yale- 
College, June 2, 1802. 1 p. S". 1.50 

1001 Dyk (L. C. D. van) De ontdekking van het 
ciland (Nieuv?) Amaterdam. (Haarlem, 1854.) folded 
plate, sm. 8vo. {Extr.) 1, — 

(The discovery of the island {Hew) Amsterdam.) 

The plate is a facsimile of a design of the islands 

St. Paulo and N. Amsterdam (in the South Pacific 

Ocean), by Anth. van Diemen, in the Journal of 

his voyage to India, 1631 — 32. 

1002 Earl (G. Windsor) Enterprise in tropical 
Australia (Port Essington.) London, 1846. cloth, 
map. 8vo. 1.80 

1003 Eaton, Amos, celebrated Naturalist, Prof, at 
Troy, till 1842. — A. L. S. to a colleague, dat. 
Albany, Aug. 1, 1828. 1 p. fol. 1.50 

Offers on some conditions not to publish a system 
of Geology. 

1004 Eaton, William, one of the bravest Gene- 
rals of America; as Consul of Tripoli he captured 
Deme 1805. — A. L. S. to Governor Strong, 
dat. Springfield, Febr. 3, (1806). 1 p. 8». 2.50 

On the Tripoline negociation of peace. — "Con- 

1005 Ebeling (Chr. D.) Erdbeschreibung u. Ge- 
schichte der Vereinten Staaten von Nordamerika. 
Hamburg, 1793—1816. 7 vols. 1—4 hf. calf,t>—l 
sd. uncut, maps. 8vo. 5. — 

Forming part of Busching's great geographical 
collection. — A very valuable work, containing ample 
informations and particulars, as well historical as 
geographical. Each State is treated separately. 

1006 Eden (Will.) History of Nevr Holland from 
its discovery in 1616 to the present time, with 
a description of Botany Bay. 2d ed. London, 1787. 
hf. id. uncut, 2 large maps. 8vo. 2.50 

Pp. 86—87, 192—201 treat of the language of 
the natives of New-South- Wales, with vocabularies, etc. 

1007 Edwards (Bryan) Burgerlpe en handel- 
kundige gesohied. van de Eng. volkplantingen in de 
West-lndien. Haarl. 1794. 6 vols. hf. calf. 8vo. 3.50 

(Civil and commercial history of the English co- 
lonies in the W est-Indies.) 

1008 Geschiedkundige beschouwing van St. Do- 
mingo. tJit h. Eng. Haarlem, 1802. 3 parts, sd., 
rnicut. 8vo. 1.25 

(historical review of St, Domingo.) 

1009 Edwards (Jon.) Presid. df the College of 
New-Jersey, Gesohied. van het werk der Verlbs- 
sing. Uit h. Eng. d. E. Nooteboom. ITtr. 1776- 
77. 2 Parts, sd. 8vo. 2.50 

(Eistory of the Redemption.) 

1010 Autogr. Signature. —.75 

1011 Egede (H.) De gamle Gronlands nye periu- 
stration, eller en kort beskrivelse om de gamle 
Nordske coloniers begyndelse og undergang, etc. 
forst Anno 1724 forfattet afH. Egede, ognuAnno" 
1729 efterseet ... af een der paa negeentiidhaT 
vaered i Gronland. Kjobenhaven. 1729. sm. 8vo. 
Title and 58 pp. Some leaves slightly stained. 8. 

This seems to be the fir.«f essay of Egede's cele- 
brated work on Greenland, which was first publis- 
hed in 1741. Both are very similar in the division 

etc., but the latter is of course much more ample, 

This work of 1729 is very rare; I have found it 
nowhere flientioiied. 

1012 A description of Greenland. Transl. fi-om 

the Danish and augmented with an histor. intro- 
duction. London, 1818. bds., uncut, map andwood- 
cuts. 8vo. (7. — ) 3,_ 

Egede's work is still one of the beat existing on 
Greenland, and claims most of all the title of truth- 
fulness, the author haying been no less than 15 years 
in that country. — p. 165 — 178 cont. a short gram- 
mar, a vocabulary, the Pater Noster, the Credo etc, 
in Greenlandish. 

1013 Beschreibung u. Natur-Geschichte von 

Gronland, ubers. v. J. G. Krienitz. Berlin, 1763. 

boards, 1 1 maps and plates. 8vo. 2. 

German translation, contain, the same as the 

1014 Description et histoire naturelle, du Green- 
land, trad, (par Das Roches de Parthenay.) Oopenh. 
et Gen. 1763. sd. uncut. 11 maps and plates. 8vo. 

Containing the same as the English translation. 

1015 Beschrflving van Oud-Groenland, of 2500- 

genaamde Straat Davis, behelz. deszelfs natuur- 
lyke historie, enz. Delfl, 1746, hf. bd. map and 
9 plates. 4to. 2. _ 

Dutch translation of the work ofEgede on Green- 
land, with the Greenlandish grammar, vocabulary, 
song, etc. 

1016 Petersen (IT. M.) H. Egedes levnet. 

Kjobenh., 1833. 8vo. 1.25 

1017 Ekeberg (C. G.) Ost-lndische Keise,1770- 
71. Aus d. Schwed. iibers. Dresden, 1807. 8vo. 1.25 

1018 Eliot. — Geschied. van Job. Eliot, Evan- 
gelie-bode der Indianen in N. America. Rotterdam, 
1842. sm. 8vo. i._ 

(History of John Eliot, Missionart/ to the Indi- 
ans of N, America.) 

1020 Ellis (H.) Voyage a la Baye de Hudson, en 
1746—47, pour la decouverte d'un passage au 

Feedeeik Mui.LBE '& 0^., 


Nord-Queat. Trad, de I'Angl. augmentde. Leide, 
, lloO. calf, map and 9 plates. 8vo. 1.60 

This translation is made by 0. Sellius. 

1021 Ellis (H.) Reize naar de Baai van Hudson, 
ter ontdekkinge van eonen Noord-Wester doortogt. 
Leiden, 1750. fif. id., map and 9 pi. 8vo. 1.50 

Dutch translation of the preceding work. 

1022 Ellis (H. W- R.) Chronologie der gesohie- 
denia yaA Suriname (1500—1853.) Paramaribo, 
1853. 8vo. l._! 

{Chronology of the history of Surinam.) 

1023 ElvitlS (P.) De navigatione in Indiam per 
Septentrionem tentata. Upsal. 1704. 8vo. Very 
rare. g. 

1024 Emblems. — Collection of 4 Dutch, contem- 
poraneous, emblematical plates, relating to Ame- 
rica and the War of Independence, 1779, eugrav. 
by S. Fo^e. 12». — 1. Emblem on the Indepen- 
dence of America. — 2. The French defending 
America. — 3. Peace fleeing from War. — 4. The 
Russian Empress and Austrian Emperor take mea- 
sures for Peace. 5.— 



Same set. Proofs ief. all lei/. Of great 


1025 — 

1026 Emigration.. — German pamphlets on 
Emigration to North-Ameri«ja, viz. : Die Verein. 
Staaten in 1852; Rauschenbusch, Anyt'eisungen, 1849; 
de Maas, Wisconsin, 1848; Schultz, Texas, 1845; 
Valdivia. 1849. etc. 7 pieces. 8vo. 1.50 

1027 D'Vitcll pamphlets on Emigration to 

Nqrtt America, Michigan, Peda in Jovya, etc. 
1846—53. — 13 pieces. 8vo. 2.50 

1028 Emory (Will. H.), Report on the United 
States and Mexican boundary Survey. Vol. I. 
Washington, 1857. 2 maps, engraved and coloured 
ftates and woodcuts, calf, large 4to. 18. — 

Published by order of the Congress. Executive 
documents. — Very interesting volume in 2 parts. 
Part I cout. the personal account and the descrip- 
tion of the country, with map, 54 views aud many 
coloured figures; Part II the Geological Reports, 
Palaeontology, and description of the cretaceous and 
iteniary fossils, by C. C. Parry, J. Hall and J. A. 
Conrad. With map and 27 plates. 

1029 Engagement between the English Commo- 
dore Fielding and the Dutch Idmiral Byland, 
(for Am. Indep.) 1779, by S. Fokke. sra. 4".- See 
N", 1037. —.75 

1030 Same engrav. Proof bef. all letter. 1.25 

10.31 betvyeen the American man of war: The 

tlnited States and the English ship Macedonian, 

1812. Lithogr. by 7^. Kretuschmann. sq. fol. — 

Very rare. 4. — 

Poor lithograph, executed in the early days pf this 

invention. Rare, as all early lithographs. 

1032 [EO'gel (Le Bailli 4')] Mfimoires et observat. 

g^ograph. et crit. snr la situation des pays Sep- 


tentrionaux de I'Asie et de I'Amerique. Laus., 
1765. vellum, 2 large maps. 4to. 2.50 

1033 [Engel (Le Bailli d')] Geograph. u. kriti- 
sche NaChrichten u. Anmerkungen iiber die Lage 
der nordlichen Gegenden von Asien u. Amerika. 
Mitau, 1772. sd. uncut. 4to. The 2 maps wanting. 

This German translation, made by the author him- 
self, is considerably augmented. 

1034 Basai sur eette quo.stion : Quand et com- 
ment I'Amfirique a-t-ellc &i& peupl^e d'hommes et 
d'animaux. Anistord., 1767. calf gill. 4to. 3.50 

1035 The same. Ibid. 1767. 5 vols. calf. 8vo. 


1036 M^moires sur la navigation dans la mer 

du Novd, depuis le 63o desr^ de latitude vers le 
Pole, et depuis le 10 au 100 degrS de longitude. 
Berne, 1779. 28 pp., large map. 4to. uncut. 2. — ■ 

1037 EngelschNieuwe-jaars compliment(Het), 
of zamenspraak . . . over tie rencontre op 31 Dec. 
(1779) en 1 Jan. (1780) tnsschen het Eng. Es- 
quader onder Commodore Fielding en het Hol- 
landsEsquader onder denSchout-by-nacht Graaf van 
Byland, etc. Amst. 1780. 8vo.— See N». 1029. 1.50 

( The English Complimenl of the New- Year, or 
a conversation ... on the rencontre between the 
English under Commod. Fielding and the Dutch 
under the rear-Admiral Count Byland, etc.) 

1038 Engelsche Tieranny (De). In vier samen- 
spraaken. Amsteld., 1781. 100 vp. i plates, sm. 
8vo. uncut. 2. — 

(The English Tiranng. In four dialogues.) 
Published at the occasion of the war with Eog- 
land; it relates the cruelties of the English in Eu- 
rope, the West-Indies and America; the plates repre- 
sent: Destruction by tire of Tir SchuHing, 1664; 
Murder at the Coast of Guinea ; the prisoners of 
war atTorbay; Pillage of St. Eustatius. 

1039 English Lion dismembered (The). — 
English caricature : the British Lion dragged with 
an iron chain by the Exchoiiuer, holding the bud- 
get; a part ol the animal's foreleg js cut off by 
an American, saying: „this limb belongs to me." 
Publ. by E. Bodges. 1780. sq. fol. 5.— 

1040 English Pilot (The), describing the West 
India navigation, from Hudson's Bay to the 
River Amazones. With a now description of New 
Foundland, New England, New York, Virginia, 
etc. London, 1794. bound, fol. 8. — 

66 pp. text, 22 large maps and numerous figures 
of the coast in the text. 

1042 Epistola Potentissimi . , . Regis Portugaliae 

de victoriis habitis in India et Malacha, ad Leo- 

nem X. Poiit. Max. [Jt the end:] Romae, impr. 

per Jac. Mazochium, 9 Aug. (1513.) 4to. 10. — 

Original edition, extremely scarce. Often reprinted 

in the old cojlections of Gryuacus, Hanuisio, etc. 



1043 Epistolae. De rebus Japonicis, Indieis, et Pe- 
raanis epistolae recentiores, a Jo Sayo . . . Scoio, 
Soc. J., in librum unum coacematae. Antv. M. 
Nuiius, 1C05. /if. calf. 8vo. — Nice copy. 6. — 

1044 Epistolae Indioae de atupendia et praeclaris. 
rebus, quae divina bonitas in [ndia et variig in- 
sulis per Soeietatem nominis Jesu operari dignaU 
est. Lovanii, 1566. /if. vellum, sm. 8vo. Mne copy. 


1045 Epistolae (Praestantium et Eruditorum VI- 
roruin) Eoclesiasticae et Theologlcae, quarnm longe 
major pars scripta est a Jac. Arminio, J. Uyten- 
bogai'do, Conr. Vorstio, 6. J. Vossio, H. Grotio, 
S. Episcopio, C. B:\rI,ioo. Ed. 2a repurg. et alt. 
parte auot. Amst. 1684. /ol. 978 pp. et Index. 
calf or vellum. 12. — 

1046 Same work. Ed. 3a novo augmento loou- 

pletata. Amst., 1704. fol. ic/s. uncut. 20. — 

This eminent and for the American History highly 
remarkable work, was published in 1660 in 8vo, 
by Phil, a Lirnborch; the much augmented edition 
of 1684, was given by him and the zealous Eemon- 
strant C. Hartzoeker ; the 3d and last edition again 
by P. a Lirnborch, who augmented this edition with 
32 pages (i ei 32), inserted between the preface and 
page 1 of the volume, and containing 20 interesting 
letters in Lalin and Prench. — This Supplement is 
very rare. — See on Ibis work; Fabricii Historia 
bihlioth. Pabric. II. 220. 

Contains on pagg. 65 — 85 the highly interesting 
correspondence (Epist. 36 to 43) of the Brownisis 
at Amsterdam and Leyden, with Franc. Junius, on 
their confession and other theological affairs. The 
letters are signed by F. Johnson, H. Ainswort/i, 
S. Mercer, and others, dated from 1596 till 1602. 

1047 Ercllla y Cuuiga (D. A. de) Historiale be- 
schrijviughe der goudtrijeke landen in Chili ende 
Arauoo . . . mitsgaders de oorloghen der inwoon- 
dei-s teghens de Spagniaerden. Overgheset wt de 
Spaensche tale door J. J. Byl. Kotterd., 1619. hf. 
vcUum neat. 4to. Mne copy. — Sare. 20. — 

{Historical description of the gold-lands in Chili 
and Arauco , . , also the wars of the natives with 
the Spaniards. Translated from the Spanish.') 

Title, 2 unnumb. pp., 60 aumb. pp., 3 pp. for 
the indei. 

1048 Erman (Ad.) Reise um die Erde durch Nord- 
Asien u. die beiden Ocoane in 1828—30. Berlin, 
1833—38. 3 vols. sd. 8vo. (16.—) 4.— 

1049 Emstige Beschouwing van d. tegenwoord. 
staat d. Nederl.- by gelegenheid van het innemen 
van St. Eustatius, St. Martin en Saba door de 
Engelsohen. 1781. 8vo. 8 pp. 1. — 

(Serious consideration of the present state of the 
Netherlands . . . on occasion of the capture of St. 
Eustatius, St. Martin and Saba hg the English.) 

1050 Erskine, John, celebrated scholar at Edin- 
burgh. — A. L. S. to Kcv. Hopkins of Newport, 
Rhode Island, dat. Edinb., June 18, 1793. 1 p. 4». 1.25 

1051 Erskine (Thom.), A view of the causes and 
consequences of the present war with France, in 
answer to Mr. Burke's Regicide Peace. With a 
dedication to the author by P. Porcupine, and an 
Appendix. Philadelphia. Will. Coibett, 1797. id. 
uncut. 8vo. 6.— 

Very rare, not mentioned by Rich. 

1052 Esohwege (W. L. v.) Beitrage zur Gebirga- 
knnde Brasiliens. Berlin, 1882. sd. uncut, 4 maps. 
8vo. (7.60) 1.50 

1053 Geognostisches Gemaldo von Brasilien. 

Weimar, 1822. sd., map. 8vo. —.80 

1054 Pluto Brasiliensis. Abhandlungen iiber 

Brasiliens Gold-, Diamanten- und and. rainera- 
lischen Reiohthum, lib. d. Gesehichte seiner Ent- 
deckung, etc. Berlin, 1833. 8vo. sd. 9 maps and 
plates. (9.—) 4.— 

1055 Esohrioht (D. P.) og J. Eeinhardt, Om 
Nordhvalen (Balaena Myslicetus L.) namlig med 
henisyn til dens udbredning i fortiden ognutiden. 
Kjobenh., 1861. 4to. With atlas of 6 plates, roy. 
fol. , 5.- 

1050 EsseC[uebo en Demerary (Op de verschrik- 

kelyke aardbevinge . . . in), 21 Octob. 1766. Mid- 

delburg, 1767. 9 pp. 4to. 1.— 

( Verses on the frightful earthquake at Esseqaeho 

and Demerary.) 

1057 Essequebo and Demerary. — Carte de la 
Colonie, par le Major F. v. Bouchenroeder. Amst., 
1798. Largo fol. 99 by 62. 6.— 

The plantations set off in colours to indicate the 
various productions. — With separately printed list 
of the plantations and the names of the proprietors, 

1058 Dutch Guyana, containing Essequebo, 

Demerary and Berbice, in which are described all 
the lands granted under the Batavian Government, 
surveyed by Major v. Bouchenroeder, 1798—1802. 
Lond., 1804. 2 sheets, fol. — Together: 122 by 
74. 4.- 

With indication of the productions. — With sepa- 
rate plan of Stabroek, the Capital of Demerary. 

1059 Chart of the coast from Cayenne till Eio 

Orinoco. Lond., Moore, 1804. High fol. 1.60 

With special map of the Rivers Berbice, Surinam 
and Essequebo. 

1060 Estatutos do Institute histor. 6 geographico 
Brazileiro fundadado no Rio de Janeiro . . . 1838. 
Rio de Janeiro, 1846. — Nova Estatutos, Ibid. 
1851. — The same, other edition, without Art. 47. 
lb. 1851. — 3 pes. 8vo. 1.50 

1061 Estbergen (M.) Copia uyt het ioumaal van 
het schip De Vrouw Johanna, gevoert door Capi- 
teyn C. Kantorhelm, uytgevaren van Amsterdam 
20 Maart 1735, naar Snriname, en t'huys gekomen 
9 July 1736. No place. 4to. 1.25 

(Copy from the journal of the ship : Johanna ly 
Capt. J. Kanterhelm, sailed from Amst. to Suri- 
nam. 1735, ...) 

Fkederik Miiixja k 0°., 



Where the lailon grew matinoai and maked them- 
selves master of the ship. 

1062 Estrada (A. Plorez), Examen imparcial de 
las disenslones de la America eon la Espana. Lond. 
1811. 8». 1.50 

1063 Est van (B.) kriegsbilder ana Amerika. Leip- 
zig, 1864. 2 vols in 1. hf. hd. 8vo. 1.80 

1064 Etat present de la Pensilvanie, ou Ton troure 
le detail de ce qui s'y est passfi depuis la dfifaite 
du general Braddoek iusqu'a la prise d'Oswego; 
(Paris.) 1756. map, calf gilt. sm. 8vo. — Scarce. 


1065 Etrennes conaacrfies a I'utilitfi . . . pour I'an 
1801. Goettingue (1800.) 6 plates, td. 24mo. 2. - 

Contains a. o. : La mort de Miss M'Cr& {Mac 
Sea); Supplemens anx notices snr le caraotere des 
esclaves negres et de lenrs maitrea; etc. — One leaf 
damaged and the last wanting. 

1066 ^European (The) Race Heat II Anno Dom. 
_ 1738." A race of the European Monarchs sitting 
' on various animals : an elephant, an eagle, cet. 

On the left a scaffold, nmade in France of true 
' English woof ^(sic), on which the 4 parts of the 
World are sitting' viz. : America (in Indian attire, 
vreeping) Asia, Africa and Europe. Engrav. by 
Mosley. Publ. (London) 26 Nov. 1738. sg. fol. 3.— 

1067 Europeis Magazyn der byzondere zaken 
. . . Multum in parvo. July— December 1754. Haar- 
lem, Emehede (1754). 6 parts in 1. hf. vellum. 
8vo. ' 2.50 

Contains essays on the Government of the Jesuits 
in Paraguay; on the eailier or late popnlation of 

1068 Eustace (J. S.) [of New-York] Letters on 
the emancipation and preservation of the United 
Provinces, to John de Witt, with lessons of hu- 

- manity, addressed to Nich. van Staphorst. Kot- 
terd. 1797. 8vo. zmcut. Rare. 3. — 

With letters of John Q. Adams, Minister, Mr. 
Randolph, Secretary of the D. St., etc. 

1069 Eustatius (St.) — 2 Views, fine drawings 
in watercolours by C. ('. Kanne after the originals 
of J. Nolson. 1774. With Dutch explanation, numb. 
.1—9 and 1—6. Veiy Ig. sq. fol. — One upper 

comer restored. 8. — 

1070 Large view, engraved by K. F. Bendorp. 

(about 1790). With explanation in Dutch, numb. 
1—17. 2 sheets Ig. sq. fol. — Full marg. 6. — 

1071 St. Eustatius. Amst., B. OUens. 1775. sq. 

fol. 50 by 37. 2.50 

With indication of the plantations, with the pro- 
prietors names. 

1072 — — Nicely drawn map by J. E. Buys. sq. 
4". 24 by 15. — Vnpuilished. 5. — 

1073 St. Eustatius, one of the Dutch posses- 
sions in the Antilles, sacked by the English under 

..Rodney. 178a. Dutch engrav. by 0. .B(ogeris). 


1074 Eustatius (St. — Same plate, proof hef. all 

lett. 1.50 

The Dutch Merchants nsed to import from this 

Island large quantities of amunition in America ; 

the English therefore, immediately after declaring 

war to Holland, did their utmost to ravage it.- 

1075 View of the Island, when taken by Ad- 
miral Rodney and Gen. Maj. Paughan. Engrav. 
by Ch. Forest. Ig. sq. 4". 2. — 

1076 the Dutch Colony, conquered by Rod- 
ney, reconquered with aid of the French. 1781. 
Dutch engniv. sm. 4°. 1. — 

1077 Same subject, another represent., marked: 

p. Hi. Dutch engrav. 12". — .75 

1078 genomen en hernomen, .;. ioor A. Loos- 

jes Pz. Haerlem, 1782. hf. calf. 8vo. 1.25 

{St. Eustatius captured and letaken; a poem.) 

1079 Evatig. Lutheran Church in the United 
States. 1823—29. 14 pieces. 8vo. 6.— 

Minutes of the General Synod. York. 1823, 25, 
27. — CoBstitntion of the Theolog. Seminary. Phi- 
lad. 1826. — Extracts from the minutes of the Sy- 
nod etc. in the State of N. York. 1825, 27. — 
Formula for the government and discipl. of the Ev. 
Luth. Church iu Maryland and Virginia. Hilgers- 
ioan, 1823. — Minutes of the Synod of Maryland 
and Virg. 1824, 25. — 4 Nos. of the Evang. Luth- 
Inlelligencer. 1827—28. 

1080 in the United States. 1820-27. 10 pie- 
ces in German. 8vo. 8. — 

Gruudverfassung d. Evang. Luther. General-Synode 
in d. Verein. Staaten. Baltimore, 1820. — Verhand- 
luiigen d. Gen. Synode. YorHown and Gettysburg. 
1825, 27. — Bitte d. deutsch-luther. Kirche in N. 
Amer. um Beihilfe f. ein. Theol. Seminar. Berlin, 
1827. — B. Kurtz, Sendschreiben z. Besteu d. 
Theol. Seminars. Gi?%j/)«rir, 1827. — S. S. Schmnc- 
ker, Antrittsrede im Theol. Seminarium. York-Town, 
1827. — Formula f. d. Einrichtung d. Evang. Luth. 
Kirche in Maryland u. Virginien. Ragerstadt, 1824. — 
Evang. Luth. Synode. 1824. — Id. von West-Penn- 
sylvanien. Yorktaun, 1827. — Id. f. Nord-Caro- 
lina. 1825. 

1081 Evans (G. W.) Voyage a la Terre de.Van 
Diemen, ou description hjstor., gtiogr. et topograph, 
de cette ile. Trad, de I'Angl. Paris, 1823. map and 
pi. sd. 8vo. 1.25 

1082 Everest (Ch. W.) The poets of Connecticut, 
with biographical sketches. Hartford, 1846. giU 
calf extra, gilt edges, 8vo. Very fine cppyT i2.^-=- 

1083 Everett, Alex. Hill., author and diploma- 
tist. — 2 A. L. in the 3d person, to L. C. Luzae 
at Leiden, dat. May 3, 1816 cet. 1 p. i* and 8". 


1084 Everett, Edw., distinguished Amer. scholar 
and Statesman, Governor of Massaehus. 1836- 40, 
cet. — A. L. in the 3d person to J. M'Lead. No 
date. 3 lines. 8». . . , 1,50 



1085 Evertsen. — Jonge (J. C. de) Levensbe- 
sohrljving van Joh. en Corn. Evertsen, Luit-Ad- 
miralen van Zeeland. 's Gravenh. 1820, pMes and 
geaeal. tables. 8vo. (4.10) 2.26 

(Biography of John and Com. Evertam, Lieut.- 
Jdmirah of Zeeland.) 

1086 Ewing, Charles, Chief-Justice of New Jer- 
sey, 1824—32. — Alitogr. Signature. —.76 

1087 Examen over liet Vertoogli teghen hot onghe- 
fondeerden ende aohadeiyclt sliiyten dor Vryen 
handel in Brasil. Door een ondersooclior der waer- 
heydt. No place. 1627. 4to. (Aslier N». 166.) 2.— 

(Examination of the discourse against the can' 
celers and injurious sloppage which has been put 
to the free trade with Brasil. By an examiner 
of Truth.) 

1088 Exquemelin. — Histoire dea Avanturiers 
qui se sont signalez dans les Indcs... Avoc la 
vie, les moours... dcs habitants de St. Domingue 
et de la Tortuii. . . par A. O. Oexmelin. Paris, 
1688. 2 vols, in 1. calf gilt, 3 majis. sin. 8vo. 
Fine copy. 3. — 

2d French edition by M. de Frontignieres, after 
the Spanish translation. 

1089 The same. Nouvelle Edition, corrigfie et 

augmentfie de I'histoire des Pirates Anglois. Tro- 
voux, 1775. Vol. 1—3. sd. uncut, 3 maps somewhat 
different from those in the preceding edition. 12mo. 


1090 De Amoricaensche Zee-Roovers. Behel- 

sende een pertinente beschryv. van alle do roove- 
ryen en wreedheden der Engelse on Franse rovers, 
tegens de Spanjaerden in America. Amsterd., 1678. 
hf. vellum, 2 maps and 10 portraits and plates. 
4to. 10.— 

(The American Sea-Rovers, contain, a descrip- 
tion, of all the robberies and cruelties executed by 
the English and French rovers in America against 
■ the Spaniards.) 

At the end of the volume (pp. 161 — 186) will bo 
found an Appendix, containing a short account of 
the possessions, revenues etc. of the Spaniards in 
America, and a complete list of all the eoclesiastioul 
function«ries in Spanish America with notices of their 
revenues etc. 

1091 [ ] Historic der Boecaniers, of Vrybuiters 

van America. Amsterd., 1700. 2 parts, in 1. veil, 
map, 7 plates. 4to. Fine copy. 5. — 

(History of Ihe Bucaneers of America.) 

1092 The same. Ibid. 1700. sewed, entirely uncut. 

Rare in this state. 8. — 

Partly n new, but changed edition of the preceding 
work, the whole 2d part being entirely now and in- 
tended for a continuation to the first. Also the plates 
are new; they are nicely done by J. Lamsvolt. 

This edition is less scarce than that of 1678, but 
both have remained nearly entirely unknown for a 
long while, so that generally the Spanish translation 
(Cologne, 1681. 4to) was taken for the original. 

Even the learned editors of Mr. Orenvillo'g oatalogut 
seem doubtful, whether the first Dutch edition existod 
iu print or in MS. 

1093 (Exquemelin) Plratas do la America, y Luza 
la defensa do las Costas do Indias Occidontales, 
Trad, do la Icngiia Flamonca on Espan., por ol 
Dr. de Bonne Maison. Inipr. 2a. Col. Agripp, 1688. 
vellum. 12mo. 10.— 

Translation of the original Untoh edition of 1878, 
probably printed at Amsterdam. — In the bcginniijg 
of the vol. a poem : » Duscript. do las islas del Mar 
Athlantico y du America, p. M. Jo Barrios." 

1094 Extract ende copye van verachoyde briovcn 
. . ■ belangonde do rebollio der Paopacho Pottu- 
gospii in Brasilicn, tot bewUs, dat do Kroon van 
Portiigaol sc'liLililicli is aim do Bolvo. Ghedr. In 
'tjaor 1046 (Asian- N». 213.) 3,- 

(Extraoi and copy of different Mters, OQneem, 

ihe rvhelliun of the Popish Portuguese in Brazil, 

proving that the crown of Portugat is guilty thereof,) 

1096 Extract uyt d'articulon van hot traotaot . . . 

tnsachen... Portugaol on do Stat, teener., , raeo- 

konde do plaetson... buyton do octroyen v. d. 

Cost- on West-lnd. Comp. 's Gravenh. 1841. 1 fol. 

sheet. 1,80 

( Extract from the articles of the treaty , . . 

between Portugal and Ihe Stat. Qcner. concerning 

the places not within the iimits bf the privilegH 

of the East- and ffest-Ind. Comp.) 

1096 Extracts of n. dispatch fi-om H. M. 'a Minis- 
ter at Washington, Doc. 1861, inclosing Papers 
relating to foreign affairs laid before the Congress 
of the Un. States, at the Soaaion in 1861, Pre- 
sent, to Parliament 1862. Lend. (1862.) 8vo. 1,75 

1097 Extracts from the letters of Jam. BaokhouBO and 
D. Whoekn-, now engaged in a religious visit to 
Van Diemen's Land and New-South-Wales. Lind- 
flold, 1834—36. 2 vols, in 1. bds. 8vo. 1,- 

1098 Eys, J. N. van, en C. Q. C. Beinwardt, 
Over don Kanadaachon Popol. (Amat. 1820?) 4to, 
1 plate. E.itr. 1,— 

(On the Canadian peppli.) 

1099 Pabrlolua (Jo. A.) Salutaris lux Evangelii 
toto orbi oxorlons. HamburgI, 1741. vellum. 4to. 

Pag. 754—785 cent, nn account of the propa- 
gation of Christianism in the Now World. 

1100 Faoalmiles [der titela] van Oiido IIollandBcho 
lleysen uit do vorzameling v. Frddorik Midler to 
Amsterdam. — Op stoen ovorgobragt to 'sGrav. 
by E. Spanior (1867.) equ. 4to. 30 leaves, in wrap- 
per, with printed table in French. 50.— 

(Facsimiles [of the titles] of old Dutch vomgii, 
in the collection of Fred. Muller at Amst. Intho- 
graphed at the Hague by E. Spanier.) 

Thiiso facsimiles have beeii mode with the utraoit 
care. They ore printed in 60 copies only on old 
Dutch paper, made before 1050, and will ho sold 
only together, no separate loaves being to bo hid. 
Tho originols are all very rore. — Contents j 

FllEDEKIK MUL]J1» &. 0'., 



1, 2, Collection of Toyages. .Anrat,, M. Colyu, 

1619. Engraved and prinled title. 
• 3. Van Noort's voyage. (1603.) 

4, 5, 6. Spilbsrgen and le Maire, Voyage ronnd 

the world. Dntch edit, of 1619 and 21. Latin 

ed. of 1619. 
7, 8. -De Veer, Voyage to the North. 1598, 1605. 
9 to 12. Hootman's voy. to E.-India. Dutch ed. 

of 1597, 159S, 1609, Latin ed. of 1598. 
13, 14. Van Neck's voyage. Ed. of 1600 and 1601. 

15. M(arees), Voyage to Guinea. 1602. 

16. Spilbergen, Voyage to E.-India. 1605. 

17. Bicker, Voyage to La Plata. 1603. 

18. Candish and Drake, Voyage round the world. 

19. Raleigh and Keymis, Voyage to &uiana, 1598. 
30. D. Pt. de Vries, 4 Voyages to Asia and Ame- 
rica (New-Netherl.) 1655. 

21 to 30. Detectio freti, by Is. Massa. — All 
the plates and maps of the editions of 1612 
and 1613. 

1101 Falkenstein (K.) Geschichte der Geographi- 
Bchen Entdeckungsreisen. Dresden, 1828 — 29. 
6 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. 1.50 

1102 „The iFamily Compact. " — The Pope 
(as Antichrist) unites two persons (France and 
Spain), standing together on a map of the U. S. 
wrHi the names of the States. — Contempora- 
neous English caricature on the declaration of 
war by Charles Itl of Spain to England, in aid 
of America. 1779. sq. 4». 4.— 

1103 Fearon (H. Bradshaw) Sketches of America. 
Narrative of a journey of 5000 raUes through the 
Eastern and Western States of America. 3d edit. 
Lend. 1819. hf. calf. 8vo. 2.— 

1104 Peatherstonhatigh (G. W.) Geological re- 
port on the elevated country between the Mis- 
souri and Red Rivers. Washingt. 1885. 8 to. Wiih 
d aery large col. map. 1.-5 

1105 Federalist (The) on the new constitution, 
written in 1788, by Hamilton, Jay and Madison. 
New edition. Philadelphia, 1818. calf, portraiu. 
8vo. ■i-50 

1106 Federalist (The) Commentary on the Con- 
stitnon of the United States. A coUection of Es- 
says, by Al. Hamilton, Jay and Madison. Also 
the Contrnentalist and other papers, by Hamilton. 
Edited by John C. Hamilton. Philad. 1866. FoHr. 
cloth. 8vo. (8-'5) 3.50 

.The Federalist" ought to be famihar to the 
statesman of all nations." De Tocqueville. 

1107 Felsenthal (B.) Jiidisehes Schuldwesen in 
Amerika. Chicago, 1866. 8vo. —-75 

1108 Fermin (Ph.) Nieuwe allgemeene, histor., 
geograph. en natunrk. beschrtjving van Suriname. 
2de druk. Amsterd., 1785. 2 vols. id. uncut, map 
and plates. , _, 2.50 

{A neie getieral, Mstorieal, geograph. and natu- 
ral hittory of Surintm.) 


1109 Fermin (Ph.) Description g6n5r., histor., geo- 
graph. et phys. de Surinam. Amst., 1769. 2 vols. 
map, sd. uncut. 8vo. 2.40 

1110 Tableau histor. et polit. de I'^tat ancien 

et actuel de Surinam, et d. causes de sa d6oa- 
dence. Maestr., 1778. hf. bd. 8vo. 1.25 

1111 Remarqnes crit. sur le Tableau histor. et 

polit. de Surinam. . . . (par le baron Eberstein et 
Chion du Vergier). On y a joint une Lettre sur 
le Gouvernement de la dite colonie, sur I'inhu- 
manite des Blancs envers les Nagres, etc. Lond. 
(Amst.) 1779. 8vo. — Scarce. 2. — 

1112 Ferry (G.) Une campagne de chasse dans la 
Califomie et l'0c6an Pacifique. — E. Deleisert, 
Les mines d'or de la Californie. Paris, 1849. 8vo. 
Extr. —.50 

1113 Feuill6e (La), Journal des observations phy- 
siq., mathemat., botaniques, faites sur les c6tes 
orient, de TAm^rique meridionale et dans les Indes 
Occident. 1707—12. Paris, 1714—25. 3 vols, many 
mapt and platei, calf gilt, gilt edges. 4t0. Neat old 
copy. 9. — 

The third volame containing : FHistoire det plan- 
tes medicinales en stage au Perou et au Chili, is 
often wanting. 

1114 Fischer (Chr. A.) Bijdraagen tot de kennis 
der Spaansche bezittingen in Amerika. Leyden, 
1804. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.— 

(Contributions to the kiooMedge of the Spanish 
colonies in America. From the German.) 

1115 Tafereelen van Brazilie. Haarlem, 1819. 

sd. uncut. 8vo. (2.40) —.80 

(Sketches from Brazil.) 

1116 Fisher (Al.) Journal of a voyage of disco- 
very to the Arctic Regions in H. M.'s ships He- 
cla and Griper, 1819—20. 4th edit. Lond. 1821. 
map. bds. 8vo. 1.80 

1117 Ontdekkingsreis naar de Noorderpool- 

streken, 1819—20. Dordr. 1822. map. hf. calf. 
8vo. 1.50 

Dutch translation of the foregoing work. 

1118 Fisher (E. Swainson) Xew and complete 
statistical Gazetteer of the United States of Ame- 
rica. New- York, 1853. calf. roy. 8vo. (12.—) 3.— 

955 pp. close letterpress, with a large coloured 

1119 Flacourt (de) Histoire de la grande isle Ma- 
dagascar. Troyes, Nic. Oudol, et se vendent a Pa- 
ris ohez la vefiie P. L'Amy, 1661. vellum, maps 
a/id plates. 4to. 7.50 

1120 [Fleurieu.] Deoouvertes des Frangoia en 
1768 et 1769 dans le Sud-Est de la Nouv. Guinee, 
et reconnaissances posterieures des memes terres 
par des navigateurs Anglais, qui leur ont impose 
de nouveaux noms. Paris, Imprim. Boyale, 1790. 
bds., 12 maps. 4to. 3. — 

1121 Flinders (Matth.) Ontdekkings-Reis naar 
het Groote Zoidland, anders Nieuw-HoUaad. Uit 



het Eng. Haarlem, 1816—16. 4 vols. id. uncut, 
large map. 8vo. (15.30) 4. — 

(Voyage of discovery to Terra Australu, or 
Neie- Holland. From the Engl.) 

1122 [Flint (E.)] The Far West, or a tour beyond 
. the mountains. N. York, 1838. 2 vols, cloth. 8vo. 


1123 Flores (Jos.) Especifico nuevamento descu- 
bierto en el Reyno de Goatemala, par la curacion 
radical del horrible mal del cancro, y otros mas 
frecuentes. Cadiz, 1783. 4to. 3.— 

Bare and curious. 

1124 Florida. — Discovery and Conquest of Terra 
Florida by Don Ferd. de Soto. Written by a 
gentleman of Elvas, employed in all the action, 
and transl. from the Portuguese by K. Hakluyt. 
Edited with notes etc. by W. B. Rye. Lend. 1851. 
eloih, map. 8vo. 15. — 

Reprint for the Hakluyt Society of the edition of 
1611. — Scarce. Out of print. 

1125 Kort Voorberigt van de scheepstogten en 

volkplantingen der Franssen in Florida en Ca- 
nada. — Scheepstogt van J. de Ven-azano na 
Florida, 1524. (Leyd. P. v. d. Aa, 1707.) 8vo. 
without title. 1. — 

(Short preface on the voyage* and colonies of 
the French in Florida and Canada; Voyage of 
J. de Verrazano, to Florida, 1524.) 

1126 Religious, funeral and nuptical ceremo- 
nies of the natives of Florida. Engrav. by Bern. 
Picart. 7 represent, with French subscript, on 
4 sheets, fol. — From: Picart, Ceremonies. 1,50 

1127 Fooke (H. C.) Bnumeratio diagnostica qua- 
rundam Orchidearum Surinamensium. (Exir. 1842.) 
8vo. —-60 

1128 Togtje naar Para in Suriname. (Extr.) 

1830. 8vo. —.70 

(A tour to Para in Surinam.) 

1129 Forbisser (Mart.) Historia navigationis M. 
Forb., Angli Praet. s. Capit. A». 1577, jussu Reg. 
Blisab., ex Anglici, in Septentr. et Oceidentis 
tractum suaceptae, diarii modoconscripta; triennio 
post ex gallico in latinum serm. a J. F. Freigio 
translata, et Norib., ante a. 94, cum praefat. et 
append, edita. Denub prodit e museo D. Capelli. 
Hamb. 1675. uncut. 4to. 22.— 

CoUation: Ungraved and printed titles, 2 dedica- 
tions, Latin poems etc. together 15 uunumb. pp. — 
Text beginning on the verso of C3, pp. 1 — 34; 
Annott. pp. 25—29; Appendix pp. 30— 37. —The 
original English edition appeared at London in 1577, 
the French translation in the following year at Ge- 
neva, the Latin edition (translated from the French) 
in 1580 at Nurnberg, all in-Svo. This Hamburgh 
reprint contains some augmentations and is very rare. 

ilSO Force (P.) National Calendar for 1820, con- 
tain, an official list of all the officiers of the Un. 
States. -Washington. 1820. With map. hf calf. 
em. 8vO( 8 — 

1131 Foreign Quarterly Heview.Lond.l836- 

42. 14 vols. hf. calf. 8vo. 10.— 

With it number of interesting articles on the his- 
tory, hterature etc. of America. 

1132 Formosa ('t Verwaerloosde) of verhael 
hoe door verwaerloosing d. Nederl. h. eylant For- 
mosa V. d. Zeeroover Coxinja vermeesterd is, enz. 
Door C. E. S. Amst., 1675. 2 parts in 1 vol. vel- 
lum. 4to. With engr. pi. 7.50 

(The neglected Formosa, or account how by the 
neglect of the Dutch the island Formosa was cap- 
tured by the pirate Coxinja.) 

1133 Forrest (Thorn.) Voyage to New-Guinea, 
and the Moluccas, from Balambangan, Including 
an account of Magiudano. To which is added a 
vocabulary of the Magindano tongue. London, 
1779. bds., 30 maps and plates. 4to. 4.— 

"This work supplies what is wanting in Sonnerat, 
as it is ful on the physical and moral character of 
the inhabitants, on their language, on the zoology 
ate." Lowndes. 

1134 The same. Dublin, 1779. hf. calf, map 

and plate. 8vo. 2.25 

1135 Forster (G.) Geschichte der Reisen, die seit 
Cook an der Nordwest- u. Nordost-Kii?te von 
Amerika u. in dem Nordlichsten Amerika selbst 
uutemommen sind. Berlin, 1791. 3 vols. hf. calf, 
uncut, many maps and plates. 4to. 4.5() 

1136 FloruLae insularum Anstralium prodro- 

mus. Getting. 1786. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.— 

1137 Fort Beal in Brazil, taken by Colonel 
Arciszoewsky, 7 June. 1635. — Map of the coun- 
try, with inscription in the upper left hand cor- 
ner, sq. fol. 2.— 

1138 Same subject, almost exact copy of the 

foregoing plate, but with explanation of the let- 
ters A— H at the bottom, sq. fol. 2.— 

1139 Same subject, exact copy of W. 1136 m 

inverse order, with inscription in the upper right 
hand corner, sq. fol. 2.— 

1140 Fort Tres Beyes on the river Rio Grande, 
and Fort Trugillo in Brazil, besieged and' taken 
by the Dutch Governor van Keulen. 1633. -- . 
2 Maps of the Forts, with adjacent country. 2.— 

1141 Same subject. Exactly the same rapresen- 

tation but Inverse, fol. 2.— 

1142 Same subject. Same map without the 

Dutch ships, with subscription of one line. sm. 
fol. 2.- 

1143 Fox (G.) A Journal or historical account of 
his life, travels, sufferings etc. 3d edit. London, 
1764. calf. fol. 4.- 

Pp. 428 — 57 contain his travels in Jamaica, 
Maryland, Virginia, Jersey, etc. 

1144 Epistle to all Christians to keep to tea. 

Yea and Nay, Nay, and to "fulfil their -vfords and 
promises, London, 1682. 4to. ,1.50 

FsKO£ftIK MutI.BK & £)<») 

vox — FRANKLIN. 


1145 Pox (G.) Salutatio aan U Charlea Stuart, de- 
welke nu zjjt geproclameert Koninok vau Enge- 

• landt. Arast., 1600. 4to. 1.50 

(Salutation to Thee Charles Stuart, who art now 
proclamed King of England.) 

1146 Een woord voor den Konink, op dat hy 

mag sien, wie die gene zjjn, dieallemenaohen. . . 
lief hebben, en den konink oeren. Gedr. 1661. 
4to. 1.50 

iA word to the Kiiuj, that he may see who are 
those who love alt men and honour the King.) 

1147 Commentaire philosoph. snr lo3 paroles 

de Jesus-Christ : Conlraint les d'entrer. Trad, de 
I'Angl. p. J. F. [Bayle.'] Aveo supplement. Can- 
tobery, 1686—88. 4 vols. calj. 12mo. 5.— 

1148 Fox (W.) The six colonies of New-Zealand. 
London, 1851. cloth, map. 8vo. 1. — 

1149.Fragoso (Jo.) Aromatum, fructuum, et sim- 

plicinm aliquot medicamentorum ex India Orient. 

et Occident, in Europam delatorum, historia . . . 

Lat. edita op. Isr. Spachii. Argent. 1600. sm. 

8vo. 2.— 

1160 Francisci (Erasmi) Ost- u. West-Indischer 

wie auch Sinesischer Luat-u. Staats-Garten. Niirn- 

berg. 1668. 3 parts in 2 stout vols, vellitm, ^'6 pla- 

tes. fol. 10.— 

A sort of Encyclopaedia of the old writers on 

America, the East-Indies, etc. 

The work is divided into three parts, the 1st and 
2d containing the natural history of the West- and 
East- Indies, with a conscientious account of all the 
fahalous creatures and monstruositiea etc. which were 
said to live there. But the 3d part is hy far the 
most interesting, as it treats at large of the va- 
rious ahoriginal peoples of America and East-India, 
their government, manners, institutions, with many 
very curious details. Among the plates of this part 
we find for instance two representations of the bridal 
ceremonies of the inhabitants of Florida, of the hu- 
man sacrifices of the Mexicans etc. — After the 
preface the author gives a catalogue of the works 
he has made use of for his compilation, filling 6 pp. 
in-folio, and showing very extensive reading. 
1151 Franck van Woerd (Seb.) Wereltboeck, 
Spieghel ende Beeltenisse des gheheelen Aertbo- 
dema... te weten Asia, Aphrica, Eiiropa ende 
Ameiica. Oook wat van Nieugheuonden Werel- 
deu ende Eylanden, ... ult gheloofweerdighe 
Wereltbeschry vers te sameu ghedraghen. (Arasterd. 
1558.) vellum, am. fol. Fine copy. 10. — 

{The Book of the World, Mirror and Image of 
the whole Qlobe, via. Jsia, Africa, Europe and 
America. Also something of newly found worlds 
and islands, taken from authentic chroniclers.) 

First Dutch edition of the //Book of the World" 
by the wellknown German Anabaptist and Mystic Seb. 
Frank. It was first published in German at Tubin- 
. gen, 1533. 

The 4th book, is entirely devoted to America. It 
begins: Of America,,, which was found anno Xi^l . 


1152 Franck van Woerd (Seb.) The same. (Am- 
sterd.?) 1562. calf. sm. fol. 8.— 

Exact reprint of the preceding. 

1163 The same. — Verbetert en vermeerd... 

door J. Phocylides Holwarda. Bolswart, 1649. 
vellum. 4to. 6. — 

( The same. Corrected and augmented by J. Pho- 
cylides Holwarda.) 

The corrections and additions of Holwarda are 
placed at the end of the description of each part of 
the world. Those to America fill 4 pages. 

1154 ■ Chronica. Tijtboeck en ghesohietbibel van 

aenbegin der Werelt tot 1536. Mitsgaders hierby 
ghevoecht den Spieghel ende Beeltenisse des ghe- 
heelen Aertbodema. Amsterd., 1535, 4 parts in 

1 vol. calf. fol. 10 . — 

(Chronica and Historical Bible from the begin- 
ning of the World to the year 1536. To which 
is added the Mirror and the Image of the whole 

The last part, leaves 123—134, treats of Ame- 
rica and contains extracts from the voyages of Co- 
lumbus, Vespucci, Cortes etc. 

1155 Franklin (Benj.) Memoirs of his life and 
writings, written by himseli; and continued to the 
time of his death, by Will. T. Franklin. London, 
1833. 6 vola. porir. and fac-sim. half calf , gilt extra. 
8vo. — Very fine copy. 24. — 

Conl, : Life, Private Correspondence, Select Works. 

1156 Historical review of the Conatitutiouand 

Government of Pennsylvania, from its origin. . . . 
Founded on authentic documents. Lond. 1759. 
calf. 8vo. 4. — 

1157 • Political, Miscellaneous, and Philosophical 

Pieces (^vritten before and during the Troubles), 
with explanatory plates, notes and index. Lond. 
1779. sd. uncut, fine bust of Franklin. 8vo. 9.— 

1158 Autobiography, publ. by W. T. Franklin, 

ed. by J. Sparka. Lond. 1850. bds. sm. 8vo. —.60 

1159 The same, with an appendix. Authorised 

edit. Dessau, 1854. 2 vols. 8vo. facsim. 1. — 

1160 Corres.iondance inSdite et secrete ... 

1753 — 1790; offrant: Memoires de-sa vie privee; 
causes premieres de la revolution d'Amiirique; 
Hiat. dea div. negociations, etc. Avec notes, addi- 
tiona, etc. Paris. 1817. 2 vols, porir. hf. cf. 8vo. 


1161 Leben. Aua dem Engl. Weimar, 1818. 

2 vola. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.50 

Form vol. 3 and 4 of: Frankhn's nachgelassene 
Schriften u. Correspondenz. 

1162 Leven, door hem zelven beschreven. Be- 

nevens deszelfa zede-, staat-, letterkundlge en geea- 
tige schriften. Gron., 1798—1800. 2 vols. sU. un- 
cut. 8vo. 2. — 

(Franklin's Autobiography, with his moral, poli- 
tical, literary and ingenious writings. Transl.froM 
the English.) 




1163 Franklin (Benj.) Gedenkschtiften, bestaande 
in nitgelezen brieven. Haarlem, 1817. 8vo. 

(2.40) 1.60 
(Memoirs, consisting of select letters,) 

1164 Cabanis, Oeuvres completes. Paris, 1823. 

5 vols. sd. uncut. 8vo. 4. — 

Vol. V. contains p. 217 — 276 a biograph. sketch 
of B. i'ranklin. 

1165 Condorcet, Lofreden over Benj. Frank- 
lin. Uit het Fransch. Kotterd., 1791. uncut. Svo. 

(Eulogy ofB. Franklin. Transl.from the French.) 

1166 A. L. S. dat. Paasy, Oct. 4, 1777. 1 p. 

fol. (Lithogr. facsimile.) 1. — 

Remarkable utterance on his philosophical opinions. 

1167 A. L. S., on his being admitted a mem- 
ber of tbe Academy of Padua, dat. Passy. April 
26, 1782. 2 pp. 4". — Copy of his epitaph, writ- 
ten by himself 1728. — Reduced copy of his portr. 
inserted in Lavater's work on Physionoray. — 
3 Lithogr. facsimiles on one sheet, fol. 3.— 

From Lempertu: Bilderhefte des Buchbandels. 

1168 MS. copy of a little poem (not published?) 

dat. April 22, 1784, the original of which passed 
from the famous collection Upcott into that of 
Mr. H. Lempertz, who presented It to M. Bodel 
Nyenhuis at Leiden. 2. — 

Last lines : «"i Is time that I retire to rest. 

Landlord, I thank yel — Friends, good night." 

1169 Franklin (John) Journey (first) to the sho- 
res of the Polar Sea in 1819 to 1822. Lond. 1823. 

Idem, Second Expedition to the shores of 

the Polar Sea in 1825—27. Lond. 1828. 2 vols. 
cloth, maps and numerous plates, some coloured. 4to. 


1170 Zweite Eeise an die KUsten des Polar- 

meeres. Aus d. Engl. Weimar, 1829. sd. uncut, 
map. Svo. 1. — 

1171 Histoire des deux voyages entrepris par 

Franklin et Parry, pour la decouverte d'nn pas- 
sage de rOcean Atlantique dans la MerPacifique. 
Trad, de I'Angl. Paris, 1824. ad„ col. map. Svo. 


1172 Freemantle (Lieut.-Col.) Three months in 
the Southern States, April — June 1863. Edinb. 
and Lond. 1863. portraits, cloth. Svo. (5.25) 2.50 

1173 Fremont (Capt. J. C.) Report on the Ex- 
ploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Ore- 
gon and North Caroline, 1842—44. Washingt. 1846. 
693 pp. plates and map. cloth. Svo. 3.50 

1174 French (B. F.) Historical Collections of 
Louisiana and Florida, including translations of 
original MSS. relating to their discovery and sett- 
lement, with numerous historical and biograph. 
notes. New Series. New-York, 1869. cloth uncut, 
flate of facsimile. 8vo. 362 pp. — Subscriber's 
copy N». 96. . 9.— 

H75 French ships (The), the Prudent and Bien- 

faisant, captured in Louisburg-Harbour by Admi- 
ral Boseawen. 1758. R. Paton px., engrav. by 
P. C. Canot. sq. fol. 3. - 

1176 Freyer (Joh.) Negbnjarige Eeyse doorOost- 
Indien en Persien, 1672—81. Uit het Eng. 's Gra- 
venh., 1700. Helium, plates. 4to. 1.75 

(A 9 years' voyage through the East-Indiei and 
Persia, 1672-81.) 

1177 Freytag (J. B.) Mdmoires conten.-desdtoils 
sur les Deportes du 18 Pructidor a la Gnyaiie; 
les princip. ev^nemens dans cette dolonie pend. 
la Revolution; ses voyages dans div. parties de 
TAmerique, etc. Accomp. de notes hist., topogr. 
et crit. Paris, 1824. 2 vols. ids. 8vb. 2^50 

The author was "Ancien Commandant it Sihna- 
mary et de Conamama dans la Guyane Franfaise." 

1178 Freycinet (L. de) Voyage autour du Monde, 
execute sur les corvettes I'Uranie et la Physi- 
cienne. Paris, 1824 et suiv. 

ti. Historique. Vol. I. compl. et vol. t(. partie 
1, 2 (jusque page 628.) 4to. With Atlas livr. 
1 — 22. contain. 110 plates, partly colour, fol. Neai'ly 
complete, the entire atlas (24 livr.) containing 120 
plates or only 10 pi. more. (288 fr.) 30.— 

b. Botanique (riSdigee p. Gaudichaud.) 1 voli 4to. 
With Atlas of 120 plates, fol (120 fir.) 15.— 

c. Zoologie (par Quog et Gaimard.) 1 vol. 4to. 
No Atlas. 5.— 

d. Figure du Globe et observations dupendule. 
1 vol. 4to. (14 fr,) 3.- 

a—d taken together, offered at 45. — 

1179 Le mgme. Historique. (Vol. [.) Paris, 1825. 

hf. calf. 4to. 4.50 

This volume treats almost exclnsively on Sraeil. 

1180 Frezier, Relation du voyage de la Mer du 
Sud, aux cotes du Chili, du Perou et du Bresil, 
1712—14. Amsterd., 1717. 2 vols, vellum, 38 pla- 
tes and maps. Svo. 2.50 

1181 The same edition, sd. uneui. 8to. 3.50 

The maps are kwown to be very correct. At the 

end of Vol. 11. is a very interesting memoir on the 
establishment of the Jesuits in the Spanish West- 
Indies (i. c. Paraguay.) The original edition of this 
small memoir, puhl. in 1712, is extremely scarce. 
The other editions of Frezier do not contain this ticact. 

1182 Relation du voyage de la Mer du Sud, 

aux cotes du Chily et du Perou, 1712—14. Paris, 
1732. calf, maps and plates. 4to. 2.B0 

1183 — - Reis-Beschryving door de Zuid-Zeelangs 
de kusten van Chili, Peru en Brazil. Nevens eene 
beschryvinge van de regeringe der Yncas in Peru. 
Amst., 1718. vellum, 37 plates and maps. 4t0. 2.50 

{Journal of the voyage through the South-Sea, 
along the coasts of Chili, Peru and Bradl; with 
a history of the Incas of Peru.). 

1184 The same. Ibid. 1718. 4to. uncut. i.— 

1185 The same. Ibid. 1718. calf. 4to. Thici 

paper. Mare. 4.50 

Frederik Mdli<br & C., 


use Frikius. — Di-le seer aanmerkeiyke Eeysen 

, na Oost-Indien, geUaen door Chr. Frikius, E. Heuae 

en Chr. Sphweitzer, 1676—86. Vert, door S. de 

Vries. Amst., 1705. vellum, plates by Lniken. 4to. 

(Three very memorahle voyages to Ilasl-India, 
ty Chr. Frikius, E. Hesse and Chr. Schweitzer, in 
1675—86. Transt. by S. de lories.) 

1187 Froger (F.) Relation d'un voyage fait en 
1695-97 aux cotes d'AIVique, d^troit de Magellan, 
Br6sil, Cayenne et Isles Antilles. Amst., 1699. 
calf,' maps and plates. 8vo. 3. 

"Fran^. Kroger, qui uoiis a fourni lo recit de 
I'exp^ditioH sons le commandemeut de M. de Geiines, 
avait pris part h. ce voyage dans le dessin d'observer 
tout ce qui inerite I'attention du voyagcur. II s'ap- 
pliqua snrtout a faire des cartes particulijres des 
ports^ et des rivieres. Ses desoriirtions sent pleines 
d'inter6t, et on fait cas de ses jdans et cartes. Kro- 
ger fat aussi le premier qui donna des details siir 
uu voyage au detroit de Magellan, eutrepris par 
des I'ran9ais." Tromel. 

1188 Frossa'rd (B. J.) La cause des esclaves ne- 
gres et des habitants de la Guinee ... on Hia- 
toire de la traite et de V esclavage des negres, 
etc. Lyon, 1789. 3 vols, engraved froniisp. hf. calf. 
8vo, 2.50 

1189 Th« same. Dulch translation, 's Graavenh. 

1790. 2 vols. hf. calf, or sd. uncut. 1.50 

1150 Furly, Benj., distingnishod member of the 
sect tfS Quakers at Rotterdam. — A. L. S. (in 
Datch) dat. Nov. 13, 1674. 6 very closely written 
pp. 4". — A. L. S. of the same to C. v. Alcke- 
made, dat. Dec. 6, 1709. 7.50 

Highly interesting letters, written in defence of 
the opinions of the Quakers. 

1191 Gage (Thom.) New Survey of the West- 
ladies, . . . contain, a journal 3300 miles within 
the main land of America, in Mexico, Chiapa, Gua- 
temala, etc. With a grammar of the Indian ton- 
gue, called Poconcki or Poeoiuan, 3d edit. Lond. 
1677. Map, calf. 8vo. 24.— 

1192 Nieuwe emde seer naenwkeurige reyse door 

de Spaensohe West-lndien. Overges.4oor.H. V. Q{«el- 
lenbitrgh.) Utrecht, 1682. vellum, maps and plates. 
4to. , 3.- 

Daich. translation of the foregoing work, contai- 
ning also the grammar of the Ponchi language. 

1193 The same. 2d edit. (hid. 1700. hf. vellum, 

maps Mid plates. 4to. 3. — 

1194 Voyages dans la Nouvelle Esjjagne . . . 

Avec la description de la ville de Mexique . . . 
etc. Amsterd. 1695. 2 vols, vellum, maps and pla- 
tes. 8vo. 4-— 

1195 Same work. 2 vols. calf. — Vol 2 with 

date of 1694. 4.— 

1196 GaiUard (H.), Les braconniers du Nouveau 
IStonde. Paris. 1866. 8vo. !•— 



1197 [Galard-Terraube, (de)] Tafereel van Ca- 
yenne. Leyden, 1800. 8vo. 1.50 

(Description of Cayenne.) 

1198 Gallaeus, Ph., Thcatri Orbis Terrarum en- 
chiridion, minoribns tabulis exaratum et carmine 
heroico per Hug. lavotium illustratum. Antyerpiae, 
Chr. Plnntinus. 1585. calf. 4°. — Very fine copy. 
E*EE.' 15. — 

84 Maps with a poetical description, 2 of which 
relate to America, viz. : a map of the World and a 
general map uf America. 

1199 Gallatin (Alb.) Sketch of the Finances of 
the United States. New-York, 1796. cai/ 8vo. 1.80 

1200 Galloway. — luterrogatien van Jos. Gallo- 
way, onlangs spreeker van de Vergadering van 
Pennsylvanien voor het Lagerhuis, in eene eoni- 
missio op do Americaansche Papieren. Uit het 
Eng. (Amst.) 1781. sd. uncut. 8vo. 3.— 

(Ihe extimination of Jos. Galloway, late speaki^r 
of the House of Assembly oj Pennsylvania, before 
the House of Communes, in a committee on ike 
American Papers. From the English.) 

•'A very iuteresting and the first authentic piece 
in Dutch relating to the .American affairs, especially 
on the sentiments and feelings of the people in ge- 
neral, the despotism of the Congres . . . the cam- 
paigns of Sir Will. Howe and Lord Howe, etc." — 
Old Dutch note in MS. 

1201 Gama (B. Jose da) Informa^ao aobre aCa- 
pitanio do Maranhao, dada em 1813. With preface 
by Mr. de Varnhagen. Vienna, 1872. 12mo. 1.20 

1202 Garden (Al.), Eulogy on Gen. Chs. Cotes- 
worth Pinckney, Presid.-General of the Society 
ot the Cincinnati . . . Charleston, 1825. 8vo. 1.20 

1203 Garretsen (G. J.), History of the Ref. Pro- 
test. Dutch Churches of Jamaica and Newtown, 
L. I. -- A discourse delivered ... at the 40th 
anniv. of the ministry of the Rev. Jac. Schoon- 
maker. Flushing, 1842. 8vo. 1.50 

1204 Gasparin (A. de) Lea Etats-Unis en 1861. 
Un grand pen pie qui se releve. 2e ed. rev. et 
corr. Paris, 1862. hf. cloth. 8vo. 1.- 

1205 Gastine (Civique de) Histoire de la R6pu- 
blique d'Haiti, ou St. Domingue, I'esclavage et 
les colons. Paris, 1819. — Jiouvet de Cresse, His- 
toire de la catastrophe de St. Domingue. Ibid. 
1824. — 1 vol. hf. bd. 8vo. 3.— 

1206 Gatterer (J. Chr.) De belli Romanor. socia- 
lis causais et eventu, respectu ad bellum cum 6'«- 
loniis Americanis gestum habito. Getting. 1783. sm. 
fol. uncut. 2.50 

A Latin programma of the University of G8ttin- 
gen; of the highest rarity. It is reprinted in the 
works of C. G. Heyne who will have written it for 
the Hector Gatterer. 

1207 Gazeta de Madrid. (Madrid), 1775. 52 Nos. 
1 vol. vellum, sm. 4to. 3.50 

Weekly newspaper, iuteresting for the iufprma- 



tions relating to the War between America and Eng- 
land at the time, from a Spanish point of view. 

1208 Gazette de Leyde. Nouvelles do divers 
endroits. Leyde, 1765—82. 17 vols, in leaves, un- 
cut; new copy. 4to. 50. — 

Valuable journal, of the hia;hest importance for 
the history of that period, and particularly for that 
of America. — In No. 30 of the year 1781 the 
editor, the renowned publisher and scholar E. luzac 
says: »Des I'origine des troubles en Ara^riqne nous 
nous sommes attaches a recueillir dans notre feuille des 
memoires pour I'histoire de la '/revolut^'on Araeri- 
caine." — M. Luzac was in correspondence and on 
a friendly footing with John Adams, Franklin and 
other leading men of the revolution ; strongly atta- 
ched to the cause of America, he supported and pro- 
moted it by his widely circulated paper, written 
with eminent judgment and strict impartiality. The 
innumerable notices on America in this paper are 
therefore highly to be valued. The present volumes are 
the most interesting years for the American collectors. 

1209 Gedenkstukken (Vaderlandsohe), opgerigt 
in de belde groote Kerken te Delft. Delft, 1829. 
7 IHhogr. plates, fol. 2. — 

{Patriotic memorials in, the two great churches 
at Delft.) 

Description and plates of the tombs of P. Pz. 
Hefn, William I (the Taciturn), II. Grotins, M. Hz. 
Tromp, etc. 

1210 Geelhoed, D., Onderwijs in de behandeling 
d. aard- en hemelglobe. Leyden en Dordr. 1826. — 
2 vols. 8". 2.50 

{Instruction in the use of both globes.) 

1211 Gelre (P. P. van) Specimen inaug. polit.- 
jurid. de utilitate Navigationis. Lugd. Bat. 1758. 
4to. 1.50 

Points out a. 0.: the usefulness of navigation in 
the acquisitions of the colonies in America. 

1212 (Genest). La V(5rit(5 r^vSl^e. Trad, de I'Angl. 
Lond. 1755. calf. sm. 8vo. 1.— 

Treats of the political and economical aifairs with 
special reference to America. 

1213 Gennessee. — Description topograpliique de 
six cents mille acres de terres^dans I'Amdrique Sep- 
tentrionale, mises en vente par actions, suivant 
le plan d'association ci-joiut. Paris, 1792. sd. un- 
cut. 4to. 10. — 

Belongs to the origin of the negotiation mentioned 
in the following number. 

1214 Map of two millions Acres of Land West- 

Genesee in the State of New-York, by J. and 
13. Ellicott. 1800. fol. 66 by 52. Coloured. — Very 
rare, 15. — 

This map is made for a negotiation, formed hy 
five wealthy merchants of Amsterdam, nearly all 
Baptists, who bought these two millions of acres, 
between Lake Ontario and the Nothern boundary 
of Pennsylvania, at about one florin (40 cents gold) 
per acre. The map records their names. 

1215 Gennessee. — Original, drawn map re- 
lating to thesame negotiation. One sheet, fol. 73 
by 66. — Very neatly drawn. — Unique. 40.— 

This map has never been feinted ; it was 
most probably drawn for the principal leaders of 
the enterprise, and quite different from the some- 
what smaller map by /, and B. Ellicott. This drawn 
map is certainly of later date, for we find on it the 
names of the purchasers, and the nnmber of acres 
of each of them, with distinctly marked boundaries. 

1216 Die Geographia in ein Garten Spiel. 

Augsburg, J. Stridbeek. (about 1730.) sq. 4". 25.— 
• („ The Geography in a pad of playing-cards,'''') 
This very curious set consists of 60 cards, Ig. 12", 
printed on 5 leaves sq. 4", in the original condition, 
uncut and not yet divided. The set embraces : fron- 
tispiece, engraved title (Tabulae geograpiicae cet.), 
preface of 3 pp. (annoimcing that playing at cards 
in this way is an invention of the "celebrated P. 
Duval," that the clubs indicate America, spades 
Africa, hearts Europe and diamonds Asia), 4 maps 
of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. — The suit 
of clubs (America) is divided thus: 


Five, Mexico. 
Six, Paraguay. 
Seven, Antilles. 
Eight, Canada, 
Nine, Brazil. 
Ten, Castilia d'Or. 

Elizabeth, Virginia. 
Knave, Patagonia. 
Ace, Division of America. 
Deuce, Chili. 
Trey, Florida. 
Four, Peru. 

1217 Georgetown. — Ordinances of the corpora- 
tion of Georgetown, with an Appendix containing 
the Laws of Maryland as relate immediately to 
the town. Georgetown, 1821—24. Wi. 8vo. 2.— 

1218 Gerbier (Balth.) — Waerachtige Verkla- 
ringe nopende de goude en silvere mijne, waarvan 
den Ridder B. Gerbier Douvily gecontracteerd heeft 
. . . 's Grav. 1656. 4to. Uncut, (Asher N». 303.) 6.— 

{True declaration concerning the Gold and Silver 
mines, for which the Cheval. B. Gerbier has made 
a contract.) 

1219 Copye van het mandement van d'Edele 

Hove van Hollant. (1657). 4to. 3.— 

Ordinance of the Court of Holland to the share- 
holders of Gerbier's Company, to fulfil their duties 
towards hira. — Not mentioned by Asher. 

1220 Octroy van de Staten Gener. aengaende 

de Colonie op de Wilde Kust van America, onder 
het beleyt v. B. Gerbier Baron Douvily. 1659. 
4to. (Asher N". 307.) 5.— 

{Patent by the States Gen. regarding the colony 
on the 'Wild Coast of America, under B. Gerbier.) 
This is the first Dutch Patent for the coloniza- 
tion of Surinam; on pp. 7 — 8 will be found: Spe- 
cification of the equipment, the capital, etc. 

1221 Sommier verhael van sekere Ameri- 

kaensehe voyagie, gedaen door den Ridder Balthas. 
Gerbier. . . . Commandenr van een Guajaensehe 
colonie. 1660. (Asher N». 11.) 10 pp. and 2 pi. — 
Very rare. IQ. 

Fkederik Muij.eb & C»., 



(^Summary account of a certain American voyage , 
4 made by B. Qerbier, commander of « Colony in 

Very rare pamphlet, with the plates representing 
the murder committed by O. Keye, wanting to nearly 
all copies. 

The 2 last pp. wanting. 

1222 Gerbier (Balth.) — The 2 plates of the fo- 
regoing, representing 2 scenes of the assault and 
2 poi-ly. of the murderers, Ig. i*. — With a French 
poem of B. Gerbier written in Calais 1645, in 
modern transscript. 5. — 

1223 Lauts, Balth. Gerbier. (In Butch). Extr. 

1856. 8vo. —.50 

1224 Gesangbuch (Das Nene Gemeinschaftliehe) 
fijr die Luther, u. Keformirten Gemeinden in Nord- 
Amerika. New- York, 1852. ids. 8vo. 3.25 

1225 Getrouw Verhael van de opkomst en tegen- 
woord. toestand der zo genaamde Methodisten in 
Engeland. Workum, 1752. hf. Id. 8vo. 3.50 

(True account of the rise and present condition 
of the so called Methodists.) 

Chapt. IV. (pp. 17 — Hi) contains an account of 
the voyage of J. and C. Wesley to Georgia and 
their residence there. 

1226 Gewichtige Aanmerkingen over hetver- 
val van Neerlands zeevaard en Koophandel . . . 
opgedragen aan de reeders der te wapene schepen 
voor de West-lnd. Colonien. Rotterd., 1781. 8vo. 
72 pp. 1.- 

(Importani notices on the decline of 'Netherlands s 
navigation and commerce, addressed to ike owners 
of the armed vessels, fit for the West-lnd. colonies) 

1227 Ghillany, P. W., Der Erdglobus des Mar- 
tin Behaim vom Jahre 1492, u. der des Joh. Scho- 
ner von 1620. Numb. 1842. 2 plates, bds. uncut. 
4». 2.50 

1228 Geschichte des Seefahrers Eitter Martin 

Behaim, nach den aitesten vorhanden Urkunden. 
Nebst Al. V, Humboldt, Abhandl. iib. d. aitesten 
Karten des Neuen Continents u. d. Nanien Ame- 
rika. Ntirnberg, 1853. Fortr., 2 plates of Behaim's 
Globus of 1492, facsimile of the 3 oldest maps of 
America, bds. very large 4". (22.—) 16. — 

1229 Gillespie (A.) Buenos-Ayres . . . opgehelderd 
door eene reis in de binnenlanden van Rio de la 
Plata. Amst. 1820. sd. 8vo. 1.— 

(Gleanings on Buenos-Ayres, by a voyage in the 
interior of Rio de la Flata. From the Engl.) 

1230 Gilman, John Taylor, Governor of N. 
Hampshire, 1794—1805. — A. L. S. to Caleb 
Strong, Gov. of Massachus. dat. Exeter, Jan. 6, 
1802. 1 p. 4». 1-25 

1231 Girault (L.), Hiatoire de la RiSpublique des 
Etats-Unis. Paris, A. Sion (1840?) sra. 8vo. —.60 

Popular edition or chap-book. 

1232 Glareanl (H.) De geographia liber unus. 


Apud Friburgum Brisgoicum. Anno 1630. figg., 

old calf 4to. (Harrisse 147.) 6.— 

The passage relating to America will be foimd on 

leaf 35: "Porro ad occidentem terra est, quam 

Americam vacant, etc." 

1233 Glareani (H.) The same. Ibid., 1639. figg. bds. 
4to. (Harrisse N». 228, Add. N». 121.) 6.— 

1234 Glas (G.) History of the discovery and con- 
quest of the Canary Islands, translated from a 
Spanish MS. With a description and modern his- 
tory of the inhabitants. Lond., 1764. map, bds. 
roy. 4to. 5. — 

The original work was written by a Spanish friar 
in the isle of Palma, 1632. It has never been printed. 

1235 Globes. — Terrestrial and Celestial Globe. 
Amsterdam, 0. ct L. falk. 1750. Both cpjmtred, 
with brass meridian, in the original wooden 
stands. 12. — 

The terrestrial globe is in good condition but the 
celestial is partly damaged. This last bears 3 anno- 
tations, telling that this globe is corrected and aug- 
mented by Hevelius and \i. Zumbach (de Koesfeldt.) 

1236 Terrestr. and Celestial Globe. Ijondon, 

D. Adams, Globemaker to the King. 1796. — Both 
coloured and varnished, with brass meridians of 
48 centimeter diameter, etc., each with a silk co- 
ver and in the original wooden stand, high 125 
cent., each with a large compass. To each stand 
belongs a stout oak case, with door, of 140 by 
65 cent. — Both exceedingly well preserved. 30. — 

Both globes are dedicated to King George III. — 
The pair forms a fine ornament for an astronomical or 
geographical library. ^ See: N*. 329. Blean's Globes. 

1237 Goddard (W. G.), Address to the Phi Beta 
Kappa Society of Rhode Island, delivei-ed Sept. 
7, 1836. Boston, 1837. 8vo. —.75 

On the value of liberal studies. 

1238 [Goens (R. M. van)], Politick Vertoog over 
het waar Systema van Amsterdam met relatie tot 
de algemeene belangen der Republiek, benevens 
consideratien over den tegenwoord. oorlog, en het 
voorgevallene in 1777 — 80, mitsg. Deductie over 

. de geheime onderhandelingen tusschen d. Pensio- 
naris van Berkel en de Engelsche Colonien in 
Amerika, en het tractaat met dezelve gesloten te 
Aken, 4 Sept. 1778. (Utrecht.) 1781. fol. 20.— 
(Political Deduction on the true System of Am- 
sterdam, in relation to the general interests of the 
Republic, with considerations on the present war, 
and what happened from 1777 — 80; also a deduc- 
tion on the secret negotiations between the Pensio- 
nary u. Berkel and the Mnglish Colonies, and the 
treaty made with them at Aix-La-Chapelle in 1778.) 

Original folio edition, extremely scarce, 

being printed privately at the author's expense and 
only in a very small number of copies. 

The Politick ferioog is a most vehement, but 
also very partial accusation of the city of Amsterdam 
and its ])olitics, especially during the American war. 
It strongly condemns the help indirectly granted by 



Amsterdam to the Americana, as well as the secret 
treaty and negotiations made with them. 

1238a[Goens (E. M. van)] The same. No place. 
1781. Forir. on the title, sd., uncut. 8vo. 6. — 

Contrefeit of te foregoing work, published against 
the will of the author. 

1239 Brieven over de tegenwoordlge tijdsom- 

standigheden, onder de zinspreuk: Frangimur, n 
collidimur. No place, 1779. 8vo. 3.— 

{Letter! on tie occurrence! of thii time.) 
On the interest for the Dutch Republic to act with 
Engl., against the influence of France, in the Ame- 
rican question. — Extracted from the annotations of 
his friend Mr. Kay, Major in the Scottish Brigade. 

1240 Consideratien op de Memorie aan HH. 

MM. geadresseerd door John Adama, . i . Leiden, 
19 April 1781. (Amst.) 8vo. id. uncut. 1.50 

(Consideration! on the Memorial addresied to 
Their High Might, ly John Adarrn.) 

Against the proposed alliance with the United 
States, which as the author says, can only bring 
misfortune on his country. 

1241 Eenige herinneringen uit raijn leven, aan 

Ld. Dover, K. B. ... Red House, Canton Bazel, 
27 July 1789. MS. 110 pp. hf. cf. fol. 5.— 

{Memorials of my life, to Lt. Dover.) 
Autobiography of Van Goens, written originally 
in English. Neat copy in MS., made before the pu- 
blication of the following N", 

1242 Eigen levensbeschryving, met een voorbe- 

richt van H. W. T. Tydeman. (Hxtr. 1867.)8vo. 2.— 

{Autobiograf/iy, edited hy H. W. T. Tydeman.) 
The original is written by the author in English, 
a langnage he ardently loved, his mother being a 
lady of English birth. The English MS. was in the 
possession of Prof. H. W. Tydeman, (who died in 
1863, aged 84) and translated and published by his 
son, the Eev. H. W. T. Tydeman. 

1243 Candidus, Missive aan ... E. M. van 

Goens, betreff. den schryver van zeker Politick 
VeHoog. Rotterd., 1781. 8vo. 1.50 

{Letter addressed to It. M. van Goens, concer- 
ning the author of certain: Political Deduction.) 

Vehement pamphlet (by W. van Irhoven van 
Bam) against the Vertoog N". 1238. 

1244 ie Voioi, of pourtrait en byssonderhee- 

den aangaande den Politiek-Vertoog-Schryver, 
K. M. V. Goens. 1782. 8vo. 2.-- 

{Le Void, or portrait and particulars concer- 
ning the author of the Folitical Deduction, R. M. 
V. Goens.) 

On the title v. Goens' portrait with the inscrip- 
tion; Le Tmitre S. M. v. Goem. 

1245 Goes (Dam. a) Fides, religio, moresque Aethio- 
pum sub imp. Preciosi Joarmis (quem vulgo Pres- 
byterum Joaimem vocant) cum enarrat. confoederat. 
inter ipsos Aethiop. Impp. et Keges Lusitanae. . . 
Aliquot item epistolae Helenae aviae Davidis 
Preciosi Joannis, ac ipsius etiam Davidis, ad 

Pontif. Horn., et Eman. w Joan. Lusitan. Beges, . , 
Deploratio Lappianae gentis, ipso etiam Dam. 4 
Goes aut. Paris, Chr. Wechel, 1541. veUum, 8vo. 

In the samevol. isbound up: D. ChytraeiOrat. 
de Statu Ecclesiarum hoc tempore in Graecia, Asia, 
Boemia, etc.; Epistt. ConstantinopoUt. et aliae, tir. 
et lat. ; Confessio lidei Gennadii Patr.; Do Russo- 
rum et Tartaror. relig. ac motibus etc. Francof. 
1583. — Ejusd. Orat. contin. descript. regignij 
Greichgaeae ad Necearum fluv. sitae. Franeof. 1583. 

1246 Goes (Dam. a). — De Rebus Hlspaniois, 
Lusitanicis, Aragoniois, Indiois et Aethiopieis: Dam. 
a Goes, Hier. Pauli, Hier. Blanci, Jac. Teyii. Co- 
loniae, 16Q3, vellum. 8vo. i^.— 

The account of Dam. a Goes on Aethiapla fills 
pp. 159 — 254 and contains many notices onPreclo- 
sns Joannes, his letters, etc. — 'J'he volume coutains, 
besides, accounts of the Portuguese victories and con- 
quests in the East, etc. 

1247 Goodhue, Benj., U. S. Senator 1796— 1800. 
— A. L. S. to Mr. Dwight Foster, no date(]riay 
1798). 1 p. 8". 2.50 

On politics. — »What have you done with Har- 
per's 'resolution for prohibiting intercourse with 
France," cet. 

1248 Goodrich, Chauacey, U. S. Senator, Lieut- 
Governor of Connecticut. — A. L. S. to John 
Mix, dat. Philad. Dec. 25, 1798. 1 p. 4». l.-SO 

Giving some information on Doctor Hart's death. 

1249 A. L. S. to Th. S. Williams of Hartford, 

dat. V^ashington, April 23, 1808. 1 p. 4". 1.50 

1250 Goodrich (S. G.) De Vereen. Staten van 
Amerika, hnn statistiek, geschiedenis, aardryks- 
gesteldheid, nijverheid, enz. Amst., 1854. sd.,inaf. 
8vo. (3.80) 1.80 

{The United Slates, their slatisticSj^Ustory, geo- 
graphy, industry, etc.) 

1251 Goodricke (H.) Aenmerk. op Dr. PriM'S 
[eer en grondbeginselen van burgerl. vryheit en 
regcering, de vermeende voorrecliten der Americ. 
volkspliint. Leyden, 1777. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.50 

{Ohervations on Dr. P's theory and prineiflei 
of civil liberty and government, with a letter on 
the would be pretentions of the American colmdei.) 

The English original appeared in 1776 without 
the author's name, which is Goodrich, not Goairieie. 

1252 Goos, P., De Llchtende Colorame, ofte Zee- 
spiegel inhoudende eene besehrjjvinghe der Zee- 
kusten van de Oostersche, jSTooTdsohe Bn Wester- 
sche sohipvaert. Amst. P. Goos, 1657. vellm. 
With 63 Coloured maps and many fg. in the lex't- 
fol. — Kakb. ,20,- 

{The Lightning Columne, or Sea-Mirror, coiUai- 
ning a description of the coasts of the Saltern^ 
Western and Northern navigation.) 

Especially interesting for the Northern Seas, the 
Coasts of Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc. 
With Dutch text giving nautical instrnotions, aatio- 




Domical observatibns, with figures of instrnments, 
etc. — Pp. 71 — 83 treat on the Arctic regions, in 
•hehalf of the Whalers, giving many delineations of 
the coasts of Greenland (with Strait Davis), Spits- 
berg, Jan-Mayea-Island, etc. — In the same volu- 
me: Ant. Jaoobsz, Nieuw groot Straetaboeok, in- 
houd. de Middellandsche Zee. {Maritime Alias of the 
Mediterranean.) Amst. 1656. — JfitA 20 coloured 
and itluminaied charts, and numerous fig. in the text. 

1263 GOOB (P.) The same. New edition. Ibid. 1664. 
• vellum gilt, gilt edges. 63 Plain maps. roy. fol. — 
Vtrg fine copy. , 15. — 

Contains the same maps as the former edition. 

1354 De Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Wereld. Amst., 

P. Qoos, 1666. gilt vellum, gilt edges, fol. Jieautiful 
copy, the 41 charts exquisitely illuminated in colours 
and gold. 30. — 

{Maritime Atlas or Water-World.) 
A splendid Atlas, perfectly diiferent from the same 
publisher's Lichtende Colomme, all the charts being 
new. It is equally remarkable for the exactness of 
the charts as for their sumptuous execution, nearly 
all being adorned with coats of arms, costumes, em- 
blematical figures, etc., in the present copy hi gold 
and colours, in the best style. — On 11 charts the 
American coasts are delineated, viz. : Northern parts 
(Greenland, Baifins-Bay, Strait Davis, etc.). General 
map from Newfoundland till Brazil, New-Netherland 
with Virginia, New-Netherland from Cabo Hinloo- 
pen till Reckkewach, (with the arms of N.-N ether- 
land in gold), W. I. Islands, Caraibs, Brazil and 
the Amazon, Kio de la Plata till the Strait of Ma- 
gellan, Chili with Pern and New-Spaia, New-Gra- 
nada, California (still represented as an island) with 
the Pacific. 

See on the charts of New-Netherland Jsher's 
List N». 22—24. 

1255 De Zee-Atlas.— Same edition. Good copy, 

with coloured but not illuminated charts. 18. — 

1256 Same Atlas, new edition. Amst., P. Goos 

1668. vellum, gilt arms on sides, the charts richly 
coloured and Uluminated. Splendid copy. roy. fol. 

With exactly the same 41 maps as the former 
edition, thongh the Index does not mention one of 

1257 Atlas de la Mer ou monde Aquaticiiue, 

Amst., P. Goos, 1673. vellum. Coloured maps. roy. 
fol. — Binding damaged. i^-— 

With the same 41 maps as in the Dutch edition, 
but the introductory text in French. — Bare. 

1258 De Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Wereld. (bid. 

l&Jb. vellum, plain maps. fol. 8.— 

This edition and the following of 1676 have only 
one chart of New-Netherland. 

1259 Same Atlas, new edition. Amst., P. Gooi. 

1676. vellum giU, giU edges. Coloured maps, — Fine 
copy. *•"" 


1260 Gordon (Th. P.) History of Pennsylvania, 
from its discovery by Europeans to the Decla- 
ration of Independence in 1776. Philadelphia, 1829. 
calf. 8vo. 12.— 

1261 Digest of the laws of the United States, 

with notes explanatory and historical. Phllad. 
1827. 884 pp. sheep. 8vo. . 4.25 

1262 Gordon (Will.) The history of the rise, pro- 
gress and establishment of the independence of 
the United States of America, including an ac- 
count of the late war and of the 13 colonies from 
their origin to that period. London, Printed for 
the author, 1788. 4 stout vols. hf. bd., maps. 8vo. 

The author resided in America from 1770 — 86 
and wrote a considerable part of his work on the 
spot. He had there the opportunity to inspect not 
only the records of the Congress, but also the papers 
of Washington, Gates, Greene, Lincoln, etc. 

1263 Gospels (The) translated into the language 
of the Esquimaux Indians on the coast of Labra- 
dor. London, 1813. calf. 8vo. 2.50 

1264 Ifene Karighwiyoston etc. The Gospel 

according to St. John, in Esquimuuie and English. 
London (1820.) calf. 8vo. 2.50 

1265 Gosselman (0. A.), Eeaa in Norra Amerika. 
Nykiiping, 1835. Vol. 1. red mor. gilt, gilt edges. 
8vo. 2.— 

1266 Eesor in Siidra Amerika. Dl. I. Fran 

England till Mendoza, 1836—37. Stockholm, 1842. 
map and plate, bds. 8vo. 1.50 

1267 Resa in Columbia. 1825—26. 2a Uplag 

Stockholm, 1830. Vol. II. red mcr. gilt, gilt edges. 
8v0. 1.50 

1268 Keis naar Columbia in 1825-26. Haar- 
lem, 1822. 2 vols. 8vo. With map. 2.50 

Dutch translation of the foregoing. Complete. 

1269 Gottfriedt (Joh. L.) [or J. Ph. Abelin] 

Newe Welt vnd Americanische Historien. Inhal- 
tende warhaflftige vnd voUkoinmene Beschreibun- 
gen aller West-Indian. Landschafften. . . Franck- 
furt, 1655. calf, vellum, clean and well conditioned 
copy. fol. 28. — 

It is sufficiently known, that good copies are 
very rare. 

This highly interesting work ought to be annexed 
to the collections of de Bry, of which it is, to a 
certain degree, an abridgement and of which it re- 
produces a large puraber of tbe plates, but here all 
printed in the text. The author, whose real name 
is J. Ph. Abelin, was a celebrated historian of 
his time and had an active part in the publication 
of the "Grands et Petits Voyages" and in the mag- 
nificent "Theatrnm Europaeum" This is the 2d edi- 
tion of his work, the first being published in 1631. 
Both are rare ; the 2d has remained unknown to 

The volume is divided into 3 parts t the first con- 
tains a general deseription, tbe history etc. of thq 



New-World, after Acostn, Oviedo, llerrein, do Lnot 
etc. The 2d enibraooa tho nccouiit of 38 Amerioaii 
voyages from Columbus to G. Spilborgen nud Scbou- 
ten. The 3d pni't gives a ]miticuliii' dosoriptiuu of 
the West-Indies aiid Centrnl-Anierion, with lui ac- 
count of some. Dutch expeditions to Brazil, etc. — 
The whole is illustrated by a profusion of engravings 
in the text and 4 maps and plates. 

1270 Gottfriedt (Job. L.) [or J, Ph. Abelin]. 

Tho same. hf. calf. fol. — Wanting (ho four maps, 
else a good copy. 18.— 

1271 Graa£f (N. de) Rpison . . . iia Asia, Africa, 
America en Europa, bohols. ocn biHiliryving van 
sljn 48 jar. roise, otc. Uygovoegd d' Oost-lndische 
Spiegel, . . . Lovenswyso d. Hollauders in Indiijn, 
etc. Hoorn, 1701. 2 parts in 1. pkies, calf. 4to. 


{Voyages in Asia, Africa, Amerir.a and Jiurupe, 

during 48 years. With Mirror of East India, 

cont. a description, the way of life of the Dutch 

in India, etc.) 

1272 The same. 2(! druck vermeerd. met hot 

Verbranden van do Flnyt Waveren, en/,. /iirf. 1704. 
2 parts in 1. plates. 4°. 5.60 

Second edition, augmented. 

1273 Graham (Maria), Journal ol a Voyage to 
Brazil, and llosidence there in 1821 — 2.S. Loud. 
1824. With plates, calf gilt extra. -I to. I'ery fine 
copy of Ike Perkins Library. G. — 

1274 Grandidier (E.), Voyage dans rAm(5ri(iue 
du Sud. P(5rou et Bolivie. Paris, 1861. sd. 8\o. 


1276 Grandpierre (J. H.), Quelques mois de 

s^jouv aux Etats-Unis d'AmSrique. Paris, 1864. 

sd. 12mo. —.60 

1276 Eonige maanden in do Vcreen, Staten 

van Noord-Amerika. Ainsterd. 18.54. ad. 8vo. —.60 

Dutch translation of the foregoing. 

1277 Granger, Gideon, I'oslinastcr-Genoral of the 
U. S. 1801-14. — A. L. S. to Justice Ely of 
West Springeeld, dat. Snffield, Jan. 14, 1799. 

1 p. fol. 1.60 


1278 Grant (J.) Verhaal van conn ontdekkings- 
reize na Nieuw-Zuid-Wales, 1800—1802. Haarlem, 
1805. map and pi. hf. calf. 8vo. 1,50 

(Narrative of a voyage for discovery to New 
South Wales. From the English.) 

1279 Gray, Will., eminent and successful Mer- 
chant, Lieut.-Governor of Massaohus. 1810. — 
A. L. S. to John Worthlngton of Springfield, dat. 

' Salem, Febr. 12. 1798. 2 p. 4«. 1.80 

1280 A. L. S. to the same, dat. Aug. 3, 1798. 

2 p. 4". 1.80 

1281 Green, Ashbel, Amer. Scholar and Divine 
at Philadelphia, 1787, President of Nassau Hall 
or Princeton College. — A. L. S. to Zlov. Edw. 
P, Griffin, dat. Phnc. Oct. 6, 1813. 1 p. 4". 2.B0 

Thanks for a sympathising letter on the death of 
his son. — Tina letter. 

Ii8'2 Greenland.— Map of Europe. Aa)st.,.;.flo)i. 
dius. (1619). fol. 50 by 87. 8.60 

On this map a part of Greenland, "Fofiii/icr'i 
Straytes,'" and a small part of Amorioa. 

1283 Pascaarte v. alio de zoo-cnston van Eu- 
ropa (Portulano of all the coaitt of Europt). Amst 
If., P. and J. Blaeu. 1677. ig. fol.' 88 by 68. - 
I'ine chart, pniNTKi) on velluu, with coloured arms. 
VmiY llAiiB. 80.— 

Interesting chart especially for tho North, It ood- 
tains the coast of Qreenland with Strait Davis aud 
partly the coast of Spitsbergen and Nova-Zambia. 

1284 A storm oil tho coas.t of Groenlnnd. 

J. Peters px., ongrav. by J. Saohely. \1bl, Ig. 
sq. fol. 2,-.. 

1286 Gregory (Will.) Dagverhaal van eonen, door 

eon Franschon Kapor . . . gonouion sieudeling, naar 

do ZuidzoM!. Dnrdr, 1803. sd. 8vo. l.- 

{Jourual of a Missionary designated to tht South 

Pacific Ocean, captured b\j a French cruiser, i'ratul. 

from the Engl.) 

llis residence in Monte Video, Paraguay, etc. 

1286 Grenada. — View of Port St. George. Om»«» 
del. 1780, engrav. by Canali. sq. fol. 2.— 

1287 Gregorie, J. G., Curlouse Gedanckcn von 
ddu vorniiinsten und aocurat. alten und nouon 
Land-Oliartcn, Ursprung, Auctoren und Sculptt. 
Franckf. n. Leipsi. 1713. hf. vellum, 8". — Hare. 

1288 Qrevelink (A. H. Bissohop), De volkplau- 
ting op hot eiland St. Eustatius van 1816 totnu. 
(Utrecht, 1847.) Svo. Extract. l.~ 

( The colony on the island St. Euitadtit, from 
1816 till now.) 

1289 Grewingk (C.) IJoitrag stur Konntniss der 
orograpli. u. gcognost. Huschaffonheit rtnr Nonl- 
West-Kiiste Amorikas. St. Petorsb. 18D0. bdi, 
7 maps and plates, roy. 8vo. 8,— 

1290 Grey (G.) Journals of two expeditions of dis- 
covery 111 North-West and Western Aumtralla, with 
observations on the aboriginal inhabitants. Lend. 
1841. 2 vols, cloth, map and many plates, parti// 
coloured. 8vo. C— 

1291 Griffin, Edw., D., Prosldont of William's 
College, 1821— ;)(;, distinguished author. — A. L. 8. 
to Dr. M. T. Cogswell of Hartford, dat. Newark, 
Jan. 31, 1817. 2^ pp. 4». 1.61) 

Oil the asylum for tho doaf and dumb erected at 
Hartford by Dr. Cogswell. 

1292 A. L. S. to Itev. Tim. M. Cooloy of 

Granville, dat. Will. Coll, March 11, 1824, 1 p. 
4". 1,- 


1293 Gronlands historlske Mindegmaerkor, udgivno 
af dot Kongcl. Nordisko Oldskrift-Solskabi, KJii, 

Fredeiiik Muu.]iiu k Oli 




benh. 1838—45. 3 vola. in 4. 12 plates and map. 
^vo. ■ 10.— 

Out of print and scarce. 

1294 Gronovius (Jao.) De Geographiae origine, 
progressu et duloedine. Lugd. Bat., 1703. ad. uncut. 
8vo. Rare. 1.50 

1295 Grosa (J. H.) A voyage to the East-[udies, 
•with observations on various parts there. London, 
1757. calf. 8vo. 2.— 

1296 Grotbaus (Bar. de), Proiet d'un nouveau 
systeme de banque nationale offert aux citoyens 
de l'Am6rique. (Amst.) 1783. 8vo. 48 pp. 2.50 

3 numbers of the journal: Le Politique Hollan- 
dais, treating this project, without special title. — 

1297 Grotius, H., Mare liberum, s. de jure, quod 
Batavis competit ad Indiana commercia. Lugd. 
Bat., Elzevier, 1633. calf gilt. \Qaio. Neat copy. 1.50 

1298 Vrye Zeevaert ofte bewys van 'treoht 

dat den Hollanders toecompt over de Indische 
coophandel . . . Leyden, 1614. vellum. 8vo. Rare. 

Dutch translation of Grotins' Mare liberum. 

1299 Grube (A. W.) Schetsen en tafereelen uit 
Amerika, Azie en Australie. Sneek. 1861.. 2 vols. 
plate. 8vo. 1-50 

(^Sketches from America, Asia and Australia. 
From the German.) 

1300 Grand (Fr. P.) Die Americaner in ihren 
moralischen, polit. u. gesellschaftl. Verhaltnissen. 
Stuttg. 1837. sd. 8vo. 1.— 

1301 [Grynaeus (Sim.)] Novus Orbis Regionnm 
et Insnlarum veteribus incognitarum, una cum ta- 
bula cosmographiea. Basileae, Apud Jo. Hervagium, 
1532. Large map in 'Xylography, vellum, fol. 58. — 

The original first edition, the rarest of 

all, with the map. Very fine copy. — »Bditio 
coUectionis prima, and certainly an invaluable collec- 
tion, which reflects credit to John Hnttich, who 
alone compiled it. Simon Grynaeus only wrote the 
preface..." Harrisse No. 171. 

Contents: Cadamusti navigatio ad terras ignotas. — 
CJir. Columbi navigatio. — P. Alonsi navigatio. — 
Pinzoni navigatio. — Alb. Vesputii navigationiim 
epitome. — P. Aliaris navigatio. -- Josephi Indi 
navigationes. — Am. Vesputii navigationes IIII. — 
Epistola Emanuelis regis ad Leonem X. Pont. Max. — 
Lodovici Komani navigationes. — Brocaidi Locorum 
Terrae Sanctae descriptio. — M. Pauli Veneti. De 
regdouibns Orient. 11.111.— Haithon, De Tartaris. — 
Michow, Sarmatia. — P. Jovii Moschovit.legatio. — 
Peter Martyr, De Insulis nuper inventis. — E. Stella, 
De Borussiae antiquitatt. 

The map of the present copy is that called by 
Harrisse: B; it agrees exactly with his description, 
except that the 2d square does not commence with 
the word Scvtarnm (is Harrisse says) but Scytharum. 
Copies wUk the map are very rare, and certamly 
out of 20 copies only one has the map. As, no 


doubt, many possessors of the book without the map , 
would wish to supply this deficiency, I have caused 
a fac-simile of it to be made on very old paper, so 
exactly reproducipg, the original, that it would be 
difficult, it not impossible, to detect the difference. 

1302 [Grynaeus (Sim.)] The map of Munster 
(in facsimile, as described in the preceding N".) 
separately. Only 10 copies struck off. 15. — 

1303 The same work. Parisiis, Apud Galeotum 

a Prato, (at the end 1532.) calf gUt. fol. (Harrisse 
N». 172.) 40.— 

2d edition. Exact repriut of the preceding edition, 
without additions. The map, which belongs to this 
Paris edition, is not that of Munster, but an enti- 
rely differeut (and if possible still rarer) one, by 
Orontius Finaens. It is described by Harrisse, page 
298. The present copy has only the right half of 
this map, but, besides, a fac-simile of the whole 
map on old paper, in the same manner as that of 

1304 The map of Orontius Finaeus (in fac- 
simile as that of Miinster) separately. On old paper. 
Only 10 copies struck off. 15. — 

1305 The same work, same edition, vellum, fine 

tall copy, the map in facsimile. 35. — 

Harrisse (N". 173) cites atill another Paris edition 
with the address : Apud Joannem Parvurn sub flore 
lilio (1532), which is exactly the same as the pre- 
ceding, only with a new title. 

1306 The same work. Basileae, Apud Jo. Rer- 

vagium, 1537 {at the end 1536.) calf. fol. 35. — 

This 3d edition has the same contents as the pre- 
ceding two, but with addition of Maximilian of 
Transsylvauia's account: De Moluccis insulis (pp. 
595—600.) — With Miinster 's Map in facsimile. 

1307 The same. Basileae, Apud Jo. Hervagium, 

1555. vellum, fol. 50. — 

Best and most complete edition, containing con- 
siderable additional pieces, viz.: F. Cortesii De in- 
sulis nuper inventis narratio. — Jipistolae duae de 
Evangelii profectu apud [ndos. — Fpiscopi Temixi- 
tan (Mexico) in Hulietan epistola. — Nicolai Mer- 
borni Epitome de Indis ad fidem Christi convertendis. 

With MUuster's map in fac-simile. 

1308 The same edition, vellum, map in fac- 
simile. Fine copy with MSS. annotations by Jo. Schef- 
fer (author of the History of Lapland.) 55. — 

1309 Die New Welt der landschaften vnnd 

Insulen, so bis hie her alien Altwelt beschrybern 
vubekant, jungst aber. . . jm Nidergenglichen Meer 
herfunden. Strassburg, G. Vlricher von Andla, IhZi. 
hf. calf. fol. ' 40.— 

German translation of Grynaeus' Novus Orbis, 
made by Mich. Herr. "Moins connue et beaucoup 
plus rare que I'original." Tromel. — No map has 
been issued with this translation, which has on the 
dther hand the merit of being augmented in the text. 
It contains a full translation of Peter Martyr's De- 
cades (leaf 174 — 229) and also his 3 books de Le- 




gatione Bab'jlonica (233 — i'.^S); both wanting in 
all the different Latin editions. Besides, it contains 
all the ■ pieces of the first Latin edition of 1532, 
except Miinstcrs, Inlrodnctio in tabulam geograph,, 
which, the map wanting in it, was superfluous. Also 
the preface of Grynaeus is omitted and a new one 
by the translator, Mich. Uerr, added. 

It is curious, that none of these diiTerences has 
been noted by Harrisse (N". 188.) 

1310 [Grynaeus (Sim.)] Die BTieuwe Weerelt 

der Landtschappcn ende Eylanden, dio tjthicrtoe 
alien ouden weerelt besorijuorcn onbekent gewest 
sjjn... Thantwerpen, Jan van der Loe, 1563. vel- 
lum, fol. (Tiele N". 293.) Rare. 50.— 
(The New World of lands and islands, which 
have been unknoicn iili now (o all old geographers.) 
This Dutch translation is made on the German 
version of Mich. Herr of 1534, hut with new aug- 
mentations, so that it is the most complete of all 
editions of this valuable collection. Besides the De- 
cades of Fetrus Martyr and his 3 books: de lega- 
tione Babylonica (both inserted in the German trans- 
lation) it has from the Latin edit, of 1555: Two 
Histories of New Spain by F. Cortes, on pp. 334 
to 503, — while the: History of the islands of 
Canaria, newly discovered, on pp. 504 to 521, exists 
in no other edition of this work. 

The translation is made by the notary Corn. Ablyn, 
who abridged the preface and added a dedication to 
William Prince d'Orange. 
This Dutch edition is exceedingly rare. 

1311 Guattini. — Viaggio nel regno del Congo, 
del P. Mich, Angelo de Guattini et del P. Dion, 
de Carli, Capucoini Missionarii . . . Venetia, 1699. 
vellum. 12mo. — Rare edition. 4.50 

1312 Guerre d'Amerique. Campagne du Potomac, 
Mars— Juillet 1862. Paris, 1863. sm. 8vo. 1.— 

1313 Guerreiro (F.) Indianische Newe Relation, 
erster theil, was sicli in der Goanischen Prouiutz 
u. in Monomatapa, Mogor, Malabaria, China, Pegu 
etc. zugetragen. Auss d. Portugies. Sprach ver- 
teutsoht. Augspurg, 1608. 4to. 4.50 

1314 Guizot, Washington. Fondation de la E^pn- 
blique des Etata-Unis. Briixelles, 1851. hf. calf. 
8vo. —.60 

1315 Gumilla (J.) Histoire natur., civile et g(5o- 
graph. de 1' Orenoque et d. priucip. rivieres qui 
e'y jettent. Trad, de I'Espagn. p. Eidous. Avig- 
non, 1758. 3 vols. sd. uncut, map. sm. 8vo. 5.50 

1316 Guts Muths (J. Ch. F.) Vollstiindige Erd- 
besohreibung von Guyana u. Brasilien. Weimar, 
1827. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1264 pp. 2.75 

1317 VoUstandige Erdbesohreibnng von Chile, 

Arauoa, Patagonien, der Ealklandsinseln u. der 
SUd-Polar-Bilande. Weimar, 1830. sd. 8vo. 1.— 

1818 Guyana. — Eigentliche Besohreibung 

des Lands Guiana, welches gelegen an der vesten 
meer grentzeudeu Landsohafften America. . . Hierzu 
wird beygeffigt eine Yerzeichnusz des auascbusaes 

und unkostena dor Partlcipanten oder TheiUge- 

nosson, und des gewinns . . . wie auch der Con- 

flitionon . . . der Staaten von Holland . . . fiir die 

jcuigen so nach Guiana zu i'ahren bcgiihren. Samt 

sweyen von einen der hundert Oberhduptern dieser 

nen-angehenden Coloney, abgefertigten Schreihen an 

Ztoeen seiner . . . Freunden hiesiger Stadt Bern, toorin 

ein Kurtz-verfasster bericht von obangedeuien Lande 

etc. Kirn, Sam. Kneubiller, WIT. map, uncut. Ho.— 

Very raue. 35.- 

This german translation of N". 263 (Beaumont, 

is still rarer than the original, and very curionsfor 

the adjoined letters. The map is copied on the 

Dutch original. 

1319 Guyana. — The British Guiana Directory, with 
almanack and diary for 1857 — 62. Domerary (1858 - 
63.) 6 vols, cloth. 12mo. %.— 

1320 Chart of the coast between the rivers 

Cnpanama and Oronoque, by C. J. Vooght. Amst., 
J. V. Keulen. (1694). fol. 59 by 50. — Coloured. 


1321 Chart of the coast between Cabo Noord 

and Rio Amano, by C. J. Vooght. Amst, 3. v. 
Keulen. (1694). fol. 59 by 50. — Coloured. 2.50 

With plan of Fort Cajana. 

1322 Chart of the Golfo de Paria, with the 

Islands Tabago, Trinidad, Granada, etc., by C. 3. 
Vooght. Amst., J. v. Keulen. (1694). fol. 59 by 
50. — Coloured. 2.60 

1323 Map of Guyana and the coast of the 

Spanish West- Indies. Amst., Is. Tirion (1765.) sq. 
fol. 41 by 33. Coloured. 1.25 

With special maps' of Cura9ao, Demerary and 

1324 Dress, weapons etc. of the natives and 

of the negroes. 12 lith. by Madou and Lauten. 
fol. India-paper. 2.60 

1325 H[aefken8] (J.) Reize naar Guatemala. 
'sGrav. 1827. 2 parts, sd. plates. 8vo. (2.50) 1.50 

{Voyage to Guatimala.) 

1326 Centraal Amerika, uit een geschiedkundig, 

aardrjjkskundig en statistiek oogpunt besohouwd. 
Dordr., 1832. sd. uncut, map and plates. 8vo. 

(4.80) 2.- 
(Central America, considered from a historical, 
geographical and statistical point of view.) 

Revised and augmented edition of the foregoing book. 

1327 Haerlems Schuyt-praetjen op 't redves vande 
West-lnd. Comp. 1649. (Asher N». 262.) 1.50 

{Haerlem's Boat-talk on the reformation of the 
TV. I. Comp.) 
On the affairs of the W.-I. Comp. in Brazil. 

1328 Hageman (J.) Geschied. van den afval det 
Spaansch-Americaansohe Kolonien, benevens ge- 
schied- en aardrjjkskundige aanteek. nopens die 
gewesten. 233 pp, 4to. MS. 10.— 

(History of the defection of the Spanish-Ameri- 
can colonies, with historical and geograph. notices) 

Predekik Muller & C°., 



Unpublished Manuscript, dated: Ojaii- 
harang op Java, Junij 1844. Highly interestittg, 
as well for the historical particulars it contains, as 
for the geographical and other notices. 

1329 Hageman (J.) Gesohiedkunttige Beris'ten aau- 
gaende het Spaansch Amcriua. Slexioo. 83 pp. 4to. 
MS. 3.- 

(Historical notices relating to Spaniih America: 

History of the rebellion of Mexico cgainst Spain in 
the beginning of this centnry. MS. Copy of the part 
relat. to Mexico, of the foregoing. Not published. 

1330 Hagen (Stev. van der) Besohryv. van do 
2e Voyagie met 12 Schopon, naar 0. (ndie (1603 — 
1605.) (Amst, Hartgers, 1648.) bds. 4to. (Tide 
N». 143.) 3.50 

(Description of the 2d voyage to East-India, 
12 ships.) 

Forms pp. 02 to 96 of the iirst voyage of Spil- 
hergen to India in 1601. 

1331 Hager, J. G-., Geographischer Biichersaal. 
Chemnitz. 1766—78. 3 vols, each in 10 parts. W«. 
Vncut. S". 4.50 

Essais and reviews of old and modern books and 
maps, viz.: on Miinster's Cosmograplicy; Eiirop., 
Asiat., Afrik. n. Amerioau. Spielcharten ; Ptoleraaei 
Geographia; Wytiliet, Aiigmentiim de3cri])t. Ptoloni. 
s. Occident, notitia 1598; J. \r. Keuleo, Atlas dela 
Mer. Amst. 1699. Mit ausluhrl. TJste d. 160 Kar- 
ten; I). Vlasbloem's Leeskaert ofte Lootsmans weg- 
wyser 1685; and in Vol. Ill; '/General description 
of the English Colonies" (in German), 45 pp. with 
MS. index uf all the names of places. 

1332 Hakluyt (Rich.) The principall Navigation.9, 
Voyages and Discoveries of the English nation, 
made by sea or over land, etc. London, 1589. 
old calf. sm. i'ol. 30. — 

Original edition, hare. — A corner of the 
under part of the title torn off and the three last 
leaves of the Index wanting; else a good copy. 

1333 Hakluyt Society (Publications of the). Lon- 
don, 1847—60. 12 vols, cloth, uncut, many maps 
and plates. 8vo. Printed for subscribers only. 80.— 

Contents of this set: Hawkins, Voyage into the 
South-Sea in 1593— 10-2^. — Columbus, Select let- 
ters, with other orig. documents relat. to his voya- 
ges. — Baleigh's Discovery of Guiana in 1595 — 
96. — Franc. Drake's Voyage, 1595. — Eundatl, 
Narrative of voyages towards the Noith-VVest, 149'5 — 
1631. — Sundall, Memorials of the Empire of Ja- 
pan. — Hakluyt, Discovery of Terra Florida, 1(311. -— 
Herberstain, Rerum Moscovitaruui Comraentarii. 
2 vols. — D« l^eer. Three Voyages by the North- 
East to China, 1594-96, with introduction of 
Beke. — Mendoza, Historic of China, 1588. Vol. 
I. — Henry Hudson, the Navigator, by G. M. 

Some of these volumes have become rare. 

1334 Halberstadt (A.) Vromaking der slavcn in 


Suriname, volgens de Staatscoraniissie. Amsterd. 
1856. roy. 8vo. col. plate. 1.25 

{Emancipation of the slaves in Surinam, accor- 
ding to the State-Commission.) 

1335 Halberstadt (A.) Kolonisatie van Europe- 
anen te Suriname. Opheffing van het pauperisme, 
ontwilikeling van hanilol en Industrie. (Leiden, 
1870.) 99 lithogr. drawings by Madou and Lauters. 
bds. large 4to. — Frivaiely printed. Fine volume. 

{Colonisation of Europeans at Suriname. 

ment of population of commerce and industry.) 
The plates of this book appeared first with a French 

folio text by Bonoit, under the title : Voyage a Surinam. 

1336 Haliburton (Th. C.) Historical and statis- 
tical account of Nova Sv/ofia. Halifax, 1829. 2 vols. 
bds.,' maps and engravings. 8vo. 10. — 

1337 Hall (Basil) Jlemoircs ct Voyages (on Ame- 
riiiue, aux Indes, etc.) Paris, 1834. 4 vols. hf. calf. 
8vo. 2.50 

1338 Dagboek op eene reize langs de kusten 

van, Peru en Mexico, 1820 - 22. Uelft, 1826. 
2 vols, sd., map. 8vo. (5.50) 1.50 

{Diary of a voyage along the coasts of Chili, 
Peru and Mexico^ 

1339 Zee- en landreizen. Vertolkt door J. Oli- 
vier. Amst., 1826. 2 vols. sd. 8vo. 1.50 

{Travels and voyages in East-India, America etc. 
Transl. by Olivier.) 

1340 Hall (Franc.), Travels in Canada and tha 
United States, iu 1816 aud 1817. Lond. 1818. 
bds. 8vo. 1.50 

1341 Colombia: its present state. In respect of 

cUfii.ate, soil, productions, population, eti'. Lond. 
1824. bt!s. 8vo. (map wanting.) 1.25 

1342 [Halle (Jos.)] Mundus alter et idem : sive 
Terra Australis, auteliao soniper iuuognita. Acced. 
Tb. Campanellae Civitas Solis et F . Ba _• onis jSf o va 
Atlantis. Ultraj. 1643. vellum. 12mo. 3. — 

A pleasant invective against the characteristic vices 
of various natious, from which it is said. Swift has 
taken the idea of his Gulliver s Travels. — At page 
1 a map of America and the South- Iiands. 

1343 Hamconii (I.Iart.) Frisia seu de viris rebus- 
que Frisiae illnstribus. Franekerae, 16i0. calf. 4to. 
With a large number of fine portraits engraved by 
the celebrated P. Feddes Harlingensis. 8. — 

Pp. 74 — 75 contain an account of a voyage of 
the Prisons to America and Chili long before Co- 
lumbus. — See on the real probability of such a 
voyage the : Memoir on the discovery of America, 
by V. d. Bergh. — Coufur N". 303. 

1344 The same work. Amstelod., 1023. calf. 

4to. With portraits by P. Feddes Harlingensis. 6. — 

The same edition us the foregoing, with chan- 
ged title. 

1345 liamsl (J.) England and Russia ; comprising 
the voyages of John Tradescant the elder, Sir 



Hugh Willoughby, Eichard Chancellor Nelson, 
a. o., to the White Sea, etc. Translat. from the 
German by J. S. Leigh. Lond. 1854. cloth. 8vo. 

(9.10) 5.— 
By his researches in the Russian and English ar- 
chives the author made this worlc one of the most 
interesting on Arctic Voyages. 

1346 Hamilton (Alex.) — Observations on cer- 
tain docnmeuts contained in the : History of the 
United States for the year 1796 [by J. T. Callen- 
der] in which the charge of speculation against 
Alex. Hamilton, late Secretary of the Treasury, 
is ftilly refuted. Written by himself. Philadelphia, 
1797. td. uncut. 8vo. 7.50 

Vert eaee. — "In this pamphlet General Ha- 
milton defends himself from a charge made against 
him of improper pecuniary speculations, at the ex- 
pense of his private character. It contains an account 
of his "amorous connection" with Mrs. Reynolds." — 

1347 A. L. S., without address, dat. N. Y., 

March 22, 1800. 1 p. 4». 5.— 

Military affairs. 

1348 Hamilton, Les hommes et les moeura aux 
Etats-XJnis d'Am^rique. Paris, 1831. 2 vols, in 1. 
hf. Id. 8vo. 1.25 

1349 Hamme y Leon (Lor. van der), Don Pi- 
lip el Prudente, Segundo deste nombre, Rey de 
las Espanas y Nuevo-Mundo. Madrid, Viuda de 
M. Martin, 1625. vellum. 4to. 7.50 

Pagg. 141 etc. "Quede libre la Florida de los 

1350 Hantaury (B.) Historical Memorials relating 
to the Independents or Congregationalists, from 
their rise to the restoration of the Monarchy, 1660. 
London, 1839—44. 3 vols, cloth. 8vo. 10.— 

Contains ample notices on the Brownists, on John- 
eon, Ainsworth, Robinson, their residence in Hol- 
land, and their settlement in New-England. 

1351 Hancock, John, famous Amer. Patriot, Pre- 
sident of Congress (1775—77), Gov. of Massachus. 
1780—85, 1787-93. — Aut. Signature. 1.50 

1352 Handbook for New Zealand, consisting of 
the most recent information, compiled for the use 
of colonists. London, 1848. cloth. 8vo. 2.25 

1353 Harper, Bob. Goodloe, Member ot Con- 
gress 1794—1801, Senator. — A. L. S. to Eev. 
Dr. Greene of Philadelphia, dat. Baltimore, Jan. 
16, 1803. 1 p. 4". 1.— 

1354 Harper's New- York and ErieEail-Eoad Guide. 
New-York (1854.) ad., map and many engravings. 
8vo. —.60 

1355 Harris (John) Navigantium atque Itineran- 
tium Bibliotheca, or a complete collection of voya- 
ges and travels, consisting of above six hundred 
of the most authentic writers. Continued with 
large additions by Dr. Campbell. London, 1764. 
2 vols, calf numerous maps and plates, toy. fol. 18. — 

Best edition, superseding that of 1705. — Vol. 
I. Introduction; circumnavigators from Coliimbns to 
Anson; discoveries and voyages in East- India. — 
Vol. II. Discovery, settlements and commerce of 
West-Indies ; voyages towards the North, in Europe, 
Persia, etc. 

1356 Harrison, WiU. Henry, 9th President of 
the U. S. 1841. — A. L. S. to W. H. Seward, 
Secret, of State, dat. North Bend, (no year). 1 full 
p. 4». 4,60 

A postscriptum says: "As the best security to this 
letter against the pirates of P. O. (Post Office) I will 
direct it to the Seer, of State." 

1357 Hartmann et Millard, Le Texas, ou notice 
histor. sur le champ d'asile, oomprenant tout ce qui 
s'est passd depuis la formation (en 1815) jusqu'i 
la dissolution de cette colonic, la liste de tous les 
colons Frangais. Paris, 1819. sd., uncut, plate. 
8vo. 1.50 

1358 Hartsinck (J. J) Beschrjjving van Guiana 
of de Wilde kust van Zuid Amerika. Aardryks- 
kunde. Historic. . . Inwooners, Dieren. . . de eerste 
ontdel^king dier kust, bezittingen der Spanjaar- 
den, Franschen en Portugeezen etc. Amsterd. 1770. 
2 vols. Af calf, uncut, many plates. 4to. 4.50 

{Descrijilion of Guiana or the wild coait «/ 
South- America. . . its geography, history... inha- 
bitants, animals, with an account of its discovery 
and the colonies of the Spaniards, Franch and 

1359 Same work. 2 vols. hf. id. uncut, Large 

paper. 7.50 

1360 Harvard University. — lUustrissimo Joh. 
Hancock, Gubernatori,^Honorat. Sam. Adams, Vlce- 
Gubernatori; consiliariis et senatoribus Eeipubli- 
cae Massachusettensis, Eeverendisque presbyteris, 
Universitatis Harvardianae Curatoribus . . . theses 
hasce humillime dedicantjuvenes {follow the names.) 
Habita in comitiis Universitatis Cantabrigiae, Mas- 
sachusettensis, die Julii XV, A". 1789. Bostoniae, 
Typis J. Thomas et So. 1 leaf, large fol. 10.— 

An excessively rare, perhaps unique piece, destined 
to be posted on the walls of the University buil- 
dings. It contains 190 different Theses to be de- 
fended by 47 Juvenes in artibus initiati. Among 
their names we find : Car. Adams, Zacchar. Bartlett, 
J. D. Dunbar, G. B. Upham, etc. 

1361 Hassel (G.) VoUstiindige Erdbeschreibung des 
Britischen u. Eussischen Amerika's. Weimar, 1822. 
sd. uncut. 8vo. (6.—) l.BO 

1362 VoUstand. Erdbeschreib. der Verein. Staa- 

ten von Nord- Amerika. Weimar,. 1823. sd. uncut. 
8vo. (9.—) 2.50 

1363 VoUstand. Erdbeschreib. von Australien. 

Weimar, 1825. sd. uncut. 8vo. (9.—) 2.- 

1364 . u. J. G. Pr. Cannabich, VoUstand. 

Erdbeschreib. von Mexico, Guatemala u. West- 
Indien. Weimar, 1824. sd. uncut. 8yo. (7.—) 2.— 

Fkedekik Moj.iiiB & C"., 



1365 Hauber, E. D., Versuch einer umstandlichen 
Historic d. Land-Charten, etc. Ul.n. 1724. 2 parts, 
rvol. hf. vellum. 8". 1.50 

The 1st part, 188 pp., treats on the history of 
cartography in general. 

1366 Haiiy, Sur les eymophancs des Etats-Unis. 
(Pai-is, 1810?) 1 plate. 4to. Extr. —.60 

A Mr. Camper; hommage de I'auteur. 

1367 Havana. — Plan de la Ciudad y Puerto de 

la Havana, (about 1800). sq. fol. 71 by 50. 

CabepuiiLY drawn in colours. 20. 

With many explanations. 

1368 Plan of the city, fortifications and har- 
bour. With separate maps of Cuba. sq. fol. 34 
by 25. l._ 

1369 Secret Expedition against the Havana. 

View of the English fleet in the old Straits of 
Bahama, 1762, engr. by P. C. Canot. 2 plates, sq. 
fol. 3.50 

1370 St. Domingo and Porto-Kieo. 3 Engi-a- 

ved views, sq. fol. 1671. 3. — 

1371 and St. Domingo. 2 Engraved vievs's. sq. 

4". 2.— 

1372 Hawkins (Sir fiich.) Observations in his 
Voyage into the South Sea in 1593. Reprinted 
from the edit, of 1622. Edited by 6'. R. Drink- 
water Bethune. Lond., 1847. cloth. 8vo. 8. — 

Published by the Hakluyt Society. 

1373 Hayden (P. V.), Final Keport of the Un. 
States Geological Survey of Nebi-aska and the 
adjacent territories. Washingt. 1872. large map and 
11 flates. cloth. 4to. 2.75 

1374 Hayus (J.) Soc. Jes., De rebus Japonicis, 
Indicia, et Peruanis epistolae recentiores. Antverp., 
M. Nutius, 1605. hf. calf gilt. 8vo. 6.— 

1375 Hazart (Corn.), Soc. J., Kerckelycke His- 
torie V. de gheheele WereUlt, naemelyck v. de 
voorgaande ende thegenwoord. eeuwe. Antverp. 
1682. 4 vols., many portr. and plates, old calf gilt. 
fol. 25.- 

(Ecclesiastical History of the whole world, speci- 
ally of the foregoing and the present century.) 

Interesting work for the history of the Martyrs. 
Vol. I. treats of Japon, China and America (Peru, 
Mexico, Brazil, Florida, Canada, Paraguay etc.). — 
Vol. III. England and the Netherlands. — Vol. II. 
Africa, etc. etc. 

1376 Heap (G. HI.), Central route to the Pacific, 
from the Valley of the Mississippi to Califoi-nia. 
Philad. 1854. 13 plates, cloth. Svo. 2.- 

1377 Hearne (L.) Voyage du Fort du Prince d^ 
Galles dans la Baie de Hudson a I'Oc^an Nord, 
1769 — 72, pour la decouverte d'un passage au 
Nord-Ouest. Trad, de I'Angl. [Paris.] 1798. 2 vols. 
sd. uncut, map and plates. 8v0. 3. — 

1378 Landreis van 't Prins van Wallis Fort 

aan Hudsons Baai, naar den Noorder.Oceaan. Uit 


het Eng. m. aanmerk. van J. E. Forstei-. 's Hage, 
1798. 2 vols. sd. uncut, maps and plates. Svo. 2.50 
Dutch translation of the preceding work, with 
notes by Torster. 

1379 Heokewelder (J.) Narrative of the mission 
of the United Brethren among the Delaware and 
Mohegan Indians, from its commencement in 1704, 
to 1808. Philad. 1820. 1 portr. Ms. Svo. 9.— 

1380 Hedendaagsclie Historie, of tegenwoor- 
dige staat van Amerika, behelz. de historie der 
ontdekkingen, beschryving, natuurlyke historie, 
enz. Amaterd., 17G9. 3 vols, vellum or hf. calf, 
neat. With maps and plates. 2.50 

(The present history and state of America, con- 
tain, the history o{ its discovery, description, na- 
tural history, etc.) 

1381 (Heeckeren, Baron E. L. van) Aanteek. 
bctrekkelijk de Kolonie Snriname. Arnh. 1826. 
2 maps. Svo. 1. — 

{Annotations relating to the colony of Surinam.) 

1382 Heemskerk (J. v.) and W. Barends engaged 
i;; planning the second Arctic .voyage,, 1595. C. 
Bisschop px. (1855?), engrav. by C. E. Taurel. 
sq. fol. — Fine, modern engraving. 3. — 

1383 Same engraving, proof on India-paper, full 

marg. 5. — 

1384 Heiden (P. J. van der) Schipbreuk v. 't 
Oost-lnd. jacht Ter Schellingh (in 1661) onder 't 
landt van Bengalen, met beschrijving van Arrakan, 
Bengale. Martavan, etc. Amat. 1675. With pi. 4". 

{Shipwreck of the Bast-India ship Ter Schelling 
on the coast of Bengal, toiih a description of Ar- 
rakan, Bengal, etc.) 

1385 The same. Amat., 1685. With plates. 4to. 


1386 The same. 4th edit. Harderwijek, 1698. 

With woodcuts. 4to. 2.50 

1387 — — The same with addition: Deze druk zeer 
vermeerdert door W. Kunst, die hetzelve alles 
heeit bijgewoont. Laatste druk waarin de koperen 
platen zijn vcrnienwt. Amst., 1746. 4to. 2.50 

{This edition much corrected hy W. Kunst, who 
was present at all this. Last edition with new 

1388 Heller (O. B.) Eeisen in Mexico, 1845-48. 
Leipzig, 1853. sd. 2 maps, woodcuts and pi. Svo. 

(6.-) 2.- 

1389 Mexico, Andeutungen fib. Boden, Klima, 

Pflanzen- u. Mineralreich, Kultur. Wien, 1864. 
Svo. —.75 

1390 Helps (A.) The Spanish conquest in America 
and its relation to the history of slavery and to 
the govei'nment of coloniea. London, 1855—57. 
Vol. 1—3. cloth, maps. Svo. (27.—) 10.- 

1391 [ ] The conquerors of the New- World and 

their Bondsmen, being a narrative of the prin- 



cipal events which led to Negro Slavery in the 
West-Indies and America. London, 1848—52. 2 vols. 
Ids. 8vo. 9.— 

ADonymously edited and rare, as the author with- 
drew the work from sale. 

1392 Hellwald (Fr. v.), Die araeril<anisehe Vbl- 
kerwanderung. Wien, 1866. 8vo. — .60 

1393 Hemmersan (Mich.) — West-Indianisk 
Reese-Beskriffaing, frau 1639—164.5, ifran 
Amsterdam till 3t. Juris de Mina, itt Castell i 
Africa; forrilttat och beskrefwin af 31ich. Hemmer- 
sam. Och nu in pawar Swanska Spraak fbrwiindt 
och tryckt Wysiugzborg, aff loh. Kaukel; 1674. 
4to. 52.50 

ViiEY EAEE as all the early typographical pro- 
ductions of Wysingsborg. The original edition (in 
German) was published in 1663 in Nuremberg, where 
the author, a goldsmith, lived after his 7 years vo- 
yage to Guinea, Brazil, etc. The present Swedish 
translation is made by the publisher and printer, 
J. Kankel, himself; his preface' is erroneously dated 
1647. — The larger part of the book treats of the 
author's stay in Guinea, with a description of that 
country; it is only from page 89, that he speaks 
of Brazil. 

Forms part of the rare Collection of Voyages, prin- 
ted at IVtjsingsborn, see Beesa-hook. 

1394 Henderson (Jam.), History of Brazil, com- 
prising its geography, commerce, colonization, abo- 
riginal inhabitants, etc. Loud. 1821. 27 plates and 
2 maps, calf (jilt. 4to. — Very fine copy from the 
Perkins^ Library. 9. — 

Printed for the author. Published at jP 3, 13 s. 6 p. 

1395 Hennepin (Lod) Besehryving van Louisiana, 
nieuvrelijks ontdekt ten Zuid-AVesten van Sieuw- 
Vrankryk, met een verhand. van de zeden en 
raanieren van leeven der Wilden. Mitsgad. de geo- 
grapli. en histor. besehryving der iuisten van 
Noord-Ameriea en de natuui'lijke Historie, door 
Denis. Amst., 1688. 2 vols, in 1. map and 6 pla- 
tes. 4to. 6.— 

{Description of Louisiana, newly discovered in the 
South- West of New-France, with an account of 
the manners of the Savages. Also the geogranh. 
and histor. description of the coasts of North- 
America and Us natural history, hj Mr. Denis.) 

Translation of Hennepin's Description de la Lotti- 
siane, first published at Paris 1683 and 1684, with 
addition of Denys' Description d&s cdtes de I'Amer. 
Paris, 1672, reprinted in 1686 or 1688. — Con- 
fer N". 918. 

1396 Aenmerckelycke historisohe Reys-Beschry- 

vinge door verscheyde Landen veel grooter als 
die van geheel Enropa onlanghs ontdeckt, behol- 
sende een beschryv. van de natuur van 't Zuyder 
en Noorder gedeelte van America . . . gedaente, 
aerd... der Wilde Nation, enz. Utrecht, 1698. ^A 
bd., maps and 4 plates by J. van Vianen. 4to. 5. — 
{Journal of a memorable voyage through various 
(American) countries, newly discovered, contain, a 

description of the Southern and Northern part of 
America ... the manners of the savage nations, etc.) 
A quite different work from the preceding. It is 
a translation of Hennepin's second work on North- 
America: Nouvelle decouverie etc. Utrecht. 1697. 

1897 Hennepin (Lod.) Nieuwe ontdekkinge van 
een gvoot land gelegen in America, tusschen Mexico j 
en de Yszee... Benevens eon aanhangsel, behelz; j 
een reize door Spaansch West-lndien, en eenver- 
haal van d'expeditie der Franschen op Cartagena, 
door L. de C{apine.) Amst., 1702. hf. bd., 3 napi, 
one belonging to the suppl., plates. 4to. 9.— 

{New discovery of a large country, situated in 
America between New-Mexica and the Ice-Sea. With 
a supplement, containing a travel through the Spa- 
nish IVest-Indies and an account of the French 
expedition to Carthagena.) 

Dutch translation of Hennepin's 3d work on Loui- 
siana, containing in stead of De La Borde's Sela- 
tion des Cara'ibes, the voyage to the West-Indies 
by L. de Capine. - Two maps torn, but quite 

1398 Aenmerkelyke voyagie, gedaan na 't ge- 
deelte van Noorder America. . . tusschen Nienw 
Mexico en de Yszee, enz. Leyden, 1704. 1 map 
and 3 plates. 4to. 6.— 

Another edition of the preceding work, but wi- 
thout the supplement by L. de Capine, and with diffe- 
rent plates. — This book is commonly bound up 
with: Benzo, West-Ind. Voyagien (See supra N". 
289), with which it forms properly one collection 
of voyages. 

1399 Beschreibung der Landschaft Louisiana, 

. . . neulioh gegen Siidwesten Neu-Frankreichs in 
America entdecket worden. Nebenst . . . Bericht 
von den Sitten u. Leben-Art der Wilden in selb. 
Landschafft . . . Niirnberg, 1689. 2 folding maps, 
vfUum, with clasps. 12mo. Fine copy. 17.50 

One of the rarest editions of Hennepin. — This 
German .translation of his first work is followed, 
pp. 355 — 425 by: „Beschreibung einer aonderbaren 
Reise etlicher bisher noch unbekannter Lander u. 
V dicker im Mitterndchtigen America, in 1 673 iurck 
P. Marquette S. J. u. Jolliet verrichtet worden." 
With map. 

1400 Herbert (Th.) Zee- en lant-reyse na ver- 
scheyde deelen v. Asie en Africa, Oost-lndien enz. 
Uyt het Eng. door L. v. Bosch. Dordt. Abr. An- 
driesss., 1658. With engravings. 4to. 6.— 

( Voyages and travels through various parts of 
Asia and Africa, Bast-India etc. Translated from 
the English.) 

Pp. 188—92 contain an account of the iDisto- 
very of America by Madoc ap Owen Gwyneth, 
300 years before Columbus." 

1401 The same. 1605. With engraving. 4to. 5.— 

1402 Herckmans (E.) Der Zeevaert lof, hande- 
lende van de gedenckwaerdighste Zeevaerden... 
Amst., 1634. vellum, fol. 15.- 




(Praise of Sea-faring, relating the moat memo ■ 
ruble navigations, etc.) 
* Karo and very curious work, consisting of an Lis- 
ter, poem in honour of Navigation. It contains, be- 
sides all the considerable voyages leading to the dis- 
covery of America, most of the expeditions both to 
the East and to the West after Columbus, especially 
those of the Uutch navigators to the year 158S. 

The vrork contains 18 beautiful etchings, one of 
which, called: The vessel of Fortune (on page 97) 
by Rembrandt. 

1403 IHeremite (Jao.) en G. H. Schapenham, 
Jom-nael v. d. Nassausche Vloot, of tie beschryv. 
V. de Voyagie om d. gantschen aerdtkloot met 
11 schcpea in 1623 — 26. Amst., H. Gerrilsz en 
J. Plz. Tfachter, 1626. 4to. (Tiele K". 75.) 20.— 

First and very rare edition of the complete jour- 
nal. — The 8 plates and maps are the same as 
those of the 2d ed. but with other Nos. of pages. 

1404 The same, aa 2d part of the collection: 

Jonmalen v. 3 Voyagien, te weten (1°.) v. Th. Can- 
dish, in 1586, etc. (2°.) v. F. Braeck en /. Rau- 
keins naar W. [ndien. (S".) Nassauaohe Vloot, 
voyagie dooi- Straet Lemaire onder J. I'Heremite. 
Hierby gevoeght beschryv. v. de regeringh v. Peru 
door P. de Madriga, en verhael v. P. F. de Qiiir, 
aeng. de ontdeckingh v. h. onbekent Australia, 
syn ryckdom, enz. ontdeckt by d. selven Cap. 
Amst., J. P. Wackier, 1643. vellum. 4to. Rare. 
(Tiele N". 76.) 14.— 

(Journals of 3 voyages, vim. 1°. of T. Candish 
in 1586. 2°. of Drake and J . Haukens to W . India. 
30. of the Nassau fleet; voyage through Ihe Strait 
le Maire under VEeremite. Added a description of 
the government in Peru by P. de Madriga, and 
■accounts of P. F. de Quir, on the discovery of ihe 
unknown Australia, its riches, etc. discov. by the 
same Captain.) 

With the 8 plates and maps. Good copy, but stained. 
This edition is the fullest and best of all, and much 
enlarged. The preface speaks of 3 different former 
editions, as being all out of print, but 1 never have 
met with or- heard of any other edition than those 
mentioned here. 

1405 The same, viz.: the Voyage of I'Heremite 

round tlie world in 1623 to 26. (Amst., 1646.) 
squ. 4to. With 5 ;;/. 2.— 

Beprint of the preceding edition of 1643, with 
the accounts on Peru by Madriga, and on Australia 
hy de Quir; further an account is added of occur- 
rences on the island of Banda in 1621. — This 
edition forms part of the collection : .Be^iw i?k Voort- 
gangh 1646. (See N». 372—74.) No separate title. 

1406 The same. — Journael v. d. Nassousohe 

Vloot onder I'Heremite ; Madriga, Regeer. v. Peru; 
de Quir, ontdeck. v. Australia. Amst., J. Harfgers, 
1648. 4tO. With 1 pi. in 6 divis. (Tiele N". 77.) 


Reprint of the edition of 1643, but with addition 

Of the account of an English voyage to Guiana in 


1596 and some other particulars relating to the 
navigation to the East-Indies. — The account ofde 
Quir on Australia, announced on the title, is omitted. 

1407 I'Heremite (Jao.) en G, H. Schapenham, 
The same: Journael v. de Nassousche Vloot onder 
l"Horomite; Madriga, Regeer. v. Peru. Amst., J. 
Mariners. 1652. 4to. 8.50 

Beprint of the last edition, bnt without deQuir's 
and the other accounts on navigation; none of them 
mentioned on the title. With 5 small pi. of the 
preceding ed., printed on different places in the text. 

Very interesting voyage and excellent account of 
it by a learmed seaman. 

i)e Bry have given in the Latin Pet. Voy. Xll. 
chapt. 9 an extract of Ihis journal, and in the Ger- 
man Pet. Voy. XII. p. 37 a larger account. — The 
only complete and best edition of all, is that in 
Dutch of 1643. N». 1404. 

1408 Waeraehtigh Verhael van het sueces van 

de vlote, onder den Admirael Jacq. I'Hermite, in 
de Zuyt-zee, op de uxisfen van Peru, en de stadt 
Lima in liidien. Hier is eon Spaensche Brief by- 
ghevoeght, de staet van Caatilien, en op de oust 
van Peru in kort verhalende. No place, 1625. 4°. 
uncut. (Tiele N». 74.) 85.— 

(True acconni of the success of the fleet under 
Ihe admiral J. I'Hermite, in the South-sea, on the 
coast of Peru and the city of Lima in India. With 
a Spanish letter on the state of C'astilia and the 
coast of Peru.) 

Fine copy of a piece of the utmost rarity. On 
the title an engraved view of Lima. 

1409 Heriarte (M. de) Descripjao do Estado do 
Maranhao, Para, Corupa e Bio das Araazones 1662. 
Dada a luz por primeira vez (por F. A. deVarn- 
hagen.) Vienna, 1874. sd. sm. 8vo. 2.40 

1410 Hering (J. H.) Weekiyksche, histor., zede- 
kund. en andere berichteu. Amsterdam, 2 July 
1777—25 Maart 1778. 2 vols \n\.calfgilt.^vo.— 
Very rare. 4.75 

(Weekly historical, moral and other records.) 
One of the rarest periodicals of that time, con- 
taining many interesting articles relating to America, 
viz. : Sebald and Sabine, a N. Amer. tale ; Letter 
of an Brunsvic Officer, from Canada, 1777 ; Occur- 
rences in Suriname, 1765 — 1776; Account of the 
Danish Mission at the Caraibian islands, etc. 

1411 [Herlein (J. D.)J Beschrjjvinge van devolk- 
plantiuge Zuriname. Opkomst dier zelver colonie, 
aanbouw der zuikerplantagien, aard der inwoon- 
ders... gedierten, vrugten, etc. Leeuw., 1718. 
map and plates. 4to. 2.50 

(Description of the colony Surinam, her rise... 
the cultivation of the sugar^lantations, the inhabi- 
tants, animals and plants, etc.) 

Pp. 249 — 62 contain a Caraib vocabulary. 

1412 The same. hf. vellum, entirely uncut. 3.5Q 

1413 Herndon (W. L.) and Lardner Gibbon, 
Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon. Wa?- 



hington, 1853, 64, 2 vols, maps and many plates, 
ids. 8vo. 7.20 

1414 L'Heroine du Texas, ou voj'age de Mada- 
me*** aux Etats-Unis at au Mexique. Paris, 1819. 
sd., plate. 8vo. — .80 

1415 Herrera (Ant. de) Novus Orbis a. descriptio 
Indiae Occident. Metaphraste C. Barlaeo. — Ac- 
cess, et aliorum Indiae Occid. descriptiones et 
navigationis nuperae Australis Jac. le Maire, 
historia, uti et navigationum omnium per fretura 
Magellan, sucoinota narratio. Amst. M. Colyn. 1622. 
veUum. fol. With 17 maps. (Tiele 294.) 25.— 

Tliis Latin and also tiie French edition are very 
scarce in Holland, rarer than the Dutch edition. 

See on the 3 worlcs contained in this volume and 
their French and Dutch translations, the very inte- 
resting notices in: Camus, Memoire, pp. 147, 160; 
Tiele, pp. 56 and 312. 

1416 The same, hds., entirely uncut. Excessively 

rare, if not unique? 30. — 

1417 Description <Ies (ndcs Occident, qu'on 

appelle aujourdhuy le Nouveau Monde. Trausl. 
d'Espagnol en I'ranQ. — Avec la Navigation de 
Jaques le Maire et de plus, autres. Amet., it. Co- 
lin.! 1622. fol. With portr. and 17 maps, vellum. 
Very rare, tine eofy. (Tiele, 296.) 24.— 

In this translation follows after the navigation of 
le Maire, the Description of West-India by P. Or- 
donnez de Cevallos, and the description of America 
from: Bertius' Tabulae geograph. 

1418 0. Nieuwe werelt, andera gonaerapt West- 

Indien. 1622. — b. Ordonnez de Cevallos (Pt.) Ey- 
gentl. Beschryv. v. West-ludien. 1621. ~c. Spieghel 
der Australische Navigatie, door Jac. le Maire, 
uytgevaren 14 Juny 1615 — 1622. Aiiist, M. Colyn, 
1622. vellum, sra. fol. Fine. (Tiele, 297.) 15.— 

Dutch translation of JM". 1415. 

1419 Zee- en land-togten in de West-Indien : 

d'eerste door J. Ponce de Leon, naar Florida, 
1512 ; de andere door Pamph. de Narvaes, naar 
Cumaguyea en elders, 1513. Leyd., P. v. d. Aa, 
1706. 4 plates. 8vo. 2.— 

(Voyages and travels in the West-Indies. 1". of 
J. Ponce de Leon, to Florida, 1513; 2". of P. de 
I^arvaes^ to Cumaguyea etc. 15. '.3.) 

1420 Drie togten te zee en te land in de West- 
Indien, 1523 en vervolg. 1". Fr. de Garay, van 
Jamaica na Fanuco ; 2». P. d'Alvarado, van Mexico 
na Guatemala; 'A". D. de Godoy, van Mexico ter 
ontdekking van versch. landschappen. Leyd., P. 
V. d. Aa, 1707. 8vo. 1.50 

(Three voyages and travels in the W. Ind. 1523 
etc. P. F. de Garay, from Jamaica to Panuco ; 
2°. P. d'Alvarado, from Mexico to Guatemala; 
3°. D. dr Godoy, from Mexico for the discovery 
of different countries.") 

1421 Aankomst van J. d'Esquobel op Jamaica, 

1510; ... Avonturen, , . . . van AI. d'Oledo, D.da 
Nicueza, V. Nunez, Lop. d'Alano; Togten naar 

Darien en Cuba, door D. Velazques. Leyd., P o 
d. Ao, 1706. 6 plates. 8v0. 2."- 

(Arrival of J. d'Ezqueiel at Jamaica; Adven- 
tures of Al. d Ojeda, etc. Voyages to Darien and 
Cuba, by D. Velazques. From the Spaniai.) 

1422 Hortha. Zeitschrift fur Erd-, ViJlker-n.Staa- 
tenkunde, herausg. von Bcrghaas u. Hoffmann. 
Stuttgart, 1825—27. 10 vols. sd. maps. 8vo. 10.-! 

Containing: de Ifaveiiaudiire, Beschieihang na 
Mexico. — Sestrepo, Ueber Colombia. — MoUien, 
Keise durch Colombia. — Chromtschenio, Hem- 
Journal an d. Kiisten von Euss. America. — Me- 
strepo, Geographic, Industrie u. Bevolkerilng von 
Antioquia in Colombia, with map. .^ A. v. Hum- 
boldt, Briofe ane Paraguay. — v. Zoiaenorii, iteise 
nach d. Ostkiiste Gronlands, taith map. — ZustaSd 
der Gesellschaft in d. Verein. Staaten. -• Noi/ei, 
Das Franzos. Gujana, etc., etc. 

1423 Hesssl Gerritsz, Histoire du Pays 
nomme Spitsbarghe. Monstrant comment qu'il 
est trouvee, son nature! et ses animauls, avee- 
ques la triste raoompte des maux que noz Pe- 
oheurs, taut Basques que Flamens, ont eu a souf- 
fvir des Anglois en I'estfi pass^e Pan de grace, 
1013. Escrit par H[esselJ G[erritsz] [de] A[ssuni]. 
Amsterd., 1613. 2 maps and 2 pi. 4to. 130.- 

Original edition of the utmost rarety. The first 
copy I met in commerce for 30 years. Very fine copy. 

1424 Same work. Facsimile reprint. Amster- 
dam, Fred. Muller. 1872. 4to. 12.60 

Printed with the real old types of the 17th cen- 
tury by Mess. Enschede and Sons at Haarlem, on 
old paper. Only 50 numbered copies printed. 

1425 Beschryvinghe vander Samoyeden 

Landt in Tartarien. Met verhael vande opsoec- 
kingh ende ontdeokinge vande nieuwe denrgang 
ofte straet int Noortwesten na de RJjcken van 
Chma ende Cathay. Ende Memoriae! aenden Co- 
ningh van pSpaengien, belangh. de ontdeckinghe 
van Australia Incognita. t'Amsterdain, by Sessel 
Gerritsz. 1612. 3 maps. 4to. 350.— 

(Description of the country of the Samofedeiin 
Tartary, fVith an account of the research and of tht 
discovery of the new passage or strait in the North- 
IVest io the empires of China and Calhay (by 
Henry Hudson). And a memorial offered io the 
King of Spain (by P. F. de Quir) concerning the 
discovery and the situation of the Land called A- 
stralia Incognita.) 

Of this original Dutch edition of the famous De- 
lectio freti, see infra: (Hudson), hardly 4 or 6 co- 
pies are known in ail the European libraries. The copy 
is of the best preservation possible. — This original 
book is the foundation-stone for the history of Hud- 
son's and other Arctic expeditions, etc. The collec- 
tion formed by Hessel Gerritsz consist of four tracts, 
by Is. Massa, F. de Quir and the editor Hessel 
Gerritsz himself. — See the reproduction, with a 
memoir on the origin of this collection, N». 925. 

1426 Heusinger (O.) Tooneelen uit den Amerik, 

Frsdebik Muu-er &^G'., 



Oorlog, 1861— 6B. Uit h. Hoogd. d. M. de Sitter. 
Kampon, 1870. sd. 870. (8.25) 1.50 

• {Scenes from the American War. Transl. from 
the German.) 

1427 Heijlidij (C. J. SurinamensU) De modo pro- 
cedehdi Surinamensi in causis crlminalibu3, cum 
veteri turn novissimo. Traject. a Eh. 1857. 8vo. 


1428 (Heyns, Peeter), Le Miroir du monde, ou 
epitome du Theatre d'Abr. Ortelius. Aggrandi et 
enriehi, e. a. de plus belles cartes du Pai's-bas. 
Amst., Zach. Heyns. 1598. sm. sq. 4°. — Coloured 
maps. Title and pp. 68 — 69 wanting. Skorl copy. — 
Very eare. 16. — 

Collection of 80 maps engrav. in wood. The 84 
pp. are wrongly numbered 16—97, the signatnre 
indicating the true divisiou. On page 17 the por- 
trait of P. Heyns in woodcut. — For the American 
collector a map of the Globe and a general map of 
America are interesting, for the Kussian those of 
Livonia and Moscovia. The first edition, with Dutch 
text and 72 maps, was published Antverp. Chr. 
Plantyn^ 1577. 

1429 Higgins (J.) De bootsehap des Heeren aen 
alle volkeren, welke zijn afgedwaelt van het ligt 
Christi,' voornaementljjk geatiert tot het Engels 
Volk in Amsterdam. Gtedr. in 'tjaer 1659. 4to. 

(Message of the Lord to all peoples, that have 
deviated from, the light of Christ, especially sent 
to the Mnglish folks in Amsterdam. {Quakers.) 

1430 Hildreth (R.) Geschiedenis der Vereen. Sta- 
ten van Noord-Amerika sedert de ontdekking van 
Columbus. Met aanteek. door M. Keijier. 's-Gra- 
venh. 1854—57. 6 vols. sd. 8vo. (24.—) 10.— 

(History of the Unit. States of North-Amer. 
since their discovery by Columbus. Translated with 
notes by M. Keyzer.) 

1431 Hill (S. S.) Travels in the Sandwich and 
Society islands. Loud. 1856. cloth, map. 8vo. 

(7.—) 2.75 

1432 Hilhouse, James, Lawyer and Senator, 
1794—1810. — A. L. to Kev. Jer. Day of Yale 
Coll., June 8, 1824. 1 p. fol. 2.- 

1433 A. L. to the Rev. P. H. Matron of Paris. 

No date. 1 p. 8». 2.— 

On autographs of Jefferson and Washington. 

1434 [HilUard d'Auberteuil] Considerations sur 
i'etat present de la colonie Franfaise de St. Do- 
mingue. Paris, 1776. calf. 8vo. —.75 

1435 Hints (A fevv salutary) pointing out the po- 
licy and consequences of admitting British sub- 
jects to engross our trade and become our citi- 
zens. Addressed to those who either risqued or 
lost their all in bringing about the revolution. 
Charleston printed: New- York, reprinted by^S.Kol- 
^cA, 1786. 8vo. . 18.— 

An excessively rare tract, nowhere mentioned. It 
is a violent attack against the English. Charj ctejistic 


in this sense is the motto placed on the title: "Ne- 
ver trust thine enemy; for like as iron rusteth, so 
is his wickedness. Set him not by thee, lest when 
he hath overthrown thee, he stand up in thy place ; 
neither let him sit at the right hand, lest he seek 
to take thy place ; and thou at last remember my 
words and be pricked therewith." Ecclesiast. XII, 10. 

1436 Histoire de la fondation des colonies deaan- 
ciennes republiques, adapt^e ^ la dispute pr^sente 
de la Grande Bretagne avec ses colonies Am6ri- 
caines. Trad, de I'Angl. (p. Cerisier) On a ajout6 
3 lettres iateress. sur la mgme dispute etc. Utrecht, 
1778. calf. 8vo. 1.— 

1437 The same, sd. uncut, in quires. 8vo. 1.25 

Translation of N". 1443, with augmentations. 

1438 Historia dos descobrimentoa e conquistas dos 
Portuguezes no Novo Mundo. Liaboa, 1786. 4 vola. 
calf. sm. 8vo. ■ 6. — 

1439 Historie van Terra Auatralis of het Zuide- 
lyk Vaste-Land. Leiden, 1779. sd. 4to. (Reden- 
daagsche Historie XI, 2.) 2.50 

(Ristory of Terra Australis or the South-Land.) 

1440 Histor. u. Geograph. Beschreibung von 

Neu-Schotiand, darinnen von der Lage, Grosse, 
Fruchtbarkeit etc. des Landes, von den Sitten der 
Indianer, u. den Begebenheiten zwisolien denen 
Cronen Frankreich u. England aeit deren Beaitz- 
nehmung. Aus d. Engl. Frankf., 1750. calf, map 
with a plan of New-Halifax, ly T. Jefferys. 8vo. 5. — 
The original Enghsh was published (in 1749?) 
by command of King George III. 

1441 History of the British Empire, from 1765 to 
the end of 1783, containing an impartial history 
of the origin, progress and termination of the 
American Revolution. By a Society of Gentlemen, 
Philad. 1708. 2 vols, portr. of Franklin and Ifas- 
hington. calf gilt. 8vo. Nice copy. 8. — 

Not mentioned by Rich. 

1442 History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 
I. Comprehend, the campaigns of 1775— 77. By an 
Officer of the Army. Loud. 1780. bds. map. 8vo. 

The author is said to be Capt. Hall, of General 
Howe's regiment. — No more published. 

1443 History of the Colonization of the FreeSta- 
tea of Antiquity applied to the present conteat 
between Great Britain and her American Colo- 
nieg, with reflections concerning the future set- 
tlement of these Colonies. Lond. 1777. bds. uncut. 
4to. — See N». 1436, 37. 2.50 

1444 History (A short) of the Opposition during 
the last session of Parliament. 3d edit. Lond. 
1779. uncut. 8vo. 2. — 

"Rather a picture than fi history, and that pic- 
ture a caricature; cet." Rich. 


1445 Hoekstra (Kl.) Dagverhaal van het veron- 
gelukken v^n het Galjootschip Harlingen in Straat- 
Davida. Haarl. 1828. 8vo With a r^ap. 1.— 



[Journal of the shipwreck of the Barlingen in 
the Straits of Davids.) 

1446 Hofiferus (Adrianus) Nedorcluytsche Poe- 
mata. Amstord., 1(536. vellum. 4to. 12. — 

(Dutch Poems.) 

With numerous fiue emblematical eagraviugs. — 
This interesting and scarce volume contains : pp. 
265 — 70: l''elicitatiou for the West-Indian fleet, 
parting in January 1624, pp. 353 — 54. On the 
victory of P. Heyn in 1628, pp. 355 — 56. Poem 
on the capture of the silver-fleet by P. Heyn, pp. 
361 — 62. Epitaph of P. Heyn. — All in verses. 

1447 Hogerwaart's (W.) Afsoheids-rcden tot de 
Gemeentc op Batavia, daar nog by koait Prof. 
Hoornbeek's Sorg en vaad, aang. de Evangelie- 
prediking in Oost- en West-lndien. Vert, en op- 
geheld. door U. Velse. 's Gravenhage, 1732. 4to. 

{Last sermon to the Congregation at Batavia, to 
which is joined Prof. Hoornbeek's Solicitude and 
counsel concerning the preaching of the Gospel in 
the East- and West-Indies. Transl. and elucidated 
by H. Velse, V. D. M. at the Hague.) 

The last part by Prof. highly inte- 
resting for the history of the Dutch Keformed Church 
in New Netherland and Brazil, giving a full list of 
all the Dutch Ministers there, f. i. J. Michaelius, 
J. Megapolensis, a. o., with short notices on their 
lives, and many particulars relating to them, by the 
translator and pubUsher. 

1448 Holboll (G.) Ornithologischer Beitrag zur 
Fauna Gronlands, iibers. v. J. H. Paulsen. Leips. 
1854. with 1 color, pi. 8vo. 1.— 

1449 Hollanders (De) in Iowa. Brieven uit Pella 
van een Geldersclimau. Arnhem, 1858. ad., plate. 
8vo. —.80 

{The Dutch in Iowa. Letters from Pella by a 
man from Gueldre, Province of Holland.) 

1450 Hollis (Thorn.) Memoirs, including his corres- 
pondence from eminent Americans and others. 
London, Printed by J. Nichols, 1780. 2 vols, calf 
gilt, 33 plates and poitraits. Fine copy. roy. 4to. 

With the 48 additional pages between 532—583. 
Privately printed. — A very interesting work, 
especially for the portraits. — I'or America it has 
a special value for the history of Harvard College 
and of Boston. 

1451 Holton (Is. F.), New Granada; Twenty months 
in the Andes. New- York, 1857. maps and illustra- 
tions, cloth, large. 8vo. (8.40J 3.50 

1452 Holyoke, Edw., President of Harvard-Uni- 
vers. 1737, distinguished Mathematician. — A. L. S. 
to K. Cooke at London, dat. Cambridge, Apr. 2, 
1765. 1 p. 4". — Scarce autograph. 5.50 

On Dr. Benson's works. 

1453 Honduras. — Old chart, (without title), of 
the coast Honduras, from Cabo Quay Morelo, east- 
ward fram Trugillo till the gulf of tiigueras, with 


the Islands Guanaja, etc. fol. 64 by 47. — Cotou. 
red. Drawn map. 24.- 

1454 Honduras. — Carta Geographica de las Cos- 
tas de Honduras, Yucatan y Si5no Mexlcano, etc., 
quo con la maior veneracion se dedica a L. K. p, 
de V. M. por Dr. I'hom. Southwell, fol. 48 by 
38. — Coloured. 24.— 

With interesting annotations, (made after freetrade 
was granted to Yucatan,) on the places where tlie 
best dying-wood grows and on those which the En- 
glish smugglers used to visit. — Drawn map. 

1455 Honlg Jz. (Jac.) De Hollanders in Braziliij, 
of lotgevallen van kapitein Alderik. Ainst. 1851. 
2 vols. 8vo. (4.90) 2.60 

{The Dutch in Brazil, or adventures of Caft. 
Alderik. Sketches from the nth century.) 

1456 Honter (Jo.) Coronensis. Kudimentorum oos- 
mographiae libri duo. Quorum prior Astrono- 
niiae, posterior Goographiae pnncipia complecti- 
tur. (In fine:) Cracoviac, Mathias Scharfenbergim 
excudebat MDXXXIIII. sm. Svo. 16 unnumb. 
leaves. 37,60 

Obiginal BDinoN or the hiqhesi bariti, m»- 
known, as far toe could ascertain, to all biblio- 
graphers. Harrisse (Bibl. Americana) only mentioaa 
the Basil reprint of the same year. The high rarity 
of all the early productions of the Craoovian press, 
sufficiently explains this small book till now escaped 
the notice ot all bibliographers. The part relating 
to America will be found in the chapter: Nomina 
insularum Oceani et maris: "... In occidiio Uore- 
ades, Hesperides, I'ortunatae, America, Farias, 1st- 
bella, Spagnolla, etc. 

The condition of the copy is faultless. MS. An- 
notation on the title. 

Bound up in one vol. with: Pomponii Melae de 
situ orbis 11. ill, cum P. Jo. OUvarii ... scholiis; 
Hermolai Barbari in Pomp. Melara castigationcs; 
6. Jul. Solini Polyhistor. . . . restit. et scholiis 
illustr. No place nor date, probably Basileae, same 
date 1534P — hf. calf. sm. 8vo. 

This edition of Honter, in prose, differs totally of 
the following, in which the text is a poetipal de- 
scription in 4 books. 

1457 Budimentorum cosmographicorum libri 

nil. Cum tabellis geograph. {No place) 1570. bds. 
sm. Svo. — Fine copy. 9.— 

The Atlas of the world in 14 leaves, has exactly 
the same curious maps as in the original edition of 
Zurich 1546; the map representing i Universalis 
Cosmographia" with the inscription. «Tiguri 1. H. 
V. E. (in a monogram) 1646, gives a very curious 
representation of America." 

1458 Rudimentorum cosmographicorum libri 

nil. Cum tabellis geograph. {No plaee) 1590? 
sm. Svo. 8.— 

With exactly the same curious maps as in the 
preceding editiou, but in other engraving, more fiae 
and correct. 

The difference in the signature at the feet of the 

Fkederik Muij.eb & C°., 



pag. b 2 and d 2, correct in this edition, and in 
the former: 2b and 2d (sic), shows that thoy are 
$ of two quite different hands. The date of 1590 on 
the title in MS., might be of an earlier date. — 
Title in facsimile and signature A and B of the text 
in MS. 

Bonnd up in one vol. ca/f with: L. J. Gyraldi, 
Aenigmata «t Pythagorae Symbola explicata; cet. 
Basil. J. Oporinus {no date.) 

1459 Honter (Jo.) De Cosniographiae rudimentis 
... libri nil.Una oiim tabellis geograph. praeei- 
puis. (Basil. Henric Petri, 1561.) am. 8vo. 11.— 

The atla.« of 24 leaves at the end, differs totally 
from both preceding editions. There are no spherei; 
. on the map of the world, the fi','nre of Auierica is 
more accurate, and here are more special maps, some 
of them very curious; the last is that of Cuba. — 
Book and atlas form the last part or p|). 845--940 
of the work : 

Procli de Sphaera; Clcomedis de Mundo: A rati 
Phaenomena; Dionysii Descriptio orbis Gr.-Lat. .4dj. 
Doct. virorum annott. Basil. (1561.) vellum. 

1460 Hoornbeek (Job.) De conversione Indorum 
et Gentiliiun. Anistelod. 1669. sd., uncut. 4to. 
Scarce. 6.— 

Lib. 1. cap. IT. De Indiae utraque ejusipie prima 
indagatione et Societate Indica apud Belgas. Cap. II. 
De Lappis Americanis, eoruju terra et religione, Lib. 
II. cap. XV. De conversione Gentilium in America 
per Reform atos. 

1461 Sunima controversiarum religionls, cum lu- 

fidelibus, Haereticis, Sohismatieis : id eat, Gentili- 
bus, Judaeis, Muhammedanis, Papistis, Anabap- 
tistis, . . . Remonstrant., Ijutheranis, Brouwnisiis, 
Graecis. Ed. 2a auct. et emend. Traj. ad Rlien., 
1658. 1002 and 63 pp. vellum. 8vo. Rare. 5.— 

Pagg. 738 — 883 treat on the Brownists. 

1462 The same. Francof. ad Viadrum, 1697. 

vellum, 1002 and 63 pp. porir. 8vo. 4. — 

Exact reproduction, line for Hue, of the original 
Dutch edition. 

1463 Hornii (G.) ne originibns Americanis libri 
IV. Hagae Com., Adr. Vlacq. 1652. vellum, sm. 
8vo. 4.50 

Written at the instigation of J. de Laet, against 
H. Grotius, De orig. gentiuTU Americ. 

The same. Hemopoli, 1669. vellum. 12mo. 




1465 Area Mosis, s.. Historia mundi, quae com- 
plect, primordia reruni natur. omniamq. artium et 
scient. Liigd. Bat. et lioterod. 1668. uncut. Vimn. 

Cont. : Americani anthropophagi, auJ uumeruus cu- 
rious facts. 

1466 — — Kerckelycke Historic ... U-t 1666. Uit 
het Latyn vert, en .. vervolgt tot 16i:3, door 
Balth. Bekker. Amaterd. 1684. plates, vellum. Sv6. 



{Church History to 166B. From the Latin, with 
continuation to 1683, ly B. Bejc/eer.) 

Contains ample notices on the Brownists in Ne- 
therland, J. Robinson, J. Cotton, the Independents, 
and their settlement in New-Netherlacd and New- 

1467 Horto (Garcia ab) Aromatum etsirapllcinm 
aliquot apud Indoa naacentium historia . . . Lat. 
serra. in epitomen oontraota a Car. Cluaio. Ant- 
verp., Chr. Planiinus, 1574. — Nio. Monardes, De 
simplieibus medioamentis ex Oecid. India delatis, 
interprete C. CInsio. Ibid. 1574. - Idem, Sirapli- 
ciuni raedieamentorum ex Novo Orbe delator, lib. 
111. Tbid. 1582. — A. Cosla, Aromata et medica- 
menta in Orienfali India nasoentin, lat. vertit 
(:. flusius. Ibid. 1582. — ('asp. Bauhinus, De la- 
pidia Bezoaris Orient, et Occident, natnra. Basil. 
1625. — In 1 vol. vellum, numerous woodcuts. 8vo. 
Hare collection. 9.50 

1468 Aromatum et aimplicium aliquot medica- 

mentorum apud Indoa nascentinm historia. Latino 
sermone in epitomen oontracta a C. Clusio. Ed. 
3a Antverp., Vlanlin, 1 579. calf gilt, woodcuts. 8vo. 
Fine copy. 4.50 

1469 The same. Ed. 4a auctior. Ibid. 1593. 

vellum, woodcuts. 8vo. 456 pp. 5.50 

This edition contains besides: Chr. Acosta, Aro- 
mata (pp. 325-312) and INT. Monardes, de simpl. 
Medicam. (pp. 313—456.) 

1470 The same edition, vellum, very tall copij. 


1471 Horton (R. Wilmot) A letter addressed to 
the anonymous author of „England and America." 
Colombo [Ceylon.) 1834. hf. id. 8vo. 2.50 

Privately printed. Of the highest rarity. 

1472 Houstoun (Jam.) Works, containing memoirs 
of his life and travels in Asia, Ai'rica and Ame- 
rica, from 1690- 1753, giving a particular account 
of the Scotch expedition to Darien in America, 
the rise and fall of the African and South-Sea 
Companiea, the late expedition to the Spanish 
West-Indies etc. London, 1753. calf, plate of arms. 
8vo. 4.— 

1473 Houtman (C.) Journael van de Eeyse der 
HoU. Schepen ghedaen in Oost-ludien, etc. Met 
velo Caerten ende Figuren verciert. Door begeerte 
van sekere Coopluydeu gedruckt, ende men vintse 
te coop by Bar. Layigenes. tot Middelburch. 1598. 

Appendix oft Byvoeehsel achter 't Journael v. 
de Reyse d. Ilollandtsche Schepen op Java, in- 
houd. de opdoeningen v. C. de bona Esper, etc. 
Midtsg. oocls seker Vocabulaer d. Maleysche woov- 
den, in druck ghebracht door Corn. Gorritsz. v. 
Zuydt-land. Midd., B. Langenes, 1598. — 1 vol. 
bds. sq. 4to. (Tiele N». 106.) 75.— 

{Journal of the voyage of the Dutch ships to 

F.-India. Embellished ioith many maps and pla^ 

tes. — Printed at the request of certain Merchants 

by li. Langenes, etc. 



Appendix or supplemenl to the Journal of the 
voyage of the Dutch ships lo Java, containing the 
views of the Cape of Oood Hope, etc. With u, 
vocabulary of Ulaliu/ words; edited ly Corn. Qer- 
ritsz of luydtUndt.) 

With 10 plates, forming part of the lenvos, and 
5 maps also printed iu the teit, besides many wood- 
cnta in' tho appcudii. — This copy wants 1 plate 
(B. 4) else a largo, neat one. 

Very rare edition, anterior to the first of 
Com. Claesz., and at same time tho second but en- 
larged ed. of this narrative, lirst published iu 1597 
by B. Lnngenes and reprinted hero with some 
1474 Houtman (C.) The same Journal; same edi- 
tion, with Appendix, but (liy a printing error) 
with the date 1G18 (MDCXVIII) instead of 1598 
(MDXCVIII) as in the preceding copy. Vnique 
with this date. 05. — 

Good copy, but shorter than tho preceding, and 
somewhat thumbed. 

1476 Diarium nauticum itineris Batav. in In- 

diam Orient., cursuuin, tract, etc. His aocedunt 
narratio histor. nationum, etc. Middelb., B. Lan- 
genesse, 1698. 

Appendix Diarii Nautioi itineris Batav. in Ja- 

vam, cent, apparentias Promont. Bonao Spei, etc. 

Midd-, B. Langenesse. 1698. — In 1 vol. boards. 

sq. 4to. (Tiele, N». 107. p. 119.) 12.- 

Exaci translation of the pi'cceding journal. Fine 

. copy, in boards, but both titles (of: Diarium and 

Appendix) supplied in facsimile, and the 10 plates 

(or 10 pages of A. to &.) wanting. — Very rare. 

1476 D'Eorste Boeck. — llistorie v. Indien, 

waer in verhaolt is de avontuere die de lIoU. 
Schepen beiegont zyn, enz. Door G. M. A. W. L. 
(Willera Lodewylcs.) Arast., Corn. Ctaesx.., 1598. 
vellum, sq. 4to. (Tiele N». 111. p. 124.) • 25— 

( The first book. History of India, comprising the 
narrative of the adventures of the Dutch ships, etc.) 

Very rare, but wanting: title (a facsimile of that 
to tho 1G09 edition added) ; A» (map.) B>. C (map.) 
E' (map.) E'. E-' (plate.) B* ; the plate between N . 
and 0; K" (plate) S' Good copy in nice binding, 
but somewhat thumbed. 

This edition contains 49 plates and maps, all on 
separate leaves. 

This journal is quite different from the preceding, 
and tho most important and fullest of the various 
accounts of this voyage. — It has been translated 
into Latin by de Bry after a German version ; Ca- 
mus proves that this original edition is far prefe- 
rable to do Bry both for text and plates. — Sec 
Tiele, 130. 

1477 The same. D'Eerste Boeck. llistorie van 

Indien Amst., Corn. Claesz., 1609. vellum. aqi\. ito. 
(Tiele N". 114.) ^ery fine and large copy. GO. — 

{The first hook. History of India, etc.) 
Exact reprint of the last edition with the same 

1478 Houtman (0) Tho same. T Kerste Booolt, 
Historie v. Indien. Door (1. M. A. W. L, Arast., 
U. Voli/n. 1017. vellum. 8(]. 4to. Kne copy. (Tlelo 

N». l"l7.) 18.- 

Very rare. With 35 plates. Reprint of the oditioiK 
of 1698 and 1009. 

1479 Tho same. Eerste Scliipvaurd der IIoll, 

Natio naar Oost Indien, ouz. (Amst. 1046.)iMfrfj. 
squ. 4to. 112 pp. B.BO 

No speoial title. Part of: JBegin en Voortgmgh 
(N°. 1874). With 49 plates and maps, tho same as 
in tho editions of Corn. Claesz, 1698 and 1009.— 
The text is nearly the same as in those editions, liiit 
considerably augmented by portions from othorjout- 
nals of this voyage etc. See Tiele, p, 184. Very 
valuable edition, 

1480 The same. Amst., J. Hartgers, 1648. bis. 

4to. (Tiele N". 120.) In orig. paper-wrapper. 6.60 

With 1 pi. iu Odiv. Exact reprint of the prooediiig. 

1481 Tho same. Amst., J. Hartgers, 1660. hf. 

vellum. 4to. Pine copij. (Tiele N". 121.) 7.60 

Very rare. — With small pi. in the text, Ro- 
print of the last edition. 

1482 The Hamo. Amst., 0. J. Saeghman. (1063.) 

bds. 4to. (Tiele N«. 122.) 8,- 

Kare. With 7 small engraved pi. (0 from Hart- 
gers' edit, of 1050, and 1 of v. Neck) and 2fl 11^. 
ou wood, llepriut of tho last edition, but theoddi- 
tions inserted in the text. 

1483 Tho same. Hiiarlora, /. J. Weoveringh, 

(1801.) 4to. iytfw copy. ^ L- 

Good edition in modern stylo, edited by Mr. J. H. 
V. Lenuep, as au essay to revive tho old popular 
books. — With 14 nice engravings on wood after 
C. Rochussen. Out of print in this separate form. 

1484 Tho same, in French: Premier llvre do 

I'histoire do la navigation aux Indos Orient, par 
les Holland. Par O. M. A. W. L. Amst., (hrn. 
Nicolas. [_Vorn. Claesz.'] 1598. vellum, fol. (Tlole 
N». 113.) _ 25.~ 

1st edition, rare. Good copy in original binding, 
but slightly stained by water. With the plates of 
the Dutch editions of the same publisher, 

1485 Dressalhuis (J. ab Utr.) Nog lots 

over FnMlerik do Houtman. (1840?) Extr. -.60 

(Something more on I'red. de Houtman^ 
I'rincipally on his stay at Sumatra, 1801 — 2. 

1486 Hovell (W. H.) and H. Humo, Journey of 
discovery to Port Philip, New South Wales, In 
1824 and 1825. 2d edit. Sydney. 1837. 8vo. Some. 


1487 Howgill (Pr.) Hot orfdoel Jakobs ontdeckt, 
na zijn wederkeor uit Egipton. Gedr. In 't |aer 
1668. 4to. 1.26 

{JacoVs inheritance discovered after his return 
from Egypt.) 

The author belonged to the Sect of Quakers. 

1488 Howiflon (J.), Sketches of Upper Canada, 

FllKDERIK MuUiHR & 0°., 


domestic, local and characteristic: . . and Eocol- 
lections of the Un. States of America. 2d edit. 
Bdinb. 1822. bds. 8vo. 1.50 

1489 Huberts, Geografie en Kartographie. (Amst. 
1861). — Extract 8vo. —.75 

1490 Hiibner, J., Museum geographicura : Ver- 
zeichnisz d. besten Land-Charten. Hamburg. 1746. 
8v6. 1.50 

1491 Museum geograph. Uit h. Hoogd. en met 

Suppl. a. O. H. K. 'sGravenh. 1735. bds. Vnoui. 
8». 1.50 

Dutch translation of the foregoing, with Supple- 
ment by O. H. R. 

1492 Hudson the Navigator (Henry.) The original 
documents, in which his career is recorded, col- 
lected, partly translated and annotated, with an 
introduction by 6. M. Asher. London, 1860. cZo/A, 
mafs. 8vo. 12. — 

Published for the Hakluyt Society. Out of print. 

1493 Descriptio ac delineatio geogr. detectionis 

Freti, s. transitus ad occasum supra terras Ame- 
ricanas in Chinam atq. Jap. ducturi. Kecens in- 
vestig. a H. Hudsono. — Item Exegesis super traotu 
recens detecto in 5a orbis parte, Australis incogn. 
Cum deacript. terrarum Samojedarum, in Tartaria 
ad ortum freti Waygats sitarum, nuperq. soeptro 
Moacov. adscit. Amstel., Uessel Gerardi, 1613. bds., 
8 pi. and maps (6 in facsim.) 4to. (Tiele N°. 153.) 
48 pp. 32.— 

On this small but highly important work see at 
large: Tiele pp. 179 to 190, and my: Essai d'une 
BMiograpkie Neerl. Russe. 1S59, pp. 71, 103 — 6, 
especially on the formerly unknown author. Is. Massa 
of Haarlem. It contains: 1". the discovery of the 
Hudson bay etc. in .1611, with map, with additions 
to the former edition of 1612. 2". the account of 
F. de Quir on Australia, 'ifi. and i". the descrip- 
tion of the Samoyedes, their country, etc. by Is. 
Massa of Haarlem. — The book is one of the rarest 
of all voyages, especially in Holland. The pp. 37 
to 39: In praefat. postremae edit. etc. (Voyage of 
May) and pp. 40 to 43: de detect, terrae polaris 
sub latitud. 80 grad., are added in need MS. — Else 
the copy is very fine and tall. 

1494 A facsimile of the Tabnla Nautica, etc. 

1611 and the map of the world with indication 
of the discovery of Hudson and de Quir, was pu- 
blished by me in 1867. 8. - 

1495 Murphy (H. C.) Henri Hudson in Hol- 
land. An inquiry into the origin and objects of 
the voyage which led to the discovery of the 
Hudson iliver. Hague, 1859. 8vo. tFHh porir. of 
Dirk van Oss. uPrinied for private dislribution." 


1496 Sailing directions of Henry Hudson, pre- 
pared for his use in 1608, from the old Danish 
of Ivar Bardsen. With an introduct. and notes, 
and a dissertation on the discovery on the Hud- 
son River, by B. F. De Costa. Albany, Munsell, 
1869. cloth, roy. 8vo. 6.— 


1497 Hudson. The Hudson between Sandy Hook 
and Sandy Hill, with the post road between New 
Yorli and Albany. New York, A. T. Goodrich 
& C"., 1820. in 14 parts. 1 vol. if. calf. 8vo. 1.— 

1498 The Palisades; The Narrows; Hell-Gate: 

3 due steel-engrav. Ig. sq. 4». 1835. 1.50 

1499 East view of Hell-Gate. Engrav. by r. ^. 

Williams 1775. sq. 8". —.75 

1500 Habits of the Jiskimaux Indiana, natives 

of Hudson's Bay. Engl. engr. fol. 1.25 

1501 Hues, Rob., Tractaet ofte Handelinge v. h. 
gebruijck d. Hemelsoher ende Aertscher Globe. 
Uit 't Latyn overgh. ende verm. d. J. Hondius. 
Amsterdam, 6'. Claesz. 1597. vellum, woodcuts. 
4°. — Sligthly stained by water. 10. — 

( Treatise on the use of the celestial and terres- 
trial globe, transl. and augmented by J. Hondius.) 

First, rare edition. — Hues, the companion of 
Candish, wrote the original: Traciaius de globis, 
Land. 1594, for the globes, which Hondius publi- 
shed in London. See 1504. — Pp. 26 — 28 contain a 
description of America and Magellanica. — Amongst 
the woodcuts a rough map. 

1502 Same work. New edition. Amst. M. Co- 

lyn. 1612. hf. vellum, woodcuts. — Vine copy. 7. — 

Eiact reprint of the preceding. 

1503 Same work. Same edition. — L. W. Graaf, 

wederlegging d. sohriften van veel sterrekundigeu 
bysonder over de Zonne atilstand en Aartkloots 
beweeginge. Amst., L. Qunter. 1696. — W. R. de 
Smith, Demonstratief bewijs v. de grootheid d. 
Aardkloot, etc. Qron. 1722. — 1 vol. hf. calf. 
4». 9.— 

1504 Tractatus de globis ooelosti et terrestri 

ac eorum usu. 2a edit, aucta. Amst., J. Hondius. 
1612. 4». — Stained by water. 8.— 

Reprint of the original edition by Hondius, for 
whom the treatise was written. 

1505 Same work. — Figuris locupletatus, re- 

cognitus mnltisque observatt. auctus studio 3. J. 
Pontani. Amst. J. Mondius. 1617. 4". vellum. 8. — 

Of this revised edition a Dutch translation appea- 
red in 1623. 

1506 Hughes (Grifath) Natural history of Bar- 
bados. London, printed for the author, 1750. hf. 
bound, 29 plates and a map. lol. 10. — 

Each plate with the arms of the family, to which 
it is dedicated. 

1507 Hughes (W.) The Australian colonies, their 
origin and present condition. London, 1852. cloth. 
8vo. 1.— 

1508 Engelands Australische kolonien, in haar 

ontstaan en tegenwoord. toestand. Dordr., 1854. 
sd. 8vo. —.75 

Dutch translation of the preceding work. 

1509 Hull (H. M.) The experience of 40 3'ears in 
Tasmania. London, 1859. map. 8vo. — .60 

1510 [Hulshoflf (Maria Aletta)] Peace-Eepubli- 



cans' Mannal, or the French Constitution of 1793, 
and the declaration of the rights of man and of 
citizens, according to the Moniteiir of Juno 27th 
1793. French and English, with other pieces. Now- 
Yorls, J. Tiebont ^ Sons, 1817. ie/s. 8vo. 7.60 

This boolc, written in America, is the worlc of 
a high-minded, very intelligent and religions Dutch 
woman, only danghter of a learned and highly re- 
spectable Baptist Minister, A Hulshoff at Amster- 
dam. In 1806, when Napoleon imposed his brother 
as King on Holland, she did the utmost to excite 
the public spirit against the tyrant, and it is rumou- 
red that she afterwards planned to murder him, when 
he stayed at Breda in 1811. She was then remo- 
ved to America by her friends, wrote there this work, 
and 2 other (rare) pamphlets, and returned after- 
wards to Amsterdam, where she died in 1846. 

HULSItJS' Collection of Voyages. 4to. 
1511 — II. Ander Schiffart in die Orient. In- 
dien (». Ned), 1598—1600. Ed. II. Franckfurt, 
1605. lis pp., 15 maps and ptatrs. 15. — 

The map and 2 plates restored, else a good, but 
short copy. 
1512— III. Drltte Theil ... Relation der 
dreyen Schiffart . . , gegen Mitternacht, 1594 — 96 
(Barentsz and de Veer). Ed. I. Nurnberg, 1598. 
9 leaves and 146 pp.; 33 maps and plates, calf . [qM 
binding restored.) 65. — 

Very fine and tall copy; only a small corner at 
the under margin of the title, and 5 leaves slightly 
restored. — Dedicace and plate 48 wanting. 

1513 — III* The same Part. Ed. II. Nurnb. 1602. 
9 leaves and 121 pp., 31 plates and maps. 15. — 

Wants 3 plates; 16 pi. and some leaves somewhat 
defective in the margins. Short copy. 

1514 — IV. Vierte SchiflFart. Warhafftige 
Historien einer wunderbaren Schiffart, welche Ul- 
rich Schmidel, 1534 — 35, in Americam, bei Bra- 
silia nnd Rio della Plata gethan. Ed. II, Ibid. 
1602. 11 maps and 5 plates; title and I04i pp. 15. — 

Wanting 6 maps and pi. — Plates and leaves 
somewhat defective in the outside raajgins. 

The Latin edition of Schmidel's Voyage by Hul- 
sius, see in voce : Schmidel. 

1515 — IX. Neundte SchiflFart, d. i. Grlindtl. 
Erklarung was sich mit den Holl. u. Seelandern 
in Ost-lndien. A». 1604 u. 1605 unter d. Admiral 
Steffan v. d. Hagen zngetragen. Franckf. 1606. 
51 pp., 5 maps and plates, hf. morocco. — Fine 
copy. 25. — 

First edition. 

1516 — XIII. Dreyzehente SchiflFart . . . War- 
hafft. und griindtl. Bericht . . . d. Landsohaft Vir- 
ginien ... von Raph. Hamor. Hanaw, 1617. 76/!it)., 
4 plates, hf. morocco. — Fine copy. 30. — 

FiKST EDITION. The map stated in the Grenville 
copy, belongs to Part XIV. 

15:7 — XV. FiinflFzehende SchiflFart ... Be- 
richt eines Engelischen (R. Coverte) woloher . . . 

in Gambaia gereiaet. Ilanaw, 1617. 75 pp., if, 
morocco. — Fine copy. 35.— 

FiEST EDITION. — To this part belong no maps 
nor plates. 

H0LSIUS' Collection of Voyages. 4to. 

1518 — xyi. Sechtzehende SchiflFfahrt. 
Journal der wunderbaren Reise W. Schouten, 
1615—17, darinnen er eine neuwe Durchfahrt ne- 
hen dem Freto Magellanico, in die Suyd Seeent- 
deckt, etc. Franckfurt, 1619. 4 maps and 5 plates, 
ids. — Fine, large copy. 40.— 

Only edition,, t- A close collation of all these 
volumes with the copy of Hulsius' Voyages, in the 
Town Library at Hamburg, gives for this vol. the 
following difference. — Three of the maps (hero 
nnnumbered) are numbered in the Hamburg copy 
and not so good of impression as in (his. 

1519 — XVII. Siebenzehende SchiflFart, d. i.: 
eigcntl. und warhatftlge beschreibung der wander- 
bare Reisz und Schiffart Georg. von Spilbergen. 
Franckfurt, 1620. 93 pp., 6 plates, hf. morocco, — 
Fine copy, 30,— 

Only edition, — The plates «Val Parysa" and 
"Quintero" added in facsimile. 

1520— XVII* The same . Part, bds. Fine, taU 
copy, 40.— 

With the eight plates complete. 

1521 — XVIII. Achtzehender Theil der Ne- 
wen Welt, d. i. : griindl. volkommene Entdockung 
aller der West-lnd. Landsohafften ... durch.ii.rfs 
Herrera. Franckfurt, 1623. Title, 2 leaves and 256 
pp., 14 maps, hj. morocco. 22.— 

Only edition. — The 3 maps in the Grenvlllo 
copy of this Part, unknown to Asher, belong to Part 
XIX. The vignet on the title torn out; a small 
wormhole in the outside margin of the last 40 lea- 
ves, else a fine, tall copy, almost uncut. 

1522 — XVIII* The same Part. ids. fine, 

tall copy. Complete. 30, — 

1B23 - XIX. Neuntzehende SchifFarth, in- 
haltendt filnff Sohiffarthen Sam. Brauns in Africam, 
u. dessea Provinoien, Congo, Bansa, Loango, An- 
gola, etc. Franckfurt, 1626. 108 pp., 6 pUtei. 
ids. — Fine, tall copy. 60.— 

Only edition. Complete. — The Hamburg copy 
has but 3 plates ; the Grenville copy 5 pi. 

1524 — XX. Zwantzigste SchiflFfahrt, od. 
grundliche . . . Beschreibung desz Newen Engel- 
lands. Wie auch Virginia und Barmuda. Franck- 
furt, 1629. 118 pp., one map and 3 plates, hf, mo- 
rocco. Fine copy. 65.— 
Only edition. — The 2 plates » Wie die Weiber" 
etc. and pi. of birds and beasts added in admirnble 

The portrait of J, Smith in the corner of the map 
in very fine facsimile. 

The leaf signature P differs in this copy,, with 
that in the Hamburg Library. Pagg. 114 and 115 
have there each 34 lines, but in ray copy only 33 

Feederik Mtjt,i,er & C°., 




pig. 116 has iu Hamburg 38, and here 42 lines, 
^uoludiug the word Finis. — The text is the same. — 

The plates of this part are of the utmost rarity. 
HULSIUS' CoUeotion of Voyages. 4to. 
1B25 — XXI. Ein und zwantzigste Schifif- 
fahrt, od. griindliche . . . Beschreibung der vol- 
komnesten Landschafft Brasilien, Americae, etc. 
Franokfuvt, 1629. 131 pp., one map and 2 plates. 
kf. morocco. — Fine, large copy. 50. — 

Only edition. — The portrait of P. Pz. Heyn, 
and the plate 'Orucken LandtC in photography. 

1526 — . XXK. Zwey und Zwanzigste ScMf- 
fart, d. i. histor. eygeutl. Beschreibung des ge- 
walt., maohtigen Schiffahrt so under dem Admiral 
J. I'Mermite, 1623—26, umbgie {sic) gantzen Welt 
beschehen. Franckfurt, 1630. 114 pp., 5 maps and 
plates, hf. morocco. — Pine large copy. 60. — 

Only edition. — Plate 3 (Insul Joan Fernando) 
and 4 (Vorstellung \yie die Spanische Schiff, etc.) 
added in photography. — In the Hamburg copy, 
the plate N°. 2, »men gathering shells," here 
a little damaged, has "N". 11 zum 64 btatt" in- 
stead of "gum 28 dlait." On the Sth plate, which, 
according to Asher and Grenville, belongs to this 
Part, — and to the "Original edition" (Mr. Qua- 
ritch), Mr. Sobolewski remarks in this copy : 

"Hulsius a reimprime mot ^ mot I'edition de 
Strassbourg 1629, et il a employe les culvresmemes 
de cette edition. II n'y a que 7 planches a I'edition 
de Strassbonrg et celle du titre (le Vlllme) est une 
reduction du titre grave de Becker." 

1527 — XXIll. Drey und zwantzigste Schif- 
fahrt, welcUe G. If. u. L. W. von Streitberg etc. 
nach Malta gethan: beschrieben ... durch J. F. 
Breithaupt. Franckfurt, 1632. liile and pre/ace 
4 leaves. 222 pp. and 8 leaves Index; 8 maps ana 
plates, hf. morocco. 50. — 

First and only edition by Hulsius, complete with 
8 plates according to Grenville, and with the engra- 
ving on the title, 9 plates, as Asher says. — 3 leaves 
slightly restored, else a fine copy. 

Together 15 parts, sm. 4to, many maps and pla- 
tes, published 1602—32. A Very bake set, all in 
perfect condition, except pt. 2, 3 (2d ed.) and 4. 

A complete set of Hulsius consists of 26 parts, 
many in different editions, pt. 1 and 5 being five 
times reprinted. The parts 16 to 26, existing only 
in one single edition, are the most diiScult to be 
found. — A quite complete collection of all edi- 
tions is of the utmost rarity, even beyond that of 
de Bry; Part 24—26 are almost not to find. 

The collection of Hulsius is considered to be of 
great merit, for his fidelity and accuracy, both in 
the text and the plates. 

1528 Hulsius.— Collation ofHulsius's collection of 
Voyages by Mr. B. Quaritch. (London, 1860.) 8 pp. 
4to. With some MSS. corrections iy Mr. Q. himself. 
Entirely out of print. !*• 

1529 Keproductions in photography of the fol- 


lowing plates, each of which atre very rare and ge- 
nerally wanting. Only 2 or 3 copies are made. 
Each plate. 3.— 

Plates in photography: 

Part 20. Plate, 4 Savages, "Eia Zauberer," etc. 

Plate, 4 females and a child, »Wie die Weiber von 
Damasou," etc. 

Plate of birds and beasts, etc. 

Part 21. Portrait of »Pieter Pietersz. Heyn," Gene- 
ral of the fleet of the Dutch W. lud. Company. 

Folding pi., "Driicken Landt," p. 123. 

Part 32. Plate '/Die Insul Joan Fernando." 

PI. "Vorstellung wie die Spanische Schiff sind ver- 
brendt worden zu Calao." 

PI. "Verzeichnus der Ree da die Nassawische Flot 
gelegen ist. 

Part 23. Plate, views of j;Mola" and "Caieta" 
pag. 212. 

Part 24. Portrait, Wm. IJsbrantz Bontekoe van Hoorn. 

Folding pi., in front natives bringing fowls and 
fruit, and European fiddling to natives, p. 10. 

Folding pi., 2 horizontal compartments, represen- 
ting ships and flying fish. p. 16. 

Folding pi., 2 horizontal compartments, in front, 
boat with awning, p. 24. 

Folding pi., 3 Ships in storm, 2 wrecked, to 
face p. 57. 

Folding pi.. Wreck of a ship, men on it and on 
spars in sea p. 71. 

Part 25. Folding plate, of » skull, »Das obereTheil 
vom Kopff dess Einhorns" etc. (1.) 

Folding pi., "Gedachtes obere Theil." (8.) 

Folding pi., but smaller, "Das hindere Theil vom 
Kopff des Einhorns." (3) 

Part 26. Plate, iu 2 compartments, — the upper 
one has a sub-scriptiou: "FIsch so von den Islaudern 
Narwal genant," etc.; the lower one has "Kopff des 
fisches Narwal," to face p. 16. 

PI., "Wilde Groenlander, " to face p. 26. 

I'olding pi., 2 Walruses, at right hand corner 
• Wallrusch" to face p. 49. 

Folding pi., a whale windlass, at bottom "Wall- 
etc, an inverted 2 iu the corner, to 

Oil manufactory, barrels, etc., to face 
a Whale, letter "G" below it, »4" in 

fisches weyblin" 
face p. 60. pi., 
p. 60. 

Folding pi , 
the upper corner. 

1530 Hulsius, Lev., Celebrated Geographer and 
editor of the very rare and fine set of Voyages. — 
A. L. S. to Joh. Oberndorft'er of Begensburg, 
dat. May 10, 1603. 1 p. iol. Fine lith. facsimile. — 
fFith copy of his printers mark. 3. — 

From: Lempertz, Bilderhefte des Buchhandels. 

1531 Humboldt (A. von), Krit. Untersuehungen 
uber die histor. Entwickelung der geograph. Kennt- 
nisse von der Neuen Welt, nnd die Fortschritte 
der nautischen Astronomie in d. 15. n. 16. Jahr- 
hundert. Aus d. Franzos. iibcrsetzt von J. L. Ide- 
ler. Berlin, 1838—52. 3 vols. ///. bd. 8vo. 5.— 

1532 Over de oudste kaarten van het nieuWij 



werolddool oh don iinam Anuirii'a. (Amst. IHri.'t. 

Extr. IVoni tlio: Lecskaliincl.) H». With lUCHiui, of l>i: 

la ('ostt's map of 1500. l.'Jf) 

On lliu jnuuluiiciuiil maps iiiid Uii' niiini' uf Ajiuu'Icmi. 

iriiJS Humboldt ot A. Bonpland, Voyann aux 
JMftionH Hiiuinoftialcs ; llrldluiu Hiaturiquo. I'ivria, 
IBM -I'.l. Vol. I, II. 3d. unoiU. roy. 4to. Large 
vellum paper. 14. — 

1B34 Atlas gciograpliiquc ct pliyfll(|uo doa v^Ri- 

ons (iqiiinoxialcs dii Nouvoaii (.'ijiiIukmiI,. Tjii-is, 

IBM. roy. fol. Jjarije vulliim puper. 20. — 

In 25 maps. viz. N". 1— (1, 1), ).'( HO (N". 10 

twioo (lilTui'untly) with llio 2 lillnH ((foncral nnd spo- 

cial), engriivcd frontispico nnd tlio rare 1 1 pp. folio 

letlorpress: "Siir los mii((!i'iiiiix qui ont sorvi pour 

la construction do I'AtluB," 

1535 — '- liciuo in die A(^(|iiiniMdial-(irf{i!iidc:n iIth 

iiouon ContinontH. 17!»0— IBO'l. fcjtuttg. u. Tllbin- 

gon, 1815 -ii.'). 4 vols. sd. Bvo. '2.— 

168C Kois iiaar dulandoii by don i;(|iialor. 

Uit li(;t FraiiHcli vort. Ilaarl(^iii, 1S08-1H. (i vuIh. 
portr. and plates, sd. 8vo. .'!. 

{Vrnjage to the Equator, Transl. from the I'rench.) 

15;)7 KoiH n«ar do K<!(!rkrinKiiM, I7'.)'.l - 

1B04. UittrdliHid uit hunno aantocikiui. van .1, (1. 
I)olain(^tlicrii). Amstord. 1H05, bvo. I.ii5 

{Voyage to the Tropics, ICttract (raial. fniin 
the French.) 

1B38 Humboldt, A. v., Essai pidilJ(|U(! /jiir lo 
royaumo do laNonvollo-IOHpaKNc. PariH, IHO'S. hivr. 

1 — 4, coiit. Vol. I; ^i, titroH ot di;dii'ac,(i, AoalyHO 
raisonnoo do TAtlas do la N<uiv. I'lHpagrii:, XOll 
pp. ot t(!Xto pp. 1— 4'.iB. roy. 4to. Ijarge vellum 
paper. 4.— 

1639 Atlas g(5ogr!iphi()uo it pliyfliqiio du 

royaumo do la Nouvollo l'lH|iaKni!. I'aris, IH0H--11. 
With 20 maps. roy. fol. Larr/e vellum paper. '.i. - 

1640 Essai politiquo Hiir lo royaumo dd la 

Nouvollo Kspagno. I'ariH, 1811. 5 vols. hf. calf, 

2 maps. 8vo. — Fine copy. B,-- 

1641 — — The same. 2o odit. Paris, 1825 27. 4 vols. 
calf gill. 2 maps. Svo. 8. — 

I'iuo reprint of the (Irat edition. — Very good copy. 

1542 Vorsuoh 111), diui politisolion Zustanil d. 

Kanigroiclis Non-.Spanion, TUb. 1800 — 14. 5 vols. 
in .'1 hf. calf, maps. Bvo, 4.50 

154.S Political essay on the kingdom of Now 

Spain. Translated by .John Ulaok. Now-Yorli, 

1. miey, 1811. 2 vols. hf. bd. 8ro. 7.— 

liare edition. These vols, contuiii only liuok ( — IV, 

ehnpt. I -9 of the original mlition, — All |iiiblihliid?, 

1544 V.\;m\i:\\ i\v, l.a olira intitulada: Kssai po- 

litiquo sur lo royauuin dn )a Nouvollo l';spagno, 
par Al. do Ilumboldt. Paris, 1808- 9. „I<;1 ICs- 
panol." Tom. I. N». IV. rWadrid?; 30 .Julio. 1810. 
pp. 243—304. 8vo. — na,re. 1.75 

1545 Becuoil d'observations astronomiquos. 

(I'opc^raiionH ti'lgonomfitviquos ot do mrtBuros baro- 
io('itri(|uoH, p. J. Oltmanns. Paris, 1808—10. Llvr, 
1-5, 7, ('(int. Vol I. (I'onipl.), vol II, pp. 1—246, 

.■!57 - 1(15. roy. 4t(). iMrge vellum paper. fl,_ 

154C, Humboldt, A. v., Uoouoll irohBflrvatlonn do 
/.ii(ili)glo ot d'anatoinlo eoraparoo fultoH dans I'OoAan 
Atlanti(|uo, dans I'lntoriour du Nouviiau Uojitlncnt 
ot dans la Mer du Sud. Paris, IBU. Vol. I, hf, 
bound, with 30 oolpur. pMti. toy. 4ito. 14,— 

1517 Essal snr la g(5ographlo don plflntoi, ftc- 

I'Dinp. d'un tableau pliys. doB niglons iqulbox, 
I'arls, 1807. roy. 4 to. H^ith the lari/a map. — Out 
of prtnt. _ 

1548 AoiiuInootlalOH, In ord, digomit 

A. Ihmpland. I'ariH, ISOH 9. Vol. I, (eonipl, with 
115 pi.) ol Vol. II. (pp. 1—88 and pi. Ofl-llfl,) 
Large eellum paper, fol. 21.— 

1549 Kunth (O. S.) MynoimlH plantarum, qiiM 

ill itin(!ni ail plagam aoqiiinoiit. Orbis Novl (JOHog. 
A. de Humboldt ot A. Bonpland, Paris, 1822—25, 
I vols. sd. 8vo. 11,— 

1550 Hume (Sophia) An exhortation to tholnhn- 
bllants of tlio proviiii',0 of iSoiith-CaroUna, to king 
tlioir diiiiilH to till) lij,'lit of (.'lirist. In tliolr own 
consoionooH. IjOnilon, Luke llinde, 1762. — 'hi 
saiiiii. All opistio to the inh.abilantH of South-Ca- 
rolina, ooiiLaiulii;{ Hiiiidry observations proper to 
bn cDiiHidiireil by ovory Professor of (Jhrl»tiBnlty, 
Ibid. 1754. A I'aution to such as observe dftys 
and timcH... by H. JI[ume]. — 3 parts In 1 vol, 
eiilf. Hvo. - Jiare. fl,— 

1551 Hunt (Capt. E. B.) Union l''onndationH: a 
study of AiJKH-ii'aii Nationality as faot of gislonco, 
Now-Yurk. IHll.'l. 8vo. —,90 

1552 Hunter (J,) An historical of thotrann- 
actions .at I 'mi, .laiikson and Norfolk Island, with 
tlio disoovoricH wbiidi have boon made In Now 
hoiitb Wales and In tho Houthorii Ocean, slnCO 
the publication of JMiilip's voyage, London, 1798, 
hi. r.alj', 17 maps and platen. 4ta. 7,— 

155.'i Hunter (Jos.) Oilbictions concerning the 
(Jburi'b or C;on;,'rc({atioii of Protestant SoparatlHtit 
formed at Scroidty In North Notlinghamshlro, In 
till! time of King .James I: the fnundiri of Vm- 
I'hjmuuth, the parent-colony of aewEnglamt, Lon- 
don, lH54i. eluth, plate. 8vo. 6,— 

1554 Huntington, Bonj., Mcmlxir of llio Con- 
noc,ticut-(;ongri!HH, Moniber of (Jengress, 1789- 91, 
eel. A. I,. ,S. 1,1) (.'apt. .1. Huntington of Wind- 
ham, dat, tiobanon, July 10, 1777. 1 p. tol. 2.50 

On his farm. 

1555 JIuntington, Sam., Hignor of the licdai'.ol 
Indepeiiil., Member and Pi-om, of tho Old Con- 
gress, J775-8;i. A copy of a lidtor to Col, 
.J. Wadsworth, dat., Norwieb, March 8, 1788.1 p. 
fol. 2,- 

On W's retiring from (/OUgrcM. 
1550 Hymns for the uno of tho Hociety of UttlW 



Chi^stian Fjieada, professing the &ith of universal 
salvation. Nev?-York, 1817. calf^ sm. 8vo. 1.50 

15B7 Illinois. — Geographisch-statistische und his- 
torische Charte. Weimar, 1826. sq. fol. 45 by 41. — 
Coloured. 1. — 

1558 Indian Emperor (The), or the Conquest 
of Mexico. Act. IV, Scene 4, as performed in 
1731 before the Duke of Cumberland. JF. Eogarth 
px., engrav. by B. Dodd. sq. fol. 3. — 

1559 Indiana. — Greographisch-statistische und his- 
toi-isehe Charte. Weimar, 1826. sq. fol. 45 by 38. — 
Coloured. 1. — 

1560 Influence du despotisme de I'ADgleterre sur 
les deux Mondes. Imprimfi a Boston {en France.) 
No date (1776?) a»cf(<. 8vo. ~ 1.50 

On the politics and prospects of Carthagena and 
^d Canada, during the war between Engl, and 
France. Attributed to Beauinarchaia. 

1661 Inga (Athan.) Westindische Spieghel, waer 
inne men sien kan, alle de eylanden, provintien, 
lautsehappen, het machtige ryck van Mexico, en 
'tgout en silver-rycke landt van Peru, 'tsamptde 
coursen, baveuen, enz. Amsterd., Broer Jams, ende 
J. P.ieiers. Wachter, 1624. vellum, maps and engra- 
vings, ito. Fine eopy. 15. — 

( Wesi-Iwfian Mirror, wherein are io he seen all 
the islands, provinces, countries, the mighig empire 
of Mexico, the gold- and silver-land oj Peru, with 
the courses, harbours', etc.) 

CoiQplete and. fine copies, as this are very- rare. 

1662 Ingecsoll <C. J.) Discourse -GoncemiBg the 
liufluenee of America on the mind. Pbilad. 1823. 
8vo. 1.— 

1563 Instructions given with a commission for 
seizing the ships, etc. belonging to the inhabitants 
of the Rebellious Colonies, etc. 27 May 1777. — 
Instructions and Additional Instructions to the Com- 
manders and Officiers of all Our Ships, and of all 
vessels having Letters of Marque aad Reprisals 
against the French King, the King of Spain, and 
the Slates General of the United Provinces, or their 
sulyeets . . . also against the inhabitants of Our 
Rebellious Colonies in America, 5 Aug. 1778 — 
34 March 1781. — [n all 13 piece?. 1 vol. fol. 6. — 

Corioas and rare collection of the Ojffii^l Instruc- 
tions, nndersigned G. L. Tarrant, 

1564 Insulae. Americanae. (Amst.) G.Blaeu. (1638). 
gq. fol. 52 by 38. — Coloured. With complete 
French text. 2.50 

1565 Inventaris der verzameling kaarten berus- 
tende in het Rjjks-Archief. 's Gravenh. 1867. Tom. 
I. 8«. . 2.— 

Description of the charts and maps in the Royal 
Archives at the Hague, by P. A. Leupe, Miyor of 
the Dutch Navy. — Contains the description of a 
^r^at number of unpublished MS. Maps of New- 
Netherland, Nova Scotia, the West-Indian Islands, 
Brazil, ojc,. ,once belonging to the Dutch W. I. 

1566 Irving (Wash.) The life and voyages of 
Chr. Columbus, to which are added those of his 
companions. New- York, 1853. 3 vols, cloth, map. 
8vo. (li.iS) 6.50 

1667 Histoire de la vie et des voyages de 

Christ. Colomb. Trad. p. C. A. Defauconpret. 
2e 6dit. Paris, 1836. 4 vols. hf. calf. 8vo. 3.50 

1568 Leven en reizen van Christ. Columbus. 

Haarlem, 1828 — 34, 5 vols. sd. uncut, map, porir. 
and fac-sim. 8vo. 3. — 

Dutch translation. — The 5th vol. contains the 
voyages of tjie companions of Columbus. 

1569 - — History of New- York, to the end of the 
Dutch Dynasty. By D. Knickerbocker. Paris, 1824. 
2 vols. sd. 8vo. 1.25 

1570 Ausflug auf die PrairiSn zwischen dem 

Arkansas u. Bed-river. Stuttg. 1835. 8vo. — .90 

1571 Rip Van Winkle. A legend of theKaats- 

kill mountains. New York, 1864. Illustrated with 
original designs by eminent artists, roy. 8vo. 2.75 

1572 Voyage d'uu Americain a Londres, ou 

esquisses sur les moeiu-s Angl. et Americaines. 
Trad, de I'Angl. Paris, 1824. 2 vols. sd. uncut. 
8vo. 1.50 

1573 The same. 2d edit. Paris, 1827. 2 vols. 

hf. calf. 8vo. 2.— 

1574 Isert, Ileize van Koppenhagen naar Guinea, 
de West-Indien en de Carai'b. eilanden. Amst. 
1797. JFith fig. 8v6. 1.50 

{Voyage from Copenliagen to Guinea, the West- 
Indies and the Caraibic islands.) 

1575 Isograpbie des hommes celebres on collec- 
tion de fac-simile de lettres-autogi-aphes et de sig- 
natures. Paris, 1828-30; 3 vol. hf. calf. Ig. 4». — 
Mne copy. 25. — 

Celebrated collection, generally acknowledged as 
every collector's touchstone for the genuiness of au- 
tographs. Among these documents, nicely reproduced 
and surpassing the number of 600, several are inte- 
resting for America, f. i. : 

Pitt, William. 
Eochambean, the Marshal in 

Rumford, B. Th. 
de Ruyter, Admiral. 
Schurman, Anna M. a, the 

Sparman, A., the Traveller. 
Washington, G. 
West, Benjamin. 

Adams, John. 
Burke, Edm. 
BUsching, Geographer. 
-Columbos, Chr. 
Drake, Fr. 
La -Peronse. 

1576 Jackson, CharL, Judge of the Supr. Court 
of ^aassachus. 1813—24. — A. L. S. to Rev.-Sam. 
Willard of Deerfield, the author of severaV'hymn- 
books, dat, Boston, Jan. 11, 1820. 3 pp. 4». 3.— 

Proposal to undertake the charge of a school. 

1577 Jackson (R.) IJeber die Fieber in Jamaika. 
Aus d. Engl, mit Anmerk. v. K. Sprengel. Leip- 
zig, 17?6. hf. bd. 8vo. 1-— 



1578 Jacobsz. (Jac.) eu Abrah. Jausz, Ant- 
woord op vijf vragen, uytgeg. door L. H. Eppen- 
hof, om door ons beantwoord te wordeu, die Qua- 
kers genaemt zijn. Amst., Chr. Cunradus, 1670. 
4to. 2.— 

{Uefly to 5 questions, publ. by L. H. Eppenhof, 
in order to be answered by us, who are called 

1579 (Jacobsz, Theunis), Zee-Atlas. Ainat., Th. 
Jacobsz. (c. 1635?) vellum. 15 Fine charts in colours 
and gold. fol. 12.— 

A collection of 15 maritime charts, without sepa- 
rate title, but containing 6 by Th. Jacobsz, viz. : 
1. Brazil; 2. The Garibees, JMew Netherland, etc>; 
3. West- Indian- Islands; 4. New-Netherland, Vir- 
ginia, New-England, Nova Francia, etc. (not men- 
tioned by Asher); 5. Barbary; 6. Guinea. (Africa). — 
The other maps are by N. Visscher and P. de Wit. 

1580 Jamaica (Map of) Amst., N. Visscher (about 
1700). sq. fol. 59 by 51. — Coloured. 1.50 

1581 Views in Jamaica. After drawings by 

0. Robberton, engrav. by Lerpiniere and Vivares. 
London, /. Boydell, 1778. 3 plates marked : 3, 4, 6. 
Ig. sq. fol. — Fine. 3. — 

1582 Trelawney, city of the Maroon-Negroes. 

Dutch engrav. by Veelwaard. sq. 8". — .50 

1583 Portraits of the 12 men miraculously 

saved when the Cenlaurua, a man of war of 74 
guns, was lost in a heavy storm, off Jamaica, 
1782. J. Norihcote px., engrav. by T. Gaugain. Ig. 
sq. fol. 3.— 

1584 Jauseu (M. H.) Een brug over den Oceaan. 
Stoomvaart op Amerika. Delft, 1869. large map. 
8vo. —.80 

{A bridge on the Ocean. Steam-navigation be- 
tween Holland and America.) 

1585 (Janssonius, Joh.), Nouveau Theatre du 
Monde ou nouveau Atlas contenant les Tables at 
Descriptions de toutes les Kegions de la Terra. 
Amsterdam, J. Jansson. 1639. 3 vol, vellum gilt, 
plain maps. fol. 30. — 

Janaaons's Atlas is based on that of G. Mercator 
and J. Hondius the elder, his father in law, whose 
cosmographical apparatus came into his possession. 
It contains however many new maps by lienry Hon- 
dius, his brother in law, a. o. — 18 Maps of Ame- 
rica occur, mostly the same as in Mercator's Atlas 
of 1633. The map of New-Netherland, copied from 
de Laet, is here reproduced for the first time (See 
Asher's List, N". 4). The map of N. Amer. widely 
differs from that of Mercator; California is here 
represented as an Island. — The I'rench text is 
remarkably accurate and gives details f. i. of the 
foundation of Plymouth, etc., which do not occur 
in Mercator. — Map of the Globe, Arctic regions, 
etc. 5 maps; Norway and Sweden 5; Buasia, etc. 
5; Asia 14; Africa 6; in all 319 maps. 

1586 Groote Atlas. {Large Atlas.) Deel V. De 

Waterwereldt. {Vaierworld.) Arasti 1657. velinm, 

nicely coloured charts. Title illuminated, roy. fol 

This is the 5th and last volume of Janssonius's 
Great Atlas, containing 33 maritime charts with aa 
ample text. 7 of the charts represent America, viz ; 
Polus Antarcticus with Greenland and the Northern 
parts of America, Mar del Norte with the Easlera 
coasts of America down to Gnajana; Hispaniola 
Cuba and the Caraib Islands; Mare Aethiopicum 
with South- America; Mare Pacificum; Polus Ant- 
arcticus. — Besides to this copy some other maps 
are added from Janssonius' Atla» amongst which 
those of the Capitaniae de Cirii, Pernambuco, Pa-, 
raiba, Rio Grande, etc. (2 maps). 

1587 (Janssonius, Joh), Atlas contractus s. At- 
lantis majoris compendium. Amstelod., apud J. 
Janssonii haeredes. 1666. 2 vol. in 1. vellum, roy 
fol. 12.- 

170 Maps with Latin text and Index. Those of 
America, amongst which that of New-Netherland 
after de Laet and the two of Virginia, are the same 
as in the edition of 1639, with exception of the 
Tabula Magellaniea, here quite new and ■ much 
more correct. 

1588 Japon. — Een kort Beskriffning uppS 
trenne Reesor och Peregrationer, sampt Konnega- 
rjjket Japan. Wysindzborg, Joh. KanhA. 1674. 304 
pp. 4to. 36.— 

ViiET RARE, as all the typographical productions 
at Wyzingsborg (Sweden.) 

This vol. contains: Nils Matson Kioping, Voyage 
in Asia, Africa, etc. — OloJ' Erichszon WiUmatt, 
Voyage to East- India. — Short account of the King- 
dom Japan and its emperors; how long the Portn- 
gueae have visited it, and when the Dutch have ar- 
rived, etc. — Account of a Voyage from Moscoii 
to China, by Mongolio (Mangul ?) and Calaja, on the 
river Oby, etc.; by a Kussian ambassador. — As 
interesting, as rare. 

The copy is somewhat stained and a few worm- 
holes in the margins. Title in facsimile. 

Forms part of the Collection of Voyages printed 
at fVysinggborn, see Reesa-book. 
— Confer: Memorials. 

1589 Jay, John, Member of the first Congress, 
Chief Justice of the U. S. Supr. Court, Governor 
of N. Y. — A. L. S. to Tim. Pickering, Secret. 
of State, dat. N. Y. July 5, 1797. ,1 p.4». — fine 
specimen. 6. — 

Desires a copy of the Convention of Armed Neu- 

1590 . A. L. S. to Rev. Dr. Morse of Charles- 
town, dat. Bedford, March 3, 1813. A full page 
4". 6.- 

Fine, interesting letter on Eliot's Biographical 

1591 Jeu de Geographie. — Pack of playing- 
cards, representing the principal countries, nations, 
cities eta. of Europa, Asia, Africa, America. — On 
those representing America occur the distinguish- 

Fkedeeik Mulleb & 0°») 



ing signs of pips (spots), a former antiqne-eard- 
sign. Together 40 cards. Ig. 12». — Mounted on 
% sheets, fol. 25.— 

This set consists of: Europe: title and 1,3,5,8; 
Mia: title and 1 — iO; Africa: title and 1— lo'; 
America: title, king, queen, knave and 1 — 10 (Ame- 
rica, Peru, Mexico, Brazilia, Chili, etc.). — These 
iioe plates are engraved by a French artist, appa- 
rently about 1640, in the style of CatM, and of 
the highest raritt/. 

1592 JeflFerson (Thom.) Notes on the State of 
Virginia. Philadelphia, 1825. 8vo. 3.50 

1593 The same. New edit., prepared by the 

author, contain, notes and plates never before 
published. Richmond, 1853, map, doth. 8vo. 

(9.-) 6.- 

1594 Manuel du droit parlnmentaire, ou precis 

d. regies suiv. dans !e Parleraent d'Anglet. et dans 
le CoDgres d. Etats-Unis. Trad. d'Angl. p. L. A. 
Pichon. Paris, 1814. hf. calf. 8vo. 1.75 

1595 — — The pretensions of Thom. Jefferson to 
, the Presidency examined, and the charges against 

John Adams refuted. Addressed to the citizens 
of America in general, and particularly to the 
electors of the President. United States, October 
1796. 2 parts in 1. 8vo. 10.- 

Vert rare pamphlet, nowhere found citeJ. It 
bears neither author's nur printer's name, but is ap- 
parently written by a person well acquainted with 
the political (foreign as well and interior) aifairs of 
bis .country. 

1596 Jafferys (Thom.) Voyages from Asia to Ame- 
rica, for completing the Discoveries of the North- 
West Coast of America, with a summary of the 
Voyages made by the Russians on the Frozen 
Sea, in search of a North-East passage. 2d Edit. 
Lond. 1764. sd. uncut, 3 mafs. 4to. 3.50 

1597 West- India Atlas, or a con:ipendious de- 
scription of the West-Indies, illustrated with 40 
correct charts and maps, taken from actual sur- 
veys. With an historical account of the several 
countries and islands. London. 1775. hf. hound. 
roy. fol. 10.— 

Interesting Atlas, published at the beginning of 
the War of ludepeud. A complete chart of the W. 
In J. is given in 17 sheets, represent, the coasts of 
Louisiana, Florida, Mexico, Yucatan, etc. Amongst 
the 16 special maps of the islands are Jamaica, Ru- 
attan, Tobago, Curaqao, etc. 

1598 tf esuits. — Algemeyne Oprekeninge van 
de huyzen, collegien, seminarien enile mi.ssien der 
Jesuiten in alle lauden. Aelst, i,1700?) sd. uncut. 
8vo. Rare. 3. — 

{General Enumeration of I he houses, colleges, 
missions etc. of the Jesuits in all parts of the 

Pp. 15—18 treat of the Jesuit eslablishmeufs iu 


De J"e3uit op den throon ; of de gevallen 

van Nlcolaas de I, Koning van Paraguai en Kei- 

zer der Mamelukken. Leenw. 1758. 8vo. umut. 

Verx) rare. 3. — 

{The Jesuit on the throne ; or the life of Nico- 

laus I, King of Paraguay, and Emperor of the 


1600 Jogues (Isaac) Soe. J., Novum Belgium: an 
account of New Netharland in 1643—44. With a 
facsimile of his original Manuscript, his portrait, 
a map and notes by J. G-ilmary Shea New York, 
privately printed 1862. cloth, large 4to. Verg scarce. 

Published for the first time from the Jesuit's MS. 
narrative dated 1646; "the only account by a foreig- 
ner or that time," as Mr. Shea writes, but the Dutch 
letter on New-Netherlanrl, by the Rev. J. Michae- 
liua, written IS i/ears before, viAS\m]cnowrx to him. — 
This splendid volume, ])rinted onli/ in 25 copies, by 
the liberality of James Lenox Esq., contains the 
original text, an Engl, translation, sketch of the life 
of F. Is. Jogues, and notes, illustrated by an engra- 
ved portrait, a facsimile, a map of N. Anglia, N. 
Belgium and Virginia after De Laet, and a view of 
New Amsterdam, from the plate in Montantis' America. 

1601 Jonathan, Brieven uit en over de Vereen. 
Staten van Noord-Anierika, met inleid. doorE. B. 
Swalue. Sohoonhoven, 1853. sd. 8vo. plates and 
map. (3.60) 2.— 

{Letters from and on the United States.) — Ori- 
ginal Dutch, remarkable. 

1602 Jones (Dav.) Journal of two visits made to 
some Nations of Indians on the West side of the 
River Ohio, in 1772 and 1773. Burlington, 1774. — 
'Reprinted, with a biographical notice of the Author, 
by Hor. Gates Jones. New York, Subin, 1865. sd. 
8vo. 6.— 

Printed only in 200 copies. — This copy being 
N". 83. 

1603 Johnson (Sam) Political Tracts, contain.: 
The false Alarm, Falkland's Islands, The Patriot, 
and Taxation no Tyranny. Lond. 1776. hf. id. 
uncut. 8vo. 1.80 

1604 Johnson, Sir Will., Statesman and soldier, 
distinguished himself in all the expeditions against 
the French, defeated Dieskau 1755, and took Fort 
Niagara. — A. L. S. to Mr. Wetherhead, dat. 
Johnson Hall, July 12, 1767. 1 p. fol. — Very 
rare autograph. 10. — 

On private business. " 

1605 Johnson, Will., Judge of the Snpr^-^Court 
of the U. S.-1804. -- A. L. S. to Edw. H. Kin- 
call, dat. May 27, 1828. 1 p. 8». 1.— 

Declines standing s]jonsor. 

1606 Jomard, Des cartes en relief. (Paris. 1846). 
8°. — Extr. - .50 

1607 Jong (C. de) Reize naar de Caribische eilan- 
den in 1780—81. Haarlem, 1807. Plates. 8vo. 1.50 

{Voyage to the Caraihic Islands.) 

1608 Jonge (Bonif. de) Carmen de primis Bata- 




vorum navigationibu3 in ludiam Orient. Amst. 

1726. 4to. 6.— 

Unique. — It is a Latin poem made and reci- 
ted by an able Gymnasiast on leaving the Latin Gym- 
nasium at Amsterdam. 

1609 Jonge (J. C. de) Geschiedenia van het Ne- 
dertandsch Zeewezen. 'a Gravenhage, 1833—48. 
6 Tola. 8vo. (51.—) 15.— 

{Historij of {he Dutch marine.) 

1610 Tlie same 2dEaition. Zwolle, 1869. 5 vola. 

With plates and portr. cloth, roy. 8vo. (54.25) 25. — 

This edition ia much enlarged by the authentic 
papers added to it by J. K. J. de Jonge, the son 
of the author. 

The most authentic history of Dutch marine, foun- 
ded entirely on documents of the Royal Archives. 
It is the more important as many of these docu- 
ments were consumed, after the publication of the 
vfork, in the great fire of 1853, which destroyed a 
part of the Archives. Its value for the American 
collector needs not to be specified, as it contains very 
ample material for the history of the West- India- 
Company, the early expeditions to America, the wars 
with the Spaniards and Portuguese there, and their 
transmarine colonies. Many of the fine portraits are 
taken from old pictures, drawings, and very rare 
plates, not known before. 

1611 Jonge (J. K. J. de) De opkomat van het 
Nederl. gezag in Ooat-Inditi. 1595 — 1647. Amsterd., 
1862—75. Vol. I— VIM, and Table on Vol. I— Vlt. 
8vo. 39.50 

(The rise of the Dutch power in the East-Indies, 

A collection of unedited documents from the highly 
interesting Dutch Colonial Archives, with ample his- 
torical introduction; very valuable for the history 
of the early Dutch voyages. Some pieces relate to 
America, as: Account of a voyage to Guiana and 
Trinidad in 1597 — 98, by A. Cabeliau; Resolutions 
of the States General on the navigation to India by 
the Straits of Magellan; unedited journals of Dutch 
navigators to the Indies, etc. 

1612 Nova Zambia. De voorwerpen door de 

Nederl. Zeevaardera na hunne overwintering aldaar 
in 1597 achtergelaten en in 1871 door Kapt. Carl- 
sen teruggevonden, beschreven en toegelieht. 's Gra- 
venh. 1872. plate and large map. roy. 8vo. 1.50 

(Nova-Zembla. — Description of the objects left 
at Nova-Zembla, in 1597, after ike wintering there 
of the Dutch; and discovered in 1871 by Capt. 

Very interesting for the voyage of Heeraskerck 
and Barendsz and their wintering at Nova Zembla. 

1613 Jongste berigten omtrent de kolouisatie in 
Nederl. Guyana. (Amst. 1846.) 8vo. (Extr.) —.50 

{Last news of the colonisation in Dutch Guiana.) 

1614 [Joosten Tolek, Jos.] De groote wonder- 
lijcke wereldt. Beschrijvinghe des gantache aert- 
bodem ala Europa, Asia, Africa en America, also 
ick so doorgereyst hebbe, namentlyck Hungaryen, 

Poolen, Ruslandt. . . SreaUienf etc. Nog vergrol 
met de Turckse Grammatica. Amst. 1659. 4to. maj 

{The great marvellous world. Description otth 
whole globe, viz. Europe, Asia, Africa, and Anu 
rica which I have travelled over, Stmgarg, Folam 
Russia, ... Brazil etc. With a Turkish grammar 
first edition, very rare. The description of Bra 
zil fills pp. 58—70. It is the more interesting, a 
the author was 7 years in that country, dtjrifig th 
government of Prince John Maurice. 

1615 [Joosten Tolck, Jos.] De Kleyne wondei 
lycke werelt, as Turckyen, Hungaryen, Poolen. . 
Bresilien etc. Amst., D. Vittenbroek, 1649. teUum 
8 maps in woodcut and the author's portrait on th 
liile. 4to. lo._ 

( The little wonderful world, as Turkey, Bungart 
Poland. . . Erazil, etc.) 

The description of Brazil is exactly the same a 
in the Groote wonderl. Wereld. 

1616 The same. Amst., 1. Kannewet, (1740) 

4to. 4._ 

In this edition the account of Brazil is mud 

1617 - 

The same. Amst. G. 

de Groot Keur. 1739 

1618 Jordan (Elch.) Journal of his life and reli 
gious labours. Loud. 1829. hf. cf. sm. 8vo. 1.2i 

Minister to the Soc. of Friends; Newton, Nevi 

1619 Journal de la femme d'un missiorinaire dam 
lea prairies de I'Ouest aux Etatfe-Unis. Trad. d< 
I'Angl. par Mile Killiet de Constant. Geneve 
1857. hf. bd. 8vo, i.2£ 

1620 Journal d'un voyage fait dans rintfirieur d( 
TAm^rique Septentrionale. Ouvrage dans ieqiiel 
on donne des details prficieux snr rinsurrection 
des Anglo-Am6ricains etc. Trad; de I'Angl. p 
M. Noel. Paris, 1793. 2 vols. sd. mcut, map au 
plates. 8vo. 2.6C 

1621 Journaal en Daghregister van D. Jaeobsz, 
Tayses avontuurel. Reyse na Groenlandt, gedaei 
met het achip Den Dam. U3'tgeg. d. W. P. Pbiirt, 
Stierman v. d. Dam. Amsterd. 1711. 4to. Wood- 
cuts. 3.— 

(Journal and diary of D. J. Tayse's voyage U 
Greenland on the ship Den Dam. Edited by W. t. 
Poort, pilot of the ship Den Dam.) 

1622 Journaal of Dagregister van den beginne dei 
tegenwoordige oorlog tusschen de Zeven Vereen 
Provinoien en Engeland, 20 Dec. 1780- 16 Febr 
1783. Plain Manuscript. 500 pp. in vellum cover, 
4to. 16.- 

(Journal or Diary of the present war belaeen 
the Unit. Provinces and England, 20 Dec. 1780- 
15 Pebr. 1783.) 

Eighty interesting, unpublished Manuscript, con- 
taining the official documents, beginning with Ihi 
papers found with Mr. Laurens (tKe PrepaiStotj 

Frederik & C, 


Plan of a Weaty with America), the Deolnration of 
War, etc.; Lists of the Dutch fleets; ample notifi- 
•oation of the naval exploits everywhere, on St. Ea- 
statias in the West-Indies, at Doggershank, etc.; 
diary of the occurrences in the Netherlands, with 
copies of pamphlets,' poems, epigrams and satirical 
pieces, all in clear handwriting. 

1623 Jouraaal (Omstandig)- van de reize naar 
Oroenland, gedaan door Cotnmandeur Maarten 
Mooy, met het schip Frankendaal. Amsterd., 1787. 
4'o. 1.50 

{Circumstantial Journal of the voyage to Green- 
land, made by M, Mooy.) 

1624 Journael ofte kort diaconrs, nopende de re- 
bellye ende verradelijcke desseynen der Portu- 
gesen, alhier in Brasil voorgenomen, 't welck in 
Junto 1645 is ontdeckt. Beschreven door een llef- 
hebber, aldaer noch reaideerende. Arnhem, 1647. 
4to. Uncul. (Asher N". 229.) 20.— 

(Journal or short account of the rebellion . .. of 
the Portuguese here in Brazil, which was discovered 
in 1645. Written by an amateur, who still resi- 
des there.) 

This pamphlet, which is excessively rare., gives 
the best abridgment we possess of the conquest of 
Dutch Brazil by the Portuguese. 

1625 Journal of the Royal Geographical Society 
of London. Lond. 1831—55. Vol. I, II, IK p. 1, 
V p. 1, VK p. 1 and XXII. 6 parta. with maps. 
8vo. ■ , 4.— 

Contains many valuable notices on America, Au- 
stralia and the Arctic regions. 

1626 Journalier Verhael (Het naderate en se- 
berate) ofte oopie v. sekeren Brieff gheachreven 
uyt Brasyl aen de W. Ind. Comp. nopende de 
langhg;ewen3chte victorye verleent in Brasyl tegen 
de Vloot V. Spanje, bestaende in 88 zeylen, voor- 
gev. in Jan. 1640, cnz. 's Grav., 1640. 4to. (Aaher 
N». 151.) 9.- 

{The last and most accurate daily Journal or 
copy of certain letter written from Brazil to the 
W. Ind. Comp., on the long wished for Victory 
granted in Brazil against the fleet of Spain, com- 
posed of 88 sails, in Jan. 1640, etc.) 

1627 Journalen van de Rej'aen op Oostindie. Am- 
sterd. M. Colijn, 1619; maps and plates, bound 
in 2 vols, vellum, aq. 4to. (Tlele N». 1 c.) 108.— 

(Journals of the Voyages to East-India.) 
Of the utmost Barity. — This Collection of 
Voyages in Dutch, is the first published with a col- 
lective titlej and by far the rarest of all. — It con- 
tains : an engraved frontispiece, with the above na- 
med title; a second title in typography : "Oost-Indi- 
sche ende West-Jndische Voyagien, uaraelyck de waer 
achtighe beschrij tinge" etc. (East-Indian and Ifesl- 
Indian Voyages, viz. : The true description, etc.) 
and then the list of the 10 Voyages of this collection: 
1. O. de Veer, Voyages to the North. (Without 
special title. In fine: Enchnysen, 1617.) — 2. C. 
Houtman't first Voyage to East-India. 1617. — 



3. Van Nedk and v. Wafwydk, Voyage to East- 
India. 1819'. — 4. J. Mn Spilbergen, Voyage to 
East-India, 1617. — 5. P. D, M{arees), Descrip- 
tion of Guinea. 1617. — 6. Voyages of Caiidish 
and Dra&e. 1617. — 7. Raleigh and Keytnis, De- 
scription of Gniana. 1617. — 8. L. Bicker and 
C. V. Beemskerck, Voyage to Rio de Plata. 1617. — 
9. S. de IVeert, Voyage to the Strait Magellan. 

1617. — 10. 0. van Noort, Voyage round the 
world. 1618. 

Good, tall copy, to which is added at tfie end: 
Oost- ende IV est-Indische Spiegel der 2 leate Navi-' 
gatien ghedaen in 1614—18 door J. v. Spilbergen 
de wereld rondom; met 2 Historien v. Oost- en 
West Tndien. Met de Anstralische Navigatien van 
J. le Maire. Leyden, 1619. With 25 plates and 
maps (N». 1 and 19 wanting.) — Tide N"'. 65. 

(East and West-India mirror of the last navi- 
gations in 1614 to 18 by J. v. Spilbergen round 
the world; with 2 histories oj East- and West- 
India. With the Australian navigation of J, le Maire.) 

First edition. 

1628 Journalen ... Amst. M. Colijn, 1619. The 
same, vellum, aq. 4to. 95.^ 

Exceptionable fine and tall copy, printed on 
large, thick paper; text and plates in the best con- 
dition. The printed title is added in facsimile, but 
the copy contains the dedicaoe of M. Colyn and the 
Preface, or A 3 (4.) — ^ Only the first part of th? 
collection, containing the Voyages of de Veer, Hontr 
man, van Neck and Spilbergen. 

It is the only copy on large paper I ever saw. 

1628a The same, vellum, aq. 4to. 40. — 

Fine, tall copy, containing part 6 to 10 of the 
collection, with addition of: Oost- ende West-l^di- 
sche Spieghel der 2 laetste Navigatien in 1614 — 

1618, door J. V, Spilbergen en J. le Maire. Zu^- 
phen, 1621. Maps and plates. (Tiele N". 69.) 

(Bast and West India Mirror of the two last 
navigations in 1614 — 1618, by J. u. Spilbergen and 
J. le Maire.) 

1629 Journals of the Voyage of Aucke Pieter? 
Jonck and Samuel Volckertsen to the South- 
Land, starting from Batavia the 1st January 
1658. — Manuscript in Dutch, nicely written. 
24 pp. 4to. 12.— 

Unedited. — Copy from the original MS. in 
the old State Colonial Records at the Hague. 

1630 Julius (Etaerh.) Wunderliche Fata einiger 
See-Fahrer, abaonderlich Alb. Julii, . . . u. seiner 
auf der Insul Felzenburg errichteten Colonien . . . 
Nordhauaen, 1749—51. 4 vols, in 2. calf. maps. 
8vo. 2.50 

1631 Juste (Th.) Lea Btats-Unia dAm<5rique en 
1783. Le comte de Hogendorp et le Stadhonder 
Guillaume V. (Brux. 1869.) 8vo. 1.— 

Voyage of Count Hogendorp to America, and his 
opinion on the rising Republic. 

1632 Justification de la resistance des colonies 



Amdricaines aux oppressions du Gouvernement 
Britannique. Leide, 1776. sd. uncut. 8vo. 2.50 

"A sensible advocate for the colonies, and appa- 
rently one well acquainted with the principal objects 
of the American controversy." — Rich. 

1633 Juan Fernandez. — View on this Island, 
the spot where Alex. Selkirk (Robinson Crnaoe) 
lived. Dutch engrav. (1770.) sq. fol. 1.50 

1634 Juan (G.) on A. de Ulloa. Historiache reis- 
beschrijving (van geheel Zuid-Ainerika. (Uit het 
Spaansch.) Goes, 1771. 2 vols. kf. bound, 25 maps 
and plates. 4to. 3. — 

(Historical description of the whole of South- 

1635 Juffer (De) in schyn, of zeldzame lovens- 
gevallen van Graaf B***, neovens van een Pran- 
sche Juffer,. . . Vorstinno der Huronnon. . . 's Gra- 
venh. 1739. 2 vols, plates, vellum. 8vo. Very rare. 


(The lady in appearatice, or curious adventures 

of count B***j and of a French lady, Princess of 

the Hurons, and the pirateries of the American 


1636 Kalm (P.) Ileis door Noord Amerika. Utrecht, 
1772. 2 vols. hf. calf, map and plates. 4to. 1.50 

Dutcli translatioD from the Swedish. 

1637 The same. hf. calf, uncul. 4to. 2. — 

1638 The same. Thici paper, hf. calf. 4to. 3.75 

1639 The same. Thici paper, hf. calf, uncut. 

4to. 4.50 

1640 Travels into North America, containing 

its natural history, the manners ot the inhabitants, 
enz. Translated by /. R. Forster. Warrington, 
W. JSyres, 1770—71. 3 vols. sd. uncut, map and 
fig. 8vo. 6.50 

1641 (Kalm et Mittelberger), Hiatoire natur. ct 
polit. de la Pensylvanie, et de I'dtablissement des 
Quakers dans oetto contrce. Trad, do I'Allem. p. 
M. D(e) S(urgy.) Paris, 1768. sd. uncut, map. 8vo. 


1642 Kampen (N. G. v.) Ijcvcns van beroemdo 
Nederlanders sedert hot midden van de 16e eeuw. 
Haarlem, 18.S8-40. 2 vols. 8vo. (7.80) 4. - 

(Lives of celebrated Hollanders since the middle 
of the 16tt century.) 

CoDt. the biographies of J. II. v. Linschoten, 
John Maurice of Nassau, called the American (or 
Srazilian), etc, 

1643 Geschiedenis der Nederlanders buiten Eu- 

ropa, of verhaal van de togten, ontdekkingon etc. 
der Nederlanders in Azien, Afrika, Amerika en 
Australie, van het laatste der 16eeeuw. Haarlem, 
1832. 4 vols. sd. uncut, plates. 8vo. (17.—) 7.60 

(History of the Dutch abroad, or account of the 
expeditions, discoveries etc. of Ike Butch in Asia, 
Africa, America and Australia, from the end of 
the l&ih century'^ 

Written almost entirely from unedited MS. sour- 

ces, as the ResolutioDS of the Bast- and West-Indii 
Comp. etc. 

1644 Kane (E. Kent), ArktischeFahrtenundEnt- 
deckungen dos zweiten GrinnoU-Expedition jiui 
Aufanchung J. Franklin's, 1863— 55. Leipzig, 1868, 
120 woodcuts, 10 plates and map. cloth, sm. 8vo. 

(3.-) 1.6(1 

1645 [Kane (P.)] Les Indions do la Baifl d'HudBon, 
Promenades d'un artiste parmi los Indiens dc 
rAm(5rique du Nord, dcpuis le Canada juaqu'41'ilc 
de Vancouver ct rOr(5gon. Imito do I'Angl. par 
E. Delessert. Paris, 1861. sm. 8vo. l.BO 

1646 Kapp (F.) Geachichto der Sklavorei in den 
Vereinigton Staaton van Amerika. Hamburg (N, 
York.) 1861. 8vo. map. (3.20) 1,60 

1647 Kappler (A.), Secha Jahre in Surinam, odei 
Bildcr aus rtem militiirischcn Leben diesor Colo- 
nie. Stnttg. 1864. sd. 8».. l.BO 

1648 — Zos jaren in Surinamo. Utrecht, 18B4, 
2 vols. sd. 8vo. l.BO 

Dutch translation of the preceding. 

1649 Kat (H. D.) Dagbook cener reize ter walvisch- 
en robbenvangst in 1777—78. Haarlem, 1818. 8vo. 
With map and portr. l.BO 

(Journal of a voyage for ike whalefisKmj in 

1650 Keate (G.) Account of the Pelew Islands, in 
the Western part of the Pacific Oeean. 3d edition. 
London, 1789. hf. calf, maps and plates. 4to. 2.B0 

1661 Relation dos lies Pelew, situ6cs dans la 

partie Occident, de I'Oec'an Paciflque, etc. Trad< 
de I'Angl. Paris, 1788. 2 vols. 17 map and plates, 
hf. calf. 8vo. 1.6( 

1652 Keith (G.) Hot decksel gescheurt, endo eon 
doure geo|)ont. . . oni daor door te zien. . . 't wolcli 
met hot decksel bedockf is gewoost ouder de Men' 
nonyten. Amsterd., 1670. 4to. 4.B( 

(The cover undone, and agate opened. .. througl 
which may be seen whal hy the cover was clom 
among the Mennonites .) 

Written against the (Uutph) Baptists by a Quitor 

1653 Kemp, Fr. Adr. v. d., Baptist Minister ii 
Holland, a zealous republican who settled in Ame 
rioa, whore by his literary talents ho became tlii 
friend of Adams, a. o. -•-• 3 A. L. S. to J. Luzac 
dat. 12 Deo. 1805, 21 Kebr. 1807 — and to Kl 
Luzac, dat. 17 Aug. 1827, all in Dutch. 12 pi 
4". 8. - 

Interesting letters on literary subjects, on the rai 
dition of literature iu America, on his Amer. friend 
Adams u. u., cet. Of Adams he says; 'thus th 
eminent man sees his services repaid with ingratitud 
but why excel dloiutorestedly and toil for the ungr 
tefnl? Ho could Inve foreseen his reward quod pi 
riqno viri clari h'ib'icro." — In his 3d letter 1 
gives Adams opinion on J. Luzac: »he is a lar| 
portion of the salt of the earth, and if it were n 
for " few such Jjots, it seems to mo, the whole Si 



dom muat soon be turned up," oet. (12 lines in 

1654 Kent (Jam.) Dissertations; being the preli- 
minary part of a course of law lectures. New- 
York, Frinted hy 6. Forman for the author, 1795. 
sd. uncut. 8vo. 13.50 

Contents: I. Of the theory, history and duties of 
civil government. — 11. Of the history of the Ame- 
rican Union. — ill. Of the law of nations. — With 
a summary of the course of lectures in Columbia 

Very bare, not mentioned hj Ric/t. 

jg55 A. L. S. to Abr. van Vechten of Albany, 

dat. N. Y., July 28, 1797. 1 p. 4». 2.— 

On a law-suit. 

1656 A. L. S. to Sam. M. Hopkins of New 

York, dat. Albany, July 8, 1806. IJ p. 4''. 2.— 


1657 A. L. S. to his brother, dat. Dee. 2, 

1814. 1^ p. 4». 2.— 

Fine letter on an autograph of lias Casas, on the 
last books he read, his comfortable home, cet. 

1658 A. L. S. to J. Woodworth, dat N. Y., 

Oct. 9, 1827. 1 p. 4». 1.50 

1659 A. li. S. to St. van Rensselaer of Albany, 

dat. N. Y., March 28, 1834. 1 p. 4». 2.50 

On the Rev. John Wheeler, Pres. of the Univeis. 
of Vermont. 

1660 Ker de Kersland (J.) Mcimoires conten. ses 
N6gociations secretes en Ecosse, en Angleterre, . . . 
etc. Avec une relation de la Compagnle d'Ostende, 
des particularites int^ressantes sur la puissances 
des Frangais dans I'lle d' Hispaniola et sur leurs 
etablissemens dans Miisissipji, etc. Trad, de I'Angl. 
Rotterdam, 1726—28. 3 vols, calf, portr. and map 
of Louisiana, sm. 8v0. 5.50 

1661 Memorien . . . behelz. zijne geheirae ver- 

hand. in Schotland, ... nevens verhaal v. d. 
Oostendisehe Maatschappvj. Rotterdam, 1727. 3 vols. 
hf. vellum, same portr. and map. sm. 8vo. yery 

rare. „ , ^•^'^ 

The same work, translated ;n Dutch. 

1662 [Kern (H.) en L. A. te Winkel] Verslag 
. . . van een Runen-opschrift in N. Amerika. Ara- 
sterd. 1867. 1 plate. 8vo. (Extr.) 1.— 

(Report on a Eunie -inscription in N. America. — 
From tie Reports of the Acad. o[ Sciences.) 

1663 Kerokhoven (J. v.) Beschryv. v. de onge- 
luck Voyage van 't Schip Aemhem, v. Batavia 
vertrocken met 6 andeve schepen, Dec. 1661, onder 
A de Vlamingh, haer komst met de boot v. t ver- 
loore Bchip op 't Eyl. Mauritius, hare armoede, 
enz. Amst., 1664. 4to. 5— 

(Description of the unlucky voyage of the ship: 
Aemhem, which sailed from Satavia with 6 other 
ships in Dec, 1661. their arnval wiih the boat of 
the lost ship on the Island Mauritius, their suffe- 
rings, eio.) 


Original edition, afterwards reprinted as a popu- 
lar book. 

1664 Kerguelea Tremareo (de), Relation d'un 
voyage dans la Mer du Nord, aux c6tes d'Islande, 
du Greenland, de Forro, de Schettland, des Orca- 
des et de Norwege, en 1767 et 1768. Paris, 1771. 
17 maps and plates, sd. uncut. 4to. 4. — 

1665 Kerst (S. G.) Die Plata-Stiiaten und die Wich- 
tigkeit der Provinz Otuquis und des Rio Ber- 
mego. Berlin. 1854. Map. 8vo. 1.— 

1666 Keulen, Ger. Hulst van, Verzameiing van 
nieuwe Zee-kaarten van Nord-America in hat groot, 
beginnende van Kaap Charles, of de Golf van 
St. Laurens, tot aan de Golf van Mexico. Am- 
sterd., G. Hulst v. Keulen (1784). large fol. 6.— 

(Collection of new sea-charts of Sorth-America 
at large, beginning from Cape Charles or the Qulf 
of St. Laureus, to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Six large folded maps, made after the newest and 
best Knglish aud French maps, with plans of Quebec, 
Boston, New York, Charlestown and St. Auguatin. 

I'i67 Keulen, Job. van, De Groote Nieuwe Ver- 
meerderde Zee-Atlaa ofte Water- Wereldt. Amster- 
dam, J. van Keulen. 1694. calf. Plain charts, fol. — 
Title stained. 20.— 

(The large, new, augmented maritime Atlas or 
fTater- World.) 

Interesting maritime Atlas, containing 146 very 
correct charts, 38 of which give delineations of Ame- 
rican coasts: Newfoundland (2 charts). New Eng- 
land, New Netherland with 3 separate maps (See 
Asher's List N". 29—31), Virginia, Carolina, Flo- 
rida, Bay of Mexico, Bermudas, several charts of 
the W. I. Islands, Guiana, Suriuam, Brazil (11 charts), 
etc. Many are drawn by CI. J. Vooght and all ador- 
ned with very fine etchings by the celebrated Jan 
Luyken, illustrative to the customes and dress ofthe 
inhabitants, the productions of the soil, etc. 

1668 De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerderde Zee- 
Atlas. Amst. J. van Keulen, 1734. hf. vellum, roy. 
fol. With 47 plain charts and frontispiece by J. 
Luyken. 12.50 

Coutains 12 large folded charts of America and 
its parts, amongst which those of the West-Indies 
(2 pieces), St. Oomingo, Brazil, etc. 

1669 Nieuwe . . . paskaait van de Kuat van 

Guinea en Brasilia, van Cap Verde tot de Cap de 
Bon-Esperance en verders van Rio de Berbicetot 
Rio de la Plata. Amst., J. o. Keulen (1720?) 102 
by 62. 1.80 

(New sea-chart of the coasts of Guinea and Bra- 
zil, from Cape Verde to the Cape of Good-Bope, 
and from Rio de Berbice to Rio de la Plata.) 

1670 Keye (Otto) Kurtzer Entwurff von Neu-Nie- 
derland und Guajana. Aus dem Holland, in's Hoch- 
teutschen veraetzt von T. R. C. S. C. S. (Th. 
Ritzsch, Chm'fiirstl. Sachs. Correspond. Secretariua.) 
Leipzig, 1672. 4to. (Asher N». 12.) 50.— 

German translation of the Dutch, less scarce than 



the origjnfil of 1660, which isof the utmost naritij. — 
Very interesting. The work contains a paui^cular 
description of New Netherland and Guiana, in order 
to show "the enormous profit, which the warm cli- 
mates yield in comparison to the colder." 

1671 Klaohte der West-lud. Coinpagnie tegen de 

Oost-lud. Comp. deser Vereen. Nederl In.een 

Dialogue tuaschen een Hollander, Engelsman en 
Fransman. Middelb., 1664. 4to. (AsherN».327.) 2.— 

(Complaint of the West-Ind. Comp- against the 
East-Ind. Comp, of these lands^ in a Dialogue be- 
tween a Mollander, an Englishman and a Frenehman.) 

1672 Elumpp (F. W.) Das eyangelische Missiona- 
wesen. Ueberblick iib. seine Wirksamkeit etc. 
Stuttg. 1841. 8vo. —.60 

1673 Kittlltz (F. H. V.) Denkwiirdigkeiten einer 
Ileise naeh dam Kussischen Atnerika, naeh Mikro- 
nesien u. durch Kamsohatka. Gotha, 1858. 2 vols. 
sd. woodcuts and plates. 8vo. (8. — ) 3. — 

1674 Klein (H. J.) An den Nordpol. Sohilderung 
d. arktiaohen Gegenden u. d. Nordpolfahrten v. d. 
altesten Zeiten bis zur GegenwJtrt. Kreuznaoh 
(1870?) plates, sd. 8ro. 1.50 

1675 King, Bufus, eloquent Orator in the Old 
Congress 1784 — 86, U. S. Minister to London 
1796—1804. -- A. L. S. to Th.,D wight of Spring- 
field, dat. N. Y., Jan. 22, 1787. 2 pp. 4». 6.— 

Very fine letter, on politics. — "since the afi'airs 
of our country are becoming critical, and the neigh- 
bourhood, in which you reside, may nufortmiately 
be the Theatre of intestine war" . . . cet. 

1676 A. L. S. to Benj. Walker of ,N. Y. dat. 

Philad., Febr. 15, 1795. ^ pp. 4». 6.— 

On the distressing situation of the settlers at Gal- 
lipolis. Their lands fell within the grant of the 
Ohio-Company „who consider these unfortunate peo- 
ple as mere tenants at theii will." 

1677 Klaproth, J., Lettre a Humboldt sur I'in- 
vention de la Boussole. Paris, 1834. 3 folded pla- 
tes illustrating the Chinese compass. 8°. — Uncut. — 
Rare. 3.— 

1678 Kloos (J. V-) Minnesota in zjjne hulpbron- 
nen, ontwikkeling enz. Amst. 1867. 8vo. — .30 

(Minnesota in its resources and development.) 

1679 Kleinknecht (C. D.) Zuverliiasige Nachricht 
von der . . . schwarzen Schaaf- u. Lammer-Heerde, 
Oder von den neubekehrten MaJabarischen Chris- 
ten in Ost-lndien. .. Deme noch beygefiigt : Nach- 
richten von den Engl. Colonisten Georgiens zu Eben- 
Ezer in America. Augspnrg, 1749. 2 parts in 1 vol. 
hf. id. uncut. 1 plate. 8vo. Very rare., especially in 
this stale. 10. — 

Contains interesting details of the Saltzburg Emi- 
grants in America. 

1680 Kiehl (E. J.) 0ns verdragmet Amerika. Trac- 
taat van vriendschap en coramercie tusaehen de 
Vereen. Nederl. en de Vereen. Staten van Ame- 
rika. dd, 8 Oct. 1782. '8 Hage, 1863, 8vo. 1.60 

(Our treaty with America, treaty of Jrietidihip 
and commerce between the Un. Netherl. and the 
Un. St. dd. 8 Oct. 1782.) 

1581 [Kimyser (A.)] Ontdekking van 't ,.. deel 
des aardkloots, America... in 't byBonder de Ver- 
een. Staaten. Dordr., 1782. 8vo. 
(Description of the entire portion of tJtg ghie, 
America . . . especially the United States.) 

1682 Kings (The 3), - or Who pays the Reeioning, 
or Don Diego in the Dumps." English caricature on 
the American difficulties, 1780. Publ. by W. Ri- 
chardson. Ig. 4°. 3._ 

1683 Kircher (Ath.) Mundus Subterranens, quo 
divinum subterrestris mundi opifioium, etc. demon- 
stratur. Ed. 3a emend. Amstelod. IWS. 3 vols, in 

. 1. vellifm, maps and engravings, fol, 7(SI) 

This wosk of the celebrated Jesqit is interesting 
for the American collector, as it contaiivs ,niimeron8 
notices of the physical .geography, orography, hydro- 
graphy, the volcanoes etc. of the American Coqtin^nt. 

1684 Kist (N. C.) John Robinson, Prediker der 
Leidache Brownistengemeente, en grondlegater der 
kolonie Plymouth in Noord-Amerika. Leiden (1846.) 
Extr. 8vo. ' ■ 4.50 

(John Robinson, Minister of the Leiden Broa- 
nists and founder ef the colony of PlymoM in 
N. A.) 

This remarkable man, John Bobinson, stayed long 
at Leyden in Holland and lived in a sm^l <hoase, 
afterwards pnlled doiwn with ijiany jobber adjoining 
buildings; on the spot was erected in the latter half 
of the 17th century the Befprmed VV^alloion chivrpli. 
In 1864 the fropt of th^t hpnse yna jprnarjiented ^by 
a monumental stouc, with the inscription: „Oif fhii 
spot lived, taught and (lied John Robinson. 1,611— 
1625." The Bev. W. H. Dexter of iBo^toinaBd.Prof. 
G. B. Day (then of Cincinnati, now of Yale College) 
undertook in thankful remembrance this work .of 
piety and came over to Leyden to have this stone 
raised and entrusted to the care of the Magistrate 
of Leyden. 

1685 Knox, Henry, General and Secret, of War 
under Washington. — L. S. to Captain Bpll, dat. 
War Department, July 14, 1798. 1 p. fol. 6.— 

Order to embark for New-Brunswick. 

1686 Koch (A. C.) Eeise durcji einenTheild.Ver- 
ein. Staaten v. Nord-Ameri^a, 1844—46. Bresd. 
u. Leipz. 1847. 2 p^es. 8vo. 1.— 

1687 Koch (F. G. C.) Die Deutsohen Colonien in 
der Nahe des Saginaw-Fliisses. Braunschw. 1851. 
map. 8vo. — 60 

1687* Koelman (Jak.) Histoi;isch verhaal nopepde 
der Labadisten scheuringh en veeleifley flwalinjjen 
Araat, 1683. vellum. 12rao. 5.— 

(Historical account of the schism and the nume- 
rous errors of the Laiadists.) 

This work of Koelman is one of the principal 
sources for the history of the Labadists. 
1687** The same. 2d edition, a^g^nefttpd by 

Fkkderik Mnu^B 4 p!.( 



H. Janssonlus. Leeuwarden, 1770. sd. uuait title 
tiained it/ water, am. 8vo. 4.50 

1G88 Koenen (H. J.) Pavonia. — BOdvage tot de 

kennis dev voormalige Nedevl. koloniSn. Arnhem, 

1846. 8vo. 2.— 

(Pavonia. Contribution to the history of thejor- 

mer Dutch colonies.) 

Separate abstract with special title, of a very 
interesting memoir in a Dutch historical collection. 
The colony Pavonia, in New-Netherland, was foun- 
ded by Mich. Pauw, in 1628. This is the only 
special Dutch paper on it. 

1689 Adriaan Pauw. Bprage tot de kerk- en 

handelsgeschiedenis der 16e eeuw. Amsterd. 1842. 
partr. and plates, sd. 8vo. 2. — 

{Adr. Pauw. Contributions to the history of the 
Church and commerce.) 

Biography of Adr. Panw, Magistrate of Amster- 
dam in 1578, grand-father of Michael Pauw, Foun- 
der of the Colony Pavonia. 

1690 Kohi, (J. G.) Die beiden altesten General- 
Kavten von America, ausgefiihrt 1527 u. 1529 auf 
Befehl Karla V. Im Besitz d. Groasli. Bibl. zu 
Weimar. Weimar, 1860. hf. cloth, large fol. 

(20.—) 10.— 
With very scrupulous and fine reproduction in 
Chromolithography of these two interesting maps. — 
See for a more ancient reproditction : Sprengel. 

1691 KoUler (C), Briefe aua Amerika. Wegweiaer 
flir dentaohe Auawanderer. 2te verb. Aufl. Darmst. 
1854. bds. 6 steelengrav. 8vo. 1. — 

1692 Kohler (F. G.) Keia naar de IJazee, en naar 
de Kusten v. Greenland en Spitsbergen, 1801. 
Benev. eene beachrijv. d. walviachvangst. Amat. 
1820. sd. 8vb. 1.25 

{Voyage to Ike Ice-sea and the coast of Green- 
land and Spitsbergen, with a description of the 
Whale fishery. Prom the Oerman.) 
1993 Eouer, W., Uebersicht d. 1852—1853 aufd. 
Gebiete d. Geographie erachien. Werke, Karten 
u. Plane. Berlin. 1854. 8». —.75 

1694 Kort Berattelse cm Wast I ndien eller Ame- 
rica, som eUiest kallaa Nya Wei-lden. (No place). 
1675. 4to. bds. 20.— 

Very rare as all the Swedish typographical produ- 
oions of the 17tli century on America. The de- 
scription of Virginia fils 5 pages. — It forms part 
of the rare Collection of l^oyages, printed by John 
Kankel at Wysingzlorn ; — see Reesabok. 

The condition of our copy is infortunately not a 
very good one; it is stained and has some worm- 

1695 Kort disoourSj ofte naardere verklaringe 
vande onderstaende V. poincten, 1. Acngaendede 
verUchticghe die desen ataat heeft ghenooten, door 
de oprecht. en Oorloghen van doWeatlnd. Comp. 
2. n^t men deselve Compagnie, met die van de 
Qoatj of hare beyde Octroyen, vereenigpnde, nu 
ongelijpk meerder verllchtinge, Jae in korten bet 


eynde van dese lastighe en gevaerlioke Oorlogen, 
sal konnen crlangen, etc. . . . 1864. 4to (Aaher 
N». 194.) 5.— 

(Short discourse or further declaration of the 
following five points: 1. As to the assistance which 
this State has enjoyed by the establishment and 
the wars of the West-Ind. Comp. 2. That by 
uniting this Company with that of the' Mast, infini- 
tely more advantage would be obtained, and in a 
short time we shall arrive at the end of this tire- 
some and perilous war, etc. etc.) 

1696 Kort en boudigh Verhael van 't geene 
in den oorlogh tusschen den Koningh van Enge- 
lant, de . . . Vereen. Nederl. en den Bisschop van 
Mnnster is voorgevallen van 1664—67. Amsterd. 
M. W. Boomick, 1667. hf. bd. 2: plates and many en- 
gravings in the text. 4to. (Aaher N". 354.) 25. — 

(Brief and concise account of what has happened 
during the war between the King of England, the 
United Netherlands and the Bishop of Munsier). 

1697 Same edition, vellum, the two plates wan- 
ting. 15. — 

Bars. — This work may be considered as the 
most complete and most authentic contemporary ac- 
count existing of the fatal war between Holland and 
England, the consequence of wicb was the final loss 
of New-Netherland by the treaty of Brijda, 1667. 

1698 Koster (H.), Voyages dans la partie aepten- 
trion. da Bread, 1809 —15. Trad, de I'Angl. par 
A. Jay. Paria. 1818. 2 vols, maps and col. plates. 
hf. calf. 8vo. 2.50 

1699 Kottenkamp (Frz.), Geschichte der Coloni- 
aatiou Amerika's. Frankfurt a. M. 1850. 2 vols. 
sd. 8vo. 2.— 

1700 Kotzebue (O. v.) Entdeckungsreise iu die 
Siid-See u. naeb der Behrings-Strasse, ziir Erfor- 
schung einer nordostlichen Durchfarfh. Weimar, 
1821. 3 vols, in 1. hj. calf, 6 large folded maps 
and 20 col. plates. 4to. 4. — 

The voyage was undertaken at the expense, of 
Count KumauzofT. — Vol. Ill is especially interesr 
ting for the notices on natural history and on the 
languages (with a comparative vocabulary) by A. 
von Chamisso. ■ 

1701 Ontdekkingsreis i,n de Zuid-Zee eu nade 

Berings-Straat. Amat. 1822. 3 vols. hf. calf, maps 
and plates. 8vo. , . 3. — 

Dutch translation of the preceding work. 

1702 Krachteloose Bonder van den HeJschen 
Hond ... waer in vertoont wort . . . vrat in 60 
jaren ghepasseert desen staet en wat tever- 
wachten ataet in Duyts^hlaindt . . . iHongaryen, 
Moscovien, jae in Oost ende ll^est-lndien selfs. 
(No place 1615?) 4to. " . 1.50 

'(Powerless Thunder of the Hellish Dog . . . sho- 
wing what happened in the last 60 years in this 
land and what may be expected'in Germany ... 
Hongary, Moscovy, yea evin in the East- and if est' 
Indies etc.) 

Violent pamphlet against the Jesuits. 




1703 Krantzii (Alb.) Eodesiast. historia, s. Metro- 
polis ; Saxoiiia ; Wandalia et Kegaorum Aquilo- 
narium, Daniae, Sueciae, Norvagiae Chronica. 
Aeced. . . . Jac. Zieffleri Sclionclia. Francof. a. M. 
1575 — 76. 4 vols, in 1. Stoid vol., old stuMped 'pigs- 
kin, original binding, t'ol. — A tew wormholes in 
the first work. 

The interesting part ibr American history, Zieg- 
ler's SchoTtdia, is here reprinted from the first; edi- 
diton of 1582. 

1704 [KrasohenHinikOff (Steph.)] History of 
Kauischatka and the Kurilski Islands with the 
countries adjacent. Transl. (from the Kussian) 
by J. Grieve. Glocester. 1764. bds. maps and plates. 
4to. iJ.60 

Abriged translation of Kraschenninikoff'sXamtschat- 
ka. il contains pp, 44 — 55 a description of the 
North- Western part of America. 

1705 Beschreibung des Landes Kamsohatka. 

Ueberzetzt von J. 'i'. Kohler. Leingo, 1766. hf. 
vellum, b maps und plates, 4to. t. — 

1706 Histoire de Kaintschatka. Trad. p. M.. 

E(idoci3.) Lion, 1767. 2 vols, in 1. /if. calf, 2 maps. 
8vo. 2.— 

1707 Besohryving van Kamschatka en de Ku- 

rilsche Eilanden. Ainst. 1770. sd. uncut, '6 plates. 
Svo. 1.50 

N". 1705 — 7 are all translations of the above 
EngUsh (JM". 1704) with the same passages on America. 

1703 Histoire et description du Kamschatka. 

Trad, du llusse. Amsterd. 1770. 2 vols, calf, map. 

8vo. 3.— 

This translation is made directly after theKussian 

original, and is very different from the above edi- 

tion3.j The part relating to America tills pp. 398 — 

425 of vol. 1. 

1709 iCriegk (G. L.) Das Land^Otuquis in Bolivia. 
JNach einem Uriginalberichte von M. Bach, i'rankf. 
a. M. 1888. 8vo. {.map wanting.) 1. — 

1710 ICtitisclier Wegweiser im Gebiete der 
Landkarten-Kunde, neust ISIachrichten zur Belord. 
der Mathemat.-physikal. Geographic uiid Hydro- 
graphie. Berlin, a. Schropp & to, 1829—35. 1— VU, 
1 — 8. Maps and partr. 8" — Complete. 12.^— 

Very interesting and rarely occurring fore-runner 
of Fetermanris Mittheilangen, containing numerous 
critical essays on American cartography, etc., f. i, : 
Atlas de i'Ucean Facitiqae, p. de Kriisenstern. i<> 
prts. -^ Le pilote de Breail, p. Roussin. — New 
Amerio. Atlas, by Tanner. 2 prts. — Map of the 
U. S., by J. & A. Walker. 3 prts. — Carte generate 
de I'Amer. Merid., p. Spix et -vlartius. — Portrait of 
Cpt. franklin. — List ol Maps, Charts etc. publ. 
hy Tanner. Philadelphia. — Map of N. America, 
London, Wyld. 182b. — Map of New Brunswick 
and Nova Scotia, by Wyld. — Carted'Etat-Unis. p. 
Brae. — etc. etc. 

(^uite complete copies are rare, the publication 
having been stopped in the middle of the year. 

1711 Kroha (Ft.), De Eilanden yan de Kuidiee 
en 't werk d. Christ. Zendelingen. Groft. 1836 
8». , i._ 

(The Islands in the Southsea and the work of 
the missionaries.) 

1712 Krussnstern (A.. J. von) Keize om de we- 
reld, 1803—1806. Haarlem, 1811— 15l 4 vols, ij: 
caifi map. 8V0. 1.60 

(l^egage round the world.) 

1713 Kuhn (F. A.) Beschonw. van den toestand 
der Surinaamsohe Plantagie-slaven. Amsterd. 1828. 
sd. plates. 8vo. l._ 

(On the condition of the Slaves in Surinam.) 

1714 Ktilb (FJi. H.) Geschichte der Keisen und 
Entdeckungen in Africa vom Ende des XV. Jahth. 
bis auf die Gegenwart. Mainz, 1841. TOm. i. 
(1415—1521.) portr. and 2 tnAps. 8vo. (4.30) 1.50 

1715 Enyper, (Fr.) Den philosopherenden Boer, 
haudelende van de dwalingen der hedendaegsclie 
Christenenen, Cartesianen en Quaakers, door S. 
1. B. 2de drnk. (No place) Qedr. voar ch Oarteii- 
anen en Quakers, 1677. 2 parts. 4t8. Uncut. 6.— 

Ijl'he Philosophic Peasant, treating of the errors 
of the present Christians, Cartesians, Quakers, etc. 
(A() place.) Printed for the Cartesians and Qua- 
kers. JBij A'. I. M. 2d edit. 

1718 Xiabadie (J. de) Practyck des tweederlye 
gebeds, bestaaiidc in invveud. alleensprake der 
Ziele, en uitwendige aanspraak tot God. Ovetge- 
zet dt)or A. Godart. iJti-ceht, 1066— 67. S vols. — 
Jdem. Verheffingeii des geesiea tot Godt ... ovtjr- 
geset door A. V. W. Amst. 1667. — i. vni. vellum. 
8vo. 6.— 

{Practice of the two different prayers, the in- 
ward monologue of the soul, and thi oittwaird ad- 
dress to God. — £levatioHs of i'he mind to God. — 
TranSl. from the French.) 

1719 Verzameling van eenige gewrcht. gront- 

regels der Chnatel. Lieere. Amsterd. 1*66. % Vols. 

— Idem, Geestel. tyd-kortingen van den Christel. 
dagh . . . Lbid. 1677. — Idem, Verheffingen Ues 
geeates tot Godt, op den christel. dag. Uii4. 1667. 

— Idbm, Gordeel der lieiMe en gerechtiglieyt over 
den tegenwoord. toeatand der Joden. tiid. 1667. 

— 1 vol. hf. calf. 8vo. . 9.— 

ifjolleetion of some imporitant principles of the 
Christian doctrine. 2 vols. — iSpiritUai diversions 
of the Christian day. — Jilevations of ihe mini 
to Chd On the Christian day, — Hentinee of love 
and justice on the actua Icondition of the Jews.) 

Four scarce tracts of Labadie himself, mostly tiana- 
lated on his own desire, from the I'rench. 

1720 La Barre (Le Febure de) Desioription de 

la Prance Equinoctiale, cy-devantappeil6eGuyaune, 

et par lea Espagaola El Dorado. Paris, Jtan Mou, 

1666. 4lo. The map wanting. — Very rare. 12.— 

The author, founder of a colony in Guiana in 1661| 

wrote this work in order to excite a more general 

interest for his colony, giving at the same time ui 

Tkedekik Mulleb & <?".) 



ao(X>nnt of his entroprises snd results, and flxplaioing 
^ the ftivonrnblo prospects of the now colony. But his 
hopes worn not ftilftUod, nnd thu colony was taken 
by thfl English in the following war. — A oopy 
with th« map sold at LeolRro's soIQ) 18AS, for 
45 fr. 

1721 Iiabat(J.B.)No«voa«VoyHKon,uxisles(3erAnn'i- 
riqne, rontennnt I'hiat. iiiUnr., I'orijfine, les nioeui's, 
la religion otc des habitants auoions ot mod. La 
Haye, llii. 6 vols. c«l/, mitjis and ptat»s. 8". 

5. - 

niS — — Nieuwe i-elafin naav do Kranao oilanden 
hi Amerika. Amat. \7i5. 4 vols. ™//. II'HA maps 
OHil fngrav. Ho. .S.50 

Dutch translations of Lnbat's voyages. 

172;! — - Yoynjjo du Cliov, dt\s Mavchais on Guiuiio, 

ialos voiainos, ot ;\ la Cnyoiuio, 17'25 ■ ^'7. .Vnistcvd., 

1781. 4 vols irt//, maps itHit plulrs. Svo. .'f. — 

Vol, IV. p. :;si — 29i cunt, a vocivbiiliiry of tho 

langnago of tho Negroes of Juda. 

1734 IiRboulaye (Ed.) J^os Etitts-Unvs ot la Fv:\nii'. 
Pwis, 186i. Svo. 1.— 

1,745 . Hisloire dos Ktats-l'nis. IWO -li'.l.S. -Jo 

6dit. Paris, lSt>C>. S vols. sm. Svo. t5.70) _' .^0 

ITS* L«ibi<ador, Greenland with Bnffins-bay, Str.xit 
Davids and Hudson , oto. Anist., jP. Mor/ur. 
(about 17001. -1 shoots fol. Tosothor 83 liy fti). — 
Otburtd, S.^ 

1727 1,8 Olede (... de) Histoira goral do Portu- 
gal (till lil40.) Ti-adux. i,d. Fnvnoo7.1 o illnstrnda 
com nuiitas uotas histor., googr. o oritieas ; oto. 
Iiisboa, 17S1— 85. S vol, s,t uuad. Svo. 1.50 

The two last vol. contain nuiuy partioularitics oii 
the discovery of, — and tho aflairs in Knst- and 

1728 La Oondamine, Ktdatlou d'un voynj;o liiit 
dans I'intiriour do TAmdviciuo Mi^riilioiialo, dopuis 
1« ooto do la Jlor du Sud jus(iu'aux ooto.i du 
Bri^sil ot do la Uuiano. Paris, 1745. s,L unCHt, 
w«/i of Iks Mar.iffittm. 8vO. I.."i0 

1729 Lottro , . . sur louunito populairo oxcitoo 

en la ville do Cuonoa au Poru. 29 Aout 17S'.', 
oontro los aoadihuioions dos soioiu'os, onvoyi'>a ponv 
la raosure do la torro. [Paris], 174li. sd. imcul. Svo. 

AVitli tho piooes JHStilioatives" in Spanish and 
I'ri.'Bch, and a plate ri'prcsooting thu murfu". 

n.10 Tho samo, bound up with: l.a Comla.oi- 

ue's Eolation d"nn voyago tait dan.s I'iutoriour do 
I'Amfiriqno Moridionaio. Paris, 1745. W'lVi a mop 

^/ tit Mgtus/""*- '" 1 ■*''^'- I"'!*"**- -■^'•^ 

Ju the "same volume 8 liwilisos yiiHf /•< mfsiii-f 
(h A* torn" by Picunl and Mnrdooh. 1710—43. 

ItSl Tho .^-imo. Now <}ditiou of the two pro- 

ooding works m 1 vol. .Maosti'iohi, 1778. ,<r^, «»om^, 
mtp. Svo. "— " 


1733 Xia Condamine Verhaal van eon reizo In Zuid- 
Amerioa, en van 't oproor van Cuenoa. Amaterd., 
1746. Ifit/i map of the Maragnon and plate. Svo. 

Hatch translation of th? two works of the prece- 
ding nnmber. 

1733 — .- 

'Plio same, 
at Cuenca. 

without tho 

account of tho 


1784 La Oroix (A. Ph. de) Algemeeno weorold- 

besohryving, goographisch, politisch, hlstoriach, 

onz. Vortaeld en uit ondo on niouwo rciabesolu'il- 

vingen voruiooid. door S, de Vrios, Amaterd-, X 

Ualiiia, 1705. 8 vols, en?/', numerous maps, views of 

cities, e/c. 4t.o.(Asher N*'. 20.) IB.— 

{Oeneral description of t/tii world, geograpltical, 

polHic^t, historical, etc Trauslatfd ifftd (fugmented 

from old and neio voyagss i// S. de ^rii:^.) 

Superb oopy on thiok large paper, mar- 

bh'd calf, extra i/i!/, gilt edges. All the maps and 
plates exqidsitoly executed in colonrs and gold, ''iny 
rare iu this state. 

Vol. III. pp. 320 — 480 gives a description of 
America, with 15 maps and a view of Mexico. 

1735 Laet (Joa. de) Hiatorie oft,e,laerl(jck vorhaal 

van do verriohtinghen der Weat-Ind. Comp. sodert 

haar begin tot het jaer 1636. Leyden, Mr. Ehe- 

vifr. 1641. vellum or calf, numerous plates, fol. 

^Asher N«. '22.) 10.— 

{Histort/ or yar/y narrative of tie proceedings 

of the W ,st-hidia-Cump. from its commenceminit 

to tie gear 1636.) 

'Livro exi rSiuement int^ressant, ^crit avec la 
plus' grande impartiality et nne antiiire bonne foi. 
Ou peut le consid^rer comme authentiquo, & cause 
do la position de I'antenr comme Directeur de la 
Oompagnie." Netwhar. 

17.S6 Nieuwe- Wereldt, ofte Boschrijvingho vau 

West-lndien. Leyden. Isaac iV.-icier, 1625. ecKum, 
numerons maps. flnl. (Asher, N", 1.) 10. — 

I, T/ie .Vifw )l''orld, or J>esrrij>tion of tie Vfsf- 

First edition of this excellent work. Its special 
value consists in tho maps of North America, New 
England and New-Netherland (by Hessel Serritsz), 
from which most of the sncceeding writers copied. 

17;!7 The same. --Me drub. In ontalltjoke plaot- 

son \ orliotoit, met nlemve caerten, beelden vm\ 

dioi-ou ondo planten, enz. Hid. 1680. vellum or 

ciitf. fol. ^Ashor N". 2.) 12.— 

(Tie -</ edition corrected and augmented in in- 

numeraile places, wUJk new maps awl engravings 

of animals and plants.) 

1738 Noviis Orbis, sou doscriptionis lndi;v Oc- 

I cidentalis libri XVlll. Novia tabulis geograph. ot 
! vanis animalinm, plantnrum, ft'uctuumnue iconi- 
bus illusta-ata. Lugd. B , AV.vnVc, 16SS. fol. IHth 
i 14 wii^>.< aiut mang engraiunits in Koodcul. ^.\sbor 
N». 3.) " 24.— 

I This book is iu Holland at prcseut riv rare. If, 



ia the Urst copy T met in 15 years, and was found 
in Belgium. — Very ilne copy in original stamped 
old calf binding. 

1739 Laet ( L'Histoire du Nouveau Monde, 
oil descvip- tion des Indea Oocidentales. Leyde, S. 
el A. El- zeoiers, 1640. calf, coats of arms, nume- 
rous maps and woodcuts, fol. (Ashor N". 4.) 26. — 

1740 The same. Ibid. 1640. vellum, fol. 30.— 

Fine and very large copy, some leaves 

UnOUt. Very scarce in this state. 

1741 Notae ad dissertationem llug. Grotii de 

origine gentis Americanae. Amstelod., L. Ehevier, 

1643. old calf. sm. 8vo. 6.— 
I'irst refutation of Grotius, very interesting for 

American Philology. It contains, pp. 139—151, 
comparative vocabularies of the Irish, Gaelic, Ice- 
Inndish, Huron, Souriquois, Mexican a. o. languages. 

1742 Ke8poii3io ad diflsertatlouem secundum Hug. 

Grotii de origine gentia Americanarum. Amst., 
L. Elzevier. 1644. veltum. sm. 8vo. 6. — 

Second refutation of Grotius, much scarcer as 
the liret, 

1743 Compendium historiae univera. civ. et 

eccles., tarn Roman, quam Protest., ab Augusto 
ad ann. Chriati J. 1640. Lugd. Batav. 1643. vel- 
lum, am. 8vo. 768 pp. 4.60 

This work contains ample notices of the facts re- 
lating to the history of America and the part of the 
Butch therein. 

1744 A, L. S., in Dutch, to the States of the 

Province of Utrecht, dat. Leyden, Noverab. 29, 

1644. 1 closely written p. fol. — Jf^itA seal (bro- 
ken). 30. — 

Inteeesting and vert hake autogkaph. IJe 
laet sends his Hislorij of the W . I. Company to 
the States of Utrecht; he states how, by the exer- 
tions of the W. I. Comp., the King of Spain had 
lost to an amount of fl. 75.000.000 in the period 
ending with the year 1636, and afterwards still 
more; he expects that therefore the States will con- 
tinue their supply to the Company, cet. — At the 
foot of the letter the Secretary of the States anno- 
tated that they have given to de Laet a gratification 
of an «aem" (40 Engl. Gallons) of wine. 

1746 Lafargue (M. de) Oeuvres mel6es. Paris, 
1766. 2 vols in 1. hf. calf. 8vo. _ 3.— 

Vol. II, pp. 157—350: Histoire geograph. de la 
Nouvelle Bcosse. 
1746 Lafltau (J. Fr.) Histoire dea d^couvertea et 
conqueates dea Portugaia dana le Nouveau Monde. 
Paria, 1733. 2 vols. sd. entirely uncut, maps and 
plates. 4to. Fine cojy, perfectly new, rare in this 
state. 6.— 

The plates contain views and plana of cities, por- 
traits, etc. 

The same. Ibid. 1734. 4 vols in 2. vel- 

1747 ■ 

1748 ■ 

maps and plates. 12mo. 7.50 

— De zeden der Wilden van Amerika. 

'a Grav. 1731. 2 vols, calf, or vellum. With mapi 

and enr/rav. fol. 4,— 

( the customs of the aborigines of America.) 

1749 Lafond (Gabr.) Quinze ans de voyages a«- 
tour du nionde. Paris, 1840. 2 vols. sd. Svo, 2.50 

1760 La Harpe (J. F.) Abr6g6 de I'histoire gdniS- 
rale des Voyages (de Pr(5voat.) Paris, 1780. 21 
vols. calf. Svo, and Atlas in-4to. 8.50 

1761 The same. New edition, revised. Paris, 

1820. 24 vola. hf. calf. Svo. 10.- 

1762 Lahontan (Baron de) Nouveaux voyages 
dans rAm(5rique Septentrionale. 2e Mit. rev. ot 
augm. La Hayo, 1703. 2 vols, oalf, maps and 
plates. Svo. 4.- 

Pp. 195—220 of the 2d vol. oont. a I'renoh- 
Huron vocabulary. 

1763 Suppl6ment aux Voyages de Lahontan, 

etc. Tom. 111. La Ilaye, 1703. hf. calf, maps and 
plates. Svo. ^ 3.— 

Original and rare edition of this Supplement, 
which forms the 3d vol. of the preceding number. — 
Same book as the following, but with other title. 
1764 Suite du Voyage de rArafirlque, ou dia- 
logues du Baron de Lahontan et d'un sauvage, 
contenant une description dos moeurs eti des coii- 
tumea de cea peuples sauvagea {par Oueudeville.) 
Amaterd. 1704. oalf, maps and pi.; a wormholo in 
the last pp. Svo. 2.25 

1765 Voyages dans I'Am^rique Septentrionale. 

2o 6dit. ... augm. Amst., 1721. -^' Suite du Vo- 
yage de . . . Lahontan. Amst., 1728. — Together 
3 vola. maps and plates, hf. calf. Svo. 6.— 

1756 - — Eeizen in het Noordeiyk Amerika, met 
het vervolg. 's Gravenh., 1739. 2 vols, calf, map 
and plates. 8vo. Some leaves stained by water. 8.— 
Dutch translation of the Voyages and the Supple- 
ment; with the Vocabulary of the Huron language. 
1767 Lallement, Histoire de la Colomble. Paris, 
1826. map, sd. uncut. Svo. 1.60 

1758 La Marque (Ant. de) Den Ven-esen Jan 
van Leyden ende Baront KnipperdoUink, oftohet 
gantache leven en bedryf van Jan de Labadle. 
LTit het h'rans vertaald. Rottcrd. 1670. 4to. Slightly 
stained. 3.— 

(The resurrected J. v. L. and B. K., or tie 
whole life and profession of Jan de Latadit. 
Transl. from the Vrench.) 

The author, former disciple of do Labadie, eye- 
witness of this history, reveals his Hypocrisici, Fa- 
naticism, Heresies, etc. 

1759 (La Martiniere) Nouveau voyage vers le 
Septentrion, ou Ton i'epr(5sente le natural; lesoou- 
tiimea et la religion dea Norw^giens, des Lapons, 
... Zembliens, Samoledes, etc. Ainst. 1708.;i/«<«, 
sd. uncut, sm. Svo. 8.75 

1760 Lambertie (Oh. de), Voyage pittoresquo 
en Californie et au Chili. Paris, 1864. Svo. 

(3.-) l.BO 

FllBDEKIK MUM.BR & 0°., 



1761 Lambreohtsen (N. C.) Korte beschrijTing 
van de ontdekking en der verdere lotgevallen van 
Nleuw-Nederland. Middelbnrg, 1818. sd. uncut. 
8vo. With a large map of New-Netherland. 1.25 

{Short description of the discovery and the fur- 
ther fate of Nev>-Netherland.) 

A very interesting work published by the Zeeland 
Society of Sciences. Out of print. 

1762 The same, thick loriihu; paper, very rare. 


1763 The same, bound up with 4 other pieces 

(relating to Zealand), by the same author and two 
biographical notices, preceded by a portrait of the 
author by Vinkeles. 1 vol. hf. hd. 8vo. 4.— 

1764 Lamzweerde (St. a) Mare undique aperlum, 
vel terra in onini parte circumnavigabilis. Tielae, 
1756. 8vo. 1.— 

1765 Langdoil, John, President of New Hamp- 
shire 1785, Member of Congress. — A. L. S. to 
Nicholas Gilman of N. Y., dat. Portsmouth, June 
28, 1788. IJ p. 4». 4.— 

Fine letter, on the adoption of the Federal Con- 
stitntioa by New Hampshire. 

1766 A. Billet, in the 3d person, to Dwight 

Foster, dat. March 15, 1798. 1 p. 8». 2.— 

1767 Iiange (A.) Atlas von Nord-Ameriea. 18 co- 
lor. Blattem mit erlauterndem Teste. Braunschw. 
1854. sq. fol. (3.35) 1.50 

1768 (Iiangenes, Bar.,) Caert-Thresoor, inhond. 
de tafelen des gantscbe Werelts landen, met be- 
aehryvingen verlicht. Middelburgh, Bar. Langenes 
(1598). 1 vol. in 2. 462 and 192 pp. calf. Black 
Utter, aq. 8*. — Very rare. 23.50 

(Treasure of Maps, containing those of the whole 
World toiih their description.) 

Contains 17 maps of America and of parts the- 
reof, engraved by P. Kaerius : Terra Nova, Tercera, 
Jacatau, Cnba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, New-Spain, 
Pern, Chili, Brazil, view of Potosi, Straits of Ma- 
gellan and Waygats, etc. — With descriptive text 
in Datch. — The plate after the title represents the 
ship of Magellan with circumscription: 

fFrima ego velivolis ambioi cursihus orbevi — 
Magellane novo te duce ducta freto; — Ambivi, 
meritoque vocor Victoria ; sunt mi — Vela alae, 
precium, gloria, pugna, mare." 

X769 Threaor de Chartes. Reven et angmente. 

Imprime par Chr. Gugot. 1602. Pour Corneille Ni- 
colas (Amsterdam). 2 vol. in 1. 496 and 202 pp. 
VeUum. 2 Last pages of Index wanting, sq. 8°. — 
Some MS. notes, fery rare. 18. — 

French translation of the Caert Thresoor (prece- 
ding N".) by J. de la Haye, with the same maps 
of America by P. Kaerius, and the plate of Ma- 
gellan's ship, but with the 4 Latin verses in French. 

1770 Same work, other edition in French. 

Imprime par Math. Becker, pour Menry Laureniz 
(Amsterdam, about 1610). 2 vol. in 1. 496 and 222 


pp. yellum. Fine copy, with the 3 blanc leaves, sq. 
8». 19.— 

Same maps and text. 

1771 (Langenes B3.r.,) Handboek, of cort begrijp 
der Ciierten ende beschrijvinghen van alle landen 
des Werelds. Vermeerdert (door Jac. Viverius). 
Amsterd., Com. Claesz. 1609. 762 pp. Vellum. 
Black letter, sq. 8". — Fine tall copy, with the 2 
blank leaves. 13.50 

New revised edition of Langenes' Caert-Thresoor 
containing the same maps as that of 1598 (N°. 1768), 
buth with a different, more ample text by Jac. Ti- 
verius, partly borrowed from that of Berlins (N". 
1773) — The plate of Magellan's ship twice repro- 
duced with epigram in Latin and in Dutch. 

1772 The same, half calf, coloured maps. 12. — 

li73 Bertil, P., Tabularum geographicarum 

contractarura libri V. Ed. 3a. Amstelod., apud Corn. 

Nicolai. 1606. 679 pp. !if. bd. sq. 8». — Some 

leaves of the preface with wormholes. 9. — 

New edition of Langenes' Caert-Thresoor: the 

same maps, but with new Latin text by P. Ber- 

tius. — Book V contains the description of: Ame 

rica et Magellanica, 60 pp. with 17 maps. At the" 

end a Comparatio operis praesentis cum Piolemaico^ 

1774 The same, in French, with dedication to 

Louis XIII. Amsterod. Jud. Sondias. 1618. 829 
pp. Vellum, sq. 8°. — Fine tall copy, with all blank 
leaves. 18. — 

This edition is much augmented and has perfectly 
different maps from those of the foregoing. — Li- 
vre II, Terres Septentrionales inconuues a Ptolo- 
mce contains: The North-Pole, Spitzbergen, Green- 
land, Nova-Zembla, Strait Waygats, etc. — Livre 
III, Terre Australe, with 3 maps. — Livre VII, 
I'Amerique, with 15 maps: General map. Nova 
Francia and Virginia, Teicera, Yucatan, Cuba and 
Jamaica, Hispanfola, Nova Hispania, Plan of Mexico, 
South America, Peru, Plan of Potosi, Chili, Brasi- 
lia, and 2 maps of the Globe, belonging to the : 
Comparaison de I'oeuvre present, avecceluy dePtolo- 
mee, 9 additional pp. 

1773 Langsdorfif (G-. H. von) Bemerkungen auf 
einer Reise urn die Welt in 1803 bis 1807. Frankt. 
a. M. 1812. 2 vols, with Atlas of 27 and 16 pi. 
etc. — Together 3 vols. 4to. hf. bd. 5.50 

The 2d vol. treats almost only on California, 
Norfolk-Sound, and other northern parts. 

1776 Lans (W. H.) De oorzaken van verval en 
middelen tot herstel der Snrinaamsche plantaad- 
jen. 'sGravenh., 1839. 8vo. —.75 

(The reasons ol tie decline and the means for 
the recovery of the plantations in Surinam.) 

1777 Bijdrage tot de kennis der kolonie Suri- 

name. 'sGravenh. 1842. ids. 8vo. (2.—) 1.20 

(Contributions to the knowledge of Surinam.) 

17T8 Iianterne Magique of Toverlantaem, Osoo 

Mooi! Fraai Curious! vertoonende dewonderlyke 

zaaken van dozen tijd. (Amst.,) 1782— 83. 20 parts 

in 1 vol. sd. uncut. Rare. 15. — 



(y/is Magic Lantern, oh so pretty I wonderful I 
showing the strange events of this time.) 

A satirical journal, written in a barbarous slang, 
half Dutch, half French, of some importance to the 
history of the American United States in that time, 
as it contains numerous allusions and remarks on 
the differences between England and its colonies, 
with special reference to the part the Dutch had in 
them. The 2d part treats princl))ally of the mission 
of the American Plenipotentiary John Adams. 

To the present copy is added a modern transcrip- 
tion of the many contemporary MSS. notes, affor- 
ding explanations of the pseudonyms given to diffe- 
rent persons and events alluded to, most of wioh 
would be very difticult, if not impossible to explain 
now, copied from an interleaved copy formerly in 
my possession. 

1779, La Perouse (de) Voyage autour du monde, 
public p. L. A. Milet-Mm-eau. Paris, 1798. 4 vols. 
8vo. and Atlas of 70 maps and plates, hf. calf. fol. 


1780 The Atlas of 70 pi. separately, ids. uncut. 


1781 Voyage round the world in 1785—88. 

Publ. by L. A. Milet-Mureau. Transl. from the 
French. London, 1799. 2 vols. calf. 4to. 6.— 

1782 — Labillardiere, Atlas pom- servir a la Re- 
lation dn voyage a la recherche de La Perouse. 
Paris. 1800. bds. uncut. 44 plates, (pi. 35 wanting.) 
fol. 5.— 





— LaDentre-Casteaux, Atlas du voyage fait 
1791—93, (a la Mer du Sud) a la recherche 
La Perouse. Paris, 1807. 39 maps, bds, roy. 

[La Peyrere (Is. de)] Kelation du Green- 

land. Paris, 1647. map and plate, vellum. 8vo. 

Original edition of this valuable book, dated from, 
the Hague 1646. — Slightly stained in the mar- 

1785 Another copy, old calf gilt. One leaf some 

what restored. 10.— 

1786 Nanwkeur. Besohry vmgh . . . van Groenland: 

en kort begryp der selds. reysen om Oud Groen- 
land weer te vinden door Forbeisser in 1577, enz. 
En daghverhael v. J. Munck in 't soecken v. een 
wegh tiisschen Groenland en Amerika nae 0. Ind. 
Vertaeld en met vele byvoeghselen door S. de 
V[ries]. Amst., 1678. hf. vellum, 2 ibom. 4to. (Tiele 
N». 257.) 10.— 

{Accurate description . . , oj Greenland, and short 
account of the curious voyages to re- find old Green- 
land, by Forbisher, etc. With an account of J. 
Munck in searching a way between Greenland and 
America to E.-India. Translated and with many 
additions by S. de Fries.) 

Augmented translation of La Peyrere's very in- 
teresting book OB Greenland. 
1787 Ausfuhrliche Beschreibung.. . Gronlands. 

Nebst kurtzera Begfiff der Belteame Bflisen, bo M. 
Porbiaser, Qolzke, Lindenau etc, gethan. Beacbfie^ 
ben u. mit histor. Anhangen durob S. von Y[rie8,] 
Niirnberg, 1&79. bds. 2 maps. 4to. 4,.!, 

German translation of thu preceding, with the 
same maps. 

1788 La Rochefoucauld - Liancourt, Voyage 
dans leg Etats-Unis d'Amfirique fait en 1795-97, 
Paris, 1799. 8 vqla. hf. calf, or sd. uncut, mafs. 
8vo. 5._ 

1789 Des prisons de Philadelphie. 2e fiditioa 

augm. Amsterd., 1799. 8vo. l,_ 

1790 Over de gevaDgenbuizen van Philadel- 
phia. Uit het Franseh. Amst. 1796. 8vo. —,80 

Translation of the preceding work. 

1791 La Roque (P. de) Recueil de diveraes fler 
nitres heures edifiantes. Amsterd., 1706, sd.mcul. 
8vo. 2.— 

Cont. the "Last hours" of A. Rivet, J. Janetwy, 
Mademoiselle Huyghens, J. Knox, etc. 

1792 Las Casas (B.) Oeuvres. Pric^dfieadesayie, 
de notes histor. etc. p. J. A. Llorence, Paris, 1822, 
2 vols. sd. uncut, portr. 8vo. 2.60 

This edition contains a number of unpublished 
pieces of the renowned ■/ Defensour de la liberte dea 
naturels de I'Amerique." ^ 

1793 Narratio regionum fndiae per Hispanos 

devastatarum. Oppenheimii, Sumptibus J. FA, de 
Bry, iyjns H. Galleri, 1614. With 17 engramngi in 
the text. calf. 4to. 15,-, 

Second edition of the Latin translation, ooDtaiitiDg 
the same engravings as ia the first edition, 

1794 The same. Editio nova priori longe oor- 

rectior. Heldelb., 1664. boards. 4to. 10.— 

Cont. the same engravings as the preoedipg, but 
in inferior impressions. Instead of being augmented, 
as the title says, this edition wants the preliminary 
pieces of de Bry. 

1795 Histoire admirable des horribles iupolen- 

ccs, cruautez et tyrannies exerc^es par lesEspag- 
nols as Indes Occidentales. Fidelement tr^duite p. 
/. de Miggrode. [Paris] Gabr. Oartier, 158i. olfi calf 
gilt. sm. 8vo. 28.— 

Second French edition, very rare. — Pine copy, 
complete, with the blauk leaf at the end, almost wan- 

1796 Istoria 6 brevimissima relatione della Di8- 

truttiona dell' Indie Occenditali. Spagnuolp con 
la trad, in Italiano di F. Beraabita. Venetia, M. 
Glnammi, 1626. vellum. 4to. sligtlhy stained. 5.- 

1797 Histoire des indes OceidentMes, ou I'on 

reconnait la bont6 de ceg pais, et de leur peu- 
ples ; et les cruautez Tyranniquea dea Eepagnols. 
... trad, en Fran9. Lyon, 1642. hf. W. 8vo. 


1798 Relation des Voyages et des deoouvertes 

que les Espagnols ont fait dans les Indea-Oocid. 
— Avec la Relation carieuse des Voyages de Mon 

Fredekik MuM/EK ^ C, 



tanban, C»pit. d. t'libustlers, «n Ouinte en 1695. 
Amst. 1698. — L'Art de voyager atileiuent. Sur 
la^opie de Pans. Amst. 1698. 1 vol. calf. 8vo. 


1799 (Las Casas (B.), Spieghel der Spaenscher 
tytannye in West-lndien. Waerin de moordadighe, 
sehandel. en grouwel. fey ten d. Spaenj. in die Ian- 
den. Beschryv. v. d. geiegenh. zeden on aert v. 
die landen en Volken. Amsterd., Com. t'laess., 
It507. 6di. 4to. (Tiele N". 305.) 20.- 

(Mirror of tie Spanish I'l/ranny in If. India .' 

deieriiing the murderous, slucmeful and horrible 

deeds of the Sftm. ue those countria. — Deacript. 

of the situation, manners and peculiarities of those 

countries and nations.) 

Tlie lirat Uutch ti-anslation is published in 1578, 

a Sid ed. in 1579, a Sd in 1596, all very rare. — 

This is a reprint of the ftMrmer Dutch editions. With 

engraved map of America on tlie title. 

1800 Den vermeerderden Spieghel der Spaen- 

sclte tierannye in West-lmtien, enz. Amsterd., 

J. E. Vtoppenburg. Itj20. hf. bd. 4to. (Tiele K". 

309). fine and tall copy. 18.— 

^ The augmented mirror of the Spanish tyranny 

i« If. -India.) 

With 17 plates by the excelleut engraver D. v. 
B^reinden). The plates have been used for theiater 

To this edition is added, probably for the first time ■- 
Het lie deel v. de Spaensche Tyraunyc in iSeder- 
iaud. ^oyt voor deseu ia Uruck gewetist. Amst. 
J. B. Cloppenburg. 1620. 4to. With plates. 

{The "id vol. of the Spanish Tyranny in Nether- 
land. Never before printed.) 

The volume contains besides the following impor- 
tant Dutch books on the Spanish 'l^ranny in the 
Netherlands and elsewhere, includiug the highly re- 
marqoable works of Montanus, oa the Inquisition: 

^W. iJaudartJ De Spaensche Tyranny, dienende tot 
een Morgenwecker der vrye Nederl. Frov. {The 
Saanith lirani^, serving as an atarm-aatch for 
the free Dutch J'rovmces.) (,about 1610.) 

Montanus, (R. &.,) Grouwel der Verwoestinghe, of 
bericht van de Grronden der Spaensche Inquisitic. 
(I'he Sorror of destruction, or relation of the 
grounds of the Spanish Inqutsiiion.) "s Grav. 1621. 

— Der Heil. Hispan. Inqnisitie listighe secrete 

consten en pRictyckeii. {The false secret arts and 
' practices of the Molg Spanish Inquisition.) 's Grav. 


(J. Focanus), Adoni-Beseck of Lex talionis, dat 
is : Rechtveerdiglie straffe Godes over de Tyraunen. 
XJuSt punishment of C-od on the I^grants.) Ddft, 

D. Bredan, Consnltatie hoe deu Oorloge m Ne- 
derl. beat tot ecu goet eynde gebraght sal werden. 
{Consultation td end the war in Netherland on the 
test U/af.) Amst 1630. 

Very interesting collection. — Las Casas alone 
f 19. — — The entire collection: 30. — 


1801 Las Casas (B,) Den Vermeerderden Spieghel 
der Spaansche tierannye in West-lndien, enz. Am- 
sterd., 6'. L. V. d. Plasse, 1621. hf. Id. 4to. (Tiele 
N". 314) Fine and tall cojiy. 16. — 

{The augmented mirror of the Spanish tyranny 
in If. India.) 

With 17 plates; in this edition pi. 5 is omitted 
and a plate representing Columbus on his ship (co- 
pied after de Bry) is added, 

1802 ■ Den Spieghel der Spaense Tyrannye ge- 

schiet in West-lndien. — 2e deel v. de Spiegel 
d. Spaense Tyrannye geschietin Nederlant. Amst., 
£. Kloppenburg, 1638. plates, vellum. 4to. (Tiele 
N». 818.) 18.— 

(The Mirror of the Spanish tyranny in IF.- 
India. — 2d part of the Spanish tyranny in Ne- 

The titles of both parts are originally the same, 
viz.: an engraved plate with blank oval in the 
middle, oa which afterwards both the above, given 
diJlereut titles were posted. The 17 pi. are all in 
later impressions or copied iu the inverse. With pre- 
face and dedication. 

1803 Den vermeerderden Spieghel der Spaen- 
sche tierannye m West-lndien, etc. Amsterd. S. J. 
Saeghman, 1664. 18 plutes, eetlum. (Tiele N". 319.) 
4to. 14.50 

{The augmented mirror of the Spanish tyranny 
in U est -India.) 

(With the two plates representing Colomb on his 
ship, and breaking the egg ^copied after de Bry) ; 
the last plate is no of the lormer editions. 

1804 Spiegel d. Spaense tyranny in West-ln- 
dien, het magtig ry k v. iilexcico {sic .') eu het Pae- 
rel, Goud en ZUverryk Peru. Amst., Is.^.d.Fatle 
(,1730?) 4to. (Tiele iM". 321.) 8.50 

^Mirror of the Spanish Tyranny in IFest-India, 
the mighty slate of Mexico, and Peru rich in 
pearls, gold and silver.) 

Very rare popular edition or chap-book. — The 
text is abridged in some places. VViui 4 woodcuts. 

All the Dutch editions of Las Ciisas are rare, 
especially in good copies, this book having been for 
a long time a popular book. 

1805 Lathrop ^0os.) Oli., Pastor of the Congr. 
Church in W. Sprmgfldd, distmguished orator. — 
A. L. S. to the Lt. ijfOvernorBrigham at Norwich, 
dated West-Springfield, July ISOa. 3 pp. fol. 2.50 

Bemarkable letter on matters of couscieuce. 

1807 Lattre CPti. A. de) Campagne des Franjais 
a St. Domingue, et Keiutation Ues reproches laits 
au Capit.-tjeueral liochamljeau. Paris, 1805. ^ 
/. E. Jieauvoisins, Tableau de la Cour Otthomane. 
Paris. 1807. — 1 vol. hf. calf. Svo. 2.— 

1807 Laurenoe-Grulf (St.). — Vievr of Miramichi, 
French Settlement. Dra-wn on the spot by Capt. 
£. Smyth, etched by P. Sandiy. Ig. sq. fol. 1768 — 
Full margins. 2.-— 

1308 Laugel (A.) LesEtats-Unis pendant la guerre 
(1861—1865.) Paris, 1866. 8v9. l.-? 



1809 Laurens (H.), American Ambassador to Am- 
stei'dam, throws his papers into the sea, whicli 
are piclted up by the English. 1780. — Satirical 
plate: a picture i-epresenting this event, with in- 
scription: ^hinc iU{ae lacrymae)" standing on a 
table; before it an Englishman and a Dutchman 
quarrelling, sq. fol. — With separate Dutch ex- 
planation. — Very rare. 6. — 

1810 His papers produced in the States-Gene- 
ral by the Prince of Orange. 1780. Engrav. by 
n. I'inkeles. 8». 1.— 

1811 LautS (G.) 7 small tracts in Dutch; ^Extr. 
irom Journals etc.) : The study of the Dutch his- 
tory in North-America. — The Dutch in Brazil. — 
St. Pauls-Klip. — California. — Letters of a 
German colonist. — Histor. notice of Dutch nau- 
tical maps, etc. 1842—61. 8vo. 3.50 

1818 Nederland'a West-lndische bezittingen. 

(Extr. 1850.) 8vo. —.50 

(Historical view of the Dutch West-Ind. posses- 

181,? Beoefening der Nederl. geschiedenis in 

Noord-Amerika, of de Generaal J. Watts de Pey- 
ster. 2 prts. (Extr. 1860, 61.) 8vo. —.75 

{The study of Dutch history in North- America, 
or General J. fVatts de J'eyster.) 

1814 St. Pauls-Klip. (Extr. 1845.) 8vo. -.75 

On St. Paiils-cliffs in the Atlantic and the ship- 
wreck of the Jan Hendrik there. — Added some 
extracts from news-papers etc. on the some subject. 

1815 Kalifornia. (History, description in Dutch.) 

Arast. 1849. 8vo. —.50 

1816 Naam der straat tusschen Nieuw-HoUand 

en Nieuw-Guinea. (JSxtr. 1861.) Svo. — .75 

[On. the name of the strait between J^ew-Rolland 
and New-Guinea.) 

1817 Law (J.) Aanmerkingeu over den koophandel 
en het geldt. Als meede histor. en geograph. be- 
schryvinge van Louisiana, boneyens een berigt van 
de nieuwe Fransche Indische Compagnie ... en 
den tegenwoord. handel in actien, door P. J. M. 
Amst., 1721. vellum, portr,, map of Louisiana, sm. 
8vo. 3.— 

{Notes on commerce and money. With an histor. 
and geograph. description of Louisiana, and an ac- 
count o[ the new French Indian Company and the 
present stock-jobbing.) 

The description of Louisiana fills pp. 194—320. — 
One of the various books on the scheme of Law. - 

1818 Laws of the United States of America, 
published by Authority. Philadelphia, 1796. 'A vols. . 
calf. 8vo. 2.50 : 

1819 Review of the Laws of the United Sta- ! 

tea of North America, the British Provinces, and ■ 
West India Islands. Lend. 1790. calf. 8vo. 1.50 ; 

1820 The Danish Laws, or the Code of 

Christian V, translated for the use of the English 
inhabitants of the Danish Settlements iir America. : 
,Lond. 1766. calf, 8vo. 2.So 

1821 Lear, Tobias, diplomatist, private Secretary 
and friend of Washington. — L. S, to J. 'frost 
dat. War Departm. Jan. 6, 1815. 1 p. 4". 1.60 

Official letter. 

1822 Le Blanc (V.) Voyages fameux ..,, aux 
quatre parties du monde, . . . aux Indes Orient, et 
Occidentales, etc. R6digez sur ses m^moires par 
F. Bergeron; corr. et augm. par 6'o«?0ffl. Paris, 
1658. 2 parts. 1 vol. Old calj.' 4X6. 5.50 

Prt. II. pp. S!6— 109: Voyage des Indes Occi. 
dent., Description de I'Amerique, etc. 

1823 Leblond. Description abrfigee de la Guyane 
Franjaise. Paris, 1814. 8vo. (map wanting.) l._ 

1824 Lebrun, (MmeC.) Trois mois i la Louisiane. 
Tours, 1857. bds. plates. 8vo. l._ 

1825 Lebrun (H.) Le pole Nord ou voyages et 
d(5couvertes dans les region's arctiquea aux XYlIIe 
et XlXe siecles. Tours, 1857. Svo*. 1.-. 

1826 [Lechevalier (J.)] Note sur la fondation 
d'une uouv. colonic dans la Guyane Prangaise,' 
ou Apergu d'un nouv. mode de population et de 
culture pour I'exploitation des regions trdpicales, 
suivi de documents, etc. Paris, 1844. hf. calf. Svo. 


1827 Lecompte (F.) Guerre de la Secession. Es- 
quisse des evenements militaires et politiqnes des 
Etats-Unis, 1861— 1863. Paris. 1866— 67. 3 vols, 
in 1. maps. hf. calf, large Svo. , , ; 2.60 

1828 Guerre des Etats-Unis d'Amerique. Kap- 

port an Departement militaire Suisse. Paris, 1863. 
maps. hf. hi. 8vo. i , - ' 1.60 

i829 Ledlard (Tom.) Natal History of England, 
in all its branches; from the Noi'mah conquest in 
1066 to 1634. Lond. 1732. 2 vols, in X.calf. fol. 

,. ^.,8.- 
Pnll of ample and interesting notices on the life, 
actions and discoveries of Columbuv, J.- and S. Ca- 
bot, Kamusius, .\. Jenkinson, Hawkins, H. Gilbert, 
Drake, Baleigh and o'tbers, with acconnts. of all the 
events in the British Colonies in America, etc. 
1830 Ledru (A. P.) Voyage aux lleS de TMriffe, 
la Trinite, St.-Thomas, Ste Croix et Pofto-Eiceo. 
■ Av. notes et addlt. par Sonnini'. Piris,' 1810. 
2 vols. sd. map. Svo. - > ■ 2.— 

1831" Leemans (C.) Bereden. beschryvingder'isiat. 
en Amerik. Monumenten ' van het ' Museum van 
oudheden te Leydon. Leydcri, 1842. sd. Svo. 

{Description of the Asiatic and American mon»- 
ments of the Museum, of afUiffuities at Leiden.) 

1832 „Legacy (The)" A horse, loaded wi^th two 
baskets, filled with guineas and with a set of sil- 
ver and gold plate, goes to Hessen-Cassel, with 
inscription: ^or secret servipes," in allusion to the 
sale of his subjects, by the Duke for the English 
army in America. Publ. by ^. Holland. 1786. sq. 

fol. ' ' .; 5.- 

1833 Legatio David Aethiopia.e.Regis:aaCleinen- 

Fhed|!bik Mulj.^!^ <^ C',, 


tem Papa VII. — Ejnsd. legatio ad Emanuelem 

Portugalliae regem. — Item alia legatio ejusd. 

aaJ Joamiein Portugalliae regem. — De regno 

Aethiopiae, ac popnlo, deq. moribus ejusdem po- 

puli nonnulla. Bonon., Jac. Kemolen ofMosl.lbSS. 

/if. Russia. 24 ff. 4to. the last blank. Venj fine 

copj. 20.— 

01 great rarity. An Italian translation appeared 

in the same year in 3 different editions. 

1834 Legatio inagni Indorum Imperatoria Presby- 

teri Joannis, ad Emanuelem Lusitaniae Eegera, 

A". D. 1513. Interprete Dam. de Goes. Dordraci, 

1618.' 16 unnumh. leaves, kf. calf gilt. sm. 8vo. 

(Title restored.) Rare. 6.— 

1836 Leguat (Fr.) Voyage et avantures en deux 
isles dSsertes des Indes Orient. Londres (i.e. Am- 
sterdam), D. Mortier, 1708. 2 vols, in 1 vellum, 
plates. 8vo. 2.50 

1836 Gevaarlyke en zeldzarae reyzen naar twee 

onbewoonde Oostind. eylanden. Uyt het Frans vert. 
Utrecht, 1708. hf. vellum, plaiesi 4to. Fine copy. 

Dntch translation of the preceding. 

1837 Leibnitz (G. G.) Codex juris gentium diplo- 
maticna. Acced. Mantissa. Hanoverae, 1693—1700. 
2 vols, calf, coals of arms. fol. Fine copy. 10. — 

Contains o. a.: Alexandri Bulla, qua Ferdinandi 
et Elisabethae regi et reginae Castellae et Arragouiae 
concedit jus in novum orbem a Colombo detecium. — 
Literae a Fernando, rege Siciliae, ad Ludovioiim XI., 
Galliae regem, inissae, qaibus qnaeritiir, quod tirisi. 
Columbus triremes suas depraedatus sit, postulatqne 
sibi ablata restitui, 8 Dec. 1474. — Responsio La- 
do vici XI. 

1838 Leidy (J.) The ancient fauna of Nebraska, 
or a description of remains of extinct mammalia 
and Chelouia. Washingt. 1853. clolh, iiplaies.voy. 
4to. ■?.— 

1839 Le Long (Is.) Godts wonderen met zijne 
kerke vertoont in eon verhaal van meest Boheem- 
sche en Moravische Breeders... 2de druk verbee- 
tert. Amsterd. 1738. 2 vols, in 1. -vellum, plate. 8vo. 

(_TAe wonders of the Lord in hli Churchy expo- 
sed by an account of the Bohemian and Moravian 

Contain (Vol. [. pp. 472—545) the aqcount of 
a voyage of a potter and a carpenter to St. Tho- 
mas, (pp. 546—616) a voyage to Greenland, etc. 

1840 Le Maire (Jac.) Ephemerides sive Uescriptio 
navigationis australls institutae A". 1616. [Amst., 
U. Colt/n.] 162'.^. fol. boards. Extra tall copy. 

•' ' 10.- 

With 5 plates in the text ; no maps. The por- 
trait of le Maire is not in this edition. 

This voyage forms the 2J part of No. 1415 Her- 
rera, Novus orbis, [pagi-s numbered 46 to (83)| and 
is very diflicult to be found separately. See Tiele, 
p. 59. 



The margins of the 2d page are filled wiih a La- 
tin dialogue, neatly written by an old hand about 
16i2, held between the Oaptaiu of this very expedition 
and , . . ? This dialogue is probably taken from the 
original MS. but omitted in the edition as it gives 
no particulars of the voyage itself! 

1841 Lennep (J. H. v.) Het Boek voor den Zee- 
man . . . Haarlem, (1861—62). 4 vols. Numerous 
fine maps and woodcuts, sni. 4to. Af. cloth. 4.50 

{The book for the Seaman.) 

This popular edition of the Du'.ch Voyages, repro- 
duces the original text, in modern orthography, of 
the Voyage? of Bontekoe and Raven, to Bast-India 
and Greenland; 0. de Veer's llelation of the three 
Voyages to the North, by Heemskerck and Barentsz; 
the first Voyages to East-Iudia by Corn. Houtman, 
etc. ; V. d. Heyden's Ship-wreck of the East-Iudia 
ship Tev Schelliug on the coast of Bengal, etc. Re- 
lations from other and minor voyages, with u Sup- 
plementary volume (Jan Davids' Zcemagazyn) of his- 
torical reminisceuces, narrations, proverbs, relating 
to the Dutch JMariue History. 

Very well executed series of popular writings. 

1842 Lennep Coster (G. v.) Ilerinneringen mijner 
reizen naar onderscheidene werelddeelen. Amsterd. 
1836. 2 vols. /(/'• bd. or sd. uncut, plates. 8vo. 

(8.10) 2.— 
{Memoirs of my voyages to various parts of the 

Vol. I. contains the author's voyage of the West- 

1843 Aantee'.ceningen gehouden gednrende mijn 

verbljjf in de West-lnjien, in 1837 — 40. Amsterd. 
1842. sd., plates. 8vo. (3.60) 1.25 

{Journal kept during my stay in the West- 

1844 Le Roy (P. L.) Kort, nauwkeurig en eoht 
relaas van vier Russischo zpolicdcn, welke op het 
onbewoond eilaiul Oost-Spitzbergen, 6 jaron . . . 
hebben doorgebragt. Uit het Franscli. Amsterd. 
1768. sni. 8vo. 1.25 

{Short, exact and true account of four Russian 
mariners, who have resided 6 years at the unha- 
bited island East Spitzbergen. From the French.) 

1845 Lery (J. de), Histoire d'un voyage fait en la 
terre du Brfail, autrenjentdito Ameriqiie. (Geneve. 
1584?) pp. 1—424; 6 woodcuts, bds. 8vo. 15.— 

Pp. 341 — 377 Dialogues in Brazil and L,itin. — 
This copy wauls title and preliminaries, and is slightly 

1846 Historia navigationis in Brasiliam quae 

et America dicitur, qua dcscribitm- autoris navi- 
gatio, Villagagnonis in America gesta, Brasilieu- 
sium victus et mores . . . (Genevae) Fust. Vignon. 
1586. 8vo. Good tall copy, hf. vellum. 25. — 

With the very rare folded plate, and 6 woodcuts 
of the size of the page. Pag. 271—297 is filled 
with dialogues in Brazilian aud Latin. This first 
Latin edition is scarcer than the original French. 




1847 Lery (J. de) The same. Kditio 2a. Genevae, 
Jpud Haeri'des Eust. I'iynon, 15':)4. vellum. 8vo. Tall 
cop!/. If^. — 

Koprint of the preceding edition with some slight 
nlterations. With the large plate, the dialogues etc. 

1848 SiiLiie edition. Nice copj in brown niarocco, 

gill linings and edges. 20. — 

1849 Keiso in Brasilien. Nach deni von d. 

Vorlasser aelbst veranstalteten, vcrbess. u. vorm. 
latein. Aiisgabe iiberaetzt. Mit Anmerk. u. Erlaii- 
tevungen. Miioster, 1794. bds. Svo. Scarce. 5.— 

Added ; Anhaug zwoer Apologieii Villegagnons 
gegen die Beschnldigcingen del' Religionsdieuer Cal- 
viiis. — Pagg. 331 — 360 Dialogues etc. in Brazilian 
and German. 

1850 Lesearbot (Marc), Histoire de la Nouvelle 
France, contenant les navigations, dccouvertes et 
habitations faitea par les Fran^ais es hides Ooci- 
dentales et Nouv. France... Paris, /. .JiiWoi!, 1609. 
4 maps^ calf. sru. Svo. Short copy. 40. — 

Original edition^ rarissime. — Signature autogr. 
of Auquetil Uiiperron on the title ; 3 of the maps 
and pp. 239—40 in facsimile; — pag. 697—703 
treat on the language of Canada. — At the end : 
Les Muses de la Nouv. France (with separate title), 
pp, 1 — 44, the 4 last wanting. - Some little worm- 

1851 Meme ouvrage. Avec les Muses de la 

Nouv. France. Paris, ./. Milloi, 1612. Nouv. edi- 
tion, publiie par is'. Tross. Paris, 1866. 3 vols. sd. 
uncut. 3 maps in facsimile. 8vo. 18.50 

1852 Lesseps (de) Journal historique de son voyage 
(depuis le Karaschatka jusqu'en France) dana I'ex- 
peditiou de La P(5rouse. Paris, 1790. 2 vol. maps 
and plate, hj. calf. Svo. 2.50 

Pagg. 376—80: Vocabulaire Frau9ai3e-Kuase- 

1853 Letter from the Sefcretai-y of the Navy, 
transmitting a statement of the application of the 
appropriations made by Congress for clerk hire 
in the Departement of the Navy, specifying the 
persons and the salaries allowed to each. [No 
place.'] 1802. Svo. 2.— 

1854 Letters from Washington, on the Constitu- 
tion and laws ; with sketches of some of tlie pro- 
minent public characters of the Un. States. By 
a Foreigner. Washington, 1818. bds. Svo. 2. — 

1855 Lettre du Congres G6n6ral de Philadelphia 
aux habitans des Colonies Amerioaines et an peu- 
ple de la Grande-Bretagne, suiv. de I'extrait de 
leurs liesolutions. Trad, de I'Angl. Lond.(enHoll.) 
1775. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.50 

1856 Lettre d'un Bourgeois de Londre, Quaker de 
religion, a son coUeguc Mr. R. W., marchand a 
Rotterdam. Trad, de I'Angl. (No place) 1688, 4to, 


1857 Lettre (Premiere) d'un citoyen de la Haye 
au pretendu citoyen d'Amsterdam, en reponse k 

ses Observatimis sur le Memoire pr^ente aus 
Etats-Gener., pai' I'Ambassadeur d'Angloterre. So 
place. 1779. Svo. uncul. 1.60 

1858 Leupe (P. A.) De Reizen der Nederlaudevs 
naar het Zuidland of Nieuw-HoUand in de 17c 
en 18e eeuw. AmSterd., 1868. sd., large map. Svo. 

( The voyages of the Dutc?i to the South-Zand or 

New-Holland in the llth and ISM century.) 
A very interesting work, printed in a small mtm- 

ber of copies. 

1859 • lets over de reis van Willem dfi Vlamiijg 

naar Nienw-HoUand in 1696. — Verslag eenfer 
reis naar Nieuw-Holland iii 1705. (Amst., 1856.) 
Extr. Svo. 1.26 ■ 

{Ott the voyage of W. de Vlaming to New-E,al- 
land in 1696. — Account of a voyage to Nem-Uol- 
land in 1705.) 

1860 De cilanden Dina en Maerseveen in den 

Zuider Atlant. Ocean. (Amst, 1868.) 8vo.' 

( The islands Dina and Maerseveen (of the \i'lh 
century) in the Southern Atlantic Ocefin.) 

1861 Le Vaillant (F.) Histoire naturelled'une par- 
tie d'Oiseaux nouv. et rares de I'Amerique et des 
Indes. Paris, 1804. Vol. I. (all publ.) Ifilhi9 8n- 
perbly coloured plates, and a duplicate plain 
set, fol. 35.- 

1862 Levea eu character van J. Law, gewezenc 
Controlleur-Generaal der Financien van Lodewijk 
XV. liit authent. gedenkschi'iften zam^ngWeld 
door C. P. Amsterd. 1722. Engrav, (rontisp, vellum, 
8vo. 3.- 

(Life and character of J. Law, the financial 
manager of Lewis X^, from authentic memoirs.) 

Interesting volume on Law and his fibauciarsCbe-' 
me, the stock-jobbing, especially oh the I'renSh In- 
dian and the iVlississippi Company. 

1863 Leven van J. J. Dessalines, Opperhoofd der 
opgestane negers van St. Domingo, met berigten; 
over zijn verheffing tot Keizer van Haiti. Haar- 
lem, 1805. sd. uncut, portrait. Svo. 1.^ 

(Life of Dessalines, Chief of the rebel negroes 
at St. Domingo,- and his rising to Emperor of Editi.) 

1864 Levini Apollonii, Gandobrugani, De 
Peruviae Regionis, inter Novi Orbis provincias 
celeberrlmae, inventione et rebus in eadem gestis 
libri V. Antverpiae, apud Joa. Bellerum, 1567. old 
calf gilt. Svo. W'ith map in woodcut. — fery rare. 

Very fine, ruled copy, large mirgin.', the 'signa-' 
ture of Franc. Bassius No'ens. Chirurg. Paris. 1609. 
on the title. — Copies with the map are very rare, 

1805 Lewis, Morgan, Officer in the Kevol. Strug- 
gle and in the War of 1812, Governor of N. Y. — 
A. L. S. to General P. B. Porter, dat. Staats- 
berg, Nov. 20, 1815. l' p. 4°. 2.50 

Public Service. — Endorsed with an answer, 
signed A. (1. 

Frederik Mui.l.EK & 0°., 



1866 Lewis u. Clarke, Entdecknngs-Eeise durch 
Nord-Amerika, van d. Miindimg d. Missouri an 
t)is ... d, stillon Ocean. Uehers. v. P. C. Wey- 
land. Weimar, 1814. srf. map. 8vo. 1.75 

1867 — — Reize naar de bronnen van dpn Missouri 
en door hat vaste land van America naardeZuid- 
zee. Uit het Eng. Dordr. 1816—18. 3 vols. id. 
unaui, map. 8vo. 2.50 

(Travel to the sources of tlie Missouri and through 
He continent of America to the Smiih-Sea. from 
the Engl.) 

1868 Leyden et Hugh Murray, Histoiro com- 
plete des voyages et dt5couvertes en Afrique; 
accomp. d'un precis geograph. etc. Trad. del'Angl. 
et augm. par M. A. C. Paris, 1821. 4 vols. 8vo. 
and Alias of maps. in-4to. hf. calf. 3. — 

1869 Liberated Dutchman (The), or the com- 
pelled dog. {•'Ue verloste Hollander of de gedwongen 
do/f"). A Dntcli peasant goes to encounter an 
American who voceiveg him in his open arms, iii 
perspective England half drowned, and several 
other allusions. With Dutch explanation. 1780. 
sq. tbi. — feri/ rare caricature. 5. — 

1870 Lichtenstein (H.) Erliiuterungen der Nach- 
richten des Francisco lleraandez von den vier- 
tiisBigen Thieren Neuspaniens. Berlin, 18,30. 4to. 
Extr. 1.— 

1871 [Liefs (J.)] Lof-dicht over de wyt-vermaerde 
. . . victoria, by het veroveren van de . . . Silver- 
vloot des Konings van Spangien, door P. Pz. Heyn 
ende H. C. Lonoq, A». 1623. No place. 1629. 4to. 

{Panegyric upon the famous . . . victory, at the 

conquest of the Silverjleet of the King of Spain, 

hy P. Fz. Ueyn and II. 0. Loncq.) 
Rare, not mentioned by Asher. 

1872 Lier (D. van) Extract, ofte cort vcrhael van 
'tschip Nien Delf, . . . naer Oost-lndieu, 1646 - 47. 
No place. 1648. 4to. 1.50 

(Short account of the voyage of the ship New 
Delf to East-India.) 

1873 Lil CH. van) Loven en lotgevallcn van Will. 
Penn, stichter van Peunsylvanien. Amsterd., 
1820—25. 2 vols. sd. 8vo. (5.50) 2.— 

(Life and adventures of W . Penn, founder of 

1874 Lima (Santa Eosa de S. Maria de)- — 
Oracion panegirica . . . dixo en la (glesia Cathe- 
dral de la Ciadad de Quito. (Quito), 1762. hf. 
eilf. 4to. Neat copy. — A small wormhole in the 
margins. 6. — 

1875 Lincoln. — Bacon (G. W.) Abrah. Lincoln 
In zijn leven en daden. Naar het Eng. Amsterd. 
186,5. 8vo. —.60 

(Life and deeds of Abr. Lincoln. From the Engl.) 

1876 Lincoln, Levi, Governor of Massachus., 
1825-34. — A. L. S. to a Committee, dat. Deo. 
20, 1838. 1 p. 8». 2.50 

Accepts an invitatiou to participate in oommoino- 
rating the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers. 

1877 Linda (L. de) Descriptio orbis et omnium 
ejus rerumpubliearura. Arastelod. l&Qb. vellum. 8vo. 

P|). 1117-1156 lib. Xll, conlahi J. de Laet, 
Descriptio Indiae Occident. ». Americoo. 

1878 Linde, R6ponse k la Declaration du Congrcs 
Am(5rieain. Trad, de rAngl. par Ercville. La Haye. 
1777, sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.50 

1879 L-indley (Th.) Narrative of a voyage to Bra- 
sil. London, 1805. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.50 

1880 Liaschoton (Jan Huygen van) — 
I. Itinerario, Voyage naar Oost ofte Portugaels 
Indien,inhoud. vx-n covtc iKachryviughe ders; Jjan- 
den ende Zpocusten, enz. 1506. 

l!ff. Reysgosflirift v. de Navigatiei) der Portu- 
galoyscrs in Oriciiti'n, in. ... als oock v. de ganl- 
sche ousten v. Brasilieu, en alle Havens v. dien. 
Item V. 't vaste lamlt, en die Voor-Eylanden (An- 
tilles) V. Spaens Inilien, euz. Uyt Portugv en 
Spaensche . . . overgheset. 

V\b. Extract en Sominer van alle Renten, Do- 
meyen, ToUon, lucoiMsten.. enz. des Coninghs van 
Spaengien. Lyt d. Spaenschen ... ghetransl. 1596. 
111. Beschryvinghe v. de gantsche Custe v. 
Guinea, enz. ende tegenover do Cabo de St. Au- 
gustyn in Brasilieu, de eygliensohappen des ge- 
hcelen Ooeanischen Zees, mitsgad. hare Eyianden 
. . . Volght noch do beschryv. v. West Indien in 
't langhe, met hare Cacrte. 1596. — Amsterdam, 
Cornells Claesz., 1595 — 9G. 3 parts in 1 vol. calf 
or vellum, fol. With portrait of the aulhor,^^ plates 
and 6 maps. (Ticle N". 80.) 25. - 

(1. Ilinerurio or voi/uge to East or Portuguese 
India.) comprising short description of these coun- 
tries and coasts. 

Ha, Description of the navigation of the Portu- 
guese in India, . . . also of the coasts of Erii^il 
and the hnriours; item of the continent and the 
fore-islands (Antilles) of Span. India. Transl. from 
the Poriug. and Spanish. 

lib. Extract or Summary of all the rents, do- 
minions, tolls and revenues of the king of Spain 
Transl. from the Span. 

HI. Description of the whole coast oj Guiviea^ 
etc. and the ('alw St. Augustin in Brazil^ihe pecu- 
liarities of the Ocean sea, its islands etc. With a 
description of West- India at large.) 

1881 The same. Ordinary copy, some plates 

and maps wanting, hf. bd. iol. 12. — 

This inestimable book, a treasure of all the know- 
ledge and learning relating to the East- and West- 
Indies and the navigation thilher, at the end of 
the l6th century, has been in the highest esteem 
for nearly a century, and was given to each ship 
sailing to India, as log-book. Hence the many edi- 
tions (6 in Dutch, 3 iii French, I in Latin) — all 
enumerated below; but this is also the cause that 
fine copies, es|]ecially with all the plates and nyips, 



are so very rare. A large part of the book is occu- 
pied by translations of original Spanish and Portu- 
guese documents on geography, ethnography, statis- 
tics, navigation, etc, which arc simply omitted by 
de liri/, in their Latin and German translation. 

The 36 plates and 6 maps illustrating the book, 
are the same for the 6 editions in Dutch, the 2d 
and 3d I'Vench edition and (with exception of one 
map) for the Latin edition. The plates are due to 
excellent engravers, the brothers John and Biifl. v. 

The Latin and German translations of this book 
given by de Bri/ in the Peiiis Voyages, U, III, IV, 
are crowded with faults, misunderstandings, omissions, 
etc. ; the plates are no less had, see Camus, Memoire, 
and I'iele, Memoire. 

1882 Linschoten (Jan Hxiygen van) Thesarao, 
in 4 divisions or 3 parts. Reprint of the edition 
of 1596, with the same date. The 82 pp. of the 
3d part (Description of Guinea and America) are 
not paged in this edition ; also the title of this 
part diflers, having as vignette a square hemis- 
phere with inscription : Domini est terra, etc. — 
With the 8 pp. Index for the 3 parts, wich Mr. 
Tiele (Memoire p. 90) stated as wanting in this 
edition, vellum, fol. Plates and maps coloured and 
mended. — Very rare edition. (Tiele N". 80*.) 


1883 The same. 3d edition in 3 parts. All 

printed at Amst. by Corn. Claesz. — Part [ no 
date; Pt. It 1604. Pt. [II 1605. With vign. as in 
the 2d ed. vellum, fol. IVith plate and maps. (Tiele 
W. 82.) 35.— 

This edition is the rarest of the 6 Dutch editions. 
Keprint of the first edit., but without separate title 
and dedio. to part lib. — In this and the later 
editions the plates at page 6 (Mozambique) and 142 
(Ascension) have no Dutch description on the verso. 

1884 The same. 4th edition. 3 parts. Amst, 

/. .B, Cloppenburgfi, 1614. vellum, fol. With plates 

and maps. (Tiele N". 86.) 25.— 

This is, after the 3d, the rarest of Linschoten's 

Dutch editions; the 1st (of 1696) and the 6th (of 

1644) are those commonly found. 

Reprint of the first edition ; only some words 
changed, but the titles ([uite different ; to part 8 that 
of the first part (1st and 2 edition) is prefixed; part 
3 has no paging; the title and dedication to part 
lib are omitted. 

1885 — — The same. 5th edition. 3 parts. Amst.j 
/. E. Cloppenlmrgh , 1623. vellum. With plates and 
maps. fol. Very fine copy. Rare. (Tiele No. 18.) 

Exact reprint of the edition of 1614. Part III per- 
fectly agrees with the edition of 1614; without title, 
etc. to lib. 

1886 — — The same. 6th edition. 3 parts. Amst., 
J. E. Cloppenburgh, 164.3. vellum or calf, plates and 
maps. fol. (Tide N». 90.) 20.— 

Reprint of the last edition, with the tame diffe. 

1887 Linschoten (Jan Huygen van) Histoire 
de la navigation de J. H. de L. et de son voya- 
ge es Indes Orient, etc. Avec annotations de B. 
Paludanus, special, sur les plantes, etc. et div. 
figures. Adjoust. autres descriptions, tant de Qui- 
nee etc. que des navigations des Holland, vers le 
Nord au Vaygat et en la nonv. Zembla. Nonv. 
trad, en Fran?. Amst., H. Laurent, 1610. calf, fol, 
(Tiele N». 83.) 18._ 

This edition is most probably printed at Frank- 
fort by de Bry, as appeara from the printing and 
bad paper ; it contains 58 pi. (many with German 
inscriptions) printed in the text, as in the editions 
of de Bry. Of the 6 maps belonging to this edi- 
tion, only one (facing page 14) is extant. The navi- 
gations of the Dutch to Waygat, though mentioned 
on the title, are omitted. Nearly all is an extract 
from the first Dutch edition. The notes of Paluda- 
nus, mentioned on the title, are also in all the Dutch 
edition but much fuller. 

Some rare copies of this edition bear the name: 
Theod. Pierre at Amsterdam as pnblisher on the 

This French edition is very rare in Holland, and 
more frequently found in France and Germany; 
also a mark of its being printed in Germany. 

1888 [. Histoire de la Navigation. 2e edition. — 

II. Le grand routier de mer. — Ilf. Description 
de I'Am^rique, etc. — The 3 parts all printed at 
Amsterd., J. E. Cloppenburgh, 1619. 1 vol. calf. 
fol. With the 36 pi. and 6 maps of the Dutch edi- 
tions. (Tiele N». 87.) 30.- 
The 1st part is a reprint from the French edi- 
tion of 1610; the bad plates of de Bry are omitted. 
The 2 and 3d part are translated from the original. 

1889 The same, in French. 3e 6dit.augment6e. 

Amst., J. E. Cloppenburqh, 1638. 3 parts in 1. fol. 
With the 36 pi. and 6 maps of the Dutch edit. 
(Tiele N». 89.) 26.- 

Exact reprint of the Preuch edition of 1619. 

1890 Navigatio ac Itinerarium in Orient, s. 

Lusitanorum Indiam. Deaoriptionis ejusd. terras 
ac tractuura littor. praecip. Portuum, etc. E Bel- 
gico Latine redd. Hag. Com., Alb. ITenrici,impeniis 
authoris et Corn. Nicolai (Corn. Claesz), 1599. — 
Desoriptio totius Guiueae tractus, etc. eorumq. lo- 
coram quae a regiono C. S. Augustini in Brasilia 
jacent. proprietates Oceani insularumq. ejusdem, 
etc. Acced. noviter Historia Navigationum Bata- 
vorum in Septentr. oras, c. freti Vaygats detec- 
tione, etc. Hag. Com., Alb. Henrici, 1599. 2 parts 
iu 1 vol. vellum, fol. With the 36 plates andSmapi 
of the Dutch edit., the first map executed which is 
altered. (Tiele N<>. 81.) 30.- 

This latin edition is very rare, even in Holland. — 
The 1st part is exactly translated from the 1st part 
in Dutch, some passages are omitted. In the 2d 
part the description of Guinea is taken from the Dutch 

PilEDERlK MULLEE & 0°., 



3d part, tlie description of America is omitted; page 
17 to 25 contain the navigation of the Dutch to the 
Worth, taken from de Veer's voyage ; page 26 to 45 
embrace a translation of a part of the 2d division of 
the Dutch work. 

1891 Linsohoten (Jan Huygen van) The sa- 
me. Arast., /. iralscAaert, 1614. — Descriptio to- 
tius Guineae tractus, etc. Hag. Com. Aid. Ilmrioi, 
1599. 2 parts in 1 vol. boards, entirely ukout. fol. 
With the 36 plates and 6 maps as in the preceding. 
(Tiele N". 85.) 28.— 

Exceedingly rare edition especially in this condition. 
Mr. Tiele did not saw it and quotes only the copy 
in possession of Mr. Lenox. It is the same as the 
Latin edition of 1599, with a changed title. 

At the 2d part wants pp. 17 — 45, the navigation 
of the Dutch to the North, etc. 

1892 a. Journael v. de ISjarige reis n. Oost- 

Indieii, etc. Amst., 6. J. Saeghman. (1663 ?) Pag. 1 
to 136 wanting. 

4. Beschryv. v. veracheyde Landen, ondev 

Africa en America, als Guinea, Brasilien, Nova 
Francia, Florida, etc. Amst., G. J. Saeghman, 
(1663?) 4to. (Tiele N". 914) 3.50 

A complete first part, a, is bound up in the col- 
lection of voyages by Saeghman. — the 2d part, 
b, is an an abridgement of the 3d part of Linscho- 
ten's Itinerario, aud consists of 33 pp. 'I'h'.s edition 
is very rare. The copy is stained. 

1893 Voyagie, ofte Schipvaert by Noorden om 

langs Noorwegen, Ruslandt etc. door de Strate v. 
Nassau tot voorby de Uivier Oby. Met de af- 
beeldsels v. alle de Custen, Landen, eiiz., Anno 
1594 en 1595. Franeker, G. Ketel (1601.) fol. 
Jfith 15 plates and maps, coloured. Fine copy. (Tiele 
N». 155.) 40.— 

{.Voyage, or Navigation round about the North, 
along Norway, Russia, etc. through the Straits of 
Nassau till beyond the River Oby. With the figures 
of all the Coasts, etc.) 

First and very rare edition. — Linschoten accom- 
panied W. Barentsz as clerk ou his 1st and 2d 
famous voyage to the North, but had no part in 
the 3d expedition in 1596. As Linschoten left Ba- 
rentsz in the 1st voyage, near Nova-Zembla, and 
took another way, the renowned description of that 
voyage by de Veer, founded on Barentsz' journal, 
is quite different from this relation. So Linschoten 's 
book is very essential for a full history of these ex- 
peditions. — The map in Liuschoten's book, drawn 
by W. Barentsz of the route of the voyage, is one 
of the most interesting and valuable maps of the 
North. — Be Bry have given only a very small 
extract of this voyage in the Betits Voyages, Tom. 
X. 1613. See : Camus, Memoire p. 256, and espe- 
cially : Tiele, Memoire p. 190. 

1894 Same work. Voyagie ofte Schipvaert, 

etc. (2d edition.) Amst., J. M. o. Cloppenburgh, 
1624. fol. fUth 15 plates and »!«/)s. (Tiele N». 156.) 



2d Edition; not common. — Exact reprint of the 
first edition with the same plates and maps, now 
numbered 1 to 15. 

1895 L'lsle, G. de, Atlas nouveau, contenant tou- 
tes les parties du Monde. Amsterd., Covens and 
Mortier. 1733. hf. calf. I'ol. 12.— 

70 Coloured maps. — Besides the map of the world, 
9 maps of America, 2 general maps, Canada, Loui- 
siana and the Mississippi, Mexico and I'lorida, St. 
Domingo, the French Antilles, Peru with Brazil and 
the Amazon, Paraguay aud Chili. 

1896 Atlas nouveau, conteuant toutes les par- 
ties du Monde. Amsterd., Cooens en jWortier. (1151). 
2 vol. hf. calf. Uncut, roy. fol. — M'ith etched 
frontispiece by li. de Hooglie. 18. — 

165 Plain maps, 11 of which are of American 
countries: N. America, Canada, Louisiana, Mary- 
land, Virginia, Carolina, etc. Curasao, Theatre de la 
guerre en Amerique (2 maps), S. America (3 maps , 
the French Antilles, (the French and English posses- 
sions in America. 

1897 Same Atlas, later edition. Amst., Covens 

en Mortier. (1785). 2 vols. /(/. calf. roy. fol. 35.— 

Through with the same title and frontispiece, this 
copy has a quite different set of 25 American maps 
most of later date, amongst which maps of the 
British, French and Dutch settlements in America by 
Ji. Popple. — Chorographical map of the N. De- 
partment of N. Amer., showing the grants of land, 
with the names of the owners, engrav. by H. Kloek- 
hoff 1780, {very interesting). — Louisiana, Mary- 
land, Virginia, (Jaroiina, etc., by Covens and Mor- 
tier, 1758. — Connecticut with parts adjacent at 
Amsterdam (with view), by Kloekhnff, 1780. — 
Chorographical map of Philadelphia, by ffiorf^o^. — 
The principal fortresses of America by 1. K. — 
Views of New-York, (Quebec, Mexico and the Fall 
of Niagara, etc. 

1898 List of wares and things most fit for being 
exported to the Spanish and Dutch West-Indies 
and North-A merica, with their prices ; also diffe- 
rent papers on the construction and equipment of 
vessels. — About 100 pp. in Manuscript, fol. and 
4to. 10.— 

A very interesting collection of various papers and 
notices, m Dutch, English and French, dating from 
the end of the last and the commencement of this 
century, valuable for the history of the West-India 

1899 Iiithgouws (Will.) 19iaarige lant-reyse door 
Europa, Asya en Afryka. Uyt Engels vert. Am- 
sterd., 1652. vellum, plates, engraved title by C. de 
Pas. 4to. 2.50 

(19 years' I ravel through Europe, Asia and 

1900 — The same. Ibid., 1653. 4to. 2.50 

1901 — - The same. 3d edition. Amst., 1694. jisZ^ajB. 
4to. 3.— 

1902 The same. Amsterd., 1705. 4to. Entirely 

uncut copy. 4.^ 



All these different editions have the same text sind 
190.3 Livingston, Rob. R., Chancellor of New- 
York 1777 - 1808, concerned in the Declarat. of 
Indep.; the framing of the Constitutions of N. Y. 
anil of the U. S., the purchase of Louisiana, etc. 
— A. L. S. to Sam. M. Hopkins of New- York, 
dat. March 26, 1801. 1 p. fol. 4.— 

1904 Livingston, B., American Jurist, distingui- 
shed himself in the Kevol. War, Judge of the U. 
S. Supr. Court 1806—23. — A. L. S. to Oliver 
Kane of Albany, dat. N. Y., June 6, 182-2. 1 p. 
4to. 2.50 

1905 Livingston (W.) Brief aan John, Lord Bis- 
schop V. Landaft', over zijne leerreilen, waarin de 
Americ. colonien met eeue ■ . . onverdionde schande 
bezwaart worden. Uit bet Eng. vert. LFtrecht, 
1774. bds. 8vo. 2.25 

{LnHer to John^ Lordbisliop of Landajf, on his 
sermon, overwhelming the American colonies with 
unmerited shame. Jransl. from the Enyl.) 

1 had this rare tract only once. 

1906 Lotao (Jer.) S. J. Voyage historique d'Abis- 
sinie. Trad, du Portug. p. Le Grand. La Haye. 
1728. hf. bd., plales. 4t0. Large paper, uncut. 

5. - 
Pp. 233—247 contain a dissertation on Priest 

1907 Locke (John). — A collection of several 
pieces of J. Locke, publ. by Desniaizeaux, tinder 
the direction of A. Collins. 2d edit. Lend. 1739. 
calf gilt. fol. 4. — 

Contains a. o. pieces : The fundamental Constitu- 
tion of Carolina. 

1908 Loefling (P.) Eeise nach den Spanischen Litn- 
dern in Europa und America, 1751 — 56, nebst 
Beobacht. u. Anmerk. lib. die mcrkwiirdigen Ge- 
wachse; herausgeg. von (!. von Linne. Aus d. 
Schwed. ubersctzt von .1. B. KSlpin. Berlin, 1766. 
bds. 2 plates. 8vo. 2.50 

pp. 236 — 364 Plantae Araericanae. 

1909 Loehuis (H.), 'Die Vereinigten Staaten von 
Amcnka. Deren Vergangenheit und Gegenwart iu 
socialer, polit. und finanzieller Beziehung. Leip- 
zig. 1864. sd. 8vo. . 1.80 

1910 Londonio (C. G.) Storia dello colonie Inglesi 
in America, dalla loro fondazion, fine alio stabili- 
mento delta loro indepeudenza. Milano, 1812- 13. 
3 vols. td. uncut. 8vo. 4.50 

Vol. 2 and 3 relate to the War of Independence, 
from 1763—1789. 

1911 Long's History of Jamaica, or general survey 
of the ancient and modern state of that island. 
Lond. 1774. 3 vols, map and plales, bds. uncut, ito. 


"A work of sterling merit." Slecenson. 

1912 Long (J.) Voyages ehez differentes nations 
sauvages do I'Amerique Septentrion. Trad, de 

I'Angl. p. J. Billecocq. Paris, 1793. Idt. 8vo 

A very valuable work. The author was dragoman 
for the Indian languages. 

1913 Long-Island. — Plate of the debarkment 
of English troops on Long-Island. May 1777. 4to. 


1914 Loon (Ger. van) — Boschryving vanNetel. 
Historie-Penningen ten vervolge op hetwerljvari 
Ger. van Loon, uitgeg. door de Kon. Ak{(deiiiie 
van Wetenschappen. Anist., 1862—63. Part. 7, 8. 
bds. With 17 platfs.. fol. 149Q 

(Description of the Dutch Historical Meddiisming 
as a sequel to the v)ork of Oer. van Loon, puil. 
by the Uoijal Academy of Sciences.) 

1915 The same. Large paper. 17.75 

These two vols, of this splendid publication are 

of special interest for America. They embrace llie 
years 1774 — 83 and contain many meduls (with a 
very ample and eminent historical explanation) rela- 
ting to the American War of Independence, Id order 
to show this I give here an extract from the inilei ; 

Ambassador J. Adams calls the land, reprwnted 
by him. United States of America. — Sympatliy 
shown in the Netherlands, especially in Prfesland, 
for the revolutionary war in America, — On the 
Dutch negotiations with America in 1781—82. — 
A general petition made in Holland to acknowledge 
the independence of the U. St. — J. Adams recei- 
ved as Ambassador. — Medals struck in memory of 
this fact. — Treaty of friendship and comnrerce with 
the U. St. 1782. — Medals on this Treaty. — Pu- 
blished and unpublished sources concern, the history 
of the relations between the D. St. and the Nether- 
lands in 1781-82, etc. 

The conjplete work : Sequel to van Iioon, 1^'parti 
or 2 vols. fol. Amst. 18a2— 69. With l2l platsa, 
may be had at H. 64. — on small paper, and fl. 84.- 
on largo paper. It comprises the years 1713—1806.— 
The original work, to which it forms a continuation, 
was published in 1732 under the title; 

Loon (G. V.) Histoire metallique des 17 Provin- 
ces des Pays-Bas. La Haye, 1732—37. 5 vols, fol. 
With a large number of figg. 

Both together form a complete medallic history 
of the Netherlands till 1806 in 7 vols. fol. 

1916 Loosjes (A.) Pz,, Sint ilustatins genomen en 
hernomen. Haerlom, 1782. hf. calf. 8vo. 2.50 

{St. Eustaiius captured and retalien, a pofin.) 
Bound up in one vol. with 5 other contemporary 
Dutch pamphlets. 

1917 [Lopez (O.) en P. Figafetta] Beschryv. v. 
't Koninckryck Congo, met 't aenpalende Landt 
Angola. Zynde het 2e deel van de Goudtkust. 
Ainst., J. Hartgers, 5160 (1650.) hf. vellum. 4t0. 
Fine copy. (Tiele N». 299.) 7.60 

(Deaeriptioa of the Kingdom of Congo, and the 
adjacent country Angola, being the Id vol. of ik 
Goldcoast {by de Marees.) 

Eeederik Mbllek & C°., 



With 5 pi. in the tett. — It is a sequel to Ma- 
rees' description of the Goldcoast. 1650. See N". 1995. 

1918 Lorgues (B. de) Leven en reizen van Christ. 
Columbus volgens de authentieke Spaansche, en 
Italiaansche bronnen. Het Fransch gevolgd. Utv., 
186.3. roy. 8vo. (5.—) 3.— 

{Life and voyages of Chr. Columbus according 
to ihe authentic Spanish and Italian Documents. — 
Prom the French.) 

1919 IiOSjtiel (G. H.) Geschichte der Mission der 
evangelischen Biiider unter den Indianern in Nord- 
Araerilsa. Barby, 1790. 3 parts in 1 vol. 783 pp. 
hf. calf. 8vo. 5.— 

1920 IiOtter's Atlas. Aug. Vindel. (Augsburg), 
T. a Loiter, (about (1765.) hf. hd. fol. — 47 colou- 
red maps. 5. — 

Contains a map of the World, of N. and S. Ame- 
rica by de I'Isle, 3 maps of France on which the 
naval exploits of Admiral Hawcke, in 1759, a map 
of Portugal with special map of Brazil and a small 
representation of the capture of the silverfieet in the 
Bay of Vigos, 1702, etc. 

1921 Louisiane et le cours du Mississipi, par G. de 
I'lsle. Amst., J. Covens ^ C. Mortier (about 1740). 
sq. fol. 60 by 45. — Coloured. "i.bO 

With indication of the dwelling-places of the va- 
Tious tribes. 

1922 Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia, Caroline, 

Georgie avec une partie de la Floridc. Amst., 
ilocens & JHorlier. 1758. sg. fol. 58 by 39. 2.— 

1923 Lowenstern (Is.) Le Mexique. Souvenirs 
d'un voyiigeur. Paris. 1843. sd. 8vo. (4.50) 1.50 

1924 IiUdolfl (J.) Historia Aethiopica, s. desoriptio 
regni Habessiuw, quod Presbyt. Johannis vocatur. 
Franept a. M. 1681. h/. calf plates., fol. 12.- 

The first chapter of Book 11 contains many par- 
ticulars on Priest John. 

1925 New History of Ethiopia, being a full 

and accurate description of the Kingdom of Abes- 
sinla, vulgarly . . . called the Empire of Prester 
John. Made Engl, by J. P. Lond. 1682. Old calf, 
flales pj natural history, etc. fol. 7.50 

1926 Nieuwe . . Historie van Abissinien, anders- 

Ethiopien. In 't Nederd. gebr. d. W. Calebius. 
Utrecht, 1687. map and plates. 4to. 3.50 

{New hiMory of Ahissijnia, otherwise Ethiopia. 
Transl. by If. Calebius.) 
This is an extract from Ludolf'a Historia Aethiopica. 

1927 Ludwigh (S.), Licht- nnd Schattenbilder re- 
publikanischer Zustaude ... in den Verein. Staa- 
ten von Nord-Amerika. 1846-47. Leipzig, 1848. 
8vo. 1-— 

1928 Luflfman (J.) A brief account of the Island 
of Antigua, together with the customs and man- 
ners of its inhabitants. London, 1789. sd., uncut, 
map. 8vo. 2. — 

1929 Lulllier, Nouv. voyage aux Grandes Indes, 
avec une instruction pour le commerce des Indes 
Ori(ait. Amst., 1726. «rf. uncut. 8vo, 1.50 


1930 Lulofs, J., Introductio ad cognitionem atque 
usum utriusque globi. Lugd. Bat. 1743. hf. calf, 
uncut. 8°. 1. — 

1931 Same work, 2d edition. Lugd. Bat. 1763. 

uncut. 8". 1.50 

1932 Liitke (Fred.) Voyage autour du monde, fait 
par ordre de Sa Maj. Nicolas I. sur la corvette 
Le S(5niavine, 1826-29. Paris, (1836.) — Partie 
historique: Atlas lithogr. d'apr6s les dessins ori- 
ginaux d'Al. Postels et du Baron Kittlitz. 51 pla- 
tes, India proofs and li maps. hf. bd. fol. 10. — 

Wanting plate 28 and 45. 

1933 Luzac (E.), Hollands Rijkdom, behelK. 
den oorsprong van den Koophandel en van de 
magt van . dozen Staat. Uit het Fransch vert., 
verand. en vermeerd. Leyden, 1781. 4 vols. sd. 
8vo. 10.— 

{Eolland's wealth contain, the origin of the com- 
merce and the power of that State.) 

A complete history of the JJatch commerce in all 
parts of the world. Nearly the whole 2d volume 
treats of the commerce with Amei'ioa and the IJiitch 
colonies there, with an appendix of documents. This 
book is partly a translation of the French work: 
La riehesse de la llollande by Accarias de Serioune, 
but with many interesting additions by the learned 
editor of the Gazette de Leyde. See N9. 1208. 

1934 Het waare daglicht van het PoliUeck Sy- 

sterna der regeeringe van Amsterdam. Midd«lb. 
(1781.) 8vo. — Confer N". 1238'. 2.—. 

( The true light of ihe Political System of Ihe 
Government of Amsterdam.) 

1935 — - A. L. S. in French, dat. May 4, 1766. 
3 pp. 4". 2.50 

Interesting letter on the condition of slavery, 
commerce, liuances cet. of the Colony of Berhice. 

1936 Luzac (Jo,), Oratio de Socl'ate civo, fcum 
probatt. et adnotatt. cet. Lugd. Batav. 1706. 4to, 
uncut. 1.50 

With an interesting dedication (8 pp.) to "John 
Adams, President of the Unit. States of America, 
his true and esteemed friend." 

1937 • Same work, translated into Dutch. Ley- 
den, 1796. 8". 1.— 

With dedication to Adams, 10 pp. 

1938 Lydla (The), an American brig, saved by 
Captain Aubert, oif Caen. 1850. Painted and lithogr. 
by T. Gudin. sm. fol. 2. — 

1939 [Lydius (Jac.)] Historic der beroerten van 
Engelandt, aengaende dc veelderley secten, die 
aldaer in de keroke Jesu Christi zjjn ontstaen. 
B'ordrecht, 1647. sm. 8vo. 6.— 

{History of ihe dissensions in England, illustra- 
ting ihe various sects, which have sprung up there 
in ihe Vlturch of Christ.) 

A rare and very interesting little volume, con- 
taining many particulars on the Protestant s^ets in 
America, for instance pp. 50 — 68 an account of the 
Independents and their dissensions at Boston, etc, 



1940 Lyell (Ch.) On the coal-field of Eastern 
Virgina. — ('■ J. F. Mreniurii, on fossil plants of 
Eastern Virginu. {E.rir. 1847.) fii/si. and plaies. 8vo. 


1941 Lystder (HollandscheSchepen. . . koraendevan 
Curasao, St. Eustatins en de West-lndien, door 
de Engelschen genomen. (17!58.) fol. 1.— 

{List of the Dutch ships captured ly the English 
during their voyage from the IVesl-Indies.) 

1942 Lyst van de Hollandse en Hamburger Groan- 
lands- en Straat Davids- Vaardcrs, A". 1764 uitge- 
vaaren.^ Arast,, /. M. Brouwer (1765.) 2 parts in 
1 vol. vellum. 8vo. 1. — 

{List of the Dutch and Hamburgh' vessels, which 
set sail for Greenland and the Straits of Davids, 
in 1764.) 

1943 Lyste van 't ghene de Brasil .jaerljjcks can 
opbrenghen. No place nor date. (1625 ?) Broadside, 
sm. fol. 4. — 

{List of the profit Brasil yearly can produce.) 
Ciirions and rare. — Not in Asher's ISssay. 

1944 Lysten van de Hollandsohe Scheepen, zoveel 
Amsterdam betreft, welke op liunne reisen naar 
de West-lndien door de Engelschen genomen zijn. 
Amst. (1758.) hf. bd. fol. 1.50 

{List of Dutch ships belonging lo Amsterdam, 
captured by the English on their voyage to IFest- 
India .) 

A list perfectly different from N". 1941 and more 

1945 Lysten \an de monture der Fransohe alsNe- 
derlandsche Esquadres, zijnde geweest in de ac- 
tie voor Tabago voorgevallen VA Maert 1677, etc. 
No place. Broadside, fol. 2.50 

{List of the Ships, 0-fficers etc,, of the French 
and Dutch fleets, in the action at Tabago.) 

1946 Maaudags Belaes (Eerste tot negende) 
uytgeg. van 4 Dec. 1673 tot 5 Febr. 1674. 4to. 
9 parts. 10. — 

{First to Ninth Monday News.) 

All published. 'Ihe 8th and 9th part cont. : An 
account of the affairs concern, the differences of the 
Spaniards with the English in America, and the 
reasons of declaration of war by the King of Spain. 

1947 Mably (G. B. abbe de) Oeuvres completes. 
Paris, 1794 — 95. 16 vols, calf gilt, gilt edges. Svo. — 
Fine copy from the Sobolewski Library. 8.50 

Cont. : IJcs Etats-Unis d'Amerique. — Da gou- 
verneraent de la Pclogne. — Observations sur I'his- 
toire do France, sur la Grece, sur les Komains, etc. 

1948 Observations sur le gouvernenient et les 

loix des Etats-Unis d'Am^.rique. Anisterd., 1784. 
sd., uncut.- Svo. Uare. — Sold in Leolevc's Bibl. 
Amer. fr. 20.— 2.50 

1949 Mc Clellan (Geo. B.) Report on the or- 
ganization and campaigns of the army of the 
Potomac ; with account of the campaign in Wes- 

tern Virginia. N. York, 1864. clolh, plans. 8to 

(5,85) 2.26! 

1950 Mac-Intosh (A.) D.D., Address at the inter- 
ment of Sylv. Bourne, Consul-General of the Un. 
States in the Netherlands, (at Amsterdam.) Haar- 
lem, 1817. Svo. __gQ 

1951 Mackenzie (G. S.), Eeise dnrch die Insel 
Island, 1810. Nach d. Engl. Weimar. 1815. taafi 
and plates, hf. calf. Svo. __8q 

1952 Mc. Lean, John, Judge of the Ohio Supf, 
Court 1816—22, Postmaster-General 1823, Justice 
of the U. S. Supr. Court. — L. S. dat. Post 
Office Departm. Jan. 2, 1827. 1 p. 4«. i:60 

On public service. 

1953 A. L. S. to S. Lathrop, dat. Post Office 

Departm. March 1, 1826. 3 pp. 4». 2.- 

On the privilege of the Members of Congress ia 
regard to postage. ' ' 

1954 Macpherson (Ch.^ Memoirs of his life and 
travels in Asia, Africa and America, with a par- 
ticular investigation on the Negroes in the West- 
India islands. Edinb. 1800. bds. Svo. 1.60 

1955 Madison (J.) Manifesto du gouvemement 
Americain (10 F6vr. 1815), ou causes et caraot^re 
de la derniere guerre d'Araerique avec I'Angle- 
terre. Trad, de I'Angl. Paris, 1816. 8vo. 1.2B 

1956 MafiFei (Jo. P.) Opera omnia latine scripta. 
Bergomi, 1747. 2 vols, vellum, portraits, ito. Sell 
edition, scarce. 9.— 

Very interesting (or the history of the old voyages 
and discoveries in the East-Indies, Japan, etc. 

1957 Magazin der neuesten Reisebeschreibungen in 
unterhaltenden Auszugen. Berlin, 1808—12: IB Wis. 
many maps and plates, plain and col., sd: uncut. Svo. 

• 7.50 

The most interesting parts of the voyages of "Per- 
rin du Lac in Louisiana, Liudley in Siasilia, Le 
Dru to the West-Ind. Islands, Valentia in India, 
Klaproth in Caucasus, Lichtensteia in SUd-Africa, 
etc., etc. 

1958 Magazin von merkwiirdigen neuen Keisebe- 
schreibungen, iibersetzt und mit erlauternden An- 
inerkungen begleitet (von J. R. Forster.) Berlin, 
1790—1800. 20 vols, plates and maps, sd. mad. 
Svo. — (Vol. 13 wanting.) 9.50 

Contains translations of Phillip's Ne.w South Wa- 
les ; Le Vaillant, Africa ; Anburey, interior parts of 
America; Brissot-Warville, Unit. States ; Bartrain, 
North and South Carolina j Bligha, Southsea ; Lessepi, 
Kamschatka, etc., etc. 

1959 Magazin, Gottingisches Historisches, -^ und 
Neues Histor. Herausgeg. von C. Meiners u. L. 
T. Spittler. Hannover. 1787— i)3. 11 vols, sd., un- 
ait. Svo. 6.— 

This valuable Historical Magazine contains some 
articles on America, as : 

Vol. H. On the singularly bad quality Of food in 
America. — ^ Vol. III. On the population of Ame- , 




rica. — Vol. IV. Historical notices of the Aborigi- 
nes of America. — Vol. VII. On the cliaracter of the 
♦ Atnericaus. — Vol. VIII. Jostioe rendered to the 
heirs of Chr. Columbus in Spain, etc. etc. 

1960 Magazin (The Colonial) and Commercial- 
Maritime Journal. Edited by R. Montgomery 
Martin. London, 1840—1843. portraits. 42 parts. 
8vo. (wants 1842 N". 7, 1843 N". 8 and loUow.) 

1st to 4th annual series of this esteemed Journal, 
comprising many articles on America. 

1961 Magellanioa tabula. Amst., G.Blaeu. (1645.) 
sq. fol. 53J by 41. — Coloured. 2.50 

Different and more correct map than the follo- 

1962 Freti Magellanici ac novi Freti vulgo 

Le Maire exactissima delineatio. Amst., G. Blaeu. 
(1638). sq. fol. 39 by 37,'. — Coloured. 4.— 

See on this interesting map Mercaior and Son- 
dins' Atlases. 

1963 Magini (J. A.) Geographiae, turn veteris, 
tum novae, volumina duo. In quorum priore CI. 
Plolem. Geographicae enarrationis libri octo . . . 
illustratur, in posteriore ejusd. Ptol. antiqui orbis 
tabulae 27, quibus acced. 37 recentiores. Arnhemi, 
Jo. Janssonius, 1617, 2 vols, in 1. Dutch vellum, 
64 maps. 4to. Fine cojyy. 6.50 

Contains 3 maps of the world with America and 
one special map of the New World. — Leaf 271 to 
283 : Description of America. 

1964 Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kia, of Zwarte Ha- 
vik, Opperhoofd van den stam der Sac-Indianen, 
in N. Amerika (Levensgeschied. van). Uit het 
Eng. Leeuwarden, 1847. sd. 8vo. 1.25 

(^Autobiography of Black Hawk, transl. from the 

1965 [Malcolm (D.)l Collection of Letters and 
Papers, in vrhich the inipCrt'ection of learning, the 
usefulness of the Celtick In illustrating the Anti- 
quities of the British Isles, the affinity of the lan- 
guage of the Americans of the Terra Firma, and 
these of the ancient Britains, . . . Specimen of a 
Dictionary Engl.-Celtick, and Celtick-Engl. Edinb. 
1739. 2 parts. 1 vol. calf. 8vo. 2.50 

1966 Mallet (A. M.) Description de I'Univers, 
conten. les differente.s systemes du monde, les cartes 
g6ner. et partic. de la geographic anc. et mod., les 
plans et profils d. prinoip. villes .... les portraits 
des souverains . . . et divers habillemens de ohaque 
nation. Francfourt. 1685. 5 vols. 508 maps and 
plates, calf. sm. 4to. 10.— 

Very interesting for the many plates, maps, plans, 
views, portraits and costumes of the whole world. — 
America and Australia are represented in 53 plates, 
and 13 pi. refer to the North of the continent. Nova 
Zcmbla, Samoyeds, Waygats, Greenland, etc. All 
very curious. — Conterfeit of the French edition, 
the plates with German inscriptions. 


1967 Malo (Ch.), Histoire de I'ile deSt. Domingue 
depuis sa decouverte. Suivie de pieces Justificati- 
ves. 2me edit. Paris, 1819. hf. hd. 8vo.' 2.— 

1968 Malo de Luque (Eduardo) Historia poli- 
tica de los establecimientos ultramarinos de las 
naciones Europeas. Madrid, A. de Sancha, 1784—90. 
5 vols, calf., maps. 8vo. 10. — 

A valnable and rare work, for which we are in- 
debted to "El Duque de Alinadovar," who concealed 
his real name under the anagram Malo de Luque. 

1969 Malouet (V. P.), Collection de memoires et 
correspondances offioielles sur I'administralion des 
Colonies, et notamment sur la Guiane franc;, et 
hollaudaise. Paris, an X (1801.) 5 vol. hf. calf. 
8vo. 4.50 

1970 Malte-Brim (V. A.) Coup d'oeil d'ensemble 
sur les diff^rentes expeditions arctiques entreprises 
a la recherche de John Franklin, et sur les de- 
couvertes gSograph. auxqnelles elles ont donne 
lieu. Paris, 1855. map. 8vo. (Extr.) —.60 

1971 Manby (G. W.) Journal of a voyage to Green- 
laud. London, 1822. bds. uncut, numerous plates and 
woodcuts. 4to. 2. — 

1972 — — Reise nach Gronland. 1821. Ans d. Engl, 
von C. F. Michaolis. Loipz. 1823. map and plates, 
hf. bd. sra. 8vo. 1. — 

1973 Reis naar Greenland in 1821. Amst. 1825. 

map and plates. 8vo. 1. — 

Dutch translation of the preceding. From Ihe 

1974 Mandauilla (Joanne de) Qual tratta delle 
piu marauegliosi cose k piu notabile che se trouiuo, 
e come presentitalmente ha cercato tutte le parte 
habitabile del mondo, et ha notato alcune degne 
cose che ha vedute in esse parte. Venetia, A. Torti, 
1537. vellum. 12mo. 14. — 

Page 105 and lOG damaged : somewhat stained. — 
Very rare. 

1975 Mandevyl (Jan v.) Wonderlijke Reyse, be- 
schrijv. de gestaltenisse en zeden v. Egypten, 
Perssen, Inditin ende Ethiopien. Utrecht, 1707. 
4to. 5.— 

{Wonderful voyage, describing the situation and 
manners of Efjypt, Persia, India and Ethiopia.) 

Popular edition, rare; jcontains pp. 80 — 82 and 
92 a description of Pope John's Land. 
— Confer: Maundcville. 

1976 M[andrillonl (J.) Le Spectateur Amerieain, 
ou remarques gineralos snr rAmeriijue .Septentr. 
et sur la R6publique des treize Etats-Unis. Am- 
sterd. 1784. 2_part3 in 1 vol. sd. uncut, map. 8vo. 


1977 The same. 2e edition, revue et augmen- 

t6e. Amsterd. 1785. sd. uncut, map. 8vo. 3.50 

A highly valued work, ofteu confounded with the 
iiToyageur Jmericain'" by Clnny. See N". 683. 

1978 Fragmons de politique et de litterature, 

suiv. d'un voyage a Berlin, en 1784. Paris et Brux. 
1788. music, ids. 8vo. 3.50 




Contains on America: Remarques sur la Revolu- 
tion Anie'ricaine; Crise de rAmenque; Memoires 
pour ct Devise de la Sociele Anaericaine; Mem. an 
Ministrc ple'nipotent. d. Btats-Unis; Portrait de Co- 
lomb; Vers sur — et Portrait de Washington; So- 
ciete de Ciucinnatus," etc. 

1979 Manhattan, Marion. Beelden uit liet leven 
te New-York. Uit het Eug. Leiden. 1866. 2 vols. 
8vo. 2.50 

{Scenes of the life in New-York.) 

1980 Manifest van 't Koningrijck van Portugael 
over het aonnemen van Don Joan de IV tot Ko- 
ningh. Amst. 1641. 4to. (Asher N". 173.) 1.50 

{Manifesto of the kingdom of Portugal on its 
admitting D. Joan IV as king.) 

1981 The same, uncut. 2.50 

1982 Manifest door d' [nwoonders van Pernam- 
bnoo uytgegeven tot hun verantwoordinge. Ant- 
werp., 1646. 4to. (Asher N». 214.) 5.— 

(Manifesto publ. by the inhabitants of Pernam- 

Defence against the accusation of having taken 
part in the msurrection of the Portuguese. — Rare. 

1983 Manifest van oorloge tot Lisboa uitgheghe- 
ven, tuaschen Portugael ende de Nederl. Provin- 
tien, met den oorspronok. . . 1658. 4to. (Asher 
N". 289.) 2.25 

{Manifesto of war, published at Lisbon, between 
Portugal and the United Provinces, with the origin 
of the war.) 
1984. Manifest ofte Eeden van den oorlogh tus- 
schen Portugael ende de Vereen. Provintien, tot 
Lisbon in 1657 uitgeg., mitsg. de manifestatie van 
de leugenen ende valsheden waarmede het is ver- 
vult. 's Gravenh. 1669. 4to. (Asher N». 290.) 4. - 
{Manifesto or reasons oj the war between Por- 
tugal and the TJ. Jietherl. publ. at Madrid, with a 
Manifesto of its lies. . .) 

With numerous particulars of the mutual grie- 
vances in Brazil etc. 
1986 Manifest van pardon van den Koninok van 
Spaignen aende rebelle Portugesen. Harderwyck, 
1662. 4to. 1.50 

{Manifesto of Pardon of the King of Bipain to 
the rebellious Portuguese.) 

1986 Mann (Jul.) Die Ansiedler in Amerika. Stuttg. 
1846. sd. 8vo. —.60 

1987 Map of the Globe. 1512. 2 sheets, sq. foJ. 
38 by 27 centim. — PhotoUth. facsimile after the 
originals engrav. in wood. 25. — 

These curious maps belong to the almost anique 
work: Stobnicza, Introduciio in Ptholomei Cosmo- 
graphia. Cracovie. 1512. They are reproduced from 
the copy in the Imperial Library at Vienna, the 
only one in which they occur. See Barrisse, Miblioih. 
Amer. N". 69, 95. — The New- World is drawn as 
a continent, from 50» N. lat. to 40» S. lat. The 
inscriptions are quite illegible with exception of the 
words: „terra incognita." 

Only 5 copies bibuck off. 

1988 Map of the World, by Sbb. MiiNSTEit. 
1532. 1 sheet, sq. fol. — PKotoliih. facsimile. 16.— 

Belonging tO' the Basil editions of Gkywaeus, 
Novus Orbis, 1532, 37, 55, (see N». 1301) in which 
work they are often wanting. 

Only 10 copies struck off. 

1989 by Orontius Finaeus. 1532. 1 sheet. 

fol. — PhotoUth. facsimile. Xh.~ 

The map by Finaeus is still rarer than that of 
Munster. It belongs to the Paris edition of GuY- 
NAEUS, Novus Orbis. (1532). (See N». 1303.) 

Only 10 copies struck off. 

Both these maps are so admirably executed in /i^S- 
tolithoyraphy {procedii-Asser), that, being printed on 
old paper, they defy the scrutiny of the most skil- 
ful investigator. 

1990 Amst., Fred, de Wit. (about 1670). Ig. fol: 

63 by 55. — Coloured. 2.-r- 

1991 Mappe-monde pour oonnoitre lea progrSs 
et les conquestes lea plus remarquables d. Prov. 
Unies, ainsy que celles d. Corap. d'Orient- et 
d'Occident. fol. 46 by 34. — With engraved text on 
the exploits of the Dutch in America, etc. 4.^ 

1992 ■ p. de VIsle, corrigee apres 1. deconv. fai- 

tea p. I'Acad.; de Petersbourg. Amst. Covens et 
MoriiCT- (about '1750). foL 65 by 50. 2.- 

1993 Mar del Nort: the coasts of America from 
Greenland till the entrance of the Amazon-river. 
Amst. 1657. sq. fol. 51 by 41. — Coloured. 
Dutch text on verso. 2.50 

1994 M[arees] (P. D[e]), Beaohryvinghe ende 
Hiatoriache verhael van 't Goud KoninCkryclc v. 
Gunea, anders de Gout-custe de Mina 
Africa, met haren gelooven, manieren, talen en 
ghelegenth. v. Landen, Steden, enz. Amstelr., 
Corn. Claesz., 1602. vellum, sq. 4to. Very fine copy, 
nearly uncut. (Tiele N". 134.) 75.— 

{Description and histor. account of the ' kingdom 
of Guinea rich in gold, also called the Goldcoast 
de Mina in Africa, with their creed, manners, 
languages and situation of countries, towns, etc.) 

First and very rare edition, only twice reprinted. 
With 21 very good plates and maps, numb. 1 to 
20 (N". 9 being double.) A very interesting, account 
by one who resided there for years. Camus sajs 
much of the carelessness of the Latin translation 
given by de Bry, in the Pet. Voy. VI, but he does 
not mention that the 2 chapters treating the zoology 
of that region, are entirely omitted. 

1995 Beschryving v. de Goudtknst Guinea, 

alsmede een voyagie naer de selve. Amst., J. Bart- 
gers, 1650. bds. 4to. (Tiele N". 137.) The title wan- 
ting. 6.— 

With 5 plates in the text. Reprint of the edition 
of 1602, but omitting the last 17 pages. — As a 
2d part to this work Hartgers issued in the same 
year a translation of Lopez' description of Congo 
(See N». 1917) at the end of which he gives' the 
reprint of five of these omitted pages viz. pp. 120 
to 124 of the original. 
— Marees in I'rench. 1605. — See N». 692, 93, 

Predekik Muller & G°., 


1996 'Marco Paolo, Eeisen en beschryving der 
Oostersche Lantschappen, beneffens de historie der 

• Oostersche Lantschappen door Haithon van Ar- 
menian, ... en de reizen van Nic. Venetus en 
Jeron. van St. Steven naar d'Indien, als ook een 
verhaal van de verovering van Formosa door de 
Sinezen. Amst., 1644. 4 parts. With plates. 4to. 

(VDyages and description of the Eastern coun- 
tries, with their history hy Baithon of Armenia., 
the voyages of Nicolas l^enetus and Jeron. of St. 
Steven to India, also an account of the capture of '. 
Forlnosa 6y the Chinese.) 

Complete copy, rare. The separate parts occur often 
under their special. titles. 

1997 Marcy, "William Learned, Officer in the 
War (tf 1812, Governor of the State of N. Y. 
1833—39. — A. L. S. to the Attorney-General, 
dat. Albany, Febr. 3, 1824. 1 p. 4». 1.50 

1998 Marie (E. v.) De febre flava Indiae Occiden- 
talis. Marburgi, 1799. 8vo. 1.25 
Marquard (J.) De jure mercatorum et com- 
nierc. Franoof. 1662. fol. — See N». 179. Argo- 

1099 Marron (P. H.) Eegi Pa6ifico,LudovicoXVI. 

■Paris, 1783. 3vo. —.76 

Ode (in Latin) on the success of the American war. 

2000 Marsh (Wrs. G. P.) Wolfe of the Knoll, and 
oth«r poems. New- York, 1860. cloth. 8vo. 1.— 
Contains an English translation of Tegner's Axel. ] 

200r Marshall (H.) Beschreib. d. wildwiichs. 
Baume u. Staudengewaohse in N.-Amerika. A. d. 
Engl, von C. F. Hoffmann. Lpz. 1788. hf. calj.%'>. 


2002 Marshall, (J.), Life of General Washington, 
First President of the Unit. States. Compiled from 
original Papers, with an introduction on the his- 
tory of the Engl. Colonies in North America. 
Philadelphia, 1804-07. 5 vols, portr., calf. 8vo. 

In'comparably Hit lest life of Washington. 

2003 Vie de G. Washington, composee sur ses 

tnemoires, precedee d'une histoire des colonies 
Anglaises en Am^rique Septentr. Trad, de I'Angl. 
p. P. P. Henry. Paris, 1807. 5 vols, calf gilt. 
8vo. 'and atlas of 16 maps and plates. 4to. 6. — 

2004 Paris, 1807. Atlas separately. 4to. 1.25 

2005 The same. Paris, 1840. Atlas separately, 

4to. 1.25 

2006 Leven van Geo. Washington. Uit het 

Eng. Haarlem, 1805-1809. 10 vols. sd. Portr. of 
W.. maps 'nind plates. 8vo. 4.50 

{Dutch translation of Marshall's Life of Was- 

2007 The same. 10 vols. 8vo. hf. cloth, and 

1 vol. of plates and maps, in-4to. Af. cloth. 4.50 

2008 Atlas ixiAio.\separately..hf. bd. 1.25 

2009 OfiS.cial letters to the Honor. Ameri- 




can Congress, vrritten during the war between 
the United Colonies and Great-Britain. New- 
York, Sam. Campiell, 1796. 2 vols, calf gilt. 8vo. 

Original edition, very rare. The London re- 
print, published by Cadell, bears the date of 1795.— 
See Rich p. 392. 

2010 Marshall, John, Amer. Statesman, Minister 
to France, author of t\\e,.Life of Washington. — 
A. L. S. to Mr. Woodbury, dat. Richmond, Dee. 
16, 1821 1 p. 4». 5.— 

Thanks Mr. W. on receiving his speech on the 
Judiciary Bill. (Delivered 11 Apr. 1826.) 

2011 Autograph Signatm-e. 1-50 

2012 Autograph Address to the famous Cuvier. 


2013 Marsillac (J.) La vie de Guill. Penn, fon'da- 
teur de la Pennsylvanie, contenant I'historique des 
premiers fondements de Philadelphie, etc. Paris, 
1791. 2 vols. sd. 8vo. 2.25 

2014 Martels (A. v.) Briefe ilber die westlichen 
Theile der Verein. Staaten von Nord-Amerika. 
Osnabriick, 1834. bds. map of Missouri. 8vo. 2. — 

From the library of the Duke Bernard von Saxen- 

2015 Martens (Fred.) Nauwkeurige beschryvinge 
van Greenland of Spitsbergen, waer in de Wal- 
visch-vangst . . . duydelijk wordt aangewesen, etc. 
Amsterd., 1710. vellum, i. plates, one of which title 
plate. 4to. 3. — 

{Accurate description of Greenland or Spitsberg, 
in which the whale fishery is . clearly described.. 

At the end a poetical description of the house- 
holding of the Greenlandish ships and the whale 
fishery (pp. 75-88.) 

2016 The same. Dordrecht, U. Walpot (1750?) 

hf. bd., same plates. 4to. 3. — 

2017 ■ The same, other edition. Dordrecht, B- 

Walpot, (1760?)'hf. bd. uncut, same plates. 4to. — 
Uare. 5. — 

This edition differs from the preceding two. It 
contains instead of "House-ljolding" (pp. 75 — 88) 
an account of i voyage of Montauban, Capt. of the 
Freebooters, on the coast of Guinea, in 1695. 

2018 The same. Amst., Abr. Cornelis, 1770. hf. 

bd., same plates. 4to. 3. — 

With the relation of Montauban, as in the pre- 

In all these 4 editions will be found an interesting 
instruction for the equipment of the vessels destined 
to the wbalefishery. — The first Dutch translation 
of 1685 of Martens' voyage see infra N». -3022. 

2019 Martin (E. Montgomery)' History of the 
British Colonies. 2d edition. London, 1835. &vols. 
cloth, maps. 8vo. (48. — ) 15. — 

Vol. I. Asia. — II. West-Indies. — III.North- 

Amerioa. — IV, Africa and Australia. — V.Earope. 

2020 Statistics of the Colonies of tho British 



Empire in the Weat Indies, South and North 
America, Asia, Austral-Asia, Africa and Europe. 
Lond. 1839. maps and engrav., seals, cloth, roy. 8vo. 


2021 Martiniere. Voyage des paya aeptentrionaux 
(Norv(5ge, Lapponie, Gronlande, etc.) Dans lequel 
se voit lea moeura, manit^re de vivre et anperati- 
tiona des Norweguiena, Lappons, Syberiena, Sa- 
mojfides, Zemblions, lalandois. Paris, 1671. calf, 
engrav, 8vo. 5. — 

The voyage of Martiniere is rare. 

2022 Nouveau Voyage du Nort, dana lequel 

on voit les moeurs, etc. Amat., E. Roger (1700 ?) 
plates, vellum. 8vo. (A small wormhole in the un- 
der margin.) 3.60 

Reprint of the foregoing work. 

2023 De Noordsohe Weereld , vertoond in 

2 reysen v. Martiniere en F. Martens door Lap- 
land, Siberie, IJaland, Greenland en Nova-Zembla, 
na Spitabergen of Greenland in 't jaar 1671 Vert, 
door S. de Vries. Amst. 168.5. vellum, plates. 4to. 

{Ttie Northern world, shown in two voyages of 
Martiniere and Martens through Lapland, Siberia, 
Iceland, Greenland etc.) 

2024 Martini (Mart.) S. J., Historia om thet 
Tartariske Kryget uthi Konungaryket Sina, sanipt. 
theras Seder. . . . Men forswcnskat aff Amhr. Ni- 
delberg. Wijsingzborg, 1674. bds. 4to. 19.-;- 

Swedish translation from the Latin edition, Am- 
stelod. 1655. 

Of GREAT RAEiTY, belonging to the Collection of 
Voyages, printed al VVysingzborg. The copy is slightly 
stained and a few wormholes in the margins. 

2025 Martinique. — View of the (aland when 
attaqued by the Dutch fleet, 1674. Fine Dutch 
engraving (1675). sq. fol. 2.50 

.2026 Insula Matanico vulgo Martanico, in lu- 

cem edita p. N. Visscher, nunc apud F. Schenk 
Jun. (Amst., about 1720). sq. fol. 3.— 

With indications of the habitations and the na- 
mes of the proprietors. 

2027 Map after the survey a of Houel a,nA Delisle 

by Fh. Buache. Amst., J. Covens et C. Moriier (about 
1740). sq. fol. Coloured. 3.— 

With plan of the harbours, indications of all the 
dwellingplaces, sugar-mills, the names of the pro- 
prietors, etc. 

2028 Colour, map. Amst., Is. Tirion (1765). fol. 

37 by 3L 1.- 

2029 Martius (C F. Ph. de) Flora Brasiliensis. 
Stuttg. 1833. Tom. I, II, 1. — 2 vols. 8vo. 

(6.—) 3.50 

2030 Von deiu Rechtszustande unter den Urein- 

wohnern Brasiliens. Miinchen, 1832. sd., uncut, 
map. 4to. 1.50 

2031 Martyr ab Angleria (Petrus) De rebua 
Oceania et Orbe Kovo decades tres etc. Baailiae, 


ap. Joa. Bebelium, 1533. 

The margins of the title 

Grynaei, Novna Orbis Eegionum ac Insnlarum 

veteribua iucognitarnm. Paris, ap Galeotum h Frato 

(1532). (No map) — In 1 vol. calf. fol. 50.-! 

Harrisse No. 176 and No. 172. — This edition 

of Angleria contains, besides a reprint of the very 

scarce edition of Alcala 1516, pp. 68 — 75. »ZJf in- 

sulis nuper inventis et de morihus incolarum," and 

pp. 76 — 92. I'De legatione Babi/lonica." The work 

is one of the most valnable sources for the history of 

the discovery of America, the author being at once 

the friend of Columbus, Vespuccius and Cabot. — For 

Grynaeus see N». 1301—10. 

2032 Martyr ab Angleria (Petrus) De rebus 
Oceanicia et Novo Orbe decades tres ; Item de 
Babylonica Legatione : item de rebus Aethiopicis 
opuscula Damiani a Goes. Coloniae, 1574. mllum. 
8vo. (Stamp on the title.) 9.— 

2033 The same. Fine copy in vellum with the 

date of 1654 on the binding. 12.— 

2034 Mason (John) Brief History of thePequotWar, 
1637. With an Introduction and some explanato- 
ry notes, by Thorn. Frince. Boston, 1736. ^ Re- 
printed New York, Sabin, 1869. sd. 8". 3.— 

2035 Massa, Isaac, bom 1587. Dutch merchant in 
Russia, and author of the very interesting pam- 
phlet on Hudson's discoveries, the early voyages 
to the North-Pole, etc. — Autograph signa- 
ture, with his motto : „m coelis Massa", on the 
back of a Dutch historical plate. — Unique. 


2036 Beschryvinghe van der Saraoyeden landt 

in Tartarien. Amat, 1612. 4to. 350.— 

{Description of the Land of the Samoids.) 
This important and rare tract is inserted in the 
collection of Hessel Gerritsz ou the North. See for 
the original Dutch edition of the famous Betectio 
Freti, N". 1425, for the translation in, Latin N". 1493, 
and in German N°. 2060. 

2037 Facsimile Reproduction of the Dutch edi- 
tion of 1612, the Latin edition of 1613, with a 
new English translation, and historical introduc- 
tion. Amst., 1875. 4to. — See N'. 925. 25.- 

2038 ■ Isaac Massa van Haarlem. Historische 

studie van J. v. d. Linde. Amsterd., 1864. Svo. 

(Isaac Massa from Haarlem. Historical essay.) 

2039 Massachusetts. — Constitution of the State 
of "Massachusetts, adopted 1780, with the amend- 
ments annexed. Boston, 1822. hf. bd. Svo. 1.50 

2040 Matelief de Jonge (Corn.) Historiale ende 
ware Beschryvinghe v. de reyse naer de 0. Indie 
uytgetrocken in Mayo 1605. Mitsgaders de bele 
gar. voor Malacca, als ooek den slach teghen de 
Portug. Armade. Rett., Jan Janssz., 1608. 4to. 
(Tiele N». 165.) 12.- 

(History and true description of the voyage to 
the E.-Ind. begun in May 1600. With the siege 





of Malacca and the sea-fiyU against the Portug. 
• This account was written by the Admiral himself; 
a more extensive account was published in the same 
year, but later than this (see foil. N".) 

2041 Matelief de Jonge (Corn.) Breeder verhael 
van tghene d. Adm. Corn. Matelief de Jonge, in 
O. Ind. voor de stadt Malacca wedervaren is; als 
cock de vreessel. strydt ter zee tusschen d. Adm. 
en de Portug. Rott., Jan Jansz,, 1608. bds. 4to. 
(Tiele N». 166c.) Fery rare. 8.— 

(Larger account of what occurred to the Adm. 
C. M. Junior before the city of Malacca, and the 
horrible sea-fight with the Portuguese.) 

This account was written by a clerk of the fleet 
(no other than Jacq. I'Heremite.) It is not in de 
Bry's collection. Hulsius combined this and the 
preceding account into one, and published it in his 
lOtb part. 

2042 Histor. verhael v. de Eeyse naer 0. Ind. 

en China met 11 schepen, v. 1605—8. (Amst., 
1646.) bds. aq. 4to. 4.— 

{Histor. account of the voyage to E. I. and 
Clana with 11 ships, etc.) 

With 11 plates; no separate title. Forms part of 
the collection: Begin en Voortgangh (N". 272.) To 
the voyage of Matelief (pp. 1 to 139) 2 letters of 
J. I'Heremite Junior to his father (pp. 140 to 187) 
are added. Only edition with these supplements. 

2043 Journael en hist, verhael v. de Eeyse 

naar 0. (ndien en China met 11 schepen, v. 1605 
tot 1608. Amst., J. Rartgers, 1648. 4to. In orig. 
wrapper. (Tiele N". 167.) 5.— 

(Journal and hist, account of the voyage to E. I. 
and China with 11 ships [ram 1605 to 1608.) 

With 1 pi- in 6 divisions. — Reprint of the pre- 
ceding edition, but without the supplem. 

2044 Matham (Adrien), Voyage an Marco (1640— 
. 41.) Journal de |voyage publie pour la premiere 

fois, avec notice biograph. de I'auteur, introd. et 
notes, par Ferd. de Hellwald. La Haye, 1866. 
8vo. 1.25 

2045 Mather, Cotton, one of the most renowned 
Divines of New England, Minister at Boston 
1684—1728, author of the Magnalia Christi Ame- 
ricana. ^- Antogr. Sermon on Eph. I, 14. dat. 
May 15, 1702. 8 pp. 8". 40.— 

2046 Liber Psalmorum (Hebraice cum ver- 

aione Latina), edilus a Joh. Leusden. Londini, 
Bumptibus Sam. Smith, 1688. vellum. 12mo. 45. — 

Op the utmost rarity. 

Hebrew and Latin text opposite. With dedioace 
to I'D. Crescentio Mathero, Verbi Divini Ministri 
„Vigilant., atqne CoUegii Harvardini, quod est Can- 
rfabrigiae Nov-Anglornm Eectori et Doctori oeleber- 
»rimo ac Honoraud., conversionem Indorum, in Arae- 
»rica {una cum viginti quatuor, nuper Gentilibus, sed 
II jam C'hristianis Pastoribus) feliciterpromoventi. . . 
"April 1688." 

Second edition with Latin text, uniform with the 


edition Hebrew- English, with almost the same dedi- 
cace as to Jokn Eliot, and 34 converted Indians 
ordained minister of the Gospel. London. 1688. This 
valuable record of the early progress of Christianity 
among the Indians of New England is NOT men- 

— Both editions are printed at Utrecht, however 
they bear the address of London; both cwrespondend 
in size and form of the Hebrew text — J. Leusdeu 
was Professor at the Uaiversity at Utrecht. 

2047 Mather, Cotton, Hebreus Psalmboeck. (The 
same, Hebraice cum versione Belgica), ed. k Joh. 
Leusden. Utrecht, 1688. old calf. 12mo. 6.— 

Hebrew and Dutch text opposite. In the Dutch 
preface the author tells "that he published this second 
"edition also with English text opposite, specially, 
"because there is such an opening for the Euangelium 
"in Boston; there are 24 Indian and 4 English mi- 
"nister of the Gospel, as him is reported by Cresc. 
iiMalherus, etc." 

The copy is somewhat stained. 

2048 Matthaei (C. Chr.) Untersuchnng iiber das 
gelbe Fieber. Hannover, 1827. 2 vols, bds., map. 
8vo. 2.50 

2049 Maundevile (J.) Voiage and travaile, which 
treateth of the way to Hierusalem and of the 
marvayles of Inde, with other ilauds and coun- 
tryes. Eeprinted from the edition of 1725, with 
an introduction, notes and glossary by J. 0. Hal- 
liwell. London, 1839, cloth, woodcuts. 8vo. 5. — 
— Maurice (John) of Nassau, Governor of 
Brazil, see .- Nassau. 

2050 Maximilian (Prinz von Wied-Neuwied), 
Reise nach Brasilien. Frankfurt a. M. 1820—21- 
2 vols. bds. uncut, roy. 4to. With Atlas, 3 parts in 
1, cont. 23 plates and 3 maps. roy. fol. 

(78.—) 18.— 
Extraordinary copy on large vellum paper, with 
the '19 vignettes printed on separate leaves; in the 
ordinary copies they are printed in the text. 

2051 May (Caroline) The American female Poets: 
with biographical, and critical notices. Philad. 
1865. cloth, gilt edges. 8vo. (8.40) 3.25 

2052 Mayer (D.) Neu aufgerichteter Araericanischer 
Mayerhof, das ist: Schwere Arbeiten u. reiffo 
Seelen-Friichten. . . gesammelt in nen aufgerich- 
teten Missionen in America. Augspurg, 1747. calf. 
8vo. 3.— 

Missionary accounts from Peru. 

2053 Mayer (De) Les Ligues Achcenne, Suisse et 
Hollandaise, et la Involution des Etats-Unis de 
lAmdrique, oomparees ensemble. GenSve, 1777. 
2 vols, in 1. calf. 8vo. 2. — 

2054 — - The same. Gen. et Paris, 1787. 2 vols. 
hf. cf. 8vo. 2.— 

2055 Mayr (Jo.) Epitome Cronicorum seculi rao- 
derni, d. i.- Kurtzer Begriff und Inhalt aller ge- 
denckwiirdigen Saehen, so von 1500 bisz zu dem 
1604 Jar Christi, auff d. gantzen Erdenkreisz . . . 



verlauffen. Jetzt duroh d. Authorn selbst corrig., 
mit vilen Ilistorjen, sonderlieh d. Newen WeltAme- 
rieae, und Ost-lndien vermehret. Miinchen, 1604. 
map on ilie title; stamped pigskin, with clasps. 4to. 
399 pp. 9 — 

2056 [Mazzei] Recherches historiques et polit. sur 
les Etats-lJnis de TAmerique Septentr., par un 
Citoyen de Virginie. Aveo quatre lettres d'lin 
Bourgeois de New-Haven sur I'unite de la legis- 
lation (par Condorcet). Colles et Paris, 1788. 
4 vols. hf. hd. 8vo. 4.— 

2057 Memorial of the inhabitants of Mauritius 
setting forth their sufferings etc . . . with a nar- 
rative of the events in the colonies during the 
year 1832. Lond. 1833. 8vo. 1.— 

2058 Mediator (The), an English man of war, 
(Captain Luttrel), puts to flight 3 out of 5 French 
ships. 1782. D. Serres px., engrav. by R. Pollard. 
2 plates (N». 1, ;i). sq. fol. 3.- 

2059 Medal (Satyrical) on the English Leopard, 
strangled by the American Serpent, i'ine French 
engraving. 1780. sm. fol. 2.50 

2060 Megiser (Hieron.) Septentrio Novautiquns, 
Oder die newe Nort-Welt, das ist: Griindliche vnd 
warhaflte Beschreibung aller Mitternac.htigen vnd 
Nortwerts gelegenen Landen u. Insulen, so vnsern 
Vorfahren... vnbekandt geweeen . . . Sampt Rela- 
tion welcher gestalt in 1612... eine newe Schif- 
farth nach der China gegen Nortwerts, vnd eine 
unsegliche grosse Landschaft in. . . der Magel- 
lanica erfunden worden. Leipzig, 1613. vellum, 
12 maps and plates. 8vo. Fitie copy, one leaf of the 
index slightly damaged. 22.50 

A rare and very iuterestiDg collection of voyages 
to the North, including also some information of 
America, especially Virginia. Not mentioned by 
Kich, Tromel, Stevens etc. — Contains a. o. : Trans- 
lation of Blefkeniua' work on Iceland and Green- 
land, the voyage of Nic. and A. Zeno to the 
North, and a voyage of Frisish fishers to the West- 
Indies. — Voyage of P. Quirinus to the North in 
1431. — Description of ViRoiNrA. With plate. — 
Description of the Devil's Island near NKW-i'BiNOE, 
with map. — Description i f the Northern Coun- 
tries, Moscovy etc., including =* translation of the 
exceedingly rare Dutch description of the country of 
the Samoids in Tartary, by Is. JVIassa. Anist. 1612. 
(See N». 2036.) — Discovery of a North- West pas- 
sage to China, with an account of Huuson's voyage, 
etc. — Of the newly discovered countries in the 
Magellanica. With P. 1\ de Quir's Supplication to 
the King of Spain. With a plate. 

In the same volume is bound; S.. Megisar, Be- 
schreibung der vberaussreichen Insul Madagascar. 
Ibid. (1623.) Wilh a map and 7 plates. — ■ The 
larger part of this work (viz. pp. 75 — 177) is fil- 
led with a dictionary of the language of Madagascar. 
This part has as separate title, notwithstanding the 
paging goes on. 

2061 Meidinger (H.) Die Britischen Colonien ii 
Australien. Frankf., 1860. map. 8vo. — .g| 

2062 Mela (Pomponms) De tfltius orbis descrip 
tione. Nunquam antea citra montes ittipltessns 
(Edid. God. Torenus.) Paris., Impr. per Aegidim, 
Gormuntium et per Torinum 'JBit/irieum reeognitm. 
1507. hf. calf. 4to. Very fine copy. 18._ 

On the title the •printer's mark of Jean Petit, on 
the last leaf that of Gilles de Gourmont. ■— Verj 
scarce. A copy was -sold with : Saorobnsto,i Opus 
sphericum 1507. at fl. 82. — at Bns(ihede"8 sale in 

2063 De orbis situ libri III, citm commentariis 

Joach. Vadiani. Accedit Bpistola Vadiani ad Kud. 
Agricolam. Lutetiae Paris., 1530. htdf bound, fol. 

Harrisse N". 157. — The present cofy'has one 
leaf not mentioned in Harrisse's collation. After 
pag. 196 and before the unnumbered leaf for a title 
there is still another unnumbered leaf: Joaiihimu 
Vadianus Helvetius aandirlo '•^LectoH, theverso blank. 
— See for America the Epistle to Agricola. 

2064 The same. A. Schottus reoenstiit et 11- 

lustr. Antv. ex. of. C. Pldntini. 1582. — - Geogra- 
phica et hist. Heyodoti quae Latine lUelii exserip- 
sit ed. A. Schottus. Ibid. 15'82. IViih a fine map 
of the fVorld by A. Ortelius. 1 vol. Mellnm.. 4to. 


2065 The same. Cum 1. Vossii observat, Hagae 

Com. 1658. 2 vols, in 1. vellum,. 4t0. , 2,— 

2066 The same. Oum notis Variorum edid. 

A. Gronovius. Ed 2a. Lugd. Bat. 1748,, !>«&»>, 
jigg. 8vo. 2.— 

2067 — — The same. Cum notis orit. etexfjget. Va 
riorum edid. C. H. Tzschncke. Lipsij(e, 1807. 
3 vols. In 7. 8vo. (40;— )"10.- 

2068 Melish (J.) GeogTaphical description of'the 
United States. 3d ed. Philad. 1818. 4 ««;>«.•*/, 
calf. 8vo. 1.60 

2069 Traveller's Directory through the 0«ited 

States, with a calendar. 5th edit. Philad. 1819. 
2 large and 4 smaller maps, calf sm. 8vO. ■ 1^60 

2070 Melton (Edw.) Zeldzame en gedenkw9ferd. 
zee- en landreizen door Egypten, WestiKiaien, 
Persiijn enz. Vertaald uit de eigftne brieven van 
den Heer Melton. AmSt. J. ten Soot'», leSl.tte^ 
lum, many plates. 4to. (Asher.S". 16.) , S.r 

(^Curious and memorable voyages , md , travels 
through -Egijpt, the IVest-Indies, Persia, etc. Tram- 
lafed from the original letters <)f 'Mr^. Melton^ 

2071 The same. 2d edition. Amst., Jan Verja- 

ger, n02. vellum. 4to. (Asher N". 17.) 5.- 

Bxaot reprint, with ^addition of a new preface. 

Contains besides an aocouM of Virginia, Florida, 
Cuba, Haiti, Panama and Jamaica, a very ' detailed 
description of New-Netberland. This description is 
rendered still more important by the circumstance 
that Melton was at New- York in 1668. —.'Confer; 
Asher's Essay, N". 17. 

Fkedekik Mui,'r'.EEii& Gi 



20,7,2 BJelton (Edw.) Zee^ en Lanclreizeii:(West- 
Indisclie) doov de Caribisphe eylanden, Mewm-He- 
deriand, Virginia, en de SpaanschS West-tndien. 
Beschryying der inwoonderen, zeden en gewoon- 
ten, wreedheden d. Americ. Zeeroovers etc. Amst. 
1705. 4tO. With plates. Peiy rare. (Asher N". 18.) 

{West-liidian voyages and Travels through the Ca- 
raibic islands, New-Neilierland, Virginia, and the 
Spanish W e^i-Ittdies.) 

The description of New-Netherland on pp. 16 — 46. 
— Tlie work is a reprint of the second part of 
Melton (pp. 121 — 225.), with several cleverly drawn 
plates ; those on New-Netherland are imitations of 
the plates in 1). P. de Vries. — It is infinitely 
more scarce, than the preceding editions of Melton. 

2073 Memoire sur la decouverte de la c6te Sud- 
Quest de la Nouvelle-HoUande, ou de la Terre 
Flinders, de la Terre Napoieon, et de la Terre 
Grant. (1815.) , »?ajo. 8vo, — Extr. 1.50 

2074i Memoires de la. Societe Roy. dea Antiqiiai- 

res du Nord, 1840— 43. Section Am6ricaine. Oo- 

penh. 1843. sd. 19 plates. 8vo. 3. — 

Contains; Kafn, Memoire s. la decouverte de 

I'Ameriqae. — Histoire Aute-columhienne de TAine- 

riqne. — Astronomical evidence from the site of 

Vinland, etc. See n"; 34. 

2075 Mebaoria apologetia do Areebispo da Bahia 
... em respoBta a um opusealo do D. Man. do 
Monte Kodriguesdi Araujo, Bispo do Rio de Ja- 
ijeiro, sobre a questae : A q,ual dos dois Preladoa 

. competia fazer a . Qer.emonia. de aagraQao do raesmo 
Augusto Senhor. Bahia. 1842. 8vo. 145 pp. 2.50 

2076 Memorials of the Empire of Japop, in the 
1* and 17 centuries. Edited, with notea, by 
TAom. Bundall. Lond., 1850 map and 5 fac-sm., 
cloth. 8vo. 6. — 

Published by the Hakluyt Society. 

2077 .Memorias de litteratura Portugueza, publi- 
cadas pela Academia Real daa Scienciaa de Lis- 
boa. Lisboa, 1792—1814. 8 vols. sd. uncut. 4to. 

The 8th volume contains the following articles : 
Ribeiro dos- Santos, Memoria sobre dois mappas ge- 
ografj do Infante D. Pedro. — S. F. de Mendo 
2'rigoio, Eusayo. sobre os dpscobrimeutos e commer- 
cio dos Portuguezes em as Terras Septentrionaes da 
Anerica. — A Rib. dos Santos, Memoria sobre a 
novidade da navega9ao Portugueza no seoulo XV. — 
Mendo Trigono, Memoria sobre Martim de Bohemia. 

2078 Memorias di Instituto da ordera dos Advo- 
gados Braaileiros. la serie. Rio de Janeiro. 1843. 
8vo. !•— 

2079 Memoria aen de ... Staten Generael der 
Vereenighde Nederlanden ... 18 July 1668. No 
place. 4to. ?-~ 

{Memorial to the ... Slates General of the Um- 
Request of the West-India Company to prolongate 


the Patent, to effect the Treaty with the King of 
Portugal in 1661 on Brazil, and to pay the subsi- 
dies in arrears. — Not in Asher's Essay, 

2080 Memoria van consideratien van Bewindheb- 
beren der W. I. Comp. indien doeze zoude moe- 
ten worden gediasolveerd. 1791. fol. 1.50 

{Considerations of the Directors of the. W. I. C. 
on its dissolution.) 

2081 Mendoza (J. Gonzalez de) History of the 
. . . Kingdome of China, and the situation thereof. 
Transl. out of Spanish by R. Parke. Lond., J. 
Wolfe, 1588. Black letter, hf. calf, am. 4to. 10.— 

First edition. Very rare, made at the instance of 
Hakluyt, with the translator's dedication to Thomas 
Candish. — This copy wants pp. 193—196, 271— 
274, 357—364; the title is a little mended and 
same leaves slightly stained. 

2082 The same. Reprinted, edited, by Geo. T. 

Stoftnton. With an introduction, by R. E. Major. 
Lond. 1853. Vol. 1. cloth. 8vo. 6.— 

Published by the Hakluyt Society. 

2083 Hiatoire da grand royaume da la Chine, 

aitue aux Indes orieutales, divis6e, en deux partiea. 
Ensemble un Itineraire du Nouveau Monde, et le 
desoouvrement du Nouveau-Mexiqneon 1583, Trad, 
par Luc de La Porte. Paris, Nic. Dufosse. 1589. 
old calf. 8vo. 15.— 

L'itineraire du Nouveau-Monde se trouve ff. 240 
et suiv. 

2084 Hiatoire du grand, royaume de. la Chine 

aitue aux Indes Orientalea,. Plus .troia.voyagea fails 
vers iceluy on I'an 1577, 1579 et 1581. Ensemble 
un Itineraire du Nouveau Monde,, et le deaeouvre- 
ment du Nouveau-Mexique en. 158,3. Rouen, Nico- 
las Angot, 1614. hf. doth gilt. 8vo. 8.-- 

2085 Menezaz Conde da Ericeyra (L. de) 
Historia de Portugal reataurado. Lisboa, ioa. Gal- 
rao, 1679. Vol. I. fol. calf. At the end a little stai- 
ned by water. 1-7. — 

This volume comprises the years 1640 — 56, and 
is of the highest interest for the history of the Por- 
tuguese colonies in America, and the wars in Brazil 
with the Dutch. 

The secoud volume appeared in 1698 : and in that 
tirne already the first volume had become so scarce 
that it was thought necessary to reprint it, which 
has been done in 1710. It is for this reason, that 
most of the copies, have not the 1st volume in the 
original edition of 1679. 

2086 Historia de Portugal reataurado. Lisboa, 

D. Rodrigues, 1751—59. 4 vols. Spanish, calf. 4to. 

New and complete edition of this invaluable work. 
It embraces the years 1640—1668, just, the most 
important time for the affairs of the Portugueie co- 
lonies in America. 

2087 Mentzelius, Ch., Index nominum plantarura 
universalis, Europ., Asiat., African, et Americano- 
rum, Aec. Pugillus plant, rariov., e. indie, plant, 



nonnnll. Brasiliae. Berol. 1682. WHk 12 pi. vellum. 
lol. 3.75 

2088 Mercator, Ger., Atlas sive Cosmograpliioae 
meditationes de fabrica mundi et fabrioati figura. 
Denuo anctus. Edit. 4a. Amsterodami, J'lid. Eon- 
dius. 1619. vellum. ITitA porlr. of Mercator and 
Sondius, and 156 coloured maps. fol. — Text in 
French. Very rare. — Pine copy. 25.— 

This edition of the celebrated Atlas of Mercator 
is not the fourth (which appeared 1613) as the title 
says, but the seventh. It contains 105 maps by 
Mercator and 51 by Hondius a. c, amongst which 

9 maps of America : Mappemundi ; General map with 
special ones of Cuba, Haiti and the Gnlf of Mexico; 
General map with ethnographical figures, f. i. ; Na- 
vicula Floridanorum, Modus oonficiendi et bibendi 
potum apud Amer., etc.; Arctic regions with Green- 
land; Hispania Nova; Virginia and Florida, on 
which the naked figures of the King and Queen of 
Florida (with the rather superfluous remark: "Plebi 
non multum ab his differuni^').^ Clvitatum Vloridae 
et Virginiae formae^ and some historical annotations ; 
the West-Indies: 5 maps on one sheet, with plan 
of Havana; S. America with plan of Cusco; Fretura 

On Mercator'a maps appeared for the first time 
crescent degrees. 

2089 Mercatoris, Ger., et J. Hondii, Atlas sive 
Cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mandi et 
fabricati figura. Enicndatae et de novo in lucem 
editae. Amstelod., H. Hondius. 1630. russia, gilt 
edges. With the same portr. and 163 coloured maps. 
fol. 20.— 

Eleventh edition of Mercator's Atlas with the same 
maps on America and Latin text. — Of the 163 
maps of this edition 105 are by Mercator and 58 
by Hondius. 

2090 Atlas Novus, sive descriptio geographica 

totius Orbis Terrarum. Arasterd. 1633. 2 vol. hf. 
calf. 238 maps and frontispieces, all finely coloured, 
many of, them with portraits, coats of arms, etc. 
fol. 30.— 

Contains besides the maps of the preceding edition 

10 new ones of America: Virginia; Island of Ber- 
muda; Venezuela; Grenada; Giijana; Peru; Brazil; 
Paraguay and Rio de la Plata; (Jhlli; and a new 
and much more correct map of Strait Magellan and 
Strait Le Maire, bearing the note (in l^atin and 
Dutch): » Descripiionem hanc novam freti Magel- 
lanici nobis communicavit Bernardus .loannis (Pot- 
gieter) Monasteriensis^ qui novem menses in pera- 
gratione huius freti impendit sub duce Sebalbi de 

Waerdt." This note is the only indication that the 
writer of the narrative of de Weert's Voyage was 

called Potgieter and is the same person as this na- 

The text t.o the maps is quite new and gives an 
account of the latest geographical discoveries, which 
are all incorporated in the work. It speaks of the 
war of the Dutch in Brazil, the capture of Olinda, 
the English ColoDies in N. America, etc. 

Of the 238 maps of this edition only 87 are ly 
Mercator, those by Hondius, a. o. having increased 
to the number of 151. 

2091 Mercatoris, Ger., et J. Hondii, Atlas 
(German Text.) Amsterd. 1633. 2 vols.\&^ 
coloured maps, gilt edges, fol. — Title of the lj< 
part from the French edition, — title of the id part 
and pp. 465 — 525 (the Netherlands with 13 maps) 
wanting. 15.— 

This German edition contains 160 maps, ofwhioh 
6 on America : Mappamnnde, general map (different 
from the 3 before mentioned editions and much more 
correct), Virginia, Peru, Brazil, Strait of Magellan, 
the same as in the Latin and French editions of 
1633. — 12 later maps of Russia, Transsjlvania, 
Hungary, etc., publ. by de Leth, ScAenk, a. o. are 
inserted in this copy. 

2092 — — Atlas minor. Amsterod., J. Hondius. 1610. 
684 pp. 150 maps, vellum, sq. 4". 15.— 

First and very rare edition of the Atlas minor, 
printed at Dordrecht by Anr. Sottius, whose prin- 
ters-mark on the last page. — The following maps 
relate to Amer. Geography; Map of the World, 
America, Amer. Meridion., Arctic regions with Green- 
land, Virginia and F'lorida, W. India- Islands (6 maps 
on 1 sheet), Hispania nova, Strait of Magellan. — 
The descriptive text is in Latin. 

Of this once very popular Atlas minor more than 
30 editions appeared, with text in all language;, 
even one in Turkish by Moustafa ben Abdalla. . 

2093 Atlas minor. Arast., J. Janssonius. 1621. 

763 pp. 140 maps, vellum, sq. 4". 10.— 

First edition with Dutch text (by S. Brinck), 
Black letter. The maps — engraved by A. Gooi 
and f. Kaerius — widely differ from those in the 
Latin edition of 1610. They have been reproduced 
in the 2d Dutch edition of 1630 and in the Latin 
of 1634. F'oUowing maps relate to America; Map 
of the World ; General map of America; Arctic re- 
gions (Greenland, Labrador etc.); Nova Hispania; 
Virginia and Florida; the West-Indian-Islands, South 
America; I'retum Magellanicum and Le Maire. 

2094 The same, 2d edition. Amsterdam. J. Jans- 
sonius. 1630. vellum. 4". — Fine copy. 10.— 

Only the printed part of the engraved title changed. 

2095 Atlas minor. Amst., J. Janssonius. 1634. 

vellum, sq. 4". — Fine copy. 8.— 

Latin edition with the same maps as in the pre- 
ceding Dutch. 

2096 Atlas minor, d. i. Beschreibnng dergant- 

zen W^eldt. Amstelod., /. Janssonius. 1651. 2 vol. 
sq. 4". 211 maps. — Vnout. 12.— 

This German edition contains besides the 140 maps 
of the- Dutch edition 1638, 71 more, amongst which 
5 Americ:m maps: Nova Granada and Popayan, 
Peru, Brazil, Rio de la Plata and Paraguya, Chili. 

2097 — -- Atlas sive Cosmographicae meditationes, 
etc. Amsterod., Joh. Cloppenburg. 1632. 
178 maps. Large, sq. 4°. — Fine copy. 


Fredeeik Muller & C°., 



Besides a general map of America, this edition 
contains 10 special ones, amongst which 2 of Vir- 
•ginia, all reduced copies after those in Meroator's 
Urge Atlas, with descriptive text in Latin. 

2098 Meroatoris, Qer., vita (a Gualt. Ghymnico 
consoripta) ac epitaphia. Dedicatio ad Elizabetam, 
reg. Angliam, etc. Rnm. Mercatoria, 1595. etc. 
8 leaves ; preliminaries of the edition of G. Mer- 
cator's Atlas of 1633. large fol. 2.50 

2099 Mercure Francois, ou Suitte de I'histoire 
de 1605 a 1623. Paris, 1611—1636. Tom. 2, 3, 5, 
10, 13, 14, 18, 19. — in all 9 vols. French vellum. 
8vo. 24.— 

These odd volumes of a highly valuable historical 
review, rarely to be met in complete sets, are by far 
the most interesting of all for American history. A 
few extracts from these volumes will show their im- 

Tom. II. 1608. Difficultes des Hollandois et Es- 
pagnols sur la navigation aux Indes Orient, et Oc- 
cident. — Des colonies que les Anglois opt mene en 
la 1'irginie ceste Aanee. — Voyages faicts en la 
Nouvelle 'France ou Canada. — Tom. III. 1612 — 
15. 2e edit. Navigations des Holandoia, Anglois et 
Franpois (an detroit des Waaygats, en Chine en Ma- 
ragnan. — Retour de Rassilly en France et des 
Toupinambovs qu'il amena a Paris. — Description de 
I'isle de Maragnan, la clef du Bresil, etc. — Anglois 
de la Virginie desfaicts par les Espagnols. — Tom. 
V. 1617. Des terres Australes et des voyages faits 
pour les decouvrir. — Voyage de Isaac Lemaire et 
Gnil. Schouten. — Kequeste du Gapt. l?erd. de Quir, 
sur la decouverte de la 5me partie du monde ou 
terre Australe. — Tom. X. 1618. Des Voyages de 
Pont Grave et de Champlain au Canada. — Tom. 
XIII. 1624. Combat naval entre les HoUaodois et 
les Espagnols devant Lima. — Prise de la baye de 
tons les Saints. — Tom. XIX. 1633. Relation de 
ce qni c'est passe en la Nouvelle France ou Canada; 
autre relation du sieur Champlain. 100 pp. 

The vols, here and there somewhat stained ; Tom. 
V without binding, title damaged. 
2100 Morcurius. — a.HoUantseMercuriushistorisch- 
wiJa vervatende het voornaemste in Christenrijck 
voorgevallen van 1650-1690. Haerlem. 1651—91. 
40 vols, vellum, plates and portraiis. 4to. 60. — 

(The Dutch Mercury historically containing the 
most remarkable events from 1550—90.) 

b. Eur6pischeMercurius,doorE. V.Amsterd., 1691— 
1756. 67 vols, vellum, plates aiid portraits. 4to. 

{The European Mercury etc.) 

c. Maandeljjkache Nederlandsche Mercurius. Amst., 
1766 — 1790. 69 vols, plates and portraiis. 4to. 

{Monthly Dutch Mercury.) 

d. Staatkundige Historic van Holland en Maandel. 
Nederl. Mercurius. Amst. 1801-1806. 6 vols. 
4to. 15.— 

(Political Eisiory of Holland and Monthly Dutch 


e. Amsterdamsche Mercurius. 1807 — 1815. 9 vols. 
4to. 25.— 

The whole collection a— e together fl. 175. 

Complete series of this highly valuable historical 
review from its commencement 1650 till 1815 (only 
year 1791— ISOO wanting). A set, as the present, 
is of the highest rarity, even in Holland. The series 
a and c axe the most interesting to the American 
collector, the first for the history of the IJutch colo- 
nization in New-Netherlaud, and of the first period 
of the Englisli government there; the other for the 
history of the graet War of Independence against 
England. The series a and c are by far the most 
interesting, the two last ones d and e, are unques- 
tionably the rarest of all. 

2101 Merian (Mar. Sib.) De voortteeling en won- 
derbaerlyke veranderingeu der Surinaerasche In- 
aecten. Amst., 1730. With 72 pi. — The same, 
De Europische Insecten onderzogt. Amsterd..l730. .. 
With 184 plates. — 2 vols, calf gilt extra, fine cojj^, 
plain plates, fol. 16. — 

(The generation and wonderful changes of the 
insects in Surinam. — The European insects.) 

2102 Mesange (P. de) Vie, avautures et voyage 
de Gronlande. Avec une relation de I'origine etc. 
des habitants du Pole Arctique. Amst. 1720.2 vols 
in 1. 8vo. Scarce. 4.50 

2103 Messenii (J) Scondia iUustrata s. chrouolo- 
gia de rebus Scondiae s. Daniau, Norvegiae atq. 
una Islandiae, Oronlandiaeque usq. a. 1612, ed. J. 
Peringakiold. Stookh. 1700—5. Part 1—13, 16. 
fol. Vncut. 30.— 

The 14th part has never been printed. It has 
been lost in MS. as we see from a uotice in the 
Emendanda of Part XI : »Thomus XIV. De Gothis 
extra patriam, perditus est." 

2104 Meteren (Em. van) Historie der Nederland- 
schen en haar uabueren oorlogen. Amstt'rd. 1652 
fol. Best edition. 10. — 

(History of the wars of the Dutch and their 

This celebrated work contains very valuable mate- 
rials for the life of Henry Hudson, and fur the his- 
tory of W. Usselinex and his first attempts to esta- 
blish the West- India-Company. 

2105 M9tius(Adr.) Astrouom. ende Geograph. on- 
derwysinghe inde vs'eleke door 't gebruyck d. 
Aertschen Globi de Zeevaert verlicht wordt. Amst. 
1632. vellum, woodcuts. 4". 3. — 

(Jstronom. and Geograph. instruction explaining 
navigation by the use of the earth-globe.) 
2100 Meusel (J. G.) Bibiiotheoa historica. Lips. 
1782—1800. 11 vols, or 22 parts, sd. 8vo. 

./Meusel's Historical Library will always be consi- 
dered a scholarly and reliable work of the utmost 
importance to the student of history. The parts 
comprising Italy, Germany etc. were never published, 
but the sections relating to the New World were all 
inserted. The authors are mentioned with a fullness 




and accuracy, wich betray the hand of i bibh'ogra- 
pher who did not limit his efforts to the mere tran- 
scription of titles and collations, but to a perusal of 
the works themselves and appreciation of their me- 
rits." — Marrisse, Bibl. Amer. Fetus^., XXII. 

2107 Mexico. — Cai'te pour la navigation des is- 
les et du Golfe de Mexique, d'aprfes Fopple par 
FA. Buache. Paris. 1743. 2 slieets. fol. Together : 
94 by 50. — Coloured. 3.— 

2108 and New Granada, Amst, Is. TiHon. 

1765. Coloured map. fol. 44 by 30. 1. — 

2109 Mexico (New-), Western part, and Cali- 
fornia. Amst. Is. Tirion. 1765. Coloured map. fol. 
36 by 33. ' 1.— 

2110 Plan of the city, witii that of Arzilja, 

occurring in an ornamental woodcut ■t)oi'der of a 
worli of the 16th century, fol. Mounted. 3. — 

2111 and Cusco. Prospects with figures of 

the inhabitants, engrav. by F. Hogenberg. 2 plates 
on 1 sheet sq. fol. — From: Braun et Hogenberg, 
Cimtates. Coloniae. 1572. — Rare. 6. — 

On verso the text, in Latin, belonging to these 

2112 and Vera-Cruz. 2 Views, lithogr. by 

J. St. Aulaire. Paris (1850.) 2 plates. Ig. sq. fol. 


2113 View of the market-place at Mexico, 

peopled with market-people and citizens. Kne 
pencil-drawing by Rugendas. — 15 by 12. 10. — 

2114 View of the Orizaba (Citlaltapetl), one of 

the Mexican vulcanoes, high 5,282 metr. On the 
fore-ground the Hacienda Mirador. — Fine aquarel 
by Rugendas. — 28 by 20. 10.— 

2115 Another view on the same Mountain and 

Hacienda. — Fine sepia-drawing by Rugendas. — 
24 by 19. 10.— 

2116 Views from Montanus' America , Gueude- 

ville. Atlas Aistorique, etc. 7 engrav. sq. fol. and 
4». 2.50 

Mexico vetns. — Nova Mexico. — Potosi. — 
Acapuloo. — Truxillo, etc. 

2117 Dress and customs of the original inha- 
bitants. 4 engrav. of diff. size. — From : Monta- 
nus' America: Moore's Voyages, and by Fortman. 
(black and coloured). 1.75 

2118 Keligious, funeral, etc. ceremonies of the 

Mexicans, engrav. by Bern. Ficart, 19 represent, 
with French subscript, on 8 sh. fol. — First im- 
pressions. ' 2.75 

2119 Meyer (G. P. W.) Primitiae florae Esseque- 
boensis. Getting. 1818. 318 pp. sd. uncut, 'iplates, 
4to. — Rare. 6. — 

2120 Michaelis (G.) De Antipodibus. Wittebergae, 
1677. 4to. 1.— 

2121 Miohaelius, Jonas, Dutch Reformed Minis- 
ter at St. Salvador (in Brazil) 1624, on the Coast 
of Giiinea (in Africa) 1626 or 1626, flirat Refor- 

med Minister in New Netherland from 
1628 to 1633. — A. L. S. to Adr. SmoutlaSj Mi- 
nister at Amsterdam, dat. „lrom the Islftnd Man- 
hattans," Aug. 11, 162S. 4'. very closely written. 
pp. ipl. 376.— 


resting relation o( M's voyage to ^t|ie Colpiiy, of 
the religious state of its inhabitants, on the condi- 
tion of commerce, the healthy climatte, tfee fertih% 
of the soil and its manifold productions, AH tpe trou- 
blesome relations with the Mohicans, cet. '■ — ' Ap- 
pended the correspondence (with Prof. Mjllies' at 
Utrecht, Prof, Kist at Leiden, cet.), and adversaria 
of Mr. J. T . Bodel Nyenhuis of Leiden, Vfho pu- 
blished M's letter in: Kist en Moll, Ker&histiii' . Jr- 
cMef 1851. By the care of the Hon. n. C. Mur- 
phy an English translation was pfivately printed at 
the Hague' 1858, in a few copies. It was also in- 
serted in O'Callaghan's Documents, 1856. Vol. II. 4". 

2122 Michaplius, Jonas, Photolithographed 
facsimile of Michaelius' Letter, by .the pro- 
cede-Asser, with the IJutoh transcript and an En- 
glish translation by the Hon. H. C. Murphy, with 
preface by Mr. Fred. MuUer. Amsterdam. 1876. 
fol. 20.— 

Printed only in 100 copies. 

The original letter with the whole issue 
of the facsimile. 850.— 

2123 Michigan. — Geographisch-statistisehe und 
historische Charte. Weimar, 1828. sq.''fol.''55 by 
45. 1.- 

2124 Holland in America: a collection of fracts 

on the Dutch colony „ Holland" in the S|t^te of 
Michigan, founded in 1845, and on other Dutch 
colonies in Wisconsin and Iowa. 15 partSjl§46— 
50. 8vo. Most in Dutch. 5.— 

2125 Miertsching (J. A.) Reise-Tagebuch des Mis- 
sionars . . . welcher ala Dolmetscher die Nordpol- 
Expedition znr Aufsuchung J. Franklins iuf d. 
Schiff Investigator begleitete. 1850—64. Gnadau, 
1855. map. 8vo. 1.75 

2126 Milbert (J.) Itineraire pittoresque du fleuve 
Hudson et des parties lat^rales de i'Amfirique du 
Nord. Paris, 1828. 2 vols. 4to. and Atlas of 54 
plates on China paper and 1 map. fol. hf. bound. 

(100.—) 24.- 

2127 Miller (General) Memoirs of — while in the 
Service of the Eepnblie of Peru; by J. Miller. 
2d Edition. Lond. 1829, 2 vols. bds. portr. 8vQ. 

(21.—) 4.50 

2128 Miller (St. B.) Historical sketches of Hudson, 
embracing the settlement of the city, etc. Hud' 
son, 1862. cloth, roy. 8vo. 2.4C 

2129 Miller, S., Theologian writer. Professor ol 
Ecclea. Hist, in the Theol. Seminary at Prince 
town 1813—49. — A. L. S. to J. EmeffiQB, BC' 


veriy, Massachns. dat. N. Y. May 14, 1810. 1 u. 

^"^ „ . 1-60 

♦■ He refuses to put his name to a re'Oonimaiiclation 
of oiie of E.'s works. 

2130 Miller. S., A. L. S., to Rev. Dr. Griffin, 
Boston, dat. N. Y. July 30, 1813. 1 p. 4". 1.50 
On his appointment to a Professorship at Prin- 
cetown, and on Griffin's "lectures'". 

2131' A. L. S. to Preaident Day, New-Haven, 

dat. Phitadelphia, May, 2.S, 1823. 1 p. 4". 1.50 
2132 Millet (Pierre) [de la Comp. de Jdsiis] Re- 
lation de' sii captlvitfe parmi les Onnei'outs en 
■ 1690— 9i. Nbuvelte-York, Presse Cramoisi/ dc J. A. 
Shea, 1846. bt/s. 8vo. 5.— 

Printed in lOO copies only. — This copy bears 
N". 36 and the editor's sigfiatiire. — The original 
MS', was found by Mt. H. C. Murphy, Ambassador 
of -the United Stafe at the Hague. The author was 
Missionary in Canada. 

2liS Miniscal(3hi-E!ri^z6 (Franc.) Le scoperte 
avtiohe narrate. Veiiezia', 1855. 643 pp. clot/i, un- 
cut. 8v^o. ^ , 4.50 
Bicellent w;orli: cbutaini'ng a succinct Sisiiory of 
the Arctic discoVeries. — The four maps wanting. 

2134 „]yr,iD,isterial purgations, or state gripings." 
— Epglish caricaturg: Geprge 111 and five other 
flgu,r,es,, amongst which the Devil, attacked by 
colic ^ George says: y^the people 1 have taxed, eke." _ 
No namb of ehgrav. itSO. sq. fol. 2.50 

2135' Miniiesbta as' a' home for immigrants. — An- 
naitl Message, of Go\>ernor Miller. — : , Report of 
the State Geologist H. H. .SaBjei. (Engl, ^nd Ger- 
man.) St. Paul, 1865— 6'6.— G. Hewitt ini Sc/ie- 
vichaven, on Minnesota, for emigrants and colo- 
nists (in Dutch.) 1868,72. — To'getheV 8 parts. 
8to. 2.50 

SriSe Mint (First) coined at Utrecht for th^ Dutch 
W. f. possessions^ in America. 1793. — 8 Copies 
of tfofh sides ot' 4 coiii^, stalnped in haiit-relief 
on iiaper. — Rare. 3. — 

2137 liiquel (F. A. G.) Stirpes Surihanienses 
selectae. Lugd. Bat. 1850. IFith 05 plates. 4to. 

(16,—) 1().50 

21^8 — _ Artooarpeae and Piperaceae of the. Isth- 
mus of Panama. (Reprint, from Seeroan's Botany 
o'? tlie Voyage of H. M. S. Herald.) 1850 ? imp. 

^ 4to. . i-25 

213^ Miraaus (Aub.) , .Poli^tiae eeclesiasticae, s. 

Status religionis Christianae per Europ., Asiani, 

Africain et Oi'b'em Novuni. Lugil. 1620. vellum. 

12mo. 4-50 

Lib. JV. Orbis Novus pp. 313--3'48, cont. a. o. 

a list of the Collegia Soo. Jesu in India Oucid: and 


2140 -— - The same; without' binding, stamp on the 
title, a little damaged. 



2141 Miscellany (Historical) of the curiosities 
and rarities in nature arid art, ... in every part 



of the habitable world. Lond. (about. 1790). 5 vois- 
hf. calf. 8vo., ^ 10.— 

V(iry interesting collection of curious and remar- 
kable notices, published first in 81 Nos. The follo- 
wing relate to America: Story of General Putnam, 
and the Wolf; Description of the yellow fever, and 
iriode of cure; Description of Hudson's Bay; Frank- 
lin's Remarks on the S.ivages of North America; 
Description of St. Domingo ; Dreadfull hurricane at 
Halifax in America; Customs and imnners of the 
Indians eastward of the Mississippi; Geographical 
description of New Holland; description of theAme- 
can Islands; Present state of printing and booksel- 
ling in America; Description of American whitewas- 
hing ; American discoveries ; Earthquake at Peru in 
1797; etc. 

2142 Missiotl der evan^'elischon Brilrter in Gron- 
laM. Gnadau, 1831. bds. 8vo. 1.80 

2143 Missisippi (The^ Course of. the), ,with .plan 
of New-Organs. (Am'st., Is. Tirion. 1765.) Colour. 
map. sq. fol. 45 by 34. 1.50 

2144 Missive (Copie van de), gheschr. by den 
Gen. Weerdenburch, noop. de vcrovOringhe van 
Olinda de Fernambuco. "s Gravenh. 1630. 4to. 
(Asher N». 139.) - 6.— 

{Copy, of the lettur written l)y Gen. Weerden- 
hirch on the congwst of Olintla de PernambuCO.) 

The first account, very scarce. — A reprint : 
vUtrecht, 1630" is mentioned by Asher N". 140. 

2145 Missive van de Bewinthebberen, der West- 
tnd. ' Compaghie ter Camere van Amsterdam, 
10 July 1664, aen de ... .iStaten Generael d, 
Vereen. Nederl. Neffens een Extract uyt den brief 
van Mattb. Becks, Vice-Directeur.op 't Eyland 
Curagao ... 12 Marty 1664, raeclcende de Eng. 
Capers, ende haer Commissien in de West-lndien. 
Gouda. 1664. 4«. (Asher N». 323.) 4.— 

(Letter of the Directors of the, W. I. Comp., 
chamber of Amsterdam, 10 Julj/ 1664, to the Sta- 
tes deneral of the United Netherlands. With an 
Exlract from the letter of Matth. Beds, vice Di- 
rector on the Island of Curagao ... 12 March 
1664, on the English Cruisers and their Commis- 
sion in the West-Indies.) 

2146 Missive van Bewindhebberen der West- Ind,, 
Comp., met eeh deduptie door J. de Graaff, Com- 
mandeur van St. Eustatius, 
kl'agten door het Hof van EngBfend tegens hem, 
als hetgfeen gecluurende zijn Commando is verrigt. 
1779. 334 pp, fol. 4.— 

{Letter of the Directors of the W. I. Comp.', 
with a justification by J. de. Graaff, Governor of 
St. Eustatius, against the complaints of 'England,, 
with an account of what happened during his go- 

On the English complaints concerning the favours 
shown by the Governor of St. Eustatius to the 

2147 Missive van de Staten van HoUandt aen de 



Bewinthebb. van de W. [nd. Comp. (20 Oct. 1673. 
(With othftr pieces concern, the same,) 4to. 3. — 
(Letter of the States General to the Directors of 
the If. 1. Comjp.) 
2147* Missive . . ■ boe veel de Vereen. Nederl. ge- 
legen is aen de 0. en W.-Indische navigatie ; 
mitsgaders 't profyt dat men v. de O.-l. C. ge- 
duyrende 24 iaren daer uyt getrockeu heeft. En 
met fondament: redenen wevt bewesen dat door 
de Geoot. W.-l. navigatie meer voordeel voor de 
Particip., met meer dienste voor de Nederl. Prov., 
grooter schade en afbreuok voor d. Con. v. Sp. 
zij te verwacbten. Arnhcm, 1621. 4to. (Asher. 
N». 93.) 7.50 

{Letter ... of how much inportance it is for 
the Vn. Prov. to preserve the E. and W.-I. Navig., 
together with the profits derived from the E.-I.-C. 
during 24 years, and in which is demonstrated with 
uncontrovertible proofs that by the Chartered W.- 
India-Comp. more, profit for the shareholders., more 
service for the Netherl. Provinces, and greater da- 
mage for the King- of Spain may he expected.) 

2148 Missouri. Geographiscb-statistische und histor. 
Charte. Weimar, 1826. sq. fol. 43 by 37. — Colou- 
red. 1.^- 

2149 Missouri nnd Oregon. Geograph. statist. 

und bistor. Charte. Weimar, 1828. sq. fol. 54 by 
40. — Coloured. 1. — 

2150 Mitchell (T. L.) Journal of an expedition 
into the interior of tropical Australia, in search 
01 a route from Sydney to the gulf of Carpen- 
taria. Loud. 1848. woodcuts, 12 plates and 7 maps, 
cloth. 8vo. 3, — 

2151 Mitchell's reference and distance map of 
the United States, by J. H. Young. Philadelphia, 
Mitchell & Hinman. 1836, 197 by 130. — Coloured. 
On cloth, with blade wooden rolls. 8. — 

With special maps of the vicinities of Albany, Balti- 
more, Washington, Cincinnati, Charleston, New-Or- 
leans, Boston, New-Yoik and Philadelphia. — With 
the accompainment to Mitchell's map, 342 pp. hf. 
calf. 8». 

2152 Mitchell (L. S.) Catalogue of the organic 
remains and other geolog. articles contained in 
the collection presented to the New- York Lyceum 
of Natural History. N.-Y. 1826. 8vo. 1.— 

2153 Mocquet (Jean) 'Voyages en Afrique, Asie, 
Indes-Oricnt. et Oocidentales. Rouen. J. Cailloue, 
1655. plates, calf. 8vo. 5.50 

Contains the voyage of the author in Gaiana and 
the province of Cumana. 

2154 Eeysen in Afrique, Asien, Oost- en West- 

fndien. Dordrecht, 1656. Engravings. 4to. 4. — 

(Voyages in Africa, Asia, the East- and West- 
Indies. Transl. from the French.) 

The 2d book (p. 13—46) contains the account 
of the West-Indies, the Amazon, the land of the 
Cariponses, etc. 

2155 De grote nieuw-bereisde werelt, begrijp. 

zes reizen na Lybien, de stroom der Amazonen, 

Karipouzen en Karibanen, enz. 2de drnk. Leeuward, 

1717. With engrav. 4to. 3._! 

(The great newly visited world, comprising six 

voyages to Lybia, the Amazon river, the Karapou- 

ses and Karibans.) 

Second edition of the 

2156 Modera (J.) 'Verbaal van eene reize naar de 
Zuid-Westkust van Nieuw-Gainea. Haarlem, 1830, 
sd., map. (8vo.) (2.20) 1.—' 

(Journal of a voyage to the South- West coast 
of New-Guinea.) 

2157 Mohawk. — Ne Kaghyadonghsera ne Isaiah. 
(Isaiah in Mohawi.) New-Yo.rk, 1839. 8vo. 1.75 

2158 Mol, W., 'Van diversse Eylanden, hoe die 
zich opdoemen : India, het Zuydland America, 
d'West-Indien, Earopa. (Of divers Islands, how ikey 
appear: India, America, the W. Indies, Europa) 
Manusckipt, vpritten 1690—1696. 125 pp. veUnrii. 
fol. 25.- 

Diary of a Dutch Sea-captain's voyages, 1690— 
1696, containing many delineations of coasts, and 
ample accounts of all he heard and saw in the re- 
gions he visited. — Three closely written pages treat 
on New-Netherland, giving a description of the 
customs, the religion, etc. ofthe inhabitants and some 
particularities on the beavers, the bears and other 
animals. — 1 p. treats on Cuba, 38 pp. on China 
and Japan, 8 on the Empire of the Mogol, etc. 

2159 Molina (J. Ign.), Compendio de la historia 
geografica, natural y civil del reyno de Chile. 
Escrito en Ital., traduc. en Espanol por D. J. de 
Arjuellade Mendoea. Madrid, 1788—95. 2 vols. 
3 maps. sd. uncut, sm. 4to. 10. — 

Fine copy of an esteemed translation. 

2160 Moll (G.) 'Verhandeling over eenige vroegere 
zeetogteu der Nederlanders. Amaterd., 1825. 8vo. 


( Treatise of some early voyages of the Dutch.) 

With very interesting particulars on the voyages 

of Linschoten, Houtman, Plancius, Roggeveen etc., 

mostly from a mathematical and astronomical point 

of view. 

2161 Mollien (G.) Voyage dans la Rfipnbliqne de 
Columbia en 1823. 2e 6dit. Paris, 1825. 2 vols. 
hf. calf, map and plates. 8vo. 2.-^ 

2162 Eeis door de Republiek van Columbia, 

in 1823. Uit h. Fransch. Dordr. 1825. 2 vols. sd. 
plates. 8vo. 1.5Q 

Dutch translation of the preceding work. 

2163 Monatsberichte fiber die Verhandlungen der 
Gesellschaft flir Erdkunde zu Berlin. Berlin, 1840— 
1853. Jabrg. 1—14 in 7 vols. Many maps. hf. calf. 
8». (vol. 3 and 4 in parts.) (50.—) 17.50 

One of the best periodicals on Geography, con- 
taining many interesting contributions to physical, 
mathematical, political and historical Geography, by 
Dove, Ehrenberg, Erman, Madler, Bitter, Zetine, 
V. Such, Kloden, and others, especially on America, 
Australia and the most distant parts of the world. 




2164 Monconys (de) Voyages, ou lea s^avans 
trouveront un nombre infini de nouveautez en ma- 
clpies de mathfimat., experiences physiques . . . 
la description de divers animaux et plantes rares, 
plusieurs secrets ineonnus pour le plaisir et la 
santfi, les ouvrages d. peintres fameux, etc. Paris, 

1695. 4 vols, plates, old calf. sm. 8vo. 4. 

Curious and interesting work. 

2166 Mondet (A.) Histoire des Indiens des Etats- 
Unis. Paris, 1858. plate, sd. 8vo. (3.—) 1.75 

2166 Le Moniteur des Indes Orient, et Oc- 
cident. Recuell de M^moirea et de notices scien- 
tif. et industr., de nouvelles et de faits importants 
concern, les possessions Neerland., dirig. par PA. 
Fr. de Sieioldet J. Melvill de Carnbee. La Haye. 
1846 — 48. 3 vols. 4to. ifith maps and plates. 

(54.—) 25. - 
Quite complete copies are rare ; odd parts are very 

The book contains a great number of interesting 
historical, biographical and nautical tracts, all origi- 
nal ; also many nevf and original geograph. and 
nautical maps, portraits before unknown, etc. 

2167 Monroe (J.) Viev? of the conduct of the 
Executive in the Foreign Affairs of the United 
States, connected with the mission to the French 
Bepublic, 1794 — 96. With the correspondence and 
other documents. Philad. 1797. sd. uncut. 8vo. 


2168 Montanus (Am.) DeNieuwe en Onbekende 
Weereld, of beschrjiving van Amerika en 't Zuid- 
land. Amsterd. 1671. calf gilt, fol. (Asher jSI". 14.) 

{The new and unknoion world, or description of 
America and the South-Land.) 

Highly interesting work, with 47 large plates and 
maps,' 7 portraits, a large number of figures prin- 
ted in the text, and a very remarkable view of N. 
Amsterdam. For other details see Asher's Essay. 

2169 Set of 25 plates, all views of cities in 

N. and S. America. Fine Dutch engravings. Ig. 
sq. fol. — Good impressions, with margins, nicely 
mounted. 8. — 

2170 Die Unbekannte Neue Weft oder Beschrei- 

bung des Welt-Teils Amerika, u. des Slid-Landes. 
Durch Dr. 0. D(apper). Amsterd., 1673. many maps 
and engravings, fol. (Asher N". 15.) 18. — 

This German edition is much scarcer than the 
Dutch original. Asher says that he had met with 
only one copy in the Netherlands, viz. that in the 
Ksyal-Library of the Hague. This publication is 
besides, a specimen of the most impudent literary 
plagiarism, the translator 0. Dapper calling himself 
the author and concealing the real author's name. 

2171 Montoya (P. Ant. Euiz de) Gramatica y 
Diccionarios (Arte, Vooabulario y Tesoro) de la 
lengua Tupi 6 Guarani. Nueva edicion : mas cor- 
rects y esmerade qne la primera, y con las voces 


indias en tipo diferente. Viena y Paris, 1876. 

2 vols. sd. 8vo. 16.76 

Reproduction of one of the rarest woris on the 
Tupi lauguage. — Forms Vol. I and II of the 
Obras of P. de Montoya. Afterwards a third vol. 
will be published, containing la Conquista Espiritual 
and the Catecismo by the same author. 

2172 M(ontlezun) Souvenir des Antilles. Voyage 
en 1815 et 16 aux Etats-Unis et dans I'Archipel 
Carai'be ; aperQu de Philadelphie et de New-Yorck; 
description de la Trinidad, etc. Paris, 1818. 2 vols. 
— Voyage en 1816 et 17, de New-Yorek a la 
NoHv.- Orleans, et de I'Or^noque au Mississippi, 
par les petites et grandes Antilles. 1818. — To- 
gether 4 vols. h/. of. 8vo. 4.50 

2173 Moore (Fr.) The Rebellion Record : Diary of 
American events, with documents, narratives, il- 
lustrative incidents, poetry, etc. with introduc- 
.tory address on the causes of the struggle, ... 

by E. Everett. New- York, 1864. 6 stout vols. 76 
f,ne portraits on steel and 28 maps and plans, oloth. 
large 8vo. 28.— 

2174 Moore (Geo. H.) The first celebration of the 
Festival of St. Nicholas by the New-York Histo- 
rical Society; Decemb. 6th 1810. — N. Y. 1864. 
2 pp. fol. 3.— 

Facsimile of a Print, exhibiting St. Nicholas etc., 
executed by Dr. Anderson for that occasion, with 
a text ornamented with the portraits of John Pin- 
tard, the founder of the N. Y. Histor. Soc, and 
Dr. Anderson, who reproduces these engravings in 
his 90th year. 

2175 Moreau (Pierre) Klare en Waarachtige Be- 
schrijving van de leste Beroerten en afval der 
Portugezen in Brasil. Vertaald door J. H. Gla- 
zeraaker. Amst. 1652. 4to. With figg. and a map 
of Mauriisstad on the title. (Asher N". 277.) 

{Clear and true description of the last troubles 
and desertion of the Portuguese in Brazil.) 

2176 Moreau de Saint-Mery (M.L. E.) De la 
Dause. Parma, Bodoni, 1803. calf ^ gilt. 8vo. — 
Neat copy of a nice printed volume. Sure. 6. — 

"Dedie aux Creoles, par lepr admirateur M. de 
St. M." — The book treats nearly exclusively on 
the dancing of the Creoles. The author himself was 
a native of Port-Royal. ■ 

2177 Morellet (I'Abbe) IVISmoire sur la Compag- 
nie des Indes. Paris, Juin 1769. — Supplement 
etc. 12 pieces in 1 vol. sd. uncut. 4to. 4.50 

Curious collection of Pamphlets caused by the 
"M^moire de I'abbe Morellet" which has led to the 
dissolving of the CompaDy, — and on the reesta- 
blishment, 1769-1771. 

2178 Morgan (L. H.) League of the H0-D6-N0- 
San-Nee, or Iroquis. Rochester, 1854. cloth, many 
plates and a large map. 8vo. 4. — 

2179 Moris (Gedeon) [Koopman op bet sohip 
van de West-lnd. Comp. „de Princesse", nytge. 



varen naer Bresilien] Copye van 't Journael . . . 
hoe couragieus sy hun gedragen hebben tegen elf 
Dnynkerksche Fregatteu. Amst. 1640. 4to. (Asher 
N«. 152.) 4.— 

(Journal of G. MoriS, merchant on ilie Wesi- 
Jlidid ship the Princesi, Miith sailed out for Bra- 
zil ... how courageously they acted against eleven 
Dunkirk frigates^ 

2180 Morris. — Memorial du Gouteraeur Morris, 
Ministre des Etats-Unis en France de 1792—94; 
avec deS details nouveaux sur la revolution d'Ame- 
rique et I'histoire polit. des Etats-Unis. Trad, de 
I'Angl. de J. Sparks par A. Gandais. Paris, 1842. 
2 vols. hf. calf. Sva. 3.50 

2181 Morse, Jed., eminent Clergyman and Geogra- 
pher, „the Father of Amer. Geography." — A. S. 
L. to Sam. M. Hopkins, dat. Charlestown, Sept. 
30, 1801. 3 pp. 4". 2.50 

Interestiug letter on his Universal Geography, 
and a plan of some foreigners to undermine his 
hoolc: »a Jacobinic work." 

2182 A. L. S. to Messrs Webster and Skin- 
ner, booksellers, Albany, dat. Charlestown, Febr. 
8, 1819. 2 pp. 4". , 2 — 

Suggesting a new method of publishing his worts. 

2183 A. L. S. to Rev. E. S. Stowe, Long- 
meadow, dat. Charlestown, Oct. 10, 1811. 1 p. 
4". 1.50 

2184 Mortimer (G.) Waarheem. en aanmerk. ge- 
duur. eene reize naar Teneriiife, Van Diemensland, 
Sandwich-Eiland, de Noord-West-KUst van Ame- 
rika, enz. onder bevel van J. H. Cox. Uit h. Eng: 
vert. Leyd. 1793. 8vo. 2.— 

{Observations and notices made during a voyage 
to Teneriffe^ Van Diemensland., the Sandwich-Islands., 
the North- fVest- Coast of America, etc. under the 
command of J. H. Cox. Transl. from the Engl.) 

2185 Moses b, Mendel, of Franckfort, Ample 
History of the discovery of America (in Hebrew.) 
Altona, 1807. 175 pp. hf. calf. 8vo. 5.— 

Very rare volume, printed in Hebrew types. 

2186 Mosquera (£". C. de) Schets van de natunrl. 
en staatkund. aardrijksbesohrijving van Nieuw 
Grenada. Uit h. Eng. Amsterd. 1856. sd. map. 
8vo. 1.— 

(Sketch of the physical and political Geography 
of New Grenada. From the Engl.) 

2187 Mosquito- Shore. — Bericht iiber die im 
Auftrage d. Prinz Carl v. Prenssen u. d. FUrsten 
V. Schoenburg-Waldenburg bewirkte Untersuchung 
d. Mosquitolandes, erstatt'et von der dazn ernann- 
ten Commission (Fetlechner, Milller, Eesse.) Berlin. 
1846. I maps and 3 plates, bds. roy. 8vo. 1.80 

2188 Motiven, die d' E. Officieren in Consideratle' 
ghenomen hebbfen, om met de Portugesen in ac- 
coord te treden. 23 Jan. 1654. 4t6. Not in Asher's 
Essay. 3. — 

(Motives Mich the OJlcers (on the Eecifte in 

Brazil) have tiien into consideration, in order io 
make an agreement ieith the Portugiiese.) 

2189 Motiven die de Offioiers der militie en de 
Hooge-Eaden in Brasil hebben bewoogeu,, met de 
Portngeesen te contracteeren (22 Maert) 1654 
4to. (Asher N». 283.) „, . , ,. , 2.- 

(Motives which induced the Oflcersof the Militia 
and the High-Councellors in Brazil to treat mith 
the Portuguese.) 

2190 Motley (J. L.l Causes of the American civil 
war. N. York. 1861. 8vo. —.51/ 

2191 — - The same. Lohd. 1^61. 8Vo. —.60 

2192 Muhlenberg (G. H. E.) distinguished Bo- 
tanist of Pennsylvania, author of the Catalog^s 
Plantarum Americ. Sept: 1813. -^ A List ofi^'- 
bores desideratae. 1 p. 12°. 1.50 

2193 Mtihlenpfordt (Ed.) Versuch einergetreuen 
Sohilderung der Eepublik Meyico, besond. in, Be- 
ziehung aiif Geographie, Ethnographie u. Statis- 
tik. Hannover, 1841. 2 vols. hf. calf. 8vo. . 

(8.50) 3.- 

2194 MuUer (A. p.), geb. Westermalm De ad- 
miraal Plet Hein te Delftshaven. Amsterd., 1832. 
portr. 870'. thick paper. . \.— 

( The admiral Piet Beik dt Delfti'hav'en. jUrlim.) 

2195 Muller (G. P.) "Voyages et decouvert'ps fait,ea 
par les Busses le long des e8tes de la Mor^jGtl'a- 
ciale et sur I'Oc^an Oriental, tant vers le Japoo 
que vers I'Am^rique, etc. Trad., de rAllem. p., 
C. G. F. Dumas. Amst., 1766. 2 vols', k: unoii; 
map. sni. 8vo'. ,, . ^>'^''' 

2i96 Miiller (J. G-.) (xBschiohte der Amerikani- 
s'chen Crreligionen. 2e Aufl., Basel, 1867,; ,706 pp. 
sd. 8vo. ' (5.'26) 3.— 

2197 Miiller, J. U., Kurtzbiindlge Abbild.- u. Vor- 
stellung der gantzen Welt. Ulfli, 1692. Spanish 
calf. 8». 6.- 

103 Small maps, with de8ori[(tions in Geifman. 
18 maps represent parts of America, forming tiias 
a complete atlas of that part of the Globe. — In- 
terleaved, with a MS. Chronicle oftheyeart 1757— 
62 written on' the leaves opposite to the rSsp. majls. 

2198 Orbis Terrae cum suis partibus Europa, 

Asia, Africa et America per tafiilla's praes'ent. tjl-' 

mae, 1692. vellurn. 8vo. 


The saihe 103 mips', with short desbriptidds io 


2199' Miiller, J. W., Eihleit'ung ziii- EAfentnisz 

und' Gebrauch der Erd- lind Uimmelskugelril Neue 

uragearb. Aufl. Niirnherg. 1801. 2 prts. 1 vol. 

10 cOl. folded plates. 8». 2.— 

2200 Muller Fz.,<S.). Gesehic^enis der.Noorctache 

Compagnie. 1615—1642. Utrecht, 1874. 435 pp. 

with map of Spitsbergen, sd. 8vo. ^'p" 

(History of the Northern Ci'mpaghtf. PriM-eiid^' 

published by the Socielij far Arts dtid Scienbes 

at Utrecht.) 

Historical account of thfe disbovwies aiid'aettle- 

Fkbdbrik MuLliilB 6C 0°^V 



ments of the Dutch in the North, specially on Spitz- 
bevgep, the differences with England, Deniuark and 
^wedsn on the nayigation to — and the whalefishing 
in the North, etc. Mostly written from old, never 
before couaolted documents at the Royal Archives 
and" all the new investigations, it contains a mass of 
entirely unknown notices, relations of nnkaowp Aic- 
, tic voyages from 1611 to 1628; an nnknown voyage 
to New-Netherland, etc — The book is indispen- 
sable to all who treat in future on Arctic Voyages. 

83,91 ]Vfiin,4y (IQ-. ,C.) Wandermigeii jn Australien 
U. V^^ldielne^s^aRd. Deutseti vop Fr.. Gerstiicker. 
Leipzig, 1856. sd. 8vo. (2. — ) — .75 

?202 Mupsell (C.) A Cojlection of Songs of the 

Ainerieaii Press, and other poems relating t,o the 

Art of Printing, compiled by C. M. Albany, N. Y. 

1868. cloth, sm. 8vo. '' 7.50 

•'■ A few .copies .only printed. — "This little volume 

has been piit in type by a juvenile Typographer, 

as an exereise in his professional studies, ' for grati- 

tous circulation among his- friends." Note of Ihe 


2203 Miinster (Seb.) Cosmographei Oder Beschrei- 
bung aller lander, Uerrsohattten etc. Basel, Rein- 
rid Petri, 1553. old calf, clapSj, 26 Maps and many 
iBoodcuts. fol. 18. — 

Miinater's Cosmography is one of the most inte- 
. resting works, as .well for the text as for the profu- 
sion of curious and spirited woodcuts by wliich it is 
illustrated. The first edition is of 1.544 (in German), 
bqt has not the large views of cities, which were 
only added in the edition of 155U and subsequent. 

The part relating to America fills pp. 1183 — 92: 
yon den neiiwen in,sel)i etc., and pontains a descrip- 
tion of the savages, the voyages of Columbus, etc. 
Among the maps ' w.e' find a special one of the New 
World and a general map of the world with parts 
of America, both manifesting a rather rude notion 
of this part of the globe, 

2204 .Cpsmographia Uniyeraalis. Ibid. 1559. 

velluni. fol. ' 15. — 

This iatin edition differs considerably from the 
preceding German. The description of America (pp. 
10919 — 1113) is quite different and more ample, em- 
bracing for instance the voyages of Vespucius, Ma- 
gallanes etc., which are omitted in the preceding; 
also the woodcuts of this part are partly different. 
The maps are the same. 
2305 .„— 'rh.e same edition, vellum, fol. With title 
in facsimile by an Amsterdam artist, Mr. A. Gre- 
Tenstuk, a fine sample of penmanship. 15.— 

•2206 Murat (A.) EsqulBse morale et polit. des 
Etats-Unis de rAmerique du Nord. Paris, 1832. 
td. 12mQ. -=. 1.^ 

2207 - — Brieven over de zeden en staatkunde 
' .der Vereen. Staten. Zalt-Bommel, 1834. 2 vols. 
8vo. (4.40) 1-50 

{Leiierj on this manner^ and polities of (he Uni- 
ted States.) 

2208 Muratori, Eelation des missions du Para- 
guai. Trad, de I'ltallen. Louvain. 1822. sd. 8vo. 

The original edition was published in Venice, 1743. 

2209 Murphy (Henry C) — ProQeedings ^t the 
dinner given by tlie citizens of Brooklyn, . . 
5 Aug. 1857 to the Hon. H. C. Murphy, previ- 
ously to his departure as Minister to the Nether- 
lands. Brooklyn, 1857. cloth, gilt edges. 8vo.' 2.50 

2210 Museum Americanum. — Collection of 
Historical, Ethnographical and Topographical pla- 
tes on America, from old Dutch Voyages, ]t)e- 
soriptions of the New-World, cet. — Some 300 
engravings, folio, 4" and 8°, all nicely mpun.ted 
in 2 portfolios of sound old Dutch paper of 1700. 
Imp. fol. "' ■ ' ' •'•'■■•■■••■■• ' 100.— 

This collection, aiyapged in this century, em- 
braces the sets of the plates and tiitles of ,many 
a rare work, f. i. : Forcacffhi, I'lsple pin famose 
de Mondo. Venefia, ,1576. — Mpntamis, Ame- 
rica. 1671. — fferre^a, Desqriplip Indiae Ocpident. 
Amst., M- Colt/a. 1622. .(With the rare portr. of 
Le .Maire). — Begin en Vq/irigangh v. d. Vjcreen. 
O. I. Comp. Amst. 1.646. 2 vol. (Origin and pro- 
gress of the United E. I. Company). Very rare. — 
J. de Laet, Hist, of the (Dutch) W. I. Cpnjpany. 
Leyden. 1644. — fixquern^lin', Americ^an pirates. 
Amst. 1678. (With their pprtr.) — v{an) dl^en) ilipscA), 
Lives of the Naval Heroes, Amst. 1676. (With many 
portraits : Columbus, de,Kuyter,[etc.) — S. De Fries, 
E. and W. Indian Curiosities. Amst. 1682. — 
Voyages by Seining, 1691, by Hennepin, 1698, 
Gage, 1700, Melton, 1702, ete. etc. — -Zorgdrager, 
Greenlaudish Fishery. 1728. — Bgede, Description 
of Greenland and Strait Davis. 1746, etc. etc. — 
Besides a good number of portraits is inserted. 

2211 (Myers (J. Hart) [A. M. Americanus] Dis^er- 
tatio de diabete. Edinburgi, 1779. sd., uncut. 8vo. 
Rare. ' 1.50 

2212 Myon (G. F.) Journal of a residsncp and 
tour in Mexico, 1826, with some account of.thg 
minds in that country. Lond. 1828. 2 vols. hf. 
calf. 8vo. ' 1.75 

2213 Myritius (J.) Opusculum geographicum ra- 
rum, totius eins negotii rationem oomplectena. 
Ingolstadii, 1590. ids., mang woodcuts, maps, porir. 
and arms of ihe author etc. fol. BMre. 16. — 

Pp. 116 — 126 treat of America: De SpagnoUa, 
Isabella et aliis insulis ab Hispanis invent'is, Brasi- 
lia, Terra ignis, de nieridionali parte Africae ab' Al- 
berioo Vesputio ipventa, etc. ^ With a folded map 
of the world wioh is often wanting. 

2214 Naamlyst ... van alle de Commandeurs, 
die sedert 1700 op Greenland eu de Straat Da- 
vids voor Holland hebben gevaren ..., hoeveel 
vissen en vaten spek ieder heeft aangehragt. 
Zaandam, 1753. sd. 4to. 5.— 

{Alphah List of all the Commandeurs, who sai- 
led for MoUcdnk, 4noe ij 00 to &reenlaa,d qnd th« 



Strait of Davis, . . . ^ow matiy fishes, blutber etc. 
each reported,) 
With continuation in Manuscript till 1773. 

2215 Naamlyste der boekhouders, schepen, en 
stuurlniden van de Haring-schepen, 1778 en 1785. 
Enkhuizen, 1778-85. 2 vols. 8vo. 1.50. 

(List of coutitinghouses, ships, and steersmen of 
the Herringship's.) 

2216 Naarder Klagh-Vertoogh aen de Staten 
Gen. wegens de Bewinth. van de Geoctr. West- 
Ind. Comp., ter aake vande onwettel. ende grou- 
wel. prooeduren der Engelsche in Nieu-Nederlant. 
Nae de Copye, 1664. 4to. (Asher W. 341.) Very 
rare. 40. — 

(Further address of complaint to the States Gen., 
on the part of the Governors of the W . I. Comp., 
respecting the unlawful and scandalous proceedings 
of the English in l^ew-Netherland.) 

"One of the most interesting pamphlets, that has 
come down to us, in which the reciprocal position of 
the East- and West-India Companies are marked 
with great precision. It says, that the Dutch go- 
vernment, in which the Directors of the East-India 
Comp. fill the most important places, will feel thank- 
ful to England foi: having disembarrassed it of the 
rival Company, etc." A complete English transla- 
tion of the part relating to New-Netherland may be 
found in Asher's Essay, pp. 340—342. 

2217 Naei'dera klagten van den Resident Chari- 
riuB omtrent de Deenache Afric. Comp. die de 
Nederl. W. Ind. Comp. aldaer niet wilt gedoghen. 
't Heuckelora [i. e. 's Grav.] 1660. 4to. (Asher 
N». 317.) 3.50 

(Further Complaints of the Jtesid. Carisius against 
the Danish Jfrican Comp., which will not tolerate 
the Dutch W.-Ind. Comp.) 

2218 N[agel] (J. H.) Stiriname in losse tafereelen 
en Bchetsen. Rotterd., 1840. Svo. (1.50) —.75 

(Surinam represented in loose pictures and 

2219 Nassau. — John Maurice ot Nassau, 
Governor and General of the Dutch forces in 
Brazil 1636—1644. — S. Document (in Dutch), 
dat. „Mauriisiad op Vri/iurg" (in Brazil), Jan. 15, 
1643. 1 p. sc[. fol. — On vellum, with seal. 10. — 

Passport to Max. Sohade, Ensign and Lieutenant 
of M's life-guard in Brazil. 

2220 L. S. (in Dutch), to the States of the 

Province of Utrecht, dat. Cleves, Febr. 28, 1657. 
1 p. fol. — JVith one autogr. line, and seal. 5. — 

Interesting letter. The office of Eield Marshal of 
the U. Provinces being vacant, Maurice very humhly 
offers his services. 

2221 2 L. S., (in Dutch), to Will. Davidson, 

Baronet, Commissary of the King of Gr. Britain 
in Amsterdam, dat. Cleves, Jan. 8 and 17, 1661. 
3 pp. iol. — Both with seals. 6. — 

Being appointed Ambassador to the Court of Char- 
les IT, by the Elector of Brandenburg, he asks for 

information on hotels, cet. iu' London. — 

a list of his train, coaches, horses, cot. (in i'reuch.) 

— Curious. 

2222 Nassau. — John Maurice of Nassau 
L. S., (in French), dat. Franequer, Febr. 14, 1665! 
2 pp. 4». 6,^ 

Particulars concerning his health after the accident 
he met with at Franequer, when returning from, 
the funeral of Count William Frederick of Nassao 
6 Jan. 16CS; a bridge broke down under him, and 
he narrowly escaped death. There exists a very fine 
old Dutch engraving in 3 sheets of this accident. 

2223 D. S., as Field-Marshal of the U.Prov., 

dat. Muyden, Aug. 10, 1672. 1 p. fol. — Wid 
seal. 2.60 

Military order . 

2224 Nassau La Leck (L. Th. Grave v.) Brie- 
ven over de Noord-Americaansehe onluslen, den 
waarschsjnhjken uitslag en invloed. Utrecht, 1777- 
79. 6 parts. 8vo. 7.50 

(Letters on the North-American troubles, their 
probable result and influence.) 
Complete collection, rare. 

2225 [Nassau (H. J.)j Land- en volksverhuizin- 
gen, kolonien en volkplantingen, of enkele hoofd- 
trekken barer geschiedenis, inzonderheid van die 
van Nederland. (Assen, 1847.) 8vo. (Extr.) 1.— 

(Emigrations and colonies, or principal traits of 
. their history, especially of the Netherlands.) 

2226 (Nassy) Essai historique sur la colonie de 
Surinam, sa fondation, ses revolutions, sea pro- 
gres, etc. Avec I 'hist, de la nation Jnivey stabile. 
Paramaribo, 1788. 2 vols. sd. 8». 3.- 

2227 [Naude (PhiL)] Histoire abregte de la nais- 
sance et du progrez du Kouakerisme ayec celle 
de ses dogmes. Cologne, P. Marteau, i6&2. cf. 
12mo. 3.50 

2228 Naudowessees and Ottigaumees. — Man 
and woman of both nations. 4 Dutch engrav. 8" 
on 2 sheets, i". —.75 

2229 Same plates, coloured. 

2230 Nautical Magazine and 

Naval chronicle. 
Journal of papers on subiects connected with ma- 
ritime affairs. Loudon. 1832-35, 37-49. Vol. 
1 — 4, 6 — 18. Numerous maps and plates. 8". 18.— 

2231 Same work. Enlarged Series. London. 

1837—49. Vol. 1—13. Maps andplaies. hf. ealf. 
8». 10.- 

Interesting periodical containing relations of an- 
cient and modern voyages, discoveries, elhnographiffll 
memoirs, etc. 

2232 Dutch Nautical Magazine. 

a. Berigten en Verhandehngen over cenige ondet- 
werpen der zeevaart, verzam. door /. f. i- 
Schroder, 's Grav. en Amst, 1783-1828. 6 vols. 
8". — Very rare. ih,— 

{Notices and memoirs of some tubjectt of Mm- 

Pbedekik Muu.eb & 0°., 



H'Ais complete first series appeared as appendix to the : 
uAlmanak voor seelieden" and is vety rare. Vol. 
•y, 1 and VI, 2 were never printed. — These No- 
iiees had their coutinnation in the following Journal; 
i. Tijdschrift toegewjjd aan het Zeewezen, uit- 
geg. door A. H. Tromp en C. Veneer. Brussel en 
Amst. 1830- 35. 4 vols. 8vo. — Complete series. 


{Journal for maritime affairs.) 

c. Veirh^ndelingen en berigten betvekkel. het 

zeewezen en de zeevaartkunde, iiitgeg. door 

6. A. Tindal en Jao. Swart. Amst., 184:0—67. 

28 vols. 8vo. (published at fl. 7.20 per year.) 

(Memoirs and notices relating to maritime affairs 
and navigaiitm.) 
A — C if taken together in one lot. 65. — 

A perfect complete copy 4111 1867 of this va- 
luable set. 

All volumes are illustrated with maps, plates, 
etc. — Of a special interest is the last series, which 
contains, besides the account of all relating to mari- 
time affairs in these days, also many historical arti- 
cles on the old Dutch voyage?, mostly taken from 
unpublished documents. 

2233 Tijdsehrift toegewijd aan het zee- 
wezen, uitgeg. door Pilaar en Vireen. Medemblik en 
Anjst. 184,1—52. 11 vols. 8vo. 15.— 

{Jffuriffil /or.' maritime affair?,) 

Very iaterestiag and highly sei^ntific Journal. 

2234 Naval action between 8 large Portuguese 
ships and 5 Putch privateers off the Coast of 
Brazil, 1657. — Old Dutch engraving, sq. 8°. — 
Dutch text on verso. 1.50 

2235 Naval Battles between the English and 
French fleets, 17 June 1778, 15 and 17 Aug. 
1779. — Set of 3 contempor. plates by £e Gouaz. 
sq. 4». 3.— 

2236 N3,yarrete (JVt. Fern, de) Coleccion delos 
viages. y idescubrimientos que hicieron per mar los 
Espanoles desde flno del siglo XV, con varies 
documentos ineditos concernientes a la historia de 
los establecimientos Espanoles en Indias. Madrid, 
1825. Vol. I. 2. hf. calf, uncut, '^to. 20.— 

The first two volumes of Navarrete's collection in 
briginifl and rare edition of 1825. — They have 
been reprinted in 1858 and most copies have only 
this reprint; These volumes contain almost exclu- 
sively documents relating to Columbus, all taken 
from the original sources and inedited MSS. 

2237 Navigator (The), containing directions for 
navigating the iilonongahfila, Allegheny, Ohio, and 
])Iississippi rivers, with a description of their towns, 
villages, harbors, etc. With uifips and an account 
'.of Louisiana, etc. 10th edit. Pittsburgh, 1818. hf. 
calf. sra. 8vo. ' 2. — 

2238 Naylor. — De groote bedrieger ondersooht, 
ofte leven . . . van Jam. Naylor, de Quaker, ■ met 
de wijse van.sya inrydingh binnea Bristol. Na de; 

JUtfSlEEBAM. ■•'^■■'••' '' "'' 

copye van London, gedr. voor Henry Brome, 

1657. 4to. Vncut. 3.— 

( TAe great impostor examined, or life . , . of 

J. Naylor, the Quaker, with the manner of his 

entry into Bristol.) 

2239 Naylor. Liefde tot de verloorene, ende een 
handt uitgestreckt tot hulpelooso. . . Gedr. in 't jaer 
1669. 4to. Vncut. 3.— 

{Love to the lost, and a hand tended to the 

2240 Neal (Dan.) Lotgevallon dor Protestanten in 
Engelandt en Schotl^udt, (1530—1689.) Uit het 
Eng. Rotterdam. 1752 — 54. 3 vols. hf. calf, uncut. 
Fine engraved frontisp. 4to. 5.50 

Dutch translation of D. Neal's History of the 
English Puritans, or Protestant Non-Conformists, 
and }V. Croo/ishant, History of the Church of 

2241 van Neck's Voyage. — Tb.e original 
Patent, (in Portuguese) authorising the famous 
Dutch Navigator Jacob van Neck to go on his 
renowned expedition to the East-Indies, 1 March 
1598. — The documenf bears the Autograph Sig- 
nature of the Stadtholder Prince Maurits of Nas- 
sau. — Splendid MS. on vellum, with gilt ca- 
pitals and the seal of Maurice in wax attached 
with a blue silk ribbon. 100. — 

Highly interesting document, containing the 
motives of the expedition, the warrant given to van 
Neck, etc. He. is appointed Admiral of six ships, 
his fleet actually numbering eight. — A translation 
in Dutch, in old handwriting is appended. . 

2242 Journael ofte Daghregister, inhoud. een 

waerachtigh verhael en Histor. vertellinghe v. de 
reyse, ghedaen door de acht schepen v. Amster- 
dam onder 't beleydt van Jacob Corn. Neck als 
Admirael en Wybr. ' v. Wavwyck als Vioe-Adm., ^ 
V. Amst. gheseylt 1 Maert 1598, enz. Midtsg. 
sekere afbeeld. Amst, Corn. (?feej«., no date (1600.) 
sq. 4to. (Tide N». 123.) 35.— 

(Journal pr Diary, containing a true relation and 
historical narrative of the vogage made -by 8 ships 
from Amst., under eoMmfind of J. C. p. JSeck as Ad- 
miral and W. V. fFarwyck as liear-Adm., leaving 
Amst. 1 March 1598, etc. With some plates.) 
IJirst edition, with the original plates. —^ Very. rare. 
De Biy have given (Pet. Voy, IV) the abridge- 
ment of a translation of this journal, and in part 
V the whqle journal, but fptmded on a German ver- 
sion, and even in the last edition are considerable 
gaps. The plate^j in pt. IV are quite imaginary; 
the 25 pi. of pt. V are copies after those of the 
following edition. 

2243 Het tweede Boeek. — Journael oit.Dagh- 

register etc. (as in thf preceding tiile.) Met 18 co- 
peren platen met hare beschryv. daorby, en een 
vocabulaer v. hare woorden, — {Engraving repre- 
senting the king' of 72 islands of the Moluccas.) 
Men vintse te coop by Bar. Langheaes, Boockver- 
cooper tot Middelburoh, 1601. . , , , 




— Appendix. Vocabulaer v. de Javaensche ende 
Malaysche woorden, etc. Amst. Corn. Claesz., 1601. 
{The 2d booi. — Journal and diary {etc. as 
preceding.) With 18 eopperplaies with their descrip- 
tions, anil a vocabulary of their words. (Engra- 
ving, etc.) To be sold by B. Langhenes at Mid- 

Appendix. Vocabulary of the Javanese and. Ma- 
lay words, etc.) 
1 vol. vellum, sq. 4to. (Tiele N". 124.) 65.— 

Reprint of the first or preceding edition, with the 
same plates, but with addition of 5 other plates in 
the Appendix. The plates in this edition are 
inferior impressions than in the former, apd have 
the descriptions at the top. — Bare. 

2244 van Neck's Voyage. — Schipvaerd op 
Oost-Indien by 8 schepen in 1598 onderJ. C. van 
Neck, enz. (Amst., 1646.) sq. 4to. (Tiele N». 130.) 

With the same plates, as in the former edit. This 
account is an abridgement of the original, but with 
some additions from ether sources, and the vocabu- 
lary. — Forms part of the collection : Begin en Voort- 
gangh (N". 272—274.) 

2245 The same. Amst, J. Hartgers, 1648. hf. 

vellum. 4to. Fine copy. (Tiele N". 131.) 4.50 

With 1 pi. in 6 divisions. Reprint of the edition of 
1646. — The pp. 61 to 92 (end) contain the voyage 
round the world of S. de Weert. 

2246 The same. Amst., J. Hartgers, 1650. bds. 

4to. Bare. (Tiele N». 132.) 8.50 

With the 6 fig. of the plate in the preceding 
edition, printed in the text. — Reprint of the pre- 
ceding edition. — The pp. 44 to 76 contain the 
voyage of S. de Weert in 1599. 

2247 The same. Amst., G. J. Saeghman, (1663 ?) 

4to. Bare. (Tiele N«. 133.) 7.— 

With 13 plates in the text (11 ia woodcut, 1 

Reprint of the former, but with some slight ad- 
ditions and abbreviations; the voyage of de Weert 
and the vocabulary are omitted. 

2248 . The same, in French. — Le second livre; 

Journal ou comptoir oontenant le vray diacours 
du voyage fait par les huit navires in 1598 sous 
J. Corn. Nee et W. de Warwic, etc. Amst., Corn. 
Nicolas, (Corn. Claesz.) 1609. Avec Appendice ou 
Vocabnlaire des mots Javans et Malayts, etc. hds. 
fol. With the plates of N". 2243. (Tiele N". 129.) 


Bare. — Pp. G" and G' of the Appendix wanting. 

2249 Verhael v. de 2e Schipvaert (in 1600) by 

de Hollanders onder Jc. v. Neck. (Amst., 1646.) 

.bds. sq. 4to. (Tiele, p. 162.) 4.— 

(Account of the id voyage {in 1600) of the Butch 
under J. v. Neck.) 

With 5 plates, but no separate title j forms part 
of the collection : Begin en Voortgangh (N". 273 — 
74.) This volume contains the journal of v. Neck's 
^d voyage to £ast-India, which mast sot be coo* 

founded with the above mentioned account of tlj 
first expedition. It contains notices of some other 
expeditions and many nautical and mercantile obser- 
vations from Portuguese sources. (See Tiele, pp. 162 

2250 van Neck's Vogage. — The same. Amst., 
J. Hartgers, 1648. bds. 4to. (Tiele p. 163.) 4,50 

This edition forms pp. 59 to 88 of the Jour- 
nal of van Noort's voyage round the world, publia- 
hed by the same bookseller. Reprint of the edit, 
of 1646, but omitting the nautical and mercantile 

2251 The same. Amst., G. J. Saeghman, (1663?) 

bds. 4to. (Tiele N». 146.) 6.50 

Whit 6 small plates. — Reprint of the preceding 
edition. Bare. 

2252 Nedermeyer v- Eosenthal (J. Th. H.) 
De servorum Afrorum commercio eoque recte su- 
blato, nee non de Afrorum servitute penitus tol- 
lenda. Lugd. B. 1816. 8vo. 222 pp. 1.60 

2253 The same. Large paper, uncut. 4to. 2.50 

2254 Negerstaat (De) van Hayti of St. Domingo, 
gesohetst in zjjne gesohiedenis en tegenwoord. 
toestand. Amsterd. 1821 . 8vo. folded map. 1.— 

(The Slate of the Negroes in Hayti, sketched in 
its history and present condition.) 

2255 Nerincx. — Nagelaten Brief van Car. Ne- 
rinckx, Missionaria in Kentucky, aan zyno vrien- 
den in Nederland. 's Gravenh., 1825 sd. uncul. 
8vo. Very rare. 3. — 

{Letter of the late Ch. Nerinckx, Missionary in 
Kentucky, to his friends in Netherlands 

This letter is written in 1820 and treats of the 
state of the Catholic faith in Kentucky, the order 
of the nuns of Loretto, founded by Nerinckx, etc. 

2256 Netscher (P. M.) Les HoUandais au Bresil. 
Notice historique sur les Pays-Bas et le Br^ail au 
17e siecle. La Haye, 1853. With portrait of John 
Maurice of Nassau, facsimile and map. roy. 8vo. 

(fl. 3.60). 2.- 

2257 Neptune Prancais (Le), ou Atlas nouveau 
des cartes marines pour ^ I'usage des armies de 
mer, revue p. Pene, Cassini, etc. Paris, E. Jail- 
lot. 1693. 33 Coloured charts, with fine, engraved 
frontisp. by J. v. Vianen. — Cartes maritiraes it 
I'usage des armies du Eoy de la Grande Bre- 
tagne. Amst., P. Mortier. 1693. Frontispiece and 
9 charts, splendid engravings by R. de Booghe, Fine 
impressions. — In 1 vol. hf. bd. Imper. fol. 20.— 

The 9 maps by B. de Hooghe, some of which 
measure 140 by 68 centim., are illustrated with 
64 very fine views of cities. 

2258 Neptune FranQais. Same both parts, with 

continuation : Suite du Neptune rran9ais ou Atlaa 
nouveau d. cartes marines levees pai; ordre d. 
Roys de Portugal. Amst., P. Mortier. 1700. — 
2 vol. calf. The charts in couleurs and gold. Imp. 
fol. — Binding damaged. 25.— 

This continuation contains 16 plates of all forms 




of ships; 13 plates showing the flags of all nations, 
, nicely coloured and illuminated; and 33 charts, 11 of 
which of America, idressees stir les relations les plus 
nouvelles du Sieur S(anson)" amongst which the 
Engl, possessions in America with separate plan of 
the Boston harbonr, Virginia, Maryland and Penn- 
sylvania, Carolina (2 charts), etc. 

2259 Neufville (J. de) De iia, quae ad tollendum 
servorutn Afroriim commereium inde a Congreasii 
Viennensi, inter populos gesta sunt. Amst. 1840. 
130 pp. sd. 8vo. 1._ 

2260 The same, bound up with N". 2252 Ne- 

dermeyer v. 'Rosenthal. 1S19, — and C. A. de CImu- 
fepie, de servitute in coloniis Araericanis toUenda. 
Amst. 1799. 1 vol. hf. ealf. 8vo. 2.— 

2261 New-England. — L'Union de I'Eglise et 
de I'Etat dans la Nouv. Angleterre. Par un Ame- 
ricain. Paris, 1837. — L. Vussand, Essai de poesie 
chriStienne. Valence, 1836. — Geo. Burder, 12 Ser- 
mons to the aged. — Life of J. Newton, C. P. 
Swartz, Leighton. N. York. 1830. — H. V. El- 
liott, Sermon on the death of the Eev. H. Moert- 
look. Lend. 1837. etc. — 8 pieces in 1. hf. calf. 
8vo. 3.50 

2262 Newfound-Land. — Waerschouwinge ende 
Ordonnantie, raeckende de Terreneuf-Vaerders uyt 
dese landen. 's Grav. 1657. 1 fol. sheet, uncut, 
verso blank. 2. — 

(Edict relat. to the vessels going to Terre-Neuf.) 

2263 New-Foundland, Cape Breton, etc. — 

Map engrav. for the UnlTersal Museum. (Lond. 
1760?) sq. 4». 24 by 19. 1.— 

2264 New-Hampshire, by D. F. Sotemann. Ham- 
burg. 1796. fol. 45 by 67. — Coloured map. 1.50 

2265 New-Netherland. — Besohnjvinghe van 
Virginia, Nieuw-Nederlaudt, Nieuw-Engelandt, en 
d' eylanden Bermudas, Barbados en S. Christoffel. 
Arasterd., J. Rmtgers, 1651. with engravings, (no 
map), ids. 4to. 140. — 

(Description of Virginia, New-Netherland, New- 
England and the Islands of Bermuda, Barbadoes 
and S. Christoffel.) 

One of the most interesting, rarest ani first books 
on New Netherland, containing the first view of 
Nieuia Amsterdam (New- York). — See on it at 
large : Asher, Bibliogr. Essay n". 6. 

Fine copy, though the first leaves are slightly 
stained by water. — Copy without the map (the 
same as in van der Bonck), wich belongs, properly 
said, not to this work, but according to Mr. Asher, 
was joined to some of the copies after the publica- 
tion, and is not mentioned in the text of the book. 

2266 The map of Virginia, New-Netherland, 

New-England, often found in the preceding work 
as belonging to it. — Mne reproduction in photoli- 
thography, on old paper, sq. 4to. , 10. — 

2267 Kort Verhael van Nieuw-Nederlandt 

gelegenheit, deughden, natuerljjke voorrechten en 
byzondere bequaemheidt ter bevolkingh. 


ders eenige requesten, vertoogen, enz. No place 

nor publisher's name, but probably s Amst. 1662. Wi. 

4to. (Asher N". 13.) 1.— 

{A short account of New-Netherland's situation, 

virtues, natural privileges and peculiar fltenss for 

population, — With some requests, entreaties, etc.) 

This book is written by M. V. Z. H., in behalf 

of some persons (probably Mennonites) imploring his 

assistance. It is one of the most interesting and of 

the scarcest of all books on New-Netherland. 

2268 New-Netherland. — Kort en bondigh 
Verhael van 't geene in den oorlogh tussohen 
den Koningh van Eagelant, de . . . Vereen. Nederl. 
en den Bisschop van Munster is voorgevallen van 
1664-67. Amsterd., M. fF. Boornicle, 1667. 2 pla- 
tes and many^ engravings in the text. 4to. 256 pp. 
(Asher N". 354.) Very fine copy, entirely uncut. 32.50 

{Brief and concise account of what has happe- 
ned during the war between the King of England, 
the United Netherlands and the Bishop of Mun- 

Eare. — This work may be considered as the 
most complete and most authentic contemporary 
account existing of the fatal war between Holland 
and England, the consequence of which was the final 
loss of New-Netherland by the treaty of Breda, 
1667. It contains several pieces of special inte- 
rest to America. 

2269 Booseboom (G.) Recueil van verscheyde 

Keuren en Costumen van Amsterdam. 2e druck. 
Amst. 1656. old Mussia gilt. 4to. (a few wormho- 
les.) 8.— 

(Ordinances and Costumes of Amsterdam.) 
The interest of this work for the American his- 
tory lies in the gilt coat of arms, on both sides of 
the binding. It represents a circle, iu the upper 
part of which the arms of Amsterdam: beneath them 
two SS entreclaced, and 2 other arras, one of a 
ship ; between them an Indian. — Two Indians with 
bow and arrow, are standing on the sides of the 
cercle, with the subscription : Jusiitia. Pietas. 

It might appear (by the 3 SS) to have been arms 
for the Dutch colony of Surinam, but this com- 
menced only about 1683, and had other arms. — ■ 
It is more probable that these laws for Amsterdam, 
were bound for and adorned with the arms of some 
place in New-Netherland. 

2270 Map annexed to the memorial presented 

to the States General of the United Provinces, 
on the 18th of August 1616, by Gehrit Jaoobsz. 
WiTSEN, cum sociis, Directors of New Netherland. 
Copied in fac-simile from the original in the Na- 
tional Archives at the Hague. Chromolith. by 
E. Spanier. (1850?) fol. 65 by 45. 15.— 

This map and that by Kleynties are the first of 
New-Netherland. See Asher's List N". 1 and O'Cal- 
laghan. Documents pp. 11, 13, where both maps 
are inserted, hut not in Chromolith. — Unique copy, 
unfolded, and separately printed. 



2271 New-Netherland. — Novi Belgii Novaeque 
Augliae nee non partis Virginiae tabula, raultis in 
loois emendate a N. J. Visschero. (Amst., about 
1640). sq. fol. 55J. by 47. — Coloured. 40.— 

"This map is very scarce; in fact I know of no 
copy in the hands of n private individual" (Asher's 
List N°. 8). — By the words: „muUis in loots 
emendata" JUr. Asher was led to the supposition 
that Visscher had before him another map, which 
he counterfeited and corrected. This map is not only 
of a larger size, but it gives more names of places 
and before all the view of New- Amsterdam entitled: 
"Nieuw Amsterdam op H Eylant ManAalians.'^ 
(New Amsterdam on Manhattan Island). 

2272 Totius Neobelgii Nova et Aceuratissima 

tabula. Amst., Hugo Allardt (about 1674). sq. 
fol. 55 by 47. — ^eri/ rare. ' 27.50 

AUardt added a considerable number of places on 
the Hudson, Delaware, Fresh River, etc. The old 
view of New-Amsterdam is replaced by a quite diife- 
ring and later view, representing the recapture of 
the town by the Dutch, 1673, and inscribed: "Nieuw- 
Amsterdam onlangs Nieuio-York genoemt en. nu her- 
nomen bij de Nederlanders den 24 Aug. 1673." 
(New- Amst. lately called N. York and now recap- 
tured by the Dutch). It is a spirited etching by 
the celebrated Romeijn de Booghe. — (Asher's 
List N». 13.) 

2273 Same map, with same title and etched 

view of New-Amsterdam, and same inscription, 
but with address: Amst., E. et J. Ottens. (about 
1750). sq. fol. 55 by 47. - Coloured. 15.— 

Asher's List N». 18. 

2274 Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae neo non 

Pennsylvaniae et partis Virginiae tabula, multis 
in loois emendata a J. DancKeks. (Amst., about 
1680.) sq. fol. 55 by 47. — Coloured. 12.— 

2275 Same map; plain, not coloured. 12. — 

With view of New-Tork bearing the inscription: 

^^Nieuw Torek, eertijds genaemt Nieuw Amsterdam 
op H Eijlant Manhattans" (New York, formerly 
called New Amsterdam, on Manhattans's Island.) — 
[Asher's List N». 19 and U.) 

2276 Novi Belgii, Novaeque Angliae nee non 

Partis Virginiae tabula, multis in loois emendata 
per Mcolaum Visscher. (Amst., about 1690). sq. fol. 
55|. by 47. — Coloured. 15. — 

Nicolaas Visscher retouched the plate of N. J. 
Visscher (N". W]\). He added the emendations of 
Montanus and AUardt. Some names occur on no 
other map but this. He retained the view of Sew- 
Amsterdam, but with his address. (Asher's List 
NO. 14.) 

2277 Nicolas . Visscher's map, with the view of 

New-Amsterdam, (N". 2271) with addition of the 
posterior address of P. Schenk Jun. (Amst., about 
1720). fol. SSl- by 47. — Coloured. 12.- 

This edition is not mentioned in Asher's List. 

2278 Novi Belgii tabula ad N. J. Visscheri 

delineationem fepetita quaie ex XXK aliis tabulis 
colligi potuerunt additis, lafiidi inoisa) diiigente 
6. M. Asher. (Amst. 1855). sq; fol. 54 by 46. — 
Proof before the inscription, etc. lo _ 

2279 New-Netherland. — Maj) of New-Nether- 
land, after those by A. Uo^gemeit, A. Motitanm 
a. 0., by J. P. Bourje. (Middelbui<g. 1818). fol. 40 
by 54. • 1,25 

From: N. C. Lambrechtsen, Korte besohryving 
etc. {Short description of the discovery etc. ofNiw- 
Netherland). Midd. 1818. N». 1761. 

2280 Same map. The original drawing by J, p. 

Bourje. Same size. 6._ 

2281 Chart of the coasts of New-Netherland 

(with Virginia and New-finglahd), by Arnold 
Colom. Amsterdam (1650?) 55 by 63. Colmtrei. 

Not mentioned in Asher's List. 

2282 New-York. — New-York and New-Jersey, 
with a part of Pennsylvania and the Province 
of Quebec, from the observations oiC.J.Sauthin. 
Augsburg, M. A. loiter. 1777. 2 Sheets, fol. To- 
gether 76 by 57. — Coloured. 8.— 

Published on account of the war. 

2283 View of the city, about 1750. With views 

of Quebec, Mexico and the Niagara. 4 Engrav. 
on 1 sheet Ig. sq. fol. — (From 6. de Vhle't 
Atlas. 1757). 3,_ 

2284 »New & Accurate Plan of the City of 

New York in the State of New York in NorfS 
America. Published (Philadelphia?) in 1797" 
B. Taylor del., J. Roberts sculps. — 2 Sheets, fol. 
Together: 94 by 60. — Pasted on cloth; in ffoM 
condition. 20.— 

Rare and very remarkable plan. Of some buil- 
dings the front is delineated, f. i. of the Governor's 
House, the Goal, the College, the Work-house, 
etc. — In the right corner a view on the city from 

2285 The city of New- York as laid out by the 

Commissioners, with the surrounding countiy, by 
John Randal Jim. 1821. large sq. fol. 96 by 67. 
on cloth and wooden rolls. 3.50 

2286 New- York, State. — Map of Messs Sor- 
ham & Phelps's purchase now the County of 
Ontario in the State of New York, by A. Porter. 
Engraved by A. Dooliitle, N. Haven, (about 1795). 
High fol. 39 by 60. - Pasted on cloth. — Very 
rare. 20.— 

Map illustrating a similar negotiation, as mentio- 
ned in N". 1213—15, for a tract adjacent to that, 
described in that N". ■— On the map the autograph 
signature of J. 0. ■„. Staphorst, one of the suhcH- 
bers of the W. Gennesee-negotiation^ with date: 1797. 

2287 „A Map of Servis Patent and the Coun- 
try adjacent." — Manuscript map. High fol. 64 by 
75. — Pasted on cloth. 30.— 

Survey for another land-negotiation between the 
Blackriver and the Mohawk. On the vaiious ttatts, 


whieh are parcelled and numbered, the names of the 
owners! f. i,: Kelly. 2000 Acres, Steuben, Willet, 
"Woodhnll, Adgate, Lansing, Gui-tenius. etc. etc. 



New- York, State. - Map of Morris's Pur- 
chase or West-Geimesee, exhibiting part of the 
Lakes Erie and Ontario, the Straights of Niagara, 
Chantauque Lake, etc. . . . several tracts of land 
purchased by the Holland Land Company, W. & 
J. Willink, a. o. ~ laid down by J. & S. Ellicott. 
1800. fol. 66 by 52. — Very rare. 25.— 

Same map as described in N». 1214 but a later 
and much more interesting edition. The parts bor- 
dering the Lakes Erie and Ontario, which are still 
blank iu the first edition, are here filled up. "We 
call especially attention for another purchase oflimd, 
delineated here, viz.: that of S. Sterrefi Tract, 
175000 Acres, of the East boundary of Gennesee 
tract. On this part, tiiS. letters occur, correspon- 
ding with a Manuscript list (on the right margin), 
of the subscribers' names and the number of acres, 
allotted to each, — evidently made np by one of 
the Dutch subscribers. 

2289 The same, with part of the adjacent states, 

by J. Heddy. New- York, J. E. Astburn and C». 
1818. 98 by 110. mloured. pasted on cloth and 
folded in 8vo. 1.50 

2290 New-York.— Canals (Public document rela- 
ting to the), — which are to connect the Wes- 
tern and Northern Lakes, with the Atlantic Ocean : 
with an introduction. New-York, 1821. bds. 484 
pp. and large map. 8vo. 5. — 

2291 Exports of the Comptroller. Valuation of 

real and personal estate in the several cities and 
counties. — Statistics ascertained by the census 
of 1840. — On the several funds. — On the ex- 
penditures oh the canals, .etc. 1840. Albany, 1841. 
7 parts. 8vo. 1.50 

2292 Collection of the New York Historical 

Society.. Publication Fund Series. New York, 
1868—72. 5 vols, cloth. Uncut, roy. 8vo. — All 
yet published. 100.— 

Printed for the Subscribers to the Fund, and not 
for sale. 

The N. Y. Histdrioal Society has established a 
Fund for the rtgnlar publication of its transactions 
and collections on American history. To effect its 
object, the Society proposed to issue one thousand 
scrip shares of 25 dollars each. Bach shate is 
transferable on the books of the Fund, in the hands 
of the Treasures, and entitles the holder, his heirs, 
administrators or assigns, to receive: 

I. Interest. — Until the Fund was complete, or 
sufEcient, in the opinion of the Trustees, to enable 
the publications to commence without impairing the 
principal (hereof, interest on the par value of his 
share or shares at the rate of five per cent per annum. 

II. Publications. — One copy of each and every 
publication made at the expense of the fund, amoun- 
ting to not less thaS one octavo Volunie of 500 pa- 
ges per annum. 

The number of co{)io8 of these publications is 
strictly limited to 12S0 of which the Society recei- 
ves for corresponding societies and exchanges for the 
increase of the Library, 250 oo'pieS -^ but no copies 
are offered for sale or disposition in any other man- 
ner by the Society. 

Subscribers copy of the late Mr. S. Alofseu of 
Ne-vt-York Esq. 

These volumes contain among others the following 
papers: Continuation of Chalmers Political Annals. — 
The Colden letters on Smith's History, 1759— 60. — 
Documents relating to the admistration of Leisler, 
1689—1714. - The Clarendon Papers, 1660—67. — 
Tracts relating to N. York. — Territorial rights of 
New York; the New Hampshire Grants, etc. — 
The Lee Papers. 1764— 1778, etc. 

2293 Wew-York. — Account of the Banquet, given 
by the Saint Nicholas Society of the city of N. Y., 
on the occasion of the visit of the Netherlands 
Frigate „Prius van Oranje"- New York, 1852. 
8vo. 1.75 

Printed for the Society only. 

2294 New-Orleans. — Plan of the city. Engi-av. 
by B. Benninij. sq. 4". — For the London Maga- 
zine. (1775?) 1.50 

229.3 Bird's eye view. Coloured lithogr. by 

C. Matter. (1855?) Ig. gq. fol. 2.— 

2296 NeWZeit wie vunsers allergnadigistn hern des 
Roraischn vnd hyspaenischn Konigs lent Ain Cost- 
liche Newe LanndSchafft habn gefundn. 120. — 
{News how the men of our most gracious Sove- 
reign King of Rome and Spain liaiie found a most 
costly new country^ 

Preciiotis Manuscript, with the date of 1520. 
6 leaves (two blank.) fol. — It contains the follo- 
wing pieces: 

[. Nachstends ist Copia ains briefs so ain die- 
ner seinen herrn aus dem Neugefnnden Landtge- 
nant iueatan gesant hat... vnd der so di sen brief 
schreibt ist in geselSChaft ains Riters getaren mit 
namen fernan Cortes. 

i^The following is the copy of a letter v^ritien by 
a servant to his master from the new found land 
Jucatan, — and he that writes this letter has 
sailed in company of a nobleman^ called Fernan 

II. Hernach folgtt Copia ains briefs aus Sibilia 
... so dem ioban dela pena gen borges Geschriben. 
{Here follows the copy of a leUer from Sevilla, 
written to John de la Fena in Burgos.) 
[II. Nachfolgtt kopia ains briefs aus Seuilla. . . 
hat diego dicharo diener mit namen diego dienz 
den gencato y almacon gen Borges geschriben. 
(Follows copy of a letter from Sevilla, written 
ly Diego Dicharo's servant, whose name is Diego 
Diem to Gencato y Almacon in Burgos.) 

These 3 letters relate to the ejpedition of Cortes 
to Yucatan, which is treated by Peter Martyr in his 
«De insulis nuper repertis." (See Grynaeus, Novus 
Orbis. NO. 1301—10.) — They art full of details of 




the maiTellous riches and other wonderful things in 
this new discovered land and contain many curious 
and interesting particulars. Harrisse cites only one 
German publication on this expedition (N". 105 of 
his Bibliotheca Vetust.) addiug, that it is apparently 
taken from Peter Martyr. As the present MS. is 
very different from this author's account, and most 
certainly never has been printed, I have made an edi- 
tion of it, reproducing the text of the original MS. 
in old letters of the 15th century, with a trans- 
lation in modern German and French, printed in 
Italics (the original type made about 1565 by the 
celebrated A. Tavernier.) Only 30 numbered copies 
printed, all on old paper, by J. Enschede and 
Son at Haarlem, Price 10 flor. 

2297 Neue Welt. — a. Hier. Bentzon. Erste 
Theil der Newen Welt vnd Indianisohen Nider- 
gangischen Konigreichs Newe vnd Wahrhaffte His- 
tory. . . — b. Petrus Martyr. Ander Theil der 
Newen Welt. . . darinn alle Namnihaffte Thaten 
u. Geschichten. . . — c. Levinus Apolonius. 
Dritte Theil der Newen Welt des Peruuischen 
Konigsreicha, wie dasselbig crfunden, vnd was fiir 
sohrockliche Krieg... verloffen. Item von der 
Frantzoseu Schiffarth in die Landtsohaft Floridam 
vnd jhrer schrocklichen Niderlag im Jar 1565. — 
Erst jetzt auss dem Latein. verteutschet dureh 
Nicol. Eoniger von Tauher Konigsliofen. (At the 
end:) Getruokt zu Basel durch Eenricpeiri 1583. 
Stamped vellum, fine old binding with the letters 
I. M. V. F. and the date 1590, stamped in gold. 
fol. yery f,ne copy. 45. — 

The first and second part (« and b) of this col- 
lection are numbered I — DLII, exclus. the titles and 
Indices of each (20 and 24 pp.) ; the 3d part has 
a separate pagination I — CCCCVI, exclns. the title 
and 10 pp. for the preface and index. — The first 
part has at the end the date 1581, the 2d part 1582. — 
Part a has been published before with date 1579 by 
the same Henricpetri and is much less rare than 
the two others ; complete copies, as this, are indeed 
very rare. — The pp. 320 — 28 of Levinus are occu- 
pied by a large view of Cusco in woodcut. 

2298 Neyn (P. de) Lusthof der Huwelyken, be- 
helsende de ceremonien zoo in Asia, Europa, 
Africa en America in gebruik zijn, ate. Amsterd., 
1681. vellum, plates. 8vo. 4. — 

( The 'pleasant matrimonial garden, containing the 
ceremonies of the peoples of Asia, Europa, Africa 
and America.) 

Pp. 230 — 265 treat of the American tribes ; Apa- 
lachites, Brazilians, Inhabitants of Guiana, Florida, 
Ingas, New-Netherland, New-France, Virginia, etc. 
With 8 plates, 2 of which relate to America. In 
the same volume of the same author: Vrolijke uuren 
of Mengeldichten. (Pleasant hours or Miscellaneous 
poems.) Amst. 1681. 8vo. 

2299 The same. Amsterd. 1730. vellum, plates. 

8vo. 3.— 

2300 Nicholas (J. L.) Eeis naar Nieuw-Zeeland, 

in 1814 en 15, in gezelsohap met S. Marsden. Uit 
h. Eng. vert. Kotterd. 1819. 2 vols. hf. cf. 8vo. 

(Voyage to Hem-Zealand, in company with the 
Rev. S. Marsden.) 

2301 Nicolai (El.) Neue and warhaffte Relation, 
von deme was sich ... in den West- und Ost- 
Indien, von der Zeit an zugetragen, dasz sich die 
Navigationes der HoU. und Engelland. Compag- 
nien daselbstljin angefangen . .. . Sambt einer ne- 
wen Description d. Erdtbodems, in welchem die 
rechten beschaffenheit d. Septentrional Landt. . . . 
AUes aus Castiglian. u. Portug. relationen coUig, 
Miinchen, 1619. map, pp. 1—128. 4to. — (pp 129 
to the end wanting.) 6.— 

Very scarce and highly interesting treatise, rela- 
ting many circumstances now entirely lost. 

2302 Nicoselli (Ant.) Compendio della vita del 
Beato Toribio Alfonso Mogrosesio, Arcivesoovo di 
Lima. (ob. 1606, aet. 68, Pontif. 25.) Eaccolta da 
prooessi fatta per la di lui beatificat. e canonisia- 
tione. Roma, 1679. 213 pp., engraved portr. vellum. 
4to. — Fery rare. 16.— 

2303 Nieuhof (Joh.) Gedenkweerdige Brasiliaense 
Zee- en Lant-Reize, beneffens een beschrjjving 
van gantsch Neerlants Brasil. Amst., 1682. — 
The same. Zee- en Lant-Reize door verscheyde ge- 
westen van Oostindien. Ibid. 1682. — 1 vol. 
calf. fol. 7.50 

(Memorable Brazilian voyage by sea and by land, 
with a description of Dutch Brazil. — Voyage 
through various parts of Bast-India.) 

VFith the fine engraved portrait of the author, 
49 large plates and numerous smaller engravings in 
the text. The author lived 9 years (1640—49) in 
Brazil in the service of the Dutch West-India-Comp. 
After the loss of Brazil he entered the service of 
the East-India-Comp. and remained from 1655—71 
in Ceylon and Batavia. His account of Brazil con- 
tains many precious documents. — The 2d work 
contains also a small poem of Jacob Steendam, the 
first poet of New-Netherland -Op de stad Batavia" 
dated: "Batavia den 24 van Wijnmaand 1670." 

2304 Nieuwe In-teykeninge ende verhoog. d. 
Capitalen v. d. West-lnd. Conip. (1636.) 1 fol. 
sheet. — Not in Asher's Essay. 2.— 

(New inscription and increase of the capitals of 
the W .-Ind.-Comp.) 

2305 Noel (S. R. J.) Histoire gSnerale des peches 
anciennes at modernos dans les mars et las flen- 
ves des 2 continens. Paris, 1815. Vol. I. (no more 
published.) bds. roy. 4to. 3.— 

2306 Nomsz (J.) Cora, of de Peruanen. Treurspel. 
Amst. 1784. plate. 8vo. Large paper, uncut. 1.80 

(Cora, or the Peruvians. Tragedy.) 

2307 Bartholemeus las Casas. Treurspel. Amst. 

1785. plate. 8vo. Large paper, uncut. 1-80 

(Barthol. las Casas. Tragedy.) 

2308 Noordsohe Landen (Besohryv. v. de) die 

Pkederik Muixek & C°., 



gelegen zyn ondei' den kouden Noordtpool, als 
Denem., Sweden, Noorw., Finlandt, Laplandt, 
Poolen, Pi'uissen, Yslandt. Van nieuws oversien 
en vermeerdert. Ainsterd., G. J. Saeghman, (1663.) 
4 woodcuts, hf. vellum. 4to. Fine copii, (Tiele N". 
261.) — Bare. "^ 15._ 

(Description of i&e Northern countries, which are 
situated under the cold Northpol^, as Denmarlc, 
Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lapland, Polandt, Prus- 
sia, etc. Newly revised and augmented.) 

2309 Noort (Ol. V.) Beschryvinghe v. de Voyagie 

om den geheelen Werelt Cloot om te zeylen door 

de Strate Magellanes, te handelen langs de Cus- 

ten V. Cica, Chili en Peru, en door de Molucques 

wederom tlinys te comen. Met vele cop. Caerten 

en flg. Rott., Jan v. Waesbergen en Corn. Claass. 

tot Amsterd. 1602. vellum, sq. 4to. (Tiele N". 16.) 

Very fine copy. 70. — 

^(Description of the voyage round the world, to 

sail through the Strait of Magellanes, to barter at 

the coast of Cica, Chili and Peru and to return 

by he Moluques. With many engrav. and maps 

on copper.) 

Reprint, with some differences in orthography, of 
the first edition, of 1601, which is so rare that I 
have had and met with it only once. This reprint 
is rare, hut not to that degree. — De Bry have 
given in their Gr. Voy. IX. 3 a Latin translation, 
but much abridged, and in which the 25 plates and 
maps of the original are reduced to 12 copies and 
2 imaginary prints. 

2310 The same. (Amst. 1646.) sd. sq. 4to. 

(Tiele p. 33.) 3.50 

With 25 pi. — Forms part of the collection: 
Begin en Voortgangh (N". 272 — 74) without separate 
title; abridged reprint of the original, but with many 
new additions on former voyages. 

2311 The same, with addition of: de 2e voyagie 

V. Jac. V. Neck naar O. Indien. Amsterd., J. Sart- 
gers, 1648. 4to. (Tiele N». 21.) 4.50 

With 1 plate in 6 divisions. Reprint of the for- 
mer edit., the 2d voyage by v. Neck much abrid- 
ged; it is strange this interesting voyage has been 
added, only in this edition, and the following. 

2312 The same. Ibid. 1650. 4to. (Tiele N". 23.) 

Rare second edition of Hartgers, with the same 

2313 The same. Amst., G. J. Saeghman, (1663 ?) 

4to. (Tiele N». 25.) Very rare. Tall and fine copy. 

With 6 plates in the text, 2 engraved and 4 on 
wood. Reprint of the former edition, bat abridged 
and without the new additions of 1646. 

2314 The same. (Amst.) Voor Abr. Cornelis, 

1764. 4to. (Tiele N°. 29.) Rare. Good copy. h.—. 

With 9 figg. on wood, bad impressions. — Chap-book. 

2315 Description du penible voyage faict en- 
tour de I'Univers ou globe terrestre, ... pour 

traveraant les destroict de Magellanes, descovrir 
les costes de Cica, Chili et Peru, et y traffiquer 
et puis passant les Molucques, et circumnavigant 
le globe du monde retourner a la patrie. 1598 k 
1601. Amstelred., Corn. Claess, 1602. 25 maps and 
plates, vellum, fol. (Tiele N". 17.) 76.— 

Very fine copy of this first French edition, of the 
UTMOST RAKiTY, reprinted by De Bry vol. 9, and 
by Hulsius vol. 11. — Mr. Tiele quotes this edition 
only from Camus, and a copy at the National Li- 
brary at Paris. — The title mounted, else a very 
fine copy. 

2316 Noort (Ol. V.) Description du penible voyage 
etc. Amsterdam, Vefve de Corn. Nicolas, 1610. 
25 maps and plates, fol. (Tiele N". 19.) 28. — 

Second edition in French of the preceding work. — 
Good sound copy. 

2317 Eigentliche and warhafftige Beschreibung, 

der wunderbarlichen Schiffarth (der Hollander) 
rundthumher dem gantzen Ki-eitz der Erden ge- 
than . . . 1598—1601. Ausz der Niederland. Sprach 
in die Hochteutsche vertolmetschet durch Joh. 
Schaffer. Amsterd., durch Cornel. Nicolam, 1602. 
25 maps and plates, in the original old calf binding . 
sq. 4to. (Tiele N». 18.) 72.— 

This German edition is among the rarest of all, 
and differs of the German translation by G. Artus, 
in De Bry's Collection of Voyages. 

Mr. Tiele knew only one copy in possession of 
the Hon. J. Lenox, New- York. — The collation of 
the leaves goes to M 111. 

The plates are the same as in the original Dutch 

— Wants dedication, 1 leaf; plate 7 (Porto de 
Seyro) is replaced by the sam.e plate from the Col- 
lection of Voyages: Begin en Voortgangh, 1646. 
A good copy, in some places a little stained. 

2318 Ifootwendich Discours van de Particl- 
panten der Oost-(nd. Comp. tegens Bewintheb- 
bera. 1622. 4to. (Asher N". 77.) 2.— 

{Necessary discourse by the shareholders of the 
IS.-T.-C. against the Directors.) 

2319 Nootwendiger Discours . . . (Tweede) 
van de Participanten der Oost-Ind. Comp. tegens 
Bewiuthebbera. (1622.) 4to. (Asher N». 78.) 3.— 

(Second necessary discourse . . by the sharehol- 
ders of the E.-I.-C. against the Directors.) 

2320 The same, uncut. 4to. 


2321 Worth American Review and Miscella- 
neous Journal. Boston, 1820—1826. N». 26-53, 
forming Vol. 10—23. (New Series. Vol. 1—14. 
8". 10.— 

Published under the Editorship of Edw. Everett 
and J. Sparks, with contributions of the most pro- 
minent writers of the United States. — Contains 
also valuable bibliographical information in the Quar- 
terly lists of new publications and "Intelligence.'" 
23-22 — — Narrative of the campaigns of the British 
army at Washington and New Orleans, i^ 181^ 



and 1815; with some accounts of the countries 
visited. 2d edit. Lond. 1826. bds. 8vo. 1.75 

2323 North-East-passage. 1596. — One of Heems- 
kerek's boats, attacked by seals. — The Dutch in 
Nova Zerabla. 4 figg, on one sheet. — Pine et- 
chings by Jan Luyken. 2 sheets, sq. fol. 3. — 

2324 Same engravings. Later impressions. 2. — 

2325 Northern-Seas between Europe and Ame- 
rica, including the American coast (New-foundland, 
Labrador and Greenland), by A. Arrowsmiih. Lon- 
don. 1808. 4 sh. large fol. Each 100 by 64. 4.- 

One sheet with pait of the Baltic wanting, the 
part with the American Qoast complete. 

2326 Notice sur I'etat aotuel de la mission de la 
Louisiane. Paris, 1820. 8vo. —.80 

2327 Notiflcatie. De Bewinthebberen van de Ge- 
nerate Geoct. West-lnd. Compagnie ... raaken 
bekent, dat sy goetgevonden hebben op het Ey- 
lant Curafao aan te stellen eene opene Marckt van 
Swarie-Slaven, soo wel Pieces d'Indias als Mangue- 
roxs, voor «elk en een yder die deselve sal wil- 
len kopen", etc. Middelburg, 1689. Broadside, fol. 

(Notification. Directors of the West-India Com- 
pany . . . announce that they have, resolved to 
establish at the island of Curagao^ a free market 
o[ Black-Slaves, as well Pieces d' Indiaa, as Man- 
g^uerons, for each who will buy them, etc.) 

Official notification of the W. I. Comp. for 
public advertisement. — Very kake and charac- 

2328 Nott, B1-, Amer. Divine and Naturalist, Pre- 
sident of Union College, from 1804, upwards of 
60 years. — A. L. S. to B. L. Butler, dat. April 
28, 1819. 1 p. 4». 1.75 

2329 Nova-Scotia, Acadia and New-Foundland, 
Amst. A'. Visscher. (about 1675). High fol. 47 by 
56. — Coloured. ' 2.50 

With the shallows and banks along the coast. 

2830 Nova-Zembla, Strait Waygats and Nassau, 

Northern coast of the laud of the Samoyedes. — 

Amst. 1657. sq. fo). 51 by 41. — Coloured. — 

Dutch text on verso. 3. — 

Interesting map illustrating the Dutch expedition 

in search of a North-West-Passagc, by Heemskerck 

and fiarendsz. 1596. 

?331 Novis Orbis, id est, Navigationes pnmae in 

Americam, quibus adjunximus Casp. Varrerii dis- 

cursum super Ophyra regione. Eoterodami, J. L. 

Berewout, 1616. vellum. 8vo. Very rare. 18. — 

»Ce rccueil renferme la partie de Grynaeus, qui 

se rapporte a I'Ameriqae." Brunei. 

As all the books of this publisher, this collection 
is very rare. — Contents: Navigatio Colnmbi, V. 
Pin2Poni, Am. Vesputii; Petrus Martyr, De iusulis 
nuper repertis; F. Cortesii narrationes; Nicolaus 
Herborn., de Indis convertendis. — The wDe Ophyra 
regione" is not in our copy. 

2332 Nyenborgh (J. v.) Weeckwercken der ghe- 
denokwaerdighe Historien, Leerghedichten en 
Spreucken, enz. Groningen, 1657. -vellum, portr. 
and plates. 4to. 5._ 

( The Works of the weeh, in memorMe Histories 
didactic Poems, etc.) 

Carious volume, cont. the history of the disco- 
very of New-Netherland. 

2333 Nyenburg. — Dagverhaal wegens den op- 
stand en het afloopen van 't Oost-lndisch Corn- 
pagnie-sehip "Nyenburg, Schipper Jae. Ketel naar 
Batavia gedestineerd. Amsterd., (1764.) 4to. TJmmt. 

(Journal of the rebellion, which took plaeeonlhe 
East-India ship Nyembarg, Capt. K^lel; during the 
voyage to Batavia.) 

2334 Nylant (P.) en J. van Hextor, Het Schonw- 
tooneel der aertsche schepselen ; af beeldende aller- 
hande meuschen, beestcn, vogelen, etc. Amsterd,, 
1672. 3 vols in 1. vellum, 160 modcfiis. 4to. Per- 
fectly clean copy. Rare. 6._ 

{Theatre of the earthly creatures, representing 
various men, beasts, birds etc.) 

This curious popular work contains pp. 26—41 
the description of the peoples of America: Brazili- 
ans, Virginians, Magellanes, New-Netherfaliders, 
etc. — with woodcut engrSvings. 

2335 (Obert), Memoire conten. un aperju statis- 
tique de I'Etat de Guateinala, des reif^eigRejnents 
sur son commerce, son Industrie, etc. JBrux. 1840. 
map and pi, sd. 8vo. 1,80 

2336 Obreen (J. A.) De militaire organis,a(ii,e der 
Vereen. Staten, een voorbeeld voor Eiiropa? Delft, 
1871. 8vo. —.60 

{The military organisation of the U. S. an 
example for Europe '/) 

2337 Observations impartiales d'un vrai Hoilan- 
dois, pour servir de Reponse au Discours d'un 
soi-disant bon Hollandois a se^ compatriojies.^Teo 
la suite. Arnh. 1778, 79. 2 pts. sd. 8vq. '2.60 

On the insurrection of the United States. 

2338 O'Callaghan (E. B.) History of NewTNether- 
land or New-York, under the Dntoh; New- York, 
1847-48. 2 vols, cloth, map and portr. of P.Stu}- 
vesant. 8vo. 15.— 

2339 The Documentary history of the State of 

New- York, arranged under the directio4 of the 
Hon. Chr. Morgan. Albany, 1849— 51. 4 vols. 
cloth, maps and plates. 8vo. 25:— 

"A most valuable collection, consisting of MSS. 
documents connected with the early history of the 
colony, the Indian aborigines etc., down to the year 
1803, also reprints of rare historical memoirs etc". 
Printed at the expence of the Slate. 

2340 Ocli fife (Ch.) Seines Am(5ricaines ; 18 mois 
dans le Nouvoau Monde. 2e 6dit. augm. Brux. 
1853. sd. 8vo. 1.26 

■2341 Octroy (Het geamplieerde) van de Oost-i(iid. 
Comp. by de ... Staten Generael, tot weoine- 

FnFiDEEIK MviXMV, & '0., 



minge van alio dispitten enjo (luestien, . , . Midts- 
gad. eene covte verlhooninge van de nootsake- 
fickheyt vande geoctr. Wost-lnd. Navigatie, by 
middel vande welcke de vrye Nederl. Repnblique 
... tot de hoogste prosperiteyt . . . gheraeoken, 
etc. No flace. 1623. 4to. (Asher N\ 83.) 5.— 

{The enlarged Charier of (he East-Ind. Comp., 
■resolved by the ... States General . . . for obvia- 
ting all disputes and quarrels. As also: A short 
demonstration of the necessity of the chartered 
W. Ind. Navigation, by means of which the Free 
Dutch Republic ... will attain the highest pro- 
sperity etc.) 

2342 Octroi of conditien, onder dcwelke de Staten 
Gener. de colonie van Sm-iname hebben doen val- 
len in handen van de West-Ind. Comp. 's Grav. 
1682. 4to. 3.— 

(Octroy or conditions, by which the Slates Gener. 
have committed the colony of Surinam to the West- 
Ind. Comp.) 

Original edition. 
2343 The same, 's Gravenli., 1752. 4to. 1.50 

2344 Odernheimer (Ft.) Das Festland Aiistra- 
lien. Geograph., naturwissenschaftl. w. kultnrge- 
schichtl. Skizzen. Wiesbaden, 1861. 8vo. 1.50 

Beilage zn den Jalirb. d. Vereins f. Natnrkunde 
im Herzogth. Nassau. Heft XV. 

2345 Oesfeld, C. W. v., Der Karten-Freund. Ber- 
lin. 1841—44. 2 parts 1 vol. 8". 1.50 

2346 Official Extracts from the Resolutions of 
the States General of the United Prov. — Reports, 
Req[uests, Memorials etc., concerning CuraQao 1739, 
most on the capturing of Dutch vessels by the 
English, 1758. the Commerce and the West-Ind. 
Comp. during the American War. 1787 — 92. 2 stout 
vols, vellum, fol. 8.50 

Very interesting collection of Official papers, and 
others, hardly to be met with iu such number. 

2347 Other collection, contain, a. o.: Concept- 
Proclamation of the States General against the 
pamphlet: „Aan het volk van Nederland." 1781 
(See N". 8) : Ifilh MS. ampliations. — Request 
and memorials of the Court martial at Curasao. 
1783. — Request of Messrs. Hope and Co. at Am- 
sterdam, concerning the cargo of the American 
ti'figate „The Illuslrinus President" yv\t\\ the advice 
of E. Luzac and other documents 1794. etc. fol. 


2348 Oldendorp (C. G. A.) Geschichte der Mis- 
sion der evangel. Hriider auf den caraibischen In- 
seln S. Thomas, S. Croix und S. Jan. Herausgeg. 
durch J. J. Bossart. Barby, 1777. 2 vols. 7 maps, 
calf gilt. 8vo. '^•50 

Very Hue copy on (liick paper. 

2349 [Oldmizon (J.)j Het Britannisohe Ryk in 
Amerika, zijnde eene beschryving van deontdek- 
king, bevolking enz. van de Brit. Colonicn in 
America. Uit het Eng. aUmede een omstandigh 


bericlit aang. de kofify en koffyplantery. Arasterd-, 
1721. 2 vols, in 1. vellum, maps. 4to. 3.50 

(The British Empire in America, being a de- 
scription of the discovery, population etc. of the 
Brit, colonies; with a circumstantial account of the 
coffee and the coffeeplaniations.) 

2350 [Oldmizon (J.)] The same, sewed, uncut, title 
and the 2 first leaves damaged in the upper margin. 


2351 Olearius (Ad.) Besohrijv. van de gedenk- 
waerd. zee- en laudtreyse deur Persien naar Oost- 
Ind. gedaan van [. A. van Mandelslo. Amsterd., 
1658. 4to. 2.50 

(Memorable voyage and travel through Persia to 
Bast-India, made by Mandelslo.) 

2352 Olinda da Pernambuco, in Brazil, cap- 
tured by the Admirals H. C. Loncq and D. van 
Weerdenburg 13 Febr. 1630. — View of Olinda 
vrith the Dutch fleet and map of a part of Brazil, 
vrith Fernambuoa, on 1 sheet, sm. lol. (From: 
Commelin, Fred. Henry. 1651.) 2.-^ 

2353 Same subject, vrith German inscription 

at the top of the plate and a German history of 
the capture at the bottom, sm. fol. 29 by 38. — 
Rare. 6. — 

2354 Same subject, about the same represen- 
tation but reversed, with German inscription at 
the top, and history at the bottom, both in italics. 
German plate, nearly the same size as the former. 
sq. fol. 4. — 

2355 Same subject. Plan of Olinda with part 

of the adjacent country, and German description 
at the foot of the plate. German engrav. sq. fol. — 
Rare. 4,- - 

2356 Olivier (J.) Reizen in den Molukschen Ar- 
chipel naar Makassar, enz. Amat., 1834 — 37. 2 vols. 
cloth, portr. 8vo. (7.70) 3.— 

(Vogages in the Archipelago of the Moluccas to 
Makassar, etc.) 

2357 Olofsen (E.) a. B. Povelsen, Reise durch 
Island, veranstaltet von. d. K(5n. Sooietat d. Wis- 
sensch. in Knpenhagen. Ans d. Dan. iibersetzt. 
ICopenh. u. Loipz. 1794. 2 vols. 25 plates and map. 
hf. calf. 4to. 3.50 

2358 Olshausen (Th.) Die Vereinigten Staaten 
von Amerika geograph. u. statistisch beschrieben. 
Kiel, 1853—55. 2 vols. 4 parts, maps. 8vo. 

(9.60) 2.75 

2359 Omstandigh Verhael van de Frausche 
rodomontade voor het fort Curassan (1673.) 4to. 
Uncut. Very rare tract. 4. — 

(Circumstantial account of the French rodomon- 
tade before the Fort Curasao.) 

2359a Ontdeckinge van 'tEyland van Pines, sijnde 
een waerachtige beschrijvinge etc. Uit het Engels 
vertaelt. Amst., Jac. Stichter, 1668. 4to. With a 
map of Pines on the title. 6. — 




{Bhcovery of the island of Pines, beinij a true 
description etc. Transl. from the English.) 

A literary forgery, or proi)erly a little romance 
like that of Swift and Defoe, tut shorter and lesa 
spirited. — Account by the discoverer Joris Piues, 
shipwrecked at the Island in 15S9. — Very rare. 

2359J Ontdekkingen in de Zuidzee, en berichton 
aang. dc La Perouae en zijne tochtgenooten, etc. 
Haarlem, 1799. 2 parts in 1. hf. calf. 8vo. — 
Confer. N<>. 1779—1783. 1.50 

{Discoveries in the South-Sea, and reports con- 
cerning La PSroiise, elc. Transl. from the French ) 

S360 Oor (Het) in het Kabinet, of geheime zamen- 
spraken van Lord North, Lord Weymouth, de 
Hertog V. Kichmond etc. betrcft. den toestand van 
America. . . London, J. Beio, (but printed in Hol- 
land) (1780?) 8vo. 1.50 
(The Ear ih the Cabinet, or secret intercourses 
of Lord North, Lord Weymouth, etc., on the state 
of America.) 

A translation of Cerisier's Destin de VAmerique. — 
See N». 642. 

2361 Oost-Indische Voyagien door dien Begin 
en Voortgangh v. de Vereen. Nederl. Geootr. 0. 
Ind. Comp. Vervatt. de voornaemste Reysen enz. 
le dl. daerin begrepeu zyn 16 Voyagien. Amst., 
J. Hartgers, 1648. vellum. 4to. Very fine, sound, 
tall copy in the first binding. (Tiele N". 8.) 170. — 
{East India Voyages by the rise and progress 
of the United E. I. Comp ; comprising the prin- 
cipal Voyages thither, etc. Ist Vol. [the only publ.] 
containing 16 Voyages.) 

S362 Same work, bound in 2 vols, vellum. En- 
graved title wanting, part of the introduction 
slightly stained .by water, complete with all the 
plates. Short copy. 65. — 

Keprint, with slight differences, of the largest part 
of the collection of Cotnmelin (N". 272—74.) Seven 
parts and the largest part of 21 of that collection, 
are not in this; on the other hand part 10 and 11 
of Hartgers' collection is wanting in the other. 

To each voyage a plate in 6 divisions is added, 
representing its most memorable events. 

This volnme is called: Ist vol., as the pnblisber 
Hartgers had in mind to give a 2d vol.; he has 
indeed issned about the same time 5 parts of voyages 
but not to East-India; it may be that these were 
intended to form his 2d vol. These 5 voyages are: 
P. d. M(arees), Beschrijv. v. Guinea. 1650. — 
(E. Lopez), Beschrijv. v. Congo. 1630. — Beschrijv. 
r. Virginia, Nieuw-Nederland. 1651. — Somer, 
Keize naar de Levant. 1649. — Olearius en Man- 
delslo, Persiaensche Reise. 1651. 2 parts. 

2363 Oost-Indisohe Voyagien (Verseheyde). 

Met de Beschrflvingen v. Indien. Eerste ' deel. 
(Engraved title, no printed collective title existing.) 
Amsterdam, G. J. Saeghman. (No date, but about 
1'363.) 19 parts in 1 vol. 4to. 

{Divers East-Indian voyages, with the descrip- 
tions of Indian, Isi vol. [the only published.]) 

— Versoheydi9 Journalen v. Zeei en Landt- 
Keyson, mitsgadcrf. de boschryvingh van de Lan- 
den en Volckeren, die gelegen .syn ohdev den koii- 
den Noordpool. Amst., G. J. Saeghman. (No date 
but about 1663.) 8 parts in 1 vol. 4t0. ' 

(Divers Journals of Voyages and Travels, with 
the descriptions of ihf countries and natiom lying 
under the cold Norfhpnl'e.) 
Together !! vols., one in hf. red. mor., oAe in 
boards, wanting Only part 14. 4to. 225.— 

The complete collection of all the voyages publis- 
hed or reprinted by Saeghman in Amsterdam; con- 
sists in 28 parts, (19 to India, 9 to the NDtth)i viz.; 
1st coll. [on India| 1 — 3. Linschoten. 4. Hout- 
man. 5. v. Neck. 6. "v. Neck'a 2d voy. 7. *. Ndort. 
8. de Weert. 9. Spilbergen. 10. Spilbergen's 2d voy, 
11. Schouten. 12. Hermitc. 13. v. d. Brdecke. 
14. V. d. Hagen. 15. Bontekoe. 16. Pelaaert. 
17. Sparrow-hawk. \s. Benzoni. 19. Las Casas. 

2d coll. [on the North.] 1. de Veer. 2 Greenland. 
3. Segersz, Spitzbergen. 4. Two journals of Mau- 
ritius. 5. Raven, Greenland. 6. Moscovia. 7. Nor- 
thern countries. 8. Turkey. 9. Beschrijv. d. Wan- 
schepsels en Amazoonen. 

The largest part of this book, viz. 4 to IBoftlie 
1st, and I and 5 of the 2d collection, is reprinted 
from the editions of Hartgers \a 1648 (.see N", 3361); 
the parts I to 3, 17 and 19 of the 1st, and 4 of 
the 2d coll., are reprinted from anterior editions; — 
part 2, 6 to 9 of the 2d coll. seem to be coinpi- 
lations. — N". 3, 2d coll., is quite originah 

Both collections are very rarely met complete, but 
especially the 2d which is nearly unique. The sepa- 
rate parts of the first collection are common, but 
rarely in good condition, as this edition and the great 
number of later reprints were popular books, pro- 
perly chap-books. After 1800, the use of these books 
by the people has nearly entirely ceased: there are 
only some few editions from 1800 to 1830, all coar- 
sely printed with old, much used woodcuts. The 
reprints of Saeghman possess however a special in- 
terest for the additions (Inwerp) inserted on different 
places to these voyages. 

The title of the 2d coll., given above, is on an 
engraved titlepage, but so rare that we have only met 
twice with it. In the present copy the N". 7, 8, 
10, 11, 12, 18 of the 1st, and N». 1 of the 2d 
coll., are bonnd in 1 vol. hf. mor. gill edges. The 
parts 1 to 6, 9, 13. 15, 16, 17, 19 of the 1st coll., 
and N». 9 of the 2d coll. (N". 15 is here in 2 dif- 
ferent edit., each of 60 pp.) are bound in 1 vol. 
bds. — N". 14 of the 1st collect, is wanting. 

A large copy, so good of condition and so com- 
plete as this, is of the utmost rarity, 

2364 Oost-Indisohe Voyagien (Versohej^de). 

Same collection. The engraved frontispi&e of 

the first collection separately. 15.— 

2365 Openingh ofte bekentmaking van de suyver- 
heit van 't geloove van J. de Labadie, P. Yvon, 
P. du Lignon, H. en P. Schluter. Amst., 1671. 
4to. Uncut. Rare and important. 6.— 

Fkbdekik Mulleu & C°;, 



{Disclosure or manifestation of the purily of the 
faith of J. de Labaitie, Yvojt, du Lignon. B. and 
• P. Sehtuler.) 

This P. Schluter is probably the same who in 
1682 travelled iu New-Netherlaiid; his interesting 
journal was published by Mr. //. C. Murphy, ia 1S67. 

2366 On^simus Secundus. True interpretation 
of the American civil war, anil of England's cot- 
ton difficulty; or Slavery from a dififerent point 
of view, cet. 2d edit. Lond. 1863. 8vo. - .60 

2367 Opir^ions respecting the commercial inter- 
course between the United States of America and 
the dominions of Great-Britain, including obser- 
vations upon the necessity and importance of an 
.^mericijn Navigation Act. By a citizen pt Mas- 
sachusetts. Boston, Sam. Hall, 1797. sd. uncut. 8vo.' 

Not mentioned by Rich. 

2368 Oppert (G.) per Presbyter Johannes in Sage 
u. Geschichte. 2te verb. Aufl. Berlin, 1870. 8vo. 


2369 d' Orjjigny (A.) Voyage pittoresqne dans 
le.s deiix Am6riques. Resume de tons les voyages. 
Paris, 1836, portraits, maps and numerous steel- 
engrai'ings. hf. cloth. 4to. 4. — 

2370 Orbis lumen et Atlantis juge tecta retecta: 
d. i.: Newe auszfiihrliche Entdeck. und Besehrei- 
bung der gantzen Welt. Franckf. a. M. 1658. iel- 
lum. 4to. 2.50 

Pagg. 1352 — 1403 treat on American and West- 

2371 Orbis Terrarum descriptio duobis planis 
Hemisphaeriis comprehensa. Nic. Geilekerck fee. 
Amst. J. Janssonius. 1618. fol. 57 by 41 cen- 
tim. — Hare. 20.— 

In fine, engraved border with represent, of the 
4 Seasons, Creation and Doomsday. The Western 
Hemisphere be-ars an inscription memorating the ex- 
ploits of Columbus, Vespiitius, Magellan, Urake, 
Can^ish, Oliv. v. Noort and J. Spilbergen, who 
iisuperiore anno qui fait 1615, ingressus est illud" 
i^irepufi Magellan.). The map was originally .publis- 
hed in 1616. 

2372 Same map, auctore H. Hon dig. Amst. 

1639. — In large, enRrav. border, formed by 34 
fig. of costumes: BrasHienses, Peruviani, Magellani, 
Moscpvi, Pploni etc., and 18 plans : fernabuco, Cusco, 
Havana, Mexico, Moskou, Londra, etc. 2 sh. t'ol. 
Togejlier 76 by 44 centim. -- Full margins. 24.— 

NB. VFith the same inscription: «Superiore anno 
(161,5)" etc., though published in 1639. The editor 
•Jiit? taken no notice at alj of le Mnire's discoveries 
of 1616. 

2373 Orchard (W.) De Leeringe der Duyvelen be- 
weezen te zljn de groote afval deezer laatste ty- 
den. ... Uit het Eng., volgens de copy gednikt 
te'Londen, 1676, vert, door W. Sewel. Amsterd. 
1691. 4to. 4.- 

(The doctrine of the Devils proved to be the 


apnsiary of these last days. Ttansl. from the En- 
glish, printed at London, 1676.) 

The author was Minister ia New-England. 

2374 Ordre by do. .. Staten Gener. ghemaeckt op 
het bevai-en van de Middellantsch.e Zee ende bet 
Southalen in West-lndien. Amst., legl. 4to. 2.50 

(Order hj the States Gen. on the navigation of 
the Mediterranean and the salt-trade of the West- 

2375 Ordre (Provisionele) ende Eeglement waer 
nae de schippers die ... van dese Stadt Hoprn, 
naer West- Indie ... om Sout te laden, sullen >yll- 
leu varerj . . . hen sullen hebben te I'eguleren. 
Hoorn, 1622. 4to. 2.— 

( Provisional ord/re i^nd regnlafion for the skip- 
pers, who will ?ail fron^ this c^iy of Hoorn tp the 
l^^cst-Indies, for salt.) 

2376 Oregon-Getaiet (Das). Der Rephtstitpl ^w 
Verein. Staaten klar und unbestreitbar. OfiSzielle 
Oorrespondenz der Brittiachen bevolmajClit. Mi- 
nisters in Washington u. des Slai^tssecrejars d. 
Verein. Staaten. Brempn,' 1846. 8vp. " ' 1.25 

2377 O'Beilly (B.), Greenland, the adjacent Seas, 
and the North-West Passage to fhe Pacific O'cean, 
illustrated in a voyage to Davis's Stra\t, 1817. 
Lond. 1818. maps and numerous plates, bds. 8vo. 


2378 Orinoco. — Map of the river from its en- 
trance till St. Thomas de la Guano. Auno 1629. — 
Facsimile drawing after the original Dutch survey, 
now in the Archives at the Hague, sq. fol. 49 
by 29. 4,— 

2379 Orta (Garcia de) Cplloqujos dps ajraples e 
drogas (J cpusas mediciijaes da' India e assi de al- 
gunias fructas achadas nella (varia^c'vUtivadas tp)je 
no Brazil.) Lis,t^oa, 1S,)% fd- sui. 4to. (See N». 
1467-70.) ■ ' ' ■ 12.— 

Keproduction facsimile of the editionpf Go?, 1563, 
published with preface by iSlr. i?. A. de Varn.^agen. 
Printed only in' a few popies. 

2380 Ortelius, Abr., 'fheatrum Orbis Terrarum. 
Autverpiae, Jegid. Copp. Diesth. 1670. calf. fpl. — 
With 53 plain maps. — Fine, clean copy in the 
original binding. ,60. — 

StcojiD EDITION of this celebrated Atlas, or the 
UTMOST EAUiTY; published in the same year (is the 
first edition, wifh a few alterations, an^ with ai diffe- 
rent type. — The Qopy, here offered, wants one map 
(N". 46) and at the end a list "aniiqua regionum 
nomina" (a—e I II I), of littfe iinportence. 

Ortelius' Atlas is p.specially v^lu?b)e fpr the his- 
tory of cartogr^iphy, as it shows the .point, from 
which he started, and as with it quite a new epoch 
begun for the geographical sciences, applied to the 
construction of maps. — After the preface the au- 
thor gives a cijriotts list of the geographicfil maps, 
as far known to and made use of by himself. — 
All the maps are engraved by the qelebrjit.ed Franc. 



Besides a large map of the world, this alias con- 
tains a fine general map of America; on N". 45 
Scondia with Greenland and the East-point, on 
N". 47 the West-point of N. America. 

3381 Ortelius, Abr., Theatrnm Orbis Terrarnm. 

Antwerpen, Gielis van Diest, 1571. vellum. io\. Title 

and aomleaves mended and stained hij water. 20.— 

First edition with Dutch text, with the same 

53 maps as the Latin ed. of 1570. 

2382 Same edition, but with Dutch title. The 

maps coloured, and several mended, the right un- 
der corner of the title wanting, stained. 15. — 

Inserted 3 nnnnmhered maps, engrav. hy Hogen- 
herg : the Rhine, Saxony, and a very interesting map 
of Kussia hy Jnt. tVied^ with ample notice on its 
origin, dated: IFilda Lii/iuaniae, 1555. 

2383 Additamentum (I) Theatri Orbis Terra- 
rum. Antverpiae, 1573. 18 maps. — Additamentum 
III. Hid. 1584. 24 maps. — Additamentum IV. 
Ibid. 1590. 22 maps. — In 1 vol. vellum, fol. — 
Very fine impressions of the maps. 45. — 

Very fine, clean and large copy of the rare sup- 
plements which ought to be joined to all copies of 
Ortelius' first atlas of 1570. — The first of them 
has no special map of America, the maps of the 
2 others are conform to the Supplements iii German 
(See Note to following N°.) and contain the same 
4 maps of America described there. 

2384 Theatrum oder Sohawbuch des Evdtkreys. 

Antorff, Beij Chr. Planiin, 1580. — IFith 93 sheets 
of maps itt contemporary colouring. — Der Dritte 
Zuzatz des Theatri oijer Schawbuchs dess Erd- 
bodems. Hid. 1584. WHA 24 coloured maps. — Der 
Vierdte Zuzatz .. . Ibid. 1591. IFitk 21 colour, maps 
(that of Germany wanting.) — In 1 vol. calf. 
iol. — Tie binding damaged, else a fine copy. lb. — 

Second issue of Ortelius' Theatrnm with German 
text, the first having been published in 1573 with 
69 maps. The text, which was in the first edition 
rather barbarous, is here entirely rewritten, and the 
portrait of Ortelius and 24 new maps added, so that 
this edition contains no less than 40 maps in addi- 
tion to those of the first Latin issue of 1 570. The 
nnmber of maps which have a special value for Ame- 
rica, has been raised to 6, three of which have been 
reprodaced from the above Iiatin edition, viz. the 
■ map of the world, the map representing Greenland 
and that of America's West-point. The general map 
of America is perfectly new and much more correct. 
The two other additional maps, one of which is di- 
vided into 2 parts, represent New Spain and the 
Northern part of Mexico, the West-Ind. Islands with 
Florida. Both are remarkable for their fullness of 
details, every river, hamlet, etc. being marked. 

The value of the present copy is still considerably 
raised by the 2 supplements, which are very rare, 
being issued in a much smaller number than the 
original work. The first of them contains 3 maps 
of America on 1 sheet: Peru (Didaco Mendezio 
auctore), Florida {Auct. Rier. Chiaues) and Gnaste- 

can Regio. — In the other we find a large map of 
the Pacific Ocean, with the Western coasts of Ame- 
rica, full of details and showing a remarkable pro- 
gress of knowledge. 

2385 Ortelius, Abr., Theatre de rUnivers, conte- 
nant les cartes do tout le monde, aveo nne brieve 
declaration d'icelles. (Anvers) 1587. hf. calf. 112 
colour, maps, a few of them repaired in the margin, 
tol. ,35.- 

Tho maps on America are: X". 1 Map of the 
world. — N". 5 America in general (both as in the 
first Latin edition). — N». 6 New-Spain. — N». 7 
Part of Mexico, Cuba and Ilispaniola. — N". 8 Flo- 
rida, Guastecau and Peru. — (These maps 6 and 
7 are the same as in the above German edition! 
N". 8 was first published in the .3d Supplement, 
1584). — N". 90 The Northern countries, with . 

2386 The same. French text. Anvers. 1598. 

hf. vellum. — Title mounted, else a fine copy. 25.— 

In this edition the number of maps has been aug- 
mented to 119. The maps of America are the same 
as in ibe above French edition, except N". 1 Map 
of the world, and N". 5 General map of America, 
which are replaced by the more correct ones dated 

These French editions of Ortelius haye a special 
interest for the text, which is perfectly diiferent from 
that of the above Latin and Gorman editions, the 
German being in fact only a translation of the La- 
tin. The text in both French editions is the same. 

2387 Theatrum orbis terrarum. Antverp., ex 

o-ffic. Flantin., 1609. 115 maps. — Parergon in quo 
veteris geographiae tabulae aliquot. (Ibid. 1609.) 
40 maps. — Nomenclator Ptolemaicus. Antverp., 
R. Bruneau, 1603. — 1 vol. vellum, fol. — Tme 
copy. 30.— 

First edition published after the author's death, 
with his last corrections, considerable additions and 
the interesting list of all the editions of atlases and 
maps np to this date known to him. — Besides the 
inappamuudi, it contains 9 maps (on 5 leaves) of 
America, viz.; America in general, the Pacific, His- 
pania Nova, Coliacana Provincia, Hispaniola, Cuba 
and adjace:it Islands, Peruvia, Florida, Guastecan. 

2388 An Epitome of Ortelius his theatre of the 

world, wherein the principal regions of the earth 
are described in smalle raappes. It is amplified 
with new mappes wanting in the Latin editions. 
London, John Norton (1610). vellum, sm. sq. 4". 

Very rare edition, containing 110 small maps 
(one of America) and two mappemundi with repre- 
sentation of America. — This copy has also the 
rare supplement: An addition of certaine maps nnt(i 
this epitome of Ortelius: Title and 13 maps. 

2389 Ortelius, Abr., par I'(51ix van Hulst. 

2e edit. Liege, 1846. portr. large 8». 1-50 

Biography of the emiment Geographer and Car- 




2390 Osbeek (Pehr) Dagbok ofwer en Ostindisk 
Resa, 1750 — 52. Stockholm, 1752. vellum, 12 pi. 
^0. 2.50 

2391 Osorii (H.) De rebus Emmanuelis Luaitaniae 
regis, gestis libri Xil. Item: Joa. Matalii Metelli 
Commentarius de reperta ab Hispanis etLusitania 
in Oeoidentis et Orientis Indiam navigatione, de- 
que populorum eius vita, moribus etc. Coloniae, 
1581. vellum. 8vo. 6.— 

2392 The same. Ibid. 1597. old calf, gilt edges. 

8vo. 5.— 

2393 Leven en bedrijf van Don Emanuel Ko- 

ning van Portugal, behelz. d'ontdeeking van Oost- 
Ind. en de eerste tochten der Povtugezen enz. 
Uit het Latijn vert. Rotterdam, 1661—63. 2 vols. 
vellum. 12mo. 5. — 

(Life and achievements of Emanuel King of Por- 
tugal, contain, the discovery of the East- Indies, 
the first Portuguese voyages thither, etc.) 

King Emanuel played so important « part in the 
history of the first voyages to the New World, that 
the boot of Osorio cannot be' missed in any Biblio- 
theca Americana. It treats of the history of Brazil, 
the voyages of Magellanes, Cabral, Casp. de Lemos, 
etc. The Dutch edition is of rare occurreQce. 

2394 d' Indiaensche Historic der Poi-tugeezen, 

... of Vervolg der Historic van Dora Emmanuel, 
1521 tot 1610, beschrevcn door Kastagnede en 
and. Uit hct Fransch vert. Rotterd., 1670. vellum. 
12mo. 3.— 

{The Indian History of the Portuguese, or Con- 
tinuation of the history of King Emauuel, 1521 — 
1610, hj Oastagnede etc. Transl. from the French.) 

Forms the 3d volume to the foregoing, 

2395 Ostermayer (H.) Tagebuch einer Reise nach 
Texas. Biberach. 1850. With 2 flates. 8vo. —.60 

2396 Ostertag (A.I De Protestantsrtie zendingcn 
onder de Heidcnen. Naar het Hoogd. Utrecht, 
1860. 8vo. 1-25 

{The Protestant Missions under the Heathens.) 

2397 Ottens, R. — Atlas Major. Amstelod., '&. et J. 
Oitens. (1740). 4 vols. hf. vellum, roy. fol. 55.— 

Factitious collection of about 350 maps, taken 
from the atlases of the 17th and Ihe beginning of 
the 18th century, put together with a title of 0«e«s' 
Atlas. It embraces 22 maps of America and its 
parts, amongst which some very rare ones.- 1. Ge- 
neral map by Schenk. — 2. North- America by De 
l-Isle (Amst., Schenlc. 1708). — 3. Canada by De 
Vlsle (Paris, 1703.) Rare.— 4, 5. Partie Occident, 
et Orient, du Canada avec la Louisiane, Virginie, 
N. York, etc. (Paris 1688-89). Very rare map, 
in 3 sheets with indications of the stttlemenls of 
the aborigines. — 6, 7. North-America by H. Moll, 
(London 1714) 2 sheets, in the left under corner 
10 small maps of harbours, and scenes from the life 
of the New-Foundlanders. Very rare. — 8. Map 
of the Dominions of the King of Gr. Britain in 
North-Am., by H. Moll. — 9. Map by H. Moll, 


composed of 5 smaller maps: a. Carolina and Vir- 
ginia, b. Louisiana, c. The improved part of Caro- 
lina with the settlements, d. Harbour of Charles- 
town, c. General Map of N. Am. — /. The cataract 
of Niagara. Rare map. (Lond. 1715). — 10. Mexico 
and Florida. (Amst. Sc/ienk). — 11. S. Domingo. 
(Amst., Covens en Mortier.) — 12. Jamaica. (Lond., 
Willdey). — 13. Caraib. Islands. (Amst , Oitens) — 
14. Curayao. (Amst., J. v. Keulen). — 15. South- 
America. (Anist. Sclienic 1708). — 16. Pern, Bra- 
zil, Amazone by Be Vlsle. (Paris, chez I'auteur 
1703). — 17. Isthmus of Panama. (Amst., Ottens). — 

18. Berbice. (Jlrast., Ottens 1740). Large map. — 

19. Surinam. (Ibid.) — 20. Brazil. (Blaeu). — 
21. Paraguay, Chili, Straits of Magellan. (Amst., 
Vve Viascher). — 22. Limits of the South-Sea- 
Comp., by H. Moll. (1715 ?j 

2398 Ottens, R. — Ottens' Atlas. Amst., (about 
17601. hf. bd. fol. — 40 coloured maps. 5. — 

"With a map of the Globe, of N.- and of S. Ame- 
rica, and one of the Gidf of Mexico, all by Jaillot. 

2399 Otis, Harrison Gray, Member of the Se- 
nate, Mayor of Boston. 1829—32. — A. L. S., 
no address, dat. May 6, 1817. 1 p. 4». 1.50 

2400 Overbeke (Aern. v.) Geestige Reysbeschry- 
ving naer Oost-Indien, 1668. (Amst.) Jan Joosten. 
1672. 4to. 1..50 

(Spirited description of a voyage to East-India.) 

2401 Owen (D. D.) Report of a geological survey 
of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. Philad. 1852. 
cloth, 36 coloitr. plates and maps, many woodcuts, 
roy. 4to. (48.-) 18.— 

2402 Outghersz (J.) — Nieuwe volmaeckte Be- 
schryvmghe der vervaerlycker Strate Magellan!, 
. . . door Jan Outghersz van Enohuysen, die de 
solve Strate (Stuerman zijnde op 'tschip 'tGeloove 
genaemt) hen ende vs'cder gezeylt, ende over de 
9 maanden daer in gheleghen heeft. Amst., Zach. 
Heyns (1600.) figg. oj tlie coast in woodcut, sm. sq. 
4to. — Pine copy in the original vellum wrapper. 
(Tiele N». 115.) 24.— 

(New perfect Description of the frightful Strait 
oj Magellanes ... by J. Outghersz from Enkhui- 
zen, who sailed this Strait to and fro, as Pilote 
on ihe ship named The Faith, and resided there 
more then 9 months.) 

Extremely rare description of the voyage of 
Seb. de Weert, published with the first edition of his 
expedition by Barent Jansz. (Potgieter.) .irnst. 1600, 
and never reprinted with the following editions of 
De Weert, nor in the collection oJ De Bry. Mr. 
Mnller has only once met a complete copy of the 
two parts together. 

2403 bxley (J.) Reizen in de binnenlanden van 
Australie. Uit h. Eng. Dordrecht, 1821. Maps and 
plates, hf calf. 8-vo. 1.50 

{Voyages into the inland of Australia. Transl. 
from the Englisfi.) 

2404 (Paddenburg, G, G. v.) Beschrijving van 



Curasao en onderhoorige eilanden. Haarlem, 1819. 
8vo. 1.— 

{Description of Curasao and the adjacent islands.) 

2405 Pacific (The). — Mar del Zuv: the coast of 
America from California till Cape Horn. — From : 
Janssonius' Large Atlas. 1657. 2.50 

2406 Mer du Sud eonteuant I'lsle de California, 

les costes de Mo.xique. du Peroii, Chili etc. Amst., 
P. Mortier, (about 1700). Large sq. fol. 75 by 60. — 
Coloured. 2.50 

2407 Carte nouvelle de la Mer du Sud. Amst., 

J. ^ H. de Leih, (about 1760). .2 sheets, fol. 
Together 93 by 59. — Coloured. 10.— 

Interesting map embracing the whole of America, 
and several separate maps and plans, viz. of Mexico, 
Vera Cruz, llabaua, the Isthmus of Panama, of 
Darien, etc. Besides some ethnographical figures, and 
historical annotations on the discoveries of the diffe- 
rent parts of America and of the adjacent Islands. 

2408 Carte des nouvelles deoouvertes au nord 

de la Mer du Sud, par de VIsle. Paris. 1750. sq. 
fol. 65 by 4G. — Coloured. 2.50 

24Q9 Page (T. J.) La Plata, the Argentine Con- 
federation, and Paraguay . Narrative of the Explo- 
ration of the Tributaries of the River La Plata, 
185.3—56, by Order of the ^.^ S. Government. 
Lend. (N. Y.) 1859. map and numerous engrav.^ 
cloth, roy. 8vo. 6. — 

2410 Pages (de) Zee- en landreizen rondora de 
waereld en naar derzclver beide polen. Rotter- 
dam, 1784. sd. uncut. 4to. 3.50 

(Travels round the world and to both poles. 
( Transl. from the French.) 

Along Mississippi from New Orleans, through the 
United States, Mexico, South America, etc. 

2411 Paget (Thorn.) Minister of the English Pres- 
byt. Church at Amsterdam, who stood in many 
relations v^^th the Brownists of that city. — Sig- 
ned Document, (in Dutch) dat. Jan. 13, 1646. 
1 full p. lol. — Ejcessiveli] rare nutotjraph. 15. — 

Petition to the Burgotnasters of Amsterdam to be 
allowed the same gratification as before. 

2412 Paine (El.) Jurist and Statesman, Judge of 
the Supr. Court, U. S. Senator, 1795—1801. — 
A. L. S. to Rev. Bcz. Howards of Springfield, 
dat. Philadelphia, Jan. 28, 1799. 1 p. 4". 3.— 

On tax-paying. 

2413 (Paine, Th.) Le Sens Commnn, addresse {sic) 
aux habitans de TAmerique . . . Nouv. edit. av. 
plusieurs additions, un Appendix etc. Trad, de 
I'Angl. Rotterdam, 1776. sd. uncut. 8vo. 2. — 

Translation of the celebrated pamphlet called "Com- 
mon Sense," of the same date as the original, and 
reproducing more truly the free expressions some- 
what polished in the later editions. Second edition, 
augmented by the "Addition" which afterwards were 
published separately. 

2414 The sanje. Paris, 1794. uncut. 8vo. 1.50 

2416 Palx (La) de 1782, ou le Bowl do Punoh de 
Master Oliver Dreamer. Trad, de I'Angl. Lo^d.', 

1782. 8vo. \.- 

2416 (Palacios) Esquisse de la Revolution de TAmfi- 
rique Espagnole , . . par un citoyen de r.^mfirique 
M6ridion, Trad, de I'Angl, Paris, 1817. sd. uncut. 
8vo. 1,50 

Rich says, th^t the author's n^me is Palaciijs, — 
Not in Barbier's Dictionnaire des Anoaymes. 

2417 Palafox y Mendoca (Juan de) Historia 
real sagrada, luz de principes y subditos. 2aimpr. 
Brusselas, Fr. Fopjiens, 1655. calf. 4to. 3.— 

Although this work does not contain anything re- 
lating to America, we have placed it in this cata- 
logue as being composed by the illiistrious Bishop 
of Mexico, author of the » Virtudes del In^io,." 

2418 Palairet (J.) Description abr^gee des Posses- 
sions Angl. et FranQ. du Continent Septentrional 
de rAm(5rique. Lond. 1755. 8vo. uncut. ' 1.50 

2419 Beknopte beschrijving dec Eng. enJFran- 

scho bezitt. op het vaste land van Npprd-Amerika. 
Amst., 1755. 8vo. 1.50 

Dutch translation of the preceding wqrlc. 

2420 Palmer (J.) Reize in de Vereen. Staten v. 
N. America, en Neder-Canada, in 1817. Ui); Ij. 
Eng. Haarlem, 1820. hf. cf. map. 8vo. 1.25 

(Journal of a travel in the Xlr^, Stafe^ ajt/i fji- 
wer Canada. From the Engl.) 

2421 Pamphlets on the "War of Ind@peu- 
denee. — Five EI^g^ish Pijipphlefs jn 1 vol. bds. 
itncKt. 8vo. 4.60 

1. Observations on Dr. Pripe'§ Thwfy Wd prin- 
ciples of civil liberty and Gpvevnnient, prepeded by 
a Letter to a friend, on the pretentions of the Ame- 
rican Colonies. York, 1776. — 2. Remarks on Dr. 
Price's Observations on the nature of civil liberty, 
etc. Lond. 1770. — 3. Letters pn the spirit of 
Patriotism, on the idea of a Patriot King; aucl on 
the state of Parties at the accession of George L 
Lond. 1749. — 4. Three dialog«es conoernipg liberty. 
Lond. 1776. — 5. A five minutes answer tp Pajoe's 
letter to Gen. Washington. Lond. J797; 

The first piece addressed in MS. by the author to 
Piof. vau dcr Keessel ; the last to Mr. Lazac at 

2422 r Five French Pamphlets in 1 vol. hf. 

bound. 8vo. 8.— 

I. Ijes droits de la Gr. Bret, etablis cpntre le! 
pretentions des Americains. Pour servir dc.reponie 
a la Declaration du Congpes General. Trad, de I'Angl., 
par Freville. La Haye, 1776. — 2. L'Amerjqnain 
aux A,pglois, ou observations d'nn merabre desEtata- 
Unis de TAmeriqije a divers ministres d' Anglet. 
■IVad. p. M. \X B***. Philad. (en France), ml- - 

3. lie Destin de 1' Amerique, ou <Ji,alogues piftorej- 
ques. Trad, de I'Augi. (par Ce'risier.) Lond. (1780.) — 

4. Th. Paine, Droits de rhomnie ou reponse a I'oii- 
vrage de M. Burke, contre la Revolution Fran9. 
Trad, de I'Angl. Hamhourg, 1791. — M- ffpodlot 



Uttrper, Observntiohs sur la eoutestation entre les 
Jittits-Unis et la FranOii. Trad, de I'Angl. Lond. 1798. 
423 Pamishlets on the War of liidepen- 
denoa. —Answer to the Declaration of the Con- 
gress. 5th edit. Lond. 1776. — Jos. Tucker, Four 
tracts on political and comniorcial autjjects. 3d edit, 
(jlocester, 1770. — ll. Priao, Additional observa- 

tions on civil liberty, and the war with America ; 

etc. tA edit. Lond. 1777. — 3 vol in 1. sd, 8vo. 

^424 ISrine English Pamphlets in 1 vol. hf. bound. 

8vo. 9.50 

1. Cool Thoughts on the consequences to Great 
Britain of American Independence; on the expense 
of Gr; Brit, in the settlement and defence of the 
Amer. Colonies; on the value and importance of the 
Atner. Colonies and the W. Ind. to the Brit. Em- 
pire. Lond. 1780. — 2. Plain Truth: or a Letter 
to the author of Dispassionate Thoughts On the Ame- 
rican War. 1780. - 3. Thoughts on the letter of 
Edm. Burke to the Sheriffs of Bristol, on the affairs 
of America. By the Earl of Abingdon. Oxford (no 
date). — 4. Remarks on the travels of the Marquis 
of Chastellui in N. America. Lond. 1787. — 5. Offi- 
cial Correspondence between I). Luis de Onis, Mi- 
nister froth Spain to the U. S., and J. Qnincy Adams, 
in relation to the Flofidas and the Boundaries of 
Louisiana, etc. Lond. 1818. — 6. South America. 
A letter on the present state of that country, addres- 
sed to J. Monroe, Pres. U. S. By an American. 
Lond. 1818. — 7. Considerations relat. to the war 
between Brazil and La Plata, ib. 18i6. — 8. Cuba; 
or the poHcy of Engl., Mexico, and Spain, with 
jregard to that island. Lond. 1830. — 9. Th. Hodg- 
kin, Inquiry into the merits of the American Colo- 
nization Society. With an account of the British 
African Colonial Sac. Lond. 1833. map. 

2425 Pamphlets on the Dutch West-Indian Co- 
lonies. (Surinam, GuraQao, etc.) 1775—1857. 19 parts 
in 2 covers. 8vo. 10. — 

This interesting collection contains: Eoefpraatje 
over Suriname. 1774. — Reglement op het justitie- 
wezen in Suriname. 1815. — De West-Ind. Maat- 
schappij. 1828. — Onderwijs der Negerslaveu in 
Suriname. 1841. — Colago Belmonte, Regerings- 
atelsel v. Ned. West-Indie. 1857. — {L. G. Vis- 
scher) De Westindien sedert het verlies van Brazilie 
en ly.-Nederland. — Slukken aangaande de Suri- 
naam. aangelegenbeden. 1845. 2 parts, etc. etc. 
— Pamphlets on Slaves, Slave trade. Emanci- 
pation and Results thereof: 

2426 : in the British West-Ind. Colonies. — 

6 Engl, pamphlets, viz : Innes, Letter to Lord 
Glenelg, on the new system. 1835. — ^. Cust, 
Eefleotions on W. (nd. affairs. 1839. •- Fj. Slanlei/, 
Claims and resources of the W. Ind. Colonies. 
1850. ~ The W. lud. Colonies. Demerara alter 
15 years of freedom. 1853. etc. 8vo. 3.— 

- in the French Colonies. — 6 French pam- 
viz: a Coquerel, snr la legislation Angl, 


1^20; snr I'abolition. 1823. — Th. Olarhon, Cri 
d> Africains. 1821. — Addresso de la Soc. des 
Quakers. 1822. — JbUivet, Observations. 1844. — 
Politique do la France et d. colonies. 8vo. 2.50 

2428 Pamphlats in the Dutch West. Ind. Colo- 
nies, specially in Surinam. — Inietesling Collection 
of 30 Dutch pamphlets, 1797—1868. 8vo. 8.— 

Cont. : Philalethes Eleutherus (W. de Vos), over d. 
Slavenstacd, d. v. Geuns. 1797. — Lamraens, Sterfte 
der slaven in Suriname. 1819. — Clarkson, Kreet 
d. Afrikanen. 1822. — J. de Neufville, de servornm 
Afrorura commercio. 1840. — Id. Vrijlating d. sla- 
ven. 1841. — (Pfenningcr) Onderzoek. Paramaribo, 
1843. — Palthe Wesenhagen, v. Raders, v. d. Gon 
Netscher, etc. etc. 

2429 A similar collection. 1797—1^65. 16 pam- 
phlets. 8vo. 4. — 

2430 Panama (The Isthmus of). (Amst., /*. Tirion. 
1765.) Coloured map. fol. 31 by 27. 1.— 

2431 Panoiroli (G.) Rernra meraorabilium sive de- 
porditarum libri II. Connuentariis illuslr. H. Sal- 
muth. Francof., 1660. 2 vols, in 1. calf. 4to. 3.25 

This curious work contains besides numerous other 
interesting pieces, in the 2d vol. a treatise "Be 
Novo Orie." 

2432 Papers relative to the West Indies. British 
Guiana 1841—42. (Official blue book.) Lond. 1842. 
fol. 1.50 

2433 Paraguay, Chili, Detroit de Magellan, etc. 
par G. de VIsle. Amst. P. Mortier, (about 1700). 
fol. 57 by" 49. ~ Coloured. 2.50 

With historical and topographical observations on 
the map. 

2434 Parayba in Brazil, besieged and captured 
by the Dutch W. 1. Company, 7 Dec. 1634. — 
Map of the country with the Dutch fleet, and in- 
scription in the upper right hand corner, sqi fol. — 
(From: Commelin Fred. Henri/ 1661). 2. — 

2435 Same plate but reversed, with inscription 

in the upper left hand corner. — (From Comme- 
lin 1652). 2.— 

2436 Park (J. A.) System of the law of Marine 
Insurances. 2d American edit., which Appendix. 
Boston, Thomas and Andrews, 1800. sheep. 8vo. 3. — 

2437 Park (Jam.) Christus Jesus. verhooght. . . in 
een antwoort tot een duyster en onnut schrift ge- 
sondeu aen ona het volck Godts, genaemt Qua- 
kers, door J. K. Knoll. Amst.. 1670. 4to. 2.50 

{Christ magnified. . . in a reply to an obscure 
and useless writing, sent by J. K. Knoll to us, the 
people of God, called Quakers.) 

2438 Parnell (J.) Een ondersoeck des geloofs... 
op dat een yeder sien niach wat haergeloofis. « . 
Amsterd. 1669. 4to. 1.— 

{An examination of the faith . . , that every one 
may see what his faith is.) 

2439 Parry (W. E.) Keis ter ontdekking van eene 



Nooi-a-Westel. doorvaai't, in 1819 on 1820. Am- 

sterd. 1821. maps and plates, sd. 8vo. 1.25 

( Voyage for a discovery of a Borlh- West Passage.) 

2440 Parry (W. E.) Zweite Reise ziir Eatdeckung 
d. Nordwestl. Diirchfahrt, 1821- 23. Aus d. Engl. 
Jena, 1824. sd. 8vo. 1.25 

2441 Parthenii Giannettasii (N.) Piscatoria et 
Nautica. Neapoli, Typis Regiis, 1685. calf, jilates. 
Svo. 2.— 

Pp. 236 — 46 contain a poetical description of the 
diacoTcry of the^New World by Colurabua. 

2442 Patagonia. — The Commandei' Byron in the 
company of a Patagonian woman and boy, 1764; 
engrav. by White, fol. 1. — 

2443 Patagonia, Terra del Pnego. -- Dress of 

the inhabitants. 2 engrav. by L, Portman. — Black 
and coloured. 8vo. 1.25 

2444 Paul Jonas. — Chap'oook of popular songs 
under this title. (Amsterd. 1780?) 94 pp. am. Svo. 
(wants title, pp. 23 -26, 56—58, 71—75, 87—90. 
sm. 8vo. 3. — 

Of the utmost earity, wherefore it is presen- 
ted here with all its defectiiosities. It begins with 
the popular Datch song : Here our dear Paul Jonas 
comes, — what a Juuny feUow, — and proves the 
sympathy with him and the American cause. The 
current title at the top of the ])Q.^es\s: Paul Jonas. 

2445 Paul-Jones, ou propheties snr TAmeriquo, 
I'Angleterre, la France, I'Espagne, la Hollande etc. 
Y joint le reve d'un Suisse snr la revolution de 
I'Amerique, dedie a iVI. Franklin. (No place, but 
printed in Holland.) De I'lire de Jindependance de 
rAm^riqne Fan V. (1788?) sd. uncut. Svo. 1.50 

2446 Sherburne (J. H.), Leven van Paul 

Jones. Uit het Eng. Groning. 1829. sd. porlr. Svo. 


2447 PauUi, S., Orbis terraqueus in tabulis geo- 
graph. et hydrograph. desoriptus. Argentorati, 
S. Paulli. 1673. S». — Uncut. 4,.S>0 

Contains a list of the maps published in Holland; 
on pp. 113 — 118 the maps of America. Besides 
collations of the maps in Ptolemaens, of the Atlas 
of Ortelius, Goos, van Loon, Jacob Theuniss, and 
of Sanson. The work is dedicated to Blaeu and his 
three sons, to Janssonius and N. J. Visscher. 

2448 P[auw] (de) Reoherches philosophiques sur 
les Am*ricains. Berlin, G. J. Decker, 1768. 2 vols. 
calf. Svo, 2.— 

2449 Reoherches philosoph. snr los Amerioains. 

Avec une Dissertation sur I'Amerique, par Dom 
Pernetly. Londres, 1770. — Defense des Kecher- 
ches philosophiques, p. Mr. de P***. Berlin, 1770. — 
3 vols, calf uniform. Svo. 3.50 

2450 The same. Kouv. edition, considerable- 

ment augmentee. Avec la Defence etc. Cleve et 
Berlin, 1772. 3 vols. bds. Svo. 3.— 

This edition does not contain the Dissertation etc. 
of Pernety. 

2451 P[auw] (de) Recherclies philosophiques sul' 
les Amerieains. Cleve, 1772. 2 vols. — Pernety, D^. 
sertation sur rAuierique et les Amerieains, contre 
les Recherches philosoph. Berlin. 1 vol. — Defense 
des Recherches... Berlin, 1772. — Examen des 
Recherches et de la Defense. Berl., 1771. 2 vols. — 
Together 6 vols. hf. calf uniform. Svo. — Cam- 
plele collection. 5__ 

2452 Oeuvres philosophiques. Pai'is, An III. 

(1794.) 7 vols, maps, calf gilt. Svo. ■ 6.50 

Recherches philosoph. sur les Amerieains; Horn, 
Pernety, Dissertat. contre les Recherches 
Defense d. Recherches, p. de Pauw. 

2453 Wysgeerige bespiegelingen overAmerika. 

Deventer, 1771—72. 3 vols. hf. calf. sm. Svo. 

Dutch translation of the "Recherches philosoph. 
aur les Amerieains." — Vol. Ill cout. the defence 
against Dom Pernety. 

2454 Pavie (Th.) Souvenirs Atlantiques. Voyage 
aux Etats-Unis et au Canada. Paris, 1833. 2 vols, 
in 1. hf. calf. Svo. I.75 

2455 Paxton (J. Ad.) Alphabetical List of all the 
wards, streets, roads, etc. in the city and suburbs 
of Philadelphia. (Preceded by a general descrip- 
tion.) (Philad. 1810.) hf. bound, sm. Svo. — Rare. 


2456 Payne (J.) Geographical extracts forming a 
general view of earth and nature. Lond. 1796. 
maps. sd. Svo. 2.— 

Contains many interesting notifications on the phy- 
sical and geographical position of North America. 

2457 Peabody. — An account of the proceedings 
at the dinner given by Mr. George Peabody to 
the Americans connected with the great Exhibi- 
tion, 27 Octob. 1851 . London, 1851. cloth, gUt 
edges. Svo. 4.— . 

'/Printed for private distribution." 

2458 Pearson, Eliph., Prof, of Oriental languages 
at Harvard Univers., 1786—1806. — A. L. S. to 
Jon. French of Andover, dat. Cambridge. Nov. 3, 
1S03. 1 p. 40. 1,50 


2459 Pelsert. — Ongeluckige . Voyagie v. 'tschip 
Batavia nae de O.-lndien, gebleven op de Abrot- 
hos V. F. Houtman. Uytgevaren onder P. Pelsert; 
vervatende )i. verongeluoken des Schips, als de 
grouwel. moorderyen onder 't gebergde Scheeps- 
yolck op 't Eylant Batavia's Kerckhof. Geschiet 
in 162S en 29. — Nevens h. treur-blyeindo On- 
gheluck d. O.-l. Comp. Dien. in 1636 wedervaren 
in Siam, onder Jer. v. Vliet, en de groote tyran- 
nye V. Abas, Coninck v. Persien A". 1645 bcgaen 
tot Espahan. Met veel kop. pi. Amst., Jan Jam., 
1647. bds. 4to. (Tiele N". 235.) 10.- 

{Vnhappy voyage of the ship Batavia to East- 
India, wrecked on the Abrolhos of Houtman,whieh 
set sail under command of F. Pelsert; comprisin} 
the shipwreck and the horrible massacre amongst 

Feedeuik Mullek & C°., 


the laved crew, on the island «Batavia't church- 
yard" in 1628 and 29. With the sad but jw/fiiUij 
, ending tragedy of the servants of the E. I. 'comp. 
in Siam, by J. v. Vliet. Also the great tyranny 
of jibas, Ung of Persia.) 

Very rare. With 6 plates. As far, as we kaow, 
the first edition. The next edition was pnbl. by Jan 
Jansz. in 1648, and is nngmented by one third; it 
is called on the title : 2d edition. — See N". 2461. 

2460 Pelsert. — Tlie same. Amst., J. Barlgers, 
1648. bds. 4to. (Tiele N». 236.) 5.— 

With 1 plate in 6 divisions. — Reprint of the 
preceding. There are 3 different edition? by Hart- 
gers in this very year; this edition has 78 pp.; the 
2 other are less voluminous. 

2461 The same, without: v. Vliet, Siam. En 

nu in desen 2en drnck wel een derde-deel ver- 
meerderd {And now in this 2d edition, augmented 
one third). Amst., Jan Jansz. , 1648. lids. 4to. (Tiele 
N«. 239.) 7.50 

l^ery rare. With the 6 pi. of the edition of 1647. — 
In the preface, dated 1st March 1648, the publisher 
says that Hartgers reprinted (to his [,/««*«.] loss 
and little profit to himself) the voyageof Pelsert, 
but he, Jansz., having got new co.minuiucations re- 
published the voyage much enlarged. 

2462 - — - The same. Utrecht, 1649. kf. vellum. 4to. 
Fine copy. (Tiele N». 140.) 6.— 

Coot, only the adventures of the ship Batavia, 
with some other discourses on the Indian navigation. 

2463 The same. Amst., J. Sarigers, 1651. hf. 

vellum. A^. Fine Hapy. (Tiele N". 241.) 6.— 

E^act reprint like the preceding edition. M. The- 
venqt has given in the 2d part of his Collection an 
abridgement of this work and a memoir by Pelsaert, 
on the Indian commerce, the .original Dutch of which 
has remained unknown. 

2464 Penitentiary System in the United States. 
Beport by the Soeiety for the prevention of Pani- 
perism in Uie city of Nevf^-Tork. N.-York. 1822. 
8vo. 1.50 

2465 Pehn (John) called : the American Penn, (grand- 
Son of William Penn), G-ovei'nor of Pennsylvania, 
1763—71. 1773—75. ~ A. L. S. to W. Johnson 
Bart., dat. Philadelphia, May 23, 1765. 2 full pp. 
fol. 25.- 

Iitteresting and fine letter on the relations wjth 
the Indians: "The Land on the West Branch .pf the 
Susquehanna not being .yet purchased from the In- 
dians, it will justly give great offeuce to them, if 
any should without their liberty, presume to make 
a s^ttlement't'here. I am indeed muph surpi-ised to 
find that any of the Inhabitants of this Province 
should attempt such a thinj; at this time, as they 
have 30 lately expevieuced the dreadful effects of an 
Indian War." . . . act. 

2466 Penn (Thomas) last «urvjvmg son of Wil- 
liam Penn, founder al the Otfltege at iPbtedel- 



phia. — A. Ij. S. to William Johnson, dat. Lon- 
don, Jan. 8, 1763. 1 p, 4». 15.— 
Fine letter, ou a complaint of the Delaware Indi- 
ans against the Penns. 

2467 Pann (Will.) Predtkatie gedaan in London. 
Amsterd., 1700. 4to. 2.50 

(Sermon held in London.) 

2468 Zonder kruys geen kroon, of cene vOr- 

hand. der natuure en tuoht van het heylig kruyse 
Christi. In 't Nedord. door W. Sevfel. Amsterd., 
1687. vellum. 16mo. Rare. 4.50 

{No cross, no crown, or a treatise of the nature 
and description of the holy cross of Christ.) 

2469 William Penn's treaty with the In- 
dians, when founding the Province of Pennsyl- 
vania. 1681. P. West px., engrav. by J. Hall. sq. 
fol. — Pine old impression,. 12.' — 

2470 Pennsylvania. — General view of the roads 
and inland Navigation of Pennsylvania -and part 
of the adjacent States, inseribed to Tlwnias Miff- 
lin, Governor, by /. Adlum & J. Wallis. (Phila- 
delphia, 1795?) - 2 sheets, fol. Togiether: 91 hy 
84. — Pasted on cloth. 15.— 

Interesting map, including large parts of Ihe Sta- 
tes of New-York, New-Jersey, Maryland and Dela- 
ware. Many proposed canals occur; in the kft cor- 
ner a perspective view of part of one of these, with 
3 sections of a lock, and with description. 

2471 Pennsylvania, by D. F. Soizmann. Ham- 
burg, C. E. Pohm. 1797. sq. fol. 69 by 41. — 
Coloured. 2. — 

2472 — — „View af Bethlehem, one of the Bre- 
thren's principal Settleraentsiin Pennsylvania." En- 
grav. after A'. Garrison by J. Soual. Published 
1757. — With separate explanation A — Z pasted 
under the plate. Ig. sq. fol. — Pull minrgins. 15. — 

2473 ■ Another view on the same Settlement, 

larger. After a sketch on the spot b^ Governor 
Pownalt, engr. by P. Sandby. Ig. sq. fol. 3.50 

2474 — — Beginning and completion ofan Amei'ican 
Settlement, (i.n Pennsylvania?) From a design by 
Gov. Pownall,, engr,av. by James Peake. Ig. .sq. 
fol. 3.— 

2475 View of Fosters-Fall, one of the rapicte of 

the Susquehanna. — Fine aqnarel by KoJiler. — 
24 by 17. '3,— 

2476 Pansees sur la Eevolution de r^^mei'fttue 
Unie. Amsterd. (1781.) 8vo. 1.— 

2477 P«nsees sur les transactions totichant les isles 
-de Falkla/ftd. Trad, do TAngl. Amst-ewU 1V71. hf. 
ef. 8vo. 1.25 

2478 Perez (IVTan-.) "Fatol Indiailo, y gnia dccuras 
de i'ndios. Mexico, 1713. 24 leaves prelim , 192 pp. 

. and 2 leaves, index. — 

.-^ Arte de el idioma Mexicano. Ibid. 1713. 

8 leaves prelim., 80 pp. and 2 knaves iades. — 

jn 1 vol. vellum. 4to. 27.50 

Very rare and important; sold tft the -aiiTtteoo 




Andrade. Leipzig, 1869. 23 Thaler. — Fine copies, 
only the first title elightly stained, and pp. 3 — 6 
wanting to the second. 

2479 Pernety (Dom), Dissertation sur I'Aoierique 
et lea Ani6rioains, centre lea Kechi-rches philoso- 
phiqnes de M. de P{auw). Berlin, (1772.) sd. uncut. 
8vo. — See N». 2448—53. 1.— 

2480 Peron (F.) Voyage de dt^couvertes aux Ter- 
res Aiistrales, 1800—4. nistorique. Paris, 1807 — 16. 
2 vols, with 2 Atlas contain. 14 maps and 40 
fartlij colour, plates, hf. calf. 4to. 20. — 

2481 Memoirea du Capit. Peron suv ses voya- 
ges aux cotea d'Afrique, a I'llc d'Amaterdam, aux 
cotes Nord-Oueat de rAni(5rique, etc. Paria, 1824. 
2 vols. hf. calf, plates. 8vo. 1.50 

2482 P(erreau) (J. A.), Lettres lllinoiaes. Lond. 
et Paria, 1772. bds. 8vo. 2.50 

2483 Perrin du Lac (F.) Reiae in die beyden 
Louisianen, am Misaouri, ... und am Ohio. Ueber- 
setzt von K. L. M. MUller. Leipzig, 1807. 2 vols, 
in 1. hds., map and plate. 8vo. 1.80 

2484 (Perrinon, A. F.) Statuta et autrea docu- 
ments conoernant la Soci6t6 des Etangs Salins de 
St. Martin (Antilles). La Haye, 1859. 8'. 1.25 

ll'rench and Dutch Text. 

2485 Perou, Bresil et le Pays des Amazonea, par 
Q. de I'Isle. Amst., P. Moriier (about 1700). sq. 
fol. 57 by 49. — Coloured map. 2.50 

With topographical obseryations especially on the 
inland of Brazil. 

2486 Peru, Chili, Paraguay, Brazil and other pos- 
sesaiona of Portugal in South-America. Amst. 
Is, Tirion. 1V65. Colour, map. sq. lol. 40 by 36. 


2487 Petit (P.), Le Amazonibua diaaertatio. Ed. 
2a auct. Amstelod. 1687. vellum,, map and figures 
of medals and antiquities. 8vo. 1.50 

2488 Traits histor. sur lea Amazones, oii Ton 

trouve tout ce que les auteurs out ecrit pour et 
contte ces Heroines, et quantity de ra(5dailles et 
d'autres monumenta, pour prouver qu'elles out 
exists. Leiden, 1718. 2 vols, in 1. vellum, map and 
■figures. 8ro. 2.25 

2489 Same work. 2 vola. sd. uncut. 2.50 

2490 Peyster (Fred, de) Memoir of Rip van Dam. 
New York, 1865. 2 portraits engr. by J. Bogers. 
roy. 8vo. 2.50 

Kip Van Dam was born at Albany, and from 
1690 — 1749 »a promiment and influential citizen of 
New York, who took an active part in the political 
events at that period." The portraits are engraved 
from the original contemporary paintings presented 
to the Histor. Society of N. Y. by the lineal descen- 
dant Mrs. Emily Verplanck Goodwin. 

2491 PhiladelpMa. — Plan of the City, dedica- 
ted to the citizens. P. C. Varle del., Scott sculp. 
Philadelphia (about 1786). fol. 64 by 46. — On 
(MA, — Bare, 15.— 

On this plan 3 special engravings, showing the 
front of the Bank, Library, Congress-Hall, State 
House and City- Hall. — At all the houses, out of 

the city, the proprietors' names are inscribed. 

The dale of publication is certainly before 1788, 
for some roads, laid out in that year, according to 
an inscription on the following plan, are not yet 
marked on this. 

2492 Piiiladelphia. — Plan of the City of Phila- 
delphia and its Environs, shewing the improved 
parta. Dedicated to the Mayor, etc., by JoAn Bills, 
Surveyor. Engrav. by J. Cooke of Hendon. Phila- 
delphia, John Hills. 1797. — Large sq. fol. 95 by 
68. — On cloth, in excellent condition. 12.60 

The thanks of the Corporation of Aldermen, prin- 
ted on the plan, call it an uelegant plan", and 
really it deserves this praise. 

2493 Bird's eye view on the city. Coloured 

lithogr. by C. Matter. (1856'?) Ig. sq. fol. -Sound 
copy. 2.60 

2494 Philadelphia Bepository (The) and Weekly 
Register, tor 1800 — 2. Philadelphia: printed and 
edited by David Hogan. 15 Nov. 1800 till 25 De- 
cerab. 1802. Vol. I, II. 54 Nos. with tables. 1 vol. 
hf. calf. 4to. — Very rare. 10.— 

Contains: Original Essays, Tales and Novels, ... 
liemarkable Occurrences, Anecdotes, Bons mots, Jen 
d'eaprits. Marriages and Deaths, Poetical Essays, etc. 

2495 Philip, Voyage to Botany Bay, with an ac- 
count of the establiahmont of the colonies of Port 
Jaokaon and Norfolk Island. London, 1789. hf, 
calf, portr. and 55 copperplates. 4to. 3.— 

Most of the plates relate to natural history. 

2496 Voyage a Botany-Bay, avec description 

de r^tablisaement dea Coloniea du port Jackson 
et de I'ile Norfolk. Trad, de I'Angl. Paris, 1791. 
hf. calf, uncut. 8vo. 1,25 

2497 Philippines. — Fr. Juan de la Concep- 
Clon, Hiatoria general de Philipinas, conquistas 
espirituales y temporales de eatos Espanoles Do- 
minioB, establecimientos, progesos, y decadencias. 
Manila, J. de Rosa y Balaytar, 1788—92. 14 vols. 
vellum, maps. 4to. Fme copy. — I'ery rare. 70. — 

2498 Phillips. — Memoirs of the life of Catherine 
Phillips. London, 1797. hj. calf, uncut. Svo. 1.80 

Pp. 56 — 147 contain the authoress' stay in America. 

2499 Phipps (C. J.) Voyage au P61e Boreal, in 
1773. Trad, de I'Angl. Paris, 1776. map and plates, 
calf. 4to. 2.— 

2500 Pickering (John) Lawyer and Jurist, Mem- 
ber of the Convention for the Constitution of New 
Hampahire. — A. S. D. to Col. M. Weare of 
Hampton Falls, dat. Portsmouth, June U, 1774. 
2 pp. 4». 6.- 

"We, the Committee of Correspondence appointed 
by the late House of Representatives have now be- 
fore us several Letters from our Sister Colonies re> 
specting the Appointment of Delegates to join the 
General Congress. . . . etc." 

Fbedkrik Mullek & 0°.. 


2601 Pickering (John) S. IX dat. Portsmouth, 
April 17, 1800. 1 p. 4". 2.— 

• Appointment of Dan. Waldron as Cleric of the 

District Court of Now Hampshire. 

2502 Pickering (Timothy) Soldier in the Revol. 
War, Writer and Statesman, Postmaster- General 
1791, Secretary of State 1795—1800. — A. L. S. 
to Nich. Grilman, dat. Philad. Oct. 16, 1792. 1 n. 
4°- 2.-- 

On contracts for carrying the mail between Ports- 
mouth, Boston, Salem and Exeter. 

2503 A. L. S. to General W. Eaton, dat. Was- 
hington, Febr. 6, 1810. 1 p. fol. 2.— 

On politics. 

2504 A. L. S. to Sam. H. Hopkins, dat. M'aa- 

hington, March 9, 1814. 1 p. 4". 2.- 

On a declaration, made by a Mr. Clay, relative 
to the war with Canada. 

2505 A. L. S. to Jcr. Nelson of Newbury 

Port, dat. Winham, April 1, 1817. 1 p. 4". - 
WUA seal. 2. — 

On a Company of emigrants, formed at New- 
bury Port. 

2506 Pickering (John) son of Timothy Pickering, 
great philologist, familiar with 22 languages. Prof, 
of Hebrew in Harvard University. — A. L. S. 
to Z. G. Whitman of Boston, dat. Oct. 13, 1828. 
1 p. 8». ■ 2.50 

In conveyance of some autographs of his father. 

2507 Pidgeon (W.) Traditions of De-coo-dah, and 
Antiquarian researches : oompris. extensive Explo- 
rations, Surveys, and Excavations of the wonder- 
ful and mysterious earthen remains of the Mound- 
builder in America. Traditions of the last Prophet 
of the Elk nation, etc. N. Y. 1853. Map and 70 
engrau. cloth. 8vo. 3. — 

2508 Pieces ofllcielles, messages, instructions, 
depSches, etc. relat. a la Negociation qui a en 
lieu en 1797 et 1798, sur les differens Aleve's entre 
le Gouvernement des Etats-Unies ... et le Di- 
rectoire execntif de France . . . trad. p. Peltier. 
Lond. (Paris?) 1798. 8vo. sd. uncut. ^ 3.— 

At the end: Lettres an Dr. Priestley, en Ameriqne. 
23 pp. with separate title. 

2509 Pigafetta (A.) Premier voyage autour du 
raonde, sur I'escadre de Magellan, 1519 — 22;auivi 
de I'extr. de son Traite sur la Navigation ; et d'une 
Notice sur M. Behaim et son globe terrestre. Pa- 
ris, an IX (1800).. col. maps and plates. Jif. calf. 
8vo. 3.— 

2510 Pigafetta (F.) Relat. d. reame di Congo et 
delle circonvic. con trade. Tratta d. scritti di Od. 
Lopez, Portug. Eoma. (1591.) hf. bd. 4to. 16.— 

With 8 large engr. plates. Very fine copy, but 
the 2 maps wanting. 

2511 Pike (Z. N.) "Voyage an Nouveau-Mexique, 
dans I'interieur de la Louisiane, prt5ced6 d'une ex- 
cursion aux sources du Mississippi. Trad, de I'Angl. 
p. Breton. Paris. 1812. 2 vols. sd. maps. 8vo. 1.75 



2512 Pike (Z. N.) Eeize naar Nienw-Mexioo en de 
Binnenlanden van Louisiana, etc. Amsterd., 1812. 
2 vols. sd. uncut, maps. 8vo. 1.75 

Dutch translation of the preceding from the ori- 
ginal English. 

2513 Pilgrim-Fathers' (The) departure in the 
Meijbloem (May-Flower), from Delfshaven to Ame- 
rica. 1620. — Modern plate in oval, surrounded 
by 6 smaller ones, illustrative of the hospitality 
of Holland to martyrs for i-eligion's sake. Engrav. 
by Reckleben. sq. 4". With separate Dutch expla- 
nation. 4. — 

Belongs to the work of Prof. B. ter Haar a. o., 
Sketches from the religious history of Holland. 

2514 Same subject, another represent., lith. by 

A. Pleijsier. aq. 8". — Appended a lith. facs. of 
a part of the old Straetboeck (book of the streets), 
at Leiden giving the exact place of Robinson's 
house. — Both from : Swalne, de Pelgrim- Vaders. 
1859. 8". 2.— 

2515 Pindari Olympia, Pythia, etc. GraeccetLat. 
cum comment. E. Schmidii. Wittebergae, 1616. 
vellum. 4to. Fine copy. 5. — 

A rare and valuable edition, at the end of which 
is appended: De America oraiiuncula anno 1602 

2516 Pinto (F. Mendez) Historia Oriental de suas 
peregrinaciones en Oriente y Occidente. Trad, de 
Portug. por Fr. de Herrera Maldonado. Madrid, 
1664. fol. Hare edition. 10.— 

2517 Wonderlyke reizen in EOropa, Asia en 

Afrika. Vert, door J. H. Glazemaker. Amsterd., 
1652. 4to. Tall copy. 4.— 

Dutch translation of Pinto's voyages. 

2518 Piron (Al.) B'erdinand Cortez, overwinnaar 
van Mexico. Treurspel, naar het Franach (door 
J. Nomsz.) 2e druk. Amat. 1769. plate. 8vo. 1.80 

( Ferd. Cortez, the conqueror of Mexico. Tragedy. 
From the French.) 

2519 Pisonis (G). et G. Marograf de Lieb- 
stad, Historia naturalis Brasiliae, in qua plantae 
et animalia, Indigenarum morbi, ingenia et mores 
describuntur. Lugd. Bat. et Amstel., Lud. Elze- 
vier, 1648. 2 parts in 1 vol. calf gilt. fol. 10.— 

With upwards of .500 woodcuts. — Highly estee- 
med work, divided: I. De medicina Brasiliensi. II. 
Historia rcrum naturalium Brasiliensium. The 2d part 
contains a Brazilian grammar and Brazilian-Latin 

2520 The same. Ibid. 1648. 2 parts in 1 voL 

vellum. Large paper. 15. — 

2521 Pisonis (G.) De Indiae utriusque re natnrali 
et medica libri XV. Amstelod., Lnd. et Ban. Fke- 
vier, 1658. vellum, numerous woodcuts, fol. 10. — 

This is not a second edition of the preceding work, 
but a quite different book. It contains: I. Pisonis 
Hist, natnr. et medicae Indiae Occident. — II. G. Marc- 
gravii Tract, topograph, et meteorolog. Brasiliae et 
de Brasiliensium et Chilensium indole et lingua. — 



Wth a Brazilian-Latin vocabulary entirely different 
from that in the edition of 1648. -- in.J.Montii 
Historiao natur. et medioao Indiae Orient. — IV. 
Pisonis Mantissa aromatica. 
2522 Pistorius (T.) Beschvyviner vau do Colonio 
van Zurinainc. Amat., 1763. JrUk plaie. id. uncut. 
4to. 2.50 

{Description of the colony of Surinam.) 
252.3 Pitkin (Tim.) distinguished Lawyer, Member 
and five times Speaker of the Legislation. — A. L. S. 
to Jer. Nelson of Newburyport, dat. Washington, 
March 22, 1815. 1 p. 4". ;).— 

A proposal for publishing a view of the com- 
merce of the U. S., a work which afterwards ap- 
peared, entitled: «Statistical View of the Commerce 
of the U. S." 1816. 8». 

2524 Pitou (L.-Ange), Voyago A Cayenne, dans 
les deux Anieriqnes et ehez les anthropophages, 
cont. le tableau g&n&vaX d. d(iport(5s, ete. Paris, 
1805. 2 vols, plates, hf. calf. 8vo. 1.50 

2525 Placcaet inhoudende verbodt dat niemandt 
varen meet... naer de Zout-vaert, anders als met 
convoy, 's Grav. 1621. 4to. 1.50 

{Edict prohibiting the navujation for salt other- 
wise than with convoy.) 

2526 Placcaet van de Stat. Gen. raeokende de na- 
vigatle eudc het verboth van toevoer. . . naer Por- 
tugael. 's Grav. 1657. 4to. Vncut.'^ — Not in Ashers 

{Edict of the Stat. Gen. on the navigation and 
prohibition of supplying merchandises to Portugal^ 

2527 Placcaet. . . etc. (Edict of the States Gene- 
ral prohibition of commerce with the Portngueso 
in Brazil, etc. in consequence of the war with 
Portugal.) 'sGravenh. 1661. Broadside, fol. 1.60 

2528 Placcaet... etc. (Restrictions laid on the 
Navigation to Greenland.) 's Grav. 1659. Broad- 
side, fol. —.75 

2529 Placcaetboek (Groot) inhoudende de Pla- 
caten ende Ordonnantien van de Staten van Hol- 
land en West-Vriealandt. 's Gravenh., 1658- 1796. 
10 vols, vellum, fol. 34. — 

{Great Placcardbook, containing allthe Placcards 
and Ordonnances of the States General, and of the 
States of Ilolland and Zealand.) 

This important collection contains all the docu- 
ments of public law relating to the West-India- 
C'orapany, Brazil, etc. from 1581 to 1795 in 10 
huge folio vols. 

2530 Placcaeten en Publicatien. — A Collec- 
tion of 93 divers original edicts and publications 
of the States of Holland and West-Vriesland, 
from 1622—67, each one folio sheet, to be posted 
on the walls. Bound together in 1 vol. bds. fol. 
Ml uncut. 25. — 

It is easy to nnderstand the rarity ofa loose sheet, 
destined to be posted on the walls in the streets, 200 — 
250 years ago, and it would be superfluous to de- 
monstrate expressly the value of such a collection as 

this, containing oo loss than 08 of these looae itieots 
and — what occurs very rarely — all in the best 
possible state of preservation and uncut. The volume 
contains some of the first oltlcial publications rela- 
ting to the Ifesi-lndia domp. 1623 (Ashcr N". 61 
67), placcards relating to Braiil, the publication of 
the treaty of Breda (Cession of New-Nelherland to 
Bugluud,) number of edicts relating to tiiii mhalefia- 
herij, on Greenland, etc., etc. 

2531 Plan of a Treaty of Comnu'rco to bo ente- 
red into between their High Mightn. the Estates 
of the Seven United States of Holland, and 13 
United States ol North America. — Plan nan een 
Tractaat, etc. {Dutch and .Engl, text opposite ano- 
ther.) 30 Oct. 1780. hf. calf gilt, (oh — Of tie 
utmost rarity. 

Official edition of the Preparatory Plan (projected 
1778 at Aix-la-Chapelle), with the correspondence 
relating to it, as it was presented by the Chev. Yorlte, 
as foimd with the papers of Mr. Laurens, le the 
Prince of Orange, and sent by I he States (Jeneral 
to the Provinces. I^erg curious because the subsorip- 
tion of the Treaty is changed in all the reproduc- 
tions, and nowhere is found genuine but in this au- 
thentic edition, printed only in a few copies. See 
N». 2586. 

[Goens (B. M. v.)) Politick Vertoogover 

het waar Systeem van Amsterdam, etc. (Utrecht) 
1781. Id. 

{Political Discussion on the true System of Am- 
sterdam, in relation to the general interest of the 
Republic, with considerations on the present viar, 
and what happened from 1777 to 1780; also a 
deduction on the secret negotiations between the 
Pensionary v. Bcrckel and the English Colonies, and 
the treaty made with them at Ain-la-Ohapelle in 1778.) 

Original edition, very scarce, printed privately ia 
small number. See N". 1238. 

Vine copy of both works, bound in 1 vol. hf. 
calf gilt. fol. 25.— 

2532 Plancius (Petrus) Keformcd Minister at Am- 
sterdam, famous Geographer, warm promotor of 
the exertions to find a passage to the E. Indies 
by the North, and of the schemes of W. Usse- 
lincx to establish the Dutch W. I. Comp. b. 1552 
(I. 1622. — A. D. S., dat. Amsterdam, Oct. 20, 
1588. 1 p. 4». 7.50 

Certificate of Christian behaviour for a member of 
the IJutch Reformed (Jhurch. 

2533 A. S. loaf from an Album Amicorum, dat. 

Amsterd., 15 Cal. Junias, 1598. 4.50 

Text in Hebrew and Greek and dedication to Arn. 

2534 A. Signature. Appended his portrait, on- 

grav. by I'inMes. 8». 1,50 

2535 Dodl V. Flensburg, Letterkundig vcrslag 

van . . . de verdianston van P. Planoins, oratrent 

de zeeyaartkunde. (Amsterd. 1845.) %". Estr. 2.— 

{Literary account of the merits of P. Plttnoiitl, 

with regard to navigation^ 

Peedbrik MujxBa & 0°., 

Interesting pie«e ou this oosmographer and geo- 
grapher, and his part in the atlases and pther works 
# about 1600. 

2536 Plante (Franc.) Manritiados libri XII, hoc 
est: renim ab illnstriss. heroe Joanne Mauritio, 
eoniite Nassaviae ete. in Ocoidentali India gesta- 
rum desoriptio poetica. Lugd. Bat., Joa. Maire, 
1647, vellum {binding damaged.) fol. beautiful, large 
copy. 40.— 

Latin epos on the indeed glorious and wise govern- 
ment of the Dutch Prince John Maurice in Brazil, 
written hy his chaplain Fr. Plante. 

This magnificent and very rare work contains 
the heautiful portrait of Prince Maurice by T. Ma- 
tham, 4 large folding maps of Brazil, and 22 fine 
plates (all taken from SarlaeM, see N". 22S). Be- 
sides this the work contains the very fiue and rare 
portrait of the author by J. SuyderAoef, in brilliant 
impression. In the Ordo Tabularum this portrait 
is mentioned as follows: Effigies autoris. si emptor 
mlel, praemitti potest Operi. ipsique Tilalo. It is 
wanting in most copies. 

2537 The same work, without th« portrait of 

the author. 25. — 

2538 Laurus Flandriea, sive Carmen gratula- 

torlum ad Fridericum Henricum, Arausiae Prin- 
cipem, cum, post expngnatara Wasiae civitatem 
Hnlstam, Hagam rediisset. Lugd. B., J. Maire, 
1645. fol. 4.— 

2539 Autograph Poem Signed, (in Latin) dedi- 
cated: ^Diviao Vati Caspari .BnWaeo," the Historian 
of Brazil (See N». 228), who had written a Latin 
poem in honor of Plante's Manritiados. — 4 clo- 
sely written pp. fol. — Curious and very rare auto- 
graph, never published. 16. — 

2540 Therianthropologia, sive elogia vironira 

illustr. Fr. Plantae et C. Boji. Trai. a. Rh., G.v. 
Zijll, 1648. — Epistola tutelaris Corn. Boji ... 
de Therianthropologia. Amst. 1648. — 1 vol. 
12rao. 1.75 

The first — a violent satire against Plante, — 
contains some poems on his Mauritias. — Rare. 

2541 Player-Prowd (J. G.), Six months in Call- 
fomia. Lond. 1872. cloth. 8vo. 1.50 

2542 Plumer (Will.) Governor of New Hamps- 
hire 1812—13, 1816—19. — A. L. S. to Sam. 
Bell of Chester, dat. Epping, July 9, 1816. 1 p. 
4». 3.— 

Appointment of Mr. Bell as Justice of the Sup. 
Court of Judicature. 

2543 Poinsett (Joel Koberts) Agent in S. Ame- 
rica during the Revol. there; Minister to Mexico, 
1825—22, Secret, of War under Van Buren, 
1825—41. — A. L. S. to Count (?) dat. X. Y. 
Nov. 19, 1821. 1 p. 4». 2.50 

Informing his friend of his arrival (from Mexico ?). 

2544 Political stag Hunt, or the 31 1 (Mi- 
nisterial?) Sounds in \uU Cry. — English carica- 
ture pnbl. by W. Humphrey. 1780. sq. fol. 2.— 




2545 „Politeness" — English oaricatnre : a sitting 
Englishman, saying to a Frenchman: «You be 
d'md," the other rejoining • Vous etes une bUe." 
(Engrav. by Gillray?) Publ. by W. Bumphrey. 
1780. sq. 4». 2.50 

2546 Same engraving. Coloured in the time of 

publication. — Damaged. ' 1.50 

2547 Politiicq Discours, over den welstandt van 
dese Vereeniehde Provintien . . . ende . . . aenghe- 
wesen de middelen waerdoor wy onse waerde vnj- 
heyUt teghen den Spangiaart sullen beschermen, 
insond. in het voorderen van de West-Ind.Comp. 
No place. 1622. 4to. (Asher N». 91.) 3.— 

{Political Discourse on the welfare of those Uni- 
ted Provinces . . . and . . . pointing out the means 
by which we shall he able to defend our cherished 
liberty against the Spaniard; consisting chiefly in 
the advancement of the West Ind. Company.) 

2548 Politique Hollandais (Le). Amsterd. J. A. 
Crajenschot, 1781—83. 5 vols. (vol. 1, 2 calf gilt 
extra, gilt edges; vol. 3 — 5 sd. uncut.) 8vo. 6.50 

Weekly paper, published at the occasion of the 
war of the United Prov. with England, 12 Febr. 
17S1 till 11 Aug. 1783. 131 Nos., by Cerisier and 
the editor Crajeiischot. Full of essays on the revo- 
lution and the indej)endence of America, the armed 
Neutrality, the war with England, the alliance with 
America, on John Adams, etc. etc. yery interes- 
ting. — Vol. 3 — 5 without title and indexes. 

2549 Politz (K. H. L.) Die Staatensysteme Eu- 
ropa's und Amerika's seit 1783. (1783—1825.) 
Leipzig, 1826. 3 vols. hf. calf. 8vo. 1.75 

2550 PoUonitz (Countess P.) De eerste dagen van 
het Mexicaansche Keizerrjjk. Uit h. Hoogd. Am- 
sterd. 1867. 8vo. 1.80 

( The first days of the Mexican Empire. From, 
the German^ with introduction.) 

2551 Polus Antarcticus. From: Janssonius' Large 
Atlas. Amst. 1657. sq. fol. 51 by 41.— Coloured.— 
Dutch text on verso. 2.50 

With scenes of the life of the inhabitants of the 
Antarctic Islands. 

2552 Pomme TAmericain, „Eepresentant du 
Peuple," in France, where he took an active part 
m the Revolution. — A. L. S. to the jCitoyen 
Pres. du Depart, d. Bouehes du Rhone," dat. Mar- 
seille, Sept. 5, 1793. 1 p. fol. 2.— 

2553 Pontanus (Joh. Is.) Kerum et urbis Am- 
stelodamensium historia. Amstelod., 1611. vellum, 
folding maps, plates and engravings, fol. 9. — 

The pp. 128—143 of this work contain a very 
valuable history of the early Dutch voyages to the 
North, illustrated with 13 maps and engravings, 
taken from the original editions of these voyages. At 
p. 129 a large map is inserted, representing the gla- 
cial regions, made by /. Hondias, the publisher of 
the work, with the inscription at the 80th degree: 
Glacies ab Hudsono detecta. See for further par- 
ticulars: Tiele, pag. 111. 



5i654 Pontanus(Joh.l8.) Historische begchry vfnghe 
der Coopstadt Amsterdatii. In Neerd. overghebr. 
door Pt. Montamira. Amat., 1614. calf. 4to. 10. — 
Translation of the preceding work with the same 
plates; this translation is much rarer than the ori- 
ginal. — See Tiele, p. Ill, 132 etc. 

2555 - — Bodel-Nyenhuis (J. T.) Lovonabyzon- 
derheden van Joh. la. Pontanua. (ZsV/c. 1838.) 
8vo. 1.— 

(Belails of the life of J. I. Ponlanus.) 

2556 Poor (H. V.) Manual of the railroads of the 
United Statea, for 1872- 74. With an Appendix 
on the debts of the Uu. Statea. 5th Series. N. 
York, 1872. clol/i. 8vo. (12.70) 4.50 

2557 Poore (B. Perley), Congressional directory 
for the 3d Session of the 41th Congress of the 
U. S. 2d ed. Washingt. 1871. plate and map. 8vo. 


2558 Porcacchi (Thom.) L' Isole pin famoso del 
Mondo desoritte e intagliate da G. JPorro. Venotia, 
1572. vellum, many neat maps. fol. (a little stained 
at the margins.) 7. — 

Contains a map of New Spain, Cuba, St. Lan- 
rent, Santa Crnz, a plan of Temistitan (Mexico), etc. 

2559 The same. Venotia, 1576. vellum, many 

neat maps printed in the text. fol. 12. — 

Second edition, considerably augmented. 

2560 Porcupine (Peter) The Political censor, or 
Monthly Keview of the most interesting political 
occnrrences, relative to the United States of Ame- 
rica. Phdadelphia, 1706-97. 6 parts. Vol I NM, 
2, 3, 7, 8. Vol. II N». 1. td. uncut. 8vo. 8.50 

2561 The llush-Ijight. New- York, mil. Coddetl, 

1800. 4 parts, sd. uncut. 8vo. 17.60 

A satiriciil and political journal. The name of the 
journal «Rush-LighV' had been taken from certain 
Dr. Kush, who had made nn action against W. Cob- 
bett for slander and recovered 5000 Dollars dama- 
ges in it; in revenge Cobbett set up his Rushlight. 
It needs hardly bo said, that the same Porcupine is 
a fictitious one and the real name is Will. Cobbett. 

Rich only mentions the Ijondon reprint of the 
same date. The present copy is very interesting, 
being in the original covers, fidl of curious announ- 
cements etc., and entirely uncut. 

2562 Portlock and Dixon, Voyage round the 
World, but more particularly to the North-West 
Coast of America. Lond., 1789. 2 vo\3.portr.,maps 
and plates, hf. calf. 4to. 3.60 

2563 Reis naar de Noord-West-Kust vanAme- 

rika. Amsterd., 1795. maps and plates, uncut. 4to. 

Dutch translation of the preceding. 

2564 Portogysen goeden buyrman (Der). Ghetroc- 
ken uyt de Registers van syn goet Oebuerschap 
gchouden in Lisbona, Maringan, Caep Sint Au- 

. gustjjn, Sint Poulo de Loando, en Sant Tom6e, 
etc. No place. 1650. 4to. 5.— 

{The Porluyuesi good neighbour; Drawn from 
the Registers of his good neighbourship kept in 
Lisboa, Marignan, Cape St. Atigusiin, St. Paulo de 
Loando and St. Thome.) 

Asher mentions only an edition of 1049 N". 266. 

2565 Portorico and the CaraTb Islands. — From; 
Janssonius' large jitlds. Amst. 1667. aq. fol. 61 by 
41. — Coloured. Dutch text. on vorso. 2.60 

2566 Post-ryder (De Nederlandache). Utvocht. 
1772,73. 4 Noa; 1774. 10 Nos; 1777. 12 Nos: 
1781. 3 Nos; 1786. N». 8; 1790. 11 Noa; 1791. 
2 Nos. — Together 43 Noa. 18nio. 6.— 

[The Butch Postilion bringing exact reports of 
the affairs of State and IVar, in Europe and 
abroad, and of other remarkable occurrences.) 

Rare journal, containing in all these numerous 
tidings from the American colonies. 

2567 Pot aux Roses (Le), ou correapondance se- 
crete do Thom. Boot avec S. M. George III, et 
aea ministres les Lords Stormont, Sandwich, Gor- 
maine et North. Londres {Hollande,) 1782. 8vo, 

On the conduct of the Dutch during the Ameri- 
can war, etc. 

2668 Potomack. — Obaorvationa on the River 

Potomack, the country adjacent and the city of 

Washington. New- York, London and Son, 1793. 

8vo. 2.- 

Published on (he occasion of the permanent scat 

of Government being fixed at Washington. 

2569 Pouchot, M^moiro aur la derniire guerro de 
rArat5riquc Soptentrionale, ontrc la France et I'An- 
gleterro (1754—60); suivie d'observations topo- 
graph., et ... do nouv. details sur les moeurs et 
usag(w des Sauvages. Yvei-don, 1781. 3 \oh.mapi. 
hf. calf gill. am. 8vo. 19.— 

This work relates to the war in Canada from 
1754 to 1761). The author was commander of tho 
French fortresses Niagara and Lewis. Tho 3d vol. 
contains n topograph, account of what was called 
Canada at that time. 

2570 Poussin (G. Tell) Travaux d' amelioration 
interieuve projet6s ou ex^cutds par le Gouverne- 
ment general d. Etats-Unis d' Amiirique, 1824—31. 
Paris, 1834. sd. 4to, with Atlas of plates, largo 
fol. 6.- 

2571 Powell (J. W.) Report of explorations in 
1873 of the Colorado of the Weat and its tribu- 
tariea. Waahington, 1874. 8». —.60 

2572 Pownall, Mfimoiro addroasfi aux Souverains 
de I'EuropS, sur I'lHat present des aiiaires del'an- 
cien et du nonveau monde. Trad, de I'Angl. par 
M*****. Londres, 1781. bds. 8vo. 1.50 

2573 (Poivre) Voyages d'un philoaophe ou obser- 
vation a sur les raoeurs et les arta dca peuples de 
I'Afrique, do 1' Asie et do rAm6rique. Yverdon, 
1768. sd. uncut. 12rao. 1.60 

2574 The same. Lond.' et Lyon, 1769, calf. 

12mo. 2.60 




2575 (Poivre) The same. Maestricht, 1779. sd. uncut. 
8vo. 1. 

25?6 de Pradt, L'Envope et I'Amuriqne en 1821. 
Paris, 1822. 2 vols. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.50 

2577 Dos colonies et de la revolution naturello 

de I'Amerique. Paris, 1817. 2 vols. sd. uncut. 8vo. 


2578 Les 6 derniers mois de rAmfirique et du 

Bresil. Paris, 1818. 7if. calf. 8vo. 1.25 

2579 Des trois derniers mois de I'Amerique 

M(5ridionale et dn Bresil. Paris, 1817. /if. bd. 
8vo. 1. 

2580 Pieces relatives a St. Domingne et a 

rAmfirique. Suite a ses ouvrages sur I'Amerique. 
Paris, 1818. Us. 8vo. 1.25 

2581 Vrai syst6me de 1' Europe relat. a 1' Amd- 

rique et a la Grece. Bru.x. 1825. hds. 8vo. — .90 

2582 Congrfes de Panama. Paris, 1825. 8". 1.— 

2583 (Lettres a l'Abb6), par un indigene de 

r Amgrique du Sud. Paris, 1818. sd. 8vo. —.80 

Refutation of N". 2577: Des Colonies et de la 
revolution naturelle de I'Amerique. 

2584 Precis de deux lettres avee une reflexion ge- 
nfirale sur I'^tat present de SnriJlam. Nimegue 
(1778.) 8vo. 1.- 

2585 Precis historique de la revolution des Etats- 
Unis de I'Amerique. Gand, de Goesin, (1782.) 8vo. 


2586 Preparatoirlyk Plan van een Tractaat van 
commercie, aan te gaan tusschen H. Hoog. Mog. 
de Staaten van de Vereen. Provincien van Hol- 
land, en de Dertien Vereen. Staaten van Noord- 
Amerika, om ingevallen Engeland Haar voor Vrye 
Volkeren erkent, alsdan zulks te brengen ter ta- 
vel van H, Hoog Moog. 1780. fol. uncut. 18.— 

(Prejiaratory Flan of a treaty of commerce 
ieiteeen Their High Might, the States of the Vn, 
Provinces of Holland and the 13 United States of 
North-America, to be brought, in case Mngland 
should acknowledae them as Free Peoples, before 
Their High Might.) 

Original, very rare edition of this most 

famoQS document. — The plan was projected already 
in 1778 at Aix-la-Chapelle; it was kept very 
secret and became known only by accident, the ves- 
sel by which the bearer of it, Mr. H. Laurens, 
Deputy of the Congress, was to go to America, hap- 
pening to be captured by the English, and the docu- 
ment with the correspondence relating to it falling 
into the hands of the enemy. The correspondence 
concerning the Plan, which is annexed to its text 
is of equal interest as the document itself, as it 
shows the warm sympathy of Amsterdam for the 
American cause. 

2587 Presoott (W. H.) History of the conquest 
of Mexico. New-York, 1855. 3 vols, cloth, portraits. 
roy. 8vo. 16.— 

8588 Histoi'y of the conquest of Mexico, with 


a view of the ancient Mexican civilization and 
the life of Cortes. Paris, 1844. 3 vols. 8vo. 2.50 

2589 Presoott (W. H.) Histoire de laconquetedu 
Mexique, avee un tableau de Tancienue civilisation 
Mexicaine et la vie de F. Cortes. Piiblie en Frang.. 
par A. Pichot. Paris, 1846. 3 vols. hf. calf, plates. 
8vo. 6.50 

2590 History of the conquest of Peru. New- 
York, 1855. 2 vols, cloth, roy. 8vo. 10.— 

2591 Zeden, gewoonten en rogeringsvorm in 

Pern, v(5(5r de komst der Spanjaarden. tJit het 
Engelsch d. G. Mees. Arasterd., 1849. sd. 8vo. 

{Manners, customs and government in Peru be- 
fore the arrival of the Spaniards.) 

2592 Present state of England, English carica- 
ture: a mass of people (probably portraits) holding 
claims and grievances, f. i. Taxes, Exports-Protec- 
iionSispatch, etc., assail an English Minister, who 
is sitting at a table covered with Statespapers; 
on the foreground an American (or Dutchman?) 
and a Frenchman enchaining a Lion ; on the wall 
a picture representing an American native embra- 
cing a female (the Colonies?). 1780. — Aquatint, 
sq. fol. 6. — 

2593 „The present state of Great Britain." — 

An American puts the cap of Liberty on the En- 
glish standard , a Dutchman cuts the Englishmans 
purse; a Scotchman and Frenchman fight. — Con- 
temporaneous English caricature, by J. Philips, 
publ. by }r. Richardson. 1779. sq. fol. — Fine 
state. 6. — 

2594 Prester John. — Description of the land 
of — in Dutch. Antwerp, about 1508. 10 leaves. 
4to. .SOO.— 

Eecto of the first leaf: 

fan die wonderlichede en costelicheden — van 
Pape Jans landen des. 

(Of the wonders and precious things of Pape 
John's land.) 

The remainder of the first page filled with four 
curious woodcuts, representing: 1". a wild man with 
a beast's head bearing a fish, 2". an elephant, 3". a 
grifi'on with a man in it,s paws, and 4°. three men 
fighting against three birds. 

Recto of the last leaf: 

Gheprint Thatwerpe. Aen dijsere wage ly my 
Jan van Boesborck. 

(Printed at Antwerp in the iron balance by me 
Jan van Doesborch.) 

Collation: 10 unnumbered leaves of 39 a 31 lines 
the full page, only two leaves with signatures (the 
third A III and the seventh B i.) small 4to. Gothic 
letters. Eleven different woodcuts in the text, four 
of them repeated from the recto of leaf I. On the 
5th leaf a woodcut of the bird Phenix in flames. 
The verso of the last leaf filled with two wood-en- 
gravings, one representing the Virgin with the Child, 
the other the printer's mark of Roeland v.d. Dorpe, 
used in 1497 etc. [an herald with his attributes, 



Mowing a trumpet.] — Two leaves slightly mended 
in the inner margin; else a very woU conditioned 

This letter is a characteristic specimen of the po- 
pular literature of the end of the middle-ages; it is 
entirely filled by a description of the land of Pres- 
ter John and abounds with the most incredible ac- 
counts. It must have been eagerly read, for there 
are editions in Latin, Italian, French, all published 
in the end of the 16th and beginning of the 16th 
century, while an English translation will be found 
in Maundeville's Travels: London 1727. But Up 

to this time no Dutch edition had been 

known. So that vfe believe this copy to be CTnl- 
que. The extraordinary interest of the work itself 
and the high importance of the fable of Ptiest John 
tor the history of the voyages to the Eastern coun- 
tries will justify the placing of the work in this 
catalogue . 

For further particulars on Priest John see the 
learned and highly interesting work of Oppert: Der 
Friesier Johannes (N". 2368.) The author gives 
there a letter of Priest John to Emanuel, Emperor 
of Constantinople, in a German translation, an old 
German poem of nearly the same contents; and the 
Latin text of the same letter contained in Joh. de 
Besea Itinerarius printed ■ at Deventer in 1504. 
Another, but different text of the letter, with nearly 
the same contents, is given in Jubinal's edition of 
Rutebeuf {see N». 2597.) The present Dutch text 
agrees most with this French given by Jubiual; 
there are however considerable differences from it. 
Therefore we have judged it worth the while to have 
an exact reprint of this Dutch edition made (See 
following N». 2595.) 

2595 Prester John, Letter to the Emperor of 
Kome, in Dutch. 12.50 

Exact reprint of the above, in real old Gothic 
characters of the 15th century, executed by Messrs. 
J. Enschede and Sons at Haarlem. A faithful 
reproduction of the original, page for page, the space 
occupied by the woodcuts left blank. A modern 
French translation together with the French text 
published by Jubiual in his edition of Rutebeuf's 
works is added. 

This edition is printed in 30 numbered copies, 
the old text on old paper, the text of Rutebeuf and 
the modern version on new paper. 

2596 De ritu et moribus Indoram. (in fine:) 

Explicit Eplstola de Johamie qui dr {dicitur) prea- 
biter (ndie. No place nor date. Ids- Ito. 22.50 

KARissrME. — Printed in Germany at the end 
of the 15th century; 9 leaves a 31 lines, Gothic 
types; woodcut border at the first page ; initials writ- 
ten in colours. Stained by water. 

2597 Alvares (Fr.) Warhafftiger Bericht von 

deu Landen, auch geistl. u. weltl. Kegiment, des 
mechtigeu Kiinigs in Ethiopien, den wir Priesler 
Johann nennen ... Aus der Fortugall. u. italieu. 
Spraehen in das Deutsche gebracht. (Eiszleben, 
J. Better, 1566.) ids. fol. — Vebx babe. 32.— 

First German edition of Alvarez, unknown to Brn- 
not and most bibliographers; it contains (pp. 5 — 67) 
the complete translation of Corsali's lettsrs on India 
addressed 1515 and 1517 to Lorenz de Medicis, 

2598 Prester, John. — Rutebeuf, Oeuvres com- 
pletes. EecueiUies et mises au iour pour la pre- 
miere fois par Achille Jubinal. Paris, 1839. 2 vols. 
sd. uncut. 8vo. Out of print. 7. _ 

This work is placed here, for the treatise on 
Prester-John, contained in the 2d vol. pp. Hi— 
470, which gives also the Latin and French text of 
his supposed letter, both from MSS. in the Biblio- 
theque Koyale of Paris. 

2599 [Prevost] Histoire genirale des voyages, ou 
nouvelle collection de toutes les relations de voya- 
ges par mer et par terre... Notiv. edition revue 
sur I'original Anglais, et oii I'on a r^tabli av«e 
soin ce qui a ete supprime oii omis parletraduc- 
teur, etc. La Haye, 1747—80. 25 vols. fal[ giU, 
with a vast number of maps and plates. 4to. 30. — 

This edition of Abbe Prevost's Histoire des voya- 
ges is generally stated to be simply a reprint of the 
text of the Paris edition, with some new voyages 
added; but there is a great difference. It contains 
considerable corrections and additions. 

2600 Historische beschryving der reizen of 

nieuvve en volkomene verzameling van de metk- 
waard. zee- en landtogtea in Europa, Azie, Afrika 
en Araerika. Geschreven in Engeland, vertaaldin 
Erankryk, in h. Nederl. volgens de Eng. druk 
overgehragt. 's Urav. 1747—1767. 21 vols. Meh 
vellum. 4to. ^ery fine copy. 20. — 

Translation of Prevost's collection (made aftpr the 
Engl, collection of J. Gre.en, Loud. 1744 to 47) but 
with corrections on the original, from the French 
version. — With a large number of plates and njaps. 

Large Paper, boards, 

2601 Same edition. 

uncut. Rare. 

2602 The plates of the above Dutch edition 

of Prevost's collection of voys(ges separately. 4to. 

About 450 maps and plates, representing views 
of cities, costumes, plants, animals, etc etc., many 
of them relative to America. 

2603 Price (R;) Observations sur la nature de la 
liberte civile, sur les principes du gouverneaient, 
sur la justice et la politique de la guerre avec 
rAm&'ique. Auxquelles on a ajoute uu Appendix 
et un Postscriptum. Trad, de I'Angl. sur la lime 
edit. augm. et corr. par I'auteur. Kotterdamyl776, 
sd. uncut. 8vo. 2.S0 

2604 Aanmerk. over den aart d. bni^erlyke 

vryheid, ... en den oorlog met Ameiika. Vert, 
d. J. D. V. d. CapeUen. Leyden, 1776. 8vo. 1.-- 

Dutch edition of the foregoing, -translated from 
the English. 

2605 Nadere Aanmerk. etc. Leyden, 1777. 8yo. 

uncut. — {Further Considerations, etc.) Contmiiation 
to N». 2604. l.5fi 

Frederik Mull£« S(.^--i 



4606 Price, B,., Aanmerk. over den aart der burger- 

lyke vryheid, etc. Siedruk. Leiden, 1777. — Id. Na- 

^ere Aanmerkingeu etc. Ibid. 1777. — 1 vol. kf. 

calf. 8vo. 2,50 

Second edition of N". 2604, with the continuation. 

2607 Prooeedings of the general Anti-Slavovy 
Convention, . . . held in London, 12—2.3 June 
1830. Lend. 1841. 592 pp. elot/i. 8vo. 1.50 

2608 Eerste Rapport der Staatsconimisaie, tot 

het voorstellen van maatregelen, ten aanzien van 
de Slaven in de Nederl. Kolonien. Surirmme. "s Gra- 
venh. 1855. 379 pp. large map. roy. 8vo. 2.- 

{Firsl oflcial report of the State- Commission on 
Slavery in the Dutch Colonies.-Surinam.) 

2609 Project en Consideratien van Bewinthebberen generale Geootr. West-Ind. Compagnie, op, 
en volgens welke de gantsche W. Ind. Coinp. met 
alle hare Landen, Forten, ... aan de Oost-lnd. 
Cornp. sonde werde overgegeven. No place nor 
date ( ?) fol. 2.50 

(Proposal and Considerations of the Directors of 
the general chartered 'JFest-Ind. Comp.^ on, and 
according to which the whole W. Ind. Comp., with 
all their Lands, Fortresses, etc. should given up to 
the East-lnd. Comp.) 

2610 Project d'uno Constitntion religieuse, oonsi- 
deree comme faisant partie de la Constitution ci- 
vile d'une nation libre independante, ecrit par un 
Americain. Publie par J. A. Llorente. Paris, L. E. 
jfferAa». (1824?) sd. uncut. 8vo. 1-50 

2611 Propiac (De), Beaut^s de I'histoire du Perou. 
Paris, 1826. plates, hf. calf. 8vo. —.90 

2612 Propositie ghedaen ter Vergad. d. Staten- 
Generael d. Vereen. Nederl. in 's Gravenhage, 
16 Aug. 1647, door Franc, de Sousa Coutinho, 
Kaedt v. zijn Con. Maj. van Portugal . . ■ ende 
Ambassadeur by hare H. Mog. S. 1. 1647. 4to. 
(Asher W. 221). 3.— 

(Proposition made at the Stales Gener. of the 
Vn. Prov. at the Hague, 16 Aug. 1647, hj the 
Ambassador of Portugal.) 

To restitnte Pernambuco to the Unit. Prov., as 
accommodation after the Portuguese insurrection there 
of 1645. 

2613 Prospect of the moat famous parts of the 
Wqrid. London, lioger Pea. 1663. hf bd. 206 pp. 
sq. 8". -4t Corner of the title mended. 8.— 

With 19 maps engraved by P. Kaerius quite differ- 
ripg from those he engraved for Langenes' Caert 
fhresoor (N'», 1768). — Contains a map of the 
World and one of America. 
2614 •Prospectus d'une maison d'^ducation ou se- 
ipinaire d'enfans a la Ssivanp des Juifs. Parama- 
ribo, 1766. 8vo. In French and Datch. 3.— 
Very, rare, printed at the expence of the founders 
of the Seminary. 
2615 Protest ofte scherp dryghement. 't welok den 
Coniuck van Spagnen is dpende d'Heeren Staten 
Gener. ter occasie van 'tveroveren van deSdver- 

Vlote. Middelb. 16-Jli. 4to. (Asher i\». 1'21.) 6.— 
(Protest or angry menace of the King of Spain 
against the Stat. Gen. on the occasion of the cap- 
ture of the Sillier- fleet.) 

2616 Pruya (Mr. John V. L.) Memorials of — 
Albany, 1859. 75 pp. fine engraved portrait and plate, 
brown morocco gilt, gilt edges. 4to. 4. — 

Splendid executed volume, privately printed, con- 
taining Memoir by the llev. W. B. Spragnc, etc. — 
Presentation copy. 

2617 Ptoletnaei Cosmographia, opus Domini Ni- 
oolai (Uonis) Germani. Ulme, 1486. loith the 32 
woodcut maps coloured, and MS. initials in colours, 
vellum, large fol. 45. — 

This edition is much rarer than the former of 
1482, which contained these maps for the first time. — 
The margins of the last leaves stained by water and 
somewhat defective. 

2618 Quadriparti. Ptolo. Que in hoc volu- 

raino continentur hftc sunt. Liber quadripartiti 
Ptolomei. Centiloquiam ejusdem. Centiloquium 
Hermetis, etc. Venetiia, Sumptibiis Oclav. Scoti, 
1519. vellum., woodcuts, fol. 10. — 

I'ine copy, bound up with : Albohazen Hally Libri 
de judiciis astrornm. Latine per A. Stupam Rhoetnm. 
Basil., Renricpeiri, 1561. 

2619 restitutus, emaculatus, cum tabulis veteribus 

et novia. Argentorati, Joa. Scofns, 1520. ealf. fol. 

IVith 25 maps (instead of il .) 15. — 

Reprint of the celebrated edition of 1513. The 

copy has not the map of the world, but map : Eaec 

terra cum adjacentibus insulis invenia est per Co- 

lumbum, etc. — See: Harrisse, Additions N". 58. 

2620 Geographicae enarrationis libri octo. Bili- 

baldo Pirckeyniero interprete, (aoc.) annotationes 
J. de Regie Monte. Argentoragi (sic), J. Grienin- 
ger, 1535. Text in woodcut borders. 50 large wood- 
cut maps. hf. calf, arms on sides, fol. (Harrisse 
N». 136.) 60 — 

Very rakb. The maps are the same as those in 
the edition of 1522. U contains also the famous 
map of Lanr. Frisius, dated 1522, which bears the 
name /^America''. — Title and the following leaf 
restored, and stained in the margins. 

2621 Same edition. Pigslcin. tcith clasps. — l^ery 

fine and tall copy, only one MS. annotation on the 
title and some in the margins. 80. — 

2622 Geographicae Enarrationis libri VIII, ex 

B. Pirokeymhcri. tralationo, sod ad Graeoa et 
prisca exemplaria a Mich. Villanovano (M. Ser- 
veto) scoundo rccogniti. Lugduni, Apud Hug. & 
Porta, 1541. 50 tnaps Fine, tall copy. fol. .32.50 

Valuable edition, see Harrisse N". 23:5. 

2023 The same edition, hf. bound, fol. Tall 

copy, but wanting map 28, 30, 41, 45. 18.50 

2624 La Geographia di Claudio Ptolemeo . . . 

con alcuni comonti et aggiunte da Seb. Munstero, 
tradotto in vulgare da P. Andr. Mattiolo, con 



nuovc ag'friiluU'ssi dl Jnc. Gastiildo Pinniontose, 
cosinngvaiiho. VeimtiiV, 1518. 60 m,ips, gilt vallum. 
sill. 8vo. 30. — 

Vel^■ fine co])y. — I'^irst Italian cdilion contai- 
ning 50 very wfll engraved maps, wheruf 2 map- 
]jrTiion(ls and ."> special maps i»f .America, one com- 
pi'ismj^ the: tii.Tra ol' fjabrador, the tierra of Nnrein- 
ijrr^r, e(i*. 
■itVJ'i Ptolomaei Omnia quiio extant opera, praetor 
l>coL;i-aiiliiain, eiira ;ili E. 0. Schreekent'iu'hsio. 
Basileae, ap. Benric. Felnim. 1551. woodnuls. bils. 
sm. fol. 27.50 

SCiiJ Goographia iinivnrsalis vetus ot nova ; 

coniiilect. Ptnlem. Enarrationis 11. VIII. Translat. 
I'ireKliciiiieri, . . . sucecd. tabulae op. S. Munsteri. 
Basiliae, per Henricum Felriim, 1555. 54 mafs.%m. 
fol. (llarrisse, .Vddeiula K". 155.) 25.— 

Buiiud lip iu one vol. with ; Vol. Andr. Ri/d.^ 
Catalogiis aunoriira atqne principnm. Beruae, 1540. 

2627 — — Geograpbia, olim a B. Pirkheiniherio 

franslata, at nunc niultia codd. graec. collata, et 

redacta a Jos. jVoMio. A'enetiis, ''. Falgrisius, 1562. 

64 em/ravffd maps {on copper), vellum. 4to. 8.50 

This edition contains 8 maps on America, besides 

different maps of the Northern regions of Europa 

and America. 

3628 Geograpliiae libri VHl. Latine, cum ta- 

bulis ad nientem auctoris restitntis per Ger. Mer- 
catorem. {FA. cura A. Mylii.) 1584 (in fine:) Colo- 
niaP, 1578. vellum, woodcuts and maps. Large fol. 

Vehy fine copy, with splendid engraved title 
and 29 maps on copper, each with elegant orna- 
mental border and cartouches. 

First edition of Ptolemy with Mercator's series of 
maps. — See N". 3088—97. 

2629 • The same. [bid. 1578. Engraved title and 

27 coloured maps, no te.xt. vellum, large fol. 9. — 

Without the two maps of globes. 

2630 Geographiae univeraae turn veteris turn 

novae absoliitissimum opus, duobus voluminibus 
distlnotum in quorum priore habentur Ptolemaei 
Geograpliica, in secundo antiquae orbis tabulae 
XXXVII reeentiores, auctore J. A.. Magluo. Co- 
loniae, P. Keschedt, 1597. 2 vols in 1. stamped 
pigskin, with date of 1599 on ike binding. 64 maps. 
4to. Very/ fine copy. 17. — 

Contains 3 maps of the world with America and 
one special map of the New World. Leaf 379 to 
291 of the 3d volume contain a description of 

2631 — - Geografia. Tradotta da 0. Ruscelli et hora 
iinovamente anapliata da 0. Rosaccio, con varie 
annotation! et espositione, et una geografia, uni- 
versale separata da quella di Tolomeo. Venetia, 
Heredi di Uelch. Sassa, 1599. 3 parts in 1 vol. 
calf, many maps. 4to. 9. — . 

Contains, besides 3 maps of the world with repre- 
seatstiou of America, a separate ulilier If trait. 


del' Jmerica" (leaf 125—143 of the 2d' part) with 
9 maps. 

2632 Ptolemaei Geograpliiae libri Vdl. Graece et 
Lat. Cum tabulis geograph. ad mentem auctoris 
restitntis per G. Mercatorem. Eecogniti a P. Mon- 
tana. Amsterod., J. llondius et Corn. Nicolai, 1605. 
fol. If^ith portrait of G. Mercator and 27 maps. 

— A. Ortelii Theatri orbis tcrraram parergon 
s. veteris geographiae tabulae, cominentariis illu- 
stratae. Antwerp., ex offlcina Planiiniana, 1624.. 
With numerous maps, including the Tabula itineraria 
Peutingeriana in 8 parts. 
Bound together in 1 vol. fol. calf gilt. 14.— 

2633 Opus ingens ac nobile omnes Celorum 

motus eontinens. Ftdicibus astris eat in lucein 
ductu Petri Liechtenstein. Venotiis, ex, ofjicinn 
eiusd. lilteraria, 1515. calf gilt. fol. Rare. 15.— 

Goth, types, ornamented initials, mathemat. figu- 
res in the margins. — Fine copy of a well executed 
work, save some small wormholes. 

2634 Purchas (S.) Pelgrimagie. Voyagien en rey- 
sen ghedaen door de oude Coninghen, Patriarl'hen, 
Apostelen en Philosophen. Uit het Engels ver- 
taelt. t' Amsterdam, 1055. Vol. I. vellum. 4to. 

( Pilgrimage. Voyages . and travels of the old Kings, 

Patriarchs etc.) 

This is the only volume of that celebrated work, 

which appeared in a Oiitoh translation. It contains 

only the first book (in 1 6 chapters), of the original. 

Very rare. 

2635 Pyrard de Laval (Fr.) Voyage et naviga- 
tion aux Indes Orientales, Maldives, Moluques et 
au Bresil. Avec une description exacte des moeurs, 
faQons de faire, du commerce, des animaux,,arbre8, 
etc. Nouv.' edit. augm. p. Vu Vol. Paris, L. .Bit- 
laine, 1679. 3 parts in 1 vol. calf, with map. 4to. 

The first edition of this interesting work appeared 
in 1611. It is said to be written by P. Bergeron 
after the narratives of Pyrard. See Brunei, who 
adds that the edition of 1679 is preferable for the 
additions by Du Val and the map, which is not ia 
the first edition. 

2636 Quad, Matth., Geographisch Handtbnch in 
vvelchem die Gelegenheit der voniehnisten Land- 
schafften des gantzen Erdtboderas in zwei nnd 
achtzig Taffeln fiirgebildt. Coin, 1600. Original 
calf binding, fol. 12.— 

Of the 82 maps, nearly all copied after Mercator, 
6 American occur: Map of the World, N. America, 
S. America, Mexico, Strait of Magellan, North- 
Pole. — On many maps fine portraits f. i. : that of 
Queen Elisabeth of England, of Philip II of 
Spain, etc. 

2687 Quakers (Les vrais), ou les exhortations, 
harangues et predictions des vrais serviteiirs de 
Dieu, k un meohant frere au sujet de ses maxi- 
mes sur le luxe, etc. Londres, 1770. sd, uncut. 
8vo. 2.- 

Fkedjsrik Mum,er & C, 

Quakers (Les vrais), CoUection of 65 
tocts in Du ch by W. Densbury, J. Naylor, F. 
BowgiU St. Cnsp, John Furly, W. Ames, W- Ca- 
ton, J. Kocloffz, G. Fox, J. Park, Chr. Birkhcad, 
and others, published in 1656—71. In 1 stout 
volume, vellum. 4to. Mare collection. 12.— 

At the end a list in MSS. of the pieces. 

2639 Quarles van Uflford (J. C. G.) De vi rn- 
tionum externarura in domesticam Patriae nostrae 
conditionem, inde a eontroversia M. Britanniae cum 
coloniis suae Americao-Septontrionalis, usque ad 
Foedus nostrum cura Franeia d. 10 Nov. 1785. Luo-d 
Bat. 1844. 8vo. 2°- 

2640 Quebec. Plan of the city during the siege, 
1759, with the position of the fleet and the army 
(Amst., Tirioti. 1766.) sq. fol. 1.26 

2641 Quelen [Guelen Sid] (Aug. de) Brieve re- 
lation de I'Estat de Phernambucq. D6die a I'As- 
sembMe de la Comp. d'West-Inde. Amst. L. Elze- 
vier, 1640. 4to. (Asher N». 155.) 12.— 

2642 Queleu (A. van) Kort verhael van den staat 
van Fernambuo. Uit het Francois in 'tNedor- 
duytsch vertaelt. Amst. 1640. 4to. (Asher N". 156.) 

(Short account of the state of Pernambuco. 

Transl. from the trench.) 
TraDslation of the preceding. — Very rare and 

highly interesting tract dedicated to the Directors of 

the West-Iud. Coin p. 

2643 Quesnay de Beaurepaire (Le chev.) Me- 
moire, statuts et prospectus, concernant I'Acade- 
niie des Sciences et des Beaux-Arts des Etats- 
Unis de rAm^rique, etablie a Riohiuond, capitale 
de la Virginie; pr^sent^s a Leurs Maj. et a la 
Famine royale. Paris, 1788. sd. uncut. 8vo. in 
original condition. 8.50 

Very rare. — Not mentioned by Rich. — Cont. 
"Liste des Associe's-Elrangers, des premiers Sous- 
cripteurs en Virginie 1786 et en Europe, avant la 
publication du memoire, 1788." 

2644 Quincy (Josiah) Statesman and scholar. Pros, 
of Harvard Univers., Mayor of Boston, 1823—29. — 
A.; L. S. to Sam. Willard of Doei-field, dat. Bos- 
ton, March 1, 1817. 1 p. 4". 2.50 

Informing W. of his being chosen a Member of 
the Amer. Acad, of Arts and Sciences. 

2645 A. L. S. to Edw. A. Holyoke of Salem, 

without date. 1 p. 8". 2.— 

Requesting his signature as Presid. of the Amer. 

Academy . 

2646 Quir (P. Pern, de) [Qairo*.] Ontdekking v. 

't onbekent Australia, syn grooten Kyckdom ed 

vruchtbaerheyt. — Page 112 to 122 of the: „Jour- 

nael v. de Nassousche vloot." Amst. 1643. 4to. 

See N». 1404. 3.— 

(Discovery of the unlcuown Juttralia, its great 

riches and fertiliti/.) 

Rarely to be found separate. 



2647 Baders (J. E. W. P. v.) en D. L. Wolf- 
son, Verslag eener reis naar Demerary, Grenada 
en Guadeloupe. Paramaribo, 1846. 4 plains. 8vo. 

{Account of a voyage to Demerary, Grenada and 

2648 Raei de Jonge (Joh. de) Dictionarium geo- 
graphieum ofto sehat- en vvoordt-boeck des aord- 
trycks. Amsterd., 1680. vellum. 4to. 3.— 

{Geographical diciinnari/ of the world.) 
Indispensable for the lecture of Ihe old voyages 
and maps. 

2049 Eafn (C. C.) Memoire sur la deoouverte de 

TAmerique au lOe sii-cle. 2e edit., augmentoe. 

Copenhague, 1843. hf. bd. 8vo. 2.50 

In the same vol.: Supplcmcut to the Antiquitates 

Americanae. Account of an ancient structure in Nu»v- 

Port, Rhode-Island, by Th. H. Webb. With 9 plates. 

2650 Ontdekking van America in de lOe eeuw. 

Vert, door M. Hettema. Leeuvvarden, 1838. Svo. 

Dutch translation of the original Danish. 

2651 Memoria sulla scoperta dell' America nol 

secolo Xmo, . . . trad, da Jac. Graberg da Hemsfi. 
Pisa, 1839. sd. uncut. 8vo. with 2 maps. 2.50 

Italian traduction of the original Danish. 

2652 Rainsford (M.) St. Domingo, of het land der 
Zwarten in Hayti en doszelfs omwcnteling. Naar 
het Eng. Amsterd. 1806. 2 vols., sd. maps and 
plates. Svo. 1.50 

(St. Domingo, or the land of the Negroes and if s 
revolution. Transl. from ihe JSngl.) 

2653 Raleigh (Walt.) Discovery of . . . Guiana, 
with a relation of the ... city of Manoa etc., per- 
formed in 1595. Reprinted fromtlie edition of 15B6, 
with some unpublished documents. Edit., with 
copious explanatory notes and a biographical me- 
moir, by E. E. Schomhurgk. Lond., 1848. map. 
cloth. 8vo. 10.— 

Published by the Hakluyt Society. 

2654 en Lr. Keymis, Waeracht. be- 

schryv. v. h. groot en goutryck Coninekryck 
V. Guiana, ghel. in America, by noorden de Orel- 
liana, etc. — Mitdtsg. de bcschryv. v. de omlig- 
gende rycke Landtschappen Emeria, etc. — Amst., 
Corn. Claesz , 1598. boards, sq. 4to. {Tiele 
N». 285.) 60.- 

(True description of the large and rich Kingdom 
of Guiana in America, in the north of the Orel- 
liana, etc. — With the description of the adjacent 
countries, Emeria, etc.) 

First and very rare edition of this faitliful Dutch 
translation from the original; only the dedications 
are omitted and the prefaces abridged. On tliis Dutch 
translation is made the Latin version of de Bry 
(Grand Voy. VIII) as appears from the omissions 
and abridgements, and some faults occurring in the 
Dutch narrative. — Very good copy, only pp. 3 to 
6 are taken from the following edition, exactly re- 



printed after this. — With 2 engravings on both 

2655 Raleigh (Walt.) The same. Amst., Corn. 
Claesz., 1605. vellum, sq. 41o. f^'ert/ fine and tall 
copy. (Tide N". 286.) 70.— 

2656 Tytler (P. Fraser) Life of Sir Walter 

Ealeigh, . . . with a \'inclic.ation of his character 
from the attacks of Hume ;uid other writers. 
3d ed. Ediub. 1840. portr., seals, etc. hf. calf. 8vo. 


2657 Eamel, Dagverhaal der lotgevallen van Pi- 
chegrii, Barthelemy, Villot etc, uitgebannoiien iiit 
Vrankrijk naar Guyana. Utrecht, 1799. — Supple- 
ment: Geheime Anecdotes betreff. de 18de Fruc- 
tidor, en nieuwe gedenkschriften der gedeporteer- 
den naar Guyana, 's Hage, 1800. — 1 vol. hf. cj. 
8vo. 2.— 

{Journal of the adi^entures of Fichegru^ Barthe- 
lemy, Villot etc. exiled from France to Guiana. — 
Supplem. .- Secret anecdpies on the X^th Fructidor 
and neio memoirs of the deported to Guiana.) 

2658 Ramon de la Sagra, Cinq mois aux Etats- 
Unis de I'Am^riqne du Nord. Trad, de I'Espagnol 
p. K. Baissas. Bruxelles, 1837. sd. 12mo. 1. — 

2659 Ramsay (D.) Geschied. van de Noord-Ame- 
rikaansche staatsomvi-enteling. Vert, uit h. Eng. 
Campen, 1792. 4 vols. 8vo. 2.50 

{History of the North- Jmerican revolution. Transl. 
from the Engl.) 

2660 Life of Geo. Washington, First Presi- 
dent of the Un. States. New York, 1807. portr. 
cf. 8vo. 2.50 

2661 Vie de G. Washington. Trad, de I'Angl. 

Paris, 1809. hf. calf, portr. 8vo. 1.50 

2662 Randolph (John) eloquent Orator in Con- 
gress and Senate, 1799 — 1829. — A. Note, in the 
3d person, to the Secretary of War, dat. Febr. 
19, 1825. 1 p. 4». 1.50 

2663 Vindication of Mr. Randolph's resignation. 

Philad., Sam. II. Smith, 1795. sd. uncut. 8vo. 
103 pp. 6.— 

Very interesting for the numerons oflicial docu- 
ments, which arc reproduced in full length. — Men- 
tioned by Rich only in the Supplement. — Ran- 
dolph was Secretary of State and impeached for high 
treason in concurrence with the French Ambassador. 

2664 Raueh (Edw. H.), The Pennsylvania Dutch- 
man. Lancaster. Pa., 1873. Vol. 1, 3 parts. Vol. 
II, N". 2—3. sui. 4to. 2.50 

Curious specimen uf degeneration of language. 
This dialect is a mixture of German (as spoken in 
the Pfalz, Wurtenberg, Bavaria) and English, wi- 
thout any addition of Diitch. 

2665 Raumer (Fr. v.) Die Vereinigten Staaten 
von Nord-Araerika. Leipzig, 1845. 2 vols. sd. 8vo. 
map. 1.50 

2666 De Vereen. Staten van Noord-Amerika. 

Naar de nieuwste bronnen en berigten bD- en 

omgewerkt. Deventer, 1849. 8 vols, sd, 8vo. 2.50 

{The United States of iV. America. {From the 

German.) — Revised from the most recent sowcei 

and reports.) 

2667 Rausehenbusch (A.) Die Pilgervater oder 
Gesehichte der christl. Ansiedler von Nen-England. 
New-York (1860.) cloth. 12rao. -.75 

2668 Rauw (Joh.) Cosmographia d. i. eine schBne 
richtige u. vollkommene Beschreibung d. gottl. 
Geschijpfs, Himmels u. d. Erden, beides d. him- 
mel. und irdischen Kugel, d. irdisehe in ihre Theil 
Europam, Asiam u. Afhricam beneben Amerlcam. . . 
Item was fiir Berge, Wasser, Statte u. dgl. in 
jedte Landschaft befundeu: was von Anfang fur 
Volker dieselben bewohnt, auch was fiir Sitten, 
Gebriiuchen n. Religion sie gehabt etc. Franck- 
furt a. M., 1597. 1031 pp., table and 18 imnumb. 
leaves. Many curious woodcuts and maps, pigskin bin- 
ding, with the portrait of (harles V . fol. — Some 
insignif. wormholes in the beginning of the vol. 

Stout and curious volume, with many views of 
cities and other figures, well eiecnted maps by Biisse- 
mecher at Cologne, and very interesting for America, 
Russia, Polouia, etc. by its ample descriptions. 

2669 Raven Altaertsz., (D.) Joumael ofte Beachry- 
vinge van de Keijse na Spitsbergen in 1639, 
waerin sijn droevige sehipbreucke, ellende op 
't wrack en blijde verlossing. Met and. gedenokw. 
Historien. Utrecht, A'. IT. Snellaert. 1647. 4«. %^ 

{Journal of the Voyage to Spitsbergen in 1639, 
containing his lamentable shipwreck, his misery on 
the wreck and joyful deliverance.) 

Rare separate edition, without plate and additions. 
Confer N». 372—386. 

2670 His shipwreck on the coast of Spitsberg. 

Plate, sq. 4". — Very fine impression. 1.50 

2671 Raynal (G. Th.) Histoire philosophique et 
politique des etablissements et du commerce des 
Europeens dans les deux Indes. Geneve. 1780. 
4 vols, with Atlas. 4to. calf, gilt edges. 8.— 

In the first vol. is inserted: Arrest de la Cour 
de Parlement qui condamne: 'Raynal, Hist, philo- 
soph. d. deux Indes. — doune 25 Mai 1781.18 pp. 
4to. Separate edition. Hare. 

2672 The same. Genfeve 1782. — Set of the 

plates, engrav. by Be la Hue. 9 pe. 8". — Vncvt, 


2673 Censure de la Faculty de Theologie de 

Paris centre . . . I'Histoire philosoph. et polit. 
des ... Indes, par G. Th. Raynal. Paris, 1781. 

. sd. uncut. 8vo. 1.25 

2674 demasque, on Lettres sur la vie et les 

ouvrages de cet 6crivain. (Paris?) 1791. sd. 8vo. 

Vehement attack on R's representation of the North- 
American affairs and the conduct of France. 
2676 Paine (Thorn.) Remarques sur les erreurs 

Eeedeeik Mm.LER & 0"., 

de I'Histoire philosoph. et poUt. de Rayml, par 
rapport aux affaires de I'Amerique Septentvion. 
■fiiad. de I'Angl. p. A. M. Cerisier. Bnix. 1783. 
id. uncut. 8vo. J 

2676 Raynal (G. Th.) Histoire philosoph. et poli- 
tique des Isles Fraiigoises dans les Indes Occiden- 
tales. Lausanne, 1784. sd., imcut. 8vo. 1.50 

Separate edition of the parts of Raynal relative to 
the French West-Indian colonies. 

2677 Revolution de TAmevique. Londres, Loc- 

hjer Davis, 1781. sd. uncut. 8vo. 171 pp. 1.25 

2678 The same, other edition. Ibid., Lochjer 

Davis, 1781. sd.. portr. 8vo. 183 pp. 1.25 

2679 Staatsomwenteling van Amerika. Aaisterd., 

1781. sd. 8vo. l._ 

Dutch translation of the preceding worlc. 

2680 Revolution de I'Amerique. Lond., 1781. — 

Mablt/, Brieven over de regeeringsvorm en wetten 
der Vereen. Staaten van Noord-America, {Lelters 
on the Government and Laws of the United States 
of N. Jmer.) Amst. 1785. — bound up in 1 vol. 
Af. calf. 8vo. 2.50 

2681 Essai sur I'administration de St. Domin- 

gue. No place. 1785. sd. 8vo. 1.25 

2682 Esprit et genie de I'abb^ Reynal [sic), 

tire de ses ouvrages. Geneve, 1782. hf. calf. 8vo. 


2683 Rech.teren (Seyger v.) Joumael, ghehou- 
den op zyne voyagie naer O.-Indien. Zwolle, 1635. 
bds. 4to. (Tiele N". 224.') Fine, tall copy. 20.— 

Veiy rare. With fine engraved portrait on the 
title, and large map and plate of China, which were 
wanting in the only copy Mr. Tiele has seen and 
descrihed, in the University Library of Leyden. 

2684 The same. 2e druk, verbetert en vermeer- 

dert. Zwolle, 1639. bds. 4to. (Tiele N". 225.) 

Without portrait. The verso of the poem begin- 
ning: Siet hier, in bianco. With the plate and map 
as in the preceding edition. 

2685 Rechtsgeleerde Memorie waar in ... de 
gegrondheid der klagten van d. Koning v. Gr. 
Brit., over de geheime covrespondentie tnsschen 
Amsterdam en de Araericaansche Colonien onder- 
zocht, en wederlegging van: Hel poliiicq systema. 
(Am^st.) 1781. 8vo. 1.50 

{Juridical Memorial, wherein . . . the just foun- 
dalion of the complaints of the King of Gr. Brit, 
on the secret correspondence between Amsterdam 
and the American colonies is considered, and a 
refutation of: Polit. System.) 

Attributed to E. Iiuzac. 

2686 Recit veritable de ce qui s'est paasS au Sy- 
node de Dordrecht 1669... touchant J. de La- 
badie. Leyden, Claude Prison, 1669. 4to. Uncut. — 
French and Dutch text. 6. — 

2687 Records of the Colony of Rhode-Island and 
Pirovldence plantations, 1636—1740, edited by 




J. Russell Bartlett. Providence, E. I. 1856— 59- 

4 vols, cloth. 8vo. 10. 

The earlier r 'cords have special Interest; they in- 
clude the treaties and communications with the In- 
dians, with fac-similes of their signatures. 

2688 Recueil A -Z &, (publi6 par Perau, de Quer- 
lon, Meroior Saint- Leger, de la Porte, Barbazan 
et Graville.) I'''ontonoy, Paris et Brux. 1745— 1762. 
24 vols in 12. hf. calf. 8vo. — Titles printed in 
red. Scarce. 12. 

//Collection de [liecei curieiises J'histoire, d'anec- 
dotes, et autres pieces du genre des ecrits fngitifs." — 
On y remavque: Memuire sur la Louisiane, ou le 
Mississippi; Arrest de la Ooiir de Dole, a I'encontre 
de Gilles Gamier, Lyonnois, pour avoir en forrne de 
loup-garou, devore plusieurs enfans; Hist, horrible 
d'un enfant, lequel, apres avoir, meurtry et estrangle 
son pere, le pendit; Tableau de la Cour de Rome, 
1624; diversBs pieces relatives k Henri IV; Sacre 
de Heuri II, etc. etc. 

2689 Recueil de divers voyages faita en Afrique 
et en Am6rique, qui n'ont point este encore pu- 
bliez ; cont. I'orig., les moeurs, les coutumes et le 
commerce d. habitants de cea deux parties du 
monde, avec d. traites ourieux touchant l.i haute 
Ethiopie, le debordemeut du Nil, la mer Rouge, 
et le Pretre-Jean. Paris, L. Billaine, 1674. 16 maps 
and plates, old calf neat. 4to. 7.50 

First edition, complete. 

2690 The same. Paris, Vve A. Cellier. 1683. 

10 plates and 5 maps, calf gilt. 4to. Neat copy. 9. — 

2691 The same. Very fine and large copy in 

vellum. 4to. 12. — 

Cont. : R. Ligon, Histoire de I'isle des Barbados. — 
de Laborde, Relation de I'origine, moeurs, coustu- 
mes, religion, guerres et voyages des Caraibes, sau- 
vages des .\utilles de I'Amerique. — Relation de la 
Guyane et de ce qu'on y pent faire. — (Blome), 
Description de I'isle de la Jamai'que, etc. — Rela- 
tion de la riviere du Nil. — B. Telles, Extrait de 
I'histoire d' Ethiopie. — Description de I'empire du 
Pretre-Jean. — Relation du voyage fait sur les costes 

All translated from the English and published by 
H. Justel. — The copy N». 2690 has a printed 
fly-leaf, with the words : Colonies Angloises. 

2692 Recueil de voyages au Nord, contenant divers 
memoires trea-utilea aa commerce et a la naviga- 
tion. Amsterdam, ]. F. Bernard. 1731— 38. 10 vols. 
hi . calf, uncut, maps and plates. 12mo. 15. — 

This valuable collection contains the following 
voyages to Greenland, America, etc. 

Vol. I. Relation de I'lslande (p. La Peyrere). — 
Relation du Groenlande (p. La Peyrire, — Lei 
3 navigations de M. Frobisher. 

Vol. II. Journal d'un voyage au Spitzbergen et 
au Groenlandt (p. Martens). — Supplement aux 
voyages de Wood et de Martens. 

Vol. IlI.-'."2. voyages de Linschoten au Waigatz. — 



Relation de Terre-Neuve, p. White. — Relation de 
la Baye de Hudson. — Lettre de M. Delisle sur la 
Californie (p. F. M. Picolo). — Relation d'nne des- 
cente des Espagnols dans la Califoi-nie en 1683. 

Vol. V. Relation de la Lonisiaue (p. le P. Char- 
levoix). — Relation de la Louisiane, par le Chev. 
de Tonti. — Voyage de Sunnepin. 

Vol. IX. Raisons qui ont porte le goavernenient 
Brit, k former une colonie dans la Georgie. — 
Voyage de Hennepin. 

2693 Becueil dea Decrets Apostoliqiies et des or- 
donnanees du vol de Portugal, conoernant la con- 
duito des Jesuites dans le Paraguay, I'attentat da 
1758 etc. Avec des pieces authentiques. Amsterd., 
1760—61. 3 vols, calf neat. sra. 8vo. 5.— 

2694 Recueil des loix constitutives des colonies 
Angl., conKderees sous la ddnomination d' Etats- 
Unis de rAin6rique Septentrion. Auquel on a 
joint les Aetes d' Independance, etc. trad, de 
1' Angl. Philad. et Paris. 1778. calf. 8vo. 2.75 

Dedie a Beoj. Franklin. 

2695 Recueil des Voyages qui ont servi & I'etablis- 
seraent et aux progrez de la Compagnie des Indes 
Orientales, formie dans les Provinces-Unies des 
Pais-Bas. Nouv. edit, revue et augm. Kouen, 
P. Caillous, 1725. 10 vols, calf, many maps and 
plates. 8vo. 15. — 

Valuable culleotion, published by de Constantin. — 
It is a translation of the work Begin en Voortgang 
(N". 272) but with many abbreviations ; on the 
other hand the voyage of Bontekoe and the book 
Formosa neglected are added. 

2696 Becueil van de traetaten gemaeokt eiide ge- 
slooten tusschen de Staten Generael der Vereen. 
Nederl. ter eenre; ende verscheyde Koningen, 
Princen enz. ter andere zyde. 's Gravenh., (1684.) 
vellum. 4to. 5. — 

{Collection of the treaties made by the States 
General and divers Kings, Princes, etc.) 

Collection of 62 treaties from 1576 — 1684, with 
a general title, comprising those relating to the Dutch 
West- India Company, Brazil, New-Netherland, etc. 

2697 Reden van dat die W^est-lnd. Compagnie ... 
niet alleen profytelijck, macr oock uoodtsaockelijck 
is, tot behoudenisse van onsen Staet. No place. 
1636. 4to. (Asher N». 162.) 2.50 

{Reasons to prove that the West-Ind. Comp, is 
not only profitable bitt even necessary to the main- 
tainance of our State.) 

2698 Bedenen w.aeromme de West-(nd. Comp. 
dient te trachten het landt van Brasilia den co- 
ninok van Spangien te ontmaohtigen, en dat ten 
eerste. Wesonde een ghedeelte der propositio ghe- 
daen door J. A. Moerbeeck. Amst. 1624. 4to. 6. — 

{Reasons for the W. I. Comp. to try to deprive the 
King of Spain of Brazil.) 
Rare, not in Asher 's Essay. 

2699 Redenen ende versch. notable omstandig- 
heden van Don Fernando Tellcs de Faro . . . 

aeng. syn vertreck uyt 's Graven-Hage. 1656. 4to' 
Top and foot uncut. (Asher N". 293.) 1.60 

{Reasons and several notable circumstances regar- 
ding the departure of V. Fern. Tellei de Faro 
from the Hague.) 

Relating to the negotatiocs on the cession of Brazil. 

2700 Redi (Franc.) Experimenta circa res diver- 
sas naturales, speciatira illa.s, quae ex [ndijs adfe- 
runtur. Acced. observatt. de viperis. Amstelod., 
1675. vellum, plates. 12mo. 1.— 

Curiosities of natural history of the New World, etc. 

2701 Reed (A.) en J. Matheson, Verhaal van 
bet bezook bij de Amerik. Kerken door de Afge- 
vaardigden van wege de Congregationale Veree- 
niging van Engeland en V^^allis. Rofterd., 1838. 
sd. 8vo. 1.50 

(Account of a visit to the American ('kitrches 
li/ the Deputies of the Congregational Union of 
iSngland and Wales.) 

2702 Reader (Een) en Handelaar op de West- 
Indieu, aan zijne niedereeders. (Amst., 1790.) 8vo. 

{A freighter and merchant on the West-Indies to 
his colleagues.) 

2703 Beelfs (C. Schemering) Het Surinaaraache 
Regerings-reglement van 1865. 8vo. 1.— 

{The Statute of Oovernment for SKm«», 1865.) 

2704 Beeps (Jan). — Copye van 't Octroy door 
de Staten Gener. gegeven aen Jan Reeps, om eene 
colonie op te richten aen de westzyde van Rio 
de las Amasones. Mitsgaders een beschryvinge 
van die landen ... 's Gravenh., J. Scheltus, 1689. 
4t.o. XJncut. Very scarce. 20.— 

{Cop;/ of the patent granted by the States Genet, 
to John Reeps, for founding a colony on the Wes- 
tern side of the Rio de Ins Amazones. With a 
description of the lands.) 

The colony of Jan Reeps is one of those works 
we are surprised to find any trace of in history, so 
much it was lost sight of among greater and more 
successful speculations. Indeed one is hardly able to 
say if this expedition left Holland or not. The 
extreme scarcity of this pamphlet has prevented per- 
sons more competent than ourselves from giving their 
opinion on the history of this colony; and it is al- 
most the duty of those men in America who devote 
their studies to make the history of the new world 
known to ns, to give us some details of this almost 
forgotten country. In the mean time we recommend 
this tract to their notice, assuring them they will 
read it with interest. {Asher.) 

2705 Bees (O. van) Geschiedenis der Nederland- 
sohe volkplantingen in Noord-Araerika. Tiel, 1856. 
sd. 8vo. l-~ 

{History of the Dutch colonies in North- America.), 

2706 Reesa-taook. — Collection of Voyages 
to East- and West-India, printed at Wy- 
Singzborg {Sweden.) 1674—75. 4to. 240.— 

Printed at the private press of Count P. Brake, 

Fbedeuik Muller & C'., 



at Wysingsborg iu Smalandia. (?) — This collection 
is, as all the typographical productions of that press, 
Jircctud by Joh. Kaiikel, of the utmost rarity. 

The volume coutains : 

Een kort Beskriffning uppa trenno Reesor 
och Peregratioaer, sampt Konungarijket Japan: 

I. Nth Maimn Kiiiping, Beskrifwes een Reesa, 
som henom Asia, Africa och mauga andra Hedniska 
Konungarijken. (pp. 1—162.) 

II. Bekrifwes een Reesa till Ost-Indien, China 
och Japan, (pp. 162—233.) 

III. Med Fortalliande om ... Kommgarijketz 
Japan Tillstand, sampt thesz Inwiinares Handel och 
Wandel . . . aff OloffErickson Willman. (pp. 234- 289.) 

IV. Uthfores een Reesa ifriin Muscow till China, 
genom Mcngul och Cataja, ofwer Stromcn Obij ; 
Forrattat aff een Rysk Gesandt, sora till then stoore 
Tartaren Niuki war skickad. (pp. 289—303.) Wy- 
siudzborg, Joh. Kankel, 1674. 

On pag. 304 is an advice that this rkesa-book 
has been printed in 1667, and that to this second 
edition the following: « Tractater'^ (with separate 
titles and paginations) are joined: 

1. Mart. Martinij, S. J., Historia om thet Tar- 
tariske krijgct uthi Konungarijket Sina . . . Men 
fijrswenskat a'ff Ambr. Nidelberg. 1674. (4) and 
162 pp. 

2. Mich. Hemmersam^ West-Indianisk Reese- Be- 
skriffning fran 1639 till 1645, ifran Amsterdam till 
St. Joris de Mina. 1675. (S) and 94 pp. 

,S. Kort Berattelse om Wast Indian cller Ame- 
rica., som elliest Kallas Nya Werldeu. 1675. 49 pp. 

4. Jobst Schouten, Sanfardig BBkrjjffning om 
Konnngar^ket Siam, . ■ . uthi Holliindska Spriiket 
ahr 1636 forfattat . . . 1675. 60 pp. 

All bound in one vol. old vellum, original binding. 
4to. Very fine complete copy. Some of the margins 
slightly stained ; a stamp at the under margin of 
the title. 

The works printed at Wysingzborg, belong even 
in Sweden to the rarest. — They are described in 
the following tract: 

2707 Beesa-book. — Gestrin (Sam.) Dissertatio 
de libris in typographia Wisingsburgensi impressis. 
Upsaliae, 1793. 28 pp. 4to. 5.— 

In this piece, also scarce, is found not only the 
bibliographical description, but also the detailed, con- 
tents of each. Of the 28 Nos therein, the aboved 
named form 5 Nos, viz. 13, 14, 15, 18 and 19. 

2708 Begeling van den geneeskundigen dienst, bfl 
de troupen en hospitalen der BataafscLe Kepubliek 
in de Americaansche bezittingen. (No place.) 1802. 
hf. U. 8vo. 1-76 

(Regulations for the medical service in the army 
and the hospitals of the Batavian American colonies. 

2709 Register (Quarterly) and Journal of the 
American Education Society. Conducted by E. Cor- 
nelius and B. B. Edwards. Andover and Boston, 
1830—36. Vol. 2, 4—8. hf. hd. 8vo. 10.— 

Containing valuable historical particulars, eto. 

2710 Reglamento y Aranceles para el Comercio 
libre de Espana a Indias, de 12 Oct. 1718. Madrid 
(1718). 262 pp. calf gilt. 4to. 4.— 

2711 Beglement by de West-lnd. Coinp., ter ver- 
gad. van de Negenthione, met approbatie van de 
Staten Genei'ael, over het openstellen van don 
handel op Brasil provisioneel ghearrest. 's Grav. 
1638. Broadside. Large fol. 3.— 

(Regulation ly the West-lnd. Comji., provisionally 
decreed in the assembly of the Nineteen, with the 
approbation of the States Gener. respecting the 
opening of the trade with Brasil.) 

Asher cites only an edition in-4to, N°. 168. 

2712 Beglement op hot beleid van de regering, 
hot justitiewezen, den handel eto. op Curasao. 
'3 Qravenh. 1815. 8vo. 1.— 

(Regulations on the course of the government, 
management of justice, commerce etc. at Curapao.) 

2713 Begt (Het) der ingezetenen van deezen Staat 

oni op do Fransche West-lndien te handelen 

Door een Koopman van Sint Eustatius. Uit het 
Eng. vert. Amst. 1758; 8vo. 1.50 

( The rights of the inhabitants of this State to 
trade with the Trench West-Indies. By a Mer- 
chant of St. Kustaiius. Transl. from the Bngl.) 

2714 Reinhardt (J.) Om den indflydelse, de idelige 
Markbrande have udovet panvcgetationem i de 
Brasilianske Campos. Kjob. 1857. 8°. 1. — 

2715 Beiaing (J. E.) Zeer aanmerkeljjke reysen 
mcest in de West-lndien, Samengesteld door Zl. «aa 
der Sterre. Amst., .7^ ten Hoorn, 1691. maps and 
plates. 4to. 20.— 

(f^ery remarkable voyages, principally in the 

The editor (D. v. d. Sterre) of these very adven- 
turous voyages was physician at Curasao. The pla- 
tes are among the best of the famous engraver 

2716 Beise dos Nord-Amerikanischen Missionars 
David Abeel, indcnLandern Hiuterindiens, 1830 — 
33. Basel, 1836. map. 8vo. 1.— 

Baseler Missions-Magazin. 1836. Prt. IV. — 
Translation of the: "Journal of a residence in China 
and neighbouring countries." N'.-York 1834. 

2717 Eeizen (Wederlandsohe) na de meestafge- 
legene geweslen des aardkloots. Amsterd., 1784 — 
86. 14 vols, in 7. hf. calf, maps and plates. 8vo. 

(Dutch voyages to the most remote parts of the 


Collection of all the important Dutch voyages, 

beginning from the first of Barentsz. 

2718 Belacion de ce qui s'est pass6 a la Mission 
des Peres de la Pomp, de J^sus, au pays de la 
Nouv. France, es annees 1655 et 1656. Envoyee 
an B. P. L. Cellot. Paris, S. Cramoisy, 1657. vel' 
lum. 8vo. 20.— 

Very rare, not mentioned by Ternaut. — Stained 
and small worraboles, bat complete, 



27i9 Belaes ende 't Cargo van 't silver endecoop- 

manachappen . . . inde vlote van NovaHispania. . . 

vertrocken den 14 Octob. 1631 uyt Nova Vera 

Croce... als mede van 't gene jis verdroncken. 

Araaterd., voor J. v. HiUen, by J. F. Stam (1632.) 

Broadside, fol. 3.50 

{Relation of the silver and merchandises in the 

fleet of New-Spain, kMc/i set sail Octob. 14, 1631 

from Sew Vera Croce, with account of what has 

been /frowned.) 

Not in Aaher'a Essay. — Kelation of the capture of 
nearly 5 millions worth in pieces of eight, most in 
gold and silver, partly in costly merchandize. 

2720 Belandi (H.) Diasertationea miaoellaneae. 
Traj. ad Rh. 1706-8. 3 vols. 8vo. 6.— 

Collection of 13 valuable dissertations on Oriental 
history and philology. 

Vol. III. cont. a dissertation «.de Unguis Ameri- 
canis"' with a Brazilian vocabulary (taken from Fiso) 
and grammar (from Lery), Chilian and Peruvian 
vocabularies (from Barlaeus and Garcilaso de la 
fega), extracts from Gage on the Poconchi language, 
extracts of the Virginian grammar by Elliot and 
of his Bible, etc. — This 3d vol. may be had sepa- 
rately for flor. 4. — 

2721 Relation dc ce qui s'est paaae en I'annee 
1649, dana lea Royaumes ou lea Peres de la Comp. 
de Jesus de la Prov. du Japon, publient le St. 
Evangile. (Par le P. Citadelli.) Paris, Kbb. hf. 
vellum. 8vo. 6. — 

Japon, Cochinchiua, Tonqnin, etc. 

2722 Relation de divers voyages dana TAfrique, 
I'Amerique et aux Indes-Ocoidentales, etc. No place. 
1726. calf. am. 8vo. 

2723 Relation de I'etat actuel de la Nouvelle 
Ecoaae. Trad, de I'Angl. par F. Soules. Edinb. et 
Paris. 1787. sd. 8vo. 1.80 

2724 Relation und eigentliche beschreibung, desz 
jenigen was.sich mit der Schiff .(^r»iafl?a und krieg- 
hor so nach Prasil abgefertigt worden, von der 
Zeit an das sie in . . . Baia de iodos Hanctos an- 
kommen, bisz sie sich der von den Rebellischen 
Hollander inngehabten Statt S. Salvator bemach- 
tigt, begeben unnd verlauffen. Auaz einera an die 
Kbn. May. zu Hispanie'n von Don Frederieo de 
Toledo abgangnen Schreiben auszgezogen . . . und 
verteutscht worden. Augapurg, M. LangermaUter, . . . 
1626. 4to. 18.— 

Of the utmost rarity. — On the capture of Bahia 
by the Dutch in 1624. 
2725 Relatiou (Neue u. griindliche) von der merck- 
lichen Victorie oder Sig v. J. da Sylva, Obriatcr 
dev Philippin-lnanlen, 24 April 1610, wider etliche 
holland. Kaubschift u. ihren General Franz Witt 
Henricaon erhalten hat. Anas d. Span, getruokten 
Exemplar von Madrill, Suramariach ina Teutsch 
gebracht. Augsp., (hr. Babertshoffer, (1611 ?) 4to. 


. The Admiral Franz Witt (properly Frans Wittert) 

was the chief of a divisioii of Verlioeven's expedition 

(de Bry, Pet. Voy. IX. 1612. Suppl. 1618) and 
perished in the attack on the Philippines. 

2726 Relationis Historioae Continuatio, oder 
warliatftige Bescheibung aller ftirnemen nnd ge- 
denekwiirdigen Hiatorien, 1606—1614. Franckf., 
Sig. Lalomas, 1606—14. 13 parts, plates. Uo. 12.— 

These chronicles, published yearly at the Eastern 
and Michaelis Mass, by J. Franck, Theod. Meurer 
and M. Aitzinger, are very interesting for the con- 
temporary and accurate history of the events in 
Europe, specially in the North, and in Asia and 
America. A few indications many suffice. 

1606 Victori der Hollander mit 12 Sohifien in den 
Moluckschen Inseln. — HoUandische Armada 
wider die West-Indian. Flota auszgesandt. — 
Portugesische Flota mit grossem Reiohthnrab 

1607 G-ewaltige Victorien der Hollander wieder die 
Span. Armada zu Gibraltar. — Amboina in 
Indien von Portugesen wider erobert. 

1608 Verlauff d. Holland. Armada in 0. Ind. vor 
Malacca. — Ternate u. Tidor von Portogesen 
wieder erobert. — Flotta ausz Engelland nach 

1609 Virginia, ein Landsohatft Americae, wird von 
Eogellandern wohnbar gemacht. 

1613 Hollander von Eageliindern vefgwaltigt bei d, 
Griinlandschen Insuln. 

1614 Castell della Mina von Hollander erobert, etc. 

2727 Rem (Lucas) Tagebuoh aus d. Jahren 1494— 
1542. Beitrag zur Handelageachichte der Stadt 
Augsburg. Mitgetheilt mit erlaut. Bemerkungen 
und einem Anhange von noch ungedruckten Brie- 
fen und Beriohten iiber die Entdeckung des neuen 
Seewegea nach Amerika u. OatTlnd. vonB. Greiff. 
Augsburg, 1861. 172 pp. roy. 8vo. Privately prin- 
ted, scarce. 6.— 

^ Most interesting are the letters and accounts, aU 
unpublished, on the first voyages to America and 
Bast-India, 1497 — 1506, from the succession of the 
well known Geographer Conr. Peutinger, t 1647. 
They fill pagg. 111—172. — »Kurtzer Bericht aus 
der neuen Welt, 1501. (Reise des Alb. Vespncj.) — 
Reise rtes Vasco de Garaa, 1497. — Berioht nber 
die Expedition des Admirals P. Alvarez Cabral, 
1501. — Brief von der Portugalesischen Meerfahrt 
1503. (Vasco de Gama's zweite Reise.) etc. etc. 

2728 RemoQstrantia vande Hooft-partficipanten, 
ende geintreaaeerde vande West-lnc}. Comp.) aen 
alle de Hegenten dea Vaderlandts: versoeekende 
een spoedighe efTectieve assistentie, tot raeyntenue 
van de selfde, teghen alle de ghene diese aoecken 
te dissolveren en te ruyneren. No place. 1649, 
(Asher N». 249.) 2.- 

(Remonstrance of the Chief shareholders aid ikite 
interested in the IVest-Ind. Comp. to all tlie Gover- 
nors 0/ the Fatherland; begging for their tped^ 
and effective assistance against all those who iryta 
dissolve and to ruin them.) 

2729 Renard, L., Atlas van Zeevaart en Koop- 


handel door de geheele Wereldt, vermeerd. door 

S. en J, OUens. Amaterd. 1745. Af. calf. 32 Zarge 

coloured mapa, mih text. roy. fol. 6.— 

(Mlaa of navigation and commerce through the 

whole laorlti.) 

With 7 large charts of America and its parts. 

2T30 Beadorp (J.) Memori6n dienende tot ophel- 

dering tan het gebeurde gedurende den laatsten 

Engelschen oorlo^. Amsterd. 1792. 2 vols. — 

E. F. V. Berekel, Missive . . . houd. Elncidatlen 

raak. de Memorien van J. Rendorp. Haarlem, 

1792. — bound in 2 vols. hf. calf. 8vo. 2.50 

{Memorials coHeerning u/hal happened duHng the 

last war with England. — van Berekel, Missive 

elucidaiing the Memorials of Rendorp.) 

On the origin of and against the war, the Treaty 
with America 1778, the influence of France, and the 
disadvantage for the United Prov., with elucidations 
by van Berekel, the American Ambassador at that 

2731 Berekel (E. P. v.) Missive . . . houd. 

elucidatien raak. de Memorien van J. Rendorp. 
Haari. 1792. 8vo. 1.— 

(Missive for elucidating the Memorials of J, 

2732 Rondborstige, doch onpartydige Aenmer- 

kingen op de Memorien van J. Rendorp. Amsterd. 
£. M. Langeveld, 1792—93. Part 1—6. 8vo. 1.50 

{Frani, but impartial remarks on the Memorials 
of J. Rendorp.) 

2733 Benselaar (A. ran) Aanmerkinge wegeus 
de cuituur der heidegronden. Haarlem. (1802.) 
8vo. 1.— 

{Remarks on the cultivation of broomland.) 

2734 Bensselaer (Stephen van) „the Patroon," 
Member of Congress, distinguished patron of pu- 
blic Institutions. — A. L. S. to Henry Glen, dat. 
Alba,ny, Jan. 18, 1797. 1 p. 4to. 7.50 

Fine letter on politics: «1 find we are thought of 
little consequence by some of the Southern people, 
to seize our stock without making a demand of the 
debt is a violent measure" . . . etc. 

2735 Funeral sermon on the death of Sieph. 

van Rensselaer, by Will. B. Sprague. Albany, 
1839. — by Geo. V. Bethune. Philad., 1839. — 
by Will, Barlow. Albany. 1839. — Dan. D. Bar- 
nard, Discourse on the life, services and character 
of St. V. R., with an histor. sketch of the colony 
and manor of Rensselaerswgck. Albany, 1839. — in 
1 vol. hf. bound. 8vo. 4. — 

2736 XtenWicki Account of steamboats navigating 
the ifiudson River. — On the Inland Navigation 
ol the United States of America. (Lond., Qaar- 

ierfy Jour^l, 1828.) 8vo. —-75 

2737 Beport' and Evidence ftom the select Com- 
mittee on the West Coast of Africa. (Official blue 
Book.) Lond. 1842. 744 pagg. and 2 maps. fol. 3.50 

2738 Report (First) ftom the select committee on 
Ceylon Jmd BuitiBli OmaaAj together with the; 


Minutes of evidence, and Appendix. (Official blue 
book.) Lond. 1849. 383 pagg. fol. 2.— 

2739 Beport (11th Annual) of the Board Of State 
Chatities of Massachusetts, and its four depart- 
ments. With an Appendix. BpStOfl, 1875. cloth. 
8vo. 1.75 

ilM) :fteport ,(24th and 25th) of the Board of Tru- 
stees of Public Schools of the city of Washing- 
ton, 1870-^72. Washingt. 1871—72. 2 V<As. plates. 
8vo. 3.50 

2741 Beport of proceedings for combining the ma- 
nagement of outfall drainage, with the construc- 
tion of dams, roads, bridges, in British Guiana. 
Lond. 1851. 8vo. i.— 

2742 Report of the Committee of Claim, on the 
memorial of Paul Coulon, a French citizen. (Phi- 
ladelphia?) 1802. sd. uneul. 8yo. 2.— 

Relating to two prize-ships, brought at the pbrt 
of Wilmington, North-CaroliuS. 

2743 Report of the Directors of the Anglo-Mexican 
Mining Association. London, 1826. 8vo. 1.25 

2744 Beport of the Secretary of the Treasury read 
in the House of Representatives of th© United 
States, Jan. 19th 1792; containing a plan for the 
further support of public credit. Printed by order 
of the House of Representatives, [Philad.} by .7oj5« 
Fenno, 1795. sd. uncut. 8vo. 90 pp. and h large fol- 
ded tables. 6.50 

Original edition, very babe. — Rich men- 
tions only the London reprint of the same year, 

2745 Beport of the Watering Committee of Phila- 
delphia, relative to the Fair-Mount water works. 
Philad. 1823. plates. 8vo. 1.— 

2746 Beports and memoirs on a canal or railroad 
between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. (Was- 
hington) 1849. 678 pp., 15 maps, cloth. 8vo. 3.— 

2747 Reports (Annual) of the American board 
of commissioners for foreign missions. Boston, 
1834—50. 17 vols. sd. 8vo. 16.— 

Contain, interesting ac<?oimt¥ of the missionaries 
from all parts of the world. — Each volume con- 
tains about 25 pp. relating to the Indian tribes, 
which would form in all a stout volume of above 
400 pp., full of valuable details not to be found 

2748 B^publique (La) des J(Ssalte3 au Paragiiay 
renvers^e, ou Relation aiithent. do la guerte de 
ces reltgieux contre t'ESpSgne et le Portugal en 
Am^rique. La Haye, 1758. sm. 8yo. sd. lineut. 2. — 

2749 Besolutle van de Staten van Hollandt ejnde 
West-Vriesl. ; Item Missive van de Staten Gene- 
rael . . Mitsgaders een Missive van den Direc- 
teur Generael Joh. v. Valckenburgh aen de Sta- 
ten Gener.: Als mode een Extract uytte JSissive 
by den voornoemden Dlreefeur aen de Bewint- 
hetberen van de West-Ind. Comp., alle Aoopende 
de proceduren der Engelsche in Gviinea. 'aGlSky. 




1665. 4to. (Ashcr N". 326.) 3.— 

{Resolution of the Slates of IIoll. and Ifesl- 
triesland ; with a Letter from the Stales Gener., 
and also with a letter from the Directeur General 
I'aickenburg to the States Gener. ; with an Extract 
from the letter of the above-named Directeur to 
the Directors of the IVest-Ind. Comp., all on the 
proceedings Of the English in Guinea.) 

2750 Beuss (J. D.) Alphabetical Register of all 
the authors actually living in Great-Britain, Ire- 
land and in the United Prov. of North-America, 
with a catalogue ot their publications, 1770 — 1803. 
Berlin and Stettin, 1791—1804. 3 vols. sd. 8vo. 
Rare. 4.50 

2751 Reveries d'un Suisse ayant pour but la recon- 
ciliation entre I'Angleterre et ses colonies. Londr. 
(en HoU.) 1781. 8vo. 1.— 

2752 Revius (J.), Biechte des Coninox van Span- 
jen ter doot toe cranck zjjnde over hot verlies 
van Pernambuco. No place nor date (1630). Broad- 
side in 3 col. with border, fol. 4.50 

{Co7ifession of the King of Spain^ sick to deaih^ 
on the loss of Fernambuco.) 

Of great rarity ; in 26 Dutch quatrains according 
to the Confiteor of the R. Cath. liturgy. — The 
author is an esteemed poet and historiao, whose poems 
were republished in 1863, see the following N". 

2753 Leveu en uitgelezen zangen en dichten, 

heruitgeg. door J. v. Vloten. Schiedam, 1863. 
12mo. —.50 

(Life and select songs and poems of J. Revius, 
republished by J. v. Vloten.) 

Contains the preceding and some other pieces on 
the events in Brazil. 

2754 Eeys-Boeek van het rycke Brasilien, Rio de 
la Plata, ende Magallanes, daer in te sien is: De 
ghelegentheydt van hare landau ende steden, haren 
handel ende wandel, vruchten . . . Als oock de 
leste reyse van den Heer van Dort, methetvero- 
veren van Todos los Santos . . . Ghedruckt in 't 
jaer 1624 by Jan Canin. 4to. hf. vellum, 2 maps 
and 3 folded plates. (Asher N». 106.) — Fine copy. 

{Book of travel in the rich country of Brazil, 
Rio de la Plata and Magellanes . , . with the con- 
quest of Todos los Santos etc.) 

Excessively rare. 

2755 Bhees (W. J.) Manual of the Public Libraries, 
Institutions and Societies, in the United States 
and British Provinces of North-America. Philad. 
1859. cloth. 8vo. 4 50 

2756 Rhode-Island, by D. t. Sotamann. Hamburg, 
a E. Bohn, 1797. High fol. 36 by 48. — Coloured. 


2767 Rich (O.) Catalogue of Books, relating prin- 
cipally to America (1606—1700.) Lond. 1832. hf. 
calf. 8vo; — • Scarce. 22.— 

With long and interesting bibliographical notes. 

• 2758 Bibliotheca Americana Nova. A Catalogue 

of books relating to America, in various languages, 
including Voyages to the Pacific and. round the 
world, etc. Printed since 1700 (till 1844.) Lond. 
1846. 2 vols, cloth. 8vo. 32.— 

— At the end a Prospectus of a Bibliotheca Ame- 
ricana Vetus, or List of books relating to America, 
1493—1700, hy 0. Rich, dated Febr. 1, 1846. 
16 pp., being followed by a Supplement of 8 pp.; 
both of which are extremely scarce, particularly 
the latter. 

»AU of Rich's Catalogues are important, and 
eagerly sought for by Book-Collectors, especially the 
earlier ones, which have come to be exoi 
scarce.'' Gould's Librarian's Manual. 

2759 Catalogue of rare and cni'ious books, tracts 

and manuscripts, chiefly relating to North and South 
America, many from the collection of the late 
Mr. 0. Rich. Lond., Puttick and Simpson. 1872. 
109 pp. 8vo. 2.- 

2760 Rice, John Holt, Professor in Theology 
and author In Virginia. — A. L. S. to Pres.Day 
of Yale-Coll., dat. 16 Aug. (1825) 1 p. 4». 1.50 

2761 Richard (O), De Republiek Columbia, of 
taiereel van derz. tegenwoord. toestand en betrek- 
kingen ; in brieven van daar . . . geschreven. Be- 
ncv. eene levensschets van S. Bolivar. Amsterd. 
1822. 8vo. sd. 1.80 

( The Republic of Columbia, or view of the actual 
state and conditions ; in letters written from there. 
With u biography of the President S. Bolivar.) 

2762 Richthofen (E. von) Die Mexikaniache Frage 
beleuchtet. Berlin, 1862. 8vo. -.90 

2763 Riedesel. — Oie Berufs-reise nach America. 
Briefe der Generalin von Riedesel auf dieser Reise 
u. wahrend ihrer seohsjahrigen Aufenthalts in 
America, 1776-83. Berlin (1800.) hf. cf. 8vo. 


2764 Riley (J.) Naufrage du brigantin Arairicain 
Le Commerce, perdu sur la c6te Occident. d'Afri- 
que, 1815; accomp. de la description de Tom- 
buctoo et de Wassanah. Trad, de I'Angl. p. Pel- 
tier. Paris, 1818. 2 vols. map. hf. calf. 8vo. 2.50 

2766 Rivarol (iP. de) Le petit Almanach de nos 

Grands Hommcs, pour I'annee 1788. Suivi d'un 

grand nombre de pieces inSdites. Paris, 1808. 

360 pp. hf. bd. 8vo. portr. of the author. 2.50 

"Satirical Biographies of the literary men of his 

time. Pag. 207—338 contain: Vie politique de 

M. de la P(ayette.)" 

2766 Rivista de Espana, de Indias y del Estran- 
jero, hajo la direcoion de D. F. Gonzalo Moron 
y D. Ign. de Ramon Carbonell. Madrid, 1845. 
Tom. IV. hf. calf. 8vo. 2.B0 

Contains interesting essays on the Spanish posses- 
sions in America, Porto-Rico, Cuba, etc. 

2767 [Ro (Pater Jac.)] fndianische Raiss van 
dreyen Priestern d. Societet Jesu, A". 1618 nach 
Goa in India geschifft, met beuelch. . . nach China 
zu raisen. Aus Ital. und Frantzos. Sprach. Auga- 


burg, 1620. vellum. 4to. 7._ 

Bonnd up in tho same vol.: Histori von dem 
Hochheil. QrenU zn Oranaca in Hispanien, diirch 
J. de Robles Corualan. Ibid. 1619. 

2768 Hobertson (W.) Histoire de I'Amfirique. 
Trad, de I'Angl. Paris, 1778. 2 vols, maps, calf 
gilt. 4to. 3.50 

2769 The same. Maestricht 1777. 4 torn, in 

2 vols. hf. calf, plate, sm. 8vo. 1.50 

2770 The same, corr. et augm. d'aprea la 2e 

6dit. angl. Amsterd. 1799. 4 vols. maps. hf. calf. 
8vo. 1.75 

2771 Gesohiedenis van America. Amsterd., 

1778—1801. 5 vols. hf. calf, uncut, maps. 8vo. 2.50 

Dutch translation. — The 5th vol. (or book IX 
and X), contains the history of Virginia till 1688, 
and of N. England till 1652. 

2772 The same work, in Dutch. 4 vols. sd. 

8vo. 1.50 

2773 Robin, Nieuwe reizo door Noord-Atnerika, in 
1781. Amsterd. 1782. hf. hd. uncut. 8vo. 1.75 

(New Voyage in N. America, in 1781.) 
Dutch translation of the French original. 

2774 Robinson. — Gevallen van den ouden en.jon- 
gen Robinson, behelz. . . . reize van den jongeu 
Robinson na Madera en Tabago, etc. 2e dnik. 
Amsterd. 1766. 2 vols. sd. uncut. 8vo. 3.50 

(Adventures of the old and young Robinson, con- 
tain, a. 0. the voyage of the young Robinson to 
Madera and Tabago, etc.) 

2775 De Nieuvce Engelsche Robinson, of de 

overzeldzame gevallen van Capit. Rob. Boyle, . . . 
en eindelyk de reize, sohipbreuk en behoud. van 
Rich. Castelman, met een Beschrijv. van Pensil- 
vania en Philadelphia. (Jit h. Eng. 2e vermeerd. 
drnk. Amsterd. 1761. 2 vols. sd. uncut, plates. 
8vo. 6. - 

(The New Unglish Robinson, or the adventures 
of Capt. R. Boyle, . . . and finally the voyage, 
shipwreck and saving of R. Castelman, with a de- 
scription of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. From 
the Engl.) 

2776 De Saxische Robinson, of wonderbare 

reyzen van Wilh. Retehir, begonnen in 1691. 
Amsterd. 1764. 2 vols. sd. uncut, plates. 8vo. (little 
stained.) 3.50 

(The Saxonian Robinson or curious voyages of 
W. Retehir, commenced in 1691.) 

2777 De Sweedsche Robinson, of het wonder- 

lyk leven van Gust. Landkroon. Ujt het Iloogd. 
Amsterd., 1771. plates, hf. calf, uncut. 8vo. 3.50 

(The Swedish Robinson, or Adventures of Gust. 
Landkroon. Translat. from the German.) 
Engraved frontispiece with date of 1733. 

2778 De Walchersche Robinson. Rotterdam, 

1752. hf. calf. 8vo. 3..50 

(The Dutch Robinson of Waleheren (Province 
Zealand) and his adventures at the island Ponedo 



de St. Po.) 

All these Dntch Robinsonades are of the highest 

2779 Robinson, Edw., Professor of Bibl. litera- 
ture in the ITnitar. Theol. Serain. in N. Y. — 
A. L. S., in German (to an editor in Halle ?), dat. 
Berlin, Febr. 14, 1839. 2 pp. 8vo. 2.50 

On his travel in Palestine and the publication of 
his; "Biblical Researchns in Palestine.'^ 

2780 Robinson (John.) — Testimony to John 
Robinson ("lately deceased"). Minister to the En- 
glish Brownist Congregation at Leydon, given and 
signed by Ant. Walaeus and Festus Hommius, 
Theol. Proff. at Leydcn. Dated : Leyden 25 and 
26 May 1628. — Exact copy in Photolithography 
(precede- Asser) on old Dutch paper, after the ori- 
ginal MS. copy in the Archives of the Engl. Pres- 
byterean Church at Amstei-dam. 1 sheet fol. — 
With MS. transcription in modern handwriting and 
English translation. — Only 50 copies issued. 9. — 

Highly interesting dociimeDt testifying of Robin- 
son's exertions to remove the schisms between the 
varions Brownist Congreghtions in the Low Coun- 
tries, but: "finding here so many difficulties ... 
to effeciaate this, to have resolved his removal with 
a good part of his congregation to the W . Indies, 
where he did not doubt to effectuate this (design)," 
cet. — Robinson's sympathy with the Dutch Refor- 
med Church is here proved by his intention to edu- 
cate his son for its service. 

2781 Robinson (W. D.) Memoirs of the Mexican 
Revolution, including a Narrative of the Expedi- 
tion of Gen. Mina and Observations on the prac- 
ticability of a passage between the Pacific and 
Atlantic Oceans. Philad. 1820. bds. 8vo. (portr. 
and map wanting.) 2. — 

2782 Same work. Lond. 1821. 2 vols, portr. 

and map, calf gilt. 8vo. Fine copy. 6.50 

2783 Gedenkschriften der omwenteling in Me- 
xico, etc. Haarl. 1823. sd. 8vo. 2.— 

Dutch translation of the preceding. 

2784 Rocha Cabral (J. M. da), Relatorio moti- 
sado sobre a estatistica da provincia de S. Pedro 
do Rio Grande do Sul, . . . Comprehend, o piano 
da organiza^ao, etc. Rio de Janeiro, 1836. 8vo. 


2785 [Rochefort (C. de)] Histoire naturelle et 
morale des lies Antilles de I'Am^rique. Av. nn 
vocabulaire Caraibe. Rotterd., 1658. bds., numerous 
engravings. 4to. 10. — 

First and rare edition. Barbier says, that the real 
author was L. de Poinry. — The Caraib vocabu- 
lary fills the pages 515 — s!7. 

2786 The same. 2e edit. rev. et augm. deplu- 

sieurs descriptions, etc. Rotterd. 1665. calf, nume- 
rous engravings. 4to. 12. — 

This edition is augmented with 3 folded plates; 
the description of Tabago is more extensive than 



The Caraib vooabalary fills 

in the first editioD. 
pp. B71— 583. 

At pag. 18 the engraved coat of nrms of Baron 
Lampsins of Tabago. 

2787 [Bochefort (C. de)] The same. Lyon, Chr. 
Fourmy, 1667. 2 vols, calf, 2 plates and many engra- 
vings. 12mo. 6. — 

Third edition, being the first with the author's 
name on the. title, with considerable additions in the 
description of Tabago. 

Vol. II. pp. 652 — 80, cont. the Caraib vocabulary. 

2788 Natuurlijke en zedelijke historie van d'Ey- 

landen en voor-eylanden van America. Met eenen 
Caraibischen Woordenschat. Rotterd., 1662.w/?am, 
plates and engrav. 4t0. 6. — 

Dutch translation of the preceding work, with the 
Caraib vocabulary. 

2789 The same sewed, uncut, 4to. Rare. 7. — 

2790 Historische Beschreibung der Antillen 

Inseln in America gelegen. Aus Fj^nzos. Sprach 
iibersetzet. Frankfurt, 1668. 2 vol m 1. 45 plates. 
12mo. — Verg rare. 7. — 

German translation of the preceding, containing 
only vol. I. of the original, but with the Caraib 
vocabulary. The Ist vol. has 430 pp. and index; 
the 2d 514 pp., and 33 pp. for the Caraib Voca- 

2791 Kelation de I'Isle de Tabago, on de la 

Nouvelle Oualcre, i'une des isles Antilles de I'Am^- 
rique. Paris, L. Billaine, 1666. calf. sm. 8vo. — 
Bare. 6.— 

2792 Boohefouoault Liancourt (Duke de la) 
Travels through the United States of North- 
America, the Country of the Iroquois, and Upper 
Canada, In 1795—1797. Loud. 1799. 2 vols, maps, 
calf gill. 4to. Neat copy. 6. — 

2793 Rochon, Reis door Madagascar en de Oost- 
Indien. Uit het Fransch. Dordr., 1793. hds. 8vo. 

{Voyage through Madagascar and the East- 

2794 Boclgers (John) Commodore of the U. S. 
Navy; Officer in the war against Tripoli and in 
that of 1812. — L. S. to Jer. Nelson, dat. Navy 
Coram. Office, Dec. 12, 1815. 1 p. 4to. 2.50 

2795 Bodney (Caesar), son of Thomas R., U. S. 
Attorney-General, 1807—11. — A. L. S. to his 
father, dat. Philad., Oct. 31, 1791. 2pp.4to. 2.— 

Very fins letter on great calamities, which befell 
bis family owing to the persecution of some adver- 

2796 „Kodney arrive a Londres." — Rodney 
is hooted by the mob, because of the loss; of St. 
Eustatius; after him a figure of Victory bearing 
^ standard: „Viatoire de St. Eeustache." — French 
cai'iciature, aquatint by Borel. 1781. fol. — Mare. 


2797 Boe. — Journal van de reysea ghedaen door 

Thorn.- Roe, Ambassadeur van Groot-BrittaiU^--- 
naer Oostindien aen den Gropten Sfogol ende 
a^dere ghewesten (1624— 26.) UythetEngglg vert. 
Amst., 1656. With engrav. 4to. i5.— 

{Journal of the voyages of Thos. Roe, Amiass. 

of Gr. Britain to the Great Mogol in East-India 

and other countries, 1624 — 26.) 

2798 Roemer (F.) Texas. Mit hesond. Riioksicht 
auf deutsohe Auswanderung u. d. physis. Verhalt- 
nisse des Landes. Bonn, 1849. with tdpogr.-geo- 
gnostical map. sd. 8vo. 1.50 

2799 Eogerius (Abr.) Offne Thiir zu dem ver- 
borgenen Heydenthura, Oder . . . Leben, Sitten, 
und Religion d. Bramines auf d. Cust Chormandel. 
Aus d. Niederland. iibersetzt. Samt Chr. Arnold's 
auserlese Zugaben von d. Asiat., African. u.Ame- 
ricanischen Religions-Sachen. Niirnb. 1663. plates, 
ids. 8vo. 4.— 

Pagg. 944—998 treat on the religions and wor- 
ships in America (Canada, New-Netherland, Vir- 
ginia, Mexico, Yucatan, South- America, Br»siJ,PBta. 
etc.) with 10 plates of idols an^ ceremonies. — It 
contains also a German translation of BarthrouherTy 
(Bhartrahiri)'s Sentences. 

2800 Eoggeveen (A.) Voorlooper op 't Octroy van 
de Staten Gen. verleent aen Jreni Roggeveen en 
sijn medestanders, over de Australisse Zee tns- 
schen de Meridaon d. Strate Magelanis en Nova 
Gunea (sic/) Middelb., P. v. Goeiheni, 1676. 4to. 
With a large nautical map. Very SOaroe. 20.— 

(Fore-runner of the Patent, granted by the States- 
Gener. to A. R. and his companions, for th* dis- 
coveries in the Australian Sea.) 

2801 The same. Uncut, without map. With 

2 autograph lines by A. Roggeveen, saying 
that this copy was to be a policy for those wil- 
ling to take shares in this Company. This copy 
being only intended as policy, the map is omit- 
ted. The authenticity of the writing is alcove 
all question, having been verified with the ori- 
ginal pieces in the Archives of MiddellnuTgh. 
Unique copy. 30.— 

This most important pamphlet contains pp. 8—13 
a description of the newly found lands, with nume- 
rous details. The Company, proposed by it, bad a 
short life, as Roggeveen died already in 1679, and 
so it was dissolveC before the first expedition tpok 
place. It was reserved to his son Jacobs toreslize, 
partly at least, his schemes. 

2802 A. S. Document, 1 p. fol. 8.— 

Annotation about a chart, made after the joqraM 

of a Dutch Navigator. 

2803 Roggeveen (Jacob' Kort en nauwbeurig 
verhaal vau de reiz© door S schepen in 't jaar 
1721 gedaan op ordre van de West-Ind. Oomp. 
tot onbekende landen in de Zuid-Zee. Amst, 1727. 
4to. «■— 

(Short and true narrative of the voyage of i f hips 
made by order of the W^^t-tndia Comt- '" * 
unknown South-Sea.) 



:sBpsgev«en (Jaoob) The same. 2d edit. lb. 

^727. 4to. — Ileprint of the preceding. 6.— 

2805* Het waare en nauwkeurige Jouunael der 

Beize, gedaan door 3 schepen op ordt-e van de 

West-lnd. Cevinp. naar de Znid-Zee. 3de druli. 

AmsteM., 1T27. 4to. 6.— 

(Tlte true and exact journal of the voi/age, made 
by S vessek iy order of the W. /»rf. Comp. to the 

This 13 the same account as the precediug two 
Nc|S., bat with considers^ble qhaiages. These 3 editions, 
are the first publications, by an unknown author, 
relating to Jap. Roggpveep's Voyage to the South- 
Sea. The original ionrnsl kept by Roggeveen see 
N». 2811. It is curions that the editor of that jour- 
nal, Mr. S. de Wind, had no notice of the above 
3 editions, as be mentions, in the preface to it, the 
following N". 2806 — 10 and also the German account 
with its translatitms. 

2806 - — r Tweejaarige reyze rpndom de wereld, ter 
oiitdekkinge det onbekende Zuydlanden in 1721 — 
22, ondernomen door last v. de Nederl. West-Ind.. 
Maatsch. Nevens de reyze v. h. O. I. schip Bar- 
neveld in 171ft. Dordrecht, 1728. ids., map and 
plate). 4to. 4. — 

(A two years' voyage round the worM, fo't the 
discovery of the unknown South-Lands,in \%%\ — 22. 
Vndertaken hy order of the Dutch JF. I. Comp. 
TTith tlte voyage of the Masl-Ind. ship Barneveld.) 

2807 Same edition, sewed, jincut. 4to. 5. — 

More extensive account than the preceding. — 

Jacob Roggeveen is the son of A. Roggeveen, the 
same, who received already in 1676 a patent for 
lands in the South-Sea. (See N<>. 2800—2801.) 

2808 The same. 2d edition. Dordrecht, 1758. 

sd. ahcHi, map and plates. 4to. 3. — 

An exact reprint of the edition of 1728. 

2809 The same.- 3d edition. Dordreoht, 1764. 

ids., map and plates. 4to. 3. — 

2810 ' The same. 4tb edition. Amst., 1774. sd. 

uacat, map and plates. 4td. 3. — 

2811 ■ Dagverhaal der outdekkingsreis in de 

jaren 1721-- 2^. Uitgeg. door het Zeeuwsch Ge- 
nootschap der Wetenschappen. Middelbiirg. 1838. 
Hf. id. or sd. uncut. With a large map, partr., fac- 
sMa. etc. Svo. 2.— 

{fournal of the voyage of Jac. Roggeveen to the 
South-Sea in 1721—22.) 

This account of the memorable voyage is the most 
i)athentic and contain^ valuable details, being the 
original journal of Roggeveen. 

2812 Borsius (J.) Mededeelingen van eenige 

npg onbekea^ byzondierheden aangaande Jdkob 
Eoggeveeq, jnzondeish'. »et betrekking tot zyn 
gbdBdienstige denkv^yze; (Leiden, 1841.) .Ea;<»'. Svo. 

{Sotnie unpublished notices on Jatoi Roggeveen, 
eipecialhf regarding his theological opinions.} 
Roggeveen adhered the doctrine of Pont, van Hat- 


teiq, leaning to those of Spinoza. 

2813 Roggeveen (Jacob) Facs. of the sign^tnro 
of J. fi., under his testament, June, 8, 1728. 8". 1.— 

2814 Rcunanus (A.) Parvum theatrum nrbiutu sive 
urbiiim praecipuanim totius/irbiscleacriptio. Fran- 
cof., 1595. vellum, title wanting. 4to. W'ith a large 
nutitler of views of cities, remarkaily K'll executed. 


The 4th book contains: "De Novo Orbe, sive 

India Ocoideutati" with the description of Florida, 

New-France, Neiw-Spaiu, Nova Galicja, Yucataii, 

Cuba, Brazil, Peru etc. 

2815 Eoorbach (O. A.) Supplement to the Biblio- 
theca Americana : catalogue of American p»Miea- 
tions. 1852—55. N. York, 1855. cloth. Svo. 3.— 

2816 Boos (P. F.) Soirinaamsohe mengelpoezy. Am- 
sterd., 1804. full russia. 4to. 318 pp. Rare. 2.— 

Poems relating to Surinam, eulogies and elegies 
of men of reputation in the colony, etc. Pp. 301 — 5 
contain an elegy in honour of G. Washington. 

2817 Bosaccio (Gios.), Mondo eleraentare et celeste, 
nel quale si tratta de' moti et ordinc delle sf'ere, 
della grandezza della terra, dell' Europa, Africa, 
Asia et America. Trevigi, 1604. maps in wooddut. 
vellum. 8vO. 7. — 

Rare. Leaf 178' and fiiillowing treat on America. 

2818 Boscher (A.) Ptolemaeus ii. 4- Handels- 
strassen in Central-Afrika. Beitrag zur Erklar. d. 
alteston . . . Weltkarte. Ootba, 18S7. 3 maps. Svo. 


2819 Boslia (Helis.) Mitterniichtige Scbifffarth, von 
dera Herrn Staden inn Niderlanden vor XV Jaren 
vergebenlich fiirgenemmen, . . . dasz man daselbst 
herumb in Orien-t B. Chinam komraen moge, etc. 
Oppenheira. 1610, Curious map. sm. 8Vo. 40. — 

Very interesting work on the Dutch voyages to the 
North, having largely contributed to th^ new nuteh 
Arctic voyage of 1611. The book is olthe highest rarity; 
it is often mentioned by oontemporaneons writws, 
but has entirely disappeared in our days. — See: 
Muller, Northern Compagnie, N". 2200,, and the 
Historical iutroduction to the reprint of Hsssel Ger- 
ritsz' collection on the Arctic Voyages. jSl". 925. 

2820 Boss (Alex.) Les religions du monde, on de- 
monstration de totttes les religions et heresies de 
I'Asie, Afrique, Ajne^rique et de rEurope. Trad, 
p. Th. La Grue. Amst., 1682. calf, plates. Svo. 

Pp. 165 — 195 treat of the American peoples. 

2.821 Boss (Jollii) Eeizen naar Ysland en de Baf- 

finsbaai ter oatdekking van eene doorvaart ten 

Noord-Westen van Greenland, 's Gravenh., 1821. 

sd., map an4 plates. 8vo. 1.25 

( Voyages to Iceland and Baffinsiay in search of 

a passage North- fTest of Greenland.) 

Translation of the ^ccoupt of the first voyage of 
Ross to the North. 


Second Voyage in search of a North- 



West Passage, and Residence in the Arctic Re- 
gions during 1829—1833. Lend., 1836. portr., mapi 
and platea, many col. roy. 4to. Large Paper, calf 
gilt. 7.60 

2823 Boss (Joh.) The same. Brussels, 1835. hf. 
calf, maps. 8to. ' 1.50 

2824 Relation dn second voyage fait a la re- 
cherche d'un passage au Nord-Ouest (1829—33.) 
Trad. p. A. J. B. Det'anconpret. Paris, 1835. 

2 vols, sd., porir., map and plates. 8vo. 


2825 Rossi (L.) Six ans en Am^rique (Califomie 
et Oregon.) 2me edition. Paris, 1863. sd., 2 maps, 
8vo. 1.— 

2826 (Rousselot de Surgy), Melanges interessans 
et curieux ou Abr^ge d'histoire natur., morale, 
civile et polit. de I'Asie, I'Afrique, I'Amerique et 
des Terres polaires. 2e 6dit. revue etc. Yverdon, 
1764—67. 12 vols, calf gilt. 8vo. Fine copy. 10.— 

Contains a. o. : Description dii Spitzberg, Feche 
de la Baleine, Description de I'isle Mayen,dii Green- 
land, la Nouv. Zetnble, Laponie, Tartarie, Chine, le 
Japon, rinde, I'Archipel Indien, la Nouv. HoUande, 
Terre de Nuits, etc. 

2827 M6raoires giographiques, physiques et 

histor. sur I'Asie, I'Afrique et I'Atn^rique. Tir^s 
des Lettres Edifiantes. Paris, 1767. 4 vols. sd. un- 
cut, sni. 8vo. 3.50 

Vol. IV treats exclusively of Anaerica. 

2828 Boux de Boohelle, Etats-Unis d'Amerique. 
Paris, Didot, 1839. map and 96 plates, hf. cloth. 
8vo. 2.50 

2829 Bowcroft (0.) Be Landverhuizers. Tafereelen 
uit de kolonien (i. e. Van Diemensland.) Naar het 
Eng. Sneek, 1852. 2 vols. sd. 8vo. 2.— 

{The Emigrants. Pictures from the colonies in 
Van Diemensland.) 

2830 Roy (J. Jz. de) Hachelyke reystogt na Bor- 
neo en Atchin, in sijn vlugt van Batavia, 1691. 
Leyden, P. v. d. Aa, (1707.) plates, vellum. 8vo. 
Scarce. 3. — 

(Dangerous voyage to Borneo and Atchin, from 
Batavia, 1691.) 

2831 Voyagie gedaan na Borneo en Atchin in 

1691. Amst., 1716. vellum, plates and map. ito. 2.50 

{Voyage to Borneo and Atchin in 1691.) 
Reprint of the foregoing edition. 

2832 Riichamer. — Newevnbekanthelandte 

Und ein newe weldte in kurtz verganger zeythe 
erftinden. A la fin: Also hat ein endte dieses 
Btichlein, welches auss wellisCher sprach in die 
dewtschen gebrachte vnd gemachte !ist worden, 
durch den wirdige vnd hochgelarthen Herre Job- 
sten Rucbanier de freyen kiinste vnd artzenneien 
Doctore etc. Vnd durch mich Georgen Stiiohssen 
zu Niireinbergk, Gedriickte vnd volendte nach 
Christi vnsers lieben herren geburdte, Mccooc 
vi\j, Jare. Fol. 27.50 

ExcKSSlTELT SAKE. German translation of the 

curious colleetions of Voyages, compile'd'by Al. Zorji" 
It contains the voyages of the Portugnese to Africi 
and Indl4, those of Colnmb and Vespnciiis to Ams- 
rica, etc. 

This copy wants title, f 6, i 3, 4, and It 2 to 
the end; some of the margins cut off and the last 
leaf damaged. 

2833 Eudbeck (Olai) Atland eller Manheim. Vol 
IV. Upsalae, 1702. (Stockholm, 1868.) folio. 95.—' 

Photographic edition, published with introduction 
by G. is. Klemming, Librarian to the Royal Library 
at Stockholm, the original edition having been de- 
stroyed by the great fire at Upsal, 1702, at the 
exception of live copies only. — Reprinted in a 
small number. 

'/Quvrage precienx ... sur les Antiquites dn North 
en general et de la Suede en particul,er." 

2833'* Atland (Anteckingar cm). Stockholm, 

1863. sd. uncut, sm. 8vo. 3.6() 

Extract from the preceding work. Printed in 
100 copies. 

2834 Rugendas (Moritz) Malerisehe Reise in Bra- 
silien. Paris, 1835. hds. imp. fol. 36.— 

With 100 fine lithographs, representing Manners, 
Customs, Costumes, etc. on India paper. 

2835 Bundall (Thorn.) Narratives of voyages to- 
wards the North- West in search of a passage to 
Cathay and India, 1496-1631. With selections 
from the early records of the Honourable East 
India Compagny. London, 1859. cloth, maps. 8vo. 

<12.-) 6.- 
Published for the Hakluyt Society. 

2836 Bush (Benj.) Account of the bilious remit- 
ting Yellow Fever, as it appeared in the city ot 
Philadelphia, in 1793. 2d edition. Philad. Th.Siii- 
son, 1794. 363 pp. ids. uncut. 8vo. 6.— 

2837 Part of an A. L.- S., 9 lines with Sig- 
nature. 4to. 1.60 

2838 Bush (Biohard) U. S. Minister to London, 
Secretary of State under Monroe 1817, Secret, 
of the Treasury under Adams. — A. L. S. to 
E. H. Mills, dat. Washington, May 15, 1827. 1 p. 
4to. 2.50 

2839 Bussell (W. H.) My. diary. North and South. 
Lond. 1863. 2 vols, cloth. 8vo. B.60 

Diary of the eminent reporter of The Times. 

2840 Butgers Female Institute. Act of incor- 
poration and bylaws. 1838. — Address at the 
opening, by Is. Ferris. 1829. — 3d and 4th An- 
nual report of the Board of Trustees. 1844, 42. — 
4 pes. 8vo. 2.— 

2841 Euyter (M. A. de). — Joumael gehonden 
op 's Landt's schip de Spiegel, van 'tgene gepas- 
seert ... is op de vloot van de Staten Gen., boo 
in de Middellantsche Zee, als op de Custen van 
Africa en America onder 't beleydt van Michieldi 
Uuyter, in den Jare 1664 en 1665. Arasterd., 
P. la Burgh, imh. 4to. 77 and 3 pp. 12.- 

^Pebderik Mut,i,er & C°.( 



{Journal kept on the ship ide Spiegel" of what 
happened to the fleet under Mich, de Ruyter, in 
mthe Mediterranean and on the coasts of Africa and 
America in 1664 and 1665.) 

Cont. pp. 30—32: Treaty between the West- India- 
Company and the English African Company. — 
pp. 55- 77 de Rnyter's West-Indian voyage. 

2842 Buyter (M. A. de). — The same. Amsterd., 
Jac. Venckel, 1665. 4to. 84 pp. IFith engrav. and 
printed titles, 5 leaves damaged. 10. 

Cont. pp. 40—42: Treaty between the West-India- 
■ Company and the English African Company. — 
pp. 66—80 de Rnyter's West- Indian voyage. 

2843 Journael ofte Dag-regiater van de Reyae, 

gedaea onder Mich. A. de Ruytor. Beschreven 
door Jeurian Prins. Amsterd., Sam. Imbrechts, 1666. 
4to. 104 pp. Ifith plate representing views of St. 
J ago, Carmontyn etc. ^ery scarce. 14. — 

Journal of the same voyage as the preceding No., 
but held on board of the ship Bamiaten by Jeiirian 
Prins. This accoimt contains much more of the 
official docameuts, letters, reports etc. relating to 
the expedition. It is dedicated by the publisher to 
Nic. Witseu "who now happily enjoys his dear 
fatherland, undisturbed by the troublesome Russians 
and the Northern peoples." 

2844 — — Brief van de Vice-Admlraal de Ruyter 
aan de Staten Gen. (1665.) 4to. 2.— 

(Letter by fice-Admiral de Ruyter to the Slates 

On his expedition to the West- Indies. 

2845 Euyters (D.) Toortae der Zee-vaert om te 
beseylen de eusten geleghen bezuyden den Tro- 
picus Cancri, als Brasyllen, West Indien, Guinea, 
Angola, etc. Vllssinghen M. As. v. d. Nolck, 1623. 
vellum. 4to. fery scarce. 18. — 

( Torch of navigation for the coasts of Tropicus 
Cancri, as Brazil, the West-Indies, Guinea, An- 
gola, etc.) 

Of the highest rarity. — Wants one leaf of the 
preface, pp. 271—280, 297—308, 411—12, and 
the last of the index. 

2846 Eyan (W. E.), Avonturen gedur. een twee- 
jarig verblijf in Califomien en zijne mjjnen. Naar 
h.- Eng. Haarlem, 1850. 2 vols. sd. 8vo. 1.25 

(Adventures during two years in California and 
its mines. From the Engl.) 

2847 Byn-Acker, Reyse naer Africa, Tunis, Al- 
giers, etc., gedaen tot lossinghe van de Christene 

S slaven, In 1625. Haerlera, 1650. kf. vellum. 4to. 
With engravings. 6. — 

(Voyage to Africa, Tunis, Algiers, etc. for the 
f redemption of Christian slaves. 

"■ 2848 Saabye (H. Egede) Gi-eenland, being extracts 

'- from a journal kept in 1770—78. With an account 

* of the manners of the Greenlanders, etc. by 

* G. Fries. Transl. from the German. London, 
!■ 1818. bds,, map. 8vo. 2.— 

., Amstebdam. 

The author iVas the grandson of the celebrated 
Hans Egede. (See N». 1011-16). 

2849 Saabye (H. Egede) Fragmenten uit een 
dagboek gehouden in Greenland, 1770— 78. Gronin- 
gen, 1818. sd. map. 8vo. • 1. — 

The preceding work in Dutch. 

2860 Saar. — Verhaal van drie voorname reizen 
naar Oost-lndien, te weten van Joh. Jac. Saar, 
Volkert Evertsz. en Albr. Herport. Uit het Hoog- 
duitsch vert, door J. H. Glazemaker. Amsterd., 
1671. 3 parts in 1. With plates. 4to. 3.— 

(Account of three remarkable voyages to the East- 
Indies, by J. J. Saar, Volkert Evertsz and 
A. Herport.) 

This collection of voyages made by 3 Germans, 
viz Saar (from Nurnberg), V. Evertsz (from Hnsum 
in Holstein) and A. Herport (from Bern), occurs 
rarely complete, but the 2 last, having separate 
titles, are often found separately. 

2851 Satain (B.), Collection gSographique de la 
Bibliotheque Eoyale. Paris. 1840. With an Appen- 
dix. 8vo. 1.25 

Appended an autogr. of signed letter Jomard, 

2852 Sabin (Jos.) Dictionary of Books relating to 
America. New-York, 1867—74. Part. 1—38. (A— Ge- 
neral.) sd. roy. 8vo. , 127. — 

Highly creditable and very useful work by an 
eminent practical bookseller, who presented his coun- 
try with this precious fruit of his long aud useful 

The present parts contain no less than 26879 
titles, nearly all with exact collations and a host of 
bibliographical and other notices. 

2853 Sabbath. — Account of memorials presented 
to Congress, respecting Sabbath Mails, etc. Boa- 
ton. 1829. 8vo. —.60 

2854 Saorobusco, Joh. de, Opuaculum sphericum 
cum notabili comment, a . . . Wenceslao Fabri de 
Budweysz medicine Doctore edito, cumq. figuris 
textum declarantibus utilissimis. — No place or 
date, (Lipsiae, Mart. Landsberg, about 1495). 5S «»- 
numb, leaves, title in woodcut border, woodcuts. 4to 


2855 Sphaera. Lovanii, J. Waen. 1547. Wood- 
cuts, MS. notes in contemporaneous handwriting. — 
Ejusd. LibeUua de anni ratione. Antverpiae, 
M. Huiius, without date, (1547?) Woodcuts. — 
1 vol. sm. 8vo. 4. — 

2856 Sphaera. Antverpiae, J. Eichardus. 1551. 

Woodcuts, MS.- notes in old handwriting. — Ejusd., 
Libellus de anni ratione. Ibid. 1551. — ApoUonii 
Rhodii Argonauticon (Graece). Paris. 1541. — 
Epicteti Enchiridion. (Graece). Lovanii. B. Gra- 
viut. 1560. — 1 vol. calf. sm. 8vo. 5. — 

2857 — - Sphaera emendata, Eliae Vineti Santonis 
scholia in eand. Sphaeram. Adjunx. compendium 
in Sphaeram per Pierium Valerianum et P. Nonii 
de inaequali climatum latitndine. Paris, H. de Mar- 
nef & 0, Cavellat. 1572i Woodcuts, MS, Notes in 



old handwriting. — A. Picard, Qiiaestiones novae 
in libellum de Sphaera J. de Sacroboseo. Paris, 
G. Cavellat. 156(9). Woodcuts, and 2 folding tables. — 
1 vol. calf. 8111. 8vo. 10. — 

2858 Sacrobusco, Joh. de, Sphaeraj in usum 
Seholarum recensita, opera F. Burgersdicii. Liigd. 
Bat. S- 4~ J. Ehevir. 1626. Figures. sta.Svo. 2.50 

2869 Same vrork, other edition. Lugd. Bat., 

B. &; J. Ehevir, 1647. Figures, revolvaile diagrams, 
vellum, sin. 8vo. 3. — 

2860 Sadeur. — [Poigny (Gabr. de)] Les avan- 
tvires de Jacques Sadeur daps la d^oouverte et le 
voiage de la Terre Anstrate, contenant les cou- 
tumes et les moeurs des Australiens, leur religion, 
etc. Paris, Claude Bartln, 1692. calf. sm. 8vo. 3.— 

Pp. 216 — 231 treat of the Australian languages. 

2861 The same. Amsterd. 1722. calf. sm. 8vo. 

See for the Dutch translation: Vairasse. 

2862 Sagard Theodat (G.), Le grand Voyage du 
pays des Hurons. . . . Avec un l3ictionaire de la 
langue Huronne. Paris, 1632. vellum. 8vo. 25. — 

Very rare. — The title stained by ink, the 
text by water, and having a few wormholes. The 
engraved title wanting; also the last leaves of the 
Dictionary: it ends at nReneontrer." 

2863 Sahuaraura (J.), Inca, Eecuerdos de la 
monarquia Peruana o hosquejo de la historia de 
los Inoas. Con 16 retratos de la dinastia impe- 
rial de Maneo Gcapae. Paris. 1850. 16 portraits, 
with that of the author and his arms, hf. morrocco. 
royal. 8vo. 7.50 

2864 (Saiatard) Eoman politique sur I'etat pre- 
sent des afiaires de I'Am^rique. Paris, Duchesne, 
1756. vellum, sm. 8vo. 6. — 

Scarce and interesting. 

2865 The same. Amsterd. 1756. calf. sm. 8vo. 


2866 (Sainte-Croix, de) De i'etat et du sort des 
colonies des anciens peuples. Avec des obser- 
vations sur les colonies des nations modernes et 
la conduite des Anglois en Amfiriqae. Philadelphie. 
(Paris), 1779. sd. uncut. 8vo. 2.— 

2867 Saint-Hilaire (A. de). Voyage dans I'intS- 
rieur du Br6sil. Bruxelles. 1850. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. 


2868 Plantes usuelles d. Bresiliens. Paris. 

1824. 1. Jv. 5 pi. 4to. —.76 

2869 Saint- Venant (Barre), Des colonies mo- 
dernes sous la. zone torride et particuliere de 
St. Domingue. Paris, 1802. hf. Id, 8vo. 2.— 

2870 Salvado (R.) M^moires historiques sur I'Au- 
stralie. Trad, de I'ltalien p. I'abb^ Falcimagne, 
avec d. notes et une histoire de la decouverte de 
For. Paris, 1854. map. hf. calf. 8vo. 1.76 

2871 St. Salvador in Brazil, captured by the 
Outch, 1624. -^ Old Dutch engraving by E. Padt- 

brugge. sm. 4tO. 2.50 

2872 St. Salvador Same subject, different repre- 
sentation. Dutch eng^av. of the 18th cent sm 
4to. i._ 

2873 Same subject, same representation, mo- 

dei-n engrav. by llecileien. (1864.) sq. 4t6. 1.60 

2874 Salzburg emigrants to America. 1732, — 
27 Plates of their suflferings and of their march 
from Austria to Prussia. Syo. 3._ 

2875 ■ Same history. 16 representations On 4 very 

broad sheets, sq. 8v'o. 1.50 

2876 Sanderson. — Gedenkwaerdige Voyagien 
van Joh. Sanderson, Hendar. Timberly en Job. 
Smith, door Europa, Asia en America, kmai, 
1678. With 3 plates. 4to. 31— 

{Memorable voyages of John Sanderson, B. Tim- 
berly and J. Smith through Europe, Africa and 

2877 The same, entirely uneut, rare i» this 

state. 4.— 

2878 Sandoval (Prud. de) Histoi'ia de la vlda y 
hechos del Emperador Carlos V. Pamplona, 
B. Paris, 1618. Vol. I. hf. Vellum, fdl. 10.- 

This vol. comprises the years 1500—1528. — 
It contains the conquest of i^exico by COrtfo, the 
discovery of Peru, etc. — A complete copy (2 vols.) 
priced by Salva 76 fr. 

2879 Santarem, de, Examen des assertions cont, 
dans un opuscule intitule : Sur la piiblte. des Mo- 
numents de la G6ographie. (by Jomardl) (Paris. 
1847). 8vo. 1- 

2880 Sante (G. van) Alphabet. Naamlpt van alle 
de Groenlandsehe en Straat-Davissche Comman- 
deurs, die zedert 1700 op Greenland, en zeoert 
1719 op de Straat-Davids voor Holland ... heb- 
ben gevaaren . . . hoeveel vissolien, vaten spek 
en traan yder... heeft aangebragt. Haarlem, 1770. ^ 
engrav. frbntisp. hf. bd. 4to. 6.50 

{Alphabetical List of all the Commandeers, who 
sailed since 1700 to Greenlan/i, and singe 1719 fo 
the Strait of Davis, far Hotlmd, .... ^oi" i»«»y 
fishes, blubber and train-oil each has produced, etc) 

With continuation in Manuscript till 1798. ; 

2881 The same work, with continuation in Ma- ) 

nuscripl till 1802. calf. 4to., 7.60 

2882 Sartorius v. Waltershaiisen (W.) Phy- 
sisch-geograph. Skizze von Island, mit besoii3. 
Kiieksicht auf Vulkan. Erscheinungen. Gott. 1847, 
8vo. -.90 

2883 Sas (Jan v. Gouda) Histor. verhael v. de 
Voyagie d. Holland, naer O.-Indien, m 15'99,,ondet 
St. V. d. Hagen. — Voyagie v. 2 Atchinvaerders 
in 1601. — Extract uit h. Journ. v. J. Heems- 
kerks Voyagie in 1601. (Amst., 1646.) bds., sq. 
4to. 2- 

(Sisior. aecomtt 0/ the Dutch voyage to Bait- 
India in 1599.— Fot/age .of 2 shipi,.. baimd '<•' 

Fbgdekik MMjhmr it &-\ 



Aiemw, in ISOr. — Extract from the journal of 
J. Heemskerk^s voyag-e-.y 
• N^o separate title; forma part of the collection : 
Begm en Voortganyh. CN"'. 273 — 74). 

2884 Sauer (M.) Account, o£ a geographibal and 

astvonora. expedition to the Northern part of 

Eussia, by Commod. J. Billings, 1785— 94. Loud. 

1803. Mf, calf, maps and plates. 4'to. 3.50 

Contains vooabalaries -of the Yukagir, Yakut-, Tnn- 

goose a. 0. languages. 

28S5 [^^augram (CJl. M.)], Dictionnaire universel 

d"e la Franco anc. et modern,e,, et do la Nouvelle 

France. Paris, 1726. 3 vol. Jif. calf, uncut. 

fof. 7.50 

PSgg. 1182 — 1354 treat of: N'ouveUie France, 

isles et autres colonies Francoises. 

2886 Saurel, A. A. J., Le graduateur. Mgthode 
pour tiouver I'eehelte metriq.ue. d'une carte. La 
Haye. 1855. cloth. With plates. 8vo. — 75 

2887 Sc1aa£C (Pb.) Amerika. Die polit.^ SDcialem u» 
kivchlich-religiSsen Zustande der Verein. Staaten. 
2e verm. Aufl. Berlin, 1858. hf. calf. 8vo. 2-— 

— De staatkund., maatschapp. en kerkelijk- 
godsdienst, toestand der Tereen. Staten. Rotterd., 
1855. sd. 8va 1.— 

Butch translation of the preceding work. 

2889- SChSffer, V-, Brazilie afs onafhankelijk ryk 
besohouwd. Amst. 1825. 2 vols. 8vo. (ff.gO) 2.— 
{Brazil consv^ered as independent empire, Transl. 
from the German.) 

2890 Schageu (J. van) Nieuwe projecten .... ten 
Considerablen voordeele van de West-tnd. Com- 
pagnie . T: -(Amaterd. 1749.) 16 leaves, fol. 1.— 

iNiio projects for the considerable advantage of 
the West-Ind. Comp.) 

On th& administration and commerce of Curasao 
and Bomaiie, esposed 1740 — 49. — The author 
was Counseller-Kscal at Curacao, then at Amsterdam. 

2891 SiChasz (J. A.) Het Engel'sche enAmericaan- 
sch& Kaart-Spel, vertoont in 3 bedryven. 3de druk. 
Utrecht, 1778. 8vo. 2.- 

(The English- American, play at cards. Repre- 
sented in 3 acts. Sd ed.) 

^92 Be verdrukte Wildecnan, zi|nd« een ver^ 

vo-lig o-p^ het Eng. Amer. KaaTtapel. Utreoh-t, 1778. 
8vo,. . 2.— 

{The oppressed' v)iM man, being- a centinmition 
to- the Mnigk- Amgrican play at cards.) 

28.98 . De Misrekening, zjjnde een tveeede ver- 

vol'g op het Engi en Americ. kaart-spel. 2de druk. 
Utj'echt, 1778-. 8vo. 2.— 

{The wrong mOve, being a second continuoMon to 
the English-American play at card's.) 

2894 — '■ Het. verdrag, zijiide het derde vervolg op 
het Eng.(-Anier.ic. kaartspel. Utrecht,. 1778. 8vo. 

A. — — 

{The treatgy b,eing the third continuation to the 
Engl.-Amer. play at cards.) 


2895 Schasz (J. A.) De geplaagde HoHander of 
de lastige nabuur, vertoond in' 5 bedrjjven. 
Utrecht, 1779. 8vo. 2.50 

{The karrassed Dutchman; or the importunate 
neightour: Represented in 5 ads.) 

A continuation to the author's wlays on the En- 
glish-American war. — Schasz is a psendoname for 
P. t'Hoen. 

2896 Sebauplatz der Welt, oder Besohreibung 
der furnemsten Lander, Nationen", StSdten una 
Fliissen durch 52 Figuren in einem Garten- Sxnel 
vorgestellet. — Title and 52 plates on 18 broad 
sq. 4to leaves, each having 3 pJaieSjtto last only 2. 
— Printed in Germany,, probably at Augsburg, 
about 1730. 25.— 

{Theatre of the World, or description of the 
principal countries, nations, cities and risers repre- 
sented, in- 53 playing-cards.) 

In this very curious, set Europe is, represented, by 
13, spades, Africa by 13 bells (a former card^sign), 
Asia by 13 heiarta ajjd Ame.r.ioa b.y 13 acorna (also 

a former anti(jue pip [spot 
King, a female represen 

ting America. 
Qlieen^, Eer.u. 
Knave, Meiico.. 
4c«,, Caatella Aurea. 
P'euce, Popajan. 
Trey, BiaziUa, 

)., divided in this ord<ir : 
Eaw,. Ob,ili. 
Five, Qjiiyira, 
Six,, fiuajaiia. 
Seuen, TuBatan; 
Might, Florida. 
iiine„ Yirgipia. 
Ten,. No-va Franqia. 

In original condition,, of t]^ highest, rarity. 

2897 SCheffer (J. G. de Hoop) Vrtendschapsbe- 
trekkingen tusschen de Doopsgezjinden hier te 
lande en die in PonnsylYaiiie. (Amsterd., 1869.) 
ExtT. 8vo. 1.50 

{historical account of the fHendly relations 
between the Butch and' the Pennsyliranian Baptists.) 

Entirely founded on authentic documents taken 
from the Archives of the- Mennonite Church at 

2898 SoUeliha (von) Treatise on Coast-defence, 
based on the experience gained by Officers of the 
Army of the Confederate States.,, and compiled 
from official' reports of Officers of the U. S. IS^avy, 
1861 -6S. Lond. 1868.. cloth, 12' large- plates (the 
first vranting.) large 8vO. (19.50) 4.50 

2899 ScheUimgec (W.) 'tVolmaeekte en toe-ge- 
ruste Sohip, bestaende in fraye gedichten^ en aer- 
dige liedekena . . . voor alle lief hebibera der groote 
Zeevaert. Amsterd.,. M. de Sroat, 1680., in parch- 
ment, am. 8vo. 123 pp. 10. — 

{The complete and egniped Ship, consisting in 
fine poems end prstty song^s . .. . fox all whei love 

Veet kAre popular book of Songs for the Sen- 
men, among which on the. ¥oyag« to «-Terreneuf" 
and Greenland for whaleflshing. — Good copy of 
one of the rarest chapbook.*, in original- cover 
SHghtly stained and wanting a part of the last 
pag. (blank.) 

2900 Solienk, F., Afbeeldinge van een hond:erf aer 



voornaamste en sterkste steeden^ in Europa. Am- 
sterdam, Jan Roman. 1752. half bound. Uncut, sq. 
folio. 18.— 

100 engraved views, 10 of which represent Ame- 
rican Cities, viz : Acapulco, Nieuu) Amslerdam, Fer- 
nambaco, Francis de Campeseie, Havana, Karia- 
g-ina, Nombre de Bias, Panama, Porto Rico, St. 

With printed table and index. 

2901 Schiel (J.) Eeise durch d. Felsengebirge u. d. 
Uumboldtgebirge nach d. stillen Ocean. Schaiih. 
1859. 8vo. —.90 

2902 Sehillemans, G. J., De balsamo Peruviano 
nigro. L. B. 1845. 8vo. —.50 

2903 Schlatter (M.) Getrouw verhaal van den 
waren toestand der meest herderlooze gemeentens 
in Pennsylvanien en aangrensende provintien, 
vpovgestelt en opgedragen met nederig versoek 
om hulpe en bystand, aan de . . . Synodena van 
Nederland, enz. Met eene aanpryzende voorrede 
van de Gecommitteerde der Clasais van Amster- 
dam. Amst., J. Loveringh, 1751. bds. uncut. 4to. 
— Extremely scarce. 50. — 

{Genuine account of the true situation of the 
most shepherdless congregations in Pennsylvania and 
adjacent provinces, laid before the Synods of Ne- 
therland... with an humble supplication for help. 
Also a recommandatory preface by the Commis- 
sioners of the Classis of Amsterdam.) 

The author, at first Minister at St. Gallen in 
Switserland, came to Amsterdam in 1736, and was 
sent by the Synod of Holland to Pennsylvania, in 
order to visit the different congregations throughout 
the land. — The volume contains at first an extract 
from the journal of his voyages in New-England, 
New-Netherland, New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mary- 
land and Virginia, 1746—51; then an account of 
the state of Pennsylvania and of the numerous Re- 
formed Congregations there and in the adjacent pro- 
vinces, which he found mostly without ministers. 
These relations are of the highest interest as they 
give details of the country, its people, the number 
of stone- and other houses in the principal towns, 
and especially of all relating to the Reformed Con- 
gregations, the names of their ministers etc. 

The preface contains likewise valuable particulars 
of the history of the Reformed Church in New- 

2904 Schmeller, J. A., tJeber eiiiige altera hand- 
schriftliche Seekarten. (Miincheu.'1844.) 4to. Extr. 

Contains an interesting letter of J. Seb. Dolcanon 
(Elcono), the companion of Magellan, treating on their 
voyage round the World. 

2905 Schmidel (H,) Vera historia, admirandae 
cniusdam navigationis, quam . . . Anno 15.54 — 1554 
in American), . . . iiixta Brasiliam et Eio della 
Plata confecit . . . Ab ipso Germanice descripta : 
nunc vero, emend, et oorrectis ... in hac forma 
reducta. Noribergae, imp. Leu. Bulsii, 1599. Com- 

plete with map and- 16 other plates. 4to. Mne, clean 
copy, but the plates rather short. 60.— 

VuKir EARE to be found complete with all the 
plates. — It is the first edition of Schmidel'a 
Voyage, issued by Hulsius, translated from the Ger- 
man original of Frankfort 1567. 

2906 Schmidt (K. C. G.) Zegenpraal des Chris- 
tendoms. Geschied. van de invoering en uitbrei- 
ding d. Evang. door de. zendingen. Uit h. Hoogd. 
Utrecht, 1846. sd. 8vo. 1.40 

(Victory of Christianity. History of the intro- 
duction and propagation of the Gospel liy the Mis- 
sions. From the German.) 

2907 Schmidt-Phiseldek (C. P. von) Europe 
and America or the relative state of the civilized 
world at a futare period. Transl. from the Ger- 
man by J. Owen. Copenhagen, 1820. sd. 8vo. 2.50 

2908 The same. French translation. Ibid. 1820, 

sd. 8vo. 1.50 

2909 Schoelcher (V.) Colonies etrangereset Haiti; 
resultats de 1 'emancipation Anglaise. Paris, 1843. 
2 vols. sd. map of Haiti. 8vo. 2.— 

2910 Scholtens (God.) Die nieuwe bereisde we- 
reld, ofte besehnjvinghe van alle landen, etc. 
's Gravenh.,. J. Tongerloo, 1662. hf. vellum, plates. 
4to. Fine copy. 6. — 

(The world newly run over, or description of all 
lands, etc.) 

Pp. 65 — 69 cont. a description of the Spanish 
West- Indies, with a plate representing the Indians 
in their divers occupations etc. 

2911 Scholtz (K. A.) Die Verein. Staaten von 
Nord-Amerika, in wissenschaftl., staatsrechtl. u. 
ooouom. Beziehung. 2e Aufl. Baltimore, 1859. 
sd. 8vo. 1.— 

2912 Schopf (J. D.) Beytrage z. mineralog. Kennt- 
nisz d. ostl. Theils von Nord-Amerika u. seiner 
Gebiirge. Erlang. 1787. sd. 8vo. 1.— 

2913 Schotel (G. D. J.) Anna Maria van Schur- 
man. 's Hertogenbosch, 1853. sd. portr. andfacsim. 
8vo. (4.—) 2.- 

Biography of A. M. k Schurman, one of the 
most zealous and able adherents of Labadie. 

2914 Schott (Andr.) Hispania illustrata, seu renim 
urbiumque Hispaniae, Lusitaniae, Aethiopiae et 
Indiae Soriptores varii in unum eollecti. Eraneof., 
Marnius, 1603—8. 4 vols, vellum, fol. 24.— 

Fine copy, with the Supplement to Mariana 
(bound up with the 2d vol.) the 3 maps wanting. — 
"Cette collection est fort importaute, et Ton a'en 
"procure difiicilement des exempt, coraplets." Brunei. 

The 3d volume contains the celebrated letter of 
Columbus tDe Insulis nuper inventis." — Deplo- 
ratio Lappianae gentis. — Lappiae Descriptio. — 
Notices on Brazil etc. — Dam. a Goes, De Aethio,' 
pis, with references to the «Prestre John," etc. 

2915 Schouten (Jobst) Sanfardig beskriffning om 
Konungarijket Siam, uthi hoUandska spraket ahr 

Fkbdurik Mullbr & C.. 


1636 fSrfattat. Wysingsborg, J. Kaniel, 1675. 4to. 
hds. 20.— 

_ Swedish edition of J. Schouten's celebrated trea- 
tise on Siam, of the highest rarity. Mr. Tlelc men- 
tions it not in his: Memoire bibliographiqne. -— The 
copy is somewhat stained and has some wormholes 
in the margins. 

Is one of the appendices to the rare Collection of 
Fot/ages, printed at Wijsingsborg, see n". 2706. 

2916 Schouten(Wl. Corn.) Journal ofte Besohry- 
vinghe v. de wonderlicke reyse iu 1616, 6, 7, hoe 
hy bezuyden de Strate v. Maggellanes eeii nienwe 
Passagie tot in de groote Zuydzee ontdekt, en 
voort den gheheelen Aerdkloot onagheseylt heeft, 
etc. Amst., Jan Jansz. {Bleau) 1618. maps and 
plates, bds. 4to. (Tiele N". 45). .35.- 

(Journal or description of the marvellous voyage 

made in 1615 — 16, how he discovered in the South 

of the Strait of Magellanes a new passage to the 

great South-Sea., and how he further circumnavi- 

■ gated the whole globe.) 

Extremely rare edition. Reprint of the second of 
1618. Mr. Tiele quotes only the copy in the col- 
lection of Mr. Lenox. — Fine large copy, with 
8 maps and plates. 

Schonten's voyage is the same which is narrated 
hy J. le Maire in his Ephemeris (see N". 1840) 
and inserted in the Dutch, Latin and French editions 
of Herrera, Novus Orbis (N". 1415—18), — but 
all the honour due to the skilful and learned young 
le Maire, is turned in Schonten's Journal to his own 
profit ; in this and many other circumstances the two 
accounts of this voyage differ considerably. 

2917 Journal on description du merveillenx 

voyage es ann. 1615 a 17 comme (en circuni-navi- 
geant le Globe terrestre) il a descouvert vers le 
Zud du desti-oit de Magellan un nouv. passage 
jusq. ^ la grande mer de Zud. Ensemble, des 
avantures admir., etc. Amsterd., Herman Janson, 
1619. 4to. Very rare. — Fine and complete copy in 
vellum, orig. binding. (Tiele N". 42.) 30.— 

This is already the 10th edition, printed in Am- 
sterdam in the course of 18 months, ot this remar- 
kable voyage, which was published in 35 different 
editions in Holland during the 17th century. After- 
wards it became a popular work, and many editions 
appeared during the last century as chap-books. 

This edition is a faithful translation ot the origi- 
nal Dutch text. 

2918 Novi freti a parte meridion. freti Magel- 
lan, in magnum mare austr. detectio, facta labo- 
rios. et periculos. itinere a G. Corn. Schouten, 
a. 1616—17, totum orbem terrarum circnmnavi- 
gante. Amst., Guil. Janssonius, 1619. hf. vellum. 
4to. I'ery fine and unusually large copy, all the 
plates with broad margins. (Tiele IN". 43.) 35.— 

Very rare first Latin edition, probably due to the 
Amsterdam physician, Nic. i. Wassenaer, author of 
the very interesting: Historisch verhael. The Latin 
translation, given by de Bry, Grands Voy. XII, is 




by far not so good as this version; of the 8 plates 
of de Bry, 2 are due to their imagination. 

2919 Schouten (Wl. Corn.) The same; other 
Latin translation. Amsterd., P. Kaerius, 1619. calf. 
4to. Old English binding, with the name of Ed- 
ward Gwynn on the cover. Very rare. Fine copy. 
(Tiele N". 44.) 30.— 

Edition entirely differing in version and printing 
from the foregoing. — Map 1 (of the world) and 
pi. g and h (page 52 and 60) are taken from other" 
editions; these 2 pi. are re-emmarged. The maps 
and plates have no Latin description on the verso. 

2920 The same, in Dutch : Journael, etc. 

Amst., Jan Janssen, 1644. /(/. vellum. 4to. Fine 
copy, but only with the maps c and i (Magell. 
and N. Guinea) the other plates replaced by 
6 other minor figures. (Tiele N». 48.) 12. — 

The text is reprinted from the original, but the 
dedications and prefaces are omitted, and alterations 
made in the style. 

2921 The same, in Dutch. — Hoorn, by Is. 

fVillemsz. voor J. J. Veutel, 1648. 4to. (Tiele 
NO. 52.) 18.— 

Very remarkable edition, with many valuable ad- 
ditions from an unpublished journal, held by the 
captain of the other ship, and 2 short vocabularies. 
(See farther Tide p. 50). — Of this edition, printed 
by Is. Willemsz., 3 variations exist in the title, 
each with a different name of publisher; one for 
Marten Gerbrandisz, not mentioned by Mr. Tiele, 
one for 3f. J. Jppel (see following N". 2922) and 
this edition. — In text and platw they agree all. 

This copy is very tall; the 9 plates quite com- 
plete and flue. 

2922 '■ The same, in Dutch : Hoorn, by Is. Wil- 
lemsz. voor M. J. Appel, IdiQ. boards. 4to. (Tiele 
N«. 51.) 9.— 

Same edition as the preceding with different name 
of publisher. The copy is rather short, and wants 
the last map; the 2 last plates {Eoornse. eyland 
and map of New-Guinea) are defective. — Rare. 

2923 — — The same, in Dutch. Journael, etc. Am- 
sterd., J. Hartgers, 1648. 4to. (Tiele N". 50.) 4.50 

Edition with separate title, but foriniug page 
67 to 117 of the voyage of Spilbergen in 1614 to 
18 (see N». 3031). The text agrees with the edition 
of Amst. 1644. N". 2920. Theplate to the voyage of 
Spilbergen is divided in 6 divis., the 3 last refer 
to Schonten's voyage. 

2924 ■ The same, in Dutch. — Amst., Wed. v. 

Gysb. de Groot (1740?) 4t0. 5.— 

Popular edition, with coarse woodcuts, not men- 
tioned by Mr. Tiele. 

2925 The same, in Dutch. Amst., J. Kanriewet, 

1766. 4to. In orig. paper wrapper as published. 

(Tiele N». 63.) 5.— 

Popular edition on coarse paper with 6 much 

used engrav. on wood. Reprint of the edition of 

1648 with some restrictions, but with the vocabularies. 



2926 Schouten (WJ Oost-Indische Voyagie^ mits- 
gaSers een cnrieuse beaohrijving fler vobmaemate 
landen etc. Amst., J. Meurs, 1676. calf gilt, porir., 
maps and many plates. 4to. Large paper. — Fine 



(East-Indian voyage, with ■a curious description 
of the principal countries etc.) 

Original edition of Schoaten's celebrated voyage. 
This voyage, made from 1658 to 1665 is often con- 
founded, especially liy foreigners, with the foregoing 
of his namesake W. C. Schouten, made in 1615 etc. 

2927 The same. Amst., 1740. hf. calf, maps 

and pi. 4to. 2.50 

2928 The same. Amat., 1745. hf. imif, maps 

and plates. 4to. 2.50 

2^29 Voyage aux Indes Orientalea. Tratl. du 

Holland. Amst., M. Roger. 1707. 2 vola. in l.calf, 
plates. 8vo. 3. — 

2930 The same. Eoiien, J. B. Machuel, 1725. 

2 Tola, calf, plates. 8vo. 3. — 

2931 The aame. Exactly the same edition, but 

with the address of P. Gaillou, 1726. 2 vols, sd., 
entirely uncut, plates. 8vo. 2.75 

-2932 SchoTlw-toOneel van wederwaardigheden of 

verzameling van rampspoedige en ongelukkige 

■rejstochten. Anasterd. B. Maurik (1780.) 5 parts 

in I vol. many plates, sd. micut. 4to. 4.50 

(Theatre of adversity, or collection of unlucky 


Contains : Journal of the unlucky voyage of the 
E. Ind. ship 'Blydorp, in 1733 ; — of the man of 
War: Hei Wuys in 't Bosok, Capt. Steenis, iu 1751. 
bfh ed.; — of the French ship Le Prince, and the 
Dutch ship Bustenweri, in 1752; — Various voya- 
ges 1754 — 1778. — This collective edition of rela- 
tions, published separately, is very rare. 

-2933 Schultz (W.) Raumliche Verhaltnisse der 
Siidprovinzea von Brasilien. Leipz. 1962. {Extr.) 
8vo. —.50 

"2934 Sctttiriliaii (Arma Maria a) very learned 
virgin, zealous adhereii't of Labadie, female author 
in Latin, Greek, Hebrew CQt. — A. L. 8. in 
Latin, to Dr. Bern. Swalue, dat. Wiewert, Sept. 
18, 1675. 8 full pp. 4to. 12.— 

A letter of >ihe greatest interest for the know- 
ledge of the Labadik doctrine. — Having been ill, 
she has received some medicaments from Swalue and 
now rettirns same animae medicinam to him, viz. 
quite a sermon on salvation and the way to acquire 
it, on divine grace and its effects, cet. — Swalue 
had expressed some doubts on his vocation 'lad r.elin- 
quendum munus medicum, famlliam, possessam do- 
mum,liberosque.'" Sbhnrman tries to solve these doubts 
and concludes he might nnusquam aeguius, nitius, 
aiit plenius exercere Artem Medicam, quam inter 
Ulos qui 'ju^.um illud mundanum . . . legitime reje- 
cerunf (viz. amongst the Labadists), cet. 

2935 Pael-steen .van den tyt onses levens, dat 

iSj Wt-spraeek over hetghesohil of de palen van 

'tieven vaststaen, ofte by ons verzet kunnen war- 
den. Uit het iialfn vertaalt. Amsterd., Joost 
Sroerss., 1647. sm. 8vo. Rare. 2.60 

{The mile-stone of our life, that is., decision of 
the question if the limits of life are immoveable 
or may be changed by us. Tr^ansl. from the Latin.) 

2936 Schurman (Anna Maria a) Opnscnla He- 
braea, Graeca, Lat., GaHica. Ed. 2a auct. Lugd. 
Bat., Elzevier, 1650. vellum, porir. 8to. 2.50 

2937 The same. Keoens., animadveiis. rn»tr. 

T. Chr. Doroth. Loeberia. Lips. 1749. portr. hf. 
calf. 8vo. 2.— 

Confer N». 2913. Biography of A M. & S. 

2938 EyxXnpLo. sen melioris partis electlo. Al- 

tonae, 1673. — P. Yvon, Essentia religionis chris- 
tianae patefacta. Ibid. 1673. — 1 vol. veVum. 
8vo. 5.60 

The first work is an interesting autohiogrSpliy. 

2939 Schuyler (Philip) the famous Major-General 
in the Kevol. War. — A. L. S. \to General 
H. Glen, dat. Albany, Nov. 13, 1781. 1 p. 4to. 


Fine specimen. — »I ha've repeatedly leiplessed 

to Congress the necessity of furnishing the baard of 

Commissioners with money to pay the icreditors" 

. . . cet. 

2940 Scoresby (W.) Account of the Arctic regi- 
ons. With a history and description of 'the Nor- 
thern Whale-fishery. Edinb., 1820. 2 vols, bis., 
maps and plates, roy. 8vo. 17.50 

Very interesting and rare work. 

2941 [Soribanus (C.)] Den vernieuden Nederl. 
Waersegger . . '. midtsgad. de macht van-da Spaen- 
sche, West-Ind. en Nederl. Provincien. Als 'oock 
den heelen Africaensohen handel. Amsterd. /. ■>'«- 
seler (1620.) calf. 8vo. '6.— 

(The renewed Netherland foreteller, ... the forces 
of the Spanish, West-Ind. and Dutch Fr.ovinc^,md 
the African commerce.) 

Kare pamplhlet to induce the United Provinces 
to finish the war wiith Spain, by an exposition of 
the Spanish forces. 146 pp.; followed bye » Den 
'G'hercforraeerden Holkodsoiien Apocalypsis." pp. 
97 — 144. — Published with .view on (the^approacbing 
end of the 12th years Treves. 

2942 „Seotion of a Magntficerit and mpeirh Water 
r/oje*." Eng'lia'h caricature: George III sitting on 
a water-closet: «Old England..., bound up by 
excrutiating evils," etc. (by Amewca) Pnbl. 'by 
W. Humphrey. 1780. Caricature. Ig. 8vo. 2.— 

2948 Sedgwick (Theod.) Speaker of the ■House 
of Repres. in Congress, 1788, Judge of the Supr. 
Court of Massacbua., 1802. — A. X.. S. to Dwight 
Foster, dat. StoCkbridge, Jan. ■1'2, 1794. 1 p. 
4to. 2.50 


2944 A. S. Note, dat. PhUad. Fehr. 11, 1800. 

6 lines. 4to. 1.60 



29» SedgWlBk (ThaodJ) A. S. Note, idat. Was- 
hington, Dee. 18, 180Q. 7 luies. 4to. 1.50 

Seie Selijns (H.) FivstDutoh Clergyman at Brook- 
lyn, afterwards im N. York, born Amsterdam 1 636 
died at N. York ITOl. One of the first poets of 
iN. y., see Henry C. Mui-phy: "Anthology ofNuw- 
Netherland." — His Dutch poem of 6 lines on tho 
rare plate representing the breaking of the dyke 
constructed by the Bishop of Muuster near the 
City of Coevorden. Fine etching by Romeyn de 
Sooghe. sq. fol. 10. — 

2947 Sententz der Herren Gerichten zu Dordrecht 
iiber Laur. Davids, gewesenen Capitityn auffm 
Sctiffe, . . . Anno 1661. von Amsterdam nach 
Havre de Grace und von danncn nach dem Ro- 
then Meere auff den Raub wider die Mohren ausz- 
gefshten. Abgefasst u. ausgesprochen . . . Sept. 
1663. 4 pp. 4to. — Slightly stained. 2.50 

Eitreraely rare piece. 

2948 [Serunan (Zaoc.)] Yiages de Env. Wanton 
a las Terras Incognitas Australes y al pais de la 
Monas. Trad, del idioma Ingles al Italiano, y de 
este al Espanol p. J. de Gnizman y "Mauriqne. 
Madrid, J. de Sa<'ha, 1781. 4 vols, calf, plates. 
4to. 7.'50 

"An ideal work, abounding with character, sen- 
itiment and philosoph. ^hservations. The author was 
a Venetian, named Zaccaria Seriman." Lowndes. 

S949 Seybert (Ad.) Statistical Annals of the Uni- 
ted states of America, founded on official docu- 
ments, 1798—1818. Philad. 1818. calf. 4to. 3.50 

!29&0 Seyd (E.), California and dts resoui?ces. Lond. 
i858. elath^ plaies and maf. 8vo. 1.50 

2951 Seymour (E.) Sketches of Minnesota, the 
New England of flie "West. New-York. 18S0. map, 
vloth. 8vD. 1.50 

2952 Shaw (Ch.) Topographical and histoii'ical de- 
scription of Boston, and its environs. Boston, Oli- 
ver Spear, 1817, calf, plates. Svo. 3. — 

2953 <Shier (J.), Second report on thorough-drai- 
nage, with special reference to its application to 
British G.uiana. Demerary. 1850. 6vo. 1.— 

2954 Shillibeer (J.) Ontmoetingen op eene reis 
naar het «iland Pitcaim, 'bevatt. eene sehets v. d. 
tegenw. toestand deriBranilien en van Spaansch 
America. .Dordr., 18t9. Svo. 1.25 

{Adaeninres of a vfyage to the island of Pit- 
aairn, vant. a -sietvh of tht present state of Bra- 
xil 'and Spanish ..America.) 

2955 Shirley (Will) Colonial Governor ofMassa- 
chus. 1J44— ©6. — S. Orders, with one -autogr. 
■line, to Col. John Stoddard, dat. "Boston, Ndv.aS, 
1746. 1 p. fol. 5.50 

Various .measures to defend the most exposed pla- 
ces on the Western Frontiers. 

2956 Sidney .(Algernom) Discourses. Publ. from 
th« ^original 'MSS. of the author. New-York, 
Printed for \R. Lee <i,y Deare and Andres, 1805. 


3 ivolB. Ms. uttcui, portr. 8yo. 3. — 

2957 Sidons (0.) De Vereen. Staten van Noord- 
Amerika in Tiunne Staat'kundlge, godsdienat. en 
maatschappel. betrekkingen. Uit h. Eng. vert. 
Leenwarden, 1828. sd. 8.vo. (2.40) 1. — 

(?'/(« Vniled Stales in their folit., theological 
and social relations. Transl. from the English!) 

2958 Sieboia (P. F. v.) Geographical and ethno- 
graph. .elucidations to the discoveries of Maeiten 
Gerrits Vries, 1643, in the East and North of 
Japan.. Translated by F. TVI. Cowan. Amst, 1859. 
cloth, with map. 8vo. 2.25 

2959 Silliman (Benj.) Professor of Chemistry in 
Yale College 1802—53, founder of the »Amer. 
Journal of Science and Art," 1818. — A. L. S. to 
Sara. M. Hopkins of N. Y., dat. New Haven, Oct. 
20, 1808. 1 p. 4to. 2.— 

2960 A. L. S. to Dr. Mason F. Cogswell, dat. 

New Haven, Febr. 38, 1813. 1 p. 4to. 2.-- 

2961 A. L. S. to Nathan Smith, .flat. New 

Haven, March 29, 1834. 2 p. 4to. 2.— 

On his Jom'ual, cet. — With a signed receipt, 

2962 Silsbee (Nath.) President of the Massaohns. 
Senate, Member of Congi'ess 1816—20, U. S. 
Senator 1826—35. — A. L. S. to Jer. Nelson, 
dat. Salem, Ffibr. 25, 1824. 2 pp. 4to. 2.50 

On politics, especially on Webster's Speeches in 

2963 Silva (Inn. P. da) Dizzionario bibliogra- 
-phico -Por.tuguez. EstndoiS applioaveis a Portugsrt 
y ao Brasil. Lisboa, 1858-59. Vol. [—111 (A— 
Jo.) 3 vols. hf. mor. 8vo. 1.0. — 

Complete in 7 vols. Out of print and scarce. 

2964 Simcms (G. J.) BeschrijTing van het eiland 
'CuVaQOu. Oosterwolde, 1868. map and 2 plates. 
8vo. (2.50) 1.50 

{'Description of the island of :Curafao.^ 

'2965 Slvers (H.) Bericht von Grohnland, gezogen 
aus zwo Chroniken. Hamb. 1674. 4to. Rare. 2.50 

2966 Six Months ia the West-ladies (the Carib- 
bee Islands) in 1825. 2d edit. Lond. 1826. ids. 
maj). 8vo. 1.50 

29.67 Sjoborg (N. H.) Polynesia detecta. Lundae, 
1807. 4to. Rare. 8.— 

Historical account of the discoveries and voyages 
to the South-Sea from 1417— J 791. Latin disser- 
tation . 
29S8 [Skinner (Jos)] The present state of Peru, 
,it» geography, natural history, .customs and man- 
ners of thie inhabitants, etc., drawn from original 
and authentic doeiunents. London, 1805. hf. calf 
•neat, 20 coloured plaies. 4tQ. (10^80) 4.50 

2969 Slavery. — A collection of 16 Dutch pam- 
phlets concerning Slaves and their emancipation 
in Surinam, 1830—1862. 8vo. 3.— 

2970 Sloot (F. W. V. d) Unseres Landes Wohl- 
stand, eine Probe jgottUcher Huld. Rede seiner 



Gemelne auf der Trap vorgestellt. Reading, B. B. 
Sage, 1813. 8vo. — Rare. 1.50 

The author was "Lehrer d. Evang. zu Ober- 
Hannover, Montgomery Country.'' 

2971 Smeeks (H.) Besohryv. van het magtig ko- 
ningrijk Krinke Kesmes, . . . een gedeelte van het 
onbekende Zuidland, gelegen onder den Tropicus 
Capricornus, ontdekt door J. de Posos. Amsterd. 
1708. 8vo. 2.50 

{Description of the migTiiy kingdom Krinke Kes- 
mes^ a part of the unknown South-Land, discovered 
iy J. de Posos.) 

Literary forgery ; in the form of voyages to Ame- 
rica, the newly discovered New-Holland, and the 
kingdom Krinke Kesmes, The book treats on an- 
thropology and religion, according to the Cartesian 

2972 Smeele (J. P.) Oorzaken van den atrijd tus- 
sclien Engeland en zijne Amerikaanache Kolonien. 
'sGravenh. 1856. sd. 8vo. 1.— 

(Causes of the conflict between Engl, and Ms 
American colonies.) 

2973 Vergeiykende Repertoria op de Wetboe- 

ken van Surinaine, Curasao en Nederland. Straf- 
vordering. 's Grav. 1870. 8vo. 1. — 

[Comparative Repertoria on the Codes of Suri- 
name, Curasao and Netherland. Code-penal.) 

2974 Smith (Jer.) Governor of New Hampshire 
1809—10. — A. L. S. to Mr. Gilman, dat. Bos- 
ton, Oct. 25, 1792. 1 p. 4to. 2.— 

2975 Smith (Joh) A Description of New-England, 
or the observations and discoveries of Capt. 
J. Smith in the North of America, etc. London, 
1616. cloth. 4to. 10.— 

Exact reprint, with a fac-simile of the original 
map. Boston, W. Veazie, 1865. — Only 250 co- 
pies printed. 

2976 Advertisements for the unexperienced 

Planters of New England or any where. London, 
1631. cloth. 4to. 10.- 

Eiact reprint with a fac-simile of Smith's map 
of New-England of 1635. Boston, W. Veazie, 
1865. — Only 250 copies printed. 

2977 Smith (John Cotton) Governor of Connec- 
ticut, 1813-18. — A. Adress of a letter to Mr. 
W. Sprague. — .60 

2978 Smith (Sam.) History of the Colony of Nova- 
Caesaria, or New-Jersey, to 1721. Burlington in 
New-Jersey, J. Parker, 1765. calf. 8vo. — Veky 
BARE. 50. — 

"A judicious and authentic compilation; never 
having been reprinted, it has become very scarce 
and diiBcult to be met with." Rich. 

A perfect copy; only a very small part of the 
upper margin of the title cut off, without attaining 
the text. 

2979 Smith (Sam. Stanhope) Pres. of Nassau 
Hall, Princeton, distinguished preacher and philo- 
sopher. — A. L. S. to the Kev. Griffin of Ne- 

wark, dat. Princeton, Deo. 22, 1806. 1 p. 4to. 2 

Applying to Mr. GrifBn for a disconrse. 

2980 Smith (W.) History of the Province of New- 
York, from the first discovery to 1732. 2d Edi- 
tion. Philadelphia, 1792. calf. 8vo. 10._ 

Esteemed and standard work ; the original edition 
is very scarce. 

2981 Smith (Will.) Comparative view of the con- 
stitutions of the several States with each other, 
and with that of the United States. Philadelphia 
Johi Thompson, 1796. cull. 4to. — Rare. 5. 

2982 Smith (W. H.) Canada: past, present and 
future, being a histor., gcograph., geolog. and 
statistical account of Canada West. Toronto (1851.) 
2 vols. 11 maps. hf. calf. roy. 8vo. 10.— 

2983 Smithsonian Institution — Eeport (An- 
nual) of the Board of Regents of the Smith- 
sonian institution. Washington, 1853 — 74. 21 vols. 
cloth. 8vo. 18.— 

Containing the lectures delivered before the mem- 
bers and a large amount of scientific information. 

2984 Snow (W. Parker) "Voyage of the „Prince 
Albert" in search of John Franklin : narrative of 
every-day life in the Arctic seas. Lend. 1851. 
Map and pi. cloth. 8vo. 1.80 

2985 Sotaolewski. — Catalogue de la bibliotheque 
de feu M. S. Sobolewski (de Moscou.) Leipzig, 
1873. 4448 numeros; with Ms pnce*. 8vo. — Aeopy 
on thick fine paper. 3.50 

Important collection of works on History ' and 
Voyages, specially on America and Australia inola- 
ding the most complete and finest copy of Be Bry's 
Grands et Petits Voyages (Latin and German), acqui- 
red by Mr. Frederik Muller, and now in the Lenox 
Library at New York. — Mr. Sobolewski furnished 
the exact bibliographical description of De Bry's 
Voyages for the last edition of Brunei, Manuel 
du libraire. 

2986 Soeteboom (H.) 3e voomaemste zeegetogt 
der Nederl. na de Oost-lndien, onder Jac. Hoems- 
kerk en Wolf. Hermansz in 1601 — 3. Uytdeaen- 
teeken. v. Willem v. Westzanen. Sanerdain, B..3. 
Zoet, 1648. bds. 4to. Very rare. (Tiele N». 161.) 

(Sd and principal voyage of the Dutch to E-I. 
under J. H. and W. H. in 1601—3. — According 
to the notices of William of West-Zanen.) 

With 8 pi. in the text. — There are '4 sorts of 
copies of this edition, all with different names of 
publishers; the other impressions are very inferior 
to this original edition. 

2987 The same. Amsterd., J.Jz.Schipper,lMi. 

plates, bds. 4to. (Tiele N". 162.) — Some worm- 
holes in the margins. 6.— 

2988 Solis (A. de) Historia de la conquista de 
Mexico, poblacion y progresses de la America 
Septentrional, conoeida par el norabre de Nueva 
Espana. Brussel., F. Foppens. 1704. map and pla- 
tes, vellum, fol. — The paper somewhat spotted. 4.— 

Feederik Mul-LEB, & 0'», 

sons — 

2989 Soils (A. de) The same. Brnsael., Boiisquet. 

1741. map, hf. of. uncut, fol. — Large paper. 5. — 
299(5 — _ The same. Madrid, 1758. 3 vols, call, 

gilt edges, sm. 8vo. — Fine copy. 3.50 

2991 The same. Madrid, A. de Sancha, 1784. 

Vol. 11. calf, iracai, map and plates. 4to. 3. — 

Beautiful edition. 

2992 The same. Madrid, Cano, 1798. 5 vols. 

calf, portraits and plates. 16mo. 3.50 

Nice edition, and of rare occttrrenoe. 

2993 The same. Paris, 1827. 5 vols, sd., uncut. 

12mo. 1.75 

2994 Histoire de la conquete du Mexique. La 

Haye, A. Moetjens, 1692. 2 vols, calf, maps and 
plates, sm. 8vo. 3. — 

2995 The same. Paris, H. Charpentier, 1704. 

2 vols, vellum, map and plates, sm. 8vo. 3.50 



Solms-Braunfels (Carl, Prlnz zu) Te.xas, 
mit lllicksicht auf die deutsche Colonisation. 
Frankf. a. M., 1846. bds., map. 8vo. —.60 

2997 Solorzano Pereira (J. de) Traducciou de 
la Dedicatoria real, i Epistolas poemiales del [(do 
Tomo del derecho, i governo de las Indias Occi: 
dentales. lllustr. con notas marginales, i . . . com- 
pendio de lo que se trata en los 11 Tomos, por 
D. Gabr. de Solorzano Paraagna. (Madrid?) 1639. 
vellum, fol. — Veri/ rare. 18. — 

2998 Soltau (D, W.) GeschichtederEntdeokungen 
n. Eroberungen der Portugiesen im Orient, 1415 — 
1539. Nach Anleitung der Asia des J. de Barros. 
Braunschweig, 1821. 5 vols. sd. 8vo. 6. — 

2999 Somer (Jan) Zee- en Landt-Eeyse naar de 
Levante, als Itallen, Candien, Egypten, Tnrokyen. 
enz. 2de vermeerd. druk. Amst., J. Hartgers, 1649. 
With engravings. 4to. 2.50 

{Voyages and travels in the Levant, Italy, Can- 
dia, ^gypt, Turkey etc. 2d edit.) 

This we believe to be the first part of Hartgers' 
intended 2d volume of his Collection of Voyages. 
(See N». 2361, 63.) 

3000 The same. 3d edition. Arasterd., J. v. d. 

Bergh, 1661. With the same plates. 4to. 2.50 

3001 Sommer (J. G.) Beschrijving der Nieuwe 
Staten van Amerika. Naar het Hoogd. Amst., 
1828. 2 vols. 8vo. With plates. (6.90) 2.— 

{Description of the New States of America. 
From the German.) 

3002 Sonnerat, Voyage a la Nouvelle Guin^e. 
Paris, Ruault, 1777. calf, 120 plates, most relating 
to natural history. 4to. Fine copy. 6. — 

.3003 Soules (Franc.) Histoire des troubles de 
rAmerique Anglaise." Paris, Buisson, 1787. 4 vols. 
hf. calf, maps. 8vo. 3. — 

3004 Sommation (La) faite par le Marq. de Spi- 
nola au Gouvernenr de la ville de Breda. En- 
semble plusieurs particularitez de tout ce qui s'est 
passe, taut en AmSrique, etc. Pads, 3. Martin, 


jouxte la copie impr. i Amsterdam, 1625. 8vo. 9. — 

Extremely scarce. — - The chapter »de Madril" 

(pag. 12.) treats on Peru, Chili, Lima, etc. 

3006 South- America. — Chart of the Southern 

Promontory of America, from the Spanish survey 

; of 1789—95, compar. with a Span. MS. by A. Ar- 

roKsmith. Lond. 1802. High fol. 64 by 94. 2.— 

3006 - — Views of various cities. Old engravings 
from Montanus, Schen/t, with address : Daumont 
(coloured), etc. 7 pe. sq. fol. and 4to. 2.50 

Carthageua, Boavista, Nombre de Dios, St. Fran- 
cisco de Campeche, etc. 

3007 Religious, nuptial and funeral ceremonies 

in Peru, Brazil and Venezuela, engrav. by Bern. 
Picart. 18 represent, on 8 sh. fol. — First impress. 


3008 Southern History of the War. Official Re- 
ports of battles, as published by order of the Con- 
federate Congress at Richmond. New-York, 1864. 
cloth. 8vo. (9.80) 4.— 

3009 South- Sea-Company. — Various Acts of 
Parliament and other papers relating to the Com- 
pany trading to the South-Sea, and other parts 
of America, and for encouraging the Fishery. 
23 pieces, 1711—24, bound in 1 vol. calf neat. 
fol. 12.— 

Interesting eoUection, especially for the knowledge 
of the pecuniary and internal management of the 

3010 Souza (P. Lopes de), Diario de navegagao 
da armada que foi a terra do Brasil em 1530, sob 
Martin Alfonso de Souza. Publ. por F. A. de 
Varnhagen. Lisboa, 1839. 8vo. 4.50 

Out of print and scarce. 

3011 Spanish Silverfleet (The) captured in the 
Bay of Matanca by the Dutch fleet, commanded 
by the Admirals Piet Pz. Hein and H. C. Loncq, 
8 Sept. 1628. — German engraving, with map of 
Cuba to the right. — On the same sheet ano- 
ther German engrav. of an engagement of some 
Dutch ships with the Privateers of Dniukerk. — 
Together 1 sheet small sq. fol. h. 30 br. 39 cent. 


3012 Dutch engraving with the portrait of 

Piet H e y n at the top in the middle of the 
plate, sm. sq. fol. 2. — 

.3013 Different representation, publ. by R. Wil- 
ding, Rotterdam, 1788 ; with inscription : "Piet 
Heyn veroverd de zilvere vloot." sm. sq. fol. 2. — 

3014 — ^ Nautilus, being a drinking-horn of the 
Admiral Piet Heyn, presented to him for the 
capture of the Silverfleet, engrav. by A. Belfos. 
sq. 8vo. 1.25 

3015 Two Medals struck on the capture of 

the Silverfleet. 4to. —.50 

3016 Sparks (L) Reply to Lord Mahon and others 
on the mode of editing the writings of Washing- 
ton. Cambr. 1862. 8vo, -.50 



3017 SpKrma/lH (A.)' Voyage an Gap d« Bo^ne- 
Esperaace et autour du Monde avecleCap. Cook. 
Trad. p. Le Tom-neur. Paris, 1787. 2 vols. Old 
French red marocco extro.^ gilt edges, mags and pla- 
tes. 4t)0. Very fine copy. 23: — 

3018- Voyage to tiie Cape of Good: Hope, 

towards the Antarctic Polar Circle), and round 
the world, 1772—76. Transl. from tiie Swedishi 
2d. edit. London, 1786. 2 vols. hf. calf,, extra gilt, 
plates. 4to. Beautiful copy. 6. — 

3019 Reize ete, Leiden, 1787. 2 vols, plates. 

8vo. 2.50 

Dutch tianslatiau of the preceding. 

3020 Speculum Orbis Teixarum (per Coin, 
de Judaeis.) Antverp., A. Coninckx, 1593. 2 part, 
in 1 vol. calf. fol. Fine copy. 20. — 

The 2d' part has the titles GerrMmiaigeegrap<hieis> 
taiulis illustraia audi contains 3 plates of costumes. — 
All maps and plates coloured at the' time of the 
pahlication. The 4 maps of America (contai'ned' in 
the 1st part) are: AJappemonde, — Brasilia et Pe- 
ruvia. — Americae pars Borealis, Florida, Bacca- 
laos, Canada, Corterealia (with the costumes of the 
inhabitants of Virginia.), — Nova Guinea,, etc. 

3'021 Spel (Het) van Brasilien, vergheleken by een 

goedt verkeer-spel. 1638. 4to. Uncut, iiile damag-ed. 

(Asher N»'. 149.) 1.50 

{The Brazil' play, compared to a good game at 


3022 Spencer (A.mtar.) Senator 1795- 1802, Chief- 
Justice of the Supr. Court 1819—23. — A. L. S. 
to- Stephen Van Eensseteer in Congr., Washing- 
ton, dat. Albany, Maixh 10, 1828. 1 p. 4to. 2.50 


3023 [Spencer (J. C.)] Report of abstracts of 
convictions for criminal offences m the State of 
New-York. N.-York, 1840. roy. 8vo. 1.— 

3024 Spilbergen (Joris v.) 't Historiael Jonr- 
nael ... v. weghen 3 schepen . . . ghevaren wt 
Zeelandt . . . naer d'O. Indien, . . . 1601. Met 
14 platen.. Delff,, Floris Balthasar, 1605. sq. 4to. 
(Tiele N". 140). quite complete. 70. — 

{Historical journal of 3 ships, which set sail from 
Zealand to E'ast-India in 1601. IFith 17 plates. 
Delff. n. Balthasar.) 

Kare. Third edition, reprinted as the 2d, with 
slight alterations, from the 1st ed. ; all published in 
1605. Good copy, a small corner of one leaf tor- 
ned off. 

This journal is especially interesting for the exten- 
sive accounts on Ceylon where the crew stayed for 
a. considerable time. The author is imknown. He 
shows his extreme Calvinism in various places; pro- 
bably this was the cause that this memorable jour- 
nal, did not appear in French before 1703. 

The translation given by de Bry in the Petits 
Voy. VII, 1. is abridged and mutilated in different 
places; the 14 plates arc reduced to 12, 
exact copies. 

3035 Spilbergen (JoriS' t.) The same^ in Butch. 

(Amst. 1646.) bdi. sq. 4t.0i 4.50 

With 10 plates, no sejjarate title ; forms part of 
the collection : Begirt en, Voortgmigh (N". 272—74.) 
The text is faithfully reprinted, but the dedication, 
poems, etc. are omitted'; on the other hand some 
additions are inserted'. 

3026 The same, with, additions of: de 2e Vo- 
yage naar O. Indren onder St. van der Hagen. 
{The id voyage to B'.-India under S: v. d. Hagen.) 
Amst., J. Hartgers, ief48. Ms. 4to. (Tiele N". 143.) 


Wit 1 pi. in 6 divis. Reprint of the pieeeding 

edition of Spilbergen. TJie voyage of Sj)ilberge» 

fills pp'. 3 to 61; tha* ofi v. d. Bageu pp. 62toi96. 

3027 — — The same, in Dutch. Amst., J. Hiirtgen, 
1652. bda. 4to. JB,m>e. (Tiefe N«-. 144.)- 7.5« 

With 3 pi. in the text. — B«print of the prece- 
ding without the voyage of van der Hagen. 

3028 Oost ende W^est Indische Spiegel der 

2 leste Navigatiem ghedaen in 1614 tot 18' door 
J. V. Spilbergen de werelt rontooi; met 2 Histo- 
rien de een v. Oost, de ander v. West iBdJen. 
Met de Aastralisehe Nayigatien v. J. le Maire, 
die in 'tsuyden door een nieuwe Straet ghepas- 
seert ia.. Leyden, Nic. v, Geelkenhen, 1&19. sq. 
4to. vellnim. With 34 platen and maps, map 1 at 
nearly always, wanting. (Tiele N". 65.) 40'^ — 

{East and West-India, mirror of the- %lattifavir 
gallons in 1614 to 18 by J. o. Spilbergen romd 
ike world; with 2 histories of Bast- and Wesi- 
India. With ike Australian navigation of J. le 
Maire, who passed in the South through, a new 

First' edition. — Rne, tall copy, boards. 

3029 Speculum Orientalis- OecidBntalisqae In- 

diae navigationum, quarum una Gg. a Spilbergen 
classis Praef., altera Jac. le Maire auspiciis directa, 
aBnia 1614 — 18. Exhibens novi in mare austr. 
transitus, inooguifc hactenus' gentium ao terr. inven- 
tionem, etc. Lugd. B., apud Nie, a Geelhercken, 
Sumpt. Jud. Hondii.^ 1619. sq. 4tOi. calf. Fine copy., 
vellum. 25 maps and plates, J»i4f completes. JTiele 
N«. 67.) 40.- 

Latin translation of the preceding; 

3030 Miroir Oost et West (ndical, auquelsont 

descriptes les 2 dern. navigations faiotes es aan. 
1614 a 18, I'une par George de Spilbeugen par 
le Destroict de Magellan, et aussi tout aiitour de 
la terre: I'autre faiote par Jac. le Maire, leipel 
au coste du Zud du destroict de Magallan a des- 
couvert un nouveau Destroict. Avec la deseript. 
de tons pays, gens, etc. Amst., Jan Jimsa., 162-1. 
gilt calf. sq. 4to. Fine copy. (Tiele N". 7,0.) 45..— 

This very interesting journal is first pH-bHshed in 
Dutch, then in Latin, at last in French;, the last 
translation is the best ; the Latin is partly abridged, 
etc. The version, of de Bry has many mutilations; 
their plates are copied from these originals. — See 

Fessesik MuuuEB. &. C°'., 



many luteresting observations concerning these jour- 
nals in Tide's Meoiuire p. 70, etc. 

3081 Spilbergen (Joris v.) Historissh Jouvnael 

V. ae Vo3'agie door Miigall. naer de Moliicques. 

(Amst. 1646.) sq. 4to. fTilA 25 pi. 6.50 

No special title. Forma part of the 2d vol. of: 

£effin en Voorigangh (N". 273—74) where it is 

repiinted from the preceding editions, but with some 

omissions. — The journal of Schouten's voyage is 

added to this. N". 2923. (See Tiele p. 68.) 

3032 Oost en West Ind. Voyagie door Magell. 

onder J. Spilbergen. — En de Reyse d. W. C. 
Schoiiten en J. le Maire in 1615 etc. Aniat., 
J. Hartgera, 1648. 4to. (Tiele N». 71.) 4.60 

Heprint of the preceding edition. With 1 pi. in 
6 divisions. 

3033 Joris Spilbergen attacking the Spa- 
nish Admiral Kodrigo do Mendoza, off the Coast 
of Peru. 1615. Old Dntch engrav. sm. 4to. 1.50 

3034 Spitzbergen Portulanoofthe coasts of Europe, 
with separate map of a part of Spitzbergen. Amster- 
dam, W'iUem Janszooa Blaeu, (about 1620). Large 
fol. 76 by 60. — Printed on vellum, with colou- 
red arms. — Unique. 40.- 

Certainly one of the earliest maps published by 
n^. J. Blaeu (See note of N». 336). The author 
is, according to a notice on the map, Cornelia Doe- 
dea from Edam. 

,3035 Spitzbergen (Description of a view of the 
North coast of), in Barker's Panorama. Load. 
1819. plate. 8vo. —.60 

3036 Spix (J. B. V.) et C. Fr. v. Martins, Voyage 
dans I'intfirieur du Bresil. Muuch. 1823-24. 26.— 

Contains : 

a. Nova genera et species Plantaruoi, gr. in-4(o. 
(fasc. 111.) Text pag. 37—80. 

b. Genera et species Falmarum. fol. (faac. 1—3). 
(Title, Liat of Saiacripiiona, Text: page 1 — 
90 a>id col. platea. N». 1—67. 

c. Simiarnm et Vespertiliouum Brasil. fol. Te.Tt 
Fr.-Latin complete. Col. platea. N". 1, 4—8, 
10, 14—38. 

d. Animalia nova sive Serpentum Bras, species 
novae. , gr. in-4to. Text Fr.-Lat. complete. 
Plalcs wanting. 

e. Testudinum et Ranarum Bras, species novae, 
gr. in-4to. Text complete; platea wanting. 

3037 Eeise in Brasilien. Miinchen, 1823. vol. I. 

tda., uncut. 4to. 1.50 

3038 Sprague (Will. B.) American Clergyman 
and author. — 4 A. L. S. to the Kev. P. H. 
Marron of Paris, dat. Springfield and Albany, 
1829—1831. 7 pp. 4to and 1 p. 8vo. 10.- 

Interesting letters on their very extensive collec- 
tions of autographs, and on the interchanging of 

3039 A. L. S. to the Rev. Athanase Coquerel, 

son in law of the Rev. P. H. Marron, dat. Al- 
bany, Oct. 5, 1832. 3 pp. 4to. 3, - 


Very fine letter on the death and the character 
of Marron: "a man of great moral worth, of fine 
intellectual powers, of extensive acquisitions and of 
cumniauding influence." — With portrait of Mar- 
ron, engrav. by Hulk. fol. Proof before letter. 

3040 Spranokhuysen (Dionys.) Triumphe van 
weghen do victory don 8 Sept. 1628 verleent aen 
de vlote van do West- Ind. Coinp. onder Pioter 
Pietersz. Heyn, teghen de Silver-Vlote onzer vy- 
anden, koraende van Nova Hispania. Delf, 1629. 
4t0. Laat leaf damaged. (Ashor N". 115.) 8.— 

(Triumph Jor the victory, granted to the fleet ' 
of the W. J. Comp. under P. P. Heyn, againat 
the Silver -fleet.) 

This is the most complete contemporary accoont 
of the capture of the Silver-fleet. Confer N". 3011—14. 

3041 Tranen over den doodt van P. Pz. Heyn, 

mitsgad. syn Testament aen dc West- Ind. Comp. 
Delf, 1629. 4to. (Ashor N». 124.) 6.— 

(Teara on the death of P. Pz. Heyn, mth hia 

3042 Dps Jaers 1629 roepende stemnie tot de 

Vereenighde Nederlanden. Bolswardt, 1 653. 4 parts 
in 1 vol. vellum. 16mo. 6. — 

(The years 1629 voice calling the United Ne- 
therlanda. . .) 

The 4th part (51 pp.) contains a sermon held for 
celebrating the capture of the Spanish Silver-fleet 
by P. Heyn, in 1639. — Not mentioned by Asher, 
nor any where else. 

3043 Sprengel (M. C.) Geschichto d. geograph. 
Entdeckungen bis zur Ankunft der Portugiesen 
in Japan, 1542. 2e Aufl. Halle, 1792. bda. 8vo. 


3044 Ueber J. Ribero's alteste Welteharte. 

(1529). Weimar. 1795. Ifith Ig. fol. map. 8to. 4.50 

This essay contains the first reproduction of that 
part of Kibero's map, which relates to America, 
by P. L. GUssefeld, 50 by 65 centimeter, giving 
the American coast from labrador till the Strait of 
Magellan. — See the later reproduction by Kohl, 
N". 1690. — Ribero was Cosmographer to the Em- 
peror Charles V. 

3045 Auswahl der besten aiisiandisehen geo- 
graph. u. statist. Nachrichten zur Aufklarung d. 
Volker- u. Liinderkunde. Halle, 1794-1800. 
14 vols, in 7. hf. calf, uncut. 8vo. 7.50 

Esteemed colkction, contain, amongst others, many 
interesting pieces for America, viz. : Bryan Edward, 
Beschreib. der Brittiscben Kolonien in West- Indien. — 
Goldaon's Bemerk. iib. d. Sjjan. Admirals de Fonte, 
Seereise nach d. innern Gegenden von Neu-Albion 
(1640). —'a Bemerk. iib. Pennsylvanien. — 
Nachricbt d. Stadt Washington. — Reckenwalder, 
Keisjournal von Bethlehem in Pensilvanieu nach d. 
Posten St. Vincent am Wabashfluth. — Collin, 
Tagebuch d. Biitt. Volkspflaozung in Nen-HoUaud 
od. Neu-Siidwales, 1788—96. 

3046 Geschichte der Revolution von Nord 




America. Frankenthal, 1788. col. map. sd. 8yo. 1.50 

3047 Squier (E. G.) Aboriginal Monuments of the 
State of New-York. (Washingt., 1849.) bds., 14 
plains. 4tO. 5. — 

3048 Staatkundige aanuierkingen over het . . . 
gfidrag der Kngelschen, 9 Aug. 178Q, indegroote 
Baay van het Eiland St. Martin. Ho place. 1780. 
8vo. 1.50 

(Poliiical remarks on the conduct of the English 
in the Bay of the island St. Martin.) 

3049 The same, bound up with : Missive van 

G. Pagel 1684, . . . zeer toepasselgk op het ge- 
houden gedrag der Regeering van Amsterdam, . . . 
zoo ten aanzien van haare geheime correspon- 
dentie met den Ambassadeur van zeker uitheemsch 
vorst, als van haare onbetamelyke ondevhand. met 
den Amei'ik. commissaris W. Lee, etc. 1782. — 
and 5 other pamphlets in 1 vol. calf. 8vo. 3. — 

(Missive of G. Fagel, 1684, applicable to the 
Hegency of Amsterdam, for their secret correspon- 
dence ioith the Ambassador of a foreign Prince., 
and for their unbecoming negociations with the 
American Commissioner W. Lee, etc. 1782.) 

3050 Staats-Secretaris (De). Amsterd., 7). Swart, 
1770. 6 Nos. not complete; 1775 W. 11; 1778. 
12 Nos. — Together 19 Nos. 18mo. 6.— 

( The European Secretary of State.) 
A monthly review of political and other occur- 
rences, learcely found. — Each N". contains ample 
reports of the events in the British colonies in America. 

8051 Staden v. Homberg (Hans) Veritable his- 
toire et description d'un pays habite par hommes 
sauvages... situe dans le Nouveau Monde. Publ. 
pour la premiere fois en fran^ais par H. Ternaux. 
Paris, 1837. sd. 8vo. 4.— 

Forms part of: Voyages, relations etc. orig. snr 
TAmerique. . . par Ternaux. 

3052 Stair (Nil) Res weitberilmbten Seelanders . . . 
hoehstmerkwUrd. Reisen nach denen unbekannten 
Insuln des Oriental. Oceaui darinnon dessen be- 
trachtl. Schiffarth, . . . Schiftbruch, eltjahr. Woh- 
nung unter einer sehr vernlinft. Indian. Nation, 
etc. Aus dessen eigenhand. Journal ... ins Hoch- 
deutsche libers. Frankf. n. Leipz. 1778. sd. plate. 
8vo. — Bare and /mrious. 4.50 

3053 Stansbury (H.) Exploration and Survey of 
the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, in- 
clud. a reconnoissance of a new route through 
the Rocky Mountains. Philadelphia, 1852. many 
plates of vietfts and natural history, and maps, ivola. 
cloth. 8vo. 7.50 

8054 Staphorst (Gasp.) Carmen epinicium ac pro- 

trepticum de bello Brittannico. Dordrecht, (1665.) 

8vo. 1.50 

Pp. 239—41, Account of the capture of the 

Silver-fleet by P. Heyn. 

3055 Stark (John) Major-Qeneral, distinguished 
himself at Bunker's Hill. — A. S. Order to Henry 
Ulen. dat, Albany, Juny 16, 1778. 5 lines. 4». 6.— 

3056 State of the Population, Slaves, and the Mem- 
bers for the Congress, of the different Un. States. 
Philadelphia, 5 Sept. 1791.^ — French, ceniemporary 
MS. One sheet. 4to. 1,50 

3057 „ State-Tinkers (The)" English caricature : 
Lord North and others, engaged in mending the 
national kettle. (Engrav. by Oillray ?) Publ. by 
W. Eumphrey. 1780. fol. 3.— 

3058 Statuten der Nederl. Walvischvisscherjj-Maat- 
schappij te Amsterdam. Amst., 1§43. 8vo. —.60 

{Statutes of the Butch W halefishery at Am- 

3059 Statuten der West-Ind. Maatschappjj tp Am- 
sterdam, 1828. 8vo. — .60 

{Statutes of the West-lnd. Comp. founded at 
Amsterdam in 1S28.) 

3060 Statutes and Treaties of the United States 
of America, passed at the 2d Session of the 32d 
Congress 1852—53. Edit, by G. Minot. Boston, 
1853. roy. 8vo. 2.— 

Gout. Treaties with the Sioux, the Chickasaws, 
and the Netherlands. 

3061 Stedman (J. G.) Voyage a Surinam etda^ia 
I'interieur de la Guiane. Avec details snr les In- 
diens et les Negres. Suiv. du tableau de Cayenne. 
Trad, de I'Angl. p. P. P. Henry. Paris, 1800. 

3 vols. 8vo. and atlas of 44 plates. ii(-4to,, hf. 
calf. 6.— 

3062 Reize naar Suriname, etc. Amsterd., 1801. 

4 vols. With plates and map. 8vo. S.~ 

Dntch translation of the preceding. 

3063 Steendam (J. J.) Distelvink. Amst., 0. ». 
Goedesbergh, 1649—50. 3 vols, in 1. vellum. 4tO. 
With music. Fine copy. 48. — 

{The Thistle-Finch.) 

Very rare collection of the poems of the flrst 

poet of New-Netherland, author of the fol- 
lowing pieces. — Steendam was minister of the 
Protestant church in New-Amsterdam and afterwards 
governor of the orphanhouse at Batavia. 

3064 Reohte Grouwel der verwoestinge, ont- 

dekt in den seer doorlucht. verdichter Joost van 
den Vondelen. No place ncr date (Amst. 1660?) 
185 lines in 3 col. Broadside, large fol. 40. — 

{Just abomination of the ravage, revealed in the 
very excellent fabulist and poet J. van den Pondel.) 
LInique. — Nowhere mentioned. Polemical poem 
against the poet Vondel, who belonged tirst to the 
Baptist community, and was afterwards converted to, 
the Roman Catholic church, being weary of the inter- 
minable theological quarrels in the various Baptist 
Not mentioned by Mr. Murphy, see N". 3066. 

3065 Lauwer-Strjjt tnsschen Catharina Quea- 

tiers en Cornelia van der Veer. Met eenige By- 
dichten. Amsterd., 1665. vellum. 16mo. 6.— 

{Poetical emulation between Calhar. Questien and 
Corn. V. d. Veer.) 


Contains a poem by Ja6ob Steertdam: In het 


^ Stambneoi van de ionstminnende Poeters Juffr. 
(Sorhelia van der Veer. — Not mentioned by Mr. | 
Murphy, see following number. j 

3066 Steendam (J. J.) Murphy (H. C.) Jakob j 
Steendam. — Noch vaster. — A. memoir of the 
first poet In New-Netherland, with his poems des- i 
criptive of the colony. Hague, 1861. Wiih portrait 
of J, Steendam. 8vo. 10. 

Printed for private distribution. 

3067 Steinert (W.) Nord-Amevika, vorziiglich 
Texas in 1849. Ein Bnch fltr Auswanderer. Ber- 
lin, 1850. 8vo. 1 — 

3068 Stevens (Henry.) Historical Nuggets, Biblio- 
thcca Americana, or a descriptive account of my 
collection of rare books relating to America. Lond. 
l!862. 2 vols. 805 pp. dolA. sm. 8vo. 15.— 

Valuable work. — "Printed in the best style of 
the Chiswick Press, it comprises 2934 titles given 
in full, with the collation and the price of each 
Work." Author. 

3069 Bibliotheca His'torica ; or Catalogue of 

5000 books and MSS. relating to the history and 
literature of North and South America, . . . the 
larger proportion of the extraordinary -library of 
the late Henry Stevens, Sr., of Barnet Vt. Edit, 
with introduet. and notes. Boston, 1870. cloth, 
uncut. 8so. 7.50 

"Beautifully printed, and profusely annotated. One 
of the few bibliographical works wliich may be read 
^bronghout with profit and instruction combined with 
amusement." Sa'iin. 

3070 Bibllotheca Geographica and Historica 

or Catalogue of rare . . . books, maps, charts 
MSS., autograph letters, with notes, very many 
relating to North and South America etc. Lond. 
1872. Pari (. 3109 Nos. with facsim. in photogr. 
8Vo. 2.50 

3071 Stevenson (W.) Historical sketch of the 
progress of Discovery, Navigation and Commerce, 
from the earliest record to the beginning of the 
l9th century. Edinb. and Lond. 1824. bils. 8vo. 

,(8.40) 5.— 
Complement of Kerr's Collection of Voyages and 
Travels, of which it forms the 18th Vol. and con- 
tains besides an Index to that work, a Catalogue of 
Voyages Snd Travels. 632 pp. {Lowndes.) 

3072 Stiles (Ezra), President of Yale College, 
great Oriental scholar. — A. L. S. to Rev. Dav. 
Macclure, Bishop at East Windsor, dat. Yale 
Coil., Sept. 22, 1791. 2 pp. 4to. 5.-- 

"... the Senatus Acad, of this Univers. conferred 
the Degree of Dr. in Divinity upon our worthy 
Friend the Kev. Dr. Macolifatoi(k) of Greenland . . . 
Diplomas have proved such a tax npon us that we 
seldom now send any. But if the Friends of those 
who receive the Honors, will be at the expense of 
the writing the Diploma, which for a Doiitorat is 
usually 2 or 3 DOH., besidas the parchment and the 


sealing, it shall be sigrieil and deltvei'ed gratis." 

3073 Stith (Will.) History of the first Discovery 
and Settlement of Virginia. New Yrtilc, ^abin 
& Sons, 1865. sd. 8vo. 1,5.— 

Reprint of the first and best edition : Williams- 
burg, 1747, which is exceedingly scarce. 

3074 Stokes (J, L.) Discoveries in Aust)i;alia,.with 
an account of the coasts and rivers ex,pl6red du- 
ring the voyage of H. M. S. Beagle, 18'37— 43. 
London, 1846. 2 vols, cloth, numerous plates and 
maps. 8vo. (24. — ) 8.— 

3075 Stocklein (J.) Der Neue Welt-Bot. Brief- 
Sehrifften und JKeis-Beschreibungen welche von 
denen Missionariis der Gesellschaft J6su, aiis bey- 
den Indien u. andern iiber Meer gelegenen Lan- 
dern seit 1642 bis 1750 angelangt aeyn^. Au^s- 
purg nnd Wien, 1728—58. 36 parts, rnany maps 
and curious plates, oM calf gilt. fol. Fine topy. 72.50 

Highly valuable collection of Missionary reports 
relating to America, China, India, Africa, and many 
scarcely known islands. The more important, porttdn 
of the work was entirely new; taken from luipifblis- 
hed MSS. Only the smaller part has been translated 
from the Lettres Edifiantes .; see the Supplement of 
this catalogue. 

3076 Stokram (A.) Korte bcscbryvinge van dV)n- 
geluokige Weer-om-reys van 't schip Aerntem, . . . 
onder Am. de Vlaming van Outshoorn, vSh Ba- 
tavia afgevaren 1661. Amst.j T. JacMsz., 1663. 
4to. 16 pp. 3.50 

(Short description of the niifcfrt-undie refiirn of 
the ship Aernhem, which left Baiavia ih 1661 
with 6 other ships under commaiid of A. de Vt'dming.) 

The same. Ariist. J. v. 





Other edition, mnch rarer. 

3078 Stoomvaart Vlissingen-New Yotk. 'S Gra- 
venhage. 1872. sd. 8vo. .(3;50) 1.80 

(Steam-navigation between VlisHngef)-lfew Xork.) 
Oftipial reports and debates in the Staff s-Gieperal 

concerning an annual assistance by the 'Government 

of the Netherlands. 

3079 Story (Jos.), eminent Jurist, Judge of the 
U. S. Supr. Court, 1811—45. — A. L. S. to G. 
Bliss of Springfield, dat. Salem, Se-pt. 7, 1807. 
2 pp. 4to. 2.- 

3080 Stowe (H. Beecher) Dred. Naav het Eng. 
Haarlem, 1857. 3 vols 8vo. (9.20) 3.60 

Dutch translation of a novel by tbe aiifhor of 
Uncle Tom's cabin. 

3081 Stradavits Reyse ter WaVvis-Vflnfest-, ryms- 
gewys besehreven door 1. A. S. chirm'gyii oj) bet 
schip Zaandyker Hoop. Antwerpen, 1769. 4to. 3. — 

(Voyage for the whalefishery to ihe Straits df 
Davids, poetically related by I. A. S. Saitgeon on 
the ship.) 

Curious and rare piece. 

3082 StreffleuT, v., Das Lahte^VtteiiVvesen in 



Oesterreich. Wlen. 1853. roy. 8». —.50 

3083 Strong (A. B.) The American Flora, or 
History of Plants and Wild Flowers, containing 
the botanical description, history, chem. and me- 
dical properties of over 6000 plants. New York, 
1848—50. 4 vols. 240 coloured engravings, clolh gilt, 
gilt edgex. 4to. 30. — 

3084 Strong (Caleb) Governor of Massachus. 
1800—1807, 1812-16. — A. L. S. to J. Ely, 
dat. Philad. Nov. 24, 1792. 1 p. 4to. 1.80 

3085 A. L. S. to Thomas Dwight, dat. Bos- 
ton, Jan. 20, 1805. 1 full p. 4to. -S.— 

Fine and interesting letter, on the impeachment 
ol Judge Sara. Chase, of whose innocence Strong 
is convinced. 

3086 Strong (Nehemiah) Professor of Natural 
Philosophy at Yale College, 1770— 81. — A.L. S. 
to his brother Simeon, dat. July 6, 1798. 1 full p. 
fol. 2.50 

On family-affairs. — Kne specimen. 

3087 Struyok (Nic.) Inleiding tot de algemeene 
geographic, benevens eenige sterrekundige en 
andere verhandelingon. Arasl., 1740. — Beschry- 
ving der staartsterren, etc. Ibid. 1753. — 2 vols. 
hf. id. uncut, fine porlridi by Houiraken, map and 
plates. 4to. ■ 5. — 

(Introduction to the general geography, with some 
astronomical and other treatises. — Description ol 
the comets, etc.) 

Vol. I. pp. 155 — 173 cent, remarks of the voya- 
ges to and discoveries in America, the South Sea, 
etc. A work abounding with the most interesting and 
varied information. 

3088 Struys (J. J) Reyzcn door Lyfiand, Mos- 
covien, Persien en Oost-lndien. (Amsterd.) Jbr. 
Cornelisz., (1713.) Uncut. 4to. 5. — 

{Travels through Livonia, Moscovy, Persia and 

A very rare popular edition of the 3d, the most 
interesting, of Struys' voyages. 

3089 Strydt (Wonderbaerlijcken) tnsschen de Kick- 
vorschen ende de Muysen, toegepast op de Ne- 
derlandtsehe Oorloge. Dordrecht, 1641. 4to. Stai- 
ned in the nnder margins. 3. — 

{Wondrous battle between ihe^ frogs and the mice, 
applied to the war of the Netherlands.) 

A ]ioetical version of Homenis' Batrachomyomachia 
and the eonformi y of the state and condition of the 
United Provinces with it. — Contains an account 
of the exploits of the Dutch iu Bi'azil and the 

3090 Stuart Worthley (Lady Emmel.) Travels 
in the United States, etc., 1849 and 1850. Paris, 
1851. hf. bd. 8vo. 1.— 

3091 Stuart (M.) en J. Kuyper, DeMenschzoo 
als hjj voorkomt op den bekenden aardbol. Amst., 
1802. 6 vols. col. plates, hf. calf. roy. 8vo. Large 
Taper. 12. — 

{Man as he is found on earth) 

One of the first attempts of a geographical anthro- 
pology. — Fine copy, the nnmerons plates carefully 
designed and coloured by the painter J. Kuyper 
himself; first superior edition. — The 6th vol. treats 
of the inhabitants of America, with 8 plates repres. 
the natives of Greenland, Guiana, Quito, Esquimaux, 
Creek, Mexicans, etc. 

3092 Stuart (M.) en J. Kuyper, The same. 2d 
edit. Zalt-Boinmel, 1835. 6 vols, in 2. hf. calf, 
col. plates. 8vo. 6. — 

3093 Stuyvesant. — Minderer (B.) Oorloghs 
Toerust, aen ziel en lichaara, met de geneesinghe 
der siekten en toevallen in de leegers voorvallende. 
Steenwyk, Rendrik Sluifzand, 1659. vellum. 16mo. 
Scarce. 5. — 

{Jf^ar- Armament for soul and body, with the 
cure of the sicknesses of the armv's. Transl. from 
the German) 

3094 Goddelycke aandaohten ofte vlammende 

begeerten eens boetvacrdige ziele. Steenwyck, 
Bendrih Stuyfsandt (1684.) froniisp. and IS embie- 
matical plates. 16mo. uncut. Scarce. 6.— 

{Pious devotions etc.) — Dutch imitation of H. 
Hugo, Pia desideria, in verses. 

3095 Camerlingh (J.) Honderd dwaal-stel- 

lingen der Itoomsche Kerke, etc. Steenwjjk, Pieter 
en Rendrik Stuifzant, 1739. vellum. 8vo. 3.— 

(Hundred false principles of the Roman Church, 
with refutation in verses.) 

3096 Aenmerking over de werking des H. 

Geests, en het onderscheyd tussehen de Wet en 
't Evangelium. Uit het Eng. Utrecht, Justus van 
Stuyoesant (about 1685.) sd. uncut. 12mo. 3.75 

{Notice of the working of the H. Ghost and the 
difference between Law and Gospel. From the 

3097 Berniera (J. A.) Tyd-verhaal der Ne- 

derlandsche Geschiedenissen, van de Unie van 
Utrecht, 1579 tot 1701. Utrecht, Joh. van Slmive- 
Zand, 1701. hf. calf. sm. 8vo. 3.— 

{Chronological Register of the History of the 
Netherlands, since the Union at Utrecht, 1579 
till 1701.) 

3098 [Brink (H.)j In luotuosum excessum. .. 

Virginis ac Dominae Johannae van Aarssen, ... 
denatae . . . epieedium. (L.atin and Dutch.) Ultra- 
jecti ad Rhenura, Just. & Stuyoesand, 1707. 4to. 


3099 Suarze de Figueroa (Cbrist.) Plaza uni- 
versal de todos sciencias y artes. Madrid, L. San- 
chez, 1615. calf. 4to. — Very scarce. 5.— 

Pp. 165 — 67 treat »de la America." 

3100 Sugar-mill in Brazil, with negroes at 
work. Original drawing in India-ink and with the 
pen, 3 of these for plates in Barlaeus (See N". 228), 
drawn in Brazil by F. Post, about 1640. — The 
drawing is double the size of the engraving and 
offers many variations. — Fine and curious. 35.— 

Pbederik Muij,er k G°., 



3101 Sullivan (Jam.) eminent Statesman, Gover- 
nor of Massachus., 1807 and 1808. — A. L. S. 
To William Sullivan, dat. Providence, Aug. 20, 
1798. 1 p. 4to. , 2.— 

3102 Sullivan (Jon.) Maior-General in the Revol. 
War. — A. L. S. to Nath. Foulsora, dat. Dur- 
ham, Nov. 24, 1774. 1 p. fol. 4.— 

Invitation to accompany the writer to Portsmouth, 
where the people expected them. 

3103 Surinam. — Chart of the- coast, by C J. 
VoogU. Amst., J. v. Keulen. (1694). fol. 59 by 50. — 
Coloured. 2.50 

3104 Different chart, virith special plan of the 

month of the river Surinam. Amst. 0. v. Keulen. 
(about 1720). Large sq. fol. 88 by 51.— Coloured. 


3105 New map of the countries Surinam, Co- 

mowini, Cottica and Marrawini. Amst., OUcns, 
(1700). fol. 51 by 40. — Coloured. 3.— 

With indicatiuns of the plantations and their pro- 
prietors, the fortilications, the depth of the rivers, etc. 

3106 Map of the Colony, with the rivers, 

districts, discoveries, military expeditions and plan- 
tations, by A. de Lavaux, and others. Amst., 
P. Srkeni & Zooa. (1725). 4 .slieets. fol. — Toge- 
ther: 107 by 97. — Coloured. — Restored. 10.— 

With special siirvej' of the coast, plan of Para- 
maribo, and a separately printed list of the pro- 
prietors of the plantations, with the nnmber of acres 
in their possesion. — The names of the plantations 
arc inscribed on the map. 

3107 Another map, by the same A. de Lavmix. 

Amst., E. de Lelh. (1735). 2 sheets, fol. — To- 
gether: 89 by 60. 6.— 

Quite different map, bnt also with the names of 
the plantations, list of the proprietors, number of 
acres, plan of Paramaribo, etc. 

3108 Same map, but with address: Covens & 

Mortier. (1750). 5.— 

3109 Map of Surinam and Berbice, with plan 

of Paramaribo. (Amst., 'Krion, 1765.) fol. 40 by 
34. - Coloured. 1.25 

3110 General map of the Province Surinam, 

the military expeditions, and the extent of the 

plantations. Without name or date. (Amst. 1770?) 

Large fol. 62 by 91. 3.75 

With list of the plantations, nnmber of acres and 

proprietors' names. 

3111 New special m.ap of the "Colony, with 

the plantations in cultivation, by /. //. Moseberg. 
No place, 1801. 4 sheets, large fol. Together: 
130 by 110. — Coloured. Very rare. 12 50 

With special plan of Paramaribo; on each plan- 
tation the name and nnmber of acres inscribed. The 
prodnctiona are indicated by colonrs. 

3112 Map of the cultivated part. AVith list of 

the plantations. — From : J. v. d. Bosch, Nederl. 
j..,..:jj: iQiQ *'/xl ^^ hw .^7 1. — 

ine pianiauons. — r rom . •/. «■ ». 
bessitiingen. 1818. — fol. 63 by 37. 

3113 Surinam. — Map of the Colony, especially 
illustrating its cultivation, by P. Afaii'. (Groningon. 
1835). 2 shec ts. fol. Each 59 by 48. — Coloured. 2.60 

Belongs to Teenstra, Agriculture in Surinam. 
1S35. 3 vols — Oilferent colours indicate the various 

3114 Map of the Colony, describing all the 

Rivers, Districts, Cultivations of the lauds, etc. 
Surveyed by T. C. Heeneman, 1784. Lond., W. Pa- 
den. 1810. 4 sheets, fol. — Together: 213 by 75. 

Wiih separate plan of Paramaribo. 

3115 Map of the Colony, by T. C. Henemau, 

1784, corrected according the actual condition by 
C. A., V. Sijjiesteyn. Amst. 1849. 4 lithogr. sheets. 
Together: 200 by 78. 10.— 

With plan of Paramaribo, and indication of the 

3116 Large view of Paramaribo, about 17.50. 

With Dutch explanation 1-58 and A— T. Dutch 
cngrav. with addr. B. Mouri/i. Ig. sq. fol. 4. — 

3117 Plan of the same city in 1804. After 

A, H. Riemcke, cngrav. by I'isser. sq. fol. -- 
Coloured. 2. — 

3118 Plan of the same city in 1850, drawn 

by (C A. van Sypetteyn, the present Governor.) 
Lith. sq. fol. ' 2.50 

With autograph signature of the author. 

3119 Berigt door Directeuren van de Socie- 

teit van Snrinarae... tegen de Grieven van eenige 
Persoonen . . . concerneer. het poinct van het onder- 
houd der fortlticatien. Met de Bylagen. (No place 
1733.) fol. 100 pp. 4.— 

{Account of the Governors of the Surinam Society 
against the complaints of some persons, regarding 
the maintenance of the fortijications.) 

Directed against the complaints brought forward 
against the Directors in 17S3 by Anth. v. Wesele. 
Interesting, as it contains in the; '/Bylaagen 56 pp.'* 
many documents on the internal history of the co- 
lony from 1684 till 173:i. 

3120 Bylaagen specteerende tot het berigt 

door de Societeit van Suriname overgegeven aan 
de Staaten Gener. jegens request van eenige in- 
woonileren van Suriname. 1750. fol. 9. — 

(Documents to the account of the Surinam So- 
ciety transmitted to the States Gener. against the 
request of some inhabitants of Surinam.) 

Relating to the quarrels betwtfen the Governor 
,T. J. Mauricius and P. Brouwers, Sal. Duplessis 
and others on various points of the administration, 

3121 Klagte over de bedorvene zeden der 

Voorgangereu, zoo in 't kerk- als bui-ger-bestuur, 
in eene zeer vrugtbare eude eerst opiuikende 
Colonic, voorgestelt in eene behandelingc, ge- 
pleegt aan een predikant, aan 't Eerw. Classis 
van Amtserdam (sic.) (Amst. 1733.) 4to. — l''ery 
rare. °-~" 




{Complaint on the corrupted manners of the Lea- 
ders in the church- and civil-government, in a 
fertile and rising colony; — represented in the 
treatment of a r/iinister.) 

By J. G. Kals, Minister of Cottica and Perica. 
(See: Wolbers, Geschied. van Surinamc.) 

3122 Surinam. — Schryvsrs welke over de 
kolonie Suriname geschreven hebben. (Extr. 1820.) 
8vo. —.50 

Critical observations on 8 works treating of Suri- 
nam, as those by Herleiu, I'ermin, Hartsinck, etc. 

3123 Surinaamsche Almanak voor 1820, 

1825, 1827—29, 31-37, 42, 43, 45. Paramaribo, 
1820—45. 15 vols, plates and maps. 8vo. 10. — 

Bare collection^ of special interest for the histo- 
rical and other pieces in most of the volumes. Be- 
sides there are inserted all the laws of the govern- 
ment, nnmerons statistical notices, and for each year 
a compkte list of the plantations with the names 
of their owners, number of slaves, extent, pro- 
ducts, etc. 

3124 Jaarboekje voor 1856 en 1857. Uitgeg. 

door het letterlievend genootschap: Oefening 
kweekt kennis te Paramaribo, 's Grav. 1856, 57. 
2 vols, cloth. 8vo. 2. — 

{Annual published hg the Society for Literature 
at Paramaribo.) 

3125 Surinaamsche aangelegenheden. Ver-- 

zameling van stukken daarover aanhangig by . . . 
d. Staten Generaal. (Oitgeg. door S. P. Lipman.) 
'sGrav. 1845-46. 2 parts. 8vo. 2.— 

Collection of all the Treaties, Instructions, etc. 
relating to Dutch Guiana since 1 682. 

3126 Collection of 13 Dutch Pamphlets re- 
lating to Surinam, 1822—1860. 8vo. 4.50 

Contains: Snriname in 1823. — F. A. Lammens, 
Bedenk. over Hogendorp. 1824. — Brand van Pa- 
ramaribo. 1832. — de Mesquita, Ontwerp. 1842. — 
Baron v. lladers, Meraorie. 1852. 3 Stn. — F. W. L. 
Tydeman, Eene boschpatrouille in 1844; etc. 

3127 A collection of 15 Dutch pamphlets rela- 
ting to America. 1842—70. 8vo. 6. — 

Cont. : Reglement op de verdeeling van Suriname 
in divisien. 1842. — Nederlandsch Guyana, of be- 
schouwing van Suriname, 1844. — C. v. Schaick, 
Ijcerrede te Paramaribo. 1852. — v. Raders, Ver- 
volg d. Bylagen by zijne Memorie aan den Koning. 
1853. — Tyieman, Eene bosch-patrouille in Suri- 
name. 1844. — Id. Twee rapporten omtrent epide- 
raien van gele koorts te Cayenne en aan den Nic- 
kerie. 1852. — Id. De kolouisatien te Voorzorg aan 
de Saramacca, 1845, etc. 

3128 Surius (F. Laur.) Commentarius rerutn in 
orbe gestarum ab a. 1500 — 1566. Coloniae, 1566. 
binding restored. 8vo. 5. — 

3129 The same. Colon. 1574. Stamped vellum.^ 

clasps, fine original binding, fol. 7.50 

3130 Kurtze Chronick oder Beschreibung der 

Handeln vnd Geschichten so sich in d^r gantMn 

Welt zugetragen von 1500-1868. Vertentscht 

duroh H. Fabricium Aquensem. Coin, 1568. Cld 

stamped binding with clasp, fol. 16, 

German translation of the .preceding work. 

For America, we find in the work an account of 

Columbus' Voyages, of the discovery of Brazil by 

Alvarez, the expeditions of Alb. Vespi;ccius, etc. 

Bound up in the same volume; Pantale_on{Eenr.) 
Deutscher Nation Heldenbucji. Basel, 1568. — 
A rare work, even at .present highly esteemed for 
its many portraits in woOiloul and exact biographical 

3131 Swalue (E. B.) De daden der Zeeuwen ge- 
(Jnrende den opstand tegen Spanje. Amsterd.1846, 
8vo. 2.- 

{The actions of (he Zealanders during the war 
with Spain.) 

Contains the exploits of-Banckerts and Evertsen 
on the Spanish Silvej-fleet, those of Ita, Bauckei'ts 
and Callenfels at Olinda, the Colonisatioh at the 
Wiapoco in Guyana, Tabago, 'etc. by the Chamber 
of the West India Company at Middelbnrg, etc. 

3132 BKpven uit en ovfir de Vereen. Staten 

van Noord-Ainerika, door Jonathan. Schoorihoveu, 
1853. aa!., plates and map. 8v6. (S:60) 1.50 

{Letters from and on the Ukited Sidles' of 

3133 Swart (J.) De-Zuidpool-Ianden on de latere 
reizeii naar die streken ondernomen. {Extr. 1848.) 
8vo. IVith map. 1.— 

{The South-Pole lands and the later voyages 
made thither.) 

3134 Swartz (O.) Flora tndiae Occiden'talis. Er- 
langae, 1797—1800. Vol. 1. 2. 8vo. 2.50 

3135 Observationes botanicae, quibus plantao 

Indiae Occident., illustrantur. Erlangae, ,1791. sd. 
8vo. —.75 

3136 Swaving (J. G.) Reizen en lotgevallen. Dor- 
drecht, 1827. 2 vols. sd. .8vo, . 1.50 

( IVavets and adventures in the West-Indies and 

3137 Swedberg (Joh. Dan.) Dissertatiogradualis 
de Svionuin in America colonia. Upsaliae, 1709. 
8vo. 20.- 

3 unnumb. leaves, 33 numb. pp. ^ An extremely 
rare little work, as all the early, Swedish publi- 
cations on America ; this especially, being printed 
as Disserlatio gradualis, and not put into com- 
merce, but presented only to the Professors oif the 
Bniverty and some friends of the author. — In- 
deed, it is not noticed in the American biblio- 

The author was a nephew of the renOWfl'ed Bishop 
of Scara, Jesp. Swedberg, author of the farbgoing 
work, and stayed some years as Missionary in America. 

Short copy in the npper margins, the title slightly 

3138 Swinin (P.) Tafefeelen nit eene reis naav 

Frederik Mullbu & 0°.. 



N. Amerika. Uit h. Russiach. Haavlem, 1818. sd. 

8ya. l.._ 

♦ {Scenas from cc voi/ogs^ to N. America. From 
the Russian.)' 

3139 S^pesteyn (C. A. van) Beschiijvinj? van 
Simname, historiach, geograph. en statistisch. 
'sGravenh., 1854. sd. map. 8vo. (3.--) 1.60 

(Description historical, geograjiUeal and staiistical 
of Surinam.) 

3140 Jan Jacob Mauvieius, Gouvcmeur-General 

van Suriname, 1742-1751. 'sGravenh. 1848. fortr. 
and facsim. sd. 8vo. (1.80) 1. — 

(Biography of J. J. Mauricius, Governor of 

3141 TabagO. ~ Original Seal in sealing-wax adopted 
foi' th» Island Ntov Wakheren (Tabago), after its 
SHCcesful colonization by the brothers Adriaen and 
Cornelis Lanipsins from Flushing, bearing the arms 
of the Island with device: "Fiat Voluntas Dei", 
date of 1671, and inscription : «3igillum Novae 
W^allacAriae olim Tobago. — Diameter 5j millim. 


3142 Tabago conquered by the Commander J. Binkcs 
on the French Admiral d'Estrees. 1677. — View 
of the battle on the Island and of the engagement 
of the fleets. At the bottom of the plate, to the 
right, a small map of the Island; to the left a 
view of the Bay. Fine etching by Romein de 
Hooghe. Ig. sq. fot. br. 50. h. 41. 5.— 

3143 Same plate with a narrative of the battle 

(in Dutch.) 6.— 

3144 Diagram of the attack on the French on 

Tabago. 1677. After a .sketch communicated by 
the Admiral Binkes to the Prince of Orange. 
Lith. sq. fol. i.— 

3145 Naval Battle off Tabago 1793, and view 

of the Island. Set of 3 very fine etchings, proojs 
before any letter, sq. fol. 9. — 

3146 Tables of the revenue, population, commerce, 
et<;. of the United Kingdom and its Dependen- 
cies. Presented to Parliament. Part I, II from 
1820 to 1832. — Part IV. 1834. Supplement to Part 
V. Colonies. 1834. — Supplement to Part VIII. Colo- 
nies. 1837—39. - Part IX. 1839— B^nance accounts, 
I— Vlll. 1840. — Together 7 vols, cloik and sd. 
fol. , 4.50 

3147 [Tachard (Guy)] Voyage de Siam, des 
Peres Jesuites, avec leurs observations astronom., 
et leurs reraavques de phys., g(5ogr., d'hydrogr. 
et d'histoire. Paris, 1686. many plates on nat. hist., 
vellum. 4to. 3.50 

3148 The same. — Idem. Second Voyage. 

Amsterd. 1689. 2 vols. — Journal ou Suite du 
Voyage de Siam ... en 1585 et 1586, par L. D. C. 
a'abb6 de Choisy.) Ibid. 1687. Together 3 vols. 
plates, calf. sm. 8vo. 4.60 

3149 „Taille-douce politique et gen6rale de 
I'ann^e 1780. — Algemeene staatkundige konst- 


float van Hjaar 1780." — 15 Figures of different 
size, on one sheet, the much reduced copies of 
the following 15 Dutch satyrical plates, all rela- 
ting more or less to the combined American and 
Dutch polities. — This general plate, is very 
rare. Ig. fol. 15.- 

It is to he observed that the followiDg plates 
were all published separately and in different size, 
by various (rather poor) artists. They consequently 
have no number of order and are here only men- 
tioned as plate I, II etc., according to the former 
sheet, presenting their reduced copies. — Number 
3161, which ought to be N". XVI of the set, is 
not represented on the general plate, but is one of 
the most interesting for Americ*. 

3150 „Taille-douce politique et g6nerale de 
I'annee 1780. — (Flate I.) The assaulted 
Lion. („T)endoorlisiengeweldaangevallen Leeuw"). — 
Satyrical plate on the Free Trade with America. 
At the top the names of the .idmirals Fielding 
and Byland. With Dutch explanation, sq. fol. 3.60 

See for a reply ou this plate: plate VIII. 

3151 Same plate, different edition ; the expla- 
nation in smaller type and to be distinguished by 
the word Paus [Pope), being here the first in the 
2d column of the text ; in the former edition : 
de Paus. — Rare. 4.50 

3152 Same plate, later edition, with addition 

of 2 fignres, marked A and B in the left hand 
corner at the top. 4. — 

3153 Same plate, with additions and a French 

explanation, the ti'anslation of the former Dutch. — 
T'enj rare. 6.— 

3154 (Plate II). The Lion awa,king. ("De 

ontwaakte Leeuw'"). — Emblematical plate on the 
alliances of Holland with other European States 
to enforce free commerce with America. With 
Dutch explanation, sq. fol. 4. — 

See for » reply on this plate: plate VIII. 

3155 (Plate HI). The daring and watoh- 

ful Lion. ("De moedige en toaakzame Leeuw''). — 
Emblematical plate on the alliances of Holland 
and on its Free Trade with America. With the 
names of Fielding, Bylund, Portsmouth and Brest 
on the plate. (This figure forms the continuation 
of plate 3150. With Dutch explanation. 1780. sq. 
fol. 4.— 

3156 (Plate IV). Eeward according to 

merit. ("Loon naar toerk." 1780). — Satyrical 
plate on the "English infamy and pride.'' The 
English dog is whipped by an American, a French- 
man and a Dutchman. In the distance the "proud 
Queen of the Sea" (England), is scourged by Paul 
Jones. Mezzotint, sq. 4to. — Rare. 7.50 

3157 (Plate V). The man in the shirt or 

the subdued pride. (»i?« man in 't hembd of de 
gefnuikte hoogmoed"). -- Satyrical plate: an En- 
glishman is deprived of his clothes and purse by 
an American, and assailed by a Kussian, French- 



man, a. o. With Dutch explanation, sq. 4to. — 
Rare. 8. — 

3158 „Taille-douc9 politique et generale de 
rannee 1780. — Same plate, first state only in 
outline. — Of great rarity, 10. — 

3159 (Flate T'l). The young wealthy 

Dutchman and the tiue Patriot. {"Dejonge rijke 
Hollander en ware vaderlartder'^). — A young 
wealthy Dutchman sitting on his filled iron safe, 
is bribed by John UuU and his English wares, lu 
perspective a ship taken by a false friend. With 
separate Dutch explanation, sq. fol. 4. — 

3160 (Plate VII). Time brings change. 

(■'He Tijd hrengt verandering"). — Emblematical 
print on the Armed Neutrality. With Dutch expla- 
nation, sq. fol. 4. — 

3161 (Plate nil). The British Leopard 

brought to reason. ('Den Britsen Leopard tot 
Reden gebracht"). — Emblematical print: America 
as a young lady, sitting and holding a bundle of 
13 arrows and receiving the Hat of Liberty from 
France, who points with his, sword to the places 
captured by the French; with many American 
names and allusions, I. i. Florida menaced by 
Spain, the Treaty of Neutrality between Russia, 
Sweden, Denmark, cet. With separate French 
explanation, translated from the Dutch, sq. fol. — 
Very rare. 10. — 

This plate is n reply to plate I and II. 

3162 Same plate, with Dutch explanation. 6. — 

3163 (Plate IX). The venerable Dutch- 
man. ("He eerwaardige Nederlander"). — Emble- 
matical plate, publ. by a Pati-iotic Society at Har- 
lem, a refutation of Plate VI, bearing on the war 
with England and the alliance with America. 
With separate Dutch explanation, sq. fol. 3.50 

3164 (Plate X). The doubtful State of the 

English Bank. (No Dutch tills). — Dutch cari- 
cature : the English Bank suspended to the Uni- 
com and leaning over to one side, Mylord being 
pushed off by an American. With English and 
Dutch poem of 8 lines, mentioning Boston, Dela- 
ware, Washington, sq. 4to. 6. — 

3165 Same plate, later impression, surrounded 

by a broad engraved border, sq. fol. — Rare. 8. — 

3166 (Plate XI). English news. (■■Engelsck 

nieuws"). — Emblematical prmt on the free- 
Trade with America, with the portraits of Lord 
North, Shelburne and Gordon. With Dutch expla- 
nation, sq. fol. 4. — 

3167 (Plate XII). The despairing Britons, 

and the delighted Americans at the news of the 
Defensive Alliance, lUimited Convoy and Armed 
Neutrality. (uDe wanhopige Brilten en de vernoegde 
Americanen"). — Embleinatical print on the assis- 
tance of Kussia; representing, n" 1 George Garter 
in London^ n" 5 Commodore Fielding, n" 11, 12, 13 
{he 3 noted Americans Mussina Ramly, Salsepf and 

Jersey. — With Dutch explanation, sq. fol. 8. - 

3168 „Taille-douce politique et generale de 
I'annee 1780. — (Plate XIII). England per- 
turbated. ("Engeland beroerd"). London fire; Ge- 
orge III leaving the city in a coach drawn by his 
subjects; Lord North as coachman. — With Dutch 
explanation, sq. fol. 

This plate is wanting to onr set. 

3169 (Plate XIV). Up and down, ('flan 

onder dan ioven"). — Time driving the wheel of 
war, on the wheel are sitting an American and 
a Frenchman, trying to push off an Englishman. — 
With Dutch explanation, sq. fol. 7.- 

Engraved by an artist siding with the Euglish. 

3170 (Plate XV). Political state of Eng- 
land 1778. (iiStaatkandige printverbeeldirtg ooegens 
den staat der EnyeUche natie in 1778.") — Eng- 
land, represented as a Cow, is deprived by Ame- 
rica of her homs, whilst she is milked by a 
Dutchman, a Frenchman and a Spaniard. In the 
distance the English ship The Eagle, thrown on 
shore near Philadelphia, where «the two brethren" 
are sitting asleep. With Dutch explanation, sq. fol. 


3171 Csntinuation of the former plate, but 

not represented on the general plate N". 3149. — 
On the foreground the English cow without 
horns, standing near an altar with the names 
Mexico, Peru, Chili: on the other side of the water 
Tork-luwn; on the shore an American receiving 
the Delegates to Congress; near the shore the 
English ship The Eagle. — The plate is marked; 
N". 2. — With separate Dutch explanation N". 2. 
sq. tol. 8.- 

(N". 3148 — 3169 form an exceedingly rare set 
of plates on the American War of Independence; 
they rare nowhere ever described.) 

3172 Talbot (E. A.) Cinq ann(5es de s(5jour aii 
Canada. Trad, de I'Angl. Suivis d'nn extrait du 
voyage de J. M. Duncan, trad. p. Eyries. Paris, 
1825. 3 vols. sd. uncut, maps and plates. 8vo. 2.S0 

3173 Tallmadge (Col. Benj.) Officer in the Ke- 
vol. War. — A. L. S. to E. P. Bolder, dat 
Litchfield, Dec. 2, 1822. 1 p. 4to. 2.50 

3174 Talvj (Prau JacDbs-Rotainson) Geschichte 
der Colonisation von Neu-England, 1607—1692. 
Leipzig, 1847. sd., map of New-England in 1674. 
8vo. (6.—) 2.26 

3175 Tanguy de la Boissiere (C C.) Obser- 
vations on the dispatch written 16 Jan. 1797, by 
Mr. Pickering, Secratery (sic I) of State of the 
United States of America to Mr. Pinkney, Mi: 
nister Plenipotentiary of the United Sates (sicl) 
near the French Republic. Transl. from the French 
by S. Chandler. Philadelphia, 1797. sd. uncul. 
8vo. B.- 

Not mentioned by Rich. 

3176 Tanner (J.) Imago primi Saeculi Societ. Jesu 
a Provincia Flandro-Belgica ejusdetn Societaiis 

Frederik Mut-i.e» * ^'., 



vepuaesentata. Antverp. Plantin. 1640. old calf. 
fol. 20. - 

^ This rare and highly interoating work on the 
origin and wonderful growth of the Jesuits through 
the whole world at tbe end of their first Jnhilee in 
1640, contains a fall list of their various Houses 
in every country, mentioning for America no less 
than 95. It gives further a variety of interesting 
notices and is profusely iUuatrated by more than 
120 symbolical engravings, with Latin verses. 

3177 Tasman (A. Jansz.) Joumaal van de reis 
naav het onbekende Zuidland in den Jare 1642. 
Medegedeeld met aanteeken. door J. Svrart. Am- 
St9rd.., 1860. cloth, large map. 8vo. 3. — 

(Journal of the voyage to the unknouin South- 
Land, in 1642. Published ly J. Swart.) 

Only 100 copies printed. — This publication con- 
tains the original journal of the first voyage of the 
celebrated discoverer of Tasmania. It is of the 
highest value, as never before extensive accounts of 
this voyage have been published. 

3178 Taube (Fr. W.) Geschichte der Engl. Han- 
delschaft n. Schiflfartb . . . u. wahre Ursachen des 
jetzfgen Krieges in Nordamerika. Leipz. 1776. 
lif. hd. 8vo. —-80 

3179 Taunay (H.) et F. Denis, Le Br(5sil, ou 
histoire, moenrs, usages et coutumes des habitants 
de ce royaume. Paris, 1822. 6 vols, in 3. bds., 
many plates. 12mo. 2- — 

3180 Tavernier (J. B.) Voyages en Turquie, en 
Perse et aus Indes. Suivant la Gopie impriniee 
a Paris (Sleevier). 1679. 3 vols, calf, maps and 
plates. 8vo. X^- — 

8181 Tea-tax. 1773. — Embleraatioal print sho- 
wing in a magic lantern the tempest caused in 
America by a teapot. Engraved French caricature, 
sm. 4to. 10- — 

3-182 „Fishery-ac(." — Caricature, marked: 

Plate II. „The Sostonians in distress." An iron 
cage, with inscription: Boston, contains a number 
of hungry Bostonians, being fed with herrings, 
given to them by sailors; the cage hangs down 
from the Liberty-tree. — London, ii. Sayer. 19 Nov. 
1774. fol. 15-— 

ai83 Similar caricature, marked : Plate III. -- 

„The pairiotiek barber of Hew-Tork, or the captain 
in the wds." -— A shavingshop, where a barber 
(Benjamin Franklin ?) is engaged in shaving Cap- 
'tain Croijer. The portraits ot William Pitt, Lord 
Camden, and many wigs (Whigs!') hang on the 
Wdll. — London, H. Sayer, U Febr. 1775. fol. 30.— 
The plate is coloured and transported by the co- 
lours on glass by a proceeding now lost; the glass 
has been slightly broken but is restored. — In the 
original, black wooden frame. 
3184 Teenstra (M. D.) De Nederlandsche W^est- 
todisehe Eilanden in derzelver tegenwoord. toe- 
stand. Amsterd.-, 1836-37. 2 vols, sd., map. 8vo 


{The Dutch West-Indian islands in their actual 


3185 Teenstra (M. D.) Do Landbouw in Suri- 
name. Groning., 1835. 2 vols. 8vo. With mupsand 
plates in-folio. (11-— ) 3.50 

(Agriculture in Surintm.) 

3186 De Negerslaven in de Kolonie Suriname 

en de uitbreid. v. h. Christendom onder de Hei- 
densohe bevolking. Dordr. 1842. plate, id. 8vo. 

(4:30) 1.50 
(On Slavery in Surinam and the prom,o(i»g tjf 
Christianity under the population.) 
TegenWoordige staat van Amerika, see 
N°. 1380 Iledendaagsche Historic. 

3187 Tegoborski (L. de), Essai snr les consfi- 
quenoea eventuelles de la dficguverte des gites 
auriferes en Califorhie et en Australie. Paris, 
1853. si. 8vo. 1.— 

3188 Tempsky (O. F. v.) Mitla. Incidents and 
personal adventures on a journey in Mexico, Gua- 
temala arid Salvador, 1853 — 55. Edit, by J. S. 
Bell. Lond. 1858. coloured plates and map, cloth. 
8vo. (12;60) 4.50 

3189 Tenney (W. J.) Military and Naval History 
of the Kebellion in the United States, with bio- 
gi-aphical sketches of deceased officers. New-iTork, 
1867. maps, porir. and plates, some coloured, cloth, 
roy. 8vo. 4:. — 

3190 Ternaux (H.) Bibliotheque Americaine ou 
catalogue des ouvrages relatifs a I'AmSrique qui 
ont paru depuis sa d(5oouverte jttsqn'a I'an 1700. 
Paris, 1837. 8vo. 6.— 

'/This catalogue contains 1153 articles; the few 
notes added by Mr. Ternani, cause a regret that he 
has been so sparing of them." Rich. 

3191 Texas. — Mapa de las Provinoias imme- 
diatas a la linea divisoria entre la Nueva Espana 
y los Estados Unidos Americanos, (about 1800). 
fol. 48 by 36. — Coloured and illuminated. 25. — 

Interesting drawn and unpublished map of Texas, 
with many details. 

3192 Theremin (C.) De belangen der Mogend- 
heden van het Vaste Land, met betrekking tot 
Eng;eland. Den Haag, 1796. uncut. 8vo. 1.60 

(The interests of the 'Pollers of the Continent, 
in connection with England) 

3193 Thevenot (M.) Relations de divers voyages 
curieux qui n'ont point est6 publiees ou qui ont 
esti traduites d'Hacluyt, de Purchas et d'aiitres 
Voyageurs Anglois, Ilollandois, Portugais, Alle- 
mands, Espagnols. Paris, Sei. M. Cramoisy, 16166. 
Vol. 1—3. calf. fol. 50.— 

Tall copy, complete, according to Brunei's colla- 
tion, with the following differences; 

Vol. I. has the dedication »Au Roy" 2 unnumb. 
leaves, which Brunet attributes to the edition of 
1673 only. — No duplicate map at pp. 7-8 of 
Terri's Voyage ["ces pp. sorit passees et se troa- 
vent quelqnefoii remflaceei par la mSme «arte d« 




IMndostan que nous venous d'indiquer." Brunei.'] 
Vol. II. No map of Pegu and Japan at p. 48. — 

five plates of natural history in the '/Relation de la 

Chine," instead of 8, as Brunet says. 

Vol. III. As in the edition of H)96 the "Voyage 

des Arabassadenrs de la Coinp. Ho!l." has no sepa- 
rate frontispiece. 

All parts in the original issues, which contain 

the best proofs of the plates; the plates of the 3d 

volume partly before the numbers. 

3194 Thevet (F. Andr.) Historia dell' India Ame- 
rica detta ultramonte Francia Antarctica, trad, di 
francese in lingua italiana, da M. Gius; Horologgi. 
Venezia. 1561. vellum, sm. 8vo. A small piece of 
the title mended^ a sliyJit worm?iole in the uvder 
margin of some leaves^ else a good copy. 15. — 

Kare Italian translation of the very scarce French 
original, published in 1658. Not mentioned by Ter- 
naui. Priced: Stevens, Nuggets jg 2. 2 s. 

3195 Thomas (Js.) famous Journalist, Founder of 
the Amer. Antiquarian Society. — A. L. S. to 
the Hon. D. Poster of Brooinfield, dat. Worcester, 
Sept. 2, 1798. 1 p. fol. 4.50 

Applies to Mr. F. in behalf of his Almanack. 

3196 Thomas (J.) History of Printing in America, 
with a Biography of Printers and an account of 
Newspapers. Prefixed a view of the discovery and 
progress of the art in other parts of the world. 
Worcester U. S. 1810. 2 vols, facsim. and plates. 
old calf. 8vo. 60.— 

Valuable work, of the utmost rarity, in 
excellent condition. 

3197 St. Thomas in the W. Indies and St. Paolo 
In Angola captured by Admiral Houtebeen in the 
service ot the Dutch W. I. Comp. 1641. — Fi- 
gure ot both places with inscription in the upper 
left hand-corner, sq. fol. 2. — 

3198 Engagement between one small Danish 

brig and two large English men of war, off St. 
Thomas. 1801. Danish engrav. by F. M. Dodd. 
sm. sq. fol. — Rare. 3.50 

8199 Thompson (Smiths Secret, of thp Navy 
1818—23, Justice of the U. S. Supr. Court 
1823—43. ~ S. L. to Jer. Nelson, dat. Navy 
Departm., March 25, 1822. 1 p. 4to. 1.— 

3200 Thilmmel (A. R.) Die Natur u. das Leben 
in den Verein. Staaten von Nord-Amerika. Er- 
langen, 1848. hf. bd. 8vo. 1.— 

saOl Thysii (Ant.) Historia navalis, sive celeber- 
rimoruni praeliorum Batavorum usque ad pacem 
Hispan. descriptio. Lugd. Bat., 1657. vellum. 4to. 

A complete history of ail the naval achievements 
of the Dutch till 1645, including the expeditions of 
O. v. Noort 1698-1601, G. Spilbergen 1601, 
J. L'Hermite 1623, the victories of P. Heyn, 
H. Loncq and others on the Spaniards in Brazil, 
etc. etc. 

3202 Tiele (P. A.) Bibliotheek van Nederl. Pam- 
fletten. Eerste afdeeling : Verzameling van Fre- 
derik Muller. Amst. 1858—61. 3 vols. 4to. 15.- 

{Library of Butch Pamphlets. First part: Col- 
lection of Frederik Muller.) 

This valuable Bibliography, comprising the Dutch 
pamphlets, publ. in the years 1482 — 1702, contains 
not less than 9668 titles, chronologically arranged, 
with exact descriptions, bibliographical, and other 
notices, etc. For the American collector it is of 
high interest, as it contains not only all the pam- 
phlets, mentioned in Asher's Essay, but many others, 
which are indispensable to the knowledge of the his- 
tory of the Netherlands, in conjunction with that 
of the colonies. 

3203 MiSmoire bibliographique sur lesjournaux 

des Navigateura Neerlandais, reimprim^s dans les 
ooUeotions de De Bry et de Hulsius et dans les 
collections Hollandaises du 17e siecle, et sur les 
anciennes t5ditions Hollandaises des journaux de 
navigateurs etrangers; la plupart en possession de 
Frederik Muller. Amsterd. 1867. 8vo. 7.B0 

3204 The same, large paper. Only fifty copies 

printed on very strong Dutch paper. Out of print 
and rare. 14.— 

A very useful and creditable book containing the 
exact bibliographical description, with valuable his- 
torical notes, of that very rare and curious collectioa 
of old Dutch voyages, formed with great expense 
and trouble during 17 years; — and the first bi- 
bliography of old Dutch voyages.^ 

3205 [Tinne (A.)] Brief van een Amsterdams Koop- 
man te Petersburg. Amst., 1780. 8vo. 1.50 

{Letter from an Amsterdam Merchant ut St, 

Ou the secret negotiation of Amsterdam with 

3206 Tjassens (Joh.) Zee-Politie der Vereenighde 
Nederlanden. 's Gravenhage, /. Feely, 1652. vel- 
lum. 4to. 8.— 

{Sea-Police of the United Netherlands.) 
The Chapters XIV — XXX of this valuable bouk 
contain the history of the West- India- Comijany, 
with reprints of the original document {Octroyen, 
p. 222—258). — This first edition is scarce. 

3207 The same, uncut, very scarce. 10.— 

3208 The same, vellum, Large paper copy. 15.— 

3209 The same, 's Gravenh., /. Veely, 1669, 

calf 4to. 20.- 

2d edition. The copies with the date 1669 are 
extremely scarce. — In the same volume: 'tBoeck 
der Zee-llechten. Amst. 1678. {The book of mari- 
time laws.) — Weytsen, (Q.) Traotaet van avarien, 
's Gifav. 1651. {Treatise of average.) and 2 other 
of the same kind. 

3210 The same, 's Gravenh , J. Veely, J. Ton- 

gerlo ende Jasp. Doll, 1670. vellum. 4to. 8.— 

3211 Same edition, vellum, fine copy on Large 

Paper, 4to. 10.— 

PUEDEUIK MujilwlCK & 0°., 



This edition is exactly tlie same as that of 1669, 
only the title bein? changed, and bearing the words : 
*id edition, corrected by the author and enlarged 
ijl almost a half. 

As the title states, the editions of 1669 and 1670 
are enlarged by almost a half. This may be seen 
at once from the number of documents, which 
amonnts in the first edition to 42, while it is aug- 
mented to 60 in the later reprints. 

3212 Toestand tier zamenleving in de Vercen. 
Staten v. N. A. (E.xtr. 1824.) 8vo. —.75 

f,Stale of society in the U. St.) 

3213 ToUens (H.) De overwintering der Hollan- 
ders op Nova Zembla, 1596—97. 7e driik. Leeu- 
ward. 1860. sm. 8vo. .25 

3214 The Wintering of the Hollanders on Nova 

Zembla, 1596—97. Trans), from the Duti-h by 
Anglo-Saxon. Hid. 1860. sm. 8vo. —.75 

Historical poem; prize-essay published by the 
Society for Dutch literature, and afterwards a 

3215 Die Hollander auf Nova Zembla. Aus dem 

Holland, von F. M. Duttonhofer. Stuttgart, 1850. 
tooodcuts. 8vo. 1. — 

German translation of the preceding. 

3216 Tompkins (Dan. D.) Governor of the State 
of N. Y. 1807—17, Vice-President of the U. S. 
1817—25. — A. L. S. to General Th. Bailey, 
dat. Carleton, Oct. 10, 1815. 1 p. 4to. 3. - 

"There can be no objection to running the mail 
but once a week from this place to New York," cet. 

3217 A. Signature. 1.— 

3218 Toner (J. M.) On the natural history and 
distribution of YellovF Fever in the United States, 
1668-1874. Washington, 1874. With large map. 
Svo. 1.50 

3219 Tonez (Th. Morton) U S. Senator. — 
A. L. S., without address, (Paris) Hotel del'Em- 
pire, no date. 1 p. 4to. 1.50 

On (Byron's?) Cain : »the two other tragedies 
I think you will find intolerably stupid — but Cain 
is the most splendid Devil the world has yet been 
favor'd with." 

3220 Torfaeus (Th.) Grbnlandia antiqua, a. veteris 
Griinlandiae descriptio. Hafniae. 1706. 5 maps, 
calf. 8vo. — Rare. 15.— 

3221 Torrey, J., North American Cyperaceae. 
(New York. 1836.) 8vo. Out of print and rare. 


3222 A. L. S. to W. L. Marcey, Governor of 

N. Y., dat. N. Y., April 30, 1836. 2 pp. 4to. 1.75 

Declining the appointment of Botanist in the Geo- 
log. Survey of the State of N. Y. 

3223 Toulmin (Jos.) De Americaensche Oorlog 
beweend. Leerrede, uitgesproken te Taunton, 
18 en 25 Febv. 1776. Amst., M. de Bruyn (1777.) 
Svo. 6.— 

(^rke American fTar deplored. Sermon held at 


Taunton, 18 and 26 ¥elr. 1776.) 

Very rare. Rich cites neither this tratislation, nor 
the English original. 

3224 Tourn6e a la mode dans les Etats-Unis, ou 
voyage de Charleston a Quebec et d'Albany a 
Boston, . . . conten. des particularit^s intiSressan- 
tes sur riiistoire, les guerres du Canada, la guerre 
do I'indc^pendance, ect. Trad, de I'Angl., aveo 
notes et addit. par M. Bourgeois. Paris, 1829. sd. 
map. Svo. uncut. 1.80 

3225 Tractaet tegens Pays, Treves, en Onder- 
liandelinge met den Kon. v. Spaignien. 's Grav. 

1629. — Idem. 2de deol: Uedenen, enz. Ibid. 

1630. — Idem. 3de dcel: Klare Aenwysinge ens. 
Ibid. 1630. — 3 parts. 4to. (Asher N". 134, 135, 
136.) ■ 10.— 

{A treatise against Peace, Truce and Negocia- 
tion with the King of Spain.) 

Complete copies ill 3 parts are rare. — Asher 
erroneously indicates 12 pp. for the 3d part, it has 
73 pp. — These pamphlets on the truce with Spain 
are valuable for the history of the West-India- 
Comp., as it was a vital question for the latter, 
that no peace should be made with Spain ; the war 
with Spain was just in those years the principal 
aim and formed the chief revenue of the Company. 

3226 Tractaet van Marine tusschen Karel (1 van 
Engeland met de Staten Gener. d. Vereen. Nederl. 
Amst., 1074. 4to. Uncut. 1.50 

(Treaty of navigation between Charles II of 
England and the States Gener.) 

The last article treats of the navigation to the 

3227 Tractaet van Vrede tusschen den Coninck 
van Portugael en de Staten Gener. Middelb. 1663. 
4to. Uncut. Nut in Asher^s Essay. 2. — 

( Treaty of peace between the King of Portugal 
and the Slates General.) 

Relating to the cession of Brazil to the Portu- 
guese, etc. 

3228 Tractaat van Vriendschap en Commercie 
etc. 's Gravenhage, Is. Sckeltus. 1783. fol. uncut. 

'{Treaty of Amity and Commerce between . . . the 
States General of the United Netherlands, and the 
United States of America, 8 Octob. 1782. With 
the Ratifications.) — Ofilcial edition; Dutch-En- 
glish opposite. 

3229 Tractaat (Authentiek) van vriendschap en 
commercie tusschen Z. Maj. van Groot-Brltanje 
en de Vereen. Staaten van America. Vert, na het 
gedrukte te Philadelphia. Amsterd., 1795. Svo. 
Uncut. 2. — 

{Authentic Treaty of friendship and commerce 
between H. Maj. of Gr. Britain and the United 
States. Transl. after the printed copy of Philad.) 

3230 Tractatus indnciarum et cessationis omnia 
hostilit. actus inter regera Lusitaniae et Ordinea 
Gener. Prov. Belg. Hagae Com. 1642. 4to. (As, 



her N». 176.) 1.60 

3231 Tractatus. The same, in Dutch, [bid. 1642. 
4to. (Asher N". 178.) 1.50 

This treaty was concladert, after Portugal, sup- 
ported by Holland, had recODqiiered her indepen- 
deoce and retaken her colonial possessions in Asia, 
America etc. 

3232 Tracy (Uriah) Member of Congress 1793— 6, 
V. S. Senator 1796—1807 and President 1800. — 
A. L. S. to Henry Glen, dat. Washington, Jan. 
18, 1802. 1 fuU page. 4to. 3.50 

Very fine letter: »Onoe I had health, strength 
and good spirits, now the two former are fled, and 
the last must be courted like youth by age, and 
almost always without success," etc. 

S233 Transactions of the Geological Society of 
Pennsylvania. Vol. I. Part I. Philad. 1834. 6 pla- 
iei. 8vo. 1.75 

3234 Trigautius (N.) De Christiana Expeditione 
apnd Sinaa snscepta ab See. Jesu . . . libri V, in 
quibus Sinensis regni mores, leges . . . desoribun- 
tur. Aug. Vind. 1615. engraved frontisp. and plate, 
vellum. 4to. — Original-edition, rare. 9.— 

3235 Histoire de I'expedition chrestienne au 

royanme de la Chine, entreprise par les PP. de 
la Comp. de Jesus . . . trad, par D. F. de Rique- 
bOUTg. Lyon, 1616. flan, vellum. 8vo. — Tiare. 8. — 

■3236 Trial of Arthur Hodge, Esq. (late one of the 
Members of H. M's Council for the Virgin Islands) 
a.\ the island of Tortalo, for the murder of his 
Negro raanslave, named Prosper. Stenographic 
taken by A. M. Belisaiio. Lend. 1811. hf. calf. 
8vo. 1.25 

3237 of Jason Fairbanks, for the murder of 

Eli7/abeth Fales, at Dedham, in the County of