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^rr^r ^^. 












• - * 





OF THE N, S. D. A. R. 

A Stib-Committce of the Publication Committee 



This Directory contains the names of all members on the rolls October 1, 
1911 ; the last National Number is 87482. The names of members admitted 
October 4, 1911, can be found in the Supplement. 



National Officers vii 

Honorary National Officers x 

Part I — Membership Directory — 

Alabama 1 

Alaska 18 

Arizona 18 

Arkansas 19 

California 26 

Colorado ^ 

Connecticut 81 

Delaware 173 

District of Columbia 176 

Florida • 207 

Gorgia 214 

Georgia 214 

. Idaho 247 

Territory of Hawaii 246 

Illinois 249 

Indiana 331 

Iowa 375 

Kansas 413 

Kentucky 432 

Louisiana 451 

Maine 458 

Maryland 477 

Massachusetts 494 

Michigan 610 

Minnesota 657 

Mississippi 680 

Missouri 689 

Montana 734 

Nebraska 737 

Nevada 749 

New Hampshire 750 

New Jersey 776 

New Mexico 812 

New York 814 

North Carolina 1018 

North Dakota 1029 

Ohio 1030 

Oklahoma 1096 

Oregon 1101 

Pennsylvania 1 105 

Porto Rico 1202 

Possessions of the United States 1203 

Rhode Island 1203 

South Carolina 1224 

South Dakota 1244 

Tennessee 1245 

Texas 1269 

Utah 1293 

Vermont 1295 

Virginia 1317 

Washington 1340 

West Virginia 1357 

Wisconsin 1365 

Wyoming 1393 

Foreign 1395 

Errata 140? 



Part II — Chapter Directory — 

Alabama 1407 

Arizona 1410 

Arkansas 1410 

California 1411 

Colorado 1415 

Connecticut 1417 

Delaware 1424 

District of Columbia 1425 

Florida 1431 

Georgia 1432 

Territory of Hawaii 1438 

Idaho 1439 

Illinois 1439 

Indiana 1445 

Iowa 1452 

Kansas 1459 

Kentucky 1462 

Louisiana 1465 

Maine 1466 

Maryland 1469 

Massachusetts 1471 

Michigan 1482 

Minnesota 1488 

Mississippi 1490 

Missouri 1493 

Montana 1498 

Nebraska 1499 

Nevada 1500 

New Hampshire 1501 

New Jersey 1505 

New Mexico 1509 

New York 1510 

North Carolina 1526 

Ohio 1528 

Oklahoma 1536 

Oregon 1536 

Pennsylvania 1536 

Rhode Island 1545 

South Carolina 1547 

South Dakota . .♦ 1551 

Tennessee 1551 

Texas 1555 

Utah 1558 

Vermont 1558 

Virginia 1562 

Washington 1566 

West Virginia 1568 

Wisconsin 1570 

Wyoming 1573 

Foreign 1574 

Sll^e National i^an^tg 


Bnngi^UrB of tl|p Am^rtran i&^tiolittton 

Ijra&qnartrrB. flrmorial (Dontitt^ntal Ijall. 
VaBlfittgton, fi. (S. 

National Hoard of Utanagrm^nt 


9r«Btikntt (Kntrral 

Mrs. Matthew T. Scott, 

701 E. Taylor Street, Bloomington, 111., and Memorial Continental Hall, 

Washington, D. C. 

Virr-9rtaift«tit (Kntrral in dUfargr of (Organization of CUfatrtrra 

Mrs. Henry L. Mann, 
Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, D. C. 

Vir«-9»BiimtB dtnttBl 

(Term of office expires 1912.) 

Mrs. John T. Sterling, Connecticut, Mrs. Emily P. S. Moor, Vermont, 
771 Myrtle Ave., Bridgeport. 49 Kingsley Ave., Rutland. 

. La Verne Noyes, Illinois. Mrs. Andrew K. Gault, Nebraska, 

1450 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. 3802 North 24th St., Omaha. 

Miss Ellen Mecum, New Jersey, Mrs. Edward Randall, Texas, 

Salem 2204 Ave. J, Galveston. 

Mrs. Egbert Jones, Mississippi, Mrs. William E. Stanley, Kansas. 

"Box Hill," Holly Springs. "Riverside," Wichita. 

Mrs. Geobge Scott Shackelford, Va. Miss Anna Caroline Benning, Ga. 
"The Poplars," Orange. 1420 Broad St., Columbus. 

(Term of office expires 1913.) 

Miss Sophie Waples, Delaware, Mrs. James M. Fowler, Indiana, 

901 Delaware Ave., Wilmington. La Fayette. 

Mrs. Clayton R. Truesdall, Ohio, Mrs. Edwin C. Gregory, N. Carolina, 
319 Birchard Ave., Fremont. Salisbury 

Mrs. Allen Putnam Perley, Pa. Mrs. Charles B. Bryan, Tennessee, 
Vallaroont, Williamsport. 564 Vance St., Memphis. 

Mrs. Ja.mes P. Bravton, Michigan, Mrs. R. H. Edmondson, W. Virginia, 
328 S. College Ave., Grand Rapids 271 Grand St., Morgantown. 

Mis. Benjamin F. Gray, Jr., Mo. Miss Harriet Isadora Lake, Iowa, 
5869 Qemens Ave., St. Louis. Independence. 



(Slyaftlain (Srnrral 

Miss Elisabeth F. Pikrck, 
The Portlier, Washington, D. C. 

SrrorMttg i^rrrrtarg (ttwrul daxrtBponim^ i^rrrrtarg (Kntf ral 

Mrs. Howard L. Hodgkins, Mrs. William F. Dennis, 

Memorial Continental Hall, Memorial Continental Hall, 

Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C. 

Sf gtatrar (Krttrral 

Mrs. Gaius M. Brumbaugh, 
Memorial Continental Hall, 
Washington, D. C. 

IjiBtinian dtnttul 

Mrs. Charles Wesley Bassett, 
2947 St. Paul St., Baltimore, Md. 

QTrieaBttrrr (Krnrral 

Mrs. William D. Hoover, 
Memorial Continental Hall, 
Washington, D. C. 

AaaiBtatit l|iatoriatt (ttntrtd 

Mrs. Henry Martyn Thompson, 
Franklin St., Manchester, N. H, 

Sibrarian (Kntrral 

Miss Amaryllis Gillett, 
Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, D. C. 

9tat« K«9«tttB anil ^Mt Virr-Srgnitfi 

ALABAMA Mrs. Rhett Goode, 60 St. Emanuel St., Mobile. 

Mrs. Charles J. Sharp, 1401 Ave. K, Birmingham. 

ARIZONA Mrs. George W. Vickers, 394 N. 3d Ave., Phoenix. 

Mrs. Will Croft Barnes, 353 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix. 

ARKANSAS Mrs. James William Noel. 216 East 6th Ave., PincBlutf. 

Mrs. Samuel S. Wassell, 1114 Scott St., Little Rock. 

CALIFORNIA .... Mrs. William W. Stilson, 1048 W. Kensington Road, 

Los Angeles. 
Mrs. John Spottswood Kinkead, 2534 Etna St., Berkeley. 

COLORADO Mrs. Freeman C. Rogers, 1112 E. 9th St.. Pueblo. 

Mrs. Eugene R. Thayer, 1103 7th St., Greeley. 

CONNECTICUT . . . Mrs. John Laidlaw Buel, Litchfield. 

Miss Clara Lee Bowman, 60 East St.. Bristol. 

DELAWARE .... Miss Anna Cuningham, Smyrna. 

Mrs. James T. Massey, Viola. 

DISTRICT OF Mrs. Mary S. Lockwood. "The Columbia," Washington. 

COLUMBIA Mrs. Drury Conway Ludlow, "The Concord." Wash. 

FLORIDA Miss Kathryn E. Thorp, Box 197, Daytona. 

Mrs. John Pickens Turner, New Smyrna. 

GEORGIA Mrs. John Marion Graham, The Oaks, Marietta. 

Mrs. George M. Brown, 548 Peach tree St., Atlanta. 

IDAHO Mrs. Charles W. Purscll, 916 Hays St., Boise. 

Mrs. Adolph Blitz, 1303 Hays St., Boise. 

ILLINOIS Mrs. George A. Lawrence. 590 N. Prairie St., Galesburg. 

Mrs. Luther Dcrwent, "Wayside," Rockford. 










Mrs. John Lee Dinwiddie, Fowler. 

Mrs. William C. Ball, Minnetrista Blvd., Muncie. 

Mrs. Anson Marston, Campus, Ames: 

Mrs. Thomas Metcalf, "Elmridge," Council Bluffs. 

Mrs. George T. Guernsey, '^Ridgewood," Independence. 
Mrs. Clarence S. Hall, 1025 Tennessee St.. Lawrence. 

Mrs. Ben Johnson, Bardstown. 
Mrs. Jean Daviess Warren, Danville. 

Miss Virginia Fairfax, 1808 Carondelet St., N. Orleans. 
Mrs. John Routh Williams, 717 Cotton St., Shreveport. 

, Mrs. John Alden Morse, 42 Summer St., Bath. 
Mrs. William C. Robinson, North Anson. 

. Mrs. J. Pembroke Thom, 828 Park Ave., Baltimore. 
Mrs. Yates Stirling, 209 W. Lanvale St., Baltimore. 

.Mrs. James G. Dunning, 211 Belmont Ave., Springfield. 
Mrs. Charles G. Chick, 212 W. River St., Hyde Park. 

MICHIGAN Mrs. Arthur Maxwell Parker, 1691 Jefferson Ave., 

' ^. Detroit. 

J[r<jLcJ?' Jtolrs. Benton Hanchett, 1000 N. Michigan Ave., Saginaw. 

MINNESOTA .... Mrs. Cyrus W. Wells. 3120 James Ave., S., Minneapolis. 

Mrs. Lawrence C. Jefferson, 1126 Summit Ave., St. Paul. 

MISSISSIPPI . . . .Mrs. Chalmers M. Williamson. 714 N. State St.. Jackson. 

Mrs. Andrew Fuller Fox, West Point. 

MISSOURI . . . .. Mrs. Robert Burett Oliver, 740 North St., 

Cape Girardeau. 
Mrs. Hunter M. Meriwether, 3616 Gladstone Blvd., 

Kansas City. 

MONTANA Mrs. Emil H. Renisch, Twin Bridges. 

Mrs, Henry Gordon Mclntire, 719 Harrison Ave., 


NEBRASKA Mrs. Charles O. Norton, 101 West 21st St., Kearney. 

Mrs. Warren Perry, 815 4th St., Fairbur\'. 

NEW HAMPSHIRE .Mrs. Joseph H. Dearborn, P. O. Box 313, Suncook. 

Mrs. Charles Carpenter Goss, 10 Lexington St., Dover. 

Mrs. William Libbey, Princeton. 

Mrs. Charles B. Yardley, 332 William St., East Orange. 

Mrs. L. Bradford Prince, 111 Palace Ave., Santa Fe, 
Mrs. Singleton S. Ashen felter. Silver City. 

Mrs. Joseph S. Wood, 135 S. 2d Ave., Mt. Vernon. 
Mrs. Joseph E. King, Fort Edward. 

Mrs. William N. Reynolds, 669 West 5th St., 

Mrs. Arthur Lillington Smith, 702 N. Try on St., 


OHIO Mrs. George Lincoln, London. 

Mrs. Thomas Kite, Olive Place, Delhi. 

OKL.\HOMA .... Mrs. William J. Pettee, 700 W. 16th St.. Oklahoma. 

Mrs. John D. Benedict. 1123 Elgin Ave., Muskogee. 

OREGON Mrs. Wallace McCamant, 236 King St.. Portland. 

Mrs. Thomas C. Taylor. Pendleton. 

PENNSYLVANIA . . Mrs. Henry Harrison Cumings, Tidioutc. 

Miss Helen E. C. Overton, Belief onte. 

NEW YORK . . . 


RHODE ISLAND . . Mrs. Daniel Mann Edwards, Woonsocket. 

Mrs. Clovis H. Bowen, 74 Walcott St., Pawtucket. 

SOUTH CAROLINA . Mrs. F. Louise Mayes, 1 18 Manly St., Greenville. 

Mrs. A. Clarence Ligon, Orangeburg. 

SOUTH DAKOTA . . Mrs. Stella Moore Kahl, Vermillion. 

Mrs. Craig S. Thorns, Vermillion. 

TENNESSEE .... Mrs. Thomas Day, 580 Poplar St., Memphis. 

Mrs. Henry Qaybourn Horton; Franklin. 

TEXAS Mrs. Alvin V. Lane, 2505 Maple Ave., Dallas. 

Mrs. John J. Stevens. 311 Martin St., San Antonio. 

UTAH Mrs. Mary M. F. Allen, Park City. 

Mrs. Lee Charles Miller, 943 East 1st South St., 

Salt Lake City. 

VERMONT Mrs. Clayton Nelson North, Shoreham. 

Mrs. Joseph A. De Boer, 1 Western Ave., Montpelier. 

VIRGINIA Mrs. Samuel W. Jamison, 1016 Franklin Rd., Roanoke. 

Mrs. James Halliday McCue, 713 Euclid Ave., Bristol, 


WASHINGTON . . . Mrs. Walter J. Reed, North Yakima. 

Mrs. J. F. Wagner, 503 Burke Bldg., Seattle. 

WEST VIRGINIA . . Mrs. George De Bolt. 314 First St., Fairmont. 

Mrs. William Hainies Smith, "The Snuggery," 


WISCONSIN .... Mrs. Edwin H. Van Ostrand, 405 Clermont Ave., 

Mrs. John P. Hume, 211 Park Ave., Marshfield. 


Mrs. Henry B. Patten, 314 East 18th St., Cheyenne. 
Mrs. Frank W. Mondell. New Castle. 

Ifonnrarg (6f&tttB 

(Elected for Life.) 

l|0niir«rg ^rrBiirnlB (Kntrral 

Mrs. John W. Foster. 
Mrs. Adlai E. Stevenson. 

Mrs. Daniel Manning. 
Mrs. Charles W. Fairbanks. 

Mrs. Donald McLean. 

Ijonorarg Ifittt&tnt PrrBiirtttg 

Mrs. Mary V. E. Cabell. 

I|0ttiirarg Vlct-ljfrtB&ttdB (ttntrul 

MTw^ft«o«r-A. PRTcm, 1893. 
[rs. a. Leo Knott, 1894. 


Mrs. Joshua Wilbour, 1895. 

Mrs. a. Howard Clark, 1895. 

Mrs. Augusta Dan forth Geer, 1896. 

Mrs. Mildred S. Mathes, 1899. 
Mrs. Mary S. Lock wood, 1905. 
Mrs. William Lindsay, 1906. 
Mrs. Helen M. Boynton, 1906. 
Mrs. de B. Randolph Keim, 1906. 
Mrs. Sara T. Kinney, 1910. 

Mrs. J. Morgan Smith, 1911. 



The names of Daughters of Revolutionary Soldiers {142 in all) are printed 
in small capitals. 

The figures preceding the name of a Member give the National Number. 


State Regent, 1911-12, Mrs Rhett Goode, 60 St, Emanuel st, Mobile 

State Vice Regent, 1911-12, Mrs Charles J. Sharp, 1401 Avenue K, Birmingham 


73186 Acrec, Mary Belle (Mrs Qyde) Dadeville 

8295 Adams, Carrie Walton (Mrs A. A.) 2913 av H, Birmingham 

60707 Adams, Jcannette McBride (Miss) . . .3406 29th st, North Birmingham 
73181 Adams, Louise Fannin Sims (Mrs Marvin R.) ..251 East st, Talladega 

61685 Aderhold, Clifford A. Chastain (Mrs Joseph E.) 711 Quintard av, 


51677 Aldridge, Hattie T. Powe (Mrs Jacob Frederick) Jackson 

31197 Allen. Annie Lou Weakley (Mrs Joseph V.) 1126 11th av, S., 


64852 Allen, Bertha Jones (Mrs L. M.) Philcampbell 

59096 Allen, Mary Bibb (Mrs Edgar L.) 1609 12th av, S., Birmingham 

46963 AUis, Mary E. Chambers (Mrs ) Birmingham 

65094 Almon, Annie Miller (Mrs .) New Decatur 

79433 Alston, Caroline Haywood (Miss) Tuscaloosa 

73184 Anderson, Annie Holmes (Mrs W. D.) Montgomery 

66081 Anderson, Lelia Coles (Mrs Charles C.) Huntsville 

60184 Anderson, Sallie Mizell (Mrs James T.) Box 86, Auburn 

74665 Andrews, Leslie Pearson (Mrs Rhett (jeorge) Sylacauga 

17622 Archibald, Caroline Elmira (Mrs Wm.) Eufaula 

41157 Armstrong, J. Olivia (Miss) Auburn 

31207 Armstrong, Mattie Mae Kimbell (Mrs B. Dixon) Auburn 

66452 Ashcraft, Mary Bayless (Mrs Lee) Florence 

71413 Askew, Cooper Lemuel McCIendon (Mrs A. Wilborn) . .Alexander 

77000 Austin. Ailcen (Miss) Spring Hill 

40166 Badham, Helen Terry (Mrs Henry L.) Halls & Whitaker sts, 


38914 Badham, Leila Johnston (Mrs Vernon) Eufaula 

6608O Baker, Hesperia Reese ( Mrs Nicholas) Auburn 

55034 Baker, Nellie V. (Miss) Selma 

35001 Bakewcll, Melaine Dean (Mrs Frank Percival) Eufaula. 

27438 Baldwin, India Baldwin (Mrs Benjamin James) Fitzpatrick 

28853 Baldwin, Kate Sistrunk (Mrs Benjamin James) 222 Madison av, 


55531 Balke, Roberta Boiling (Mrs Julius) 258 State st. Mobile 

35094 Barnes, Dora Pratt (Mrs W. H.) Prattville 

38913 Barnett, Emma M. (Miss) Birmingham 

31206 Barr, Mary McDonald (Mrs Hiram Donald) P. O. Box 456, 

1405 Leighton av, Anniston 
73183 Beach, Elizabeth Dykeman (Mrs Edward C.)..10O3 Government st, 

47479 Beard, Ellen Dixon Greenawalt (Mrs Harry B.) Jackson st, 

New Decatur 
12476 Bcattie, Ida B. (Mrs James Scott) 1216 W. 4th st. Little Rock 


tim Belcher, Sallie B. (Mrs Josiah N.) 402 Spring st, Little Rock 

56487 Bell, Effie Dawson (Mrs R. L.) Union Springs 

11323 Bell, Isabella H. (Mrs John P.) 514 S. Perry st, Montgomery 

35095 Bell, Mary Pratt (Mrs J. B.) Prattville 

63907 Bellamy, Ethel Price (Mrs John William) Altheimer 

731SX) Belle, Marian Johnson (Mrs George) Dadeville 

23088 Bennett, Florence Hutton Harmer (Mrs Abijah B.) Opelika, 

Lee Co. 
39440 Bestor, Jessie F. W. Herron (Mrs Daniel P., Jr.) . .931 Government st. 


66082 Betts, Maud M. Broun (Mrs Tancred) Huntsville 

69178 Bibb, Camilla Madding (Mrs Robert) Leighton 

39821 Bibb, Mary Porter (Miss) Athens 

23317 Billing, Sarah Swope Wyly (Mrs Fay McCuUock) . .609 Monroe st, 


^187 Bishop, Agnes Ware (James Lewallan) 518 Tremont st, Selma 

-54054 Bishop, J. Nicholine (Miss) Livingston 

77740 Black, Annie Belle (Miss) Dadeville 

J7946 Black, Mary Findley (Miss) 450 Conte st, Mobile 

41158 Black, Mary Henderson (Mrs Walter C.) Troy 

24484 Black, Susan Lavinia Farnham (Mrs J. Walter). .. ."Hazel Hedge," 

69184 Blackburn, Kate Eubank (Mrs Felix Edward) 131 Second av, 


83001 Blackwood, Vera Ford (Mrs Herbert Scott) Helena 

65480 Blair, Ruth Hooper (Mrs Robert) Selma 

S9099 Blair, Sallie Campbell (Mrs Joseph Enos) Athens 

83548 Blinn, Annie Anderson (Mrs George A.) 1324 11th av, S., 


65095 Boiling, Margaret Walker (Mrs) Huntsville 

63904 Bondurant, Annie Prince (Mrs Eugene D.) 957 (jovernment st, 


56063 Bowie, Annie Foster (Mrs Sydney J.) Leighton av, Anniston 

56055 Bowman, Mary M. Creen (Mrs John H.)..1403 Wilmer av, Anniston 
50584 Boykin, Nina Agnes Hoo4 (Mrs Thomas Rives) 201 St. Louis st. 

34021 Boykin, Virginia Pollard (Mrs Burwell Lee) 540 S. Perry st, 


69757 Boynton, Maude Camp (Mrs William Hardie) Talladega 

54058 Bracey, Lida Augusta (Mrs John M.) Little Rock 

50589 Braddock, Katherine McCoy (Mrs John Sellers) 34th & High st. 

Little Rock 
81772 Braddock, Margaret Burson (Mrs John Sellers) 3225 High st. 

Little Rock 

34457 Bradley, Eleanor Lyons (Mrs) Idlewild Park, Birmingham 

28858 Brady, Annie Bradford (Mrs John Gregory Tuscaloosa 

27439 Bragg, Elizabeth Thornton Marks <Mrs Walter Lawrence). .535 S. 

Perry st, Montgomery 
28097 Brannon, Gertrude Hamilton Bramham (Mrs Gus Tyler). .Hanover 

Circle, Birmingham 
22614 Braswell, Ella Clement (Mrs Wesley Wellborn) 1320 Gains st, 

Little Rock 

84642 Brewster, Eliza J. (Miss) Anniston 

32356 Brickwell, Mary Blassingame Glenn (Mrs Robert Coman) 634 

Franklin st, Huntsville 
36072 Bristol, Helen Beverley Thomas (Mrs Mark Lambert) . .406 Govern- 
ment st, Mobile 

47472 Britt, Kate Drewry Comer (Mrs Walter S.) Flufaula 

76496 Brock, Virginia Rison Belcher (Mrs Edward Cooper).. 216 N. 15th 

st. Fort Smith 

31198 Brooks, Helen Clark (Mrs) 2026 Avenue J, Birmingham 

65011 Brothers, Pallie Barr (Mrs L. L.) Talladega 


80539 Broun, Coralie Townsley (Mrs Waller M.). .. .P. O. Box 717, Mobile 
61688 Brown, Irene Clare Reynolds (Mrs Lucien Cassity) . .3087 Highland 

av, Birmingham 

39438 Brown, Lena Wilkinson (Mrs) 2128 12th av. North Birmingham 

60716 Brown, Stella (Mrs Robison) 901 13th av, Tuscaloosa 

31858 Brownfield, Mamie Gilmer (Mrs William Otis) 453 S. 10th st, 


81859 Brownfield, Nannie Mae (Mrs Elliot) Opelika 

83677 Bruce, Mar jorie Pumell ( Miss) Catherine 

71046 Bruce, Martha A. (Miss) 510 Houston st, Montgomery 

25639 Br>'ce, Ellen Peter (Mrs) Tuscaloosa 

67460 Bullard, Carrie Fisher (Mrs Clarence) Opelika 

5681 1 Bullard, Julia Barron (Mrs Aurelius Franklin) Oxford 

60178 Burgamy, Alma Gibson (Miss) 3067 Highland av, Birmingham 

54055 Burnett, Nettie Guerrant (Mrs Ellis).. 412 Alabama st, Montgomery 

76495 Burns, Stella (Miss) Dadevillc 

56810 Burton, Alma Alston (Mrs H. C.) Texas & Regina avs. Mobile 

54033 Burton,* Eloise Tennille (Mrs Warren Beal). .Feldcr & Galena sts, 

66520 Bussey, Charlotte Estes (Mrs William Wallace). .. .1209 N. 31st st, 


75123 Bynum, Marie Atherton (Miss) Courtland 

10290 Cabaniss, Martha Jelks (Mrs £. H.)..2251 Highland av, Birmingham 

40744 Caldwell, Lily (Miss) Tuscaloosa 

26612 Caldwell, Mary JSimons McKenzie (Mrs William). .514 S. Perry st, 


75008 Camp, Alice (Miss) ^Gadsden 

65738 Cannon, Ada Howell (Mrs William) Alexander City 

14619 Cantrell, Jamie McFarland (Mrs William M.) Guntersville 

76997 Cardwell, Ethel Parmele (Mrs Guy Adams) 801 S. Court st, 

74664 Carlisle, Henlettc Bulger (Mrs O. P.) Dadcville 

62841 Carmichael, Annie Sugg (Mrs A. H.) Tuscumbia 

20333 Carney, Octavia Donnell (Mrs Edward M.) Greenbrier 

32758 Carter, Sarah Jordan Prince (Mrs Richard Henry) Acton 

84704 Cartwright, Emma Swift (Mrs Herbert) Decature 

72510 Cary, Mary Bell Peay (Mrs Earle Miles) 1925 13th av, N.. 

72070 Case. Blanche Osenton (Mrs Hallock Hayden)..358 N. Lafayette st, 


65735 Casey, Florence Olivia (Miss) Auburn 

43808 Castleberry, Alice Ely (Mrs William Brock).. 301 West st, Talladega 

75549 Castlenian, Alice Cokcr (Mrs S. D.) Sylacauga 

35080 Chalkcr, Rebecca (Miss) Crittendon's Mills 

35687 Chandler. Laura Malone (Mrs William P.) Athens 

68434 Chase, Annie White Stewart (Mrs Henry B.) Huntsville 

67467 Chase, Blanche Josephine Lowell (Mrs Charles Frank).. 300 Franklin 

st, Huntsville 
31200 Chenoweth, Viola Beach (Mrs William A,) 2127 Highland av, 


72760 Cherry. Neille Maria Thomas (Mrs John Lemuel) Eufaula 

69758 Chester, Susie Read (Mrs W. F.) Opelika 

62842 Chitwood, Mary T. Cooper (Mrs William L.) Tuscumbia 

51674 Christian, Edith Murray Dyche (Mrs William Armistead, Jr,)..882 

Dauphin st. Mobile 

44152 Chbistopher, Maby Melissa Faver (Mrs William R.) Strange 

27304 Church, Bella Scott (Mrs Augustus L.) Bridgeport 

71635 Qardy, Ola Massey (Mrs L. W.) 124 North $t, Talladega 

65090 Qark, Julia Francis (Miss) 717 Dallas st, Selma 

70717 Gark, Mary Halo Cockrell (Mrs Frank).. 251 Government st. Mobile 
12475 Clarke, Helen Gaines Foote (Mrs Richard H.)-.956 Government st, 



47466 Clarke, Josie Norwood (Mrs Henry H.) 520 S. Perry st, 


35107 Clayton, Caro Copeland (Mrs C. C.) Eufaula 

35692 Clayton, Mary Elliott (Miss) Eufaula 

60182 Clayton, Mary Pou (Miss) Eufaula 

56ri61 Cobbs, Ida Woodfin (Mrs John Lewis).. 124 Mobile st, Montgomery 

34467 Cochrane, Alice Searcy ( Mrs John Taylor) Mobile 

73182 Cody, Nep Ferrell (Michael) 502 S. Perry st, Montgomery 

86481 Coffee, Camilla (Mrs Alexander D.) Colbert, Florence 

75550 Cokcr, Claudia (Miss) Sylacauga 

59101 Coleman, Louise Compton (Mrs Frederick Hooker) Selma 

31956 Coleman, Margaret Peterson (Mrs Phares) . .S. Perry st., Montgomery 

64855 Coleman, Ruth (Miss) Florence 

71414 Coley, Levis ( Miss) Alexander City 

80533 Collier, Belle Hooper (Mrs Buckner K.) Opelika 

41682 Comer, Catherine Jelks (Mrs^ Eufaula 

66453 Cooke, Caroline Robinson (Mrs Samuel C.) Sheffield 

81184 Cooper, Emily Gibson (Mrs Robert Franklin) Centreville 

69179 Cooper, Frances (Miss) Tuscumbia I' 

56803 Cooper, Frances Dodd (Mrs William Henry) Oxford 

66456 Cortner, Clara Sanders Ashford (Mrs Robert G.) New Decatur 

34439 Couric, Gertha Long (Mrs) Eufaula 

60183 Couric, fWillie Preston Copeland (Mrs Alfred Alexis) Eufaula 

23089 Cowan, Julia Barnett (Mrs John Loudon) Opelika, Lee Co. 

25042 Cowen, Joanna Kingsbery (Mrs Joe W.) 367 E st, S., Talladega 

73816 Cox, Maggie Salmond (Mrs Charles C.) Dadeville 

68983 Coxe, America Houston Wallace (Mrs Thaddaeus Montrose). .Athens 

35689 Cozart, Toccoa Page (Miss) 212 South st, Montgomery 

84358 Crabbe, Elizabeth Rowe (Mrs Benjamin F.) 905 S. 12th st, 


84183 Craddock, Emma French (Mrs F. Hood) Sylacauga 

37163 Crampton, Katharine Simpson (Mrs Orson Lucius) 108 S. Con- 
ception st, Mobile 

66925 Crawford, Ella Skeggs (Mrs William E.) Decatur 

73817 Crawford, Estelle (Miss) Dadeville 

56054 Creen, Mary Ella (Mrs James F.) 1403 Wilmer av, Anniston 

31951 Crenshaw, Harriette May (Miss) Athens 

83678 Crenshaw, Mollie Files (Mrs James Hervey) Montgomery 

56056 Crenshaw, Willie Glenn (Boiling Hall) Auburn 

33612 Cribbs, Eliza Jane King (Mrs Ruben Otis) Leighton 

78051 Crist, Bennie Washburn (Mrs G. W.) 1112 N. McDonough st, 


85186 Crommelin, May Steincr (Mrs Henry) . .701 S. Court st, Montgomery 

76998 Cross, Ida Brown (Mrs) 1819 11th ar, Birmmgham 

80230 Crowdcr, Annie Preston (Miss) Opelika 

80534 Crowder, Z'ellna (Miss) Opelika 

62840 Crowe, Isabelle Towson (Mrs James Richard) Sheffield 

72918 Crumpton, Mamie Carter (Mrs William C.) Evergreen 

62727 Crulchfield, Marv Dodson (Mrs William Green). .E. 11th st, Anniston 

29365 Cullars, Kate Floyd (Mrs Walter) Opelika 

8079 Dabney, Virginia Amelia Grant (Mrs John Davis).. 1231 S. 19th st, 

73814 Dancy, Mary Louisa (Miss) New Decatur 

73815 Dancy, Unity Dandridge (Miss) New Decatur 

42702 Daniell, Mattie Walker (Mrs S. C.) Eufaula 

69182 Darden, Edna Evans (Mrs William Abner) 1011 Leighton av, 


63376 Davis, Ann Richardson (Miss) Athens 

50737 Davis, Ellen Frances Bosworth (Mrs P. B.) Citronelle 

34465 Dawson, Margaret Lewis (Mrs L. O.) Tuscaloosa 

45228 Dawson, Mary Julia (Mrs L. G.) Ware 

33165 Dean, Carolyn Simpson (Mrs L. Yancey) P. O. Box 364, Eufaula 


69421 Dean, Katharine (Miss) Opelika 

79714 Dean, Lena Craig (Mrs Joseph Edward) Tuscumbia 

75125 De Bardelaben, Ida Lane (Mrs Jurdon) Sylacauga 

30250 Dc Lony, Annie King (Mrs John E.) Tuscumbia 

75806 De Lony, Mary Bliss (Miss) Tuscumbia 

46079 Denson, Annie Love Dowdell (Mrs) Lafayette 

34437 Dent, Elizabeth Rhodes (Mrs Warren Young) Eufaula 

84359 Dent. Genevieve Lockwood (Mrs Louis H.) 1219 11th av, S., 


52488 De Vauglm, Mary Ethel Walker (Mrs) Montgomery 

51109 Dexter, Ellen Carnot Bellinger (Mrs Richard P.).. 1015 S. Hull st, 


38339 Dimmick, Evelyn Byrd (Mrs Frederick David) Birmingham 

66084 Donegan, Kate Coles (Mrs William Harvey) Huntsville 

60710 Donnell, Lucy Wiggs (Mrs John H.) Athens 

28225 Donnelly, Minnie Blinn (Mrs James W.) •• Highland av, Birmingham 

45225 Dortch, Mary Louise Pegues (Mrs J. B.)..862 Dauphin Way, Mobile 

61689 Douglas, Ludle (Miss) Glen Iris, Birmingham 

26608 Dowdell, Anne Whitfield (Mrs Andrew Lipscomb) Opelika 

47468 Draper, Florence King (Mrs James Robert) Oxford 

62843 Drisdale, Bertie Carter (Mrs Goodloe M.) Tuscumbia 

78381 Due, Annie Clanton (Mrs M. M.) . .53 S. Goldthwaite st, Montgomery 

27188 Duggar, Frances Camp (Mrs J. F.) Auburn 

48274 Dukes, Elizabeth Wofford Cummins (Mrs William Christopher) ..259 

N. Joachin st, Mobile 

54585 Dumas, Mary Elizabeth Hicks (Mrs Law^rence) Talladega 

50583 Duncan, Julia Alexander (Mrs George W.) Auburn 

56179 Dunklin, Sarah J. Mitchell (Mrs J. Thomas) Opelika 

67462 Dunning, Julia Coleman (Mrs Charles M.)..1104 29th st, Birmingham 
82779 Dyke, Alice Morison (Mrs Cyrus Dana) . Cottonwood av, Birmingham 

6439 Earle, Kate L. Smith (Mrs Samuel) Niazuma av, Birmingham 

67463 Eblen, Hollon Fonville (Mrs George Joseph) . .2023 Avenue F, cor. 

21st st, Ensley 

84360 Edmonds, Laura Boardman Caldwell (Mrs Albert Sidney) . .1318 S. 

20th st, Birmingham 

39816 Edmonson, Clifford Macon (Mrs Edward L.) Birmingham 

75010 Edwards, Anna Phillips (Mrs R. D.) Sylacauga 

75667 Edwards, Fannie Walton (Mrs Robert L.) Sylacauga 

46029 Ellis, Rosa Lou (Mrs William Allen) Florence 

66137 Ellyson, Mary Brooke (Mrs Albert W.) Citronelle 

48974 Elmore, Anna Dozier (Miss) 644 S. Lawrence st, Montgomery 

21374 Elston, Caroline Remson (Miss) Talladega 

14646 Estes, Jimmie Gardner (Mrs William Grey) 1400 19th st, S., 

78960 Estes, Willie Franc (Mrs Joseph R.) . .929 S. 12th st, Birmingham 

28276 Evans, Mary Trippe Beckwith (Mrs W. E.) Birmingham 

52405 Fariss, Ella Claiborne Bibb (Mrs Mora B.) Athens 

63900 Farley, Martha Banks (Mrs John C, Jr.) Opelika 

67448 Farley, Martha Louisa Flake (Mrs John C.) Opelika 

27208 Ferguson, Emily Florence (Miss ) Selma 

79432 Finch, Ethel (Miss) Woodlawn 

79431 Finch, Mary Isabelle (Mrs Nathaniel P. T.) Woodlawn 

35098 Finch, Waller Conway (Mrs Stanley) 110 N. Conception st, 

53142 Fisher, Henrietta Dorsey Hayes (Mrs Harry Leroy). .Citronelle 
27441 Fitts, Eleanor Hewitt (Mrs William Cochrane) . . 1053 Government 

st, Mobile 

53564 Fitts. Mattie Bibb (Mrs Harden Holland) Mobile 

85183 Fletcher. Lois (Miss) Opelika 

52408 Fletcher. Louise Mann (Mrs George Frederick) Georgia av. 

33608 Fletcher, Mary Ellen (Miss) Athens 


79718 Flowers, Tomie Smith (Mrs Francis Asbury) . . 1225 S. Perry st^ 

37164 Fonde, Alice Broun (Mrs Henry) 1059 Dauphin st, Mobile 

78052 Fonville, Mary Ray (Mrs Clifton A.) 833 Washington av^ 

53562 Foster, Ann Patterson (Mrs Sterling Johnson) 2110 19th st, 


35106 Foster, Ellen Holcombe (Miss) Tuscaloosa 

78961 Frazer, Jennie Elizabeth (Miss) Opelika 

51667 Frazier, Octavia Fletcher (Mrs John E.) 1231 Avenue K, S., 

75503 Friddle, Annie Bedford (Mrs James A.) 2113 11th av, S., 

35680 Friend, Amanda Moore (Mrs Henry Minor) . .350 Government st, 


45226 Friend, Ellen Trabue (Miss) 157 St. Anthony st, Mobile 

59609 Frost, Jessie Louise Horton (Mrs John Wright) Athens 

80535 Fuller, Katherine McDougald (Mrs Robert).. c/o Mrs J. C. Far- 
ley, Opelika 
85954 Gannon, Kennon Page Overbey (Mrs John W.)..628 S. Lawrence 

st, Montgomery 

35688 Garrett, Augusta Bibb (Mrs Edmond Peete) Athens 

83994 Garrett, Pattie Newell (Mrs H. O.) Dadeville 

65739 Garth, Alice Dashiell (Miss) Huntsville 

66427 Garth, Lena (Mrs Winston Fearn) Piedmont, Huntington 

79719 Gaston, Emma Rowan (Mrs Bernard) 119 Cla)rton st, Montgomery 

22424 Gaston, Josepha Bell (Mrs Joseph Lucius) 514 S. Perry st, 

74029 Gentry, Jeane Blythe (Mrs Richard Hardin). .Cor. Michigan av & 

78382 Gilbert, Lucy 'Lanier (Mrs Thomas H.) ;... Huntsville 

78053 Gilchrist, Gussie Lou Micon (Mrs A. R.)....423 S. McDonough st^ 


56074 Giles, Olive Judson (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) Tuscaloosa 

73185 Gill, Mary Jones (Mrs Harrison Thomas) New Decatur 

59100 Gillespie, Annie Floyd (Mrs William).. ..1026 18th st, Birmingham 

86482 Gillespie, Helen Medora (Miss) 1523 12th av, S., Birmingham 

61690 Gillespie, Zuleika Theodosia Burgamy (Mrs John Finley) ..1523 12th 

av, S., Birmingham 

56807 Gladden, Elizabeth Whiteside (Mrs J. K.) McFall 

23322 Glass, Mattie Byrd Purnell (Mrs Frank P.) 1030 S. Hull st, 


33610 Glazier, tmnia Kate (Mrs) 409 S. Court st, Montgomery 

27189 Glenn, M. Allie (Miss) Auburn 

47480 Godbey, Lucile Blackmore (Mrs) Jackson st. New Decatur 

67893 Goldsby, Agnes Winston (Mrs Thomas J.) 452 Government st. 

36069 Goldthwaite, Amanda Moore (Mrs Henry) ... .406 Government st. 

34445 Goode, Mabel Hutton (MrsRhett) 60 St. Emanuel st, Mobile 

63379 Goodloe, Judith McCraw Winston Steele (Mrs) Tuscumbia 

63380 Goodloe, Julia V. (Miss) Tuscumbia 

43812 Goodman, Mary Hamilton (Mrs Duke W.) 160 St. Anthony st, 

82935 Goodrich, Mary Mildred Rodes (Mrs George Clark).. New Decatur 
48978 Gould, Laura B. Gooding (Mrs Robert F.)..164 S. Broad st, Mobile 

71042 Gray, Marilla Crawford (Mrs William) Dadeville 

66085 Grayson, Juliet Whitthome (Mrs David Allison) Huntsville 

68736 Greene, Annie Dorsey (Mrs Rinaldo M.) 703 Avenue B, Opelika 

777Z9 Greene, Rosa Miller (Mrs Samuel E.) Earle pi, Birmingham 

79716 Greene, Zula Watkins (Mrs Charles G.) Opelika 

68980 Gross, Katie Walker (Mrs Render P.) Alexander City 

76190 Gross, Lillian (Miss) Sylacauga 


76191 Gross, Lucile (Miss) Sylacauga 

73194 Gross, Lucy Robinson (Mrs Winston A. ) Sylacauga 

44827 Gtmter, Katharine Yasser (Mrs Harris).... 527 S. McDonough st, 

64983 Haddock, Clarissa Tibbits (Mrs Edwin Joseph) .. 1205 Glen Iris av» 


33161 Hagan, Rowena Snead (Mrs William J.) Athens 

36076 Hails, Sarah Bozier (Miss) 528 S. Lawrence st, Montgomery 

21835 Haley, Leila Byrd (Mrs L. J., Jr.).... 1101 11th av, S., Birmingham 
49320 Hall, Adaline Woodward (Mrs William Russell) ..Johnston st, New 


33681 Hall, Mary Bibb (Miss) Milbrook 

71047 Hamburger, May Iverson (Mrs Louis) . .215 Grove st, Montgomery 
32759 Hamilton, Sylla W. (Mrs Guy Crawford) 1830 S. 14th av^ 


84184 Hammett, Annie French (Mrs Earnest Adell) Sylacaugar 

80540 Hampton, Cecil Harriett (Miss) R. F. D., Huntsville 

3318 Happer, Emily Foster (Mrs Frank A.) 110 St. Joseph st, Mobile 

32763 Hardaway, Mary Augusta Emory (Mrs James Robert) Opelika 

23606 Hare, Harriet L. D. Bondurant (Mrs Clifford LeRoy) Auburn 

79721 Hargrave, Louise Brown (Mrs Robert J.) Tuscaloosa 

68981 Harlan, Minnie Gilbert (Mrs Aaron La Fayette) ... .Alexander City 

43434 Harris, Annie D. Richardson (Mrs Schuyler) Athens 

10858 Harrison, Mary Addie (Miss) Opelika 

62836 Harrison, Sara Nunnally (Mrs George P.) Opelika 

47473 Harvey, Estelle MacLean (Mrs John Broach).. 13 Georgia av, Mobile 

48280 Harvey, Mary Anthony (Mrs William) Sherman st, New Decatur 

50183 Harwell, Stella Hill (Mrs James T.) Glen Iris, Birmingham 

73187 Harwell, Willie (Miss) Dadeville 

47477 Haywood, Lulah Griggs (Mrs John D.) 436 S. Lawrence st, 


39815 Head. Alicia Joel Towers (Mrs John D.) 716 W. 20th st, 


75126 Hebson, Lutie (Miss) Sylacauga 

75127 Hebson, Maude (Miss) Sylacauga 

47478 Henderson, Ida Bo wen (Mrs Robert Moss) 16 Mildred st, 


60711 Hendricks, Nellie Patton (Mrs Price W.) Athens 

57663 Henry, Abigail Moss (Mrs Henry) Guntersville 

78426 Herren, Anne Cumbee (Mrs T. S.) Dadeville 

73188 Herren, Anne Daniel (Mrs W. S.) Dadeville 

73189 Herren, Emily (Miss) Dadeville 

80532 Hewitt, Elsa Anderson (Mrs Clemens Grey) 600 S. Court st, 

82323 Hickey, Alice Maude Dent (Mrs P. M.)..300 St. Anthony st, Mobile 

73195 Hickman, Kate Rayiield (Mrs Frank C.) Sylacauga 

64490 Hicks, Bethany (Miss) Opelika 

47481 Hildredth, Ellen Stephens (Mrs Christopher James) Jackson st. 

New Decatur 

42074 Hill, Mai7 Elizabeth Thornburgh (Mrs).. 1206 Louis av, Birmingham 

2359 Hillyer, Louisa C. (Miss) Noble Institute, Annistoi? 

73809 Hindman, Nannie Mae De Lony (Mrs Samuel Cooper) . .Tuscumbia 

72600 Hinds, Edith Gray (Mrs W. E.) Auburn 

32353 Hine, Kate Adair Anderson (Mrs Ernest) Athens 

32766 Hobbs, Anne Davis Richardson (Mrs Thomas Maclin) Athens 

47482 Hoff. Margaret Atlee (Mrs George A.) Sherman st. New Decatur 

43435 Hoffman, Annie Chapman (Mrs Francis O.) 968 Dauphin Way, 


46966 Hoffman, Mary Ripley Malone (Mrs John R.) Athens 

58695 Hoke, Louise Nardin (Mrs Wm. M'chael) Birmingham 

56809 HoUoway, Anne Ogburn (Mis Joseph Lee) 411 Finley av, 

69759 Holmes, Ella Read (Mrs M. L.) Opelika 


65482 Holt, Nellie Gaines (Miss) 433 S. Perry st, Montgomery 

56058 Hopper, Fannie Hickson (Miss) 302 St. Joseph st, Mobile 

44154 Hopper, Mary Griffith Davis (Mrs Hardwick M.)..917 Government 

st. Mobile 
35682 Horn, Mary Louise Shawhan (Mrs Louis Harrell) . .205 Government 

st, Mobile 
48275 Horst, Behetheland Gaines Lyon (Mrs Henry A.).. 110 St. Emanuel 

st, Mobile 

31950 Horton, Laura B. Crenshaw (Mrs Eugene W.) Athens 

71417 Hotchkiss, Lizzie Bankhead (Mrs William E.) Courtland 

73810 Houghton, Mary Powers (Mrs Harry S.) 425 S. Perry st, 


26540 Houston, Jeannette Eichelberger (Mrs) ^Anniston 

82780 Houston, Martha Low (Miss) Opelika 

35114 Howze, Pattie Strudwick (Mrs Thomas Falconer) Demopolis 

48979 Hubbard, Emma Price Williams (Mrs Ashbel)..250 St. Anthony st. 

36075 Hubbard, Juliette Augusta Brannon (Mrs Wm. Henry) 1043 S. Perry 

st, Montgomery 

79570 Huey, Neva Langdon (Miss^ Marion 

56065 Huger, Alwera (Miss) Anniston 

49808 Hulsbush, Annie Spottswood Redd (Mrs John Gerhard). .553 Gov- 
ernment st, Mobile 
59097 Hulsey, Ewing Mosby (Mrs William H.)..2S08 6th av, Birmingham 

65740 Humes, Ellelee Chapman (Mrs Milton) Abingdon pi, Huntsville 

52406 Hundley, Nannie Donnell (Mrs William May) Athens 

53565 Hunt, Evelyn Berry Wyker (Mrs) Decatur 

75551 Hunt, Mary Belle Oliver (Mrs R. S.) Sylacauga 

33167 Hunter, Margaret C. Force (Mrs) 524 Mabey st, Selma 

74949 Huntington, Mary Belle (Miss) 3827 Avenue, F., Avondale 


69762 Hutton, Mary Elizabeth Dale (Mrs William R.) Huntsville 

73818 Ingram, Buford Harwell (Mrs Thomas) Dadcville 

80536 Ingram, Elna Renfro (Mrs Charles Vine) Opelika 

62837 Ingram, Mary Williams (Mrs John Jasper) Opelika 

52409 Irvin, Francis Marion Kelly (Mrs R. E. D.) Anniston 

63894 Jackson, Alethea Kilgore Wardlaw (Mrs James) Tuscumbia 

31208 Jackson, Annie Reese (Mrs William Carson) Auburn 

73196 Jackson, Ethlyn Gross (Mrs M. H.) Sylacauga 

36077 Jackson, Helen Gunter (Mrs James Kirkman) . .420 S. Perry st, 


39746 Jackson, Julia Smith (Mrs Nathaniel F.) Montgomery 

80538 Jackson, Virginia McMillan (Mrs G. W.) Opelika 

23323 Janney, Margaret Spencer (Mrs George Hails).. 603 Monroe st, 

20780 Jeniison, Eugenia Rebecca Sorsby (Mrs Robert) Glen Iris, 

54050 Jennings, Ellen Hale (Mrs Charles B.)..2127 12th av, N., Bir- 

61692 Jernigan, Elizabeth Benona (Mrs Henry Crawford) Opelika 

63896 Johnson, Kate Barton (Mrs William A.) Tuscumbia 

21839 Johnson, Nellie Guild Hall (Mrs J. H.). .Institution for the Deaf, 

71043 Johnston, Adele Richmond (Mrs George Albert).. 732 Monroe av, 


73191 Johnston, Gussic Rowell (Mrs R. L.) Dadeville 

51676 Johnston, Mabel M. Moore (Mrs J. P.) Sylacauga 

37947 Johnston, Mary Norvell (Mrs Thomas Alexander) . .358 Eslavar st, 


35110 Johnston, Willie M. (Mrs Wm. Young) Eufaula 

61694 Jones, Anna Wilson (Mrs) Tuscaloosa 

66375 Jones, Eftie Womble (Mrs T. R.) Tuscumbia 


84361 Jones, Emma Augusta (Miss) 1722 Fifth av, Birmingham 

37948 Jones, Marion Wilmer (Mrs Harry E.) Montgomery 

64489 Jones, Nellie R. (Miss) Philcampbell 

80537 Jones, Susie Greene (Mrs John Allen) Opelika 

16545 Jordan, Florence Earle (Mrs Mortimer Harvie) Highland av, 


69176 Jordan, Katie Mae Pearson (Mrs) Sylacauga 

65589 Jordan, Mattie B. Jones (Mrs Thomas S.) 609 Poplar st, 


65782 Jordan, Minnie Rushing (Mrs William Micou) Tallassee 

63895 Julian, Mary McReynolds (Mrs Owen Nelson) Tuscumbia 

33168 Keith, Ada Byrd Hooper (Mrs Chamliss) . .1212 Alabama st, Selma 

69185 Kellum, Alice (Miss) Anniston 

72759 Kelly, Maud McLure (Miss).. 1236 Louise av, Glen Iris, Birmingham 

74663 Kennedy, Annie Davidson (Mrs John Percy) Centreville 

37159 Keyser, Gallic G. Smith (Mrs) Belle Mead Farm, Birmingham 

75009 Kidd, Etna Gamp (Mrs Louis Stephen) 808 Quintard av, Anniston 

56066 Kidd, Florence Mitchell (Mrs Charles Tulane) 1030 Christine av, 


46507 King, Annie Bass ( Miss) Montevallo 

47380 King, Mary Goodall (Mrs Robert Mc(}ehee) 540 S. Perry st, 


31212 Kirk, Dolly Williams (Miss) .50 S. Goldthwaite st, Montgomery 

48271 Kirkpatricic, Mary Holtzclaw (Miss).. 121 S. Court st, Montgomery 

48276 Kitchen, Kate E. (Mrs W. J. S.) Burnt Corn 

43809 Kline, Edna Severa Bachman (Mrs Charles David) Tyler Hill 

66926 Knight, Jenny Wrenshall (Mrs John W.) Decatur 

34448 Knott, Elizabeth (Miss) 900 Dauphin Way, Mobile 

56067 Knox, Carrie McCMure (Miss) Tyler Hill, Anniston 

65093 Kridler, Laura Hill (Mrs Edward H.) Mobile 

55535 Kyle, Wilhelmina Chappell Ross (Mrs) Sherman st, New Decatur 

46080 Lacey, Virginia E. Slade (Mrs C. N.) Demopolis 

35683 Lake, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs Thomas Harden) . .1057 Government st, 


44151 Lane, Mildred Terry (Mrs A. O.) 816 N. 19th st, Birmingham 

76996 Lasseter, Elizabeth Fairfax (Miss) Tuscumbia 

6.S45 Lasseter, Evelyn Keller ( Miss) Tuscumbia 

47668 Laughton, May Caldwell Escott (Mrs Wallace Bruce).. 1020 15th st, 

S., Birmingham 

79715 Lazarus, Wilhelmina Lyne (Mrs B. D.) Auburn 

73813 Lee, Augusta Alston (Mrs Lawrence Haywood) 509 Lawrence st, 

51668 Leeper, Grace Vance (Mrs Charles Stone) 16th av & Beecher st, 


45227 Leftwich, Annie (Mrs George A.) Michigan av, Mobile 

66923 Leftwich, Nina (Miss) Tuscumbia 

71044 Le Grand. Mary Virginia Goldthwaite (Mrs Mihon Paul) S. Court 

st, Montgomery 
20781 Lewis, Rose Garland (Mrs Burwell Boykin) . .1925 8th st, Tuscaloosa 

34449 Ligon, Ellen Lee Barret (Mrs Grienwood) . .430 Spring Hill av, Mobile 

70794 Linscott, Josephine Tingley (Mrs W. K.) 156 Rapier av, Mobile 

79584 Lipscomb, Katherine Dowdell (Mrs Andrew) Auburn 

58162 Little. Johnnie D. (Mrs Richard) Tuscaloosa 

87044 Lloyd, Mar^ Elizabeth Hart (Mrs Francis E.) Auburn 

34438 Long. Mamie Rhodes (Mrs Edgar Thomas) Eufaula 

49809 Loranz, Margaret Porter (Mrs Joseph) Jackson 

78054 Losey, Marie Hale (Mrs F. D.) 303 Queen City av, Tuscaloosa 

23324 Lowe, Annie McGehee Wyly (Mrs David F.) 11 N. Jackson st, 

35695 Lumpkin, Sarah Woodson Kennon (Mrs Joseph Henry) Sclma 

58158 Lynch, Ouida Eileene (Miss) 1720 Quintard av, Anniston 

58159 Lynch, Winnie Varina (Miss) 1720 Quintard av, Anniston 


14654 McAdony, Leonora (Mrs Chambers) Bessemer 

43810 McAdory, Daisy Crook (Mrs Walter Kennon) 1216 S. 13th st, 


56059 McAlpine, Bessie Phares Hopper (Mrs John Watson). .1011 Govern- 
ment st, Mobile 

80229 McArthur, Mary Espy (Mrs John T.) Abbeyville 

65092 McCall, Mary Fairbanks (Mrs Marvin M.) Opelika 

67469 McClain, Kate (Miss) Tuscumbia 

31948 McClellan, Aurora Pryror (Mrs Robert Anderson) Athens 

63897 McCIeskey, Mattie Stanley (Mrs Alfred Felix) Tuscumbia 

43436 McCombs, Anne Stewart (Mrs George H.) Auburn 

35111 McCormick, Etta Copeland (Mrs W. L.) Eufaula 

27443 McCorvey, Netta Tutwiler (Mrs Thomas Chalmers) Tuscaloosa 

86483 McCune, Bessie M. (Miss) Birmingham Seminary, Birmingham 

46968 McDavid, Mittie Owen (Mrs Ned R.)....310 Graymont Heights, 

21840 McElderry, Mittie (Miss) Talladega 

55028 McEldery, Bertha (Miss) Talladega 

67466 McGowin, Genevieve Brewer (Mrs William Travis) Mobile 

69180 McGregor, Harriet Cooper (Mrs A. A.) Tuscumbia 

21519 Mcintosh, Isabel Stinson (Mrs W. Page)..U. S. Marine Hospital, 


61683 McKee, Fanny Morris (Mrs Elmer B.)**1818 Quintard av, Anniston 

43813 McLeod, Virginia Martin Harris (Mrs C. B.) Jackson 

48184 McWilliams, Mary Belle Mitchell (Mrs J. H.) Athens 

42707 Mabson, Fannie Baldwin (Mrs Thomas H.) 204 S. Court st, 


49318 MacMahon, Grace St. John (Mrs William 0.)..251 Conception st. 


83072 MacVeigh, Nancy White (Miss) Eufaula 

43816 Mann, Harriet Long (Mrs John Gideon) 2 Georgia av, Mobile 

28002 Manning, Annie Cummings (Mrs Frederick H.) Talladega 

34462 Martin, Mary Houston Chandler (Mrs Wm. Lee) Athens 

51671 Mason, Mary Elise (Miss) Athens 

65741 Mastin, Lucy Anne Spraggins (Mrs Alexander £.) Quietdale, 


67376 Mastin, Mary Irby (Miss) Huntsville 

67468 Mastin, Sallie Crutcher (Miss) Huntsville 

65742 Matthews, Henrietta Austin (Miss) Huntsville 

65743 Matthews, John Nathalie (Miss) Huntsville 

81860 Matthews, Maggie (Miss) Opelika 

72475 Maxwell, Josephine Louise Alston (Mrs Charles Neville) . .Tuskaloosa 

11089 Maxwell, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 721 N. 17th st, Birmingham 

27442 Mayfield, Susie Fitts Martin (Mrs James Jefferson) Tuscaloosa 

82358 Means, Virginia Preston (Miss) 826 S. 21st st, Birmingham 

45294 Meeds, Adda May Rust (Mrs Frank Washington) 518 19th av, 


85184 Melton, Annie Dobbins (Mrs John William) . .410 1st av, Opelika 

35675 Mercer, Annie Eliza Goode (Mrs James Wesley) Eufaula 

36064 Mercer, Mary M. (Mrs Charles Groode) Eufaula st, Eufaula 

35693 Merrill, Eliza A. (Miss) Eufaula 

55534 Mertins, Frances White (Mrs Paul S.) . .406 S. Perry st, Montgomery 

34553 Messick, Nancy A. (Mrs) Kentopia 

43814 Milhous, Mary Whitney Hybart (Mrs F. L.) . .750 Palmetto st, Mobile 

75721 Miller, Lillie A. L. (Mrs E. B.) 138 North st, Talladega 

53057 Miller, Mary E. (Mrs Alexander Garland) Tuscaloosa 

23608 Miller, Mary White (Mrs Emerson R.) Auburn 

75722 Miller, Minnie L. (Miss) 138 North st, Talladega 

73192 Miller, Nora E. (Mrs A. C) Dadeville 

70457 Miller, Susan Estelle Cobb (Mrs Richard William) . .1602 Noble st, 


31213 Milstead, Charlotte B. (Mrs Andrew Hammill) Tallassce 

56068 Mitchell, Mary Ellen Home (Mrs Stephen W.) Christine av, Anniston 


69183 Montgomery, Bunnie Darden (Mrs Hubert H.) Jacksonville 

76999 Montgomery, Sophia Perkins (Mrs William G.) 827 S. 30th st,. 


51106 Moody, Elizabeth S. D. Hartswell (Mrs J. W.) Eufaula 

76193 Moody, Mary Farley Maxwell (Mrs Frank Sims) Tuscaloosa 

59610 Moon, May Middlcton (Mrs Hartley Allen).. 28th st & Avenue K,. 

34440 Moore, Echel Dean (Mrs Thomas Lepscombe) Eufaulsfc 

44S2S Moore, Elizabeth Callaway (Miss).. 403 S. Decatur st, Montgomery 

44611 Moore, Janie Pharr (Mrs William Liston)..104 Dauphin st, Mobile 

4734 Moore, Kate E. (Mrs William) 114 Wood av, Florence 

46964 Moore, Lulu Howard Townsend (Mrs Jones G.)..923 S. 17th st,. 

44826 Moore, Mary Henderson (Miss) 403 S. Decatur st, Montgomery 

19605 Mooring, Margaret Love (Mrs John Scott).. 2156 Rose av, Anniston 

62839 Morgan, Annie Mae Whittelsey (Mrs J. I.) Opelika 

38909 Morrow, Margaret Smith (Mrs Hugh) Huffman rd, Birmingham 

6^82 Morton, Hattie Davis (Miss) 1722 5th av, N., Birmingham 

34433 Moseley, Maria Pleasants (Miss) Talladegai 

68655 Moseley, Rochelle, Ramsey (Mrs Louis Marion) Union Springs 

62835 Moulthrop, Sallie C. (Mrs Robert) Eufaula 

47142 Mountfort, Julia M. Dyke (Mrs Ernest L.). .Cottonwood av, Bir- 

71050 Murfee, Laura Owen (Mrs James Thomas) Tuscaloosa 

37154 Murphey, Lena Garland (Mrs) Tuscaloosa 

44872 Murphree, Pearle (Miss) Blocton 

85188 Murphy, Virginia Caroline (Mrs A. S.) Eutaw 

65744 Murray, Alice Reed (Miss) Huntsville 

65745 Murray, Mary Lee (Miss) Huntsville 

65737 Naff, Estelle Jarnagin (Mrs) Mobile 

76165 Nail, Wertie Appling (Mrs Earnest) 202 Eustis st, Huntsville 

60712 Nance, Eugenia (Miss) Huntsville 

48961 Neill, Jessie Dearing (Mrs Louis Arthur) Jockson st, Newr 

40741 Nevins, Louise Davidson (Mrs Wm. Hooper) 1111 Hickory st^ 


84121 Newell. Dora A. (Miss) Dadeville 

66377 Newson, Elizabeth Caruthers (Mrs Amos W.) Huntsville 

56062 Newson, tvelyn King (Mrs Charles Alfred) .Grandview 

47381 Newson, Kathryn King (Mrs Henry). 540 S. Perry «t, Montgomery 

82429 Niel, Lily Cade Sparks (Mrs Robert Edmund Lee) Selma 

09763 Nolcn, Maggie Tounsend (Mrs James Wilson) . . . Alexander City 

30563 Northington, Ella Adelle Smith (Mrs W. T.) Prattville 

47475 Norville, Anna Celeste (Miss) 254 S. Broad st, Mobile 

55530 O'Brien, Willie Evelina (Mrs James E.) EufauU 

75724 Oliver, Exie Slaughter (Mrs W. H.) Dadeville 

85955 Oliver, Louise (Miss) Dadeville 

82936 Oliver, Lucile E. (Miss) Dadeville 

73193 Oliver, Sallie Herrcn (Mrs S. J.) Dadeville 

81096 Ordway, Fannie Hancock Murfree (Mrs Thomas Verner) .. Anniston 

61687 Orr, Annie Robertson (Miss) Oxford 

23611 Orum, Claudia Lewis (Mrs William Joseph) 619 Monroe st, 


56064 Owen, Agnes Izard Couch (Mrs) 526 Quintard av, Anniston 

70752 Paige, Ada Bell Creighton (Mrs James Wallace) Mobile 

66451 Pairo, Lucy W. Jones (Mrs Louis P.) 1420 Parkman st, Selma 

62846 Palmer. Sudie Huston (Mrs Charles Richard) Tuscumbia 

59102 Parrish, Mary Baker (Mrs A. G.) City National Bank, Selma 

63728 Patterson, Celeste T. (Mrs Charles A., Jr.).. 580 Tremont st. Selma 

65588 Patterson, Maud McPherson Hooper (Mrs) Selma 

44153 Patterson. Sarah Huey (Mrs James Harvey) Mobile 

60180 Patton, Fannie May Burgamy (Mrs John Walker) . .1730 10th av, S.^ 



83679 Patton, Shelby Walker (Miss) Huntsville 

76532 Paulk, Katherine Alston Cunningham (Mrs David J.).. Union Springes 

8647 Pearson, Sallie Harrison (Mrs Robert H.) . .920 20th st, Birmingham 

31953 Peebles, Memory P. (Mrs William Shirley) Athens 

36144 Perdue, Annie McCalla (Mrs Howard) Birmingham 

23609 Petrie, Mary Lane (Mrs George) Auburn 

84182 Pettus, Alice (Miss) Selma 

26346 Pew, Elizabeth Harvey (Mrs Arthur) Auburn 

47050 Phelan, Virginia P. Lyon (Mrs Thomas Sale) .. ..1107 S. Perry st, 


58160 Phillips, Bessie Mae McDonald (Mrs Beala A.) Sylacauga 

55986 Phillips, Mary D. Andrews (Mrs Charles J.) Philcampbell 

86170 Pickett, Fannie Jackson (Miss) 720 S. Lawrence st, Montgomery 

39886 Pinckard, Lucy Ryburn (Mrs William Peyton) Birmmgham 

82360 Pittman, Cary Cowper (Miss) Union Springs 

40171 Pitts, Juliet Merriwethcr (Mrs Alexander Davidson) Selma 

44828 Pitts, Kittie Mims (Miss) Selma 

79722 Pleasants, Marie Shelby (Mrs Marie S.) Huntsville 

43818 Poe, Cornelia Taylor (Mrs Joseph Taylor) (Georgia av, Mobile 

42705 Poe, Loulie Anna (Miss) Georgia av, Mobile 

47483 Polk, Enola G. (Mrs) Decatur 

23321 Pollard, Juliet Shrewsbury Craik (Mrs Charles, Jr.).. Hazel Hedge, 


37903 Pope, Katie Jones (Mrs Robert P.) Michigan av. Mobile 

69419 Porch, Laura Emma Gilbert (Mrs Styles Marshall). ...R. F. D. 3, 

Alexander City 
69422 Porterfield, Emma Alexander (Mrs Turner Marvin) . .900 S. 16th st, 


39439 Pose, Elizabeth D. Norvell (Mrs Joseph) 358 Eslava st. Mobile 

84703 Posey, E. Octavia Gamble (Mrs Geo. Henry) Gamble Heights, 

Alexander City 
63901 Power, Lucy Banks (Mrs W. R.) Opelika 

75552 Prather, Amabel Coker (Mrs Robert) Sylacauga 

75553 Prather, Hattie Barnes (Mrs Frederick) Sylacauga 

31203 Pratt, Julia A. S. (Mrs) Prattville 

69181 Preuit, Jim Allen Madding (Mrs Pope Pryor) Leighton 

61696 Pride, Mary Goodloe Mhoon (Mrs L. T.) Pride 

66083 Pride, Sallie Le Roy Betts (Mrs James H.) Huntsville 

72283 Provost, Achie B. Jones (Mrs Bion Augustus) 11 Montauk av, 


31954 Pryor, Frances Snow (Miss) Athens 

37157 Quillian, Lena Sophia Jackson (Mrs Fletcher) . .2242 Arlington av, 


31199 Rainsford. Hester Simpson Cobb (Mrs) Birmingham 

75124 Ramage, Nannie Eleanor Dinsmore (Mrs Levi J.) Decatur 

57244 Randolph, Annie Brook Berney (Mrs Raymond). .253 State st. 

66454 Rather. Elizabeth Cloyd (Miss) Tuscumbia 

55120 Read, Mary Amelia Dooly (Mrs George) . .2030 5th av, Birming- 

34436 Rees, Lula F. Dean (Mrs) Eufaula 

34466 Reese, Susan Rebecca (Miss) Marion, Perry Co. 

40167 Reeves, Matilde Copeland (Mrs McNab) Eufaula 

87344 Reeves. Nettie Margaret (Mrs J. H., Jr.) Eufaula 

56057 Reynolds, Elizabeth Essie Scott (Mrs Petit T.) Auburn 

50586 Reynolds, Mary Taylor (Mrs H. T.) Demopolis 

78428 Rhett. Louise Rison (Mrs Harry Moore) Franklin st, Hunts- 

55031 Rice, Ariadne (Miss) Athens 

72757 Richardson, Margaret Crommelin (Mrs Terry McCall)..55 Jeff 

Davis av, Montgomery 
86486 Ridgway, Helen Watkins (Mrs Charles Sylvester) Auburn 


32760 Riggs, Fannie Minor (\jrs Edward Powell) .. 1035 Sycamore st, 


51669 Riley, Elvira Cook Lewis (Mrs Claude) Elba 

78427 Rison, Rena Lanier (Mrs Archie Lee) 520 W. Holmes st, 

48277 Riviere, Ruby Thurmond (Mrs George Alphonse)..25 S. Ann st. 

35696 Robbins, Isoline Wimberley (Mrs Eugene, Jr.).. 625 Union st, 

11353 Robbins, Lucia Minter (Mrs Joseph Sydney).. 4 Le Moyne pi, 


60709 Roberson, Nellie Thompson (Mrs J. Fall) Cropwell 

29077 Roberts, Georgia Archibald (Mrs C. P.) Eufaula 

85182 Roberts, Lizzie Hobson (Mrs Joe P.) Sylacauga 

59608 Roberts, Mary Adelaide Robinson (Mrs Thomas Scott) .... 1230 

Quintard av, Anniston 

56805 Roberts, Winnie (Miss) 1204 Quintard av, Anniston 

66087 Robins, Sarah Strother (Mrs Joseph) Lower Peachtree 

48976 Robinson, Caroline Broun Marston (Mrs Thomas F.). .Bessemer 

34451 Robinson, Ella W. Shaw (Mrs George A.) Government st, 

36061 Robinson, Grace Noble (Mrs Walter Ambrose). .1011 Fairmount 
av, Anniston 

8841 Robinson, Ida Isabel (Mrs Eben E.) East Lake 

24479 Robinson, Kate Hillyer (Mrs Thomas L.) Anniston 

34460 Robinson, Leila Prince (Mrs Elisha Miller) Glen Iris, Bir- 

40170 Robinson, Leone (Miss) 1216 Quintard av, Anniston 

60708 Robinson, Medora Reynolds (Mrs Charles T.) Sheffield 

36063 Robinson. Van (Mrs William) Eufaula 

67894 Rodgers, Edna Claire (Miss) 504 W. Clinton st, Huntsville 

67895 Rodgers, Mary Holding (Miss) 504 W. Clinton st, Huntsville 

67896 Rodgers. Minnie Augusta (Miss).. 504 W. Clinton st, Huntsville 

79585 Ross, Letitia Dowdell (Mrs B. B.) Auburn 

36078 Rousseau, Phillippa Berney (Mrs G. M.) 122 S .Perry st, 


56071 Rowan, Julia Gunter (Mrs George Hoke) Jacksonville 

50581 Rowan, Sallie (Miss) 119 Clayton st, Jacksonville 

83995 Rowe, Sarah Emma (Miss) Dadeville 

37557 Rubira, Caroline Amelia Shields (Mrs Santos Santiago) 156 

St. Anthony st. Mobile 

69761 Ruffn, Frances Gildart (Miss) 404 Church st. Mobile 

77420 Ruffin, Mary Henry A. B. (Miss) 404 Church st, Mobile 

69721 Russell, Annie Christian (Mrs Thomas Commander). .Alexander 


.^0585 Russell, Grace Howard (Miss) 28 Ann st. Mobile 

47470 Russell, Janie (Miss) Athens. 

34452 St. John, Mary Quigley (Mrs Thomas) 916 Government st, 


69760 Samford, Louise Westcott (Mrs Thomas Drake) Opelika 

32352 Sanders, Annie Beadles (Mrs William Thomas) Athens 

47484 Sanders, Elizabeth Snodgrass (Mrs R. E.) Grant st. New 

69764 Sandiin, Martha Priscilla Street (Mrs James Temple) . .Alexander 


37555 Saunders, Rebecca Vasser Howard (Mrs Rolfe) Athens 

40169 Savage, Stannic Fitzpatrick (Mrs John) Prattville 

67897 Schaefer, Elizabeth (Mrs F. W.) P. O. Box 142, Citronella 

77741 Scott, Jennie Montgomery (Mrs Frank W.) Sylacauga 

51680 Screws, Emily Frances Holt (Mrs William Wallace). .116 Grove 

st, Montgomery 
33613 Scruggs, Minna King (Miss) Leightorb 


73812 Scruggs, Willie Turner (Mrs J. H.) 2803 Highland av, Bir- 

28859 Searcy, Annie Ross (Miss) Tuscaloosa 

38340 Searcy, Mary S. Nicholson (Mrs Battle) Tuscaloosa 

54052 Seiders. Caroline McKoun (Mrs Edmund Joshua).. 816 Dauphin 

St, Mobile 
46551 Sellers, Julia Bowen (Mrs John Allen).. 528 S. Perry st, Mont- 

71045 Semple, Emily James (Miss) 719 Monroe st, Montgomery 

40743 Seymour, Mamie Amerine (Mrs Wm. Henry).. ..435 S. Court st, 

^8910 Sharp, Laura Jack (Mrs Charles Jacob) . . 1401 Avenue K, Bir- 

34454 Shavvhan, Narcissa Tayloe Maupin (Mrs Charles S.) 255 St. 

Anthony st, Mobile 

^9820 Shelby, Annie Davis (Mrs David D.) Huntsville 

59041 Shemwell, Susan F. (Mrs Baxter) Mountain av, Birmingham 

48982 Shepard, Mary Blount (Miss) 802 Sherman st, New Decatur 

43700 Sheppard, Adelaide Wade (Mrs Charles Edward) Anniston 

43433 Sheppard, Bessie Blinn (Mrs F.'G.)..1324 Avenue K, Birmingham 

50187 Sherard, Arabella D. (Mrs C. C.) 162 S. Joachin st, Mobile 

71048 Shivers, Anne Ogle (Miss) r-. Auburn 

40264 Shreve, Nellie Parritt (Mrs Royal Oman) Huntsville 

6489 Simmons, Nannie R. (Mrs Thomas J.).. 2007 Highland av, Bir- 
78423 Simms, Virginia Reese (Mrs Thomas). .Maplehurst Station, Bir- 

67464 Simpson, Ella Pratt (Miss) 1311 Avenue K, Birmingham 

67465 Simpson, Kate Lyle (Miss) 1311 Avenue K, Birmingham 

63898 Simpson, Lula Merrill (Mrs T. F.) Tuscumbia 

34453 Simpson, Maude Miller (Miss) 62 Hallett st, Mobile 

34446 Sims, Estelle S. Higgs (Mrs Daniels C.) 971 Government st. 


78425 Skeggs, Olive Hunt (Miss) 302 Johnston st. New Decatur 

55533 Sledge, Kate Harris (Mrs William Henry).. 60 S. Jackson st, 


59611 Smartt, Eugenia Persons (Mrs Norman Thomas) Eufaula 

48977 Smith, Agnes Ruffin (Mrs Robert P.) Bessemer 

67375 Smith, Allie Mitchell (Mrs Dallas B., Jr.) Opelika 

63902 Smith, Eftie McKibbon (Miss) Opelika 

51600 Smith, Fannie Holden Cash (Mrs Frank Walker).. 300 Broad st, 

8895 Smith, Florence Devereaux (Mrs Addison Gillispie). .920 S. 19th 

st, Birmingham 

35686 Smith, Gertrude Moore (Mrs Gregory L.) Mobile 

29363 Smith, Jane Henry Meredith Garland (Mrs Eugene Allen).. Tus- 
84185 Smith, Jessie Eubank (Mrs Ross C.)-- Huffman rd, Birmingham 
37945 Smith, Jessie Hamilton Lockhart (Mrs Giles William Lawrence), 

6438 Smith, Katherine Duncan (Mrs J. Morton) 223 Niazuma av, 


65591 Smith, Margaret Du Bose (Mrs Robert Earle) Huntsville 

26613 Smith, Mary Middleton Rutledge (Mrs Benjamin Bosworth) . .1104 

Perry st, Montgomery 
58625 Smith, Susan Elizabeth Minis (Mrs Daniel Houston) . ,218 E. 14th 

st, .Anniston 
23092 Smith, Susan George Samford (Mrs James Oscar).. 54 Roper st, 


69177 Smith, Willie Barton (Mrs John. Jr.) Nixburg 

48282 Speake, Carolina McCalla (Mrs Daniel W.) Decatur 

48983 Speake. Elizabeth (Miss) Decatur 


51678 Speer, Wilda Powe (Mrs) Jackson 

81 183 Spinks, Minnie Melton (Mrs J. W.) Opelika 

1209 Stakely, Jessie Davis (Mrs Charles A.).. 23 Wilkerson st, Mont- 

23369 Starnes, Lucie Berrien (Mrs Hugh Nesbitt) 1019 S. 17th st, 


31957 Steadham, Imogen Yarbrough (Mrs O. M.) Auburn 

63899 Steele. Mattie McCleskey (Mrs Andrew Metcalfe).. . .Tuscumbia 

3S101 Stephen, Elizabeth Willisson (Mrs William Oscar) Oxford 

78424 Stephens, Frances Reese (Mrs J. A.)..Maplehurst Station, Bir- 
58588 Stephenson. Mattie Rountrec (Mrs Robert Timothy). .Gainesville 

30566 Stevenson, Priscilla T. Foster (Mrs Forney).. . .531 S. Perry st, 

44823 Svewart, Gertrude Minge Wilkins (Mrs William).. 60 Hallett st, 

20783 Storey, Nellie Toole (Mrs Alonzo Groves) Talladega 

69765 Street, Ada Clare (Miss) Alexander City 

28001 Street, Anne Dunklin (Mrs Jabez Curry) Tyler Hill, Opelika 

46970 Stringfcllow, Orrill Bush (Mrs Horace).. 202 Sayre st, Mont- 

85717 Strong. Margaret Floyd Phinizy (Mrs James A.) Huntsville 

78429 Swift, Julia Beville Candler (Mrs Franklin Gregory) .. Huntsville 

71418 Svkes, Kate Gilchrist (Mrs I-anson) Courtland 

35684 Syson. Bessie Fearn (Mrs William Keeling) . . 1053 Government 
St. Mobile 

6S37S Tappev, Sarah Strother Robins (Mrs Francis) Huntsville 

511U5 Tardy," Annie Southern (Mrs C. M.)..10th av & 12th st, Birming- 

30567 Taylor. Anne Catherine Tilghman (Mrs Albert) . . 709 S. Lawrence 

st, Montgomery 

64491 Taylor, Maggie (Miss) Opelika 

28004 Thach, Eliza Lockhart Coleman (Mrs Robert Henry) Auburn 

60185 Thach, Elizabeth Lockhart (Miss) Auburn 

12470 Thach, Ellen Stanford Smith (Mrs Charles Coleman) Auburn 

27191 Thigpen, Daisie Bissell (Mrs Charles Alston) 1200 Perry st, 

42703 Thomas, Belinda Francis Moreman (Mrs John Leonard) ..Auburn 

84356 Thomas, Fannie Mae (Miss) Alexander City 

35096 Thomas. Gussic Pratt (Mrs C. E.) Prattville 

36079 Thomas, Lula McCurdy (Mrs Wm. Holcombe) . . 526 S. Perry st. 

69420 Thomas. Sallie Russell (Mrs Oscar Judkins).. ..Alexander City 

64853 Thomason, Lourena (Miss) Opelika 

36601 Thomason, Persia Wright (Mrs) Opelika 

18194 Thompson, Anne Dyer (Mrs Frank) Huntsville 

71695 Thompson, Julia Worthington (Mrs Charles A,) E. 7th st, 


66457 Thompson, Louise Patton (Mrs Charles) Decatur 

66924 Thompson, Lucie Malone (Mrs Joseph N.) Tuscumbia 

55032 Thompson, Mattie Crocker Thomas (Mrs Charles Mallory) . . Eu- 

34455 Thompson, Metta Eason (Miss) 162 S. Warren st, Mobile 

20784 Thornton. Annie Camp ( Mrs J. Arista) Talladega 

33505 Thornton, Idella Cross (Mrs William T.) Talladega 

38337 Thornton, Lena Cornelia (Miss) 336 East st, Talladega 

23315 Thornton, Mary Crowder Smith (Mrs William) Opelika 

15990 Thornton, Sophia Lawson (Mrs J. Melville) Talladega 

36073 Thurbcr, Mary Carter (Miss) 258 State st, Mobile 

43863 Tilton, Gertrude Lee Scoville (Mrs McLane, Jr.) Pell City 

60718 Todd, Louisa Weiss Wyeth (Mrs William H.) Guntersville 

6437 Tomlinson. Annie R. (Mrs John W.)..2007 Highland av, Bir- 


35691 Tompkins, Annie Baldwin (Mrs H. G.)"636 S. Perry st, Mont- 

75121 Tompkins, Mary B. Abernathv (Mrs N. P.) Tiiscumbia 

50587 Tompkins, Olivia Jay Hood'(xMrs Price Williams) 260 N. 

t Joachim st, Mobile 

62847 Toney, Mary Alice (Miss) Sheffield 

43819 Toomer, Anna Mary Spotswood (Mrs Benjamin) .. 155 St. Eman- 
uel st, Mobile 

26606 Toomer, Fannie Wortley (Miss) Aubiirn 

37950 Toulmin, Mary Montague (Mrs Harry T.) Toulminville 

44155 Trimble, Annie Burwell (Mrs Edward M.)..536 S. McDonough 
st, Montgomery 
8648 Trimble, Jennie Robinson (Mrs N. W.)..1420 21st st, S., Bir- 
65756 Trousdale, Lillian Cantrell (Mrs Leon).... 21 Adams av, Mont- 

72598 Troy, Janie Eddins Watts (Mrs Daniel Watts).. 742 S. Perry .st, 

48980 Tucker^ Elizabeth Thompson Sikes (Mrs Joseph Sl George).. W, 
Government st, Mobile 

37132 Tucker, Lorna M. (Mrs Orville A.) Cordova 

8991 Tullis, Alice P. Haltiwanger (Mrs John).. 219 S. Hull st, Mont- 
20142 Turner. Lucy Frye (Mrs Eugene L.)..1100 Leighton av, Anniston 
63382 Turner, Margaret Barton Rutland (Mrs Robert Som) . .Tuscumbia 

85185 Turner, Mattie (Mrs John Morgan) Opelika 

4807 Tutwiler, Julia Strudwich (Miss) Livingston 

56304 Tutwiler, Margaret Chewning (Mrs Edward Magruder) . . Park av^ 

64488 Tj'ler, Emily Lee (Miss) 901 Leighton av, Anniston 

56072 Tyler, Harriet W. Bond (Mrs Alfred Lee, Jr.).. The Oaks, An- 
61693 Tyson, Ellen Arrington (Mrs Archibald Pitt).. 411 S. McDonough 
st, Montgomery 

65481 Ulland, Kate Hill (Mrs Oscar F.) Mobile 

62838 Varner, Ida Bingham (Mrs W. D.) Opelika 

70270 Varner, Myrtis Ethel Renfro (Mrs J. M.) Opelika 

70718 Vaughan, Mary Hale (Mrs Edward Bressie). .251 Government st, 

13221 Vibber, Susan M. Cone (Mrs Wm. H.) Ensley 

51108 Walker, Edith Pillans (Mrs Howard) Dearborn, bet. Govern- 
ment & Church sts, Mobile 

42701 Walker, Mary Lulu (Miss) Eufaula 

31949 Walker, Memory Pryor McClellan (Mrs) Tuscaloosa 

35103 Walker, Rebecca Marks Pollard (Mrs E. F.) 540 S. Perry st,. 


62S48 Wall, Lilian Taylor (Mrs William Augustus) Tuscumbia. 

71049 Wallace, Effie McDonald Byrum (Mrs Blewett P.) Decatur 

63377 Wallace, Johnnie Fletcher (Mrs Nicholas Blackburn) .. R. F. D. 2, 

31955 Walter, Louisa Frazier (Mrs Thomas Ustick) Margaret Apt.,. 

Highland av, Birmingham 
59098 Ward, Minnie Marion Jenkins (Mrs Wallace Talbert) . .801 13th 

st, Birmingham 
58161 Warnock, Lula Glass (Mrs Charles Dopson)..1416 Quintard av,. 

34461 Warten, Martha Malone (Mrs Henry) Athens: 

75003 Watson, Hannah Eva North (Mrs James William). .. .Jackson 

44824 Watts, Gabrielle Ross Flournoy (Miss) 4 N. Jackson st, 


47567 Watts, Virginia Norwood (Mrs Edward) 520 S. Perry st,. 



54586 Weakley, Euphcmia Jay McCune (Mrs Turner R.)..1320 Iroquois 
St, Birmingham 

35697 Weaver. Rose Pettus (Miss) Selma 

33666 Webb, Christine S. (Mrs Norman) Quinlan av, Birmingham 

66086 Webster, Allie Crockett (Mrs Frank Weakley) Melrose pi, 


14645 Wecdon, Elizabeth Fanning (Mrs Hamilton Moore) Eufaula, 

Barbour Co. 

37155 Wcedon, Mary Garland (Mrs Edward B.) Eufaula 

16308 Wesrcott, Clara Louise (Miss) Birmingham 

16307 Westcott, Ellen L. (Mrs Thomas W.) Birmingham 

47471 Westmoreland, Pattie Lane (Miss) Athens 

13243 Wheeler, Annie Early (Miss) Wheeler 

71696 White, Emily Bowles (Mrs Leon Rich) 422 E. Elm st, Troy 

57672 White, Jane Humes (Miss) Huntsville 

41684 White, Lizzie T-ee (Miss) Opelika 

41686 White. Mattie (Miss) Opelika 

8650 White, Octavia A. (Mrs Frank S.)..1101 24th st, N., Birmingham 
33607 White, Thomas Erskine Young (Mrs John Sydney) .. 1018 15th st, 
South Highlands, Birmingham 

55030 Whiteside, Alice Cooper (Mrs W. W.) 212 Snow st, Oxford 

28857 Whitfield, Lilly Fitzgerald (Mrs John G.) 1000 12th st, S., 

31209 Whitfield, Willie Vandiver (Mrs Louis Broughton). .717 S. Perry 

st, Montgomery 
75122 Wilkerson, Victoria Williams (Mrs Wooten Moore) Mont- 
23326 Williams, Anna Marks (Miss) ....535 S. Perry st, Montgomery 

63903 Williams, Pearl Matthews (Mrs Samuel R.) Opelika 

79720 Williamson, Bertha Gordon (Mrs George William). .824 Adams 

av, Montgomery 
81099 Williamson, Tennie McFerrin Sowell (Mrs Charles Samuel, Jr.), 

37944 Wills, Evelyn B. Martin (Mrs John) Auburn 

28854 Wilmore, Moselle Whitaker (Mrs John J.) Auburn 

36600 Wilson, Ada T. (Mrs H. M.) Opelika 

82361 Wilson, Carrie Jernigan (Mrs M. L.) Opelika 

69186 Winston, Nora Alexander (Mrs William) Tuscumbia 

66455 Winter, Sarah Verdicr Calhoun (Mrs John Gindrat) ..Montgomery 

66376 Womble, Lucie B. (Mrs C. A.) Tuscumbia 

60181 Wood, Eftie Weathers (Mrs Wade) 1023 Sycamore st, Bir- 

33163 Wood, Elizabeth (Miss) Athens 

72758 Wood, May Crommelin (Mrs John Richard).. 55 Jeff Davis av, 

61518 Woodruff, Fairy Aldrich Holman (Mrs) 724 Tylers Hill 

34104 Woods, (jorinne Pickett (Miss) ...13 Moulton st, Montgomery 

79717 Woods. Katie Gibson (Mrs Forest) Opelika 

35105 Woods, Martha Harle (Miss) 13 Moulton st, Montgomery 

27437 Woodson, Clara Vernon Lee (Mrs Lewis Green).. 1326 19th st, 

34435 Woodward, Lula A. Blake (Mrs Rice H.) Talladega 

47485 Woolsey, Thomasene Rigby (Mrs Minthorne) Sclma 

85187 Wrijht Emily Morrison (Mrs George R.) . .Cloverdale, Mont- 

56714 Wright. Sarah (Miss) Birmini?ham 

7659 Wy!j'. Catherine Amelia Forney (Mrs John M.)..6()9 Monroe st, 

29364 Wyman, Melissa Dearinc? (Miss) Tuscaloosa 

24476 .Ycimiff". Flora Graham Frye (Mrs Henry A.).. 1625 Wilmer av, 




81152 Ask, Luella Bremerraan (Mrs Karl Ritter) Skagway 

53024 Ballaine, Genevieve Knight (Mrs Frank) Seward 

54563 Burkhart, Sarah A. (Mrs Henry N.) Ketchikan 

53174 Huntley, Elva Frances (Miss) Juneau 

39899 Lovett, Jennie Eliza (Mrs Thomas J.) Nome 

85190 Robertson, Jessie Fremont (Mrs Charles A.) Juneau 

8147 Weirick, Virginia P. (Mrs Samuel T.) Fort Gibbon 

30384 Willard, Margaret Elizabeth D. Shearer (Mrs Charles Louis).. Fort 
St. Michael 


State Regent, 1911-12, Mrs. George IV. Vickers, 394 N. 3d av, Phoenix 
State Vice Regent, 1911-12, Mrs. Will Croft Barnes, 353 .V. 7th av, Phoenix 


56420 Anderson, Edith M. Haggard (Mrs ) Box 181, Tombstone 

46084 Archer, Anna C. (Miss) Palm Lodge, Phoenix 

46085 Archer, Frances J. (Miss) Palm Lodge, Phoenix 

46798 Banner, Maggie May (Mrs Roliene E.) Bisbee 

31217 Barnes, Edith Talbot (Mrs Will Croft) 353 N. 7th av, Phoenix 

51683 Bowyer, Dorleskie Taylor (Mrs) 915 E. Van Buren st, Phoenix 

84705 Brown, Elizabeth (Miss) 1509 W. Washington st, Phoenix 

44157 Brown, Elizabeth Caroline Seymour (Mrs Frederick Charles). .939 W. 

Washington st, Phoenix 

51806 Chambers, Lida John Spencer (Mrs William Rock) Solomonville 

82996 Chandler, Bertha Trowbridge ( Mrs Harry L.) Mesa 

46552 Corbin, Laura Pratt (Mrs Alfred Tracy) 372 N. Indiana av, 


78962 Coverdalc, Sarah E. (Mrs John Wesley) Phoenix 

28605 Crouse, Christine Shelton (Mrs Otto) 721 E. 3d st, Tucson 

38915 Davidson, Grace Corbin (Mrs Charles H.) 534 N. 2d av, Phoenix 

54589 Edwards, Harriet Lecklider (Mrs Arthur W.) Prescott 

41688 Edwards, Julia Owen (Mrs Arthur J.) 475 N. 5th av. Phoenix 

73819 Ellinwood, Cornelia (Miss) Bisbee 

20983 Faulkner, Jennie Elva (Miss) Prescott 

65592 Finch, Emma O. (Mrs CliflFord P.) Box 1417, Bisbee 

47487 Fowler, Almira Melita (Miss) Indian School, Phoenix 

82747 Fowler* Bessie Louise (Miss) Box 75, Nogales 

65477 Goodman, Mary Louise (Joodell (Mrs Maurice) Phoenix 

76984 Griffin, Ellen S. (Mrs Henry) 330 N. 1st av. Phoenix 

80541 Hayes, Sara Matson (Mrs Isaac) Nogales 

56817 Hewins. Alice Olivia Butterfield (Mrs E. W.)....509 E. Adams st, 


34468 Hine, Harriet Pauline (Mrs Erautus Walton) Phoenix 

46979 Holland, Laura B. Resor (Mrs L. B.) 562 N. 1st av. Phoenix 

82751 Larson, Mary Hannah Everts (Mrs Thorwald) Holbrook 

62794 Lewis, Mary D. Strader (Mrs George W.) Tucson 

85191 Libbey, Mabel R. (Mrs Leon D.) Phoenix 

76201 McCabe, Belle (Mrs G. J.) Tombstone 

45229 McCormick, Mary Woodward (Mrs) Phoenix 

45762 McCrary, Ella Letts (Mrs Frank E.) Phoenix 

•79723 McReynolds, Sallie Buttles (Mrs) 901 N. 3d av, Tucson 

32358 Millay, Margarette Elizabeth (Mrs Jerry) Phoenix 

26114 Minson, Margaret E. Parsons (Mrs Robert Kemp) Clifton 

36081 Xoyes. Irene Bardwcll (Miss) 553 N. 5th av. Phoenix 


50588 Ornie. Ora Deborah (Miss) Phoenix 

31224 Parker, Angie Belle (Miss) Phoenix 

83667 Pinney, Nathalie Tucker Cole (Mrs William Lee) Phoenix 

46980 Plank, Emma M. (Mrs Levi L.) 700 N. 2d av, Phoenix 

43397 Pooler, Edwina Percy Clay (Mrs Frank Winsor) Flagstaff 

73197 Seargeant, Elizabeth Cordelia (Miss) 376 X. 3d av, Phoenix 

63906 Shaw, Helen Rebecca Guernsey (Mrs Edward A. L.) Phoenix 

25354 Sligh, Sara Hill (Mrs James M.) 508 Center av, Phoenix 

8700 Smith, Lena Overall (Mrs Clarendon) Phoenix 

66172 Starkweather, Maud Ranney (Mrs Royal K.) . . Hotel Escalante, 

Ash Fork 

32357 Talbot, Henrietta Hubbard (Mrs Walter).. 353 N. 7th av, Phoenix 

28835 Taylor, Sara Hanson (Mrs Gibson).. c/o Glenwood Hotel, Tucson 

31223 Thomas, Harriet Pleasants Orme (Mrs William E.) Phoenix 

48283 Vickers, Harriet V. D. (Mrs George W.) . . . .394 N. 3d st, Phoenix 

73198 Walters, Lula Cordelia Seargeant (Mrs J. C.) Flagstaff 

42714 Williams, Kezia Wright (Mrs).. c/o L. S. Willaims, P. O. Box 

302, Williams 

51673 Williams, Sarah Andrews (Mrs Herbert) Tombstone 

71804 Worth, Phoebe Herndon Beckner (Mrs John Gerry) .... Box 237, 


73199 Young, Etta Gifford (Mrs Otis Earl) Wendendalc 


StaU Regent, 1911-12, Mrs James William Noel, 216 E. 6th av, Pine Bluff 
State Vice Regent, 1911-12, Mrs Samuel S, Wassell, 1114 Scott st. Little Rock 


72706 Albers, Lucy Williams Kennedy (Mrs H. K.)....12th st, Fort Smith 

70719 Albright, Mary M. (Mrs) Fayetteville 

71697 Alexander, Bennie Greene (Mrs S. C.)....802 W. 6th av, Pine Bluff 

85956 Allin, May Churchill (Mrs Richard) Helena 

67470 Amis, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs W. S.) Rison 

84364 Anderson, Madge Anna (Mrs William) 121 Hawthorne st. Hot 


65908 Andrews, Leona Sloan (Mrs Lucian T.) Imboden 

52412 Angell, Emily Coons (Mrs Joseph P.) 700 State st, Pine Bluff 

60690 Arcndt, Rose Shaw (Mrs Harry) 320 Victory st. Little Rock 

55037 Atkinson, Annie Mae Noel (Mrs) 216 E. 6th av. Pine Bluff 

70917 Atkinson, Margie Belle (Miss) 512 W. 5th av. Pine Bluff 

63384 Atkinson, Willie Kersh (Mrs Thomas B.). .703 W. 5th av. Pine Bluff 

56822 Austin, Estelle Buckner (Mrs Mumford A.) .704 W. 5th av, Pine Bluff 

51187 Badley, Katharine Davis (Mrs Ebenezer C.) Marianna 

56819 Ball, Mary Huddleston (Mrs George Washington) Batesville 

50188 Barnett, Lockie Ball (Mrs Ira Nelson) Batesville 

63923 Barrow, Annie McDonald Armstrong (Mrs Alexander M.)..1800 E. 

6th st. Pine Bluff 

42716 Barrow, Katherine Braddock (Mrs John).. 1309 Arch st, Little Rock 

79724 Beall, Anna Roddey McCully (Mrs Charles Ridley) 110 Oak st, 

Pulaski Heights, Little Rock 

12476 Beattie, Ida B. (Mrs James Scott) 1216 W. 4th st, Little Rock 

85192 Beavers, Lenora (Miss) 220 Broadway, Little Rock 

75725 Beavers, Margaret Lee (Miss) Benton 

75726 Beavers. Rita Ethel (Miss) Benton 

77634 Beidelman, Nelle Parish Rosborough (Mrs Lawrence Peterson) 



78431 Belcher, Louise (Miss) 402 Spring st, Little Rock 

67377 Belcher, Sallie B. (Mrs Josiah N.) 402 Spring st. Little Rock 

71636 Bell, Edna May Buck (Mrs C. N.) 519 W. Barraque, Pine Bluff 

63907 Bellamy, Ethel Price (Mrs7ohn William) Altheimer 

77635 Bemis, Elizabeth Rosborough (Mrs William Noyes) Prcscott 

55040 Benton, Allie Lee Fox (Mrs Robert Talbott) 1109 Texas st, 

Pine Bluff 

73652 Berry, Ruth Dickinson (Mrs Elliott Rosson) Bentonville 

48287 Bibb, Annie Morrow (Mrs J. M.) Van Buren 

83001 Blackwood, Vera Ford (Mrs Herbert Scott) Helena 

30251 Boles, Clementine (Mrs Thomas D.) Fayetteville 

50189 Bolinger, Addie Noel (Mrs Charles H.)....218 E. 6th av. Pine Bluff 

28577 Boogher, Lilli Ward Hill (Mrs Walter C.) Qarksville 

54058 Bracey, Lida Augusta (Mrs John M.) Little Rock 

50589 Braddock. Katherine McCoy (Mrs John Sellers, Jr.).. 34th & High st, 

Little Rock 

81772 Braddock, Margaret Burson (Mrs John Sellers) . .3225 High st, Little 


78056 Bradley, Ruth Wassell (Mrs John) 2005 Scott st. Little Rock 

22614 Braswell, Ella Clement (Mrs Wesley Wellborn) 1320 Gaines st, 

Little Rock 

14646 Breckinridge, Katherine Carson (Mrs Clifton R.) Fort Smith 

69766 Bridges, Lizzie Metcalf (Mrs Peter). .N. W. cor 4th av & Walnut st, 

Pine Bluff 
77003 Bridges, Louise (Miss). .. .N. W. cor. 4th av & Walnut st, Pine Bluff 
76496 Brock, Virginia R. Belcher (Mrs Edward Cooper).. 216 N. 15th st. 

Fort Smith 
6172 Brown, Martha C Rothrock (Mrs Benton J.) 603 W. 3d st. 

Little Rock 

62217 Broyles, Anne Scales (Mrs L. M.) Fort Smith 

73823 Brunson, Zoe Simpson (Mrs Asa) 519 W. Barraque st, Pine Bluff 

74666 Buchanan, Annie Wicks (Mrs William G.) W. 6th av, Pine Bluff 

73821 Bunn, Georgia Dickinson (Mrs Henry Thomas) 515 W. 15th st. 

Little Rock 
21842 Butler, Eugenia Butler (Mrs Chester Morris) 414 Scott st. 

Little Rock 

59614 Byrd, Emma Letitia (Miss) 808 W. 5th av, Pine Bluff 

59615 Bvrd, Sarah Boyd (Miss) 808 W. 5th av. Pine Bluff 

46081 Cantrell, Bessie (Miss) 619 Scott st. Little Rock 

29859 Cappleman, Josie Frazee (Mrs George T.) 1901 Gaines st. 

Little Rock 

/ 75730 Carrigan, Lillian L. (Miss) Box 366, Hope 

59103 Caruthers, Daisy Miller (Mrs Elmo) Van Buren 

31215 Cass, Mary Blanchard Thayer (Mrs John O.) Van Buren 

71419 Cavaness, Virginia ( Miss) Monticello 

40327 Chambers, Mary J. Smith (Mrs M. R.). .. .1200 Scott st, Little Rock 

61699 Chestnutt, Ella V. Davis (Mrs R. A.) Pine Bluff 

83681 Clark, Bessie E. Bampton (Mrs Frank H.) Helena 

63385 Clark, Willie Jean Atkinson (Mrs O. W.) . .512 W. 5th av, Pine Bluff 

81773 Cole, Adell Lucene Ware Stearns (Mrs) R. F. D. 1, Box 89, 

83952 Cole, Ella Maria Flint Hamblen (Mrs Charles Finley) . .. .Batesville 
81861 Coleman, Lillian Atkinson (Mrs W. F.)..1600 Cherry st, Pine Bluff 

73820 Collier, Edna Jones (Mrs Thomas H.) Altheimer 

68985 Collier, Fannie Patterson Gillespie (Mrs Clarence Henry).. 321 W. 

5th av, Pine Bluff 

84365 Collings, Jessie Snyder (Mrs H. P.) 119 Park av, Hot Springs 

75130 Coombs, Celia Scott (Mrs E. F.) Batesville 

72602 Cory, Emma Armitage (Mrs Thomas M.) 1428 Schiller av, 

Little Rock 

81490 Coston, Cora Hatch Goodrich (Mrs Joseph Tribble) Osceola 

80545 Cox. Lucile Folk (Mrs Allen) Helena 


4514 Coy, Abby Maria Burrows (Mrs Lucien Wright) Little Rock 

46975 Cozart, Belle Garner Humphrey (Mrs J. R.) Lamar 

31959 Cozart, Lillian M. Lee (Mrs W. A.) Lamar 

46974 Cozart, Valerie Garner (Miss) Lamar 

75728 Cracraft, Emma Sigmond (Miss) Readland 

75727 Cracraft, Mary Katherine Sigmond (Mrs George Knox). ..Readland 
21843 Crawford, Elizabeth Davies Williams (Mrs Thomas Dwight)..316 

Cross St, Little Rock 
63387 Crawford, Minnie Mae Allen Davies (Mrs William R.)..216 W. 5th 

av, Pine Bluff 

21«45 Crawford, Miriam Roots (Mrs) 912 Cumberland st, Little Rock 

55537 Cross, Adele Hawes Bracy (Mrs M. C). .620 S. Laurel st, Pine Bluff 

25927 Daily, Lydia Percival (Mrs William D.) Van Buren 

8896 Dale, Fannie C. (Mrs (korge W.) 602 E. 14th st, Little Rock 

64857 Danehower, Johnanna E. (Mrs Justus H.) Osceola 

64856 Davis. K. E. Dowdle (Mrs Samuel Preston) . .523 E. 5th st, Little Rock 

14663 Delony, Daisy Neet (Miss) 616 Rock st, Little Rock 

81774 De Roulhac, Jean Tappan (Mrs Joseph H.)..763 W. Dickson st, 


36134 De Wolf, Nellie Bog Slade (Mrs Silas Wright) Camden 

68738 Dewoody, Emma Virginia (Miss) 516 W. 4th av. Pine Bluff 

59616 Dewoody, Martha Alma (Miss) 516 W. 4th av, Pine Bluff 

58164 Dewoody, Mary Sorrells (Mrs William L.) Pine Bluff 

.82324 Dickinson, Cordelia Barker (Mrs George Ware).... 515 W. 15th st^>- 

Little Rock 

10864 Dickinson, Fanny Rose (Mrs William W.) Little Rock 

58628 Dodge. Virginia Hendrce Beach (Mrs Frank Holton) . . 1820 Main st, 

Little Rock 
74667 Donelson, Lenora Jones (Mrs Benjamin R.) 1319 W. 5th av, 

Pine Bluff 

55035 Dortch, Nettie Steele (Mrs William Pinkney) Scott 

66459 Driver, Clara Haynes (Mrs William J.) Osceola 

71421 Dyer, Hettie Ann Knapp (Mrs Charles H.) 903 W. 14th av. Pine Bluff 

78963 Earle, Henrietta Malinda Brockman (Mrs) Benton 

59530 Eberhart, Roberta Friend (Mrs William) . .Riverside Place, Pecan 


66378 Eck, Catherine Searles (Mrs F. W.) 500 W. 2d av. Pine Bluff 

23327 Eno, Clara Bertha (Miss) Van Buren 

31958 Evans, Mary Lee (Mrs J. H.) Paris 

25046 Faber, Georgie Lydia (Mrs William L.) Van Buren 

55036 Ferguson, Mary Proudfoot (Mrs Wm. B.) 808 Battery st, 

Little Rock 

73829 Ferrill, Amy Collier (Miss) Batesville 

48284 Ferrill. Ida Pickett (Mrs John W.) Box 412, Batesville 

61697 Field, Addic Fort Smith (Mrs Omcr Weaver) 311 E. 6th st, 

Little Rock 
49413 Fisher, Frances Moon (Mrs Benjamin Chester). .Silvan Springs 

80231 Fletcher, Maimie Alice (Miss) 1708 Louisiana st, Little Rock 

63383 Fletcher, Mary Pamelia (Miss) 521 Cumberland st. Little Rock 

86329 Flickinger, Ella Hoyt (Mrs Louis) 1416 Center st. Little Rock 

77421 Flournoy, Anna King (Miss) 1303 W. 15th av. Pine Bluff 

25614 Foster, Elisabeth Wallin (Mrs Harry Howard) ..2122 Broadway, 

Little Rock 
67471 Fox, Bessie Bellamy (Mrs Edward Campbell) Pine Bluff 

55042 Fox, Blanche (Miss) 1109 S. Texas st. Pine Bluff 

55041 Fox, Olive Atkins (Mrs Frederick) .. 1 109 S. Texas st. Pine Bluff 
55016 Freeman. Blanche Newman (Mrs Edmund W.)..520 W. 2d av, 

Pine Bluff 

35699 French. May Farr (Mrs F. L.) 1700 Broadway, Little Rock 

43439 Friberg, Imogen Davis (Mrs George Haddon) Helena 

55043 Galbraith, Elizabeth Olive Fox (Mrs Oliver) .... 1 109 S. Texas st. 

Pine Blttff 


78430 Galbraith, Ophelia Smith (Mrs Robert M.) Main st, Pine Bluff 

82937 Gallaway, Rowena McC. (Miss) 620 W. Maple st, Fayettevillc 

75128 Geisreiter, Linda Chinn (Mrs Sebastian) . .510 State st, Pine BluflF 

75129 Geisreiter, Mary Merrill (Miss) 501 State st, Pine Bluff 

75729 Gill, Genevieve Tapscott (Mrs George Baird)..612 E. 5th st, Little 


73824 Graham, Josephine Quarles (Mrs Edgar) 504 Beech st, Helena 

73825 Graham, Mamie Kendall (Mrs William Eugene). .1121 \V. 6th av. 

Pine Bluff 

73700 Grant, Bessie Scott (Mrs Robert E. Lee) Texarkana 

31962 Green, Anna M. (Mrs Edward M.) Mena 

85068 Greenfield, Lucy (Miss) 11 15 W. 4th st, Pine Bluff 

75972 Griffin, Emma Roache (Mrs John Morse) Sulphur Springs 

19557 Grove, Sallie Howard (Mrs James B.) Marianna, Lee Co. 

59617 Haizlip, Mildred Scull (Mrs) 1223 W. 6th av, Pine Bluff 

13863 Hall, Mary Emily Roots (Mrs W. G.) 1018 Scott st, Little Rock 

73830 Hamilton, Ida Pickett Ferrill (Mrs Benjamin C., Jr.) Batesvillc 

81457 Hamilton, Kate Downs (Mrs Andrew Claude) Fayettevillc 

80415 Handlin, Helen McCarthy (Mrs Frank A.) Fort Smith 

72284 Hankins, Annie Cross (Mrs Harry, Jr.) Monticello 

( V\ 79728 Hankinson, Mary Emma Miller (Mrs Orlando Conrad).. 401 W. 6th 
5 f^« av. Pine Bluff 

' ^ 73831 Hardy, Lula Margaret (Miss) Batesville 

ii^ V73832 Hardy, Stella Pickett (Miss) Batesville 

' 82938 Harrington, Daisy (Mrs Y. F.) Helena 

18231 Hayman, Mattie Knox (Mrs) Van Buren 

43948 Hemingway, Lois H. Roots (Mrs Wilson L.)....1720 Arch st, Little 

75668 Herring, Florence Johnson (Mrs Harry David) Batesville 

86488 Higinbotham, Lillian G. Starkweather (Mrs Horace Greeley) 510 

Chestnut st. Pine Bluff 

84363 Hixson, Grace Candace (Miss) 719 E. 6th st. Little Rock 

74668 Hocker, Willie Kavanaugh (Miss) Wabbaseka 

26701 Hollenberg, Amelia Binns (Mrs Henry George) c/o Hollenberg 

Music Co., Little Rock 
23614 Holt, Maud Spiller (Mrs Winfield S.)....1003 Barber st, Little Rock 
46976 Huddleston, Ruth Garner Humphry (Mrs G. D.) Lamar 

72285 Hudson, Anibel Bracy (Mrs J. H.) 304 15th av, Pine Bluff 

79323 Hudson, Nellie Ray Brian (Mrs Walter Cole). .617 Oak st, Pine Bluff 
51110 Hutchison, Jo S. H. Blake (Mrs) Van Buren 

3960 Jabine, Harriet Maria Woodruff (Mrs John N.)....910 E. 8th st. 

Little Rock 
78265 Jarvis, Anne Fitzhugh Fentress (Mrs Floyd A.).. c/o Mrs R. C. 

Thompson, 519 W. Barraque st, Pine Bluff 
79683 Jarvis, Sarah Atkins (Miss).. c/o Mrs Richard C. Thompson, 519 

W. Barraque st. Pine Bluff 
41849 Johnson, Julia Foster Blood (Mrs Merritt F.)..1414 Louisiana st. 

Little Rock 

23328 Johnson, Laura D. (Mrs Henrv Carter) Van Buren 

78055 Jones, Gussie Reinhardt (Miss) 1319 W. 5th av. Pine Bluff 

81487 Kavanaugh, Louise Floyd (Miss) 1904 Arch st. Little Rock 

79693 Keiser, Susie Wheeler (Mrs John P.) Osceola 

42138 Kennedy, Sammie Westnoreland (Mrs Frank H.) Cotton Plant 

79228 Kilgore, Nettie Letitia Byrd (Mrs Hardee C.) 1021 W. 5th av. 

Pine Bluff 

71868 Kirten, Augusta Simms (Mrs William) Lake Village 

71637 Knox, Asa Brunson Tomlinson (Mrs Van William) 5th av & 

Laurel st. Pine Bluff 

82325 Knox, Caroline Williamson (Mrs Stephen Douglas) Little Rock 

55044 Knox, Mary Narcissa Gray (Mrs Samuel Y. T.)..1201 W. 4th av. 

Pine Bluff 
54059 Land, Frankie Van Valkenburgh (Mrs Levin K.).. Walnut st, S. 6th 

av, Pine Bluff 


84706 Landon, Laura Gordon (Mrs Elisha James) Helena 

58165 Langford, Ida Speers (Mrs William H.)..5th av, near Walnut st, 

Pine Bluff 

69058 Laughlin, Jennie Gardner (Mrs Earl H.) Bentonville 

56820 Lawrence, Susie Butler (Mrs W. B.) Batesville 

85195 Layne, Anna Weir (Mrs Max) Helena 

65483 Lea, (Seorgie Passmore (Mrs Robert James) 1920 Broadway, Little 


71430 Learning, lone Clegg (Mrs Edward H.) Little Rock 

45171 Ledbetter, Nannie S. Yowell (Mrs Calvin R.)..1700 Louisiana st, 

Little Rock , 

57664 Lee, Rosalie Collier (Mrs Robert E.)....1302 W. 2d av, Pine Bluff 

67898 Leigh, Laura Quindley (Mrs Henry) 615 Scott st. Little Rock 

75720 Leiper, Florence (Miss) 1603 Broadway st. Little Rock 

49272 Leiper, Florence Hill C. (Mrs George Armstrong C.)..1603 Broad- 
way st. Little Rock 

78432 Leiper, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 1603 Broadway, Little Rock 

22473 Lincoln, Eudora Percival (Mrs Charles James) 301 E. 7th st. 

Little Rock 

78524 Logan, Mclvina (Mrs Robert E.) 1639 Grand av, Fort Smith 

51863 Lorton, Isabella Hoskins (Mrs Jesse).. 2215 S. 14th av. Little Rock 

61700 Lyle, Linnie Lyle Dewoody (Mrs Thomas B.)..812 Walnut st. Pine 


82999 Lyman, Edna (Miss) Star City 

79725 Mc Adams, Leonel Virginia Hail (Mrs Otto) Batesville 

81776 McAndrew, Emily Malinda (Miss) Bentonville 

22474 McClure, Rumina Ayres (Mrs John) 321 E. 3d st. Little Rock 

73822 McCully, Susy Adams (Miss) 1121 W. 5th st. Little Rock 

59613 McDonald, Margaret Taylor (Mrs) . ...2205 Catholic av, Fort Smith 

72286 McGiLL, Sarah McIntosh (Mrs Minto Witherspoon) Camden 

73826 McKenzie. Minnie Kendall (Mrs Oscar Edward). .MXP W. 5th av. 

Pine Bluff 
42717 McMillan, Hazel Archer Yates (Mrs).. St. Louis, Mo., & Fayetteville 

67899 MacPeak, Frances Simpson Christian (Mrs Ned H.).. Corner Stone 
63469 Magill, Anna G. (Mrs J. H.) 3401 High st. Little Rock 

57665 Malone, Sarah Elizabeth Lunsford (Mrs Robert Blackwell) ..1808 E. 

6th av, Pine Bluff 
55536 Marshall, Mary Ellen Campbell (Mrs F. H.)..303 E. 15th st, Little 

47486 Mast, Mattie Kelley (Mrs John W.) . .1423 Cumberland st, Little Rock 

56821 Maxfield, Sarah Agnew (Mrs Theodore) Batesville 

79830 Mercer, Julia Delano (Mrs James E.) Little Rock 

76132 Miller, Sarah Whiting (Miss) Van Buren 

59081 Mills, Mabel G. Bjorkquist (Mrs Clarence E.) Little Rock 

13862 Mitchell, Frances E. Roots (Mrs William) . .1404 Scott st. Little Rock 

83680 Mizell, Fannie Siler (Mrs H. B.) 1301 W. 2d av. Pine Bluff 

73S27 Mohlcr, Lillian Lee (Mrs) 302 W. 5th av. Pine Bluff 

61702 Morris, Jennie Wallace (Mrs Jacob I.) Marianna 

54060 Moss. Cynthia Mills (Mrs Edgar E.).. Pulaski Heights, Little Rock 

«0544 Mueller, Eva Davis (Mrs Gustav) 25th & Elm sts, Pine Bluff 

85194 Naill. Annie Stephenson Pope (Mrs George Walker).. De Vall's 


87340 Neal. Emma Johnson (Mrs Walter) Siloam Springs 

^^2997 Newell. Emma Allis (Mrs Robert Whitfield). .2316 State st. Little 

77(J75 Newsom, Carrie Kniison Gano (Mrs James Ficklin) . . . Paragould 

84362 Nichol, Elizabeth Martin (Mrs Joe) Pine Bluff 

77422 Niehuss. Martha A. Kitchen (Mrs Henry H.) Wesson 

50190 Noel. Julia McAlmont (Mrs James William). .216 E. 6th av, Pine 


81186 Norman, Georgia (Miss) 502 Washington av, Fayetteville 

81187 Norman, Olivia (Miss) 502 Washington .iv, Fayetteville 


13859 Norton, Helen Maria Blakeslee (Mrs S. V.)..923 Scott si, Little 


81974 Page, Harriet Hewett (Miss) 10 Singleton st, Eureka Springs 

81 185 Parks, Fay Newton (Mrs Tilman B.) Lcwisvillc 

81489 Parsons, Jennie Chandler (Mrs George Howard) Fayette ville 

57666 Pearsall, Annie Goodloe (Miss) 801 W. Barraque st, Pine Bluff 

52410 Peck, Ada Cutter (Mrs Ellsworth A.).. 811 Barraque st, Pine Bluff 

27705 Perkins, Ellen Fontaine (Miss) Eureka Springs 

56802 Perkins, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Galloway College, Searcy 

56823 Pettigrew, Marion Dewoody (Mrs Clarence H.)..519 W. 5th av, 

Pine Bluff 
81188 Philips, Edith Gillam Black (Mrs Thomas Grearson) . .412 E. Lafay- 
ette av, Fayetteville 
67900 Phillips, Hallie Lawrence (Mrs Thomas M.)..l321 W. 2d av. Pine 

48285 Powell, Katherine Brown (Mrs Samuel M.) 1821 Gaines st, Little 


4119 Pratt, Martha Riley (Mrs Charles A.) 814 W. 2d st, Little Rock 

63909 Prewitt, Sarah Stephens (Mrs Robert C.) Osceola 

65677 Pribe, Irma Richards Smith (Mrs Albert) . .222 Broadway, Little Rock 
58629 Price, Mary Ethel Woods (Mrs Corley Gee).. 2322 Gaines st. Little 

78059 Princehouse, Jennie Walton Wilson (Mrs Heber)..1414 Rock st. 

Little Rock 
63386 Proctor, Annie Bocagc Smith (Mrs Feaster Le Grand) . .Junction City 

82781 Quarles, Virginia Longley (Mrs Clarence) Helena 

64219 Read, Stuart Eads (Mrs Henry Clay).. 109 N. 16th st. Fort Smith 

38775 Ready, Margaret Redford Neal (Mrs Edward S.) Helena 

84186 Rector, Amelia Walton (Miss) 1603 Central av. Hot Springs 

84974 Rector, Rose Angeline Sally Phillips (Miss) ..1603 Central av, Hot 


61701 Rector, Rosebud Alcorn (Mrs E. W.) Hot Springs 

83000 Reeves, Lillie Elizabeth (Miss) Camden 

11952 Reeves, Louise Byers Weir (Mrs W^illiam Dickson) . .206 Beech st, 

56818 Reynolds, Hattie Peck Clark (Mrs John) . .803 Rock st, Little Rock 
66458 Riley, Mary Andrew Stith (Mrs Horatio) . .302 W. 12th av. Pine 

23028 Robertson, Anne Bibb Wright (Mrs James Thomas) . .Marianna 
78017 Robertson, Margaret Rosana Catling (Mrs Charles M.) 1119 

Hickory st, Texarkana 

13860 Roots, Emily Margaret Blakeslee (Mrs Logan H.)..923 Scott st, 

Little Rock 
37091 Ross, Margaret A G. (Mrs John Walker) .. 1201 W. 2d st, Pine 


53060 Russell, Barbara Cosbv (Mrs Michael Postelle) Camden 

52413 Russell, Tessie Linn (Mrs Edward De Kalb)....108 W. 18th av, 

Pine Bluff 
60722 Rutherford, Francis Jones (Mrs John Ferguson) . .W. Sixth av, 

Pine Bluff 

31960 Sadler, Grace (Mrs William P.) Van Buren 

78434 Sanderson, Shelley Blocker (Mrs Jefferson Davis).. 417 Beech st, 


54061 Saunders, Mildred Bradford (Mrs Dillard Houston) .. 1021 N. 13th 

st. Pine Bluff 

54718 Schaeffer, Erminna Hall (Mrs) Hatfield 

64667 Scott, Bessie Thomas (Mrs Neville Barnett) Lake Village 

79726 Scott, Caroline Mary (Miss) Van Buren 

36602 Scott, Fannie Ingersoll Dunham (Mrs Philip Drennan) Van 


54062 Sessums, Mary Little (Mrs J. W.).. .2101 W. 16th st, Little Rock 
82363 Seymour, Mary E. Holderby (Mrs Joseph E.)..120 W. 13th st, 

Pine Bluff 


59104 Shapard, Mary Gullette Miller (Mrs Edwin Ruth ven) . .403 N. 7th 

St, Fort Smith 
S3996 Shelby, Augusta Taggart (Mrs Isaac P.).. 1400 Broadway, Little 

76824 Sheppard, Elizabeth Dcnison (Mrs J. Palmer) . .500 E. 8th st, 

Little Rock 

31216 Shibley, Emma Ward (Mrs D. Carlton) Van Buren 

53566 Shields, Eve Campbell (Mrs Albert Evans).. 303 E. 15th st, Little 


55989 Sloan, Frances Elizabeth Andrews (Mrs Millard F.) Imboden 

46083 Sloan, Myrtle Kyle Lockhart (Mrs Homer Fergus) Imboden 

54063 Smart, Ethel Van Valkenburgh (Mrs Felix G.)..410 W. 4th av, 

Pine Bluff 

86489 Sniead, Anna Fentress (Mrs H. P.) Camden 

72287 Smith, Sallie McColloch (Mrs Simeon Burke) 406 Broadway, 

Little Rock 

77742 Sowell, Evelyn Watkins (Mrs Augustus F., Jr.) Batesville 

75554 Sowell, Margaret Fleming Martin (Mrs Augustin Franklin), 

67901 Speers, Mary Bvrd (Mrs John Boyd).. 320 W. 4th av, Pine Bluff 

50191 Steele, E. Patterson (Mrs T. W.) Scott 

54590 Steele, Helen Lydia (Mrs William A.) Van Buren 

82362 Stewart, Olive Edwards (Mrs S. W.) Van Buren 

70720 Stone, Amanda M. (Miss) 207 W. Center st, Fayetteville 

78058 Stone, Leona McAlmont (Miss) 1600 Louisiana st. Little Rock 

73604 Stover, Addie Ricord (Mrs George W.) Little Rock 

72605 Stover, Laura Ricord (Mrs M. Walter) Little Rock 

60723 Taggart, Hettie Allen (Mrs William Aylette) Pine Bluff 

15562 Taylor, Lena Clifton Preston (Mrs John M.) Pine Bluff 

48288 Taylor, Margaret Blakemorc (Mrs Isaac).. 2205 Catholic av. Fort 


73600 Terry, Florence Oakes (Mrs Carral C.) Morrillton 

55045 Thach, Jo Bocage (Mrs James Harmon).. 510 State st, Pine -Bluffs 

25047 Thomason, Fannie Rose (Mrs H. F.) Van Buren 

49322 Thompson, Anita Kellogg (Mrs Richard C.)-.519 W. Barraque st, 

Pine Bluff 
53367 Thompson, Arabella Prescott Williams (Mrs Robert Soule)..114 

W. 2d av. Pine Bluff 
78433 Thompson. Edith Harper (Mrs Charles Clark).. 1603 Broadway, 

Little Rock 

68574 Thompson, Ethyle Hyatt (Mrs R. H.) Monticello 

84201 Thweatt, Mary Hornor (Mrs T. O.) 905 Porter st, Helena 

74669 Tomlinson, May Brunson (Mrs Frank).. 5th av & Laurel st. Pine 


82137 Tomlinson, Minnie Roane (Mrs Frank) Pinehurst, Pine Bluff 

58630 Trcvathan, Nellie Hunt (Mrs George H.) Batesville 

56824 Trimble, Ella Lee Withers (Mrs David Lardner) ..Elmhurst (near) 

Pine Bluff 
55039 Trimble, Hazel Peck (Mrs Robert Wilson).. 811 W. Barraque st, 

Pine Bluff 

72761 Trimble, Mattie Eleanor (Miss) . .^ Oak Villa, Lonoke 

55538 Trulock, Marianna Phelps (Mrs Nichols B.) Jefferson Hotel, 

Pine Bluff 

59037 Tucker, Edith May Higley (Mrs C L.) Rondo 

79729 Tunnah. Mai Brunson (Mrs Kirkwood) ..c/o Mrs R. C. Thomp- 
son, 519 W. Barraque st. Pine Bluff 

61703 Uzzell, Nettie Friend (Mrs John Evans) Pecan Point 

3958 Vaughan, Myra McAlmont (Mrs).. 802 Cumberland st. Little Rock 

55046 Vaulx, Ran Brunson (Mrs Samuel Fenner)..619 W. 4th av. Pine 


52972 Vinson, Louise Stanley (Mrs J. R.) Augusta 

73651 Vinton, Elizabeth A. (Mrs Albert S.)..1916 W. 10th st, Little Rock 


85193 Vogler, Beulah Beavers (Mrs Henry 0.)..222 Broadway. Little 

84122 Walker, Alma Elizabeth Fletcher (Mrs James Franklin) ... .905 

Cumberland st, Little Rock 
69187 Walt, Coralie Bridgers (Mrs David C.)..209 E. 8th st, Little Rock 

83549 Ware, Nyna Tyler Gould (Mrs John Nelson) Helena 

76497 Waring, Mary Doxey (Mrs Charles W.)..406 Commerce st, Little 


4117 Warner, Julia McAlmont (Miss) 1414 Rock st, Little Rock 

31961 Warren, Charlotte Olive Hayford (Mrs John Jay).. Van Buren 

79727 Warren, Hermione Anna (Miss) Van Buren 

60188 Wassell, Bettie McConanghey (Mrs Samuel Spotts). .1114 Scott 

st. Little Rock 

81488 Watkins, Cora Tapscott (Mrs William Marion) Searcy 

72601 W^atkins, Zilpah Jean Barrow (Mrs John G.) 406 Broadway, 

Little Rock 

68737 White, Mary McGehee (Mrs James) Star City 

43438 Whitfield, Eugenie Butler (Mrs Robert).. 414 Scott st. Little Rock 
82782 Whittington, Eliza Porter Smith (Mrs Alfred).. 119 Park av, Hot 

81775 Williams, Elizabeth Martha Ware (Mrs Nathan B.) 225 E. 

Lafayette av, Fayetteville 
56075 Willis, Mary Jasper (Mrs Richard B.)..206 N. East st, Fayette- 
59105 Withers. Julia Scull (Mrs John Wright) .. 1223 W. 6th av, Pine 


68575 Wood, Lizzie Clara Hyatt (Mrs T. A.) Monticello 

81189 Wooddy, Fanny Watson (Mrs Lemuel Dale) Fayetteville 

84187 Wootten, Jane Rector (Mrs Middleton Lane).. 1603 Central av. 

Hot Springs 
83997 Wootton, Emeline Whittington (Mrs William Turner) 158 

Cedar st. Hot Springs 

55038 Wright, Fannie Fleming (Mrs Bennett W.) Pine Bluff 

57735 Zearing, Fannie Makutchan (Mrs) Devall Bluff 


State Regent, 1911-12, Mrs William W, Stilson, 1048 W. Kensington rd, Los 

State Vice-Regent, 1911-12, Mrs John Spottswood Kinkead, 2534 Etna st, 


54242 Aber, Viola Grier (Mrs Albert James) 805 First st, Pasadena 

38929 Adams, Anna Poor Putnam (Mrs Evart Whitney) Los Angeles 

79236 Adams, Elizabeth Minor (Mrs John A.) . .679 Rampart st, Los Angeles 
37960 Adams, Ernestine Haskell (Mrs John Charles). .Union Nat. Bank, 

39304 Adams, Katharine Moore (Mrs Henry Norton). .3818 Rosewood av, 

Los Angeles 
17879 Agnew, Nancy Kidd Lauck (Mrs Franklin Howell). .Highland Park 

2440 Alden, Alice Wright (Miss) 182 N. El Molino av, Pasadena 

1809 Alden, Alma Priscilla (Miss) 1510 Curtis st, Oakland 


1925 Alden, Katharine Russell Lincoln (Mrs Charles Henry).. 182 N. El 
Molino av, Pasadena 

43637 Aldrich, Mary Wisner (Mrs Allan) Westlake Hotel, Los Angeles 

36662 Alexander, Ellen M. (Mrs Thomas A.) . .1782 W. 24th st, Los Angeles- 

21847 Alexander, Mary (Miss) 1006 16th st, Oakland 

21379 Alexander, Mary S. Barker (Mrs. Wallace M.).. Union & King av,. 

75015 Alford, Sarah (Mrs) Ontario 

67906 Allen, Evelyn (Miss) 1625 Scenic av, Berkeley 

16534 Allen, Frances Adelia Senter (Mrs Joel F.). .1625 Scenic av, Berkeley 
79730 AlHot, Laurena Moore (Mrs Hector) . .1720 W. 8th st, Los Angeles 

85933 Alverson. Mary Davis (Mrs Gary S) 1027 23d st, San Diego* 

45619 Alvord, Ida Ricker (Mrs Julius B) Ventura 

85114 Anderson, Alfa Wood (Mrs Frank) College of Fine Arts, Los- 

33642 Anderson, Mildred Napier (Miss) Applegate 

83013 Anderson, Rie F. (Miss) San Diego 

57952 Andrews, Eilzabeth Willett Gorton (Mrs) Santa Paula? 

84369 Androus, Alice B. (Mrs Samuel N.) Pomona 

80553 Armstrong, Katherine Lowe (Mrs Samuel Varne)..750 Oakland av, 

40520 Armstrong, Mary (Miss) 1935 Virginia st, Berkeley 

20147 Ashbumer, Emilia Field (Mrs William) 19S) Broadway, Sai» 

33616 Ashley, Abigail Cadle (Mrs Arthur Henry).. 527 S. Cal. st, Stockton 

31228 Ashley, Anna Hall (Mrs) 658 Prospect Sq, Pasadena 

32855 Ashley, Oementine Murray (Miss). 2310 Ocean View av, Los Angeles- 

82368 Ashley, Cora Louise (Miss) 1345 N. Center st, Stockton 

S4070 Ashley, Susan Riley (Mrs Eli M.) San Diego^ 

578S8 Ashton, Emma Louise (Miss) Pasadena 

40000 Ashton, Mary Louise (Mrs James T.) 41 Cataline st, E. Pasadenai 

50519 Austin, Lillian Hotaling (Mrs M. O.) 1220 Masonic av, San 


58169 Ayers. Alpha Faulkner (Mrs Farel Hart) Santa Paula 

19031 Babson, Maria Rogers (Miss) 133 Alpine st, San Francisca 

3933 Baggett. Nelly Conway Rose (Mrs Wm. T.)..c/o Mrs Wm. White,. 

Hotel Colonial, San Francisco 
86432 Baggett, Nellie Rose (Miss) . .c/o Mrs William White, Hotel Colonial, 
San Francisco 

59559 Bailey, Georgietta Congdon (Mrs) 2808 Derby st, Berkeley 

13294 Baker, Alice May Pebbles (Mrs Frederick George) 1160 Bay st, 


57037 Baker, Caro Ordway (Mrs) 4951 Pasadena av, Los Angeles 

73201 Baker, Jennie Tucker (Mrs Frank Isaac F.) El Monte 

73203 Baker, Nellie Ingram (Mrs Charles Harris) 239 S. Spring st,. 

Los Angeles 
64481 Baldwin, Ellen Merrill (Mrs George S.)..274 S. Euclid av, Pasadena 

67826 Baldwin. Grace Herndon (Mrs Clarence Herbert) San Diego 

19036 Baldwin, Katherine K. French (Mrs Charles S.) Alturas 

25064 Baldwin, Lucy Washburn (Mrs Henry Nesbit) 6439 Regent st,. 


66914 Ball. Isabel Louise (Miss) San Diego 

83014 Ball, Jessie D. (Miss) San Diego 

30732 Ballagb, Lillian Acer (Mrs James H.).. .1543 Orange st, Los Angeles 
37183 Ballard, Maria V. Moss (Mrs John).. 1917 Baker st, San Francisco 

47492 Ballou, Addie I. (Mrs) 408 30th st, San Francisco 

15954 Ballou, Katharine Jane Kimball (Mrs John Q. A.) N. 12th st, 

San Jose 

2668 Bancroft, Fannie Watts (Mrs Albert L.) Walnut Creek, Contra 

Costa Co. 
10296 Bancroft, Miriam Femald (Mrs Charles E.)....2222 Piedmont av,. 


80417 Banks, Annie E. (Mrs Herman Jay) Upland 

85719 Banks, Florence Elethia (Mrs Llewellyn A.) 755 Carlton Way, 

Los Angeles 

5698 Banning, Mary Hollister (Mrs)... .518 N. Hill st, Los Angeles 

83551 Barber, Zulette Lamb (Mrs Elmer Milton) 1040 Robinson av, 

San Diego 

67474 Barnard, Gertrude Hall (Mrs Charles) Ventura 

46560 Barnes, Helen Mary Hindes (Mrs Frederic H.)..l822 Telegraph av, 

32052 Barnes, Mary Isabella (Mrs George O.). .149 N. Cahuenga av, Holly- 
29228 Barnes, Olive Louise Morrison (Mrs James Allison) San Ysidro, 

Santa Barbara 
18692 Barmim, Mary Hawes Gilmore (Mrs Oliver S.) 312 5th st, 

Los Angeles 
21212 Barrett, Frances Walsh (Mrs Stanford William) 1544 7th st, 

San Diego 
33618 Barrette, Maybelle Clary (Mrs Charltoy Shannon) . .137 W. Vine st, 


57669 Barrow, Harriet (Mrs Charles W.) 617 Virgil av, Los Angeles 

80550 Barrows, Jeannctte E. (Miss) 2023 Haste st, Berkeley 

81764 Barry, A. Belle Fitz Gerald (Mrs Edmund D.)- -229 S. Orange Grove, 


42727 Barstow, Grace ( Miss) Alameda av, San Jose 

40175 Barstow, Mary Rhodes (Mrs Alfred) Alameda av, San Jose 

34723 Bartlett, Emma Jane (Mrs Oscar Eugene) Elmhur'st 

84188 Bartlett, Grace (Miss) '. Pomona 

82139 Bartlett, Myra (Miss) 339 E. Holt av, Pomona 

51354 Bartley, Amelia Skinner (Mrs William T.) 447 Grand View st, 

Los Angeles 
73207 Barton, Mary Fessenden (Mrs Phineas Wesley) 1117 Morton st, 


86662 Basham, Anna Hinkley (Mrs) 1137 Telegraph av, Oakland 

24010 Beach, Clarinda Altie (Miss) . . i 135 S. Lake av, Los Angeles 

37958 Beach, Edith Lillybridge Pope (Mrs Ranson Elias)..110 Sunnyside 

av, Oakland 
38347 Bean, Blanche Morton (Mrs Henry).. 2116 W. 29th st, Los Angeles 

14697 Beans, Gertrude Moore (Mrs Wm. Knox) 411 N. 3d st, San Jose 

10298 Beaver, Anna Wheaton (Miss) 15 Walnut st, San Francisco 

50195 Becker, Hattie Bunker Davis (Mrs George J.) 1892 Fell st, 

San Francisco 
60888 Beckwith, Katheryn Louise (Mrs Harry H.) Krezmont Ranch, 

48289 Bee, S. Louise (Mrs Albert N.)..2135 Sacramento st, San Francisco 
87446 Belcher, Hattie Waterman (Mrs Edwin S.) 1430 Granada av, 

San Diego 

33407 Bell, Emily Ruth Harris (Mrs John Edson) Saratoga 

68986 Bell, Lillian R. (Miss) '. 1402 Le Roy av, Berkeley 

58635 Benedict, Caroline N. Long (Mrs William H.) 906 W. 11th st, 

Los Angeles 

27972 Bennett, Lulu A. Posey (Mrs) San Rafael 

77423 Benton, Jessie S. (Miss) 926 Locust st, Long Beach 

56827 Benton, Mary Frances Eliot (Miss) 533 16th st, Oakland 

42645 Bermingham, Frances Amanda Seymour (Mrs John). .2730 Broderick 

st San Francisco 

l\m Berry, Mabel Poe (Mrs Able S.) Oakland 

75669 Bibbins, Adele Grant (Mrs Tracy E.) 3033 Duncan st, Berkeley 

15387 Biddle, Maggie Pepper Van Reed (Mrs Noble T.) 16 Jones av, 

San Jose 
1329 Bidwell, Anne Ellicott Kennedy (Mrs John) Chico 


14668 Bigelow, Isabel Otis (Mrs Samuel Cutler) Vacaville 

72572 Bigelow, Oleta (Miss) 2220 E. 7th st, Long Beach 

36088 Billings, Maria Hall (Mrs George E.) 1612 Clay st, San Francisco 

63355 Bingljiam, Lola Curtis (Mrs Charles H.) 551 S. Los Angeles st, 

Los Angeles 

83466 Birdsall, Katherine (Miss) 2646 College av, Berkeley 

82939 Bishop. Edith Collins Hagerty (Mrs John Lewis) Prospect av, 


78964 Bishop, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 2926 Lincoln av, Alameda 

22327 Bissell, Irene L. (Miss) 839 O st, Fresno 

69668 Black. Anna (Miss) 1419 Orange st, Riverside 

87051 Blake, Mary Otis (Mrs Edward Meador) Santa Ana 

823 Blakeman, Mattie Spotts (Mrs Theodore Z.) 420 Phelan bldg, 

San Francisco 

20300 Blamer, Edna Davis (Mrs Thomas) Monrovia 

2309 Blanchard, Ann Elizabeth Hobbs (Mrs Nathan W.) Santa Paula 

20148 Blanchard, Sarah Eliot (Miss) Santa Paula 

69769 Bliss, Amy Powell (Mrs Charles Hampton Jenison) . .1520 Orange 

st, Los Angeles 
36603 Blossom, Helen Nelson (Mrs Leonard Clark).* 941 N. Monroe st, 


34425 Blue, Oakalla Bigelow (Mrs John Gilbert) Pasadena 

25636 Bodman, Clara Philena (Miss) 123 Elm st, Pasadena 

37118 Bogardus, Grace Stevens (Mrs Edward Frances) Hollywood 

20151 Bolfing, Sophronia Wood Bunker (Mrs Alfred J.) . ^ Alameda 

14683 Bolton, Louise Patch (Mrs Jefferson Davis) 615 Stockton st, 

San Francisco 

30237 Bond. Sarah L. (Mrs F. W.) El Centro 

19035 Bonner, Grace M. French (Mrs Ernest C.) Alturus 

82194 Booth, Edna Pearl Keith (Mrs Henley) Santa Barbara 

9444 Booth, Rejoice Ballance Collins (Mrs Charles Maclay)..510 Almeda 

st, Vallejo 

47949 Borden, Mary J. (Mrs Bray ton B.) 844 Angus st, Fresno 

83682 Botsford, Alice Caroline Grannis (Mrs Frank Le Roy).. 2425 3d st, 

San Diego 
47642 Bowdle. Amanda M. (Mrs Alexander Milton) . .2281 W. 23d st, Los 


29733 Bowcn, Jennie F. (Miss) 331 S. 3d st, San Jose 

16548 Bowcn, Mary Helena (Mrs Edgar J.).. 3575 Clay st, San Francisco 
31966 Bowman, Elise Gregory (Mrs Lloyd) . .Soquel, Santa Cruz County 
13870 Bowman, Mary Coryell (Mrs George F.) 3198 Pacific av, 

San Francisco 
77004 Boyd, Katharine Parker Scott (Mrs Nicholas Emery) . .2823 Garber 

st, Berkeley 

19613 Boyd, Louise Arner (Mrs John F.) San Rafael 

25932 Boyd, Una Ruplc (Mrs) Box 986, Coronado 

44923 Bozcman. Elsie T. Felt ( Mrs Jes?e) Hanford 

78383 Bradford, Allis Kimball Ballon (Mrs Wager) Pala Alta 

77009 Bradley. Edith Burnett (Mrs Lawrence H.) 1412 10th av. East 

1C413 Bradley, Emma Beach Shumway (Mrs Charles H.)...752 Michigan 

av. Pasadena 
79734 Bradley, Grace Davenport Goodsell (Mrs William Glen ville). .2944 

2d St. San Diego 

61975 Bradley. Rose Goble (Mrs J. R.) Escondido 

56078 Bradley, Virginia Shearer (Mrs Henry Sewell)..15 Presidio Terrace, 

San Francisco 

65747 Brakeman, Hattie J. (Mrs James H.) Redman 

1826 Branch, Mary Maddux (Mrs L. C.) 2101 California st, 

San Francisco 

.30 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

29151 Briggs, Julia A. (Mrs Clarence 'F.)--207 Crocker bldg, San Francisco 
-51702 Brizzolara, Elizabeth M. Moores (Mrs Emils John).. 1544 Larkin st, 

San Francisco 

59619 Brock, Mary Morris (Mrs J. M.) 2425 Virginia st, Berkeley 

^9286 Brokaw, Mary Louisa (Miss) 1343 Ashby av, Berkeley 

76827 Brooke, Ida J. Ingram (Mrs) 1467 Castro st, Oakland 

50542 Brooks, Alice Mendon (Miss) Santa Monica 

^7255 Brough, Lucile England (Mrs Sydney R.)..634 Burlington av, Los 

j62008 Brown, Alice Prescott (Mrs Charles Lincoln) 235 Grattan st, 

San" Francisco 

50272 Brown, Amanda Louise (Mrs J. D.) Pasadena 

4986 Brown, Hulda Holmes Bergen (Mrs Cyrus Elwood) . . 1922 Broad- 
way, San Francisco 
52752 Brown, Kate Wood (Mrs James H.) 327 Vernal av, Piedmont, 

Alameda County 
71422 Brown, Lucy Purinton (Mrs Edward Sherburne) 1515 L st, 


-69424 Brown, Mabel Ella Button (Mrs) 2433 Warring st, Berkeley 

38161 Brown, Phebe Leona (Miss) Los Angeles 

■65748 Browning, Helen Tillapaugh (Mrs Charles C.)..1225 Diamond av, 


51700 Bryant. Sallie Barnes Sadler (Mrs) 1230 Pine st, San Francisco 

^6084 Buck, Blanche Staples (Mrs George Faunce)..323 E. Magnolia st, 

55052 Buck, E<iith Kirkham Akerly (Mrs Frederick McClellan). .Vacaville 

30570 Buckingham, Elisa P. (Mrs) Vacaville, Solano County 

J4028 Budd, Mary Emilia Haste (Mrs John Elliott). .701 W. Poplar st, 

22381 Bullard, Rose Douglas Brabson (Mrs William Robert Lee) San 


25059 Bullock, Martha Luvan (Miss) 812 Paru st, Alameda 

35116 Bulson, Ida Castle (Mrs Charles H.) ^25 I st, Sacramento 

67639 Bunker, Minnie (Miss) Oakland 

7776 Burbank, Caroline Clifford (Mrs Eugene D.) 1038 Grattan st, 

Los Angeles 
51711 Burdette, Clara Bradley (Mrs Robert Jones) 891 S. Orange st, 

62854 Burmister, Blanche Breeden (Mrs H. C.) 39 Thornton av. Ocean 


23619 Burnett, Gertrude Augusta (Miss) 1916 Broadway, San Francisco 

25051 Burnett, Jane Cromwell Cleveland (Mrs Wellington Cleveland) . 1916 

Broadway, San Francisco ' 

32171 Burns, Clara N. Williams Johnston (Mrs James P.).. 2835 W. 7th 

st, Los Angeles 
9263 Burns, Louisa Latham Devereux (Mrs Silas R.) 21 S. Almansor, 

^15 Bums, Mary Bell Parker (Mrs Isidore) Hotel Normandie, 

San Francisco 
35122 Burr, Emma Maria Lord (Mrs Richard Palmer) 2011 M st, 


75698 Burris, Alice Stratton (Mrs William) Rixley 

53098 Burritt, Elizabeth Sophia (Miss) 1114 14th st, Oakland 

33079 Burrows, Eva Josephine Wadsworth (Mrs Frederick). .59 Domingo 

av, Berkeley 

71052 Bush, Nellie Strong (Mrs Edward Everett) 941 O st, Fresno 

29713 Bushfield, Mary G. Thomas (Mrs Louis T.) San Bernardino 

3649 Bushnell, Charlotte Gertrude Nash (Mrs Albert M.)..2650 1st st, 

San Diego 

30481 Butler, Amelia Phelps (Miss) 420 W. 9th st. Los Angeles 

1865 Butler, Caroline Eliza Blake (Mrs Thomas J.).. 447 S. Grand a v, 

Los Angeles 


69771 Butler, Carrie Mabel (Miss) 37 Lake av, Oakland 

79438 Butters, Mary L. (Mrs Angus) 830 N. Main st, Napa 

33620 Cadle, Anna Fairbank (Mrs Frank Fisk)..709 N. Center st, Stockton 
10299 Cady, Constance Mary L. H. (Mrs Freeman R.)..344 N. P'icket st, 

Los Angeles 
4120 Caldwell, Harriet Benton (Mrs Henry C.) 2195 W. 24th st, 

Los Angeles 

61246 Cameron, Coralinn Bennitt (Mrs) El Centro 

44836 Cameron, Minnie R. ( Miss) Coronado Beach 

30571 Campbell, Eliza Caroline Brierly (Mrs John C.) Cupertino 

83101 Cannon, Anna A. Rupp (Mrs Edward M.) 496 36th st, Oakland 

42140 Carman, Estelle Davenport (Mrs A. S.) 1265 Castro st, Oakland 

37376 Carpenter, Amy M. Wells (Mrs Byron Fay).. The Lambert, 645 E. 

Ocean av. Long Beach 
66927 Carpenter, Martha Hobart (Mrs William S.)..4324 Montgomery st, 


77425 Carpenter, Nellie Hobart (Miss) 4324 Montgomery st, Oakland 

68475 Car«;on, Margaret De Motte (Mrs W. D.) 430 S. Broadway, 

Los Angeles 

73996 Cartwright, Mabel Hawley ( Mrs) San Gabriel 

70004 Casey. Martha Duffield (Mrs Thomas L)..1016 Oakland av, Oakland 

8CM99 Casterlin, Mary Augusta Reed (Mrs Joseph Bartine) Crockett 

66091 Castillo, Alice Lewis (Mrs) Duarte 

16549 Catlin. Amelia Guernsey (Miss) Buena Vista School, 18th & 

Bryant sts, San Francisco 
^7047 Cattern. Clara Newton (Mrs Frank Addison) 415 Oak Lawn, 

South Pasadena 
78384 Cerkel, Ivj Perkins (Mrs Joseph David) 547 Central av, 

San Francisco 
60733 Chalmers, Margaret Bruce Brown (Mrs Hugh B.)..2205 Cedar st, 


52060 Chambers, Ella C. (Mrs Walter C.) 232 Garfield pi, Hollywood 

26617 Chandler, Evelyn Mitchell Bunting (Mrs John). .2825 Channing Way, 


55056 Chapin, Mary Ellen Morgan (Mrs) 1328 4th st, Santa Monica 

56276 Chapman, Dora Thayer Carr (Mrs) Pomona 

35578 Chapman, Emily Ann (Miss) 338^ S. Hill st, Los Angeles 

73208 Chapman, Harriet Dudley (Mrs Isaac Newton) 2225 Pacific av, 


57048 Charlton, Vesta A. (Miss) 2010 Elendale av, Los Angeles 

81777 Chase, Calista Woolsey (Mrs Philip B.)....503 Rose av, Hollywood 

77784 Chase, Ella Draper (Mrs John Manly) 66 Bayo Vista av, Oakland 

4458 Chester, Marion Hills (Mrs Thomas) 101 E. Arrellage st, 

Santa Barbara 
55553 Childs. Elizabeth Denton (Mrs Alfred S.) R. F. D. No. 2, 

Santa Barbara 
85212 Childs, Mary Francis (Mrs William A.).. 567 Oakland av, Oakland 
7806«> Chisholm. Flora Maria (Mrs Wellington Porter) Eagle Rock, 

Los Anffeles 
26802 Church, Nfargarct Owen (Mrs H. A.) 1645 St. Andrews pi, 

Los Angeles 

56828 Clark, Adaline C. (Mrs Alfred H.) 1202 West st, Oakland 

28861 Clark, Clara Taylor (Mrs L. Curran) Redwood, San Mateo Co. 

85721 Clark, Elysabeth Louise (Mrs George Herbert). .. .1437 Winfield st, 

Los Angeles 

33619 Clary, Ethel Amelia (Miss) 137 W. Vine st, Stockton 

33617 Gary. Mary J. Kennedy (Mrs Wm. Harrison) 137 W. Vine st, 

80578 Clary, Rose Van Evcra (Mrs Frederick E.) 355 Cahuonga blvd, 

Los Angeles 
73838 Claypool, Frances Dallam (Mrs William Morgan).. 144 Sycamore av, 



56973 Clements, Lceler A. (Mrs Lewis E.) 202 Pacific av, Long Beach 

6125 Clifford, Emily S. (Mrs W. E.) 1038 Grattan st, Los Angeles 

64573 Clock, Emily Belle (Miss) 827 D st, San Bernardine 

65749 Clopton, Virginia Marshall (Mrs H.). .1069 American av. Long Beach 
65013 Clough, Nellie Lewis (Mrs Charles M.)..1202 E. 24th st, Oakland 

78440 Codding, Ruby Jewell (Mrs George Colby) 398 34th st, Oakland 

67204 Coe, Elizabeth H. Barney (Mrs Edward H.)..cor Normandie & 9th, 

Los Angeles 
17361 Coit, Lillie Hitchcock (Mrs Howard) Bank of California,. 

San Francisco 

69774 Coldwell, Johanna Leaton (Mrs Colbert) 2333 Cedar st, Berkeley 

46204 Cole, Helen Weaver Rupp (Mrs Jesse).. 319 W. 38th st, Los Angeles 

68741 Cole, Kate Elizabeth (Miss) 2709 College av, Berkeley 

51694 Cole, Lily Clarissa (Miss) 2709 College av, Berkeley 

50593 Cole, Mary Corbett (Mrs Nathan R., Jr.) 2732 Benvenue av,. 


67769 Cole, Rhoda Emma (Mrs George W.) Hollister 

43508 Cole, Sella Russell (Mrs William Chester). .283 1st av, San Francisca 
29153 Colgrove, Carol Louis (Mrs) St. Margaret's Club, California st,. 

San Francisco 
58174 Collins, Constance Dorothy Van Etten (Miss) 2341 Thompson st,. 

Los Angeles 
53780 Collins, Helen J. Smith (Mrs Henry). .. .1872 E. 2d st. Long Beach 

83CX)8 Collins, Martha Martin (Mrs Alzermain Augustus) Ontario 

82940 Collins, Ruth Eniiline (Miss) 303 Mulberry st, Riverside 

85722 Collins, Sarah E. (Mrs Andrew P.) 303 Mulberry st, Riverside 

31534 Colwell, Josephine French (Mrs Llewellyn A.).. 224 E. Pasadena st, 


74671 Combs, Belle (Miss) Monrovia 

33401 Comfort, Sarah Catherine (Miss) Mills College 

32070 Comstock, Helen M. (Mrs Gilbert) The Krosnest, Long Beach 

52172 Conant, Anna Heath (Mrs Frank Adelbert) 14 E. Valerio st, 

Santa Barbara 

54367 Conley, Elizabeth Clyde (Mrs John Wesley) 1344 O st, Fresno- 

25053 Conner, Julia Woodworth (Mrs John W.) 2464 Broadway,. 

San Francisco 
33058 Connor, Ida E. Lawrence (Mrs J. K.)..406 E. 20th st, Los Angeles 
79731 Converse, Carrie Little (Mrs Charles Moore) 2418 Cedar st,. 


62943 Cook, Julia Mastin Proctor (Mrs Peter) Rio Vista 

57041 Cook, Lorle M. Rickey (Mrs) 216 Orange av» Santa Ana 

22607 Cook, Virginia Day (Mrs Joseph Edwards) 2715 Severance st, 

Los Angeles 

35814 Cooke, Nellie Ford ( Mrs Thomas F.) Hollywood 

1330 Coolidge, Sophie Wager (Mrs Charles A.) 2800 Van Ness av, 

San Francisco ^ 

61705 Cooper, Ethel Caro (Miss) 1216 Waller st, San Francisco 

61199 Cootc, Elsie Louisa Crampton (Mrs Alfred 'Wellesley) . . 1425 W. 4th 

st, Los Angeles 

85203 Coplev, Edyth Irene (Miss) 1106 Kal Mia st, San Diego 

74675 Cornell, Maud A. (Mrs D. T.) Long Beach 

27449 Cornell, Ruby Jewell ( Mrs) 3000 2d st. San Diego 

82140 Cottingham, Claire I. (Mrs Robert C.) 3319 Jackson st, 

San Francisco 
25216 Cottle, May Church (Mrs C. C). .1649 St. Andrew's pi, Los Angeles 

20150 Cowell, Helen Edith (Miss) 2610 Jackson st, San Francisco 

69928 Cowley, Annie Elizabeth (Mrs Richard B.) 1002 Michigan av, 

33981 Cox, Abby Jane (Miss) 231 S. Hartford av. Hollywood 

65484 Cox, Alberta B. (Miss) R. F. D. 3, Watsonville • 

20152 Cox, Margaret L. Bunker (Mrs Alexander) Mission st^ 

San Francisco 


85201 Cox, Mary A. (Miss) 2301 Leoti av, Los Angeles 

3212p Crafts, Marion Elizabeth Shattuck (Mrs Herbert William) . .Craf ton 
13663 Craig, Carrie Roycr (Mrs Thomas L.) 2634 Portland av, 

Los Angeles ' 

66220 Craig, Frances May Thomas (Mrs £. B.) 2702 Halldale av, 

Los Angeles 
(9S Craig, Mary Lynde Hoffman (Mrs Scipio) 434 Bartlett st, 

San Francisco 

67902 Crane, Cora L. (Miss) Santa Paula 

67903 Crane, Eleanor P. (Miss) Santa Paula 

83999 Crane, Mabel Ray (Mrs W. A.) Hotel Crane, San Diego 

8300 Crank, Mary Agnes Brigden (Mrs James F.) Avalon 

28865 Crawford, Annie Clay (Mrs H. L.) Fruit Vale 

69189 Crawford, Annie Dickey (Mrs J. M.) 171 Van Ness av, Fresno 

29477 Crawford, Inez Mabel (Miss) San Mateo 

16550 Crocker, Ethel Willard Sperry (Mrs William Henry) Crocker 

National Bank, San Francisco 

14678 Crocker, Helen A. Norris (Mrs John Henry) FreSno 

67202 Crocker, Ruth Himt Edwards (Mrs).. 243 N. Madison st, Pasadena 

27990 Crooks, Amanda Case (Mrs Jonathan James). .San Rafael, Marin Co. 

64492 Cross, Gara Smith (Mrs Phillip B.) . .944 W. 30th st, Los Angeles 

53316 Crowell, Polly D. (Mrs Christopher C.) 339 N. Picket st, 

Los Angeles 

63363 Crump, Fannie Fargo (Mrs John L.) Redlands 

67909 Cruzan, Bertha Burnham Bootes (Mrs Harold Ide)..15 Florence pi, 

San Francisco 
48984 Culver, Margaret Day (Mrs William Lee) . .424 34th av, Oakland 
55053 Cumming, Elizabeth Bragg (Mrs George) 2623 16th st, 

San Francisco 

68739 Cummings, Ada Blanche ( Miss) Santa Paula 

69426 Cummings, Bonnie Jean (Miss) 904 O st, Fresno 

71698 Cummings, Madge Christina (Miss) Santa Paula 

72071 Cummins, Ethel A. (Miss) Box 72, R. F. D. No. 1, Reedley 

58171 Curry, Anna Des Moines (Mrs Thomas Jefferson) 41 Carl st, 

San Francisco 

58172 Curry, Blanche Edna (Miss) 41 Carl st, San Francisco 

10534 Curtis, Anna C. Hitchcock (Mrs G. H.)..249 Marengo pi, Pasadena 

68433 (Curtis, Bertha (Miss) Hotel Astoria, Los Angeles 

40548 Curtis, Bertha Jane (Miss) Hotel Leighton, Los Angeles 

50192 Curtis, E. Luella (Mrs David T. C.) 126 9th st, Oakland 

51731 Curtis, Mabel Hempstead (Mrs Charles Gray) R. F. D., Covina 

25930 Cushing, Grace Nettleton (Mrs Sidney B.) San Rafael 

53764 Cushman, Nettie Allen (Mrs H. W.)..604 W. S4th av. Lo. Angeles 

38341 Cutler, Emma Isadora (Mrs Alfred Dennis) 3371 Jackson st, 

San Francisco 
40172 Cutter, Emily Harvey (Mrs Horace L.) 1161 W. 29th st, 

Los Angeles 
33623 Cutting, Maria Snow (Miss) 1045 N. Centre st, Stockton 

53317 Dale, Grace Crowell (Mrs Lucius C). .339 N. Fickett st, Los Angeles 
58637 Damont, May Severance Bartholomew (Mrs Frank) ..Occidental City 

49811 Danforth, Alice Spalding (Mrs Edward Everett) Ocean Park 

41165 Danforth, Fannie M. (Miss) 2027 Broadway, San Francisco 

78436 DanieLs, Florence Hubbard (Mrs Philip C.) Azusa 

82367 Darneal, Lulie Leigh Otey (Mrs Harvey) 903 Grand st, Alameda 

19023 Davenport, Elizabeth H. (Mrs William F.) 1981 Pacific av, 

San Francisco 
13430 Davenport, Elizabeth Osgood (Mrs George Lyman).. 1235 W. 49th st, 

Los Angeles 
40165 Davidson, Elizabeth Cravens (Mrs William R.) 20 Palm av, 


20444 Davidson, Mary Griswold Brown (Mrs Earnest H.) Terra Bella 

61925 * Davies, Harriet (Miss) Los Angeles 


48676 Davis, Alice Christina Brown Finley (Mrs Theodore Garrison) . .1114 

Westlake av, Los Angeles 

72289 Davis, Farnetta May (Miss) 579 Walsworth av, Oakland 

38721 Davis, Georgie Moise (Mrs Andrew M.)..2425 College av, Berkeley 
47491 Davis, Maria Cook Maxcy (Mrs George A. J.).. 579 Walsworth av, 


83998 Davis, Mary E. Black (Mrs James M.) Atwater 

57670 Davis, Miriam Garrison (Mrs F. E.) 130 S. Mill st, Santa Paula 

65750 Davis, Sevilla Passmore (Mrs Edgar Franklin) 41 Chestnut av. 

Long Beach 

34594 Davis, Susan M. (Mrs Thomas F.) Los Angeles 

69191 Davison, Cora (Mrs W. G.) 175 N. Myrtle av, Monrovia 

31397 Day, Mary R. Briggs Mott (Mrs Horace B.).. Walnut av & 3d st, 

San Diego 
66462 Deacon, Catherine W. Wetmore (Mrs Henry).. 2920 Benvenue av, 

51708 Dean, Constance V. Lawrence (Mrs Robert Armstrong) . . 1450 Leaven- 
worth st, San Francisco 
15381 Deane, Rebecca Francis (Mrs John).. The Hillcrest, San Francisco 
51117 Dement, Gladys Emily Fairbank (Mrs W. H.) 2613 Durant av, 

20146 Deming, Inez Florence (Miss) 148 Carmel av. Pacific Grove 

60729 Deming, May Laird (Mrs Henry B.) 4821 Cherry st, Oakland 

60730 Deming, Minnie S. (Miss) Vallejo 

9441 Deming, Sarah Worcester (Mrs John D.)....P. O. Box 123, Oakland 

40267 Denison, Ida A. Greene (Mrs Harvey S.) . .Anchorage Park, Riverside 
63389 Dennis, Ethel Milroy (Mrs George Charles) .. 1237 Arapahoe st, Los 

6980 Dennison, Isabella Baxter (Mrs Walter E.)..2150 Santa Clara av, 


43997 Denress, Carrie Augusta (Mrs Wm. A.) 1460 3d st, San Diego 

51685 Derby, Emma R. Sperry (Mrs William S.)..1145 Ingraham st, Los 


85961 Detering, Elinor (Miss) 1766 9th a v, East Oakland 

14406 Dexter, Fannie Wheaton (Miss) 2656 Vermont av, Los Angeles 

26323 Dibble, Julia M. Barry (Mrs Charles A.) Los Angeles 

17880 Dick, Ellen C. Bulkeley Booth (Mrs Byron Coleman) ..1432 Franklin 

st, Oakland 

5708 Dickenson, Luella Johnson (Mrs W. L.) Haywards 

85205 Dickie, Muriel Ewing Swain (Mrs David Adamson) . .892 Laurel st, 


86664 Diggles, Hannah Hinklcy (Mrs) Etna Mills 

55057 Dike, Julia C. R. (Mrs Edwin W.) 523 3d st, Santa Monica 

68742 Dille, Helen (Miss) 2623 Channing Way, Berkeley 

35962 Dille, lone Candace (Miss) 216 S. 2d st, San Jose 

20628 Dille, Mary Isabelle (Mrs Francis Miller) ... .216 S. 2d st, San Jose 
43759 Dillon, Florence Hood (Mrs Henry C.) 684 Benton blvd, Los Angeles 
82338 Dillon, Lynne Emery (Mrs Paul W.) 309 Buena Vista st, Los Angeles 
39996 Dobson, Marguerite Fuller (Mrs William E.) 957 Elden av, Los 


82369 Dodge, Anna Louise (Miss) 219 N. Sutter st, Stockton 

86171 Dodge, Elisabeth (Mrs Thomas A.) Fresno 

33624 Dodge, Emily Matilda (Miss) 219 N. Sutter st. Stockton 

23329 Dodge, Omira B. Bottum (Mrs Henry L.)..2015 Franklin st, San 

52420 Dole, Clara Maria Rowell (Mrs George Hathaway) ..237 Arlington 

av. Riverside 

63910 Dole, Clara Marie (Miss) 237 E. Arlington av. Riverside 

74040 Donaldson, Mima Adams (Mrs Robert) Los Angeles 

55063 Donohoe, Jessie Keith (Mrs Charles L.) Willow 

40246 Dorsey, Birdie St. Qair (Mrs Elias E.) Los Angeles 

63121 Dorsey, Laura B. Strong (Mrs).... 157 W. Willard av, Hollywood 


59623 Dorsey, Laura Parks Bigelow (Mrs Stephen W.)..2619 S. Figueroa 

5t, Los Angeles 

23(795 Doty, Adelaide Cuyler (Miss) 1319 Western av, Los Angeles 

29794 Doty, Amanda Wallace (Mrs Clarence S.)..1319 Western av, Los 


74672 Doull, Margaret E. Holmes (Mrs Geo. Mark) Monrovia 

S7350 Douthit, Frances Laura (Miss) 150 East S6th av, Los Angeles 

87349 Douthit, Mary Frances Greer (Mrs John William) . .150 East 56th av, 

Los Angeles 
14679 Dow, Helen T. Crocker (Mrs Wallace) Piedmont 

66460 Dowling, Etta Guthrie Pugsley (Mrs Nicholas) 912 W. 20th st. 

San Diego 

66461 Dowling, Margurite Selvey (Miss) 912 W. 20th st, San Diego 

66463 Downs, Olivia E. Lemen (Mrs Frank Walter) .1071 10th st, San Diego 
85960 Doyle, Rebecca Kimball Fletcher (Mrs Jarvis Lathrop) ..3328 G st, 

San Diego 
72765 Dozier, Maud Watson (Mrs Thomas Bona).. 2401 Jackson st, San 

45628 Drake, Maria Seymour (Mrs Charles Milton).. 314 W. 69th st, Los 

50714 Draper, Abbie Prince Bucknam (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) . .Santiago 
69428 Dray, Mabel Ann Williamson Johnson (Mrs Bruce L.) Cadillac 

Hotel, San Francisco 
47951 Dniry, Elizabeth Borden (Mrs T. Burrton) ..844 Angus st, Fresno 
12143 Du Bois, Josephine M. Cook (Mrs Goddard) Chula Vista, San 

Diego Co. 

28251 Dudley, Lillian T. (Mrs W. H.) 1447 Malvern av, Los Angeles 

49769 Dudley, Matilda Brooks (Mrs Thomas Horace). .Cor. Idaho av & 

3d st, Santa Monica 

60261 Dumser, Mary E. (Mrs John S.) 143 Hanover av, East Oakland 

82941 Dunbar, Clara Lillian (Miss) 175 N. Jefferson st, Riverside 

83942 Dunbar, Lena May (Miss) 175 N. Jefferson st. Riverside 

84368 Dunlap, Mary E. Fairall Welfleg (Mrs William S.). .2224 N. 30th st, 

Los Angeles 
37785 Dunn, Laura Waddington (Mrs William Henry).. 645 W. 11th st, 

Long Beach 
29971 Dutton, Lilla Roselle Sparks (Mrs Adelbert W.)..248 S. Olive st, 

Los Angeles 
38342 Dyer, Abbie Maria Cutler (Mrs Herbert) 3371 Jackson st, San 

5704 Eastman, Gertrude Barrett (Mrs Francis A.).. Friday Morning Club, 

Los Angeles 
30254 Eastman, Mary Gould (Mrs Charles Seeley) . . 1625 Orange st, Los 

23330 Eckart, Harriet Louise Gorham (Mrs William R.) . .3014 Clay st, San 

77010 Edwardes, Mary Woodward (Mrs William Philipps)..2109 Clinton 
av, Alameda 

24492 Edwards, Frances Coffin (Mrs James W.) Belvedere 

J9003 Edwards, Lillian L (Mrs H. M.) 345 S. San Antonio st, San Jose 

29237 Ehler, Laura Bell Ellmaker (Mrs Charles Leland) Los Angeles 

17856 Elcan, Lucy Elizabeth (Miss) 2215 W. 16th st, Los Angeles 

14824 Elliott, Ellen M. de B. Mallett (Mrs George T.)....214 W. G st, 


68438 Elliott. Ellen S. Gist (Mrs Wilson E.) Lake View near Loleta 

83007 Elliott, Evalyn Armstrong (Mrs) 2131 Rose st, Berkeley 

50590 Ellis, Cora (Miss) 547 S. Fremont av, Los Angeles 

9442 Ellis. Sallie Huntington (Mrs William T.)....804 D st, Marysville 

68082 Ely, Lucile Davis (Mrs Taylor Lewis) Los Angeles 

55542 Emery, Louise Marie Flint (Mrs Sabine) 1237 3d st, Santa Monica 

S1113 English. Mezzotint Anderson (Mrs Walter Taylour). .1767 W. 23d st, 

Los Angeles 


8912 Ervay, Louise Hickman (Mrs Henry S.)..2131 First st, San Diego 

77424 Espey, Olive May (Mrs Charles E.) Long Beach 

19611 Esterle, S. Gertrude B. Smyth (Mrs) 461 49th st, Oakland 

22196 Eubank, Grace Bixler (Mrs Clarence Herbert) Wilmington 

83004 Evans, Carrie Candee (Mrs Horace J.) 752 W. White Oak av, 

69740 Evans, Fanita Mitchell (Mrs Charles Orrick) ....58 Aurora Drive, 


82495 Evans, Mary E. (Mrs Lewis N.) 415 Court st, Los Angeles 

82364 Evans, Mary South worth (Mrs Samuel Cary, Jr.) . .415 Orange st. 

72477 Everett, Florence Kidder (Mrs Austin M.)..4188 Montgomery st, 


76502 Everett, Laura Bell (Miss) 2634 Regent st, Berkeley 

27445 Everts, Alice Crocker (Mrs Philotus) 2829 Benvenue st, Berkeley 

25170 Ewing, Mary Eliza (Mrs Henry) 1057 Cedar av, Long Beach 

11832 Fagin, Maude Ervay (Mrs Harry Lynne)..2131 1st st, San Diego 

34592 Fahnestock, Frances E. Hill (Mrs Henry H.) Los Angeles 

77007 Fairbank, Lillian Greene (Mrs J. Edward) 2054 Holly av, 

Los Angeles 

34030 Fanning,, Jennie D. (Miss) 345 E. Channel st, Stockton 

35059 Fargo, Minerva Joslin (Mrs Robert) Riverside 

41690 Farrar, Gertrude M. Coleman (Mrs W. W.) Dilroy 

32363 Farrar, M. Alice (Mrs Uriel S.) Dilroy 

28011 Farrington, Estelle (Miss) 615 Carolina st. Vallejo 

IZidl Farrington, Junia L. Pond (Mrs Efner A.) El Monte 

45620 Faulkner, Roda Seymour (Mrs George W.) Santa Paula 

11448 Featherstone, Anne Potter Robinson (Mrs Edward Allen) 1150 

W. 27th st, Los Angeles 
10105 Fee, Elizabeth Brady (Mrs Charles S.)..2618 Buchanan st, San 

67911 Fehren, Katherine Gerichs (Mrs Frederick Q.)..345 N. 3d st, 

San Jose 
56084 Felton, Eunice Whitney Farley (Mrs Cornelius Conway). .Santa 


22218 Fenyes, Eva Scott (Mrs Adalbert) 75 Grand av, Pasadena 

1928 Fernald, Hannah Hill Hobb (Mrs Charles). .813 State st, Santa 

68744 Fernald, Josephine Ogden (Mrs Edwin K.)....650 Blackstone av, 

16102 Ferree, Susan Frances (Mrs Jerome D.)..1027 Ingraham st, Los 

27447 Field, Edna Ricker (Mrs Charles Lord).. 1230 Geary st, San 

4741 Fischer, Mary Frances Wood Powers (Mrs Frederick) . . . .945 

Bonnie Brae st. Los Angeles 

19607 Fish, Elizabeth B. (Mrs James Harvey) 804 12th st, Oakland 

17452 Fisher, Flora Amelia (Miss) ....R. F. D. No. 1, 39B, Eagle Rock 

33781 Fisher, Sarah Maria (Miss) Miss Head's School, Berkeley 

63008 Fitch, Aura Louise (Miss) 1305 Monterey rd, S. Pasadena 

80070 Fitchet, Adah Horton (Mrs Charles Lee).. 654 Church st, San 

30720 Fitz, Marie Wilcox (Mrs Robert Fuller) .. 1732 N. Hobart Blvd, 

Los Angeles 

81857 Fitzgerald, Addie F. (Mrs John C.) Grove st, Pasadena 

29864 Fletcher, Elizabeth Thomas (Mrs Lyle Maynard) . .212 California 

st, San Francisco 
78966 Fletcher, Minna Englis Clark (Mrs John George).. 340 Warwick 

av, Oakland 

64859 Flint, Alice Maud (Miss) 60 Santa Clara av, Oakland 

62591 Flint, Blanche Hoffman (Mrs Frank) .... 1645 Cal. st, c/o F. G. 

Gump & Co., San Francisco 


33170 Flood, Ida Lanner (Mrs P. H.) 817 Eddy st, San Francisco 

79434 Flowers, Eva Keller (Mrs Charles Montaville) Monrovia 

83683 Fly, Eva A. (Mrs Edward M.) National City 

42139 Follansbee, Elizabeth A. (Miss) ..2637 Pasadena av, Los Angeles 
55062 Folsom, Georgianna E. Morton (Mrs) 2916a Sacramento st, 

San Francisco 
46390 Forbes, Ada Boomer (Mrs James Hyde) . . 1638 4th av, Los Angeles 
44829 Forbes, Harrie R. Piper (Mrs Armitage S. C.)..1104 Lyndon st, 

S. Pasadena 
76195 Force, Anna Nivison (Mrs Levi Price).. 2952 College av, Berkeley 
53062 Force, Sarah F. (Mrs Jacob F.) . . . .651 S. Pasadena av, Pasadena 

52414 Foster, Margaret (Miss) San Rafael 

77426 Foumier, Muriel Hubbard (Mrs Alfred M.) 1733 La Loma av, 


85962 Fox, Arabella Wilson Kirby (Mrs Charles James) Foxhom, 


85963 Fox, Lilian Bryne (Miss) Foxhom, Pomona 

38917 Franklin, Mary Elizabeth Lewis (Mrs Christopher Columbus), 

R, F. D. No. 3, Lodi 
55540 Frary, Louise P. (Mrs Lucien H.)....503 W. 3d st. Long Beach 

83015 Frary, Maud Thayer (Mrs Frank P.) 1441 Ivy st, San Diego 

68044 Freeman, Katharine Garner (Mrs Zenas F.) . . 122 H st, San Rafael 
46553 Fremont, Elizabeth Benton (Miss).. 3017 Brighton av, Los Angeles 

1730 French, Eva Jane (Mrs Henry Clay) Pasadena 

821 French, Helen Satterlee (Mrs Frank J.) 2748 Bancroft Way, 

19034 French, Nellie Kelsey (Mrs William Lorenzo) 202 E. 10th st, 


31562 French, Susannah Pike (Mrs Alger Wayland) Saratoga 

87072 Frew, Helen Foster (Mrs Stanley Matthews) 951 Orange st, 

Los Angeles 
51115 Frick, Irene Stephens (Mrs Donald) 515 Andrew's Blvd, Los 

25052 Fry, Sallie Turney (Mrs John Douglas) 1812 Jackson st, 

San Francisco 

83016 Fry, Stella Hizar (Mrs) 3304 F st, San Diego 

55545 Fulford, Minnie Norman (Mrs W. G.) 1474 Sacramento st, San 


39997 Fuller, Ethel Bartlett (Miss) 1355 Orange st, Los Angeles 

45617 Fuller, Lynn Josephine Nicholson (Mrs William Harrison) ..937 

W. 30th st, Los Angeles 
16969 Funsten, Minnie Moore (Mrs J. J.).. 1595 Clay st, San Francisco 
147U) Furst, Evelyn Moore Grissim (Mrs Paul).. 840 McKendree st, 

San Jose 

20763 Gage, Ellen Curtis (Dr) Rancho Bonito, Saratoga 

87348 Gage, Frances Ada (Mrs Lyman J.) . . , Point Loma 

31968 Gage. Sybil A. Currier (Mrs David) 424 Merrimac st, Oakland 

65802 Gainer, Marie (Miss) 335 W. 5th st, Long Beach 

58112 Gale, Hannah Parker Bottum (Mrs James Sheldon) ..2015 Franklin 

st, San Francisco 

27142 Gantt, Mary Bricc Hill (Mrs) 712 S. Union st, Los Angeles 

10219 Garner, Janette Adams (Mrs John Lake).. 745 W. Adams st, Los 


57671 Garrison, Carrie A. (Miss) 224 N. Olive st, Los Angeles 

37959 Gaskill, Emeline Duncan (Mrs De Witt Clinton). .1986 Webster st, 


14702 Gates, Adalinc M. Rhodes (Mrs Freeman) Long Beach 

35745 Gatewood, Frances E. Hieskcll Bryan (Mrs Richard) .. Navy Yard, 

Mare Island 

71060 Geer, S. Ella (Mrs) Monrovia 

56829 Genochio, Alice M. Crane (Mrs Barclay H.)..291 Chattanooga st, 

San Francisco 


67912 Gcrichs, Myra Walker (Mrs John C.) 345 N. 3d st, San Jose 

56832 Germain, Frances Barron (Mrs Marc Leon) . .224 S. Spring st, Los 

69425 Gester, Kate Darling Howell (Mrs Wm. B.) . .2800 Derby st, Berkeley 
5703 Gibbon, Ellen Rose (Mrs Thomas £.).... 2272 Howard Bldg, Los 


8304 Gibbons, Ida Louise (Miss) 920 Polk st, San Francisco 

22475 Gibson, Irene Elizabeth (Mrs E. M.) 506 E. 23d st, Oakland 

81862 Gilley, Mary Frances (Mrs Frank Alfred) 830 Church st, San 

72588 Gillogly, Lydia Lucelia Webster (Mrs James Lee).. 2065 Buena Vista 

av, Alameda 
35701 Gilmore, Elizabeth Emily (Mrs John H.) 2088 Bush st, San 


23095 Glass, Ella M. (Mrs Henry) 2821 Bancroft Way, Berkeley 

30421 Godfrey, Mary Ayer (Mrs E. L. B.). .1139 Mound av, South Pasadena 
80648 Goltra, Alice Horton Fuller (Mrs John C.) . . . .1402 Toberman st, Los 

37961 Goncher, Grace Edgar Coe (Mrs S. Grant).. 1237 Magnolia av, Los 

16266 Goodhue, Vashti Colby (Mrs Charles Frederick).. 3423 Budlong av, 

Los Angeles 
12638 Gooding, Mary Viele Babcock (Mrs Henry Clay).. 1926 S. Grand av, 

Los Angeles 
32361 Goodsell, Mildred Livingston (Miss).. 786 Haight st, San Francisco 
37961 Goucher, Grace Edgar Coe (Mrs S. Grant).. Cor. Normandy & 9th 

sts, Los Angeles 
31591 Gould, Ella Armstrong (Mrs George Stevens) 2609 Cedar st, 


46556 Gk)well, Kate E. (Mrs Orrin) 676 13th st, Oakland 

65751 Graham, Elizabeth Rust (Mrs James Duncan) ..1123 Cedar av. Long 


74677 Granger, Stella Taylor (Mrs Oliver Kent) Upland 

75361 Graves, Gertrude (Miss) La GoUa 

34025 Gray, Anna Spencer (Miss) U. S. Naval Hospital, Mare Island 

83002 Gray, Anna Turner Farnsworth (Mrs Theodore) . . . .2540 Benvenue 

av, Berkeley 

19608 Gray, Frances H. (Mrs) 754 10th st, Oakland 

46239 Gray, Harriet W. (Mrs Henry Gray) 3538 21st st, San Francisco 

14680 Gray, Louise Norris Crocker (Mrs Dewitt H.) Fresno 

19037 Gray, Marianna Woodford Drinkwater (Mrs Giles Hubbard) 754 

10th st, Oakland 

30215 Gray, Mary Olive (Miss) Los Angeles 

31225 Gray, P^rsis Babcock (Mrs Harry Nathaniel) 2455 Jackson st, 

San Francisco 

48988 Green, Alice Rooker (Miss) 1872 Fill st, San Francisco 

71699 Green, Anne Brock (Mrs J. Elton) 3000 Hillegas av, Berkeley 

82138 Green, Elizabeth Pinkerton (Mrs Henry Burchard) ..Hillcrest Court, 

85903 Green, Frances Raysor (Mrs Edward Everett) .. 1414 St. Hope st, 

Los Angeles 
78210 Green, Mabel Leonard (Mrs Jacob Barton) Adams st, Riverside 

79092 Green, Mary Jane (Mrs W. A.) 478 Lake st, Los Angeles 

79093 Green, Rita Lydia (Miss) 478 Lake st, Los Angeles 

73841 Greenleaf, Emma M. (Mrs G. T.) Carroll Park, Long Beach 

79631 Gregory, Alice E. (Miss) 528 W. Vernon av, Los Angelas 

71054 Gregory, Lillian Belle (Mrs Silas Barber) .. 1422 Bonita av, Berkeley 

3294 Gridley, Mary Howard (Mrs James Conger) Glendale 

82371 Griffith, Bertha Ingersoll (Mrs Plynn A.)..12B Orange av, Hollywood 

56836 Griffith, Florence Pier (Mrs Thomas R.)..5 Aurora Drive, Riverside 

58633 Griffiths, Elizabeth R. (Mrs H. H.) 125 E. Vine st, Stockton 

83301 Griswold, Sarah M. Woodcock (Mrs Hubbard) Corona 


72944 Gross, Alice Pease (Mrs Charles Hess) . .5th & Hope sts, Los Angeles 

87347 Grout, Edith Louise Fuller (Miss) 1250 Walnut st, Riverside 

75011 Grubb, Ada Lucretia (Mrs Frederick E.) 1361 Valencia st, Los 

42723 Gninsky, Martha Kate Powers (Mrs C. Ewald) .»2714 Steiner st, San 

52968 Gunnison, Minnie Brooks (Mrs Arvin Nye).. 728 Coronado st, Los 


78061 Hadden, Alice Harrell (Mrs) Upland 

78267 Hadley, Isabelle Tiffany (Mrs Marquis de Lafayette) . .3773 Piedmont 

av, Oakland 
33705 Hagemann, Bertha M. Dumser (Mrs Theodore).. 3 10 Chicago av, 

31066 Hair, Lilla Sturgeon (Mrs Benjamin W.) 499 Lemon st, Riverside 

58173 Hale, Julia Almeda (Mrs Frank Orrin) 368 3d av, San Francisco 

58175 Hall. Harriet Maria Woodruff (Mrs) 414 E. Valeria st, Santa 

72209 Hall, Minnie Kerfoot (Mrs Martin O.) R. F. D. 1, Box 48, San 

39825 Halloran, Adaline Kate Hobart (Mrs Joseph Francis) . .2736 Bancroft 

Way, Berkeley 
58640 Halloran, Helen LeV. Green (Mrs Arthur Hobart) .. 1872 Fell st, 

San Franciso 
25063 Halsey, Estelle Louise Hardy (Mrs William Carpenter) ..630 E. 24th 

st, Oakland 

51706 Halstead, May L. (Mrs William A.) 715 Scott st, San Francisco 

72831 Hamilton, Susan H. Newcomb (Mrs Wm. Wilson) 904 Security 

Bldg, Los Angeles 
87049 Hammack, Isabella Stewart (Mrs Daniel M.)..144 E. Avenue 55, 

Los Angeles 
56025 Hampton, Emma McAllister (Mrs Clark Baker) 936 Haroldway, 


73835 Hanck, Christina Margaret Hansen (Mrs Nathan) Alton 

79732 Hanks, Amy D. (Mrs) 1059 18th st, Oakland 

3584 Harbert, Irene B. (Mrs Edward A.) 1718 Alameda av, Alameda 

28155 Harbeson, Juliet Osenton (Mrs F. O. F.) . .2258 W. 24th st, Los Angeles 

42225 Harbeson, Mabel Brown Clarke (Mrs William G.) Los Angeles 

78441 Harding, Bessie Knox (Mrs George Briton) ... .225 W. E st, Ontario 
26726 Harding, Philippi H. B. (Mrs William Alfred) ... .213 S. Broadway, 

Los Angeles 

66769 Harlow, Annah Cummings (Mrs Edward H.) Point Richmond 

52416 Harmon, Lizzie Derby (Mrs Albion Keith Paris).. Cor. E. 14th st & 

28th av, Fruitvale 

59622 Harmon, Stella Fiske (Miss) 1738 Milvia st, Berkeley 

24617 Harriman, Helen M. (Mrs Henry A.). .537 E. Ocean av. Long Beach 
68743 Harrington, Perle Martha (Mrs Edward Brady) 1712 Grove st, 


72768 Harris, Edith Pauline (Miss) 2162 Clinton av, Alameda 

55544 Harris, Maude H. Rock (Mrs Isidore) Box 222, Mill Valley 

63393 Harrison, Yula Drury Bartholomew (Mrs Francis R.)..ll Noe st, 

San Francisco 
81864 Harshbarger, Sarah Emma Foster (Mrs Oswald Horatio) .. 1032 B st, 

San Francisco 
31965 Hart, Kate Steuben (Mrs Edmund P.).. 1589 Sacramento st, San 

76500 Hartwell, Cordelia Victoria (Mrs George Frederick) .. 1 100 Grand st, 


75556 Harwood, Aurelia Squier (Miss) Upland 

75133 Harwood, Catherine S. (Mrs) Upland 

46982 Hasty, Elisabeth Cooke (Miss) 1636 De Frees st, Los Angeles 

57637 Hatch. Cora (Miss) 485 Ellis st, Pasadena 

33990 Hawkins, Elmina Laudes (Mrs Eugene Alston, Jr.) . .601 Kingsley 

Drive, Los Angdes 


81654 Hawley, Alice Victoria (Mrs William Thomas).. 2227 W. ISth av, 
Los Angeles 

68528 Hayford, Abbie A. (Mrs William B.) 2433 Ward st, Berkeley 

68529 Hayford, Chariotte (Miss) 2433 Ward st, Berkeley 

68530 Hayford, Myrtle J. (Miss) 2433 Ward st, Berkeley 

69427 Haygooni, Ida Woodward (Mrs John B.) 1139 R st, Fresno 

76459 Haynes, Dorothy Fox (Miss) 2239 Grove st, Oakland 

82376 Haynes, Laura R. Griswold (Mrs H. Judson)..446 Sunset Beach, 

Santa Monica 
44507 Hazard, Carrie Jenkins (Mrs Harry Dustan)..1739 Hobart bd, Los 


58760 Heisz, Emily J. (M.D.) 113 South av. 66 Los Angeles 

80546 Henck, Lillia B. Keller (Mrs Ellery L.) 546 E. Jefferson st, Los 


45621 Henderson, Harriet Newell (Mrs H. C.) Santa Paula 

76196 Henderson, Mary Emma Cox (Mrs).. 231 S. Hartford av, Hollywood 

45622 Henderson, Maud Haines (Mrs Samuel) Santa Paula 

75734 Henderson, Sarah Caroline McClaughry (Mrs John) Ontario 

63913 Hendrick, Anna Ward (Mrs James Wesley) .. 1421 Alvarado Terrace. 

Los Angeles 
33110 Hendy, Ellen Overfield (Mrs George W.) 1908 Green st, San 

69775 Henry, Alice Marguerite (Miss) 1809 Euclid av, Berkeley 

76460 Henry, Emma Edson (Mrs James H.) San Jose 

75131 Herold, Manon A. (Mrs Oscar) Mill Vallev 

56086 Herrick, Martha Gist (Mrs R. F.) Loleta 

63388 Hewitt, Martha Elizabeth Hutchison (Mrs John Joseph).. 177 Orange 

st, Riverside 

6664 Hewlett, Cleora M. Whitney (Mrs Frederick) El Talcoa, Napa 

59109 Hickman, Phebe Cora (Miss) Park av, Tropico 

20060 Hilbish, Mary E. Atkins (Mrs William Keller).. 600 W. Vernon av, 

Los Angeles 

62543 Hill, Ilky Lawson ( Mrs) Lakeport 

76503 Hill. Iley Myrtle (Miss) 2909 Adeline st, Berkeley 

81863 Hill, Jane Elizabeth (Miss) 2428 Ellsworth st, Berkeley 

77100 Hilliker, Lulu Hoover (Mrs Lyn Lamb) Redlands 

17443 Hills, Abigail (Mrs Lathrop L.) 655 N. Fair Oaks av, Pasadena 

39441 Hillyard, Susan Aseneth (Mrs Minor) 1320 Castro st, Oakland 

23331 Hillyer, Alice (Miss) 145 3d av, San Francisco 

48297 Hindes, Saretta Barrett (Mrs Stetson P.).. 523 Monadnock Bldg, 

San Francisco 
54338 Hinkle, Frances Morrison (Mrs Peter Andrew) .. Krowsnest Apts, 

Long Beach 

83017 Hizar, Katherine Welborn (Mrs) 1135 Loma av, Coronado 

31376 Hoadley, Josephine (Miss) 4033 University pi, San Diego 

6442 Hoag, Maude A. Smith (Mrs Charles C.)..Cor. Hagar & Pacific avs. 


42719 Hobbs, Eugenia L. (Miss) Claremont 

34029 Hodgkins, May Louise Budd (Mrs Francis) 1244 N. Hunter st, 


22181 Hogarty, Sarah Ann (Mrs M. J.) San Diego 

55541 Hogue, Martha Bradley (Mrs L. B.) Santa Paula 

39181 Holder, Jessie Preston Codding (Mrs James Warren) . .1200 W. 37th 

st, Los Angeles 

6450 Holman, Caroline D. (Mrs Alfred D.) Cloyne Court, Berkeley 

51704 Holmes, Adah Bragg (Mrs Henry Edmund).. 209 Castro st, San 


38038 Holmes, Grace D. (Miss) 1461 W. 22d st, Los Angeles 

59172 Holmes, Selina Patten (Mrs Raymond) 1775 Grove st, Oakland 

79397 Hoopes, Pauline Ella (Mrs) 125 S. Gower st, Hollywood 

34683 Hopkins, Jennie Etta Gould (Mrs George) 138 N. Catalina av, 

12477 Hopkins, Mary Kellogg Crittenden (Mrs Timothy) Menlo Park 


37670 Hord, Pamelia Dana Johnston (Mrs Charles N.)..1217 Monterey 

rd» S. Pasadena 
960 Horsburgh, L. E. A. (Mrs D. W.)--290l Divesadero st, San Francisco 
43170 Hough, Nancy Maria Douglass (Mrs Wm. Washington) . .2300 Lon- 
don St, Los Angeles 

5701 Houghton, Clara Helen (Miss) 311 Trust Bldg. Los Angeles 

5713 Houghton, Eliza Poore (Miss) 311 Trust Bldg, Los Angeles 

8652 Houghton, Eliza Poore (Mrs Sherman Otis) 311 Trust Bldg, Los 


34943 Howard, Caroline Mae (Miss) 1542 Orange st, Los Angeles 

36874 Howard, Clara (Mrs Edward Bancroft) Riverside 

41691 Howard, Emma L. (Mrs Horace Z.)..3739 Clay st, San Francisto 

51701 Howard, Mabel Consuelo (Miss) 3739 Clay st, San Francisco 

51314 Howard, Mabel Elizabeth (Mrs Frank Wallace) ..2111 Virginia st, 

€6093 Howe, Gertrude Bennett (Mrs Frank A.).. 535 Chestnut av, Long 

38181 Howell, Helen Moore (Mrs Charles Frederick) . .3818 Rosewood av, 

Los Angeles 
63390 Howes, Clara F. (Mrs Felix C.)..2920 S. Figueroa st, Los Angeles 
44160 Howes, Helen Monroe Dodge (Mrs E. Thatcher) . .3019 Jackson st, 

San Francisco 

24893 Hoxett, Caroline Amelia Brooks (Mrs Thomas) Gilroy 

32626 Hoyt. Ida Strader Wise (Mrs John Wilson) Hotel Normandie, 

San Francisco 

3953 Hovt, May Underbill (Miss) 1915 Sacramento st, San Francisco 

38921 Hubbard, Elvira Mather Barclay (Mrs Robert Morris). .1065 4th st, 

San Diego 
635 Hubbard, Sarah Isabelle (Mrs Adolphus S.) 565 4th av, San 


53903 Hubbv, Ella French (Miss) 125 Grand av, Pasadena 

54887 Piubeft, Lily G. Goodall (Mrs Philip Gen gembre) . .2144 Hobart bd, 

Los Angeles 

85958 Hull. Cora D. (Miss).... 911 Western av, Los Angeles 

859r34 Humphreys, Constance (Miss) R. F". D. 2-21, Foxhoni, Pomona 

8659J^ IhNr.ATF. PiioEnE Lkmox (Mrs James De Pau\v)..1145 Orange st. 

55()58 Hunt, Adelaide Junipher (Mrs John Standish) 1204 3d st, Santa 


732</*9 Hunt, Alice Orne (Miss) 2166 Clinton av, Alameda 

80235 Hunt, Elizabeth Florence (Mrs James Marion) 1625 Euclid av, 



83J2 Hurlburt, Orrilla E. (Miss) 333 Waverlv av, Palo Alto 

8S98 Hunt, Sarah Tebbs Pepper (Mrs Leon H.) . . . .203 W. 3d st, Glendale 

82943 Huso, Bertha A. (Mrs Curtis F.) 891 Lorust st. Riverside 

14^/1) Hn^c. Helen Clement (Mrs Frederick Josiah) . .417 S. Boylston st. 

Lo«, Angeles 
69767 Hntchings. Allis Hardenberg Miller (Mrs) . .Glen wood Mission Inn, 


73058 Hyatt, Emma Neer Cadwallader (Mrs John W.) Greenwood 

76702 Hyde. Hazel (Miss) Los Angeles 

31630 Hynson, Eliza Piper Barndollar (Mrs Nathan Dushane). .Redlands 
59110 Imler, Catharine Adelaide Hickman (Mrs David Dewey).. Park av, 


6fn26 Ingersoll, Maude (Miss) 1204 Pine st, S. Pasadena 

27105 Iredell. Elizabeth Hyde (Mrs C. F.)..r'37 W. Ocean av. Long Beach 

75735 Jackson, Ellen Eliza Brown (Mrs) Upland 

52753 Jackson, Evelyn Jordan (Mrs J. M.) 2675 Leis st. Oakland 

6667 Jackson, Gertrude M. Church (Mrs Charles S.). .2827 Broderick st, 

San Francisco 

Hunter, Edyth M. Hale (Mrs Thomas D.).... Monterey 

Huntington, Cora Parker (Mrs Benjamin) . .15,35 Ramona av. S.. 



32359 Jackson, Mary Leila (Mrs Byron).. 2016 Vallejo st, San Francisco 

33628 James, Edna Orr (Mrs) 1018 N. Monroe st, Stockton 

46063 Jamieson, Anna C. Jones (Mrs Andrew) .. Altadena, R. F. D. No. 1, 

55059 Jamieson, Mary Morgan (Mrs Alan Muir)..1328 4th st, Santa 

83465 Janke, Elvira (Mrs Walter Ernest). .517 Fillmore st, San Francisco 

86173 Jennison, Ellen Mills (Mrs John Egbert) 2969 5th st, San Diego 

86330 Jewell, Harriet Marsh (Mrs Walter) 3740 5th st, San Diego 

86494 Jewell, Ida May (Miss) 398 34th st, Oakland 

35870 Johnson, Blanche Miller Beach (Mrs Stanley) Berkeley 

45643 Johnson, Emeline Stanley (Mrs James W.) 912 Westlake av, 

Los Angeles 
63915 Johnson, Emma Louise (Mrs Zara Warner).. 160 Columbia av, 

82944 Johnson, Irene La Rue (Mrs William Arthur).. 992 2d st. River- 
87045 Johnson, Mabel Logue (Mrs Walter Edson) 1516 Meta st, 

85202 Johnson, Mary L. Woodbridge (Mrs William Thomas).. Wine ville 

53194 Johnston, Belle (Miss) 1217 Monterey rd, S. Pasadena 

34513 Johnston, Mary Ellen Schutter (Mrs Frank Evan).. P. O. Box 

2535, San Francisco 
43197 Johnston, Sarah Louise (Miss) ..c/o N. Y. Central R. R., 216 W. 

4th st, Los Angeles 
56080 Jones, Adelaide Sylvania Farnum (Mrs Thomas John) Iron 

Mountain (via Keswick) 

58642 Jones, Edith Helen Lloyd (Miss) 3681 21st st, San Francisco 

1663 Jones, Elizabeth M. (Miss).. 1820 Washington st, San Francisco 

69777 Jones, Grace White Smith (Mrs David Rhys) 2241 Parker st, 

60191 Jones, Jessie Albertine Roper (Mrs L. E.)..656 N. Raymond av, 


53515 Jones, L. Pearl (Mrs William H.) Box K, Tulare 

9443 Jones, Margaret J. (Miss).. 1820 Washington st, San Francisco 
56079 Jones, Maud E. Bell (Mrs Edgar Axton) 1402 Le Roy av, 

76501 Jordan, Blanche Hartwell (Mrs Peter Albion). .1100 Grand st, 


58643 Jordan, Constance Matilda (Miss) Livermore 

69778 Jordan, Dora M. (Mrs Frank E) 1930 Home st, Berkeley 

19030 Jordan, Jessie Knight (Mrs D. S.) Carmel 

56077 Jordan, Katherine Floride Anderson (Mrs King Buchanan) . .Santa 


12478 Josephi, Eva Augusta (Miss) 3810 Sacramento st, San Francisco 

45234 Joy, Ernestine Ricker Todd (Mrs Ray) Santa Paula 

53061 Joy, Flora Anna Wheeler (Mrs Olin C.) Santa Paula 

39630 Juenemann, Ruby Evelyn Ireland (Mrs George F.)..Fort Mc- 
Dowell, Angel Island 

44162 Jungerman, .Sadie M. (Mrs Edward) Hilarita 

70919 Kanouse, Mary Ella (Mrs Theodore D.) Monrovia 

50193 Karsner, Minerva Brown (Mrs James H. M.) Oroville 

43073 Kaske, Georgia Sloan (Mrs Arthur K. W.)....P. O. Box 647, Los 

27966 Keefer, Cara Isabel Henshaw (Mrs James Renwick).597 Newton av. 

East Oakland 
82195 Keith, Katherine Austin (Miss) Santa Barbara 

79435 Keller, Grace (Miss) Monrovia 

79436 Keller, Luella (Miss) Monrovia 

49812 Keller, May Parmenter (Mrs Harry Walter) . .2027 Richmond bd, 

32769 Kellogg. Anita Flint (Mrs Charles) 1253 Grove st, Oakland 


72293 Kelloggi May Aurelia Chamberlain (Mrs Florentine Leslie) .. 1715 
Aanacapa st, Santa Barbara 

22476 Kendall, Flora Caroline (Miss) Palo Alto 

9709 Kendall, Susan H. Kimball (Mrs Edgar I.).. 3553 6th st, San Diego 

59620 Kennison, Lucetta Rhoades (Mrs J. F.) 1267 Brush st, Oakland 

12944 Kerr, Eva Livingston (Miss) 1103 Monterey rd, South Pasadena 

12945 Kerr, Gertrude Livingston (Miss) ..1103 Monterey rd, South Pasadena 

12943 Kerr, Hallie Moore (Miss) 1103 Monterey rd. South Pasadena 

15382 Kerr, Kate Shepard (Mrs Mark Brickell) 2421 Prospect st, 

37766 Kett, Laura Billings Temple (Mrs Harry Francis) .46 EI Camino Real,. 

Claremont Park, Berkeley 
22185 Kett, Mary Thompson Tuttle (Mrs William Francis) . .46 El Camino 

Real, Claremont Park, Berkeley 

70271 Kidder, Lillian Jane Farmer (Mrs Frank Edward).. 423 Monterey st,. 


70272 Kidder, Marian Munro (Miss) 423 Monterey st, Alhambra 

37712 Kidder, Mary (Miss) 2255 Broadway, San Francisco 

80551 Kimball, Julia F. Rogers (Mrs M. G.)..5165^ S. Hill st, Portsmouth 

Hotel, Los Angeles 

28403 Kimball, Laura C. (Miss) San Diego 

55546 Kimball, Sarah Louise (Miss) 161 Addison av, Palo Alto 

25587 Kinkead, Anna Skinner (Mrs John Spottswood) 2534 Etna st, 


8081 Kinney, ^largaret Thornton (Mrs Abbott) Lamanda 

25054 Kittle, Martha Scott (Mrs Nicholas Gosman) ..2525 Steiner st, San 

25065 Kittredge, Martha Shall Kirk (Mrs Ashbel Smith) . .66 S. Priest st, 

San Jose 

56833 Knight, Elizabeth L. (Miss) 1730 Garden st, Santa Barbara 

28009 Knight, Frances H. (Mrs George Alexander) 2128 Van Ness av, 

San Francisco 
82370 Knight. Helen Gray (Mrs Robert Brittain) . .137 E. North st, Stockton 

72769 Knowland, Lucy B. (Miss) 1547 Everett st, Alameda 

39628 Knudsen, Olive Hale (Mrs N. L.) Sonoma 

9348 Kreamer, Mary Farnsworth (Mrs Frederick) . .2450 Front st, San 


13869 Krebs, Abbie E. (Mrs Henry, Jr.) Kohl Bldg, San Francisco 

69650 Kreisher, Elizabeth Laura ( Miss) Simi 

73561 Kreisher, Ida M. Eastburn (Mrs D. A.) Simi 

25640 Kutz, Catherine Makee Harris (Mrs George) . .442 Orange st, Oakland 

73202 La Force, Jessie Eliza (Miss) Monrovia 

21979 La Force, Mary Black (Mrs James W.) Monrovia 

77745 La Grange, Lorena M. Barnes (Mrs Fayette Moses) 133 Angelica st, 


84027 Lahann, Minnie Rankin (Mrs Andrew R.) Visalia 

31104 Laird, Caroline Lydia Kelley (Mrs Frederick Jewell) . .2431 College 

av Berkeley 
31226 Lake,* Helen L. (Mrs Frederick Billings) 2517 Broadway, San 


51687 Lamb, Ellen Augusta (Miss) 1929 Ocean View av, Los Angeles 

71058 Lamb, Emma Gordon (Mrs Hamilton Hanson). .1249 Magnolia av, 

Los Angeles 
83550 Lamb, Evelyn Hemming (Mrs Thomas Benton).. 6th & Ivy sts, San 


20238 Lambert, Ellen Louisa Rowell (Mrs William) Riverside 

60959 Lammc, Alice B. (Mrs Chester E.) Santa Anna 

81566 Landis, Martha L. Coan (Mrs) Orange Vale, Folsom 

39827 Lane, Anna Garrard (Mrs Charles David) 3102 Clay st, San 


76658 Lane, Ella Lane (Mrs John B.) 900 E. Adams st, Los Angeles 

73839 Lane, Ida B. (Mrs Percy A.) 1231 Forest av, Hollywood 

82374 Lane, Rose Helen (Miss) 408 Belden st, Monterey 

38776 Langford, Frances Helen (Mrs Robert J.) 66 S. 6th st, San Jose 

61704 La Rue, Sophronia Alice (Miss) 294 Riverside av. Riverside 


71053 Lawrence, Alberta (Mrs Charles L.)..99 N. El Molino av, Pasadena 
16954 Lawrence, Mary Sidle (Mrs James Wetherby) . . 156 N. Spring st, 

Los Angeles 
43828 Lawrence, Mary V. Tingley (Mrs).. 1034 Vallejo st, San Francisco 
14496 Lawton, Henrietta Z. W. Ellis (^frs) The Kenilworth, San Fran- 
85213 Leach, Laura E. Harvey (Mrs William) .. 1525 10th av, E. Oakland 

67575 Leach, Margaret (Mrs) 1201 W. 35th st. Los Angeles 

70918 Leal, Sophia Nott (Miss) 451 W. 14th st. Riverside 

67913 Lean, Louese Gerichs (Mrs William C.) 345 N. 3d st, San Jose 

85206 Lee, Helena Farrar (Mrs Bradner Wells).. 1105 S. Hope st, Los 

6429 Lee, Josephine Mason Moir (Mrs Henry T.) . .414 W. Adams st, Los 


69582 Lee, Zada Wheeler (Mrs William J. B.) Sausalito 

63577 Leeman, Edith Virginia (Mrs Clarence Manly) . .443 4th st, Redlands 

85957 Leffler, Josephine Florence (Miss) 321 W. Flora st, Stockton 

10865 Leib, Lida Campbell Grissim (Mrs Samuel F.)..The Alameda, San 

51689 Leistner, Florence J. Ashley (Mrs George W.) 1307 N. Hunter st, 


40735 Leonard, Nellie Hoskins (Mrs Lisle Gary) 889 61st st, Oakland 

61294 Lesley, Lillian Gertrude Vincent (Mrs Everett Parker).. 471 Melville 

av, Palo Alto 
69770 Levitt, May Newton (Mrs Arthur Fayette) ..1501 Fremont av, S. 


79229 Lewis, Alice Bradbury (Mrs) 1506 W. 8th st. Riverside 

25056 Lewis, Anna Kittle Heathcote (Mrs Allen).. 2525 Steiner st, San 


56963 Lewis, Clara McMurry (Miss) Box 162, Venice 

45232 Lewis, Ella Ricker ( Mrs Dozier ) El Rio 

8403 Lewis, Katharine S. (Mrs George F.) Palo Alto 

51696 Lewis. Lucy T. Wetmore (Mrs Charles S.) 716 20th st, Oakland 

67065 Lincoln, Enfield Stogdale (Mrs Gatewood Sanders) Mare Island 

55543 Lindsey, Ethel Grahame Emery (Mrs Philip Sidney).. The Fra, S. 

Hope st, Los Angeles 

6130 Linsley, Sarah Selden (Mrs Thomas H.) 2634 Haste st, Berkeley 

28926 Lippincott, Nellie Stephens (Mrs Charles Howard) Hollywood 

74673 Lockwood, Isabel Ingersoll (Mrs Hanford Nichols) 230 Palmetto 

Drive, Pasadena 
80547 Logan, Annie O'Dell (Mrs Herbert H.) 630 Westlake av, Los 

84366 Longwell, Martha Agnew (Miss).. The Burlington Apts, Los Angeles 
34858 Lord, Mary Hussey (Mrs George Washington Taylor).. 181 S. Madi- 
son av, Pasadena 
47045 Lord, Minnie Eleanor (Mrs C. E.) ..c/o A. IT. Keys, 1126 Angelina ?t, 

Los Angeles 
78965 Louderback, Caroline Knapp (Mrs John Douglas) . .1382 Webster st, 


23639 Love, Harriet Morgan (Mrs Thomas) Riverside 

59246 LovELAND, Frances Bush (Mrs") Buckeye, Shasta Co. 

15022 Lovett, Louie Craig (Mrs Wm. W^atson) Los Angeles 

14676 Low Mary S. (Mrs Joel B.) 1793 McAllister st, San Francisco 

42720 Lowrie, Agnes Marian Rockwood (Mrs William, Jr.) 2564 Mission 

st San Francisco 

58638 Luce,' Ethel A. Coy (Mrs H. S.) Occidental City 

45863 Lyman, Alice Wood (Mrs C W.) 3544 B st, San Diego 

70459 Lynch, Mary Fowler (Mrs John Conant) 1848 University av, Berkeley 

69423 Lynip, Mary Hull (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) Alturas 

34031 Lyons, Ada Huggins (Mrs William Herbert) 305 E. Flora st, 


67445 McCann, Lucy Underwood (Mrs Ferdinand J.) Dutch Flat 

25058 McClure, Ma-garet Matilda (Miss) 1123 Leavenworth st, San 



84976 McComb, Frances Truesdale (Miss).. 215 W. av, 52, Los Angeles 
84975 McComb, Rebecca Jane Moore (Mrs Ezra James).. 215 W. av, 52,. 

Los Angeles 

86372 McDermott, Lulu Selkrig (Mrs Bernard) Riverside 

45623 McDivitt, Edith M. Haines (Mrs Frank P.) Santa Paula 

72288 McFarland, Hope Smith (Mrs) Sespe 

38241 McFarland, Olive K. Hornbrook (Mrs F.) Stanford University^ 

Palo Alto 
44886 McGavren, Mabel Connelly (Mrs Charles William) . .40 Worcester 

av, Pasadena 
40173 McGaw, Blanche Evelyn Baldwin (Mrs John).. 1010 Green st, San 


3015 McGee. Anita Newcomb (Mrs W J) 2738 Parker st, Berkeley 

52296 McGee, Mary Ina Prohl (Mrs B. M.) 518 Herkimer st. Pasadena 

52204 McKecver, Pearl Hanlon (Mrs Clarkson H.)..634 W. 43d pi, Los 

65276 McKesson, Esther Patch Reed (Mrs Robert F.)..l204 Lombard st^ 

San Francisco 
53568 McKevett, Alice Stowell (Mrs Charles Henry).. 2678 Mento av, Los 

42816 McKibben. Rebecca CoUett (Mrs William K.)..216 N. Madison av, 

14684 McKittrick, Mary S. (Mrs William H.) Bakersfield 

52423 McLeod, Clara Evans (Miss) Berkeley 

42721 McLeod, Harriet Fitch Farrand (Mrs William Wallace) . .403 S. Gar- 
field st, Alhambra 

34469 McMullin, Eliza F. (Mrs John) Fairmount Hotel, San Francisco 

69070 McNaughton, Ahce Boutelle (Mrs Ewan A.) Masonic 

18138 McQuiston, Catharine M. (Mrs Henry) 655 N. Fair Oaks av, 

26616 Mabie, Sarah Adelaide (Miss) Nordhoff 

61167 Macfarlane, Elizabeth Adams (Mrs Guy O.) 581 59th st, Oakland 

59107 MacGregor, Ruth J. (Mrs John Frederick) . .401 Lemon st, Riverside 

59621 Maclise, Clara Deming (Mrs James) 383 Vernon st, Oakland 

33474 MacNee, Jennie Garrison (Mrs P. Smeallie) 418 Pine av. Long Beach 

45230 Macomber, Esther Cynthia (Miss) 453 N. 3d st, San Jose 

74149 MacRae, Lillian M. (Mrs George Norman) . .1518 Benton st, Alameda 

1517 Maddox, Virginia Knox (Mrs Cabell) 346 N. 1st st, San Jose 

75555 Magee, Maud Goodell (Mrs) 866 Green st, San Francisco 

71700 Magill, Helen G. (Miss) 663 E. Colorado st, Pasadena 

76825 Maginnis, Harriet Steele (Mrs John) 1540 Hawthorne Terrace, 


40961 Majors, Cora Cazncau (Mrs Green) 2004 Clinton av, Alameda 

79312 Maney, Josephine Mason (Miss) Oceanpark 

65746 Marble, Elizabeth Dana (Miss) 3210 Figueroa st, Los Angeles 

66089 Marble, Jean Dickinson (Mrs William Carey).. 710 W. 27th st, Los 

44830 Marble, Miriam Maclarcn (Mrs John Emerson) . .1313 Garfield av, 

S. Pasadena 

73840 Marks, Inez J. B. (Mrs William) 1601 Lake st, San Francisco 

71055 Marsh, Florence Best (Mrs C. H.) Monrovia 

23755 Marsh, Harriette A. (Mrs Rufus J.).. 2128 Reservoir st. Los Angeles 
73205 Marston, Adelaide Page (Mrs Erastus Wheeler) . .1391 Webster st, 


59112 Martin, Lannie Haynes (Mrs Frank Grant) Altadena 

40177 Martin, Mildred Emily W. Walker (Mrs William Purnell)..R. F. D. 

196, Inglcwood 
56830 Martin, Sylvia Chapman (Mrs Henry John) 738 Union av, Los 

46066 Martindale, Ella Wasscmer (Mrs John Howard),. 636 Lucas av, Los 


82784 Mason, Anna (Miss) 2364 Vallcjo st, San Francisco 

60919 Mason, Dora Reno (Mrs O. H. L.) 621 Locust av, Long Beach 


73834 Mason, Edith M. Chandler (Mrs Arvid)..Thc Oneida, Apt 1, Cor. 

22d & Telegraph av, Oakland 
2789 Mason, Frances Kingsbury (Mrs Edwin C.) . .254 N. El Molono av, 


51725 Maxwell, Mary Wilson (Miss) 666 Coronado st, Los Angeles 

37518 Maxwell, Nellie Abbott (Mrs Henry M.) Piedmont, Oakland 

85204 May, Maud ( Miss) Carmel by the Sea 

81417 May, Rosaltha Olds (Miss) La Jolla 

26618 Mayhew, Carolyn Lawrence Griswold (Mrs Frederick Stone) Fruitvale 
58634 Maynard, Adele Merlin Lusson (Mrs Blaney Easterby). .593 S. 6th 

st, San Jose 

9948 Maynard, Elizabeth McLean (Miss) 310 S. Sota st, Los Angles 

56412 Mehlin, Fannie Burch (Mrs Charles J.) 2427 5th st, San Diego 

61629 Melville, Barbara A. Shreve (Mrs Andrew) Willits 

68435 Mercer, Edith Adele Woodsum (Mrs George C.)..427 Webster st, 

Palo Alto 
33352 Meriam, Annie Lund (Mrs Morrison Ellsworth) ..53 Rio Chico Way, 


85208 Merrill, Agnes Adams (Miss) 435 W. av, 51, Los Angeles 

79437 Merrill, Frances E. (Mrs Albert E.)..659 Franklin av, Hollywood 
85207 Merrill, Sara A. (Mrs Charles Durkec)..435 W. av, 51, Los Angeles 

51987 Merritt, Katharine B. (Miss) 658 N. Park av, Pomona 

65096 Mersereau, Irene (Miss) 449 N. Madison av, Pasadena 

9684 Mersereau, Nellie M. Colman (Mrs John D.) . .449 N. Madison av, 

72767 Merwin, Euna Goodwin Haskell (Mrs Charles Wallace) ..691 37th 

st, Oakland 
24489 Merwin, Gertrude H. Winslow (Mrs Edwin A.) Harvard School, 

Los Angeles 
50198 Metcalf, Frances Lauriat Chamberlain (Mrs Winfield Bradbury) 

Santa Barbara 
51116 Middlecoff, Eliza Fitch Hubbard (Mrs Walter Whitfield) . .955 S. 

Alvarado st, Los Angeles 
29103 Milbank, Frances Barnes Blake (Mrs Nichols) . .615 Coronado st, 

Los Angeles 
39826 Miller, Emily Lake (Mrs William C.) 1920 Sacramento st, San 

34032 Miller, Mamie E. Huggins (Mrs Delmar James) . .219 W. Acacia st, 

66092 Miller, Myra Hunt Kingman (Mrs George Alonzo)..244 E. 3d st, 

Long Beach 
28320 Mills, Elizabeth Haswell (Mrs William Harrison). .115 Presidio av, 

San Francisco 
23618 Mills, Flora A. Wenban (Mrs William Ogden)..1263 Pine st, San 

24494 Mills, Susan Lincoln (Mrs C. T.).. Mills College, Seminary Park 
63395 Milne, Florence Burnham (Mrs William McKenzie). .1504 El Centro 

st S Pascidena 

79733 Milns, Cornelia Kendall (Mrs) Ontario 

77005 Minor, Josephine Chittenden (Mrs Ralph S.) 2745 Parker st, 

48290 Mitchell, Addie De B. (Mrs George H.)..951 Orange st, Los Angeles 
85196 Mitchell, Anne Templeton (Mrs Henry St. John) . .1545 W. 8th st, Los 

83005 Mitchell, Charlotte Jane Whiteman (Mrs Alexander James) 614 

Oxford bd, Los Angeles 
68580 Mitchell. Mary Scott (Mrs Randolph) . .58 Aurora Drive, Riverside 

3346 Monk, Lillian (Mrs E. H.) 613 S. Flower st, Los Angeles 

65012 Monnette, Carrie Lucile Janeway (Mrs Orra Eugene) ..3103 Wilshire 

bd, Los Angeles 
64493 Monnette, Olive Adelaide Hull (Mrs Mervin Jeremiah) . .911 Western 

av, Los Angeles 


41164 Montague, Alice Basnett Manning (Mrs Henry Bradford) 2613 

Union st, San Francisco 

25577 Moody, Helen Eliot (Mrs G. C.) 1014 Beacon st, Los Angeles 

1599 Moore, Florence C. (Mrs Alfred S.) Haywards 

17611 Moore, Nellie Delight Townsend (Mrs Nathan) Healdsburg 

27840 Moore, Phebe R. Andrews (Mrs Thomas L.)..321 Loma Drive, Los 

6981 Moores, Mary Brier (Mrs Charles W.)..2445 Greenwich st, San 

60731 Morgan, Charlotte Elizabeth Bodwell (Mrs Ross).. 2308 Woolsey st, 

81492 Morgan, Eloise Jane Shechan (Mrs Franklin Llewellyn) . .926 W. 

12th st, Los Angeles 
87346 Morgan, Jessie Partridge (Mrs James W.) . .135 Wilcox av, Hollywood 

58170 Morgan. Mary (Mrs John C.) ^. 126 9th st, Oakland 

69216 Morgan. Sarah Alice (Mrs) Oakland 

85934 Morrow, Ellen Aldrich (Mrs Josiah) 139 East av 52, Los Angeles 

(fif779 Morrow, Nancy J. (Mrs George P.) 2533 Etna st. Berkeley 

65757 Morse, Mary Walker Eastman (Mrs Fremont). .1691 Bush st, San 

12527 Moseley, Sarah Emma Clark (Miss) Guirnalda Hotel, Pasadena 

86332 Mott, Blanche Evelyn (Miss) 1425 31st st, San Diego 

86333 Mott, Orra (Miss) 1425 31st st, San Diego 

76826 Mouat, Emilie Maginnis (Mrs Laurence, Jr.).. 1540 Hawthorne Ter, 

75012 Moulton, Harriet Augusta Taylor (Mrs Granville Winthrop) . .230 N. 

Normandie av, Hollywood 
45534 Moulton. Mary Law Tyler (Mrs William P.).. 547 18th st, Oakland 
87048 Mumford, Elizabeth Meday (Mrs Samuel Reilly) . .623 Prospect av, 

South Pasadena 
75663 Munger. Jennette B. Wilson (Mrs Charles Wesley).. 435 N. 66th av, 

Los Angeles 

52164 Munro, Mary (Miss) Munrovia 

45976 Murgotten, Martha Kelley (Mrs Alexander Philip).. 42 N. 10th st, 

San Jose 

78268 Murphy. Viola Slemons (Mrs) 6003 Cherry st, Oakland 

60734 Muzzall, Lora Elizabeth (Mrs).. 208 W. Arrellaga st, Santa Barbara 

34556 Myers, Annie Gross (Mrs J. P.) Colusa 

33173 Nathan, Etta Wolfe (Mrs Samuel). .1222 W. 14th st, Los Angeles 
67446 Xazro, Joanna Underwood (Mrs Charles A.) .1018 Shrader st, 

San Francisco 

45300 Needham, Eva S. Farrow (Mrs W. B.) Los Angeles 

73300 Nccl. Sarah Risher (Mrs James B.).. •16 Aurora Drive, Riverside 

73842 Newcomb. Williamette Ames (Mrs Richard L.) Dulzura 

21850 Newell, Maryella Edith (Miss) Oakland 

14696 Ncwhall, Virginia Whiting (Mrs Edwin White).. 2950 Pacific av, 

San Francisco 
48295 Newsom, Adelaide Perry (Mrs John Flcsher) Stanford Uni- 

60266 Newton, Grace Beidler (Mrs Francis E.) Exeter 

55169 Ncxsen. Anne Waldron (Miss) 201 Hartford av, San Francisco 

76659 Nice, Florence Lane (Mrs) 900 E. Adams st. Los Angeles 

9798 Nichols, Fannie Elizabeth Hodge (Mrs Charles C) Giendale 

82^1 Nichols, Viola Beatrice (Miss) 150 N. El Molinc av, Pasadena 

33629 Nicol. Adelaide Louise (Mrs Frank D.) 1045 N Madison st, 


45624 NidcflFcr, Eva Ricker (Mrs Jacob) West Saticoy 

53518 Nimmo, Angeline Coon (Mrs Charles Alexander). .109 6th st, Los 


76197 Noble, Mary Dunham (Miss) 119*N. Westeri' av, Hollvwood 

76198 Noble, Nellie Wood (Miss) 119 N. Western av, Hollywood 

26960 Nobles. Charlotte Elizabeth Wolcott (Mrs Newton David).. 684 

S. El Molino av, Pasadena 


58464 Nobles, Una Wolcott (Miss) 684 S. El Molino av, Pasadena 

66928 Norcross, Ruth Bettersworth (Mrs Hiram Flemin?)..2707 Ray- 
mond av, Los Angeles 

72291 Northup, Harriett Gibbs (Mrs Eugene D.) Duarte 

19610 Nusbaumer, Florence Adcle P. (Mrs George Loui*?^ 1353 

Broadway, Oakland 

58644 Nutting, Florence Marion (Miss) 1837 Hayes st, San Francisco 

54592 Nye, Josephine Virginia (Miss) 2130 Sutter st, San Francisco 

54593 Nye, Mary Bethia (Miss) 2130 Sutter st. San Francisco 

44644 Nye, Nora Peck (Mrs Reuben Linnell) 1025 W. 2Sth st, Los 


42122 Oakley, Minnie Myrtle (Miss) Los Angeles 

71880 Ocheltree, Cora Rebecca Burdon McKnight (Mrs Arthur Robinson) 

95 Whittier pi. Riverside 

1844 O'Fallon, Anna M. (Mrs James J.) 1243 Ocean av, Santa Monica 

85959 Oliver, Emma Gage (Mrs Francis Bruce). .. .1064 10th st, Oakland 

83852 Oliver, Irene Briggs (Mrs) 1020 N. Lincoln st, Los Angeles 

25690 Oliver, Kathryn Blair Wood (Mrs E. C) San Francisco 

35621 Orbison, Olive E. Jennings (Mrs James).. 3828 Sacramento st, San 

48292 Orr, Eliza Ann Jennings (Mrs James Wallace) ..2420 Gough st, San 

35117 Orr, Pamelia Ladd (Mrs Melvin Horace).. 344 S. Sutter st, Stockton 
84707 Osborn, Annie May Fox (Mrs Robert 0.)..1732 Harvard blvd, Los 


73646 Osborn, Elizabeth Cowles (Miss) 524 W. 6th st, Long Beach 

87447 Osborne, Geneva C. (Miss) 1027 23d st, San Diego 

32362 Osgood, Louise Murdock (Mrs Charles Parsons) ..2225 Gough st, 

San Francisco 
69045 Osgood, Minnie Caroline Blood (Mrs Charles Fred).. 1157 Franklin 

st, Oakland 
19040 Osgood. Nancy Adaline Knowles (Mrs Silas Richard) . .674 35th st,. 


58645 Ostroni, Carmel Mercedes (Miss) 2949 Steiner st, San Francisco 

73210 Otis, Lucretia Lockwood Mastick (Mrs Frank).. 1609 Santa Clara av, 

24493 Overacker, Deborah Monroe (Mrs Howard) . .Centcrville, Alameda Co. 
51703 Overton, Daisy Bell (Mrs Charles P.) 2408 Van Ness av, San 

33630 Owen, Sarah Bird Dorrance (Mrs Charles Edward). .1145 N. Com- 
merce st, Stockton 
14439 Paddack, Laura St. Clair (Mrs Charles Edgar).. 439 Magnolia av, 

Long Beach 

75132 Paige, Margaret (Mrs Frederick G. W.) 231 Niles av, Oakland 

44835 Painter, Caroline Allbright (Mrs Jerome B.) 2416 Union st, 

San Francisco 

3802 Pajeau, Mary L. (Mrs Joseph) The Burlington, Los Angeles 

63392 Palache, Kate Overacker (Mrs Thomas Hood).. 900 Eddy st, San 

37237 Palmer, Georgetta C Smith (Mrs Frederick S.)..2261 Vallejo st, Sau 

58305 Palmer, Sophia Brakeman (Miss).. Cor. Franklin & Tamarind sts, 


19423 Parker, Frances Tappan (Mrs Force) Venice 

41955 Parker, Jane Marsh (Mrs Geo. T.) Escondido 

65752 Parmley, Luella May (Mrs Arthur Lynn) 1132 Cedar av. Long 


14681 Patch, Susanne Ridgely (Miss) 2625 Baker st, San Francisco 

31227 Paxton, Ella R. (Mrs) 1439 Bush st, Los Angeles 

56825 Payton, Sophia Grace Plimpton (Mrs William Bruce) . .450 Orange st, 


52710 Peabody, Clara G. (Mrs O. H. T.) Euclid av & 5th st, Ontario 

54591 Peacock, Emma B. (Mrs John V.)..1819 Manhattan pi, Los Angeles 


16198 Pearson, Janet Holton (Mrs Frank Plummcr) . .956 New York av, 


a)190 Pease, Grace G. (Miss) 957 S. Hoover st, Los Angele* 

46627 Pcckham. Caroline W. Boomer (Mrs J. H.) 2287 W. 20th st^ 

Los Angeles 
36087 Pennoyer, Virginia Edmands (Mrs Albert Adams) .. Piedmont av, 


82850 Penoyar, Carrie Lamphear (Mrs Wedworth Clark) Igerna. 

56076 Pepper, Alice Neville Luke (Mrs Enoch).. 203 W. 3d st, Glendale 

8899 Pepper, Elizabeth Neville (Miss) 203 W. 3d st, Glendale 

66090 Percival, Olive (Miss) 906 Union Trust Bldg, Los Angeles 

19606 Perc>', Emma Washburn Clark (Mrs George W.) 318 Boulevard 

Terrace, Oakland 

66284 Perine, Eva Green (Mrs) Mill Valley 

39270 Perine, Lolita May (Miss) Mill Valley 

78385 Perkins, Florence Helen (Miss) 435 Oak st, San Francisco 

54064 Peters, Anna Da Pino (Miss) 1043 N. El Dorado st, Stockton 

33615 Peters, Anna Forman (Mrs J. D.)..1043 N. El Dorado st, Stockton 
60725 Peters, Cora Aevnam (Mrs William Lincoln) 908 10th st. 

457 Peters, Margaretta A. (Mrs Malcolm) 1446 4th st, Cor. Beach, Sar? 


71059 Petrie, Cara M. (Mrs James N.) Monrovia 

46554 Pettis, Cornelia Covert (Mrs Aubrey D.).. 545^4 S. Fremont av, Los 


42624 Pettit, Grace Bancroft (Mrs Charles D.) San Francisco 

66809 Pettit, Iva L. (Miss) 949 N. Fair Oaks av, Pasadena 

38345 Phelan, Louise Maria Putnam (Mrs William Seymour) . .853 19th st, 

85197 Phelps, Blanche Stroud (Mrs Arthur Stevens) .. 1353 Westlakc av, 

Los Angeles 

34015 Phelps, Rose M. Sternberg (Mrs) 1542 Ingraham st, Los Angeles 

33631 Phillips, Mary Hamilton (Mrs Thomas) 825 N. Madison st, 

81491 Phillips, Mary May (Mrs Horace Pease).. 2510 Woolsey st, Berkeley 

81190 Phillips, Nannie Pease (Mrs Horace) 2823 Forest av, Berkeley 

73211 Philpott, Harriet Whitney (Mrs Charles H.)..1309 Pearl st, Alameda 

83010 Pierce, Edna Olive (Miss) 325 Mulberry st, Riverside 

83011 Pierce, Mabel Young (Miss) 325 Mulberry st, Riverside 

28324 Pierce, Marion Percy Thurston (Mrs Henry) San Jose 

83012 Pierce, Mary Olive (Miss) 325 Mulberry st. Riverside 

23332 Pierce, Sophia Gleason (Mrs Ira) 1730 Jackson st, San Francisca 

23062 Pike, Frances Eva (Miss) 2289 W. 16th st, Los Angeles 

51186 Pillsbury, Anna Gainer (Mrs Henry L.)..641 Cedar av, Long Beach 
33627 Pitman, Mary Eraser (Mrs Edward P.).. 319 S. Center st, Stockton 
70323 Plaisted, Annie Louise (Mrs C. A.).... 1600 E. 25th st, Los Angeles 
43082 Plate, Elizabeth E. Groves (Mrs K. H.)..607 N. 1st st, San Jose 
78437 Piatt, Ursula Lydia (Mrs Benjamin) ... .1361 Franklin st. Oakland 

57645 Platts, Emma TefFt (Mrs Lewis A.) R. R. 2, Box 266, Long Beach 

69768 Plimpton, Helen Louise (Miss) 401 Lemon st, Riverside 

52424 Plimpton, Sophia Wood (Mrs Homer Allured) 401 Lemon st. 

70721 Plowman, Maude Bell (Mrs George Taylor) 4th & Hill sts, 

52422 Pond, Annie C. McLcod (Mrs Bert C) 184 E. Arlington av. 

51697 Pope. Willetta Bessie Nickerson (Mrs John G.) 857 19th st, 

27636 Porter, Alice Howard Packard (Mrs) 289 N. Los Robles av, 


52418 Porter, Maude McKnight Chapman (Mrs) 542 7th st, Riverside 

84371 Portcrfield, Avis Scott (Mrs E. N.) 1228 Grape st, San Diego 

27971 Posey, Georgianna (Miss) San Rafael 


34033 Post, Lucy Guadalupe (Miss) 105 E. Flora st, Stockton 

83467 Poston, Mary Winslow (Miss) 2523 Dwight Way, Berkeley 

70512 Pottenger, Adelaide Babbitt (Mrs Francis Marion) . .Pottenger Sat^i- 

torium, Monrovia 

61103 Potter, Abbie (Mrs William H.) 1434 W. 22d st. Los Angeles 

20709 Potter, Antoinette Arnold (Mrs Louis R.) 1417 E. 15th st, Los 


77427 Potter, Lillian Mabel (Mrs Lee I.) 1231 Forest av, Hollywood 

21377 Potter, Sarah Evans (Mrs Samuel O. L.) 70 Liberty st, San 

32830 Powell, Mary Augusta Hawley (Mrs Clinton Norton) . .Elks Grove 

73837 Powell, Maude Harriet (Miss) 1521 Broadway, Alameda 

31312 Powers, Pearl Wood Powers (Mrs) 341 Andrews blvd, Los 


86491 Pratt, Nita Gilkyson (Mrs Harry Noyes) 413 E. Pine st, Lodi 

43217 Price, Florence D. Turner (Mrs Simeon Taylor) . . 1384 Masonic av, 

San Francisco 

86982 Price, Idah Kier (Mrs Lvttleton) 1616 W. 25th st. Los Angeles 

80558 Price. Lola Francis Kennard (Mrs Edwin).. 323 N. 8th st. Grand 


66601 Proctor, Jessie Olive (Miss) 4409 Kingswell av, Los Angeles 

45626 Proctor, Olive Mary Foster (Mrs Henry) Santa Paula 

73204 Prudhon, Mary Louise Bronson (Mrs Edward) .. 1325 Woolsey av. 

San Francisco 
60192 Pruess, Edith Langstaff Terry (Mrs Kenneth) . .2326 Scarff st, Los 


60727 Purdon, Martha Fan (Mrs Harry) 1148 Magnolia av, Los Angeles 

60724 Purington, Eva Allen (Mrs William Ansel) 284 Orange st. 

42490 Putnam, Lucy E. C. Boorum (Mrs Osgoed). .3255 Pacific av, San 


71056 Rader, Caroline Best (Mrs H. E.) Box 373, Monrovia 

80416 RaifiF, Edith Jenness (Mrs Frank Major).. 1614 Western av, Los 

19026 Raisch, Emma Valentine Stealey (Mrs Albert J.).. 2210 Clay st, 

San Francisco 

36169 Rail, Pearl (Miss) Los Angeles 

80570 Ramsay, Martha Apperson (Mrs Oswald S.)..1807 W. Pico av, 

Los Angeles 
33171 Ramsey, Clarise Harris (Mrs William McCreery) .... Olivelands. 

Santa Paula 
21982 Rand, Lilian Cora (Mrs Charles W.)..2619 Wilshire blvd, Los 


75732 Rathbun. Lucy E. (Miss) 321 Leland Way, Hollywood 

80548 Ready, Martha Seward (Mrs William Seward).. R. F. D. No. 2, 

42738 Redding, Edith Elizabeth Patterson (Mrs Edwin Wright).. 634 S. 

Bonnie Brae st, Los Angeles 
27192 Reed. Adela M. (Mrs William E.)..1418 Malvern av, Los Angeles 
84000 Reed, Hannah Jane Kimball Barnes (Mrs Franklin Pierce) ..1134 

12th st, San Diego 

8294 Reed, Margaret E. Mooers (Mrs Charles Holmes) Monrovia 

70470 Reedy, Alma Brinkerhoff (Mrs Winfred Neil).. 2512 E. 23d st, 

70511 Reese, Minnie Bartley (Mrs William Kirke)..622 Shatto pi, Los 


28834 Reeves, Minnie (Miss) 241 Galena av, Pasadena 

69776 Reinhart, Aurelia Henry (Mrs George F.) 2434 Durant av, 


13012 Remick, Faith Eloise (Miss) 233 Orange st. Glendale 

29740 Rendall, Cecilia A. Barnes (Mrs Stephen Arnold).. 905 Alvarado 

st, Los Angeles 


75013 Rentnitz, Mabel Martin (Mrs Albert William) . .2769 W. 8th st, 

Los Angeles 

46978 Resor, Alice Mariam (Miss) 621 S. 6th st, San Jose 

24469 Reton, Marion Claflin (Mrs Niels E.)..4557 University blvd, San 

53018 Reynolds, Elizabeth Crawford Painter (Mrs).. 2372 1st st, San 


.72770 Rhoades, Marion (Miss) 2141 San Jose av, Alameda 

25068 Rhodes. Charlotte Ann Barron (Mrs William A.).. 562 24th st, 

17952 Rice, Amy J. K. French (Mrs A. W.) .. Honolulu, H. I.; 1623 Le 

Roy av, Berkeley 
^588 Rice. Eva Eastman (Mrs J. Willard) . .1314 Redwood st, San Diego 

64273 Richards, Helene Miriam (Miss) 2067 4th st, San Diego 

36608 Richardson. Caroline Sarah (Miss) ..1012 Telegraph av, Oakland 

^2945 Richmond, Maude E. (Miss) 637 Lime st. Riverside 

2SW84 Richter, Louise M., M. D. (Miss) 113 South Avenue 66, Los 


45231 Ricker, Etta Lilletta (Miss) Santa Paula 

60662 Ricrson, Susan Virginia Ward (Mrs William Covington) 416 

S. Bonnie Brae st, Los Angeles 

32239 Rike, Salome Kumler (Mrs David L.) Rcdlands 

22483 Ripley, Lydia R. Parker (Mrs Allen M.) 353 N. Marengo av, 


72676 Risher, Mary W. Halsey (Miss) Orange Grove av, Pasadena 

43373 Ritchey. Ethel Bostick (Mrs William Mcintosh). .514 W. 7th st, 

Long Beach 
54596 Robbins, Paulina Fowler (Mrs Enos V.) 1922 Sacramento st, 

San Francisco 

60726 Roberts, Abby Hammond (Mrs) 18 E. Flora st, Stockton 

29529 Roberts, Sara Fisher Norton (Mrs William H.) San Francisco 

70722 Robertson, Sarah Elizabeth Bunker (Mrs Donald).. 465 Merrimac 

st, Oakland 

39028 Robinson, Alcinda Jane Snodgrass (Mrs John C.) Los Angeles 

53334 Robinson, Fanny Lang (Mrs George P.) Fairoaks 

82365 Robinson, Flora Humason (Miss) 1497 Lemon st, Riverside 

f^TSO Robinson, Margaret Isabella (Mrs Francis Henry) 2809 Russell 

st, Berkeley 
58166 Robinson, Mary Wilcox (Mrs William Henry).. 1497 Lemon st, 

59108 Roblce. Beulah Woods Hewitt (Mrs William W.)..177 Orange st, 

3510 Rockwell, Jennie A. Lockwood (Mrs Fred C.)..143 Terrace Drive, 

63012 Rodgers, Bessie M. Elder (Mrs Harry Day).. 1749 W. 49th st, 

Los Angeles 
47489 Roehrig, Mary Gavina Hungerford (Mrs Frederick Lewis).. 501 

Oakland av, Pasadena 

70260 Ross, Martha Dean (Mrs Frank A.) Ontario 

55823 Ross, Minnie Colegrove (Mrs Morgan) Coronado 

37558 Rowlands, Laura Beatrice (Mrs Harry A. E.) Cupertino 

78438 Rugg, Hattie Dickinson (Mrs Walter A.) 165 Chicago av, 

40970 Rugg, Ivy Correll (Mrs John M.)..2629 Building av, Los Angeles 
SQS26 Rumsey, Maiy Elizabeth (Mrs Cornelius Earle)..Jane & Victoria 

av. Riverside 
43507 ' Russell, Harriet Catharine Harlan (Mrs Milton T.)..283 1st av, 

^ San Francisco 
77706 Rutan. Mabel Cassandra Bradshaw (Mrs A. W.) Santa Ana, 

63391 Ryon, Margaret Farr (Mrs William Albert) .. 1396 Orange st, Los 



85720 St. Clair, Katharine Brownlee (Mrs Hugh).. 3311 F st, San Diego 

77744 Sanborn, Lavinia (Miss) l^S W. 22d st, Los Angeles 

77743 Sanborn, Mary F. (Mrs Abram) 1288 W. 22d st, Los Angeles 

24490 Sanborn, Sarah F. Fenton (Mrs Edwin David) .. Hillview, Red- 
wood, San Mateo Co. 
38926 Sattcrlee, Anna E. H. (Mrs Dwight) 912 Burlington av, Los 

63911 Sawyer, Emma Nichols (Mrs William Brewster) . .202 E. 7th st. 

58646 Sawyer, Laura Marie (Miss).. 1380 Washington st, San Francisco 
85215 Schenck, Helena Francilia Brier (Mrs Charles R.) 314 Santa 

Clara av, Santa Ana 

75135 Schlacks, Laura Pierson (Mrs Charles H.) San Francisco 

48293 Schloss, Adella Tuttle (Mrs Aaron).. 2929 Hillegrass av, Berkeley 
65140 Schulz, Martha Miriam Weed (Mrs Adolph G.)..Box 26, Porter- 


87351 Scott, Josephine Mary (Miss) 215 W. 16th st, Los Angeles 

87050 Scott, Myrtle Edith Helvey (Mrs Robert Allen). .551 J^ Wall st, 

Los Angeles 
65753 Scouten, Etta Nancy (Mrs Charles F.). .18 Golden av. Long Beach 

64497 Scoville, Berenice Judah (Miss) 50 Belmont av, San Francisco 

36089 Scoville, Nelly Louise (Mrs John Jay) 2223 Pacific av, San 

24498 Seale, Jessie Douglass Carr (Mrs Henry W.) Occidental Hotel, 

San Francisco 
60646 Searle, Ella Miller (Mrs Frank W.) 5605 Irvington pi, Los 


85521 Seavey, Minnie A., M. D.^ (Miss) Sacramento 

70299 Sedgwick, Catalina Hamlin Clark (Mrs Charles E.) Dixon 

82366 Seger, Sarah Hardenberg (Mrs George F.) 188 Orange st. 

52435 Selbie, Alice Chaudoin (Mrs William) 966 Vermont av, Los 


79230 Senour, Caro Smith (Mrs William Faunt Le Roy) Hollywood 

52165 Seymour, Emily Munro (Mrs Albert Phelps) Monrovia 

45627 Seymour, Louise Anna (Miss) Santa Paula 

49325 Seymour, Mary Anna Blake (Miss) 2730 Broderick st, San 

59780 Shadburne, Florence Earle McKay (Mrs George D.) San 

72597 Shaw, Emily Merritt (Mrs George Wright) 1411 Arch st, 


43412 Sheafe, Emily B. Pierce (Mrs) Oakland 

60189 Shearman, Flora Humason (Mrs Reuben Clark).. 1497 Lemon st, 

85214 Sbepard, Margaret Bowen (Mrs Abraham Dumer) .. Hotel Nor- 

mandie, San Francisco 
53787 Sherer, Mary Brown Roberts (Mrs Edward T.)..643 New Hamp- 
shire st, Los Angeles 

80846 Sherman, Charlotte E. (Mrs Frederick W.) Santa Barbara 

64858 Shimmin, Lillie Foster (Mrs G. Spencer). .1524 Ingrahara st, Los 


43051 Shipman, Jessie Burton (Mrs C. G.) Ocean Park 

69188 Shores, Adesta F. Roundy (Mrs Clifford Williams) . .76 Lowell st, 


74047 Silsby, Anna Randolph (Mrs) Paso Roblcs 

29368 Simmons, Celia Crocker (Mrs Gustavus Lincoln) 1328 10th st, 

34026 Simons, Catherine Lawrence M. Wood (Mrs Manly Hale)..U. S. 

Naval Hospital, Mare Island 
72771 Simonson, Elizabeth Maria Randolph (Mrs Edward Halstead),. 

1524 Alameda av, ALimeda 


38920 Singletary, Florence Grigsby (Mrs Emory Curtis).. 80 Stockton 

av, San Jose 
24499 Six, Genevieve F. Peters (Mrs C. L.) 1043 N. Eldorado st, 


38104 Skiff, Carrie Harding (Miss) Ellisworth 

31019 Skinner, Belle Anderson (Mrs Thomas C.)..1738 K st. Fresno 
10421 Skinner, Ellen M. Hubbard (Mrs Emory K.) . .644 Lucas av, Los 


65754 Sloan, Winnie J. (Miss) 937 S. Broadway, Los Angeles 

64494 Smalley, Mary Rhorer (Mrs Clifford Allison). .1000 W. 23d st, Los 

80549 Smith, Adelaide F. (Mrs William E.)..568 N. Orange Grove av, 


2067 Smith, Amanda (Miss) 1017 E. 27th st, Los Angeles 

83003 Smith, Anna Bergen (Mrs James Uriel).. 2320 Ward st, Berkeley 

7673 Smith, Ella J. (Miss) 1013 N. Figueroa st, Los Angeles 

6441 Smith, Emily A. P. (Mrs George Law).. cor Hager & Pacific av, 

13864 Smith, Estelle Burr (Mrs A.).. Hotel Angclus, 924 W. 30th st, 

Lcs Angeles 

72607 Smith, Eunice L. (Miss) 232 E. Palm av, Monrovia 

46922 Smith, Frances Downing (Mrs Scott) 2315 W. 10th st, Los 


48262 Smith, Genevieve Church (Miss) 568 N. Orange av, Pasadena 

23623 Smith. Harriette Louise Corwine (Mrs Leigh Richmond) ..2017 

Wheeler st, Berkeley 
73836 Smith, Jeannie A. Gray (Mrs William George Washington). .Alta- 


77006 Smith, Margaret Sophronia (Miss) 2435 Virginia st, Berkeley 

38229 Smith, Mary Louisa McManus (Mrs Ed.) 1056 E. 16th st, 


72072 Smith, Olive Bell (Miss) 1654 K st, Fresno 

87448 Smith, Sallie R. (Miss) 1523 Orange st, Los Angeles 

51690 Smith, Susan Alice Nicol (Mrs Robert Hughes) .. 1045 N. Madison 

st, Stockton 
58647 Smitten, Jessica St. John (Miss) .... 145 Beulah st, San Francisco 
83468 Smyth, Alice Harris (Mrs George B.)..2509 Hearst av, Berkeley 
43250 Snowden, Maude Lillian (Miss) 16 Kensington Court, Santa 

57404 Snyder, Emma Andrus (Mrs Charles Wight).. 1861 W. 12th st, 

Los Angeles 
76253 Snyder. May Ross (Mrs Meredith P.).. 2831 Orchard av, Los 

86493 Soale, Carl Brake (Mrs Wilson Hamer) 229 Oakland av, 

56081 Somers, Kate Burbank (Mrs William James).. 2662 Vallejo st, 

San Francisco 
32729 Soupcr. Lura Anna King Gregg (Mrs George Ely) . . 104 Frederick 

st, San Francisco 
68740 Southard, Clare O'Brion (Mrs William Freeman).. 2610 Grant st, 

51112 Spafford. Elizabeth F. Hovey (Mrs Tames M.)..322 Maple st, San 

76194 Speddy. Henrietta Theresa (Mrs Thomas H.) 855 Cedar st, 

24491 Spcrry, Mary Simpson (Mrs Austin) 2100 Pacific av, San 


60732 Spooner, Nora Willett (Mrs) 352 N. Los Robles av, Pasadena 

45618 Spruance, Elizabeth A. Taft (Mrs John) Hotel Maryland, 

85209 Stafford, Alma Day (Mrs Almeron B.)..359 West Avenue 52, 

Lo9 Angeles 


44832 Stafford, Cornelia Gibbs (Mrs John) Union Trust Co., Sant 


85210 Stafford. Helen M. (Miss) 359 West Avenue 52, Los Angeles. 

85198 Stanbery, Harriet Barber (Mrs Frank Howell) . .3963 Ingraham st^ 

Los Angeles 

63914 Stanwood, Grace Simpson (Miss) 1207 4th st, Santa Monica 

55061 Stanwood, Sara Smith (Miss) Santa Monica 

69190 Stark, Helen Leaton (Mrs Frank Deane) Dinuba. 

19025 Stcaley, Mary Louise Sanders (Mrs Thomas) . .2822 Van Ness av, 

San Francisco 

69772 Stearns, Sarah Heald (Mrs Henry M.) 1019 8th st, Oakland 

9021 Stedman. Helen Eliza W. (Mrs Asa W.)..945 S. Bonnie Brae st, 

Los Angeles 
46983 Steinbeck, Flora N. (Mrs W. P.).... 1029 N. Hunter st, Stocktoit 
21002 Stephens, Julia Colburn Perry (Mrs Anson Parsons).. P. O. Box 

29, Coronado 
45052 Stephenson, Mary Emory Sanderson (Mrs Harry Stewart).. Pasa- 
86172 Sterling, Cynthia Liddon (Mrs Thomas). .1157 Mariposa av, Los: 


8299 Stevens, Alice J. Miss) 1210 Jasamine st, Los Angeles. 

33632 Stewart, Grace Julia Cutting (Mrs Frank Alexander) 1045 N. 

Center st, Stockton 
55539 Stewart, Lucile Mast Dixon (Mrs Ralph W.) 1200 Arapahoe st^ 

Los Angeles ^ 

40747 Stilson, Mary E. (Mrs Wm. W.)..1048 W. Kensington rd, Los 

32849 Stith, Mary Josephine Barnes (Mrs Frederick Walker).. 149 N- 

Cahuenga av, Hollywood 
27450 Stockfleth, Lucy Gray (Mrs John).. 272 Eureka st, San Francisco 
51358 Stockton, Helen Bartley (Mrs Fleming Woodford) 447 Grand- 
View st, Los Angeles 

85052 Stoddard, Helen M. (Mrs S. D.) La Mesa. 

38469 Stoker, Edith Isbell (Mrs George E.) 2733 Alcatraz av, Berkeley 

47540 Stokes, Charlotte Elizabeth Bermingham (Mrs Charles Francis),. 

1325 Spruce st, Berkeley 
6668 Stone, Florence Augusta Weihe (Mrs B. W.) 1001 Bush st, Sa« 

38541 Stone, Hattie Estelle (Mrs Harry L.)..3330 Albatross st, San. 

24706 Stone, Josie Hall (Mrs Frank M.)..116 S. Wilcox av, Hollywood 
37957 Stone, Kate McKain (Mrs Wm. Roger) 147 W. Poplar st, 


43825 Stone, Leona M. Jennings (Miss) ..200 Cherry st, San Francisco 

43826 Stone, Marea Wheeler (Miss) 200 Cherry st, San Francisco^ 

7S733 Story, Eloise Marshall (Mrs Charles Vernon) Long Beach 

28869 Stough, Florence Acer (Mrs O. J.).. Fourth & Ivy sts, San Diega 
85718 Stout, Susan Spalding (Mrs Herbert G.) 250 Yosemite av, 


28867 Stow, Nellie (Miss) 1013 Pine st, San Francisca 

55049 Stowell, Maria F. (Miss) Santa Paula. 

35513 Stowell, Mary Blakeslee (Mrs Thomas Blanchard). .832 W. 35th 

pi, Los Angeles 

63291 Stranahan, Evelyn Miles (Mrs John H.) Coalinga 

80552 Stratton, Louise Brier (Mrs Howard Whittlesey ).. 5024 Echo st,. 

Los Angeles 

55048 Strong, Ethel Johnson (Mrs) Santa Paula 

66379 Strong, Eva Guy (Mrs Edwin Norman).. Box 1015, Signal HilL 

Long Beach 
42724 Strong. Jennie Willey (Mrs Colin Gillespie) .. Hotel Lexington, 

Los Angeles 


74479 Stutsman, Helen Buchanan (Mrs Carl Allen).. 1424 W. 30th st, 

Los Angeles 
68656 Suermondt, Margaret C (Mrs Henri M.)..1181 Spruce st, Berkeley 
85211 Sulligcr. Ettie Newcomb (Mrs Wm. R. H.)..S686 Hub st, Los 

76560 Sullivan, Ann Carroll (Mrs Frederick Raymond). .150 S. Dakota 

av. Hollywood 
36091 Suydam, Gertrude Thompson (Mrs Charles Henry) 2724 Devisadero 

st, San Francisco 
36604 Swain, Alice Marion Ashley (Mrs George) .. Rural Delivery No. 1, 


85702 Swain, Elma Archer (Miss) 876 Laurel st, Alameda 

25049 Swan, Martha A. Moore (Mrs David George) ..1267 18th av, San 


72766 Swartley, Jane Zilpha Bowman (Mrs William) Burlingame 

72575 Swayze, Lulu Bennett (Mrs Clark).. ..430 Cedar av, Long Beach 

18233 Sweascy, Fannie E. (Mrs William J.) 1000 Penn st, Alameda 

29096 Sweet, C. Xell Shepardson (Mrs Harlan P.) . . 1038 Grandview av, 

Los Angeles 
8900 Swift, Mary A. Wood (Mrs John Franklin). .2715 Benvenue av, 

29178 Swift, Mary Wood (Mrs Eugene L'Hommedieu). .2010 Union av, 

Los Angeles 
30253 Talbot, Amy Norton Bowen (Mrs Charles Francis Adams) . .Stan- 
ford University, San Francisco 

52425 Tallman, Avis Allen (Miss) 1978 Estrula av, Los Angeles 

52436 Tallman, Julia Maria (Miss) 1978 Estrula av, Los Angeles 

68423 Tarleton, May (Miss) 1126 W. 28th st, Los Angeles 

60728 Tatum, Mary Nina Martin (Mrs Edward Howland) . .City Hall, 

Los Angeles 
19512 Taylor, Adeline Alice (Mrs Henry Robert) 2709 College av, 

82375 Taylor, Clara Dicea Monroe (Mrs Jefferson) 419 W. E st, 

86331 Taylor, Elizabeth H. (Mrs Frederick B.)....28 Bella Vista av, 


51793 Taylor, Ellen Hatch (Mrs) 426 W. 4th st, Santa Ana 

85200 Taylor, Emily Stiles (Mrs John Crossgrove) ..421 Cedar av. Long 

86490 Taylor, Maude Blake (Mrs Charles E.)..256 Atlantic av. Long 


55050 Teague, Hattie McKcvett (Mrs) Santa Paula 

86495 Terrell, Clara Bronaugh Hickman (Mrs W. Edgar).. 815 Pierce 

st, San Francisco 

81192 Terrell, Martha C (Mrs William) 206 E. G st, Ontario 

40910 Tha3'er, Maynard Force (Mrs Edwin M.)..651 S. Pasadena av, 

25642 Thorn, Belle Cameron Hathwell (Mrs Cameron Erskinc). .Wild- 
air, Santa Monica 
75731 Thomas, Annie Stevenson (Mrs Winfield S.)..2337 Eunice st, 


55064 Thomas. Fannie Keith (Mrs Clayton R.) Gilroy 

36065 Thomas, Frances Pearson Dutton (Mrs Frederick R.)....627 N. 

Commerce st, Stockton 

13060 Thomas. Hattie M. (Mrs John W.) San Bernardino 

39442 Thompson. Cornelia Clarke (Mrs Noah Spears) .. 2324 Devisadero 

st San Francisco 
13191 Thompson, Elizabeth Whitney Ballard (Mrs Henry E.)..S. 2d st, 

San Jose 

83684 Thompson, Hattie Farmer (Mrs S. O.) 524 22d st, San Diego 

53619 Thompson, Lydia Reed (Mrs John Given). .130 Pearl av, Redlands 


^40470 Thompson, Martha Azella Draper (Mrs James Silas).. 3108 K st. 

San Diego 
25790 Thornton, Helen M. (Mrs William T.)..1614 Van Ness av, Los 

-42347 Thurber, Carrie E. Stone (Mrs Nathan Thomas) ..3330 Albatross 

St, San Diego 
25050 Thurston, Dora M. (Mrs George P.).. 2900 Devisadero st, San 

496 Tibbits, Cornelia Augusta (Mrs Elisha)..2111 Hearst av, Berkeley 
16507 Tinker, Ada J. C. Bootes (Mrs A. C). .2827 Piedmont av, Berkeley 

'64680 Toberman, Mary Drake (Mrs Ralph) Hollingwood 

27809 Tobey, Mary Moore Lincoln (Mrs Walter) Palo Alto 

15385 Tobin, Mary Dimond (Mrs Joseph S.) Burlingame 

45233 Todd, Dora E. Ricker (Mrs M. de L.) Santa Paula 

42718 Todd, Lilla Irene (Miss) 809 E. Lindsay st, Stockton 

20063 Todd, Sarah Atkins (Mrs William Watkinson)..600 W. Vernon 

av, Los Angeles 

26349 Tolman, Jane Cordelia (Miss) Mills College, Alameda Co. 

26469 Tomb, Maria Harbeson (Mrs Thomas B.) . .3197 W. Adams st, Los 

56835 Tompkins, Mary Drake (Mrs Thomas S.)..779 S. Pasadena av, 


27316 Tootle, Catherine (Mrs Milton) Santa Monica 

S8648 Totton, Helen A. Hallowell (Mrs Frederick Jennings). .856 E. 

24th st, Los Angeles 
62853 Tower, Julia E. Moore (Mrs Anson Knibloe). .747 Chapman st, 

San Jose 

72574 Tower. Martha J. (Mrs David) 1106 Jessie st. Long Beach 

65755 Townsend, Emma Delia (Mrs Jerome B.)..727 American av, Long 

42725 Tricou, Mary White (Mrs Henry Pierre) 852 Grove st, San 

1180 Tripp, Lizzie Washington Chipman (Mrs Joseph) 1270 Webster 

st, Alameda 
28323 Truesdell, Amelia Woodward (Mrs Orron P.).. 1600 California st, 

San Francisco 
S1688 Tucker, Mary Letitia Andrews (Mrs John Lewis). .Hotel Hill 

Crest, 2d & Olive st, Los Angeles 
28010 TuUy, Emily Genevieve Learned (Mrs John James) 305 W. 

Acacia st, Stockton 

84370 Tuma, Ida demons (Mrs Albert B.) Riverside 

85^)69 Tupper, Helen (Miss) 2747 Woolsey st, Berkeley 

52417 Turner, Ella B. Gabriel (Mrs William Douglas) .. 328 N. Raymond 

av, Pasadena 
24663 Turner, Ethel L. Totman (Mrs Charles) .. 1816 Toberman st, Los 

46557 Turner, Vienna Bell (Mrs Cephas) 3712 Jackson st, San 

40174 Tuttle, Ella Seaton (Mrs Leonard Russell).. 376 Sutter st, San 

27978 Twist, Lucy Adaline Harris (Mrs Frank L.)..2120 Oak st, Loa 

42722 Uber. Katie Bond (Mrs William R.)..3241 Royal st, Los Angeles 

54065 Upton, Lucy (Miss) 2037 E. Ocean blvd. Long Beach 

41730 Upton, Susan Conde Osgood (Mrs Henry).. 2037 E. Ocean blvd. 

Long Beach 
51695 Valleau, Eveline M. Hills (Mrs Thomas Brodie)..738 Central av, 


67904 Vance, Abbie Cornelia Joy (Mrs Thomas) Santa Paula 

84367 Van Culin. Minnie Meyers (Mrs Trabue) . .2298 W. 20th st, Los 

S30C9 Van Dc Grift, Nellie Frances (Miss) 351 Orange st, Riverside 


69873 Vanderburg, Lydia E. (Mrs R. B.) 4973 Wadsworth st, Los 


74670 Van Orden, Kate Post (Mrs Leander) 1125 Paru st, Alameda 

44927 Van Vlear, Jennie M. (Mrs John W.) Hanford 

43257 Van Vliet, Virginia Davis (Mrs Frank). .2840 Webster st, Berkeley 

1597 Van Wyck, Nannie Crittenden (Mrs S. M.) 1944 Webster st, 

San Francisco 

37201 Vaughan, Mary Roberts (Miss) The Mire-Monte, Pasadena 

83006 Veitch, Mattie Choate (Mrs Arthur) 1419 Van Ness av, Los 


37055 Verner, Edith A. McPhcrson (Mrs William) Bakersville 

26539 Waddell, Ella Evans (Mrs Robert Stuart) .. 1678 Sacramento st, 
San Francisco 

58253 Waddell, Luella Getty (Mrs Allen L.) R. F. D. 3, Santa Ana 

22480 Waite, Alice C (Mrs Melville M.) 49 Willow st, San Jose 

85199 Waite, Anna Margaret Chapman (Mrs Marion P.).. 2138 Hobart 

blvd, Los Angeles 
25641 Walker, Emily Talbot (Mrs Cyrus) . . 1901 Jackson st, San Fran- 
26569 Walker, Ida Jaqua (Mrs Benjamin F.)..306 Leland Way, Holly- 

71057 Walker, Mary Edna (Miss) 120 W. Lime av, Monrovia 

57822 Wallace, Lucy Sessions (Mrs S. Ives) 770 N. Chester av, 

48^1 Walsh, Elizabeth (Mrs Frank Edward).. 403 S. Alvarado st, Los 

48296 Walton, Flora May (Miss) 500 Capp st, San Francisco 

28319 Ward. Catherine Appleton (Miss) 1253 3d av, Oakland 

5711 Ward, Sarah Harwood Babcock (Mrs David Henshaw) 1218 

Webster st, Oakland 
23334 Wardwell. Mary Allison (Mrs William Van Buren)..1257 Jackson 

st, Oakland 
72290 Warren, Loraine Morley (Mrs M. Perry).. 328 Churchill st, Palo 

52415 Washburn. Helen Edna Rowell (Mrs William Johnson) ... .4000 

Pasadena av, Los Angeles 
73306 Waste, Mary Ewing (Mrs Willaim Harrison).. 2222 Durant av, 

43827 Waterhouse, Celia Hall (Mrs Charles J.).. 551 27th st, Oakland 

83718 Watkins, Lucy Rebecca (Miss) Watsonville 

38919 Watson. Elizabeth Ann (Mrs William Campbell) .. Stewart Hotel, 

San Francisco 
48294 Watson, Jennie Stanford Lathrop (Mrs C. R.) Stanford Uni- 

72763 Watson, Lucile Reppert (Mrs George Cookman) 4021 Denker 

av. Los Angeles 
45763 Wattcrs, Emma S. (Mrs John W.)..62 Banciforte av, Santa Cruz 
9989 Waxham, Alice J. Roberts (Mrs Ernest L.) Palo Alto 

69782 Weaklcv, Lucv Amelia (Miss) 1220 P st, Fresno 

69783 Weakley. Rachel Annie (Miss) 1220 P st. Fresno 

6448 Webb. Virginia Morton (Mrs Harry H.)..Selby, Contra Costa Co. 

79396 Weeks. Addie Frances Stevens (Mrs Frank Benjamin) 1804 

Alameda av, Alameda 
15376 Weihe, Julia Florence (Mrs Christian August). .2516 Fillmore st, 

San Francisco 
55051 Welch; Hattie Bell Rosencrans (Mrs Chester A.).. Santa Paula 
58632 Wellborn, Leila Jones (Mrs Charles) . .401 W. 31st st, Los Angeles 

.18935 WcUs, Anita (Miss) Glendale 

51693 Wells, Edith Chittenden (Mrs Samuel S.)..3151 California st, 

San Francisco 
48985 Wells. Florence E. (Mrs Frederick E.)....86 Montecito av, Oakland 


9438 Wells, Lena McClelland (Mrs Guilford W.) 1315 2d st, Santa 

16976 Wclshans, Carrie E. (Mrs William J.).. 2537 E. 3d st, Los Angeles 
23616 Wenban, Caroline Shepherd (Mrs Simeon) 1263 Pine st, San 


25679 Wentworth, Esther Dennison (Miss) San Diego 

50828 Wessitsh, Lois Patterson (Mrs Alexander).. 932 Clement st, San 

45146 West, Mary Adeline Kelly (Mrs Elmer A.).. 934 10th st, San 


69037 Weston, Abbie May Bunker (Mrs Benjamin Frank) Berkeley 

2355 Wetherbee, Ellen Merrill (Mrs Henry) ..Fruitvale, Alameda Co. 
38123 Wheeler, Rose Lupula Farrington (Mrs).. 1028 E. 28th st, Los 

87.345 Wheelock, Dorothy (Miss) 1235 Lemon st, Riverside 

52427 Wheelock, Kate Dudley (Mrs Arthur Newhall) . . 1235 Lemon st. 


22222 Whipple, Mary Sophia (Miss) Pacific Grove 

51118 Whitcher, Mary Louisa (Miss) ..2435 Sacramento st, San Fran- 

52428 White, Carrie Louise (Mrs Perrin E.)..326 Bandini av, Riverside 

58168 White, Cecilia A. (Mrs John A.) 141 W. 25th st, Los Angeles 

68643 White, Fanny Ballard (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) Saratoga 

8195 White, Frances Ludington (Mrs Frederick H.)..659 St. John av, 

62851 White, Gussic Laird (Mrs Hubert) 363 Lee st, Oakland 

32679 White, Laura F. Cumings (Mrs Arthur Burr).. 2040 W. 30th st, 

76458 W^hite, Nellie B. (Miss) 852 Grove st, San Francisco 

75884 Whiteley, Marion E. (Mrs John B.) Hanford 

43274 Whitmarsh, Ida A. Murdough (Mrs Charles Winthrop)..671 Ivolo 

st, Los Angeles 
78266 Whitney, Adeline Winona M. (Miss) 3104 Budlong av, Los 


19022 Whitney, Anna St. J. (Mrs Arthur L.) San Mateo 

68436 Whitney, Margaret Delia Mason (Mrs Clarence Wright) ..2630 

Haste st, Berkeley 
71701 Whitson, Ruth M. Johnson (Miss).. 235 Arlington av, Ingleside^ 

San Francisco 
58636 Wickersham, Florella Russell (Miss) 318 Callahan st, Wat- 


29223 Wilcox, Emma Kester (Mrs) 710 Court st, Martinez 

23778 Wilcox, Lois Amelia (Mrs John Shuler) 1732 Swan av, Los 

68745 Wiley, Mary Louisa (Mrs Stephen Lemuel) .... 1450 J st, Fresna 
68754 Wilkin, Mae B. (Miss).. 613 Union Savings Bank Bldg.. Oakland 
69781 Wilkins, May Parradee (Mrs Ernest S.)....2412 Haste st, Berkeley 
69773 Wilkins, Susie Earl (Mrs Benjamin Sydney) .. 3771 Clay st, San 

80554 Wilks, Esther Elizabeth Hafford (Mrs Frank E.)..107 5th st, San 


52024 Willard, Elizabeth Arbelle (Miss) Santa Ana 

linZ Willey, Alice Catlin (Mrs Frederick S.) . .625 Cedar av. Long Beach 
51174 Williams, Edith Howard (Mrs John Howard) . .3480 C st, San 

87046 Williams, Eliza Stevens (Mrs George M.) 622 E. Hollywood 

blvd, Hollywood 
10294 Williams, Elizabeth Stark Cameron (Mrs Frank) 2274 Jackson 

st San Francisco 
2922 Williams, Fannie D. Sibley (Mrs Edward).. 609 S. 3d st, San Jose 
33378 Williams, Florence Goodhue (Mrs Jerome B.)..3432 Budlong av, 

Los Angeles 


29388 Williams, Mary Floyd (Miss) 969 Brush st, Oakland 

76876 Williamson, Blanche Whiteley (Mrs James E.) Fowler 

76199 Wilson, P'annie Allen (Mrs Charles Scotto) Hollywood 

78439 Wilson, Flora New Harrod (Mrs Erasmus) Los Angeles- 

76200 Wilson, May Allen (Mrs Franklin Isaac) Hollywood 

45570 Wilson, Patia Newcomb Farrami (Mrs John B.)....421 S. 1st st,. 


50194 Wing, Florence Lincoln Freeman (Mrs) Piedmont 

64363 Wing, Mary Rippey Gould (Mrs Harry C.) 3640 5th st, Saa 


74287 Winspear, Alice J. (Miss) Fruita 

46555 Winstin, Elizabeth Cole (Mrs Walter P.).. 900 Powell st, San 


82372 Winterer, Emogone Ingersoll (Mrs Edward).. 128 Orange av,, 


42882 Winterstein, Ida Hendricks (Mrs George A.) Honcut 

86492 Wise, Sara Eliza (Miss) Hotel Stewart, San Francisco 

3213 Wisser, Georgi?na Hollister (Mrs John P.).. The Presidio, San. 

5028 Wood, Abbie E. Bugbee (Mrs De Lorin F.).. Point Loma, San 

56411 Wood, Alice Belle Dike (Mrs Stephen Coleman) Lordsberg; 

82946 Wood, Gertrude Mcllvaine (Mrs E. H.)..233 Brockton av, River- 

25691 Wood, Lilian Mae (Miss) San Mateo 

13082 Wood, Rebecca Wain Tutt (Mrs Franc Ogilvy) Woodhurst,. 


41120 Wood, Sarah Jane Morton (Mrs Palmer G.) Beverly Hills^ 


68437 Woodsum, Abbie Foss Manson (Mrs Abiatha Clinton) ..2933 Ben- 
venue av, Berkeley 

56831 Woodward, Dell Chapman (Mrs Francis John).. 2302 Piedmont av„ 

42657 Woodward, Laura E. (Mrs Emmet Bostwick) . . R. F. D. No. 1^ 

2785 Woodworth, Mildred Overton Mathes (Mrs Fred) Sebastopol 

51698 Woolner, Clara Ninna (Mrs Benjamin F.) Key Route Inn,. 


72292 Wright, Alice McElroy (Mrs Gustavus W. T.) Selma 

14704 Wright, Elna W. Lieb (Mrs William Hammond) .. Lick Obser- 
vatory, Mt. Hamilton 

72764 Wright, Harriett Simpson (Mrs Frank Chase) Highland av^. 

Sierra Madre 

36497 Wright, Janctta Bray (Mrs Harry T.) 171 N. Cahuenga st,. 


1807 Wright, Joanna M. (Mrs Selden S.) 910 Lombard st, San 


73212 Wright. Meta Maria Woodland (Mrs Duncan MacFarlane). .2033'* 
Central av, Alameda 

55047 Wurster, Maude Evelyn (Mrs Frederick William).. 25 W. Vine st,, 

20766 Wyckc, Phillippa Dudwell (Mrs Thomas J.).. 2721 Hillegrass av„ 

36086 Wymore, Ada Belle Frances (Mrs W. W.) 48 Castro st, San- 

82373 Yates Anna Shaw (Mrs Samuel Y.)..148 S. Wilcox av, Hollywood 
23620 Yeamans, Bina Staples (Mrs Herbert W.)..2338 Franklin st, San 


26725 Young, Adelia Speer (Mrs A, B.) 759 S. Hill st, Los Angeles 

75014 Young, Ethel Pickler (Mr*- Frank P.).. 750 W. 4th st, Los Angeles: 
74674 Young. Frances Upson (Mrs Robert).. 527 Carleton Way, Holly- 


6444 Young, Marie R. Voorhies (Mrs H. P.) 1770 Pacific av, San 


35118 Young, Nellie R. (Mrs Junius D.) State Hospital, Stockton 

51692 Yiingling, Clara Elizabeth Heap (Mrs John Paul) Santa Paula 

14500 Zeilin, Fernanda Virginia (Miss) 2020 Broadway, San Francisco 

80017 Zimmerman, Fanny Baker (Mrs C. Olin) Oakland 

86647 Zinn, Charlotte Matlack (Mrs Peter).. 525 S. East Lake av, Los 



State Regent, 1911-12, Mrs Freeman C. Rogers, 1112 E. 9th st, Pueblo 
State Vice Regent, 1911-12, Mrs. Eugene R. Thayer, 1103 7th st, Greeley 


46578 Adams, Ella Charlotte Nye (Mrs Alva) 207 Broadway, Pueblo 

87353 Adams, Eugenia Hale McFarlane (Mrs Clarence H.)..1728 Williams 

st, Denver 

47446 Adams, Susan Gale (Mrs George S) 1119 6th st, Greeley 

76789 Agnew, Edna Elllen (Miss) Granada 

23337 Aiken, Jessie Adella (Miss) 316 E. Huerfano st, Colorado Springs 

49327 Allen, Georgie Liggett (Mrs Edwin C.) 1474 Clayton st, Denver 

48302 Allen, Gladys Edwina (Miss) 1474 Cla)rton av, Denver 

84189 Allen, Lois Hudson (Mrs Guy Wiley) ... .319 N. Custer av, Colorado 


72777 Allen, Marie Eleanor (Miss) Fort Morgan 

47497 Allen, Mary Amidon (Mrs Chester K.) 22 Block K, Pueblo 

70516 Allen, Mary Louvina (Miss) 22 Block K, Pueblo 

31229 Ament, Elizabeth Baldwin (Mrs William Shelby).. 738 Humboldt st, 


50992 Anderson, Annie O (Miss) Colorado Springs 

47494 Anderson, Mary Jeannette (Miss) 1560 Sherman st, Denver 

77013 Anderson, Nancy Esther (Mrs George M.) 310 Grant st, Fort 


7851 Andrus, Marie Josephine B. (Mrs Edwin P.) Fort Logan 

72636 Annis, Lucy Josephine Loring (Mrs Albert David).. 1728 Welton st, 


71063 Arbuthnot, Sarah A. (Mrs S. W) 1129 S. Union av, Pueblo 

42742 Argo, Isabella Chenault (Mrs Wm. K.) Deaf and Blind Inst., 

Colorado Springs 

46109 Arkins, Laura Jane Pierce (Mrs Joseph) 1355 Pearl st, Denver 

46093 Arrington, Gara Spalding (Mrs Alfred Washington). .1705 W. 18th 

st, Pueblo 

59121 Arthur, Ada Wright (Mrs) Canon City 

58294 Arthur, Frances Moon Duffy (Mrs H. J.) 227 W. Warren av. 

Cripple Creek 
69786 Atkinson, Ellen Blackman (Mrs Walter Wilson) Plaza Hotel, 

Colorado Springs 

46527 Atterholt, Florence Post (Mrs Frank M.) 736 Ogden st, Denver 

59627 Atwater, Selina Myers (Mrs S. Henry) 1105 Colorado av, 

Colorado Springs 
77011 Atwater, Winifred Moore (Miss) 1 105 Colorado av, 

Colorado Springs 
75976 Augur, Ruth Monro (Miss).. 532 N. Monument av, Colorado Springs 
85217 Ayers, Lucy Hamilton (Mrs Allan Farrell). .1464 Marion st, Denver 
86175 Bacon, Nora Updyke (Mrs Clarence Harrison) 2211 Elizabeth st, 


74996 Bailey, Latilla Walbridge (Mrs William Lewis) Sterling 

79442 Baily, Edith (Miss) Montrose 


79443 Daily, Mabel (Miss) Montrose 

79441 Bailv, Mattie Kate Robinson (Mrs Cyrus Milner) Montrose 

34476 Baker, Estella Lilia (Mrs Seth) 1550 Detroit st, Denver 

77015 Baker, Lydia Wire (Mrs Amos) Palisades 

72297 Baker, Mary Mead (Mrs Horace H.) . .420 Prospect st, Fort Morgan 

77016 Baker, Norma Blanche (Miss) Palisades 

55913 Baldwin, Sue ( Miss) Ouray 

49822 Ballantine, Ida Winne (Mrs George W.) 1450 High st, Denver 

67921 Ballreich, Nell Newell (Mrs Charles A.) 328 Michigan av, Pueblo 

59115 Bane, Lua Matilda (Miss) 1434 Washington av, Denver 

85935 Barclay, Gertrude Limbocker (Mrs John Archibald) . .619 W. 11th st, 

49814 Bard well, Iva Shepard (Mrs Rodney Jewett) . .2240 Ash st. Park Hill, 

46115 Barkalow, Julia Kate Whitehead (Mrs Derrick Vail).. 1410 Josephine 

st, Denver 

79328 Barkalow, Leola Carter (Mrs Newton E.) 1447 Gilpin st, Denver 

24503 Barnes, Etta D. (Miss) 317 E. Kiowa st, Colorado Springs 

38930 Barnes, Louise Kirby (Mrs Marion Oscar) 1229 N. Weber st, 

Colorado Springs 

20786 Barney, Marilla E. (Mrs Libeus) 1331 Marion st, Denver 

64861 Barney, Rowena Houghton (Mrs Ralph) .... 1331 Marion st, Denver 

81493 Barrett, Maude L. Stoddard (Mrs John W.) Fort Morgan 

55065 Bartholomew, Nclla Maud (Mrs N. Dudley) Lucerne 

83029 Bartlett, Harriet Baldwin (Mrs Frank L.)..944 Sherman st, Denver 
62377 Barton, Frances Sage (Mrs Darius Arthur) .. 1533 E. 7th st, Denver 
53576 Bassett, Maria Warfield (Miss) 1325 N. Wahsatch av, Colorado 


74680 Bassett, Mary Warfield (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) . .1325 N. Wahsatch 

av, Colorado Springs 

53572 Bauserman, Nellie K. (Miss) 1252 Elizabeth st, Denver 

38348 Baxter, Edna Alice Henry (Mrs Oliver Hazard Perry).. cor 15th & 

Grand av, Pueblo 
65097 Baxter, Lucy Maynard Damon (Mrs Edwin Winthrop) 226 W. 

Abriendo av, Pueblo 
3316 Baxter, Margaret White McGee (Mrs George White) . .1212 Grant av, 


74681 Baylis, Charlotte Augur (Mrs Wm. Gilbert) N. 12th st. Grand 

46561 Beard, Electra Robinson (Mrs Andrew Allen) 1083 Broadway, 


64584 Beaver, Laura Tichenor (Mrs A. H.) Rocky Ford 

55067 Bcckhart, Jessica Haggott (Mrs William E.) 433 Pearl st, Denver 

85724 Beebe, Velma Vanderburgh (Mrs) 716 Peterson st, Fort Collins 

47000 Beeson, Mary Wadhams (Mrs Ernest B.) 311 E. Columbia st, 

Cx)lorado Springs 
51721 Bell, Grace Dauchy Smith (Mrs Alfred Barnes) 1466 Ash st, 


23097 Benedict, Mary C. (Mrs Mitchell) 1200 Penn. av, Denver 

73855 Bennett, Bertha Morgan (Mrs Charles E.) Monte Vista 

47(X)1 Bennett, Elizabeth Gallagher (Mrs Moses) Ouray 

60680 Berlin, Bessie Lee Koen (Mrs William Calvin K.)..1646 Court pi, 

5055 Bethell, Cynthia Pillow (Mrs William D.)....840 Pearl st, Denver 
46986 Bickslcr, Annette Hampton (Mrs Winfield Scott).. 1440 Vine st, 


70515 Biggs, Edna (Miss) 733 E, 8th av, Denver 

78068 Biggs, Ethel McLain (Mrs Arthur H.)..1110 Macon av, Canon City 

59628 Biggs, Frances Bowlby (Mrs Clinton A.) 733 E. 8th av, Denver 

68999 Biggs, Ruth A. (Mrs J. D.) 1103 Macon av, Canon City 

64500 Birch, Cornelia Olivia (Miss).. 19 Williamette av, Colorado Springs 
746R4 Bishop, Cora Burdick (Mrs William) Monte Vista 


54076 Bissell, Hannah Moore McKinnie (Mrs Frank A.).. 1124 N. Nevada 
av, Colorado Springs 

51196 Black, Minnie E. (Mrs Thomas J.) Montrose 

67992 Blackledge, Margaret Haughton (Mrs Charles W.)..2349 Gilpin st, 

75739 Blayney, Minnie Hallack (Mrs William N. W.) 1701 Sherman st, 


46114 Blow, Jennie Goodall (Mrs Albert Allmand) 770 Pa. av, Denver 

71789 Boes, Laura May Reed (Mrs Orva) Lamar 

33203 Bogy, Grace Seymour (Mrs Ramsay C.) 1645 Logan av, Denver 

56091 Bolles, Nettie Hubbard (Mrs N. Alden) 1459 Ogden st. Denver 

75737 Bonell, Agnes Battelle Bailey (Mrs Benjamin Walter) Greeley 

51119 Bonney, Nancy Little (Mrs Sherman Grant).. 1437 High st, Denver 

77712 Booraem, Mary Cox (Mrs Rudolph Morrell) Fort Collins 

68746 Booth, Blanche Hesser (Mrs Albert Solan).. 425 W. 18th st, Pueblo 

47500 Bowen, Emma L. Gale (Mrs Albert E.) 1102 10th st, Greeley 

62861 Boyer, Juliette Inez Haskell (Mrs Charles W.) R. F. D. No. 2, 


74065 Bragg, Harriet West Grant (Mrs Walter H.) La Junta 

75671 Brattain, Cordelia Dawson (Mrs H, L.) Montrose 

50989 Braukman, Mary Harriet Brown (Mrs Ernest H.)..1589 Steele st, 


72295 Brewster, Grace Darling (Miss) 602 N. 1st st, Montrose 

72296 Brewster, Jennie Viola (Miss) Montrose 

72294 Brewster, Lucy J. (Mrs) Montrose 

-46567 Briggs, Sarah Stetson (Miss) 1050 Columbine st, Denver 

46563 Brigham, Jessie M. (Mrs Arthur) 1918 N. Lyon st, Broadmoor, 

Colorado Springs 

69192 Bristol, Alice Foote (Mrs Judson H.) 313 Remington st. 

Fort Collins 

46110 Bristol, Josephine Hoisington (Mrs (George Albert). .2037 Glenarm 

pi, Denver 

67476 Brockway, Isabella Parmelee (Mrs Thomas Clinton) Greeley 

40183 Brooks, Amanda Currier (Mrs Frank) 1340 Race st, Denver 

23624 Brooks, Louise McN. (Mrs Henry F.) 864 Clarkson st, Denver 

13077 Brooks, Sara Coolidge (Mrs Franklin E.) 1324 N. Nevada av, 

Colorado Springs 
85218 Brosius, Cora Summers (Mrs Samuel Dallas) 1125 E. 10th st, 


69193 Brown, Addie Bristol (Mrs Clyde H.)..425 Mathews st, Fort Collins 

78062 Brown, Gertrude A. (Mrs Harry R.) 944 Downing st, Denver 

29742 Brown, Kate Chittenden (Mrs Isaac Hubbard) 1705 Grant st, 


33854 Brown, Margaret Harris (Mrs James B.) 2522 Humboldt st, 


461 12 Brown, Mary Grace (Miss) 875 Marion st, Denver 

46111 Brown, Mary Louise (Mrs Junius F.) 933 Penn. av, Denver 

69787 Brown, Winifred (Miss) 315 E. Yampa st, Colorado Springs 

71107 Bruen, Sue H. (Mrs Charles Edward) . .2021 E. Colfax av, Denver 
45629 Brunton, Katherine Kemble (Mrs David William) 865 Grant st, 


46113 Buchtel, Helen M. (Mrs William H.) 645 Emerson st, Denver 

67914 Buchtel, Mary Nelson Stevenson (Mrs) 2100 S. Columbine st, 

70920 Bullard, Clara Wright Barrows (Mrs James) 484 Jackson st, 

Willimantic, Conn. 
46094 Bullen, Mabel Babcock (Mrs Frederick H.) 310 E. Adams av, 


51197 Bullock, Katherine A. (Mrs Samuel W.) Montrose 

65760 Bunker, Mary Louise Winslow (Mrs Martin Augustus) .. 1226 10th 

st, Greeley 


82947 Burchsted, Anna Epauline (Mrs William C.) 507 Lake st. 

Fort Morgan 
39521 Burden, Qara S. Bowers (Mrs Edgar A.) 2021 E. Colfax av, 


82380 Burgess, Charlotte (Mrs Lyman Emery) 2017 17th st, Boulder 

13514 Burnham, Cassandra Washburn (Mrs Michael). .1740 Williams st, 


76507 Bushinger, Mary Isabelle Holt (Mrs J. C.) Monte Vista 

71423 Buss, Hattie A. (Mrs George E.) 209 W. Olive st, Fort Collins 

76828 Buthorn, Alice Bittinger (Mrs William Frederick) . .Grand Junction 
82142 Butsch, Delia Maud Smith (Mrs Charles Arthur). .1313 University 

av, Boulder 

73258 Butterfield, Grace Oliver (Mrs Harry Hartman) Palisades 

45745 Byerlcy, Mary Thayer (Mrs Benjamin F.) 229 N. Loomis av, 

Fort Collins 

28578 Caldwell, Byrd Teasdale (Mrs Thomas W.) Greeley 

3219 Callahan, Sarah S. F. (Mrs Henry .White) Boulder City 

73857 Callaway, Alice M. (Mrs D. Robert) Montrose 

78445 Callaway, June Inga (Miss) Montrose 

46117 Campbell, Ella Dearing (Mrs Frank James).. 807 Penna. av, Denver 

8891 Campbell, Fanny Fatzinger (Miss) 171 Franklin st, Denver 

9918 Campbell, Harriet Parker (Mrs John) 1401 Gilpin st, Denver 

80556 Campbell, Ida La Nier (Mrs Joseph Smith) Fort Morgan 

46120 Campbell, Margaret Lynde Dent (Mrs Lafayette E.)..950 Logan av, 


66466 Campen, Lillie Brooks (Mrs Elba John) 1652 Fillmore st, Denver 

47501 Cannell, Elizabeth Maud (Miss) 1411 Ninth av, Greeley 

84710 Carlton, Jean Elizabeth (Miss) 217 W. Oak st. Fort Collins 

84709 Carlton, Mary E. Knapp (Mrs) 217 W. Oak st. Fort Collins 

49328 Carney, Noma Stowe (Mrs J. L.) 1577 Steele st, Denver 

22182 Carpenter, Anne Michaela Hogarty (Mrs Adelphus) 1112 10th st. 

25570 Carpenter, Annette Howe (Mrs Franklin R.)..1S56 Cook st, Denver 
37(J27 Carpenter, Margaret L. Evans (Mrs Arthur H.) 1556 Cook st, 

C4862 Carpenter, Mary P. Scarborough (Mrs P. A.) 319 Matthews st, 

Fort Collins 

83686 Carrel. Ida Bailey (Mrs C C) 1441 7th st, Greeley 

43445 Carroll, Lulu Mary Cresap (Mrs David Wright).. 1317 N. Tejon st, 

Colorado Springs 
79327 Carter, Cinderella Thomas (Mrs Oscar Martin) . .1430 Vine st, Denver 

42494 Carter, Flora King (Mrs J. McL) 14th Cavalry, Fort Logan 

61781 Casement, Mary Olivia Thomburgh (Mrs Daniel D.). .1515 Wood st, 

Colorado Springs 
63397 Cassell, Carrie Brown (Mrs Robert Tilton) 1341 Sherman av, 

8S219 Catlin, Josephine H. (Mrs C. F.) Salida 

82381 Cattermole, Cora May Love (Mrs Frank Popham) 2133 6th st, 

80241 Cattermole, Marie Stephenson (Mrs George H.) 605 Pine st, 


87063 Chamberlain, Frances Helena (Miss) Fort Collins 

61706 Chambers, Sunshine Foulke (Mrs William Grant) 1941 10th av, 


83515 Chaney, Audrey (Miss) 1138 Grandview av, Boulder 

83516 Chaney, Lydia Stallcup (Miss) 1138 Grandview av, Boulder 

4609S Chapman, Julia Prichard (Mrs Joseph Warren) 1117 Lake av, 

28014 Chappell, May Hastings (Mrs Delos Allen).. 1300 Logan av, Denver 

54600 Chase. Alice Elizabeth (Miss) 1805 W. 34th av, Denver 

86S0Q Chase, Anna Samson (Mrs John) 923 Corona st, Denver 


42728 Chase, Mary E. Cochran (Mrs R. A.) 714 E. Boulder st, 

Colorado Springs 

32797 Chase, Ruth Hamilton (Mrs Charles A.) 564 Franklin st, Denver 

77012 Chase, Winifred Margaret (Miss) 714 E. Boulder st, 

Colorado Springs 
46990 Cheeseman, Josephine Adelphia Martin (Mrs Nathaniel F.) 912 

12th St, Greeley 
46122 Cheesman, Alice Foster (Mrs Walter S.) 400 E. 8th st, Denver 

60738 Chenoweth, Minnie B. (Mrs M. S.) 1085 Lincoln st, Denver 

85220 Cherry, Eva Brigham (Mrs) 832 Pine st, Trinidad 

1257 Chisholm, Sarah Bowman (Mrs Robert W.) 1903 Wood av, 

Colorado Springs 
84711 Church, Josephine Tillinghast (Mrs Ernest Clinton). .565 Gilpin st, 

46568 Churchill, Isabella Van Osdall (Mrs Harry Elmer). .. .703 13th st, 

46564 Churchman, Mary Emma (Miss) Deaf and Blind Institute, 

Colorado Springs 

56837 Clark, Adele Knowles (Mrs Edgar E.) 717 6th st, Greeley 

59113 Clark, Elizabeth R. (Mrs J. Max) 1103 5th st, Greeley 

80237 Clark, Grace Hawley (Mrs) 1041 19th av, Denver 

44837 Clark, Mary Abra Perkins (Mrs Edwin W.) Akron 

64498 Clatworthy, Kate Baker (Mrs William H.) Fort Morgan 

50534 Cleaves, Mame (Miss) 311 Irvington pi, Denver 

80238 Cleveland, Clara Louise Mather (Mrs Newcomn) 1703 Vine st, 


38931 Clothier, Ida C. (Miss) Manitou, Red Cliff Cottage 

81868 Coates, Florence Elizabeth Wilder (Mrs Edwin Lincoln) 1123 

Spruce st, Boulder 

25933 Cochran, Anna Marshall (Mrs Robert Lee) Morrison 

13078 Cohen, Eliza S. (Mrs Eugene S.) 425 N. Wahsatch av, 

Colorado Springs 

46988 Colburn, Hittie C. (Mrs Ernest A.) 978 Logan av, Denver 

56060 Coleman, Mary Virginia Scott (Mrs Charles A.) Denver 

46573 Collins, Lila E. Routt (Mrs Edward Welles).. The Perrenoud, Denver 
75134 Conant, Rose Little (Mrs Edgar Francis) 1560 Vine st, Denver 

6968 Connor, Mary L. (Mrs Alfred B.) 814 W. Mountain av. 

Fort Collins 

86606 Cook, Bertha Dustin (Miss) Mesita 

82379 Cooper, Grace Avery (Mrs Henry Wilbert) Fort Morgan 

79632 Cooper, Josephine Brewster (Mrs) 1517 E. 14th av, Denver 

46987 Copeland, Lillie Blackburn (Mrs George P.) 1643 Humboldt st, 


83020 Copps, Annie (Miss) 1540 Pine st, Boulder 

83019 Copps, Matilda Stoddard Lapham (Mrs Ernest Watson). .1540 Pine 

st, Boulder 
63401 Corbett, Virginia H. (Miss) 428 W. Laurel st. Fort Collins 

60739 Corbin, Luella Tonner (Miss) 351 Acoma st, Denver 

58178 Cornish, Emeline Warner (Mrs Edgar C.) 1471 Race st, Denver 

44165 Cornwell, Hattie Spencer C. Wright (Mrs Lafayette). .1041 Lake av, 

78070 Cornwell, Katherine L. (Miss) 20 Del Norte st, W., Colorado Springs 
81494 Coulehan, Clarissa Agnes Graves (Mrs Charles Edward) 701 

Spruce st, Boulder 
72480 Cowen, Carrie H. (Mrs William W.) 834 E. Platte av, 

Colorado Springs 

53570 Cox, Olive Clark (Mrs John L.) 217 W. Evans av, Pueblo 

28325 Cox, Rebecca S. (Mrs) 1328 N. Weber st, Colorado Springs 

46989 Craig, Edna Estclle Van Osdall (Mrs Alexander B. H.)..905 11th st, 


77435 Craig, Marie Rose (Miss) Salida 

68586 Cramb, Tena Clemmons (Mrs John L.)..31 Masonic Temple, Denver 


55195 Cramer, Elvira Burlingame (Mrs John A.) 520 Greenwood av, 

Canon City 

64499 Crandell, Aimee Beach (Miss) 3755 Boulevard F, Denver 

42898 Crary, Mary Louise Bonnard (Mrs Stephen A.) Lamar 

83024 Craven, Lois Strain (Mrs Elmer Havelock) 519 Grand av. 

Grand Junction 
43833 Cullis, Eva Laura Woodworth (Mrs Edward S.) 1525 Pearl st, 

69748 Culver, Laura Matson (Mrs Allan Movar). .1545 Lafayette st, Denver 

46123 Currier, Olive Towlc (Mrs George William).. 13 13 Stout st, Denver 

72772 Gushing, Lucy C. (Mrs Ransom J.) Fort Collins 

73853 Dailcy, Bess L. Baker (Mrs Iver H.) 515 State st. Fort Morgan 

81495 Dailey, Helen Merriman Noyes (Mrs).... Hotel Boulderado, Boulder 
46148 Dale, Gertrude Esther Orahood (Mrs William V.)..1265 Clarkson st, 

38922 Daniels, Louise H. Jacobs (Mrs A. C.)..230 W. Abriendo av, Pueblo 
78447 Davidson, Cora Nelson (Mrs James Alexander) 208 Crestone av, 


23773 Davidson, May Cynthia (Miss) Salida 

83589 Davis, Perlina Barnum Sizer (Mrs) 1532 Race st, Denver 

73218 Davis, Sarah Powell (Mrs H. B.) Sterling 

46124 Davison, Cora Gates (Mrs Andrew Robison). .1270 Logan av, Denver 
63922 Dawson, Kathryn Russell (Mrs Clyde C.) 1211 Race st, Denver 

46125 Decker, Sarah Sophia Chase (Mrs Westbrook S.)..1550 Sherman av, 

46991 Delbridge, Mary Evelyn Neilson (Mrs William H.)....1117 11th st, 


67478 Denison, Jeannctte Welch (Mrs Henry S.) 1327 Ogden st, Denver 

27501 Dennis, Charlotte Corday Rice (Mrs Frank).. 130 E. San Miguel st, 

Colorado Springs 

77430 Dcrham, Lenna Brainard (Mrs Milo Grant) 905 13th st, Boulder 

76204 Desch, Wychie Delbridge (Mrs C. S., Jr.).. 1134 Grand st. Grand 


51714 Dc Vine, Elsie Forbes (Mrs Charles W.) 1129 6th st, Greeley 

70513 De Votie, Ella Mulford (Mrs Duane)....R. F. D. 2, Box 87, Greeley 

51124 Dewey, Edna Sabin (Mrs Frederick Packard) Georgetown 

80559 Dickinson, Leila Mary (Miss) 1007 Greenwood av, Canon City 

55071 Dickson, Eliza Shanklin (Mrs Thomas Holland) .. 1 17 W. Orman av, 

65758 Dinsmore, Addie Higley (Mrs Nahum T.)....W7 Grand av, Pueblo 

76461 Dinsmore, Naomi Louisa (Miss) 907 Grand av, Pueblo 

34474 Dixon, Gara McCoy (Mrs John Roman) 1133 Sherman av, Denver 

38927 Dodge, Candace B. (Mrs Marshall E.) 224 S. Lincoln av, Denver 

80563 Dodge, Laura Sturtevant (Mrs Horace O.) 2145 6th st, Boulder 

82786 Donnen, Marguerite Dyer (Mrs Charles Willmot) . .1749 Humboldt st, 


45235 Doran, Jennie Elliot (Miss) 750 Washington st, Denver 

63918 Doten, Elizabeth Jane (Miss) 1423 1 1th st, Greeley 

2131 Douglas, Mary Josepha Williams (Mrs Charles Winfred) Camp 

Neosho, Evergreen 

46091 Dow. Sarah Walker (Miss) Salida 

86501 Downer, Mary (Miss) 1551 Gaylord st, Denver 

21673 Downs, Maude Elizabeth Fisher (Mrs William Day).. 11 33 Race st, 


75138 Downs, Myrtle King (Mrs Roy A.) Cedaredge 

59624 Drcher. Ella Trufant (Mrs Frederick Charles). ...2670 E. 13th av, 


75740 Driscoll, Maggie J. (Mrs William E.) Box 38. Cripple Creek 

37172 Duke. Clara Ella (Miss) 1409 Craig st. Pueblo 

37170 Duke, Ella Ayres (Mrs Nathaniel Wilson) 1409 Craig st, Pueblo 

37171 Duke. Kate May (Miss) 1409 Craig st, Pueblo 

83021 Dumbleton. Grace Nichols (Mrs William Thomas).. The Marquette, 

Downing av, Denver 


46087 Durbin. Emma Wilson (Mrs John H.) 2926 E. 16th st, Denver 

83688 Dyke, Samuella Foster (Mrs D. L.)....919 Main st, Grand Junction 

80564 Earl, Mary Minerva Reed (Mrs Isaac T.)..1805 Spruce st, Boulder 

73850 Eastman. Susan Winifred (Miss) . .923 N. Weber st, Colorado Springs 
50197 Eaton, Elizabeth C Hall (Mrs Albert F.)....1018 14th st, Greeley 
80242 Eaton, Leila Carter (Mrs William Robb). .. .1541 Gilpin st. Denver 

86962 Eckman, Virginia Thomas (Miss) 1427 Clayton st, Denver 

25698 Eells, Elvira H. (Miss) 614 E. 16th av, Denver 

70460 Elder, Florence Gray (Mrs Elmer Anderson) ..219 Jackson st, Pueblo 

8308 Eldredge, Emma Hay ward (Mrs Charles A.) 18 Willamette av, 

Colorado Springs 
78446 Elliot, Dorris Dorr (Mrs David).... 28 E. Columbia st, Colorado 

70725 Elliott, Elizabeth Beatty (Miss) 11 Small av, Pueblo 

51730 Ellis, Mae (Miss) 22 Block K. Pueblo 

48298 Elmer, Mary Colgate (Mrs John Knox) Greeley 

78448 Emerson, Elizabeth Bascom (Mrs Joseph Wilson).. Box 491, Salida 
8307 Ensign, Lilla Butin (Mrs Edgar T.)..1415 N. Nevada av, Colorado 

87056 Estey, Lalla Reed (Mrs Norman M.) 2037 Albion st, Denver 

57081 Evans, Bernice Churchill Hedges (Mrs David Edwards) . .337 Sher- 
man av, Denver 

65594 Evans, Gladys Cheesman (Mrs John) 400 E. 8th av, Denver 

51722 Evans, Isabel Nesmith (Mrs James Porter) 1427 Franklin st, 


57055 Ewart, Annie Tyler Bateman (Mrs John Y.) Colorado Springs 

80421 Ewing, Georgia White (Mrs J. A.) 700 Lafayette st, Denver 

79439 Ewing, Marion Withrow (Mrs Frank I.) 1229 10th av, Greeley 

71705 Eyrich, Minnie Safford (Mrs William P.).... 315 Platte av, Fort 

78063 Fairchild, Ruby Perry (Mrs C. W.) 370 Sherman st, Denver 

60735 Fairsh, Mabel Louise (Miss) 835 Logan av, Denver 

86502 Farncomb, Minnie Dotv (Mrs Henry) 626 Franklin st. Denver 

85970 Farrell, Helen Hutt (Mrs Walter J.) 639 S. 3d st, Montrose 

73851 Faust. Maude Sanders (Mrs Frederick A.) 819 N. Nevada av, 

Colorado Springs 

78064 Fernald, Anna Selkregg (Mrs George H.).,1024 Marion st, Denver 
704 Ferriday, Mella D. Everhart (Mrs James McKeen).. Broadmoor, 

Colorado Springs 

24159 Ferril, Alice Lawton MacHarg (Mrs Wm. C.) 2123 Downing st, 


78967 Field, Grace Witter (Miss) 740 Clarkson st, Denver 

223 Field, Lizzie Doyle Hardin (Mrs E. B., Jr)..72S5 Ogden st, Denver 

71638 Field, Mary Alice (Mrs Edward Bell) 740 Clarks<m st, Denver 

25083 Finch, Ethel lone Woods (Mrs J. W.)..834 Emerson st, Denver 

84708 Fine, Mary Fonda (Mrs Eben G.) 814 Spruce st, Boulder 

62860 Fisher, Florence Lillian Grover (Mrs Arthur Addison) 128 

Gilpin st, Denver 

70463 Fisher, Martha Miles (Mrs Robert C.) 375 S. Logan st, Denver 

46096 Fitch, Alice Amanda Rhodes (Mrs Michael Hendrick).. ..401 W: 
11th st, Pueblo 

46565 Fitch, Grace Hesser (Mrs Clarence A.) Greeley 

49816 Flanders, Louise (Miss) 1060 Gaylord st, Denver 

54073 Flansburg, Alda (Miss) 707 N. Wahsatch av, Colorado Springs 

50596 Folsom, Mary E. Elwell (Mrs Frederick G.)..960 15th st, Boulder 

80567 Foote, Juanita B. Williams (Mrs) 1343 Vine st, Denver 

63399 Forbush, Hannah Schenck (Silas Augustus, Jr.) . . 109 W. Adams 

av, Pueblo 
80239 Forrest, Frances Louise Barber (Mrs Frank James) 319 La- 
fayette st, Denver 
46126 Foster, Bessie Bethell (Mrs John McEwen)..840 Pearl st, Denver 
81195 Foster, Jennie Huntsman (Mrs James M.) Montrose 


63661 Fox, Anna Moore (Mrs Herbert Wright) 1140 Wood av, 

Colorado Springs 
62869 Fox, M. Alcxina (Mrs Flavins C.) 604 H st, Box 380, Salida 

55068 Frantz, Lutie Haynes '(^1*8 Francis Edgar) .... 1526 Madison st, 

44248 Fredd, Eva Johnson (Mrs John Daniel) .. 1645 Lincoln av, Denver 
60426 Frizzeli, Myrtle Bucknam (Mrs Thomas Landford) ..217 Jefferson 

av, (Colorado City 
12841 Frost, Ella Hildreth (Mrs Walter C.) 118 E. Caramillo st, 

Colorado Springs 

77748 Furstenfeld, Lulubel Osborn (Mrs Edward R.) Montrose 

3315 Gale, Margaret Morris (Mrs Jesse Stearns).... 1104 6th st, Greeley 
59630 Galley, Abbie Bowlby (Mrs William E.) ..Strathmore Hotel, Canon 

62865 Galligan, Minnie Bailey (Mrs Matthew James).. 1101 S. Union av, 


36447 Galligan, Sarah I. Bentley (Mrs Jay) Loveland 

21598 Gamble, Jessie Louise Green (Mrs Henry P.) . . . .909 Mapleton av, 


81869 Garbarino, Lucinda Marie (Miss) 1812 Water st, Boulder 

54708 Gardner, Mary A. Machin (Mrs) ....431 Deuel st. Fort Morgan 

76504 Garms, Hazel Butler (Mrs Victor C.).1140 Grand av. Grand Junction 
61709 Garretson, Lucretia Emily Donley (Mrs Walter Raymond) . .677 Gil- 
pin st, Denver 

44715 Garrison, Nettie S. (Mrs John) 121 Maple av, Denver 

33633 Gauss, Helen Worthington (Mrs William T.)..2030 N. Cascade av, 

Colorado Springs 
38350 George, Clara C. Slayton (Mrs John) 1030 E. 4th av, Denver 

79324 Gibbs, Amanda (Miss) 715 Barr av, Canon City 

79325 Gibbs, Elizabeth (Miss) 715 Barr av, (Tanon City 

79326 Gibbs, Nannie (Miss) 715 Barr av, Canon City 

55069 Gibson, Martha Edlena (Mrs Jefferson D.) . .501 E. Colfax av, Denver 
60691 Gilbert, Edna Lawton (Miss).. 11 12 Palmer Park Bldg, Colorado 


33268 Gilbert, Ella Dodds (Mrs Charles W.) Box 574, Palisades 

12482 Gilc, Josephine R. (Mrs Moses Clement) 1121 N. Tejon st, 

Colorado Springs 

64501 Gillette, Clara Smith (Mrs C. P.).... 620 Elizabeth st. Fort Collins 

64502 Gillette, Florence (Miss) Fort Collins 

80418 Gillette, Nola Esther (Miss) Fort Collins 

80243 Gihnore, Faith W. (Miss) 2131 Marion st, Denver 

51715 Gladston, Jennie La Grange (Mrs John) R. F. D., Greeley 

83022 Gladwin, Jessie Burdick (Mrs E. F.) 1771 Penn st, Denver 

73217 Glassey, Nellie Fitz-Randolph (Mrs John H.) Fort Morgan 

1287 Goddard, Elizabeth Cass Ledyard (Mrs F. W.)..808 N. Cascade av. 
Colorado Springs 
46562 Goddard, Elizabeth Westcott (Mrs Luther Marcellus) . .2658 Hum- 
boldt st, Denver 
46569 (joodell, Mary Jane Matteson (Mrs Roswell Eaton) . .630 Clarkson st, 

55550 (k)odfellow, Jennie Ayres (Mrs Milton Barrett) Ouray 

16711 Goodman, Anna Bond Cox (Mrs (George C.) 1342 Adams st, 


84715 Gracbcr, Olive S. (Mrs Otto D.) 301 Quincy st, Pueblo 

46580 Graham, (^ra Cooley (Mrs William Little) . .405 Broadway, Pueblo 

81866 Graham, Laura May (Miss) 405 Broadway, Pueblo 

4 6129 Graham, Mary Worthington (Mrs John W.). .1007 Penna. av, Denver 

48299 Graham, Myra Sears (Mrs R. F.) 1129 7th st, Greeley 

72478 Grant, Gertrude Hendrie (Mrs William West, Jr.) . .831 Clarkson st, 

86626 Grant, Mary J. (Mrs Charles A.) 321 S. 4th st, Victor 

46108 Grant, Mary Matteson (Mrs James Benton).. 770 Pennsylvania av, 


27211 Grant, Nanny G. (Mrs William W.)..930 Pennsylvania av, Denver 

76208 Gravett, Nettie Kagay (Mrs John Arthur) Salidst 

54599 Gray, Louise Isabelle (Mrs C. D.) 804 6th st, Greeley 

29741 Green, Anna Mary Brown (Mrs Hubert Riley) 1331 Lincoln av, 


46099 Greene, Alice Williams (Miss) 5 Pitkin pi, Pueblo 

46579 Greene, Grace Emma (Miss) 5 Pitkin pi, Pueblo 

30727 Greenlee, Rachael Baumann (Mrs Lewis G.) 736 Washington st, 


37458 Greer, Grace Ford Davis (Mrs) Adult 

46993 Gregg, Ella Hampton (Mrs Frank E.) 1330 Race st, Denver 

46092 Gregg, Mary Josephine (Miss) Ouray 

54601 Greydene- Smith, Mabel (Mrs Frederick) .. 1221 Sherman st, Denver 

22147 Griffin, Mary Emily (Miss) 918 E. Boulder st, Colorado Springs 

28326 Griffith. Sarah A. Giddings (Mrs B. B.) . .404 N. Tcjon st, Colorado 

8655 Griswold, Katherine Howard Aiken (Mrs E. E.)..316 E. Huerfano 

st, Colorado Springs 

37561 Gunnell, Elizabeth Minor Hancock (Mrs Allen Thomson) ..1126 N. 

Tejon st, Colorado Springs 

62862 Haggott, L. Willie Cecil (Mrs Warren A.) Idaho Springs 

25070 Hale, Mary King (Mrs Irving) 1263 Columbine st, Denver 

73844 Hall, Alice Cecelia (Miss) 808 Forest av, Canon City 

68658 Hall, Edith Erminia (Miss) 808 Forest av. Canon City 

87057 Hall, Ethel M. (Miss) Colorado Springs 

46135 Hallack, Kate Gray (Mrs Erastus F.) 1701 Sherman av, Denver 

75557 Hamilton, Martha Cushman (Mrs James L.) . .825 White av. Grand 


37562 Hamlin, Seddie Gunnell (Mrs Clarence Clark) 1126 N. Tejon st, 

Colorado Springs 

84712 Hamly, Rose Emerson (Mrs Stanley Valentine) 1317 Ogden st, 


77436 Hampson, Alice E. Knapp (Mrs T. J., Sr.) 633 E st. Sail da 

77437 Hampson, Anna Ruby (Miss) 633 E st, Salida 

79740 Hampton, Elizabeth Crapster (Mrs Harry L.)..The Shirley, Denver 

80244 Handy, Dora Wilson (Mrs Robert M.) 1500 Monaca st, Denver 

87055 Hansen, Mildred (Miss) 1460 Corona st, Denver 

75136 Harding, Alice Campbell (Mrs T. M., Jr.) ..807 Allison st. Canon City 

73845 Harrison, Ida Mabel (Miss) 901 River st, Canon City 

46131 Harrison, Isabel Matthews (Mrs Meyer) 1457 Vine st, Denver 

60194 Harrison, Julia T. (Miss) 1457 Vine st, Denver 

85399 Harrison, Love Chrisman (Mrs Benjamin) ..1610 Gaylord st, Denver 

58651 Hartman, Elizabeth Moffatt Tarbell (Mrs).. 305 Jackson st, Pueblo 

67592 Hartsel, Henrietta Sutton (Miss) 1627 Vine st, Denver 

53577 Harvey, Sally Moore Flenniken (Mrs Percy Porterfield) . . 1503 N. 

Nevada av, Colorado Springs 
8291 Hatch, Mary Tenney (Mrs Walter Macomber) 112 E. Dale st, 

Colorado Springs 
85725 Hauser, Harriet Sargent (Mrs Elias J.).. 1445 Emerson st, Denver 
10266 Haviland, Gertrude E. Connor (Mrs).. 814 W. Mountain av, Fort 


7471 Hawes, Mary (Miss) 1387 Wolff st. Denver 

12483 Hayden, Anna Davis (Mrs Henry B.) 1434 Wood av, Colorado 

27452 Hayden. Flora Pluma Matson (Mrs Thomas Scott) 1637 Sherman av, 

78065 Hayes, Isabella White Hippie (Mrs W. Bruce) .5060 Ogden st, Denver 

49329 Hayes, Susie Tucker (Mrs W. R.) Palisades 

84003 Haynes, Rhoda Norton (Miss) 1305 6th st, Greeley 

44311 Hays, Abbie Torrey (Mrs David) La Junta 

52431 Hayt, Ella Palmer (Miss) 2600 E. Colfax av, Denver 


46132 Hayt, Julia Aline Palmer (Mrs Charles Den ison).. 2600 E. Colfax av. 

28015 Hay ward, Susan Moffett (Mfs W. P. G.)..1210 Bannock st, Denver 
69867 Heberling, Harmony Collar (Mrs Cassius R.) 1128 Gaylord st, 


85965 Heberton, Georgine Wood (Mrs Charles M.)..1103 Pine st, Boulder 

36575 Hecox, Anna H. Brown (Mrs) 2270 Ash st, Park Hill, Denver 

51716 Hedke, Edith Carr (Mrs Charles Richard) Fort Collins 

S1732 Hemming, Lucy K (Mrs Charles C.)..1908 N. Cascade av, Colorado 


80240 Henderson, Minnie Kathrine (Miss) Grand Junction 

86496 Henderson, Nellie Bartlett (Mrs Junius) 627 Pine st, Boulder 

48303 Herrick, Anita L. (Miss) 1344 Gaylord st, Denver 

25079 Herrick, Ellen Louisa (Mrs John C.) 1344 Gaylord st, Denver 

S6092 Hersey, Annie Louise (Mrs Henry Johnson) . .1327 Gaylord st, Denver 

42733 Hewitt, Carrie (Mrs Edwin) 1415 Washington av, Denver 

65708 Higley, Alice Dowler (Mrs Elmer E.) 1257 Bannock st, Denver 

31230 Hill, Alice Polk (Mrs William C.) 658 Emerson st, Denver 

76690 Hill. Helen Adelia (Mrs Albert Lyon) Evans 

85966 Hill, Henrietta Pinney (Mrs Frank Walts) ... .865 12th st, Boulder 

47002 Hill, Stella Conard (Mrs James F.) Holly 

11670 Hobson, Katharine Thayer (Mrs Henry W.)..505 Cascade av, Colo- 
rado Springs 

19524 Hoch, Eleanor Wigton (Mrs Wm. Robert). .1217 Marion st, Denver 

46581 Hogarty. Viola Andrew Collins (Mrs Barry).. 820 Santa Fe av, 

79742 Hogue, Elizabeth (Miss) 1331 F st, Salida 

79743 Hogue, Rose (Miss) 1331 F st, Salida 

79744 Hogue, Una (Miss) 1331 F st, Salida 

39445 Holden, Elsie Greene CMrs G. W.) E. 6th av & Hyde, Denver 

46100 Holmes, Annie Essex Harper (Mrs George).. 7 Pitkin pi, Pueblo 

«3023 Holmes, Luclla Vivian (Miss) . . . .P. O. Box 521, 742 Veta av, Pueblo 

76508 Holt, Qara E. (Miss) Monte Vista 

51724 Hopkins, Minnie Peck (Mrs James Francis) 1675 Franklin st, 


48300 Home, Lydia Frances (Mrs George D.) 721 12th st, Greeley 

46570 Hosea, Elizabeth Gordon Gay (Mrs Raphael Moore) Pueblo 

33172 Houghtelin, Ethel M. Haskell (Mrs Guy R.) 807 Lafayette st, Penver 

75139 Houghton, Sara Ashton (Miss) Montrose 

68987 Houston, Cynthia Parker (Mrs Joseph Clarke) 827 Marion st, 

^2787 Houtz, Cora Lyman Doty (Mrs Charles W.) . .967 Lafayette st, Denver 
43834 Howe, Mabel Candee (Mrs Walter Emerson) . .1580 Dallas st, Denver 
8876 Howell, Catherine Ashman V. (Mrs Benjamin P.).. 31 15 Wyandot st, 

S3687 Howry, Grace Hamilton (Mrs John Hubbard) .... 1070 Marion st, 


S2762 Hudson, Addle Gropsey (Mrs Timothy M.) Gardner 

46130 Hudson, Almira Frost (Mrs Stephen G.) 2270 E. 13th av, Denver 

58650 Hughes, Blanche Bennet (Mrs James G.)....1703 11th av, Greeley 
79415 Hughs, Florence Evely Cooley (Mrs John Bell) . .723 Pine st, Trinidad 

83691 Hurford, Alice (Miss) 511 Broadway, Pueblo 

83690 Hurford, Elizabeth Grant (Mrs Thomas Jefferson) 511 Broadway, 

«160 Huston, Adelaide M. (Mrs W. Barrie)..662 S. Lincoln st, Denver 

67475 Hylton, Mattic (Mrs T. W.) Box 621, Las Animas 

59120 Inglis, Martha Theodora Marshall (Mrs John) 1675 Logan st, 


65486 Jackson, Laura Carter (Mrs Ira B.) 1066 Pa. av, Denver 

70509 Jameson, Florence Miller (Mrs Charles Davis) .. Colorado Springs 

79735 Jayncs, Inez Drake (Mrs Charles Lester) Idaho Springs 

5585 Jerome, E. Ellen Batcheller (Mrs Frank) 1835 Sherman av, 



86503 Jerrard, Margaret M. (Miss) Salida 

86176 Jewell, Winona Reed (Miss) 1102 F st, Salida 

57674 Johnson, Alice Gill (Mrs Bruce F.) 1029 8th av, Greeley 

66094 Johnson, Florence Weateley Eddy (Mrs Kepler).. 514 N. Cascade 

av, Colorado Springs 
69161 Johnson, Mary A. Peale (Mrs Arthur M.)..405 Lincoln st, Fort 

73213 Johnson, May Bice (Mrs S. Arthur) . ..618 Elizabeth st, Fort Collins 

34353 Jones, Florence A. Feay (Mrs R. H.) 1347 S. 9th st, Denver 

72778 Jones, Florine Allen (Mrs Harry C.)..703 Platte av, Fort Morgan. 
19366 Jones, Grace Church (Mrs Wm. Wright) .. 726 E. 16th av, Denver 

46136 Jones, Helen Brown (Mrs Myron W.) 875 Marion st, Denver 

39829 Jones, Ida May Knowles (Mrs Andrieus Aristeus) . .938 Corona 

st, Denver 
52430 Kassler, Olivia Cooper (Mrs Edwin Stebbins) 1136 Logan av^ 

66380 Kasson, Edyth Hawdrick (Mrs William Turner).. 408 N. Franklin 

st, Colorado Springs 

46138 Keely, Elizabeth Kendall (Mrs Thomas) 975 Pa. av, Denver 

73847 Keen, Mabel Laughlin (Mrs William Dustin) 1339 Carteret av, 


70517 Keeney, Edna Anderson (Mrs M. J.) 117 W. Pitkin st, Pueblo 

80420 Keezer, Madelyn Moore (Miss) 1243 Columbine st. Denver 

25072 Keezer, Martha Moulton (Mrs Frank M.) 1243 Columbine st^ 

50595 Keith, Adella Parker Ware (Mrs Charles William).. 20 S. Sherman 

av, Denver 

75140 Keller, Anna Earll (Mrs Richard) Montrose 

76462 Kennicott, Helen Cole (Mrs Victor H.) 930 Ogden st, Denver 

38353 Kent, Anna Elizabeth (Mrs Edward W.) 30 W. Carmillo st, 

Colorado Springs 

51717 Kerlee, Stella Witter (Mrs Ozzie R.) 1321 6th st, Greeley 

36511 Kermack, M. Robert B. Schurman (Mrs R. R.) Magnolia 

34475 Kerr, Bertha Thompson (Mrs Guy Manning) Leadville 

56095 Kerr, Lillian Hart (Mrs Robert). .1815 N. Tejon st, Colorado Springs 
87352 Ketchum, Mary Esther Beatty (Mrs Milo Smith) .. ..1146 12th st, 


79048 Ketterman, Fannie S. (Mrs William) 1804 Pine st, Boulder 

63396 Keyes, Elodia' Bates Qark (Mrs J. Elwood) 1221 Claremont st, 


77429 Keyser, Harriet Mitchell (Mrs) Fort Collins 

55073 Kilbourn, Mary Adaline Douglas (Mrs Jonathan Burwell) 1124 

Court st, Pueblo 

43443 Kimball, Frances Ayres (Mrs CJordon) Ouray 

86499 King, Gertrude Russell (Miss) , 1221 Race st. Denver 

18402 King, Virginia Southard Woodruff (Mrs William Rice) . .1444 Vine st, 

41692 Kirby, Louise Winton (Mrs Willson W.) 1239 Downing st, 

50820 Kirkman, Lucy Bedford (Mrs Ira James) 2112 Greenwood st, 


23815 Kirkpatrick, Phebe Finley (Mrs Charles C.) Colorado Springs 

53064 Kistler, Alice May (Miss) 1100 E. 7th st, Denver 

46994 Kistler, Carrie Oatman (Mrs William Henry).. 1100 E. 7th st, Denver 

63919 Knowles, Josephine ( Miss) Denver 

46137 Kountze, Mary Ensign (Mrs (Tharles Brewer). .1613 Grant av, Denver 
54905 Krause, Hattie C. (Mrs George A.).. Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs 
77432 Krohn, Claribel Aline Olds (Mrs Edmond A.).. 835 Ouray av. Grand 


85969 Laben, Sallie Cowan (Mrs F. J.) 2126 Grand av. Pueblo 

46088 Lakin, Clara Schoonmaker (Mrs Albert Lee) Brighton 

77434 Larimer, Emily Wiles Craig (Mrs Guy Wayne) Salida 

65930 Lathrop, Susan Ford (Mrs Burton) Colorado Springs 


75741 Laycock, Adele D. Bard (Mrs John H.)..4500 W. 6th av. Denver 

26350 Leddy, Adeline Jerome (Mrs M. A.) Manitou 

JU880 Lee, Carrie L. (Mrs Samuel William) 1236 Clarkson st, Denver 

85692 Lee, Clara Dunton (Miss) 27 Block K, Pueblo 

83025 Lee, Jessie Page (Miss) 1236 Clarkson st, Denver 

76205 Lee. Nelle Osbom (Mrs Harry Rowland) Montrose 

56089 Lee, Vinnie Pearl (Miss) 2307 Greenwood st, Pueblo 

55075 Lennox, Martha Jane (Mrs John) 1339 N. Nevada av, Colorado 


30516 Leslie, Lillie Weber (Mrs Walter N.) 112 W. 11th st. Pueblo 

59116 Lester, Elizabeth Lothrop (Mrs Barton G.) 811 Penn. av, Denver 

56093 Lewis, Kate Freeman (Miss) 1459 Ogden st, Denver 

55885 Lewis, Martha Washington Patrick (Mrs Thomas L.)..701 W. Uth 

st, Pueblo 

46583 Lewis, Melissa Ann Lewis (Mrs Thomas Addison) . .926 Lake av, 


60740 Lew^is. Ruth (Miss) 429 Greenwood av, Canon City 

81193 Lindsley, Ada Sherman (Mrs Henry Atkins) .. 1524 Race st, Denver 
75016 Little, Florence Rockafellow (Mrs Wilbur T.) 9()1 Macon av, Canon 


78066 Lockard, Lois Lytle (Mrs Lorenzo B.) 665 Lafayette st, Denver 

80557 Logan, Mary E. Kneeland (Mrs Harvey Scott) Fort Morgan 

85967 Long, Grace Whitson (Mrs Walter Mears)..1130 10th st, Boulder 

79529 Long, Michi Geraldine (Miss) Akron 

87058 Loomis, Florence Lee (Mrs Augustus H.)..309 N. Tejon st, Colorado 

46039 Love, Minnie Celia Tucker (Mrs Charles Gurley) . .308 Jackson Bldg, 

46140 Loveland, Adele Bcebe (Mrs Francis Welham) . .850 Logan av, Denver 

68749 Lovcll, Delia Maria (Mrs George) 930 5th st, Greeley 

35127 Low, Elizabeth A. Noble (Mrs J. H. H.) Pueblo 

56840 Lowell, Louise S. Cox (Mrs John R.)..1131 W. Weber st, Colorado 

32042 Lowry, Mary Nell French (Mrs Walter Bingham) . .946 Corona st, 

63920 Lunbeck, Camille Christopher (Mrs Frank G.)..1312 10th av, Greeley 
46582 Luqueer, Josephine Knapp (Mrs Frank Suydam). .2201 Greenwood st» 


79739 Lync, Mary McDowell (Miss) Colorado Springs 

83028 Lytic, Blanche (Miss) Nordrach Ranch, Colorado Springs 

71704 Lytle, Sara Steele (Mrs John Miller) 411 Main st, Fort Morgan 

14857 McAllaster, Apphia Jewell (Miss) 11th Avenue Hotel, Denver 

78971 McChesney, Frances Field (Mrs A. C.)..516 Nevada av, Trinidad 

38852 McClintock, Fannie Kent (Mrs Frank) .P. O, Box 297, Grand Junction 

38853 McClintock, Merle Miller (Miss) Pueblo 

201S8 McClurg, Virginia Donaghe (Mrs Gilbert) ... .619 N. Cascade av, 

Colorado Springs 
66468 McCorkle, Nannie I. (Mrs John H.)....1121 S. Union av, Pueblo 
80419 McCormick, Carrie Sherman (Mrs George C.)..601 W. Mt. av, Fort 


75742 McCourt, Emma Fellows (Mrs Peter) 555 E. 8th av, Denver 

46144 McCullough, Alice Rodgers Jones (Mrs George). .1778 Gilpin st, 


46145 McCune, Emma Kent (Mrs Addison J.).. 1426 Humboldt st, Denver 
9383 McElhone, Blanche Mitchell Finley (Mrs Frederick Halsey) . .1244 

Grant av, Denver 

66929 McElroy, Katharine Story (Miss) R. F. D. 1, Box 1, Greeley 

79741 McElvain, Ethel Naylor (Mrs George) Denver 

36094 McGarry, Bertha Rebecca Smith (Mrs). .730 N. Cascade av, Colorado 


46584 McHarg. Alice Brown (Miss) 615 Broadway, Pueblo 

51733 McHarg, Flora Silliman (Mrs T. Arthur).. 725 Highland av, Boulder 
62867 McHugh. Lerah G. (Mrs P. J.) Fort Collins 


36093 McKeehan, Grace Chandler (Miss) 931 N. Weber st, Colorado 


54075 McKinnie, Alice Lee (Miss) 1432 N. Weber st, Colorado Springs 

54074 McKinnie, Mary Elizabeth Moore (Mrs E. L.)..1432 N. Weber st, 

Colorado Springs 

65098 McLagan, Cecil Wood (Mrs George) 713 W. 11th st, Pueblo 

55066 McLucas, Rosa Dyer (Mrs William H.) Lucerne 

62855 McMurtrie, Eleanor Waters (Miss) 1010 Pennsylvania av, Denver 

31964 McMurtrie, Eva Easley (Mrs Samuel) 1010 Pa. av, Denver 

31231 McNamara, Anna Butler (Miss) 864 Clarkson st, Denver 

18238 McNamara, Louise B. (Mrs Michael Joseph) ..864 Clarkson st, Denver 

46146 McNeil, Ella A. (Mrs John Lloyd) 930 Logan av, Denver 

36192 McNutt, Mary Orth (Miss) 18 Altahama Apts, Denver 

50594 Mallaby, Julia Bleecker (Miss) 622 Michigan av. Pueblo 

37559 Mallaby, Martha Beatty (Mrs Oliver William) . .622 Michigan av. 

37137 Malone, Alma Millicent (Mrs Booth M.)....1549 York st, Denver 

25076 Mann, Frances C. Mack (Mrs Herbert) 1120 Pearl st, Denver 

46103 Marbourg, Carolyn Agnes Foster (Mrs Edgar M.)..812 N. Cascade 

av, Colorado Springs 
71424 Marsh, Atlanta Gerry (Mrs George Austin).. Box 744, Filer's Smelter 

Grounds, Pueblo 
39298 Marshall, Narcissa P. S. Huston (Mrs George). .Cor. 12th & Grand 

sts, Grand Junction 
83470 Martin, Fannie Benson (Mrs John Walter). .2050 S. University av, 


46090 Martin, Pearl McCke (Mrs Scth K.) 2237 Dahlia st, Denver 

48304 Mason, Elizabeth E. (Miss) 1525 Lafayette st, Denver 

46089 Mason, Juliaette J. (Mrs W. L.) 1525 Lafayette st, Denver 

28016 Mathew, Virginia Browne (Mrs Henry A. C.)..535 Penn. av, Denver 

59119 Maxwell, Emma Eliza (Miss) 3239 Vallejo st, Denver 

46995 Maxwell, Emma L. (Mrs John M.) 1432 Gaylord st, Denver 

15752 Maxwell, Mary Ruth (Miss) .. ..419 W. 1st st, Roswell Sta, Colorado 

51726 Mayer, Libbie Lawrence Thompson (Mrs Karl Kuner) . .2417 E. 12th 

av, Denver 

52432 Mechling, Mary Heath (Mrs John) 1030 Logan av, Denver 

82785 Meeker, Maud M. ( Miss) 1319 8th av, Greeley 

46385 Mercer, Hattie Howland (Mrs James E.)....1223 Corona st, Denver 
21103 Meserve, Abby Hill (Mrs William Neal) 326 N. 8th st, Grand 


83590 Metzger, May Sowles (Mrs V. E.) Crested Butte 

29462 Millard, Laura L. Lull (Mrs Charles S.)..1256 Humboldt st, Denver 

7440 Miller, Catharine de Navarre (Miss) 827 Clarkson st, Denver 

81194 Miller, Helen Acker (Mrs Albert R.) 225 W. 5th st. Salida 

84713 Milligan, Ella Ruahmah Metsker (Mrs Edward).. 2184 S. St. Paul st, 

1^7^ Miner, Cora Berkey (Mrs E. Spencer) 1351 Corona st, Denver 

46141 Mitchell, Clara Goodell (Mrs John (31ark)..680 Clarkson st, Denver 

70724 Mitchell, Clara Sterling (Miss) 680 Clarkson st, Denver 

37429 Mitchell. Esther Kent (Mrs Charles E.)..1426 Humboldt st, Denver 
77428 Mitchell, Mary de Clercq (Mrs) .Tort Collins 

46142 Monahan, Mary Stockton (Mrs Deane) 1342 York st, Denver 

75141 Monell, Helen Amanda Clarkson (Mrs T. W.) Montrose 

25075 Moore, Mary J. (Mrs Thomas H.) 1455 Logan st, Denver 

67207 Moore, Stella Newton (Mrs William Augustus) 4040 Montview blvd, 

71706 More, Effie Safford (Mrs La Fayette) . .409 E. Platte av, Fort Morgan 

76421 Morgan, Gertrude Sutherland (Mrs John F.) Fort Collins 

84001 Morgan, Mary Alice (Miss) 405 Remington st. Fort Collins 

82378 Morley, Maud Thompson (Mrs Clarence J.) 1360 Josephine St.. 



35070 Morley. Octavia M. VVheaton (Mrs Frederick H.)..851 E. 8th av. 


47656 Morphy, Anna Burns (Mrs George Edmond) Salida 

87054 Morrill, Julia Daisy Miner (Mrs Edgar L.)..402 Remington st, Fort 

72275 Morris, Annie Lewis Brown (Mrs Harold).. 410 Marion st, Denver 
46133 Morris, Louisa A. Hughes (Mrs P. Randolph) .. 1436 Cherokee st, 


46143 Morris, Mary B. Smith (Mrs Charles H.) 1818 Lincoln av, Denver 

63356 Morrison, Birtie (Mrs William S.) La Junta 

37563 Morrison, Myrta Winchester (Mrs James Addison) ..1607 N. Nevada 

av, Colorado Springs 
76284 Morse, Edna Allan (Mrs Willard Vaughan) . . . .6 Brownleigh Court, 

41693 Morse, Lily Angeline Murray (Mrs Ira J.) 1504 N. Nevada av, 

Colorado Springs 
77433 Mosley, Laura Crowe (Mrs Earl Louis) 1120 Rood av. Grand 

^565 Moulton, Laura Dodge (Mrs Lester J.) 2145 6th st, Boulder 

78968 Moys, Lena Adelaide (Mrs Frederick Charles) . .421 Pine st, Boulder 

78969 Moys, May Adelaide (Miss) 421 Pine st, Boulder 

38932 Mueller, Flora S. (Mrs Fred A.).. Acacia Hotel, Colorado Springs 

70514 Mulford, Rachael Dailey (Miss) R. F. D. 2, Box 43, Greeley 

S7354 Mulnix, Grace Straver (Mrs Harry E.) 1565 Lafayette st, Denver 

18239 Murray, Mary Emily (Mrs Albert)... 801 Santa Fe av, Pueblo 

53994 Myer, Grace Limbocker (Mrs W. W.) 1558 Marion st, Denver 

26519 Myers, Harriet Eaton (Mrs Julius A.) 1205 Ogden st, Denver 

40028 Napheys, Hannah Oliphant Earl (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) 1200 

S. 10th st, Denver 
38978 Napier, Carrie St. Clair (Mrs Barnette Turner) .Glenwood Springs 

46585 Nash, Bessie Anna (Miss) 102 W 10th st, Pueblo 

86504 Naylor, Eliza Thamer (Mrs Edward R.) 2423 Vine st, Denver 

43836 Ncal, Mary Elisabeth Caroline (Mrs John Randolph) Hotel 

Lafayette, 16th & Lincoln sts, Denver 

79232 Nelson, Susie Minor (Mrs Wesley H.) Norwood 

66930 Neutze, Josephine Wilson (Mrs John Henry) 1517 10th av, 

73854 Newcomb, Effie Aldrich (Mrs Daniel Edgar) La Jara 

46104 Newton, Mary R. (Mrs Whitney Newton) . . 12th av & Grant st, 

28017 Nice, Ruth Mott (Mrs William H.)..1223 Columbine st, Denver 
53578 Nisslcy, Jessie Sudduth (Mrs Henry R.) 738 F. Platte av, 

Colorado Springs 
<S2856 Nixon, Julia (jrant Campbell (Mrs Courtlnnd) 950 Logan av, 

35124 Noble, Martha J. Henry (Mrs Chapman M.). .523 Center st, Pueblo 
38925 Nolan, Edith Yale (Mrs William H.)....1040 Downing st. Denver 
48989 Noltc, Susanna Richey (Mrs George E.) 228 Cheyenne av, 

Colorado Springs 
79440 Ohl, Gertrude Perkins (Mrs John WalHs)..St. Thomas Rectory, 

2084 Fairfax st, Denver 
46147 Orahood, Mary Esther Hurlbut (Mrs Harper M.)..2130 E. Colfax 

av, Denver 

46105 Orman, Nellie Martin (Mrs James B.)..10S W. Orman av, Pueblo 
^3398 Ormsby, Mary Eliza Lamb (Mrs Albert T.) . .1547 Gaylord st, Denver 

76206 Osborn, Grace Priscilla (Miss) Montrose 

79444 Osbom, Martha Harriet (Mrs E. L.) Montrose 

68657 Osgood, (Hiarlotte Larned (Miss) 1260 Humboldt st, Denver 

67915 Osgood, Julia L. Russell (Mrs Charles £.) . .1260 Humboldt st, Denver 
S6505 Owen, Winifred Churchill (Mrs James) 1421 N. Cascade av, 

Colorado Springs 
Packard, Caroline Sanborne (Mrs George C.)..1344 Franklin st, 


33837 Page, Emma Jerusha Chatfield (Mrs Walter Ernest) Grand 


25607 Page, Louise Blow (Mrs William Byrd)....818 Pearl st, Denver 

80423 Parfet, Georgene Johnston (Mrs Grant) Golden 

76207 Parker, Erena O shorn (Mrs Lafayette) Montrose 

75736 Patrick, Maude Washington (Miss) . . . .2414 Greenwood st, Pueblo 

54451 Patten, Jennie M. (Miss) Yuma 

62546 Patton, Sarah Mabel (Miss) 201 E. Orman av, Pueblo 

75137 Pearce, Josephine Rich (Mrs) 634 Ouray av. Grand Junction 

56097 Pease, Florence Hutchinson (Mrs Thomas Calvin).. 14 E. Cara- 

millo st, Colorado Springs 
28328 Peavey, Josephine Lyford (Miss) 726 N. Tejon st, Colorado 

37564 Perkins, Mary Cooper (Mrs Lucius Conker) .. 1 105 N. Weber st» 

Colorado Springs 

27454 Perry, Lottie Matson (Mrs Samuel M.) 1140 Grant st, Denver 

46107 Peterson, Myra E. Whiton (Mrs Scott R.) 422 W. Pitkin av, 


54077 Phelps, Bertha Mary McKinnie (Mrs Charles Elliott) Greeley 

27453 Pierce, Frances Moffett (Mrs John).. ..1318 California st, Denver 

68088 Pigg, Genevieve McReady (Mrs Wharton H.) Black Mountain 

48306 Pitcaithly, Louise W. Hodge (Mrs Wilson Lesley) .. ..717 W. 24th 

st, Pueblo 

59118 Piatt, Harriet Sophia (Miss) 1550 Sherman av, Denver 

581 Piatt, Julia Maria Hankinson (Mrs William A.).. The Belvoir, 

Colorado Springs 
56096 Plumb, Jessie A. Morse (Mrs Carl W.) 1140 Rood av, Grand 

58181 Plumer, Emily Smith (Mrs George H.)..1429 Adams st, Denver 
50043 Plumer, Vera L. Reed (Mrs Arthur William) .... 1429 Adams st, 


70461 Pollard, Grace (Miss) 2410 Greenwood st, Pueblo 

70462 Pollard, Hattie E. (Miss) 2410 Greenwood st, Pueblo 

76202 Port, L. Maude (Miss) 1141 Pearl st, Denver 

48678 Porter, Nettie Belle Major (Mrs Maurice Newton) La Junta 

71062 Porter, Parmelia Curtis (Mrs William Earl).. 501 Pennsylvania st, 

64863 Post, Emeline Emmons (Mrs William Mason).. 602 S. College av> 

Fort Collins 

86498 Power, Alice Warfield (Mrs Clifton N.) 2409 West st, Pueblo 

62857 Powers, Clara Jane Bigelow (Mrs Edward Faville) . . 1275 High st,. 

59117 Pratt, Anna Laura (Mrs Richard Henry) Perrenoud Apts.» 

49819 Preston, Edith Lucetta Forbush (Mrs J. W.)..109 W. Adams av, 


68418 Price, Laura Johnson (Mrs William .T) Biggsdale 

4990 Price, Lidie B. Graham (Mrs Hugh H.) 1430 Race st, Denver 

80558 Price, Lola F. K. (Mrs Edwin) 323 N. 8th st. Grand Junction 

67917 Price, Maude McFerran (Mrs William Wells).. 215 S. Nevada av. 

Colorado Springs 
70727 Prince, Cora Packard (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) .. 115 E. Evans av, 

63662 Quackenbush, Marion Moore (Mrs Peter).. 1140 Wood av, Colo- 

rado Springs 

82789 Queal, Anna (Miss) 1414 Pine st, Boulder 

46150 Ragland, Elizabeth Coffield (Mrs George C.)-1110 Downing av, 


63921 Ramsey, Eva Knowles (Mrs John W.) Sterling 

67873 Randall. Elizabeth C. Watson (Mrs Frederick) Denver 

54452 Raugh, Sarah M. Johnston (Mrs Samuel) Brush 

21955 Ray, Jessie Miller (Mrs Benjamin F.) 700 Emerson st, Denver 


27333 Raymond, Sarah Kirtland Douglas (Mrs George P.) Inde- 

75738 Rece, Mary Buckner Giddings (Mrs John Calvin) Eaton 

49537 Recor. Laruna Smith (Mrs Edward C.) Fruita 

72073 Reed, Eliza A. Jameson (Mrs Harry G.) Plattsville 

51723 Reed, Ella Francesca Hodges (Mrs Norman) 512 E. 12th st, 


72074 Reed, Ethel Blanche (Miss) Plattsville 

66465 Reed, Genevieve (Miss) Plattsville 

83685 Reed, Helen Frances (Miss) 1117 Pine st. Boulder 

29663 Reid, Belle Rollins (Mrs James) 25 Block H, Pueblo 

71703 Reinhold, Susan Evre (Mrs Frederick H.) Montrose 

35781 Resor. Margaret H. Mitchell (Mrs Earl)..l Frankfred Ter, Pueblo 

62858 Reynolds, Anna Earll (Miss) 1620 Grant av, Denver 

52433 Reynolds, Dora Earll (Mrs A. E.) 1620 Grant av, Denver 

47005 Reynolds, Ella White (Mrs Andrew James) Ouray 

51718 Reynolds, Frances L. (Mrs James G.) Eaton 

87059 Reynolds, Laura Hemenway (Mrs Charles P.).. 2208 N. Nevada av, 

Colorado Springs 
77749 Reynolds, Mary Elizabeth (Miss).. 20 W. Del Norte st, Colorado 


46588 Rice, Grace Ayres (Mrs John Findlay) Ouray 

72773 Rich, Ella Lee (Mrs Theodore S.) 27 Block K. Pueblo 

53573 Richards, Cara Stiles (Mrs B. Franklin) .. 1410 Grant st, Denver 
76203 Richards, Georgia Phipps (Mrs Eugene Daniels).. 24 E. 11th av, 

79737 Richardson, Martha Bangle (Mrs Edmund Fuller) .. 1631 St. Paul 

st, Denver 
8906 Riddle, Ida B. Whcaton (Mrs William Edward).. 811 W. Tejon st, 

Colorado Springs 

77438 Ridgway, Rosella Woodruff (Mrs J. H.) 434 Ouray av, Salida 

59114 Ringle, Mary Beardsley (Mrs Charles A.).... 1625 10th st, Greeley 
72481 Robbins, Anna S. (Mrs Freeman L.)..320 N. Institute st, Colo- 
rado Springs 
73848 Robe, Anna Laughlin (Mrs Robert Chalmers). .332 Broadway, 


73856 Robinson, Gertrude Ruble (Mrs Henry) Monte Vista 

71144 Robinson, May Linscott (Mrs William Francis). .3325 Shoshone 

st, Denver 
63400 Robinson, Stella M. (Mrs Charles Duane) 746 E. Platte av, 

Colorado Springs 

66931 Roediger, Susie More (Mrs Julian H.) Fort Morgan 

84714 Roeschlaub, Edith Cammann (Mrs Frank S.)..1563 St. Paul st, 

46149 Rogers, Cora May Peabody (Mrs James Grafton). .1137 Sherman 

st, Denver 
46586 Rogers, Olive H. Warner (Mrs Freeman Cudworth). .1112 E. 9th 

St. Pueblo 

86497 Rohner, Lucy Billingsley (Mrs George) 624 Pine st, Boulder 

65485 Roof, Inez Virginia Townsend (Mrs Frederick Osborne) 2 

Pitkin pi, Pueblo 

61708 Rose, Katharine Earhart (Mrs 'Charles Edwin) Ouray 

74682 Ross, Pearl Smith (Mrs) Route 1, Grand Junction 

8309 Rouse, Harriet Brainard (Mrs F. L.)..1411 N. Nevada av, Colo- 
rado Springs 
80566 Rowland, Hattie Parker (Mrs Hiram Edwin).. 1014 Mapleton av, 

46152 Rucker. Abbie Sunderland (Mrs Alexander Macomb) 1251 

Lafayette st, Denver 

53575 Ruegnitz, Mary A. (Mrs) 517 Quincy st, Pueblo 

50826 Ruflfncr, Nellie Shumway (Mrs V. W.)....220 E. 20th av, Denver 
11908 Rumsey, Emma F. Colcamp (Mrs Samuel M.)..80l Nevada av, 

Colorado Springs 


77014 Rundle, Hettie E. (Mrs Charles W.) 131 White st, Grand 

71061 Russell, Bessie Maud (Mrs Warren H.) 130 W. Mountain av, 

Fort Collins 
60743 Russell, Jennie Warren (Mrs Howard).. 416 Remington st, Fort 


18932 Rust. Margaret de Huff Meily (Mrs Ned) 926 Lake av, Pueblo 

83026 Ruth, Mabel McLain (Mrs Adolph H.)....729 E. 16th av, Denver 

77746 St. Clair, Ann M. (Mrs M. M.) 412 Remington, Fort Collins 

84002 St. Clair, M. Katherine (Miss) Fort Collins 

83471 Sampliner, Mae Strayer (Mrs A. R.) . .515 N. 7th st. Grand Junction 
65593 Sanborn. Carrie Bassett (Mrs Burton Davis) .. 1018 9th st, Greeley 

85221 Sanderson, Catherine Webster Osgood (Mrs) Trinidad 

45630 Sanderson, Jessie Kingsbury (Mrs George S.) 701 Marion st, 

75093 Sanger, Laura Blanche (Mrs Ulysses Grant).. 1617 Humboldt st, 


87052 Sayre, Halcyonc Weaver (Mrs Otis) 980 11th st, Boulder 

79745 Schilthuis, Tamer Louise (Mrs Joseph M.) Salida 

87355 Schuvler, Alsena (Mrs Karl Cortlandt). .657 Lafayette st. Denver 
29744 Schuyler, Mary Douglas Odcll (Mrs Gerald L.)..1811 Grant st, 

72776 Scott, Evelyn Berkey (Mrs James Wesley) 224 E. Yampa st, 

Colorado Springs 

60737 Scott, Lucy E. R. (Mrs) 2842 Josephine st, Denver 

57446 Scars, Clara Mason (Mrs Harry L.)..-.501 E. Colfax av, Denver 
64503 Secrist, May Newman (Mrs Frank W.)..119 W. Mulberry st. Fort 


85968 Seely, Roza M. (Mrs Worth Lessig) 1117 Pine st. Boulder 

13081 Seldomridge, Irene Barnes (Mrs Harry Hunter) ..1015 N. Nevada 

av, Colorado Springs 

75142 Selig, Le Vonne Norris (Mrs Hugo) 143 S. 4th st, Montrose 

73852 Serat, Edith Reynolds (Mrs Mortimer E.)..1121 N. Nevada av, 

Colorado Springs 
76505 Shackleford, Carra McClure (Mrs Sprigg)..955 Ouray av, Grand 


46574 Shannon, Bertha Jaques (Mrs) 1460 Humboldt st, Denver 

42743 Sharp, Louie Milner (Mrs Arthur Gideon) .. 1609 N. Nevada av, 

Colorado Springs 
67477 Shattuck, Mary Wheeler (Mrs Orville Frank) 1717 Uth av, 


51719 Shaw, Fanny Marlay (Mrs Harry H.) 1123 9th av, Greeley 

65759 Shaw, Mary Louise (Miss) 521 W. 19th st, Pueblo 

49818 Shepard, Eva Phelps (Mrs Samuel C.)..2211 Cherry st, Park Hill, 

73216 Shepherd, Florence Louise Baker (Mrs Frank E.)..101 E. Platte 

av, Fort Morgan 

73846 Shippey, Grace Mary Hall (Mrs Orland P.) Saguache 

77431 Short, Mary Rutan Magruder (Mrs Edmund J.).. 50 W. 4th av, 

83030 Shute, Jeannie T. (Miss) 744 F st, Salida 

67918 Simkins, Emma Coburn (Miss) ..1345 N. Weber st, Colorado 


67919 Simkins, Florence Lee (Miss) . . 1345 N. Weber st, Colorado Springs 

67920 Simkins, Louise Holbrook (Miss) . . 1345 N. Weber st, Colorado 

72774 Simonson, lona Rebuck (Mrs George Howk)..217 E. Routt av, 

46153 Skinner, Mary Louise Kountze (Mrs James Dudley).. 909 Pearl st, 

55072 Skoog, Anna B. Gordon (Mrs) 418 Broadway, Pueblo 


56098 Slaughter, Eiizabcth Anderson (Miss) 122 E. JeflFerson st^ 

Colorado Springs 

18915 Slaughter, Stella Beeson (Mrs Martin) 122 E. Jefferson st,, 

Colorado Springs 

56099 Slaughter, Verita Addams (Miss).. 122 E. Jefferson st, Colorado 

72075 Slonaker, Matilda Coleman (Mrs J. M.) 506 Platte av, Fort 

M organ 
78970 Smith, Clara Bateman (Mrs Frank Remington) 535 N. 5th st^ 

Grand Junction 
59631 Smith, Elizabeth Bowlby (Mrs Fraijk P.).. 11 15 Greenwood av,. 

Canon City 
74683 Smith, Helen (Miss) Grand Junction-. 

78443 Smith, Helen Brownie (Miss) 711 G st, Salida. 

51727 Smith, Henrietta Elizabeth Dauchy (Mrs Milo A.).. 1360 Birch st, 


80568 Smith, Ida Jane Smith (Mrs Albert) 769 Lincoln av, Denver 

42300 Smith, Jane Esther C. Thayer (Mrs Clinton Kitts) Alamosa 

79738 Smith, Lavinia (Miss) 1301 E. 7th st, Pueblo- 

75143 Smith, Mae Houghton (Mrs Lester) Montrose 

81867 Smith, Mary Elizabeth Colton (Mrs Henry D.) 711 G st, Salida 

42741 Smith, May Gillette (Mrs Ovett N.) 4614 Bryant st, Denver 

64051 Smith, May Proctor (Mrs George Franklin) Greeley 

73214 Smith, Minnie C. Dean (Mrs (Zharles A.).. 1212 Vine st, Denver 

74620 Smith, Rose Lee (Miss) Denver 

37168 Smith, Sarah Hoyt Comstock (Mrs Edward A.).. 1155 Downing st,. 


46119 Snyder, Beth Dearing Campbell (Mrs Irving) Littleton- 

70726 Sparrow, Frances Tuttle Marsh (Mrs E. C.)..622 Michigan st,. 

68440 Spaulding, (Gertrude Lillian Caswell (Mrs William Folsom) . .Ker- 

82382 Spencer, Alice Kendall (Mrs Robert) 427 Pine st, Boulder 

77646 Spencer, Carrie Eyestone (Mrs Robert B.) Fort Morgan 

19760 Sperry, Fannie A. Becbe (Mrs) 514 S. Cascade av, Colorado. 

46587 Sproat, Helen M. French (Mrs Arthur H.). .1307 E. 9th st, Pueblo 

51713 Sprout. Grace Lee (Mrs E. A.) 204 W. 15th st, Pueblo- 

39022 Stanley, Grace de S. Kennedy (Mrs J. D.) .... 1012 S. Pearl st,. 

45215 Stannard, Frances Bucll (Mrs) Denver 

78444 Stark, Mary Lee (Mrs Nathan E.)..cor Riverview & Grant sts, 

Fort Morgan 

73215 Stayton, Mina Wallace (Mrs Samuel H.)..817 Sahwatch, Colorado 

77439 Stead, Cynthia A. Davidson (Mrs James Henry).. 701 F st, Salida 
13839 Stearns. Ella Powell (Mrs John Lloyd) . . 17th & Logan av, Denver 
51122 Stearns, Gertrude Meckling (Mrs Joel Wilder). .1030 Logan av,. 

60741 Stearns, Jessie Anne Peabody (Mrs Cuthbert Powell).. 403 River- 

st. Canon City 

84004 Stearns, Mary (Miss) 1675 Logan av, Denver 

85216 Stcbbins, Elfreda (Miss) Fort Collins 

46155 Steele, Mary Shiras Jones (Mrs George Peabody) .. 1706 Gilpin st,. 

55070 Steuart, Alice Bannister (Mrs George Runyon) Alice 

34809 Steuart, Juliet (Miss) 1-S60 Washington av, Denver 

34810 Steuart, Mary C. (Miss) 1560 Washington av, Denver 

40186 Stoddard, Kathryn Baldwin (Mrs Volcott Coye)..1218 Logan av, 

68623 Storrs, Marion E. (Miss) The Seville, 1705 Franklin st, Denver- 


55S49 Stote, Florence Margaret Marshall (Mrs Wm. Herbert Read).. 328 
• E. Columbia st, Colorado Springs 

80569 Strain, Mary E. Taylor (Mrs) Palisades 

62868 Stratton, Betsy Letitia Parke (Mrs Harris) Fort Collins 

38351 Strickler, Ida Corinne (Miss) 1300 Josephine st, Denver 

13080 Strieby, Anna Breath (Mrs Wm.)..80S N. Cascade av, Colorado 

63213 Stubbs, Sophy Thorn (Mrs Merton E.) . .524 N. Tejon st, Colorado 

15392 Sutton, Annie L. Owen (Mrs Asahel)..527 N. Tejon st, Colorado 


83027 Swaim, Minnie Alice (Mrs Frank D.) 638 G st, Salida 

56838 Swan, Carla Denison (Mrs Henry) 1257 Ogden st, Denver 

77747 Swanton, Jane McFarlane (Mrs Charles H.)..913 Main st, Canon 

79515 Swart, Sarah Houghton Bradish (Mrs Eddy F.)..225 S. Washing- 
ton st, Denver 

81865 Sweet, Emeroy L. (Mrs Channing) 1445 Gaylord st, Denver 

46154 Sweet. Joyeuse Lenning Fullerton (Mrs William Ellery) 1075 

Humboldt st, Denver 

79450 Sylvester, Rena (Miss) 1860 Ogden st, Denver 

49332 Tabor, Luella Babcock (Mrs Nathaniel Maxcy)..1120 Grant st, 

46566 Tarbell, Grace Elizabeth Butler (Mrs Winfield S,)..1645 Vine st, 


58177 Taylor, Bertha Paull (Mrs Edgar) 112 W. Grant st, Pueblo 

44166 Teal, Isabel Maupin (Mrs Augustus) .. 1474 Josephine st, Denver 

66096 Tedmon, Alice Allyn (Mrs Boliver S.) 405 Remington st, Fort 


66097 Tedmon, Anna R. (Miss) 405 Remington st. Fort Collins 

9014 Teller, Frances Leonora (Mrs James H.)..1645 Colorado blvd, 


82141 Teller, Ro.salie Jerome (Miss) 1645 Colorado blvd, Denver 

79746 Ten Broeck, Mary Charlotte (Miss) 525 G st, Salida 

35126 Thatcher, Lillian (Miss) 1402 Grand av & 14th st, Pueblo 

51126 Thatcher, Luna Ada (Mrs Mahlon Daniel) . .15th & Greenwood 

sts, Pueblo 
35125 Thatcher, Margaret Henry (Mrs John Albert).. cor Grand av & 
14th st, Pueblo 

46997 Thayer, Mary W. (Mrs Eugene R.) 1103 7th st, Greeley 

46157 Thomas, Edith Marie (Miss) 1609 Sherman av, Denver 

46156 Thomas, Emma F. (Mrs Charles S.)....1609 Sherman av, Denver 
59123 Thomas, Hattie Averill (Mrs William Burton) .... 1546 Cook st, 

32364 Thomas, Hattie Persis Sargent (Mrs James Harrison) . .2812 High 

st, Denver 

72479 Thompson, Eliza Wolcott (Mrs James B.) 57 Grant st, Denver 

63452 Thompson, Grace Thompson (Mrs Edward) 1358 Ogden st, 

49C11 Tidwell. Clio Smith (Mrs William De Graffenreid) . .315 Humboldt 

st Den\"er 
66095 Tiffany, Sarah A. (Mrs Fayette B.)....1723 N. Tejon st, Colorado 

69194 Tittle, Flora (Miss).. 321 E. Cache la Poudre st, Colorado Springs 
54072 Todd. Edith Brownfield (Mrs James Campbell) .. 1401 Adams st, 


82377 Toomey, Lineta Crandall (Mrs George E.) Fort Collins 

40247 Torrance, Laura St. Clair (Mrs David Kenneth) ..536 Ouray av. 

Grand Junction 
55074 Townsend, Edith Dickson (Mrs Samuel W.)..117 W. Orman av, 

53571 Townsend, Mary C. (Mrs John T.) 2 Pitkin pi, Pueblo 


19904 Traphagen, Harriet M. Van Horn (Mrs Frank Weiss). ...1235 

Humboldt st, Denver 

62864 Trott, Lena Harper (Mrs A. B.) 1571 Steele st, Denver 

20906 Truax, Evva R. Egan (Mrs Sewall) 522 Greenwood av, Canon 

59625 Trufant. Martha Gannett (Mrs William Boyd).. 2670 E. 13th av, 

23336 Tucker, Fanny Anna Isabella Aiken (Mrs John Speed).. 817 N. 

Weber st, Colorado Springs 

46861 Tucker, Rubie (Miss) 2619 Gilpin st, Denver 

83031 Turner, Bessie Shute (Mrs James Henry) 840 G st, Salida 

85971 Turner, Genevieve (Miss) 923 N. Weber st, Colorado Springs 

86174 Turpin, Gertrude Mayo (Mrs R. E.) R. R. 2, Grand Junction 

27898 Van Horn. Minerva Lennon (Mrs Franklin M.)..317 Lafayette st, 

45631 Van Meter, Virginia Cunningham (Mrs Seymour D.) 1326 

Columbine st, Denver 

66746 Van Petten, Watie (Mrs William Veeder) Del Norte 

46161 Van Wagenen, Annie Grace Whitmore (Mrs Hugh).. 730 Wash- 
ington av, Denver 
83689 Veeder, Grace Mahr (Mrs Albert H., Jr.).. 1433 E. 7th av, Denver 

26163 Vought, Mary W. May (Mrs G. T.) 722 Clarkson st, Denver 

46576 Walker, Caroline Moses (Mrs James M.)..515 E. 11th av, Denver 

44163 Walker, Sarah Derby (Mrs George L.) 1023 Lake av, Pueblo 

81496 Wallace, Abbie Merriman Noyes (Mrs Edward Milne) . .Boul- 

derado Hotel, Boulder 
73849 Wallace, Helen Edwards Dean fMrs T. E.)....2108 Elizabeth st, 

42744 Ward, May Parkhurst (Mrs John Murray).. The Acacia, Colorado 

ITTJh Watkins. Mildred MacCorkle (Mrs Alfred Allen).. 710 W. 10th st, 


79233 Weaver, Lucy Apperson (Mrs William H.) Salida 

79235 Weaver, Naomi Hyde (Miss) Salida 

48301 Weber, Irene Lee Sullivan (Mrs W. O.) 1118 11th st, Greeley 

84005 Weiland, Helen Shaw (Mrs Adelbert A.) 1506 Carteret av, 

46575 Welch, Rebecca Jeannette Darrow (Mrs Charles Clark) 1450 

Washington av, Denver 
9423 Wellington, Martha Katharine (Mrs Charles L.)..171 Franklin st, 

79231 Welsh, Helen Talbott (Mrs Frederic Barnard). .1130 Main st, 

Grand Junction 
85726 West. Flora Helen (Mrs).. cor Willow st & Colorado av, Trinidad 
46118 West, Grace T. Campbell (Mrs Arthur Benjamin) .. 100 Franklin 

St. Denver 
46159 Westman, Charlotte Jane Buckman (Mrs Amon)..1763 Franklin 

st, Denver 

53574 Wethcrwax. Mary Donaldson (Mrs George E.) Franktown 

80562 Wharton, Eleanor A. (Miss).. 14 McKinley pi, Colorado Springs 
6589 Wheaton. Maria Blecker M. (Mrs Frank) . .827 Clarkson st, Denvei^ 

87356 Wheeler. Edna May (Miss) 1476 Columbine st, Denver 

75670 Wheeler, Frances Hereford (Mrs Samuel N.) 1118 Main st. 

Grand Junction 

69785 White, .\lmira Caroline (Miss) Brown Palace Hotel, Denver 

76506 White, Fannie Phillips (Mrs William Foster) . .337 N. 7th st. Grand 


50199 White, Lela Phelps (Mrs Frederick) 1040 Burkley av. Pueblo 

27710 White, Olive Johnson (Mrs Charles C.) . .University pi, Denver 
73653 White, Olive Susan Horn (Mrs Adelbert James).. 330 Peterson st. 

Fort Collins 
70723 Whitlock, Helen Colgate (Mrs Augustus) ... .1303 4th st, Greeley 


74599 Whitman, Emma E. Mott (Mrs Briggs N.) Apache 

46160 Whitmore, Annie Goodell (Mrs James Day).. 730 Washington av, 

86157 Whitney, Daisy Hodges (Mrs George Royal).. 2316 S. Emerson 

St, Denver 

46106 Whiton, Ella Lewis (Mrs E. T.) 1011 Court st, Pueblo 

57675 Whiton, Emma Kirtland (Miss) 1024 N. Main st, Pueblo 

85222 Wight, Mary Augusta (Mrs) 1425 Pinon st, Trinidad 

84123 Wight, Ruth (Miss) 1425 Pinon st, Trinidad 

51454 Wilcox, Blanche Little (Mrs Dudley K.) Thurman 

39446 Wilder, Ella Ferris McKay (Mrs Walter Lawson)..121 W. Routt 

av, Pueblo 
9412 Wilder, Jennie A. Watson (Mrs Sedgwick P.).. 2007 Greenwood 

St. Pueblo 

59626 Wilder, Margery Esther (Miss) 2007 Greenwood st. Pueblo 

29745 Wiley, Emma Danforth (Mrs Martin) .. 1203 N. Tejon st, Colorado 

62859 Williams, Ella Sophia (Mrs James) 1456 Vine st, Denver 

45865 Williams, Luvern Ashley (Mrs Charles E.) Fort Collins 

80567 Williams-Foote, Juanita B. (Mrs) 1353 Vine st, Denver 

65761 Willis, Belle (Miss) 629 N. Corona st, Colorado Springs 

42745 Willis. Frances M. (Mrs Willet R.) 414 E. San Miguel st, 

Colorado Springs 
75745 Wilson, Annette Duffield (Mrs W. H.) 327 Gunnison av. Grand 


60742 Wilson, Helen W. (Mrs) 219 Main st, Canon City 

82788 Wilson, Mabel Smith (Mrs Albert Evan) . . 1029 E. 8th av, Denver 
74678 Wilson, Maria Ellen Pence (Mrs Mathew)..114 Beaver av, Fort 

61707 Wingert, Mattie Boulby (Mrs Leonard M.) .. ..Shartmore Hotel, 

Canon City 

51720 Witter, Ella La Grange CMrs Daniel P.) R. F. D., Greeley 

46999 Wixson. Helen Marsh (Mrs Elmer A.) 1410 Grant av, Denver 

46577 Wood, Belle Matteson (Mrs Henry E.)..1032 Clarkson st. Denver 

46162 Wood, Elizabeth Dearing (Mrs Guilford Sanborn) .. 707 Wash, st, 


48113 Woods, Cyrcna Tuttle (Mrs James) Arvada 

38352 Woodside, Mary Mulhall (Mrs George S.)..1638 Ogden st, Denver 
4474 Woodward, Anne Jay (Mrs Francis William). .1107 Sherman av, 


46163 Worrall. Laura Hoisington (Mrs Cornelius Caldicott) 2037 

Glenarm pi, Denver 
52434 Worthington, Lucia Maxson (Mrs John Stafford) .. 1445 High st, 


64860 Wright, Marie Louise (Mrs Samuel B.) 1229 10th st, Greeley 

51123 Wright, Mary Lillian Rover (Mrs William Vosburgh) 1259 

Columbine st, Denver 

68748 Yale, Elizabeth C. (Miss) Shirley Annex, Denver 

26883 Young, Edythe Field (Mrs George S.) 1624 Grant st, Denver 

78069 Zeiger, Belle Morris (Mrs T. R.) 325 W. 13th st. Pueblo 



State Regent, 1911-12, Mrs John Laidiaw Bucl, Litchfield 

State Vice Regent, 1911-12, Miss Clara Lee Bowman, 60 East st, Bristol 


77020 Abbott, Jane T. (Mrs David Hall) 400 N. Main st, New Haven 

86182 Abbott, Lucia Wilmot (Mrs Edmund Janes) 252 Willow st, 


54103 Abrams, Lillie Morse (Mrs Amos F.) 44 Center st, Winsted 

483J6 Ackley, Belle Nichols (Mrs George Edwin) New Milford 

41714 Ackley, Hattie Stark (Mrs Sidney E.) Chester 

30594 Ackley, Helen M. R. (Mrs. William Kilbourne) 1175 Main st. 

East Hartford 

63948 Ackley, Sarah Lx>rd (Mrs Jeremiah) East Haddam 

83054 Adams, Achsah Payne (Mrs Charles E.) Prospect 

10670 Adams, Annette T. Belcher} (Mrs Henry) 5 Fremont st, New 

16560 Adams, Carolyn May Holbrook (Mrs Fowler Wm.)..53 Franklin st, 


34038 Adams, Dorothy Ripley (Miss) Westport 

34486 Adams, Ella Gallup (Mrs Clarence L.) Danielson 

38780 Adams, Ellen Marilla (Mrs Charles M.) Danielson 

45058 Adams, Emma G. Steelman (Mrs Arthur) . .Trinity College, Hartford 

29379 Adams, Emma L. (Miss) Litchfield 

20834 Adams, Helen Redington (Mrs Henry Herschel) Greenwich 

53582 Adams, Lucie E. Morgan (Mrs Charles M.) 16 Broad st, Groton 

8675 Adams, Marcia H. Sprague (Mrs W. W.) Moosup 

80253 Adams, Mary (Miss) West Cheshire 

6710 Adams, May E. Risley (Mrs Frank Mark) 38 Park st, Rockville 

77444 Adams, Olive Thrall (Mrs C V.) Seymour 

30583 Adriance, Clara L. Mrs John B.) 101 Park st, New Haven 

19090 Agard, Frankie Raymond (Mrs Charles Graves) 170 Prospect st, 


54138 Alcott, E. Tinney Latimer (Mrs Ralph W. E.) West Hartford 

53072 Aldcn, Henrietta (Mrs James C.) 24 Winchester st, Norwich 

71064 Alden, Margaret Elizabeth Feeter (Mrs Dexter) ... .331 Temple st. 

New Haven 
17907 Alderman, Nellie Gilbert Francis (Mrs Arthur McKendree) . .97 E. 
Main st, Meriden 

54139 Aldcrson, Annie Gladden (Mrs Algernon B.) West Hartford 

30270 Alexander, Blanche Osborne (Mrs Franklin R.) 827 Broad st, 

17396 Alexander, Charlotte Elizabeth Huntington (Mrs Frederick James 

Kerr) 17 Clinton st, Hartford 

10918 Alexander, Mary Lewis Hull (Mrs Thomas S.) N. Colony st, 


16575 Alexander, Orline (Miss) New Canaan 

10326 Alexander, Orline St. John (Mrs Lawrence D.) New Canaan 

45632 Alford, Flora Holcomb (Mrs Frank Jay) West Simsbury 

26354 Alford, Jennie Camp Kellogg (Mrs George H.) Winsted 

17365 Allan, Inez P. Durand (Mrs Thomas Smith) 20 West st, Ansonia 

84376 Allard, Martha Buckingham (Mrs Roswell Van Buren)..255 Shelton 

av. New Haven 
5240 Allen, Abby Diirfec Johnson (Mrs William H.)..18 Huntington pi, 


19042 Allen, Amanda (Miss) Center Groton 

2590 Allen, Annie Pierson Dexter (Mrs Bennett R.).c/o Mrs R. R. Coffin, 

Windsor Locks 

56848 Allen, Caroline Spencer (Mrs William H.) Cheshire 

42773 Allen, Carrie White Olmsted (Mrs Normand Francis). .520 Farming- 
ton av, Hartford 


71427 Allen. Dora Esther Atwood (Mrs Howard Dwight) Terryvillc 

2589 Allen, Edith (Miss) 859 Prospect av, Hartford 

53583 Allen, Ellen B. (Miss) Groton 

70523 Allen, Emma Davis (Mrs Christopher). .E. Main st, Stafford Springs 

42778 Allen, Emma Gleason (Miss) 41 Webster st, Hartford 

61732 Allen, Grace Edith (Miss) Litchfield 

8936 Allen, Grace Mason (Mrs Walter) 324 Howard av. New Haven 

10877 Allen, Ida Hill Palmer (Mrs Albion H.) ..85 Federal st. New London 

5369 Allen, Jessica Wolcott Mrs Charles Ira) Terryville 

3518 Allen, Julia Tiffany Camp (Mrs George Washington) . .309 York st, 

New Haven 
4380 Allin. Ellena 1. B. (Mrs Arthur Lee) ... .1 College Place, Middletown 
53077 Ailing, Minnie E. Smith (Mrs William S.) 124 Washington st, 

20797 Allingham, Mary Whitney Harding (Mrs James Jay). .26 N. State st, 


8328 Allis, Anna Yale (Mrs Fortis H.) 18 Lexington st. New Britain 

8314 Allis, Lottie Smith (Mrs Terence S.) 54 Atwater av, Derby 

10364 Allyn, Adeline Bartlett (Mrs. H. S.) Black Hall, New London 

49823 Allyn, Elizabeth Throop (Mrs Carlos W) Groton 

5309 Allyn, Emily Fenner Maxson (Mrs Louis P) Mystic 

60745 Allyn, H. Emeline Miner (Mrs Samuel B.) R. F. D., Stonington 

14715 Alvord, Adelaide Emily Barber (Mrs Nelson) Green's Farms 

27199 Alvord, Elulia Josephine Martin (Mrs William Elijah) . .Manchester 

23642 Alvord, Evelyn Sarah Fletcher (Mrs Charles L.) Station A. 

West Winsted 

65489 Alvord, Ida Irene Penfield (Mrs John Joy) Greens Farms 

20863 Alvord, Pauline Barnard Stevens (Mrs Jabez Hall) Winsted 

16602 Ambler, Hannah Raymond (Mrs Charles A.) Wilton 

18263 Ambler, Jennie Beardsley (Mrs Richard C.) Trumbull 

6701 Amerman, Susan Geer Culver (Mrs James) . .The Harvard, Hartford 

54613 Amidon, Hannah Josephine (Miss) 137 Washington st, Norwich 

45650 Anderson, Charlotte Alexander (Mrs Henry G.). .Columbian Boule- 
vard, Waterbury 
16622 Anderson, Elisabeth Peck (Mrs Joel M.)..104 Bedford st, Stamford 
2256 Anderson, Emily W. Ellsworth (Mrs Julius).. 68 Collins st, Hartford 
29748 Andrew, Lillian May Whiting (Mrs George Woodbury) . .New Britain 
81213 Andrew, Mary Gillette (Mrs. George Willey) 108 Fairview av, 

59659 Andrews, Betsey Towne (Mrs Walter Ephraim) . .Fairmont Place, 


69432 Andrews, Elizabeth Alden ( Miss) New Britain 

19614 Andrews, Ellen D. (Mrs. Leeman) Southington 

80254 Andrews, Ellen Doolittlc (Mrs Leonard K.) West Cheshire 

23668 Andrews, Fannie Hill (Mrs B. M.) 46 West av, South Norwalk 

24528 Andrews, Ida Francis Boyer (Mrs Thomas Marshall). .11 W. Main 

st. South Norwalk 
25097 Andrews, Jenny Whipple (Mrs Frederick Fisk) 84 Dwight st. 

New Haven 

5985 Andrews, Julia M. Hill (Mrs) Moosup 

17416 Andrews, Mary Boies Hatch (Mrs Russell G.) Southington 

76210 Andrews, Nellie Brown ( Miss) Thompson 

84193 Andrews. Susan B. Burdick (Miss) 75 Main st, Danbury 

55569 Andrews, Susan Butler (Mrs. Myron Allen) West Hartford 

59145 Annis, Mary Emory Clark (Mrs Arthur W.). .171 High st, Rockville 

15400 Anschutz, Emma Bradley (Mrs Louis F.) 100 S. (Zliff st, Ansonia 

34039 Anschutz, Nancy M. (Mrs William) 37 Winter st, Ansonia 

73869 Antwis. Inez Winifred (Mrs Thomas Riding) 53 Fremont st, 


63935 Appellc, Lois Virginia (Miss) 20 Lyon st. New Haven 

40756 Archer, Jennie Starks (Mrs Wm. Douglas) Suffield 

78270 Armington, Helen Ward ( Miss) Abington 


78269 Armington, Sarah S. (Mrs Charles Fuller) Abington 

64864 Arms, Ella Gale (Mrs Howard G.) Bristol 

4940 Arms, Grace Turner (Mrs Frank H.).. Crocker House, New London 

56110 Arms, Sarah Phelps (Mrs Wm. F.) Terryville 

22523 Armstrong, Laura Lee (Mrs Charles Henry) 20 Brooklawn av, 


15417 Armstrong, Louise Augusta (Mrs Benjamin Adam).. 200 Hempstead 
st. New London 

54141 Arnold, Addie S. (Miss) :. .West Hartford 

54617 Arnold, Alice Phelps (Mrs Henry B.) 92 Russell st, New Britain 

72303 Arnold, Caroline Independence (Miss) 79 Clinton av, Stamford 

51752 Arnold, Grace Butler (Mrs) 43 Jackson st, Meriden 

54140 Arnold, Harriet Wadsworth (Mrs Edwin Hopkins) .. West Hartford 

17366 Arnold, Mary Eleanor (Miss) Putnam 

69205 Ashenden, Alice Burton (Mrs Henry H.) Watertown 

52437 Asher, Nellie Ellis (Mrs William J.).... 321 Prospect st, Willimantic 

20835 Ashforth, Mabel Stella Adams (Mrs Albert Blackhurst). .Greenwich 

81211 Ashley, Emma Hodge (Mrs Francis Leroy) Windsor Locks 

60208 Ashworth, Mabclle Kelsey Edgerton (Mrs Robert A.).. 437 Broad st, 


69442 Aspinall, Minnie Leora Lewis (Mrs James). .8 Pine st, S. Manchester 

49356 Atkins, Cora Isabel Parsons (Mrs Frederick Cunningham). .711 

Prospect av, Hartford 

55563 Atkins, Lucy A. Lipes (Mrs William R.) . .429 Central av, Bridgeport 

69433 Attwood, Fannie Wctmore (Mrs Wm. E.)..175 Vine st, New Britain 

37182 Atwater, Harriet M. Barnes (Mrs William Jared) 1086 Iranistan av, 

31237 Atwater, Mary Eleanor (Miss) Berlin 

61754 Atwood, Deborah Russell (Mrs Clinton Wilham Whitford). .Killingly 

5834 Atwood, Ellen Hooker (Miss) 197 Summer st, Bristol 

35594 Atwood, Ethel Alexander (Mrs John W.) Wauregan 

6968 Atwood, Frances Eliza (Miss) 197 Summer st, Bristol 

29390 Atwood, Helen Louise (Mrs James Arthur) Wauregan 

32781 Atwood, Julia A. M. (Mrs James Sheldon) Wauregan 

5359 Atwood, Mary J. (Miss) 197 Summer st, Bristol 

6458 Atwood, Mary Lucinda Boardman (Mrs George W.) . .26 Whitney st, 

11356 Augur, Nettie Eliza Smith (Mrs Julius) 32 Maple st, Meriden 

47518 Austin, Alice Frances Smith (Mrs George Ansel).. 603 Whalley av. 

New Haven • 

73656 Austin, Annie Judd (Mrs Harry Winfield) . .72 Main st. West Haver> 

15446 Austin, Isabella Emily (Miss) Suffield 

36097 Austin, Nellie Warner (Mrs Elmer E.) Berlin 

70277 Austin, Sarah Ambler (Mrs Willis H.) 146 White st, Danbury 

29780 Averill, Bertha W. (Mrs Heman O.) Washington 

2816 Averill, Harriet E. (Miss) 6 Terrace pi, Danbury 

67494 Averill, Julia Tyler Mitchell (Mrs Samuel Phineas) ... South Britain 

2815 Averill, Maria White (Miss) 6 Terrace pi, Danbury 

16632 Avery, Abby Latham Chcsebrough (Mrs Asa Allen) Mystic 

5343 Avery, Adelaide Perry (Mrs Prentice P.) 52 Howe st, New Haven 

10301 Avery. Angelina Loring (Mrs Elisha B.) Willimantic 

31973 Avery, Annie P. (Mrs Edward P.) 52 Howe st, New Haven 

3859 Avery, Cora Vincent (Miss) Groton 

39449 Avery, Eliza Jane Cromwell (Mrs Addison) 36 Hamilton av, 

42751 Avery, Eliza Warren (Miss) Perkins pi, Norwich 

5963 Avery, Ellen B. C. ( Mrs Christopher L.) Groton 

2715 Avery, Helen Morgan (Miss) 382 William st, New London 

79747 Avery, Lucy Bill (Miss) Groton 

47006 Avery, Mao' Lucretia (Miss) Groton 

54610 Avcrv, Sara Wisner (Miss) R. F. D., Groton 

85230 Babbitt. Elizabeth Enjjlish (Miss) 1312 Chapin st. New Haven 

4769 Babcock, Mary Woodruff (Mrs Courtland Guynct) Stonington 


52441 Babcock, Susan Harriet (Miss) Old Mystic 

45661 Back, Ella Hutchins (Mrs Harry E.) Danielson 

41181 Back, Harriet Robbins (Mrs Roscius) Danielson 

192Z1 Backus, Delia Nichols (Mrs Edmund S.) Thompson 

54137 Bacon, Grace May (Miss) Danielson 

56104 Bacon, Harriet E. Eccleston (Mrs James Otis) 96 Spring st, 

1720 Bacon, Katherine Sedgwick (Mrs Clarence E.) . .271 Washington st, 


2812 Bacon, Sarah Watson (Miss) 215 Main st, Danbury 

59668 Bacon, Susan T. Williams (Mrs Willis E.) R. F. D. 1, 

Ncwfield St, Middletown 

47007 Bailey, Carrie Perkins (Miss) Groton 

84720 Bailey, Elizabeth Van Duger Norton (Mrs Roy Willard) Bristol 

3862 Bailey, Emeline Leeds Burrows (Mrs James A.) Groton 

4575 Bailey, Emma A. (Mrs J. William) 109 Lawn av, Middletown 

58186 Bailey, Jennie O. Shailer (Mrs Henry A.) 381 W. Main st, New 


68763 Bailey, Mabel F. (Miss) 174 College st, Higganum 

16607 Bailey, Nettie Smith (Mrs Ellsworth S.) 155 Waterville st, Waterbury 

51754 Bailliere, Mary D. (Mrs M. D.) 25 Bank st, Derby 

4778 Baker, Agnes Bailey (Mrs Lorenzo D.) Groton 

77755 Baker, Alice Redficld (Mrs Charles Henry) 122 Cottage st, 

10362 Baker, Anne H. Chappell (Mrs James T.) . .21 Walker st, New London 

21420 Baker, Carrie Richardson (Mrs Edwin Howard) Greenwich 

40203 Baker, Charlotte C. Mitchell (Mrs) South Britain 

7664 Baker, Ella Beach (Mrs Albert A.) 93 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

87066 Baker, Laura Cornelia (Miss) 6 Fort Point st. East Norwalk 

75150 Baker, Lillian Holley (Mrs Cecil Sherman) Torrington 

13101 Baldwin, Angelina (Miss) 6 University pi. New Haven 

82797 Baldwin, Charlotte Elizabeth (Miss). .. .169 Whalley av. New Haven 

33182 Baldwin, Fannie L. (Miss) 33 Gill st, New Haven 

10393 Baldwin, Harriet Whitney Powe (Mrs Frank G.) 134 S. Cliff st, 


19055 Baldwin, Jennie A. (Miss) 41 Grove st, Bridgeport 

86179 Baldwin, Lillian Curnow (Mrs R. Sherman) 446 Washington av. 

West Haven 
75747 Baldwin, Lula Palmer (Mrs Carlisle H.) . .66 Forest st. New Britain 
66483 Bzfldwin, Millicent Ann Bingham (Mrs Henry Chalmers). .28 Carrol 

Court, Naugatuck 
3869 Baldwin, Myrtie May Riggs Clark (Mrs Noyes D.) 34 Anson st, 


3874 Baldwin, Susie Ailing (Mrs Charles T.) 74 Olivia st, Derby 

23678 Ball, Martha Newcomb (Mrs Chauncey) 293 Elizabeth st. Derby 

70520 Ballard, Carrie Clark (Mrs Newton Allen). ..128 S. Main st. Putnam 

68758 Ballou, Hattie Clarissa (Miss) 131 Parallel st, Bridgeport 

52450 Bancroft. Bessie H. Codaire (Mrs Ernest H.) Southington 

20839 Banks, Caroline (Miss) Greenwich 

18264 Banks, Edith Marston (Mrs Charles Lincoln) 306 West av, 


20838 Banks, Jessie (Miss) 56 E. Putnam av, Greenwich 

46591 Banks. Julia Brown (Miss) Fairfield 

6452 Banks, Julia Lewis Whitehouse (Mrs Frederick J.).. 803 Clinton av, 

4594 Banks. Kittie Evelin Goodsell (Mrs Samuel S.)....1062 Fairfield av, 


11414 Barber, Abigail Sexton (Mrs Lucius I.) Simsbury 

63412 Barber, Alice M. (Miss) 91 Atwater av. Derby 

61748 Barber, Emma Josephine Peck (Mrs G. Frank) W. Hartford 

mdl Barber, Ethlcen Susan (Miss) 32 Orient st, Meriden 

4805 Barber, Harriet Maria De Wolfe (Mrs) 6 Grand st, Seymour 

77766 Barber, Harriet Melissa Beckley (Mrs Willis N.) 32 Orient st. 



34485 Barber, Harriet Tiffany (Mrs Charles Edwin) Central Village 

54142 Barber, Harrietta Tyler (Mrs William P.) 3 Fales st, Hartford 

8916 Barber, Mary E. Tyler (Mrs Thurston B.) Baltic 

4817 Barber, Mary Ransom Nichols (Mrs Theodore Morris). .2425 Fair- 
field av, Bridgeport 

78473 Barbour, Annie Jane (Mrs Joseph Lane) 81 Gillett st, Hartford 

76830 Barbour, Ella Dwight Hall (Mrs William Henry) 69 Linsley av, 


51139 Barbour, Josephine A. (Miss) CoUinsville 

13084 Barker, Annie Crandall (Mrs Edmund D.) 2717 Channing st, 

New London 
40207 Barker, Henrietta Emily Mead (Mrs Oakley Smith) 24 Wash- 
ington av, Stamford 
3101 Barker, Paulina Sherwood Northrop (Mrs Ludlow).. 711 Farmington 

av, Hartford 
4941 Barlow, Alice S. Turner (Mrs John Whitney) . .43 Federal st, New 

50605 Barnard, Merta Whitman (Mrs Burton Osborn) 215 Center st, 


49363 Barnes, Bessie Winnifred ( Miss) CoUinsville 

12508 Barnes, Carrie Frances Bowman (Mrs Truman R.) 15 Perry av, 


49362 Barnes, Charlotte F. (Mrs Weston) CoUinsville 

^90 Barnes, Cordelia L. N. (Mrs Harry Ward) 89 High st, Bristol 

S4637 Barnes, Edna Leona Butler (Mrs Herbert) R. F. D., Unionville 

9923 Barnes, Elizabeth S. (Mrs Herbert) 1212 Quinnipiac av, New Haven 

39^36 Barnes, Emily Alberta Piatt (Mrs Joseph A.) Milford 

53607 Barnes, Florence Julia Chapman (Mrs William Grandison) . .Water- 

28026 Barnes, Ida A. (Miss) Marion 

5381 Barnes, Lena Forbes (Mrs Carlyle F.) 38 Prospect pi, Bristol 

9491 Barnes, Lulu R. Hemingway (Mrs Edward H.)..1228 Quinnipiac av, 

New Haven 
58032 Barnes, Lutie Harris (Mrs Lincoln Wade). 313 Crown st, New Haven 

59654 Banies, Nellie M. (Mrs Isaac) 38 Sunlmer st, Bristol 

36481 Barnett, Frances Craft (Mrs Abram Garrison, Jr.) 63 Rose st, 


^1502 Bamum, Eliza Ward (Mrs Eli C.) 89 Elm st, Naugatuck 

10366 Bamum, Emma Louise Lyon (Mrs Starr C.) . .16 Terrace pi, Danbury 
73^ Bamum, Georgia D. (Mrs George Raymond) 17 Morgan av. Norwalk 
83055 Barnum, Luella Cook (Mrs Frederick Ward) . .34 Wafd st, Naugatuck 
41712 Bamum, Lydia W. Alvord (Mrs William H.) . .327 Main st, Danbury 
14480 Bamum, Mary Nicholls (Mrs Charles W.) Lime Rock, Litchfield Co. 

20836 Barrett, Nellie Adams (Mrs John D.) Greenwich 

67931 Barron, Charlotte Griswold (Mrs James Briggs) Buckland 

58669 Barron, Lillian Briggs (Mrs W. H.. Jr.) Danielson 

82149 Barrows, Fannie Marie Swords (Mrs).. 1150 Fairfield av, Bridgeport 

5364 Bartholomew, Alice M. (Miss) Bristol 

5940 Bartholomew, Henrietta E. C. (Mrs Arthur H.) 70 S. Cliff st, 

Anson ia 

34506 Bartholomew, Jane E. (Mrs Francis Cook) Wallingford 

46168 Bartlett. Amy Folsom (Mrs Josiah) 126 Lincoln st, New Britain 

21427 Barton, Dorcas Cornelia (Mrs George S.) West Winsted 

61750 Barton, Mary L. Beach (Mrs Francis N.) Watertown 

54124 Bartram, Kate Louise (Miss) Mott av, Norwalk 

530^0 Bartram, Mattic Shclton (Mrs Edgar Burr) Broad st, Stratford 

36634 Bass, Cornelia Lounsbery Turner (Mrs Ralph Waldo) Andover 

18310 Bassett, Anne Elizabeth Bryant (Mrs Theodore Wells).. 70 N. Cliff 
st, Ansonia 

55087 Bassett, Emily May (Miss) 39 Grove st, Bristol 

48338 Bassett, Henrietta (Miss) Watertown 

3682 Bassett. Mary Smith (Mrs Dickerman M.) E. 9th st, Derby 

56119 Bassett, Nellie Patty (Mrs Francis Henry). .60 North av, Bridgeport 


69793 Bassett, Sarah Hance (Mrs Franklin Edson) 33 Bassett st. 

New Britain 

38358 Bassette, Elizabeth E. ( Miss) 1 Charter Oak pi, Hartford 

35131 Bassette, Lena Candee (Mrs Buell Burdett) 368 W. Main st. 

New Britain 
33649 Bassick, Rebecca Elizabeth Webb (Mrs Edmund C)..1171 Fairfield 

av, Bridgeport 
19665 Bastian, Ella Clark (Mrs Frank Joseph) 26 Trench Hill, Middletown 

48995 Bates, Abbie Starr (Mrs Joseph T.) 41 South st. Danbury 

42786 Bates, Emma B. Smith (Mrs Henry Anson) 22 Lawn av, Middletown 

37972 Bates, Orrilla Canfield (Mrs Carlton L) Chester 

72780 Baton, Julia A. Gallup (Mrs John A.) Wauregan 

83593 Batten, Mary Martindale (Mrs James Marsh).. 18 S. 1st st, Meriden 

7005 Batty, Addie B. Packer (Mrs Frank W.) Mystic 

73860 Baxter, Amy Van Keuren (Mrs Earl) 86 Main st, Winsted 

4428 Beach, Achsa A. (Mrs Wm. N.) Torringfton 

80245 Beach, Adaline L. (Mrs Theodore W.) Milford 

5043 Beach, Alice Maria Hilton (Mrs Andrew Y.) Seymour 

50606 Beach, Annie Churchill (Mrs Roswell O.) 350 South st, Bristol 

2839 Beach, Annie Eva Lamson (Mrs Charles L.) . .67 Oakland Terrace, 

17377 Beach, Augusta Josephine Seeley (Mrs Samuel Baldwin).. R. F. D. 

3, Bridgeport 
54623 Beach, Cora Esther (Miss) Trumbull 

2315 Beach, Elizabeth (3olt Jarvis (Mrs George W.) . .Hartland, Saybrook 

3879 Beach, Ina Juliette Buckingham (Mrs Charles M.) New Milford 

70274 Beach, Julia Rogers (Miss) North st, Milford 

52442 Beach, Louisa Brewster (Miss) 65 Dickerman st. New Haven 

5289 Beach, Martha Edwards (Miss) 1027 Fairfield av, Bridgeport 

1737S Beach, Mary Augusta (Miss) R. F. D. 3, Bridgeport 

52443 Beach, Nellie Dav (Miss) 65 Dickerman st, New Haven 

80588 Beach, Nellie Somers (Mrs) Cheshire 

56111 Beach, Winifred Stoughton (Mrs Arthur B.) Terryville 

80589 Beadle, Cora A. ( Mrs Edgar) Cheshire 

35136 Bean, Charlotte Amanda (Mrs Albert Burchard) 40 Pleasant st. 

New Haven 

13105 Beard, Martha J. (Mrs Eleazer J.) Milford 

59660 Beard, Sara Shelton (Mrs Charles C.) Shelton 

22485 Beardslee, Emma Gillett (Mrs Clark S.)....138 Collins st, Hartford 

45645 Beardsley, Amelia Louise (Miss) 829 Park av, Bridgeport 

7655 Beardsley, Carrie May Lattin (Mrs Elber M.) Stratford 

17883 Beardsley, Helen Stowe (Mrs Fred S.) Stratford 

60206 Beardsley, Henrietta E. Attwood (Mrs Henry Bulkley)..78 Clowes 

Terrace, Waterbury 

77750 Beardsley, Ida St. John (Mrs T. Edward) 18 Arch st, Ansonia 

3872 Beardsley, Louise Ailing (Mrs George L.) 165 Minerva st, Derby 

4583 Beardsley, Lucy Jane Fayerweather (Mrs Morris B.)..829 Park av, 

69438 Beardsley, Marietta A. Lounsbury (Mrs Albert H.) 74 Pond st, 

Highwood Station, New Haven 

82392 Beardsley, Mary Josephine Lake (Mrs Charles Ferris) Newton 

19638 Beardsley, Nellie M. Griggs (Mrs Rodolph) Plymouth 

22560 Beardsley, Susan Merwin Hine (Mrs George W.) 80 Perry av, 

17895 Bcatty, Anna Burr Woodward (Mrs John W.) 6 Elm st. South 


54083 Beckerly, Vivian L Jacobs (Mrs W. R.) Washington st, Hartford 

39463 Beckley, Florence Daisy (Miss) 553 Broad st, Meriden 

55086 Beckley, Grace Elizabeth (Miss) Southington 

50604 Beckley, Helen Frost (Mrs Charles W.) Southington 

5271 Beck with, Belle Charlotte (Miss).. 148 Huntingdon st. New London 
4163 Beckwith, Celeste Kenyon (Mrs Ansel Arthur) 17 Lincoln av, 



25029 Bcckwith, Emma Elizabeth (Mrs Elisha Park) 48 Truman st. 

New London 

19680 Bcckwith, Inez M. (Miss) 25 Main st, Bristol 

7394 Beckwith, Julia Esther (Miss) 86 High st, Bristol 

39450 Bcckwith, Lillian Winslow Scars (Mrs Wm. Waite). ..Thames st, 

52448 Bcckwith, Margaret Seymour (Miss) Litchfield 

3381 Becbc, Elizabeth Fcbiger (Mrs William). 262 Bradley st, New Haven 
65108 Beebe, Gertrude Welton Bradley (Mrs Stuart).. 474 E. Washington 

av, Bridgeport 
83592 Beebe, Josephine Haley Bolles (Mrs Benjamin M.)..130 Winthrop 
st. New London 

3887 Beecher, Adabel Williams (Mrs Edward C.) 220 Lawrence st. 

New Haven 

28344 Beecher, Elizabeth Louise (Mrs Aymer J.) 40 Huntington st. 

New Haven 

37174 Beecher, Jeannette H. Baldwin (Mrs Harold) 168 English ct„ 

79446 Beecher, Lillia V. Willoughby (Mrs John Dunlap). .. .599 Whalley 

av. New Haven 
7051 Beecher, Mary Barnes (Mrs William E.)..87 Hillside av, Waterbury 
32773 Becman, Maie Ogden Winans (Mrs William Chester) .. New Mil ford 

21864 Becman, Sarah Carrington (Mrs Allan) Fairfield 

71429 Beers, Emma Duncombe (Mrs George B.)..R. F. D. 52, Bridgeport 

8333 Beers, Emma J. Treat (Mrs Henry C.) Short Beach 

26670 Beers, Francis L. (Mrs Sydney W.) 444 Morris av, Norwalk 

67491 Beers, Martha J. (Mrs William H.) Watertowrt 

2229 Bdden, Sarah E. Hill (Mrs Frederick) 46 West av, Norwalk 

37975 Belding, Florence May (Miss) 54 Talcott av, Rockville 

9499 Bdding, Lizzie Smith Merrick (Mrs Alvah Norton).. 54 Talcott av, 

81200 Bell, Qara J. Webber (Mrs George W.) West Clieshire 

6736 Bell. Mary E. Hatch (Mrs Newton S.) Windsor 

22511 Benedict, Amelia Lee (Mrs George W. L.) 524 Whitney av. 

New Haven ( 

2765 Benedict, Harriet Hovt (Mrs Theodore) .. 145 Deer Hill av, Danbury 

17426 Benedict, Hcllen Dcette (Miss) 91 School st, Meriden 

4331 Benedict, Eleanor Augusta Maltby (Mrs Henry H.)..216 Bishop st. 
New Haven 

33655 Benedict, Lillian Frances (Miss) Bethef 

ISJ^ Benedict, Ursula E. ( Miss) Seymour 

25971 Bcnham, Annie Pond (Mrs George T.) 531 West av, Bridgeport 

22541 Bcnham, lone (Miss) South Meriden 

16614 Bcnham, Mary Jeannette (Miss) 22 Prospect st, Meriden 

51 129 Benjamin, Alice Maud (Miss) 23 Union st, Winstecf 

53597 Bennett, Alice Qarke (Mrs Harry Hammil) 37 Fremont st,. 

New London 

39472 Bennett, Almira Gardner (Mrs Edwin) Danielson 

29392 Bennett, Carrie Williams (Mrs Frank W.) Killingly 

3204 Bennett, Charlotte Baldwin (Miss) New Milford 

8332 Bennett, Grace Imogcne Brown (Mrs Philo S.) 137 Wall st. 

New Haven 

29391 Bennett, Katherine Bates (Mrs John F.) Danielson 

77019 Bentley, Emma Hall (Mrs Gilbert John) 15 Emmons pi. 

New Britain 

24532 Bentley, May Charlotte Turrill (Mrs) New Milford 

60766 Benton, Margaret A. (Mrs James M.)..165 Hillside av, Waterbury 
8657 Benton, Mary Holt (Mrs Charles E.) . .22 Elm st. South Manchester 

29406 Bertine. Eleanor Estelle Keys (Mrs Frederick Earle) Greenwich 

16064 Betts, Anna W. Parish (Mrs William J.) Lindale st, Stamford 

5352 Betts, Bessie S. (Miss) Fairfield 

23340 Betts, Caroline (Miss) Fairfield 


21415 Belts, Charlotte E. (Miss) Lindale st, Stamford 

16615 Betts, Fannie E. (Mrs Frederick A.) The Hueblein, Hartford 

28894 Bevin, Elisabeth H. (Mrs William H.) East Hampton 

42787 Bevin, Grace Conklin (Mrs Frank W.) East Hampton 

21372 Bevin, Jane C. (Mrs Philo) East Hampton 

54652 Bevin, Lucy Strong (Mrs Chauncey G.) .East Hampton 

3494 Bevins, Edith Louise (Miss) 34 Catlin st, Meriden 

28364 Bevins, Jane Lois Stiles (Mrs Le Grand) 34 Catlin st, Meriden 

30258 Bidwell, Alice Hart (Mrs John Welch) 38 High st, Winsted 

30259 Bidwell, Alice Louise (Miss) 38 High st, Winsted 

13215 Bidwell, Clara E. (Miss) 14 2d av, Waterbury 

72484 Bidwell, Clara Woodbridge (Mrs James Caleb). . .South Manchester 

83042 Bidwell, Edith Mines (Mrs Daniel B.)..919 Main st. East Hartford 

29761 Bidwell, Elizabeth Mitchell Sayles (Mrs William F.) Killlingly 

11408 Bidwell, Esther H. (Mrs Gurdon L.) 147 McKinley av, Norwich 

72078 Bidwell, Frances Huntington (Mrs E, Allen) 75 Williams st, 


53091 Bidwell, Hattie Hinman (Mrs T. Scott) R, F. D., Collinsvillc 

49336 Bidwell, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 70 McKinley av, Norwich 

73859 Bigelow, Eva Hills (Mrs Frederick L.) 76 Pleasant st. New Britain 

32377 Bigelow, Mary W. Smith (Mrs David Skinner) Moodus 

60197 Bill, Ella Delia Buck (Mrs) 150 North st, Willimantic 

3858 Bill, Julia O. Avery (Mrs Curtis) Groton 

28846 Bill, Maria Elvira Lincoln (Mrs John Goodell) 120 North st, 


57696 Billings, Ida Katharine (Mrs P. H.) 248 Collins st, Hartford 

59656 Billings, Katherinc Louise Murlless (Mrs Charles K., Jr.) , .22 Davis 
av, Rockville 

63408 Billings, Mary Esther Jones (Mrs Harry E.) 688 Park av, 


47505 Billings, Susan Smith (Miss) Thomaston 

20162 Bindloss, Margaret A. (Miss) Mystic 

7010 Bingham, Mary E. (Miss) 77 Franklin sq, New Britain 

7415 Bingham, Mary Elizabeth Goodwin (Mrs Edwin H.)..44 Gillette st, 

82403 Birdsall, Ida Saunders (Mrs Frank T.) 174 Cliff st, Naugatuck 

84726 Birdsey, Ida Homan (Mrs Eli C) 497 Broad st, Meriden 

37583 Birdsey, Rhoda Josephine (Miss) 663 Broad st, Meriden 

5294 Birdseye, Elizabeth Josephine Sherwood (Mrs Isaac W.)..733 Fair- 
field av, Bridgeport 
22561 Birdseye, Grace Elvira Couch (Mrs Henry Shelton)..ll Fairview 
Terrace, Derby 

3680 Birdseye, Mary Louisa (Miss) Caroline st, Derby 

49830 Birge, Eva May Thorpe (Mrs George Wallace) 2 Main st, Bristol 

25091 Birge, Grace H. B. Johnson (Mrs William B.) 2 Huntington pi, 


42143 Birge, Mary A. (Miss) East Windsor Hill 

65497 Birge, Miriam Colev (Mrs John A.) 240 Coram av, Shelton 

8922 Bishop, Ellen M. Kilbourne (Mrs Barzillai P.) 189 Broadway, 


19616 Bishop, Emma Savage (Mrs Albert T.) Southington 

27460 Bishop, Grace E. Banks (Mrs Frederic Ellis) Southport 

9483 Bishop, Julia Armstrong (Mrs Nathan L.) 7 Huntington pi, 


5272 Bishop, Lydia Allen Holmes (Mrs Gilbert) South Windham 

29380 Bishop, Mabel (Miss) Litchfield 

6451 Bishop, Mary Ferris (Miss) 254 Washington av, Bridgeport 

12532 Bishop, Nettie Jav (Miss) Montauk av, New London 

4587 Bishop, Susan Washburne (Mrs 'William D., Jr.).. 199 Courtland 
Hill, Bridgeport 

7692 Bissell. Alice Bell Farmer (Mrs Arthur T.) 74 Prospect st, 



41710 Bissel!, Almira A. (Mrs Frank) Bantam 

33646 Bisseil, Beata Welmore (Miss) 308 Crown st, New Haven 

15449 Bissell, Clara Julia Spencer (Mrs Charles C.) Suffield 

40193 Bissell, Eva V. M. (Mrs Charles H.) Southington 

3296 Bissell, Frances (Miss) Box 378, Windsor 

59661 Bissell, Hannah Bernice (Miss) 40 White st. Shelton 

470J5 Bissell, Henrietta L. Dudley (Mrs H. L. D.) Litchfield 

3671 Bissell, Kate E. H. (Mrs Hiram J.) Lakeville 

25090 Bissell, Katherine Spencer (Mrs L. P.) Litchfield 

46173 Bissell, Martha J. Blake (Mrs Jerome) Litchfield 

15448 Bissell, Mary Gilbert (Mrs Leavitt Pomeroy) Suflield 

6733 Bissell, S. Gertrude (Mrs F. Clarence) 375 Laurel st, Hartford 

47026 Bissell, Semantha J. Beach (Mrs Warren W.) Litchfield 

15450 Bissell, Sophia Leavitt (Miss) Suffield 

37588 Bissell, Susie Waugh (Mrs Jerome S.) 254 Main st, Torrington 

60752 Bitgood, Grace Prentice (Mrs Robert A.) 19 Masonic st. 

New London 

9139 Bixler, Mabel Seelye (Mrs J. Wilson) 27 Broad st, New London 

60759 Black, Fanny Beckwith Speidel (Mrs Daniel P.) 161 North av, 

54161 Blackman, Louise G. Handall (Mrs Cyrus M.) 95 Arnoldale rd, 

R. F. D., West Hartford 
49345 Blackmar, Harriet Stanton (Mrs George Frederick) 25 Treadway 

av, Norwich 

9471 Blair, Mary Adelia Viets (Mrs Charles Albert) Newington 

44183 Blake, Jessie Hotchkiss (Mrs Edward G.) Litchfield 

20855 Blake, Nellie Mitchell (Mrs Lorenzo Mitchell). .Station B, Winsted 

70728 Blakeslee, Ellen Riggs (Mrs William) Thomaston 

10917 Blakeslee, Emma Atwater (Miss) 250 S. Main st, Wallingford 

\D632 Blakeslee, Frances Emeline (Miss) Thomaston 

31248 Blakeslee, Lizzie Finette Law (Mrs Dennie Albert).. 501 George st. 

New Haven 

10916 Blakeslee, Mary Atwater (Miss) 250 S. Main st, Wallingford 

19631 Blakeslee, Mary Josephine (Mrs Augustus E.) Thomaston 

58665 Blakeslee, Minnie O. Nichols (Mrs Robert Newton) . .22 Elmwood 

av, Bridgeport 

25961 Blakeslee, Olive Smith Adams (Mrs Sherman) Plantsville 

16625 Blickensderfer, Nellie Irene Smith (Mrs George Canfield) . .88 Bed- 
ford st, Stamford 

5939 Bliss, Eliza S. H. (Mrs Charles F.) 5 N. Cliff st, Ansonia 

22576 Bliss, Emily H. (Mrs Edward A.) 247 Collins st, Hartford 

S8I93 Bliss, Fannie Louise (Miss) 21 Lincoln av, Norwich 

77751 Bliss. Harriet Colton (Miss) 154 W. Main st, New Britain 

21880 Blodget, Mabel McKelvey (Mrs Henry, Jr.). .72 West av, Bridgeport 
29747 Blodgctt, Martha Julia Bill (Mrs Frederic P.) 87 Whalley av. 

New Haven 
7092S Blondel, Blanch Geyer (Mrs Mercer Delaplane) . . 147 Sherwood av, 


25069 Blood, Etta Malinda Gardner (Mrs Clarence C.) West Winsted 

54131 Bloomfield, Bessie Hazeltin Wilcox (Mrs Howard B.)..18 Chest- 
nut st, Meriden 
60774 Bloomfield, Clara Ruth Richards (Mrs David) 52 Sherman av, 

28892 Bloomfield, Frances Ellen Kingsley (Mrs Garry).. 18 Chestnut st, 


19085 Boardman, Blanche B. Hammill (Mrs W. F.) Stamford 

22546 Boardman, Florence Pratt Foster (Mrs Edward Allen).. 54 Lincoln 

st, Meriden 

3197 Boardman, Helen M. (Miss) New Milford 

3196 Boardman. Kate Taylor (Miss) New Milford 

6457 Boardman, Mary Adah S. (Mrs Thomas J.) 77 Buckingham st. 



32378 Boardman, Mary Greene (Mrs Norman L.) East Haddam 

86183 Boardman, Mary Parker (Mrs Frank B.) 78 Chestnut av^ 


35728 Boies, Louise Beach Goodspeed (Mrs Clajrton S.) Seymour 

26635 Boise, Fannie Louise Abbe (Mrs Lewis Root) ...70 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

83694 Bolles, Hazel May (Miss) Putnam 

13155 Bolmer, Gertrude Sanford (Mrs Qarence H.) 19 Lynwood st. 

New Haven 
4200 Bolton, Fannie Sheldon (Mrs James B.) 364 Mansfield st» 

New Haven 
21898 Boone, Augusta J. (Miss) 94 Wilcox av, Meriden 

83052 Booth, Allida Louise (Miss) ^. . . Seymour 

17422 Booth, Eloise May Benedict (Mrs Martin W.) 478 R Main st, 

62887 Booth, Hattie Perkins (Mrs Clifford H.) 220 Orchard st. 

New Haven 

42769 Booth, Janette Barnum (Mrs Andrew Mygatt) New Milford 

6206 Booth, Jeannette (Miss) King st, Stratford 

83053 Booth, Mary Elsie (Miss^ Seymour 

7686 Booth, Mary Lewis (Miss) 151 Water st. New Haven 

38385 Booth, Nellie T. Curtis (Mrs William H.) 362 W. Main st. 

New Britain 

3200 Booth, Ruth Taylor (Miss) New Milford 

13183 Boothe, Mary Worthington (Mrs Isaac) 263 Elizabeth st, Derby 

71072 Boothe, Maude Camp (Mrs Walter Qinton) 30 E. 9th st, Derby 

15997 Boss, Ellen Latham Grace (Mrs Charles Leander) . .214 Church st, 

76519 Boswell, Mary Page Foskett (Mrs George Copeland) . .624 Broad st, 


68642 Botsford, Sarah E. Goodwin (Mrs Austin N.) Newtown 

72482 Bottum, Azilee Hastings ( Miss) Windsor Locks 

81503 Bowen, Belle Mallory (Mrs Thomas J.).. 64 Highland av, Naugatuck 
9946 Bowen, Hannah R. (Mrs Andrew J.).. 177 Prospect st, Willimantic 

18281 Bowen, Hattie J. (Mrs Allen W.) 199 S. Main st, Putnam 

4614 Bowen, Nettie Lua (Miss) 78 Evergreen av, Hartford 

63959 Bowen, Nina Jane (Mrs George Oscar) Yonkers, N. Y. 

7403 Bower, Lovina A. P. Hayes (Mrs Stonewall J.).. 200 Caroline st, 


15427 Bowers, Fannie Almira (Miss) 209 Crown st. New Haven 

84377 Bowman, Bessie Clarke (Mrs Arthur Wesley) 123 Spring st. 

New Haven 

5362 Bowman, Clara Lee (Miss) 60 East st, Bristol 

62893 Bowron, Clara Avery (Mrs Job C) Putnam av, W. Greenwich 

31988 Boyd, Rosa Isabella (Mrs John Alexander) 254 Hillside av, 

10939 Boyer, Harriet Frances (Mrs Eugene L.) 216 Orchard st. New 

45248 Bradley, Adelaide H. (Mrs Walter Parke) 256 College st, 


57678 Bradley, Amie Estella Washington (Mrs Frank Lyman) Mystic 

60758 Bradley. Anna L. Wheeler (Mrs Warren Taylor) . .377 Tashua rd, 

R. F. D. 1. Bridgeport 

82798 Bradley, Dorothv Hills (Miss) 29 Whalley av, New Haven 

48993 Bradley, Edith Eliza (Mis?) 92 Prospect st. Bristol 

16001 Bradley, Eleanor Maria (Mrs William) Greenfield Hill 

3986 Bradley, Ellen Pauline Phillips (Mrs Frank E.) 322 Caroline st, 


8935 Bradley, Emma J. (Mrs George T.) 520 Whitney av. New Haven 

81198 Bradley. Kstella Washineton (Miss) Mystic 

42144 Bradley, Eula Bertha ( Miss) Marion 

5331 Bradley, Florence Isadora Judson (Mrs Arthur S.)..611 Whitney 

av, New Haven 


2497 Bradley, Harriet E. Peck (Mrs Nathaniel L.) 320 Colony st, 


7398 Bradley, Helen Ives (Miss) 25 Hawthorne av, Derby 

19615 Bradley, Julia Arnold (Mrs F. B.) Southington 

65014 Bradley, Lois Gates (Mrs Edward E.) Bella Vista, Stonington 

10317 Bradley, Mary E. Mersick (Mrs Frederick Truman). .1215' Chapel st,. 
New Haven 

29766 Bradley, Nellie L. Treat (Mrs Otis B.) 175 Minerva st, Derby 

45655 Bragaw, Mary Dennis (Miss) 343 Windsor av, Hartford 

10905 Brainard, Mary Bulkeley (.Mrs Leverett) 135 Washington st,. 

5344 Brainard, Mary Elizabeth Brewster (Mrs Wilbur F.)..23 Elm st, 

65598 Brainerd, Harriet Arnold (Mrs Cephas, Jr.) Haddam 

82799 Braley, Frances Estella (Mrs) 20 Whalley av. New Haven 

55098 Braman. Eunice Helene (Mrs George H.) 109 S. Main st, 


4379 Bramblee, Mary E. (Miss) 231 College st, Middletown 

33643 Branch, Anna Hempstead (Miss) 11 Hempstead st, New London 

6703 Branch, Mary Lydia Bolles (Mrs John L.) 1 Hempstead st, 

"New London 

54091 Brandegee, Emily Stocking (Miss) Berlin 

54<P0 Brandegee, Florence Stith (Miss) Berlin 

54092 Brandegee, Katharine (Miss) Berlin 

59414 Brasted, Amelia Bennett (Mrs George S.) 38 Balmforth av, 


56134 Bray, Minerva Elnor Banks (Mrs Fredrich) Greenwich 

11372 Brewer, Grace Arnold (Mrs William B.)..202 Broad st, Middletow» 

36620 Brewer, Mary Grace (Miss) 270 College st, Middletown 

10896 Brewer, Mary Spencer Clapp (Mrs Francis H.) Fairfield 

61723 Brewer, Ruth Foss (Mrs Leslie L.) 667 Main st, E. Hartford 

19066 Brewster, Bertha Evangeline Lovering (Mrs Nathan Avery) Putnam 

19642 Brewster, Cynthia J. (Mrs Albert G.) Jewett City 

46590 Brewster, Martha Browning (Miss) Jewett City 

8949 Brewster, Mary E. Hurd (Mrs John H.) 47 Seymour av, Derby 

8948 Brewster, Minnie de Nyse (Miss) 47 Seymour av, Derby 

63930 Brewster, Phebe Halsey (Miss) R. F. D. 6, Norwich 

5295 Briggs, Lizzie Beach (Mrs Warren R.) Stratford 

28030 Briggs, Mary Reliance Brinsmade (Mrs Frederick C.)..24 Fremont 
st, Bridgeport 

21911 Brinsmade, Ada Gibson Colton (Mrs William Gold) Washington 

21912 Brinsmade, Anna Louisa (Miss) Washington 

73870 Brinsmade, Carolyn Calhoun (Miss) 338 Coram av, Shelton 

22562 Brinsmade, Jennette Selina Pardee (Mrs Daniel Seymour) 338 

Coram av, Shelton 
530O Brinsmade, Martha Beardsley (Mrs James R.) 254 Elizabeth st, 


24544 Brinsmade, Mary Gold Gunn (Mrs John Chapin) Washington 

25660 Bristol, Alice Lillingston (Mrs William B.) ...Stratford 

68756 Bristol, Amy T. Douglass (Mrs George D.) Southington 

?9238 Bristol, Bessie Morgan (Mrs Edward Leroy) Buckland 

82913 Bristol, Cora Russell (Mrs Franklin B.) C/o Bristol Co., 


11383 Bristol, Florence Espe (Mrs Theodore Louis) 30 Cottage av, 


68757 Bristol, Gladvs Amy (Miss) Southington 

54631 Bristol, Sarah Justine Milligan (Mrs B. H.) Waterbury st, 

3S719 Bristol, Susan Prescott Cleveland (Mrs James Perry).. 131 Hough 

av, Bridgeport 

17205 Britten, Harriet Ward (Miss) 47 Farmington av, Hartford 

79760 Britton, Madeline Perkins (Mrs Wilton Everett) . .296 McKinley av. 

New Haven 


83043 Broadbent. Hattie E. Warner (Mrs Benjamin B.)..911 Dixwell av. 
New Haven 

81206 Broadhead, Julia W. (Miss) Glastonbury 

59634 Brockett, Caroline Elizabeth Bradley (Mrs Edward Hamilton) Avon 

12026 Brockett, Emma Eliza Spring (Mrs Miron Case) 169 High st, 

28343 Brockett, Grace Genevieve Pierpont (Mrs Frank S.).. North Haven 

86515 Brockett, Hattie H. (Mrs David L.) Suffield 

4189 Brockington, Anne M. Holmes (Mrs Samuel C.) Groton 

16558 Bronson, Fannie Elizabeth French (Mrs Walter Hubbell)..41 Frank- 
lin St, Ansonia 

55085 Bronson, Fannie Pettibone (Mrs Elliott) Winchester 

13915 Bronson, Harriet R. (Mrs Homer D.) Beacon Falls 

3511 Bronson, Henrietta Lockwood (Mrs Arthur H.) 18 Niles st, 

5950 Brooker, Julia Elizabeth Clarke Farrell (Mrs C. F.)....37 State st, 

20197 Brooks, Alice Atkins (Mrs John Norton) 115 Litchfield st, 


12502 Brooks, Amanda Collins (Miss) 95 Litchfield st, Torrington 

47021 Brooks, Ara M. (Miss) Southington 

3389 Brooks, Caroline Tuttle (Mrs William T.) 251 Edwards st, 

New Haven 
8950 Brooks, Edith Louise (Miss) 21 Cottage st, Derby 

81214 Brooks, Emily Payne (Mrs George Atwater) 83 Meadow st, 


22552 Brooks, Jennie Hill (Mrs Arthur Middleton) 17 Lincoln st, 

6689 Brooks, Kate M. Brown (Mrs William F.)..48 High st, New Britain 

1588 Brooks, Katharine S. Huntington (Mrs William L.) Stamford 

4193 Brooks, Lydia Chapman (Miss) 2 Sumner st, Hartford 

17920 Brooks, Mabel Martindale (Mrs Wesley) 489 Broad st, Meriden 

41715 Brooks, Mary Beckley Wright (Mrs Simeon Spencer) Chester 

12503 Brooks, Mary Eliza (Miss) 107 Litchfield st, Torrington 

3488 Brooks, Mary J. (Miss) 131 N. Colony st, Meriden 

67928 Brotherton, Muriel Gurdon Saltenstall (Mrs Frank C.) . .20 Pond st, 

72080 Brown, Abigail Huntington (Mrs Frederick E.) 308 Park st, 


66437 Brown, Alice Alberta (Miss) Jewett City 

68664 Brown, Anna Veazey (Mrs Delos D.) East Hampton 

15404 Brown, Annie Jennings (Mrs Jervis Densmore) Milford 

78079 Brown, Carrie Avery (Mrs Merrill E.) 84 Seymour av, Derby 

32370 Brown, Charlotte Alene Killam (Mrs Robert A.) 137 Wall st. 

New Haven 
81873 Brown, Elizabeth Chapman (Mrs Thomas Southmayd) East 

13094 Brown, Ella E. Hawkins (Mrs Sidney A.) 265 Williams st. 

New London 

80574 Brown, Ella Harris Wheeler (Mrs Palmer) Mystic 

39335 Brown, Emily Eckert Myers (Mrs Clement M.) Hartford 

43844 Brown, Emily Warner (Mrs) 596 North av, Bridgeport 

58191 Brown, Emma Elizabeth (Miss) Fairfield 

18321 Brown, Emma L. Phippeney (Mrs Frederick S.)*'325 Prospect st, 


81215 Brown, Emma Nichols (Mrs Walter Edwin) 52 Highland av 


8660 Brown, Eunice Maria Avery (Mrs Pardon T.) Mystic 

32782 Brown, Evelyn Lunette Williams (Mrs George S.) Danielson 

45654 Brown, Fannie Foster (Miss) 270 Farmington av, Hartford 

56105 Brown, Fannie Tiffany (Mrs John Calvin) 98 Spring st, 

6561 Brown, Fanny Pomeroy (Miss) 10 Library pi, Danbury 


35710 Brown, Florence Graham (Mrs George Selah).. 50 Cedar sU 

New Britain 

59138 Brown, Florene (Miss) Milford 

59134 Brown, Grace Wolcott (Mrs Robert Stanley) 41 Emmons pi. 

New Britain 

77440 Brown, Gertrude E. Sanderson (Mrs Arthur M.) Jewett City 

21392 Brown, Harriet Hathaway (Miss) Wilkinson st, Putnam 

78071 Brown, Harriet Millard (Mrs Albert. Turney) Fairfield 

44177 Brown, Helen Frisbie Clark (Mrs Franklin G.) Plantsville 

40409 Brown, Irene Phillips (Mrs William Cheny) 41 Evergreen av^ 


17020 Brown, Jessie Dean (Miss) 6 Sumner st, Hartford 

67485 Brown, Josephine Turney (Mrs John Wilson) Fairfield 

54621 Brown, Kathcrine Bell Shepard (Mrs William R.)..151 Grant st,. 

4746 Brown, Lena Migeon Hayden (Mrs Frederick J.).... 234 Grove st, 

Maplewood, Waterbury 
3179 Brown, Lizzie Denison (Mrs Elias) Noank 

54622 Brown, Lorintha Blanche (Miss) 151 Grant st, Bridgeport 

33197 Brown, Mabel E. (Mrs John Lombard) .Talcottville 

6241 Brown, Marianna W. (Mrs Samuel W.) Mianus 

69723 Brown, Martha Allen (Mrs Lauren Clinton) . .842 Broad st, Meriden 
21913 Brown, Martha Pomeroy Whittlesey (Mrs Orlando).. 10 Library pi, 

28874 Brown, Mary S. Logee (Mrs James E. F.) Mystic 

81518 Brown, Miriam Porter (Miss) 173 Spring st, Union City 

24535 Brown, Olive Bushnell (Mrs Joseph Emerson) 110 Catlin st, 

4020 Browne, Abbie Gillette Chambcrlin (Mrs William S.)....293 Eliza- 
beth st, Derby 
6254 Browne, Gertrude Bell (Mrs William T.)..275 Broadway, Norwich 

25098 Browne, Mary Helen (Miss) 83 Grove st. New Haven 

38933 Browning, Grace Palmer (Mrs Amos Avery). 116 Union st, Norwich 
20604 Brunn, Grace Louise Worcester (Mrs Armin E.).. South Woodstock 

78076 Brush, Emily Ingersoll (Miss) Greenwich 

56125 Brush, Estclla Jane Cole (Mrs Frank P.) 76 West st, Danbury 

3035 Brush, Julia Eliza Qark (Mrs Chester Howard) "The Maples," 

42767 Bryan, Frances R. (Miss) 275 N. Main st, Waterbury 

33635 Bryan* Isabella Treat Clark (Mrs Charles Henry) Woodmont 

44184 Bryan, Mary Treat (Miss) 713 Myrtle av, Bridgeport 

33636 Bryan, Susan Merwin (Miss) Woodmont 

4426 Bryant, Ella C. (Mrs Charles M.) Torrington 

17881 Bryant, Florence Adele Farrel (Mrs George Clarke).. 75 N. CliflF st, 

30595 Bryant, Hannah Ward (Miss) 19 Burnside av. East Hartford 

46589 Bryant, Hattie Bliss (Mrs Clarence) Windsor 

20620 Bryant, Marcnda Adaline Holmes (Mrs Harry Erwin)..45 Tilley st. 
New London 

69789 Bryant. Phebe Flagler (Mrs Richard A.) 17 Winter st. Ansonia 

3199 Buck, Elizabeth (Mrs J. Leroy) New Milford 

26355 Buck, Martha Silence Roberts (Mrs Edward Clinton). .Station B, 

19668 Buck. Mary Keeney (Mrs John R.) 37 Forest st, Hartford 

48341 Buckingham, Agnes Dc F. Curtiss (Mrs Charles Benedict). .Water- 

61716 Buckingham, Anna Sherwood (Mrs Conrad) Fairfield 

41183 Buckingham, Anne McLean (Mrs John A.) Watertown 

6677 Buckingham, Bertha Frances Scott (Mrs E. Miller) 102 Cottage st, 


9431 Buckingham, Hattie Mabel (Mrs Samuel W.) Seymour 

65767 Buckingham. Leah Judd (Miss) Milford 


40605 Buckingham, Margaret McConway (Mrs Scovil McL.). .Watertown 

84724 Buckingham, Martha Anne (Mrs Alexander H.)..255 Shelton av, 

New Haven 
68759 Buckingham, Susan Christine Gillette (Mrs Charles Boothe) 895 

Fair^hild av, Bridgeport 

14711 Buckley, Annie Mallory Tift (Mrs Frank Burrows) Mystic 

33659 Buckley, Ella Blodgett (Mrs James E.) Derby 

85729 Buckman, Ninon C. Dean (Mrs Eugene) 68 Lake pi. New Haven 

24543 Buel, Elizabeth Barney (Mrs John Laidlaw) Litchfield 

25967 Buel, Katherine Lefferts (Miss) Litchfield 

25968 Buel, Minerva Wadhams (Miss) Litchfield 

66936 Buell, Betsey M. (Miss) P. O. Box 157, Clinton 

19678 Buell, Elizabeth Ely Goodrich (Mrs R. C.)..118 Vernon st, Hartford 

21854 Bugbee, Alice Johnson (Mrs F. Frank).. 76 Bellevue st, Willimantic 

30576 Bugbee, Eva Stowell (Mrs John C.) Stafford 

22489 Bugbee, Frances Agatha (Mrs Edwin Summer) 142 S. Main st, 


23100 Bugbee, Julia (Miss) 484 Jackson st, Willimantic 

32379 Bugbee, Mary S. Newcomb (Mrs A. S.) East Haddam 

40196 Bulkeley, Alice Talcott (Miss) .... % North st, Litchfield 

6252 Bulkeley, Fannie B. H. (Mrs Morgan G.) 136 Washington st, 


51744 Bulkeley, Harriet Collins (Miss) Litchfield 

52439 Bulkley, Alma Minnie Alexander (Mrs Benjamin Sherwood) South- 

4309 Bulkley, Charlotte Malvina (Miss) Southport 

10373 Bulkley, Ella S. (Mrs Eugene M.) 17 Franklin st, Danbury 

5248 Bulkley, Helen Elizabeth (Mrs Wallace M.) Fairfield 

4310 Bulkley, Mary Elizabeth Hadlock (Mrs Edward M.)..440 Washing- 

ton av, West Haven 

19617 Bull, Jane S. Lewis (Mrs John Norris) Plainville 

26666 Bull, Sarah Alice Sanford (Mrs Cornelius Wade) 151 Hillside av, 


82800 Bullard, Alice Margery (Miss) 152 Park pi, Bridgeport 

16577 Bullard, Anna Trowbridge (Mrs Henry Palmer) Mystic 

70920 Bullard, Clara Wright Barrows (Mrs James) 484 Jackson st, 


61735 Bullard, Elizabeth Belcher (Miss) Litchfield 

48313 Bullard, Florence Cornelia Wakeman (Mrs Harold C.)..119 Poplar 

st, Bridgeport 

61713 Bullard, Marguerite Jane (Miss) 48 S. Main st. Putnam 

664 Bunce, Mary A. Hubbard (Mrs James H.)..107 High st, Middletown 
66941 Bunce, Mabel L. Pillsbury (Mrs Richard Hubbard) 59 Lawn av, 


33178 Bunnell, Carrie Beardslev (Mrs George B.) Southport 

4591 Bunnell. Catharine M. S' (Mrs Rufus W.) Stratford 

81885 Bunnell. Eloise Hines (Mrs William O.)...150 North st, Willimantic 
71712 Bunnell. Hattie Charter (Mrs Wilber Pitkin) 151 W. Main st. 

New Britain 

5396 Bunnell, Maude Almira (Miss) Forestvillo 

2576 Burbank, Julia Brattle (Miss) .714 Asylum av, Hartford 

49334 Burdick, Eva Brown (Mrs William Rowland) Jewett City 

61757 Burgess. Emma Bradley (Mrs Seavy Lewis) Foster st, Meriden 

10318 Burgess, Emma Bryant (Mrs George F.) . .204 Bishop st, New Haven 

78454 Burgess, Josephine (Miss) 204 Bishop st, New Haven 

46164 Burleson, Mav Hallam (Miss) Jewett City 

6731 Burleson. Roberta H. (Mrs Edward F.) Jewett City 

15447 Burnap, Clara Almcda Converse (Mrs Sidney Rogers) Windsor 

$53048 Burnes. Jessie Preston (Mrs Everett Andrew) 459 Noble av, 




30269 Burnes, May Raymond (Mrs Charles Dudley) Putnam av, 

21866 Burnham, Ella Albertine Bradford (Mrs Waterman Rufus) 362 

Main st, Norwich 
54143 Bumham, Florence Flower Smith (Mrs Myron J.)... West Hartford 
19064 Burnham, Mary Eliza Chamberlain (Mrs Hiram Herbert) . .Putnam 

63407 Burnham, Rebecca A. Moore (Mrs Wilbur Samuel) E. Hartford 

34483 Burnham, Sarah Emeline Peck (Mrs Edward Livingstone). .North 


8310 Burns, Ellen M 511 Clinton av, Bridgeport 

35128 Burnette, Mary Agnes Hascall (Mrs Francis Ellsworth) . .142 Grove 

St, Putnam 

28025 Burr, Alice Bright (Mrs Frederick Allen) Fairfield 

58658 Burr, Aretta Sherwood ( Mrs William O.) Fairfield 

30257 Burr, Carrie Landers (Mrs John Hurlbut) Burrville 

27485 Burr, Ida Fosket (Mrs Z. B.) 138 Prospect st, Torrington 

27463 Burr, Lavinia Hurlbut (Mrs John M.) . . ^ Burrville 

49824 Burr, Loqise Abigail (Miss) , Fairfield 

20184 Burr, Mary Hammond Nichols (Mrs Ebenezer) 199 F'airfield mv, 

8955 Burr, Mary Jennette Birdseye (Mrs Charles G.) Academy Hill, 


80577 Burrell, Lorna Ella (Miss) 731 Howard av. New Haven 

31254 Burritt, Edith Porter (Mrs A. Melrose) 15 State st, Waterbury 

35718 Burritt, Fannie M. Clark (Mrs Arthur W.) 385 Barnum av, 


4605 Burritt, Mary L. (Miss) 177 West av, Bridgeport 

53081 Burritt, Sarah Elizabeth Ward CMiss) Elm st, Stratford 

4586 Burroughs, Mary Frances Welles (Mrs James R.)..1188 Fairfield av, 

S323 Burrows, Ailce Franklin (Mrs Wilbur F.) 196 S. Main st, 

1202 Burrows, Amelia B. (Mrs William H.) 276 Washington st, 


4212 Burrows, Ellen Bertha F. (Mrs Charles L.) Poquonoc Bridge 

3863 Burrows, Julia Ann (Miss) Groton 

7006 Burrows, Mary Ella (Miss) Noank 

75746 Burtner, Ethel Bookwalter (Mrs Otto Whitmore) 3 Cottage av, 

73224 Burton, Emma Abigail Woodworth (Mrs George L.)..434 George st, 

New Haven 
4386 Burton, Helen Louise Birdseye (Mrs Franklin) 87 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 
79750 Burwell, Sallie Gregory (Mrs Ernest Romaine).. 36 High st, Bristol 

7674 Bush, Emma B. (Mrs Samuel N.) Mystic 

25093 Bush, Jane E. Crandall (Mrs William Henry) 25 Prospect st. 

New London 

54CJ82 Bushnell, Angeline Atwater (Mrs Huber) Berlin 

51137 Butler, Alice Isabelle (Mrs William O.) Litchfield 

43450 Butler, Emilie Osgood (Mrs Sidney Perlin) 90 Dwight st. 

New Haven 

54636 Butter, Emily Marilla Webster (Mrs PVank M.) Collinsville 

59137 Butler, Esther Wehon (Mrs George H.) 256 Edgewood av. 

New Haven 

25946 Butts. Mary A. (Miss) 113 S. CliflF st. Ansonia 

27475 Buxton, Katharine W. Lyon (Mrs Vandcrbilt L.) P. O. Box 13. 


13180 Cabot, Katherine Queen (Miss) 195 Grcyrock pi, Stamford 

4414 Cadwell, Grace A. Eno (Mrs Cassius) 25 Marv st, Hartford 

55097 Cady, Roselia Marble (Mrs Edwin) 202 Cook av, Meriden 

25658 Cady, Sarah L. Ensign (Mrs Henry S.). .56 Hillhouse av, New Haven 

49831 Cairns, Nellie Thompson (Mrs James Robert) 36 High st, Bristol 

41696 Cairoli, Susan Strong (Mrs John S.) Milford 


66477 Calef, Caroline Judson (Miss) 674 Park av, Bridgeport 

54653 Calcf, Laura Dart (Mrs J. Francis) 171 Broad st, Middletown 

13911 Calhoun, Anna Williams Spittle (Mrs John) 88 Migeon av, 

12518 Calhoun, Eliza Jane Scott (Mrs David Samuel) . .282 Farmington av, 

3102 Calhoun, Sarah C. Beach (Mrs J. Gilbert) 201 Farmington av, 

71714 Calkins, Alfa C. Barber (Mrs Arthur B.)- .15 Granite st, New London 

29762 Call, Jennie Remington (Mrs Charles F.) Danielson 

12542 Call, Mabel Winter Soule (Mrs Arthur Deerin) 18 Shultas pi, 


33651 Callender, Effie E. Hallock (Mrs Heman Bush) Lakcville 

13087 Calvert, Alice Franklin (Mrs Jeremiah C.)..ll Walker Court, New 

84124 Cameron, Imogene Corbin (Mrs John P.).. 52 Prospect st, Rockville 

54136 Camp, Aurilla Morse Jones (Mrs Albert L.) Watertown 

49843 Camp, Bertha Hotchkiss Hill (Mrs Frederick Byron).. 252 Colony st, 


81216 Camp, Cornelia Beecher (Mrs Ellery) 372 S. Main st, Naugatuck 

4374 Camp, Elizabeth James (Mrs Lewis A.) Seymour 

20864 Camp, Ellen Baldwin (Miss) ..Station A, West Winsted 

9470 Camp, Elnora J. Viets (Mrs Theron H.) . .37 Franklin sq, New Britain 

53068 Camp, Florence A. (Miss) 37 Franklin sq. New Britain 

23111 Camp, Josephine G. (Mrs Charles W.) Canaan 

41179 Camp, Laura Elizabeth (Mrs Oliver G.)..31 Randolph av, Waterbury 

42749 Camp, Laura Kellogg (Miss) Newington 

42750 Camp, Mary Robbins (Mis^) Newington 

20854 Camp, Sarah Maria Boyd (Mrs Caleb Jackson) Station A, 

West Winsted 

5016 Camp, Susie Healy (Mrs John S.) 1041 Asylum av, Hartford 

59653 Campbell, L. Cornelia Potter (Mrs) Manchester 

43395 Campbell, Leila M. Corey (Mrs S. S. S.) Collinsville 

13184 Canfield, Annie Rockwell (Miss) 158 Caroline st, Derby 

63941 Canfield, Grace Edna Drew (Miss) 323 Maple st, Bridgeport 

25661 Canning, Lucy M. Beardsley (Mrs Emile C.).231 Park av, Bridgeport 
30263 Card, Lillian Prudence Courtright (Mrs Frederick Munson) 150 

Lenox av, Bridgeport 

66934 Carde, Lottie L. (Mrs Lester L.) 7 Church st, Ansonia 

7031 Cardwell, Lucy Leffingwell (Mrs W^illiam H.)..313 Main st, Norwich 

56844 Cardwell, Mabel Anna (Miss) 313 E. Main st, Norwich 

75316 Carey, Charlotte E. Wells (Mrs G. Benham) Box 145, Farmington 

65107 Carleton, Lucy Marietta Clark (Mrs Winfred Gridley)..55 Irving st. 

New Haven 
77754 Carlton, Sara Hayden (Mrs William Newnham Chattin) East 

7437 Carpenter, Alice Holt (Mrs Arthur B.)..156 Prospect st, Willimantic 
57677 Carpenter, Alice Sharpe (Mrs John Frederick) 100 S. Main st, 


21261 Carpenter, Annie Miller (Mrs Clarence Allan) Norwalk 

18282 Carpenter, Ellen Maria Child (Mrs John Richard) .. 193 S. Main st, 


13211 Carpenter, Louise Alvord (Mrs Arthur Bliss) Naugatuck 

80427 Carr, Alice Bertha (Miss) Cheshire 

17367 Carroll, Emma Frances Briggs (Mrs George Wyman)..257 Broad- 
way, Norwich 

28881 Carter, Abbie Lay Douglas (Mrs Clarence Leonard) Southington 

76509 Carter, Elizabeth Beugless (Mrs Chapel S.) 24 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

47016 Carter, Ella Smith (Mrs Franklin) 654 Main st, Winsted 

81498 Carter, Hattie Louise (Miss) 84 Laurel Hill av, Norwich 

49348 Carter, Melissa Goodrich (Mrs George) . .730 Whitney av, New Haven 
4415 Carver, Nellie E. Eno (Mrs John P.) Simsbury 


65764 Gary. Alice Maples Crary (Mrs Herbert Bishop) 83 Williams st, 

86513 Gary, Mary Shelton (Mrs James Wright) ... .283 Elizabeth st, Derby 
53073 Gase, Ada Winship Smith (Mrs Samuel Bailey) 337 Main st, 

75558 Gase, Claire Morrison (Mrs Christopher Clinton).. 90 Windham st, 


54098 Gase, Elizabeth Steward (Miss) New Britain 

58667 Case, Fannie Downs (Mrs Charles V.) 10 Howe av, Shelton 

54078 Case, Hattie Simons (Mrs Oliver Phelps) Simsbury 

58671 Gase, Henrietta Tyler (Mrs Willis B.)..157 Warrenton av, Hartford 

58662 Gase, Kate Sprague (Mrs James Tuller) 116 Maple st, Bristol 

54097 Gase, Lucia Dwinell (Mrs Harvey E.) . . . .94 Grove Hill, New Britain 

12490 Gase, Lucy B. Stone (Mrs James L.) 57 Warren st, Norwich 

15992 Gase, Lurietta S. (Mrs John E.) Avon 

48361 Gase, Mary Higley (Mrs Benjamin F.) Gollinsville 

13111 Case, Natalie Parsons Merwin (Mrs Fredus M.) Rainbow 

11839 Case, Sarah Carroll Jacobs (Mrs Luther Roswell) 124 Broad st, 

55076 Gase, Sarah Goodwin Eno (Mrs Charles Pitnam)..17 Raymond st, 


73220 Case, Sarah Granger (Mrs George C) 64 Wheeler st, iWinsted 

42770 Cassedy, Florence Alma (Mrs Porter Marcy) New Milford 

78073 Gassidy, Jane Elizabeth Hall (Mrs Patrick Joseph). .. .48 Main st. 

70926 Gassidy, Mary Virginia Drury (Mrs Louis T.) 32 Willow st, 


16054 Gastelow, Mary Abbie (Miss) 301 Colony st, Meriden 

11855 Castle, Amelia M. (Mrs John S.) 42 Kellogg st, Waterbury 

54144 Caswell, Dorothy Beth (Miss) West Hartford 

80250 Caswell, Mary Alcie Wells (Mrs Horace P.).. 76 Liberty st, Meriden 

4191 Catlin, Caroline Smith (Mrs Abijah) 966 Asylum av, Hartford 

22512 Catlin, Gulielma H. Cram (Mrs Edward F.) 295 Crown st. 

New Haven 

72299 Catlin, Jennie May Brainerd (Mrs Robert) Litchfield 

4796 Catlin, Jennie Winslow (Mrs William H.)..130 E. Main st, Meriden 

58201 Caulkins, Emma B. (Mrs Willis E.) 70 Williams st, Hartford 

51131 Gavarly, Adelaide L. Avery (Mrs Joseph G.) 25 Broad st. 

New London 

49351 Chaffee, Emma Hurd (Mrs Arthur W.) Moodus 

77442 ChafTec, Ethel F. Tucker (Mrs George L.) 263 Montauk av. 

New London 
8957 Chaffee, Harriet Russell (Mrs Sanford E.)...279 Caroline st, Derby 
82326 Chaffee, Irma Terrill (Mrs Herbert A.).... 767 Noble av, Bridgeport 

60211 Chaffee, Jennie Risley (Mrs Frank B.) 44 Randolph av, Meriden 

4946 Chaffee, Jessie M. R. Chappell (Mrs Robert W.) Williams st. 

New London 

19656 Chaffee, Katharine Day (Mrs Eugene W.) Moodus 

6734 Chaffee, Martha W. (Mrs Dwight) 183 Summit st, Willimantic 

32380 Cliaffee, Nellie Eugenie (Miss) Moodus 

86335 Chamberlain, Harriet S. (Mrs John C.) 591 Myrtle av, Bridgeport 

38382 (Thamberlin, Carrie Fuller (Miss) Danielson 

8954 Chamberlin, Esther Adelaide Cornish (Mrs Smith T.) Academy 

Hill, Derby 

3392 Champion, Sarah E. (Mrs Henry) 270 Crown st, New Haven 

43457 Champlain, Ada Young (Mrs Duane) E. 9th st, Derby 

46166 Champlain, Bessie Louise (Miss) 20 Bradley st, Putnam 

43459 Champlain, Caroline Hallock (Mrs Stanton) Cottage st, Derby 

21867 Champlin, Abbie A. Brown (Mrs Denison James) Jewett City 

84378 Chandler, Elizabeth C English (Mrs Ersa P.) 334 Grown st. 

New Haven 
19683 Chandler. Ellen Deborah (Miss) Woodstock 


B929 Chandler, Frances Woods (Miss) 31 High st. New Haven 

69431 Chandler, Isadore E. Aldrich (Mrs Randolph Henry) Thompson 

84379 Chandler, Olive Matilda (Miss) 334 Crown st, New Haven 

8331 Chancy, Clara A. Morgan (Mrs Charles Frederick) ..40 Channing st. 

New London 

5825 Chapin, Ellie M. L. (Mrs Frank M.) Pine Meadow 

51145 Chapin, Elsie Rood (Mrs) 42 Prospect st, Torrington 

15455 Chapin, Jessie Maud Douglass (Mrs) Suffield 

24531 Chapin, Mary Adella Glazier (Mrs Charles Edward) Greenwich 

54127 Chapin, Mary Skinner (Miss) Greenwich 

59126 Chapman, Alice M. Eldridge (Mrs Edward Coats) Groton 

27469 Chapman, Carolyn Ward (Mrs William W.) 554 Norman st. 

49627 Chapman, Clara Goodwin (Mrs) 31 Upson av, Station A, 


58185 Chapman, Delia Stanton (Mrs Lyman Allyn) Poquonoc Bridge 

.35155 Chapman, Edith Snow (Mrs Clifton L.) 10 Florence st, Rockvillc 

29393 Chapman, Esmarelda A. Chase (Mrs Charles F.) Danielson 

5766 Chapman, Helen Cheney (Mrs Maro S.) South Manchester 

79694 Chapman, Laura Emmeline Asbereene (Miss) Westport 

37192 Chapman, Marie Cordelia (Mrs James Wilbur) Moodus 

59635 Chapman, Mary Amelia Curtiss (Mrs Aaron Scott) Simsbury 

J9480 Chapman, Mary Amy Bailey (Mrs Denison Avery).. 246 William st, 


37180 Chapman, Rebecca Huntington (Mrs Robert W.) Watcrford 

12231 Chappell, Adelene Ellis Palmer (Mrs Alfred S.) 15 Broad st, 

New London 
4771 C3happell, Catherine Gertrude Bishop (Mrs Frank H.) .. Huntington st. 

New London 
JS77 Chappell, Isabel Norton Culver (Mrs William S.)..ll Channing st. 

New London 
7054 Chappell, Isabel Webster (Mrs Herbert R.) 265 Prospect st, 

(65308 Charlton, Alice Cutler (Mrs David A.) 38 Meadow st, Winsted 

29394 Chase, Annie Bartholomew (Mrs David) Killingly 

3605 Chase, Elizabeth Hosmer Kellogg (Mrs Irving Hall).. 112 Prospect 

st, Waterbury 
22503 Chase, Elizabeth Parker (Mrs Charles Francis) 241 W. Main st. 

New Britain 

73219 Chase, Emma D. (Mrs Wallace) 8 Maple st, Milford 

5391 Chase, Mary Electa (Miss) Simsbury 

78077 Chatfield, Eliza Margaretta (Miss) R. F. D. No. 2, Seymour 

78078 Chatfield, Elizabeth K. (Miss) Skokarat st, Seymour 

29764 Chatfield, Emily Frances Briggs (Mrs Constant Webb) Danielson 

82395 Chatfield, Mary Goldsmith (Mrs Benjamin) 9 Hewlett st, 

85973 Chatfield, Philena A. Judd (Mrs Charles H.) 25 Windsor st. 

78455 Chatfield, Stella Stowe Russell (Mrs Minotte Estes)..162 Huntington 

st, New Haven 

61721 Cheney, Carrie Haydock (Mrs Arthur N.) Bridgeport 

42775 Cheney, Florence Douglass (Miss) ^ South Manchester 

5726 Cheney, Katharine Augusta (Mrs Charles S.) South Manchester 

20799 Cheney, Lillian C. Farrel (Mrs Benjamin A.) 225 St. Ronan st, 

New Haven 

8341 Cheney, Mary (Miss) South Manchester 

42774 Cheney, Sophia H. (Mrs Richard O.) South Manchester 

5736 Cheney, Susan Jarvis (Mrs Frank) South Manchester 

19684 Chesebro, Mary Nevins Ix)rd (Mrs Charles H.) 145 School st, 


14731 Chesebrough, Lydia Anna (Miss) 751 Asylum av, Hartford 

(14713 Chesebrough, Nancy Anna (Miss) Stonington 


1662 Chew, Alice (Miss) 306 State st, New London 

5373 Chidsey, Ida Cook (Mrs John T.) 242 Center st, Bristol 

42760 Chidsey, Nellie Louise Bradley (Mrs Horace Walter) 2 Park pi, 

East Haven 

8958 Chidsey, Winnif red Bishop (Miss) Fairview Ter, Derby 

49825 Child, Elizabeth Lilly (Miss) Fairfield 

5247 Child, Lizzie J. (Mrs Frank S.) Fairfield 

10305 Childs, Grace Damon Smith (Mrs C3harles R.) 11 Marshall st, 


27458 Chipman, Ella M. Kenyon (Mrs George) Moosup 

50597 Chipman, Ethel Rosalind (Miss) Moosup 

^0754 Chipman, Eunice Crumb (Mrs Edwin C.) 232 Williams st, 

New London 

94380 Chipp, Daisy Pierce (Mrs Ernest A.) 282 Willow st, New Haven 

S3039 Chittenden, Ethel Hunter (Miss) 65 Granite st, New London 

11844 Chittenden, Harriet B. Wolcott (Mrs George M.) 240 Liberty st, 

J4492 Choate, Inez Mabel Hutchinson (Mrs Charles Nelson).. 90 Brook- 
lawn av, Bridgeport 

37584 Chollar, Marion Danielson (Miss) 9 Broad st, Danielson 

17387 Cholwell, Clementine Louise (Miss) 30 High st, Norwalk 

82399 Cholwell, Dorothy Dennis (Miss) 30 High st, Norwalk 

53601 Christee, Mabel Hallock (Mrs Albert H.)..lll Maple st, Bridgeport 

S1872 Christensen, Mary Bassett (Mrs Arthur) Fairview Ter, Derby 

70648 Christie, Edith May (Miss) 1640 Park av, Bridgeport 

21915 Church, Amy C. Spencer (Mrs William H.) Washington 

19664 Church, Elizabeth Foster Draper (Mrs Henry James).. 78 Pleasant 

st, Meriden 
17423 Church, Lucy Catherine Goodell (Mrs George A.) 93 Crown st, 

10884 Church, Mary A. Holbrook (Mrs William). ...1209 Chapel st, New 


54111 Churchill, Ella Steele (Mrs John B.) 155 Prospect st, Bristol 

38359 Churchill, Rose (Miss) 58 Franklin sq, New Britain 

47517 Qapp, Almeria Harriet Pitkin (Mrs CJeorge I.) 115 Bellevuc st, 


40190 Gapp, Gara I. Wrislcy (Mrs Alfred Selden). ...East Windsor Hill 

40191 Gapp. Elvira Charlton (Miss) East Windsor Hill 

54145 Gapp, Mabel Lawrence (Mrs Roswell John) 34 S. Main st, 

West Hartford 

47013 Gapp, Martha Sophia (Miss) Fairfield 

83703 Clark, Adella Emogene (Mrs Miles S.)..364 N. Main st, Union City 

13123 Gark, Anna Gark Piatt (Mrs Frederick M.) Milford 

31250 Gark, Annie M. (Mrs Edward G.) Washington Depot 

33637 Gark. Bertha Amelia (Miss) 100 Myrtle av, Stamford 

8315 Gark. Bessie Stuart (Miss) 34 Anson st, Derby 

3870 Gark. Caroline Justina Birdseye (Mrs (jeorge B.). .28 Academy Hill, 

44841 Clark. Charlotte Merwin Gark (Mrs Edgar T.) Milford 

13113 Gark. Charlotte Woodruff (Mrs Everett Bryan) Milford 

60210 Gark. Edith Margaret (Miss) 278 E. Main st. Meriden 

78981 Clark. Elmyra Melissa Guyant (Mrs Terah Benedict) . .33 Olive st, 

7399 Gark, Emily (Miss) 14 Clark av, Derby 

46357 Gark. Emma J. (Mrs Charles B.) Conn. Hos. for Insane, 


13110 Gark. Emma Piatt (Mrs Fred De Witt) Milford 

8953 Gark, Fanny L. Minor (Mrs Frank D.) 130 Derby av, Derby 

54146 Gark. Frances Augusta Grant (Mrs Elmer G.) West Hartford 

41699 Gark, Georgiana Peck (Mrs Nathan) Milford 

60209 Gark, Harriet Barnes (Mrs Daniel J.) 45 Cook av, Meriden 

100 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

41721 Clark, Henrietta A. Piatt (Mrs Abel Stanton) 20 Atwood st. 


50215 Clark, Ida M. Rockwell (Mrs W. L.) 37 Crescent st, Shelton 

27464 Clark, Jennie Louise Hallett (Mrs Arthur Lucius) Station A, 

West Winsted 

82801 Clark, Jessie A. Bullard (Mrs) 152 Park pi, Bridgeport 

31258 Clark, Jessie E. Wilcox (Mrs Albert L.) 152 Grafton st, New 


69790 Gark, Julia A. Moulton (Mrs William N., Jr.) . .40 James st, Ansonia 

12511 Clark, Julia A. Riggs (Mrs Joseph Merrick) 34 Anson st, Derby 

13873 Clark, Louisa Holley (Mrs George M.) 61 E. Main st, Meriden 

41732 Clark, Margaret Tucker Hubbard (Mrs Margaret H. H.) Shelton 

34037 Clark, Marie C Blood (Mrs Huber) 12 Oak st, Willimantic 

2252 Clark, Mary (Miss) 119 Capitol av, Hartford 

29756 Clark, Mary Belle (Mrs Clifford E.) Milford 

48330 Clark, Mary Catherine (Mrs Frank P.) 36 Main st, Danbury 

12233 Clark, Mary Hart (Mrs Edward W.) ZJ Fremont st, New London 

46593 Clark, Mary Hoyt Lee (Mrs Qarence Linden) 265 Main st, 

West Haven 

3984 Clark, Mary J. Terry (Mrs William J.)'. 12 South Qiff, Ansonia 

5042 Clark, Mary M. Riggs (Mrs Albert E.) Seymour 

9926 Clark, Mary P. (Mrs Eben) 33 Jay st. New London 

2841 Clark, Matilda Colt Root (Mrs Charles H.). .160 Garden st, Hartford 

82148 Clark, May Grace Hurlbut (Mrs F. North) Litchfield 

59124 Qark, Nellie Rich (Mrs Edgar D.) Windsor 

17894 Qark, Nellie Spicer (Mrs Arthur Norman) 47 S. Main st. 

South Norwalk 

39845 Clark, Olive Adella (Mrs Frank Elihu) Turnerville 

19618 Clark, Phebc Atkins Twichell ( Mrs) Plantsville 

19067 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) 112 Elm st, Putnam 

62761 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) 112 Elm st, Putnam 

13109 Gark, Sarah Stow Ford (Mrs Joseph R.) Milford 

45245 Clark, Velzora Bradman Turner (Mrs Joseph Newton, Jr.).. Orange 

4213 Clarke, Anna Baker ( Miss) Groton 

22492 Clarke, Emma Manning (Mrs F. E.) 22 Seward st, Putnam 

50203 Clarke, Grace Cochrane (Mrs Henry) 15 Church st, Bristol 

21424 Clarke, Julia Van Siclen (Mrs Thomas M.) Station A, West 


84012 Clarke, Laura Dc Ette Perkins (Mrs Horatio Nelson) . .Add. R. F. D. 

2, Naugatuck 

84013 Clarke, Maude G. (Miss) R. F. D. 2, Naugatuck 

53092 Clarke, May Hinman (Mrs Ellis E.) 195 Maple st. New Britain 

19067 Clarke, S. Elizabeth (Miss) 112 Elm st, Putnam 

20858 Clarke, Susan J. Holmes (Mrs Edward) Winsted 

13107 Clarke, Susie Isabella Smith (Mrs Elbert Newton) W. River st, 

26636 demons, Bessie Augusta Lines (Mrs Frank Gerard).. 73 Cottage av^ 


31262 Clemons, Mary L. (Mrs Henry N.) Danielson 

84381 Cleveland, Gazie J. (Mrs George A.) 381 Oak st, New Haven 

11545 Geveland, (Jertrude Olney Stevens (Mrs Clarence Edwin) .Quinebaug 
45656 Cleveland, Sarah E. (Mrs Edmund Janes) 191 Sigourney st, 


20164 Cleworth, Cora E. (Mrs Allen) 28 Williams st, Norwich 

28339 Gift. Helen Welch Noyes (Mrs Hiram) Mystic 

31991 Clinton, Georgiana (Miss) 37 Lowe st, S. Norwalk 

38616 Give, Matlie Taylor (Mrs Albert A.) 57 Wilcox av, Meriden 

83040 Coates, Ruth (Miss) Waterford 

54635 Cobun, Abbie M. (Mrs J. Milton) 55 S. Main st, South Norwalk 

54109 Cochrane, Harriet Eliza Stoddard (Mrs) Newington Junction 

48362 Codaire, Jennie L. Hotchkiss (Mrs Goodsell Austin) Collinsville 

52451 Codaire, Minnie Robinson ( Miss) Collinsville 


208S7 Coc, Alice Lee (Miss) Winsted 

5976 Coc, Caroline S. (Mrs Arden Henry) Bradieyville rd, Waterbury 

IU346 Coc, Clara Martina (Miss) The Goodwin, Hartford 

154^ Coe, Elizabeth Strickland (Mrs Edward Stevens) Cromwell 

12501 Coc, Ella Seymour (Miss) Litchfield 

40162 Coe, Gertrude Royce (Mrs Wilbur F.) 812 Main st, Winsted 

18265 Coe, Hattie E. Jarvis (Mrs Charles Pierson) 1211 Fairfield av, 


166 Coe, Katharine Foote (Mrs) P. O. Drawer 1, New Haven 

55567 Coe, Katherine M. (Mrs Benjamin L.)....27 Holmes av, Waterbury 

17424 Coc, Sarah .Williams (Mrs John W.) 72 N. Colony st, Meriden 

2491 Coe, Sophia F. Hall (Mrs Levi E.) 261 Colony st, Meriden 

17406 Coffin, Cora Drake (Mrs Arthur Dexter) Windsor Locks 

3991 Coffin, Ellen Elizabeth (Mrs O. Vincent). .215 S. Main st, Middletown 
66937 Cogill. Lillian Amelia Smith (Mrs Frank L.) 69 Harrall av, 


39473 Cogswell, Bernice Stiness (Miss) Killingly 

6207 Cogswell, Hattie Sanborn (Mrs William B.) Stratford 

50611 Cogswell, Olive Mary (Miss) 25 Norton st, New Haven 

29381 Coit, Ella Sawyer (Mrs Charles Henry) Litchfield 

82388 Coit, Gertrude (Miss) 146 Huntington st. New London 

5273 Coit, Gertrude Barker (Mrs Alfred, Jr.) 146 Huntington st, 

New London 
25655 Coit. Harriet Tate (Mrs Horace). ...11 Post Hill pi. New London 

75017 Colby, Edna E. Burrows (Mrs Alfred O.) Mystic 

83071 Cole, Clara Belle Pope (Mrs Clinton L) 94 Linsley av, Meriden 

6453 Cole, Edith A. W. (Mrs Charles M.) 667 State st, Bridgeport 

30588 Cole, Elizabeth B. Prindle (Mrs Charles S.) 826 Lafayette st, 


4748 Cole, Emilie Judson (Mrs George M.) 900 Asylum av, Hartford 

50200 Cole, Jennie Elizabeth Knight (Mrs Alton R.) Woodstock rd, 

76515 Cole, Rosalind Fletcher (Mrs Oliver C.) 470 Stratford av, 


56131 Coley, Susie M. (Mrs Stanton) . . . : Wilton 

9932 Collender. Charlotte Fitch (Mrs William V.) 28 Suburban av, 

860O5 Collins, Emily H. Cotton (Mrs William Hertzog) 87 N st, 

78386 Collins, Francis B. Chaffee (Mrs Percy E.). .44 Randolph av, Meriden 

2585 Collins, Mary Francis (Miss) 94 Woodland st, Hartford 

11368 Collins, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) 69 Colony st, Meriden 

17418 (Collins, Sophia Northrop (Mrs Benjamin W.) 450 E. Main st, 


41706 Colt, Florence Annette (Miss) Walnut st, Sta. B, Winsted 

58195 Colt, Maude Welles (Mrs Daniel) 144 Hinsdale av, Winsted 

13148 Colton, Helen Qark Coomes (Mrs O. B.)..255 Laurel st, Hartford 
26373 Colwell, Lillian H. Hills (Mrs Frederick L.) Noroton Hill, 


45651 Comer, Julia L5uise Chipman (Mrs George) East Haddam 

13890 Comstock, Annie (Mrs Albert Seymour) 172 Laurel Hill av, 


84191 Comstock, Edith (Miss) 9 Hempstead st, New London 

4179 Comstock, Elizabeth J. (Miss) 42 Main st, Danbury 

13095 Comstock, Ellen M. (Miss) 8 Brook st. New London 

64504 Comstock, Flora (Miss) Montville 

32381 Comstock, Jennie D. Boardman (Mrs Wilbur S.) East Haddam 

25657 Comstock, Kate Helena (Mrs Joseph Chapman) . .9 Hempstead st. 

New London 

54609 Comstock, Lucy F. Stockwell (Mrs Herbert) West Simsbury 

62886 Comstock, Marianne Holmes (Mrs Frank Allyn)..720 Williams st, 

New London 

102 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

23651 Comstock, Mary Cook (Mrs Marc) Broad st, New London 

4589 Comstock, Sarah Maria Lockwood (Mrs George) 239 Park av, 

54080 Comstock, Virginia St. John (Mrs George Arthur) . . 138 Tremont st^ 


24538 Conant, Thomasine Haskell (Mrs) Windsor Lock» 

3508 Cone, Florence Mabel (Miss) 182 Collins st, Hartford 

41702 Cone, Frances Fiske Merwin (Mrs John Barnard) Highland Courts 

54641 Cone, Harriet Elizabeth Uhlhorn (Mrs James Brewster) 640 

Framington av, Hartford 
23650 Cone, Lillian Chappell (Mrs Charles H.)-»12 Amity st, New London 
2838 Cone, Martha Isham Mix (Mrs Joseph Henry) 784 Asylum av, 


10904 Cone, Mary C (Miss) West Hartford 

6725 Congdon, Katherine W. F. (Mrs Thomas R.) 71 Turner st, 


64508 Congdon, Lora Naomi (Miss) Mystic 

31235 Congdon, Theresa E. Tilden (Mrs Herbert T.) 147 Spring st, 


52460 Conn, Julia Maria Joel (Mrs H. W.) 167 High st, Middletown 

2618 Converse, Eva Mcrriam (Mrs Aden John) 927 Broad st, Meriden 

15453 Converse, Ida Graciella ( Miss) Windsor Locks 

51127 Cook, Agnes L. Corkins (Mrs Charles W.) Windsor 

16017 Cook, Alice Robinson (Mrs Henry Brewster) 76 High st, Bristol 

2583 Cook, Annah Huntington Richards (Mrs Ansel Granville) 722 

Asylum av, Hartford 
76521 Cook, Carrie Lewis (Mrs Lucius Webster) 166 Sigourney st,^ 


54110 Cook, Edith Sumner (Miss) 92 Prospect st, Bristol 

84385 Cook, Emma F. Cummings (Mrs Frank Field) Chapman av & 

Waterville st, Waterbury 

13189 Cook, Emma L. Fay (Mrs James) 66 Crown st, Meriden 

39458 Cook, Esther H. (Mrs W. L.) 580 Beechwood av, Bridgeport 

5972 Cook, Helen Phelps B. (Mrs Charles S.)....92 Prospect st, Bristol 

57697 Cook, Jennie Tracy (Mrs Howard W.) 236 Ashley st, Hartford 

22550 Cook, Sarah Elisabeth (Miss) 89 Cottage st, Meriden 

81201 Cooke, Carolene Perkins (Miss) 40 Fountain st, New Haven 

87067 Cooke, Elnora Miller (Mrs Reuben Taintor) Meriden 

23149 Cooke, Grace West (Mrs A. W.)....307 Wethersfield av, Hartford 
86180 Cooke, Hattie Curnow (Mrs Clayton Guy) 421 Winthrop av. 

New Haven 

22575 Cooley, Grace P. Coffin (Mrs) 360 Laurel st. Hartford 

38173 Cooney, Josephine Goldsmith (Mrs William) Maple av, Greenwich 

41173 Cooper, Elizabeth (Mrs James E.) 115 Vine st. New Britain 

17409 Cooper, Jennie Loomis Drake (Mrs) Suffield 

53586 Copley, Laura Noble (Mrs George Daniel). .368 Park pi, New Britain 
3856 Copp, Betsey Avery (Mrs Belton A.) Groton 

69429 Copp, Emily Avery ( Miss) Groton 

14746 Copp, Julia ( Miss) Groton 

25094 Copp, Mary Torrey (Mrs James Dresser) 11 Post Hill pi. 

New London 
75748 Corbin, Florence May (Miss) 49 Lexington st, New Britain 

53587 Corbin, Lena Harriet (Mrs George Waldo) 49 Lexington st. 

New Britain 
26637 Corbin, Mary Ann Whiting (Mrs Frank Eugene) R. F. D., 

Mapie Hill. New Britain 
78474 Corbin, Mary Williams (Mrs William Herbert) 172 Collins st, 

23663 Corbin, Rebekah How Morse (Mrs Wilbur). .Maple Hill, New Britain 
13185 Cornell, Anita Merrill Kellogg (Mrs Thomas Lavender). .49 Seymour 

st, Derby 


66478 G>rnell, Clara Garfield (Miss) 75 Sherwood av, Bridgeport 

3s?368 Corning, Mar>- Isabel (Miss'i 761 Main st, E., Hartford 

51755 Cornish, Agnes Redfield (Miss) 21 Katharine st, Waterbury 

85731 Cornwall, Bertha Dickinson (Miss) 84 Webster st, Meriden 

59669 Cornwall, Emma Norton Payne (Mrs Demas Whitmore) . .Portland 

83044 Corn well, Cora M. ( Miss) 51 Alpine st, Bridgeport 

26375 Corson, Marion Fay Lyles (Mrs William R. Cone).. 127 Oxford st, 

5047 Cotter, Hattie Ann (Mrs Frank Ambrose) Seymour 

5938 Cotter, Lucia Hosmer (Miss) 31 Atwater av, Derby 

84386 Cotter, Minnie Booth (Miss) 22 Garden pi, Derby 

77765 Couch, Delia Albina (Miss) R. F. D., New Milford 

14730 Couch, Jane L. (Mrs Walter D.) South Manchester 

17388 Couch, Lina M. (Miss) 41 Bayview av. South Norwalk 

17389 Couch. Mariette G. (Miss) 41 Bay View av. South Norwalk 

55081 Coulam, Mary Rugg (Mrs Frank) Jewett City 

53082 Cowell, Harriet Stowe (Mrs William H.)..933 Noble av, Bridgeport 

12520 Cowles, Alice Maud (Miss) 1044 Chapel st. New Haven 

8088 Cowles, Alice Upson (Mrs Sidney M.) Kensington 

55562 Cowles, Carolyn Dunbar (Miss) Litchfield 

12519 Cowles, Florence Holt (Miss) 1044 Chapel st. New Haven 

8198 Cowles, Helen L. Warner (Mrs Luman)..1044 Chapel st, New Haven* 

84006 Cowles, Helen Mary (Miss) Kensington- 

37188 Cowles, Mary Batterson (Mrs Horace) Litchfield 

13156 Cowles, Sarah Jane (Miss) 1044 Chapel st. New Haven 

84387 Cowling, Percie Janet Smith (Mrs Edward J.) 103 Lincoln st, 

54629 Cowperthwait, Fannie Hart (Mrs George Ely) 15 Robinson av,. 


76212 Cox, Mabel Corbett (Mrs Walter N.) 19 Farview av, Danbury 

15454 Coye, Anna Palmer Hyde (Mrs Charles Henry) Windsor Locks 

81874 Crampton, Ellen Ravenscroft (Mrs William Henry).. 163 Meadow st,. 

12S33 Crandall, Alice Greene (Mrs Herbert L.) . .69 Granite st. New London 

54147 Crandall, Flora B. Irish (Mrs Hervey L.) Farmington 

13903 Crandall, Ida Frances (Miss) Mystic 

75145 Crane, Alice M. Crane (Mrs Charles L.) 290 Prospect st,. 


10897 Crane, Bertha Chapman (Mrs Everett L.) Groton 

14733 Crane, Qara A. Barrows (Mrs Elcazer Bennett) Box 36, 


7705 Crane, Gertrude B. (Miss) 168 Summit st. Willimantic 

8941 Crane, Jessie T. (Mrs Zenas A.) Station A, Russell Farm, 

New Haven 
62070 Crane, Susan Jane Underwood (Mrs S. Z. G.) 751 Asylum av^ 


6171 1 Cranska, Evelyn C. ( Miss) Moosup 

50596 Cranska, Harriet A. (Miss) Moosup 

28878 Crawford, Mary Jane (Mrs William) 19 Hobart av, Norwich 

59130 Crawford, Nellie iWarren (Mrs L. Dexter) 198 Summit st^ 

35730 Crebb, Elizabeth H. Taylor (Mrs Richard L.) 453 West av, 


30217 Cressy, Aha Starr (Mrs Noah) 104 Huntington st, Hartford 

25099 Crocker, Julia A. (Mrs Henry M.) 12 University pi, New Haven 

13096 Crocker, Katharine Comstock (Mrs Herbert) Xiantic 

2224 Crofut, Charlotte Wilcox Phelps (Mrs James Knapp) . .. .Simsbury 

76463 Crofut, Edith A. (Mrs George H.) Pleasant st, Danbury 

19674 Crofut, Florence Marcy (Miss) 25 N. Beacon st, Hartford 

74692 Crofut, Lavinia Potter (Mrs Horace) .. Broadview Farm, Danbury 
19673 Crofut, Lucy Marcy (Mrs Sidney W.) 25 N. Beacon st, Danielson 

104 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

85223 Crosby, Clara Jane Hutchings (Mrs George Ellery) 138 Vine st, 


67932 Crosby, Ethel Clarke (Mrs E. H.) Manchester 

17364 Crosby, Julia A. Case (Mrs Albert) 117 Vine st, Hartford 

9454 Crowell, Maytie Case (Mrs Albert L.) Highland Park 

5023 Crump, Elsie Richards (Miss) 152 Main st, New London 

54148 Cruttenden, Edna Bailey (Mrs Robert S.) West Hartford 

9456 Culver, Helen A. Downs (Mrs S. Hart) Seymour 

82804 Culver, Caroline E. Hotchkiss (Mrs Josiah Ransom )..S. Main st, 

16626 Culver, Julia Church (Mrs Amos) 197 High st, Naugatuck 

35166 Culver, Lizzie Huntington Sparrow (Mrs Moses Eugene) 29 S. 

Main st, Middletown 

21400 Cummings, Lucretia Stow (Mrs William) Plantsville 

15442 Cunningham, Mary A. (Miss) 44 Elm.wood av. South Norwalk 

78456 Curnon, Sarah V. Elmer (Mrs Augustus) . .24 Cassius st, New Haven 
26654 Currier, Sarah E. (Mrs Levi W.) 750 Sea View av, Bridgeport 

4404 Curtis, Alice Beardsley (Mrs Lewis Beers) . .Waldeme re, Bridgeport 

9489 Curtis, Belle Hall (Mrs Elliott P., Jr.).. 580 Kossuth st, Bridgeport 

10303 Curtis, Ella C. Birdsey (Mrs Grosvenor W.) R. F. D. Box 141, 


5288 Curtis. Ellen V. Talbot (Mrs Howard J.) Stratford 

26629 Curtis, Esther Bailey (Mrs) 428 Arctic st, Bridgeport 

11860 Curtis, Helen Louise (Miss) 6 Union Pk, Norwalk 

4319 Curtis, Louisa Wells (Mrs Roderick Perry) Southport 

31982 Curtis, Mary Alice (Miss) Watch House Hill, Stratford 

25972 Curtis, Sara Strong (Mrs Charles B.) Stratford 

17415 Curtis, Sarah Elizabeth Hatch (Mrs Louis K.) Southington 

10347 Curtis, Sophie Mansfield (Mrs (Jeorge M.)..879 Broad st, Mcriden 

3388 Curtis, Virginia H. (Mrs Thomas W.)..364 Orange st, New Haven 

34478 Curtiss, Abigail Goodrich Eno (Mrs Joseph Toy) Tariffville 

32788 Curtiss, Caroline Macy (Miss) 21 Linsley av, Meriden 

20183 Curtiss, Clarissa Baldwin (Mrs Melville J.) Stratford 

86506 Curtiss, Flora Minerva (Miss) Simsbury 

4793 Curtiss, Hester A. Morgan (Mrs James A.).. 27 Linsley av, Meriden 

73864 Curtiss, Lucy E. (Miss) 258 Sherman av. New Haven 

51141 Curtiss, Margaret (Miss) 22 Fairmont av, Shelton 

66486 Curtiss, Martha Charnley Atwater Lewis (Mrs Gerald B.) . .Brookfield 

16559 Curtiss, Zenia E. Burr (Mrs William Edmund) 59 Jackson st, 


59647 Cutler, Grace Hanna (Mrs Benjamin S.) Stonington 

53079 Daboll, Flora Hortense Stanton (Mrs Loren Emerson).. 34 Channing 
st. New London 

5960 Daboll, Julia (Mrs George W.) Centre Groton 

28330 Daboll, Laura Bessie (Miss) Centre Groton 

83695 Dailey, Bertha E. (Mrs Walter C.) Cheshire 

82393 Dalton, Florence Wigham (Mrs F. B.) 6 Hillside pi, Danbury 

84977 Dalton, Mary Elizabeth Wheeler (Mrs) Washington 

€1^1!^ Damon, Edna Shaw (Mrs Herbert H.) Berlin 

79748 Danforth, Alice Haven (Mrs James R.) 3 Ramsdell st, Groton 

58205 Danforth, Ella (Miss) 720 Prospect av, Hartford 

18284 Daniels, Abbie Page (Mrs Frederick Jennings) ..34 Ring st, Putnam 

58672 Daniels, Grace Arnold (Mrs Leonard Cressy) 64 Farmington av, 

19704 Daniels, Henrietta Welton (Mrs David N.) . .64 Holmes av, Waterbury 

19068 Daniels, Mary Barry (Miss) 34 Ring st, Putnam 

78080 Danielson, Adah Amelia (Miss) Danielson 

47530 Danielson, Mary C. (Mrs Simeon) Danielson 

33340 Danielson, Rosa Peckham (Mrs George W.) Putnam Heights 

60783 Darby, Eveline Dexter Drake (Mrs (jeorge) Windsor Locks 

34481 Darling, Julia W. Ensign (Mrs Robert) Simsbury 

48360 Darling, Sarah Dyer (Mrs Charles S.) Collinsville 


76512 Darrow, Alice Lathrop Hall (Mrs Courtland Rogers) Waterford 

5370 Darrow, Amelia Whiting (Mrs Franklin Elijah) 136 South st, 


5371 Darrow, Annie Whiting (Miss) 136 South st, Bristol 

3387 Darrow, Idalina (Miss) 125 Wall st, New Haven 

5372 Darrow, Iva Clarissa (Miss) 136 South st, Bristol 

26651 Darrow, Lucy Augusta (Miss) 39 Huntington st. New London 

13179 Daskam, Sarah Stanley (Mrs Theo J.) 40 Broad st, Stamford 

61741 Davenport, Annabella Keith (Mrs James Boorman)..55 Garden st, 


17427 Davenport, Helen Gautier (Mrs John) Bay Point, Stamford 

47522 Davenport, Jennie Piatt Briggs (Mrs George W.) Terrace pi, Danbury 
67078 Davenport, Jennie Woolston Rambo (Mrs Theodore) . .216 Summer st, 

16582 Davenport, Lilian L. (Miss) 22 Holmes av, Waterbury 

20805 Davenport, Nellie Eliza Freeman (Mrs Henry H.) Pomfret 

47527 Davis, Alice E. C (Mrs John D.) 44 School st, Meriden 

4399 Davis, Caroline E. Harris (Mrs Charles H. S.) 60 Pleasant st, 


85228 Davis, Eliza Russell (Miss) Winsted 

14481 Davis, Elizabeth Gordon Brewster (Mrs Joseph Charles) . .30 Grove 
st, Norwich 

85233 Davis, Elizabeth Wood (Mrs Charles E.) 319 Grandview av, 


19056 Davis, Elvira P. (Miss) 219 Horner st, Bridgeport 

73231 Davis, Fannie Evans (Mrs Leslie A.) 26 Beaver st, Bethel 

54125 Davis, Grace C. Bidwell (Mrs Ira A.) CoUinsville 

78980 Davis, Jean Doty (Mrs R. Frank) 85 Mason st, Greenwich 

41698 Davis, Lillian Merwin (Mrs Walter Martin) Box 57, Woodmont 

86507 Davis, Mabel Stone (Mrs Gustavus Fellowes) Windsor 

75020 Davis, Mary Frances Parshley (Mrs Vincent) 321 Maple st, 

72610 Davis, Minnie Hemingway (Mrs Richard Griswold) .'.103 Sherland 

av. New Haven 
64470 Davison, Ines May Gruber (Mrs Royden W.)..1400 Boulevard, New 
7680 Davison, Jennie W. (Mrs Edward H.) 40 Lexington st, New Britain 

3386 Day, Anna Palfrey (Miss) 10 College st. New Haven 

5277 Day, Fannie Gilbert (Mrs Henry P.) Seymour 

8346 Day, Frances Donninzeth Stevens (Hrs Loren T.) Westport 

56138 Day, Henrietta Minerva Woodford (Mrs Philemon Rockwell) . .School 
st. West Hartford 

85975 Day, Margery Munsell (Mrs Frank Putnam) 1084 Iranistan av, 


61755 Day, Mildred Anita Thomas (Mrs Albert Thomas) Danielson 

48342 Dayton. Anna Woodward (Mrs Henry P.) Watertown 

256M Da\'ton, Luthera Clarke Ford (Mrs Hervey Todd).. 288 Dwight st. 
New Haven 
2524 Deacon, Eliza Stoddard (Mrs Edward).. 207 Grove st, Bridgeport 

8695 Dean, Anna Curtiss Fairchild (Mrs Samuel R.) Seymour 

61738 Dean, Elizabeth Boyd (Miss) Manchester 

12554 Dean. Grace P. Southmayd (Mrs Philotus). .The Goodwin, Hartford 
68447 Dean. Ida Marion (Mrs Joseph W.). .270 Huntington st, New London 

56852 Deane, Loretta Young (Mrs Charles Winslow) 2676 Main st, 

3391 DcBussy, Clara Lines (Mrs Roger Baldwin) . .92 Park st, New Haven 

47523 Decker, Katharine A. Kimball (Mrs) 9 Robinson av, Danbury 

35708 De Condies, Minnie B. Jones (Mrs Thomas) East Hartford 

30271 Dee, Louise Emily Buell (Mrs Frank) Lock Box 436, Madison 

13211 Defendorf, Jeannettc Cooper (Mrs Allen Ross).. 108 Huntington st, 

New Haven 
7667 De Lacour. Margaret Star Beardsley (Mrs James W.) Stratford 

106 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

69798 Demarest, Ellen Stites (Mrs Richard Garret) 26 Tremont st, 


18258 Demeritt, Emma Waitstill (Mrs Charles Henry) New Canaan 

48994 Deming, Clarissa Champion (Miss) Litchfield 

65493 Dcming, Elizabeth (Miss) Litchfield 

2845 Deming, Elizabeth Cooper Piatt (Mrs Ernest) 131 Sigourney st, 

899 Deming, Ellen M. Parmelee (Mrs Lucius P.).. 368 Quinnipiac st, New 


65490 Deming, Jennie B. (Mrs Francis) Berlin 

7467 Deming, Louise Carnahan (Mrs N. L.) Litchfield 

10335 De Mott, Minnie Winsor (Mrs Clayton M.) 173 Hillside av, 

36612 DenJson, Carrie May Burrows (Mrs Charles Hiram) 27 Gravel st. 


2966 Denison, Eliza A. Miner (Mrs Hiram C.) 27 Gravel st, Mystic 

13905 Denison, Emily Frances (Miss) Mystic 

44850 Denison, Mary E. (Mrs J. Kirtland) Chester 

13907 Denison, Mary Fanny Brown (Mrs Frederic) Mystic 

21383 Denison, Mary H. Rodman (Mrs Ralph H.) Groton 

62883 Denison, Mary Park (Mrs Daniel B.) Mystic 

17394 Dennis, Sarah E. (Mrs Charles) 30 High st, Norwalk 

65112 Dennison, Anna Louisa Smith (Mrs Robert Wallace).. 329 Grandview 

av, Waterbury 
81782 Denniston, Emogene Tuttle (Mrs Harvey (Goldsmith) . .P. O. Box 117, 

Union City 
4577 Derby, Alice Gray Southmayd (Mrs Elmer Goodrich) . .283 Court st, 


5340 Dewell, Jessie Keyes (Miss) 400 Orange st. New Haven 

60755 Dewire, Elizabeth Adelaide Mack (Mrs Philip K.)..28 Starr st. New 


51620 Dexter, Agnes Tisdale (Miss) Waterbury 

10964 Dexter,- Alice Florilla (Miss) Talcottville 

13135 Dexter, Annie Josephine Hoole (Mrs GJeorge Leslie) Euclid av, 


49826 Dexter, Emily Jane (Miss) 256 Broad st, Norwich 

44855 Dexter, Minnie Ednah (Mrs Hart Talcott) Talcottville 

47014 Deyo, Susan Derby Perry (Mrs John M.) Fairfield 

76213 Dibble, Annette J. (Mrs Virgil) Bethel 

3501 Dibble, Rebecca Starr (Miss) 69 West st, Danbury 

59142 Dickens, Angeline Hull (Mrs John Carley)..62 Maple av, Danbury 

85727 Dickerman, C. Louise (Miss) 26 Adelaide st, Hartford 

85728 Dickerman, Grace E. (Miss) 26 Adelaide st, Hartford 

65015 Dickerman, Laura Louisa (Miss) Mt. Carmel 

75750 Dickerman, Louise Carter Clark (Mrs Raymond P.) Milldale 

9943 Dickinson, C. Eliza Brooks (Mrs Sylvanus C.) Stratford 

3515 Dickinson, Elizabeth Williams Perkins (Mrs Gieorge N.)..234 Law- 
rence st, New Haven 

75018 Dickinson, Marie Nettleton (Mrs Newton A.) Mystic 

4185 Dickinson, Mary Elizabeth Moredock (Mrs) P. O. Box 76, Mystic 

25649 Dickinson, Mary Josephine (Miss) Mystic 

13210 Dikeman, Ella Rosetta (Mrs Charles Sanford) Torrington 

29771 Dimond, Louise C. Wilson (Mrs George H.) 327 Ogden st, 


57105 Dimond, Marion Elizabeth (Miss) 255 N. Main st, Wallingford 

22535 Dixon, Elizabeth L. (Miss) 159 Farmington av, Hartford 

17414 Dodd, Etta S. (Mrs Charles T.) 79 Colony st, Meriden 

52461 Dodge, Henrietta Cutler (Mrs Raymond) .. 107 Lawn av, Middletown 

84978 Dodge, Stella Dalton (Mrs Richard Elwood) Washington 

75754 Doolittle, Adelaide Moss Wirts (Mrs Frederick A.) 583 Main st, 

62888 Doolittle, Elizabeth Preston (Mrs Eugene Leonard) . .649 Clinton av, 

80255 Doolittle, Emma Cornelia (Miss) Cheshire 


79762 Doolittle, Hattie Grace Phelps (Mrs) 361 Elm st, New Haven 

34(H2 Doolittle, Lina B. (Miss) Milldale 

44S42 Doolittle, Lucy Hill (Mrs Joseph I.) Woodmont 

35137 Doolittle, Nellie C. (Mrs Frank M.)....174 Bradley st, New Haven 

78457 Doolittle, Pauline N. (Miss) 174 Bradley st, New Haven 

84126 Doolittle, Susie R. (Mrs Frederick) Cheshire 

63942 Dorsey, Mabell Elizabeth Camp (Mrs Harry Allison). .735 Clinton 
av, Bridgeport 

17000 Dotterer, Aletta Elizabeth (Miss) Litchfield 

12500 Doughty, Alice J. Brooker (Mrs James A.) . .53 Wilson av, Torrington 

35706 Doughty, Annie J. (Mrs Cornell) 113 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

12534 Douglass, Elizabeth H. F. (Mrs Abbott L.)..132 Vauxhall st, New 

4211 Douglass, Mary L. (Mrs E. P.) Groton 

81875 Dove, Maude Gertrude Nichols (Mrs William H.)..163 Meadow st, 

22543 Dow, Ellen Wales (Miss) Maple st, Meriden 

7424 Dow, Lucy M. Pierrepont (Mrs Franklin W.) . .25 Franklin st, New- 

51750 Dowd, Florence Barnes (Mrs Stephen H.) Collinsville 

40753 Dowd, Grace Emily (Miss) Ridgefield 

67209 Dowd, Mabelle Amelia Kenyon (Mrs Wheaton F.) Winsted 

34489 Dowe, Emma F. Haslam (Mrs Francis E.)..50 Summer st, Norwich 

63413 Dowe, Helen Safford (Mrs John) Danielson 

31253 Downer, Edith Moody (Miss) 387 Clinton av, Bridgeport 

7389 Downer, Nellie C. B. (Mrs Moses M.)..387 Clinton av, Bridgeport 

34047 Downes, Esther Ruth (Miss) Westport 

53083 Downs, Alice M. Benedict (Mrs Edward Wallace). .341 Clinton av^ 

5982 Downs, Annie E. (Mrs Dwight J.) 267 Division st. West Ansonia 

lOftM Downs, Charlotte W. (Mrs Charles N.) 304 Elizabeth st, Derby 

38384 Downs, Ella M. (Mrs William S.) 314 Elizabeth st, Derby 

34047 Downs, Esther Ruth (Miss) Westport 

5935 Downs, Martha G. H. (Mrs Thomas M.) 47 Franklin st, Ansonia 

3876 Downs, Mary M. Randall (Mrs John C.) . .39 Fairview av, Danbury 

5299 Downs, Ruth A. (Miss) 267 Division st, W., Ansonia 

48326 Doyle, Anna E. (Miss) Bantam 

37187 Doyle, Charlotte Bissell (Mrs William H.) Bantam 

51130 Drake, Josephine Bailey (Mrs George) Station A, Winsted 

60784 Drake, Katherine Barker (Mrs Frederick) Windsor 

52967 Drushel, Pearle M. Guerrant (Mrs W. Allen) . .172 Elsworth av, New 

7702 Du Bois, Constance (joddard (Miss) 23 Hillside av, Waterbury 

83045 Du Bois, Katherine L. Dickerman (Mrs William H. R.)..5l Brook- 
lawn pi, Bridgeport 

41 176 Dudley, Lyda M. Brown (Mrs George Edward) Winsted 

20866 Dudley, Mary Beach (Miss) Station A, West Winsted 

56135 Duff, Ruth Caroline (Miss) Greenwich 

61733 Duffie, Dorothy (Miss) Bantam 

56861 Duffy, Elizabeth Everett (Mrs Frederick E.). West Hartford 

13914 Dunbar, Adeline L. (Miss) Migeon av, Torrington 

6455 Dunbar, Alice G. (Mrs Edward B.) 122 South st. Bristol 

84009 Dunbar, Gladys Catherine (Miss) 110 Williams av, Winsted 

68661 Dunbar, Helen Diana Smith (Mrs) 110 Williams av, Winsted 

2720 Dunford, Mary Lynch (Mrs Philip C.)..730 Main st. New London 

10948 Dunham, Frances Church (Mrs Henry A.) Seymour 

44178 Dunham, Genevra Arnold (Mrs Frank Ward) 44 Whitney st, 

30589 Dunlap, Mary Elizabeth Talmadge (Mrs Edgar Clarence). .1 Pleasant 
St. Bridgeport 

41701 Dunning. Marietta Courter (Mrs Esley Walker) 7131 Noble av, 

80256 Durand. Alida Hubbard (Mrs Howard W.) Cheshire 

108 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

13896 Durand, Evelyn Julia (Miss) Milford 

81501 Durand, Florence H. Beers (Mrs Dexter W.) Cheshire 

80257 Durand, Jessie Mary (Miss) Cheshire 

80258 Durand, Stella Maria (Miss) Cheshire 

28042 Durfee, Harriet Selden (Mrs Thomas M.). .Connecticut Hospital for 

Insane, Middletown 

42466 Dutton, Bessie Keeler (Mrs George) 16 Young st, New Haven 

27202 Dwight, Edith Ward (Mrs Henry Cecil, Jr.) .. . .83 Elm st, Hartford 
4195 Dwight, Grace (k>odrich (Mrs William B.).636 Prospect av, Hartford 

48359 Dyer, Harriet C. (Miss) CoUinsville 

48358 Dyer, Hattie M. Case (Mrs Daniel T.) CoUinsville 

54656 Dyer, Ruth Plumb Coe Pierson (Mrs Kirk W.) Cromwell 

8676 Dyer, Sarah J. (Mrs William) Danielson 

16597 Eames, Harriet Lucy (Miss) 134 Washington av, Bridgeport 

45449 Earle, Adelia Stevens Prescott (Mrs Frederick Caldwell) ..126 Cot- 
tage st. New Haven 
3396 Easterbrook, Mary Catherine F. (Mrs Nathan, Jr.).. 82 York sq. New 

23658 Eaton, Abby L. Allen (Mrs John) 324 Howard av, New Haven 

23660 Eaton, Elizabeth Forman (Miss) 173 Cottage st, Bridgeport 

50614 Eaton, Ruth Bennett (Mrs Russell) 2 Hillside rd, Danbury 

80252 Eaton, Virginia Sargent (Mrs Hal R.) Danielson 

56137 Eckhardt, Elizabeth McLean (Mrs Malcolm M.) 24 Grove av, 


31238 Eddy, Bessie M. (Miss) 51 Highland st, Hartford 

58653 Eddy, Grace 'E. B. (Mrs Sherman W.) Simsbury 

7014 Eddy, Mary Welles (Mrs Elford B.)..327 W. Main st. New Britain 
20833 Edgerton, Amelia du Pont Cruger (Mrs Francis D.)..115 Broad st, 

5280 Edgerton, Harriet Flower (Mrs Leonard P.) 114 E. Main st, 

10348 Edgerton, May Kelsey (Mrs Frank C.)..286 E. Main st, Meriden 

53585 Edgington, Ida Frances (Mrs Isaac) 20 Irving st, Hartford 

31983 Edwards, Augusta (Mrs Edwin) 1024 State st, Bridgeport 

5287 Edwards, Ella Hotchkiss (Mrs Norton L.) 500 Clinton av, 


48711 Edwards, Ina Eloise Larkins (Mrs) 27 Fairfield av, South 

8682 Edwards, Katharine H. (Mrs Charles A.).. 247 Collins st, Hartford 
77757 Edwards, Sarepta E. Edwards (Mrs Daniel Robert).. 262 Park av, 

6706 Eggleston, Katharine Percy (Mrs Julius W.) 239 William st, New 


5727 Ela, Jennie Percival (Mrs Elwood S.) South Manchester 

60800 Ellicott, Lidia Dyre (Mrs Henry) Springdale 

67488 Elliott, Elmira Julia (Miss) 83 Grove st. New Haven 

69200 Elliott, Emily S. (Mrs James) 347 Willow st, Waterbury 

21391 Elliott, Mary Briggs (Mrs George Erskine) Grosvenor Dale 

31239 Ellis, Helen Barbour (Mrs William L. L.) New Haven av, 

25108 Ells, Evalena Shelton (Mrs Francis I.).. 177 Chestnut av, Waterbury 

54149 Ellsworth, Mary Sage (Miss) 69 S. Main st, West Hartford 

43460 Elmer, Annie Belle Clark (Mrs George).. 100 Myrtle av, Stamford 

54151 Elmer, Elizabeth Sophia (Miss) West Hartford 

969 Elmer, Katherine Camp (Mrs William T.) 189 Broad st, 

66933 Elmore, Helen Sessions (Mrs Frank H.) 283 Prospect st, 


38940 Elmore, Nellie R. Peck (Mrs George Sheldon) Litchfield 

86510 Elwood, Cornelia F. (Mrs George E.) 797 Beechwood av, 


13207 Ely, Frances Reynolds (Mrs Elmer A.) Niantic 

10316 Ely, Hattie A. (Miss) 288 Dwight st, New Haven 


51953 Emerson, Grace E. (Miss) 10 Pleasant Ter, South Norwalk 

20602 Emerson, Susie L. Nelson (Mrs John Ralph) 235 N. Main st, 

Anson ia 

61737 Emily, Electa Cone (Mrs Charles H.) Moodus 

37579 Emmons, Emma J. Wildman (Mrs James F.) 324 William st, 


48335 Emmons, Eva C. Strong (Mrs Horace C.) South Manchester 

32382 Emmons, Hattie Esther (Mrs Marshall) East Haddam 

44190 Emmons, Katie French (Mrs George) Chester 

26371 Enders, Harriet Goulden Whitmore (Mrs John) 17 Highland st,. 


54150 Engelke, Harriet Harrison (Mrs Stephen Vail) West Hartford 

4203 English, Henrietta Wodell (Mrs Lewis H.) 30 Hillhouse av^ 

New Haven 
9493 English. Lucy Wright Kellogg (Mrs Edwin Holt).. 390 Prospect st,. 

New Haven 
58209 English, Mabel Bacon Plimpton (Mrs Joel L.) 210 Fern st, 

14739 English, Teresa H. Farren (Mrs Benjamin R.) . .67 Trumbull st» 

New Haven 
54604 Eno, Alice (Goodrich (Miss) Simsbury 

59636 Eno, Anna Eliza Bradley (Mrs Lewis Goodwin) Simsbury 

59637 Eno, Caroline Humphrey (Miss) Simsbury 

77752 Eno, Eva Louisa (Miss) New Britain 

54603 Eno, Georgia Colton Fancher (Mrs Jonathan Elizur) Simsbury 

4416 Eno, Harriettc Humphrey Phelps (Mrs Aaron Lewis) Simsbury 

4413 Eno, Martha S. Goodrich (Mrs Chauncey Hart) Simsbury 

4420 Eno, Mary Cordelia (Miss) Weatogue 

4412 Eno, Nellie S. Goodrich (Mrs (^eorge Chester) Simsbury 

54602 Eno, Pearl Collins (Mrs Frank Hart) Simsbury 

7043 Ensign, Ella Barnes (Miss) Weatogue 

28346 Ensign, Emilie Gaylord (Mrs Willard F.) Eton Hall, Park & 

Edffewood av New Haven 

17793 Ensign, Grace dtis (Mrs John E.) 119 Capitol av, Hartford 

4418 Ensign, Mary Jane Phelps (Mrs Joseph R.) Simsbury 

53069 Erichson, Janet Hooker (Mrs C. F.) 212 Main st, New Britain 

20787 Etheridge, Ellen Matthews (Mrs Frank W.) Thomaston 

10320 Evans, Eliza Beers (Miss) 12 High st, New Haven 

77758 Evans, Harriet Eugenia (Mrs Charles Smith).. 330 Maple wood av,. 

60760 Evans, Isabel Campbell (Mrs Henry Chichester) . .439 Washington 
av, Bridgeport 

73230 Evans, Lillian Meeker (Mrs John R.) Bethel 

10319 Evans, Marie Beers (Mrs William A.) 12 High st, New Haven 

1719 Evans, Mollie Emeline Bunce (Mrs Percy).. 107 High st, Middletown 

61728 Evans, Nellie Marilla (Miss) 1044 Chapel st, New Haven 

11367 Evarts, Mary Henrietta (Mrs Frank P.).. 128 Lincoln st, Meriden 
10924 Everest, Maria Louisa Wadhams (Mrs (Iharles H.)..307 Colony st,. 

82802 Everitt, Hazel (Miss) 206 Columbia bd, Waterbury 

27198 Everitt, Susie Howell (Mrs Charles Britton). . . .206 Columbia bd, 

56142 Fagan, Jennie Williams (Mrs Richard C.) 39 Lawn av,. 

21881 Fairchild, Althea Hotchkiss Finch (Mrs Elind William). . ..326 

Clinton av, Bridgeport 
55564 Fairchild, Edythe Caroline (Mrs Charles Wentworth) . . F. R. D. 

No. 4, Bridgeport 
4606 Fairchild, Eliza M. (Mrs Alfred B.)..1222 Fairfield av, Bridgeport 

6681 Fairchild. Julia E. (Miss) 667 State st, Bridgeport 

49834 Fairchild, Martha Baird Famam (Mrs George B.)..45 Greenwood 

av. Bethel 
10915 Fairchild. Mary E. Bliss (Mrs Henry E.)..13 Chestnut st, Meriden 

110 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

7178 FairchtJd, Mary Louisa Shelton (Mrs Henry C.)..156 Washington 
av, Bridgeport 

15456 Fairfield, Mary Fuller (Mrs Joseph B.) Suffield 

34051 Fall. Florence Byam (Mrs Edward Burton).. 78 Lawn av, Middle- 

10927 Fancher, Frances Jane (Mrs Rumsey L) New Canaan 

10370 Fanton, Mary E. (Miss) 15 Harmony st, Danbury 

14738 Farnam, Susan Frances Strong (Mrs Wm. Whitman). .335 Pros- 
pect st, New Haven 

S4156 Farnham, Alice (Miss) 57 Garden st, Hartford 

48999 Faniham, Edna Genevieve (Miss) Collinsville 

41724 Farnham, Julia M. Austin (Mrs Seth Taylor) Mapleton 

41725 Farnham, Mary Cantwell (Miss) Mapleton 

48327 Farnham, Rosetta M. (Miss) Thomaston 

25952 Farnham, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs E. Dwight) South Windsor 

5953 Farrel, Lillian Clarke (Mrs Franklin) 6 N. Cliff st, Ansonia 

50312 Farrel, Marian Brown (Mrs Franklin, Jr.) 64 Edgehill rd. 

New Haven 

34501 Favor, Jessie Turner (Mrs George Irving) 61 Talcott av, 


65118 Faxon, Julia Lucy (Miss) Elmwood 

2840 Faxon, Nellie A. White (Mrs Walter ColIyer)..29 Huntington st, 

23673 Fay, Elizabeth B. (Mrs Frank S.)..., 591 Broad st, Meriden 

5827 Fellows, Emma Hotchkiss (Mrs Wm. A.) 29 Lester st, W., 

8668 Felt, Caroline Watrous Bragaw (Mrs Wm. Pomery) . . 169 Vine st. 
New Britain 

29750 Felt. Fanny Pomeroy (Mrs Wm. Nelson) 16 Liberty st, New 


38360 Felt, Mary Whittlesey (Miss) 16 Liberty st. New Britain 

63951 Fenn, Carrie E. (Mrs B. G.) Canton 

13926 Fenn, Ida J. (Miss) 63 Walnut st. New Britain 

13093 Fenn, Margaret B. Clark (Mrs E. Hart) Chester Place, 

60212 Fenn, Mary Isabel Williams (Mrs Hubbard Henry).. 43 Reservoir 
av, Meriden 

47017 Fenn, Mary Lincoln (Mrs Augustus H.) 66 High st, Winstcd 

11392 Fennell, Inez Clarine Warner (Mrs W. G.)....15 Main st. Suffield 
19070 Fenner, Ida Allen Morse (Mrs Charles Monroe).. 45 Sunnyside 

ave, Putnam 
28332 Ferguson, Albertina B. Haley (Mrs Charles Fox).. Center Groton 
36101 Ferguson, Emma S. Abbott (Mrs Theron Irving).. ..117 Wells st, 

4600 Ferguson, Helen Maria (Mrs Henry Butler) 382 South st, 


15895 Ferguson, Laura A. (Mrs John C.) Greenwich 

64518 Ferguson, Myra Allen (Mrs Walter B.)..839 Laurel av, Bridgeport 
82145 Fernald, Flora Small (Mrs Walter M.)..217 Wakelec av, Ansonia 

3860 Fernley, Beulah Starkey (Mrs John) New London 

83056 Ferris, Harriet Coleman (Mrs J. U.) 14 Dunn av, Naugatuck 

2706 Ferris, Jennie Charlotte (Mrs John Hanford) 30 West av. 

South Norwalk 

33656 Ferry, Julia Eleanor (Mrs Theodore Starr) Bethel 

6249 Fessenden, Helen A. M. (Mrs George P.) Meriden House, 

10954 Fessenden, Mary Conner (Mrs Joshua A.) . .32 Forest st, Stamford 

7434 Fessenden, Virgfinia Weed (Mrs Oliver G.) 88 South st, 


62875 Field, Elizabeth (Miss) Berlin 

62876 Field, Juanita Emily (Miss) Berlin 

37572 Filley, Louelle Cleora (Miss) 144 Whaley av. New Haven 


25984 Finnegan, Eva M. (Mrs Wilbur W.) 121 Lincoln st, Meriden 

4434 Fish, Delphine Louise R. (Mrs Frank Sands) Gales Ferry 

84372 Fish, Ellen Cheney (Mrs Walter Tower) Mystic 

63931 Fish, Eunice Avery (Mrs Walter) Mystic 

65102 Fish, Fanny Park (Mrs Charles P.) Mystic 

5312 Fish, Frances E. (Mrs John O.) Mystic 

45250 Fisher, Clara Leeman (Mrs William C.)..37 Silver st, Middletown 

42782 Fisher, Grace Emilie (Miss) Danielson 

11396 Fisherdick, Florence Marion (Miss) 539 Broad st, Meriden 

62877 Fiske, Louise Case (Mrs Samuel Asa) Berlin 

53598 Fitch, Helen Rice (Miss) 39 Waller st, New London 

30261 Fitch, Josephine Merwin (Mrs Joseph Thompson) 193 Lawrence 

st. New Haven 
68663 Fitch, Julia Hodgkins (Mrs Charles N.)..30 N. Park st. Rockville 
86338 Fitton, Edith Elizabeth Noble (Mrs James T.) 100 Union st, 


65496 Fitton, Jeannette L. Townsend (Kenyon P.) Danbury 

57693 Fitzsimons, Mary Ensign (Mrs Louis E.) 43 Fairview st, 


73232 Fitzsimons, Rhoda M. (Mrs Thomas) 83 Cherry st, Waterbury 

30142 Flagg, Annette Haskell (Miss) 794 Asylum av, Hartford 

55570 Flagg, Antoinette Elizabeth Root (Mrs George E.) West 


54152 Flagg, Caroline White Robbins (Mrs Charles H.) West 


54153 Flagg, Carrie Page (Mrs Willis M.) West Hartford 

54154 Clagg, Helen Josephine (Miss) West Hartford 

30141 Flagg, Mary Haskell (Mrs Julius A.) 794 Asylum av, Hartford 

76516 Fletcher. Belle L. (Miss) 89 Cottage st, Bridgeport 

54125 Flint. Harriet Lucinda Blair (Mrs John- B.) Collinsville 

58188 Fobes, Mary Anne Corbin (Mrs Joseph) 1 Lake Court, 

New Britain 
12025 Fogg, Florence Esther Wright (Mrs Milfred Ethiel)..156 South 

st, Bristol 

39468 Follett, Minnie E. (Miss) 39 Russ st, Hartford 

44854 Folwell, Katherine J. Raymond (Mrs William A.).. 10 Fair st, 

75755 Fones, Mary K. Curtiss (Mrs Adolphus E.) 887 E. Main st, 

8928 Foote, Grace Emma Brown Salisbury (Mrs Ellsworth Irving).. 67 

Grove st, New Haven 
34049 Foote, Haltie Pomeroy (Mrs George B.) 23 Chestnut st, 


54159 Foote, Helen Stanley (Mrs John Mills) West Hartford 

81499 Foote, Julia Gallup (Miss) Mystic 

17909 Foote, Mary (Miss) P. O. Drawer, New Haven 

3393 Foote, Nancy A. Morse (Mrs Benjamin Palmer).. 158 York st, 

New Haven 
8945 Foote, Sarah Wells (Miss) 26 Elm st. New Haven 

54157 Forbes, Elizabeth Carpenter (Mrs Franklin) West Hartford 

27471 Forbes, Emma Sophia (Miss) Burnside 

37589 Forbes, Esther Bradford (Miss) 3 Migeon av, Torrington 

30596 Forbes, Jennie Hills (Mrs James Stanley) East Hartford 

5380 Forbes, Hulda Clarke (Mrs Samuel Waldo).. 38 Prospect Place, 

37590 Forbes, Ruth Carver (Miss) 3 Migeon av, Torrington 

54158 Ford, Lena Smith (Mrs Nelson G.) 1092 Farmington av, 

West Hartford 
28875 Ford, Mary Ellen (Mrs William H.)....49 Huntington st. New 
F«rd, Mary Moss (Mrs Edwin C.) 20 Summit av, New London 

112 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

68441 Ford, Sarah Alice Porter (Mrs Charles Cleveland) . .145 Tremont 
St, Ansonia 

15419 Forsyth, Harriet Elizabeth (Miss) 55 Huntington st. New London 

78475 Forward, Frances L. McMaster (Mrs).. 809 Asylum av, Hartford 
10355 Foskett, Mary Elizabeth Phelps (Mrs Charles C.)..642 Broad st, 


18271 Foss. Harriett Campbell (Miss) Darien 

30590 Foster, Delia Jackson Norcross (Mrs Carl) 2361 North av> 


66470 Foster, Edith (Miss) Grove st, Putnam 

13220 Foster, Florence Deborah (Miss) Green's Farms, Fairfield Co. 

70518 Foster, Georgie M. (Miss) Thomaston 

30272 Foster, Harriet Clark (Miss) Murdock av, Meriden 

47508 Foster, Ida Isabella (Miss) P. O. Box 145, Jewett City 

86336 Foster, Jane Grace Adams (Mrs Edward L.) 42 Yale st, 


9466 Foster, Mary Stanley (Mrs) Pearl st. New Britain 

34502 Foster, Minnie Winchell (Miss) 19 Elm st, Rockville 

11848 Foster, Nellie E. (Miss) 95 E. Main st, Meriden 

13190 Fowler, Eunice Ellen (Miss) 40 Reservoir av, Meriden 

37973 Fowler, Helen Thomas (Mrs Oscar Percival) Moodus 

9475 Fox, Elizabeth Spicer (Mrs Findley) South Woodstock 

65498 Fox, Florence Willoughby (Mrs James C.)..27S Washington st, 


56133 Fox, Julia F. Cannon (Mrs Charles J.) Collins ville 

50607 Fox, Sarah Maria Cook (Mrs Albert Dickenson). ., .30 Broad st,, 

36622 Foye, Jessie Gertrude Curtis (Mrs Otis Williams) . .49 Barber st,. 

78458 France, Helen Holbrook (Mrs Robert Anderson) . . 12 Dwight st„ 

New Haven 
2570 Francis. Anna Blodgett (Mrs Frederick Augustus) .. ..72 Niles st, 


13176 Francis, Florence (Miss) 200 Summer st, Stamford 

2580 Francis, Mary (Miss) 101 Elm st, Hartford! 

55089 Frauenbcrger, Grace Sherman (Mrs Karl E. A.).. 192 Whitney av,. 

60213 Freitag, Lillian Rogers (Mrs John W.)....5 Queen st, Meriden 
19057 French, Alice Bradley (Mrs Hobart E.) 740 Kossuth st,. 

60198 French, Almeda Adina House (Mrs Albert Lincoln).. 224 Summit 

st, Willimantic 

81202 French, Hazel Grace (Miss) Cheshire 

5046 French, Julia Hubbell Thompson (Mrs Carlos) Seymour 

83696 French, Mabel Aurelia (Mrs Theron S.) Cheshire 

45660 French, Mary A. Morse (Mrs Algy Deen) .. Prospect av, Shelton 
69096 French, Sarah Keyser (Mrs Louis Mardenbrough) Noroton 


15420 Frisbie, Ellen L. Morgans (Mrs William Dennis) 38 Jay st, 

New London 
5040 Frisbie, Emily J. Welton (Mrs Edward L.) 45 Prospect st, Waterbury 

51757 Frisbie, Emma Mary (Mrs Charles Brown) Cromwell 

54654 Frisbie, Harriette E. Coe (Mrs Russell A.) 405 Main st, 

84721 Frisbie, Laura W. (Mrs Charles L.)..445 Park st, Extn., New 


82396 Frost, Adelaide L. (Miss) 185 Buckingham st, Waterbury 

48317 Frost, Amy Julia (Miss) Marion 

41168 Frost, Anna Morton (Mrs William Townscnd) Green's Farms 

80575 Frost. Helen Stever (Mrs Reuben) Marion 

22539 Frost, Ida S. (Miss) Cheshire 

16608 Frost, Lillian Birdsey (Mrs Lewis Edson)..624 Broad st, Meriden 


S1203 Frost, Medora Sherman (Miss) Cheshire 

82397 Frost, Minnie C. (Miss) 185 Buckingham st, Waterbury 

44188 Frost, Minnie L. (Mrs C. W. S.) 52 Central av, Waterbury 

23648 Frost, Stella Drake (Mrs Edgar) Bristol 

31191 Fuller. Augusta E. (Mrs Jerome B.) 93 Meadow st, Naugatuck 

34495 Fuller, Cynthia M. (Mrs George W.)....259 Williams st, Hartford 

45642 Fuller. Jennie Laura (Mrs Arthur Cline) 31 Post Hill pi, 

New London 

83036 Fuller, Mary Ellen Leavenworth (Mrs) Cheshire 

15457 Fuller, Sarah Leonard Pease (Mrs Edward Arthur) Suffield, 

Hartford Co. 
€9435 Funck, Jessie Austin Hull (Mrs Emil Henry).. 67 Main st, Bristol 
47022 Funck, Nellie Parsons (Mrs George J.).. 25 Goodwin st, Bristol 

13910 Fyler, Mary Vaill (Mrs O.) 245 Main st, Torrington 

57694 Gage, Inez Fiske (Mrs Orlin H.)....104 Waterville st, Waterbury 
65596 Gager, Nellie Anthony (Mrs John M.). .350 Windham rd, Willimantic 

4196 Gallup, Alice Eulalie G. (Mrs John) 39 Forest st, Hartford 

8677 Gallup, Bertha Lyon Sprague (Mrs John C.) Moosup 

21865 Gallup, Grace Rogers Aldrich (Mrs Charles D.).-;186 Laurel Hill av, 

45638 Gallup, Irena Hebard Breed (Mrs Henry Haskell) . .127 Washington 
st, Norwich 

65491 Galpin, Ruth (Miss) Berlin 

6999 Gard, Jennie A. Morgan (Mrs Frank W.) Groton 

4381 Gardner, Carrie Louise (Miss) 231 College st, Middletown 

64431 Gardner, Edith E. (Miss) Undercliff, Meriden 

3679 Gardner. Edith Hallock (Mrs Robert S.) 18 Garden pi, Derby 

25988 Gardner, Flora Frances Hewitt (Mrs Edward E.) 270 Coram av, 

83046 Gardner, Mabel Porter (Mrs Charles W.)..449 State st, Bridgeport 
4569 Gardner, Mary Frances Osbom (Mrs Samuel).. 18 Garden pi, Derby 
8693 Garlick, Harriett Trubee Knapp (Mrs Samuel M.)....474 State st, 

16057 Garlick, Nellie S. (Mrs William) Hanover av. South Meriden 

2311 Garmony, Caroline Day Bissell (Mrs H. H.) care State Bank, 


47506 Gamer, Lottie Helena Hotchkiss (Mrs Daniel) Thomaston 

13904 Gary, Mary Ella Williams (Mrs Joseph Fulton) Mystic 

39459 Gates, Elconora Harris (Mrs Wm. Wallace) Moodus 

76309 Gates, Grace Morgan (Mrs Elbert E.) 23 Mott st, Ansonia 

30575 Gates, Letitia Fletcher (Mrs Robert Owen).... 117 Derby av, Derby 

21408 Gavett, Frances Clapp (Miss) 41 Grove st, Bridgeport 

3)859 Gay, Charlotte Watson (Mrs Henry).. 71 Prospect st, West Winsted 

17404 Gay. Jennie H. Marsh (Mrs Frank Butler) 658 Farmington av, 

39837 Gaylord, Belle Robinson (Mrs E. B.) Station B, Winsted 

7669 Gaylord, Catharine Stoughton (Mrs Ansel) Terry ville 

7670 Gaylord, Katharine Phelps Armes (Mrs Andrew Stoughton) . .Terry- 

66479 Gaylord, Louise Nichols (Mrs Frank I.) 1390 Fairfield av, 

15401 Gaylord. Mary Emma Peck (Mrs Frederick Littlefield) ..69 S. Cliff 

st, Ansonia 

16605 Gecr. Allice I. (Mrs Albert L.) South Manchester 

16033 Geer, Eliza Jane Ellsworth (Mrs Elihu) Windsor 

64170 Gccr. Ellen (Miss) 35 Park st, Norwich 

45238 Gecr. Lucy (Miss) 35 Park st, Norwich 

32383 Gelston, Lucy (Miss) East Haddam 

63949 Gelston, Nellie Comer (Mrs William Isaac) East Haddam 

65109 George, Flora Downs (Mrs Nathan M.) 39 Fairview av, Danbury 

65110 George, Grace Caroline (Miss) 39 Fairview av, Danbury 

75764 Georgia, Clara N. (Miss) Unionville 

75765 Georgia, Ltllie M. (Miss) Unionville 

114 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

85231 Gcrrish, Elizabeth Whittlesey (Mrs George Chester) ..599 Laurel av, 


21893 Gibbs, Grace L. Hastings (Mrs Joseph A.) Sufiield 

81217 Gibbud, Jane Wolcott (Mrs Wm.) Prospect 

73225 Gibbud, Nettie Rice (Mrs Mervin J.) Box 127, East Haven 

60777 Giddings, Cora Bradley (Mrs Daniel B.) 9 Cottage st, Derby 

16011 Gifford, Janette Tyler (Mrs Irving Newton).. 171 Laurel Hill av, 

80579 Gilbert, Adelaide Merrill (Mrs William Baker) 42 Fiske st, 


80425 Gilbert, Agnes H. (Miss). 1427 Chapel st. New Haven 

22563 Gilbert, Frances Louise Brinsmade (Mrs C. C.) 338 Coram av, 


41166 Gilbert, Lizzie Judd (Mrs George Colton) Thomaston 

54134 Gilbert, Mildred Frances Orcutt (Mrs Frederick T.) Danbury 

12240 Gilbert, Virginia Ewing (Mrs Charles E.)..60 Gillette st, Hartford 

57689 Gildersleeve, Elizabeth Harvey (Mrs Henry) Gildersleeve 

50622 Gill, Alice V. (Mrs Thomas J.) 44 Imlay st. Hartford 

70522 Gillelan, Isabelle Richardson (Mrs John).. 161 Mason st, Greenwich 

52454 Gillett, Mary Ellen (Miss) Falls Village 

7651 1 Gillette, Grace Camp (Mrs Joseph P.) Southington 

33202 Gillette, Hattie R. Stark (Mrs Walter M.) East Haddam 

37193 Gillette, Kate Harney (Mrs (jeorge B.) 12 Lincoln st, New Haven 

21396 Gillette, Martha Newton (Miss) Milford 

67935 Gillette, Mary E. Sears (Mrs Bennett) East Hampton 

32373 Gillies, Isadora Irene (Mrs W. W.) 30 Roman st, East Norwalk 

62878 Gillin, Grace Emeline Atwater (Mrs Charles A.).. 30 Washington 

st, New Britain 

4574 Gilman, Emma C. (Miss) 83 Crescent st, Middletown 

2837 Gilman, Mabel E. Goodrich (Mrs George H.) 149 La Fayette st, 


42748 Gilpatric, Irene T. Wheelock (Mrs G. H.) Seward st, Putnam 

22495 Gilpatric, Jessie Isadore Hodges (Mrs George Walter).. 42 Fremont 

st, Putnam 

4186 Gladwin, Eleanor M. Daniels (Mrs William H.) Mystic 

2571 Gladwin, Ellen Hammond (Mrs Sidney M.) 705 Asylum av, 

60214 Glantz, Ethel Florence Ives (Mrs Charles M.) 56 Cottage st, 


16034 Glazier, Mary Olivia (Miss) 175 Sigourney st, Hartford 

10327 Glover, Harriet D. C. (Mrs Henry S.) Fairfield 

4402 Glover, Helen Wardwell (Mrs William Brown) Fairfield 

5400 Goddard, Edith Hart (Mrs William H.) Box 627, Wallingford 

12499 Godfrey, Adelaide Coe (Mrs W. H. K.) Litchfield 

26362 Godfrey, Evelyn Marietta (Mrs Homer C.) 1546 Fairfield av, 


49838 Godillot, Helen Hanford (Mrs John F.) Westport 

63953 Godord. Kate Estelle Dewey (Mrs George Seymour) . .350 Blue Hills 

av, Hartford 

26379 Gold. Martha R. (Miss) Washington 

12540 Goldv, Emma L. S. (Mrs Harry A.) 103 Prospect st, Stamford 

15458 Goodale, Mary Lydia (Mrs David W.) Suffield 

22 Goode, Sarah Ford Judd (Mrs George B.) 178 Church st, 

60781 Goodrich, Alma Penfield (Mrs Raymond Murray) 80 Cone st, 

50620 Goodrich, Emma Root (Mrs Arthur L.)..75 Farmington av, Hartford 

71066 Goodsell, C. Elizabeth (Mrs Bradley) Southport 

35727 Goodspeed. Phebe Eldridge (Mrs Wm. Robbins) . .126 Wethersfield 

av, Hartford 

7416 Goodwin, Anna M. (Miss) 29 Wethersfield av, Hartford 

2248 Goodwin. Mary Alsop Jackson (Mrs Francis) . .103 Woodland st, 



35145 Goodwin, Mary Deborah Skinner (Mrs George H.) Burnside 

3992 Goodwin, Rebecca B. (Mrs Charles F.) 85 Park ave, Waterbury 

15413 Goodwin, Sarah C. Gridley (Mrs Robert) Harwinton 

23670 Gordon, Adele Marion (Miss) Greenwich 

65769 Gordon, Bertha Bull (Mrs Charles Nathan) Bristol 

51745 (Gordon, Sarah Emeline Blake (Mrs William Augustus) . .12 Clifton pi, 

Dan bury 

51746 Gordon, Susan Lanor (Miss) 12 Clifton pi, Danbury 

5244 Gorham, Anna Baldwin Sturges (Mrs John Alvord) . .293 Golden Hill, 


33204 Gorham, Annie E. (Mrs Edward E.) 200 East av, E., Norwalk 

24525 (K>rham, Evelyn Brevoort Odell (Mrs) 234 Laurel av, Bridgeport 

59131 Goss. Louise Carpenter (Mrs Fayette) 204 Summit st, 


19621 Gould, Emma Nelson Clark (Mrs Willard Joseph) Southington 

19620 Gould, Isabella A. Hotchkiss (Mrs W. S.) Southington 

62884 (K>wdy, Susan E. (Miss) 64 Pleasant st, Bristol 

28034 Graebcr, Sarah Louise Merriam (Mrs Herman Theodore) . .30 Ho- 

bcrt st, Meriden 
84722 Graham, Addie Smith (Mrs William Herbert) . .381 West st, Bristol 
746W Graham, Edna Winona Smith (Mrs William Everett).. 15 Lindsley 

av, Meriden 

67934 Graham, Eugenia Stiles (Mrs Samuel H.) Suffield 

12525 Graham, Florence J. (Miss) 331 George st. New Haven 

78974 Graham, Florence Seeber (Mrs Edward James) Fairfield 

33650 Graham, Helen J. Whiting (Mrs Andrew Brown) Stratford 

6215 Graham, Julia (Mrs Charles P.) Essex 

11847 Graham, Mary Elizabeth Hoggan (Mrs Benjamin L.)..14 Parkmore 

st. New Britain 

71707 Granger, Hattie F. Strickland (Mrs Arthur J.) Windsor 

19661 Grannis,'Mary Kadierine Morse (Mrs Frederick Burrage). Bridgeport 

58663 Grant, Ettaline Ladd (Mrs Frederic Louis) Plamville 

27200 Grant, Jennie Adeline Cheney (Mrs Henry Miner) . .472 E. Main st, 

4579 Graves, Alma Leighton (Mrs Arthur) . .35 Autumn st, New Haven 
8974 Graves. Frances M. W. (Mrs Charles Burr).. 66 Franklin st, New 


4727 Graves, Mary C. Goodsell (Mrs) 742 North av, Bridgeport 

44171 Gray, Mary Ida (Mrs William Henry) Box 207, Mystic 

41700 Greeley, Nathalie F. Clark (Mrs Harold) 348 Beach wood av, 


72085 Green, Annie Monroe (Mrs Lewis C.) 259 Main st, Norwalk 

25948 Green, Belle Leavenworth (Mrs Howard E.) . .695 Main st, Ansonia 
69722 Greene. Adelaide L. Peck (Mrs Henry R.) 1131 Noble av, 


77017 Greene. Bettsy Ann Johnson (Mrs Stephen P.) Jewett City 

19669 Greene, Florence Heeney Buck (Mrs Jacob Humphrey) .. 184 Sigour- 

ney st, Hartford 
74310 Greene. Louise Jane Johnson (Mrs Darwin W.) 559 Ogden st, 


20969 Greene. M. Louise (Miss) 14 University pi, New Haven 

37968 Greenman. Lillian Elizabeth Waters (Mrs Harry F.)..286 Park pi. 


38380 Gregorv, Isadora A. Gilbert (Mrs James) Westville av, Danbury 

69447 Grier. Parthenia Bosworth (Mrs Edward Robie) 5 Girard av, 


53087 Griffin. Katie Dean (Mrs Samuel M.) 24 Orchard st. Danbury 

49835 Griffin. Maude Vernette (Miss) 24 Orchard st. Danbury 

8671 Griffing. Martha R. N. (Mrs Charles E.)..136 Deer Hill av, Danbury 

2809 Griffing, Martina Marietta (Miss) 153 Deer Hill av, Danbury 

32384 Griffith. Hattie Nettleton (Mrs George William) . .Lime Rock, East 


116 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

22520 Griggs, Caroline H. White (Mrs Robert F.) 102 Grove st, 

29400 Griggs. Helen T. Williams (Mrs David C.)..175 Pine st. Waterbury 
17888 Grinnell, Jennie Eliza Waldo (Mrs John Brown) 145 West av, 


5313 Grinnell. Phoebe E. (Mrs Charles L.) Center st, Mystic 

6690 Griswold, Caroline Pinney (Mrs Daniel).. 217 Shuttle Meadow rd. 

New Britain 
81204 Griswold. Edna Cooke (Mrs George M.) 40 Fountain st. New 


10914 Griswold, Elvia Smith (Mrs Lewis F.) 14 Chestnut st, Meriden 

47513 Griswold, Esther Dora (Miss) Kensington 

54104 Griswold, Hettie Miranda Kellogg (Mrs Irving R.)..27 Fairview st, 


13909 Griswold, Isabella Wallace (Miss) Main st, Winsted 

54160 Griswold, Lucia Bishop (Mrs Charles S.) Fern st, West Hartford 

69799 Griswold, Mary Emma Sedgwick (Mrs Charles Allen) W. Hartford 

67492 Griswold, Mary Wilder (Mrs George Nelson) Watertown 

7401 Griswold, Rebecca Eddy Norton (Mrs Roger M.) Kensington 

41709 Grocock, Clara E. Barnes (Mrs) Kensington 

50618 Groom, Esther Cramer (Miss) 17 Williams st, Hartford 

2587 Gross, Ellen Clarissa Spencer (Mrs Charles E.) 840 Asylum av, 


32779 Gross, Marian Ellen (Miss) 130 Main st, Hartford 

60203 Grover, Ellen Maud Sisson (Mrs Leonard Andrew) Stonington 

45646 Grumman, Sarah Burr (Mrs Elmer E. )....! 187 Park av, Bridgeport 

78449 Crush, Jane Elizabeth Ellsworth (Mrs James W.) Manchester 

18251 Guernsey, Candora Seeley (Mrs James Herbert).. 44 Mott st, Ansonia 
21390 Guernsey, Caroline Helen Hoadley (Mrs Thomas H.) . .44 Mott st, 


20792 Guilbert, Minnie Isabel (Mrs Edmund) ^ Southport 

20790 Guild, Hattie E. (Mrs Frank E.) Windham 

8979 Guild, Josephine E. L. (Mrs Charles H.) Seymour 

82793 Guilford, Emma J. (Mrs) West Cheshire. 

80266 Guilford, Mary Linda (Miss) West Cheshire 

17766 Guy, Alice Baker (Miss) Middletown 

59133 Gwatkin, Daisy Webster (Mrs Leland) Berlin 

8086 Gwatkin, Jane Norton (Mrs Walter) Berlin 

56120 Hadley, Mabel Louise (Mrs George F.).,853 Colorado av, Bridgeport 
9501 Hadley, Marionette Penfield (Mrs James A.) 216 E. Main st, 


36096 Hadlow, Margaret S. Phelps (Mrs William) Simsbury 

28021 Hadsell, Sara Sherwood Piatt (Mrs George Arthur) Plainville 

84374 Hagar, Catharine Olive (Miss) Southington 

41182 Hagenow, Julia Emma (Mrs Frederick J.).. 23 Chestnut st. South 


53599 Haight, Adelaide Augusta (Miss) 530 State st, Bridgeport 

83701 Hale, Etta House (Mrs Leroy E.) 43 Elm st, Rockville 

19050 Hale, Hattie Agusta Wallace (Mrs Almarin Tracy).. 44 Fremont st. 

New London 
53593 Hale, Jeannette Deming Seeley (Mrs James Frank).. P. O. Box 448, 

South Norwalk 

15829 Haley, Catharine (Mrs Albert) Mystic 

61736 Hall, Addie Maria Upson (Mrs Martin William) ..208 Buckingham 

av, Waterbury 

79749 Hall, Alice M. Holman (Mrs William Henry) South Willin^on 

3492 Hall, Almira Parker (Mrs Emory O.) 167 Franklin st, Meriden 

42783 Hall, Ana Byrd (Mrs Albert C.) 181 Fairfield av, Stamford 

13162 Hall, Angle Talcott (Mrs Frank D.) Manchester 

85976 Hall, Caroline Du Mond (Mrs Edgar Sherman) Wallingford 

33638 Hall, Charlotte R. Piatt (Mrs William C.)..581 Elm st. New Haven 

21421 Hall, Charlotte S. (Mrs William Phillips) Greenwich 

72081 Hall. Christine Dimond (Mrs Dwight H.) ... .153 Beach st, Bridgeport 


37587 Hall. Edna Adelc Mix (Mrs Eugene Ashley).. 89 Crown st, Meriden 

78478 Hall. Elizabeth Hunt (Mrs Robert Henry) East Hampton 

59144 Hall, Elizabeth L. Wallace (Mrs John L.) ... .14 Seeley st, Bridgeport 

19657 Hall, Fannie B. (Miss) 238 S. Main st, Wallingford 

13192 Hall, Gertrude Wheatley (Mrs William Alfred).. 11 Colony Heights, 


10354 Hall, Grace M. (Miss) Main St. Station, Meriden 

51740 Hall, Harriet Eleanor Redell Stevens (Mrs Alonzo Benton).. 54 Lin- 

den st New Haven 

15409 Hall, Harriet Smith (Mrs Burton S.) 84 George st, Shelton 

67480 Hall, Ida May (Miss) South Willington 

49485 Hall, Ida Owen Allen (Mrs George W.)..38 Jefferson av, Springfield 

26662 Hall, Ida T. Scribner (Mrs Frank Daniel) c/o 1650 Park av. 


18319 Hall, Jennie Steele (Mrs Harry A.) 125 Prospect st, Torrington 

13872 Hall, Laura B. Cannon (Mrs Frank L.) 70 Cottage st, Meriden 

18303 Hall, Lillie Beckley (Mrs Wilbur B.) 650 Broad st, Meriden 

2500 Hall, Lois Blakeslie (Mrs Seth J.) 481 E. Main st, Meriden 

4400 Hall, Lucy A. Latham (Mrs Erwin D.) 219 State st, Meriden 

24536 Hall, Lucy Birdsey (Mrs Lewis) 663 Broad st, Meriden 

2496 Hall, Mary E. Baldwin (Mrs Russell) 469 E. Main st, Meriden 

8084 Hall, Mary Eliza (Miss) Berlin 

67481 Hall. Rosa Orline (Miss) South Willington 

33195 Hall, Sarah Garrett (Mrs John H.)....61 Wethersfield av, Hartford 

76517 Hall, Stella Nichols (Mrs Frederick W.)..510 Laurel av, Bridgeport 

17885 Hall, Viola E. (Mrs Lewis C.) New Canaan 

58217 Halladay, Anna Kendall (Mrs Albert) P. O. Box l20, Suffield 

58218 Halladay, Marjorie Eloise (Miss) P. O. Box 119, Suffield 

24542 Hallenbeck, Julia Augusta (Miss) Wallingford 

45247 Haller, Julia R. Scofield (Mrs Charles) ... .461 State st, Bridgeport 

19692 Halligan, Anna Roselle (Mrs William Edward).. 210 Elm wood av, 


53600 Hallock, Ada Virginia (Miss) Ill Maple st, Bridgeport 

23346 Hallock, Carrie B. (Miss) 133 Washington av, Bridgeport 

8095 Hallock, Emma Marie (Miss) 578 Beechwood av, Bridgeport 

3495 Hallock, Katharine Camp Avery (Mrs Frank Kirk wood) ..Cromwell 

7402 Hallock. Mary Burr Sherwood (Mrs Franklin). .122 Derby av, Derby 

2457 Hamersley, Jane Allen (Mrs William) . .185 Farmington av, Hartford 

68991 Hamilton, Annie Wooding (Mrs Henry S.) 258 Bassett st. New 


21382 Hamilton, Belle E. (Mrs Scoville J.) Avon 

3994 Hamilton, Katharine Deborah (Miss).. 229 Columbia bd, Waterbury 
13149 Hamilton, Mary Archer Bumham (Mrs M. C.)..139 Sigourney st, 

2496 Hamilton, Sarah Lavinia Lines (Mrs Frank Lorenzo) . .65 Pleasant 

st, Meriden 

4613 Hamlin, Kate Howell (Miss) 220 Broad st, Meriden 

40187 Hammett. Harriet H. Wilson (Mrs Theodore E.) Danielson 

25663 Hammond. Augusta B. (Mrs A. Park) 105 Union st, Rockville 

2578 Hammond, Eliza Clymer Overton (Mrs E. Payson)..25 Atwood st, 

15434 Hammond, Frances Warner (Mrs William E.) 105 Lincoln st, 

66480 Hammond, Lina Taylor (Mrs F. Merton) 850 Clinton av, 

30258 Hammond. Margaret Rusling (Mrs Lyman T.) 438 Fairfield av, 

54121 Hampson. Annie Russell (Mrs Robert William) . .27 1st av, Waterbury 

12531 Hanan, Alida J. (Mrs James D.) Waterford 

13908 Hanchett, Emma E. Hayes (Mrs Thacher S.) 70 Main st. 

30602 Hanford, Margaret Goodman (Mrs Levi C.)..l Belden av, Norwalk 

118 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

63S>43 Hanke, Carrie Senior (Mrs Ernest Winfred) 304 Colorado av, 

61724 Hanmer, Edyth Lincoln Kilbourne (Mrs Charles Chapman) . .21 Bum- 
side av, £. Hartford 

35713 Hanna, Agnes (Miss) Montville 

55078 Hannum, Edith Sara Latimer (Mrs George) West Simsbury 

45956 Hannum, Elizabeth Wright (Mrs Theodore Weld Wright). .Wethers- 

4599 Hanover, Annie B. Blackman (Mrs Julius Smith) 382 South av, 


4601 Hanover, Bessie B. (Miss) 382 South av, Bridgeport 

25121 Hanson, Cornelia (Miss) 31 Farmington av, Hartford 

53085 Hanson, Harriett Elizabeth Hewison (Mrs Frank Larone) . .Stratford 

28360 Hapgood, Elizabeth Smith (Mrs Edward Thomas) 190 Fern st, 


83704 Hard, Eudora E. (Mrs W. G.) 27 Hill st. Naugatuck 

83705 Hard, Irma E. (Miss) Naugatuck 

27473 Harger, Jessie Craig (Mrs Oscar) 14 University pi, New Haven 

37198 Harmon, Annie Burnap (Mrs George A.) Suffield 

15461 Harmon, Caroline R. Fuller (Mrs Ashbel C.) Suffield 

35134 Harper, Mary Lucretia Smith (Mrs Samuel Brush) . .Woodland st, 


5252 Harral, Ellen W. (Mrs Edward W.) 123 Harrison st, Bridgeport 

14734 Harries, Wealthia Elizabeth (Mrs James E.) Willimantic 

44167 Harriman, Mary (Miss) •. Windsor 

60787 Harrington, Jennie E. (Mrs Karl P.) 203 High st, Middletown 

78272 Harris, Cora May (Miss) Rockville 

49358 Harris, Ellen Estelle Brainard (Mrs Walter St. G.)..62 Burton st, 

724S3 Harris, Julia Maude Chapman (Mrs William D.)..15 Garfield av. 

New London 

30604 Harris, Lillie Mills (Mrs George Wells) Wethersfield 

20818 Harris, Marie Elizabeth Payne (Mrs Cassius Frederic) . .543 Williams 

st. New London 

65017 Harris, Sarah H. (Mrs William W.) South Manchester 

84725 Harrison, Bessie Louise Lamport (Mrs Henry L.)..611 Orange st. 

New Haven 
75751 Harrison, Martha Beecher (Mrs Charles Grosvenor) . . 109 Fountain 

st. New Haven 
10340 Hart, Bertha Piatt (Mrs Jay H.) 50 Buckingham av, Waterbury 

80580 Hart, 'Florence May (Miss) 1013 W. Main st, Waterbury 

67482 Hart, Helen Thalia (Mrs Walter S.) Berlin 

49000 Hart, Inez M. (Mrs Charles A.) 409 Sigourney st, Hartford 

80581 Hart, Irene Augusta (Miss) 1013 W. Main st, Waterbury 

21384 Hart, Jane Wainwright (Mrs Charles E.)..35 Curtis st. New Britain 

3104 Hart, Katharine A. (Mrs A. E.) 846 Asylum av, Hartford 

49344 Hart, Lillian Alice Wetmore (Mrs Harrie A.).. 22 Grove Hill, New 

55054 Hart, Mary Louise (Miss) 753 Quinnepiac av. New Haven 

5018 Hart, Mary S. Calhoun (Mrs Edward Gardner) 69 Willard st, 

75561 Harvey, Laura Buckingham Averill (Mrs Lester Ford) . .Romford 

22572 Harwood, Clara (Mrs Clayton E.) 64 Prospect st, Rockville 

26856 Harwood, Ella L. (Mrs Charles F.). .Highland Terrace, Stafford 

70279 Harwood, Grace Emma (Miss) Highland Terrace, Stafford 

35721 Hasbrouck, Mary Roxanna Bardwell (Mrs Frank Ells).. 411 State 
st, Bridgeport 

37175 Haskell, Jane Maria Wilcox (Mrs Ckorge Alexander) Jewett City 

41722 Haskell, Kitty Selden Cook (Mrs William Reynolds) . .69 Washing- 
ton st, Hartford 

56853 Haskell, Sadie Louella Perry (Mrs Charles N.) 23 Laurel av, 



58216 Haskins, Emma £. (Mrs James Orrin) Suffield 

60785 Haskins, Lizzie Kendall (Mrs Charles E.) Suffield 

10336 Hassard, Mary L. Udell (Mrs Robert G.)..30 Elm st, Thomaston 

75144 Hastings, Minnie E. Ellsworth (Mrs Walter S.) Windsor 

64516 Hatch, Emmie E. (Mrs) Danielson 

17922 Hatch, Gertrude Elizabeth (Miss) Richmond Hill, Stamford 

54130 Hatch, Mary E. (Mrs Charles N.) Bridgewater 

56862 Hatch, Mary Jane (Mrs Charles E.) West Hartford 

39842 Hathaway, Laura B. Killam (Mrs Allen Bigelow) Enfield st, 

61739 Hathaway, Olive Jerusha Belcher (Mrs Charles R.)..S. Manchester 
60205 Hatheway, Clara Trulock Davis (Mrs George T.)....903 Park av, 

17904 Hatheway, Lilliam Merriam Stewart (Mrs Ernest Albert). .Suffield 

32780 Hatstat, Florence Gross (Mrs John W.) 130 Main st. Hartford 

2309 Havemeyer, Julia Ida Loomis (Mrs Charles W.)..131 Washington 

st, Hartford 

48363 Havens, Cora Wolcott (Mrs Irving Welles) Collinsville 

45657 Havens, Eliza W. Brainard (Mrs) 603 Farmington av, Hartford 

27467 Haviland, Betsey A. Sanford (Mrs Barnes H.) Southington 

74342 Hawk, Edith Alliene Davis (Mrs William Samuel) Ridgefield 

31978 Hawkins, Susan F. Rude (Mrs) 265 Williams st, New London 

13144 Hawley, Anna Coleman Newton (Mrs) 29 Main st, Hartford 

36616 Hawley, Ella B. Sterling (Mrs Edward) 70 Myrtle av, Shelton 

4592 Hawley, Hettie Ann T. (Mrs Edward Augustus) 936 Park av, 

5974 Hawley, Mary Theodosia Burr (Mrs William) 50 Rusling st, 

7058 Haydcn, Alice Elizabeth Welch (Mrs Nathaniel Warham) . .Windsor 

4745 Hayden, Florentine H. (Miss) 146 Pine st, Waterbury 

61725 Hayden, Jessie Warren (Miss) 702 Main st. East Hartford 

25954 Hayden, Maria Susanna Warren (Mrs Henry R.)....702 Main st. 

East Hartford 

20822 Hayt, Augustua B. (Mrs James E.) 116 Deer Hill av, Danbury 

59151 Hayward, Lizzie Stevens (Mrs Edward W.) 288 (College st, 


20819 Hazard, Anna Perry (Miss) 30 Federal st, New London 

80587 Hazen, Frances Mary (Miss) 238 High st, Middletown 

16633 Hazen, Mary Butler Thompson (Mrs Azel Washburn) . .238 High st, 


8976 Hcaley, Alice Jane (Mrs Robert) Seymour 

20832 Healey, Rhoda H. Gerard (Mrs William S.) 162 Prospect st, 


58203 Heath, Zoc Emeline (Miss) 29 Collins st, Hartford 

30810 Hedge, Edith H. Doliber (Mrs Henry Rogers) Rockwood 

6705 Hccley, Fanny J. (Miss) Willimantic 

54655 Hcidcl, Marv Mack (Mrs William Arthur) . .41 Lawn av, Middletown 

80267 Hcineman, Annie A. Guilford (Mrs William H.) West Cheshire 

15462 Hemenway, Martha Fuller (Mrs Egerton) Suffield 

30614 Hemenway, Mary E. Sheldon (Mrs Henry R.) Suffield 

19622 Hemingway, Lanette O. W. (Mrs John) Southington 

16015 Hemingway, Mary Piatt (Mrs John I.).. 86 Broadway, New Haven 

48343 Heminway, Charlotte Bishop Lewis (Mrs Harry H.) Watcrtown 

48344 Heminway, Edla Ruana Hinman (Mrs Merritt) Watertown 

48345 Heminway, Julia Havens (Mrs Buell) Watertown 

82400 Heminway, Marjr E. (Mrs Edwin H.) 162 Capitol av, Hartford 

37962 Henderson, Lillian Whiting Smith (Mrs Wm. George).. 85 Sachem 

st, Norwich 
53093 Henderson, Maude H. Kecney (Mrs John Thomas) . .Farmingham 

av, Hartford 

5353 Henderson. Sarah Mallory (Miss) Prospect Hill, South Norwalk 

30580 Hepburn, Sarah C. (Miss) Milford 

47018 Herman. Mabel Warner (Mrs Samuel H.)....The Pines. Winsted 

120 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

54615 Herrick, Elizabeth Demarest (Mrs Burrill Alonzo) . .60 Laurel Hill 

av, Norwich 

18359 Herring, Elizabeth Sydney (Miss) 8 Field Point rd, Greenwich 

56118 Hersey, Martha E. (Miss) Litchfield 

26352 Hetzel, Mary Wells (Mrs Joseph L.) Southport 

62895 Heubisch, Elizabeth Pitcairn (Mrs Herman A.) . .30 E. 9th st. Derby 

24678 Heublein, Ethel L Whipple (Mrs Arthur) .... 181 Fern st, Hartford 

61745 Hewins, Caroline Maria (Miss) . .Hartford Public Library, Hartford 

16620 Hewitt, Grace D. (Mrs Charles E.) 70 Crown st, Meriden 

55554 Hewitt, Sarah Louise ( Miss) Mystic 

25987 Hewitt, Zillah S. (Mrs Alvin E.) 270 Coram av. Sheltou 

12544 Heywood, Edith (Miss) 391 Atlantic av, Stamford 

45242 Hickok, Sarah S. (Mrs Clarence T.) 37 East st. Bethel 

72300 Hickox, Frances Eliot (Miss) Litchfield 

11388 Hickox, Sara Warner (Mrs Charles A.) 234 Pearl st, Hartford 

4607 Hickox, Sarah Newton (Mrs William A.).. 28 Goodwill av, Meriden 

21401 Higgins, Harriet (Miss) Plantsville 

63952 Higley, Emma J. Woodford (Mrs Burton O.) Canton 

49843 Hill, Bertha Hotchkiss Camp (Mrs Frederick Byron).. 16 Lincoln st, 

42142 Hill, Bethia Helen Barnard (Mrs George Webber) 38 Elm st. 


28595 Hill. Caroline Roby (Miss) 80 Pine st, Waterbury 

3993 Hill, Charlotte Benedict (Mrs Gilmore Crane) 96 Hillside av, 


2222 Hill, Clara M. (Miss) 40 West av, Norwalk 

79449 Hill. Cora Frances (Miss) New Milford 

17395 Hill, Ella D. Couch (Mrs Charles J.) 1 West av, Norwalk 

72785 Hill, Louise Gorham (Mrs Percy S.) 33 Lewis st, Bridgeport 

60200 Hill, Lucy Coit (Mrs William Francis) . .180 Laurel Hill av, Norwich 

85071 Hill, Marguerite Brewster (Miss) V Vauxhall st. New London 

10383 Hill, Mary Alice St. John (Mrs Arthur B.) . .9 Morgan av, Norwalk 

1310 Hill, Mary Ellen Mosman (Mrs Ebenezer J.).. 40 West av, Norwalk 

2826 Hill. Susie E. (Miss) 1 1st av, Waterbury 

81781 Hilliard, Ella Stannard (Mrs William D.) Clinton 

60699 Hills, Elsie M. Sessions (Mrs Jonas Coolidge) 19 Atwood st, 


87357 Hills, Eunice M. (Mrs Edward J.) Thomaston 

16041 Hills, Harriet (Miss) 24 High st, New Haven 

12241 Hills, Julia Griggs Litchfield (Mrs A. C.)..243 Laurel st. Hartford 

45647 Hills. Lilla Winona (Mrs George W.)..180 Harriet st, Bridgeport 

11378 Hincklev, Amanda Jane Hewitt (Mrs Samuel Hobart) Mystic 

38361 Hine, Flora Case (Mrs Henry Clark) .... Hillside pi. New Britain 

82404 Hine, Gertrude Sanford (Mrs Andrew) . .84 Highland av, Naugatuck 

66382 Hine, Sarah J. (Mrs) 1758 E. Main st. Waterbury 

83554 Hinkley, Alice Hills (Mrs Arthur Guy) 243 Laurel st, Hartford 

7404 Hinman, Clara Louise Benjamin (Mrs Leverett Le Grand) 136 

Derby av, Derby 
40754 Hinman, Cornelia F. Hawley (Mrs Charles H.) 851 Myrtle av, 


14728 Hinman, Jean Emily Burns (Mrs Leveret Camp) Meriden 

49001 Hinman, M. Jennie (Mrs Zerah) Collinsville 

4401 Hinman. Phoebe Elizabeth Camp (Mrs Franklin E.)..24 Camp st, 

Meriden ^ „. 

49364 Hinman, Pluma (Mrs Julius) Collmsvillc 

74690 Hinsdale, Cornelia B. (Mrs Charles W.) V,*5.^^^^4 

26356 Hinsdale. Mary Pitkin (Miss) Station A. West Wmsted 

4333 Hitchcock, Agnes M. (Mrs Watson C.) R. F. D. 2, Waterbury 

75023 Hitchcock, Bertha May (Miss) 160 Washington av, Bridgeport 

10345 Hitchcock, Caroline Judson (Miss) 539 Broad st. Meriden 

2573 Hitchcock, Chariotte Fidelia Hunt (Mrs Henry Preston).. 59 Garden 

st, Hartford . ^ r^ . . 

48997 Hitchcock. Elizabeth Benetta Ferris (Mrs Henry Martm). .Greenwich 


83057 Hitchcock, Ella L. (Miss) 154 Hillside av, Naugatuck 

75021 Hitchcock, Lcstia L. (Mrs Frank I.) 160 Washington av, 


27476 Hitchcock, Lilian Mack (Miss) Greenwich 

59664 Hitchcock, Louise St. John (Mrs R. C.) West Hartford 

69203 Hite, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Marcus).. Woodward av, South Norwalk 

81504 Hoadley, Ellen L. (Miss) Naugatuck 

5941 Hoadley. Jenny Rogers (Mrs Frank E.)..125 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 
8943 Hoadley, Mary Bentley (Mrs Lemuel (Goodrich). .357 Whitney av, 

New Haven 
82405 Hoadley, Nellie L. Hine (Mrs Charles H.)..71 Oak st, Naugatuck 
53189 Hobbs, Florence E. Wilmot (Mrs Willis Farrar). . . .593 Clinton av, 

54162 Hodgdon, Jennie Lord (Mrs Thomas Manning) West Hartford 

84332 Hodge, Elizabeth (Miss) Ely Court, Greenwich 

41175 Hoffman, Frances Rebecca Denison (Mrs Charles Frederick Paul) 
Stone Cottage, Rockwell st, Norwich 

45243 Hoffman, Grace (Mrs C. A.) Granville av, Danbury 

81519 Holaday, Gertrude Eliza Harris (Mrs Albert Edward).. 23 Orchard 
Terrace, Union City 

10390 Holbrook, Agusta Hull (Mrs Royal) S3 Franklin st, Ansonia 

45083 Holbrook, Kalista Thayer (Mrs Dwight) Drawer 51, Hartford 

7665 Holbrook, Mary Louise (Miss) 47 Franklin st, Ansonia 

15995 Holcomb, Anna C. (Miss) West Simsbury 

18242 Holcomb, Grace Elizabeth (Miss) Weatogue 

54079 Holcomb, Jennie Herrick (Mrs Walter B.) Simsbury 

14478 Holcomb, Mary Ellen Lowrey (Mrs Joseph W.) Weatogue 

18241 Holcomb, Sarah Munson (Mrs Charles B.) Tariffville 

28362 Holcombe, Emily Marguerite (Miss) 79 Spring st, Hartford 

2242 Holcombe, Emily Seymour Goodwin (Mrs John Marshall) . .79 Spring 

st, Hartford 
59139 Holdcn, Addic Estelle Davis (Mrs Jay Charles)..! King st, Bristol 

82386 Holley, Ella Josephine (Miss) Fairfield 

29772 Holley, Emily North Farnam (Mrs Samuel C.)..81 West st, Danbury 

17886 HoUister, Adaline E. (Mrs Elisha) 23 E. Elm st, Greenwich 

8970 Hollister, Harriet V. (Miss) Berlin 

5347 Holman, Laura J. Allyn (Mrs Justin Byron) Saybrook 

13069 Holman, Mabel Cassine (Miss) Old Saybrook 

23644 Holmes, Abbie E. Pierce (Mrs Charles B.) . .Station A, West Winsted 
34504 Holmes, Agnes Pauline Trumpbour (Mrs William) . .120 Myrtle st, 
• Shelton 

63932 Holmes, Ellen Tift (Miss) Mystic 

42755 Holmes, Isabel Mary (Miss) 52 Spencer st, Winsted 

21430 Holmes, Judith B. Phelps (Mrs Ralph W.) Station A, Winsted 

35707 Holmes, Marion Crego (Mrs William W.)..39 Pleasant st, Ansonia 

15422 Holmes, Martha Booth (Mrs Cornelius S.) 22 Garfield av. New 


15428 Holmes, Mary Jessica (Miss) 29 Whalley av, New Haven 

3184 Holmes, Thankful Alletta Clift (Mrs Benjamin Latham) Mystic 

3395 Holt, Abigail T. Stone (Mrs Albert S.)..71 Dwight st, New Haven 

53453 Holt, Alice M. North (Mrs Herbert S.) 107 Homestead av, 


19640 Holt, Isabella Jackson (Mrs Grenville E.) Thomaston 

7438 Holt, Louisa Permelia (Miss) 156 Prospect st, Willimantic 

47010 Holt, Rosalie F. Dyer (Mrs George Washington) ..27 Sunnyside av, 

7390 Holzer, Sarah M. Smith (Mrs Philip L.) 1071 Iranistan av, 


69446 Hondlow. Hattie L. Watrous (Mrs David L.) 60 W. Main st, 

1162 Hooker, Cjeorgiana Woodmancy (Mrs William Griswold). .Columbus 

av, Meriden 
3513 Hooker, Martha Kilboum (Mrs Edward B.)..70 Farmingham av, 

122 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

49341 Hope, Florence H. T. Rogers (Mrs Walter E wing) . .Grove Hill, New- 

65101 Hopkins, Lillian Lewis (Mrs (diaries Leslie) 86 Williams st» 

T2SS]1 Hopkins, Susan Sampson (Mrs Harden Fenner)..351 S. Main st» 

49349 Hopson, Ada Mabel Carter (Mrs William F.)..730 Whitney av. New 

85730 Hopson, Bertha Gibbs Hall (Mrs Frank Swift).. 74 Balmforth av, 

12230 Hopson, Florence L. Gardner (Mrs) 221 Howard av, New Haven 

28891 Hopson, Mary A. (Miss) Kent 

40464 Horn, Josephine Mae Robinson (Mrs Henry G.) New Haven 

48332 Horner, Louise Davis (Mrs Gilbert) 16 Fairview av, Danbury 

66098 Horton, Alice Julia Gilbert (Mrs Robert Cameron) ..474 E. Wash- 
ington av, Bridgeport 

54648 Horton, Nellie Pease (Mrs Ellsworth) Windsor Locks 

51751 Hosford, Hattie Wright (Mrs J. R.) Collinsville 

69801 Hosmer, Phoebe Lee (Miss) Thayer Academy, Stamford 

12530 Hotchkiss, Addie Burr (Miss) Fairfield 

12529 Hotchkiss, Anna Maria (Mrs Charles A.) 528 Clinton av, Bridgeport 

48346 Hotchkiss, Cornelia B. ( Miss) Watertown 

19083 Hotchkiss, Eleanor Eunice Beckwith (Mrs Henry Kirk) 2j Lester 

St, Ansonia 

19052 Hotchkiss, Ellen Woodward (Miss) 172 Park st. New Haven 

81876 Hotchkiss, Emily A. Garrison (Mrs Warren E.) 365 High st, 


4383 Hotchkiss, Fanny J. (Miss) 70 Hunting Hill, Middletown 

13208 Hotchkiss, (Gertrude Tyler (Mrs Edward Henry) 254 Main st, 


12551 Hotchkiss, Hattie E. (Mrs Seymour E.) Wallingford 

33198 Hotchkiss, Hattie Stark (Mrs) East Haddam 

59150 Hotchkiss, Ida Emmerline Dayton (Mrs Frederick L.)..137 Sherman 
av, Meriden 

62870 Hotchkiss, Irene Child (Mrs John) Thomaston 

16601 Hotchkiss, Julia Jessup (Mrs E. Hubbell) 4 Arch st, Norwalk 

48364 Hotchkiss, Louise M. (Miss) Collinsville 

83706 Hotchkiss, Mabel (Miss) R. F. D. 2. Waterbury 

18304 Hotchkiss, Nellie A. (Mrs Frederick M.) 33 Crown st, Meriden 

83707 Hotchkiss, Ruth (Miss) R. F. D. 2, Waterbury 

17911 Hough, Ellen Rebecca (Miss) 66 Kensington av, Meriden 

22526 Hough, Frances Louise (Miss) 515 Stratford av, Bridgeport 

62891 Hough, Josephine Case (Mrs Howell C.) Collinsville 

37974 Hough, Leila Griswold (Mrs Niles P.) 702 Farmington av, Hartford 

3499 Hough, Maria Starr (Mrs Benezette A.).. 30 Deer Hill av, Danbury 

5767 House, Grace L. Bissell (Mrs Charles E.) South Manchester 

19693 House, Mary Frances Dimond (Mrs James Alford)..216 William st, 

73233 House, Sophia Staver (Mrs Herbert) South Manchester 

34040 Houston, Lena M. (Mrs George W.) 37 Winter st, Ansonia 

3091 Hovey, Mary Rogers (Mrs Philo Bradley) 203 Huntington st. 

New London 

61749 Howard, Florence E. (Mrs Charles H.) Ellington 

10307 Howard, Julia Cutler (Mrs Frank L.) 150 Collins st, Hartford 

76214 Howard, Nellie Russell (Mrs Henry Waring, Jr.).. 166 W. Putnam 
av, Greenwich 

68659 Howd, Edith M. (Mrs Joseph E.) 33 Mott st, Ansonia 

8318 Howe, Adalina Rossi (Miss) Oronoquc, Fairfield Co. 

47019 Howe, Adaline N. Moore (Mrs Harry) 299 Main st. Winstcd 

60771 Howell, Eveline Ingersoll (Mrs Edwin A) 32 Field Point rd, 

42781 Howell, Rosalind May Whitmore (Mrs William Alf red) . . . . Rockville 
7391 Howes, Susan Augusta (Miss) 335 Clinton av, Bridgeport 


60207 Howgate, Cynthia Ross (Mrs Charles Wilton).. 104 Field Point rd^ 

44840 Howie, Adele Royce (Mrs Thomas Frank) 59 Prospect st, 


16012 Hoxie, Lucie Belle Ward (Mrs Ira C.) Mystic 

35731 Hoyt, Ada Irene (Miss) South Norwalk 

16024 Hoyt, Harriet Jane Glover (Mrs George Banks).. 60 Franklin st, 

14638 Hoyt, Josephine Bailey (Mrs George H.) Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

6228 Hoyt, Martha Louisa (Miss) New Canaan 

3502 Hoyt, Mary Cowles (Miss) 14 Stevens st, Danbury 

5330 Hoyt, Mary Esther Hill (Mrs Granville W.)....3 New st, Danbury 

17390 Hoyt, Sarah Jane (Miss) South Norwalk 

13151 Hubbard, Anna Elizabeth (Mrs B. Dexter) 26 Barnett st, New 


64865 Hubbard, Bertha Allen (Miss) 92 Lewis st, Bridgeport 

54163 Hubbard, Elizabeth Fidelia (Miss) West Hartford 

31987 Hubbard, Harriet Cooke (Mrs Philip D.) Litchfield 

65105 Hubbard, Henrietta Amelia Minor (Mrs Frederick Brainard) ..Bristol 

3988 Hubbard, Martha Louise (Miss) 107 High st (P. O. Box 785), 

51758 Hubbard, Martha Stowe Bacon (Mrs Charles Jared)..18 High st, 

13186 Hubbard, Mary Eliza Bradeley (Mrs Lewis Van Buren) . .52 Perry av, 

20640 Hubbard, Mary Tenney (Miss) Greenwich 

49333 Hubbard, Rose A. (Miss) Windsor 

29776 Hubbell, Anna Shelton (Mrs Warren C.) Box 268, Shelton 

26673 Hubbell, Elizabeth (Miss) 273 Trumbull st, Hartford 

5351 Hubbell, Ellen P. (Miss) South st, Bristol 

83708 Hubbell, Lena M. Culver (Mrs Frank James). .S. Main st, Naugatuck 

77760 Hubbell, Louie Edwards (Mrs Harvey) 262 Park av, Bridgeport 

75756 Hubbell, Mary C. Stillman Pond (Mrs E. Smith).. 36 Washington 
av, Bridgeport 

20155 Huddle, Ella Percie (jeer (Mrs David Franklin) Groton 

84014 Hufford. Willie (Miss) 32 Crown st, Meriden 

86509 Hughes, Silah A. Layton (Mrs Joseph) 62 Lake pi, New Haven 

2823 Hull, Adeline Raynor (Miss) 157 Deer Hill av, Danbury 

3493 Hull, Anna Caldwell Rice (Miss) Meriden 

38938 Hull, Arabelle Amelia Meigs (Mrs Henry C.)..Lock Box 35, Clinton 

2763 Hull, Augusta (Miss) 157 Deer Hill av, Danbury 

58660 Hull, Caroline Adams (Mrs George Curtis) Taftvillc 

12879 Hull, Charlotte Hayden (Mrs Henry Sedgwick) 81 Oxford st, 


2761 Hull, Ella Virginia (Miss) 157 Deer Hill av, Danbury 

85072 Hull, Ellen Allyn Brewster (Mrs Hadlai A.).. 77 Vauxhall st. New 

58215 Hull. Eslic Hunt (Mrs Robert C.) Suffield 

64866 Hull, Laura Hodges (Mrs Edwin Lewis) 26 E. 9th st, Derby 

31247 Hull, Nellie Fuller (Mrs Frederick Waller).. 259 Williams st. New 


2760 Hull, Sarah Eliza (Miss) 157 Deer Hill av, Danbury 

66472 Hull, Sarah Maria (Mrs John Alfred) 703 Elm st. New Haven 

8329 Humason, Eunetia M. Eno (Mrs William L.) . .39 Grove st. New 

49339 Humason, Nellie Munroe (Mrs Harris Burrill). .201 Vine st, New 

80628 Humiston, Emma L. (Miss) West Cheshire 

87358 Humiston, Julia A. (Miss) West Cheshire 

53588 Humphrey, Flora Loomis (Miss) 265 W. Main st. New Britain 

7016 Humphrey, Harriet Loomis (Mrs Hosea Dayton).. 265 W. Main st. 

New Britain 
4410 Humphrey, Mary Elvira Kimball (Mrs John C. E.) Simsbury 

124 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

4411 Humphrey, Mary Helen (Miss) Simsbury 

58654 Humphrey, Minnie G. (Miss) !simsbury 

8340 Humphrey, Nellie Case (Mrs Arthur E.) Simsbury 

80590 Hungerford, Carrie Scott (Mrs Charles F.). .225 Maple st, Naugatuck 
21387 Hungerford, Charlotte H. Olmstcad (Mrs William) . .72 Russell st. 

New Britain 
15397 Hungerford, Sarah Augusta Churchill (Mrs Frank L.)..38 Washing- 
ton st, New Britain 

29757 Hunt, Clara Munson (Mrs Edward Junius) 137 Walnut st, 

54105 Hunt, Elizabeth L. Beach (Mrs Charles K.)..362 Main st, Winsted 
75752 Hunter, Cornelia T. A. (Mrs James Frederic). .111 Fountain st, New 

14484 Hunter, Kate Palmer (Mrs John Ramsey).. 136 Main st, Norwalk 
11409 Huntington, Helen Barstow Piatt (Mrs Channing Moore) . .172 Wash- 
ington st, Norwich 
20796 Huntington, Mary Burr Sherwood (Mrs Andrew Burr) .. Fairfield, 

49365 Huntley, Emma Rice (Mrs William W.) Judd st. New Britain 

54647 Hurd, Fanny Elizabeth Perry (Mrs Walter B.) Perry Hill rd, 


15437 Hurd, Minnie Florence (Miss) Wilton 

19092 Hurlburt, Angie Wilson (Mrs Frank Henry) 198 Laurel st, 


25648 Hurlburt, Minnie V. Smith (Mrs James H.) 35 Poplar st, 


10937 Hurlbutt, Esther Jane (Miss) 123 Main st, Norwalk 

11386 Husted, Viola Harria (Mrs Edwin Winter).. 2 Terrace pi, Meriden 

45662 Hutchins, Amelia B. (Miss) Danielson 

50627 Hutchins, Annie M. (Miss) Danielson 

8981 Hutchins, Henrietta Osborn Hawley (Mrs) Fairfield 

28335 Hutchins, Mabel C. Whipple (Mrs Frank Elmer) Groton 

28886 Hutchins, Susan Pearson Lillie (Mrs John) Litchfield 

80259 Huxley, Louise Whitney (Mrs Albert W.) West Cheshire 

60215 Hyatt, Helen Elizabeth (Miss) 177 Liberty st, Meriden 

17897 Hyatt, May Wayland (Mrs Lester) 12 Arch st. Norwalk 

16028 Hyde, Anna C. Robinson (Mrs Thomas T.)..1455 Chapel st. New 


20841 Hyde, Eliza M. Ostrum (Mrs William W.) Greenwich 

15463 Hyde, Ella Maria (Miss) Suffield 

51735 Hyde, Fannie Agnes Rouse (Mrs Henry N.) . .83 North st, Willimantic 
17401 Hyde, Helen E. Watson (Mrs William Waldo).. 37 Charter Oak pi, 

4828 Hyde, Isabel Ballard Marks (Mrs William T.) Hyde Crest, 


82406 Hyde, Mabel Fuller (Mrs Harry) Meadow st, Naugatuck 

4407 Hyde, Mary E. Varley (Mrs Burrell W.)..174 Broadway, Norwich 

58673 Ide, Alice Bullard (Miss) Elmwood 

10349 Immich, Adelaide Douglass (Mrs Henry L.)..161 Curtis st, Meriden 

60216 Immich, Ethel C. (Miss) 161 Curtis st, Meriden 

83035 Ingalls, Blanche Fuller (Mrs George L.)..93 Sachem st, Norwich 
53078 Ingraham, Faith Allen ( Miss) 156 Summer st, Bristol 

5356 Ingraham, Grace Seymour (Mrs William S.)..156 Summer st, Bristol 

58220 Ingraham, Susie E. P. (Mrs John L.) Suffield 

53074 Irish, Emily (Mrs John) 24 Winchester st, Norwich 

45633 Irving, Bertha Dary (Mrs Samuel Wellington) . .103 W. Main st, New 


23637 Isbell, Cora A. Wakelee (Mrs Milton C)..213 Wakelee av, Ansonia 

85232 Ising, Lavinia D. (Mrs Lewis F.) Park av, Danbury 

82155 Ives, Amanda E. (Mrs Rollin S.) 629 Broad st, Meriden 

17914 Ives, Frances L. Wood (Mrs Weslev E.) 10 Queen st, Meriden 

80269 Ives, Hattie Todd (Mrs Charles E.) West Cheshire 

56849 Ives, Lillie Emily (Mrs Frederick A.) Cheshire 




























Ives, Mary Parker (Miss) 81 Randolph av, Meriden 

Ives, Mary Wilcox (Mrs Edward Loyal).. 17 Park pi, Middletown 
Ives, S. Clarisse Rutty (Mrs William B.).. Meriden House, Meriden 

ves. Wealthy S. Merwin (Mrs John) 489 Broad st, Meriden 

ackman, Josephine Caswell (Mrs George W.)..2403 North av, 

ackowitz, Ethel May Spaulding (Mrs G. J.).. 318 Orange st, New 

ackson, Alice Fen wick (Miss) ..319 Washington st, Middletown 
ackson, Alma de Forest Curtiss (Mrs Charles W.). .Watertown 
ackson, Jessie Keyes Anthony (Mrs Cyrus F.)..10 Talcott av, 

ackson, Martha Louisa (Miss).. 319 Washington st, Middletown 

acobs, Bessie May (Miss) 65 Sherwood av, Bridgeport 

acobs, Clara Eugenia (Mrs Frederick Augustus) Danielson 

acobs, Mary Palmer (Mrs Marcus Eugene) Berlin 

acobus, Clara May Cooley (Mrs Melancthon) 39 Woodland st, 


ames, Agnes De Peyster (Miss) Seymour 

ames, Florence Harrison (Miss) Seymour 

ames, Helen M. Law (Mrs Leonard A.) Woodstock 

ames, Ida Louise (Miss) Box 703, Seymour 

ames, Josephine Kenyon (Mrs George C.) Andover 

ames, Julia Du Bois (Mrs Thomas L.) Seymour 

ames, Minerva Hepzibah (Mrs Thomas) Seymour 

ames, Sarah M. Riggs f Mrs George Arthur) Seymour 

amieson, Maria Louise Glenney (Mrs George Alexander) . .816 

North av, Bridgeport 

enkins. Ella (Mrs Frederick) 48 Lockwood av, Stamford 

cnkins. Harriet Lee (Mrs Arthur Bayard) 35 Oxford st, 


enne, Ida Sherman (Mrs Clarence F. R.) Hartford 

enner, Mary Miller (Mrs Rowland) .. Kingsbury st, Waterbury 
enney, Blanche Howe (Mrs Charles). .. .92 Atlantic st, Stamford 
enney, Mary Wells Cone (Mrs Benjamin Frank Taber).. Man- 
chester Green 

ennings, Annie Greenwood (Mrs George H.) Jewett City 

ennings, Henrietta Amelia Stebbins (Mrs Wilbur Clinton), 

ennings, Kate Amelia Bulkley (Mrs Arthur Osborne) . .Southport 

ennings, Mabel Roode (Mrs Carleton William) Jewett City 

ennings, Mary Brewster (Mrs Oliver Gould) Fairfield 

ennings, Mary Elizabeth Morehouse (Mrs Charles Bulkley) . Fair- 
ennings, Myra Fitch (Mrs Charles B.) 60 Vauxhall st, New 


erome, Elizabeth Maude (Mrs) 24 Gilbert av. New Haven 

erome, Harriet L. (Miss) Jerome av, Bristol 

ewell, Mary Lillingston (Mrs George). .. .Church st, Stratford 
ewett. Edith Warren (Mrs J. Waldo).. 263 Willow st, New Haven 
immerson, Emma Louise (Mrs Charles Henry).. 252 East av, E., 

ohnquest, Jennie A. Hotchkiss (Mrs Rudolph N.)..126 Tremont 

St. Ansonia 
ohnsoii, Adele Louise Curtiss (Mrs Sherman Foster) 20 

Foster st, Meriden 
ohnson, Adria Blaisdell (Mrs Frank Mariner).. 60 Vaux Hall st. 

New London 

ohnson, Agnes Marilla (Mrs Burnett Shelton) Watertown 

ohnson, Annie Mitchell (Miss) 11 Whalley st, New Haven 

ohnson, Bertha Mae (Miss) 71 Prospect st, Willimantic 

ohnson, Caroline Merwin (Mrs John R.) Woodmont, Milford 

126 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

63954 Johnson, Cora Parkhurst (Mrs Lucius M.)..50 Summer st, Hartford 
26655 Johnson, Edna Thompson (Mrs Percy) 738 Williams st, 


83049 Johnson, Elsie Rich (Mrs E. Emery) Moodus 

49842 Johnson, Emily Harriet Savage (Mrs Sherman Gilbert).. 54 Lin- 
coln st, Meriden 

S0249 Johnson, Eunice Hazel (Miss) Montowese st, Branford 

55571 Johnson, Florence May (Mrs William E.) West Hartford 

87359 Johnson, Harriet H. Peck (Mrs Walter B.)..52 Pearl st, Seymour 
42776 Johnson, Helen Lyman (Mrs Marcus Morton).. 122 Woodland st, 


44849 Johnson, Katharine Minerva (Miss) Southbury 

27484 Johnson, Louise Harriet Lewis (Mrs Levi C.)..l Fairmont pi 


56841 Johnson, Ludencia Eaton (Mrs) Baker av, Groton 

502D1 Johnson, Mabel Cogswell (Mrs Eric Harrison) . .89 Elm st, Putnam 

23102 Johnson, Mabel Hall (Mi^s) 71 Prospect st, Willimantic 

4158 Johnson, Margarctta Lawrence Paddock (Mrs Edwin Comstock), 

12 Williams st, Norwich 

10395 Johnson, Sarah Eliza (Miss) 80 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

7018 Johnston, Annie Andrews (Mrs Frank H.)..376 W. Main st. New 

80591 Jones, Alice G. Hotchkiss (Mrs Arthur E.) Wooster st, 


28358 Jones, Constance Newcomb (Miss) 122 Asylum av, Hartford 

79448 Jones, Eliza Milme (Mrs John H.)....143 William st. Bridgeport 
36100 Jones, Emeline Roberts (Mrs Daniel A.) 629 Chapel st. New 

63410 Jones, Emily Clara Yates (Mrs Seth Benjamin). .688 Park av, 


48356 Jones, Emma Eloise (Mrs Virgil N.) 794 Main st, Stamford 

23645 Jones, Eva Bartlett (Mrs Elisha W.) Sta. A, Winstcd 

21419 Jones, Eva Linnette Soulc (Mrs Frank O.) 57 Oakland Terrace, 

21425 Jones, Frances Isabella Bronson (Mrs Edward Payson) . . Sta. A, 

West Winsted 
69201 Jones, Grace Gilbert (Mrs John Benjamin) . .42 Fiske st. Water- 

17407 Jones, Hattie Beach Austin (Mrs) Suffield 

78468 Jones, Josephine Gardner Belcher (Mrs S. W. C.) Brookside 

Drive, Greenwich 
36098 Jones, Julia F. St. John (Mrs Andrew F.)..Park av, New Canaan 

33644 Jones, Katharine S. Chescbro (Mrs Alfred Carey) Mystic 

34490 Jones, Mary Louise Peckham (Mrs Wm. Frank).. 55 Kenyon st, 

18635 Jones, Mary Weston Gill (Mrs Frederick S.).. Dean's Office, Yale 

College, New Haven 

3505 Jones, Ruth N. Hastings (Mrs H. K.) 722 Asylum av, Hartford 

19699 Jones. Sarah Gray (Mrs John R.) 30 Forest st, Torrington 

34484 Joseph. Grace L. Whipple (Mrs William E.) Gruton 

78972 Joy, Emily May Blunt (Mrs William Henry) 61 Garden st, 


60761 Joy, Harriet Nash (Miss) 676 Myrtle av, Bridgeport 

56127 Judd. Belle Curtis (Mrs Howard M.) Bethel 

58212 Judd, Edna Throope (Mrs Roy Daniel)... 32 Broad st, Danielson 
66492 Judd, Elizabeth Bryant (Mrs Edwin Young).. 743 Prospect av, 

25081 Judd, Minerva Pierpont Woodward (Mrs G. Burton) . .Watertown 
12486 Judson, Katherinc Hart (Mrs William Pond).... 117 S. Cliff st, 


53094 Judson. Sarah Peck (Mrs Roderick B.) Watertown 

?;^Z1 Karrmann, Ida Fuller (Mrs Edward W.) Cheshire 


36619 Keach, Clara Estella Lewis (Mrs Edwin Henry) Danielson 

18283 Keach, Maude A. Douty (Mrs Herbert C.) Killingly 

44845 Kebabian, Edith J. Blakeslee ( Mrs John C.) . .83 Park st, New Haven 

16629 Keech, Nellie (Miss) Danielson 

27194 Keech, S. Emma Morse (Mrs James E.) Danielson 

56117 Keeler, Ella Holden (Mrs John N.) 57 Atwater, New Haven 

25104 Keeler, Villeroy E. (Mrs Justin Smith) 12 University pi, New 


S5978 Keeling, Alice Brown Fish (Mrs Jacob) 55 Locust st, Union City 

81505 Keeling, Nancy Hoadley (Mrs Frederick J.). .Hillside av, Naugatuck 

16553 Keene, Deborah H. (Mrs Elijah Marden) East Hartford 

54619 Kceney, Annie Bragaw (Mrs Nelson Morgan).. 23 West st, New 


35738 Kceney, Emma Bidwell (Mrs Frank) 32 Talcott av, Rockville 

54645 Kceney, Gladys Corinne (Miss) 32 Talcott av, Rockville 

54165 Kceney, Mattie Moseley (Mrs Alexander J.) West Hartford 

2499 Keeny, Harriet L. Hines Peck (Mrs Sheldon A.) Kensington 

S5972 Keith, Abbie Howard (Miss) 25 King st, Putnam 

74685 Kelley, Florence Minnie Leach (Mrs Ellsworth Larkin) . .25 Seward 

st, Putnam 

39474 Kelley, Mary Eliza (Miss) Killingly 

4395 Kellogg, Clara Mason (Mrs John Prescott) . . 144 Buckingham st, 


75762 Kellogg, Clara May (Miss) 59 Church st, Hartford 

35138 Kellogg. Fannie Georgia McLean (Mrs Cyrus William) . .181 Edwards 

st. New Haven 

79770 Kellogg, Louise Williams (Mrs George A.) West Hartford 

2238 Kellogg, Lucia Hosmer Andrews (Mrs Stephen Wright) . .83 Pros- 
pect, Waterbury 

5304 Kellogg, Lucy Bell (Miss) Mystic 

16019 Kellogg, Polly Mills Benedict CMrs George) New Canaan 

69795 Kelly, Addic Maria Todd (Mrs Joseph C.)....53 Shelton av, New 


36109 Kemp, Jennie W. C. (Mrs John) 154 Kenyon st, Rockville 

2l?94 Kendall. Julia A. Cowing (Mrs George Fitch) Suffield 

^775 Kendrick, Arline Miller (Miss) 12 Curtis st, Meriden 

394^ Hendrick, Layette A. Miller (Mrs Charles G.)..12 Curtis st, Meriden 
2494 Kennard, Justina C. Baldwin (Mrs Benjamin C.) 684 Broad st, 


42768 Kennev, Clara Bradlev (Miss) Litchfield 

S6508 Kent, Edith May (Miss) Putnam 

18288 Kent, Fannie Louise Bugbee (Mrs Ernest Bliss) 133 Grove st, 


18287 Kent. Helen Manning (Mrs J. B.) 36 Church st, Putnam 

20846 Kent, Jennie E. (Miss) Greenwich 

22S06 Kent, Marion Gray Shoals (Mrs Charles Morrill).. 27 Church st, 

4758 Kenyon, Julia Emma Burrows (Mrs Earle B.)..181 Putnam st, New- 

83032 Kenyon, Mary Luther (Mrs) Oneco 

S5977 Keogh, Edith E. (Mrs James A.) 226 Cook av, Meriden 

21868 Keppler, Ina Francis Ruby (Mrs George A.).. 148 Laurel Hill av, 


17402 Keycs, Annie M. (Miss) 24 Sherman st, Hartford 

31979 Kcyes, Fannie Winch (Miss) 145 Rock av, New Haven 

34499 Kcyes, Mary Emilia (Mrs Samuel B.) 24 Sherman st, Hartford 

9654 Kibbe, Anna Candace Kibbe (Mrs Harry G.) North Somers 

28039 Kibbe, Henrietta Elizabeth (Mrs Horace W.).. State School, Meriden 

19623 Kilborn, J. Annette Wolcott (Mrs Edwin Beers) Terryville 

36618 Kilborn, Sophia Davis (Mrs George Franklin) . .16 Lincoln st. New 

10891 Kilboum, Helen Louise Holbrook (Mrs Edgar B.) . .Caroline st, Derby 
26357 Kilboam, Sarah M. Hopkins (Mrs Dwight) Winsted 

128 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

25092 Kilbourne, Harriet D. (Mrs Charles J.) Litchfield 

25955 Kilbourne, Harriet Treat (Miss) 1235 Main st, E., Hartford 

24533 Kilbourn, Mary P. Randall (Mrs Howard E.) New Milford 

33193 Kimball, Caroline Ellen Converse (Mrs Carlos Clinton) ..266 Farm- 

ington av, Hartford 
66473 Kimball, Gertrude Gay (Mrs William Albert).. 86 Maple st, Bristol 
26378 Kimball, Mary J. (Miss) Ellington 

4376 Kimberly, Sarah Chatfield (Mrs E. S.) 66 Lyon st, New Haven 

16570 Kind, Amy L. Stanton (Mrs Herbert R.)..39 Fairmount st, Norwich 

10930 King, Elizabeth Fowler (Mrs James H.) Cliton st. New Haven 

80584 King, Eva Steele (Mrs James A.).... 91 S. Main st, West Hartford 
75763 King, Florence J. (Miss) 70 Sisson av, Hartford 

8520 King, Grace Parker Marvin (Mrs Rupert C.) New Canaan 

45658 King, Harriet Cleveland (Mrs George Allen) 191 Sigourney st, 


10912 King, Josephine Morse (Mrs Henry T.) 262 Colony st, Meriden 

71067 King, Sadie Holbrook ( Mrs Clitus) Fairfield 

79769 King, Sarah Bostwick (Mrs Frederick Eugene) New Milford 

62873 King, Susie Loomis (Mrs Howard F.) Windsor 

36099 Kingman, Marion Brooker (Miss) Warren 

58670 Kingsbury, Harriette Louise (Mrs Charles H.) Danielson 

69430 Kingsbury, Ida M. Warner (Mrs Addison) South Coventry 

23674 Kingsley, Elizabeth Louise Simpson (Mrs William Henry). .9 Cottage 
st, Meriden 

75146 Kingsley, Emma Cynthia Smith (Mrs Hyde). 133 Prospect st, 

71709 Kingsley, Harriet L. Ames ( Mrs Milton) Plainfield 

8673 Kingsley, Isabella S. C. (Mrs Walter) Plainfield 

87449 Kingsley, Mary Louise (Miss) Plainfield 

54118 Kinney, Bessie Helen (Miss) Bantam 

23630 Kmney, Ella M. (Miss) Windsor 

85225 Kinney, Emma Jane (Miss) 36 Center st, Putnam 

3383 Kinney, Sara Thomson (Mrs John C.) 719 Asylum av, Hartford 

19058 Kinsley, Mary Hobbs (Mrs Frank) 105 Park av, Bridgeport 

5250 Kippen, Mary B. (Miss) Fairfield 

7011 Kirkham, Fanny Leffingwell Brown (Mrs Thomas A.) Newington 

35132 Klein, Sarah J. Perry (Mrs Joseph) Fairfield 

28356 Kline, Delia Bennett (Mrs Harlan Page) 112 Woodland st, 


25973 Knapp, Caroline Clifton (Miss) 737 La Fayette st, Bridgeport 

86337 Knapp, E. Louise Faxon (Mrs Herbert Merton) 85 Park pi, 


82394 Knapp, Julia Richmond (Mrs Frederick A.) 390 Main st. Danbury 

47526 Knapp, Mary Asenath (Mrs Odle Close) Greenwich 

63944 Knight, Fanny Evelyn (Mrs Henry C.) 146 Washington av, 

75559 Knight, Mary Rixford (Mrs Norman P.).. 226 Wakelee av, Ansonia 

2592 Knous, Caroline Boardman (Mrs Jacob) 633 Prospect av, Hartford 

7230 Knous, Mary Amelia (Mrs Franklin F.) . .265 Bassett st, New Haven 
49337 Kohn, Minnie Blakeslee Corbin (Mrs George Eugene).. 130 Maple 

st, New Britain 
84382 Kohrer, Mary Elizabeth Buckingham (Mrs Charles W.)..220 Mans- 
field st. New Haven 
16580 Kopp, Hattie R. Lyon (Mrs Joseph). .17 Garfield st. New London 

65488 Kramer, Minnie Anthony (Mrs Edward F.) 356 Windham rd, 


53581 Kratzcr, Helen Knapp (Mrs John W.) Windsor 

27480 Kroger, Cornelia Anne Stevens (Mrs Albert Ernest) . .67 North av, 

21908 Kuhns, Lillie Belle (Mrs Oscar) 170 High st, Middletown 

4318 Lacey, Lottie Alvord (Miss) Southport 

19645 Ladd, Ida Browning (Mrs Arthur Clinton) Jewett City 

31241 Lamb, Charlotte B. Derby (Mrs Giles E.) Mystic 


72306 Lamborn, Minnie Marvel (Mrs Henry James) Springdale 

42757 La Monte, Mary Wayne Seeley Papaslantz (Mrs Robert Rives).. New 


8661 Lamphere, Harriet Phelps Crumb (Mrs William H.) Mystic 

84125 Lander, Susan E. Lord (Mrs Charles F.) Naugatuck 

61717 Lane, Ada Wilbur (Mrs George C.) School st, Mystic 

10312 Lane, Emma Electa Twitchell (Mrs Charles A.) . .219 Summer st, 


65104 Lane, Lucy Agnes Scoville (Mrs Clarence James) New Canaan 

4202 Lane, Sarah Mabel C. Doolittle (Mrs P.) . .3(67 Orange st, New Haven 
14659 Langdon, Clara D. (Mrs Charles Spalding) .. 108 Gillett st, Hartford 

59633 Langdon, Ellen Stevens (Miss) Thomaston 

50623 Langdon, Louisa V. (Mrs Hervert Barstow) 197 Sigourney st, 


61756 Langdon, Louisa Wilson (Miss) Windsor 

56107 Lanz, Rose Turner (Mrs Henry W.) 52 Asylum st, Norwich 

6^60 La Pierre, Alvira Shipman Budd (Mrs Rene)..c/o Samuel Budd, 

Park av, Bridgeport 
54106 Larkin, Adella Hannah (Mrs James E.) 86 Walnut st, Sta. B, 

49360 Larkum, Grace Balch Woodworth (Mrs Horace H.) Ellington av, 


18285 Larned, Ellen D. ( Miss) Thompson 

6721 Larrabee, Carrie Smith (Mrs Frank).. 55 Prospect st, Willimantic 

23101 Larrabee, Julia Maria Cates (Mrs Charles, Jr.) Windham 

37X73 Latham, Elizabeth H. (Miss) Groton 

27196 Latham, Louise Caroline Calhoun (Mrs George W.) . .335 Washing- 
ton av, Bridgeport 

55088 Lathrop, Bessie Lee (Miss) 14 Bishop st, New Haven 

13223 Lathrop, Charlotte Gray (Mrs De Witt Clinton) Windham 

14714 Lathrop, Elsie M. Hoer (Mrs James W.) Mystic 

38945 Lathrop, Mary Eliza (Miss) 31 Atwater av, Derby 

60204 Latimer, Arabella Palmer (Mrs Joseph Strickland) Palmertown, 


48365 Latimer, Emma Monks (Mrs Edwin J.) Collinsville 

84375 Latimer, Gladys Estelle (Miss) Montville 

49003 Latimer, Sarah Lougee (Mrs George).. 379 Sigourney st, Hartford 
10351 Lattin, Ellen Rebecca (Mrs Robert T.)..17 Washington st, Hartford 

33652 Lattin, Elva Kenyon (Mrs William) Stratford 

49839 Laubscher, Elizabeth Irene Wilson (Mrs).. 630 Kossuth st, Bridgeport 

32784 Law, Adeline J. Atwood (Mrs John W.) Putnam 

63938 Law, Annie Booth (Miss) 14 Olive st, New Haven 

35714 Law, Harriet M. English (Miss) 83 Grove st, New Haven 

51741 Law, Isabelle Henrietta Durand (Mrs Richard W., Jr.).. 109 Sea st. 

New Haven 
29768 Law, Lucy Harrison (Mrs Sherman B.) . .174 Howard av, New Haven 

7687 Law, Mary Emily (Miss) 14 Olive st, New Haven 

75560 Lawlcr, Metta Dowling (Mrs James J.) Spencer st. Winsted 

83472 Lawrence, Adelaide Isabelle (Miss) 98 Camp st, New Britam 

17403 Lawrence, Juliette Hamlin (Mrs Charles H.) 199 Sigourney st, 


6715 Lawton, Hannah Mary (Miss) Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

57699 Lawton, Lois Angela Waterbury (Mrs Herbert).. 31 Strawberry Hill 

av, Stamford 

30607 Lawton, Lucy Morse (Mrs) 295 Main st, Hartford 

42784 Lawton, Maude M. (Mrs Charles) 135 S. Main st, Torrington 

65766 Leach, Lina Huntin^on Crary (Mrs James Clarence Edward).. 62 

Summit st, Norwich 
73873 Learned, Marion Gleason (Mrs Charles A.) 53 Washington st, 


5986 Learned, Mary W. B. (Mrs Bela Peck) 80 Broadway, Norwich 

13927 Lee, Qara Smith (Mrs Lorenzo P.) 496 Main st, New Britain 

73234 Lee. Harriett A. Taylor (Mrs Timothy J.) New Milford 

130 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

80246 Lee, Martha Lavina Hall (Mrs James Nelson).. 302 Main st, Bristol 

16042 Lee, Mary C. Phillips (Mrs George) 84 Bellevue st, Hartford 

20827 Lee, Susan M. Hoyt (Mrs James H.)..102 De Witt st. New Haven 

66938 Lee, Susie Evelyn Greeley (Mrs John) 995 Noble av, Bridgeport 

45249 Leeman, Sarah Hewett (Mrs Nehemiah) Gildersleeve 

13882 Leete, (31ara Elizabeth (Miss) 614 Ferry st, New Haven 

31980 Leete, Ida Louise (Miss) 1220 Chapel st, New Haven 

65770 Leigh, Florence Fenn (Mrs Lewis Lyman) 20 Elm st, Bristol 

5315 Leighton, Ella Latham (Mrs Melvin) Noank 

78459 Lennard, Sarah Maria Sage (Mrs George R.) 48 Howe st, New Haven 

18289 Leonard, Aurelia Jane Tillinghast (Mrs Moses G.) 94 S. Main st, 

50601 Leonard, Mary Williams Reed (Mrs G. S. B.) . .P. O. Box 114, Mystic 

84127 Leonard, Maude Pownall (Mrs Rufus H.) Rockville 

20811 Leonard, Nellie M. P. Gardner (Mrs Fred) Jewett City 

4417 Le Roy, Jane H. . Eno (Mrs Newbold) Simsbury 

23677 Lester, Elzanetta Terrell (Mrs George Edwin, Jr.).. P. O. Box 367, 

85732 Lester, Emma Frances (Mrs Henry H.) 87 Randolph av, Meriden 

28337 Lester, Frances Dawley (Mrs Daniel Mason) . .26 Warren st, Norwich 
10200 Lewis, Adelaide H. Brinkerhoff (Mrs Cyrus B.) 542 Coran av, Shelton 
16009 Lewis, Amanda Edda Williams (Mrs Albert Newell).. W. Main st, 
New Britain 

44179 Lewis, Anita Marion (Miss) Plantsville 

52444 Lewis, Annie Minor (Mrs Warren F.) Marion 

9933 Lewis, Bertha Frances (Miss) Fairfield 

85974 Lewis, Blanche Annette (Miss) 75 Granite st, New London 

84727 Lewis, Carrie Reinhard (Mrs William Morgan) 40 Talcutt av, 

69198 Lewis, Edith Thompson (Mrs Arthur F.) North Haven 

5285 Lewis, Ellen Tuttle (Mrs Augustine M.) Plantsville 

33653 Lewis, Florence Woodruff (Mrs Robert Treadwell, Jr.)- -222 Laurel 
av, Bridgeport 

20192 Lewis, Gertrude Overton (Miss) 312 Farmington av, Hartford 

32374 Lewis, Grace H. (Mrs Newton R.) Suffield 

21393 Lewis, Harriet Rawson (Miss) Thompson 

4001 Lewis, Ida Melissa (Miss) 954 S. Main st, Waterbury 

S3058 Lewis, Jenny Frances (Miss) 17 Hillside av, Naugatuck 

/65113 Lewis, Julia Ernestine Wheelock (Mrs Leon) 282 Grove st, 


40202 Lewis, Julia Frances (Miss) 887 Park ar, Bridgeport 

38937 Lewis, Lillian Russell (Mrs George W.) 49 Howe st, New Haven 

5293 Lewis, Malvina Dennis (Mrs Edward A.).. 819 Myrtle av, Bridgeport 
78452 Lewis, Marion Hazel (Miss) 101 N. Main st, Southington 

6211 Lewis, Mary Fanning (Mrs Irving F.)..102 Liberty st, Bridgeport 

10944 Lewis, Mary Runette Welch (Mrs Alfred D.) 819 Myrtle st, 

48348 Lewis, Millie Celestia Crook (Mrs Robert Treadwell) . .675 Broad 

st, Meriden 
48318 Lewis, Minnie J. (Mrs Edwin G.) Southington 

4171 Lewis, Phebe Esther Brewster (Mrs Benjamin Franklin, Jr.).. 69 Cliff 
st, Norwich 

52458 Lewis, Ruby Virginia (Miss) 675 Broad st, Meriden 

13166 Lewis, Sarah Fitch (Miss) 4 Lewis st, Norwalk 

66481 Libby, Bessie (Miss) 95 Yale st, Bridgeport 

38944 Lilley, Anna E. Steele (Mrs George L.) The Elton, Waterbury 

25940 Lillibridge, Addie M. Shumard (Mrs E. Hoxie) ... .Central Village 

2718 Lillie, Marian Reed Hempstead Stayner (Mrs Julius).. 233 Bank st. 

New London 
16551 Lincoln, Edith Maria (Mrs M. Eugene).. 193 North st, Willimantic 

74686 Lincoln, Lista Weir (Miss) Berlin 

40197 Lindley, Louisa L. (Mrs John) Litchfield 

25651 Lindsley, Cora Ellen (Mrs J.) Plantsville 


69204 Lindstedt, Lucy Kent (Mrs William E.) Greenwich 

54167 Lines, Caroline Hovcy (Mrs William Samuel). .39 Highland st, West 

24524 Lines, Rosabellc Frushour (Mrs Willis L.)..355 Whalley av, New 

2492 Lines; Sarah C. Munger (Mrs H. Wales).. 65 Pleasant st, Meriden 
10943 Lingan, Violetta D. Prentiss (Mrs McCubbin) . .96 Woodward av. 

South Norwalk 
5282 Linsley Georgiana Emily (Mrs Charles Foote)..293 N. Colony st, 

54107 Linsley, Ida Juliette Peck (Mrs S. Wolcott). .St. James Rectory 

(Station B), Winsted 
26638 Lippitt, (Gertrude Hopkins Lamphere (Mrs Costello) 55 Williams 

st, Norwich 
10868 Lippitt, Ida St. Clair Jerome (Mrs Charles C.) . .89 Vauxhall st. New 

6218 Litchfield, Lizzie P. F. (Mrs Lorenzo).. 90 Windham st, Willimantic 
59135 Littlehales, Idella J. Norton (Mrs Henry A.) . .382 W. Main st. New 

79763 Lloyd, Josephine Amelia Merwin (Mrs Samuel) . .44 Dwight st, New 

10941 Lockwood, Carrie Ayres (Mrs Frederick St. John).. 103 East av, 


2482 Lockwood, Eliza Frances (Miss) 15 Park st, Norwalk 

4595 Lockwood, Elizabeth Chalelle Wordin (Mrs Frederick J.).... 1101 

Fairfield av, Bridgeport 

48349 Lockwood, Ella M. (Miss) Watertown 

6229 Lockwood, Emma N. B. (Mrs George F.) New Canaan 

27482 Lockwood, Mary Tallmadge (Miss) 694 Main st, Stamford 

13170 Lockwood, Rafaelle Burroughs (Mrs George Carmi)..41 High st, 


47723 Loewe, Mary Eliza (Mrs) Falls Village 

78978 Long, Charlotte Burr (Mrs Jesse W.) Naugatuck 

7060 Loomis, Abbie H. Marcy (Mrs Lucien B.) Windsor 

17410 Loomis, Alice M. (Miss) Suflfield 

7061 Loomis, Annie Louise Hubbard (Mrs Burton S.) Windsor 

75753 Loomis, Catharine Canfield Northrop (Mrs Seymour (Trane) 549 

Orange st. New Haven 

10357 Loomis, Elizabeth Benton (Mrs Walter W.) Windsor 

79684 Loomis, Ellen R. Deming (Mrs Charles) ..128 Jefferson st, Hartford 

15466 Loomis, Eloise C. (Miss) Suffield 

33210 Loomis, Fannie Hatheway (Miss) Suffield 

7062 Loomis, Jennie (Miss) Windsor 

58184 Loomis, Lucy Phalice Hoskins (Mrs Harry P.) Simsbury 

25956 Loomis, Mary Adelaide (Miss) East Hartford 

19062 Loomis, Mary Barber Holcomb (Mrs Frank Newton).. 116 Elizabeth 

st, Derby 

53602 Loomis, Mary Diantha (Miss) Mill Hill av, Bridgeport 

15465 Loomis, Mary Elizabeth Mather (Mrs Robert Henry) Suffield 

78460 Loomis, Mindwell Pease (Miss) 549 Orange st, New Haven 

10674 Looslcy, Emma Louise (Miss) 35 Brainard st. New London 

13091 Loosley, Jeanette B. (Mrs Daniel R.) 35 Brainard st, New London 

4757 Loper, Elizabeth Dixon P. (Mrs Richard F.) Stonington 

76829 Lord, Susan Amelia (Mrs Daniel B.) West Hartford 

20157 Loring, Mary Frances Edmond (Mrs George) Central Village 

78461 Lotze, Ida A. Cone (Mrs William G.)....78 Stanley st. New Haven 

49002 Lougee, Sarah L. Rice (Mrs Josiah) Collinsville 

13175 Lounsbury, Alice (Miss) 22 Bedford st, Stamford 

75153 Lounsbury, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Seymour 

13174 Lounsbury, May (Miss) 22 Bedford st, Stamford 

78982 Lottx, Louise Scovel (Mrs Dubois Henry).... 630 Broad st, Meriden 

52459 Lovcland, Katie Randall (Mrs Ernest Kilborn) Watertown 

«2143 Lovell, Elizabeth Willard (Mrs George Austin) Windsor 

132 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

26656 Lovell, Rosella M. Todd (Mrs Charles A.)..E. Broadway, Stratfordt 

51756 Low, Fannie E. Curtiss (Mrs Oilman) Watertown 

12537 Lowe, Maria Louise (Mrs Russell Walter) Ridgefield 

28040 Lowell, Ella M. ( Miss) 56 Cottage st, Meriden 

10921 Lucas, Grace Lounsbury (Mrs George M.)..235 Liberty, st, Meriden 

76513 Luce, Laura Reed (Mrs John F.) Niantic 

35739 Lucie, Clara B. (Miss) Williamsville, Killingly 

52447 Lufler, Isabel Sage Chappell (Mrs Forrest D.) Lincoln av, New 


73859 Luke. Ella (Miss) 100 North st, Milford 

19073 Luke, Hattie Marcella Morse (Mrs Albert Charles) . .110 Church st, 


38377 Lupton, Sarah A. (Mrs Charles S.) 447 West av, Bridgeport 

78973 Lusk, Nora Frances Bailey (Mrs Lucius Otto) 18 Cedar st. New 

85234 Lyall, Louise Loomis (Mrs Alexander S.) 100 Chestnut av, 


30598 Lyman, Helen Martha (Miss) Wethersfield 

16046 Lyman, Mary Elizabeth f Miss) Middlefield 

62872 Lynch, Fannie Lathrop (Miss) Windsor 

44838 Lynch, Fanny Elizabeth Cooley (Mrs Charles H.) Windsor 

68445 Lynde, Wealtha A. (Mrs Duane M.) 31 Kennedy st, Hartford 

4003 Lynes, Emily Augusta (Miss) 38 West av, Norwalk 

72082 Lyon, Ada Willis (Miss) 525 Clinton av, Bridgeport 

10889 Lyon, Caroline E. Goulding (Mrs William A.). .161 Caroline st, Derby 

27477 Lyon, Elizabeth Dawbarn (Miss) Riverside 

22507 Lyon, Elizabeth Prentice (Mrs John) 45 Tilley st. New London 

41718 Lyon, Elsie Parker (Miss) 816 Broad st, Meriden 

73657 Lyon, Grace Hubbell (Mrs G. Frederick). .42 Pleasant st, Danbury 

47516 Lyon, Ida Jean (Miss) 31 Starr st. New London 

16572 Lyon, Jane Aurelia Bennett (Mrs Henry) 29 Union st, Norwich 

8669 Lyon, Jennie E. (Miss) 8 Harmony st, Danbury 

25095 Lyon, Josephine (Miss) 731 Main st, Bridgeport 

38376 Lyon, Lucy Betty Josephine (Mrs Ernest). .1114 Park av, Bridgeport 
47519 Lyon, Nellie J. Barnett (Mrs Richard B.) . .319 Willow st. New Haven 

8932 McAlister, Annie A. (Miss) 83 Grove st. New Haven 

79751 McCabe, Olive Clinton (Miss) 134 Summer st, Bristol 

9447 McCarty, Ellen Elizabeth (Mrs Adelbert D.) 36 Ann st. Meriden 

14477 McChristie, Jessie Carolena Jackson (Mrs Robert) 10 Talcott av„ 

19701 McCracken, Annie B. Gallup (Mrs Royal Warren )..R. F. D., Mystic 
8109 McDonald, Vera Annie Snow (Mrs John H.) 209 Church st, 

11846 McGaughey, Sarah V. Cannon (Mrs J. D.) 97 Centre st, 


49836 McKee, Mary Frances Russell (Mrs Charles Barker) Torrington 

21883 McKelvey, Helen Agnes (Miss) 319 Park pi, Bridgeport 

25983 McKendrick, Ermena Lucina Miller (Mrs Charles) . .481 E. Main st, 


54618 McKenzie, Antoinette Bowers (Mrs Samuel Hall) Southington 

23675 McKenzie, Helen M. Kennard (Mrs William A.) 684 Broad st, 


25650 McKenzie, Mary E. (Mrs T. H.) Southington 

54646 McKinney, Sarah A. (Mrs Asaph D.) 94 Union st, Rockville 

59657 McKnight, Julia Kimball (Mrs John Thompson) Ellington 

70280 McLaughlin, Carrie Bishop (Mrs Lewis) ..Highland Terrace, Stafford 


56101 McLean, Ella Emmigene Bottum (Mrs John Bunyan) Simsbury 

63924 McLean, Harriet E. Woodford (Mrs Charles A.) Simsbury 

4421 McLean, Juliette Goodrich (Mrs George P.) Simsbury 

26657 McLellan, Jennie Smith (Mrs Frederick William) ..415 William Ft, 

42148 McMahon, Florence Aminta Reynolds (Mrs Albert H.). .New Milford 


16334 McMulIan, Floy (Miss) 236 Washington st, Norwich 

63940 McNeill, Grace Webber (Mrs George S.) Litchfield 

24545 McNeill, Ruth E. (Miss) Litchfield 

25028 MacAdams, Ellen Elizabeth Vail (Mrs Daniel Johnston) . .51 Blackball 

St, New London 
70922 MacCausland, Nettie Lee (Mrs Morton R.) 20 Taylor av, South 

65016 Macdonald, Flora Louise Hitchcock (Mrs Theodore H.)..372 Edge- 
wood av. New Haven 

72301 MacDonald, Ida B. (Mrs Allan P.) 38 William St.- Danbury 

2835 Macdonald, Mary Leeds Bartlett (Mrs Duncan Black) . .853 Asylum 

av, Hartford 
70278 Macfarland, Mary Perley Merrill (Mrs Charles S.) . .37 Bay view av. 

South Norwalk 

7055 Macfarlane, Mary A. Conant (Mrs James S.) Mansfield Center 

72076 Mack, Lizzette Gates (Mrs Albert August) Groton 

77770 Mackay, Grace O. Sharpe (Mrs James G.) 24 Washington av, 


44180 MacKenzie, Eunice Josephine (Miss) Southington 

52445 MacKenzie, Fanny Louise (Miss) Southington 

56121 MacKenzie, Nellie Rose Ludwig (Mrs Roderick James),. 43 Fremont 

st, Bridgeport 

32368 MacLean, Mary E. (Miss) 1 Rector st, East Hartford 

51132 Maddrah, Ida Amelia (Miss) Station A, Winsted 

5337 Magie, Lucia A. Tuller (Mrs Theodore B.) Tyler City 

87450 Mahan, Margaret W. (Mrs Bryan F.) 189 Broad st. New London 

68660 Maicr, Sarah Cheney (Mrs) 33 Lexington st. New Britain 

3855 Main, Mary J. Avery (Mrs Archibald) Groton 

13118 Mallett, Harriett Treat Parsons (Mrs George) Milford 

S2327 Mallett, Margaret Ann (Miss) Main st, Stratford 

40752 Mallett, Mary Agatha (Mrs George H.)..1646 Chapel st, New Haven 

-17570 Mallory, Anna M. (Mrs Amos) Darrow st, New London 

83063 Malpass, Gertrude Splitstone (Mrs Ernest E.) 15 Bradley st, 

16585 Maltby, Mary Somers (Mrs Douglas Fowler) 199 Prospect st, 


41726 Mangano, Mabel Austin Farnham (Mrs Antonio) Mapltton 

18290 Manning, Charlotte Elizabeth (Miss) 22 Seward st, Putnam 

5365 Manross, Grace E. (Miss) 34 Spring st, Bristol 

S9645 Manross, Susan Piatt (Miss) 34 Spring st, Bristol 

19079 Mansfield, Helen August Winslow (Mrs William) 56 Ring st, Putnam 

54169 Mansfield. Jane L Page (Mrs Peter) West Hartford 

54170 Mansfield, Mary Page (Miss) West Hartford 

7431 Manson, Helen H. Piper Benedict (Mrs John T.)..52 Hillhousc av, 

New Haven 
85235 Manville, Florence H. (Mrs Frank Burr).. 200 Faber av, Waterville 

62885 Manville, Ruby Griswold (Mrs Hiram L.) 96 Wallace st, Bristol 

67487 Manwaring, Mae Cadwell (Mrs Selden B.). .Oswcgatchie, Watertord 

5237 Maples, Clara (Miss) 11 Maple st, Norwalk 

37189 Marcy, Clara Todd (Mrs John H.) Litchfield 

68448 Marcy, Martha Morgan (Mrs) Litchfield 

69443 Marcy, Minnie Barton (Mrs Gerald J.) 489 Broad st, Meriden 

46600 Markham, Frances Elizabeth (Miss) East Hampton 

19677 Markham, Grace Upson Goodrich (Mrs Daniel A.) . .22 Sumner st, 

4829 Marks, Lucy Ballard (Miss) Hyde Crest, Greenwich 

23672 Marks, Lucy M. (Miss) Sound Beach 

>7021 Marsh, Abbic W. (Mrs David Dana) West Hartford 

2300 Marsh, Adriana Smith (Mrs Daniel Sheldon).. 6 N. Main st, New 

39638 Marsh, Catherine Hooker (Mrs B. Frank) Station A, Winsted 

60756 Marsh, Cora Adriana (Miss) 382 Williams st, New London 

73863 Marsh, Edith Jenks (Mrs Ray Beaumont) 229 High st, Bristol 

134 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

2844 Marsh, Ellen Woodward Pratt (Mrs John Huntoon) . .131 Sigourney 

St, Hartford 
31985 Marsh, Emma Clifford Willson (Mrs Francis Wanzer). .852 Park av, 

30592 Marsh, Fannie Forrester Hawley (Mrs Edward W.)..984 Fairfield 

av, Bridgeport 

77022 Marsh, Lucy Dana (Miss) West Hartford 

53603 Marsh, Minnie Thomas (Mrs John Fremont) 143 Beach st^ 

8096 Marsh, Sarah Florinda (Mrs Daniel Edwin) 632 Kossuth st, 

21406 Marshall, Anna Coe (Mrs William Crosby) . .137 Wall st, New Haven 

81497 Marshall, Charlotte Phelps (Mrs David E.) Windsor 

26377 Marshall, Ethelwyn Keyes (Mrs George) .. 1205 Asylum av, Hartford 

33647 Marshall, Sarah Lucilla (Miss) Cheshire 

58668 Marsland, Ehzabeth Ross (Mrs Isaac Adelbert) Danbury 

9453 Martin, Alice Betsey (Mrs Henry Clarence) S. Manchester 

43840 Martin, Alice Preston (Mrs George Bushneil) . . 120 Cottage st, New 


23684 Martin, Bessie M. Cogswell (Mrs) 30 Davis av, Rockville 

54123 Martin, Elizabeth C Harris (Mrs Ephraim) East Haddam 

83714 Martin, Helen Day Parker (Mrs Harry L.)..759 Broad st, Meriden 
30599 Martin, Josephine Esther Loomis (Mrs Joel White).. East Hartford 

44191 Martin, Latira Knowles (Mrs J. Palmer) East HaJdam 

5829 Martm, Mary Elena Fuller (Mrs) 30 High st. Bristol 

17919 Martindale, Ida Angelica (Miss) 301 Camp st, Meriden 

7400 Marvin, Ella Elizabeth Dunbar (Mrs Charles) 130 High st, Derby 

66474 Mason, Alice Dunbar (Mrs Carlos V.) 92 South st. Bristol 

16596 Mason, Annie Lovell (Mrs Charles B.) New Haven 

19049 Mason, Elizabeth Antonia (Miss) 61 Jay st, New London 

39454 Maion, Ella M. Thayer (Mrs Louis A.) Washington Depot 

50212 Ma<on, Etta Kceler (Mrs C. Edmund) 412 Main st, Danbury 

4389 Mason, Eva Child (Mrs James R.) 62 Atwater av, Derby 

44186 Mason, Hattie Estelle Bunnell (Mrs George E.) Litchfield 

8920 Mason, Lois Anna Allyn (Mrs Dwight L.) Thomas st, Norwich 

81728 Massinger, Marie Louise Paine (Mrs Omri L.) Bridgeport 

54649 Mather, Mary E. Pomeroy (Mrs Frederick L.) Windsor Locks 

50628 Mather. Mary Louisa Abbe (Mrs William) Windsor Locks 

73226 Mathews, Ella Josephine Sisson (Mrs George Augustus) . .726 Orange 

st. New Haven 

38383 Mathewson, Helen Walcott (Mrs Philip) Central Village 

4201 Mathewson, Mary E. (Mrs Albert McClellan) ..657 Orange st, New 

78451 Mathewson, Nettie Bulkley (Mrs Herbert I.).. 3 Union st, Milford 

64510 Matthews, Louise Doolittle (Mrs Louie Watson) Plantsville 

48350 Mattoon, Alice Minerva Kellogg (Mrs Charles Burr) Watertown 

5308 Maxson. Sally Maria Fenner (Mrs William Ellery) . .West Mystic 
35156 Maxwell, Florence Parsons (Mrs Francis Taylor) . .9 N. Parke st. 


7696 Maxwell, Harriet Kellogg (Mrs George) 31 Union st, Rockville 

7697 Maxwell, Julia Alice (Miss) 31 Union st, Rockville 

39464 May, Addie M. Bcckley (Mrs Burton B.)..570 Broad st, Meriden 

81881 May, Grace Anna (Mrs A. E.) Union City 

81506 May, Pauline (Miss) 32 Terrace av, Naugatuck 

57700 May, Rose Emery (Mrs Albert A.) ASH W. Main st. Meriden 

79764 Maycock, Alice Bell Armstrong (Mrs George Asa).. 213 Orchard st, 

18309 Maynard, Martha C. (Mrs Wilbur) . .Three Elm House, Stony Creek 
15435 Mayo, Jennie Elton Stevens (Mrs William Kennon)..83 N. Willow 

st, Waterbury 
53067 Mazeine, Maude H. Brown (Mrs Raymond) . .86 Lake st, New Britain 

44193 Mead, Agnes Varker (Miss) Greenwich 

21910 Mead, Elizabeth Howe (Miss) Greenwich 


76215 Mead, Ella Pamclia (Miss) 305 Lake av, Greenwich 

20851 Mead, Louisa Merritt (Miss) 151 W. Putnam av, Greenwich 

8917 Mead, Prudence Mary Stanton (Mrs Stephen H.) 23 Coit st, 

44194 Mead, Sarah Carpenter ( Miss) Greenwich 

20852 Mead, Susan Hannah (Miss) 151 N. Putnam av, Greenwich 

78271 Mead, Victoria Adelaide (Mrs Ivon Titus) Riverside 

15998 Medbury, Mary Hope Bugbee (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) 142 S. 

Main st, Putnam 
50606 Meder, Clara Belle Mason (Mrs Frederick Eugene) . .303 Main st, 

4208 Meech, Anne (Miss) Groton 

60196 Meech, Clara Louise Brown (Mrs Sanford) Groton 

7037 Meech, Louise Bond (Miss) 176 Broadway, Norwich 

4209 Meech, Susan Billings (Miss) Groton 

4207 Meech, Susan Spicer (Mrs Noyes Billings) Groton 

77761 Meeker,'Addie Franc (Mrs Bradley Burr) . .2147 North av, Bridgeport 

2821 Meeker, Helen (Miss) 52 Main st, Danbury 

5382 Merick, Mary Edgerton (Mrs Leverctt Griggs) 210 Summer st, 

36615 Meritt, Katherine Darrow (Mrs Ernest Loren)..435 Elm st. New 

28035 Merriam, Georgietta Morton (Mrs John Lynn) 30 Hobart st, 

2619 Merriam, Helen R. Bradley (Mrs George C). .100 Colony st, Meriden 

32366 Merriam, Mary Caroline (Miss) 15 Fremont st, Putnam 

22538 Merriam, Mary Rice (Mrs Charles B.) 74 Grove st, Meriden 

24534 Merriam, Ruth Kingsley (Miss) 100 Colony st, Meriden 

53640 Merridith, Anna Alexander (Mrs Charles Clark) 71 Kinley st, 


47020 Merrill, Mary Pinney (Mrs John) Station A. Winsted 

16053 Merriman, Alice Castelow (Mrs Rufus Clark) 301 Colony st, 

60748 Merriman, Margaret Upson (Mrs Titus E.V.95 Maple st. Bristol 
13137 Merriman, Sara Parsons (Mrs William Buckingham) . .102 Prospect 
st, Waterbury 

6240 Merritt, Frances Elizabeth (Mrs Charles) Groton 

2820 Merritt, Julia Lacey Stebbins (Mrs George).. 349 Main st, Danbury 

39452 Merwin, Alice Bradley (Mrs Nathan) Milford 

60746 Merwin, Ann Berthena (Mrs Dumond P.) Milford 

15405 Merwin, Annie M. Elmer (Mrs Nelson) Gulf Farm, Milford 

26658 Merwin, Frances Thompson (Mrs John) 1822 Noble av, 


44843 Merwin, Grace Whiting (Miss) Milford 

5333 Merwin, Helen Josephine (Miss) 28 College st. New Haven 

14485 Merwin, Jane Hyde (Mrs Augustus) Wilton 

20814 Merwin, Jennie Estella (Miss) Milford 

13895 Merwin, Julia Elmer (Mrs Merritt W.) Milford 

60747 Merwin, Mabelle Hammond (Mrs Albert Dumond) Milford 

8097 Merwin. Mary Clifford Beach (Mrs Orange) 816 Fairfield av, 

72608 Merwin, Mary Frances Nichols (Mrs Nathan T.) 25 Pond st, 


41703 Merwin, Mary Grace (Miss) 78 Church st, Hartford 

63939 Merwin, Miranda B. (Miss) 79 Trumbull st. New Haven 

39453 Merwin, Sarah M. Stowe (Miss) 78 Church st, Hartford 

47524 Mcserve, Bertha Murkland (Mrs Harry Chamberlain). .2 Chapel pi, 


13108 Meservc, Charlotte P. Clark (Mrs Howard) Milford 

38371 Messinger, Helen Martha (Mrs Charles F.) 82 Whalley av, New 


52436 Meyer, Edith Emily Geer (Mrs Otto John) Groton 

15467 Middlebrook, Frances Adelia Brinsmade (Mrs James Robert) Suffield 

136 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

38378 Middlebrook, Isabel Shelton (Mrs Albert James) 66 Imlay st, 

49357 Middlebrook, Lillian W. Goodale (Mrs Louis Frank).. 67 Imlay st, 


64507 Middlemas, Agnes Cornelia (Miss) 25 S. High st, New Britain 

13212 Migeon, Elizabeth F. (Mrs Achille F.)..185 Migeon av, Torrington 

20793 Milbank, Mary Nichols (Mrs Isaac) Greenfield Hill 

55552 Mildrum, Mary Galpin (Mrs Ernest W.) East Berlin 

22549 Miles, Augusta Culver (Mrs Richard W.) Lincoln st, Meriden 

4632 Miles, Georgiana W. (Mrs William A.) Chapinville 

33500 Miles, May Lena Parker (Mrs James A.).. 291 Elizabeth st, Derby 

41707 Millard, Harriet Griswold (Mrs) Sta. B, Winsted 

20823 Millard, Martha L. (Mrs Thomas C.) 9 Fairview av, Danbury 

59143 Millard, Meme Sue Brown (Mrs Leroy Smith) 6 Fairview av, 

83709 Miller, Addie Peek (Mrs William H.). .. .131 Millville av, Naugatuck 
8094 Miller, Anne Drew Hallock (Mrs Frank) 6- Huntington rd, 

16584 Miller, Augusta Somtrs (Mrs Heman) ..Bright wood, Meridian rd 
10313 Miller, Cynthia Dixon (Mrs Herbert P.).... 296 Bedford st, Stanford 

12552 Miller, Emma Hall (Mrs Fred Maurice) 18 Butler st, Meriden 

12545 Miller, Hannic M. H. (Mrs Charles O.) 48 South st, Stamford 

31263 Miller, Helen Amelia (Miss) 263 Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

48319 Miller, Julia Andrews (Mrs William Radley) Southington 

26681 Miller, Lena Sevelia Merriam (Mrs Lewis A.) 68 Wilcox av, 


12506 Miller, Maude Marion Patchen (Mrs Watson) Howe av, Shelton 

26668 Miller, Sarah E. Benton (Mrs Charles).. 32 Hillside av, Waterbury 
19659 Miller, Sarah M. Ames (Mrs Charles A.).. 120 Hobart st, Meriden 

8204 Miller, Susie Brooks (Miss) Glenbrook pi, Stamford 

40163 Mills, Clara Jarvis (Mrs Thomas G.)..235 Farmington av, Hartford 

25096 Mills, Helen C. (Mrs Charles D.) 110 Coleman st, Bridgeport 

82796 Miner, Charlotte Phoebe (Miss) 168 Crystal av. New London 

5030 Miner, Emily Morgan (Mrs William Herman) Groton 

56128 Miner, Eulalie Barlow (Mrs George Washington) Library pi, 


47008 Miner, Frances Denison Stewart (Mrs (jeorge Owen) Groton 

45635 Miner, Laura Alice Hinman (Mrs Frederic William).. 17 Park pi. 

New Britain 
81218 Miner, Leafie Page (Mrs William Hall).. 150 Hillside av, Naugatuck 
10360 Miner, Lucy Kimball Bishop (Mrs Sidney H.) Granite st. New 


47509 Miner, Mercy Williams (Mrs Elisha M.) Groton 

82153 Miner, Rea B. (Mrs Norman J.) 86 Hillside av, Waterbury 

65771 Mink, Harriet Bull (Mrs Samuel Henry) Forestville 

4172 Minor, Anne Belle Rogers (Mrs George M.) Waterford 

29399 Minor, Carolin H. Whittelsey (Mrs Jesse) 165 Hillside av, 


78462 Mitchell, Carrie Elizabeth (Mrs Edward Le Roy)....R. F. D. 1, 

66471 Mitchell, Cornelia Chamberlain (Mrs Charles Elliott).. 54 Russel st. 

New Britain 

25665 Mitchell, E. Anna Wyckoff (Mrs) Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

49832 Mitchell, Eva Louise Dunbar (Mrs George Welch) 35 Bellevue 

av, Bristol 
61744 Mitchell, Fannie Josephine Chittle (Mrs Alfred) 72 Vernon st, 


78463 Mitchell, Gertrude E. (Miss) R. F. D. 1, Southbury 

21404 Mitchell, Harriet L. (Mrs David Merwin) South Britain 

61743 Mitchell, Lucy Pratt (Miss) 72 Vernon st, Hartford 

66475 Mitchell, Mary Alice Palmer (Mrs William S.) Palmertown. 

23635 Mitchell, Phebe Stoddard (Mrs Henry Painter )..R. F. D., Southbury 


24546 Mitchell, Sarah Kezia (Mrs Simeon H.) Washington 

80571 Mitchelson, Emma Wilson (Mrs Joseph C.) Tariffville 

65768 Mix, Grace Nancy Foote (Mrs Arthur Judd) Hartford 

S4625 Mix, Hattie Edla Wentworth (Mrs William K.)....905 North av, 

24SJ9 Mix, Katie Urana (Mrs John Walter) 50 Crown st, Meridcn 

15362 Mix, Mary Bills Hayes (Mrs Edward T.)..1484 Chapel st, New 

13153 Mix, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Eli) 600 George st, New Haven 

65103 Mixson, Mary Martha Stowe (Mrs Gardner Dodge) . .Wakeman av, 

73861 Moffatt, Jennie Baldwin (Mrs H. E,) 68 Wheeler st. Winsted 

16005 Moister, Bertha Emily Corbin (Mrs Roger W.).. Maple Hill, New 

4615 Molthrop, Fannie Adams (Mrs William Henry) Gales Ferry 

7?97S Monroe, Cynthia Rebecca Harrison (Mrs Francis Henry) . .355 Crown 
st, New Haven 

79765 Monroe, Ida Estelle (Miss) 355 Crown st, New Haven 

79633 Monson, Annie Page (Mrs William H.)..314 Humphrey st, New 

5338 Monson, Charlotte M. (Mrs Frank A.) Duncan Hall, New Haven 

79587 Monson, Marjorie Fuller (Miss) 314 Humphrey st, New Haven 

17411 Montgomery, Frances Brown (Mrs John R.) Windsor Locks 

37199 Montgomery, Jennie Spencer (Mrs George M.) Windsor Locks 

13092 Moon, Lillian Walden (Mrs Jesse A.).. 169 Ocean av. New London 

7019 Moore, Alice Baker (Mrs Henry Walter) 10 Franklin sq. New 

18277 Moore, Anna Lauretta Gilbert (Mrs Emerson William) Talcottville 
43838 Moore, Celia Webster (Mrs Darwin S.) . .94 Williams av, (Station A), 

18267 Moore, Elizabeth Waterman Lewis (Mrs James Hovey) 325 

Stratford av, Bridgeport 
51134 Moore, Katharine Donovan (Mrs Gales Pritchard) . .125 High st, 

57691 Moore, Katherine Brett Norton (Mrs Charles W.)..1116 Park av, 

8656 Moore, Louise Holt (Mrs William Henry) South Manchester 

27465 Moore, Mabel Roberts (Mrs Burton E.) Station A, Winsted 

8083 Moore, Marjorie (Miss) P. O. Box 48, Kensington 

45634 Moore, Martha Hart (Mrs Ethelbert Allen) Sunnyledge, New 


35149 Mora, Eleanor Hall (Mrs Edward) 2204 Main st, Bridgeport 

28349 Moran, Mary Katharine (Miss) 65 Governor st, E. Hartford 

5246 Morehouse, Anne Ogden (Miss) Fairfield 

60225 Morehouse, Charlotte L. McL. S. (Mrs Andrew Cyrus) ..Lincoln st, 

77762 Morehouse, Julia Edwards (Mrs John Walker) 597 Wood av, 

35722 Morehouse, Sarah Jane Beardsley (Mrs George Nelson) ..King st, 

10353 Morgan, Alice A, Baldwin (Mrs Charles E,) . .473 Broad st, Meriden 

53580 Morgan, Alice Eliza (Miss) Windsor 

50J3 Morgan, Clara Le Baron (Miss) Groton 

3182 Morgan, Edith May Noyes (Mrs Christopher) Mystic 

44172 Morgan, Elizabeth Qarke (Mrs Ebenezer, Jr.). .Denison st, Mystic 
4192 Morgan, Emma E. Kellogg (Mrs Nathaniel S.)..153 Windsor av, 

80270 Morgan, Ethel May (Miss) West Cheshire 

5Q307 Morgan, Helen Brinsmade (Mrs William Judson) . .231 West av, 

3857 Morgan, Lydia E. Burrows (Mrs Daniel). .Poquonock Bridge, New 

Lx>ndon Co. 
11845 Morgan, Mary E. Jeralds (Mrs Hubert W.)..77 Hobart st, Meriden 

138 . DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

13918 Morgan, Nancy Lee Brown (Mrs George Curtis).. 194 Hempstead 

St, New London 
46172 Morgan, Nellie Worcester (Mrs John Calvin) . .63 Washington st, 


4187 Morgan, Sarah A. Thomas (Mrs William) Mystic 

56842 Morgan, Sarah Fitch Appley (Mrs James A.).. 16 Broad st, Groton 
4756 Morgan, Virginia Haley (Mrs Nelson) ..Poquonock Bridge, New 

London Co. 
8337 Morley, Eliza Jane Warren (Mrs Charles W.) . .47 Granite st, New 

13222 Morris, Caroline Vene McGaughey (Mrs H. L.)..270 S. Mnin st. 


61718 Morris, Catherine Mae Merwin (Mrs) Milford 

86334 Morris, Grace Morley (Mrs Richard Cooper).. 164 Hempstead st. 

New London 

86178 Morris, Grace Ruth (Miss) 164 Hempstead st, New London 

54087 Morris, Hattie P. (Mrs Cyrus M.)..484 Kensington ?t. New Britain 
13142 Morris, Mary Pamelia (Mrs John Emery) 11 Charter Oak pi, 


62871 Morris, Ruth Stumpf (Mrs William) Thomaston 

54093 Morrison, Elizabeth D. Stillman (Mrs Frederick) Berlin 

58674 Morrison, Ina Burton (Mrs William H.)..276 Main st, Torrington 

13120 Morse, Alice Dibble (Mrs Henry H.) 8 Terrace pi, Milford 

19077 Morse, Alice Melora (Miss) 90 Church st, Putnam 

19686 Morse, Annie Goddard Dyer (Mrs Augustus Irving).. 65 Sunnyside 

av, Putnam 

3604 Morse, Annie Massey (Mrs N. Thompson) 46 Olivia st, Derby 

66491 Morse, Frances Hatch Sanford (Mrs Herbert A.).. 92 E. Main st, 

37184 Morse, Helen G. Moss (Mrs Byron L.)..19 Ludlow st, Watcrbury 

6255 Morse, Mary Adelaide (Miss) 85 Grove st, New Haveii 

28893 Morse, Mary Byxbee (Mrs George N.) 20 Cook av, Meriden 

47507 Morse, Mary E. Hubbell (Mrs Dexter) . .446 Church st. New Britain 
18291 Morse, Maud Louise Alden (Mrs George Byron).. 59 Sunnyside av, 


4422 Morse, Susan A. Ensign (Mrs William Inglis) Simsbury 

67929 Morse, Susanna Davis (Mrs Charles M.).. Vermont iiv, Southington 

20842 Morton, Nannie Ostrum Hyde (Mrs Howard) Greenwich 

5398 Moseley, Florence Chamberlain (Mrs William H.)..New Haven 

House, New Haven 

54171 Moseley. Harriet Sherman (Mrs David Samuel) West Hartford 

59128 Moses, Edna Augusta Pettigrew (Mrs Frank O.) Norwich 

5296 Moshcr, Alice A. Rust (Mrs George D.) Milford 

60776 Mosman, Ruth Spencer (Mrs Edward J.).... 101 Hobart st, Meriden 
52446 Moss, Helen Jeanette (Miss).. P. O. Box 132 (c/o Miss L. B. Beach), 


74688 Moss, Mary A. (Mrs Howard Titus) Cheshire 

34052 Moss, Maye Butterfield (Mrs Ernest Bartholomew). .231 N. Colony 

st, Meriden 

69796 Mott, Sadie Bentley (Mrs Berry Lee) 263 Crown st, Now Haven 

79752 Muir, Eva Olcott (Mrs William) 25 Stearns st, Bristol 

54172 Munger, Delia Tracy (Mrs Edwin Holmes) West Hartford 

10397 Munger, Jennie Clarissa Lewis (Mrs Vencnice) 35 William st, 

57682 Munsill, Ruth Clark Holmes (Mrs Gail Borden).. 4 Wethersfield av, 


80582 Munson, Florence Avcrill Seeley (Mrs John N.) Woodbury 

48351 Munson, Marion Smith (Mrs William Joseph) Watertown 

15429 Munson, Martha Almira CMiss) 79 Trumbull st. New Haven 

14622 Munson, Marv Field (Miss) Guilford 

2SSS0 Mimson, Sarah Fyler (Mrs Edmund Whitefield) . .Station B, Winsted 
45246 Murdock, Birdella Christene Turner (Mrs Charles William) 185 

Howard av, New Haven 


6944i) Murdock, Helen Lucretia Gorham (Mrs Samuel William) . .356 George 

St, New Haven 
35740 Murlless, Maria Leonora Maia-Ferreira (Mrs F. T., Jr.) ..Suffield 
54132 Murlless, Sarah Eliza Childs (Mrs Herbert B.) 22 Davis av, Rockville 
44173 Murphy, Clara North Bridgham (Mrs William) .... P. O. Box 279, 

83698 Murphy, Hattie Seeley Edgett (Mrs J. Francis) . .5 Downs st, Danbury 
^1726 Murphy, Hennetta Broughton (Mrs Waller Graham).. 802 Main st, 

E. Hartford 
11357 Murray, Lucy Maria Hall CMrs Robert).. 122 W. Main st, Meriden 

59140 Muzzy, Adrienne Florence (Miss) 47 Prospect pi, Bristol 

4375 Muzzy, Florence Emelyn Downs (Mrs Adrian James).. 47 Prospect 

st, Bristol 

7396 Muzzy, Harriet Beach (Miss) Queen st, Bristol 

83059 Myers, Alice Scran ton (Mrs Charles S.) Naugatuck 

81507 Myers, De Ette Nichols (Mrs George) Nauj^atnck 

3029 Mygatt, Nancy Faxon (Mrs Henry Seymour) New Milford 

42442 Naramore, Avis Amanda Wooster (Mrs Joseph White) . .204 Maple 

st. New Haven 
56122 Naramore, Emma J. Beers (Mrs Frank Julian) . .830 Colorado av, 


65776 Nash, Elizabeth Todd (Miss) Meadowbrook. Madison 

30177 Neal, Eva Chidsey (Mrs Linus) Southington 

37178 Neal, Martha A. (Mrs Linus B.) Southington 

56843 Needham, Jennie Rebecca (Mrs Wales) Baker av, Groton 

64867 Neff. Maria J. (Mrs) Portland 

9497 Neide, Elizabeth Thompson (Mrs Robert H.) New Canaan 

56109 Nellis, Ellen A. Brace Foster (Mrs E. A.) Winsted 

58221 Nelson, Mary H. Dewey (Mrs Clinton H.) West Suffield 

84383 Xesbit, Emma L. (Mrs James L.) 381 Temple st, Woodbridge 

15408 Nettleton, Annie Doremus (Miss) Milford 

15407 Nettleton, Charlotte A. Baldwin (Mrs Lewis J.) Milford 

13121 Nettleton, Emily Anna (Mrs Albert) Milford 

85236 Nettleton, Helen Arnold (Miss) 61 Seymour av, Derby 

51142 Nettleton, Katharine Arnold (Miss) 61 Seymour av, Derby 

4023 Nettleton, Katharine St. J. Arnold (Mrs Charles H.)..61 Seymour 

av. Derby 
70275 Neubauer. Bessie Olivia Rouse (Mrs William Ludwig)..40 High 

st, Bristol 

69196 Neuschler, Martha Annie (Miss) 10 Williams st, Ansonia 

47520 Newcomb, Abbie Marie Woodruff (Mrs James J.) Litchfield 

83715 Newcomb, Abbie Viola Hall (Mrs Clarence M.)..35 Kensington 

av. Meriden 
54651 Newcomb. Caroline Lilley (Mrs Charles Sumner).. 282 Main sU 

78273 Newell. Esther Harris (Mrs Arthur Revilo)..22 Union st, Rock- 

22551 Newell, Flora J. (Miss) 195 4th st, Meriden 

33367 Newell, Lillie Dunham (Mrs Henry H.) Marion 

11838 Newell, Mary A. Ensign (Mrs Gerrish) . . . .234 High st, Hartford 

79753 Newell, Marj' Hayes (Mrs Samuel David) Peaceable st, Bristol 

5389 Newell. Piera Henderson Root (Mrs Edward Everett).. 33 High 

st, Bristol 
31255 Newton, Angelia A. Holden (Mrs Philo W.) 650 Prospect av» 

20188 Newton, Belinda Jane Shattuck (Mrs Joseph Dickinson) . .West- 
33657 Newton. Caroline Gaylord (Mrs Henry H.)..89 Sherman av, New 


54173 Newton, Elnora Munson (Miss) Side Park, West Hartford 

15469 Newton, Emma Louise (Miss) Suffield 

13199 Newton. Julia A. Hawkins (Mrs James Walter) 53 Pearl st,. 


140 DIRECTORY, D. A. R, 

26370 Newton, Mary I. (Miss) E. Main st, Rockville 

8321 Newton, Sarah Elarris (Mrs George W.)..ll Windsor av, Hartford 

79445 Nichols, Ada Eugenia Capwell (Mrs Charles Owen) Putnam 

38362 Nichols, Blanche Evelyn Squier (Mrs Charles Walter).. 20 Vine 

st, New Britain 
11413 Nichols, Elizabeth F. (Mrs William J.).. 894 Clinton av, Bridge- 

46596 Nichols, Elsie Beardsley (Mrs David Alonzo) 24 Crescent st, 


18268 Nichols, Isabel Curtiss (Mrs Horace) R. F. D. 4, Bridgeport 

41444 Nichols, Julia Baldwin (Mrs John M.)..155 Grove st, Waterbury 
43455 Nichols, Julia Gorham Hall (Mrs Stephen Marcus).. 727 State st, 

25963 Nichols, Kate May Spelman (Mrs) Plantsvillc 

34498 Nichols, Lydia Frances Smith (Mrs James).. 118 Warrenton av, 

19689 Nichols, Mary Abigail Blake (Mrs George Harrison). .Thompson 

71430 Nichols, Minnie L. (Miss) 586 Clinton av, Bridgeport 

85237 Nichols, Selina Elizabeth (Miss) Shelton 

38946 Nightengale, Ella Haddock (Mrs Craig).. Washington av, Stam- 
47011 Nikoloff, Grace Adelaide Durfee (Mrs S.)..119 School st, Putnam 

72811 Niles, Ella Wood (Mrs George F.) 55 Lorraine st, Hartford 

29751 Niven, Nellie Rapelye (Mrs David A.) 229 W, Main st. New 


10925 Noble, Bertha Elliton Sparks (Mrs Joseph) Mystic 

50629 Noble, Edna Chaffee (Mrs Henry S.)..Conn. Hospital for Insane, 

48352 Noble, Ella Davis (Mrs Frank B.) Watertown 

3205 Noble, Ella Frances (Miss) New Milford 

50580 Noble, Ellen Maria (Miss) Hartford 

60773 Noble, Harriet Lucinda (Miss) New Milford 

17891 Noble, Kate Woodward (Mrs Oscar Wallace).. 87 Franklin st, 

56859 Norcross, Susan Arnold (Miss) 61 Seymour av, Derby 

52452 North, Annetta Philura Drake (Mrs John Austin) Collinsville 

54095 North, Catharine M. (Miss) Berlin 

81219 North, Louise Garrison (Mrs Tracy W.) .. Rockwell av, Naugatuck 
7013 North, Ruth Chamberlain (Mrs James S.)..25 Franklin sq, New 
33194 Northam, Hattie Tiffany (Mrs Charles Harvey).. 12 Charter Oak 
pi, Hartford 

10371 Northrop, Amelia I. (Miss) Brookfield Center 

20200 Northrop, Elizabeth A. Comstock (Mrs John E.) Ivoryton 

968 Northrop, Esther M. (Miss) 178 Church st, Middletown 

42766 Northrop, Lydia Eleanor Alvord (Mrs Henry E.)..9 Terrace pi, 
663 Northrop, Mary Elmira Stewart (Mrs David Ward).. 101 High- 
land av, Middletown 
5977 Northrop, Sarah Canfield (Mrs Otis S.)..51 Church st, Waterbury 

7173 Norton, Alice (Miss) Kensington 

71069 Norton. Annie Lombard (Mrs John Hughes).. 551 Orange st, New 

63934 Norton, Charlotte North (Mrs John Y.) Winsted 

73223 Norton, Dora Marcia Spring (Mrs Walter Edson) . .93 Laurel st, 

84007 Norton, Elizabeth (Miss) Kensington 

21890 Norton, Julia (Miss) 14 Library pi, Danbury 

12497 Norton, Maria (Miss) 81 Litchfield st, Torrington 

12498 Norton, Sarah Beach (Miss) 81 Litchfield st, Torrington 

17381 Nothnagle, Elizabeth Ambler (Mrs Edward) 327 E. Main st, 



77763 Nott, Helen Rogers (Mrs George Wilgiis) Riverside 

28354 Noxon, Annis B. (Mrs George H.) Darien 

2398 Noxon, Mary F. (Mrs Joseph J.) 273 Court st, Middletown 

15406 Noyes, Edith Wetmore (Mrs Joseph Gillet).. ..The Hawthorns^ 

3192 Noyes, Elizabeth Home (Mrs George William) Mystic 

3183 Noyes, Ellen Holmes (Mrs Henry B.) Mystic 

3180 Noyes, Emily Fish Denison (Mrs George Washington) Mystic 

34507 Noyes, Emma L. Price (Mrs Selden W.) Haddam 

4210 Noyes, Harriet E. (Mrs Franklin B.) Stonington 

44839 Oakes, Ella M. Ellsworth (Mrs James Abbott) Windsor 

54551 Oare, Keturah Thompson (Mrs William J.).. 102 Riverview av. New 

58194 Oat, Eldora Chapman (Mrs William Hicks).. 104 River av, Norwich 
45648 Obcr, Fannie Adelle Kimball (Mrs George Eugene).. 355 E Main st„ 

5957 O'Brien, Sarah Amidon (Mrs Byron M.) Grotoii 

13898 O'Connor, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) Milford. New Haven Co. 

8913 Odell, Ella Seymour Runk (Mrs Abram B.) 46 Hanover st,. 


2481 Olcott, Elizabeth Olivia (Mrs W. M.) 62 Church st, Norwich- 

13203 Olds, Susan Armstrong Woolsey (Mrs Noble Granger) . .861 Myrtle 
av, Bridgeport 

63411 Oley, Helen Andrew (Mrs S. Willard) 135 Main st, Danbury 

14486 Olm.stead, Marian (Mrs Edward) Wilton 

25950 Olmsted, Anna Margaret (Miss) 101 Prospect st. East Hartford 

25958 Olmsted, Annie E. (Miss) 910 Main st. East Hartford 

30610 Olmsted, Clara Jencks (Miss) 689 Asylum av, Hartford 

38779 Olmsted, Ella Stfiith (Miss) East Hartford 

30609 Olmsted, Fannie Maria (Miss) 689 Asylum av, Hartford 

83051 Orcutt, Dorothy Emily (Miss) 40 Main st, Rockville 

14745 Orcutt, Ella Lutentia Brown (Mrs Willie Francis) 40 Main sf„ 

16628 Orcutt, Frances Lovinia Skinner (Mrs William Rice) . .40 Main st„ 

20179 Orr, Julia Sloper (Mrs William) Southington 

49347 Osborn, GenevieVe Teresa Smith (Mrs William Henry).. 395 Broad* 
st. New London 

8980 Osborn, Harriet Staples (Miss) Fairfield 

75562 Osborn, Hattie E. (Miss) CoUinsville 

71715 Osborn, Nellie Maria Boynton (Mrs George Wakeman) . .888 Broad 
st, Bridgeport 

79766 Osborne, Augusta Weller (Mrs Watson S.) Litchfield 

8120B Osborne, Edna Lavinia Bissell (Mrs Stephen Cruice) 447 Laurel 

av, Bridgeport 

3681 Osborne, Eliza Hill (Mrs John W.) 192 Caroline st, Derby 

7406 Osborne, Frances Eliza (Miss) Hawthorne av, Derby 

70521 Osborne, G. Eva (Mrs Alanson C.) 2 Abbott av, Danbury 

53066 Osgood. Ellen Elizabeth (Miss) 2 Wells av, East Hartford 

11411 Osgood, Mary Ruth Lee (Mrs Hugh Henry) ..181 Broadway, Norwich 
18302 Otis, Bessie Ida Beckley (Mrs Robert Watson).. 89 Cliff st, Norwich 

15471 Owen, Alena Frances (Miss) Suffield 

13875 Owen, Elizabeth Barlow (Mrs Richard) 97 E. Main st, Meriden 

9481 Packer, Rachel Spicer (Mrs Nelson G.) Preston City 

62874 Paffard, Henrietta Virginia Wright (Mrs Walter Haideen) . .South- 

7671 Page, Annie Hayes (Mrs Valency A.) 294 Elizabeth st, Derby 

39457 Page, Grace Chamberlain (Mrs Charles L) Litchfield 

67922 Page, Mabel Ten Brocck (Mrs Clifford Ellsworth) .. 10 Williams 

st, Ansonia 
72782 Page, Mary Jane Smith (Mrs George Washington) . .242 Main st,. 

142 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

81220 Page, Sarah C. Williams (Mrs John Merriam) 270 Church st. 


33109 Paine, Maria Hubbell (Mrs J. C.) Bridgeport 

82159 Palmer, Carrie James (Mrs Frank).. 4 Bamum Court, Naugatuck 
63406 Palmer, Cornelia Kissam (Mrs Elisha Loomis)..l5 Broad st, New 

42777 Palmer, Demise Wright (Mrs Henry S.)..123 Retreat av, Hartford 

10878 Palmer, Emma Carrie (Miss) 240 Williams st, New London 

51 138 Palmer, Emma Frances (Miss) Middletown 

7008 Palmer, Emma J. Burrows (Mrs Charles R.) Noank 

33176 Palmer, Emma Woodbridge (Miss) Stonington 

2584 Palmer, Frances Collins (Mrs William H.) 1054 Asylum av, 


59127 Palmer, Gertrude (Miss) Stonington 

7000 Palmer, Harriet Trumbull (Mrs Ira Hart) Stonington 

56108 Palmer, Jennie Shepard Bushnell (Mrs Henry F.)....36 Otis st, 

45640 Palmer, Josephine Jewell Hall (Mrs James N.) 581 Elm st, 

New Haven 

15472 Palmer, Margaret S. Pendleton (Mrs Frank A.) Suffield 

60757 Pardee, Florence Amelia (Miss) 83 Grove st. New Haven 

59649 Pardee, Josephine Easton (Mrs W. 0.)..152 E. Park rd. New 


21899 Parish, Joanna Rand (Mrs John H.) State School, Meriden 

17912 Park, Altana W. (Miss) Curtiss Home, Meriden 

32386 Parker, A. Jeanette W. (Mrs Francis) East Haddam 

10909 Parker, Algerosc Wylie (Mrs Stephen C.)..14 N. 1st st, Meriden 
69797 Parker, Alice R. Carpenter (Mrs Rodney).. 95 Whalley av, New 


8326 Parker, Annie Shepard Felt (Mrs Will) 47 Curtis st. New 

2454 Parker, Caroline A. G. (Mrs John D.)..183 Sigourney st, Hartford 
51148 Parker, Coralinn Charlotte Wilson (Mrs Charles M.)..56 Forest 
st, Torrington 

21856 Parker, Lottie Buck (Mrs Theodore Raymond) 134 Church st, 

11387 Parker, Louise Taylor (Mrs James Ines)...78 Crown st, Meriden 

33200 Parker. Lucy M. (Miss) 122 Wethersfield ay, Hartford 

17921 Parker, Mary Balcom (Mrs John H.) 327 W. Main st, Meriden 

4425 Parker, Sarah Eno (Mrs Charles J.).. 343 W. Main st, New Britain 

32387 Parker, Sarah L. (Miss) R. F. D., East Haddam 

4429 Parkhurst, Abbie Day (Miss) . . .^ Simsbury 

73655 Parkhurst, Carrie Starr (Mrs Charles Dyer).. 189 Williams st. 
New London 

30579 Parmelee, Isabelle Tryon (Mrs Edward K.) HI S. Cliff st, 


53604 Parmly, Ida Fox (Mrs Eleazar) 1093 Park av, Bridgeport 

21882 Farrago, Mary A. P. Jewett (Mrs) 369 E. Main st, Bridgeport 

26665 Parrott, Lizzie May Wheeler (Mrs Henry F.)..25 Washington av, 

22490 Parsons, Elizabeth W. Briggs (Mrs A. L.) Danielson 

8681 Parsons, Emma Bishop (Miss) 310 W. Main st. New Britain 

4173 Parsons. Georgiana Hull (Mrs Milo Holcombe) Bedford st, 

7017 Parsons, Harriet Sloper (Mrs Dwight A.). .22 Park pi. New Britain 

55091 Parsons, Ida E. Strickland (Mrs Robert E.) 765 Myrtle av, 

8680 Parsons, Isabelle Seymour (Mrs Charles H.)..310 W. Main st. 
New Britain 

42145 Parsons, Lucy Florence (Mrs Frederick A.) 2162 Main st, 



84195 Parsons, Mary Brookfield (Mrs Harold Ashton)..411 Bedford st, 

19650 Partridge, Mary Morgan (Miss) 9 Columbia st, Hartford 

9495 Patten, Anna Carlyn (Miss) 361 High st, Middletown 

9494 Patten, Elizabeth F. (Miss) 361 High st, Middletown 

39471 Patten, Hannah H. (Mrs Henry E.) 39 Russ st, Hartford 

70281 Patten, Lily Welch (Mrs Freeman F.) Edge wood, Stafford 

54112 Patterson, Lura Belle Dewey (Mrs Thomas H.)-.235 Summer st, 

26364 Patterson, Sarah E. Rhoades Routh (Mrs Frank M.) Stratford 

54606 Pattison, Ella Wilcox (Mrs Alexander Thomas) Simsbury 

54608 Pattison, Eva Case (Mrs George E.) Simsbury 

5461)7 Pattison, Lucy Wilcox (Miss) Simsbury 

71070 Payne, Elizabeth Matilda Veazey (Mrs Edward Stewart).. Wind- 

42761 Payne, Esther Eliza Chidsey (Mrs Theodore) East Haven 

19687 Payne, Laura Mason Eddy (Mrs Edward Henry).. 21 Grove st, 

33658 Payne, Mary Abby Corbin (Mrs Walter E.) 12 Congress st, 


25941 Payne, Maude Merwin (Mrs Horace Davis) Kensington 

2764 Pearce, Henrietta Hull (Mrs Reuben).. 118 Deer Hill av, Danbury 
20190 Peard, Alice C. Todd (Mrs Richard L.)..50 Deerfield av, Hartford 
11373 Pearne, Harriette Cornelia Arnold (Mrs Wesley Ulysses).. ..151 

Broad st, Middletown 
10902 Pearson, Daisy Dean (Mrs Edward J.).... 16 Park Ter, Hartford 
46599 Pease, Augusta Louise Curtiss (Mrs Zeno K.).. Stanley pi, New 

46592 Pease, Carrie A. Banks (Mrs Simeon) Fairfield 

571 14 Pease, Harriet Russdl (Miss) Somers 

2239 Pease, Harriet Summer (Mrs Robert A.).. 22 Pleasant st, Middle- 
10344 Pease, Hattie Elizabeth (Mrs Frederick).. 468 College st, Meridcn 
29753 Pease, Julia Lillian Sawyer (Mrs L. Hoyt)..41 Lexington st, New 

79754 Pease, Julia Olcott (Mrs Robert Clinton) 20 Elm st, Bristol 

S1212 Pease, Louise Ashley (Mrs Howard Smith) Windsor Locks 

58204 Pease, Mary Danforth CMrs Charles A.).. 720 Prospect av, Hart- 

19636 Pease, Ruth C. (Miss) Thomaston 

63945 Pcasley, Elizabeth Brooks (Mrs Frederick M.)....278 Willow st, 

59651 Peasley, Idella Smith (Mrs James Anderson) 55 Elmwood av, 


23664 Peck, Alice M. (Mrs F. I.) Mt. Carmel 

80261 Peck, Annie Eliza (Miss) West Cheshire 

62894 Peck, Annie Gottsberger (Miss) Putnam av, W. Greenwich 

21877 Peck, Elizabeth Terry (Mrs Burdette A.) 42 Elm st. Bristol 

48333 Peck, Ella May (Mrs Sidney Charles).. 14 Fairview av, Danbury 

66484 Peck, Emeline Markham (Mrs George) R. F. D. 1, Colchester 

54174 Peck, Emma Newton (Mrs Ermon M.) P. 0. Box 318, West 


78469 Peck, Emma Read (Mrs Addison) 136 Mason st, Greenwich 

16631 Peck, Fannie G. Humphreys (Mrs Edward).. 5 University pi, 
New Haven 

61729 Peck, Florence Emilie (Miss) 315 Edgewood av, New Haven 

5358 Peck, Grace Brownell (Mrs Epaphroditus) 234 Summer st, 


11400 Peck, Hannah Keith (Miss) Curtis Home, Crown st, Meriden 

82383 Peck, Helen Beard (Mrs Frederick Johnson).. ..IS Williams st, 

31981 Peck, Isabella Edith (Mrs Wilbur Allen) . .345 Elm st, New Haven 

144 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

29754 Peck, Jennie A. Fowler (Mrs Henry C.) Milford 

78979 Peck, Jennie Maria (Miss) ...East Haddam 

3669 Peck, Katherine Louisa (Miss) 208 E. Main st, Waterbury 

2495 Peck, Lucy A. (Miss) 320 Colony st, Meriden 

37575 Peck, Martha (Tlark (Mrs Charles S.)'*12 Fairview av, Danbury 

80260 Peck, Mary Atwater (Mrs) West Cheshire 

5346 Peck, Mary Chilton (Miss) 400 West st, Bristol 

53089 Peck. Mary Ellen Swan (Mrs Henry) East Haddam 

5355 Peck, Mary Harriet Seymour (Mrs Miles Lewis).. 147 Summer st, 

22488 Peck, Mary Johnson (Mrs Elbert A.) 15 William st, Ansonia 

75760 Peck, Mary Le Fevre (Mrs Leon Friend).. 10 Woodland Drive, 

9941 Peck. Mary Louise (Miss) 67 Franklin st, Bridgeport 

50609 Peck, Philena Skinner (Mrs Edson May).. 141 Summer st, Bristol 

5983 Peck, Polly Maria S. (Mrs George H.) 16 Anson st, Derby 

35143 Peck, Sara Babbitt (Mrs Frederic Whittlesey) Morris 

50217 Peck, Sara Cheshire Graham (Mrs Irving Hobart)..16 Anson st, 

20161 Peck, Susan Algar (Miss) Plainville 

78470 Peck, Susanna Eleanor (Miss) 136 Mason st, Greenwich 

39481 Peck, Thankful Hubbard (Mrs D. Augustus) 246 William st, 


33341 Peckham, Katherine Fenner (Miss) Putnam Heights 

69199 Peet, Ella Jane (Miss) 342 John st, Bridgeport 

30265 Peet, Julia Sumner (Mrs George Church).. 304 Golden st, Bridge- 

4199 Peets, Ella Myers (Mrs C. Berry) 396 Orange st, New Haven 

25086 Peffers, Abbic Maria (Miss) Westport 

25085 Peffers, Henrietta Elizabeth (Miss) Westport 

4578 Pelton, Frances M. (Miss) 20 Pearl st, Middletown 

2830 Pelton, Julia Goodwin (Mrs William Norcutt) . . 727 Asylum av, 
63955 Pcmber, Hattie Hosmer Nevers (Mrs Elisha Hart).. 2 Cone st, 

82156 Pender, Adelaide Ristori (Miss) Meriden 

16059 Pendexter, Flora Belle (Miss) South Meriden 

72781 Pendleton, Annie E. Burrows (Mrs Samuel B.) Stonington 

15423 Pendleton, Mary Brewster (Mrs Harris) .. ..315 Williams st, New 

54175 Penfield, Ethel Griswold (Mrs Charles M.)..28 N. Main st, West 

56129 Penfield, Helen G. (Mrs David Giddings) 104 Deer Hill av, 


23656 Penfield, ^farion Ednah (Miss) 335 John st, Bridgeport 

2817 Penfield, Sophia (Miss) 356 Main st, Danbury 

55565 Pepper, Nellie J. Tupper (Mrs Warren H.) 362 Warren st, 

56112 Perkins, Carrie Hummel (Mrs Arthur Cahoon)..125 N. Main st, 

33639 Perkins. E. Gertrude Stow (Mrs Frederic B.) Orange 

64517 Perkins, Helen Putnam (Miss) Danielson 

2299 Perkins, Jane Richards (Miss) 331 Bank st. New London 

2620 Perkins, Jessie M. Schenck (Mrs Louis Henry).. 34 Columbia st, 

24547 Perkins, Margaretta Warner Dotterer (Mrs J. Deming) .. Litch- 
31246 Perkins, Mary Whittelsey Brown (Mrs John Russell).. 72 Deer 

Hill av, Danbury 
9931 Perkins, Sabra Estella Buck (Mrs Merwin H.)..31 Prospect pi, 
68442 Pcrley, Ella Annette (Miss) Woodstock 


68443 Perley, Mary G. (Miss) Woodstock 

28020 Perrin, Grace Wauzer (Mrs Frank) 432 Oak st, New Haven 

2577 Perry, Anna Morris (Mrs Alfred T.) 731 Asylum av, Hartford 

54616 Perry, Carrie Elizabeth Havens (Mrs Oliver A.).. 137 Washington 

st, Norwich 
ia292 Perry, Cornelia M. Williams (Mrs Franklin W.)..l48 Grove st, 

8951 Perry, Emily Blakeman (Miss) Perry Hill, Shelton 

4810 Perrv, Emily Pierson Jennings (Mrs Nehemiah) Fairfield 

10903 Perry, Esther C (Miss) 185 Beacon st, Hartford 

26660 Perry, Harriet Adelaide Handlen (Mrs William). .335 Noble av, 

82384 Perry, Jane Fisher (Mrs George W.) 15 Providence st, Putnam 

55568 Perry. Laura Latimer (Mrs Oliver F.) Collinsville 

10895 Perry. Loretta Brundige (Miss) Fairfield 

8947 Perry, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Frederick).. P. O. Box 362, Perry 
Hill, Shelton 

4013 Perry. Virginia Bulkley (Mrs John Hoyt) Southport 

51135 Pettibone, Anna Norton (Mrs James) 168 Divinity st, Bristol 

75147 Pettibone, Carrie B. (Mrs John C.) 49 N. State st, Ansonia 

26367 Pettis, Martha H. Ambler (Mrs Henry H.) Norwich 

30255 Phelps, Anna Tuttle (Mrs Howard David) 126 S. Cliff st, 


2251 Phelps, Antoinette Randolph (Miss) 72 Washington st, Hartford 

34482 Phelps, Bertha Adams (Mrs Jeffrey O., Jr.) Simsbury 

58222 Phelps, Clara Cline (Mrs James De Forrest) .. Spring st, Windsor 

58219 Phelps, Clarissa Jane Halladav (Mrs Benjamin) Suffield 

7711 Phelps, Ellen (Mrs Timothy S.) Windsor 

21429 Phelps, Ellen Maria (Mrs George Wakefield). .Sta. B., Winsted 

56141 Phelps, Ethel Waldo (Mrs Burton H.) Windsor Locks 

7064 Phelps, Maria A. (Miss) Poquonock 

63958 Phelps, May Odholm (Mrs George S.) Suffield 

34035 Phelps, Nathalie Barnard (ATiss) Simsbury 

6472 Phelps, Pauline Isabelle (Miss) 1201 Main st, Hartford 

50208 Phillips, Abbie Babcock (Mrs Wallace A.).. 26 Jane st, Bridgeport 

31995 Phillips. Ella Francis (Mrs Charles E. H.) Glenbrook 

15430 Phillips, Ella Vernon Stetson (Mrs Watson L.)..3D2 Willow st. 
New Haven 

16043 Phillips, Ellen M. (Miss) Highland Court, Hartford 

77441 Phillips. Harriet Mills fMrs John E.) Jewett City 

82398 Phillips, Jennie Goldsmith (Mrs Charles D.)..292 W. Main st, 

67486 Phillips, Minnie Baggs (Mrs John Wilbur) Mystic 

6699 Pickett, Emma Cooke Lawrence (Mrs James Andrew).. 36 Sum- 
mer st, New Britain 

71639 Pierce, Austana Angell (Mrs Harry Gordon) 83 Mason st, 


61740 Pierce, Caroline Low (Mrs Charles Taylor) Riverside 

15474 Pierce, Eliza Sophia Phelps (Mrs Albert R.) Main st, Suffield 

60762 Pierce, Elsie A. Adams (Mrs Daniel B.)..94 Harriet st, Bridge- 
82390 Pierce, Mary Francis (Mrs Frank H.)..10 Beers st, New Haven 

63946 Pierpont, Anna Hitchcock (Miss) 59 Chestnut av, Waterbury 

30617 Pike, Clarissa Huntington (Mrs) Danielson 

65597 Pike, Lulu Wright (Mrs William R.) Danielson 

19088 Pinney, Carrie Hathaway (Mrs William S.) Suffield 

35158 Pinney, Harriet Pond Moody (Mrs Edward C. V.)..19 Park st, 

4184 Pinney, Maria Watson (Mrs Charles H.)..116 Derby av, Derby 

86181 Pinney, Mary Edith (Miss) 260 Edgewood av. New Haven 

13163 Pinney, Mary Holbrook (Mrs Lucius) South Manchester 

146 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

66935 Pinney, Mary T. Mrs William C) 104 Meadow st, Winsted 

19087 Pinney, Phebe Austin (Mrs Robert E.) Suffield 

50619 Piper, Jane North Roots (Mrs Edwin P.) 683 Farmington av, 

2243 Pitkin, Sarah Howard Loomis (Mrs Albert Hastings) .. 106 Niles 

St, Hartford 
10337 Piatt, Amelia Lewis (Mrs Clark).. 36 Buckingham av, Waterbury 

12505 Piatt, Anna Beatrice (Miss) Long Hill Road, Shelton 

23106 Piatt, Antoinette W. (Mrs Wakeman B.)..59 Prospect st, Bridge- 

13124 Piatt, Bertha May (Miss) Milford 

16573 Piatt, Caroline S. G. Tibbals (Mrs Frank N.) Milford 

16004 Piatt, Carrie Louise Nettleton (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) 111 

S. Cliff st, Ansonia 
38372 Piatt, Ella Arnold Weaver (Mrs J. Wesley).. 230 Edgewood av, 

New Haven 
16587 Piatt, Ellen Brainard (Mrs Lewis Alfred).. 36 Buckingham av, 

4611 Piatt, Harriet Ives (Mrs James Perry).. ..130 Lincoln st, Meriden 

17884 Piatt, Harriet Nelson Gunn (Mrs David Elliott) Milford 

16010 Piatt, Lillian Rocrkwell (Mrs Frederick G.)..32 Grove Hill, New 


75749 Piatt, Louise Francis (Miss) 32 Grove Hill, New Britain 

60217 Piatt, Margery (Miss) 130 Lincoln st, Meriden 

13126 Piatt. Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Nathan Dwight) Milford 

11410 Plat^ Olive Worthington Barstow (Mrs Charles Beckley). .172 

Washington st, Norwich 

84373 Piatt, Rosalie Giddings (Mrs William Fowler) Milford 

12504 Piatt. Ruth Ida (Miss) Long Hill rd, Shelton 

39836 Piatt-Barnes, Emily Alberta (Mrs Joseph B.) Milford 

35142 Plumb, Anna L. B. (Mrs William S.) Litchfield 

10936 Plumb, Isabel Mygatt (Mrs Hanford C) 240 Washington av, 


11399 Plumb, Josephine Marion (Miss) cor Hall & Gale avs, Meriden 

6474 Plume, Sarah A. K. (Mrs Frank C.) 66 Linden st, Waterbury 

11382 Plummer, Sarah Dwight (Miss) 11 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

51749 Plumstead, J. Adelaide Johnson (Mrs M. H.) East Haddam 

59147 Polhemus, Ida L. Keech (Mrs William H.) Danielson 

59136 Pollock, Caroline McCune (Mrs Henry Meeker) ... .State Insane 

Hospital, Norwich 

54650 Pomeroy, Cora Pease (Mrs Frank G.) Windsor Locks 

4006 Pomeroy, Cornelia Roff (Miss) Southport 

57676 Pomeroy, Marjorie Bradford Wood (Mrs Eleazer) Windsor 

6727 Pomeroy, Mary Eliza (Miss) South st. Willimantic 

6730 Pomeroy, Mary Elizabeth Palmer (Mrs Charles Backus). .South 

st, Willimantic 
84718 Pond, Clara Achsah (Sackett) (Mrs W. Sherman) .. 166 Dwight st, 

New Haven 

55558 Pond, Ella Antoinette Goodwin (Mrs Edgar) Terryville 

76216 Pond, Frances Winifred (Miss) 719 Asylum av, Hartford 

83473 Pond, Lucy Stannard (Mrs Henry Lewis Burdett)..49 Parker av, 

N. Meriden 

80576 Pons, Elisabeth J. (Mrs Louis J.) Roxbury 

55093 Poole, Fanny H. Runnells (Mrs Allan A. Paul) 258 Broad st, 

Bridgeport; 127 Mooreland st, Roxbury 
58199 Pooley, Ida Irene Golden (Mrs Edward J.) -.396 Broad st, Meriden 

18254 Pope, Sarah Emeline (Miss) 201 Broadway, Norwich 

2621 Porter, Alice S. (Miss) 50 Colony st, Meriden 

22500 Porter, Amy Betts (Mrs John Addison) Pomfret 

44182 Porter, Delia Lyman (Mrs Frank Chamberlin) . .266 Bradley st. 

New Haven 
14727 Porter, Fannie Amelia (Miss) E. Main st, Waterbury 



45636 Porter, Florence E. M. (Mrs Eugene J.).A97 W. Main st, New 

19625 Porter, Louise Swan (Mrs Benjamin Seward) Southington 

3385 Porter, Martha Day (Miss) 31 Hillhouse av, New Haven 

f5090 Porter, Mary E. Keith (Mrs Warren Warner).. ..2057 Main st, 

14726 Porter, Mary Florence (Miss) E. Main st, Waterbury 

7030 Porter, Sara Hale Brown (Mrs Frank Julius).. 77 Lexington st, 
New Britain 
22509 Potter. Nellie Smith (Mrs Thomas Wells).... 68 Williams st. New 

5948 Powc, Emma J. Bartholomew (Mrs) 134 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

6678 Powe, Mai Lewis (Mrs Louis Bartram) 441 Sea View av, 

9472 Powell, Minnie Belle Corbin (Mrs James).. 6 Lake Court, New 

5017 Power, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 149 High st, Hartford 

J4053 Powers, Sally Andrews (Mrs Perley Andrews) Wallingford 

50606 Prather, Emily (Miss) Norwalk 

Mj62\ Pratt, Clara Cornelia (Miss) 157 Pearl st, Middletown 

18305 Pratt. Emma Edna Pratt (Mrs Joseph W.) 329 Willow st, 


5<)62l Pratt, Grace Flagg (Mrs Edward Burt) Goodwin-Haynes st, 


-46175 Pratt, Isabell A. Beach (Mrs Ernest L.) Litchfield 

25942 Pratt, Mary Upson (Mrs Howard John).. 509 Britain av, Hartford 
42752 Prentice. Alice Brown (Mrs Charles W.)...27 Slater av, Taftville 

^25! Prentice, Mary Merrill (Mrs Frank I.) 490 Farmington av, 


9929 Prentiss, Caroline A. St. John (Mrs Roderick) New Canaan 

hW7 Prentiss, Kate Lamb (Mrs William Dc F.) 96 Woodward av, 

South Norwalk 
7f.98 Prescott, Cclia Ellen Keeney (Mrs William Henry).. 46 Park st, 
22573 Preston, Belle Pinney (Mrs Edward H.)....19 Park st, Rockville 

7430 Preston, Cornelia Hulse (Mrs Edward W.) Roxbury 

29395 Preston, F. Myrtella Chase (Mrs Frank T.) Danielson 

56139 Preston, Florence Chase (Miss) Danielson 

32776 Preston. Roberta E. Stow (Mrs Sherwood O.) 324 Humphrey 

st. New Haven 

63947 Price, Cornelia De Lisser (Mrs Percy Ballinger) Tower rd, 


6475 Prichard, Katharine A. (Miss) 80 Pine st, Waterbury 

52456 Prince, Grace E. Bitgood (Mrs Nathan D.) Danielson 

iri363 Prince, Harriet Ann Elmina (Miss) 708 Main st, New London 

12495 Prince, Ida Catherine (Mrs Clarke) 14 Mignon av, Torrington 

29376 Prince, Julia E. Storer (Mrs C. E.) 69 Bristol st, New Haven 

47023 Prince, Nellie Antoinette (Mrs John Augustus) .. 109 Vauxhall st. 
New London 

49833 Prindle, Harriet Scovel White (Mrs Isaac Brewster) 795 

Myrtle av, Bridgeport 
3S94I Prindle, Lucy Walrath (Mrs Philo Henry).. 866 Park av, Bridge- 

9938 Prindle, Mary Louise (Miss) 795 Myrtle av, Bridgeport 

29752 Prior, Mary Stanley (Miss) 22 Curtis st, New Britain 

8327 Prior, Mary Stanley (Mrs Edward L.)..22 Curtis st, New Britain 
I32f>i Proud, Mary Louise Woolsey (Mrs John Henry).. 322 West av, 


J25S3 Proadman, Hannah Maria (Mrs Samuel T.)..62 Curtis st, Meriden 

/r926 Proaty, Jennie Smith (Mrs Willis J.).. 329 Hanover st, Meriden 

Jf1266 Provost, Emma Bodey (Mrs Cyrus Mead).. 34 Park st, Bridgeport 

56132 Fryer, Mabel La Due (Mrs) 3 Union pi, Norwalk 

148 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

30600 Pulford, Grace S. (Miss) Southbury 

18280 Pulsifer, Almira Houghton Valentine (Mrs Nathan Trowbridge), 


5284 Pultz. Jane C (Mrs) Plantsville 

54176 Purinton, Carrie Tappan Brown (Mrs Charles Oscar) West 


75759 Purnell, Gertrude Bissel (Mrs) ..163 Main st, South Manchester 

54086 Purney, Mary Elizabeth Brandegee (Mrs John) 16 Forest st. 

New Britain 

29397 Putnam, Adabelle C. Lyon (Mrs William H.) Danielson 

61753 Putnam, Eliza Day (Miss) Danielson 

50613 Putnam, Kate M. T. (Mrs Joseph H.) Litchfield 

29385 Quincy, Mary Perkins (Miss) Litchfield 

2228 Quintard, Emma (Mrs Charles A.) 148 Main st, Norwalk 

39470 Quintard, Helen R. (Miss) 16 Prospect st. Hartford 

4388 Radcliffe, Emma Downs (Mrs Thomas) 304 Elizabeth pt. Derby 

6466 Radford, Catharine C. (Mrs Horace A.) Seymour 

76510 Radie, Hettic Millard (Mrs Frederic E.) 29 Lester st, Ansonia 

46174 Ramsev, Edith Julia Mason (Mrs Clarence) Litchfield 

84719 Randall, Plora Rebecca (Sackett) (Mrs E. Leslie) Washington, 

Litchfield Co. 

82385 Randall, Fredellc Ross (Miss) 57 Fremont st, Putnam 

65762 Randall, Henrietta Adelaide Stoddart (Mrs Jason L.) Grotoir 

60218 Randall, Jane Deshon (Miss) 26 Pleasant st, Meriden 

13011 Randall, Josephine Amelia (Mrs George) Vernon Centre 

56103 Randall, Lucy M. (Miss) 30 Monument st, Groton 

66469 Randall, Mary Adelaide ( Miss) Groton 

47059 Randolph, Letitia M. Lawrence (Mrs R. H.) Willimantic 

AH^99 Rankin, Margaret L. Hallbcrg (Mrs G. D.) 7yj S. Highland st, 


56865 Ranney, Grace Beatrice (Mrs B. Wood) Suffield 

54135 Ransom, Edith Fannie (Miss) 24 N. Park st, Rockville 

16038 Ransom, Emeline Turner (Mrs George Reed) Colchester 

33208 Ransom, Flora Montfort (Mrs Orlando) 24 N. Park st, Rockville 

28024 Rapelye. Katherine pamon (Mrs George) . .65 Forest st. New Britain 

13902 Rathbone, Arline Margaret Packer (Mrs John S.) Mystic 

50599 Rathbun, Alice Taylor Lewis (Mrs Herbert W.) Mystic 

59642 Rathbun, Elsie Ellis Lathrop (Mrs Edgar A.) Mystic 

41180 Rathbun, Frances Lovina (Mrs Norris Wheeler) East Haddam 

28876 Rathbun, Hannah Ashbey (Mrs John Alden) Mystic 

41723 Rawson, Frances Vernon Dirk (Mrs Ira) Williamsville. Killingly 

19635 Ray, Amelia C. (Mrs Henry B.) Thomaston 

79767 Ray, Clara Belle (Miss) Litchfield 

16603 Raymond, Elizabeth (Miss) Wilton 

31990 Raymond. F. Celia (Miss) R. F. D. No. 43. Wilton 

67927 Raymond, Jennie Pierce (Mrs Sherwood F.) Berlin 

38357 Raymond, Julia E. Frost (Mrs Augustus) Green Farms 

3178 Raymond, Lucy A. (Mrs Bradford P.).. 170 High st. Middletown 

69794 Raymond. Mary F. (Miss) Ridgefield 

77443 Raymond, Salina (Lina) Eveline (Mrs George Henry).. 6 Harriet st, 

63405 Reamy, Olive Livonia (Miss) New Canaan 

25976 Rector, Alice Young (Mrs Orville) 1313 Iranistan av, Bridgeport 

32772 Redfield, Sarah E. (Mrs Daniel Marsh) Fairfield 

4397 Reed, Annie M. Griggs (Mrs James V.) 12 Frederick st, Water- 

50600 Reed, Deborah Williams Vanderpoel (Mrs Robert Ralston) ... .P. O. 

Box 114 Mvstic 

71428 Reed, Dotha Ellen Atwood (Mrs George Sidney) ... .119 North st, 

39477 Reed, Edith Crane (Mrs Herbert Calhoun) 60 Glen brook av, Stam- 

60768 Reed, F. Isabella (Mrs Charles ) 79 Abbott av, Waterbury 


7621 1 Reed, Lizzie Andrews (Mrs Frederick E.) Thompson 

37176 Reed, Mary Hepburn (Miss) Milford 

25030 Reed, Nettie A. (Miss) 203 Broad st, New London 

70464 Reeve, Celia Belle Canfield (Mrs John Hainning) Bridgeport 

8S226 Regan, Helen W. (Miss) 40 Oak st, Norwich 

^6487 Rehnberg, Alice Maria Upton (Mrs Paul) Huntington 

6MSS Rehnberg, Pauline Foster (Miss) Huntington 

39567 Reinhart, Cecilia M. Yale (Mrs Philip) 601 Broad st, Meriden 

39839 Reinhold, Katharine H. Marsh (Mrs Ralph Warner) Winsted 

22542 Remington, May L. (Mrs Harvey N.) 23 Linsley av, Meriden 

S0424 Remington, Sarah Gertrude (Mrs Homer Ernest) Willimantic 

58189 Reynal, Lillian Webb (Mrs Louis Samuel) ..80 Grove Hill, New 

5387 Reynolds, Carrie E. Hutchinson (Mrs Richard) 516 West st, 


S2391 Reynolds, Charlotte (Mrs J. Howard) Lake st, Litchfield 

31993 Reynolds, Edith Elma (Miss) 44 Crown st, Meriden 

46177 Reynolds, Elsie Boardman (Miss) East Haddam 

20199 Reynolds, Gertrude Palmer (Miss) East Haddam 

71670 Reynolds, Mary Emma Hubbard (Mrs Wilson C.) East Haddam 

55557 Rheel, Caroline Eunice Morse (Mrs Albert H.)..67 Prospect st, 

76518 Rhoades, Bertha Naomi Field (Mrs David Lincoln) Stratford 

49004 Rice, Claribel Hinman (Mrs) 609 Albany av, Hartford 

74696 Rice, Emeline Lois (Miss) South Meriden 

29769 Richards, Josephine Ellis (Miss) Litchfield 

6213 Richardson, Kate Wheeler (Mrs William M.)..75 Sherwood av, 

18311 Richardson, Minnie Brush (Mrs Dwight) Minerva st, Derby 

^i3070 Ridabock, Mabel F. (Miss) 92 Bedford st, Stamford 

83069 Ridabock, Mary L. (Mrs.) 92 Bedford st, Stamford 

14490 Rider, Mary Bogart (Mrs John) 201 East Ave, E. Norwalk 

10949 Riggs, Harriet Church (Mrs David C.) Seymour 

54081 Riley, Carrie Atwater (Mrs William H.) Berlin 

58200 Riley, Emily Frances Cheney (Mrs Charles Durrie)..! Ward st, 

54094 Riley, Frances A. Stillman (Mrs William A.) Berlin 

67484 Riley, Pauline Sessions ( Miss) Berlin 

60744 Rippcre, Alcine Webster Hotchkiss (Mrs William Hart). .18 N. State 

st, Ansonia 
"61720 Riscdorf, Mary E. W. Boyd (Mrs William H.)..135 Main st. Sta- 
tion B, Winsted 
8345 Risedorf, Mary Virginia Franklin (Mrs Charles F.) . . 183 North st, 

1661 1 Risley, Kate (Miss) 33 Lorain st, Hartford 

5930 Risley. Sarah Reed (Mrs Elisha) 70 Gillette st, Hartford 

8108 Ritch, Mary Rossiter (Miss) 178 Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

21869 Roath, Gertrude Hakes (Mrs Frank AUyn) Pinehurst 

41720 Robbins, Ida Adams (Mrs Elisha Johnson) Wethersfield 

80593 Robbins, Nita Stanton (Mrs James Watson) 265 Church st, 


25087 Roberts, Carolyn Sanborn Perry (Mrs Edward Hough) Southport 

38777 Roberts, Cora Warner (Mrs Lee) 126 High st, Bristol 

8959 Roberts, Edith R. Chidscy (Mrs Herbert A.) 90 Myrtle st, Shelton 

20862 Roberts, Emily (Mrs Harvey L.) Station B, Winsted 

25951 Roberts, Frances Lucretia (Miss) 3 Central av, E. Hartford 

mn Roberts, Huldah De Wolfe (Mrs W. Lea) Seymour 

77759 Roberts, Lydia Emma Evans (Mrs) 330 Maplewood av, Bridge- 

4378 Roberts, Mary Pratt (Miss) 215 S. Main st, Middletown 

^30&Q Robcy, Marion Hubbell (Mrs Daniel A.) . .9? Spencer st, Naugatuck 

6253 Robinson, Amorct McC^ll (Mrs Nelson D.) Norwich 

2314 Robinson, Elizabeth Hart Jarvis (Mrs C. L. F.). .Prospect av & 
Fern st, Hartford 

150 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

45659 Robinson, Helen Gertrude Green (Mrs Walter H.) 44 Elm st, 

58214 Robinson, Leila Frost (Mrs Henry Norton) 195 Sigourney st, 


29398 Robinson, Marinda C. Butler (Mrs Rienzi) Danielson 

26640 Robinson, Mary Hill (Mrs Joseph) Taftville 

65763 Robinson, Nellie G. (Mrs James H.)....39 Curtis st, New Britain 
1826] Robinson, Sophia Wells Waters (Mrs Timothy Boardman) 100 High 

st, Bristol 

58190 Roby, Mary Sheldon (Mrs James) Berlin 

54418 Rockwell, Clara Rowena Higby (Mrs George Plummer) New Britain 

78453 Rockwell, Florence Mason (Mrs Lea Waite)..191 Center st, Bristol 

5378 Rockwell, Grace White Dayne (Mrs Edward Dayton).. 16 Spring st, 


57683 Rockwell, Julia E. (Miss) Meadow st, Station A, Winsted 

26679 Rockwell, Katie Bill (Mrs Thomas T.) 45 Park st, Rockville 

11358 Rockwell, Louise Taylor (Mrs William Francis) 991 Broad st, 

33654 Rockwell, Mary Emma Birdseye (Mrs William Henry).. 122 Court- 
land st, Bridgeport 
3491 Rockwell, Mary Everest (Mrs Charles Lee).. 307 Colony st, Meriden 
52955 Rodman, Susan Isabel Cornell (Mrs George Albert).. 129 Mansfield 
st, New Haven 

77764 Rogers, Alice Cunningham (Miss) Riverside 

28341 Rogers, Alice Sprague (Miss) 105 Truman st, New London 

77768 Rogers, Alma Ellen Hall, Mrs Stanley T.) Preston av, Meridei? 

13919 Rogers, Amanda Carlyle (Mrs Albert W.)....303 Williams St, New 

5038 Rogers, Carrie Elizabeth (Miss) 59 E. Broad st, Norwich 

53075 Rogers, Edna Eliza (Mrs Elisha Edgerton). .99 Division st, Norwich 

6232 Rogers, Edna Hoyt (Mrs Henry Benjamin) New Canaan 

2762 Rogers, Elizabeth Beach (Mrs Burton) 37 Fairview av, Danbury 

11359 Rogers, Estelle V. (Mrs Gilbert) 230 E. Main st, Meriden 

15421 Rogers, Fanny Gorton (Mrs Ernest E.)..24 Granite st, New London 
25031 Rogers, Lillis Elizabeth Stillman (Mrs Thomas Weaver).. 43 Hunt- 
ington st. New London 

11419 Rogers, Lucy J. (Miss) 76 Brainard st, New London 

10922 Rogers, Margaret Clark (Mrs Cephas B.)..416 Colony st, Meriden 

17913 Rogers, Mary J. Corbin (Mrs Wilbur Fisk) ..82 Akron st, Meriden 

35729 Rogers, Pheobe Emmons ( Mrs) Moodus 

25408 Rollins, Lucy Ward (Miss) 65 W. Putnam av, Greenwich 

81878 Rollinson, Adelaide Arline (Miss) 95 Meadow st, Naugatuck 

81877 Rollinson, Adelaide Burnham (Mrs John Edwin).. 95 Meadow st, 


81879 Rollinson, Elizabeth Maud (Miss) 95 Meadow st, Naugatuck 

81880 Rollinson, Florence Estelle (Miss) 95 Meadow st, Naugatuck 

81221 Rollinson. Florence Webster (Mrs Frederick Burnham) 140 Hillside 

av, Naugatuck 
2933 Romaine, Emma Franklin Whiting (Mrs Richard Post) 278 Farm- 

ington av, Hartford 

48309 Roode, Frances Fry (Mrs Joseph) Jewett City 

2575 Root, Catherine S. Waterman (Mrs Judson Hall) 464 Farmington 

av, Hartford 

54177 Root, Claribel Young (Mrs Clarence Rowley) West Hartford 

50214 Root, Elizabeth Almaria (Miss) Cromwell 

51424 Root. Julia C. (Miss) 102 Peari st. Hartford 

35165 Root, Kathrvn Hildreth (Miss) 39 Broad st, Stamford 

37580 Root, Mary Elizabeth Stone (Mrs Samuel) 972 W. Main st, 


21418 Root, Stella Q. (M.D.) 39 Broad st, Stamford 

4593 Roper, Ella Thompson Hawley (Mrs Joseph C.)....408 State st, 


65495 Rose. Ada L. (Mrs) 65 Sherwood av, Bridgeport 

13899 Rose, Mary E. Porter (Mrs Joseph J.) 844 North av, Bridgeport 


J6614 Rosenbluth, Addie £. (Mrs Edward S.) 129 Washington st, 

14737 Ross, Elfic Gardner CMrs James Henry).. '184 Church st, Willimantic 

23634 Rouse, M. Jane Hawkins (Mrs Willis E.) Central Village 

33444 Rowe, Mary Salladin (Mrs James D.) Bristol 

59fi38 Rowe, May Brockett (Mrs (Charles B.) Avon 

37581 Rowland, Esther Sampson (Mrs Henry Lincoln) 18 Johnson st, 


4740 Rudd, Louisa Congdon (Mrs Arnold) 32 Huntington st, 

New London 
3672 Rudd, Maria Coding Holley (Mrs William Beardslee). .Holleywood, 

56531 Ruland, Leo Mabel Shattuck Van Deusen (Mrs PVederick Davis) 

75149 Rulofson, Edith Gazelle (Miss) 472 Orange st, New Haven 

812^ Rumney, Sadie J. Culver (Mrs George Mann).. 146 Hillside av, 

4178 Rundle, Eliza Whittlesey Bacon (Mrs George Mortimer) . .28 Fair- 
view av, Danbury 
78471 Rungee, Adeline Husted (Mrs William Charles) . .3S7 N. Maple av, 

56106 Russell, Ada Frances Robie (Mrs Frank Fenner) 103 Grove st, 

50611 Russell, Alice Churchill (Mrs William W.)....350 South st, Bristol 

50202 Russell, Amanda Pierson (Mrs John Jarvis) 130 Elm st, Putnam 

42765 Russell, Annie Moore (Mrs John Benjamin) 433 Stratford av, 

82150 Russell Carrie Hitchins (Mrs James Howard).. 33 Lewis st, Bridge- 

50218 Russell, Carrie L. P. (Mrs Irving L) Suffield 

13167 Russell, Cornelia M. Benedict (Mrs James L.) 36 West av, 

South Norwalk 

44192 Russell, Elizabeth Norton Sweet (Mrs Charles Augustus) Moodus 

29760 Russell, Ella Frances Sayles (Mrs Charles A.) Killingly 

28031 Russell, Emma Louise Goodale (Mrs William Chester) . .425 Clinton 
av, R. F. D. No. 1, Bridgeport 

54122 Russell, Flora Sackett (Mrs Isaac N.) 43 Hillside av, Waterbury 

79755 Russell. Julia Ruth (Miss) 24 Wolcott st, Bristol 

55559 Russell, Laura E. Chamberlain (Miss) 132 East st, Bristol 

51742 Russell, Lillian E. (Mrs) care A. B. Plant, Branford 

83710 Russell, Winnie A. (Mrs John M.) 34 Frederick st, Naugatuck 

82157 Rust, Fannie Maria (Mrs Theodore Smith).. 113 E. Main st, Meriden 

28U36 Rust, Theodora Frances (Miss) 113 E. Main st, Meriden 

63414 Ryan, Agnes M. (Mrs Arthur B.) 241 Court st, Middletown 

57681 Ryon, Lucv A. Brown (Mrs Charles S.) Stoninjfton 

50606 Sackett, Adelaide Frances (Miss) 174 Ashley st, Hartford 

31756 Sadikoff, Lucy Brace (Mrs James Sergius) New Milford 

69788 Safford, Kate Putnam (Miss) Windsor 

56143 Sage, Bessie Ackley (Mrs Frederick H.)....64 Main st, Middletown 
78464 Sage. Lena Hotchkiss Nichols (Mrs Henry Pinney) . .48 Howe st, 
New Haven 

8087 Sage. Mary Eno (Mrs George Henry) 1 Charter Oak Place, 


24510 St. John, Eunice Penfield Giddings (Mrs Theodore) Thomaston 

2234 St. John, Hannah S. (Mrs (jcorge) Morj^an av. Norwalk 

2579 St. John, Mary Harris Morgan (Mrs Samuel Benedict). .114 Wash- 
ington st, Hartford 

84010 Salisbury, Cassina A. (Mrs S. Lloyd) 134 Grand av, New Haven 

3521 Salisbury, Evelyn McCurdy (Mrs Edward E.) 237 Church st, New 


6985 Sammis, Helen Underwood (Miss) Stratford 

70921 Sampson. Anna Melissa (Miss) 7 Florence st, Putnam 

62892 Sanborn, Frances Case (Mrs Howard L.) Collinsville 

152 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

15398 Sanford, Ada Latitia Eno (Mrs George Wiliis)..82 Lake st, New 

27205 Sanford, Bessie Minerva Cable (Mrs Sherman) Seymour 

81508 Sanford, Delia Baldwin (Mrs. Charles A.) Beacon Valley, Naugatuck 
54113 Sanford, Ellen Decherd (Mrs Charles Bartlctt) Forcstville 

2591 Sanford, Emily Maria Jewell (Mrs Walter).. 210 Farmington av, 

5292 Sanford, F. Ophelia (Miss) 105 Washington av, Bridgeport 

83061 Sanford, Harriet Lewis (Mrs Anson O.) Naugatuck 

54096 Sanford, Isabelle Knapp (Mrs (Jeorge A.) . .8(» Myrtle av, Bridgeport 

9430 Sanford, Julia A. Fairchild (Mrs Samuel P.) Oxford 

75151 Sanford, Lena M. Quien (Mrs) 60 W. Wooster st, Danbury 

11255 Sanford, Lillias Rumsey (Mrs Leonard G.) '. .Cornwall 

8952 Sanford, Lizzie Lincoln Somers (Mrs Frederick S.)..182 Division 
av, Shelton 

56136 Sanford, Mabelle Florence (Miss) Bridgewater 

5393 Sanford, Ruth (Miss) Oxford 

4728 Sanford, Susan Smith (Miss) .^.261 Washington av, Bridgeport 

20809 Sanger, Olive Douglas (Miss) ...*. Danielson 

63927 Sargent, Bertha Louise (Miss) 93 Grove st, Putnam 

20159 Sargent, Emma Sarah Taylor (Mrs Frank Dana).. 93 Grove st, 

3390 Sargent, Harriet Amelia Oakes (Mrs Henry Bradford) . .247 Church 
st. New Haven 

82387 Sartain, Carolyn Golding (Mrs (jeorge E.) Fairfield 

34487 Satterlee, Amy Bolles (Miss) Gales Ferry 

64511 Saunders, Anna Jeanette (Mrs William H.)..P. O. Box 130, Yantic 

59648 Sannders, Grace M. (Miss) 38 Pequot av, New London 

46597 Savage, Alice Alida (Mrs Horace S.) 100 Linslcy av, Meriden 

651(X) Savage, Caroline Knapp (Miss) Berlin 

17915 Savage, Charlotte Preston Foster (Mrs George Edwin) 76 Lincoln 

st, Meriden 
56867 Savage, Janette Clarice Abell (Mrs Alfred Birge)..274 Liberty st, 

78983 Savage, Marguerite Dorothy (Miss) 26 Linslcy av, Meriden 

3037 Savage, Nancy Catherine (Mrs Enoch Le Roy) Newfield 

5306 Sawyer, Gertrude A. White Beebe (Mrs Thomas) Noank 

9457 Sawyer, lone Amelia Pingree (Mrs George O.) 4 Townley st, 


20850 Sayre, Adele Louise (Miss) Greenwich 

17019 Scailes, Julia B. Brown (Mrs George William) 6 Sumner st, Hart- 

54184 Scarborough, Katherine (Miss) West Hartford 

81510 Schaffer, Dorothy A. (Miss) Naugatuck 

81509 Schaffer, Melicent Almira Nichols (Mrs Frederick F.) Naugatuck 
82160 Schaffer, Winnibel M. (Miss) Naugatuck 

4206 Schellens, Mary Louisa Avery (Mrs Pierre Louis) Groton 

63403 Schibi, Nettie F. (Mrs) 11 Winter st. Ansonia 

60779 Schneider, Alice Wheeler (Mrs Henry Anton) 94 Wooster st, 


16561 Schneller, Clarissa (Mrs George O.) 103 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

72302 Schoverling, Caroline W. (Miss) .^....New Milford 

19651 Schultz, Emeline H. Partridge (Mrs Edwin) 105 Lincoln st. New 

64961 Schulz, Florence Lee Randolph (Mrs William). .124 Millville av, 

60786 Scofield, Lizzie Griswold Dingee (Mrs Arthur Alonzo) . .323 Summer 
st, Stamford 

8925 Scott, Elizabeth M. (Mrs George A.) Paquabuck 

2829 Scott, Elizabeth Sedgwick (Mrs J. Stanley) 85 Buckingham st, 


6676 Scott, Emma Louise (Miss) 102 Cottage st, Bridgeport 

82H4 Scott, Flora Maria (Miss) Windsor 


58386 Scott, Lucretia Augusta Rockwell (Mrs Orrin) Middlefield 

10308 Scott, Mary Ellen Clark (Mrs M. Bradford) 21 Arnoldale rd. Hart- 
9936 Scovill. Ellen W. Hyde (Mrs Henry W.)..32 W. Main st. Waterbury 
5349 Scovill, Harriet Walter Higgins (Mrs George B.)..16 Frederick st, 

56856 Scoville, Jenny Haydcn (Mrs Julius Adney) 161 W. Liberty st, 


66489 Scranton, Eleanor J. (Mrs George H.) 278 Coram av, Shelton 

56855 Scribner, Martha Irene (Mrs George Howard) ..1650 Park av, Bridge- 

10926 Seamons, Calista Vinton Burrows (Mrs George L.) Mystic 

67936 Sears, Carrie D. ( Miss) East Hampton 

83693 Sears, Elizabeth (Mrs) 74 Cottage av, Ansonia 

65119 Scars, Sarah Eveline (Miss) Elmwood 

2567 Sedgwick, Adeline Belden (Mrs C. F.)..42 Buckingham st, Hartford 
78976 Sedgwick, Edith Webster (Mrs Hubert Merrill) ... .683 Prospect st. 

New Haven 
14244 Sedgwick, Ida Dorr (Mrs Cyrus Swan).. The Sedgwicks, Sharon 
16060 Seeley, Nellie Pendexter (Mrs Frank Gay).. 11 Lake pi. New Haven 

21921 Seeley, Winnifred Baldwin (Mrs Sheldon Ford) Washington 

41354 Seelye, Frances E. ( Miss) Bethel 

44198 Seidensticker, May (Miss) 109 Lincoln st, Meriden 

11837 Selby, Lillia Case (Mrs Benjamin Hector) Simsbury 

4726 Selleck, Eliza Jane (joodsell (Mrs Joel F.) 286 North av, Bridge- 

44848 Selleck, Lillian Lounsbury Miner (Mrs Nathaniel) 368 Main st, 


61746 Serviss, Arline Louise Yergason (Mrs I. R.) 911 Asylum av, 


6250 Sessions, Emily D. B. (Mrs William E.) 50 Bellevue av, Bristol 

8099 Sessions, Ida (Tordelia (Miss) 75 High st, Bristol 

51136 Sessions, Leila Beach (Mrs Albert Leslie) 25 Bellevue av, Bristol 

87063 Sessions, Maria Fcancena Woodford (Mrs John Henry) . .60 High st, 

60749 Sessions, Mary Stewart (Mrs Joseph Brown). 101 Bellevue av, Bristol 
23109 Se>'mour, Bertha Allen (Mrs Samuel Marsh).. 83 Allen pi, Hartford 
60201 Seymour, Harriet Reed (Mrs Charles) ... .102 Williams av, Winsted 
25116 Seymour, Kate Livingston ( Mrs Frank) Coscob 

73866 Shailer, Edith Webb (Mrs Irving) Tylerville 

74687 Shailer, Florence Hancy (Miss) Hawley st, New Britain 

41716 Shailer, Harriett Newton Jennings (Miss) Chester 

80592 Shandrew, Ella F. Woester (Mrs John Chester) 93 Meadow st, 


80594 Shandrew, Hazel N. (Miss) 93 Meadow st, Naugatuck 

21887 Shannon, Emily A. Baxter (Mrs Edward W.) 45 Prospect st, 


73867 Sharkey, May A. (Mrs James P.) Greenwich 

48311 Sharpe, Cora Frances (Mrs Dwight) 57 School st, Putnam 

67924 Sharpe, Phebe A. (Mrs) Abington 

58192 Sharps, Helen Sherman Turney (Mrs Herbert Everett) . .Creekside, 


63961 Shaughncssy, Ada Woolley (Mrs Michael William) 39 Cook av, 

8319 Shaw, Annie Fitch Bacon (Mrs Hanford L.)..31 Atwater av, Derby 
83591 Shaw, Blanche Atwood Randall (Mrs Charles Knowlton) . .Pleasant 

st, Putnam 
60780 Shaw, Elizabeth Smith (Mrs William) ..394 Hawthorne av, Derby 
15999 Shaw, Ellen Sharpe (Mrs (jeorge Eaton).. 27 Pleasant st, Putnam 

55079 Shaw, Mabel Wefton (Mrs Frederick G.) Simsbury 

3676 Shelton, Adelia Stewart (Miss) 9 Seymour av, Derby 

82151 Shelton, Catherine May Nichols (Mrs Lester M.) Nichols 

3678 Shelton, Jane de Forrest (Miss) 9 Seymour av, Derby 

154 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

59663 Shelton, Lucile E. (Miss) 166 Prospect av, Shelton 

53095 Shelton, Millie Canby (Miss) Watertown 

8199 Shepard, Anne G. Goodsell (Mrs Charles I.) . .98 York sq, New Haven 

37179 Shepard, Bertha Sophia (Miss) Plantsville 

16593 Shepard, Bessie Durant (Mrs Horace Leon) Bethel 

26663 Shepard, Ellen Frances (Mrs Lucien W.) 460 Washington av, 


19627 Shepard, Harriet H. ( Mrs Amos) Plantsville 

83712 Shepard, Hattie Bristol (Mrs William 0.)..111 Walnut st, Naugatuck 

20824 Shepard, Mary Weed (Miss) Main st, Bethel 

46176 Sherman, Adelaide £. (Mrs Elijah B.)..55 Rusling pi, Bridgeport 
78465 Sherman, Jessie Thomas (Mrs Frank L.)..315 Main st. West Haven 

54178 Sherman, Mary Alice (Miss) West Hartford 

50602 Sherrill, Ida M. Henderson (Mrs Stephen H.)..55 Spencer st (Sta- 
tion A), Winsted 

58659 Sherwood, Alice Holman (Miss) Mill Hill, Southport 

80247 Sherwood, Effie Grace (Mrs Henry Lesure)..50 Stewart st, Bristol 
39146 Sherwood, Emmeline B. (Mrs Albert F.)..25 Kingsbury st. Water- 
18247 Sherwood, Etta Amelia Jennings (Mrs Royal Wheeler).. 96 Wash- 
ington Terrace, Bridgeport 

48340 Sherwood, Harriettc B. Curtis (Mrs Charles) 198 Courtland st, 


8694 Sherwood, Jessie (Miss) 681 Myrtle av, Bridgeport 

8946 Sherwood, Lottie C. (Miss) 122 Derby a v. Derby 

45649 Sherwood, Mary Jane (Mrs) 534 E. Washington av, Bridgeport 

16002 Sherwood, Matilda Meeker (Mrs Simon C.) Southport 

18307. Shinners, Edith Bradley (Miss) 236 W. Main st, Meriden 

4939 Shipman, Mary Whiton (Mrs L. K.). .158 Hempstead st, New London 

72079 Shipman, Nettie Louise (Mrs Evan Jenks) 159 York st, New 


34505 Shirk, Grace Augusta (Mrs Samuel M.) 233 Summer st, Stamford 

60763 Short, Mary Batterson Smith (Mrs Frederick W.)..485 William st, 

61710 Sibley, Clarissa Amelia (Miss) North Windham 

29763 Sibley, Kate B. (Mrs Preston Bishop)...* Danielson 

6248 Sigourney, Irene Gaylord (Mrs Frank W.)....247 Main st, Bristol 

84194 Sikes, Jennie M. Belknap (Mrs Howard D.) Suffield 

78075 Silliman, Alice Curtis (Mrs Charles H.) Stratford 

6237 Silliman, Caroline Hoyt (Mrs Joseph F.) New Canaan 

26365 Silliman, Marietta B. (Mrs Frederick E.) 1546 Fairfield av, 

4596 Silliman, Susan Hawley Sterling (Mrs Lewis Burr) . . . .814 Park av, 

3191 Simmons, Emma Avery (Mrs A. H.) Mystic 

16048 Simons, Nellie Elizabeth (Miss) 126 Pleasant st, Meriden 

21861 Simpson, Annie Mary (Miss) 22 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

21860 Simpson, Margaret Davis (Miss) 22 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

54185 Sisson, Elizabeth Gay (Mrs Joseph Chapman) West Hartford 

82791 Skilton, Carrie May Skilton (Mrs Charles Herbert) . .247 Main st, 

63402 Skilton, Marion Julia (Miss) R. F. D. 3, Terry ville 

35146 Skinner, Clara Stone Hine (Mrs Charles Roswell) . .25 Huntington 
st, Hartford 

61751 Skinner, Vera Corning (Miss) Watertown 

81511 Slade, Florence Bispham (Mrs Charles Parker) . .28 Frederick st, 

19696 Slosson, Amy L. Wells (Mrs Frank'>..541 Fairfield av, Bridgeport 
16037 Small, Agnes Hyde (Mrs Frederick Forrest) . .188 Fern st, Hartford 

46595 Smith, Agnes Elizabeth (Miss) Naugatuck 

13580 Smith, .Alice Frothingham Tyler (Mrs) Westville 

23629 Smith, Amelia K. (Mrs Frank B.) . . . , 112 Oak st, Hartford 

45637 Smith, Anna B. Jennings (Mrs William Emerson) Southport 

63404 Smith, Anna Cornell (Mrs Isaac W.) 54 Lenox pi. New Britain 


17385 Smith, Anna Laura (Miss) Bethel 

2397 Smith, Anna Leland (Miss) 68 Pearl st, Middletown 

10879 Smith, Annette Kimball (Mrs Charles B.)..P. O. Box 76, Waterford 

50616 Smith, Annie Elizabeth (Mrs George Frederick) 52 Niles st,. 

2304 Smith, Annie Holt (Mrs Frederick Morgan) Hotel Mohican, New- 

66476 Smith, Blanche Viola (Miss) P. O. Box 130, Yantic 

36617 Smith, Carolyn Arey (Miss) 778 Main st, New London 

29386 Smith, Cornelia Buxton (Miss) Litchfield 

80248 Smith, Edna Geneva (Miss) Clinton 

2832 Smith, Elizabeth (joodwin (Miss) The Goodwin, Hartford 

16055 Smith, Elizabeth Humiston (Mrs Joseph Carter) 38 S. 1st st,. 


6256 Smith, Elizabeth M. (Mrs J. Henry) 138 Grove st, Waterbury 

49359 Smith, Ella Maria Hubbard (Mrs Robert T.) 316 Fairfield av. 


22540 Smith, Ella Millicent (Mrs Myron) 301 Colony st, Meriden 

73504 Smith, Emma Jane Ward (Mrs Augustus George) 91 Winter st„ 

New Britain 

58761 Smith, Emma Sears (Mrs Clayton) 260 William st, Bridgeport 

70276 Smith, Eva Clarina Rouse (Mrs Ernest Clifford) . .38 Elm st, Bristol 

21859 Smith, Eva Clark (Mrs William A.) 147 Tremont st, Ansonia 

S3702 Smith, Eva May Thrall (Mrs Harry Conklyn) . .Grove st, Rockville 

71713 Smith, Fannie Barnes (Mrs William Theodore) 71 Prospect st,. 


42764 Smith, Fannie Evalena Bradley (Mrs Lovis) East Haven 

59639 Smith, Flora Tuller (Miss) Weatogue P. O., Simsbury 

81209 Smith, Frances Alfreda (Mrs George Wilbur) Fairfield 

56850 Smith, Grace Estelle Potter (Mrs Clark E.) New London 

38942 Smith, Grace Raymond (Mrs Edwards M.)..867 Park av, Bridgeport 

13129 Smith, Harriet Barnett (Mrs George Franklin) Milford 

87064 Smith, Harriet E. (Miss) 206 White st, Danbury 

54181 Smith, Harriet Forbes (Mrs James C.) West Hartford 

54065 Smith, Harriet Savage (Miss) Berlin 

17400 Smith, Harriet Seymour Cutler (Mrs Frank G.) 253 Capitol av,, 

11405 Smith, Helen (Mrs Richard) 195 Grove st, Waterbury 

5205 Smith. Helen Nichols (Mrs Harry A.) . .639 Prospect av, Hartford 

38367 Smith. Helen Russell (Mrs Elbert Elmer) Edgewood, Bristof 

17421 Smith, Ida Lois Booth Wilcox (Mrs Frank Daniel) Meriden 

84723 Smith, Irene Adelaide Thomas (Mrs Watson Noble) 75 Race St.. 


77769 Smith, Isabel Lee (Miss) 40 Randolph av, Meriden 

60195 Smith, J. Elizabeth (Mrs Roderick S.) Simsbury 

7414 Smith, Jane T. Hills (Mrs Charles H.)..593 Farmington av, Hartford 

6707 Smith, Jennie Alexander (Mrs Stanley Augustus). .461 Williams st,. 

New London 
11394 Smith, Jennie Lee (Mrs Edwin E.) 40 Randolph av. Meriden 

8690 Smith, Jennie Lockwood (Miss) 58 Washington av, Bridgeport 

81228 Smith, Jenny Lind (Mrs William P.).. 279 Piedmont st, Waterbury 
7386K Smith, Jessie Campfield (Mrs Wilbur F.) Greenwich 

4585 Smith, Julia Hubbell Billings (Mrs William Brooks).. 269 Park pi, 

22570 Smith. Julia Maria (Mrs George) Seymour 

11354 Smith, Laura Brooks (Mrs Henry D.). .Winthrop Hotel, Meriden 
15425 Smith. Laura White (Mrs Clayton 'B.)..29 Vauxhall st, New London 
66039 Smith, Lavinia Wilcoxson (Mrs Henry Herbert). .King st, Strat- 

54183 Smith, Leona Olive (Miss) 1092 Farmington av, West Hartford 

55080 Smith, Lillian Winslow (Miss) Simsbury 

35159 Smith, Lizzie Winchell (Mrs George G.) 45 Elm st, Rockville 

54182 Smith, Lois Mellicent Flower (Mrs Hyman F.) West Hartford 

156 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

10304 Smith, Louisa (Miss) 11 Marshall st. Hartford 

31243 Smith, Louise M. White (Mrs Harold C) Milford 

6238 Smith, Lucretia Wright (Miss) 2J Broad st, New London 

imn Smith, Lucy S. (Mrs Edward M.) Gilead 

59141 Smith, Lucy Turner (Mrs Franklin A.). .22 Addison st, New London 

64515 Smith, M. Virginia (Miss) 70 Atwater av, Derby 

35709 Smith, Margaret Francelia Small (Mrs Dutee)..19 Fremont st, Put- 

8205 Smith, Maria Lowrey (Miss) 49 Glenbrook av, Stamford 

20813 Smith, Maria Perit Huntington (Mrs Llewellyn Pratt). .Redwood, 


13130 Smith, Maria Thereia Piatt (Mrs E. Stiles) .. Orange av, Milford 

75152 Smith, Marian Grace Quien (Mrs William C.) 12 Pleasant st, 


8324 Smith, Martha A. Kimball (Mrs Otis A.) Rockfall 

82948 Smith, Martha E. (Mrs Thomas A.) 190 Cook av, Meriden 

13128 Smith, Mary A. Hepburn (Mrs) River & Maple st, Milford 

21398 Smith, Mary EKzabeth Gillette (Mrs Nathan Truman) Milford 

19072 Smith, Mary Florence Holt (Mrs Herbert James) 46 Church st, 


6726 Smith, Mary L. Ramsdell (Mrs Guilford) South Windham 

49005 Smith, Mary Priscilla Barker (Mrs Charles H.) Collinsville 

13085 Smith, Nellie Darrow Allen (Mrs Aborn Fanning) , .372 Williams 
st, New London 

48320 Smith, Nettie C (Miss) Cheshire 

16612 Smith, Olive Elizabeth (Miss) 38 S. 1st st, Meriden 

54115 Smith, Ruth Stoddard (Mrs Arthur Cylranus) . . Newington Junction 

29401 Smith, Sallie Benton (Mrs Ralph). .. .150 Prospect st, Waterbury 

69202 Smith, Sarah Diantha (Miss) 464 Rubber av, Naugatuck 

12035 Smith, Sarah M. Greenslit (Mrs Miron Winslow) Yantic 

10956 Smith, Susan B. M. (Mrs Archer J.).. 191 Prospect st, Waterbury 

41697 Smith. Susan M. Cairoli (Mrs Clifford E.) Milford 

65111 Smith, Susie Gendar (Mrs Frank M.) Bethel 

1124 Sneath, Anna S. C. (Mrs E. H.) 285 Whitney av, New Haven 

83699 Sniffen, Lula May (Miss) 144 Main st, Danbury 

82146 Snow, Fanny Vail (Mrs George Winfield) ..255 Summer st, Bristol 

17521 Snow, Josephine Merrill (Mrs Herbert). .567 Orange st, New Haven 

83476 Snow, Mary E. (Mrs Otis) 10 Florence st, Rockville 

72609 Snow, Ruth Barry (Mrs E. W.) Winsted 

54632 Somers, Elizabeth Amelia (Miss) 109 Chestnut av, Waterbury 

54633 Somers, Josephine Helena (Miss) 109 Chestnut av, Waterbury 

54634 Somers, Myra Millenna (Miss) 109 Chestnut av, Waterbury 

12541 Soule, Ellen Smyth (Mrs George H.) South st, Stamford 

4576 Southmayd, Maria Cornelia (Mrs S. G.)..283 Court st, Middletown 

80426 Southmayd, Mary Alice Johnson (Mrs Frederick Clark) Portland 

19626 .Southworth, Sarah Adela Wood (Mrs L. E.) Watertown. 

55092 Spalding, Katherine Moody (Mrs) Lincoln Bldg, Bridgeport 

82328 Spargo, Lila Maud Alvord (Mrs Edward Charles) 1285 Noble av, 

11376 Sparks, Lillian Crandall (Mrs Henry Irving) Mystic 

80262 Spaulding, Anna Merrill (Miss) Cheshire 

69434 Spaulding, Grace L. Merrill (Mrs) Cheshire 

80263 Spaulding, Jessie Goodwin (Miss) Mt. Holyoke College, Cheshire 

59644 Speake, Anna Hotchkiss (Mrs J. M.) Cheshire 

57684 Spencer, Agnes Murray (Mrs Harold C.)..78 Walnut st (Station B), 


53605 Spencer. Anna Colfax Benedict (Mrs William Boyd).. 127 Sherwood 
av, Bridgeport 

15477 Spencer, Emily Adaline Fuller (Mrs Israel Luther) Suffield 

65772 Spencer, Estelle Mary Fenn (Mrs Edward Phelps) R. F. D., 

53090 Spencer, Ether G. (Mrs Thaddeus R.) Moodus 

15478 Spencer, Florence S. (Mrs Charles L.) Suffield 


42150 spencer, Helena Ellsworth Bailey (Mrs Samuel Reid) Suffield 

41170 Spencer, Katie Emmons (Mrs Albert F.) New Milford 

25035 Spencer, Louise Pomeroy (Mrs James Pendleton) Suffield 

73658 Spencer, Mary A. (Mrs Frank F.) Manchester 

87060 Spencer, Mary Bissell (Mrs Joseph Bailey) Windsor 

3107 Spencer, Mary Catlin (Miss) 331 Laurel st, Hartford 

15476 Spencer, Sara Louise Deming (Mrs Calvin C.) • * Suffield 

31249 Spencer, Sarah E. (Mrs Francis E.) 1144 Chapel st. New Haven 

29249 Sperry, Caroline T. Armbruster (Mrs Lewis).. East Windsor Hill 

58211 Sperry, Grace E. Randall (Mrs A. Charles).. 36 Cornell st, Shelton 

20816 Sperry, Julia A. (Mrs Hart N.) Milford 

34043 Sperry. Mary Eudora (Mrs Henry Theodore) 47 Prospect st, 


3517 Sperry, Minnie Newton (Mrs N. D.) 466 Orange st, New Haven 

53065 Spicer, Lillie Maria Irons (Mrs Charles Everett) Jewett City 

3850 Spicer, Nancy Avery (Mrs John O.) Groton 

35164 Spittle, Mary Louisa Tucker (Mrs William). 37 Winter st, Torrington 

83064 Splitstone, Florence B. (Miss) 15 Bradley st, Naugatuck 

83062 Splitstone, Jennie (Mrs John S.) 15 Bradley st, Naugatuck 

81512 Spring, Isabel Brock way (Mrs Frederic) .. 16 Hillside av, Naugatuck 

22531 Spring, Jane B. Santee (Mrs) 72 Niles st, Hartford 

83065 Squire, Eunice Rozilla Brooks (Mrs Albert Newton).. 657 High st, 


65774 Stagg, Annie Frances Brinsmade (Mrs William Agur) Stratford 

61719 Stanford, Grace A. Merwin (Mrs CJeorge) Milford 

6695 Stanley, Alice Grey (Miss) Stanley pi. New Britain 

5984 Stanley. Alice Moore (Mrs Frederick N.) . . 10 Franklin sq, E., New 


7022 Stanley, Avis Elena Downs (Mrs Charles B.)..282 W. Main st. New 


8342 Stanley. Ella M. (Miss) Highland Park 

3883 Stanley, Ellen Crosby (Miss) 1005 Main st. E.. Hartford 

54179 Stanlev. Fannie Elizabeth Baker (Mrs Everett T.) West Hartford 

24530 Stanley. Flora May (Miss) Highland Park 

9937 Stanley, Florilla M. H. (Mrs Robert N.) ... .Highland Park, South 
Manchester • 
63929 Stanley, Helen Hooker Talcott (Mrs) Grove Hill, New Britain 

6696 Stanley, Katharine A. (Miss) 24 Franklin sq, E.. New Britain 

54180 Stanley, Rowena A. Clark (Mrs Frederick E.) West Hartford 

53070 Stanley. Ruth Imogene (Miss) 272 W. Main st. New Britain 

7023 Stanley, Sarah Lozicr (Mrs Alfred Hubert).. 38 Washington st. New 


13172 Stanley, Theodoria G. (Miss) 40 Broad st. Stamford 

8206 Stannard, Martha Elizabeth (Mrs Robert Russell) . .45 Prospect st, 


59643 Stanton, Adaline Norton Crandall G. (Mrs Robert A.) Mystic 

3?7»7 Stanton, Alice Cooper (Miss) 29 Huntington st. New London 

17374 Stanton, Elizabeth S. Cooper (Mrs John Gilman)..99 Huntington st. 

New London 

16013 Stanton. Harriet A. (Mrs Henry C.) Stonington 

8919 Stanton, Lucy Angcline (Miss) 23 Coit st. Norwich 

86511 Staples, Agnes Leslie Orr (Mrs Richard) . .330 E. Main st, Bridgeport 
42762 Staoles, Grace Adelaide Cooke (Mrs Arthur Leland)..256 Clinton av. 

New Haven 
17382 Staples. Laura Frances Stevens (Mrs Frank Trubee)..330 E. Main 

st, Bridgeport 
26661 Stanles. Sarah Elizabeth Trubcc (Mrs James) ... .319 E. Main st, 


47027 Stark. Ida Dickinson (Miss) (R. F. D., E, Haddam), Moodus 

53076 Stark, Nellie Lowell (Mrs Clinton E.) 31 Slater av. Norwich 

25992 Starr. A. Augusta (Mrs) East Hampton 

48323 Starr, Anna Qark (Mrs Jonathan) Terryville 

4937 Starr. Helen Hecley (Mrs Charles Stockman) . .297 Williams st, New 


158 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

83041 Starr, Helen Josephine (Miss) 297 Williams st, New London 

3109 Starr, Louisa Green (Mrs Pierre S.)--175 N. Beacon st, Hartford 

25032 Starr, Marion Griswold Vail (Mrs William Stark).. 55 Vauxhall st. 

New London 
6716 Starr, Mary Adele Hulbutt (Mrs O. S.)..46 Suburban av, Stamford 

'46601 Starr, Miude Allen (Mrs Ambrose Markham) East Hampton 

46178 Staub, Sarah Juliette Mallett (Mrs George Edward).. New Milford 

42149 Staub, Winona Lake Powe (Mrs Verton P.) New Milford 

28882 Steadman, Hattie L. (Mrs Willard G.) Southington 

58202 Steane, Sybella (Mrs Isaac James) 29 Collins st, Hartford 

26114 Stearns, Fannie Nash (Mrs Thomas Calhoun) Westport 

18257 Stearns, Lucinda Lewis (Mrs William L.)..17S Broad st, Norwich 

2819 Stebbins, Fanny Belle (Miss) ..349 Main st, Danbury 

21431 Steele, Emily Graham Stan wood (Mrs Harvey Baldwin) . .Winchester 

71065 Steele, Tola Swords (Mrs Charles E.) 2 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

79757 Steele, Isabella Robinson (Mrs Samuel Wilcox).. 68 Queen st, Bristol 
10957 Steele, Margaret Wilmarth Hill (Mrs H. Milroy) . .45 Prospect st, 

69197 Steele, Ruby E. (Miss) 69 Jackson st, Ansonia 

8914 Sterling, Harriet E. Peck (Mrs John T.)..771 Myrtle av, Bridge- 
55572 Sternberg, Anna Grace Allen (Mrs Adolph Carl, Jr.).. West Hartford 
80572 Sterns, Bessie Taylor (Mrs Wallace Henry).. 28 Bradley st, Putnam 
40751 Sterrett, Elizabeth Atwater (Mrs Harry Lardner) . . 1086 Iraniston 
av, Bridgeport 

56114 Sterry, Anna E. Magennis (Mrs T. Hunt) The Mohican, New 


25033 Sterry, Helen Allen Hovey (Mrs James Nelson).. 19 Prospect st, 

New London 
47029 Stetson, Etta Wetherbee (Mrs Albert L.)..603 Broad st, Meriden 
5290 Stevens, Almira Louise Candee (Mrs Frederic Hollister) . .954 Park 

av, Bridgeport 
S987 Stevens, Anna M. G. (Mrs Frederick S.)..850 Lafayette st, Bridge- 

4815 Stevens, Clara Louise Camp (Mrs W. B.) Deep River 

7436 Stevens, Cornelia Ambrosia Upson (Mrs Frederick M.)..53 Pine st. 

35135 Stevens, Hallie Beach (Mrs Philip Hermann) 106 Prospect pi, 

2227 Stevens. Jennie May Daskam (Mrs James Lawrence) . .124 East av, 

16058 Stevens, Mabel S. Garlick (Mrs Lewis A.) South Meriden 

83594 Stevens, Mary Channell (Mrs Ezra Hermon) Seymour 

35140 Stevens, Sarah A. (Mrs Evelyn E.) Clinton 

17893 Stevens, Sarah Louisa (Miss) 7 Park st, Norwalk 

11361 Stevenson, Mary Linsley (Mrs Francis. Jr.) . .Washington pi, Meriden 
4945 Stevenson, Mary Shelton (Mrs William Henry).. 281 Golden Hill, 

28365 Stevenson, Sarah Louise (Mrs J. P.) 7 S. Elm st, Wallingford 

8924 Stewart, Gierstein Spencer (Mrs Lemuel L.) . . . .71 Woodlawn st, 

15487 Stiles. Eunice A. White (Mrs Chadcs A.).. 27 Park pi. Middletown 

14736 Stiles. Grace Sarah Holmes (Mrs George F.) South Windham 

35163 Stiles, Ida Louise (Miss) Suffield 

4572 Stiles, Sarah Maria (Mrs Norman C.) 139 Kenyon st, Hartford 

2588 Stillman, Alice Webster (Miss) 25 Marshall st, Hartford 

75757 Stillman, Amelia J. (Miss) 83 Courtland st, Bridgeport 

28359 Stillman, Jennie Whitney (Mrs Benjamin Rhodes) ... .22 Kenyon 

st, Hartford 
16581 Stillman, Mary Jeannette Darrow (Mrs (Jcorge Barber) . .45 Black- 
hall st. New London 

69791 Stillson, Marion E. (Mrs Charles H.) 34 N. Cliff st, Ansonia 

S2286 Stivers, Lucy Sherman (Mrs James Howland) Stonington 


58657 Stivers, Mabel P. (Mrs Francis Edwin) 10 Mott st, Ansonia 

35144 Stockbridge, Mary Francis (Mrs Henry Randolph) East Morris 

8103 Stockder, Edith Love (Mrs Charles Edward, Jr.).. 51 Griswold st, 

10352 Stockder, Zerline Latham Hall (Mrs Charles H.) 219 State st, 


12494 Stocking, Martha Eliza (Miss) 165 Prospect st, Torrington 

4431 Stockwell, Addie E. D. (Mrs Samuel T.) West Simsbury 

19074 Stoddard, Ella Exton (Mrs Seth) 112 Elm st, Putnam 

54114 Stoddard, Lila Marguerite Steele (Mrs John Roswell) . .Newington 


54611 Stoddard, Marie Day (Miss) 31 Huntington st, New London 

3852 Stoddard, Marie Day McEwen (Mrs Henry H.)..31 Huntington st, 

New London 
69449 Stoddard, Martha Billings (Mrs Orrin Edwin) . .6 Pleasant st, Mid- 


80428 Stoddard, Mary Brown ( Mrs Edward J.) Cheshire 

4774 Stoddard, Sarah Allen (Miss) 12 Meridian st. New London 

49340 Stone, Alice Robbins Woodruff (Mrs Wm. Bulkeley) . .51 Walnut st, 

New Britain 
52462 Stone, Annie Bragdon (Mrs Berkley Charles). 105 S. Main st, Middle- 

55083 Stone, Ethel WoodruflF (Miss) 51 Walnut st, New Britain 

5970 Stone, Jennie Mabel Curtis Lewis (Mrs John M.). .Farmington av, 

59646 Stone, Mary Buttrick (Mrs Wm. Frederic). .25 Maple st, Bristol 

84192 Stone, Mellicent Lucy (Miss) 254 Huntington st, New London 

61742 Storrs, Bessie Whitmore (Mrs Lewis A.).. 360 Farmington av, Hart- 
6735 Storrs, Florence Blanche Rogers (Mrs F. R.) 168 Summit st, 


8977 Storrs, Mary L. (Mrs Charles W.) Seymour 

10947 Storrs, Mettie Sophie Rider (Mrs Carlos H.)..6 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

68755 Stow, Stella Louise Chapin (Miss) Stow's Hill, Milford 

39461 Straw, Carrie Maud (Mrs Arthur Joseph) Manchester 

3886 Street, Alice Newton (Mrs Samuel H.)..207 Bishop st. New Haven 
8940 Street, Elizabeth Bradford Roberts (Mrs Henry A.).. 617 Elm st, 

New Haven 

561 16 Street, Emcline Amelia (Miss) East Haven 

^1878 Street, Evaline Jones (Mrs Frederick B.) East Haven 

75019 Street, Grace Hotchkiss (Miss) East Haven 

21895 Street. Sara Payne (Mrs Philo W.) Suffield 

53589 Strickland, Anna C. (Miss) Stanley pi, New Britain 

18322 Strickland, Belle Denison (Mrs Alfred F.) . .95 S. Main st, Torrington 

4938 Strickland, Frances Emeline (Miss) Mohegan av, New London 

71708 Strickland, Isadora A. Whipple (Mrs Francis G.) Windsor 

55566 Strickland, Kate Miller (Mrs Erwin)..258 Courtland st, Bridgeport 

mn Strickland, Mary Ann Pratt (Mrs Robert Andrew) Stratford 

65115 Strong^, Annie Forbes (Mrs Edwin) 79 Church st, Hartford 

42756 Stronpr, Antoinette Smith Loomis (Mrs Lester Clark) (Station B.), 


15481 Strong. Carrie Louise (Miss) Suffield 

22508 Strong, Clara Smith (Mrs George Chappell) New London 

25977 Strong. Clarissa Chatfield (Miss) 531 West av, Bridi?eport 

21432 Strong, Emerctte Lois Colt (Mrs David) Station B, Winsted 

72087 Strong, Georgianna Rathbun (Mrs Franklin H.)....Wcst Hartford 

23646 Strong, Maud Fales (Mrs Frederic Clark) Station B, Winsted 

22527 Strong. May Warner Granniss (Mrs Frederick Augustus) . .2211 Main 

st, Bridgeport 
17887 Strunz, S. Addie Thompson (Mrs Otto F.)..223 Center st, Bristol 
67489 Stuart, Mary Elizabeth Bennett (Mrs Edward W.)..61 West av, 

7410 Stuart. Minnie L. Hoppin (Mrs Lee R.) Olivia st, Derby 

160 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

40194 Stubbert, Emma Sophia Randlett (Mrs John R.).-53 Sunnyside av, 

58210 Sturgeon, Eva Belle Allen (Mrs Wm. T.)..8 Davis av, Rockville 

17900 Sturges, Emeline Perry Beers (Mrs Everett) New Milford 

7429 Sturges, Florence A. Canfield (Mrs Everett Judson)..New Milford 

10382 Sturges, Katherine A. (Miss) Wilton 

5399 Sturges, Sarah Adams (Mrs Henrv C.) Fairfield 

59665 Styles, Ina V. Hurlbut (Mrs Lucius) West Hartford 

7814 Sugden, Alice M. Carlton (Mrs Arthur Wales) 52 Highland st, 

75148 Sullivan, Lida Packard Turner (Mrs Augustus Thomas).. 19 Slater 
av, Norwich 

48324 Sumner, Mary Stewart (Miss) 118 Howe st, New Haven 

60220 Sutliffe, Blanche Hyatt (Mrs Claude Victor) ... .30 Curtis st, Meriden 

28871 Sutliffe, Daisy Burton (Miss) Plymouth 

20788 Sutliffe, Edith E. (Miss) Plymouth 

44174 Sutton, Euphemia Barnes (Mrs J. Calvin) Mystic 

37578 Sutton, Harriet A. Knapp (Mrs William A.) . .676 Park av, Bridge- 

1381 Swain, Martha Walker (Mrs Edward Allen) Pomfret 

29408 Swan, Augusta Lee (Mrs Samuel P.) 34 Hobart st, Meriden 

66482 Swan, Henrietta F. Hyde (Mrs Samuel) 167 West av, Bridgeport 

63415 Swan, Martha Elizabeth (Mrs Stetson L.)..241 Court st. Middle- 

56228 Swan, Mary Eliza (Mrs Edwin J.) 73 Yale st, Bridgeport 

11862 Swartz, Adora F. (Mrs Christian) 68 West av. South Norwalk 

60769 Swartz, Helen Margaret (Miss) 68 West ave, Norwwalk 

23632 Sweet, Nettie Tilden (Mrs William H. P.) 114 Bridge st, Willimantic 

67490 Swift, Adelaide Elizabeth Millard (Mrs Harry Gordon) West 


28022 Swift, Bertha Harrison (Mrs Orlando Edmund).. 16 Russell st, New 


43842 Swift, Elizabeth Punderson (Miss) Hamden 

80271 Swift, Gertrude Skiff (Miss) West Cheshire 

28023 Swift, Kate Upson (Mrs Morton Carter) 157 Lake st. New Britain 
9552 Swift, Rebekah Eunice (Miss) Hamden 

82152 Swindon, Sarah E. Northrop (Mrs Frederick) . .216 Congress st, 

6673 Switzer, Carrie Louise Smith (Mrs Luin B.) . .2433 Warring st, 

5238 Swords, Jennie Augusta Waterman (Mrs William A.) . .65 S. Main 

st, South Norwalk 
12489 Sydleman, Sarah Virginia Higgs (Mrs George Augustus) . .4 Stanton 

av, Norwich 
61714 Sykes, Adelaide Marie Hutchins (Mrs Henry Martin). .Forrest st & 

Edgewood av. New Haven 
35737 Sykes, Bernice D. Heath (Mrs George Edmund).. 76 Prospect st, 

49840 Sykes, Hattie Leone Vibbert (Mrs James T.) 25 Orchard st, 

2586 Taintor, Belle Spencer (Mrs James U.) . .862 Asylum av, Hartford 
28355 Taintor, Jane G. Bennett (Mrs Henry Ellsworth) .. 112 Woodland 

st, Hartford 

10934 Talbot, Annie Stebbins (Mrs) 85 Winchester av, New Haven 

16604 Talcott, Alice Louisa (Mrs Morris H.) Talcottville 

22574 Talcott, Clara F. McLean (Mrs George) Rockville 

54186 Talcott, Eliza Sophia (Miss) Elmwood 

6697 Talcott, Fannie Hazen (Mrs John Butler) 10 Grove Hill, New 

21411 Talcott, Hannah Maria Freeman (Mrs Charles Denison) ..Talcottville 
58661 Talcott, Mary D. Vaill (Mrs Charles Hooker) .... 19 Woodland st, 

2245 Talcott, Mary Kingsbury (Miss) 135 Sigoumey st, Hartford 


25944 Talcott, May Churchill (Mrs George Sherman) . .58 Franklin sq. New 

12493 Talcott. Phebe Buell (Mrs Elijah Horatio). .192 Prospect st, Tor- 

39479 Talcott, Rebecca Hall (Mrs Philip J.).. 59 Curtis av, WalHngford 

50626 Talcott, Ruth Morgan (Miss) Talcottville 

53609 Talcott, Sarah Whiting (Miss) Elmwood 

427S4 Tarlton, Edna Cooke (Mrs Frank D.) 66 Munro pi, Winsted 

2719 Tate, Ella Comstock (Miss) 15 Fremont st. New London 

87065 Tate, Mary Dotha (Miss) 71 Chestnut av, Waterbury 

63928 Tatem, Christine Williams (Mrs James Burney, Jr.) Tatem st, 


19076 Tatem, Mary Eden (Miss) 128 Grove st, Putnam 

21395 Taylor, Adella Warner (Mrs Nelson F.)..N. Stanley & Francis st. 

New Britain 
48353 Taylor, Alice Smith (Mrs John Henry) . .906 Lafayette st, Watertown 
78476 Taylor, Bertha Smith (Mrs Charles Lincoln).. 17 Columbia st, Hart- 
25118 Taylor, Carrie Lincoln (Mrs Edwin Pemberton) . .41 Wethersfield 

av, Hartford 

83697 Taylor, Harriet E. Tuttle (Mrs Samuel F.) Cheshire 

18246 Taylor, Jennie Fuller (Mrs George Franklin) 193 Church st,. 


37969 Taylor, Lorena Tomlinson (Mrs (jeorge Francis) Sandy Hook 

78072 Taylor, Mabel Allen (Mrs John R.) Rairfield 

52440 Taylor, Martha J. Banks (Mrs Edward J.) Greens Farms 

44168 Taylor, Vesta Spencer (Mrs Charles Frederick) Windsor 

30262 Tealdi, Margherita Storer (Mrs Ernesto) 890 Chapel st, New 

35147 Tefft, Jessie Natalie Hasbrouck (Mrs Frank W.) 411 State st, 

18323 Temple, Fannie Eleanor Shaw (Mrs Jonathan) . .174 Prospect st, Tor- 

86512 Templeton, Martha * Castle (Mrs Charles A.).. 259 Pine st, Water- 
83034 Ten Broeck, Ella Jane (Mrs George Aaron).. 10 William st, Ansonia 

82407 Terrill, Everline Smith (Mrs Edwin) Naugatuck 

50219 Terrill. Sarah Wilson Clapp (Mrs Willis Edward).. 262 Court st. 

Middle town 

5947 Terry, Flora Lincoln (Miss) 12 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

8663 Terry. Isabella J. P. (Mrs Franklin E.) Middle st, E., Bristol 

5936 Terry, Jennie Montague (Mrs Frank T.) 40 State st, Ansonia 

5934 Terr>', Sophronia Bartholomew (Mrs Theodore P.) 40 State st, 

21897 Thayer, Ann Devereux (Mrs John Quincy)..233 Colony st, Meriden 

33209 Thayer, Lucy Darling (Mrs Henry J.) Putnam 

2716 Thomas, Addie Avery (Miss) Groton 

3853 Thomas, Adelia Esther Avery (Mrs Elisha Seabury) .Groton 

81513 Thomas, Cora Bell (Mrs Watson L) 125 Spencer st, Naugatuck 

11416 Thomas, Ella P. Fairbanks (Mrs George F.) . .67 Maple st, Bristol 
53606 Thomas, Florence E. Willard (Mrs Carlyle W.) 143 Beach st, 

17376 Thompson, Caroline Goss (Mrs Hugh L.)..129 Pine st, Waterbury 

56845 Thompson, Caroline Hamlin (Mrs) 46 Washington st, Norwich 

39476 Thompson, Charlotte H. Mahrs (Mrs Henry M.) Danielson 

70519 Thompson, Cora (Thase (Mrs Burt G.)..275 Prospect st, Willimantic 

35160 Thompson, Delia Snow (Mrs Charles Abbot) Melrose 

13157 Thompson, Ellen Louise Sanford (Mrs Sherwood S.)..153 York st, 

New Haven 

35161 Thompson, Fannie Ellsworth (Miss) Rockville 

J0S93 Thomoson, Harriet Adaline King (Mrs Lauriston) . .687 Warren st, 


162 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

44187 Thompson, Mary Frances Peck (Mrs George Trowbridge) 38 Howe 

st * New Flaven 
37185 Thompson, Mary Kurd Hubbell (Mrs Frank Ives) 719 Orange st, 

New Haven 

27466 Thompson, Mary Katherine (Miss) Winsted 

5281 Thompson, Minnie Flower (Mrs Edward S.) 114 East Main st, Meri- 

84979 Thompson, Sarah Burritt (Mrs John Webster) Church st, Stratford 
23638 Thomson, Aletta Van Doren Knapp (Mrs James Blackwell) ..92 Lin- 
coln st. New Britain 
51149 Thomson, Eloise Morton (Mrs Thomas Leonard) 17 Water st, Tor- 


57698 Thomson, Jennette Delana (Mrs Paul) West Hartford 

60782 Thomson, Rebckah Bulkley Wheeler (Mrs William Wallace) West 

21423 Thorne, Lavinia (Mrs John Richard) ....16 Mayo ave, Greenwich 
70730 Thorpe, Alice Augusta Dunbar (Mrs Warren Walter) 2 Main st, 

19681 Thorpe, Florence Josephine Rutherford (Mrs Walter Elbert) . . 19 High 

st, Bristol 
55575 Thrall, Katherine McNeil (Mrs Homer S.) 37 Wilson ave, Torring- 


37569 Thresher, Elizabeth House (Mrs Nathan S.) Southineton 

60224 Throope, Emma Fiskc (Mrs D. H.) DanieTson 

13209 Thursfield, Kate Falconer (Mrs) ,..39 Forrest st, Torrington 

10332 Tibbals, Adaline Maria (Mrs Rufus D.) ... .72 Howe st, New Haven 

36613 Tibbals, Carolyn Stow (Miss) , Milford 

13106 Tibbals, Marion L. Buckingham (Mrs Morton) Milford 

13132 Tibbals, Mary Merwin (Mrs George William). .140 Fulton st, New 

8106 Tiemann, Belle Louise Minor (Mrs Hermann Newell).. R. F. D. 34, 

79586 Tiffany, Elizabeth Andrew (Mrs Morris Leroy) 29 Sessions st, 

44175 Tiffany, Emeline Vosbury (Mrs Dwight) . .81 Hinsdale av, Winsted 
28366 Tiffany, Kate Freeman (Mrs Leverett William) 133 Holabird av, 


3571 1 Tillinghast, Annie Louise (Miss) Plainfield 

71710 Tillinghast, Mary A. Crary (Mrs Waldo) Plainfield 

36110 Tillotson. Fanny Kidder (Mrs W. Clinton) 25 Park st, Rockville 
.34503 Tingier, Charlotte Eliza Skinner (Mrs Lyman Twining).. 9 Davis av, 


84190 Tippet, Julia Allen (Mrs Philip V.) 66 High st, Ansonia 

24548 Titus, Marie Louise Turner (Mrs Arthur Curtis) Washington 

39475 Toas, Lucinda Huntress (Mrs Richard, Jr.) Killingly 

15482 Tobey, Grace Treat (Miss) 29 Niles st, Hartford 

80264 Todd, Edna J. (Miss) West Cheshire 

83038 Todd, Esther Hall (Mrs James) West Cheshire 

23105 Todd, Layette Newell (Mrs E. S.) Plantsville 

24S22 Todd, May E. Ailing (Mrs J. W.) 703 George st, New Haven 

18253 Tolles, Alice Tuttle (Mrs Harrison B.) ..19 Williams st, Ansonia 

61731 Tolles, Anna Evans (Mrs) 972 Chapel st. New Haven 

13217 Tolles, Elizabeth Belle Read (Mrs Chester F.) 52 State st, Ansonia 
21410 Tolles, Emma Bell (Mrs Marshall H.)..194 East av. East, Norwalk 

'81223 Tolles, Emma F. (Miss) 116 Fairview ave, Naugatuck 

72083 Tolles, Willa E. Barker (Mrs Everett W.) Elmcrest,' Norwalk 

9449 Tomlinson, Emma Statira (Miss) 958 North Main st, Waterbury 

4198 Torrey, Harriet Louise B. (Mrs Joseph) 1188 Fairfield ave. Bridge- 

51738 Torrey, Helen Porter (Mrs Charles Louis) 74 Grove st, Putnam 

59650 Toucey, Susan Edith Beach (Mrs Harry Glover) 3154 Main st, 

43449 Tousey, Lilian (Miss) Washington 


S5227 Tower, Anna M. Regan (Mrs Horace Linwood) 40 Oak si, Norwich 
2401 Townsend, Georgina Pollock Deveraux (Mrs John) 260 Washing- 
ton St. Middletown 

18296 Tracy, Ellen Hoyt (Miss) Putnam 

63^6 Tracy, Jessie lone Nevers (Mrs Hubert Dudley).. 2 Cone st, Hart- 
7435 Tracy, Mary Churchill Taylor (Mrs John R.). -Atlantic st, Stamford 
54627 Tracy, Pauline Sherman (Mrs Fred W.) ..748 State st, Bridgeport 

19655 Tracy, Rose Beckwith (Mrs John H.) Jewett City 

54^39 Trapp, Gertrude Beaumont (Mrs William Wallace) 239 Farmington 
ave, Hartford 

33177 Treadway, Florence Chapman (Mrs Willie H. H.) Groton 

26650 Treadway, Isabella G. Richards (Mrs Charles Terry) 72 Bcllevue 

ave, Bristol 
5357 Treadway, Lucy H. T. (Mrs Charles S.) . .63 Bellevue ave, Bristol 

79758 Treadway^ Lucy Margaret (Miss) 63 Bellevue ave, Bristol 

20815 Treat, Alice Elizabeth Candee (Mrs Mortimer Smith) ..Woodmont 
3394 Treat, Catherine Chapman (Mrs Arthur Barnes) 876 Elm st, New 

13131 Treat, Celia Baldwin (Mrs Thelus Clark) 6 University Place, 

New Haven 

31242 Treat, Evalyn Haviland (Mrs Otis Alfred) Milford 

47528 Tredennick, Nellie Smith (Mrs Charles H.) 47 Washington st, Meri- 

13133 Trowbridge, Maria Louise Merwin (Mrs Charles H.) Milford 

17890 Trowbridge, May Wells Farrell '(Mrs Rutherford) 46 Hillhouse ave, 
New Haven 

64103 Trowbridge, Sarah Hull (Mrs Henry) Temple st, New Haven 

58655 Tryon, Emma C. (Mrs Arthur Watson) Windsor 

21386 Trvon, Lillian Wainwright Hart (Mrs W. P.) 35 Curtis st, New 

33180 Tucker, Abbie Louise (Miss) 70 Beaver st, Ansonia 

13145 Tucker, Ellen Humes (Mrs C. W.) 120 Main st, Hartford 

10901 Tucker. Katharine Abbott Fox (Mrs John D.) 84 Edwards st, Hart- 

25960 Tudor, Mary Starr (Miss) South Windsor 

5310 Tufts, Louise K. P. (Mrs Caleb E.) West Mystic 

35151 Tukey, Lillian Ray (Mrs Frank Martin) . .816 North av, Bridgeport 

3880 Tuller, Ellen T. Hall (Mrs Charles D.) 43 Park st. Hartford 

23098 Tuller, Julia Dibble (Mrs Oliver Cromwell) West Simsbury 

84011 Tuller, Mabel Champion (Miss) 43 Park st, Hartford 

6234 Ttinney, Marv C. Drummond (Mrs Thomas) New Canaan 

69436 Turner, Carrie Beckley (Mrs Linneus Fremont) Burlington 

50210 Turner, Edith Alberta (Miss) care of G. S. Turner, Stepney Depot 

51712 Turner, Florence M. (Mrs Albert C. L.) 6 S. Cliff st, Ansonia 

31236 Turner. Joanna Elizabeth Davenport (Mrs Isaac) Coventry 

69437 Turner, Lila May ( Miss) Burlington 

9944 Turner. Mary Alice Holbrook (Mrs Arthur G.) 98 Windham st, 


2305 Turner, Mary Jane (Miss^ 20 Bulkley Place, New London 

20196 Turner, Mary Stearns (Mrs Luther Guiteau) 145 Migcon ave, Tor- 

26351 Turner, Nellie Darrow (Mrs Elisha) 190 Hempstead st, New 

58666 Turner, Viola I. Cooley (Mrs Jacob A.) 873 Windsor ave, Hartford 
66490 Tumey, Augusta Ferris (Mrs (leorge Henry) ..15 Anson st. Derby 
62882 Turnev, Kate Loui<:a Sherman (Mrs Oliver) Fairfield 

3504 Tuttlei Alice G. (Miss) 191 Farmington ave, Hartford 

21402 Tuttle, Alice Hubbard (Miss) 70 Linden st, Waterbury 

73227 Tuttle, Carrie M. (Mrs William P) 362 Elm st, New Haven 

2313 Tuttle, Jane (Miss) 16 Lorraine st, Hartford 

^\224 Tuttle, Olive M. (Miss) Naugatuck 

2814 Tweedy, Louise Hollcy (Mrs George R.)..156 Deer Hill av, Danbury 

164 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

7161 Tweedy, Sue Phillips (Mrs John T.) 6 Fairview av, Daiibury 

11385 Twichcll, Ellen E. (Mrs James C.) 91 Lincoln st, Merideii 

5283 Twichell, Sarah L. Frisbie (Mrs Edward W.). .. .Forest st, New 

4394 Twining, Almira Catlin (Miss) 229 Columbia blvd. Waterbur>r 

2493 Twiss, Fanny Lucy (Miss) 380 Crown st, Meriden 

81225 TwitchcU, Cora Esther Hinckley (Mrs Robert C.) ..285 N. Main st,. 

81514 Twitchell, Jane Gibbud (Miss) Naugatuck- 

81783 Twitchell, Jessie Rose (Miss) Naugatuck^ 

83066 Twitchell, May Parker (Mrs Frank) Madison 

47531 Twomey, Ella Stanton (Mrs M. Joseph) Danielson 

75022 Tyack, Edna Gregory (Mrs Urban N.) Cheshire- 

3380 Tyler, Delia Tallman Audubon (Mrs M. F.) 760 Prospect st, New- 
26^^68 Tvler, Myra Ives Marshall (Mrs Samuel A.) . .455 Broad st, Meriden 

35725 Tyler, Myrtie Belle Bradley (Mrs) East Hampton 

16571 Tyler, Sarah Lester (Miss) 88 Union st, Norwich 

71431 Ude, Mabel E. (Mrs Herman) Suffield" 

55561 Underbill, Jennie E. Barnes (Mrs Julius Eugene) . .307 Huntington 

st, New London 
73865 Underbill, Lavina Reed (Mrs Frank Pell) ..445 Orange st. New 

79447 Underwood, Lottie Elizabeth Treat (Mrs Eugene Bertrand) 67" 

Dickerman st. New Haven • 
12224 Underwood, Marie Antoinette Spoor (Mrs Lucien Marcus) . .Red- 
ding Ridge 

59655 Upham, Elizabeth (Miss) 31 Washington Place, Meriden 

2502 Upham, Elizabeth Hall (Mrs Charles L.). .31 Washington pi, Meriden 

3490 Upham. Emily Clark (Miss) 193 Colony st, Meriden 

9922 Upham, Mary Louise Brown (Mrs Lewis W.) 88 Clark st, New- 
8089 Upson, Alice Peck (Mrs Arthur W.) ..267 Shuttle Meadow ave. 
New Britain 

5385 Upson, Ella Augusta (Miss) 44 West st, Bristol 

28883 Upson, Fannie S. (Mrs William C.) Southingtoir 

68446 Upson, Lucy J. (Miss) West st. Southington 

84(X)8 Upson, Lufa Hart (Miss) Kensington- 

54089 LTpson, Margaret (Mrs Theron) 165 Park st. New Haven 

11859 Upson, Sarah Almira (Mrs Edward Chester).. 30 West av, S. Nor- 

25034 Vail, Ann Elizabeth (Mrs Charles) 16 Mountain av. New London 

20867 Vaill, Alice Dudley (Mrs Theodore Frelinghuysen) Station A, 

West Winsted 

20860 Vaill, Gertrude S. McClelland (Mrs Robinson L.) Winsted 

40188 Vail, Leila Strobridge Holmes (Mrs Dudley) .. .Station A, Winsted" 

52799 Valden, Mary E. Stevens (Mrs Louis L.) Ridgefield 

63409 Van Alstyne, Fanny J. Crosby (Mrs Alexander) ..226 Wells st» 

6674 Van Alstyne, Julia Bishop Shelton (Mrs Charles P.) . .293 Golden 
Hill st, Bridg^ort 

5235 Van Buren, Louise A. (Mrs Robert) 58 Westav, Norwalk 

31989 Van Buren, Vera May Wood (Mrs) 58 West av, Norwalk 

10881 Vance. Annie Louise Piatt (Mrs Edward T.)..74 Elm st, Ansonia 

73862 Van Keuren, Grace E. (Miss) 53 Center st, Winsted* 

56851 Van Pelt, Harriet Brewer Adams (Mrs Moses).. 13 Manwaring Hill, 

New London 
39482 Van Vleck. Hester Lawrence (Mrs Edward Burr) ..High st, Mid- 

25458 Van Vliet, Frances Fowler (Mrs William B.) Milford 

60534 Van Wyncoop, Anna R. Hueston (Mrs John Barnard).. 210 Cole- 
man st, Bridgeport 


T9078 Vaughan, Blanche Patience Morse (Mrs George Addison) . .339 

Church st, Putnam 

27459 Vaughn, Agnes Lyon Simmons (Mrs John) . .McKinley av, Norwich 

J3634 Vaughn, Annie E. (Miss) 317 Broadway, Norwich 

34488 Vaughn, Louise M. (Mrs Walter W.) Sterling 

71720 Veness, Minnie F. (Mrs Alfred E.) 613 Laurel av, Bridgeport 

65114 Verplanck, Sarah Annie (Mrs Frederick A.) South Manchester 

58307 Very, Edith (Miss) 23 Sumner st, Hartford 

54643 Very, Julia Sherwood (Mrs William) 23 Sumner st, Hartford 

54644 Very, Susie Bun (Miss) 23 Sumner st, Hartford 

49841 Vibbert, Ada Belle (Miss) 25 Orchard st. Rockville 

71068 Vibert, Frances (Miss) South Windsor 

12487 Victory, Elsie Louise Smith (Mrs Charles) 216 Minerva st, 


2303 Viets, Nfary Comstock (Mrs Carl Jay) 47 Granite st, New London 

4385 Vinal, M. Amelia H. (Mrs Charles G. R.) ..341 High st, Middle- 

39844 Vincent, Adelaide E. Blanchard (Mrs) North Stonington 

5746 Viot, Laura Mabel Case (Mrs Joseph N.) ..Highland Park, South 

21903 Von Waldersee, Mary (Countess Alfred).. 307 N. Colony st, Meriden 
59125 Voorhis, Mary Isabelle Thornton (Mrs Clarence Gilbert) ..Windsor 
35730 Vroom, Mary Harvey (Mrs Guysbert B.) ..12 Lincoln st, New 

59129 Wadham, Virginia Pettigrew (Mrs Ernest Winfield) Groton 

51150 Wadhams, Annie M. Tenney (Mrs John M.) ..61 Forest st, Tor- 

67208 Wadhams, Edith Wadhams (Miss) Thomaston 

18326 Wadhams, Julia Elizabeth (Miss) 65 Forest st, Torrington 

76522 Wadhams, Mary Pelton (Mrs John Hodges) ..88 Forest st, Tor- 
13913 Wadhams, Margaret M. Travis (Mrs Frederick N.)..170 Pearl st, 

15483 Wadsworth, Georgiana Hazard Loomis (Mrs Philip) Suffield 

2244 Wainwright, Mabel W. (Miss) 58 Washington st, Hartford 

77018 Wakefield, Florence Ella (Miss) Tewett City 

65773 Wakelee, Sarah Raymond (Mrs Edward Lincoln) ..73 Sherwood 
av, Bridgeport 

48312 Wakeman, Emma Frances (Miss) : .Fairfield 

26669 Wakeman, Florence A. (Mrs Isaac B.) Naugatuck 

4317 Wakeman, Frances (Miss) Southport 

4007 Wakeman, Grace Melville Hall (Mrs Howard Nichols) ..South- 

38381 Wakeman, Mary Virginia (Miss) Moodus 

12174 Waldo, Evelyn Colburn (Mrs Charles G.) 72 Park av, Bridgeport 

42779 Waldron, Abbie Denison (Mrs Arthur ^ ..64 Lincoln st. Hartford 
«)583 Walker, Carrie Tracy (Mrs Robert S.) ..153 Waterville st, Water- 

28033 Walker. Cornelia Hubbell (Mrs John O.) . . . .714 Park av, Bridgeport 
7024 Walker. Cornelia Sloper (Mrs William F.) . .35 Cedar st. New 

55094 Walker, Elmira Campbell (Mrs Charles Wellington). .11 Linden av, 

82330 Walker, Emma J. (Mrs James E.) Highland Terrace, Stafford 

14149 Walker, Georgiana Nichols (Mrs Clement Adams) . .534 State st, 

37971 Walker, Isa DuBois Murray (Mrs Benjamin F.) 697 Williams st. 


71716 Walker, Mary Kate (Miss) 714 Park av, Bridj?eport 

28884 Walkley, Elizabeth Lowry (Mrs Edwin Nelson) Southington 

31244 Walkley, Ellen Taulman (Mrs L. V.) Plantsville 

31245 Walkley, Frances Sarah (Miss) Plantsville 

166 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

82408 Wallace, Mary A. Wooster (Mrs Charles Jackson) . .74 Woostcr st. 

Union City 
19709 Waller, Charlotte Bishop Rudd (Mrs Charles C)..3 Post Hill pU 
New London 

5988 Waller, Harriet Henry (Miss) R. F. D. No. 1, Bridgeport 

44195 Walsh, Annie A. (Mrs R. Jay) .'Greenwich 

3030 'Walsh, Mary E. Benedict (Mrs James E.) Mountainville, Danbury 

80265 Walter, Abbie Atwater (Mrs Jacob D.) Cheshire 

46171 Walter, Alida Stanley (Miss) 24 Lexington st. New Britain 

15399 Walter, Mattie A. (Mrs Henry S.) 24 Lexington st, New Britain 

34494 'Walter, Minnie Annie (Miss) 1171 Fairfield av, Bridgeport 

33213 Ward, Anna Scranton (Mrs Alfred Chauncey) . .37 Lawn av, Mid- 

25966 Ward, Caroline Elizabeth (Mrs William Sherman) Milford 

82147 Ward. Clara Burwell (Mrs Joseph Henry) 265 Main st, Bristol 

1721 Ward, Clara Stanley (Mrs Willis Lord) 37 Lawn av, Middle- 

3674 Ward, Cuba Post (Mrs Henry Chauncey) . .436 Main st, Middletown 

23666 Ward, Elizabeth Weed (Mrs Aro Ives) 26 Beers st, New Haven 

81515 Ward, Fannie Eugenia (Mrs Watson L.) 27 Elm st. Naugatuck 

51748 Ward, Helen Emily (Miss) 27 Elm st, Naugatuck 

82409 Ward, Helen Saunders (Mrs Burton Randolph). .156 Fairvicw av, 


1056 Ward, Jessie M. (Miss) 46 Crescent st, Middletown 

8658 Ward. Lucy L. S. (Mrs Winthrop) Mystic 

10950 Ward, Lulu J. T. (Mrs William L.) Seymour 

40757 Wardwdl. Helen Embury (Mrs I. Franklin) 231 Elm st, Stamford 

82410 Warner, Alice Lum (Mrs G. Dana) 311 Church st, Naugatuck 

11391 Warner, Annette Stiles (Mrs Charles H.)....234 Pearl st. Hartford 

17429 Warner, Catherine J. (Miss) Gildersleevc 

65106 Warner, (Charlotte Crane (Mrs Hobart Augustus) ..19 Goodwin st, 


5278 Warner, Delia C. S. (Mrs Randall Egbert) Sevmour 

25978 iWarner, Elizabeth Rebecca Hawley (Mrs WillTam) . .439 E. IVfain st. 

41167 Warner, Florence Electa (Miss) Tbomastow 

32388 Warner, Georgian L. (Miss) East Haddanr 

13886 Warner, Gertrude E. Morton (Mrs Henry). .612 Whitney av, New 

18300 Warner, Jane Elizabeth Carpenter (Mrs Edgar M.)..42 S. Main st,. 

16591 Warner, Martha A. Bronson (Mrs George W.)..S36 Campbell av,. 

'West Haven 
44189 Warner, Winifred Plumstead (Mrs Charles Belden) . . . .East Haddanr 

82329 Warncs, Ida M. Clark (Mrs Edward S.) 956 Iranistan av, 


7420 Warnock, Mary Harris (Mrs Thomas Henry) 99 Elm st. Meriden 

62879 Warren, Abigail Merwin (Mrs Norman Woodruff) Kensington* 

4944 Warren, Clara A. Mills (Mrs Tracy Bronson) 504 Seaview av, Bridge- 

48355 Warren, Louisa Bronson (Mrs David Hard) Watertown 

17383 Warren, Louise Bronson (Mi«is) 405 Seaview av, Bridgeport 

40206 Warren, Minnie M. (Mrs Milton S.) Danielson 

53C84 Warren. Pauline Benedict Downs (Mrs Bronson M.) . .341 Clinton 

av, Bridgeport 
78477 Washburn, Harriet Peabody (Mrs Louise De Wolf) . .192 W. Main st, 

47028 Wassail, Ninetta Wealthv Dexter (Alfred A.).. 132 Smith st, Hart- 
19086 Waterbury, Harriet L. (Mrs William F.)....125 Grove st. Stamford 
34050 Waterbury, Jennie E. White (Mrs W. Fillmore) . .69 Clinton av. North 

41169 Waterman, Esther Dimon (Miss) Southport 


19667 Watkinson, Caroline Hudson (Miss) 29 Townley st. Hartford 

47510 Watrous, Aida (Miss) Groton 

345(K) Watrous, Cornelia A. (Miss) 4 Seyms st, Hartford 

26626 Watrous, Lena A. (Miss) Groton 

47009 iWatrous, Mary E. (Mrs H. Leon): Groton 

51143 Watson, Ida Lackey (Mrs) 15 Cottage st. Derby 

81226 Watson. Jeannette A. Doolittle (Mrs William Henry).. 323 N. Main 
st, Union City 

84964 Watson, R. Elizabeth (Miss) Shippan av, Stamford 

72784 Watts. Belle Edwards (Mrs George S.) Bantam 

63925 Way, Annie May Williams (Mrs Louis Meigs) 264 Prospect st, 


28847 Way, Catharine Trumbull (Mrs Charles Daniel) Willimantic 

83475 Way, Mildred Camp (Mrs John Latimer) . .714 Prospect av, Hartford 

54117 Way, Rose Sparks (Mrs Alvah Benjamin) 116 Maple st, Bristol 

15133 Way, Sarah B. White (Mrs George W.) Stratford 

43453 Weaver, Alice L. (Mrs E. Harris) 1371 Chapel st, New Haven 

33181 Weaver, Harriet Elizabeth (Mrs Henry C) 182 Broad st. New 


76217 Weaver, Rubie L. (Mrs) 27 Turner av, Torrington 

44196 Webb, Elina Grace Marshall (Mrs William D.) Greenwich 

7Z22& Webb, Helen Ives (Mrs James Henry) . .Spring Glen Farm, Hamden 

2593 Webb, Mary Louise (Miss) Windsor Locks 

77857 IWebb, Nellie Adeline Wilson (Mrs James Ives) Hamden 

5^66 Webb, Sara Mead (Miss) 296 Summer st, Stamford 

11407 Webster, Catherine (Miss) Plantsville 

10955 Webster, Elizabeth R. (Daniel F.) 292 W. Main st, Waterbury 

19629 Webster, Frances Cowles (Mrs Denis) Southington 

78074 Webster, Grace Haskell (Mrs Herbert C.) Jewett City 

82411 Webster, Orra Saunders (Mrs Joel Francis) 140 Hillside av. 

23107 Webster, Susie Williams Hinckley (Mrs William R., Jr.) . .208 Brook- 
lawn av, Bridgeport 

11380 Weed, Amanda Priscilla (Miss) New Canaan 

81779 Weed, Cornelia Augusta (Mrs Smith Granville) 600 Orange st. 

New Haven 

14743 Weed, Eva Belle (Miss) Simsbury 

15438 Weed, Helena Charlotte Hill (Mrs Walter Harvey). .. .38 Maple st, 

11379 Weed, Jennie Christeen Anna (Miss) New Canaan 

25359 Weed. Naomi Wortendyke (Miss) New Canaan 

13164 Weed, Nellie S. (Mrs Samuel Richards) Rowayton 

13169 Weed, Sophia A. (Mrs Edward P.) 65 Wall st, Norwalk 

898 Weeks, Helen L. Hubbard (Mrs Frank B.)....a3 Union st, Middle- 

51734 Weiant, Helen C. (Mrs Jerome B.) 63 Winthrop st, New Britain 

42147 Weir, Saidee Groo (Mrs Joseph Tuthill) 42 Brookside Drive, 


53579 Welch, Mary Clarissa (Miss) 234 Ashley st, Hartford 

3514 Welch. Sarah E. S. (Mrs David T.) 53 Main st. West Haven 

38899 Welcher, Fannie Avery (Mrs Manfred) . .61 Woodland st, Hartford 

44847 Weld, Imogene Dorman (Mrs William E.) 349 Elm st. New Haven 

27455 Weldcn, Harriette Asenath Case (Mrs Samuel T.) Simsbury 

57686 Weldon, Arlinc C (Miss) 11 High st, Bristol 

84716 Welles. Annie Hubbard Thall (Mrs Alliston R.) Windsor 

62881 Welles, Elizabeth Wright (Miss) 79 Prospect st, New Britain 

8100 "Welles, Ellen Washburn Sessions (Stephen M.)..75 High st, Bristol 

38363 Welles, Fanny Augusta ( Miss) Newington 

22534 Welling. Clementine L. D. (Mrs James C.) 159 Farmington av, 

19695 Wells, Alice Lee (Mrs Albert Samuel).. 893 Clinton av, Bridgeport 
60764 Wells, Alice Wheeler Wells (Mrs Eugene Ford).. 998 Central av, 

168 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

49342 Wells, Grace Woodhouse Capron (Mrs William T.) Ncwington 

61727 Wells, Ida May Benedict (Mrs Francis Leonard) Burnside 

19063 Wells, Martha Caswell (Miss) 270 Grove st, Waterbury 

6357 Wells, Mary Huder Hughes (Mrs Edward L.) Southport 

9940 Wells, Sallie Douglas (Miss) Stratford 

56130 Welton, Julia Upson (Mrs Frank P.) Welton Terrace, Waterbury 

20789 Welton, Mary Cathrine (Mrs Carlos) Thomaston 

32376 Wendel, Bertha P. Attwood (Mrs Frederick C. H.) East Haddam 

45641 Wersebe, Clara Laws (Mrs Frederic) Washington 

16045 Wessells, Anne Emlen (Mrs Henry Walton) Litchfield 

54630 Wessels. Bessie ( Miss) . . .• 6 Hillside pi, Danbury 

59658 West, Ellen Gertrude (Mrs Gelon Wilber force) . .96 Union st, Rock- 

35162 West, Ethel Belle (Miss) 96 Union st, Rockville 

31977 West, Evelyn Clavton Kingman (Mrs Joseph L) Washington 

45244 West, Grace Balch (Miss) 13 Mountain st, Rockville 

5334 West, Sophia A. Griswold (Mrs James H.) 629 Ferry st. New 

35141 Westcott, Lillian Read (Mrs Charles Frederick) . .686 Savin av. West 

46602 Wetherbee, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs William Stearns). .Conn. Hospital 
for Insane, Middletown 

6692 Wetmore, Estelle Corbin (Mrs Charles Edward) 22 Grove Hill st, 

New Britain 

49343 Wetmore, Gertrude (Miss) 22 Grove Hill, New Britain 

31256 Wetmore, Margaret Merwin (Mrs Abner Canfield) 44 Crown 

st, Meriden 

31257 Wetmore, Martha Scovil (Miss) 44 Crown st, Meriden 

74691 Wetmore, Mary Adaline (Miss) Litchfield 

72298 Wetmore, Stella Dorothea (Mrs Albin) Litchfield 

8664 Whaley, Emma Baker (Miss) Niantic 

13191 Wheatley, Ellen Paine (Mrs Edward Carlos) Colony Place, 

67925 Wheaton, Helen Idora Brigham (William Edgar).. 55 Mechanics st, 


82790 Wheaton, Mary Alice (Miss) 57 Prospect st. Putnam 

6212 Wheeler, Alma B. (Mrs Sylvester P.) 444 State st, Bridgeport 

25088 Wheeler, Amelia Rumsey (Miss) Fairfield 

2302 Wheeler, Annie Elisabeth (Miss) Lakeville 

37186 Wheeler, Catherine Isabella (Mrs Elbert Howes) . .8 Franklin st, 


3190 Wheeler, Ella E. Giddings (Mrs Horace N.) Mystic 

3847 Wheeler, Grace Denison (Miss) Stonington 

18324 Wheeler, Jennie M. Scoville (Mrs Homer C.) 69 Main st, Tor- 

84384 Wheeler, Julia Buchingham (Mrs William Seldon)..225 Park st, 

New Haven 

38365 Wheeler, Kate Merrill (Mrs) Winsted 

31986 Wheeler, Lillian Cordelia (Miss) 829 Park av, Bridgeport 

34493 Wheeler, Mabel Dore (Mrs D. Fairchild). .75 Lafayette st, Bridge- 

61752 Wheeler, Mabel Paige (Mrs Eugene W.) Watertown 

39462 Wheeler, Mary Louise Bailey (Mrs N. C.) Greenwich 

37196 Wheeler. Maude B. Barber (Mrs Charles E.) 190 Liberty st, 

53071 Wheeler. Ruth Deming (Mrs Herbert H.) 29 Liberty st. New 

6682 Wheeler. S. Antoinette Fairchild (Mrs Hobart Rutledge) . .667 State 

St. Bridgeport 

83067 Wheeler, Sadie E. (Mrs Arthur E.) Middlebury 

19061 Wheeler, Sarah Francis Curtiss (Mrs Wilmot C.) 829 Park av. 



26664 Wheeler, Susan Beardsley (Mrs Marcus O.) 75 Washington av, 

Bridgeport ' 

10369 Wheeler, Violetta L. T. (Mrs William B.)....54^ Balmforth av, 

1&298 Whcelock, Ellen Maria (Miss) 26 Church st, Putnam 

55062 Wheelock, Mae (Miss) Jewett City 

18297 Wheelock, Mary Taft (Miss) 26 Church st, Putnam 

18295 Wheelock, Ruth Elizabeth Shaw (Mrs Silas M.) 27 Church st, 

71425 Whipple, Emma Jane (Miss) Putnam Heights 

6242 Whipple, Grace D Miner (Mrs L. De Wayne) Groton 

79759 White, Alice Newell (Mrs Charles Dudley) .. Peaceable st, Bristol 

51144 White, Dora Elizabeth Smith (Mrs Louis) 33 High st. Mystic 

28889 White, Elizabeth Tallmadge (Miss) 84 Wall st, New Haven 

67923 White, Ethel Bliss Kent (Mrs Arthur) 49 Dean st, Putnam 

5374 White, Fannie Miller (Mrs Jesse M.) 294 Main st. Bristol 

77647 White, Grace M. Rockwell (Mrs Edwin) Groton 

22519 White, Julia Haring (Mrs George L.) 114 Grove st, Waterbury 

32785 White, Kate Ella Cheney (Mrs James Henry) 25 Griswold st, 

11852 White, Libbie Diehl (Mrs William N.) . .25 Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

8965 White, Mary B. (Mrs Charles E.) Groton 

26372 White, Mary Bishop (Mrs N. G.) West Hartford 

54116 White, Myra Case (Mrs Harry Girard) Woodland st, Bristol 

79916 Whitehead, Alice Lois Hall (Mrs Philemon Beecher) Romford 

23341 Whitehead, Maude Ethel Penfield (Mrs George Burr).. 335 John st, 

83047 Whiting, Edith Edwards (Mrs Russell H.) 944 Iranistan av. 


54628 Whiting, Fannie Sherwood (Mrs) 403 State st, Bridgeport 

54190 Whiting, Helen Frances (Miss) Whiting st, West Hartford 

3716 Whiting, Helen Treft White (Mrs F. H.)....59 S. Main st, Norwalk 

54640 Whiting, Lena Abigail (Mrs Archie Lord) 143 Fern st, Hartford 

39841 Whiting, Mary Phelps (Mrs J. J.) 50 High st, Winsted 

28870 Whiting, Watie Brown (Mrs Frank Cady) Jewett City 

5024 Whitman, Clara Bourne (Mrs John L.) Groton 

54187 Whitman, Helen Howard (Miss) West Hartford 

54188 Whitman, Kate Esther (Miss) West Hartford 

55573 Whitman, Lila Alford (Mrs Henry C.) West Hartford 

54189 Whitman, Mary Lucelia (Miss) West Hartford 

55574 Whitman, Sarah Esther (Mrs Samuel) West Hartford 

10309 Whitmore, Harriet G. (Mrs Franklin G.)..l Highland st. Hartford 
20186 Whitney, Bessie Hubbell (Mrs Frank Archibald) . .474 N. Washington 

av, Bridgeport 
21884 Whitney, Frances Parrott (Mrs John D.)..474 N. Washington av, 


9451 Whiton, Marv Elizabeth Loomis (Mrs Francis H.) Manchester 

62889 Whittelsey, Ella Tuttle (Mrs William Bailey) . .2134 North av, Bridge- 
69448 Whittelsey. Laura V. (Mrs Frank Hilliard). . . .286 Farmington av, 

83713 Whittemore, Justine Morgan Brockway (Mrs Harris).. 339 Church 

st, Naugatuck 
29946 Whittemore. Mary Bliss (Mrs William E.) 307 Wethersfield av, 

2721 Whittlesey. Betsey Ingham (Mrs George Dickinson) . .76 Hempstead 

St. New London 

>m75 Whittlesey, Cornelia A. Hypes (Mrs Charles) New London 

3877 Whittlesey, Elmina C. (Miss) 57 Main st, Danbury 

9463 Whittlesey. Fanny (Miss) 279 W. Main st, New Britain 

25970 Whittlesey, Harriet Warner Newell (Mrs Nathan Hart) ..135 Wall st. 

New Haven 
17430 Whittlesey, Mary Crittenden Wilcox (Mrs Heman Charles) .. 187 S. 

Main st. Middletown 

170 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

9462 Whittlesey, Mary Swift (Miss) :..279 W. Main st, New Britain 

31541 Wickham, Edith Farwell McGraft (Mrs Clarence) . ...The Pines, 


60765 Wight, Sophie Gillespy (Mrs George D.) Bethel 

20821 Wightman, Nellie Backus Bayne (Mrs Stephen Reynolds) . .273 Will- 
iams St, New London 
81516 Wigmore, Leita Burham (Mrs George T.). .Rockwell av, Naugatuck 
6694 Wilbor, Grace Stanley (Mrs Thomas W.) 24 Franklin sq. New 


85224 Wilbur, Mable Eolean (Mrs Cralton F.) Moosup 

60219 Wilcox, Clara Josephine Savage (Mrs Fred A.).. 41 Washington st, 

38364 Wilcox, Elizabeth Katharine Humason (Mrs Paul Peck) .. Lincoln 

st, New Britain 
3987 Wilcox, Elizabeth Shepard Crittenden (Mrs William Walter).. 187 S. 

Main st, Middletown 
14483 Wilcox, Ellen Blatchley (Mrs Watson E.) . .Highland House, Meriden 

10350 Wilcox, Ellen Maria (Mrs Horace C.) 360 Colony st, Meriden 

30273 Wilcox, Emily R. Bradley (Mrs William Morris). .Box 226, Madison 

58656 Wilcox, Emily Treat (Miss) R. F. D. 1, Middletown 

81870 Wilcox, Hazel Estelle (Miss) . .Eveningside, Welche's Point, Milford 
1057 Wilcox. Mary Elizabeth Root (Mrs William Walter, Jr.).. 181 High 

st, Middletown 
35153 Wilcox, Mary L. Davenport (Mrs H. J.).. 22 Holmes av, Waterbury 
20868 Wilsox, Mary Pitkin Hinsdale Rockwell (Mrs Edward Payson) 

Station A, West Winsted 
55560 Wilcox, Mildred Gowdy (Mrs Algernon Hubbard) . .64 Pleasant st, 


17420 Wilcox, Myra Gibbons (Mrs W. Irving).. 113 E. Main st, Meriden 
16052 Wilcox, Nettie Curtiss (Mrs George H.)--57 Pleasant st, Meriden 

41719 Wilcox, Rena Lavinia (Miss) Route 1, Middletown 

82154 Wilcox, Tillie Mead (Mrs Robert Mead) 159 W. Putnam av, 


31264 Wilder, Marie Estelle (Miss) Essex 

8313 Wildman, Alice L. Rockwell (Mrs John W.) 6 Harmony st, 

Dan bury 

1397 Wildman, Ella Dellicker (Mrs Alfred N.) 324 Main st, Danbury 

6210 Wildman, Hannah C. M. (Mrs George F.)..1729 Main st, Bridgeport 

3031 Wildman, Isabel L. (Miss) 6 Harmony st, Danbury 

5323 Wildman, Mary (Miss) 330 Main st, Danbury 

6464 Wile, Hattie Loomis (Mrs William Conrad) ..Deer Hill av, Danbury 
28353 Wilkinson, Florence Helen (Mrs Edwards Gorham) . .62 West st, 
South Norwalk 

17421 Willcox, Ida Lois Booth (Mrs Albert B.) . . . .478 E. Main st, Meriden 

74689 Willetts, Cornelia M. (Mrs Alfred A.) Cheshire 

61715 Willey, Helen Marr Macdonald (Mrs Carlton Bartlett)..5 Prospect 

st, Putnam 

63933 Williams, Abbie E. (Miss) Mystic 

12232 Williams, Anna S. Raymond (Mrs George Cornelius) . .564 Montauk 

av, New London 
16023 Williams, Ella Susan Rice (Mrs Samuel Parmelee) . . 125 Hillside av, 

12538 Williams, Ellen Augusta Crosby (Mrs (jcorge Harvey) . .3 Main st, 

60223 Williams, Emma Louise Parker (Mrs Edwin Oscar).. 257 Caroline st, 


17425 Williams, Estelle A. (Miss) 72 N. Colony st, Meriden 

48998 Williams, F. Louise Allin (Mrs Charles Langdon) 35 Silver st, 


83068 Williams, Fannie C. (Miss) Naugatuck 

44170 Williams, Fanny Dean Hewitt (Mrs Charles) Mystic 

3509 Williams, Harriet Beard Holley (Mrs Harry Roberts) . .836 Prospect 

av, Hartford 


45458 Williams, Helen E. Bailey (Mrs William H.) . .115 Atwater av, Derby 

73229 Williams, Helen Gauntlett (Miss) 65 Howe st, New Haven 

8662 Williams, Helen Welch Mitchell (Mrs F. C.) Forestville 

16627 Williams, Helena A. Culver (Mrs Oliver Marker) Seymour 

4714 Williams, Isabella Gaylord (Mrs Frederic M.) New Milford 

83050 Williams, Jessie Scott Dike (Mrs George C. F.)..990 Prospect av,. 

32777 Williams, Juliet Harris (Mrs E. E.) Moodus 

75758 Williams, Lillian Stillman Pond (Mrs George Frank).. 36 Washing- 
ton av, Bridgeport 
22567 Williams, Lucille Marshall Wilde (Mrs John Newton).. 275 Caroline 
st, Derby 

86185 Williams, Lula Packer (Miss) 177 Elm st, Meriden 

73871 Williams, Mary Ada (Mrs Charles Henry) . .83 Wooster st, Shelton 

71717 Williams, Mary Elizabeth Cook (Mrs John M.) 6 Hudson st, 

86184 Williams, Mary Packer (Mrs F. Theodore) .... 177 Elm st, Meriden 

44176 Williams, Sara Gilman (Mrs Warham H.) Station B, Winsted 

23342 Wills, Nettie A. (Mrs William E.) 59 Prospect st, Bridgeport 

76514 Willson, Nettie Lambert (Mrs Theodore Booth).. 573 George st. New 

81520 Wilmot. Alice Pope (Mrs Banneville N.)..193 Spring st. Union City 
69792 Wilmot. Lillian J. (Mrs Louis Howard) 85 High st, Ansonia 

81521 Wilmot, Lillian Porter (Mrs Noyes S.)..173 Spring st. Union City 
16598 Wilmot, Sarah Tower (Mrs Walter Sherwood) .. 508 Stratford av. 


15393 Wilson, Agnes Amelia Phelps (Mrs Arthur M.) Windsor 

10880 Wilson. Carrie Louise Miles (Mrs Henry H.) 94 N. Cliff st, 

38379 Wilson, Carrie Somers (Mrs Frederick Morse) 834 Myrtle av, 

33185 Wilson, Qiristine Carrington (Mrs Charles Henry).. 358 Crown st, 

New Haven 
33214 Wilson, Gcorgiana Whittlesey (Mrs Gibson Walter).. 95 Broad st,. 


34041 Wilson, Helen Vaughn (Mrs Foster) 317 Broadway, Norwich 

11856 Wilson, Julia V. Phelps (Mrs Joseph Warren).. 10 Arch st, Norwalk 

67493 Wilson, Lucia Mather (Mrs William J.) Suffield 

19707 Wilson, Lucy Byles (Mrs Frank M.)....167 Summit st, Willimantic 

48307 Wilson, Lydia Louise (Mrs Samuel A.) Windsor 

6216 Wilson, Mary H. (Mrs Robert C.) 47 S. Main st, Middletown 

39460 Wilson, Rebecca P. Sammis (Mrs M. H.) . .630 Kossuth st, Bridgeport 
12031 Winchcll, Catharine Shepard (Mrs A. E.)..60 Pearl st. New Haven 
10329 Winchester, Alice G. Smith (Mrs Caleb T.) . .342 High st, Middletown 

51133 Wingate, Harriet Ida (Mrs) Winsted 

60222 Winslow, Caroline Francis (Mrs Henry O.) . .114 Liberty st, Meriden 

4432 Winslow, Mary (Miss) Weatogue 

53337 Winter, Clara Fayette Case (Mrs Edward A.) 819 Main st. 


5297 Wise, Sarah Johnson (Mrs James N.) 262 Elizabeth st, Derby 

31994 Witten, Lydia Elder Weed (Mrs Albert) . .47 Clinton av, Stamford 

36647 Wolcott. Alice Rosella Brewer (Mrs Clavton) Plantsville 

60770 Wolcott, Elizabeth Clarke (Mrs Franklin Mclntyre) Buckland' 

22530 Wolcott, Emma (Miss) 150 Capital a v. Hartford 

5968 Wolcott. Hattie Allen (Mrs Charles W.) Pequabuck 

29778 Wood, Agnes (Mrs John Henry) Gilcad 

37976 Wood. Agnes Chandler (Mrs Marcus) Danielson 

4409 Wood. Antoinette Eno (Mrs) Simsbury 

17917 Wood, Carrie Elvira Hall (Mrs Norman Smith) 91 School st,. 

80573 Wood, Cclia Melissa Bliss (Mrs Spencer H.) 154 W. Main st. 

New Britain 
81227 Wood, Fannie Culver (Mrs George William) 27 Elmwood st.^ 


172 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. j 

4608 Wood, Jennie Dearborn (Miss) 10 Queen st, Meriden 

:86514 Wood, Kate Chevalier (Mrs Arthur L.) 138 Cliff st, Naugatuck 

6982 Wood, Marie Columbia Clemens (Mrs Thomas James).. 98 N. Cliff 

st, Ansonia 

19633 Wood, Mary Ostrom (Mrs John) P. O. Box 145, Thomaston 

3884 Woodford, Ada Maria (Miss) 863 Asylum av, Hartford 

h30612 Woodford, Carolyn Sprague (Mrs E. H.) Rockville 

71035 Woodford, Florence Ella Wood (Mrs Arthur Fuller).. 189 North st, 

-65492 Woodford, Frances Parsons (Mrs Carlton Sessions) ..25 Main st, 


31233 Woodford, Jennie Plumb (Mrs Ernest H.) Unionville 

21433 Woodford, Laura Burnham (Mrs John) West Winsted 

60202 Woodford, Susie D. (Mrs Charlton M.) 24 Pleasant st. Bristol 

19060 Woodhull, Fayette D. (Mrs John Remson) .,. .188 Washington av, 

38934 Wooding, Cora Defendorf (Mrs Charles Lawson) 194 Center st, 


25667 Woodman, Susan C. (Miss) 309 Williams st, Middletown 

44844 Woodruff, Bertha Stone (Mrs Carlton) Orange 

21876 Woodruff, Edna L. (Miss) Southington 

28018 Woodruff, Harriet S. Hotchkiss (Mrs Watson S.) Orange 

78977 Woodruff, Julia Ailing (Mrs Frank Clark) Orange 

26649 Woodruff, Lillian Bell (Mrs James Parsons) Litchfield 

17399 Woodruff, Lucy Dutton (Miss) 119 Capitol av, Hartford 

24549 Woodruff, Lucy Este Crawford (Mrs George C.) Litchfield 

4602 Woodruff, Mary Bartram (Mrs Henrv Collins) Black Rock 

'83700 Woodruff, Mary Elizabeth Edgett (Mrs John Flavel)..18 George st, 


25991 Woodruff, Mary Rebecca (Miss) Orange 

26648 Woodruff, Nellie Richards (Mrs Forbes) Unionville 

3982 Woods, Mary L. Riggs (Mrs George C.) 34 Anson st, Derby 

17371 Woodward, Emma Louise Davis^ (Mrs Russell Gardner) 89 Cliff st, 


10334 Woodward, Julia Marie (Miss) 40 Church st, Middletown 

12517 Woodward, Mary S. (Mrs P. Henry) 742 Asylum av, Hartford 

52457 Woodworth, Elizabeth Rogers (Miss) Danielson 

13088 Woodworth, Grace B. Calvert (Mrs Frank W.)..ll Waller Court, 

New London 

"67933 Woolson, Gertrude Dayton (Mrs James B.) Watertown 

34036 Wooster, Mattie Adams (Mrs Charles Morris) Tariffville 

6987 Wordin, Fannie Leavenworth (Miss) 510 State st, Bridgeport. 

13141 Wordin, Susan Frances Middlebrook (Mrs Charles William) 66 

Imlay st, Hartford 

12492 Workman, Charlotte Taylor (Mrs) 57 Migeon av, Torrington 

34509 Workman, Mai Elizabeth Williams (Mrs Samuel Clark).. 164 Pearl 

st, Torrington 
24527 Worthen, Emma Lizzie (Mrs C. Nathaniel) 355 Sea View av, 


21892 Wright, Cornelia Elizabeth (Mrs George W.) New Milford 

43454 Wright, E. Clarissa Barsc (Mrs Martin G.) Litchfield 

19080 Wright, Eliza Witter (Mrs Edward Gilmore). .5 Chapman st, Putnam 
9490 Wright. Elizabeth Curtiss Knapp (Mrs John).... 810 Myrtle av, 

5978 Wright, Ella Reed (Mrs Ervis E.) . .Idylwood, E. Main st. Waterburv 
77753 Wright, Florence Tuttle (Mrs Henry Clarence) . .342 South st, Bristo'l 
"80585 Wright, M. Annie Steele (Mrs Granville Wood) 43 S. Main st. 

West Hartford 
11365 Wright, Mabel Rogers (Mrs Frederick A.).. 230 E. Main st. Meriden 

18262 Wright, Nellie Emogene (Miss) 342 South st, Bristol 

21403 Wright, Nellie Florence Perkins (Mrs William H.)..31 Prospect pi, 

;6460 Yale. Charlotte Lilla (Miss) 208 W. Main st. Meriden 


86186 Yale, Emma Louise Norton (Mrs Julius Hobart) Meriden 

47529 Yale. Ethel Saminta (Miss) 602 Broad st, Meriden 

22559 Yale, Julia Louisa Mack (Mrs Frederick Lewis) 96 Cottage st, 


11393 Yale, Mary Catharine Welles (Mrs Hiram A.) . .591 Broad st, Meriden 

11398 Yale, Mary Welles (Miss) 591 Broad st, Meriden- 

75155 Young, Agnes Burr (Mrs Alfred Avery) Jewett City 

82158 Youug, Carrie Potter (Mrs George Ambrose) . .30 Curtis st, Meriden 

56140 Young, Qara Georgianna (Mrs (Hiauncey) Danielson 

81517 Young, Cora Hunter (Mrs CJeorge P.) 33 Pleasant av, Naugatuck 

80586 Young, Emma Belden (Mrs M. Dana).. 118 Broad st, Middletown 

64506 Young, Mary Dyer (Mrs Cosmcr A.) Mechanic st, Danielson 

86177 Young, Mary J. Bitgood (Mrs Earle A.) 21 Rock st, Winsted" 

83474 Youngs, Emily J. (Mrs Charles H.) 32 Crown st, Meriden 

22536 Zacher, Julia Griswold (Mrs Edmund) Branford" 

59662 Zacher, Marie Theresa McLean (Mrs Lewis E.) 214 Beacon st, 


54191 Zickler. Caroline Rebecca (Mrs William H.) West Hartford! 


Sfatc Regent, 1911-12, Miss Anna Cunningham, Smyrna 
State Vice Regent, 1911-12, Mrs James T. Massey, Viola 


77648 Allaway, Anna Davis (Miss) Dover 

39846 Alrichs, Miriam Poinsett (Miss) Glasgow 

10967 Anderson, Elizabeth King (Mrs Edwin S.) Dover 

22S77 Anderson, Sarah Hall (Mrs James F.) Milford 

85238 Anderson. Sarah Millechop (Miss) Milford' 

31265 Baird, Grace (Miss) Red Oak & Riverview av, Wilmington- 

10966 Beers, Mary Hart Anderson (Mrs Henry J.) Dover - 

77219 Blake, Georgiana Collins (Mrs Charles Wesley) Delaware City 

39847 Blandy, Elizabeth Purnell (Mrs Charles) Newark 

51151 Brecse, Elizabeth Canby MoCullough (Mrs Samuel Livingston) . .10(X) 

Jefferson st, Wilmington 

28897 Bromley, Mary Ida Sipple (Mrs Howard Hendrixson) Milford' 

271^ BrosSj Anna Benedict (Mrs Edgar Clifton) 1505 Gilpin av, 

62626 Brown, Mervin BLooM-sniRc. (Mrs H. Pierce).. S. E. Cor. 22d & Pine 

sts, Wilmington 

81784 Burchenal, Mary E. Holland (Miss) Milford 

60115 Cahall, Eleanora Powell (Mrs Joseph Laws) Dover 

7066 Cardeza, Elizabeth B. (Mrs John D. Martinez) Claymont 

79239 Case, Florence Irving (Miss) New Castle 

34059 Chaytor, Claudia Dare Chesley (Mrs Armon D., Jr.) . .113 W. 17th st, 


37204 Qark, Harriette Hooker Curtis (Mrs Delaware) Glasgow 

84388 Clifton, Emma Shaw Conner (Mrs John Wesley) Smyrna 

14494 Collins, Julia Ann (Miss) Smyrna 

56871 Collison, Sarah Virginia (Miss) Dover 

31996 Comegys, Harriet Clayton (Miss) Dover 

39850 Cooch, Mary Evarts (Mrs Joseph Wilkins) Newark 

32788 Council. Sallie M. (Mrs) 1302 Van Buren st, Wilmington 

6737 Cummins, J. Agnes (Miss) Smyrna 

14495 Ctiningham, Anna (Miss) Smyrna 

39853 Curtis, Harriet L. Hurd (Mrs Frederick A.) Newark 

35849 Curtis, Sara Clark Corbit (Mrs F. W.). .2600 W. I6th st, Wilmington 

31367 Davis, Edith Cummins (Mrs Eugene) Smyrna- 

174 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

-39854 Donnell, Mary Bedford Mathewson (Mrs S. M.) Newark 

46603 Doughten, Elizabeth Turner (Miss) 804 Jackson st, Wilmington 

11306 Duncan, Caroline Alricks Forster (Mrs William R.)..R. F. D. 1, 


34055 Du Pont, Amy E. (Mrs Eugene) Pellefort, Wilmington 

71076 Emerson, Orietta de Forest (Mrs Frederick Elton) (Theswold 

81523 Farrell, Sarah T. Mitchell (Mrs Edward) Smyrna 

23702 Fisher, Mary Hazzard (Miss) Milford 

37S^ Fluke, Eleanor Massey (Mrs J. E.) Woodside 

69538 Fooks, Ida Collins (Mrs Benjamin) Seaford 

63546 Fooks, Sarah Collins (Miss) Seaford 

46604 Fuller, Annie W. Jones (Mrs James Edmund) .... 1018 Wawaset av, 

20201 Garland, Mary Plowden Jenkins (Mrs Spotswood) .... Parkway & 

Bayard av, Wilmington 
23697 Gilpin, Elizabeth Harvey (Mrs Edward R.) 917 Washington st, 


49006 Goldsborough, Laura Collins Hall (Mrs) Milford 

14497 Gootee, Mary Elizabeth Collins (Mrs Benjamin T.) Smyrna 

29783 Green, Eliza Cochran (Mrs William) Middletown 

22579 Greer, Annie Pettigrew (Miss) Milford 

19711 Griffith, Ruth Hawthorn (Mrs Charles) 813 Adams st, Wilmington 

43848 Hall, Adele Hazzard (Mrs CJeorge H.) Milford 

16638 Hall, Sophia C. Keller (Mrs George C.) St. John's Rectory, 


12556 Hall, Syrcna J. (Miss) Milford 

56869 Hancker, Jeanie Griffith (Mrs William H.) Farnhurst 

22580 Hardcastle, Kate Nandain (Mrs Alexander) Milford 

23693 Harvey, Eliza Rankin Allen (Mrs John M.) ..407 Del. av, Wilmington 
69803 Haynes, Elizabeth Pierce Patten (Mrs Edgar Lee).. 1505 Franklin 

st, Wilmington 
87068 Hay ward, Lillian Woolson (Mrs Harry) Newark 

30620 Hazel, Annie Roderfield (Mrs Clarence W.) Cheswold 

15909 Hiestand, Sara D. Cannon (Mrs B. Frank) Bridgeville 

30621 Higgins, Alice Preston (Mrs Robert Barnard) 822 Adams st, 


81882 Holcomb, Rebecca Taylor (Miss) Walnut Hill, New Castle 

25125 Holmes, Sallie B. Wilson (Mrs Samuel C.) Dover 

44857 Humphrey, Elizabeth B. (Mrs Warden R.) 704 Franklin st, 


35168 James, Laura (Mi^s) 707 West st, Wilmington 

35169 James, Marion (Miss) 707 West st, Wilmington 

34944 Johnson, Mille Harrington (Mrs John L.)..P. O. Box 367, Seaford 

38257 Keen, Frances Saunders (Mrs Harold Perot) Bellevue 

55611 Kent, Meta Gilpin (Mrs Charles I.).. 917 Washington st, Wilmington 
49932 King, Elizabeth Bayles (Mrs Charles Fisher) The Grantley, 

23699 Kingston, Josephine Kille (Mrs Charles Elliot) . .905 Delaware av, 

49366 Lamson, Grace Brown (Mrs Clayton E.) . .224 W. 19th st, Wilmington 

47532 Lankford, Sarah Estep (Mrs Floyd) 1307 Pa. av, Wilmington 

14752 Lea, Anna (Miss) 1901 Market st, Wilmington 

14751 Lea, Margaret Cummins (Mrs Henfy) Smyrna 

42151 Lednum, Laura Clayton Townsend (Mrs William St. Claire) 826 

Clayton st, Wilmington 

22581 McCallum, Elizabeth Townsend Willis (Mrs William Henry) .Milford 

38387 Mcllvaine, America McGill (Mrs Thomas A.) Magnolia 

53097 McKim, Marian (Miss) Milford 

46605 Marshall, Mary Barratt Burton (Mrs Aaron H.) Dover 

19093 Martin, Mary Stout (Mrs James) Dover 

36112 Massey, Annie E. (Mrs James T.) Viola 

75766 Mathews, Rosannah Cecelia MacVeigh (Mrs) 1503 Del. av, 



71721 Matthews, Maria Louise (Mrs William C.) Belvidere Aprt, 


29784 Mendinhall, Corinne Hardcastle Cochran (Mrs Joseph Henry).. 1114 

Broome st, Wilmington 

41727 Middleton, Margrett E. (Mrs Charles S.)..820 West st. Wilmington 

37979 Miller, Mary Winder (Mrs Harry A.).. 1501 Rodney st, Wilmington 

32390 Mitchell, Annie Penrose Collins (Mrs Frederic Louis) Wilmington 

31266 Mitchell, May Gibson (Mrs Elmer E.) 13th & Broome sts, Wilmington 

23700 Moody, Martha L, (Mrs Edmund P.).. 1004 W. 10th st, Wilmington 

22582 Moore, Mary Eliza (Mrs J. Allen) Smyrna 

81883 Morgan, Alice Vaughan (Miss) Seaford 

81522 Morris, Anna Louise (Mrs Walter) Dover 

81884 Morse, Anna B. (Mrs Willard S.) Seaford 

27206 Murphey, Elizabeth C. (Mrs Franklin J.) 2218 Gilpin av, 


61758 Peacock, Deborah J. (Miss) 808 Jackson st, Wilmington 

50630 Poole, Sue Gilpin (Mrs William) .... 1000 W. 10th st, Wilmington 

22586 Prettyman, Anna Hall Yardley (Mrs Charles G.) Milford 

72587 Pulsford. Clare M. Yardley (Mrs Ernest) Milford 

82805 Raughley, Hannah Alcott (Mrs Eugene).. N. Bradford st, Dover 

21435 Richardson, Lucy M. (Mrs Alden B.) Dover 

34056 Ridgely, Mary Tilden (Miss) No. 2, The Brandywine, Wil- 

48366 Riley, Hattie Elizabeth Drury (Mrs Edgar Bayard).. 800 Franklin 

st, Wilmington 
43847 Rissel. Francelia Elizabeth (Mrs John W.)..1308 Van Buren st, 

37303 Ross, Eleanor Anne Todd (Mrs Howard De Haven).. 307 West st, 


2J694 Sadler, Eleanor C. Blanken (Mrs Thomas) Delaware City 

61470 Saunders, Margaret Bruce (Mrs Pembroke), .c/o Mrs H. P. Keen, 

42152 Scott, Florence E. Lednum (Mrs James Hutchison) 600 N. 

Franklin st, Wilmington 
60129 Scott, Floride R. Pope (Mrs William L.) Marquette Apts., 


43462 Sharpe, Rebecca Nancy Babcock (Mrs John G.) Dover 

77023 Shedd, Mae Clemmons (Mrs Ezra Twitchell) . .1100 Rodney st, 

55576 Shenard, Irene Simmons (Mrs Caleb Mercer).. 908 Broome st, 


56870 Short, Sallie Giles (Mrs Daniel) Laurel 

67937 Smith, Blanche Allen (Mrs Arthur H.) 613 Washington st, 


56872 Smith, Clara Murray (Mrs Tilghman) Christiana 

72555 Snellenburg, Helen Jordan (Mrs David). .. .218 W. 14th st, Wil- 
13224 Speakman, Caroline E. Cloke P. (Mrs G.).. Belmont Hall, Smyrna 
14754 Speakman, Katharine Douglass (Mrs J. Harvey) Smyrna 

33661 Spear, Nellie Gause (Mrs Owen Crow).. 217 West st, Wilmington 

16069 Sypherd, Maria Edith Burton (Mrs Clarence Draper) Dover 

22585 Tapley, Lavinia R. K. (Mrs Charles Warren) Milford 

33662 I'aylor, Juliana E. (Mrs Cornelius W.) 1503 Delaware av, 


40758 Todd, Ella Eugenia (Miss) Newark 

58675 Wainwright, Emma M. (Mrs John). .Clayton House, Wilmington 
21791 Walton. Virginia Clay (Mrs Henry Cruger) . .Boothhurst, New 


7712 Waples. Sophie (Miss) 901 Delaware av, Wilmington 

75156 Wardenburg. Effie Barbara Seely (Mrs Frederic A.).. 1311 Gilpin 

av, Wilmington 



53612 Wertenbaker, Imogen Peyton (Mrs William)..?. O. Box 120, 

New Castle 
80595 Whittaker, Jean Rutherford Foster (Mrs Herbert W.)..1303 Pa. 
av, Wilmington 

30618 Wilds, Eba Cloke (Miss) Smyrna 

14499 Wilds, Elizabeth Cook Cloke (Mrs James Denny) Smyrna 

37202 Wilson, Mary D. (Mrs John More) New Castle 

56868 Wolcott, Mary Fooks (Mrs Josiah O.) 1116 Broome st, Wil- 
32789 Woodward, Ida Virginia Massey (Mrs Edward H.)..1208 Market 

St. Wilmington 
22588 Yardley, Virginia Greer (Miss) Milford 


State Regent, 1911-12, Mrs Mary S. Lockxvood, The Columbia, Washington 

State Vice Regent, 1911-12, Mrs Drury Comvay Ludlow, The Concord, 


55930 Abercrombie, Clara de Normandie (Miss) The Toronto, 20th & 

P sts, nw, Washington 
78812 Abrams, Cornelia (Mrs George B.)..1330 Corcoran st, Washington 
27210 Abrams, Maud Arthur Watson (Mrs M. O.) 1930 Biltmorc st, 

28900 Acker. Mary Amelia Shryock (Mrs Walter H) 1657 Park st, 

54714 Ackcrt, Annie Lamont Dugan (Mrs Charles H) 1621 K st, 


50631 Adams. Mattie Osborne (Mrs) 1515 R. I. av, Washington 

12039 Adee, Ellen Skeel (Mrs David Graham) . ...1019 15th st, Washington 
26388 Adkins, Edith Marshall (Mrs William) ..The Brunswick, Washington 

76788 Agnew, Christine Nolton (Miss) 1009 13th st, Washington 

6313 Akers, Alice Pickett (Mrs Albert) The Farragut, Washington 

59156 Alden, Anna Grace (Miss) 809 L st, Washington 

16644 Aldrich, Anna Morrison (Mrs Truman H.) 1739 P st, Washington 

208 Alexander, Eveline Martin (Mrs Andrew) .. 1412 20th st, Washington 
84736 Alexander, Rose (Miss) Government Hospital for the Insane, 


178 Alexander, Sallie Kennedy (Mrs T. H.) 1711 Q st, Washington 

60813 Allan, Mary E. Land (Mrs Edgar) 1739 Kilbourne pi, Washington 

28371 Allen, Carrie Bell (Mrs Bennett A.) 1901 4th st. Washington 

30625 Allen, Dorothy Edmonston Zimmerman (Mrs Robert Wright) The 

Sheridan, Washington 

45258 Allen, Julia S. Smith (Mrs) 912 S st. nw, Washington 

80275 Allen, Louise May (Miss) 1(X)6 Penn. av, se, Washington 

8702 Allen. Roberta Zimmerman (Miss) The Sheridan. Washington 

24554 Allison, Eliza Chatham (Miss) 832 22d st, Washington 

39393 Aloe, Minnie C. Witbeck (Mrs Alfred) . . . .c/o Capt. Aloe, War Dept., 

85981 Ambler, Nancy Harper Andrews (Mrs Richard) 1360 Otis pi, nw, 


1575 Ames, Helen Dodge (Mrs) 4727 Connecticut av, Washington 

70736 Ammerman, Lucille (Mrs (Dharles Clark).. 2314 18th st, Washington 

6741 Anderson, Blanche C. Koones (Mrs A. H.) 504 M st, Washington 

68992 Anderson, Emma Harmon (Mrs Lindley S.) 811 Newton st, 

16806 Anderson, Isabel W. Perkins (Mrs Larz) . .2118 Mass. av, Washington 
13230 Anderson, Laura Roche (Mrs James E.) 1018 E. Capitol st, 



54675 Andrews, Jennie Parker (Mrs James Shailer) 1406 Mass. av, 


64455 Arnell, Hattie Rumell (Mrs Samuel M) 78 U st, Washington 

31269 Arnold, Harriet Arwine (Mrs Joseph Addison) 134 6th st, ne, 


35271 Ashbaugh, Louise Mansfield (Mrs S. S.) Washington 

59671 Ashley, Julia Emma (Miss) Treasury Department, Washington 

63979 Atkinson, Almira Louise Hornor (Mrs George W.) 1600 13th st, 

26129 Auerbach, Matilda Rice (Mrs Maurice) ..The Sherman, Washington 

60792 Averill. Juliet Adele Henry (Mrs Frank Lloyd) . . . .1479 Columbia rd. 


68766 Babbitt, Emily Jenny (Miss) Dolly Madison Hotel, Washington 

15490 Babcock, Gertrude Lee (Mahood) (Mrs William H.) 1340 T st, 

38783 Backus. Clara Nisbit Rodgers Stewart (Mrs Cyrus D.)..1017 P st, 

56876 Bailey, Abbie Branner (Mrs Josiah Read) 1302 Fairmont st, 


4534 Bailey, Anna Dicks (Miss) 1424 Belmont st, Washington 

31997 Bailey, Anna Markham (Mrs F. H.) 1815 Riggs pi, Washington 

30627 Bailey, Jessie H. (Mrs W. R.) 2521 University pi, Washington 

4533 Bailey, Lois A. Chase (Mrs Charles Brooks) 1424 Belmont st, 


47041 Bailey, Maria Forrest (Miss) 1021 Vermont av, Washington 

28044 Baird, Lyle Jane (Mrs George W.) 1505 Rhode Island av, 


60793 Baker. Abigail Gunn (Mrs) 1343 Clifton st, Washington 

91 Baldwin, Maria Bache Abert (Mrs William D.) The Cordova, 

32795 Ball, Carrie Parsons Briant (Mrs Oscar Irving) The Hamilton, 


44 Ball, Mary Randolph (Miss) 3070 Q st, Washington 

86523 Ballard, Flora Ozella (Miss) 405 The Newton, 6th & E sts, ne, 


79243 Ballard, Miriam Frye (Miss) 621 Florida av, ne, Washington 

70 Ballinger, Minnie Francis Fazio (Mrs Madison Adams).. 1534 28th 

st, Washington 
33230 Balloch, Lillie Foster McGrew (Mrs Edward Arthur). .1511 Rhode 

Island av, Washington 
14476 Bankhead, Tallulah James Brockman (Mrs John HolHs), Washington 

73659 Barber, Clara Velma (Miss) 703 E. Capitol st, Washington 

8986 Barber, Julia Louise L. (Mrs A. L.) Belmont, Washington 

55577 Barber, Velma Sylvester (Mrs Amherst Willoughby). .703 E. Cap- 
itol st, Washington 
67214 Barclay, Rebekah E. (Mrs Frank Russell) . .901 13th st, Washington 

85980 Barfield, Estelle (Mrs) 1325 Park rd, Washington 

887 Barker, Clara B. Gaylord (Mrs John S.)..323 5th st, se, Washington 

47370 Barlow, Catherine Brittin (Miss) The Royal, Washington 

54195 Barlow, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) The Royal, Washington 

10399 Barnard, F"lorence A. (Mrs Job).. 1306 Rhode Island av, Washington 

75771 Barndollar, Nannie C. (Miss) 1352 Oak st, Washington 

58626 Bamett, Carrie Lane (Miss) 1123 13th st, Washington 

49048 Barnum, Martha Scribner Maginness (Mrs Malvern Hill)..c/o War 

Dept., Washington 

74700 Barr, Anna Byrd (Miss) 1217 12th st. Washington 

71079 Barr. Anna L. Mann (Mrs W. L.) 1010 Massachusetts av, 

85247 Barr. Florie Bromley Harrison (Mrs Frank T.) 1225 O st, nw, 

46614 Barrett. Nellie Hooper (Mrs Edward J.) 1136 25th st, nw, 


178 DIKKCTORY, D. A. R. 

42134 Barrett, Ruth L. Richards (Mrs Louis Archa) 2455 18th st, 

5327 Barroll, Mary Louise Hoyt (Mrs Henry H.)..The Dupont, 20th st, 


5229 Bartlett, Eliza M. (Miss) The Stratford. Washington 

84130 Bassett, Alice Lillian (Miss) 627 Maryland av, ne, Washington 

MJy? Bates, Gertrude Coyle (Mrs Fred J.).. 421 The Ontario, Washington 

880 Baxter, Mary J. (Mrs Wm.) 1445 Mass. av, Washington 

82715 Bavly, Edith Darragh (Mrs Charles) 940 O st. Washington 

13234 Beach, Anna Bodell Yeatman (Mrs W. R.). .. .1731 F st. Washington 
16072 Beach, Mary Anne Campbell (Mrs George F.)..Thc Sagamore, 1824 

S st, Washington 
86189 Bealer, Ernestine Brumby (Mrs Pierre McFarland). .1837 Monroe st, 


86444 Beall. Nannie Lewis (Mrs Henry D.) 3336 O st, Washington 

61774 Beall, Sarah (Miss) U. S. (Toast & Geodetic Survey, Washington 

60790 Beaton, Blanche Tyler Jones (Mrs) The Geneva, Washington 

10598 Beck, Rachel Wyatt Tongate (Mrs William R.) The Portner, 


37990 Bedon, Elizabeth Yorke (Mrs Josiah) 1311 20th st, Washington 

70738 Beebe, Mary Frances Rowland (Mrs William Benjamin).. 1020 9th 

st, Washington 

42161 Beer, Isabella G. (Miss) 26 9th st, ne, Washington 

53957 Benedict. Mary Kern (Mrs Claude A.) 1927 G st, Washington 

8154 Benjamin, Carolyn Gilbert (Mrs Marcus) 1703 Q st, Washington 

61779 Benjamin, Edith (Miss) 2015 19th st, Washington 

61778 Benjamin, Fanny Nichols (Mrs) 2015 19th st, Washington 

25671 Benjamin, Norah S. Thomas (Mrs Samuel Clark).. 237 Fla. av, nw, 

83596 Bennett, Eugenia Pearce (Mrs Nathaniel J.).. 1814 K st, Washington 
53 Bennett, Mary Henderson Eastman (Mrs Frank M.)-.2119 California 

av, Washington 
84734 Bennett, Susan Patton Miller (Mrs Adolphus B.) The Farragut, 

34520 Berry. Grace Small (Mrs John Hamilton) Cor. 14th & G sts, 

42651 Berry, Margaret Monteiro (Mrs M. M.)..The Farragut, Washington 
49847 Berryhill, Mariam Ballinger (Mrs Edward Floyd).. The Rochambeau, 

37207 Berryman, Kate Durfee (Mrs Clifford K.) .1754 Euclid st, Washington 

77448 Besselievre, Jessie Mary (Miss) 315 E st, ne, Washington 

77449 Besselievre, Nellie Ecker (Miss) 315 E st, ne, Washington 

7777 A Best, Dakota Janney (Miss) 1452 Euclid st, Washington 

54657 Best, Mattie E. (Mrs Josiah Janney) 1452 Euclid st, Washington 

63417 Betts, Lucile Inslee (Mrs William Taylor) . .406 H st, ne, Washington 

51893 Beverly, Lucy S. (Miss) 2509 17th st, nw, Washington 

74676 Bice, Belle Warinner (Mrs Jesse William) . .518 H st, nw, Washington 

65123 Bickford, Mary Francis (Miss) 1409 Harvard st, Washington 

49030 Bird, June J. Hull (Mrs William Pengeot) . . . .1317 Q st, Washington 
52465 5irney, Helen Townsend Conway (Mrs Arthur Alexis). .1516 22d st, 


46181 Bishop, Sidney A. Duffie (Mrs George) 804 I st, Washington 

29225 Blackburn, Mary St. Clair (Mrs Charles Henry) 3313 17th st, 

34756 Blair, Apolline McLean (Mrs James L.) . .2122 Le Roy pi, Washington 

63973 Blake, Clara Mae (Miss) The Earlington, Washin^on 

84738 Blanchard. Fannie Alexander (Mrs Clarence John).. 202 The Earlmg- 

ton, 16th & Columbia rd, W^ashington 
86187 Blasdel, Louisa Gaines (Mrs Elijah Sparks) Ebbitt House, Washington 

64869 Blauvelt, Anna Gertrude (Miss) The Mendota, Washington 

24 Blount. Lucia Fames (Mrs Henry F.) The Oaks, 3101 U st, 



49026 Blount, Mabel P. Slappey (Mrs Walter Eames) The Oaks, Washington 

63978 Boardman. Mabel Thorp (Miss) 1801 P st, Washington 

62905 Bocock, Rosalie Hollyday (Mrs James Branch) The Wilton, 


64838 Bodell, Pinkney Thomas (Mrs William) 1337 L st, Washington 

74701 Bolton. Edith Flynn (Mrs Henry B.) 1321 Q st, Washington 

32753 Bond, Henrietta Ingalls Wallace (Mrs Frank) 3127 Newark st, 

Cleveland Park, Washington 

469 Bond, Mary Hunt (Mrs S, R.) 13 Iowa Circle, Washington 

28045 Borden, Jennie E. (Mrs William Cline) .1801 California st, Washington 
17925 Bouldin, Ellie Daniel (Miss) c/o Y. W. C. A., 12th & F sts, 

61777 Boulter. Harriet Kingsbery (Mrs William Edison) 1724 S st, 

83719 Bowie, Agnes Woods MacGregor (Mrs Thomas Truman Somerville) 

17 R St. Washington 

86518 Bowie, Helen Swann (Miss) 17 R st, nw, Washington 

53101 Bowie, Ruth Worthington (Miss) 2630 Universi^ pi, Washington 

85735 Bowker, Ellen A. T. (Mrs Charles H.) 1300 Mass. av, nw, Washington 
71080 Bowly, Sarah August (Mrs Devereux H. J.) .2316 18th st, Washington 

75891 Bowman, Georgette Ewing (Miss) 1304 L st, Washington 

75892 Bowman, Wilmoth Wallace (Miss) Washington 

4320 Boyce, Elizabeth Ficklin (Miss) Stonleigh Court, Washington 

16074 Boyd. Anna Bell Reed (Mrs William G.) . .1307 Euclid st, Washington 

1904 Boyd, Jane H. Ritchie (Mrs Allen R.) 814 Conn, av, Washington 

66384 Boyd, Louise Reed (Miss) 1307 Euclid st, Washington 

28 Boynton, Helen Mason (Mrs Henry V.) The Octavia, Columbia & 

Quarry rds, Washington 

53100 Brackett, Corinne E. (Miss) 1464 Girard st, Washington 

846 Brackett, Rose Field McH. (Mrs Albert G.)..1726 Q st, Washington 

1383 Bradley, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs Anon) 647 E. Capitol st, Washington 

33215 Bradley, Kate Mickles (Miss) 1722 15th st, Washington 

25190 Bragdon, Anna M. Fitch (Miss) 122 4th st, se, Washington 

25191 Bragdon. Clara Kimball (Miss) 122 4th st, se, Washington 

7069 Branch, Rebecca Bell (Miss) The Victoria, Washington 

84394 Bratenahl, Louisa Oakey Hall (Mrs G. C. F.)..St. Albans Rectory, 

Mt. St. Albans, Washington 
5790 Brajrton, Elizabeth Phelps (Mrs G. M.).. Hotel Gordon, Washington 
64354 Brenizer, Ellen Waddell (Mrs Gilmer).. The Brunswick, Washington 
72787 Briggs, Annie Laurie (Mrs J. Edson) 630 S. Carolina av, 

42653 Briggs, Rebecca Washington (Mrs Orlando) . .723 18th st, Washington 

84015 Brittain, Lizzie G. (Mrs Milton L) 3213 13th st, Washington 

46606 Brock, Lilian Burritt (Mrs Fenelon B.) . .229 Mass. av, ne, Washington 
49370 Brody, Mamie Adams Erwin (Mrs Edmun) . .2819 18th st, Washington 

6658 Bronaugh, Rebecca Craine (Miss) Louise Home, Washington 

43851 Brooke, Juliet Lyle (Miss) Louise Home, Washington 

2799 Brooke. Laura Mankin (Miss).. The Randolph, 1717 Lincoln av, ne, 

1806 Brooks, Adele (Mrs) . .c/o Mrs Thomas Sunderland, 2024 Hillyer pi, 

58676 Brooks, Louise Garrett (Mrs Frank Oscar) 1647 Lamont st, 


30638 Brooks, Maybclle Ann (Miss) 1406 Girard st, Washington 

51157 Brown, Catharine F. (Miss) Pension Bureau, Washington 

11228 Brown, Clarissa Belknap (Miss) 1469 Irving st, Washington 

470 Brown, Daisy (Miss) 1167 19th st, Washington 

22S Brown, Eugenia Washington Moncure (Mrs Charles Edwin) 906 

Massachusetts av, ne. Washington 
33885 Brown, Fk)rcnce M. (Miss). .Y. W. C. A.. 12th & F sts, Washington 

37594 Brown. Katharine L. Scott (Mrs) 828 Varnum st, Petworth 

37986 Brown, Mary Eleanor Elliott (Mrs Charles W.) 1411 K st, 


180 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

1205 Brown, Mary Perry (Miss) 1865 Mintwood pi, Washington 

19112 Brown, Mina Charest (Mrs Henry A.) 918 18th st, Washington 

39483 Brown, Virginia Yost (Mrs John Sioore) 922 I st, Washington 

71509 Browne, Gertrude White (Mrs Herbert Janvrin) The £uclid» 

Euclid st, Washington 

85982 Brownell, Martha Virginia (Mrs Alexander) 1910 I st, nw, 


85983 Brownell, Nina Gwynn (Miss) 1910 I st, nw, Washington 

45666 Brumbaugh, Catherin Elliott Brown (Mrs Gains Marcus) . .905 Mass, 

av, Washington 

18342 Bruner, Jennie Arell (Miss) 1325 Corcoran st, Washington 

1199 Bruner, Jessie Annette Van Doren (Mrs J. T.)..647 E, Capitol st, 

180 Bryan, Agnes S. Bartlett (Mrs Charles C.) 1307" Fairmont st, 


1667 Bryan, Bennete P. (Mrs) 1204 N st, Washington 

60794 Bryan, Blanche Conger (Mrs Frederick C.) 1821 Adams Mill rd, 

8704 Bryant, Susie Benedict (Mrs Arthur D.) 322 E. Capitol st, Washington 
1098 Buchanan, Lyla M. Peters (Mrs Roberdeau) . .2015 Q st, Washington 
47539 Bukey, Roberta Julia Magruder (Mrs John Spencer). .475 Pa. av, nw, 

717 Bullock, Elizabeth Towson (Mrs E. T.) 1730 I8th st, Washington 

62896 Bundy, Martha Emery (Mrs Charles S.)..1422 Irving st, Washington 

67848 Burbank, Mary Willoughby (Mrs Howard S.) 2410 Penna. av, 

20879 Burch, Marion Hinkley (Mrs Sylvester R.) .The Sherman, Washington 
27217 Burke, Annie Priscilla Vanderpoel (Mrs Moncune) ..1810 Calvert st, 

73239 Burkholder, Catherine Leavenworth (Mrs Arthur R.)..1820 M st, 

19713 Burnett, Margaret F. Brady (Mrs Swan M.)..9I6 I7th st, Washington 

9953 Burritt, Alice, Dr 1129 14th st, Washington 

33665 Burritt, Anna Blanche (Miss) 1129 14th st, Washington 

»112 Burrows, Frances P. (Mrs Julius Caesar) . .1404 Mass av, Washington 
81528 Burton, Mary Welker (Mrs George C.) . .3925 Georgia av, Washington 
9254 Butler, Marcia Flagg (Mrs Charles Henry).. 1535 I st, Washington 

9844 Butler, Susan W. Quay (Mrs Watson) 1612 K st, Washington 

2503 Butterworth, Mary E. Seiler (Mrs Benjamin) The Wyoming, 


24551 Byrne, Ellen Abert (Miss) The Highlands, Washington 

8207 Byus, Annie Eccleston (Miss) 1528 I st, Washington 

11428 Cahoon, Annie Fisher (Mrs) 1748 M st, Washington 

72487 Callaghan, Madeleine Sabine (Miss) 616 18th st. Washington 

25993 Cameron, Frances V. Andrews (Mrs Daniel Douglas) . .The Rocking- 
ham, Washington 
27161 Canipl)ell, Fannie Grace Cabell (Mrs Richard Kenna)..1977 Biltmorc 
st, Washington 

87360 Campbell, Sarah Sanford (Mrs Steward) 25 H st, Washington 

31 Candec, Elizabeth Johnston Maclay (Mrs) 715 Mass. av, ne„ 


34517 Carbery, Elizabeth Ficklin (Mrs James L.) Ridge Road, West 


466 Carhart, Keziah L. (Miss) The Wellington, Washington 

465 Carhart, Margery A. V. S. (Mrs Albert) The Wellington, 


'82163 Carlson, Amelia Pierce (Mrs Carl Alexius) 1878 Ontario pf, 

21927 Carmody, Florence Mabel Fulton (Mrs John Doyle).. 1213 Vermont 
av, Washington 

39487 Carmody, Marian Doyle (Mrs John Philip) 254 Delaware av, ne,» 



4921 Carpenter, Curtis Steever (Mrs William Lewis) The Farrag:ut, 

82164 Carpenter, Frances Barlow (Mrs Henry Clay) The Royal, 

75564 Carpenter, Grace Marian Tansill (Mrs Arthur Allen).. 1247 Kearney 

St, Brookland 

43869 Carroll, Minnie E. (Miss) 1354 Kenyon st, Washington 

70734 Carser, Pauline Heath (Mrs David) 801 12th st, Washington 

66104 Carson, Mary Alice ( Miss) 3043 P st, Washington 

42789 Carter, Ida Dawlev (Mrs William H.) 1510 21st st, Washington 

72788 Carter, Jean C. (Miss) 1741 Park rd, Washington 

80194 Carter, Virginia Statham (Mrs George W.). .1229 15th st, Washington 
21441 Casanova, Jessie Benton McCausland (Mrs Evaristo Arturo Yno- 

ccncio) 1506 Caroline st, Washington 

33669 Casey, Sophie Pearce (Miss) 1729 P st, Washington 

6482 Catlin, Mary Lansing (Mrs Robert) 2206 Q st, Washington 

35172 Cattna, Antoinette Van Ness (Mrs William B.) 1507 22d st, 

18346 Chalmers, Virginia Reed Hogmire (Mrs Thomas C.)..1835 Corcoran 

st, Washington 
58226 Chandlee, Nettie Dunn (Mrs Will H.). .2109 18th st. nw, Washington 
40764 Chandler, Mary Sinclair Alden (Miss) 1832 Cincinnati st, 

29793 Chany, Jane Douglas Butler (Mrs William Henry) The Cordova, 

2520 Chapin, Helen Maria (Mrs Thomas Easterbrooke) . .3149 Newark st, 

Cleveland Park 

37598 Chapman, Elena Smith (Miss) 610 H st, Washington 

3611 1 Chapman, Rebecca (Miss) 101 E st, Washington 

66943 Chase, Anna Bird (Mrs Plimpton B.) . .The Connecticut, Washington 
38389 Chase, Florence Adele (Mrs William Howard) The Plymouth, 

1236 11th st, Washington 
87070 Chase, Susan Williams Brown (Mrs Volney Ogle) Navy Dept., 


82806 Chenoweth, Elizabeth M. (Mrs) 530 3d st, Washington 

57701 Chenoweth, Lillian (Miss) 530 3d st, Washington 

53105 Chesley, Marie Louise (Mrs Willoughby) 2515 Cliffbourne st, 

79634 Chesley, Mary Gunsaulus (Mrs Harry Woolford) The Decatur, 

23354 Clicw, Alice Bruce Harden (Mrs Richard B., Jr.) The Cairo, 


53106 Childress, Rita Ridgely (Mrs John W.) 1713 S st, Washington 

48169 Childs, Mary Mackenzie (Miss) 3023 Dumbarton av, Washington 

41192 Christiancy, Jessie Barton (Mrs George A. C.) c/o Mrs. M. S. 

Lockwood, The Columbia, Washington 
38947 Christie, Mary Frances (Mrs Peter Harrison). .1815 Adams Mill rd, 

72789 Chunn, Hallie Swift Cushman (Mrs Charles John) . .45, The Belgrade 


3089 Church. Carrie Persis (Miss) 206 S st. ne, Washington 

49844 Churchill, Emma A. (Miss) 1217 K st, Washington 

61761 Claflin, Elizabeth Hooker Montague (Mrs Price Colby).. 1117 O st, 

16 Clark, Alice Morrow (Mrs A. Howard) Florence Court, 


72141 Gark. Amy Croxall (Miss) R. F. D. No. 1, Anacostia 

53063 Clark, Clara Delia (Miss) 26 Iowa Circle, Washington 

22598 Qark. Sophia H. (Miss) 1975 Biltmore st, Washington 

46121 Garke, Byrnina ( Miss) The Albemarle, Washington 

41189 Clarke, Lily Stratton (Miss) 1220 Connecticut av, Washington 

182 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

51875 Garkc, Sallie Puniphrey (Mrs William James Passmore) . . 1742 F sU 

1041 Clay, Anna Wood (Mrs Cecil)..-. 1513 S st. Washington 

30628 Cleaves, Elizabeth A. (Mrs Thomas P.).... 1819 10th st, Washington 
84739 Cleborne, Cornelia Lansdale DuVal (Mrs).. 1812 H st, Washington 

2658 Clement, Mary Neal (Mrs Jacob A.) 413 4th st, Washington 

71724 Clemons, Sarah Adsit (Mrs Frederick William) The Albemarle, 


13026 Cleveland, Cynthia Eloise (Miss) 3600 13th st, Washington 

11874 Clifford, Eliza Geraldine Wallace (Miss). ..1415 G st, se, Washington 
18331 Clifford, Maria T. Benton (Mrs Charles H.)..462 O st, Washington 
65122 Cliff, Abbie Bowker (Mrs Walter Lovell) 1434 Chapin st, 


84982 Cochrane, Emma (Mrs Allister) 2638 Woodley pi, Washington 

47448 Codwise, Jane Randolph (Miss) The Portner, Washington 

66497 Coleman, Jessie L. (Miss). 1211 12th st, Washington 

67630 Collins, Elinore Waldron (Mrs Joshua B.)..c/o Joshua B. Collins,. 

U. S. Census Bureau, Washington 
30280 Collins, Genevieve La Cassa La Tourrette (Mrs Joseph) The 

Portsmouth, Washington 
17928 Conrad, Mary Louise (Miss). .The Portner, 15th & U sts, Washington 
71432 Conway, Myra McKee (Mrs George Plummer) 200 A st, se,. 

26381 Coombs, Hattie Frances (Mrs Charles Cyrus).. 1220 I st, Washington 

63426 Copeland, Lucy N. (Mrs Arthur) 3723 Morrison st. Chevy Chase 

66505 Corbett, Cornelia L. (Miss) 1337 15th st, Washington 

38399 Cornwell, Sarah Evelina Marsh (Mrs Samuel George) 2140* 

Wyoming av, Washington 
73874 Corrick, Virginia Griffith (Mrs Charles J.) .417 2d st, nw, Washington 
51759 Couden, Harriet Dunbar (Mrs Henry N.) 1312 Columbia rd,. 


11865 Couper, Ida Powell (Mrs William Page) 3000 Q st, Washington 

77031 Courts, Lenora J. McCall (Mrs James C.) 1837 Kalorama av, 


21370 Cover, Ada Clise (Mrs John) The Dewey, Washington 

85078 Cox, Delia Harbison (Mrs 'William E.) The New Varnum,. 

158 Cox, Juliet Hazeltine (Mrs William Van Zant) Emery pi, 

5003 Crabbe, Harriette Palmer (Mrs Edwin George) . .810 N. Carolina av, 

se, Washington 
58142 Crandall, Annie Knowlton (Mrs E. Bowen) 632 Randolph st, 

76526 Crane, Bertha Whilldin (Mrs Charles Augustus). .233 Pennsylvania 

av, se, Washington 
237 Cranston, Lucie M. Parker (Mrs Earl).. The Ontario, Washington 

55870 Cranz, Ella Jansen (Mrs Carl E.) The Shannon, Washington 

65780 Crenshaw, Susie P. (Mrs .Augustus P.) 1815 16th st, Washington 

81890 Crocker, Nellie Holmes (Mrs Frederick W.) The Ontario, 


13232 Croissant, Sarah J. Sands (Mrs John D.) 1717 Q st, Washington 

139 Cromwell, Ellen S. (Mrs Thomas) 1329 Q st, Washington 

6059 Cromwell, Lizzie S. Huber (Mrs Bartlett J.).. 1525 New Hampshire 

av, Washington 
84389 Crooks, Ruth Elliott (Mrs Harry Means).. 17 5th st, se, Washington 
18485 Crosby, Louise Audenried (Mrs Pierce) 1718 Connecticut av, 


4125 Crump, Annie L. (Mrs William) 1412 29th st, Washington 

12042 Cummings, Lucy E. (Mrs George J.) Howard University,. 



53616 Cunningham, Anna Motter (Mrs Frank E.) 2522 13th st, 

85984 Cunningham, Julia Emma Zimmers (Mrs S. H.) . .1636 Monroe st, nw, 


50633 Curry, Cora Christabel (Miss) 1510 9th st, Washington 

50634 Curry, Kate S (Miss) P. O. Box 2294, Station G, Washington 

72090 Curtin, Alma (Mrs Jeremiah) . .c/o Mrs George E. Beach, 1824 S st, 

71433 Curtis, Alice L. Belfield (Mrs Clarence E.) . .407 B st, ne, Washington 
69208 Curtis, Charlotte Doremus Scudder (Mrs Henry S.)..3415 Mt. Pleas- 
ant st, Washington 

78274 Curtis, Gratia M. (Miss) 2476 Ontario rd, Washington 

7067 Gushing, Sarah (Miss) 1731 20th st, Washington 

59154 Custis, Catharine Elizabeth (Miss) 912 15th st, Washington 

49008 Custis, Catherine Elizabeth Ritter (Mrs J. B. Gregg) ... .912 15th st, 

13239 Custis, Sarah E. (Mrs George W. N.) . .The Cumberland, Washington 

•884 Cuthbert, Eugenia J. (Miss) 1718 Corcoran st, Washington 

655 Dahlgren, Caroline C. Martin (Mrs John) .1617 Conn, av, Washington 
53107 Dailey, Charlotte Thurston (Mrs William F.) . .20th & Wyoming av, 


78085 Dales, Virginia Swan (Mrs Wilbur E.) 1763 T st, Washington 

17857 Dalgeish, Fanny Barney (Mrs James E.)..3829 14th st, Washington 

71437 Darwin, Gertrude (Miss) 1524 28th st, nw, Washington 

33053 Daugherty, Susan Peyton Telfair (Mrs Charles M.)..1255 23d st» 

10215 Davidson, Mary Agnew Quay (Mrs Louis Rogers) 1612 K st» 

34524 Davis, Louisa Quackenbush (Mrs Charles H.)..1705 Rhode Island 

av, Washington 

13231 Davis, Mary E. Sands (Mrs David O.) 1717 Q st, Washington 

3163 Davis, Nannie Mason (Mrs Samuel Boyer)..1208 15th st, Washington 
142 Davison, Emelune' Virginia Middleton (Mrs Edgar Mora).. 1333 15th 

st, Washington 
76985 Dawes, Alice Adelaide Masters (Mrs James K.) . .201 E. Capitol st, 

39287 Day, Alice Chenoweth (Mrs Selden Allen).. The Ontario, Washington 

36008 Dean, Mary Owen (Miss) 2418 14th st, Washington 

84960 Decker, Effie Miranda Bennett (Mrs Karl) 360 Eastern av, 

Takoma Park 
22592 Decker, Eslie Root (Mrs William Henry),. The Ontario, Washington 

84981 Decker, Ruth Hazeltyne (Miss) 360 Eastern av, Takoma Park 

8703 De Krafft, Frances B. (Miss) 1804 I st, Washington 

79451 Dellett, Jeannette Ross (Mrs Robert A.) 1128 Columbia rd, 


79452 Dellett, Margaret Lawyer (Miss). .. .1128 Columbia rd, Washington 
1631 Denison, Jennie Owen (Miss) 929 P st, Washington 

78066 Dennis, Annie Leroy Cox (Mrs Albert Percival) The Portner, 


85243 Dent, Dorothy (Miss) 906 A st, se, Washington 

33699 Dent, Minnie Grace (Mrs John C.) The Cairo, Q st, Washington 

37999 De Riemcr, Emily True (Mrs William Edward) 1461 Chapin st, 

10862 Deuel, Elizabeth Ann Strickle (Mrs John C). .c/o Miss Katharine S. 

Foss, 2339 18th st, Washington 

1037 Dcvendorf, Cornelia (Mrs Peter) 1020 Vermont av, Washington 

59158 Dewhirst, Susan Lucretia Hodgkins (Mrs William Sherman). .1539 

Monroe st, Washington 
54664 De Wolf, Margaret Goodrich (Mrs George Steele) 1306 I st. 

84740 Dickey, Maria Horner DuVal (Mrs).. 1812 H st, nw. Washington 
12040 Dickinson, Martha Overton (Mrs Jacob MacG.) The Grafton, 


184 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

78816 Dickson, May V. (Mrs Henry Dater)..1330 Corcoran st, Washington 
56151 Dille, Allie Kniffin (Mrs Frederick Albert) . .1008 13th st, Washington 

64870 Dobyns, Maria Berry (Mrs Thomas Abner) 1957 Biltmore st, 


55582 Dobson, Frances (Miss) 2901 Q st, Washington 

2796 Doe, Sarah Ann Burgess (Mrs William H.)..1842 M st, Washington 

72516 Donahoo, Gertrude Shaw (Mrs- Joseph F.) 1220 Columbia rd, 


7445 Donn, Laura J. Gardner (Mrs Edward W.) 1708 16th st, nw, 

15489 Donnan, Georgiana Worthington (Mrs Andrew Stuart) . .Bureau of 

Pensions, Washington 
60799 Doocy, Helen Elizabeth Nelson (Mrs James William) .. 143 13th st, nc, 

57 Dorsey, Ella Loraine (Miss) 2121 California av, Washington 

2699 Dorsey, Katharine C. (Mrs Vernon) 3062 Q st, Washington 

60797 Dowell, Cynthia E. (Mrs Julian C.) 3162 Mt. Pleasant st, 

61763 Dowell, Elizabeth Noyes (Miss) . .3162 Mt. Pleasant st, Washington 

65125 Dowell, Marie Louise Noyes (Mrs) 1309 Irving st, Washington 

46992 Downey, Martie Davis (Mrs (Jeorge F.) . .c/o War Dept, Washington 

30641 Drake, Helen M. (Miss) 1632 Riggs pi, Washington 

1040 Draper, Bell Merrill (Mrs Amos Galusha) 6 Kendall Green, 

57703 Draper, Rosalie Thomas (Mrs James Henry) 1703 21st st, 

16641 Drayton, Emma Gadsden (Miss).. 1140 Connecticut av. Washington 
85407 Drayton, Irma Briscoe Eliason (Mrs Charles De Vere).The Mendota, 

35069 Dubois, Ella S. (Mrs Richard C.) 2028 16th st, Washington 

60798 Du Bois, Rosalie Wheelock (Mrs Charles L.) 1835 Monroe st, 

59325 Duncan, Ida Lee (Miss) Belcourt Seminary, 13th & Girard sts, 


55109 Duncanson, May Pinkney (Miss) 1016 Vermont av, Washington 

2265 Dunlop, Mary L. Smith (Mrs Irvini? H.) 1728 Q st, Washington 

85985 Dunn, Lillian Lash (Mrs Arthur Wallace) 2334 Mass. av, nw, 

31137 Dunwoody, Carolyn Campbell (Mrs Frances Marion).. c/o Capt. F. 

M. Dunwoodv, U. S. Revenue Cutter Service 

51763 Dunwoody. Ellen (Miss) 1522 31st st, Washington 

-66494 Durham, Mary (Miss") The Rochambeau. Washington 

55580 Duryee, Sarah Tyler (Mrs John M.) The Coy wood, Washington 

80274 Dwight, Jennie H. (Miss) 1208 K st, Washington 

30276 Dye, Lizzie R. (Mrs P. E.) 1403 L st, nw. Washington 

84391 Eakin, Leila B. Hitt (Mrs Willard D.) 1334 Columbia rd, Washin«2rton 
51159 Earnest, Elizabeth Daniels (Mrs John Paul).. 2123 N st, Washington 
26275 Eastwood, Marie Schuyler (Mrs James G.) 2476 Ontario rd, 


64795 Ebey. Minnie R. (Miss) 812 Taylor st, Petworth 

72744 Edelin, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) 1209 K st, Washington 

66499 Edmiston, Mary Arnold (Mrs Thomas Bland) ...... 1428 K st, nw, 


6742 Edson, Elizabeth B. (Mrs John Joy) 1324 16th st. Washington 

2624 Edwards, Harriet De Wolf (Mrs John Richard) 1308 R st, 

58689 Edwards, Margaret J. (Mrs J. H.)..1800 Belmont rd, Washington 
35170 Edwards. Mary Coni^.r (Mrs Eaton Albert) 1412 Chapin st. 

80272 Edwards. May Moore (Mrs Wm. H., Jr.) 1454 Euclid st, 


60816 Edwards. Nellie A. (Miss) Oak Lawn. Washington 

47430 Elkins, Hallie Davis (Mrs Stephen Benton) .. 1626 K st. Washington 


8358 Elliot, Ellen Ritchie (Mrs George H.)....1819 Riggs pi, Washington 
84390 Elliott, Marie Antoinette Stanley (Mrs John Calvin).. 17 5th st, se, 


47031 Ellis, Margaret Dyer (Mrs Jonathan T.) 522 6th st. Washington 

49371 Elmore, Maude Singleton (Mrs Frank Harper) 1717 Riggs pi, 


53617 Emery, Mary Georgia (Miss) The Decatur, Washington 

64519 Emig, Lelia Dromgold (Mrs) 1765 P st, Washington 

83073 Emmart, Esther Ann Neely (Mrs George H.)....1322 Vermont av, 


83074 Emmart, Margaret Sydnie (Miss) 1322 Vermont av, Washington 

25744 Emory, Blanche Willis (Mrs William H.)....1701 Rhode Island av, 

53614 Engle, Helen A. (Mrs James Edgar). .Pension Bureau, Washington 
4535 Ennis. Andrine Luella Peirce (Mrs William). .Washington Barracks, 

24901 Eppley, Anna E. Beetem (Mrs James K.) 1417 Belmont st, 

51225 Ethell, Maud Smith (Mrs William J.) The Franklin, 14th st, 

81231 Evans, Grace Witter (Mrs Oscar Raymond) .36 Bryant st, Washington 

77450 Ewer, Maidee Schutter (Miss) 1141 New Hampshire av, 

\Sm Ewing, Lucy Barbour (Miss) Hammond Court, Q & 30th sts, 


57705 Fairfax. Jane Cary (Miss) 811 Connecticut av, Washington 

1589 Fairle}', Elizabeth White (Mrs Alexander) 109 Ridge rd, 


1691 Fairley, Frances Sarah (M iss) 109 Ridge rd, Benning 

60801 Farnsworth, Mary Louise (Mrs John).. 1126 E. Capitol st, Wash- 
1174 Farrar, Catharine Caldwell (Mrs Frank Waldo).. The Burlington, 


63416 Ferren, Sallie Price (Mrs Myron J.) 27 T st, Washington 

22262 Ferriss, Cornelia Wing (Mrs Orange) .. .The Dewey, Washington 

20885 Finckel. Alice (Miss) 1730 Willard st, Washington 

46612 Fishburne, Caroline D'Arcy (Miss).. 1727 Euclid st, Washington 
22599 F*ishbume, Elizabeth Alice Bedon (Mrs Benjamin Postell). .1727 

Euclid st, Washington 
61765 Fisher, Elizabeth Patten Brewer (Mrs Flavius J.).. 3423 Brown st, 

Mt. Pleasant 
1610 Fisher, Louise Bogert Reynolds (Mrs B. Frank, Jr.).. The Ash- 
bum, 1300 Harvard st, Washington 
84983 Fisher, Sophie Gilmer (Mrs James McKim)..1475 Park rd, nw, 


75775 Fitzhugh, Lucy Wickham (Miss) The Concord, Washington 

84684 Flagg, Eveline Ingersoll (Miss) 3350 17th st, Washington 

26684 Fleming, Bell Vedder (Mrs Robert S.) 1408 Mass av, 

78479 Fleming, May Lawshe (Miss). Apt 42. The Plymouth, Washington 
64868 Fletcher, Lucia Gregory Fairchild (Mrs John B.)..210 A st, se, 

60675 Floyd. Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Albert C.)..The Hawarden, 1419 R 

st, Washington 
9957 Foes, Katharine J. Strickle (Mrs Rodney) 1423 Q st, 

26703 Foot, Rebecca Lusk Forster (Mrs Alfred) 1124 Vermont av, 

6fJ814 Ford. Celynda (Miss) 608 Mass. av. ne, Washington 

77451 Ford, Celynda Werner (Mrs Raymond L.) 608 Mass. av, ne, 


186 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

71078 Ford, Ella Stout (Miss) 1924 Biltmore st, Washington 

60234 Ford, Ellen H. (Mrs Samuel) 314 2d st, se, Washington 

71081 Ford, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 1924 Biltmore st, Washington 

85076 Ford, Nannie Ewart (Mrs Azel) 1612 20th st nw, Washington 

65601 Foree, Alice (Miss) The Rockingham, Washington 

85986 Forrest, Harriet Rebecca (Mrs Charles Martin).. 431 4th st, nvv, 

140 Forrest, Marie H. Moore (Mrs Randolph Heith)..3339 N st, nw, 


35175 Forrest, Rosalie A. (Miss) 3339 N st, Washington 

51161 Foster, Abbie Caroline (Mrs Phinnie Cluff) IT Iowa Circle, 

37093 Foster, Corra Bacon (Mrs) The Marlborough, Washington 

56153 Foster, Edith Maude (Miss) 2207 Mass. av, Washington 

13939 Foster, Ellen Burroughs (Miss) 1402 Girard st, Washington 

56154 Foster, Jane Adams (Miss) 2207 Mass. av, Washington 

185 Foster, Mary Parke (Mrs John W.) . . . . 1323 18th st, Washington 

50532 Foster, Violet Bacon (Miss) The Marlborough, Washington 

51761 Fowler, Gertrude Ballard (Mrs).. 621 Florida av, ne, Washington 
71640 Fox, Florence Eyster Weaver (Mrs Edmund K.)..1618 29th st, 

12893 Franklin, Almira Miller Averill (Mrs) ..... .1473 Columbia rd, 

25078 Frederick, Martha Hardin (Mrs D. A.) 1826 Calvert st. 


26702 French, Frances Graham (Miss) The Cumberland, Washington 

86524 Friebus, Zetta G. (Mrs) The Portner, Washington 

84741 Fries, Elizabeth (Christine (Mrs Amos A.).. No. 9, Washington 

Barracks, Washington 
35174 Fristoe, Caroline Bloss (Mrs Luther Smoot) 3209 16th st, 

76524 Frothingham, Ellen M. (Mrs Nathaniel Langdon) The Plaza, 

18984 Fuller, Bettie F. Smoot (Mrs Robert W). .1810 Riggs pi, Washington 
70732 Fuller, Hortense Trevitt (Mrs Frank) ,. 1608 13th st, Washington 
16075 Fulton, Alice Marion Thisscll (Mrs Horace Kimball) 1211 

Vermont av, Washington 

24555 Gadsby, Elizabeth Mary (Mrs J. Eakin) 3114 R st, Washington 

85080 Gallaher, Louisa Bernard (Miss) The Portner, Washington 

1766 Gannett, Mary Chase (Mrs Henry).. 1831 Belmont st, Washington 

83720 Gantt, Helen Woods (Mrs Waring Wilson). .2805 Q st, Washington 

83721 Gantt, Helen Woods MacGregor (Miss) 2805 Q st, Washington 

86519 Gantt, Jessie Waring (Miss) 2805 Q st, Washington 

44467 Garlock, Evangeline S. (Mrs William Horton) The Ontario, 


84196 Garrett, Laura Maude (Miss) 1647 Lamont st, Washington 

64 Garrison, Jennie Davis (Mrs John R.) 1437 R st, Washington 

67213 Gasch, Edna T. Knight (Mrs E. Richard) 1741 N. Capitol st, 

61767 Gates, Ella Dora (Mrs Charles Joseph) . .3506 Center st, Washington 

mn Gauss, Clara Lovett (Mrs Henry C.) 1359 Park rd, Washington 

64521 (jeddings, Jennie Bedon Farrow (Mrs Richard M.) . .2425 N. Capitol st, 


116 Geer, Augusta Dan forth (Mrs A. C.) 1223 N st, Washington 

47039 Gerald, Agnes (Miss) 121 The Ontario, Washington 

2702 Gerald, Katharine Towson (Mrs Herbert Parvin)..121 The Ontario, 

50222 Gerber, Harriet Harvey (Mrs John William) . .936 Westminster st, nw, 

84398 Geyer, Pearl Winship (Mrs Edwin Francis) The Brunswick, 


23357 Gibbs, Alice Marean (Mrs Rudolf R.) Brookland 

13854 Giblin. Kathleen W. Carmody (Mrs Wm.)..1220 16th st, Washington 


86190 Gibson, Bessie Latham (Mrs Bayard Kane).. 1628 Ecktngton pi, ne,. 

31059 Gibson, Mary Frances (Mrs Charles Clifton) 2512 Wisconsin av^ 


31271 Griffin, Etta Jossclyn (Miss) The Cairo, Washington 

56877 Gilbert, Margaret J. (Miss) 1327 Girard st, Washington. 

56149 Gilfillan, Elizabeth Riddle (Miss) 1228 12th st. Washington 

22162 Gilfillen, Harriet Woodbridge Cook (Mrs Joseph Alexander) . . 132S 

12th st, Washington 
69162 Gill, Katharine Schley (Mrs De Lancey)..The Nansemond, 22d & N. 

sts, Washington 
38394 Gill, Mary de Haas Bulkley (Mrs William Andrew) .... 153 22d st,. 


7465 Gillctt, Amaryllis (Miss) 2225 R st, Washington. 

53615 Gillette, Ellen K. Temple (Mrs Charles M.) . .1512 13th st, Washington 
78484 Glassie, Ada Boyd (Miss) The Baltimore, 1832 Biltmore st,. 


71082 Goble, Harriet D. (Mrs Samuel Vail) 1912 H st, Washington 

71077 Goddard, Edith Linwood Beeman (Mrs Charles P.) 1634 15th st^ 


38393 Goddard, Mary Lee (Miss) 725 18th st, Washington. 

37962 Godwin, Elizabeth Jackson Clark (Mrs Edward Allison) ..The Port- 
land, Washington 
80599 Golden. Ellen (Miss).. The Woodworth, 10th & M sts, Washington 
74505 Goll, Maude Billingsley (Mrs George P.).... 1319 T st, Washington 
76 Goodfellow, Julia Smiley (Mrs Edward) ..1437 Irving st, Washingtoa 
816 Goodloe, Bettie Beck (Mrs Green Clay) 1103 16th st, Washington 

74702 (Rodman, Constance Moon Nalley (Mrs William H.) . .816 B st, sw, 


59159 Goodwin, Margaret West (Mrs) 1832 Jefferson pi, Washington- 

37565 Goodwin, Mary E. (Miss) 215 Penna. av, se, Washington 

74703 Gordon, Emily A. (Miss) 1319 T st, Washington 

32396 Gordon, Emma Gray (Mrs Thomas) 1310 Girard st, Washington. 

12255 Gordon, Georgia Kilbourn (Mrs Frank) 1917 I st, Washington 

52468 Gore, Nelly L. Lamer (Mrs Albert J.) The Decatur, Washington 

17924 Gould, Elizabeth M. Brewer (Mrs Ashley M.) 1931 16th st,. 

27446 Grace, Theodosia C. Martin (Mrs Frank Morgan) . .1617 Conn, av 

(c/o Mrs John Dahlgren), Washington 

40759 Graham, Adaiine Requa (Miss) 2009 G st, Washington 

50636 Xiraham, Agnes M. (Miss) 1360 Harvard st, Washington 

66500 Graham, Edith Gilliss Campbell (Mrs Frederick Wooden Montrose)* 

617 14th st, Washington 

35071 Graham, Eleanor Euphemia (Miss) 1459 Chapin st, Washington 

70465 Grandfield, Jennie McKee (Mrs Charles P.).. 949 S st, Washington 

32393 Graves, Abbie C. (Miss) 1223 M st, Washington 

32394 Graves, Jennie A. (Miss) 1223 M st, Washington 

21437 Graves, Katharine G. (Mrs Edward) 927 Massachusetts av,. 

31103 Gray, Cora E. Sanborn (Mrs Samuel Huson) 1400 L st, nw,. 

39859 Grccgor, Caroline F. E. Barnard (Mrs William H.)..1915 Calvert st,. 

19 Greely, Henrietta Conger H. Nesmith (Mrs A. W.)....19l4 G st, 

38784 Greenawalt, Maud W. Lipscomb (Mrs Frank F.) 3350 17th st,. 


63427 Gregory, Frances Marsh (Mrs) 2510 M st, Washington 

76523 Gridley, Charlotte Baldy (Miss) 151 1 T st, Washington 

26602 Griggs, Alice (Miss) The Louisiana, 2123 18th st, Washington^ 

33S24 Griswold, Ethel M. Sharp (Mrs Ralph M.)..c/o Ensign R. M. Gris- 

wold, U. S. N., Washington 

188 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

84399 Grosvenor, Gertrude (Miss) 603, The Woodley, Washington 

85561 Guillet, Alma Clark (Mrs Cephas) ..3901 Wisconsin av, Washington 

25994 Gunion, Mary R. (Mrs Philip S.) 941 O st, Washington 

3018 Guss, Sarah Chace (Mrs Harry T.) 1405 Girard st, Washington 

62702 Hacker, Annie Brownlow (Mrs Arthur Newton) 1018 B st, nc, 


84200 Hadger, Mary Frances (Miss) The Burlington, Washington 

1141 Hagan, Cornelia Juliaette Benjamin (Mrs).. 1332 V st, Washington 
82416 Haines, Elizabeth Ann (Mrs Mahlon Nathaniel) . .505 Seward sq, 

83722 Hall, Emma Amelia Bassett (Mrs Harry Orville). .The Willson, 

14th •& Harvard sts, Washington 
.39484 Hall, Ethelwyn Bassett (Miss).. The Willson, 14th & Harvard sts, 

32798 Hall, Helen Morrison (Mrs Arthur J.).. 1230 Irving st, Washington 

82413 Hall, Jennie B. (Mrs Hillman A.) The Iowa, Washington 

65969 Hall, Julia A. Lewis (Mrs Joseph T. H.) . .1469 Irving st, Washington 
38000 Hall, Lucy Cochrane (Mrs Frederic George) The Cameron, 

.55107 Hall, Marie Josephine Barker (Mrs H. E.). .The Savoy, 2804 14th st, 


-40086 Hall, Sarah Karner (Miss) The Westminster, Washington 

13934 Hamilton, Anna Sanborn (Mrs Henry Gilbert) The Loretta, 

699 Hamlin, Frances Bacon (Mrs Teunis S.) 1316 Connecticut av, 


163963 Hanger, Lucy Gait (Mrs Wallace) 2344 Mass. av, Washington 

22970 Hanna, C. Augusta Rhodes (Mrs Marcus A.) 1155 16lh st, 


155 Hannay, Mary A. Emery (Mrs Wm. M.) 207 I st, Washington 

^1776 Hannay, Sadie Carlin (Miss) 532 3d st, Washington 

47043 Hansmann, Josephine CTampbell (Mrs Alfred Emil Theodore) .. 1449 

Florida av, Washington 
83810 Harlan, Ellen Minerva Blakeslee (Mrs Benjamin A.) 64 Rhode Island 

av, Washington 
9952 Harper, Carolyn Jackson (Mrs Robert N.)..1515 16th st, Washington 

73338 Harper, Ethel Friese (Miss) 419 7th st, se, Washington 

73339 Harr, Alice Carey (Miss) 616 Mass. av, Washington 

19714 Harris, Gertrude M. Burgess (Mrs George J.) 1333 8th st, 

38397 Harris, Harriet D. (Mrs J. Somerville) . .509 French st, Washington 
30420 Harris, Sara Ladson Gilmor (Mrs H. Tudor B.)..l708 Rhode Island 

av, Washington 

67009 Harrison, Elizabeth Knox (Mrs) 3043 P st, Washington 

78485 Harrison, Lelia Wheeler (Mrs William Burr) . .1722 P st, Washington 
27046 Harrison, Malvena Meng (Mrs Ellwood Garrett) The Nelson, 

77032 Harrison, Mary Bell (Mrs Bernard H.) . .The Naples, 715 19th st, nw, 

52065 Harrison, Mary Saunders (Mrs Russell B.)..2238 I st, Washington 
18335 narrower, Harriet Ann (Mrs John J.) 1506 Columbia rd, 


9504 Hartsock, Mary Ames (Miss) 808 llth st, ne, Washington 

9503 Hartsock, Mary E. Lewis (Mrs S. M.)..808 llth st, ne, Washington 
59678 Harvey, Caroline Maud Clark (Mrs Evert Lansing) . .1314 13th st, 

80286 Haskins, Emeline Parsons (Miss).. The Dolly Madison, 1401 Mass. 

av, Washington 

60815 Haslup, Alice Elma (Miss) 2114 18th st, nw, Washington 

25103 Hasson, Esther Vorhees (Miss) 537 21st st, Washington 

24234 Hathaway, Sarah Imogen Clark (Mrs Franklin Flint).. 1314 13th st, 

56031 Hay, Florence Brown (Mrs Edwin Barrett) 1512 Corcoran st, 



83079 Hayden, Ethel Abigail (Miss).... 7 Iowa Circle, Apt 33, Washington 

78486 Hayden, Jessie Frances (Miss) 7 Iowa Circle, Washington 

7714 Hayden, Kate Reynolds (Mrs Everett) .... 1802 16th st, Washington 

51199 Haynes, Helen Saunders (Mrs Ralph Warren). .1460 Kenesaw av, 

45253 Hazelton, Anna Sarah (Miss) 38th & Woodley Lane, Washington 

69453 Hazelton, Diana Cole (Mrs Asa Lyman) 38th st & Woodley Lane, 


45254 Hazelton, Lillie Serene (Miss).. 38th & Woodley rd. Washington 

27494 Heath, Margaret W. (Miss) 1740 18th st, Washington 

30636 Heaton, Alice Hoopes (Mrs R. Augustus) .. 1332 IS^h st, Washington 
47044 Hebb, Bertha Yell (Miss) Bureau of Education, Washington 

1045 Heger, Caroline J. (Mrs Anton) 2026 Hillyer pi, Washington 

77714 Heisler, Zada McKee (Mrs Frederick D.) 1350 Newton st,. 


82421 Hench, Minnie C. Oberly (Mrs John K.) 265 N st, Washington 

85178 Henry, Effie L. (Miss) 1133 Fairmont st, nw, Washington 

1020 Henry, Kate Kearney (Mrs) 2021 I st, Washington 

48227 Henry, Lily Banks Brown (Mrs Thomas Maxwell) . .3516 Newark st, 

5638 Hensley. Adelia Gates (Mrs James H.)..M & llth sts, Washington 
23360 Hepburn, Frances Minerva (Miss).. 1124 E. Capitol st, Washington 
82417 Hepburn, Melvina Morsman (Mrs William Peters). .11*24 E. Capitol 

st, Washington 
'66496 Herbert, Frances Haynes Andrews (Mrs Leon Henry).. 3120 16th st,. 

61768 Hesse, Elizabeth Martin (Mrs Conrad E.)..710 A st, se, Washington 

83987 Heth. Nannie Randolph (Miss) 1906 G st, nw, Washington 

5634 Hichborn, Jennie Franklin (Mrs Philip) 1707 N st. Washington 

74 Hickey, Susanna Goode (Miss) 1401 Mass. av, Washington 

84128 Hickok, Mary Elliott (Mrs Paul R.) 17 5th st, se, Washington 

60231 Hidden, Clara N. Popham (Mrs Enoch M.) . .1012 13th st, Washington 
11423 Hiddinga, Miriam Ballinger (Mrs F. W.)..1S34 28th st, Washington 
58685 Higgins, Almeda C. Lane (Mrs Walter).. 910 Mass. av, Washington 
75768 Higgins, Mary Preston (Mrs Harry C) 703 E. Capitol st, 


55102 Higgins, Rebecca Lane (Miss) 910 Mass. av, Washington 

84742 Higgins. S. Marie (Miss) 636 E. Capitol st, Washington 

38398 Hildreth. Cleora H. D. (Mrs David Merrill) 135 12th st, ne, 


42153 Hill, Cornelia Heartt (Miss) 1910 16th st, Washington 

80276 Hill, Diane Morgan (Miss) 1726 N st, Washington 

13237 Hill, Florence P. (Mrs George H.) 1910 16th st, Washington 

13938 Hill. Ida M. (Mrs Edwin A.) 1221 K st, Washington 

49854 Hillers, Floried Holt (Mrs C. W.) 1009 E st. nw. Washington 

70928 Hills, Elizabeth J. (Mrs Wallace H.)..1208 Columbia rd. Washington 

70929 Hills, Katherine Scott (Miss) 1208 Columbia rd, Washington 

23113 Hine, Mary Tillinghast (Mrs Lemon G.) 3317 Newark st, 


75773 Hobson, Margaret (Miss) 1621 Conn, av, Washington 

55110 Hodges, Helen (Miss) 2208 Q st, Washington 

113 Hodgkins, Marie Wilkinson (Mrs Howard L.) 1830 T st, Washington 
21516 Hoes, Rose Gouverncur (Mrs Roswell Randall). .1636 Rhode Island 

av, Washington 

78487 Hocy, Frances Sally (Miss) 1428 K st, Washington 

38388 Hoff, Lavinia Day (Mrs John Van Rensselaer) . .1620 Rhode Island 

av, Washington 

7068 Hoge. Julia Norman B. (Mrs James Mahlon) The Dupont. 

202 Hoge Mary Barlow (Mrs W. Schofield) . .1402 15th st, Washington 

78627 Hogsett. Mary Griffith (Miss) 812 Conn av, Washington 

50637 Holbrook. Emma Fuller (Mrs Edwin H.)..5th & G sts, Washmgton 

190 DIRECTORY, D. A.* R. 

16073 Holbrooke, Josephine Huntington Stanley (Mrs Willard A.) Soldiers' 

Home, Washington 
J9783 Hollifield, Mary Virginia (Mrs H. B.)....18S0 5th st, Washington 
53110 Holt, Eva Edmonston Towles (Mrs B. W.) . .1124 12th st, Washington 

1217 Holt, Mary Louisa (Miss) Washington 

81529 Homiller, Edith Welker (Mrs Thomas Charles) . .3925 Georgia av, 


60229 Hood, Mary Homer (Mrs James F.) 1017 O st, Washington 

29312 Hooper, Margaret' Jones (Mrs Joseph J.).. 1123 13th st, Washington 

30275 Hooper, Martha N. (Miss) 1735 N. H. av, Washington 

37595 Hoopes, Emma Farquhar (Miss) 1315 20th st, Washington 

43464 Hoover, Lula Reeve (Mrs William D.)..1428 Euclid st, Washington 
75565 Hopkins, Grace Porter (Mrs Randolph Dickinson). .1325 Park rd, 


;45256 Hosmer, Harriet A. (Miss) The Riggs House, Washington 

51229 Housman, Anna M. (Miss) 1737 Willard st, Washington 

12559 Howard, Fannie Hunt (Mrs Thomas Allen).. 1811 Wyoming av, 

27728 Howard, Helen L. Taylor (Mrs Harold P.) c/o Capt. H. P. 

Howard, 14th Cav., War Dept., Washington 
5544 Hoyt, Anne McMichael (Mrs Henry M.)..1701 Rhode Island av, 

70930 Hoyt, Jennie King (Mrs John C.)....1446 Belmont st, Washington 
75776 Hudson, Georgia E. (Miss) 1904 Calvert st, Washington 

66502 Hudson, Lucie (Miss) The Imperial, Washington • 

66503 Hudson, Virginia (Miss) The Imperial, Washington 

2525 Huidekoper, Virginia Christie (Mrs Frederic W.)..The Shoreham, 

1921 Hull, Emma Gregory (Mrs John A. T.)....1802 M st, Washington 

29787 Humphreys, Letitia Atkinson (Miss) 1513 20th st, Washington 

77775 Hungerford, Mary E. (Miss) Louise Home, Washington 

26705 Hunt, Minnie Jameson (Mrs Charles P.) 1723 P st, Washington 

11429 Husted, Kate Louise (Mrs Gilbert Marshall) 13^ Fairmont st, 


62897 Husted, May Arnold (Miss) 1322 Fairmont st, Washington 

23220 Hutchins, Alice Kinney (Mrs Dudley Brooks) 1401 Mass. av, 


55782 Hutchison, Jessie Elizabeth (Miss) 305 D st, Washington 

47533 Hyer, Harriet Maria Bridges (Mrs Charles S.) 1113 M st, nw, 

6066 Ingalls, Mercy Sinsabaugh (Mrs Owen Lovejoy) 2148 P st, 

84401 Irland, Louise Durant Joslyn (Mrs Frederic) 1845 Ontario pi, 

4532 Irwin, Adele Duncan (Mrs David Allison) . .917 16th st, Washington 
73237 Israel, Cora Moore (Mrs Frank Thomas) 805 Vermont av, 

50411 Jackson, Bessie E. Gilbert (Mrs G. I.). 3912 New Hampshire av, 

18158 Jackson, Mary Tuley Neilson (Mrs Augustus) 2121 H st, 

9608 Jackson. Mary W. Clark (Mrs Charles William) ..131 A st, ne, 

70525 Jacobs, Josephine Luckey (Mrs Sydney R.)..1725 N, st, Wash- 
65603 Jagers, Sallie Jones (Mrs Frank Peter).. 1339 Q st, Washington 

174 Janin, Violet Blair (Mrs A. C.) 12 Lafayette sq, Washington 

71510 Janney, Laura Brown (Mrs Bernard Tayler) . . 1671 31st st, Wash- 

49369 Jaquettc, Kate Marshall (Miss) 14(X) Girard st, Washington 

43708 Jeffras, Maria Cheever (Mrs Nathaniel A.) 3001 Dent pi, 




74704 Jenks, Alice Wheeler (Mrs Holland) 1127 Fairmont st, 


50228 Jesup, Julia Clark (Miss) 12 Lafayette sq, Washington 

20205 Jewell, Pattie White Hall Mayo (Mrs Claudius B.)..1324 Vermont 
av, Washington 

84402 Johnson, Alice E. (Miss) 1316 Vermont av, Washington 

16076 Johnson, Alta Leonard (Mrs Frank Warren) 3315 16th st, 


11867 Johnson. Anna Eliza (Mrs Howard F.) 1372 Harvard st, 


1264 Johnson, Emma L. Crane (Mrs J. B.) 2460 6th st, Washington 

29799 Johnson. Eugenie Reel Taylor (Mrs Henry L. E.)..1821 Jefferson 

pi, Washington 
75770 Johnson, Evelyn Preston (Miss).. 703 E. Capitol st, Washington 

22471 Johnson, Flora Louise Priscilla (Miss) 2460 6th st, Washington 

75769 Johnson, Frances Preston (Mrs William Wallace). .703 E. Capitol 
st, Washington 

Johnson, Grace Dean (Mrs Enoch George) 1827 Corcoran st, 


Johnston, Belle Augusta Chapman (Mrs Robert H.) 310 A st, ne, 


Johnston, Caroline Annie Dorsey (Mrs Thomas Homer) The 

Melrose, 1343 Clifton st, Washington 
Johnston, Fnmces A. Benjamin (Mrs Anderson D.)..1332 V st, 

1142 Johnston, Frances Benjamin (Miss) 1332 V st, Washington 

50221 Johnston, Henriette Vargelia Vandergrift (Mrs John Alexander), 
2111 Mass. av, Washington 

5415 Johnston, Mary Bellamy (Miss) 1704 R. L av, Washington 

3053 Johnston, Sarah Brown Hall (Mrs Sanders Walker) 1842 15th st, 


65452 Jones, Ella Pepin (Mrs Gomer) 1813 F st, Washington 

64871 Jones, Emma Kendall Culver (Mrs Thaddeus M.)..1606 K st, 

51156 Jones, Evarts Ewing Munn (Mrs Harold W.) 1515 Park rcl. 


8697 Jones, Fanny Lee (Miss) Louise Home, Washington 

56152 Jones, Lottie Lee (Mrs Edwin P.) 1465 Rhode Island av, 


72304 Jones, Maud Elizabeth Tallmadge (Mrs) 1356 Irving st, 


1404 Jones, Virginia Byrd (Miss) 1705 De Sales st, Washington 

56032 Jordan Eleanor V. D. (Mrs) 1716 H st, Washington 

78407 Jordan, Josephine (Miss) 1531 Vermont av, Washington 

36623 Kane. Helen Pooke (Mrs) 1313 19th st, Washington 

77771 Kearney, Belle (Miss) 2 Iowa Circle, Washington 

55106 Keathley, Lillie Vivianc (Miss) The Concord, Washington 

56147 Kebler, Ida Elizabeth (Mrs Lyman F.)..1322 Park rd, Washington 
84729 Keeling, Mary Mason (Mrs).... 41 The Plymouth, 1236 11th st, nw. 

58677 Kcene. Florence Robbins (Miss) 1004 O st^ Washington 

48368 Keep, Frederica Augusta (M.D.) 232 3d st, Washington 

87075 Kcleher, Edith Reynolds (Miss) 118 11th st, se, Washington 

50638 Kdletcr. Lucy Taber Pool (Mrs Paul Delmar) 945 R. I. av, 


37S66 Kellogg, Lucy Williams (Mrs Josiah Steele) 215 Pa. av, se, 


84352 Kelly. Liona Mary (Miss) 1918 I st, Washington 

51162 Kclsey, Edith L. (Miss) 1307 P st, Washington 

20886 Kendall, Mary Dwight Hooker (Mrs John Blake) 14th st rd, 



192 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

22596 Keniston. Martha Crockett Fowler (Mrs Bela)..1126 E. Capitol st, 


34529 Kennedy, Alice Meng (Miss) 1750 Euclid st, Washington- 

48369 Kent, Priscilla E. (Miss) 1531 Park rd. Washington 

62903 Kern, Alice Lavinia (Miss) 452 M st, Washington 

79244 Kern, Ruth Mary (Miss) 29 R st, Washington 

12347 Key. Ellenore E. Dutcher (Mrs John Ross).. 514 Corcoran Bldg,. 

78987 Keyes, Kate Tomlinson (Mrs Charles Wesley) . .817 L st, Washington 
51152 Keys, Amie Glorvena Ballinger (Mrs Edward Allen).. The Rocham- 

beau, Washington 

70791 Kibbey, Elizabeth C. E. (Miss) 2022 Massachusetts av, Washington 

83597 Kilburn. Helen Huber Cromwell (Mrs William) .. 1525 New Hamp- 
shire av, Washington 
57704 Kimberly, Cara Draper (Mrs Samuel A.).. 21 12 O st, Washington 

76831 King, Minnie E. (Mrs) 1016 10th st, nw, Washington 

85077 Kinsell, Ida Jane (Mrs James C.) 1608 17th st, nw, Washington 

75159 Kinsley, Caroline Amelia (Mrs Joseph W.) . .1632 15th st, Washington 
61681 Kinyon, M. Annette F*ord (Mrs J. P.) 608 Massachusetts av,. 

ne, Washington 
83078 Kirk, Caroline Freeman (Mrs Nathan Allen).. 2108 H st, Washington- 

46616 Kistler. Dell F. Wright (Mrs M. B.) 721 E st, ne, Washington 

49850 Knee, Laura E. G. Fitch (Mrs J. F.) 1526 9th st, Washingtoir 

61782 Knight, Ella S. (Mrs W. P.) 1741 N. Capitol st, Washington 

69163 Knoop, Helene M. Hemmick (Mrs).. The Nansemond, 22d & N sts,. 

59675 Knowles, Hannah Hoover (Mrs William H.) 1699 31st st, Washington 
37206 Knowles, Martha S. (Mrs George G.)..The Portner, Washington 
3466 Kochersperger, Nora Baker Fowler (Mrs S. M.)..c/o Capt. S. M.. 

Korchersperger, War Dept., Washington 
75563 Koones, Mary Ellen O'Hare (Mrs Samuel S.) 1731 19th st, 

29788 Kuhn, Caroline Waugh Parker (Mrs Joseph Ernest) . .1815 M st,. 


85246 Kuhns, Dorothy Hartsell (Miss) 2125 N st, nw, Washington 

78082 Lacey, Anna Watkins (Mrs Anderson B.) 261 The Portner, 

55297 Ladue, Evelyn Knight (Mrs William B.) . .c/o Capt. William B. Ladue, 

War Dept., Washington 
83717 La Fetra, Lucia Noyes (Mrs Edwin S.) . .3210 Newark st, Washington 
3271 Lamar, Clarinda Huntington Pendleton (Mrs Joseph Rucker) ..2419" 

Mass. av., Washington 

29412 Lamb, Isabel Haslup (Mrs D. S.) 2114 18th st, Washington 

45 Lane, Elizabeth Carter Ball (Mrs Giles) ... .3070 Q st, Washingtoiv- 

18443 Lane, Martha (Miss) 1415 H st, Washington 

182 Larner, Fannie D. Lyman (Mrs Philip) 309 Florence Court, 

658 Larrabce. Ruth Estelle Loop (Mrs Charles Frederick) . .1514 21st 

st, Wasliington 

79398 Latta, Lizzie Bunnell (Mrs John R.) The Windsor, Washington 

57706 Laws, Genevieve P. (Mrs George W.) 1699 31st st, Washington 

15491 Lawton, Mary (Miss) 1730 Mass. av, Washington 

66385 Lazenbv, Marv Elinor (Miss) 1606 K st. Washington 

1587 Lee. EHzabcth Russell Fiske fMrs Samuel Perry) The Mendota,. 

17439 Leech. Margarette Park (Mrs John Frederick) 1754 Mass. av, 

\3227 Leetch. Grace Lyman (Mrs Frank Paul).. 1696 31st st, Washington 
23710 Lcith, Martha Elenora (Mrs Charles A.). 1451 Chapin st, Washington 
33664 Lemly, Harriet Porter Milliken (Mrs Samuel Conrad).. The Marl- 
borough. Washington ' 
85 Leonard, Sarah Woods Norvell (Mrs Norton W.). .The Cecil, 15th & i 

L sts, Washington i 


64040 Letts, Minnie E. (Miss) 3207 Highland av, Washington 

131 Leupp, Ada Murdock (Mrs F. E.) 1813 16th st, Washington 

53464 Levers, May Adele (Miss). .. .The Gladstone, 1423 R st, Washington 
66506 Levers, Rosanna Lucinda von Steuben (Mrs Theodore Franklin) 

The Gladstone, 1423 R st, Washington 

31193 Lewis, Attaway Miller (Miss) 1500 Mass. av, Washington 

69452 Lewis, Edna Brazee (Mrs Harold A.).. Everett Hotel, Washington 
21928 Lewis, Flora Agnes Smith (Mrs Morgan D.) .The Logan, Washington 

4392 Lewis, Frances Maria (Miss) 1615 Florida av, Washington 

54196 Lewis, Mattie Amelia (Mrs Frank J.) 1307 L st, Washington 

16652 Liggitt, Lura M. Ambler (Mrs Richard). .. .1759 P st, Washington 

64524 Likens, Mabel Antoinette Kent (Mrs) 1229 Mass. av, Washington 

73240 Lincoln, Natalie Sumner (Miss) 1717 20th st, Washington 

T^^Z Lipscomb, Corinne Macfarland (Mrs Lisle Seaton) 3350 17th st, 


27487 Lloyd, Sarah A. Stoddard (Mrs) 319 B st, se, Washington 

27 Lockwood, Mary Smith (Mrs) The Columbia, 14th & Girard sts, 

44858 Logan, Grace Redficld Boynton (Mrs Ellis) 1253 Irving st, 

66386 Logan, Mary Simerson (Mrs John Alexander) Stoneleigh Court, 


3319 Long, Elizabeth Foster (Mrs) 1739 19th st, Washington 

56148 Loomis, Achsah Ashley (Mrs) 1229 N st, Washington 

73660 Lougee, Elva Staples (Mrs Frank T.) 1723 Kilboume st, Washington 
16432 Lounsberry, Sarah Mason (Mrs C. A.) 76 New York av, ne, 


55104 Love, Ellen Lane (Miss) 910 Mass. av, Washington 

58230 Love, Elsie E. Powell (Mrs George W.)..804 19th st, Washington 

58686 Love, Rebecca Laurens (Miss) 910 Mass. av, Washington 

42820 Lowden, Florence Pullman (Mrs Frank Orren) 1719 Mass. av, 

27209 Lowe, Adelaide Kinney (Mrs William Russell) 1706 S st, Washington 
38923 Lowe, Belle May Royal (Mrs John M.) 8 Rhode Island av, 


71722 Lowe. Ella Stuart (Miss) 1337 Girard st. Washington 

1618 Lowell, Louise (Miss).. The Huntington, 1345 Park rd, Washington 

3S133 Lozier, Kate E. (M.D.) 23 The Olympia, Washington 

2357 Ludlow, Clara Southmayd (Miss).. The Ethelhurst, 15th & L sts. 


21439 Ludlow, Drury Conway (Mrs) The Concord, Washington 

24557 Luebkert, Jennie A. Shear (Mrs Otto) 1804 R st, Washington 

1145 Lyman, Maria Spalding (Miss) 1336 Q st, Washington 

85736 Ljmch, Appilona A. (Miss) R. F. D. 3, Benning 

1698 Lyster, Martha Guthrie Doughty (Mrs W. J.) The Farragut^ 


21440 McBlair, Julia Ten Eyck (Miss) The Donald, 1012 13th st, 


55588 McCabe, Margaret Virginia (Miss) The Driscoll, Washington 

58681 McCarthy, Elizabeth Bailey (Mrs S. Austin) The Woodley, 


63775 McCausland, Anna Test (Miss) 1506 Caroline st, Washington 

54660 McChesney, Agnes Fuller (Mrs John D.)..The Ontario, Washington 
66501 McClcllan, Flonde Arnold (Mrs John Harper) .. 1401 Massachusetts 

av, Washington 
68450 McClosky, Carrie Virginia (Mrs Alonzo L.) 1421 Chapin st, 

38048 McCord. (jphelia Watson (Miss).. 1815 Adams Mill rd, Washington 

4924 McCormick, Maria Elizabeth (Mrs Frank R.) Brookland 

26056 McCoy, Elizabeth Pinkney (Mrs Harry) 1814 Hopkins st, 

31191 McCreery. Eleanor A. Richards (Mrs Guy) Washington 

194 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

46611 McCuUough, Laura V. Allen (Mrs N. N.) 406 11th st, ne, 

14342 McCurdy, Florence C. B Campbell (Mrs).. The Cairo, Washington 
58683 McDcrmont, Rosalie Thruston (Mrs Horace) 203 Florence Court, 

19774 McDowell, Belle Rodes (Mrs John Harvie)..The Lenox, 1523 L st, 


72092 McFarland, Julia Dashiell (Miss) 1504 Vermont av, Washington 

879 McGill. Jane L. (Mrs James H.) 1915 3d st, Washington 

38716 McGowan, Martha Miller (Mrs Pattillo H.) Stoneleigh Court, 

7446 McGuire, Emily Neville (Mrs Frederick B.)..1333 Connecticut av, 

81886 Mcintosh, Elizabeth (Miss) The Oakland, 2006 Columbia rd, 

70739 Mcintosh, Ella Chafee (Mrs Horace Parker) The Oakland, 

12253 McKean, Caroline (Mrs Frederick G.)..1220 New Hampshire av, 


72485 McKce, Mary Grable (Mrs James) 1344 Vt. av, Washington 

33543 McLean, Ada Manderson (Mrs Charles Clothier) 1105 G st, 

61769 McLean, Clara Adaline Norris (Mrs Henry Clay).. 1373 Irving st, 

5637 McLean, Emma B. J. (Mrs Walter) » 1255 New Hampshire av, 

3284 McLean, Sarah K. (Mrs Nathaniel H.).. Hotel Stratford. Washington 

2748 McMillan, Mary L. (Mrs James) 1114 Vermont av, Washington 

30639 McNabb, Myra Robbins (Mrs James).. The Cordova, Florida av & 

20th st, Washington 
71511 McPherson, Gertrude Janney (Mrs John Douglas, Jr.).. 1671 31st st, 


76220 McQueen, Lillian W. (Miss) 2901 14th st, Washington 

725 Macdonald, Anna S. (Miss) 1301 K st, nw, Washington 

i52904 MacDonald, Margaret Porterfield (Mrs Arthur) 127 A st, ne, 

<60236 Macey, Gwendolen, Grosvenor Sanderson (Mrs J. T.)..c/o Chief 

Qerk, Land Office, Washington 
83723 Mackall, Evelyn Bowie (Mrs I^aidler) . .732 9th st, ne, Washington 

34528 Maday, Ellen Margaret (Miss) The Roland, Washington 

883 Macmillan, Mary (Mrs F. J.) 600 Maryland av, ne, Washington 

9175 MacMurray, Henrietta Wiswall Van Antwerp (Mrs J. W.)....2228 

Massachusetts av, Washington 

-60237 Macurda, Alfareta Hortense (Miss) 144 Seaton pi, Washington 

47538 Magruder, Helen Elexener (Miss) 26 Grant pi, nw, Washington 

j62909 Magruder, Mary Blanche (Miss). .. .The Everett, 1730 H st, nw, 

21932 Magruder, Sarah Van Wyck (Mrs J. W.) The Marlborough. 

2533 Main, Charlotte Emerson Bradbury (Mrs Herschel) . .The Wellington, 

41135 Main, Mabel Frothingham (Miss).. The Wellington, 17th & Park rd, 


4920 Mann, Harriet E. (Miss) 1010 Mass. av, Washington 

30623 Mannix, Ella Stevens (Mrs D. Pratt) 2509 CliflFboume pi, 

66909 Marbury, Clara Forsyth (Mrs Leonard) 1208 15th st, nw, 


16080 Marean, C. Francene (Miss) 3512 9th st, Washington 

23356 Marean, Fannie E. (Miss) 3512 9th st, Washington 

16079 Marean, Mary Louise (Miss) 3512 9th st, Washington 

S6053 Marlow, Mary C. Pool (Mrs Maurice Everett) ... .311 Md. av, ne, 



53621 Marsh, Bertha A. (Miss) 909 Mass. av, Washington 

1021 Marsh. Garlic E. (Miss) 1303 Q st, Washington 

20880 Marsh, Lucy M. O. (Mrs George) The Ethelhurst, Washington 

72305 Marshall, Alice B. (Miss) The Knickerbocker, Washington 

40761 Marshall, Caroline Hill (Mrs)....U. S. Pension Office, Washington 

48372 Marshall, Minnie (Miss) 1519 Park rd, Washington 

25133 Marston, Alice A. Sullivan (Mrs Alfred P.).. 1209 N. Capitol st, 

26686 Martin, Eleanor Fuller (Mrs M. C.)..2019 Hillyer pi, Washington 
2697 Martin, Mary E. Lawrence (Mrs George Gilchrist) .. 102 The Wyo- 
ming, Columbia rd, Washington 
4789 Mason, Margaret Matilda H. (Mrs Andrew Jackson) Internal 

Revenue Bureau, U. S. Treasury, Washington 

81230 Massie. Mattie Luella (Miss) 1307 L st, Washington 

84744 Mathews, Annie Laura (Miss) 130 W st, nw, Washington 

26691 Mattingly, Ida Roselle Garrett (Mrs Leonard H.)..2804 27th st, nw, 

57789 Mattingly, Mary Clarke (Mrs P. H.)... .1008 Spring rd, Washington 
56155 Maxon, Maude Gushing (Mrs Edward S.)"3162 18th st, Washington 
1327 Maynard, Lucy Julia Warner (Mrs George Golton) ..1407 15th st, 


69451 Meek, Charlotte Elizabeth (Miss) 1445 S st, Washington 

30991 Megrew, Helen Collins (Mrs John P.) 2d & Maryland av, ne, 

61780 Mercer, Martha Lumpkin (Mrs Morton Bartow) 2622 13th st, 

85081 Merchant, Stella Belle Whitney (Mrs Eli Othman)..216 Maryland 

av, ne, Washington 

60004 Merrill, Inez (Miss) The Burlington, Washington 

50226 Merrill, Margaret Bell (Miss) 1633 29th st, Washington 

43642 Merrill, Pauline (Mrs George G.) 1717 K st, Washington 

80277 Merritt, Lillian A. (Miss) 612 H st, Washington 

23706 Mertz, Adela Emeline Hine (Mrs Edward Philip) . .3031 Newark st, 


71000 Merwin, Anna D. (Miss) 917 Westminster st, Washington 

12 Messenger, Lillian Rozell (Mrs) The Bancroft, Washington 

85248. Meyer, Alice Elizabeth Carleton (Mrs B. H.). .Highlands Manor, 

Wisconsin av, Cleveland Park, Washington 

85988 Mickley, Mabel (Miss) The Burlington, Washington 

56874 Milhollen, Annie Dailey (Mrs John Henry) 2608 University pi, 


51160 Miller, Annie Louise (Miss) The Cecil, Washington 

3439 Miller, Frances Laura H. (Mrs Crosby P.).. The Cairo, Washington 

33559 Miller, (Gertrude Schumann (Mrs) The Portner, Washington 

161 Miller, Virginia (Miss) The Rochambeau, Washington 

55583 Milligan, Clara Byrd (Miss) 607 4th st, Washington 

51764 Milligan, Mary Jane (Mrs T. G.) 607 4th st, Washington 

11868 Millsaps, Margaret Van R. Morgan (Mrs Jefferson H.)..1321 Colum- 
bia rd, Washington 
70740 Milton, Sarah Smith Baker (Mrs William H.) .... Congress Hall, 

32794 Minetree, Betty Eppes (Mrs Joseph Powhatan) 1472 Belmont rd, 


84395 Mitchell. Margaret Jean (Mrs) 2118 P st, nw, Washington 

72790 Mix, Lilian Roche (Miss) 1517 31st st, Washington 

46189 Mixsell, Hortense Digges Contee (Mrs Ward Temple).. 312 S st, ne, 

54670 Molse, Cara Ariana Stith Washington (Mrs David Calhoun) . .723 

18th st« Washington 
83322 Molster, Helen Findlay (Mrs Charles E.) . .3308 9th st, ne, Brookland 

84403 Molster, Mary Helen (Miss) Brookland 

60232 Montgomery, Amelia N. Popham (Mrs Alexander). .1012 13th st, 


196 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

78988 Moore, Clara Boughton (Miss) 1223 15th st, Washington 

26687 Moore, Jennie Nixon Fite (Mrs Andrew M.) 1626 15th st, 

60802 Moore, Margaret Ballard (Mrs). .. .1869 Columbia rd, Washington 
6023S Moore, Mary Hicks (Mrs Samuel H.)..The Kenesaw, Washington 
410 Moran, Jane Wormley Blackburn (Mrs Francois Berger) 2313 

Nlass. av ^Vashincrton 
19095 Morgan,* iGrace Lee Fisher (Mrs T. Frank).. 1323 Clifton st. The 

Clifton, Washington 

32002 Morgan, Masie (Miss) 46 E st, Washington 

1637 Morris, Emma T. (Mrs Anthony P.).. The Sherman, Washington 

51623 Morris, Pattie Kean (Mrs John S.) 1765 T st, Washington 

18336 Morrison, Mary A. (Miss) 1739 P st. Washington 

81526 Morrow, Sarah Delana Smith (Mrs James Oliver) 1446 N st, 

84984 Morse, Edith Boone (Mrs Robert Wilbur).. The Savoy, Washington 
63492 Morse, Katrina C. (Miss) 58 Rhode Island av, Washington 

79247 Morsell, Harriet Washington (Miss) 1810 S st, Washington 

79246 Morsell, Isabel Montgomery (Mrs William Franklin) .. 1810 S st, 


35177 Mortimer, Florence Cragie (Miss) 1141 New Hampshire av, 


38955 Mortimer, Lucie Elizabeth (Miss) 1141 New Hampshire av, 

472 Moses, Emma Richardson (Mrs).. 14th & Harvard sts, Washington 

76835 Mosher, Hellen Kendig (Miss) 817 17th st, nw, Washington 

54194 Moulton, Myrtle C. (Miss) 1439 Rhode Island av, Washington 

55108 Mulcare, Rosa Dodd (Mrs James E.) 1507 R. I. av, Washington 

37602 Mumford, Lucy Nowell Clark (Mrs Edward S.) 2200 R st, 

75160 Murphy, Daisy Kinsley (Mrs Stephen J.).. 1632 15th st, Washington 
13942 Mussey, Ellen Spencer (Mrs R. D.)..1338 Fairmont st, Washington 

69804 Myers, Margaret Barr (Mrs William Starr) The Wyoming, 


54658 Myers, Mary Hewitt (Mrs John J.) 403 Stoneleigh Court, 


63424 Nabcrs, Bennie E. (Miss) 530 3d st, Washijigtou 

3321 Nash, Caroline Louise Ryan (Mrs Francis S.)-.1723 Q st, Wash- 

2659 Neal, Sarah J. (Miss) 413 4th st. Washington 

43466 Nesbit, Clara Ford (Mrs Charles Francis) .. 1801 Phelps pi. Conn, 
av Heights, Washington 
3014 Newcomb, Mary Caroline Hassler (Mrs Simon) . . 1620 P st, Wash- 
22600 Newell, Effie Mackintosh (Mrs Frederick Haynes) . . 1827 Phelps pi, 

58233 Newell, Emma Sawyer (Mrs William M.)..3309 16th st, Wash- 

67890 Nichols, Susan Avery Tillinghast (Mrs Albert Rodman) 313 

12th st, se, Washington 

177 Nicholson, Jane Findlay Jesup (Mrs Augustus S.) 1718 N st, 


79248 Niles, Cornelia D. (Miss) 1223 15th st, Washington 

1398 Noble, Esther Frothingham Bradbury (Mrs Thomas K.)..1855 Mint- 
wood pi, Washington 

54667 North, Elizabeth McMurtrie (Miss) 1409 N st, Washington 

79424 Northrop, Helen (Miss) 9 Kendall Green, Washington 

70924 Norton, Gertrude M. (Miss) 1949 Biltmore st, Washington 

84197 Norton. Ida May ( 1949 Biltmore st, Washington 

504 Norton, Lillian A. (Miss) 1949 Biltmore st, Washington 


33670 Norton. Louisa Key (Mrs John H.) Rosedale, Georgetown 

13936 Norton, Mary Louisa (Mrs John N.) 1023 16th st, Washington 


85074 Norton, Nellie Amanda (Mrs Hannibal Davenport) .. 1949 Biltmore 
St, Washington 

18347 Norton, Rebecca Louise Graves (Mrs William T.) The Ala- 
bama, Washington 
3549 Nourse, Frances B. (Mrs James M.)..1343 E. Capitol st, Wash- 

68990 Noyes, Ethel Jane Russell Chesebrough (Miss) 1758 Q st, nw. 


58527 Oberholser, La vera S. C. (Mrs Jacob) . . 1444 Fairmont st, Washington 

26791 O'Connell. Ellen Patience Cook (Mrs Maurice Daniel).. The Wood- 
ley, Washington 

85053 O'Connor, M. Blanche (Mrs George H.) 636 E. Capitol st, 


6480 Offley, Margaret Agnew (Mrs Cleland N.) Hammond Court, 


84404 0*Hare, Laura Christine (Miss) Shepherd rd, Washington 

36857 Olmstead, Emma Jane Hahn (Mrs Stanley C.) 308 2d st, sc, 


mil Ohiey, Laura F. (Mrs Edward B.) The Portner, Washington 

69724 Ordway, Annie Prescott (Mrs George F.) 2107 S st, Washington 

18623 Oswald, Martha Spencer (Mrs Andrew) . .2019 Hillyer pi, Washington 
54668 Oswell, Susie Richardson (Mrs Charles Arthur).. Broad Branch rd, 


75157 Padgett, Rosa M. (Mrs Percival) 312 S. Capitol st, Washington 

75516 Parker, Laura Bryan (Mrs Edward Wheeler) 2252 Cathedral av, 

1036 Parker, Nellie Levann (Mrs Myron Melvin) 1020 Vermont av, 

19712 Patrick, Mary S. (Mrs Runnion M.)..1472 Clifton st, Washington 
17929 Patten, Jeanie Maury (Mrs John Dewhurst) . .2212 R st., Washington 
23709 Patterson, Flora Wambaugh (Mrs F. W.). .The Decatur, Washington 

50225 Patterson, Marian Lee (Miss) 1854 Mintwood pi, Washington 

10968 Patterson, Melvena A. (Miss) The Plaza, Washington 

84405 Pattison. (krtrude V. (Miss) 1501 3d st, Washington 

84406 Pattison, Louise (Miss) 1501 3d st, Washington 

21438 Paul, Elva Snell (Mrs Joseph) Oak Lawn, Washington 

41717 Paxson, Ethel G. Easton (Mrs Clement E.) The Kenesaw, 


27218 Payson, Louise C. (Mrs) 1229 Mass. av, Washington 

83080 Pcabody, Mida C. (Mrs Henry H.) 918 L st, Washington 

27216 Peacock, Victoria G. (Miss) 2422 Penna. av, Washington 

26387 Peacock, Virginia Tatnall (Miss) 2466 Ontario rd, Washington 

23516 Pcalcr, Ruth M. Griswold (Mrs Peter P.).. 1004 Massachusetts av, 


1101 Pearre, Mary (Miss) 1710 I st, Washington 

84745 Pcchin. Isabel (Miss) 3519 11th st, nw, Washington 

49853 Peck. Ida M. (Miss) 2830 27th st. Washington 

50227 Pcct, Elizabeth (Miss) 9 Kendall Green, Washington 

85249 Pendleton, Charlotte (Miss) Stoncleigh Court, Washington 

52470 Pennebaker, Lulie Harris (Mrs Charles Darwin) . .3016 Cambridge pi, 


63419 Pepper. Norita Rose (Miss) 1743 U st, Washington 

33219 Perlic. Rebecca A. (Mrs A. R.) 1310 Mass. av, Washington 

43849 Perry. Ella Brooke (Mrs James Hillhouse) 2110 19th st, 

472f» Perry. Josephine Adams (Mrs Alexander James) 2003 I st, 

76836 Perry, Matilda (Mrs Charles G.)....4748 Wisconsin av, Washington 

.W31 Perry. Sarah Louise (Mrs David) The Cairo. Washington 

55589 Phelps, Rli/abeth Maxwell Eaton (Mrs Wilbur Moorhead) . .38th & 

Jocelyn sts. Washington 
65499 Phillips. Anna Mar>' Laise (Mrs J. Sylvester^ . .16?1 rrnrocti-nf nv. 


198 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

6030 Phillips, Eliza I. L. (Mrs Duncan C.) 1600 21st st, Washington 

70931 Phillips, Katie Creary Clark (Mrs Edson) 1210 Girard st. 


79240 Phillips, Sidney H. (Mrs Hugh J.) The Imperial, Washington 

83061 Philljpson. Agnes E. (Mrs James) 65 Savoy Apts, Washington 

10935 Pierce, Elisabeth F. (Miss) The Portner, Washington 

85979 Pierson, Natalie Cowell (Mrs Horace Goodrich) ..1131 Fairmont st, 

nw, Washington 

49851 Pine, Charlotte M. (Mrs David E.) 223 Florida av, Washington 

42300 Pitcher, Mary Roberts (Mrs Joseph William).. The De Soto, 13th & 

Mass. av, Washington 
32581 Place, Gertrude Smith (Mrs James E.)..1453 14th st, Washington 
25672 Piatt, Lucy B. Tillotson (Mrs Lester B.). .The Mendota, Washington 

38402 Polkinhorn, Catherine Eliza (Miss) 2432 Penna. av, Washington 

40215 Polkinhorn, Harriet Godwin (Mrs Henry Birth) 1533 P st, 

79774 Pollard, Nellie Teresa O'Hare (Mrs Willard Lacy).. The Holland, 

1502 Meridian pi, Washington 

80596 Pond, Mary Louise (Miss) 1433 Fairmont st, Washington 

19096 Poole, Annie Evelyn (Mrs John Sprigg) . . . . 1520 R st, Washington 

2259 Porter, Carrie Eliza W. (Mrs Charles) The Partner, Washington 

85989 Porter, Elizabeth Rush (Mrs John Biddlc) . .1732 I st, nw. Washington 
22423 Posey, Jane Martin Bell (Mrs Mason Ashby)..T824 (California av, 


78488 Potts, Cornelia Rebecca Kimberly (Mrs Richard C.)... .1132 New 

Hampshire av, Washington 
7484 Potts. Cornelia Ross Potts (Mrs Noble Newport) 1002 22d st, 


23348 Potts, Georgianna R. (Mrs Stacv) 1604 Q st, Washington 

58690 Powell, Catharine Hoover (Mrs' William Thackara) . . 1699 31st st. 


58231 Powell, Kathryn F. (Miss) 1699 31st st, Washington 

34518 Power, Katherin Lukens (Mrs James J.).. 121 Ontario st (c/o Mrs. 

Herbert P. Gerald), Washington 

8505 Powers, Amanda Kinney (Mrs L. G.) 3355 18th st, Washington 

82874 Powers, Lillian Armitage (Mrs William E.)..I404 M st, Washington 

28054 Prather, Josephine Elizabeth (Miss) 1310 Vermont av, Washington 

37593 Prentice, Sarah Clarke (Mrs Nathan Barber).. 814 N. Carolina av, 

se, Washington 

63425 Prentiss, Elizabeth (Miss) 1206 I5th st, Washington 

35743 Prescott, Phebe Brett (Mrs Lucien N.) 1523 Columbia st, 


65777 Price, Emma Jane Ells (Mrs Bvron J.) 1209 K st, Washington 

67849 Priest, Edith Morgan . (Mrs Edgar) The Plaza, 2410 Pa. av, 


47839 Pritchett, Elizabeth Martin (Miss) 1657 3Ist st, Washington 

1408 Proctor, Emily D. (Miss) 1535 L st, Washington 

60233 Pryor, Anne Augusta Banister (Mrs Archibald Campbell) 2119 

California av, Washington 
56062 Puller, Sally B. Smith (Mrs) The Dresden Apt, Conn, av, 


3440 Purcell, Sarah Haskin (Mrs James J.) 1308 16th st, Washington 

62898 Purdy, Ella Elizabeth (Miss) 1415 Chapin st, Washington 

10214 Quay, Coral (Miss) 1612 K st, Washington 

58688 Quirollo, Carlotta Ebert (Mrs Lawrence H.)..2031 P st, Wash- 
60 Ragan, Emily L. Sherwood (Mrs William H.). .Head of Talbot st, 


78489 Ramage, Harriet Page Bird (Mrs Burr James) The Ontaria. 

84732 Ramsburgh, Edith Roberts (Mrs Jesse).. The Portner, Wash- 


4351 Ramsey, Fanny L. (Miss) 1337 Q st, Washington 

4350 Ramsey, Matilda J. (Miss) 1337 Q st, Washington 

84235 Rapley, Catherine Campbell (Mrs Randolph Rufus) The 

Brighton, Washington 
38 Rathbun, Lena Augusta (Mrs Richard) .. 1622 Mass. av, Wash- 

84393 Read, Harriet B. (Miss) 2107 S st. Washington 

15 Reading, Fannie Wallace Washington (Mrs). J830 Jefferson pi, 

783 Rector, Mary M. (Miss) 629 N. Carolina av, Washington 

60230 Redway, Winifred Helen (Miss). .. .1809 Phelps pi, Washington 

59679 Reed, Lillian (Miss) 6 Iowa Circle, Washington 

45665 Reese, Ella (Miss) 1221 Monroe st, Brookland 

5419 Reese, Rebecca Ramsay (Mrs Robert) . . 1519 28th st, Washington 
17665 Reeve, Felicia Ann Oliphant (Miss).. 1628 19th st, Washington 

47534 Reeve, Hattie St. John (Mrs Herman Dwight) 215 8th st, ne, 


33218 Reeves, Fanny Lee (Miss) 730 22d st, Washington 

77446 Reeves, Mary E. Waller (Mrs John Clark).. 730 22d st, Wash- 

43467 Rennolds, Mary A. (Miss) The Baltimore, Washington 

36114 Reynolds, Lucy Singleton (Miss) 2031 P st, Washington 

69806 Rhoads, E. Ida (Mrs William Levengood) 3800 8th st, nw, 

62901 Rice, Caroline K. (Mrs Charles D.)..148l Columbia rd, Wash- 

21515 Rich, Delia (Mrs Rishworth) 221 9th st, ne, Washington 

27213 Richards, Annie Chase (Mrs Milton Valentine). .2934 14th st, 
133 Richards, Janet Elizabeth Hosmer (Miss) . .The. Olympia, Wash- 
84407 Richards, Minnie Johnson (Mrs Robert Morris) . .1825 Corcora» 
st, Washing^ton 

-*^— 54521 Richardson, Amy Small (Mrs Charles W.) 1317 Conn, av, 


30278 Richardson, Harriet (Miss) Broad Branch rd, Washington 

40336 Richardson, J. Estelle (Miss) 430 Newton pi, Washington 

418 Richey, Minna Blair (Mrs Stephen 01in)..1651 Pennsylvania av, 

63972 Ritchie, Anne Meredith (Miss) The Farragut, Washington 

14064 Ritchie, Edith Kensett (Mrs John).... The Decatur, Washington 
13235 Rives, Jeannie Tree (Mrs Franklin) . .1818 Jefferson pi, Wash- 

55014 Rixcy, Elizabeth Herndon (Mrs Charles Jones) 919 16th st, 


28199 Robbins, Bertha Murdock (Mrs) The Beacon, 1803 Calvert st, 

53563 Robbins, Martha Ellen (Mrs Charles F.) . .600 A st, ne, Washington 
25908 Roberts, Miranda E. Smith (Mrs Leonard Hodges) .. 1820 Kalo- 
r^ma rd, Washington 

55590 Robinson, Esther Adaline Lippitt (Mrs Thomas) 1358 Emerson 

St. ne, Washington 
43054 Robinson, Frances S. (Mrs Hancock) Woodley Apts., Wash- 
16972 Robinson, Martha Jenkins (Miss).. The Lenox, 1523 L st, Wash- 
4256 Robinson, Rosalind Wood Smith (Mrs R. H. M.)..1322 19th st, 

70526 Rochester, Mary F. (Mrs Edwin Rolla)..3025 15th st, Wash- 

200 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

78490 Rock, Alice Smith (Mrs Andrew J.) 1446 N st, Washington 

34526 Rogers, Dorinda Edwards (Miss).. The Sherman, Washington 
30653 Rogers, Georgiana Sargent (Mrs Frank D.)..803 12th st, Wash- 

41735 Rogers, Gracie Edith SchoHeld (Mrs) 125 Maryland av, ne, 


28047 Rogers, Harriet Pray (Mrs Harry L.) 1821 Kalorama rd, 


46186 Rogers, Kathryn Elizabeth (Miss) 1208 M st, Washington 

26704 Romeyn, Annie Helme Townsend La Tourrette (Mrs Henry), 
1736 P st, Washington 
244 Roome, Lilian Pike (Mrs William Oscar).. 1419 Clifton st, Wash- 

26695 Root, Anna May (Miss) 726 17th st, Washington 

11375 Rosa, Mary Evans (Mrs Edward Bennett) ..402, The Ontario, 

54492 Ross, Mary Rebecca (Miss) The Mendota, Washington 

51308 Runyon, Maria Theresa Tower (Mrs) Apt, 202, The Plaza, 


41068 Ruth, Annabel (Miss) Indian Office, Washington 

17440 Sackett, Marian Edgar Leech (Mrs) . . 1754 Mass. av, Washington 
60804 St. Clair, Mary E. (Mrs Francis Alphonso) . . 1319 T st, Washington 
38404 Samson, Marianne (Mrs George Clement).. 2423 Pa. av, Wash- 
29554 Sanford, Josephine Browne (Mrs William Craig). .The Savoy, I4th 
st, Washington 

67888 Sanger, Alice B. (Miss) 1220 Connecticut av, Washington 

13359 Sanger, Johnetta Brockenborough (Mrs George).. 306 Hammond 
(iourt, Washington 

7719 Sartoris, Nellie Grant (Mrs Algernon C. F.) 2111 Mass. av, 


84198 Saunders, Clara Rossman (Miss) The Brunswick, Washington 

56879 Schafhirt, Minerva Norris (Mrs Jesse B.)..2332 1st st, Washington 
46608 Schayer, Julia Thompson (Mrs George Frederick) .. 1725 Lamont 

st, Washington 
8107 Schenck. Elizabeth H. Godfrey (Mrs Adrian V. L)..2026 R st. 

72791 Srhoepf, Emily Tyler (Miss) 1411 21st st, Washington 

5636 Scribner, Harriet L. (Mrs William H.)..840 Varnum st, Petworth 

53109 Searle, Juliet McCall (Miss) 1131 12th st, Washington 

79234 Seaton, Isabel Weaver (Mrs D. K.) Washington 

64523 Seidemann. Mabel Estelle Lyman (Mrs Henry P.).. The Knicker- 
bocker, Washington 

42650 Selden, Maria (Miss) Louise Home, Washington 

26389 Semmes, Eleanor B. (Miss) 1729 H st, Washington 

55111 Semmes, Mary Hodges (Mrs Alexander Harrison) . .2208 Q st, 

49852 Sewall, Marion Crowell (Mrs Eugene D.) 1233 Princeton st. 

60436 Shantz, Lucia M. Soper (Mrs Homer Le Roy).. 1436 W st, Wash- 

30490 Sharp, Estelle Avery (Miss) 22 Third st. se, Washington 

11878 Shaw, Anna M. (Miss) 1453 Rhode Island av, Washington 

79453 Shaw, Grazia Livingston Hubbard D. (Mrs Harry) .. Navy Yard, 

63421 Sheehy, Edna James (Miss) 2014 P st, Washington 

63977 Sheehy, Marie Cecelia (Miss) 2014 P st, Washington 

63420 Sheehy, Nannie Sardo (Mrs James J.) 2014 P st. Washington 

70138 Sheppard, Margaret Allen (Mrs Carl Dunkle) Washington 

60349 Sheriff, Ann Wade (Mrs Clement W.) Benning 

38400 Shibley. Alice M. Patterson (Mrs George Henry).. 1854 Mintwood 
pi, Washington 


32847 Short, Alice (Miss) 1347 Rhode Island av. Washington 

38392 Shuey, Willie Mayes (Mrs Theodore F.) 2127 California av, 


52157 Shull, Alice Olivia Patten (Mrs Frank).. 1118 Girard st, Wash- 

87071 Shunk, Carrie Cannarissa (Miss)..c/o Lt. Col. Wm. A. Shunk, 
War Dept, Washington 

26689 Shunk, Carrie Saxe Merrill (Mrs William Alexander). .1216 Con- 
necticut av, Washington 
5094 Shuster, Caroline V. T. (Mrs W. Morgan) .. 1722 Q st, Wash- 

29792 Shute. Augusta Pettigrew (Mrs Daniel Kerfoot) . .1719 De Sales 

st, Washington 
4490 Sicard, Margaret D. Ritchie (Mrs William Floyd).. 2149 Florida 
av, Washington 

44703 Simpson, Amelia Horton (Mrs Anthony Crayke) . . . .-St. Elizabeth 
Hospital, Washington 
1966 Sims, Louisa Upson (Mrs W. H.) 1119 K st, Washington 

55015 Sinclair, George C. H. Rixey (Mrs J. A. B.)..916 16th st, Wash- 

54672 Slaughter, Alice Talley (Mrs Charles) . .The Alabama, Washington 

63428 Slaughter, Priscilla Le Baron Goldsborough (Mrs William E.), 
1732 Corcoran st, Washington 

85241 Small, Angela Francis (Miss) 1315 Euclid st, Washington 

34522 Small, Mary Ann Cunyingham (Mrs John Henry).. cor 14th & G 
sts, Washington 

66942 Small, Rosalie Langhorne (Miss) ....1315 Euclid st, Washington 

40216 Smallwood, Delia Graeme (Mrs George T.) . .2107 S st, Washington 

61760 Smallwood, Dorothy Archibald (Miss) 2107 S st, Washington 

188 Smedes, Agnes P. Otis (Mrs Charles W.)..The Portner, Wash- 
5627 Smith, Alice M. (Mrs Clinton) 720 19th st. Washington 

48182 Smith. Anna Gertrude (Mrs Clarence Browning) .. c/o Capt C. B. 
Smith. C. A. C, War Dept., Washington 

77773 Smith. Anna Moore (Mrs Robert Atvvater). .45 Rhode Island av, 

54197 Smith, Caroline Gatchell (Mrs Thomas W.)..2334 Columbia rd, 

56880 Smith, Clara Baker (Mrs Arthur Whitney) .. 1739 F st, nw, Wash- 

69455 Smith. Clara Blanche (Mrs Charles Perley) 528 Shepard st, 


53619 Smith, Emily E. Fitzgerald (Mrs George Linville) 3323 Mt. 

Pleasant st, Washington 

80601 Smith, Emily Reid (Mrs Dwight Gordon).. The Stratford Hotel, 

38401 Smith, Emma McNeir (Mrs Tames Edgar).. 1246 Irving st, Wash- 

32800 Smith, Florence E. (Miss) 920 French st, Washington 

86517 Smith, Harriet Louise O'Brien (Mrs Edwin Dc S.) Soldiers 

Home, Washington 

77027 Smith, Isabel Pallen (Miss) 1748 S st, nw. Wa.shington 

86339 Smith, Isabella Pallen (Mrs Irwin Zebina) 3121 14th st, nw, 


70735 Smith, Isabelle Geddes (Mrs William Wolff) . .Burlington Apts.. 

78984 Smith, Lucille C. (Miss) 1709 21st st, nw, Washington 

50223 Smith. Maria Brainard Allyn (Mrs W. H. H.)..2122 H st. Wash- 

78985 Smith, Marie E. (Miss) 1709 21st st, nw, Washington 

4478 Smith, Marie Van Hook (Mrs Middleton) . .1616 19th st, Wash- 

202 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

74705 Smith, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 1446 N st, Washington 

50224 Smith, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 2122 H st, Washington 

79249 Smith, Mary Forrest (Miss) Newton st, Washington 

86188 Smith, Mary-Porter (Miss) 905 K st, nw, Washington 

28361 Smith, Mary Susanna Duvall (Mrs George Williamson) The 

Wyoming, Columbia rd, Washington 
38682 Smith, Nellie Yeomans (Mrs Ezekiel A.).. 418 5th st, ne, Wash- 

25526 Soleliac, Naomi Phillips (Mrs Louis) 12th Infantry, c/o War 

Dept., Washington 

4918 Solger, Florence B. (Mrs) 3500 13th st, Washington 

16649 Solomons, Aline E. (Miss) 1205 K st, Washington 

35171 Solomons, Zillah (Miss) 1205 K st, Washington 

68451 Somervell, Alice W. (Mrs Benjamin Carr)..1326 R st, Washington 

55112 Spanhoofd, Maud S. Werner (Mrs Arnold) 2015 Hillyer pi, 

34065 Speare, Virginia Long (Mrs Willis R.) . .909 Westminster st, Wash- 
2878 Spencer, Louisa Vivian (Mrs Samuel). .2012 Mass. av, Washington 
22595 Sperry, Hannah B. (Mrs Andrew F.) 1437 Q st, Wash- 
67212 Squires, Margaret Garrett (Mrs George B.)..1346 Otis pi, Wash-* 

30223 Stafford, Florence Sinclair (Mrs Wendell Phillips). .1725 Lamont 
st, Washington 

87069 Stagge, Nellie Gertrude (Mrs) 1220 C st, ne, Washington 

85375 Stanton, Marietta Conger (Mrs Thaddeus Harlan). .1775 Califor- 
nia st, Washington 
40762 Steele, Mary Ellenor (Mrs Morgan Louis).. 3003 P st, nw, Wash- 
2710 Steever, Julia Beaumont C. (Mrs Edgar Z.)..The Westminster, 

78491 Stephens, Sara E. (Miss) 1016 Vermont av, Washington 

16643 Sternberg, Martha L. (Mrs George M.)..2005 Mass. av, Wash- 

84199 Stevens, Caro Hall (Mrs Thomas Holdup).. The Cairo, Wash- 
86 Stevens, Charlotte Butler (Miss) 116 2d st, ne, Washington 

69805 Stevens, Ella (Miss) 1510 P st, Washington 

30629 Stevens, Gertrude MacNulty (Mrs Eugene Ensign).. 300 Mass. av, 
ne, Washington 
8762 Stewart, Anna Todd Perkins (Mrs Henry Clay).. 1022 11th st, 
nw, Washington 

64520 Stewart, Helen J. Goddard (Mrs J. McDonald) 1922 H st. 


62902 Stewart. Mary (Miss) 1481 Columbia rd, Washington 

1092 Stiles, Hetty Irvine (Mrs Albert Wilson). . ..1760 Q st, Washington 

50231 Stillman, Emma Maynicke (Mrs Edgar H.)..125 E st, ne, Wash- 

29415 Stine, Clara A. (Mrs L. B.) 2320 1st st, Washington 

22601 Stitt, Emma Scott (Mrs Edward Rhodes) .. 1806 R st, Washington 

78492 Stockton, Elvene M. (Mrs Israel Cyrus).. 2719 13th st, Washington 

84746 Stoddart, Grace M. (Mrs Armat) 3406 14th st, nw, Washington 

78986 Stokes, Elizabeth Ayres (Mrs John H.)..The Portner, Wash- 

39418 Stone, Harriet Louise (Miss) 329 F st, ne, Washington 

8775 Stone, Nellie Briscoe (Miss) 824 9th st, Washington 

30281 Stotsenburg, Mary Gouverneur La Tourrcttc (Mrs John Miller), 

The Portsmouth, Washington 
83724 Stout, Anna Jefferis (Mrs Orrin Beach) 1515 Corcoran st, 

54192 Stout, Helen E. (Miss) 1515 Corcoran st, Washington 


23704 Strait, Helen Butler (Mrs Newton) 217 F st, Washington 

84728 Stridcr, Emma T. (Miss) 1450 Rhode Island av, Washington 

1405 Strong, Mary Dallas (Mrs) 700 20th st, Washington 

73242 Sullivan, Fay (Miss) Mem. Cent. Hall, Washington 

46996 Sumner, Katharine Marsh (Mrs Gleorge T.) 2852 Ontario rd, 

11817 Swanson, Lizzie Deane Lyons (Mrs Claude A.) 1716 Q st,. 


77028 Swasey, Minnie Ella (Miss) The Hamilton, Washington 

76525 Swift, Eleanor (Miss) 1448 Newton st, Washington 

6738 Swormstedt, Mabel (jodfrey (Mrs Lyman Beecher) 2 Thomas 

Circle, Washington 
67891 Tallman. Perlie Warner (Mrs George Benton).. 39 Rhode Island 

av, Washington 
24556 Tanner, Belle Norman (Miss) 2019 Columbia rd, Washington 

1406 Taplin, Lillie Tyson Page JolliflFe (Mrs Horatio Nelson/. .. .The 

Champlain, Washington 

76222 Tarring, Mary Jenks (Mrs Edward) 1515 10th st, Washingrton 

3634 Tayler, Rachel W. (Mrs) 209 The Cordova, Washington 

25669 Taylor, Addie M. (Mrs Grant W.)..219 N. Capitol st, Washington 
14757 Taylor, Adelc J. Chambers (Mrs James Knox).. The Highlands, 

41729 Taylor, Caroline Wales (Mrs Thomas O.) 1369 Columbia rd, 


42159 Taylor, Elise Kcnnerly (M'ss) 1400 21st st, Washington 

56718 Taylor, Mamie St. John (Mrs Robert L.) Stoneleigh Court, 

47536 Taylor. Marie Stuart Townsend (Mrs Adelbert) ..The Knicker- 
bocker, Washington 
83082 Taylor, Zelma Lorena Welfley (Mrs Henry L.)..The Wyoming, 


75161 Terry, Mary Florer (Miss) 1305 3d st, Washington 

42672 Terry, Nellie Durand (Mrs Sylvester) 3421 34th st, Cleveland 

Park, Washington 
86997 Tewksbury, Susan Tidball West (Mrs William D.)....4200 Ga. av, 


34530 Thatcher, Marion (Miss) Florence Court, Washington 

51154 Tlieaker, Nellie (Miss) .. ..The Alcazar, Mass. av, ne, Washington 

889 Thomas, Elizabeth (Mrs A. A.) 1314 12th st, Washington 

46179 Thomas, Frances Wheelock (Mrs Edward H.) 3225 18th st, 


4922 Thomas, Grace May (Miss) 917 16th st, Washington 

37988 Thompson, Adele Bertha (Mrs Oliver T.) 1207 E. Capitol st, 

59676 Thompson, Amy Greer (Miss) ........ .The Fillmore, Washington 

80^8 Thompson, Florence Merritt (Mrs Douglas Byers) 612 H st, 


471 Thompson, Jane Emma (Miss) 616 G st, Washington 

4936 Thompson, Josephine K. (Mrs Henry C.)..35(X) 13th st, Wash- 
61772 Thorn. Lida Van Ness King (Mrs Albert Coombs) .. 1855 Calvert 

St. Washington 

84131 Thorn, Lulu Bassett (Miss) 627 Maryland av, ne, Washington 

61783 Thornburgh, Eliza Wilson Clarke (Mrs Thomas Tipton) .. 1601 

16th st, Washington 

62906 Thornton, Lena Vance (Miss) 908 Mass. av, Washington 

64528 Thornton, Mary Buckner (Miss) 401 H st, Washington 

62907 Thornton, Mattye Charl (Miss) 908 Mass. av, Washington 

8D500 Thropp. Miriam Douglas (Mrs Joseph Earlston) . . 1701 20th st, 

71434 Tilden. Martha S. (Miss) . .The Plymouth, 1236 Ilth st. Washington 
50674 Timlow, Elizabeth (Miss). .Colonial School, Conn, av, Washington 

204 * DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

50873 Timlow, Mary Josephine (Miss) Colonial School, Conn, av, 


39919 Timmons, Adelaide Fairbanks Allen (Mrs John W.)..1800 Mass. 
av, Washington 

20875 Tisdel, Carrie Salter (Miss) 2013 R st, nw, Washington 

154 Tittmann, Kate T. W. (Mrs Otto H.)..2014 Hillyer pi, Wash- 

25234 Todd, Katharine Shelby (Miss) 8 B st. Washington 

45252 Tonge, Annie Hart Greenault (Mrs).. 1507 Irving st, Washington 

66101 Townsend, Anna Virginia (Miss).. 1781 Columbia rd, Washington 

31998 Townsend, Katherine Durant (Mrs Edwin F.)..2021 Kalorama av, 

29789 Townsend, Mary Abcrnethy (Miss).. 2021 Kalorama av. Wash- 

49372 Townsend, Sara Rovondt Jillson (Mrs E. B.)..1644 Columbia rd. 

71506 Tracy, Selma Moffatt (Mrs Archie Wilkinson). .1470 Newton st. 

78989 Trowbridge, Carrie Cowgill (Mrs George Washington) .. 1821 H st. 

61773 Truby, Belle Marshall (Mrs) 2040 I st. Washington 

12249 Truell, Isadore L. (Mrs Edwin M.) 1733 P st, Washington 

65602 Tucker, Mary Logan (Mrs W. F.) 1839 Vernon st, Washington 

37967 Tulloch, Eliza Colman (Miss).. 937 Rhode Island av, Washington 
1197 Tulloch, Miranda Barney (Mrs Thomas Logan).. 121 B st, se. 

34747 Tustin, Corinne (Mrs R. T.) The Cairo, Washington 

8112 Tweedale, Myra Bourn (Mrs John) 1725 P st, Washington 

1584 Tyler, Eleanor Leavy (Mrs R. W.) 1803 19th st. Washington 

42156 Tyler. Louise McCulloch Rollins (Mrs Richard Knickerbocker), 
1721 19th st, Washington 
3O80 Umbstaettcr, Mabel A. Frost (>lrs Robert Jerome) . .2136 Le Roy 
pi, Washington 

23358 Vail, Louise Cleveland Shcpard (Mrs T. H. Stevens) . .917 16th st, 

43463 Vail, Mary Haines (Mrs Holman)..The Farragut, Washington 
5629 Vale. Alberta Benton White (Mrs Henry Ambler) .. 1417 Belmont 
st, Washington 

76218 Van Casteel, Grace Ross (Mrs Gerald) 1230 Girard st, Wash- 

35591 Vance, Miriam Cotton (Miss) 1827 S st, Washington 

13738 Vance, Sarah Hay (Mrs Joseph) 1827 S st, Washington 

60807 Vandegrift, Mary E. S. Van Nostrand (Mrs Redwood) .. 1629 21st st. 

21923 Van Deusen, Sarah E. Tifft (Mrs Albert Harrison) . .2207 M st. 


85250 Van Hook, Mary Josephine (Miss) 1410 Euclid st, Washington 

41731 Van Ness, Bella (Miss) 1507 22d st, nw, Washington 

60808 Veerhoflf, Amy Warn (Mrs O. L.)....The Oakland, Washington 

68452 Vernon. Sarah M. (Mrs) 1726 Q st, Washington 

38390 Viall. Estelle B. (Miss) 1531 O st. Washington 

47627 Vickery, Millie Cutler (Mrs Wm. J.).. 1839 Mintwood pi. Wash- 

946 Vinal, Emily Merwin (Mrs W. F.) . .1106 E. Capitol st. Washington 

60809 Von Dachenhausen, Mabel King (Mrs Friedrich Wilhelm) . .1356 Fair- 

mont st, Washington 

6295 Voorhees, Laura T. Kase (Mrs Stockton S.) 3104 R st. nw. 

315.^8 Wadsworth, Katherine Luella Peck (Mrs Frederick Elliot).. The 
Highlands, Washington 
111 Wadsworth, Marie Louise (Miss).. 1028 Vermont av. Washingfton 


221 Wadsworth, Mary E. (Mrs H. N.) . . 1028 Vermont av, Washington 

58234 Wainwright, Florence Hill (Mrs George Samuel).. 3, The Iowa, 

66946 Walch. Harriet Kellogg (Mrs Charles). .. .The Mendota, Wash- 

36150 Walker, Grace Atiee Husted (Mrs William Henry) The 

Connecticut, Washington 
1198 Walker, Isabelle L. Kendig (Mrs Robert J.).... 1313 Q st, Wash- 

37663 Walker. Julia Mynard (Mrs Edwin Palmer). .1710 F st, Wash- 

30624 Walker. Romaine Mannix (Mrs Ernest George) .. 2509 Cliffbourne 
pi, Washington 

23708 Wallace, Annie de C Greenlees (Mrs William T.) 3129 U st, 


80600 Wallace, Lilly Sabine Callaghan (Mrs William McGehee) . .2028 
F st, Washington 

50229 Waller, Sallie Foote (Mrs C. /.) 1603 19th st, Washington 

84747 Walsh, Elizabeth Bouvier (Miss) 2021 H st, Washington 

85083 Walsh, Louise M. (Miss) 2021 H st, nw, Washington 

60818 Walter, Ida Walter (Miss) 2708 Cathedral av, Washington 

38949 Walter, Mary Thome (Mrs Henry Madison) . . 1815 Adams Mill rd, 

nw, Washington 

60819 Walter, Olivia (Miss) 2708 Cathedral av, Woodley Park 

38396 Wanamaker, Ellen Fitzhugh (Mrs William H.)..2519 Ontario rd, 

28765 Ward, Cornelia Somerville Ewing (Mrs David F.).. Hammond 
Court, Q & 30th sts, Washington 

9793 Ward, Katherine Lucinda Mott (Mrs Thomas) 1901 N st, 

47040 Ward, Mary Barry (Mrs Dayton S.)...The Imperial, Washington 

55591 Warfield, Lillian (Miss) 1115 M st, nw, Washington 

85079 Waring, Corinnc Tunstall (Mrs Charles F.)..The Regina, Wash- 

60810 Warn, Amy Gunn (Mrs G. S.) The Oakland, Washington 

85251 Warren, Annie Kirkland (Mrs John L.)..1709 9th st, Washington 
73611 Warren. Annie Spencer (Mrs Peter).. 2019 Hillyer st, Washington 
45670 Warren, Lisctte Bell (Mrs Bates).. 3209 Highland av, Cleveland 
Park. Washington 

85084 Warwick, Adelaide Brown (Mrs Newton Reed).. 1415 Chapin st. 

nw, Washington 
32395 Washburn, Lillie Graves (Mrs William S.)..1223 M st. Washing- 
9 Washington, Elizabeth Westwood (Miss) 1133 10th st, Wash- 

10 Washington, Fannie Virginia (Mrs) 1133 10th st, Washington 

23112 Watkins, Catherine Rose (Miss) 1720 Oregon av, Washington 

88S Way. Mary F. Hoffman (Mrs William) 222 E st, Washington 

8DS30 Wayland. Nancy Michic (Mrs).. 822 Connecticut av, Washington 
26706 Weber, Isabel Hunt (Mrs George Washington) . .210 E st, Wash- 

252 Webster, Anna Stacy Way (Mrs William) Langham Hotel, 


70731 Webster, Florence Belle (Miss) 1608 17th st, Washington 

26690 Webster, Josephine C. (Miss) The Concord, Washington 

\&3S Webster, Sophia Riggs (Miss) 1821 Q st. Washington 

72792 Weedon, Mary Louise (Miss) 1829 Monroe st, Washington 

46615 Werber. Catharine M. (Mrs Gustavus) 1353 Q st, Washington 

16639 Wescott, Sarah Minerva (Mrs) Cleveland Park 

70741 Weslcr, Eva C. Beebe (Mrs John H.) 1020 9th st, Washington 

37983 West. Katie Putnam (Mrs William D.)..1312 Euclid st, Washington 
71438 Wert, Mary M. (Mrs William H.) The Westover, Washington 

206 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

42160 Wheaton. Mary Elizabeth Bradford (Mrs William Levi).. 2406 18th 
St, Washington 

78990 Whelpley, Louisa Richardson (Miss) . .800 E. Capitol st, Washington 

78991 Whelpley, Margaret V. (Miss) 800 E. Capitol st, Washington 

7848 Whipple, Evelyn Elizabeth (Mrs Charles H.) The Connecticut, 


16293 Whitaker, Lillian (Miss) 1404 Harvard st. Washington 

59680 Whitall, Mary Louisa (Miss) The Woodley, Washington 

68634 White, Edna Endsley (Mrs Lucius Evans) 17(X) 1st st, ne, 


34514 White, Julia McKee (Mrs) The Stratford, Washington 

75774 White, Letitia Marshall (Mrs Denwood S.)..The Wellington, 17th 

& Park rd, Washington 

30632 White, Mabel L. (Miss) 1221 Monroe st, Brookland 

57707 White, Margaret Mitchell Kyle (Mrs Robert) . .1734 N. Capitol st, 


71502 White, Marian (Miss) 1430 W st, Washington 

72612 White, Mary D. (Miss) The Kingman, Washington 

153 White, Nettie L. (Miss) The Cairo, Washington 

71083 Whitney, Abbie Everett (Mrs) 2127 L st, Washington 

69454 Whitney, Portia Chase Sprague (Mrs).. The Hillside, Washington 
2632 Wholley, Estelle Kathleen Hagan (Mrs John H.) 411 Wyoming 

Apt, Washington 
34442 Wickersham, Agnes Elizabeth McGrew (Mrs Morris Dickinson) 1511 

Rhode Island av, Washington 
52218 Wickham, Jeannctte Adams (Mrs William) 114 D st, nw, Washington 

22603 Wilcox, Mary Rachel (Miss) 1760 Corcoran st, Washington 

72309 Wilkie, Jennie Alice Ormsbee (Mrs John Elbert) ... .2233 18th st, 


57315 Wilkins, Estelle (Miss) The Concord, Washington 

106 Wilkinson, Lue Burnam (Mrs A. G.) 1526 K st, Washington 

71436 Willard, Nana B. (Miss) 623 M st, Washington 

8989 Willcox, Grace Linzee (Miss) 2026 Hillyer pi, Washington 

54673 Willett, Daisy Slaughter (Mrs Carlton Rice) ... .2211 Washington 

Circle, Washington 

85990 Williams, Betty Bruce (Miss) 1818 H st, nw, Washington 

23115 Williams, Lottie Clough (Mrs Cyrus B.)..1012 13th st, Washington 
86522 Williams, M. Lydia Adams (Miss) Forest Service, Washington 

85991 Williams, Mary Jane (Miss) 1818 H st, nw, Washington 

28901 Williams, Susan Marsh Lyman (Mrs George W.)..The Wyoming, 

37191 Willis, Mary Carter Hawley (Mrs Short Adam) 1814 19th st, 


84748 Wills, Margaret Bell (Miss) ..The Cecil, Washington 

8117 Wilson, Anne Washington (Miss) 1439 Massachusetts av, 

17435 Wilson. Emily Eyre Baker (Miss) . .The Beauclaire, 1920 18th st, 

16538 Wilson, Emily Kate Newcomb (Mrs Francis Asbury). .1620 P st, 

17437 Wilson, Gertrude Laura (Mrs Charles Irving) 910 19th st, 


1262 Wilson, Lizzie L. (Miss) The Concord, Washington 

86521 Windle, Anna Bailey (Mrs Charles Thomas) 3006 11th st, nw, 

57984 Wing, Mary Augusta Aldridge (Mrs David) 232 N. Capitol st, 

60521 Winningham, Alma M. (Miss).. 2119 California av, nw, Washington 
187 Winston, Nancie Otis (Mrs Isaac).. 266 The Portner. Washington 
30640 Winter, Erminie Lois (Mrs Mahlon Alpheus)..14 S st, Washington 
76833 Winter, Ida Belle (Mrs Mahlon Alpheus) . . . . 1307 R st, Washington 
84129 Wolfe, Alice Elizabeth Johnson (Mrs Edmund Stanley) . .The Am- 
herst, 17th st & Columbia rd, Washington 


46180 Wolfe, Bertha Frances fMiss) 621 19th st. Washington 

45255 Wolff, Lillian Marie (Mrs Frank Alfred) 1744 Riggs pi, nw, 


1360 Wollard, Emma (Miss) 1167 19th st, Washington 

52463 Womack, Octavia (Miss) 1743 Corcoran st, Washington 

84731 Wood, Elvira Hanscom (Miss) 627 Maryland av, ne, Washington 

27159 Wood, Jessie Porter (Mrs) The Portner, Washington 

9505 Wood, Kate Corcoran (Mrs Thomas Newton) 2014 Hillyer pi, 


45257 Woodbury, Emma A. (Miss) 116 2d st, se, Washington 

51163 Woodbury, Helen Francina (Mrs Charles Otis).. 623 4th st, Wash- 

8440B Woodbury, Nellie Gertrude (Miss) 623 4th st, nw, Washington 

66438 Woodford, Kate Lowe (Mrs John E.)..1706 S st, nw, Washington 
66100 Woodrow, Minnie Clough (Mrs Samuel H.)..1303 P st, Washington 
2530 Woodruff, Annie Sampson (Mrs Thomas M.)..1644 21st st, Wash- 
30277 Woods, Anna L. Dorsey (Mrs Walter Orr)..913 Massachusetts av, 

14790 Woods, Harriet de K. (Mrs Arthur T.)..Woodley Inn, Washington 

722 Woodward, Martha G. B. (Mrs R. S.)....1513 16th st, Washington 
85085 Woodyard, Emma Douglas (Mrs Harry C.) The Marlborough, 

85239 Worrall, Maria Beard (Mrs L. P.).. 764 Gresham pi, nw, Washington 

45671 Wright, Laura Bell (Mrs Joseph Darlington) 3107 Highland av, 

. Cleveland Park, Washington 
64527 Wright, Mary Emma Falkenbury (Mrs Myron Benjamin) ..1110 P st, 


723 Wysong, Mary Camfield (Mrs) 1727 Euclid st, Washington 

70733 Yaeger, Mildred (Miss) 2955 Newark st, Washington 

719 Yeatman, Mary Olivia Simpson (Mrs Robert Henry).. 1731 F st, 


69246 Yoe, Mary Stuart Wood (Mrs William Harris) Good Hope 

73 Young, Emma Henry (Mrs) 1611 13th st, Washington 

80602 Young, Jane Randolph (Miss) 1717 18th st, Washington 

25996 Young, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 1718 18th st, nw, Washington 

16078 Young, Sue M. (Miss) 1428 K st, Washington 

77024 Zander, Irene (Mrs James A.) 1730 20th st, Washington 

85252 Zepp, Wilhelmina Emrick (Mrs Jacob).. 817 12th st, nw, Washington 
34064 Zieglcr, Mary E. (Mrs Charles J.) 909 Westminster st, Wash- 

59155 Zucca, Hattie E. (Mrs John) 2830 27th st, nw, Washington 


State Regent, 1911-12, Miss Kathrym E. Thorp, Box 197, Daytona 
State Vice Regent, 1911-12. Mrs John Pickens Turner, New Smyrna 

members: resident in state, 307 

78276 Abcmcthy, Maud Obcnchain (Mrs John Cochc) Miami 

561S9 Acosta, Cora Belle (Mrs Tracy L.) Stockton st, Jacksonville 

79635 Alfred, Helen Lillian (Miss) Swastika Grove, R. P. D., 

St. Petersburg 

79454 Allen. Angic Givcns (Mrs Sanford W.) 604 Azeele st, Tampa 

4501 Ambler, Clarissa (Mrs Daniel G.) Jacksonville 

84411 Anderson, Nelle Austin (Mrs Charles Joseph) Jacksonville 

29370 Archibald, Mary A. Starkweather (Mrs Robert B.) 2d st & 

Boulevard, Jacksonville 

78494 Avery, Reba Maxwell (Mrs Horace) 24 W. Lomax st, Jacksonville 

9306 Bailey, Rosa West (STrs Lopcr) Palatka 

208 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

82739 Bailey, Serena Cobia (Miss) Palatka 

67941 Balfe, Joanna Gilman Merrill (Mrs John J.) 320 Lafayette st, 

20296 Ballard, Jessie Lee Thompson (Mrs Alexander Blair) . .309 Plant av, 


27490 Barnes, Marie Stockton ( Miss) Sanibel 

28794 Barnett, Marian Randle Speers (Mrs Harlow) Jacksonville 

82422 Barney, Ella Green (Mrs Newton M.) Buena Vista 

35674 Barrett, Louise Hazelton (Miss) Jacksonville 

59683 Benedict. Leora Sophia Cross (Mrs) Daytona 

59682 Bentley, Mary Emily (Miss) 39 San Marcs av, St. Augustine 

73243 Bevan, Florence M. Hulett (Mrs Clarence M.) 18 Bay st, 

St. Augustine 
23711 Bogart, Elizabeth Maxey (Mrs James Alexander) 27 E. 4th st, 


56883 Bogue, Francis St. Bernard Montague (Mrs A. R.) Orlando 

80603 Bond, Louise Foote (Mrs Robert Malby).W. New York av, De Land 

11112 Bonfoey, Genevra (Miss) St. Petersburg 

73887 Bouchelle, Anne Zelia Sams (Mrs Louis B.) New Smyrna 

76838 Bours, Mary Stripling (Mrs Reginald W.) 211 Washington st, 


83464 Bradfield, Bettie Page Adams (Mrs W. K.) St. Petersburg 

58235 Branch, Jessica J. (Mrs W. S.) 321 N. Orange st, Orlando 

39292 Brevard, Elizabeth C. Robertson (Mrs M.) Tallahassee 

79636 Bright, Mary (Miss) Third av, N., St. Petersburg 

73245 Brown, Anna Stevenson Jones (Mrs William Mark) Miami 

78089 Brown, Harriet Wilkinson (Mrs James Murray) Hypoluxo 

73878 Brown, Zora Badger (Mrs N. Miah) New Smyrna 

82423 Buckland, Grace Huntington (Mrs George) 1412 E. Adams st, 

2749S Buckman, Katharine A. Pillsbury (Mrs Harry H.)..Hl7 First st, E., 


72661 Bull, Rosamond E. L. (Mrs Daniel) 115 Magnolia av, Tampa 

76527 Burr, Lucy Moore (Mrs Edward De Vere) Arch Creek 

71958 Burroughs, Hattie Brenizer (Mrs William L.) Jacksonville 

35517 Burro wes, Edith G. (Mrs John C.) 218 Stockton st, Jacksonville 

83063 Burrows, Ruth Morris (Mrs Henry Marsh) De Land 

62329 Burt, Ida Shaw (Mrs Waldo Anson) 100 Pleasant st, Gainesville 

58603 Bushnell, Mary Adelaide Perry (Mrs John Williams) Tallahassee 

76839 Byrd, Elizabeth Archibald (Mrs Theodore Flotard) . .2301 Main st, 

76225 Campbell, Erwinna Gaulden (Mrs Charles Henry) . .401 Howry av, 
De Land 

76840 Campbell, Ethel Francis Brown (Mrs Alec) 1309 Laura st, 

65128 Capo, Elvie Leonora (Mrs Vincent). .73 San Marco av, St. Augustine 

58915 earner, Beulah Thomas (Mrs Herbert Earl) Marathon 

42162 Carruth, Sara Moore (Mrs M. W.) 412 W. Lafayette st, Tampa 

55894 Chance, Jean McWatty (Mrs Jesse C.) 1st st, N., St. Petersburg 

83085 Cheatham, Emmie Culpepper (Mrs John Hubbard) 316 14th st, 


69807 Cheney, Lizzie Alexander (Mrs John M.) Orlando 

1012 Christopher, Henrietta Shoemaker (Mrs John Garrison). .Riverside 

av, Jacksonville 
72094 Clarkson, Rosa Moody (Mrs Walter Bernard). .511 Talleyrand av, 


62330 Cobb, Lena Shaw (Mrs Truman Church).. 100 Pleasant st, Gainsville 

10108 Conkey, M. Helen (Miss) Clearwater 

36206 Connor, Helen Huntington Young (Mrs Albert Wilson) Box 37, 

R. D., St. Petersburg 

601 18 Conquest, Margaret Laws (Miss) Daytona 

38707 Cook, Catharine Hippie (Mrs Robert Geiger) Jacksonville 

29675 Cook, Harriet Gulia (Miss) Highland 


79775 Cooley, Florence Murphy (Mrs Roscllc Clifton) Jacksonville 

30285 Corwin, Estelle G. Miller (Mrs Frank L.)..942 May st, Jacksonville 
18352 Craig, Clara Belle Rich (Mrs James A.) 233 W. Duval st, Jacksonville 
72413 Craig, Jeannette Hearne (Mrs Albert West) 33 E. Duval st, 

79637 Cregar, Alameda Williams (Mrs Pierce Phillip) . .314 Beach Drive, 

St. Petersburg 

59684 Cross, Lucy Anne (Miss) Daytona 

74031 Crossley, Mary Putnam Wolcott (Mrs William M.)..606 Starkcy av, 


58604 Damon, Elizabeth Nash (Miss) Tallahassee 

66441 Darby, Jane Kirkman Brevard (Mrs).. 577 N. Monroe st, Tallahassee 
43354 Davis, Elizabeth W. Fitch (Mrs H. T.) Nocatee 

77452 Davis, Iva Rainey (Mrs Henry Winter) 57 San Marco av, St. 


86526 Deardorff, Estelle Marie (Miss) 48 Charlotte st, St. Augustine 

77034 Deardorff, Minnie Benton Johnson (Mrs Charles F.)....48 Charlotte 

st, St. Augtistine 
53940 Dechman, Annie Clower (Mrs A. F.) Tampa 

85936 De Cottes, Alma (Miss) 227 Market st, Jacksonville 

85937 De Cottes, Louisa (Miss) 227 Market st, Jacksonvile 

77453 De Cottes, Mary (Miss) 227 Market st, Jacksonville 

31655 De Voy, Helen Mar (Miss) Daytona 

73879 Dilzcr, Julia M. Lowd (Mrs Charles R.) New Smyrna 

14759 Dodge, Emma Jessie (Mrs James Philander) ..35 Mulberry st, St. 


73880 Dohn, Marv Hawley (Mrs Christian Ludwig) New Smyrna 

61786 Dohn, Ulrika (Miss) 5030 Hazel av, New Smyrna 

78495 Drew, Harriet Southgate (Mrs Benjamin) Orlando 

19715 Driggs, Alice P. (Mrs John S.) 17 E. Monroe st, Jacksonville 

37993 Duncan, Georgia B. (Mrs Edward Macalester) Sanibel 

32411 Du Pont, Susan Dismukes Gee (Mrs John Edwin) . .66 W. Union st, 

76528 Durkee. Sarah Allison (Mrs Jay Harvey) . .308 Ocean st, Jacksonville 
1067 Eagan, Kate Livingston (Mrs Dennis). .235 E. Adams st, Jacksonville 

84412 Edwards, Ada Riggs (Mrs R. H.) 315 Florida av, Jacksonville 

18417 Edwards. Fdith (Miss) W. Minnesota av, De Land 

68735 Egger, Mittie Dorsey (Mrs Henry J.) 318 14th st, Miami 

46624 Ewing, Mary Steele (Dr.) Arcadia 

80521 Fefsenden. Catherine Dodge de la Vergne (Mrs John Henry), 


87076 Fitch, Archidele S. (Mrs) Miami 

12563 Fletcher, Annie Louise (Mrs Duncan) 240 W. Church st, 

69806 Foltz, Ruth Avery Hadtield (Mrs Murray Demmond),. .Daytona 

73881 Fox, Ralphine Dasher (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) ... .New Smyrna 
60240 Freeborn, Rufina Bisbee (Mrs James T.) 110 W. Adam st, 

18351 Fries, Margaret Conigland (Mrs Alexander P.) 418 Ocean st. 

Jacksonville , 
17549 Frissell, Myrtie Pierce (Mrs Glenville C.)....135 12th st. Miami 
74787 Gaines, Rachel Cromwell (Miss) Leesburg 

73882 Galbrcaith, Ethel Westall (Mrs Roy O.) New Smyrna 

27496 Gale, Elizabeth Taylor Felt (Mrs Sullivan French).. 24 W. 4th st, 


60821 Gardiner, Harriet Coleman (Mrs Charles E.) Daytona 

73876 Gardner, Alice May (Mrs Oscar Nathaniel) .. P. O. Box 262, W. Palm 


38211 Garrison, Mary Angeline (Mrs John N.) Jensen 

50892 Gauldcn. Helen Erwin (Mrs Druery Le Sueur) 401 Howry av, 

De Land 

210 DIRECTORV^ D. A. R. 

34395 Gay, Lelia Shepherd (Mrs Charles Blount). 25 W. 4th st, Jacksonville 
42163 Gibbons, Mary Sidney Brown (Mrs).... 601 Washington st, Tampa 
23716 Gibbs, Margaret. Watkins (Mrs George Williams) . .45 Water st, 

St. Augustine 
82424 Gibson, Mollie Bishop (Miss)..c/o Mrs John S. Driggs, 17 £. Mon- 
roe St, Jacksonville 
8360 Gilkes, Fannie Louise Mattair Davidson (Mrs Arthur B.)..122 W. 
Forsyth st, Jacksonville 

42654 Givins, Annie Morris (Mrs) Tampa 

85254 Graves, Marie Elise (Mrs Jean Baptiste) . .101 Gilmore st, Jacksonville 

76841 Greeley, Alice D. Seeley (Mrs Mellen Clark) 1905 Oak st, 


72794 Groom, Margaret Arnold (Mrs Harrison Thomson) Miami 

72613 Grosh, Katharine A. (Mrs Walter Bayard) St. Augustine 

61784 Hadfield, Annie E. Cook (Mrs) Daytona 

83087 Hamlett, Rosa Robertson (Mrs James Collinsworth) Cor. 2d av, N., & 

1st st, St. Petersburg 

66507 Hammatt, Gertrude Pratt (Miss) 1947 Mary st, Jacksonville 

23713 Harkisheimer, Jennie £. Crane (Mrs William J.).... 321 Ocean st, 


75779 Harney, Janie Montague (Mrs William Randolph) Orlando 

73246 Harper, Cotsl Stickney (Mrs Charles Thomas) Boynton 

73883 Harvey, Ada Lowd (Mrs Thomas Jefferson) New Smyrna 

85739 Hawkins, Laura Powers (Miss) St. Augustine 

85086 Hawkins, Nina Stauton (Miss) St. Augustine 

12562 Haynes, Kate May Leyden (Mrs Lawrence) 399 W. Duval st, 


84809 Hill, Mary Lee (Miss) Qearwater 

39864 Hill, Nellie W. Semonite (Mrs Carl W.) 506 Madison st, Tampa 

84810 Hill, Olive Hughes (Miss) Clearwater 

48221 Hoffman, Carrie Harris (Mrs) c/o A. R. Harris, Winter Haven 

76842 Holmes, Julia Dearing (Mrs Rutledge) Jacksonville 

77454 Hopkins, Louisa Estelle (Mrs Edward H.) 225 Laura st, 


77455 Howard, Grace Van Buren (Mrs William Gordon).. 17 E. Monroe 

st, Jacksonville 

73884 Howell, Minnie Wolfe (Mrs Thaddeus Lanmon) New Smyrna 

57709 Hudson, Mary Anna (Mrs Samuel Rothacker) P. O. Box 216, 


85051 Hulbert, Louise Roosevelt Campbell (Mrs Charles Darwin) Ocala 

76837 Hulley, Eloise Mayham (Mrs Lincoln) E. Minnesota av, De Land 

78493 Hyde, Louise Gilbert (Mrs John W.)....712 Laura st. Jacksonville 

75025 Hyde, Marianna (Miss) North bd, De Land 

42811 Inabnett, Lucy Bloodworth (Mrs Hugh Percival) ..207 De Leon st, 


73885 Ireland, Hortense Fox (Mrs Edward Everette) New Smyrna 

54519 James, Ruth Amelia Hazard (Mrs William) Sebastian 

77033 Jarrett, Gertrude Hewes (Mrs Harvey) Miami 

21665 Jenkins, Nellie Relief (Mrs Joel) Como 

86191 Jennings, May Mann (Mrs William Sherman) 1845 Main st, 

14037 Jennings, Minerva Park Phelps Russell (Mrs Frank) .. Jackson- 
38957 Johnson, Margeret Ingersol (Miss).. 52 W. Gonzalez st, Pensacola 

60820 Jolley, May Irene (Miss) Daytona 

31295 Jones, Sallie Harris (Mrs Louis Harvey) 614 Beach Drive, 

St. Petersburg 

65505 Joyce, Florence Rowan (Miss) 67 Orange st, St. Augustine 

34366 Keelor, Charlotte S. (Miss) R. F. D. 1, Sanford 

34365 Keelor, Emma J. Holman (Mrs Reinard S.)..R. F. D. 1, Sanford 
997 Kimball, Louise E. (Miss) Marshland pi, St. Augustine 


62918 Knatiff, Edith Summers (Mrs Francis H.) Jacksonville 

50213 Lamb, Ella AugusU Doolittle (Mrs Samuel Stillman) ..St. Petersburg 

75780 Lawrence, Katherine Chester (Miss) University pi, De Land 

75781 Lawrence, Margaret C. (Miss) University pi, De Land 

25135 Lcggett, Annie Prescott (Mrs George W.)....119 Cordova st, St. 


79695 Lehman, Lila Legare Palmer (Mrs Warren H.) Jacksonville 

85738 Lewis, Florence Elizabeth (Mrs John P.) 125 W. Ashley st, 


83726 Likins, Miriam Frazee (Mrs O. P.) Orlando 

35216 Lively, Frances S. Scott (Mrs Lewis M.) Tallahassee 

23715 Locke, Annie M. (Miss) 217 W. Ashley st, Jacksonville 

42792 Louj^h, Carrie Blowers (Mrs Henry E.) 517 Bay st, Tampa 

63429 McCall, Mary Logan (Mrs Cay).... 1249 Riverside av, Jacksonville 

56282 McDaniel, Alice C. (Mrs Alfred) Tampa 

37003 McDonald, Clara Josephine Keyes (Mrs Otho Wesley) Tampa 

Heights, Tampa 
21343 McDonald, Emma Hicks (Mrs William) 803 Riverside av, 

85994 McDonnell, Jennie A. Hazlett (Mrs George H.).-616 Orange av, 


73662 McGahey, Mary Lillian (Miss) Miami 

73661 McGahey, Sarah Kearney (Mrs R. C.) Miami 

77649 McGregor, StelU Livingston (Mrs Oliver) 122 E. 1st st, 


75778 Mclntyre, Cora E. (Mrs W. H.) 1409 Avenue C, Miami 

79250 Mclntyre, Mary J. Clover (Mrs James) 316 Boulevard, Miami 

29947 McKay, Helene Turton (Mrs James, Sr.)..617 Franklin st, Tampa 

86530 McRae, Elliott Baxter (Mrs C. Hampton) Brooksville 

61787 MacDonald, Louise C. (Mrs David) Milton 

27428 MacDonald, Mary C. Van V. Hopkins (Mrs Robert D.).. Winter 


58692 Macfarlanc, Frances Pettingill (Mrs) Michigan av, Tampa 

55328 Magee, Elizabeth Perkins (Mrs James L.) Seabreeze 

17932 Mahony, Lida May Long (Mrs James M.) 1808 Riverside av, 


16110 Mallory, Annie Louise Ogden (Mrs) 606 Starkey av, Orlando 

35215 Malone, Florida Fitzgerald (Miss) Quincy 

73248 May, Laura R. Clarke (Mrs) Oak Hurst on the Miami, Miami 

8708 Meek, Phoebe Caroline (Mrs) Duval Hotel, Jacksonville 

12561 Meigs, Louise Caroline (Miss) 427 E. Monroe st, Jacksonville 

29198 Mcrrell, Amelia (Miss) Box 604, St. Petersburg 

34531 Merrill, Helen Perley (Mrs J. Eugene) . .229 Lafayette st, Jacksonville 

47568 Merrill, Mary Minerva (Mrs Bela G.) St. Cloud 

72095 Moody, Hattie Paran (Miss) 40 W. Monroe st, Jacksonville 

80604 Moorhead, Caroline Mallett Hooper (Mrs James Robert) Ocala 

71084 Morrison, Brenda de V. (Miss) Sanford 

79588 Morton, Louise Granger (Miss) 213 Hyde Park av, Tampa 

85992 Munson, Ada Southworth (Mrs Charles Newton) Jacksonville 

79639 Myers, Olive Butler (Mrs Edward Howell) St. Petersburg 

1158 Nash, Mary McKinley (Mrs) c/o William H. Knowles, Esq., 

First National Bank, Pensacola 
44864 Ncill, Naomi (Miss) White Springs 

80605 Ncwcomb, Loretta (Miss) Aragon Hotel, Jacksonville 

32801 Nicholl, Agnes M. Cook (Mrs Ernest Vincent) Mandarin 

83725 Norris, Julia Harrison (Mrs Amos H.) 304 Oak av, Tampa 

27497 Norton, Maude De Long (Mrs John Henry) 39 Phelps st, 

47046 Oltrogge, Marie Sylvia E. Trichelle (Mrs Henry C). 839 Banana st, 


«255 O'Neal, Mabelle (Miss) Orlando 

57710 Packard. Thena Yemans (Mrs Orville Lepulet) Orlando 

86533 Paine. Mary Sheldon (Mrs Edward Seixas) Jacksonville 

212 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

58236 Parkhill, Harriet Randolph (Miss) ; Orlando 

56160 Parsons, Margaret Graves (Mrs C^eorge Frederick) . .Main st exten- 
sion, Jacksonville 
42793 Parsons, Mary Smith (Mrs) 805 Lafayette st, Tampa 

76843 Payne, Elizabeth Seeley (Mrs Ralph Lane) 1855 Herschill st, 


75026 Peek, Rebecca Medwin (Mrs Gouveneur F.) North blvd, De Land 

86525 Pierce, Malvina M. Thompson (Mrs Martin) Box 264, Miami 

63982 Pillans, Ede Urania Robinson (Mrs W. P.) Lakeland 

84409 Pillsbury, Mabel Ray Neff (Mrs Cliarles Herbert) . .2730 Oak st, 

33233 Pope, Susie McPherson (Mrs J. Wylie) Jacksonville 

55114 Post, Annie Hawthorne (Mrs William) St. Lucie 

73S77 Pugh, Adaline Austin (Mrs Edwin Worth) Miami 

10401 Quinby Florie De Veaux (Mrs Edward J.) ..243 Parker st, Jack- 
17867 Rannie, Lillie Estill Goodloe (Mrs W. R.) . .836 Park st, Jacksonville 

25217 Read, Elizabeth (Miss) 1551 Boulevard Jacksonville 

20315 Read, Mima A. (Mrs Joseph C.) 1551 Boulevard, Jacksonville 

76529 Rich, Clara F. Wright (Mrs John) ... .231 W. Duval st, Jacksonville 
51164 Rich, Ruth (Miss) 231 W. Duval st, Jacksonville 

76844 Richards, Mattie Rowe (Mrs George Henry) ..113 Phelps st. Jack- 

66951 Richardson, Sarah Eliza Merrill Summers (Mrs Edwin R.) ..Jack- 

73663 Richmond, Eliza Gore (Mrs Cassius M.) Miami 

79776 Ridgely, Leonore Grover (Mrs Vincent Niles) 2d av, S., St. Pet- 

84413 Riggs, Lue (Miss) .* 315 Florida av, Jacksonville 

83084 Robinson, Evangeline Bloomfield (Mrs Ernest L.) ..212 W. Frances 

av, Tampa 
56885 Robinson, Mary Bird (Mrs. Samuel A.) ..P. O. Box 595, Orlando 

29285 Rodgers, Minnie (Miss) Kissimmee 

67454 Ronald, Lucie Fenimore (Mrs William A.) ..P. O. Box 193, Day- 
ton a Beach 

76223 Rorabeck. Ella M. (Miss) 44 West 2d st. Jacksonville 

44236 Rosser, Gcorgie V. Davis (Mrs Egbert Bell) De Land 

85253 Rowe, Edwina Walker (Miss) The Lexington, De Land 

67219 Russell, Annie Mounger (Mrs A. M. C.) Brooksville 

59681 Russell, Louisa C. (Mrs Franklin G.) . .717 Riverside av, Jackson- 

736 Sadler, Emma Josephine (Mrs Orin Winslow) Mt. Dora 

58243 Salter, Ella Evans Bullard (Mrs Thomes) 302 S. blvd, Tampa 

73886 Sams, Zelia Sheldon, (Mrs Frank W.) New Smyrna 

25036 Schuller, Carrie Packard (Mrs PVancis) Cherokee L^dgc, 

23361 Sceley, Harriet Coffin (Mrs Frederick) ..19 E. Monroe st. Jackson- 

72504 Seely, Saphronia (Miss) R. F. D. No 2, Tampa 

75782 Selden, Pauline C. Miner (Mrs George Beckwith) ..W. Minnesota 

av, De Land 
20929 Sessions, Sarah R. ( Mrs Norman) Hawks Park 

73664 Sewell, Adcle Mchitable Wait (Mrs Everest George) . .217 14th st, 

85993 Shine, Caroline M. Kpps (Mrs David Shepard) . . . . 1859 Barrs st, 

53111 Simpson, Mary J. Sadler (Mrs D. S.) Rollins, Winter Park 

59160 Slemons. Antoinette (Miss) Orlando 

73888 Smith, Carrie Lowd (Mrs Daniel Perkins) New Smyrna 

41186 Smith, Sarah Ware (Mrs S. Redmond) . .900 Biscaync blvd. Miami 

73244 Smith, Ula May (Miss) Orlando 

44525 Sparkling. Elzina Frizelle (Mrs James M.) Lakeland 

50639 Spencer, Emma F. Pillsbury (Mrs Lincoln E) . .957 May st, Jackson- 


72614 Spencer, Maria Ann (Mrs Albert R.) Box 661, St. Augustine 

80279 Springstead, Kittie Hoxsie (Mrs Chauncey Wallace) 314 Beach 

Drive, St. Petersburg 
74707 Stephens, Ada Farnsworth (Mrs Frank B.) 1 Palm Row, St. 

84414 Stewart, Edna Robie (Mrs Harry E.) ..IZl E. First st, Jacksonville 
74706 Stowell, Jennie Cook (Mrs Edward L.) ..211 West Park av, Tampa 

58254 Strawn, Candace R. (Mrs Theodore) Glenwood 

71737 Suarez, Jessie Walters Wallace (Mrs Emilio) ..TMVi Hyde Park av, 


75783 Swift, Clara Powc (Mrs George Childers) North blvd, De 

65781 Taber, Besse Pitcher Rieman (Mrs) Daytona 

49013 Taylor, Annie Maud (Miss) Quincy 

75784 Taylor, Blanche A. Morris (Mrs William Stone) ..W. New York 

av, De Land 
8362 Taylor, Frances E. Barnard (Mrs) ..122 W. Forsyth st, Jacksonville 

49014 Taylor, Grace Giles (Miss) Quincy 

25729 Temple, Emilie J. (Mrs Charles E.) Orlando 

8137 Thayer, Jessie Mallory (Mrs) 606 Starkey av, Orlando 

79589 Thomas, Ada Taggart (Mrs Robert Henry) . .326 3d av, N., St. Peters- 


79640 Thomas, Ida Lorcna (Miss) 326 3d av, N., St. Petersburg 

73247 Thompson, Gertrude P^alligant (Mrs Charles Harrison) ..Box 584 

1428 Fort Dallas Park, Miami 

51766 Thorp, Kathryn E. (Miss) P. O. Box 197, Daytona 

63430 Thorp, Octavia ( Mrs Henry H.) Daytona 

21920 Thorpe, Ella K. E. White (Mrs John) ..163 Onciga st. St. Augustine 

61785 Todd, M. Carolyn Johnson (Mrs) Daytona Road 

52472 Turner, Nettie Viola Chastain (Mrs John Pickens) ..New Smyrna 
70508 Van De Voort, Ada Estelle Bryant (Mrs Horace, Jr.) ..589 North 

Barcelona st, Pensacola 
3)63 Van Engelken, Louisiana B. H. G. Maxfield (Mrs Frederick) . .Ving- 

holf-on-the-St. John, Palatka 

60242 Van Keuren, Carrie Evelyn (Miss) Box 434, St. Augustine 

14338 Van Keuren, Jean Morrison (Miss) 93 King st, St. Augustine 

H5737 Voorhis, Anna Parsons (Mrs Virgil Howry) ..(Tor. Clara av, De 


76224 Waddell, Dorothy Huntress (Mrs Edwin Alexander) Miami 

77//6 Walker. Agnes Ruth (Miss) 1633 Hubbard st, Jacksonville 

84410 Walker, Florence May (Miss) 1633 Hubbard st, Jacksonville 

77777 Walker, Margaret Magill (Miss) 1633 Hubbard st, Jacksonville 

40219 Walton, Minnie Jackson (Mrs Clarence Overton) . .Stockton & Hers- 

chel sts, Jacksonville 
79455 Watrous, Nannie Givcns (Mrs Harry J.) ..801 Madison st, Tampa 
65127 Wells, Jane Florida Givens (Mrs Richard M.) ..304 Oak av, Tampa 

73889 VVe.stall. Emma I,owd (Mrs Christopher) New Smyrna 

73890 We^tall. Lillie Wood (Miss) New Smyrna 

25778 Westcott, Elmina C. J. Johnson (Mrs J. B.) St Cloud 

H3086 Weston, Pearl Calvin (Mrs Oliver Grant) Ocala 

63981 Whitman, Helen Maud Tsal)ella Neff (Mrs A. B.) ..402 East Central 

av. Orlando 
11437 Wightman. Julia E. (Mrs William S.) . . . .804 Riversade av, Jackson- 
72793 Wilbur, Allene Maloney, (Mrs George Elmer) ..1515 Laura st, 

M598 Willaume, Ella Louise (Miss) Daytona 

79590 Williams, Emma Moore (Miss'i High School, St. Petersburg 

07892 Wilson. Ada E. Bushey (Mrs C M.. Jr.)..R. F. D. 3, Lake View av 

& 15th st, Pensacola 

73891 Wilson, Cornelia Jane Sams (Mrs Lawrence Edward) New 

^7220 Wilson'. Janic Mounger (Mrs Stephen A.) Brooksvillc 

214 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

9886 Winfield, Rita Crew (Mrs Turner A.) Little River 

59901 Winter, Blanche (Miss) Eustis 

17934 Woodward, Annie Robinson (Mrs Roland) ..1320 Main st, Jackson- 

32071 Yewell, Sallie L. (Miss) 1326 Market st, Jacksonville 

79641 Young, Katherine (Miss) St. Petersburg 

15146 Young, Sarah Cornelia (Mrs Charles A.) Daytona: 


State Regent, 1911-12, Mrs John Marion Graham', The Oaks, Marietta 
State Vice Regent, 1911-12, Mrs George M, Brown, 548 Peachtree st, Atlanta' 


58697 Abbott, Flora L. (Mrs) 434 N. Boulevard, Atlanta 

29416 Adair, Anna Greene (Mrs Forrest) Denid Hills, Atlanta: 

49376 Adams, Belle Wells (Mrs) Vineville av, Macon^ 

68455 Adams, Hattie De Witt (Mrs Daniel D.) Arlington pi, Macon 

9520 Adams, Leonora Wells (Mrs Horace Du Quince) Vineville, Macon 

68456 Adams, Mamie De Witt (Mrs B. T.) Macon 

73249 Adams, Millie Boulware (Mrs A. J.) Marietta- 

66112 Adams, Pauline Pou (Mrs William Edgar) Madison 

73253 Adamson, Nellie (Miss) 203 6th av, Rome 

73667 Additon, Henrietta Silvis (Miss) Demorest 

1997 Adkins, Lundie Watson (Mrs William Henry) Rome 

49734 Akerman, Sarah Jones Davis (Mrs Charles) 106 Culver st, Macon- 

41198 Akers, Camilla Dillon (Mrs Frank P. H.) . . . .29 Spruce st, Brunswick 

80431 Akers, Cornelia Palmer (Mrs D. Dillon) 12 Druid Circle, Atlanta 

80283 Akers, Harriette Garner (Mrs Albert Thomas).. 735 W. Peachtree st^ 


76530 Akin, Frances Johnson (Mrs John Wesley) 11 E. 15th st, Atlanta 

86546 Aldred, Bessie Sparks (Mrs Jack W.) Davisboro 

3273 Alexander, Henrietta Bishop (Mrs) 432 Broad st, Augusta 

33676 Alexander, Lucile (Miss) 497 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

73252 Alfriend, Cornelia Woolfolk (Mrs Alfred Hamilton). ...305 Peters 

Building, Atlanta 

75785 Allen, Jessie Prior (Mrs) 346 N. Boulevard, Atlanta- 

2056 Allen, Marie d'Autignac (Miss) 509 Greene st, Augusta 

68670 Allen, Mary Graybill Joyner (Mrs Henry B.) Cor. (Thurch & Lee 

sts, Americus 
43859 Allen, Mattie Rosemond (Mrs Joseph).. 236 Washington st, Atlanta 

67949 Allen, Nelle Sparks (Mrs) Macon 

31284 Allen, Sarah Cantey (Mrs Henry Dawson) Milledgeville- 

1993 Allen, Virginia d'Autignac (Mrs George Alexander) . . . .509 Greene st, 

43485 Amsden, Matie Slocum (Mrs Lyman J.).. 380 N. Boulevard, Atlanta 
46618 Anderson, Annie Lee Garner (Mrs John Thomas) .... 707 Prince st, 

56896 Anderson, Elizabeth Griswold (Mrs William Thomas).. 230 Vineville 

av, Macon 

61808 Anderson, Emma Louise (Miss) Fort Valley 

57715 Anderson, Mary Jones (Mrs James L.) Atlanta 

76192 Anderson, Maude Crawford (Mrs David W.) New Holland 

76942 Anderson, Susie Butler (Mrs Kirby Smith) Madison 

80143 Andrews, Bessie McLaughlin (Mrs Sumter B.) McRae 

60833 Andrews, Carrie Alston Hall (Mrs) Waycross 

22615 Andrews, Elizabeth Leontine Chisholm (Mrs Walter) . .Peachtree rd, 

67953 Andrews, Laura Goin (Mrs Davis Ransom).. 109 Taylor st, Americus 
59688 Ansley, Margaret Barry (Mrs Edwin Percival) Decatur 


26709 Argo, Ella Butler (Mrs Geo. Robert) 1256 Greene st, Augusta 

69460 Armstrong, Mary Tower (Mrs Octavius) Araericus 

14507 Arnold, Virginia Lorctte (Miss) 129 Juniper st, Atlanta 

75570 Ash, Julia Irene (Miss) Athens 

22612 Ashford, Wilhelmina Anderson (Mrs Clement Hall).. 893 E. 5th st, 


30654 Ashmore, Editha Collins (Mrs Otis) 909 Whitaker st, Savannah 

26345 Askew, Mary Drake (Mrs William) Newnan 

53122 Atkinson, Ada Byrd (Mrs John P.) Milledgeville 

75177 Atkinson, Lula Hurst (Mrs Paul M.) Madison 

66952 Atkinson, Mary Virginia Harrison (Mrs Spencer R.) . .618 Piedmont 

av, Atlanta 

80629 Atkinson, Minnie Revill (Mrs Roswell J.) Greenville 

32406 Atkinson, Palmer G. P. (Mrs Ulric S.) 12 E. Pine st. Atlanta 

41738 Atkinson, Sallie Scarlet (Mrs Dunwoody) . . 1(X)1 Union st, Brunswick 

39873 Austell, Cora Tumlin (Mrs William W.) . .14 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

23118 Austin, Martha Price (Mrs William Edward) Forest av, Atlanta 

44203 Avary, Eugenia Dearing Fulton (Mrs Archer) 970 Piedmont av, 

32423 Axon, Margaret Furlow Callaway (Mrs Thomas) 125 Forsyth st, 


70528 Bagley, Mamie Bailey (Mrs Henry Johnson) Americus 

67954 Bailey, Anna Charlton (Mrs W. D.) 412 Lee st, Americus 

44209 Bailey, Emma Ellis (Mrs Julian Thweat)..443 Courtland st, Atlanta 

47546 Bailey, Mattie May Taylor (Mrs James Stacy) . ."Baileyarbar," Lee 

av, Waycross 

85270 Baker, Carrye Keller (Mrs Clarence Edwin) Fitzgerald 

80612 Baker, Hortense Wooten (Mrs) Valdosta 

47555 Baldwin, Virginia Rumph (Mrs Robert Edwin) Marshallville 

84986 Bale, Adele Latimer (Mrs John Wesley) Lafayette 

86195 Banks, Irene Murph (Mrs Samuel) Newnan 

27510 Banks, Louisa C. (Mrs) 211 E. Huntington st, Savannah 

34560 Banks, Maymie (Miss) '. Columbus 

32815 Barfield, Harriet S. Webster (Mrs James Llewellyn) . .444 Peachtree 

st, Atlanta 

27511 Barnard, Mary Adelaide (Miss) 124 McDonough st, E., Savannah 

10409 Barnes, AUinc May Bostick (Mrs Edward H.)..64 W. Harris st, 


65130 Bamett, Lillis Virginia (Miss) Sharon 

80627 Bamett, Mary Strozier (Mrs James P.) Lutherville 

10061 Barrett, Esther M. Tidd (Mrs Hay ward) 99 Leonard st, Atlanta 

41199 Barnwell, Eliza Goldsmith (Mrs C. P.) 695 Piedmont av, Atlanta 

35203 Bartow, Florence Long (Mrs John L.) Elberton 

30668 Bass, Addie Green Clarkesville 

71447 Bass, Julia Louise Qarkesville 

71448 Bass, Martha Crowder Clarkesville 

38786 Bass, Mattie Montgomery (Mrs Charles C.) 302 4th av, Rome 

62923 Bassett, Maud Artemisia Brown (Mrs Stephen Hick).. Fort Valley 

63985 Batchelor, Nelle Earnest (Mrs Van Astor)..165 Juniper st, Atlanta 

60622 Batcman, Annie McArthor (Mrs Jerome N.) 503 N. Boulevard, 


36118 Bates, Elizabeth Winship (Mrs Wilson Allen) Cypress st, Atlanta 

28056 Baucker, Ellen D. Block (Mrs Hugh) 550 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

17433 Baxter. Alice (Miss) 152 W. Peachtree st. Atlanta 

46622 Baxter, Annie Evelyn Williams (Mrs Edward) Haddock 

54204 Baxter. Sara Cobb (Mrs Richard Boiling) 23 Willow st, Atlanta 

78505 Bcall Lily Gray (Mrs Egbert) Clarkesville 

8S995 Bcall, Mattie Evans (Mrs Harold) .. ..505 W. Cefttral av, Fitzgerald 

69470 Beasley. Abigail SUnton (Mrs R. R.) Newborn 

55605 Beck, Minna McLeod (Miss) 301 Capitol av. Atlanta 

21450 Beck. Sarah Elizabeth Specr (Mrs Louis Hicks) 39 E. 6th st, Atlanta 

31277 Beck, Vera Hall (Mrs Julius Frank) 759 Piedmont av. Atlanta 

60835 Bock. Willie Rabun (Miss) Waycross 

216 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

32807 Beeson, Leola Selman (Mrs J. L.) . .20f^ N. Columbia st, Milledgcvtllc 

67948 Bell, Annie May (Miss) Americus 

16654 Bell, Emma Inman (Mrs Thacker Howard) 258 Peachtrce st, 


67955 Bell, Ethel Shipp (Mrs Roy Sheffield) Americus 

84016 Bell, Fannie Hammond (Mrs J. F.) 202 Liberty st, Milledgeville 

86538 Bell. Genie Pace (Mrs Reddick Edwin) Dawson 

75189 Bell, Jennie Vereen (Mrs Reason Chestnut) Moultrie 

35198 Bell, Kate Maxey (Mrs Charles Grandy). .. .216 Huntington st, E., 

37608 Bell, Laura Myra Crow (Mrs Walter Scott).. 261 W. Peachtrec st, 


67506 Bell, Lula Felder (Mrs W. K.) Americus 

83729 Bell, Mana Donaldson (Mrs Addison Key) Madison 

37215 Bell, Mary Clarissa Cox (Mrs Madison) 187 W. Alexander st, 


3262 Bellamy, Ellen Washington (Mrs) 524 College st, Macon 

51165 Beman, Helen Stafford (Mrs Edward Douglass) 1118 Greene st, 


1590 Benning, Anna Caroline (Miss) 1420 Broad st, Columbus 

S7723 Benning, Margaret Rowena Russell (Mrs Augustus Harrison) White- 
ford av, Edgewood 

2876 Benning, Mary Howard (Miss) 1420 Broad st, Columbus 

36135 Benson, Stella Carr (Mrs Charles F.) IS W. Linden st, Atlanta 

18362 Benton, Mattiebrian Brown (Mrs W. N.) 260 Greene st, Au^sta 

83090 Benton, Rossie Bamctt (Mrs Lurner Oliver) Monticello 

53628 Berry, Martha McChesney (Miss) Rome 

71446 Beymer, Bernice Eleanor Upson (Mrs Walter Dow).. 207 31st st, E., 

78496 Bickers, Marie Louise Bourne (Mrs Alonza Lee).. 507 N. Boulevard, 


49021 Birdsey, Rosalind Davis (Mrs J. S.) 603 Vineville av, Macon 

36124 Bisbee, Harriet Backus (Mrs William A.). 22 Macon st, E., Savannah 

75576 Bivins, Bonnell Strozier (Mrs Frank Jarvis) Moultrie 

47064 Black, Henrietta Alston White (Mrs William Jordan).. 204 Lawrence 

st. Marietta 

78498 Black, Henrietta Amelia (Miss) 204 Lawrence st, Marietta 

12259 Black, Mary Ellen Peters (Mrs George Robison) 519 Spring st, 


39848 Black, Mary Roberta (Miss) La Grange 

75162 Blackburn, Mary Johnson (Mrs Robert B.) 423 Washington st, 


27504 Blackmar, Betsey Brainerd (Miss) 1418 4th av, Columbus 

23721 Blackmar, Mary Ann (Mrs Alfred Owen) 1418 4th av, Columbus 

73665 Blackmar, Nettie Barden (Mrs Dana) 1410 4th av, Columbus 

27503 Blackmar, Susie Wellborn (Mrs John) 1336 3d av, Columbus 

71449 Blackshear, Annie Laura Eve (Miss) Santec 

S7077 Blackshear, Birdie Baber (Miss) 856 Walnut st, Macon 

87078 Blackshear, Mary Baber (Miss) 856 Walnut st, Macon 

25005 Blake, Madeleine Le Moine (Mrs Thomas Ballard) .. .314 Peachtrec 

st, Atlanta 
51767 Blanton, Ella McDonald (Mrs George W.)..1416 Lee st, Brunswick 

39489 Bleckley, Chloe Herring (Mrs Logan E.) Clarkesville 

38419 Bleckley, Olle Evans (Mrs Haralson) 458 Courtlar.d st, Atlanta 

568 Block, Elizabeth Woodward Orme (Mrs Francis Cochran).. 16 Kim- 
ball st, Atlanta 
69466 Blun, Louise Elizabeth Baker (Mrs Henry, Jr.).. 116 Huntingdon st, 

W., Savannah 
53112 Boardman, Helen Plumb (Mrs Hollis Chubbuck) 242 Greene st, 


21834 Boggs, Katharine Pickens (Miss) 224 3d st, Augusta 

86527 Boggs, Susan Bruce (Miss) 224 3d st, Augusta 

661(^ Bonnyman, Frances Rhea Berry (Mrs Alexander). .84 E. Linden st, 



72098 Boone, Jennie Merritt (Mrs T. Harrold) 531 College st, Macon 

55125 Booton, Bassie Magruder (Miss) Marshallville 

56189 Booton. Elizabeth Alleyne Ware (Mrs) Marshallville 

32398 Bostick, Molly Camilla (Miss) 64 W. Harris st, Atlanta 

65131 Bothwell, Daisy Woodward (Mrs James T., Jr.) 309 Lincoln st, 


64531 Bothwell, Louise (Miss) 944 Greene st, Augusta 

20217 Bowdre, Annie Townshend Mix (Mrs Jack Ross) Macon 

66105 Bowen, Mary Etta (Miss) 217 Forrest av, Atlanta 

49010 Bowen, Nellie (Miss) 217 Forrest av, Atlanta 

67217 Boyd, Edna L. Mabbett (Mrs) Quitman 

71445 Boyd. Kate Bussey (Mrs Douglas) Griffin 

79251 Boyd, Laura (Miss) Savannah 

9527 Boyd, Laura J. (Mrs Montague) 118 38th st, W., Savannah 

13249 Boyd, Nannie Seawell (Mrs Isaac S.) 769 Piedmont av, Atlanta 

35199 Boyd, Sarah Taliaferro (Mrs Arthur F.) Savannah 

57721 Boynton, Susan S. Harris (Mrs James S.) High Shoals 

34066 Bradley, Frances Sage (Mrs Horace) 92 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

75165 Bradley, Lilly Johnson (Mrs William A.) Cartersville 

35191 Bradley, Nanine A. (Miss) 226 President st, W., Savannah 

28383 Bradley, Sarah Hall (Mrs William Qarke). .. .1440 3d av. Columbus 

38286 Brandt, Vessie Rainey (Mrs Rudolph) Dearing st, Athens 

55592 Branham, Daisy Tison (Mrs Harris M.) 803 London st, Brunswick 

7724 Branham, Sallie A. Stone (Mrs J. W.) Oxford 

44862 Brannon, Rebecca Cecil (Mrs Joseph Franklyn) . . . .314 Peachtree st, 


55593 Brantley, Hattie Camp (Mrs John T.) Blackshear 

86192 Breitenbucher, Isabelle Ackerman (Mrs George Lewis).. 124 Sunset 

av, Atlanta 

77650 Brenner, Eleanor Lynch (Mrs August H.) 1363 Broad st, Augusta 

81538 Brewer, Allie Jones (Mrs Claude Ladson) Sandersville 

81234 Brewer, Effie Boyd (Mrs William George) 109 Bolton st, W., 


56163 Brigham, Susie Wood (Mrs Walter Breckenbridge). .North Augusta 

H5098 Britt, Marv Elizabeth Brooks (Mrs William Oslin) Thomastoii 

66522 Broadfield,' Marietta Dasher (Miss) Valdosta 

42170 Brobston, Priscilla Bragdon (Mrs Edwin) Brunswick 

7725 Brook, Sallie Jean (Mrs C. C.) Covington 

73906 Brooks, Artemisia Wright (Mrs Harry King) Washington 

49018 Brooks, Dosia Head (Mrs Richard Pleasanton) Forsyth 

65506 Brooks, Mary Lee (Miss) 106 S. Elbert st, Milledgeville 

36140 Broughton, Mary Pou (Mrs William Alexander) Madison 

52477 Brown, Anna Belle Hardwick (Mrs Reeves) Macon 

80613 Brown, Annie Righton Miller (Mrs Pope).. 704 Piedmont av, Atlanta 

70742 Brown, Beulah Marshall (Mrs Millard Seals) Fort Valley 

18353 Brown, Cora Anne (Miss) 325 S. Pryor st, Atlanta 

59691 Brown, Cornelia Hartsfield (Mrs Louis L.) Fort Valley 

21442 Brown, Cornelia Hoyt (Mrs George M.)..S84 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

56187 Brown, Fleetwood M. (Miss) Cherry st, Macon 

42794 Brown, Harriet Johnson (Mrs Elijah Alexander) 38 Spruce st, 

Inman Park, Atlanta 

32399 Brown, Kate Milner (Mrs James E.) Newnan 

5 6188 Brown, Louisa Ella (Miss) Cherry st, Macon 

72797 Brown, Louise Baker (Mrs Walter Payne) 1105 Gloucester st, 


67515 Brown, Mamie Mcintosh (Mrs John C.) Elberton 

56178 Brown, Marie Phillips (Mrs Duncan M.) Arlington Place 

25147 Brown, Martha Mc Williams (Mrs James Shilldrake) Griffin 

46623 Brown, SalHc Shelton S. (Mrs Peter Franklin) Athens 

27220 Brown, Sally Eugenia (Miss) 1100 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

23367 Browne, Roberta Hanson Harrison Yonge (Mrs John Rhodes) . .1344 

2d av, Columbus 

218 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

69725 Brownell, Florence Hatle (Mrs Francis E.) 196 W. Peachtree st, 


52478 Brunson, Bessie May Jones (Mrs William) 296 College st, Macon 

5147 Bryan, Susannah Clarke (Mrs John M.)..9 Gordon st, E., Savannah 

82168 Bryan, Virginia Ann Mcintosh (Mrs Edwin F.)..109 Oglethorpe av, 

E., Savannah 

2875 Buck, Ellen B. (Mrs Alfred E.) 207 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

54199 Bucknell, Susie Cunningham (Mrs Howard) 671 Piedmont av, Atlanta 

55117 Bullard, Elizabeth Millar (Mrs Bernice F.) .17 Jones st, W., Savannah 

49862 Bullard, Orrie Herrington (Mrs Durward Benjamin) Palmetto 

56899 Bullock, Minnie Drane (Mrs Osborn C.) 1409 2d av, Columbus 

35193 Bunker, Daisey D. Bryan (Mrs C. M.) 9 Gordon st, E., Savannah 

82169 Burnet, Robbie Berkeley (Mrs Wallace C.) . .715 Barnard st. Savannah 

60834 Burnet, Valeria North (Mrs Henry Heyward) Waycross 

61799 Burns, Ruth Parker (Mrs Henry Knox) ..Ingleside, Vineville, Macon 

45676 Burr, Annie Middleton Speer (Mrs) Vineville, Macon 

71088 Burt, Sarah L. Wadley (Mrs William Giroud) Thompson av, 


40226 Burum, Annie Taylor (Mrs Harry Percy) Sand Hills, Augusta 

36141 Bush, Marie Antoinette Broughton (Mrs Curtis) Madison 

30659 Bussey, Lizzie Lucas (Mrs Henry C.) Columbus 

37213 Bussey, Sophie Nicholson (Mrs James S.) 942 Greene st, Augusta 

84017 Bussey, Starlight Respess (Mrs Arthur) 1303 3d av, Columbus 

68460 Butler, Catharine (Miss) Covington 

79456 Butler, Daisv Walton (Miss) ...Madison 

80430 Butler, Virginia Walton (Miss) Madison 

42810 Butner, Effie Bloodworth (Mrs Francis Marion).. 102 Jones st, E., 


86130 Byers, Annie (Miss) Gainesville 

86131 Byers, Cora (Miss) Gainesville 

39878 Byrd, Cora Melville Lyon (Mrs Charles P.) . . 109 E. North av, Atlanta 

56903 Calais, Frances Irene Shivers (Mrs John Harvey).. 411 "a" Wald- 

burg st, E., Savannah 

2898 Calhoun, Carobel Heidt (Mrs Andrew E.) 95 E. North av, Atlanta 

72313 Calhoun, Emma Thornton (Mrs Alfred Turpin) Cartersville 

50233 Calhoun, Ermine Moore (Miss) 309 Broad st, Augusta 

18354 Calhoun, Louise Phinizy (Mrs Abncr W.)..672 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

39888 Callaway, Anna Heard (Mrs Parker T.) Washington 

39880 Callaway, Lula Carey (Mrs Howard R.) 691 Piedmont av, Atlanta 

49314 Calloway, Carrie Berry (Mrs James Woodfin) Macon 

2775 Camak, Margaret Annie (Miss) Milledge av, Athens 

34535 Camak, Mary Wellborn (Mrs James) 319 Meigs st, Athens 

371 15 Cameron, Jean Patton (Miss) Moultrie 

47545 Camp, Annie W. (Mrs Leon A., Sr.) 313 14th st, Columbus 

55599 Camp, Lou Ella (Mrs D. W.) R. F. D., Marietta 

42185 Camp, Pauline Favor (Mrs Thomas Lee) Newnan 

55594 Camp, Sarah Atwood (Miss) 619 Kennesaw av, Marietta 

13245 Campbell, Harriet Wimberly (Mrs Richard 0.)..865 Peachtree st, 


30678 Candler, Eugenia Thomas Williams (Mrs Allen Daniel) . .657 Edge- 
wood av, Atlanta 

56891 Candler, Florida Elmer (jeorge (Mrs John S.).. Druid Hills, Atlanta 

40231 Carithers, Eula W. Witcher (Mrs James Yancy) . .490 Hill st, Athens 

61809 Carithers, Willie Anderson (Mrs A. G.) Fort Valley 

32023 Carlisle, Roselyn Reid (Mrs E. F.) 312 N. Hill st. Griffin 

1579 Carpenter, Ruth Berrien Jones (Mrs Samuel Barstow) . . Sand Hills, 

62920 Carr, Flora (Miss) Covington 

51166 Carr, Josephine Stafford (Mrs Pierre Catonnct) 266 Green st, 


32400 Carson, Florence Morford (Mrs David B.), .800 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

58693 Carson, Jeannie Rose (Mrs) 500 North av, Atlanta 

61804 Carswell, Lavinia Miller (Mrs James A.) Hephzibah 


78503 Carter, Ellen Falligant (Mrs Barron).. 104 Gaston st, W., Savannah 
85088 Carver, Annie Sidney (Mrs Andrew Jackson). .363 Lee st, Dawson 
72801 Cassels, Frank Gilreath (Mrs Albert Gordon) 756 E. Henry st,. 

3043 Cassin, Minnie Hillyer (Mrs Henry A.) . .568 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

84987 Castlen, Juliette Harrison (Mrs Marcellus) Thomaston 

1218 Caswell, Lucie Walker (Mrs Theodore Dwight) . . . .604 Greene st^ 

61935 Cavanaugh, Augusta Young (Mrs John Henry) 317 E. Henry st^ 


79416 Center, Stella Stewart (Miss) Forsyth 

43469 Chamberlin, Levisa J. C^tchings (Mrs Edward P.).. 148 Whitehall st, 


81790 Chanilee, Susie Warthen (Mrs A. S.) Sandersville 

74710 Chapman, Blanche Leigh (Miss) Quitman^ 

25673 Chapman, Janie Weston (Mrs James Davis) Valdosta 

60625 Chapman, Lula Hitch (Mrs) Quitman 

2895 Chappell, Cynthia Kent Hart (Mrs Lucius H.)..2000 Talbotton av,. 


30667 Chappell, Henrietta Kincaid (Mrs J. Harris) Milledgeville 

54051 Chappell, Marie Louise Hurt Scott (Mrs Thomas J.) Columbus 

60642 Charters, Isabelle Sterling Price (Mrs William Arthur) Gainesville 

73254 Chase, Harriet Holtman (Mrs Arthur W.)..lst Nat. Bank, Moultrie 

84416 Chase, Inman Strong (Mrs Charles M.) 204 Forrest av, Marietta 

85099 Chatfield, Eva L. Hightower (Mrs, Robert E.) Thomaston 

85743 Cheatham, Belle (Miss) 7th av, Dawson- 

35189 Chestnutt, Adelaide Wright (Mrs James B.) 701 Whitaker st. 


6084 Chcstney, Kate Piercy ( Mrs T. O.) Macon 

34544 Cheves, Mattie E. Lawson (Mrs Langdon) Montezuma 

69473 Cheves, Oreola (Miss) Montezuma 

67Z24 Chidsey, Annie Dowdell (Mrs William Berrien) 312 2d av, Rome 

78501 Cniipley, Alice Criglar (Mrs William Gah) The Colonial Apt, 


79458 Chisholm, Juanita (Miss) 45 Mayson av, Edgewood sta, Atlanta 

51769 Church, Annie Mae Camp (Mrs Robert E.) 313 14th st, Columbus 

39491 Oark, Annie E. Ingraham (Mrs J. E.) The Bon Air, Atlanta 

914 Clark, Rora Underwood (Mrs Charles Richard) 709 Broad st, 


66387 Qark, Sarah Strong (Mrs William Conyers) Covington 

45673 Clark, Sophie Eleanor ( Miss) 24 W. 5th st, Atlanta 

56894 Qarke, Mary Josephine Carey (Mrs Peter T.) c/o Germaine 

Saving Bank, Atlanta 

5144 Cleckley, Mary Montford (Miss) 504 Greene st, Augusta 

73896 Gcghorn, Ann Elizabeth (Miss) Summerville 

84757 Cleghorn, Octavia J. Jones (Mrs John Storey) Summerville 

55606 Qements, Elizabeth Watson (Mrs Holmes W.) Woodbury 

20717 Cleveland, Frances Leonard (Mrs Robert M.) Marietta 

31301 Gotworthy, Susan Letitia Rice (Mrs John Baird) Hillman 

21455 Qoud, Pearl Munday (Mrs Howell Cobb) Peachtree rd, Atlanta 

75786 Ooudman, Josephine Lander (Mrs Josiah Dana) 91 Merritts av, 


57713 Coart, Sybil Woolfolk (Mrs John Craddock) Columbus 

42803 Cochran, Mary Pickens Johnson (Mrs) 78 Dixie av, Atlanta 

28381 Codington, Mary E. (Mrs Augustus) Coleman av, Macon 

55115 Coggins, Agnes Teasley (Mrs John Judson) Canton 

14506 Cohen, Julia Lowry Qarke (Mrs Jack) 111 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

60827 Colding, Carrie (Miss) 31 Jones st, E., Savannah 

60828 Colding, Florence (Miss) 31 Jones st, E.. Savannah 

71734 Cole, Marie Earle Gilbreath (Mrs E. D.) Cartcrsville 

47054 Cx>le, May Mcintosh (Mrs De Witt Clinton). .318 Page st, Marietta 
47550 Cole. May Stewart (Mrs Madison F.) Ncwnans 

220 DTRIXTORV. n. A. R. 

42189 Cole, Minerva F, Hunter (Mrs Edward G.) Newnan 

54208 Coleman, Annie Read Thompson (Mrs Walter Scott) Cedartown 

62912 Coles, Stella Wight (Mrs Pickens) 565 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

36120 Collier, Antoinette S. (Mrs Henry) 252 'W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

31287 Cone, Jeanette Harvie (Mrs Oscar Malcolm) Milledgeville 

41739 Coney, Martha A. (Mrs Edgar F.) 706 Union st, Brunswick 

87079 Coney, Retta Fannin (Mrs Wilber M.) 313 Anderson st, E.. 


78502 Connally, Emma Calhoun (Mrs Silas N.) College Park 

28374 Connally, Mary Virginia (Mrs E. L.) 53 Ashby st, Atlanta 

13958 Connerat, Laura Spencer (Mrs Clarence S.) Savannah 

66523 Converse, Mary Ann (Mrs) Valdosta 

66525 Converse, Susan Catherine CMiss) Valdosta 

31286 Cook, Anne Maria (Mrs Samuel Austin) Milledgeville 

16653 Cook. Mary Elvira (Mrs) Belmont, Columbus 

SA357 Cook. Minnie Campbell (Mrs James E.)..15 Whitehall Ter, Atlanta 

49019 Copeland, Edna Arnold (Mrs Zack Wood) Elberton 

77035 Coppedge, Lula Blake (Mrs (Jeorge J.) Griffin 

36127 Corbin, May Thirza (Mrs Marion Xerxes) Savannah 

72577 Corloy, Anna Bradshaw (Mrs John J.) Covington 

48375 Cortelyou, Mabel Chase ( Miss) 512 Church st. Marietta 

35759 Cosens, Margaret Arnold (Miss) 128 State st. Savannah 

69756 Council, Eula Felton Willingham (Mrs Charles M.) Amcricus 

69461 Council, Lamartinc ( Mrs Barlow) Americus 

24454 Coursen, Harriet Van W. Bennett (Mrs William A.) Marietta 

64592 Courts, Mayme McPher.«on (Mrs Richard) 800 Peachtree st, 


70745 Cox, Evelyn Lovelace (Mrs Frank S.) Cascade av, Atlanta 

56185 Cox, Laura Virginia Marshall (Mrs) 11 Jones st, W., Savannah 

777 Cox. Sallie Tallulah Harman (Mrs Albert Hill).... 857 Peachtree st, 


30669 Cox, Will-Ella Lockhart (Mrs John Madison) Waycross 

51981 Crandall, Alice Shepard (Mrs George N.) .Fort Valley 

56905 Crane, Mary Cox (Mrs Horace A.) 11 Jones st, W., Savannah 

32821 Crane, Pauline Houston (Mrs Edwin Duff) 25 St. Charles av. 


50642 Crawford, Annie Somerville (Miss) Hill st, Athens 

2877 Crawford, Augusta Jane Benning (Mrs Reese) 1310 3d av, 

50641 Crawford. Ellen Atowy Peebles (Mrs John A. Gardine) . .560 Hill st, 

<i9814 Crawford, Sallie Allen (Mrs Martin J., Jr.) . .Racine Hotel, Columbus 

70683 Cree, Virginia Carroll (Mrs Archibald C.) Moultrie 

74708 Crist. Flora Fain (Mrs Max Z.) 156 Forrest av, Atlanta 

56164 Crocker. Martha Jones (Mrs Richard Daniel) 106 Lincoln st, 


66517 Crook, Rachael ( Miss) Waycross 

44875 Crosby, Ellen Patrick (Mrs C. M.) 509 Cherokee st, Marietta 

59162 Crosby, Virginia Vanstone (Miss) 509 Cherokee st. Marietta 

67223 Crouch, Pearl Newton (Mrs John Hcnrv) Griffin 

37603 Crowcll, Willie Redd (Mrs Henry B.) Columbus 

23119 Culbreath, Annie Yarbrough (Mrs Thomas Ervin) Palmetto 

4679 Cumming. Katharine Hubbcll (Mrs Joseph Bryan) Summerville 

35210 Curtis. Mary Lavender Lowe (Mrs Walter Wells) 1214 5th av. 


S6529 Curtright, Eula Davis (Mrs James Milton) Quitman 

J0619 Cutts, Ida Walker (Mrs Earnest Allen) 121 Gwinnett st. E.. 


85100 Dallas, Kate Weaver (Mrs Walter Harnesberger) Thomaston 

35752 Dancy, Bessie Grimes (Mrs Frank Battle).. 63 Ponce de Leon av, 


38966 Dancy, Julia Wilhelmina Remshart (Mrs David Yulee)..104 Jones 

St, W., Savannah 
470S3 Daniel, Olivia Fleming Bacon (Mrs J. J.) Ill Cleveland st. 

61791 D'Antignac, Bertha Miller Barrett (Mrs H. Harriss)..347 Broad st, 

36128 Davant, Virginia Caroline Footman (Mrs Richard J.).. 20 Taylor st. 


81785 Davidson, Annie Lee John (Mrs B. M.) Dawson 

32804 Davidson, Grace Gillam (Mrs John Lee) Quitman 

44216 Davidson, Jennie Wyly (Mrs William Murray) S Jones st, E.^ 

66521 Davis, Constance McCall (Mrs Russell) . .418 N. Court st, Quitman 

34565 Davis, Emily Willet (Mrs Charles) 1125 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

67517 Davis, Julia Ramsey (Mrs Jefferson) Quitman 

71453 Davis, Katie Burton (Mrs E. R.) Clarkesville 

33677 Davis, Lillie Peck (Mrs Allen Powell).. 113 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

205 Davis, Lizzie W. Gray (Mrs O. L.) Moultrie 

56176 Davis, Mary Belle Adams (Mrs) 510 Orange st, Macon 

58282 Davis, Minnie Mae (Miss) Atlanta 

37224 Davis, Virginia Inman (Mrs) Hephzibah 

1232 Davison, Emma Williams (Mrs John Harper). .348 Broad st, Augusta 
22616 Day, Cornelia Chisholm (Mrs Thomas J.).. 132 S. Pryor st, Atlanta 

79688 Dean, Eloise Earle (Mrs Charles Lewis) 615 S. Pryor st, Atlanta 

85089 Dean, (jenie Brannon (Mrs Jarvis Gipsan) 412 Lee st, Dawson 

85091 Dean, Mamie Littleton (Miss) 412 Lee st, Dawson 

36629 Dean, Stephen Mencfee (Mrs) Palmetto 

73892 De Give, (lertrude (Mrs Julius) The Grand Apts, Atlanta 

77780 Dehon, Hallie Richardson Walters (Mrs Nathaniel Russell) . .411 So- 
ciety st, Albany 

83089 De Leon, Ida Moise (Mrs* Moise) 744 Piedmont av, Atlanta 

35204 Dennis, Roberta L. Heard (Mrs John T.) Elberton 

85092 Denton, Nellie Clare (Mrs George Samuel).. 501 E. 4th av, Dawson 
61796 Dcrry, Elizabeth Osborne (Mrs Joseph Tyrone) 571 B Jackson st, 

71727 De Vaughn, Elizabeth Sims (Mrs McLendon Sherwood) . .Montezuma 
51167 Dc Voc, Lucy Dillon (Mrs William H.)..1308 Union st, Brunswick 

2211 De Votie, Georgiana L. Pyron (Mrs James Harvey) Griffin 

9865 Dewees, Charlotte Irene (Mrs Thomas H.) 28 W. Peachtree pi, 


9863 Dewees, Daisie Irene (Miss) 28 W. Peachtree pi, Atlanta 

85258 Dcxfer. Bessie Jenkins (Mrs Howard) ... .401 West Hill av, Valdosta 
36121 Dexter, Elizabeth Burford (Mrs George J.).. 125 Juniper st, Atlanta 

37162 Dillard, Annie Laurie (Miss) Columbus 

9516 Dillard, Sarah Eve (Mrs George) Main st, Washington 

64530 Dillon, Florence Weston (Mrs John Robert).. 32 W. 5th st, Atlanta 
49012 Dillon, Julia Lester (Mrs William Bennett) . .408 Ellis st, Augusta 

82171 Dimmock, Edith Lott (Mrs) Waycross 

57719 Dimon, Martha Clayton Estes (Mrs Joseph Homer) . .Estes House, 


30680 Dinkins, Kate Candler (Mrs Samuel C.) 508 N. bd, Atlanta 

34078 Dismukes, Helena Ida Morrissett (Mrs Elisha Paul, Jr.).. 1535 3d 

av, Columbus 

3521! Dismukes, Maude Montrose (Miss) 1505 1st av, Columbus 

67942 Dobbins. Laurie Hope (Mrs Paul Harden) 230 Ivy st, Atlanta 

67507 Dodson, Mattie Lewis (Mrs W. A.) Americus 

5866 Donaldson, Loulie McC. Gordon (Mrs John) Bainbridge 

32016 Donovan, Harriet Almira (Mrs William) 606 N. Peachtree st, 


79781 Dougherty, Clara Belle Wilson (Mrs James Smith).. 224 Forest av, 

71725 Doughty. Fannie Lyon fMrs Albert Sumter) 1902 Barnard st. 


222 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

75178 Douglas, Annie Fitzpatrick (Mrs Albert £.) Madison 

76531 Dowdell, Ruby Wilson (Mrs Louis P.).. 2102 Hamilton av, Columbus 

84755 Dozier, Susie Geise (Mrs W. S.) Crawford st, Dawson 

59685 Dozier, Undine Lane (Mrs Graham Pinson) Atlanta 

37611 Drake, Frances Hartfield (Mrs B. S.) College Park 

-56182 Drake, Hepsie S. Ellis (Mrs Roswell H.) Griffin 

20227 Drewry, Julia McWilliams (Mrs N. B.) Griffin 

16656 Du Bose, Ella Inman (Mrs Edwin Rembert) Peachtree rd, 


67508 Dudley, Susie Darby (Mrs Nathaniel Macon) Lee st, Americus 

72795 Dunlap, Caroline McLelland (Mrs Edgar) . . . .468 Spring st, Atlanta 

78500 Dunn, Elizabeth C. (Miss) Waycross 

68767 Dunn, Emily Scarlett (Mrs Frank A.).... 527 Union st, Brunswick 

33683 Dunn, Hannie Frazier (Mrs Blackmon H.) 544 W. Peachtree st, 


68996 Dun woody, Bessie Webster (Mrs W. E.)....321 Orange st, Macon 

^1533 Dupont, Rebecka Black (Miss). 241 Abercone st, Savannah 

81531 Durban, Cecile Marie (Miss) 1259 Ellis st, Augusta 

81532 Durban, Ruth Adele (Miss) 1259 Ellis st, Augusta 

•67514 Durden, Carrie Harris (Mrs Frank) ...... ,810 Lincoln st. Savannah 

48305 Durfee, Emrit Case (Mrs J. A.) Atlanta 

47051 Dyar, Alice Stoney White (Mrs Arthur) Bryan Apts, Atlanta 

31281 Dykes, Katherine Latham (Mrs William F.)..620 W. Peachtree st, 


60250 Dykes, Susan Simmons (Mrs Thomas J.) Montezuma 

25137 Eagan, Mary R. (Mrs J. J.) 508 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

1271 Eastman, Florence W. Underwood (Mrs Edmund Madison). .Rome 

42168 Eckford, Belle Gates (Mrs William Joseph) ..Tallulah Apts, Atlanta 

36115 Eckford, Sallie Adair (Mrs Marshall T.)..423 W. Peters st, Atlanta 

27506 Edge, Savannah Blackmar (Mrs Clarence Julian) 1221 5th av, 


67943 Edmondson, Hattie Pound (Mrs George Robert).. 195 Ivy st, Ogle- 
thorpe Apts, Atlanta 

77036 Edwards, Lettie Cook (Mrs J. C) S. Hill st. Griffin 

«5261 Edwards, Sallie Will Pickett (Mrs M. C) Dawson 

63992 Elder, Eleanor Hardee (Mrs William Thomas) Valdosta 

56180 Elder, Lydia Dickinson Brown (Mrs Thomas) Hampton 

40772 Elder, Margaret Cameron Couch (Mrs Sterling James) 160 W. 

Peachtree st, Atlanta 

33678 Elkin, Nell Duncan (Mrs Wm. Simpson) ..229 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

50692 Ellars, Martha E. (Mrs Otto) Fitzgerald 

56707 Ellis, Clara G. Gregorie (Mrs Harry Hay).. 97 Capitol sq, Atlanta 

3399 Ellis, Gazalene Lamar (Mrs William Lee) Macon 

25136 Ellis, Phoebe Prioleau (Mrs William D.)..547 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

86539 Emmermann, Laura Belle Griffin (Mrs E. A.) Dawson 

49866 English, Mary Hannah Munnerlyn (Mrs Isaac Buckingham) . . Vine- 

ville, Oak Haven av, Macon 
S4758 Enloe, EHdie Warthen (Mrs William A.) La Fayette 

71450 Eppes, Maria Jefferson (Miss) Clarkesville 

71451 Eppes, Matilda (Miss) Garkesville 

42173 Epping, Sarah Freer (Mrs Early H.)..3012 Hamilton av, Columbus 

54682 Erminger, Lila Ross Willingham (Mrs Howell Brantley, Jr.).. 410 

College st, Macon 

84419 Erwin, Mary Irvine Callaway (Mrs Joseph Alexander) Clarkesville 

53116 Erwin, Phoebe F. Morrall (Mrs Peter A.).. 181 W. Peachtree st, 


68669 Estes, LilHan (Miss) 414 College st, Macon 

68668 Estes, Nannie Jones (Mrs Claud)...., 414 College st, Macon 

60843 Estill, Eugenia (Miss) 28 E. Boulevard, Atlanta 

44215 Estill, Maud Hill (Mrs John Holbrook) Savannah 

61807 Estill, Susan Ellen (Miss) 28 E. Boulevard, Atlanta 

50240 Etheridge. Eugenia Munnerlyn (Mrs Jamies Allen) . .(Allege st, Macon 

50640 Evans, Annie Nelson (Mrs Robert R.) 222 Capitol av, Atlanta 


81791 Evans, Daisy Warthen (Mrs George Clinton) Sandersville 

66508 Evans, Emily Virginia Irwin (Mrs Beverly Daniel).. 330 W. Peach- 

81792 Evans, Mamie Warthen (Mrs Albert Louis) Sandersville 

83727 Evans, Sarah Lee Avary (Miss) 167 Capitol av, Atlanta 

41737 Eve, Mary Lois Sibley (Mrs Oswell R.) 444 Greene st, Augusta 

47055 Everett, Mary Catherine Gillette (Mrs Willis Mead). .6 Gillette st, 


64535 Faber, Francis Peabody (Mrs Edward S.) Wynnton, Columbus 

66953 Fagan, Carrie Pou (Mrs William Richard) Madison 

87080 Fannin, Julia Ferrell (Miss) 732 E. Henry st, Savannah 

51171 Farie, Mary Harris Turner (Mrs James, Jr.) 202 31st st, E., Savannah 
27507 Farish, Helen Slade (Mrs Robert Edward) . . 1319 4th av, Columbus 

85996 Farmer, Gene Covin (Mrs Edward Kyle) Fitzgerald 

78277 Farmer, Maymie Jarnagin (Mrs CliflFord C.) Warrenton 

81534 Farrar, Marie Louise Du Pont (Mrs Frederick P.)., 834 Broad st, 


42186 Faver, Kate (Miss) Newnan 

79417 Feagin, Janette Wright (Mrs Robert Douglas).. 210 Pierce av, 

52479 Felton, Hattie Cleveland (Mrs Augustus C.> Jr.).. 221 College st, 

38424 Felton, Mary Virginia Crocker (Mrs Wm. Hamilton) Mar- 

82812 Ferguson, Frances Williams (Mrs David) Liberty st, 


71454 Fessenden, Mamie Burton (Mrs N. A.) Toccoa 

10407 Field, Minnie Adelle (Miss) 16 Baltimore Block, Atlanta 

35749 Fisher, Catherine Houston (Mrs Otto) 309 Broad st, Augusta 

42187 Fisher, Corille Hardaway (Mrs) Newnan 

47551 Fisher, Lulie Miller (Mrs Harry C.) Newnan 

72144 Fite, Flora Conyers (Mrs Augustus Warren) Cartersville 

71739 Fite, Flora Conyers (Miss) Cartersville 

72314 Fite, Margaret Johnson (Mrs William Conyers) Cartersville 

75798 Fitzpatrick, Kittie Reid (Mrs Charles Marion) Madison 

9013 Fitzsimons, Lena (Mrs Edward. M.) East Lake 

40766 Fleming, Jane P. (Mrs) 476 N. Jackson st, Atlanta 

56165 Fleming, Lila Twiggs (Mrs Francis Edward) Summerville. 


19108 Flewellen, Sarah Porter Shepherd (Mrs Abner Chapman) . .Co- 

2897 Floumoy, Minnie Long (Mrs T. MoflFett) Columbus 

86484 Flowers, Leila Edmonson (Mrs) Jakin 

86485 Flowers, Lillic Edmonson (Mrs) Jakin 

36129 Floyd, Filiola Nisbet (Mrs James Boog) Savannah 

61806 Ford, Emma Ruth Frost (Mrs Adrian C.) Hephzibah 

42797 Ford, Helen Redd (Mrs Hamlin W.) Columbus 

49864 Forster, Ethel T. Fisher (Mrs F. E.) Apt. 6, Linden Court, 


75167 Fort. Fanny Keith (Mrs Iva Ellis) 570 Spring st. Atlanta 

23718 Foster, Annie Adair (Mrs William Edward).. 441 W. Peters st, 


58700 Foster, Sarah Bull (Mrs Alexander H.) Covington 

36117 Foster, Sophie Leo Jackson (Mrs Sheppard Walter) 711 

Peachtree st, Atlanta 

33246 Fox, Ellen Elizabeth (Miss) 208 W. Clarke st, Milledgeville 

37223 Francis. Indiana Walton (Mrs) Hephzibah 

34548 Franklin, Helen Rogers (Mrs Herbert Mitchell) Tennille 

66106 Frazier, Anna Clarke (Mrs J. D.) 342 Gordon st, Atlanta 

30661 Frederick, Ellen Heath Cooper (Mrs Francis Marion) Wynnton, 


224 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

41745 Frederick, Lacie Lavinia Harrison (Mrs Peter Rowe) Mar- 


43867 Frederick, Mary E. King (Mrs Donald B.) Marshallville 

55126 Frederick, Minnie Field Booton (Mrs Felder J.) Marshallville 

72104 Freeman, Gallic Goodwyne (Mrs David B.) Gartersville 

80621 Freeman, Jessie Tlirash (Mrs Benjamin Rosser) Greenville 

60823 French, Alexinc Searight (Mrs Thompson B.)..140 Juniper st, 


65507 Fricker, Mary Gharlton (Mrs Charles Atwcll) Vmericus 

86534 Frierson, Nettie Ward (Miss) Butler 

61805 Frost, Louise Miller (Mrs U. B.) Hephzibah 

40237 Furman, Emma le Coute (Mrs) Milledgeville 

40599 Gaines, Frances Elizabeth (Mrs Frederick Frelinghuysen) . .211 Hall 

st, E., Savannah 

36142 Gairdner, Lavonia (Mrs Henry Hollock) Elberton 

32004 Gale, Joseph Le Roy Griffin (Mrs Frank Pearce) 28 Currier st, 

26391 Gardner, Elizabeth McLaws (Mrs William Sanford) . .321 Greene st, 

3265 Gardner, Martha Goodwin S. Jordan (Mrs James) .. Wrightsboro rd, 


32816 Gardner, Susan Brockenbrough (Mrs Joseph M.) Decatur 

64533 Garmany, Margaret Hull (Mrs George Larcombe) . . 13 Duffy st, E., 


34532 Garner, Martha H. Boyd (Mrs J. H.) 857 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

1578 Garrett, Margaret Alice Houston (Mrs William Armstead) 342 

Broad st, Augusta 

21457 Garrett, Mary Adella Harris (Mrs W. T.) Griffin 

25144 Gately, Fannie Lamar Rankin (Mrs Charles L.)..950 Peachtree st, 


82426 Gaulden, Tillie McCall (Mrs Samuel Screven) Quitman 

71456 Gause, Sarah Louisa Roberts (Mrs Joseph Gouder)..41 W. Baker st, 

56161 Gay, Eloise Gaston (Mrs Thomas Boiling). .395 Capitol av, Atlanta 

33228 Gay, Sallie Ewell (Mrs Edward S.) 26 Currier st, Atlanta 

54205 Gaylord, Alice Green (Mrs Robert) 25 Currier st, Atlanta 

85267 Geise, Pearl Foster (Mrs T. C) Dawson 

21453 Gholstin, Mary (Mrs Louis) 176 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

47548 Gibbes, Susan Gatllard Thompson (Mrs Robert M.)..12 N. Liberty 

st. Savannah 

65132 Gibson, Emma Murray (Mrs Wm. C.) Woodlawn av. Augusta 

65785 Gibson, Grace Lee (Mrs John Ellis) Quitman 

85740 Gilbert, Corinne Mann (Mrs Charles Edmund) Perry 

72100 Gillespie, Mary Muse (Mrs J. W.) 509 Jackson st, Albany 

75027 Gilreath, Lizzie Bell Cobb (Mrs Robert Gaillard) Gartersville 

71731 Gilreath, Serena Dillard (Miss) Gartersville 

71730 Gilreath, Serena Munford (Mrs George Holton) Gartersville 

41200 Ginn, Elizabeth Winship Lovejoy (Mrs Everett Wilson)., 28 Carne- 
gie pi, Atlanta 

65136 Glanton, Cordelia Virginia (Miss) Covington 

84759 Glenn, Qara Warthen (Mrs R. M. N.) Lafayette 

47056 Glover, Aimee La Roche (Mrs John Wilder) Marietta 

78094 Glover, Alice Turner (Mrs James Asa) 305 5th av, Rome 

47057 Glover, Annie E. Brumby (Mrs James Bolan) 503 Whitlock av. 


75182 Glover, Augusta (Miss) Monticello 

75183 Glover, Elizabeth (Miss) Monticello 

47058 Glover, Fannie Wallace (Miss) 503 Whitlock av, Marietta 

13048 Godfrey, Agnes Hamilton (Miss) Madison 

28910 Godfrey, Caroline Hardee (Mrs P. W.) Covington 

67513 Golden, Ida Eugenia Blan (Mrs J. P.) 1247 3d av, Columbus 

80607 Golden, Mary Ella Pomeroy (Mrs George Robert) ... .1515 2d av, 



36928 Goldman, Jeannette M. (Mrs Henry J.) Fort Oglethorpe 

53120 Goodall, Jessie Louise (Miss) 554 Orange st, Macon 

84749 Goode, Julia Elizabeth (Miss) 17 E. Pine st, Atlanta 

60251 Goodwin, Belle McGehee (Mrs Chas. J.) Marshallville 

22618 Goodwyne, Cornelia Vona (Mrs) 132 S. Pryor st, Atlanta 

1005 Gordon, Eleanor Kinzie (Mrs William Washington 4 Oglethorpe 

av, E., Savannah 
1222 Gordon, Frances Rebecca Haralson (Mrs John B.) . .467 W. Peach- 
tree st, Atlanta 

2892 Gordon, Rosa Cook (Mrs Frederick Barrett) 1217 5th av, 


69458 Gorin, Lucy Wilson (Mrs James Wilson) 247 Bull st. Savannah 

49373 Goss, Apes Clifton (Miss) 229 Hancock av, Athens 

54200 Goss, Virginia Cary (Mrs L Hamilton) 229 Hancock av, Athens 

49022 Grace, Ruby Jones (Mrs Walter J.) 423 Forsythe st, Vineville, 


32421 Grady, Mamey Felton Hatcher Clarke (Mrs O. M.) Macon 

30681 Graham, Augusta Strong (Mrs John Marion) 204 Forest av. 


56900 Graham, Carrie Robinson (Mrs) Bainbridge 

76845 Granger, Gertrude (Mrs Harvey) Savannah 

13956 Grant, Annie Inman (Mrs John William) . .423 Peachtree st, Atlanta 
4948 Grant, Sarah Frances Reid (Mrs William Daniel).. 427 Peachtree 

st, Atlanta 

76973 Graves, Mabel Helmer (Mrs H. E.) 230 Stewart av, Atlanta 

13^54 Graves, Rebecca Sproull (Mrs William Lea) Rome 

13957 Gray, May Inman (Mrs James Richard) Peachtree rd, Atlanta 

61811 Green, Annie Anderson (Mrs Myles Claude) Fort Valley 

9512 Green, Metta Andrews (Mrs Theodorick M.)..Main st, Washington 

81786 Greene, Emma Gaskin (Mrs C. J.) Shellman 

72316 Greene, Lillian Andrews (Miss) Cartersville 

72315 Greene, Marion Buford (Mrs Joel Garnette) Cartersville 

33682 Greenfield, Jewel Favor (Mrs Joseph Cholmondely). .Inman Park, 

61812 Gress, Annie Greene (Mrs Thomas R.) Fort Valley 

19106 Griffin, Eula Whatley (Mrs David) 711 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

37547 Griffin, Mary C. (Mrs) Blaine 

60246 Griffith, Ella Abigail (Miss) Palmetto 

86342 Griggs, Augusta (Miss) Dawson 

72798 Griggs, Sallie Crawford (Mrs Ernest L.) Dearing st, Athens 

61803 Groover, Frances Cone Norton (Mrs Gordon Lewis) ..106 37th st, E., 


17935 Groves, Mary Bumey Jordan (Mrs) Monticello 

1950 Gude, Mary Denny Boggs (Mrs Albert Valentine). .35 W. North av, 


56177 Guerry, Fannie Davenport (Mrs Dupont) Macon 

84756 Gunnells, Rushie Geise (Mrs C. W.) Geise st, Bronwood 

86543 Gurr, Susie B. (Mrs T. E.) Dawson 

65021 Habersham, Eliza Ann (Ella) (Miss) 512 Walnut st, Macon 

45674 Habersham, Emily Miller (Mrs Edward Matthews). .128 Taylor st, 

W, Savannah 

84760 Hackney, Mamie (Miss) Lafayette 

84761 Hackney, Sarah (Miss) Lafayette 

70284 Hafcr, Annie Cornelia (Miss) Fort Valley 

5141 Hagan, Sarah Kitchen Miller Emery (Mrs Oliver).. c/o Mrs. Frank 

H. Miller. Augusta 

52484 Hall, Arabella Slappey (Mrs Roland B.)..10O3 Walnut st, Macon 

75793 Hall. Mamie Leonard (Mrs Mansfield Pliny) Macon 

12570 Halliday, Mary Caroline (Miss) Griffin 

66513 Ham, Elizabeth Lyon (Mrs William Hale) Waycross 

69810 Hamburger, Rebecca Flournoy (Mrs George Swift) Columbus 

32424 Hamilton, Martha Harper (Mrs David Emanuel Blount) Rome 

226 DIRECTORV, D. A. R. 

36628 Hammack, Cora Bell (Mrs William Franklin) ..187 Alexander st^ 

67379 Hammer, Mary Ogle Winchester (Mrs McGarland). .63 Arlington 

pi, Macon 
32006 Hammond, Laura Rawson (Mrs William Robinson) Mendenhall 

Apts, Atlanta 
86531 Hancock, Virginia Kerfoot Bowen (Mrs William Leonard) 162 

Ponce de Leon av, Atlanta 
56166 Hankinson, Bennie Smythe (Mrs J. Le Roy) 928 Reynolds st, 


38805 Hannan, Rosa (Mrs James) 201 6th av, Rome 

69471 Harbour, Carrie Ross (Mrs P. Butler) 207 E. 4th st, Rome 

39893 Hardaway, Isora Burch (Mrs Robert Henry) Newman 

53114 Hardaway, Rebecca Money (Mrs Benjamin Hurt) 1506 3d av, 


39893 Hardaway, Isora Burch (Mrs Robert Henry) Newnan 

56902 Hardeman, Elle Goode (Mrs) 95 Forrest av, Atlanta 

54206 Harden, Ella Clare (Miss) 88 Granger st, Atlanta 

12568 Harden, Mary Eliza Davenport (Mrs William) . .226 President st, W., 


35182 Hardin, Helen Harmon (Miss) Peachtree rd, 15th st, Atlanta 

20692 Hardin, Katherine Gramling (Mrs Edwin Arnold).. 421 Peachtree 

st, Atlanta 

59690 Hardin, Lillian May (Mrs J. Robert) Edgewood av, Atlanta 

30650 Hardin, Virginia Cloud (Miss) 857 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

66516 Harland, Rachael Banks Caldwell (Mrs) Waycross 

19in Harless, Julia Inez Matson (Mrs Alvah E.)..264 Ponce de Leon av, 


31195 Harley, Mary Winn Blackshear (Mrs Paul Norwood) Waycross 

59689 Harper, Cordelia Glanton (Mrs William Courtney ).. 136 W. Peach- 
tree st, Atlanta 
33257 Harper, Eugenia Long (Mrs Alexander Omer) . . Dewyrose, Elberton 
60247 Harralson, Jessie Eugenia McCool (Mrs Henry La Fayette). .East 

Point rd, Atlanta 
32420 Harris, Adah Evans Austin (Mrs H. F.)....217 W. Peachtree st, 


41746 Harris, Annie Catherine Wade (Mrs George T.) Fort Valley 

2872 Harris, Ethel Hillyer (Mrs) 310 3d av, Rome 

«5271 Harris, Ida Phillips (Mrs J. Howard) Fitzgerald 

18356 Harris, Julia Florida Collier (Mrs Julian).. 366 Gordon st, Atlanta 
.•81546 Harris, Mattie Tarbutton (Mrs Daniel Churchwell) . . ..Sandersville 

19716 Harris, Sarah Dick (Mrs Clem R.) 453 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

-80614 Harrison, Anna Kirkland (Mrs) 522 N. bd, Atlanta 

.39490 Harrison, Eliza Lavinia (Mrs John Reeves) Marshallvillc 

;35214 Harrison, Mary Fontaine (Mrs William Pope) Columbus 

35200 Harrison, Mary Middleton (Mrs Nathaniel Broadnax) . .Savannah 
2886 Harrison. Sallie Marshall Martin (Mrs Joseph Sturgis) ..112 14th st, 


84203 Harrold, Allene Walker (Mrs Frank) Americus 

66047 Harrold, Ellen Louise Chase (Mrs Edward Bullock).. 93 Arlington 

pi, Macon ^ * .,, ^ 

47549 Hart, Estelle Harris (Mrs Edgar Clyde) 102 W. Peachtree st. 

Atlanta .. , v *, 

32422 Hatcher, Hamilton Felton (Mrs Marshall James) Macon 

34543 ^Hatcher, Kathleen Ayer (Mrs George) ......•■ • • : • • -Macon 

15349 Hatcher, Lucy M. Wright (Mrs Reginald W. )........ Milledg^illc 

63431 Hatcher, Margaret Plant (Mrs M. Felton) . ...Vmeville av, Macon 

28387 Hatcher, Susie Morris Madden (Mrs Samuel B.) 1516 2d av, 

Columbus _^ ^^^ ^ , m, 

55602 Hatcher, Susie Rumph (Mrs Albert S.) 244 Forsyth st, Macon 

67516 Hawes, Julia Cade (Mrs Albert S.) ^^^.^^J" 

2519 Hayes, Julia Wilkins (Mrs William A.).. 541 Peachtree st, Atlanta 
69477 Hayes, Rachael Edna Tappan (Mrs W. B.)..156 Forrest av, Atlanta 


4082 Haynes, Louisa M. (Mrs B. L.) Rome 

42181 Hays, Louise Frederick (Mrs James Elijah) Montezuma 

J4S37 Hazelhurst, Louise Du Bose (Mrs Robert C.) Macon 

66509 Healey, Ada Moore (Mrs William T.) 89 Ivy st, Atlanta 

60248 Hellams, Kate Shubrick (Mrs William S.) Washington 

62916 Helmer, Adell J. Gill (Mrs) 11 Arthur st. Atlanta 

62917 Helmer, Lillian M. (Miss) 11 Arthur st, Atlanta 

45260 Hemphill, Mary E. Taylor (Mrs Robert) 310 College st, Macon 

67944 Henderson, Grace Erwin (Mrs John Cowart) 415 Piedmont av, 


87362 Henderson, Grace Pittman (Mrs C. K.) Lafayette 

75172 Henderson, Gussie Lee (Miss) 515 E. 3d st, Rome 

60829 Henry, Evelyn Cleghorn Dimock (Mrs W. M.)....E. 3d st, Rome 
45679 Heuer, Annie Eliza Griggs (Mrs Augustus William) 4th av, Columbus 

20213 Hey ward, Marion S. Speer (Mrs Andrew H., Jr.) Macon 

81787 Hicks, Lucia Hemdon (Miss) Cartersville 

28057 Hicks, Susan M. (Mrs Louis H.) 728 Candier Bldg, Atlanta 

59163 Hiers, Elizabeth Maxwell (Mrs J. Lawton) 8 Liberty st, East 

18358 High, Haltie Wilson (Mrs Joseph Madison) 528 Peachtree st, 


84968 Hightower, Elizabeth Leonard (Mrs William Capers) Thomaston 

84989 Hightower, Mattie Lou Harrison (Mrs Robert Edgar) . .Thomaston 

47047 Hill, Annie Laura (Miss) 264 Jackson st, Atlanta 

9513 Hill, Claudia Henderson (Mrs Edward Young) ..Main st, Washington 
75163 Hill, Daisie Dean (Mrs Wilberford Daniel) ... .Telfair st, Augusta 

80622 Hill, Eliza Pope (Miss) Greenville 

72105 Hill, Frances Lewis (Mrs James Jackson) Cartersville 

14511 Hill, Minnetta Packard (Mrs Charles Homer) . .The Hebert, Courtland 

st A.t]Anf3. 

76465 Hillyer, Lela Hansell (Mrs L. P.) Macon 

2873 Hillyer, Mabel Field (Miss) Rome 

82925 Hillyer, Mary Jones (Mrs William Hurd).. Seven Gables, Prado 
Drive, Ansley Park, Atlanta 
4858 Hines, C^ora Lawson McBride (Mrs James K.)..862 Peachtree st, 

38425 Hines, Hannah Shackelford (Miss) 247 High st, Macon 

34080 Hines, Lucy Belle (Miss) Peachtree st, Atlanta 

40230 Hinton, Armontine Sanders (Mrs Hugh Price) .... Prince av, Athens 

65786 Hitch, Eleanor Eunice (Miss) Quitman 

4W74 Hodgson, Florence Frances C. (Miss) 322 Prince av, Athens 

64873 Hodgson, India Florence Coker (Mrs George Tyndall) . .332 Prince 
av, Athens 

36133 Hodnett, Alice Catherine (Miss) 1441 2d av, Columbus 

52486 Hogan, Minnie Elizabeth (Mrs John L.) College Park 

79780 Hoke, Kate Felder (Mrs John Zimmerman) Athens 

81233 Holden, Mary Corry (Mrs Horace M.) 7 Crescent av, Atlanta 

51172 Holland, Annie F. Shuler (Mrs M. J.) Marshallville 

67952 Holland, Lula T. Wofford (Mrs Thomas Harris) Madison 

85997 Holleman, Jessie Martin Lockhart (Mrs Irvin H.) Lafayette 

53117 HoUenbeck, Ethel Brown (Mrs J. G.) 3 Wilelmo Flats, Atlanta 

84415 Holliday, Ella Collins (Mrs William Zellars) .. South Prado, Ansley 
Park, Atlanta 

30682 Holmes, Addie Marsh Allgood (Mrs J. B. S.) Valdosta 

47060 Holmes, Margaret G. (Mrs James E.)..lll Cleveland st, Marietta 
28379 Holmes. Pearl Louise Lewis (Mrs John C.)..Cor. Forsyth & Prog- 
ress sts. Macon 

36130 Holt, Annie Young (Mrs Charles C.) 115 Culver st, Macon 

67509 Holt, Constance (Miss) 240 Taylor st, Americus 

54679 Holt, Ida L. (Miss) 421 Orange st, Macon 

37607 Holt, Laura Wells (Mrs Abner Flewellen) Vineville, Macon 

85272 Holtzendorf, Byrtha B. (Mrs Chesleigh A.). Cor. Main & Pine sts, 

228 DIRECTORY, D, A. R. 

69474 Hooks, Mary Sue Solomon (Mrs William Walter) Montezumai 

43853 Hope, Katie White (Mrs George Melville) 230 Ivy st, Atlanta. 

;iV^l Hopkins, M. Lula (Mrs R. R.) 711 Union st, Brunswick 

5?"!^? S°PP^' ^^^ ^- (^" Daniel) 145 Bull st, Savannah 

32401 Hornady, Annie (Miss) 65 E. Linden st, Atlanta* 

32402 Hornady, Laura Nina (Miss) 65 E. Linden st, Atlanta 

35188 Hornady, Mary Crawford (Miss) Dawson 

48381 Home, Carrie Budlong (Mrs Julius Adrian) .... 101 N. Jefferson st, 


71090 Horton, Em Mae Tate (Mrs John A.) Elberton 

61813 Houser, Allie Black (Miss) 1444 Emerson st. Fort Vallev 

67945 Houston, Marie (Miss) 536 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta^ 

72488 Howard, Mary Barton (Mrs Horace Woodward) Cartersville 

84750 Howell, Annie Davidson (Mrs William S.) Greenville 

75190 Howell, Stella Ray (Mrs William S.) Moultrie 

56898 Howser, Emily Greene (Mrs Franklin C.) 378 Orange st, Macon 

75173 Hoyt, Bertha Clemmons (Mrs Wade C.) 212 E. 3d st, Rome 

40233 Hughes, Anna Delzell (Mrs Dudley) Macon 

34071 Hughes, Carrie Ledbetter (Mrs John Washington).. 85 E. North av,. 


27513 Hull, Sallie Saunders Cowan (Mrs Alexander Blue) Savannah 

56190 Hume, Harriet Perkins (Mrs William) 6th av, Rome 

33232 Hunincutt, Olivia Greenleaf (Mrs Joseph Edgar).. 305 Luckie st,,. 


42188 Hunter, Rebecca S. Burch (Mrs John Alfred) Newnan 

86542 Hunton, Leila Emeline (Miss) Demorest 

38048 Hurt, Willie Martin (Mrs George F.) 173 Juniper st, Atlanta 

56170 Hutcherson, Fannie Teasley (Mrs Thomas) Canton 

21445 Hutchins, Addie Davis (Mrs Miller Bone) 15th st, Atlanta 

77460 Hutchinson, Chloe Smith (Mrs Thomas A.) Monticello* 

62913 Hutchinson, Gertrude Home (Mrs John W.) Milledgeville 

81114 Hutchinson, Mary Tharp (Mrs) 238 N. Church st, Athens 

14509 Inman, Jennie (Miss) 552 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

37600 Inman, Louise Reese (Mrs Frank Martin) . .1060 Peachtree st Atlanta 

9529 Inman, Mildred McPheeters (Mrs Samuel M.)..552 Peachtree st, 


78992 Irby, Pauline Hope (Mrs Christopher Pegues)..230 Ivy st, Atlanta- 

9509 Irvin, Mary Bain Brewer (Mrs Beniamin S.)-Main st, Washington 

81539 Irwin, Fannie Lou (Mrs Christopher Findlay) Sandersville- 

51729 Irwin, Helena Hawes T. (Mrs George Beverly) Marietta 

81540 Irwin, Mary Stevens (Miss) Sandersvillc 

84325 Ivey, Eleanor Waddell ( Mrs) Dawson' 

40769 Izlar, Frances Wright (Mrs R. P.) Waycross 

72101 Jackson, Irene Tift Woolfolk (Mrs Edmund F.)....313 Tift st, 


81788 Jackson, Lydia Avis (Miss) Cartersville- 

613 Jackson, Salley Addison (Mrs Henry).. 893 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

14660 Jackson, Virginia L. Hardwick (Mrs John K.) Augusta 

44865 Jacobs, Lillian Johnstoiv (Mrs Stonewall Robert).. 227 Ponce de 

Leon av, Atlanta 

29246 James, Susie W. Adams (Mrs Webster) Pittsburg 

86540 Janes, Sallie Saville (Mrs William A.) Dawson- 

11996 Jaques, Eleanor Hartley Hall (Mrs Samuel R.) Macon 

34551 Jarnagin. Erskine Richmond (Mrs W. C.)..157 Juniper st, Atlanta 

49020 Jaudon. Sara Louise Arnold (Mrs Harry Scudder) Decatur 

1229 Jefferies, Hattie Gould CMrs Richard S.)..319 Broad st, Augusta 

55595 Jelks, Lena Paine (Mrs Thomas Mosely) Macon 

62916 Jenkins, Clara C. Carr (Mrs) Covington 

72096 Jennings, Josephine E. (Mrs) 501 N. Boulevard, Atlanta^ 

87282 Jette, Josephine Louise (Miss) 201 37th st, W., Savannah 

75797 Johnson. Addie Kate Morton (Mrs F. Holmes) Gray 

53118 Johnson, Anne Miillings (Mrs Sidney K.)..16 W. Peachtree st,. 




26393 Johnson, Bettilu Mountcastle (Mrs John Thomas) .. 1441 2d av, 


78387 Johnson, Ethel Baldwin (Mrs Albert N.) ' Marshallville 

35205 Johnson, Georgia Heard (Mrs J. E.) Elberton 

43471 Johnson, Mary Leander (Mrs Cornelius H.) 660 Piedmont av, 


75184 Johnson, Mary Smith (Mrs Greene Flournoy) Monticello 

77038 Johnston, Ella Carlton (Mrs Hal La Fayette) Palmetto 

84173 Johnston, Helen Love (Miss) College Park 

3322 Johnston, Martha Fannin (Mrs Joseph Marshall) Macon 

87082 Jones, Alma Roberts (Mrs Almonte Epes) 412 S. Grant st, 


47556 Jones, Alma Slappey (Mrs Jeremiah Leonard) Marshallville 

.73903 Jones, Caroline Louise Garner (Mrs Felton) Cartersville 

39874 Jones, Edna E. Avery (Mrs Lamar).. 920 Peachtree st, Atlanta 
85938 Jones, Ethel Louise (Miss) 339 Hardeman av, Macon 

71732 Jones, Elinor Roberta (Miss) Cartersville 

37601 Jones, Elizabeth Harrison (Mrs Samuel D.)..900 Peachtree st, 

36711 Jones, Frances Everett (Mrs William 0.)..58 E. 15th st, Atlanta 

71733 Jones, Julia Gilbert (Miss) Cartersville* 

87361 Jones, Leonora Ellen (Mrs S. J.) 530 Broad st, Albany 

38418 Jones, Lula Harrison (Mrs Boiling Henry) ... .1171 Peachtree st, 


48382 Jones, Mary Gardner (Mrs William O.) Elberton 

33234 Jones, Maude Brantley Allgood (Mrs John Ashley).. 201 Peachtree 

st, Atlanta 

71729 Jones, Maybelle Griffin (Miss) Cartersville 

36143 Jones, Nora (Miss) Elberton 

14767 Jones, Rebecca (Miss) Eatonton 

75567 Jones, Sallie Fannie Griffin (Mrs Toombs Reneau) .. Cartersville 

38962 Jones, Sallie Maude (Miss) High Shoals 

81891 Jones, Stella Benton (Mrs Harry Hill).. 214 Greene st, Augusta 
30693 Jones, Stella Susan (Miss) Bambridge 

67496 Jones, Susan G. Baker (Mrs Robert Harrison) ..14 E. 14th st, Atlanta 
52480 Jordan, Capers Benton (Mrs Charles Dillon) Monticello 

-32007 Jordan, Charlotte M. Morris (Mrs Welby Cornelius) 369 Pied- 
mont av, Atlanta 

75185 Jordan, Ruth (Miss) Monticello 

75573 Jordan, Sarah Capal (Miss) Monticello 

33247 Joseph, Mary Fox (Mrs Adolph) 208 N. Clark st, Milledgeville 

66518 Juhan, Louise Moultrie (Mrs) 1357 Oglethorpe st, Macon 

8719 Karow, Anna Belle (Mrs Edward W.) 318 Gwinnett st, Savannah 

68461 Keith, Anna Bella (Miss) Covington 

44213 Kclley, Nannie Brookes (Mrs Augustus) 512 Habersham st, 

W n vr 'I n fl O 11 

37X77 Kellogg, Loubelle Kniffen (Mrs W. C.) 316 Mcintosh st, 


6082 Kemme, Hattie Chase (Mrs H. B.) Main st, Washington 

33687 Kendrick, Ada Smith (Mrs) : Hartwell 

67497 Kennedy, Byrdie Blanch (Mrs Edwin Davis).. 298 Ponce de Leon av, 

66950 Kennon, Margaret Marshall (Mrs William A.).. 1706 Gloucester st, 

63988 Key, Sarah Mcintosh Norwood (Mrs Daniel Webster) . .Washington 

32022 Kincaid. Alice Phelps (Mrs W. J.) Griffin 

19717 King, Alice M. (Mrs Alexander Campbell) ..894 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

27221 King, Augusta Clayton (Mrs William) 480 Courtland st, Atlanta 

66173 King, Belle Hill (Mrs Anson Lewis) Washington 

414 King, Carrie E. R. (Mrs Porter) 894 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

797^ King, Clara Belle Rushton (Mrs Clyde Lanier).. 274 Ponce de Leon 

av, Atlanta 

230 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

78090 King, Ida Simmons (Mrs George Edward) 689 Edgewood av^ 


71728 Kingsbery, Lula L. (Miss) College Park, Atlanta 

40241 Kirby, Ina (Miss) Newnan 

66510 Kirk, Emma Foote (Mrs Elmer R.) 119 E. Pine st, Atlanta 

85256 Kirk, Hazel (Miss) 119 E. Pine st, Atlanta 

21447 Kiser, Lucy Peel (Mrs William Henry) 355 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

17936 Kline, Mary O. (Mrs William R.) Moultrie 

72310 Knight, Susan Fatio Daniel (Mrs Arthur Merrill) Waycross 

85266 Knowles, Mary Roberta Walter (Mrs William Addison) Rome 

64872 Koch, Elzie Brandt (Mrs John Christian) 170 Grady av, Athens 

6343 Kontz, Elizabeth Thornton (Mrs Ernest) 4 Kimball st, Atlanta 

65133 Krauss, Minnie Harwell Parker (Mrs Daniel W.)..1300 Union st, 

1859 Krug, Lilly McDowell (Mrs Arthur G.) 9 Peachtree pi, Atlanta 

40232 Lake, Mary Burr (Mrs Frank) 250 Ponce de Leon av, Atlanta 

22619 Lamar, Ethel Toy (Mrs William) Kimball House, Atlanta 

39495 Lamar, Julia Searcy ( Mrs Jack) Macon 

68768 Lamar, Sallie Walker (Mrs Orfila Voisian) . .1309 26 av, Columbus 

71726 Lambdin, Annie Smith (Mrs William Wallace) Waycross 

50242 Lambert, Ann Pinney (Mrs Charles Graham) 703 Piedmont av, 


83092 Lambert, Cora (Miss) Clarkesville 

48374 Lamkin, Lizzie Stovall (Mrs Robert Williams) ..Jefferson rd, Athens 

58696 Lane, Annie M. (Miss) ..Washington 

82431 Lang, Sallie M. Rodgers (Mrs Samuel (joodrum) Sandersville 

86547 Lang, Theodosia Strange ( Miss) Sandersville 

33685 Langston, Georgia Elinor Sennett (Mrs (Harcnce Adrian) . .92 Court- 
land av, Atlanta 

58627 Langston, Lewise B. Beach (Mrs Porter) Atlanta 

61798 Lanier, Minnie Woodward (Mrs J. D.) Macon 

75166 Laramore, Lucinda Florida Stephens (Mrs William P.) . .Cartersville 

2891 Lary, Mary Clayton (Mrs Samuel D.) 21 W. 11th st, Columbus 

68464 Lastinger, Mattie Williams (Mrs) 1111 N. Patterson st. Valdosta 

9523 Latimer, Adaline Comer (Mrs Joel Wright) Washington 

40726 Lawrence, Elizabeth Bradenbaugh (Mrs Samuel) Marietta 

56174 Lawrence, Mary Susan Barksdale (Mrs Seaborn) Mflledgeville 

72317 Lawson, Rabun Bass (Mrs Hal) Abbeville 

57720 Leavens, Helen Belle (Miss) East Point 

77779 Le Conte, Emma Kinman (Mrs James A.) 155 Geburne av, Atlanta 

30683 Le Conte, Lillian E. King (Mrs Joseph Nisbet)..925 Peachtree st. 

81752 Lee, Emma Eufaula Ledbetter (Mrs James Wideman) Gordon st„ 


47049 Lee, Minnie Rumph (Mrs Richard Octavius) Waycross 

75487 Lee, Selene Porcher (Mrs Hentson) 10 13th st. Atlanta 

63432 Leitner, Janet Slade (Mrs John H.).. Academy for the Blind. Macon 

78092 Lester, Emma Frederick (Mrs William E.) Marshallville 

68462 Lester, Estelle Rush (Mrs Richard P.) Covington 

49859 Letford, Sarah Stewart (Miss) Waycross 

75574 Leverett, Bradley Word (Mrs B. B.) Monticello 

80615 Leverett, Fannie Lee (Miss) Eatonton 

56171 Lewis, Florence Harris (Mrs James F.) Thomaston 

76464 Lewis, Mamie R. (Miss) Montezuma 

72318 Lewis, Mildred (Miss) Cartersville 

69475 Lewis, Pauline (Miss) Montezuma 

68463 Lewis, Susan Solan (Miss) Covington 

39884 Lewman, Idolene Edwards (Mrs Lee) 523 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

75795 Ligon, Nancy Rabb (Miss) R. F. D. 2, Stilesboro 

75792 Lindsey, Ethel Callaway (Mrs J. T.) Washington 

35750 Lipscomb, Mary Ann (Mrs) Milledge av, Athens 

33166 Little, Cora H. Stoddard (Mrs A. A.) 320 North bd, Atlanta 

48376 Little, Emma Walker Pendleton (Mrs Robert C)..109 Forest av. 



65134 Littlejohn, Minnie Hortense Shipp (Mrs Z'era Alphonso) ..Americus 
53627 Littleton, Mary K. Marland (Mrs James Rufus) 626 Broad st, 

73908 Lloyd, Goldie Robinson (Mrs Charles Harris) 172 Forrest av, 


82170 Lockhart, Edith (Miss) Waycross 

35184 Lockhart, Elizabeth Bothwell (Mrs Frederick Tult)..10Ol Greene st, 

23717 Logan, Viola Wilbanks (Mrs James Lafayette) .306 Myrtle st, Atlanta 
58237 Lokey, Rebecca Hamilton Crawford (Mrs Hugh Montgomery) . .76 E. 

14th st, Atlanta 

65784 Long, Martha Agnes Chapman (Mrs) Quitman 

72615 Longino, Morton Campbell (Mrs Thomas) . .60 E. Baker st, Atlanta 

81541 Lontt, Augusta Joyner (Mrs Byrd B., Jr.) Sandersville 

82428 Lopez, Irene Moise (Mrs David Hinton)..738 Piedmont av, Atlanta 

67511 Lott, Willie Candler Norman (Mrs Daniel) Waycross 

65604 Lowe, Emmett Ray (Mrs Ajidrew J.) 384 Peachtrec st, Atlanta 

312S^ Lowe, Frances Lamar (Mrs Lewis David) 273 Lee st, Atlanta 

80609 Lowrey, Alice Glaze (Mrs John Statham) 415 Lee st, Dawson 

66514 Lowrey, Corinne Baldwin (Mrs Matthew McCullough) .. ..Americus 
1171 Lowry, Emma Celestia M. (Mrs Robert James) .. Hotel Majestic, 

49383 Lowry, Mary Battle (Mrs Thomas S.).. Lamar st, Vineville, Macon 

26712 Lumpkin, Myrtle Everett (Mrs Thomas B.) 363 Peachtree st, 


62921 Lunsford, Phronia Perry (Mrs Evans) Covington 

33237 Lyle, Francis Douglas (Mrs Daniel Connally) .. College Park, East 

75164 Lyndon, Lucy Yates Lundie (Mrs Andrew J.) Athens 

26713 Lyndon, Mary (Miss) Jackson st, Athens 

56895 McArthor, Annie Constantine (Mrs John William) ..114 S. Pryor st, 

44204 McCall, Ettic Tidwell (Mrs Howard H.)..301 Ponce de Leon av, 


30671 McCall, Luc>- May (Mrs Eugene) Waycross 

73898 McCall, Nettie Wade (Mrs Robert Camden) Quitman 

66948 McCall, Nonnie Bobo (Miss) Quitman 

79783 McCauley. Janie Russell Gustin (Mrs George Marion). 106 39th st, E., 

62914 McCaw, Hazlehurst Plant (Mrs Wallace Eugene) 575 College st, 


4495 McCaw, Mary Lamar (Mrs James) Macon 

53629 McCollister, Jessie Connor (Mrs Charles Dailey) Cave Spring 

67498 McConnell, Wren Thompson (Mrs T. J.) 25 E. 3d st, Atlanta 

78091 McCrory, Caroline Goodrum (Mrs Isaac C.) College Park 

55116 McCulloch, Carrie Hogun (Mrs Robert Walthour) Marietta 

40775 McCullough, Ada Lowe (Mrs W. T.) 193 Myrtle st, Atlanta 

67946 McCullough, Jennie Lind (Mrs John Milton) 147 Juniper st, 

4508 McDaniel, Anne Henderson (Mrs Saunders) 850 Peachtree st, 


64874 McDonald, Rena Brett (Mrs Luke) Rome 

59165 McElroy, Annie Lee (Mrs Isaac Stuart) 1029 4th av, Columbus 

20223 McGowan, Margaret (jharbonnier (Mrs James F.) 315 Broad st, 


60824 McC^owin, Grace Evelyn (Mrs W. O.) St. Mary's 

67222 McGuirk, Susan (Mrs John) 427 E. Georgia av, Atlanta 

85262 McHenry, Louise Marion (Miss) Madison, Morgan Co. 

76534 McHenry. Zoe Harriotte (Miss) .Madison 

71091 Mclnlire, Sarah L. Sheldon (Mrs James Gilmer) Smyrna 

65787 Mcintosh, Cora Barksdale Lewis (Mrs R. C.) Quitman 

49380 McKenzie, Annie Thrasher (Mrs George M.)..341 W. Peachtree st, 


232 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

56907 McKenzie, Eulah F. Cantrell (Mrs W. M.) . . . .Peachtree rd, Atlanta 

33256 McKenzie, lone Lewis (Mrs William Hill) Montezuma 

42182 McKenzie, Jamie Frederick (Mrs Oscar) Montezmua 

80280 McKinnon, Mary Boston (Mrs L. T.)..1001 Egmont st, Brunswick 

80281 McKinnon, Winnie Oleta (Miss) 1001 Egmont st, Brunswick 

86544 McLain, Fannie Barrow (Mrs William A.) Dawson 

69815 McLaws, Annie H. Norwood (Mrs John) . .404 DuflFy st, E., Savannah 

72800 McLaws, Gertrude Livingston Hobby (Mrs Uldrick Huguenin) 

42576 McManus, Eliza J. Hatch (Mrs Charles S.)..53 Merritts av, Atlanta 

61795 McMaster, Rosa Moore (Mrs H. B.) Waynesboro 

25143 McMichael, Georgia Jenkins (Mrs J. C) 711 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

84420 McKulty, Daisy J. (Mrs F. M.) Dawson 

18363 McNulty, Laura Douglas Browne (Mrs John Owen).. 1419 2d av, 

2212 McWilliams, Augusta Josephine Trammell (Mrs John William) 


75789 Mabry, Amanda Katharine (Miss) Augusta 

38971 MacDonald, Bessie Harper (Mrs Mark G.) Rome 

79399 MacKinnon, Kate L. Powell (Mrs Daniel Baker).. 1510 Gloucester st, 


61789 Mackubin, Catharine (Miss) 266 Ponce de Leon av, Atlanta 

82332 Macon, Alethea Jane (Miss) Union & Prince st, Brunswick 

3269 MacWhorter, Sarah Deborah Adams (Mrs George Gray ) . . Summer- 

ville, Augusta 
86532 Maddox, Ella Elvina Bowen (Mrs Virgil Silvy)..17 Peachtree Circle, 

14765 Maddox, LoUie Baxter (Mrs Robert Foster, Jr.).. 183 Peachtree st, 


35754 Maddox, Ruth (Mrs Dudley) Flowery Branch 

83093 Magruder, Mattie Beall (Miss) .-. . .1122 5th av, Columbus 

37211 Mallard, (ilara Elizabeth Jones (Mrs William Joseph) . .242 Woodward 

av, Atlanta 
65020 Mallard, Marie De Voe (Mrs Francis Hopkins) 1308 Union st, 


69132 Mallory, Eloise Sparks (Mrs John Milton) 425 Bull st, Savannah 

66511 Malone, Claude Vickers (Mrs Stephen Hodge).. 195 Ivv st, Atlanta 

43475 Malone, Sara Tabitha (Miss) ' Griffin 

74711 Manley, Sue Reid Walton (Mrs William Fletcher) .. P. O. Box 198; 


75787 Mansell, Lucy B. (Mrs Robert George) 91 Merritts av, Atlanta 

69459 Manser, Grace Beecher (Mrs Robert Harford) . .Oglethorpe Hotel, 

56888 Marett, Leil Lewis (Mrs Steven Thompson). .239 Ponce de Leon av, 


67221 Markwalter, Caroline Jarnagin (Mrs W. E.) Warrenton 

43474 Marland, Salome Jane (Mrs William) 417 Solomon st. Griffin. 

22269 Marsh, Ella Sherman (Mrs Eben Jones) Waycross 

85264 Marshall, Maud May Miller (Mrs C. B.) Reynolds 

32803 Martin, Annie Robertson (Miss) Sand Hills, Augusta 

85744 Martin, Charlie Boynton (Mrs Charles Cheatham) Dawson 

58698 Martin, Grace L. (Mrs Benjamin Walker) East Point 

2888 Martin, Jane Ellison Ware (Mrs Peter Marshall) 112 14th st, 

49375 Martin, Jane Ligon Mitchell (Mrs William Worth).. 570 Spring st, 


85741 Martin, Margaret Mann (Mrs Edwin) Perry 

78499 Martin, Martha (Miss) 1335 4th av, Columbus 

38049 Martin, Sallie Hill (Mrs E. W.) 169 Ponce de Leon st, Atlanta 

45672 Martin, Sally B. Connally (Mrs Warner) 105 Washington st, 

51773 Martin, Sarah Augusta (Mrs Albert Gallatin). .Cor. Broad & ISth st, 



59164 Martin, Susie Postell (Mrs Charles Cannin) 856 Mulberry st, Macon 

42172 Mason, Bessie Safford (Mrs Edward) Union & London sts, 


60836 Mason, Caroline (Miss) Gilmore st, Wavcross 

19719 Mason. Elizabeth R. Venable (Mrs Frank T.) .... 19 Forest av, Atlanta 

49016 Mason, Minnie Holmes (Mrs Joseph) 151 2d st, Macon 

52485 Massee, Annie Gevcland (Mrs Marion H.) 239 College st, Macon 

59686 Massengale, Mary Crawford (Mrs Theodosius Erwin) Norwood 

•42167 Massey, Katharine B. (Miss) 346 N. bd, Atlanta 

65506 Massey, Louise (Miss) 346 N. bd, Atlanta 

86194 Mathews, Mary Gresham (Miss) Thomaston 

37548 Mathews, Sarah D. (Mrs) Columbus 

73893 Matthews, Lucie Watson (Mrs L. C.) 12 Merritts av, Atlanta 

18164 Matthews, Myrtis Peck (Mrs Charles G.) ... .783 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

28372 Maude, Daisy Dickens Arnold (Mrs Walter) 129 Juniper st, Atlanta 

86345 Meakin, Sophie Strother (Mrs Louis William) 302 Leman st, 


30651 Mecaslin, Blanche Hardin (Mrs John H.) Peachtree rd, Atlanta 

82166 Meek, Mary Fleming (Mrs John Lamar) 252 W. Peachtree st, 


34540 Mell, Belle Witcher (Mrs Edward Baker). .Henderson av, Athens 

12472 Mell, Ellen Lurene (Miss) Hill st, Athens 

64529 Mell, Josephine Davis (Mrs) 113 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

71086 Mellichamp, Annie Pearce (Mrs Joseph Capers) 157 S. Pryor st, 


85268 Melton, Alice (Miss) Dawson 

85269 Melton, Pearl Crawford (Miss) Dawson 

66519 Mercer, Annie Baynard ( Mrs J. F.) Macon 

55601 Merrell, Daisv Lee Hall (Mrs E. G.) 1003 Walnut st, Macon 

775 Milan, Mena Mitchell (Mrs) 389 S. Pryor st, Atlanta 

61801 Miller, Annella Manley (Mrs Jonathan) The Virginia, Newnan 

81536 Miller, Dean Joyner (Mrs R. L.) Waynesboro 

44210 Miller, Genevieve Goldsmith (Mrs James Evans).. 3 Baltimore Block, 

10405 Miller, Joseph Blount (Mrs Carlton H.) 200 W. Peachtree st, 

1224 Miller, Martha Phinizy (Mrs William K.)..711 Telfair st Augusta 

81235 Milligan. Marv J. H. Eckford (Miss) Greenville 

39496 Mills, Euphemia F. Postell (Mrs George J.).. Hall st, E., Savannah 

2210 Mills, Mary Ansley Cope (Mrs Thomas R.) Griffin 

85746 Mingledorff, Harrie Gillespie (Mrs Gozzic Preston) . .401 S. Main st, 


33255 Mitchell, Emma Wharton (Mrs L S.) 43 Trinity av, Atlanta 

64532 Mitchell, Marie L. Holt (Mrs Arthur J.) ... .Majestic Hotel, Atlanta 

32403 Mobley, Jennie Robinson (Miss) 180 Juniper st, Atlanta 

48975 Moise, Mary Gaston (Mrs T. Sidney) 115 E. 3lst st. Savannah 

51760 Moncure, Edith Fairfax (Mrs Jaquelin Ambler).. U. S. Quarantine 

Station, Brunswick 

34541 Monroe, Lucia Berrcin Starnes (Mrs John Fisher) Experiment 

41742 Montgomerv, Marv Taylor (Mrs J. A.) 826 Halifax sq, Brunswick 

37222 Moodv, Mabel Holliday (Mrs John T.)....10 E. 14th st, Atlanta 
49855 Moody, Martha Glenn (Mrs Charles Wilbahr) . .683 Edgewood av, 


23366 Moore, .\nna Virginia (Miss) S«nnd Hills, Augusta 

1237 Moore, Cornelia A. Jackson (Mrs Wilmer) 15 15th st, Atlanta 

4068 Moore, Julia Carter (Mrs St. John) 302 Broad st, Augusta 

61770 Moore, Louise Dowcll (Mrs) 134 Hines av, Macon 

34554 Moore, Mary C. (Miss) The Marborough, Atlanta 

51672 Moore, Mary Norman (Miss) Athens Female College, Athens 

61802 Moore, Percie Yancey (Mrs J. T.) The Virginia, Newnan 

.12806 Moore, Willie Oliver (Mrs S. C) 821 Cherry st. Macon 

67500 Morel. Lucy (Miss) Sylvania 

6486 Morel, Martha Washington (Miss) 46 Kennesaw av. Atlanta 

234 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

67501 Morel, Nellie B. (Miss) Sylvania 

4859 Morgan, Eugenia Hamilton Goode (Mrs Joseph Harris).. 180 Spring 

St, Atlanta 

18360 Morgan, Henrietta (Mrs Cecil) 570 Madison st, Macon 

79778 Morgan, Isla M. Gregory (Mrs Charles A.).. 1032 3d av, (jolumbus 
S0234 Morgan, Pearle Oslx)rne (Mrs John Hunt) 1023 Union st, 

417 Morgan, Sarah Berrien Casey (Mrs Thomas) 816 Drayton st, 

2362 Morgan, Sarah Hyde (Mrs Thomas Henry) 783 Peachtree st, 

66512 Morris, Arthur Missie Herrington (Mrs Lewis Samuel) ..Waynesvile 

85090 Morris, Clare Dean (Mrs John Edward) 412 Lee st, Dawson 

21444 Morris, Margaret Wiley (Mrs Edward John) 33 Ivy st, Atlanta, 


55121 Morton, Emma (Miss) Kimball House, Atlanta 

50648 Moseley, Bculah Shropshire (Mrs Andrew B. S.) E. 1st st, Rome 

84417 Moseley, Hattie Reid (Mrs Sherwood) Greensboro 

72799 Moss, Jane Burns (Miss) Tignall 

72590 Mott, Annie Lucile Battle (Mrs James Randolph) Albany 

67218 Mounger, Frances (Miss) Quitman 

55118 Mower, Lucy Blackshear (Mrs William KoUock) . .14 Delta pi, Atlanta 

43865 Moynelo, Laura P. (Mrs Andres E.) Cor. Bull & Liberty sts,. 


43866 Moynelo, Lola M. (Miss) Cor. Bull & Liberty sts, Savannah 

84990 Mullin, Fannie Harrison (Mrs James) Thomaston 

14975 Mullin, Nancy Coffin (Mrs) 158 Highland av, Atlanta 

71735 Munford, Emma Jones (Mrs Lewis Sims) Cartersville 

82427 Munford, Martha Warren (Mrs Richard D.) Hawkinsville 

78093 Munnerlyn, Eliza Baxter McNulty (Mrs John Paul) Americus 

82425 Munro, Anna Merritt (Mrs (Jeorge Pierce) Buena Vista 

51562 Murphey, Alybel Adams (Mrs) Waycross 

62910 Murphey, Bennie Crawford (Mrs Charles E.) 342 Jackson st„ 


63433 Murphey, Fannie Plant (Mrs H. Clay) High st, Macon 

31194 Murphy, Laura Bass Cook (Mrs Charles E.) Waycross 

34557 Murray, Estelle Fowler (Mrs Thomas A., Jr.).. 293 Ponce de Leon 

av, Atlanta 

20211 Murray, Mary Olive (Mrs Price E.) 188 Juniper st, Atlanta 

65129 Murreil, Mary Savage (Mrs John William) . .Oglethorpe Apts, Atlanta 

50241 Muse, Sally Tucker (Mrs Augustus Wynne) Albany 

3i288 Napier, Alice Osborne (Miss) Millcdgevinc 

51770 Napier, Bessie Reed (Mrs) Macon 

85095 Napier, Mary Louise Patton (Mrs Nathan Campbell) .. Lafayette 
49025 Napier, Viola Felton Ross (Mrs Hcnly Varner) Vineville, 

Napier Heights, Macon 
67950 Neal, Mamie Russell (Mrs William Alfred) 49 E. 14th st, 


51169 Neel, Blanche Hall (Mrs Joseph N.) College st, Macon 

5640 Neely, Lillian Wilkins (Mrs Robert C.) Waynesboro' 

47557 Neil, Hannah Slappey (Mrs John William) 51 Houston st,. 


70743 Neil, Zetella Harris (Mrs Samuel Thomas) Fort Valley 

78993 Nelson, Julia O'Keefe (Mrs) 100 E. Linden st, Atlanta 

58239 Nesbitt, Rebecca Lanier (Mrs Robert Taylor) Marietta 

21939 Newcomb, Elizabeth Scott Cohen (Mrs) Savannah 

71452 Newell, Aurelia Bates (Mrs Henry) Demorest 

8996 Newell, Ellen M. Hillyer (Mrs Alfred).. 160 Cypress st, Atlanta 
12565 Newman, Fanny Alexander (Mrs William T.) 52 Forrest av,. 

81542 Newman, Lula Norton Cole (Mrs Isidor Warren) .... Sandcrsville 
84753 Newton. Josie Varner (Mrs Edward Taylor) Madison 


75030 Niles, Annie Holleman (Mrs George Mc Galium).. Plaza, Hotel, 

61790 Nininger, Mary Fay Mackubin (Mrs Alexander Ramsey) 266 

Ponce de Leon av, Atlanta 
J2404 Nixon, Lua Vaughn (Mrs William M.) 7th & Peachtree sts, 


56069 Noble, Lula Couch (Mrs Frederick Dorset) Cedartown 

21448 Noble, Mary Lucy Taliaferro (Mrs George Henry) Atlanta 

70932 Nolan, Irene (Miss) 366 Euclid av, Atlanta 

53626 Nolan, Lucile (Miss) 160 Lee st, Atlanta 

47061 Nolan, Marion Atkinson (Mrs Charles Thomas) Marietta 

36625 Norrell, Lola Alberta (Miss) 1402 Gwinnett st, Augusta 

42812 Norris, Alice M. Maxwell (Mrs W. P.) Montezuma 

38422 North, Annis Black (Mrs Philip S.) 615 Telfair st, Augusta 

32013 Northern, Annie Belle (Miss) Hotel Majestic, Atlanta 

69467 Norton, Elizabeth Munsell (Mrs Walter Abell)..105 Oglethorpe 

av, E., Savannah 
84991 Nottingham, Carolyn Walker (Mrs Eliot Theodore) . .Thomaston 
56186 Noyes, Pauline Martin Wilson (Mrs Harry F.). .309 .Charlton st, 

E., Savannah 
32011 Nunnally, Cora Winship (Mrs James Hilliard) Brookwood,. 

38960 Nunnally, Kate Pendleton (Mrs Charles T.)..177 Ponce de Leon 

av, Atlanta / 

67449 Odom, Mamie Beavers (Mrs) Waycross 

46619 OTarrcU, Kate Calhoun (Mrs Alonzo H.) Milledge av, Athens 

65788 Oglesby, Juanita Bullard (Mrs Zeanus Wise, Jr.) Quitman 

65789 Oglesby, Kate Elma (Miss) Quitman 

75168 Oglesby, Mabel Clare (Mrs James Van Pelt) 485 Peachtree st, 


66114 Oglesby, Moselle (Miss) Quitman 

80630 O'Hara, Nellie Revill (Mrs A. B.) Greenville 

41210 Oliver, Eleanor (Miss) Elberton 

73895 Oliver, LoUie Culler- (Mrs Edmund M.) Americus 

63436 Oliveros, Caroline Izlar (Mrs B. P.) 26 Harris st, W., Savannah 

28907 Olmsted, Sallie Edwards (Mrs John C.)..170 Washington st, Atlanta 

29807 Orme, Abby (Miss) U6 E. Jones st. Savannah 

638 Orme, Ellen Vail (Mrs Francis Hodgson) 233 Ponce de Leon av, 

776 Orme, Kate Hatman (Mrs Aquila John).. Cor. Peachtree & 13th sts, 


29806 Orme, Lucy (Miss) 1 16 E. Jones st. Savannah 

84202 Orme, Mary Phillips (Mrs Frank) 510 N. Jackson st, Atlanta 

23124 Orr, Fannie Bradley (Mrs Joseph Kyle) 207 W. Peachtree st, 


56582 Osbom, Margaret Pauline (Miss) 634 North blvd, Atlanta 

2893 Osborne, Cornelia Bacon (Mrs Craven T.) 144 Front st, Columbus 

85273 Osborne, Laurie Smilic (Mrs L. S.) .Fitzgerald 

44212 Oslin, Duella E. (Mrs Robert A.) Washington 

5406 Otcy, Mallie Floyd (Mrs Peter Johnston) 121 Juniper st, Atlanta 

38959 Ottley, Passie Fcnton (Mrs John King).. 527 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

69468 Otto, Katharine Wilson (Mrs Olaf) 117 Jones st, W., Savannah 

80616 Owens, Lucy Candler (Mrs William D.) Druid Hills, Atlanta 

15946 Owens, Theo Davis Wright (Mrs Frank C.)....754 Peachtree st, 


6747 Pace, Leonora Haralson (Mrs James M.) Covington 

72312 Pace, Mary C. Richardson Davis (Mrs William Wilkinson) ..510 

Jefferson st, Albanv 

53115 Paine, Annie Willis (Miss) Stephenson st, Waycross 

35183 Paine, Louise Averill (Mrs Clarence Mann) 361 Piedmont av, 


45687 Palmer. Anna Gordon (Miss) Hephzibah 

79696 Palmer, Maria Holt (Miss) Rose Park, Macon 

236 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

84751 Parham, Bettie Crowder (Mrs Robert Stith) . .Greenville, Meriwether 

43737 Parish, Laura Eve Fitchette (Mrs Calvin G.) Atlanta 

80623 Park, Mattie Terry McGehee (Mrs John Wilds) Greenville 

-36060 Parker, Elinor L. Noble (Mrs William) Cedartown 

49023 Parker, Susie Derry (Mrs Thadeus C.) Ingleside, Vineville, Macon 

42174 Parks, Annie Kate Johnson (Mrs George Edward) Newnan 

59161 Parks, Ethel Simmons (Miss) 226 Broad st, Augusta 

71440 Pate, Claudia Lawson (Mrs James B.) Cordelc 

77Z^ Patten, Sarah Avery Key (Mrs Zeboim Cartter) Flintstone 

86535 Patterson, Caroline (Miss) ^ Macon 

21936 Patterson, Ella J. (Mrs John) 907 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

27222 Pattillo, Sallie Chase (Mrs W. P.) 171 E. Fair st, Atlanta 

85096 Patton, Margaret Moore (Mrs James Erwin) Lafavette 

601 Patty, Emma Foote (Mrs Henry M.) 16 E. Linden st, Atlanta 

38045 Patty, Katherine Lewis (Miss) 16 E. Linden st, Atlanta 

42180 Paulhin, Edu L. Frederick (Mrs) Marshallville 

49860 Payne, Delia Carswell (Mrs William Henry) Waycross 

65135 Peacock, Jane Ellison (Mrs G. J.) Wynnton, Columbus 

54201 Peapce, Annie Embry (Mrs John T.) 1238 3d av, Columbus 

54202 Pearce, Ida Embry (Mrs George A.) Columbus 

37220 Pearse, Ivah Cowan (Mrs) 38 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

68002 Pearse, Nettie Carr (Mrs John Warne) Atlanta 

44873 Peed, Anne Eliza Fulton (Mrs Mansfield Theodore) Oxford 

85189 Peek, Mary Frances Moren (Mrs William L.) Conyers 

1025 Peel, Lucy Cook (Mrs William Lawson) . .469 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

70746 Peeples, Louis Munford (Mrs Oscar Tankersley) Cartersville 

85259 Peeples, Maude Jenkins (Mrs Alexander) . .400 West Hill av, Valdosta 

50645 Peete, Annie Dungan (Mrs Cola H.) Navarro Flats, Macon 

67958 Pendleton, Elizabeth Parramore (Miss) Valdosta 

67959 Pendleton, Gertrude Adella (Miss) Valdosta 

45204 Pendleton, Katharine King (Miss) 169 Capitol av, Atlanta 

33243 Penn, Martha Smith (Miss) Monticello 

33242 Penn, Maud Clark (Miss) Monticello 

67510 Percy, Ethel Akers (Mrs William Lo^is) 29 Spruce st, Inman 

Park, Atlanta 
32019 Perdue, Marion Graham (Mrs John Albert) 703 Edgewood av, 

20229 Perkins, Bessie Egglena (Mrs Charles L.) 30th st, Columbus 

71441 Perkins, Frances Williams (Mrs George W.) 211 Clarke st, 


75796 Perkins, Kate (Miss) 202 6th av, Rome 

30685 Peters, Kate Ross (Mrs Thomas) 272 Forrest av, Atlanta 

80617 Pettigrew, Sarah Jones (Mrs Charles Lockhart). .522 North blvd, 

72099 Pettus, Louie Andrews (Mrs Luke Pryor)..117 Charlton st, W., 

60840 Phelan, Genevieve Remington Young (Mrs Owen). .Forest av, Atlanta 
39891 Philips, Caroline Lewis (Mrs Charles) . .2103 Hamilton av, Rose Hill, 


62922 Philips, Janie Perry (Mrs James E.) Floyd st, Covington 

39871 Philips, Mary Lewis (Miss) Rose Hill, Columbus 

42798 Philips, Mary William Collier Benagh (Mrs Ethelred) . .Cor. 5th av & 

12th st, Columbus 

67947 Philips, Susie Rusk (Miss) 1235 3d av, Columbus 

27502 Phinizv, Anne Barrett (Mrs Ferdinand) Milledge av, Athens 

1234 Phinizy, Marion Pickens Coles (Mrs Stewart) 717 Telfair st, 


1228 Phinizy, Mary L. Y. (Mrs Charles H.) 519 Greene st, Atlanta 

34534 Phinizy. Nellie Stovall (Mrs Billups) . .204 S. Milledge av, Athens 

73668 Pidcock, lone Reid (Mrs Charles Wilcox) Moultrie 

54678 Pierce, Josephine Garrett (Mrs Charles Lyman) 1402 2d av, 



71740 Pilling, Mable Lewis (Mrs Richard Lord) Cartersville 

1991 Pindar, Amelia (Miss) 11 Hall st, Savannah 

67225 Pindar, Fannie Mae Carswell (Mrs George Paries) Valdosta 

85067 Piper, Reba Loring (Mrs Stewart Stowe) 513 Peachtree st,. 


50237 Pise, Ida Allison (Mrs Charles Tomes Allison).. 16 Washington st, 


46191 Pittman, Eloise (Miss) 74 E. Mitchell st, Atlanta 

48373 Plumb, Marie Underwood (Mrs Daniel David) . .909 Woodlawn st, 


22610 Plumb, Mary Thomas Gibbes (Mrs Francis Waring).. 314 Elbert st, 


73905 Poindexter, Ellen Sharp (Mrs John Samuel) . .17 36th st, E., Savannah 

75186 Pope, Mamie Cornelia (Miss) Monticella 

53123 Pope, Olivia Montfort (Mrs W. H.) 19 Arlington pi, Macon 

32413 Porter, Fannie Ix)ury (Mrs James Henry).. 339 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

37218 Postell, Mary Walton (Miss) 334 N. Jackson st, Atlanta 

39868 Potter, Alida Katrina (Miss) 903^ Broadway, Augusta 

56167 Potter, Katie Brown (Mrs David Morris) 258 Greene st, Augusta 

35185 Potler, Sarah Woolhopter (Mrs Asbury) . .9035^ Broadway, Augusta 

76466 Pou, Octavia (Miss) Madison 

12020 Poullain, Sue Willie (Miss) Madison 

47547 Pound, Lucy Murphey (Mrs Edwin Aldine) Waycross 

75170 Powell, Anna Thomas Nimmons (Mrs John Stephen) Ncwnan^ 

82811 Powell, Annie Wilkins (Mrs Arthur Gray).. 41 Columbia av, Atlanta 

75171 Powell, Lutie Nimmons (Miss) Newnan 

42175 Pratt, Margaret Logan (Mrs George Lewis).. 135 Forrest av, Atlanta 

6488 Prescott, Helen M. (Miss) 26 Carnegie pi, Atlanta 

42925 Price, Anna Conway (Mrs Charles Sterling) 200 W. Peachtree st, 

52348 Price, I vie Johnson (Mrs Mark Cordier) . .840 Broad st, Columbus 
82167 Prioleau, Dialthia Lee Carroll (Mrs Samuel) ..19 E. Baker st, Atlanta 

33239 Prioleau, Eula Lee Smith (Mrs William Fripp) 61 Merritts av,. 

81789 Pritchard, Margaret Cunningham (Mrs Tattnall Rowland) . .114 E. 
* Duffy st. Savannah 

41206 Pritchard, Mary Josephine (Miss) Taylor st, E., Savannah* 

45675 Pritchard, Ruby Jones (Mrs William Latham) . .212 Huntington st, E.,. 

75788 Pritchett, Annie Lou Harralson (Mrs) 52 W. North av, Atlanta 

460 Prochaska, Mary Grant Dickson (Mrs) 57 E. Merritts ave„ 


82926 Proctor, Annie Jones (Mrs Edward) Rome 

73904 Pruitt, Mary Johnson (Mrs Samuel Yarbrough) Thomaston 

85745 Pryor, Anna Wilson (Mrs Shepherd Green).. 201 N. Merrimac Drive, 

57711 Quarterman, Mary Brevard Brumby (Mrs) Winder 

81793 Quinn, Mary F. Hollifield (Mrs John A.) Sandersville 

32862 Ragland, Erminie Prouty (Mrs Oscar) 35 Cone st, Atlanta 

80432 Rahn, Ruby A. (Miss) 215 Duffy st, W. 'Savannah 

63991 Rainey, Annie Carr (Mrs) Covington 

5642 Raoul. Mary Miller (Mrs William G.) 708 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

66954 Ravenel, Estelle Strozier (Mrs Stephen De Veaux) Valdosta 

81543 Rawlings, Mattie Belle Bangs (Mrs Benjamin Tarbutton) ..Sanders- 

36138 Ray, Ruby Felder (Miss) 28 Crew st. Kirkwood, Atlanta: 

69612 Reed, Jessie Lcitner (Miss) 2111 Thomas av, Columbus 

37604 Reed, Mary Lewis (Miss) Columbus 

48380 Redding, Clara Lyon (Mrs Henry Storey) Waycross 

60243 Redding, Harriot Lee Snowden (Mrs Chas. Frederick). .Fitzgerald 

20230 Redding, Isabella C. Remshart (Mrs Joseph Henry) Waycross 

2534 Redding. Sarah E. (Mrs R. J.) Griffin 

74709 Redding, Sarah Elizabeth Hester (Mrs Robert Augustus) ..788 Pied- 
mont av, Atlanta 

238 DIRFXTORY^ D. A. R. 

63993 Redwine, Leila Wilson (Mrs F. W.) Atlanta 

66956 Reece, Lave Clemmons (Mrs John McDow) 201 4th av, Rome 

85101 Reeves, Nettie Smith (Mrs D. H.) Thomaston 

63989 Reeves, Sarah Weaver (Mrs G. L.) 4th st, Macon 

69476 Reid, Irene Josephine Solomon (Mrs Charles E.) ....Montezuma 

79457 Reid, Olivia Belle (Miss) Madison 

21940 Remshart, Alice Floyd (Mrs George Horace) 108 W. Jones st, 


80625 Render, Lena (Miss) Greenville 

80624 Render, Sallie McGehee (Mrs James Lewis) Greenville 

80628 Revill, Alice Ledbetter (Mrs William Tinsley) Greenville 

75571 Reynolds, Jane Elizabeth (Miss) Milledgeville 

48377 Reynolds, Mary J. D. (Mrs A.) 304 Powder Spring st, Marietta 

56892 Reynolds, Mary Myers (Miss) . .207 Powder Spring st, Marietta 
28377 Rice, Annie Sykes (Mrs Charles Frank) 386 W. Peachtree st, 


60244 Rice, Ethel Mell (Mrs J. Woodson) 144 Spring st, Atlanta 

29802 Rice, Mary Mitchell (Mrs Frank P.") ... .386 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 
47558 Richard, Martha Watkins Harris (Mrs Rinaldo Hardaway) ..P. O. 

Box 21, Marshallville 
71442 Richards, Sarah Ellison (Mrs Edmund Rylander) . .415 Forsyth st, 


77456 Richardson, Carolyn (Miss) Montezuma 

55610 Richmond, Martha L Bullard (Mrs Henry Lee) ..17 Jones st, W. 

69809 Rigsby, Katharine Boswell (Mrs William Allen) 727 Greene st, 


61816 Riley, Carrie Elise (Miss) Fort Valley 

77781 Riley, Emmie Spence (Mrs Robert George) 316 Society st, 


61815 Riley, Lula Frederick (Mrs Alonzo Church) Fort Valley 

39879 Ripley, Pauline Howard (Mrs Thomas J.).... 141 W. Peachtree st, 


56906 Rivers, Una Sperry (Mrs Eretus) County Road, Roxboro 

85276 Riviere, Fannie M. Gardner (Mrs Frank Davis) Thomaston 

65704 Roach, Alice Putnam (Mrs Harry Milton) 22 N. College sf, 


637 Roach, Aurelia (Miss) R. F. D. 3, Decatur 

66388 Roberson, Pearl McWilliams (Mrs James) Wadley 

17446 Robert, Kate Gregory (Mrs Harry Coombs) 106 '2d st, Macon 

20212 Roberts, Carrie Munday (Mrs John B.) ..Peachtree Road, Atlanta 
6490 Roberts, Emeline L. C. (Miss) 7 Baltimore Place, Atlanta 

5145 Roberts, Kate Carlisle (Miss) 7 Baltimore Place, Atlanta 

63434 Roberts, Lillian Cleveland Solomon (Mrs Charles E.) ..Orange st, 


39171 Roberts, Maria S. C. (Mrs F. C.) 404 Ormond st, Atlanta 

66310 Roberts, Mary Milnes (Mrs (George) 334 Lake av, Atlanta 

63731 Robertson, Helen Mary Darrin (Mrs Charles E.) 69 Oak st, 

20222 Robertson, Katherine Miller (Mrs James Lawrence) ....316 Broad 

st, Augusta 

84985 Robertson, Mary Eliza (Miss) Greenville 

42191 Robinson, Isadore Burch (Mrs John Evans) Newnan 

73907 Robinson, Laura Clapp (Mrs Frank Mason) 172 Forrest av, 


5146 Robinson, Lizzie Carroll (Mrs John Thomas) . .814 Drayton st. Sa- 


22626 Robinson, Martha Reid (Miss) Newnan 

61814 Roder, Katherine G. Richardson (Mrs) Byron 

33241 RoDGERS, Martha E. (Mrs) Monticello 

mi% Rogers, Annie F. Drummond, (Mrs Luther W.) 350 Peachtree 

st, Atlanta 
36630 Rogers, Belle W. Knox (Mrs) -. Covington 

(lEORGIA 239 

53514 Rogers, Bertha Eloise Moore (Mrs J. T.) 14 Liberty st, W. 


•49Q24 Rogers, Helen Ross, (Mrs Starbuck H.) Vineville, Macon 

9003 Rogers, Laura Barkesdale (Mrs Richard M.) 523 Peachtree st, 


66526 Rose, Carrie Smith (Mrs) Valdosta 

42804 Rose, Katherine Fleming (Mrs Rufus M.) 481 Peachtree st, 


20232 Rosentcrany, Rebecca Douglas Lowe English (Mrs) Atlanta 

28378 Ross, Belle Danish (Mrs James T.) Macon 

40240 Ross, Fanny Prescott (Mrs Edgar A.) 211 Vineville av, Macon 

54680 Ross, Martha F. (Miss) 421 Orange st, Macon 

1269 Rounsaville, Hallie Alexander (Mrs James A.) Rome 

75175 Rounsaville, Susie Clemmons (Mrs Robert Battey) 404 3d av, 


.71085 Rountree, Ada Converse (Mrs J. B.) Quitman 

25146 Rountree, Ann Eliza (Mrs Milledge Ardis) 112 McCartan st, 


65791 Rountree, Minnie Lewis (Mrs Samuel Stevens) Quitman 

80433 Rourk, Olive Wilson (Mrs John W.) 301 W. 34th st. Savannah 

72319 Rowan, Alice Nora (Miss) Cartersville 

72489 Rowan, Florence Keziah (Miss) Cartersville 

85102 Rowe, Lily Middlebrooks (Mrs Frederic Finger) Thomaston, 

Upson Co. 

71443 Rowell, Carrilu Richards (Mrs G. W.) 415 Forsyth st, Macon 

1220 Rowland, Annie Winter (Miss) 1256 Green st, Augusta 

84754 Rowland, Helen C. (Miss) 5 W. 35th st, Savannah 

72804 Rudicil, Lydie Rowland (Mrs Charles Chelius Liston) Chicka- 


36633 Ruse, Aline Brewer (Miss) 339 Courtland av, Atlanta 

85274 Russell, Lillie Badger (Mrs Edward Almodia) 606 South Lee st, 


49856 Russell, Mary Brevard (Miss) Winder 

50644 Russell, May Copeland (Mrs L. W.) Avalon Apts, Atlanta 

50243 Russell, Susie R. (Mrs Eugene B.) Cedartown 

-69816 Rutherford, Evelyn Sterling (Miss) Montezuma 

35751 Rutherford, Mildred Lewis (Miss) Milledge av, Athens 

68453 Rutherford, William Wingfield (Miss) Americus 

4070 Sage, Margaret Alexander (Mrs Ira Yale) Majestic Hotel, 


82809 Sams, Dagmar (Miss) Decatur 

53113 Sanders, Julia Williams (Mrs John McFadden) Rome 

17939 Sanders, Sarah Cooper (Mrs John Wilkes) Washington 

30656 Sasnett, Martha Rebecca (Miss) 117 Bolton st. East Savannah 

44207 Sasser, Carrie Ballard (Mrs Joseph A.) Senoia 

75028 Satterfield, Mary Cobb (Mrs William C.) Cartersville 

51827 Saussy, Blanche Emilv Cavanaugh (Mrs) 5 W. 31st st, Savannah 

86541 Saville, Mary Chap (Miss) Dawson 

69811 Scarborough, Edith Martin (Mrs Wilmer A.) 416 12th st. 


45852 Scarritt, Louise A. F. (Miss) 200 N. Clarke st, Milledgeville 

66110 Schane, Ida (Miss) 333 Whitehall st, Atlanta 

66316 Schane, Mamie (Miss) 333 Whitehall st, Atlanta 

33253 Schlesinger, Ella Cohen (Mrs Harry Lionel) ... .375 W. Peachtree st, 

35195 Schley, Eliza Ann Larcombe (Mrs Julian) 1011 Habersham st. 


80618 Schoen, Sarah Colburn (Mrs Allen M.) 94 Ponce de Leon av., 

55124 Schwarmann, Julia Field tMrs J. Frederick) 359 E. Georgia 

av, Atlanta 
56073 Scott, Cora P. Murray (Mrs Henry Bernard) ....277 W. Peachtree 

st, Atlanta 

240 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

42809 Scott, Mary Howell (Mrs) 201 N. Jefferson st, Milledgeville 

30658 Scruggs, Ludie Paine (Mrs John Hart well) Columbus 

28791 Scruggs, Mary Louise (Mrs Warren J.) 901 Broad st, Augusta 

39889 Seabrook, Henrietta Gaillard (Mrs William Edings) Savannah 

51170 Seabrook, Katherine E. (Mrs) 401 N. Boulevard, Atlanta 

85275 Seanor, Grace Bauder (Mrs John Beattie) 213 S. Main st, Fitz- 

56183 Searcy, Alice Drake (Mrs William C. H. Jr.,) Griffin 

86343 Seay, Mary Hill Lundy (Mrs John) 7th av, Dawson 

81535 Selden, Lucile Flanders (Mrs John Armistead) 207 2d st, Macon 

48383 Shannon, Daisy Blackwell (Mrs William Tillman) Monroe 

81544 Shelnutt, Sallie Carter (Mrs Calvin D.) Sandersville 

54203 Shepherd, Lucy Banks (Mrs Andrew Hamilton) Wynnton, Columbus 

85093 Shields, Marie Cheatham (Mrs John Augustus) Dawson 

55597 Shinholser, Alice Walker (Mrs John Winn) 445 College st. 

12474 Shipp, Emily E. Kline (Mrs Robert L.) Moultrie 

86344 Shippen, Charme Brown (Mrs William S.) Ellijay 

67951 Shivers, Agnes Thweatt (Mrs Samuel James) 319 Gwinnett st, 

E. Savannah 

30662 Shropshire, Mary Wright (Mrs Frances C.) 203 6th av, Rome 

85097 Shuford, Louise (Miss) La Fayette 

71087 Shumate, Mary McAfee (Mrs Frank) 4 Waugh st, Dalton 

80285 Sibley, Julia Thomas (Mrs Oscar Wright) 132 10th st. Griffin 

20214 Signor, Sallie Dearing Speer (Mrs M. Howland) Macon 

1832 Simkins, Mabelle H. (Mrs William D.) 165 Gwinnett st. Savannah 

38973 Simmons, Janie Moore (Mrs D. W.) Rome 

63987 Simmons, Josie Morgan Putnam (Mrs Howell B.) 19 Felder si, 


55603 Simmons, Mary Slappey (Miss) 1003 Walnut st, Macon 

54207 Simmons, Susie Middleton (Mrs A. B.) 17 Gordon st, W. Sa- 

78504 Simmons, Virginia Ramsay (Mrs John M.) Marshallville 

69469 Simms, Sarah Jackson (Mrs Arthur Benjamin) Covington 

73251 Sims, Edna Irvine (Miss) Washington 

69813 Sims, Mary Robert (Mrs Marshall) Washington 

18364 Slade, Mary Byrnes Brown (Mrs William Bonner) .... 1345 2d av.. 

61817 Slappey, Elma Green (Mrs Sterling) Fort Valley 

41748 Slappey, Emma Plant (Mrs Robert) Marshallville 

47559 Slappey, Jennie Stewart (Mrs Anson Ball) Marshallville 

61818 Slappey, Maude H. (Miss) Fort Valley 

41749 Slappey, Willie McGehee (Mrs Jasper U.) Marshallville 

30649 Slaton, Mattie Lee (Miss) 36 Courtland av, Atlanta 

458 Slaton, Sarah Frances Grant Jackson (Mrs John) 428 Peachtree 

st, Atlanta 

53121 Smart, Alberta Holt (Mrs Herbert L) Macon 

36634 Smart, Harriet Triplett (Mrs Alfred G.) Smyrna 

40224 Smith, Effie Thompson (Mrs Alexander Jefferson) ....145 W. Peach- 
tree st, Atlanta 

19107 Smith, Estelle Cuyler (Mrs Henry Hunter) Juniper st, Atlanta 

1170 Smith, Frances Gordon Burton (Mrs Robert B.) ....467 W. Peach- 
tree st, Atlanta 

302S3 Smith. Ida Kendrick (Mrs Alexander W.) 954 Peachtree st, 


52483 Smith, Katherine Carter Furman (Mrs J. R. L.) 520 Arlington 

Place Nfacon 

32410 Smith, Lily Hattie (Miss) Cooper st, Atlanta 

34570 Smith, Marian Caroline (Miss) Cartersville • 

612 Smith, Marian Thomas Cobb (Mrs Hoke) 208 Peachtree st, 


46194 Smith, Mary Eliza Carswell (Mrs) Hephzibah 

37214 Smith, Mary Fitzhugh (Mrs Harwell) 422 Elbert st, Augusta 


61819 Smith, Mary Green (Mrs William Barnes) Fort Valley 

71444 Smith, Mary Louise Solomon (Mrs John Northrup) 732 Cor. 

College & Forsyth sts, Macon 

83091 Smith, May Williams (Mrs Edward Broddus) Monticello 

73250 Smith, Nannie Tuttle (Mrs James Harrison) Marietta 

77039 Smith, Nelle Johnston ( Mrs John Edward) 123 Lucile av, Atlanta 

45688 Smith, Nellie Clark Palmer (Mrs Julian) Augusta 

72561 Smith, Onie Campbell (Mrs Russell K.) 34 Moreland av, Atlanta 

75191 Smith wick, Jessie Vereen (Mrs John Harris) Moultrie 

58694 Smythe, Leila Rains (Mrs William Watkins) ....928 Reynolds st, 


67957 Snead, Lillian Rogers (Mrs Jesse Spinner) 23 Spruce st, Atlanta 

32015 Spalding, Elizabeth Hughes (Mrs Jack J.) Peachtree Road 


42807 Spalding, Ella Barrow (Mrs) 221 Jones st, East Savannah 

28375 Spalding, Mary Connaly (Mrs John) 53 Ashby st, Atlanta 

66109 Sparks, Julia Mcintosh (Miss) 663 Mulberry st, Macon 

82810 Sparks, Mamie Melissa (Miss) Quitman 

84763 Sparks, Mary Marsh Warthen (Mrs Aylesbery S.) La Fayette 

73894 Speer, Annie Virginia Baird (Mrs Robert Spalding) 51 W. 15th 

st, Atlanta 
30652 Speer, Maude Roach (Mrs John Moreland) 153 Whitehall st, 

13251 Spencer, Ida Tunstall Speed (Mrs Richard Perry) 1322 2d av, 


46620 Speppard, Mary W. Adams (Mrs C. R.) Vineville, Macon 

35766 Spullock, Fannie Cornelia (Miss) Rome 

75790 Stacy, Maria Louisa (Mrs Thomas Goulding) 1303 Union st, 


41205 Stallings, Belle White (Mrs George T.) Byron Apts., Atlanta 

86132 Stallworth, Florence Griffith (Mrs Manly) New Holland 

34073 Stanton, (Tarrie Lucile (Miss 530 Piedmont av, Atlanta 

52482 Stapler, Irene Stevens (Mrs Maury Mommerlyn) Macon 

78497 Statham, Susanna Simmons (Mrs B. G.) Americus 

69209 Steams. Mary Haywood Fowle (Mrs Walter M.) 181 Myrtle st, 

86528 Steed, Ethel Claire Pickett (Mrs Clifford Arthur) ....1316 15th st, 


11444 Steed, Eugenia Small (Mrs Clem P.) 656 College st, Macon 

31280 Steele, Kitty Gansevoort Wadleigh (Mrs Aaron Burr) 522 Peach- 
tree st, Atlanta 
33250 Stcinhimer, Anna Russell Scott (Mrs John Gray) ..20 Macon st, 

East Savannah 
83728 Stephens, Lucy Evans (Mrs Robert Greer) 167 Capitol av, 


36627 Stephens, Mary Bell (Mrs Luther P.) 920 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

68439 Sterling, Mary L. Huntley (Mrs John Randolph) La Grange 

44861 Stevens, Abbie Bean (Mrs George Webb) ....45 W. 11th st, Atlanta 

73899 Stevens. Mamie E. (Miss) Quitman 

32408 Stewart, Estelle (Miss) 438 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

38420 Stewart, Evelyn Bell (Mrs Francis Marion) 261 W. Peachtree 

st, Atlanta 

65792 Stewart. Gartrcll Mounger (Mrs) Quitman 

38961 Stewart, Mary Belle Pendleton (Mrs Edwin C.) 111 Ponce de 

Leon av. Atlanta 

60637 Stewart, Sallie Jackson (Mrs James Polk) Waycross 

84421 Stiles. Fannie Winnie Park (Mrs David W.) La Fayette 

66724 Stockard, Lucy Young (Mrs Charles Cecil, Sr.,) 30 Crew st, 


1227 Stokes, Sarah Gardner (Miss) 403 Rev-nolds st, Augusta 

53625 Stone. Adeline Corbin (Mrs Cliarles O.) ..513 Vineville av, Vine- 
ville, Macon 

242 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

77716 Stovall, Kate Felder Shaw (Mrs T. J.) College Park 

66527 Strickland, Minnie Adams (Mrs) Valdosta 

30686 Strong, Alice Vivienne (Miss) 204 Forest av. Marietta 

80631 Strozier, Forrest (Miss) Greenville 

80626 Strozier, Sarah Robertson (Mrs John L.) Greenville 

56168 Sturman, Stella Smythe (Mrs John Foxhall, Jr.,) 928 Reynolds 

st, Augusta 
81232 Sullivan, Lillian Clark Bennett (Mrs John Graham) 204 Forest av. 


36146 Swift, Bessie Thurmond, (Mrs Isaac G.) Elberton 

34569 Swift, Suzanne Heard (Mrs James Young) Middletown 

63986 Sylvester, Jessie M. (Miss) 305 Polk st, Marietta 

44206 Symmes, Mary H. (Mrs Courtland) 619 Grant st, Brunswick 

42808 Talley, Elizabeth Furman (Mrs J. N.) 331 Vineville av, Macon 

57722 Talmadge, Amanda P. Goodwyn (Mrs Thomes R.) Walton st, 


80610 Talmadge, May Erwin (Mrs Julius Y.) 1295 Prince av, Athens 

66875 Tappan, Nellie May (Miss) White Plains 

81545 Tarbutton, Mary Harris Bangs (Mrs Benjamin Joseph) ..Sanders- 


75029 Tarplee, Malinda Speir (Mrs Scott La Rue) Carter sville 

66111 Tate, Julia Bell (Mrs Farrish Carter) Jasper 

36145 Tate, Mattie A. (Mrs E. B.) Elberton 

70207 Taylor, Anna Frances (Mrs Samuel Evan) ..46 E. Baker st, Atlanta 
5646 Taylor, Annie Twiggs (Mrs Robert Galpin) ..426 Green st, Augusta 

68769 Taylor, Frances Long (Mrs Marcus E.) Millidge av, Athens 

72022 Taylor, Georgia May Fellows (Mrs) 46 E. Baker st, Atlanta 

68457 Taylor. Kathleen De Witt (Mrs Robert J.) Vineville, Macon 

67956 Taylor, Lucy Cobb (Mrs James) 413 Lee st, Americus 

7452 Taylor, Lucy Pitkins Stevens (Mrs Mallory HO 300 College st, 


68459 Taylor, Mary Lou Williams (Mrs William Hodnett) Griffin 

40776 Thiot, Mary Virginia Jackson (Mrs Richard Wylly ) . . . . 307 Hall st. 
East, Savannah 

40235 Thomas, Fannie Holt (Mrs J. A.) Macon 

77715 Thomas, Florence Nelson (Mrs Jesse Dickens) Brunswick 

30687 Thomas, Lucille King (Mrs Irving Summerfield) Atlanta 

55611 Thomas, Marie Romare (Mrs) 108 W. 37th st, Savannah 

82430 Thompson, Benson E. (Miss) R. E. Lee Institute, Thomaston 

73900 Thompson, Josephine Goldwire (Mrs Wall Tattnall) ..424 N. Court 

st, Quitman 

83160 Thompson, Sarah Simms (Mrs (Tharles Seymour) Covington 

68458 Thornton, Ruth Bullard (Mrs Clifford) Griffin 

79459 Thrash, Nannie Strozier (Mrs James Andrew) Greenville 

85747 Thurston, Maynie King (Mrs John A.) Thomaston 

36103 Thweatt, Woodie Shepherd (Mrs James T.) Columbus 

86536 Ticknor, Leonora Mounger Stewart (Mrs George William) 1430 

3rd av, Columbus 

66949 Tidwell, Eddie McCall (Mrs Albert) Quitman 

58238 Tidwell, Janie M. (Mrs Charles R.) Dallas 

56162 Tidwell, Lilien R. (Miss) 280 Washington st, Atlanta 

38968 Tiedeman, Sarah Floride (Mrs George Washington) 226 Hunt- 
ington st, East, Savannah 
8963 Tift, Eliza Catherine Mallory (Mrs William O.) Tifton 

80632 Tigner, Mary (Miss) Greenville 

49017 Tillery, Magdalen Bradford Lynch (Mrs Lynn B.) Macon 

43868 Timberlakc, Evelyn King (Mrs Stephen Marshall) .. Marshall ville 
51771 Timberlakc, Virginia Walker Redding (Mrs Joseph) 504 Forsyth 

st, Vineville, Macon 

1992 Tobin, Mary Lou Walker Beeson (Mrs James) 723 Telfair st, 

37217 Todd, Susie T. Lumpkin (Mrs (Tharles) 911 Prince av, Athens 


75187 Tolleson, E. Kate (Miss) Monticello 

43854 Tomlinson, Jessie White (Mrs Walter) 206 Ivy st, Atlanta 

57717 Toole, Clifford Westcott (Mrs Warren Harris) Winder 

58241 Toole, Mary Westcott (Mrs Glover Glendenning) 341 Calhoun st, 


55604 Toole, Ruth Esther (Miss) Log Cabin Heights, Macon 

30674 Toomer, Rosalie Holmes (Mrs William M.) Waycross 

47063 Towers, Asenath Rice (Miss) 305 Lawrence st. Marietta 

73901 Townscnd, Mae Quarterman (Mrs John F.) Quitman 

76226 TrammcU, Anna Godfrey (Mrs Lee) Madison 

57712 Trammell, Mabel Brumby (Mrs L. N.) Marietta 

75179 Trammell, Mary Walton (Miss) Madison 

56904 Travis, Rena Falligant (Mrs Robert J.) 16 E. 40th st. Savannah 

40239 Treadway, Beatrice O'Rear (Mrs Ezekiel Park) ....409 E. 3rd st, 

67505 Treadwell, Clifford Springer (Mrs Albert Perry) Wynnton, Col- 

56169 Trezevant, Fanny (Mrs William H.) 505 Church st, Marietta 

44869 Troosdal. Lucy Boyd (Mrs) Oxford 

84752 Tucker, Alethea Davidson (Mrs Oscar D.) Chipley 

60826 Tucker, Frances Embry Boykin (Mrs William H.) 1324 2d av, 


50235 Tupper, Alvaretta (Mrs William) 500 Union st, Brunswick 

44866 Turner, Hattie Holliday (Mrs Boswell Blount) ..195 Ivy st, Atlanta 

75188 Turner, Mary Adgate (Mrs Thomas Morgan) Monticello 

2883 Turner, Mildred Lewis Patterson (Mrs Jeptha C.) Columbus 

69472 Turner, Roberta Cross (Mrs Henry A.) 502 E. 1st st, Rome 

75577 Turner, Willie W. (Miss) Porterdalc 

43473 Urquhart, Lulu Gumming (Mrs Allen Park) Cochrane 

60830 Vaissiere, Grace Olmsted (Mrs F. E.) 101 6th av, Rome 

72174 Van Cleve, Lucy Robinson (Mrs James G.) 321 Duff st, Macon 

68770 Van Home, Annie Greene (Mrs George Schenk) 211 W. Perry 

st. Savannah 

27228 Van Landingham, Susie Harwood (Mrs Ralph) The Majestic, 


67961 Vamedoe, Annie Elizabeth Rogers (Mrs J. O.) Valdosta 

75180 Vason, Frances Walton (Mrs Cornelius) Madison 

60830 Vassiere, Grace 01mstead_(Mrs F. E.) 217 Broad st, Rome 

71741 Vaughan, Frances Williams (Mrs James Wilson) Cartersville 

69817 Vereen. Ellen (Mrjs William Coachman) Moultrie 

81537 Vereen, Lottie Thompson (Mrs William Jerome) Moultrie 

75192 Vereen, Pearl (Miss) Moultrie 

39872 Waddell, A. Victoria de Graff enried (Mrs James Fleming) ..Col- 

43477 Wade, Ida Frederick (Mrs John D.) Mar shall ville 

71455 Wade, Lucy (Miss) Demorest 

58240 Wade. Rosalie Tarver (Mrs Howard M.) 1220 3d av, Columbus 

30676 Wadley, Henrietta Lane (Mrs John Everingham) , .Waycross 

43205 Wainman, Emma M. Carpenter (Mrs T. C.) Bainbridge 

61792 Walden. Juanita Rumph (Mrs Charles) Cor. 2d av & 13th st, 

70510 Walker, Alice Patton (Mrs Richard W.) ....Fort Oglethorpe, Dodge 
75572 Walker, Annie Jordan Ward Goolsby (Mrs A. Sidney) ..Monticello 

64534 Walker, Annie K. Weaver (Mrs Robert Lee) Cuthbert 

57714 Walker. Gare Johnson (Mrs Henry William) 111 Jefferson st, 

5643 Walker, Emily C. R. (Mrs Robert M.) ....1371 Peachtree st. Atlanta 

60838 Walker, Laura Singleton (Mrs) Waycross 

80620 Walker, Margaret Byne (Mrs Thomas) Duffy st. Savannah 

52481 Walker. Marie Stevens (Mrs Sanders) Steven's Pottery 

81530 Walker, Nancic A. Doolittle (Mrs Charles F.) . . . .34 St. Charles av. 

70283 Walker, Nettie Fields (Mrs Charles) 99 Forrest av, Atlanta 

244 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

561S4 Walker, Sarah Louise Barber (Mrs J. Henry) Athens 

84204 Wallace, Emily Cora Bailey (Mrs John Emmet) R. F. D. No. U 

55119 Wallace, Willie Northcutt (Mrs Campbell Wallace) ....301 Kennesaw 

av, Marietta 
58117 Waller, S. Louise Jones (Mrs Absalom) Gary Residence, The 

Hill, Augusta 

41750 Walters, Mary Frances Winship (Mrs George Calhoun) 650 Edge- 

wood av, Inman Park, Atlanta 

72311 Walters, Minnie Davis (Mrs Jesse Williams) 217 Tift st, Albany 

71738 Walters, Willie Davis (Miss) Albany 

4121 1 Walton, Anne Elizabeth ( Miss) Madison 

46195 Walton, Orlean Carswell (Mrs William Robert, Jr.) 248 Ellis st, 


75181 Walton, Richmond Virginia (Miss) Madison 

5648 Walton, Sarah Josephine (Miss) 310 Washington st, Augusta 

75575 Ward, Sarah Blanche ( Miss) Monticello 

26715 Ward, Sarah Elouise (Mrs P. H.) 129 Abercorn st. Savannah 

72806 Wardlaw, Harriet Jones ( Mrs John Farlow) La Fayette 

47554 Ware, Frances Adela Barksdale (Mrs Nims S.) Marshallville 

86346 Ware, Lessie Christie (Mrs Hoyt) 316 Duffy st, W., Savannah 

84762 Warthen, Nannie Ruth (Miss) : La Fayette 

62915 Watt, Willie Williams (Mrs John) Waycross 

41751 Watts, Laura Copeland (Mrs John Richard) 456 Spring st, Atlanta 

74712 Way, Adelle (Mrs William Finley) Moultrie 

85094 Weaver, Comer Carver (Mrs James Drake) 353 Lee st, Dawsoir 

85104 Weaver, Mary Flewellen (Miss) Thomaston, Upson Co- 

85103 Weaver, Martha Drake (Miss) Thomaston, Upson Co- 

66615 Weaver, May Schoeller (Mrs George Alvah, Jr.) Thomaston 

67226 Webster, Etna Peacock ( Mrs) Valdosta 

72102 Welch, Laura Spencer (Mrs Leonard Edward).. 313 North st, Albany 

54510 Weller, Jennie May (Miss) Milledgeville 

84205 Wells, Virginia Bailey (Mrs John Stillwell) ..W. Taylor st,GriffiiT 
49857 Welsh, Harriette E. Glover (Mrs George V.)....105 McDonald st,. 


81547 West, Anna Emily (Miss) Sandersville 

72796 West, Sallie Price (Mrs John Calhoun) 110 Irwin st, Atlanta- 

70117 Westbrook, Birdie Lancaster (Mrs Frank Springs) . .28 E. Alexander 

st, Atlanta 

67512 Westcott, Carrie Reunette (Miss) 341 Calhoun st, Macon 

54681 Westcott, Lutie Cleghorn (Miss) 341 Calhoun st, Macoir 

75568 Wheaton, Lily Staley (Mrs William H.) 539 S. HiH st, Griffiir 

62911 Whitaker, Ada Theo Everett (Mrs G. H.) . . . .2903 lOth av, Columbus 

32021 Whitaker, Rosa Scott (Miss) 102 N. Clark st, Milledgeville 

7(m7 White, Druewillie Smith (Mrs Warren D.)....78 Dixie av, Atlanta 
85265 White, Eleanor Glessner (Mrs Thomas J.).. 504 W. Taylor st. Griffin 

48378 White, Ella Aurelia (Miss) 505 Church st, Marietta 

28062 White, Ella F. (Mrs H. C) Milledge av. Augusta 

80611 White, Julia Ashton (Mrs James) 570 Prince av, Athens 

69462 White, Lucia Hawkins (Mrs Clarence Julian) 803 Church st, 

43864 White. Mattie Kellam (Mrs Edward, Jr.).... 147 W. Peachtree st, 

76533 Whitehead, Slidell Cunningham (Mrs William Ellis). .College Park 

47543 Whiteside, Frances S. (Mrs James R.) 46 Columbia av, Atlanta 

41744 Whitfield. Ella Gillam (Mrs Boiling) . .1103 Gloucester st, Brunswick 

87081 Whitfield, Fletcher Fannin (Mrs T. S.) 732 E. Henry st. Savannah 

13248 Whitner, Eliza Spann (Miss) 429 Courtland st. Atlanta 

18470 Whitner, Emily Lulah (Mrs Thomas Cobb).. 74 W. 5th st, Atlanta 
83088 Whitten, Willie Mae (Mrs James Harvey) .... Prado, Ansley Park„ 

22611 Wienges, Eva J. Minis (Mrs Joseph C.) 1316 Woodlawn av„ 



75569 Wilhoit, Virginia Hill (Mrs William Franklin) Newnan 

60245 Wilkes, Georgiana Brewster (Mrs Samuel William) 500 Spring st, 


84018 Wilkins, Bessie Peacock (Mrs Abner L.) Eastman 

18359 Wilkins, Julia Sydney Abercrombie (Mrs Grant).. 541 Peachtree st, 


54987 Willbanks. Annie Dixon (Mrs G. P.) Rossville 

28058 Williams, Cora Belle Peck (Mrs Elijah Mosely) ... .97 Ivy st, Atlanta 
34563 Williams, Juliet Marshall (Mrs William F.)..230 Forest av, Atlanta 
36636 Williams, Lulu Colcord (Mrs Joseph Heath).. 85 E. 5th st, Atlanta 

85257 Williams, Martha Robertson (Mrs John Henry) Newnan 

65793 Williams, Mary Mounger (Mrs) 805 S. Court st, Quitman 

72805 Williams, Mary Wilson Lafitte (Mrs Oscar L.) Egypt 

61800 Willingham, Annie Rushin (Mrs Broadus Estes)..210 Vineville av, 

48379 Willingham, Annie Williams (Mrs Charles Berrien) . .420 Polk st, 

56890 Willingham, Caroline Porcher Alston (Mrs Charles) .. 131 Cleburne 

av, Atlanta 
28382 Willingham, Eula Lowe Felton (Mrs E. J.) . .305 College st, Macon 

56897 Willingham, Ida Thorp (Mrs Osgood Pierce) Macon 

54683 Willingham, Lila (Miss) 410 College st, Macon 

68995 Willis, Sophia Collins (Mrs James Lewis) Columbus 

29418 Wills, Juliet Pollard (Mrs John William). . ..41 Currier st, Atlanta 

41757 Wilson, Carrie Price (Mrs Walter Scott) Savannah 

87083 Wilson, Cora Bailey (Mrs Rosser Adams) . .210 W. Jessamine st, 

4678 Wilson, Margaret Adeline 0*C. (Mrs Arthur McD.)..410 Peachtree 

st, Atlanta 
38421 Wilson, Sarah S. Waldo (Mrs A. McD., Jr.).... 410 Peachtree st, 


58699 Wimpy, Effie Haynes (Mrs W. E.) 61 West End av. Atlanta 

41209 Winburn, Annie Cole S. (Mrs W. A.) 311 Gaston st, E., Savannah 

40228 Wingfield, Susan Lyon Wallace (Mrs Nisbet). .707 Greene st, Augusta 

51768 Winn, Betty Carter (Mrs David Watson) St. Simon's Mills 

38313 Winn, Emma Virginia Shepherd (Mrs Harry Douglas) . .Corinthian 

Apts, Atlanta 
27223 Winship, Elizabeth Thiot (Mrs George).. 614 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

80608 Wise, Louise Lundie Lamar (Mrs) 1309 2d av, Columbus 

1994 Withers, Clara Lou D'Autignac (Mrs Charles Albert).. 529 Greene st, 

1858 Wolff, E. P. McDowell (Mrs Bernard Likens) 9 Peachtree pi, Atlanta 
2360 Wolff, Marian J. Hillyer (Mrs Bernard) . .9 Peachtree pi, Atlanta 
67499 Womblc, Mary V. Thompson (Mrs J. P.) 25 W. Peachtree pi, Atlanta 
13960 Wood, Mary Sallie Trvin (Mrs James S.)..Cor. Whitaker '& Gwin- 
nett sts. Savannah 
80284 Woodruff, Emily Caroline Winship (Mrs Ernest).. 708 Edgewood av, 

70744 Woodsidc, Maggie Roberts (Mrs John J.).. The Majestic, Atlanta 
66113 Woodward, Euphemia Youmans (Mrs Andrew Theron) . .204 E. Gor- 
don st, Valdosta 
8995 Woodward, Helen Baldwin (Mrs David) w. 655 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

57718 Wool folk, Maria Nelson (Miss) 376 Orange st, Macon 

68964 Woolfolk, Mary (Miss) 238 N. Church st, Athens 

72103 Woolfolk. Rose Louise (Miss) 604 Jefferson st, Albany 

86537 Wooten, Ella Leonard (Mrs William Council) Buena Vista 

67960 Wooten, Katherine Roberta Pindar (Mrs James) Valdosta 

31283 Wootten, Katherine Hinton (Miss) 337 W. Peachtree st, Atlanta 

65138 Word, Jenny E. (Miss) 215 S. Broad st, Rome 

33680 Wright. Annie Gregory (Miss) 340 Broad st. Augusta 

67503 Wright, Annie Lee Tison (Mrs James D.) . .913 Egmont st, Brunswick 

67504 Wright, Arabella Tison (Miss) 913 Egmont st, Brunswick 

44874 Wright, Corrie Carr (Mrs J. A.) Covington 

246 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

30672 Wright, Elizabeth (Miss) Waycross 

86545 Wright, Eudora Alexander W. (Mrs Paul D.)..Box 95, La Fayette 

13250 Wright, Mary Louise Cox (Mrs William A.) 402 Peachtree st^ 


60839 Wright, Rena Mason (Mrs Samuel Thurman) Waycross 

39882 Wurm, Louise Goldsmith (Mrs Charles T.)..380 North blvd, Atlanta 

85105 Yates, Annie M. Fox (Mrs William Ernest) Thomaston 

26714 Yeandle, Rebecca Shaw Saffold (Mrs William Henry).. 312 Capitol 

av, Atlanta 
34081 Yeates, Julia Wheeler Moore (Mrs William Smith).. 322 W. Peach- 
tree st, Atlanta 

85742 Young, Adele Waddell (Mrs William B.) Americus 

75176 Young, Ella Meriwether (Miss) Eatonton 

36131 Young, Lucy Irwin Harnett (Miss) Columbus 

60841 Young, Mary Campbell (Miss) Waycross 

43472 Zahner, Emily Cleveland (Miss) 500 Peachtree st, Atlanta 

40774 Zahner, Emily Cleveland Benedict (Mrs Robert).. 500 Peachtree st, 

49381 Zettler, Mahulda Thrasher (Mrs Berrien McPherson) Kirkwood 



17941 Alexander, Abigail Charlotte (Mrs William De Witt). .1508 Punahotr 

st, Honolulu 
40781 Atherton, Juliette Montague Cooke (Mrs Joseph Ballard) ..752 King 

st, Honolulu 

43872 Atherton, Kate Marion (Miss) 752 King st, Honolulu 

20233 Atherton, Minnie Merriam (Mrs (Tharles Henry).. 706 King st, 

44202 Baldwin, Alta Conger (Mrs Charles E.)..Fort Shatter, Honolulu 
29808 Beckley, Mabel Robertson Woods (Mrs Henry Pitman) ..Kohala, 


80323 Bergen, Bertha Elizabeth (Miss) St. Andrew's Priory, Honolulu 

43644 Bryan, Elizabeth Jane Letson (Mrs William Hanson) Honolulu 

70285 Caldwell, Sarah Waldron (Mrs John Worde) Honolulu 

20235 Case, Kathryn Merriam (Mrs Daniel H.) Wailuku, Maui 

24508 Castle, Ida Beatrice (Mrs William R.)..1301 Victoria st, Honolulu 
28914 Chamberlain, Martha Ann Jenkins (Miss).. 1609 Young st, Honolulu 
67518 Clark, Abbie Dunham (Mrs William Augustus) .. 1454 Thurston st, 

68771 Cooke, Maud Baldwin (Mrs Joseph Piatt) . .Nowewchi st, Honolulu- 

20236 Damon, Harriet Melinda (Mrs Samuel Mills).. 1728 Nuuanu av, 


17945 Dickey, Ann Elizabeth (Mrs C. H.) 1586 Nuuanu av, Honolulu 

68997 Douglas, Marie Hume (Miss) 1040 King st, Honolulu 

56488 Douglas. Sallie Hume (Mrs A. E.) 1040 King st, Honolulu 

67962 Dow, Abbie Marion (Miss) Emma st, Honolulu 

24045 Emmans, Luella Rachel Green (Mrs N. H.) Honolulu 

69164 Gartley, Ada Jones (Mrs Alonzo) College Hills, Honolulu 

17947 Girvin, Flora M. Willfong (Mrs James W.). .1125 Kinau st, Honolulu 

32728 Gregg, Isabella Adaline (Miss) 1605 Anapuni st, Honolulu 

66957 Hall, Charlotte Van Cleve (Miss) 1708 Nuuanu av, Honolulu 

17948 Hall, Elizabeth Van Cleve (Mrs William Wisner) . .1708 Nuuanu av. 


28848 Hayes, Ednah Proctor Clarke (Mrs Henry Loui?) Hilo, Hawaii 

79867 Hugo, Grace Hathaway (Mrs Hermann).. P. O. Box 248, Honolulu 

17949 Judd, Agnes Elizabeth ( Miss) 1742 Nuuanu av, Honolulu 

17451 Judd, Agnes Hall Boyd (Mrs S. F.) 1742 Nuuanu av, Honolulu 

21063 Kincaid Kllen Douglas (Mrs William Morris).. 1518 Thurston st^ 


IDAHO 247 

55612 Knudsen, Margaret Russell (Mrs Augustus Francis). .Kekaha, Kauai 

22629 Letnmon, Frances A. (Miss) Kamchameha School, Honolulu 

23127 Lewis, Alice Hall Jones (Mrs) College Hills, Honolulu 

63438 Lyle, Mary Ann (Mrs James) 972 Spencer st, Honolulu 

66958 Mclntyre, Florence Hall (Mrs M.) College Hills, Honolulu 

40530 Marsh, Abby Stuart (Miss) St. Andrew's Priory, Honolulu 

17946 Merrill, Grace G. D. Waterhouse (Mrs A. M.). .Mid-Pacific Institute, 


24509 Moore, Nellie Moore Lowrey (Mrs W. L.)..916 Green st, Honolulu 

68772 Needham, Harriet (Miss) College Hills, Honolulu 

58244 Scott, Lou Netta Strain (Mrs M. F.) Holualoa, Hawaii 

22630 Smith, Mary Abby (Mrs William Owen).. 2002 Nuuanu av, Honolulu 

29507 Turner, Charlotte Louisa (Miss) Wailuku, Maui 

62924 Waipa, Hattie Parker (Miss) Liliha st, Honolulu 

78958 Woods, Isabella Hanai (Miss) Kohala, Hawaii 


State Regent, 1911-12, Mrs Charles W. Fursell, 916 Hays st, Boise 
State Vice Regent, 1911-12, Mrs Adolph Blits, 1303 Hays st, Boise 


68191 Allan, Lottie Jones (Mrs James C.) Boise City 

48103 Allred, Nancy B. Vance (Mrs R. W.) . .c/o .Citizen's State Bank, Buhl 

65261 Batterton, Janet Humphreys (Mrs Charles A.) St. Joe 

86548 Bedford, Lalla (Miss) 516 S. 6th av, Caldwell 

84019 Bird, Annie Dudley Bedford (Mrs Joseph E.) P. O. Box 224, 


71092 Blitz, Anna Dudley (Mrs Adolph) 1303 Hays st, Boise 

71093 Blitz, Anne Dudley (Miss) 1411 W. Franklin st, Boise 

81736 Brown, May Johnston (Mrs John) Blackfoot 

85283 Brubacher, Floribel Bingley (Mrs Irving C.) Gooding 

85284 Bush, Alma Perry (Mrs Frederick C.) Gooding 

64385 Cannon, Dell Fulton (Mrs Thomas Tarbell) Twin Falls 

73909 Chamberlain, Ella Gilkey (Mrs H. L) Soldiers Home, Boise 

62589 Chisman, Susanna Chisman (Mrs Wade) Box 366, Irwin Falls 

73069 Coffin, Flora Maria Furry (Mrs) Hailey 

67916 Coolbaugh, Katharine (Miss) .....1108 N. 16th st, Boise 

66467 Coolbaugh, Mary Ellen Lewis (Mrs Robert S.)..1108 N. 16th st, 


51665 Dubois, Evelyn Maxfield (Mrs Frederick T.) Blackfoot 

72807 Earhart, Gertrude (Miss) 108 Warm Springs av, Boise 

80706 Ensign, Anna Plank (Mrs Frank Goodwin) Boise 

73910 Erwin, Edith Gillespie (Mrs Richard Patton). .1123 State st, Boise 

85748 Finney, Julia Velma (Miss) Caldwell 

81143 Fisher, R. Glen (Miss) Post Falls 

85277 Fitz, May (Mrs George G.) Placerville 

64883 Folsom, Allene D. (Miss) 115 State st, Boise 

30186 Gageby, Susan A. (Miss) 1112 Jefferson st, Boise 

73945 Gritman, Bertie £. (Mrs Charles L.) Moscow 

84422 Hall, Lulu (Miss) 410 Overland Block, Boise 

44280 Hamilton, Dorothy (Miss) Boise 

82432 Hanna, Frances Gore (Mrs) 709 N. 6th st. Boise 

44424 Hawkes, Mary Emily Pease (Mrs Winfield Scott) Caldwell 

71702 Holt, Ella Sabin Fillins (Mrs Benjamin. Merrill) Caldwell 

69965 Howard, Ida Muzzy (Mrs Allen) Emmett 

85285 Hudelson, Katherine W. (Mrs Robert C.) Gooding 

85286 Hudelson, Mary Ellen (Miss) Gooding 

68998 Hurtt, Jessie Sterry (Mrs Clarence B.)....145 W. Idaho st. Boise 

68773 Jackj^on, Ethelwyn Bogue (Mrs Edward Sherman) Gooding 

248 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

84425 Jackson, Mae E. (Mrs Henry Davis) Wendell 

72106 Johnson, Nellie Fullenwider (Mrs Orville Payne) Boise 

87436 Kenfield, Grace E. (Miss) Lewiston 

87014 Kilbourne, Ella Genevieve (Mrs Edward L.) Spirit Lake 

68999 Kirkpatrick, Mary E. Sterry (Mrs Elbert M.) Parma 

84764 Kneedler, Mary Frances (Mrs Hiram S.) Caldwell 

54705 Lamberton, Imogen Maude (Mrs Charles Harkness) Owyhee 

Hotel, Boise 

22810 Lytle, Anna Webster (Miss) Lewis Hall, Lewiston 

35892 Lytle, Mary Elenore (Mrs James Steele) 711 8th av, Lewiston 

80793 McBryde, Gertrude Butterfield (Mrs) Pierce 

78507 McGee, Mary E. (Mrs James A.) 400 7th av & 4th st, Nampa 

52018 Morrow, Anna Mary (Miss) 12th & Franklin sts, Boise 

69818 Morrow, Vira Skiff (Mrs James B.)....420 Washington st. Boise 

65275 Patch, Ernestine Tabor (Mrs Le Roy Vernon) Payette 

69478 Pope, Mary L. Lash (Mrs Harry Douglas) Boise 

25505 Pursell, Anna Ford (Mrs Charles W.) 916 Hays st, Boise 

80391 Reed, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs (}eorge M.) Grangeville 

71742 Rice, Alice Tarr (Mrs Lucius C.) St. Anthony 

61982 Rice, Dora M. (Miss) Rockland 

61983 Rice, Florence Nettie (Miss) Rockland 

61981 Rice, Frances J. (Mrs William Jerome) Rockland 

84423 Sheldon, Althea Morgan (Miss) 1909 Cleveland blvd, Caldwell 

68774 Sheppard, Grace Wyman (Mrs Bradley) 604 Franklin st, Boise 

62852 Simmonds, Isabel Dennison (Mrs Elton James) Wardner 

85278 Sisk, Anna M. (Miss) 119 N. 17th st. Boise 

81548 Sisk, Lizzie Moore (Mrs Stephen M) 119 N. 17th st, Boise 

68775 Stayner, Harriet Holtenhouse (Mrs Bernard L.)..1115 O'Farrell st, 


39831 Steely, Bertrice Hobart Smith (Mrs Oscar Baker) Pocatello 

45864 Stewart, Emily (Miss) 704 Franklin st, Boise 

85279 Stofiel, Catherine Sisk (Mrs James H.) ..R. F. D. No. 1, Box 153, 


71536 Stone, Louise Finney (Mrs Ward) Caldwell 

83730 Titus, Frances Pond (Mrs) 1016 Eastman st, Boise 

66959 Travis, Annie M. (Mrs Benjamin F.) Canyon Creek 

"66960 Travis, Mary L. (Miss) Canyon Creek 

73255 Van Boskirk, Fav (Miss) 712 Franklin st, Boise 

75034 Van Riper, Stella Hart (Mrs Edgar L.) Buhl 

53502 Walters, Minerva Ginter (Mrs Theodore A.) Caldwell 

41467 Warner, Edith May Saunders (Mrs Joseph) Walton 

57668 Weaver, Mabel Lucella Payne (Mrs Lawrence Jacob) ..Mountain 


85281 Whitely, Mabel M. (Mrs B. M.) 1317 River st, Boise 

84424 Wiley, Clara Austin (Mrs Pliny A.) Caldwell 

41275 Williams, Minerva A. (Miss) Boise 

70529 Wilson, Elizabeth Tate (Mrs Alexander P.) ..1419 Washington st, 


8379 Winchester, Stella Louise (Miss) Wendell 

79591 Wood, Clara Louise (Miss) R. F. D. No. 2, Boise 

68776 Wyman, Elizabeth Bordwell (Mrs Edward S.) ....604 Franklin st, 




State Regent, 1911-12, Mrs George A. Laxvrence, 590 A^ Prairie st, Galesburg 
State Vice Regent, 1911-12, Mrs Luther Dcnvent, IVaysidc, Rockford 


^100 Abbey, Mary .Louise Armstrong (Mrs Frederick C)..406 E. Archer 

av, Monmouth 
82172 Abbott, Bertha Philleo (Mrs Charles Byron) ... .522 Peoria av, Dixon 
26731 Abbott, E. Jcanette Miller (Mrs William Warner) . .211 E. 50th st, 


73948 Abbott, Ellen Barrett (Mrs W. C.) PittsfieW 

76846 Abbott, Frances Dorcas (Miss) 806 S. Lincoln st, Urbana 

65847 Abbott, Helen Williams (Miss) 1244 N. State st, Chicago 

45731 Abbott, Hortense Ella (Miss) 87 Lincoln av, Chicago 

85297 Abbott, Marie Millage (Mrs George Andrews) 730 N. Grove av. 

Oak Park 

76681 Abbott, Orie Nye (Mrs J. Clarke) 5533 Prairie av, Chicago 

13983 Adair, Virginia McConnell (Mrs Addison A.) 102 S. Grove av. 

Oak Park 
44629 Adamick, Rose Schley (Mrs Gustave H.) . .2918 Keiimore av, Chicago 
57736 Adams, Alice E. Folger (Mrs George W.)..727 E. 1st av, Monmouth 

15506 Adams, Carrie Allen (Mrs Albert H.) 225 Wesley av. Oak Park 

20241 Adams, Emma J. Blair (Mrs Cyrus Hall) 155 Rush st, Chicago 

30719 Adams, Gertrude E. Smith (Mrs Harry) 392 Raymond st, Elgin 

73310 Adams, Katie Jane (Miss) 332 Federal Bldg, Chicago 

26734 Adams, Lucy Sackett G. (Mrs Charles Edwin) 4719 Kenwood av, 

32838 Adams, Minna Worthington (Mrs Albyn Lincoln) 871 W. College av, 

41230 Adams, Nancy Stoky Stannard (Mrs James) 220 Home av, 

Oak Park 
44228 Adkins, Lottie Elizabeth (Mrs William G.)..5702 Drexel av, Chicago 

9964 Adolphus, Emma Hagan (Mrs Wolfe) 5554 Sheridan rd, Chicago 

71457 Ahem, Emma Romberger (Mrs Qinton James) Dwight 

36438 Ahlers, Mary Josephine Williams (Mrs Richard Henry) 1180 E. 

Garfield bd, Chicago 
44895 Ahrens, Maude Campbell (Mrs Albert Edward).. 345 W. Prairie av, 

69488 Ainsworth, Grace Conklin (Mrs Thomas C.)..310 N. Main st, Paris 

18395 Ainsworth, Lucy (Miss) 503 19th st, Moline 

4110 Ainsworth, Stella A. Davidson (Mrs Harry). .Atkinson Park, Moline 

40389 Alden, Anna Howland (Mrs Rinaldo) Waukegan 

49873 Alden, Nellie Charlotte (Mrs Albert F.) 460 Chicago st, Elgin 

42825 Alexander, Kate Gerry (Mrs Wm. Harmon) 1660 Kentucky st, 


68782 Alkire, Stella Skiles (Mrs Milem J.) 637 S. 2d st, Springfield 

58338 Allen, Cornelia M. (Miss) Geneseo 

69002 Allen, Helen Littlefield (Miss) 722 S. 6th st. Springfield 

47065 Allen. Lillie Morton (Mrs John Kermott) ....4908 Washington av, 


67231 Allen, Lucy J. M. (Mrs William S.) Jacksonville 

46650 Allen, Margaret Eudora Durell (Mrs John Qajrton) Monmouth 

11447 Allen, Martha Anthony Robinson (Mrs Howard W.)..l60 S. Central 

Park av, Chicago 
4112 Allen, Minnie F. Stephens CMrs Frank Gates) Allendale, Moline 

72107 Allen, Nina Earla (Miss) Monmouth 

35775 Allen, Sarah E. (Miss) 225 W. 61st pi, Chicago 

72108 Allen, Sarah Louise Westfall (Mrs Samuel) . .E. S. 8th st, Monmouth 

84432 Allin, Eugenia (Miss) Decatur 

733S3 Allison. Annie E. Webster (Mrs George E.) 232 N. Harvey av, 

Oak Park 

250 DIRKCTORV, D. A. R. 

76547 Allison, Julia Mitchell (Mrs George M.) Downer's Grove 

42892 Allison, Rose Lufkin (Mrs C. E.) 1711 Sheridan rd, Chicago 

84212 Alter, Ella Hartt (Mrs John) 320 S. Grove av. Oak Park 

70826 Ambler, Ida Sharps (Mrs William H.)..1331 N. Broad st, Galesburg 
49391 Ambrose, Frances Louise (Mrs George M.) 324 Randolph st. 

Oak Park 

10981 Ambrose, Lodilla (Miss) P. O. Box 185, Evanston 

10980 Ambrose, Lodisa Welch (Mrs James C.)..1719 Hinman av, Evanston 
60848 Ambuhl, Ella Virginia (Mrs George E.). .1832 W. Adams st, Chicago 

37628 Ames, Edna Nicholson (Mrs Wilbur J.) Kewanee 

24850 Ames, Grace E. Kimball (Mrs C. T.) 268 Chestnut st, Chicago 

30710 Ames, Minerva Ross (Mrs John C.) Streator 

61845 Anderson, Annie Elizabeth (Miss) 916 3d st, Dixon 

31319 Anderson, Ellin I. Bishop (Mrs Joseph) Morgan Park 

65794 Anderson, Harriett Going (Mrs Emil Bernard) 5933 Prairie av, 


44239 Anderson, Lucy Robeson (Mrs A. J.) 100 N. Elm st, Kewanee 

82813 Anderson, Luetta C. (Mrs F. M.) 616 W. William st, Decatur 

32035 Anderson, Margaret Wing (Mrs Charles William) . .701 W. 111. st, 

Urban a 
79017 Anderson, Nellie Douglas Hamilton (Mrs William E. P.) . . Carlinville 
81244 Andrews, Alice Scranton Davis (Mrs E. Wyllys) 2525 Prairie av,. 


48418 Andrews, Ellen I. (Miss) 2832 5th av, Rock Island 

51775 Andrews, Emma May ( Miss) Hoopeston 

9018 Andrews, Irene Fargo (Mrs James C. B.) 2247 Mich, av, Chicago 

73915 Andrus, Charlotte Alida (Miss) 1223 Winona st, Chicago 

73949 Angier, Helen Louise (Miss) Virginia 

37624 Antes, Katharine Coleman (Miss) Geneseo 

61887 Antes, Olive Chick (Mrs) 424 N. Court st, Rockford 

37622 Antes, Phoebe Wells (Mrs Henry T.) Geneseo 

78537 Applegate, Emma R. (Mrs Charles) Macomb 

78096 Arbogast, Feme (Miss) 321 S. Grant st, Clinton 

62959 Armbruster, Ressa Read (Mrs Julius Wilhelm) 530 S. 2d st, 


77049 Armington. Elizabeth E. Fuller (Mrs Abram O.) 620 Roosevelt 

court, Sycamore 
38022 Armstrong, Frances A. Pettis (Mrs John F.) 1234 S. Church st,. 

22650 Armstrong, Frances P. Osgood (Mrs Marshal] N.)..1137 Madison st, 


38434 Armstrong, Geneva (Miss) 3708 Lake av, Chicago 

75809 Armstrong, Lucie Woolf (Mrs Edwin Newell) 405 Moss av, Peoria 

40261 Armstrong, Lucy May (Miss) 1137 W. Madison st, Ottawa 

2546 Arnoid, Elizabeth F. M. Tittle (Mrs Charles C.) Winnetka 

39530 Arnold, Ella Ferris (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) 759 E. Main st, 

80655 Ascher, Minerva Alice Bordner (Mrs William) . .214 Stephenson st,. 


50672 Ash, Jeannette Cory Chamberlin (Mrs) Hoopeston 

52723 Ashmore, Harriet (Mrs Morse R.) 934 Lakeside pi, Chicago- 

83737 Atchley, Evelyn Marvin (Mrs Charles Edward) Rockton 

84132 Atherton, Addie Vaughan (Mrs Frank Stedman) 3435 Monroe st,. 

70758 Atkins, Blanche Temple (Mrs William A.) ... .204 W. Main st, Clinton 

63449 Atkins, Lucy Bates (Mrs Samuel Thomas) 829 Pekin st, Lincoln 

75032 Atkinson, Grace (Mrs Charles M.) Havana 

17882 Atwater, Susan Stow Bristol (Mrs Albert T.) 1047 State st, 


52519 Atwood. Arvilla Andrus (Mrs John A.) Stillman Valley 

85939 Austin, Gertrude (Miss) 204 W. Jefferson st, Effingham 

20291 Austin, Louie Hammond (Mrs William B.) 25 Scott st, Chicago 

38792 Avery, Elizabeth Florence (Miss) 5458 Greenwood av, Chicago 

5728 Ayer, Janet Hopkins (Mrs Benjamin F.) .20 Goethe st, Chicago* 


57724 Ayers, Lorinda J. McConoughey (Mrs Homer W,) . .303 La Salle av,, 


42851 Aylsworth, Flora A. Jones (Mrs) Roseville 

69000 Babb, Alta Woody (Mrs Charles D.) Homer 

22638 Babcock, Abbie Kettelle S. (Mrs Frederick R.) 14 Bellevue pU 


69213 Bab^ck, Birdie Ball (Mrs Henry Allen) Rushville 

72720 Babcock, Gertrude E. (Mrs William F.) 523 Barry st, Chicago 

71752 Babcock, Mabel Buck (Mrs Henri S.) 110 Robinson st, Danville 

32778 Babcock, Sarah L. (Mrs) Winnetka 

51374 Babson, Franc Palmer (Mrs Frederick) Riverside 

58714 Bach, Laura M. Williams (Mrs Emil W.)....507 Ravine av, Peoria 
12593 Bach, Lelia Frances Means (Mrs William Robert) . .1115 E. (jrove st> 


77065 Bacon, Elizabeth Lisle (Mrs Joseph B.) Macomb 

50653 Bacon, Eugenie McKenzie (Mrs George Robert).. 130 W. Eldorado 

st, Decatur 
53620 Bacon, Katherine Disbrough (Mrs Edward Richardson) .234 La 

Salle st, Chicago 

20033 Bacon, Lizzie W. (Miss) 6635 Kimbark av, Chicago 

43790 Baddelcy, Sarah Grace Williams (Mrs Charles Henry) . .Champaign 
85751 Badenoch, Mary Russel (Mrs Rowland N.) . .6248 Ross av, Chicago 

37269 Baggot, Bertha Miller (Mrs Edward) 562 Oakwood bd, Chicago 

45708 Baggs, Lydia (Mrs John) 201 Moss av, Peoria 

23781 Bahnsen, Anne Montgomery (Mrs Frank William). .. .723 20th st,. 

Rock Island 

81237 Bailey, Belle Josephine (Miss) 606 W. Church st, Champaign. 

12044 Bailey, Charlotte Osgood (Miss) 4756 Kenwood av, Chicago 

4885 Bailey, Clara Langdon (Mrs John W.)..283 N. Euclid av. Oak Park 

67426 Bailey, Edith M. Stanwood (Mrs H. B.) E. State st, Rockford 

78538 Bailey, Eleanor Eads (Mrs James Worthington) . .305 S. Randolph 

st, Macomb 

1 1896 Bailey, Gertrude Canfield ( Mrs Ezra Hunt) Streator 

81236 Bailey, Josephine Susan (Mrs Edward) 606 W. Church st, Champaign 

67980 Baird, Anna Kennedy (Mrs Harvev Lyle) Marshall 

50663 Baker, Bert (Miss) ' 314 Sixth av, Peoria 

33259 Baker, Dorothy A. (Miss) Streator 

59180 Baker, Edna G. M. (Mrs Joseph) R. F. D., Ottawa 

74911 Baker, Gayetta Barber (Mrs Harrison Monroe) 2969 Michigan av,. 


16086 Baker, Louise Casey (Mrs David J., Jr.) Springfield 

35769 Baker, Marie Adams (Mrs Edward) 402 Monroe st, S., Streator 

86568 Baker, Minnie Hewes (Mrs George F.) Crete 

48408 Baker, Nellie (Miss) White Hall 

86565 Balcom, E. Pearl (Miss) Ohio- 

80668 Baldwin, Elizabeth Bell (Mrs Francis E.) 238 Westminster st, 

13543 Baldwin, Helen Marion Abbott (Mrs C. K.) 5427 Jefferson av, 

Hyde Park, Chicago 

81906 B.nldwin, Linna Isbell (Miss) 234 W. Sycamore st. Sycamore 

10433 Baldwin, Louise Perkins (Mrs Elmer E.) 35th st & Indiana av, 

70937 Baldwin, Olive Holmes (Mrs Dennison Holmes) 323 Moss av, 

4105 Ball, Carrie Woodruff (Mrs George C.).. Hotel Windermere, Chicago- 
42212 Ball, Ella McPherson (Mrs R. M. C.) Monmouth 

77465 Ball, Ellen Gertrude (Miss) Toluca 

13303 Ball, Esther Ingalls (Mrs William T.) 1235 11th av, Moline 

71109 Ball, Ivanilla Dunham (Mrs Frederick) . .319 S. Madison st, Clinton 

77466 Ball, Josephine Fayetta (Miss) Toluca 

77467 Ball, Lizzie Electa (Miss) Toluca 

77783 Ballard, Emma Porter (Mrs Orville Wellington) . .3642 Prairie av,. 


.252 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

29351 Balzer, Flossie K, Ayer (Mrs Albert) 907 N. 53d av, Austin 

3579 Bannard, Alice Yeakle Stockton (Mrs Henry Clay) . .36 Bellevue pi, 

73256 Banning, Sarah Jane Hubbard (Mrs Thomas A.).. 5535 Monroe av, 

18413 Bannister, Frances Bryant (Mrs John C.) 579 S. Tremont st, Kewanee 

81251 Banta, Anna McClure (Mrs Charles Franklin) Eureka 

40248 Barbee, Isadore Durkee (Mrs James S.) P. O. Box 416, Effingham 

77054 Barbee, Melvina Dickinson (Mrs William S.) . .6443 Yale av, Chicago 

62960 Barber, Emma Rankin (Mrs Clayton J.) 510 S. 2d st, Springfield 

49878 Barber, F'annie Armstrong (Mrs Henry D.) Sheridan 

65141 Barber, Mary Pennell CMrs Albert Hall) 566 Brvant av, Chicago 

137 Barber, Victoria C. A. (Mrs John O.) '. Winnetka 

17953 Barbour, Helcan M. (Mrs Lyman Law) 4932 Lake av, Chicago 

31368 Barden, Sarah E. VVaite (Mrs James A.) Oregon 

20908 Barker, Josephine Waite (Mrs Frank).. 700 Washington st, Rochelle 
2472 Barker, Julia Shumway (Mrs Frank W.) 4633 Greenwood av, 

53684 Barlow, Ada Safford (Mrs Robert Winthrop) 1514 Monroe st, 


.61824 Barlow, Clara Dales (Mrs Charles W.) 1360 E. 62d st, Chicago 

3477 Barlow, Cornelia (Miss) • Highland Park 

3588 Barlow, Ella Crail (Mrs John Charles) 709 Broadway, Streator 

.36168 Barlow, Mary Louisa Cone (Mrs Henry C.) 515 Fair Oaks av. 

Oak Park 

79462 Barmore, Carrie B. (Miss) 12 E. Maple av, Downer's Grove 

73935 Barnard, Clara King (Mrs William H.) Ottawa 

3943 Barnard, Margaret Nevin Finley (Mrs Charles Albert). .. .Elsmore, 

10443 Barnes, Charlotte Lancoaft Gillett (Mrs William). .500 W. Main st, 


48405 Barnes, Ellen Kennedy ( Mrs Albert E.) Atlanta 

24504 Barnes, Jessie Foster (Miss) 2354 Cleveland av, Chicago 

8385 Barnes, Julia Kate Gould (Mrs \V. F.)..813 N. Main st, Rockford 
7748 Barnes, Mary J. Parmelee (Mrs John).... 721 N. Main st, Rockford 

27526 Barnes, Myra L. (Miss) 7814 Union av, Chicago 

12592 Barnes, Susan Elizabeth Sewall Fry (Mrs William) . .415 W. State 

st, Jacksonville 
75193 Barnet, Mary Wilson (Mrs James Blackstone) 72 E. Elm st, Chicago 
19138 Barney, Bertha Pheanna Sandford (Mrs Charles Asa) 732 S. 

Chestnut st, Kewanee 

78508 Barr, Hortense Call (Mrs Andrew) 702 W. Illinois st, Urbana 

58725 Barr, Kate Estella ( Mrs Charles Vincent) Plainfield 

18415 Barr, Leila Markoe (Mrs Samuel Orr) 1209 W. State st, 

48402 Barrett, Caroline Sanford (Mrs Charles) 315 Stephenson st, 


-3452 Barry, Mary B. (Mrs George) 912 Greenleaf st, Wilmette 

43096 Barstow, Rhoda Pike (Mrs Charles F.)....3938 N. 42d av, Chicago 

61'a25 Bartholf, Grace Bullock ( Mrs Charles S.) Glencoe 

10423 Bartlett, Abby Hitchcock (Mrs A. C.) 2720 Prairie av, Chicago 

65795 Bartlett, Edith Elliott (Mrs Luther) 434 S. Claremont av, Chicago 

27426 Bartlett, Laurine L. Wright (Mrs Charles H.) 807 Greenleaf st, 

63619 Baskett, Italy Clendenen (Mrs Howard Gordon) 4th & Park sts, 


40252 Bass, Elizabeth M. (Mrs George) Woman's Club, Chicago 

18368 Bassett, Frances Lewis (Mrs Roger Marcus) Hotel Windermere, 


48686 Bassett, J. Augusta (Miss) 4325 Ellis av, Chicago 

39908 Bassett, Mary Hortense (Mrs Orville D.)..S. Chestnut st, Kewanee 
12053 Bates, Adeline Gillett (Mrs Erastus W.)..106 N. Union st. Lincoln 
34574 Batten, Lisa Stockton (Mrs Percy H.) 23 E. Walton pi, Chicago 


36673 Bauer, Ella Pettengill (Mrs William) Bunker Hill 

86551 Baumgardtner, Maude J. McLaren (Mrs Edward H.)..6120 Lexing- 
ton av, Chicago 

42826 Baumgartner, Lucie S. (Mrs M. M.) 162 Exchange st, Freeport 

71531 Bawden, Genevieve Eraser (Mrs John) 240 E. Ohio st, Chicago- 

31341 Baxter, Josephine Butler (Mrs Isaac Newton). .Ottawa av, Ottawa 

56952 Bayliss, Clara Kern (Mrs Alfred) Macomb 

81563 Bayne, Gertrude Naoma Ball (Mrs Roscoe S.) Henry 

67230 Beacham, Clara M. (Miss) Colonial Bldg, Galesburg 

44813 Beachel, Isabel Harvey (Mrs Burr Toye) Chicago 

41225 Beadle, Jessie Fuller (Miss) 7154 Emerald av, Chicago 

22633 Beall, Mary B. (Miss) Streator 

82434 Beard, Mary Askey (Mrs William H.) 307 N. 3d av, Maywood 

25685 Beasley, Mary Ramsey (Mrs Alfred W.) 613 Fayette st, Peoria 

45709 Beasley, Nellie Boyd (Mrs Harrison E.)..1202 N. Monroe st, Peoria 
16688 Beath, Elizabeth Ann Kern (Mrs John L.) 814 N. Main st, 


26397 Beattie, Elizabeth Truby (Mrs James C.) El wood 

45448 Beatty, Frances Howell (Miss) 153 La Salle st, Chicago 

I^IZ Beaver, Tessa Frances Dodds (Mrs O. V.) Macomb 

1617 Becker, Clara Cooley (Mrs Frederick W.) . .4169 Berkeley av, Chicago 

81562 Beckwith, Cora Ethel Ball (Mrs Herbert H.) Toluca 

68155 Beckwith, Mabel Estella (Miss) Mercy Hospital, Chicago 

65808 Beckwith, Mana Gaylord (Miss) Wcnona 

64003 Bedford, Anna Elizabeth (Mrs William T.)..610 Bucklin st, La Salle 

65800 Beem, Vilda Prescott (Miss) 609 Illinois av, Ottawa 

45710 Beggs, Jessie Wilson (Mrs Edwin) Ashland 

13281 Beidler, Ida Merriman (Mrs Herbert Alpine).. 325 Western Union 

Bldg, Chicago 
42211 Bckcmeyer, Katharine Perry (Mrs Herman S.) 1230 S. 4th st,. 

13650 Bell. Eliza Corinne Chandler (Mrs George Alfred) ..4142 Perry st,> 

Rogers Park, Chicago 

73929 Bell, Ethel Gooding (Mrs John Forest) 15 N. Channing st, Elgin 

51 188 Bell, Sarah Martha Jamison (Mrs William) Galesburg 

32444 Bellatti, Sophie H. (Mrs John) 605 W, College av, Jacksonville 

54209 Bellchamber, Annasue Harrigan (Mrs Harry A.) Effingham 

30748 Bender, Alma Colville (Mrs Victor E.) 607 S. 7th st, Springfield 

68564 Benedict, Cornelia A. (Miss) 1022 Greenleaf st, Evanston 

68566 Benedict, Jessie L. (Miss) 1022 Greenleaf st, Evanston 

26756 Benedict, Lydia A. Brown (Mrs George W.) Geneseo 

75816 Benner, Leatha Golden (Mrs Charles M.) McCall 

33708 Bennet, Irene Mayhew Graves (Mrs Harola W.) 1047 Forest av, 

74713 Bennett, Anna H. Cortright (Mrs Frank I.).. 5807 Washington av, 


39534 Bennett, Catharine Snyder (Mrs) 830 N. Church st, Rockford 

629*9 Bennett, Mary C. (Miss) 830 N. Church st, Rockford 

46644 Bennett, Mary S. Heald (Mrs Edwin B.) 1724 Park av, Chicago 

57732 Bennett, Nellie Ince (Mrs Walter) 1221 Broadway, Quincy 

2?221 Bennitt, Melinda Wheeler (Mrs Benjamin) 500 Eastern av, Jolict 

59185 Benton, Adelia Eldredge (Mrs Merritt K.)..1(X3 Randolph av, Peoria 

45892 Benton, Leila E. (Mrs George P.) 6026 Woodlawn av, Chicago 

40269 Benton, May King (Mrs Wilbur M.) 207 Crescent av, Peoria 

2D258 Benzingcr, Gertrude Lytton (Mrs August). .2700 Prairie av, Chicago- 
80638 Berge, Helen Ford Johnson (Mrs George Hewes)..5610 Kenmore av,. 


16679 Bergen, Nellie Sims (Mrs) 1(X)6 Union st, Lincoln 

79007 Bcrgland, Pearl Hendricks (Mrs Albert E.) Galva 

34139 Berry, Adelia H. Nelson (Mrs Frederick J., Jr.). .271 Oakwood Block, 


26750 Berry, Anna Barr (Mrs Orville F.) Carthage- 

46784 Berry, Rachel Allerton (Mrs John Bennington) . .416 N. Oak Park av„ 

Oak Park 

254 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

16468 Bertrand, Anna Butler Snyder (Mrs Frank M.) 520 N. Main st. 


47088 Besley, Almira E. Burt Busey (Mrs) 5256 S. Park av, Urbana 

49867 Besore, Emma Julia (Mrs George) 508 W. Green st, Urbana 

50671 Bettes, Ellen Archer (Mrs William) 320 Peach st, Rockford 

44889 Bevan, Armanda S. (Mrs John L.) Atlanta 

83740 Beveridge, Ella Finley (Mrs William G.) Sandwich 

39639 Bevis, Lucy Adelaide (Mrs Issacher L.) 445 N. Kennilworth av, 

Oak Park 

39640 Bevis, Mildred Bell (Miss) Park Ridge 

73264 Beye, Belle Skillin (Mrs John C.) . .604 S. Kennilworth av. Oak Park 
9985 Beye, Nellie C. Lombard (Mrs William) ... .242 Maple av. Oak Park 

53140 Bickett, Elizabeth D. McClure (Mrs Hiram Sibley).. 609 E. 62d st, 

46626 Bigelow, Anna C. (Mrs James L.) 171 La Salle st, Chicago 

SlTXi Billings, Bertha M. (Miss) 3337 Oak Park av, Berwyn 

61826 Billings, Caroline Cutter (Mrs Henry Lewis) 3337 Oak Park av, 

33265 Billings, Mary Stratton Bloomer (Mrs John L.) . 6440 Normal blvd, 


33264 Billings, Myra Cable (Miss) 6640 Normal blvd, Chicago 

59700 Bills, Alice Warner (Mrs Clarence M.) Geneseo 

46212 Bills, Grace Somers (Mrs Frank L.) 502 W. Elm st, Urbana 

85112 Bilsland, Isa Miles (Mrs B. Franklin) ... .5753 Winthrop av, Chicago 

37371 Bird, Amanda Maulsby (Mrs Stephen) 2501 Sycamore st, Cairo 

58140 Bird, Elizabeth Curtis (Mrs George) 284 E. 38th st, Chicago 

35797 Bird, Jennette Payne (Mrs James F.) 600 6th st, Rochelle 

73265 Bird, Marion Graves (Mrs Charles G.) . .640 Woodbine av, Oak Park 

35798 Bird, Nellie Adelle (Miss) 600 6th st, Rochelle 

66131 Birdsall, Grace L. (Miss) Good Hope 

81561 Bisbee, Ruby C. Slater (Mrs Warren Tyler). 5756 S. Park av, Chicago 

72623 Bishop, Martha Stuart (Mrs Charles Alfred) 215 S. Main st. 


61827 Bishop, Minnie Ridgeway (Mrs L. Brackett) .. Chicago Beach Hotel, 

6433 Bissell, Annie Moseley (Mrs William P.).. 1208 Maple av, Evanston 

52494 Bissell, Ruby Winston Whittlesey (Mrs Lewis H.) Effingham 

71040 Blachly, Madeleine St. Claire (Miss) Spring Valley 

70935 Blachly, Marguerite Dalzell (Miss) Spring Valley 

55619 Black, Anna Louise (Mrs) 706 Prairie av, Decatur 

11490 Black, Bessie McLaughlin (Mrs Carl Ellsworth) .. 1302 W. State st, 

40319 Black, Emeline Atlee (Mrs Irving C.) 678 Lincoln Park blvd, Chicago 
69212 Black, Jessie Blanche Youngs (Mrs William H. Stanley) . . . .308 N. 

Elmwood av. Oak Park 
33711 Black, Sophronia Benton (Mrs John Ingersoll) ... .117 Randolph av, 

71673 Blackburn, Lina Buckles (Mrs Samuel West) .213 Normal av. Normal 
54691 Blackman, Florence Miriam (Mrs Carlos Henry).. 228 S. First st, 


61906 Blagden, Addie Blanche White (Mrs Alonzo Dexter) Sycamore 

78994 Blair, Anna L. Petty (Mrs Sidney 0.)....4448 Drexel blvd, Chicago 
14795 Blair, Grace E. Pearce (Mrs Henry Augustus) .. ..2735 Prairie av, 

60256 Blake, Elizabeth Russell (Mrs Henry Holbrook) 5804 Washington blvd, 


26006 Blake, Margaret Stevenson (Mrs Ira) 527 S. Tremont st, Kewanee 

62925 Blakely, Seal Grubb (Miss) 4001 Vinccnnes av, (Hiicago 

23797 Blakemore, Mary Esther Bullen (Mrs Robert Stanley) .. 1021 7th av, 


48403 Blakeslee, Ella (Mrs George C.) 502 23d st. Rock Island 

50662 Blanchard, Irene Martha (Miss) Normal 

39910 Bland, Lillian E. Scott (Mrs Perry) P. O. Box 125, Sullivan 


12629 Blish, Amy Mason Rhodes (Mrs James Knox) . . 120 S. Tremont st, 

66964 Blish, Margaret Gage (Miss) .The Hollenden, Wentworth av, Chicago 
21464 Bliss, Elizabeth Strong (Mrs Sylvester S.) . .1322 Benson av, Evanston 
45284 Bliss, Fannie G. Wright (Mrs Howard) 368 W. Tompkins st, 


337 Block, Anna Scott (Mrs Willard T.) 3123 Calumet av, Chicago 

55620 Block, Mary C Crabtree (Mrs William S.) . .409 N. Dement av, Dixon 

71750 Blodgett, Alice Twogood Coonradt (Mrs William Allen) Morrison 

39895 Blodgett, Genevieve Smith (Mrs Cyrus Wells) 211 Hickory st, 


44897 Blood, Mary Isabelle (Miss) 122 Maple av, Galesburg 

38453 Blose, Minnie Fisher (Mrs Henry P.) 411 Gilbert st, Danville 

68778 Blume, Josephine Ives (Mrs George A.) 442 E. 45th pi, Chicago 

61867 Blythe, Etta Walker (Mrs Alfred W.) Kirkwood 

5738 Bodman, Grace Herbert (Mrs Luther W.) ..1519 State st, N., Chicago 

71463 Boehmcr, Laura Alma (Mrs Joseph). ..501 K Front st. Bloomington 

7455 Bogardus, Caroline M. (Mrs Henry A.).. 756 Bittersweet pi, Chicago 

26013 Boggs, Harriott Chandler (Mrs Joseph A.) Alexis 

61909 Bois, Faith Boies Hoyt (Mrs H. B.) Sycamore 

13261 Bolte, Marion Endicott (Mrs Anson Lee) 3757 Ellis av, Chicago 

29630 Bond, Anna C. (Mrs Jesse W.) 724 W. Broadway, Monmouth 

76454 Bonner, May Stanley Kelly (Mrs Charles) 5752 Rosalie Court, 

76541 Bonnctt, Hester Mary Loar (Mrs John) 606 E. Front st, 


59192 Boose, Jane Famham (Mrs John Henry) 222 S. 2d st, Rockford 

61311 Booth, Madeline French San ford (Mrs Thomas S.) . .4749 Grand blvd, 


64881 Booth, Nettie Shaw (Mrs Newton Truman) Marshall 

21945 Borland, Harriet Blair (Mrs John Jay) 2616 Prairie av, Chicago 

26730 Bomer, Fanny A. (Mrs William) The Plaza, Chicago 

55151 Boston, Ellen E. (Mrs Edward) ..1271 W. Washington st, Springfield 

23771 Bosworth, Abbie L. (Miss) 745 Highland av, Elgin 

28402 Bosworth, Eleanora Maria Burdick Wheeler (Mrs Alfred) . .623 High- 
land av, Elgin 
19735 Boughton, Lida Thompson (Mrs Daniel Knapp) 4809 Lake av, 


17615 Bourlano, Mary Codding (Mrs Ogden P.) Pontiac 

39503 Boumique, Mary McMunn (Mrs Alvar L.) 5423 East End av, 

66128 Boumique, Stella G. Curtis (Mrs Eugene Augustus) . .315 Central av. 

Highland Park 
2124 Bouton, Olive Julia Ely (Mrs Sherman Hoyt) .... 1842 National av, 


61970 Bowen, Annie Flack (Mrs Charles A.) 1249 Vermont st, Quincy 

45711 Bowen, Harriet Ela (Mrs Archibald L.) 411 E. South Grand av, 


37664 Bowen, Martha J. (Mrs Edwin A.) Mendota 

74725 Bowen, May McKcc (Mrs William Fergus) Neponset 

36147 Bowes, Ella E. Lane (Mrs Frederick K.) . .1522 W. Adams st, Chicago 

54697 Bowker, Edna Miller (Mrs Clarence) Morris 

82173 Bowles, Miriam J. (Miss) Dixon 

64019 Bowman, Grace Hallam (Mrs Cornelius S.). .Congress Hotel, Chicago 

57754 Boyce, Emily (Miss) 123 Franklin st, Danville 

38559 Boyce, Virginia Dorcas Lcc (Mrs W. J.). .1028 Hinman av, Evanston 
86204 Boyd, Julia Lanphere (Mrs William) Roseville 

44251 Boydstun, Alida E. Schennerhom (Mrs John F.) . .346 E. Grove av, 


44252 Boydstun, Maud (Miss) 346 E. Grove av, Galesburg 

60869 Boyington, Celia M. Burgert (Mrs) 317 John st, Rockford 

21963 Boyle, Alice Moore (Mrs Lawrence P.) 559 W. 65th st, Chicago 

9976 Boyle, Mary Field (Mrs Lorcn L.) 5470 Washington av, Chicago 

44257 Boynton, Alice Leavenworth (Mrs Frederick Perry).. Highland Park 

256 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

57749 Boynton, Lucetta Pauline (Mrs Charles O.) 307 N. Main st^ 

46625 Brackebush, Grace Greenlee (Mrs Charles Hurford) . .839 Kenesaw 

Terrace, Buena Park, Chicago 
74736 Bradford, Emily M. Prince (Mrs Edwin F.).1451 Vermont st, Quincy 

42221 Bradish, Ethelwyn (Miss) 931 S. 4th st, Springfield 

42222 Bradish, Mary Eugenie (Miss) 931 S. 4th st, Springfield 

26758 Bradley, Anna Louise Stewart (Mrs James Albert) Geneseo* 

15317 Bradley, Clara MacBride Mills (Mrs Charles).. Park Ridge, Rogers- 

14796 Bradley, Cornelia Louisa Carpenter (Mrs Philip Burr) 55 W. Chestnut 

st, Chicago 

35226 Bradley, Ellen (Miss) Mendon* 

7779i Bradley, Eugenie M. (Miss) 811 E. Jefferson st, Bloomington 

66972 Bradley, Jennie Laraoreux (Mrs Allen) Mason City 

56914 Bradley, Marion A. (Mrs Edward L.) 119 E. 23d st, Clhicago 

26749 Bradley, Martha Jennette (Jould (Mrs John Edwin) . .1202 W. College 

av, Jacksonville 
82815 Bradley, Mary B. Gilman (Mrs Lawson) 515 E. Washington st,. 

35789 Bradley, Maude Matthews (Mrs Edwin H.) . .413 Knoxville av, Peoriai 
50726 Bradley, Ruth Edraundson (Mrs Philip Harry). ...^. ..319 E. 22d st, 


59187 Bradshaw, Emily M. (Mrs Charles) 889 N. Broad st, Galesburg 

64790 Brady, Margaret Arabella (Miss) 63 Madison st, Chicago 

32047 Braiden, Clara Vaile (Mrs Miles J.) 401 S. 3d st, Rochelle 

47579 Brainard, Bertha Chambers (Mrs (George W.)..1160 N. Cherry st, 


48411 Brakefield, Ethel Ohr (Miss) Griggsville 

35795 Brakefield, Helen Baxter (Mrs Henry C.) Griggsville 

5745 Braley, Caroline Rogers Parke (Mrs Theodore A.).. 501 W. Monroe- 

st, Bloomington 

80657 Branch, Esther L. (Miss) Kingston 

80658 Branch, Polly E. (Miss) Kingston- 

7721 Brandt, Salie Eunice Wilbur (Mrs Schuyler Coe) 312 N. 64th av. 

Oak Park 

47582 Branson, Nettie Coffman (Mrs C. T.) 605 S. 6th st, Springfield 

55230 Branstetter, Jennie Scott Wood (Mrs Dorin Elden) Pecatonica 

62950 Brantingham, Grace J. (Miss) N. Church st, Rockford 

8383 Brantingham, Kate E. (Mrs Cornelius C.) .922 N. Church st, Rockford 

20250 Braun, Martha E. Vail (Mrs George P.) 1648 La Salle av, Chicago 

13981 Brawley, Clara Orth (Miss) 335 E. 22d st. Chicago 

46205 Breed, Lena May (Miss) 411 Park av, W., Princeton 

28399 Brega, Fanny F. (Mrs Charles W.) 2816 Michigan av, Chicago 

67541 Brengman, Carrie B. Hcmenger (Mrs H. T.) Rockford 

6402 Brett, Carrie Spafford (Mrs F. E.) 220 S. Madison st, Rockford 

30287 Brett, Emma S. (Miss) 2213 Washington bd, Chicago 

23764 Brewster, Cora A. Hughes (Mrs E. H.) Dixon 

73916 Brickwood, Beatrice Marguerite (Miss).. 126 N. Ashland bd. Chicago* 
67086 Brickwood. Genevieve M. Jackson (Mrs Albert N.)..35 Ashland bd, 


73917 Brickwood, Genevieve Marie (Miss) 126 N. Ashland bd, Chicago* 

82174 Bridenthal, Elizabeth Agnes Rankin (Mrs Kenneth) Monmouth 

54926 Bridge, Clara Townley (Mrs Bezaleel F.) 633 W. 62d st, Chicago 

54927 Bridge, Susan Elizabeth (Miss) 633 W. 62d st, Chicago 

22635 Briggs, Alice Burrall (Mrs Manuel Martin).. 221 13th st, Rock Island 

65721 Briggs, Birdie Peyton (Mrs Frederick) 3406 Walnut st, Chicago 

48394 Briggs, Cecilia L. (Mrs Silas W.)..417 S. Normal Parkway, Chicago- 

48395 Briggs, Grace Sarah (Miss) 417 S. Normal Parkway, Chicaga 

62935 Briney, Anna McAllister (Mrs James) 514 Garfield bd, Chicago 

62936 Briney, Elizabeth Jeanette (Miss) 514 Garfield bd, Chicago- 

68465 Brink, Nina Meader (Mrs Arthur Perry).. 1427 Bryan av. Chicago 

61892 Brinkerhoff, Bessie W. (Miss) 515 Keys av, Springfield 

85298 Brinkerhoff. Carrie Alice (Miss) 317 Clinton av. Oak Park 


76231 Brinkerhoff, Marian Bell (Miss) 515 Keys av, Springfield 

56216 Broadwell, Harriette (Miss) 345 W. College av, Jacksonville 

71467 Brockhouse, Fanita C Weir (Mrs Edward P.).... 623 W. State st, 

21950 Brocklebank, Louise Dolson Cole (Mrs John Charles).. 5000 Sheridan 

rd, Chicago 

21807 Bronson, Ida Emeline Robinson (Mrs Edward Pitkin) (Chester 

84396 Bronson, Mary Frances Crecgor (Mrs Harry P.) 355 E. 53d st, 


59702 Brooke, Adele Richards (Miss) St. Mary's School, Knoxville 

71105 Brookfield, Elizabeth Blish (Mrs Arthur).. 636 Schaefer av, Kewanee 
61820 Brooks, Anna Augusta (Mrs George William). .1201 N. Stoughton st. 

Urban a 

12265 Brooks, Mary A. (Mrs Almon) 4643 Lake av, Chicago 

41772 Brooks, Mary Emily (Miss) Bettie Stuart Institute, Springfield 

14776 Brooks, Mary Levantia Raymond (Mrs Jonathan W.)..4912 Wood- 
lawn av, Chicago 
1960 Brooks, Rose Hambleton (Mrs James Carter) . .714 Lincoln Park blvd, 


34104 Brooks, Sarah Martha (Mrs C. V.) Monmouth 

33728 Broughton, Julia A. (Mrs Russell) S. Main st, Rockford 

57750 Brower, Ella Amanda Stark (Mrs Adolphus W.)..705 De Kalb av. 

57741 Brown, Adeline M. Heaton (Mrs George W.) 224 E. Jackson st, 


37620 Brown, Agnes (Miss) Blue Mound 

76235 Brown, Agnes Josephine (Mrs) Oblong 

50807 Brown, Alice Elliott (Mrs Thomas A.) 429 N. 8th st, Quincy 

51776 Brown, Anna Scott (Mrs Daniel Bray Martin) Hoopeston 

43490 Brown, Anna Wilcox (Mrs Constant) Geneseo 

36148 Brown, Belle Christy (Mrs Sanger) Kenilworth 

70940 Brown, Blanche McFarlane (Mrs Francis L.) 1242 N. Main st, 

40276 Brown, Caroline Hurd (Mrs Charles Matthew) 305 Western av, 

19130 Brown, Catherine E. Seymour (Mrs Wm. Liston)..217 Dempster st, 

67530 Brown, Effie K. Peck (Mrs James Rice) 331 N. Kenilwortli av. 

Oak Park 
61853 Brown, Elizabeth Brown Pope (Mrs Jacob Everett).. c/o Mrs W. A. 

Miskamen, 1446 Lawrence av, Chicago 
8376 Brown, Emily Janet Frazer (Mrs John H.) 2908 Groveland av, Chipago 
5876 Brown, Emma Bosworth (Mrs Ralph Edson) 208 E. Locust st, 

35234 Brown, Evelyn Fairbank (Mrs George W.).840 Grove st, Jacksonville 

78544 Brown, Evelyn Pennell (Mrs Samuel) Normal 

35965 Brown. Gertrude Gcssner (Mrs Daniel Anson) 803 Garrison st, 


87103 Brown, Helen (Mrs G. L.) 3805 Ellis av, Chicago 

15510 Brown, Isadore E. (Mrs Elwood) 1103 E. Grove st, Bloomington 

77463 Brown, Jennye Drummond Anderson (Mrs) 2801 Hampshire st, 


66533 Brown, Jessie Sargent (Mrs Frederick H.) Geneseo 

28937 Brown, Josephine French (Mrs Francis Richard) 320 S. 3d st, 


11452 Brown, Leila Clay (Miss) 2908 Groveland av, Chicago 

39002 Brown. Lillian Pettey (Mrs Willis Simpson) ... .924 E. Lincoln av, 

39399 Brown. Lillian C. Gunsaulus (Mrs Clarence) 73 S. Garfield av, 


77041 Brown, Lucy E. (Miss) 704 S. Clinton st. Oak Park 

31340 Brown, Mable E. Welton (Mrs Harry). Cambridge 

54210 Brown, Mamie Songer (Mrs James T.) Kinmundy 

67966 Brown. Margaret (Miss) 7226 Harvard av. Chicago 

258 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

42843 Brown, Margaret J. Lapham (Mrs George H.) Morrison 

6393 Brown, Mary A. (Mrs Horace) 1037 N. 2(1 st, Rockford 

8123 Brown, Mary Finley Davison (Mrs Henry Blair) ... .402 Delaware st» 


64682 Brown, Mary Goodson (Mrs Robert William) Chicago 

73947 Brown, Mary Kingsley (Mrs Albert) 46 N. Whitesboro st, 

32036 Brown, Mary Louise Seymour (Mrs George P.).. 304 E. Walnut st, 

51213 Brown, Mary Nelson Matson (Mrs Charles Walter). .1678 Pember- 

ton av, Chicago 

13304 Brown, Mary Van Derveer (Mrs B. W.) Grove Park, Berlin 

61880 Brown, Ruth Smith (Mrs Edward Warfield) 285 Sandusky st, 


41219 Brown, Sarah Elvira (Mrs Josiah) 440 W. Macon st, Decatur 

75813 Brown, Sarajane Mathews (Mrs William Barr)..1011 W. College av, 


57733 Brown, Susan E. Miller (Mrs George) 226 Clara st, Peoria 

32031 Browne, Ella Persis Chapin (Mrs Edward) Lake Bluff 

63996 Browne, Lyra (Miss) 102 Youngs av, Joliet 

84435 Brownlee, Katherine (Miss) Little York 

61860 Bruce, Adelaide Richards (Mrs James) Marseilles 

57739 Bruce, Laurie Moore (Mrs W. L.) 31 N. Head st, Carthage 

59703 Bruington, Ann Maria Johnston (Mrs A. M. J.) Alexis 

74730 Brundage, Emma L. (Mrs James A.) 400 6th st, Rochelle 

56922 Bruner, Catherine (Thapman (Mrs Archibald A.) Monmouth 

56923 Bruner, Maude (Miss) Monmouth 

38924 Bruner, Maude Baxter (Mrs Otis Willard) 2949 Michigan av, Chicago 
16097 Brush, Ellen C. (Miss) N. Bluff st, Ottawa 

8367 Brush, Rowena Spencer Sturges (Mrs Emerson H.) Elmhurst 

55632 Bryan, Corey Briscoe (Mrs William) Marshall 

80664 Bryan, Eugenie Steele (Mrs George) 1021 Knoxville av, Peoria 

23745 Bryan, Mary Clara Taylor (Mrs Benjamin Butters). .5124 Cornell av, 

65511 Bryant, Carrie Maria (Mrs George Horace) ..4514 N. Hermitage av, 

12055 Bryant, Grace Mary (Miss) S. Main st, Princeton 

4519 Bryant, Julia E. Buell (Mrs Alfred R.) Spalding Apts., Moline 

12277 Bryant, Laura Smith (Mrs Elijah W.) S. Main st, Princeton 

51801 Bryant, Marie Vance (Miss) 2481 E. 74th st, Chicago 

54688 Bryant, Marion Elizabeth (Miss) 234 Maple av, Oak Park 

78525 Buchanan, Amanda Diven (Mrs Gordon) . .310 Moraine rd. Highland 

31304 Buchanan, Imogene Fowler (Mrs E. P.) 4559 Lake av, Chicago 

85302 Buchanan, Marguerite (Miss) 1114 McCormack Bldg., Chicago 

85303 Buchanan, Mary Churchill (Miss) 1114 McCormack Bldg., Chicago 

85301 Buchanan, Mary Sophia Wheeler (Mrs Milford De Witt) 1114 

McCormack Bldg., Chicago 
18408 Buck. Charlotte Lillian Gore (Mrs Frank R.)..2802 Washington bd. 


51191 Buck, Lena Staat (Mrs Clarence F.) 324 N. 2d st, Monmouth 

60264 Buck, Marguerite Gray (Mrs Charles M.) 1210 North East st, 


85307 Buck, Nannie Mer (Miss) 600 Baker av, Joliet 

56930 Buckbee, Florence W. Day (Mrs John Theodore) Florence May 

Apts., Rockford 
72110 Buckley, Edna Derby (Mrs John Edward).. 604 S. 6th st, Springfield 
66539 Buckley, Hannah Miles (Mrs Robert B.) Knoxville 

58715 Buckley, Jennie Clemens Bohon (Mrs F. J.) . .215 S. A st, Monmouth 

58716 Buckley, Jessie Jean (Miss) 216 E. Broadway, Monmouth 

21960 Buckley, Nannie Johnston (Mrs Charles Wilber) Highland Park 

49029 Buckley, Sara C. (Mrs Edmund) 5635 Madison av, Chicago 

69483 Bucknam, Anabel Quinby (Miss) Warren 


€9484 Bucknam, Mary L. (Miss) Warren 

^2949 Buccking, Alona Watkins (Mrs Edward F.)....100 Sute st, Chicago 
86552 Bucl, Evaline Wiglcy (Mrs Munson P.) . .4444 Greenwood av, Chicago 
31347 BuflFe, Lizzie C Gregory (Mrs Otto F.) . .326 S. Church st, Jacksonville 
19109 Bull. Helen Perrin (Mrs Eliphalet Follett). .. .348 Hyde Park blvd, 

72326 Bull, Jennie Perkins (Mrs Follett Wilkison) . . . .332 Home av, Oak 

52497 Bullen, Cora Belle Landers (Mrs Frederick F.)..6141 Sheridan rd, 


25683 Bullen, Laura Ellen Day (Mrs H. L.) 1021 7th av, Moline 

73673 Bunnell, Pearl Hopkins (Mrs Bert M.) . .612 E. Front st, Bloomington 
«46S4 Buntin, Elsie Caldwell (Mrs Daniel Carter) ... .1512 Dearborn av, 


52506 Bunting, Fannie M. (Mrs J. A.) 1229 Kentucky st, Quincy 

53638 Bunton, Mary Lyle (Mrs Asa) 210 N. Vine st, Kewanec 

38796 Burch, Jennie Wright (Mrs Fred) ^ Jacksonville 

58141 Burchard, Fleeta Plummer (Mrs John C.) 1130 Chestnut av, 

73262 Burdick, Emily Joslyn (Mrs William R.) . . ,25 S. Channing st, Elgin 

64006 Burdick, Myrtle W. (Mrs Charles Henry) Washington 

85749 Burford, Mary Emaline McWilliams (Mrs William Thomason).. 808 

W. Green st, Urbana 

24091 Burge, Clarissa Abbie (Miss) 321 4th st, Wilmette 

20963 Burgess, Margaret C. (Mrs William T.) 3912 Lake av, Chicago 

74729 Burkhalter, Anna E. (Miss) 707 N. Academy st, Galesburg 

42202 Burkhardt. Abby Thomas (Miss) 1832 W. Adams st, Chicago 

81524 Burkholder, Martha Lyle (Miss) 4604 Dover st, Chicago 

53135 Burnham, Anna Griffith (Mrs Shepard C.) Dixon 

70749 Burnham, Edna Sophia (Miss) 233 W. Everett st, Dixon 

16694 Burnham, Sarah Ives (Mrs John Howard). .1321 E. Washington st, 


6156 Burns, Ida Jane Carey (Mrs James C.) Macomb 

72627 Bums, Mary Stewart (Mrs J. M.) Downer's Grove 

11892 Burpee, Myra Blanche Walker (Mrs) 809 N. Court st, Rockford 

31359 Burr, Ellen Wells (Mrs William) 1246 National av, Rockford 

56931 Burr, Georgia Irene Cleveland (Mrs Lee) . .1225 E. State st, Rockford 

59193 Burr, Grace Swits (Mrs Charles D.) Burr Heights, Rockford 

42213 Burrell, Frances Lettie (Mrs Albert M.) Monmouth 

50654 Burrell, Mary E. (Mrs Henry) 102 Lincoln av, Freeport 

65155 Burroughs, Ella Chaffey (Mrs Myron John) .208 E. West st, Rockford 

45758 Burston. Florence Letts (Mrs Albert H.) 7624 Lowe av, Chicago 

66528 Burt, Jessie Besore (Mrs T. A.) 507 W. Elm st, Urbana 

5725 Burton, Emma Wicks (Mrs Robert Wardell) Freeport 

49868 Busey, Estella Nash (Mrs David C) 806 W. Main st, Urbana 

87363 Busey, Garreta Helen (Miss) 503 W. Elm st, Urbana 

41222 Busey, Kate Baker (Mrs George W.)....506 W. Green st, Urbana 
46213 Busey, Katherine Wheeler (Mrs Matthew Wales) .. ..305 W. Elm st, 


49674 Bush. Fannie E. (Mrs Loren T.) 129 Honore st, Chicago 

44223 Bush, Sarah Ida Perry (Mrs Harvey A.) 700 Bowen av, Chicago 

70762 Bushnell, Edna Feme Graham (Mrs) Clinton 

63994 Bushnell, Harriet A. Littell (Mrs Henry L.) Hoopeston 

28407 Butler, Annie Carritt (Miss) 516 Rockton av, Rockford 

60269 Butler, Carolyn Rankin (Miss) 758 W. 67th st, Chicago 

47087 Butler, Florence L. Farnham (Mrs James W.)..1419 N. Madison av, 

60257 Butler, Mary McC^iesney (Mrs William Webster) . .974 Winthrop av, 


66133 Butler, Susan E. Albro (Mrs E.) Brighton 

32030 Butlin, Minerva (Mrs) 5316 Greenwood av, Chicago 

20986 Butterfield, Alice M. (Mrs Samuel W.) 296 Elm st, Chicago 

260 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

60662 Butters, Ida H. (Mrs Albert R) Congress st, Ottawa 

13297 Butters, Maria Shaw (Mrs George) 179 N. 64th st, Oak Park 

51805 Butterworth, Blanche Ralston (Mrs Frank M.) . .214 W. Harrison st. 


3450 Butterworth, Katherine Deere (Mrs William) Hillcrest, Moline 

75206 Butts, Cornelia Paddock (Mrs Robert Freeman) . .927 W. Lawrence 

st, Springfield 
34741 Byers, Louise Sedam Smith (Mrs William Henry).. 358 Wilder st, 


76550 Byrd, Elizabeth May (Miss) 1261 Maine st, Quincy 

73280 Byrns, Katie Smith (Mrs Frank) 873 W. State st, Jacksonville 

83741 Cabeen, Fannie Lee (Mrs McClelland) Seaton 

21221 Cable, Estella Ells (Mrs Hobart M.) 1438 E. 51st bd, Chicago 

48014 Cable, Frances R. (Miss) 6049 Woodlawn av, Chicago 

14710 Cable, Marion Wheeler (Mrs Hiram) 916 2d av. Rock Island 

25684 Cady, Clara Ward Gilmore (Mrs John Deere) . . . .1231 11th st, Moline 

55139 Cady, Mary Ellon (Mrs Otis Hiram) 323 N. 8th st, Quincy 

78097 Cahill, Wilda Arbogast (Mrs J. F.) Clinton 

24312 Calder, Anna Merrill McCall (Mrs William) 6005 Minerva av, 

75031 Caldwell, Amelia Taylor (Mrs Oliver North) . .230 S. Grove av. Oak 

71104 Caldwell, Grace Bevis (Mrs Frank C.)..445 N. Kenilworth av. Oak 


64020 Caldwell, Jennie Hewcs (Mrs Joseph) Crete 

66962 Calkins, Anna Burns (Mrs Addison N.) 2334 Maine st, Quincy 

61888 Calkins, Gertrude Elwell (Mrs Frederick W.) . .405 S. 3d st, Rockford 
64012 Calkins, Mary Brockway (Mrs Martin T.)....405 S. 3d st, Rockford 

84438 Calvin, Faun T. (Miss) Roseville 

61877 Calvin, Hattie M. Beers (Mrs Henry S.) Roseville 

70343 Cameron, Bessie Bums (Mrs Edward E.) Greenfield 

13307 Campbell, Adeline B. Smith (Mrs H. D.) . .154 N. Howard av, Austin 

9997 Campbell, Alice Lydia Hooper (Mrs Joseph S.) Watseka 

42862 Campbell, Augusta Stowe Bull (Mrs Orange Lowell) Knoxville 

47584 Campbell, Carrie Loomis (Mrs James A.) . .309 W. Illinois st, Urbana 

29435 Campbell. Charlotte W. (Miss) Knoxville 

70760 Campbell, Josephine Brown (Mrs William Clark) Qinton 

19742 Campbell, Mary Hamilton (Mrs Donald A.).... 4414 Vincennes av,. 

85752 Campbell, Mary Virginia (Mrs Leonard Wright) . .2329 Cleveland av, 


65474 Campbell, Nellie Anna Mitchell (Mrs Walton H.) Pecatonica 

36201 Campbell, Pamelia L Miller (Mrs L R.) 751 Washington bd, 


78048 Campbell, Susan Miles (Mrs) Mount Carroll 

47089 Candy, Elizabeth Armstrong (Mrs Adolph Richardson) ... .911 W. 

Green st, Urbana 

45251 Canfield. Mary Cross (Mrs James A.) 57 Schiller st, Chicago 

72812 Capen, Ella Briggs (Mrs Charles L.) 710 N. East st, Bloomington 

37635 Capps, May Hatch (Mrs Harry M.)..1328 Mound av, Jacksonville 

79642 Capron, Minnie Billings (Mrs Hartney Roy) Kirkwood 

73926 Cardiff, Ida Marquis (Mrs Grant) 405 W. Webster st, Clinton 

55152 Cargill, Sarah R. (Mrs Albert A.) Mason City 

46640 Carlisle, Clara Thompson (Mrs John A.) 416 Chicago st, Elgin 

27518 Carlson, Alma Fellows (Mrs Alfred C.)..304 Park av, W., Princeton 
85107 Carpenter, Ellen Woodworth (Mrs Edward Parker).. 7 Elizabeth ct. 

Oak Park 

56938 Carpenter, Flora Corbett Kelsey (Mrs Frank C.) National av, 


44887 Carr, Annie Hatheway (Mrs Robert) 622 Chapel st, Ottawa 

54217 Carr, Grace Mills (Mrs Clark E.) 560 N. Prairie st, Galesburg 

36174 Carroll, Carrie Belle (Miss) 135 W. Tompkins st, Galesburg 

11476 Carse, Rebecca Zearing (Mrs Martin) Home for Aged, Rockford 


86008 Carson, Charlotte Gillette (Mrs Frank H.) . .325 W. Marion st, Joliet 

80671 Carson, May Hawley (Mrs James Prentice) Warren 

22680 Carter, Eliza Jannett (Mrs Sylvester) 5716 Madison av, Chicago 

51800 Carter, Fannie Fairbank (Mrs Edward C.) 412 Greenwood bd, 


50691 Carter. Florence Wykes (Mrs La Rue W.) . .1576 Jackson bd, Chicago 

46666 Carter, Jane Adda (Miss) 5716 Madison av, Chicago 

12596 Carter, Mary Lynde (Miss) 1721 21st st. Rock Island 

10986 Carter, Mary Whitney (Mrs Charles C.)..1817 6th av, Rock Island 

30856 Carver, Melissa L. (Mrs) 141 1 Newport av, Chicago 

19110 Caryl, S. Henrietta Whiting (Mrs Alexander Hamilton) . .5804 Rosalie 

Court, Chicago 

59186 Case, Bertha (Miss) 510 Ravine av, Peoria 

37614 Case, Carrie Spooner (Mrs Francis Mamre) Hubbard Woods 

80676 Case, Geo (Miss) 811 £. Jefferson st, Bloomington 

71743 Case, Emma Williams (Mrs) 17 Astor st, Chicago 

86009 Case, Villa Cole (Mrs Milo McClelland) 163 Illinois st, Joliet 

59206 Cash, Eldia Annora Moore (Mrs Stanley Crawford) Oakland 

60259 Cash, L4icy Eleanor Roane (Mrs William Andrew) .. 1080 W. Cerro 

Gordo st, Decatur 

37242 Cass, Susan M. (Mrs Aron) 526 Washington st, Rochelle 

72324 Casteel, Emma Sidney (Mrs Herbert E.) 17 20th st, Rock Island 

33278 Castle, Grace Wood (Mrs Arthur L.) 431 Lovell st, Elgin 

45695 Castle, Jessie Dunlop (Mrs Percy V.) 314 N. Waller av, (Chicago 

71100 Castle, Julia Almira (Miss) 323 Jersey st, Quincy 

71101 Castle, 'Mary E. (Miss) 323 Jersey st, Quincy 

20265 Castle, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Chauncey Harlow) .323 Jersey st, Quincy 

75583 Cater, Clara Josephine (Mrs Whiting Hall) . .Knox College, Galesburg 

86349 Catlin, Elsie Abigail (Miss) 5111 Hibbard av, Chicago 

42832 Caton, Fannie Hull (Mrs Charles) North Bluff, Ottawa 

71466 Cattron, Julia Hewes (Mrs William O.) 406 Broadway, Pekin 

53872 Caulkins, Irene Burchard (Mrs Edward Douglas) . .317 Indiana av, 


29817 Caverno, Anna Caroline Matson (Mrs Charles) Lombard 

85288 Caverno, Cora (Miss) 1514 E. 65th st, Chicago 

31346 Caverno, Louise Lay (Mrs Xenophon) 522 S. Tremont st, 


39915 Ca)rton, Arvie Johnston (Mrs Garence A.) Youngstown 

50649 (Thadwick, Belle Clement (Mrs Ambrose B.)..711 S. Hermitage av, 

58641 Chaffin, Ethel Marguerite Sommer Harvey (Mrs) . .5308 Indiana av, 

34571 Chalfant, Maud (Miss) 310 E. Kent st, Streator 

23373 Chalfant, Violet Finley (Mrs C. D.) 310 E. Kent st, Streator 

78284 Chamberlain, Elitha Long (Mrs Loraine A.) Pittsfield 

77042 Chamberlain, Olivia Langdon Woodward (Mrs Paul M.)..2817 Lin- 
den Court, (Chicago 

73911 Chamberlin, Ella Louise Bronson (Mrs Thomas W.) Paxton 

7737 Chamberlin, Laura Perry (Mrs George M.) .4425 Drexel bd, Chicago 

79796 Chamberlin, Mary E. (Mrs Luther M.) 203 Clay st, Ottawa 

59704 Chambers, Julia Harris (Mrs T. R.) Seaton 

82445 Chandler, Anna Sophia Buckingham (Mrs Frank Randolph) 744 

Rush st, (Chicago 

18414 Chandler, Qara A. (Mrs C. V.) ..Macomb 

59699 Chandler, Eleanor (Miss) 1733 Asbury av, Evanston 

61828 Chandler, Helen Wood (Mrs Joseph Barton) .549 Douglas pi, Chicago 

23086 Chapin, Cynthia Jane Culver (Mrs Burrel Newton) Knoxville 

82435 CHiapin, Emily Coolidge (Mrs Charles A.) ... .61 £. Goethe st, Chicago 

34596 Chapin, Sarah Halstead Trogood (Mrs A. R.) . . . .635 Longwood st, 


23374 Chapman, Blanche Mason (Mrs) P. O. Box 496, Dixon 

^0795 Chapman, Leorah May Copeland (Mrs Pleasant Thomas) Vienne 

53637 Chapman, Louise Bassett (Mrs Jerome M.) 1043 Hinman av, Evanston 

262 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

65150 Chapman, Mattie Coppock (Mrs Frank Howard) Oquawka 

40266 Chappell, Ann R. (Mrs John) Bunker Hill 

53642 Chase, Jane Ewing Phillips (Mrs Henry M.) 561 N. Prairie st, 

10261 Chatfield, Ida Parker (Mrs Eli P.) 2242 Kenmore av, Chicago 

85289 Chatfield, Susan Ellen Cunningham (Mrs George Lewis) . .434 E. 48th 

st Chicago 

85290 Chatfield, Susie Ida (Miss) 434 E. 48th sf, Chicago 

34578 Chatten, Anne Archer Coleman (Mrs Melville C.)..1049 Argyle st» 

27248 Cheasbro, Jessie Benton ShurtleflF (Mrs John R.) . .4707 Calumet av,. 


86203 Cheesebro, Mabel (Miss) 103 S. Nicholson st, Joliet 

69829 Chenery, Mary Frances (Miss) 732 N. 5th st, Springfield 

24588 Chenery, Susan A. (Miss) 734 N. 5th st, Springfield 

35782 Cheney, Armilla A. (Mrs James Wilson).. 520 N. East av, Oak Park 
9024 Cheney, Mary B. A. (Mrs Jonathan H.)....402 E. Washington st, 


46651 Cherrill, Katharine (Miss) Carthage 

39537 Cherrill, Susan Agnes (Mrs Edward) Carthage 

16706 Cherry, Mary Dudley Godfrey (Mrs William Sloan).. 506 Broadway,. 


67972 Chesley, Beulah Vinton (Miss) Danville 

46654 Chester, Virginia Skinner (Mrs E. O.) 308 W. Hfll st, Champaign 

84209 Chickering, Lucile Parish (Mrs Clifford C.) ..1354 E. 48th st. Chicago 

38055 Child, Isa Coburn (Mrs Joseph Story) Plaza Hotel, Danville 

73284 Child, Susanna Tait (Mrs Henry L.) . .803 W. Edwards st, Springfield 
17469 Childs, Caroline Leonard (Mrs Albert Chapin)..306 Wisconsin av. 

Oak Park 
82436 Childs, Minnie B. Rogers (Mrs Frank L.) . .5836 W. Ohio st, Chicago 

75200 Chiperiield, Qara Ross (Mrs Burnett M.) Canton 

32450 Chittenden. Grace S. Jones (Mrs William) . .919 S. 8th st, Springfield 

39509 Chrisler, Edith Genevieve (Miss) Freeport 

39508 Chrisler, Norah Pearl (Miss) Freeport 

13279 Christie, Carrie (Miss) 913 N. Main st. Bloomington 

13278 Christie, Elizabeth (Miss) 913 N. Main st, Bloomington 

87366 Chubbuck, Georgia Vernon Sleeper (Mrs H. Eugene).. 349 Moss av, 


83818 Church, Elizabeth (Miss) 3144 Vernon av, Chicago 

69531 Churchill, Maria A. Fransworth (Mrs E. Delos) Chenoa 

32532 Clapp, Mary Isabella Norton (Mrs Eben)..1420 Chicago av, Evanston 
85753 Clark. Alice M. (Mrs William Jerome) 4850 Washington av, 

33698 Clark, Bertha Holbrook Moffett (Mrs William E.)..152 E. Superior 

st, Chicago 

42227 Clark, Dorathy Amelia Tracy (Mrs Andrew) Milledgcville 

30711 Clark, Elizabeth Keep (Mrs George Mark).. 1217 Forest av, Evanston 

56214 Clark, Ella F. (Miss) 216 S. Douglas st, Peoria 

47078 Clark, Emilie Alford (Miss) 515 E. Washington st, Bloomington 

49387 Clark, Estelle Dunlap (Mrs Russell S.) 5724 Kimbark av, Chicago 

77057 Clark, Eva Lucy Pratt (Mrs William Leslie). .Spalding Apts, Moline 

81907 Clark, Florence J. (Miss) 214 N. 3d st, De Kalb 

16082 Clark, Henrietta (Miss) 328 W. Court st. Jacksonville 

25156 Clark, Laura Hedrick (Mrs Andrew G.) 2516 Indiana av, Chicago 

65516 Clark, Laura Wolfe (Mrs Eugene Bradley) 1236 Madison Park, 

84766 Clark, Lucile Cutler (Mrs Ernest Alden) . .302 Ashland bd, Chicago 

42840 Clark, Lucy Stapp (Mrs James B.) Monmouth 

60267 Clark, Mabel W. Avlsworth (Mrs) Roseville 

56932 Clark, Mary Chaney (Mrs John L.) 328 S. 1st st, Rockford 

78523 Clark, Mary Morris (Mrs Orrin Benner) ..5711 Kimbark av, Chicago 

61874 Clark, Mary Rebecca Schillinger (Mrs Albert L.) Freeport 

84020 Clark, May Prior (Mrs Walter Henry) 45 Bellevue pi. Chicago 


26741 Clark, Nannie Emory (Mrs Robert Stuart). .. .1110 Michigan av, 


14774 Clark, Sarah Skinner (Mrs Alson E.) 2229 Calumet av, Chicago 

74728 Clarke, Ann Lynde Poole (Mrs S. P.) 109 Park av, W., Princeton 

45288 Clarke, Harriet Cobb (Mrs Haswell Cordis) SO Harrison av, 


87084 Clarke, Lena (Miss) 2426 Jackson bd, Chicago 

27521 Clayton, Anna Gould (Mrs William E.) Chicago Heights 

78283 Clayton, Annie Urania (Miss) 1249 W. State st, Jacksonville 

48412 Clayton, Harriet Chase (Mrs Joseph) .. 1229 W. State st, Jacksonville 

7463 Clemens, Julia E. E. (Mrs Stillman A.).. 532 N. Main st, Rockford 

55135 Clement, Grace Groves (Mrs Allen Montgomery) 3967 Lake av, 


54220 Clement, Mabel Douglas (Miss) 720 Grove st, Alton 

85318 Clendenin, Louvisa Stevenson (Mrs J. William) 325 N. 2d st, 

69828 Clendenin, Mary Isabelle Carpenter (Mrs William). .554 N. West st, 


31332 Cleveland, Ella L. (Mrs Edmund F.) Dundee 

58726 CliflFe, Edna Sitts (Mrs Adam C.) 729 W. State st. Sycamore 

IZTS^ Clifford, Florence C. (Miss) Downer's Grove 

73288 Clifford, Helen M. (Miss) 90 E. Maple av, Downer's Grove 

61899 Clisby, Ann Selby Blackwell (Mrs John Ripley) Areola 

76063 Clokcy, Margaret Harrington (Mrs A. Wilson, Jr.) . .6642 Lafayette 

av, Chicago 
23762 Clokey, Susan Carrie Elson (Mrs Josiah Mitchell) . .436 W. William 

st, Decatur 

29423 Clouse, Frances Imogene Tilton (Mrs George Newton) Geneseo 

34097 Coad, Cora M. Musgove (Mrs Frank Leslie) 567 E. Losey st, 

61852 Cobb, Eleanor Hope Atkins (Mrs Needham Tyndale) . .44 Prospect 

Terrace, Freeport 

35799 Cobb, Minnie (Miss) Compton 

80852 Cochrane, Helen Vila (Miss) 1332 Hinman av, Evanston 

59904 Coey, Carrie H. L. (Mrs C. A.) 4129 Michigan av, Chicago 

6129 Coffin, Adeline Selden (Mrs Charles P.). .1130 Michigan av, Evanston 

76539 (Hoffman, Harriet Babcock Durham (Mrs Ansel V.) Evanston 

66116 Cx>gger, Josephine Allen (Mrs William B.)..4620 Ellis av, CThicago 
85308 Cohenour, Myrtle Harbour (Mrs Vincent J.).. 801^ Collins st, Joliet 

41229 Colby, Lydia (Miss) Geneseo 

26759 Cole, Carrie Weston (Mrs William Wallace) Geneseo 

20248 Cole, Ella Peters (Mrs) 2017 Indiana av, Chicago 

32048 Cole, Emma Vaile (Mrs Eugene) Rochelle 

79003 Cole, Gertrude Myrtilla (Mrs Hugh Wallace) Geneseo 

69827 Cole, Martha Nichols (Mrs Frank Emerson) Aledo 

79(X)4 Cole, Mary Inez (Miss) Geneseo 

70747 Coleman, Lucy A. D wight (Mrs Seymour) . .4017 Grand bd, Chicago 

75196 Coleman, Lyda (Miss) .Monticello 

7087 Coleman, Nannie McCormick (Mrs J. A.) 909 Airdrie pi, 


48422 Coleman, Nettie Porter (Mrs) 656 N. Main st. Canton 

77064 Collins, Carrie Blanche (Miss) 1724 College av, E. St. Louis 

21946 Collins, Clara Greig Emmons (Mrs William A.) Western Springs 

23792 CoUins, Leila B. (Mrs J. W.) 305 N. Logan st, Lincoln 

47083 Collins, Violet Virginia (Miss) Park Ridge 

19721 Colton, Charlotta fearing (Mrs Buel P.) 3600 Michigan av, 


41231 Coltrin, Lotta Castle (Mrs C. W.) 208 N. Howard av, Chicago 

27243 Colville, Edith Wilbur Cole ( Mrs Robert Weir) 445 Monmouth blvd, 

84775 Colwell, Evalyn May Cady (Mrs Edward B.) 521 E. Broadway, 

44238 Combs, Sara M. (Mrs James R.) 820 Columbus st, Ottawa 

264 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

13997 Comegys, Elsie Thompson (Mrs Joseph P.) . .1003 6th av, Rock Island 
49033 Compton, Emma Vance (Mrs Albert E.) . .5729 Midway Park, Chicago 
57649 Comstock, Emma P. L. (Mrs Gilbert Adolf) Doveland Court, 

Morgan Park 

62931 Comstock, Helen Gertrude (Miss) 1518 Hinman av, Evanston 

76760 Conant, Mary Linn (Mrs Robert W.).;5338 Southport av, Chicago 

85549 Conderman, Alice M. (Mrs J. G.) 855 Barry av, Chicago 

80669 Condit, Mazy C. (Miss) Winchester 

55130 Condon, Nevada Sisson (Mrs John Joseph) Effingham 

69824 Conklin, Agnes Chloe Richardson (Mrs Eugene Landon)..750 High- 
land av, Elgin 

39894 Conley, Elizabeth (Mrs David S.) Streator 

6372 Connell, Fanny Mulford (Mrs Charles J.).. Avenue House, Evanston 

23780 Connelly, Elizabeth Chamberlain (Mrs B. D.) 724 19th st. Rock Island 

2471 Conover, Delia L. Boardman (Mrs Charles H.) 1520 N. State st, 


32053 Converse, Delia Gertrude (Miss) 316 Lincoln av, Freeport 

12280 Converse, Helen Gertrude (Miss) 1227 S. 6th st, Springfield 

73918 Conway, Alma Willett (Mrs Charles Jennings) .. 1025 Addison av, 


31335 Cook, Annie E. (Mrs George F.) 341 Wisconsin av, Oak Park 

76966 Cook, Bessie M. Lewis (Mrs Lorance Melvin) Downer's Grove 

50246 Cook, Minnie Louise Huxley (Mrs David J.) Effingham 

65512 Coonley, Gertrude Bullard (Mrs Henry E.) 6005 Jefferson av, 

53269 Cooper, Caroline Skinner (Mrs David Mack) . .5345 Washington av, 


86566 Cooper, Darlene M. (Miss) 615 Webster st, Ottawa 

84436 Cooper, Harriet (Miss) Moline 

82816 Cooper, Isadora De Witt Nilcs (Mrs R. M.) Alexis 

71095 Cooper, Lucinda L. (Mrs William B.) 826 W. Wood st, Decatur 

43610 Cope, Elizabeth Erwin (Mrs Henry F.) 5526 Cornell av, Chicago 

24559 Cope, Fannie O. (Mrs Israel C.) Kenilworth 

38441 Copp, Louisa Melissa (Mrs) 843 20th st, Rock Island 

56933 Corbett, Lucy Madison (Mrs M. M.) National av, Rockford 

81239 Corbett, Mary J. Doolittle (Mrs James A.).... 262 W. Eldorado st, 


62947 Corbin, Jennie Smith (Miss) 756 N. Kellogg st, Galesburg 

13978 Corbus, J. Gertrude Pitkin (Mrs B. M.)..1043 Hinman av, Evanston 

13286 Cornelison, Elizabeth Forsyth (Miss) 106 N. Madison av, Peoria 

56222 Cornell, Alice Frances (Miss) Grant Park 

58703 Cornell, Jessie (Miss) Cornell 

47572 Cornell, Mary Jane McG. Wilson (Mrs D. H.) Le Roy Road, 


69211 Corning, Adrianna P. (Miss) Freeport 

68466 Comith, Phebe R. (Miss) 420 S. 3d st, Rockford 

28392 Corwin, Lina Rickcords (Mrs Arthur Mills) 3531 W. Monroe st, 

71458 Cotter, Belle Ragsdale (Mrs William H.)..317 Home av, Oak Park 
3804 Cottle, Mary Eleanor Gay (Mrs F. W.)....1516 E. 65th pi, Chicago 
12577 Coulter, Anna Brewster (Mrs Eugene Calvin).. 1139 Dearborn av, 


23793 Council, Frances Bloomfield (Mrs William H.) Williamsville 

13977 Counselman, Edith (Miss) 5035 Greenwood av, Chicago 

46628 Counselman, Jennie Elizabeth (Mrs Charles) 5035 Greenwood av, 


59712 Countryman, Anna R. (Mrs Calvin) 916 N. Church st, Rockford 

31369 Countryman, Laura Wagner (Mrs Harvey) 622 7th st, Rochelle 

85291 Courtney, Grace (Miss) 3359 Potomac av, Chicago 

78536 Courtney, Minnie McEnary (Mrs John Franklin) . .916 Hamilton st, 


53147 Courtright, Mary Coy (Mrs G.) 625 N. Church st, Rockford 

75799 Courtwright, Marie Clark (Mrs M. Eugene).. 4611 Hazel av, Chicago 


35081 Cowan, Nancy Helen (Miss) Monmouth 

-40270 Cowell, Mary A. (Mrs Benjamin) 221 Crescent av, Peoria 

-40271 Cowell, Ruth (Miss) 221 Crescent av, Peoria 

46652 Cox, Carolyn Cutler (Mrs Ellis Elmo) (Tarthage 

77464 Cox, Emma Whittington Anderson (Mrs Loren Cherry) . .210r Prairie 

av, Quincy 

£6549 Cox, Melissa (Miss) Farmer City 

86550 Cox, Theresa (Miss) Farmer City 

43143 Coyle, Ella Louisa Mulkins (Mrs Philip W.) 1126 State st, Alton 

61893 Crabb, Sallie C. (Mrs Junius D.) 509 S. Walnut st, Springfield 

27517 CrabK Nellie B. (Mrs William P.) 902 Madison st, Streator 

38795 Crabtree, Anna Farrell (Mrs E. E.) 605 W. State st, Jacksonville 

34095 Crabtree, Annie M. Fargo (Mrs J. D.) Dixon 

31371 Craft, Ida Countryman (Mrs Frederick W.) 622 7th st, Rochelle 

62961 Craft, Jennie Hamcr (Mrs Edward Everett) . .220 E. South Grand av, 


2ASi^ Craig, Ida Salisbury (Mrs William J.) 219 W. 72d st, Chicago 

20902 Craig, Nellie Cleland (Mrs G. G.) 1720 7th av, Rock Island 

21958 Craig, Nelly (Miss) 1720 7th av, Rock Island 

36157 Crandall, Lizzie Long (Mrs Chester Delos) . .Virginia Hotel, Chicago 

51777 Crary, Julia Jones (Mrs Charles Sumner) Hoopeston 

54212 Craven, Frances Wood (Mrs Alfred W.) *. . .310 S. State st, Elgin 

79010 Craw, Mary Adaline McChesney (Mrs Henry Francis) Park Apts, 

59200 Crawford, Adeline Louise Robinson (Mrs C. F.) . .317 S. Lincoln av, 


35818 Crawford, Anna Brown (Mrs Hugh) 5339 Indiana av, (Thicago 

24571 Crawford, Annie C. Robinson (Mrs Mark L.) . .4615 Beacon st, Chicago 

31311 Crawford, Ellen Cordelia (Miss) 310 E. 33d st, Chicago 

71206 Crawford, Jeannette Gibson (Mrs Franklin Harper) Riverside 

23286 Crawford, Mabel Taylor (Mrs Charles) Lewiston 

34091 Crea, Jeannette Bowers (Mrs Harry Hugh) 528 W. Decatur st, 

11453 Cregier, Alice May Barnes (Mrs Henry Edward) ..... .Chicago Beach 

Hotel, Chicago 

44900 Creighton, Edna Amanda (Miss) 812 S. 2d st, Springfield 

31363 Creighton, Mary Catharine Newman (Mrs James Asbury) . .812 S. 2d 

st, Springfield 

39006 Cresap, Qara Vena (Miss) 7302 Yale av, Chicago 

84431 Creyk, Bertha L. F. (Mrs Reginald H.) .... 156 N. Cuyler av, Oak Park 
49392 Crihfield, Helen L. Stevenson (Mrs Roy) 506 N. Clinton st, 

43277 Crisscy, Luretta Brigham (Mrs Bert W.)..162 N. Lombard av. Oak 

64536 Crocker, Elizabeth Ho)rte (Mrs Albert Henry) . .650 Barry av, Chicago 
6151 Crompton. Alice Hayward T. (Mrs Samuel S.) 714 17th st, 


60879 Crosby, Grace Adelle (Miss) 322 S. Main st, Sycamore 

70538 Cross, Blanche Tower (Mrs Charles E.) Ghana 

-23732 Grossman, Marietta Thomas (Mrs Abner) 658 Woodland Park, 


86354 Crowell, Nettie M. (Mrs Frank G.) 608 5th av, Rochelle 

83115 Crowley, Emily Josephine (Miss) 302 W. Main st, Robinson 

76467 Crumbaugh, Amanda M. (Mrs J. H. L.) Lc Roy 

38011 Crumpton, Helen Emcline (Miss) 706 Pearl st, Ottawa 

13293 Crumpton. M. Emma Gerry (Mrs Warren) E. Pearl st, Ottawa 

45265 Crtittinden, Susie Rebecca Smith (Mrs Thomas S.)..5059 Wash, av, 


32431 Culver. Delia H. (Mrs Samuel H.) 4201 Lake av, Chicago 

42863 Culver, Emma Lu Ella (Mrs) R. F. D. 2, Galesburg 

13290 Culver, Mary E. (Miss) 714 Knoxvillc av, Peoria 

6409 Cummings, Adeline E. P. (Mrs George B.) . .205 Utica st, Waukegan 

266 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

77785 Cummings, Mary Augusta (Mrs Robert Fowler).. 5135 Madison av, 

32430 Cummings, Mary Louisa Casey (Mrs Charles Carrol). .1644 La Salle 

av, Chicago 
36177 Cunningham, Eleanor E. Murphy (Mrs H. J.) 324 N. Poplar st, 

86197 Cunningham, Helen Edna McKinley (Mrs F. C.)-.237 Lawrence av, 


28408 Cunningham, Jennie R (Miss) S. Main st, Rockford 

42870 Cunningham, Katherine (Miss) 3249 Groveland av, Chicago 

56191 Cunningham, Mary Margaret McConoughey (Mrs J. O.) 922 W. 

Green st, Urbana 

59168 Cunning;ham, Orrie Albright (Mrs William S.) Rossville 

26009 Cupp, Eleanor Garland Rawlings (Mrs Frank Pickering.. Jacksonville 

57731 Cupp, Mae Adella Brookner (Mrs George) 511 Peoria av, Dixon 

70753 Currier, Mary Eliza (Mrs Silas W.) . .. .15th & Monroe sts, Springfield 
78103 Curtis, Harriet S. Wilson (Mrs John Fitch). 338 Linden av. Highland 

86000 Curtis, Marette Hotchkin (Mrs Augustus Darwin) . .4719 Kenwood 

av, Chicago 
26008 Gushing, Cora Anna (Mrs Charles Goodwin) 104 E. Peru st, 

25674 Gushing, Emily Prescott Towle (Mrs William Thurber) . .2068 Flour- 

noy st, Chicago 

50254 Cuthbertson, Sarah Virginia (Mrs Andrew Stuart) Bunker Hill 

49065 Cutler, Ethel Connely (Mrs Alonzo J.) 6409 Harvard av, Chicago 

87097 Cutler, Ida Lucy (Miss) 307 Sherman st, Joliet 

55627 Cutright, Frances Emma (Mrs Nathaniel S.) .912 Glen Oak av, Peoria 
83094 Dabe, Jessie Grant Reed (Mrs John E.) , .4046 Colorado av, Chicago 
20357 Dabney, Bertie Vaughan (Mrs A. S.) . .6253 Jefferson av, Chicago 

79009 Dabney, Helen C. Pope (Mrs Charles) Breezy Hill, Moline 

78629 Dabney, Julia Dade (Miss) 6253 Jefferson av, Chicago 

14781 Dada, Amelia Weed Hopkins Hamilton (Mrs (jeorge Salmon) ..5558 

Lexington av, Chicago 

43487 Dahlin, Georgia Welles (Mrs T.) 522 Douglas av, Elgin 

41768 Dailey, Clara Johnston (Mrs John) 1217 Knoxville av, Peoria 

1118 Dainty, Emily C. (Mrs A. H.) 1449 Dearborn av, Chicago 

61903 Dakin, Harriet Burlingame (Mrs Henry) 314 Chicago st, Elgin 

65152 Dale, Jessie Sibley (Mrs James Martin) 907 25th st, Moline 

85326 Dallam, Edith Eugenia (Miss) Warsaw 

64010 Dalzell, Leadora Whitcomb (Mrs Walter). ...520 S. 3d st. Rochelle 

7461 Dana, Esther (Miss) Freeport 

30296 Dana, Susie Lawrance (Mrs Edwin Ward) 327 E. Lawrence av, 


78522 Denforth, Louisa Elizabeth (Miss) Minonk 

10416 Daniels, Mary Eleanor (Miss) 3824 Ellis av, Chicago 

45283 Danskin, Lillian Irland (Mrs James H.) 305 Woodland pi, Jacksonville 

65804 Darling, Amelia Guy (Mrs Hiram) 616 19th st, Moline 

7385 Darrow, Jeannette French McAlpine (Mrs William H.) . .532 N. Oak 

Park av Oak Park 

42204 Dart, Augusta Stuart (Miss) 853 19th st. Rock Island 

38442 Dart, Elizabeth Whitman (Mrs James Stuart).... 853 19th st. Rock 

34599 Daugherty, Jennie Brown (Mrs M. J.). 560 E. Simmons st, Galesburg 

9553 Davidson, Adelaide S. (Mrs Harlan Page) Highland Park 

11484 Davidson, Grace Stennett (Mrs (Jeorge Mathiot) ..211 North East av. 

Oak Park 
45273 Davidson, Katherine Doolittle (Mrs William J.).. 701 W. Main st, 


82449 Davis, Alice E. (Miss) Roseville 

79799 Davis, Ella Hanna (Mrs George Perrin) 1000 E. Jefferson st, 



86573 Davis, Grace Archer (Mrs Trevelyan E.) Marshall 

58183 Davis, Helen Estelle Beach (Mrs David).. 321 Jackson st, Litchfield 

30850 Davis, Katharine Boswell (Mrs Leonidas H.) Jacksonville 

59709 Davis, Mary A. (Mrs Reuben) Rosevillc 

51781 Davis, Maud Shepherd (Mrs Claude Bernard).... 21 16 Warren av,. 

85309 Davis, Nellie F. (Mrs U. C.) 511 E. Main st, Morris 

69830 Davis, Niana Converse (Mrs Henry) 1100 5th st, S., Springfield 

85310 Davis, Sarah (Miss) 216 Mississippi av, Joliet 

36666 Davis, Susanne Edith (Miss) Bunker Hill 

85295 Dawson, Clorie Maud (Miss) Lovington 

31326 Dawson, Florence L. Adams (Mrs Charles) .346 W. North st, Decatur 

70751 Dawson, Nannie Graham (Mrs Joseph W.)..102 S. B st, Monmouth 

29823 Day, Bertha A. (Mrs Harvey L.) 623 S. Chestnut st, Kewanee 

8125 Day, Caroline K (Mrs Lucius S.) 839 N. Church st, Rockford 

42214 Day, Eva L. (Mrs J. Edwin) S. 4th st, Monmouth 

50247 Day, Henrietta Nelson (Mrs Harry Neal). .5495 Madison av, Chicago 

33712 Day, Josephine E. (Mrs William H.) 125 Flora av, Peoria 

62951 Day, Mary Winch (Mrs Mark) N. State st, Rockford 

67520 Day, Ruth Bostwick (Mrs Frederick F.)..3413 Calumet av, Chicago 
48259 Dean, Annie Briggs (Mrs John S.)....315 Wisconsin av. Oak Park 
10424 Dean, Carrie Canneld (Mrs Marvin A.).. 1228 Hinman av, Evanston 
71106 Dean, Estelle Blodgett (Mrs Frederick A.). .250 Maple av, Galesburg 

42195 Dean, S. Ella Wood (Mrs John E.) 3924 Michigan av, Chicago 

44232 Dean, Theodora C. Briggs (Mrs Harry Sterling) .. Illinois Women's 

College, Jacksonville 

23075 Dearborn, Margaret C. (Mrs Arthur J.) Chicago 

59183 Deaver, Lillian Belle Hafel (Mrs Sabert C.) . .606 E. Washington st, 


68468 Decker, Carrie Noble (Miss) 230 W. Jackson st, Springfield 

45266 Dee, Flora Bierce (Mrs Thomas J.) 1214 Dearborn av, Chicago 

3295 Deere, Mary Little (Mrs Charles H.) Overlook, Moline 

70750 Deets, Augusta Chotfield (Mrs Joseph) Alexis 

46960 De Forest, Anna Margaretta Robbins (Mrs Henry Swift).. 4218 Van 

Buren st, Chicago 
60884 De Groot, Margaret E. Drake (Mrs E. H.) Box 265, Downers 

81554 Dehority, Carrie Melcher Kennedy (Mrs Alexander Curtis) . .231 S. 

Randolph st, Macomb 
32049 Delaney, Mattie Washburn (Mrs John E.)....5329 Lake av, (Thicaga 
27543 Delano, Lizzie McConihc (Mrs Clarence H.) 223 Park av, W., 

24573 Dement, Anna Bean Ayres (Mrs Lewmon David) . .421 Peoria av, 


79787 Dcmmon, Eliza A. (Mrs) Mt. Carrolt 

32749 De Moe. Ellen Breese Turner (Mrs Earl W.) Evanston 

7735 De Motte, Sarah Kem (Mrs Harvey C.) .902 N. Main st, Bloomington 

50650 Deneen, Florence (Miss) 6553 Harvard av, Chicago 

33263 Deniston, Margaret F. (Mrs Albert J.) 3738 Forest av, Chicago* 

59459 Dennis, Mary Denman Clark (Mrs William Douglass) . .3432 Elliot 

av, Berwyn 

35239 Derwent, Emma Wilder (Mrs Luther) 110 Sheridan pi, Rockford 

37615 De Shon, Rose W. (Mrs Ralph) 747 Oakwood bd, Chicago 

58250 De Silva, Memie Burbank (Mrs Joseph).. 608 20th st. Rock Island 
82176 Dctrick, Jessie Wright (Mrs B. J.) 549 W. South Grand av, 

80639 De Vaux, Nettie L. Goodrich (Mrs Francois Hiliare) . .4730 Prairie 

av Chicajzfo 

50655 De Vorc, Julia Higley (Mrs) Freeport 

56193 Dew. Qara Ellen Wood (Mrs Neil W.)..752 N. Church st, Decatur 
32839 Dewey, Anna Emily (Mrs William Ribbe) .. Webster av, Jackson vile 
81753 Dewey, Elizabeth Wyckoff (Mrs CHiarlcs B.) Henry 

268 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

42665 Dewey, Nora Clarkson (Mrs George F.) 511 10th st, Cairo 

21347 Dexter, Ellen Katherine Crittenden (Mrs Elijah L.)..708 S. Pleasant 
St, Princeton 

75578 Dexter, Grace E. (Miss) 614 W. Illinois st, Urbana 

^0845 Dexter, Lora Gallup (Mrs Arthur G.) 614 W. Illinois st, Urbana 

72745 Dick, Ella Martha (Miss) R. F. D., Sycamore 

72624 Dick, Laura Ann (Miss) R. F. D., Sycamore 

56934 Dickernian, Nettie A. (Mrs Harry W.). .529 Indian Terrace, Rockford 

36667 Dickie, Mary Tirrill (Mrs William P.) Bunker Hill 

69859 Dickinson, Caroline Smith (Mrs) La Moille 

28922 Dickinson, Carrie E. (Miss) 489 Chicago st, Elgin 

28923 Dickinson, Dora M. (Miss) 489 Chicago st, Elgin 

1119 Dickinson, Julia Booth (Mrs Frederick) 562 Bryant av, Chicago 

13265 Dickinson, Susie White (Mrs William) 1511 Sheridan rd, Buena 

Park, Chicago 

31372 Dickisson, Ella A. (Miss) Sterling 

35235 Dickson, Annie Cassell (Mrs Charles E.) 502 S. Kosciusko st, 

75817 Dickson, Mary George (Mrs James M.)..Cor. North & 8th sts, Mt. 

51796 Diesterweg, Terressa Hartshorn (Mrs Charles Louis) 636 Mar- 
quette st. La Salle 

82221 Difenderfer, Flora M. (Mrs John) 436 Hennepin st. La Salle 

ZZZJl Diffenbaugh, Lizzie AUington (Mrs Walter) 160 Exchange st, 

20748 Dillard, Mary Rountree (Mrs Frank C). -Kenwood Hotel, Chicago 
25688 Diller, Addie H. Hughes (Mrs Isaac Roland).. 511 W. Carpenter 

st, Springfield 

41027 Dimock, Maud lone (Miss) 65 Bowen av, Chicago 

^1878 Ditch, H. Maud Calvin (Mrs CliflFord) Roseville 

67519 Divelbiss, Mae Stevenson (Mrs) St. Joseph 

29816 Dixon, Dora Moon (Mrs Thomas J.) 3132 Calumet av, Chicago 

73670 Dixon, Martha Russell Mourning (Mrs) 1006 W. California st, 

14820 Doan, Ellie Wood (Mrs Howard Lee) 125 Westminster st, 

53126 Dobbins, Margaret (Mrs D. Foster) .... 1003 W. Illinois av, Urbana 
65605 Dodge, Clara Lois Dickinson (Mrs Harry R.) 1500 N. Main st, 


46202 Dodge, Hattie Ella Davis (Mrs Samuel Smith) Dixon 

86576 Dolton, Edith Julia (Miss) 333 Lincoln av, Dolton 

^577 Dolton, Isabella (Miss) 333 Lincoln av, Dolton 

15515 Donaghho, Mary (Miss) 104 W. Kent st, Streator 

50158 Donahue, Florence (Mrs Thomas Scott) 3602 Lake av, Chicago 

58261 Donald, Frances Mary Green (Mrs Alexander) . .421 11th st, Moline 
63444 Donald, Olivia Frances (Mrs Francis C.)..700 Graceland av, Chicago 
38983 Donaldson, Helen Varney (Mrs Robert Patterson) ..7240 Princeton 

av, Chicago 

*66543 Donn, Clara Belle (Miss) 359 W. Elm st, Canton 

66544 Donn, Nellie Rewalt (Miss) 359 W. Elm st. Canton 

50259 Doolittle, Elizabeth Mitchell (Miss)..c/o Chicago Woman's Qub, 

Fine Arts Bldg, Chicago 

45278 Dorsey, Catherine Campbell (Mrs Richard Edward) Alton 

22791 Dorsey, Frances J. Loomis (Mrs Benjamin L.)..410 St. George st, 

74720 Doty, Edna Adel Webster (Mrs Russell Blakeley) . .1250 N. California 

av, Chicago 

2900 Doud, Elizabeth R. (Mrs Levi B.) 3257 Michigan av, Chicago 

29856 Doud, Minnie A. Dryer (Mrs) Oak Pak 

16342 Dougherty, Maud Miller (Mrs C. A.) 45(X) Ellis av, Chicago 

155023 Douglas, Abbic Pettibone (Mrs William J.) Rockford 

•47570 Douglass, Belle Armstrong (Mrs Charles Leander) Marseilles 

'82814 Douglass, Ida Rudd (Mrs Leander G.) Marseilles 


J0700 Dow, Anna Letton (Mrs Arthur Chase) 4755 Lake av, Chicago 

18370 Dow, Anne E. Black (Mrs Jonathan) Hinsdale 

72820 Downer, Addie Summers (Mrs M. 6.) Downer's Grove 

73677 Downer, Ellen R. (Miss) Downer's Grove 

36182 Downer, Jessie M. Hall (Mrs Henry Curtis).. 517 8th st, Rpchelle 

78539 Downing, Mattie McCandless (Mrs Toliver Handy) . .231 N. Madison 

st, Macomb 

23740 Downs, Ida E. Stryker (Mrs Myron Day) . .4722 Kenwood av, Chicago 

67537 Doyle, Gertrude Wells (Miss) Winchester 

79330 Doyle, Nelle Wilhite (Mrs Cornelius J.) Greenfield 

73674 Drain, Virginia Whitley Wornom (Mrs Andrew H.) Kirkwood 

55150 Drake, Alice Cobb (Mrs Oliver) 632 N. Main st, Rockford 

20273 Drake, Flora Smilie (Mrs George H.) Monmouth 

'80437 Drake, Sara Taylor (Mrs J. Schuyler) 569 N. Cedar st, Galesburg 

54696 Draper, Mary Walton (Mrs Charles L.)..520 S. State st, Springfield 

63628 Draper, Susan A. (Miss). .Illinois School for the Blind, Jacksonville 

83769 Drayton, Bertha Josephine (Miss) 524 Well st, Greenville 

47542 Dresser, Emma Caroline (Miss) 1013 Dearborn av, Chicago 

29424 Dresser, Laura Kate (Miss) » Geneseo 

72808 Drew, Harriet N. (Mrs Wifliam Colby). ...4324 Berkely av, Chicago 

79002 Drew, Mable D. Prescott (Mrs W. D.) 822 Peoria av. Dixon 

48410 Drew, Mary Harlan Hedley (Mrs Charles E.) Bunker Hill 

75814 Drysdale» Emma Hyde (Mrs David Stevens) 942 N. Church st, 


75057 Dudley, Garnette McKay (Mrs Lee Jouett) Winnetka 

77061 Dudley, Madge M. (Mrs H. J.) 1347 Holmes av, Springfield 

63439 Duensing, Melissa Miller (Mrs) Neoga 

83105 DuflF, Eleanore E. (Miss) 97 Keystone av. River Forest 

34591 DuflFy, Emelinc M. (Mrs) 813 Douglas st, Ottawa 

22643 DuflFy, Floi Edna Webster (Mrs Frederick) Highland Park 

75207 Dugan, Pearl B. Hubcr (Mrs Richard D.) Illiopolis 

60261 Dumaer, Mary E. (Mrs John S.) 316 S. State st, Elgin 

13989 Dummer, Grace (Miss) 711 W. College av, Jacksonville 

13990 Dummer, May (Miss) 711 W. College st, Jacksonville 

77790 Dumser, Margaret Peirce (Miss) 316 S. State st, Elgin 

23774 Dumser, Marietta Peirce (Mrs David J.) 316 S. State st, Elgin 

1027 Dun, Lucy James Rucker (Mrs James) 503 S. State st, Chicago 

50673 Dunavan, Mary McVay (Mrs Silas Halsey) 616 E. Lincoln st,. 


63974 Dunbar, (Gertrude Rebecca Henderson (Mrs Charles J.).. 526 E. Peru 

st, Princeton 

50257 Duncan, Alice (Miss) 634 S. Pleasant st, Galesburg 

75213 Duncan, Belle McElrath (Mrs Frank).. 323 S. Campbell st, Macomb 

34598 Duncan, Kate Belcher (Mrs Frederic Chandler) . .634 S. Pleasant st, 


71439 Dunham, Phoebe Strong (Mrs Frederick Stewart) Elgin 

16685 Dunkin, Nancy Madison Taylor (Mrs Robert Roy).. 303 E. Mulbery 

st, Bloomington 

28409 Dunkle, Louisa Carr (Mrs Theodore F.) 612 Cherry st, Rockford 

53129 Dunlap, Alice Salisbury (Miss).. 5845 E. Circle av, Norwood Park, 


78104 Dunlap, Edith Pyatt (Mrs William Samuel) 404 Kosciusko st, 


46198 Dunlap, Helen E. (Miss) 5218 Madison av, Chicago 

53130 Dunlap, Hcttie S. (Miss) 5845 E. Circle av. Norwood Park, Chicago 

52518 Dunlap, Mary Marsh (Mrs William T.) 257 Finley st, Jacksonville 

69820 Dunlap, Nora Burt (Mrs H. M.) Savoy 

56927 Dunlap, Olivia Gertrude (Miss) Dunlap Springs, Jacksonville 

61846 Dunlop, Mary Eliza (Miss) Dwight 

52499 Dunn, Harriet N. (Miss) 4033 W. Adams st, Chicago 

4518 Dunn, Julia Mills (Mrs Lewis D.) 428 19th st, Moline 

4299 Durand, Helen E. (Mrs Elliott) 5712 Rosalie Court, Chicago 

38980 Durborow, Grace Gilmore (Mrs Clarence E.) Lake BluflT 

270 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

86198 Durfee, Ethel Munsell (Mrs Frank Edward) 4201 Lake av, Chicago 

-66824 Durfee, Kate Norton (Mrs) 513 W. Congress st, Chicago 

63975 Durley, Sarah Ella Henderson (Mrs Chester M.) . .456 E. Peru st, 


20244 Button, Rosina Adelpha (Mrs Everell Fletcher) Sycamore 

4523 Duval, Susan Gibbons (Mrs Louis Alphonse) . .1322 £. 62d st, Chicago 

42828 D wight, Delia Williams (Mrs Timothy) 730 Hinman av, Evanston 

-60864 Dwinell, Annie M. (Mrs O. T.) 227 Armstrong av, Peoria 

84767 Dyer, Josephine Russella (Miss) 5458 Cornell av, Chicago 

77652 Dysart, Ida Mary Johnson (Mrs Collins) . .319 S. Crawford av, Dixon 
26746 Dyson, Nannie Orme (Mrs Dunbar S.).202 E. Locust st, Bloomington 

78540 Eads, Mary C (Mrs Albert) 305 S. Randolph st, Macomb 

82951 Eakin, Carrie B. Hamilton (Mrs) Dixon 

56198 Earhart, Anna Covert (Mrs (George Hershel) 1616 Vermont st,- 

20251 Earle, Sadie F. (Mrs Samuel Williams). .7648 Eggleston av, Chicago 
25680 Early, Harriet Holdridge (Mrs Frank A.) . .632 Woodbine av. Oak 


76258 Easterly, Mary Caldwell (Mrs H. G.) Carbondale 

86001 Eastland, Addie M. (Mrs William H.) 935 E. 55th st, Chicago 

21461 Eastman, Cora Louise Brackett (Mrs Frank Seth) . .2225 7th av. Rock 

63195 Easton, Sarah Coe (Mrs Edgar Marinus) . .240 Winthrope av, Chicago 

69825 Eaton, Alice Franklin (Mrs Frank) 133 E. Berrien st, Galesburg 

56915 Eaton, Carrie Foss (Mrs William Allen).. 1530 E. 62d st, Chicago 
73928 Eaton, Jessie Miller (Mrs Hedley John).... 202 S. 24th st, Quincy 

18411 Eddy, Elizabeth V. (Mrs Jira W.) Kewanee 

73271 Eddy, Louise Harber (Mrs Louis O.) 406 E. Washington st, 


55011 Edgar, Gertrude Pomeroy (Mrs Charles) Evanston 

27548 Edgerton, Maria White Judd (Mrs John Henry) . .232 W. South st, 

75803 Edmiston, Sarah DeBoice (Mrs William Curtis) .. 1094 W. Macon st, 


12595 Edmonds, Mary Sechler (Mrs Howard Owen) Kenilworth 

61886 Edmonds, May D. (Miss) 603 Main st, Rochelle 

63999 Edmonson, Delia B. (Mrs George S.) 311 N. Center st, Qinton 

77043 Edmunds, Emma Washburn (Mrs Henry H.) Clinton 

81248 Edwards, Anne Eliza (Mrs Oliver) Warsaw 

78836 Edwards, Helen Rexford (Miss) Hotel Berkeley, 1015 Bowen av, 

78835 Edwards, Isabelle Bosworth (Mrs Clarence Wilbur). .Hotel Berkeley, 

1015 Bowen av, Chicago 
24570 Egan, Leonora Margaret Horton (Mrs Charles Wiley) . .39 Junior 

Terrace, Buena Park 
M76 Egan, Sarah Chandler Olivia (Mrs Wm. C.) Egandale, Highland 


26729 Ehle, Mabel Robbins (Mrs Louis C.) 103 E. 49th st, Chicago 

^7461 Ehnie. Anna Gillham (Mrs Charles F.) 271 S. Hardin av, 


16672 Eichelberger, Fannie M. (Miss) 404 E. Main st, Ottawa 

16673 Eichelberger, Georgiana (Miss) 404 E. Main st, Ottawa 

81903 Eisenhart, Grace Fay (Mrs Willard S.) 606 Everett st, Streator 

16698 Ela, Frances Harriet Rowell (Mrs George P.) 309 E. Locust st, 


81555 Elder, Frances Lanphere (Mrs F. R.) Kirkwood 

16712 Elder, Ina (Miss) Carthage 

19140 Elder, Louisa C. Dinwiddie (Mrs Joseph) 404 N. Madison av, 

74737 Eldred, Annie Porter (Mrs Samuel W.)..1454 Hampshire st, Quincy 

66545 Eldred, Sarah Chase (Mrs Samuel Marvin) Roseville 

51194 Ellington, Harriet Elizabeth Bond (Mrs Ernest Elwell) . .9631 S. 

Winchester av, Chicago 


78531 Elliot, Emma Louise Smith (Mrs James M.) Jacksonville 

3800 Elliot, Lizzie N. McLain (Mrs) ... .6919 Lakewood av, Rogers Park 
26394 Elliott, Cornelia Sanders (Mrs Frank) 1101 W. State st, 


70532 Elliott, Alice Maria (Mrs Robert) 429 N. 8th st, Quincy 

31373 Elliott, Mary L. (Mrs Andrew) 514 6th st, Rochelle 

51798 Ellis, Grace Elizabeth Kirtland (Mrs Leander D.)..11S Keokuk st, 

70291 Ellis, Hattie Tinkham (Mrs Harry Clay).. 4802 N. Hermitage av, 


81238 Ellis, Mabel Florence (Miss) 4802 N. Hermitage av, Chicago 

2125 Ells, Marion Angelina Ely (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) ..1842 National 

av, Rockford 
59719 Ellsberry,* Amarintha (Mrs George Washington) Box 493, Mason 

22947 Ellwood, Mary Bailey (Mrs James B.)....4909 Madison av, Chicago 
2123 Ely, Julia Eliza Peirce (Mrs Oliver Curtis) .... 1842 National av, 

6396 Emerson, Adaline Elizabeth T. (Mrs Ralph) 427 N. Church st, 


28945 Emerson, Gertrude (Miss^ Clinton 

8126 Emerson, Sarah Prescott (Mrs Charles H.) 513 N. Court st, Rockford 

70936 Emmerson, Anna Louise (Miss) 429 N. (>ttawa st, Lincoln 

67521 Emmet, Jennie Lewis (Mrs R. M.) 3539 Grand blvd, Chicago 

63423 Engelhart, Nina O. Witherell (Mrs Frank C.)..4927 Michigan av, 

77794 Engle, Lilian L. Worden (Mrs W. F.) 421 E. Grove st, 

33874 Englisch, S. Alice Knode (Mrs Otto B.)..5480 Cornell av, Chicago 
31361 Engstrom, Florence A. Foote (Mrs E. W.).513 N. Court st, Rockford 
14513 Engstrom, May G. Foote (Mrs Alfred Adolph). .1322 E. State st. 

40244 Ensign, Harriet J. Brown (Mrs James Henry) P. O. Box 315, 


8720 Epler, Effie Louise (Miss) 1106 W. State st, Jacksonville 

27241 Errett, Martha H. (Mrs. Albert W.)....314 W. South st, Kewanee 
42852 Ervin, Marietta Arvilla Howe (Mrs Robert Edward).. 490 N. Broad 

st, Galesburg 

49876 Erwin, Rachel M. (Mrs Charles R.) 618 East av, N., Oak Park 

84029 Ettinger, Pearle Palmer (Mrs H. C.) 1114 S. 2d st, Springfield 

64878 Full, Florence Isabell (Mrs Francis Philip).. 323 N. 8th st, Quincy 

70539 Evans, Besse Bonbrake (Miss) 412 W. 1st st, ^aylorville 

27550 Evans, Ellen (Miss) P. O. Box 170, Knoxville 

3944 Evans, Lucy D. (Miss) 1930 5th av, Moline 

34601 Evans, Mabel E. Munson (Mrs D. J.) 998 N. Prairie st, Galesburg 

12271 Evans, Mary Lucretia Parke (Mrs Rowland N.) 803 E. Douglass 

st, Bloomington 

64546 Evans, Pearl (Miss) 610 Morton st, Peoria 

56212 Evans, Sarah Y. Davis (Mrs John, Jr.) Decorra 

12607 Everett, Caroline E. (Mrs Joseph D.) 3416 Harold av, Berwyn 

510 Everett, Charlotte Stickney (Mrs W. S.)..2218 Prairie av, Chicago 
53721 Everett, Fannie Sisson (Mrs Edward Royce)..435 N. Kellogg st, 


85292 Everett, Irene (Miss) 2218 Prairie av, Chicago 

16093 Evers, Marion E. EoflF (Mrs William F.)....913 N. 6th st, Quincy 

6405 Ewing, Myra Belle (Miss) 509 W. Forest st, Decatur 

19131 Fabian, Fanny Storrs Millard (Mrs William Johnston) 1509 

Ridge av, Evans ton 
27544 Fairbank, Sarah Maria (Miss) 235 Westminister st, Jack- 
85766 Fairchild, Frances Miller (Mrs C. J.).... 3801 Grand blvd, Chicago 

85763 Fairchild, Mary Ida Baldwin (Mrs Francis A.) Monmouth 

6503 Fairfax-Scott, Judith Putnam (Mrs E. A.).. 1036 E. 46th st, Chicago 

272 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

30707 Fake, Lucy Duncan Hall (Mrs Frederick L.)....1517 E. 66th blvd, 

21073 Fallon, Lucy Hanenkamp (Mrs William Edward) .. 5546 Kenmore 

av, Chicago 

56951 Farley, Jennie Egremont (Miss) De Kalb. 

62962 Farmer, Harriet McMullen (Mrs George A.).. 508 S. Glenwood av, 

38324 Farnum, Annie Gage Dexter (Mrs Charles Mellen) 1246 W. 

Irving Park blvd, Chicago 
33279 Farnum,^ Emily Gertrude Joslyn (Mrs John W.) . .402 Du Page st, 

4862 Farr, Charlotte Camp (Mrs Marvin A.) 4737 Woodlawn av, 


39502 Farr, Jessie Laurance (Miss) 842 Pine Grove av, Chicago 

39907 Farrer, Georgia Eliazbcth Gilman (Mrs George W.)....113 E. 

Lafayette st, Ottawa 
86569 Farrington, Ella M. (Mrs Charles L.)..241 E. Washington st. 

East Peoria 

360 Farson, Clara M. Jones (Mrs Robert Bruce) St. Charles 

60865 Fast, Luella Adaline Miller (Mrs) 219 Peoria av, Peoria 

74714 Faulkner, Emma Draper (Mrs Murray J.).. 7157 Yale av, Chicago 
35784 Faxon, Frances L. (Mrs J. Warren).. 427 N. Grove av, Oak Park 
52523 Fay, Rosaline Search Miller (Mrs John Francis) . . 1313 La Salle av, 


37606 Fearing, lola Lamar Munroe (Mrs Joseph Lea) Ravinia 

18388 Fegenbush, Josephine M. (Miss) 238 53d st, Chicago 

42206 Fehlman, Jessie L. Sears (Mrs George) Geneseo 

48416 Felch, Josephine Moore (Mrs John) 526 Catlin st, Rockford 

39532 Felt, Laura Arnold (Mrs George A.) . . 1509 N. Cherry st, Galesburg 

74739 Felt, Lula M. (Miss) 215J4 N. 8th st, Quincy 

23734 Felt, Minnie M. (Mrs Frank B.) 5557 Monroe av, Chicago 

38448 Ferguson, Alice Edwards (Mrs B. H.)..815 N. 5th st, Springfield 
36658 Ferguson, Emma Woodruff (Mrs Duncan H.)..814 N. Court st, 

44684 Ferguson, Maud Manderson McLean Stevens (Mrs Wm. Burder), 

Oak Park 
13965 Fernald, Catharine Keiter (Mrs George Parchcr). .610 Wenonah 

av ChicafiTO 
58977 Ferrell, Mary E. (Mrs Charles Brandeberry) 327 Home av, 

Oak Park 
87122 Ferris, Ella Connor (Mrs Charles) 41 N. Washington st, 

42857 Ferris, Helen Baldwin Durkee (Mrs Stephen Holton) .. Carthage 
15519 Ferris, Helen Minerva Gilchrist (Mrs Leonard Thompson) .. Foun- 
tain Green 

13984 Ferris, Julia Esther Holton (Mrs Hiram G.) Carthage 

12056 Ferris, Laura Sue Bryant (Mrs A. H.)..312 E. Peru st, Princeton 

66551 Ferris, Mary Frances White (Mrs U. Stephen) Carthage 

39005 Ferris, Mary Helen (Miss) 320 S. Madison st, Carthage 

70537 Ferris, Sallic Estill (Mrs Wm. Mead) 222 N. Academy st, 


81565 Ferriss, Olive E. Hunt (Mrs James H.) Joliet 

995 Ferry, Abby Farwell (Mrs) Lake Forest 

42238 Fesler, Laura M. (Mrs J. C.) 528 6th st, Rochelle 

338 Fessenden, Laura Canfield Spencer (Mrs Benjamin).. Highland 

75672 Fey, Gertrude Swain (Mrs Charles W.)..615 Morton st, Peoria 
87115 Fichter, Bessie Bleasdale (Mrs Charles) 4416 Olcott av, 

E. Chicago 

37241 Field, Hester Elizabeth (Miss) 308 Church st, Pnnceton 

68351 Field, Rosemary Estelle McCormick (Mrs James Henry).. 102 

Logan st, Belleville 


50159 Fielder, Anna Lou (Mrs Henry Clinton) 3602 Lake av, Chicago 

71096 Fillmore, Christina Greenslit (Mrs Frank C.) Dixon 

64541 Finctley, Martha Ann (Miss) 204 S. A st, Monmouth 

70426 Finley, Susan Caroline Cope (Mrs John Huston) . .7842 Green st, 


39517 Fischer, Etta R, (Mrs John) 607 S. Chestnut st, Kewanee 

26762 Fisher, Abbie Frances Steele (Mrs Hendrick V.) Geneseo 

75033 Fisher. Bessie Russell (Mrs Howard W.)..lll N. Elizabeth st, 


65137 Fisher, Carrull Mattox (Mrs Charles W.) Effingham 

34597 Fisher, Cynthia Spaulding (Mrs Frank Reed)..ll30 W. S. Grand 

aV; Springfield 
44122 Fisher, Elisc W. Peeler (Mrs Charles H.) 7761 Normal av, 


33694 Fisher, Estelie (Mrs John) 441 Belden av, Chicago 

17466 Fisher, Rosamond J. IJttleiield (Mrs) 228 1st st, S., Rockford 

86574 Fisk. Ida M. (Mrs Thomas Otto) 130 Oak av, Aurora 

73936 Fiskc, Alice M. (Miss) 1108 Paul st, Ottawa 

73937 Fiske, Sarah Helen (Miss) 1108 Paul st, Ottawa 

62926 Fitch, Annette D. Munson (Mrs John Hamlin).. 716 E. 37th st, 


14814 Fitch, Ella V. (Mrs Amza L.) 409 Home av, Oak Park 

64879 Fitch, Rachel Louise (Miss) Galva 

66135 Fithian, Jane S. Head (Mrs William E.) Danville 

34088 Fitz-Gerald, Gertrude Newcomer (Mrs Richard) ..2632 Prairie av, 


72628 Fitzgerrell, Mary C. (Mrs John S.) Lebanon 

43026 FiTZHUGH, Jane M. Jones (Mrs Ch.\ri-es Carroll) ..4402 Greenwood 

av, Chicago 
29809 Fitz Randolph, Catherine A. (Mrs E. L.) 1047 Linden av, 

11457 Fitzwilliam, Sarah E. Raymond (Mrs Francis J.).. 4824 Vincennes 

av, Chicago 
23761 Flack, Maria Brown (Mrs William Scott) .... 1429 Vermont st, 


68984 Flanders, Maggie Greenfield (Mrs Frank B.) Noble 

85998 Fleming, Ellen Grahame Goodfellow (Mrs George Wallace).. 904 

S. 5th st. Champaign 
37633 Fleming, Helen Rudd (Mrs William) 1506 N. Main st, 

51782 Fletcher, Marietta Beery (Mrs M. Morris) 5429 Calumet av, 


22631 Flick, Bessie Morgan (Mrs William Carl) Streator 

3475 Flint. Henrietta Ord (Miss) Highland Park 

65509 Flowers, Grace N. Perkins (Mrs Roy W.)..402 E. 62d st, Chicago 

60947 Fluent, Millie Griswold (Miss) Minooka 

79468 Flynn, Amelia Austin (Miss) 1000 Langdon st, Alton 

44466 Folds, Mary Donaldson Jenkins (Mrs William B.)..205 La Salle 

st, Chicago 
23746 Foley, Anna E. McCloskey (Mrs John Burton) .. 1421 Castlewood 

Ter, Chicago ^ , ^, 

26736 Follansbee, Marcia M. (Mrs Charles E.) St. John's Place, 

Highland Park _ ^ ^ ^ , 

85054 Follansbee, Margarite J. (Miss).. St, John's Place, Highland Park 

79784 Footc, Eva A. (Miss) 601 W. Elm st, Urbana 

12625 Foote. Helen Garvin (Mrs John Crocker). .303 E. Lincoln av, 

36153 Foote, Nettie Amery Chamberlain (Mrs Frederick H.)..4542 Lake 

av, Chicago 

23596 Forbes, Caroline Abigail (Miss) (Jharleston 

30292 Forbes. Elizabeth Ostrum (Mrs Alexander Duncan).. 623 N. Mam 

st, Rockford 

274 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

51807 Forbes, Katharine Scott (Mrs Henry Sill).. 107 North st, Danville 
82953 Ford, Abby Biossat (Mrs Arthur S.)..5483 East End av, Chicago 

57230 Ford, Alice L. (Mrs Nathan) 6628 Kimbark av, Chicago 

50250 Ford, Ellen H. (Miss) Geneseo 

41363 Ford, M. Louella Palmer (Mrs Smith Thomas).. 432 W. 61st pi, 

68777 Ford, Stella Lambert (Mrs Elley Monroe) 708 Edgar av, 

39355 Ford, Wissie Keefer (Mrs James Parker).. The Virginia, Chicago 
53131 Foresman, Elizabeth Parsons (Mrs W. C.) 5445 East End av, 

30300 Forman, Elizabeth B. Welty (Mrs Louie) 1214 E. Grove st, 

43478 Forrester, Bessie Toner (Mrs Peter C.) 311 N. Vermillion st, 


47067 Foss, Alice Elliott (Miss) 1441 E. 60th st, Chicago 

11467 Foster, Caroline McConihe Horton (Mrs D. Jack).. 6047 Madison 

av, Chicago 
68476 Foster, Frances Parsons (Mrs Edgar J.) 6612 Newgard av, 


83485 Foster, Ida Benedict (Mrs C. H.) 29 11th st, Lockport 

44235 Foster, Mary Scovil (Mrs George Alfred) 1914 Sheridan rd, 

39756 Fowler, Emma C. Perkins (Mrs Gilbert) . .9435 Charles st, Chicago 

23736 Fowler, Harriet (Miss) 4559 Lake av, Chicago 

34609 Fowler, Louise J. Campbell (Mrs Cecil) Watseka 

15522 Fox, Katherinc Elizabeth (Miss) Moline 

42194 Fox, Leila Coleman (Mrs Harvey) 5217 Kenmore av, Chicago 

31352 Fox, Rosalind McClernand (Mrs Frederick) .. 204 Bigelow st, 


56194 Frackelton, Susan Stuart (Mrs) 6030 Jackson Park av, Chicago 

38435 Frahm, Elizabeth Goewey (Mrs Louis J.).. 67 Bryant av, Chicago 
58298 Frailey, Elizabeth Langfitt Houston (Mrs Frederick) .. Chillicothe 
52504 Fraker, Mara-Belle Wilson (Mrs E. Porter) .. Elms Hotel, S3d & 

Cornell av, Chicago 
35418 Francis, Alice (Mrs John) .... 1352 Kenilworth av, Rogers Park 
68671 Francis, Bertha Haven (Mrs Frank Doig)..66 E. Oak st, Chicago 

80653 Frankenfield, Verne Fowler (Mrs Jacob H.) Downer's Grove 

54218 Franklin, Gertrude Gould (Mrs W. R.)..1303 E. State st, Rockford 
22656 Franz, Deane De Haven Roosa Stewart (Mrs Charles) 216 

S. Church st, Jacksonville 
48397 Frasher, Ada Cruttenden (Mrs Stuart) 5059 Washington av, 

41247 Frazee, Eleanor Washington (Mrs Owen L.) 1233 S. 4th st, 


10987 Frazer, Mary Bryant (Mrs Edwin G.) 734 23d st. Rock Island 

77474 Frazier, Allegra (Miss) 322 S. Sycamore st, Centralia 

78532 Frazier, Harriet Swigert (Mrs W. P.) Carthage 

85361 Freas, .Mice Fowler (Mrs Frank) MilledgevillG 

61894 Frederick, Jessie Crabb (Mrs William C.)....509 S. Walnut st, 


72113 Free, Mazy Bell (Mrs William C.) 4932 Lake av, Chicago 

61766 Freeman, Annietta Landon (Mrs Henry Warren) c/o H. W. 

Freeman, 205 La Salle st, Chicago 

45712 Freeman, Grace (Miss) Aurora 

5741 Freeman, Mary L. (Mrs Henry V.) 5647 Madison av, Chicago 

74715 Frees. Ethel Salmon (Mrs Herman Edward) 6826 Perry av, 

64014 French, Alice C. Watson (Mrs Jay Taylor) 1515 S. 7th st, 

49879 French, Clara Strawn (Mrs John M.) 326 E. Pari st, Ottawa 


42239 French, Jennie Bowen (Mrs William Harrison) .. 5342 Cornell av, 


29426 French, Sarah Gertrude (Miss) 320 S. 3d st, Rockford 

50664 Frey, Isabella Forbes Howes (Mrs George Alfred) .... 1309 Main st, 

12047 Frink, Caroline Pendleton (Mrs William H.)..6500 Howard av, 

50255 Fritts, Minnette Alice (Mrs Frederick Charles) .. 205 N. Madison 

av, Peoria 

67536 Frizzelle, Carrie Warren (Mrs J. Wellington) Kankakee 

70294 Froelich, Virginia (Miss) Bunker Hill 

12611 Frysinger, Grace C. (Mrs George P.).. 1303 3d av. Rock Island 

65142 Fudge, Ann Alice (Miss) 3529 Rokeby st, Chicago 

65143 Fudge, Elsie Josephine (Miss) 3529 Rokeby st, Chicago 

75202 Fuller, Bessie Mabel (Miss) 630 Maple av, Galesburg 

70761 Fuller, Emma G. (Mrs Charles M.) Clinton 

6367 Fuller, Isabella H. (Mrs Charles G.) 1305 Forest av, Evanston 

913 Fuller, Laura Hayes (Mrs Frank) Winnetka 

76247 Fuller, Margaret Crozier (Mrs Lawsen M.) Moline 

46207 Fuller, Mary Edith (Miss) 630 Maple av, Galesburg 

40009 Fuller, Mary Jamieson (Mrs George) 1516 E. 54th st, Chicago 

24597 Fuller, Violette M. (Mrs C. Edward) 42 22d st, Chicago 

52500 Fulmer, Harriet Emma (Miss) . . 14U8 Unity Bldg, 79 Dearborn st, 


71469 Fulton, Mary Brank (Mrs William H.) Clinton 

32828 Furber, Elvira Irwin (Mrs Henry Jewett)..1920 Wellington av, 

25167 Furlong, Lucy Ellen Timberlake (Mrs William Jay) . . Rochelle 

52507 Gage, Emma F. (Mrs Henry H.) 725 Emerson st, Evanston 

27327 Gage, Martha Hobbs (Mrs Albert Seth). .Wellington Hotel, Chicago 
62937 Gage, Mary Paulina Ives (Mrs Albert Hudson) ..1319 E. Washington 

st, Bloomington 
61882 Gailey, Anna Smith (Mrs Byron Sinclair) 340 W. State st, 


42219 Gale, Edna Randall (Mrs Walter) R. F. D. 5, Rochelle 

15507 Gale, Julia Hart (Mrs Edwin O.) 347 Lake st. Oak Park 

42656 Gallentine, Olive Green (Mrs Charles D.) Morrison 

46629 Gallup, Delia S. Hulburd (Mrs Benjamin Ela) . .4612 Ellis av, Chicago 

70754 Gait, Carrie (Miss) 619 W. Capitol av, Springfield 

66553 Gait, Margaret Epler (Mrs John) 619 W. Capitol av, Springfield 

66390 Gamble, Marjorie (Miss) Kewanee 

44241 Gamble. Velma Cram (Mrs Ross W.) 119 Terry st, Kewanee 

84021 Gane, Sarah Frances (Mrs Thomas F.) ... .114 E. Walton pi, Chicago 
67232 Ganoung, Harriett Smith (Mrs John M.) 1114 N. Winnebago, 

44462 Garoutte, Mira Dewey (Mrs Park Bice).. 725 Michigan av, Evanston 

83483 Gardener, Lydia L. Stocking (Mrs Fred) 332 11th st, Rochelle 

25154 Gardner, Anna Washington Riggs (Mrs William A.).. 1218 Sheridan 

rd, Qiicago 
47078 Gardner, Emelie Alford Qark (Mrs Harold).... 305 W. Monroe st, 


55128 Garman, Mmnie B. (Mrs L H.) 703 W. Stoughton st, Urbana 

62944 Garnett, Mittie Collins (Mrs.Virginius Lee).. 5468 Washington av, 


45702 Garrett, Lucy (Miss) Alexis 

6418 Garrett, Winnie Wilcox (Mrs Frederick H.) 4805 Winthrop av, 

77786 Garrison, Mary McGrew (Mrs William C.) . .4949 Prairie av, Chicago 
31349 Garrison, Sarah M. Howell (Mrs Guy L.) 1606 N. Main st, 

22657 Gary, Emily C. Lyon (Mrs John W.) Chicago 

276 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

86002 Gary, Maude C. (Mrs Charles H.) 4457 Monroe st, Chicago 

85311 Gaskill, Emily A. (Miss) 306 N. Broadway, Joliet 

77059 Gates, Polly Robinson (Mrs Edwin) Paw Paw 

65144 Gauger, Helen S. (Mrs John A.) 4241 Drexel bd, Chicago 

56875 Gaw, Anna S. (Mrs Albert) 509 Arlington pi, Chicago 

87104 Gay, Jennie C. (Mrs George S.) 135 Webster av, Jacksonville 

26652 Gaylord, Anna Maria Garritt (Mrs (jeorge) 5532 Monroe av» 


39526 Gaylord, Minnie S. (Mrs Lewis R.) 739 25th st, Moline 

46206 Geer, Cora M. (Miss) 471 W. Tompkins st, Galesburg 

68469 Gelder, Clara J. Tolman (Mrs John) Virden 

73953 George, Rena Dclle (Miss) 730 S. 6th st, Springfield 

75580 Gerard, Lucy Comstock (Mrs Franklin Bryant) . .650 5th st, La Salle 

75820 Gerke, Mary Brown Johnson (Mrs Frederick J.) Elgin 

79418 Gerlach, Charlotte Hill (Mrs Theodore Robert) . . . .501 S. Richards st, 


87367 Geschwindner, Margaret (Mrs Louis) 1102 Jefferson st, Quincy 

51078 Ghastin, Mar>' Stevens (Mrs Harry H.) 220Q N. Ashland av,, 


19737 Ghislin, Caroline Beatrice Havens (Mrs Henry) ►.401 N. Humphrey 

av, Chicago 

6388 Gibbs, Annie Hyde R. (Mrs Fletcher B.) . .6427 Pleasant st, Oak Park 

75203 Gibson, Harriet Rebecca (Mrs John Chalmers) Ferris 

3991 1 Gibson, Sarah Davidge (Miss) S. 4th st, Monmouth 

53149 Giddings, Czarina Josephine (Miss). N. Church st, Rockford 

56935 Giddings, Ella Cornelia (Miss) i..806 Kishwaukee st, Rockford 

26728 Gifford, Bertha Lewis (Mrs Charles E.),.47n Kenwood av, Chicago 

43489 Gifford, Clara Cornell (Mrs Samuel Juds(m)..393 Chicago st, Elgin 

70534 Gifford, Edna May (Miss) 393 Chicago st, Elgin 

27244 Gifford, Ellen Lydia (Mrs George Fitch) . .1510 W. Main st, Galesburg 

26763 Gilbert, Cora Thomas (Mrs Elon Beach) Ckneseo 

71748 Gilbert, Emily Almira (Mrs John W.)..348 E. Grove st, Galesburg 

53549 Gilbert, Ethel Tracy Ogden (Mrs William Candee)..829 Hamlin st, 


85757 Gilbert, Minnie Way (Mrs Horace S.) (Jcneseo 

27522 Gilchrist, Emma Lock Boyd (Mrs John Foster). .5406 Washington 

av, Chicago 

27525 Gilchrist, Harriet Foster (Miss) 5400 Washington av, Chicago 

16692 Gildersleeve, Mary Alice McCaughey (Mrs Charles Turner) . .Hudson 

76229 Gildersleeve, Nettie Ham (Mrs James T.) Hudson 

35785 Gile, Louise P. (Mrs David H.) 427 N. Grove av. Oak Park 

73266 Gill, Flora (Miss) 250 Home av. Oak Park- 

42652 Gill, Grace Evelyn (Miss) 114 Monroe st, Cliicago 

58722 Gill, Mary E. (Mrs James T.) Carthage 

74741 Gillespie, Georgia Blanchfil (Mrs Thomas E.) E. St. Louis 

5749 Gillespie, Matilda (Mrs David) 418 N. McLean st, Lincoln 

6756 Gillett, Jessie Dean (Miss) Elkhart 

41253 Gillett, Mary Huss (Mrs Frank F.)....6116 Pleasant st, Oak Park 

80640 Gillette, Edna Frances (Miss) 3500 Monroe st, Chicago 

55140 Gillette, Fanny Roy (Mrs Fletcher A.) 4461 Ellis av, Chicago 

47829 Gillette, Mary Gentry Bowling (Mrs) 310 Irving av, Chicago 

50161 Gillette, Nellie (Mrs Henry) 3602 Lake av, Chicago 

1120 Gillette, Sarah Watson (Miss) 1726 Hinman av, Evanston 

73281 Gillham, Eva Davenport (Mrs William W.) 226 W. State st^ 


86013 Gillham, Mary Flagg (Mrs Edward L.) R. R. 6, Edwardsville 

3942 Gillmore, Jennie Sleight (Mrs John S.) 1829 5th av, Moline 

77792 Gilman, Edith Hess (Mrs Albert Edward).. E. Jefferson st, Ottawa 

82446 Gilman, Marv Dexter Johnson (Mrs John Ellis) . .Kenwood Hotel, 

47th st, Chicago 

66542 Gilmore, Grace Belle (Miss) R. F. D. 2, Aledo 

8844 Gilpin, Alice (Miss) 2016 Locust st, Chicago 


85325 Glandon, Myrtle Coley (Mrs Ed^r D.) Pittsfield 

77051 Gleitn, Cora Arthur (Mrs Frederick) Ottawa 

29433 Gleitn, Edith E. Hajrward (Mrs George) ... .603 Illinois st, Ottawa 

574 Glessner, Frances Macbeth (Mrs John J.).. 1800 Prairie av, Chicago 

23775 Glos, Mary Florence Alden (Mrs George Waldorf) ..900 N. Spring st, 


79792 Goddard, Abby Rogers (Mrs A. J.) Globe av, Freeport 

33697 Goddard, Martha E. Sterling (Mrs Lester O.) Riverside 

67527 (joddard, Mercy Pierce (Mrs Alpheus P.) 293 Stephenson st, 

18771 Ck>ddard, Virginia Burnham (Mrs James Frederick) . .3931 Grand av, 

8077 Godfrey, Eugenia Spofford (Mrs Charles H.) . .327 S. 3d st, Rockford 
67974 Godfrey, Mercie White (Mrs Franklin H.) 323 E. Locust st, 


29428 Godley, Gertrude Smith (Mrs Frank) 627 Keys av, Springfield 

78095 Goe, Lavinia Morgan (Mrs James B.) 1360 Kenwood Park pi, 


47084 (Goldsmith, Helen Grace (Miss) 572 N. Broad st, Galesburg 

42859 Goltra, Margaret Louisa (Mrs Isaac Van Tyle)..506 W. Munroe st, 


68786 Gon^alvps. Nelle Brown (Mrs George F.) Jacksonville 

58773 Gooch, Emorette Griswold (Mrs Arthur Francis) Bellflower 

33288 Goodall, Blanche (Miss) 205 Mound av, Rockford 

59184 (^odell, Ada Butler (Mrs Andrew S.) Rock Falls 

3814 Goodhart, Henrietta McC. (Mrs Frederick E.) . .660 Rush st, Chicago 
47079 Goodheart, Eda B. Hoover (Mrs Benjamin L.)..704^ E. Front st, 


24560 (^odrich, Nellie Elizabeth (Miss) 4458 Wrexel bd, Chicago 

79795 (kK>drow, Jessie Bradford Downs (Mrs William) . .4 Elizabeth Court, 

Oak Park 

71745 Goodspecd. Cora M. (Miss) 261 W. 65th st, Chicago 

38440 Goodykoontz, Ann B. Frysinger (Mrs Charles H.)..5626 Madison av, 

15762 Gordon, Bessie A. Smith (Mrs Frank Lee) Kenwood Hotel, Ken- 
wood av, & 47th st, Chicago 

41776 Gordon, Electa N. Haynes (Mrs Henry P.) Chenoa 

66132 Gordon, N. Anna (Mrs Joseph P.) 1502 W. State st, Rockford 

50251 Goss, Lutie Chamberlain (Miss) Geneseo 

3S322 (5osselin, Clara Cornish (Mrs Leander) Rock Island 

31374 (^uld, Mary Elizabeth Chase (Mrs William Wallace) ... .603 6th st, 

51697 Govert, Agnes Worrell (Mrs George W.)....136 S. 24th st, Quincy 
47562 Govert, Rosa Wood (Mrs William Henry).. 1433 Vermont st, Quincy 

70927 Graff, Mary .Burton Crane (Mrs Joseph V.) Peoria 

48396 Graff, Susie Rebecca Cruttenden (Mrs) . .5059 Washington av, Chicago 

31375 Graham, Anna Chase Gould (Mrs Willard Philo) 522 11th st, 

14826 Graham, Annie P. Wilson (Mrs John).. 2350 Wayne av, Edgewater 
79008 Graham, Ella Campbell (Mrs R. O.)..1108 N. East st, Bloomington 
55146 Graham, Fannie Wright (Mrs William P.).. 208 S. A st, Monmouth 

39036 Graham, Mame Shellenberger (Mrs Earl) Monmouth 

68673 Grant, Qara Melinda Thompson (Mrs Alexander Paul).. 447 Marion 

st Oak Park 

80641 Grant, Ckrtrude Wilson (Mrs Lester Bradner) Riverside 

47583 Grattan, Carolyn Elizabeth Busey (Mrs William H.) . . Shawneetown 
21463 Graves. Mary Henrietta Mayhew (Mrs Charles Eugene). .1047 Forest 

av, Evanston 
3469 Graves. Mary Sedgwick (Mrs D wight Webster). ...27 E. Goethe st, 

Chicago _ ^ 

72810 Graves, May Mann (Mrs Henry E.)....486 Forest av. River Forest 
32835 Graves, Virginia Frances (Mrs Linus) . .1117 E. Grove st, Bloommgton 

278 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

31350 Gray, Daisy Gilmore Silvis (Mrs Vincent) Moline 

76537 Gray, Katherine Argo (Mrs James C.) Clintoi> 

40259 Gray, Louise Holliday (Mrs William Richardson).. 115 W. Boyd st, 


47585 Gray, Mary Leal (Mrs John) 928 W. Green st, Urbana 

73398 Gray, Pearle Moore (Mrs James Scott).. 4956 Madison av, Chicago 

62934 Gray, Phoebe Webb (Mrs) 1440 Eastwood av, Chicago 

87094 Green, Bernice K. (Miss) 1102 N. Main st, Bloomington 

87093 Green, Bernice Kidder (Mrs Benoni S.) 1102 N. Main st, 

16700 Green, Bertha Baker (Mrs Frank B.)..203 E. Central av. Highland 

47068 Green, Cora L. Childs (Mrs Thomas Henry) 55 W. North av, Chicago 

55626 Green, Cornelia Williams (Mrs John Seymour) Morrison 

54219 Green, Estelle Josephine (Mrs Albert S.)..306 N. Court st, Rockford 

18410 Green, Fannie Alma (Miss) 501 E. Main st, Ottawa 

18409 Green, Hattie (Miss) 501 E. Main st, Ottawa 

85056 Green, Margaret (Miss) 1367 Lowell av, Springfield 

36642 Green, Margaret Thompson (Mrs George) . .3743 Langley av, Chicago 

42229 Green, Vallie Sholes (Mrs Harvey Sherman) Morrison 

69486 Greenbow, Nelly James (Mrs B. F.) Bennison Flats, Kewanee 

67459 Greene, Betty McNeely (Mrs Nelson H.) 1128 12th av, Moline 

30709 Greene, Lillie Adams (Mrs Lewis Douglass) 4449 Sidney av,. 

19141 Greene, Marguerite E. Mansfield (Mrs Frederick J.).. 414 Perry av,. 


40784 Greene, Mary Thomas (Mrs Frank H.) Geneseo 

38020 Greenwood, Cecelia Daphne (Miss) 126 E. Peru st, Princeton 

16090 Greenwood, Edith Carolyn (Mrs Alfred R.) 126 E. Peru st, 


33707 Gregg, Caroline Warner (Miss) 2422 8th st. Rock Island 

71690 Gregory, Evalyn A. (Miss) 319 S. 2d st, Rockford 

56936 Gregory, Helen M. (Miss) 603 N. Horsman st, Rockford 

8384 Gregory, Laura Jane Potter (Mrs Edward S.) . .319 S. 2d st, Rockford 
11492 Gridley, Helen Frances Medbury (Mrs Nelson Cowles). .1405 Hin- 

man av, Evanston 

6371 Gridley, Ruth Louise Farwell (Mrs M. M.) 416 Lake st, Evanston 

36173 Grier, Ella Clarke (Mrs Thomas Atherton) 510 Moos av, Peoria. 

6494 Grier, Margaret Graham (Miss) 1328 E. 53d st, Chicago 

78106 Griffin, Edith May Cabeen (Mrs T. A.) Macomb 

59191 Griffith, Ada Hunt (Mrs Oliver W.) Ashtftn 

73938 Griffith, Hannah Hewitt (Mrs Alexander W.) Grand Ridge 

63455 Griffith, Jessie Boyle Harlan (Mrs James Scott) Marshall 

28931 Griggs, Anna M. (Mrs Philip M.) 308 S. Chestnut st, Kewanee 

27231 Griggs, Julia C. Mattocks (Mrs Oakley) 204 Kent st, Streator 

12618 Griggs, Lura Nash (Mrs Clarence) 1333 Ottawa av, Ottawa* 

33713 Grimes, Annie Elizabeth Rhodes (Mrs James M.) 119 High st, 


51146 Griswold, Abbie Laura (Miss) 4717 Kcnmore av. Chicago 

8388 Griswold, Florence (Miss) 722 W. JefFerson st, Springfield 

59189 Griswold, Grace Ballard (Mrs Daniel Judson) .. ..927 N. Broad st, 

83732 Griswold, Rosalie Burnham (Mrs Walter Clarence) . .3616 Grand bd, 


47082 Groff, Effie Phinnev (Mrs Wilbur S.) Morrison 

62849 Grommet, Sada Blake (Mrs George J.) Alton- 

77047 Grose, Irma Preston (Miss) 810 Highland av. Dixon. 

77046 Grose, Mary Ella Preston (Mrs George Leslie) 810 Highland av, 


81908 Gross, Alice (Miss) 220 E. High st, Sycamore 

14772 Gross, Luelja Zearing (Mrs James Ellsworth). .3600 Michigan av„ 



51182 Grote, Florence May Hubbard (Mrs Henry W.)..105 N. Clinton st, 

42853 Grubb, Josephine Parry (Mrs James Wilson) 382 Monmouth bd, 


45713 Grundy, Gertrude Rockwell (Mrs Charles N.) Chicago 

79805 Grunendike, Mary Booth (Mrs Edward H.) . .500 S. 6th st, Springfield 
23726 Guthrie, Carrie Pomeroy (Mrs Wardell) ..2822 Indiana av, (Chicago 

84437 Guy, Hallie Emerson (Miss) 1545 12th av, Molinc 

73957 Guy, Nannie Kelly (Mrs John Mihon) . .305 W. Seminary st, Danville 

55142 Haas, Edith Dugan (Mrs E. M.) Decatur 

67380 Habermeyer, Iva (Mrs George C) 1103 Euclid av. Champaign 

63451 Hagan, Grace Hall (Mrs Joseph J.) Canton 

23752 Haight, Nellie M. Critchell (Mrs W. B.) . . . .6955 Yale av. Chicago 
80642 Haines, Castilla L. Kinney (Mrs (jeorge B.) . .2310 Arlington av, Mor- 
gan Park 

25157 Haines, Maude Hughes Stone (Mrs Jeremiah) 3933 Prairie av, 

34327 Haire, Ellen Cilley Bartlett (Mrs John P.) . .4049 Lake av, Chicago 
38437 Halbert, Abbie Sherman (Mrs Homer V.) 4826 Kimbark av, Chicago 
16113 Hale, Frances Cook (Mrs George D.) . .204 Willow av, Austin Sta, 

60849 Hale, Leolelia Herndon (Mrs John Gibson) . .6455 Monroe av, Chicago 

23753 Hall, Adelaide S. (Mrs Herman J.) 549 Dearborn av, Chicago 

26003 Hall, Amelia M. (Mrs Charles H.) 1735 Chicago av, Evanston 

32039 Hall, Delilah Emeline White (Mrs Rinaldo Minton)..612 North East 

st, Bloomington 
76227 Hall, Eliza J. Williams (Mrs Oscar E.) . .824 W. Church st, Champaign 
63128 Hall. Elizabeth Kneeland (Mrs George E.) . .313 Clinton av. Oak Park 
60880 Hall, Ellen M. (Mrs Horace Powers) 327 W. Sycamore st. 


58729 Hall, Eva Reed (Miss) 327 W. Sycamore st, Sycamore 

82441 Hall, Hazel Wilson (Mrs John Aaron) 1400 Vermont st, Quincy 

78518 Hall, Imo (Miss) 556 W. State st. Sycamore 

19728 Hall, Lizzie B. (Mrs Charles Henry).. 234 S. Chestnut st, Kewanee 

86561 Hall, Lulu Barnett (Mrs Arthur Coleman) Mason City 

59717 Hall, Mary Stuart (Mrs (jeorge Ketchum) . . 1337 Holmes av, Haw- 
thorne pi, Springfield 

25163 Hall, Susan Henrietta (Miss) 622 W. State st, Jacksonville 

71102 Hamacher, Edna Worrell (Mrs William Ernest) ... .354 W. 65th st, 


84645 Hamblen, Idarena Pierson (Miss) 5420 Frink st, Austin, Chicago 

55438 Hamblen, Maria Florilla Flint (Mrs Samuel) .. 5420 Frink st, Austin, 


16661 Hamill, Eliza Corwith (Mrs Ernest A.) 2637 Prairie av, Chicago 

78534 Hamilton, Anna Moore (Mrs John C.) Areola 

55148 Hamilton, Anna Wright (Mrs John F.) 1563 N. Cedar st, Galesburg 

7754 Hamilton, Carolyn Emma S. (Mrs Herbert Horton) . .923 N. 22d st, 

Rock ford 

84208 Hamilton, Enid Fay (Mrs O. P.) Forrest 

346 Hamilton, Eva Josephine Hopkins (Mrs H. Howard) ..5535 Ellis av, 


59199 Hamilton, Ida (Miss) Carthage 

34595 Hamilton, Katherine Demarest (Mrs George Thorne) . .644 S. Diamond 

st, Jacksonville 

27545 Hamilton, Mary Ann Chandler (Mrs Benjamin B.) Upper Alton 

43500 Hamilton, Mary Hall (Mrs John L.) Hoopeston 

50252 Hamilton, Mary S. Fisher (Mrs Roy) Geneseo 

58711 Hamilton, Ora Holmes (Mrs Albert C.) Monmouth 

67540 Hamlyn, Acola Dunn (Mrs Richard P.).. 319 W. State st, Rockford 
66550 Hamlyn, Katharine Goss (Mrs Thomas) ... .211 S. West st, Rockford 

65734 Hammersley, Ida Gilbert (Mrs Charles) Lake Geneva 

84133 Hammon, Emma Vaughan (Mrs Glenn Milton) 1840 Adams st, 


280 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 


47070 Hammond, Florence E. (Mrs Herbert) 3946 Lake av, Chicago 

8733 Hammond, Harriet Elizabeth (Mrs Lyman D.).. Hotel Windermere, 

84135 Hammond, Martha E. Adams (Mrs Eugene G.) . .380 Du Page st, 


2318 Hammond, Mary Rhees (Mrs Charles Granville) Highland Park 

67976 Hammond, Mary S. (Miss) Warsaw 

S2501 Hanaford, Mary E. Neal (Mrs John P.) Chadwick 

7456 Hancock, Edith Flower (Mrs Bradford) Wheaton 

61862 Hand, Elizabeth Brayton (Mrs John P.) Cambridge 

18391 Hanford, Jennie Elida (Miss) 4721 Langley av, Chicago 

86567 Hanifen, Helene Trask (Mrs John Walker) Ottawa 

14647 Hankins, Frances A. Cantrell (Mrs Edward) 123 (Chestnut st, 

Evansville . 

79252 Hanley, Helen Bond (Miss) 724 Broadway, Monmouth 

14830 Hanley, Sarah Helen Bond (Mrs John Hamilton) /. ..724 Broadway, 


51200 Hanly, Viola Loduska (Mrs C^eorge M.) Hoopeston 

25681 Hanna, Emily G. (Mrs Irwin L) 330 Highland pi, Ottawa 

39529 Hanna, Emma Wilkerson (Mrs Le Roy) 5625 Washington av, 


73269 Harber, Jennie Ewins (Mrs Benjamin F.) 1102 N. East st, 


86350 Hardiman, Florence Seeley (Mrs CTharles Baker) . .302 Healy av, Elgin 

61868 Hardin, Caroline Augusta (Mrs Everett Chauncey) . .403 N. 2d st, 

25171 Harding, Lucy A. (Mrs F. E.) Monmouth 

3948 Hardy, Mary A. (Mrs Charles M.) 822 Oakwood bd, Chicago 

68796 Hargrave, Rudy Adkisson (Mrs H. S.) Hillsboro 

42867 Harlan, Alice Reed (Mrs Wilson) 214 N. 7th st, Marshall 

76538 Hamed, Lillian Beamer (Mrs Charles W.)....715 W. 2d st, Dixon 

68783 Harnsberger, Adeline Houghton (Mrs G. L.),.515 W. South Grand 
av, Springfield 

8208 Harper, Grace Cooke (Mrs William Hudson) 1205 Ridge av, Evanston 

6758 Harris, Anna E. (Mrs Samuel B.) 45 Grove st, Freeport 

23730 Harris, Eleanor Spalding (Mrs Graham H.) 1428 N. State st, Chicago 

20898 Harris, Emma Gale (Mrs Norman W.) . .4520 Drexel bd, Chicago 

63876 Harris, Florence May (Mrs J. F.) Durand 

65796 Harris, Jennie Going (Mrs N. Dwight) ..1134 Maple av, Evanston 

64875 Harris, Julia Ann Dyke (Mrs Zera Wakefield). .703 W. Park st. 

6406 Harris, Melissa Megrue (Mrs H. H.) Champaign 

73274 Harris, Sarah Elizabeth Cabeen (Mrs Alexander Cotton) ... .Seaton 

72618 Harrold, Alice King (Mrs W. S.) Clinton 

58727 Harroun, Fannie Cobb (Miss) 130 Ottawa st, Sycamore 

58728 Harroun, Susan Eliza (Miss) 130 Ottawa st. Sycamore 

24584 Harry, Eunice F. Sater (Mrs Stephen A. Douglas) Hoopeston 

73270 Hart, Blanche Elizabeth Harber (Mrs William Badley) . .4808 Madi- 

son av, Chicago 

85312 Hart, Kate Parker (Mrs James B.) 1004 Jackson st, Joliet 

41760 Hart, Mary Elizabeth Black (Mrs George A.).. Hyde Park Hotel, 

356 Hart, Nancy J. Blodgett (Mrs J. P.) 110 Ashland bd, Chicago 

9419 Hart, S. Louise (Miss) Box 59, R. F. D. 1, Elmhurst 

68751 Hartmann. Bertha Isabelle (Miss) 3508 Adams st, Chicago 

68752 Hartmann, Charlotte Emily (Miss) 3508 Adams st, Chicago 

46977 Hartmann, Maggie Lovinia Baker (Mrs Frederick Steele) 3508 

Adams st, Chicago 

11493 Harts, Emma Brewster (Mrs David H.) 332 8th st, Lincoln 

26754 Harts, Harriet Bates (Mrs Peter Wilde).. 807 S. 2d st, Springfield 

71749 Hartshorn, Amelia (Miss) La Salle 

78098 Hartsock, Nelle Elizabeth (Mrs Ralph U.) . .619 N. Jackson av, Clinton 
39901 Hartwell, Jennie Barbour (Mrs Frederick G.) . .4932 Lake av, Chicago 


.80643 Hartwell, Lizzie (Mrs D. Edwin) 4325 Drexel bd, Chicago 

44880 Harvey, Harriette Dean (Mrs James S.). .1002 W. Adams st, Chicago 

72470 Harvey. Vila Bebe (Mrs John) 711 E. Hickory st, Streator 

^6453 Harwood, Mary N. Harwood (Mrs George W.) Champaign 

40262 Hasbrouck, Carrie Livonia Kimball (Mrs Jacob Louis).. 615 N. Oak 
st, Bloomington 

16708 Haskell, Helen A. (Mrs Manley B.) 211 Pleasant av, Streator 

71788 Haskell, Jane Brown (Mrs Frank) Robinson 

38985 Haskell, Jennie Leach (Mrs Walter) 7121 Yale av, Chicago 

"84597 Haskell, Mary Magone (Mrs Frederick Tudor).. 2824 Prairie av, 

84765 Hatch, Edith L (Miss) 907 S. Wright st. Champaign 

60858 Hathaway, Helen Howard (Mrs Thomas Floyd).. 850 N. Spring st, 

81241 Hatheway, N. Irene Gilbert (Mrs Elnathan P.).... 639 Webster st, 

52390 Hatton, Jennie Cornelia Bangs (Mrs A. H.) 1914 4th st, Peru 

62952 Haughey, Jennie Graham (Mrs J. E.) 208 S. 2d st, Rockford 

62584 Hauser, Jennette Gallagher Shepherd (Mrs Isaiah L.).. 713-225 Dear- 
born st, Chicago 

38989 Hawes, Jennie R. (Mrs Moses William) 104 S. State st, Elgin 

66969 Hawkey, Lulu M. Hadley (Mrs William George) . .220 W. Lincoln av, 

39499 Hawkins, Winnifred L. Rathbun (Mrs William R.) Streator 

7457 Haworth, Mary E. (Mrs George D.) 437 E. Eldorado st, Chicago 

57755 Hawthorne, Edith Mae (Miss) 29 N. Geneva st, Elgin 

84768 Hay, Nellie S. (Mrs Arthur) 4812 N. Hermitage av, Chicago 

36163 Hayden, Jessie Harrington (Mrs Herbert B.)..1105 20th st, Rock 

60867 Hayes, Ella Grovenberry (Mrs Charles Miller). .5622 Michigan av, 


78389 Hayes, Eugenia (Miss) Bunker Hill 

78388 Hayes, Lucy Dorsey (Mrs Joseph Smith) Bunker Hill 

71112 Hayes, Philefwr^enn (Mrs George Johnston) Clinton 

68785 Hayhurst, Alice Duncan (Mrs William C) Birds 

36164 Haynes, Clara May Wood (Mrs Frank S.) Geneseo 

40254 Hajmcs, Grace Hilton (Mrs Louise White) . .3627 Lake av, Chicago 
73924 Haynes, Rose Frazier (Mrs Nathaniel S.) 828 N. Edward st, 

84210 Haynie, Ella Thomas (Mrs William Duff).. 434 E. 46th st, Chicago 

19125 Hays, Diantha Jane (Miss) 218 S. 7th st, Monmouth 

37238 Hays, Kate Gould (Mrs William Franklin). ...1914 5th av, Moline 
77052 Hayward, Nettie Strickland (Mrs George).. 603 Illinois av, Ottawa 

43496 Hazen, Harriet L. C. (Mrs Albert D.) Hamilton 

44255 Hazen, Zella (Miss) Hamilton 

11889 Hazlehurst, Rachel Kimberly (Mrs Andrew) . .1021 Greenwood blvd, 


15135 Head, Abbie Davis (Mrs John A.) Harvard 

72325 Head, Evangeline G. Casteel (Mrs Frank W.)....702 21st st. Rock 

65797 Heap, Anna Baker (Mrs Arnold N.) 3204 Washington blvd, 


34576 Hebard. Annie A. (Mrs Samuel C.) 7300 Princeton av, Chicago 

60850 Hebard, Eva M. (Mrs) 203 S. Euclid av, Oak Park 

59167 Hccker, Bess Wesley Stipes (Mrs Morris).. 711 W. University av. 


38017 Hedley, Sarah Pettingill (Mrs) Bunker Hill 

20257 Heeifaard, Bettie Louise Vail (Mrs Wilhelm H.)..666 La Salle av, 

73934 Hegeler. Louise Palmer Sherwood (Mrs Herman) . .1215 N. Vermilion 

st, Danville 
55403 Hegler, Mary Lawrence Stevens (Mrs W. W.) 412 Knoxville av, 


282 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

80635 Heineke, Emma C. Riel (Mrs William J.) . .801 S. Bloomington st, 

61883 Heinl, Stella Virginia Seybold (Mrs Frank J.) Jacksonville 

52046 Helm, Margaretta S. Nutt (Mrs) 1937 Orrington av, Evanston 

16660 Helmer, Bessie Bradwell (Mrs Frank A.) . .4927 Madison av, Chicago 

61848 Helmershausen, Alice Ada (Miss) 2128 Tripp av, Chicago 

61847 Helmershausen, Mary Fletcher Bradstreet (Mrs) . .2128 Tripp av, 


61849 Helmershausen, Minnie Adella (Miss) 2128 Tripp av, Chicago 

9542 Hemingway, Adelaide Edmonds (Mrs Anson T.) . .444 Oak Park av. 

Oak Park 

16669 Hempstead, Mary (Miss) 1512 Asbury av, Evanston 

78281 Henderson, Amy E. (Miss) 724 19th st, Rock Island 

20904 Henderson, Annah L. M. Dimock (Mrs M. L.) Rock Island 

48398 Henderson, Bertha T. (Mrs John G.) 2940 Evanston av, Chicago 

31302 Hendricks, Helen I. (Miss) 3105 Calumet av, Chicago 

84430 Hendrickson, Maria Louise (Mrs Marcus D.)..438 Du Page st, Elgin 
7102 Henkle, Ellen Huntington (Mrs Thomas C.)..811 W. Edwards st, 


75852 Henley, Sallie Monroe (Mrs W. J.) 6565 Harvard av, Chicago 

73931 Henrie, Martha Smith (Mrs William Van Dine).. 118 E. Elm st. 


24721 Henry, Florine Barbour (Mrs William G.) 37 Cedar st, Chicago 

36663 Henry, Ida Bonker (Mrs Oscar J.) Monmouth 

42868 Henry, Margaret Birdenia (Miss) 485 N. Broad st, Galesburg 

41251 Henry, Mary Bess (Miss) 485 N. Broad st, Galesburg 

76236 Henry, O. Irene Short (Mrs Wilmot James). .2077 Broadway, Quincy 
20256 Hequembourg, Elizabeth E. Fletcher (Mrs Julien E.)..844 FuUerton 

av, Chicago 
33258 Herbert, Edith Laurett Bailey (Mrs Frederick W.)....205 High st, 


52524 Herbst, Clara Winter (Mrs F. Frederick) Kankakee 

25763 Herdman, Martha Gilson (Mrs Hugh H.) Morrisonville 

85287 Herrick, Belle Smith (Mrs O. C.) 208 N^efferson st, Robinson 

9031 Herrick, Mabel Hurd W. (Mrs Charles E.)..3735 Ellis av, Chicago 
72625 Herrick, Mary F. Miller (Mrs Osgood P.).. 305 W. Exchange st, 


29831 Hershey, Hattie E. (Mrs Andrew H.) 609 Avenue B, Sterling 

3471 Hervey, Mary Isabella T. (Mrs James Frederick) ..2953 Michigan av, 


21467 Herzog, Julia E. Trask (Mrs Albert) 228 Clay st, Ottawa 

11000 Hesing, Henrietta Candee Weir (Mrs Washington) . .Stratford Hotel, 

31343 Hess, Clara Isabella Green (Mrs Charles Benton) . .R. F. D. Eastwood, 

84769 Hevenor, Emma Munsell (Mrs Robert A.) 5341 Jefferson av, 

18373 Hewlings, Marie M. F. (Mrs Andrew J.).. 1379 E. 53d st, Chicago 
69485 Hey wood, Lucretia Marion (Mrs Francis S.) . .122 N. Gifford st, Elgin 

65799 Hey wood, Marion Betsey (Miss) 122 N. Gifford st, Elgin 

24513 Hey worth, Martica G. Waterman (Mrs James H.) Lake Forest 

54216 Hibbard, Ann E. (Mrs Worcester) 1111 15th st, Moline 

4526 Hickox, Kate Josephine Chatterton (Mrs Charles Virgil)., 509 S. 

6th st, Springfield 
8389 Hickox, Louise Broadwell (Mrs Harris). .. .529 S. 4th st, Springfield 

64007 Hiddleson, Margaret J. (Mrs Charles P.) Morrison 

74716 Higbee, Grace Blossom (Mrs William Emmett) . .4807 Madison av, 


22632 Higby, Phebe Annetta (Mrs Herbert) Prospect av, Ottawa 

41236 Higgenbotham, Mae Mannon (Mrs) Kewanee 

55149 Higgins, Mary F. Turner (Mrs Charles) ... .1109 E. 54th st, Chicago 
70292 Higgs, Jennie L. (Mrs Charles H.)....212 S. Grove av, Oak Park 
60856 Hight, Grace E. (Mrs C. A.) Dalton City 


60857 Hight, Lenabel (Miss) Dalton City 

64544 Higley, Minnie Pearl (Miss) 205 Utica st, Waukegan 

64545 Higley, Violet Elizabeth (Miss) 205 Utica st, Waukegan 

83738 Hill, Anna Belle Clement (Mrs Edwin Augustus) Durand 

47587 Hill, Annetta Adelaide (Miss) Tolono 

47586 Hill, Annetta Chaffee (Mrs Warren Maxwell) Tolono 

74721 Hill, Ednah Dotoy (Mrs Holland E.)....2366 N. 41st av, Chicago 

33701 Hill, Elizabeth Bradley (Mrs Marson) . .Chicago Beach Hotel, Chicago 

80288 Hill, Fanny W. (Miss) 311 W. Springfield av. Champaign 

6150 Hill, Grace E. G. (Mrs Sullivan M.) 1631 6th av, Moline 

47069 Hill, Helen Hoyt (Miss) 735 College av, Wheaton 

34085 Hill, Jean Patterson (Miss) Chicago Beach Hotel, Chicago 

6757 Hill, Katharine Gillette (Mrs James Edgar) . .305 Kickapoo st, Lincoln 

50658 Hill, Louise D. (Miss) 906 Haskell av, Rockford 

80289 Hill, Mary B. (Miss) 311 W. Springfield av, Champaign 

80287 Hill, Mary L. Stevens (Mrs C. S.). .311 W. Springfield av. Champaign 

12274 Hill, Sarah Rowena Wilhelm (Mrs Frank K.)....327 N. Court st, 


4109 Hillhouse, Mary Keyes (Mrs William H.) Moline 

58707 Hills, Martha Elizabeth (Mrs Charles E.) 229 Christie st, Ottawa 

67522 Hilton, Charlotte Thorndike Sibley (Mrs Henry Hoyt).. 5634 Wood- 
lawn av, CThicago 

40253 Hilton, Lucy Penley (Mrs William K.) 3627 Lake av, Chicago- 

6397 Hinchliff, Harriet E. Emerson (Mrs William E.) 436 N. Main st, 

44881 Hinckley, Ida Estelle (Mrs Otis Ward) 1015 Greenwood blvd, Chicago 

79329 Hinckley, Pluma E. (Miss) 1585 N. Farnham st, Galesburg 

37243 Hineline, Bell Harris (Mrs Harry Hugh).. 322 Douglas av, Freeport 
44891 Hinkle, Julia E. Northrup (Mrs William Ladrew)..510 E. Front st, 


7105 Hinrichsen, Savillah T. (Miss) 1127 S. 3d st, Springfield 

36655 Hinrichson, Annie Wyatt (Miss) Alexander 

14803 Hipwell, Ellen Winchester (Mrs Wm. Odium) Highland Park 

86575 Hitchcock, Clara W. Tewksbury (Mrs) 346 Seminary av, Aurora 

50657 Hitchner, Mabel De Vore (Mrs) Freeport 

37229 Hitt, Henrietta Curtis (Mrs Andrew J.) 7128 Yale av, Chicago 

21947 Hoag, Adelaide Louise Northup (Mrs Junius Clarkson) . .4669 Lake 

av, Chicago 
49031 Hoagland, Phebe Wheeler (Mrs Winfield K.) . .282 Douglas av, Elgin 
49882 Hoblit, Adelaide Timmons (Mrs Sylvester G.)....149 9th st, Lincoln 

66127 Hodge, Julia Fairfax (Miss) 1305 N. Main st, Bloomington 

25682 Hodge, Katherine E. (Mrs George Wm.) 611 S. Chestnut st, 


81755 Hodge, Virginia Law (Mrs John Whittier Howe) Wenona 

23789 Hoffman, Mary Thomas (Mrs John Raymond) Highland Park 

6149 Hoge, Kate North I. (Mrs Holmes) 1316 Maple av, Evanston 

55141 Hoitt, Anna C. (Mrs John G.) 526 Pleasant st, Oak Park 

6148 Holabird, Maria Ford (Mrs Wm.) 1500 Oak av, Evanston 

36648 Holbrook, Agnes (Mrs Jerome B.) Dixon 

57743 Holbrook, Fanny Brown (Mrs Howard) 224 E. Jackson st„ 


64004 Holderman, Mae E. (Mrs S. D.) Seneca 

86199 Holke, Ester Lagerlof (Mrs Wm. H.) 1908 Grace st, Chicago 

76228 Hbllembeak, Lillie Brown (Mrs Ralph Decker).. 403 Spring st, Elgin 
74717 Hollcy, Frances Mary Clark (Mrs John Bostwick) . .6500 Harvard av, 


85764 HoUiday, Lynnette Baldwin (Mrs William S.) Monmouth 

38802 Hollingsworth, Nora Hopkins (Mrs George R.)..1631 Kimbark av,. 


58710 Holmes, Belle Nesbit (Mrs William) Seaton 

80637 Holmes, Eva Kitchel (Mrs James Porter) Mason? 

284 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

.72616 Holmes, Lillie Pond (Mrs Oliver Wendell) 4845 Irving Park blvd, 

J4084 Holmes, May Killmer (Mrs Albert W.) 5241 W. Carmen av, 

58739 Holton, Lula C. Glover (Mrs Winfred B.) ..7300 Harvard av, Chicago 

38987 Holton, Sarah Millener (Mrs Milton E.) 625 Milburn st, Evanston 

.59169 Honeywell, Helen (Miss) 610 Penn st, Hoopeston 

58246 Honeywell, Mary Finley (Mrs Alba Marshall) 610 E. Penn st, 

45287 Hood, Abigail E. Torrey (Mrs H. Humphrey) 321 Union av, 

23786 Hook, Anna Schermerhorn (Mrs Charles Holmes).. 514 £. Main st, 

27539 Hook, Lou Copp (Mrs Charles Edward).. 514 E. Main st, Ottawa 

26718 Hooker, Mary Durand (Miss) 569 Washington blvd, Chicago 

15501 Hooper, Mary E. Milliken (Mrs James K.) 4643 Woodlawn av, 


14779 Hoops, Jeanette A. (Mrs Thomas) 3914 Ellis av, Chicago 

19119 Hoover, Margaret Phillips (Mrs George Percy).. 1431 Judson av, 


33300 Hope, Helen H. (Mrs William L.) 2905 7th av, Rock Island 

46657 Hopkins, Blanche Brown (Mrs Louis F.) Glencoe 

^015 Hopkins, Lizzie S. (Mrs Leon P.) 431 S. New st, Springfield 

^578 Hornbeck, Leanna Diehl (Mrs Henry J.).. 1314 E. 52d st, Chicago 

42846 Hornsby, Carrie A. Simmons (Mrs Lawrence) Bunker Hill 

.85300 Hornung, Cordelia Johns (Mrs Jacob J.) Ottawa 

8380 Horton, Amanda J. (Mrs Henry B.) . .422 Kenilworth av. Oak Park 
59693 Horton, Emma Babcock (Mrs Horace E.).. 10206 Longwood blvd, 

11466 Horton, Mary Sophia Moseley (Mrs William Ferdinand) 6047 

Madison av, Chicago 

32436 Hosford, Myrtle Eunesa Hoffstatter (Mrs William H.) Geneseo 

3455 Hosmer, Eliza (Miss) 1116 La Salle av, Chicago 

28401 Hosmer, Ella Fifield (Mrs Joseph W.) 55 Bellevue pi, Chicago 

•85293 Hotchkin, Emma Palmer (Mrs C. M.)....5480 East End av, Chicago 
78509 Hough, Charlotte Cheesebro (Mrs Emerson) 6140 Woodlawn av, 


6147 Hough, Emma C. (Mrs (George W.) 2235 Sheridan rd, Evanston 

•69210 Hough, Mamie Metta (Miss) 621 S. Maple st, Effingham 

17973 Housel, Margaret J. Francis (Mrs) 710 N. Prairie st, Galesburg 

43486 Houston, Cora King (Mrs George T.) 4931 Lake av, Chicago 

11577 Hovey, Helen Carlotta Varnum (Mrs George Holbrook) Chicago 

Beach Hotel, Chicago 

35772 Howard, Annie Elizabeth (Miss) 6158 Kenmore av, Chicago 

77795 Howard, Carrie Bradley (Mrs Louis W.) 106 E. Locust st, 

23784 Howard, Christina Kipp (Mrs Frank L.)..518 S. blvd, Oak Park 

87365 Howard, Dymis M. (Mrs Frank P.) 370 W. North st, Decatur 

10441 Howard, Emma Pease (Miss) St. Mary's School, Knoxville 

74026 Howard, Eula Feme (Mrs George) S. 1st st, Monmouth 

66534 Howard, Helen Bathchelder (Mrs Frank A.).. 542 Woodbine av. Oak 

25678 Howard, Helen Breck (Mrs John Corse).. 1321 First National Bank 

Bldg, Chicago 
36150 Howard, Sarah Elkins (Mrs B. Frank).. 6158 Kenmore av, Chicago 

55614 Howe, Ethel Elder (Mrs Orion H.) 504 N. Sterling st, Streator 

817 Howe, Fanny J. (Mrs Francis S.) 436 Barry av, Chicago 

39897 Howe, Rose D. Bidwell (Mrs R. D.) 1595 Humboldt blvd, Chicago 
68780 Howell, Jeannettee Hatfield (Mrs W. E.)..123 Fredonia av, Peoria 
76171 Howell, Kate Rea Bailey (Mrs Lee Griggs) 410 E. Front st, 

21959 Howell, Margaret Hayt (Mrs Cornelius Du Bois)..330 Greenwood 

blvd, Evanston 


76875 Howes, Evaline Mason (Mrs Frank Warner) . .5479 East End av,, 


19725 Hoxie, Velma Barker (Mrs J. B.) Highland pi, Ottawa 

61831 Hoyt, Anna Louise (Mrs Charles Burton) 1228 Roscoe blvd, Chicago 
45267 Hoyt, Annette I. Pettibone (Mrs Alfred Wright) . .4741 Greenwood 

av Chica&ro 
60881 Hoyt.' Elizabeth Walker (Mrs Charles H.) 119 Somonauk st^ 


32521 Hoyt, Mary E. Britton (Mrs Otis) 252 Douglas av. Elgin 

24628 Hoyt, Mary Osbom (M.D.) 5548 Woodlawn av, Chicago 

44243 Hubbard, Andromedia (Mrs Henry Clay) I4I6 N. Main st, 


41226 Hubbard, Callie Edwards (Mrs William) .. 138 N. Gifford st, Elgin 

48387 Hubbard, Edna Post (Mrs George W.) 211 W. Elm st, Urbana 

58476 Hubbard, Emily Van der Veer (Mrs John N.) . .125 Kinzie st, Chicago 

28079 Hubbard, Mabel Hopkins (Mrs George Wallace) Oak Park 

77492 Hubbart, Coralinn Gary (Mrs Frederick B.) Beardstown 

81247 Hubbell, Jane P. (Miss) 1622 E. State st, Rockford 

79015 Hubble, Birther Huffaker (Mrs Joel W.) 1059 W. College av, 


15518 Hubbs, Julia Ferris (Mrs Luther P.) Carthage 

60876 Hubner, Mary Esther (Mrs Edward) Dallas City 

51413 Huestis, Jessie Bunting (Mrs Charles Calvin) Effingham 

50669 Huffaker, Lula Davis (Mrs Frank) 4549 Oakenwald av, Chicago 

40273 Huffman. Ada Kim? (Mrs Matthias) Ill High st, Peoria 

74742 Huffman, Eva McKenzie (Mrs Charles J.) Vienna 

86211 Hugett, Hatty Viola (Miss) 122 Hueston st, Batavia 

12585 Huguenin, Edith (Miss) Wilmette 

38992 Huguet, Sarah Elizabeth McKenney (Mrs Charles M.) Dixon 

68672 Hulbert, Angie Rice (Mrs Charles P.) 4824 Madison av, Chicago 

15500 Hull, Genevieve (Mrs Walter S.) 1773 Cullom av, Ravenwood 

33710 Hull, Jennie Rossman (Miss) 1616 6th av, Moline 

54685 Hull, Lovell (Miss) Lock Box 19, Salem 

47560 Hull, Lulu Hammond (Mrs Charles E.) Salem 

51802 Hummel. Julia Bryant (Mrs Ernst, Jr.) 2481 74th st, Chicago 

42865 Humphrey, Louise Qeland (Miss) Knoxville 

41773 Humphrey, Mary E. (Miss) 725 S. 7th st, Springfield 

41774 Humphrey, Maude (Miss) 725 S. 7th st, Springfield 

69487 Humphrey, Rose W. (Miss) 305 S. Broadway, Normal 

61856 Humphreys, Nellie Seaver (Mrs David F.) Atkinson 

12609 Hunt, Annie Mower (Mrs Rodney) 329 Pleasant st. Oak Park 

30290 Hunt, Annie Sawyer Packard (Mrs Robert Irving).. 502 Prairie av, 


78099 Hunt, Clara (Miss) Clinton 

58730 Hunt, Eunice Miranda (Mrs George William) . .234 W. Sycamore st, 

S vcamo re 

54690 Hunt. Helen Eva (Miss) Ashton 

26721 Hunt. Julia (Miss) 5340 Prairie av, Chicago 

53136 Hunt, Lucy Webster (Mrs C. C.) 516 3d st, Dixon 

40789 Hunt. Nancy Ann (Mrs Millicar) 628 Main st, Rochelle 

69482 Hunt, Nancy Thurber (Miss) 516 3d st, Dixon 

728 Hunt, Rebecca Mandeville Rozet (Mrs William Prexcott) . . . . 1006 

La Salle av Chicasro 
23799 Hunter, Anna S. Wilkes (Mrs Giles F.)..609 N. Church st, Rockford 

66967 Hunter, Charlotte (Miss) 608 E. Broadway, Monmouth 

66968 Hunter, Jessie (Miss) 608 E. Broadway, Monmouth- 

38990 Hunter, Louise J. Conner (Mrs George) 309 Watch st. Elgin 

59173 Hunter. Mary Patten (Miss) The Pattington, Chicago* 

41227 Hunter, Mary Van Brunt (Mrs William F.)..528 Chicago st, Elgin 
12588 Hunting, Eva Husbrook (Mrs E. H.)..507 N. Union st. Lincoln 
58267 Huntington, Agnes Harrower Adams (Mrs Arthur) ..1107 S. 4th' 

st, Springfield 
56204 Huntoon, Florence E. (Miss) Peru* 

286 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

4111 Huntoon, Mary Stephens (Mrs George H.) 1631 6th av, Moline 

59202 Hurd, Lou A. (Mrs Charles E.) 418 W. High st, Sycamore 

42231 Hurlbert, Dorothy (Miss) Morrison 

42230 Hurlbert, Nina Elouise (Miss) Morrison 

59190 Hurlburt, Myra T. Perrin (Mrs C. A.) . .426 N. Academy st, Galesburg 
17462 Hurlbut, Mary Walker (Mrs Samuel E.) 1454 Asbury av, 


10993 Hurst, Harriet Maria (Mrs E. W.) 1804 7th av. Rock Island 

72619 Huston, Ella McHenry (Mrs Edward) Clinton 

28940 Huston, Mary Cordelia (Mrs Abraham Barnet)..217 Chestnut st, 

54472 Hutchings, Mary Gertrude Brackett (Mrs) 4627 Hermitage av, 

Ravcnswood, Chicago 
26724 Hutchins, Jennie Gould (Mrs Eugene Ralph). .. .5947 Kenmore av, 


62946 Hutchins, Nota McCormick (Mrs Louis I.) Monmouth 

3951 Hutchinson, Letitia Brown (Mrs Jonas).. 3139 Calumet av, Chicago 
12606 Hutchinson, Mary E. (Mrs William A.).. 115 Clinton av, Oak Park 

19584 Hutchison, Mary Dearborn (Miss) 6527 Kimbark av, Chicago 

2964 Hutchison, Matilda Dallas (Miss) 299 Erie st, Chicago 

13253 Hyde, Alice Louise Griswold (Mrs James Nevins) . .2409 Michigan 

av, Chicago 
3084 Hynes, Jane McCord Way (Mrs William J.).. 3914 Ellis av, Chicago 
86597 Hypes, Emeline Lucy Allyn (Mrs William Henry).. 505 W. Walnut 

st, Carbondale 

31365 Ide, Clara H. Jones (Mrs Roy M.) 826 S. 4th st, Springfield 

58731 Ide, Emily (Mrs George) (^noa 

79798 Ingals, Hannah Mary (Mrs H. F.) 419 E. 2d st, Kewanee 

60663 Ingham, Celia I. (Mrs Alberie O.) Moline 

70759 Ingham, Hazel Louise Bowren (Mrs Rolla Tanney) . .708 N. Madison 

st, (Tlinton 

.39904 Inglis, Matilda Weed (Mrs David D.) 1110 Grove st, Evanston 

75805 Ingraham, Blanche Griswold (Mrs Albert H.)..725 Winona st, Oak 


37639 Ingram, Mary Colby (Mrs John Carl) 4919 Lake st, Chicago 

59179 Inks, Mary (Mrs F. W.) 162 Washington st, Freeport 

73939 Irion, Lucile M. (Miss) 535 Congress st, Ottawa 

26745 Irion, Sally Parr (Mrs Charles Weber) 534 Congress st, Ottawa 

79400 Irvin, Isabel F. (Miss) 4443 N. Ashland av, Chicago 

10431 Irvine, Amine Underwood (Mrs Edwin A.) 514 N. Court st, 


42215 Irvine, Elizabeth Torrence (Mrs Andrew) N. 3d st, Monmouth 

58706 Irwin, Olive Herrick (Mrs Grant) 808 Main st, Quincy 

8790 Isom, Hallie C. Thomas (Mrs W.) Kenilworth, Chicago 

49884 Ives, Fannie L. (Mrs Norman E.) 703 N. Kellogg st, Galesburg 

16695 Ives, Marian Helen (Miss) 305 N. Gridley st, Bloomington 

14775 Ives, Rose Moor (Mrs John Henry) . .4724 Kenwood av, Chicago 

86006 Ivins, Helen Collins (Mrs Joseph C.) 1468 Vermont st, Quincy 

59694 Jackson, Clara Melvina (Miss) 558 Fullerton blvd, Chicago 

67710 Jackson, Eliza S. (Miss) Oak Park 

53554 Jackson, Fanny Rehecca (Miss) 1719 W. Adams st, Macomb 

53137 Jackson, Josephine Elizabeth (Miss) 489 Chicago st, Elgin 

85759 Jacobs, Caroline Woodhull (Mrs Charles D.)..412 N. Eastern av, 

66129 James, Clara Briggs (Mrs James M.)..328 Buena Vista av, Pekin 
78995 James, Cornelia Searle (Mrs Le Roy D.) 1358 Sunnyside av, 

71149 James, Emma Lewis (Mrs William H.) 5460 Greenwood av, 

26007 James, Georgianna Maria Case (Mrs William Andrew) Highland 




28919 James, Loretta Whitney (Mrs Frederick Sinclair) . . 1621 Judson av, 


2901 Jameson, Mary (Miss) 5316 Cornell av, Chicago 

85294 Jamieson, Maurine G. (Mrs Stillman B.) 4510 Woodlawn av, 


58717 Jamison, Tabitha M. (Miss) Little York 

50679 Janney, Jennie (Mrs Harry Martin) Marshall 

84770 Jay, Euretta Webster (Mrs Milton Jay).. 2510 Indiana av, Chicago 
1^68 Jay, Harriet M. Staples (Mrs Frank Webster) . .2510 Indiana av, 


51185 Jayne, Lydia A. Burroughs (Mrs Thomas Smith) Greenfield 

23790 Jefferies, Grace M. (Miss) 202 N. Vine st, Kewanee 

61902 Jeffress, Edna F. (Miss) Edwardsville 

19120 Jelke, Louanna Frazier (Mrs John F.) • . . 1352 La Salle av, Chicago 
86553 Jenison, Caroline M. (Mrs Edward S.)...4656 Ellis av, Chicago 
34583 Jenkins, Elizabeth Vanderbelt Myers (Mrs Eugene A.).. 605 Ful- 

lerton Parkway, Chicago 

79788 Jenkins, Frances (Miss) 404 W. Eldorado st, Decatur 

53133 Jenkins, May L. Rice (Mrs George) .. 5463 Washington av, Chicago 
73675 Jenkinson, Ellen Clayton (Mrs William A.) 1249 W. State st, 


42232 Jenks, Anna Jarusha (Mrs Franc Hill) Savanna 

9020 Jenks, Delphine Gillette (Mrs William S.) 745 Lincoln Park blvd, 

19114 Jenney, 5Jlen Whiting Bullard (Mrs Harvey W.)..4S6 St. James 

pi, Chicago 
85329 Jennings, Ada E. Madison (Mrs Edwin H.) . . R. F. D. No. 5, 


55129 Jennings, Harriet Austin (Mrs) Du Quoin 

731 Jewett, Ellen R. (Mrs John N.) 1160 Dearborn av, Chicago 

54638 Johantgen, Lcni La Master (Mrs J. Frank) . . Chicago Beach Hotel, 


51351 Johns, Ruth Emma (Miss) 54 Scott st, Chicago 

78510 Johnson, Annie E. Davis (Mrs Albert) .. 1530 Wilson av, Chicago 

81910 Johnston, Belle (Miss) W. Washington rd, Bloomington 

29432 Johnson, Edith P. (Mrs Emil P.) Post st, Ottawa 

81909 Johnson, Elnora (Mrs Emil E.) 220 E. High st. Sycamore 

64016 Johnson, Gertrude Byerly (Mrs E. Russell).. 209 E. Capitol av, 

36149 Johnson, Grace Belle Howard (Mrs D. Amos) . .2937 Kenmore av, 

57751 Johnson, Hattie Ann (Mrs Frank W.)....228 W. Exchange st, 

60672 Johnson, Hettie E. Hosmer (Mrs Theodore) . . N. 2d st, Rockford 

81911 Johnson, Jeannette M. (Miss) W. Washington rd, Bloomington 

•49389 Johnson, Leonette L. (Miss) 216 W. William st, Decatur 

59170 Johnson, Lilly Albright (Mrs Grant T.) Rossville 

16699 Johnson, Lois Rowell (Mrs J. Wallace) 502 E. Walnut st 

72664 Johnson, Loulie Anna Jones (Mrs John Wesley) . .5210 Washington 

av, Chicago 
84439 Johnson, Mabel Bostwick (Mrs Wilbur E.).. Morton, Tazewell Co. 

14829 Johnson, Mary A. Bacon (Mrs Matthew Mason) Carthage 

79001 Johnson, Mary L. (Miss) 216 W. William st, Decatur 

19113 Johnson, Mary Pierce (Mrs William Warren).. 6207 Indiana av, 

75199 Johnson, Nancy Kate (Mrs William E.)..141 S. 9th st, Monmouth 
63442 Johnson, Rebecca Josaphene Glasener (Mrs Arthur Berryman), 

P. O. Box 84, Effingham 

S6669 Johnston, Adele Smalley (Mrs Arthur Pitt) Bunker Hill 

78996 Johnston, Elizabeth Gentry (Mrs James)... .7110 Eggleston av, 




431&4 Johnston, Florence E. Smith (Mrs George H.).. 12154 Stewart aVr 


15514 Johnston, Julia Harriette (Miss) 1006 Hamilton st, Peoria 

26001 Johnston, Martha J. Hubbard (Mrs James).. 4909 Champlain av,. 


84994 Johnston, Mary E. (Mrs Aaron Camp) 208 4th av, Joliet 

77469 Johnston, Sallie (Miss) R. F. D. 4, Box 19, Quincy 

79466 Jones, Alice Edith Waters (Mrs W. A.) 824 E. Douglas st,. 


81914 Jones, Almira Edria (Miss) Beardstown 

32034 Jones, Chiffoenette Tompkins Ward (Mrs Daniel) . . 110 S. Grove 

av, Oak Park 
59174 Jones, Emma Keith (Mrs George Irving) 5422 Kenmore av,. 

55613 Jones, Florence Nightingale (Miss) 1016 W. California av, 


70763 Jones, Floy G. (Miss) Clinton 

8134 Jones, Jane M. Ridgeley (Mrs James T.) . .806 S. 6th st, Springfield 

3335 Jones, Jennie Little (Mrs Francis Bacon) Fort Sheridan 

63995 Jones, Jessie A. (Mrs John H.) Hoopestoff 

66117 Jones, Jessie L. (Mrs Homer D.) 3357 Warren av, Chicago 

67578 Jones, Josephine Van Leer (Mrs Frank E.) 1436 Leland av, 


81553 Jones, Kizzie Hall (Mrs B. E.) 837 23d st, Rock Island 

61901 Jones, Lottie E. (Miss) 112 W, North st, Danville 

51175 Jones, Marietta Organ (Mrs De Witt Clinton) . ^2725 Washington 

blvd, Chicago 
38015 Jones, Martha Richardson (Mrs Charles S.)"514 E. Douglas st, 


55615 Jones, Mary Fades (Mrs George Franklin) Streator 

76540 Jones, Mary Marjorie (Miss) 214 Exchange st, Sycamore 

81550 Jones, Olive M. (Mrs Louis E.) Downer's Grove 

43499 Jones, V. E. T. Rice (Mrs Morris T.) Sumner 

64537 Jordan, Adelaide E. (Miss) 332 Garfield av, Chicago 

10425 Jordan, Clifford Hall (Mrs Scott) 6311 Kenmore av, Chicago- 

55060 Joslyn, Mary Robinson (Mrs Merritt L.) Woodstock 

46209 Joslyn, May Hood (Mrs Judson Smith).. 963 N. Main st, Rockford 
3947 Judd, Carrie W. (Mrs Edward James).. 6132 Langley av, Chicago 

65807 Judson, Ada (Mrs O. L.) 1184 N. Cherry st, Galesburg 

59188 Judson, Ella Bradshaw (Mrs H. E.).. ..889 N. Broad st, Galesburg 
32025 Judson, Grace King (Mrs William B.)--4231 Michigan av, Chicago 

33276 Judson, Jesta A. (Miss) Freeport 

31324 Judson, Rebecca R. (Mrs Harry Pratt). . .1148 E. 59th st, Chicago 

32435 Judson, Rose E. (Miss) 4220 Campus av, Elgin 

33285 Jump, Gertrude (Miss) Geneseo- 

75586 Justice, Sarah Love (Mrs John D.)..727^ Hampshire st, Quincy 
46197 Kagay, Bessie Harrison (Mrs Benjamin F., Jr.) P. O. Box 23, 


44876 Kagay, Martha J. Starns (Mrs Benjamin) Effingham 

82818 Kalb, Alice Gordon (Mrs Charles Elton).. 530 S. 2d st, Springfield 
6762 Kane, Caroline Maria Beers (Mrs Andrew J.) 820 S. 2d st^ 


36151 Kane, Mary E, (Mrs George B.) 715 Ashland blvd, Chicago 

23728 Kaufman, Deborah Wolfe (Mrs Jacob H.)..3965 Lake av, Chicago 

63445 Kaufman, Eva Adelaide (Miss) 3965 Lake av, Chicago 

36154 Kaufman, Frances Marion (Miss) 3965 Lake av, Chicago 

23798 Keator, Carrie Clark (Mrs Edward Baldwin) ..2203 6th av, Moline 
17963 Kedzie, Mary Elizabeth Kent (Mrs John Hume).. 1514 Ridge av, 


79801 Keeler, Katherine (Miss) 1317 National av, Rockford 

41221 Keeley, Jennie Wells (Mrs Milton R.) Dwight 

75194 Keenan, Annah Dow Hayden (Mrs William Edgar).. 7821 Sangamon 

av. Chicago 


47629 Keenan, Bessie Grooms (Mrs Luther Courtland) Le Roy 

J9507 Keene, Florence Little (Mrs Fremont Orin)..181 Foley st, Freeport 
20895 Keep, Mary H. Blair (Mrs Chauncey) . . . .2825 Prairie av, (Chicago 
22637 Kehler, Rose Eletta Gilbert (Mrs Charles T.)..5948 Wlnthrop av, 

86347 Kehoe, Frances Valentine (Mrs John E.) . .675 Sheridan rd, Chicago 

32442 Keith, Elizabeth Edwards (Mrs Charles Newton) Aurora 

49662 Keller, Rebecca McFarland (Mrs David P.) Moweaqua 

73261 Kelly, Cora F. (Miss) Clinton 

56206 Kelly, Edith Packard (Mrs James B.) 811 W. Jefferson st, 

78282 Kelly, Josephine May Kennedy (Mrs H. Walton) 503 Grove st, 


41271 Kelsey, Burnett Bloome (Mrs) 232 Main st, Evanston 

29835 Kelsey, Laura Esther Halliday (Mrs Preston Telford). .1316 Judson 

av, Evanston 

80296 Kemp, Harriet (Miss) 402 Barker av, Peoria 

56948 Kemp, Jennie Murray (Mrs Robert N.)..1730 Chicago av, Evanston 
6836 Kendrick, Elizabeth Foster (Mrs John W.) . .1312 N. State st, Chicago 
9006 Kennedy, Effie Rankin (Mrs John W.)....834 N. Water st, Decatur 
5731 Kennedy, Rose Walker F. (Mrs Madison Barker).. 20 E. Delaware 

pi, Chicago 

54241 Kenower, Mary Skiles (Mrs Sanford K.) 509 W. 3d st, Dixon 

70764 Kent, Lillian (Miss) 624 N. Center st, Clinton 

84022 Kent, Lillian M. (Miss) 1368 E. 52d st, Chicago 

47805 Kent, May Walton (Mrs Tyler Gatewood) . .6000 S. Park av, Chicago 
9338 Kerfoot, Margaret K. Armstrong (Mrs Charles A.). .406 N. Duke st, 

51183 Kern, Sue Martling (Mrs Clarence Walter).. 214 E. 57th st, Chicago 

56223 Kerr, Jayne (Mrs Louis) Marshall 

27536 Kerr, Mintie Lavenia Miller (Mrs William Ralph).. 1411 E. 51st st, 

50651 Kesler, May Cannon (Mrs Arthur Ellsworth) 6422 Harvard av, 

42866 Kester, Maude C. Marshall (Mrs William Thomas) 4956 Mich, blvd, 


14806 Keyes, Harriet Louisa (Miss) 442 Euclid av, Princeton 

14805 Keyes, Mary Pettegrew (Mrs Nathaniel Abbot) Princeton 

70755 Keys, Louisa Todd (Mrs Edward D.)....603 S. 7th st, Springfield 
19126 Kidder, Lucy E. Mapes (Mrs Almon) . .410 E. Broadway, Monmouth 
31353 Kiefer, Emma Eliza Wallace (Mrs John F.). .Columbia Terrace & 

Glenwood, Peoria 
82442 Kilduff, Elizabeth Treat (Mrs Francis X.)....629 Sth st. La Salle 
76847 Kilgore, Emma Brownlee (Mrs J. C.)..201 W. Broadway, Monmouth 

71471 Killough, Delia Briggs (Mrs John) 504 E. Main st, Clinton 

71470 Killough, Jennie Briggs (Mrs Elmer E.) Clinton 

11894 Kimball, Annette Guyer (Mrs James Rawson)..730 ISHh st. Rock 

5748 Kimball, Caroline F. Jackma (Mrs Benjamin R.)..507 W. Locust st, 


81926 Kimball, Carrie Barron (Mrs) 260 N. California av, Chicago 

34588 Kimball, Josephine Bradley (Mrs Edwin Solon).. 555 N. Broad st, 


11462 Kimball, Mary Louise (Miss) 507 W. Locust st, Bloomington 

78529 Kimber, Margaret Hall (Mrs A. L,) 1001 Sunnyside av, Chicago 

39538 Kimzey, Frances Belle (Miss) 329 Vine st, Du Quoin 

65812 Kimzey, Rosamond Adelaide (Miss) Du Quoin 

72191 Kindel, Jessie Maclear (Mrs Charles Joseph) . .915 Lake av, Wilmette 

59194 King, Anna E. Swits (Mrs Oscar) 2011 E. State st, Rockford 

71744 King, Catharine Brightman (Mrs Richard Samuel) ..6220 Ellis av, 


30456 King, Emma Lucas (Mrs James S.) 1512 Trumbull av, Chicago 

74738 King, L. Kathryn Felt (Mrs W. E.) 930 N. 40th Court, Chicago 

290 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

25164 King, Lillian Woods Osborne (Mrs James T.)..1047 W. State st, 


39004 King, Lucy Lee Condee (Mrs James H.) 622 N. Main st, Rockford 

40788 King, Mabel Mattoon (Miss) 620 W. College av, Jacksonville 

10446 King, Maryette (Mrs Joseph) 236 W. Eldorado st, Decatur 

49039 King, May B. (Mrs Edward John).. 537 N. Academy st, Galesburg 
53925 Kingsbury, Lillian Prescott (Mrs Nathan Corning) ... .c/o Harris 

Trust (3o., Chicago 

83484 Kingsley, Minnie L. (Miss) 4917 Montrose av, Chicago 

9004 Kingsley, Nellie Appleton F. (Mrs Homer H.) 1229 Judson av, 


66118 Kinmont, Eugenia Cogger (Mrs John) 4620 Ellis av, Chicago 

64550 Kinne, Flora Marie (Miss) 926 S. 5th st, Springfield 

3342 Kirk, Erminia Gridley (Mrs CHiarles Wright) .Highland Park 

6135 Kirk, Nancy Gill (Mrs Timothy) 1129 Forest av, Evanston 

35790 Kirk. Pearl Matthews (Mrs Walter H.) 114 High st, Peoria 

78516 Kirkland, Susie M. (Mrs John A.) 158 Kimball st, Elgin 

6383 Kirkman, Fannie L. (Mrs Marshall W.)..1429 Ridge av, Evanston 

67526 Kirtley, Emma Wilson (Mrs Marcellus) 326 N. 8th st, Quincy 

44217 Kline, Carolyn (Mrs Rudolph) Streator 

63010 Knapp, Pamelia Griswold (Mrs Almeron K.) Minooka 

77802 Knappenberger, Anna E. (Mrs Henry) Macomb 

53634 Knecht, Mary E. (Mrs Samuel E.) 650 Arlington pi, Chicago 

25921 Kneeland, Lizzie Moulton (Mrs Lorenzo Dow).. Hotel Windermere, 

59713 Knight, Katharine (Mrs Robert Bruce).. 224 N. Court st, Rockford 
248 Knight, Laura Stone (Mrs William M.)..34 E. Division st, Chicago 

35800 Knight, Mary Adeline Leitch (Mrs B. J.) R. F. D. 1, Rochelle 

79793 Knights, Eva Wyman (Mrs Henry Morton) 430 S. Main st. 

69490 Knowles, Ella Chase (Mrs Howard).. 381 N. Prairie st, Galesburg 

25179 Knowlton, Edith (Miss) Freeport 

23385 Knowlton, Harma Landon Baker (Mrs Gerry E.)..116 Lincoln st, 


25178 Knowlton, Ida Mann (Mrs Charles D.) Freeport 

62956 Knowlton, Mary Tilden (Miss) 528 Indian Terrace, Rockford 

66554 Knudson, Emma Epler (Mrs John K.) Farmingdale 

67533 Koch, Anna Raybum (Mrs Wesley A.) Middletown 

13269 Koch, Sylvia King Adams (Mrs Charles R. E.)..1201 E. 47th st, 


^1832 Kohler, Mary Everett (Mrs G. A, Edward) Hubbard Woods 

53138 Kohn, Hattie Moulton (Mrs Charles L.)....389 Chicago st, Elgin 

69479 Kollock, Lily Gavit (Miss) 1106 W. California st, Urbana 

66535 Krebs, Adelaide A. (Mrs William S.)..475 N. Grove st. Oak Park 
20275 Kreis, Harriet A. Nye (Mrs Gustavus A.).. 5945 Washington blvd. 

32826 Kretschmar, Ella Morris (Mrs Howard Sigismund)..241 Clinton av. 

Oak Park 
80649 . Krigbaura, Harriet Fuller (Mrs William L.) . .432 S. Main st. Decatur 

353 Krout, Mary H. (Miss) 1016 Dearborn av, Chicago 

38794 Kuhl, Florence Ross (Mrs Philip E.) 505 Tremont st. Lincoln 

74743 Kuykendall, Eva (Mrs A. J.) Vienna 

86558 Kyde, Lillie Allen (Mrs John Marion) Newman 

36995 Kysor, Clymena Johnson (Mrs Daniel S.) 528 N. Cherry st, 


36170 La Clair, Ella S. (Mrs Alfred P.) 625 Division st, Ottawa 

«7098 Lacy, Maud Smith (Mrs Enos R.) Knoxville 

74723 La Due, Emma Simmons (Mrs) 515 E. Main st, Ottawa 

71111 Lafferty, Amy Bell (Miss) Clinton 

71110 Lafferty, Blanche Mae (Miss) Clinton 

70765 LaflFerty, Edith May (Mrs Charles S.) Clinton 

70766 LaflFerty. Laura Elizabeth (Mrs William S.) Qinton 

56920 Laing, Jennie Eliza (Miss) Dixon 


831Q2 Lake, Alice Cook (Mrs Charles) 512 Hill st, Rockford 

64876 Lake, Effie Estelle Harris (Mrs Edward John).... 703 W. Park st. 


6142 Lake, Helen M. Kitchell (Mrs R. C.) 1708 Ridge av, Evanston 

74734 Lamb, Maude (Miss) Downer's Grove 

56916 Lambert, Blanche R. (Mrs Sylvanus E.) 3500 Ellis av, Chicago 

85106 Lampman, Mary Wilcox (Mrs Clinton P.).. 600 N. Pine av, Chicago 
31378 Landon, Margaret Austin Cass (Mrs William Pierce).. 514 Washing- 
ton st, Rochelle 

28391 Lane, Ida M. (Miss) 4823 Lake av, Chicago 

18656 Lane, Myrtie Ruggles (Mrs John Lewis) Glencoe 

78391 Langdon, Kate L. (Miss) 1601 Hampshire st, Quincy 

65149 Langlois, Dorah (Mrs Walter) Sycamore 

47578 Langwill, Mabel Montgomery (Mrs Andrew M.) 97 6th av. La 

77050 Langworthy, Mary Lewis (Mrs Benjamin Franklin) . .254 N. Ashland 

av. River Forest 
13202 Langzettel, Katharine Barry Thompson (Mrs Herman W.)..6126 

Jackson Park av, Chicago 

80636 Lanigan, Anna C. Riel (Mrs W. T.) 805 S. Bloomington, Streator 

71674 Lansden, Priscill Sheadle (Mrs John Thomas) 617 7th st, 

81556 Larminie, Hannah Abigail Mitchell (Mrs Samuel H.) . .4729 Lake av, 

77040 Larson, Lillian Dodson (Mrs Laurence M.) 301 Davidson st. 

4107 Lasher, Leta Ramsdell (Mrs William San for d )... .1019 Hinman av, 

45268 Latham, Margaret Osgood (Mrs Harry H.).6033 Monroe av, Chicago 

7106 Latham, May (Miss) 1 Latham pi, Lincoln 

7744 Latham, Savillah Wvatt (Mrs Robert B.) 1 Latham pi, Lincoln 

24587 Latimer, Emily M. (Mrs Charles C.) 1014 S. Main st, Princeton 

59720 Lattin, Claire L. (Miss) 412 W. High st, Sycamore 

83481 Launder, Anna Hardiman (Mrs Walter D.) 2340 Calumet av, 


9978 Law, Dorothy Norton (Mrs) 174 N. Galena av, Dixon 

23794 Law, Ellen Maude (Miss) Henry 

81754 Law, Lura F. (Mrs William T.) Henry 

39519 Lawrance, Helena Tarkington Crum (Mrs Edward Patterson) . .505 

W. Logan st, Lincoln 

59195 Lawrence, Charlotte Wyllis (Mrs) 425 Park st, Rockford 

34600 Lawrence, Ella Park (Mrs GJeorge Appleton) . .590 N. Prairie st, 

38012 Lawrence. Mary Robbins (Mrs Frederick F.)..410 Pearl st, Ottawa 

67543 Lawrie, Mary E. (Mrs) 3345 Union av, Chicago 

53156 Lawson. Alice Cash (Mrs John R.) Oakland 

41244 Lawton, Laura Lucinda (Mrs John Christopher) Carthage 

41245 Lawton, Mary Adeline (Miss) Carthage 

71106 Lay, Fannie Poole (Mrs Frank Morrill). 103 W. Prospect st, Kewanee 
23791 Lay. Martha Morrill (Mrs Hiram Y.)..502 S. Tremont st, Kewanee 

38447 Lazier, Ella Frances Litch (Mrs E. N.) 834 8th av. Rochelle 

73282 Lazier, Jennie Frances (Miss) 834 8th av, Rochelle 

37239 League, Jennie Scott (Mrs James A.) 722 7th av, Peoria 

56926 Leaming, Katherine M. (Mrs Joseph F.) Highland Park 

68901 Leask, Jessie Davison (Mrs Peter Alfred) . .1409 Windsor av, Chicago 
52522 Leaverton. Grace Heaton (Mrs George W.) 41S Lawrence av. 

74195 Lecour, Mabel Canavan (Mrs Edward Armand)..39 Chicago av. 

44221 Le Crone, Frances Kendrick P. Nitcher (Mrs CJeorge Montgomery) 

S1559 Lee, Edna Brown (Miss) Roseville 

292 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

59203 Lee, Hattie M. Stark (Mrs Burton William) Sycamore 

J8984 Lee, Helen Adelaide (Mrs J. O.) 3850 Ellis av, Chicago 

20329 Lee, Jennie Gathright (Mrs John A.) Evanston? 

81558 Lee, Josephine Olivia (Mrs William H.) Roseville 

11456 Lee, Lydia Perry (Mrs Allen) 518 Orchard st, Chicago 

%2AZZ Lee, Mary C Hart (Mrs Noah) 703 W. Hill st, (^lampaign 

35792 Lee, Mary Proctor (Mrs David S.) 209 Chambers av, Peoria 

81794 Lee, Myrtle Ray (Miss) 5512 Indiana av, Chicago. 

43875 Lee, Sarah A. (Mrs William H.) 1319 Hinman av, Evanston 

80654 Leech, Alice Mabel (Miss) Downer's Grove 

73954 Legg, Louise Loree (Mrs Fielding) 1419 S. 7th st, Springfield 

79560 Legnard, Josephine May (Mrs John B.)..729 Genesee st, Waukegan 

63456 Le Gore, Sarah Margaret (Miss) Marshall 

58723 Leib, Ella B. Boston (Mrs John Robert) .... 1271 W. Washington st^ 


73286 Leland, Mary G. (Miss) Areola 

16683 Lennon, Juna J. Allen (Mrs John Brown) 612 E. Mulberry st, 


43874 Leonard, Carrie Boyd (Miss) 169 Ann st, Elgin 

30289 Leroy, Lillian Etta (Mrs Joseph Monroe) 4028 Grand blvd, Chicago 
33724 Lescher, Nita Colville (Mrs Nevin C.) 445 Monmouth blvd, Galesburg 

37630 Lester, Iva Weston (Mrs Warren D.) Kewanee 

30701 Letton, Mary Field (Mrs Theodore Willis) 4846 Kimbark av, 


45759 Letts, Lotta A. (Miss) 7624 Lowe av, Chicago 

28066 Leverett, Amy Hamilton (Mrs John) Upper Alton 

23770 Levering, Edith E. Bosworth (Mrs William) 1066 Leland av,. 

75579. Lewis, Carrie Kitchen (Mrs Samuel R.) 4852 Washington av,. 

Chicago ' 

33722 Lewis, Clara Kingsbery (Mrs Charles O.) 423 N. Kellogg st,. 


87089 Lewis, Eleanor Parke Bovee (Mrs) Downer's Grove 

77796 Lewis, Ella Beach (Mrs G. C.) Fairbury 

80294 Lewis, Mamie Beach (Miss) Fairbury 

55136 Lewis, Mary Phillips (Mrs Frank C). .3810 Pine Grove av, Evanston 

86003 Lewis, Minnie (Miss) 5460 Greenwood av, Chicago 

69975 Lewis, Nellie Armstrong (Mrs Edward C.) 3620 Michigan av, 

38719 Lewis, Rose Lawton Douglas (Mrs James H.) . .Virginia Hotel, Ohio- 

& Rush sts, Chicago 

42858 Lewis, Roxana L. Sholl (Mrs Dabney) Carthage 

511 Lewis, Sylvia M. J. McC. (Mrs E. R.) 7458 Normal av, Chicago 

42210 Lewis, Winnie V. (Mrs Lyman W.)..103 S. Tremont av, Kewanee 

36659 Lichty, Mary Ennis Webb (Mrs Daniel) 129 S. 3d st, Rockford 

37623 Lieberknecht, Helen J. Antes (Mrs Charles) Genesea- 

4864 Light, Ellen M. Chamberlin (Mrs Israel Huber) 302 E. Front st, 


70466 Lill, Adelaide Rix (Mrs George Herbert) 1411 Bryan av, Chicago 

80436 Lillard, Sarah Worthington Davis (Mrs John T.)..1102 E. Jefferson 

st, Bloomington 

28405 Lincoln, Lelah B. (Miss) 326 Pearl st, Ottawa 

42833 Lincoln, Mary Osman (Mrs Benjamin F.)..824 Ottawa av, Ottawa 
2474 Lindley, Mary Shumway (Mrs Frederick W.) 1574 Monroe st, 


65513 Lindner, Mabel Leora Evens (Mrs) 432 S. Leavitt st, Chicago- 

13266 Lindsay, Harriette B. (Dewey) (Mrs James Peck) . . . .1538 E. 66th st, 


31334 Lindsay, Mary Boyden (Miss) Public Library, Evanston 

47588 Lindsey, Mary A. Busey (Mrs George W.). .708 W. Green st, Urbana 
13289 Lines, Helen Stowell (Mrs Calvin Curtiss) .. . .413 Perry av, Peoria 
83819 Lingle, Jennie M. Church (Mrs Samuel B.) . .3144 Vernon av, Chicago- 
82437 Link, Bertha Louise (Mrs Emil F.) 1029 Diversey blvd, Chicago. 


65156 Lionberger, Lclia Francina Ferris (Mrs Edward A.) Carthage 

48413 Lippincott, Clara Moulton Adams (Mrs Julian P.).. 1120 W. College 

av, Jacksonville 

45699 Litchfield, Keturah Fetter (Mrs George) Flanagan 

73951 Littlefield, Mary Gibbs (Mrs L. Arthur).. 945 N. Court st, Rockford 

35791 Littlewood, Etta Proctor (Mrs George H.)..215 Chambers av, Peoria 

58262 Livermore, Alice (Miss) Roseville 

36199 Livingstone. Eva L. (Mrs R. H.) 3645 Walton av, Chicago 

86554 Llewellyn, Minerva Bundy (Mrs Charles E.) . . . .653 N. Central av, 


27144 Lloyd, Mary Crooker (Mrs Harvey S.) Effingham 

53639 Loar, Daisy B. Hoover (Mrs Arthur) .407 E. Douglas st, Bloomington 

57744 Lochman, Isabelle (Mrs Gustave A.) 717 S. 5th st, Sprin^eld 

31310 Lockett, Anna Maria (Mrs Oswald) 5116 Madison av, Chicago 

83104 Lockie, Olive Courson (Mrs G. David) Pontiac 

12263 Lockwood, Ella Dorr (Mrs Henry) 4326 Lake av, Chicago 

68470 Lockwood, Stella J. Gelder (Mrs Edward Kenton) Virden 

78542 Long, Bertha Cash (Mrs) Newman 

74740 Long, Jennie Bradbury (Mrs Robert) R. F. D. 3, Quincy 

58708 Long, Lida Sterry (Mrs Charies H.)....304 E. Water st, Pontiac 

83095 Long, Rosalie (Mrs Jesse R.) Hotel Metropole, Chicago 

38988 Loomis, Elizabeth A. (Mrs William R.)..2017 Indiana av, Chicago 

14808 Loomis, Flora B. Roberts (Mrs Eugene E.)..6531 Yale av, Chicago 

23743 Loomis, Susan A. Foster (Mrs John H.) 136 Ashland blvd, Chicago 

2S2£J Loosley, Elizabeth Plummer (Mrs George Marvin) ..1808 6th av, 


45692 Loosley, Helen Adelia (Miss) Moline 

44226 Lord, Alice Barbee Tullis (Mrs Daniel M.). .5450 Cornell av, Chicago 

67532 Lord, Anna Ross (Miss) Pontiac 

52856 Lord, Kate Reigart (Mrs Austin H.) 5327 Michigan av, Chicago 

41762 Lord, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Dixon 

Z^m Lord, Mary Tate (Miss) 4857 Greenwood av, Chicago 

78526 Lott, Almyra Van Haran (Mrs Peter Beltz)..825 Spruce st, Quincy 
60258 Louer, Elsie Macomber (Mrs Lewis).... 39 E. Schiller st, Chicago 

59701 Love, Adaline Evans (Mrs C. H.) 1009 Elder st, Bloomington 

56207 Love, Elizabeth Mary ( Miss) Knoxvillc 

20269 Lovejoy, Susan Willoughby (Mrs H. Stillman). .1244 W. Lafayette 

av, Jacksonville 
24565 Loverin, Luella Browne (Mrs Quimby W.) Hotel Windermere, 


11071 Lowe, Martha A. Tuttle (Mrs Richard H.) Peoria 

72828 Lowry, Jessie Rudisill (Miss) 1720 Columbus av, Wilmette 

68792 Lowry, Louise Withers (Mrs James A.) . . 1720 Columbus av, Wilmette 
43878 Lozier, Edna Holman (Mrs Lewis Hogarth) . .28 Quick av, River 


9538 Luce, Helen Prindle (Mrs Franklin A.) 1431 Astor st, Chicago 

63836 Ludens, Gertrude E. Ross (Mrs Harry J.)) Morrison 

32454 Ludlow, Ida (Miss) Blue Island, Chicago 

68471 Lukins, Edith T. Gelder (Mrs Elmer Harrington) Virden 

21951 Lull, Mary Cotes (Mrs Newton) 8 The Walton, Washington sq, 


41775 Lumpkin, Elizabeth Pegram (Mrs Clement John) Carlinville 

444 Lunt, Cornelia Gray (Miss) 1/42 Judson av, Evanston 

45282 Luthy, May Littlewood (Mrs Ferdinand) .. 102 Randolph av, Peoria 
12054 Lutz, Caroline Chemberlin (Mrs John A.).. 130 Lincoln av, Lincoln 
€5145 Lyford, Mary Lee MacComas (Mrs William Hartwell) . . 165 E. Erie 

st, Chicago 
27520 Lyman, Edith Oliver Rowc (Mrs David Braincrd, Jr.) 602 E. 

Division st, Chicago 
30706 Lyman, Louise Heafford (Mrs William).. 501 5 Madison av, Chicago 

64000 Lyon, Mabel Maude Farrell (Mrs) Lena 

S0674 Lyons, (Gertrude Hall (Mrs Alonzo L.) Danville 

<56965 Lytle, Garice May (Miss) 2120 Lincoln st, Evanston 

294 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

19122 Lytton, Rose E. (Mrs Henry Charles). ...2700 Prairie av, Chicago 
51140 McAdam, Emilie Foss (Mrs Lucius). .5137 Lexington av, Chicago 

31337 McArthur, Julia A. Ball (Mrs Francis) Geneseo 

39512 McBroom, Myrtle L. Angell (Mrs William John) Geneseo 

29420 McCabe, Marion Virginia (Mrs Levi S.)..2920 Sth av, Rode Island 
13658 McCall, Sarah Anna Merrell (Mrs Oliver C.) 6505 Minerva av, 

30642 McCalla, Elizabeth Hazard (Mrs Bowman Hendry). ...108th st & 

Avenue J, Chicago 

4524 McCalla. Helen Wayne (Miss) . .The Hamilton, 313 E. 22d st, Chicago 
44814 McCamman, Elsie Rutherford Fargo (Mrs Charles Dalton) . . Yorkville 
12597 McCandless, Jessie Young (Mrs Albert Howard) . .903 23d st, Rock 

65146 McCann, Carrie Elizabeth Chamberlain (Mrs Ethelbert Leroy)..2219 

^W, Jackson blvd Chicaffo 
78998 McCary, Florence (5sgood Painter (Mrs Meeker) . .3323 Walnut st, 


47594 McCaughey, Mary Isadore (Miss) 317 E. Penn st, Hoopeston 

28259 McCauley, Olive Lay (Mrs C. A. H.) 321 Michigan av, Chicago 

32448 McCleland, Florence O. (Mrs John Sidney) ..3006 Prairie av, Chicago 

4525 McClelland, Ella Gale (Mrs Thomas S.) . .226 E. Superior st, Chicago 
85756 McClelland, Margaret Ellen (Mrs Silas Edward) . .904 W. Wflliam st, 

67542 McClenathan, Alice W. Mcintosh (Mrs C. V.>..308 W. North st, 


23287 McClure. Edith A. Chapin (Mrs John) Knoxvillc 

51531 McClure, Lillie Marion Duffield (Mrs Howard) . .237 S. Grove av. 

Oak Park 
53139 McClure, S. Arabella Stephenson (Mrs Marfon Lee).. 808 N. Prairie 

st, Bloomington 
75195 McCollom, Eugenia A. (Mrs Alexander) ..7458 Normal av, Chicago 
38006 McConnell, Marion E. Warren (Mrs Horace Clarence) 3619 

Grand blvd, Chicago 
12581 McCord, Emily Davis Rowe (Mrs Alvin C.)....1532 N. State st, 


38995 McCormack, Nell Crane (Miss) 313 Capitol st, Pekm 

44219 McCormick, Cora B. (Miss) 207 W. Morrell st, Streator 

1964 McCormick, Elizabeth Day (Miss) 660 Rush st, Chicago 

1965 McCormick, Henrietta Hamilton (Miss) 660 Rush st, Chicago 

44218 McCormick, Isabella Donaghho (Mrs John G.)..2G7 W. Morrell st, 

17957 McCormick, Katharine Medill (Mrs Robert).. 121 Cass st, CHiicago 
6361 McCoy, Harriet Taylor (Mrs Thomas J.).. 4125 Drexel blvd, Chicago 

45272 McCoy, Jane A. (Mrs Hamilton) Oakley 

83739 McCrory, Ella Cunningham (Mrs Joe) 921 21st st, Rock Island 

34590 McCullough, Harriet L. Osgood (Mrs James Howard). .Marseilles 

18379 McCurdy, Kate M. (Mrs George L.) Hinsdale 

28929 McDermott, Emily (Mrs Thomas) 216 W. Superior st, Ottawa 

20317 McDoel, Annette (Miss) 596 E. Division st, Chicago 

9963 McDonald, Alice M. (Mrs John B.)..1937 W. Monroe st, Chicago 
33714 McDougal, Elizabeth D. McDonald (Mrs Robert D.)..537 Moss av, 

12616 McDougal, Emma A. King (Mrs Duncan) . .203 E. Jackson st, Ottawa* 

58466 McDougall, Elizabeth Barnes (Miss) Petersburg 

56287 McDowell, Catherine (joldsborough Wright (Mrs William Preston) 

659 Moss av, Peoria 
50086 McElfresh, Alice Fenton (Mrs Franklin) . .444 Drexel blvd, Chicago 
13256 McEntee, Caroline Studley Burroughs (Mrs Charles Stuart) . .85 E. 

Elm st, Chicago 
48268 McEwan. Julia George Wood (Mrs Duncan) ... .2351 Cleveland av, 


66391 McFall, Ruth Gamble (Mrs Lawrence) Kewanec 

32175 McFarland, Frances Whitcomb (Mrs (jeorge C.) Sandwich 


47593 McFerren, Charlotte Lee (Mrs Jacob S.) Hoopeston 

12589 McGalliard, Adclla Husbrook (Mrs Andrew) 507 N. Union st, 


56911 McGinnis, Florence Simmons (Mrs Archibald) Effingham 

82177 McGinnis, Frances Wright (Mrs Taylor).. 1128 S. 4th st, Springfield 
28928 McGoodwin, Carrie Wilson Gordon (Mrs William L.)..703 Forest 

av, Evanston 
63457 McGowan, Marie Antoinette (Mrs John Edward) ..3437 Prairie av, 


67977 McGregor, Adele Rose Marsh (Mrs Alonzo Hurlburt) Warsaw 

66536 McGregor, Josephine Batchelder (Mrs James Roderick) ... .475 N. 

Grove av, Oak Park 

mw McGrew, Dora (Miss) 4949 Prairie av, Chicago 

34130 McGuire, Hattic M. (Mrs William) 48 35th st, Chicago 

61895 McGuire, Sarah M. Leaverton (Mrs Robert L.) 517 S. 4th st, 

73913 MoGwinn, Katherine Freeman (Mrs G. D.)....609 N. Everett st^ 

49390 McHugh, Mary Ambaugh (Mrs Charles) ..The Lexington, Chicago 

36172 Mcllvaine, Margaret McGiffin (Miss) 408 Monroe st, Peoria 

49395 Mclntire, Cora May (Miss) Seaton 

29463 Mclntyre, Ada C. Lull (Mrs William) Drury Flats, Moline 

49394 McKamy, Ora M. Mclntire (Mrs Charles A.) Seaton 

59775 McKeage, Annie Anderson (Mrs Benjamin Franklin). .322 Wash. st,. 


61834 McKee, Adelaide O. (Mrs Francis T.) 7207 Yale av, Chicago 

79463 McKee, Bessie Louise Pickens (Mrs Carrol C.) Augusta 

79465 McKee, Clarissa Booth (Mrs John A.).. Ill S. Grove av, Oak Park 

49398 McKee, Jane Bamsback (Mrs Joseph N.) Edwardsville 

37636 McKee, Marv C. Noyes (Mrs Ralph) Carthage 

82438 McKee, Mar^r Eliza (Miss) 351 W. 64th st, Chicago 

85999 McKelvey, Gertrude A. Lee (Mrs Frank Hotchkiss) Sparta 

47573 McKennan, Louella Montgomery (Mrs Frank B.)..231 S. 11th st,. 

84023 McKey, Grace Appleton (Mrs William Davis). .. .5114 Hibbard av, 


58732 McKindley, Effie May (Mrs John William) Morris 

59698 McLane, Blanche Cleland (Mrs Cyrus D.)..3025 9th av, Rock Island 

29822 McLaughlin, Isadora Freeman (Mrs Joseph A.) Geneseo 

31358 McLaughlin, Kate Sturtevant (Mrs William Kirby)..1127 Mound 

av, Jacksonville 
27541 McMaster, Myrtle Dixon (Mrs (korge) . . 1510 10th av, Rock Island 
35747 McMillan, Jessie Harding (Mrs Willet E.)..130 S. Central av, Paris 

50165 McMillen. Mildred (Miss) 3602 Lake av, Chicago 

77462 McMillen, Mollie E. (Mrs D.) Rock Falls 

50164 McMillen, Sarah Hamilton (Mrs) 3602 Lake av, Chicago 

15503 McMullin, Jessie L. (Mrs Frank Roswell) Highland Park 

31333 McNeil, Mary E. Cleveland (Mrs Howard) 7 Villa st, Elgin 

38439 McNulta, Henrietta Scott (Mrs) 323 W. Macon st, Decatur 

53647 McPherson, Edna Sage (Mrs) 1224 N. Court st, Rockford 

31354 McRoberts, Ellen Barker (Mrs William) .. 1214 Knoxville av, Peoria 

60846 McVety, Rebecca Ellen (Mrs Thomas W.) Streator 

53127 McWilliams. Permelia (Mrs William) ..704 W. Green st. Urbana 

31338 Macauley, May Bullard (Mrs Rollin P.) Atkinson 

70467 MacCalla, Nancy Eleanor Hamill (Mrs Albert). ...313 22d st, E., 

57727 MacComas, Elizabeth Simpson (Mrs Rufus French).. 165 E. Erie st, 

17926 MacComas, Saidee F. Drown (Mrs Eugene) 1233 E. SOth st, 


84428 Macdonald, Gara (Mrs Charles) 6000 S. Park av, Chicago 

38790 MacDonald, Florence Eunice Cxoodsill (Mrs James R.)..1225 Leland 

av, Chicago 

296 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

74719 MacDonald, Nina Sylvester (Mrs Harry L.) . .203 S. Grant av, Clinton 
19118 MacGrew, Mary Wolcott (Mrs G. Elwood)..359 Belden av, Chicago 

13988 Mack, Ellen L. C. (Mrs David Edward) Carthage 

6581 1 Mack, Grace Lee (Miss) Carthage 

71094 MacKenzie, Mary Dewey (Mrs Kenneth) 1538 E. 66th st, Chicago 

16674 MacManus, Mabel Merrifield (Mrs Robert A.).. 6937 Normal av, 

72490 MacMaster, Catherine Condee (Mrs H. B.) 820 Oakwood blvd, 


57655 MacMurphy, Mary Stuart (Mrs J. G.) 321 Lake st, Oak Park 

66537 MacRae, Laura Batchelder (Mrs T. B.)..S39 Bellefonte av, Oak 

15504 MacVeaugh, Emily Sherrill Eames (Mrs Franklin). .103 Lake Shore 

Drive, Chicago 

70767 Maddox, Elizabeth (Miss) Clinton 

70768 Maddox, Maude ( Miss^ Clinton 

61833 Madson, Mary Grove (Mrs Martin). .2473 Hamilton Court, Chicago 

37626 Magee, Lucretia (Miss) Geneseo 

37625 Magee, Lucy (Miss) Geneseo 

51792 Magill, Carrie Moore (Mrs Henry Purcell) . . 164 N. Euclid av. Oak 


40274 Magill, Rebecca Coal (Mrs E. G.) 500 Knoxville av, Peoria 

86555 Maginn, Margaret E. (Miss) 3349 W. Monroe st, Chicago 

29829 Maguire, Adella M. (Mrs George W.) 633 N. Main st Rockford 

49035 Mahaffay, Edna Louise (Miss) 306 E. Walnut st, Bloomington 

29825 Mahaffay, Minnie O. Loomis (Mrs William C.) . .306 E. Walnut st, 


59204 Maitland, Adah L. Stark (Mrs James) Sycamore 

6410 Malkoff, Mary Lamed (Mrs Michael D.) ..Waterman Hall, Sycamore 
59612 Mallonee, Pocahontas Cabel Redd (Mrs John Jefferson) ..915 Penn 

av, E., St. Louis 

75204 Maloney, Elizabeth Tressler (Mrs James Sumner) Polo 

14515 Mammen, Sarah H. Parks (Mrs Ernest) 303 E. Chestnut st, 


46366 Manchester, Jessie Eversz (Mrs Harry Stewart) Wilmette 

41237 Mankin, Bertha (Mrs F. D.) 411 S. Tremont st, Kewanee 

57728 Manley, Ida Hendrickson (Mrs Henry) 620 Alma av, Chicago 

53128 Mann, Margaret Dale (Mrs Abraham) Rossville 

40950 Mann, Mary Ida (Miss) . .Nancy Foster Hall, University, Chicago 

49877 Manning, Stella Webb (Mrs F. L.) Lombard 

19139 Mannon, Mary Esther (Mrs John H.)..318 S. Tremont st, Kewanee 

16702 Mansfield, Eliza H. (Miss) 112 Perry av, Peoria 

16701 Mansfield, Isabella F. (Mrs Henry) 112 Perry st, Peoria 

23087 Maple, Eva Jane Chapin (Mrs Charles F.) Maquon 

38791 Marchisi, Mary Leavenworth Smith (Mrs Frank W.)..3104 S. Park 

av, Chicago 
32009 Marenus, Martha Cable (Mrs Howard B.)..4953 Lake av, Chicago 
9540 Marguerat, Grace Eliza (Mrs Eugene).. 212 S. Ho)me av, Chicago 
62953 Mariner, Annetta W. Copeland (Mrs Frank E.)....608 W. State st, 

56201 Mariner, Sada McMillin (Mrs William Edward) .. 1404 Judson av, 

19722 Maris, Laura Henderson (Mrs John M.)..360 W. North av, Decatur 
32845 Marquis, Harriet Gettemy Morgan (Mrs A. N.) . .947 Lawrence av, 


3945 Marsh, Annie S. Porter (Mrs John W.) 3606 Lake av, Chicago 

38010 Marsh, Belle Dunklee (Mrs James Gorton).. 547 E. 34th st, Chicago 
1385 Marsh, Lora Campbell (Mrs William D.) . .4809 Kenwood av. Chicasro 
8381 Marsh, Mary Elizabeth Potter (Mrs Cerdric Gurdon)..303 N. Kenil- 

worth av. Oak Park 

67978 Marsh, Mary Eudocia (Miss) Warsaw 

8121 Marsh, Mary Frances Ayres (Mrs Benjamin P.).. 906 N. Main st» 



^1245 Marsh, May Coddington Moorehead (Mrs Isaac M.) Delavan 

•65151 Marshall, Annie Retzer (Mrs Robert W.) Stronghurst 

52495 Marshall, Ella M. Jackson (Mrs Thomas S.) Salem 

8374 Marshall, Mary L. (Mrs George) 574 Hawthorne pi, Chicago 

64542 Marshall, Mi Erma May (Miss) Stronghurst 

73932 Marshall, Susan Cottrell (Mrs George) 703 Pearl st, Belvidere 

78517 Marston, Charlotte Virginia (Mrs Charles Franklin) . .559 Spring st, 


13987 Martin, Alice Levina Ferris (Mrs Charles Richard) Carthage 

350 Martin, Ellen Annette (Miss) 84 La Salle av, Chicago 

31317 Martin, Marion Weed (Mrs Irwin) 607 Rush st, Chicago 

69491 Martinis, Mabel H. (Miss) Carthage 

80674 Marvin, Emma (Miss) Marshall 

39510 Marvin, Lucia Bright (Mrs Matthew B.) Freeport 

60262 Mascall, Harriet Strohecker (Mrs John R.) Cambridge 

85313 Mason, Alfreda Longley (Mrs Charles Thomas) . .113 Mound st, Joliet 

66529 Mason, Grace S. (Miss).. 635 E. 33d st, Chicago 

66530 Mason, Katharine L. (Miss) 635 E. 33d st, Chicago 

71992 Mason, Louise Colborn (Mrs Guy Milton). .5610 Madison av, Chicago 

55132 Mason, Mary Jane Marshall (Mrs Ellsworth) Effingham 

45269 Masters, Helen Jenkins (Mrs Edgar Lee) 4853 Kenwood av, 


79460 Mastin, Ada C. (Mrs George C.) 112 Home av. Oak Park 

65153 Mathen, Clara Worden Pratt (Mrs William) Roseville 

68784 Matheny, Eleanor (Miss) 515 S. 7th st, Springfield 

3083 Mather, Louise Fames (Mrs Alonzo C.)..531 N. State st, Chicago 

76424 Mather, M. Rio (Miss) 7040 Lowe av, Chicago 

79785 Mathews, Julia Foote (Mrs Milton W.) 601 W. Elm st, Urbana 

75812 Mathews, >fannie Hitt (Mrs James R.) 1011 W. College st, 


39917 Mathis, Kate Baldwin (Mrs Elmer G.) Prophetstown 

28943 Mathis, Mayme F. Baldwin (Mrs) 223 E. Sycamore st. Sycamore 

80667 Matteson, Effie Cable (Mrs M. D.) 319 W. North st, Galesburg 

69489 Matthew, Gertrude Wheeler (Mrs Alexander) Morrison 

39524 Matthews, Ida C. (Miss) Monmouth 

86205 Matthews, Martha Maria (Miss) Roseville 

39912 Matthews, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Monmouth 

42198 Maull, Lucy Virginia (Mrs William Charles) . .4238 St. Lawrence av, 

56206 Maxfield, Asenath J. (Miss) Knoxville 

73933 Maxfield, Mary Hooker (Mrs Frederick G.) 122 N. Cross st. 


84844 Maxson, Eunora W. (Miss) 323 N. West st, Waukegan 

'82952 Maxwell, Emma L. Hamilton (Miss) Dixon 

64011 May, Ida A. (Mrs Henry R.) 721 8th st, Rochelle 

48415 May, Louisa Surre (Miss) 604 Washington st, Rochelle 

31379 May, Susan E. (Mrs J. M.) 604 Washington st, Rochelle 

55143 Mayhew. Effie Kayser (Mrs Jake) 621 S. Tremont st, Kewance 

53636 Maynard, Gertrude (Miss) Evanston 

21956 Mayo, Harriet Ellwood (Mrs Edward L.)....105 N. 1st st, De Kalb 

82450 Meacham, Cora Gladys (Miss) Roseville 

17455 Meacham, Elizabeth I. CHiild Weatherhead (Mrs Florus David) 1633 

Jackson blvd, Chicago 

66546 Meacham, Hay Eldred (Mrs George F.) Roseville 

•67523 Mead, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Aaron Benedict) 1903 Washington blvd, 


59714 Mead, Ruth Titcomb (Miss) 603 N. 2d st, Rockford 

65801 Means, Erma Virginia (Miss) 1117 E. Grove st, Bloomington 

9022 Means, Fannie Graves (Mrs Joseph C.) 1117 E. Grove st, 


26740 Mears, Harriet A. (Mrs Charles H.) 426 Hamilton st, Evanston 

4984 Medill, Margaret Dickson (Miss) 1827 6th av, Moline 

23804 Mee, Estelle T. Smith (Mrs James) 4800 St. Lawrence av, Chicago 

298 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

53159 Meek, Ella Tourner (Mrs S. E.) 5704 Jackson av, Chicago 

61905 Menaugh, Kate Rutherford (Mrs John Fee) Oakland 

25689 Mendenhall, Mary Louise Hughes (Mrs Samuel).. 511 W. Carpenter 

St, Springfield 
28918 Mendsen, Abby F. (Mrs John F.)....2049 Washington blvd, Chicago 
38023 Meredith, Mary A. Harmon (Mrs Samuel).. 62/ Cunningham st, 

78390 Meriwether, Lucy A. Green (Mrs Edward Baylor) . . 1717 Central av, 


79804 Merrill, Adelaide Tudie (Miss) Carthage 

69333 Merrill, Alice Louise (Miss) 6425 Stewart av, Chicago 

26010 Merrill, Ellen C. Russel (Mrs Gkorge L.)....218 Westminster st, 


18404 Merrill, Ellen M. CHicrrill (Mrs Charles C.) Carthage 

58275 Merrill, Marie Georgetta (Miss) 6100 Greenwood av, Chicago 

73919 Messersmith, Helen Pattiani (Mrs Ralph Grant).. 1527 Sherwin av, 

Rogers Park, Chicago 
17956 Messinger. Ella Jane McCuUoch (Mrs William D.) .. Highland Park 
86562 Metcalf, Alice Serena Richey (Mrs John S.) 1023 Maple av, 


54214 Metcalf, Elizabeth Elmira Rives (Mrs Ralph) Greenfield 

78102 Metzgar, Mary E. Brown (Mrs M. R.) 1520 10th av, Moline 

36185 Meyer, Louise Baker (Mrs Wilhelm Adelbert) . .5112 Jefferson av, 

71461 Michael, Marian Lu McCandless (Mrs (jeorge Edward).. 903 23d st, 

Rock Island 
47569 Middleton, Ann M. (Mrs James W.)..126 Mapel av. Oak Park 

44237 Middleton, Eliza Dale (Mrs Edwin) 205 S. Austin av, Oak Park 

81904 Middleton, Sarah Winston Wilson (Mrs Thomas Smith).. 1036 E. 

47th st, Chicago 

66540 Miles, Emma Marion (Miss) Knoxville 

24465 Miles, Mary J. (Mrs William) Pleasant Plains 

66541 Miles, Mary Jane (Miss) Knoxville' 

59695 Millar, Grace Simons (Mrs Louis Ralph).. 6037 Jefferson av, Chicago 
58724 Millar, Louise Singleton (Mrs William Johnston).. 117 N. Walnut st, 


78541 Millar, Mary Alice Truby (Mrs William D.)..R. F. D. 3. Minooka 

61854 Millard, Elise A. (Mrs) Vine & Oak av. Park Rid^c 

35793 Millard, Minnie Livingston (Mrs George P.) 212 Flora av, Peoria 

58147 Miller, Anna L. (Miss) 6027 Ellis av, CHiicago 

41238 Miller, Belle (Mrs William H.) 429 S. Tremont st, Kcwanec 

68315 Miller, Belle Turner (Mrs J. W.) 312 E. Court st, Paris 

46649 Miller, Bemice Mayfield (Mrs Leonard) Miller Block, Lincoln 

61855 Miller, Clara E, Skinner (Mrs Qifford M.) Park Ridge 

37240 Miller, Delia P. (Miss) 116 N. Garfield av, Peoria 

87101 Miller, Edith Johnston (Mrs John Marshall). .. .760 W. North st, 

31571 Miller, Emily Search (Mrs Norris N.)..483 La Salle av, Chicago 

66125 Miller, Emma Frances (Miss) 24 Warwick pi, Elgin 

34237 Miller, Hannah Dean Allen (Mrs Milton J.) Geneseo 

60166 Miller, Jean L. (M.D.) 6501 Cottage Grove av, Chicago 

48593 Miller, Kate Wright Wolcott (Mrs Luther L.) 716 Foster st, 


61896 Miller, Leila Bull (Mrs J. Francis) 60S S. Sth st, Springfield 

39498 Miller, Louise W. (Mrs Clayton E.) Streator 

50665 Miller, Lucie Clegg (Mrs William Howard) .. ..1220 Knoxville av, 


38787 Miller, Martha L Crooker (Mrs Edwin Judson) Sullivan 

62963 Miller, Rifla Read (Mrs David E.) 1437 N. 4th st, Springfield 

11461 Miller, Saidee Jackman Kimball (Mrs Franklin L)..601 W. Locust 

st, Bloomington 

51184 Miller, Winona Boulton (Mrs) Rockbridge 

16087 Milligan, Ada Josephine (Mrs Frank) .. Washington & Indiana sts, 



26722 Milliken, Lucy Appleton (Mrs George King) . .7141 Yale av, Chicago* 
54211 Mills, Isabel Elizabeth Orne (Mrs Charles Warren).. S19 E. 42d st^ 

39533 Mills, Nellie Epler (Mrs Richard W.) 1260 W. College av^ 

83742 Milne, Margaret McQuiston (Mrs Joseph Jay) 833 E. 2d av,. 


13971 Milner, Sarah A. (Mrs James W.) 7436 Monroe av, CThicago 

67975 Miner, Bertha Hawthorne (Miss) Winchester 

60873 Miner, Clara Burroughs (Mrs Charles Emory) 516 N. Church st, 


25151 Miner, Edna Bartholomew (Mrs) Chicago Beach Hotel, Chicago 

46210 Miner, Georgia M. Watson (Mrs Lewis H.) 1709 S. 6th st, 

43270 Mitchell, Clara AuU (Mrs Charles Bayard) ..4611 Ellis av, CHiicago. . 

19132 Mitchell, Ella Judd (Mrs Philip) 720 20th st, Rock Island 

73257 Mitchell, Florence M. Bush (Mrs Walter Gore) 5341 Ellis av, 


65475 Mitchell, Martha Amelia Smith (Mrs David, Jr.) Pecatonica 

10439 Mixter, Elizabeth Bradley (Mrs Frank).. 734 20th st. Rock Island 

79461 Mock, Estclle R. (Mrs Edgar J.) 6447 Harvard av, Chicago 

42841 Moffet, Irene Gates (Mrs Hugh R.) 412 1st av. Monmouth 

70769 Moffett, Clara Campbell (Mrs Harry L.) Clintoir 

69001 Moffitt, Mary Catherine Funk (Mrs Alexander S.) Tuscola 

75821 Monroe, Anna Parks (Mrs Charles Dallas) .. ..Wilson av, Chicago* 
77806 Monroe, Dora Griffith (Mrs Alexander R.) 5459 Washington av, 


84992 Monroe, Lorah S. (Miss) 701 N. McLean st, Bloomingtoir 

33718 Monroe, Mary A. (Mrs Woodard J.) 721 8th st, Rochelle 

46648 Monroe, Mary R. White (Mrs George W.) 701 N. McLean st,. 

31530 Montgomery, Addie Lewis (Mrs John Ambrose) . .447 Powers av^ 

65022 Montgomery, Caroline L. (Mrs Robert E.)..5209 W. Chicago av^ 

81560 Montgomery, Ida Lehmann (Mrs Harry Carroll).. 121 N. Prairie st, 

T a ck son vil le 

47077 Montgomery, Louise (Miss) 1022 21st st, Rock Island 

72112 Montgomery, Lunetta Chandler (Mrs E. H.)..379 S. 4th st, Aurora 
12598 Montgomery, Mary Burrall (Mrs James McDowell).. 1209 2d av, 

Rock Island 
72493 Montzheimer, Julia McClellan Mosher (Mrs Arthur).. 113 Pine st, 

74211 Moon, Ella M. Smith (Mrs Charles Eugene).... 5924 Normal av,. 


49886 Moore, Clarap (Mrs Ensley) 856 W. State st, Jacksonville- 

87090 Moore, Emily Lucy (Miss) 312 N. Walnut st, Danville 

85314 Moore, Gladys M. (Miss) 210 W. Benton st, Morris 

4770 Moore, Isabella Maria De Vcny (Mrs C. E.)..571S Midway Park, 

Austin Station, (Chicago 
52505 Moore, Jennie Corbly B. (Mrs Gilpin) ..5112 Jefferson av, Chicago 
6389 Moore, Julia Tuthill (Mrs James H.)..4433 Greenwood av, Chicago 

17528 Moore, Kate W. (Mrs William Alexander) Elizabethtown 

12602 Moore, Katherine de Qercy (Mrs Bimey J.) Greenwood Inn,. 


85315 Moore, Maibelle (Miss) 210 Benton st, Morris^ 

61835 Moore, Margarett Edgerton (Mrs Levering) .. 141 S. Washington st, 

56917 Moore, Maria Hemming (Mrs William Henry).. 5853 Winthrop av, 


2791 Moore, Mary Needham Mason (Mrs James T.) Fort Sheridan* 

36155 Moore. Millie Pebbles (Mrs Frank Warren).. 312 S. Oak Park avj. 


300 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

59181 Moore, Minnie E. Reed (Mrs James) R. F. D., Ottawa 

51796 Moore, Nettie L. (Miss) Farmer City 

21470 Moore, Sarah Colman (Mrs A. L.) 620 10th av, Moline 

65147 Moos, Katherine Hoyte (Mrs Joseph B.) 2630 Lake View av, 


77651 Morehouse, Frances Milton I. (Miss) Toulon 

9913 Morehouse, Ida Cornelia Gray (Mrs Merritt J.).. 207 Hamilton st, 


43880 Moreland, Rose B. (Miss) 1109 N. Prairie st, Galesburg 

27533 Morgan, Ada Fenton Sheldon (Mrs) 4959 Lake av, Chicago 

72265 Morgan, Anna (Miss) Box 518, Lake Forest 

51179 Morgan, Ara Ingalls (Miss) 705 S. Chestnut st, Kewanee 

85305 Morgan, Blanche J. (Miss) Galva 

36671 Morgan, Elizabeth Jackson (Mrs George Byron) Bunker Hill 

24590 Morgan, Julia Potwine (Mrs Otho Herron) Highland Park 

50248 Morgan, May Atwater (Mrs Charles Lincoln) ..401 Division st, Elgin 
43876 Morrell, Kate Morgans (Mrs Edward E.)..221 Wesley av. Oak Park 
8369 Morris, Clara Elizabeth Seymour (Mrs Joseph) 5342 Washing- 
ton av, Chicago 
59175 Morris, Ella Putnam (Mrs William George) . .3121 Washington blvd, 


7093 Morris, Ida Tucker (Mrs Seymour) 135 Adams st, Chicago 

50650 Morris, Laura Fuller (Mrs William P.).. 750 W. Macon st, Decatur 

61821 Morrison, Margaret Rees (Mrs Charles Robert) St. Joseph 

1 1886 Morse, Anna (Miss) 1303 W. College av, Jacksonville 

11888 Morse, Anne Perkins Woodbridge (Mrs Charles James). .1825 Asbury 

av Evanston 
52489 Morse, Elizabeth J. Hart (Mrs J. Madison) 212 W. White st, 


«1242 Morse, Kittie Plumb (Mrs Hazen H.) Neponset 

32832 Morton, Mary Emma Little (Mrs Charles M.)..118 Clinton av. Oak 


21475 Mosby, Helen Ethel (Miss) 42 E. 25th st, Chicago 

11465 Moseley, Fannie (Miss) 922 Euclid av, Princeton 

12631 Moseley, Louise Jones (Mrs Douglas) 1310 S. Main st, Princeton 

62945 Moseley, Marion L. Wilder (Mrs Carleton) Highland Park 

11469 Moseley, Mary Moseley Horton (Mrs William N.)..6047 Madison 

av, Chicago 

45276 Moses, Eliza T. (Miss) Monmouth 

82336 Moss, Florence Cunningham (Mrs Daniel Boone).. 5738 Monroe av, 

80434 Moss, Frances Elizabeth (Mrs C. M.)....806 S. Mathews av, Urbana 
10414 Mottl, Emma E. Clark (Mrs Ottokar)... .4513 Clifton av, Chicago 
81551 Moulton, Flora Fretts (Mrs William Albert).. 540 Aldine sq, Chicago 
44229 Moulton, Flora Garland (Mrs George Mayhew)..2119 Calumet av, 

Chicago • 

87086 Mourning, Mabel (Miss) Rushville 

73671 Mourning, Mary Katharine (Miss) 1006 W. California st, Urbana 

83480 Mourning, Nellie Irene (Miss) 1006 W. California st, Urbana 

56939 Mower, Annie Penfield (Mrs Calvin R.) 401 N. Prospect st, 


26764 Mowry, Ella A. (Mrs George G.) Gencseo 

16697 Moyer, Anna Catharine Thompson (Mrs Charles Jefferson).. 709 E. 

Douglas st, Bloomington 

"62938 Moyer, Genevieve (Miss) 709 E. Douglas st, Bloomington 

87451 Mueller, Alice Bausch (Mrs Gustave A.).... 3820 Pine Grove av, 

79469 Mueller, Elizabeth Kingsley (Mrs Andrew) 1099 E. North st. 


•65814 Muir, Pauline Shepard Whiteman (Mrs John C) Danville 

43484 Mulford, Anna Reeves (Mrs Edward A.).. 2032 W. 103d st, Chicago 

60847 Mulford, Florence Cooper (Mrs Elwood) Streator 

59692 Mulford, Gertrude Hodgman (Mrs Linden Chester) Streator 


31348 Munce, Clara L. de Motte (Mrs Charles Carroll) Lake Fork 

60260 Munn, Jessie Sunderland (Mrs Jasper Barnum) 78 Grove st, 


51783 Munsell, Ida H. (Mrs William W.) 7739 Union av, Chicago 

78535 Munson, Leonore Moore (Mrs) Areola 

1335 Murphey, Millie Stebbins (Mrs Henry C.) . .6325 Monroe av, Chicago- 

65844 Murphy, Blanche E. (Miss) Warren 

33704 Murphy, Caroline Lois (Mrs Forrest Wier)..425 N. 5th st, Quincy 

77498 Murphy, Charlotte Stimson (Mrs Mortimer) Warren 

87095 Murphy, Ella Moody (Mrs John S.) " Pontiac 

32439 Murphy, Emma Shaw (Mrs Joseph) ,.1106 N. Prairie st, Bloomington 

61850 Murphy, Fannie Ayres (Miss) 409 W. 2d st, Dixon 

41220 Murphy, Lillie Brown (Mrs Charles Robert).. 665 Prairie av, Decatur 

23765 Murphy, Olive Ayres (Mrs) 159 2d st, Dixon 

87091 Murray, Erma Smith (Mrs RoUin E.)..1101 N. Franklin st, Danville 

38996 Murray, Louise A. Brown (Mrs George C.) . . 1301 Monroe, st, Peoria 

35218 Murray, Nellie Barber (Mrs David C.) Streator 

34593 Musgove, Frances Duke (Miss) (xalesburg. 

79701 Musgrave, Meta Delphine (Mrs Harrison) 1210 Astor st, Chicago 

78514 Musser, Catherine E. (Mrs James) 84 Grove st, Freeport 

78515 MusseF, Mabel Eleanora (Miss) 84 Grove st, Freeport 

73927 Myers, Ada C. (Mrs Joseph Charles) Clinton 

83743 Myers, Elizabeth M. Copeland (Mrs Joseph Henry) . .608 W. State st,. 


75584 Myers, Emma (Mrs J. W.) 1421 Monmouth blvd, Galesburg. 

34582 Myers, Mary Isabella (Mrs Phillip) . .605 Fullerton Parkway, Chicago 

39001 Myers, Mary Rosetta (Mrs G. W.) 628 Main st, Rochelle 

14777 Mygatt, Agnes P. (Mrs William R.) 4644 Lake av, Chicago* 

49388 Nagle, Ruth Truax (Mrs George Anthony) 1418 Lafayette 

Parkway, Chicago 
49385 Nash, Antoinette C. Francisco (Mrs H. J.) 705 W. Main st, 

43481 Nash, Mary Culbertson (Mrs Richard). .. .4911 Lake av, Chicago 

27542 Nason, Ellen Estell (Mrs Clarence E.) 2000 7th av, Mbline 

73920 Needier, Fanny Ella Quiggle (Mrs David Wesley) .. 1227 Green- 
wood Ter, Chicago 

28397 Neely, Carrie Blair (Miss) 4929 Greenwood av, Chicago- 

82444 Neely, Elizabeth Treat (Miss) 617 5th st. La Salle 

82443 Neely, Jennie Treat (Mrs Isaac Kelly) 617 5th st. La Salle 

80297 Nchls, Clara L. Buck (Mrs Arthur H.)..102 N. Perry av, Peoria. 
86351 Nelson, Alberta Marie Knickerbocker (Mrs John A.).. 113 Pine st, 

2132 Nelson, Fannie Elizabeth (Mrs Walter Cheesman) .. 5120 Jefferson: 

av, Chicago 
78530 Nelson, Harriet Augusta (Mrs Robert Stuart).. 119 W. College av,. 


57657 Nelson, Jennie M. Young (Mrs) 1612 W. Adams st, Chicago 

75815 Nelson, Lucy M. S. (Mrs G. Richard) . . . .276 Penn. av, Aurora- 
21638 Nelson, Mary Gott Dennis Manning (Mrs) 4546 Prairie av, 

43494 Nelson, Villa Page (Mrs Thomas P.).. 414 Glen Oak av, Peoria 

80662 Nesbitt. Ada May (Miss) Aledo 

80663 Nesbitt, Nellie Rae (MissJ Aledo 

81286 Nettleton, Melissa Roxena Tenney (Mrs Alured Bayard) 5742 

Monroe av, Chicago 
8726 Neville, Nellie Bent (Mrs James S.)..501 N. McLean st, Bloom- 


45422 Ncwbecker, Clara M. (Miss) 191 Oakwood blvd, Chicago 

13979 Ncwcomb, Blanche Makepeace Pattison (Mrs George Eddy), 

Lake Forest 

79786 Ncwcomb, Pcarle Elizabeth (Miss) 311 W. Hill st. Champaign 

39916 Newcomer, Althea Ray Jones (Mrs Albert I.) Bcardstowa 

302 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 


.26752 Newcomer, Mary Tressler (Mrs C. B,) Carthage 

-59705 Newell, Hortense Harris (Mrs Samuel) Seaton 

26748 Newton, Martha Hoover (Mrs Martin Haggard).. 707 N. McLean 

sn, Bloomington 

5114 Nicholls, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs William H.)..1024 N. State st, 

74394 Nichols, Elizabeth Barnard (Mrs James Lawrence) .... Naperville 

23783 Nichols, Isabella Goertner (Mrs William Carlile) . . 1318 Church st, 


19731 Nicholson, Lettie Hatch (Mrs John A.).. 109 S. Park st, Kewanee 

52511 Nisley, Kate Runkle (Mrs John M.) Knoxville 

60252 Nixon, Gertrude Allen (Mrs William) 710 Broadway, Streator 

35802 Noble, Mary Churchill (Mrs Louis R.)..2708 Western av, Mattoon 

71460 Noftsker, Bessie Gray (Miss) 836 20th st. Rock Island 

.35236 Nolte, Mary Dunbaugh (Mrs).... 911 W. College av, Jacksonville 

73278 Norman, Estella G. (Miss) Tri City Sanitarium, Moline 

59708 Norris, Grace L. C. (Mrs Lafred) . . . . 109 Park av W., Princeton 

65606 Norris, Lucy Ward (Mrs Clarkson) La Moille 

13276 Northrup. Rose W. (Mrs Charles J.) 510 E. Front st, Bloom- 

14813 Northrup, Sarah E. (Mrs Henry M.)..422 N. Grove av. Oak Park 

11478 Norton, Gratia P. (Miss) Y. W. C A. Building, Rockford 

6754 Norton, Laura Hills (Mrs James H.) . .4410 N. Paulina st, Chicago 

11479 Norton, Mary E. (Miss) Y. W. C. A., Rockford 

1497 Norton, Mary Janette (Mrs Henry A.) 550 Surf st, Chicago 

^9548 Northrup, Anna Strickle (Mrs Harman R.) Havana 

'80783 Nourse, Lourania Foree (Miss) Chicago 

73921 Nowak, Anna Fortiner (Mrs Charles A.) 9945 Longwood blvd, 


68779 Noyes, Adalene Loraine (Miss) 1283 Early av, Chicago 

57740 Noyes, Helen Miller (Miss) Carthage 

20261 Noyes, Ida E. S. (Mrs La Verne) 1450 Lake Shore Drive, 


13306 Noyes, Laura J. Miller (Mrs William H. D.) Carthage 

41232 O'Connor, Mabel Worrell (Mrs T. G.) . .610 Wenonah av, Oak Park 
85321 Oehler, Bertha McAllister (Mrs William H.) 423 Dechman av, 

50232 Offield, May Ressiquier Monson (Mrs Charles Kirkpatrick) 379 

Ashland blvd, Chicago 

53778 Ogden, Mary Florence (Miss) Springfield 

84024 Ohlerking, Helen Johnston (Mrs John Henry) 308 Franklin av. 

River Forest 

13974 Okeson, Jane B. Albertson (Miss) 2821 Indiana av, (Chicago 

13970 Okeson, Margaret A. (Miss) 2821 Indiana av, Chicago 

75585 Olden, Ardelia Roper (Mrs William I.) 648 4th av, Jolict 

58719 Olds, Alice Hannahs (Mrs William B.) 838 W. Sute st. 

lack son ville 

9184 Olin, Mary Moulton (Mrs Franklin W.) 1128 State st, Alton 

'85330 Olmstead. Hattie F. (Mrs Smith H.) 89 Galena blvd, Aurora 

36668 Olmstead, Mary E. Hilton (Mrs M.) Bunker Hill 

72617 Olmstead, Nettie Fellows (Mrs James Frederick). .5716 Monroe av, 


36672 Olmsted, Mary E. Smalley (Mrs Shelman) Bunker Hill 

48393 Olson, Mildred Gould (Mrs Andrew J.) Streator 

87085 Orb, Ruth Young (Mrs John A.) 2901 Michigan av, Chicago 

70938 OrendoflF, Daise R. (Mrs Ulysses Grant) Canton 

17960 Orr, Lucy Jane Doe (Mrs Frank B.) 4450 Ellis av, Chicago 

64008 Osborne, Louise Hitt (Mrs J. Harrison) 1135 W. State st, 


36650 Osgood, Agnes Crom (Mrs Henry D.) Marseilles 

37616 Osgood, Emma Harriet (Miss) 751 Oakwood blvd, Chicago 

17958 Osgood, Lenora J. (Mrs Henry D.) 751 Oakwood blvd, Chicago 


33217 Osgood, Susanna Patton Tate (Mrs Luther P.) Marseilles 

62927 Ostrom, Augusta Babcock (Mrs James Augustus).. 5039 Washing- 
ton av, Chicago 

61897 Otwell, Annie Edmonia (Miss) Carlinvillc 

70541 Otwell, Mary Van Winkle (Mrs William Barrick) Carlinville 

61972 Overholt, Ella Jane Eisenhart (Mrs Qiarles Alwyn)..3814 Calumet 

av Chicaflro» 
85322 Overstreet, Charlotte Treat Bull (Mrs Robert J.) . .628 N. Kellogg st, 


84031 Owen, Alice (Miss) « 423 W. Williams blvd, Springfield 

84030 Owen, Eliza Shaw (Mrs John A.) 423 W. Williams blvd, Springfield 

68472 Owen, Ella Seip (Mrs M. G.) 1621 S. 6th st, Springfield 

65806 Owen, Lilian (Miss) 2218 6th av, Moline 

30725 Owen, Minnie June. (Mrs William R.) 110 Maple st. Oak Park 

28067 Owens, Flora Elise Leverett (Mrs Harry) Upper Alton 

7733 Owsley, Lucy Pace (Mrs Frederick D.) 412 Erie st, Chicago 

28932 Packard, Jane Briggs (Mrs Thadeous Bullock) . .602 £. Washington st, 


34092 Packard, Mary Sawyer (Mrs Silas) 401 College sq, Decatur 

7745 Paddock, Achsah Moseley (Mrs Henry G.) 1904 Sth av, Moline 

49396 Paddock, Alice Moseley (Miss) 1904 5th av. Moline 

28942 Paddock, Cass Carline Baldwin (Mrs H. E.) Prophetstown 

51176 Paddoc, Gladys (Miss) Prophetstown 

18398 Paddock, Lucy M. (Mrs Chauncy) Prophetstown 

48417 Paddock, Mary (Miss) 1117 W. Lawrence st, Springfield 

7104 Paddock. Mary L. C. (Mrs James) 709 S. 7th st, Springfield 

45281 Paddock. Maude Littlewood (Mrs John C.) 106 High st, Peoria 

76790 Paden, Jean H. (Mrs Milo R.) 605 Electric Park, Marion 

12566 Page, Elizabeth Roberts (Mrs Carter Henry, Jr.).. 315 Whitman st, 


78543 Page, Emma Moore (Mrs Frank) Newman 

33715 Page, Jessie Stevens (Mrs George T.) 127 Flora av, Peoria 

51181 Page, Mary Blanche (Miss) Wethersfield 

80634 Page, Mary J. Kellogg (Mrs John Ransom) Newman 

72320 Paine, Sarah J. (Mrs Fayette M.) 155 Dearborn st, Chicago 

78997 Painter, Sarah Isabel (Miss) 3323 Walnut st, Chicago 

77053 Palmer, Agnes Butler (Miss) Ottawa 

12217 Palmer, Hannah Lamb (Mrs John M.)..417j4 E. Cook st, Springfield 
80644 Palmer, Mary King (Mrs Charles Robinson) Hotel Windermere, 

14818 Palmer, Mary White (Mrs Walter Butler) .. 1236 Ottawa av, Ottawa 

37225 Palmer, Minnie Massey (Miss) 15 W. Delaware pi, Chicago 

61861 Palmer, Nettie Cole (Mrs R. D.) 1260 Ottawa av, Ottawa 

15521 Pankhurst, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 422 Galena av. Dixon 

86206 Park, Carrie Suter (Mrs Roy W.) Media 

45271 Parke, Marina Delgado (Mrs Frederick Kearney) 5014 Madison 

av, Chicago 

32443 Parker, Ella (Miss) 444 Park av, E., Princeton 

80709 Parker, Elsie (}ertrude (Miss) 530 Millard av, Chicago 

65809 Parker, Emma (Miss) 444 Park av, E.. Princeton 

83117 Parker, Julia Alice Crowley (Mrs George N.)....303 W. Main st, 


33266 Parker, Marilla Zeroyda (Miss) 5624 Ellis av, Chicago 

23376 Parker, Mary E. McDoel (Mrs Louis Harris) 801 Forest av, 

2090Q Parker, Mar^ Moncure Paynter (Mrs William Reyonlds) ..434 E. 

42d pi, Chicago 

26004 Parker, Maude D. (Miss) 1639 Hinman av, Evanston 

29429 Parker, Mertice L. (Miss) Superior st, Ottawa 

59696 Parkhill. Mercy Simeral (Mrs Charles Edward).. 324 N. Scoville av. 

Oak Park 
39520 Parkin, Charlotte Peck (Mrs Francis F.) 4748 St. Lawrence av, 


304 DIRECTORY, D. A. R. 

82448 Parks, Florence Estelle (Mrs Rodney Newton) 513 S. Humphrey 

av, Oak Park 
46203 Parr, Josephine Armstrong (Mrs Samuel E.)..S07 Main st, Ottawa 

35231 Parritt, Florence (Miss) 902 N. East st, Bloomington 

38997 Parrott, Maybelle (Miss) c/o Michael Rees Hospital, Chicago 

40786 Parry, Maipe Barbero (Mrs Henry Edward) Knoxville 

42854 Parry, Martha Waters (Mrs Samuel E.)....161 W. Tompkins st, 

75953 Parsons, Elizabeth Covington Hubbard (Mrs William H.) Greenville 
79643 Parsons, Pearle (Miss) Monmouth 

41241 Patch, Alice Josephine (Miss) 763 Beecher av, Galesburg 

48864 Patch, Hila Moore (Mrs Robert Harlin) 3336 W. Munroe st, 

51193 Patch, Ida Bostwick (Mrs Leslie) Roseville 

41242 Patch, Myra Hooper (Miss).... 763 Beecher av, Galesburg 

46632 Pate, Kathrjm Blanch Schermerhom (Mrs D. S.)..5131 Michigan av, 

76543 Pattee, Mary Elizabeth Nye (Mrs James Howard) . .304 S. Main st, 


37234 Patten, Amanda L. (Mrs James A.) 1426 Ridge av, Evanston 

65157 Patterson, Edith Lynn (Miss) 516 Walnut st, Danville 

73285 Patteson, Kate Overton (Miss) 1111 S. 2d st, Springfield 

imi Pattison, Eva S. (Mrs Henry Olin) 409 Linn st. Peoria 

14804 Patton, Ellic Ferry (Mrs Robert Weston) Highland Park 

61864 Patton, Mary Uhl (Mrs Joseph Robinson) Atlanta 

51192 Patton, May Karns (Mrs Adelma George).. 218 S. A st, Monmouth 

63997 Paul, Charity A. (Mrs John C.) 930 Roscoe st, Chicago 

78558 Paver, Ida Moore (Mrs John M., Jr.) Gibson City 

39518 Payne, Florence Gamble (Mrs Charles W.) 731 S. Tremont st, 


42235 Payne, Letitia Happer (Mrs E. W.) Morrison 

71746 Payne, Lillian Grace (Miss) 2713 Indiana av, Chicago 

84773 Peairs, Jessie Hayes (Mrs George M.) 613 Western av, Joliet 

83103 Pearce, Emma L. Blauvelt (Mrs Charles J.^ 6745 N. Clark st, Chicago 
86556 Pearce, Genevra Merriam (Mrs Charles F.)..1S31 E. 66th pi, Chicago 
28396 Pearce, Martha Maude Davis (Mrs John Irving, Jr.).. 2808 Michigan 

av, Chicago 
8215 Pearson, Gertrude E. Simmons (Mrs Edward J.).. 1512 Maple av, 

9543 Pearson, Grace Mabel Saltonstall (Mrs John L.) . .454 Grove av. Oak 

63693 Peart, Alice Tinslar (Mrs George Kane) . .6601 Normal av, Chicago 
47561 Peaslee, Laura Johnson (Mrs Edward S.)..3602 Lake av, Chicago 

52512 Pebbles, Jane Elizabeth Shoemaker (Mrs John) Monmouth 

43480 Peck, Alice H. Fessenden (Mrs R. G.) ..Happiegoluckie, Highland 


40785 Peck, Annie E. (Mrs Georg^e F.) 592 N. Chambers st, Galesburg 

39896 Peck, Jessie Truesdale (Miss) 274 Belden av, Chicago 

5744 Peck, Mary Talcott (Mrs Walter Leslie) 4747 ICimbark av, 

78286 Peck, Sally Antoinette Warden (Mrs Everard T.)..818 Washington 

st, Lockport 
85754 Peebles, Edith Sargent (Mrs Ray Bird) 4432 N. Winchester av, 


13301 Pegram, Anna (Miss) 405 N. McLean st, Lincoln 

22016 Pegram, Eda Kexia Smith (Mrs Edward Leighton) . .826 W. Wood st, 

13300 Pegram. Katherine Hall Leighton (Mrs Nathaniel Edward).. 405 N. 

McLean st, Lincoln 
54686 Pegues, Martha Lamar Alexander (Mrs Samuel F,)..6043 Wood- 
lawn av, Chicago 
54692 Peirce, Elizabeth C. (Mrs George R.). .218 W. Hurlbut av, Belvidere 
64917 Peirce, Louise Mathews (Miss) 913 Gait av, Chicago 


427 Peirce, Melusina Fay (Mrs Charles S.)--1012 N. State st, Chicago 
81797 Pelt2, Minnie Zombro (Mrs Benjamin F.)....205 N. Jackson blvd, 

60674 Pen Dell, Annie Burroughs (Mrs Merril Ransom) .. 1801 National av, 


T^ll Pendleton, Allie Dirst (Mrs F. M.) 1455 Vermont st, Quincy 

85327 Pennock, Emily Cynthia (Miss) Carthage 

33281 Perkins, Effie Clare Mann (Mrs Thomas Egbert).. 300 S. State st, 


74033 Perkins, Emily Metcalf (Miss) 4950 Greenwood av, Chicago 

65510 Perkins, Reba N (Miss) 810 W. Stoughton st, Urbana 

73942 Perry, Cora Leota (Miss) 1618 1st av, Peoria 

87452 Perry, Elizabeth Sims (Mrs W. S.) 329 Marion st. Oak Park 

16095 Perry, Frances Isabella P. Triplett (Mrs) 312 S. Main st, 


57729 Perry, Lomira Alvah (Miss) 700 Bowen av, Chicago 

66532 Perry, Martha Waddell (Mrs Thomas Gordon).. 901 N. Union st, 

47072 Perry, Mary Shinn (Mrs Charles N.) 3228 S. Park av, Chicago 

73943 Perry, Nellie Maud (Miss) 1618 1st av, Peoria 

44902 Perry, Stella Morey (Mrs Elmer A.) 1138 S. 2d st, Springfield 

30705 Peters, Anna Bradley (Mrs Joseph Gregory) 6107 Kenmore av, 

78519 Peters, Minerva Miranda West (Mrs Warren F.)..229 E. Exchange 

st, Sycamore 

38991 Petersen, Mabel Raymond (Mrs Henry Frederick) Dundee 

32824 Peterson, Bessie Wanzer (Mrs F. C.) 4140 Indiana av, Chicago 

85323 Peterson, Ella Gilbert (Mrs John A.) 453 E. Losey st, Galesburg 

48400 Peterson, Mary Gage (Mrs P. S.) ..Peterson & Lincoln av, Chicago 
5438 Petitclerc, Emma L. (Mrs Felix F.) 1106 Post st, Ottawa 

57730 Petre, Emily Keithley Brookner (Mrs) 511 Peoria av, Dixon 

51177 Pettibone, Mary Bailey (Mrs Robert S.) . . . .224 N. Prairie av, Austin 

Sta., Chicago 
7101 Pettibone, Mary Carter Talcott (Mrs Philo Foster) . .48 S. Des Plaine 

st, Chicago 

12613 Pettit, Maria Louise (Mrs James Wiley) Jefferson st, Ottawa 

53132 Petty, Elizabeth Edwards (Mrs George Brown).. 1636 S. Spaulding 

av Chicaizro 

18399 Petty,' Jessie L. Paddock (Mrs Oliver P.) Prophetstown 

86003 Peyton, Katherine Fry (Mrs Richard F.). .211 St. Johns av. Highland 

80645 Phelps, Anna Mary Piatt (Mrs Clark C.)..1530 Wilson av, Chicago 
2965 Phelps, Anna Wendall Frank (Mrs Edward P.).... 337 W. 64th st, 


51803 Phelps, Bertha Bryant (Mrs Cassins) 2481 E. 74th st, Chicago 

59205 Phelps, Elizabeth (Miss) 330 N. Locust st, Sycamore 

31380 Phelps, Grace Countryman (Mrs Arthur A.) 621 8th st, Rochelle 

67229 Phelps, Katharine L. (Miss) 1002 E. Broadway, Monmouth 

15508 Phelps, M. Louise Copeland (Mrs W. R.)..630 S. Euclid av. Oak 

49871 Phillips. Frances Adelaide (Mrs William R.)....2608 Florence av, 


38433 Phillips, Sarah Emily (Miss) Naperville 

81552 Phillips, Sarah Jane (Mrs Enoch) 809^/^ Main st, Quincy 

26015 Pierce, Caroline C. Sanford (Mrs Almiron G.)..N. 3d st, Monmouth 

70293 Pierce, Ida M. (Miss) 212 S. Grove av, Oak Park 

56203 Pierce, Katharine Brundage (Miss) Malta 

27527 Pierce, Mary Rcid (Miss) 521-531 Wabash av, Chicago 

7094 Pierce, S. Jennie (Mrs Charles W.) 920 Linden av, Wilmette 

77062 Pierpoint, Bessie Orr (Mrs J. J.) 307 Pine st, Pana 

72620 Pifer, Gertrude McHcnry (Mrs Charles Warren) Clinton 

84174 Pilcher, Opal Stipes (Mrs Edward S.) 711 W. University av, 


306 DIRECTORY^ D. A. R. 

73940 Pillsbury, Mary Theresa Arms (Mrs Silas Wright) Monmouth 

86207 Pinckney, Maude S.. (Mrs P. Pierre) 366 E. 59th st, Chicago 

58257 Pingrey, Cora Howe (Mrs Claire Horton) 511 E. Douglas st, 


73925 Pinkney, Anna Fisk (Mrs Charles D.) 1231 W. Main st, Decatur 

49038 Pinney, Anna V. C. Bohon (Mrs Norman E.) Rosevillc 

24572 Pitkin, Dorothy Abbot Chapman (Mrs Roger Swope) 1043 Hin- 

man av, Evanston 

33723 Pitney, Helen E. Rose (Mrs Orville) Augusta 

47869 Pittinger, Eliza Willard (Mrs George L.) 404 E. Broadway, 

34101 Plain, Fannie Watson (Mrs John William) 440 S. West st, Galesburg 

10990 Pleasants, Mary Crawford (Mrs Adair) 1120 2d av, Rock Island 

43364 Polk, Cora Justice (Mrs J. L.) Champaign 

76232 Pollock, Caroline Mayne (Mrs J. Emmet) Bloomington 

61863 Pollock, Lizzie Rhodes (Mrs James) Cambridge 

20245 Pomeroy, Christina King (Mrs S. Harris).. 26 E. Huron st, Chicago 
86563 Ponst, Janette Elizabeth (Mrs Frank C.)..N. Main st, Sycamore 

9535 Pool, Anna W. (Miss) 2131 Calumet av, Chicago 

27535 Pope, Almyra Van Wyck (Mrs George Jackson) Glencoe 

32834 Pope, Cora J. (Mrs Milton) 116 Prospect av, Ottawa 

27233 Pope, Frances Cable (Mrs C. E.) Lake Forest 

34575 Pope, Laura Daniels (Mrs William A.).... 291 Keystone av. River 


35787 Pope, Margaret Baxter (Mrs Charles H.) Breezy Hill, Moline 

31344 Porter, Anne Combs (Mrs L. Ewing) 820 Columbus st, Ottawa 

15505 Porter, Annie Rockwell Sprague (Mrs Frank Win slow) . .4801 Kim- 
bark av, Chicago 

74718 Porter, Grace Thayer (Mrs Grant W.) 1117 E. 64th st, Chicago 

60851 Porter, Ida Eveline Gates (Mrs Placidus Pierce) . .4243 Sheridan rd, 


17969 Porter, Mary F. Chandler (Mrs J. K.) Monmouth 

54689 Poston, Adele (Miss) Central Hospital, Jacksonville 

52516 Potter, Anna Bell Evans (Mrs Joseph E.) 918 N. Prairie st, 


79016 Potter, Florence Wheelock (Mrs Harmon V.) Byron 

62954 Potter, Frances Lathrop (Miss) 314 S. 2d st, Rockford 

81756 Potter, Gertrude House (Miss) Henry 

81757 Potter, Sarah Elsie (Miss) Henry 

31327 Pottle, Bertha E. Bartlett (Mrs) Clayton 

13272 Potts, Augusta Bigelow (Mrs Thomas Welsh) .... 1201 E. 47th st, 


81564 Potts, Mabelle Thompson (Mrs Frank T.) Toluca 

10978 Poucher, Florence Lucinda Holbrook (Mrs Barent G.)..1426 Asbury 

av, Evanston 

86563 Poust, Janette Elizabeth (Mrs Frank C.) N. Main st. Sycamore 

59711 Powell, Lelia Malvina (Mrs Clarence B.) Jacksonville 

28414 Power, Laura Chord (Mrs James) Cantrall 

14661 Powers, Caroline M. (Miss) 595 Powers av, Decatur 

34093 Powers, Dessie Bowers (Mrs George W.) 357 N. Edward st, 

76975 Powers, Hathaway Jones (Mrs Theron Avery).. 510 Powers Lane, 


2921 Pratt, Adella J. (Mrs Edward G.) The Brewster, Chicago 

23733 Pratt, Clara S. Lord (Mrs William E.) 4367 Lake av, Chicago 

82175 Pratt, Fannie Evelyn (Miss) Roseville 

46641 Pratt, Mary Pease (Mrs George B.) 303 Douglas av, Elgin 

18383 Preston, Frances Helen Lloyd (Mrs Carl W.) . .610 Riverside Drive, 

16689 Price, Clara Parke (Mrs James H.) 914 N. Center st, 


24589 Price, Harriet E. (Mrs) Plaza Hotel, Waukegan 

26012 Price, Jessie Elizabeth (Miss) Springfield 


S1472 Price, Lucy House Strong (Mrs Oscar Jay) 538 W. Adams st, 


78392 Price. Mary Smith (Mrs Charles) 404 E. State st, Jacksonville 

60883 Price, Zada Belle Walker (Mrs (korge E.) 438 W. State st, 

65810 Priestley, Mabel Sisson (Mrs Howard H.)..313 Elm pi, Princeton 
44242 Priestman, Laura Belle (Mrs Lawrence L.) 521 S. Main st, 

36653 Prince, Lillie C. Ferris (Mrs George W.) 546 N. Academy st,