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I3S2. i. I 


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Bftnne Bflitt 

for the 


VOL. I. 


SL &t\o d~Mtfon r 

with Corrections & Additions, 

By the Rev. B. Rayment. 


1 ' = as ' " i ,- 


Printed and sold by T. Hay dock; No. 101, Market-street-lane; 

sold also by . 

J. Booker, No. 56, New Bond-street, London ; John Gillow, Si. Taul't 

Square Liverpool; R. Coyne, Arran-street, Dublin; 

and J. Ifaly, Cork. 


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— »®€>*^- 

Preface - 5 

Directions 1 1 

Blessing of the Water, 

&c. before Mass 27 

Prayers of the Exhortation 31 

Ordinary of the Mass . • S3 

TeDcum 71 

Vespers for Sundays ..... 7* 

Complin 85 

Other Psalms occasionally 

said at Vespers 05 

Solemn Benediction, &c. 104 

Psalms for the King .... 107 

The Miserere Psalm .... 108 

I. Sunday of Advent 112 

II. Sunday 118 

III. Sunday 122 

The Solemn Anthems O .. 125 

Ember-Days 127 

IV. Sunday of Advent .. . . 137 

Christmas-Eve 140 

Christmas-Day 142 

St. Stephen 1 53 

St. John the Evangelist ... 150 

The Holy Innocents .... 158 

St. Thomas of Canterbury 102 
Sunday within the Octave 

of Christmas ........ 104 

St. Sylvester 100 

The Circumcision • 108 


The Octave-Day of St. Ste- 
phen 172 

of St. John 173 

of the Holy 

Innocents 174 

of St. Tho- 
mas 175 

The Epiphany 175 

LSunday after the Epiphany 1 8 1 
Octave-Day of the Fpiphany 1 84 

II. Sunday after the Epi- 
phany 185 

Feast of the Holy name of 
Jesus '. 187 

III. Sunday after the Epi- 
phany 191 

IV. Sunday 103 

V. Sunday 195 

VI. Sunday 190 

Septuagesima 198 

Sexagesima 202 

Quinquagesima 200 

Ash- Wednesday 20$ 

Thursday before the first 

Sunday in Lent 214 

Friday 216 

Saturday 218 

I. Sunday in Lfcnt 210 

Monday 220 

Tuesday 228 

Ember-Wednesday 230 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Thursday • 232 

Ember-Frichy 234 

Ember-Saturday 230 

, II. Sunday in Lent 240 

Monday ., . . 243 

Tuesday 244 

Wednesday 246 

Thursday 248 

Friday 251 

Saturday 253 

III. Sunday in Lent 257 

Monday r... 200 

Tuesday 263 

Wednesday 265 

Thursday 267 

Friday 260 

Saturday 272 

IV. Sunday in Lent . . . . 277 

Monday i...« 280 

Tuesday 282 

Wednesday 284 

Thursday 288 

Friday 290 

Saturday 294 

Passion-Sunday 296 

Monday in Passion- Week 301 

Tuesday 303 

Wednesday 305 

Thursday . .. 307 

Friday 310 

The Office of the Seven 

Dolours of the B. V. 

Mary 312 

Saturday 310 

Palm-Sunday ,.\ 319 

Monday in Holy Week , . 338 

Tuesday 340 

Wednesday 347 

Maundy-Thursday 355 

Good-Friday 39* 

Holy-Saturday 440> 

The particular Offices of 
the Saints from Nov 29 

to April 17 482 

'Mass in Time of War . . 54S 

The Common on the Vigil 
of an Apostle i 

■ of Apostles .... iii 

■ — of one Martyr . . vi 

of many Martyrs xvii 

of a Confessor and 

Bishop xxvii 

— — of Doctors . . xxxiv 
of a Confessor 

not a Bishop xxxvii 

of Abbots .... xlii 

of a Virgin and 

Martyr xliii 

= of a Virgin not a 

Martyr li 

■— of Holy Women, 

neither Virgins nor Mar- - 

tyrs lv 

■ of the Dedication lx 
Votive Masses of the B. V. 

Mary lxvt 

' ■ ■ for the Sick . . . ixxir 

■ for the Bride- 
groom and Bride lxxvi 

Occasional Prayersat Mass lxxix 
Masses for the Dead .... lxci 
Other Prayers for the Dead c 
The Office of the Dead «. ci 
The Penitential Psalms cxxxix 
The Litany of the Saints cxlvii 

of the B. V. Mary clvi 

The Adeste on Christmas 
Day clriii 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


THE design of the following Translation is to pro- 
mote true piety and solid devotion among the faith* 
ltd, by making them acquainted with those sacred and 
solemn prayers, which, for the most part, have been 
consecrated by the use of so many ages in the Catholic 
church: For it may be observed by every attentive 
christian, (without detracting any thing from the merit 
of books of private devotion) that the public office of 
the church includes the most moving prayers to Al- 
mighty God, expressive of alt the different sentiments 
of the most lively faith, firm hope, ardent charity, re* 
spectful adoration, boundless gratitude, sincere compunc* 
tion, &c. and at the same time, the most solid instruc- 
tions with regard to the truths of faith, and the 
practical duties of common life. 

The discipline of the Western Church, which requires 
the celebration of the Liturgy, and the rest of the public 
service in the Latin tongue, is not a singularity worthy 
of blame : Nor is it done with an intent of concealing 
from the people any superstition or abomination in its 
service, as is sometimes pretended by those, who make 
• a merit of calumniating that church, to which they are 
indebted for all the knowledge they have of the christian 

It is not from any affectation of singularity, that 
the church forbids her service to be performed in the 
vulgar tongue of each particular country. She, like the 
other great societies of Christians all over the East, re- 
tains in her public service that language, in which she 
was first taught the praises of Almighty God. Thus the 
Syriac and Greek are still made use of in the East by 
those, whose vulgar tongues they were at the time of 
their conversion, as the Latin was in general that of 
aU the West; though. they have long since ceased to 

vol. 1. k * 

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be so, and more understood now by the common 
people, than the Latin is with us. 

Neither is this discipline kept up with an intent of 
concealing from the people any imaginary superstition 
or abomination in the public service. The charge is 
highly absurd} as the Latin is generally understood by 
all that have had a liberal education, and is publicly 
taught at the Grammar-schools in every province of 
Europe, The Church, moreover hath ordered her Pastors 
to interpret to the faithful what they do not under- 
stand in the public service, since, from the fall of the 
Soman Empire, the Latin hath ceased .to be the vul- 
gar tongue of the West. It never was the design of the 
Church to conceal from the faithful her sacred mysteries, 
though for several ages, she religiously observed never to 
commit to writing the sacramental words, or what we 
now call the form of the sacraments, (lest they should 
fall into the hands of the infidels, and be unworthily 
abused) but trusted them only by word of mouth, to her 
Ministers, and never chose to mention them before the 
people without explaining them. 

Several ages before the Council of Trent, the Pastors 
were ordered to explain in the vulgar tongue the prayers 
of Mass and Baptism, This was expressly ordered in a 
national Council of our own Country, in the Year 747, 
ki which St. Cuthhert, Archbishop of Canterbury, pre- 
sided. King Ethelbald and his Nobles assisted thereat, 
and, after the letters of Pope Zachary and St. Boniface, 
were read, the following decree was made : " Let the 
" Priests learn to administer, according to the form 
" prescribed, every function of their office : Let them 
•* learn likewise to interpret and explain, in the vulgar 
"tongue, the Creed, the Lord's prayer, and the sacred 
" words, that are solemnly said at Mass and in Baptism : 
" Let . them likewise study the spiritual meaning of the 
" ceremonies and sacred signs made use of at Mass 
" and Baptism, and die rest of the divine service, lest 
<f not being able to give an account of the prayers they 
" offer to God, and the ceremonies they perform in be- 
" half of the people, their ignorance may make them 
" dumb in the discharge of their duty.** 
. Although the Ordinary of the Mass was not common 
In the hands of any, but Bishops and Priests, till towards 
the .close of the fifteenth century, the people were not 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ignorant of what was said or done hi die Liturgy and 
the rest of the divine service. The use of printing, 
which was then discovered, was the occasion of many 
Missals being published in different sizes 5 and in the 
following age the blasphemies of Luther and Calvin, 
against the holy sacrifice of the Mass, obliged the Laity 
to read and examine those sacred prayers which were 
the daily subject of dispute. The Councils of Mentz 
and Cologne, in the year 1547, ordered it to be ex- 
pounded to the faithful. This was confirmed by the 
Council of Trent, sess. 22. c. viii. when it ordered all 
Pastors to " explain, every Sunday and Holiday, some 
" part of the Mass, and what was read therein."— 
And sess. 24. c. vii. the Pastors are ordered to explain 
to the people the force and use of the sacraments accord- 
ing to the method prescribed in the Catechism ad 
Parochos, which the Bishops are also ordered to have 
translated into the vulgar tongues. 

Soon after the Cardinals Lorrain and Guise, succes- 
sively Archbishops of Rheims, published a French trans- 
lation of the Ordinary of the Mass. During the seven- 
teenth century several others appeared, published by 
eminent men, and authorized by the greatest Prelates. 
The happy effects of these translations were visible in 
France, Where every day numbers returned to the unity 
of the Catholic Church, who had been accustomed to 
the service in their mother tongue, and had been told 
by their Ministers, that the Mass was full of impieties.* 
Monsieur Pelisson, who, after he had tasted the sweets 
of Catholic unity, perfectly understood the pleasure and 
satisfaction the new Converts had in reading, in their 
mother tongue, what was said at Mass, in concert with 
the Court and Bishops of France, procured the printing 
and publishing of the Missal in five small volumes. In 
a word, our worthy countryman, Mr. Gother, (whose 
memory, for his indefatigable zeal, solid piety, and truly . 
orthodox learning, must be ever dear to the English Ca- 
tholics) published the Instructive Part of the Mass, to- 
gether with the Ordinary, in two volumes •> as like- 
wise his Instructions and Devotions for hearing Mass. 

It is therefore no longer a question whether the Missal 
ought to be translated and put into the hands of the faith- 
ful ; the thing is already done, at least in those countries 
where Catholics and Protestants live under the same 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


government, and the Missal, in a vulgar tongue, is hi 
general use. The Pastors therefore of the Church can 
do nothing better than, by an exact translation and ex- 
plication of those sacred prayers, inspire their people with 
the respect and veneration due to our august mysteries. f 
As the Catholic Church, in every age arid every coun- 
try, must essentially observe uniformity in her religious 
creed, and as conformity in practice is a striking mark 
of conformity in belief, and, moreover, a great source of 
edification to the faithful, she pronounces in the general 
council of Trent, sess. VII. can. 13; anathema J to the 
person that shall pretend " that the received and approv* 
" ed rites of the Church, which are used in the solemn 
u administration ©f the Sacraments, may be omitted at 
4t the will of the Ministers, or changed into any new 
" rites by any Pastor whatsoever."—- And Sess. XXII. 
Can* Q, ibid, she . pronounces the same judgment on 
any one that shall dare to assert, " that the Mass should 
€C be said in the vulgar tongue only.*' Ever averse to 
novelties and innovations, the Church recommends to 
her devout arid obedient children, to adhere strictly td 
the advice St. Paul gives the Corinthians, in his 1st Ep. c. 
14, v. 40, let all things 1 be done according td order; 
omnia secundum oroHnem Jiant; and it is her wish 
that the prayers used in public shduld be such as have re- 
ceived the double sanction of time and authority. Hence 
it is natural to infer, that at all times, and under all 
circumstances, (except there be an obvious arid just 
reason for a contrary practice) the received litanies and} 
the appropriate service of the Church, which in a cer-* 
tain sense may be called the Communion of Saints, are 

f See the Preface of Le Brim's Explanation of the Mass, whence 
this is chiefly extracted. 

X The punishment decreed by the Council falls only on those 
u persons, who dogmatize," says Collet, in his treatise on Ike 
Holy Mysteries, p, <j, ed. 3. " Hence they who, through igno- 
" ranee, neglect or contempt, which would be a very grievous sin, 
" should deviate from the ceremonies of the church, would not be 
" included." But it should be understood, that men may dog-» 
matize by practice, as well as by words, and say with the same 
effect, though without opening their lips, that such and such a rite 
is not well founded ; that it owes its origin to ignorance, &c. &c. 
We do not, on all occasions, deny our faith, by eating flesh-meat 
in Lent ; but there are places, where this action would be looked 
upon as a formal abjuration of our faith. 

d by Google 

WEFACr. g 

more adviseable, and more meritorious, than any private 
devotions, which unauthorised individuals may endeavour 
to substitute in their room. 

In former ages, even the Laity were punctual in at-* 
tending at the stated times, § the different offices of the 
Church. St. Jerome, in his beautiful and instructive 
epistle to Let a, recommends her to place her daughter, 
then very young, near a virtuous and prudent governess, 
who may instruct her, by her own example, to rise 
at midnight to recite psalms ; to sing at day-break the 
mattin hymns ; and like a valiant sentinel of Jesus Christ, 
to be at her post at the hours of terce, sext and none 5 
and to complete the day by offering up her vespers, or 
evening sacrifice, with the light of her lamp. 11 lam 
doceat, et assuescat suo exemplo ad oratiories et psalmos 
node consurgere, mane Hymnos carter e, tertia, sexta, 
nana stare is acie, quasi Bellatricem Christi, accensa- 
que lu,eernula 9 redder e sacrificium vespertinum. 

The public office of the Church, as to its substance, 
is of the highest antiquity $ it passed from the Syna- 
gogue to. the church. The most deserving part of the 
community, both of the ancient and new Law, esteemed 
it an occupation not less delightful than laborious.— 
With so great a crowd of witnesses before our eyes, 
who have preceded us in a path as easy now, as it was. 
arduous tben, we shall be inexcusable, if we prove our- 
selves remiss in this so momentous a concern. We 
should admit of no excuse, at the stated hours of public 
service, to keep us back, and, as it were, excommuni«- 
cate us from the communion of Saints, where the 
Church Militant unites with the Church. Triump h ant,, 
except such as the Council of Trent/ c. 1. de reform. 
admits of in Prebends ; works of charity ; pressing ne- 
cessity ; obedience to superiors ; or some evident utility 
to Church or State. These are happy moments for fer- 
vent souls, spiritu ferventes, orationi instantes, Rom. 
12. v. 11 and 12, because they know that God is then 
most propitious, when the faithful in a body, with one 

§ St. Basil, St. Jerome, St. Ambrose, speak of 7 hours which 
wc call canonical. Cassian, after stating that the Monks of Egypt 
and Thebais only assembled, if we except Sundays, at evening and 
sight, to sing in ch»ir psalms to the honor of God, observes that 
this sweet and glorious employment reunited each of the monasteries 
of the East, of Palestine, and Mesapotamia, six times each day. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


heart and one soul, offer a holy violence to heaven j 
because they feel that prayer is then, if ever, omnipotent, 
according to the expression of Theodoret : omnipotens 
oratio, cum sit una, tamen omnia potest. Tom. 1 . p. 315. 

I have only to add here some particular directions for 
the use of this work, in favour of such as have not been 
accustomed to accompany the Priest,, in the prayers he 
says throughout the Mass, which is confessedly the most 
beneficial and instructive method of hearing Mass. 

Let it therefore be observed, that what is contained 
in the Ordinary of the Mass, p. 33, is invariable and un- 
changable, as there directed. 

Hence, when the Priest goes up to the Altar, having 
said a short prayer in secret, bowing before it, he says 
the Introit, which you are desired to seek in its proper 
place, that is, in the particular office of the Sunday, 
Feast of the Saint or Feria. After reading the Introit 
with him, you turn again to the ordinary, and say with 
him the Kyrie, &c. 

The Collect also, or Collects, the Epistle, Lesson or 
Lessons, Gradual, or Tract, or Alleluias, are to be look- 
ed for in the same manner as the Introit, in the par- 
ticular office of the Sunday, Feast or Feria. 

The same is to be observed with respect to the Gos- 
pel, Offertory, Secret or Secrets, Communion, Post- 
communion or Postcommunions.— The particular Pre- 
faces, when used, are mentioned on the Festivals, and 
are all found in the Ordinary. — Every Commemoration at 
Mass consists of a Collect, Secret and Post communion. 

The Vespers always consist of Five Psalms, and Five 
Anthems, except in the Paschal time, when all the Five 
Psalms are said under one Anthem. — After the last 
Anthem follow the Little Chapter, Hymn, Versicle 
and Response, marked V. and R.— Then is said the 
Anthem at the Magnificat, and the Canticle, Magni- 
ficat. After the Magnificat, the Anthem is repeated, 
which is immediately followed by * Prayer, and that 
prayer is always the Collect at Mass. 

If there be any Commemorations, they consist of 
an Anthem, Versicle, Response and Prayer. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


For understanding the CALENDAR, and ordering the 
Celebration of the Divine Office. 

l.^TTOE Office every day is either Double, Semi- 
X double, Simple, or of the Feria. 

Of Doubles, (so called because the Anthems are re- 
peated entire both before and after the Psalms at Vespers) 
some are of the first Class, marked thus in the Calendar, 
D. ] . CI. others of the second Class, and are marked 
thus, D. 2. CI. others are greater Doubles, marked with 
a capital D. others Common Doubles, marked with a 
common d. 

2. Doubles are always kept on the day marked in 
the Calendar, unless they chance to fall on some Sun- 
day of theirs* Class, some privileged Feria, or within 
certain Octaves, which take place of the Festivals : In 
which case they are transferred to the first. day not 
marked either as a Double or Semidouble. 

The Sundays of the first Class, which take place of 
aU Doubles whatsoever, are, 

The Jirst Sunday of Advent; the Jirst Sunday of 
Lent; Passion- Sunday ; Palm-Sunday; Easter-Sun- 
day; Low r Sunday ; Whitsunday; Trinity- Sunday. 

The Sundays of the second Class, which take place 
also of all Doubles, except those of the first Class, 
and of which, in that case, a Commemoration is made 
at Mass and in both Vespers, are, the Second, Third, 
and Fourth of Advent ; Septuagesima, $exagesima, and 
Quinquagesima ; the Second, Third, and Fourth of 

The Ferias, which enjoy the same privileges as Sun- 
days of the first Class, are, Ash- Wednesday ; all Holy- 
Week; Whitsun-Eve; the whole Octaves of Easter and 

In like manner, within the Octave of the Epiphany, 
no feast less than a first Class can be kept. 

On all other Sundays of the year, if a Double chance 
to occur, it is kept with a Commemoration of the Sunday 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


at Mass, and at Vespers too, except the following day 
be a feast of the first Class. 

3. A Semidouble (so called because only part of the 
Anthem is said before each Psalm at Vespers) is marked 
in the Calendar thus, sem. and occurring on any Sun- 
day whatsoever, is put off to the first vacant day ; that 
is, the first day on which there is neither Double nor 
Semidouble marked in the Calendar. The same is ta 
be observed with regard to all Semidoubles occurring 
within the Octave of Corpus Christ i. 

4. Simples have no mark in the Calendar, and are 
never transferred ; but if they fall on a Sunday, or on 
any other day, when the office cannot be said of them, 
a Commemoration is made at the first Vespers, and at 
Mass; unless it be a Feast of the first Class, (on which 
no notice is taken of Simples) or of the second Class, in 
which case a Commemoration of them is made in the 
first Vespers, and at a Low private Mass only. 

5. The following Ferias, called Greater Ferias, take 
place of all Simples, of which there is only a Comme- 
moration made at Mass, vix. the Ferias of Advent 
and of Lent, the Ember-Days, Tuesday in Rogation* 
Week, A Commemoration is also made of the Ferias of 
Advent and Lent at Vespers and Mass, whatever feast 
happens ; but, of the Ember-Days and Tuesday in ifo~ 
gation Week, only at Mass* 

6. If a Vigil happen within an Octave, the Mass i» 
of the Vigil with a Commemoration of the Octave* 
unless there be a Double or Semidouble feast that day : 
in which case, the Mass is of the feast with a Comme- 
moration of the Octave and of the JP*£?7. But if a /^igi^ 
occur on a feast of the first Class, there is no Comme* 
moration made of it. 

If a Festival, that hath a Vigil, fall on a Monday* 
the iJf«M of the Vigil is said on the foregoing Satur- 
day, except the Vigil of Christmas and of the Epi- 

If a Vigil happen in Advent, the Mass is of the 
Vigil with a Commemoration of the ifersa, except the: 
Vigil of Christmas. 

If a Fig*/ happen in Z*n*, or on an Ember-Day* 
the Mass is of the Ferk with a Commemdro/ioa of the* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


In the Paschal-time there is no office of a Vigil ex- 
cept that of Ascension-Eve, which however is no fast. 

7* When a Double of \hejirst or second class (which 
is a holiday of obligation, printed in the Calendar in 
CAPITALS) falling on any day, is to be transferred, 
the obligation of the holiday, is never transferred, but 
the faithful are obliged to assist at Mass on the day 
marked in the Calendar. 

8. When several festivals have been translated from 
their proper days; they are afterwards to be kept in this 
order : First those that are Doubles, and then those that 
are Semidouhles > and among the Doubles or Semi- 
doubles, those, whose proper days first occurred, are to 
be kept first. 

Q. Upon all Doubles one Collect, Secret, and 
Postcommunion only is said; except they fell on a 
Sunday or within some Octave, or upon some Vigil, 
or in the time of Lent or Advent, or except it oc- 
cur with some Simple : In all which cases two Col- 
lects, &c. are said; one of the Double, the other of 
the Sunday, Octave, &c. 

10. Upon Sundays and all Semidouhles are said. three 
Collects, Secrets, and Postcommunions \ except- 
ing Sundays, which occur within an Octave, on which 
are said only two Collects, &c. one of the Sunday, 
the other of the Octave. 

11. The second and third Collects, Secrets, and 
Postcommunions, to be said on Sundays and Semi* 
doubles in the different seasons of the year, are spe- 
cified in their proper places. 

32. Upon Semidouhles occurring within Octaves, ov 
on Vigils, &c. the second Collect, Secret, and 
Postcommunion are a Commemoration of the Octave 
or Vigil; and the third of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
But, within the Octaves of the Blessed Virgin, the 
third is of the Holy Ghost. 

13. On Semidouhles in Advent, the second Collect, 
Secret, and Postcommunion are the Collect, &c. 
of the foregoing Sunday ,* the third of the Blessed Virgin 

14. Upon Simples and Ferias three Collects, 8cc. 
are said ; but, if the Priest please, he may say five or 
seven, to be taken out of the Divers Prayers in the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


15. Upon week-days, which have no proper office, 
nor any saint's day occurring thereon, the Mass is of the 
foregoing Sunday ; excepting Saturdays out of Lent, 
when the Mass is of our Lady on Saturday, taken out 
of the Votive Masses according to the season of the 
year : And our Lady on Saturday takes place of a 
Simple, of which only a Commemoration is made. 

16. Upon days within Octaves., when no proper Mass 
is assigned, the Mass is said as on the feast, with three 
Collects, fefc— N. B. The days within Octaves 
are kept as Semidoubles only. 

17. Masses of Requiem, or of the Dead, cannot be 
said on Doubles, unless the corpse be present. On 
All- Souls, on the day of the decease or burial, only 
one Collect, (5c. is said 5 in Common Masses for the 
Dead, three. 

18. The Gospels assigned on Sundays are never 
omitted. Wherefore if a Double is kept on a Sunday, 
at the end of Mass is read the Gospel of the Sunday, 
instead of that of St. John : And the same is observed 
when a Double or Semidouble is kept upon any day in 
Lent, or on a Vigil or Ember- Day, 


All the days marked in the Calendar in CAPITAL 
letters. All Sundays, Easter-Day, and the Monday 
following. Ascension^Day , Whit-Sunday and Monday, 
and Corpus Christi. 


The week days of Lent, — The Wednesdays and Fri- 
days of Advent. — The Wednesdays, Fridays and Satur- 
days of the four Ember-Weeks : viz. tne first week 
in Lent, Whitsun-Week, the week after the 14th of 
September and the third week in Advent. — The Eves 
of SS. Peter and Paul, of the Assumption, all Saints, 
and Christmas. 

N. B. When a holy day falls on Monday, the fasi 
or vigil thereof is observed on the preceding Saturday. 

Days of ABSTINENCE from Flesh. 
The Fridays above excepted from fasts : All Satur- 
days throughout the year : All Sundays in Lent : The 
three Rogation Days, being Monday, Tuesday, and 

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Wednesday before Ascension-Day : St. Marls day.out 
of the Diocese of Canterbury, unless it fall in Easter- 

N. B. If Christmas-Day fall on Friday or Saturday, 
it is neither fast nor abstinence. 

MARRIAGE is forbidden to he solemnized 

From ^e first Sunday of Advent till after the Epi- 
phany, and from the beginning of Lent to Low-Sunday. 

The DECREE of the Council o/LATERAN, Can. 21. 
" Every one of the faithful of each sex, after they 
" come to the years of discretion, shall in private faith- 1 
€S fully confess all their sins, at least once a year, to 
" their own Pastor 5 and take care to fulfil, to the best 
" of their power, the penance enjoined them ; receiv- 
€f ing reverently, at least at Easter, the sacrament of 
" the Eucharist ; unless perhaps, by the advice of their 
<r Pastor, for some reasonaj^e cause, they judge proper 
" to abstain from it for a time ; otherwise let them be 
" excluded the Church while living, and, when they 
" die, be deprived of Christian burial." — And that no 
person may plead ignorance for an excuse in this case, 
it is further commanded, that this salutary decree be 
frequently published in all places of worship. 

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Ab. stands for Abbot. Ap. for Apostle. B. for 
Bishop. C. for Confessor. Dr. for Doctor of the 
Church. M. for Martyr. M. M. for Martyrs. P. 
for Pope. Pr. for Priest. V. for Virgin V. V. 
for Virgins. 

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N. B. To find the office of the day, look for the day of the 
month in the Calendar ; and if you find the day to be of a saint, of 
whom no notice is taken in the Particular offices of the saints, yon 
must take it out of the Common. 

January hath XXXTDays. ? 







F 13 

A 15 

1 .Circumcision of our Lord, D. 2 CI. 
2 \Octave of S. Stephen, d. 

3 Octave of S. John the Apostle, d. \ 

4 Octave of Holy Innocents, d. 

5 Octave of S. Tho. of Canterbury, d. Vigil ot thq 

Epiph. ■ • - 

6 Epiphany of our Lord, D. 1 CI. with an Octave* 
N. B. On the second Sunday after the Epiphany is 
kept the Feast of the Holy name of Jesus, D. 2 CI. 

S. Hyginus, P. & M. 

The Octave of the Epiphany, D. - 

S. Hilary, .B & C. sem/S. Pelix, Pr. & M. 
S. PfiaZ, first Hermit, C. d.S. Jlfawr, Ab. '-" H 
BllffS. Mdrcellus, P. & M. semv x I 

S.Anthony, Ab. d. ' ' j 

Cttafr of St. Peter at flowe, D. S. Prisca, V. & Ml 
EI19S. Wolstan, B. & C. d. SS. Marius, Martha, 

I «7r. M. M. . *, 

F^o'SS. Fabian # Sebastian, M. M. d. 
G"21g. ^n«, V. & M. d. 
IA;22SS. Vincent & Anastasius„^IL M- sem. 
|B|23S. Raymond, C. sem. S. Einerentiana, \ '. &M. ' 
C 24 S. Timothy, B. & M. sera. 
Deconversion of S-. Paul,;D. • 
E 26'S. Polycarp, B. & M. sem. 
F;27|S. /o&n Chrysostome, B. C. & Dr. d. 
G28S. Agnes 's Apparition. 
A29S. Francis of Sales, B. & C. d. 
JBholS. Martina, V. & M. sem. 

31|S. Peter Nolasco, G. d. r ■ 

VOL.1. B *. 

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Fimumt hath XXVili Days. 



A 19 

S. Ignatius, B. & M. sem. 

Purification of the B. V. Mary, D. 2 CI. 

S. Blaze, B. & M. 
4S. Andrew Corsini, B. & C. d. 

S. Agatha, V. & M. d. 
6S. Dorothy, V. & M. 

S. Romuald, Ab. d. 

S. SoAfi of Matha, C. d. 
9S. ApoUonia, V. & M. 
10 S. Scholastica, V. d. 

S. Valentine, Pr. & M. 

SS. Faustinus & Jovita, M. M. 

S. Simeon, B. & M. 



C ! 23 

Chair of S. Peter at Antioch, D. 

S. Matthias, Ap. D. 2 CI. 

N.B. /« Leap Years February hath 2Q Days ; 
and the Feast of St. Matthias is kept on the 25th. 

March hath. XXXI Days. 





l|S. David, B. & C. d. 

2S. Chad, B. <& C. d. 


4S. Casimvr, C. sem. & S. Lucius, P. & M. 


7 S. Tho. of ^ftti ji», Dr. & C. d. SS. Perpetua & 

Feficitas, M. M. 
QS. Felix, B. & C. d. 

9 S. Frances, Widov, d. 

10 Forty Martyrs, sem. 
IIS. John of God, C. d. 

,S. Gregory, P. C. & Dr. <L 

A! 12 

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March hath XXXI DaysT 







Patrick, B. & C. sem. 

19 S.Joseph, CD. 1 CI. 
B 20 S. Cuthbert, B. & C. d. of obligation in the Bi- 
shopric of Durham* 
Cblfe. Benedict, Ab. d. 

A 26 

Annunciation of the B. V. Mary, D. 2 d. 

N.B. On Friday in Passion-Week is said the 
30{0ffice of the seven Dolors of the B. V. Mary, D. 


Apem. hath XXX Days. 











S. Leo the Great, P. C. & Dr. d. 


A 16 


Francis of Paula, C. d. 
Richard, B. &C. d. 
/jidore, B. C. & Dr. d. 
Hncentius Ferrerius, C. d. 


Hermenegild, M. sem. 
. Tiburtius, &c. M. M, 

WS.Anicetus, P. & M. 

S. Anselm, B. C. & Dr. d. 

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A 23 

jAp^l 1 Mth X&X Days. 

SS. Soter fcf Cuius 9 P. P. & M. M. sem. 

S. George, M. Patron of England, D. 1 CI. with 

an Octave. ' 

S. Fidelis of Sigmaringa, }A, d A , . 
S. Mark, Evangelist, B. -2 CI. Abstinence. ' 

26JSS. Cletus & Marcellijiust f , R & M. M- sem. . 

27| . • / * • v 

28S. Pttalis^M: ">•••• - 

G29S. itaer, M. d. ' ' ' !. 

30 The Octave of S. George; d. ' 
May hath XXXI Days. 

•1 SS. Philip and James, App. D. 2 CI. 
& 4#*p<^a*i B/ Qi &{Dr, d.. %J ., . r 
The Finding of the Holy Cross, D. 2 CI. SS. ^for* 

ancter, &?c. M. M. S. Juvenal, B. & C. 
S. Monica, Widow, d. 


,_ QaOia^'vne of; Sienna, V; cL - ■ , ; - 
j6S.JpJiin : )>eft?re the,Z^<i» Gate, fl^ 

7 $. Stanislaus, B. & M. a*. 

8 Apparition of S r ^Michael, D. 

9S. Grsgary Naxianzen, B. C. & Dr. d. 
,/x S. Antoninus, B. & C. sem. Qordianus & Epi- 
machus, M. M. ' 
S.Pius, P. d. % 

SS. Nereus, Jcjiilkus, Domitilla; & Pancratius, 

M. M. sem.' * 


14 S. Boniface, M. 

16S. Ubaldus, B. & C. sem. ';. 

S. Paschal Bay Ian, Cxi. . . . 

S. FenantiusyMjkih. ° ' ' '*' \\, 

19 S. Dunstan, B. & C. d. S. fudentiana, y. . -, ' 

S. Peter Celestin, P. &C d 


*oS. ^/<fe/ro, B. & C. d. S. OrJaB, P. &^M. ' s 
26 S. Augustine, Ap. of England, D. 2 CI. with at l 
Octave. S. Eleufherms, ^ fc M. , 

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May bath XXXI Days. 

jG27|S. Philip Nerius, C. d. S./oAw, P. & M. 



C30S. Felix, P. &M. 

|D3lS. Petronilla, V. 

Juke hath XXX Days. 

■El l 

Octave of S. Augustine y d. SS. Marcellinus, Pe- 
ter, W Erasmus, M. M. 
S. Mary Magdalen de Paxzis, V. scm. 




6S. Norhert, B. & C. d. 





S. William Archp.of Yo¥k, d. 
9 SS. Primus & Felicianus, M. M. 
G|10S. Mar garet Queen of Scots, Bern. 
IIS. Barnaby, Ap. D. 

12 S. JohnrfS. Facundus, C. d. SS. Basilidts, &c. 
M. M. 
S. Anthony of Padua, C. d. 
S. £<wi/, B. C. & Dr. d. 
SS. Vitus, Modestus, & Crescentia, M. M. 



18 S. Marcus &f Marcellianus, M. M. 

ig|S. Juliana de Falconeriis V. d. SS. Gervuse & 

Protase, M. M. 
J2dS. Silverius, P. & M. 

S. Alban, M. D. 

G24jNatavity of St. John the Baptist, D.. 1 CI. with ah 

I Octave. •' ■ • 

A25S. William, Ab. d. 

B 26 SS. John # Paul, M. M. d. . V » 

C.27' .^.. i 

DJ28S. Zeo, P. & C. gem. Fig*/. Fast. 
E29SS. Peter ft Paul, App. D. 1 CL with an 
I. Octave. ■ 

* zdiCommemoration of S 4 Paw/, d. 


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July hath XXXI DayF 

1 [Octet;* of £ t John Baptist, d. 

2 Visitation of the B, V. Mary, D. SS. Processus* 

&c. M. M. 

6 Ocfove of SS. Peter &f Paw/, d. 

7 Translation of S. Thomas of Canterbury, M. IX 
8S. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal, Widow, seal* 


Seven Brethren, M. M. sem. SS. Rufina 1st Se<* 
cunda, V. V. & M. M. 

S. Pius, P. & M. 

S. John Gualbert, Ab. d. SS. Nabor & Felix, M M. 

S. Anacletus, P. & M. 

S. Bonaventure, B. C. & Dr. d. 

Si Swithin, Bp. -of Winchester, d. 
A 16B. V. Afary of Mount Carmel, D. 
B 17S. O *»a«rf, Bp. of.Sarum, d. 
C 18 S. Camillus, C. d. S. Symphorosa, and her 7 

sons, M. M. 
D 19 S. Vincentius a Paulo, C. d. 
E 20 S. Jerome Emilian;C. d. S. Margaret* V. & M. 
F 21 S. Henry, Emp. C. sem. S. Praxedes, V. 
G22S. Afary Magdalen, d. 

A 23 S. Apollinaris, B. & M. d. S. Liborius, B. & C« 
B_24S.-^fercitf, C.sem. T^i/, S.' Christina, V.&M. 
C 25 S. James, Ap. D. 2 CI. 
D 26 S. Ann, Mother of the B. V. Mary, D. 
E 27 (S. Alexius, C. sem.) S. Pantaleon, M. 
F 28 SS. Nazarius, Celsus, &c. M. M. sem. 
G29 S. Martha, V. sem. SS. Felix, &c. M. M. 
A30SS. 4b4oTK & Semen, M..M. 



S. Ignatius, C. d. 

August hath XXXI Days. 

1 S. Peter's Chains/ D, Holy Machabees, M. M 

2~ " ' ~ " m ~ 




S. Stephen, P. & M. 

Finding of S. Stephen the first Martyr's Body, sem. 
_ S, Dominicki C. d 
5|Dcdication of our Lady ad Nives, D. 
^.Transfiguration of our Lord, D. SS. Xystus, &c* 

I M.M. 

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August hath XXXI Days. 



7 S. Cajetan, C. d. S. Donates, B. & M. 

8 S3. Cyriacus, Largus, and Smaragdus, M . M. sem» 
Vigil, S* Bomanus,.M, 

iS. Lawrence, M. D. 2 CI. with an Octave. 

SS. Tiburtius and Susanna, M. M. 

S. <7£?r*, V. d. 

S. Hippolytus and Cassianus, M. M. 
[ Vigil, S. Eusebius, C. Fast. 

Assumft. of the B. V. Mary, D. 1 CI. with an 

S. Hyacinth, C. d. 

Octave of S. Lawrence, &. 
(IS. Agapitus, M. 

On Sunday within the Octave of the Assumption, is 
kept the Feast of S. Joachim, C. D. 

S. Bernard , Ab. d. 

S. Jizwc Frances of Chant at. Widow, d. 

Octave of the Assumption, d. SS. Timothy, tsfc* 
M. M. 

S. Philip Be nidus, C. d. VigtL 

S. Bartholomew, Ap. D. 2 Ci. 

S. Xcwu K. of France, C. sem. 

S. Zephyrinus, P. & M. 

S. Joseph Calasanctius, C. d. 

S. Augustin, C. B. & Dr. d. S. Hermes, M. 

Beheading of S. JoA» Baptist, d. S. Sabina, M. 

S. i&wa of Ztima, V. d. SS. /V?/£r & Adauctus, 
M. M. 

S. Atcthn, B. Ap. o/* i&g Northumbrians, d. 


September hath XXX Days. 

IS. Raymond, C. d. S. Gi/*$, Ab. and 12 ifre- 
Mrera, M. M. 
S. Stephen, K. of Hungary, C. sem. 





S. Lawrence Justinian, B. & C. sem. 

8 Nativity of B. V. Mary, D. 2 Ci. with an Octave, 
S. Adrian, M. 
G 9S. Gorgonius, M. 
AiqS. Nicholas of Tolentum, C. d. 

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September hath XXX Days. 

SS. Protus and Hyacinthus, M. M. •'.*•* 

On Sunday within the Octave, Hie Office of the 
H. Name of the B. V. Mary, D. 

Exaltation of the Holy Cross, D. 

Octave of the Nativity of B. V, Mary, d. 

SS. Cornelius and Cyprian, M. M. sem. 

The Stigmas of S. Francis, d. 

S. Joseph 6i Cupertinum, C. d. 

SS. Januarius, &c. M. M. d. 

SS. Eustachius, &c. M. M. d. Vigil. 

S. Matthew, Ap. & Evang. D. 2 CI. 

S. Thomas, of ftlla Nova, B. C. sem. SS. Mau* 

rice, &c. M. M. 
S. Linus, P. &: M. sem. S. Thecla, V. & M. 
The B. r. Mary de Mercede, D. 

SS. Cyprian and Justina, M. M. 
SS. Cosmos and Damian, M. M. sem. 
S. Wenceslaus, M. sem. 
Dedification of S; Michael, D. 2 CL 
S. Jerom, Pr. C. & Dr. d. 

October hath XXXI Days. 


On the First Sunday, is kept the Solemnity of the Rosary* 
1 S. Remigius, B. & C. sem. 
2* Angels Guardians, d. 
3S. Thomas, Bp. of Herefofd, d. 
4!S. Francis, C. d. , 

5JSS. Placidus, &c. M. M. 
6S. Bruno, C. d. 

7 S. Mari, P. & C. SS. Sergius, &c. M. M* 

8 S. Bridget, Widow, d. 
9;SS. Dennis, &c» M. M. sem. 

10;S. Paulinus, Archp. of York, d. 
ll.S. Francis Borgia, C. sem. . 
12 S. Wilfrid, B. & Ap. of Sussex, d. • 

13,S. Edward, K. & C. D. 2 CI. with an Octave. 
14S. Callistus, P. & M. sem. 
S, Teresa, V^d. 



17 S. Hedwige, Wid. sem. 

18 ! S. Luke, Evang:©. 2 CI. 

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October hath XXXI Days, 

Stl9|S. Peter of Alcantara, C: d, 
wOctahe of S. Edward, d. 

i,2l SS/Ursula, &c, M. M. d. 
|A'2^S. JoAn Cantius, C. d. 
Bl23 .'.-.'•. 

CJ24 • • ' ' ' -' <- ' •' 

D25 S. JoAa of Beverley,. B. & G. d. SS. Chrysanthus 

and Daria, M. M. 
EJ26S. EvarUtus, P. &«M* ' . 

?M Vigil. '. . . .- 

&28SS.Sjojon & Judo, .App. I). 2 CI. 


Venerable Bede, C. d. 
Pffi/. Fast. 

November hath* XXX Days. 


All Saints, D. i CL 1 with an Octave. 
2 All Souls. 

S. fVinefride, V. M. d. 
4S. Charles, B. & C. A Sulfate, M. 


8 Octave of All Saints, d. TAe iv. crowned, M. M. 

Dedic. o/*/Ae Church of our Saviour, d. S. TA*o- 

dorus, M* 

10[S. Andrew Avellin, C. scm. SS. Tryphon, &c. 
M. M. 
S. Martin, B. & C. d. S. Hennas, M. 
S. Martin, P. & M. sem. 
S. Didacas, C. sem. 



14 S. Erconwald, Bp. of London ," d. 

S. Gertrude, V. d. 
E 16 S. Edmund Archp. of Canterbury, d. 
F'l7S. J&£A, Bp. of Lincoln, d. * 

18 Dedic. of SS. Perer'* arcd Paaf*, Churches, d. 
A19S. Elizabeth, Q. 0/ Hungary, Wid. d; S. fW 
tianus, M. * 

20S. Edmund, & & fcf:5). 
CI21 Presentation of B. V. Mary, D. 
DJ22S. Cecily, V. & M. d. 
E 23 S. Clement, P. & M. -sem; S; Pelidtas, M. 
F|24!S. /©An of the Cross, C. d. S. Chrysogonus, M. 

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November hath XXX Days. 

S|S. Catharine, V. & M. d. 
IS. Felix Valou, C. d. S, Peter, B. & M. 
\ 27 S. Gregory Thaumaturgus, B. & M. sem. 

j^S^t/, S. Saturninus, M. 
; 3QS. Andrew, Ap. D. 2 CI. 

December hath XXXI Days. 

Yiana, V. & M. sem. 

in cis Xavier, C. d. 

ter Chrysologus, B. C. & Dr. d. S. Bar- 

a, V. & M. 

•**««, B. & C. & .^p. o/M* West Saxons 6% 

Sal las, Ab. 

color, B. & C. d. 

\lrose, B.C. & Dr. d. . 

pt. of B. V. Mary, D. 2 CI. with an Octave. 

masus, P. & C. sem. 

cy, V. & M. d. 

e 0/ *Ae Concept, d. 
rc£utf, B. & M. sem. 

Unas, Ap. D. 2 CI. 

. Fast. 

Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, D. 


phen, the first Martyr, D. 2 CI. 4 

in, Ap. & Evang. D. 2 CI. 

Innocents, M. M. D. 2 CI. 

>mas of Canterbury, B. & M.D. 1 CI, 

\y within the Octave. 

Ivester, P. & C. d. 

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The Blessing and Sprinkling of the Wattr 
on Sundays before Mass. 


THE use of water among mankind, whenever they 
had a mind to expiate their faults, to renew their 
solemn engagements, or to enter upon exercises of piety 
and religion, is one of those universal practices every 
where found, where there are any footsteps of an out- 
ward worship remaining. It was no invention of the 
heathen nations, but a practice that came to them, by 
primitive tradition, from our first father Adam, after his 
fall, as an acknowledgment of being defiled with sin, 
and expressive of that purity with which we ought to 
approach God. It was continued by Moses among other 
primitive practices preparatory to sacrifice ; and is still 
found at the entrance of our churches, to remind us of 
oar baptism, of the obligations we then took upon our- 
selves, and of the sanctity both of mind and body we 
ought to bring with us. Frequently on Sundays the 
officiating priest sprinkles both himself and the congre- 
tion therewith, as a preparation for the sacrifice, hop- 
ing to participate with the faithful all the blessings the 
church prayed for in blessing the water. Salt, as it pre- 
serves bodies which are sprinkled with it from putre- 
faction, is an emblem of the grace of God, which alone 
can preserve our souls from the corruption of sin, and 
it is mixt with the water to keep it sweet ; and the one 
and the other are solemnly consecrated, that is to say, 
are withdrawn from all profane uses, to be applied only 
to those of religion. The Church attributes no super- 
natural effect to this sanctified water, but what it may 
please God to grant to it, in order to shew the efficacy 
of the prayers of his Church, or to recompence the faith 
of such as use it with the respect due to what hath been 
consecrated and set apart for the uses of religion. The 
fakhfui therefore are to receive this sprinkling of water 
with great humility, and a sorrow for their sins, reciting 
the 50th Psalm whole or in part : And afterwards to 
take some of the water home with them to use with faith 
and piety, according to the intention and very ancient 

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practice of the Church, at getting up, and going to bed $ 
m stoims of thunder and lightning ; in times of temp- 
tation and sickness. 
fI/""\URhelpisinthename V. Adjutorium nos- 

\J of the Lord. tram in nomine Domini. 

R. Who made both heaven B. Qui fecit caelum 8c 
and earth. " terram. 


I Exorcise thee, O. creature of salt, by -j- the living 
God, . by -f- the true Grod, by -J- the holy God -, by 
-f- that God, who commanded the prophet Elizeus to 
cast thee into the water to cure the barrenness thereof; 
that ttioumay'st, by thisexorcism, become beneficial to the 
faithful, and healthful to the bodies and souls of all, who 
make use of thee ; and that in what place soever thou 
$halt be sprinkled,, all the illusions, and wickedness, 
and crafty wiles of Satan may be chased away, and de- 
part from that Place^ as also every, unclean spirit, com- 
manded in his name, who is to come to judge the liv- 
ing and the dead, and the world by. fire. R. Amen, , 

* - Let us pray. Immensam.* • 

O Almighty and everlasting God, we most humbly 
implore thy infinite mercy to vouchsafe to bless -f- 
and sanctify -f- this thy creature of salt, which thou 
fiiadesf for the use of mankind, that it may be to all, 
who take it, health both of body and soul : And that what- 
soever shall be touched, or sprinkled therewith, may be 
freed from all uncleanness, and all assaults of wicked 
spirits. Thro' our Lord Jesus Christ thy Son, who liv-r 
eth and reigheth with thee, in the unity of the Holy 
Ghost, God world without end. R. Amen. 


I. Exorcise thee, O creature of water, in the name *J« 
of God the Father Almighty 5 and in- the name of 
tj* Jesus Christ his Son, our Lord ; and by the power of 
ttoe Holy Ghost ; that thou may'st by this exorcism re-* 
eeive efficacy to chase away all the power of the enemy y 
and be enabled to cast him out, and put him to flight 
together with his Apostate Angels, by the power of the 

f SxpL By exorcism is meant a form of adjuration, or a religious; 
ceremony, by which evil and malignant spirits are driven away. 

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same Jesus Christ otir Lord, who is to come to judge the 
living and the dead, and the world by fire. R. Amen. 

Let us pray. Deus qui ad salulem. 

OGod, who, for the benefit of mankind, raakest 
use of the element of water in the greatest sacra- 
ments, mercifully hear our prayers, and impart the vir- 
tue -f- of thy blessing to this element prepared. by various 
purifications : that this thy creature, made use of in thy 
mysteries, may receive the effects of thy divine favour 
for the chasing away Devils, and curing Diseases : And 
that whatsoever shall be sprinkled witla this water in the 
houses or places of the faithful, may be freed from a)} 
uncleanness, and delivered from hurt ; Let no pestilen- 
tial spirit reside there, nor any infectious air : Let all 
the snares of our secret enemies be removed ; Apd may 
whatever is contrary to the safety and repose of the inha- 
bitants of that place, be put to flight by the. sprinkling of 
this water : That the welfare we seek by calling on thy 
name, may be secured from all assaults. Thro*. R. 

At the mixing the Salt with the Water, 

MAY this salt and water be mixed together in the 
name -f- of the Father, and ^ of the Son, and 
+ of the Holy Ghost. R. Amen. 

V. May the Lord be V. Domlnus vobiscuaj, 
with you. 
R. And with thy spirit. R. Et cum spiritu tuo. 
Let us pray. Deus Invict*. 

OGod, the author of invincible power, king of an 
empire that cannot be overcome, aud ever magni- 
ficently triumphant ; who restrained the forces of the 
adverse power j who defeatest the fury of the roaring 
enemy; who, bynhy might, conquerest his malicious 
assaults : We beseech and pray thee, O Lord, with fear 
and humility, that thou wouldst look with a favourable 
countenance on this creature of salt and water, enligh- 
ten it with thy goodness, and sanctify it with the dew. of 
thy bounty ; That wheresoever it is sprinkled, by the 
invocation of thy holy name, all annoyance of the un- 
clean spirit, all fear of the venomous serpent may be 
chased away : And the presence of thy holy spirit be 
always with us, who implore thy mercy. Thro*. JL 
Amen. vol. 1. c * 

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At the Sprinkling. 

Anth. Sprinkle me, O Ant. Asperger me, Do* 
mine, byssopo, # niunda* 
bor ; Lavabis me, & super 
nivem dealbabor. 

Lord, with hyssopf, and I 
shall be cleansed : Wash 
me, and I shall be whiter 
than snow. 

Ps. Have mercy on me, 
O God, according to thy 
great mercy. 

V. Glory. 

Anth. Sprinkle me, &c. 

V. Shew us, O Lord, 
thy mercy. 

, R. And grant us Iby sal- 

V. O Lord, hear my 

R. And let my cry come 
unto thee. 

V. MaytheLordbewith 

R. And with thy spirit. 

Let us pray. 

Ps. Miserere mei, Deus, 
secundum magnam raiseri- 
cordiam tuam. 

V. Gloria. 

Ant. Asperges me. 

V. Ostende nobis r Do- 
mine, misericordiam tuam. 

R. Et salutare tuumda 

V. Domine, exaudi^ora- 
tionem meam. 

R. Et clamor meus ad te 

V. Dominus vobiscura. 

R. Et cum spiritu tuo. 
Exaudi nos. 

HEAR us, O holy Lord, almighty Father, eternal 
God, and vouchsafe to send thy holy Angel from 
heaven, to guard, cherish, protect, visit, and defend all 
that are assembled in this place. Thro* Christ our Lord. 
R. Amen. 


V./~\UR help is in the 

VJf name of the Lord. 

R. Who made both hea- 
ven and earth. 

V. May the Lord be with 

R. And with thy spirit. 

V. A Djutorium nostrum 
Xjl in nomine Domini. 
R. Qui fecit ccelum &; 

V. Dominus vobiscum. . 

R. Et cum spiritu tuo. < 

f Ex pi. Hyssop was used by the Jews as a sprinkler to throw 
on such as were unclean, water mixt with the ashes of the victim. 

J At the Parochial-Mass slices of bread, cut Into little pieces, 
are blessed, and-distributed to the faithful in token of communion 
and charity. 

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PRAYBtS. " 31 

Let us pray. Domihe Jesu. 

OLord Jesus Christ, the bread of Angels, the Jiving 
bread of eternal life, vouchsafe to *j» bless this 
bread, as thou blesscdst the five loaves in the desert ; 
That all who taste thereof, may receive from thence 
health of body and soul. Who livest and reignest world 
without end. E. Amen, 


Ps. cXxii. Ad te levavi. 

'■^0 tbeehave I lifted up my eyes,* thou who dwell- 
JL est in the heavens. 

Behold as the eyes of servants * are on the hands of 
their masters. 

As the eyes of a handmaid are on the hands of her 
mistress;* So are our eye* lifted up to the Lord our 
God, until he have mercy on us. 

Have mercy, on us, O Lord, have mercy on us;* 
For we are filled with contempt exceedingly. 

For our .soul is exceedingly filled >* We are a reproach 
to the rich, and a scoff to the proud. 

V. Glory. R. As it was, &c. 

V. Lord have mercy on us. R. Christ have mercy 
on us. V. Lord have mercy on us. 

Our Father, In Secret. 

V. And lead us not into temptation. R. fiut deliver 
as from evil. Amen. V, Save thy servants, O Lord. 
R. Who put their trust in thee, O my God. V. Be to 
us, OLord, a tower of strength. R. From the face of 
the enemy. V. May peace be on thy ramparts. R. And 
plenty within thy walls. V. O Lord, hear my prayer. R. 
And let my cry come unto thee. V. May the Lord be 
with you. R. And with thy spirit. 

Let us pray. Deus refugium. 

OGod our refuge and strength, fountain of all good* 
ness, mercifully give ear to the fervent prayers of 

f The prayers, publications, and familiar instructions used at 
the Parish-Mass, on Sundays, either immediately after the Gospel, 
or before the Lavabo, arc called in France the Prone, from a Greek 
word signifying the Nave of the Church, the place where they ate 
Rad to the people. 

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thy Church, and grant, that what we -ask with faith, 

we may effectually obtain. Thro*. s 

Ps. cxjtix. De profundis, 

OUT of the depths I have cried to thee, O Lord j 
Lord hear my voice. 

Let thy ears be attentive to the voice of my supplica- 

If thou wilt observe iniquities, O Lord 5 ,Lord, who 
shall endure it ? ' 

Because with thee there is propitiation f and by rea- 
son of thy law I have waited for thee, O Lord. 

My soul hath relied on his word, my soul hath hoped 
in the Lord. 

From the morning watch even until night, let Israel 
hope in the Lord. 

Because with the Lord there is mercy, and with him 
plentiful redemption. 

And he shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities, 
plory, &c. 

V. Eternal rest * grant to them, O Lord, R. And 
may a perpetual light * shine upon theni. V. May 
they rest in peace. R. Amen. V. O Lord, hear mj 
prayer. R. And let my cry come unto thee. V. May 
the Lord be with you. R. And with thy spirit. 

Then is said some of the following Prayers, as occa- 
sion requires. 
0n the day of death or burial. 
Let us pray. Deus cut. 

OGod, whose property it is always to have mercy 
and to spare, we humbly present our prayers to 
thee in behalf of the soul of thy servant N, which thou 
hast this day called out of this world 5 beseeching thee 
not to deliver it into the hands of the enemy, nor forget 
it for ever ; but command it to be received by the holy 
Angels, and to be carried into Paradise 5 that, as it be- 
lieved and hoped in thee, it may be delivered from th© 
pains of hell, and. inherit life everlasting. Thro'. 

On the third, seventh, or thirtieth day after the Decease. 
Prayer. Qiuesumus. 

ADMIT, we beseech thee, O Lord, the soul of thy 
servant N. [the third, seventh, or thirtieth day 

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THfc OHDrtf A*r, fee. 33 

after] whose decease we commemorate, into the fellow* 
ship of thy saints, and refresh it with the perpetual dew 
of thy mercy. Thro 1 . 

On an Anniversary day. 
Prayer. Deus Indutgentiarum. 

OGod the Lord of mercy, give to the soul [or souls] 
of thy servant [or thy servants] whose anniversary 
we commemorate, a place of comfort, a happy rest, 
and the light of glory. Thro'. 

For Relations, Friends, and Benefactors. 

Prayer. Deus venue largitor. 

OGod, the author of mercy, and lover of the salva- 
tion of mankind ; we address thy clemency in be* 
half of our brethren, relations, and benefactors, who are 
departed this life, that by the intercession of blessed 
Mary ever a Virgin, and of thy sainU, thou would'st 
receive them into the enjoyment of eternal happiness. 

For all the Faithful departed. 

Let us pray. Fidelium. 

OGod, the creator and redeemer of all the faithful, 
grant tty servants remission of all their sins : That 
by our pious supplications they may obtain that pardon, 
which they have ever desired. Tnro' Christ our Lord. 
R. Amen. 



RELIGION cannot subsist without interior and ex- 
terior sacrifice, since it consists in uniting men by 
means of exterior marks, which they ought to give to God 
of their dependence and love. The light of reason has 
taught mankind, that sacrifice was the,first of the essen- 
tial actions of religion. We learn from scripture that 
it has been offered from the commencement of the 
world. Cain and Abel offered to God the fruits of the 
earth and* animals. Gen. 4. Noah no sooner left the 
ark, than he erected an altar, and offered upon it an 
holocaust of all pure animals, to the Lord. The written 

C 2 

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tow confirmed what nature bad inspired 5 and declared, 
that to withdraw men from sacrificing, or to sacrifice to 
any other but God only, were two enormous crimes.— 
Tbe sin of the children of hell was very great before God, 
says the holy scripture, because they drew men away 
from the sacrifice, 1 Kings, 11, 17, and when men 
blinded by their passions, offered sacrifice through fear 
or reverence, to angels or devils, to give them a just horror 
of this sacrilege, the law declared : whoever shall sacri- 
fice to gods, or to any other than God only,* shall be put 
to death. Exod. 22, 20. — These sacrifices, though or- 
dered by the divine law, were but empty signs, incapa- 
ble of themselves to please God. They had no force, no 
virtue except in the faith of the offerers, who had in view 
the divine victim, the spotless Lamb, that taketh away 
the sins of the world, and which was slain (in the fore- - 
knowledge of Goty from the beginning of the world; 
Rev. 13, 8. The sacrifices offered by the worthy ser- 
vants of God, such as Abel, Abraham, Job, &c. &c. 
who lived in the constant expectation of the Messiah, 
were acceptable to God, whilst those that were offered 
by men, who attended barely to the exterior ceremony 
without the spirit, in which all their merit consisted, 
could never please God. This spirit diminished daily, 
when there were no more Prophets, till the coming of 
the Messiah. In effect, what could be expected of the 
Pharisees, who only attended to the dead letter of the 
law ? What of the Saducees, who denied the resurrec- 
tion of bodies ? This was the period, when according to 
the royal Prophet, the sacrifices and oblations, which had 
been offered in the temple cif Jerusalem alone, were to 
cease. Ps. 39. — A new sacrifice was necessary, one 
that should be offered in spirit and truth. This Jesus 
Christ promised the Samaritan woman, John 4, when 
he tells fter that the hour cometh, when they shall have 
to sacrifice neither on the mountain of Garizim with the 
Samaritans, nor at Jerusalem with the Jews. This pro- 
mise was the confirmation of the celebrated prophecy 
addressed by Malachy to the Jews. 1 10. / have no 
pleasure in you t saith the Lord of hosts, and I will 
not receive a gift of your hands, for from the rising of 
the sun, even to the going down, my name is great 
among the Gentiles, and in every place there is a sacri- 
fice, and there is offered to my name a clean offering , 

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for my name is great among the Gentiles. It cannot 
be denied that the primitive Fathers applied this prophecy 
to the eucharist, and they declare that the church learn- 
ed of Jesus Christ and his apostles, to offer this sacrifice 
in every part of the world. Indeed, we know of no 
other,- which has superseded all the ancient sacrifices, 
and is offered in every part of the globe, from the rising 
to the setting sun. St. Augustine expounding the pro* 
phecy of David, Ps. 3(), sacrifice and oblation thou 
didst not require, exclaims : " What ! are we then to 
" be left without a sacrifice? God forbid. For thou 
" hast formed a body for me. Behold here a new vie- 
" dm. What then does God reject ! The figures. What 
" does he give to fulfil the figures ! That body which 
*' fulfils all figures, theadorable body of Jesus Christ on our 
" altars ; that body, which the faithful know, but all 
" do not know. The body, which we who know it, 
" receive ; and which you (Catechumens) will know, 
" tho' not as yet, God grant, that when you do know 
"it, you may never receive it to your own condemna- 
" tion ; for he that eateth and drill keth unworthily, 
" eateth and drinketh damuation to himself, not dis- 
" cerning the body of our Lord," 

But, because Christ is a Priest according to the order 
of Melchisedeck, who offered ip bread and wine, and 
suffered Abraham and his family to participate the sacri- 
fice, so did Jesus Christ, says St. Cyprian, ep 63 ad Ceci- 
lian, who is a Priest of the high God, offer sacrifice in 
bread and wine, i. e. his own body and blood, and dist- 
ribute it to his own, the night before he went to suffer. 
Knowing, as S. John declares, c. xiii. that life hour 
was come, that he should pass out of this world to his 
Father, who had given him all things into his hands, 
having loved his own who were in the world, he loved 
tbem to the end. And certainly nothing less than infinite 
power and infinite love were requisite to change bread 
and wine into his own body and blood, and thus by an- 
ticipation to shed his blood mystically before his death, 
as we read in the greek text,: this is my body which is 
given for you. This is the chalice of the new testament 
in my Hood which is shed for you. Thus did' he exer- 
cise his sacerdotal powers, which he did not take to 
himself, says St. Paul, Heb. v. 5, but received of his 
Father, to be a priest for ever according to the order of 

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Melchisedeck, and as his priesthood is eternal, he will 
continue for ever to offer this sacrifice and will have no 
successor. He will ever remain on our altars the Priest 
and the Victim, the offerer and the thing offered. But, 
that this sacrifice may. be visible, be established the 
apostles and their successors for hi* ministers, to whom 
he gave the power of doing what himself had just done : 
do this for a commemoration of me. They have done it, 
and will continue to do it in his name throughout the 
world, and to shew that this sacrifice is never to end, 
we are commanded to participate it, and thus to shew 
the death of the Lord until he come. — The faithful 
should be taught that Jesus Christ in separately chang- 
ing the bread into his body, and the wine into his blood, 
represents his blood as mystically spilled for us, and that 
he as really offers up his body in the mass, together 
with his Church, to his eternal Father, as he did on the , 
altar of the cross. It is the same high Priest, the same 
God, the same victim, the same sacrifice, the only dif- 
ference is in the manner of offering. On mount Cal- 
vary Christ was only offered} on our altars, he is both offer- 
ed and received* We have an altar, whereof, they have 
no power to eat, who serve the Jewish tabernacle. Heb. 
13. 10. He 'also offers himself in the mass like at his 
resurrection, because he offers his body in its immortal 
-and glorified state ; and like at his ascension , because 
-he ascends from our altars on earth; to the- sublime altar 
*in heaven, where he for ever sitteth on the right hand 
*>f God. Heb. 10. 12. Here then we have the reunion of 
all the different mysteries, and continuation of Christ's sa- 
crifice on the cross, and what David with his- prophetic 
spirit long before celebrated ps. 110. 4, in giving food 
to tkem that fear him, he hath made a remembrance of 
his wonderful works. 

Religion can present nothing so excellent to her cli- 
ents as the Blessed Eucharist. The virtue of all her 
other sacraments are a preparation for this, says St. 
Thomas, 3. p. q. 73* art. 3. The faithful find in this 
holy table the perfection and consummation of a spiri- 
tual life, as they feed upon God himself. It may be 
-said that the sacrifice of the mass changes* our temples 
'into heaven. The Lamb of God is here immolated and 
adored, as represented by St. John, Rev. 7, 1?, in the 
midst of tie celestial Sanctuary j for the blessed spirits, 

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knowing what passes upon our altars, come down and 
attend with that awe and trembling, which the most 
profound respect inspires. St. Cbrysostom b. 6. on 
the priesthood mentions well authenticated facts of this 
truth ; and St. Gregory in his dial. b. h. c. 58 asks : 
" can any one of the faithful deny, that at the voice of 
" the Priest during the sacrifice, the heavens open, and 
" choirs of angels attend at the mysteries of Jesus 
" Christ : that the highest with the lowest, celestial with 
" terrestrial creatures, visible with invisible are united." 
Our occupation then is the same with that of the Saints 
in heaven. We adore the hoiy victim immolated in the 
hands of the Priests ; and the Saints adore in heaven the 
same victim, the Lamb without spot, represented stand- 
ing, and as it were slain, to signify both his immo- 
lated and glorious state. Rev. v. 6. All the prayers 
and all the merits of the Saints ascend as sweet incense 
before the throne of God from the hands of the angel. 
Rev. 8. 3, 4. The essential prayers and ceremonies of 
the mass come to us from Jesus Christ. Other prayers 
and ceremonies, such as were adapted to the circum- 
stances of time and place, were added by the Apostles 
and other apostolic men. During the heat of persecu- 
tion these though short and few, were of strict obser- 
vance : Let all things be done according to order. X 
Cor. 14> 40. St. Justin who lived soon after the Apos- 
tles, anno 140, in his second apology* gives us to under- 
stand that the officiating Priest continued his prayers dur* 
ing the offering as long as circumstances would permit j 
and St. Cyprian in his book on the unity of the Church , 
informs us that there were stated prayers, which could 
neither be changed nor omitted. But it was not till the 
Church enjoyed profound peace at the commencement of 
the 4th century, that stately Temples were erected, and 
divine service performed with all the variety of prayers 
and ceremonies. The liturgies, which the Greek Church 
uses at this day, are called after St. Basil and St. Chry- 
sos torn, who composed them ; as that of Milan was 
called the liturgy of St. Ambrose. Although the Church 
of Rome has ever delighted in uniformity, she has at 
dijferejit times thought it expedient to adopt whatever 
there was good and edifying in the practice of private 
Churches, and has inserted such additions into the ordif 
nary of the mass, which, since the 13th century, has 

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been the same as at this day,- and which merits the prai- 
ses it has so. uniformly received from aU catholic 
Churches.— -Not the prayers only, but the ceremonies 
which have been established with a view to promote edi- 
fication, instruction and attention, should be carefully 
explained. The scriptures teach that Almighty God 
attaches particular graces to them. > The prayer of Mo- 
ses with his hands elevated towards heaven was a reli- 
gious ceremony, to which God attached the victory of 
the Jews. Exod. 17, 11.— Great preparation is neces- 
sary. to attend with fruit at these divine mysteries ; for, 
if we are to prepare our souls for prayer, Eccl. 18. 23, 
what prayer can be more excellent, than that which 
renders Jesus Christ present on our altars, and makes us 
partakers of his- adorable sacrifice ? The 1st disposition 
» a good life. So live, say the holy Fathers, that you 
may be permitted to approach each day to the sacred 
banquet.*— The 2d is a strong desire to approach the 
altar of God, as the source of all consolation. The Is- 
raelites were happy to approach their altars, which bad 
no other merit, than as figurative of ours. In every 
difficulty Christians should pray with the Prophet Jonas in 
the midst of the raging ocean 5 I shall behold thy holy 
temple. Jonas 2. 1 J . Their faith should keep them 
attached to the sacrifice of our redemption, as St. Au- 
gustine says of his mother St, Monica, who never failed 
assisting daily at the altar, where she knew the holy 
victim was distributed. Conf. \>. 9. 12. 13. — The 3d 
preparation is- to bewail our unworthiness and to enter 
into the dispositions of the Publican, who was afraid to 
lift up his eyes as he entered the temple. Nothing is 
more respectable than the house of God.; and if it were 
said of the tabernacle of the old law : tremble before my 
sanctuary, what respect ought not Our temples to in- 
spire, where the sacrifice of heaven and earth, the blood 
of a God-man is offered ? Formerly a deacon used to 
proclaim in the words of St. John, Rev. 22. 15; 
without are dogs and sorcerers and unchast and wiur- 
deters, and servers oj idols and every one that lovetk 
and maketh a tie. The last preparation is to offer our- 
selves with Jesus Christ and his catholic Church. We 
should ask of God, that like holocausts, which the fire 
purifies and consumes, the divine fire may consume all 
that is terrestrial and carnal in us, all that cannot be ofler- 

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OF THE MAS!. 39 

cd with Jesus Christ, that not only our sonls, but our bo* 
dies, which are both to be offered, may both be purified 
by this divine fire, and that we may be able to say with 
St. Paul, since we have a high-Priest over the house of 
God; let us draw near with a true heart , in fulness of 
faith, having our hearts sprinkled fromjan evil consci- 
ence, and our bodies washed with the cleansing waters 
of baptism. Heb. 10. 21. 22. — But altho' we may not 
nod ourselves in these happy dispositions, which all Chris- 
tians should desire, still let us hope in the mercies of 
God, and go with confidence to the foot of the altar, the 
true source of grace. For we have not a high-Priest 
who cannot have compassion on our infirmities ; but one 
tempted in all things like as we are, without sin. Let 
us go therefore with confidence to the throne of grace % 
that we may obtain mercy and find grace in seasonable 
aid. Heb. 4. 15, 10. 

While the Priest is vesting, say the following prayer.* 

PROSTRATE in spirit at the foot of thy holy altar, I a- 
dore thee, O Almighty God. I firmly believe that the 
Mass, at which lam going to assist, is the sacrifice of 
') the body and blood of Jesus Christ thy son. Grant I 
may assist thereat with the attention, respect, and awe 
due to such august mysteries j and that by the merits of 
the victim there offered for me, I myself may become an 
agreeable sacrifice to thee, who livest and reignest with 
the same Son and Holy Ghost, one God world without 
end. Amen. -J- 

The Priest, at the foot of the altar, makes the sign of 
the Cross , and says, 

IN the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the 
Holy Ghost. ' Amen 

Pr. I will go up to the al- Pr. Introibo ad altare Dei-. 
tar of God. 

P. To God , who rejoic- P. Ad Deum, qui laetife- 
eth my youth. cat juventutem meam. 

Psalm xlii. 
Pr. T>E thou, O God, Pr. TUDlCAme, Deus, 
X3 my judge, and . %} et discerne cau- 
distinguish my cause from sam meam de gente non 
the nation that is not holy : sancta : Ab homine iniquo 
From the unjust and deceit- et doloso erue me. 

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fill man do thou deliver 

P. Since thou, O God, 
art my strength, why hast 
thou cast me off r And why 
do I go sorrowful, while the 
enemy afflicteth me. 

Pr. Send forth thy light, 
and fulfil thy promise f; 
they have led me on ; and 
brought me to thy holy 
mount, and into fhy taber- 

P. And I will go up to 
the altar of God,' to God 
who rejoiceth my youth. 

Pr. I will praise thee on 
the harp, O God, my God ; , 
why art thou sorrowful, O 
my soul, and why dost 
thou disturb me ? 

P. Hope in God, for him 
will I still praise : He is the 
Saviour I look for, and my 

Pr. Glory be to the Fa- 
ther, and to the Son, and 
to the Holy Ghost. 

P. As it was in the be- 
ginning, now is, and ever- 
more shall be, world with- 
out end. Amen. 

Pr. I will go up to the 
altar of God. 

P. To God, who rejoic- 
eth my youth. 

Pr. Our help is in the 
name of the Lord, 

P. Who made both hea- 
ven and earth. 

P. Quia tu es Deus forti- 
tudo mea, quare me repu- 
listi ? Et quare tristis ince- 
do, dum affligit me inimi- 

Pr. Emitte lucem tuam, 
et veritatem tuam j ipsa me 
deduxerunt et adduxerunt 
in montem sanctum tuum, 
et in tabernacula tua. 

P. Et introibo ad altare 
Dei, ad Detim qui leefificat 
juventutem mcam. 

Pr. Confitebor ttbi in ei- 
thara, Deus, Deus rheus ; 
quare tristis es anima mea, 
et quare conturbas me ? 

P. Spera in Deo, quo- 
niam adhuc confitebor illi : 
saliitare vultus mei, et Deus 

Pr. Gloria Patrj, et Filio, 
et spiritui sancto. 

P. Sicuteratinprincipio, 
et nunc, et semper, et in 
saecula sacculorum. Amen. 

Pr. Introibo ad altare 

P. Ad Deum qui Isetiflcat 
juventutem meam. 

Pr. Adjutorium nostrum 
in nomine Domini. 

P. Qui fecit coelum et 

•f- Lit. Thy truth. This word truth, ill the psalms particularly, 
is always taken for the certain accomplishment, or fulfilling of a 

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After the Priest hath said the Confiteor, the people 

P. Misereatur tui orrmi- 
potens Deus, et dimissis 
peccatis tuis perducat te ad 
vitam aeternam. 

P. May Almighty God be 
merciful to thee, forgive 
thee thy sins, and bring 
thee to liie everlasting. 

Pr. Amen. 

P. I confess to Almighty 
God, .to blessed Mary ever 
a Virgin, to blessed Mi- 
chael the Archangel, to 
blessed John the Baptist, to 
the holy Apostles Peter and 
Paul, to alt the Saints, and 
to thee, O Father, that I 
have grievously sinned in 
thought, in word, and in 
deed; f thro* my fault, 
thro' my fault, thro* my 
exceeding great fault. 
Therefore I beseech the 
blessed Mary ever a Vir- 
gin, blessed Michael the 
Archangel, blessed John the 
Baptist, the holy Apostles 
Peter and Paul, all the 
Saints, and thee, O Father, 
to pray to the Lord our (rod 
for me. 

Pr. May Almighty God 
have mercy on you,' forgive 
you your sins, and bring 
you to life everlasting;. ' 

P. Amen. 

Pt. May the Almighty 
and merciful Lord grant us 
pardon, absolution, and re- 
juission of our sins. 

P. Amen. 

Pr. Amen. 

P. Confiteor Deo omm* 
potenti, beat® Marie sem- 
per Virgini, beato Michael i 
Archangelo, beato Joaani - 
Baptistae, Sanctis Apostolus 
Petro et Paulo, omnibus 
Sanctis, et tibi, Pater, quia 
peccavi nimis cogitatione, 
verbo et opere; med culpa, 
mea culpa, mea maxima 
culpa. Ideo precor beaten* 
Mariam semper Virgiriena, 
beatum Micbaelem Arch- 
angelum, beatum Joannem 
Baptistam, sanctos Aposto- 
los Petrum et Paulum, om- 
nes Sanctos, et te, Pater, 
orare pro me ad Dominum 
Deum nostrum. 

Pr. Misereatur vestri 
Ornnipotens Deus, et di- 
missis peccatis vestris, per- 
ducat vos ad vitam aeter- 

P. Amen. 

Pr. Indulgentiam, abso- 
lutionem, et remissionem 
peccatorum nostrorum tri- 
buat nobis ornnipotens et 
misericors, Dominus. 

P. Amen, 

f Here all strike their breasts thrice, to express their sorrow-and 
compunction for their sins. 

VOL I. D # 

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Pr. O God, if thou turn 
to us, thou wilt give us life. 

P. And thy people shall 
rejoice in thee. 

Pr. Shew us, O Lord, 
thy mercy. 

P. And grant us thy sal- 

Pr. O Lord, hear my 

P. And let my cry come 
unto thee. 

Pr. May the Lord be with 

And with thy spirit.* 

Pr. Deus, tu conversus, 
vivificabis nos. 

P. Et plcbs tua laeta- 
bitur in te. 

Pr. Ostende nobi*, Do- 
mine, misericordiam tuam. 

P. Et salutare tuum da 

Pr. Domine, exaudi ora- 
tionem meam. 

P. Et clamor meus ad 
te veniat. 

Pr. Dominus vobiscum. 

P. Et cum spiritu tuo. 
Pr. Oremus. 


Pr. Let us pray. 

When the Priest goes up to the altar, say : 

TAKE away from us our iniquities, we beseech thee, 
O Lord, that we may be worthy to assist with 
pure minds at the celebration of these tremendous mys- 
teries. Thro* Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

When he bows down before the altar, say : 

WE beseech thee, O Lord, by the merits of thy 
Saints, whose relics are inclosed in this altar, 
and of all the Saints, that thou wouldst vouchsafe to 
forgive us all our sins. Amen. 

Here, at solemn Masses, the Priest incenses the altar, 
and then reads the Introit, which seek in its proper 
place.-r-Then the priest and people say alternately : 

Pr. Lord have mercy on Pr* Kyrie eleison. P. 
us. P. Lord have mercy Kyrie eleison. Pr. Kyrie 

on us 


Lord have mer- 
cy on us. P. Christ have 
mercy on us. Pr. Christ 
have mercy on us. P. 
Christ have mercy on us. 
Pr. Lord have mercy on us. 
P. Lord have mercy on us. 
Pr. Lord have mercy on us. 

eleison. P. Christe eleison. 
Pr. Christe eleison. P. 
Christe eleison. Pr. Kyrie 
eleison. P. Kyrie eleison. 
Pr» Kyrie eleison. 


GLORY be to God on 
high, and on earth 

GLORIA in oxcelsis 
Deo, et in terra pax 

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peace to men of good will.f 
We praise thee. We bless 
thee. We adore thee. We 
glorify thee. We give thee 
thanks for thy great glory. 
Lord God, King ot hea- 
ven, God the Father Al- 
mighty. O Lord Jesus 
Christ, O only begotten 
Son. O Lord God, Lamb 
of God, Son of the Father. 
Thou, who takest away 
the sins of the world, have 
mercy on us. Thou, who 
takest away the sins of the 
world, receive our prayer. 
Thou, who sittest at .the 
right hand of the Father, 
have mercy on us. For 
thou alone art the Holy one. 
Thou alone art the Lord. 
Thou alone art the Most 
High, O Jesus Christ, to- 
gether with the Holy Ghosl 
in the glory of God the 
Father. Amen. 

Pr. May the Lord be 
with you* P. And with 

horoinibusbonse voluntatis. 
Laudamus te. Benedici- 
mus te. Adoramus te. 
Gloriflcamus te. Gratias 
agimus tibi propter mag- 
nam gloriam tuam. Do* 
mine Deus, Rex coelestis, 
Deus Pater omnipotcns. 
Domine, Fili unigenite, 
Jesu Christe, Domiue 
Deus, Agnus Dei, Films 
Patris. Qui tollis peccata 
mundi, miserere nobis. 
Qui tollis peccata mundi, 
suscipe deprecationem nos- 
tram. Qui sedes ad.dcx- 
teram Patris, miserere 
nobis. Quoniam tu solus 
Sanctus. Tu solus Do- 
minus. Tu solus Altissi- 
mus, Jesu Christe, cum 
Sancto Spiritu in gloria Dei 
Patris, Amen. 

Pr. Dominus vobiscum, 
P. Et cum spiritu tuo. 

thy spirit. 

Then are said the Collect, Epistle, Gradual, or 
Tract, all which seek in their proper places. At 
the end of the JSpistle is answered: 

P. Thanks be to God. P. Deo gratias. 

Before the Gospel, while the Priest is lowing in the 
middle of the altar, say : 

CLEANSE my heart and my lips, O Almighty God, 
who didst cleanse the lips of the prophet Isaiah 
with a burning coal : and vouchsafe, thro' thy gracious 
mercy, so to purify me, that I may worthily read and 
attend to thy Holy Gospel. Amen. 

fExpl. To mankind, which is the object of Gal's good will, 
ftvour, and kindness. v 

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f May the Lord be in my mouth and on my lips/ 
that I may worthily, and in the manner I ought, read 
and attend to his holy Gospel. Amen. 

Pr. May the Lord be with Pr. Dominus vobiscum. 
you. P. And with thy P. Et cum spirrtu tuo. 
•pirit. Pr. Sequentia, or, ini- 

Pr, The continuation, or tittm sancti Evangelii se- 
the beginning of the holy cundom N. 
Gospel, according to N. 

While the Priest says the foregoing words, he marks 
his forehead, lips, and breast with the sign of the 
cross : do you the same -, and reverently bend your 
body, when you answer : 

P. Glory be to thee, O P. Gloria tibi, Domine. 

Seek the Gospel in its proper place, and stand up dur- 
ing the tvhnle time it is reading. At the end of it* 

P. Piaise be to thee, O P. Laos tibi Chriite. 


At the end of the Gospel, say with the Priest, when he 
kisses the book ; 

By the words of the Gospel may our tins be blotted 
out. Amen. 


1 Believe in one God the /^IREDO in unum Deura 

Father Almighty, ma- v^ Patrem omnipoten- 

ker of heaven and earth, of tem, factorem coeli et ter- 

all things visible and invisi- rae, visibilium omnium, et 

ble. And in one Lord Je- in visibilium, Et in unum 

sus Christ, the only begot- DominumJesum Christum, 

ten Son of God, and born Filium Dei unigenitum, et 

of the Father before all ages, ex Patre natura ante omnia 

God of God, light of light, saecula. Deum de Deo, lu« 

true God of the true God. men de lumme, Deum ve- 

Begotten, not made, con- rumdeDeovero. Genitum, 

f At solemn Masses the Deacon asks the Priest's blessing on 
his knees, with the book of the Gospels in his hands, before he 
goes to sing it, and the Priest says the blessing above, changing 
the person. 

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substantial to the Father; 
by whom all things were 
made. Who, for us men, 
and for our salvation, came 
down from heaven f ; and 
became incarnate, by the 
Holy Ghost of the Virgin 
Mary, and was made man. 
lie was also crucified for us, 
suffering under Pontius Pi- 
late, and was buried. And 
the third day he rose again 
according to the scriptures J . 
And he ascended into hea- 
ven, sits at the right hand 
of the Father. And shall 
come again with glory to 
judge the living and the 
dead; of whose reign there 
shall be no end. And in 
the Holy Ghost, the Lord 
and giver of life, who pro- 
^ ceedeth from the Father and 
the Son ; who together with 
the Father and the Son is a- 
dored, and glorified ; who 
spake by the prophets. $ 
And one, holy, Catholic & 
Apostolic Church. I con- 
fess one baptism for the re- 
mission of sins, and I expect 
the resurrection of the dead, 
and the life of the world 
to come. Amen. 

Pr. May the Lord be 
with you. P. And with 
thy spirit. 

Pr. Let us pray. 

non factum, consubstanoa- 
iemPatri; per quern omnia 
facta sunt Qui propter nos 
homines, et propter nostrara 
salutem descendit de cfetis; 
et incarnatus est de Spiritu 
Sancto, ex Maria Virgine, 


Crucifixns eriam pro nobis, 
sub Pontio Pilatopassus, et 
sepultus est. Et resurrexit 
tertia die, secundum scrip- 
tures. Et ascendit in cae- 
lum, sedet ad dexteram 
Patris. Et iterum venturus 
est cum gloria judicare vi- 
vos et mortuos; ctijus 
regni non erit finis. Et in 
Spiritum Sanctum, Domi- 
numet vivificantem, qui ex 
Patre, Filioqne procedit $ 
qui cum Patre et Filio si- 
muladoratur, et conglori- 
ficatur 5 qui locutus est per 
Prophetas. Et unam, sane* 
tarn, Catholicam et Apos- 
tolicam Ecclesiam. Con- 
fiteor unum baptisma in re- 
missionem peccatorum. Et 
expecto resurrectionem 
mortuorum, Etvitamven- 
turi sxculi. Amen. 

Pr. Dominus vobiscum. 
P. Et cum spiritu tuo. 

Pr. Oremus. 

d 2 

+ From these words to: teas made man : all kneel. 

J Expl. As the Scriptures of the Old Testament had foretold. 

5 Expl. Revealed to them what they foretold. 

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Her* follows She Offbbtory, which seel in its proper 



ACCEPT, Oholy Fa- 
ther, Almighty and 
everlasting God this un- 
spotted hostf, Which I thy 
unworthy servant offer thee, 
the living and true God, for 
my own innumerable sins, 
offences, and negligences : 
and for all here present : as 
also for all faithful Chris- 
tians both living and dead, 
that it may avail both me 
and them to eternal life. — 

SU5CIPE, Sancte Pfciter, 
omnipotens aeterne De- 
us, banc immaculatam Hos- 
tiam, quam ego indignus fa- 
mulus tuus offero tibi Deo 
meo vivo et vero, pro in- 
numerabilibus peccatis, of- 
fensionibus et negligentiis 
meia : et pro omnibus cir- 
cumstantibus, sed et pro om- 
nibus fidelibus Christianis 
vi vis ataue defunctis $ ut mi- 
bi et illis proficiatad salutem 
in vitam aeternam. Amen. 

When the Priest puts tie wine and water into the 

OGod, who, in creat- 
ing human nature, 
didst wonderfully dignify 
it, and didst reform it again 
by a still greater woader ; 
grant that, by the mystery 
of this water and wine, we 
may be made partakers of 
kip .divine nature, who 
vouchsafed to become par- 
taker of our human nature, 
namely Jesus Christ thy 
Son our Lord, who with 
thee and the Holy Ghost 
livetb and reigaeth one-God 
world without end. Auen. 


WE offer thee, O holy /^\FFERIMUS tibi, Do- 
Lord, the chalice of V-/ mine, Calicem saluta- 

fExpl. The bread by anticipation is called an unspotted host, 
because all the prayers that go before, and follow the consecration 
hare a reference to tbe moment of consecration, when the victim 
becomes present, and is offered to God. 

DEW, qui hujnjtnas s*b~ 
atantisedignitatem mi* 
rabilitercondidi&ti, etmira- 
hups aqtwe et rml - niyf - 
teriam, ej*w Dwinjfejjg 
esse consort**, qui huma*. 
oitatts nostras fieri 4ign*tw 
est particepa, Jeaua Cbri*- 
tu« FiHus tuua Poroimu 
softer.- qui tecum witet 
regoat in mutate Bptrkua 
sarctj Deusj per omnia, 
saecula saeculorum. 

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OP T*« *A«f; 


sanation, be*eephicg thy 
clemency, that *t may as-: 
cend before % divine i»fl- 
jesty,as a most sweet odour, 
for our salvation, and for 
that of the whole world. 

JVhen the Priest tows before the altar* 

j^ CCBPT us, O Lord, TN spiritu humilitatis, et 

rig, tuam depfecantes cle- 
mentiam, ut in cpnspecm 
diving* Majestatis tuse, pro 
nostra et totius Mundi salute 
cum odore suavitati* ascenr 
dat. Amen. 

XX who eomeintbe spirit 
of humility, and with a con- 
trite and humble heart 5 
&grantthat the sacrifice we 
offer this day in thy sighf, 
may be pleasing % to thee, 
O Lord God. 

in anunocontntosuscipi- 
amur a te, Domine, et sic 
fiat Saeri&eiura nostrum in 
conspectu tuo hodie, ut 
placeat tibi, Domine Deu*. 

When he makes the sign of the Cross on the Iread and 

COME, O almighty and 
eternal God, the sanc- 
tiner, bless this sacrifice 
prepared for the glory of thy 

VEMI, Sanctificator, 
omnipotens aeterne 
Deus, etbenedic hoc SacriJ 
ficium tuo sancto nomini 

What is included within these £ ] is only saia 1 at So- 
lemn or High Masses. 


BY Ifie intercession of 
blessed Michael the 
Archangel, who standeth at 
the r}ghl aide pf the jaUar of 
perfumes, and of all his 
elec|, m^y the £#r4 vouqhr 

Jr Mi 

intercessionem beati 
Michaelis Archangeli 
stautis a dextris altar is in- 
censi, e£ pmnium Electf- 
rum &uoxum, incensum i|- 
tud digueturpomiiuasbene> 

$ExpU The sacrifice of the Mass \s necessarily pleasing to 4Sod 
of itself, since the victim there offered, js he, of -whom the Father 
said: Thia is my beloved Son. Bat the oblation', which sinful 
man makes of this victim ; tke vows And prayers which accomr 
flany £fee oblation ; -and the communion., py which he partakes of 
what hath be^u offered, may hp performed ina manner displeasing 
to God. And as the oblation, communion, and prayers make 
part of the sacrifice, it is no wonder we beg Qod* 9 grace to go 
through with it, so as it may be pleasing to him. 

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dicere, et in odorem suavi- 
tatis accipere. Per Chris- 
tum Dominum nostrum. 

safe to bless thfe incense, 
and receive it as an odour 
of sweetness. Thro* Christ 
our Lord. 


MAY this incense 
blessed by thee, O 
Lord, ascend to thee, and 
thy mercy descend upon 

1NCENSUM, istudate 
benedictum, ascendat 
ad te Domine, et descent 
dat super nos misericordta 


LET my^ prayer, O 
Lord, ascend like in- 
cense in thy sight ! and let 
the lifting up my hands 
be like the evening sacrifice. 
Place, O Lord, a guard 
upon my mouth, and a gate 
of prudence before my lips, 
that my heart may not wan- 
der after words of malice, 
to seek excuses in sin. 

ne, Oratio mea, sicut 
incensum, in conspectu 
tuo ! Elevatio manuum 
mearum Sacrificium ves- 
pertinum. Pone, Domine, 
custodiam ori meo, et 
ostium circumstantise la- 
biis meis, ut non declinet 
cor meum in verba malitise, 
ad excusandas excusationes 

in peccatis. 

When the priest returns the Censer to the Deacon. 

AY the Lord kindle in us the fire of his love, and 
the flame of everlasting charity. Amen!] 




I Will wash my hands 
among the innocent, 
and go up to thy altar, O 

That I may hear the 
voice of praise, and publish 
all thy wonderful works. 

O Lord, I have loved 
the beauty, of thy house, 
and the place where thy 
glory dwelled]. 


LAVABO intet inno- 
centes manias' meas; 
etcircumdabo altaretuum, 

Ut audiam vocem laudis ; 
et enarrem universa mira- 
bilia tua. 

Domine, dilexi decorem 
domus tuae, et locum ha- 
bitationis Gloria; tuae. 

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©F THE ItAfift. 


Destroy not, O God, my 
sod with the impious : nor 
my life with men *>f blood. 

In whose hands are ini- 
quities : their right band is 
filled with bribes. 

But I have walked in my 
innocency : rescue me, and 
hare mercy on me. 

My foot hath stood in the 
right path : in the assembly 
will I bless thee, O Lord. 

V. Gioryf &c. 

Ne pertks cum impiis 
anvmam meam; et cum 
virfs tanguinum vitam me* 

In quorum manibus ini* 
quitates sunt : dextera eo- 
rum replcta est muneribus. 

Egb aufcem in innocentia 
tnea ingressus sum : redime 
me, et miserere mei. 

Pes meus stetit in direc- 
to : in Ecclesiis benedioam 
te Domine. 

V* Gloria Patri, &c. 

When the Priest lows in the middle of the altar. 


RECEIVE, O holy Tri- 
nity, this oblation, 
which we make thee in me- 
mory of the passion, resrtr- 
ration, and ascetfcibii of Je- 
sus Christ our Lord ! and 
in honor of blessed Mary 
ever a Virgin, and of bles- 
sed John the Baptist, and 
of the holy Apostles Peter 
and Paul, and of all the 
Saints, that it may avail to 
their honor, and oar salva- 
tion: and that they may 
vouchsafe to intercede for 
us in heaven, whose me- 
mory we celebrate on earth. 
Thro* the same Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

USCIPE, sancta Trini- 
tas, hanc oblationem, 
quam tibi, offer imus in me- 
moriam Passionis, Resurrec- 
tionis, et Ascensionis Jesu 
Christi Domini nostri .• et' 
in bonotem beatas Mariae 
semper Virginis, et beat! 
Jbantiis liaptfstae, et sanc- 
torum Apostolonim Petri et 
Pauli, et istorum, et om- 
nium Sanctorum 5 ut illis 
proiiciat ad honorem, nobif 
autem ad salutem et iltt 
pro nobis intercedere dig- 
nentur in cadis, quorum 
memoriam agimus in ten is. 
Per eundem Christum Do- 
rainum nostrum. 

Then the Priest turns towards the people, and says : 

Pr. Pray, brethren, that Pr, Orate Fratres, ut meura 

my sacrifice and yours may ac vestrum sacrificium ac-^ 

he acceptable.. to God the ceptabile hat apud Deum 

Father Almighty. Patrem omnipotentem. 

fThia Glory is omitted ia Masses of the Dead, 

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P. May the Lord receive 
the sacrifice from thy 
Lands, to the praise and 
glory of bis own name, 
and to our benefit, and 
that of all his holy Church. 

Pr. Amen. 

P. Suscipiat Dominussa- 
crificium de manibus tuis 
ad laudem et gloriam no* 
minis sui, ad utilitatem 
quoque nostram, totiusque 
Ecclesiae suae sanctae. 

Pr. Amen. 

Then follows the Secret, which seek in its pro- 
per place. 

Pr. Per omnia saecuki 
P. Amen. 

Pr. World without endf -, 

P. Amen.' 

Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Dominus vobiscum 
with you. 

P. And with thy spirit. 

Pr. Raise up your hearts 
on high. 

P. Et cum spiritu tub. 
Pr. Sursum cor da. 

P. We have them raised 
up to the Lord. 

Pr. Let us give thanks 
to the Lord our God. 

P. It is meet and just. 

. P. Habemus ad DomU 

Pr. Gratias agamus Do- 
mino Deo nostra. 

P. Dignum et justumest. 


This Preface is said on all days, where no other is 
appointed, and in Masses for the Dead. 

IT is truly meet and just, 
right and available to 

salvation that we 
and in all places, should 
give thanks to thee, O holy 
Lord, Father almighty, 
eternal God, through Christ 
our Lord. * By whom 
the angels praise thy majes- 
ty, the dominations adore 
It, the powers tremble be- 
fore it, the heavens, and 


ERE dignum et jus- 

salutare, nos tibi semper, 
et ubique gratias agere j 
Domine sancte, Pater om- 
nipotens, seterne Deus, per 
Christum Dominum nos- 
trum : per quem majesta- 
tem tuam laudant Angeli, 
adorant Dominationes, tre- 
munt potestates, cceli coe- 
lorumque virtutes, ac beata 

J Expl. These words are the conclusion of the Secret. The 
priest raises his voice to renew the attention of all present, tha^ 
they may join with him in prayer. 

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heavenly hosts, and blessed Seraphim, socia exultati- 

Seraphim with common ju- one concelebrant. Cam 

bilee glorify it. Together quibas et nostras voces, ut 

with whom we beseech admitti jubeas deprecamur, 

thee also to admit our voices supplici confessione dicen- 

o£ praise, with most hum- tes : 
ble acknowledgment say- 

Holy, Holy, Holy, is Sanctus, Sanctus, 
the Lord God of Hosts. The Sanctus, Dominus Deus 
heavens and the earth are Sabaoth. Heni sunt coeli 
full of thy glory. Hosan- et terra gloria tua : Hosan- 
na to him who is on high, na in excelsis. Benedictus 
Blessed is he who cometh qui venit in nomine Do- 
in the name of the Lord. mini. Hosanna in excel- 
Hosanna to him .who is on sis. 


From Christmas to the Epiphany, except on the Octave- 
day of St. John the Evangelist. 

IT is truly meet and just, right and available to salva- 
tion, that we always and in all places, should give 
thanks to thee, O Holy Lord, Father Almighty, Eter- 
nal God : because by the mystery of the word become* 
flesh, a new light of thy glory hath shone on the eyes 
of our soul : that while we see God in a visible form, we 
may be drawn by him to the love of things invisible.— 
And therefore with the Angels and Archangels, with the 
Thrones and Dominations, and with all the heavenly 
host, we sing a hymn to thy glory, ever saying : Holy, 
&c. as above. 


From Christmas to the Circumcision inclusively. 

BEING united in communion, and celebrating this 
most sacred day % °n which the spotless Virginity 
of blessed Mary brought forth the Saviour of the world ; 
moreover honouring in the first place the memory of the 
same glorious Mary ever a Virgin, the Mother of the 
same God and our Lord Jesus Christ : as also of the 

I In the first Mass is said: this most sacred nighu 

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blessed Apostles and Martyrs Peter and Paul, Andrew, 
James, John, Thomas, James, Philip,. Bartholomew, 
Matthew, Simon and Thadee, Linus, Cletus, Clement, 
Xystus, Cornelius, Cyprian, Laurence, Chrysogonus, 
John and Paul, Cosmas and Damian, and of all thy 
Saints ; by whose merits and prayers, grant that we may 
on every occasion be defended by the help of thy protec- 
tion. Thro* the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

On the Epiphany, and during the Octave. 

IT is truly meet and just, right and available to salva- 
tion, that we always, and in all places, should give 
thanks to thee, O Holy Lord, Almighty Father, Eter- 
nal God : because when thy only begotten Son appeared 
in the substance of our mortal flesh, he repaired us by 
the new light of his immortality. And therefore with 
the Angels and Archangels, with the Thrones and Domi- 
nations, and with all the heavenly Host, we sing a hymn 
to thy glory, ever saying : Holy, &c. as p. 51. 


BEING united in communion, and celebrating that 
most sacred day on which thy only begotten Son* 
coeternal with thee in thy glory, appeared with a visible 
body in the reality of our flesh. Moreover honouring in 
the first place the memory of glorious Mary ever a Vir- 
gin, and mother of the same God and our Lord Jesus 
Christ : Also of the blessed Apostles and Martyrs Peter 
and Paul, Andrew, James, John, Thomas, James, Phi- 
lip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Simon, and Thadee, Li- 
nus, Cletus, Clement, Xystus, Cornelius, Cyprian, 
Laurence, Chrysogonus, John and Paul, Cosmas and 
Barman, and of all thy Saints ; by whose merits and 
prayers, grant that we may on every occasion be de- 
fended by the help of thy protection. Thro* the same 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

From Ask* Wednesday to Passion-Sunday. 

IT is truly meet and just, right and available to salva- 
tion, that we should always, and in all places give 
thanks to thee, O Holy Lord, Almighty Father, Eter- 
nal God, who by this bodily fast restrainest vice, raisest 
lip the soul, givest virtue and rewardest it, thro' Christ 
our Lord. By whom the Angels praise tby majesty, 

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the Dominations adore it, the Powers tremble before it, 
the Heavens and heavenly Hosts, and blessed Seraphim 
with common jubilee glorify it. Together with whom we 
beseech, thee also to admit our voices of praise, with moat 
humble acknowledgment saying : Holy, &c. as p. 50. 

From Passion-Sunday to Maunday -Thursday. 

IT is truly meet and just, right and available to salva- 
tion, that we should always and in all places give 
thanks unto thee, O Holy Lord, Father Almighty, eter- 
nal God. Who appointedst the salvation of mankind to 
be brought about on the tree of the cross j that from 
whence death had begun, % from thence life might rise 
again ; and that he, who had overcome by the tree, 
might on the tree be overcome himself by Christ our 
Lord. By whom the Angels praise thy majesty, the Do* 
minations adore it, the Powers tremble before it, the 
Heavens, and heavenly Hosts, and blessed Seraphim 
with common jubilee glorify it. Together with whom 
we beseech thee also to admit our voices of praise, with 
most humble acknowledgement saying : Holy, &c. as 
p. 50. 

On Easter-Eve. 

IT is truly meet and just, right and available to salva- 
tion, that we should at all times but more especially 
on this night, give praise to thee, O Lord, with more 
solemnity, when Christ our passover was sacrificed. 
For he is the true Lamb, who took away the sins of the 
world j who by dying destroyed our death; and by 
rising again restored our life. And therefore with the An- 
gels and Archangels, with the Thrones and Dominations, 
and with all the heavenly Host, we sing a hymn to thy 
glory, ever saying : Holy, &c. as p. 50. 


BEING united in communion, and celebrating this 
most sacred night of the resurrection, according to 
the flesh, of our Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover honour- 
ing the memory, in the first place, of the glorious Mary 
ever' a Virgin, and Mother of the same Gfod, and our 
Lord Jesus Christ. As also of the blessed Apostles and 
Martyrs, Peter and Paul, Andrew, James, John, Tho- 
mas, James, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Simon, 
andTbadee, Linus, Cletus, Clement, Xyatus, Corn*- 
vol. i. _ s * 

Digitized by VjOO.QIC 


]tu9, Cyprian, Laurence, Chrysogonna, John and Pan), 
Cosmas and Damian, and of all" thy Saints 3 by whose 
merits and prayers, grant that we may on every occasion 
Jbe defended by the help of thy protection, Thro 1 the 
same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 


Which is said also on Easter-Eve. 

WE therefore beseech thee, O Lord, graciously to ac- 
cept this oblation of us thy servants, which is 
likewise that of tby whole family, and which we offer 
thee for those also, whom thou hast vouchsafed to bring 
forth to a new life by water and the Holy Ghost ; and 
to whom thou hast granted the remission, of all their sios ; 
dispose moreover our days in peace, and rank us in the 
cumber of thine elect. Thro' Christ our Lord* Amen. 

On all Sundays throughout the year, when no particular 
Preface is appointed. 

IT is truly meet and just, right and available to salva- 
tion, that we should always, and in all places, give 
thanks to thee, O Holy Lord, Father Almighty, eter* 
nal God. Who, together with thy only begotten Son, 
and the Holy Ghost, art one God, and one Lord : not 
in a singularity of one person, but in a Trinity of sub- 
stance. For what, according as thou bast revealed, we 
believe of thy glory, the same we believe of thy Son, the 
same we believe of the Holy Ghost, without any differ- 
ence of distinction. So that, in the confession of the 
true and eternal Deity, we adore a distinction in the per- 
sons, an unity in the essence, and an equality in the 
jnajesty. . Which the angels and archangels, the cheru- 
bim likewise and seraphim praise, and cease not daily to 
cry out with one voice, saying : Holy, &c. as p. 50. 

On the Feasts of the B. F.Mary. 

IT is truly meet and just, right and available to salva- 
tion, that we should always, and in all places, give 
thanks to thee, O Holy Lord, Father Almighty, eternal 
God : and that we should praise, bless, and give thee 
.thanks oft the ** of blessed Mary ever a Virgin -, who 
also conceived thy only begotten Son by the over-sha- 

** Annunciation, Visitation, Assumption, Nativity, Presenta- 
tion, Conception, Venerable Festival, or Solemnity, according to 
tlit day. 

d by Google 



dowing of the Holy Ghost ; and, without losing the glo- 
ry of her virginity, brought forth the eternal light of the 
world, Jesus Christ our Lord. By whom the Angels, 
kc, as from this mark * in the Common Preface, p. 50. 

On the Feasts of Apostles and Evangelists. 

IT is truly meet and just, right and available to salva- 
tion, humbly to beseech thee, O Lord, that thou, O 
eternal Shepherd, wouldst never abandon thy flock ; but 
continue to protect it by thy Apostles : to the end it may 
always be governed by those whom thou didst appoint 
its Pastors and dry Vicars. And therefore with the An- 
gels and Archangels, with the thrones and dominations, 
and with all the heavenly host, we sing a hymn to thy 
glory, ever saying : Holy, 8rc. as p. 50. 


THEREFORE, most HHE igitur, clementissi- 

merciful Father we; JL me Pater, per Jesum 

humbly pray and beseech Christum, Filium tuum 

thee, thro* thy Son Jesus Dominum nostrum suppli- 

Christ our Lord, to accept ces rogamus, ac petimus, 

these gifts, these presents, nti accepta habeas, et be- 

these holy unspotted sacri— nedicas, hasc dona, . haec 

fices, which in the first munera, haec sancta sacri* 

place we offer to thee for ficia illibata, imprimis quae 

thy holy catholic Church, . tibi offerimus pro Ecclesia 

to which vouchsafe, we tua sancta catholica, . quam 

beseech thee, to grant pacificare, custodire, adu- 

peace ; as also to preserve, nare, et regere digneris . 

unite and govern her toio orbe terrarum, una 

throughout the world, to- cum famulo tuo Papa nos- 

gether with thy servant our tro N. et Antistite nostro 

chief Bishop N. and our N. et Rege nostro N. et 

Prelate N. and our King omnibus ortbodoxis, atque 

N. as also all orthodox catholica? et Apostolicse fi% 

believers, and professors dei cuUoribus. 
of the catholic and Aposto- 
lic faith. 

A Commemoration for the Living. 

Be mindful, O Lord, of Memento, Domine, fa* 

thy servants, men and wo- mulorum famularumque 

men. N. and N. tuarum N. et N. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Here mention those for whom you pray in particular $ 
then proceed as follows ; 

A NDofall here present, XT^T^ 01 ^ ^ 11 ^*** 

XjL whose faith and devo- 
tion are known to thee, for 
whom we offer, or who of- 
fer up to thee this sacrifice 
of praise for themselves, and 
for all theirs $ for the re- 
demption of their souls, for 
the hope of their salvation 
and safety, and pay their 
vows to thee, the eternal, 
living and true God. 

If there be a particular Communicantes assigned, 
say it: if not, say what follows : 


Fj tium,quonimtibi fides 
cognita est, et nota devotio, 
pro qoibns tibi offerimus y 
vel qui tibi offerunt hoc 6a* 
crificium laudis pro se, su* 
isque omnibus, pro redemp* 
tione animarum suarom, 
pro spe salutis, et incolu- 
mitatis suae, tibique red- 
dunt vota sua seterno Deo 
vivo ct vero. 

Vy with and honouring 
the memory, in the first 
place, of ever-glorious Vir- 
gin Mary, mother of our 
Lord God Jesus Christ 5 as 
also of the blessed Apostles 
and Martyrs, Feterand Paul, 
Andrew, James, John, Tho- 
mas, Jacob, Bartholomew, 
Matthew, Simon and Tha- 
dee, Linus, Cletus, Cle- 
ment, Xistus, Cornelius, 
Cyprian, Laurence, Chry- 
sogonus, John and Paul, 
Cosmas and Damian, and 
of all thy Saints; by whose 
merits and prayers, grant 
that we may in all things 
be defended by the help of 
thy protection. Thro* the 
same Christ our Lord. A- 

Vy et memoriarn vene- 
rantes, imprimis gloriosae 
semper Viginis Maria, ge- 
net ricis Dei et Domini nos- 
tri Jesu Christi ; sed et 
beatorum Apostolorum, et 
martyrum tuorum, Petri, 
et Pauli, Andreas, Jacobi, 
Joannis, Thomae, Jacobi, 
Philippi,Bartholomaei, Mat- 
thaei, Simonis, Thaddaei, 
Lini, Cleti, dementia, 
Xisti, Cornelii, Cypriani, 
Laurent ii, Chrysogoni, Jo- 
annis et Pauli, Cosmae, et 
Damiani, et omnium sanc- 
torum tuorum, quorum 
mentis precibusque conce- 
das, ut in omnibus protec- 
tionis tuae muniamur aux- 
ilio. Per eundem Chris- 
tum Dominum nostrum. 

The Priest spreading his hands over the oblation, says: 
r E therefore beseech TTANC igitur oblatio- 
thee, O Lord, gra- JT1 

w 1 

uem servitutis nos- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ciously to accept this obla- 
tion of oar servitude, as al- 
so of thy whole family, 
and dispose oar days in thy 
peace, and preserve us 
from eternal damnation, 
and rank as in the number 
of thy elect. Through 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Which oblation do thou, 
O God, vouchsafe, we 
beseech thee, in all things 
to make blessed, appro- 
ved, ratified, reasonable, 
and acceptable, that it may 
be made to us the Body 
and Blood of thy most 
beloved Son our Lord Je- 
sus Christ. 

Who the day before he 
suffered, took bread into 
his holy and venerable 
hands, and having lifted up 
his eyes towards heaven to 
thee, God, his almighty 
Father, giving thanks to 
thee, he blessed, brake, 
and gave to his disciples, 
saying t Take and eat ye 
all cf this, For this is 
xt Body* 

trse, sed et cunctse familial 
tuae, qusesumus , Domine, 
ut placatus accipias, diesque 
nostros in tua pace disponas, 
atque ab seterna damnatione 
nos eripi, et in electorum. 
tuorum jubeas grege nume- 
rari. Per Christum Domi- 
num nostrum. Amen. 

Quam oblationem tu, 
Deus, in omnibus, quse- 
sumus, benedictam, ad- 
scriptam, ratam, rationa- 
bilem, aoceptabitem que 
facere digneris, ut nobis 
Corpus et Sanguis fiat di* 
lectissimi Filii tui Domini 
nostri Jesu Christi. 

Qui pridie quam patere* 
tur, accepit panem insane* 
tas ac venerabiles manus 
suas, et ekvatis occulis in 
ccelum, ad teDeura Pattern 
suum omnipotentem, tibi 
gratias agens benedixtt, fre- 
git, deditque discipulis su- 
is, dicens: Accipite et 
manducate ex hoc omnes, 
Hoc ist enim Corpus 


Kneeling, the Priest adores, and then elevates the 
sacred host. 

IN like manner after he 
had sapped, taking al- 
so this excellent Chalice 
into his holy and venerable 
bands, giving thee also 
thanks, he blessed, and 
gave to his disciples, say- 
ing : Take, and drink ye 
all of Ms, For this is the 
Chalice of my Blood, 

SIMILI modo postquam 
coenatum est, accipi- 
ens et bunc preclarum 
Calicem in sanctas ac ve- 
nerabiles Manus suas, item 
tibi gratias agens, bene- 
dixit, deditque discipulis 
suis, jdicens : Accipite, et 
libite *x eo omnes, Hie 



d by Google 

MB *ft9HtAIY 


Testament, the Mrs* 
tery of Faith : which 


Remission op Sihs. 

As often as ye do these 
things, ye shall do them 
in memory of me. 

NI8 mei, Novi et M* 


Haec quotiescunquefece-* 
ritis, in mei memoriana 

Here the Priest, kneeling, adores, and then elevates 
the Chalice. 


V V Lord, we thy ser- 
vants, as also thy holy 
people, being mindful of 
the blessed Passion of the 
same Christ thy Son onr 
Lord and of his Resurrec- 
tion 5 as also of his glo- 
rious Ascension into hea- 
ven, offer unto thy most 
excellent majesty of thy 
gifts bestow'd upon us, a 
pure Host, a holy Host, 
an immaculate Host; the 
holy Bread of eternal life, 
and Chalice of everlasting 

Upon which vouchsafe 
to look down with a propi- 
tious and serene counte* 
nance, and to accept them, 
as thou wast pleased to ac- 
cept the gifts of thy just 
servant Abel, and the sacri- 
fice of oat Patriarch Abra- 
ham, and that which thy 
high-Priest Meicfatsedec 
offered to thee, a holy sa- 
crifice and immaculate host. 
We most humbly be- 
seech thee, almighty God, 
command these things to 

UNDE et memores, 
Domine, nos servi 
tut, sed et plebs tua sane- 
ta, ejusdem Christi Filii 
tui Domini rtostri tarn 
beat* Passionis necnon et 
ab inferis Resurrectioni», 
sed et in coelos gloriosae 
Asceasionis,ofierimus prae- 
clarse majestati toss de tub 
donis ac datis, Hostiaro, 
puram, Hostiam sanctatt*, 
Hostiam immaculatam, 
Panem sanctum vitas aster- 
nae, et Calicem salutis per- 

Supra quae propitio ac 
sereno vultu respicere ctig- 
neris, et accepta habere, 
sicuti accepta habere digna- 
tus es munera pueri tui 
jasti Abel, et sacriffcium 
Patriarchal nostri Abrahse, 
et quod tibi obtulit silm- 
mus Sacerdos tuus Mefohi- 
sedec, sanctum sacrificram, 
immaculatam hostiam. 

Supplices te rogarmn, 
omnipotero Deus, jube 
kec perfcrri per inanus 

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** THt MASS. 

be carried by the bands of 
thy holy Angel unto thy 
high altar, in the sight of 
thy divine majesty, that as 
many of us as by this par- 
ticipation of the altar, shall 
receive the finest sacred 
Body and Blood of thy Son, 
may be filled with all hea- 
venly blessing and grace* 
Through the same Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

The Commemoration for the Dead. 


sancti Angdi tui ift sub- 
lime altare mum, incon- 
spectu divinss majestatis 
tuae* nt quotquot ex hae 
aitarisparticipatione, sacro- 
sanctum Filii tui Corpus et 
Sanguinem sumpserirrrus, 
omni benedktione cceiesti 
et gratia repleamur. Per 
eundem Christum Domt* 
num nostrum. Amen. 

BE mindful, also, O 
Lord, of thy servants 

N. and N. who are gone 
before us, with the sign of 
faith, and rest in the sleep 
of peace. 

TVyf EMENTO, etiam, 

Domine, famulorura 
famularumque tuarum N. 
et N. qui nos praecesserunt 
cum signo fidei, et dormi- 
unt in somno pacis. 

Here the Priest prays a-while in silence for such Dead 
as are recommended to his prayers* Then he goes 

HPO whom, O Lord, 
X and to all that rest in 
Christ, grant, we beseech 
thee, a place of refresh- 
ment, of Kght, and of 
peace. Through the same 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Priest, striking his breast, says : 

r TK) ua, also, sinners, 
X thy servants, hoping 
in the multitude of thy 
mercies, vouchsafe to grant 
some part and society with 
thy holy Apostles and Mar- 
tyrs, with John, Stephen, 
Matthias, Barnabas* Igna- 
tius, Alexander, Marcelli- 
nns, Peter, Fcticitas, Per- 
petaa, Agatha, Lucy,: Ag- 
nes, Cecily, • Anastasia, 

1PSI8, Domine, et om- 
nibus in Chris to qui- 
escentibus, locum refrigerii, 
lucis et pacis, ut indulgeas 
deprecamur. Per eundem 
Christum Dominum nos- 
trum. Amen. 

NOBIS quoque pecca- 
toribus, feinulis tuis, 
de naukitudine miseratio- 
num tuarum sperantibus, 
partem aliquant et societa- 
tem donare digneriscum tuis 
Sanctis Apostolis et Marty- 
ribus, cum Joanne, Ste- 
phano, Matthia, Barnaba, 
Ignatio, Alexandre, Mar- 
cellino, Petro, Felicitate, 
Ferpetua, Agatha, Lucia, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



and all thy Saints; into 
whose company admit us, 
we beseech thee, not weigh- 
ing our merit, bat grant- 
ing us pardon. Through 
Christ our Lord. 

By whom, O Lord, thou 
dost always create, sancti- 
fy, quicken, bless, and 
give us all these good things. 
By him, and with him, and 
in him, is to thee, God the 
Father almighty, in the 
unity of the holy Ghost, 
all honour and glory. 

Pr. For ever and ever. 

P. Amen. 

Let us pray. 

wholesome Precepts, 
and taught by thy divine 
Institution, we presume to 

Our Father, who art 
in heaven : hallowed be 
thy name : thy kingdom 
come: thy will be done 
on earth, as it is in hea- 
ven. Give us this day our 
•daily bread: and forgive us 
our trespasses as we forgive 
them that trespass against 
us. And lead us not into 
temptation 3 but deliver us 
from evil. ■ , 

P. Amen. 

Deliver us, we beseech 
thee, O Lord, from all 
evils, past, present, and to 
come : and by the inter- 

Agnete, Ctecflia, Ana9ta- 
sia, et omnibus Sanctis, 
tuis, intra quorum nos con- 
sortium non ^estimator me- 
riti, sed vena* qusosnmus 
largitoradmitte. Per Chris- 
tum Dominum nostrum. 

Per quern haec omnia, 
Domme,semper bona creas, 
sanctificas, vivificas, bene- 
dicis, et prestas nobis. Per 
ipsum, et cum ipso, et in 
ipso, est tibi Deo Patri om- 
nipotent!, in unitate Spiri- 
tus sancti, omnis honor et 

Pr. Per omnia saecula sae- 

P. Amen. 


FL&CEPTIS ialutari- 
bus moniti, et divina 
Instkutione format^ aude- 
ums dicere : 

Pater noster, qui es in 
coelis : sanctificetur no- 
men tuum: adveniat Reg- 
num tuum : fiat voluntas 
tua sicut in coelo, et in ter- 
ra. Panem nostrum quo- 
tidianum.da nobis fcbdie : 
et demitte nobis debita 
nostra, . sicut et nos dimitti- 
mus debitoribus nostris. 
Et ne nos inducas in tenta- 
tionem : sed libera nos a 

P. Amen. 

Libera nos, quaesumus, 
Domkie, ab omnibus ma- 
lis, praeteritis, prasentibus 
et futuris: et intcrcedente 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


cession of the blessed and 
ever glorious Virgin Mary, 
the mother of God, and of 
the holy Apostles Peter and 
Paul, and of Andrew, and 
of all the Saints, favoura- 
bly grant us peace in our 
days; that through the as- 
sistance of thy mercy, we 
may be always free from 
sin, and secured from all 
disturbance. Through the 
same Lord Jesus Christ, 
thy Son, who with the* 
limn and reigneth God, 
in the unity of the holy 
Pr. World without end. 

P. Amen. 

Pr. The peace of out 
Lord be always with you. 
P. And with thy spirit. 


beata et gloriosa semper 
Virgine Dei genelrice Ma- 
ria, cum beads Apostolis 
tuis Petro et Paulo, atque 
Andrea, et omnibus Sanc- 
tis, da propitius pacem in 
diebus nostris : ut ope 
misericordies tuse adjuti, et 
a peccato simus semper li- 
beri et ab omni perturba- 
tione securi. Per eundem 
Dominum nostrum Jesura 
Christum, Filium tuum, 
qui tecum vivit et regnat 
in unitate Spiritus saucti 

Pr. Per omnia taenia sss* 
P. Amen. 

Pr. Pax Domini sit sem- 
per voblscum. 

P. Et cum spiritn 

Here, breaking the Host, he puts a particle thereof 
into the Chalice, saying: 


TAY this mixture and 
consecration of the 
Body and Blood of our 
Lord Jesus Christ, be to 
us that receive it, effectual 
to life everlasting. Amen* 

Then bowing, and striking his breast thrict, he says.* 

LAMB of God, that A GNUS Dei, qui tollia 
takest away the sins jmL peccata mundi, mi- 

HMC commixtio et 
oonsecratio Corporis 
et Sanguinis Domini nostrt 
Jesu Christi, fiat accipien* 
tibus nobis in vitam aeter* 


of the world, have mercy f 

Lamb of God, that tak- 
est away the srns of the 
world, have mercy on us. 

serere nobis. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis 
peccata mundi, miserere 

fAt these words, every time they are repeated, all strike their 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Lamb of God, that tak- Agnus Dei, qui tollic 
est away the sins of the peccata mundi, dona nobis 
world, grant us peace. paccm. . 

N. B. In Masses of Requiem, or o/MeDead, instead 
of: Miserere nobis : Have mercy on us : is said : 
• Dona eis requiem : Grant them rest : And instead 
of: Dona nobis pacera : Grant us peace : is said : 
Dona eis requiem sempiternam : Grant them ever- 
lasting rest. Nor doth the Priest or people strike 
their breasts, as at other Masses. The following 
prayer is also omitted. 

The Prayer before the Kiss of Peace. 
X 6RD Jesus Christ, T^OMINE Jesu Christe, 

J a who saidst to thy 
Apostles, I leave peace to 
you, my peace I give to 
you ; regard not my sins, 
but the &ith of thy Church, 
and vouchsafe her that 
peace and unity which is 
agreeable to thy will, who 
livest and reignest God for 
ever and ever. Amen, 

XJ qui dixisti Apostolus 
tuis, pacem relinquo vqbis, 
pacem meam do vobis ; ne 
respicias, peccata mea, sed 
fidem Ecclesiae tuae j earn- 
que secundum volcjtfatem 
tuam pacificare et coadu- 
nare digneris: qui vivia 
et. regnas Deus per omnia 
saecula'sseculoram. Amen. 
At the giving the Kiss, of Peace X • 
Peace be with thee. Pr. Pax tecum. P. Et 
cum spiritu tuo. 

Fili Dei vivi, qui ex 
voluntate Patris, co-ope* 
rante Spiritu sancto, per 
mortem tuam mundum vi- 
vificaati) libera me per 
hoc sacrosanctum Corpus 
et Sanguinem tuum, all 

P. And with thy spirit. 

LORD Jesus Christ, 
Son of the living 
God, who according to the 
will of thy Father, the 
holy Ghost co-operating, 
hast, by thy death, given 
life to the world y deliver 
me by this thy m6st sacred 

% Here, according to the Rubric, and the practice of the West- 
ern Church, the Kiss of Peace is to be given, in token of that mu- 
tual charity, which all ought to bring with them to this mystery of 
charity. In solemn Masses the Deacon receives this kiss from the 
officiating Priest ; he gives it the sub-deacon, from whom it goes, 
through all the Clergy. In private Masses, the Clerk holds forth 
to the Priest an instrument called the Paz, to kiss, which he after- 
wards kisseth himsslf, and in some places it is handed to all pre* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Body and Blood, from all 
my iniquities, and from all 
evils -, and make me always 
adhere to thy command- 
ments, and never softer 
me to be separated from 
thee 5 who with the same 
God the Father, and the 
holy Ghost, livest and 
reignest God, world with- 
out end. Amen. 

Let not the partici- 
pation of thy Body, Q 
Lord Jesus Christ, which 
I, unworthy, presume to 
receive, turn to my judg- 
ment and condemnation; 
but let it, thro* thy mer- 
cy, be available to the safe- 
guard and remedy both of 
the soul and body : who 
with God the Father, in 
the unity of the holy Ghost, 
livest and reignest God, 
for ever and ever. Amen. 


omnibus miqukatibus meis 
et universis malis; et faC 
me tuis semper, inhserere 
mandatis, et a te nunquara 
separari pennittas 5 qui cum 
eodem Deo Patre et Spiritu 
sancto vivis et regnas Deus 
in saecula saxulorum.— 

Perceptio Corporis tui, 
Domine Jesu Christe, quod 
ego indignus sumere prae- 
sumo, non mini prove- 
niat in judicium et con- 
demnationem 5 sed pro 
tua pietate prosit mihi ad 
tutamentum mentis et cor- 
poris et ad medelam per- 
cipiendam : qui vivis et 
regnas cum Deo Patre, in 
unitate Spiritus sancti Deus, 
per omnia saecula saeculo- 
rum. Amen. 

tine, kneeling, rising, and taking the Host in his 
Hands, he says : 

1W1U take the Bread "QANEM ccelestem ac- 
of heaven, and will JL cipiam, & nomen Do- 
call upon the name of our mini invocabo. 

He strikes his I r east, saying 
devoutly : 

LORD, I am not wor- 
thy, that thou shouldst 
enter under my roof ; say 
but only the word, and my 
soul shall be healed. 

Lord, I am not worthy, 

that thou shouldst enter 

under my roof 5 say but 

% omy the word, and my 

soul shall be healed. 

thrice, humbly and 

DOMINE, non sum 
dignus, ut intres sub 

tectum meum; sed tantum 
die verbo, et sanabitur ani- 

Domine, non sum dig- 
nus, ut intres sub tectum 
meum; sed tantum die 
verbo, et sanabitur anima 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Lord, I am not worthy* Doming, non sum dig- 
that thou ahouldst enter mis, ut intra tub tectum 
under my roof 5 say but meum ; sed tantum die 
only the word, and my verbo, et sanabitur anima 
soul shall be healed.}: mea. 

Receiving reverently loth parts of the Host he says .• 

THE Body of our Lord /^OftPUS Domini nostri 

Jesus Christ preserve \^ Jesu -Christi custgdiat 

my soul to everlasting life, aniiqam meam m vitam 

Amen. aeternam. Amen. 

Taking the Chalice he says : 

WHAT shall I render f^AUID retribuam l>Ch 

to our Lord for all Va£ mino pro omnibus 

things that he hath given quae retribuit mihi ? 
to me ? 

I will take the Chalice Calicem salutaris acci- 

of salvation, and I will piam, et nomen Domini 

call on the name of our invocabo. 

X Here, if duly disposed, go up to the rails to receive the holy 
Communion. For the Mass being the sacrifice of jhe People, a$ 
well as of the Priest, it is agreeable to the intention of the Church, 
that the people should. partake thereof, before theassembly be dis* 
missed by the : Ite, Missa est. Moreover thePosTCOMMUNioK, 
which is the proper prayer of thanksgiving after communion, be- 
ing common to Priest and People, it is to be wished they would 
communicate at the proper time, that is, immediately after the 
communion of the Priest. Join therefore with the Clerk in saying 
the Confiteor with a true sorrow, and compunction for yoar sins. 
Then the Priest having said : May almighty God have mercy on 
you, forgive you your sins, and bring you to life everlasting. IL 
Amen. May the Lord, who is almighty and merciful, grant you 
pardon, absolution, and remission of your sjns. R. Amen. He 
takes the Sacred Host in his hand, again turns about, and says : 
Behold the Lamb of God : Behold him who taketh away the sins of 
the world. Lord I am not worthy, &c. thrice. , Repeat these 
last words with him thrice, striking your breasts in token of your 
unworthiness. Then having the towel spread on your hands, your 
eyes modestly closed, your head likewise raised up, and your 
mouth conveniently opened, receive the holy sacrament on your 
tongue resting on your under lip ; then close your mouth, and say 
in your heart : Amenx I believe it to be the body of Christ, and 
I pray it may preserve my soul to eternal life. Then withdraw 
from the rails, and when the Priest receives the first and second 
ablution, of washing of the chalice, say such prayers as best 
suit your devotion. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

*>F THE MASS. 65 

I will call oo oar Lord, Lanctoiw iavocabo Do- 

ia praising him j and I minum, et ab inimicis meis 

shall be safe from my eae- salvus era 

Receiving the Blood of our Saviour, he says : 

HPHE Blood of our QANGU1S Domini no- 

JL Lord Jesus Christ O stri Jesu Christi custo- 

preserve my soul to ever- diat animam meam in vi- 

lasting life, Atoen. tarn aeternam. Amen. 

Taking the first Ablution, he says : 

GRANT, O Lord, that /~\\JOD ore sumpsimus, 

what we have taken Vac Domine, pura roenie 

with our mouth, we may capiamus, et de munere 

receive with a pure mind, temporal i fiat nobis reme- 

that of a temporal gift it dium sempiternum. 
may become to us an eter- 
nal remedy. 

Taking the second Ablution, he says : 

MAY thy Body, O flORPUS tuum, Do- 
Lord, which I have v_y mine, quod sumpsi, 
received, and thy Blood, et Sanguis quern potavi, 
which I have drank, cleave adhaereat visceribus meis ; 
to my bowels : And grant, et praesta, ut in me non re- 
that no stain of sin remain maneat scelerum macula, 
in me, who have been quern pura et sancta refe- 
fiourished by thy pure and cerunt sacramenta. Qui 
holy sacraments. Who vivis at regnas in saecula 
livest and reignest for ever saeculorum. Amen. 
and ever. Amen. 

When you do not go to Communion, instead of the two 
foregoing Prayers, say the following one. 

IT is my own unworthiness, O Lord, and not hav- 
ing subdued my unruly passions through my own 
sloth and indolence, that have deprived me of the happi- 
ness of partaking in reality of these sacred mysteries. 
But deprive me not entirely of the effects thereof; ra- 
ther let some mites from thy holy table fall on my fa- 
mished soul. Inflame it with thy love, give it a spiri- 
tual hunger and thirst after this nourishment, and per- 
mit me not to pine away, through my own unworthi- 
ness, sloth and negligence, for want of this heavenly 
vol. i. f * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


food, which gives immortality. Thro' Jesus Christ our 

Lord. Amen. 

Then say the Communion, as in its proper place, 
Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Dominus vobiscum* 

with you. 
P. And with thy spirit. P. Et cum spiritu tuo. 

Let us pray. 

Then is said the Postcommunion, which seek in its 
proper place : and add the following prayer : 

DEFEND also from all Adversity thy Servants Pope 
N. our Bishop N. George our King, Charlotte 
our Queen, and their Royal issue, together with the 
people and army committed to his care ; grant peace in 
our days, and drive from thy Church all wickedness, 
thro 1 our Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son, who lives and 
reigns with thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one 
God, world without end. Amen. 

From Candlemas-day till Passion Sunday, and from 

die III. Sunday after Pentecost, until Advent, 

except on Doubles, and within Octaves, after the 

proper Postcommunion the following is the 

II. POSTCOM. (Mundet.) May the Oblation of this 

divine Sacrament, we beseech thee, O Lord, both cleanse 

and defend us : and by the intercession of the blessed 

Mary the Virgin-Mother of God, of the blessed Apostles 

Peter and Paul, of blessed N. and of all the Saints, free 

us from all sin, and deliver us from all adversity. 

Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Dominus vobiscum. 
with you. P. And with P. Et cum spiritu tuo. 
thy spirit. 

Pr. Go, you are dismis- Pr. Ite, missa est, or, 
sed, or. Let us bless the Benedlcarnus Domino. P. 
Lord. P. Thanks be to Deogratias. 

in Masses of RsauiEM, or of the Dead, instead of 
Ite, Missa est, is said : 

Pr. May they rest in Pr. Requiescant in pace, 
peace. P. Amen, P. Amen. 

When the Priest, bows down lefore the altar, say : 

LET the performance TJLACEAT tibi, sancta 
of my duty, O holy J. Triuitas, obsequium 

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Trinity, be pleasing to thee, 
and grant, that the sacrifice 
which I unworthy have of- 
fered np in the sight of thy 
majesty, may be acceptable 
to thee j and thro' thy mer- 
cy, be propitiatory to me, 
and to all those for whom 
I have offered it. Thro* 
Christ oar Lord. ' Amen. 


servitntis mes, et prsesta, 
ut sacrificium qnod occulis 
tuae majestatis indignus ob- 
tnli, tibi sit acceptabile; 
mihique, et omnibus pro 
quibus illud obtuli, sit, te 
miserante, propitiabile. Per 
Christum Dominum nos- 
trum. Amen. 


ther, Son, and holy 
Ghost, bless you. 
P. Amen. 

Pr. Our Lord be with 

P. And with thy spirit. 
Pr. The beginning of the 

holy Gospel, according 
to St. John. 

P. Glory be to thee, 

IN the beginning was 
the word, and the 
word was with God: 
and the word was God. 
This was in the beginning 
with God. All things 
were made by him 5 and 
without him was made 
nothing which was made. 
In him was life, and the 
life was the light of men 3 
and the light shineth in 
darkness, and the darkness 
did not comprehend it. 

There was a man sent 
from God, whose name 
was John. This man came 
for testimony, to give tes- 
timony of the light, that all 

BENEDICAT vos om- 
nipotens Deus, Pater, 
et Films, et Spiritus sanc- 

P. Amen. 

Pr. Dominus vobiscum. 

P. Et cum spiritu tuo. 
Pr. Inilium sancti Evangelii, 
secundun Joannem. 

P. Gloria tibi, Domine. 

IN principio erat ver- 
bum, et verbnm erat 
apod Deum : et Deus erat 
verbura . Hoc erat in prin- 
cipio apud Deum . Om n ia 
per ipsum facta sunt, et 
sine ipso factum est nihil, 
quod factum est. In ipso 
vita erat, et vita erat lux 
hominum : et lux in tene- 
bris lucet, et tenebrae earn 
non comprehenderunt. 

Fuit homo missus a Deo, 
cut nomen erat Joannes. 
Hie venit in testimonium, 
ut testimonium perhiberet 
de lumine, ut omnes ere- 

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might believe through him. 
He was not the light ; but 
to give testimony of the 
light. It was the true light, 
which enlightneth every 
man that cometh into this 

He was in the world, 
and the world was made by 
him, and the world knew 
him not. He came to his 
own, and is own received 
him not. But as many 
as received him, he gave 
them power to be made the 
Sons of God 5 to those 
that believe in his name ; 
who, not of blood, nor of 
the will of flesh, nor of 
the will of man, but of God 
are born: And tub word 


dwelt in us. And we saw 
the glory of him -, glory as 
it were of the only begotten 
of the Father, full of grace 
and verity. 

P. Thanks be to God. 

derent per ilium. Nan 
erat ille lux ; sed ut testi- 
monium perhiberet de la- 
mine. Erat lux vera, quae 
illuminat omnem hominem 
venieutem in hunc mun- 

In mundo erat, et mun- 
dus per ipsum factus est, 
et mundus earn non cogno- 
vit. In propria venit, et 
sui eum non receperunt. 
Quotquot autem recepe- 
runt eum, dedit eis potes- 
tatem Filios Dei fieri ; his, 
qui credunt in nomine ejus : 
qui non ex sanguinibus, 
neque ex voluntate carnis, 
neque ex voluntate viri ; aed 
ex Deo nati sunt : et veh- 


et habitavit in nobis ; et 
vidimus gloriam ejus, glo- 
riaro quasi unigenitt a pat re, 
plenum gratis? et veritatis. 

P. Deo gratias. 

The following V. JR. and- Prayer qre to he said every 
Sunday and Holiday after Mass. 

V. O Lord, save George 
our King. 

R. And hear us in the 
day we call upon thee* 

V. Glory be to the Fa- 
ther, and to the Son, and 
to the Holy Ghost. 

R, As it was in the be- 
ginning, now is, and ever- 
more shall be, world with- 
out end. Amen* 

V. Domine, salvum fao 
Regem nostrum Georgium. 

R. Et exaudi nos in die 
qua invocaverimus te. 

V. Gloria Patri et Filio 
et Spiritui Sancto. 

R. Sicut erat in princi- 
pioet nunc et semper, etin 
saecula saeculorura. Amen. 


Let us pray. Qu*$tmns. 
E beseech thee, O Almighty God, that thy ser- 
vant George our king, who by thy mercy hath 

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undertaken the government of these realm*, may also 
receive an increase of all virtues, wherewith being 
adorned, he may avoid every enormity of sin, vanquish 
his enemies ; and being rendered acceptable in thy 
sight, may, together with Charlotte our queen, and 
their royal issue, come at length to thee, who art the 
way, the truth and the life, through Christ our Lord. 
R. Amen* 

A Prayer for obtaining the effects of a Plenary or other 
Indulgences granted by the Church. 


AN Indulgence is a favour granted by the Church to 
penitent sinners, whereby, in consideration of 
their performing some particular acts of religion, speci- 
fied in the grant of the indulgence, the whole, or part 
of the canonical pennance,, formerly enjoined for parti- 
cular sins, is relaxed and remitted. If the whole be 
remitted, the Indulgence is called Plenary ; if only a 
part, it is called an indulgence of seven years, four 
years, two years, or forty days, according to the part 
of the Canonical pennance to be remitted. 

Hence it appears that an Indulgence is so far from be- 
ing either a leave or permission to commit sin, that it is 
not so much as even a forgiving of sins, but only a re- 
laxation of the punishment due to sins already forgiven 
in the sacrament of pennance. 

The following decree therefore of the Council of Trent, 
explains the doctrine of the Catholic Church, concern- 
ing her power in the grant of indulgences, and the use 
she wishes to be made of this power. Sess. 24 de Re- 
form. i€ As the power of bestowing Indulgences was 
" granted by Christ to the Church, and as the Church, 
" even in the most early ages, made use of this power, 
" the holy Synod teacheth and appointeth the use of 
" indulgences, so very salutary to Christian people, 
" and approved of by the authority of the sacred Coun- 
" cils, to be retained in the Church ; but desires that 
"moderation should be used in the grant of them, 
" according to the antient and approved use of the 
" Church 5 lest, by too much ease, the discipline of the 
" Church be enervated. But desiring likewise that the 
" abuses that have crept therein may he corrected, she 
" orders in general the abolishing all traffic for gaining 
y 2 

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M the same. And desires ait the Bishops to apply 
C€ proper remedies to whatever abuses may have arisen. 
** from superstition, ignorance, and irreverence, in the 
* use thereof." 

The conditions upon which alone we can receive the 
effects of any indulgence, are, J . To be truly sorry for 
our sins. 2. To have a sincere desire of satisfying for 
them. 3. To satisfy as far as is in our power. 4. To 
have obtained the remission of sin as to the guilt of it. 
5. To fulfil the acts of religion prescribed for the ob- 
taining of the Indulgence ; such a& tasting, praying, visit- 
ing churches, giving alms, receiving the blessed Eucha- 
rist, &c. 


O Almighty and everlasting God, it is with confusion 
of countenance and contrition of heart that I pre* 
sent myself in this posture of humility on my bended 
knees before thy divine Majesty, whom I have offended 
most grievously by my manifold crimes and offences. 
Great hath been their enormity, and such as thy justice 
would have punished with eternal torments, had not thy 
mercy interposed, and saved tee from thy wrath by the 
blood of thy only Son, which ham been applied to my 
soul by thy minister in the sacrament of pennance. Thou 
hast again therefore, in thy infinite goodness, admitted 
me into favour : thou hast placed me again at thy table 
with thy children, and fed me with the food of life^ and 
the bread of .Angels. But I can never forget my past 
ingratitude to thee, O my God, my Father, and my 
King. I detest again all the crimes I have ever com- 
mitted against thy divine Majesty. I acknowledge, that 
tbo* thou hast taken away my sins, there remameth yet 
a punishment due to them. The discipline of thy Church, 
though ever unchangeable in the spirit that guides and 
directs it, requires no longer those external rigours of 
pennance formerly practised, and which I know the 
enormity of my sins demand ; but thy justice is still the 
same, and sin must still be satisfied for. This, my God, 
I have in some measure endeavoured to do; and I will 
still increase my efforts to the best of my power. 

But do thou, O God, confirm and ratify what thy 
Vicar on earth hath done. He has opened the treasures 
of the Church, and I may now apply to my soul the 

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TE MUlf; }% 

superabundant merits of Jesus Christ, thy only son, and 
those of all his saints, which are his own gifts in them, 
to supply all the defects of my satisfaction for sin. 

Accept therefore the alms, fasts, and prayers which I 
offer to thy divine Majesty. I pray not for myself only, 
hot for the whole Catholic Church all over the world. 
For the supreme Pastor thereof, the successor of St. Pe- 
ter, the chief of thy Apostles : for the Prelate, to whom 
thou hast committed the care of thy flock in this district, 
and for all the Pastors, who labour under him in the 
salvation of souls : for the Prince appointed by thee for 
the government of these realms. I pray also for all 
Christian Princes, that they may live in peace and per- 
fect concord, and avoid all the profanations, horrors, 
and devastations of war. Look down also, in thy mercy, 
on all those unhappy souls that know not thee, the true 
and living God, or refuse to believe those truths thou 
hast revealed to thy holy Catholic Church, or obstinately 
remain separate therefrom, and by schism destroy that 
unity, which thy only-begotten Son appointed to be kept 
by all his disciples. Grant this my humble petition, I 
beseech thee, O almighty God, thro* the same Jesus 
Christ thy Son our Lord, who with thee and the Holy 
Ghost liveth and reigneth one God world without end. 


Which may be said after Mass ("except in the time of 
pennancej or on occasion of any public or private 


•HEE, sov'reign God, *^*E Deum laudamus : 
our grateful accent's 

praise : 

We own thee, Lord, and Te Dominum confitemur. 

bless thy wond'rous ways. 
To thee, Eternal Father, 

earth's whole frame, Te sternum Patrem omnis 

With loudest trumpet . terra veneratur. , 

sounds immortal fame, 
lord God of hosts! to thee .Tibiomnes AngeH, tibi c«- 

the heavenly powers, li et universal Potestates i 

With sounding anthems, . 

fill thy vaulted tow'ra* 

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?2 Tft OttTK. 

The Cherubim thrice Holy, 
Holy, Holy, cry : 

Thrice Holy all the Sera- 
raphim reply, 

And thrice returning echo's 
endless songs supply. 

Both heaven and earth thy 
majesty display ; 

They owe their beauty to 
thy glorious ray/ 

Thy praises fill the loud 
Apostles' choir : 

The train of Prophets in 
the song conspire. 

Legions of Martyrs in the 
chorus shine, 

And vocal blood with vocal 
music join. 

By these thy church, in- 
spired with heav'nly art, 

Around the world main- 
tains a second part ; 

And tunes her sweetest 
notes, O God, to thee 

The Father of unbounded 
majesty $ 

The Son, ador'd co-partner 
of thy Seat, 

And equal everlasting Para- 

Thou King of glory, Christ, 
of the most High, 

Thou co-eternal filial Dei- 

Thou, who to save the 
world's impending doom, 

Vouchsaf dst to dwell with- 
in a virgin's womb : 

Old tyrant Death disarm'd ; 
before thee flew 

The bolts of heav'n, and 
back the foldings drew 

To give access, and make 
the faithful way ; 

From God's right hand thy 

Tibl Cherubim et Sera- 
phim incessabili voce 
proclamant : 

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, 
Dominus Deus Sabaoth. 

Pleni sunt coeli et terra ma- 
jestatis gloria tuae. 

Te gloriosus Apostolorum 

chorus ; 
Te Prophetarum laudabilis 

numerus 5 . 

Te Martyrum candidates 
laudat exercitus. 

Te per orbem terrarum 
sancta confiteturecclesia. 

Patrem immense majesta- 

tis ; 
Venerandum tuum verum, 

et untcum Filium $ 
Sanctum quoque Paracli- 

tum spiritum. 
Tu Rex gloriae Christe. 

Tu patris sempiternus es 

Tu ad liberandum suscep- 
turus hominem, non 
horruisti virginis uterum : 

Tu, devicto mortis aculeo, 
aperuisti credentibus reg- 
na coelorura. 

Tu ad dexteram Dei sedes: 

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filial beams display. 

Thou art to judge the liv- 
ing and the dead : 

Then spare those souls 
for whom thy veins have 

O take lis up among the 
West above, 

To share with them thy 
everlasting love. 

Preserve, O Lord, thy peo- 
ple, and enhance 

Thy blessing on thy own 

For ever raise their hearts, 
and rule their ways. 

Each day we bless thee, 
and proclaim thy praise. 

No age shall fail to cele- 
brate thy name : 

Nor hour neglect thy ever- 
lasting fame. 

Preserve our souls, O Lord, 
this day from ill : 

Have mercy on us, Lord, 

- have mercy still. 

As we have hop'd, do thou 
reward our pain ; 

We've hop'd in thee, let 
not our hope be vain. 
V. Let ns bless the Fa- 
ther, the Son, and Holy 

Ghost. R. Let us praise 

and extol him for ever. 

TB DKUX. 73 

in gloria Fatris. 
Judex crederis esse ventdf- 
Te ergo quaesumus, tuis fa- 

mulis subveni, quos pre- 

tioso sanguine redemisti. 
iEtcrna fac cum Sanctis tuis 

in gloria numerari: 

Salvum fac populum tuum, 
Domine: et benedic hae- 
reditati tux. 

Et rege eos, et extolle illos 
usque in sternum. 

Per singulos dies benedki- 
mus te* 

Et laudamus nomen tuum 
in saeculum : et in specu- 
lum saeculi. 

Dignare, Domine, die isto; 

sine peccato nos custodire. 

Miserere nostri, Domine : 

miserere nostri. 
Fiat raisericordia tua, Do- 
mine, super nos: quem- 
admodum speravtmus in 

V. Benedicamus Patrera 
et Filiura, cum Sancto Spi- 
ritu. R. Laudemus et super- 
exaltemus eum in saecula. 

Let us pray. Dens cujus. 

OGod, of whose mercies there is no number, and 
of whose goodness the treasure is infinite : We 
humbly thank thy most gracious majesty for the favours 
thou hast bestowed on us , ever beseeching thy clemen- 
cy, that. as thou grantcst our request when we humbly 
ask thee, so thou wouldst not forsake us, bat dispose at 
for the rewards of the life to come. Through Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

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' 74 SUNDAY. 



Our Father. Hail Mary in silence. 

V./~\ God, come thou to V.T^EUS, inadjutorium 

my assistance. R. 
O Lord, make haste to help 

Glory be to the Father, 
and to the Son,* and to the 
Holy Ghost. 

As it was in the begin- 
ning, is now, and ever- 
more shall be,* world with- 
out end. Amen. Alleluia. 

meum intende. R. 

Domine, ad adjuvandum 

me festina. 

Gloria Patri et Filio,*et 

Spiritui Sancto. 

Sicut erat in principio, 
et nunc, ej semper,* et in, 
saecula saeculorum. Amen. 

Alleluia is always said, except from the Complin of 
Saturday before Septuagesima Sunday to the Complin 
of Wednesday. in Holy Week ; during which time 

> is said : 

Praisebe to thee, O Lord, Laus tibi, Domine, Rex 
King of eternal glory. aeternas glorias. 

Anth. The Lord said. Ant. Dixit Dominus. 

Psalm cix. 

THE Lord said unto TTV DUT Dominus Doroi- 

my . Lord :* sit thou 1 J no meo :*sede a dex* 

on my right hand : tris meis : '• 

. Until I make thyene- Donee ponam intmicos 

mies* the footstool of thy 

The Lord shall send forth 
the sceptre of thy might 
from Sion :*rule thou in 
the midst of thy enemies. 

Thine shall be the sove- 
reignty in the day of thy 
might, in the brightness of 
the saints :*from the womb 
before the day-star I begot 

The Lord hath sworn, 
and he will not repent :* 
thou art a priest for ever 

tuos,*scabellum pedum tuo- 

Virgam virtutis tuae emit- 
tet Dominus ex Sion :*do- 
minare in medio inimico- 
rum tuorum. 

Tecum principium in die 
virtutis tuae, in splendori- 
bus sanqtorum :*ex utero 
ante luciferum genui te. 

Juravit Dominus, etnon 
pcenitebit.eum:*tu es sa- 
cerdos in aeternum secun- 

according to the order of dum ordinem Melchisedec. 

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The Lord on thy right 
hand*hath crushed kings 
in the day of his wrath. 

He shall judge the na- 
tions, he shall accomplish 
their ruin :*he shall crush 
heads in the land of many. 

Of the brook shall he 
drink in the way ^there- 
fore shall he raise up his 


Dominus a dextris tuis :* 
confregit in die irae suae re- 

Judicabit in natiooibus, 
implebit ruinas :*conquas- 
sabit capita in terra multo- 

De torrente in via bibet :* 
propterea exaltabit caput. 

N.B. Glory be to the Father, 
end of every Psalm. 

Anth. The Lord said 
unto my Lord: sit thou 
on my right hand. 

Anth. True and lasting. 

Psalm ex. 

&c. is said at the 

Ant. Dixit Dominus Do- 
mino meo : sede a dextris 
Ant. Fidelia. 

I Will praise thee, O 
Lord, with my whole 
heart :*in the assembly of 
the righteous, and in the 
Great are the works of the 
Lord : 'exquisite, and a* 
greealle to all his designs, f 

His work is his praise 
and glory : *and his justice 
remaineth for ever. 

The merciful and graci- 
ous Lord hath appointed a 
memorial of his wonderful 
works :*he hath given food 
to them that fear him. 

He will for ever be mind- 
ful of his covenant:* the 
greatness 'of his works will 
he publish to his people, 

To give them the inheri- 
tance of the Gentiles :* the 

Domine, in toto cor- 
de meo :*in concilio justo- 
rum et congregatione. 

Magna opera Domini :* 
exquisita in omnes volunta- 
tes ejus. 

Confessio et magnificen- 
tia opus ejus:*et justitla ejus 
manet insaeculum saeculi. 

Memoriam fecit mirabi- 
lium suorum, misericors, 
et miserator Dominus :* 
escam dedit timentibus se. 

Meraor erit in sssculum 
testamenti sui : *virtutem o- 
perum suorum annuntiabit 
populo suo, 

Ut det illis haereditatem 
gentium :*opera manuum 

f Or, Sought after by all that take pleasure therein* 

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£6 StWDAY. 

works of his hands are 
truth and justice. 

True and lasting are all 
his ordinances, confirmed 
for ever and ever:*made 
in truth add justice. 

He hath sent redemp- 
tion to his people :*he hath 
appointed his covenant for 
9 ever. 

Holy and awful is his 
name :*the beginning of 
wisdom is the fear of the 

All understand it aright 

. who practise it:*his praise 

endureth for ever and ever. 

Anth. True and lasting 
are all his ordinances, con- 
iirraed for ever and ever. 

Anth. In his command- 

ejus Veritas, et judicium. 

Fidelia omnia mandata 
ejus, confirmata in saeculum 
sseculi :*facta in veritate et 

Redemptionem misit po- 
pulo suo :*mandavit in «- 
ternurn testamentum suum. 

Sanctum et terribile no* 
men ejus ;*initium sapien- 
tias timor Domini. 

Intellectus bonus omni- 
bus facientibus eum :*lau- 
datio ejus manet in saecu- 
lum saeculi. 

Ant. Fidelia omnia man- 
data ejus, confirmata in 
weculum sasculi. 
' Ant. In mandate 

Psalm cxi. 

BLESSED is the man 
that feareth the Lord:* 
who in his commandments 
taketh great delight. 

Mighty on earth shall be 
his seed :*the generation 
.of the righteous shall be 
• blessed. ^ 

Glory and wealth shall be 
in his house : * and his 
righteousness endureth for 
ever and ever. 

There is risen in darkness 
a light to the upright :* 
the Lord is merciful, com- 
passionate, and just. 

Acceptable is the man, 
that sheweth mercy, and 
lendeth ; he shall order his 

BEATUS vir, qui timet 
dominum :*in rnanda- 
tis ejus volet nimis. 

Potens in terra exit se- 
men ejus:*generatio rec- 
torum benedicetur. 

Gloria et divitiae in domo 
ejus :*et justitia ejus ma- 
net in saeculum saeculi. 

Exortum est in tenebris 
lumen rectis: *misericors, 
miserator, et Justus. 

Jucundus homo, .qui mi- 
seretur, etcommodat, dis- 
ponet sermones soft in 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

words with judgment:* 
and be shall never stagger. 

In eternal remembrance 
shall be the righteous man : 
*he shall not fear a bad 

His heart is steady to 
hope in the Lord : his heart 
is strengthened : * he shall 
not stagger till he despise 
his enemies. 

He hath distributed, and 
given to the poor: bis 
righteousness remaineth for 
ever :* bis power shall be 
exalted in glory. 

The sinner shall see it, 
and be enraged : be shall 
gnash his teeth, and pine 
away :*the desire of sinners 
shall come to nought. 

Anth. In his command- 
ments he taketh great de- 

Anth. Let the name of 
the Lord. 

▼bspbrs. 77 

judicio :*quia in sternum 
non commovebitur. 

In memoria asterna erit 
Justus ,* ab auditione mala 
non timebit. 

Paratum cor ejws sperare 
In Domino: oonfumatum 
est cor ejus :*non common 
vebitur, donee despiciat 
inimicos suoa. 

Disnersit, dedit pauperi- 
bus : justitia ejus manet in 
saeculum saeculi t * cornu 
ejus exaltabitur in gloria. 

Peccator videbit, et iras* 
cetur : dentibus suis fremet 
et tabescet : * desiderium 
pecoatorum peribit. 

Ant. In mandatis 
cupit nimis. 


Ant. Sit nomen Domini* 

Psalm cxii. 

PIAISE the Lord, ye 
servants of the Lord:* 
praise ye the name of the 

Let the name of the Lord 
be blessed : * now and for 

From the rising of the 
snn to the setting thereof : 
* worthy of praise is the 
name of the Lord. 

High is the Lord above 
fill the nations r*and above 
the heavens is his glory. 

Who is like unto the 
LorttourGod, whodwell- 
vol. i. < 

minum .-*laudate no-» 
men Domini. 

> Sit nomen Domini bene* 
dictum; *eat hoc nunc et 
usque in saeculum. 

A solis ortu usque ad oc~ 
casum •• * laudabile nomen 

Excelsus super omnes 
gentes Dominus :*et super 
coelos gloria ejus. 

Gtuis sicut Dominus De* 
us noster, qui in alti&ba- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


etb on high : *and beboldeth 
what is below in heaven, 
and on earth. 

Who from the earth 
raiseth up the needy one:* 
and from the dunghill lift- 
ed), up the poor one $ 

To place him with the 
princes :* with the princes 
of his people. 

Who maketh the barren 
woman dwell in her house : 
* the joyful mother of ma- 
ny children. 

Anth. Let the name of 
the Lord be blessed for 

Anth, We who are alive. 

bitat .•* et humilia respicit 
in ccelo, et in terra. 

Suscitans a terra ino- 
pem.-* et de stercore eri- 
gens pauperem 5 

Ut collocet eum cum 
principibus : * cum princi- 
pibus popuK sui. 

Qui habitare facit steri- 
lem in domo .* * matrem 
filiorum laetantem. 

Ant. Sit nomen Domini 
benedictun* in saecula. 

Ant. Nos qui vivimus. 

Psalm cxiii. 

WHEN Israel went 
out of Egypt : * 
the house of Jacob from a 
barbarous people ; 

Judea became his sanctu- 
ary : * Israel his empire. 

The sea saw them, and 
fled : * The Jordan ran 
back to its fountain-head. 

The mountains skipped 
like rams : * the hills like 
the lambs of ewes. 

What ailed thee, O sea, 
that thou didst flee ? * and 
thee, O Jordan, that thou 
didst run back to thy foun- 
tain head ? 

Ye mountains, that ye 
skipped like rams ? * and 
ye hills, like the lambs of 
ewes ? 

At the presence of the 

IN exitu Israel de 
^Egypto :* domus Ja- 
cob de populo barbaro : 

Facta est Judaea sanctifi- 
caatio ejus:*Israel potestas 

Mare vidit, et fugit :* 
Jordanis conversus est re- 
trorsum ? 

Montes evultaverunt ut 
arietes :* et colles sicut ag- 
ni ovium. 

Quid est tibi mare, quod 
fugisti r* et tu Jordanis, 
quia conversus es retror- 
sum t 

, Montes, exultastis sicut 
arietes ?*et colles sicut agni 
ovium ? 

A facie Domini mota e# 

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Lord tbe earth trembled :* 
at the presence of the God 
of Jacob. 

Who changed the rock 
into pools of water : * and 
the stony hill into fountains 
of water. 

Not unto us, O Lord, 
Hot unto us : * but unto 
thy own name give all the 

For thy mercy's sake, 
and for thy sure promise 5* 
never let the Gentiles say : 
where now is their God ? 

For our God is in hea- 
ven : * he hath done all . 
things whatsoever he pleas- 

The idols of the Gentiles 
are but silver and gold :* 
the work of the hands of 

They have mouths, but 
they shall not speak :*they 
have eyes, but they shall not 

They have 'ears, but they 
shall not hear:*they have 
nostrils, but they shall not 

They have hands, but 
they shall not feel 5 they 
have feet, but they shall 
not walk :*neither shall 
they cry out with their 

I^t those "that make 
them, become like unto 
them:*and all that put 
their trust in them. 

The house of Israel hath 
hoped in the Lord:*heis 
their help, and their pro- 

terra :*a facie Dei Jacob. 

Qui convertit petramin 
stagna aquarum ?*et rupem 
in fontes aquarum. 

Non nobis, Domine, non 
nobis :*sed nomini tuo da 

Super misericordii tua, et 
veritate tua :* ne quando 
dicant Gentes : ubi est 
Deus eorum ? 

• Deus autem noster *n cce- 
lo: * omnia, quae-suraque 
voluit, fecit. 

Simulachra Gentium ar- . 
gentum et aurum:*opera 
manuum hominum. 

Os habent, et non loquen- 
tur :*oculos habent, et non 

Aures habent, et non au- 
dient: * nares habent, et- 
non odorabiint. 

Manus habent, et non 
palpabunt 5 pedes habent, 
et non ambulabunt : * non 
clamabunt in gutture suo. 

Similes illis fiant, qui fe- 
ciunt ea:*et omnes qui 
conrldunt in eis. 

Domus Israel speravit in 
Domino : * adjutor eorum, 
et protector eorum est. 

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The house of Aaron hath 
hoped in the Lord :*he is 
their help, and their pro- 

They, who fear the 
Lord, have hoped in the 
Lord :*he is their help, and 
their protector. 

The Lord hath been 
mindful of us : * and hath 
blessed us. 

He hath blessed the house 
of Israel : * he hath blessed 
the house of Aaron. 

He hath blessed all, who 
fear the Lord : * the little 
with the great. 

May the Lord still heap 
his blessings on you : * on 
you, and on your children. 

Be ye the blessed of the 
Lord :*who made both hea- 
ven and earth. 

The heaven of heavens is 
the Lord's abode : *but the 
earth he hath given to the. 
sons of men. 

The dead shall not praise 
thee, O Lord :*nor any of 
those who are gone down 
to hcll.t 

But we, who are alive, 
bless the Lord :*now, and 
for evermore. 

Anth. We, who are 
alive, bless the Lord. 

Domus Aaron speravit in 
Domino : * adjutor coram, 
et protector eorum est. 

Qui tiroent Dominum, 
speraverunt in Domino : * 
adjutor eorum, et protector 
eorum eat. 

Domimis memor fuit nos* 
tri :*et benedixit nobis. 

Benedixit domui Israel : 

* benedixit domui Aaron, 

Benedixit omnibus, qui 
tiroent Dominum :*pusiIKis 
cum majoribus. 

Adjiciat Dotninus toper 
vos : * super vos, et super 
filib* vestrds. 

Benedict! vos a Domino : 

* qui fecit ccfciuna et terrain. 

Caelum coeli Domino.** 
terram autem dedit filtia 

Non mortai laudabunt 
te, Doraioe :*ne«jue omnes 
qui descendant in infer- 

Sed nos, qui vivitnas, be- 
nedicimus Domino >*ex hoc 
nunc, et usque in saeculum. 

Ant. Nos, qui vivimus* 
benedicimus Domino, 


BLESSED be the God, and the Father of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God 
of all comfort, who comforteth us in all our troubles. 
R. Thanks be to God. R. Deo gratias. 

f Or, The place of departed souls. 

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CREATOR of the radi- T UCIS Creator optime, 
ant light, JLji 

Dividing day from sable Lucem dierum proferens -, 

night ; 
Who with theiight's bright Primordiis lucis novae 

The world's creation didst Mundi parans originem. 
Who of the mom and Qui mane junctum Ves- 
ev'ning ray peri 

Didst measure light, and Diem vocari praecipis : 

call it day : 
Black night begins to cloud IUabitur tetrum chaos, 

the spheres, 
Vouchsafe to hear our vo- Audi preces cum fletibus. 
cal tears. 
Whilst with our crimes Ne mens gravata crimine, 
we burdened are 
A fallen prey to Satan's Vita sit exul munere : 

snare ) 
Whilst fading pleasures us Dum nil perenne cogttat, 

Let not our souls our bodies Seseque culpis iJligat. 
Let us at heaven for Coeleste pulset ostium, 
mercy knock, 
Let us the gates of life un- Vitale tollat praemium, 

lock y 
Whatever* s evil, let us fly, Vitemus omne noxium, 
And punish past iniquity. Furgemus omne pessimum 
Most clement Father, Prasta, Pater piissime, 
lend an ear, 
Coequal Son, receive our Patrique compar unice : 

prayer : 
holy Spirit, hear our cry, Cum Spiiitu paraclito, 
Who reign all three eter- Regnans per omne saecu- 
nally. Amen. lum. Amen. 

V. Let my prayer as- V. Dirigatur, Domine, 
cend, O Lord. R. like oratio mea. R. Sicut in- 
incense in tby sight. censum in conspectu'tuo. 


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Tken follows the Anthem at the Magnificat, which seek 
in Us proper place. 


*]\ yCY soul* doth magnify 
1V1 the Lord, 

And my spirit hath re- 
joiced* in God my Saviour. 

Because he hath regarded 
the humility of his hand- 
maid : * for behold from 
henceforth all generations 
shall call me blessed. 

For he that is mighty 
hath done great things to 
me.* And holy is his name. 

And his mercy is from 
generation to generation,* 
to them that fear him. 

He hath shewed might 
in his arm 5* he hath scat- 
tered the proud in the con- 
oeit of their heart. 

He hath put down the 
mighty from their seat,* 
and hath exalted the hum- 

He hath filled the hungry 
with good things,* and the 
rich he hath sent empty 

He hath received Israel 
his servant ;* being mind- 
ful of his mercy. 

As he spoke to our fa- 
thers ;* to Abraham and to 
his seed for ever. 

ma mea Dominnm. 
£texulravit sptritus' me- 
ns* in Deo salutari meo. 

Quia respexit humilita- 
tern ancilke sua?:* ecce 
enhn ex hoc beatam me 
dicent omnes generationes. 

Quia fecit mint magna, 
qui potens est : * ct sanc- 
tum nomen ejus. 

£t misericordia ejus, & 
progenie in progenies, * ti- 
meotibus eum. 

Fecit potentiam in bra- 
chio suo :* dispersit super* 
bos mente cordis sui. 

Deposuit potentes de se- 
de : * et exaltarit humiles. 

Esurientes implevit bo- 
nis } * et divites drrnisit in- 

Suscepit Israel puerum 
sunra ; * recordatus miseri- 
cordia? suae. 

Sicut locutus est ad pa- 
tres nostras; * Abraham, 
et semini ejus in ssecula. 

After' the Anthem is repeated, is said the proper Prayer, 
which is always the Collect of the Mass. 

On all Sundays, from the second Sunday, after the 
. Epiphany to Passion-Sunday {except on Doubles and 
within Octaves, and during Advent) are said the JM* 
lowing Commemorations, called the Suffrages. 

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Of the B. 

Anth. TTOLY Mary, 
XjL succour the 
miserable, assist the deject* 
ed, comfort those that 
mourn \ pray for the people, 
intercede for the clergy, 
plead for the devout female 
sex : let all be sensible of 
thy aid, who celebrate thy 
holy memory. 

V. Pray for us, O holy 
Mother of God. R. That 
we may be made worthy 
the promises of Christ. 

V. Maty. 

Ant. QANCTA Maria, 
)5 succarre" miseris, 
juva pusillanimes, refove 
flebiles; ora pro populo, 
interveoi pro clero, inter- 
cede pro devoto foemineo 
sexu: senttantomnestuum 
juvamen, qaicunqne cele- 
brant tnam sanctam com- 

V. Ora pro nobis, sane- 
ta Dei genitrix. R. Ut 
digni efficiamur promisaio- 

nibus Christi. 

Prayer. Concede nos. 

GRANT, we beseech thee, Q Lord God, that we, 
thy servants, may enjoy constant health both of 
body and mind, and, by the glorious intercession of 
blessed Mary ever a Virgin, be delivered from all tem- 
poral affliction, and come to those joys that are eternal. 

From the Octave-day of the Epiphany, to Candlemas* 

V. After child-birth thou V. Post partum Virgo 
didst remain a pure Virgin, inviolate permansisti. R,' 

R. O Mother of God, in- 
tercede for us 


Dei genitrix, 
pro nobis. 

Prayer* Deus, qui salutis. 

OGod, who, by the fruitful virginity of blessed 
Mary, hast given mankind the rewards of eternal 
salvation : grant, we beseech thee, that we may ex* 
perience her intercession, by whom we received the 
author of life, our Lord Jesus Christ thy Son. 

Of the Apostles. 

X his, et 

Anth. TJETERtheApos- 

X *te, and Paul, 

the Doctor of the Gentiles, 

taught us thy law, O Lord, 

V. Thou wilt make them 
princes over all the earth. 
R. They shall be mindful 
of thy name., O Lord. 



Xpsi no* 


Doctor Gentium, 
docueiunt legem 

V. Cofwtitueseosprinci- 
pea super omnem terram* 
R. Meraore* erunt ~"~ i 
nis tui, Domine, 

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Prayer. Deus, cujiis: 

OGod, whose right hand saved from drowning bles- 
sed Peter walking on the sea, and delivered <hi» 
fellow- Apostle Paul, when the third time shipwrecked, 
from the bottom of the sea ; mercifully hear us, and 
grant that, by both their merits, we may obtain a glo- 
rious eternity. 

Of St. George. 

Anth. TTE that would Ant. (~\Ul vult venire 
JLX come after me, Va/ post me, abne- 

le # t him deny himself, take get semetipsum, tollat cru- 

up his cross, and follow cem suam, et sequatur me. 

V. The righteous man V. Justus utpalmaflore- 
shall flourish like the palm- bit. R. Sicut cedrus Li- 
tree. R. He shall thrive bani multiblicabitur. 
like the cedar of Libanus, 

Prayer. Dens, qui nos. 

OGod, who, by the merits and prayers of blessed 
George the Martyr, fillest the hearts of thy peo- 
ple with joy j mercifully grant, that the blessings we 
ask in his name, we may happily obtain by thy grace. 

For Peace. 

Anth. /^ RANT peace, Ant. "T\A pacem, Do- 

VJT O Lord, in our I J mine, in diebus 

days for there is no one nostris, quia non est alius, 

to fight for us, but thee, qui pugnet pro nobis, nisi 

our God. tu, Deus noster. 

V. May peace be on thy V. Fiat pax in virtute 

ramparts. R. And plenty tui. R. Et abundantia in 

within thy walls. turribus tuis. 

Prayer. Deus, a quo. 

OGod, from whom are all holy desires, righteous 
counsels, and just works, give to thy servants that 
peace, which the world cannot give j that our hearts be- 
ing disposed to keep thy commandments, and the fear of 
enemies taken away, the times, thro* thy protection, may 
be peaceable. Thro*. R. Amen. 

V. May the Lord, &c. V. Dominus, &c. R. Et 
R. And with, &c. V. Let cum, &c. V. Benedicamua 
us bless the Lord. R. Thanks Domiuo. R . Deo gratias. 

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be to Ood. V. May the V. Ftddium animw per mi- 
souls of the faithful de- sericordiam Dei requies- 
parted, thro' the mercy of cant in pace. R. A Men. 
God, rest in peace. R. 


When Complin is not said immediately after Vespers; 
after the V. May the souls, and our Father in Secret, 
is said: 

V. May the Lord grant V, Dorainus det nobis 
us his peace. R. And life suam pacem. R. fit vitam 
everlasting. J men. aeteruam. Amen. 

Tlien is said the proper Anthem of the B. V, Mary, as 
at the end of Complin. 


A blc 


The Reader Begins : 
Y, Sir, give me your TUBE, Domine, benedl* 

blessing. *) cere. 


MAY the Lord Almighty grant as a quiet night, and 
a happy end. R. Amen* 


BRETHREN: Be sober and watch •, for your advef. 
sary, the Devil, goefth about like a roaring lion, 
seeking whom he may devour j whom resist ye strong in 
faith. And thou, O Lord, have mercy on us. 

R. Thanks be to God. R. Deo gratlas. 

V. Our help is in the V. Adjuiorium nostrum 

name of the Lord. R. in nomine Domini. R. 

Who made both heaven Qui fecit caelum et terram. 
and earth. 

After Our Father in Secret the Celelrant says the 
Confiteor; after which the Choir answers : 
V. May almighty God V. Misereatur tui omni- 
be merciful to thee, forgive potens Deus, et dimissia 
tbee thy sins, and bring peccatis tuis, perducat te ad 
thee to life everlasting. R. vitam seternam. R. Amen 

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Then all say the Confiteor, as p. 41. After which the 
Celebrant says: 

V. May almighty God 
have mercy on you, forgive 
you your sins, and bring 
you to life everlasting. R. 

V. May the almighty 
and merciful Lord grant us 
pardon, absolution, and re- 
mission of our sins. R. 

V. npURN us to thee, O 
X God, our Saviour, 
R. And turn away thy 
wrath from us. 

V. O God, come thou 
to my assistance. R. O 
Lord, make haste to help 

V. Glory. Alleluia, or, 
Praise be, &c. 

Anth. Have mercy. 

V. Miseratur vestri om- 
nipotens Deus, etdimissi 
peccatis vestris, perducat 
vos ad vitam asternam. R. 

V. Indulgentiam, abso- 
lutionem, ct remissionem 
peccatorum nostrorum tri- 
buat nobis omnipotens, et 
misericors Dominus. R. 

V. /^ONVERTE nos, 
V^y Deus salutaris nos- 
ter. R. Et averte iram tu- 
am a nobis. 

V. Deus, in adjutoriuiu 
meum intende. R. Do- 
mine, ad adjuvandum me 

V. Gloria. Alleluiai or, 
Laus tibi, &c. 

Ant. Miserere, 

Psalm iv. 

HEN I called upon /HUMinvocarem, exau- 
V^ divit,me Deusjustitias 
meae j *in tribulatione dila- 
tasti mihi. 

him> the God .of. 
my justice heard me ; * 
when I was in straits, thou 
didst set me at large. 

Have* mercy on me 5 * 
and now hear my prayer. 

O ye children of meri, 
how long will you be dull 
of heart? * Why do you 
love vanity,, and seek after 

But know that the Lord 
hath made wonderful his 
holy one \ * the Lord will 
hear me, when I cry out to 

Be angry and sin f not j 

Miserere mei $*et exau- 
di orationem meam. 

Filii horainum, usque- 
quo gravi corde r* Ut quid 
diligitis vanitatem, et quae- 
ritis mendacium ? 

Et scitote quoniam miri- 
ficavit Dominus sanctum 
suum; *Dominus exaudi- 
et me, cum clamavero ad 

Irascimini, & oolite pec* 

t Expl. Sin not in your anger. 

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* be sony on your beds, for 
the designs you form in your 

Sacrifice a sacrifice of 
righteousness, and hope in 
the Lonjj * many say, 
who sheweth us good 


care : * quae dicitis in cor* 
dibus vestris, in cubilibus 
vestris compungimini. 

The light of thy counte- 
nance, O Lord, is stamped 
upon us ; * thou hast given 
gladness to my heart. 

In the fruit of their corn, 
their wine, and oil : * are 
they grown rich. 

In perfect peace : * will 
I sleep and take my rest; 

For singularly, J O 
Lord, in hope * thou hast 
settled me. 


IN thee, O Lord, have I 
hoped, neveriet me be 
confounded : * hut accord- 
ing to thy justice rescue me. 

Turn to me thine ear ;* 
make haste to rescue me. 

Be unto me a protecting 
God, and a place of re- 
fuge:* that thou may'st 
save me. 

For my strength and my 
refuge art thou alone :* 
for the sake of thy own 
name wilt thou bring me 
out, and feed me. 

Thou wilt bring me out 
of this snare, which they 
have hid for me :* for thou 
art my protector. 

Into thy hands I recom- 
mend my spirit : thou hast 

Sacrificate sacrificium 
justitias, & speratein Do- 
mino :* multi dicunt, quia 
ostendit nobis bona ? 

Signatum est super nos 
lumen vultus tui, Domine* 
dedisti laetitiam in corde 

A fructu frumenti, vini, 
& olei sui; * multiplicati 

In pace, in id ipsum ;* 
dormiam & requiescam. 

Quoniam tu, Domine, 
singulariter inspe,* consli- 
tuisti me. 


IN te, Domine, Rperavi, 
non confundar in aeter- 
num >*in justitia tua libera 

Inclina ad me aurem tu- 
am j*accelera ut eruas me. 

Esto mihi in Deum pro- 
tectorem, & in domum re- 
fugii :* ut salvum me fa- 

Quoniam fortitudo mea, 
k refugium meum es tu :* 
propter nomen tuum edu- 
ces me, & enutries me. 

Educes me de laqueo 
hoc, quem absconderunt 
mihi :* quoniam tu es pro- 
tector meus. 

In manus tuas commen- 
do spiritum meum:* re- 

l Or When I was abandoned and alone. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

98 eoMmir. 

redeemed me, O Lord, the demisti wis, Domine, Deos, 
God of trethj. yeritati*. 

ftata xc. 

HE that taketh up his 
abode in the aid of 
the most high: shall re* 
main under the protection 
of the God of heaven. 

QUI habitat In adjuto- 
rio altissimi r *in pro- 
tectione Dei cceli commo- 
f abitur. 

He shall say to the Lord : 
Thou art my protector, 
and my refage :* he is my 
Qod, in him will I hope. 

For it is he, who bath 
delivered me from the snare 
of those that hunted me :* 
and from their threats. , 

With his shoulders will 
he still cover thee :* and 
under his wings shalt thou 
still hope. 

His truthf shall encom- 
pass thee with a shield :* 
thou shalt not fear the ter- 
rors of the night, 

Nor the arrow flying in 
the day, nor, the rnischief 
stalking in the dark :* nor 
an assault, or the noonday 

A thousand shall fall on 
thy left, and ten thousand 
on thy right;* but to thee 
he shall not approach. 

However thou shalt con- 
template with thine own 
eyes: and thou shalt see 
the reward of sinners. 

Thou truly, Lord, art 
my hope ;* very high hast 
thou placed thy place of 

X Expl. Who art always true to thy word. fEipl. The effect of 
his promise shall be thy shield. §Expl. A racing pestilential air 
at noon-day. 

Dieet domino; susoep- 
tor meus es tu, refugiora 
meuin; *JDeusmeua, ape- 
rabo in eum. 

Quoniam ipse libevavit 
me de laqueo venantiumj* 
& a verbo aspero. 

Scapulis suis obumbrabit 
tibij *& sub pennis ejus 

Scuto circumdabit te Ve- 
ritas ejus 5 * non timebia£ 
timore nocturno. 

A sagitta volante in die, 
a negotio perambulante in 
tenebrisj *ab incursu, & 
d&monio meridiano. 

Cadent a latere tuo mil* 
le & decern millia a dex- 
teris tuis ; *ad te aulem 
non appropinquabit. 

Verurotamen oculis tuis 
consederabis 3 *& retributio- 
nem peccatorum videbis. 

Quoniam. tu es, Domine, 
spes mea; *altissirnuni {>&• 
suisti refugium tuum. 

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There no evil shall come 
to thee: * nor shall any 
scourge come near thy 

For to his angels hath 
he given a charge over 
thee :* to guard thee in all 
thy ways. 

They shall bear thee on 
their hands :* lest perhaps 
thou hit thy foot against a 

On the asp and the basi- 
lisk shalt thou tread :* and 
thou shalt trample on the 
lion and dragon. 

Since he hath hoped in 
me, I will rescue him:* I 
will protect him, since he 
hath known f my name. 

He shall cry out to me, 
and I will hear him : *with 
him I am in his distress : I 
will rescue him, and make 
him glorious. 

With length of days will 
I fill him: *and will shew 
him my salvation. X 


COME now, bless the 
Lord 5 * all ye ser- 
vants of the Lord. 

Who stand in the house 
of the Lord,* in the courts 
of the house of our God. 

In the night stretch out 

your hands towards the 

sanctuary,* and bless the 


• May the Lord bless thee 

complin. sg 

Non accedetad te ma- 
lum; *& flageliitm non 
appropinquabit tabernaculo 

Quoniam angelis suis 
mandavit de tej *ut custo- 
diant te in omnibus viis tuis. 

In manibus portabnnt te; 
* ne forte offendas ad lapi- 
dem pedem tuum. 

Super aspidem & basilis- 
cum ambulabis ; * & con- 
culcabis leonem & draco- 

" Quoniam in me spera- 
vit, liberabo eum : * pro- 
tegara eum, quoniam cog- 
novit nomen meum. 

Clamabit ad me, et ego 
exaudiam eum ; *cum ipso 
sura in tribulatione ; eripi- 
am eum, & glorificabo eum. 

Longitudine dierum re- 
plebo' eum ; * et ostendam 
illi salutare meum. 


ECQE nunc henedicite 
Dominum -, * omnes 
servi Domini. 

Qui statis in domo Do- 
mini, *in atriis domus Dei 

In noctibus extollite ma- 
nus vestras in sancta, * & 
benedicite Dominum. 

Benedicat te Dominus 

my name. 

Acknowledged me to be the tf ue God, and respected 
I Expl. That I $m his Saviour. 

vol. I. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


from Sion, * who made ex Sion, *qui fecit coehun 

both heaven and earth. & terram. 

Anth. Have mercy on Ant. Miserere met 

me, O Lord, and hear my Domine, & exaudi oratio- 

prayer. nem meam. 


T> thee before the HPE, lucis ante termi- 
close of day, * X num, 

Creator of the world, we Rerum creator, poscimus, 


With wonted mercy us di- Ut pro tua dementia, 

And from nocturnal harm* Sis praesul, & custodia. . 

Let no vain dreams dis- Frocul recedant somnia, 

turb our sleep, 
And nightly phantoms Et noctium pbantasmata, 

from Us keep j 
Satan suppress, that by his Hostemque nostrum com* 

wiles, prime, 

Our bodies know not what Ne polluantur corpora. 

In this, most gracious fa- Pracsta, Pater piissime, 

ther, hear, 
With Christ, thy equal Patrique compar Unice, 

son, our pray'r, 
Who with the Holy Ghost Cum spiritu Paraclito, 

and thee 
Doth live and reign eter- Regnans per omne saecu* 
nally* Amen. ' lum. Amen. 


THOU, O Lord, art amongst us, and thy holy 
name hath been called f upon us; forsake us not, 
O Lord our God. 

R. Thanks be to God. R. Deo gratias. 

V. Into thy Hands, O V. In manus tuas, Do- 
Lord,* I commend my spi- mine, * commen<k> spin- 

• Or, We are called thy people, the people of God. So are 
christians in a more eminent manner eaUed after Christ, who is the 
lord God. * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

rit. Into thy bands. V. 
Thou has redeemed us, O 
Lord the God of truth. I 
commend. Glory be to 
the Father. Into thy hands. 
V. Preserve us, O Lord, 
as the apple of thine eye. 
JL Protect,. us under the 
shadow of thy wing. 


tummeum. In manus tuas. 
V. Redemisti nos, Domi- 
ne Deus veritatis. Com- 
mendo. Gloria Patri. In 
manus tuas. V. Custodi 
nos, Domine, ut pupillam 
oculi. R. Sub umbra 
alarum tuarum protege nos. 


Anth. Save us. 

NOW dost thou dis- 
miss thy servant, O 
Lord,* according to thy 
word, in peace. 

Since my eyes have seen* 
thy promised salvation ; 

Which thou hast now 
prepared, * to shew unto 
all nations. , 

Alight to enlighten the 
Gentiles; *and the glory 
of thy people, Israel. 

Anth. Save us,. O Lord, 
waking, and guard us sleep- 
ing, that we may watch 
with Christ, and rest in 

Ant. Salva nos. 

NUNC dimittis servum 
tuum, Domine,* se- 
cundum verbum tuum, in 

Quia viderunt oculi 
roei,* salntare tuum -, 

Quod parasti, *ante fa- 
ciem omnium populorum. 

Lumen* ad revelatjonem 
Gentium 3* & gloriam ple- 
bis tuas Israel. 

Ant. Salya nos, Domine, 
vigilantes, custodi nos dor- 
mientes, ut vigilemus cum 
Christo, & rcquiescamus 
in pace. 

The following prayers are always said, except on 
Doubles, and within octaves. 

LORD have mercy on 
us. Christ have mer- 
cy on us. Lord have mer- 
cy on us. Our Father* In 
Secret. V. And lead us not 
into temptation. R. But 
deliver us from evil* I be- 
lieve in God. In Secret. 
P. The resurrection of the 

KYRIE eleison. Cbriste 
eleison. Kyrie elei- 
son. Pater noster. ' In Se* 
cret. V. Et ne nos indu- 
cas in tentationem. R. Sed 
libera nos a malo. Credo 
in Deuni. In Secret. V. 
Carnis resurrectiohem. R r 
Et vitam aetemam. Amen* 

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flesh. R. And * life ever- 
lasting, Amen. V. Blessed 
art thou, O Lord, the God 
of our forefathers. R> Thou 
art worthy, of praise . and 
glory for ever. V. Let us 
bless the Father and the 
Son, with the Holy Ghost. 
R. Let us praise, and extol 
him for ever. V. Thou art 
blessed, O Lord, in the hea- 
vens above. R. Thou art 
worthy of praise, and glo- 
ry, and honour for ever. V. 
May the Almighty and 
merciful Lord, bless and 
preserve ns. R. Amen: 
V. Vouchsafe, O Lords 
this night. R. To pre- 
serve us from all sin. V l . 
Have mercy on us, O Lord. 
R. Have mercy on us. - V. 
May thy mercy, O Lord, 
be upon us. K. Accord- 
ing to the trust we have 
put in thee. V. O Lord 

V. Benedictas es, Domine*, 
Deus Patrum • nostroram. 
R. Et laudabilifl 8c gloriosus 
in saecula. V. Bencdicamus 
Pattern, & Filium, cum 
Sancto Spiritu. R. Laude- 
mus, & superexaltefnus 
eum in saecula. V. Bene- 
dictus es, Dora i Be, in fir- 
ma men to coeli. R. Et lau- 
dabilis, .& gloriosus, & su- 
perexaltatus in saecula. V. 
Benedicat, & custodiat nos 
oninipotens, & misericors 
Dominus: R. Amen. V. 
D ignare, Domine, nocte 
ista. R. Sine peccato nos 
cnstodire. V. Miserere 
nostri, Domine. R. Mi- 
serere notrtri. V. Fiat 
misericordia tua, Domine, 
super nos. R. Gueraad- 
modnm speravimus in te. 
V. Domine, exaudi ora- 
tionem meam. R. Et cla- 
mor ineus ad te veniat. F*. 
Dominus vobiseum. R. 

hear my prayer. R. And 

let my cry come unto ' Et cum spiritu tuo. 

thee. V. May the Lord 

be with you. R; And with 

thy spirit. 

Let us pray. Vhita. 

VISIT we beseech thee, O Lord, this abode, and 
drive far from it all the snares of. the euemy ; 
may thy holy angels abide therein to preserve us in 
peace ; and may thy blessing be always on us. Thro' 

V. May the Lord, &c. V. Dominus, &c. R. 

R. And with, &€. Etcum, &c. 

V.. Let us bless die. Lord. V. Benedicamus Domi- 
R. Thanks be to God. R. Deo gratias. 


MAY the almighty and merciful Lord, the Father, 
Son, and Holy Ghost, bless and preserve us. R» 

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i COMPLtk, 03 

Then is said one of the following Anthems : 

From the Vespers of Saturday lefore the first Sunday 
of Advent , to Candlemas-Day inclusively. 

MOTHER of Jesus, A LMA redemptoris 

heaven's open gate, xx Mater, quae pervia 

Star of ths sea, support the Porta manes, & stella maris 

falling state succurre cadenti, 

Of mortals ; thou, whose Surgere qui curat populo, 

womb thy maker bore, tu quae genuisti, 

And yet, strange thing ! Natura mirante, tuum 

a virgin, as before. sanctum, genitorem. 

Who didst from Gabriel's Virgo prius ac postering, 

hail ! the news receive. Gabrielis ab ore 

Repenting sinners by thy Sumens illud Ave, pecca- 

prayers relieve. torum miserere. 


V. The angel of God V. Angelus Domini 

delivered his message to nunciavit Maris. R. £t 

Mary. R. And she con- concepit de spiritu sancto. 
ceived by the Holy Ghost. 

Prayer. Gratiam tuam. 

F>UR forth, O Lord, we beseech thee, thy grace in- 
to our hearts, that we, to whom the incarnation of 
Christ, thy son, was made known by the message of an 
Angel, may by his cross and passion be brought to the 
glory of his resurrection. Thro' the same. R. Amen. 

From the first Vespers of Christmas is said: 

V. After child-birth thou V. Post partum Virgo 

didst remain a pure Virgin, inviolata permansisti. R. 

R. Mother of God inter* Dei Genitrix intercede pro 

cede for us. nobis. 

Prayer. Deus qui salutis* 

OGod, who by the fruitful Virginity of blessed Mary, 
hast given mankind the rewards of eternal salva- 
tion j grant, we beseech thee, that we may experience 
h 2 

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her intercession, by whom we received the author of 
life, our Lord Jesus Christ thy Son, who liveth. R*. 

From the Complin of Candlemas-Day inclusively, to 
Maundy-Thursday . 

HAIL Mary! Queen A VA Regina ccelorum ! 
of heavenly spheres! ±\. 
Hail, whom th* Angelic Ave Domina Angelorum ! 

host reveres h 
Hail fruitful root ! Hail sa- Salve radix ! salve porta ! 

Whence the world's light Ex qua mnndo lux est orta j 

derives its date ! 
O glorious Maid, with Gaude Virgo gloriosa, 

beauty blest ! 
May joys eternal fill thy Super omnes speciosa, 

breast ! 
Thus crown'd with beauty Vale, O valde decora, 

and with joy, 
Thy prayers for us with Et pro nobis Christum ex- 
Christ employ, ora. 
V. Vouchsafe, O sacred V. Dignare me laudare 
Virgin,to accept my praises, te, Virgo sacra ta. R. Da 
R. Give me strength against mihi virtutena contra hostes 
thy enemies. tuos. 

Prayer. Concede misericors* 

GRANT us, O merciful God, strength against all 
our weakness ; that we, who celebrate the me- 
mory of the holy Mother of God, may, by the help of 
her intercession, rise again from our iniquities. Thro* 

the same Jesus Christ our Lord. R. Amen. 


V. May the divine as- V. Divinum auxiliuna 

sistance always remain with maneat semper nobiscurru 

R. Amen* R. Amen, 

Our Father; Hail Mary. I believe. In secret* 

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Psalm cxvi. 

PRAISE the Lord all ye 
nations : * praise him 
all ye people j 

For his mercy is confirm- 
ed upon us; * and the 
truth f of the Lord remain- 
ed for ever. 

LAUDATE Dominum 
omnes gentes 5 * lau- 
date eum omnes populi. 

Quoniam confirmata est 
super no? misericordia ejus; 
* et Veritas Domini manet 
in seternum. 

Psalm - cxv. 

I Hoped, Jtherefore have I 
spoken j * though I was 
brought exceeding low. 

I said in my surprize 5 * 
all mankind are liars. 

What shall I render to 
the Lord, * for all he hath 
done for me ? 

I will take the cup % of 
salvation, * and call on 
the name of the Lord. 

I will pay my vows to 
the Lord before all his peo- 
ple j* precious in the sight 
of the Lord is the death of 
his saints. 

• Lord, I am truly thy 
servant j * I am truly thy 
servant, and thy handmaid's 

Thou hast broken my 
bonds asunder; * to thee 

CREDIDI,propter quod 
locutus sum ; * ego 
autem humiliatus sum ni- 
Ego dixi in excessu meo ; 

* omnis homo raendax. 

Quid retribuam Domino, 

* pro omnibus, quae retri- 
buit mihi ? 

Calicem salutaris accipi- 
am, * et nomen Domini in- 

Vola mea Domino red- 
dam coram omni populo 
ejus ; * pretiosa in con- 
spectu Domini mors sanc- 
torum ejus. 

O Domine, quia ego ser- 
vus tuus, * ego servua tuus, 
et filius anculae tuae. 

Dinapisti vincula mea ; * 
tibi sacrificabo hostiam lau- 

t Expl. The Lord will be ever true to his; promise. 
I Expl. I will pour out a libation on his altar in thanksgiving 
for his having saved me, , 

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will I sacrifice a sacrifice 
of praise, and call on the 
name of the Lord. 

I will pay my tows to 
the Lord in the sight of all 
his people j * in the courts 
of the house of the Lord, in 
the midst of thee, O Jeru- 

drs, et nomen Domini in- 

Vota mea Domino red- 
dam in conspectu omnis 
populi ejus 3 * in atriis do- 
mus Domini, in medio tui, 

Psalm cxxv. 

WHEN the Lord 
brings back the cap- 
tives of Sion j * we shall J 
be like men in comfort. 

Then shall our mouth be 
filled with joy : * and our 
tongue with exultation. 

Then shall they say a- 
mongst the Gentiles -, * 
The Lord hath done great 
things for them. 

The Lord hath done 
great things for us $ * we 
are now in joy. 

Bring back, O Lord, our 
captive people,* like a tor- 
rent in the south. § 

They that sow in tears,* 
shall reap in exultation. 

Going they went and 
wept, * when they cast 
their seeds. 

But returning they shall 
come with joy, * carrying 
their sheaves. 

IN convertendo Dominus 
captivitatem Sion; * 
facti sumus sicut consokti. 

Tunc repletura est gau- 
dio os nostrum ; * et lingua 
nostra exultatione. 

Tunc dicent inter Ren- 
tes ; * magnificavit Domi- 
nus facere cum eis. 

MagnificavitDominus fa- 
cere nobiscum j * facti su- 
mus lactantes. 

Converte, Domine cap- 
tivitatem nostram, * sicut 
torrens in aostro. 

Qui seminant in' lacry- 
mis, * in exultatione me- 

Euntes ibant, et flebaut, 
* mittentes semina sua. 

Venientes autem Venient 
cum exultatione, * portan- 
tes manipulos suos. 

J Lit. Wt were. But the context directs it to be in the future, 
and St. Augustin interprets the whole psalm of our future and final 
deliverance from the bondage of corruption. 

§ Ezpl. Bring back thy people from their captivity, which will 
fill them with joy, as a torrent of fresh water doth the inhabitants 
of the hot, burnt-tip countries of the south. / 

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Psalm cxxxviii. 

LORD, thou hast tried 
me, and hast known 
me j * thou hast known 
my sitting down, and rising 

Thou hast known my 
thoughts afar off}* my path 
and my line J hast thou exa- 

And thou hast foreseen 
all my ways 5* when there 
was no speech jon my ton- 
gue. ' ' ' 

^ehold, O Lord, thou 
knowest all things, the last, 
and those of old 5* thou 
formedst me, and laid'st 
thy hand upon me. § 

Thy knowledge is too 
wonderful for me 5* it is 
great, and I cannot reach 


Whither shall I go from 
thy spirit ;*And from thy 
face whither shall I fly > 

If I ascend to heaven, 
thou art there ; * if I go down 
to hell, thou art also there. 

If I take my wings in 
the morning, *and dwell in 
the farthest isles of the sea 5 

Truly thy hand will lead 
rae thither 5* and thy right 
hand support me. 

And I said j perhaps 
darkness may conceal me ; * 
even night itself will shine 
on me in my pleasures. 

DOMINE, probasti me, 
et cognovisti me. 5 * 
tu cognovisti sessionem 
meam, et resurrect ionem 

Intellexisti cogitationes 
meas de longe : * semi tarn 
meam, et funiculum meura 

Et omnes vias meas prae- 
vidisti ; * quia non est ser- 
mo in lingua mea. 

Ecce, Oomine, tu cogno- 
visti omnia, novissima, et 
anti qua : * tu formast.i me, 
et posTiisti super me ma- 
num tuam, 

Mirabilis facta est scien- 
tia tua ex me ; * confortat? 
est, et non potero ad earn 1 . 

Qub ibo a spirit ii tuo ? * 
et quo a facie tua fiigiam ? 

Si ascendero in caelum, 
tu illic es j * si descendero 
in infernum, ades. 

Si sumpsero pennas meas 
diluculo, * et habitavero in 
extremis maris ; 

Etenim illuc manus tua 
deducet me 5 * et tenebit 
me dextera tua. 

Et dixi ; forsitan tenebrae 
concuk abunt me ; * et nox 
illuminatio mea in delicils 

t Expl. Both at testy and in action. J My conduct of life, 
the rule of my actions. <'Tis an allusion to the Mne and plummet 
of the mason. § Expl. Even in the womb of my mother, as 
•ooo as I was formed, thou laid'st hold of me, as tby own,. 

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For darkfiess shall not be 
dark to thee and the night 
shall be light as day $*the 
darkness of the one and the 
light of the other are the 
same to thee. 

For thou art in posses- 
sion of my reins f; * thou 
hast protected me from my 
mother's womb. 

J will acknowledge to 
thee, that thou art awful 
in thy greatness j* wonder- 
ful are thy works, and my 
soul knoweth it right well. 

Not a bone of mine is 
hid from thee, which thou 
formedst in secret | # and 
my whole substance in the 
lower parts of the eartb§. 

Thy eyes did see my im- 
perfect being, and in thy 
book were all parts writ- 
ten $*they were formed day 
by day, and none of them 

But to me, O God, thy 
friends are exceeding ho- 
nourable ^exceeding migh- 
ty is their power. 

I will set about to num- 
ber them, but they will be 
found more than the sands 
of the sea -, * I rose up, and 
am still with thee. II 

Quia tenebrae non obscu- 
rabuntur a te, et nox sicut 
dies illuminabitur ; * sicut 
tenebrae ejus, ita et lumen 

Quia tu possedisti renes 
meos : * suscepisti me de 
utero matris meae. 

Confitebor tibi, quia ter- 
ribiliter magnificatus es j * 
mirabilia opera tua, et ani- 
ma mea cognoscit nimis. 

Non est occultatum os 
meum a te, auod fecisti in 
occulto $* et substantia mea 
in inferioribus terra. 

Imper fectum meum vide- 
runt occuli tui, et in libro 
tuo omnes scribenturj * 
dies formabuntur, et nemo 
in eis. 

Mihiautem nimishono- 
rihcati sunt amici tui, 
Deus j * nimis confortatus 
est principalis eorum. 

Dinumerabo eos, et su- 
per arenam multiplicabun- 
txxr-y * exurrexi, et adhuc 
sum tecum. 

f Bxpl. Thou bast always known the most secret thoughts of 
my soul. § Ezpl. In the womb of my mother, as much secret- 
ed from the sight of man, as if in the bowels of the earth. ' ' 

I Ezpl. Thou didst behold me, when I was Aill an embryo 
in the womb of my mother. Every part of my body was noted 
down, as it were in a book t the formation was progressive day 
after day, and no part, completed before its appointed time. 

|| EzpU I attempted it, but was still where I was, lost la .the 
contemplation of thy power. 

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If thou, O God, wilt kill Si occideris, Deus, peo 
thc wicked ; * ye men of catores 3 * viri sanguinum 

blood begone from me. 

Because 70a say in your 
thoughts 5 * they shall re- 
ceive thy cities in vain.§ 

Lord, have I not hated 
them that hated thee ? * 
and pined away at thy ene- 
mies ? 

I have hated them with 
a perfect hatred; * and 
they are become enemies 
to me. 

Try me, O God, and 
know my heart 5 * examine 
me, and know my paths. 

And see if a way of ini- 
quity be in me $ and lead 
me in the everlasting way. 

declinate a me. 

Quia dicitis in cogita- 
tione $ * accipient in vani- 
tate civitates tuas. 

Nonne qui oderunt te, 
Domine, oderam? * s et 
super inimicos tuos tabes* 
cebam ? 

Perfecto odio oderam il- 
los : * ct inimici facti sunt 

Proba me, Deus, et scito 
cor meum ;* interroga me, 
et cognosce semitas meas. 

Et vide si via iniquitatis 
in me est$*deduc me in 
vi& sterna, 

PsaltA cxxxi. 

REMEMBER David, O "\ yf EMENTO, Domine' 
Lord;* and all his 
meekness in suffering. 

How he swore to the 
Lord fand made a vow to 
the God of Jacob. 

I will not enter the inner 
part of my house j*I will 
not go into the bed where- 
on I lie. 

I will not grant sleep to 
my eyes j * nor slumber to 
my eye-lids. 

Or rest to my temples 5 
till I find a place for the 
Lord;*an abode for the 
God of Jacob. 

Behold we heard of it 
in Ephrata 5* we have found 
it in the fields of the forest. 

David ; * et omnis 
mansuetudinis ejus. 

Sicut juravit Domino $ * 
votum vovit Deo Jacob. 

Si introiero intabernacu* 
lum domus meae 5 ** si as- 
cendero in lectum strati 

Si dedero somnum oculis 
meis ; * et palpebris meis 

Et requiem temporibus 
meis $ donee inveniam lo- 
cum Domino \ * taberna- 
culum Deo Jacob. 

Ecce audivimus earn in 
Ephrata j * invenimus earn 
in campis sylvae. 

\ Expl. All the promises of an eternal abode in heaven are 
win to the wicked. 

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We will go into his ta- 
bernacle ;*we will adore in 
the place where his feet 
have stood. § 

Arise, O Lord, go to 
the place of thy abode;* 
thou and thy holy ark. 

Let thy priests be cloth- 
ed with righteousness -, * 
and let thy saints rejoice. 

For the sake of David thy. 
servant, # turn not away the 
face X of thy anointed one. 

The Lord hath sworn to 
fulfil fiis promise to David, 
and he will not make it 
void ) * of the fruit of thy 
womb will I place one on 
thy throne. 

If thy children observe 
my covenant ;*and these 
my precepts, which I will 
teach them ; 

And their children also 
for ever,*shall sit upon thy 

For the Lord hath cho- 
sen Sion $*he hath chosen 
it for the place of his abode. 

This is my abode for e- 
ver$*here will I abide, be- 
cause I have chosen it. 

I will plentifully bless 
her widow ;*I will fill her 
poor ones with brea$. 

I will clothe her priests 
with salvation ;*and her 
holy ones shall rejoice ex- 

Introibimus in taberna- 
culum ejus ; * adorabimus 
in loco, ubi steterunt pedes 

Surge, Domine, in re- 
quiem tuam; * et area 
sanctrficationis tuae. 

Sacerdotes mi induantur 
justitiam ;*et sancti tui ex- 

Propter David servum 
tuum,*non avertas faciem 
Christi tui. 

Juravit Dominus David 
veritatem, et non frustrabi- 
tur earn ; *de fructu ven- 
tris tui ponam super sedem 

Si custodierint filii tui 
testamentum meum; * et 
testimonia mea haec, quae 
docebo eos ; 

Et filii eorum usque in, 
saeculum,*sedebunt super 
sedem tuam. 

Quoniara elegit Domi- 
nus Sion 5*elegit earn in ha- 
bitationem sibi. 

Haec requies mea in sae- 
culum saeculi ;*hic habita- 
bo, quoniam elegi earn. 

Viduam ejus benedicens 
benedicam ;*pauperes ejus 
saturabo panibus. 

Sacerdotes ejus induam 
salutari ;*et sancti ejus ex- 
ultatione exultabunt. 

§ Expl. Where he hath settled, and taken up his abode. 
X Expl. Refuse not to look upon him. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

at rssrsits. 


There will I shew the 
power of David 3 *I have 
prepared a lamp for way a- 
uointed one. 

I will cover his enemies 
with confusion 5 * bat on 
him shall my sanctification 
|| flourish. 

Ulnc predncam corau 
David ,-*paravi hicernam 
Christo meo. 

Inimicos ejtis indnam 
confusione 5 * super ipsum 
antem efiorebrt sanctifica- 
tio mea. 

1AM rejoiced at 
hath been told me ; * 
we are to go up to the 
house of the Lord. 

Our feet have stood * in 
tbjr courts, O Jerusalem. 

Jerusalem, which is now 
building like a city $ * all 
whose parts are joined to- 

For thither it was the 
tribes went up, the tribes 
of the Lord j * according 
to the § ordinance given to 
Israel, to give praise to the 
name of the Lord. 

For there were placed 
the judgment-seats 5 * the 
judgment-seats over the 
house of David. 

Ask for what makes for 
the peace of Jerusalem j * 
and may plenty be to all 
that love thee. 

May peace be on thy J 
ramparts; * and plenty 
within thy walls. 

Psalm exxi. 

what T STATUS sum in his, 
m 4 quae dicta sunt mihi : 
* in .domum Domini ibi- 

Stantes eranf pedes nos- 
tri j * in atriis tuis, Jeru- 

Jerusalem, quee aedifica- 
tur ut civitas ; * cujus parti- 
cipatio ejus in id ipsum. 

Illuc enim ascenderunt 
tribus, tribus Domini 3 * 
testimonium Israel, ad con- 
fitendum nomini Domini. 

Quia illuc sederunt sedes 
in judicio; * sedes super 
domum David. 

Rogate quae ad pacam 
sunt Jerusalem -, * et a- 
bundantia diligentibus te. 

Fiat pax in virtute tua $* 
et abundant ia in turribus 

II Expl. I will shew I have chosen him for my holy one, and 
my anointing or consecrating him* viz. Christ, king of the whole 
world, shall have its effect. § Expl. Or to the testimony ,th at 
is, the ark of the testimony of Israel. J Lit. In thy strength, 
or fortifications. Mayest thou be secure from the attacks of foreign 
enemies, and may plenty be within thy walls. 

Vol. 1. 1 * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



For the sake -of my bre- 
thren, and my relations 3 * 
have I spoken peace on 

For the sake of the 
house of the Lord, our 
God } * have I sought thy 

Propter fratres meos, et 
proximos meos 3 * loque- 
bar pacem de te. 

Propter domum Domini 
Dei nostri ; * quaesivi bona 

Psalm cxxvi. 

UNLESS the Lord him- 
self shall build up the 
house 5 * in vain have 
laboured the builders there- 

Unless the Lord shall 
guard the city 3 * in vain 
watcheth the sentinel there- 

It is in vain for you to 
rise before the light 3 * rise, 
after you have taken your 
rest, you who eat the bread 
of sorrow 5 § 

Since he will give sleep 
to his beloved ones 3 * be- 
hold children are an inheri- 
tance from the Lord 3 the 
fruit of the womb, a re- 

Like arrows in the hand 
of a man of might 3 * so 
shall be the children of 
those who have been sha- 

Blessed is the man, whose 
desire is filled with them 3* 
he shall not be confound- 
ed, when he shall speak to 
his enemies at the gate. 

NISI Dominus aedifi- 
caverit domum 3 * 
in vanum laboraverunt, qui 
aedificant earn. 

Nisi Dominus custodierit 
civitatera j * frustra vigilat, 
qui custoditeam, 

Vanum est vobis ante lu- 
cera surgere * surgite, post- 
quam sederitis, qui mandu- 
catis panem doloris. 

Cum dederit dilectis suis 
somnum 3 * ecce haereditas 
Domini, filii 5 merces, fruc- 
tus ventris. 

Sicut sagittse in manupo- 
tentis 3 * ita filii excusso- 

Beatusvir, qui implevit 
desiderium suum ex ipsisj* 
non confundetur, cum lo- 
quetur inimicis suis in por- 

4 Exp). It is in vain for those in grief and under misfortunes 
to waste themselves with watchings and cares ; let them quietly 
use their lawful endeavours, and submit to the will of God 5 since 
he will certainly afford rest and ease to his beloved ones. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Psalm cxlvit. 

PRAISE the Lord, O 
Jerusalem 5 * praise 
thy God, OSion. 

For strong hath he made 
the bolts of thy gates ,* he 
hath blessed thy children 
within thy walls. 

It is he that hath settled 
peace within thy borders ; 

# with the || fat of wheat 
feedeth he thee. 

Tis he, who sendeth 
forth his orders to the 
earth j * his orders go with 

Tis he, who sendeth 
snow like flocks of wool $ 

* be sprinkleth his hoar- 
frost like ashes. 

He sendeth down his hail 
like mouthfuls § ; * who 
can stand the cold thereof? 

He will 'send forth his 
word, and it shall melt it 
away j * his spirit will 
breathe, and the waters 
shall flow again. 

Tis he who maketh 
known his commandments 
to Jacob; * his laws and 
ordinances to Israel. 

He hath not done thus 
to every nation ; * nor hath 
he made known his law to 

LA U D A, Jerusalem, 
Dominumj * lauda 
Deumtuum, Sion. 

Quoniam confortavit se- 
ras portarum tuarum 5 * 
benedixit filiis tuis in te. 

Qui posuit fines tuos pa- 
cem ; * et adipe frumenti 
satiat te. 

Qui emittit eloqnium su- 
um terras 5 * velociler cur- 
rit serrno ejus. 

Qui dat nivem sicut la- 
nam; * nebulam, sicut 
cinerem, spargit. 

Mttttt chrystallum suum 
sicut buccellas 3 * ante fa- 
ciera frigoris ejus quis susti- 
nebit ? 

Emitter verbum suum, 
et liquefaciet ea ; * flabit 
spiritus ejus, et fluent 
aquae, •- 

Qui annuntiat verbum 
suum Jacob ; * justitias, et 
judicia sua Israel. 

Non fecit taliter omni 
nationij * et judicia sua 
non manifestavit eis. 

il Ezpl. The finest wheat flour. § Expl. Large ha!1-9tones r 
as big as a mouthful of bread . We have frequent instances of the 
prodigious size of these stones, which destroy the blossoms of trees,* 
cat toe feces of travellers, &c. 

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Psalm cxxi*. 

OUTofthe depths I have 
cried to thee, O Lord \ 

* Lord, hear m»y voice, 

. Let thy car* be attentive 

* to the voice of my sup- 

If thou wilt observe ini- 
quities, OLordf * Lcid, 
who shall endure it ? 

Because with thee there i& 
propitiation $ * and by rea- 
son of thy law I have wait- 
ed for thee, O Locd. 

My soul hath relied on. 
his word j * My soul hath 
hoped in the Lord. 

From the morning watch- 
even until night $ * Let 
Israel hope in the Lord. 
. Because with the Lord 
there is mercy j * and with 
him plentiful redemption* 

And he shall redeem Is.- 
rael * from aU bis kuquities. 

DE prafundis elamavi- 
ad te, Donaine > * Dow- 
nline, axaudi vocerameam. 

FLant aures tuaa intenden- 
tea, * in.vocem deprecati- 
onis meae. 

Si iniquitates ©bserva- 
verisy Dominc;* DomLne, 
quia sustinebit > 

Quia apud te propitiatia 
est 5 * £t propuep fegexxt 
tuaxn sustinui te, Domvne. 

Sustinuit anima mea. in. 
verbo ejus : * Speravit ani- 
ma mea ia Domino. 

A exist odia noatutkia us- 
que ad aoctemj * Sperei 
Israel in Domino. 

Quia apud Dominant 
misericordia ; * Et copioa^ 
apud euoi redemptio. 

Et ipse redimet Israel, * 
ex omnibus iniquitatibus 



When the blessed Sacrament is taken out of the taier- 
nack, is suqg what follows: 

O Saving Host ! that m /^V Salutaris hostia, 
heaven's gate " Vy 
Did'st open at $0 dear a Qua* mUpaado ostium 3 

Intestine wars hivade our Bella premunt hostilia a 
breast 3 

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Be thou our strength, sup- Da robur, fer auxilium. 

port and rest. 
To God the Father, and Uni Trinoque Domino, 

the son, 
And holy Spirit, three in Sit sempiterna gloria, 

Be endless praise : may he Qui vitam sine termino 

With life immortal crown Nobis donet in patria. 

onr love. 
Amen. Amen. 

Then is sung either the Te Deum, asp.Jl, in public 
thanksgivings, or the Psalm Exaudiat, for the king, p. 
107> or in the time of any public calamity the Psalm 
Qui hibitat, p. 88, or the Psalm Miserere, as below, 
p. 108. After which follows the Hymn : Pange lin- 
gua j or at least the latter part of it: Tantura 


SING, O my tongue, a- T)ANGE lingua gloriosi 
dore and praise JL / 

The depth of God's mysteri- Corporis mysterium ; 

ous ways 5 ' 

HowChristtheworkTsgreat Sanguinisque pretiosi, 

King bestow'd ** 
His flesh concealed in hu- Quern in mundi pretium 

man food, 
^ndleft mankind the blood Fructus ventris generosi, 

that paid 
The ransom for the souls he Rex effudit Gentium. 

. Giv'n from above, and Nobis datus, nobis natus, 

born for man, 
FromVirgin'swombhislife Ex intacta virgine, 

began : 
He n liv'd on, earth, and Et in mundo conversatus, 

* preach' d to sow 
The seeds of heavenly truth Sparso verbi semine, 

Then seal'd his mission from Sui moras incolatus 

With strange effects of Miro clausit ordine. 

power and love. 

I 2 

100 anrsmeriov. 

Twas on that evening, In supreme? nbctecanae 

when the last 
And most mysterious sup- Recomben* cum rratribos, 

per past > 
When Christ with his dis- Observata lege piece 

ciples sat, 
. To dose the law with legal Cibism legations; 

meat 3 
Then to the twelve himself Cibum turba dnodense 

With his own hands to be Se dat suis manibus. 

their food. 
The word made flesh foe Verbum caro panem ve- 

love of man rum 

By his word turns bread to Verbo carnem efficit; 

flesh again ; 
And wine to bloody unseen Fitque sanguis Christi me- 

by sense, rum, 

By virtue of omnipotence 5 Etsi sensus deficit : 
And here the faixhiul rest Ad firmandunx cor sia- 

secure, ceram 

Whilst God can vouch, and Sola fides sufficit. 

faith insure. 

HPO this mysterious table rp*ANTUM ergo sacra- 
X now X mentum 

Our knees, pur hearts, and Veneremur cernui j 

sense we bow j 
Let antient rites resign their Et antiquum documentunx 

To nobler elements of Novo cedat ritui j 

grace : 
. And faith for all defects Praestet fides suppleroen- 

supply, rum 

Whilst sense is lost in mys- Sensuum defecrui. 

^To God the Father born Genitori, Genitoque 

of none, 
To Christ his co-eternal Laus et jubilatio j 

And Holy Ghost, whose Sal us, honor, virtus quoque 

equal rays 
From both proceed one Sit et benedictio : 

equal praise : 

d by Google 



Frooedeati ab utroque 

Compar sit landatio Amen. 

V. PanemdeccBloprses- 
titisti eis, Alleluia. A. 
Omne delectamentam 
se habentem, Alleluia* 


One lienor, jubilee* and 

For ever blew his glorious 


V. Thou hast given them 
bread from heaven. Alle- 
ltda. R. Replenished with 
all sweetness and delight. 

Prayer. Deus, qui nobis. 

OGod who in this wonderful sacrament hast left us> 
a perpetual memorial of thy passion : grant us,, 
we beseech thee, so to reverence the sacred mysteries 
of thy body and blood, that in our souls we may always. 
be sensible of the fruit of the redemption thou hast pur- 
chased for us. Who livest. 

Psalm sou 

MAY the Locd hear 
thee in the day of 
tribulation :*may the name 
of the God of Jacob protect 

May he send thee help 
from his sanctuary ; * ana 
defend thee out of Sion. 

May he be mindful of all 
thy sacrifices ; * and may 
thy whole burnt-offering be 
made fat. 

May he give thee accord- 
ing to thy own heart :*and 
confirm all thy counsels. 

We will rejoice in tbv 
aalvatioa;*and in the name 
of our God we shall be exi 

The Lord fulfil all thy 
petitions : * now have I 

minus in die tribula- 
tionis :*protegat te nomen 
Dei Jacob. 

Mittat tibi amdliumde 
sancto :*et de Sion tueatui 

Memor sit omnis saerifi* 
cii tui :*etbolocaustumuv 
um pingue fiat. 

Trjjhuat tihl secundum 
cor tuum :*et omne cons*? 
lnam tuum confinnet. 

Laetabirnur in salutaii 
tuo :*et in nomine Dei no*? 
tri magnificabimur. 

Impleat Dominusoirjnea 
petitiones tuas :*nunc cog- 

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known that the Lord hath 
saved his anointed. 

He will hear him from 
his holy heaven :*the sal- 
vation of his right hand is 
in powers. 

Some trust in chariots, 
and some in horses ; * but 
we will call upon the name 
of the Lord our God. 

They are bound and are 
ffellen :*but we are risen, 
and are set upright. 

O Lord save the King :* 
and hear us in the day that 
We shall call upon thee. 
Glory, &c. 

V. Lord save the king. 

R. And hear us in the 
day that we shall call upon 
thee. . 

novt quoniam sdvum fecit 
Dominus Christum suam. 
Exaudiet ilium de coelo 
sancto suo :*in Dotentatibus 
sahis dexterae ejus. 

Hi in curribus et hi in 
equis:*nos autem in no- 
mine Domini Dei nostri 

Ipsi obligati sunt, et 
ceciderunt :*nos autem sur- 
reximus, et erectisumus. 

Domine salvum fac re- 
gem :*et axaudi nos in die, 
qua invocdverimus te. 

V. Domine, salvum fac 

R. Et exatdi nos in die 
qua invocav&imus te. 

Prayer. Quasumus. p. 68. 
Psalm. 1. 

HAVE mercy on me, 
6 God, * according 
to thy great mercy. 

And according to the 
multitude of thy tender 
mercies,* blot out my ini- 

Wash me yet more from 
my iniquity $ * and cleanse 
me from my sin. 

Because I know my ini- 
quity; *and my sin is always 
before me. 

• i' 

To thee only hate I sin- 
ned, and have done evil be- 

* secundum mag- 
nam misericordiam tuam. 
Et secundum multitud!- 
nem miserationum tuarum, 
*dele iniquitatem meam. 

Amplius lava me ab ini- 
quitate mea : *et a peccato 
meo munda me. 

Quoniam iniquitatem 
meam ego cognosco:*et 
peccatum meum contra me 
est semper. 

Tibi soli peccavi, et ma- 
lum coram te feci:*utjua- 

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fbre thee* that tboamayest 
be justified in thy weeds, 
and naayest overcome when 
thou art judged. 
. For heboid I was cook 
reived in iniquities,* and 
in sins did my mother con- 
ceive Bae. 

Ear behold thou hast 
loved truth ;*the uncertain 
and hidden things of thy 
wisdom thou hast made 
manifest to- nae. 

Thou shak sprinkle me 
with hyssop, and I shall 
he cleansed j * thou shalt 
wash me, and I shall be 
made whiter than snow. 

To my hearing thou shak 
give joy and gladness ;*and 
the bones that have been 
bambJed shall rejoice 

Turn away thy face from 
my sibs, * and blot oat all 
my iniquities. 

Create a clean heart in 
me, O God,* and renew a 
right spirit within my bow* 

Cast me not away from 
thy face ;*and take not thy 
Holy Spirit from me. 

Restore unto me the joy 
of thy salvation, * and 
strengthen me with a per* 
feet spirit. 

I will teach the unjust 
thy ways j*and the wicked 
shall be converted to thee. 

Deliver me from blood, 
O God, thou God of my 
salvation,* and my tongue 
shall extol thy justice. 

•OLord, thou wilt open 

tifceeris in seroaoaihus ruis* 
et viocas omd judicaris. 

Eece cnira in iaiquitati* 
bos cenoeptua sum :*et in 
peccatis concepit me mater 

Ecce enhn verkatem di- 
lexisti : * meerta et occulta 
sapientias tuae naamfestastt 

Asperges me hy ssopo, et 
mundabor .•* lavabis me, et 
super nmm dea&aboc. 

Audita* meo debts _ 
dmra et lsetitiam r*etejLiaL- 
tabontt o«a httflsuHata* 

Awte facim fjiam a. 
peecatia meta : * et oranea. 
iniquitates meas dele. 

Cor mundum area in me, 
Deus:*et spiritum rectum 
innova in visceribua aocia. 

Ne projicias me a facie 
tua :*et spiritum sanctum 
tuum ne auferas a me* 

Redde mihi lsetitiam sa- 
lutaris tui :*et spiritu prin- 
opali confirmame. 

Doceboiniquosviastuas : 
*et impii ad te converten- 

libera me de sanguinis 
bus, Dens, Deus* aalntis 
mesa :*et exnkabit lingua 
mea justitiam tnanx 

Demine, lama mea ape* 

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my lips 5* and my mouth 
shall declare thy praise. 

For if thou hadst desired 
sacrifice, I would indeed 
have given it :*with burnt- 
offerings thou wilt not be 

A sacrifice to God is an 
afflicted spirit 5* a contrite 
and humble heart, O God, 
thou wilt not despise. 

Deal favourably, OLord, 
in thy good -will with Sion, 
*that the walls of Jerusalem 
may be built up. 

Then shalt thou accept 
the sacrifice of justice, 
oblations, and whole burnt- 
offerings j* then shall they 
lay calves upon thy altar. 

V. O Lord, deal not 
with us according to our 
Bins. R. ' Nor reward us 
according to our iniquities. 

ries : * et os meum annun- 
tiabit laudem tuam. 

Quoniam si voluisses sa- 
crificium, dedissem uti- 
que :*holocaustis non de- 
lect aberis. 

Sacrificium Deo spirittw 
contribulafus :*cor contri- 
tum et hnmiliatum, Deus, 
non despicies. 

Benigne fac, Domine, in 
bona voluntate tua Sion :* 
nt sedificentur muri Jerusa- 

Tunc acceptabis sacrifi- 
cium justitiae, oblationes et 
holocausta:*tunc imponent 
super altare tunm vitulos. 

V. Domine, non secun- 
dum peccata nostra facias 
nobis. R. Neque secundum 
iniquitates nostras retribnas 

Prayer. Deus, qui peccalo. 

OGod, who by sin art offended, and pacified by re- 
pentance mercifully regard the prayers of thy 
people, who make supplication to thee ; and turn away 
the scourges of thy anger, which we deserve for our sins. 


THE church employs the four weeks that precede 
Christmas in preparing the faithful for that great 
solemnity; and for this reason the beginning of the ec- 
clesiastical year is called Advent, from a Latin word 
which signifies the arrival or coming, viz. of Jesus 
Christ. Our first parents, soon after their fall, were 

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comforted with the prediction of this great event, when* 
God assured them that the time would come, in which 
the seed of the woman should crush the head of the ser- 
pent. This promise was renewed to Abraham, con- 
firmed to Isaac, determined to the tribe of Juda, fixed 
in the house of David ; and, lastly, the moment, as I 
may say, of its perfect accomplishment was exactly cal- 
culated by the prophet Daniel. 

But the church of Christ contents not herself with the 
hare contemplation of this early and comfortable pro- 
mise, and the exact accomplishment thereof; she wish- 
es moreover to prepare her children to receive the happy 
effects of the coming of Jesus Christ in their souls. 
Hence, for several ages, this holy time was spent in 
an almost general fast, and the church still points it out to 
her children as a time of pennance, by reciting in Ad- 
vent those prayers which are usually said only on vigils 
and fast-days. 

Let us therefore endeavour to enter into the pious 
views of the church. She desires that Jesus Christ, at 
his coming, may find our hearts ready to receive him. 
To obtain this mercy, we must remember that the hour 
is come for us to arise from the sleep of sin, as we are 
exhorted in the epistle of the first Sunday, to lament 
them, to expiate them by works of pennance and mortifica- 
tion, and to make a humble confession of them during 
this holy time, that our hearts, being thus purified, may 
be made a habitation worthy of Jesus Christ at the ap- 
proaching solemnity. 

On Saturday before the first Sunday in Advent, 
the commemoration. 


Anth. Behold the name Ant. Ecce nomen Do- 

ofthe Lord cometh from mini venit de longinquo & 

afar off, and his brightness claritas ejus replet orbem 

fiUeth the whole earth. V. terrarum. V. Borate cce- 

Send down dew, O you li desuper, & nubes pluant 

heavens, from above, and Justum. R. Aperiatur 

let the clouds rain down terra, & germinet Salvato- 

the Just One. R. Let the rem. 
earth open, and bud forth 
the Saviour. 

Prayer. Collept at Mass, as to-morroiv % 

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112 ' I. TCHDAY. 


MASS. Introit, Psalm xxiv. 

*THO tbee have I raised A D te kvavi animaax 

A up my sou* : O my jfaL meam ; Dens mens, 

God, in thee I trust, let in te confido, non erubes- 

me not be pat to shame : cam : neque trrideant me 

neither let my enemies inimici met: etenim uni- 

scoffat me : for none shaH versi, qui te expectant, 

be disappointed, who wait non confundentur. Ps. 

for thee. Ps. Show to me, Vias tuas, Doraine, d©- 

O Lord, thy ways: and monstra mihi : et semitas 

thy paths do thou teadi tuas edoce me. V. Gloria 

me. V. Glory, &c. &c. 

Then is repeated the Introit : To thee have I rais- 
ed up &c. to Ps. And thus f/te Introit is always said, 

Gloria in excekis is not said from this Sunday till 
Christmas s, unless on Feasts. 

Collect. Excita, qucesumus. 

EXERT, we beseech thee, O Lord, thy power and 
come : ihat by thy protection, we may be freed 
from the imminent dangers of our sins, and be saved by , 
thy mercy, who livest and leanest with God the Father, 
in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without 
end. R. Amen. 

From this day to Christmas Eve, after the Collect of 
the day are said the itvo following* Collects, 

Of the B. v. mary. Deus, qui de heatcs. 

OGOD, who wast pleased that thy word, when the 
angel delivered his message, should take flesh in the 
womb of the blessed Virgin Mary ; give ear to our hum- 
ble petitions : and grant, that we who believe her to be 
truly, the Mother of God, may be helped by her prayers. 

For the church. Ecclesue tu<e. 

MERCIFULLY hear, OLord, we beseech thee, the 
prayers of thy Church, that all oppositions and er- 
rors being removed, she may serve thee with a secure 
and undisturbed devotion. Thro' our Lord Jesus Christ, 
who with thee, and the Holy Ghost, liveth andTeigneth 
one God, world without end. Amen. 

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O* ADVENT. 113 

Instead of the foregoing, may be said the following 
Collect for the Pope. Deus omnium. 

OGod, the pastor and governor of all the faithful, 
look down in thy mercy on thy servant N. whom 
thou hast appointed pastor over thy church : and grant, 
we beseech thee, that, both by word and example, he 
may edify all those that are under his charge, and with 
the flock intrusted to him arrive, at length, at eternal hap- 
piness. Thro*. 

Epistle. Rom. xiii. 11, 14. 

BRETHREN : Know that it is now the hour for us 
to rise from sleep. For now our Salvation is nearer, 
than when we believed*. The night is past, and the day 
is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of dark- 
ness, and put on the armour of light. Let us walk 
honestly as in the day-time : not in revelling and drunken- 
ness: not in chambering and impurities : not in conten- 
tion and envy : but put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ. 

gradual. Psalm xxiv. 

None, O Lord, who Universi, qui te expec- 

wait for thee, shall be dis* tant, non confondentur J)o- 

appointed. V. Thy ways, mine. V. Vias tuasj, Do- 

Lord, make known to mine, notas fee mini 5 et 

me; and thy paths do thou scmitas tuas edoce me. 

teach me. Alleluia, Me- Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Os- 

luia. V. Psalm 64. Shew tende nobis, Domine, mi- 

us, Lord, thy mercy, sericordiam tuam, et tarn* 

and grant us thy salvation J. tare tuum da nobis. Alle- 

Alleluia. luia. 

GOSPEL. Luke xxi. 23, 33. 

AT that time : Jesus said to his disciples : There 
shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in 
the stars 1 and on earth distress of nations, by reason of 
the confusion of the roaring of the sea, and 'of the waves, 
men withering away for fear, and expectation of what 
shall come upon the whole world. For the powers of 
the heavens shall be moved : and then shall they see the 
Son of Man coming in a cloud with great power and 
majesty. But when these things begin to come to pass, 
look up, and raise your heads : because your redemption 

t Expl. The salvation, or Saviour thou proraisedst. 
Vol. i. k * 

digitized by CjC 


is at hand. And he spake unto them a parable : See the 
fig-tree and all the trees : when they now shoot forth their 
fruit J, you know the summer is nigh : so likewise when 
you see these tilings come to pass, know that the king- 
dom of God is at hand. Amen, I say to you, this gene- 
ration shall not pass away, till all things be fulfilled. 
Heaven and earth shall pass away : but my word shall 
not pass away. Credo. 

offertory. Psalm xxiv: 
To thee have I raised up Ad te levavi animam : 
my soul : O my God, ift Deus meus, in te confido, 
tliee I put my trust, let me ^boa erubescam : neque if- 
not be put to shame : nei- rideant -roe inimici mei : 
ther let my enemies scoff etenim universi, qui te ex- 
at me : for none shall be pectant, non confundentur. 
disappointed, who wait for 


GRANT, O Lord* that these sacred mysteries may 
cleanse us by their powerful virtue, and bring us 
with greater purity to him, who was the author and }n- 
stitutor of them. Thro* 

Of the B. F:Mary. 

STRENGTHEN, we beseech thee, O Lord, in our 
> souls, the mysteries of the true faith : that we, who 
confess him, that was conceived of a Virgin, to be true 
God, -and true man, may, by the power of his saving 
resurrection, .deserve to come to eternal joys. Thro* the 
6ame, &c. 

For the Church. 

PROTECT us, O Lord, while we assist at thy sacred 
mysteries, that "being employed in acts of religion, we 
may serve thee both in .body and mind. Thro*. 
Or, for the Pope. 

BE appeased, O Lord, with the offerings we have 
made, and cease not to protect thy servant N. whom 
thou hast been pleased to appoint Pastor over thy 
Church. Thro' 

communion. Psalm lxsgtv. 
The Lord will give his Dominusdabitbenigntta- 
kind blessing, and our land tern, et terra nostra dabit 
shall yield its fruit. fructum suum. 

X Or, Leatcs. 

d by Google 


postcommunion. Suscipiamus. 

MAY we receive, O Lord, thy mercy ia the midst 
of thy temple, that with due honour we may pre* 
pare for the approaching solemnity of our reparation.. 

OfthiB. V. Mary. 

FtUR forth* we beseech thee, O Lord, thy grace 
into our hearts, that we, who, by the message of an 
Angel, have known the incarnation of thy Son, the Christ, 
may, by his passion and cross, come to the glory of bis 
resurrection. Thro' the same. 

For the CtfuacH. 

WE beseech thee, O Almighty God, not to leave 
exposed to the dangers of human life, those whom 
thou permittest to partake of these divine mysteries. 

Or, fir the Pope. 

MAY the participation of this divine sacrament pro- 
tect us, we beseech thee, O Lord : and always 
procure safety and defence to thy servant N. whom thou 
hast appointed Pastor over thy Church, together with tfhe 
flock committed to his charge. Thro'. 

Jnstead of lie, Mlssa est, is said: Benedicamus Do- 
mino; which is always to he observed, when the 
Gloria in excelsis is omitted* 

On the week days the Mass of the foregoing Sunday 
is said, unless there be a proper Mass for the day : 
(but the Alleluias, and V. following in the Gradual 
are omitted). And the same is to be observed with re- 
gard to the following Sundays* 


Psalms as on Sundays, p. J4-, with the following 

Anth. TN that day the Ant. TN ilia die stillabunt 
A mountains shall JL monjtes dulcedi- 

drop sweetness, and the nem, et colles fluent lac et 

hills shall flow with milk mel. Alleluia. 
and honey. Alleluia. 

Anth. Be glad, Odaugh- Ant. Jucundare, filia 

terofSion, and rejoice ex- Sion, et exulta satis, Alia 

ceedinely, O daughter of Jerusalem. Alleluia. 
Jerusalem. Alleluia. 

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Ant, Ecce Dominus, ve- 
niet, et crones sancti ejus 
cum eo j ct erit in die ilia 
lux magna. . Alleluia. 

Ant. Omnes srtientes, 
venite ad aquas: quaerite 
Dominum, dura inveniri 
potest. Alleluia. 

Ant. Ecce veotet Pro* 
pheta magnns, et ipse reno- 
vabit Jerusalem. Alleluia. 

Anth. Behold the Lord 
will come, and all his saints 
with him : and there shall 
be a great light in that day. 

Anth. All you that are 
thirsty, come to the waters : 
seek the Lord, while he 
may be found/ Alleluia. 

Anth. Behold the great 
Prophet will come, and 
will himself renew Jerusa- 
lem. Alleluia. 

Little Chapter. Brethren : Know that it is now. 
Beginning of the Epistle to*, p. 113. 


BRIGHT maker of the /CREATOR alme side- 
starry poles, , v^ rum, 
Eternal light of faithful Sterna lux credentium, 

Christ, man's deliverer, Jesu, redemptor omnium, 

Our cause, and hear our Intende votis supplicum. 
humble vows. 
Who, lest the frauds of ♦ Qui dcemonis ne fraudi- 
t hell's black King bus 

Should mankind to de- Periret orbis impetu 

struction bring, 
Didst, by an act of gene*- Amorts actus, languidi 

rous love, 
. The fainting world's physi- Mundi medela factus es j 
cian prove $ 
Who, that thou might'st Commune qui mundi 
our ransom pay, nefas 

And wash the stains of sin Ut expiares, ad crucem 

Would'st from a virgin's E Virginis sacrario 

womb proceed, 
And on the cross a victim Intacta prodis victims, 
Whose glorious fttw'r, Cujus potestas gioriae, 
whose saving name, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



No sooner any voice can 

But heav'n and earth and 
hell agree 

To honour them with trem- 
bling knee. 
Thee, of the last ac- 
counting day 

O sovereign judge, we 
humbly pray, 

Of heavenly grace such 
plenty send, 

As may thy Church from 
foes defend. 
Let endless times aloud 

The glory, power, praise 
and name 

Of God the Father, and 
the Son, 

And Holy Spirit, three in 
one. Amen. 
V. Send down dew, O 

ye heavens* from above • 

and let the clouds rain 

down the just one* R. 

Let the earth be opened, 

and bud forth the Savtoua. 

Nomenque cum primum 

Et coalites etinferi 

Tremente curvantur genu. 

Te deprecamnr ultima* 

Magnum diet judicem, 

Armis superntt gratias 

Defende nos ab hostibus. 

Virtus, honor, laus, glo- 
Deo Patri cum Filio* 

Sancto simul Faraclito, 

£» sseculorum sstcula, 
V. Rorate, cosli, de- 
super : et nubes. pluant jus* 
turn. R. Aperiatur terra, 
et germinet Salvatorcm* 


Fear not, Mary, Ant. Ne tuneas Maria, 
Domkram j ecce concipies, 
et partes filium. Alleluia. 

for thou hast found favour 
with the Lord: behold 
thou shalt conceive, and 
bring forth a son. Alleluia. 

Prater. Collect at Mass, p. 122. 

The Commemorations at Vbsfebs during thejirst 



Anth. Lift up thine eyes, 
O Jerusalem* and? see the 
power of the King : be- 
hold a Saviour comcth to 
ftee thee from chains. 

Ant. Leva, Jerusalem, 
oculos tuoSr et vide poten- 
tiam Regis : ecce Salvator 
venit solvere te a vinculo. 

k 2 

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118 n SUNDAY 

V. ani R. as p. lljr. and they are said all the week* 
Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 112. 


Antb. Seek the Lord Ant. Quasrite Domi- 

whilst he may be found : num, dum inveniri potest : 

call on him, while he is invocate eum, dam prope 

near. Alleluia, est Alleluia. 


Anth. There will come Ant. Veniet fbrtior me 

after me one more powerful post me, cujus non sum 

than me, the latchets of dignus solvere corrigiam 

whose shoes I am not wor- calceamentorum. 
thy to untie. 


Anth. Out of Egypt I Ant. Ex .ASgypto vo- 

have called my son: he cavi filium rneum: veniet 

shall come to save his peo- ut salvet populum suum* 


Anth. Come, O Lord, Ant. veni, Domioe visi- 

and visit us in peace, that tare nos in pace, ut laeto- 

we may rejoice in thy pre- raur coram te corde per- 

sence with our whole Jieart. fecto. 

/ Prayer . Collect of to-morrow. 


>IASS. Introit. Psalm xxx. 

FOPLE of Sion, be* FJOPULUS Sion, ecce 
hold the Lord will ± Domious veniet ad 
come to save the Gentiles.- saivandas Gentea ; .& audi- 
and the Lord will make the tarn fociet Dootinus gk>ri- 
glory of his voice heard to am vocis suae in laetitia cor- 
thejoy of your hearts. Ps. dis vestri. Ps. 79. Qui 
79. T^iou who rulest Isra- regis Israel intende : qui 
el, hearken: thou who deducis, velut ovem, Jo- 
leadest Joseph like a sheep, seph. V. Gloria. 
V. Glory. 

collect. Extila, Domine. 

STIR up, O Lord, our he&ris to prepare the ways of 
thy only-begotten son ; that by his coming we may 
be enabled to serve thee with pure minds. Who livetb. 

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spxstlb. Rom. xv. 4, 13. 

BRETHREN: Whatsoever hath been wrote, was 
wrote for our instruction, that by patience and the 
comfort of the scriptures we might have hope.* And may 
the God of patience and comfort grant you to be of one 
mind one towards another, according to Jesus Christ; 
so that, being of one mind, you may with one month 
glorify God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ himself 
also received you to the honour of God. For I say, that 
Jesus Christ was minister of the circumcision f for the 
truth of God, to conform the promises made to the ft* 
then. And that the Gentiles are to glorify God. for his 
mercy, as it is written : Therefore will I confess to thee, 
O Lord among the Gentiles, and sing to thy name. And 
again the same prophet saith : Rejoice ye Gentiles with 
his people. And again : Praise the Lord all ye Gentiles, 
and magnify him, all ye people. And again Isaias 
saith: There shall be a root of Jesse, and be that 
shall rise up to rule the Gentiles, in him shall the Gen- 
tiles hope. Now may the God of hope fill you with 
joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope, 
and in the power of the Holy Qhost: 

gradual. Psalm xlix and cxxi. 
He shall come in his Ex Sion species decoris 
comeliness and beauty from ejus : Deus manifesto veni- 
Sion : God will come visi- et. V. Congregate illi 
bly. V. Gather to him sanctos ejus, qui ordina- 
his saints, who have % ob- verant testamentum ejus 
served his covenant more super sacrificia. Alleluia, 
than sacrifice. Alleluia, Al~ Alleluia. V. Lsstatus sum 
leluia. V. I rejoiced at in his qusedicta sunt mihi : 
what was told me : we in domum Domini ibimtts. 
are to go up to the house of Alleluia, 
the Lord. Alleluia. 

GOSPEL. Matt. xi. 2, 10. 

AT that time : When John in prison had heard the 
works of Christ, sending two of his disciples^ he 
said to him -, Art thou he who art to come, or are we 

f> Expl. Executed his office and ministery towards the circum- 
cised Jews, to shew the veracity of God, and to accomplish the 
promises made to their fothers. % Or, Who h**e observe^ ti* Si- 
diaaiifffi concerning sacrifices* 

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120 tl SUNDAY 

still to look for another ? And Jesus answering, said to 
them : Go and tell John what you have heard, and what 
you have seen. The blind see, the lame walk, the le- 
pers are made clean, the deaf hear, the dead rise again, 
and the gospel is preached to the poor : and blessed is he 
who shall not be scandalized in me. And when they 
were departed, Jesus began to say to the multitude con- 
cerning John : What went you out into the desert to 
see ? A reed shaken with the wind ? Bat what went you 
out to see ? A man clothed in soft garments ? Behold, 
they who are clothed in soft garments, are in the houses 
of kings. But what went you out to see? A prophet > Yea, 
I say to you, and more than a prophet. For this is he, 
of whom it is written : Behold I send my angel before 
thy face, who shall prepare thy way before thee* 



Turning to us, O God, Deus tu conversus vivi* 

thou wilt restore us to life, ficabis nos, & plebs tua 

and thy people shall re- laetabttur in te: ostende 

joice in thee. Shew us, nobis, Domine, miserieor* 

O Lord, thy mercy, and diam tuam, et salutare tu- 

grant us thy salvation. urn da nobis. 


BE appeased, O Lord, we beseech thee, by our 
humble prayers and sacrifices : and although we 
can alledge no deserts on our part, grant us thy protec- 
tion, liiro*. 

communxok. Bar iv. 
Arise, O Jerusalem, and Jerusalem, surge* et sta 
stand on high, and see the in excelso, & vide jucundi* 
joy that will come to thee tatem, quae veniet tibi a 
foovo, thy God. Deo tuo. 

postcommunion. RepktL 
TOEING filled, O Lord, with this spiritual food, we 
JLJ humbly beseech thee to teach us, by partaking of 
this mystery, to despise earthly things, and to love such 
as are heavenly. Thro/ 


The Psalms as on Sundays, p. 74 urith the follow* 
ing Anthems. 
Anth. TJEHQLD* the Ant. T?CCE innubibus 
fl Lord will come jvj ccdi Dominas 

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in the clouds of heaven 
with great power. Alle- 

Anth. Sion is our strong 
city, the Saviour shall be 
its wall and bulwark : open 
the gates, for God is with 
us. Alleluia. 

veniet cum potestate mag* 
na. Alleluia. 

Ant. Urbs fortitudinis 
nostra Sion, Salvatorpo- 
tetnr in ca mums & ante* 
murale : aperite portas, 
quia nobiscum Deus. Al- 

Ant. Ecce apparent 
Dominus, & non mentie- 
tur : si moram fecerit, ex- 
pecta eum: quia veniet, 
fir non tardabit. Alleluia. 

Anth. Behold the Lord 
will appear, and will not 
deceive us. If he delay, 
still expect him, for be will 
soon come, and will not 
delay long. Alleluia. 

Anth. The mountains 
and hills shall sing forth 
praises before God, and all 
the trees of the forest shall 
clap their hands : because 
the Lord the ruler will 
come to reign for ever. Al- 
leluia, Alleluia. 

Anth. Behold our Lord 
will come with power, and 
will enlighten the eyes of 
his servants. Alleluia. 

Littlb Chapter. Brethren 
ning of the Epistle to this * 

Hymn, V. and R. as p. 117 . 


Ant. Montes et colles 
cantabunt coram Deo lau- 
dem, & omnia ligna silva- 
rum plaudent manibus : 
quia veniet dominator Do- '• 
minus in regnum aeternum. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. 

Ant. Ecce Dominus nos- 
tercum virtute veniet, & 
illumioabit oculos servorum 
suorura. Alleluia. 

Whatsoever, Begin* 

p. 119. 

Anth. Art thou he who 
is to come, or are we still 
to look for another ? Tell 
John what you have seen : 
the blind recover their 
sight, the dead rise again, 
the Gospel is preached to 
the poor. Alleluia. 

Prater. Collect at Mass, p. 


during the second week. 


Anth. Behold the king Ant. Ecce veniet 
the Lord of the earth will Dominus terra, & 

Ant. Tu es qui ventu- 
res es, an alium expecta- 
mus ? Dicite Joaoni quae 
vidistis : ad lumen redeunt 
caeci, mortui resurgunt* 
pauperes Evangelizantur. 




Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


come, and he will take off auferet .jugum captiritatis 
the yoke of our captivity. nostra, 

V. and R. as p. 1X7, and they are said all the week. 
Fhaybr. Collect at Mass, p. 118. 


Anth. A voice of one Ant. Vox clamantis in 
crying out in the desert: deserto: parate viam Do- 
prepare the way of the mini, rectas facite semitas 
Lord, make straight the Deinostri. 
paths of our God. 


Anth. O Sion, thou Ant. Sion, renovaberis > 

shall be renewed, and et videbt* justum tuum, 

shalt see thy righteous one, qui venturus est in te. 
who is to come unto thee. 


Anth, He (hat is to come Ant. Qui post me veni- 

after me, was before me, et, ante me factus est, cu- 

whose shoes I am not wor- jus non sum dignus calcea- 

thy to untie* menta solvere. 


MASS. Int&Oit. Philip, iv. and Psalm, Ixxxiv. 

REJOICE in the Lord fi AUDETE in Domino 
always : again I say, \J semper : iterum di- 
rejoice : fet your modesty co, gaudete : modestia ves- 
be known to all men : for tra nota sit omnibus horat- 
the Lord is at hand: be nibus: Dominusenim pro- 
solicitous about nothing ; pe est : nihil solicit! sitis : 
but on every occasion let sed in omni orattone peti- 
your petitions be made tiones vestrae innotescant 
known to God by prayer, apud Deum. Ps. Bene- 
Ps. Thou, O Lord, hast dixisti, Domine, terrain 
blest thy land, thou hast tuam, avertisti cap ti vita- 
brought back the captive tern Jacob. V. Gloria, 
children of Jacob. V. Glo- 

CotLECT. Auretn tuam. 

BEND thine ear, O Lord, we beseech thee, to oui 4 
prayers, and enlighten the darkness of our minda 
by the grace of thy visitation. Who iivest 

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Efistle. Philip iv. 4, 7. 

BRETHREN : Rejoice always in the Lord : I say 
again, rejoice. Let your modesty be known to all 
men : the Lord is at hand. * Be solicitous about no* 
thing : but on every occasion let your petitions be made 
known to God by prayer and supplication with thanksgiv- 
ing. And may the peace of God, which surpasseth all 
understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ 
Jesus our Lord. 

Gradual. Psalm Ixxix. 
Lord, who sittest on the Qui sedes, Domine, su- 
'Cherubim, exert thy pow- per Cherubim, excita po- 
er, and come. V. Thon, tentiam tuam, et veni. V. 
who rulest Israel, hear- Qui regis Israel, intende ; 
ken j thou, who leadest qui deducis velut ovem 
Joseph as a sheep. Alle- Joseph. Alleluia, Alleluia, 
Juia, Alleluia. V. Exert, V. Excita, Domine, po- 

Lord,* thy power, and tentiam tuam, et veni : ut 
come to save us. Alleluia, salvos facias nos. Alleluia. 

GOSPEL. John I 19, 28. 

AT that time: The Jews sent Priests and Levites 
. from Jerusalem to John, to ask him : Who art 
thou? And he confessed, and did not deny; and he 
confessed, I am not the Christ. And they asked him : . 
What then ? Art thou Elias ? And he said : I am not. 
-Art thou a Prophet ? And he answered : No. They 
said therefore to him: Who art thou, that we may give 
an answer to those who sent us ? What say'st thou of 
thyself ? He 6aid : / am the tooice of one crying out in, 
the desert: Make straight the way of the Lord, as 
Isaias the Prophet said. And they who were sent, were 
of the Pharisees. And they asked him, and said: Why 
then dost thou baptize, if thou be neither the Christ, 
nor Elias, nor a Prophet ? John answered them, saying : 

1 baptize in water : but there hath stood one in the 
midst of you, whom you know not. He it is, who is 
to. come after me, that is preferred before me: the 
latchet of whose* shoe I am not worthy to loose. These 
things happened in Bethania beyond Jordan, where John 
was baptizing. Credo. 

Offertory. Psalm lxxxiv. 
Thou hast blessed, O Benedixisti,Domtne,ter- 
Jjord, thy land : thou hast ram tuam: avertisti capti- 

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brought back the captive vit^tem Jacob: remisisti 
children of Jacob : thou iniquitatem plebis tu». 
hast pardoned the iniquity 
of thy people. 


MAY we always, O Lord, offer thee this sacrifice of 
our devotion, both to comply with the institution 
of these sacred mysteries, and wonderfully to procure our- 
selves that salvation which thou designedst us. Thro* 

Communion. Is. xxxv. 

Say, be comforted, O ye Dicite, pusUlanirhes, 

fearful of heart, and fear confortamini, et nolite ti- 

not : behold our God will mere *. ecce Dens noster 

come and save us. veniet, et salvabit nos. 

Postcommunion. Imploramua. 

WE implore, O Lord, thy mercy, that these divine 
helps having cleansed us from sin, may prepare 
us for the ensuing solemnity. Thro' 


The Psalms as on Sundays, p* 74, with the following 

Anthems : 

Aath.rr*HE Lord will 
X come and will 
delay : he will bring . to 
light those things that are 
hid in darkness, and he 
will shew himself to all na- 
tions. Alleluia. 

Anth. Rejoice, O Jeru- 
salem, with great joy, for 
thy Saviour will come. 

Anth. I will settle salva- 
tion in Sion, and my glory 
in Jerusalem. Alleluia. 

Anth. All the mountains 
and hills shall be levelled : 
the crooked ways shall be 
made straight.- and the 
rough ways smooth : come, 
O Lord, and do not delay, 

Anth. Let us live righte* 

AntTrENIET Dorai r 
V nus, et non tar* 
debit, et illuminabit ab« 
scondita tenebrarum, et 
manifestabit se ad omnes 
gentes. Alleluia 

Ant. Jerusalem, gaude 
gaudio magno, quia veniet 
tibi Salvator. Allekua. 

Ant. Dabo in Sion salu* 
tern, et in Jerusalem glori- 
am meam. Alleluia. 

Ant. Montes et omnes 
colles humiliabuntur : et 
erunt prava in directa, et 
aspera in vias planas : vent, 
Domine et noli tardare. 

Ant. Juste et pie viva- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ou% and piously, expect* mus, expectantee beatara 
log the blessed hope, and' spem,et adventum Domini, 
the coming of the -Lord. . . 

Little Chapter. Brethren, rejoice. Beginning of 
the Epistle to*, p: 123. 

Hymn, V. and R. as.alove, p. 117. 


Anth, Blessed art thou Ant* Beala es Maria/ 
Mary, who didst believe- quae credidisti Domino , 
the Lord : whatever the perftcientnr in te, quae die- 
Lord hath said to thee, will ta sunt tibi a: Domino* 
be fulfilled in thee. Alle- Alleluia. 
iuia.' .... 
Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 123. 


THESE solemn Anthems (which express and repre- 
sent the ardent desires and wishes of "the holy Pro- 
phets for the coming of Christ, and which ought to ex- 
press the desire we have that Christ may be born in us 
by his grace) are begun on the 17th of December ; and 
are said on every day before and after the Magnificat 
entire, as on Doubles, in the following order. But in 
the first and second Vespers of St. Thomas, they serve 
as the Commemoration of Advent. 

On the 17 th. of December. 

Anth. O wisdom, who Ant. O sapientia, quae 

didst proceed out of the ex ore Altissimi prodiisti, 

mouth of the Most High, ,attingens, a fine usque ad 

reaching from end to end finem fortiter, suaviterque 

with might and with sweet- disponens omnia : veni ad 

ness disposing all things \ docendum nos .v'^ff} pru- 

come and teach us the dentiae. 
Wty of prudence. * 

On ike 18*A. 

Anth. O Adonai fand Ant. O Adonai et dux 
leader, of the house of Is- domus Israel, qui Moysi 

t*Expl. Lord. *' 

Vol. 1. l * 

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tael, wh* didst appear to. 
Moses in the fire of tkp 
flaming bush, and didst 
give him the law on Sinai : 
come and save us with a 
stretched forth arm. 

On the igth 

in igne flaroro« rubi appa- 
'misti, et el in Sinai legem 
dedfeti: veni sd tedimen- 
4m nos \n . tadw ejtieift* 

Anth. O sucker of Jesse, 
who art a signal to the peo- 
ple* in whose presence 
Kings shall be silent, and 
to whom the Gentiles shall 
pray : come and deliver us 
now, and delay not. 

O radix Jesse, qui stas 
in signum populorum, wi- 
per quern continebunt re- 
ges os suum, quern Gen- 
tes deprecabuntur : veni 
ad liberandum nos, jam 
noli tardare. 


Anth. O key of David, Ant. O clavis David, et 
and sceptre of the house of fceptrum domus Israel, qui 
Israel, whd openest 'and aperis et nemo claudit; 

no man shuttethj who 
shuttest, and no map open- 
eth : come and take out of 
prison hini that -is in fet r 
ters, and who sitteth in 
darkness, .and fjje shades of 
deatku • 

" On the2\st f 

claudis et nemo aperit: 
veni et educ vinctunr )de 
dorao carceris, sedentem in 
tenebris, et umbra raortW 

. Anth. O orient bright-' 
ness of eternal light, and sun 
of righteousness : come ajd 
enlighten those jhat sit in 
darkness, and in the shades 
of death. 

On the22d, 

Ant. O oriens splendor 
lucis aeternae, et sol justi- 
tfoe: veni e£ illumina se- 
dentes in tenebris et um- 
bra mortis. 

Anth* O King of the 
GehttleV and their desired 
one,; ffie corner stone that 
joinest the two walls : 
come and save man, whom 
thou formedst out of slime. 

Ant. O Rex Gentium, 
et desideratus earum, laj?]£-* 
que angularis, qui facjs 
utraque unura:' veni et 
salva hotriinem, quern de 
limo formasti. 

On the 23d. 
Anth. O Emmanuel, our Ant. O Emmanuel Re* 
King and Law-giver, the et Legifer noster, expecta- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

expectation of the Gentiles, tio Gentium et Salvator 

and their Saviour: come earum: reni atj salvandum 

and save us, O Lord our nos, Doiuine Deusnortei* 


IN STRUtTION., . :, 

nptHE Eiriber-days (so called from the custom of our 
X forefathers : fasting on those days in sackcloth and 
ashes, 6r from their eating nothing but cakes baked un- 
der the embers) are the Wednesday, Friday, arid Satur- 
daj of the first Week* of Lent, of Whitsun-Week, of 
the third Week in September, and of the third Week 
in Advent. The spirit 6f the Church is to engage her 
children, at these stated times, to pray, fast, and per- 
form such other good works, as may prevail with" God 
to furnish his Church with good Pastors j Saturday in 
Ember- Week being th£ appointed day for ordaining and 
consecrating persons to. the sacred Ministry. We artf 
likewise to brig God's blessing on die fruits of the earth, 
and give him thanks for those we hare already received* 

MASS. Iktroit. Js. lv. .Ps. xviii. 

DllOF bWn dew, O you heavens from above J and 
let the clouds rain dbWt* the just 1 one ; leuhe earth 
tie opened and hiring forth a saviour. 'Psalfn. The h'ea^ 
▼ens publish the* glory of God : arid the firmament de~ 
clartth the works of his hand* V. Glory. 

After the Kyrie eleison^ is said.' , t , 

.liet us pray. Letua kneel down J • ft. Stand upagauu 

Conner* Prats fa> qu#$um As.. . >J . 

GftANl*,. we oeseech thee, O, AJraigMy God, that 
the approaching solepmity of -our redemption may 
afford us the succours of this presept lifej . and heap oa 
us the rewards of eternal hapginess, ' • Ttirp'. p . , .'/ * 

t At solemn' ttf asset this is sting by the Deacon l when* all are, 
tokrieel, till the Suodeaebn, after aHftW-piu^e^Xdifhig^hfcli 
ai( remain in silence) bids them stand up again to join with the 
Priest when Kc says the Cb?lert. * *',"'" 

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LESSOR. "* Is. ii. 2, £.' 

IN those days the .Prophet Isaias safe}:, In the last jays 
the mountain of the house of thefltfrd shall he set- 
tled on the top of the mountains, and it shall be raised 
above the hills, and air&atldns shall flow unto it. And 
many people shall go and -say r Come, let us go up to 
the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God 
of Jacob j and he will teacfc 'tis his wsrys, and we will 
walk in his paths. For the law shall come fortji from 
Sion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem; aiid 
he shall judge the Gentiles, and rebuke many people ; 
and they shall turn their swords into plow T shares, and 
their spears into sickjes : nation shall not lilt up the 
sword against nation, neither shall they be trained up 
any more to battle. , Come, you house of Jacob, and 
let' us walk in the light of the Lord our God. 

Gradual, jfsalm 23. Lift up your gates, O you 
princes; and be you Jifted up, O Eternal gates, and the 
King of glory shall enter in. V. Who shall go up to 
the mountain of the Lord ; or who shall .abide in his 
sanctuary? The man whose hands ate innocent, and 
whose heart is clean.. ". ... 

. May the Lord be wilh you. A. And with thy spirit. 

■ 'Collect. Fes'tina. 

MAKE haste, we beseech thee, .O Lord, «and delay 
not : but grant iis the. assistance of \hy heau^njjr 
grace; that they, who trust in thy goodness, may be. re* 
lieveU by.. the comforCof thy. coming. Who,livest. ri 
Here are said the other Gottects; as directed, p. 112. - 

•Lesson. Is. vii. 

IN Hhose days : The Lord spoke to Achaz saying : 
v Ask thee, assign c£ the Lord . thy; God, either unto 
the depth of hell, or unto the heavens above. And 
Achaz said : . vl will not ask, and I will Dot tenlpt the Lord. 
An4 he said : Hear ye therefore, O House of Pavid $ js 
it not enough for you to be troublesome to men ; but 
you 1 must be trbqolesome to my God also? Therefore 
flie Lord himself shall give you a sign. Behold, a Vir- 
gin shall conceive, arid bear a Son, and his name shall 
be called Emmanuel. rj He shall eajt J butter and honey, 
that lie may kiiow to refuse evil, and to choose good. 

Z Expir Batter and honey, or rather crean and honey, was the 
Just food given to children; and the meaning is, that Christ should 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

WEDNESDAY IN feMB*fc*#8Bk. l$jj 

Gradual. Psalm 144. Tbt'Lcyrd is near all those 
that call upon h?m, all that call upon hirn in truth. V, 
My month shall declare tlfe griise ofthfe Lord, mid let 
all flesh bless his hoiy&kttte. 

GOSPER. Lule i. 26, 38. ' 

AT that time : The Angel Gabriel was sent from 
God to a city of fealflee; called Nazareth, 'to a yjt- 
fin espoused to a mar), whose name was Joseph, or the 
ouse of David ; and the Virgin's name was Mary. And 
the Angel being come in, said to her, Hail, full of grace, 
the Lord is with thee $ blessed, art tbou amongst women. 
And when she had heard this, she was troubled at his 
words, and thought with herself,- what Winner of salu- 
tation this should be. And the Angel said to her. Fear 
not, Mary, for thou hast found favour with God. Be- 
hold thou shalt conceive in thy womb, a^jd shMt bring 
forth a Son 5 and thou shalt call his name' Jesus. "Hte 
shall be great, and shall be called the Son 'of thfe Most 
High ; and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne 
of David, bis father ; and he shall reign in the house of 
Jacob for ever, and of his reign there shall be no end. 
'And Mary said to the Angel j ttaw shall this be* sirijpe 
I know not man h And the Angel answering, said io 
her 9 The Holy Ghost shall come down flpon thec> and 
the power of the. jMost High sbaU overshadow thee. 
And therefore the Holy one, who tfrall be born of Ite*, 
shall be called the Son of God.: And behold thy cousin 
Elizabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age} 
and this is the sixth. month with her, who is called the 
.barren woman $ for with God nothing shall be impossi- 
ble. And Mary said, . Behold I am the handmaid of the 
hoed ; be it unto toe according to thy wdrcL . 

Opfektor*. Is, '35. Take courage,' add now Fear 
not : for behold bur God will do justice f he will come 
himself, and save us. 


LET our tests, we beseech thee, O Lord, be accepta- 
ble to '&eb, that by atoning for our sirrs, they may 
both make us worthy of thy ferace^ and bring us to tlie 
everlasting effects of thy promises. Thro*. 

be as really Man, lis ne ifras God, the 'true Eriifnafoucl, or tfhe 
Person, in whdra the tHvme nature shoald be united to that of 

1. 2 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

|3Q ffUIUY IK ESffl^R*WBB|U 

• Pom mu»ion. :Z*. viL . 
. , Behold , a Virgin shaft , Eccc Virgo coocipiet, efc 
conceive, and bring forth a pariet filiupi : et vocablttt* 
Son: and his name shall , npmen ejus EmmantieJ. 
be called Emmanuel. . 

Postcommunion. Salutaris. 

BEJNG filled, O Lord, by the participation of thy 
saving mysteries, we humbly beseech thee, that as 
we rejoice in the taste thereof, we may be renewed by 
their effects. Thro'. 



Jnt*oit. npHOU art at hand, O Lord, and all thy 
Ps. cxviii. X w ay* are truth : in the beginning I 
knew from thy law, that thou art for ever. Ps. Blessed 
arethe. undented in the way, who walk in the law of 
the Lord. V. Glory. 

collect. Excita, quasumus. 

EXERT, O Lord, we beseech thee, thy power and 
come : that they who trust in thy goodness, may 
'speedily be delivered from all adversity.. Wholivest. 
lesson. Is. xi. 1, 5. 

THUS sahh the Lord God : There shall come forth a 
sucker from the root of Jesse, *and a flower shall 
spring from his root. And die spirit of the Lord shall 
rest upon him ; the spirit of wisdom and of understand- 
ing; the spirit of counsel and of fortitude; the spirit of 
knowledge and of godliness, and he shall be filled with 
the spirit of the fear" of the Lord. He shall not judge 
according to die sight of the eye$, neither shall he con- 
demn according to the. hearing of the e$rs ; but he shall 
judge the poor according to justice, and defend the 
meek of the earth according to equity j and he shall 

. strike the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the 
breath of his lips shall be slay the wicked; and justice 

. shall be the girdle of his loins ; and faith the girdle of his 

Gradual. Ps. 84. Shew us, OLord, thy mercy, 
and grant us thy salvation. V. Thou hast blessed, O 

' Lord, thy land j thou hast brought back the captive 
children of Jacob. 

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GOSPEL. Luke i. 39, 47. 

AT that time: Mary rising up, went in haste to the 
. hilly country to a city of Juda 1 and going into the 
house of Zacharias, saluted Elizabeth. And it came to 
pass, as soon as Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary, 
the infant leapt in her womb; and Elizabeth was . filled 
with the Holy Ghost; and she cried out with a loud 
voice,, and said, Blessed art thou amongst women, aqd 
blessed is the fruit of thy womb. And how happened 
this tome, that the mother of my Lord should come to 
me? For behold, as soon as the voice of thy salutation 
sounded in my ears, the infant leapt for joy in my womb. 
And blessed art thou, that hast believed; for the things 
that have been told thee from the Lord, shall be accomr 
piisbed. And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the 
Lord ; and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. 

Offertory; Fs. 84. Turning to 114, O God, thou 
wilt restore us to life, and thy people shall rejoice in 
thee. Shew us, O Lord, thy mercy* and grant us thy 


AVING received, O Lord, our offerings and 
prayers, cleanse us; we beseech thee, by these 
heavenly mysteries, and mercifully hear 11?. Thro*. . 

Communion. Zach. 14. Behold the Lord will 
come, and all his saints with him; and in that day there 
than be a great light. 


MAY die receiving, O Lord, of thy sacrament give 
us a new life, that by putting aside the old man, 
it may bring us to the participation of this saving mys- 
tery. Thro'. 


Ikthoit. /^OME, and abew us thy face, O Lord, 
Ps. Ixxix. V^ w ho sittest on the cherubim $ and we 
shall be saved. Ps. Thou who rulest Israel, hearken; 
who Jeadest Joseph as a sheep. V. Glogr. . 

After the Kyrie eieison, is said: 
I*t us pray, Let us kneel down. R. Stand up igjnxu 

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132 $ATvtDAt tfw k^bee-wee*. 

u fcdL£ECT. : peus, qui conspicis. . .., 

OGod, who seest us afflicted through ourownwpfc* 
edness; mercifully grant, that by thy coining, we 
may be comforted. Wholivest. 

I. lesson. Isaias, xb^ 20, 22* 

IN those dm: Hiey shall cry unto the Lord from 
the face of the oppressor, and he shall send them a 
iaviooT afad a defender to deliver them. And this Lofd 
shall be known fey Egypt, and the Egyptians shall know 
the Lord in that day; and shall worship' hirh with' sacri- 
fices and oblations j and they shall make tows to the 
Lord, and perform them. And the Lord shall strike 
Egypt with a scourgd, and shall heal it j and they shall 
return to the Lord, and he shall be pacified towards 
them, and the Lord our God shall heal them* 

Gradual, Pi. 18. His setting out i* from one ex- 
tremity of the heavens, and his course is to the otter. 
V. The heavens publish the glory of God, and the fir- 
mament declareth the works of his bands. 

Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand up. again. 

ii. collect. Concede, qumsumus. * 

GRANT, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that 
we who groan under the old captivity of sin, xpay 
be freed by the new birth of thy onljr son", which* we are 
preparing fpr. Wholiveth. 

ii, lesson. Isaiasxxxv. 1, 7- 

THUS saith the Lord: The desert and solitanrlajni 
shall be glad, and the wilderness shall rejoiqfe smd 
flourish like the lily. It shall bud forth, and blossom, antf 
shall rejoice with joy and praise \ the glory of . Libanus 
is given to it, the beauty of Canpel and of Saron ; they 
shall see the glory of the Lord, and the beauty of our 
God. Encourage the hands that are weakened, and 
strengthen the knees that are feeble. Say to the faint- 
hearted : Take courage and fear not : behold our God 
will corne and revenge our cause according, to justice : 
God himself Will come and save us. Tfien shall be 
opened ihe eyes of the blind, and the ears of thettefaf 
unstopped. Then shall the lattfe Bi&n leap as the tfcart, 
and the tongue of those that are dumb; shall be loosen- 
ed : for waters spring out of the desert, and streams hi 
the wilderness. And that which was dry land/ shall 

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d*TU*OaY IN BKB*a*WJSKK. 133 

become as a pool, and the thirsty groand'as fountain* of 
water, saith the Lord Almighty. • 

Gradual. Ps. 18. He hath placed his tent in the 
suti, and is like a bridegroom. coming out of his nup- 
tial chamber. V. His setting out is from one^extfemitir 
bf the heavens, and his eourse is ' to die other." 
Let us pray. I^et us kneel down* R« St*nd up again; 

in; collect. Indignot rios. '* 

COMFORT us,0 Lord, thy 1 uhwotthy* servnrits, 
who lie dejected under the horrfcraf <imr crimes, 
by the coming of thy only Son.' Whalheth. 

in. lessor, llsaiasx]. 01 tl. 

THUS saith 4 the Xord.*' Get up 6n a high mountain, 
thou that bringest good tidings to Sion': lift up thy 
voice with strength, who bringest good tidipra to Jeru- 
salem : lift lip thy voice, fear not. £ay to the cities of 
Juda: Behold your God. Behold tne.tord, God s,hall 
come with power, and his arm shall rule; pehold his 
reebmpence is with him, and lus work Before him. He 
shall feed his flock as a shepherd 5 and the Lord our 
God in his arms shall gather the larribs, and carry them 
in his bosom.- .jk..") v 

Gradual. Ps. 7$, LotfiGpfly&Jftptefavpgv* 
back: shew thy face, and we shajj ^ ,sfved.' V, £%ftt 
thy 'power, O Lord, and cometo.^aveus. f , ,, t . A 

Lit us pray. Let us kneel down. tl. Stand up^gain^ ,r 

iv. collect. 'Prapta r qutsumus. 

GRANT^we beseech thee, O Almfghty God, that tte 
approaching solemnity of thy 1 son alMrth bjaf a|* 
ford us* the remedies* bf this present' lffe; and obtain' foY 
us trie rewafds of eternal happiness: Thro' (he same. 

. iv, lesson. Isojias.idv. l K & , i: : . - 

THUS' saith; the Lord to Cyrus t-no^f annotated one* 
whom, 1 Have, taken by the rigty hand* jto subduq 
nations before hi^ face, to put kings (9 flight j aodi will 
open the doors before him, and t^e gates shall not be 
shut* J. will gobefpre thee; and 1^ will bumble the 
great ones of theearth y l will dash in pieces, the gates of 
brass, and I wilt break asunder* the bars, of yon* And ^ 
will give thee hidden treasures, and riches concealed in 
secret places; , that thou mayst know that I am the 
Lord, who call thee .by thy name, t,hc fiod of Israel. 

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134 i itvibat nr nsn*wiix; 

for tb* «ake of Jacob ray servant, and of Israel my cho- 
sen one* I have called thee by thy namej I have. made 
thee resemble mjr ainointedf, and thou hast not knoyvn 
me. I am the Lord, jfnd there is none eW 5 there is no 
other God besides me ; I have girded op thy arms, and 
thou haft not known rhe; that both those in theejat. 
and those in the west may know there is no other God 
besides me. I am the LoYd, and thefe is no other : "t£s I 
that form the light, and create darkness ;. I make peace, 
and create evil. 1» the Lord, da all these thingb Set*} 
down dew, O .you heavens, firdm abdve* and let jtjjfe 
clouds rain down- the righteous one ; let the earth 
be opened and bring forth a Saviour $ and let righte- 
ousness arise' at the same time j I em the Lordrtfaat 
Created him. •. 

» Gha6ual. Pjhhrt 70. Exert, O I/drd, thy jfower, 
and come to save tis^ ' y. Hearken, 6 Ruler of Israel, 
who leadiest Josepftllke a sheep ; thou Who slttest on the 
Cherdbim, shew thyseff to EJ>hrklm; Benjtfmih, fitad 
Manasse. t 

f let us pray. Let us kneel down. % Staocf tip again*. 

v. Collect. Preces populi. 

MEHCtFlJtEY : heliri O f-ord 1 , we beseech ftee,. the 
prayers of t&f pebble^ trl'at we. who afc jusfl* aP- 
flicted for our MM/ : fo8y recaVe 1 corhftrt frbrd tKy'Wntl 
visR; Wnd!iv6t. rt •- " • ! 

, . • • . *: £kiio». Dm. ifi. ^. .. . ... . N 

1 f N those o!a£s ; 'ttfc Mge\ .pf the !^ord '^exrt ^*f 
i with.Azanas and ; his'compaiypns^Q^o the.mraace, 
and he drove the name qf tbb are from owt of the fur- 
nace, and he made the midst of the furnace as a breeze of 
wind with cBw}. • But' fRe flanib shread.Wl above the 
furhiace hinetthd'ibTrv cubit$; aril irfcfrtfke fpHKAd 
burnt those ofrtie Chalflees, - flit servants' of the kiftg, 
wbbrh it found 1 near the farriace, wli6 tad tiiidj<fd it : 
and the fire touched not Azaria 1 s irid his cbm^njbna) it 
trobbled them iSof, neither did it do tbeWany hurt. 
Then those 1 three 1 ,, tt with one niotrtrV, pirafsed; tffcrrfied, 
Aid blessed Got} &Vihe furnace, sfiyirigi 

» ^f H&. i fartfc gWeh tfae a suniaihe: ; Vi£ ^at of t«y CWrisf «t 
anointedoiie. | &^L v JUi.«*ejii*g bie<^,*fcea tbt few. Alls. 

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BLESSED art thou, O Lord, the God of our fore- 
fathers ; sfad worthy of praise and glory for ever. 

And blessed is the name of thy glory, which is holy§ ; 
and worthy of (tfaise and dory for ever. 

Blessed art thou in the holy temple of thy glory j and 
worthy of praise and glory for ever. 

Blessed art thou upon the sacred thronp of thy king- 
dom; and worthy of praise and glory for ever. 

Blessed art thou leaning on the sceptre of thy divinity ± 
and worthy of praise and glory for ever. 

Blessed art thou, who sittest on the Cherubim, be- 
holding the deep; and worthy df praise and glory for 

Blessed art thou who walkest on the wings of the 
winds, and on the waves of the sea; and worthy of 
praise and glory for «ver. 

May all the angels and thy holy ones bless thee ; may 
they praisp and glorify thee for ever. 

May the heavens, earth, sea, and all therein bless 
thee * may they praise apd glorify thee for ever. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the' Son, and to the 
Holy Ghost ; who is worthy of praise and glory for 
ever. # 

As it was in the beginning, now is, and evermore 
shall be, world without end, Amen. Who is worthy 
of praise and glory for ever. 

Blessed art thou, O Lord, the God of our forefathers > 
and worthy of praise and glory for ever. 

May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy spirit. 

vi. Collect. Deus qui tribus. * , 

O.God, who, in behalf of the three young men, 
didst r/endpr hanatess the. flames of. fire : merafhl- 
ly grant, that we thy servants may ndt he burnt by the 
flames of vicq, .TJbroV 

Here are said the other Collects, as directed, p. 112. 

Emstlb. 2Thess. ii. 1, 8. 
TJ RETHREW i We beseech you by the coming of our 
J3 Lord Jesus Christ, and by our meeting him all to- 

% Or, which is the Holy one. 

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gether, that you be not soon moved from your judgment, 
npr terrified, either by any spirit, or by any^wonds^or 
by any epistle, ^s. sent by us, as if the day of the Ijprd 
was at hand. Let none deceive you by any means ; for 
that shall not come, unless there fu*st.cpme the revolt*. 
and the man. of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, wjio' 
opposeth, and is extolled above all that is called God, or, 
that is worshipped, so as to sit in die temple of God,' 
shewing himself, as if he were God. l5o you not re- 
member, (hat when I was with you, I told you these 
things r And now you know, what hindereth his coming*, 
that he may be revealed in his due time. For the mys- 
tery of iniquity worketl} already ; only that he who now 
holdeth, do hold on, till he be taken out of the way., 
And then shall that wicked one be xevealed, whom the 
Lord Jesus will kill with the breath of his mouth, and 
destroy with the lustre of his coming. 

Gradual. Ps, JQ. Thou, who rulest Israel, heark* 
en i thou who leadest Joseph as a sheep. V. Thou, 
who sittest on the Cherubim, shew thyself to Ephrainij, 
Benjamin, and Manasse. V. Exert thy power, OLord, 
and come to save us. 

GOSPEL. Luke iii. as on next Sunday, p. 13&, *' 

Offertory-. Rejoice exceedingly, O daughter of Si- 
on, publish it, O daughter of Jerusalem 3 behold thy 
holy King and Saviour cometh to thee. 


HEAR us, O Lord, we beseech thee, and, being 
appeased by these offerings, grant they may in- 
crease our devotion, and advance our salvation. Thro". 
Communion. Ps. 18. He sprung up like a giant to 
ran his course ; his setting forth is from one extremity 
of the heavens, and his course is to the other. 

PostcommUnion. Qu&sumus. 

WE beseech thee, O Lord our God, that thou 
would'st make these sacred mysteries, whidj* 
thou hast given us, strengthen in us the effects of our 
reparation, and be a remedy to us, both now and here- 
after; Thro*. 

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Mast. IT. 8UVDAY IK AOTEHT. 137 


rIE nearer we approach to Christmas, the more fer- 
vent should be our supplications that the Lord 
would descend, and be born not only for us, but in us. 
All Advent was formerly observed as Lent. St Charles 
Borromeo would not touch flesh-meat himself, nor suf- 
fer any one in his Palace during Advent to eat it. He 
orders his Priests to use all their influence to promote 
frequent communion, and to adopt in practice the statute 
of Pope Silvester, " that such as do not communicate 
oftener, should, at least communicate every Sunday in 
Advent and Lent." 

MASS. Intboit. Is Ay. Ps. xviii. 

DROP down dew, O TJ ORATE coeli desnper, 
you heavens from Jtv ** nubes pluant jus- 
above, and let the clouds turn : aperiatur terra, et 
rain down the just one 5 germinet salvatorem. Ps. 
let the earth be opened and 1 8. Coeli enarrant glo- 
bring forth a Saviour. Ps. riam Dei : et opera ma- 
18. The heavens publish nuum ejus annuntiat firms* 
the glory of God : and the raentum. V. Gloria, 
firmament declareth the 
works of his hands. V. 

CoLLfeCT. Excita, quasumus. 

EXERT, we beseech thee, O Lord, thy pdwer and 
come : and succour us by thy great might ; that 
by the assistance of thy grace, thy indulgent mercy may 
hasten, what is delayed by our sins. Who livest. 

Epistle. 1 Cor. i*. 1. 

T1RETHREN : Let man consider us as the Minister! 
Ty of Christ, and dispensers of the mysteries of God. 
Now that which is required of dispensers, is that a man 
be found faithful.* But with me, it is a thing of the 
feast account to be judged by you, or by man's day : 
but neither do I judge myself. For I am not indeed 
conscious to myself of any thing : but I am not justified 
for that 5 but it is the Lord who is my judge. Judge 
vol 1. m * 

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not, therefore, before the time, till the Lord cometh ; 
who will bring to light the things hid in darkness, and 
manifest the councils of hearts : and then shall everyone 
receive praise from God according to his works. 
Gradual. Psalm cxliv. 
The Lord is near all those Prppe est Dominus omni- 
that call upon him, all bus invocantibus eum, om- 
that call upon him in truth, nibus, qui inv.ocant eum 
V. My mouth shall declare in veritate. V. Laudem 
the praise of the Lord, and Domini loquetur os meum : 
let all flesh bless his holy et benedicat omnis caro no* 
name. Alleluia, Alleluia, men sanctum ejus. Alle- 
V. Come, O Lord, and luia, Alleluia. V. Veni, 
delay not : release thy peo- Domine, et noli' tardare : 
pie Israel from their sins, relaxa facinora plebis tuae 
Alleluia. Israel. Alleluia. 

GOSPEL. Lukeiii. 1, 6. 

IN the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar 
(Pontius Pilate being governor of Judea, and Herod 
Tetrarch of Gallilee, and his brother Philip Tetrarch of 
Iturea, and of the province of Trachonitis, Lysanias 
Tetrarch of Abilene, under the high Priests Annas and 
Caiphas) the word of the Lord came to John the son of 
Zacharias in the desert. And he came into all the 
country about the Jordan, preaching the baptism of pen- 
ance for the remission of sins, as it is written in the 
book of the words of Isaias the Prophet 5 "The voice 
of one crying out in the desert j prepare the way of the 
Lord j make his paths straight •> every valley shall be 
filled up, and every mountain and hill shall be levelled 5 
and the crooked ways shall be made straight, and the 
rough ways made plain 5" and all flesh shall see the sal- 
vation of God. Credo. 

Offertory. Luke i. 
Hail, Mary, full of Ave, Maria, gratia pie- 
grace the Lord is with na Dominus tecum : bene- 
thee : blessed art tbou a- dicta tu in mulieribus ; et 
mongst women ; and bles- benedictus fructus ventris 
sed is the fruit of thy tui. 


HEAR us, O Lord, we beseech* thee, and being 
appeased by these offerings, grant they may in- 
crease our devotion, and advance our salvation. Thro*. 

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Communion. Is. vii. 
Behold a virgin shall Ecce Virgo concipiet, et 
conceive and bring forth a pariet Filium ; et vocabitur 
Son; and his name shall nomen ejus Emmanuel, 
be called Emmanuel. 

Postcommunion. Sump lis. 

HAVING received what has been offered to thee, O 
Lord, grant, we beseech thee, that the more fre- 
quently we partake of these sacred mysteries, the more 
our devotion may increase. Thro*. 

The Psalms as on Sundays, p. 74. with the following 

Anth. QOUNDthetrum- 
JO pet in Sion, for 
the day of the Lord is nigh : 
behold he will come to save 
us, Alleluia, Alleluia. 

Anth. Behold the Desire 
of all nations will come : 
and the house of the Lord 
shall be filled with glory, 

Anth. The crooked ways 
shall be made straight, and 
the rough ways smooth j 
come, O Lord, aud delay 
not, Alleluia. 

Anth. The Lord will 
come, go meet him and 
say ; great is his empire, 
and his reign shall never 
have an end 3 he is the 
strong God, the Ruler, the 
Prince of peace. Alleluia, 

Anth. Thy almighty 
word, O Lord, shall come 
from thy royal throne. 

Ant /^ANITE tuba in 
Vy Sion, quia p'rope 
est dies Domini 5 ecce, 
vehiet ad salvandum nos. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. 

Ant. Ecce veniet Desi- 
deratus cunctis gentibus ; 
et replebitur gloria domus 
Domini, Alleluia. 

Ant. Erunt prava in di* 
recta, et aspera in vias 
planas 5 veni, Domine, ojt 
noli tardare, Alleluia. • 

Ant. Dominus veniet, 
occurrite illi dicentes ; 
magnum principium, et 
regni ejus npn erit finis 5 
Deus foxtis, "Dominator, 
Princeps pacis, Alleluia, 

Ant. Omnipbtens sermo 
tuus, Domine, a regalibus 
sedibus veniet, Alleluia. 

Little Chapter. Brethren : let man. Beginning 
of the Epistle to *, p. 137, Hymn V. and R. us alove, 
P- 117. 

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At the MAGNifcrcAt. Anth. O, recording as the 
Sunday falls. 

Pray**. Collect at Mass, p. 137. 


MASS. Inthoit. Exod. xvl. Ps. xxiii. 

THIS day shall you T TODIE scietis, quia 
know that the ilord 11 veiiiet Dominus, & 
will come and save us : and salvabit nos : & mane vi- 
lli the morning you shall debitis gloria m ejus. Ps. 
see his glory. Ps. The Domini est tera & plenitu- 
earth is the Lord's, and all do ejus ; orbis terrarum, 8c 
that it containeth ; the universi qui habitant in eo. 
whole world and all that V. Gloria, 
dwell therein. V. Glory. 

Collect. Deus, qui nos. 

OGod, who makest us rejoice m the yearly expecta- 
tion of the feast of our redemption j grant that we 
who chearfully receive thy only begotten son as a Re- 
deemer, may behold, without fear, the same Lord Jesus 
Christ, thy Son, coming as our judge. Who liveth. 

This t*Uect ahne is said to-day, unless it be Sunday. 

Ehstl*. Rom.\. 1, tf. 

FlUL the servant of Jesus Christ, called to be at> 
apostle, ch&sen to preach the gospel of God, which 
he had before promised by his prophets in the holy 
scriptures, concerning his son, who was made to him 
according to the flesh of the seed of David, and was pre- 
destinated 4he Son of God in power, according to die 
spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead, of 
our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have received grace 
and the apostleship, to preach obedience to the faith In 
all nations in his name, amongst whom you also arc, be-% 
ing called by our Lord Jesus Christ. 


iTais day shall you know Hodie scietis, quia veni- 

that the Lord will come et Dominus, & salvabit 

and save us; and in the nos; & mane videbitis glo- 

morning you shall see his riam ejus. V. Qui. regis 

glory. V, Thou who rui- Israel, intende, qui deda* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


est Israel, hearken, thou cis vehit ovem Joseph ; qui 
who leadest Joseph like a sedcs super cherubim, ap- 
sheep j thou who sittest on pare coram Ephraim, Ben- 
the cherubim, shew thyself jarnin, & Manasse. 
to Ephraim, Benjamin, and 

(fit be a Sunday, add : 
Alleluia, Alleluia. V. AJleluia, Alleluia. V. 
To morrow shall be cancel- Crastina die delebitur ini- 
led the sins of the earth; quitas terra; & regnabit 
and the Saviour of the super nos Salvator mundi. 
world shall reign over us* Alleluia. 

GOSPEL. Matt. i. 18, 21. 

WHEN Mary the mother of Jesus was espoused to 
Joseph, before they came together, she was found 
with child by the Holy Ghost. And Joseph her hus- 
band, being a righteous man, and unwilling to expose 
her, thought to dismiss her secretly. But while he was 
thinking on these things, behold an angel of the Lord 
appeared to him in his sleep, saying ; Joseph, son of 
David, fear not to take Mary thy wife, for that which 
is born in her, is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall 
bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus ; 
for he shall save his people from their sins. f 

Offertoby. Ps. xxiii. 
Lift up your gates, O Tollite portas, principes, 
you princes ; and be you vestras : & elevamini, por- 
lifted lip, O you eternal tae aeternales, & introibit 
gates, and the king ofglo- Rex glorias, 
ry shall enter in. 


GRANT, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that 
as we celebrate the eve of the adorable birth of 
thy Son, we may one day receive with joy bis eternal re- 
wards, Who liveth. 

Communion. Is, xl. 
The glory of the Lord ' Revelabitur gloria Do- 
will appear, and all flesh mini, et videbit omnis caro 
shall see the salvation of salutare Dei nostri. 
our God! 

' Postcommunion. Da nobis. 

GRANT us, we beseech thee, O Lord, relief by ce- 
lebrating the birth of thy only Son, whose 
M 2 

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fidcred mysteries are our meat and drink. Thro' the 



THE custom of spending a considerable part of the 
night in prayer, wag not peculiar to the Eve of this 
great solemnity : it is what was usually done on the Eves 
of all the greater solemnities. We are therefore to look 
upon the assembly and prayers of this night as a precious 
relic of the fervour of the primitive Christians j and if 
we have any share of their piety, we shall not easily dis- 
pense with ourselves from assisting at the office of this 
sacred night. 

We should endeavour to warm our hearts with the 
sentimental effusions of a Fenelon : H I adore thee O 
" dear infant Saviour, all naked and in tears and laid in 
** a manger. Thy infancy and poverty is my sole delight, 
4t Oh, mat I were as little and as poor as thee, O eter- 
M nal wisdom, reduced to a state of helpless infancy, 
" take from me all vain and presumptuous wisdom. 
u Make me to become a child with thee ! May the 
" Sages of the earth be silent ! I wish to be nothing, to 
** know nothing, to believe all, to suffer all, to lose all, 
•** but my infant Saviour Jesus. The word made flesh, 
■' the omnipotent word of the Father is silent $ he lisps 
. " and crys like an infant, and shall I glory m any wis- 
" dom ? shall I pride myself with intellectual excellence? 
€€ shall I fear for a worldly reputation ? no $ no $ all my 
" delight shall be to grow little, to conceal myself, to 
" be silent, to participate the infamy of my crucified 
#r Jesus at Calvary, and to imitate the annihilated state 
" of my helpless and stammering Redeemer at Bethle- 
€t hem." Oh how sweetly and how forcibly does pur 
little Infant Saviour preach here by example, what he 
will afterwards preach to us by his instructions $ unless 
ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the 
kingdom of heaven. 

But what x we give to piety and devotion during the 
fright, we ought not to take by sleep or intemperance- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

L Fesfers. efcaimtAS^DAY, 143 

from the aanctification of the day. The church hath ap- 
pointed three Masses on the Feast of Christmas, her in- 
tention the/cfbre is, that the faithful should return to 
Church again in the morning to hear a second j and also 
a third at the proper hour ; and that they should endea- 
vour to spend the rest of the day in exercises of piety, by 
assisting at the afternoon service. 

The Psalms as on Sundays, p. 74, except the last. 

Antb.'THHE King of Ant.^J EXpacificusmag- 

JL peace, whom 
the whole earth desireth to 
see, hath shown bis great- 

Anlh. The King of peace 
hath shown his greatness 
above all the kings of the 
whole earth. 

Anth. The time of Mary 
was come for her to bring 
forth her first-born Son. 

Anth. Know that the 
kingdom of God is at hand : 
Verily, I say to you, it 
shall not be delayed. 

Anth. Raise up your 
heads, .behold your re- 
demption is at hand. 

Lttle Chapter. Titus hi. 

THE goodness and kindness of God our Saviour hath, 
appeared. Not for the works of righteousness, 
which we have done, but according to his mercy hath he 
saved us. 


JESUS, the Ransomer of 


xV nificatus est, cu- 
jus vultum desiderat uni- 
versa terra. 

Ant. Magnificatus est 
Rex pacificus super omnes 
Reges universae terra. 

Ant. Completi sunt dies 
Marts, ut pareret Filium 
suum primogenitum. 

Ant. Scitote quia prope 
est regnum: Amen, dico 
vobis, quia non tardabit. 

Ant. Levate capita ves- 
tra ; ecce appropinquat re- 
demptio vestra. 

Who, e'er created light be- 

Did'st from the sov'reign 
Father spring, 

His pow'r and glory equal- 

JESU, Redemptor omni- 
Quern lucis ante originem 

Parem Pateraae glorias 

Pater supremus edidit. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

144 chwstma*-day. I. Fespers. 

Thou Brightness of thy Tu lumen ct splendor 

Father's rays, Patris, 

The hope and end of all our Tu spes perennp omnium ; 


With gracious ears the Intende, quas fundunt pre- 

prayers attend, ces, 

Which round the world to Tui per orbem servuli. 

thee ascend. 

Remember, Lord, that Memento, rerum Condi- 

heretofore, tor, 

When thee thy Virgin-mo- Nostri quod olim corporis 

ther bore, 

Thou, from her womb, didst Sacrata ab alvo Virginia, 

breathe our. air, 
And human nature for us Nascendo, formam sump- 
wear, seris. 
To thee, this present so- Testatur hoc prsesens dies 

lemn day, 

We yearly adorations pay $ Currens per anni circulura, 

The world's Redeemer thee Quod solus & sinu Paths, 

we own, 
Descending from thy Fa- Mundi salus adveneris. 

ther's throne. 
The joyful Heavens, Hunc Astra, tellus,«quo- 

earth, and main, ra, 

With whatsoever they con- Hunc omne quod ccelo sub- 
tain, est, 
In new harmonious ac- Salutis auctorem novae, 

cents sing 
New life restored by th* Novo sahitat cantico. 

new-born King. 
We, ransom' d by that £t nos beata quos sacri 

bloody tide 
That issu'd from thy sacred Rigavit unda sanguinis, 

With double hymns of heart Natalis ad diem tui 

and voice 
For this thy birth-day now Hymni tributum solviraus. 

Jesus, to thee the Vir- Jesu, tibi sit gloria, 

gin's Son, 
Be everlasting homage Qui natus es de Virgine, 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


To God the Father we re* Cum Patre et almo Spiritti 

Hie same, and to the Para- InsempiternasaBcula.^flten, 

clete. Amen* . 

All Hymns of the same measure are thus concluded 
from this day to the Epiphany. 

V. To-morrow shall be V. Crastina die delebitur 
cancelled the sins of the iniquitas terras. R. £t 
earth. R. And the Saviour regnabit super nos Salvator 
of the world shall reign mundi. 
over us. 

At the Magnificat. 

Antb. When the sun Ant. Cum ortus fuerit 

shall rise in the heavens, sol de ccelo, videbitis Re* 

you shall see the King of gem Regum procedentem. 

Kings proceeding from his a Patre, tanquam sponsum 

Father, like a Bridegroom de thalamo suo. 
from his nuptial chamber. 

Prayer. Collect pfthe third Mass, p. 150. 

I. MASS, at Midnight. Int roiJt, Psalm h\ 

THE Lord said to me 5 TXOMINUS diiit ad 
Thou art my Son, this ±J me j Filius meus feS 
day have I begotten thee, tu, ego hodie genui te. Ps. 
Ps. Why have the Gentiles ' Quare fremuerunt Gentes \ 
raged, and the nations form- et populi meditati sunt in- 
ed vain designs ) V. Glory, ania ? V. Gloria. 

Collect. Deus, qui hone. 

OGod, who hast enlightened this most sacred night 
by the brightness of him, who is the true light ; 
grant, we beseech thee, that we who have known the 
mysteries of this light on earth, may likewise come to 
the enjoyment of it in heaven. Who liveth. 

Epistle. Tit. ii. 11, 15. 

DEARLY beloved ; The grace of God our Saviour 
hath appeared to all men, teaching us, that, re- 
nouncing impiety and worldly desires, we should live so- 
berly, justly, and piously in this world*, looking for 
that blessed hope, and the glorious coming of the great 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


God, and oar Saviour Jesus Christ; who gave himself 
up for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, 
purify us, and make us an acceptable people to himself,, 
zealous of good works. Speak these things and exhort 
in Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Gradual. Psalm cix. 

Thy sovereignty shall be Tecum Principium in die 

displayed in the day of thy virtutis tuae $ in splendori- 

power ; in the brightness bus sanctorum j ex utero 

of the saints from the ante luciferum genui te. 

womb before the day-star V. Dixit Dominus Domino 

I begot thee. V. The meo ; Sede a dextris meis, 

Lord said to my Lord ; Sit donee ponam inimicos tuos 

thou on my right hand, scabelhim pedum tuorum. 
until I make thy enemies a 
foot stool for thy feet. 

Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. 

Ps. 2. The Lord said to Dominus dixit ad me ; Fi- 

me j Thou art my Son, lius meus es tu, ego hodie 

this day have I begotten genui te. Alleluia. 
thee. Alleluia. 

GOSPEL. Luke ii. l. 14. 

AT that time 5 A decree was published by Augustus 
Caesar, that the whole world should be enrolled. 
This enrolling was first made by Cyrinus, the governor 
of Syria j all went to give in their names, every one to 
his own city. And Joseph also went from Galilee, out 
of the city of Nazareth into Judea, to the city of David; 
which is called Bethlehem 3 because he was of the house 
and family of David, to be registered with Mary his 
espoused wife, who was with child. And it came to 
pass while they were there, that her time was come to be 
delivered. And she brought forth her first-born son, 
and wrapped him in swaddling cloaths, and laid him in a 
manger 5 because there was not room for them in the 
inn. And there were shepherds in the same country, 
who were keeping the night-watches over their flocks. 
And behold an Angel of the Lord stood near them, and 
the brightness of God shone round about them, and they 
were seized with great fear. And the Angel said to 
them, Fear not ; tor behold I bring you tidings of great 
joy, which shall be so for all people. For this day is 
born to you in the city of David, a Saviour, who is the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Christ the Lord. And this shall be the token to you ; 
you will find the infant wrapped in swaddling cloaths, 
and laid in a manger. And in an instant there was a 
multitude of the host of Heaven, praising God, and say- 
ing -, " Glory be to God in the highest, and peace on 
earth to men of good-will." Credo. 

Offertory. Psalm xcv. 

Let the heavens be glad, Laetentur caeli, ct erul- 

and the earth rejoice in the tet terra ante faciemDomi* 

presence of the Lord, for ni ; quoniam venit. 
that he is come. 


RECEIVE, O Lord, the offerings we make to thee 
on this present solemnity, that, by thy grace, thro' 
the intercourse of these sacred mysteries, we may be 
conformable to him, in whom our nature is united to 
thine. Who liveth. 

The Preface and Communicantes of Christmas, 
p, 51. and they are said to the Epiphany. 

Communion. Psalm cix. 
In the brightness of the In splendoribus sancto- 

saints, from the womb I rum, ex utero ante lucife- 
begot thee before the day- rum genui te. 

Postcommunion. Da, nobis. 

GRANT, we beseech thee, O Lord our God, that 
we who celebrate with joy the birth of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, by partaking several times of these sacred 
mysteries, may, by a worthy conduct of life, come to be 
united to him. Who liveth. 

Introit. Is. ix. 

A Light shall shine upon T UX fulgebit hodie su- 

usthis day 5 because 1 j per nos; quia natus 

the Lord is born for us; est nobis Dominus 5 etvo- 

and his name shall be the cabitur Admirabilis, 

Wonderful One, the Deus, Princeps Pacis, 

Prince of Peace, the Fa- Pater futuri sjeculi ; 

ther of the world to cujus regni non erit finis. 

come, of whose reign there Ps. 92. Dominus regnavit, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



II. Mass. 

decorem indutus est 5 iq- 
duius est Dominus fortitu- 
dinera et pr$ecinxit se. V. 


shall be no end. Vs. 92. The 
Lord bath begun his reign, 
be bath clothed himself 
with glory j the Lord hath 
clothed himself with 
strength, and put on his 
armour. V. Glory. 

Collect. Ba 9 nolis. 

GRANT, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that, 
as we are enlightened by the new light of thy 
Word become flesh, we may show in our actions the ef- 
fects of that faith that shineth in our minds. Thro' the 


Collect. Da, qiuesumus. 

GRANT, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that 
as we celebrate the solemnity of blessed Anastasia 
thy martyr, we may be sensible of the effects of her 
prayers to thee in our behalf. Thro'. 

Epistle. Tit. iii. 4. 

MOST dearly beloved : The goodness and kindness 
of God our Saviour hath appeared. Not for the 
works of righteousness, which we have done, but accord- 
ing to his mercy hath he saved us, by the laver of re- 
generation, and renewal of the Holy Ghost, whom he 
hath poured forth abundantly, through Jesus Christ our 
Saviour 5 that being justified by his grace, we may be 
heirs according to our hopes, of eternal life, thro* Jesus 
Christ our Lord. 

Blessed be he that Com- 
eth in the name of the 
Lord. The Lord is our 
God, and he hath shone 
upon us. V. This is the 
work of the Lord ; and our 
eyes see it with astonish- 
ment, Alleluia, Alleluia. 
V. The Lord hath begun 
his reign 5 he hath clothed 
himself with strength, and 
armed himself with might. 

Psalm cxvii. 

Benedictus qui venit in 
nomine Domini ; Deng 
Dominus, et iUuxit nobis. 
V. A Domino factum est 
istud; et est mirabile in 
oculis nostris. Alleluia, 
Alleluia. V. Dominus reg- 
navit; decorem induit; in-» 
duit Dominus fortitudiaera-* 
et praecinxit se virtute Al- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


GOSPEL. Luke ii. 15. 20. 

AT this time : the shepherds said to one another ; 
let us go on to Bethlehem, and let us see this word 
which hath happened, which the Lord hath made known 
to us. And they came with speed ; and they found 
Mary and Joseph, and the infant laid in a manger. And 
seeing it, they knew that this was what had been told 
them concerning this child. And all that heard it, wonder- 
ed, as also at what had been told them by the shepherds. 
But Mary laid up all these things, considering them in 
her mind. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and 
praising God for all those things which they had heard 
and seen, just as it had been told them. Credo. 

Offertory. Psalm xcii. 
God hath settled the Deus firmavit orbem 
globe of the earth, which terra, qui non com move- 
shall not be shaken out of bitur, parata sedes tua, 
its place ; thy throne, O Deus, ex tunc, a seculo tu 
God, was placed from that es. 
time, thou art for ever. 


MAY the offerings, O Lord, we make, be agreeable 
to the mystery of this day's birth, and always pour 
forth peace upou us; that as he, who though born man, 
shewed himself also God : so may this earthly substance 
give us that which is divine. 

Secret of St. Anastasia. 

GRACIOUSLY receive, O Lord, we beseech thee, 
our offerings, and grant, by the merits of blessed 
Anastasia thy Martyr, that they may avail to our salva- * 
tion. Thro'. 

Communion. Zach. ix. 
Rejoice, O daughter of Exulta, filia Sion, lauda, 
Sion, sing praises, O daugh- filia Jerusalem ; ecce Rex 
ter of Jerusalem $ behold tuus venit sanctus, & Sal- 
thy King cometh, the Holy vator mundi. 
one, and the Saviour of 
the world. 


MAY we, O Lord, always receive new life from 
this sacrament, which rcneweth to us the me- 
mory .of that wonderful birth, which destroyed the old 
man. Thro' the same. 

Vol. i. n * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Postcommvnion-. Satiasti. 

THOU nast fed, O Lord, thy family, with these 
sacred oblations \ .ever therefore oornfort us with 
her intercession, whose fea*t we celebrate.. Thro*. 


Introit. Isaias ix. 

A Child is born for us, T)UER natus est nobis, 
and a son is, given to JL et Filius datus est no- 
us, whose empire' is on his bis; cujus imperium super 
shoulder : . and his name humerum ejus, et vocabi- 
shall be called the Angel tur nomen ejus Magni 


Ps. 97. Sing to the Lord a 97. Cantate Domino can- 
new canticle, for he hath tienrh novum; quia mira- 
done wonderful things. V. bilia fecit. V. Gloria. 

Collect. Concede, qua>sumus. ' - 

GRANT we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that 
we who groan under the old captivity of sin, may 
be freed therefrom by the new birth of thy only begot- 
ten Son. Thro" the same. 

Epistle. Heb. i. 1- 12. 

GOD who heretofore spoke to our forefathers oh 
various occasions, and in various manners by the 
Prophets : hath now in these days spoke to us by his 
Son, whomhenarh appointed heir of all, by whom also 
he made the worlcL * Who being the brightness of his 
glory, and the figure of his substance, and supporting 
all things by the word of his might, having cleansed 
away our sins, sitteth at the right hand of Majesty in the 
highest heavens 5 being made much better than the An- 
gels, as he hath inherited a more excellent nam e< than 
they. For to. which of the Angels hath He at any time 
said, "Thou art my Son,, this day have I begotten 
thee ?" and again: " I will be to him a Father, and he 
shall be tome a Son." And again, when he bringeth 
his first begotton Son into the world, he saith, '« And 
let all the Angels of God adore him." And of the An- 
gels indeed he saith : " Who maketh his Angels spirits, 
and his ministers a flame of fire." But to his Son he 
saith: "Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever:, a 
sceptre of justice is the sceptre of thy kingdom. Thou 
iiast loved righteousness and hated iniquity ; therefore, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of glad- 
ness above thy fellows." And, " Thou, O Lord, in 
the beginning didst lay the foundation of the earth : and 
the heavens are the works of tliy hands. They shall 
perish, but thou shalt remain ; and they shall all grow 
old as a garment ; and as a garment thou shalt change 
them, and they shall be changed 5 but thou art the very 
same, and thy years shall not fail." 

Gradual. Psalm xcvii. 

All the earth hath seen Viderunt omnes fines 
the salvation of our God : terra salutare Dei nostri ; 
sing to the Lord, all the jubilate Deo otnnis terra, 
earth. V. The Lord hath V. Not urn fecit Dominus 
made known his salvation : salutare suum 5 ante con- 
and bath displayed his jus- spectum Gentium revelavit 
tice before the Gentiles, justiiiam suam. Alleluia. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. V. A Alleluia. N. Dies sancti- 
sanctined day hath shone ficatus illuxit nobis ', % veni- 
uponusj come, ye Gentiles, te, Gentes, et adorate Do- 
and adore die Lord, for this minum, quia hodie descen- 
day a great light is come dit lux magna super terram* 
down upon the earth. Al- Alleluia, 

GOSPEL. John i. asp. 67. 
. Offertory. Psalm lxxxviii. 

Thine are the heavens, Tui sunt cceli, et tua est 
and thine is the earth, terra. Orbem terrarum, 
Thou didst form the globe et plenitudinem ejus tu 
of the earth, and all there- fundasti : justitia, et judi- 
in j justice and equity are cium praeparatio sedis tuae, 
the supporters of thy throne. 


SANCTIFY, O Lord, our offerings, by the new birth 
of thy only-begotten Son, and cleanse us from the 
stains of our sins. Thro* the same. 

Communion. Psalm xcvii. 
. The whole earth, hath Viderunt omnes fines 
seen the salvation of our terras -salutare Dei nostri. 

Postcommunion. Pr&sta, qu<esumus, 

GRANT, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that 
as the Saviour of the world, who was born this 
day, procured for us a divine birth, he may also bestow 
on us immortality. Wholiveth. 

The last Gospel is the same as on the Epiphany. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Anth.nHHY sovereignty Ant. nHECUM Princi- 
JL shall be dis- A pium in die vir- 

played in the day of thy tutis tu«, in splcndoribns 
power, in the brightness of sanctorum ; ex utero ante 
the saints ; from the womb luciferum genui te. 
before the day-star, I be- 
got thee. 

Psalm, cix. Dixit Dominus, p. 74. 

Anth. The Lord hath re- Ant. Redemptionem mi- 
deemed his people \ he hath sit Dominus populo suo y 
made his covenant with mandavit in sternum testa- 
them for ever. mentum suunu 

Psalm ex. Confitebor, p. 75. 

Anth. A light is risen in Ant. Exortum est in te- 
the midst of darkness upon nebris lumen rectis corde : 
the upright of heart; the miser icors et miserator et 
Lord is merciful, compas- Justus Dominus. 
sionate, and just. 

Psalm cxi. Beatus vir qui timet, p. 76. 

Antb. The Lord is mer- Ant. Apud Domtnum 
ciful, and he can abundant- misericordia, et copiosa 
\y purchase our redemption, apud eum redemptio. 
Psalm exxix. De profundis, p. 104. 

Anth. I will settle on Ant. De fructu ventris 
thy throne a Son that shall tui ponam super sedem tu- 
be born of thee. am. 

Psalm exxxi. Memento, p. 99. 

Little Chapter. God, who heretofore. Begin- 
ning of the Epistle of the third Mass to*, p. 150. 
The Htmn, as at the first Vespers, p. 143. 

V. The Lord hath made V. Notum fecit Dominus, 
known. Alleluia. R. His Alleluia. R. Sal u tare suum. 
salvation. Alleluia. Alleluia. 

At the Magnificat. 

Anth. On this day was Ant. Hodie Christus na- 
Christ born 5 on this day tus est 5 hodie Salvator ap- 
the Saviour appeared ; on paruit j hodie in terra ca- 
this day the Angels sing on nunt Angel i,lae tan tur Arch- 
earth, the Archangels re- angeli : hodie exultant jus- 
joice 5 on this day the just ti, dicentes 3 Gloria in ex- 
are transported with joy, celsis Deo. Alleluia, 
saying : Glory be to God 
in the highest heavens. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Prayer. Collect of the third Mass, p. 150. 
Thb Commemoration of St. Stephen. 
Anth. But Stephen be- Ant. Stephanas autem 
ing full of grace and forti- plenus gratia et fortitudine, 
tode, did great miracles faciebat prodigia et signa 
among the people. V. magna in populo. V. Gloria 
Thou hast crowned htm et honore coronasti eum, 
with glory and honour, O Domine. R. Et constituisti 
Lord. R. And hast placed eum, super opera manuum 
him over the works <h thy tuarum. 

Frayek. Collect at Mass, as- below. 


A Double of the second Rank. 

MASS. Introit. Psalm cxviii. 

PRINCES sat and spake QEDERUNT Principe*, 
against me : and sin- ^ et adversum me lo- 
ners persecuted me : help quebantur : et iniqui perse- 
me, O Lord my God, fo* cuti sunt me ; adjuva me, 
thy servant hath practised Domine Beus meus, quia 
thy commandments. Ps. servus tuus exercebatur 
Blessed are the undenled in tuis justiticationibus. Ps. 
in the way who walk in Beati immaculati in via j. 
in the law of the Lord. V. qui ambulant in lege Dorni- 
Glory. ni. V. Gloria. 

Collect. Da, nobis. 

GRANT, O Lord, we beseech thee, that we may 
imitate him, whose memory we celebrate, so a* 
to learn to love even our enemies, because we now 
solemnize his martyrdom,, who knew how to pray, even 
for his persecutors, to our Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son. 
Who liveth. 

Commemoration of Christmas. 

Collect, Secret, and Postcommunion of the 

third Mass, p. 150. 

Lesson. Acts vi. 8 : vii. 54, 5(^ 

IN those days ; Stephen, full of grace and fortitude, 
wrought great wonders and miracles among the peo- 
ple. And there arose certain men of that which is 
called the Synagogue of the Libertines, and Cyrenians, 
and Alexandrians, and of those who were of Cilicia and 
Asia, who- disputed with Stephen : and they were not 
n 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


able to stand against the wisdom and spirit, with which 
he spoke. * Chap. vii. 54. And hearing these things, 
they were cut to the heart, and gnashed their teeth at 
him. But Stephen, full of the Holy Ghost, looking up 
to heaven, saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on 
the right hand of God. And he said : Behold I see the 
heavens opened, and the Son of Man standing at the right 
hand of God. But they, crying out with a loud voice, 
stopped their ears, and, with one accord, ran furiously 
upon him : And casting hrm out of the city, they stoned 
him > and the witnesses laid down their clothes at the 
feet of a young man, whose name was Saul. And they 
stoned Stephen, calling upon and saying : Lord Jesus, re- 
ceive my spirit. Then falling on his knees, he cried 
with a loud voice, saying : Lord, lay not this sin to their 
charge. And having said this, he fell asleep in the 

Gradual. Psalm cxviii. 

Princes sat and spake Sederunt Frincipes et 
against me, and the wick- adversuro me loquebantur, 
ed persecuted me. V. et iniqui persecuti sunt me. 
Help me, O Lord, my V. Adjuva me, Domine 
God, save me for thy mer- Deus meus, salvum me fac 
cy*s sake, Alleluia, Alle- propter misericordiam 
luia. tuam, Alleluia. 

V. I see the heavens o- V. Video coclos apertos 
pened and Jesus standing et Jesum stantem a dextris 
at the right hand of the virtutis Dei, Alleluia, 
power of God, Alleluia. 

GOSPEL. Matt, xxiii. 34. 39. 

AT that time : Jesus said to the Scribes and Phari- 
sees : Behold I send to you Prophets and Wise 
men, and scribes : and of them some you will kill and 
crucify 5 and others you will scourge in your synagogues, 
and persecute from city to city : that all the innocent 
blood may come upon you, that hath been shed on the 
earth, from the blood of the righteous Abel, even to the 
' blood of Zacharias, the son of Barachias, whom you 
killed between the temple and the altar. Amen, I say 
unto you, all these things shall come to pass upon this 
generation. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who killest the 
Prophets, and stonest those who are sent to thee, how 
often would I have gathered thy children, as a hen ga- 
thereth her chickens under her wings, and thou wouldst 
not ? Behold your bouse shall be left to you desolate. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Vespers st. Stephen. 155 

For I say to you : you shall not see me from this time, 
till you say : " Blessed is he that cometh in the name 
of the Lord." Credo. 


The Apostles chose Ste- 
phen a Levite, full of faith 
and of the holy Ghost, 
whom the Jews stoned, 
praying and saying : Lord 
Jesus, receive my spirit. 


RECEIVE, O Lord, these offerings in memory of 
thy saints 5 that as their sufferings have made them 
glorious, so our devotion may render us free from sin. 

Communion. Acts. 

Acts vi. 7- 

Elegerunt Apostoli Ste- 
phanum Levitam, plenum 
fide et Spiritu Sancto, quern 
lapidaverunt Judaei, oran- 
tem et dicentem : Domine 
Jesu> accipe spirirum me- 
urn. Alleluia. 

I see the heavens open- 
ed, and Jesus standing on 
the right hand of the power 
of God : Lord Jesus receive 
my spirit, and lay not this 
sin to their charge. 

Video ccclos apertos, et 
Jesum statem a dextris vir- 
tutis Dei : Domine Jesu, 
accipe spiritum meum, et 
ne statuas illis hoc pecca- 
Postcommunion. Auxilientur. 

MAY the mysteries we have received, O Lord, be a 
help to us, and, by the intercession of thy bles- 
sed Martyr Stephen, strengthen us with thy perpetual 
protection. Thro'. 


The Anthems and Psalms as in the second Vespers 
of Chrism as, p. 152. Little Chapter. Stephen 
full. Beginning of the Epistle, to*, p. 153. Hymn 
O God. Common, p. vii. 

V. Stephanus vidit caelos 
apertos. R. Vidit et introi- 
vit : beatus homo, cui coeli 

r V. Stephen saw the hea- 
vens opened. R. He saw 
and entered : blessed is the 
man to whom the heavens 
are opened. 

At the Magnificat. 
Anth. Some devout peo- Ant. Sepelierunt Stepha- 
nie buried Stephen, and num viri timorati, et fece- 
rnade great mourning for runt planctum magnum su- 
him. per eum. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 153. 

The Commemoration of St. John. 

Anth. This is John, who Ant. Iste est Joannes, 

at the supper leaned on the qui supra pectus Domini in 

breast of the Lord : the caena recubuit : beatus 

blessed Apostle to whom Apostolus, cui revelata 

the secrets of heaven were sunt secreta ccelestia! 
revealed ! 

V. Blessed John is much V. Valde honorandus est 

to be honoured. R. Who beatus Joannes. R. Qui 

at the supper leaned on the supra pectus Domini in cae- 

breast of our Lord. na recubuit. 

Prayer. Collect at Mass, as below. 

Of Christmas. 
Anth. On this day, p. 152. V. The Lord hath 
made known, ib. Prayer. Concede, quaesumus, p. 


A Double of the second Rank. 
MASS. Introit. He opened. Common, p. xxxiv. 

Collect. Ecclesiam. 

MERCIFULLY, O Lord, enlighten thy Church, 
that being taught by blessed John thy Apostle and 
Evangelist, she may come to thy eternal re wards . Thra* 

The Commemoration of Christmas/ and of St* 
Stephen, are the Collects, Secrets, and Post- 
communion of their respective days. 

Lesson. Eccles. xv. 1,6. 

HE that feareth God, will do good tilings ; and he 
that followeth righteousness, will possess her, and 
she will meet him as an honorable mother. *She will 
feed him with the bread of life and understanding, and 
give him the water of saving wisdom to drink. She 
shall be strengthened in him, and he shall not yield ^ 
she shall hold him fast, and he shall not be confounded : 
and she shall raise him high amongst his neighbours, 
and open his mouth in the middle of the Church, and 
fill him with the spirit of wisdom aud understanding, 
and clothe him with a robe of glory. She shall heap 
joy and gladness upon him, and our Lord God shall 
make him inherit an eternal name. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




John xxi. 

Exiit sermo inter fratres, 
quod discipulus ille non 
moritur : et non dixit Jesus, 
non moritur. V. Scd sic 
eum volo manere donee ve- 
niam: tumesequere. Al- 
leluia, Alleluia. V. Hie 
est discipulus ille, qui tes- 
timonium perhibet de his : 
et scimus quia verum est 
testimonium ejus. Alleluia. 

A report was spread a- 
memg the brethren, that 
that disciple should not 
die ; but Jesus said not, he 
should not die. V. But, 
so will I have him remain 
till I come: follow thou 
me. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
V. This is the Disciple 
that beareth testimony of 
these things ; and we know 
his testimony is true, Al- 

GOSPEL. John xxi 19. 24. 

AT that time : Jesus said to Peter : follow me. 
Peter turning about saw that disciple following 
whom Jesus loved, who also at the supper leaned on his 
breast and said 5 Lord who is it that will betray thee ? 
Then Peter seeing him, said to Jesus : Lord, and this 
man, what is he to do ? Jesus saith to him ; Sof will I 
have him remain till I come, what is it to thee ? Follow 
thou me! Then this saying went out amongst the 
brethren that that disciple should not die ; but Jesus 
did not say he should not die : but so will I have him to 
remain till I come, what is it to thee ? This is the disci- 
ple who beareth testimony of these things, and hath 
wrote them 5 and we know his testimony is true. 

The righteous man shall 

flourish like the palm tree $ 
he shall thrive like the ce- 
dar on Libanus. 

Psalm xci. 

Justus ut palma norebit; 
sicut cednis, quae in Liba- 
no est, multiplicabitur. 


RECEIVE, O Lord, the offerings we make to thee 
. on his feast, by whose intercession we hope to be 
delivered. Thro*. 

Communion. John 
A report was spread a- 
mong the brethren, that 
that disciple should not die. 
But Jesus said not, he 
should not die ; but so will I 
that he remain till I come. 


Exiit sermo inter fratres, 
quod discipulus ille non mo- 
ritur. Et non dixit Jesus, 
non moritur 3 sed sic eum 
volo manere donee veniam. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Postcommunion. Refecti cibo. 

BEING refreshed, O Lord, with this heavenly meat 
and drink we humbly beseech thee, the* we may 
be assisted by his prayers, on whose feast we have re- 
ceived these sacred mysteries. Thro*. 

The Anthems and Psalms, as in the second Vesper* 
of Christmas, p. 152. Little Chapter. He that 
feareth God. Beginning of the Lesson to * p. 156. 
Hymn. Throughout the world. Common, p. iii. 

V. Blessed John is very V. Valde hoaorandus est 
much to be honored. R. beatus Joannes. R. Qui 
Who at supper leaned on supra pectus Domini in cae- 
the breast of the Lord. na recubuit. 

At the Magnificat. 

A report was spread a- Exiitsermo inter fratres, 
rnong the brethren, that quod discipulus ille non 
that disciple should not die. moritur. Et non dixit Je- 
But Jesus said not, he sus, non moritur ; sed sic 
should not die ; but so will eum volo manere donee ve- 
I that he remain till I niam. 

Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 156. 
Commemoration oj the Holy Innocbnts. 

A nth. These are they, Ant. Hi sunt, qui cum 
who were never defiled mulieribus non sunt coin* 
with women ; for they are quinati ; Virgines enim 
Virgins, and follow the sunt, et sequuntur Agnum 
Lamb wheresoever he go- quocumque ierit. 

V. Herod in his rage V. Herodes iratus occidit 
killed many children. R. multos pueros: R. In 
In Bethlehem of Juda the Bethlehem Judae, civitate 
city of David. David. 

Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 1 59. 

Of Christmas. Anth. On this day, p. 152. V. The 
Lord hath made known, il. Prayex. Concede, 
quaesumus, p. 150 Of St. Stephen. Anth. Some 
devout people. V. Stephen saw, p. 155. Prayer. 
Da, nobis, p. 153. 


A Double of the second Rank. 

MASS. Introit. Psalm viii. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


OUT of the months of TT'X ore infantium, 
infants and sucklings X-J Deus, et lactentium 
thou hast produced perfect perfecisti laudem propter 
praise to confound thy ene- inimicos tuos. Ps. Domi- 
mies. Ps. O Lord, our ne, Dominus noster, quam 
Lord, how wonderful is admirabile est nomen tunm 
thy name over the whole in universa terra ! V. Glo- 
earth! V. Glory. ria. 

Gloria in excelsis, and consequently Alleluia, and 
the Ite Missa est, are not said, except it be Sunday j 
but are always said on the Octave-day. 
Collbct. Deus, cujus. 

OGod, whose praise the Holy Martyrs, the Inno- 
cents, published this day, not by speaking, but 
by dying, mortify in us all our vicious inclinations, that 
we may shew forth in our actions thy faith, which we 
profess with our lips. Thro*. 

The Commemorations of Christmas, St. Ste- 
phen, and St John, are their respective Collects, 
Sbgrbts, and Postcommunions, as above. 
Lesson. Rev. xiv. 1.5. 

IN those days ; I saw the Lamb standing on mount 
Sion, and with him a hundred aud forty-four thou- 
sand, having his name, and the name of his Father, 
written on their fore-heads. And I heard a noise from 
heaven, as the noise of many waters, and as the noise 
of great thunder. And the noise I heard, was as it 
were, of harpers playing on their harps. And they 
sung, as it were a new song, before the throne, and 
before the four living creatures and the Elders ; and 
none could say the song, but the hundred and forty-four 
thousand, who were bought from the earth. These 
are they that have not been defiled with women y for 
they are virgins. These follow the Lamb wheresoever 
he goeth. These were bought from among men, being 
the first fruits to God and the Lamb 5 and in their 
mouth was found no lie, for they are without spot be- 
fore the throne of God. 

Gradual. Psalm cxxxiii. 
Our soul like the spar- Anima nostra, sicut pas- 
row, hath escaped from ser, erepta estde'laqueo 
the hunters* snare. V. venanlium. V. Laqueus 
The snare is broken, and contritusest, et nosliberatl 
we are at liberty ; our help sumus ; adjutorium nostrum 
is in the name of the Lord, in nomine Domini, qui fe- 

Digitized by CjOOQlC 


who made both heaven and 

Alleluia, Alleluia. V, 
Praise the Lord, you his 
servants, praise ye the 
name of the Lord. Alleluia. 

If this Feast come not on a Sunday, the Alleluias 
and V. following them are omitted j and instead of 
them is said the 

Ttact. Psalm lxxviii. 

They have spilt the Effuderunt sanguinem 
blood of thy saints, like sanctorum, velut aqnam in 

ci£ caelum et terram. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. V. 
Laudate pueri Dominum 
laudate -nomen Domini. 

water about Jerusalem. V. 
And there was none to bu- 
ry them. V. Revenge, O 
Lord, the blood of thy 
saints, which hath been 
spilt on the earth. 

A T the same time 

circuitu Jerusalem. V. Et 
non erat qui sepeliret. V. 
Vindica, Domine, sangui- 
nem sanctorum tuorum, 
qui effusus est super ter- 

Matt. ii. 13. 18. 

An Angel of the Lord appeared 

jfjL to Joseph in his sleep, saying: Arise, take the 
child and his mother, and fly into Egypt, and abide 
there till I give thee notice. For it will come to pass, 
that Herod will look for the child to destroy him. And 
he arose and took the child and his mother by night, 
and went into Egypt, and staid there till the death of 
Herod ; that that might be fulfilled, which the Lord 
had spoken of by the Prophet, saying : " Out of Egypt' 
have I called iny Son." Then Herod, perceiving that 
he had been deluded by the Wise-men, was much en- 
raged, and sending, he murdered all the male children 
in Bethlehem, and all the places round about, from two 
years old and under, ' according to the time, of which 
he had diligently enquired of the Wise-men. Then wag 
fulfilled, what had been spoken by Jeremy the Prophet, 
saying : " A noise was heard in Rama, there was la- 
mentation and great mourning. Rachel was bewailing 
her children, and she would not be comforted, because 
they are not." Credo. 

Our soul like the spar- 
row hath escaped from the 
hunters' snare. The snare 
is broken, and we escaped. 

Psalm cxxiii. 

Anima nostra, sicut pas- 
ser erepta est de laqueo ve- 
nantium. Laqueus contri- 
tus est, et nos liberati su- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 





MAY the pious pmyers of thy saints, O Lord, be ne- 
ver wanting tons, both to make our offerings ac- 
ceptable, and to. obtain for us thy mercy. Thro*. 
Communion. Matt, ti. 
A noise was heard in Ra- Vox in Rama audita est, 
ma, there was weeping ploratus et ululatus : Ra- 

chel plorans filios suos, et 
noluit consolari, quia noa 

and great mourning : Ra- 
chel was bewailing her 
children, and would' not 
be comforted, because they 
are not. 

Postcommunion. Votiva, Domine. 

NOW we have partaken, O. Lord, of the votive offer- 
ings, grant, we beseech thee, that they, by the 
prayers of tby saints, may procure us the helps of this 
present life, and those of that which is to come* 

The Anthems and' Psalms as in the second Ves- 
pers of Christmas Day, p. 152. From the Little 
Chapter, (he Office is of St. Thomas, as in the Com- 
mon, p. vi. Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 162. 

The Commemoration of the Holy Innocents. 

Anth. Innocent children • Ant. Innocentes pw> 
were killed for Christ: Christo infantes eccisi stint: 

sucking babes were mur- 
dered by a wieked King: 
they follow the Lamb with- 
out spot, and always say : 
Glory be to thee, O Lord. 
V. The saints cry out 
froip under the throne of 
God. R. Revenge our 
blood, OGod, 

ab iniquo rege lactentes in- 
terfecti sunt ; ipsum sequ- 
untur Agnam sine macula, 
et dtcunt semper : Gloria 
tibi, Domine. 

V. Sub throno Dei om~ 
nessancti clamant. R. Vin- 

dica sanguinem nostrum,. 
Deus noster. 
Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 15Q, 
Of *A* Sunday; if the Feast of St. Thomas fall on 
a Sunday. 

Anth. Whilst a deep si- 
lence dwelt on all things, 
and the night was in the 
midst of its course, tby Al- 
mighty Word, O Lord, 

VOL. I. 

Ant. Duto medium siten- 
tium tenerent omnia, et 
no* in suo cursu medium 
iter perageret, omnipotent 
sermotuus, Domine* arc- 
» * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


came down from his royal galibus sedibtis venit Al- 

throne, Alleluia, V. The leluia. V. Verbum caro 

word was made flesh. Al- ftclum est. Alleluia. R. 

lelu'ta. R. And dwelt a- Et habitavit in nobis. Al- 

mong us. Alleluia. leluia. 

Prayer. Collect of the Sunday within the Octave 
qfChristmas. p. 1(54. Christmas. Anth. On this 
day, />. 152. V. The Lord hath made known, ib. 
Prayer. Concede, quasumus, p. 150. 


A Doulle of the first Rank. 

MASS. Introit. 

LET ns all rejoice in the f^ AUDEAJIUS omnes 
Lord, and celebrate VJT in Domino, diem 
this festival in honor of festum celebrantes sub ho* 
blessed Thomas the Mar- nore beati Thomas Marty- 
tyr, for whose martyrdom ris, de cujus passione gau- 
the Angels rejoice, and dent Angeli, etcollaudant 
praise the Son of Goji. Ps. Filium Dei. Ps. Exultate 
t Rejoice, ye righteous ones, justi in Domino : rectos 
in the* Lord ; it becometh decet collaudatio. V. Glo- 
the upright to join in bis ria. . 
praises. V. Glory. 

Collect. Deus,pro cujus. 

OGod, in defence of whose Church the glorious Pre- 
late Ti*omas fell by the swords of wicked men? 
grant, we beseech thee, that all who. implore his assist- 
ance, may find comfort in the grant of their petitions. 

The Commemoration of Christmas is the Col- 
lect, Secret, and Postcommunion, p. 150. 

EPISTLE. Heb. y. 1, 6, 

BRETHREN : Every high priest taken from a- 
mongst men, is appointed for men in those things 
that appertain to God, that he may offer gifts and sa- 
crifices for sins : who may have compassion of those that 
are in ignorance and error : because be himself is ajso 
encompassed with infirmity : and therefore he ought, 
as for the people, so also for sin himself, to ofter for sins. 
Nither doih any man take this honor upon humelf, but 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


he, who like Aaron, is called by Ged. So Christ glo- 
rified not himself, by taking upon himself tbe office of 
high priest ? but he that said to him : Thou art my 
Son, this day have I begotten thee. He saith also in 
another place : " Thou art a priest, for ever according to 
the order of Melchisedec." 

Gradual Eoclus. xliv. 

Behold a great prelate, Ecce sacerdos magnus, 
who in his days pleased God. qui in diebus suis placuit 
V. There was none found Deo. V.. Non est inven- 
like him in keeping the law tus similis illi, qui conser- 
of the Most High. varet legem Excelsi. 

Alleluia, Alleluia. V. I Alleluia, Alleluia. V. 
am the good shepherd, and' Ego sum pastor bonus, et 
I know my sheep, and my cognosco oves meas, et 
sheep know me. Alleluia, cognoscunt me meae. A1-* 

GOSPEL. Johnx. 11. 16. 

AT that time : Jesus said 10 the Pharisees : I am tfie 
good shepherd. The good shepherd giveth his 
life for the 6hcep, But the hireling and he that is not 
tbe shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the 
wolf coming and leaveth the sheep, andflieth : and the 
wolf catcheth, and scattereth the sheep : and the hireling 
fiieth, because he is a hireling * and he hath no care 
for the sheep. lam the good shepherd and I know 
mine, and mine know me. As the Father knoweih 
me, I also know the Father *. and I lay down my lifeior 
my sheep. And other sheep I have, that are not of 
this fold : them also I must bring, and they shall hear 
my voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd. 

Offbrtory, Ps. xx. Thou hast set on his head, O 
Lord a crown of precious stones.; he asked of thee life, 
and thou didst grant him it. Alleluia. — See the Latin, 
p. xvi. 


SANCTIFY, O Lord, the offerings consecrated to 
thee, and being appeased thereby, mercifully look 
upon os, by the intercession of blessed N. thy Martyr 
and Bishop. Thro 1 . 

Communion. John *• 
I *am the good shepherd Ego sum pastor bonus, 
and I know my sheep, and et cognosco oves meas, et 
my sheep know me. cognoscunt me meae. 

d by Google 



MAY this communion, O Lord, <ctatosc us from 
sin, and, by the intercession of bkstedJN. thy 
Martyr and Bishop, make us -effectually partaken of this 
heavenly remedy. Thro\ 

The Anthems and Psalms, as on Christmas-Day, 
p. 152. Therest as Common, p. vi. 

if Mtf Feast of Si. TkoMksfall 6h a Sunday. /Ae« w 


Arith. The child Jesus Ant. Puer Jesus profi- 
advanced in age and wis- ciebat sefate et sapientia 
ddm before God and man. coram l>eo et hohtinibus. 

V. and ft. The word, at p. 162. P&ayeju Col- 
lect, as below, p. 164. 

ft. B. If this Feast fall on any day hut Friday, the 
Commemoration of Sunday is: Anth. Whilst a 
deep silence, p. 161. And if it come on a Faro ay, 
there is no Commemoration made, but o/* Christmas. 
Anth. On this day, p. 152; V. The Lord bath made 
known, i£. Prayer. Concede, qassumus, p. 150. 



MASS. Introit. EccL xviii. and Ps. xcii. 

WHILST a deep si- ~T\UM medium silenti* 
knee dwelt on all | J um tenerent omnia, 
things, and Ike night was et nox in sno cursu me* 
in the midst of its course, diura iter haberet, OmaU 
thy Almighty Word, O potens sermotuus, DomU 
lord, came down from thy ne, de coelis a regaiibus 
royal throne in heaven, sedibus venit. Ps. 92. 
Ps. g2. The Lord hath be- Dominus regnavit, deco~ 
gun his reign, he hath clo- rem indutus est : indutus 
thed with beauty ; the est Dominus fortitudinero. 
Lord hath clothed himself et prsecinxit se. V. Gloria, 
with strength, and put on 
his armour. V. Glory. 

Collect. Omnipotent. 

O Almighty, and eternal God^ regulate our actions 
according to thy divine will, that in the name of 
thy beloved -Son, we may abound m good works. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Mast. e» eiRimcAs, 165 

A CoMMBiffOKArioK is made of Christmas, St 
Thomas; &c, by their respective Collects, SacatTs, 
and Postcommuniovs, as above. 

Epistle. Gal. iv. 1. 7* 

BRETHREN : As long as the heir is a child be dif- 
fereth in nothing from a servant, tho* be be Lord 
«f all : but be is ttnder tutors, and governors, till the 
time appointed by bis father. So also we, when we were 
children, served under the elements of the world. But 
the fulness of time being come, God sent bis Son made 
of a woman, and subjected to the law, that be might 
redeem those who were under the law, and that we 
might receive the adoption of children. And be- 
cause you are hi* children, God has sent the spirit of his 
Son into your hearts, crying out : Abba, Father. Nune 
of you therefore, is any longer a servant, but a son : 
and if he be a son, he is likewise an heir thro' God. 

Giadual. Psalm xliv. and xcii. 
' Thou art beautiful above Spectosus forma prae 'ti- 
the sons of men, grace is Kis honiinum : diffusa est 
spread on thy lips. V. My gratia in labiis tuis. V. 
besot bath uttered a good Eructavit cor meum ver- 
word, I address my works bum bonum, dico ego o- 
to the King. My tongue is pera mea Regi. Lingua 
as the pen of a swift writer, mea calamus scribae veloci- 
Alleluia, Alleluia. V. The ter scribentis. Alleluia, 
Lord bath begun his reign, Alleluia. V. Dominusrcg-" 
be bath clothed himself navit, decorem induit : in- 
with beauty : he hath cloth* duit Dominus fo'rt it udinem 
ed himself with strength, et praecinxit se virtute. Al- 
and armed himself with leluia. 
might. Alleluia* 

GOLPEL. Luke ii. 33, 40. 

AT that time : Joseph, and Mary the Mother of Je- 
sus, wondered at the things that were said of him. 
And Simon blessed them, and said to Mary his Mother: 
Behold this child is set for the ruin and raising of many 
iu Israel ; and for a butt of contradiction : (and a sword 
shall pierce thy soul) that the thoughts of many hearts 
may be discovered. And there was a Prophetess called 
Anna,. the daughter of Pbanuel, of the tribe of Aser.— 
She was of a great age, and had lived with ber husband 
seven years from her Virginity. And she wa<ra widow, 
being then aged fourscore and four years, and she depart- 
ed not from the temple, serving God there day and night* 
o 2 

Digitized by VjOOQ 

KJ6 ST. Syiyb6»»rv I. Vespers: 

kk fasting and praying. And coming up at that very 
time, she glorified God ; and spoke concerning him to 
ail that were expecting the redemption of Israel. And 
having performed all things according to the law of 
God, they returned to Galilee into their own city of 
Nazareth. And the child grewand gained strength, be- 
ing full of wisdom ; and the grace of God was, in him* 

Offe&tory. Ps. xcii. God hath settled the globe of 
the earth, which shall not be shaken out of its place? 
thy throne O God, was placed from that time, thou art 
forever.— See the Latin, p. 14Q* . 


GRANT, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that 
this sacrifice offered to thy divine Majesty, may 
obtain for us the grace of true devotion, and a happy e- 
ternity. Thro 1 . 

Communion. Matt, ii. 
Take the child and his Telle puerum ct Matrero, 
Mother, and go into the ejus, & vade in terram is- 
land of Israel $ for they are raei : defuncti sunt enim, 
dead, who sought the qui quseribant animampu-» 
child's life. eri. 

PosTCOMMtJNioN. Per kujus. 

MAY the efficacy of this sacrament, O Lord, cleanse 
us from our sins, and obtain tor us the accom- 
plishment of our just desires. Thro*. 

When the 30th of December happens on a Sunday*. 
the Vespers are the first Vespers of the following 

The Mass within the Octave of Christmas is thus r 
The Epistle and Gospel as in the second Mass, /►. 
148 and 149. The rest as in the third, p. 151, with 
Commemorations of the foregoing Feasts. 

ST. SYLVESTER, POPE and C. A Double. 


The Anthems and Psalms, as on Christmas-Day, jfr. 
'l52. The rest as Common, p. xxviii. Prayer. Da 
quasumus, ib, p. xxx. — Of the Sunday within the Oc- 
tave. Anlh. The child Jesus, p. 164. F. the Word, 
ft. .162. Prayer. Omnipotens, p. 1 64— Of Christmas. 
Anth. On this day, p. 152. V. The Lord hath made 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Ma$$. ST. SYLVESTER. Ifjff 

known, ib* Prayer. Concede qiutsumus, p. 150. — Of 
St. Thomas. Anth. He that is willing. V. The righte- 
ous man. Common, p. viii. Prayer. Deus, pro cu*> 
jus, p. 102. — Of St. Stephen. Anth, Some devout peo- 
ple. V. Stephen saw, p. 155. Pra>er. Da nobis, p. 
153 — Of St. John. Anth. A repott. K Blessed John, 

?. 157. Prayer. Ecclesiam, p. \5<$.—Of the Hory 
nnocents. Anth. Innocent Children. V. The saints 
cry, p. 161. Prayer. Deus, cujus, p. 15Q. 

Mass. Inthoit. Let thy Priests. Common, p. 
xxxii. Collect. Da quct»umus f ib. 

Here, at the Secret and Postcommunion, are made 
Commemorations of all the foregoing festivals. 
Epistle. 2 Tim. iv. Common, p. xxxv. 
Gradual. Eccl. xliv. 

Behold a great Prelate, Ecce sacerdos magnns 
whd in his days pleased qui in diebns suts placuit 
God. V. There was none Deo. V. Non est inventus 
found like htm, in keeping similis illi, qui conservaret 
the law of God. Alleluia, legem excelsi. Alleluia, 
Alleluia. V. Ps, 88. I Alleluia. V. Ps. 88. In* 
have found my servant veni David servum meum; 
David ; I have anointed oleo sancto meo unit euro, 
him with my holy oil. Al- Alleluia, 

GOSPEL. Luke xii. 35. Common, p. xxxviii. 

Opfertory.. Psalm Ixxxviii. See Latin, p. xxxi. 

I have found David -my servant j with my holy oil 
have I anointed him. My band shall help him, and 
my arm shafl strengthen him. 


MAY thy saints, O Lord, we beseech thee, cause 
joy to aM thy people ; that while we celebrate 
their merits, we may experience their patronage. 

Communion. See Latin, p. xxxiv. Blessed is the 
servant whom the Lord; when he coraeth, shall find 
watching. Verily* I say to you, he shall set him over 
all he hath. 

Postcommunion. Prasta qtuesumus. 

GRANT, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that 
while we return thee thanks for what we have 
partaken of, we may, by the intercession of blessed N. 
thy Confessor and Bishop, receive still greater favours. 
' ThroV . •;..-•.....»'■. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

108 th& ciftcufttci&ow I. fispers. 

The second Vespers are of the following feast 
without any Commemoration. 


CIRCUMCISION was a Precept of the old law, 
Gen. xvii. But as this yoke was only imposed on 
the carnal Jews and sinners, Jesus Christ, the master of 
the law, and innocence and sanctity itself, needed not 
to have submitted to it. But his design was to shew us, 
that he had taken on himself true flesh, like ours ; and 
that the Jews might not have a pretext to reject hira, 
as one not circumcised, and consequently not a descen- 
dent of Abraham, and therefore not the promised Mes- 
siah. And thus, by a voluntary obedience to the law, 
he has taught us to submit to the laws appointed by God 
and his Church for our sanctification; from the observing 
of whicn we so often dispense with 0141 selves through 
sloth or pride, and to become spiritually circumcised 

It was on this day also he received the name of Jesus, 
that is, Saviour. It is this name, which we cannot pro- 
nounce as we ought to do, according to the Apostle, but 
by the grace of the Holy Ghost \ for to do it to any ad- 
vantage, we must hate sin, and ardently desire that sal- 
vation, which our Lord was desirous to procure for us, 
when he received that sacred name. 

Alter we have consecrated the beginning of the year 
to God, by a strict compliance with the duties of reli- 
gion, w$ may make such visits, as charity and Christian 
{>rudence may require of us in our respective states of - 
ife. But we- ought to confine ourselves to what neces- 
sity, or decency, demands \ or as.far as may tend to keep 
up union, friendship, and peace; and carefully avoid 
whatever is contrary to modesty, temperance, and piety. 
If we make any presents, let us begin with the poor, 
that they may become our advocates with Jesus Christ* 
to whom we should consecrate ourselves with all that 
we have, or are, as to our first beginning and lust end. 


Anth«/^VWonderfulcora- Ant./^\ Adrairabilecom- 

V«/ munication ! the \J mercium ! Crea- 

Creator of man kind, taking tor generis humaai, aav 

on himself a bo4y animated malum corpus sumens, de 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

I. VeSpers. 



with a soul, «n pleated to Vurgine uaaci dignatns est : 

be born of a Virgin ; and fc procedens Homo sine 

becoming man, without semiae, largitus est nobis 

the concurrence of man, suam Deitatem. 
made us partakers of his 
divine nature. 

Pwhn cix. Dixit Dominus, p. 74. 
Antb. When, after an Ant. Quando natns ea 

unspeakable manner, thou inenabiliter ex Virgine, 

wast bom of a Virgin, the 
Scriptures were fulfilled; 
like rain upon a fleece thou 
earnest down to save man- 
kind } we give thee praise, 
O out God. 

Rsaim cxii. Laudate pueri, p 

tunc impletae sunt Scriptu- 
rse ; sicut pravia in vellus 
descend isti, ut ealvum fa- 
ceres genus humanum ; te 
laudamus, Deus nosier. 

Anth. In the bush which 
Moses saw bum without 
consum i ng, we acknow- 
ledge the preservation of 
thy glorious Virginity j O 
Mother of God, make in- 
tercession for as. 

Psalm exxi. Lsstatur sum, p 


Ant. Bnbora qvem vide** 
ret Moysas iiicombustum* 
conservatam agnovimus iu- 
am laudabilem Virginita* 
tern $ Dei Genitrix, inter*' 
cede pro nobis; 


Antb. The sucker of 
Jesse hath budded ; a star 
hatb arisen out of Jacob j 
a Virgin hath brought forth 
the Saviour y we give thee 
praise, O our God. 

Psalm exxvi. Nisi Dominus, p. 102 

Ant. Germinavit radix? 
Jesse; orta est Stella ex 
Jacob 5 Virgo perperit Sal* 
vatorem ,* te laudamus, De- 
us noster. 

Ant. Ecce Maria genuit 
nobis Sal valorem, quern 
Joannes videns exclamavit, 
dicens $ Ecce agnus Dei, 
ecce qui tollit peccata mun- 
di. Alleluia. 

Anth. Bt hold Mary hath 
brought forth for us the 
Saviour, whom John see- 
ing, cried oat, saying, Be- 
hold the Lamb of God, be- 
hold him that taketh away 
the sins of the world. Al- 

Psalm cxlvii. Lauda Jerusalem, p. 103. 

The Little Chapter. The grace of God. Be» 
ginning of the Epistlx, to * p. 145, Hymn. Jesus 
toe ransomer, asp. 143. 

V. The Word was made V. Verbum caro factum 
flesh. Alleluia. est* Alleluia. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


R. And dwelt 
u*. Alleluia. 

ras cmevMCiuoK 


R. Ethabitavit in nobis. 

jft Me Magnificat. 

Anth Out of that exces- 
sive love, with which God 
loved us, he sent bis only 
Son in the likeness of sin- 
ftil flesh. Alleluia. 

Ant. Propter nkniam 
charitatem suam, qua di- 
lexit nos Deus, Fitium so* 
urn mtsit in timilitudinem 
camis peccati. Alleluia. 

Prayer. Collect at Mass. 
MASS. Introit. Isaias ix. 

PUER natus est nobis, & 
Filius datus est nobis - f 
cujus imperium super hu- 
nierum ejus, & vocabitur 
nomen ejus Macni consi- 
lii Angblus, Ps. t)7. 
Cantate Domino canttcum 
novum ; quia mirabilia fe- 
cit. V. Gloria. 

A Child is born for us, 
and a son is given to 
us, whose empire is on his 
shoulder 5 and his name 
shall be called the Angel 


Ps. Sing to the Lord a new 
canticle, for he hath done 
wonderful things. V. 

Collect. Deus, qui salutis. 

OGod, who by the fruitful Virginity of blessed 
Mary, hast given mankind the rewards of eternal 
salvation, grant, we beseech thee, that we may .experi- 
ence her intercession, by whom we received the author 
of life, our Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son, who lived* and 
icigneth with thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one 
God, world without end. Amen. 

Epistle. Titus ii. p. 145. 
Gradual. Psalm xcvii 

All the earth hath seen 
the salvation - of our God y 
sing to the Lord all the 
earth. V. The Lord hath 
made known his salvation ; 
and hath displayed his jus- 
tice before the Gentiles. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. V. A 
sanctified day hath shone 
upon us j come ye Gent- 
tiles, and adore the* Lord* 
for this day a great light is 
come dotfn upon theearth. 
Alleluia. ^ • 

Vtderunt omnes fines 
terras sahitare Dei nostri 5 
jubilate Deo omnis terra. 
V. Notum fecit Dominus 
salutare suum; ante con- 
spectnm Gentium revelavit 
justitiam suara. Alleluia, 
Alleluia. V. Dies sanctifi- 
cstos illuxit nobis 5 venite, 
Gentes, & adorateDomi- 
bum, quia hodie descendit 
lux magna super terras. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

II. Vespers, or ths lord. 171 

Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. 

God, who heretofore spoke Heb. ii. Multifarie olim 

various ways to oar fore- Deus loqueas patribus in 

fathers by the Prophets, Prophetis, novissime diebus 

hath now lately, and in our istis locutus est nobis in Fi- 

time, spoke to us qjv his lto. Alleluia. 

Son. Alleluia. ' 

GOSPEL. Luke ii. 21, 22. 

AT that time : After eight days were expired, when 
the child was to be circumcised ; his name was 
called Jesus, which the Angel had given him, before he 
was conceived in the womb. Credo. 

Offertory. Psalm lxxxviii. See Latin, p. 151. 
Thine are the heavens, and thine is the earth. Thou 
didst form the globe of the earth, and all therein j jus- 
tice and equity are the supporters of thy throne. 


RECEIVE, O Lord, our offerings and prayers; 
, cleanse us by these heavenly mysteries, and mer- 
cifully hear us. Thro*! 

Communion. Psalm xcvii. See Latin, p. 151. 
The whole earth hath seen the salvation of our God. 


MAY this communion, Q Lord, cleanse us from sitl, 
and by the intercession of blessed Mary the Vir- 
gin-mother of God, make us partakers of thy heavenly 
remedy. Thro* the same. 

All as at the first Vespers, p. 1(58, Except : 
V. The Lord hath made V. Notum fecit Domi- 
known. Alleluia. R. His «nus. Alleluia. R. Salu- 
aalvation. AUekiia. tare suum. Alleluia. 

At (he Magnificat. 
Anth, Great is the mys- Ant. Magnum haeredita- 
tery of our inheritance; Its mysterium : templum 
the womb of a pure Vir- Dei factui est uterus nes- 
gin became the temple of cientis viruro j non est poi- 
God; he that took flesh of lutus ex ea carnem as- 
her, was not denied; all lumens; omnes gentes ve- 
nations shall come and nient dicentes $ Gloria tibi # 
say : Glory be to thee, O Domine. 

Prater. Collect at Mass, p. 170. 
Commemoration of St. Stephen 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Anth. But Stephen, p. 153. V. Stephen saw, ^ v 155. 
Paaybb. Collect at Mass, as below. 

Mass. The same as on the day, p. 153, except : 
Collect. Omnipotent.. ■ . 

O Almighty and. Eternal -God, who didst consecrate 
the first fruits of martyrdom in. the blood of the 
blessed Levite Stephen y grant, we beseech thee, that he 
may intercede for us, who. begged mercy, even* for his 
persecutors, of our Lord Jesus Christ thy Son. Who 

Here, at the Secret and Postcommtcwion, are made 
Commemorations of SS Thomas, John, and HoijY 
Innocents, as on their respective Feasts. 

The Psalms areas oh Sundays* p* 74: except t-ke 
last, which is : Credidi,/>. Q5. 

Anth.nHHEY stoned Ant. T APIDAVjE- 
Ji Stephen, and Jj RUNT Sie- 

he called upon * the Lord, phanum, & ipse inyocabat 
saying, Lay not this sin to Dominum* dkjens : Ne sta- 
their charge. tuas illis hoc peceatmn. 

Anth. The stones of the Ant. Lapides torreotig 
torrent were sweet to him ; illi dulces fuerunt : ipsum 
all the righteous souls fol- scquuntur omnes animae 
lowed him. justa;, 

Anth. My soul hath Ant. Adhsesit anima mea 
stuck to thee, because my post te, quia caro mea ia- 
body hath been stoned for pidata est pro te, Deut 
thee, O my God. meus. 

Anth. Stephen saw the . , Ant. Stephanus vidit 
heavens opened ; he saw coelos apertos ; vidit & in- 
and entered in ; blessed is troivit ; beatas homo, cui 
the man to whom the hea- coeli patcbant. 
vens were •opened. 

Anth. Behold I see the Ant. Ecce video coelos 
heavens opened, and Jesu* apertos, & J<rsum stantem 
standing at the right hand a de*tris Vrrtu,tJ3 Dei. 
of the majesty of God. 

From hence the office is </«St. John. The Little 
Chapter. He that teareth God. The beginning of 
the Lesion to * p. 156. Hymn. Throughout the 
world. Common, p. ill. V. Blessed John, p. 156. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




At the Magnificat. Anth. This is John, ib. Prayer. 
Ecclesiam tuam, ib. 

The Commemorations. 
Of St. Stephen. Anth. Some devout people. V. 
Stephen saw, p. 155. Prayer. Omnipotens, p. \J2. 
Of St. Thomas. Anth. He that is willing. V. The 
righteous man. Common, p. viii. Prayer. Dens, pro 
cujus, p. 102. Of the Holy Innocents. Anth. Inno- 
cent children. V. "The saints cry out, p. 101. Prayer. 
Dens pro cujus, p. 162. 

LIST. Double. 

Mass. The same as on the Feast, p. 156. Except 
the Preface, which is that of the Apostles, p. 55. With 
Commemorations of St. Thomas, and Holy Innocents, 
iy their respective Collects, Secrets, and Postcommu- 
nions, as on their Feasts. 


The Psalms as in the second Vespers of Apostles, 
Common, p. v 

Anth.TJ LESSED John is 
Jj very much to 
be honoured, who at the 
sapper leaned on the Lord's 

Anth. This is the Dis- 
ciple, who beareth witness 
of these things, and we 
know his testimony is true. 

Anth. This is my Dis- 
ciple ; so will I have him 
rentain till I come. 

Anth. There are some 
here standing, who shall 
not taste death, till they 
see the Son of Man in his 

Anth. Behold my chosen 
servant, whom I have cho- 
sen j I have put my spirit 
in him. 

VOL. 1. 

Ant.lETALDE honoran- 
V das est beatus 
Joannes, qui supra pectus 
Domini in caena recubuit. 

Ant. Hie est Discipulus 
ille, qui testimonium per- 
hibet de his, et scimus 
quia verum est testimoni- 
um ejus. 

Ant. Hie est Discipulus 
meus ; sic eurn volo ma- 
nere, donee veniam. 

Ant. Sunt de hie stanti- 
bus, qui non gustabunt mor- 
tem, donee videant Filiuni 
Hominis in regno suo. 

Ant. Ecce puer meus 
electus quem elegi -, posui 
super eurn spiritum meum. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


The Little Chapter, Hymn, V. and Anthem at the 
Magnificat, with a Commemoration of the Holy Inno- 
cents, as p. 158, and of St. Thomas. Anth. He that is 
willing. V. The righteous man. Common, p. viii. 
Prayer. Deus, pro cujus, p. 162. 


Mass. The same as on the Feast, p. 158, except that 
the Gloria m «xcdsis, the Alleluias, and tfre Ite Missa 
est, are said. The Credo's* not said, unless it fall on a 
Sunday. There is likewise a Commemoration of St. 
Thomas, by the Collect, Secret, and Postcomimmion of 
his Feast, p. 162. 


The Psalms as on Sundays, p. 74, except the last, 
which is: Credidi, p. Q5. 

Anth.T TEROD in his Ant. TTEROOES ira- 
JTl rage killed J. JL tus occidit mul- 

many children in Bethle- tos pueros in Bethlehem 
hem of Juda, the city of Judae, civitate David. 

Anth. Herod killed many Ant. Abimatu & infra 
children from two years occidit multos pueros He* 
old and under, in hatred of rodes propter Dommum. 
the Lord. 

Anth. Their Angels al- Ant. Angeli eorum sem- 
ways see the face of the per vident faciem Patris. 

Anth. A noise was heard Ant. Vox in Rama au- 
in Rama j there was weep- dita est ; ploratus Sc ulula- 
ing and howling, Rachel tus, Rachel plorans fclios 
was bewailing her chil- suos. 

Anth. All the Saints cry Ant. Sub throno. Dei 
out from under the throne omnes Sancti clamant ;Vin- 
of God . Revenge our dica sanguinem nostrum, 
blood, O our God. Deus noster. 

From the Little Chapter the office of St. Thomas, as 
in theXlommon, p. vi. Prayer. Deus, pro cujus, p. 
162. JVith Commemorations of the Holy Innocents, 
as p. 161. Prayer. Deus, pro cujus, p. \&1, and of 
' the Eve of the Epiphany. Anth, The child Jesus, p. 
164. V The Lord hath made known, p. 152. Pray- 
er. Omnipotent, t>. 104. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Of St. Telesphorus. 

Antfa. He that hatcth Ant. Qui odit animani 
his soul in this world, suam in hoc inundo, in vi- 
kcepeth it for life everlast- tarn aeternam custodit earn, 

V. The righteous roan, Common, p. viii. Prayer. 
Deus, qui nos bcati, ib. p. xi. 

TERBURY. Double. 
Mass, as on the Feast, p. \62. Except the Comme- 
morations; instead of which are said the Comraemo- 
tions of the Eve of the Epiphany, by the Collect, Secret, 
and Postcommunion of the Sunday within the Octave of 
Christmas, p. 164. And of St. Telesphorus, by the 
Collect, Deus, qui nos beati. Common, p. xi. Secret. 
Sanctify, ib. p. xii. Postcommunion. Refecti, p. x. 
At the end of the Mass is read the Gospel of the Eve of 
the Epiphany, as follows. 

GOSPEL. Matt. ii. \g. 23. 

AT that time : When Herod was dead, behold an 
Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in his sleep 
in Egypt, saying : Arise, and take the Child and his 
Mother, and go into the land of Israel 5 for tbey, who 
sought the life of the Child, are dead. And he arose, 
and taking the Child and his Mother, came into the 
land of Israel, But hearing that Archelaus reigned in 
Judea, in the place of his father Herod, he was afraid 
to go thither ; and having notice given him in his sleep, 
he retired into Galilee, and came and dwelt in a city 
called Nazareth ; to the end that what the Prophets had 
foretold might be fulfilled : That he should be called a 

T7* PIPHANY comes from a Greek word; which sig- 
u/j nifies the manifestation, or the making any thing 
known : and the Church, on this festival, celebrates three 
different mysteries, by which Jesus Christ made him- 
self known to mankind, and manifested his glory. 
These mysteries are, I . The adoration and homage the 
Wise-men paid to the infant Jesus. 2. The baptism he 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



I. Vespers. 

vouchsafed to receive from the hands of John the Bap- 
tist. 3. The miracle performed at Cana in Galilee, by 
the change of water into wine. 

But the Church is chiefly taken up with celebrating 
the first of these mysteries ; and considering the Wise- 
men as the first fruits of the Gentiles, that were convert- 
ed to the faith, she exhorts us to join with them in ado- 
ring Jesus Christ, and giving him thanks for having 
called us to the true faith, and having made known his 
Gospel to us. 

The Eve of the Epiphany was formerly like the Eves 
of other great solemnities, a fast -day, consecrated to 
pennance and prayers : and a great part of the night was, 
by our pious forefathers, spent in the Church. If we 
cannot imitate their fervour in that practice, never let 
us degenerate so far from them, as to spend that night 
in excess, which they spent in the service of God, and 
in preparing themselves worthily to celebrate the en- 
suing great solemnity, the Christmas day of the 


The Psalms as on Scndats, p. ?4, except the last, 
which is : Laudate Dominum omnes, p. 95. 
Anth/THHE Lord our 8a* Ant. \ NTE luciferum 
X v lour, who wad J^ll gentttcr, ar ame 

begotten before the morn- 
ing-star, and before all time, 
on this day appeared to the 

Anth. Thy light is come, 
O Jerusalem, and the glory 
of the Lord is risen upon 
thee, and the Gentiles 
shall walk by thy light. 

Anth. The Wise-men 
having opened their trea- 
sures offered to the Lord 
gold, frankincense, and 
myrrh. Alleluia. ' 

Anth. Ye seas and rivers, 
bless the Lord 5 ye foun- 
tains, sing an hymn to the 
Lord. Alleluia. 

Anth. That star shineth 

tsscula, Domiuus Salvator 
noster hodie muncjo ap- 

Ant. Venit lumen tuum, 
Jerusalem, & gloria Domi- 
ni supter te orta est, & am- 
bulabunt'Gentes in Jumine 
tuo. Alleluia. 

Ant. Apertis thesauri's 
suis, obtulerunt Magi Do- 
mino aurum, thus, & mvrr* 
ham. Alleluia. 

Ant. Maria & fluintoa, 
benedicite Dprhino \ hym- 
num dicite, fbntes Domino. 

Ant, SteUa. ista sicut 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

J. Vespers. *hb bpihuny. 17? 

like a blase, and discover-' flamma eoniseat, et Regem 
eth God the King of Kings; Begum Deura demonstrat $ 
the Wise-ritea saw it, and Mag* earn vklerunt, et 
made their offerings te the magno Regt xnnnera obtu- 
great King. lerant. 

The Little Chapter. The beginning of the Les- 
son to * p. 178. 


WHAT makes thee, fl^tRUDELIS Herodes 
cruel Herod shake, Vy Deum 
For fear that Christ, • thy Regem venire quid times ? 

crown should take ? 
He will not seize an earth- Non eripit mortalia, 

\y throne, 
Who heav'nly kingdoms Qui regna dat ccelestia. 

makes our own. 
. The sages coming from Ibant Magi quam vide- 

afar rant 

Follow the new-appearing Stellam sequentes praevi- 

star $ am j 

With light they seek a Lumen requirunt lumine -, 

better light: 
Their gifts confess the God Deum fatentur munere. 
of might. 
The heav'nly Lamb in Lavacra puri gurgitis, 
Jordan stood * 

To sanctify the chrystal Codestis Agnus attigit j 

Our sins with that baptis- Peccata, quae non detalit, 

mal dew 
Were wash'd in him, who Nos abluendo sustulk. 
sin ne'er knew. 
A strange, unusual pow'r Novum genus potentiae 5 
is shewn , 
The water-pots are ruddy Aquae rubescunt bydrise, 

grown, ^ • 
Whose waters, by com* Vinumque jussa fundere, 

mand divine, 
Their nature change, and Mutavit unda originem. 
run pure wine. . '- 

To Christ, who did the Jesu tibi sit gloria, 
Gentiles call, 
Be endless glory giv*n by Qui apparnisti Gentibus, 
all ; 

P 2 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


To God the Father were- Cum Patne k Almo Spi- 

peat ritu, 

The same, and to jkhe Pa- In seropiterna sacula, A^ 
raclcte. Amen. men. 

N.B. Thus are ended all the Hymns of the seme 
metre during the Octave. 

V. The Kings of -Thar- V. Reges Tbarsis, & In- 
sis, and the Islands shall sulae munera offerent. It- 
make their offerings. R. Reges Arabum & Saba do- 
The Kings of Arabia and na adducent. 
Saba shall bring presents. 

At the Magnificat. 
Anth. The Wise-men Ant. Magi videntes stel- 
seeing the star, said one to lam dixeront ad invicem-r 
another : This is the sig- Hoc signnm nwgni Regis 
nal of the great King; let est; eamus & inquiramus 
us go and enquire after cum, et offeraimis ei mu- 
him, and make him offer- nera aurum, thus, & nror- 
ings of gold, frankincense ham. Alleluia, 
and myrrh. Alleluia. 

Prays*. Collect at Mass. 
MASS.. iNTaorr. Mai. in. Psalm lxxi. 

BEHOLD the Lord the TpCCE advenit domina- 
ruler is come -, and Fj tor Dominus : & leg* 
dominion, power, and em- num in manu ejus, & po- 
pire are in. his hand* Ps. testas & imperium. Ps. 
^JD God, give thy judgment Deus judicium tuum Regi 
to the King, and thy jus- da? .& justitiam tuam filie 
tice to the King's son. V. Regis. V. Gloria* 

Collect. Deus, qui hodierna. 

OGod, who by the direction of a star didst this 
day manifest thy only Son to the Gentiles ? mer- 
cifully grant that we, who now know thee by faith, may 
come at length to see the glory of' thy majesty. Thro' 
the same* ' 

Lesson, haias Is. I, 9, 

ARISE, Jerusalem, he enlightened > for thy fight is 
come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon 
thee. * For behold darkness shall cover the earth, and 
a thick mist the people thereof; but the Lord shall arise 
upon thee, and his glory shall be seen in thee. The 
Gentiles shall walk by the light, and Kings by the 
brightness of thy rising. Lift up thy eyes around and 
see } all these are assembled together, they are come to 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


thee j thy sons shall come from far off, and thy daugh- 
ters shall rise from thy side. Then sbalt thou see, 
and abound;. thy heart shall wonder and rejoice, whaa 
the multitude of the sea shall be converted unto thee, 
and the strength of the Gentiles come to thee. A de- 
luge of camels shall cover thee, and dromedaries from 
Madian and Epha j all shall come from Saba, bringing 
gold and frankincense, and publishing the praises of the 

Gbad&al. IsaUhlx. Matthew ii. . 

All shall come from Sa- Omnes de Saba venient, 
ba, bringing gold and fran- aurum & thus deferentes, 
kincense,and publishing the k laudem Domino annun~ 
praises of the Lord. V. tiantes. V. Surge, & illu- 
Arise, Jerusalem, be en- minare, Jerusalem, quia, 
lightened, for the glory of gloria Domini super te orta 
the liOrd is risen upon thee. est. 

Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. 
We have seen his star in Vidimus stellam ejus in 
the east : and we are come oriente $ & venimns cum 
with our offerings to adore muneribus adorare Domi* 
the Lord. Alleluia. . num. Alleluia. 

GOSPEL. Matthew ii. 1, 12. 
*1 T7HEN Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Juda, in 
V V the days of Herod the King, behold there came 
Wise-men out of the east to Jerusalem, saying : Where 
is he, who is born King of the Jews ? For we have seen 
his star in the east, and are come to adore him. Which 
when Herod the King had heard, he was troubled, and 
all Jerusalem with him And calling together all the 
chief Priests, and the scribes of the people, he enquired 
of them where the Christ was to be born ? And they 
said to him ; in Bethlehem of Juda $ for so it is written 
by the Prophet : " And thou Bethlehem, land of Juda, 
art not the least among the princes of Juda j for out of 
thee shall come a Chief, who shall rule my people Is- 
rael " Then Herod, having privately called the Wise-men, 
diligently enquired of them the time the star had appear- 
ed to them; and sending them to Bethlehem, he said : Go 
and make an exact enquiry after the child ; arid when 
you have found him, let me know it, that I may also 
eome and adore him. Who when they had heard the 
King, departed. And, behold the star they had seen in 
the east, went before them, till coming, it stood over the 
place where the child was. When they saw the star 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

160 the epiphany. II. Vespers. 

they were transported with great joy. And entering in* 
to the house, they found the child witft Mary his mo- 
ther, and falling down they adored him. And opening 
their treasures, they there offered him gifts, gold, frank- 
incense, and myrrh. And being admonished in their 
sleep not to return to Herod, they went back to their 
own country another way. Credo. 

Offertory, Psalm Ixxi. 
The Kings of Tharsis Reges Tharsis k Insula* 
and the Islands shall make munera offerent : Reges 
their offerings : the Kings Arabum & Saba dona ad- 
of the Arabians and of Sa- ducent: & adorabunt eum 
ba shall bring their present&f omnes Reges terras, omnea 
all the Kings of the earth gfcntes servient ei. 
shall adort him, and all 
nations shall' serve htm. 


MERCIFULLY took down, OLord, w« beseech 
thee, on the offerings of thy Church i among 
which gold, frankincense, and myrrh are ho longer of- 
fered f tat what was signified by those offerings is sa- 
crificed and received, Jesus Christ thy Son, our Lord. 

Preface and Communicatees. Ordinary, p 52. 
And they are said during the whole Octave. 

Communion. Matt. ii. 

We have seen his star Vidimus stellam ejus in 
in the East, and are come Oriente : k venimus cum 
with offerings to adore the muneribus adotare Domi- 
Lord. num 

Postcommunion. Prasta, quasumus. 

GRANT, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that 
our minds may be so purified, as to understand 
what we celebrate on this great solemnity, Thro*. 

Within the Octave, the same Mass is said as on the 
day* But the second Collect is : Deus, qui salutis, p. 
lxix. the third : Ecclesia* tuas, p. Ixxiii. or Deus om- 
nium, il. with their respective Secrets and Postcom- 
munions. And these Collects. &c. are continued till 

The Psalms as on Sundays, p. 74. The Anthems, 
Little Chafteb, hymn, and V. as in the first Vespers 
p- J 77. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




At the Magnificat. 

Anth. We celebrate this Ant. Tribus miraculis 
holy day in memory of ornatum diem sanctum co- 
three miracles performed lixnus : hodie Stella Magos 
on it. On thU day a star ' duxit ad presepiuin : hodie 
led the Wise-men to the vinum ex aqua factum est 

ad nuptias : hodie in Jor- 
dane a Joanne Christus 
baptizari voluit, ut salvaret 
nos. Alleluia. 

manger : on this day water 
was turned into wine at a 
marriage feast: on this 
day Christ vouchsafed to 
be baptised by John in the 
Jordan for our salvation. 

Prayer, Collect at Mass, p. 178. 

The Commemoration on the Saturday tvtthin the 

Ant. Remansit puer Je- 
sus in Jerusalem, & noo 
cognoverunt parents ejus, 
existirnantes ilium, esse in 
comitatu : & requjrebant 
eum inter cognatos & notos. 

Anth. The Child Jesus 
staid behind in Jerusalem, 
and bis parents knew it not, 
thinking him to be in the 
company : and they sought 
him among their kindred 
and acquaintance. 

V All shall /v>m* f*nm 

Saba. AJleluia. R. Bring- 
ing gold and frankincense. 

Pharbr. Collect of To-morrow 

Y. Qmnes ic Saba Vtriii* 
Alleluia. R. Aurum 

& thus 

defereptes. Alie- 


MASS. Introit. 

ISaw a man sealed on a 
high throne, whom a 
multitude of Angels adored, 
singing all together : Be-, 
hold him* whose name and 
empire are to last for ever. 
Ps. Sing to the Lord with 
joy all the earth : serve 
the Lord in gladness. V. 

Is. vi. Psalm xcix 

IN excelso throno vidi se- 
dere viruro quern ado- 
rat multitudo Angelorum 
psallentes in unum ; Ecce 
cujus imperii nomen est in 
seternum. Ps. Jubilate 
Deo omnis terra : servite 
pomjno in laetitia. V. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Collect. Fbta, qua*sumus. 

ACCORDING tothjr divine mercy, OLord, receive 
the vows of thy people, who pour forth their 
prayers to thee : that they may know what their duty 
requireth of them, and be able to comply with what 
they know. Thro'. 

Here, and at the Secret aadPosTCOMMUtnotf is 
made a Commemoration of the Epiphany, by the Col- 
lect, &c. of that Feast, as, p. 178. 

Epistle. Rom, xit. 1, 5. 

BRETHREN : I beseech you, by the mercy of God, 
that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, 
holy and acceptable to God, your rational worship.* 
And be 'not conformable to this world, but be reformed 
by a newness of mind ; that you may prove what is the 
good, acceptable, and perfect will of God. For I charge 
all among you, by the grace which is given to me, not 
to be wiser than you ought to be, but to be wise to so- 
briety, and according to the measure of faith God hath 
destribtued to each one. For as in one body we have 
many members, and all these members have not the 
same functions: so we, being many, are one body in 
Christ, and every one the members one of another, in 
Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Gradual. Psalm lxxi. 
Blessed be the Lord God Benedictus Dominus 
of Israel, who alone hath Deus Israel, qui facit mira- 
done great wonders from bilia magna solus a saeculo. 
the beginning. V. Let the V. Suscipiant montes pa- 
mountains receive peace cem populo tuo : & colles 
for thy people, and the justitiam. 
hills righteousness. 

Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Alleluia, Alleluia.. V. 
Sing to the Lord with joy Jubilate Deo omnis terra : 
all the earth, and serve servite Domino in lsetitia. 
him with gladness. Alle- Alleluia, 

GOSPEL. Luken. 42. 52. 
"IT THEN Jesus was twelve years old, his Parents 
W went up to Jerusalem according to the custom of 
the festival. And the days of the festival being expired, 
when they returned, the child Jesus staid behind in- Je, 
rusalem, and his parents knew it not ; but thinking he 
was iti the company, they went on that clay's journey, and 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Vespers* i. sunday after the epiphany. 183 

sought him among their kindred and acquaintance. And 
not finding him, they returned to Jerusalem in search 
of him. And it came to pass, that after three days they 
found him in the temple, sitting among the doctors, 
hearing them and asking them questions. And all that 
heard him, were filled with admiration at his prudence 
and his answers. And when they saw him, they were 
surprised ; and his mother said to him ; Son, why hast 
thou done so with us ? Behold thy Father and I have 
sought thee with sorrow. And he said to them; Why 
did yon seek me ? Did not you know, I must he about 
the concerns of my Father ? But they understood not 
the word that he spoke unto them. Then he went 
down with them and came to Nazareth, and was subject 
to them. And his mother kept all these words in her 
heart. And Jesus increased in wisdom, in age, and in 
grace, before God and man. Credo. 

Offertory. Psalm xcix. 
Sing with joy to God all Jubilate Deo omnis ter- 
the earth, serve the Lord ra, servite Domino in lae- 
in gladness ; present your- titia ; in t rate in conspectu 
selves to him. witn trans- ejus in exultatione, quia 
ports of joy, for the Lord Dominus ipse est Deus. 
is God. 


MAY the sacrifice we have offered to thee, O Lord, 
always enliven us and defend us. Thro*. 
Communion. Luke ii. 
Son, why hast thou done # Fili, quid fecisti nobis 
so with us ? I and thy Fa- sic ? Ego & Pater tuus do- 
ther have sought thee with lentes quasrebamus te. Et 
sorrow. And why did you quid est quod me quacreba- 
seek me ? Did you not tis ? Nesciebatis, quia in 
know that I must be about his quae Patris mei sunt 
the concerns of my Father ? oportet me esse ? 
Postcommunion. Supplices. 

GRANT, we humbly beseech thee, O Almighty 
God, that those whom thou refreshest with thy 
sacraments, may, by a life well pleasing to thee, wor- 
thily serve thee. Thro'. 


All as in the second Vespers, of the Epiphany, p. 
ISO, except the Little Chapter. Brethren, I beseech 
you, to* p. 182. At the Magnificat. Anlh. Son, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


as in the Communion. Prates. Collect at Mass. p. 
182. Commemoration of the Epiphany. Anth. We 
celebrate, p. 18 1. V. AH shall come, il. Prayer. 
Deus, qui hodierna, p. 178. 


All as on the Feast, p. 1/0. except the Prayer. Col- 
lect a( Mass below. 


Ml as on the Feast, p. 178, except what follows. 

Collect. Deus, cujus. 

OGod whose only begotten Son did appear in the 
substance of our flesh ; grant, we beseech thee, 
that by him We may be reformed inwardly, whom we 
confess to have taken on himself our flesh outwardly. 

GOSPEL. John i. 20. 

AT that time : John saw Jesus coming to him, and 
said : Behold the Lamb of God, behold him, who 
taketh away the sins of the world. This is he, of whom 
I said : There cometh a man after me, who is preferred 
to me, because he was before me. And I knew him 
not : but therefore came I baptizing in water, that he 
might be made known in Israel. And John gave testi- 
mony, saying : I saw the Spirit descending from heaven, 
as a dove, and it settled upon him. And I knew him 
not : but he who sent me to baptize in water, said to 
me : He, on whom thou shalt see the Spirit coming 
down, and settling on him, he it is, who baptizeth in the 
Holy Ghost. And I saw, and bare witness, that this is 
the Son of God. Credo. 


WE offer sacrifices to thee, O Lord, in remem- 
brance of the manifestation of thy Son* humbly 
beseeching thee, that as he is the author of what we of- 
fer, so he may mercifully receive the same, our Lord 
Jesus Christ. Who liveth. 

Postcommunion. Ccelesti famine. 

MAY thy heavenly light, we beseech thee, O Lord, 
go before us at all times and in all places ; that 
we may contemplate with a clear sight, and receive with 
due affection the mystery whereof thou bast been pleased 
we should partake. Thro.* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


After the Octave of the Epiphany to Candlemas, the 
second Collect is ; Deus, qui salutis, p. lxix. The third; 
Ecclesite tu<e, p. Ixxiii. Or, Deus omnium, ib. And their 
respective Secrets and Postcommunions are said in their 
proper places. 


All as on the Epiphany, p. 183, with a Commemora- 
tion of St. Hilary, as directed January 14th. 

MASS. Inthoit. Psalm lxv. 

LET all the earth adore thee, O God, and publish 
thy praises, and sing an hymn to the glory of thy' 
name, O thou most high. Ps. Sing with joy to God 
all the earth, sing a psalm to his name : glorify and 
praise him. V. Glory. 

Collect. Omnipotens. 

O Almighty and eternal God, supreme Ruler both 
of heaven and earth, mercifully give ear to the 
prayers of thy people, and grant us peace in our time. 

Epistle. Rom, xii. 6. 

BRETHREN; Having different gifts, according to 
the grace that is given us, whether prophecy ac- 
cording to the measure of faith, or ministry in ministering, 
or he that instructeth in teaching, or he that exhorteth 
in exhortation, or he that giveth in simplicity, he that 
ruleth in solicitude, or he that sheweth compassion in 
chearfulness. Let love be without dissimulation. Hat- 
ing that which is evil, keeping close to that which is 
good. Be affected to one another with a brotherly love, 
being forward to give respect to one another $ not sloth- 
ful in your charge ; but zealous in spirit -, serving the 
Lord : rejoicing in hope : patient in tribulation : fervent 
in prayer : contributing td the necessities of the saints, 
loving hospitality. Bless those that persecute you j bless 
and curse them not. Rejoice with those that rejoice., 
weep with those that weep : being of the same mind 
one towards another. Not aiming at high things, but 
consenting to what is humble. 

Gradual. Psalm cvi. 

THE Lord sent forth his word, and healed them : 
and rescued them from their destruction. V. Let 
tol. j. a * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


the mercies of the Lord be acknowledged : and bit won- 
derful works in behalf of the children of men. Alleluia, 
Alleluia. V. Praise the Lord all his Angels, all ye his 
powers praise him. Alleluia. 

GOSPEL. John H. 1, 11. 

AT that time: There was a marriage at Cana in 
Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there. And 
Jesus also and his disciples were invited to the. marriage. 
And the wine falling short, the mother of Jesus saith to 
him : They have no wine. And Jesus saith to her : 
Woman, what is it to me and thee ? My hour is not yet 
come. His mother saith to the waiters j Whatever he 
shall say to you, do it. Now there were set six water- 
pots of stone, according to the manner of purification 
among the Jews, holding each two or three measures. 
Jesus saith to them y Fill the pots with water. And 
they filled them to the very brim. And Jesus saith to 
them 5 Pour out some now, aud carry it to the master 
of the feast. And they carried it. As soon as the mas- 
ter of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, 
(and he knew not from whence it came, but the ier* 
vants knew, who had drawn the water) the master of the 
feast, called the bridegroom, and saith to him : Every 
man serveth up the best wine first, and when they have 
drank plentifully, then that which is worse; but thou 
hast reserved the best wine till now. This Jesus made 
the beginning of his miracles in Cana of Galilee ; and 
thus he manifested his glory, and his disciples believed 
in him. Credo. 

Oppertory. Psalm lrv. 

SING with joy to God, all the earth* sing a psalm to 
his name. Come and hear, and I will relate to all 
you, who fear God, what great things the Lord hath 
done for my soul. Alleluia. 


SANCTIFY, O Lord, our offerings, and cleanse u§ 
from the stains of our sins. Thro*. 
Communion. John ii. 

THE Lord saith j Fill the water-pots with water, and 
carry some to the master of the feast. When tber 
master of the feast had tasted the water that was made 
wine, he saith to the bridegroom ; Thou hast reserved 
the best wine until now ; this first miracle did Jesus in 
the presence of his disciples. 

d by Google 

Ma$€. THX FIAST, fife. 187 

Postcommuhiok. Augeatur. 

MAY the efficacy of (by pewer/O Lord, be increas- 
ed in us, that being fed with thy divine sacraments 
we may, thro' thy bounty, be prepared to receive what 
they promise. Thro*. 


The FEAST of the HOLY NAME JESUS kept on the 

MASS: Intkoit. Phil. ii. Psalm viii. 

AT the name of Jesus TN nomine JesiT omne 
let every knee bend X genu flectatur ccele*ti- 
both in heaven, on earth, um, terrestrium, & infer-. 
and under the earth ; and norum ; & omnis lingua 
let every tongue confess, conriteatur, quia Dominus 
that the Lord Jesus Christ Jesus Christus in gloria est 
is in the glory of God the Dei Patris. V. Domine 
Father. Ps. O Lord our Dominus noster, qtfam ad- 
Lord, how wonderful is roirabile est nomen tuum 
thy name over the whole in iniversa terra i V. Gloria. 
earth ! V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Deus, qui unigenitum. O God, who 
didst appoint thy only begotten Son the Saviour of man- 
kind, and commandest that his name should be called 
Jesus : mercifully grant, that we who venerate his holy 
name on earth, may also enjoy his sight in heaven, ' 
Thro* the same. 

Here, at the Secret and Postcommonion, is made a 
Commemoration of the second Sunday after the Epi- 
phany by the Collect, &c. as above, p. 185. 

LESSON. Acts iv. 8. 12. 

IN those days : Peter being filled with the Holy 
Ghost, said : Hear, O ye Chiefs of the people and 
Elders. Since we are this day tried for a good deed 
done to a lame man, by which he hath been made 
whole j be it known to you all, and to all the people of 
Israel ; that, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, 
our Lord, whom you crucified, whom God raised fiom 
the dead, this man now standeth whole before you. This 
is the stone, that was rejected by you the builders, which 
is now made the chief corner-stone -, and there is no 
salvation in any other. For neither is there any other 
name under heaven, given Unto men, whereby we must ■ 
be saved. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



GRAD. Ps. cv. Save 
us, O Lord our God, 
and gather us together 
from amidst the nations, 
that we may praise thy 
holy name, and rejoice 
in thy praise. V. Is. vi. 
Thou, Lord, art our Father 
and our Redeemer, thy 
name is from all eternity. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. V. My 
mouth shall publish the 
praises of . the Lord : and 
let all flesh bless his holy 
name. Alleluia. 

If this Feast should be kept after Septuagesima, *«- 
stead of the Alleluias and V. following, is said the 

TRACT. Bring us back, Domine Deus virtutum 
O Lord, God of hosts, converts nos : k ostende 


Salvos nos fac, Domine, 
Deus noster; & congrega 
nos de nationibus : ut con- 
fiteamur nomini sancto tuo, 
& gloriemur in laude tua. 
V. Tu, Domine, Paler nos- 
ter & Redemptor noster, a 
saeculo nomen tuum. Al- 
leluia, Alleluia. V. Lau- 
dem Domini Joquetur os 
meum, & benedicat omnis 
caro nomen sanctum ejus. 

shew us thy face, and we 
shall be saved: let thy 
voice sound in my ears. 
V. For sweet is thy voice, 
and very beautiful is thy 
countenance. V. Thy 
name, O Jesus, is as a sweet 
perfume ; therefore have 
virgins loved thee. 

GOSPEL, as on the Circumcision, p. 1/1 

nos : 
faciem tuam, & salvi cri- 
mus : sonet vox tua in au- 
ribus meis. V. Vox enim 
tua dulcis, & facies tua de- 
cora nimis. V. Oleum 
effusum nomen tuum, Je- 
su, ideo adolescentulae di- 
lixerunt te. 

Confitebor tibi, Domine, 
Deus meus, in toto corde 
meo, & glorificabo nomen 
tuum in aeternum ; quoni- 
am lu, Domine, suavis & 
mitis, & multae misericor- 
diae omnibus invocantibus 
te. Alleluia. 

OFFERT. Pj.Ixxxv. I 
will prafce thee, O Lord 
my God, with my whole 
heart, and I will give glory 
to thy name for ever j be- 
cause, O Lord, thou art 
good and gracious, and full 
of mercy towards all that 
call upon thee. Alleluia. 

SECRET. May thy blessing, O most merciful God, by 
which every creature is enlivened and subsists, sanctify 
this our sacrifice, which we offer thee in honour of the 
name of thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ ; that it may be 
acceptable to the praise of thy majesty, and available to 
our salvation. Thro' the same. 

Preface 0/ Christmas, p. 51. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


tot snotir tnrar flrstis. 


Ornnes gentes fruascun- 
• que fecisti, venient & ado- 
rabunt coram ie, Domine, 
& glorificabunt ncttben tu- 
umj quoniam inagiras e* 
to, & faciens mirabilia j tu 
es Deus solus. Alleluia. 

COMM. Ps. Ixxxv. 
All nation* whom thou 
hast created, shall coihe 
and All down before thee, 
OLord, and shall glorify 
thy name -, for thou art 
truly great, and performest 
wonders: thou alone art 
God. Alleluia. 

POSTCOMM. Omnipotent. O Almighty and 
eternal God, who didst both create and redeem us, 
mercifully hear our prayers, and vouchsafe with 
a pleasing and kind countenance to receive the sa- 
crifice of this victim of our salvation, which we have 
offered to thy majesty, in honour of the name of thy 
Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, that thy grace being poured 
on us, thro' the glorious name of Jesus, as a pledge 
of our eternal predestination, we may rejoice that our 
names are written in heaven. Thro* the same. 


The Psalms a* on Sundays, p. 7'4 ; except the last, 
which is : Credidi,/>. Q5. 



shall call on 
the name of the Lord, shall 
be saved. 

Anth. Awful and holy is 
his name y the fear of the 
Lord is the beginning of entise tUnor Domini, 

Anth. I will' rejoice in 
the Lord; I will rejoice 
exceedingly in God, my 

Anth. From tie rising 
of the sun to the setting 
thereof, the name of the 
Lord is worthy of praise. 

Anth. I will offer a sa- Ant. Sacrificabo hostiam 
orifice of praise, and call laudis, & nomen Domini 
en the name of the Lord. invocabo. 

LITTLE CHAPTER. Phil. ii. Brethren : Christ 
humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, even. 

a 2 

OMNIS qui invo- 
caverit nomen 
Domini, salvus erit. 

Ant. Sanctum & terribile 
nomen ejus 5 inhium sapir* 

Ant. Ego autem in Do- 
mino; gaudebo & exulta- 
bo in Deo Jesu meo. 

Ant. A son's ortu usque 
ad occasum laudabile no- 
nfcen Domini. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




the death of the cross. Therefore God raised him, and 
gave him a name, which is above all names ; that at the 
name of Jesus every knee shall bend. 

HYMN— Jesus, the only 
thought of thee, 

With sweetness 

But sweeter far is it to sec, 

And on thy beauty feast. 
No sound, no harmony 
so gay 

Can art of music frame : 

No thought can reach, no 
words can say 

The sweets of that bless'd 
Jesus, our hope, when 
we repent, 

Sweet source of all our 
' Sole comfort in our banish- 

Q ! what, when face to 
No art, no eloquence of 

Can tell the joys of love 5 

Only the saint* can under- 

What they in Jesus prove. 
Be thou the object of our 


Who o\» reward wilt be > 

Be it our glory, our em- 

To praise and honour thee. 
V. Let the name of the 

Lord be blessed. Alleluia. 

R. Now, and for evermore. 


. Jesu, dulcis memoria, 
nils my Dans vera cordi gaudia, 

Sed super mel & omnia 
Ejus dulcis praesentia. 
Nil canitur suavius, 

Nil auditur jucnndius, 
Nil cogitatur dulcius 

Quam Jesus Dei Filius. 

Jesu spes pcenitentibus, 

Quam pius es petentibus ! - 

Quam bonus te quserenti- 

bus ! 
Sed quid invenientibus T 

Nee lingua valet dicere, 

Nee littera exprimere \ 
Expertus potest credere, 

Quid sit Jesum diligere. 
Sis Jesu nostrum gaudi- 
Qui es futurus prsemium ; 
Sk nostf a is te gloria, 

Per cuneta semper saecula. 
V. Sit nomen Domini 
benedictum, Alleluia, ft. 
Ex hee nunc, & usque in 
sseculum. Alleluia. 
At the Magnificat. 

A nth. Thou shalt call Ant. Vocabis nomen ejus 
his name Jesus, for he shall Jesum, ipse enira salvum 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


save his people from their faciet populum suum a pec- 
sins. Alleluia. . catis eorum. Alleluia. 

Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. I87. 

The Commemoration of the Sunday. 

Anth. When the wine Ant, Deficiente vino, 
fell short, Jesus ordered the jussit Jesus impleri hydrias 
water-pots to be filled with aqua, qua? in vinum con- 
water, which was changed versa est. Alleluia. 
into wine. Alleluia. 

Ppayer. Omnipotens, p. 185. 


MASS. Introit. Psalm xcvi. 

ADORE God all ye his A DORATE Deum om- 
Angels : Sion hath Jljl nes Angeli ejus : au- 
heard of his judgments, divit & laetata est Sion : & 
and rejoiced, and all the exultaverunt filiae Judse. 
cities of Judia have rejoic- Ps . Dominus regnavit, ex- 
ed exceedingly. Ps. The ultet terra, laetentur in- 
Lord hath begun his reign, sulae multae. V. Gloria. 
let the earth be glad, and 
the islands rejoice. V. 

COLLECT. Omnipotens. O Almighty and eternal 
God, mercifully regard our weakness, and stretch 
forth the right hand of thy majesty to protect us. 

EPISTLE. Rom. xii. 16. 

BRETHREN : Be not wise in your own conceits : 
render to no man evil for evil ; carefully do that 
which is good, not only in the sight of God, but in the 
sight of all men. Live in peace, if it be possible, and, 
as far as in you lreth, with all men. Revenge not 
yourselves, my dearly beloved, but give place to wrath ; 
for it is written €t Revenge is mine 5 and I will repay," 
saith the Lord. " But if thy enemy be hungry, give him 
to eat : if he be thirsty* give him to drink -, for doing 
thus, thou shah heap coals of fire on his head/* Be not 
overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. 

GRAD. Ps. ci. andxcv'i. Timebunt Gentes no- 
The Gentiles shall fear thy men tuum, Domine, & 
name, O Lord, and all the omnes Reges terras glori- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

lg/1 Ml. SVNDAY AITBH TH* **IP*AWY JftT<Z5*. 

Kingi of the earth shall re- am tuaui. V. Qocmisro 

vere thy majesty. V. For aedificavit Domtntis 8ion, & 

the Lord hath built op Sion, videbitur hi majestate sua. 

and there shall he be seen Alleluia, Alleluia, 
in his glory. Alleluia, 

V. Ps. The Lord hath V. Ps. xevi. Dommus 
begun his reign, let the regnavit, exttltet terra j lac- 
earth be glad, and all the tentur insula moltae. * Al- 
islands rejoice. Alleluia. leluia. 

GOSPEL. Matt. viii. 1. 15. 

AT that time ; When Jesus was come down from- 
the mountain, a very great multitude followed 
him. And behold a leper came and adored him, saying f 
Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst me clean. And Jesus 
stretching forth his hand, touched him, saying 5 I will y 
be thou made clean. And forthwith his leprosy was 
cleansed. And Jesus said to him ; See that thou tell 
nobody of this; but go, shew thyself to the Priest, and 
offer the gift which Moses commanded for a testimony - 
to them. And when he had entered Capernaum, a 
Centurion came to him, beseeching him, and saying y 
Lord, my servant lieth sick at home of a palsy, and is 
grievously tormented. And Jesus said to him \ I will 
come and heal him. And the Centurion answering*, 
said f Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldst enter 
under my roof; but speak only the word, and my ser- 
vant shall be healed. For I also am a man under autho- 
rity, having soldiers under me j and I say to this man;. 
/ Go, and he goeth j and to another ; Come, and he 
cometh 5. and to my servant ; Do this, and he doth it. 
And when Jesus heard this, he marvelled, and said to< 
those who followed him 5 Amen, I say to you, I have 
not found such great faith in Israel. And I say to 
you j. That many shall come from the east and from the 
west; and shall sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Ja- 
cob, in the kingdom of heaven ; but the children of the 
kingdom shall be cast forth into exterior darkness, where 
there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. And Je- 
sus said to the Centurion; Go, and as thou hast believed; 
so be it unto thee. And his servant was cured at the 
same hour. Credo. 

OFFERT. Ps. cxvii. Dextera Domini fecit 
The right hand of the virtutem, dextera Domini 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Lord hath shewn its power: exaltavit me; non moriar, 
the right hand of the sed vivam, & narrabo ope- 
Lord hath raised me up; ra Domini. 
I shall not die, but live, and 
I will publish the works of 
the Lord. 

SECRET. May this offering, OLord, we beseech 
thee cleanse away our sins ; and sanctify the bodies and 
souls of thy servants to prepare them for worthily cele- 
brating this sacrifice. Thro*. 

COMM. Luke iv. Mirabantur omnes de 
22. All wondered at the his quae procedebant de 
words that came from ore Dei. 
the mouth of God. 

POSTCOMM. Quos tantis. We beseech thee 
O Lord, that we to whom thou vouchsafest the use of 
these great mysteries, may be, made truly worthy to 
receive the benefits thereof. Thro'. 


Anth. Lord, if thou Ant. Domine, si vis, po- 
wilt, thou canst make me tes me mundare \ ei ait Je- 
clean $ and Jesus said 5 I sus ; Volo 5 mundare. 
will; be thou made clean. 

Prater. Collect at Mass, p. 191. 

The Commbmoration on the Saturday before the 
IVth Sunday. 

Anth. God hath uphold- Ant. Suscepit Deus, Is- 
en Israel his servant, ac- rael puerum suum, sicut 
cording to the promise locutus est ad Abraham & 
made to Abraham and his semen ejus,exaltarehumiles 
seed, to raise up the hum- usque in sscculum. 
We for ever. 

V. . May our evening V. Vespertina oratio as- 
prayer ascend to thee, O cendat ad te, Domine. R. 
Lord, R. And may thy Et descendat super nos mi* 
mercy descend upon us. sericordia tua. 

Prayer. Collect of To-morrow. 



MASS. The Introit, Gradual, Offertory, and 
Communion, as on last Sunday. 

COLLECT. Deus, qui nos. O God, who knowest, 
that thro' human frailty we are not able to subsist 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

amidst so many dangers; grant us health of soul and 
body j that whatsoever wo suffer for our sips, we may 
overcome by thy assistance. Thro\ 

After Candlemas the second Collect is as follows; 
and it is continued till Ash-Wednesday. The Third 
is at the choice of the Priest. And they continued till 
Ash- Wednesday, with their respective Secrets and Post- 

II. COLLECT. A cunctis. Preserve us, O Lord, we 
beseech thee,, from all dangers of body and soul ; and by 
the intercession of ever glorious and blessed Mary, the 
ever Virgin-Mother of God, of thy blessed Apostles, 
Peter and Paul, of blessed George, and of all the saints ; 
grant us, Jn thy mercy, health and peace ; that all ad- 
versities and errors being removed, thy Church may serve 
thee with apure and undisturbed devotion. 
EPISTLE. Bom. viii. 8. 10. 

BRETHREN ; Owe no man any thing, but to love 
one another ; for he that loveth his neighbour, 
hath fnlfilled the law'. For, " Thou shalt not commit 
adultery ; Thou shalt not kill ; Thou shalt not steal j 
Thou shalt not bear false witness ; Thou shalt not co- 
vet ;" and if there be any other commandment, it is 
comprised in this word j " Thou shalt love thy neigh- 
bour as thyself." The love of our neighbour worketh 
no evil. Love, therefore, is the fulfilling of the Law. 
GOSPEL. Matt. viii. 23. Vf. 

AT that tf me ; when Jesus entered into the ship, his 
disciples followed him ; and behold a great tem- 
pest arose in the sen, so that the ship was covered 
with waves, but he was asleep. And his disciples came 
to him and awaked him, saying > Lord, save us, we 
perish. And Jesus saith to them 3 Why are ye fearful, 
O ye of little faith : Then rising np, he commanded the 
winds and the sea ; and there came a great calm. But 
the men wondered, saying : What manner of man is this, 
for the winds and the sea obey him. Ckedo. 

SECRET. Grant, we beseech thee, O Almighty God > 
cleanse that the offering of this sacrifice may always 
our' frailty from all evil, and be a protection to us. 

II. SECRET. Graciously hear us, O God our Savi- 
our y that by virtue of this sacrament, thou may'st de- 
fend us from all enemies both of body and soul ; give 
us grace in this life, and glory in the next. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


POSTCOMM. Jfiwera f«a. May thy gifts, 
which we have partaken of, O God, detach us from all 
earthly pleasures, and ever refresh and strengthen us 
with heavenly food. Thro*. 

II. POSTCOMM. Mundet. May the oblation 
of this divine sacrament, we beseech thee, O Lord, both 
cleanse us, and defend us $ and by the intercession of 
blessed Mary the Virgin-mother of God, together with 
that of thy blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, as likewise 
of Blessed George, and of all the saints, free us from all 
sin, and deliver us from all adversity. 

Anth. Lord, save us, we Ant. Domine, salvanos, 
perish ; give thy orders, O perimus 5' impera & 6c, 
God, and make a calm. Dent, tranquillitatem. 

Pbatsk. Collect at Mass, p. 203. 


MASS. The Xntkoit, Gradual, Off ei tort, and 
Communion, as on the third Sunday. 

COLLECT. Familiam tuam. Preserve we beseech 
thee, O Lord, thy family by thy constant mercy ; that 
we, who confide solely in the support of thy heavenly 
grace, may be always defended by thy protection. 

EPISTLE. Colas. Hi. 12. If. 

BRETHREN : Put you an therefore, as the elect of 
God, holy and well-beloved, the bowels of mercy, 
goodness, humility, modesty and patience; bearing with 
one another, and forgiving one another -, if any have a 
complaint against another ; even as the Lord hath for- 
given you, so do you also. But above all these things 
have charity, which is the bond of perfection. And let 
the peace of Christ rejoice in your hearts, wherein also 
you are called, in one body ; and be ye thankful. Let 
the word of Christ dwell in you abundantly, in all wis- 
dom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms, 
hymns and spiritual canticles, singing in grace in your 
hearts to<5od. All whatsoever you do in word or in 
work, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giv- 
ing thanks to God and the Father thro' Jesus Christ our 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


GOSPEL. Matt. xiii. 24; 30. 

AT that time : Jesus spoke this parable to the mul- 
titude : The kingdom of heaven is likened to a 
man, who sowed good seed in his field. But while men 
were asleep, his enemy came and* oversowed cockle 
among the wheat, and went his way. And when the 
blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then ap- 
peared also the cockle. Then the servants of the good 
man of the house came and said to him : Sir, didst thou 
not sow good seed in thy field ? From whence then hath 
it cockle. And he said to them : An enemy hath done 
this. And the servants said to him : Wilt thou that we 
go and gather it up ? And he said, No ; lest while you 
gather up the cockle, you root up the wheat also toge- 
ther with it. Let both grow until the harvest, and in 
the time of the harvest, I will say to the reapers : Ga-' 
ther up first the cockle, and bind it into bundles to burn : 
but gather the wheat into my barn. 

SECRET. We ofter thee, O Lord, this sacrifice of 
propitiation} that thou wouldst mercifully forgive lis. 
our sins, and guide our tottering hearts. Thro*. 

POSTCOMM. Qu*sumus. We beseech thee, 
O Almighty God, that we may one day receive the ef- 
fects of that salvation, of which we have received the 
pledge in these mysteries. Thro*. 


Anth. -Gather first the Ant. Colligie prinram 
tares, and tie them up zizania, & alligate ea in 
in bundles to be burnt i fascicules ad comburen- 
but gather the wheat into dum : triticum autem con- 
my barn, saith the Lord. gregate in horreum meum; 

dicit Dominus. 
Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 193. 


MASS. The Introit, Gradual, Offertory, and 

Communion, as on the third Sunday. 

COLLECT. Pr&sta, auasumus. Grant we beseech 

thee, O Almighty God, that being always intent upon 

what is reasonable and just, we may, both in word and 

deed, perform what is acceptable to jthee. Thro'. 

EPISTLE. I Thess. i. 2. 10. 

BRETHREN : We give thanks to God always for 
1 you all, making a remembrance of you in our 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


prayers, without ceasing ; being mindful of the work of 
your faith, and labour, and charity, and of the en- 
during of the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ, before God 
and our Father \ knowing, brethren, beloved of God, 
your election ; for our gospel hath not been to you in 
word only, but in power also, and in the Holy Ghost, 
and in much fulness, as you know what manner of men 
we have been among you for your sakes. And you be- 
came followers of us, and of the Lord ; receiving the 
word in much tribulation, with joy of the Holy Ghost ; 
so that you were made a pattern to all that believe in 
Macedonia and in Achaia. For from you was spread 
abroad the word of the Lord,. not only in Macedonia and 
in Achaia, but also in every place, your faith which is to- 
wards God, is gone forth, so that we need not to speak 
any thing. For they themselves relate of us, what man- 
ner of entering in we had unto you ; and how you turn- 
ed to God from idols, to serve the living and true God , 
and to wait for his Son from heaven (whom he raised up 
from the dead) Jesus, who had delivered us from the 
wrath to come. 

GOSPEL. Matt. xiii. 31.35. 

AT that time j Jesus spoke to the, multitude this pa- 
rable ; The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of 
mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field. 
Whieh indeed is the least of all seeds ; but when it is 
grown up, it is greater than any herbs, and becometh 
a tree, so that the birds of the air come and dwell in the 
branches thereof. Another parable he spoke to them : 
The kingdom of heaven is like to leaven, which a woman 
took and hid in three measures of meal, until the whole 
was leavened. All these things Jesus spoke in parables 
to the multitudes ; and without parables he did not speak 
to them; that the word might be fulfilled which was. 
spoken by the prophet, saying : " I will open my mouth 
in parables, I will utter things hidden from the founda- 
tion of the world." Credo. 

SECRET. May this oblation, O God, we beseech 
thee, cleanse, renew, govern, and protect us. Thro*. 

POSTCOMM. Ccetestibus. Being fed, O Lord, with 
heavenly dainties, we beseech thee, that we may aU 
ways hunger after them, as they preserve our life. 

//* (here be not six Sundays between the Epiphany 
vol. i. * * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


and Septuagesima, what remain are omitted, and ta- 
ken in after the twenty-third Sunday, after Pentecost. 

Anth. The Kingdom Ant. Simile est regnum 
of heaven is like to a piece coelorum fermento, quod 
of leaven, which a woman acceptum mulier abscondit 
took and hid in three in farinae satis tribus, donee 
measures of meal, till the fermentatum est totum. 
whole was leavened. 

Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. ig6. 

The Commemoration on the Saturday before 

Anth. The Lord said to Ant. Dixit Dominus ad 
Adam : Eat not of the tree Adam : De lingo quod est 
which is in the middle of in medio Paradisi, ne co- 
Paradise > for whenever medas ; in qua hora come- 
thou shalt eat thereof, thou deris, morte morieris. 
shalt die. 

V. and R. as above p. 1Q3. Prayer. Collect of 

At the end of Vespers, is said: 

V. Let us bless the Lord. V. Benedicamus Domi- 
Allcluia, Alleluia. R. no, Alleluia, Alleluia. R. 
Thanks be to God. Alle- Deo Gratias. Alleluia, Al- 
luia, Alleluia. leluia. 

And from this day to Holy Saturday, Alleluia, is said 
no more. And if a Double or Semidouble/a// on any 
Sunday/rowa Septuagesima till Low-Sunday, it is trans- 
ferred to the first vacant day. 


SEPTUAGESIMA is a Latin word, which signifies 
the seventieth, and is said to be applieji to this Sun- 
day, from its being the seventieth day before the Octave- 
day of Easter. Or, perhaps, as the first Sunday in Lent 
is called Quadragesima, or the fortieth day -, so the three 
Sundays immediately preceding, (to distinguish them 
from others, as they serve for a preparation to Lent) 
have the name of the three tens that follow Forty ; hence 
they are called Quinquagesima, or the Fiftieth, Sexa- 
gesima, or the Sixtieth, and Septuagesima, or the 
But whatever may be the origin of the name, it is cer- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


tain the Church begins on this day to enter into those 
sentiments of pennance, which ought to accompany and 
sanctify the fast of Lent. It is for this reason she lays 
aside her joyful notes of Alleluia, Te Deum, and Gloria 
in excelsis $ and instead of the Alleluias at Mass, she 
uses the Tract, so called, because it was sung in a slow, 
mournful tone. It is thus the Church of Christ prepares 
us, as it were by degrees, for the pennance of Lent, 
during which time we are to take part in the sufferings 
of Christ, that we may partake of his glorious resur- 

MASS. Introit. Psalm xvii. 
*HE pangs of death, pIRCUMDEDE- 
1 the sorrows of vy runt me gemitus mor- 
hell have encompassed me 5 tis, dolores interni circum- 
in my distress I called upon derunt me 5 & in tribute- 
the Lord, and he heard my tione mea invocavi Domi- 
voice from his holy temple, num, & exaudivit da tern- 
Ps. I will love thee, O plo sancto suo vocem me- 
Lord, my strength j the am. Ps. Diligam te, Do- 
Lord is my support, my mine, fortitudo mea ; Do- 
refuge, and my deliverer, minus firmamentum me- 
V. Glory. ura, et refugium meum, 

et liberator meus. V. Glo- 
COLLECT. Preces populi. Mercifully hear, we be- 
seech thee, O Lord, the prayers of thy people j that we, 
who are justly afflicted for our sins, may mercifully be 
delivered for the glory of thy name. Thro*. 
EPISTLE. 1 Cor. ix. 24. x. 1. 

BRETHREN : Know you not that they that run in 
the race, all run indeed, but one receiveth the 
prize ? So run ye that you may obtain. * And every one 
that striveth for the mastery, refraineth himself from ail 
things 5 and they indeed that they may receive a cor- 
ruptible crown 3 but we an incorruptible one. I there- 
fore so run, not as at an uncertainty $ I so right, not as 
one beating the air ; but I chastise my body, and bring 
it into subjection ; lest perhaps, when Thave preached to 
others, I myself should become a cast-away. For I 
would not have you ignorant, brethren, that our fathers 
were all under the cloud, and all passed through the sea. 
And all in Moses were baptised in a cloud, and in the 
sea ; and did all eat the same spiritual food 5 and all 
drank the same spiritual drink 5 (and they drank of the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




spiritual rocfc that followed them ; and the rock was 
Christ.) But with the most of them God was not well 

GRAD. Ps.ix. Thou 
art our timely help in 
distress. Let all that know 
thee, put their trust in thee ; 
for thou forsakest not those 
that seek thee, O Lord. V. 
The poor man will not be 
forgotten for ever ; the pa- 
tience of the poor-man 
will not for ever be in vain. 
Arise, O Lord, let not man 

TRACT. P^.cxxix.From 
the deep have I cried to 
thee, O Lord -, Lord, hear 
my voice. V. Let thy ears 
be attentive' to the prayer 
of thy servant. V. If thou 
shouldst observe iniquities, 
O Lord, Lord, who shall 
stand it ? V. But with 
thee is propitiation, and 
because of thy law, Iwait- 

Adjutor in opportunitfe- 
tibus, iu tribulatione. Spe- 
rent in te, qui noverunt te $ 
quoniam non derelinquis 
quaerentes te, Domic e. V. 
Quoniam non in finem ob- 
livio erit pauperis 5 patien- 
tia pauperum non peribit 
in seternum. Exurge, Do- 
mine, non praevaleat homo. 

De profundis clamavi ad 
te, Domine j Domine, ex- 
audi vocem meara. V. Fi- 
antaures tuae intendentesin 
orationem servi tui. V. 
Si iniquitates observaveris, 
Pomine, Domine, qui* 
sustinebit ? V. Quia apud 
te propitiatio est, et propter 
legem tuam, sustinui te, 

ed for thee, OLord. 

From Septuagesima to Ash- Wednesday, the Tract 
is said only on Sundays and Feasts, not on week- 

GOSPEL. Matt. xx. 1. 16. 

AT that time ; Jesus spoke to his disciples this para- 
ble : The kingdom of heaven is like to a hous- 
holder who went out early in the morning to hire la- 
bourers into his vineyard. And when he had agreed 
with the labourers for a penny a day, he sent them into 
his vineyard. And he went out about the third hour, and 
saw others standing idle in the market place. And he said 
to them ; Go you also into my vineyard, and I will give 
you what shall be just. And they went their way. And 
again he went out about the sixth and the ninth hour -, 
and did in like manner. But about the eleventh hour 
he went out and found others standing, and he saith 
to them ; Why stand you here all the day idle ? They 
say to him j Because no man hath hired us. He saith 

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to them j Go you also into my vineyard. And when 
evening was come* the lord of the vineyard saith to his 
steward : Call the labourers and pay them their hire, 
beginning from the last even to the first. When there* 
fore they were come, that came about the eleventh hour, 
they received every man a penny. But when the first 
also came, they thought that they should have received 
more ; and they likewise received every man a penny. 
And when they received it they rnurmared against the 
master of the house, saying ; These last have worked 
but one hour, and thou hast made them equal to us that 
have borne the burden of the day and the heats. But 
he answered one of them, and said ; Friend, »I do thee 
no wrong ; didst thou not agree with me for a penny ? 
Take what is thine, and go thy way ; I will also give 
to this last even as to thee. Or, is it not lawful for me 
to do what I will I Is thy eye evil, because I am good? 
So shall the last be first, and the first, last. For many 
are called, but few are chosen. Credo. 

OFFERT. Ps. xci. Bonum est confiteri Do- 
It is good to praise the mino, et psallere Domini 
Lord, and sing to thy tuo Altissime. 
name, O thou the Most 

SECRET. Having received, O Lord, our offerings 
and prayers, cleanse us, we beseech thee, by these hea- 
venly mysteries, and mercifully hear us. Thro*. 

COMM. Ps. xxx. Illnmina faciem tuam su- 
Cast a favourable look perservumtuum, Scsalvum 
on thy servant, and save me fac, in tua misericordia ; 
me by thy mercy 5 let Domine, non confuudar, 
me not be disappointed, O quoniam invocavi te. 
Lord, since I have called 
upon thee. 

POSTCOMM. Ftdelestui. May thy faithful, O God, 
be strengthened by these thy mysteries \ that receiving 
them, they may still desire them ; and desiring them, 
may eternally receive them. Thro*. 

Little Chapter. Beginning of the Epistle to *, 


Anth. The master of Ant, Dixit Pater- familial 

the family said to his la- operariis suis 5 Quid hie 

bourers. Why do you statis tota die otiosi ? At 

r 2 





stand here all the day idle } illi respondentes dixernnt; 
' And they answering, said $ , Quia nemo nos conduxit. 
Because no one hath hired Jte & vos in vineam means, 
us. Go you also into my. &quod justum fuerit, dabo 
vineyard, and I will give vobis. 
you what shall be reason- 

Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. \gg. 

The Commemoration on the Saturday before 

Anth. The Lord said to 
Noah : The end of all flesh 
is now come before me ; 
make thee an Ark of planed 
boards, that the seed of all 
things may be saved in it. 

V. and R. as above, p. 
next Sunday. 

Ant. Dixit Dominus ad 
Noe : Finis universal car* 
nis venit coram me; fac 
tibi Arcara de lignis laevi- 
gatis, ut salvetur uiuversum 
semen in ea. 
193. Prayer. Collect of 

MASS. Introit. Ps. xliii. 

ARISE, why dost thou T^XURGE, 
sleep, O Lord ? Arise, 
and cast us not off for 
ever : Why dost thou turn 
away thy face ? Dost thou 
forget our distress ? Our 
belly hath cleaved to the 
earth : Arise, O Lord, 
help us, and deliver us. Ps. 
We have heard, O God, 
with our cars $ our Fathers 
have related to us thy won- 
ders. V. Glory. 
COLLECT. Deus, qui 

quare ob- 
J2i dormis, Domine * 
Exurge, & ne repellas in 
finem: Quare faciem tu- 
am avertis ? Oblivisceris 
tribulat i one m nos tram ? Ad- 
baesit in terra venter nos- 
ter: Exurge, Domine, ad* 
juva nos, & libera nos. 
Ps. Dcus, auribus nostris 
audivimus ; Patres nostri 
annuntiaveruiit nobis. V. 
conspicis. O God, who 

se«8t that we place no confidence in any thing we do f 
mercifully grant that, by the protection of the Doctor of 
the Gentiles, we may be defended against aU adversity. 

EPISTLE. 2 Cor. xi. 19..and xii. 1 . &. 

BRETHREN : You gladly suffer the foolish y where- 
as yourselves are wise. For you suffer if a man 
bring you into bondage, if a man devour you, if a man 
take from you, if a man be lifted up, if a man 
strike you on the face. * I speak according to dishonour, 

^Digitized by GoOgle 

Mass. SBXAGSSIMA. 203 

as if we had been weak in this part. Wherein if any 
man is bold (I speak foolishly) I am bold also. They 
are Hebrews $ so am I. They are Israelites; so am I. 
They are the seed of Abraham ; w> am I. They are the 
ministers of Christ 5 (I speak as one less wise) I am 
more 5 in many more labours, in prisons mpre frequent- 
ly, in stripes above measure, in death often. Of the 
Jews five times did I receive forty stripes, save one. 
Thrice was I beaten with rods, once I was stoned, thrice 
I suffered shipwreck ; a night and a day I was in the 
depth of the sea. In journeying often, in perils of 
water, in perils of robbers, in perils from my own na- 
tion, in perils from the Gentiles, in perils in the city, in 
perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils from 
false brethren. In labour and painfullness, in watching 
often, in hunger and thirst, in fasting often, in cold and 
nakedness. Besides those things that are without 5 my 
daily instances, the solicitude of all the churches. Who 
is not weak, and I am not weak ? Who is scandalized, 
and I am not on fire ! If I must needs glory ; I will 
glory of things that concern my infirmity. The God 
and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is blessed for 
ever, knoweth that I lie not. At Damascus the gover- 
nor of the nation under Aretas the king, guarded the 
city of the Damascenes, to apprehend me 5 and through 
a window in a basket was I let down by the wall, and 
so escaped his hands. If I must glory (it is not expedi- 
ent indeed 5) but I will come to visions and revelations 
of the Lord. I know a man in Christ, above fourteen 
years ago (whether in the body I know not, or out of 
the body I know not, God knoweth) such a one caught 
up to the third heaven. And I know such a man (whe- 
ther in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell, God 
knoweth) how he was caught up into paradise; and 
heard secret words, which is not granted to man to utter. 
Of such a one I will glory, but for myself I will 
glory in nothing, but in my infirmities. For even if 
I would glory, I should not be foolish ; for I shall 
say the truth. But I forbear, lest any man should think 
of me above that which he seeth in me, or any 
thing he heareth from me. And lest the greatness of 
the revelation should lift me up, there was given me a 
sting of my flesh, an angel of Satan, to buffet me. For 
which things I thrice besought the Lord, that it might 
depart from me 5 and he said to me : My grace is sutfi- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

204 SEXAOESIMA. Most ^ 

cient for thee ; for power is made perfect in infirmity. 
Gladly therefore will I glory id my infirmities, that the 
power of Christ may dwell in me. 

GRAD. Ps. lxxxii. Let Sciant Gentes quoniam 
the Gentiles know that nomen tibi Deus ; tu solus 
God is thy name -, that thou Altissimus super omnem 
art the Most High over all terram. V. Deus meus > 
the earth. V. Make them pone illos ut rotam, et si- 
turn about, O my God, cut stipulam ante feciem 
like a wheel, and scatter vend. 
them like chaff before the 

TRACT. Ps. lix. Thou Commovisti, Domine, 

hast shaken the earth, O terram, & conturbasti earn. 

Lord, and made it tremble. V. Sana contritiones ejus* 

V. Heal its wounds, for it quia mota est. V. Ut fu- 

18 shaken. V. Make thy giant a facie arcus 5 ut libe- 

chosen people retire from rentur electi tut. 
before thy bow, that they 
may be safe. 

GOSPEL. Zai&eviii. 4. 16. 

AT that time : A very great multitude was gathered 
together, and hastened out of the cities to him, he 
spoke by a similitude. A sower went out to sow hi$ 
seed j and as he sowed, some fell by the way side, and 
it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured 
it. And other some fell upon a rock 5 and as soon as it 
was sprung up, it withered away, because it had ho 
moisture. And other some fell among thorns, and the 
thofns growing up with it, choked it. And other some 
fell upon good ground, and sprung up, and yielded fruit 
a hundred fold. Saying these things he cried out : He 
that hath ears to hear, let him hear. And his disciples 
asked him what this parable might be. To whom he 
said : To you it is given to know the mystery of the 
kingdom of God ; but to the rest in parable ; that seeing 
they may not see, and hearing they may not understand. 
Now the parable is this : The seed is the wo.rd of God. 
And they by the way side, are they that hear, then the 
devil cometh, and taketh the word out of their hearts, 
lest believing they should be saved. Now they upon 
the rock, are they who, when they hear, receive the 
word.wiih joy ; and these have no roots, who believe for 
a while, and in time of temptation fall away. And that 
''which fell among thorns, are they who have beard, and 

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Vespers. sexagesima. 200 

going their way, are choked with the cares and riches 
and pleasures of this life, and yield no fruit. But that 
on the good ground, are they who in a good and perfect 
heart, hearing the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit in 

OFFERT.P5.xv1. Settle Pcrfice gressus meos in 
my steps in thy paths, that semitis tuis, ut non move- 
my feet may not slip ; bend antur vestigia mea j inclina 
thine ear, and hear my aurem tuam, & exaudi ver- 
words 5 display the wonders ba mea 5 mirifica meseri- 
of thy mercy, O Lord, who cordias tuas, qui salvos fa- 
savest those that hope in cis sperantes in te Domlne. 

SECRET. May the sacrifice we have offered 
to thee, O Lord, always enliven us and defend us. 

COMM. Ps. xlii. I will Introibo ad altare Dei, 
go up to the altar of God, ad Dcum qui laetincat ju- 
to God, who rejoiceth my ventutem meam. 

POSTCOMM. Supplices. Grant, we humbly be- 
seech thee, O Almighty God, that those whom thou" rc- 
freshest with thy sacraments, may, by a life well plea- 
sing to thee, worthily serve thee. Thro', 


Little Chapter. The beginning o/* Me Epistle t9 
* p. 202. 


Anth. It is granted you Ant. Vobis datum est 
to know the mystery of the nosse mysterium regni Dei $ 
kingdom of God ; but to caeteris autem in parabolis, 
others it is proposed in pa- Dixit Jesus Discipulis suis. 
rabies, said Jesus to his dis- 

Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 202. 

The Commemoration on the Saturday before 


Anth. Abraham the great Ant. Pater fidei nostras 

father of our taith offered a Abraham summus obtnlit 

holocaust on the altar for hoi ocau stum super altare 

his son. pro filio. 

V. and R. as p. 193. Pjraybr. Collect of tq~ 

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206 auiNauAGBSiMA. Mass. 

MASS. Inteoit. Psalm xxx. 

BE to me a protecting TT'STO mihi in Deum 
God, and a place of M"\j protectorem, & in lo- 
reruge to save me : for thou cum refugii, ut salvum me 
art my strength, and my facias; quoniam firmamen- 
refuge j and for the glory tarn meum, & refugium 
of thy name thou thyself meum es tu j & propter 
wilt be my guide, and wilt nomen tuum dux mihi eris, 
feed me. Ps.Jn thee, O & enutries me. Ps. Inte, 
Lord, have I hoped, let me Domine, speravi, non con- 
never be put to shame $ fundar in ae tern urn ; in jns- 
by thy justice deliver me titia tua libera me, & eripe 
and rescue me. V. Glory, me. V. Gloria. 

COLLECT. Preces nostras. Mercifully hear onr 
prayers, we beseech thee, O Lord, and having freed us 
from the chains of our sins, preserve us from all adver- 
sity. Thro'. 

EPISTLE. 1 Cor. xiii. 1. 13. 

BRETHREN : If I speak with the tongues of men 
and of angels, and have not charity, I am become 
as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. * And if I should 
have prophecy, and should know all mysteries, and all 
knowledge ; md if I should have all faith, so that I could 
remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. 
And if I should distribute all my goods to feed the poor, 
and if I should deliver my body to be burned, and have 
not charity, it proflteth me nothing. Charity is patient, is 
kind : Charity envieth not, dealeth not perversely j is 
not puffed up, is not ambitious, seeketh not her own, is 
not provoked to anger, thinketh no evil, rejoiceth not in 
iniquity, but rejoiceth with the truth j beareth all things, 
believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. 
Charity never falleth away : whether prophecies shall be 
made void, or tongues shall cease, or knowledge shall be de- 
stroyed. For we know in part, and we prophecy in part. 
But when that which is perfect is come, that which is in 
part shall be done away. When I was a child, I spoke 
as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child. 
But when I became a man, I put away the things of a 
child. We see now through a glass in a dark manner; 
hut then face to face. Now I know in part ; but then 
I shall know even as I am known. And now there 

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^w*- auiNauAGEsiMA. 207 

remain, faith, hope, charity, these three j but the great- 
est of these is charity. 

GRAD. Ps. Ixxvi. Thou Tu es Deus, qui facis 
art the God, who alone dost mirabilia solus j notam fe- 
wonders j thou hast made cisti in Gentibus virtutera 
known thy power among tuam. V. Liberasti in bra- 
the Gentiles. V. Thou chio tuo populum tuum, fi. 
hast delivered thy people, lios Israel k Joseph, 
thy children of Israel and 
Joseph, by the strength of 
thy arm. 

TRACT. Ps. xcix. Jubilate Deo omnis ter- 
Praise the Lord all ye ra j servite Domino in las- 
people of the earth 5 serve titia. V. Intrate in con- 
the Lord with joy. V. spectu ejus in exultations ; 
Come before him with scitote quod Dominus ipse 
gladness ; and know that est Deus. V. Ipse fecit 
the Lord is God. V. 'Tis nos, & non ipsi nos ; nos 
he that made us, we did autem populusejus, & oves 
not make ourselves ; we are pascuas ejus, 
his people, and the sheep 
of his pasture. 

GOSPEL. Luke xviii. 31. 43. 

AT thaf lime : Jesus took unto him the twelve, and 
said to them : Behold we go up to Jerusalem, and 
all things shall be accomplished which were written by 
the Prophets concerning the Son of Man. For he shall 
be delivered to the Gentiles, and shall be mocked, and 
scourged, and spit upon ; and after they have scourged 
him, they will put him to death, and the third day he 
shall rise again. And they understood none of these 
things, and this word was hid from them, and they un- 
derstood not the things that were said. Now it came 
to pass, that when he drew nigh to Jericho, a cer- 
tain blind man sat by the way-side, begging. And when 
he heard the multitude passing by, he asked what this 
meant. And they told him, that Jesus of Nazareth was 
passing by. And he cried oat, saying : Jesus, Son of 
David, have mercy on me. And they that went be- 
fore, rebuked him, that he should hold his peace. But 
he cried out much more : Son of David, have mercy on 
me. And Jesus standing, commanded him to be brought 
unto him. And when he was come near, he asked him, 
saying : What wilt thou that I do to thee ? But he said : 
Lord', that I may see. And Jesus said to him : Receive 

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thy sight 5 thy faith hath made thee whole. And im- 
mediately he saw, and followed him, glorifying God. 
And all the people, when they saw it, gave praise to 
God. Credo. 

OFFERT. Ps. cxviii. Bened ictus es, Dominej 
Blessed art thou, OLord, docemejustificationestuas, 
teach me thy law : with in labiis meis pronuntiavi 
my lips have I pronounced omnia judicia oris tui. 
all the commandments of 
thy mouth. 

SECRET. May this offering, as above, p.lffZ. 

COMM. Ps. lxxvii. Manducaverunt, et sa- 
They have eaten and have turati sunt nimis, et desi- 
been filled, / the Lord hath derium eorum attuiit eis 
granted them their desire ; Dominus : non sunt frau- 
they have not been disap- dati a desiderio suo. 
pointed of their desires. 

POSTCOMM. Quasumus. We beseech thee, O 
Almighty God, that we who have taken this heavenly- 
food, may by it be defended from all adversity. Thro'. 


Little Chapter. The beginning of the Epistle 
to*, p. 206. 


Anth. Bat Jesus stop- Ant. Stans autem Jesus 
ping, ordered the blind jusit caecum adduci ad se, 
man tQ be brought to him, & ait illi; Quid vis ut fa- 
and said to him; What ciam tibi ? Domine, ut vi- 
wouldst thou have me to deam. Et Jesus ait illi : 
do for thee ? Lord make Respice, tides tua te salvum 
me receive my sight. Je- fecit. Et confestim vidir, 
"sus said to him : receive & seqnebatur ilium, mag- 
thy sight, thy faith hath nificans Deum. 
made thee whole. And 
immediately he received 
his sight and followed him, 
giving glory to God. 

Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 20$. 


THE ceremony of putting ashes on the heads of the 
faithful on this day is a relic of the aneient disci* 

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pline of the Church, which, at the beginning of Lent, 
subjected public and scandalous sinners to a public and. 
canonical pennance. The priests, having first received 
their confessions, put on them sackcloth, laid ashes on 
their heads, sprinkled them with holy water, and recited 
aloud over them the Seven Penitential Psalms, assisted 
therein by all the Clergy prostrate on die ground. 
After the procession, in which they walked bare-foot in 
the penitential dress above described, tbey were dis- 
missed the Church, not to be re-admitted to assist at the 
sacred misteries, till Ma unday -Thursday. The Church 
doors were shut, and the Mass of the faithful began. 
■ Though public pennances are not so frequent as.tbey 
formerly were, the Council of Trent expressly orders 
•them for public crimes. Sess. xxiv. c. 8. de Reform. 
A»d the directions given in the Roman Ritual, de Sa- 
crum. Pwnit. are : " Let not the Priest absolve those 
who have given public scandal, till they have made 
public satisfaction, and removed the scandal/' 

We are therefore to perform this holy ceremony with 
a humble and contrite soul, with a firm resolution of 
entering upon penitential practices in order to punish 
our sins, and to satisfy for them in a manner that may 
bear some proportion to the enormity of our offence*. 

ANTHEM. Ps. Ixviii. Exattdi nos, Domine, 
Hear us, O Lord, for thy quoniarb benigna est .mi- 
mercy is kind $ look on us, sericordia tua j secundum 
O Lord, according to the rrmltitudmem miseratio- 
mnltitude of thy mercies. nemtuarumrespicehos,Do- 
Ps. Save me, O God 3 for mine. Ps. SaJvum me fac, 
the waters have Deus ; quoniam intraverunt 
soul. V. Glory. aqux usque ad apimara 

meam. V. Gloria. ' 
Anth. Hear us, Src. to Jnt. Exaudi pos, &c. to 
Ps. May the Lord be with Ps. 
you. R. And with thy- spirit. 

Let us pray. Omnipotens. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, snare those that repent, 
show mercy to those who humbly intreat thee $ 
and vouchsafe to send from heaven thy holy angel, tp -J- 
bless, and -f- sanctify these ashes, that they may be a 
wholesome remedy to all who humbly call upon thy 
holy name, and conscious of their sins, accuse them- 
wot. 1. 8 ' * 

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selves, arid deplore their crimes in the s?ght~ of thy di- 
vine majesty, or humbly and earnestly have recourse to 
thy sovereign bounty; and grant, by our calling on thy 
most holy name, that whoever shall' be touched by 
these ashes for the semissron of their sins, may receive 
health of body, and defence of soul. Thro' Christ our 
Lord. R. Amen. 

Let us pray. Deus, qui noninortem. 

OGod, who desirest the conversion, and not the 
death of sinners, graciously consider the weakness 
of human nature, and mercifully vouchsafe to 4 *(• blest 
these ashes, which we design to receive on our heads, in 
token of our humiliation, and to obtain forgiveness ; that 
we, who know we are but ashes, and must return to dust 
because of our wickedness, may obtain, through thy 
mercy, pardon of all our sins, and the recompence pro- 
mised to penitents. Thro 1 Christ our Lord. R. Amen. 
Let us pray. Deus, qui humiliatione. 

OGed, who art appeased by humiliation, and pacifi- 
ed by satisfaction, incline to our prayers the ears 
of thy mercy : and pour upon the heads of thy servants, 
covered with these ashes, the grace of thy blessing ; so 
as both to fill them with the spirit of compunction, .and 
to grant them the effects of their just desires, and when 
granted, to remain stable and untouched for ever. Thro' 
Christ our Lord. R. Amen. 

Let us pray, Omnipotens. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, who forgavest the Ni- 
nivites, when they did pennance in sackcloth and 
ashes ; mercifully grant us so to imitate their pennance, 
that we may obtain pardon of our sips. Thro* Ciirist 
our Lord. R. Amen. 

The Priest having sprinkled the ashes with holy 
water, saying ike Anthem, Thou shall sprinkle, p. 30, 
without the Psalm, and incensed them thrice, receives 
ar gives them to himself; then he lays them on the 
head of every one, saying to each : 

Pr. Remember, man, thou art dust, and shalt re- 
turn to dust again. 

In the mean time >, the following Anthems are sung by 
ijie Choir. 

^NTHEM. Joel ii. Let Immutetnur habitu in 
us change our dres£ for cinere&ciUcio; jejunemus, 
ashes and sackcloth j let us & ploremus ante Domw 
fast and weep in the pre- nura > quia multutu mise- 

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sence of the Lord -, for our 
God is very merciful to for* 
give us our sins. 

Anptktr. The priests, 
the ministers of. the Lord, 
shall weep between the 
porch and the altar, and 
say: Spare, O Lord, O 
spare thy people, and shut 
not the mouths of those, 
who praise thee, O Lord. 
. RESP. Esther xiii. Joel 
ii. Let us amend of the 
sins we have committed 
through ignorance ; lest 
suddenly Oven a ken by the 
day of our death, we seek 
for time to do pennance, 
and be not able to find it.* 
Look down on us, O Lord, 
and take pity -, for we have 
sinned against thee. V. 
Help us, O God, our Savi- 
our, and deliver us for the 
glory of thy name, Lord. * 
Look down on us, &c. to 
V. Glory, &c. * Look 
down on us, &c, to V. 

May the Lord be with you. R. and with thy Spirit. 
Let us pray. Concede nobis. 

GRANTus, O Lord, to begin with.holy fasting our 
Christian warfare > that being to right against 
spiritual wickedness, we may be aided therein by tem- 
perance. Thro* Christ our Lord. R* Amen. 

MASS. Int*oit4 Wud. xi. Psalm lvi* 

THOU, O Lord, hast, TtytflSERERIS omnium, 
mercy on all, and. J.VX Domine, & nihil, 
hatest none of those things, odisti eorum, qua? fecisti, 

ricors est dtmitteie peccaia 
nostra Deus noster. 

Inter vestibukun & altar* 
plorabnnt sacerdotes jniius** 
tri Domini, & dicent; 
Parce, Domine, parce po- 
pulo tuo, & ne claudas era 
canenfium te, Domine, 

Emendemus. in mtynt 
quae ignoranjter peccavi- 
xnus; ne subito prseoccu- 
pati die mortis, quaeramus 
spatium poenitentiae, & in- 
quire nonpossioras.* 'At- 
tende, Domine, & misere-, 
re 3 quia peccavimus tibi. 
V. Adjuvanos, DeusSalu*. 
taris noster -, & propter ho?, 
norern nominis tui, Domi-, 
ne, libera nos. * At tepde, 
Domine, &c to V* Glo-. 
ria, &c»* Attiende, &c,' 

which thou hast created; 
thou winkest at the sins of . 
men to draw them to re- 
pentance, and thou pardon- 
est them because thou art 
the Lord our God. Ps.Have 
mercy on me, O God,. 

dissimulans peccata homi- 
num propter pcenjtentiam, 
& parcens illis ; quia tu es 
Dominus, Deus noster. Ps*. 
Miserere, mei, Deus., miser, 
rere mei 5 quoniam in te 
coaftdit apima,, >mea* V* k 

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have mercy on mej for Gloria, 
my soul trusteth In thee. 
V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Pr*sta Do mine. Grant, O Lord, 
that thy faithful may enter on this solemn fast with 
suitable piety, and go thro* it with unmolested devotion. ' 

From this day to Passion-Sunday the second Collect 
m .• A cunctis, as above, p. \Q4. The third 5 O . Al- ' 
mighty, p. civ. 

LESSON. Joe/ it. 12. 19. 

THUS saith the Lord. Return to me with your 
whole heart, in fasting, in weeping, and in mourn- 
ing, And rend your hearts, and not your garments, and 
be converted to the Lord* your God 3 for he is good and 
compassionate, patient, and very merciful, and willing to 
be reconciled after sin. Who knoweth but he may turn 
to us, and forgive us, and leave a blessing behind him ; 
a sacrifice and libation to the Lord our God > Sound the 
trumpet in Sion, appoint a holy fast, call an assembly, 
summon she people, purify the congregation, assemble 
the elders, gather together the little ones, and those that 
suck the breast ; let the bridegroom go out of his cham- 
ber, and the bride from her nuptial bed. Between the 
porch and the altar let the priests, the ministers of the 
Lord, weep and say : Spare, O Lord, spare thy people, 
and let not thy inheritance fall into reproach, for the 
Gentiles to insult over them. Why do they say among 
the nations : Where is their God ? The Lord hath been 
moved with zeal for his land, and spared his people. 
And the Lord spoke to his people, and said : Behold I 
will send you corn and wine, and oil, and you shall be 
filled with them j and I will let you no longer be a re- 
proach among the Gentiles, saith the Lord Almighty. 

GRAD. Ps. Ivi. Have * Miserere mei, Deus, mi- 
mercy on me/O God, have serere mei 5 quoniam in te * 
mercy on me ; for my soul confidit anima mea; V. . 
hath trusted in thee. V. Misit de ccclo, & liberavit 
He hath stretched forth ' me 5 dedit in opprobrium 
his hand from heayen, and conculcantes me. 
hath delivered me 3 he hath, 
given up to reproach those 
who trampled on me. 

TRACT. P$. cii. and Domine, non secundum 
lxtviir. Demi not with peccata nostra, quae feci- 

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ns, O Lord, seconding to 
oar sins, which we have 
committed, nor punish as 
according to oar iniquities 
V. Remember not, O Lord, 
oar past oflfeoces; let thy 
mercy soon overtake as, 
for we are reduced to the 
greatest misery. V,*Help 
us, O God our Saviour $ 
and for the glory of thy 
name deliver us. O Lord, 
and for the glory of thy 
name pardon us our sins 

The Tract 
and Friday, 

nras .nos, Aequo secuadom 
iniqaitates nostras retribaas 
nolrisa V. Doasine, nc* 
niemioemmtqoJtatum nos-* 
trarom antiquarum ; cito 
anticipentnos roiserioordias 
tuas, quia paupenes foeti su~ 
mus nimia. V* *■ Adjuva 
nos, Deus salutaris noster : 
& propter glorism nomine* 
tui, Domine, libera nosj 
£r propitius esto pecoatis 
nostris propter uomen la* 
is said every Monday, Wednesday* 
till Wednesday in Holy-werk, except 

there is a proper one appointed. 

GOSPEL. . Math vi. 16. 21. 

AT that time: Jesus said to his disciples: When 
yon fast, be not as the hypocrites, sad. For they 
disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to 
fast Amen I say- lo you, that they have received their 
reward. But thou, when thou fastest', anoint thy head, 
and wash thy fee© ; That thou appear not to men to fast, 
bat to thy Father who is in secret ; and thy Father, who 
is in secret, will reward thee. Lay not up for yourselves 
treasures on earth 5 where the- rust and moth consume*, 
and where thieves break through and* steal. But lay up 
for yourselves treasures in heaven ; where neither the rust 
nor moth doth consume, and where thieves do not break 
through nor steal. For where thy treasure is/ there is 
thv heart also. 

Exaltabo te, Domine, 
qnoniam suscepisti me j nee 
delectasti inimicos meos 
super inc. Domine, cla- 
mavi ad te, & sanasfci me. 

OFFERT. Pa. xxix. 1 
will extol thee, O Lord, be- 
cause thou hast upholden 
oie ; nor hast thou let mj 
enemies triumph over me. 
Lord, to thee I cried 
oat, and thou, didst heal 

I. SECRET. Grant, O Lord, that we may be duly 

prepared' to present, these- our offerings, by which we 

celebrate the: institution oi this venerable mystery. 

1W. ' 


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214 Thursday B8POXB Mass* 

II. SECRET. Graciously, as aJbove % p. 194. 

HI. SECRET. O God, to whom alone is known 
the number of thine elect to be placed in eternal bliss j 
grant,, we beseech thee, by the intercession of all thy 
saints, that the book of predestination may contain the 
names of all those, whom we have undertaken to pray 
for, as well as. those of all the faithful. Thro*. 
Preface of Lent. Ordinary, p. 52. 

COMM. Ps. i. He Qui raeditabitur in lege 
that meditateth night and Domini die ac nocte, dabit 
day on the law of the Lord, fructum suum in tempore 
shall yield his fruit in due suo. 

POSTCOM M. Prepepta nobis. May the mysteries 
we have received, O Lord, afford us help, that our fas* 
jog may be acceptable to thee, and become a remedy to 
us. Thro*. 

II. POSTCOMM. Mundet, as above, p. IQ5. 

III. POSTCOMM. Purificent. May the mysteries 
we have received, purify us, we beseech thee, O Al- 
mighty and merciful God ; and grant, by the interces- 
sion of all thy saints, that this thy sacrament may not in- 
crease our guilt to punishment, but be a means of ob- 
taining pardon in order to salvation ; may it wash away 
gin, strengthen our frailty, secure us against all dangers 
of the world ; and procure forgiveness for all the faithful 
both living and dead. Thro*. 

The Prater over the Peopk. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Phaybr. Inclinantes. 

MERCIFULLY look upon us, O Lord, bowing 
down before thy divine Majesty, that they who 
have been refreshed with thy divine mysteries, may 
ajways be supported by thy heavenly aid. Thro*. 

And such a Prayer is said over the people every day, 
except on Sundays and Feasts, tilt Wednesday •» Holy- 
t» eek. 

MASS. iKTtoiT. Psalm Uv. 

WHEN I cried out to the Lord, he heard my voice 
against those that were qomiogjopon me; he 
that is before all ages and will be for ever, humbled 
them; cast thy care on the JLord, and he will feed thee. 

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Ps. Hear, O God, my prayer, and despise not my 
petition ; hearken to me, and graciously hear me. V. 

COLLECT. Deus qui culpa. O God, who by sin 
art offended, and pacified by repentance, mercifully re-\ 
gard the prayers of thy people, who make supplication 
to thee : and torn away the scourges of thy anger, which 
we deserve for our sins. Thro*. . 

LESSON. Isaiah xxxviii. 1.6. 

IN those days Ezechias was sick even to death $ and 
Isaiah the Prophet, the son of Amos, came to him 
and said : Thus saith the Lord : Set thy house in order, 
for thou shalt die, and not live. And Ezechias turned 
his face to the wall, and prayed to the Lord, saying : 
Remember, O Lord, I beseech thee, how I have 
walked before tbee in truth, and with a perfect 
heart, and have done what was good in thy sight. 
And Ezechias wept exceedingly. And the word of 
the Lord came to Isaiah, saying: Go, and say to 
Ezechias : Thus saith the Lord, the God of David thy 
Father $ I have heard thy prayer, and seen thy tears; be- 
hold I will add to thy days fifteen years $ and I will 
deliver thee and this city out of the hands of the King 
of Assyria, and protect it, saith the Lord Almighty. . 

GRAD. Psalm 54. Cast thy care on, the Lord, and 
he will feed thee. V. When I cried out to the Lord, he 
heard me, and defended me against those that were 
coming upon me. 

GOSPEL. JMStftVYiit. p. Ixxr. 

OFFERT. Psalm 24. To tbee, O Lord, have I 
raised up my soul : my God, in thee is my trust, Jet 
me not be confounded 5 neither let my enemies scoff 
at me 5 for' none, who look for thee, shall be disappoint- 

SECRET. Hear us, O Lord, we beseech thee, and 
being appeased by these offerings, grant they may in- 
crease our devotion, and advance our salvation, Tnro\ 

COM. Psalm 50. Thou wilt accept a sacrifice of 
righteousness, oblations, and whole-bumt-oflerings on 
thy altar, O Lord. 

FOSTCOMM. Cmkstis doni. Having partaken of 

the blessing of these heavenly mysteries, we numbly be- 

teech thee, O Almighty God, that we may receive by 

them both the sacrament and eternal salvation. Thro'. 

Let u* pray. Bow down your beads to God* 

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216 FRIDAY M96SB Matt. 

PRAYER. Para, Dmme. Spare^ O Lord, span* 
thy people : that having been justly chastized, they, may 
find comfort in thy mercy. Thro'. 


MASS. Intsoit. Psokn xxix. 

THE Lord hath beard me, and taken pity on me? 
the Lord hath become my helper. Ps. I will ex- 
tol thee, O Lord, because thou hast protected me j . nei- 
ther hast thou let my enemies triumph over me. V. 

COLLECT. Inchoata jejunia. Graciously favour 
us, O Lord, we beseech thee, in the fast we have under- 
taken that what we observe outwardly, we may perform 
with sincere minds. Thro*. 

LESSON. Isaiah lviii. 1. 9. 

THUS saitb the Lord God ; Cry aloud, cease not ; 
raise thy voice like a trumpet, and declare to my 
^people their wickedness, and to the house of Jacob their 
sins, Forthey seek me daily, and ask to know my ways, as 
they were a people that had done righteously, and had 
not abandoned the law. of their God. They consult me 
about the precepts of righteousness, and are willing to 

Sproach to-GocL Wfcy have we fasted, .say they, and 
ou hast not regarded us? Why have we humbled our 
tools, and thou hast not known it ? Behold in the day 
of your fast is found your own will, and you are exacting 
on all your debtors. . Behold. you fasicfor law-suits and 
'strife, and you wickedly strike «*« another w/ttii your 
fists. Fast not at you have d0ne hitherto, making your 
voice to be* heard aloud, f Is this the last I have cbo- 
seni? Doth it censkt in.a jnan'* .afflicting his soul a day, 
or turning his head round, % a * lt were * n a circle, or 
' spreading sackclothr and asbes under him ? WUC thou 
calV this a fast and a day. acceptable to the Lordi Is 
not this rather thexaat I have chotem? Break the bonds 
of wkkednes6,lQQse the Burdens that are oppressing, set 
the, distressed at liberty^ and undo every burden. Deal 
thy bread to the hungry, and bring the pv>or and har- 
bourless into thy house* When, thou sees! any . one 

?aked, clothe him 3 and despise not thy own flesh, 
'hjen shall thy light break forth as the morning, and ti&y 

•fExpl. In-quarrelling andmise. J Expl. Shaking nfc ficad4n 
a ceremonial, msosscr, in>toketti*£ atieiorhicti be batfejiot. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Mass* rasr stodgy ih LtHT. 2if 

health shall soon appear, and thy righteousness shall go 
before thee, and the glory of the Lord shall protect thee. 
Then shalt thou pray, and the Lord will hear thee ; thou 
shalt cry out to him, and he will say ; Behold here I 
am. For I the Lord thy God am merciful. 

GRAD. Ps. 26. One thing have I asked of the 
Lord, and that I will consume to ask, that I may dwell 
in the house of the Lord. V. That I may contem- 
plate the beauty of the Lord, and be protected in his 
holy temple. 

TRACT. Deal not, as p. 21 2. 
GOSPEL. Matt. v. 43. vi. K 5. 

AT that time j Jesus said to his disciples ; You have 
, heard that it was said : Thou shalt love thy neigh- 
bour and hate thy enemy. But I say to you , Love your 
enemies, do good to those that hate you, and pray for 
those who persecute and calumniate yon ; that you may 
be the children of your Father, who is in heaven, who* 
maketh his sun rise on the good and bad, and his rain 
fall on the just and the unjust. For if ydu love only, 
those that love you, what reward shall you have ? *Dd 
not the very Publicans do the same ? And if you salute 
your brethren only, what do you more? Do not the. 
Heathens do as much ? Be you therefore perfect, as 
your heavenly Father is perfect. — Chap vi. Take heed you. 
perform not your good works before men, to be seen by. 
them : otherwise you shall receive no reward from your. 
Father, who is in heaven. When therefore thou givest 
alms, sound not a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites 
do in the Synagogues and in the streets, that they may 
be honoured by men. Verily I say to you, they have al- 
ready received their reward. But when thou givest 
alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand 
doth, that thy alms may be in secret $ and thy Father, 
who seelh in secret, will reward thee. 

OFFERT. Ps. 118 Preserve my life, O Lord, ac- 
cording to thy promise, that I may know thy command- 

SECRET. Grant, we beseech thee, O Lord, that 
the sacrifice we offer in this holy time of Lent, may 
render our soul acceptable to thee, and make us more 
ready in the practise of fasting. Thro*. . 

COMM. Ps. 2. Serve the Lord with fear, and re- 
joice in him with trembling : embrace instructions, lest 
you perish from the right way. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

dig FSMT S*W>**;** UMT* JM*W. 

POSTCOMM, : Spiritom nobis. Give us> O Lad, 
the spirit of thy charity, that thou mayst, by thy mer- 
cy, roakA%tboge, uoaoiaousi whom thou bast fed wiih 
s^ the sameneavenJy bread.. Thro*. 

Let ns pray. Bow down your bead* to God. 
PRAYER. Tucre, Demine. Defend, O Lord, thy 
people, and mercifully cleanse them from all their sins; 
for no misfortune can hurt them, . if no, wickedness rule 
oyer them. Thro*. 

LENT. : 

The Iktroit, Graj>vax* Ow«r?oby, anjCoHmu* 

Uio n, <w yesterday. 

COLLECT, jrft'erto, Dowunt* Give ear, OLord, 
to oar prayers, and grant that we may, with true devo- 
tion > observe thbsokmn feat, which was wholesomely 
instituted for giving nealtj* to both our souls and bodies. 

LESSON. Jsaia*. Iv. Q, 14. 

THUS saith the Lord God; if thou take thechatof 
from the midst of. thee, and stretch no more out 
thy finger, nor speak that which profiteth not. If thou 
pour forth thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the soul 
that is afflicted, then shall thy light rise up in darkness, 
and thy darkness shall be as the noon-day. And the 
Lord will give thee continual rest, and fill thy soul with 
brightness, and deliver thy bones ; and thou sbalt become 
as a well watered garden, and as a fountain, whose waters 
never dry up. And the places that have been deserted 
for many ages, shall be built up in thee, and thou shalt 
raise up foundations for many ages ; and thou shalt be 
called the repairer of the fences, and the restorer of 
trodden paths into fixt dwellings, If thou turn away 
thy foot from the Sabbath, and do not thy own will on 
my holy day, and call the Sabbath a delight, the holy 
and honourable day of the Lord, and sbalt glorify him, 
not 'following thy own ways, nor doing thy own will, to 
speak words J 5 Then shall thy delight be in the Lord, 
and I will raise thee above whatever is high on earth, 

f ExpL If thou- ccate to oppress, Rip* * catemniata thy 

aeighbour. J EzpU To spend it ia idjc discoufSf* 

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und I will give thee to feed on the inheritance of thy fa- 
ther Jacob j for the mouth of the Lord hath spoke it. 
GOSPEL. Mark vi. 47. 56. 

AT that thne $ It being late in the evening, the ship 
was in the middle of the sea, and Jesus alone on 
the land. And seeing his disciples labour in rowing (for 
the wind was against them) about the fourth watch of 
the night, he came to them, walking on the sea ; and 
he would have passed by them. But they seeing him 
walking on the sea, thought it was a spirit j and 
they cried out. For they all saw him, and were frigh- 
tened. And immediately he spoke to them, and said; 
Take heart, 'tis I, be not afraid. And he went up to 
them into the ship, and the wind ceased : which in- 
creased their surprise, for they had not reflected on the 
miracle of the loaves, because their hearts were blind- 
ed. And having crossed over, they en me to the land of 
Genezareth, and put to shore. And being come out of 
the ship, they of the country presently knew him 5 and 
running through the whole country, they began to carry 
about inr beds those that were sick, wheresoever they 
heard he was. And when he entered into any village, 
town or city, they laid the sick in the streets, and be- 
sought him that they might but touch the hem of his 
garment and as many as touched him, were made whole. 

SECRET. Receive, O Lord, the sacrifice, by the 
immolation of which thou vouchsafest to be appeased 5 
and grant, we besech thee, that being purified by its 
efficacy, we may offer the affections of our minds well 
pleasing to thee. Thro'. 

POSTCOMM. Ccelestis vit*. Being strengthened, 
OLord, by the gift of a heavenly life, we beseech thee, 
that what is a mystery to us in this life, may help us to 
obtain that which is eternal . Thro' . 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Fideles tui. May thy faithful, O God, 
be strengthened by thy gifts j that by receiving them, 
they may ever hunger after them, and hungering after 
them have their desires satisfied in the everlasting posses- 
sion of them. Thro*. 



INCE, acconfing to the council of Trent, the whole 
1 life of a Christian ought to be a continual pennance, 

Digitized by'VnOOQlC 


we ought to eiribrace with fervour that, at least, which 
is prescribed during the time of I/Jnt, by fasting with all 
the exactness the Church requires of such, as are not in- 
capable thereof through age, infirmity, or other lawful 
excuse. To animate ourselves the more to this, we ought 
often to call to mind the universal practice of our pious 
ancestors in the faith of Christ, (and which subsisted 
near twelve hundred years) of taking only one meal a 
day during the time of Lent, except on Sundays, and 
that not till after Evening-song, which was always said 
towards the evening. 

We must carefully avoid seeking to please our taste in 
the choice and seasoning of such meats as are allowed in 
Lent; for. to do that, according to the holy Fathers, 
would be only changing dainties, and not retrenching 
them : It would be nourishing sensuality instead of ex- 
tinguishing it : And it may be said, that it would not 
be satisfying the obligation of Lent, as it would be no 
longer mortifying the body or doing pennance. 

This first fast regards only those, who have attained to 
a certain age of life, and who can go through withit, with- 
out prejudice of their health. But there is another fast, 
from which no one is exempt, and which admits of no 
dispensation. This consists in avoiding, with a particu- 
lar care, whatever may lead to sin. It is for this great 
and important end, that we must strive against our bad 
habits with fresh zeal : We must mortif yourselves, and be 
temperate in every thing, by retrenching from our ordi- 
nary conversation, sleep, and most innocent diversions,' 
that we may be able to spend more time in prayer, re- 
tirement, and the exercises of acts of charity. 

Such are the intentions, such the desires of the Catho- 
lic Church. Can there therefore be a greater absurdity 
than to hear Christians talking in their public prayers of 
macerating their bodies, of sighing, and groaning under 
the weight of their sins, of being terrified with the 
judgments of God, while they content themselves with 
complying outwardly (and that too often very imperfectly 
with the ceremony of a bodily fast j notwithstanding 
there is the same mirth, jollity, good cheer, diversion*, 
and recreations going on, as in other parts of the year. 
This is not the fast the Lord bath chosen, as appears 
from the express declaration of God himself in the 
Lesson of Ash- Wednesday, and that of Friday before 
the first Sunday in Lent 

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In order therefore not only to use the language of the 
Church, but likewise to follow its spirit and directions, 
we mast join to our fasting, prayer, retirement, and the 
avoiding whatever leads to sin, the virtues of continency 
and alms deeds, which were formerly looked on as inse- 
parable from Lent, and other fasts. We frequently beg 
the grace of continency in the public prayers of the 
Church during that holy time, and the practice of it was 
formerly imposed as a precept. With regard to alms, 
the holy Fathers look on them so necessary, that they 
say our fasts will avail nothing without them j and the 
design of the Church is, and the practice from the most 
early time was, that we should live so in Lent and other 
Fasting-days, as to be able to retrench considerably from 
the expences of our tables, in order to bestow, what was 
so retrenched, on the poor. 

Those that are entangled in any habitual mortal sin, 
can do nothing better for their salvation, or more agree- 
able to the spirit of the Church, than to approach the 
sacrament of pennance at the beginning of Lent : that 
after having taken time to become sensible of the enor- 
mity of their sins, to sigh and weep before God, and to 
satisfy, as far as they are able, his justice, they may hope 
to obtain at the end of Lent, the grace of reconciliation, 
which the Church grants to contrite and humble sin- 

MASS. Introit. Psalm xc. 

HE shall call upon me, TNVOCABIT me, et 

and I will .hear him : JL ego exaudiam eum j 

I will rescue him, and Eripiam eum, et glorifica- 

glorify him ; I will fill him bo eum 5 Longitudine die- 

with length of days. Ps. rum adimplebo eum. Ps. 

go. He that taketh up his 90. Qui habitat in adju- 

abode in the aid of the most torio altissimi, in protec- 

higb, shall remain under tione Dei coeli commorabi- 

the protection of the God of fur, 

V. Glory. V. Gloria. 

I. COLLECT. Deus qui Ecclesiam. O God, who 
purifiest thy Church by the yearly observation of Lent ; 
grant that what thy children endeavour to obtain of thee 
by abstinence, they may put in execution by good works. 

VOL. 1. 

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EPISTLE, a Cof. vi. 1. 10. 

BRETHREN : We exhort you, that you receive not 
the grace of God in vain. For he iaith : " In an 
accepted time have I heard thee ; and in the day of sal- 
vation have I helped thee." * Behold, now is the ac- 
ceptable time j Behold, now is the day of* salva- 
tion. Giving no offence to any man, that our minis- 
try be not blamed $ but in all things let us exhibit 
ourselves as the ministers of God, in much patience, in 
tribulation, in necessities, in distresses, in stripes, in 
prisons, in seditions, in labours, in watchings, in fast- 
ings, in chastity, in knowledge, in long suffering, in 
sweetness, in the Holy Ghost, in charity unfeigned, 
in the word of truth, in the power of God j by the ar- 
mour of justice on the right hand, and on the left ; by 
honour, and dishonour, by evil report, and good report : 
as deceivers, and yet true ; as unknown, and yet known j 
as dying, and behold we live ; as chastised, and not kil- 
led i as sorrowful, yet always rejoicing 5 as needy, yet 
enriching many -, as having nothing, and possessing all 

GRAD. Ps. xc. God 
hath given his Angels a 
charge over thee, to guard 
thee in all thy ways. V. 
They shall bear thee up on 
their hands, r lest at any 
time thou hit thy foot 
against a stone. 

TRACT. Ps. xc. He 
that taketh up his abode in 
the aid of the most high, 
shall remain under the pro- 
tection of the God of hea- 
ven. V. He shall say to 
the Loud, Thou art ray 
protector and my refuge ; 
He is my God, in him will 
I hope. V. For it is he, 
who hath deli veredme from 
the snare of those that hunt- 
ed me, and from their 
threats. V. He shall cover 
thee with his shoulders, 
and thou shalt hope under 

Angelis suisDeus manda- 
vit de te, ut custodiant te 
in omnibus viis tuis. V. 
In manibus portabunt te, ne 
unquam offendas ad lapidem 
pedem tuum. 

Qui habitat in ad ju tor 10 
altissimi, in protections 
Dei coeli commorabitur. V. 
Dicet Domino, susceptor 
meus es tu, et refugium 
meura j Deus meus, spera- 
bo in eum. V. Quoniam 
ipse liberavit me de laqueo 
venantium, et a verbo as- 
pero. Y. Scapulis suis 
obumbrabit tibi, et sub 
pennis ejus sperabis. V. 
Scuto circumdablt te Veri- 
tas ejus 5 Non timebis a ti- 
*nore nocturno. V. A sa- 
gitta volante per diem, a 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




his wings. V. His truth 
shall compass thee with a 
shield : Thou shalt not fear 
the terrors of the night. V. 
Nor the arrow flying by 
day, nor the mischief stalk- 
ing in the dark, nor a fall, 
nor the noon r day devil. V. 
A thousand shall fall on thy 
side, and ten thousand on 
thy right hand : But evil 
shall not approach thee. V. 
For he hath given his An- 
gels charge over thee, to 
guard thee in all thy ways. 
V. They shall bear thee up 
on their hands, lest at any 
time thou hit thy foot 
against a stone. V. Thou 
fihalt tread on the asp and 
the basilisk, thou shalt 
trample on the lion and the 
dragon. V. Since he hath 
hoped in me, I will deliver 
him 3 I will protect him, 
since he hath known my 
name. V. He shall call 
upon me, and I will hear 
him; I am with him in dis- 
tress. V. I will rescue him, 
and glorify him \ I will fill 
him with length of days, 
and shew him my salvation. 

GOSPEL. Malt. iv. l. n. 

AT that time : Jesus was led by the Spirit into the 
desart, to be tempted by the Devil. And when 
he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was after- 
wards hungry. And the tempter coming, said to him.: 
If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones 
be made bread. But he answered and said : It is writ- 
ten, "Not by bread alone doth man live, but by every 
word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." Then 
the Devil took him into the holy city, and set him up 
on the pinnacle of the Temple, and said to him : If thou 
be the Son of God, cast thyself down j for it i* written : 

negotio perambulante in 
tenebris, a ruina et dae- 
monio meridiano. V. Ca- 
dent a latere tuo mi lie, et 
decern millia a dextris tuis : 
Tibi autem non appropin- 
quabit. V. Quoniam An- 
gelis suis mandavit de te, 
ut custodiant te in omnibus 
viis tuis. V. In manibus 
portabunt te, ne unquam 
ofFendas ad lapidem pedem 
tuum. V. Super aspidem 
et basiliscum ambulabis, et 
conctilcabis leonem et dra- 
conem. V. Quoniam in 
me speravit, liberabo eum j 
protegam eum, quoniam 
cognovit nomen meum. V. 
Invocahit me, et ego ex- 
audiam eum; Cum ipso 
sum in tribulatione. V* 
Eripiam eum, et glorifica- 
bo eum j Longitudiue die- 
rum adimplebo eum, et os- 
tendam illi salutare meum. 

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Scapulit suit obumbrabit 
tibi Dominus, et sub pennis 
ejus sperabis ; scuto circum- 
dabit te Veritas ejus. 


He hatb given his Angels charge over thee, and on their 
hands shall they bear thee up, lest perhaps thou dash thy 
foot against a stone." Jesus said to him : It is written again, 
" Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God." Again the 
devil took him up into a veiy high mountain, and shew- 
ed him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of 
them, and said to him 5 All these will I give thee, if 
tailing down, thou wilt adore me. Then Jesus said to 
him j Begone, Satan, for it is written, €s The Lord 
thy God shalt thou adore, and him only shalt thou serve.** 
Then the devil left him 5 and behold Angels, came and 
ministered to him. Credo. ' 

OFFERT. Ps. xc. The 
Lord shall cover thee with 
his shoulders, and thou 
shalt hope under his wings ; 
his truth shall compass thee 
with a shield. 

SECRET. We offer thee, O Lord, in the most 
solemn manner, this sacrifice at the beginning of Lent, 
humbly beseeching thee, that as we retrench from the' 
food of our bodies, we may also retrain from all noxious 
pleasures. Thro.' 

COMM. Ps. xc. The 
Lord shall cover thee with 
his shoulders, and thou 
shalt hope under his wings j 
his truth shall compass thee 
with a shield. 

POSTCOMM. Tui nos. May the holy oblation, 
Lord, of thy sacrament give us a new life, that, by lay- 
ing aside the old man, it may bring us to the participa- 
tion of this saving mystery. Thro. 


The Little Chapter. Beginning of the Epist&b 
to *, p. 222. 


O GRACIOUS Lord, \ UDI, benigne condi- 

incline thine ears, XJL tor, 

To th' humble prayersjoin'd Nostras preces cum fletibus 

with tears, 

Which in this sacred fast In hoc sacro jejunio 

of Lent 

Are offer'd by the penitent. Fusas quadragenario. 

Scapulis suis obumbrabit' 
tibi Dominus, et sub pennis 
ejus sperabis : scuto circum- 
dabit te Veritas ejus. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

si&rr suvday in m»t. 


Searcher of hearts, whose 
piercing eyes 
See clearly man's infirmi- 
To contrite sinners grant 

the grace 
Of pardon, and their sins 
Our crimes are grievous 

tO 6X06864 

But sparcus, who our guilt 

And for thy greater praise 

To our sick souls a remedy. 
May saving fasts observ'd 
this Lent 

Become the bodies punish- 

That sin may thus unfed 

And so the heart from sin 
Grant, O most sacred 

Grant, O most perfect 

That this our solemn absti- 

May fruitful prove to mind 

and sense. Amen. ' 

<y. God hath given his 

Angels a charge over thee. 

R. To guard thee in all 

thy ways. 

Anth. Behold now an 
acceptable time : - behold 
now the day of salvation : 
in these days therefore let 
us behave ourselves like 
servants of God, with much 
patience in fasting, in 


- Scrutator alme cordium, 

Innrma tu scis virium : 

Ad te reversis exhibe 

Remissionis gratiam. 

Multnra quidem pecca- 
Sed parce confitentibus \ 

Ad nominis laudem tui 

Confer medelam criminis. 
Concede nostrum confer! 

Corpus per abstinentiam > 

Culpae ut relinquant pabu- 
Jejuna corda criminum. 

'Praesta, beata Trinitas, 

Concede simplex Unitas,* 

Vt fructuosa smt tuis 

Jejuniorum munera. Amen. 

V. Angelis suis Deua 
mandavit de te. R. Ut 
custodiant te in omnibus 
viis tuis. * 

Ant. Ecce none tempi** 
acceptabile $ ecce nunc dies 
salutis: hi his ergo diebus 
exhibeamus nosmetipsos 
skut Dei ministros, in mul- 

ta patientia, 
vigiliia, et 


injejuujis, in 
£harLute uon 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

220 ynrtT ww* nv l*»t. Monday. 

watching, and hi an nn- ficta. 
feigned charity. 

Prat br. CottccT mi Maw, a* tbwep. Till. 

MASS. Ihtroit. P*tf/m 122. 

AS the eyes of servants are on the hands of their 
masters, so are our eyes on the Lord our God, 
until he have mercy on us : have mercy on us, O Lord, 
have mercy on us. Ps . To thee have I lifted up my 
eyes, thou that dwellest in the heavens. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Convertenos. Convert us, O God our 
Saviour, and instruct our minds with thy heavenly doc- 
trine, that this fast of Lent may be beneficial to us. 

LESSON. Exek. xxxiv. 11. 16. 

THUS saith the Lord God: Behold, I myself will 
seek my sheep and I will visit them. As the 
shepherd goeth to seek his flock in the day, when he is 
among his sheep that are scattered ; so will I visit my 
sheep, and deliver them out of all the places, where 
they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day. 
And I will bring them from amidst the nations, and ga- 
ther them from different. countries, and bring them into 
their own land, and feed them on the mountains of Israel, 
along the river sides, and in every inhabited part of the 
country. In the richest pastures will I feed them : and 
on the high mountains of Israel shall their pastures be : 
there shall they rest on the_green grass, and in the fat 
pastures shall they be fed on the mountains of Israel. I 
myself will feed my sheep, and I will make them lie 
down, saith the Lord God. I will seek what was lost, 
I will bring back what was strayed j I will bind up the 
wounds c/such as were hurt, and strengthen such as 
were weak; and such as are fat and strong I will keep, 
and I will feed f them with judgment, saith the Lord 

GRAD. Ps. 83. Cast an eye upon us, O God, our 
Protector, . look down upon thy servants. V. O Lord 
God of armies, hear the prayers of thy servants. 

. Tract. Ps. 102, Deal not, tf e. as above, p. 312. 
f Eipl. I will govepi them with justice. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Monday. rimrr wiek iir lint. 227" 

GOSPEL. Matt. xxv. 31. 

AT that time : Jesus said to his disciples : When the 
Son of Man shall come in his majesty, and all the 
Angels with him, then shall he sit on the throne of his 
glory : and all nations shall be gathered together before, 
him, and he shall separate them one from another, as a 
shepherd separateth- the sheep from the goats j and he 
shall place the sheep on his right hand, and the goats on 
bis left. Then shall the King say to them on his right 
hand : Come you blessed of my Father, take possession 
of the kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the 
world : for I was hungry, and you gave me to eat ; I 
was thirsty, and you gave me to drink ; I was a stranger, 
and you entertained me ; naked, and you clothed me * 
sick, and you visited me.; 1 was in prison, and you 
came to see me. Then shall the righteous answer him, 
saying : Lord, when did we see thee hungry, and fed 
thee ? Or thirsty, and gave thee drink ? And when did 
we see thee a stranger, and entertained thee ? Or nak- 
ed, and clothed thee ? Or when did we see thee sick 
or in prison, and visited thee ? And the King shall an* 
swer, and say to them : Verily, I say to you, inasmuch 
as you have done it to one of the least of these my bre- 
thren, you have done it to me. Then he shall say to 
them also on his left hand : Depart from me, you curs- 
ed, into everiaiting fire, which was prepared for the 
Devil and bis Angels $ for I was hungry, and you gave 
me not to eat 5 I was thirsty, and ye gave me not to 
drink j I was a stranger, and you entertained me not ; 
naked, and you clothed me not 5 sick, and in prison, 
and you did not visit me. Then shall they also an- 
swer htm, saying : Lord, when did we see thee hun- 
gry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in 
prison, and did not assist thee ? Then he shall answer 
them, saying : Verily, I say to you, inasmuch as you 
did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to 
me. And these shall go into everlasting punishment $ 
but the righteous into everlasting life. 

OFFERT. Ps. 118. I will lift up my eyes, and 
consider thy wonders, O Lord, that thou may'st teach 
me thy law : give me understanding, and I will learn 
thy commandments. ■ 

SECRET. Sanctify, O Lord, the offerings we have 
made, and cleanse us from the stains of our sins. 
Thro-.* , • . , 

, Digitized by CjOOQlC 

228 FIRST WBBK III LENT. Tuesday. 

COMM. Matt 25. Verily, I say to you 5 What 
you have done to one of the least of mine, you have done 
to me ; come ye blessed of my Father, take possession 
of the kingdom prepared for you from the beginning of 
the world. 

POSTCOMM. Salutaris. Being filled, O Lord, by 
the participation of thy saving mysteHes, we humbly be- 
seech thee, that as we rejoice in the taste thereof, we 
may be renewed by their effects. Thro*. 
The Prayer over the people. 
Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Absolve. Loosen, O Lord, we beseech 
thee, the bonds of our sins j and mercifully turn away 
from us, whatever we deserve for them. Thro.* 


MASS. Introit. Psalm 89. 

THOU, O Lord, hast been our refuge from genera- 
tion to generation ; thou art from all eternity, and 
wilt be throughout all ages. Ps. Before the mountain* 
were made, and before the globe of the earth was form- 
ed, thou art God from all eternity and throughout all 
ages. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Respice. Look down, OLord, on thy 
children, and grant that, while we chastise ourselves by 
mortifying the flesh, our minds may be inflamed with 
the love and desire of Uee. Thro*. 

LESSON. Isaias. lv. 6, 11. 

IN those days : Isaias the Prophet spake, saying : Seek 
the Lord, while he may be found; call on him 
while he is near. Let the wicked man forsake his way, 
and the unjust man his designs, and let him return to 
the Lord, and he will have mercy on him ; and to our 
God, for he is full of mercy to forgive : for my thoughts 
are not your thoughts, nor your ways my ways, saith 
the Lord. For as much* as the heavens are. above the 
earth, so are my ways from your ways, and my thoughts 
from your thoughts. And as the rain and the snow fall 
«iown*from heaven, and return thither no more, bat 
soak thejearth, and water it, and make it bring forth* 
and afford seed to the sower, and bread to him that eat- 
cth ; so shall my word be, that shall go out of my 
mouth ; . it shall not return to me empty ; but it shall 
Accomplish whatsoever I please, and it shall prosper 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Tuesday, fimt w*bk iwliwt. 22§ 

in those things, for which I sent it, #aith the Lord Al* 

GRAD. Ps. 140. Let my prayer ascend like in- 
cense, in thy sight, O Lord. V. And let the lifting up 
my hands be to thee like the evening sacrifice. 

GOSPEL. Matt. xxi. 10. 17. 

AT that time : When Jesus was come into Jerusa- 
lem, all the city was in an uproar, saying : Who 
is this ? And the people said : This is Jesus the Prophet 
from Nazareth in Galilee. And Jesus went into the 
temple of God, and cast out all that sold and bought in 
the temple ; and he overthrew the bankers' tables, and 
the seats of those that sold doves ; saying to them : It i% 
written : My house shall be called the house of prayer, 
but you have made it a den of thieves. And the blind 
and the lame came to him in the temple $ and he healed 
them. And when the chief priests and scribes saw the 
wonderful things he did, and the children crying out in 
the temple, and saying : Hosanua to the son of Davidf 
they were moved with indignation, and said to him : 
Dost thou hear what these say ? And Jesus said to them. 
Yes- Have ye never read : Out of the mouths of babes- 
and sucklings thou hast drawn perfect praise? And* 
leaving them, he went out of the city into Bethania, and 
remained there. 

OFFERT. Ps. 30. In thee, O Lord, have I hop- 
ed; I have said: Thou art my God, my life is in thy 

SECRET. Be appeased, O Lord, with the offerings 
we have made, and defend us from all danger. Thro.' 

COMM. Ps: 4. When I called on thee, thou didst 
hear me, O my just God j thou didst assist me in tribu- 
lation ; have mercy on me, O God, and graciously hear 
my prayer. 

POSTCOMM. Qu*sumus. We beseech thee, O 
Almighty God, that we may one day receive the effects 
of that salvation, of which we have received the pledge 
in these mysteries. Thro'. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 
PRATER. Ascendant May our prayers, O Lord, 
ascend to thee, and deliver thy Church from aU wicked^ 
ness. Thro*. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

330 fust wbbk ik lent. Emler-Wed* 

MASS. Introit. Psalm. 24. 

REMEMBER, OLord, the many instances of thy 
compassion and mercy from the beginning. Let 
cot our enemies ever rule over us : deliver us, O God of 
Israel, from all our distress. Ps. To thee, O Lord, 
have I raised up my soul, let me not be put to shame. 
V. Glory. 

Immediately after the Kyrie eleison, is said; 
Let us pray, 
Let us kneel down. R. Flectamus genua. R. 
Stand up again. Levate. 

I. COLLECT. Preces nostras. Mercifully hear 
our prayers, O Lord, we beseech thee, and stretch 
forth the right hand of thy power against every thing 
that opposeth us. Thro*. 

I. LESSON. Exod.. xxiv. 12. 18. 

IN those days ; The Lord said to Moses : Come up 
to me on the mountain, and stay there : and I will 
give thee tables of stone, and the law and the command- 
ments, which I have written, that thou raayst teach 
them the children of Israel. Then Moses rose up 
and Josue his minister. And Moses going up to the 
mountain of God, said to the Elders ; Stay here, till we 
return to you. You have with you Aaron and Hur j if 
any debate shall arise, you shall refer it to them. And 
when Moses was gone up, a cloud covered the mount, 
and the glory of the Lord abode on Sinai, covering it 
with a cloud for six days ; and on the seventh day he 
called Moses out of the midst of the cloud. And the 
appearance of the glory of the Lord was as it were tiro 
burning on the top of the mount, in the sight of the 
children of Israel. And Moses going in the midst of 
the cloud, went up into the mount, and was there forty 
days and forty nights. 

GRAD. Ps. 24. The distress of my soul is en- 
creased j deliver me, O Lord, from the evils that sur- 
round me. V. See, O Lord, to what I am reduced. 
See what I sutler, and forgive me all my sins. 

II. COLLECT. Devotionem. We beseech thee, O 
Lord, mercifully to regard the devotion of thy people * 
that mortifying their bodies by fastings, their minds may 
be refreshed by good works. Thro'* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Ember-Wed. jirsx wbxk in lent. 231 

II. LESSON. 3 Kings x. 3. 8. 

IN those days j £lias came into Bersabee of Juda, and 
left his servant there : but he himself went forward 
a day's journey into the wilderness. And being 
come thither, he sat under a Juniper-tree, and made it 
his request that he might die, saying : it is enough for 
me J, O Lord, take my life, for I am not better than 
my fathers. And he cast himself down, and fell a- 
sleep in the shade of the Juniper ; when behold an An- 
gel of the Lord touched him, and said to him : Arise 
and eat. He looked, and behold at his head there 
was a cake baked in the embers, and a pot of water ; 
and he eat and drank, and again laid himself down to 
sleep. And the Angel of the Lord came again the se- 
cond time, and touched him, saying ; Arise, and eat, 
for thou hast yet a long journey to go. And he arose, 
and eaf and drank, and travelled by the strength of that 
food forty days and forty nights, as far as Horeb the 
mountain of God. 

TRACT, Ps . 24. Deliver me from my necessities, 
O Lord ; see my distress and affliction, and forgive me 
all my sins. V. To thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my 
soul, in thee, Omy God, do I put my trust, let me not 
be put to shame. Neither let my enemies scoff at me. 
V. For none that trust in thee shall ever be confounded; 
let those be confounded, who do what is vain. 
GOSPEL. Matt. xii. 38. 

AT that time .- Some of the Scribes and Pharisees 
spoke to Jesus, saying ; Master, we would see a 
sign § from thee. But he answering, said to them; 
A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; 
and there shall be no other sign given it, but the sign 
of Jonas the Prophet. For as Jonas was three days and 
three nights in the whale's belly j so shall the Son of 
Man be Three days and three nights in the heart of the 
earth. The men of Ninive shall rise in judgment with this 
generation, and shall condemn it, because they did pen- 
nance at the preaching of Jonas ; and behold one great- 
erthan Jonas is here. The Queen of Jthe south shall 
rise in judgment with this generation, and condemn it $ 
because she came from the farthest part of the earth to 
hear the wisdom of Solomon ; and behold one greater 

X Expl. I have lived long enough. $ Expl, We should be glad 
to seethee perform a miracle. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

232 pruST week ik lbn*. Thursday. 

than Solomon is here. When the unclean spirit is 
gone ont of a man, he walketh through dry places, seek- 
ing rest %, and findeth none. Then hesaith 5 I will re- 
turn into my house from whence I came. And coming 
lie findeth it empty, swept, and furnished. Then he go- 
eth, and taketh with him seven other spirits more wick- 
ed than himself; and going in, they settle there : and 
the latter condition of that man becometh worse than his 
former, So shall it also be to this wicked generation. 
While he was yet speaking to the multitude., behold his 
mother, and his brethren stood without, desiring to 
speak with him. And one said to him ; Behold thy 
mother and thy Brethren stand without, waiting for thee. 
But he answering him that spake to him, said ; Who is 
my mother, and who are my brethren ? And stretching 
forth his hand towards his disciples, he said : Behold 
my mother and my brethren : for whosoever shall do 
the will of my Father, who is in heaven, he is my bro- 
ther, my sister, and my mother. . 

OFFERT. Ps. 118. I will meditate on thy law 
which I have loved exceedingly : and I will put in prac- 
tice thy commandments, which I have loved. 

SECRET. We offer thee, O Lord, this sacrifice of 
propitiation, that thou wouldst mercifully forgive us our 
*ins, and guide our tottering hearts. Thro*. 

COMM. Ps. 5. Hear my prayer : attend to the 
words of my prayer, O my King, and my God : for 
'tis to thee, O Lord, I will address my prayer. 

POSTCOMM. Tut, Domne. May the receiving 
of this thy sacrament, O Lord, both cleanse us from 
our hidden sins, and deliver us from the snares of our 
enemies. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 
Prayer. Mentes nostras. 

ENLIGHTEN, we beseech thee, Q Lord", our minds 
with the light of thy brightness $ that we may dis- 
cern what is to be done, and be able to do it. Tbro\ 

MASS. Introit. Psalm Q5. 

GLORY and majesty are in his presence ; holiness 
and grandeur in his sanctuary. Ps. Sing to the 
Lord a new song, sing to the Lord all the earth. V, 

t Ezpl. An abiding place. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Thursaay. i. week in lent. 233 

COLLECT. Devotionem. We beseech thee, O 
Lord, mercifully to regard the devotion of thy people ; 
vthat mortifying their bodies by fasting, their minds may 
be refreshed by good 'works. Thro.* 

LESSON. Ezekiel xviii. 1.9." 

IN those days : The word of the Lord came to me, 
saying : Why do you make use of this parable, and 
tnrn it into a proverb in Israel, saying : Our fathers 
have eat sour grapes, and the teeth of their children are 
set on edge ? As I live, saith the Lord God, this para- 
ble shall be no longer a proverb amongst you in Israel. 
Behold all souls are mine j as the soul of the father, so 
also the soul of the son is mine ; the soul that sinneth, 
the same shall die. But if a man be righteous, and do 
judgment and justice j and hath not eat on the moun- 
tains, X nor: lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house 
of Israel; nor defiled his neighbour's wife; nor ap- 
proached a menstruous woman 5 nor made any man sor- 
rowful ; but hath restored the debtor his pledge ; hath 
taken nothing away by force j hath given his bread to 
the hungry, and covered the naked with a garment ; 
bath not let his money to usury, nor received any thing 
more tlian he let ; hath withdrawn his hand from ini- 
quity, and given true judgment between man and man ; 
hath walked in my precepts, and observed my ordi- 
nances to perform the truth 5 this man is righteous, and 
he shall certainly live, saith the Lord Almighty. 

GRAD. Ps. 16. Preserve me, O .Lord, as the ap- 
ple of thine eye ; protect me under the shadow of thy 
wings. V. I^et me be tried in thy presence j let thy 
eyes see justice done. 

GOSPEL. Matt. xv. 21. 28. 

AT that time : Jesus going thence, went towards 
Tyre and Sidon. And behold a woman of Canaan 
coming from those parts, cried out, saying to him : 
Have mercy on me, Q Lord, O Son of David ; my daugh- 
ter is grievously tormented by the Devil. But he an- 
swered her not a word. And his disciples came and en - 
treated him, saying : Send her away, for she crieth out 
after us. But he answering, said : I was sent only to 
the lost sheep of the house of Israel. But she came up 
, to him, and adored him, saying : Lord, help me. Who 

X Kxpl. Where sacrifice was offered to idols. 

VOL. 1. U * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

234 first week in lent. Emher-Friday 

answering, said : It ts not fit to take the children's bread, 
and cast it to the dogs. And she said : It is true, Lord ; 
but the dogs also eat the scraps which fall from their 
master's table. Then Jesus answering, said to her : O 
woman, great is thy faith ; be it done to thee according 
as thou desirest. And her daughter was healed at that 
very hour. 

OFFERT. Ps. 30. The Angel of the Lord will 
guard on every side those that fear bim, and he will de- 
liver them ; taste and see how sweet is the Lord. 

SECRET. We beseech thee, O Lord, that the of- 
ferings which accompany this wholesome fast, may, 
through thy mercy, save us. Thro'. . 

COMM. John 6. The bread, which I will give, is 
my flesh for the life of the world. 

POSTCOMM. Tuorum nos. By the free grant of 
these thy gifts, O Lord, augment our temporal, and re- 
new our eternal helps. Thro'. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Da, quasumus. Grant, O Lord, we 
beseech thee, that all Christian people niay acknowledge 
what they profess, and love the heavenly mystery, they 
so often approach. Thro*. 

MASS. Introit. Psalm 24. 

DELIVER me from my necessities, O Lord; see 
my distress and affliction, forgive me all my sins. 
Ps. To thee have I raised up my soul, O Lord : O my 
God, in thee I trust, let me not be put to shame. V. 

COLLECT. Esto, Domine. Be propitious, O Lord, 
to thy people, and mercifully strengthen them by thy 
aid, whom thou fillest with devotion to thee. Thro*. 

LESSON. Ezekiel xviii. 20. 28. 

THUS saith the Lord God : The soul that sinneth 
the same shall die : the son shall not bear the ini- 
quity of the father, nor the father the iniquity of the 
son. The righteousness of the righteous man shall be 
upon himself, f and the wickedness of the wicked man 
upon himself. But if the wicked man shall repent of all 

f Expl. The righteous man shall be rewarded for his righte- 
ousness, and the wicked man punished for his wickedness. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Ember-Friday, first webk in iekt. 235 

the sins be hath committed, and observe all my precepts, 
and do judgment and righteousness, he shall certainly 
live, and not die. All the wickedness he hath wrought, 
I will not remember : by the righteousness he hath 
done, shall he live. Is it my will that the sinner should 
die, saith the Lord God t ? Is it not rather that he be con- 
verted from his ways and live ? But if the righteous man 
shall turn away from his righteousness, and commit ini- 
quity according to all the abominations commonly prac- 
tised by the wicked, shall he live ? All the righteous- 
ness he hath done, shall be forgotten ; in the transgres- 
sion he hath fallen into, and in the sin he hath commit- 
ted, shall he die. But you have said : The way of the 
Lord is not just. Hearken therefore, O house of Israel : my way that is not just 5 or, are they not rather 
your ways that are wicked ? For, when the righte- 
ous man shall depart from his righteousness, and work 
iniquity, in it shall he die ; in the unrighteousness he 
hath wrought, shall he die. And when the wicked man 
shall forsake the iniquity he hath committed, and do 
judgment and righteousness, he shall restore life to his 
soul. For when he reflectetb, and departcth from all 
the iniquities he had committed, he shall certainly live, 
and not die, saith the Lord Almighty. 

GRAD. Ps. 85. Save, O Lord, thy servant, 
who hopeth in thee. V. Give ear, O Lord, to my 

Tract. Deal not with us, as alove, p. 212. 

GOSPEL. Johnv. 1. 15. 

AT that time : There was a festival of the Jews, and 
Jesus went up to Jerusalem. Now there is at 
Jerusalem by the Sheep-gate a pool, called in the He- 
brew tongue, Bethsaida, that hath five porches.. In these 
lay great numbers of sick, of blind, lame, and withered, 
waiting for the moving of the water. For an Angel of 
the Lord at a certain time descended into this pool, and 
the water was put in motion. And he who first went in, 
after the water was put in motion, was healed of his in- 
firmity, whatsoever it was. Now there was a man there, 
who had been eight and thirty years under his infirmity. 
Whom when Jesus saw lying, and knew he had been a 
long time ill, he saith to him : Wouldst thou be made 
whole ? The sick man answered him; Lord I have no 
one to put me into the pool, when the water is put in 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

236 first week IN lent. Ember -Saturday* 

motion ; so that while I am coming, another steppeth 
in before me, Jesus saith to him : Rise, take up thy 
bed, and walk. And forthwith the man was made 
whole, and took up his bed and walked. And that day 
was the Sabbath. The Jews therefore said to him that 
was cured : It is the Sabbath-day j it is not therefore 
lawful for thee to carry thy bed. He answered them : 
He, who healed me, said to me : Take up thy bed and 
walk. Then ihey asked him : Who is that man, that 
said to thee : Take up thy bed and walk ? But he that 
was healed knew not who it was 5 for Jesus had with- 
drawn himself from the crowd that was standing in the 
place. Afterwards Jesus found him in the temple, and 
said to him : Behold thou art made whole 5 sin now no 
more, lest something worse befal thee. The man went 
away and told the Jews, that it was Jesus, who had made 
him whole. 

OFFERT. Ps. 102. Bless the Lord, O my soul, 
and forget not what he hath done for thee ; and thou 
shalt grow young like an eagle. 

SECRET. Receive, O Lord, we beseech thee, the 
offerings of our homage, and mercifully sanctify thy 
own gifts. Thro*. 

COMM. Ps. 6. Let all my enemies be put to shame, 
and be dismayed ; let them be put to flight and shame 
very speedily. 

FOSTCOMM. Per hujus. May the efficacy of this 
sacrament, O Lord, cleanse us from our sins, and ob- 
tain for us the accomplishment of our just desires. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Exaudi nos. Graciously hear us, O 
merciful God, and manifest the light of thy grace to 
our souls. Thro*. 

MASS. Introit. Psalm 87. 

LET my prayer come before thee, O Lord ; give ear, 
O Lord, to my petition. Ps. O Lord God, my 
Saviour, to thee have I cried out night and day. V . 

Immediately after the Kyrie elenon, is said : 

Let us pray. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

SmBer -Saturday, first week iv lent. 23jr 

Let us kneel down. R. Flectamns genua. R. 
Stand up again. Levatc. » 

I. COLLECT. Populum tuum. Mercifully, O 
Lord, look down on thy people, and in thy clemency 
turn away from them the scourges of thy wrath. 

I. LESSON. Deut. xxvi. 13. 

IN those days Moses spoke to the people, saying : 
When thou hast fully paid the tithes of all thy fruit, 
thou shalt thus speak in the presence of the Lord thy 
God. I have removed out of my house whatever was 
consecrated to thee, and I have given it to the Levite, 
and to the stranger, and to the orphan, and the widow, 
as thou commandedst me ; neither have I transgressed 
thy precepts, nor forgotten thy ordinance. I have obeyed 
the voice of the Lord my God, and I have performed all 
things as thou commandedst me. Look down therefore 
from thy sanctuary, and from the place of thy abode in 
the highest heavens, and bless thy people Israel, and the 
land thou hast given us, as thou didst swear to our fore- 
fathers, a land flowing with milk and honey. This day 
the Lord thy God hath commanded thee to observe tjiese 
precepts and ordinances, and to keep and fulfil them 
with all thy heart, and with all thy soul. Thou hast 
chosen this day the Lord to be thy God, and to walk in 
his ways, and observe his ceremonies and precepts, and 
ordinances, and obey his commands. And the Lord 
hath made choice of thee this day to be his peculiar peo- 
ple, as he promised thee, that thou may'st keep all his 
precepts; and to raise thee above all the nations which 
he hath created for his praise, for his name, and for hit 
glory ; that thou may'st be the holy people of the Lord 
thy God, as he promised thee. 

GRAD. Ps. 78. Forgive us, O Lord, our offences, 
lest the Gentiles say ; Where is now their God. V. 
Help us, O God, our Saviour, and for the glory of thy 
name deliver us, O Lord. 
Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand up again. 

II. COLLECT. Protector noster. Look on us, O 
God, our Protector, that we who labour under the 
weight of our own evils, may be rescued by thy mercy, 
and serve the© with a free mind. Thro/ 

U 2 .;-..:■ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

33S first WB£iti*,LEjiT.- Ember-Saturdayz 

II. LESSON. Dent. xL 22. 25. 

IN those days ; Moses said to the children of Israel ; 
If you will keep the commandments I give .you, and 
perform them, viz. if you will love the Lord your God,, 
and walk in all his ways, and cleave to htm, then will 
the Lord destroy from before your face all these nations, 
and you shall overcome them, that are greater and 
stronger than you. Every place, where your foot shall 
tread, shall be yours. From the desert, and from 
Libanus, and from the great river Euphrates unto the 
Western Sea shall be your bounds. None -shall stand 
against you. The Lord your God shall strike with- 
dread and terror of you, all the land yon shall tread on, 
#s the Lord your God hath promised you. 

GRAD. Ps. 83. Cast an eye upon us, O God our 
protector, look down upon thy servants. V. Lord God 
of armies, hear the prayers of thy servants. 
Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand up again. 

III. COLLECT. Adesto. Give ear, O Lord, we 
beseech thee, to our prayers ; that, through the assis- 
tance of thy grace, we may be humble in prosperity, 
and without fear in adversity. Thro*. 

III. LESSON. 1Macch.u7Z.ZT. 

IN those days : All the priests were in prayer, while 
the sacrifice was offering, Jonathan beginning, and 
the; rest answering. And the prayer of Nehemias was 
after this manner ; O Lord God, creator of all things, 
dreadful and strong, just and merciful, who alone art the 
good King, alone art excellent, alone just, and almighty, 
and eternal, who deliverest Israel from all evil, who- 
didst make choice of our forefathers, and didst sanctify f 
them j receive this sacrifice in behalf of all thy people 
Israel, and preserve and sanctify thy inheritance ; that 
the Gentiles may know, that thou art our God. 

GRAD. Ps. 89. Turn to us, O Lord, a little, and 
be reconciled with thy servants. V. Thou, O Lord, hast 
been our refuge from generation to generation. 

Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand up again. 

IV. COLLECT. Preces. Mercifully hear, we be- 
aeech thee, O Lord, the prayers of thy people $ that we, 
who are justly afflicted for our sins, may mercifully be 
delivered for the glory of thy name. Thro*. 

f Expl. Consecrated* them to thyself. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Ember-Saturday, first wsbk in mwt. 239 

IV. LESSON. Ecclus. xxxvi. 1. 10. 

OGod, of all, have mercy on us, and look upon us, 
and shew us the light of tby mercies $ and send thy 
terror on the nations, who have not sought after thee* 
that they may know there is no God besides thee> and 
that they may publish thy wonders. Lift up thy hand 
over the foreign nations, that they may see thy power. 
For as in their sight thon hast been sanctisfied J in us j 
so in our sight shalt thou be magnified in them, that 
they may know thee, even as we have known, that there 
is no God, . besides thee, O Lord. Renew thy prodigies, 
and change? thy wonders y glorify thy hand, and tby right 
arm. Exert thy fury, and pour forth thy wrath. Des- 
troy the' adversary, and crush the enemy. Hasten the 
time, and remember the end, that they may publish thy 
wonders, O Lord our God. 

GRAD. P$. 140. Let ray prayer ascend like in- 
cense ia tby sight, O Lord. V. and let the lifting up 
my bands be to thee like the evening sacrifice. 
Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand up again. 

V. COLLECT. Actiones nostras. Prevent, we be- 
seech thee, O Lord,, our actions by thy holy inspirations, 
and carry them on by thy gracious assistance? that every 
prayer and work of ours may always begin, front thee, 
and by thee be happily ended. 

V; .LESSON, with the Canticle and VI. Collect, as 
p. 134. Here are said the second and third Collect, 
as directed, p. 212. 

EPISTJUB, 1 These* v. 14. 

BRETHREN : We beseech you, reprehend such as 
are unquiet, comfort the dejected,, support the 
weak, be patient towards all. See that none of you ren- 
der evil for evil : but do always that which is good both 
to one another, and to all men. Rejoice always. Pray 
without intermission, giving thanks § in all things : for 
this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you 
all. Extinguish , not the spirit. Despise not prophe- 
cies. Prove all things ; hold to that which is good. Ab- 
stain from all appearance of evil. And may the God of 
peace sanctify you in all things, that your spirit may be 

I Expl. As thou hast let them see that thou art our Holy One, 
our God : so shall we see the effects of thy might ia the punish- 

§ Or for all thing?, on every occasion 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


perfect your soul and body blameless, at the coming of 
our Lord Jesus Christ. 

TRACT. Ps. 1 16. Praise the Lord all ye Gentiles ; 
praise him all nations. V. For his mercy is confirmed 
upon us : and the truth of the Lord abideth for ever. 

GOSPEL. Matt. xvii. as Sunday next, p. 241. 

OFFERT. Ps. 87. OLord God, my Saviour, to 
thee have I cried out by day and night j let my prayer 
to come thee, O Lord. 

SECRET. Sanctify, O Lord, we beseech thee, our 
fast by this holy sacrifice, that what we outwardly pro- 
fess by the observance of this fast, may be inwardly ef- 
fected in us. Thro*. 

COMM. Ps. 7- In thee, O Lord my God, have 
I put my trust, deliver me from all my persecutors, and 
rescue me. 

POSTCOMM. Sanctificationibus. May this holy 
. sacrifice, O Lord, cure us of al our sins, and become an e- 
ternal remedy to us. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 
Prate*. Fidelestuos. 

MAY thy much-desired blessing, O God> give 
strength to thy people, and hinder them from 
ever swerving from thy will, and make them always en- 
joy thy blessing. Thro*. 

Commemoration at Vespers as in the Vespers of 
to-morrow. Prater. Collect of to-morrow. 

MASS. Introit. Psalm xxiv. 


the many instances IV rationum tuarum, 

of thy compassion and mer- Bomine, et misericordiae 

cy from the beginning, tuae, quae a saeculo sunt* 

Let not our enemies ever Ne unquam dominentur 

rule over us : deliver us, nobis inimici nostri ; libe- 

O God of Israel, from all ra nos. Deus Israel, ex 

our distress. Ps. To thee, omnibus angustiis nostris. 

O Lord, have I raised up Ps. Ad te, Domine, levavi 

my soul : in tbee I trust, aniraam meam j Deus me- 

O my God : let me not be us in te confido, non eru- 

put to shame. V. Glory. bescam. V. Gloria. 

COLLECT. Deus, qui conspicis. O God, who 
seest how destitute we are of all strength, preserve us 

Digitized by CjOOQlC 

Mas*. second Sunday ih tswrs 241 

both within and without, that our bodies may be free 
from all Adversity, and our souls purified from all cril 
thoughts. Thro*. 

EPISTLE. 1 Thess. iv. I. 7- 

BRETHREN : We request and beseech you by our 
Lord Jesus, that having learned from us how you 
ought to walk in order to please God, you would walk 
so as to advance more and more.* For you know what 
precepts I gave you in the name of the Lord* Jesus. For 
this is the will of God, that you be holy ; that you re- 
frain from fornication j and that every one of you know 
how to keep his vessel % with holiness and respect, and 
not be hurried away with, lust, as the heathens are, who 
know not God. Let no one over-reach or deceive his 
brother in his dealings ; for the Lord is the revenger of 
all these things, as we have declared to you, and assured 
before you. For God did not call us to be unclean, but to 
be holy, in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

GRAD. Ps. xxiv. Tribulationes cordis met 

The distress* of my soul is dilatatss sunt : de necessita* 
increased ; deliver me, O tibus meis, Do* 
Lord, front the > evils that mine. V. Vide humilita* 
surround me. V. See, O tern meam et laborem me* 
Lord, to what I am reduc- um : et dimitte omnia pec* 
ed ; see what I suffer, and cata mea. 
forgive me all my sins. . 

TRACT. Praise. ConfiterahriDominoquo^ 
the Lord, for he is good -, niam. bonus r. quoniam in 
and his mercies abide for* sssculum misericordia e-« 
ever. V. Who will relate jus. V. Ctuis loquetur po- 
the- wonderful works of the tentias Domini $ auditas fa- 
Lord : who will publish all ciet omnes laudes ejus ? V. 
his praises? V. Happy are Beati qui custodiuntjudi- 
they who observe Aw law, cium, et faciunt justitiam 
and at all times do that in omni tempore. V. Me- 
which is just. V. Remem- memo nostri, Domine, in 
ber us, O Lord, according beneplacito populi tui j vi- 
to the good will thou bear- sita nos in salutari tuo. 
est thy people : visit and 
save us 

GOSPEL. Matt. xvii. 1. 9. 

AT that time : Jesus taketh unto him Peter, and 
James, and John his brother, and bringeth them 

JExpl. His body. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


up into a high Mountain apart. And he was transfigured 
before them. And his (ace did shine as the sun ; and his 
garments became white as snow. And behold there ap-> 
peared Moses and Elias talking with him. And Peter 
answering, said to Jesus ; Lord, it is good for us to be 
here : if thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles, 
one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias. 
And as he was yet speaking, behold a bright cloud over- 
shaded them. And lo a voice out of the cloud, saying ; 
This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; 
hear ye him. And the disciples hearing, fell upon their 
face, and were much afraid. And Jesus came and 
touched them ; and said to them ;' Arise, and be not 
afraid . And when they lifted up their eyes, they saw no one 
but only Jesus. And as they came down from the moun- 
tain, Jesus charged them, saying j Tell the vision to no 
man, till the Son of man be risen from the dead. 

OFFERT. Ps. cxviii. Meditabitur in mandatis 
I will meditate on thy law, tuis, qua? dilexi valde : & 
which I have loved exceed- levabo manus meas ad man* 
ingly ; and I will practise data tua, qua dilexi. 
thy commandments, which 
I have loved. 

SECRET. Look down, OLord, we beseech thee, 
on this our sacrifice, that it may increase our devotion, 
and procure our salvation. Thro'. 

COMM. Ps. v. Hear Intellige clamorem me- 
my cry ; attend to the urn ; intende voci orationis 
words of my prayer, O my meas, Rex meus, & Deus 
King, and my God $ for meus ; quoniam ad te ora- 
lis to thee, O Lord, I will bo, Domine. 
address my prayer. 

POSTCOMM. Supplices. Grant, we humbly be- 
seech thee, O Almighty God, that those, whom thou 
hast refreshed with thy sacraments, may worthily serve 
thee in the conduct of their lives. Thro'. 

Little Chapter. Brethren ; We request. Begin- 
ning of the Epistle to*, p. 241. Hymn. V. and R. 
as above, p. 224. 

Anth. Tell not the vision Ant. Visionem quam vi- 
you have seen to any body, distis, nemini dixeritis, do* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Monday. second wbkk in lbnt. 243 

"till the Son of Mao rise a- nee a mortuis resurgat Fi- 
gain from the dead. lias hominis. 

Praybk. Collect at Mass., p. 240. 


MASS. Introit. Psalm 25. 

DELIVER me, O Lord, and take pitv on me $ for 
my foot hath stood in the light path $ in the as- 
semblies will I bless the Lord. Ps. Be thou, O Lord, . 
my judge for I have walked in my innocency ; and trust- 
ing in thee, I shall not be weakened. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Pr*sta, qutsumus. Grant, we be- 
seech thee, O Almighty God, that thy people, who 
mortify themselves by abstinence from meat, may fast 
likewise from sin, and follow righteousness. Thro*. 
LESSON. Dan. ix. 15. 19. 

IN those days : Daniel prayed to the Lord, saying 5 
O Lord our God, who didst bring forth thy people 
oat of the land of Egypt with a mighty hand, and didst 
make thy name famous, as it is to this day j we have 
sinned, we have done wickedly, OLord, against all thy 
commandments 5 but let thy wrath be turned away, I 
beseech thee, and thy fury from Jerusalem thy city, and 
from thy holy mountain. For it is for our sins, and for 
the iniquity of our Forefathers that Jerusalem and 
thy people are become a scoff to all round about us. 
But graciously hear now, O our God, the prayer of thy 
servant, and his request and for thy own sake, look 
upon thy sanctuary, which is become abandoned. 
Bend thine ear, O my God, and hearken) open 
thine eyes, and see our distress, and that of the 
city, upon which thy name bath been called.f For we 
rely not on our own righteousness, while we prostrate 
pour forth our prayers to thee, but on thy great mercy. 
Graciously hear us, O Lord j be appeased, O Lord : 
be attentive, and grant my request. Delay not, O my 
God, for thy own sake, for thy name hath been called. 
% upon thy city and thy people, O Lord our God. 

GRAD. Ps. 69. Be thou my helper and my de- 
liverer 1 O Lord, delay not. V. Let my enemies, who 
seek my soul, be put to confusion and shame. 
TRACT. Ps. 102. Deal not with us, as above p. 212. 

f Or, Which hath been called by thy name. J Or, Thy city 
and people have been called by thy name. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

344 sbcond week in lbkt. Tuesaay. 

GOSPEL. John viii, 21. 29. 

AT that time : Jesus said to the multitude of the 
Jews : I g o, and you shall seek me, and you shall 
die in your sin. Whither I go you cannot come. The 
Jews therefore said : Will he kill himself; because he 
saith : Whither I go you cannot come : And he said to 
them : You are from beneath, I am from above. You 
are of this world, I am not of this world. Therefore I 
•aid to you : You shall die in your sin : for, if you be- 
lieve not that I am, you shall die in your sin. Then 
they said to him : Who art thou ? Jesus said to them ; 
lam the beginning , I that am speaking to you. I have 
many things to say about you, and condemn in you 3 but 
he that -sent me is true 3 and I speak in the world the 
things I have heard from him ; and they understood not 
that he said that God was his Father. Jesus therefore 
said to them : When you shall nave raised on high the 
son of man, then you will know that I am, and that I 
do nothing of myself : but whatever my Father hath 
taught me, that I spake. And he that sent me, is with 
me, and he hath not left me alone 5 for I always do what 
is pleasing to him. 

OFFERT. Ps. 15. I will bless the Lord, who hath 
given me understanding : I always had the Lord before 
my eyes 5 for he is at my right hand, that I may not fall. 

SECRET. May this sacrifice of propitiation and 
praise make us, O Lord, worthyof thy protection. Thro*. 

COMM. Ps. 8. O Lord our God, how wonderful is 
thy name over the whole earth ! 

POSTCOMM. U*ec nos. May this communion, O 
Lord, cleanse us from sin ; and make us partakers of 
the heavenly remedy. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Adesto. Hear our prayers and intreaties, 
O Almighty God ; and grant that those, to whom thou 
givest hopes of thy mercy, may experience the effects of 
ihy usual clemency. Thro\ 

MASS. Introit. Ps. 26. 

MY heart hath said to thee j I have sought thy pre- 
sence ; I will continue to seek thy presence, O 
Lord : turn not away thy face from me. Ps. The Lord 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Tuesday, second week in lent. 245 

is my light and my salvation ; whom shall I fear ? V. 

COLLECT. Perjice. Grant us, O Lord, we beseech 
thee, thy. assistance, whereby we may go through the 
observance of this holy fast, that what we have under- 
taken by thy appointment, we may accomplish by thy 
grace. Thro'. 

•LESSON. 3 Kings, xvii. 8. ]6. 

IN those days : The word of the J/ord came to Elias the , 
Thesbite,. saying : Arise, go to Sarephta in the ter- 
ritory of the Sidpnians, and abide there : for I have 
commanded the widow woman to give thee food. He 
arose, and went to Sarephta. And when he came to the 
gate of the city, he saw the widow woman gathering 
sticks : and calling her, he said : Give me a little water 
in a vessel to drink. And as she went to fetch it, he 
called after her, saying : Bring me likewise, I pray thee, 
a morsel of bread in thy hand. And. she answered : As 
the Lord thy God liveth, I have no bread,, but only a 
handful of meal in a vessel, and a little oil in a pot ; 
and behold I am gathering two sticks, that I may go 
home, and dress it for me and my son, that we may eat 
it, and die. EHas said to her : fear not, but go and do 
what thou hast said : but first make for me of that 
little meal a small cake on the embers, and bring it 
to me : and afterwards thou shalt make some for thyself 
and thy son. For thus saith the Lord God of Israel : 
The vessel of meal shall not waste, nor the pot of oil be 
diminished, till the day, in which the Lord shall send 
rain upon the earth. She went, and did as EHas had 
bid her ; and he, and she, and her family did eat ; and 
from that day the vessel of meal waited not, neither was 
the pot of oil diminished, according to the word of the . 
Lord spoken by Elias. 

GRAD. Ps. 54. Cast thy solicitude on the Lord, 
and he will feed thee. V. Whetf I cried out to the 
Lord, he heard my voice against those who were com- 
ing upon me. 

GOSPEL. Matt, xxiii. 1. 12. 

AT that time ; Jesus spoke to the multitude and to 
his disciples, saying j The Scribes and Pharisees, 
sit in the chair of Moses j and therefore, whatever they 
say to. you, observe and do it 5 but do not according, to 
vol. 1. x * 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

246 second week in lbnt. Wednesday*. 

their works 5 for they say, and do not. For they 
bind heavy and insupportable burdens, and they lay 
them on men's shoulders ; but they will not move them 
with a finger of their own. And they do all their works 
to be seen by men ; for they wear broad philacteries, 
and long fringes. And they love the highest places at 
feasts, and the first chairs in the synagogues, and to be 
saluted in the market-place, and to be called by men, 
Rabbi. But be not you called Rabbi, for you have only 
one Master, and you are all brethren. And call no man 
your father on earth, for you have only one Father, who 
is in heaven. Neither be you called masters, for you 
have only one Master, who is the Christ. He that is 
the greatest among you, shall be your servant ; and who- 
soever exalteth himself shall be humbled j and he that 
hombleth himself, shall be exalted. 

OFPERT. P$. 50. Have mercy on me, O Lord, 
according to thy great mercy 3 O Lord, blot out my ini- 

SECRET. Mercifully sanctify us, O Lord, by these 
mysteries j and let them cleanse us from all earthly vice, 
and bring us to the enjoyment of thy heavenly gifts. 

COMM. Ps. 9. I will publish all thy wonders j 1 
will rejoice in thee, and be transported with joy ; I 
will sing to the glory of thy name, O thou the Most 

POSTCOMM. Ut sacris. Make us always, we 
beseech thee, O Lord, obedient to thy commandments, 
that we may be worthy of thy gifts, which we have 
partaken of. Thro'. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Propitiare. Be appeased, O Lord, by 
our prayers, and heal the infirmities of our souls ; that 
our sins being forgiven, we may ever rejoice in thy bles- 
sings. Thro*. 

MASS. Introit. Psalm 37. 

F>RSAKE me not, O Lord my God, depart not 
from me ; come to my assistance, O Lord the 
God of my salvation. Ps. Lord rebuke me not in thy 
fury j nor chastise me in thy wrath. V. Glory. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Wednesday. second week in lbnt. 247 

COLLECT. Populum iuum. Mercifully regard 
thy people, O Lord, we beseech thee, and grant that 
those whom thou commandest to abstain from flesh, may 
likewise cease from all sin. Thro*. 

LESSON, Esther xiii. 8. \J. 

IN those days : Mardocheus prayed to the Lord, say- 
ing ; O Lord the Almighty King, for all things are 
under thy power 5 and there is none that can withstand 
thy will, if thou determine to save Israel. Thou didst 
make heaven aud earth, and whatsoever is under the 
cope of the heavens. Thou art the Lord of all, neither 
can any resist thy Majesty. And now Lord, King of 
Kings, God of Abraham, take pity on thy people, for 
our enemies design our destruction, and the ruin of thy 
inheritance. Despise not thy lot which thou didst 
purchase for thyself out of Egypt. Hear my prayer,, 
and be merciful to thy lot and possession, and turn our. 
mourning into joy, that we may live and praise thy 
name, O Lord, and shut not the mouths of those that 
sing thy praises, O Lord our God. 

GRAD. Ps. 27. Save thy people, O Lord, and 
bless thy inheritance. V. To thee, O Lord, have I 
cried out ; answer me, O my God, lest 1 become like 
those that go down into the pit. 

Tiuct. Deal not with us, O Lord, />. 212. 
GOSPEL. Matt. xx. J 7. 28, 

AT that time: Jesus going up to Jerusalem, took 
the twelve disciples aside, and said to them 5 Be- 
hold we are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man 
will be betrayed to the chief priests and to die scribes, 
and they will condemn him to death, and deliver him 
up to the Gentiles to be insulted, scourged, and crucifi- 
ed; and the third day he shall rise again. Then came 
to him the mother of the sons of Zebedee, with her 
sons, worshipping him, desiring something of him: 
Who said to her : What dost thou desire ? She saith to 
him : Appoint that these my two sons may sit, one on 
thy right hand, and the other on thy left, in thy king- 
dom. And Jesus answering, said: You know not 
what you ask. Can you drink the cup which I am to 
drink ? They say to him, we can : He saith to them : 
My cup indeed you shall drink ; but to sit on my right 
hand, or on my left, is not mine to give you ; but it is 
for those, for whom it is prepared by my Father. . And 
the other ten disciples hearing this, were moved with 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

248 second* wssk <in lent. Thursday* 

indignation against the two brother*.' But Jesua calling 
them to him, .said : You kaow that the ponces of the 
Gentiles lord it over «hem> and that the great ones exer* 
cise over them their power. It shall not be so among 
you 5 but whosoever would- be a great one among you, 
let him wait on you 9 land whosoever would be a great 
one among you, let him watt 60 you ; and whosoever 
would be a chief among you, shall be your servant : even 
as the Son of Man canae<not to be served, but to serve, 
and to give his life foe the redemption of many; 

OFFERT. Ps. 24. To thee, Lord, have I raised 
up my soul ; in thee, : O my God, I put my trust ; let 
me not b6 put to shame 5 neither let my enemies scoff 
at me ; for none that wait for thee shall be put to 

SECRET. Mercifully look down, OLord, on the 
offerings we make thee, and by the entercoarse of these: 
aacred mysteries,' release us from the bondsof bur* sins; 
Thro/ ' 

COMM. Ps. 10. The Lord is just, and lbvetfe 
justice 5 he hath regard to what is right.- 
• POSTCOMM. Sumptis. ' We beseech thee, O 
Lord, that the receiving this sacrament may forward our 
eternal redemption. t Thro, 

Let us pray. Bow down your beads to God. 

PRAYER. Deus inrweenti*. O God,' thesestorer 
and lover of innocence, draw to thyself the- hearts; of thy 
servants, that being inflamed by thy Holy Spirit*- they 
may be constant in feith, and zealous in good works/ 
Thro 1 . 

MASS. Introit, Ps. 69. 

OGOD, come thou to my assistance ; O Lortbaaake 
haste to help me $ let my enemies; whaseek my 
life, be put to confusion and shame. : Ps. May they bfe 
put to flight, and ashamed, who seek me hafcm. ' V. 

COLLECT. Prasta nobis. Grant us, we beseech 
thee; O Lord, the aststance of thy grace j that whilst 
we duly apply ouraelves to fasting and prayer, we may 
be delivered from all enemies both of soul and body. 

Digitized by CjOOQlC 

Thursday. second week iv lent. %%9 

LESSON. Jer. xvii. $. 10. 

THUS saith the Lord God ; Cursed is be. that put* 
teth bis trust in man, and maketh flesh his arm, J 
and whose heart departeth from the Lord. For he shall 
be as a tamerisk in the desert, and not see when good 
cometh ; but shall dwell in dryness in the desert, in a 
salt-land, and not inhabitable. Blessed is the man that 
trusted* in the Lord, and whose only, confidence is in 
God. And he shall be as a tree that is planted by the 
water-side, that sendeth out its roots towards the mois- 
ture: and it shall not fear, when the heat cometh. 
And the leaf thereof shall be green, and in the time of 
drought it shall not be uneasy, neither shall it cease at 
any time to bring forth fruit. The heart of man is per- 
verse and unsearchable, who can know it ? I am the 
Lord that search the heart, and try the reins : who re- 
ward every one according to his way, aud according to 
the fruit of his devices : saith the Lord Almighty. 

GRAD. Ps. 78. Forgive us, O Lord, our offences, 
|est the Gentiles say : Where is now their God? V. 
Help us, O God our Saviour, and for the glory of thy 
name deliver us, O Lord. 

GOSPEL. Luke xvi. 19. 31. 

AT that time : Jesus said" to the Pharisees : There 
was a certain rich man, who was clothed in pur- 
ple and fine linen, and feasted sumptuously every day. 
And there was a certain beggar, named Lazarus, who 
lay at his gate full of sore|, desiring to be fed with the 
crumbs which fell from the rich man's table j but no 
one would give them to him ; but even the dogs came 
and licked his sores. And it came to pass that the beg- 
gar died, and was carried by the Angels into Abraham's 
bosom. And the rich man also died, and was buried iu 
hell. And lifting up his eyes, when he was in torments, 
he saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. 
And crying out, he said : Father Abraham, take pity 
on me, and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in 
water, that he may cool my tongue, for I suffer extreme 
torments in this flame. And Abraham said to him : 
Son, remember in thy life-time thou didst receive good 
things, and Lazarus evil ; but now he is comforted, and 
thou art tormented. Moreover, there is a great chaos 

% Ezpl. Relies on the strength of man. 
x 2 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

250 second WEHfc'MK %*kt. < Thursday* 

between you and us $ so- that they, who would pass 
hence to /ou, cannot, nor return hither from thence. 1 
And he said : Then I beseech thee^ O Father, send. him 
to my Father's" house, for I have fife brethren, that -he 
may admonish them, lest they also come into this place 
of torment. And Abraham said to him t They have? 
Moses and'the Prophets > let them hear them* And he* 
said i No, Father Abraham ; but if one go to then* 
from the dead, they will do pennance. But he said to 
him : If they will not hear Moses, nor tlie Prophets j 
neither will they believe, though one should rise from 
the dead. 

OFFERT. Exod. 32. Moses prayed in the presence 
of the Lord his God, and said : Why, O Lord, art 
thou angry with thy people ? Let the wrath of thy soul 
be appeased; remember Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, 
to whom thou didst swear to give a land flowing with 
milk and boney. And the Lord was appeased, and did 
not the evil, with which he threatened his people. 

SECRET.' May the fast consjcrated to thy name, O 
Lord, sanctify us by this present sacrifice, that we may 
experience inwardly the effects of what we outwardly 
profess by our fast. { Thro*' • 

COMM. John 6. He that eateth my flesh, and 
drinkfeth my blood/ abideth in me, and I in him, saith 
the Lord". . 

POSTCOMM. Gratia tua. May thy grace, O 
Lord, we beseech thee, never abandon us $ but always 
make us intent on thy holy service, and always procure 
us thy help. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 
PRAYER. Adesto: Be favourable, O Lord, to thy 
servants, and hear their prayers in the. grant of evelasting 
mercy j that glorying in thee their creator a'nd governor, 
they may have all things perfected and perpetuated to 
thrm. " Thro'. 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 

Anth. That rich man Ant. Dives ille guttam 
begged for a drop of water, aquas petiit, qui micas p»- 
who denied Lazarus some nis Lazaro negavit, 
crumbs of bread. 
V. and R. a* p,*225. Tkayer. Adesta, as above. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Friday. second week in lbht. 251 

MASS. Introit. Vs. 16. 

BUT I will appear with the justice of ray cause in 
thy sight 3 I shall be satisfied, when thy glory shall 
appear. Ps. Hear, O God, the justice of' my cause; 
hearken to my prayer. V. Glory.* 

COLLECT. Da, quasumus. Grant, O Almighty 
God, that, being purified by this fast, we may come to 
the approaching solemnity with clean hearts. Thro*. 
LESSON. Gen. xxxvii. 6. 22. 

IN those days : Joseph said to his brethren : Hear my 
dream, which I saw : I thought we were binding 
sheaves in the field 5 and that my sheaf arose, as it 
were, and stood upright, and your sheaves standing 
round about it, adored my sheaf. His brethren answer- 
ed : Art thou to be our king ? Or are we to be subject 
to thy power ? These dreams, therefore, and discourses 
furnished the fuel of their envy and hatred. He had 
also another dream, which he told his brethren, saying 2 
I saw in a dream the sun, and the moon, and eleven 
stars, as it were, adoring me. And when he had told 
this to bis father, and brethren, his father rebuked him, 
and said : What is the meaning of this dream which 
thou hast seen ? Am I, and thy mother, and thy brethren 
to* adore thee upon earth ? His brethren therefore en-» 
vied him ; but his father considered the thing with him* 
self in silence. And when his brethren were in Sichem 
feeding their father's flocks, Israel said to him : Thy 
brethren are feeding the sheep in Sichem j come, I will 
send thee to them. And when he answered I am ready, 
he said to him : Go, and see if all things be well with 
thy brethren and the flocks ; and bring me word again 
what is doing. Being sent therefore from the vale of 
Hebron, he came to Sichem 5 and a man found him 
wandering in the field, and asked him, what he sought 5 
and he answered :. I seek my brethren 5 tell me where 
they are feeding their flocks. And the man said to 
him : They are gone from hence 5 but I heard them say, 
Let us go to Dothain. Joseph therefore went after his 
brethren, and found them in Dothain. Who, when, 
they saw him afar olF, before he came nigh them, they 
resolved to kill him ; and said one to another : Behold, 
here cometh the dreamer 3 come, let us kill him, and 
cast him into an old pit 5 and we will sny : some wild 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

252 second wbek in lent, Friday. 

beast hath devoured him j and then it will appear what 
his dreams will avail him. But Ruben hearing this, en* 
deavoured to deliver him out of their hands, and said : 
Do not take away bis life, nor shed his blood 5 bat cast 
htm into this pit j which is in the desert, and keep your 
hands guiltless. Now he said this, being desirous to 
rescue him out of their hands, and to restore him to his 

GRAD. Ps. 119. I cried out to the Lord in my 
distress, and he heard me. V. Deliver my soul, O Lord, 
from wicked lips, and from a deceitful tongue. 
TRACT. Deal not with us, O Lord, />. 213. 
GOSPEL. Matt. xxi. 33. 46. 

AT that time ; Jesus spoke to the multitude of the 
Jews, and to the chief priests this parable ; There 
was a certain bousholder who planted a vineyard, and 
hedged it about, and fixed in it a wine press, and built a 
tower, and letting it out to sopae husbandmen, went to a 
far country. And when the season for iruit drew near, 
he sent his servants to the husbandmen, -to receive the fruit 
of his vineyard. And the husbandmen laying bold of his 
servants, one they beat, another they killed, and ano- 
ther they stoned: He sent again other servants more in 
number than the former, and they, treated them in like 
manner. And last of all, he sent to them his Son, say- 
ing ; They will have respect for my Son. But the hus- 
bandmen, seeing the Son, said among themselves: 
This is the heir, come, let us kill him, and we shall 
have his inheritance. And seizing him, they dragged 
him out of the vineyard, and killed him. When the 
Master therefore of the vineyard, cometh, what will he 
do to these husbandmen ? They say to him : He will 
miserably destroy those wicked men, and let out his 
vineyard to other husbandmen, who shall give him the 
fruit in their seasons. Jesus saith to them : Have you 
never read , in the scriptures : The stone which the 
builders rejected, is become the chief corner stone 5 this 
is done by the Lord, and it is wonderful in our eyes * 
Therefore I say to you, The kingdom of God shall 
be taken from you, and given to a nation, that will 
brine forth the fruits thereof. And whoever shall fall 
on this stone, shall, be broken ; and on-whomsoever it 
shall fall, it shall crush him. And when the chief priests 
and Pharisees bad heard his parables, they knew he 
spoke of them. And seeking to lay hands on h/ni, 

Saturday* secokd webi: ik ukht;'. 258 

they feared the people, 'because they heM> hforfor a pro- 

OFFERT. Ps. 39; Look down to my aid, Q Lord', 
let them be put to confusion and shame, who seek my 
life; look down to my aid, OLord. 

SECRET. : May the *flfeots of this sacrifice, O Lord; 
remain in us, and he increased by good works. Thste't 

COMM. Ps. 11. Thou wiit defend us, OLord* 
and protect us both now and fot evermore. 

POSTCOMM. FacnoiS Grant, we beseech thee* 
O Lord, that, having received this pledge of our eternal 
salvation, we may so direct our course thereto, as hap-« 
pily to arrive at it. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bdw down your heads to* God. 

PRAYER. La quasumus. Grant, we beseech thee* 

OLord, to thy people health both of soul and body; 

that by the continual practice of good works* they: may 

always be defended by thy powerful protection. Thro*/ 

The CtiMMftMOftAittott at Vespbh*. : 

Anth. Designing to ap- Ant. Quaerentes eom t«u 
prehend him, they 'were neretirnueruntturbatn>qu4a 
afraid of the- multitude, be- ' stout prophetam euinhabe* 
caose they esteemed hkn as bant, 
a prophet; 

V and R. as above'; f. 125\ '' Phayer. Da quaesumus, 
' ' as above. 


MASS. ' Inxroit. Psalm IS. 

THE law of the Lord is without reproof, and con* 
verteth souls; the testimony of the Lord is true, 
and bestoweth wisdom on little ones. Ps. The heavens 
publish the glory of trod; and the firmament declareth 
the works of his hands. . V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Da, quasumus. Grant, OLord, we 
beseech thee, this saving effect of our fast, that the chas- 
tisement of the flesh, which we have undertaken, may 
become the improvement of our souls. Thro*. 

LESSON. Gen. xxvii. 5. 39. 

IN those days; Rebecca said to her son Jacob ; I 
heard thy father speak to thy brother Esau, and say 
to bin*; bring me in something of thy hunting, and 
make, it ready lor me, ; that I mayeat and bless thee io 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

254 second week in lbnt. Saturday* 

the sight of the Lord, before I die. Now, therefore, 
my son, take my counsel ; and going to the flock, bring 
xae two of the best kids, that I may make thereof for 
thy rather meat such as . he liketb ; which thou shalt 
carry in, that when he hath eaten he may bless thee be* 
fore he dieth. To whom Jacob answered ; Thou know- 
est; my brother Esau is a hairy man, and I am smooth. 
If rny father should touch me, add perceive it, I fear 
he will think, I would have deceived him, and I shall 
bring a curse upon me, instead of a blessing. His mo- 
ther said to him ; Let this curse fall upon me, my son ; 
obey thou only my voice, and go, fetch me what I told 
thee. He went, and brought them, and gave them to 
his mother. And she dressed them, as she knew his 
father liked them. And she put him on the best gar* 
ments of Esau, which she had at home by her ; and co- 
vered his hands and the bare of his neck with the skins, 
of the kids. And she gave- him the meat, and deliver- 
ed to him the bread, she had made,. Which he carried 
in, and -said: My father. And ne answered : I hear. 
Who art thou, my son ? And Jacob answered, I am 
Esau thy first born : I have done as thou commandest 
me; arise, sit, and eat of my hunting, that thy soul 
may bless me. Then Isaac said to his son : How couldst 
thou find it so quickly, my son ? . Who answered : It 
was the will of God, that what 1 wanted, came pre- 
sently in my way. And Isaac said come near me, that 
I may touch thee, my son, and feel, whether thou art 
my son Esau, or no. And he came near his father, and 
Isaac having felt him, said : The voice indeed is the 
voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of Esam. 
And he knew him not, because his hairy hands resem- 
bled those of his elder brother. Blessing him therefore he 
said; Art thou my son Esau ? He answered ; lam. 
And he said ; Bring me the meat of thy hunting, my 
son, that my soul may bless thee. Which when he had 
eat, he gave him wine also : and having drunk it, he 
said to him : Come near, and kiss me, my son : and he 
came near and kissed him. And as soon as he perceiv- 
ed the perfume of his clothes, he blessed him, and said $ 
Behold the perfume of my son is as the smell of a plen- 
tiful field, which the Lord hath blessed. May God give 
thee of the dew of heaven, and of the fatness of the 
earth, plenty of corn and wine. May people serve 
thee, god tribes adore thee : be thou Lord over thy 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Saturday. second week in lent. 255 

brethren, and let thy mother's sons bow down be- 
fore thee. Be he cursed, that curseth thee ; and may 
he be filled with blessings, who blesseth thee. 
Isaac had scarce made an end of speaking, when Jacob 
being gone out, Esau came, and brought into his father 
meat, which he bad taken in hunting ; and he said to 
him ; Arise, my father, and eat of thy son's hunting ,* 
that thy soul may bless me. Isaac sajd to him ; Who 
art thou ? Who answered, I am Esau thy first-born, 
Isaac was strangely surprised ; and, being seized with 
admiration beyond all that can be believed, said ; Who 
is, he then, that hath already brought me of his hunting, 
and I have eaten of all before thou didst come ? And I 
Dlesssed him, and he shall be blessed. When Esau, 
heard what his father said, he broke out into a bitter cry, 
and being struck said $ Bless me also, my father. And 
he answered j Thy brother came deceitfully, and took 
thy blessing. Esau replied 5 With good reason is he 
called Jacob J ; for behold he hath supplanted me now a 
second time. He first took away my birth-right $ and 
now the second time he hath robbed me of my blessing. 
He said then again to his father 5 Hast thou not reserved 
also a blessing for me ? Isaac answered 4 I have appoint- 
ed him thy Lord, and all his brethren I have given him 
for servants ; I have settled him in plenty of corn and 
wine j and after this, what more shall I do for thee, my 
son ? To whom Esau said : Father, hast thou but one 
blessing ? Bless me also, I beseech thee. And he wept 
with a loud voice : at which Isaac being moved, said to 
him : In the fatness of the earth, and in the dew of 
heaven from above, shall thy blessing be. 

GRAD. Ps . 91 . It is good to praise the Lord, and 
sing to tby name, O thou the Most High, r V. To pub- 
lish thy mercy in the morning, and thy truth in the 

GOSPEL. Luke xv. 11. 

AT that time $ Jesus spoke to the Scribes and Phari- 
sees this parable : A certain man had two sons : 
the younger of them said to his father : give me the 

X Eypl. The -word Jacob signifies one that takes another by the 
heel in order to throw him down, and was given to the Patriarch, 
because he caught his brother by the heel, when he came out of 
the womb. It signifies therefore to deceive, beguile, or supplant. 
He was a figure of Christ, who deceived the Devil by the humble 
appearance of man. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

25$ 6JRCQNJD wmk in lent. Saturday 

portion of lhe estate that falleth to me. And he divided 
his estate between them. And not many days after, the 
younger son, having got together all he had, took a 
journey into a far country, and there wasted his sub- 
stance in. .riotous living. And having spent all, tjiere 
happened a great famine in that land, and he began to 
be in want. And he went and put himfelf to serve to a 
man of that country, who sent him. to his farm to feed 
swine. And he would fain have filled his belly with 
the busks that the swine did eat : and nobody would give 
them him. But coming to himself* he said : How ma- 
ny hired servants in my father's house have plenty of 
bread, while I am perishing here with hunger ? I will 
rise and go to my Father, and say to him : . Father/ *I 
have sinned against heaven and before thee : and I am 
not now worthy, to be called thy son ; make me as one 
of thy hired servants. He rose then, and .came to his 
father. And while he was yet afar off, his father saw 
him, andi moved with compassion, he ran, and, falling" 
on his neck, kissed him. And his. son said to him; 
father, I have sinned again heaven and before thee; and 
I am no more worthy to be called thy son. But the fa- 
ther, said to his servants; Bring hither quickly the best 
robe, and put it on him ; and give him a ring on his 
hand, and shoes on his feet; and bring out the fatted 
calf, and kill it, and let us eat and be merry : for this my 
son was dead, and is alive again ; he was lost and is 
found. And they began to be merry. Now his elder 
son was in the field j and as he came, and drew .near to 
the house, he heard music and dancing ; and calling: one 
of the servants, . he asked him what it meant ? And he 
said to him : Thy brother is come, and thy father hath 
killed the fatted calf, because he hath received him safe. 
And he was angry and would not go in. His lather 
therefore went out, and began to entreat him. But he 
answering said to his father 5 Behold I have served thee 
so many years, neither have I at any time transgressed 
thy command -, and yet thou never gavest me a kid to 
make merry with my friends ; but as soon as this thy 
son, who has spent his estate with harlots, is come, thon 
hast killed for him the fatted calf. And he said to him ; 
Son, thou art always with me, and all I have is thine ; 
but it is fit we should make merry and be glad ; for this 
thy brother .was dead, and is alive again j he was lost, 
and is found. 

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OFFERT. Ps. 12. Enlighten my eyes that I sleepr 
not in death ; that my enemy may never say : I have' 
overcome him. 

SECRET. Mercifully grant us, O Lord, by this holy 
sacrifice, that we, who desire to be freed from our sins, 
may not be burdened with those of others. Thro'. 

COMM. Luke 15. Son, thou oughtest to rejoice be- 
cause thy brother was dead, and is come to life again ; 
he was lost and is found. 

POSTCOMM. Sacramenti. May the sacred taste of 
this thy sacrament, O Lord, penetrate the innermost re- 
cesses of our hearts, and make us plentifully partakers 
of its effects. Thro\ 

Let as pray. Bow down your heads to God. 
PRAYER. Familiam tuam. Protect, O Lord, we 
beseech thee, thy family by thy continual goodness, that 
as it relieth on the hopes of thy heavenly grace, so it 
may be defended by thy heavenly aid. Thro'. 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 
Anth. The father said to Ant. Dixit autem pnter 
the servants ; bring out pre- ad servos suos j cito profer- 
sently the best robe, and te stolam primam, & indn- 
put ft on him 5 and put a ite ilium, & date annulum 
ring on bis hand, and shoes in manu ejus, & calceamen- 
on his feet. ta in pedibus ejus. 

V. and R. asp. 225. Prayer, Familiam tuam,<w above, 

MASS. Introit. Ps. xxiv. 

MY eyes are always on /^\CULI mei semper ad 

the Lord, because v_y Dominum, quia ipse 

he will draw my feet out evellet de laqueo pedes me- 

of the snare ; look down os ; re spice in me, & mise- 

on me, and pity me, for I rere mei, quoniam unicus 

am forlorn and poor. Ps. & pauper sum ego. Ps. 

To thee, O Lord, have I Ad te, Domine, levavi ani- 

raised up my soul ; in thee, mam meam -, Deus meus, 

O my God, I put my trust, in te confido, non erubes- 

let me not be put to shame, cam. V. Gloria. 
V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Quasumus. Be attentive, we beseech 

thee, O Almighty God, to the prayers of thy servants ; 

VOL. J. 

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and stretch forth the arm of thy divine majesty in our 
defence. Thro*. 

EPISTLE. Ephes. v. 1. 9. 

BRETHREN : Be ye therefore followers of God, as 
most dear children ; and walk in love, as Christ 
also hath loved us, and hath delivered himself for us, 
an oblation and sacrifice to God, for an odour of sweet- 
Bess. * But fornication and all uncleanness, or covetous- 
ness, Jet U not so much as be named among you, as be- 
cometh saints ; nor obscenity, nor foolish talking, nor 
scurrility, which is to no purpose ? but rather giving of 
thanks. For know ye this and understand that no for- 
nicator, or unclean, or covetous person (wfcich is serving 
of idols) hath inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and 
of God. Let no man deceive you with vain words. 
For because of these things cometh the anger of God 
upon the children of unbelief. Be not therefore par- 
takers with them. For you were heretofore darkness, 
but now light in the Lord. Walk ye as children of the 
light. For the fruit of the light is in all goodness, and 
justice, and truth. 

GRAD. Ps.ix. Arise, 
O Lord, let not man pre- 
vail j let the nations be 
judged in thy sight. V. 
When thou shalt put my 
enemies to flight, then shall 
they be weakened, and pe- 
rish from thy sight. 

TRACT. Ps. cxxii. To 
thee have I raised up my 
eyes, O thou, who dwellest 
in the heavens. V. Behold 
as the eyes of servants are 
on the hands of their mas- 
ters. V. And as the eyes 
of the hand-maid are on 
the .bands of ber mistress ; 
so are our eyes on the 
Lord, until he have mercy 
on us. V. Have mercy 
on us, O Lord, have mercy 
oa us. 

Exurge, Domine, non 
praevaleat homo; judicen- 
tur gentes in conspectu 
tuo. V. In convertendo 
inimicum meumretrorsum, 
infirmabuntur, & peribunt 
a facie tua. 

Ad te levavi oculos me- 
os, qui habitas in coclis. V. 
Ecce sicut oculi servorum 
in manibus dominorum su- 
orum. V. Et sicut oculi' 
ancillae in manibus dominae 
suae ; ita oculi nostri ad Do- 
minum Deum nostrum, do- 
nee misereatur nostri. V. 
Miserere nobis, Domine, 
miserere nobis. 

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GOSPEL. Luke xi. 14. 28. 

AT that time :- Jesus was casting out a devil, and the 
same was dumb, and when he had cast out the devil, 
the dumb spoke, and the multitude were in admiration 
at it. But some of them said : He casteth out devils, 
by Belzebub, the prince of devils. And others tempt- 
ing him, asked of him a sign from heaven. But he 
seeing their thoughts, said to them : Every kingdom 
divided against itself, shall be brought to desolation, and 
house upon house shall fall. And if Satan shall be 
divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand ? 
because you say, that through Belzebub I cast out de- 
vils. Now if I cast out devils by Belzebub $ by whom 
do your children cast them out ? Therefore they shall 
be your judges. But if I by the finger of God cast out 
devils j doubtless the kingdom of God is come upon you. 
When a strong man armed keepeth his court ; those 
things which he possesseth are in peace. But if a 
stronger than he come upon him and overcome him ; 
he will take away all his armour wherein he trusted, and 
will- distribute his- spoil. He that it not wkli me, is 
against me ; and he that gatheretb not with me, scatter- 
eth. When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he 
walketh through places without water, seeking rest -, an4 
not finding, he saith : I will return into my house whence 
I came out. And when he is come, he findeth it swept 
and garnished. Then he goeth and taketh with him 
seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and enter- 
ing in they dwell there. And the last state of that man 
becometh worse than the first. And it came to pass, as 
he spoke these things, a certain woman from the crowd 
lifting up her voice, said to him : Blessed is the womb 
that bore thee, and the paps that gave thee suck, But 
he said : Yea rather, blessed are they who hear the word 
of God, and keep it. Credo. 

OFFERT. Ps. xviii. Jnstitias Domini rectae, 
The laws of the Lord are laetificantes corda, etjudi- 
just, and give joy to the cia ejus dulciora super mel 
heart ; his ordinances are et favum > nam et servus 
sweeter than honey and tuus custodit ea. 
the honey-comb j there- 
fore thy servant observeth 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




SECRET. May this offering, O Lord, we beseech 
thee, cleanse us from our sins, and sanctify the bodies 
and souls of thy servants for the celebrating of this sacri- 
fice. Thro/ 

Passer invenit sibi domum 
et turtur nidum,ubireponat 
pullos suos: altaria tua, 
Domine virtutum, Rex me- 
us, et Deus meusj beatl 
qui habitant in domo tua, 
in saeculum saeculi lauda 
bunt te. 

COMM. Ps. lxxxiii. 
The sparrow hath found it- 
self a house, and the tur- 
tle-dove a nest to put her 
young ones in ; in like 
manner, O Lord of armies, 
my King and my God, let 
my abode be near thy al- 
tar; blessed are they that 
dwell in thy house, they 
shall praise thee for ever 
and ever. 

POSTCOMM. A cunctis nos. Mercifully, O Lord, 
we beseech thee, deliver us from all guilt and danger, 
since thou admittest us to be pai takers of this great 
mystery. Thro'. 


Little Chapter. Brethren, be followers* Begin* 
ning of the Epistle * p. 258. Hymn, V. and R. as 
above, p. 224. 


Anth. A certain wo- 
man in the crowd raising 
her voice said ; Blessed is 
the womb that bare thee, 
and the breasts that gave 
thee suck. But Jesus said 
to her : Yea rather, bles- 
sed are they that hear the 
word of God, and keep 

Prates. Collect 

Ant. Extollens vocem 
quaedam mulier de turba, 
dixit; Beatus venter qui te 
porta v it et ubera quae sux- 
isti. At Jesus ait illt ; Quin- 
imo beati qui audiunt ver- 
bum Dei, et custodiunt 

at Mass, p. 25 J. 


MASS. Intkoit. Psalm 55. 

I Will praise God for the promise he hath made me, I 
will praise the Lord for the assurances he bath given 
me ; I will hope in God, and will not fear what man 
may do to me. Ps. Take pity on me, O God, for man 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Monday. third wbbk in lent. 26l 

hath trammed me under foot ; he hath attacked me the 
whole day and distressed me. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Cordibus nostris. We beseech thee, 
O Lord, mercifully to pour forth thy grace into our 
hearts 5 that, as we abstain from flesh, so we may keep 
our senses from all noxious excesses. Thro*. 

LESSON. 4 Kings v. 1. 15. 

IN those days : Naaman, the general of the army of 
the King of Syria, was a man in great esteem with 
his -master, and highly honoured, because, by his means, 
the Lord had saved Syria : and he was a valiant man and 
rich, but a leper. Now there had gone out a party from 
Syria, and had brought away captive from Israel, a little 
maid, and she waited on Naaman's wife. And she said 
to her mistress : I wish my master had gone to the 
prophet in Samaria 5 he certainly would have cured him 
of his leprosy. Naaman therefore went to his lord, and 
spoke to him, saying : Thus and thus said the maid that 
is of the land of Israel. And the King of Syria said to 
him : Go, and I will give thee a letter to the King of 
Israel. And he set out, taking with him ten talents of 
silver, and six thousand pieces of gold, and ten suits of 
clothes, and delivered a letter to the King of Israel in this 
form: When. thou hast received this letter, know that I 
have sent to thee my servant Naaman, that thou may st 
cure him of his leprosy. When the King of Israel had 
read the letter, he rent his clothes, and said : Am I God, 
that I should be able to kill and to give life, that he send- 
eth me to cure this man of his leprosy ? Consider and 
see, how be seeketh occasions of quarrel with me. But 
when Elizeus the man of God had heard, that the King 
of Israel had rent his clothes, he sent to him, saying : 
Why hast thou rent thy clothes t Let him come to me/ 
and let him see that there is a prophet in Israel. Then 
Naaman came with his horses and his chariots, and stood 
at the door of Elizeus' s house ; and Elizeus sent a mes- 
sage to him, saying : Go, and wash seven times in the 
Jordan, and thy flesh shall be healed, and thou shalt be 
clean. At which Naaman went away angry, saying : I 
expected he would have come out to me, and tnat stand- 
ing and calling on the name of the Lord his God, he 
would have touched with his hand the place of the le- 
prosy, and cured me. Are not Abana and Pharphar, 

y 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

262 third wbbk in lent. Monday. 

rivers of Damascus, better than all the Waters of Israel,/ 
to wash in and be clean ? Turning about therefore, and 
going away in a rage, his servants came to him, and said : 
Father, if the prophet had commanded thee some great 
thing, certainly thou oughtest to have done it : how 
much rather now, when he hath said only to thee : 
Wash, and thou shalt be clean. He went down then, 
and washed himself in the Jordan seven times, according 
to the directions of the man of God ; and his flesh came- 
again, even as the flesh of a child, and he was healed. 
And returning to the roan of God, he came with all his 
retinue, and stood before him, saying : Now I know for 
certain, there is no other God in the whole earth, but 
only in Israel. 

GRAD. Psalm 55. I have laid open to thee, O God, 
my life; and thou hast considered my tears. V. Take 
pity on me, O Lord, for man hath trampled me under* 
foot j he hath attacked me the whole day, and distressed 

Tract. Deal not with us, as above, p. 212. 

GOSPEL. Luke iv. 23. 30. 

AT that time : Jesus said to the Pharisees : You will 
certainly tell me this proverb: Physician, cure 
thyself. As great things as we have heard of, done by 
thee in Capharnaum, do also here in thy own country. 
And he said : Verily I say unto you : No prophet is re- 
garded in his own country. I tell you with truth : there 
were many widows in Israel in the days of Elias, when 
heaven was shut for three years and six months, and 
there was a great famine throughout the whole land ; and 
Elias was sent to none of them, but only to a widow in 
Sarephta of Sidon. And there were many lepers in 
Israel in the time of Elizeus the Prophet, and none of 
them was cleansed, except Naaman the Syrian. And all 
/in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were 
filled with indignation $ and rising up, drove him out of 
the city, and led him to the steep of the hill, where- 
on their city was. built, to throw him down head- 
long. But he passing thro* the midst of them, went his 
way. v 

OFFERT. Psalm 54. Hear my prayer, O God, 
% and despise not my petition $ look down upon me, and 
graciously hear me. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Tuesday. third week in lent. 26$ 

SECKET. Grant, O Lord, that the offering we 
make to thee, as a mark of our homage, may become to 
us a sacrament available to our salvation. Thro'. 

COMM. Psalm 13. Who will send out from Sion 
the salvation of Israel ? When the Lord shall put an end 
to the captivity of his people, Jacob shall leap for joy, 
and Israel shall rejoice. 

POSTCOMM. Pr^sta, qu*sumus. Grant, we be- 
seech thee, O Almighty and merciful God, that what 
we take with our mouths, we may receive with pure 
minds. Thro.' 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Subveniat nohis~ May thy mercy, O 
Lord, assist us, that, by thy protection, we may be de- 
livered from the dangers of sin that surround us, and so 
brought to eternal happiness. Thro'. 


Anth. But Jesus passing Ant. Jesus autem tran- 
thro* the midst of them, siens per medium illorum, 
went away. ibat. 

V. and R. p. 225. Prayer. Subveniat nobis, as above. 


MASS. Introit. Psalm 1(5. 

I Have cried out to thee, O God, because thou hast 
heard me ; lend therefore thine ear now, and hear 
my prayer. Keep me, O Lord, as the apple of thine 
eye, and protect me under the shadow of thy wings. 
Ps. Hear, O Lord, the justice of my cause, and hearken 
to my petition. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Exaudi nos. Graciously hear us, O 
Almighty and merciful God, and grant us the gift of sa- 
lutary continency. Thro'. 

LESSON. 4 Kings iv. 1.7. 

IN those days : A certain woman cried out to Elizeus 
the Prophet, 'saying; Thy servant my husband is 
dead, and thou knowest that be thy servant feared the 
Lord. And behold his creditor is now come to take 
away my two Sons to be his slaves. Elizeus said to ber : 
What would'st thou have me do for thee ? Tell me ; 
what hast thou in thy house ? And she answered: I, 
thy hand-maid, have nothing in my house, but a little 
oil to anoint myself. He said to her ; Go, and borrow 
of all thy neighbours a great many empty vessels. And 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

264 third week in lent. Tuesday. 

go in, and shut the door upon thee and thy sons ; and 
pour out of the oil into all the vessels > and when they 
are full, take them away. The woman went, and shut 
the door upon herself and her sons : they gave her the 
vessels and she poured in the oil. And when they 
were full, she said to one of her sons : Bring me ano- 
ther vessel : but he said to her : I have no more ; and 
the oil stopped. Then she came and told the man of 
God i and he said : Go, and sell the oil, and pay thy 
creditor ; and live thou and thy children of the rest. 

GRAD. Ps. 18. Cleanse me, OLord, from my 
hidden sins ; and preserve thy servant from those of 
other men. V. If these rule not in me, then shall I be 
without spot ; and cleansed from enormous guilt. 
GOSPEL. Matt, xviii. 15. 22. 

AT that time : Jesus said to his disciples : If 
thy brother offend against thee, go, and tell him 
of his fault between thee and him alone. If he give 
ear to thee, thou wilt gain thy brother. But if he 
will not hearken to thee, take with thee one or two 
more, that every thing may be testified by two or three 
witnesses. And if he will not hear them ; tell the 
church. And if he will not hear the Church, let him 
be to thee as the heathen or Publican. Verily, I 
say to you : Whatsoever you shall bind on earth, shall 
be bound also in heaven ; and whatsoever you. shall loose 
on earth, shall be loosed also in heaven. Again I say to 
you : If two of you shall agree on earth, concerning 
whatsoever thing they shall ask, it shall be granted them 
by my Father, who is in heaven. For where two or 
three are gathered together in my name, there I am in 
the midst of them. l*hen Peter drew near him, and said ; 
Lord, how often shall my brother offend against me, 
and I forgive him ? Till seven times ? Jesus saith to 
him i I say not to thee till seven times 5 but till seventy 
times seven. 

OFFERT. Ps. 117. The right hand of the Lord 
hath exerted its strength, the right hand of the Lord 
hath raised me up : I shall not now die, but live j and 
publish the works of the Lord. 

SECRET. May we receive, we beseech thee, O 
Lord, by these sacraments, the effect of our redemption $ 
so that, by means thereof, we may withdraw from all 
human excesses, and thou may *st bestow upon us the 
gift of salvation. Thro*. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Wednesday. thibd week, in lent. 265 

COMM. Ps. 14. Who is it, O Lord, that is to 
dwell in thy tabernacle ? Or who is it, that is to abide 
on thy holy mountain ? He that walketh without ble- 
mish, and doth righteousness. 

POSTCOMM. Saeris, Domine. Being now cleans- 
ed, O Lord, by these holy mysteries, grant us, we be- 
seech thee, ■ both pardon and grace. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Tuanos. Defend us, OLord, by thy 
protection, and always preserve us from all iniquity. 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 

A nth. Where two or Ant. Ubi duo vel tres 
three meet together in my congregati fuerint in no- 
name, I am in the midst of mine meo, in medio eorum 
them saith the Lord. sum, dicit Dominus. 

V. and R. as p. 225. Prayer. Tua nos, as above. 

MASS. Introit. Ps. 30. 

BUT I will hope In the Lorn r i will ichji £,; j3)\ 
and rejoice at thy mercy : for thou hast considered 
my distress: Ps. In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust, 
let me never be put to shame : deliver me according to 
thy justice, and rescue me. V. Glory. • 

COLLECT. Pnesta nobis. Grant, O Lord, we be- 
seech thee, that being improved by this wholesome fast, 
we may abstain from all pernicious vice, and, by thai 
means, more easily obtain thy mercy. Thro*. 
LESSON. Exod. xx. 12. 24. 

THUS saith the Lord God : Honor thy father and 
thy mother, that thou may'st live long in the land, 
which the Lord thy God will give thee. Thou shalt not 
kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt 
not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy 
neighbour. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house j 
neither shalt thou covet his wife, nor his man-servant, 
nor his maid-servant, nor his ox, nor his ass, rior any 
thing that is his. And all the people perceived the 
voices, and the lightening, and the sound of the trumpet, 
and the mountain smoking ; and, being affrighted and 
struck with terror, they stood afar off, and said to Mo- 
ses : Speak thou to us, and we will hear thee ; but let 
not the Lord speak to us ; lest, perchance, we die. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

266 third wbek in lbnt. Wednesday. 

And Moses said to the people: Fear not; for God is 
come to try you, and to make you fear him, that you 
may sin no more. And the people stood afar off, and 
Moses drew near the dark cloud, where God was. And 
the Lord said to Moses ; Thus shalt thou speak to the 
children of Israel 5 You have seen that I have spoken; 
to you from heaven. You shall not make Gods of silver, 
neither shall you make to yourselves Gods of gold. You 
shall raise to me an altar of earth, and sacrifice thereon 
your holocausts and peace-offerings; your sheep and 
your oxen in every place, where there shall be a memo- 
rial of my name. 

GRAD. Ps. 6. Take pity on me, O Lord for I 
am weak ; heal me, O Lord. V. All my bones are 
shaken, and my soul is in great distress. 
Tract. Deal not with us, OLord, as above, p. 212. 
GOSPEL. Matt. xv. I. 20. 

AT that time ; The Scribes and Pharisees came from 
Jerusalem to Jesus, and said to him ; Why do 
thy disciples transgress the traditions of the elders ? For 
they wash not their hands, when they eat bread. And he 
answering, said to them 3 Why do you transgress 'even 
the commandment of God for your tradition ? For God 
hath said; *Honor thy father and mother.* And; 
He that curseth father or Mother, let him be put to 
death. But you say; Whoever shall say to Father 
or mother; Whatsoever I shall offer, shall profit 
thee 5 and thus shall neglect to honor his father or mo- 
ther ; and then you have made void the commandment 
of God for your tradition. O ye hypocrites ! Well did 
Isaias prophesy of you, saying ; This people honor me 
with their lips ; but their heart is far from me. But they 
worship me in vain, teaching the doctrines and command- 
ments of men. And, having called the people to him, 
he said to him ; Hear, and understand. That which go- 
eth into the mouth defileth not a man j but that deiil- 
eth a man, which cometh out of the mouth. Then 
his disciples came, and said to him ; Knowest thou that 
the Pharisees have been scandalized at hearing what thou 
hast said ? And he answering, said ; Every plant which 
my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. 
Let them alone; blind they are, and leaders of the 
blind. And if one blind man lead another blind man, 
they both fall into the ditch. Then Peter answering, 
said to him ; Expound to us this parable. And he said ; 

d by Google 

Thursday. * third week, in lent. 267 

Are you also as yet without understanding ? Know you 
not, that whatever goeth into the mouth, passeth into the 
belly, and is cast out into the privy ? But the things that 
proceed out of the mouth, come from the heart, and 
these defile a man ; for out of the heart proceed evil 
thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, 
false-witnessings, blasphemies. These are the things 
that defile a man ; but to eat with unwashed hands, 
doth not defile a man. 

OFFERT. Ps. 108, Shew me, OLord, thy mer- 
cy, for the glory of thy name ; for thy mercy is sweet. 
SECRET. Receive, O Lord, we beseech thee, the 
prayers of thy people together with the offerings of these 
hosts j and while we" celebrate these thy mysteries, de- 
fend us from all dangers. Thro'. 

COMM. Ps. 15. Thou hast made known to me 
the Ways of life j the sight of thee will fill me with joy, 

POSTCOM. Sanctified nos. May the heavenly food, 
which we have taken, sanctify us, O Lord ; and freeing 
us from all errors, make us worthy of thy heavenly 
promises. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 
PRAYER. Concede. Grant, we beseech thee, d 
Almighty God, that we who beg the favour of thy pro- 
lection, being delivered from all evils, may serve thee 
with a secure mind. Thro*. 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 
Anth. To eat with un- . Ant. Non lotis manibus 
washed hands doth not de- manducare, non coinquinat 
file a man. hominem. 

V. and R. as p. 225. Prayer. Concede, as above. 

MASS. Introit. Ps.p. 

IAm the salvation of my people, saith the Lord ; in 
whatever tribulation they cry out to me, I will 
hear them -, and I will be their Lord for ever. Ps. Be 
attentive, O my people, to my law \ give ear to the 
words of my mouth. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Magnificet. May this sacred solemni- 
ty of thy holy servants, Cosmas and Damian, shew thy 
-greatness, O Lord $ on which, by thy unspeakable pro- 
vidence, thou hast bestowed on. them eternal glory, and 
granted us the aid of their prayers. Thro*. 

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268 third week in lent. Thursday. 

LESSON. Jer . vii. I. 7. 

IN those days : The word of the Lord came to me, 
saying : Stand in the gate of the house of the Lord, 
and publish what I tell thee, saying : Hear the 
word of the Lord all you of Juda, who go in at these 
gates to adore the Lord. Thus saith the L*>rd of armies, 
the God of Israel : Amend your ways, and your incli- 
nations, and I will dwell with yon in this place. Trust 
not in lying words, saying : This is the temple of the 
Lord, the temple of the Lorci; the temple of the Lord. 
For if you direct your ways and inclinations right 5 if' 
you do justice between a man and his neighbour 5 if you 
injure not the stranger, the fatherless and the widow, 
and shed not innocent blood in this place, and follow 
not strange Gods to your own prejudice, I will dwell 
with you in this place, in the land I have given to your 
fathers for ever and ever, saith the Lord Almighty. 

GRAD. Ps. 144. The eyes of all hope in thee, O 
Lord, and thou gi vest them their food in due season. V. 
Thou openest thy hand, and fillest every animal with 
thy blessing. 

GOSPEL. Luke iv. 38. 44 

AT that time : Jesus going out of the synagogue, en- 
tered the house of Simon. And Simon's wife's 
mother was ill of a great fever -, and they besought him 
in her behalf; and he standing near her, commanded 
the fever, and it left her. And getting up immediately 
she' waited on them. And when it was sun-set, all that 
had any sick of various distempers, brought them to him; 
and he laying his hands en each of them, cured them. 
And the devils went out of them, crying aloud and say- 
ing ; Thou art the Son of God j and he rebuking them, 
suffered them not to speak, because they knew he was 
the Christ. And when it was day, he went away to a 
solitary place, and the people sought for him, and com- 
ing up to him, they laid hold of him, that he might not 
depart from them. To whom he said ; I must publish 
the kingdom of God to other cities also : for I was sent 
for that purpose. And he preached in the synagogues 
of Galilee. 

OFFERT. Psalm 137 . IH walk in the midst of 
tribulation, thou wilt preserve my life, O Lord; and 
thou wilt stretch forth thy hand against the wrath of my 
enemies, and thy right hand shall save me. 

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Friday. third webk in lent. 26$ 

SECRET. We ofler thee, O Lord, on occasion of 
the precious death of thy holy servants, this sacrifice^ 
from which their martyrdom, and that of all others took 
its beginning. Thro'. 

COMM. Ps. .118. Thou hast ordered thy com- 
mandments to be strictly kept, O that my steps may be 
always directed so as to keep thy law ! 

POSTCOMM. Sit nobis. May this thy sacrament, 
O Lord, procure for us that salvation which we beg for 
by the merits of thy blessed Martyrs CosmasandDamian, 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Subjectum. May thy heavenly mercy, 
O Lord, perpetually increase thy people, and make 
them alwavs obedient to thy commandments. Thro*. 
The Commemoration at Vespers. 

A nth. All that had any Ant. Omnes qui habe- 
sick persons, brought them bant infirmos, ducebant il- 
to Jesus, and they were los ad Jesum, & sanaban- 
healed. tur. 

V and R. as p. 225. Prayer. Subjectum, as above. 

MASS. Introit. Ps. 85. 

SHEW me, O Lord, a mark of thy favour j that 
those that hate me, may see it, and be confounded : 
for thou, O Lord, hast helped me, and comforted me. 
Ps. Lend thine ear, O Lord, and hear me, ior I am 
poor and needy. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Jejunia nostra. Let thy kind favour, 
O Lord, accompany our fast, that as we abstain 
from corporal food, so we may likewise refrain from all 
vice. Thro*. 

LESSON. Numb. xx. 2. J 3. 

IN those days : The children of Israel assembled to- 
gether against Moses and Aaron, and mutinied, say- 
ing : Give us water to drink. And Moses and Aaron 
going from the people, went into the tabernacle of the 
covenant, and, falling prostrate on the ground, cried 
out and said : Lord God, hear the cry of this people, 
and open to them thy treasure, a fountain of living wa- 
ter, that, being satisfied, they may leave off their mur- 
muring. And the glory of the Lord appeared over them, 

VOL. I. Z * 

Digitized by CjOOQlC 

2/0 thihd week iw lent. Friday. 

And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying : Take thy rod, 
and do thou and Aaron tby brother assemble the people 
together, and speak to the rock in their presence, and 
it shall yield water. And when thou hast brought forth 
water out of the rock, all the people shall drink, as 
likewise their cattle. Moses therefore took the rod 
which was before the Lord, as he had commanded him, 
and having assembled the people before the rock, be 
said to them: Hear, you rebellious and incredulous peo- 
ple j shall we be able to bring forth water for you out 
of this rock ? And when Moses had lifted up his hand 
and struck twice, with the rod, water came forth in great 
plenty, so that both the people and their cattle drank. 
And the Ix>rd said to Moses and Aaron : Because you have 
not believed me, to sanctify me before the children of 
Israel, you shall not bring this people iuto the land, 
which 1 will give them. This is the water of contra- 
diction, where the children of Israel murmured against 
the Iiord, and he was sanctified in them. 

GRAD. Ps. 27. My heart trusted in the Lord, 
and I found relief: my flesh is healed, and I will with 
pleasure return him thanks. V. To thee, O Lord, have 
I cried out : answer me, O my God, and depart not 
from me. 

Tract. Deal not, as above, p. 212. 
GOSPEL. John iv. 5. 42. 

AT that time : Jesus came to a city of Samaria, cal- 
led Sichar, near the parcel of ground which Jacob 
gave to his son Joseph. And Jacob's well was there. 
Jesus therefore being wearied with his journey, sat 
down on the well : and it was about the sixth hour. 
Then a woman of Samaria came to draw water. Jesus 
saith to her : Give me to drink, (for his disciples were 
gone into the city to buy meat) Then that Samaritan 
woman saith to him ; How is it that thou, who aft a 
Jew, askest to drink of me, who am a Samaritan wo- 
man ? For the Jews have no communication with tlie 
Samaritans. Jesus answered, and said to her : If thou 
didst know the gift of God, and who it is that saith to 
,thee, Give me to drink, thou wouldst perhaps have 
asked him, and he would have given thee living water. 
The woman saith to him : Lord, thou hast nothing 
wherein to draw any, and the well is deep 3 whence 
then canst thqu have any living water ? Art thou greater 
than our father Jacob, who gave us this well, and drari 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Friday. third week in lent. 2ri 

of it himself, and his children, and all his cattle ? Je*us 
answered, arid said to her : Whoever drinketh of this 
water, shall thirst again 3 but whoever drinketh of the 
water that I shall give him, shall never thirst again * 
but the water I will give him, shall become in him a 
fountain of water springing up to eternal life. The wo- 
man saith to him : Lord give me that water, that I may 
never thirst, nor come hither to draw any. Jesus saith 
to her: Go, call thy husband, and come hither again. 
The woman answered and said 3 I have no husband. 
Jesus saith to her : Thou hast said right, in saying, I 
have no husband 3 for thou hast had five husbands, anct 
he whom thou now hast, is not thy husband 3 in this 
thou hast spoke the truth. The woman saith to him : 
Lord, I perceive thou art a prophet 3 our forefathers 
adored on this mountain, and you say that Jerusalem is 
the place, where we ought to adore. Jesus saith to her ; 
Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when you shall 
adore the Father neither on this mountain, nor in Jeru- 
salem. You adore what you know not 3 we adore what 
we know, for salvation cometh from among the Jews. 
But the hour cometh, and is already come, when the 
true worshipers shall adore the Father in spirit and 
truth : for the Father seeketh such to adore bim. God 
is a Spirit 3 and they who adore him, must adore htm in 
spirit and truth. The woman saith to him : I know the 
Messiah (who is called the Christ) is coming; and 
when he cometh, he will tell us all things. Jesus saith 
to her 3 I, who am talking to thee, am he. And im- 
mediately his disciples came, and wondered to see him 
talking with the woman. Yet no one said 3 What dost 
thoii want, or what art thou talking about with her ? 
The woman then left her pitcher, and going into the 
city, saith to the men there 3 Come and see a man, who 
hath told me all that ever I did j Is he the Christ > 
They went then out of the city; and came to him. In the 
mean time his disciples intreatedhim, saying: Master, eat. 
But he saith to them : I have food to eat, which youkno\* 
nothing of. The disciples therefore said to one another : 
Hath any one brought him any food ? Jesus saith to 
them 3 My food is tp do the will of him that sent me, 
and to perfect his work. Don't you say, There are yet 
four months, and then cometh the harvest ? Behold I 
say to you, lift up your eyes, and see the iklds, for they 
are wlute already for harvest. And he that reapeth re- 
Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

2/2 third week in LENT 4 . Saturday. 

ceiveth wages, and gatberetb fruit for life everlasting; 
that both he who soweth, and he who reapeth r may re- 
joice together. For in this is that saying true j Tis one 
that soweth, and another that reapeth 5 I sent you to 
reap that for which you laboured not ; others took pains 
and you have entered upon their labours. And many of 
the Samaritans of that city believed in him on the word 
of the woman, who assured them : He told me all 
whatever I did. And when the Samaritans were come 
lo him, they besought him to stay there. And he con- 
tinued there two days. And many more believed in him 
upon his own word. And they said to the woman : We 
believe now, not upon thy word : for we have heard 
him ourselves and know that he is indeed the Saviour 
of the world. 

OFFERT. Ps. 5. My King and my God, hear the 
words of my prayer, for it is to thee I will pray. 

SECRET. We beseech thee, O Lord, mercifully re- 
gard the offerings we consecrate to thee, so that they 
uiay become acceptable* to thee, and always advance our 
salvation. Thro'. 

COMM. John 4. He who shall drink the water, 
which I shall give him, saith the Lord, it shall become 
in him a fountain of water springing up to eternal life. 

POSTCOMM. Hvjus nos. May the receiving of 
this sacrament, O Lord, cleanse us from sin, and bring 
us to the kingdom of heaven. Thro'. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Pr*sta, qn*sumus. Grant, we beseech 
thee, O Almighty God, that we who confide in thy 
protection, hiay, thro' thy grace, overcome all the ene- 
mies of our salvation. Thro' . 

The Commemoration tff Vespers. 

Anth. Lord, 1 perceive Ant. Domine, ut video, 
thou art a Prophet: our Propheta es tu : patresnos- 
forefathers worshiped on tri in monte hoc adoiave- 
this mountain. runt. 

V. and R. asp. 225. Prayer. Praesta, quaesumus, 
as above. 



MASS. Jntroit. Ps. 5. 

EAR, O Lord, my words, attend unto my cry ; 
heai keu to the voice of my prayer, O my King 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

Saturday. thud wbbk in lent* 27$ 

and my God. Pj. For to thee, O Lord, will I pray ; 
and in the morning tjiou wilt hear ray voice. V* 

COLLECT. Pr*sta, qu*sumus. Grant we be- 
seech thee, O Almighty God, that they who mortify 
themselves by abstinence from food, may by observing 
thy holy law, also fast from all sin. Thro*. 
LESSON. Dam. mi. I. 6a. 

IN those days : There was a man dwelt in Baby- 
lon, whose name was Joachim 5 and he married a 
woman called Susanna, the daughter of Helcias, very 
beautiful and fearing God. For her parents being righte- 
ous, had\ brought Up their daughter according to the law 
of Moses. Now Joachim was very rich, and he had an 
orchard adjoining to his house ; and the Jews resorted 
to him, because he was of great esteem among them. In 
that year two Elders were appointed judges over the 
people, concerning whom the Lord had said : Iniquity 
is come out of Babylon from the Elders the Judges, who 
seemed to govern the people. # These men frequented 
Joachim's house ? and all, who had any business to be 
decided, came to them. And when the people were 
gone, about noon, Susanna went and walked about in 
her husband's orchard. And the Elders saw her go and 
walk there every day -, and they burnt with lust after 
her ; and they perverted their understanding, and turned 
away their eyes, that they might not see heaven, nor re- 
member righteous judgments. And it came to pass* 
that, when they had pitched on a fit day, she went in, 
as she had done yesterday and the day before, only with 
two maids, and had a mind to bathe in the orchard, for 
the weather was hot. And no body was there but the 
two Elders, who lay hid, and beheld her. Then she saicj 
to the maids z Fetch me the oils and washbals, and shut 
the orchard doors, that I may bathe. And when the 
maids were gone out, the tvo Elders arose, and running 
to her, said : BehoM the orchard-doors are shut, and no- 
body seeth us, and we are in love with thee j therefore 
yield to us, and lye with us. And if thou wilt nor, we 
will bear witness against thee, that there was a young 
man with thee, and therefore thou sendedst away thy ' 
maids. Susanna sighed, and said r I am distressed on 
every side j for if I do this, I die : and if I do it not, I 
shall not escape your bands. But it is better for m* 

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274 third week in lent. Saturday. 

without sin to fall into your hands, than to offend in the 
sight of God. And Susanna cried out with a loud voice, 
and the Elders also cried out against her ; and one ran 
to the orchard door and opened it. And when the ser- 
vants of the house heard the noise in the orchard, they 
made haste through a back door to see what was the mat- 
ter. But when the Eiders had told, the servants were 
ashamed very much, because, never any such thing had 
been said of Susanna. And the next day, when the 
people came to Joachim her husband, the two Elders 
also came full of malice against Susanna, resolving to 
put her to death. And they said before the people : 
Send for Susanna the daughter of Helcias, Joachim's 
wife. And they forthwith sent for her. And she 
came with her parents and children and all her rela- 
tions. And her friends wept, and all that knew her. 
Then the two Elders rising up in the midst of the 
people, put their hands upon her head j and she weeping 
lifted up her eyes to heaven, for her heart trusted in 
God. And the Elders said : As we two were walking 
alone in the orchard, this woman came in with two 
maids 5 and shutting the orchard-door, she sent the 
maids away. And a young man, who was hid, came to 
her, and lay with her. But we being in the corner 
of the orchard, and beholding the wickedness, ran to 
them, and saw them lye together. But we could not 
hold the young man, because he was too strong for us > 
but opening the doors, he made his escape. But when 
we had laid hold of this woman, we asked her, who the 
young man was ; but she would not tell us ; of all this 
we are witnesses. The multitude gave credit to them, 
as to Elders and Judges of the people, and condemned 
her to death. Then Susanna cried out with a loud 
voice, and said : O Eternal God, who knowest what is 
hidden, who knowest all things even before they come 
to pass, thou knowest they have borne false witness 
against me ; and behold I am to die, although I have 
done nothing of all that, which they have maliciously 
forged against me, And the Lord heard her voice. 
And as she was led to execution, the Lord raised up the 
holy spirit of a youth whose name was Daniel \ and he 
cried out aloud ; I am clear of this woman*s blood. And 
all the people turning towards him, said : What is that 
which thou hast said ? Who standing in the midst of 
them, said : Are you so foolish, you children of Israel, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Saturday* thi&d week in lent. 275 

that, without judging aright, or discovering the truth, you 
have condemned a daughter of Israel ? Return back to 
judgment, for they have borne false witness against her* 
Then the people went back in haste. And Daniel said 
to them : Separate them one from another, and I will 
examine them. , And when they were separated from 
one another, he called one of them, and said to him : O 
thou who art grown old in wickedness, thy sins are now 
come out, which thou hast heretofore committed in giv- 
ing unjust judgments, oppressing the innocent, and dis- 
charging the guilty : though the Lord hath said thou 
shalt not put to death the innocent, nor the righteous 
man. Now therefore, it thou sawest her, tell me under 
what tree thou didst see them talking together ? Who 
answered, under a mastick tree. Then Daniel said : 
Thou hast justly lied against thy own life. Behold the 
angel of the Lord, according to the sentence passed by 
him, shall cut thee in two. Then, he being put aside, 
be commanded the other to come, and said to him : 
Thou offspring of Canaan, and not of Juda, beauty bath 
deceived thee, and lust hath perverted thy heart; thus 
have you done before now with the daughters of Israel, 
and they through fear, have conversed with you ; but 
this daughter of Juda could not bear with your wicked* 
ness. Now therefore, tell me under what tree didst thou 
find them talking together > Who said, under an holm. 
Then Daniel said to him : Thou hast also lied justly 
against thy own life ; for the Angel of the Lord is wait- 
ing with a sword to cut thee in two and kill thee. Up- 
on this all the assembly cried out with a loud voice, and 
blessed God, who saveth those that hope in him. And 
they arose against the two Elders 3 for Daniel had prov- 
ed them guilty, from their own words, of having borne 
false witness. And they did to them, even as they had 
maliciously intended against their neighbour, and put 
them to death 5 and innocent blood was saved on that 

GRAD. Ps. 22. Though I should walk in the 
midst of the shades of death, I will fear no harm, because 
thou O Lord, art with me* V. Thy crook and thy staff 
have been my comfort. 

GOSPEL. John viii. 1. 11. 

AT that time ; Jesus went to mount Olivet ; and, 
early in the morning, came again into the temple, 
and all the people came to him, and sitting down he 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

2/6 third week in LENT. Saturday. 

taught them. And the Scribes and Pharisees bringing 
to him a woman taken in adultery, and setting her- in 
the middle; they said to him; Master, this woman 
hath just now been taken in adultery. And Moses in 
the law hath commanded us to stone such a one. What 
therefore sayest thou ? This they said tempting him, 
that they might have something to accuse him of. But 
Jesus stooping down, writ with his finger on the ground. 
But they continuing to ask him, he lifted himself up, 
and said to them: He that is without .sin among you, 
let him throw the first stone at her. And again stoop- 
ing down, he wrote on the ground. When they beard 
this, they went away one alter another, beginning from 
the eldest : and Jesus remained alone, and the woman 
standing in the middle. Then Jesus lifting himself up, 
said to her : Woman, where are they that accused thee ? 
Hath nobody condemned thee ? Who said : frobody, 
Lord. And Jesus said : Neither will I condemn thee t 
Go, and now sin no more. 

OFFERT. Psalm 118. Direct my steps accord- 
ing to thy law, that no injustice may reign in me, O 

SECRET. Grant, we beseech thee, O Almighty 
God, that the offering of this sacrifice may cleanse and 
protect our frail nature from all evil. Thro*. 

COMM. John 8. Woman, hath nobody condemned 
thee ? Nobody, O Lord. Neither will I condemn thee > 
now sin no more. 

POSTCOMM. Quasumus. We beseech thee, Q 
Almighty God, that we may be reckoned among bis 
members, whose body and blood we partake of. Who 
liveth, &c. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Pratende, Domine. Stretch forth, O 
Lord, over thy people, the right hand of thy heavenly 
aid, that they may seek thee with their whole heart, 
and mercifully obtain what they ask for as they ought. 


Anth. Woman, hath ^»/. Nemoteconderana- 
nobody condemned thee ? vit, mulier ? Nemo, Do- 
Nobody, O Lord ; neither mine 5 nee ego te con- 
will I condemn thee; siu demnabo; jam amplius noli 
now no more. peccare. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


V. andR. at p. 225. Praybr. Collect of to-morrow. 


r T"*HE Church seems to forget, in the Mass of this 
X day, the sentiments of pennance and of sorrow, 
with which she hath been taken up from the beginning 
of Lent. The reason of this is, that formerly such as 
were to receive baptism at Easter, were enregistered af- 
ter having been examined this week. Besides, she saw 
the time now approaching for the reconciliation of the 
Penitents, whom she had subjected to public pennance 
on Ash- Wednesday. The future birth therefore of those, 
who were judged' worthy of the grace of baptism ; and 
the resurrection to a new life of several of her children, 
who, after having gone astray, return to God by a sin- 
cere conversion, is the subject of the Church's joy on 
this day. 

MASS. Introit. Isaias lxvi. Psalm cxxi. , 

> EJOICE, O Jerasa- T jETARE, Jerusalem, 

R 1 

lem ; and meet toge- 1 j et conventum facite 
ther all you who love her. omnes cjui diligitis earn j 
Rejoice exceedingly, you gaudete cum laetilia, qui in 
who have been in sorrow, tristitia fuistis, ut exultetis, 
that you may leap for joy, et saciemini ab uberibus 
and suck plentifully from consolatiouis vestrae. Ps. 
her breasts your comfort. 121. Laetatus sum in his, 
Ps. 121. I have rejoiced quae dicta sunt mihi : in 
at what hath been told me : domum Domini ibimus. 
we are to go up to the V. Gloria, 
house of the Lord, V. 

COLLECT. Concede. Grant, we beseech thee, O 
Almighty God, that we, whoarejusily afflicted accord- 
ing to our demerits, may be relieved by thy comforting 
grace. Thro.' 

EPISTLE. Gal, iv. 22. 31. 

BRETHREN : It is written, that Abraham had two 
sons j the one by a bond -maid, the other by a free 
woman. But he that was of the bond- woman, was 
born according to the flesh : but lie by the free woman, 
in virtue of a promise $ now these things were said by 
way of allegory. * For these are the two covenant*. 

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One made on mount Sinai, which bringeth forth to 
bondage ; and this is Agar. For Sinai is a mountain of 
Arabia, and hath a reference to Jerusalem, that now is, 
and is in bondage with her children. But that Jerusa- 
lem, which is above, is free, and is our mother. For it 
is written : Rejoice thou, who art barren, and that 
bearest not : break forth, and cry out, thou that bring- 
est not forth 5 for she that had no husband, hath more 
children than she that hath a husband. But we, bre- 
thren, are the children of the promise, as Isaac was. 
But, as then, he who was born according to the flesh, 
persecuted him that was born according to the spirit j so 
it is also now. But what saith the scripture ? ■ Cast out 
the bond-woman and her son ; for the son of the bond- 
woman shall not be heir with the son of the free- woman. 
Therefore, brethren, we are not the children of the 
bond- woman, but of the free-woman 5 and it was Christ 
that purchased us that freedom. 

GRAD. Ps. cxxi. I Laetatus sum in his quae 
rejoiced at what had been dicta sunt mihi 5 in domum 
told me ; we are to go up Domini ibimus. V. Fiat 
to the house of the Lord, pax in virtute tua ; etabun- 
V. May peace be on thy dantia in turribus tuis. 
ramparts j and plenty with- 
in thy walls. 

TRACT. Ps. cxxiv. Qui confidunt in Domi- 
They, who trust in the no, sicut mons . Sion 5 non 
Lord, are as mount Sion; commovebiturinartternuro, 
he who dwelleth in Jerusa- qui habitat in Jerusalem, 
lem, shall never be moved. V. Montes in circuitu ejus, 
V. There are mountains on et Dominus in circuitu po- 
every side of it, and die puli sui, ex hoc nunc et 
Lord encompasseth his peo- usque in saeculum. 
pie both now and for ever 

GOSPEL. John vi. 1. 15. 

AT that time ; Jesus crossed over the sea of Galilee, 
which is that of Tiberias ; and a great multitude 
followed him, because they saw the miracles he wrought 
on those that were diseased. Jesus therefore went up a 
mountain 3 and sat there with his disciples. And the 
passover, a feast of the Jews, was near. When Jesus 
therefore had lifted up his eyes, and saw that a very 
great multitude was coming to him, he said to Philip : 
Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat } And 

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this he said to try him, for he knew what he was going 
to do. Philip answered him : Two hundred penny- 
worth of bread is not enough for them, for every one to 
have only a little piece. One of his disciples, Andrew 
the brother of Simon Peter, saith to him : Here is a 
boy that hath five barley loaves, and two fishes : but 
what are these among so many ? Then Jesus said : Make 
the men sit down j for there was a great deal of grass in 
that place. Then the men sat down, being in number 
about five thousand. Then Jesus took the loaves j and 
having given thanks, he distributed them to those that 
were sat down ; as likewise of the fishes, as much as 
they had a mind for. And when they had eaten enough, 
he said to his disciples; Gather up the fragments, 
which are left, that they may not be lost. They gathered 
them up therefore, and filled twelve baskets with the 
fragments of the five barley loaves, which were left by 
those who had eaten. Then those men, having seen the 
miracle wrought by Jesus, said : This is certainly th* 
Prophet, who is to come into the world. And when 
Jesus perceived that they were about to come and take 
him by force to make him King, he withdrew again a- 
lone into the mountain. Credo. 

OPFERT. Ps. cxxxiv. Laudate Dominum, quia 
Praise the Lord, for he is benignus est j psallite no- 
good j sing to his name, mini ejus, quoniam suavis 
for he is sweet ; he hath est ; omnia quaecumque 
done whatever he pleased, voluit, fecit in ccelo et in 
both in heaven and on terra, 

SECRET. We beseech thee, O Lord, mercifully re- 
gard this present sacrifice, that it may both increase our 
devotion, and advance our salvation. Thro*. 

COMM. P^.cxxi. Jeru- Jerusalem, quae acdifica- 
salem, which is built like tur ut civitas, cujus parti- 
a city, all whose parts are cipatio ejus in idipsum ; il- 
joined together 5 for it was lucenim ascenderunttribus, 
thither the tribes went up, tribus Domini, ad confiten- 
the tribes of the Lord, to dum nomini tuo, Domine. 
praise thy name, Lord, 

POSTCOMM. Da nobis. Grant, we beseech thee, 
O merciful God ; that we may sincerely respect, and re- 
ceive with faith tby holy mysteries, with which thou 
daily feedest us. Thro\ 

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280 fourth week in lent. Monday. 

Little Chapter. Beginning of the Epistle to *, 
p. 2/7. Hymn, V. and R. as p. 224. 
Anth. Jesus therefore Ant. Subiit ergo in mon- 
went up the mountain, and tern Jesus, et ibi sedebat 
there sat with his disciples, cum discipulis suis. 
Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 277- 

MASS. Introit. Psalm 53. 

SAVE me, O God, by thy name, and rescue me by 
tby poweis O God, hear my prayer ; be attentive 
to the words of my mouth. Ps. For strangers have risen 
up against me 5 and mighty ones have sought my life. 
V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Prasta, quasumus. Grant, we beseech 
thee, O Almighty God, that we, who annually cele- 
brate this holy fast, may be well pleasing to thee both 
in body and mind. Thro*. 

LESSON. 1 Kings iii. 16. 28. 

IN those days : Two women that were harlots, came 
to king Solomon, and stood before him, and one of 
them said : I beseech thee, my Lord, hear me ; I and 
this woman dwelt in the same house, and I was delivered 
of a child in the chamber with her. Andlhe third day 
after I was delivered, this woman was delivered also j 
and we were together, and there was nobody in the 
house besides us two. And in the night this woman's 
child died, for she overlaid it in her sleep 5 and she 
arose at midnight, and taking my child from thy hand- 
maid's side while I slept, she laid it in her own bosom, 
and her dead child she laid in my bosom ; and when I 
arose in the morning to give my child suck, behold it 
was dead 5 but having viewed it more attentively by day- 
light, I found it was not the child of which I had been 
delivered. And the other woman answered : Tis not as 
thou sayest 5 but it is thy child which is dead, and mine 
that liveth. On the contrary she replied $ Thou liest ; 
for my child is alive, and thine is dead. In this man- 
ner they wrangled before the king. Then the king said : 
The one saith : 'Tis my child which is alive, and thine 
is dead 3 and the other replieth $ No ; but 'tis thy child 

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Monday. fourth was* m lent. 181 

is dead, and mine la alive. And the king said i Bring 
roe a sword.. And a sword being brought before the 
king, he said : Divide the child that is alive in the mid- 
dle, and give half to one and half to the other. Then 
the woman, that was the mother of the living child, said 
to the king, (for her bowels were, moved for her child) I 
beseech tnee, my Lord, give her the child alive, and kill 
it not. But, on the contrary, the other said : Lei k be 
neither mine nor thine, but divide it. Then the king 
answered and said: Give this woman the child alive, 
and let it not be killed, for she is the mother of it. And 
all Israel heard of the judgment the king had given, and 
they feared the king : for they saw .the wisdom of God 
was with him. to do justice. 

GOSPEL. John ii. 13. 25. 

AT that times The Passover of the Jews was near, 
and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. And he found 
in the temple men selling oxen, and sheep and doves j 
and bankers sitting. And, having made, as it were 
a whip of small cords, he drove them all out of the tem- 
ple, as well as the oxen and sheep, and he threw down 
the hankers* money, and overturned their tables : and 
said to them that sold doves : Take these things away, 
and make not thy Father s bouse a house of trade. And 
bis disciples remembered that it is written r A zeal for 
thy house hath eaten me up. Then the Jews answered 
and said to him : What sign shewest thou, that thou 
doest these things ? Jesus answered and said to them ; 
destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. 
Then the Jews said : This temple was six-and-forty 
years building, and wilt thou raise it up in three days ? 
But he spoke of the temple of his body. And when he 
Was risen from the dead, his disciples remembered he 
had said this, and they believed the scripture, and what 
Jesus bad said.' And being in Jerusalem at the Passo- 
vepon the festival-day, many believed in his name, see* 
ing the miracles he did. But Jeskis trusted not himself 
to them, because he knew all men, and needed not any 
should inform him concerning man $ for he knew what 
was in man. 

OFFERT. Ps. 92. Sing to God all the earth, serve 
the Lord with joy $ come before him with gladness, for 
be the Lord is God. 

vol. 1. a a * 

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3#fc POfr&rarwxBK inxrnt. Tuesday 

SECRET. May the sacrifice we have offered to thee, 
OLord, always give us life, and defend us. Thro'. 

COMM. Ps. 18. Cleanse me, O Lord, from my 
bidden Bias, and free thy servant from those of other 

POSTCOMM. Suyptis. May the recQivingof these 
saving mysteries, we beseech thee, O Lord, advance 
our eternal redemption. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Deprecationem. We beseech thee, O 
Lord, mercifully hear our prayer, and grant us thy pro- 
tection, as it is thou inspirest us to ask it. Thro*. 
The Commemoration at Vespers. 

Anth. Destroy this tern- Ant. Solvite templum 
pie, saith the Lord, and hoc, dick Dominus, & post 
after three days I will re- triduum reaedificabo illud : 
build it 5 and this he said < hoc autem dicebat de tern- 
of the temple of -his body. . plo corporis sui. 
V. and R. as p. 225. Prayer. Deprecationem, 
as above. 

MASS. Introit. Ps. $4. 

OGod, hear my prayer, and despise not my petition; 
look on me, and hear me. Ps. I am filled with 
sorrow in my exercise ; and I am frightened at the voice 
of my enemy, and the distress of the sinner. V. 

COLLECT. Sacra? nobis. We beseech thee, O 
Lord, that the holy fast we observe, may be to our im- 
provement in holy conversation ; and draw down upon 
us the constant succours of thy mercy. Thro\ 

LESSON. Exod. xxxii. 7- 14. 

IN those days : The Lord spoke to Moses, sayiag ; 
Go down from demount: for thy people,, which 
thou hast brought out of the land of Egypt, hath sinned. 
They: have soon .forsaken the way, which thou hast 
shewed them ; and they have made to themselves a 
molten, calf, and adored it: and offering sacrifices to it, 
have .said ; These- are .thy Gods, O Irael, who brought 
thee out of the land of Egypt. And the Lord md again 
to Moses ; I see this is a stubborn people ; let me alone, 
that my wrath may be kindled against them, and that I 

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Tuesday. fo0**hWbwc n* lent. 283 

may destroy them, and I will wake of thee ^ gre^t na- 
tion; fiat Moses besought the Lord bis God, saying : 
Why is thy anger raised, O Lord, against Ihy people, 
which thou hast brought out of the land of Egypt with 
great power, and a mighty hand. Let not the Egypti- 
ans say, I beseech thee ; he hath craftily brought tbeiri 
out, to kill them in the mountains, and to consume them 
from the face of the earth : let thy anger cease and be 
appeased with regard to the iniquity of thy people. 
Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, thy servants, to 
whom thou didst swear by thyself saying ? I will multi- 
ply your seed as the stars of the' heavens : and all this* 
land, of which I spoke, I will* give to your seed, and you 
shall possess it for ever. And the Lord was appeased^ 
so as not to do the evil which he had spoke against his 

GRAD. Ps.43. Arise, O Lord, succour us, and 
deliver us for the sake of thy own name. V. We have 
heard, O God, with our ©wu eafB, and our forefathers 
have related to us the work thou didst in their days, and 
in the ages past. 

GOSPEL; J*hn *ifi. 14. 31. 

AT that time j The ftstN«Way being now half 
spent, Jesus went up into the temple, and taught.' 
And the Jews wondered,. saying 1 : How knowfeth thi* 
man letters, : having never learned ? Jesus .answered 
them and said: My doctrine is not my own, but his 
that sent me. If any will do his will, he' will know 
of my doctrine', whether it be from God, or whether X 
speak from myself: be that speaketh of himself, seek- 
eth his own glory : but he that seeketh the glory of him 
that sent him, be is true, and injustice is hot in him. 
Did not Moses, give you the law ? And yet none of you 
keep the law. Why seek you to kill me ? The people 
answered, and said; Thou ait posse^seti with a devil'* 
Who seeketh to kill thee } Jesus answering, said to 
them j I have done one thing, and you all wonder. 
Now Moses gave you circumcision, (not that it came 
from Moses, but from the fathers-) anft /ouVircumdse^ 
a man on the Sabbath-day. { IPa* man re^ive^iwomcisionf' 
on the Sabbatu-day 1 that' the law^oTMbs^tnay not be 
broken, are you' angry atme*, j be'eause I haWlieateclili 
whole man on the sabbattf-day ?* Jtitfee tibt according' to- * 
appearances, but judge just Judgment. * Then saifd some- 
of Jerusalem j Is not tbis'he/ whtettrtft^ seek to' KU I • 

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284 fourth wb*k n* X.INT..- Wednesday*. 

Behold he speateth it* public, and they say. nothing *tof 
him. Hays the. rulers found out for certain that he is 
Christ ? But we know from whence this rrian is : but 
when the Christ shall come, no one knoweth fronr 
whence he is. Jesus therefore cried out aloud in the 
temple teaching, and saying : You both know me, and 
you know from whence I am . And I am not come of my 
self, but he that sent me is true, whom you know not. 
J know him, because 1 am of him, and he sent roe. 
They sought therefore to seize him ; but nobody laid hands 
pn him, because his hour was not yet come. And many of 
the people believed in him. 

OFFEBT, Ps. 39. I have wailed, without being 
{ired for the Lord, and he hath looked upon me : and 
las. hath heard my prayer j and he hath put in my mouth 
a new canticle, a hymn to our God. 
• SECRET. May this offering, O Lord; we beseech 
thee, cleanse away our sins j and sanctify both the bodies 
and souls of thy servant? for worthily celebrating this sa- 
crifice. Thro'. • • . 

COMM. Ps. 19. We will rejoice in thy salvation % 
and we will glory in the. nac&e of the Lord* 

POSTCOMM. Hujus nos. May the receiving of 
this sacrament, O Lord, purify us from sin, and bring 
us to the kingdom of heaven. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow dovrn your heads to God. 

PRAYER.' Miserere.. Take compassion, O Lord, 
on thy people j and mercifully refresh them labouring 
tinder continual tribulations. Thro.* 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 
1 JnlL No one laid hands Ant. Nemo in eum misit* 
on hini'i because his hour man urn 3 quia nondum ve- 
was not yet come. nerat hora ejus. 

V. an^R* <vfi. 2?5. ?k*ykiu Miserere, as above.. 

' n .- 4| s •;'" c "-. WEDNESDAY. 

.'MASS'. Introit. .Buck, 36. 

WHEN I shall have bean sanctified amongst you, 
. J will gather you, from all nations ; and I will 
pour upon you clean water, and you shall be cleansed 
from all your sins % *»d I will give you a new spirit. Ps, 
33. J <will praise the Lord at all times ; his praise shall 
be always in my tpouth. , Y w Glory, 

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Immediately after the Kyrie eleison is said; 
Let tu pray. 
Let us kneel down. R. Ftectamus genua. Jl. 
Stand up again. Levate. 

COLLECT. Deus, qui. O God, who givest to 
the righteous the reward of their good works, and by 
lasting pardon to sinners ; have mercy on thy suppliants, 
that the acknowledgment of our guilt may procure us 
the remission of our sins.. Thro'. 

LESSON. Ezech. xxxvi. 23. 28. 

THUS saith the Lord God 5 I will sanctify my great 
name, which hath been profaned among the hea- 
thens, which you profaned in the midst of them 3. that 
the heathens may know that I am the Lord, when I 
. shall be. sanctified amongst you before their eyes. For I 
will take you out from- among the heathens, and gather 
you together from all countries, and bring you into your 
own land. And I will pour upon you clean water, and 
you shall be cleaned from all your filth mess, and I will 
cleanse you from all your idols. And I will give, you a 
new heart, and I will put a new spirit within you. And 
I will take away the stony heart out of your bodies, and 
give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my spirit 
within you, and will cause you to walk in my precepts- 
and observe my ordinances and practise them. And 
you shall dwell in the land, which I gave to your fathers; 
and you shall be my people, and I will be your God, 
saith the Almighty. 

GRAD. Ps. 33. Come, my children, and hear me; 
I will teach you the fear of the Lord. V. Come near 
him, and be enlightened, and your face shall not be 
covered with shame. 

II. COLLECT. Pr*sta, qu*sutnus. Grant, we 
beseech thee, O Almighty God, that the devotion, 
which makes us punish ourselves by this yearly fast, 
may also make us rejoice > to the end that, suppressing 
in ourselves all earthly affections, we may more easily 
receive thy heavenly inspirations. Thro'. 

II LESSON. Isaias i. 16. ig. 

THUS saith the Lord God $ Wash yourselves, be 
clean, and remove out of my sight y our wicked de- 
a'tgns. Leave off doing evil, Jearn to do good. Seek 
judgment, relieve the oppressed, do justice to the fatbe&- 

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280 tmmrniWBm&iir&mi Wrd*&daf\ 

less, defend rtheownbwi. ThtaT*topevm>d<i»^bin of 
me, saith the Lord. Though your sins be as scarlet, 
they shall be as white as snow; and'raougtatheyrbe red 
like crimson, they shall become white as wool. If yoO 
consent, and hear me, you shall eat. the good things of 
the earth, saith the Lord Almighty* 

GRAD* Ps. xxxii. Blessed is the Nation that fcatli 
the Lord for its God; and blessed/ is the <peof>le> the Lord 
hath chosen for his inheritance. V. By the word of the 
Lord were the heavens made, and by the breath of his 
mouth all the hosts thereof. 

Tract. Deal not, &c* «*4&ot>ej p. 2H2* 

GOSPEL. Johrtix. 1. 38. 

AT that time $ Jesus passing by, saw a man that had 
been blind from bis birth 5 and his disciples put 
this question to him : Master, who hath 4 sinned; this 
man or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus an- 
swered : Neither he nor his parents sinned ) but that the 
works of God may be manifested in him. I must do the 
work of him that sent me, while it is day : the night 
cometh, when no one can work. As long as I am in the • 
world, I am the light of the world. When he had said 
this, he spit on the ground, and having made clay with 
the spittle, he spread the clay on his eyes, and said to 
him : Go wash in the pool of Siloe (which signifieth; 
he that is sent). He went therefore and washed, and 
came back seeing. The neighbours therefore, and such 
as had seen him before, (for he was a beggar) said 1 Is 
not this he that sat and begged ? Some said, this is he ; 
others said, No 5 but it is one like him. But he said : 
I am he. Therr they said to him : How were thy eyes 
opened ? He answered : That man, who is called Jesus, 
made clay and anointed my eyes, and said to me : Go to 
the pool of Siloe and wash. And I went and washed, 
and received my sight. And they said to him 5 Where 
is he? He said; I know not. They bring him, who 
had been blind, to the Pharisees. And it was the Sab- 
bath-day, when Jesus made the clay and opened his eyes* 
Then the Pharisees asked him again, bow he had re- 
ceived- his sight? And he said to them 5 He put clay 
on my eyes, and I washed, and now I see: Then some 
ofrthe Pharisees said$ This man is not of God, who 
keepethnot the Sabbath-day. But othorftsaid; Ho* 
can a man, that is a sinner, such miracles ? And 

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Wednesday. fourth wee* in lent. 28?" 

there : was- a distention among them. They said there- 
fore again to the blind-man ; What sayest thou of him,- 
that opened thy eyes ? And he said ; He is a Prophet. 
Hie Jews therefore would not believe that he ever had 
been blinds and had received his sight, till they called 
the 1 parents 1 of trim, who had received his sight, and 
they asked them, saying; Is this your son, who, 
you say, was born blind ? How then doth he now see ? 
His parents answered them, and said ; We know this 
mantobe our son, and that he was born blind ; but by 
what means be now seeth, we know not ; neither know 
we who hath opened his eyes ; Ask him ; he is of age ; 
let him speak for himself. His parents said this, be- 
cause they feared the Jews ; for the Jews had now re- 
solved, that if any one should confess him to be the 
Christ, he should be, put out of the synagogue. For this 
reason his parents said; He is of age; ask him. Then: 
they called again the man that had been blind, and said 
to him ; Give glory to God 5 we know this man is a sin- 
ner. He said therefore to them ; Whether he be a sin* 
ner, or no, I know not; but one thing I know ; that 
whereas I was blind, J can now see. Then they said 
to him 5 What did he do to thee ? How did he open thine 
eyes ? He answered them ; I have told you already, and 
you have heard ; Why would you hear it again ? Have 
you a mind to become his disciples ? Then they reviled 
him, and said V Be thou his disciple; but we are the 
disciples of Moses. We know God spoke to Moses; 
but as for this man; we know not whence he is. The 
man answered, and said to them; There is something 
wonderful in that you should not know from whence he 
is, when he hath opened my eyes ; for we know God 
heareth not sinners ; but if any one be a servant of God, 
and do his will, him he heareth. Since the world began 
it was never heard, that any one opened the eyes of a 
man born blind. If this man was not of God, he could 
not do any thing. They answered and said to him; 
Thou wast wholly born in sins, and dost thou teach us ? 
And they cast him out. Jesus heard that they had cast 
him out, and having found him, he said to him ; Be- 
Kevest thou in the Son of God ? He answered and said ; 
Wheals he, Lord, that I may believe in him ? And 
Jesus said to him ; Thou hast seen him, and 'tis he that 

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288 fourth wbex in lint. Thursday. 

is talking to thee. And he said $ Lord I believe 5 and 
falling down he adored him. 

OFFERT. Ps. 65. O ye Gentiles, bless the Lord 
our God, and make heard the voice of his praise $ who 
hath preserved my life, and hath not permitted my feet 
to slip. Blessed is the Lord, who hath not rejected my 
prayer, nor turned aside his mercy from me, 

SECRET. We humbly beseech thee, O Almighty 
God, that our sins may be cleansed away by this sacri- 
fice 5 because 'then thou wilt bestow on us true health 
both of body and soul. Thro.* 

COMM. John 9. The Lord made clay of spittle, 
and anointed my eyes 5 and I went and washed and saw, 
and believed in Goer. 

POSTCOMM. Sacramenta. May the mysteries, 
O Lord our God, which we have received, both feed 
our souls, and protect our bodies. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Pateant. May the ears of thy mercy, O 
Lord, be opened to the prayers of us thy servants 5 and 
that we may obtain the effect of our petitions, grant us. 
to ask what is pleasing to thee. Thro.* 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 

Anth. That man, who Ant. Ille homo, qui di- 

is called Jesus, made clay citur Jesus, lutum fecit ex 

of his spittle, and anointed sputa, et linivit oculos me- 

my eyes, and now, I see. os, et modo video. 

V. and R. as p. 225 . Prater. Pateant* as vlove* 


MASS. In,troit. Psalm 104. 

LET the hearts of those, who seek the Lord, be glad j. 
seek the Lord, and be strengthened ; always seek 
his presence. Ps. Praise the Lord and call on his 
name; publish his works among the Gentiles. V. 

. COLLECT. Pra>sta,qu<esumus. Grant we beseech 
thee, O Almighty God, that the devotion, which makes 
us punish ourselves by this yearly ^ast,,may also make 
us rejoice ; to the end that suppressing, in- ourselves' all 
earthly affections,' we may more easily receive thy hea- 
venly inspirations. Thro.* 

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Thursiay. »ouEf h webk ut mm?. 289 

LESSON. 4 JEm^j iv. 25. 36. 

IN those days: A Sunamitess came to Eliseus on 
mount Carmei j and when the man of God saw her 
coming towards him, he said to Giezi his servant : Be- 
hold that Sunamitess > go therefore and meet her,. and 
say to her : Is all well with th$e and with thy husband, and 
with thy child ? And she answered : All is well. And 
being come unto the mount to the man of God, she 
took hold of his feet j and Giezi came to put ber away. 
But the man of God said ; Let her alone ; for her, soul 
is in anguish, and the Lord hath concealed it, and hath 
not made it known to me. And she said : Did I de- 
sire a son of my Lord ? Did I not say, Do not deceive 
me ? And he said to Giezi : Gird thy loins, and take 
my staff in thy hand, and go. Jf any man meet thee, 
salute him not ; and if any one salute thee, answer him 
not ; and lay my staff on the face of the child, But the 
child's mother said : As the Lord liveth, and as thy 
soul liveth, I will not leave thee. He arose therefore, 
and followed her. And Giezi was gone before them,, 
and laid the staff on the child's face $ but he had nei- 
ther voice, nor feeling j and he went back again to meet 
him, and told him, saying : The child arose not. Eli- 
seus therefore went into the house, and behold the 
child lay dead on his bed ; and being come in, he .shut 
the door upon himself and the child, and prayed. to the. 
Lord. And rising up, he lay upon the child, and put 
his mouth upon his mouth, and his eyes upon his eyes, 
and his hands upon his hands, and he stretched himself 
Upon him ; and the flesh of the child grew warm. Then 
arising, he walked once to and fro in the house, and 
went up again, and laid himself upon him ; and the cbil4 
gaped seven times, and opened his eyes. Then he 
called Giezi, and said to him : Call the Sunamitess. 
Who being called, went to him. He said to her ; Take 
tfcy son. She came, and threw herself at his feet, and 
fell prostrate on the ground : and she took her son, and 
went but, and Eliseus returned to Galgala. 

GRAD. Ps. 73. Look down, O Lord, on thy 
covenant, and forget not for ever the souls of thy poor 
servants. V. Arise, O Lord, judge thy cause ; remem- 
ber the reproaches that are cast on thy servants. 
GOSPEL. ' Luke vii. 11. 10. 

AT that time : Jesus went into a city called Nairn ;. 
and there went with him his disciples, and a, great 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

multitude. And 4 wbeft he came nigh tt> the gate of the 
city, behold a dead main was carried out, the only son of 
hill mother, arid she'wa* k widow 5 and' af great multi- 
tude from the city was with her.' Whom when the 
Lewd saw, he : was moved with compassirih towards her, 
afnd said to her, weep not. And he' came near and 
touched the bier ; and the/ who carried it, stood still'. 
And he said: Young man, I say to thee, Arise. And 
lie, Who had been dead; sat up, and began to speak. 
And he delivered him to his mother. And a dread 
seized them all 5 and they glorified 'God, saying : A 
greAt J Prophet hath risen up amongst us, and God hath 
visited ht9 people; 

OPFERT. Ps. 02. Lord, make haste to helpr 
me } let ail be put to shame, who desigri evil to thy* 

SECRET. . Purify us, O merciful God, that the 
pirayers of thy church, which are pleasing to thee, being 
accompanied with these offerings; taay becdme more so 
bf the purity of our minds. Thro\ 

COMM. Ps. 70. Thy justice alone, O Lord, I 
wHI -remember j thou, O God, hast instructed me from 
ttiy jrouth; abandon me not, O God, in my old and de-i' 
crepit age. 

j POSTOOMM. C&listia*. Let us not, we beseech* 
tfiee^O Lord, receive, to our judgment', these heavenly 
gift*, which thou hast prepared ais a remedy for thy 1 
foithM. TW. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God: 

PRAYER. Popult tui. O God, the author and go-' 
verrior of thy people, deliver them 1 from the sins, -by* 
Which they ate assaulted, that they may be always well' 
pleasing in thy sight, and safe under thy protection.' 

The Commemoration at Vespers, 

Anth: A great Prophet Ant. Propheta magnto' 
bath riseti 'amongst us, and ' sufrexit in nobis, et 1 
God hath visited his people, Deus visitaVit plebem su* ; 


V. and R. as p. 225. Prayer. Populi tui, asabweV 

MASS. Introit. Ps. 18. 

THOU always seest the designs of my heart ; thofcl, 
O Lord, art my helper and my ddivertr; ; Ps* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Friday. fqv*?h wejik i* wkt, Sgi 

The heavens publish tbe glory of God -, and the firma- 
ment deojarelh jthe work of his hands. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Deus 9 qui. O God, who by thy inef- 
fable mysteries givest new life to the world j grant, we 
beseech thee, that thy Church may make a progress in 
the observance of jtby eternal precepts, and never be 
destitute of thy temporal assistance. Thro'. 

LESSON. 3 Kings xvii. 1 7. 24. 

IN those days 5 The son of the mistress of the house 
fell sick, and his distemper was very violent, so that 
there was no breath left in him. She said therefore to 
Elias : What have I to do with thee, O man of God ? 
Thou art come to me, that my sins may be called to re- 
membrance, and to kill my son. And Elias said to her : 
Give me thy son. And he took him from her bosom, 
and carrying him to the chamber where he lodged, laid 
him on his bed, and cried out to the Lord, and said : O 
Lord my God, hast thou afflicted, to tbe killing of her 
son, even the widow that giveth me the maintenance I 
have ? And he stretched himself oat, and measured 
himself thrice upon the child, and cried out to the Lord 
and said : O Lord my God, I beseech thee that the soul 
of this child may return again to his body. And the 
Lord heard the voice of Elias, and the soul of the child 
came unto him, and he returned to life. And Elias 
took the child, and carrying him from the chamber 
down to tne house, delivered him to his mother, and 
said to her : - See, thy son is alive. And the woman 
said to Eliad: Now by this IJcnow, that thou art a 
man of God, and the word of the Lord is true in thy 

GRAD. Ps. 1 17. It is better to trust in the Lord, 
than to trust in man. ' V. It is better to hope in the 
Lord, than to hope in princes. 

Tkact. Deal not, &fc. as abwe p. 212. 

GOSPEL. John xi. 1/45. 

AT that time : There was a certain map sick, called 
Lazarus, of Betbania, of the town of Mary and of 
Martha her sister* (And it was this Mary that anoint- 
ed the Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet with her* 
hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick.) His sisters 
therefore sent to Jesus, saying, Lord, behold he, whom 
tboulovest, is sick. When Jesus heard it, he said to 
them : Tins sickness . is, not to death, but for the glory 

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202 fourth wbck ik lent. Friday. 

of God, that the Son of God may be glorified by it. 
Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister Mary and La- 
zarus. When he heard therefore that he was sick, he 
staid two days in the same place. Then he said after* 
wards to his disciples : Let us go to Judea again. His 
disciples say to him : Rabbi, it was but just now the 
Jews sought to stone thee, and art thou going thither 
again ? Jesus answered ; Are there not twelve hours in 
the day ? If a man walk in the day-time, be stumbleth 
not, because he seeth the light of this world. But if 
he walk in tbe night, he stumbleth, because he hath 
no light. Thus he spoke, and after these things, he 
said to them : Our friend Lazarus sleepeth ; but I am 
going to raise him from sleep. Then his disciples said : 
Lord, if he sleep, he will recover. But Jesus spoke of 
his death : and they thought he had spoke of the rest of 
sleep. Jesus therefore said plainly to them : Lazarus is 
dead ; and I am glad for your sakes, that I was not 
there, that you may believe. But let us go to him. 
Then said Thomas, who is called Didymus, to his fellow 
disciples : Let us go also, that we may die with him. 
Jesus therefore came, and found he had been now in the 
grave four days. (Now Be than ia was about fifteen fur- 
longs from Jerusalem). And many of the Jews had 
come to Martha and Mary to comfort them concerning 
their brother. Martha therefore,, as soon as she heard 
Jesus was coming, went to meet him j but Mary sat at 
home. Then Martha said to Jesus j Lord, if thou hadst 
been here, my brother had not died. And even now, I 
know, whatever thou shalt ask of God, God will grant 
it thee. Jesus saith to her : Thy brother will rise again. 
Martha saith to him - t I know he will rise again at the 
resurrection on the last day. Jesus saith to her ; I am 
the resurrection and the life ; he that believeth in me, 
though he be dead, shall live j and every one that liveth, 
and believeth in me shall never die. Belieyest thou this ? 
She saith to him ; Yes, Lord, I have believed that thou 
art the Christ, the son of the living God, who art come 
into this world. And having said this, she went and 
called Mary her sister secretly, saying $ The Master is 
come, and calleth for thee. As soon as she heard this, 
she rose presently, and came to nim 5 for Jesus was not 
yet come into the town $ but still was in the place, where 
Martha had met him. Then the Jews that were with 
Mary in the house, and were comforting her, seeing 

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Friday. fourth week in lent. 293 

her arise tip hastily, and go out, followed her, saying : 
She is going to the grave, to weep there. When Mary ' 
was come where Jesus was, seeing him, she fell down 
at his feet, and said to him : Lord, if thou hadst been 
here, my brother had not died. Jesus therefore, when 
he saw her weeping, and (he Jews also weeping, who 
came with her, groaned in spirit, and was troubled, and 
said: Where have you laid him? They say to him: 
Lord, come and see. And Jesus wept. Then the Jews 
said: See, how he loved him. And some of them said : 
Could not this man, who opened the eyes of him that 
was blind, have prevented his death ? Jesus therefore 
again groaning within himself, came to the monument. 
And it was a cave 5 and a stone was laid upon it. Jesus 
said : Take away the stone : Martha, the sister of the 
dead man, saith to him : Lord, he stinketh by this time, 
for he hath been there four days. Jesus saith to her : 
Did not I tell thee, that if thou wilt believe, thou shalt 
see the glory of God ? Then they removed the stone : 
and Jesus lifting up his eyes, said: Father, I thank' 
thee, that thou hast heard me. And I knew thou al- 
ways hearest me ; but for the sake of the people that are ' 
here, I spoke thus : that they may believe thou hast sent 
me. Having said this, he cried out with a loud voice ; 
Lazarus, come forth. And immediately he, that had 
been dead, came forth, bound hands and feet with 
grave-cloths, and his fade was covered with a napkin. 
Jesus said to them : Loose him, and let him go. Many 
therefore of the Jews, who came to Mary and Martha, 
and had seen what Jesus did, believed in him. 

OFFERT. Ps. 17. Thou, O Lord, wilt save thy 
people in distress, and thou wilt humble the eyes of thtf 
proud ; for who is God, besides thee, O Lord ? 

SECRET. May these offerings, we beseech thee, 
O Lord, purify us, and always render thee propitious. 

COMM. John 11. The Lord seeing the sisters of 
Lazarus weeping at the grave, wept before the Jews, 
and cried out -, Lazarus, come forth. And he who bad 
been dead four days, came forth bound hands and 

POSTCOMM. Jt*c nos. May the receiving of this 
sacrament, O Lord, we beseech thee, always free us 
from our sins, and protect us from all adversity. Thro.* 

VOL. I. B b * 

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294 fourth week in lent. Saturday* 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 
PRAYER. Da, nobis. Grant, we beseech thee, O 
Almighty God, that we, who are sensible of our own 
weakness, and confide in thy power, may always rejoice 
in the effects of thy goodness. Thro/ 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 

Anth, Lord, if thou hadst Ant. Domine, si fuisses 

been here, Lazarus would hie, Lazarus non esset mor- 

not have died 3 behold now tuus ; ecce jam fcetet, qua- 

he stinketh, having been triduanus in monumento. 
four days in the grave. 

V. and R. as p. 225. Prayer. Da, nobis, as above* 


MASS. Intro it. Psalm 54. 

YOU that are thirsty, come to the waters, saith the 
Lord ; and you that have no money, come and 
drink with joy. Ps . JJ. My people be attentive to my 
law : hearken to the words of my mouth. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Fiat, Domine. Grant us, O Lord, 
we beseech thee, an increase of devotion ; for then only 
will our fasts avail us, when they are well pleasing to 
thy goodness. Thro*. 

LESSON. Isaias xlix. 8. 15. 

THUS saith the Lord : I have heard thee at a favour- 
able time, I have helped thee in the day of salva- 
tion : and I have preserved thee, and I have appointed 
thee for the covenant of my people, to restore the earth, 
and to possess the inheritances that were laid waste; 
that thou mayst say to those, who are in chains ; go 
forth 5 and to such as are in daikness 3 see the light. 
They shall feed in the ways, and on every plain shall be 
their pastures. They shall not hunger nor thirst, neither 
shall the heat, or the sun hurt them \ because he, that 
hath taken pity on them, shall conduct them, and give 
them drink at the fountains of water. And I will level 
all my mountains to an even way, and my hollow paths 
shall be raised. Behold some shall come from afar off 5 
and behold some from the north and the sea, and others 
from the southern country. Praise the Lord, O ye hea- 
vens, and rejoice thou, O earth, and, ye mountains, 
sing forth his praise ; because the Lord hath comforted 
his people, and he will take compassion on his poor ones. 

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Saturday. fourth week in lent. 295 

But Sion hath said : The Lord hath abandoned me, and 
the Lord hath forgotten me. Can a woman forget her 
child, so a* not to hare any compassion for tiie child of 
her womb ? And though she should thus forget it, yet I 
will never forget thee, saith the Lord Almighty. 

GRAD. Ps. 9. The poor man, O Lord, is left to 
thee 5 thou wilt be the protector of the orphan. V. Why 
art thou withdrawn so far from us, O Lord ? Dost thou 
despise us in our necessities and affliction ? When the 
wicked man is puffed up with pride, the poor man' suf- 

GOSPEL. John viii. 12. 20. 

AT that time : Jesus spoke to the multitude of the 
Jews, saying : I am the light of the world ; he 
that followeth me, walketh not in darkness, but shall 
have the light of life. The Pharisees therefore said to 
him: Thou bearest testimony to thyself: therefore thy* 
testimony is not true. Jesus answered and said to them : 
Though I bear testimony to myself, yet my testimony is 
true : because I know whence I came, and whither I 
am going ; but you know not whence I came, nor whi- 
ther I am going. You judge according to the flesh j I 
judge no man. And if I do judge, my judgment is true, 
because I am not alone 5 but I, and the Father, who sent 
me. Now it is written in .your law, that the testimony 
of two is true. 1 am who bear witness to myself; and 
my Father, who sent me, beareth witness to me. Then 
they said to him : Where is thy Father ? Jesus an- 
swered : You know neither me, nor my Father ; if you 
knew me, you would also know my Father. Thus spoke 
Jesus in the treasury, teaching in the temple ; and no 
one seized him, because his hour was not yet come. 

OFFERT. Ps. 17. The Lord is my support, my 
refuge and my deliverer ; 'tis in him I will trust. 

SECRET. Be appeased, O Lord, we beseech thee, 
with these our offerings ; and, in thy mercy, compel 
our will, even when it rebelleth, to submit to thee. 

COMM. Ps. 22. The Lord is fay shepherd, and I 
shall be in want of nothing ; he hath placed me in a 
plentiful pasture -, he hath led me to a refreshing 

POSCOMM. Ttta 710s. May thy sacred mysteries^ 
O Lord, we beseech thee, purify us, and by their effica- 
cy, make us well pleasing to thee. Thro'. 

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Lei us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Deus, qui sperantibus. O God, who 

chusett rather to shew mercy, tht^ to be angnr with 

those that hope in thee 5 grant we may worthily lament 

' the evil we have committed, that so we may find the 

favour of thy comfort. Thro\ 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 

Anth. 1 am who bear Ant. Ego sum qui testi- 
witness of myself; aod my monium perhibeo de meip- 
Father, who sent me, bear- so ; et testimonium perhi* 
eth witness of me* bet de me, qui misit me, 


V. Deliver me, OLord, V. Eripe me, Domine, 
from the wicked man, R, ab homine malo. R. A 
And from the unjust man viro iniquo eripe me. 
deliver me. 

This V. and R. art said till Maunday-Thursday. 

Prayer. Collect of to-morrow. 
In the short R. at Complin. Glory be to the Father, &c. 
is not said from this day to Holy Saturday, except on 


THE two last weeks of Lent are consecrated in a 
particular manner to honour the Passion of Jesus 
Christ. And altho' the week we are now entering up- 
on be only a preparation to the following one, and the 
Church represents therein to our thoughts other objects, 
the Passion of Christ is often referred to, and for that 
reason this day is called Passion-Sunday. 

From this day the Gloria Patri is omitted at the In- 
troit ; as likwise the Psalm, Judica. Those that have 
wrote on the Liturgy, assert this to be agreeable to the 
antient practice 3 and they observe, in general, that the 
particular ceremonies of these two last weeks, and more 
especially those of the three last days in Lent, are all 
venerable remains of antient usages. 

MASS. Introit. Psalm xlii. 
E thou rov judge, O TUDICA me, Deus, et 
God, and give sen- *J discerne causam mearo 
tenge in my cause against de gente non sancta, Ab 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Mass. PAg#it>N-ttftrt>iYt ' 297 

an ungodly people. De- homkie iniquo et doloso 

lhrer me from the unjust eripe me ; quia tu es Dens' 

and deceitful man; for mens, et fbrtitudo mea. 

thou art my God, and my Ps. Emiite lucem tuam et 

strength. Ps. Send forth veritatem tuam ; ipsa me 

thy light and thy truth ; deduxerttnt et adduierunt 

for they have conducted in montem sanctum ruum, 

me, and brought me to thy et in tabernacula tua. Ju- 

hVily mountain, and in to thy dica, &c. to Ps. 
tabernacle. Be thou, &c. 

And thus the Iktkoit is said till Easter. 

COLLECT. Qu*sumus, Omnipbtens. Mercifully 
look down on thy people, we beseech thee, O Almigh- 
ty God, that, by thy bounty and protection, they mav 
be governed and guarded both in body and soul. 

From this day to Maunday-Thursday, after the Col- 
lect of the day, is said the Collect, Ecclesias tua, as 
p. 112; or, Deus omnium, 113, with their respective 
Secrets and Postcommunions. 

EPISTLE, tieb. is. 11. 15. 

BRETHREN: Christ being corfie, the High-priest 
of the good things id come, by a more excellent 
and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that 
is, hot of this creation 5 neither by the blood of goats 
or of calves, but by his own blood hath once entered the 
holy place, having purchased for us an eternal redemp- 
tion.* For if the. blood of goats and bulls, and the sprink- 
ling of the ashes of a heifer, sanctify such as are defiled 
to the cleansing of the flesh, how much more shall the 
blood of Christ, who, thro* the Holy Ghost, offered 
himself without spot to God, cleanse our consciences 
from dead works, to serve the living God ? He therefore 
Is the mediator of the new covenant 3 that by means of 
his death undergone for the cancelling the transgressions 
under the former covenant, those that are called, may 
receive the prdmised eternal inheritance thro' Christ 
Jesus our Lord. 

GRAD. Ps. cxlii. De- Eripe me, Domine, de 
liver me, O Lord, from inirmcis meisj doce me 
pay enemies y teach me to facere voluntatem tuam. 

»b 2 . 

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ag8 passion-sunjuy. Mass. 

do thy will. V. Ps. 17. V, Ps. 17. Liberator aae- 
Thou, O Lord, art my dc- us, Dpraine, de Gentibus 
liverer from the enraged iracundis ; ab insurgentibus 
Gentiles $ thou wilt put me in me exaltabis me $ a viro 
out of the reach of those iniquo eripies me. 
that assault me ; and thou 
wilt rescue me from the un- 
righteous man. 

TRACT. Ps. cxxviii. Saepe expugnaverunt me 
They have often attacked a juventute mea. V, Dicat 
me from my very youth, nunc Israel : Saepe expug- 
V. Let Israel now say : naverunt me a juventute 
They have often attacked mea. V. Etenim non po- 
me from my very youth, tuerunt mihi $ supra dor- 
V. But they never could sum meura fabricaverunt 
prevail against me \ sinners peccatores. V. Prolonga- 
have plowed up my back, verunt iniquitates suas ; 
V. They have a long time Dominus Justus concidet 
continued in their iniquity : cervices peccatorum. 
but the Lord, who is just, 
will at last cut off the heads 
of those sinful men. 

GOSPEL. John viii. 46. 59. 

AT that time : Jesus said to the multitude of the 
Jews : Which of you will convict me of sin ? If I 
speak to you the truth, why do you not believe me ? 
He that is of God, heareth the words of God. There- 
fore you do not hear them, because you are not of God. 
Then the Jews answered and said to him : Are we not 
Jn the right in saying, thou art a Samaritan, and art 
possessed with a devil ? Jesus answered : I am not pos- 
sessed with a devil ; but I honour my Father, and you 
have dishonoured me. But I seek not my own glory $ 
there is one who seeketh it, and doth me justice. Verily, 
verily I say to you : If any one keep my words, he shall 
never see death. Then the Jews said : Now we know 
that thou art possessed with a devil. Abraham is dead, 
and the Prophets also ; and thou sayest: If any one keep 
my words, hejshall never taste death. Art thou greater 
than our father Abraham, who is dead ? And . the 
Prophets are dead also. Whom dost thou make 
thyself? Jesus answered : If I glorify myself, my glory 
is nothing 3 it is my Father that glorifieth me, who, yon 
say, is your God, and yet you know him not ; but I 
know him ; and, if I was to say, I know him not, I 

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should be a liar like you. But I do know him, and keep 
his word. Your father Abraham earnestly desired to 
see my day; he saw it, and rejoiced. Then the Jews 
said to him : Thou art not as yet fifty years old, and 
hast thou seen Abraham ? Jesus said : Verily, verily I 
say to you: Before Abraham was, I am. Then they 
took up stones to cast at him 5 but Jesus hid himself, 
and went out of the temple. Crkdo. 
OFFERT. Ps. cxviii. 

Confitebor tibi, Domine, 
in toto corde meo $ retribue 
servo tuo : vivam et custo- 
dian) sermones tuos : vivi- 
fica me secundum verbum 
tuum, Domine. 

I will praise thee, O Lord, 
with my whole heart : re- 
ward thy servant : I shall 
live, and keep thy com- 
mandments 3 save my life, 
according to thy word, O 

SECRET. May these offerings, O Lord, both loosen 
the bonds of our wickedness, and obtain for us the gifts 
of thy mercy. Thro*. 

The Preface. 

COMM. 1 Cor. ii. 
This is the body, which 
shall be delivered up for 
you j this is the cup of the 
new covenant in my blood, 
saith the Lord: As often 
as you receive them, do it 
in remembrance of me. 

POSTCOMM. Adesto. 

Ordinary, p, 53. 

Hoc corpus, quod pro 
vobis tradetur 5 . hie calix 
novi testaroenti est in meo 
sanguine, dicit Dominus. 
Hoc facite, quotiescunque 
sumitis, in meam comme- 

Help us, O Lord our God, 

and for ever protect those whom thou hast refreshed with 
thy sacred mysteries. Thro*. 

Little Chapter. The I e ginning of the Epistle 
to*, p. 297. 

HYMN.— Behold the Vexilla Regis prodeunt, 
. royal ensigns fly, 
Bearing the Cross's mys- Fulget Cruris my steiium ; 

Where life itself did death Qua vita mortem pertuht, 

And by that death did life Et morte vitam protulit. 
A cruel spear let out a Quae vulnerata lances 

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300 PISStOlf'Stftf&AY. Mm. 

Of water mix'd with saving Mucronediro, criminmn 

Which, gushing from the Ut nos lavaret sordibw, 

Saviour's, side, 
Drown'd oar offences in Maoavit soda et sanguine. 

the tide. 
The mystery we now Impleta stint, qu« con- 
unfold, cinit 
Which David's faithful David fideli carmine, 

verse foretold 
Of our Lord's kingdom 5 Dicendo nationibus ; 

whilst we see 
God ruling nations from s) Regnavit a Hgno Dens, 

O lovely tree, whose Arbor decora et fulgida* 

branches wore 
The royal purple of his Ornata Regis purpura ! 

How glorious does thy Electa digno stipltft 

body shine, 
Supporting members so di- Tarn sancta meinbra 'tan- 
vine ! gere ! 
The world's blesifd ba-» fteata, eujus brathiis 

lance 4hon wast made* 
Thy happy beam its pur- Pretium pependit stmili, 

chase weigb'd, •. » " 

And bore his limbs, who Stater* facta corporis, 

snatched away 
Devouring hell'* eipected TuHtque prsecbm iartari. 

Hail Cross, our hope ! on O Crux, ate apes unica 

thee we call, 
Who keep this mournful Hoc passionis tempore ! 

festival ; 
Grant to the just increase Piis adauge gratiatn, 

of grace. 
And ev'ry sinner's crimes Reisque dele* tirtrnintf. 

Blest Trinity, we praises Te, fons salutis Trinltas, 

To thee, from whom all Collaudet omnia s$iritus: 

graces spring, 
Celestial crowns on. those Quibus crucis vtcYorianT 


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Monday, passion-wrr*, 301 

Who conquer by the cross Laigiris, adde prasmium. 
below. Amen. Amen. 

V. and R. as above, p 2Q&. 
Jnth. Your Father A- Ant. Abraham Pater ves- 
braham earnestly desired to ter exultavit ut videret di« 
see my day ; he saw it and em meum \ vidit, et gavi- 
rejoiced. sus est. 

Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 20jr. 

MASS. Introit, Ps. 55. 

HAVE mercy on me, OLord, for man hath trodden 
me under-foot j he hath assaulted and persecuted 
me the whole day long. Ps. My enemies have tramp- 
led me under-foot the whole day long : and the number 
of those that asault me is Tery great. Have mercy, &c. 
to Ps. 

COLLECT. Sanctifica. Sanctify, O Lord, we 
beseech thee, our fasts, and mercifully grant us the par- 
don of all our sins. Thro'. 

LESSON. Jonas Hi. 1. 10. 

IN those days : The word of the Lord came to the 
Prophet Jonas the second time, saying : Arise, and 
go to Ninive, the great city : and preach in it the preach- 
ing I bid thee. And Jonas arose, and went to Ninive, 
according to the word of the Lord. Now Ninive was a 
large city, of three days' journey. And Jonas began to 
enter into the city one day's journey 5 and he cried out 
and said : Yet forty days, and Ninive shall be destroyed. 
And the people of Ninive believed in God, and proclaim- 
ed a fast, and put on sackcloth from the greatest even 
to the least. For the word came to the King of Ninive ,• 
and he arose from his throne, and casting otf his robe, 
be put on sackcloth, and sat in ashes. And he ordered 
a proclamation to be made and published in Ninive, by 
order of the King and his Nobles, saying 5 Let neither 
man nor beast, oxen nor sheep, taste any thing -, let 
tbern not feed nor drink water. And let men and beasts 
be covered with sackcloth, and cry out with all their 
might to the Lord ; and let them turn every one from 
their evil way, and from the iniquity that is in their 
bands. Who knoweth but God may turn and pardon 
us, and lay aside the fury of his anger, so that we may 

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302 fassion-week. Monday. 

not perish ? And God saw their works, that they had 
forsaken their evil ways ; and oar Lord God took com- 
passion on his people. 

GRAD. Ps. 53. O God, hear my prayer 5 and 
hearken to to the words of my mouth. V. Save me, O 
God, by thy name, and rescue me by thy might. 
Tract. Deal not, &c. us above, p. 212. 
GOSPEL. John vii. 32. 39. 

AT that time ; The rulers and Pharisees sent officers 
to apprehend Jesus. Jesus therefore said to them : 
Yet am I a litlle time with you 5 and then I go to him 
that sent me. You shall seek me, and you shall not 
find me ; and where I am, thither you cannot come. 
Then said the Jews among themselves 5 Whither 
will he go, that we shall not find him ? Will he go 
to those, who are dispersed among the Gentiles, and 
teach the Gentiles ? What is the meaning of what 
be said; You shall seek me, and shall not find me: 
and, where I am, thither you cannot come ? And on 
the last day, being the greatest day of the feast, Jesus 
stood op., and cried out aloud, saying ; If any one thirst, 
let him come to me and drink. He that believeth in me, 
as saith the scripture, out of his belly shall rivers of liv- 
ing water flow. And this he spoke of the spirit, which 
they that believed in him, were to receive. 

OFFERT. Ps. 6. Turu to me, O Lord, and rescue 
my soul $ save me for thy mercy 's sake. 

SECRET. Grant us, O Lord our God, that this sa- 
crifice of our salvation may both cleanse us from our sins, 
and appease thy Majesty. Thro'. 

COMM. Ps. 23. The Lord of armies is himself 
the King of glory. 

POSTCOMM. Sacratnenti. May the participation, 
OLord, we beseech thee, of this saving sacrifice both 
cleanse us, and heal us. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Da, queesumus. Grant, O Lord, we 
beseech thee, to thy pedple health both of body anol 
mind, that being constant in the practice of good 
work, they may always be safe under thy protection. 

The Commemoration a* Vespers. 

Anth. If any one thirst, Ant. Si quis suit, veniat 
let him come to me and ad me et bibat j et de ven- 
drink ; and living waters tre ejus fluent aquas vivas, 

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Tuesday. passion-week. 303 

shall flow out of his heart, dicit Dorainus. 
saith the Lord. 

V. and R. as p. 296. Prayer. Da, quaesumus, 
as above. 


MASS. Introit. Psalm 26. 

WAIT for the Lord, act manfully, let thy heart be 
comforted, and wait for the Lord. Ps. The 
Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I 

COLLECT. Nostra tibi. May our fast, O Lord, 
we beseech thee, be acceptable to thee, and, having 
purified us from sin, make us worthy of thy grace, and 
procure us everlasting remedies. Thro'. 
LESSON. Dan. xiv. 27. 

IN those drys : The people of Babylon gathered to- 
gether about the King, and said to him : Deliver up 
to us Daniel, who hath destroyed Bel, and killed the 
Dragon ; otherwise we will destroy thee and thy family. 
The King therefore seeing, that they pressed with vio- 
lence on him. Being obliged by force, delivered Daniel 
up to them. And they cast him into the den of lions, 
where he was six days. Now in the den there were 
seven lions, and they every day gave them two carcasses 
and two sheep, which were not given them then, that 
they might devour Daniel. And there was in Judea a 
prophet called Habacuc, who had made broth, and, hav- 
ing broken bread in a dish, was going into the field to 
cany R to the reapers. And the Angel of the Lord said 
to Habacuc : Carry the dinner thou hast provided to 
Daniel in Babylon, who is in the lions' den. And Haba- 
cuc said : Lord, I never saw Babylon, neither know I 
the den. Then the Angel of the Lord took him by the 
crown of his head, and carrying him by the hair, with 
the force of his spirit placed him in Babylon over the 
den. And Habacuc cried out aloud, saying : O Daniel, 
servant of God, take the dinner God hath sent thee. 
And Daniel said : Thou hast remembered me, O (rod, 
and hast not abandoned those that love thee. And 
Daniel arose and eat. And the Angel of the Lord im- 
mediately carried Habacuc back to his own place. Then 
the King came on the seventh day to bewail Daniel ; and 
coming to the den, he looked in, and behold, Daniel 

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604 PASMON-wEifeic. Tuesday. 

was sitting in the midst of the lions. And the King 
cried out with a loud voice, saying : Great art thou, O 
Lord the God of Daniel. And he took him oat of the 
den of lions. But those, who had been the cause of his 
intended destruction, he cast into the den, and they were 
devoured in a moment before his face. Then the King 
said : Let all the people of the whole earth fear the God 
of Daniel, for it is he who aaveth, petfcrtpeth signs 
and wonders, and hath delivered Daniel froto the lions 1 
den: . 

GRAD. J&. 42. Judffe ray k cause, O Lord j and 
deliver me from rhe wicked and deceitful man. V. 
Sraitffbrth thy light and thy truth; for they .have led 
me oni^nd brought me up to thy holy mount. 

: \v: . fc . GOSPEL. John vii. 1. 13. 

AT that time : Jedus went into Galilee j. for he would 
not go inro Judea, because the Jews sought to kill 
him. Now the Jewish, feast of the tabernacles was at 
hand > and his brethren said to him : Depart hence, and 
gfc. to Jude4, that thy disciples also may see the work9 
thou performest. For no one doth any thing in secret, 
when he hath a mmd to be known in. public j if there- 
fore thou perfornlest these things, shew thyself to the 
world. For neither did his brethren: believe in him. 
Jesus therefore saith tor them : My time is not yet come 7 
but your time is always ready. The world cannot bate 
you j but it hateth me, because 1 bear witness against 
it, that its works See evil. Go you up to this festivjd j 
but I am not now going to this festival ; far my time- is 
not yet fully come. Having said this, he staid in Gali- 
lee. But whenvbi* brethren Were gone up, then went 
he also to the feast, not openly, but, as it were, hi 
secret. Then the Jews looked for him on the festival 
day, and said : Where is he > and there was much mur- 
muring among the people about him. For some said : 
He is a good man. Others said 2 No; but he seducetb 
the people. But nobody spoke openly about, him, for 
fear of the Jew3. 

OFFERT. Ps. & Let all, who know thy name, O 
Lord, hope in thee ; for thou forsakest not those who 
seek thee. Sing to the Lord, who dweileth on Sion, for 
he hath not forgot the prayer of the poor oncsi 

SECRET. The sacrifices Wt bring to be offered to 
thee, O Lord, are such tokens of temporal comfort, 
that we cannot despair of thy eternal promises. Thro\ 

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Wednesday. *ASSio*-wroifc 304 

COMM; Ps. 24. Deliver me, O God of Israel, 
from aft nay distress. 

POSTCOMM.. i>cr, qu*sumus. Grant, we beseech 
thee,. 6 Almighty God, that as we daily celebrate these 
divine mysteries, we may be made worthy the rewards- 
of heaven* Thro/ 

Let us pray. Bow* down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Da, nehis. Granr us, O Lord, we be- 
seech thee, perseverance in thy service ; that in our days, 
thy faftbfal may increase both in number and goodness. 

The Commemoration a* Vespers. 

Anth. Go you up to this Ant. Vos ascendite ad 

festival y bull will not go diem festum nunc;, ego 

up, because my time is not autem, non ascendam, quia 

yet come. tempus meum nondum ad- 


V. and R. as above, $. 2Q@. pRjoraa, Da* nobis, 
as above. 

MASS. Intsoit. Psalm 17. 

OMy deliverer from the: angry Gentiles, thou wilt 
place me out of the reach of those that assault me : 
thou, O Lord, wilt rescue, me from the unrighteous man* 
JRf* I will love thee, Q Lord, myr strength $, the Lord 
is niy support, my refuge, and my deliverer. 

COLLECT. Sancttficato. Enlighten, O God of 
mercy, the hearts of thy people by means of this holy 
fast ; and since all our devotion, is the effect of thy 
bounty, mercifully hear the petitions we ruake;. Thro*. 

LESSON. Lea. xix. 11. 19. 

IK those days ; The Lord spake to Moses, saying : 
Speak to all the assembly of the children of Israel, 
and thou shall say to them r I am the Lord your God. 
You suaU not steal 5 You shall not lie, nor shall any one 
deceive his neighbour. Thou shall not swear falsly 'by 
my name ; neither shalt thou profane the name of thy 
God. I am the Lord. Thou shalt not calumniate thy 
neighbour, nor oppress him by force. The wages of him 
that is hired, shall not remain with thee till morning 
vol. 1. c c • 

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306 sussioir-wiEK Wednesday* 

Thou shalt not curse die deaf, nor put a stumbling-block 
before the blind ; but shalt fear the Lord thy God, for I 
am the Lord. Thou shalt do nothing that is wicked, 
nor judge unjustly. Look not on the person of the poor, 
nor honour the person of the mighty ; but judge thy 
neighbour according to justice. Thou shalt not be a de- 
tractor, nor a tale-bearer among the people; neither 
shalt thou stand up against the blood of thy neighbour. 
I am the Lord. Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thy 
heart ; but reprove him publickly, that thou mayst not 
partake of his sin. Seek not revenge, nor bear in mind 
any injury done thee by thy countrymen. Thou shalt 
love thy friend as thyself. I am the Lord. Keep my 
laws ; for I am the Lord your God. 

GRAD. Ps. 29, I will praise thee, O Lord, be- 
cause thou hast upholden me ; and hast not let my ene- 
mies rejoice over me. V. O Lord, my God, I have 
cried out to thee, and thou hast healed me ; Thou, O 
Lord, hast rescued my soul from hell; thou hast 
saved me from the number of those that are gone down 
into the pit. 

Tract. Deal not, &c. as above p. 212. 
GOSPEL. John x. 22. 38. 

AT that time : The feast of the Dedication was kept 
in Jerusalem, and it was winter. And Jesus was 
walking in the temple, in Solomon's porch. The Jews 
therefore came about him, and said to him : How long 
wilt thou hold our souls in suspence ? If thou art the 
Christ, tell us plainly. Jesus answered them: J tell 
you, and you believe me not. The works I do in my 
Father's name, bear witness to me. But you believe 
not, because you are not of my sheep. My sheep hear 
my voice, and I know them, and they follow me ; and 
I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish, 
neither shall any one snatch them out of my hands. 
That which my Father hath given me, is greater than 
all ; and nobody can snatch them out of my Father's 
hands. I and my Father are one. Then the Jews took 
up stones to stone him. Jesus answered them : I have . 
shewn you many good works from my Father -, for which 
of them is it that you stone me > The Jews answered 
him : We stone thee not for any good work 3 but for 
blasphemy j and because thou, who art a man, makest 
thyself God. Jesus answered them : Is it not written 
in your law : I said, you are Gods ? If he called them 

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Thursday. passion-week. 307 

Gods, to whom the word of God came 5 and the scrip- 
ture cannot fail ; say you of him, whom the Father hath 
sanctified, and sent into the world j Thou blasphemest, 
because I said : i am the Son of God ? If I do not the 
works of my Father, believe me not. But if I do them, 
thougb'you will not believe me, believe the works ; that 
you may know and believe, that the Father is in me, 
and I in the Father. 

OFFERT. Ps. 58. Deliver me, Omy God, from 
ray enemies ; and rescue me, O Lord, from those that 
rise up against me. 

SECRET. Grant, O merciful God, that we may of* 
fer thee, with a sincere heart, tins sacrifice of propitiation 
and praise. Thro*. 

COMM. Ps. 25, I will wash my hands with the. 
innocent, and go round thy altar, O Lord, that I may 
hear the voice of thy praise, and publish all thy wonder- 
ful works. 

FOSTCOMM. Cceleslis. Having received the pre* 
sent of thy heavenly gift, we humbly beseech thee, O 
Almighty God, that it may produce in us the effect of 
the sacrament, and procure our salvation* Thro'. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God, 

PRAYER. Adesto. Hear our prayers and intreaties, 
O Almighty God ; and grant that those, to whom thou 
givest hopes of thy mercy, may experience the effects of 
thy usual clemency. Thro*. 

The Commemoration at Vespebs. 

Anth. I have done many Ant. Multa bona opera- 
good works among you; tus sum yobis; propter 
for which is it you would quod vultis me occidere. 

V. end R. as p. 2g6. Phaykr. Adesto, as above. 

MASS. Introit. Dan. 3. 

ALL thou hast done to us, O Lord, thou hast dpne 
with great justice j because we have Binned against 
thee, and have not obeyed thy commandments j but do 
thou make thy name glorious, and deal with us accord- 
ing to the multitude of thy mercies. Ps. 1 1 8. Blessed 
are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of 
the Lord; 

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308 fa&s*ox*w«k. Thursday.. 

COLLECT. Prasta. Great we beseech the, O Al- 
mighty God, that the dignity of human nature, which 
hath been wounded by excess, may be cured by the prac- 
tice of healing temperance. Thro'. 

LESSON. Dan. iii. 34. 45. 

IN those days: Azarias prayed to the Lord, saying $ 
O Lord •our God, abandon us not for ever, we be- 
seech thee, for thy name's sake, and make not void thy 
covenant $ neither take away thy mercy from us for the 
sake of Abraham thy beloved, and of thy servant Isaac, 
and of thy holy one Israel $ to whom thou spakest and 
promisedst to multiply their seed as the stars of heaven, 
and as the sand on the sea shore. For we # Q Lord, 
are become the least of all nations, and we are humbled 
tliis day for our sins over the whole earth. Neither is 
^here at this time a prince, leader, or prophet, or holo- 
caust or -sacrifice., or oblation or incense, or place 
wherein to offer the first-fruits before thee, that we may 
obtain thy mercy. Nevertheless let us be accepted with . 
a contrite heart, and an humble spirit. As with the 
.fMimbofferings of rams and hulls, and as with thousands 
of fat lambs; &q let our sacrifice be presented to thee 
this day, that it may be acceptable to thee ; for they 
shall 'not be confounded, who put their trust in thee. 
And tuw we follow thee with our whole heart, we. fear 
%bee and seek thy face. Put us not to confusion $ hot 
deal wfch us according to thy goodness, and according to 
the multitude of thy mercy. And deliver ns by thy 
wonders, and make thy name glorious, O Lord. Let 
all those be confounded, who do hurt to thy servants ; 
let them be confounded by thy Ahnighty power, and let 
their strength be broken. And let them know, that 
thou alone art the Lord God, and the glorious one over 
the whole earth, O Lord our God. 

GRAD. Ps. 94. Take your sacrifices, and enter 
his courts ; adore the Lord in his sanctuary. V. Ps. 28. 
The Lord will open the thick woods $ and all shall pub- 
lish his glory in hts temple. 

GOSPEL. JUuke vii. S6. SO. 

AT that time ; One of the Pharisees asked Jesus to 
eat with him. And going into ^he Pharisee's 
house, be placed himself at table. And behold a wo- 
ttoan who was a sinner in the city, when she knew that 
he was at table hi the house of the Hharisce, brought aa 
alabaster box of perfumes 3 and standing behind at hia 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Thursday. *assion-wbek. 30^ 

feet, she began to wash his feet with her tears, and 
wiped them with the hair of her head ; and she kissed 
his feet, and anointed them with the perfumes. And 
the Pharisee, who had invited him, seeing it, spoke 
within himself, saying : This man, if he were a prophet, 
would certainly know who and what manner of woman 
this is that toucheth him, that she is a sinner. And Je- 
sus answering, said to him ; Simon, I have somewhat 
to say to thee. And he said ; Master, speak. A cer- 
tain creditor had two debtors; the one owed him five hun- 
dred pence, and the other fifty. And whereas they had 
not wherewith to pay, he forgave them both. Which 
therefore of the two loveth him most ? Simon answer- 
ing him, said ; I suppose that he, to whom he forgave 
the most. And he said to him ; Thou hast judged right- 
ly. And turning to the woman, he said to Simon ; 
Dost thou see this woman ? I entered thy house ; thou 
gavest no water to my feet ; but she hath washed my 
feet with tears, and hath wiped them with her hair. 
Thou gavest me not a kiss; but she, since she came in,, 
hath not ceased to kiss my feet. With perfumes my head 1 
thou anointedst not j but she with perfumes hath anoint- 
ed my feet. Wherefore I say to thee 5 Her many sins 
are forgiven her, because she hath loved much.. But to 
whom less is forgiven, he loveth less. And he said to 
her : Thy sins are forgiven thee. And they, who were 
at table with him, began to say within themselves - f Who 
is this, that even forgiveth sins ? And he said to the 
woman -, Thy faith hath saved thee ; go in peace. 

OFFERT. Ps. 136. Near the rivers of Babylon 
we sat down afad wept, whilst we remembered thee, G> 

SECRET. O Lord our God, who hast appointed the 
offerings to be consecrated to thee, to consist chiefly of 
those creatures, which thou createdst for the support of 
our weakness; grant, we beseech thee, that they may 
be to us both a help, in this life, and a sacrament to pro- 
cure us that which is eternal. Thro'. 

COMM. Ps. 118, Remember, OLord, the pro* 
mise thou madest to tby servant, by which thou gavest 
me hope ; it is that which hath comforted me in-mjr 

POSTCOMM. Qtood ore. Grant, O Lord, that 

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&K> F*M*f>]MrapKft Friday 

what we have received with our months, we may alao, 
lake with a pure mind j aad that, of a tempore) gift it 
may become to usap eternal remedy. Thro'. 

Let us pray. Baw dowayour beads to. God. 

PRAYER. Esto. Be propitious,, OLord, we be- 
seech thee, to thy people : that forsaking what displease 
eth thee, they may find comfort in keeping thy law>. 
Thro 1 . 

The Commbmoia,tu>k <tt Vbsfsbs. 

jjLnth. I have earnestly . AtU. Desideriodesideravi; 
desired to eat this Passover hoc Pascha manducare vo- 
with you before, I, suffer* biscum antequam patiar. 
V. 4ftcfR. as above p. 2Q(>< Praybr, Esto, at above* 

MASS, Intkoit. Ps. 30. 

HAVE mercy on me, O Loiri, for I am in distress* 
deliver me and rescue me from the hands of my 
enemies, and mj^persuers j Lord, never let me be pat 
to shame since I have called upon thee. Ps. In thee, O 
Lord, have Ihoped j never let me be put to shame ; de- 
liver me according to thy justice. 

COLLECT. Cordibus nostris. Mercifully , O Lord, 
we beseech thee, pour forth thy grace into our hearts : 
that repressing our sins by voluntary mortifications, we 
may rather suffer for them in this life, than be condema- 
ed to eternal torments for them in the next. Thro'. 
LESSON. Jer. xvii. 13. 18. 

IN those days: Jeremias saidj All that forsake thee, 
O Lord, shall be confounded, and they who depart 
from thee, shall be written in the earth ; because they 
have abandoned the Lord, the fountain of living waters. 
Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed $ save me, and 
I shall be saved j for thou ait my praise. Behold they 
say to me ; Where is the word of the Lord ? Let it 
come. And I have not been troubled, following thee 
my pastor : neither have I desired the day of man ; 
thou knowest it. That which came from my lips was 
right in thy sight. Be not a terror to me ; thou art my 
hope in the day of affliction. May they be put to shames 
who persecute me ; but let me not be put to shame ; let 
them be seized wiih dread ; but let me not be seized with 
dread. Bring upon them the day of affliction) and with a 
double destruction overthrow them, O Lord our God. 

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Fiwbp. PAASI0KVWI1CK. 3J1 

GBAD* JV.34. My enemies spoke peaceably to 
me 5 but in their anger they were troublesome to me. 
V. Thou hast teeu it, O Lord, be not silent ; abandon 
me not. 

Tract. Deal not, &c. as above, p. 212. 

GOSPEL. John u. 47.54. 

AT that time : The chief priests and Pharisees assem- 
bled in Council against Jesus, and. said ; What are 
we doing ? for this man worketh many miracles; If we 
let him thus alone, all will believe in him : and the 
Romans will come and destroy our place and nation. 
But one of them, named Caiphas, being high priest 
that year, said to them ; You know nothing, nor do you 
consider that it is expedient for you that one man should 
die for the people, and not the whole nation perish. But 
this he spake not of himself; but being high priest that year, 
he prophesied, that Jesus was to die for the nation 5 
and not for that nation only, but to gather together the 
children of God, who were dispersed every where. 
From that day therefore they resolved to put him to 
death, Jesus therefore walked no more openly among 
the Jews, but retired to a country near the desert, to a 
city called Ephrem, and remained there with his dis- 
cip les. 

OFFERT. Ps. 118. Blessed art thou, O Lord, teach me 
thy law ; and deliver me not up to the proud ones who 
calumniate me : and I will give an answer to those who 
reproach me. 

SECRET. Grant, O merciful God, that we may 
always worthily serve at thy altar, and obtain salvation 
by constantly partaking of what is offered thereon* 

COMM. Ps. 26. Deliver me not up, O Lord, to the 
will of my pursuers j for unjust witnesses have risen up 
against me, and iniquity hath belied itself. 

POSTCOMM. Sumpti sacrificii. May the sacrifice, 
O Lord, we have partaken of, always protect us, and re- 
pel from us all that is hurtful. Thro\ 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Concede. Grant, we beseech thee, 
Almighty God, that we who seek the favour of thy pror 
tection, may be delivered from all evil, and serve thee 
with. a secure mind. Thro*. 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 

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312 passion-wsbk. Friday* 

Anth. The chief priests Ant. Principes sacerdo- 

consulted together how turn consilium fecerunt, ut 

they might kill Jesus $ but Jesum occiderent : dicebant 

they said :. Not on the autem : Non in die festo, 

feast-day, lest there should ne forte tumultus fieret ia 

happen a tumult among the populo. 

V. and R. as in p. 296. Prayek. Concede. 

On FRIDAY in PASSION WEEK is said the Office 
of the SEVEN DOLOURS of the B. V. MARY. 

A greater Double* 

MASS. Intro it. John ig. 

THERE stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and! 
his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas > 
and Salome, and Mary Magdalen. V. Jesus said : Wo- 
man, behold thy son ; and to his disciple : Behold thy 
mother. V. Glory. 

Gloria in excel sis is said. 
COLLECT. Deus, in cujus. O God, in whose pas- 
sion, according to Simeon's prophecy, the sword of grief 
pierced the most sweet soul of glorious Mary, the Vir- 
gin-mother; grant, in thy mercy, that we, who with 
honour commemorate her sorrows and sufferings, may 
be helped by thy glorious merits and prayers of all ther 
saints that faithfully stood* by thy cross, so as to partake 
of the happy fruits of the passion. Who livest. 

Then is made a Commemoration of Friday by the 
Collect. Cordibus nostris, as p. 310. As likewise by 
the Secret and Postcommunion in their respective pro* 
per places. 

LESSON. Judith xiii 22. 25. 

THE Lord hath blessed thee with his power, who by 
thee hatb brought our enemies to nothing. Thou 
art the blessed of the Lord the high God, above all wo- 
men upon earth. Blessed be the Lord, who made hea- 
ven and earth, because he hath this day magnified thy 
name, that thy praise shall not depart out of the mouth 
of men, who shall remember the power of the Lord for 
ever) for that thou didst not spare thy life at the 
sight of the distress and tribulation of thy country,, 
but hast helped to prevent their ruin in the sight of our 

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GRAD. Thou Bit overwhelmed with grief and in 

cars > O Virgin Mary, standing by the cross of our Lord,, 
Jesus thy Son, thy Redeemer. 

TRACT. Holy Mary, the Queen of "heaven and 
Lady of the world, stood full of grief by the cross of 
our Lord Jesus Christ. V. O all you that pass by 
the way # attend and see if there be any sorrow like unto 


BENEATH the world's 
redeeming wood 
The most afflicted Mother 

Mingling her tears with 

her Son's blood. 
As that stream' d down 

from ev'ry part, 
Of all his wounds she felt 

the smart, 
What pierc'd his body, 

pierc'd faer heart. 
Who can with tearless 

•eyes look on, 
When such a Mother such 

a Son, 
Wounded and gasping, does 

O! worse than Jewish 

heart that could 
Unmov'd behold the double 

Of Mary's tears, of Jesu's 

Alas ! our sins they were, 

In this atoning sacrifice, 
For which he bleeds, for 

which he dies. 
When graves wereopen'd 

rocks were rent, 
When nature and each ele- 
His torments and tor grief 

resent J • 

STABAT Mater doloro- 
Juxta crucem lacrymosa 

Oum pendebat Filius. 

Cujus animarn gemen- 
Constristatam, & dolentem 

Pertransivit gladius, 
O quam tristis k afflicta. 

Fait ilia benedicta 

Mater unigeoUi ? 
Quse mserebat, &dolebat, 

Et tremebat, cum videbat 

Nati psenas inolyti. 

Quls est homo qui non 
Christi matrem si videret 
In tanto supplicio ! 

Quis posset aon centrist 
Piam Matrem contemplari 

Dolentem cum Filio * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

314 PAiflOw-WEiK. Friday. 

Shall man, the cause of Pro peccati* fine gratis, 

all his pain, 
And all his grief j shall Vidit Jesom in tormentis 

sinful man 
Alone insensible remain ? Et flagellis subditum ? 
Ah ! PiousMother, teach Vidit suum dulcem na- 

my heart turn 

Of sighs and tears the holy Morientem, desolatum, 

And in thy grief to bear a Dum emisit spiritum. 

That sword of grief that Eta Mater, fbns amdris ! 

did pass thro' 
Thy very soul, O ! may it Me sentire vim doloris, 

Upon my heart a wound Pac ut tecum lugeam. 

Great Queen of sorrows, Fac ut ardeat cor tneum 

in thy train 
Let me a mourner's place In amando Christum De- 
obtain, um, 
And learn from thee to love Ut sibi complaceam. 

To. beal the leprosy of Sancta Mater istud agas, 

We must the cure with Crucinxi fige plagas, 

tears begin, 
And die to all, to. live with Cordi meo valide. 

Refuge of sinners, grant Tui nati vulnerati, 

that we 
May tread thy steps; and Tarn dignati pro me pati, 

let it be 
Our sorrow, not to grieve Paenas mecum divide. 

like thee* 
O may the wounds of Fac me vere tecum flere, 

thy dear Son 
Our contrite hearts possess Crucifixo condolere, 

. alone, 
And all terrene affections Donee ego vixero. 

Those wounds which Juxta crucem tecum 

now the stars outshine, stare, 

Those furnaces of love di- Te libenter sociare 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


.May they our drossy souls 

And on us such impres- 
sions make, 
That we of suffering ^ for 

his sake, 
May joyfully our portion 

Let us his proper badge 

put on, 
Let's glory in the cross 

By which he marks us for 

his own ; 
That when the dreadful 

trial's come 
For ev'ry man to hear his 

On his right hand we may 

find room. 
Oh hear us Mary ! Jesus 

Our humble prayers, se- 
cure our fear, 
When thou in judgment 

shalt appear. 
Now give us sorrow, 

give u*love, 
That so prepar'd we may 

When calTd to the bless'd 

seats above. Amen. 



In planctu desidero 

Virgo virginum prsecla- 

Mihi jam non sis amam, 

Fac me tecum plangere. 

Fac ut portem Christi 
Passionis fac consortem, 

Et plagas recolere. 

Fac me plagis vulnerary * 

Grace hac inebriari, 

Ob amorem filii. 

Inflammatus, k accen- 
Per te, virgo, sim defensus, 

In die judicii. 

Fac me cruce custodiri, 

Morte Christi praemuniri, 

Confoveri gratia. 

Quando corpus morietur, 
Fac ut anima donetur 
Paradisi gloria. Amen. 
GOSPEL. Johnxxx. 25. 

AT that time : There stood by the cross of Jesus his 
mother, and his mother's sister, Mary the wife of 
Cleophas, and Mary Magdalen. When Jesus therefore 
saw his mother and the disciple standing, whom he 
lovcth, he saith to his mother: Woman, behold thy 
son. After that he saith to the disciple : Behold thy 
mother. And from that hour the disciple took her to 
his own home. 

OFFERt. Remember, O Virgin-mother of God, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

$16 passion-web*, Saturday^ 

whilst thou standest m tike pretence of the Lord* to 
speak in our favour, that thou mayest turn away his 
wrath from us. 

. SECRET. We offer thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, our 
prayers and sacrifices, humbly intreating thee, that wo, 
who, in our prayers of this day, commemorate the trans* 
fixion c# the most sweet souk of blessed Mary thy mo- 
ther, may receive our reward with her and her blessed 
companions that stood under thy crossy this holy assem- 
bly being multiplied, thro' the merits of thy death* Who 
livest, fee. 

Preface. In the transfixion. Ordinary, p* 54. 

COMM . Happy are the senses ei the blessed Vir« 
gin Mary, who, without dying, merited the crown of 
Martyrdom under the cross of the Lord. 

POSTCOMM. Sacrificia. Grant, O Lord Jesua 
Christ, that the sacrifice we- have partaken, of, while 
with devotion, we celebrate the transfixion of thy blessed 
Virgin-mother, may, thro* thy mercy, obtain for us the 
effect of every salutary good. Who livest, &c. 

At the end of Mass- is read the Gospel of Friday* 
John ii. asp. 311. 


MASS. The Introit, Offertory, and Communi- 
on as o» Friday, p> aiO. 

COLLECT. Prqficiat. May the people consecrated 
tot thy service, O Lord, we beseech thee, improve in aV 
the affections of piety ; that, being instructed by these 
holy mysteries, they may be so much the more enriched 
with thy heavenly gifts, as they became more, acceptable 
to thy divine majesty. Thro*. 

LESSON. Jer. xviiL 18. 

IN those days : The wicked Jews said to one another :, 
Come, and let us consider of some design against the 
righteous man ; for the law shall not perish from the 
priest, nor counsel from the wise, not the word: from: the 
prophet : Come, and let as strike him with our tongue, 
and have no regard to all he shall say. Take care of 
rue, O Lord, and hear the words of my enemies. Is 
evil returned for good $ for they have dug a pit for my 
soul ? Remember, I stood before thee, to speak in their 
favour, and to turn away thy anger from them. Where- 
fore give up their children to famine, and let them fall 

d by Google 

Saturday. paision-wbex. 317 

by the edge of the sword ; let their wives lose their 
children, and become widows/and let their husbands be 
slain ; let their young men be stabbed by the sword in 
battle. Let their cry be beard from their houses $ for 
thou shalt bring the robber unexpectedly upon them j 
for they have dug a pit to take me, and hid snares for 
ray feet. But thou, O Lord, knowest all their designs 
against me to kill me ; forgive not their iniquity ; and 
let not their sin be blotted out in thy sight. Let them 
fall before thee, deal severely with them in the time of 
thy anger, O Lord our God. 

GRAD. Ps. 34. My enemies spoke peaceably to 
me ; but in their anger they were troublesome to me. V. 
Thou hast seen it, O Lord, be not silent ; abaudon me 

GOSPEL. John xii. 10. 36. 

AT that time j The chief priests consulted to kill La- 
zarus too; because, on his account, many of the 
Jews went away from them, and believed in Jesus. 
And, the next day, a great multitude of people, who 
were come to the feast, hearing that Jesus was coming 
to Jerusalem, took branches of palms, and went out to 
meet him, and cried out j Hosanna, blessed is he, that 
cometh in the name of the Lord, the King of Israel. 
And Jesus found a young ass, and got on him, as it is 
written : Fear not, daughter of Sion j behold thy King 
cometh sitting on an ass's colt. These things bis disciples 
understood not at first ; but when Jesus was glorified 
tben they . remembered these things written of him and 
that they had done thus to him. An£ the multitude 
that was with him, when he called Lazarus out of the 
monument and raised him from the dead, gave testimo- 
ny to him. For which reason a multitude came out to 
meet him ; because they heard he had done this miracle. 
The Pharisees therefore said among themselves ; Do you 
see how what we do is to no purpose ? Behold the. whole 
world is gone after him. And there were certain Gen- 
tiles among those that came up to worship on the feast 
day. These, therefore, came to Philip, who was of 
Bethsaida in Galilee, and besought him, saying; 6ir, 
we would see Jesus. Philip cometh and telleth Andrew : 
and Andrew and Philip told Jesus. And Jesus an- . 
swered them, saying : The hour is come in which the 
Son of man is to be glorified. Verily, verily I say onto 
vol. i. © d * . 

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318 passion-week. Saturday. 

you, unless the grain of wheat fall into the ground and 
die, it remaineth alone by itself; but if it die, it bring- 
eth forth much fruit. He that loveth his life, shall lose 
ft : and he that hateth his life in this world preserveth it 
for life eternal. If any one serve me, let him follow 
me, and where I am, there shall my servant also be. If 
any man serve me, him will my Father honor. Now 
my son] is troubled. And what shall I say ? Father save 
me from this hour ; but therefore came I to this hour. 
Father glorify thy name. Then there came a voice 'from 
heaven ; I both have glorified it, and will glorify it again. 
The people, therefore, that stood and heard it, said. It 
was thunder : others said, An angel spoke to him. Je- 
ans answered and said : This voice came not for me, but 
for your sakes. Now is the world to be judged j now 
shall the prince of this world be cast out. And if I be 
lifted up from the earth, I will draw all to myself. 
(This he said, alluding to the death he was to die.) The 
people answered him : We have heard from the law, 
that the Christ abideth for ever $ and how say st thou, 
That the Son of man must be lifted up ? Who is this Son 
of Man? Then Jesus said to them 5 Yet for a little while 
the light is with you. Walk, while you have the light, 
that darkness come not on you ; for he that walketh in 
darkness knoweth not whither he goeth. While you 
have the light, believe in the light, that you may be 
children of the light. These things spake Jesus; and 
he went away, and concealed himself from them. 

SECRET. Mercifully, O Lord, we beseech thee, 
deliver us from all sins and dangers, since thou.allowest 
us to partake of these great mysteries. Thro*. 

POSTCOMM. Divinu Being filled with the divine 
gifts, we beseech thee, O Lord our God, that we majr 
ever live by the participation thereof. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Tueatur. ,May thy right hand, O Lord, 
we beseech thee, protect thy people making supplication 
to thee, and, purifying them from their sins, make 
them wise, that they may make such use of the com- 
forts of this preseutlife, as to arrive atthatwhickia eter- 
nal. Tbro\ 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 

Anth. Righteous Father, Ant. Pater juste, mun- 
tfae world knoweth thee dus te non cognovit j ego 

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Before Mass. faim-suhday. 31ft 

not ; but I know thee, for aurem novi te, quia tu mo 

thou didst send me. misisti. 

V. and R. a* p. 296. Phaybb. Collect of to-morrow* 


THIS Sunday takes its oame from the ceremony of bles- 
sing sprigs or small branches of Palms, Olives, or 
some other tree, to be distributed to the faithful to carry 
an procession in remembrance of what the Jewish people 
did, when Jesus Christ, si* days before his passion, 
made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. He rode 
upon an ass's colt as had been foretold by the Prophet, 
and received the joyful acclamations of his disciples, and 
of multitudes 0/ the people. 

Let us therefore assist, according to the spirit of the 
Church, at the religious ceremony of this day, wiih re- 
collection and piety j and while we hold the Palms in 
our hands, or accompany the. procession, let us adore 
Jesus Christ, who triumphed over hell by his death, and 
endeavour to partake of his triumph, by overcoming 
sin, and every inclination which is. contrary to the spirit 

Christians, should also recollect that whatever hag re- 
ceived the solemn blessing of the Church, is consecrated 
to God, audi of course, is deserving a certain degree of 
lespeet, and on na account to he prostituted to any pro* 
fane use. St. Chrysostomr. says, that the week previous 
to* Easter is called the great week, on account of the 
great mysteries therein effected : Satan and Death sub* 
dued ; God reconciled to man, and the world saved* 
Hence it has ever been observed with greater severity. 

After the usual sprinkling of the Holy Water, as on 
ail other Sundays, the Office begins thus : 

A nth. Hosannna to the Ant. Hosanna filio Da- 
Son of David 5 blessed is vid > benedictus qui venit 
he who coraeth in the in nomine Domini. O 
name of the Lord. OKing Beat Israel: Hosanna in 
of Israel $ Hosanna in the excekis. 
highest heavens. 

May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy spirit. 
Let us pray. 

COLLECT. Dens, qutm. O God to whom to love if 
true righteousness, multiply in our hearts the gifts of thy 
holy grace j an4 since, by the death of thy only Sea^ 

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S3© PALM-eu$r>AY, Before Mass* 

thou hast made as to hope for those things, which we 
believe : grant that by his resurrection we may arrive at 
the happy end of our journey. Who liveth. 
LESSON. Exod. xv. 27 : xvi. 1. 7. 

IN those days : The children of Israel came to Elim, 
where there were twelve springs of water, and seven* 
ty palm -trees, and they encamped near the waters. And 
they set forward from Elim, and all the multitude of 
the children of Israel came to the wilderness of Sin/ 
which is between Elim and Sinai, on the fifteenth day 
of the &econd month after their going out of the land of 
Egypt. And all the congregation of the children of 
Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron in the wilder* 
fiess. And the children of Israel said to them : Would 
to God we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land 
of Egypt, when we sat by the flesh-pots, and eat our 
bread in plenty j Why brought you us forth into the 
wilderness, to destroy the whole multitude with hunger? 
And the Lord said to Moses : Behold, I will rain bread 
for you from "heaven j let the people go out, and gather 
what will serve them for each day; that I may try them, 
whetfeer they will walk in my law, or no. But on the 
sixth day let them provide what to bring in ; and let it 
be double to that they were wont to gather every day. 
'And Moses and Aaron said to the children of Israel : In 
the evening you shall know, that the Lord hath brought 
you out of the land of Egypt ; and in the morning you 
shall see the glory of the Ix>rd. 
TheVi instead of the Gradual, is sung the Jbllowing 

JUTHHE chief priests ft. /COLLEGE RUNT 
X therefore and Pha- Vy potifices & Phari- 
risees gathered a council saei concilium, & dixerunt : 
and said: What are we Quid facimus, quia hie ho- 
doing, for this man per- mo multa signa facit r Si 
forme th many wonders ? If di mittimus eum sic, omnes 
we let him go on thus, all credent in eum ?• Et veni- 
will believe in him : * And ent Romani, & tollent nos- 
the Romans will come and trum locum & gentem. V. 
destroy both our country Unus autem ex illis, Cai- 
and us. V. But one of pbas nomine, cum esset 
them, named Caiphas, be- pontifexanniillius,prophe- 
stig the high priest of that tayit, dicens : Expedit vo- 
veai'j said to them : It is • bis, ut unus moriatur ho- 
rn your interest that one mo pro populo, & non tota 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Brfott M05S t . PllMrSDKD AY. gft I 

man. die for the people* and gen* pereat, Ab Ufe ergo 
not that the whole nation die cogitaverunt interficer* 
perish. Therefore from earn, dicentes s * Et vcm- 
that day they devised to eut, &c. .toV. 
kill him, saying:* And 
the fiomaoa > Ice. to V. 

Or this other. Matt. xxvi. 

JESUS prayed onto hit TN monte OJiveti oratit 
Father on mount OH- X *d Patretn* Pater, si 
vet-, O father, if it be pos- fieri potest, transeat a me 
aible let this cup pass from calix iste.* Spiritus oui- 
me* The spirit indeed is dem promptos est, caro au- 
ready, but the flesh is weak, tern infirma. Fiat voluntas 
Thy will be done. V. ^ua. V. Vigilate & orate. 
Watch and pray, that you ut non intretis in tentatio- 
enter not into temptation,* hem. * Spiritus quidem, 
The spirit, &c. to V. / fcc. to V. 

GOSPEL. Matt. xxi. 1.9. 

AT that time ; When they drew nigh to Jerusalem, 
and were come to Bethpbage, unto Mount Olivet, 
then Jesus seat two disciples, saying to them : Go Je 
into the village that is over against you, and immediately 
you -will find an as* tied and a colt with her \ loose tbern 
end bring them to me ; and if any man shall ^ay any tiling 
to you, say ye, that the Lord hath need of them j and 
forthwith he wilL let them go. Now all this was done 
that it might be fulfilled which was ispoken by the pro* 
phet, saying : " Tell ye the daughters of SiOn : Behold 
thy king cometh to thee, meek* and sitting upon an ass 
and a colt the foal of Iter that is used to the yoke." And 
the disciples going did as Jesus commanded them. And 
-they brought the ass and the colt % and laid their gar- 
ments upon them, and made him sit thereon. And a 
very, great multitude spread their garments in the way j 
«md others cut boughs from the trees, and strewed thein 
in the way ; and the multitudes that went before and 
that followed, cried : " Hosanna to the Son of David : 
Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord, Ho- 
sanna in the highest." 

May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy spirit. 
Let us pray, dugejidem. 

INCREASE, O God, the /aith of them thai hope in 
thee, and mercifully hear the prayers c-f thy supplU 
D d 2 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

32ft FjtM»*<mMYJ BeJ&tMt**: 

ants; let ttty manifold m*rcy> icotfiertioon us, arid* kt 
these branches of palm* trees, of olive-trees, to Wetted j 
and a* in a iigiirc»of th« church thoto' didst multiply 
Noah going out of the* ark, and Moats going out of 
Egypt with the children of Israel j so let us, carrying 
palms and branches of olive-trees* go and meet Chridt 
with good works, and eater thro* him into eternal joys $ 
wto with tbee and the Holy Ghost Irveth and reignelh 
ene God world without edd. Rl Amen*' 

V.' May the Lard \te V. Dorainus vobiscuxA. 

with yoti. ' ... 

K. And with thy spirit. l R. Ef earn' spiritu tuo. * 

V. Raise up your hearts' V) Sursum corda. 

oil high. ' 

R. We have thett raised ft! riabetaus adTWi- 

tip to the Lord. mini. 

V. Let us give thdnks f6 V. (Sritias agatflus Dc* 

the Lord our God. tnino Deo n6stro. 

R. ft is meet arid just. R. DignumSt justrimest. 

IT la trsdy meet and just, right and available tosalva* 
tibn, aUways and in alt places to gitoe the thanks, O 
Holy Lord, Almighty Father, Eternal God j who art 
glorious in the aafanbly of thy saints. For thy crea* 
tares serve thee, because they acknowledge thee for 
their only Creator and God. And thy whole creation 
praiseth thee, and thy saints bless thee ; because they 
confess with freedom, before the kings and powers of 
this world, that great name of thy only begotten Sou. 
.Before whom the Angels and Arch-angels, the thrones 
and dominations stand, and with all the troops of the 
heavenly host, sing a hymn to thy glory, saying without 
ceasing : 

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanc- 

Xx>r4 the God of armies, tus Dominus Deus Sabaoth.. 

The heavens and the earth Fleni sunt cceli & terra glo- 

are full of thy glory, Ho- ria tua, Hos^nna in excel- 

sanna in the highest hea- sis. Benedict us qui venlt 

vens. Blessed is he that in nomine Domini, Hosari- 

cometh in the name of the. pa in excelsis. 
Lord, Hosanna in the high r 
est heavens. 

. Majr the Lord be with yon. R. And Witk tby jsfli^t. 

. a 

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BefirfeMasfr fjxk*soki>*.y. 329 

Let us- pray. Petimus. 
T TTE beseech thee, O holy Lord, Almighty Father* 
W Eternal God, that thou wouldst be pleased to 
bless and sanctify this creatute of the olive-tree, 
which thou madest to shoqt out of the substance of th» 
wood, and which the dove returning to the ark brought 
in its bill ; that whoever receiveth it, may find protec- 
tion of soul and body j and that it may prove, O Lord, 
a saving remedy, and a sacred sign of thy grace. Thro*. 
R. Amen. 

Let us pray. Deus, qui dispersa. 

OGod, who gatherest what is dispersed, and pre- 
servest what is gathered $ who didfet bless the 
people; that carried boughs to meet Jesus ; bless also 
these branches of the palm-rree and olive-tree, which 
thy servants take with faith in honour of thy name $ that 
into whatever place they be carried, the inhabitants of 
that place may obtain thy blessing; and thy right hand 
preserve from all adversity, and protect those that have 
been redeemed by our Lord Jesus Christ tby Son. Who 
Hveth and reigneth, &c. R. Amen. 

Let us pray. Deus, qui miro. 

OGod, who by the wonderful order of thy provi- 
dence would even in insensible things shew us 
the manner of our salvation; grant, we beseech thee, 
that the devout hearts of thy faithful may understand to 
their benefit the mystical meaning of that ceremony, 
which the multitude, by direction from heaven, going 
this day to meet our Redeemer, strewed under his fe&t 
palms and olive-branches. The palms represent his tri- 
umph over the prince of death ; and the olive-branches 
proclaim, in some manner, the coming of a spiritual 

.unction. For that pious multitude then knew, what 
was by them signified, that our Redeemer compassion- 
ating the misery of mankind, was to fight for the life of 
the whole world with the prince of death, and to triumph 
over him by his own death. And therefore in that 
action they made use of such things, as might declare 
both the triumph of his victory, and the riches of his 

'mercy. We also with a firm faith, retaining both thte 
ceremony and its signification, humbly beseech thee, © 
Holy Lord, Almighty Father, Eternal God, through the 
same Lord Jestis Christ ; that we, whom thou hist matte 

-Ma members, gaining by him, and in him a victorjrtover 

'itoottphfe of death, may deserve to be'pajrtaketfjofAis 

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324 falm-suniuy. Before Mass: 

glorious resurrection. Who liveth and reigneth, &c. 
B. Amen. 

Let us pray. Deus, qui per oHv<*. 

OGod, who by an olive-branch didst command the 
dove to proclaim peace to the world 5 sanctify, 
we beseech thee, by thy heavenly benediction, these 
branches of olives and other trees ; that they may be 
serviceable to all thy people to salvation. Thro' Christ 
our Lord. R. Amen. 

Let us pray. Benedic. 

BLESS, O Lord, we beseech thee, these branches 
of the palm-tree, or olive-tree $ and grant that what 
thy people this day act corporally for thy honour, they 
may perform the same spiritually with the greatest devo- 
tion, by gaining a victory over their enemy, and ar- 
dently loving works of mercy. Thro* our Lord, &c. JL 

Here the Priest sprinkles the palms thrice with holy 
water, saying the Anthem, Thou shalt sprinkle, at 
p. 30, and incenses them thrice with incense* Then 

May the Lord be with you. R. And with the spirit. 
Let us pray. Deus, qui Filium. 

OGod, who, for our salvation, didst send into this 
world thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, that he 
might humble himself to our condition, and call us back 
to thee. For whom also, as he was coming to Jerusa- 
lem to fulfil the scriptures, a multitude of faithful people 
with a zealous devotion spread their garments together 
with palm-branches in the way ; grant, we beseech 
thee, that we may prepare him the way of faith, out 
of which the stone of offence and the rock of scan- 
dal being removed, our actions may flourish with 
branches of righteousness, so that we may be worthy 
'to follow his steps. Who liveth and reigneth, &c. ' R. 

The Palms being thus blessed, they are distributed 
by the Priest to the people kneeling and hissing the 
x palm and the Priest's hand. During the distribution 
are sung the following Anthems, which, if not sufficient, 
are repeated till the distribution is finished. 

Jnth. The Hebrew chil- Ant. Pueri Hebraorom 
«frea carrying olive-branch* portautei ramus olivaruaa 

Digitized by LjOOQ 




•s met the Lord, crying 
oat and 6aytng: Hosanna 
in the highest heavens. 

Anth. The Hebrew chil- 
dren spread their garments 
ip the way, and cried out, 
saying: Hosanna to the 
Son of David; blessed is 
he that cometh in the name 

obviavernnt Domino, cla« 
mantes, & dicentes: Ho- 
sanna in excelsis. 

Ant Pueri Hebrseorum 
vestinienta prosternebant in 
via, & clamabant dicentes; 
Hosanna Filio David : be- 
nedictus qui venit in no- 
mine Domini. 

of the Lord. 

May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy spirit 
Let us pray. Omnipotens. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, who wouldst have our 
Lord Jesus Christ ride on the colt of an ass, and 
didst inspire the crowds of people to spread their gar- 
ments, and branches of trees in the way] and to sing 
Hosanna to his praise ; grant, we beseech thee, that we 
may imitate their innocence, and deserve to partake of 
their merit. Thro' the same Jesus Christ our Lord. R. 

. Then begins the Procession, in the usual form, during, 
which, some of tha following Anthems are sung : the 
Priest or Deacon having given notice, by saying ; 

Let us set out in peace. Procedamus in pace. R. 
R. In the name of Christ. In nomine Christi. Amen. 

Anthems during fAe Procession. Matt. xxi. 
Anth. W T H E N the Ant. f*\ UM appropinqua- 

Lord drew 
nigh to Jerusalem, be sent 
two of his disciples, say- 
ing: Go to the village that 
is over-against you 5 and 
you will rind the colt of an 
ass tied, upon which no 
man hath sat ; loose it, and 
bring it to me; If any one 
ask you any questions, say : 
The Lord wanteth it. They 
untied and brought it to 
Jesus, and laid their gar- 
ments upon it ; and he seat- 
ed himself on it. Others 
spread their garments in 
the way, others cut branch- 

V_y ret Dominus Je- 
rosolymam, misit duos ex 
discipulis suis, dicens : Ite 
in castellum quod contra" 
vosest; & invenietis pul- 
lum asinrc alligatum, super 
quern null us hominum se- 
dit 5 solvite, & adducite mi- 
ni. Si quis vos interroga- 
verit, dicite : Opus Domi- 
no est. Solventes addux- 
erunt ad Jesum, & impo- 
suerunt ilia vestimenta sua ; 
& sedit super eum. Alii 
expandebant vestimenta su- 
a in via ; alii ramos de ar- 
boribus sternebant : & qui 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


es from As trees; and those 
who followed, cried out : 
Hosanna, blessed is he who- 
cometh in the name of the 
Lord, and blessed be the 
reign of our father David y 
Hosanna in the highest hea- 
O Son of David have 

mercy on us. 

Anth. When the people 
heard, that Jesus was com- 
ing to Jerusalem, they took 
palm-branches, and went 
out to meet him ; and the 
children cryed out, saying: 
This is he, who is to come 
for the salvation of the. 
people. He is. our salva- 
tion, and the redemption 
of Israel. How great is 
he, whom the thrones and 
dominations go out to 
meet ! Fear not, O daugh- 
tei of Sianj behold thy 
King eometb to thee sitting 
on an ass's colt, as it is 
written* Hail, O King, 
she creator of the world* 
who -art come to redeem 

Antk. Six days before 
the solemnity of the Pass- 
over, when the Lord was 
coming into the city of Je- 
rusalem, the children met 
him, and carried palm* 
branches in their hands j 
and they cried out with a 
loud voice, saying : Hosan- 
na in the highest heavens ; 
blessed art thou who art 
come in the multitude of 
thy mercy 5 Hosanna in the 
highest heavens. 


seqnebantnr, clamabaot ? 
Hosanna, benedictus qui 
venit in nomine Domini;, 
benedictum regnura patris 
nostri David; Hosanna in> 
excelsis. Miserere nobis, 
Fili David. 

Ant. Cum andisset po- 
pulus, quia Jesus venit Je- 
rosolymam, acceperunt ra- 
mos palmarum \ & eaierunt 
ei obviam, U clamahant 
pueri, dicentes; Hie est, 
qui venturus est in salutes* 
populi. Hie est salus nos- 
tra, & redemptio Israel* 
ttuantus est iste, cni ihroua 
& dominationesoccurrunt.L 
Noli ranere, filia Sion; 
ecee Rex tuus venit tibtw 
sedens super nullum asinse^ 
sicut scriptum est. Salve 
Rex fabricator nuuadi, qui 
venisti redimere nos % 

Ant. Ante sex dies so- 
lemnis Paschse, quaodo ve- 
nit Dominus in civitaten* 
Jerosolymam, occurrenim 
ei pueri ; & in manibus por- 
tabant ramos palmarum j & 
clamabant voce magna, 
dicentes; Hosanna in ex- 
celsisj benedictus qui Ve- 
nisti in multitndine raiseri- 
cordias tuaij Hosanna ia 

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Ant. Occarrunt turbae 
cum floribus & palmis Re- 
demptori obviam, & victori 
triumphant! digna dant ob- 
sequia; Filium Dei ore 
Gentes predicant; & in 
laudera Christi voces tonant 
per nubilaj Hosanna 


Artth. The multitude 
goeth out to meet the Re- 
deemer with flowers and 
palms, and payeth the ho- 
mage due to a triumphant 
conqueror 5 the Gentiles 
proclaim the Son of God ; 
and their voices rend the 
ikies in the praise of Christ : 
Hosanna in the highest 

Antk. Let us faithfully 
join with the Angels and 
children, singing to the 
conqueror of death j Ho- 
sanna in the highest hea- 
vens. * 

Antk. A great multitude 
that was met together at 
the festival, cried out to the 
Lord: Blessed is he that 
cometh in the name of the 
Lord; Hosanna in the 
highest heavens. 

As the return of the Procession, two or four Chanters 
go into the Church, and shutting the door, with their 
Jaces towards the Procession, sing the two first verses .• 
Gloria, laus, &c. which are repeated by the Priest and 
the others without the Church. Then they that are 
within, sing the following verses ; and they that are 
without, after every two verses, answer, Gloria 
laus, &c. 

Ant. Cum Angelis & 
pueris fideles inveniamur, 
triumphatori mortisclaman- 
tes ; Hosanna in excelsi*. 

Ant. Turba raulta, quae 
convenerat ad diem feat am, 
clamabat Domino ; Bene- 
dictus qui venit in nomine 
Domini; Hosanna in ex- 

fTHO thee, O Christ, be 
X glory, praises loud : 

To thee Hosanna, cried 
the Jewish crowd. 
R. To thee. 

We Israel's monarch, 
David's Son proclaim ; 

Thou com'st, blest King, 
in God's most holy name. 
R. To thee. 

Angels and men in one 
harmonious choir, 

GLORIA, laus et honor, 
tibi sit, rex Christe, 
redemptor ; 

Cui puerile decns promp- 
sit Hosanna pium. 
R. Gloria, laus. 
Israel es tu rex, Davidis 
et inclyta proles j 

Nomine qui in Domini, 
Rex benedicte, venis. 
R. Gloria, laus. 
Cactus in excelsis te 
laudat caelicus omnis, 

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'To sing thy everlasting 
praise conspire. 
R. To thee. 
Thee Israel's children 
met with conquering palms; 
To thee our vows we pay 
in hymns and psalms. 
R. To thee. 
For thee on earth with 
boughs they strew'd the 
ways 5 

To thee in heaven we 
sing melodious praise. 
R. To thee. 
Accept this tribute, which 
we freely bring, 

As thou didst theirs, O 
good, O gracious King. 
R. To thee. 



Et mortalis homo, 

cuncta creata simul. 

R. Gloria/ laus. 

Plebs Hebraea tibi cum 
palmis obvia venit j 

Cum prece, voto, hynmis, 
adsumu* ecce tibi. 
R. Gloria, laus. 

Hi tibi passuro solvebant 
munia laudis ; 

Nos tibi regnanti pangi- 
mus ecce melos. 

R. Gloria, laus. 
Hi placuere tibi, placeat 
devotio nostra, 

Rex t>one, rex cleraens, 
cui bona cuncta placent. 
R. Gloria, laus. 

After this the Subdeacon knocks at the door with the 
foot of the cross; which being opened, the Procession 
goes into the Church, singing : 

R. Ingrediente Domino 
in sanctam civitatem, He- 
breeorum pueri resurrec- 
tiopem vitae pronuntiantes, 
* cum ram is pal mar um 
Hosanna clamabant in ex- 
celsis. V. Cum audisset 
popnlus, quod Jesus veni- 
ret Jerosolymam, exierunt 
obviam ei * cum ramis, 
&c. as above to V. 

R. As our Lord entered 
the holy city, the Hebrew 
children declaring the re- 
surrection of life, * with 
palm-branches, cried out; 
Hosanna in the highest 
heavens. V. When the 
people heard, that Jesus' 
was coming to Jesusalem, 
they went out to meet him, 
and * with palm-branches, 
&c. as above to V. 

At Mass all hold the Palms in their hands during the 

MASS. Introit. Psalm xxi. 

LORD, keep not thy 
help far from me -, 
look to my defence -, deli- 
ver me from the lion's 
mouth, and rescue me in 
my distress from the horns 

DOMINE, ne longe fa- 
cias auxilium tuum a 
me, ad defensionem meara 
aspice; libera me deore leo- 
nis, et a cornibus unicorni- 
um humilitatem meam. 

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P$. Deus, Deus mens, re- 
spice in me 5 qnare m#~- 
dereliquisti ? Longe a sa- 
lute mea verba dclictorum 
raeorum. Douiine, ne longe, 
&c. to Ps. 

of the unicorn. Ps. O God, 
my God, look upon me; 
why bast thou forsaken me ? 
They are my sins that keep 
salvation far from me. 
Lord, keep not, &c. to 

COLLECT. Omnipotent. O Almighty and Eter- 
nal God, who wouldst have our Saviour become man, 
and suffer on a cross, to give mankind an example of 
humility ; mercifully grant, that we may improve by the 
example of his patience., and partake of his resurrection. 
Thro 1 (he same, &c. 

No other Collect is said this day. 

EPISTLE. Philip ii. 5. 11. 

BRETHREN, have the same sentiments Jesus Christ 
had j who as he had the form of God, thought it 
no robbery to equal himself to God 5 nevertheless he de- 
graded himself, taking the form of a servant, being made 
to the likeness of men, and in shape found as man.* He 
humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, 
even the death of the cross. For which reason God alsd 
hath exalted him, and given him a name, which is above 
all names ; that at the name of Jesus every knee should 
bow, 6f the things in heaven, and on earth,, and under 
the earth ; and every tongue confess that the Lord Jesus 
Christ is in the glory of God the Father. 

GRAD. Ps. lxxii. Thou Tenuisti manum dexter- 
hast held me by my right am meam, et in voluntate 

hand, and conducted me 
according to thy good will, 
and raised me up in glory. 
V. How good is the God of 
Israel to those that are up- 
right of heart ! But my feet 
were almost gone, my steps 
were ready to slip j because 
I looked on sinners with a 
jealous eye, seeing the 
wicked in peace. 

TRACT. Ps. xxi. O 
God, toy God look down 

vol. 1. % e 

tua deduxisti me, et cum 
gloria assumpsisti me. V*. 
Quam bonus Israel Deus 
rectis corde ! Mei autem 
paene moti sunt pedes, paene 
eflfusi sunt gressus mei; 
quia zelavi in peccatoribus, 
pacem peccatorum videns. 

Deus, Deus mens respice 
in me ; quare me dereli- 

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ityon rae$ why bast thou 
.forsaken me ? V. They are 
my si us that keep salvation 
far from me. V. My God, 
I will cry out to thee in the 
day, and thou wilt not hear 
me ; I will cry out in the 
night, and it Mil not be a 
folly in me. V. But thou 
-dwellest in the sanctuary, 
O thou the praise of Israel. 
V. Our fathers hoped in 
thee ; they hoped in thee, 
and thou didst deliver them. 
V. They cried out to thee, 
and were saved f they hoped 
in thee, and were not put 
to shame. V. But I am a 
worm, and not a man ; the 
reproach of men, and the 
outcast of the people. V. 
All that saw me, scorned 
me; they talked of me, 
and shook their heads. V. 
He put his trust in the 
Lord, said lhey; let him 
deliver him $ let him 
save him, because he loveth 
him. V. They considered 
me, and viewed me atten- 
tively : they divided my 
garments amongst them, 
and cast lots for my vest. 
V. Deliver me from the 
lion's mouth : rescue me in 
my distress from the horns 
of the unicorns. V. You 
that fear the Lord, praise 
him ; O all you of the race 
of Jacob magnify him. V. 
A people that is to come, 
shall be declared the Lord's; 
and the heavens shall pub- 
lish his justice. •V..Toa 
people, to be born, whom 
the Lord hath made. 

qittsti ? V. Longe a salute 
mea verba delictorum meo- 
rum. V. Deus meus clama- 
bo per diem, nee exaudies : 
in nocte, et non ad insi- 
pientiam mihi. V. Tu au- 
tem in sancto habitas, laus 
Israel. V. In te sperave- 
runt patres nostri ; sperave- 
runt, et liberasti eos. V. 
Ad te clamaverunt, et salvi 
facti sunt ; in te sperave- 
runt, et non sunt confusi. 
V. Ego autem sum vermis, 
et non homo, opprobrium 
hominum, et abjectio ple- 
bis. V. Oranes qui vide- 
bant me, 
locuti sunt labiis, et move- 
runt caput. V. Speravit in 
Domino, eripiat eum ; sal- 
vum faciat eum, quoniam 
vult eum. V. Ipsi vero con- 
sideraverunt, et conspexe- 
runt me 5 diviserunt sibi 
vestimenta mea, et super 
vestem meammiserunt sor- 
tem, V. Libera me de ore 
leonis j et a cornibns uni- 
cornium humilitatem me- 
ant. V. Qui timetis Do- 
minum, laudate eum ; uni- 
versum semen Jacob magni- 
ficate eum. V. Annuntia- 
bitur Domino generatio 
ventura 5 et annuntiabunt 
cceli justitiam ejus. V. 
Populo qui nascetur, quern 
fecit Dominus. 

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* A T that time; Jesus said to bis disciples; f You 
jfx know that after two day*, the* Passover will be 
kept, aud the Son of Man shall, be delivered up to be 
crucified. C. Then the chief priests, apd elders of the 
people met together in the court of the high priest, who 
was called Caipbas; and they consulted how they, might,, 
by stratagem, apprehend Jesus, and put him to death. 
But .they said ; 8. Not on the festival-day, . lest perhaps 
there should happen a tumult among the people. C. 
And when Jesus was in Bethania,, in the house of Simon 
the leper, there came to him a woman having an alabas- 
ter-box of preeions oiqtment, aud she, poured it oat up- 
on his head, as he was at table. Aud the disciples see- 
ing it, were angry, saying : S. To what purpose is this 
waste ) For it might have been sold at a good price, and 
given to the poor. (7. But Jesus knowing this, said t<j 
them : f Why disturb you this woman ? For she hath 
performed a good work towards me. For the poor you 
have always with you, but me you have not always. 
For this woman, in pouring oinment on my body, has 
done it for my burial. Verily I say to you, that where* 
soever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, 
it shall likewise be told, what this woman hath daue, in 
remembrance of her. C. Then one of the twelve, called 
Judas the Iscariot, went to the chief priests, and said 
to them : S. What will you give me, and I will deliver 
him up to you? C. And they ordered him thiry pieces 
of silver. And from that time he sought for an opportu~ 
nity of betraying him. , Now on the first day of the feast 
of unleaven bread, the disciples came to Jesus, saying : 
S. Where wilt thou have us prepare to eat the Passover ? 
C. And Jesus said j f Go into the city to a certain man, 
and say to him : The Master saith, my time is at baud ; 
I will keep the Passover with my disciples at thy house. 
C. And the disciples did as Jesus had ordered them, and 
made ready the Passover. And when it was now. even- 
ing, he went to table-with his twelve disciples. And as 

* The Passion is usually sung by three voices: One 
sings the words of Jesus, marked with a + before them. 
Another the thread of the history, marked C. Tto 
third, the words of the interlocutors marked S. 

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they were eating, he said : f Verily I say to you $ one 
of you will betray me. C. And being much troubled, 
they began every one to say : S. Is it I, Lord > C. And 
he answering, said : f He that dippeth his hand with me 
in the dish, the same will betray me. The Son of Man 
goeth indeed, at it is written of him : but woe to that 
man, by whom the Son of Man shall be betrayed j it 
had been better for that man, if he had never been born. 
C. Then Judas, who betrayed him, answering, said: 
5. Master, is it I ? <7. He said to him \ f Thou hast 
said it. C. And while they were at supper, Jesus took 
bread* and blessed it, and broke it, and gave it to his 
disciples, and said : f Take ye and eat ; this is my body. 
C. And taking the cup, he gave thanks, and gave it to 
them, saying: f Drink you all of this) for this is my 
blood of the New Testament, which shall be shed for 
many to the remission of sins. But I say to you, I will 
not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, till that 
day, when I shall drink it new with you in my father's 
kingdom. (?. And having said a hymn, they went out 
to mount Olivet. Then Jesus saith to them : f All of 
yon will be scandalized in me this night ; for it is written : 
/ will strike the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock 
shall be dispersed. But after I am risen again, I will go 
before you into Galilee. C. Then Peter answering, said 
to him : S. Though all the rest should be scandalized in 
thee, yet will I never be scandalized. C. Jesus said to 
him : f Verily, I say to thee : this night before the 
cockcroweth, thou wilt deny me thrice. C. Peter said 
to him : S. Though I were to die with thee, yet will I- 
not deny thee. C. And all the disciples likewise said 
the same. Then Jesus came with them to a village called 
Gethsemant, and said to his disciples : \ Sit you here, 
while I go thither and pray. C. And he took with him 
Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and began to be sad 
and sorrowful. Then he saith to them : + My soul is 
sorrowful even unto death 5 Stay you here, and watch 
with me. C. And going a little farther, he fell on his 
face, and prayed, saying : f O my father, if it be pos- 
sible, let this cup' pass from me. Nevertheless, not as 
I will, but as thou wilt. (7. And coming to his dis- 
ciples, he fonnd them sleeping j and he saith to Peter j 
f What ? Could you not watch one hour with me ? 
Watch and pray, that you enter not into temptation , 
The spirit indeed is ready, but r the flesh, is weak, C 

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Mass. ~ PAJLH-stniDAT. 333 

He weal away again the second time, and prayed, say* 
ing: f O my Father, if this cup cannot pass from me, 
but I must drink it, thy will-be done. C. And he came 
again, and found them asleep; for their eyes were heavy. 
And leaving them, he went again and prayed the third 
time, saying the same words. Then he cometh to his 
disciples, and saith to them : t Sleep on now, and take 
your rest $ behold the hour is near, and the Son of Man 
shall be betrayed into the hands of sinners. Rise, let 
ns go : behold he, that will betray me, is at hand. C 
While be was yet speaking, behold Judas, one of the 
twelve, came; and with him a great multitude with 
swords and clubs, sent by the chief priests and elders of 
the people. And be that betrayed him, had given them 
a signal, saying: S. He whom I shall kiss, te the man., 
lay bold on him. C, And coming forthwith; to Jesus, 
he said : S. Hail, master ! C And he kbsed him. And 
Jesus said to him : f Friend, for what art thou come ? 
C Then they came and laid hands on him, and took 
him. And behold one of tbem that were with Jesns, 
stretching forth his hnnd, drew hi* sword, and striking 
the high priest's servant, cut off his ear.* 
said to him : f Put up thy sword again into its plait ; 
for "all that take the sword, shall perish by the sword. 
Post thou think, I cannot ask it of my Father, and he 
will give me presently more thau twelve legions of An- 
gels? How then shall the scriptures be fulfilled, which 
foretel that thus it must be. C. In that same hour Jesus 
said to the multitude ; f You are come out, as against a 
highwayman, to take me with swords and clubs. I sat 
daily with you teaching in the temple, and you seized 
mejiot. C. And all this was done that the writings of 
the prophets might be fulfilled. Then all his disciples 
abandoning him, fled away. But they holding Jesus, 
brought him to Caiphas, the high priest, where the 
Scribes and Elders were assembled. But Peter followed 
him at a distance, -even to the high priests court. And 
going in, he sat down with the servants, to see the issue. 
And the chief priests, with all the council, sought false 
witness against Jesus, that they might put Lim to 
death ; but they found none, tbo' many false witnesses 
had come in. At last, two false witnesses came, and 
said : S. This man said •, 1 can destroy the teibple of 
God, and after three, days rebuild it again. C: And 
« e 2 ' 

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334 FALM-SUWDAY. '" Mu$S . • 

the high priest 'rising up said to him ; 5. Answerest 
thou nothing to what these men witness against thee ? 
(7. But Jesus spoke not. And the high priest said to 
him : S. I conjure thee, by the living God, to tell us, 
if thou art the Christ, the Son of God ? C. Jesus said to 
him : f Thou hast said it. Moreover I say to you : 
hereafter you shall see the Son of Man sitting at the 
right hand of the power of God, and coming in the 
clouds of heaven. C. Then the high priest rent his gar- 
ments, Baying : S. He hath blasphemed ', what farther 
need have we of witnesses ? Behold you have now heard 
his blasphemy : What think you ?• C. And thiey answer- 
ing, said : 8. He is guilty of death. C. Then they spit 
in bis face, and buffeted him $ and others struck him on 
the face with the palms of their hands, saying : S. Pro* 
phesy to us, O thou the Christ, who it is that struck 
thee ? C. Now Peter sat without in the court 5 and a 
maid came to him, saying : S. Thou also wast with* 
Jesus of Galilee ; C. But he denied it before all, saying: 
S. I know not what thou sayest. C. And, as he went out 
of the gate, another maid saw him, and said to those that 
were there : S. This man also was with Jesus of 
Nazareth. C. And he again denied it with an oath, 
saying : 1 know nbt the man. And a little after, they 
that stood there, came to Peter and said : S. Certainly 
thou also art one of them ; for thy speech discovereth tbee. 
C. Then he began to protest and swear, he knew not 
the man. And presently the cock crowed. And Peter 
called to mind what Jesus had said $ Before the cock 
croweth, thou wilt deny me thrice. And going forth 
he wept bitterly. And when it was morning, all the 
Chief Priests and Elders of the people consulted against 
Jesus, to put him to death. And they brought him 
bound, and delivered him to Pontius Pilate the governor. 
Then Judas, who had betrayed him, seeing him con- 
denned, touched with repentance, brought again the 
thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, say- 
ing; S, I have sinned in betraying righteous blood. C* 
But they said j S. What is it to us ? Look thou to that 
C. And casting down the pieces of silver in the temple, 
he departed ; and went and banged himself. But the 
chief priests taking the silver, said : S. It- is not lawful 
to put it in the treasury, because it is the price of blood. 
C. And having consulted together, they bought with it 
the Potter's-field for the burial of strangers. Por this 

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reason that field is called Haceldama, that is, the 
field of blood 9 even to this day. Then was fulfilled, 
what was spoke by the prophet Jeremy, saying : And 
they took thirty pieces of silver, the price of him that 
was set at a price, whom they bought for a price of the 
children of Israel, and they gave them for the Potter's- 
field, as the Lord appointed me. And Jesus stood be- 
fore the governor ; and the governor asked him, saying: 
S. Art thou the King of the Jews? C. Jesus saith to 
hira ; Thou sayest it. C And being accused by the 
chief* priests and elders, he answered nothing." Then 
Pilate saith to him ; S. Dost thou not hear how many 
testimonies they urge against thee ? And he answered 
htm not to any word, so that the governor wondered ex- 
ceedingly. Now at the festival-day the governor was 
wont to release to the people some one prisoner, whom 
they pleased. And he had then a very notorious one, cal- 
led Barabbas. And they being assembled together, Pilate 
said to- them ; S. Which will you that I release for you ; 
Barabbas, or Jesus, who is called the Christ ? C. For 
he knew they had committed him out of envy. And 
as he was sitting on the judgement-seat, his wife sent to 
him, saying 5 S. Have nothing to do with that righte- 
ous man ; for I have suffered very much .this day in a 
dream, upon his account. C. But the chief priests and 
elders persuaded the people to demand Barabbas, and 
destroy Jesus. Then the governor answering, said to 
them ; C. Which of the two will you have discharged ? 
C. And they said ; S. Barabbas C. The governor saith 
to them ; S. What then shall I do with Jesus, who is 
called the Christ ? C. They all say ; S. Let him be cruci- 
fied. C. The governor replieth j S. Why, what evil 
hath he done ? C. But they cried out the more, saying j 
S. Let him be crucified. C. Then Pilate seeing he 
could not prevail, but that rather a tumult was raised 
took water, and washing his hands before the people, 
said 1 S. I am clear of the blood of this righteous man , 
look you to it. C. And all the people answering, said ; 
S. Let his blood be on us, and on our children. C. Then 
he released to them Barabbas 5 and having scourged Je- 
sus, he delivered him up to be crucified. After which 
the governor's soldiers took Jesus into the common hall, 
and gathered about him the whole band 5 and haying 
stripped him, they put on him a scarlet cloak ; and 
twisted a crown of thorns, and put it on his head, with a 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


reed in hi* right band. And bending a knee before him 
they scoffed him, saying; S, Hail* King of the Jews. 
C. And they spit on biro, and taking the reed, struck 
him on the head. And after they bad insulted hira, 
they pulled off the cloak, and putting on his own clothes, 
led him away to be crucified. And as they went oat of 
the city, they found a man of Syrene, called Simon, and 
they compelled him to carry his cross. And they came 
to the place, called Golgotha, which signifieth a Calvary. 
And they gave him wine mingled with gall to drink > 
and when he had tasted it, he would not drink. After 
they had crucified him, they divided his garments, cast- 
ing lots 5 that it might be fulfilled, which was spoken 
by the prophet, saying; They divided my gar men ts among 
them, and they cast iotsjor my vesture. And they / sat 
down, and watched him. And they put over his head 
his cause in writing ; THIS IS J£SUS THE JUNG 
OF THE JEWS. Jhen were crucified with bim two 
thieves j one on his right hand, and the other on hit 
left. And they that passed by, reviled bim, shaking their 
heads, saying ; S. Ah ! Thou that destroyed, the temple 
of God, and in three days buildest it up again \ save 
thyself. If thou art the Son of God, come down from 
the cross, (7. In like manner also the chief priests, 
with the Scribes and Elders, scoffing bun, said ; & 
He saved others, but cannot save himself; if be be tbe 
King of Israel, let him now come down froja the cross, 
and we will believe him ; he trusted in God, let bim 
deliver him now, if. he love him i for he jiatb said ; I 
am the Son of God. C. Tbe thieves also, that were 
crucified with him, reviled hin\ in the same manner. 
Now from tbe sixth how, there was darkness over the 
whole earth, till the ninth hour. And abo\\t the ninth 
hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, spying: fEli* 
Eli, lamma sabactiuini? C. That js : f %1y God, my 
God, why hast thou forsaken me ? C. And some thai 
stood there, and heard him, said : S, Hecalleth Elias, 
C. And forthwith one of them ran, and taking a sponge, 
filled it with vinegar and put it on a reed, and gave it 
him to drink. But others said j S. Stay, let us see 
whether Elias will come and deliver bim. C And Jesus 
crying again with a loud voice, gave up the ghost, And 
behold the veil of the temple was rent in two, from tbe 
top to the bottom j and the earth trembled, and the 
rocks were rent asunder, and the monuments wee* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Mass. PALM •SUNDAY. 337 

opened $ and many bodies of the saints, who slept, 
arose. And going out of their monuments, after his 
resurrection, they came into the holy city, and appear* 
ed to many. Bat the Centurion, and they who were 
with him watching Jesus, seeing the earthquake, and all 
that had happened, were very much afraid, and said ; S. 
Truly, this man was the Son of God. C. And many 
women were there at a distance, who had followed Jesus 
from Galilee, and had waited on him; among whom 
was Mary Magdalen, and Mary the mother of James 
and of Joseph, and the mother of the sons of Zebedee. 
And when it was now evening, there came a rich man of 
Arimathea, called Joseph, who was also a disciple of 
Jesus. He came to Pilate and begged the body of Jesus. 
And Pilate commanded the body to be given him. And 
Joseph taking the body, wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, 
and laid it in a new monument of his own, which he had 
hewed out of a rock. And he rolled a great stone against 
the door of the monument, and went away. And Mary 
Magdalen was there and the other Mary, skiing over* 
against the sepulchre. 

Here U said, Cleanse my .heart, istc. as p. 43. 

NOW the next day, which followed the day of the 
preparation, the chief priests and Pharisees came 
together to Pilate, saying t Sir, we remember this se- 
ducer said, while he was yet alive : After three days I 
will rise again. Command therefore the sepulchre to be 
guarded till the third day; lest perhaps his disciples 
come and steal him away, and then say to the people : 
He is risen from the dead. And so the last error will 
be worse than the first. Pilate said to them : You have 
9 guard ; go and keep watch, as you know best. And 
going away, they secured the sepulchre by placing guards, 
and sealing the stone. 

OFFERT. Ps. lxviii. Improperium expectavit 

My heart hath long borne cor meum et miseriam } et 

reproach and misery ; and sustinui qui simul mecum 

J looked for some one to contristaretur, et non fuit. ' 

condole with me, and there Consolantem me quacsivi et 

was none. I sought for non inveni ; et dederunt In 

one to comfort me, and escam meam fel, et in siti 

found none $ they gave me mea potaverunt me aceto. 
gall to eat, and vinegar to 
drink in my thirst. 

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338 . holy-week. • Monday, 

SECRET. Grant, we beseech thee, O Lord, that 
what hath been offered in . the presence of thy divine 
majesty, may procure us the grace of devotion, and ef- 
fectually obtain a blessed eternity. Thro'. 

COMM. Matt.Tixvi. Fa- Pater, si non potest hie 

ther, if this cup cannot cadix transire, nisi bibam 

pass away, but I must ilium, fiat voluntas tua. 
drink it, thy will be done. 

: POSTCOMM. Per Uvjus* May our vices, O Lord, 
be destroyed, and our righteous desires fulfilled by the 
efficacy of these mysteries. Thro*. 

In private Masses, said without the blessing of the 
1 Palms, instead of the Gospel : In the beginning, is said, 
the Gospel. Matt. xxi. as above, p. 321. 


. The Little Chapter. Brethren. Beginning of 
the Epistle to *, p. 329. Hxmn, p, 299. V. and R« 
asp. 296. • 

Anth. For it is written : Ant. Scriptum est enim: 
I will strike the shepherd, percutiara pastorem, & dis- 
and the sheep of the flock pergentur oves gregist 
shall be dispersed j but after postquam autem resurrex- 
I am risen again, I will go ero, pwcejlam vos in Gali- 
before . you into Galilee ,- team, dicit Dominus. 
there shall you see me, 
saith the Lord. 

Prayer, Collect at Mass. 


MASS. Introit. Ps. 34. 

JUDGE those, O Lord, who hurt me j defeat those 
that assault me ; take thy armour and shield, and 
come to my assistance, O Lord, my mighty Saviour. Ps. 
Draw thy sword, and stop those that are in pursuit of 
tne ; say to my soul : I am thy salvation. Judge those, 
O Lord, &c. to Ps. 

COLLECT. Da, quasumus. Grant, we beseech 
thee, O Almighty God, that we, who, through our 
weakness, faint under so many adversities, may recover 
by the passion of thy only begotten Son. Who with 
thee and the Holy Ghost, liveth, &c % 

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Monday. hol?-wbek. 33JJ 

LESSON, haias 1. 5. 10. 

IN those days : Isaias said : The Lord God hath opened 
my ear, and I contradict him not ; and I turned not 
my back on him. I have given up my body to those 
that struck me, and my cheeks to those that plucked 
them ; I have not turned away ray face from those that 
abused me and spit on me. The Lord God is my help, 
therefore am I not ashamed ; therefore have I made my 
face like a bard rock, and I know that I shall not be put 
to shame. He is at hand who justifieth me ; who will 
declare against me : Let us stand up together, who is 
my adversary ? Let him come forth to me. Behold the Lord 
God is my helper, who is it that will condemn me. Behold 
they shall ail be destroyed as a garment, the moth shall 
eat them. Which of you fearetb the Lord, and heareth 
the voice of his servant ? He that hath walked in dark- 
ness, and hath no light, let him hope in the name of the 
Lord, and rely on the Lord his God. 

GRAD. Ps. 34. Arise, O Lord, be attentive to 
ray trial ; my God and my Lord, undertake my cause. 
V. Draw thy sword, stop those that are in pursuit of 

Tract. Deal not, O Lord, &c* as above, p. 212. 
GOSPEL. JohnxW. \.Q. 

SIX days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bet ha- 
nia, where Lazarus had died, whom Jesus raised 
again. And they made a supper for him there ; and 
Martha waited, and Lazarus was one of those that were 
at table with him. And Mary took a pound of very ex* 
cellent spikenard, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and 
wiped his feet with her hair $ and the house was filled 
with the odour of the perfume. Therefore one of his 
disciples, Judas the Iscariot, who was about to betray 
him, said: Why was not this perfume sold for three 
hundred pence, and given to the poor ? And he said 
this, not because he cared for the poor, but because he 
was a thief, and having the purse, carried what was put 
in it. Jesus therefore said : Let her alone, that she 
may keep it for the day of my burial. For you have 
the poor always with yon, but me you have not always. 
And a great multitude of the Jews knew he was there j 
and they came not only on account of Jesus, but to see 
Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead. 

OFFERT. Ps. 142. . Deliver' me from my enemies, 
O Lord ; to thee have J fled, teach me to 4o thy will ; 
because thou art my God. 

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340 holy-wbbk. Tuesday. 

SECRET. Grant, O Almighty God, that being puri- 
fied by tbe powerful virtue of this sacrifice, we may ar- 
rive with greater purity to the author and institutor 
thereof. Thro*. 

COMM. Ps. 34. Let them blush and be ashamed, 
who rejoice at my misfortunes ; let them be covered 
whh confusion and shame, who speak maliciously against 

POSTCOMM. Pneleant nobis. Let thy holy 
mysteries, O Lord, inspire us with divine fervour j 
that we delight both in their effect and celebration. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Prayer. Atfjuvanos. 

HELP Us, O God, our salvation.; and grant that 
we may celebrate with joy the memory of these 
benefits, by which thou hast been pleased to redeem us* 


MASS. ItfTBorr. Gal. 6. 

WE ought to glorify in the cross of our Lord Jesus 
Christ ; in whom is our salvation, life, and re- 
surrection ; by whom we have been saved and delivered". 
Ps. 66. May God have mercy on us, and bless us ; may 
his. countenance shine upon us, and may he take pity 
on us. We ought to glorify, &c. to Ps. 

COLLECT. Omnipotent. O Almighty and Ever> 
lasting God, grant that we may so celebrate the mysteries 
of our Lord's passion, as. to obtain thy pardon. Thro* 
the same. 

LESSON. Jer. xi. 18. 20. 

IN those days ; Jeremias said : O Lord, thou hast 
shewn it me, and I have known it ; then thou didst 
discover to me their designs. And I was as a meek 
Iamb that is carried to be sacrificed ; and I knew not 
that they formed designs against me, saying : Let us 
cast wood into his bread, and cut him off from the land 
of the living, and let his name be remembered no more. 
But thou, O Lord of hosts, that judgest justly, and search- 
est the reins and hearts, let me. see thy vengeance upon 
them ; for to thee have I laid open my cause, O Lord 
my God. 

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'Tuesday. holy week. 341 

GRAD, Ps. 34. When they were troublesome to 
me, I put on hair-cloth, and bumbled my soul in fast- 
ing 5 and I will yet continue to pour forth my prayer in 
my bosom. J V. Judge thou, O Lord, those who hurt 
me ; defeat those that assault me ; take thy armour and 
shield, and come to my assistance. 

The PASSION of our. Lord JESUS CHRIST, accord- 
ing to Mark. Chcty. xiv. 

AT that time : After two days was the feast of the 
Passover and of unleavened bread, and the chief 
priests and scribes sought how they might take Jesus by 
craft, and put him to death. But they said : S. Not on 
the feast-day, lest there should be a tumult among the 
people. C. And when Jesus was at Bethania, in the house 
of Simon the leper, at table, there came a woman having 
an alabaster box of very costly ointment of spikenard ; 
and breaking the alabaster box, she poured it out on his 
head. And there were some that were vexed within them- 
selves at it, and said : S. Why was this ointment wasted ? 
For it might have been sold for more than three hundred 
pence, and given to the poor. C. And they murmured 
against her. And Jesus said : f Let her alone j why do 
you disturb her ? She hath done a good work on me. 
For you have the poor always with you ; and whenso- 
ever you will, you roay do them good ; but me you 
have not always. She hath done what she could; and 
is come before-hand to anoint my body for its burial. 
Verily I say to you, Wherever this gospel shall be 
preached throughout the whole world, this also, which 
she bath done,, shall be told for a memorial of her. C. 
Then Judas the iscariot, one of the twelve, went to the 
chief priests to betray him to them. And when they 
.heard it, they were, glad, and promised to give him 
money. And he sought how he might conveniently be- 
tray him. Now. on the first day of unleaven bread, 
when they killed the Passover, his disciples say to him: 
S. Where wilt thou have us go, and prepare for thee 
to eat the Passover? C. And he sendeth two of his dis- 
ciples, and saith to them : f Go into the city, and there 
will meet.yod a man carrying a pitcher of water, follow 
him ; and wherever he goeth in, say to the master of 
vol. i. f f „, 

t Expl.I will continue my humble posture of prayer, with my 
Jbead reclined on my breast. 

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342 holt week. Tuesday, 

the house : The Master saith : Where is the guest- 
room, in which I may eat the Passover with my disciples ? 
And he will shew you a large upper-room feady furnish- 
ed : and there make ready for us. C. 'And bis disciples 
went, and coming into the city, found every thing as>he 
had said to them, and made ready the Passover. And in 
the evening he came with the twelve. And as they were 
at table, and eating, Jesus saith : f Verily I say to you : 
one of you that eateth with me, will betray me. C. 
And they began to be sad, and to say to him severally : 
S. Is it I ? C. He saith to tbem : -fit is one of the twelve, 
that dippeth his hand with me in the dish. And the 
Son of Man indeed goeth, as it is written of him 5 bat 
woe to that man by whom the Son of Man shall be be- 
trayed. It had been better for that man if he had never 
been born. C. And while they were eating, Jesus took 
bread, and blessing it, broke it and gave it to them, and 
said : f Take you this, this is my body. C. And having 
taken the cup, giving thanks, he gave it them; and 
they all drank of it. And he said to them : + This is my 
blood of the New Testament, which shall be shed for 
•many. Verily, I say to you, that from now I will not 
drink of this fruit of the vine, until that day, when I 
shall drink it hew in the kingdom of God. C. And 
having said an hymn, they went out to the mountain of 
Olives. And Jesus said to them : f You will all be scan- 
dalized this night on my account ; for it is written : I 
will strike the shepherd, and the sheep shall be disper- 
sed. But after I rise again, I will go before you into 
Galilee. C. But Peter said to him : S. Tho* all the rest 
shall be scandalised on thy account, yet I will not. C. 
And Jesus said to him : f Verily I say to thee, that this 
very night, before the cock hath twice crowed, thou wilt 
*teny me thrice. C. But he spoke still more vehement- 
ly : S. Tho' I was to die with thee, I will not deny thee. 
C. And they all said the same. And they came to a 
form called Gethsemani, and he said to his disciples : f Sit 
you here, while I pray. C. And he taketh with him 
Peter and James, and John $ and he began to fear, and 
to-be heavy. And he said to them : f My soul is sorrow- 
ful until death; stay you here, and watch. C. And 
when he was gone a little farther, he fell flat on the 
ground ; and he prayed, that if it might be, that hour 
might pass away from him ; and he said : f Abba, Fa- 
ther, all things are possible to thee, put away this cup 

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Tuesday. holy webk. 343 

from me ; but not what 1 will, bat what thou wilt. C- 
And he came and found tbem sleeping. And he saith to 
Peter : f Simon dost thou sleep ? Could st thou not watch 
one hour ? Watch ye all and pray, that you fall not into 
temptation, Tiie spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is 
weak. C. And going away again he prayed, saying the 
same words. And returning, he found, them again 
asleep, (for their eyes were heavy) and they knew not 
what to answer him. And he cometh the third time, 
and saith to them.; t Sleep on now and take your rest. It 
is enough 5 the hour is come ; behold the Son of Man 
shall be betrayed into the hands of sinners. Arise, let 
us go j behold he that will betray me, is near. C. And 
while he was speaking, came Judas the Iscariot, one of 
the: twelve, and with him a great multitude, with swords 
and. clubs, sent by/ the. chief priests, and scribes, and. 
elders. And he: that betrayed hiim bad given them a 
signal*, saying ; S. Whomsoever I shall kiss, that is lie, 
seize him, and. carry, him away warily. C. And when he 
was come, going immediately up to, him, he. said ; S. 
Hail, Rabbi ! C. And kissed him; And they laid hands 
on him, and' seized him a And one of those! that were, 
present, drawing his sword, struck a servant of the. high 
priest, and cut off. his ear. And: Jesus answering* said. 
to them : f Ai« you* come, out as it were against a> thief 
with: swords and clubs to, apprehend me ? I. was with 
you every day teaching in the temple, and yon: did not 
take me. But the scriptures must be fuhSHed. C. Then, 
his disoiples leaving him, they all fled. And a certain, 
young man followed him, having a linen cloth cast about 
his naked body ; and they* seised him ; but: he having 
thrown off the linen cloth, ran away from them naked. 
And. they led him to the- high-priest ; and all the priests, 
and scribes, and. elders were-met together. And Peter* 
followed him at « distance as faras into the highr priest's, 
court, and sat with th&scrvants-at the fire, and warmedi 
bimsel£ And the chief, priests and; all. the council 
sought for evidence against; Jesus* to put htm to death;; 
and they) found none: Tho ! many bore witness against 
him 5 .hoc their evidences did not agree: And. some? 
rising up, bore, falser, witness against him, saying : iSi.Wct- 
our selves: hear dt himisay : I will destroy this temple; madei 
with hands, and in ttaeedaya L will build another not 
made with hands; C. And their evidencedid nob agree. 
And the^igh: priest rising up in the midst afcthem, asjfe* 

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344 holy wekk. Tuesday* 

ed Jesus, saying : S. Dost thou not answer any thing to 
what is alledged against thee by these people ? C. But 
he was silent, and answered nothing. The high priest 
asked him again, and said to him : S. Art thou the 
Christ, the Son of the blessed God ? C. And Jesus said 
to him : f I am. And you shall see the Son of Man 
sitting at the right hand of the power of God, and com- 
ing in the clouds of heaven. C. And the high priest 
tearing his garments, said : S. What farther want have 
we of witnesses ? You have heard his blasphemy ; what 
do you think of it ? C. And they ail declared him guilty 
of death. And some began to spit on him, and to hood- 
wink him, and to strike him with their fists, and to say 
to him : S. Prophesy. C. And the servant buffeted him. 
And when Peter was in the court below, there C2me 
one of the high priest's maids ; and when she had seen 
Beter warming himself, she satth, looking at him : S. 
Thou also wast with Jesus of Nazareth. C. But he denied 
it,, saying : S. I neither know, nor understand what thou 
sayest. C. And he went out before the court-door, 
, and the cock crew. And again, when the maid saw him, 
she began to tell those that stood by, that he was one of 
them. But he again denied it. And a little while after, 
they again, who stood by, said to Peter : S. Thou certain- 
ly art one of them ; for thou art a Galilean. C. But he 
-began to Curse and swear, saying : I know not the man 
you speak of. C. And presently the cock crew again.' 
And Peter . remembered what Jesus had said to him ; 
Before the cock croweth twice, thou shalt deny me 
thrice. And he began to weep. And early in the 
morning the chief priests with the elders and 
scribes, and the whole council, consulting together, 
carried Jesus bound, and delivered him over to Pilate. 
And Pilate asked him; S. Art thou the King of the 
Jews } C. But he answering, said to him : f Thou say est 
it. C. And the chief priests accused him of many things. 
And Pilate asked him again, saying: 8. Answerest 
thou nothing r See what great things they alledge 
against thee. C. But Jesus still answered not -, so that 
Pilate wondered. Now on the festival he was accustom- 
ed to release them one of the prisoners, whomsoever 
they should desire. And there was one called Barabbas* 
that was in prison with some rioters, who in the riot 
bad committed murder. And the multitude being come 
up, began. to require what he always granted them* 

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Tuesday. holt weAk $45 

And Pilate answered them, and said: & Would you 
have roe release to you the King of the Jews ? C. For 
he- knew, the chief priests had delivered him up oat of 
envy. But the priests stirred up the mnltitudeTather to 
have Barabbaa released to them. And. Pilate answering 
again, said to them: S. What then, would you have me 
to do with the King of the Jews > C. But they again cried 
out ; S*. Crucify him. C. And Pilate said to them ;. S; 
But what harm hath he done ? G. But they cried out 
the more ; S. Crnrity him. C. And Pilate, being willing 
to satisfy the people*, released. Barabbas,> and* delivered 
up'to them Jesus, being first scourged^ to be crucified. 
And the soldiers led bin; into the court of the palace; 
and they called together the whole company, and cloth*-' 
ed him in purple $ and. wreathing a crown<of thron* they 
put it on his bead. And they began to salute him.; 
Hail ; King* of the Jew*! And they, struck him mi the 
head with areed; and they spit on him, and kneeling 
down adored: binr. And after they had thus. insulted 
him, they took off the purple garment, and put on him 
his own clothes, and led him out to crucify him* Aud 
they obliged a man that wa** passing by, one Srmon, a 
Cyrenean* coming tiromtthe country* the fother o£Afex- 
ander and Bums, to carry/ his- cross. And they bring 
him to the place Golgotha* which is interpreted^ th* 
place of Calvary. And they gave him wine mingled 
with myrrh to drink ; and* he would not take it. And 
when* they had- crucified him, they divided his elotha, 
casting lot* for tuem, %e know, what each should- take. 
And it was now- the third hour ; and> they crucified him. 
And the title of his came was thus written: THE 
KING OF THS& JEWS. And they crucify- with him 
two » thieves ; one at his- right hand, and the^ other at bin 
left. And the scripture was* fulfilled, that saich t Ahi 
he was reckoned uritk the wicked. And they that pasv 
sed by blasphemed against him> wagging their heads, 
and saviogj : S. Qh.l Thou that destroyest the temple of 
God, and rebuildest it in three days, save thyself, and 
come down, from, the cross. C. In like manner 
the chief priests with the scribes, insulting, said to 
one another: S. He saved others.; but he cannot 
save himself Let the Christ, the King of Israel, now 
come down from the cross, that we may see and be* 
' tieve. G. And' they that were crucified with him, re- 
i f % 

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346 kox.? WiBKi Tuesday* 

viled him.' ' And at the sixth hour there was darkness 
ever the whole earth until the ninth hour. And at the 
ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying : 
f Eloi, EJoi, lamma sabacthani<? C. Which is interpret- 
ed : f My God, my God, why kast thou forsaken me ? C. 
And some of the standers by hearing him, said: S. Be-, 
hold, he caileth Elias. C. And one running and filling 
a spunge with vinegar, and putting it on a reed, gave it 
him to drink, saying : . S. Hold, let us see, if Elias 
come to take him down. C. And Jesus crying t)ut with 
a loud voice, expired. And the veil of the temple was 
rent in two from the top to the bottom. And the Cen- 
turion, who stood over against him, seeing that so cry- 
ing out he had expired, said : S. TVuly this man was 
the Son of God. C. And there were also some women 
looking on afar off; among whom was Mary Magdalen, 
and Mary the mother of James- the less, and of Joseph, 
and Salome ; and when he was in Galilee, they followed 
him, and served him ; and many other women that were 
come up with him to Jerusalem. 

Here is said: Cleanse my heart, Ordinary, p. 43. 

AND when the evening was come (because it was 
the preparation before the Sabbath) Joseph of 
Arjjmathea, a noble decurion, who also was expecting 
the kingdom of God, Came and went boldly to Pilate, 
and begged the body of Jesus. And Pilate wondered 
that he was dead already. And having sent for the Cen- 
turion^ he asked him, if he was dead already. And 
when he knew it from the Centurion, he gave the body 
to Joseph. And Joseph having bought a linen winding- 
sheet, and taken him down, wrapped him in the wind- 
ing-sheet, and laid him in a sepulchre that was hewn out 
*>f a rock j and he rolled a stone at the entrance of the 

OFFERT. Ps. 139. Keep me, O Lord, from the 
hands of the sinful man ; and from unjust men deliver 

SECRET. May these sacrifices, O Lord, toe beseech 
thee, which are accompanied with healing fasts, merci- 
fully repair us. Thro*. 

COMM. Ps. 63. The Judges in the gate spoke 
against me, and they that drank wine, made songs 
against me. But J poured forth my prayer to thee, 

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O Lord: it is time, O God, lo shew thy good will 
to me, according to the. multitude of thy mercies. 

POSTCOMM. Sanctificationibus. May these tby 
holy mysteries, O Almighty God, both cure our vices, 
and become an eternal remedy to us. Thro*. » 
Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Tua Nos. May thy mrrcy, > pod, 
purify us from the corruption of the old man, and enable 
as to put on the new. Thro.* 

MASS. Introit. Phil. 2. 

AT the name of Jesus let every knee bow, of things 
in heaven, on earth, and under the earth : be-* 
cause the Lord became obedient unto death, even the 
death of the cross ; therefore the Lord Jesus Christ is 
in the glory of God the Father. Ps. 101 . O Lor d hear 
my prayer, and let nay cry come to thee. At the name, 
&c. to Ps. r ' / 

After the Kyrie ekison is said: 
Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R.' Stand up again. 

h COLLECT. Prussia. Grant, we beseech, thee, 

Almighty God, that we who continually are punished 
for our excesses, may be delivered by the passion df thy 
Only, begotten Son.. Wholiveth, &c. . 

I. LESSON. Isaias Lxii. U. huii. 1. ?, 

THUS 'saith the Lord God : Say. to the daughter' of 
Sioh ; Behold thy Saviour cometh j behold his re- 
Ward is with him. Who is he that cometh from Edoxn, 
With dyed garments from Bosra ? He is beautiful in his 
robe, walking in the greatness of his. strength. It is I, 
that speak justice*, and am the protector that saveth. 
Why then is thy garment red, and thy clothes like theirs 
that tread in the wine press ? 1 have trodden the wine- 
press alone; and of the Gentiles there is not a man with 
me; I have trodden them in my fury, and trampled on 
them in my arijger \ and their blood is sprinkled on my 
clothes, and I have stained all my garments. For the 
day of revenge is in my heart j the year of my reward is 
come. I looked about, and there was none to help me $ 

1 sought, and there was none to assist me J and my own 

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34# HOLY 

arm saved me, and my own indignation helped me. 
And I trod down the people in my fury, and. I made 
them drunk in my indignation, and I brought their 
Strength down to the ground. I will remember the? 
mercies of the Lord, the praise of the Lord for all 
the things, which the Lord our God hath bestowed up- 
on us. 

GRAD. Ps. 68. Turn not away thy face from thy 
servant, for I am in distress ; hear me speedily. V. 
Save me, O God, for the waters have entered even 
to my soul, I am sunk into deep mire, and there is no 

May the Lord be wfth you. R. And with thy spirit. 

II. COLLECT. Deus, qui. O God, who wouldst 
have thy Son suffer on the cross, to deliver us from the 
power of the enemy* grant to us thy servants that* we 
may obtain the grace o£ his resurrection. Thro* the 

II. LESSQN. Jstihs liii. 

IN* those days; Isaia* sajd: Laid who hath believed 
what they have heard from us } And to whom hath 
the arm of the.Loni bees revested* And he shall shoot 
up. like a young sprig before him,, and like a sucker from 
dry ground j he hath no form nor beauty ; and we saw 
him, and he had nothing sightly, mat we stiotiloVdetire 
him ; as being despised and' the test of raeny a> man of 
sorrows and acquainted' with infirmity 4 ; hisconntenanoe 
was, as it were, hid, and' despicable, wherefore we valued 
him not. He hath truly taken oil himself our infirmities* 
and hath borne our sorrows*, and w*Jooked,oo binrara 
leper, and a* one struck by/GSod and: afflicted. But! it 
was for our iniqnitie&ibe was wounded,and<fcur nun crime* 
was he bruised 5 the chastisement, for making'onr. peace 
ibll'upon him, and by mV bruises were we healed. We 
were all gone astray like sheep, every one had- turned 
aside to jgo his own way j and the Lord laid upon, him 
the iniquities of us ail. He became an oblation,, because 
he himself would, and be opened not his mouth;, he 
shall be led like a sheep to the slaughter,. and lilaeja lamb 
before the shearer shall, he be dumb, . and* open, not hi 
mouth. He was taken from, con&nement. and from 
judgment. Who shall declare his generation.? For he 
was cut ofF from the land of. the living ;, for the' wicked- 
ness of my people have I struck him., file sfealLgive tlje 

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Wednesday, holy wsbk. 349* 

wicked for his burial, and the rich for his death j because' 
he did no evil, nor was deceit found in his mouth ; and- 
the Lord was pleased to crush him in his weakness. If 
he shall lay down his life for Bin, he shall see a long 
posterity, and the will of the Lord shall be fulfilled by 
his hand. For that his soul hath laboured, he shall see- 
and be satisfied. This my righteous servant shall make ; 
many righteous by his doctrine 5 and he shall bear their' 
iniquities. Therefore will I bestow upon him many, ' 
and he shall distribute the spoils of the strong 5 because > 
he hath delivered up his life to death, and was numbered 
with the wicked^ and he bore the sins of many, and" 
prayed for such as transgressed. 

TRACT. Ps. 101. Lord, hear my prayer, and let 
my cry come unto thee. V. Turn not away thy face 
from me; but whenever I am in distress, give ear to 
me. V. In whatever day I shall call upon thee, hear 
me speedily. V. Fbr my days have vanished like smoke j 
and my bones are as if they were fried in a frying-pan. 
V. I was blasted like the grass, and my heart withered: 
because I forgot to eat my bread. V. But thou O Lord, « 
wilt arise and have mercy on Sion ; for the time to have 
mercy on her is come. 

The PASSION of our Lord JE'SUS CHRIST accord- 
ing to Luke, Chap. xxii. 

AT that time ; The feast of unleavened bread, which 
is called the Passover, drew near j and the chief: 
priests and scribes sought how they might put Jesus to. 
death, but they feared the people. And Satan entered 
into Judas, one of the twelve, who was.surnamed the 
Iscariot. And he went and talked with the chief priests, 
and magistrates, how he might betray him to them. 
And they were glad, and bargained to give him money. 
And he promised to do it. • And he sought an opportu-* 
nity to betray him without any tumult. And the day -of 
unleavened bread being come, 00 which it was necessary 
the Passover should be killed ? Jesus sent Peter and John, 
saying : f Go and prepare for us the Passover, that we 
may eat it. C. And they said : S. Where wouldst thou 
have us make it ready } C. And he satth to them : f 
Behold, as ypu go into the city, there will meet you a 
man carrying a pitcher of water ; follow him into the 
house where he goeth, and* you shall say to the master of 
the house : The master saith to thee : Where is tht 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

350 holy w*bk. Wednesday. 

room, where I may eat the Passover with: my disciples > 
And be will shew you a large room ready furnished, and 
there make ready. C. And they going found every 
thing as he had told them, and they got ready the Pas- 
sover. And when the hour was come, he went to table, 
and the twelve Apostles with htm. And he said to 
them j f I nave earnestly desired to eat this Passover 
with you before i suffer. For I declare to you, I wili 
not any more eat thereof, till it be fulfilled in the king- 
dom of God. C And taking the cup, he gave thanks 
and said : f Take, and divide this among you. For I de- 
dare to you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine, till 
the kingdom of God oometh. C. And having taken bread, 
he gave thanks, and broke it, and gave it to them, say* 
ing : f This is my body, which is given for you ; do 
this in remembrance of me. C, He took likewise the cup, 
after he had supped, saying:: f This cup/ is the New 
Testament in, my blood, which shall be shed for you.. 
But behold the hand of him, who betrayeth me, it with; 
me on the table. And the Son of man goeth indeed; aw 
it is decreed ; but woe to that man, by whom he shall be: 
betrayed. C. And they began to enquire among them- 
selves, which of them it was, that should: do thie things 
And there arose also a dispute among them, which of 
them seemed to be the greatest: And he said tor them r 
f The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them -, and they 
that have power over them, are called benefactors. But 
it is not' to- be sot with' you ; but he that is: the greatest 
among you; let him become like theleast ; andhe that i« 
the chief, as he that waiteth. For which is the great eat, he? 
that i&at table, or he that waiteth > Is it not he that: 
is at table ? But I am among you, as one, that waiteth ; 
and you are they > who have continued with me in mjr 
trials. And I prepare for you a kingdom, as my Father, 
hath prepared it for me, that you may eat and drink: afe. 
my table in my kingdom, and sit on thrones, judging' 
the twelve tribes of Israel. C. And the Lord said : f* 
Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath sought you, to sift you; 
like wheat ; but I have prayed for thee, that thy faith: 
fed. not 5 and do thou, when thou art once converted,, 
strengthen thy brethren. C. And he said to him : S» 
Lord, I am ready to go with thee both to prison and to. 
death. C. But he said : f I tell thee, Peter : The cocks 
shall not crow this day, till thou thrice deny that thorn 
knowest me. C. And he said to them : f. When I sent 


Wednesday. vol* wbbk. 351 

you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, did you want 
any thing ? C. They said : S. Nothing. C. Then he said 
to them : fBut now he that hath a puree, let him take 
it, and likewise his scrip $ and he that hath no sword, 
let him sell his. coat, and buy one. For I say to you, 
that which is written, must also be fulfilled in me t And 
-he was numbered with the wicked. For the things that 
relate to me, are accomplished. C. And they said : S. 
Lord, behold here are two swords. C. And he said to 
them : f Tis enough. C. And going out, he went, ac- 
cording to his custom to the mount of Olives. And his 
disciples followed him. And when he was come to the 
place, he said to them : f Pray, that you fall not into 
temptation. C. And he withdrew from them about a 
stone's cast, and kneeling down, he prayed, saying :f 
Father, if it be thy pleasure, put away this cup from me $ 
but not my will, but thine be done. C. And an angel 
from heaven appeared to him strengthening him. And 
being in an agony, he prayed the more. And his. sweat 
was as drops of blood trickling down upon the ground. 
And when he arose from prayer, and came to his dis- 
ciples, he found them sleeping through sadness. And 
he said to them : f Why do you sleep ? Kise and pray, 
that you fall not into temptation. C. And as he was 
saying this, behold a multitude, and he that was called 
Judas, one of the twelve, headed them, and drew near 
to Jesus to kiss him. But Jesus said to him : f Judas, is 
it with a kiss thou betrayest the Son of Man ? C. And 
they that were with him, seeing what was to happen, said 
to him : S. Lord, what if we strike with the sword ? C. 
And one of them struck the servant of the high priest, 
*nd cut off his right ear. But Jesus answering, said : f 
Hold, stop there. C. And having touched his ear, he 
Jiealed him. And Jesus said to those that came to him, 
the chief priests, and magistrates of the temple, and 
elders : f Are you come with swords and clubs as against 
a robber? When I was every day with you in the 
temple, you never laid hands on me 5 but this is your 
hour, and the power of darkness. C. Then they seizing 
him, led him to the house of the high priest ; and Peter 
followed at a distance. And a fire being kindled in the 
middle of the court, they sat about it, and Peter was with 
them. And a maid-servant seeing him sitting at the fire, 
and having viewed him said ; S. This man was also with 
Jiim. C. And he dented him, saying : S. Woman I 

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852 holy week. Wednesday. 

know him not. CAnd a little after, a man also seeing 
him, said ; S. Thou too art one ofthem. C. But Peter 
*aid j S. O man, 1 am not. C. And after the space of 
.about an hour, another affirmed it, saying ; S. Certainly 
this man was also with him ; for he is .a Galilean. C. 
And Peter said ; S. Man, I know not what thou sayest. 
jC. And immediately, while he was yet speaking, the 
cock crowed. And the Lord, turning about, looked at 
.Peter. And Peter remembered what the Lord had said ; 
Before the cock croweth, thou sbalt deny me thrice. 
:And Peter went out, and wept bitterly. And the men 
that held Jesus, insulted him, beating him. And they 
also hoodwinked him, and struck him on the face.; and 
they asked him, saying ; S. Prophesy who it was that 
struck thee ? C. And many other things they blasphe- 
mously spoke against him. And when it was day, the 
elders of the people, and the chief priests and the Scribes 
met together, and brought him to their council-hall, 
saying ; S. If thou art the Christ, tell us. C. And he 
said to them ; + If I tell you, you will not believe me. 
.And if I ask you any questions, you will not answer me, 
nor let me go. But hereafter the Son of Man shall sit 
on the right hand of the power of God. C. Then they 
all said $ S. Art thou then the Son of God > C. And he 
said ; f You have said it $ for I am. C. And they said ; 
S. What farther need have we o£ witnesses? For we 
.have heard enough from his own mouth. And they 
all rising up, led him to Pilate. And they be- 
gan to accuse him, saying ; S. We have found this man 
perverting our nation, and forbidding tribute to be paid 
to Caesar, and affirming himself io be the Christ, and our 
King. C. And Pilate asked him, saying; S. Art thou 
the King of the Jews ? . C. And he answering said ; f 
Thou sayest it. C. Then Pilate said to the phief priests, 
and people ; S. I find nothing criminal in this man. C. 
But they persisted the more, saying ; S. He stirred up 
.the people, teaching all over Judea, beginning from Ga- 
lilee to this place. And Pilate hearing Galilee, asked if 
he was a Galilean. And as soon as he knew that he be- 
longed to Herod's jurisdiction, he sent him to Herod, 
who at that time was .in Jerusalem. And wben Herod 
saw Jesus, he was very glad ; for he had been a long 
time very desirous to see him, because he had heard many 
things of him, and hoped to see some miracle done by 
him. And he asked him many questions $ but lie made 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Wednesday. holt wbek, 353 

Um no answer. And the chief priests and scribes stood 
by, constantly securing him* And Herod with his army 
treated him with acorn, and insulted him, cloathtng him 
with a white garment, and sent him back to Pilate. And 
Herod and Pilate were reconciled to one another ibat 
day j for before they were at variance. And Pilate cal- 
ling together the chief priests, and magistrates, and the 
people, said to them > S. You have brought this roan be- 
fore me, as one that perverteth the people ; and behold, 
having examined him before you, I find him not guilty 
of any of all those things you accuse him of. No, nor 
Herod neither j for I sent you to him, and behold no- 
thttig is done to him, as if he deserved death. I will 
chastise htm therefore, and dismiss him. C. Now on 
the festival he was obliged to release them one man. 
But the whole multitude cried out all together, say* 
ing; S. Away with this man, and release Barabbas; 
C. Who had been put in prison for a sedition raised 
in the city, and for a murder. And Pilate spoke 
to them again, being desirous to release Jesus. But 
they cried out saying ; S. Crucify him, crucify him. 
C. And be said to them a third time ; S. What harm 
hath this man done ? I find nothing in bim, for which 
be deservetb death ; I will therefore chastise him, and 
then release him. C. But they persisted demanding with 
a loud voice that he might be crucified. And their cries 
increased. And Pilate gave sentence that their demand 
should be complied with. And he released to them 
him for whom they had petitioned, and who had been 
pot in prison for murder and sedition ; but Jesus he 
delivered up to their will. And as they led him along, 
they laid hold of one Simon a Cyrenean, coming out of 
the country, and laid the cross on bim to carry after Je- 
*u». And there followed him a great multitude of the peo- 
ple, and of women, who lamented and bewailed him. 
But Jesus turning to them, said ; f Daughters of Jerusa- 
lem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and 
for your children ; because, behold the days will come, 
in which they will say ; Blessed are the barren, and the 
wombs that never bare, and the breasts that gave not suck. 
Then they shall begin to say to the mountains ; Fall upon 
us; and to the hills; Cover us; For if they do these 
things in the green wood, what will be done in the dry ? 
C. And two other malefactors were led with him to be 
VOI-. 1. <o g * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

S54 holy week. Wednesday. 

executed. And when they were come to the place called 
Calvary, I here they crucified him, and the thieves, one 
on the right hand, and the other on the left; And Je- 
sus said; f Father, forgive them, for they know not 
what they do. C. And they, dividing his garments, 
cast lots for them. And the people stood gazing on him, 
and the rulers derided him with them, saying ; S. He 
saved others, let him save himself, if he be the Christ, 
the chosen one of God. And the soldiers also insulted him 
coming to him, and ori%ring him vinegar, saying j S. If 
thou art the King of the Jews, save thyself. C. And 
there was also an inscription written over him in Greek 
and Latin and Hebrew letters : THIS IS THE KING 
OF THE JEWS. And one of the thieves that were 
hanging, blasphemed him, saying ; S. If thou art the 
Christ, save thyself and us. C. But the other answer- 
ing, rebuked him, saying : S. Neither dost thou fear 
(rod, because thou ait the same under condemnation } 
And we indeed are justly so, for we receive the due re- 
ward of our deeds 5 but this man hath done no harm* 
C. And he said to Jesus ; S. Lord, remember me, when 
thou shalt come into thy kingdom. C. And Jesus said 
to him j f Verily, I say to thee 5 this day shalt thou be 
with me in Paradise. C. And it was now about the 
sixth hour, and there was darkness upon the whole earth 
until the ninth hour. And the sun was darkened j and 
the veil of the temple was rent in the middle. And Je- 
sus crying out with a* loud voice, said 5 f Father into thy 
hands I commend my spirit. C. And saying this he ex- 
pired. And the Centurion seeing what had happened 
glorified God, saying; S; Indeed this was a righteous 
man. C. And the whole multitude of them that were? 
present at that sight, and beheld what had happened 
went away striking their breasts. And all his acquaint- 
ance, and the women that followed him from Galilee, 
stood afar off beholding these things. 

Here is said : Cleanse my heart, as Ordinary, p. 43. 

AND behold there was a man named Joseph, who 
was a senator, a good and just man, who had not 
consented to their council nor their doings ; and he was 
of Arimathea, a city of Judea, and expected himself 
the kingdom of God. This man came to Pilate, 
and begged the body of Jesus 5 and taking it down, 
wrapped it in a winding-sheet, and laid it in a monu- 

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rocnt hewn out of a rock, in which .never any man had 
been yet laid.. 

OFFERT. Ps. 101. O Lord, hear my prayer, an4 
let my cry come to thee 3 turn not away thy lace from 

SECRET. Accept, O Lord, we beseech thee, the 
offerings we have made ; and mercifully grant, that we 
may receive, with pious sentiments, what we celebrate 
in the mystery of the passion, of our Lord. Thro* the 

COMM. Ps. 101. I mingled my drink with 
tears, because when thou hadst raised me up, thou didst 
cast me down, and I withered as grass $ but thou, Q 
Lord, continuest for ever; thou wilt arise, and have 
mercy on Sion, because the time to have mercy on her 
is come. 

POSTCOMM. Largire. Grant, 6 Almighty God, 
that we may have a lively hope, that thou hast given 
us eternal life by the temporal death of thy Son, re- 
presented iu these adorable mysteries. Thro* the 

Let us pray. Bow down your. heads to God. 

PRAYER. Respice. Look down, O Lord, we be. 
seech thee, on this thy family, for which our Lord Jesus 
Christ scrupled not to be delivered up into the hands of 
wicked men, and undergo the punishment of the cross* 
Who liveth. 



THIS day probably took its name among our English 
Ancestors, from the maundy or basket of bread, 
which was handed about, and with which the fast of this 
day was broken after Mass by a particular privilege, 
Others think it took its name from the mandate, or 
commandment, which Christ gave his apostles to. wash 
one another's feet, after the example he had set them* 
This pious ceremony is still practised in religious Com- 
munities, and in Collegiate and Cathedral Churches. 

This day is likewise called, in some Churches, Abso- 
lution Thursday, from the public absolution and recon- 
ciliation, that was this day granted to the Penitents. But 
as to the solemn Office, called Tenebrae, (from the 
darkness, in which the Office was concluded by putting 
vut all the lights, and which is now celebrated on Wed* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


nesday in the afternoon) it used, like the night-of- 
fice throughout the year, to be celebrated after mid- 

The ceremonies peculiar to this Office of Tenebrae, on 
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening, are very an- 
cient, being in use at Rome in the seventh or eighth centu- 
ry 3 and by many ate considered as mystical, and alluding 
to the history of the passion of Christ. Thus; say they, 
the putting out the candles one after another at each An- 
them in Matins and Lauds, and at the six last verses of 
the Benedict us, signifies the flight of the apostles upon 
Christ's being seized. The hiding lighted the uppermost 
candle in the triangular candlestick, expresses the death 
of Christ, from whose body and soul the Divinity part- 
ed not. While this candle is concealed behind, or at the 
corner of the altar, the Miserere Psalm is said, to beg the 
effects of Christ's death for us : The producing it again, 
signifies his glorious resurrection. The noise likewise 
made at the conclusion of the Office; according to the 
same authors, signifies the spliting of the rocks, and the 
confusion nature was in, at the death of its Creator. 
Lastly, say they, the silence of the bells from the Gloria 
in excelsis in the Mass of this day, to the same in the so* 
lemn Mass of Holy Saturday, is to represent the silence 
of the apostles, who durst not confess Jesus Christ. 

Others will have all these ceremonies to be only so 
many vestiges or footsteps pf venerable antiquity. The 
use of bells is not by far so ancient as Christianity : And 
during the times of persecution, it is not to be supposed 
that the Christians could use any public signal to call 
people to their assemblies. When Constantine the Great 
granted peace to the Church, they adopted the signals 
they found in use. Hence, in some places, they assem- 
bled by the sound of trumpets or of horns : in others, by 
the noise made with brass pans, or on a board struck 
with a mallet ; which last method is still used by the 
Greeks under the Turkish empire. 

In ancient times the candles were not placed on the 
altar, but either in lustres that hung from the ceiling, in 
sconces, or were carried by Acolyths, or placed in large 
chandeliers 5 some of which were in form of a cross, 
others triangular, others like that described by Moses, 
£xod. xxxi. 17, Arc. And as, on greater solemnities, 
the midnight-office was prolonged till the approach of 
fay, the lights were gradually put out. And to preserve 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


some footsteps of this ancient custom, might perhaps be 
the reason that there are the same number lighted in the 
triangular candlestick, as there are Psalms with Anthems 
sung at Matins and Lauds. 

And as the lights were all put out at Jbe conclusion 
of the Office, so now during the six last verses of the Be- 
nedictus, the six candles on the altar are put out. But as- 
it is now the custom to keep the blessed sacrament on 
the high altar, and to keep a light always burning before 
it ; so to preserve the ancient practice! the lamp is put out, 
but one of the lighted tapers is kept to light it again : Or 
perhaps it was formerly used to keep one light after the 
rest were put out, to light the Clergy or the Monks to 
their cells. The noise made at the end of the Office 
seems originally to have been nothing, but a signal given 
by the superior for all to depart. 

But whatever was the origin of these ceremonies, 
whether mystical or natural, the manner, in which these 
three last days of Lent ought to be spent, is evident. We 
ought to add to the rigour of our fasts, increase our devo- 
tion and sentiments of compunction, meditate on the 
sufferings and death of Christ, and pray fervently for the 
happy effects thereof in our souls. These will be best 
produced by uniting our fasts, prayers, watching and suf- 
ferings, witfi those of aur suffering Redeemer. Of 
themselves they will be of little avail/ but united to, and 
sanctified by, those of Jesus Christ, they will prove ex* 
tremely profitable. 


i. nocT urn: 

Anth. A Zeal for thy Ant. r~W ELUS domus tufc 

ix house hath eat- J£j coroedit me i *& 

"en me up j and the insults opprobria exprobrantium 

of those, who insulted tibi ceciderunt' super me. 

thee, have fallen upon me. \ 
Psalm Ixviii. 

SAVE me, O God > * for ^ALVUM me fac, be- 

the waters have pene- JO. us : * Quoniam intra- 

trated even to my soul. veruut aquae usque ;ad ani- 

.mam meam. 
I am stuck fast in the Infixus sum Jn'limo pro- 
mire of the deep,* where fundi,* Sc'non est substan- 
there is no sure standing. ** tia. 

I anxcorrie into the depth . Veni in altitudtnem ma- 

of "the 'sea :'* ' And a tern- ris : * Et lenipestas demer- 

g g 2 '■■*■■ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



pest btth overwhelmed 

I have laboured crying 
out, my throat is grown 
hoarse : * My eyes have 
tailed me, whilst I look for 
my God. 

They are multiplied 
above the hairs of my 
head,* who hate me with- 
out cause. 

My enemies are grown 
strong, who persecuted me 
unjustly : * Then did I 
pay, wnat I had not stole 

God, thou knowest 
my folly :* And my offen- 
ces are not hid from thee. 

Let them not blush on 
my account, who look for 
thee, O Lord : * O thou 
Lord of hosts. 

Let them not be put to 
contusion on my account, 
who seek thee,* O God of 

For it was for tby sake 
I have borne reproach:* 
Confusion hath covered my 

1 am become a stranger 
to my brethren : * And one 
unknown to my own mo- 
ther's children. 

Because a zeal for thy 
house hath eaten me up :* 
And the insults of those, 
who insulted thee, have 
fallen on me. 

And I afflicted my soul 
fasting :* And it was made 
a reproach to me. 

And 1 made haircloth 
my garment ; * And I be- 

au me. 

Laboravi damans, rau- 
cae facias sunt fauces mese : * 
Defecerunt oculi mei, dam 
spero in Deum meum. 

Multiplicat! sunt super 
capillos capitis met* qui 
oderunt me gratis* 

Omfertati sunt qui per* 
secuti sunt roe iakntci mei 
injuste : * Quae non rapui, 

Deus, tu scis insipieotiam 
meam:* Et delicta mea a 
te non sunt abscondita. 

Non erubescant in me, 
qui expectant te Domiae ,* 
Domine virtutum. 

Non confundantur, su- 
per me, qui quasrunt te,* 
Deus Israel. 

Quoniam propter te sus- 
tinui opprobrium ; * ope- 
ruit confusio faciem meam. 

Extraneus (actus sum 
fratribus meis : * Et pere- 
grinus filiis matris meae. 

Quoniam sselus domus 
tuse comeditme:* Et op- 
probria exprobrantium tibi 
ceciderunt super me. 

Et operai in jejunio ani« 
mam meam : * Et factum 
est in opprobrium mihi. 

Et posui vestimentum 
meum cilidum ;* Et ftctus 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



came a by-word onto 

They that sat in the gate, 
spoke against me : * And 
they that drank wins made 
songs on me. 

But to thee, O Lord, I 
address my prayer * * It is 
time to shew thy goodness, 

According to the great- 
ness of thy mercy hear 
me : * According to thy 
certain, promise to save 

Poll me out of the mire, 
that I may not stick fast ;* 
Save me from those that 
hate me, and from the wai- 
ters of the deep. 

Let not. the tempest of 
water drown me, nor 
the deep swallow me up ;* 
Neither let the pit sudden- 
ly shut its mouth upon me. 

Hear . me, O Lord, for 
kind is thy mercy : * Ac- 
cording to. thy great and 
many mercies look down 
upon me. 

And turn not away thy 
face from thy servant ; * 
But hear me speedily, for I 
am in distress. 

Look down upon my 
soul, and deliver it j * Be- 
cause of my enemies, rescue 

Thou knowest my re- 
proach, and my confu- 
sion } * and my shame. 

In thy sight are they all, 
who afflict me \ * My 
heart hath long borne re- 
preach ano -misery « 

sum illis in paraboiam. 

Adversum me loqueban- 
tur,quisedebant in porta)* 
£t in me psallebant, qui 
bibebant vinum. 

Ego vero orationem me- 
an] ad te, Domine ;* Tern- 
pus beneplaciti, Deus. 

In multitudine miseri- 
cordiae tuse auxaudi me : * 
In veritate salutis tuae. 

Eripe me de luto, ut 
non infigar ; * Libera me 
ab iis, qui oderunt me, et 
de profundis aquarum. 

Non demergetme tem- 
pestas aquas, nequeabsor- 
beat me promndum 3 * Ne- 
que urgeat super me pute- 

Exaudi me, Domine, 
cponiam benigna est mise- 
ncordia tua -, * Secundum 
multitudinem miseratio- 
uum tuarum respice in me. 

Et ne avertasfaciemtu- 
am a servo tuo y * Quont- 
am tribulor velociter exau- 
di, me. 

Intende animw meseu k 
libera earn 5 * Propter ini- 
micos meos eripe me. 


Tu scisimproperium me- 
um, fcconfusionem meant $ 
* & reverentiam meam. 

In conspectu tuo suut 
omnes, qui tribulant me >* 
Improperium expectavit 
eormeum, k miserianj. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Add I waited for one to 
grieve with me, but there 
was none ; *For one to com- 
fort me, but none I found. 
And for my food they 
gave me gall :*And in my 
thirst they gave me vinegar 
to drink. 

Let their table become 
as a snare before them 3 * 
As a recompence, and as a 

Let their eyes bedarken- 
ed, that they see not $ * 
And their back do thou al- 
ways bow down. 

Pour out thy wrath upon 
them 3 * And let the fury 
of thy indignation overtake 

Let their dwelling place 
become a desert $ * And in 
their - tabernacles let there 
be none to dwell. 

Because tfiey have per- 
secuted him, whom thou 
hadfit smitten 3* And have 
added to the pain-' of my 
wounds; l 

Add thou iniquity* to 
their iniquity 5 * and let 
them riot attain to thy 

Let them be blotted out 
of thfe book of the living 5* 
and With-the righteous let 
them not he writ ten . * * 

I am poor and sorrow- 
ful 5 * thy salvation, O 
God, hath upholden me. 

I will praise the name of 
God with a canticle $ * I 
'will publish his greatness 
" with praise. • 

And this will' be more 
pleasing to God than a 

Et sustinui qui simul con* 
tristaretur, & non rait 5 * 
Qui consolaretur, & non 

Et dederunt in escam 
meam tel $ * Et in siti mea 
potaverunt me aceto. 

Fiat mensa eorum coram 
ipsis in laqueum ; * Et in 
retributiones, & in scanda- 

Obscurentur oculi eorum % 
ne videant 3 * Et dorsum 
eorum semper incurva. 

EfFunde super eo9 iram 
tuam 3 * Et furor irae tuas 
comprehendat eos. 

Fiat habitatio eorum de- 
serta j * Et in tabernaculw 
eorum non sit, qui inhabitet. 

Quoniam quern to per- 
cussisti, persecuti sunt : * 
Et -super dolorem vulnerum 
•meorum addiderbnt. 

Appone iniquitatem su- 
per iniquiratem eorum ; * 
& non intrent ittjustitiam 
j tuam. 

Deleanturde libro viveir* 
tium : 3 *' & •cum justts noa 

Ego sum pauper 8c dd- 
Ifens $ * salus tuay Deus, 
stiscepit me. " 

Laudabo nomen Dei cum 
canticoj* &: magnificaba 
eum cum laiide. . J •' 

Et placebit Deo super vi- 
tulum novellum,* cornua 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


young calf,* just sending 
out its horns and hoofs. 

Let the/ poor ones see 
this, and rejoice j* seek 
ye God, and your souls shall 

For the Lord hath heard 
the poor one*;* and he 
hath not slighted <his people 
in fetters. 

Let heaven and earth 
praise him $ * the sea, and 
all creeping things there- 

For God will save Sion ; 
•and the cities of Juda shall 
be built up. 

And they shall dwell 
therein 5* and acquire it by 

And the seed of his ser- 
vants shall possess it;* 
and they that love bis name 
shall dwell thettfa. 

Anik. A seal for thy 

Anik. Let them be put 
to flight and shame, who 
design me harm. 


OGod, come thou to 
my assistance; * O 
Lord, make haste to help 

Let them be confounded 
and put to shame, * who 
seek tajr soul. 

Let diem be put to flight 
and shame, * who wish 

Let them be forthwith 
put to shame, * who say 
to me : Aha, aba. 

Let all exult and rejoice 
in thee, who seek thee'; * 


pfoiucckitem Br ungulas. 

Videant panperes, & lac- 
tentur;* quaerite Denm, 
& vivet anima vestra. 

Quoniam exaudivit pan* 
peres Dominus 5 * & vine- 
tos suos non despexit. 

Laudent ilium ccdi & 
terra : * mare, & omnia 
reptilia in ets. 

Quoniam Dens salvam 
faciet Sion j* & sedifica- 
buntur civitates Juda. 

Et inhabitabontibij* k 
hsereditate acqutrent earn. 

Et semen servornm ejus 
possidebit earn ;* & qui di- 
ligunt nomen ejus, babita- 
bunt in ea. 

Ant. Zelus domu* tuse. 

Ant. Avertantur retror- 
sum & erubescant, qui co* 
gitant mihi mala. 

DEUS in adjutorium 
meutn intende : * 
Domine, ad adjuvandum 
mefestina. . 

Confundantur et revere- 
antur, * qui quserunt ani- 
mam meam. 

Avertantur retrorsum et 
erubescant, * qui volunt 
mihi mala. 

Avertantur statim eru- 

bescentes, • qui dicunt 

mihi -, Euge, euge. 

. Exultent et lsetentur in 

te omnes, qui quserunt te j 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



and let those who love 

thy salvation, ever say: 
May the Lord be magni- 

But I am poor and 
needy j * O God, help 

Thou art my helper, 
and my deliverer; * O 
Lord, make no delay. 

Anth. Let them be put 
to flight. 

Anth. O my God, res- 
cue me from . the hand of 
the sinner. 

* et dicant semper 5 Mag- 
nificetur Dominus, qui 
diligunt salutare tuum. 

Ego vero egerras, et pau- 
per sum 5 * Deus adjuva 

Adjutor meus-, et libera- 
tor mens es tu 3 * Domrae, 
ne moreris. 

Ant, Avertantur retror- 

Ant. Deus meus, eripe 
me de manu peccatoris. : 

Psalm lxx. 

IN thee, O Lord, have it- 
hoped, n$ver let me 
shame j * according to thy 
justice deliver >me,. and res- 
cue. me. ■•-... 

Bend thine car \ * 
and save me. 

Be to me a God, a pro- 
tector, and a place of 
'strength j* that thou may'st 

For'thou, art my support, 

* and my place of refuge 
art thou alone, 

* Rescue* me, O my Go<J, 
from the hand of the sin- 
ner; * and out of the hand 
of tl^ • transgressor of the 
law, ^nd the unjust one. 

For it is thee, O Lord, I 
have looked forj * thou, 
P Lo?d, hast been -my hope 
from my youth. 
4 Thou bast been my sup- 
•port from the womb j * 
from the womb of my mo- 
ther hast thou been rny 

IN te, Domine, speravi, 
non coofundar in aeter- 
num ; * in justitia tua libera 
me, et eripe me. 

. Inclina ad me aurem 
tuam ; * et salva me. ; 

. Esto mihi in Deum pro- 
tectorem,et in locum muni- 
Uun $ * ut salvum me fas- 
cia*, . : 
Quoniam firmamentuna 
iueum, * et refugium me- 
urn es tu. 

. Deus incus, eripe me de 
manu peccatoris. ; * et de 
manu contra legem agentis, 
et injqui. 

Quoniam tu es patientia 
mea, Domtne; * Domine, 
spes mea a juventute mea. 

In te confirmatus sum et 
utero; * de ventre matris 
mete tu e» protector naeug* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Of thee will I ever sing ; 

* I am become as a prodigy 
to many; but thoa hast 
been a mighty helper. 

Let my mouth be filled 
with praise, that I may 
sing thy glory ; * thy great- 
ness all the day. 
. Cast me not off in the 
time of old age; * when 
my strength shall fail, do 
not thou forsake me. 

For my enemies said of 
me; * and those who watch- 
ed my life, consulted to- 

Saying; God hath for- 
saken him ; pursue and take 
him; * for there is none 
to rescue him. 

O God, withdraw not 
from me ; * my God, come 
thou to my assistance. 

* Let them be confounded 
and come to nought, who 
hate my soul ; * let them 
be covered with confusion 
and shame, who seek me 

But I will always hope ; 

* and add to all thy praise; 

My mouth shall publish 
thy justice ; * thy salvation 
all day long. 

Though I know not the 
number of times, I will go 
on in the might of the 
Lord : * O Lord, I will 
be mindful of thy justice 

Thou, O God, hast 
taught me from my youth ; 


In te cantatio mea sem- 
per ; * tanquam prodigium 
factus sum multis; et ut 
adjator fortis. 

Repleatur os meum laude, 
ut cantem gloriam tuam ;* 
totadie magnitudinem tu- 

Ne projicias me in tem- 
pore senectutis ; * cum de- 
fecerit virtus mea, ne dere- 
linquas me. 

Quia dixerunt inimici 
mei mini ; * et qui custo- 
diebant animam meam, 
consilium fecerunt in u- 

Dicenteft; Dens dereli- 
quit eum ; persequimini, et 
comprehendite eum 5* quia 
Hon est, qui eripiat. 

Deus, ne elongeris a me ; 
* Deus meus, in auxilium 
meum respice. 

detrahentes animae mess ;* 
operiantur confusione et 
pudore, qui quaerunt mala 

Ego autem semper spera- 
bo; * et adjiciam super 
omnem laudem tuam. 

Os meum annuntiabit 
justitiam tuam ; * tota die 
salutare tuum. 

Quoniam non cognovi 
litcraturam, introibo in po- 
tentias Domini j * Domine, 
memorabor justitiae tuas 

Deus, docuisti me a ju- 
ventute mea; * et usque 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



* and even till now wil I 
proclaim thy wonders. 

And until old age, and 
grey hairs j * O God, for- 
sake me not, 

Till I have published tby 
might, * to every genera- 
tion, which is to come; 

And extolled thy power 
and justice, O God, to the 
highest heavens, thy won- 
derful work; * O God, 
who is like unto thee ! 
. How many great and 
grievous troubles hast thou 
let me see ? And turning 
to me, thou hast saved my 
life; * and brought me 
back from the lower parts 
of the earth ? 

Thou hast many times 
shewn thy greatness : * and 
turning to me, thou hast 
comforted me. 

Therefore will I acknow- 
ledge on the ptahery thy 
sure promise; * O God, I 
will sing to thee on the 
harp, thou God of Israel. 

My lips shall exult, when 
I sing to thee 5 * and my 
very sou), which thou hast 

And my tongue also shall 
publish thy justice all day 
long ; * when they shall 
be confounded and abashed, 
who seek me harm. 

Anth, O my God, rescue 

V. Let them be put to 
flight with shame. R.Wbo 
design me harm. 

Our Father. 

nunc prontmtlabo rnirabilia 

Et usque in senectam et 
senium ; i* Dens, ne dere* 
linquas me, 

Donee annunliem brachi- 
Hm tumn, * generation! 
omni, quae ventura est : 

Potentfcm tuam, et justi- 
tiam tuara, Deus, usque in 
akissiipa, qoce iecistt, mag- 
nalia \ .* Dew, quia sknilia 

Quanta* osterK&sti mihl 
tribulatiooes tnuha*, et ma- 
las? Et conversus vivifi- 
casti me; * et de abyssia 
terrae iterum reduxisti me ? 

MultipHcasti magnificen- 
tiam roam \ * et conversus me. 

Nam et ego confitebor 
tibt in vasts psalmi veritatem 
tnam 5 * Dteus psallam tibt 
incithara, Deus Israel. 

Exultabunt labia mea, 
cum cantavero tibi; * et 
anima mea, quam redemis- 

Sed et lingua mea tota 
die meditabitur jostitiam 
tuamj * cum eonfusi, et 
reveriti fuerint, qui quae- 
rant mala mihi. 

Ant. Deus meus, eripe 

V. Avertantur retrorsum, 
et erubescant. R. Qui 
cogitant mihi mala. 
All in Secret. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


I. LESSOtf. 

Here beginnetb the Lambktatiok of the Prophet - 
Jeremiah, Chap. I. 

Aleph. TTOW solitary sits the city, once full of 
XjL people 1 The mistress of the nations is he- 
come like a widow j the metropolis of many provinces . 
is become tributary. 

Beth. She wept bitterly in the night, and her tears ran 
down her cheeks ; of all her dear ones there is none left 
to comfort her 3 all her friends have slighted her, and 
atfe becpme her enemies. 

Ghimel. Juda is carried away in affliction, and into a 
cruel slavery $ she hath dwelt among the Gentiles, and 
hath found no rest 5 those that pursued her, have over- 
taken her in the narrow ways. 

Daleth. The streets of Sion mourn, because there are 
none that come to the solemnity; all her gates aro 
destroyed, her priests are sighing, her virgins are in 
affliction j and she herself is overwhelmed with bitter- 

He. Her adversaries are become her head ; her ene- 
mies are enriched j because the Lord hath declared a- 
gainst her for the multitude of her iniquities 3 her little 
ones are driven into captivity before the face of the op r 

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, return to the Lord thy God. 

R. Christ prayed to his R. In raonte Oliveti ora- 
Father on mount Olivet j vit ad Pat rem ; Pater, si 
father, if it be possible, let fieri potest, transeat a me 
this cup pass away from calix iste. * Spiritns qut r 
me.* The spirit indeed is dem promptus est, caro au* 
ready, but the flesh is weak, tem infirma. V. Vigijate 
V. Watch and pray, that & orate, ut non intretis in 
you: enter not into temp- tentationem. * Spiritus, 
tation.* The spirit, &c. fcc. to V. 
to V. 

Vau. A ND the daughter of Sion hath lost all her 
XjL beauty \ her princes are become like rams, 
that find no pasture ; and they fied without courage be- 
fore the face of the pursuer. 

Zain. Jerusalem remembereth the days of lier afflic- 
tion^ and of her losing all she delighted in, which she had 

VOL. I. h h * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


from days of old j when her people fell by the enemy 'a 
baud, and there was no one to help her 5 her enemies 
saw her, and derided her Sabbaths. 

' Hetft. Jerusalem hath grievously sinned, and there- 
fore is she become a vagabond 5 aU that honoured he* 
now despise her, because they have seen her shame -, but 
she sighing turned away. 

Teth, Her filth is on her feet, and she remembered 
not her end 5 she is exceedingly cast down, not having 
one to comfort her 5 behold, O Lord, my affliction, for 
mine enemy is become elate. 

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, return to the Lord thy God. 

R. My soul is sorrowful R. Tristis est anima mea 
to death 5 stay here, and usque ad mortem \ sustinete 
watch with me j you will hie, & yigilate mecum ; 
just now see the mob, nunc videbitis turbam, quae 
which will surround me. * circumdabit me.* Vos fu- 
You will take to flight, gam capietis, & ego vadarn 
while I go to be sacrificed immolari pro vobis. V. 
for you. V. Behold the Ecce appropinquathora, & 
' hour is at hand, and the Filius Hominis tradetoir in 
Son of Man shall be be- manus peccatorum. * Vos 
trayed into the hands of fugara, &c. to V. 
sinners.* You will, &c. 
to V. 

Jod. IHPHE enemy hath stretched out his hand to all 
X her valuable things \ and she hath seen the 
Gentiles enter her sanctuary, concerning whom thou 
gavest orders, that they should not come into the assem- 
bly of thy people. 

Caph. AH her people are sighing and seeking bread 5 
they have given whatever they had valuable for food to 
support their lives. See, O Lord, and consider how 
•contemptible I am become. 

Lamed. O all you that pass by the way, stop and see, 
if there be any sorrow like to mine 3 for the Lord hath 
gleaned me, as he threatened, in the day of his wrath 
and fury* 

Mem, From on high hath he cast fire into my bones, 
and chastised me 5 he hath spread a net for my feet, and 
hath thrown me downj he hath made me desolate, and 
filled me with sadness alfrday long. ,, . ^ 
- Aun. The yoke or" ray iniquities is come quickly on 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

AT HA TINS. 3$7 

me 5 they hare been folded up in his hands, and laid on 
1x17 neck j my strength is weakened ; the Lord hath put 
me under a hand, from whence I cannot rise. . 

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, return to the Lord thy God. 

R. Behold we have seen R. Ecce vidimus eum 
him disfigured, and with* non habentem speciem, ne- 
out beauty ; there is no 
comeliness in him 5 he bore 
our sins, and now suffereth 
for us. He was wounded for 
our iniquities.* By whose 
bruises we are healed. V. 
He truly bore our infirmi- 
ties, and carried our sor- 
rows.* By whose, &c. to 
V. Behold we have, &c. 
to V. 

que decorem : aspect us ejus 
in eo non est ; hie peccata 
nostra portavit; et pro no- 
bis dolet. Ipse autem vul- 
neratus est propter iniqui- 
tates nostras. * Cujus li- 
vore sanati sumus. V. Ve- 
re languores nostros ipse 
tulit, et dolores nostros ip , 
se portav i t . * Cuj us 1 ivore* 
Sec. to V. Ecce vidimus, 

&c. to V, 


Anth. The Lord deliver- Ant. Libera v it Dominus 

ed from the ^mighty one pauperem a potente, et ino- 

the poor and needy one, pem, cui non eratadjutor. 
who had none to help him. 

Psalm Ixxi. 

OGod, commit thy 
judgment to the King; 
* and to the' King's son thy 


To judge thy people with 
justice; * and thy poor 
ones with judgment. 

Let the mountains re- 
ceive peace for the people ; 
* and the little hills right 

He shall judge the poor 
of the people, and he shall 
save the children of the 
poor -,*. and he shall humble 
the oppressor, . 

And he shall continue 
with the sun and moon,* 
from generation unto gene- 

DEUS judicium tuum 
Regi da;* et justiti- 
am tuam nlio Regis. 

Judicare populum tuum 
in justitia ; * et paupercs 
tuos in judicio. 

Suscipiant montes pacem 
populo;* etcollesjustitiami 

Judicabit pauperes po- 
puli, et salvos faciet filios 
pauperum ; * et humiliabit 

Et permanebit cum sole, 
et ante lunam,* in genera- 
tione et generationem. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



He shall comedown like 
tain on the new-mown 
grass ; * and like showers 
gently falling on the earth. 

in his days shall righte- 
ousness spring up, and plen- 
teous peace, * until the 
moon be gone. 

And he shall rale from 
sea to sea ; * and from the 
river to tfee utmost limits 
of the earth. 

Before him shall theE*- 
thiopkms fall prostrate ; * 
and his enemies shall Itek 
the ground. 

The Kings of Tharsis, 
and tne islands shell offer 
presents $ * the Kings qf 
Arabia and Saba shall bring 
him gifts. 

And all the kings of the 
earth shall adore hini ; * 
all the Gentiles shall serve 

For he shall deliver the 
poor one from the taighty 
one j * even the poor one, 
who had none to help him. 

He shall have pity ort the 
poor and needy one 5 * he 
shall save the souls of the 

From usury and oppres- 
sion shall he redeem their 
souls 5 * for their name is 
honourable in his sight* 

And he shall live, and 
to him shall be given of the 
gold of Arabia, and for him 
shall they pay adorations for 
ever :* they shall bless him 
all the day. 

And there shall be the 
support in the earth on the 

Descendet sicut pluvia in 
vdlus 5* et sicut stillicidia 
stillantia super terram. 

Orietur in diebus ejus 
justitia, et abundantia pa* 
cis,* donee auferatur luna. 

Et dominabitur a mari 
usque ad mare $ * et a flu* 
mine usque ad terminos or* 
bis terrarum. 

Coram ipso procident 
iEthiopes ;* et mitnici ejus 
terram lingent. 

Reges Tharsis et insula 
munera orTerent 5 * Reges 
Arabum et Saba dona ad- 

it adorabunt eum oinnfe* 
Reges terfai j* Ornties gen* 
t£s servient ei. 

Quia liberabit p&bpefef* 
a potente $ * et pauperenj, 
cui non erat adjutor. 

Parcet pauperi, et inopi ; 
* et animas pauperum sal* 
vas faciet. 

£t usuris et 'miquitate 
redimet animus eorum 5* et 
honorabile nomen eorum 
coram ipso. 

Et vivet, et dabitur eide 
auro Arabia, et adorabunt 
de ipso semper ; * tota die 
benedicent ei. 

Et erit Hrmamentuffi in 
terra in summis montium 5 

'Digitized by CjOOQlC 

tops of mountains ; its fruit 
shall rise above Libanus -, * 
and the people of the city 
shall flourish like the grass 
of the field. 

Let his name be blessed 
for evermore : * his name 
subsists before the sun. . 

And in him shall all the 
tribes of the earth be bles- 
sed j* all the Gentiles shall 
magnify him. 

Blessed be the Lord God 
of Israel ;* who alone doth 

And blessed be the name 
of his majesty for evermore 5 
* and the whole earth shall 
be filled with his majesty ; 
so be it, so be it. 

Anth. The Lord deliver- 

Anth. The wicked have 
Contrived, and uttered wick- 
edness \ they have spoke 
iniquity on high. 


superextolletur super Liba- 
num fr actus ejus $;* et flqr 
rebunt de civitate sicut 
foenum terras. 

Sit nomen ejus benedic- 
tum in saeculaj* antesolem 
permanet nomen ejus. 

Et benedicentur in ipso 
omnes t rib us terras ; * ocn- 
nes Gentes magnificabunt 

Benedictus DominusDe- 
us Israel ;* qui facit mira- 
bilia solus. 

Et benedictum nomen 
majestatis ejus in aeternura ; 
* et replebitur majestate 
ejus omnia terra; fiat, fiat. 

Ant. Liberavit l^ominus. 

HOW good is God to 
Israel ; * to those of 
an upright heart ! 

But mylfeet were almost 
gone ; * my steps had well 
nigh slipt ; 

For I fretted at the wick- 
ed ones; * seeing the 
peace f of sinners. 

For there is no regard 
to their death; * nor is 
there strength in their 

They have not the trou- 
bles of other men ;* neither 

t E*pl 

Ant. Cogitaverunt in}- 
pir, et locuti sunt nequiti- 
am j iniquitatem in excel&o 
locuti sunt. 

Psahh lxxii. 

UAM bonus Israel 

Deus ; * his qui 

recto sunt corde ! 

Mei autem poene mott 
sunt pedes ; * poene effusi 
sunt gressus mei - f 

Quia zelavi super iniqnos : 
*pacem peccatorum videns. 


Quia non est respect us 
morti eorum; * etfirma- 
memtum in plaga eoruna. 

,In labore hominum non 
sunt ; * et cuni hominibus. 
Prosperity, apparent happiness. 
h h 2 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



tfe they scourged with 
Other men. 

Therefore hath pride laid 
hold of them ; * they are 
clothed with iniquity and 
with their wickedness. 

Their iniquity hath pro- 
ceeded, as it were, from 
fatness ; * they have yield- 
ed to the desires of their 

They have invented, and 
uttered wickedness 5* they 
have spoken iniquity on 

They have set their 
mouth against heaven; * 
and their tongue hath gone 
throughout the. earth. 

Therefore will my peo- 
ple turn to this; * even 
full days are found in 

And they will say; How 
doth God know ? * And is 
there any knowledge in him 
who is on high ? 

Behold these are sinners ; 
yet they have plenty in this 
world, * and have gotten 

And I myself have said ; 
In vain then have I had a 
righteous heart; * and 
washed my hands among 
the guiltless ; 

And have been scourged 
all day long; * and my 
chastisement was from the 

Should I say 5 I will 
speak thus; * behold I 
should reject the whole na- 
tion of thy children. 

non flagellabuntuf . 

Ideo tenuit eds auperbia 5 
* operti sunt ini^uitate et 
impietate sua. 

Prodiit quasi ex adipe ini- 
quitas eofum ;* transierunt 
in affectum cordis. 

Cogitaverunt, et Jocuti 
sunt nequitiam $ * iniquita- 
tem in excelso locuti sunt. 

Posuerunt in caelum os 
suum ; * et lingua eorum 
transivit in terra. 

Ideo convertetur populus 
meus hie ; * et dies pleni 
invenientur in eis. 

Et dixerunt ; Quomodo 
scit Deus ?* Et si eat Scien- 
tia in excelso ? 

Ecce ipsi peccatorea ; et 
abundantes in saeculo, * et 
obtinuerunt divitiaa. 

Et dixi : Ergo sine causa 
justificavi cor meum; * et 
lavi inter innocentes manus 

Et fui fla^ellatus tota die; 
*et castigatio mea in matu- 

Si dicebam ; Narrabo sic; 
* ecce nationem filiorum 
tuorum reprobavi. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



I thought to understand 
this; * all is labour before 

Until I enter the sanctu- 
ary of God 5 * and under- 
stand their last end. 

For it was to deceive 
them, thou hast done thus 
with them; * thou hast 
tumbled them down, when 
they Were raised on high. 

How are they brought to 
desolation! They have sud- 
denly ceased to be $ * they 
have perished for their ini- 

Like the dream of men, 
when they awake, O Lord,* 
in thy city wilt thou re- 
duce their phantom to no- 

But my heart was on 
fire, and my reins were 
disturbed; * and I was 
brought to nothing, and 
understood it hot. 

Like a beast of burden 
was I before thee ; * but I 
was always with thee* 

Thou didst hold me by 
my right hand 3 * and by 
thy goodness thou didst 
conduct me, and with glory 
didst thou uphold me. 

What then is there for 
me in heaven } * And be- 
sides thee what, have I de- 
sired on earth ? 

My flesh and my heart 
have fainted; * thou art 
the God of my heart ; O 
God, my lot for ever. 

For behold they, who 
withdraw from thee, shall 

Existimabam ut cognos- 
cerem hoc; * labor est 
ante me; 

Donee intrem in sanctua- 
rium Dei ; * et intelligam 
in novissimis eorura. 

Veruintamen proptet do- 
los posuisti eis 5 * dejecisti 
eos, dum allevarentur. 

Quomodo facti sunt in 
desolationem ! Subito de- 
fecerunt 5 # perierunt prop- 
ter iniquitatem suam. 

Velut somnium surgen- 
tfum, Domine, .* in d&vi- 
tate tua imaginem eorum 
ad nihilum rediges. 

Quia inflammatum est 
cor meura, et Irenes mei 
itnmutati sunt; * et ego 
ad nihilum redactus sum, 
et nescivi. 

Ut jumentum factus suih 
apud te ; * et ego sefnper 

Tenuisti manufft dexter- 
am meam ; * et in volun- 
tate tua deduxisti me, et 
cum gloria suscepisti me. 

Quid enirti mihi est in 
coelo ? * Et a te quid volui 
super terram ? 

Defecit caro mea et cor 
meum ; * Deus cordis mei, 
et pars mea, Deus, in ieter- 

Quiaecce, qui elongant 
seate, peribunt; * perdi- 

Digitizedby VjOOQIC 


perish; * thou destroyest 
all, who are disloyal unto 

But it is good for me to 
stick close to God; * to 
place in the Lord God my 

That I may publish all 
thy praises, * at the gates 
of the daughter of Sion. 

Anth. The wicked have 

Anth. Arise, O Lord, 
and plead my cause. 


\ T rHY, O God, hast 
ViV thou cast us off for 
ever ? * Is thy wrath en- 
kindled against the sheep of 
tby own pasture ? 

Be mindful of thy con- 
gregation, * which hath 
been thy own from the 

Thou didst redeem the 
rod of thy inheritance j * 
Sion is the mount on which 
thou dwellest. 

Lift up thy hand against 
their pride at last j * what 
wickedness hath the ene- 
my committed in the holy 
place ! 

And they, who hated 
thee, have made their boasts, 
* in the midst of thy solem- 
nity. § 

They placed their ensigns 
for trophies ; * on high at 
the going out, J and regard- 
ed not. 

As in the forest of trees 

with axes did they cut 

% Or, Holy temple, t Expl. 


disti omnes, qui foroican- 
tur abs te. 

, Mibi autem adhaerere 
Deo bonum est j * ponere 
in Domino Deo spem me- 

Ut annuntiem omnes 
prasdicationes tuas, * in 
portis filiae Sion. 

Atit. Cogitaverunt impii. 

Ant. Exurge, Doming 
et judica causam meam. 


UT quid, Deus, repulis- 
ti in finem ? * Iratus 
est furor tuus super ove# 
pascuae tuae? 

Memor esto congrega!- 
tionis tux, * quam poa- 
sedisti ab initio. 

Bedemisti virgam hare- 
ditatis tuse ; * mons Sion* 
in quo habitasti in eo. 

Leva manus tuas in su- 
perbias eorum in finem 5 * 
quanta malignatus est mi- 
ni icus in sancto ! 

Et gloriati sunt, qui ode- 
runt te, * in medio solem- 
nitatis tuae. 

Posuerunt signa sua, sig- 
na j * et non cognoverunt, 
sicut in exitu super sum- 

Quasi in sylva lignorurr* 
securibns eScciderunt januas 
Over the gates of the temple. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

down the gates thereof; * 
with ax and hatchet they 
brought it down. 

They set fire to tb v sanc- 
tuary ; * they defiled the 
place, where dwelt thy 
name on earth. 

The whole race of them 
said in their hearts $ * Let 
us abolish all the festivals 
of God from the land. 

Our signs we have not 
seen, there is now no pro- 
phet 5* and God will know 
us now no more. 

How long, O God, shall 
the enemy upbraid ?* Shall 
the adversary insult thy 
name for ever ? 

Why dost thou keep 
back thy hand* and thy 
right hand, * in the midst 
of thy bosom for ever ? 

For God was our King 
from the beginning ; * he 
wrought our salvation in 
the midst of thfe land. 

Thou by thy powfer didst 
make the sea solid ; * thou 
didst crush the heads of 
dragons f m the waters. 

Thou didst crush the dra* 
goo's head; * thou didst 
give him for food to the 
people of Ethiopia. 

Thou didst break up 
fountains and torrents; * 
thou driedst up rapid ri- 

Thine is the day, and 
thine is the night ; * thou 
didst form the morn and 


ejus in idipsum ; * in securi 
et ascia dejecerunt eum. 

Incfcnderunt igni sanctua* 
rhim tuum; * in terra pol- 
luerunt tabernaculum no* 
minis tui. 

Dixerunt in oorde sno 
cognatio eorum simul; * 
ouiescere faciamus omnes 
dies festos Dei a terra, 

Signa nostra non vidimus, 
jam non est propheta; * 
et nos non cognoscet am* 

Usquequo, Deus, int« 
properabit inimicus ? * Ir- 
ritat adversarius nomen tu- 
um in finem } 

Ut quid avertis manum 
tuam, et dexteram tuam>* 
de medio sinu tuoin finem r 

Dfeus autem Rex noster 
ante saecula; * operatus 
est salutem in medio ter- 

Tu confirmasti in virtute 
tua mare j * contribulasti 
capita dracorium in aquis. 

Tu confregisti capita dra* 
conis ; * dedistt eum es- 
cam popujis vEthiopum. 

Tu dirupisti fontes et 
torrentesj * tu Biccasti 
iluvios Ethan. 

Tuus est dies, et tua est 
nox ; * tu fabricatus es au- 
roram et solem. 

f Pharaoh and his army in the red sea. 

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. Thou didst make all the 
bounds of the earth ; * the 
summer and the spring 
were formed by thee.. 

Remember how the ene- 
my hath upbraided the Lord; 
* and a silly people insult- 
ed thy name. 

Yield not up to wild 
beasts souls giving praise 
to thee 5 * and forget not 
the souls of thy poor ones 
for ever. 

Have regard to , thy co- 
venant ; * for the obscure 
ones of the earth are en- 
riched with houses of ini- 
quity, f 

Let not the humble one 
be turned back confound- 
ed ; * tor the poor and 
needy one shall praise thy 

Arise, O God, plead thy 
own cause;* remember the 
reproaches cast on thee by 
the fool all day long. 

Forget hot the noise of 
thy enemies j * the pride of 
those who hated thee, in- 
creaseth for ever. 

Anth. Arise, O Lord. 

V. O my God, rescue 
me from the hand of the 
sinner. R. And from the 
hand of the transgressor 
of the law, and the unjust 

Our Father. 


Tu fecisti omnes termi- 
noa terras ; * aestatem et 
ver tu plasmasti ea. 

Memoresto hujus, mi- 
ni icus. improper a v it Domi- 
ng y * et populus insipiens 
incifavit nomen tuum. 

Ne tradas bestiis animas 
confitentes tibi \ * et ani- 
mas pauperum tuorum ne 
obliviscaris in finem. 

.. Respice in testamentum 
tuum ; * quia repleti sunt, 
qui obscurati sunt terras, 
domibus iniquitatum, 

Ne avertatur humilis fac- 
tus confusus -, * pauper et 
inops laudabunt nomen tu* 

Exurge, Deus, judica 
causam tuamj* memores- 
to improperiorum tuorum, 
eorum quae ab insipiente 
sunt tota die. 

Ne obliviscaris vocem 
inimicorum tuorum j * su- 
perbia eorum, qui te ode- 
runt, ascendit semper. 

Ant, Ex. urge, Domine. 

V. Deus meus eripe me 
de manu peccatoris. R. 
Et de manu contra legem 
agentis, et iniqui. 

All in secret. 

f Expl. The Chaldeans, an obscure and ignoble people in com- 
parison of the Jews, the people of God, were enriched by the 
houses and possessions of the Jews, which they had taken by force 

and rapine. 

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Out of the Treatise of St. Augustine, the Bishop, on 

the Psalms. 

HEAR, O God, my prayer, and despise not my re- 
quest : Come to my assistance, and hear me. 
These are the words of a roan in trouble, solicitude, and 
distress. He prayerh under great sufferings, desiring 
to be delivered from some evil. It remaineth that we 
see under what evil he is 5 and when he beginneth to 
tell us, let us acknowledge ourselves to be under the 
same ; that, as we are joined in distress, we may also 
join in prayer. I am sorrowful, saith he, in my exer- 
eise, and I am disturbed. Where is he sorrowful ? 
Where is he disturbed ? In my exercise, saith he. 
He mentioneth the wicked men, from whom he suffer- 
ed ; and his suffering from wicked men, he calleth his . 
exercise. Let us not think that wicked men, are in 
the world to no purpose, and that God doth no good 
with them. Every wicked man liveth, either in order 
to amend 5 or he liveth, that the good man may be ex- 
ercised by him. » 

R. My friend betrayed R. Amicus meus osculi 
me with the token of a kiss: me tradidit signo j quern 
him, whom I shall kiss, is osculatus fuero, ipse est ; 
he ; hold him fast ; he tenete eum ; hoc ma- 
gave this wicked token, who lum fecit signum, qui per 
by a kiss, committed mur- osculum implevit homici- 
der - 9 * The unhappy wretch dium 3 * Infelix praetermi- 
lost the price of blood, and sit pretiura sanguinis, & in 
at last hanged himself with fine laqueo se suspendit. V. 
a rope. V. It had been Bonum erat ei, si natus non 
well for that man, had he fuisset homo ille. * Infelix 
never been born. * The un- praetermisit, &c. to V. 
happy wretch, &c. toV. 


WOULD to God therefore that those, who now 
exercise us, may be converted, and exercised 
with us 5 however while they remain such as to exercise 
us, let us not hate them ; for we know not, that, because 
any one of them is now wicked, he will continue so to 
the end. And it frequently happeneth, that, when thou 
thinkest 'tis an enemy thou hatest, thou hatest a brother, 
and knowest it not. The Devil and his Angels are evi- 
dently pointed out to us in the holy scriptures, as des- 
tined to everlasting fire. We are only to despair of 

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their amendment, against whom we wrestle in secret : 
for which wrestle the Apostle prepareth us, saying) 
We have not to wrestle against flesh and blood * that is 
not against men, whom you see, but against the prin- 
ces, and powers, and governors of this world of dark* 
ness. Lest perchance, when he said of this world, thou 
shouldst imagine the devils to be the governors of this 
world; he said; of this world of darkness. The 
world he called the lovers of this world ; the world he 
called the impious and wicked; the world he called 
what the Gospel speaketh of : And the world knew him 

R. Judas die worst of R. Judas mercator pessi- 
merchants wounded the mus osculo petiit Domi* 
Lord with a kiss $ he, like num j iile, tu agnus inno- 
an innocent lamb, refused cens, non negnavit Judas 
not Judas a kiss 5 * For a osculum 5 * Denariortun 
certain number of pence he numero Christum Judaeis 
betrayed Christ to the Jews, tradidit. V. Melhi&erat illi, 
V. It had been better for si natus non fuisset. * De- 
him, had he never been nariorum numero, ^c. to 
born. * For a certain, &c. V. 


BECAUSE I have seen wickedness and contradiction 
in the city. Behold the glory of his cross. That 
cross which his enemies insulted, is, now nxt on the 
forehead of Kings; The event hath proved its strength. 
He hath overcome the whole world, not by the sword, but 
by the tree. The tree of the cross appeared to his ene- 
mies worthy of reproach, and standing before that tree, 
they shook their heads, and said ; If he be the Son of 
God, let him come down from the cross. He stretched 
out his hands to an unbelieving and contradicting people. 
For if he be a righteous man, who liveth by faith, 
he is a wicked man who hath not faith* What therefore 
he here calleth wickedness, understand thou of want of 
faith. The Lord therefore saw in the city wickedness 
and contradiction, and he stretched forth his hands to 
an unbelieving and contradicting people ; and yet, having 
patience even with them, he said ; Father forgive them, 
for they know not what they do. 

R. One of my disciples R. Unus ex discipulis 
will betray me this day ; meis tradet me hodie j vae 
woe be to the man by whom illi per quern tradar ego. * 

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Melius illl crat, si natus 
con fuisset. V. Qui intin- 
git mecum manum in pa- 
ropside, hie me tradituru* 
est in manus peccatorum.* 
Melius illi, &c.toV. U- 

I shall be betrayed. * It 

were better for him had he 
never been born. V. He 
that now dips his hand with 
me in the dish is going to 
betray me into the hands 
of sinners. * It were better nns ex discipulis, &c. to V; 
&c. to V. One of my dis- 
ciples, isfc. to V. 

Anth. I said to the wick- Ant. Dixi iniquis; no* 
ed ones : speak not wick* lite loqui adversus Deum 
edly against God. iniquitatenu 

. . Psalm Ixxiv. 
•VTTE will praise thee, /^lONFITEBIMUR tW 

OGodj * we will 
praise thee, and call upon 
thy name. 

We will relate thy won- 
drous works j * when I 
shall take a time, I will 
judge righteously. 

The earth is melted 
away, and all that dwell 
thereon -, * I gave strength 
to the pillars therefore. 

I said to the wicked 
ones : Do not act wicked- 
ly 5 * and to the sinner : 
Boast not of strength . 

Boast not of your migh- 
ty strength : * speak not 
wickedly against God. 

For neither from the 
east, nor from the west, 
nor from the mountains of 
the desert, can aid come - f * 
for God now sits as judge. 

One he pulleth down, 
another heexalteih ; * for 
in the hand of the Lord 
theire is a cup of strong 
wine full of mixture. 

vox, h ' i i 

V> bi, Deusj* confite- 
bimur, & invocabimus no- 
men mum. 

Narrabimus rnirabilia 
tua, * cum accepero tenv- 
pus, ego justitias judicabo. 

Liquefacta est terra, et 
omnes qui habitant in ea $ 
* ego confirmavi columnas 

Dixi iniquis : Nolite 
inique agere ; * et delink 
quentibus : nolite extollere 

Nolite extollere in altum 
cornu vestrum 5 * nolite 
loqui adversus Deum inU 

Quia neque ab oriente, 
neque ab occtdente, neque 
a desertis montibus 5 * quo* 
niam Deus judex est. 

Hunc humiliat, & huno 
exaltat j * quia calix in 
manu Domini vini meri 
plenus, misto. 

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And he hath poured it 
out from this to that j but 
the dregs thereof are not 
emptied; * all the sinners 
of the earth shall drink of 

But I will declare for 
ever 3 * and sing the praises 
of the God of Jacob. 

And I will break all the 
strength of sinners ; * and 
the strength of the righte- 
ous one shall be exalted. 

Anth. I said to the 

- Antk. The earth trem- 
bled, and was silent, while 
God rose up in judgment. 


GOD is known in Ju- 
dea 5 * great is bis 
name in Israel. 

And his place is in the 
city of peace.;* and his 
abode in Sion. 

There hath he broken 
the strength of the bows ;* 
the shield, the sword, and 

Tbou wonderfully shinest 
from the everlasting moun- 
tains -,* dismayed are all 
the foolish of heart* 

They have slept their 
sleep 3* and all the men of 
riches found nothing in 
their hands. 

At thy rebuke, O thou 
God of Jacob 5 * they tell 
asleep, who mounted hor- 

Thou, art terrible, and 
who can stand against 
thee j * when thy wrath 
breaks forth ? 

Et inclinavit ex hoc in 
hoc ; verumtamen fex ejus 
non est exinanita 3 * bibent 
omnesj>ecca tores terras. 

Ego autem annuntiab© 
in ssBCulum; * cantabo 
Deo Jacob. 

Et omnia cornua pecca- 
torum confringamj * 1c 
exultabuntur cornua justu 

Ant. Dixi iniquis. 

Ant. Terra tremuit, &c 
quievit, dura exurgeret ia 
judicio Deus. 

NOTUS in Judea De- 
us;* in Israel mag* 
num nomen ejus. 

Et factus est in pace lo- 
cus ejus $* et habitatio ejus 
in Sion. 

Ibi confregit potential 
arcuumj* scutum, gladi* 
um, et bellura. 

IUuminans tu mirabiliter 
a montibus ae tern is j * tur- 
bati sunt omnes insipientea 

Dormierunt somnum su- 
umj* et nihil invenerunt 
omnes viri divitiarum in 
mani'-us suis. 

Ab increpatione tua, De- 
us Jacob,* dorraiiaverunt, 
qui ascenderunt equos. 

Tu terribilis es, et quia 
resistet tibi j * ex tunc ira 

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From heaven thou madest 
thy sentence heard ; * the 
earth trembled, and was 
silent, . 

When God rose up in 
judgment,* to save all the 
meek ones of the land. 

For the design of man 
shall praise thee; * and 
the remainder of his de- 
signs shall keep a holy-day 
to thee. 

Make your vows, and 
pay them to the Lord your 
God, * all yon around him 
who bring gifts. 

To the awful one, to 
him who taketh away the 
breath of princes,* the aw- 
ful one to the kings of the 

Anth. The earth trem- 

Anth. I stretched forth 
my hands to God in the day 
of my distress. 


WITH my voice I 
cried out unto the 
Lord ; * with my voice I 
cried out to God, and he 
heard me. 

Jn the day of my distress 
I sought God with my 
hands stretched out to him 
in the night 5 * and I was 
not deceived. 

My soul refused all com- 
fort;* I called God to 
mind, and was delighted, 
and I continued in this 
exercise; and my spirit 
swooned away. 

AT KATIV8. - 379 

De ccelo auditum fecisti 
judicium j * terra tremuit, 
et quievit, 

Cum exurgeret in judici- 
um Deus,* ut salvos face- 
ret omnes mansuetos ter- 

. Gtuofliaracogitatiohoini- 
nis confitebitur tibi 5 * et 
reliquiae cogitation is diem 
festum agent tibi. 

Vovete, et reddite Domi- 
no Deo vestro,* omnes qui . 
in circuitu ejus affertis nm- 

Terribili et ci qui aufert 
spiritum principum,* terri- 
bili apud Reges terras. 

Ant. Terra tremuit. 

Ant. In die tribulationis 
meae Deum exquisivi ma- 
nibus meis. 

VOCE mea ad Domi- 
num clamavi j * voce 
mea ad Deum, et intendit 

In die tribulationis meae 
Deum exquisivi manibus 
meis nocte contra eum 5* et 
non sum deceptus. 

Benuit consolart anima 
mea \ * memor fui Dei, et 
deleclatus sum, et exerci- 
tatus sum > et defecit spiri- 
tus meus. 

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My eyes were* before- 
hand with the watch ; * I 
was dismayed, and spoke 

I reflected on the days 
of old ; * the years of eter- 
nity I kept in mind. 

And I meditated in the 
night with* my heart 5 * I 
mused, and searched my 

Will God then for ever 
cast me off •, * or will he 
never more be favourable 
again ? 

Or will he cut off his 
mercy for ever,* from 
generation unto genera- 
tion } 

Or will God forget to 
shew compassion ? * Or 
will he, in his anger, shut 
up his mercies? 

And I said : Now I be- 
gin :* this is a change of 
the right hand of the Most 

I have bore in mind the 
works of the Lord ; * and 
I will bear in mind thy 
wonders from the begin- 

And I will meditate on 
all thy works 3* and will 
apply myself to thy de- 
signs. - 

Holy, O God, are thy 
ways 5 who is a great God 
like our' : God ? * Thou 
art tte God, that dost won- 

Thou hast made thy 
power known among the 
nations $ * with thy own 
arm didst thou redeem thy 

Anticipaverunt vigiltat 
oculi mei ; * tufbatus sum, 
et non sum locutus. 

Cogitavi dies antiques ;* 
et annos aeternos in mente> 

Et meditatus sum nocte 
cum corde raeo ; * et exer- 
citabor, at scopebam spiri- 
tual meum. 

Numquid in setenmm 
projiciet Deus ; * aut non 
apponet ut complacitior 
sit adhuc ? 

Aut in finem misericor- 
diam suam abscindet, * a 
generatione in generation 
nem ? 

Aut obliviscetur miso* 
reri Deus ? * Aut contine- 
bit in ira sua misericordias 
suas ? 

Et dixi : Nunc caepi : * 
h«c mutatio dexterae Ex- 

Memor fui operum Do- 
mini ; * quia memor ero 
ab initio mirabilium tuo- 

Et meditabor in operibus 
tuis ; * et in adinventioni- 
bus tuis exercebor. 

Deus in sancto viatua; 
quis Deus magnus sicut 
Detis noster ? * Tu es De- 
us;, 'qui facis mirabilia. 

Notam fecisti in populis 
virtutem tuam 3 * redimis* 
ti in brachio tuo populum 
tuum filioa Jacob et Joseph. 

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people, the children of Ja- 
cob and Joseph. 

The waters saw thee, O 
God, the waters saw thee ; 
* and the deep was fright- 
ened and shook. 

Great was the noise of 
the waters 5 * the clouds 
sent forth their voice. 

And thy arrows flew a- 
bout ; * and the voice of 
thy thunder rolled. 

Thy lightning blazed on 
the globe of the earth 5 * 
the earth shook, and trem- 

Thy way was in the sea, 
and thy path in mighty 
waters -, * but thy footsteps 
were not known. 

Like sheep didst thou 
lead out thy people, * by 
the hand of Moses and 

Antk. I stretched forth. 

V. Arise, O Lord. R. 
And plead toy cause. 

Our Father. 

Viderunt et aquae, De- 
ns, viderunt te aquae 5 * et 
timuerunt, et turbatae sunt 

Multitudo sonitus aqua- 
rum j * vocem dederunt 

Etenim sagittae tuae tran- 
seunt } * vox tonitrui tui 
in rota. 

Illuxerunt coruscationes 
tuae orbi terrae 5 * commo- 
ta est, et contrerouit terra. 

In mari via tua, et se- 
mitae tuae in aquis muhis j 
* et vestigia tua non cog- 

Deduxisti, sicut oves, 
populum tuum,* in manu 
Moysi et Aaron. 

Ant. In die tribulationis. 

V. Exurge, Domine. R. 
Et judica causam meara. 
In Secret, 


Out of the first Epistle of blessed Paul the Apostle to 
the Corinthians, Chap, xi. 

NOW this I ordain : Not praising you that you come 
together not for the better, but for the worse. 
For first of all I hear, that when you meet together in 
the Church, there are divisions among you, and in part 
I believe it. For there must be also heresies ; that they, 
who are approved, may be made manifest among you. 
When you come together therefore in one place, it is 
not now to eat the Lord's supper. For every one taketh 
before-hand his own supper to eat. And one indeed is 
hungry, and another is drunk. Have you not houses to 
eat and drink in ? Or despise ye the Church of God, and 
put them to shame, who are poor ? What shall I say to 
you ? Do I praise you ? In this I praise you not. 
I i 2 

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R. I was like an innocent 
lamb, and wad led to 
slaughter, and knew it not ; 
my enemies held council 
against me, saying;* Come, 
let us put wood in his 
bread, and cut him off from 
the land of the living. V. 
All my enemies plotted 
mischief against me; they 
ordered an unjust thing 
against me saying ;* Come 
let us put, arc. to V. 

R. Emm quasi agmu in- 
nocens 5 ductus sum ad hn- 
molandum, et uesciebam $ 
consilium fecerunt inimi- 
ci mei adversum me, di- 
centes ;* Venite, mittamus 
lignum in panem ejus, et 
eradamus eum de terra Yi- 
yentiam. V. Omnes ini- 
mici met adversum me 
cogitabant mala mihi 3 ver- 
bum iniquum mandayerunt 
adversum me, dicentes 5 * 
Venite, &c. to V. 


F)R I received of the Lord, that which also I de- 
livered to you, that the Lord Jesus, the same night 
in which he was betrayed, took bread, and giving thanks, 
broke it, and said : Take ye, and eat, This is my Body, 
which shall be delivered up for you : This do you in re- 
membrance of me. In like manner he took the cup, 
after he had supped, saying : This cup is the New Testa- 
ment f in my blood : This do ye, as often as you shall 
drink it, in remembrance of me For as often as you 
shall eat this bread, and drink this cup, you shall publish 
the death of the Lord, till he come. 

R. Could you not watch R. Una hora non potuis- 
one hour with me, who tis vigilare mecum, qui 
exhorted one another to 
die with me ? * Or see you 
not Judas, how he sleepeth 
not, but hasteneth to be- 
tray me to the Jews ? V. 
Why sleep ye ? Arise, and 
pray, that you enter not in- 
to temptation. * Or see 
you not, &c. to-V. 


WHEREFORE, whosoever shall eat this bread, or 
drink the cup of the Ix>rd unworthily, shall be 
guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. But let a man 
try himself; and so let him eat of that bread, and drink 
of the cup. For he that eateth and drinketh unworthi- 
f Or, Covenant. 

exhortabamini mori pro 
me ? * Vel Judam non 
videtis, quomodo non dor- 
mi t, sed festinat traders 
me Judaeis ? V. Quid dor- 
mitis. ? Surgite, et orate* 
ne intretis in tentationem.* 
Vel Judam, &c. to V. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

AT LAUDS. 383 

ly, cateth and drinketh judgment t to himself, not dis- 
cerning the body of the Lord. Therefore are there many 
infirm aid weak among you, and many sleep. But if 
we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. 
But whilst we are judged, we are chastised by the Lord * 
that we may not be condemned with this world. Where- 
fore, my brethren, when you meet together to eat, wait 
for one another. If any man be hungry, let him eat at 
home j that you meet not together to judgment. And 
the rest I will order when I come. 

R. The elders of the peo- R. Seniores populi con- 
pie held council,* To seize silium fecerunt, * Ut Je- 
Jesus by stratagem, and sum dolo tenerent, et occi- 
put him to death $ they derent $ cum gladiis et fus- 
went forth with swords and tibus exierunt tanquam ad 
clubs, as against a thief, latronem. V. Collegerunt 
V. The high priests and pontifices et Pharisaei con- 
the Pharisees assembled cilium, * Ut Jesum, &c. 
the council, * To seize, to V. Seniores, &c. to V. 
Sec. to V. The elders, &c. 


Antk. Be thou justified, Ant. Justificeris, Domi- 

O Lord, in thy words, and ne, in sermonibus, tuis, et 

may'st thou overcome, vincas cum judicaris. 
when thou shalt judge. 

Psalm 50. Miserere, p. 108. 
Anth. Be thou justified. Ant. Justificeris. 
Anth. The Lord was Ant. Dominus tanquam 
led like a lamb to slaughter, ovis ad victimam ductus est, 
and opened not his mouth, et non aperuit os suum. 
Psalm lxxxix. 

OLord, thou hast been T^ O M I NE, refugium 
our refuge, * from I 3 factus es nobis, * a 
generation to generation. generatione in generatio- 

Before the mountains Priusquam montes fie- 
were made, or the earth rent, aut terra et orbis 5 * 
and world were formed, * a saeculo et usque in saecu- 
from eternity to eternity lum tu es Deus* 
thou art God. 

Do not bring man low j Ne avertas hominem in 
* for thou hast said: Be humtlitatem j # etdixisti; 
X Expl. Damnation. 

d by Google 



converted ye sons of men. 

For a thousand years in 
thy sight, * are like yester- 
day that is gone 3 

And a watch of the night, 
* as things reckoned for 
nought, their years shall 

In a morning like grass 
shall man pass away 3 in 
the morning he shall flower, 
and pass away; * in the 
evening he shall droop, 
grow hard, and wither. 

For by thy wrath are we 
quickly consumed 5 * and 
at thy indignation are we 

Thou hast set our iniqui- 
ties before thy sight, * our 
life in the light of thy 

For all our days are 
spent 5 * and we ourselves 
are consumed in thy wrath. 

Our years shall be like 
the contrivance of the 
spider 5 * all the days of 
our years shall be three- 
score and ten. 

But if in the strong they 
be fourscore years 3 * yet 
what there is more of them, 
is all labour and sorrow. 

Thus thy mercy over- 
taketh us 3 * and we ar* 
chastised in it, 

Who knoweth the power 
of thy anger ? * Or thro' 
fear can estimate thy wrath? 
Thus make thy right hand 
known 3* and with wisdom 
make us wise in heart. 

Convertiraioi filii homi- 

Quoniam mille anni ante 
oculos tuos,* tanquam dies 
besterna, quae praeteriit. 

Et custodia in nocte, * 
qum pro nihilo habentor, 
eorum anni erunt. 

Mane sicut berba tran- 
seat 5 mane fioreat, et trau- 
seat 3 * vespere decidat, in- 
duret, et arescat. 

Quia defecimus in ira 
tua 3* et in furore tuo tur- 
bati sumus. 

Posuisti inlquitates nos- 
tras in conspectu tuo,* sae- 
culum nostrum in illumina- 
tione vultus tui. 

Quia omnes dies nostri 
defecerunt 3 * et in ira tua 

Anni nostri sicut aranea 
meditabuntur 3 * dies anno- 
rum nostrorum in ipsis, sep- 
tuaginta anni. 

Si antem in potentatibns 
octoginta anni : * et amplma 
eorum labor et dolor. 

Quoniam supervenit man- 
suetudo 3 * et corripiemur. 

Quis novit potestatem 
iras tuae ? * Et pr« timore 
tuo iram tuamdinumerare ? 

Dexteram tuam sic no- 
tarn fac 3* et eruditos corde 
in sapientia. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Turn ton*; O Lord, how 
long? * and be appeased 
towards thy servants. 

We shall be filled in the 
morning with thy mercy 5* 
we shall joy and com- 
fort all our days. 

Then shall we rejoice in 
proportion to the days thou 
hast afflicted us s * to the 
number of years; we have 
seen misfortunes. 

Look down on thy ser- 
vants, and on thy own 
work ; # * and prosper thou 
their children. 

And may the light of the 
Lord our God be upon us ; 
and prosper thou from on 
high the works of our 
hands j * yea, the works 
of our hands do thou pros- 

Anfh. The Lord was 

Anth. My heart is burst 
within me, all my bones 
have trembled. 

Converters Domine, us- 
quequo > * Et deprecabilb 
esto super servos tuos. 
Repleti sumus mane mise- 
ricordia tua j * et exultavi- 
mus, et delectati sumus 
omnibus diebus nosrris. 

Laetati samus pro diebus, 
quibus nos humiliasti j * 
annis, quibus vidimus mala. 

Respice in servos tuos et 
in opera tua $ * et dirige 
filios eorum. 

El sit splendor Domini 
Dei nostri super nos; et 
opera manuum nostrarum 
dirige super nos $ * et opus 
manuum nostrarnm dirige. 

Ant. Dominustanquam. 

Ant. Contritum est cor 
meum in medio mei, con- 
tremuerunt omnia ossa raea. 

Psalm lxii. Deus, Deus meus. With the following 
Psalm lxvi. as p. exxxi. 

Anth. My heart. 

Anth. Thou hast encou- 
raged us by thy, power* and 
thy holy refreshment, O 

The CANTICLE of MOSES. Exod. xv. 

T ET us sing to the Lord, f^ ANTEMUS Domino 

Ant: Contritum est. 

Ant. Exhortatus es in vir- 
tute tua, et in refectione 
sancta tua, Domine. 

I j for he hath gloriously 
displayed his greatness $* 
the horse and the rider hath 
he cast into the sea. 

The Lord is my strength 
and my praise ; * it was he 
who saved me. 

V^ gloriose enim magni- 
ficatus est; * equum et 
ascensorem projecit in mare. 

Fortitudo mea, et laus 
mea Dorainus $ * et factus 
est mihi in salutem. 

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He is my God, and to 

him will I give glory;* be 
was the God of my father, 
and him will I extol. 

The Lord is like a migh- 
ty warrior, his name is the 
Almighty; * he cast the 
chariots of Pharaoh, and 
his army into the sea. 

His chosen captains were 
drowned in the red sea ; * 
the deep covered them, 
they went down to the 
bottom like a stone. 

Thy right hand, O Lord, 
hath gloriously displayed 
its strength; thy right 
hand, O Lord, hath smote 
the enemy ; * and by thy 
own great glory hast thou 
over-thrown thy opposers. 
Thou didst send forth 
thy wrath, which consum- 
ed them like stubble ;* arid 
by the breath of thy fury 
were the waters gathered 

The running water stood 
still ;* the deep waters ga- 
thered together in the midst 
of the sea. 

The enemy said ; I will 
pursue, and overtake them ; 
* I will divide their spoils, 
my soul shall have its fill. 

I will unsheathe my 
sword; * my own hand 
shall slay them. 

Thy breath blew, and the 
sea covered them ; * they 
sunk like lead in the boiste- 
rous waves. 

Who, among the mighty 
ones, is like to thee, O 
Lord ? * Who is like unto 

Iste Dens meus, et giori- 
ficabo eum;* Deus patrit 
mei, et exaitabo eum. 

Dominus quasi vir pugna- . 
tor, Omnipotens noraen e- 
jus; * currus Pharaonis, 
et exercitum ejus projecit 
in mare. 

Electi priocipes ejus sub* 
mersi sunt in mari rubro j* 
abyssi operoerunt eos, de- 
scenderunt in profundum 
quasi lapis. 

Dextera tua, Domine, 
magnificata est in fortitudi- 
ne ; dextera tua, Domine, 
peicussit inimicum; * et 
in multitudine glorias tua 
deposuisti adversaries tuos. 

Misisti iram tuam, quae 
devoravit eos sicut sjtipu- 
lam ; * et in spiritu^iro- 
ris tui congregate sunt a* 

Stetit unda fluens ;* con- • 
gregatae sunt abyssi in 
medio maii. 

Dixit inimicus; perse- 
quar, et comprehendam :* 
dividam spolia, implebiiur 
anima mea. 

Evaginabo gladium me- 
um ; * interriciet eos ma- 
nus mea. •*- 

Flavit spiritus tuus, & 
operuit eos mare , * sub- 
mersi sunt quasi plumbum .*■ 
in aquis vehementibus. 

Quis similis tui in forti- 
bus, Domine ?* Quis simi- 
lis tui, magnificus in sane* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

thee, glorious in thy sanc- 
tuary, awful, worthy of 
praise, and performing 

Thou *tretehedst out thy 
hand, and the earth devour- 
ed them $ * thou, in thy 
mercy, didst lead the peo- 
ple, whom thou hadst ran* 

.And by thy might didst 
thou carry them, * to the 
holy place of thy abode. 

The nations came up 
against us in a rage ;* grief 
seized the Philistines. 

Then were the princes of 
Edom dismayed, a panic 
seized the valiant ones of 
Moab ; *all the inhabitants 
of Canaan stood motionless. 

Let fear and dread still 
come upon them * at the 
greatness of thy might. 

Let them become mo- 
tionless like a stone, until 
thy people, O Lord hath 
passed ; * until this thy 
people bath passed, whom 
thou hast purchased. 

Thou wilt lead them 
to, and settle them on, 
the mount of thy inheri- 
tance; * in the strong 
place of thy abode, which 
thou bast built, O Lord. 

In thy sanctuary, O 
Lord, which thy own 
hands have made so strong \ 
* the Lord shall reign for 
ever and ever more. 

For Pharaoh on horse- 
hack went into the sea with 
bis chariots and horsemen ; 

AT LAtJDI. ' .. 88? 

titate, terribtlis atquelau- 
dabilis, faciens mirabilia. 

Extendisti manum tuam, 
et devoravit eos terra; * 
dux fuisti in misericord ia 
tua populo, quern redemis- 

Et portasti eum, in for- 
titudine tua,* ad habitacu- 
lum sanctum tuum. 

Ascenderunt populi, et 
irati sunt ;* dolores obtinu- 
erunthabita tores Philistiim. 

Tunc contorbati sunt 
principes Edom, robustos 
Moab obtinuit tremor ; * 
obriguerunt omnes habita- 
tores Chanaan. 

Irruat super eos formido 
& pavor * in magnitudine 
brachii tui. 

Fiant immobiles quasi 
lapis, donee pertranseat 
populus tuus, Domine : * 
donee pertranseat populus 
tuus iste, quern possedisti. 

Introduces eos, & plan- 
tabis eos in monte haeredi- 
tatis tuae ;.* firmissimo ha- 
bitaculo tuo,. quod opera- 
tus es, Domine. 

Sanctuarium tuum, Do- 
mine, quod firmaverunt 
manus tuae ; * Dominus 
regnabit in aeternum, & ul- 

Ingressus est enimeques 
Pharao cum curfibus & 
equitibus ejus in mare; * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



& rcduxit super cos. Don*, 
nus aquas maris : 

Filii autem Israel ambu- 
laverunt pqr siccuro, * in 
medio ejus. 

Ant. Exhorfeatus es. 

Ant. Oblatus est, quia 
ipse volait, & peccata nos? 
tra ipse portavk. 

mth the 

* and the Lord brought 
back upon them the waters 
of the sea ; 

But the children of Is- 
rael passed on dry laud, * 
through the rnidst of it. 

Anth. Thou hast encou- 

Anth. He was made an 
offering, because he chose 
it, and he bore our sins. 

Ps. cxlviii. Laudate Dominum de coelis* 
tufo Psalms following, p. cxxxv. 

Anth. He was made an Ant. Oblatus est. 

V. My ally, in whom I V. Homo pacis meae, in 

trusted. V. He who eat quo speravi. R. Qui ede- 

my bread hath most wick* bat panes meos, ampliavit 

edly deceived me. adversum me supplanta- 

v tionem. 

At the Benedictus. 

Anth. But the traitor Ant Traditor autem de- 
gave them a signal, saying j dit eis signum, dicens j 
the man I shall kiss is he 5 Quern osculatus fuero, ip* 
lay hold on him. se est ; teneteeum. 
The Canticle Benedictus, p. cxxxviii. 

Anth. But the traitor. Ant. Traditor autem. 

V. Christ became obedi- V. Christus factus est 

ent for us even unto death, pro nobis obediens usque 

Our Father. 

ad mortem. 
In secret. 

. Then is said the Psalms, Miserere, p. 108. and at 
the end thereof the 

PRAYER Respice. Look down, O Lord, we be# 
teech thee, on this thy family, for which our Lord Je- 
sus Christ scrupled not to be deliverd up into the hands 
of wicked men, and undergo the punishment of the 
cross. Who Hveth, &c. in secret. 

MASS. Introit. Gal. vi. 

WE ought to glory in T^fOS autem gloriari 
the cross of our 1AI oponet in cmce Do- 
Lord Jesus ' N Christ ; in mini nostri Jesu Christi j 
whom is our salvation, our in quo est salus, vita, U 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

AT MASS. 389 

life and resurrection 5 by resurrectio nostra; pre 
whom we have been saved quern salvati, & » liberati 
and delivered. Ps . 66. sumus. Ps 66* Deus mi- 
May God have mercy on sereatur nostri, &benedi* 
us, and bless us $ may his cat nobis ; illuminet vul- 
countenance shine upon turn suum super nos, & 
us, and may he take pity on misereatur nostri. Nos 
us. We ought to glory, autem, &c. to Ps. 
&c. to Ps. 
N. B. The bells are rung during the whole time of 
the Gloria in excelsis 5 but no more till the same 
time on Holy Saturday. 
COLLECT. Deus, a quo. O God, from whom 
both Judas received the punishment of his sin, and the 
thief the reward of his confession ; grant us the effects 
of thy mercy 5 that as our Lord Jesus Christ, at the 
time of his passion, bestowed on both different rewards 
according to their merits 5 so having destroyed the old 
man in us, he may give us grace to rise again with him. 
Who liveth. 

N. B. This prayer alone is said to-day. 
EPISTLE. 1 Cor. ii. 

BRETHREN: When you come together in one 
place it is not now to eat the Lord's Supper. For 
every one taketh before- hand his own supper to eat. 
And one indeed is hungry, and another is drunk Have 
you not houses to eat and drink in ? Or despise ye the 
Church of God, and put them to shame, who are poor ? 
What shall I say to you ? Do I praise you ? In this I 
praise you not. For I received of the Lord, that which 
also I delivered to .you 5 that the Lord Jesus, the same 
night in which he was betrayed, took bread, and giv- 
ing thanks, broke it, and said ; Take ye, and eat, 
this is my body, which shall be delivered up for you ; 
this do ye in remembrance of me. In like manner he 
took the cup, after he had supped, saying : This cup 
is the New Testament in my blood ; This do ye, as 
often as you drink it, in remembrance of me. For as 
often as ye shall eat this bread, and drink this cup, you 
shall publish the death of the Lord till he come. 
Wherefore, whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the 
cup of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and 
blood of the Lord. But let a man try himself ; and so 
let him eat of that bread, and drink of the cup. For he 
vol. J. k k * 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


that eatetb and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drii&etk 
judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the 
Lord. Therefore are there many infirm and weak among 
you, and many sleep. But if we would judge ourselves, 
we certainly should not be judged. But whilst *we are 
judged, We are chastised by ilie Lord) that we may not 
be condemned with this world. 

GRAD. Phil, ii. Christ Christusfactusestprono- 
for us became obedient un- bis obediens usque ad mor- 
*to death, even the death of tem, mortem autem crueis. 
the cross. V, Therefore did V. Propter quod &Deus ex- 
God raise him up, and altavit ilium, &deditilli no- 
gave him a name, which men, quod est super omne 
is above every name. nomen. 

GOSPEL. John xiii. 1. 15. 

BEFORE the festival of the Passover, : Jesus knowing 
that his hour was come to pass out of this world to 
the Father -, having loved his own, who were in the world, 
he loved them to the end. And when supper was done, 
(the Devil having already put it into the heart of Judas, 
the son of Simon, the Iscariot, to betray him) knowing 
that his Father had given him all things into his hands, 
and that he came from God,, and was now to return to 
God -j he riseth from supper, and layeth aside his gar- 
ments 5 and having taken a" towel, he put it about him. 
After that he poureth water into a bason, and began 
to wash the feet of the disciples, and to wipe them with 
the towel, which was tied about him. He cometh 
therefore to Simon Peter. And Peter saith to him 5 
Lord, dost thou wash 'my feet? Jesus answered, and 
said to him ; What I do, thou knowest not now, but 
thou shalt know -hereafter. Peter saith to him j Thou 
shalt never wash my feet. Jesus answered him : If I 
wash thee not, thou shalt have no part with me. Si- 
mon Peter saith to him ; Lord, wash not only my feet, 
but also my hands, and my head. Jesus saith to him j 
He that is washed, needeth not but to wash his feet to 
be quite clean. And you are clean 5 but not all of you. 
For he knew who it was that wolild betray him 5 and 
therefore he said ; You are not all of you clean. Then 
after he had washed their feet, he took his garments. 
And when he was again at table, he said to them 5 Do 
yon know what I have done to you ? You call me Mas- 
ter, and f x)rd ,• and you say right ; for I am so. If I 
then have washed your feet, who am your Lord and 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

AT. MASS. 3l)l 

Master ; you also ought to wash one another's feet. For 
I have given you an example, that as I have done to 
you, so you do also. Credo. 

OFFERT. Ps. cxvii. Dextera Domini fecit 
The- right hand of the Lord virtutem ; dextera Domi- 
hath displayed its might $ ni exaltavit me : non mo- 
the right hand of the Lord riar, sed vivam, & narra- 
hath raised me up $ I shall bo opera Domini. 
not die, but live, and pub* 
lish the works of the Lord. 

SECRET. We beseech thee, O holy Lord, Almighty 
Father, Eternal God, that our Lord Jesus Christ, thy 
Son, may make our sacrifice acceptable to thee, who 
on this day commanded his disciples to celebrate it in 
memory of him. Who liveth. 

Preface, as p. 53. 

BEING united in communion, and celebrating this 
most sacred day, in which our Lord Jesus Christ 
was betrayed for us 3 and also honoring in the first place 
the memory of glorious Mary ever a Virgin, and Mother * 
of the same God, and our Lord Jesus Christ ; as also 
of thy blessed Aposlles, &c. as in th$ .Ordinary, 
p. 56. 


WE therefore beseech thee, O Lord, graciously to 
accept this offering of us thy servants, and of thy 
whole family, which we make in memory of that day, 
on which our Lord Jesus Christ commanded, his discipl<gs 
to celebrate the mysteries . of his body and, blood ; and 
dispose our days in peace, and preserve us from eternal 
damnation, and rank us in the number of Urine elect. 
Thro* the same. Amen. 

Which oblation do thou, O God, vouchsafe, &c. as 
in the Ordinary, p. 57. 

N B. The Pax is not given to-day. 
. COMM. John xiii. The Doroinus Jesus, post* 
Lord Jesus, after he had quam casnavit cum disciput 
supped with his disciples, lis suis, lavit pedes eorum, 
washed their feet, and said U ait illis; scitis quid fe- 
to them : Do you uudet- cerim vobis,. ego Do minus 
stand what I have done to & Magister ? .Exemplum 
you. I who am your Lord dedi vobis, ut & yps : it^ fa* 

Digitized-by VjC 


an example, that 70a may 
do the same. 

POSTCOMM. Refecti. We beseech thee, O Lord 
our God, that being nourished with this life-giving food, 
we may receive, by thy grace, in immortal glory, what 
we celebrate in this mortal life. Thro*. 

After Mass the Priest carries the Host, consecrated 
for to-morrow, to a place properly prepared for its re* 
ception. And during the Procession is sung the Hymn, 
Pange lingua, as p. 105. After which follow the 


Anth. T Will take the cup Ant. /^\ ALICEM saluta- 
X of salvation, and V-^ ris accipiam, & 

I will call on the name of nomen Domini invocabo. 
die Lord. 

Psalm 115. Credidi, p. Q5. 

Anth. I will take. Ant. Calicem. 

Anth. With those who Ant. Cum his qui ode- 
hated peace, was I peace- runtpacem,eram pacificus; 
, ful j when I spoke to them, dum loquebar illis, impug- 
they fell upon me without nabant me gratis, 

Psalm cxix. Ad Dorninum cum tribularer, p. ciii. 

Anth. With those. Ant. Cum his. 

Anth. From unjust men Ant. Ab hominibus ini- 

deliver me, O Lord. quis libera me, Domine. 

Psalm exxxix. 

RESCUE me, O Lord, T7UUPE me, Domine, 

from the wicked man; t^j ab homine malo ; * a 

* from the unjust man res- viro iniquo eripe me. 
cue me. 

Who devised iniquity in ■ Qui cogitaverunt iniqui- 

their heart •> * all the day tates in corde j * tota die 

long prepared for war. co nstituebant praelia. 

They sharpened their Acuerunt linguas suas si- 
tongues like the serpent j * cut serpentis ; * venenum 
the venom of asps was on aspidum sub labiis eorum. 
their lips. 

Secure me, O Lord, Custodi me, Domine, 

from the hands of the sin- de manu peccatoris j * & 

ner ; * and from unjust ab hominibus iniquis eripe 

men deliver me: me. 

The proud ones, who Qui cogitaverunt sup- 
thought to trip up my heels, plantar* gressus meos ;*at> - 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

* laid a hidden snare for 

And ropes they stretched 
out for a snare ; * by the 
way-side they put a stum- 
bling-block for me. 

I said to the Lord: 
Thou art my God j * hear, 
O Lord, the voice of my 

Lord, Lord, the might of 
my salvation;* thou co* 
veredst my head in the day 
of battle. 

Deliver me not, O Lord, 
against my wish, up to the 
sinner ; * they have plot- 
ted against me; do not 
thou forsake me, lest they 

All their wiles, * and all 
their calumnies, shall overv- 
whelm themselves. 

Burning coals shall fall 
upon them, into a fire 
wilst thou cast them ;* un- 
der misfortunes they shall 

The false-tongued man 
shall not prosper on earth ; 

* evils shall seize the wick- 
ed man at death. 

I know the Lord will 
judge the poor man'scause ; 
*and avenge the needy 

* Surely the righteous shall 
praise thy • name : * and 
the upright dwell in . thy 

Anth. From unjust men. 

* Anth. Preserve me from 
the snare they have laid for 

AT TtWMSV 893 

sconderunt superbi laque- 
um mihi. 

Et funes extenderunt in 
laqueum ; * juxta iter scan- 
dalum posuerunt mihi. 

Dixi Domino; Deus me- 
ns et tu j * exaudi, Do- 
mine, vocem deprecation^ 

Domine, Domine, vir- 
tus salutis meae ; * obum- 
brasti super caput meum 
in die belli. 

Ne tradas me, Domine, 
a desiderio meo peccatori ; 

* cogitaverunt contra me ; 
ne derelinquas me, ne forte 

Caput circuirus eornm,* 
labor labiorum ipsorum o- 
periet eos, 

Cadent super eos carbo- 
nes, in ignem dejicies eos ; 

* in miseriis non subsistent. 

Vir linguosus non diri- 
getur in terra; * virum in- 
justnm mala capient in in- 
tent u. 

Cognovt quia faciet Do- 
minus judicium inopjs;* 
&■ vindictam pauperum. 

Verumtamen justi cortfl-. 
teburitur nomini tiio ; * ;& 
habitabunt recti cum vujtu 

Ant. Ab hominibus inl- 

Ant. Custodi me a la- 
'.queo, quem statuerunt mi- 
k 2 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


me, and from the stum- hi, $ a scandalis operant!- 
bling-block of those, who urn iniquiiatem. 
do iniquity. 

Psalm cxl. 
Lord, I cried out to T^OMINE, clamavi ad 

thee, hear thou me j* 

hear my voice, whenever I 

cry out to thee. 

Let my prayer ascend, 
like incense, in thy sight $ 
* let the lifting up of my 
hands be as the evening sa- 

Place, O Lord, a guard 
before my mouth \ * and a 
door about my lips. 

Turn not my heart to 
Words of wickedness, * to 
seek excuses for my sins : 

With men that do ini- 
quity 5* for I will not par- 
take of all their dainties. 

The righteous man shall 
correct me in mercy, and 
reprove me ; * but the oil 
of sinners shall not anoint 
my head. 

For still my prayer is a- 
gainst their kindnesses ; * 
their judges are cast down, 
and dashed against the 

They » shall hear my 
words, because they have 
prevailed.* As clods of 
earth are broken up upon 
the ground : 

So are our bones scatter- 
ed near hell : * but Lord, 
O Lord, on thee are fixt 
my eves ; in thee 1 have 
hoped, take not away my 
life. " ' 

, exaudi me * * in- 
tende voci mea?, cum cla- 
mavero ad te. 

Dirigatur oratio mea, si- 
cut incensum, in conspectu 
tuo ; * elevatio mannum 
mearum sacrificium vesper- 

Pone, Domine, custodi- 
am ori meo ; * & ostium 
circumstantial labiis meis. 

Non declines cor meum 
in verba malitiae, * ad ex- 
cusandas excusationes in 
peccatis : 

Cum hominibus operan- 
tibus iniquitatem $ * et non 
communicabo cum electis 

Corripiet me Justus in 
misericordia, et increpabit 
me j * oleum autem pecca- 
toris non impinguet caput 

Quoniam adhuc et ora- 
tio mea in beneplacitis eo- 
rum ; * absorpti sunt junc- 
ti petrsB judices eorum. 

Audient verba mea, quo- 
niaro potuerunt. * Sicut 
crasitudo terras erupta est 
super terram : 

Dissipata sunt ossa nos- 
tra secus infernum : * quia 
ad te, Domine, Domine, 
oculi mei j in te speravi, 
non aufexas animam «ae- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

. Preserve roe from the 
mare, they have laid for 
me j * from the stumbling- 
block of those, who do 
In their 

AT TBSFMft. 305 

Cusiodi me a laqueo, 
quern statuerunt mihi ; * et 
a scandalis operantium ini« 

own net shall 
sinners fall 5 * I am alone 
until I pass. 
- Anth, Preserve me. 
^ Anth. I turned to the 
right, and looked 3 but there 
was none would know me. 

WITH my 
the Lord I cried 
out ; * with my voice to 
the Lord I prayed. * 

I pour forth in his sight 
tny prayer, * and my dis- 
tress I lay before him % 

When my spirit faileth 
me, * but thou dost know 
my paths. 

In this way in which I 
walked, * they hid a snare 

I turned to the right, and 
looked ,* but there was not 
one would know me. 

Flight itself is gone from 
me ; * and there is none 
who carerh for my life. 

I cried out to thee, O 
Lord ; * I said j Thou art 
my hope, my portion in 
the land of the living. 

Attend to my request j* 
for I am brought exceed- 
ing low. 

Deliver me from my pur- 
suers j * for they are be- 
come too strong, for me. 

Free from confinement 

Cadent in retiaculo ejus 
peccatores; * singulariter 
sum ego donee transeam. 

Ant. Custodi me. 

Ant. Considerabam ad 
dexteram, et videbam ; et 
non erat qui cognosceret 
Psalm cxli. 
voice to \ 7DCE mea ad Domi- 
V num clamavi -* voce 
mea ad Dominum depreca- 
tus sum. 
a Effundo in conspectu 
ejus oratiooem meam, * et 
tribulationem meam ante 

In dificiendo ex me spi- 
ritual meum 5 * et tu cog- 
novisti semitas meas. 

In via hac, qua ambula- 
bam, * absconderunt la* 

Considerabam ad dexte- 
ram, et videbam ; * et non 
erat qui cognosceret me. 

Penit ruga a me, * & non 
est qui requirat animam 

Clamavi ad te, Domine, 
* dixi ; Tu es spes mea, 
portio mea in terra viven- 

Intende ad deprecatio- 
nem meam ; * quia humi- 
liatus sum nimis. 

Libera me a persequeo- 
tibus me 5 * quia confer* 
tati suut super me. 

Educ de custodia ani- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



my soul, that I may praise 
thy name 5 * the righteous 
ones are waiting, till thou 
avengest me. 

Anth. I turned to the 

meant ad* oenfften- 
dum nemint tuo 5 *- me ex* 
pectant josti donee retri- 
boas mihi 

Ant. Considerabam ad 


Anth, While they were 
at supper, Jesus took bread, 
and blessed it, and broke it, 
and gave it to his disciples. 

V. Christ became obe- 
dient for us unto death. 

Ant. Caenantibus autem 
illts accepit Jesus panem, 
et benedixit, ac fregit, de- 
ditqne discipulis suis. 

V. Christus factus est 
pro nobis obediens usque 
ad mortem. 

Immediately after Vespers, the Priest, with his as~ 
sis t ants, uncovers the altar, saying the Anth. Di vise- 
runt. With the Ps. Peus, Deus meus, respice, as be- 
low, p. 398. 


Our Father. Hail Mary. I believe, in secret; 


Anthrr*UK Kings 

JL the earth rose 
up and the princes as- 
sembled together against 
the Lord, and -against his 


Psalm ii 

WHY : hirwMhe Gen- 
tiles raged 5 * and 
the nations deyised rain 
things ? 

« The- Kings of the* earth 
Tese up, and* the princes 
assembled together, ••*> a- 
gainst the Lord, and against 

Let us break, said they, 
their bonds ; * and cast 
•from us their yoke. 

He thatdwelteth in the 


XI, Reges terra, 
& principes convene* 
runt in unum ad versus 
Dominnm, & adversus 
Christum ejus. 

UARE fremuerunt 
Gentes ; * & popaK 
mecfitati sunt inania ? 

' Adsttterunt Reges terra;, 
•fit princijies convenernnt In 
unum: *•• adversus Domi- 
aum, et adversus Christum 

Dirumpamus vincula eo- 
rum; * &* projiciamus a 
nobis jugum ipsorum. 

Qui habitat in ccelis, ir- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

heavens shall laogh at them: 

* the Lord shall scoff at 

Then shall he speak to 
them in his wrath ; * and 
in his rage shall he dismay 

For I am appointed King 
by him over Sion, his ho- 
ly mount : * I publish his 

The Lord said unto me ; 

* My Son art thou, I this 
day begot thee. 

Ask it of me, and I will 
give to thee the Gentiles 
for thine inheritance $ * 
and the bounds of the earth 
for thy possession. 

Thou shalt rule them 
with a sceptre of iron ; * 
and like a potter's vessel 
shalt thou break them. 

And now, O Kings, be 
wise 5 * receive instruc- 
tions, ye who judge the 

Serve the Lord with 
fear 5 * and exult in him 
with trembling. 

Embrace instruction, lest 
perhaps the Lord be angry : 

* aud you perish from the 
righteous way. 

When his wrath shall in 
a short time be kindled j * 
blessed are all, who put 
their trust in him. 

Antk. The Kings of the 

Anth. They parted my 
garments amongst them; 
and for my vest they cast 


ridebit eos j * & Dominus 
subsannabit cos. 

Tunc loquetur ad eos in 
ira sua j * & in furore suo 
conturbabit eos. 

Ego autem constitutus 
sum Rex ab eo super Sion 
montem sanctum ejus.; * 
praedicans praceptum ejus. 

Dominus dixit ad me ; * 
Filius meus es tu, ego ho- 
die genui te. 

Postula a me, & dabo ti- 
bi Gentes hasreditatem tu* 
am 5 * & possessionem tu- 
am terminos terras. 

Reges eas in virga ferrea: 
* & tanquam vas figuli 
confringes eos. 

Et nunc, Reges, intelli- 
gite : * erudimini, qui ju- 
dicata terram. 

Servite Domino in ti- 
morej * & exultate ei 
cum tremore. 

Apprehendite discipli- 
nam, nequando irascatur 
Dominus $ * & pereatis de 
via justa. 

Cum exarserit in brevi 
ira ejus; beati omnes, qui 
confidunt in eo. 

Ant. Adstiterunt Reges 

Ant. Diviseruntsibi ves- 
timenta mea, et super ves- 
tern raeam miseruntsortem. 


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OGod, my God, look 
down upon me $ why 
hast thou forsaken me ? * 
Far from my salvation my 
sins do keep me. 

My God will I cry out 
by day, and thou wilt not 
hear ; * by night, and 
it shall not be folly in me. 

For thou dwellest in the 
holy place ; * thou praise 
of Israel. 

In thee our Fathers hop- 
ed 5 * they hoped, and thou 
didst rescue them. 

To thee they cried out, 
and they were saved 5 * in 
thee they hoped and never 
were confounded. 

But I am a worm, and 
not a man;* the reproach of 
men and the outcast of all 
the people. 

All that saw me, derided 
me ; * they spoke with 
their lips, and wagged the 

He hoped in the Lord, 
let him deliver him ; let 
him save him, since he lov- 
eth him. 

But thou art he that 
brought me from the 
womb ; * my hope from 
the breasts of my mother ; 
on thee was I cast from the 

Thou art my God from 
my mother's womb j * do 
not depart from me ; 

When tribulation is at 
hand ; * when there is 
none to help,. 

Many calves have sur- 


DEUS, Dens meus, 
respice in me, quare 
me dereliquisti ? * Longe 
a salute mea verba delicto* 
mm meorum. 

Deus meus clamabo per 
diem, et non exaudies j * 
et nocte, et non ad insipi* 
entiam mini. 

Tu autem in sancto ha* 
bitas ; * laua Israel. 

In te speraverunt patres 
nostri j * speraverunt, et 
liberasti eos. 

Ad te clamaverunt, et 
salvi facti sunt 5 * in te 
speraverunt, et non sunt 

Ego autem sum vermis-, 
& non homo j * opprobrw 
um hon»nun*i et abjectio 

Onuses, videntes me, de« 
riserunt me 5 *< locuti sunt 
labiis, et moverunt caput* 

Speravit inDomino> erf* 
piat eum 5 * salvum facial 
euin, quoniam volt eum. 

Quoniam tu es, qui ex* 
traxisti me de ventre ; * 
spes mea ab uberibus ma* 
tris mete $ in te projectus 
sum ex utero, 

De* ventre matris me® 
Deus meus es tu $ * ne de* 
cesseris a me j 
. Quoniam tribulattoprofe 
ima est; * quoniam non 
est qui adjuvet. 

Circumdederunt mevi- 

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rounded me; * fat bulls 
have beset me. 

They have opened their 
mouths at me, * like a ra- 
ring and roaring lion. 

Like water 1 am poured 
out; * my bones are all 

My heart is become like 
melted wax, * within my 

My strength is dried up 
like a potsherd, and my 
tongue hath cleaved to my 
mouth ; * and to the dust 
of death hast thou brought 
me down. 

For many dogs have en* 
compassed me ; * a council 
of wicked ones hath beset 

They have dug my hands 
and feet; * they have 
counted all my bones. 

And they stared and gaz- 
ed upon me ; * they part* 
ed my garment amongst 
them: and for my vest 
they cast lots. 

But thou, O Lord, with- 
draw not thy help from me; 
* look down to my de- 

Rescue from the sword, 
O God, my soul ; * my 
forlorn soul from the dog's 

Save me from the lion's 
jaw ; * and from the horn 
of the unicorn save me in 
my distress. 

I will publish thy name 
to my brethren 5 * in the 
midst of the church will I 
praise thee. 


tulimulti; * tauri pingues 
obsederunt me. 

Aperuerunt super me os 
suum, * sicut leo rapiens 
et rugiens. 

Sicut aqua efrusus sum ; 
* et dispersa sunt omnia 
ossa mea. 

Factum est cor meum 
tanquam cera liquescens, * 
in medio ventris mei. 

Arait, tanquam testa, 
virtus mea, et lingua mea 
adhaesit faucibus meis ; * 
& in pulverem mortis de- 
duxisti me. 

Quoniam circumdede- 
runt me canes multi ; * 
concilium malignantium 
obsedit me. 

Foderunt manus meas et 
pedes meos ; * dinumera- 
verunt omnia ossa mea. 

Ipsi vero considerave- 
runt, et inspexerunt me ; * 
diviserunt sibi vestimenta 
mea ; * et super vestem 
meam miserunt sortem. 

Tu autem, Domine, ne 
elongaveris auxilium tuum 
a me ; * ad defensionem 
meam conspice. 

Erue a framea, Deus, 
an imam -meam; * et de 
manu canis unicam meam. 

Salva me ex ore leonis ; 
* et a cornibus unicornium 
humilitatem meam. 

Narxabo nomen tuum 
fratribns meis ; * in medio 
ecclesiae laudabo te. 

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You who fear the Lord, 
praise ye him; * allvou 
seed of Jacob, yield him 

Let all the seed of Israel 
fear him; * for that he 
hath not slighted, nor de- 
spised the poor one's pray- 

Nor turned he away his 
ftce from me ; * but when 
I cried out to him, he 
heard me. 

Thee will I praise in the 
great assembly; * I will 
pay my vows in the sight 
of them that fear him. 

The poor shall eat, and 
shall be filled; and they 
shall praise the Lord, who 
seek him; * their hearts 
shall live for evermore. 

All the bounds of the 
earth shall remember this,* 
and be converted to the 

And all the kindred of 
the Gentiles * shall adore 
before his face. 

For empire belongeth to 
the Lord ; * and he shall 
rule the Gentiles. 

All the fat ones of the 
earth shall eat and adore ; 

* all shall fall prostrate be- 
fore him, who go down 
into the earth. 

And my soul shall live to 
him ; * and my seed shall 
serve him. 

A generation to come 
shall be declared the Lord's; 

* and the heavens shall 
publish his righteousness to 

Qui timetis Dominum, 
laudate eum ; * universum 
semen Jacob glorificate 

Timeat eum omne semen 
Israel; * quoniam non 
sprevit, neque despexit de- 
precationem pauperis ; 

Nee avertit faciem suam- 
a me ; * el cum clamarem 
ad eum, exaudivit me. 

Apud te laus mea in ec- 
clesia magna ; * vota mea 
reddam in conspectu timen- 
tium eum. 

Edent pauperes et satura- 
buntur ; et ladabunt Domi- 
num, qui requirunt eum; 

* vivent corda eorum in 
speculum saeculi. 

Reminiscentur, et con- 
vertentur ad Dominum, * 
universi fines terras. 

Et adorabunt in conspec- 
tu ejus * universse familise 

Quoniam Domini est reg- 
num ;* et ipse dominabitur 

Manducaverunt ef adora- 
verunt omnes pihgues terraej 

* in conspectu ejus cadent 
omnes qui descendunt in 

Et anima mea illi vivet ; 

* et semen meum serviet 

Annuntiabitur Domino 
generatio ventura; ■* et an T 
nnntiabunt cocli justitiam 
ejus populo, qui nascetur, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


a people that shall be quern fecit Dominus. 

born, whom the Lord hath 


Anth. They parted. Ant. Diviserunt. 

Anth. Unjust witnesses Ant. Insurrexerunt in 

stood against me 5 and ini- me testes iniqui ; et men* 

quity belied itself. tita est iniquitas sibi. 
Psalm xxvi. Dominus illuminatio mea, p. cxviii. 

Anth. Unjust witnesses. Ant. Insurrexerunt. 

V. They parted my gar- V. Diviserunt sibi vesti- 

ments amongst them. R. menta mea. R. Et super 

And for my vest they cast vestem meam miserunt sor- 

lots. tern. 

Our Father. All in secret. 


Out of the Lamentation of the Prophet Jeremy, 

Chap. ii. 

Hetk. 'T'HE Lord resolved to destroy the walls of the 
X daughter of Sion $ he hath stretched out his 
line, and hath not withdrawn his hand from destruction. 
And the rampart mburneth 5 and the wall and it are both 

Teth. Her gates are thrown down upon the ground ; 
he hath destroyed, and broke to pieces her bars. He 
hath carried her King and princes among the Gentiles. 
The law is now no more, and her prophets have had no 
visions from the Lord. 

Jod. The antients of the daughter of Sion sat on the 
ground in silence 5 they covered their heads with ashes ; 
they put on sackcloth. The virgins of Jerusalem cast 
down their heads towards the ground. 

Caph. My eyes have failed me with weeping, my 
bowels are dismayed j my liver is poured out on the 
earth, because of the destruction of the daughter of my 
people, when the little one and the suckling fainted in 
the streets of the city. 

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, return to the Lord thy God. 

R. All my friends have R. Omnes amid mei de- 
forsaken me -, and they who reliquerunt me \ et prae- 
lay in ambush for me, have valuerunt insidi antes mihi. 
over-powered me. He Tradidit me quern dilige* 

VOL. J. L 1 * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



bam j * Et terribilibus o- 
culis plaga crudeli percu- 
tientes, aceto potabant mc. 
V. Inter iniquosprojecerunt 
me, et nou pepercerunt 
animae mess. * Et terribili- 
bus, &c. to V. 

whom I loved, bath betray- 
ed me ; * And they, with 
terrible looks, cruelly 
scourged me, and offer- 
ed me vinegar to drink. V. 
They cast me out amongst 
the wicked, and spared not 
my lite. * And they> with 
terrible looks, &c. to V. 


Lamed. r T^UEY said to their mothers : Where is the 
X wheat and wine ? When they fainted like 
wounded men in the streets of the city $ when they 
breathed out their souls in the bosoms of their mo- 

Mem . To what shall I compare thee ? Or to what 
shall I liken thee, O daughter of Jerusalem ? To what 
shall I equal thee, that I may comfort thee, O daugh- 
ter of Sion ? For great, as the sea, is thy affliction : 
Who will heal thee ? 

Nun. Thy prophets saw faUe and foolish things con- 
cerning thee 5 neither did they lay open thy iniquity to 
excite thee to repentance 5 but they looked for false pro- 
phecies and causes of thy banishment. 

Samech. All that passed by, clapped -their hands at 
thee ; they hissed and wagged their heads at the daughter 
of Jerusalem, saying : Is this the city of perfect beauty, 
the joy of the whole earth ? 

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, return to the Lord thy God, 

R. The veil of the tem- 
ple was rent, * And the 
whole earth shook; the 
thief cried out from the 
cross, saying : Remember 
me, O Lord, when thou 
comest to thy kingdom. V. 
The rocks split, and the 
monuments opened, and 
many of the saints' bodies, 
that were dead, arose. * 
And the whole earth, &c. 
to V. 

R. Velum templi scis T 
sum est, * Et omnis terra 
tremuit; latro de cruce 
clamabat, dicens ; Memen- 
to mei, Domine, dum vene- 
ris, in regnum tuum. V'. 
Petrae scissae sunt, et monu- 
ment a aperta sunt, et multa 
corpora sanctorum, qui dor- 
mierant, surrexerunt. * Et 
omnis, &c. to V. 

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Aleph. T AM a man that see my poverty in the rod of 
X his indignation. 

Aleph, He hath led me, and brought me into dark- 
ness, and not into light. 

Aleph. Only against me hath he turned, and turned 
again his hand all the day long. 

Beth. My skin and flesh hath he made oldj he hath 
broken all my bones. 

Beth. He hath built all round about me, and encom- 
passed me with gall and labour. 

Beth. He hath set me in a dark place like those who 
have been long dead. 

. Ghimel. He hatb built all round about me, that I 
may not get put j he hath put on me heavy fetters. 

Ghimel. He hath even rejected my prayer, when I 
cried out to him, and entreated him. 

Ghimel. He hath shut up my way with square stones, 
and hath dug up my road. 

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, return to the Lord thy God. 

R. My chosen vineyard, R. Vinea mea electa, 

it was I that planted thee 5 ego te plant avi $ * Quomo- 

* How art thou become so do conversa es in amarku- 

bitter, as to crucify me, dinem, ut me crucifigeres, 

and release Barabbas ? V. et Barabbam di mil teres ? 

I fenced thee around, and V. Sepivi te, et lapides 

picked the stones out of elegi ex te, et aediricavi 

thee, and built a press. * turrim. * Quomodo con* 

How art thou, &c. to V. versa es, &c. to V. Vinea 

My chosen vineyard, &c. mea, &c. to V. 
to V. 


Antk. They used vio- Ant. Vim faciebant, qui 

lence, who sought my life*, quaerebant an imam meam. 

Psalm xxxv ii. Dom'me, ne in furore tuo, p. cxli. 

Antk. They. used vio* Ant. Vim faciebant. 

Antk. Let them be put Ant. Confundantur, et 

to confusion and shame, revereantur, qui quaerunt 

who seek to take away my animam meam, ut auferant 

life* earn. 

. Psalm xxxix. Expectans expectavi, p. cxxii. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Anth. Let them be put 
to confusion. 

Anth. Strangers have 
risen up against me, and 
mighty ones have sought 
my life. 

Psalm liii 

Ant. Confundanfur. 

Ant. Alieni insurrexe- 
runt in me, et fortes quae- 
sierunt animam meam. 

OGod, for the sake of 
thy name, save me : 
* and in thy might judge 
my cause. 

O God, hear thou my 
prayer 5* give ear to the 
words of my mouth. 

For strangers have risen 
up against me, and mighty 
ones have sought my life -,* 
and they set not God be- 
fore their eyes. 

But behold God helpeth 
me \ * and the Lord is the 
upholder of my life. 

Turn back the evils on 
my enemies ;* and accord- 
ing to thy promise do thou 
destroy them. 

Then will I freely sacri- 
fice to thee ; * and praise 
thy name, O Lord 5 for it 
is good. 

Because thou wilt deli- 
ver me from all distress j * 
and my eye shall look down 
on my enemies. 

Anth. Strangers have 
risen up. 

V. Unjust witnesses 
stood up against me. B. 
And iniquity belied itself. 

Our Father. 

DEUS, in nomine tuo 
salvum me fac j * et 
in virtute tua judica me. 

Deus, exaudi orationem 
meam ; * auribus percipe 
verba oris mei. 

Quoniam alieni* insur- 
rexerunt adversum me, et 
fortes quaesierunt animam 
meam 5 * et non proposue- 
runt Deum ante conspectum 

Ecce enim Deus adjuvat 
me 1 * et Dominus suscep- 
tor est animae meae. 

Averte mala inimicis 
raeis 5 * et in veritate tua 
disperde illos. 

Voluntarie sacrificabo ti- 
bi ; * et conntebor nomini 
tuo, Domine ; quoniam bo- 
num est. 

Quoniam ex omni tribu- 
latione eripuisti me; * et 
super inimicos meos de- 
spexit oculus me us. 

Ant. Alieni insurrexe- 

V. Insuirexerunt in me 
testes iniqui. R. Et menti- 
ta est iniquitas sibi. 

All in Secret. 


Out of the Treatise of St. Augustine, the Bishop, on 

the Psalms. Psalm lxiii. 2. 

d by Google 

. AT MAT1WS. 40& 

THOU hast protected me, O God, from the assem- 
bly of the wicked ones, from the multitude of those 
who work iniquity. Now let us behold our bead him* 
self. Many of the Martyrs have suffered the like, but 
nothing shines so bright as the head of the Martyrs $ it it 
there we best see, what they endured. He was protect- 
ed from the multitude of the wicked ones ; that it, God 
protected himself j the Son, and the man assumed by 
the Son, protected his own flesh. For he is the Son of 
Man, and the Son of God j the Son of God, because of 
the form of God j the Son < of Man, because of the. form 
of a servant ; having it in his power to lay down his life, 
and to take it up again* What could his enemies- do 
against him ? They killed hi* body, but did not kill his 
soul. Observe ; it would have signified little for the 
Lord to have exhorted the Martyrs by word, unless 
at the same ttmehe had strengthened them by his exam* 

% R. You are come out as R Tanquam ad latronem 

against a thief with swords exiistis cum glad 1 is et fu»tt- 

and clubs to seize me j * I bus comprehendere me ', * 

was every day amongst you Quotidie apud vos cram in 

teaching in the temple, and templp docens, ct nun me 

you seized me not $ and tenuistis 5 et ecce nagella- 

now, having scourged me, turn ducitis ad crucirtgen- 

you lead me to be crucified, dum. V. Cuiwjue injects* 

V. And when they laid sent maims in Jesum, et 

hands on Jesus, pnd seized tenuissent cum, dixit ad 

him, he said to them * * I eos 3 * Quotidie apud vos, 

"Was every day amongst you, &c. toV. 
&c. to V. 


YOU know what was the assembly of the wicked 
Jews, and what the multitude of those, whp work 
iniquity. But what was that iniquity ? Jt was, that, 
they wanted to put to death pur Lord Jesus Christ. I 
have done, says he, so many good works among you * 
for which of them is it that you want to put me to 
pVath } He bore, with all their weaknesses, he cured all 
tbeir sick, he preached., the kingdom* of (leaven, he con- 
cealed, not their crimes, that they might rather hate 
them, than the. Physician, who healed them. Yet such 
.wa's r( 4u*r ingjr#itu4e,4ur all these cures, that, l^e weu 

- i 1. La . . . 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

406 GooD-rmiDAT. 

tn a raging fever, they werfc in a fury at the Physician, 
who came to care them, and formed a design to destroy 
him : as if they had a mind to try whether he was really 
man, that he could die ; or something above man, and 
would not suffer himself to die. We find their words in 
the wisdom of Solomon 5 Let us condemn him, say 
they, to a most shameful death. Let us examine him; 
for regard will be had to his words. If he be truly the 
Son of God, let him deliver him. 

R. Darkness came on, R. Tenebrae facts sunt, 
whilst the Jews crucified dum crucifixissent Jesum 
Jesus ; and about the ninth Judsei j et circa horam no- 
hour Jesus cried out with nam exclamavit Jesus voce 
a loud voice : My God, magna ; Deus meus, ut 
why hast thou forsaken quid me dereliquisti ? * Et 
me? * And bowing down inclinatocapite,etnisitspiri- 
his head, he gave up the turn. V. Exclamans Jesus 
ghost. V. Jesus crying out voce magna, ait ; Pater, in 
with a loud voice, said: Fa- manus tuas commendo 
ther, into thy hands I com- spiritum meum. * Et La- 
mend my spirit. * And clinato, &c. to V. 
bowing down his head, &c. 


THEY sharpened their tongues like a sword. Let 
not the Jews say : We did not put Christ to 
death. For indeed they delivered him up to Pilate the 
judge, that they might seem innocent of his death. For, 
when Pilate said to them : Put him to death yourselves ; 
they answered : It is not lawful for us to put any one to 
death. Thus they intended to throw the injustice of their 
crime on the judge, that was a man $ but could they 
deceive a judge, who is God ? -What Pilate did, his 
very doing of it made him somewhat partaker of their 
crime ; but if compared with them, he was much the 
more innocent. For he laboured what he could to get 
him out of their hands 5 and to that end he ordered him 
TO be scourged r and shewed him to them. This he did 
to our Lord, not by way of persecuting him, but to 
satisfy their rage ; that the sight of hrm in that condition 
might move them to pity, and make them desist, from 
desiring his death. All this he did. But when they 
still persisted, you know that he washed his hands, and 
said : it was none of his doing, that he was innocent of 
his death. And yet he really put him to death. But if 

d byCoogle 


be wa3 guilty in doing so against his will, are they inno- 
cent, who forced him to do it ? Not at all. He pro- 
nounced sentence against him, and ordered him to be 
crucified ; and so, in a manner, put him to death him- 
self. But you also, O Jews, put him to death. How 
did you put him to death ? With the sword of the. 
tongue ; for you sharpened your tongues. And when 
gave you the stroke, but when you cried out : Crucify 
him, Crucify him. 

R. I delivered up my 
dear life into the hands of 
the wicked, and my inherit 
tance became; unto me like 
a lion in the forest. My 
adversary spoke against me, 
saying: Gather together,* 
and make haste to devour 
him. They placed me in 
a solitary desert, and the 
whole earth bemoaned me ; 
* Because there was none 
found, who would know 
me, or do me any kindness. 
V. Merciless men rose up 
against me, and they spared 
not my life-, # Because 
there was none found, &c. 
to V. I delivered up my 
dear life, &c. to V. 


Anih. From those that 
rise up against me, deliver 
me, O Lord, for they have 
seized on my life. 


R. Animam meam dilec- 
tam tradidi in manus ini- 
quorum, et facta est mihi 
haereditas mea sicut leo in 
sylva. Dedit contra me voces 
adversarius, dicens; Con- 
gregamini, et properate ad 
devorandum ilium ; posue- 
rant me in deserto solitudi- 
nis, et luxit super me om-' 
ni6 terra j * Quia non est 
inventus, qui me agnos- 
ceret, et faceret bene. V. 
Insurrexerunt in me viri 
absque rnisericordta, et non 
pepercerunt animae meae : 
* Quia non est, &c. to V. 
Animan meam, &c. to V. 

RESCUE me from my 
enemies, O my God $ 
* and from those that rise 
up against me, deliver me. 
Rescue me from those 
who work iniquity 5 * and 
save me from these men of 

Ant. Ab insurgentibua 
in me, libera me, Dominei 
quia occupaverunt animam 


ERIPE me de inimici* 
meis, Detis meus ; * 
et ab insurgentibus in me; 
libera me. 

Eripe me de operantibus 
iniquitatem 5 * et de *Virfi 
sanguinum salva me. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



For behold they have 
seized on my life ;* mighty 
ones have rushed in upon 

Not for any iniquity of 
mine, or sin of mine, O 
Lord; * 1 have run my 
course, and directed my 
steps without iniquity. 

Arise to meet me, and 
behold me, * even thou* 
Lord God of hosts, the 
God of Israel. 

Set out to visit the Gen- 
tiles; * spare none, who 
work iuiquity. 

They shall return in the 
evening, and suffer hunger 
like dogs ; * they shaU go 
round the city. 

Behold they will speak 
with their mouth ; there 
will be a sword in their 
lips : * for who, say. they, 
hath overheard us ) 

But thou, O Lord, wik 
laugh at them ; * thou wilt 
bring to nothing all the 

My strength I will keep 
up-thro* thee, for thou, O 
God, art my defence; * 
he is my God, his mercy 
will prevent me. 

God will shew me how 
he will treat my enemies.; 
"destroy them not; * lest 
my people at any time for- 

But scatter them by thy 
might ; * and bring them 
down, my protector, Lord ; 

For the' sin of their 

Quia eeee. oepenmt anfe 
mammeam; * irrueruntia 
me fortes. 

Neque iniqnitas mea, ne* 
que peocatum meum, Do*» 
mine ; * sine iniqnitafte cu> 
curri, et direxL 

Exurge in occursum me- 
um, et vide ; * et tu, Do- 
mine, Deus virtmum, Deus. 

Intende ad visitandas om-t 
nes Gentes ; * non misere- 
aris omnibus, qui operao- 
"tur iniquitatem. 

Convertentur ad vesper- 
am, et famem patiemur ut 
canes ;* et circuibunt civi* 

Ecce loquentur in ore 
suo, et gladius in labiia 
eorum; * quoniam* quia 

Et tu, Domine, deride- 
bU.eos; * ad nibilum de- 
duces omnes Gentes* . 

Fortitudinem meam ad 
te custodiam, quia Deus 
susceptor meus es ; * Deus 
mens, miserioofclia ejus 
prseveniet me. ^ 

D*us ostendet mihi super 
inimicos meos ; ne occidas 
eos ; * ne quando oblivis- 
cantur populi mel. 

Disperge illos in virtute 
tua ; * et depone eos, pro- 
tector rneus, Domine ; 

Delictum oris eorum ser? 

d by Google 

mouth, and the speech of 
their lips ; * and let them 
be taken in their pride. 

And their curses, and 
their lies shall be talked of 
at their destruction ; * at 
their destruction in wrath, 
and they shall be no more. 

And all shall know that 
God will rule over Jacob, * 
and all the bounds of the 

They shall return in the 
evening, and suffer hunger 
like dogs ; * they shall go 
round the city. 

They shall disperse for 
food ; * and if they are 
not filled, they will grum- 

But I will sing thy might; 
* and in the morning I 
will joyfully celebrate thy 

Because thou hast been 
my protector, * and my 
refuge in the day of my 

O my help, to thee will 
I sing, for thou art the 
God that upboldest me $ * 
my God, my mercy. 

Anth. From those that 
rise up. 

Anth. Thou hast remov- 
ed my acquaintance far 
from me j I was betrayed, 
and escaped not. 

Psalm lxxxvii 


monem labiorum ipsorum ; 
* et comprehendantur in 
superbia sua. 

Et de eiecratione et men- 
dacio annuntiabuntur in 
consummatione j * in ira 
consummations, et non 

Et scient quia Deus do- 
mi nabitur Jacob, * & fini- 
um terrae. 

Convertentur ad vespe- 
ram, et famem patientur 
ut canes ; * et circuibunt 

Ipsi dispergentur ad man** 
ducandum j * si vero non 
fuerint saturati, et murmu- 

£gp autem cantabo forti- 
tudinem tuam ; * et exalta- 
bo mane misericordiam tu- 

Quia factus es susceptor 
meus, * et refugium meum 
in die tribulationis meae. 

Adjutor meus, tibi psal- 
lam, quia Deus susceptor 
meus es ; * Deus meus, 
misericordia meam. 

Ant. Ab insurgentibus. 

Ant. Longe fecisti notos 
meos a me, traditus sum, 
et non egrediebar. 

OLord God of my sal- 
vation, * to thee have 
I cried out both night and 

DOMINE Deus saluiis 
meae, * in die cla- 
mavi et nocte coram te. 

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Let my prayer come be- 
fore thee ; * bead thine ear 
to ray request. 

For my soul is filled 
with misfortunes; * and 
my life hath drawn near 
unto the grave. 

I am counted among 
those that go down into 
the pit j * I am become 
like a man without help, 
one set apart among the 

Like the slain sleeping in 
their tombs, whom thou 
no more remeraberest ; * 
and who by thy hand have 
been cut oft. 

They have put me in the 
lower pit ; * in a dark 
place, and in the shades 
of death. 

Great is thy fury against 
me, * and all thy waves 
hast thou brought over me. 

Thou hast removed my 
acquaintance far from me j 
* they held me as an abo- 
mination to themselves. 

I was betrayed and es- 
caped not $* my eyes pined 
away for want. 

I cried out to thee, O 
Lord, all day long ; * I 
stretched out my hands to 

Wilt thou do wonders 
for the dead?* Or will 
physicians raise them to 
life again to praise thee ? 

Shall any one in the se- 
pulchre publish thy mer- 
cy ? * Or thy truth in the 
grave ? 


Intret in conspectu too 
oratiomea; * inciina au- 
rem tuatn ad precem meam. 

Quia repleta est malis a- 
nima men ; * et vita mea 
inferno apppopinquavit. 

^Estimates sum cum des- 
cendentibus in lacum ; * 
factus sum sicut homo sine 
adjutorio, inter mortuos 

Sicut vulnerati dormien- 
tes in sepulchris, quorum 
non es memor amplius ;* et 
jpsi do manu tua repulsi 

Posuerant me in lacu in- 
feriori, * in tenebrosis, et 
in umbra mortis. 

Super me confirmetas 
est suror ruus, * et omnet 
fiuctus tuos mduxisti suptr 

Longe fecisti notos me* 
os a mej* posuerunt me 
obominationem sibi. 

Traditus sum, et non 
egredtebar ;* oculi mei lan- 
guerunt prac inopia. 

Clamavi ad te, Domine, 
tola die; * expandi ad te 
manus meas. 

Numquid mortuis fades 
mirabilia? * Aut medici 
suscitabunt, et confitebun- 
tur tibi ? 

Numquid narrabit ali- 
quis in sepulchro miseri- 
cordiam tuam } * et verita. 
tern tuam in perditione ? 

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Shall thy words be 
known in the darksome 
abodes, * and thy justice 
in the land of oblivion ? 

But I, O Lord, have 
cried out to thee 5 # and 
early in the morning shall 
my prayer come before 

Why, O Lord, dost thou 
reject my prayer ? # Why 
turnest thou thy face from 
me ? 

I am poor and have been 
in trouble from my youth ; 

* and when raised on high, 
have been brought low a- 
gain, and tp distress. 

Thy whole wrath hath, 
come upon me ; * and 
thy terrors have affrighted 

Tbey have encompassed 
me like water all day long ; 

* they have surrounded me 
on every side. 

Thou hast kept far from 
me both friend and neigh- 
bour 5 * and my acquaint- 
ance, by my misery. 

Anth. Thou hast remov- 

Anth. They will catch 
at the life of the righteous 
one, and condemn the in- 
nocent blood. 


THE Lord is the God 
of avengeance 5 * the 
God of avengeance hath 
acted without controul. 

Ascend thy tribunal, O 
thou whojudgest the earth ; 

* give to the proud their 
due reward. 

Numquid cognoscentur 
in tenebris mirabilia tua, * 
et justitia tua in terra obli- 
vionis ? 

Et ego ad te, Doraine, 
clamavi ; * et mane oratio 
mea praeveniet te. 

Ut quid, Domine, repel- 
lis orationem meam ? # A* 
vertis faciera tuam a me ? 

Pfcuper sum ego, et in 
laborious a juventute meaj 
* exaltatus autem, humi- 
liatus sum et conturba- 

In me transierunt irae 
tuae 5 * et terrores tui con- 

Circumdederunt me si- 
cut aqua tota die j * cir- 
cumdederunt me simul. 

Elongasti a me amicum 
et proximum ;* notos me- 
os a miseria. 

Ant. Longe fecisti. 

Ant. Captabunt in ani- 
mam justi, et sanguinem 
innocentum condemna- 

DEUS ultionum Domi- 
nus ;* Deus ultionum 
libere egit. 

Exaltare, qui judicas ter- 
rain ; * redde retributio- 
nem superbis. 

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How long, O Lord, 
shall sinners, * bow long 
shall sinners boast ? 

How long shall they ut- 
ter and talk iniquity 3* how 
long shall they talk, who 
act unjustly ? 

They have distressed, O 
Lord, thy people 3 * and 
have afflicted thy inheri- 

They have murdered the 
widow and the stranger 3 * 
and put to death the father- 

And they said : The 
Lord will not see it 3* nei- 
ther will the God of Jacob 
know it. 

Understand, ye senseless 
among the people 5 * learn 
wisdom, ye fools, at last. 

Will he not hear, who 
formed the ear ? * Or doth 
not he see, who framed the 

Shall not he rebuke, who 
chastiseth the Gentiles ? * 
Who teacheth man his 

The Lord knoweth the 
thoughts of men, * that 
they are vain. 

Blessed is the man, 
whom thou shalt instruct, 
O Lord 5 * and whom thou 
shalt teach thy law. 

That thou may'st spare 
him from evil days 3 * till 
a pit is dug for the sin- 

For the Lord will not 
cast off his people 3 * nor 
will he abandon his inhe- 
ritance : 

Usquequo peccatores, 
Domine 3 * usquequo pec- 
catores gloriabuntur ? 

EfFabuntur, et loquentur 
iniquitatem 3 * loquentur 
omnes, qui operantur in- 
justitiam ? 

Populum tuum, Domine 
humiliaverunt 3 * et haere- 
ditatem tuam vexaverunt. 

Viduam et'advenam in- 
terfecerunt 3* et pupilos oc- 

Et dixerunt : Non vide- 
bit Dominus 3 * nee intel- 
liget Deus Jacob. » 

Intelligite, insipientes in 
populo 3* et stulti aliquan- 
do sapite. 

Qui plan tavit aurera, non 
audiet ? * Aut qui finxit 
oculura, non considerat ? 

Qui corripit Gentes, non 
arguet ? * Qui docet homi- 
nem scientiam ? 

Dominus scit cogitatio- 
nes hominum, * quoniam 
vanae sunt. 

Beatus homo, quern tu 
erudieris, Domine 3 * et de 
lege tua docueris eum. 

Ut mitiges ei a diebus 
malis 3 * donee fodiatnr 
peccatori fovea. 

Quia non repellet Domi- 
nus plebem suam 3 et bae- 
reditatem suam non dere- 

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Until his justice be turn- 
ed into judgment 5 * and 
ail the upright of heart ap- 
prove it. 

Who will rise up with 
me against the wicked 
ones ? * Or who will stand 
up with me against the 
'workers of iniquity ? 

Unless the Lord hath 
helped me $ * very near in 
hell had dwelt my soul. 

If I said : My foot hath 
slipt 5* thy mercy, O Lore}, 
became my help. 

According to the great- 
ness of my grief of heart, * 
thy consolations have glad- 
dened my soul. 

Hath the tribunal of 
injustice any connection 
with thee 5 * O thou tri- 
bunal, who actest violence 
by law ? 

They will catch at the 
life of the righteous one 5* 
and condemn innocent 

But the Lord became my 
refuge ;* and my God the 
help of my hope. 

And he will repay them 
their iniquity $ he will v de- 
stroy them for their wick- 
edness ; * the Lord our 
God will utterly destroy 

Anth. They will catch. 

V. They spake against 
me with a deceitful tongue. 
R. And with words of 

nol. i. Mm 

Quoadusque justitia con- 
vertatur in judicium ; * et 
qui juxta illam, omnes qui 
recto sunt corde. 

Qui s consurget mihi ad- 
versus malignantes ? * Aut 
quis stabit mecum adversus 
operantes iniquitatem ? 

Nisi quia Dominus adju- 
vit me ; * paulo minus ha- 
bitasset in inferno anima 

Si dicebam : Mot us est 
pes meus 5 * misericordia 
tua, Domine, adjuvabat 

Secundum muhitudinem 
dolorum meorum in corde 
meo, * consolationes tuae 
laetificaverunt anirnam me- 

Numquid adhaeret tibi 
sedes iniquiiatis 5* qui fin- 
gis laborem in praecepto ? 

Captabunt in animam 
justi, * sanguinem inno- 
centem condemnabunt. 

Et factus est mihi Domi- 
nus in refugiumj* Deus 
in adjutorium spei meae. 

Et reddet illis iniquita- 
tem ipsorum 3 et in mali- 
tia eorum disperdet eos ; * 
disperdet ill os Dominus De- 
us noster. 

Ant. Captabunt. 

V. Locuti sunt adversuni 
me lingua dolosa. R. Et 
sermonibus odii circumde- 

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hatred they encompassed, derunt me, et expognave- 

and assaulted me without a runt me gratis. 


Our Father. All in secret. 


Out of the Epistle of blessed Paul the Apostle to the 
Hebrews, Chap. iv. and v. 

LET us hasten to enter into that rest $ lest any of us 
fall into the same example of unbelief. For the 
word of God is lively and effectual, and. more piercing; 
than any two-edged sword 5 and reaching unto the divi- 
sion of the soul and the spirit, of the joints also and the 
marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents 
of the heart. Neither is there any creature invisible in 
his sight ; but all things are naked and open to the eyes 
of him, to whom our speech is. Seeing then we have a 
great high .priest, Jesus the Son of God, who hath pene- 
trated the heavens, let us stand to what we profess. For 
we have not a high priest, who cannot have compassion 
on our infirmities j but one tempted in all things like as 
we are, yet without sin. 

R. They betrayed me R. Tradiderunt me in 
into the hands of impious manus impioruro, et inter 
men, and.they cast me out iniquos projecerunt me, et 
among the wicked, and non pepercerunt animae 
spared not my life 5 the meae $ congregati sunt ad- 
mighty ones gathered to- versum me fortes : * Et si- 
gether against me : * And cut gigantes steterunt con- 
like giants they drew up tra me. V. Alieni insur- 
against me. V. Strangers rexerunt adversum me, et 
rose up against me, and fortes quaesierunt animara 
mighty ones sought my meam. * Et sicut gigan- 
life.* And like giants, tes, &c. to V. 
&c. to V. 


LET us go therefore with confidence to the throne 
of grace 5 that we may obtain mercy, and find 
grace in seasonable aid. For every high priest taken 
from among men, is appointed for men in those things 
that appertain to God, that he may offer gifts and sacri- 
fices for sin j who can have cpmpassion on those who 
are ignorant and err j because he himseJf is also com- 
passed with infirmity j and therefore he ought as for the. 
-people, so also for himself to offer sacrifice for §in. 

d by Google 

at Matins. 


R. The wicked disciple 
betrayed Jesus to the chief 
priests and elders of the 
people : * But Peter fol- 
lowed him at a distance, to 
see the ena* of it. V. And 
they led him to Caiphas 
the high priest, where the 
Scribes and Pharisees were 
met together.* But Peter, 
&c. to V. 

R. Jesum tradidit impi- 
us summis principibus sa- 
cerdotum, et senioiibus po- 
puli : # Petrus aute*m se- 
quebatur eum a longe, ut 
videret finem. V. Addux- 
erunt autem eum ad Cai- 
pham principein sacerdo- 
turn, ubi Scribae et Phiisaei 
convenerant.* Petrus au- 
tem, &c. to V. 


NEITHER doth any man take this honor upon him- 
self, but he that is called by God, as Aaron was. 
So also Christ did not glorify himself to be made, a high 
priest 5 but he that said to him : Thou art my Son, this 
day have I begotten thee. As he saith also in another 
place : Thou art a priest for ever according to the order 
of Melchisedec. Who in the days of his flesh, ot&ring 
up prayers and supplications, with a strong cry and 
tears, to him that was able to save him from death, was 
heard fbr his respectful fear. And whereas Indeed he 
was the Son of God, be learned obedience by the thing*, 
which he suffered j and being perfected, he became the 
cause of eternal salvation to all that obey him, having 
been declared by God a high priest according to the order 
of Melchisedec. 

R. My eyes are grown 
Aim with my weeping, for 
he is- withdrawn from me, 
who was my 'comforter. 
See all ye people^* If there 
be any grief like mftie. V. 
O all you that pass by, be* 
hold and see * If there be 
kc. to V. My eyes, &c. 
to V. 

R. Caligaverunt oculr 
mei a fletu meo, quia elon- 
gatus est a me, qui consola- 
batur me. Videte omnes. 
pop'uli,* Si est dolor similis 
sicut dolor meus. V. O 
vos omties, qui transfiis per 
viam, aftendite et videte * 
Si est dolor, &c. to V. Ca- 
ligaverunt, &c. to V. 


Antk. God spared not 
his only Son, but delivered 
him tip for us aH. 

Jtnl y Proprio Filio suo 
non pepercit Deus, Sed pf^ 
nobis omnibus tradidit il- 

Psalm 1. Miserere mei, Deus, p. 103. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Anth. God spared. 

Anth. My spirit is in an- 
guish, my heart is troubled 
within me. 

Ant. Proprio Fdio. 

Ant. Anxiatus est super 
me spiritus meus, in me 
turbatum est cor meum. 

Domine, exaudi. p. cxlv. 

Ant. Anxiatus est. 

Ant. Ait latro ad latro- 
nem $ Nos quidem digna 
factis recipimus 5 hie autem 
quid fecit ? Memento mei, 
Domine, dum veneris u* 
regnum tuum. 

Psalm cexvi. 

Antk. My spirit. 

Anth. One thief said to 
the other : We indeed re- 
ceive what • our actions de- 
serve; but what hath this 
man done ? Remember me, 
O Lord, when thou comest 
to thy kingdom. 

Psalm Ixii. Deus, Deus meus, with the following 
Psalm lxvi. Deus misereatur nostri, p. exxxi. 

Anth. One thief. Ant. Ait latro. 

Anth. When my soul Ant. Cum conturbata 
shall be in trouble, thou, fuerit anima mea, Domine, 
O Lord, wilt call to mind misericordiae memor eris. 
thy mercy. 

The CANTICLE of HABBACUC. Chap. iu. 

LORD, I have heard 
thy word, * and I 
am seized with dread. 

I«ord, give life to thy 
work ** in the midst of 

In the midst of years 
thou wilt make it known j* 
even in thy wrath thou wilt 
call to mind thy mercy. 

God will come from the 
south 3 * and the hply one 
from mount Pharan. 

His glory cloudeth the 
heavens j * and the earth 
is full of his praise. 

His brightness shall be 
like the light 5 * and glitter- 
ing in his hands. 

There was his strength 
concealed ; * death went 
before his face. 

And the Devil went be- 


OMINE, audivi audi* 
tionem tuam* * & 

Domine, opus tuum, * 
in medio annorum vivifies) 

In medio annorum notum 
facies ; * cum iratus fueria 
misericordiae recordaberis. 

Deus ab austro veniet $ * 
et sanctus de monte Pharan. 

Operuitccelos gloria ejus j 

* et laudis ejus plena est 

Splendor ejus ut lux erit ; 

* et cornua in manibui 

Ibi abscondita est fortitu- 
do ejus; * ante faciem 
ejus ibit mors. 

£t egredietur Diabolus 

d by Google 

fore his steps j * he stop- 
ped, and measured the 

He cast a look, and melt- 
ed away the Gentiles j * 
and mountains of the age 
of the world crumbled a- 

Mountains of the age of 
the world bowed down, * 
under the steps of that 
Eternal One. 

For iniquity I saw the 
tents of Ethiopia; * the 
tents of the land of Madian 
shall be dismayed. 

Was thy anger against 
the rivers, O Lord ? * Or 
tfi d tby fury vent rtself on 
rivers ? Or thy indignation 
on the sea ? 

Thou who mountest thy 
horses ; * whose chariot is 

Awaking, thou wilt a* 
wake thy bow, * according 
-to the oaths thou didstjnake 
unto tribes. 

Thou didst part the rivers 
of the earth; the moun- 
tains saw thee, and shook ; 
* a gulph of water passed 

ITie abyss sent forth it* 
«voice; * the deep lifted up 
its hands. 

The sun and moon stood 
•stttl in the pfece of their 
*bode ; * by the light ©f 
thy arrows they shall go on, 
by the brightness of thy 
4Kashmg spear. 

Thou wilt trample down 
the earth in thy rage 3* and 

AT lmttvs. 41^ 

ante pedes ejus 3 * stetit^ 
et mensus est terrain. 

Aspexket dissolvit Gen- 
tes j*et contriti sunt moot 
tes saeculi. 

Incurvati sunt cones tiwm- 
d«, * ab itineribus ^flSterni* 
tatis ejus. 

Pro iniquitate vidi ten- 
toria ^Ethiopia; ; * turba- 
buntur pelles terra; Madian. 

Numquid in fluminibus 
iratus es, Domine ? * Aut 
in fliwninibus furor tuus } 
Aut in mari indtgnaito tua ? 

Qui ascendes super equos 
•twos ; * et quadriga tu*. 

6useitans susettabis ar- 
cum 5* juramenta tribubus, 
quae loqutus es> 

Fluvios scindes terras y 
viderum te, et doluerunt 
monies 5- * gurges aquarum. 

Ded'rt abys&us vocem su- 
am ; * altitude roanus suas. 

Sol et luna steterunt in* 
bftbitacuJo sno y * m luce 
sagittarum tuarum iburit,. 
in splendor* fulgurantis 
hastae tuae. 

M 1*2, 

In fremitu concukahift 
terrain > * et ha fuxeee oh- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



in thy fury thou wilt astonish 
the Gentiles. 

Thou didst go forth to 
save thy people ; * with 
thy anointed one to save 

Thou didst strike the 
chief of the house of the 
wicked one ; * thou didst 
lay bare the foundation 
thereof to the neck. 

Thou didst curse his 
chiefs, the heads of his 
Warriors, * coming like a 
Whirlwind to scatter me. 

They came with joy, * 
like one that 'dcvoureth a 
poor man in secret. 

But thou mad'st a way 
for thy horses in the sea, * 
thro* the mud of mighty 

I have heard thy threats, 
and my heart is dismayed j 

* my lips trembled, and I 
could not speak. 

Let rottenness enter my 
bones, * and swarm within 

That I may be at rest in 
the day of affliction 5 * that 
I may go up to our people 
prepared for war. 

For the fig shall no longer 
flourish ; * neither shall the 
vines bring forth their 

The olive-tree shall lie ; 

* and the corn-fields shall 
yield no food. 

The sheep shall be cut off 
from the fold; * neither 
shall there be cattle in the 

But I will rejoice in the 

stupifacies Gentes. 

Eggressus es in in salu- 
tem populi tui ; * in salu- 
tem cum Christo tuo. 

Percuissisti caput de do- 
mo impii ; * denudasti 
fuhdamentum ejus usque 
ad collum. 

Maledixisti sceptris ejus, 
capiti bellatorum ejus, * 
venientibus, ut turbo, ad 
dispergendum me. 

Exultatio eorum, * sicut 
ejus qui devorat pauperem 
in abscondito. 

Viam feci st i in man e- 
quis tuis ; * in luto aqua- 
rum multarum. 

Audivi, et conturbatus 
est venter meus j * a voce 
oontremuerunt labia mea. 

Ingrediatur putredo in 
ossibus meisj* et subter me 

Ut requiescam it die tri- 
bulationis; * ut ascendam 
ad populum accinctum dob* 

Ficus enim non florebit ; 
* et non erit germen io 

Mentietur opus olivae 5 * 
et arva non afferent cibunj. 

Abscindetur de ovili pe- 
cus j * et non erit armen- 
tum in praesepibus. 

Ego autem in Domioo 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Lord.; * I will exult in gaudebo : * et exaltabo in 
God my Saviour. Deo Jesu meo. 

The Lord God is my Deus Dominus fortitudo 
strength 5 and he will make mea; * et ponet pedes 
my feet like those of the meos quasi cervorum. 

And the conqueror will Et super excelsa mea de* 
lead me to my place on ducet me victor/ in psalmis 
high, * singing psalms to caneniem. 

Anth. When my soul. Ant. Cum conturbata. 

Anth. Remember me, O Ant. Memento mei, Do- 
Lord, when thou shalt mine, cum veneris in reg~ 
come into thy kingdom. num tuum. 

Psalm cxlviii. Laudate Dominum de coelis. With 
the two following ones, p. cxxxv. 

Anth. Remember. Ant. Memento. 

V. He hath put me in a V. Collocavit me in ob- 
darksome place. R. Like scuris. R. Sicut mortuoa 
those who have been long saeculi. 

Anth. They put over Ant. Posuerunt super ca- 
his head his cause in put ejus causamipsius scrip- 
writing : Jesus of Nazareth tarn : Jesus Nazarenus Rex 
King of the Jews. Judaeorum. 

The CANTICLE Benedictus, p. cxxxviii. 
V. Christ became obe- V. Chrisus tactus est pro 
client for us unto death, nobis obediens usque ad 
even the death of the cross, mortem, mortem autem 

Then is said : Our Father in secret, with the rest, 
as above, p. 388. 


ON this day, on which Jesus Christ offered himself 
to his Eternal Father for our sins on the cross, the 
Sacrifice of the Mass is not celebrated, but the Priest 
(and formerly all the Clergy and Laity did the same) 
communicates of the bread, which was consecrated at 
the Mass of yesterday. This practice of partaking of 
the sacred mysteries consecrated before-hand (from 
whence this office takes its*name). was formerly very fre- 

^jpitized by VnOOQlC 

400 woD-muD**. 

qaeat un the more solemn fa«t-days 5 and it is stiH un- 
served in the Cathedral Church of Milan every Friday* 
in Lent; and in the East, every day in Lent, except 
Saturdays and Sundays. 

After the Parian is read, solemn prayew arecflered 
up to God for the Church of Christ, and all the state* 
thereof; for the King, for the Catechumens, or such as 
were preparing for baptism, for preserving us in all truth 
in health, and the enjoyment of the necessary temporal 
blessings ; for prisoners, travellers, and mariners ; ibe 
all heretics and schismatics, Heathens and Jew*. Those 
prayers, or others of the like purport, were formerly said 
every solemn Mass 5 and the Exhortation or Prone, 
which is read at the Parochial Mass on Sundays, stitt 
supplies their place. 

Lastly, both Clergy, and Laity solemnly prostrate 
themselves, with great humility of body and mind, be- 
finc the figure of the cross, to adore Jesus Christ, who 
*hung thereon for our sins on this day. The -Clergy Who 
officiate at the altar that day, usually put off their shoes 
to perform this ceremony, and formerly the rest of the 
Clergy and all the Laity did the same j and even went 
barefoot the greatest part of, or the whole day, as it 
still practised by some, beyond the seas, oat of devotion*; 
;hut this its no commanded past of the ceremony. 

During this veneration of the cross, are sung some 
Versicles called the Reproaches, because they are in 
She name of Christ reproaching the Jews for their in- 
rgratitude to him j and are concluded with a solemn 
ilymn commemorating the surprising conduct. of God, 
in the redemption of mankind. 

Then the sacred Host, which was consecrated yester- 
day, is brought in procession to. the altar far the cun>» 
munion of the Priest 5 after which follow Vespers. 

THUS saith the Lord : Tn tribulation they Shall arise- 
early in the morning to come to me; Come and 
skt us return to the Lord - t for it was. he that took us, 
land lie will heal us $ it is. he will smite, and he that will 
<cure us. He will bring us to. life after two days ; *nd 
ton the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live iu 
this sight. We shall then know, and follow on to know 
tthe Lord. His rising shall .be like that of the morn, 
sand he will come to us like the early and latter rain .on 
<the earth, What shall J do to thee, O Ephraim I What 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


shall I do to thee, O Juda? Your mercy is like a morn- 
ing cloud 5 or like the dew that goeth off in the morn- 
ing. Therefore have I hewed them by my prophets, 
and have slain them by the words of my mouth. And 
thy judgments shall go forth as the light. For I desired 
mercy and not a sacrifice, and the knowledge of God 
more than whole burnt-offerings. 

TRACT. Habac. hi. Domine, audivi audi- 
Lord, I have heard thy tionem tuarn, et tiraui; 
words, and was afraid ; I consideravi opera tua, et 
considered thy works, and expavi. V. In medio du- 
trembled. V. Thou wilt orumanimaliuminnotesce- 
appear between two ani- ris 5 dum appropinquaverint 
mals j when the years anni, cognosceris j dum ad- 
draw near, thou wilt be venerit tempus, ostenderis, 
known j when the time V. In eo dum conturbata 
shall come, thou wilt be fuerit ani ma mea, in ira 
shewn. V. When my misericordiae memor eris. 
soul shall be in trouble, V. Dens a Libano veniet, 
even in thy wrath thou etSanctus demon teumbro- 
wilt remember thy rae/cy. so et condenso. V. Operuit 
V. God will come from corlos Majestas ejus jet lau- 
Libanus, and the Holy One dis ejus plena est terra. 
from the shady and dark 
mountain. V. His ma- 
jesty hath clouded the hea- 
vens j and the earth is full 
of his praise. 

Let us pray. 

Let us kneel down. R. Flectamus genua. R. 
Stand up again. Levate. 

Prayer. Deus, a quo. 
O God, from whom, as above* p. 389. 

LESSON. Exod xii. 1. 11. 

IN those days : The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in 
the land of Egypt : This month shall be to you the 
beginning of the months 3 it shall be the first month of 
the year. Speak to all the congregation of the children 
of Israel, and say to them : On the tenth of this month, 
let every one take a lamb in each family and each house. 
But if their number be less, than may suffice to eat the 
lamb, he shall take his neighbour next to his house, ac- 
cording to the number of souls, that they may suffice to 
eat the lamb. And the lamb shall be without blemish, 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 



a male of a year old ; according to wMdi maimer you 
aball also take a kid. Add you shall keep it liH the 
fourteenth day of this month ; and the wbote assembly 
of the children t>£ Israel shall sacrifice it at me 'evening^ 
And they shall take of its blood! and put it on both the 
side-posts, «id over the doors of their houses, in whuA 
they shall eat it. And they sball eat the flesh that nigfct, 
roasted at the fire, and unleavened bread, with wild let- 
tuce. You shall not eat any of it Taw, or boiled in 
water, but only roasted at the fire. Ydu will eat up the; 
head with the feet and entrails : And there shall not Re- 
main any thing of it till morning. And if there be arty 
thing left, you shall burn it in the fire. And mtis yofc 
shall eat it : You shall gird your loins, find have shoes o& 
your feet, holding staves in your hands ; and you sha& 
eat in haste, for k is the Phase^ that is, the Passover of 
the Lord. 

TRACT. P$. cxxxix. 
Rescue, me, O Lord, from 
the wicked man 5 from the 
unjust man deliver me. V. 
Who devised wickedness in 
their heart; all the day 
long prepared for war. 
V. They sharpened their 
tongues like the serpent ; 
the venom of asps was on 
their lips. V. Secure me, 
O Lord, from the hands of 
the sinner ; and from un- 
just men deliver me. V. 
The proud ones who thought 
to trip up my heels, laid 
a hidden snare for me. V. 
And they stretched out 
ropes, as a snare, for my 
feet $ by the way-side they 
put a stumbling-block for 
me. V. I said to the Lord ; 
thou art my God,; hear, 
O Lord, the voice of my 
prayer. V.* Lord, Lord, 
the -mij^ht of my salvation, 
cover ''thou my head in the 
day of battle. V. Deliver 

Eripe me Domine, afe 
homfrle malo; a viro im- 
quo libera me. V. Qui 
co^rtavernntmalHiasm cor- 
de ; tota die Cdtisrituebanft 
prtelia. V. Acuerunt^rr- 
guas soas sicut setyetttis^ 
venenum aspidum 'sub ia«- 
biis eorum. V. Gustodi 
me, Domine, *le mana pec* 
catoris; et ab btfminibas 
iriiqnis libera me. V. Qui 
cogitavernnt siipplanfare 
gressus meOS j absconder 
runt snperbi laqueum mi- 
hi. V. Et fanes 'extende- 
Tunt in laqueum pedibus 
meis; juxta iter scafeda* 
lum posuerunt mini. V. 
Dixi Domino* Deus meua 
es tu 5 exaudi, Doming 
vocem orationis caeas. V. 
Domine, Domine, virtus 
salntis naeae, obumbva ca* 
put rneum in die belli. V, 
Ne tradas me a desiderio 
meo pecca'tori; cogitave*. 
rupt adversus me 3 ne de- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


me not, O Lord, against relinquas Die, ne unquam 

my wish, up to %h$ siuner ; exaltentur. V. Caput cir- 

they have plotted against cuitus eorum 5 labor labio- 

mej dp not thou forsake nun ipsorum operiet eos. 

me, lest they should glory. V. Veruntaraen juati conn- 

V. All their wiles, and all tebuntur nornini tuo ; et 

their calumnies themselves habitabunt recti cum vultu 

shall overwhelm. V. But tuo. 
the righteous shall praise 
thy name ; and the upright 
shall dwell in thy sight. 

According to John, Chap, xviii. J 

AT that time : Jesus went out with his disciples be- 
yond the torrent of Cedron, where was a garden, 
into which he entered with his disciples. And Judas 
also, who betrayed him, knew the place, because Jesus 
often went thither with his disciples. Judas therefore 
haying taken with him a company of soldiers, and some 
servants of the chief priests and Pharisees, came thither 
with lanterns, torches, and arms. And Jesus knowing 
ail things that were to come upon him, went forth, and 
said to them : * Whom seek you ? C. They answered 
him : S. Jesus of Nazareth. C. Jesus said to them : * 
f I am he. C. And Judas who betrayed him, was also 
with them. As therefore he said to them : I am he -, 
they drew back and fell to the ground. He asked them 
therefore again : + Whom seek you ? C. And they said : 
S. Jesus of Nazareth. C. Jesus answered : f I have 
told you, that I am he. If then you seek me, let these 
others go away. C. That what he bad said, might be 
fulfilled : I have not lost any of those, whom thou didst 
give me. Then Simon Peter having a sword, drew it, 
and struck a servant of the high priest, and cut off his 
right ear* And the name of the servant was Melchus. 
But Jesus said to Peter : f Put up the sword into the 
scabbard. Wouidst thou not have me drink the cup, 
which my Father hath given me ? C. Then the company 
of the soldiers, and the tribune, and the servants of the 
Jews seized on Jesus, and bound him ; and brought 

% Expl. The Passion is usually sung by three voices. 
One sings the words of Jesus, marked with a f before 
them. The other the thread of the history, marked C. 
the third the words of the interlocutors marked S. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


him first to Annas $ for he was father-in-law to Caipbas 
the high priest of that year. (And it was this Caipbas 
that had given that counsel to the Jews : That it was 
expedient that one man should die for the people.) 
And Simon Peter, and another disciple followed Jesus. 
And that other disciple was known to the high priest, 
and he went in with Jesus to the court of the high priest. 
But Peter stood without at the door. That other dis- 
ciple, therefore, who was known to the high priest, went 
out, and spoke to the maid at the door, and brought in 
Peter. * Then saith the maid, that was at the door, to 
Peter : S. Art not thou also one of this man's disciples ? 
C. He answeretn : S. I am not. C. And the servants, 
and such as were in waiting stood at the fire, because it 
was cold 5 and were warming themselves ; and Peter 
also was standing with them, and was warming himself. 
And the high priest asked Jesus concerning his disciples, 
and concerning his doctrine. Jesus answered him : f 
I have spoken in public to all the world 5 I have taught 
all along in (he synagogue, and in the temple, where all 
the Jews resort 5 and in secret I have spoken nothing. 
Why askest thou me ? Ask those who have heard what 
I have spoken to them ; behold they know what I have 
said. C. And having spoken thus, one of the servants of the 
high priest, that stood by, gave Jesus a slap on the face, 
saying : S. Answerest thou the high priest so ? C. Jesus 
answered him : f If I have spoken amiss, bear witness 
of what was amiss 5 but if right, why dost thou strike 
me ? C. And Annas sent him bound to Caipbas the high 
priest. But Simon Peter was yet standing, and wanning 
himself. They said therefore to him : S. Art not thou 
one of his disciples? C. He denied it, saying : S. I am 
not. Then one of the servants of the-high priest , a kins- 
man of him, whose ear Peter had cut off, saith to him : 
S. Did not I see thee in the garden with him ? C. Peter 
then denied it again ; and presently the cock crew. 
They therefore bring Jesus from Caiphas to the presi- 
dent's court. And it was morning ; and they went not 
into the president's court, that they might not be de- 
nied, but might eat the Passover. Therefore Pilate went 
out to them, and said : S. What accusation do you bring 
against this man ? C. They answered, and said to him : 
S. If he had not done amiss, we had not delivered him 
up to thee. C. Pilate therefore said to them : S. Take 
him yourselves and judge him according to your own 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


law. C. Bat the Jews said : S. It is not permitted us 
to put any one to death. C. That the words of Jesus 
might be fulfilled, signifying what death he was to die. 
Pilate therefore went again into court, and he called Je- 
sus, and said to him : S. Art thou the King of the Jews r 
C. Jesus answered : f Dost thou say this of thyself, or 
have others told it thee of me ? C. Pilate answered : S. 
Am I a Jew ? Thy own nation, and the chief priests 
hare delivered thee up to me : What hast thou done ? 
C. Jesus answered : f My kingdom is not of this world, 
If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would 
certainly strive that I might not be delivered up to the 
Jews $ but now my kingdom is not of this world. C. 
Pilate therefore said to him : S. Art thou a King then ? 
C. Jesus answered : f Thou sayest it ; for I am a King. 
For that end was I born, and for that end I came into 
the world, to bear testimony to the truth; everyone 
that belongeth to the .truth, heareth my voice. C. Pi- 
late saith to him : S. What is the truth ? C. And when 
he had said this, he went out again to the Jews, and 
said to them : S. I find no guilt in this man. But you 
hare a custom that I should release some one prisoner 
for you at the Passover 5 would you have me therefore 
release the King of the Jews ? C. But they all cried out 
again saying : S. Release not him, but Barabbas. C. 
Now this Barabbas was a thief. Then Pilate took 
Jesus, and scourged him. And the soldiers twisting 
a crown of thorns, put it on his head 3 and they put 
about him a purple garment. And they came to him, 
and said : S. Hail, King of the Jews. C. And they 
struck him on the face. Pilate therefore went out 
again, and said to them : S. Behold I bring him out to 
you, that you may know, that I can find no guilt in 
him. C. Jesus therefore went out wearing the crown of 
thorns and purple garment. And Pilate saith to them : 
S. Behold the roan ! C. When the chief priests, and 
their attendants saw him, they cried out, saying: 8, 
Crucify him, crucify him. C. Pilate saith to them : 
S. Take him yourselves, and crucify him, for I find no 
guilt in him. C. The Jews answered him : S. We have a 
law, and according to our law he ought to die, because 
he made himself the Son of God. C. When therefore* 
Pilate had heard that, he was more afraid. And he 

vol. i t n n * 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

426 good-f&iday. 

went again into court, and said to Jesus : S. From whence 
art tbou ? C. But Jesus gave him no answer. Pilate 
therefore saith to him : S. Wilt thou not speak to me ? 
Dost thou not know that I have power to crucify thee, 
and that I have power to release thee ? C. Jesus an- 
swered : f Thou wouldst not have any power over me, 
unless it were given thee from above. But he that de- 
Jivered me up to thee, is guilty of the greater sin. C. 
And from that time Pilate sought to release him. But 
the Jews cried out, saying : S. If thou release this man, 
thou art not a friend to Caesar; for every one, who 
maketh himself a King, opposeth Caesar. C. Pilate, 
therefore,, when he had heard these words, brought out 
Jesus, and sat on his tribunal in a place called in Greek, 
Lithostrotos, and in Hebrew, Gabbatba. Now this was 
the preparation day of the Passover, about 4he sixth 
hour ; and he saith to the Jews : S. Behold your King ! 
C. But they cried out : S. Away with him, away with 
him, crucify him. C. Pilate saith to them : S. Shall I 
crucify your King ? C. The -chief priests answered : S. 
. We have no King but Caesar. C. Then therefore he deli- 
vered him up to them to be crucified. And they took Je- 
sus, and led him out of the city. And carrying his cross, 
he went out to the place called the place of Calvary, and 
in Hebrew, Golgotha; where they crucified him 5 and 
with him two others, one on one side, and one on the 
other, and Jesus in the midst. And Pilate wrote an in- 
scription alsp ; and put it on the cross. And the in- 
OF THE JEWS. Many of the Jews therefore read 
this inscription ; because the place where Jesus was cru- 
cified was near the city. And it was written in Hebrew, 
Greek, and Latin. But the chief priests of the Jews 
said to Pilate : S. Wrile not : The King of the Jews ; 
but that he said : I am the King of the Jews. C. 
Pilate answered : S. What I haye written, I have writ- 
ten. C. The soldiers therefore, when they had crucifi- 
ed him, took his garments (and made four parts of them, 
a part for each) and his vest. And the vest was with- 
out seam, woven all of a piece from top to bottom. 
They said therefore to one another : S. Let us not cut it 
but casts lots for it, whose it shall be. C. That the 
scripture might be fulfilled, which sailh : They divided 
my garments among themselves : and for my vest they 
cast lots. And this the soldiers did. And there stood 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


by the cross of Jesus, his mother, and his mother's 
sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalen. 
When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple 
whom he loved standing by, he said to his mother : f 
Woman, behold thy Son. C. Then he said to the dis- 
ciple : f Behold thy mother. C. And from that hour 
the disciple took her to his own home. After this Je- 
sus knowing that all was accomplished ; that the scrip- 
ture might be iulfilled, he said : f I thirst. C. And 
there stood a vessel full of vinegar. And they putting a 
sponge dipped in the vinegar on the end of a stick of 
hyssop, put it towards his mouth. And when Jesus 
had taken the vinegar, he said : f It is done. C. And 
bowing down his head, he gave up the ghost. § The 
Jews therefore, because it was the preparai ion-day, that 
the bodies might not remain on the cross on the Sab- 
bath, (for that was a great Sabbath-day) desired of Pilate 
that their legs might be broken, and their bodies taken 
down. The soldiers therefore came, and broke the legs 
of the first, and of the other that was crucified with him. 
But when they came to Jesus, and saw that he was quite 
dead, they did not break his legs > but one of the soldiers, 
with his spear, opened his side 3 and immediately their 
issued out blood and water. And he that saw all this, 
gave testimony thereof, and his testimony is true. And 
he knoweth that he saith true j that you also may be- 
lieve. For these things were done, that the scripture 
might be fulfilled : You shall not break a bone of it. 
And again another place of scripture saith : They shall 
look on him, whom they pierced. 

Here is said: Cleanse my heart, &c. as in the 
Ordinary, />. 43. 

AFTER this Joseph of. Arimathea (because he was 
a disciple of Jesus, but in private for fear of the 
Jews, desired leave of Pilate to take away the body of 
Jesus. And Pilate gave him leave. He came therefore, 
and took away the body of Jesus. And Nicodemus also 
came (he who at first came to Jesus by night) and 
brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about an hundred 
pounds. They took therefore the body of Jesus, and 
wrapped it up in linen with perfumes, as is the custom 
of the Jews to bury. And there was a garden in the 
place where he was crucified; and in the garden a new 

§ Here all kneel, and pause for a short space. 

Digitized by CjOOQlC 


sepulchre, in which no man had yet been laid. They 
therefore, as it was the preparation-day of the Jews, laid 
Jesus there, because the sepulchre was nigh. 

Then the Priest, standing on the Epistle-side, says as 
follows : 

Let us pray, most dearly beloved brethren, for the holy 
Church of God, that the Lord God would be pleased to 
grant it peace, maintain it in union, and preserve it all 
over the earth. That he would likewise bring into her 
bosom, the Princes and Potentates of the whole world, 
and grant us peace and tranquillity in this life, and to 
glorify God the Father Almighty. 

Priest : Let us pray. Deacon : Let us kneel down. 
Suldearon : Stand up again. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, who by Christ hast re- 
vealed thy glory to all nations ,- preserve the work 
of thy own mercy, that thy Church, which is spread 
over the whole world, may persevere with a constant 
faith in the confession of thy name. Thro* the same, 
R. Amen. 

Let us pray also for our most holy Father Pope N. that 
our Lord God, who hath made choice of him in the or- 
der of the Episcopacy, may preserve him in health and 
safety for the good of his holy Church, and to govern the 
holy people of God. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Subd. 
Stand up again. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, by whose appoint- 
ment all things are established and maintained $ 
mercifully regard our prayers, and, by thy goodness, 
preserve the Prelate chosen to govern us -, that the Chris- 
tian people, who are governed by thy authority, may in- 
crease the merit of their faith under so great a Bishop. 
Thro*. R. Amen. 

Let us pray also for all Bishops, Priests Deacons, Sub- 
deacons, Acolyths, Exorcists, Readers, Door-keepers, 
Confessors, Virgins, Widows, and for all the holy people 
of God. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Subd. 
Stand up again. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, by whose spirit thd 
whole body of the Church is sanctified and govern- 
ed ; hear our prayers for all orders and degrees thereof $ 
that, by the assistance of thy grace, thou may's* be faith- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


lolly served by every rank and condition. Thro*. R, 

Let us pray also for the King, the Defender of the 
faith, that our Lord God may reduce to his obedience all 
barbarous nations for our perpetual peace. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Suld. 
Stand up again. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, in whose hands are the 
power and rights of all kingdoms > graciously 
look down on the empire of Great Britain ; that those 
nations, who confide in their own haughtiness and 
strength, may be reduced by the power of thy right 
hand. Thro'. R. Amen. 

Let us pray also for our Catechumens ; that our Lord 
God may open for them the ears of their hearts, and the 
gate of mercy j that having received the remission of sin 
by the laver of regeneration, they may also belong to our 
Lord Jesus Christ. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Suld. 
Stand up again. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, who continually 
makest thy Church fruitful in new children j in- 
crease the faith and understanding of our Catechumens* 
that, being born again at the font of baptism, they may 
be joined to thy adopted children. Thro'. R. Amen. 
Let us pray, most dearly beloved brethren, to God 
the Father Almighty, that he would purge the world of 
all errors, cure diseases, drive away famine, open prisons, 
break chains, grant a safe return to travellers, health to 
the sick, and a secure harbour to such as are at sea. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Subd* 
Stand up again. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, the comfort of the 
afflicted, and the strength of those that labour ; let 
the prayers of all such as call on thee in tribulation, 
come to thee ; that all with joy may find the effects of 
thy mercy in their necessities Thro*. R. Amen. 

Let us pray also for all Heretics and Schismatics, that 
our Lord God would be pleased to deliver them from 
all their errors, and call them back to our holy Mother 
the Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

Pr Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Suld. 
Stand up again. 

n n 2 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

480 oooD-niBAY; 

O Almighty and Eternal God, wbosavest al}, and 
would'*! have none to perish ; look down on those 
fouls thai are seduced by the deceit of the Devil 5 that 
the hearts of all those who err, laying aside all heretical 
malice, may repent, and return to the unity of thy 
truth. Thro'. R. Amen. 

Let ns pray also for the perfidious Jews 3 that 
our Lord God would withdraw the veil from their hearts, 
that they also may acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ 
thy Son. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Suhd. 
Stand up again. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, who deniest not thy 
mercy even to the perfidious Jews ; hear oar pray- 
ers which we pour forth for the blindness of that people \ 
that by acknowledging the light of thy truth, which is 
the Christ, they may be brought out of their darkness. 
Thro* the same. R. Amen. 

Let us pray also for the Pagans : that Almighty God 
would remove all iniquity from their hearts $ that 
quitting their Idols, they may be converted to the 
true and living God, and his only Son, Jesus Christ 
our Lord. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Subd. 
Stand up again. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, who seekest not the 
death of sinners, but that they should live ; mer- 
cifully hear our prayers, and deliver them from their 
Idolatry 5 and, to the praise and glory of thy name, ad- 
mit them into thy holy Church. Thro' Jesus Christ our 
Lord, who liveth. R. Amen. 

Here the Priest takes down the cross, and, uncover - 
ing the top of it, says ; 

Anth. Behold the wood of the cross, on which. 
hung the salvation of the world. 

Then the Clergy, with all the people, on their tend-' 
*d knees, answer; 

R. Come let us kneel R. Venite adoremus. 
down before it. f 

f Obs. When we prostrate ourselves to kneel before 
the cross, it is Jesus Christ crucified whom we adore, 
and ^ is in him that all our adorations and respects ter- 
minate. And the Church exposes to us the instrument 
of the passion of Christ, only to raise our hearts to him 

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And the Anthem and R. are repeated in the same 
manner, thrice over, till the whole cross is uncovered* 
And it being laid down in a proper plate, all kneel- 
ing thrice on loth knees, m kiss the feet of the crucifix. 
During which ceremony two Chanters, in the middle of 
the Choir, sing the following V. V. 

V. My people, what V. Popule meus, quid 
have I done to thee ? Or in feci tibi ? Aut in quo con- 
what have I grieved thee ? tristavi te ? Rtspoude mi- 
Answer me. hi. 

V. Because I brought V. Quia eduxi te de terra 
thee out of the land of Egypt i : parasti crucem 
Egypt ; thou hast prepar- Salvatori tuo. 
ed a cross for thy Saviour. 

One Choir sings: 

O holy God. J Agios o Theos. 

who died for us. J. C. by his immensity fills all places, 
he must therefore be present with our inmost souls, 
and know the interior sentiments of our hearts. He 
must read there how much we abhor idolatry, as a 
damnable sin, and that the exterior respect we pay to 
his cross, is expressive of the interior homage we cherish 
for our Redeemer. To persons of discernment and de- 
void of prejudice, neither the term adore, nor the action 
of bending the knee, can give offence. The radical sig- 
nification of the word adorare is to apply the hand to 
the mouth ad or a, to kiss it. Now this ceremony ; as 
also the word adore is used in the holy scriptures, as 
well as by modern writers, sometimes in the limited 
sense of veneration, at other times in the extensive sense 
of divine homage, and the sense must vary with the in- 
tention of the writer. Consult the Greek text, or Latin 
Vulgate, Job. 31. 2?. 3 Kings (alias 1.) 19. 18. and 
again Exod. 18. 7. Gen. 23. 7. 12. 4 Kings, 4. 37. 
See also the Tatler No. 57. " The people appear adoring 
" their Prince, and their Prince adoring their God." 
Such as inconsiderately blame the ceremony of bending 
the .knee before the cross, forget that they equivalently 
blame St. Paul, who declares, that at the name of Jesus 
every knee should bow. Phil. 2. 10. At least equal 
respect is due to hhjmage as to his name. The former is 
to the eye, what the latter is to the ear -, in both our vene- 
ration terminates not in the the exterior symbols, but in 
Jesus Christ himself. For the same manner the adoration 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

433 ©OOD-F1IDAT* 

The other Choir answers ; 
O holy God. Sanctus Beat. 

The first Choir. 
O Holy Mighty one. Agios Ischyros. 

The second Choir. 
O Holy Mighty one. Sanctus Fortis. 

The first Choir. 
O Holy Immortal one, Agios Athanatos, eleison 
have mercy on us. iraas. 

The second Choir. 
O Holy Immortal one, Sanctus Immortaiis, mi- 
have mercy on us. serere nobis. 

Then two of the second Choir sing ; 
V. Because I was thy V, Quia eduxi te per 
guide thro* the desert for desertura quadraginta an- 
forty years 5 and fed thee nis ; et manna cibavi te, 
with manna, and brought et introduxi te in terram sa- 
thee into an excellent land, tis bonam, parasti crucem 
thou hast prepared a cross Salvatori tuo. 
for thy Saviour. 

Then Agios o Theos, &c. is repeated alternately, as 
above, after which two of the first Choir sing ; 

V. What more should I V. Quid ultra debui fa- 
have done to thee, and cere tibi, et non feci r Ego 

or veneration paid to the foot-stool of the Lord Ps. 9&. 
(alias 99.) 5. to the holy mountain, the ark of the cove- 
nant and the two Cherubims of beaten gold placed over 
it in the very Sanctuary and by order of God himself, 
Exod. 20. the brazen serpent Num. 21. which was an 
emblem of Christ, John 3. 14. 15. the holy ground 
on which Moses and Joshua stood. Exod. 3. Josh. 5. 
&c. &c. is to be ultimately referred to Almighty God. 
The Catholic Church, which can never vary in doctri- 
nal points, expresses the supreme worship due to God 
only, by the term Latria, and interior worship by D*~ 
Ha, and she has uniformly taught, that to give the 
worship of Latria to any thing or person that is not 
God, is abominable Idolatry. The clear and precise 
decision of the 2 councils of Nice; Sess. 7. and that of 
Trent; Sess 25. should satisfy every reasonble person, 
who seeks for information on this subject. 

J Obs. These praises of God are sung in Latin and 
Greek, to shew the union of all the Churches, these 
being formerly the two most universal languages* 

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have not done ? I planted quidem plantavi te vineara 
thee for my most beautiful meam speciosissimam -, et 
vineyard $ and thou hast tu facta es mihi nimis ama- 
proved very bitter to me ; ra ; aceto namque sitim 
for in my thirst thou gav- meam potasti ; et lancea 
edst me vinegar to drink ; perforasti latus Salvatori 
and piercedst the side of tuo. 
thy Saviour with a spear. 

Agios o Theos, & c. is repeated, as above. 

V. For thy sake I scourg- V. Ego propter te fla- 
ed Egypt with her first- gellavi ^Egyptum cum pri- 
born ; and thou hast de- mogenitis suis ; et tu me 
live red me up to be scourg- flagellatum tradidisti. 

The whole Choir ; 

My people, What have Popule meus, quid feci 
I done to thee ? Or in what tibi ? Aut in quo contrista- 
have I grieved thee ? An- vi te ? Responde mihi. 
swer me. 

Two of the first Choir j 

V. I led thee out of E- V. Ego eduxi te de iE- 
gypt, having drowned Pha- gypto, demerso Pharaone 
raoh in the red sea ; and in mare rubrum : el tu me 
thou hast delivered me up tradidisti principibus sacer- 
to the chief priests. dotum. 

The whole Choir : My people, &c. 
Two of the second Choir : 

V. I opened the sea be- V. Ego ante te aperui 
fore thee> and thou hast mare $ ettuaperuisti lancea 
opened my side with a latus meum. 

The whole Choir : My people, &c. 

Two of the first Choir : 

V. I went before thed in V. Ego ante te prseivi in 
a pillar of cloud > and thou columna nubis j et tu me 
hast brought me to the duxisti ad praetorium Pilati. 
court of Pilate. 

The whole Choir : My people, &c. 

Two of the second Choir; 

V. I fed thee with man- V. Ego te pavi manna 

na in the desert j and thou per desertum j et tu me 

hast beaten me with buffets cecidisti alapis et fiagellis, 
and stripes. 

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The whole Choir : My people, &c. 

Two of the first Choir : 

V. I gave thee wholsome V. Ego te potavi aqua sa~ 

water to drink out of the hitis de petra ; et ta me 

rock ; and thou hast given potasti felle et aceto. 
me gall and vinegar. 

The whole Choir : My people, &c. 

Two of the second Choir :• 

V. For thy sake I smote V. Ego propter te Chana- 

tbe Kings of Canaan $ and naeorum Regerpercussi 5 et 

thou hast smote my head tu percussisti arundine ca- 

with a cane. put meum. 

The whole Choir : My people, &c. 

Two of the first Choir : 

*V. I gave thee a royal V. Ego dedi tibi seep- 
sceptre; and thou hast trum regale; et tu de- 
given me a crown of thorns, disti capiti meo spineam 
/ corona m. 

The whole Choir : My people, &c. 
Two of the second Choir : 
V. By great might I V. Ego te exaltavi mag- 
raised thee on high 5 and na virtute ; et tu me sus- 
thou hast hanged me on pendisti in patibulo crucis. 
the gibbet of the cross. 

The whole Choir : My people, &c. and the 

Anth. We adore thy , Ant: Crucem tuam a- 
cross, O Lord, and we doramus, Domine, et sane- 
praise and glorify thy holy tarn resurrectionem tuam 
resurrection ; for by the laudamus, et glorificamus ; 
wood of the cross the whole ecce enim propter lignum 
world is filled with joy. venit gaudium in universo 


Ps. May God have Ps. Deus misereatur 

mercy on us, and bless us : nostri, et benedicat nobis ; 

may his countenance shine illuminet vultum suum 

upon us, and may he have super nos, et misereatur 

mercy on us. nostri. 

Anth. We adore, &c. to Ant. Adoramus, &c. {<* 

Ps. Ps. 

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mass op thb prbsan,ctified. 435 

Then is sung the V. O faithful cross ! with the Hymn, 
in the following manner, 

V. O faithful cross ! O V. Crux fidelia inter 

noblest tree ! omnes 

In all our woods there's Arbor una nobilis ! 

none like thee. 

No earthly groves, no shady Nulla syl va talem profert 


Produce such leaves, such Fronde, flore, germine ; 

fruit, suchflow'rs; 

* Sweet are the nails, and * Dulce lignum, dulces 

sweet the wood, clavo9 t 

That bears a weight so Dulce pondus sustinet ! 

sweet, so good ! 


SING, O my tongue, de- TJANGE lingua gloriosi 
voutly sing A 

The glorious laurels of our Lauream certaminis j 

King -, 
Sing the triumphant vie- Et super crucis trophaeum 

Gain'd on the cross erected Die triumpbum nobilem > 

Where man's Redeemer Qualiter Redemptor orbis 

yields his breath, 
And dying conquers hell Immolatus vicerit. 

and death. 

O faithful cross, &c. is repeated to *. 

With pity our Creator De Parentis protoplasti 

His noble work transgress Fraude factor condolens, 

his law ; 
When our first parents Quando pomi noxialis 

Tashly eat 
The fatal tree's forbidden In necem morsu ruit j 

meat} , s 

He then resolved the cross's Ipse lignum tunc notavit 

Should make that tree's sad Damna ligni ut solveret. . 

damage good. 

Sweet are the nails, t5<\ from *. 

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By this wise method God Hoc opus nostra salutis 

From sin and death to save Ordo depoposccrat ; 

mankind ; 
Superior art with love com- Multiformis proditori? 

And arts of Satan counter- Ars ut artem falleret ; 

mines j 
And where the traitor gave Et medelam ferret inde 

the wound, 
There healing remedies are Hostis nnde laeserat. 


O faithful cross, &c. to*. 

When the full time, de- Quando venit ergo sacri 

creed above, 
Was come, to show this Plenitudo temporis, 

work of love; 
Th* Eternal Father sends his Missus est ab arce Patris 

The world's Creator, from Natus, orbis conditor ; 

his throne j 
Who on our earth, this vale Atque ventre virginali 

of tears, 
Cloth'd with a virgin's flesh Carne amictus prodiit. 


Sweet are the nails, tstc.fnm *. 

Thus God, made man, Vagit infans inter arcta 

an infant lies, 
And in the manger weep- Conditus praesepia 5 

ing cries 5 
His sacred limbs by Mary Membra pannis involuta 

The poorest tatter'd rags Virgo mater alligat •, 

surround > 
And God's incarnate feet Et Dei manus pedesque 

and hands 
Are closely bound with Stricta cingit fascia. 

swathing bands. 

O faithful cross, &fc. to *. 

Full thirty years were Lustra sex qui jam pere- 

freely spent git, 

In tli is our mortal banish- Terapus implens corporis $ 
ment ; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


And then the Son of Man Sponte libera Redemptor 

For the lost sobs of men to Passioni deditus -, 

And on tbe cress a victim Agnus in cruris levatur 

The solemn expiation made. Immolandus stipite. 
Sweet are tbe nails, &c.from*. 
Gall was his drink 5 his Felle potus ecce languet ; 

flesh, they tear 
With throns and nails $ a Spina, clavi, lancea 

cruel spear 
Pierces his side, from Mite corpus perforarunt, 

whence a flood 
Streams forth of water mixt Unda manat et cruor. 

with blood ; 
With what a tide are washed Terra, pontus, astra, mun- 

again dus 

The sinful earth, the stars, Quo lavantur flumine ! 

the main ! 

O faithful cross, &c. to*. 
Bend, tow'ring tree, thy Flecte ramos, arbor alta, 

branches bend, 
Thy native stubbornness Tensa laxa viscera ; 

suspend 5 
Let not stiff nature use its Et rigor lentescat ille, 

To weaker sap have now Quern dedit nativitas ; 

recourse ; 
With softest arms receive Et superni membra Regis 

thy load, 
And gently bear our dying Tende miti stipite. 


Sweet are the nails, &c.from *. 
On thee alone the Lamb Sola digna tu fuisti 

was slain 
That reconcil'd the world Ferre mundi victimam 5 

again 5 
And when on raging seas Atque portum praeparare 

was tost 
The shipwreck'd world, Area mundo naufrago, 

and mankind lost, 
Besprinkled with his sacred Quern sacer cruor perunxit 


VOL. I. OO « 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


They safely reach'd thro 1 Fusus Agni corpore. 
thee the shore. 

O faithful cross, &c. to*. 

All glory to the sacred Sempiteraa sit beats 
One undivided Deity - 9 Trinitati gloria $ 

To Father, Holy Ghost, and JEqm Patri, Filioque, 

Be equal praise and homage Far decus Paraclito ; 

done j 
Let the whole universe pro- Unius Trinique nomen 

The triune God's most glo- Laudet universitas. Amen. 

riousname. Amen. 

Sweet are the nails, &c. from *. 
Towards the end of the adoration or prostration he- 
fore the cross, the candles on the altar are lighted, and 
the cross being again placed on the altar, the Priest, 
with his attendants and the rest of the Clergy, goes to 
fetch the sacred host from the place where it was yester- 
day deposited. While the procession returns, is sung 
the Hymn Vexilla Regis, asp, 2QQ. 

When the/Priest hath placed the sacred host on the 
altar, he incenses it on his knees, then lays it on the 
corporal. Having received the Chalice with wine and 
water in it from the Deacon, he again incenses the sa- 
cred host together with the Chalice, saying : 

MAY this incense, which hath been blessed by thee, 
O Lord, ascend to thee, and may tby mercy de- 
scend upon us. 

At the incensing of the Altar. 

LET my prayer, O Lord, ascend like incense in thy 
sight ; and let the lifting up of zny hands be like 
the evening sacrifice. Place, O Lord, a guard upon ray 
mouth, and a gate of prudence around my lips, that my 
heart may not wander after wiekedness, to seek excuses 
in my sin. 

IVhen the Priest returns the Censer to the Deacon, he 
says : 

MAY the Lord 'kindle in us the fire of his love, and 
the flames of everlasting charity. 

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Then he washes His fingers without saying any thing ; 
afterwards he bows down at the middle of the altar, 
and says : 

ACCEPT us, O Lord, coming to thee in the spirit of 
humility, and with a contrite heart j and grant 
that the sacrifice of this day may be so celebrated by us, 
as to be well pleasing to thee, O Lord our God. 

Then, turning about towards the people, he says : 

Pr. TIRETHREN, pray that this my sacrifice and 
X) yours may be acceptable to God, the Father 

P. May the Lord receive P. Suscipiat Dominus sa- 
this sacrifice from thy hands crificium de manibus tuis 
to the praise and glory of ad laudem et gloriam nomi- 
his own name, and to our nis sui, ad utilitatem quo- 
benefit, and that of all his que nostram, totiusque Ec- 
holy Church. clesise suae sanctae. 

Let us pray. 
Pr. TNSTRUCTED by thy saving precepts, and fol- 
X lowing thy divine directions, we presume to 
say : Our Father, &c. 

P. But deliver us from P. Sed libera nos a malo. 

The Priest says Amen to himself, and then goes on 

DELIVER us, O Lord, we beseech thee, from all 
evils, past, present, and to come ; and by the in- 
tercession of blessed and glorious Mary, ever a Virgin 
and Mother of God, and of thy blessed Apostles Peter 
and Paul, and of blessed Andrew, and of all thy Saints, 
favourably grant peace in our days, that, by the assis- 
tance of thy mercy, we may be always free from sin, 
and secured from all disturbance. Thro' the same. R. 

Then having elevated the sacred Host, and divided it 
into three parts; he putting one into the Chalice, 
says : 

LET not the participation of thy body, O Lord Jesus 
Christ, which I, though unworthy, presume to re- 
ceive, turn to my judgment and condemnation ; but let 
it, through thy mercy, become a. safe-guard and remedy 
both to soul and body 5 who, with God the Father in 
unity, with the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest God, 
world without end. Amen. 

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Then he takes up the sacred Host, with the Paten, and 
says : 

IWill take the bread of heaven, and call on the name 
of the Lord. 

Then he strikes his breast, saying thrice : 

LORD, I am not worthy thou shouldst enter under 
my roof; speak therefore but the word, and nay 
soul shall be healed. 

When he receives the sacred Host he says : 

MAY the body of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve 
my soul to eyerlasting life. Amen. 

Then having received the Chalice, and taken the Ab- 
lution as usual, bowing down at the middle of the altar, 
he says: 

GRANT, O Lord, that what we have taken with 
our mouths, we majr receive with a pure heart j 
that as we now receive it in this mortal life, it may pro- 
cure us that which is eternal. 


Antocms and Psalms, as yesterday, p. 392. 


Anth. When he had taken Ant, Cum accepisset a* 

the vinegar, he said: It is • cetum, dixit; Consumma- 

done ; and bowing down turn est 5 et inclinato ca- 

his head, he gave up the pite„ emisit spiritual, 

V. Christ became o- V. Christus factus est 

bedient for us unto death, pro nobis obediens usque 

even to the death of the ad mortem,, mortem autem, 

cross. exueis. 

Our Father, &c. as above, p. 388, 


Our Father. Hail Mary. I believe^ in secret. 
Anth. T Will sleep in per- Ant. TN pace hi idipsum 
X feet peace, and X doruaiarn, et re- 

take my rest, quiescam* 



Psalm iv. Cum invocarem, p. 86. 
Anth. I will sleep. Ant. In pace. 

Anth* He shall dwell in Ant. Habitabit in taber- 
thy tabernacle; he shall naculo tuoj requiescet in 
rest on thy holy mount. monte sancto tuo. 


WHO, O Lord, shall 
dwell in thy taber- 
nacle ? * Or who shall rest 
on thy holy mount ? 

He that walketh without 
stain, * and performeth 

He who speaketh the 
truth as it is in his heart, * 
who hath used no deceit in 
his tongue ; 

Who hath done no harm 
to his neighbour, * nor ad- 
mitted reproach against his 

In whose sight the wicked 
man. is held as nought ; * 
who honoureth those who 
fear the Lord. 

Who sweareth to his 
neighbour, and deceiveth 
not: * who hath not put 
his money out to usury, nor 
taken bribes against the 

He that doth these things, 
* shall never stagger. 

Anth. He shall dwelL 

Anth. My flesh shall rest 
in hope. 


DOMINE, quis habita- 
bit in tabernaculo 
tuo ? * Aut quis requiescet 
in monte sancto tuo * 

Qui ingreditur sine ma* 
cula, * et operator justi- 

Qui loquitur veritatem in 
corde suo, * qui non egit 
dolum in lingua sua ; 

Nee fecit proximo suo 
malum, * et opprobrium 
non accepit adversus proxi- 
mos suos. 

Ad nihilnm deduct us est 
in conspectu ejus malignus ; 
* timentes autem Dominuna 

Qui jurat proximo suo, 
et non decipit ; * qui pe- 
cuniae suam non dedit ad 
usuram, et munera super 
innoceutem non accepit. 

Qui facit base, * non 
movebitur in aeternuni. 

Ant. Habitabit. 

Ant. Caro mea requies- 
cet in spe. 

Psalm xv. 

PRESERVE me, OLord, /^ONSERVA me, Do- 
for I have put my \^ mine, quoniam speran 
trust in thee j # I said to in tej * Dixi Domino; 
tlie Lord] My God art Deus meus es tu j quoniam 
o o 2. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



thou; and thou standest 
not in need of aught I 

The Lord hath wonder- 
fully shewn * all his kind- 
ness to his saints in the 

Many are the weak 
things of other nations : 
•and they run after them. 

I will not assemble in 
their meetings for blood- 
offerings to idols 5 * nor 
will I mention their names 
with my lips. 

The Lord himself is the 
lot of my inheritance, and 
of my cup \ * thou wilt 
restore my inheritance to 

My lot hath fallen ont 
exceeding well 5 * my in- 
heritance is. truly great. 

I will bless the Lord, 

who gave me understand - 

: ing j * for even in the 

night my heart hath chided 


I always saw the Lord 
before my sight ; * for he 
is on my right, lest I stag- 

» Therefore hath my heart 
been glad, and my tongue 
rejoiced exceedingly ; * 
even, my flesh itself shall 
rest in hope. 

For thou wilt not leave 
my soul in hell \ # nor let 
thy holy one see corrup- 

Thou wilt make known 
to me the ways of life, 
thou wilt fill me with joy 

bonorum meorum non in- 

Sanct'19, qui sunt in terra 
ejus, * mirincavit omnes 
voluntates meas in eis. 

Multiplicarss sunt in* 
firmitates eorum 5 * pot tea 

Noii congregabo con- 
venticula eorum de sangui- 
nibus; * nee memor ero 
nominum eorum per labia 

Dominus pars haeredita- 
tis ineae, et calicis mei : * 
tu es qui restitues haeredi- 
tatem meam mini. 

Funesceciderunt mihi in 
prseclaris ; * etenim haere- 
ditas raea prasclara est mini. 

Benedicam Dominum > 
qui tribuit mihi intellectum? 

* insuper et usque ad noc- 
tem increpuerunt me renes- 

Providebam Dominum 
in conspectu meo semper $ 

* quoniam a dextris est mi- 
hi, necommovear. 

Propter hoc laetatum est 
cor meum, et exultavit lin- 
gua mea ; * insuper et caro 
mea requiescet in spe. 

Ctuoniam non derelin- 
ques animam meam in in- 
ferno j * nee dabis sanc- 
tum tuum videre corrup- 

Notas mihi fecisti vias 
vhae, adimplebis me laetitia 
cum vultu tuo 3 *delectatio- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


at the sight of thee ; * jays nes in dextera tua usque in 

are on thy sight hand for fine in. 


Antk. My flesh. Ant. Caro mea. 

V. In perfect peace. R. V. In pace in idipsum* 
Will I sleep, and take my IL Dormiam et requiescam. 

Our Father. All in secret. 

Out of the Lamentation of the Prophet Jeremy, 
Chap. in. 
'Hetk. TT is the mercy of the Lord that we are not de- 
X stroyed j that his pity hath not failed. 

H etk. It is renewed to us every morning ; great is 
thy faithfulness to thy word. 

Hvtfu The Lord is my portion, said my soul $ there* 
fore will I wait his aid. 

Teth, The Lord is good to those who hope in him, to 
the soul that seeketh him. 
- Teth. It is good to wait in silence for the salvation of 

Teth. It is good for a man, when he hath borne the 
yoke from bis youth. 1 

Jod. He shall sit solitary and be silent, because he 
hath long borne it on himself. 

Jod. He will put his mouth in the dust, if so there 
may be hope. 

Jod. He shall present his cheek to him that striketh 
him, he shall be filled with reproaches. 

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, return to the Lord thy God. 

R. He was led like a R. Sicut ovis ad occisio- 
sheep to the slaughter, and nem ductus est, et dum 
when he was ill used, he male iractaretur, non ape- 
opened not his mouth 5 he rait os suum 5 traditus est 
was delivered up to death, ad mortem,* Ut vivificaret 
•That he might give life populum suum. V. Tra- 
to his people. V. He de~- didit in . mortem animam 
Kvered himself up to death, suam, et inter sceleratos re- 
and was reckoned among putatus est.* Ut vivinca* 
the wicked. # That he ret, &c. to V. 
might, &c. to V. 

II. LESSON. Chap. iv. 
Aleph. TTOW is the gold darkened, the finest colour 
Ij. changed \ The stones of the' sanctuary are 
scattered at the entrance of tvery street. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Beth. How are the noble sons of Sion, and they that 
were clothed with the best gold, esteemed as earthen- 
ware, the work of the potters hand. 

Ghimel. Even the sea-monsters drawmit the breast, 
they give sack to their young $ but the daughter of my 
people, is as cruel as an ostrich in the desert. 

Daleth. The tongue of the sucking babe hath stuck 
to the roof of its mouth with thirst j the little ones have 
asked for bread, and there was none to break any for 

He. They who had lived daintily, died in the streets $ 
they who had been brought up in scarlet, embraced 

Van. For the iniquity of the daughter of my 
people is become greater than the sin ot Sodom, which 
was destroyed in a moment, and no hand touched 

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, return to the Lord thy God. 

R. Jerusalem, arise, lay R. Jerusalem surge, et 
aside thy garments of joy ; exue te vestibus jucundita- 
put on sackcloth and ash- tis j induere cinere et cili— 
es ; * For in thee hath cio ; * Quia in te occisus 
been put to death the Savi- est Salvator Israel. V. 
our of Israel. V. Shed Dcduc quasi torrentem la- 
tears like a torrent day crymas per diem et noc- 
and night, and let Dot tern, non taceat pupilla o- 
the apple of thine eye be culi tui.* Quia, &c. to 
dry. * For in thee, &c. Y. 
to V. 


The beginning of the Prayer of the Prophet JsBBBtr A 

Chap. v. 

REMEMBER, Q Lord, what hath befallen us; see 
and behold our disgrace. Qur inheritance is turn-, 
ed over to foreigners, our houses to strangers. We are 
become orphans without a father, our mothers are as 
widows. We have purchased our waier with money, 
we have paid a price for our wood. We are dragged 
along by the neck ; no rest was given to the weary. 
We have hired ourselves out to Egypt, and to the Assy- 
rians, that we might have bread to fill us. Our fathers 
have sinned, and are no more ; and we have borne 
their iniquities. Slave? have ruled over us j there was 
none to rescue us from their hands. We fetched our 
bread at the hazard of our lives ; because of the sword 

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in the desert Oar skin hath been burnt like an 
oven by the violence of the famine. They have abused 
the women in Siou, and the Virgins in the cities of 

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, return to the Lord thy God. 

R. Mourn like a virgin, R. Plange quasi virgo 
my people j howl, ye shep- plebs mea ; ululate pasto- 

herds of the people, in sack- 
cloth and ashes.* For the 
day of the Lord is come, 
that great and very bitter 
day. V. Gird yourselves 
with sackcloth, ye priests 
and mourn, ye ministers of 
the altar j sprinkle your- 
selves with ashes. * For 

res in cinere et cilicio $ * 
Quia venit dies Domini 
magna et amara valde. V. 
Accingite vos, sacerdotes, 
et plangite mlnistri altaris ; 
aspergite vos cinere.* Quia 
venit, &c. to V. Plange, 
quasi virgo, &c. to V. 

the day, &c. to V. Mourn, 
like, &c. to V. 


Anth. Be lifted up, O Ant. Elevamini ports ae- 
ye eternal gates, and the ternales,. et introibit Rex 
King of glory shall enter gloria;, 

Psalm, xxjii. 

rj^HE earth is the Lord's T\OM3NI est terra, et 

JL and all that it con- 
taineth j* the globe of the 
earth, and all that dwell 
on it. 

For it was he who found- 
ed it above the seas \ * 
and settled it above the 

Who is be that shall go 
up to the mountain of the 
Lord ? * Or who is he that 
shall abide in his holy 

He whose hands are in- 
nocent, and whose heart is 
clean ;* who hath not taken 
his souL in vain, nor sworn 
against his neighbour in de- 

plenitudo ejus j * or- 
bis terrarum, et uuiyersi 
qui habitant in eo. 

Quia ipse super maria 
fundavit eum j * et super 
flumina praeparavit eum. 

Quis ascendet in rnon- 
tem Domini ? * Aut quis 
stabit in loco sancto ejus. 

Innocens minibus, et 
mundo corde -, * qui non 
accepit in vano animaro su- 
am, nee junavifc ia dolo 
proximo suo. 

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That man shall receive a 
blessing from the Lord ; * 
and mercy of God his Sa- 

Such is the generation of 
those that seek him ; * of 
those shat seek the face of 
the God of Jacob. 

Lift up your gates, O 
ye princes ; and be ye lift- 
ed up, O you eternal gates; 
* and the King of glory 
shall enter. 

Who is that King of 
glory ? * The Lord, who 
is strong and mighty ; the 
Lord who is mighty in 

Lift up your gates, ye 
princes; and be ye lifted 
up, O you eternal gates ; * 
and the King of glory shall 

Who is that King of 
glory ? * The Lord of ar- 
mies; he is the King of 

Anth. Be lifted up. 

Anth. I hope to see the 
good things of the world in 
the land of the living. 

Psalm xxvi. Dominus illuminatio mea, p. cxviii. 

Anth. I hope to see. Ant, Credo videre. 

Anth, Thou, Q Lord, Ant. Domine, abstraxis- 
hast brought back my soul ti ab infemis animam me* 
from hell. am. 

Psalm xxix. 
T Will extol thee, O X^XALTABO te, Do- 

Hic accipiet benedictio- 
nem a Domino ; * et mise- 
ricordiam a Deo salutari 

Haec est generatio quae- 
rentium eum 5 * quaerenti- 
um faciem Dei Jacob. 

Attollite portas, princi- 
pes, vestras; et elevamini 
portae aetemales ;* et intro- 
ibit Rex gloriae. 

Quis est iste Rex gloriae ? 
* Dominus, fortis et po- 
tens; Dominus, potens ia 

Attollite portas, princi- 
pes, vestras ; et elevamini, 
porta aetemales ;* et itro- 
ibit Rex gloriae. 

Quis est iste Rex glo- 
riae ? * Dominus virtutum 9 
ipse est Rex gloriae. 

Ant. Elevamini. 
Ant, Credo videre bona 
Domini in terra viventium. 

Lord, for that thou hast 
upholden me ; * and hast 
not afforded joy to my ene- 
mies over me. 

O Lord my God, I cried 
out to thee ; * and thou 
healedst me. 

i^ mine, quoniam sus- 
cepisti me ; * nee delectas- 
ti inimicos meos super me. 

Domine Deus meus/ cla- 
mavi ad te;* et sanasti me. 

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-Lord, thou hast brought 
back ray soul from hell $ * 
thou hast saved me from 
among those who go down 
into the pit. 

Sing to the Lord, ye 
his saints -, * and praise 
him in his holy taber- 

For wrath is felt in 
his indignation 5 * but life 
is found in his good will. 

Weeping will last till 
evening 5 * but there shall 
be joy in the morning. 

I said in my prosperity 5 
I shall surely never stag- 

O Lord, in thy good 
will * thou gavest strength 
to my prosperity. 

Thou turnedst thy face 
from me 5 * and I became 

To thee, O Lord, will I 
cry out 5* thus will I pray 
unto ray God : 

Where is the profit of 
ray blood 5* if 1 go down to 
corruption ? 

Will dust give thee praise, 
* or publish the fulfilling 
of thy promise ? 

The Lord heard, and 
took pity on me 5* the Lord 
became my help. 

Thou hast turned my 
mourning into joy ; * thou 
hast torn my sackcloth, 
and clothed me with glad- 

That my tongue may 
sing to thee, and I may not 
be abash 'd ; * O Lord my 

AT MATINS. : 447 

Domine, eduxisti ab in* 
ferno animam meam ,* sal- 
vasti me a descendentibus 
in lacum. 

Psallite Domino sancti 
ejus ; * et confitemini me- 
moriae sanctitatis ejus. 

Quoniam ira in indigna- 
tione ejus ; * et vita in vo- 
luntate ejus. 

Advesperum demorabi- 
tur fletus j * et ad matutj- 
num laetitia. 

Ego autem dixi in abun- 
dantia mea 3 # Non movebor 
in sternum. 

Domine, in voluntate 
tua * praestitisti decori meo 

Avertisti faciem tuam a 
me** et factus sum con- 

Ad te, Domine, clama- 
bo j* et ad Deum depre- 

Qua; utilttas in sanguine 
meo ; * dura descendo in 
cnrruptionem ? 

Numquid confitebitur ti- 
bi pulvis,* aut annuntiabit 
veritatem tuam ? 

Audivit Dominus, et 
misertus est mei ;* Domi- 
nus factus est adjutor me- 

Convertisti planctum me- 
tim in gaudium mini j * 
concidisti saccum meum, 
et circumdedisti me laeti- 

Ut cantet tibi gloria 
mea^ et nbn compungar ; * 
Domine Deus meus, in ae- 

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God, thee vnll I praise for tenram confitebor tibi. 

Anth. Thou, O Lord. Ant. Domipe. 

V. Do thou, O Lord, - V. Tu autem, Domine, 
have mercy on me. R. miserere mei. R. Et re- 
And raise me up again, suscitame/etretribuameis. 
and I will repay them. 

Our Father. In secret. 


Oat of the Treatise of St. Augustin, the Bishop, on 
the Psalms. Ps. Ixiii. 7. 

MAN shall come to a deep heart, and God, shall be 
exalted. They said : Who will see us ? They 
spent themselves in making diligent search to form wick- 
ed designs. Man came to those designs, and suffered 
himself to be seized on as man. For he could cot have 
been seized, if he had not been man ; or seen, if he 
had not been man ; or scourged, if he had not been 
man ; or have been crucified, or died, if he had not been 
man. Man therefore came to all those sufferings, which 
could not have affected him, if he had not been man. 
But if he had not been man, man could not have been 
redeemed. Man came to a deep heart, that is, a secret 
heart, exposing his humanity to the eyes of man, but 
hiding his divinity; concealing the form of God, in 
which he is equal to the Father ; and shewing only the 
form of a servant, in which he is less than the Father. 

R. Our Shepherd, the R Recessit Pastor nos- 
fountain of living water, is ter fons aquae vivas, ad cu- 
gone, at whose departure jus transitum sol obscora- 
the son was darkened ; * tus est 5 * Nam et ille cap- 
For he is taken, who held tus est, qui captivum tene- 
the first man captive ; this bat primum hominem ; ho- 
day our Saviour broke both die portas mortis et seras 
the bolts and gates of death, pariter Salvator noster dis- 
V. He destroyed the bars rupit. V. Destruxit qui- 
of hell, and overthrew the dem claustra inferni, et 
power of the devil. * For subvertit potentias diaboli.* 
he is taken, & V. Nam et ille, &c. to V. 


HOW far did they carry this their diligent search 
in which they failed so much, that when the 
Lord was dead and buried, the*y placed guards at the se- 
pulchre? For they.«aid to Pilate : That Seducer ; by 
which name our Lord, Jesus Christ was called for the 



comfort of his servants, when they are called seducers. 
That seducer, said they to Pilate, whilst he was yet liv- 
ing; said : After three days I will rise again : Order, 
therefore the sepulchre to be guarded until the third day; 
lest perchance his disciples come and steal him away, 
and tell the people he is risen from the dead ; and then 
the last error will be worse than the former. Pilate 
said to them : You have a guard 5 go and guard him as 
you know best how. And they went, and secured the 
sepulchre with guards, and sealed up the stone. 

R. O all you that pass R. O vos omnes, qui 
by, stop and see, * If there transitis per viam, attendi- 
be any grieflike mine. V. te el videte, * Si est dolor 
Attend all ye people, and sirailis sicut dolor meus. 
•see my grief, * If there be, V. ^Attendite universi po- 
&c. toV. puli, et videte dolorem 

meum, * Si est, &c. to V. 

THEY placed soldiers to guard the Sepulchre 3 the 
earth shook, and the Lord rose agaiu. Such mi- 
racles were done at the Sepulchre, that the soldiers who 
came as guards, might have been witnesses, if they, 
would have told the truth. But that same avarice, 
which had enslaved the disciple, the companion of 
Christ, blinded also the Soldiers, who were guards of 
the Sepulchre. We will give you money, said they ; 
only say that while you were asleep, his disciples came, 
and took him away. They truly spent themselves in- 
making diligent search. What is it thou hast said, O 
wretched cunning ? Dost thou so far shut thine eyes 
against the light of pious prudence, and plunge so deep 
in cunning, as to say thus ; Say that while you were 
asleep, his disciples came, and took him away ? Dost 
thou produce witnesses that were asleep ? Certainly thou 
thyseif wast .asleep, who spent thyself in the search of 
such things. 

R. Behold bow the righ- R. Ecce quomodo mori- 
teous man dietb, and no tur Justus, et nemo perci- 
one taketh it to heart 5 and pit corde j et viri justi tol- 
just men are made away luntur, et nemo conside- 
with, and no one consider- rat 5 a facie iniquitatis sub- 
eth it j the righteous man latus est Justus ; * Et erit 
is taken away by iniquity $ in pace hiemoria ejus. V, 
* And his memory shall be Tanquam agnus coram ton- 
vox, j. p p * 

Digitized by VjOC5Q IC 


in peace. V. lie was as si- dente se obmutuit, et non 

lent as a lamb under the aperuit os suum ; de an- 

shearer's hand, and opened gustia et judick) sublatus 

not his mouth 5 he was ta- est ; * Et erit in pace me* 

ken off by oppression, and moria ejus. Ecce quo* 

an unjust sentence :* And modo, &c. toV. 
his memory shall be in 
peace. Behold how, &c. 


Anth. God is my help, Ant. Dens adjurat me, 
and the Lord is the up- et Dominus susceptor est 
holder of my life. animae me«. 

Psalm liii. Deus, in nomine tuo, as above, p. 404. 

Anth. God is my help. % « Ant. Deus adjuvat me. 

Anth. His dwelling is in Ant. In pace factus est 
the city of peace, and his locus ejus, et in Sion habi- 
abode in Sion. tatioejus. 

Psalm Ixxv. Notus in Jude* Deus, as above, p. 378. 

Anth. His dwelling. Ant. In pace. 

Anth. I am become like Ant. Factus sum sicut 
one without help, set apart homo sine adjutorio, inter 
among the dead. mortuos liber. 

Psalm lxxxvii. Domine, Deus salutis, as above, 

/>. 409. 

Anth. I am become. Ant. Factus sum. 

V. His dwelling is in V. In pace factus est lo- 
peace. JR. And his abode cus ejus. R. Et in Sion 
in Sion, habitatio ejus. 

Our father. In secret. 


Oat of the Epistle of blessed Paujl, the Apostle to the 

Hebrews, Chap. ix. 

CHRIST being come, who is the high priest of the 
good things to come, by a more excellent and 
more perfect . tabernacle, not made with hands, that is, 
not of this creation \ neither by the blood of goats or of 
calves, but by his own blood, hath once entered the 
holy place, having purchased for us an eternal redemp- 
tion. For if the blood of goats and bulls, and the sprink- 
ling of the ashes x>f an heifer, sanctifieth such as are 
defiled to the cleansing of the flesh ; how much more 
shall the blood of Christ, who through the Holy 
Ghost, offered himself to God without spot, cleanse 

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our consciences from dead works, to serve the living 

R. The kings of the R. Astiterunt Reges ler- 
earth have risen up, and r«, et principes convene- 
the princes have assembled runt in unum * Adversus 
together * Against the Dominum, et adversus 
Lord, and against his Christum ejus. V. Qua re 
Christ. V. Why have fremuerunt Gentes, et po- 
the Gentiles raged, and puli meditati sunt inania r* 
the nations formed vain Adversus, &c. to V. 
designs ? * Against, &c. 
to V. 


HE therefore; is the Mediator of the New Testa- 
ment 5 that by means of the death he suffered for 
cancelling the transgressions under the former Testa- 
ment, those that are called, may receive the promised 
eternal inheritance. For wherever there is a testament, 
the death of the testator must necessarily intervene $ for 
it is by death that a testament is valid ; and it is of no 
force while the testator liveth. Hence the first was not 
confirmed without blood. 

R. I was reckoned with R. ^Estimatus sum cum 

those who went down into descendeniibus in lacumj* 

the pit 5* I was like a man Factus sum sicut homo si- 

without help, one set apart ne adjutorio inter mortuos 

among the dead. V. They liber. V. Posuerunt me 

put me down into the deep in kcu inferiori, in tene- 

pit, in a dark place, and in brosis, et in umbra mortis, 

the shade of death.* I * Factus sum, &c. to V. 
was, &c. to V. 


F)R when Moses had read all the commandments of 
the law before the whole people, he took the blood 
of calves and goats, with water, scarlet wool, and hyssop, 
and sprinkled the book itself, and all the people, say* 
ing: This is the blood of the covenant, which God 
maketh with you. In like manner he sprinkled with 
blood the tabernacle, and all the vessels of the service. 
And in the law almost all things are cleansed with blood, 
and without the shedding of blood there is no remission 
of sin. 

R. When the Lord was R. Sepulto Domino, sig~ 
buried, they sealed op the natum est nxummentum, 

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volventes lapidem ad osti- 
um monumenti,* Ponentes 
milites, qui custodirent il- 
ium. V. Accedentes prin- 
cipes sacerdotum ad Pila- 
tum, peticrunt ilium;* Po- 
nentes, &c. to V. Sepulto 
Domino, &c. to V. 

sepulchre, rolling a stone 
before the mouth thereof,* 
And placed soldiers to 
guard him.. V. The chief 
priests coming to Pilate, 
asked his leave, * And pla- 
ced, &c. to V. When the 
Lord, &c. to V. 


Anth. O death, I will be Ant. O mors, ero mors 
thy death ; O hell, I will tua ; morsus tuus ero, in- 
be thy ruin. feme. 

Psalm 1. Miserere mei^ Deus, p . 108. 

Anth. O death, I will Ant. O mors, ero. 
be. . • 

Anth. They shall mourn . Ant. Plangent eum qua- 
for him, as for an only si unigenitum, quia inno- 
son, for the t Lord, who cens Dominus occisus est. , 
was guiltless, is put to 
death. . . . 

Psalm xlii. 
TYE thou, O God, my JUDICA me Deus, et 

judge, and distinguish 
my cause from the natifcn 
that is not holy -, * from 
the unjust and deceitful 
man do thou deliver me. 

Since thou, O God," art 
my strength j * why hast 
thou, cast me off? Or 
why* dd I 'go sorrowful, 
while the enemy afflicteth 

Send forth thy light, 
and fulfil thy promise 
they have led me on, and 
brought me to thy holy 
mount, and into tby taber- 

•And I will go up to 
the altar, of God ; * to 
God who* rejoiceth • my 

I will praise thee on the 
harp, O my God ; * why 

c/ discerne causammeam 
de gente non sancta ; * ab 
homine iniquo et doloso 
erue me. ' 

Ctuia* tu es Deus, forti- 
rndomeaj* quare me re- 
pulisti ? Et quare tristis irj- 
ccdo, dum affligit me ini- 
micus ? 

Emitte lucem tuam,* et 

* veritatem tuam 5 * ipsa me 

deduxerunt, et adduxerunt 

in montem sanctum tuum, 

et in tabernacula tua; 

Et mtroibo ad altare 
Dei 3* ad Deum qui laeliri- 
cat juventatem meam. 

Confttebor tibi in citha- 
ra^ Deus, Deus meus^ *■- 

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art thou sorrowful, O my 
soul, and why dost thou 
disturb me r 

Hope in God, for him 
will I still praise * * he is 
the Saviour I look for, and 
my God. 

Anth. They shall mourn. 

Anth Behold, all ye na- 
tions, and see my grief. 

quare trktis es anima mea, 
et quare conturtas me r 

Ps. lxii; 

Spera in Deo, quorum 
adbuc confitebor Uli j* sa> 
lutare vultus mei, et Deus* 

Ant. Plangent eum. 

Ant. Atteudile universi 
populi, et videte dolosem 
Deus, Deus, with the following p. qpxi. 

Anth. Behold. 

Anth. From the gates of 
hell deliver my soul, O 

The Canticle ofEzechias, 

Anth. From the gates. 

Anth. O all ye that pass 
by, stop and see, if there 
be any grief like unto 

Ant. Attend ite. 
Ant. A porta infer! erue, 
Domine, animaui mea en. 

Is. Ego dixi. p. exxxiti. 

Ant. A porta iuieri. 

Ant O vos omncs qui 
transilis per viam, attendite 
et videte, si est dolor sicut 
dolor meus. 

Psalm cxlviii. I^audate Dominium, with the two fol- 
lowing Psalms, p exxxv. 

Anth. O all ye 

V. My flesh shall rest In 
hope. R. And thou wilt 
not let thy Holy One see 

Ant. O vos oitmes. 

V. Caro mea reqaiescet 
in spe. R, Et non dabis 
Sanctum tuuru videre cor* 

Anth. The women sit- Ant. Mulieres sedentes 
la- ad mouumentam lamenta- 
the bantur, flentes Dominum, 

ting at the sepulchre 
mented, weeping for 

The Canticle. 

Anth. The women. 

V. Christ became for us 
obedient unto death, even 
unto the death of the 
cross j for which God ex- 
alted him, and gave him a 
name, which is above every 

Our Father, 

Benedictus, p. exxxviii. 
Ant. Mulieres. 
V. Christus factos est 
pro nobis obediens usque 
ad mortem, mortem au- 
tern cruris $ propter quod 
et Dens exaltavit ilium, et 
dedit illi uomen, quod est 
super omne nomen. 
With the rest, as above, p. 388. 
p p 2 

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DURING the first ages of the Church there was no 
* Mass on this day, any more than on Good Friday. 
They adored in silence Jesus Christ in the sepulchre, 
and did not assemble (HI towards the evening to cele- 
brate the great Evfe of- Easter. They spent the whole 
night in the Church, and remained there till morning, 
Ibat they might be at their pravers the very moment in 
which Jesus Christ rose from the dead. 

Alt this time was spent in reading Lessons out of the 
Old and New Testament, in singing Psalms, Baptizing 
and confirming the Catechumens, and administring the 
sacrament of Holy Orders. About break of day Mass 
began, and it was all of the Resurrection. 

Tis the same office we now perform on Saturday in 
the morning 5 but the Church still makes use of ttie 
word Night therein ; one motive for which is to perpe- 
tuate the memory of the fervour of her first children. 

The BLESSING of the FIRE. % 
V. Jllay the Lord be with you. R. And with thy spirit* 
Let us pray. Deus x qui. 

OGod, who, by thy only Son, the chief corner-stone 
of thy Church, hast bestowed on thy faithful 
ilia fire of thy divine love; bless *f* this new firepro- 
Uuced from a flipt for our use ; and grant that, during 
this Pascnat solemnity, we may be so inflamed with 
heavenly desires, that by purity of- mind, we may 
come to those festivals, where we may enjoy a light, 
which will never end. Thro* the same. R. Amen.' 
Let us pray. Domine Deus. 

OLord God, Almighty Father, never-failing light, 
who. art the Creator of all the lights j bless + this 
light, which hath been before tJlessed and sanctified! by 
thee, who hast enlightened the whole world j that we 
maybe inflamed by .that same light, and enlightenea] 
with the fire of thy brightness -, and, as thou didst ea- 
Jighten Moses, when he went out of Egypt, so'enlighten 
our hearts and' senses, that we may obtain that light and 

X Obs. The Fire and Incense are llessed according 
(o the ant tent practice of the Church, of blessing what' 
ever was used in the celebration of Us holy mysteries. 

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BEFOftE MAS 9, 4/S5 

life, which will have- no end. Thro' Jesus Christ our 
Lord. R. Amen. 

Let us pray. Domine sancte. 

OHoly Lord, Almighty Father, Eternal God, vouch- 
safe to assist us while we bless this fire in thy 
name, and in that of thy only Son Jesus Christ, our Lord 
and God, and of the Holy Ghost ; assist us against the 
jfiery darts of the enemy, and enlighten us with thy hea- 
venly grace. Who livest and reignest with the same 
only begotten Son and the Holy Ghost, one God, world 
without end. R. Amen. 

The BLESSING of the Jive grains of INCENSE. 

PLENTIFULLY pour forth, we beseech thee, O Al- 
mighty God, thy -f- blessing on this incense ; 
and kindle, O invisible regenerator, the brightness of 
this night 5 that not only the sacrifice, which is offered 
this night, may shine by the secret mixture of thy light ; 
but also, that into whatever place any thing sanctified 
.by these mystical prayers shall be carried, there, by the 
power of thy Majesty, all the malicious artifices of the 
devil may be defeated. Thro* Jesus Christ our Lord. 
R. Amen. 

During the foregoing Blessing, an Acolyth puts some 
of the Blessed Fire into the censer, then the Priest puts 
incense to it, saying : 

MAY thou be hlessed ■(• by him/ in whose honour 
thpu art to be burnt. 

Then he sprinkles the grains of Incense and the Fire 
thrice r saying : 

SPRINKLE me, OLord, with hyssop, and I shall 
bedeansedj. wash me, and I shall be whiter than 
snow. v ,j 

Here he incenses them thrice; then ike Deacon (or the 
Priest officiating as such) having taken the cane with 
the tnreercandks, at the entrance of the Church one is 
lighted by an Acolyth with a candle front the new fire, 
and the Deacon sings alone : 

Deac. Behold the light of Deac. Lumen Christt. 
Christ {. 

R. Thanks be to God. R. Deo gratias. 

I' Here ail kneel dtevn. 

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The same is repeated, when the second candle is Rghi- 
ed in the middle of the Church; and when the third is 
lighted at the foot of the altar. After which the Deacon 
asks the Priest* s blessing thus : 

Deac. Pray, Sir, give me your blessing. 


MAY the Lord be in thy heart and in thy lips, that 
thou may'st worthily and fitly proclaim his Paschal 
praise ; in the name of the Father, and of the Son +, 
and of the Holy Ghost. R. Amen. 


LET now the heavenly troops of Angels rejoice j let 
these divine mysteries be joyfully celebrated. And 
let the heavenly trumpet publish the victory of our great 
King. And let the earth also triumph, being beautified 
with such resplendent beams j and let it see the darkness* 
which overspread the whole world, chaced away by the 
splendor of our eternal King. Let our Mother the 
Church also rejoice, being adorned by the rays of no 
great a light $ and let this temple echo with the joyful 
acclamations of all the. people. And therefore, I be- 
seech you, dgar brethren, who behold the wonderful 
brightness of this holy light, to join with me in invoking 
the mercy of Almighty God. That he, who hath been, 
pleased, without any merit on my side, to adroit me in* 
to the number of his Levites, may, by the effusion of 
light upon me, enable me to go through with the en- 
comium of this taper. Thro* our Lord Jesus Christ his 
Son, wfpo, with him and the Holy Ghost, Fiveth and 
reigneth one God world without end. R. Amen. 

V. May the Lord be V. Domirms vobisctun. 

with you. R. And with R Et cum spiritu too. V. 

thy spirit. V. Raise up Sursum cor da. R. Habe- 

your .hearts on high. ,R. mm ad Dorriinum. V. 

We haye them raised up to Gratias agatnus Domino 

the Lord. V. Let us give Deo. nostra. R. Digtrum 

tlianksiotheLordourGud* et justum est. • 

R. It is meet and just. 

IT Is truly meet am* just to proclaim with all the affec- 
tion of heart and soul, and sound of voice, the n>» 
visible God, the Father Almighty, and his only JSon our 

— ' " ■ t %• ■ ■ ■ ■ — 

§ Obs. Ali stand ufr during t/tts Messing, 

Digitized by Vj\30Q IC 


Lord Jesus Christ $ who paid for us to his eternal Father 
the debt of Adam ; and by his sacred blood, cancelled 
the guilt of the original offence. For this is the Paschal 
solemnity, in which the true Lamb was slain, by whose 
blood the doors of the faithful are consecrated. This is 
the night, in which thou formerly didst bring forth our 
forefathers, the children of Israel, out of Egypt, leading 
them dry-foot through the red sea. This also is that 
night, which dissipated the darkness of sin by the fight 
of a pillar of fire. This is the night, which withdrawing 
all those, who, through the whole world, believe in 
Christ, from the vices of the world, and the darkness of 
sin, restores them to grace, and gives them a fellowship 
with the saints. This is the night, in which Christ 
broke the chains of death, and ascended victorious from 
the grave. For it would have availed us nothing to have 
been born, unless we had also the advantage of being 
redeemed. O the wonders of thy mercy towards us ! 
O the inestimable excess of thy love ! Thou didst deliver 
up thy Son to redeem a slave ! O truly necessary sin of 
Adam, which hath been blotted out by the death of 
Christ ! O happy fault, which deserved such and so great 
a Redeemer ! O truly blessed night, which alone was, 
privileged to know the hour and moment, when Christ 
rose again from the dead ! This is the night of which it- 
is written : And the night shall be as light as day ; and' 
the night dhineth upon me in my pleasures. The sacred- 
ness therefore of this night puts crimes to flight, washes • 
away sin, and restores innocence to the fallen, and joy 
to those in sorrow. It banishes enmities, produces con* 
cord, and makes Potentates bow. 

Here the Deacon fixes the five grains of incense in the 
candle in form of a cross ; then goes on : 

RECEIVE,, tlierefore, O noly Father, on this sacred 
night, the. evening sacrifice of this incense, which 
thy holy Church, by the hands of her ministers, presents 
to thee in this solemn oblation of this wax candle made 
out of the labour of the bees. But now we know the? 
meaning of the encomiums of this taper lighted from 
this sparkling fire to the honour of God. 

Here he lights the Paschal candle. 

WHICH fire, tho* now divided, suffers no loss from 
the communication of its light, whilst it feeds 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


on the melted wax produced by the bee to make this 

Here the lamps aire lighted. 

O TRULY blessed, night, which plundered the Egyp- 
tians, and enriched the Hebrews ! O night, in 
which heaven is united to earth, and God to man ! We 
beseech thee, therefore, O Lord, that this taper, con- 
secrated to the honour of thy name, may continue burn- 
ing to dissipate the darkness of this night 5 and being ac- 
cepted by thee, as a sweet odour, it may be joined to 
the lights of heaven. Let the morning-star find it burn- 
ing 5 that morning-star I mean, which never sets ; who, 
returning from the grave, darted forth his benign rays 
upon mankind. We beseech thee, therefore, O Loni, 
to grant us peace, during this Paschal solemnity, and, 
with thine uninterrupted protection, to rule, govern, and 
preserve us thy servants, and all the clergy and devout 
laity i together with our holy father Pope N. and our 
Bishop N, Look down also on our pious King N. and 
since thou knowest, O God, the desires of his heart, 
grant, by the ineffable grace of thy goodness and mercy, 
that he may enjoy, with all his people, an uninterrupted 
peace and heavenly victory. Thro' the same Lord Jesus 
Christ, thy Son, who liveth and rcigneth with thee, io 
the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God world without 
end. R. Amen. 

Then are read the following Lessons, called Prophe- 
cies, which were for the instruction of the Catechu* 

I. PROPHECY. Gen. i. 
This first lesson describes the creation of the world, and 
the formation of man, whom God created to his own 
image and likeness. The comparison of this first state 
of man with our present condition, may help us to 
conceive what sin is, which produced so dreadful a 
change; and at the same time shew us what the 
grace of Baptism is, which restores us to our former 

IN the beginning God created heaven and earth. And 
the earth was empty and void 5 and darkness cover- 
ed the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved 
upon the waters. And God said : Let there be light ; 
and there was light. And God saw the light, thai it 
was good 3 and he divided the light from the darkness. 
And he called the light day 3 and the darkness night. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


And there was evening and morning the first day. 
And God said : Let there be a firmament between the 
waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. 
And God made the firmament, and divided the waters 
that were under the firmament from those that were a- 
bove the firmament $ and so it was done. And God 
called the firmament the heavens. And there was even* 
ing and morning the second day. God also said : Let 
the waters that are under the heavens be gathered toge- 
ther into one place ; and let the dry land appear. And so 
it was done. And God called the dry land earth ; and 
the gathering together of the waters he called the seas. 
And God saw that it was good. And he said : Let'the 
earth bring forth the green herb, and such as may feed, 
and the fruit-tree yielding fruit after its kind, whose 
seed may be in it upon earth : And so it was done. 
And the earth brought forth the green herb and yielding 
seed according to its kind, and the tree that beareth 
fruit, and containeth seed, each according to its kind. 
And God saw it was good : And there was evening and 
morning the third day. And God said : Let there be 
lights in the firmament of the heavens, and let them 
divide day and night, and let them be for signs and 
seasons, and days and years 5 to shine in the firmament 
of . the heavens, and give light to the earth : And 
so it was done. And God made two great lights ; 
the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser 
light to rule the night, and the stars. And he placed 
them in the firmament of the heavens to shine upon the 
earth, and to rule the day and the night, and to divide 
light and darkness. And God saw that it was good. 
And there was evening and morning the fourth day. 
God said also : Let the waters bring forth creeping crea- 
tures that have life, and birds flying above the earth 
under the firmament of the heavens. And God created 
the large whales, and every moving and living creature, 
which the waters had brought forth, each according to 
its kind, and all sorts of fowl in their kind. And God 
saw that it was good. And he blessed them, saying : 
Increase and multiply, and fill the waters of the sea ; 
and let the fowl multiply on the earth. And there was 
evening and morning the fifth day. And God said : 
Let the earth bring forth living creatures in their kind $ 
cattle and creeping things, and beasts of the earth ac- 
cording to their kinds 3 and so it was done. And God 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


made the beasts of the earth, each according to its kind, 
and the cattle, and all creeping things of the earth, each 
in its kind. And God saw that it was good. And he 
said : Let us make man to our own image and likeness; 
and let him have dominion over the fish of the sea, 
and the fowl of the air, and over the beasts, and over 
the whole earth, and every, creeping thing that moveth 
upon the earth. And God created man to his own 
image, after the image of God he created him ; male 
and female he created them. And God blessed them, 
and said : Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and 
subdue it $ and rule over the fish of the sea, and the 
fowl of the air, and all the living creatures that move 
on the earth. And God said : Behold I have given you 
every herb yielding seed upon the earth, and all the trees, 
containing in themselves seed according to their kind, 
to be food to you, and to all the animals upon the earth, 
and to all the fowls of the air, and to all things that 
move on the earth, and in which there is life, that they 
may have food : and so it was done. And God saw all 
things which he had made; and they were very 
good. And there was evening and morning the sixth 
day. ' Thus, therefore were finished the heavens and 
the earth, ana all their host. And on the seventh day 
God finished his work, which he had made ; and he 
rested the seventh day from all his work which he had 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneeT down. Suld. 
Stand up again. 

PRAYER. Deusy qui. /O God, who didst wonder- 
fully create man, and didst redeem him by a still greater 
wonder 3 grant us, we beseech thee, such strength of 
mind and reason against all the allurements of sin, that 
we may deserve to obtain eternal joys. Thro'. R. 

II: PROPHECY. Gen. v. vi vii. viii. 
This second Lesson contains an account of the deluge, 
which God sent in punishment of the sins of man, sod 
a description of the ark, which was a figure of the 
Church, out of which none can be saved. 

WHEN Noah was five hundred years old, he be- 
gat Sera, Cham and Japhet. And after that 
men began to multiply upon the earth, and had begot- 
ten daughters ; the sons of God f seeing that the daugh- 

fExpl. The race of Seth, who had hitherto preserved 

♦ -Digitiz 


ters of men } were beautiful, took to themselves wives 
out of all whomtbey had chosen. And God said : My 
spirit shall not abide in man for ever, because he is flesh ; 
and his days shall bfe an hundred and twenty years: 
And there were giants on the earth in those days. For 
after the sons of God had accompanied with the daugh- 
ters of men, they brought forth children; these are 
they who were mighty men of old, men of fame. Aud 
God seeing that the wickedness of man on earth was 
great, and that all the thoughts of their heart were con* 
tinually bent on evil, he repented that he had made man 
on earth. And being touched inwardly with grief of 
heart, he said : I will destroy man, whom I have created, 
from off the face of the earth 5 from man even to the 
beasts 5 from things that creep on the earth to the fowl 
of the air 5 for I am sorry I have made them. But 
Noah found favour in the sight of the Lord. These are' 
the generations of Noah. Noah was a righteous and 
perfect man in his time, and walked with God. And 
he begot three sons, Sera, Cham, and Japhet. And 
-the earth was corrupted in the sight of God, and filled 
with iniquity. And when God had seen that the earth 
was corrupted, (for all flesh had corrupted its way on 
-earth) he said to Noah : The end of all flesh is come 
before me ; they have filled the earth with iniquity, and 
I will destroy them and the earth together* Make 
therefore for thyself an ark of timber-planks. Thou 
shalt make little rooms in the ark, and thou shalt 
rub it over with bitumen both within and without. 
And thus thou shalt make it ; The length of the 
ark shall be three hundred cubits ; the breadth of 
ir fifty cubits ; and the height of it thirty cubits. 
Thou shalt make a window in the ark; and in a 
cubit thou shalt finish the top of it ; and the door 
of the ark shall be placed in the side 5 and thou shah 
make in it lower rooms, and second and third stories. 
Behold I will bring the waters of a great flood -iUpon the 
earth', to destroy all flesh, in which is the breath of life, 
vol. 1. oq * 

the true worship of God. \ Expl. The race of wicked 
men, who had corrupted the worship of God, and 
given themselves up to all the inclinations of corrupted 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


under heaven 5 and all things that are on the earth shall 
be consumed. But I will settle my covenant with thee j 
and tl)ou shah enter into the ark, and thy sons, and thy 
wife, and the wives of thy sons with thee. And thou 
•halt bring into the ark two of a sort of all living crea- 
tures of all flesh, of the male and the female sex, that 
their lives may be saved with thine. Of fowl according 
to their kind, and of beasts after their kind, and of every 
creeping thing on the earth, according to its kind; two 
of every sort shall go in with thee, that they may live. 
Thou shalt therefore take with thee of all food that may 
be eaten, and lay it np by thee ; and it shall be food 
both for thee and them. Noah therefore did all as God 
had commanded him. And he was six hundred years 
old when the waters of the deluge overflowed the earth. 
Then were all the springs of the great deep broken up, 
and the flood-gates of heaven opened j and the rain fell 
upon the earth forty days, and forty nights. In the self 
same day Noah, and Sem, and Cham, and Japhet, his 
sons, his wife, and the three wives of his sons with 
them, went into the ark j they and every living creature 
according to its kind, and all cattle after their kind, and 
every thing that moveth upon the earth after its kind, 
and every fowl according to its kind. And the ark float* 
ed upon the waters. And the waters swelled exceeding- 
ly upon the earth, and all the high mountains under die 
whole heavens were covered. The water was fifteen 
cubits higher than the mountains it covered. And all 
flesh was destroyed, that moved upon the earth, of fowl, 
cattle, beasts, and all creeping things, that creep on the 
earth. Only Noah remained, and those that were with 
him in the ark. And the waters prevailed J upon the 
earth an hundred and fifty days. But God remembering 
Noah, and all the living creatures, and all the cattle, 
that were with him in the ark, made a wind blow upon 
the earth, and the waters decreased. And the springs 
of the deep, and the flood-gates of heaven were shut up j 
and the rains from heaven were stopt. And the waters 
going to and fro went off from the earth ; and they be- 
gan to decrease after an hundred and fifty days* And, 
forty days after, JVoah opened the window of the ark, 
which lie had made in it, and let out a raven, which 
Went out, and returned not, until the waters were dried 

X Expl. Contiuucd to rise. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


upon the earth. He sent out also a dove after it, to see 
if the waters were yet gone off from the surface of the 
earth. But she not finding where to rest her foot, re- 
turned to him into the ark ; for the waters yet covered 
the earth ; and he stretched out his hand, and caught 
her, and brought her into the ark. And having wait- 
ed seven days more, he again sent the dove out of die 
ark. But she returned to him in the eveniug, bringing 
in her bill an olive-branch with gneen leaves. Noah 
thereby knew the waters were gone off from the earth. 
Nevertheless he waited other seven days; and he sent 
out the dove, which returned no more to him. And 
God spoke to Noah, saying : Go out of the ark, thou 
and thy wife, thy sons, and the wives of thy sons with 
thee. Bring out with thee all the liviug creatures of all 
flesh, tbat are with thee, as well of the fowls, as of the 
beasts, asd of all the creeping things, that creep upon the 
earth, and go you upon the earth ; increase and multiply 
upon it. Noah therefore went out, and his sons, his 
wife, aod the wives of his sons with him. All the liv* 
ing creatures, the cattle, ami all the creeping things that 
creep upon the earth according to their kind, went also 
out of the ark. And Noah erected an altar to the Lord* 
and taking some of all the cattle and fowl that were clean, 
hm offered holocausts upon the altar. And the Lord 
smelt the sweet odour thereof. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Suld. 
Stand up again. 

PRAYER. DeuSy incommutaliUs. O God, wbpsq 
power is unchangeable, and whose light never failetn, 
mercifully regard the wonderful sacrament of thy whole 
church, and by an effect of thy perpetual providence ac- 
complish in peace the work of human salvation ; and let 
the whole world experience and see, that what was fallen, 
is raised up again j what was old, is become new, and 
that all things are again settled by him, who gave them 
their first being, our Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son. Who. 
liveth. R. Amen. 

III. PROPHECY. Gen. xxii. 

This prophecy contains an account of the intended sacri* 
rice of Isaac, and of his miraculous escape ; which 
was a type of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


IN those days : God tried Abraham, and said to him : 
Abraham, Abraham. And he answered : I am here. 
He said to him: Take thy only begotten son Isaac, 
whom thou lovest, and go into the land of vision ; and 
there thou shalt offer him an holocaust upon one of the 
mountains, which I will shew thee. Abraham there* 
tore rising in the night, saddled his ass, taking with him 
two young men, and his son Isaac. And when he had 
clove the wood for the holocaust, he went to the place, 
whither God had commanded him to go. And the third 
day lifting up his eyes, he saw the place afar off; and 
he said to his servants : Stay here with the ass ; and I 
and the boy will make haste to that place, and will re- 
turn to you after we have adored. He took also the 
wood for. the holocaust, and kid it upon his son Isaac ; 
but he himself carried in his hands the fire and the sword. 
jVnd as they two went on together, Isaac said to his fa- 
ther : Father ! And he said : What wilt thou my son ? 
Behold, saith be, here is fire and wood ; but where is the 
victim for the holocaust ? And Abraham said : God will 
provide himself a victim for the holocaust, my son. 
They went on therefore together, and came to the place, 
which God had shewn him, in which he built an altar, 
and laid the wood in order upon it. And having bound 
his son Isaac, he laid him on the altar, upon the pile of 
wood. And he stretched out his hand,* and- took up the 
sword, to sacrifice his son. And behold the Angel of 
the Lord called out from heaven, saying : Abraham, 
Abraham. ' Who answered : I am here. And he said 
to him : Stretch not out thy hand against the boy, nor 
do thou any thing to him ; now I know that thou fearest 
God, and hast not spared thy only begotten son for my 
sake. Abraham lifted up his eyes, and saw behind his 
back a ram caught fast by the horns among the briers ; 
which he took and offered for an holocaust instead of his 
son. And he called the name of that place, The Lord 
seeth. Hence to this day it is said, The Lord will see 
on the mountain. And die Angel of the Lord called to 
Abraham a second time from heaven, saying : by my- 
self I have sworn, saith the Lord ; because thou hast 
done this thing, and hast not spared thy only begotten 
son for my sake ; 1 will bless thee, and multiply thy seed 
as the stars of heaven, and as the sand that is on the 
sea-shore." Thy seed shall possess the cities of their ene- 
jnies, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


thy seed, because thou hast obeyed my voice. And 
Abraham returned to his servants, and they went to 
Bersabee together, and he dwelt there. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Subd. 
Stand up again. 

PRAYER. Deus, fidelium. O God, the sovereign 
Father of the faithful, who throughout (he whole 
world multipliest the children of the promise by the 

frace of thy adoption ; and makest thy servant Abra- 
am, according to thy oath, the father of all nations 
l>y this Paschal sacrament ; grant that thy people may 
worthily receive the grace of thy vocation. Thro*. R. 

IV. PROPHECY. Exod. xiv. 

Tliis prophecy treats of the passage of the red sea, and 
of the miraculous deliverance of the Israelites. Let 

. us reflect that the deliverance from the power of the 
Devil, which is obtained by the waters of baptism, is 
a still more wonderful effect of the divine mercy. 

IN those days : It came to pass in the morning watch, 
and behold the Lord looking on the camp of the 
Egyptians through the pillar of Are and of the cloud, slew 
their host and overthrew the wheels of their chariots, 
and they were carried into the deep. The Egyptians 
therefore said: Let us flee from Israel, for thfc Lord fight* 
eth for them against us. And the Lord said to Moses ; 
Stretch out thy hand upon the sea, that the waters may 
return upon the Egyptians, upon their chariots ana} 
horsemen. And when Moses had stretched out his 
hand towards the sea, it returned at break of day to its 
former place j and the waters came upon the Egyptians 
'flying away, and the Lord shut them up in the middle 
*>f the waves. And the waters returned and covered the 
chariots and horsemen of Pharaoh's whole army, who 
had entered into the sea in pursuit of the Israelites > 
neither did there remain so much as one of them. And 
•he children of Israel marched through the middle of 
the dry sea, and the waters were like a wall on their 
right and left j and the Lord on that day delivered Israel 
cut of the bands of the Egyptians. And they saw the 
Egyptians dead on the sea-shore, and the great power 
which the Lord had shewn against them ; and the peo- 
ple feared the Lord, and they believed the Lord and hU 
a q % ' ' 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


servant Moses. Then Moses and the children of Israel 
sung this Canticle to the Lord, and said : 

TRACT. Evod. xv. Cantemus Domino; glo- 
Let us sing to the Lord 5 rioseenimmagnificatusest; 
for he hath wonderfully equum et ascensorem pro- 
displayed his glory ; he jecit in mare j adjutor et 
hath thrown both the protector factus est mihi in 
horse and the rider into Salutem. V. Hie Deus 
the sea. He hath been meus, ethonorificaboeumj 
my help, and my protec- Deus patris mei, et exalta- 
tor and Saviour. V. He is boeum. V. Dominus con- 
my God ; to him will I terens bella 5 Dominus no- 
give glory ; he is the God men est tilt. 
of my father, and I will 
extol him. V. He is the 
Lord that destroyeth wars; 
his name is the Lord. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Suld. 
Stand up again. 

PRAYER. Deus, cujus. O God, whose antient 
miracles we see renewed in our days ; whilst, by the 
water of regeneration, thou performest for the salvation 
of the Gentiles, that which by the power of thy right 
hand thou didst for the deliverance of one people from 
the Egyptian persecution j grant that all the nations of 
the world may become the children of Abraham, and 
partake of the dignity of the people of Israel. Thro*. 
R. Amen. 

V. PROPHECY. Isaiah liv. W. 

The Church borrows the words of the Prophet, to in- 
vite sinners to the waters of baptism, that they may 
be sanctified ; and exhorts them to submit to the doc- 
trine and maxims of Jesus Christ, whotn they lake 
for their master in baptism, and to make his divine 
word fructify in them by a true conversion. 

THIS is the inheritance of the servants of the Lord, 
and their righteousness is from me, saith the 
Lord. All you thntohirst, come to the waters 5 and you 
. that have no silver, make haste, buy and eat ; come boy 
wine and milk without silver, and without any exchange. 
Why do you. spend your silver in that which is not 
bread, .and your labour in what, cannot fill you r Heark<* 
en diljgently to me, and eat what is good, and your soul 
shall be delighted in fatness. Give ear, and come to 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


me } hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an 
everlasting covenant with you, the sure mercies of 
David. Behold I have made him a witness to the ria* 
tions, a leader and a master to the Gentiles. Behold 
thou shalt call a nation, which thou k newest not j and 
the nations that knew thee not, shall run to thee, 
because of the Lord thy God, and the Holy One of Is- 
rael 5 for he hath glorified thee. Seek the Lord, whilst 
be may be found ; call upon him, while he is near. 
Let the impious man forsake his way, and the unjust 
man his thoughts, and return to the Lord, and he will 
have mercy on him ; and to our God. for he is bounti- 
ful to forgive. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, 
nor are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as far 
as the heavens are above the earth ; so are my ways 
above your ways, and my thoughts above your 
thoughts. And as the rain and snow come down from 
heaven, and return not thither again, but soak the earth, 
and water it, and make it bud forth, affording seed to 
the sower, and bread to him that eateth ; so shall ray 
word be, that goeth out of my mouth 5 it shall not re- 
turn, to me empty, but shall do whatsoever 1 please, and 
prosper in those things for which I sent it ; saith the 
Lord Almighty. 

Pt. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Subd. 
Stand up again. 

PRAYER. Omnipotens sempiierne. O Almighty 
and Eternal God, multiply for the honour of thy name, 
what thou didst promise to the faith of our forefathers ; 
and increase, by thy sacred adoption, the children of 
that promise 5 that what the antient saints doubted not 
would come to pass, thy Church may now find in great 
part accomplished. Thro*. R. Amen. 

VI. PROPHECY. Baruch iii. 
The misfortunes of the Israelites were in punishment of 

their sins. The. value of true wisdom;, where to be 

found 5 Christ taught it the Israelites, and will at last 

appear in flesh. 

HEAR, O Israel* the commandments of life j give 
ear that thou may'st learn wisdom. Why, O 
Israel, art thou in the land of thine enemies ? Thou art 
grown old in a strange country ; thou art denied with 
the dead $ thou art reckoned among those that descend 
into bell. Thou bast forsaken the fountain. of wisdom* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


For if thou hadst walked in the ways of God, then 
hadst certainly dwelt in peace for ever : Learn where 
wisdom is, where fortitude is, where understanding is; 
that thou may'sl know, at the same time, where there is 
long continuance of life and food, where there is the 
light of the eyes and peace. ' Who hath found out her 
abode t And who hath gone into her treasures ? Where 
are the princes of the Gentiles, and they that rule over 
the beasts that are upon the earth ? That sport with the 
birds of the air -, that hoard up silver and gold, in which 
men confide, and there is no end of their getting ? They 
that work in silver, and are solicitous, and whose works 
cannot be found. They are cut off, and are gone down 
to hell, and others are risen up in their place. Young 
men have seen the light, and dwelt upon the earth ; but 
they have not known the way of knowledge, nor under* 
stood its paths ; nor have their children received it ; it 
was far from them. It bath not been heard of in the 
land of Canaan, nor seen in Theman. The children of 
Ag&r also, who seek after the wisdom, which is of the 
earth ; the merchants of Merrha and of Theman, and 
the tellers of fables, and the searchers of prudence and 
understanding, have not known the way of wisdom, nor 
remembered her paths. O Israel, how great is the house 
of God, and how large the place of his possession ! It is 
great, and hath no bounds $ it is high and immense. 
There were the giants, those men famous of old, of 
great stature, expert in war. The Lord chose not them, 
nor did they find the way of knowledge $ and therefore 
did they perish. And because they had not wisdom, 
they perished through their folly. Who hath gone up 
into heaven, and taken her, and brought her out of the 
clouds ? Who hath crossed the seas, and found her, and 
brought her home preferably to the choicest gold ; 
There is none that can know her ways, nor that can 
search out her paths -, but he that knoweth all things, 
knoweth her, and haih found her out by his understand- 
ing. He that made the earth at the beginning, and 
filled it with cattle, and four-footed beasts ; he that send* 
eth forth the light, and it goeth ; and called to it, and k 
obeyed him with trembling. And the stars gave light 
in their stations, and rejoiced 5 they were called to, and 
they said : Here we are 5 and they shkied forth with 
ehearfulttetfs to hhn that made them. This is our God, 
and no other shall be set in competition with fete. It 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


is be that found out all the way of knowledge, and de- 
livered it to Jacohhis servant, and to Israel his beloved 
one. After these things he was seen upon earth, and 
conversed with men. 

Pr. Let us pray. Demc. Let us kneel down. SuM. 
Stand up again. 

PRAYER. Deus, qui. O God,'* who continually 
multiplies* thy Church by the vocation of the Gentiles 5 
mercifully grant thy perpetual protection to those, 
whom thou washest with the water of baptism. Thro'. 
R. Amen. 

VII. PROPHECY. Ezech. xxxvii. 
Under the type of the restoration of the Jews after the 
captivity, is foretold the future resurrection of our 
bodies, and the eternal rest and glory of the saints of 

IN those days : The hand of the Lord was upon me, 
. and brought me forth in the spirit of the Lord ; and 
set me down in the middle of a field, that was full of 
bones j and led me about them on every side. And there 
were very many of them all over the field, and exceed- 
ing dry. And he said to me : Son of Man, dost thou 
think that these bones will return to life ? And I said : 

Lord God, thou knowest. And he said to me : Pro- 
phesy concerning these bones ? and thou shalt say to 
them : Ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord. Thus 
saith the Lord God to these bones : Behold I will send 
§ spirit into you, and you shall live. And I will put si- 
news on you, and make flesh grow over you,- and I will 
draw a skin over yon, and put spirit in you, and you 
siiaii return to life, and know that T am the Lord. And 

1 prophesied, as he had commanded me 5 and while I 
prophesied, there was a noise, and behold there was a 
motion ; and the bones came together, each one to its 
own joint. And I saw, and bejidd sinews and flesh 
came upon them, and a skin was drawn over them, but 
they had no spirit* And he said iq me ; Prophesy to 
the spirit, Son of Man : prophesy, and say to the spirit : 
Thus saith the Lord : Come spirit from the four winds, 
and blow on these slain, and let them return to life. 
And I prophesied, as he had commanded me j and the 
spirit came into them, and they came to life ; and stood 

§ Expl. Soul, life, breath. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


on their feet, being an exceeding great army. And 
he said to me : Son of Man, all these bones are the 
home of Israel. They say : Our bones are withered, 
and our hope is lost, and we are cut off. Wherefore 
prophesy, and say to them : Thug saith the Lord God : 
Behold I will open your graves and bring you out of 
your sepulchres, O my people ; and I will bring you 
into the land of Israel. And you shall know that 1 ana 
the Lord, when I have opened your graves, and brought 
you out of your sepulchres, O my people -, and shall 
have put my spirit in you, and you shall live, and I will 
make you rest in your own land ; saith the Lord Al- 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Suld. 
Stand up again. 

PRAYER. Detts, qui nos. O God, who by the 
scriptures of both, testaments - teachest us to cele- 
brate the Paschal sacrament ; give us such a sense of 
thy mercy, that, by receiving thy present favours, we 
• may have a firm hope of thy future blessings, Thro\ 
R. Amen. 


The Prophet foretells on one hand the ruin of Jerusa- 
lem •, and on the other, the establishment of the king- 
dom of Christ by the remission of sin, *uid the 
gift of the love of Cod, which he will pour forth 
on his elect, whom he will place in the Church, 
as in a secure harbour against all the storms of 
this world. Let us beg that we may be of that 

SEVEN women shall take hold of one man in that 
day, saying : We will find our own bread, and be 
severed witn our own garments ; only let us be called 
by thy name j take thou away our reproach. In that 
day the bud of the Lord shall be in magnificence and 
glory, and the fruit of the earth high ; and there shall 
be joy to those of Israel, that shall have escaped. And 
It shall come to pass, that every one that is left in Sion, 
and shall remain in Jerusalem, shall be called Holy \ 
every one that is written among the living in Jerusalem* 
If the Lord, shall wash away the filth of the daughters 
of Sion, and wash the blood of Jerusalem out of the 
midst of it, by the spirit of judgment, and by the spjrit 
of burning. And the Lord will make upon every place 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


of mount Sion, and where he is called upon, a cloud by 
day, and a smoke, and the brightness of flaming fire by 
night ; for over all the glory there shall be a covering. 
And his tabernacle shall be a shade in the day from the 
heat ; and a security and covering from the whirlwind 
and the rain. 

TRACT. Isaiah v. My Vinea facta est dilecto 
beloved had a vineyard on in cornu in loco uberi. V. 
a high and fruitful place. Et maceriam circumdedit, 
V. He fenced it in, and et circumfodit 5 et planta- 
digged it about ; and plant- vit vinea ra sorec, et ratifi- 
ed it with the choicest cavit turrim in medio ejus, 
vines, and built a tower in V. Et torcular fodit in ea ; 
the midst of it. V. And he vinea enirn Domini Saba* 
sunk in it a wine-press 5 oth domus Israel est. 
for the vineyard of the Lord 
of hosts is the house of 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Subd. 
Stand up again. 

PRAYER. Deus, qui in omnibus. O God, who 
by the mouths of thy holy prophets hast declared, that 
through the whole extent of thy empire, 'tis thou that 
sowest the good seed, and improvest the choicest branch- 
es that are found in all the children of thy Church ; 
grant to thy people, who are called by the names of 
vineyards and corn, that they may root out all thorns 
and briers, and bring forth good fruit in plenty. Thro*. 
R. Amen. 

IX. PROPHECY. Exo<L xii. 
The institution of the passover, when the paschal 

lamb was sacrificed, as a type and figure of Christ, 

tby whose blood we are secured from the destroying 


In those days : The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in 
the land of Egypt, as above, p. 421. 

Pr. Let Us pray. Deac. Let us k:neel down. Subd. 
Stand up again. 

PRAYER. Omnipotens. O Almighty and Eternal 
God, who art wonderful in the performance of all thy 
works 5 let all thy servants, whom thou hast redeemed, 
understand, that the creation of the world in the begin- 
ning was not a more excellent work, than the sacri- 
ficing of Christ our Passover at the end of the world. 
Who with thee, &c. R. Amen. 

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. X. PROPHECY. Jonas III. 

The way to hinder the threats of God from taking ef- 
fect, is to return to him with humility and a true sor- 
row of mind, as the Ninivites did. Let us imitate 
their example. 

In those days : The word of the Lord came to 
the Prophet Jonas the second time, saying, &c. as 
p. 301. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Subd. 
Stand up again. 

PRAYER. Deus, qui diverskate. O God, who 
hast united the several nations of the Gentiles in the 
profession of thy name; give us both a will and a 
power to obey thy commands; that all thy people, 
who are called to eternity, may have the same feith in 
their minds, and piety in their actions. Thro\ R. 

XL PROPHECY. Deut. xxxi. 

Josue, bearing the name of Jesus, of whom he was the 
type, is to bring the Israelites into the promised land. 
They are reproached by Moses with their stubborn- 
ness and disobedience. They are exhorted to medi- 
tate on the law of God, which, if not complied with, 
will be a testimony against them. 

IN those days : Moses wrote a canticle, and taugbt 
it the children of Israel. And the Lord gave his 
orders to Josue the son of Nun, and said: Take cou- 
rage, and be valiant ; for thou shalt bring the children 
of Israel into the land which I have promised, and I 
will be with thee. Therefore after that Moses had 
written the words of this law in a volume and finished 
it, he gave his orders to the Levites, that carried the frk 
of the covenant of the Lord, saying : Take this book, 
and put it on the side of the ark of the covenant of the 
Lord your God, that it may be there for a testimony 
against you. For I know your stubbornness, and that 
you are excessively stiff-necked. While I was yet liv- 
ing, and with you, you have always been rebellious a- 
gainst the Lord 5 how much more will you be so, whea 
J am dead ? Gather together before me all the aotients 
of your tribes, and your teachers j and I will speak these 
words in their hearing, and I will call heaven and earn 
to witness against them. For I know that after my 
death you will do wickedly, and will quickly turn aside 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


from the way, which I have appointed you $ and evils 
shall come upon you in the latter times, when you shall 
do wickedly in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him 
by the works of your hands. Moses therefore spoke 
in the hearing of the whole assembly of Israel the 
words of this canticle, and went thro* with it to the 

Attende cerium, et lo- 
quar; audiat terra verba 
ex ore meo. V. Expecte- 
tur sicut piuvia eloquium 
meum ; et descendent sicut 
ros verba mea. V. Sicut 
imber super gramen, et si- 
cut nix super foenum :.quia 
nomen Domini invocabo. 
V.Date magnitudinem Deo 
nostro; Deus, vera opera 
ejus, et omnes viae ejus ju- 
dicia. V. Deus fidelis, in 
quo non est iniquitas 5 Jus- 
tus et sanctus Dominus. 

* TRACT. Deut. xxxii. 
Give ear, O ye heavens, 
and I will speak 5 and let 
the earth hear the words 
of my mouth. V. Let 
what I say, be looked for 
like rain 5 and let my words 
drop down like dew. V. 
Like the shower upon the 
grass, and the snow upon 
the dry herb; for 1 will 
call upon the name of the 
Lord. V. Publish the 
greatness of our God ; he 
is God 5 his works are per- 
fect, and all his ways are 
justice* V. God is faith- 
ful, in whom there is no 
iniquity ; the Lord is just 
and holy. 

Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. Subd. 
Stand up again. 

PRAYER. Deus, celsitudo. O God, who raisest 
the humble, and givest strength to the righteous $ and 
who, by thy holy servant Moses, wast pleased so to in- 
struct thy people by the singing of the sacred canticle, 
that the repetition of the law might be also our direction ; 
shew thy power to all the multitude of Gentiles justified 
by thee, and, by mitigating thy terrors, grant them joy ; 
that, all their sins being pardoned by thee, the threaten- 
ed vengeance may contribute to their salvation. Thro*. 
R. Amen. 

XII. PROPHECY. Dan. iii. 
Represents the protection God grants to those, who com- 
ply with his law, in opposition to the commands and 
authority of man. 
vol. 1. it r * . 

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IN those days : Nabuchodonosor the King made a 
statue of gold, sixty cubits high, and six cubits 
broad j aud set it up in the plain of Dura, in the pro- 
vince of Babylon. Then Nabuchodonosor the King sent 
to call together the nobles, magistrates, and judges, the 
captains and rulers, and governors, and all the rulers of 
the provinces, to come to the dedication of the statue, 
which Nabuchodonosor the King had set up. Then the 
nobles, magistrates, judges, captains and rulers, and 
the great 'men that were in power, and all the rulers of 
the provinces, gathered together to be present at the de- 
dication of the statue, which Nabuchodonosor the King 
had set up. And they stood before the statue which 
Nabuchodonosor the King had set up ; and an herald 
cried out with a strong voice : You are commanded, O 
ye nations, tribes, and tongues, at the hour you shall 
hear the sound of the trumpet, and of the flute and of 
the harp, of (he sackbut and of the psaltery, and of the 
symphony, and of all kinds of musical instruments, to 
fall down and adore the golden statue, which Nabucho- 
donosor the King hath set up. And if any man shall 
not fall down and adore it, the same hour he shall be 
cast into a furnace of burning fire. Upon this therefore, 
as soon as all the people heard the sound of the trumpet, 
the flute and the harp, of the sackbut and of the psaltery, 
of the symphony, and of all kinds of musical instruments, 
all the nations, tribes, and tongues, fell down and adored 
the golden statue, which Nabuchodonosor the King had 
set up. And immediately at that very time some Chal- 
deans came, and accused the Jews ; and they said to 
Nabuchodonosor the King : O King, live for ever ; thou, 
O King, hast made a decree, that every man, that shall 
hear the sound of the trumpet, of the flute and of the 
harp, of the sackbut and of the psaltery, of the symph- 
ony, and of all kinds of musical instruments, shall pros- 
trate himself, and adore the golden statue 5 and if any 
man shall not fall down and adore it, he shall be cast in- 
to a furnace of burning fire. Now there are certain Jews, 
whom thou hast set over the works of the province of 
Babylon: Sidrach, Misacb, andAbdenago; these men, 
O King, have slighted thy decree j they worship not 
thy gods, and adore not the golden statue thou hast set 
up. Then Nabuchodonosor, in fury and wrath, com- 
manded Sidrach, Misach, and Abdenago to be brought 
befoifc him -, who immediately were brought before the 

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King. And Nabuchodonosor the King spoke to them, 
and said : Is it true, O Sidrach, Misacb, and Abdenago, 
that you do not worship my gods, nor adore the golden 
statue, which I have set up. Now therefore, if you be 
ready, at whatever hour you shall hear the sound of the 
trumpet, flute, harp, sackbut, and psaltery, and symph- 
ony, and of all kinds of musical instruments, prostrate 
yourselves, and adore the statue which I have made. 
And if you do not adore it, the same hour you shall be 
cast into the furnace of burning fire j and who is the 
God that shall deliver you out of my hands ? Sidrach, 
Misacb, and Abdenago answered and said to Nabucho- 
donosor the King ; It behoveth us not to answer thee 
concerning this thing. For behold our God, whom we 
warship, is able to save us from the furnance of burning 
fire, and deliver us, O King, out of thy hands. But if 
he will not, be it known to thee, O King, that we wor- 
ship not thy gods, nor adore the golden statue, which « 
thou hast set up. Then was Nabuchodonosor filled wiih 
fury 5 and his countenance was changed towards Sidrach, 
Misacb, and Abdenago. And he commanded the fur- 
nace to be heated seven times more than it bad been ac- 
customed to be heated. And he commanded the strongest 
men of his army to bind the feet of Sidrach,, Misach, and 
Abdenago, and cast them into the furnace of burning 
fire, and immediately these men, being bound, were 
cast into the middle of the furnace of burning 
fire, with their mantles, caps, shoes, and clothes -, for 
the commands of the King were pressing, and the fur- 
nace was heated exceedingly. And the flames of the 
fire slew those men that had cast Sidrach, Misach, and 
Abdenago into it. But these three men, that is Sidrach, 
Misach, and Abdenago, fell down bound in the middle 
of the furnance of burning fire. And they walked in 
the midst of the flame, praising God, and blessing the 

Let us pray. Omnipotens. O Almighty and Eternal 
God, the only hope of the world, who, by the voice of 
thy prophets, hast manifested the mysteries of this pre- 
sent time ; graciously increase the desires of thy people ; 
since none of the faithful can, advance in any virtue 
without thy inspiration. Thro'. R. Amen. 

After the Blessing of the Font, (which see Vol. II. 
in the service of Whitsun-eve, and baptizing such as are 
present ; or if the Font le not Messed this day, immedi- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ately after the XII. Lesson and Collect following ; the 
Priest, with his Ministers, goes and lies prostrate before 
the altar ; and all the rest kneel, while the Litany is sung 
ly two Chanters in the middle of the Choir, the whole 
Choir repeating after them. 

T ORD have mercy on TT^YRIE deison. 

Christ have mercy on us. Christe eleison. 

Lord have mercy on us, 

Christ hear us. 

Christ graciously hear us. 

God the Father of hea- 
ven ; Have mercy on us. 

God the Son, Rdeemer 
of the world ; Have mercy. 

God the Holy Ghost; 
Have mercy. 

Holy Trinity, one God ; 
Have mercy. 

Holy Mary ; Pray for us. 

Holy Mother of. God 3 
Pray. ' 

Holy Virgin of Virgins ; 

St. Michael j Pray. 

St. Gabriel; Pray. 

St. Raphael; Pray. 

All you holy Angels and 
Archangels 5 Pray ye for 

All you holy orders of 
blessed Spirits,- pray ye. 

St. John the Baptist 5 

All ye holy Patriarchs 
and Prophets ; pray ye for 

St. Peter ; pray. 

St. Paul ; pray. 

St. Andrew ; pray. 

St. John ; pray. 

All ye holy apostles and 
Evangelists ; pray ye for us. 

Kyrie eleison. 

Christe audi nos. 

Christe exaudi nos. 

Pater de ccelis Deus ; 
Miserere nobis. 

Fili, Redemptor mundi, 
Deus ; Miserere. 

Spiritus Sancte Deus ; 

Sancta Trinitas, unus De- 
us; Miserere. 

Sancta Maria ; Ora pro 

Sancta Dei Genitrix j 

Sancta Virgo Virginum ; 

Sancte Michael j Ora. 

Sancte Gabriel; Ora. 

Sancte Raphael; Ora. 

Omnes sancti Angeli et 
Archangeli ; Orate pro no- 

Omnes sancti beatorum 
Spiritum ordines ; orate. 

Sancte Joannes Baptista ; 

Omnes sancti Patriarchae 
et Prophetae ; orate pro no- 

Sancte Petre ; ora. 

Sancte Paule ; ora. 

Sancte Andrea ; ora. 

Sancte Joannes ; ora. 
Omnes Sancti Apostoli et 
Evangelistae; orate pro nobis. 

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All ye holy Disciples 
of the Lord ; pray ye for 

St. Stephen ; pray. 

St. Lawrence ; pray. 

St. Vincent ; pray. 

All you holy Martyrs; 
pray ye. 

St. Sylvester % pray. 

St. Gregory; pray. 

St^ Augustine 5 pray. 

All you holy Bishops 
and Confessors; pray ye 
for us. 

All you holy Doctors ; 
pray ye. 

St. Anthony ; pray. 

St. Bennet ; pray. 

St. Dominic ; pray. 

St. Francis ; pray. 

All you holy Priests 
and Levites ; pray ye for 

All you holy Monks and 
Hermits ; pray ye. . 

St. Mary Magdalen ; 

St. Agnes 5 pray. 

St. Cecily ; pray. 

St. Agatha; pray. 

St. Anastasia ; pray. 

All you holy Virgins and 
. Widows 5 pray ye. 

All you Men and Wo- 
men, Saints of God ; in- 
tercede tor us. 

Be merciful; spare us, 

Be merciful 5 graciously 
hear us, O Lord. 

From all evil; deliver 
us, OLord. 

From all sin; deliver. 

Omnes sancti Discipuli 
Domini ; orate pro nobis. 

Sancte Stephane ; ora. 

Sancte Laurenti ; ora. 

Sancte Vincenti ; ora. 

Omnes sancti Martyres ; 

Sancte Sylvester ; ora. 

Sancte Gregori ; ora. 

Sancte Augustine ; ora. 

Omnes sancti Pont i rices 
et Confessores; orate pro 

Omnes sancti Doctores ; 

Sancte Antoni ; ora. 

Sancte Benedicte ; ora. 

Sancte Dominice; ora. 

Sancte Francisce; ora. 

Omnes sancti Sacerdotes 
et Levitae; orate pro nobis. 

Omnes sancti Monachi 
et Eremitae ; orate. 

Sancta Maria Magdale* 
ne ; ora. 

Sancta Agnes ; ora. 

Sancta »Caecilia j ora. 

Sancta Agatha ; ora. 

Sancta Anastasia ; ora. 

Omnes sancta; Virgines 
et Vidua; ; orate. 

Omnes Sancti et Sanct» 
Dei ; intercedite pro nobis. 

Propitius esto ; parce 
nobis, Domine. 

Propitius esto; exaudi 
nos, Domine. 

Ab omni malo; libera 
nos, Domine. 

Ab omni peccato; li- 

R r 2 

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From eternal death ; de- 

By the mystery of thy 
holy incarnation j deliver. 

By thy coming; deliver. 

By thy nativity \ deliver. 

By thy baptism and holy 
fast 5 deliver. 

By thy Cross and Pas- 
sion j deliver. 

By thy death and bu- 
rial 5 deliver. 

By thy holy resurrec- 
tion ; deliver. 

By thy wonderful ascen- 
sion j deliver. 

By the coming of the 
Holy Ghost the Comfort- 
er 5 deliver. 

In the day.of judgment 5 

We sinners beseech thee 
to hear us. 

That thou spare us ; we 
beseech thee to hear us. 

That thou vouchsafe to 
govern and preserve thy 
holy Church 3 we beseech 

That thou vouchsafe to 
preserve the Apostolic 
Pastor, and all orders of 
the Church in holy reli- 
gion ; we beseech. 

That thqu vouchsafe to 
humble the enemies of 
thy holy Church ; we be- 

That thou vouchsafe to 
grant peace and true con- 
cord to, Christian Kings 
nd Princes -, we beseech. 

A morte perpetua; li- 

Per mysterium sanctae 
incarnationis tuae ; libera. 

Per adventum tuum > li- 

Per nativitatem tuam; 

Per bapttsmum et sanc- 
tum jejunium tuum ; li- 

Per crucem et passionem 
tuam 5 libera. 

Per mortem et sepultu- 
ram tuam ; libera. 

Per sanctam resurrectio- 
nem tuam ; libera. 

Per admirabilem ascen- 
sionem tuam ; libera. 

Per adventum Spiritus 
Sancti Paracliti $ libera. . 

In die judicii 5 libera. - 

Peccatores te rogamus 
audi nos. 

Ut nobis parcaa ; te ro- 
gamus audi nos. 

Ut ecclesiam tuam sanc- 
tam regere, et conservare 
digneris ; te rogamus. 

Ut Domnum Apostoli- 
cum, et omnes Ecclesiasti- 
cos ordines in sancta reli- 
gione conservare digneris; 
te rogamus. 

Ut inimicos sanctae Ec- 
clesiae humiliare digneris 5 
te rogamus. 

Ut Regibus et Principi- 

bus Christians pacem et 
veram concordiam donare 
digneris j te rogamus. 

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That thou vouchsafe to 
strengthen us and keep us 
in thy holy service; we 

That thou vouchsafe to 
grant eternal good things 
to all our benefactors $ we 

That thou vouchsafe to* 
give and preserve the 
mrits of the earth 5 we be- 

That thou vouchsafe to 
grant eternal rest to all the 
faithful departed $ we be- 

That thou vouchsafe gra- 
ciously to hear us 5 we be- 

Lamb of God, who tak- 
est away the sins of the 
world 5 spare us, O Lord. 

Lamb of God, who tak- 
est away the sins of the 
world ; graciously hear us, 
O Lord. 

Lamb of God, who tak- 
est away the sins of the 
world ; have mercy on us. 

Christ hear us. 

Christ graciously hear 

MASS. Collect. Deus, qui. 

OGod, who enltghtenest this most sacred night by 
the dory of the resurrection of the Lord 5 pre- 
serve in the new offspring of thy family the spirit of 
adoption, which thou hast given them ; that being 
renewed in body and soul, they may serve thee with 
purity of heart. Thro* the same. 

EPISTLE- ColosAW. 1.3. 

BRETHREN : If you be risen with Christ, seek the 
things that are above, where Christ is sitting at the 
right hand of God ; mind the things that are above, 
and not the things on earth. For you are dead, and 

Ut nosmetipsos in tuo 
sanctoservitioconfortare, et 
conservare digneris ; te ro- 

Ut omnibus benefactori- 
bus nostris aeterna bona 
retribuas 5 te rogamus. ' 

Ut frnctus terra dare et 
conservare digneris ; te ro- 

Ut omnibus fidelibus de- 
.functis requiem aeternam 
donare digneris 3 te roga- 

Ut nos exaudire digne- 
ris 5 te rogamus. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis 
peccata mundi; parce no- 
bis, Domine.. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis 
peccata mundi 3 exaudi 
nos, Domine. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis 
peccata mundi; miserere 

Christe audi nos. 

Christe exaudi nos. 

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your |ife is hidden with God in Christ. When Christ, 
your life shall appear ; then yon also shall appear with 
him in glory. 

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. 

V. Praise the Lord, for V. Confitemini Donrino, 
he is good $ and his mercy quoniam bonus $ qnoniam 
endureth for ever. in sasculum misehcordia 


TRACT. Ps. cxvi. Laudate Dominura, om- 
Praise the Lord, all ye nes gentes; et collaudate 
nations j and join in his eumomnespopuli. V. Quo- 
praises, all ye people. V. niam confirmata est super 
For his. mercy is confirm- 210s misericordia ejus, et 
ed upon us ; and the truth Veritas Domini manet in 
of the Lord remaineth for aeternum. 

GOSPEL. Matt, xxviii. 1. 7. 

IN Jthe evening of the Sabbath, which dawneth on the 
first day of the week, came Mary Magdalen, and 
another Mary, to see the sepulchre. And behold there 
was a great earthquake. And an Angel of the Lord 
came down from heaven, and coming to the stone, he 
rolled it back, and sat upon it. And his countenance 
was like lightning, and his garment like snow. And 
through fear of him the guards were struck with terror, 
and became like dead men. But the Angel speaking, 
said to the women : Be ye not afraid ; for I know you 
seek Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here ; for he 
is risen, as he said : Come, and see the place where the 
Lord was laid. And go quickly, tell his disciples that 
he is risen. And behold he will go before you into' Ga- 
lilee. There shall ye see him 5 behold I have told you 

JVb Offertory is t aid; hut the Oblation of the Host 
mnd Chalice is made, as in the Ordinary, p. 46. 

SECRET. Receive, O Lord, we beseech thee, the 
prayers of thy people, together with the offerings of these 
Hosts, that what is consecrated by these Paschal myste- 
ries, may, by the help of thy grace, avail us to eternal 
life. Thro*. 

The Preface, Communicantes, and Banc Igitur, as />• 
33, &c. The Agnus, Dei is omitted: the .reft, as 
in the Ordinary. There is, also w Communion, -or 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


PostcommunTon \ but as soon as the Priest hath taken 
the last Ablution, are begun the 

Anth. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. \ 
Psalm cxvi. 

PRAISE the Lord, all T AUDATE Domi- 
ye nations ; * praise him I J num, oranes gentes -, 
all ye people. * laudate eum pmnes po- 

puli. * 

For his mercy is con- Quoniam confirmata est 
firmed upon us ; * and the super nos misericordia e- 
truth of the Lord remaineth jus;* et Veritas Domini 
for ever. manet in aeternum. 

Anth* Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. 


Anth. In the evening of Ant. Vespere autem Sab- 
the Sabbath which dawns bati, qua lucescit in prima 
on the first day of the Sabbati, venit Maria Mag- 
week, came Mary Mag- dalene, et altera Maria, vi- 
dalen, and another Mary, dere sepulchrum, Alleluia. 
to see the sepulchre, Alle- 

During the Magnificat the altar is fumed with in* 
cense as usual at Vespers. 

' PRAYER. Spiritum nobis. Pour forth on us, O 
Lord, the spirit of thy love $ that those whom thou hast 
filled with the Pascal sacrament, may, by thy goodness, 
Jive in perfect concord. Thro'.... in the unity of the 
same Holy Ghost. 

Then all is concluded as at Mass 5 except that Alle- 
luia, Alleluia, is added to Ite, Missa est, and Deo gra* 
tias : and these Alleluias are continued all next week. 

X 'Die very frequent repetition of Alleluia during pas- 
cal time, is figurativeof the joyous solemnity of Easter, 
and the commencement of the celestial canticles we 
shall have to chant in a future world. It reminds us, 
that if we are arisen with Jesus Christ, our care and so- 
licitude ought to be, to make that our daily study, which 
will be our only occupation in heaven, to bless, adore, 
and love God. 

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FROM the earliest agesofChristianity,the faithful met 
every year on the anniversary day, of the death of 
the Martyrs in the churches, or chapels, which were usually 
in the place where their bodies, or some sacred remains 
thereof, had been buried. The altar was placed on their 
tombs ; and from thence came the custom of always pat- 
ting some relics in, or under, the altar-stones. 

The sacrifice was not offered to the Martyrs, but to 
the God of the Martyrs, (to whom alone it is due) to 
thank him for the courage and strength he had given 
his servants, and for that state of bliss, to which he had 
admitted them. Such was the origin of the Feasts of 
the Saints ; and we ought to keep them with the same 
spirit, with which they were instituted j that is to say, 
the worship we pay in honour of the saints, ought to 
have God himself for its object. Our adorations and 
respect terminate in God $ and we consider the saints 
only as powerful friends, whose credit and prayers may 
obtain for us, from the goodness of God, those helps 
our sins make us unworthy to obtain by our own prayers 

It is of the greatest moment to instruct the faithful 
of the extent they should give to their piety, their reli- 
gion, their prayers ; they shoul4 be informed, that the 
piety ot the just has no limits ; that it is not confined to 
material Temples, or stated days, but that it extends to 
the eternity and immensity of God, by constantly endea- 
vouring to worship him at all times, and in all places. 
Good and perfect Christians should esteem all days as 
festival days, and as parts of the eternal feast, which be- 
gins here on earth during the night of the present life, 
and which is consummated in the day of a happy eter- 
nity. Living thus in the presence of God, the whole 
world is a Temple, and whether they are employed in 
the praises of God, in cultivating the earth, or navigating 
the seas, they observe an uninterrupted feast, interwea- 
ving seriousness with joy, because they see God ever prer 
sent 5 and hilarity with their sedateness, because they 
see themselves enriched with repeated marks of the di« 

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NOV. 29. NOVEMBER. 483 

vine protection and munificence. See Clem. Alex. 
Strom. 1. 7. p. 517. 





Anth. This saint. V. Thou hast crowned. Com- 
mon, p. viii. Prater. Collect at Mass. 

MASS. Introit. Matt. iv. 

PT^HE Lord saw near the sea of Galilee two brethren, 
JL Peter and Andrew, and he called them saying : 
Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Ps. 
18. The heavens publish the glory of God 5 and 
the firmament declareth the works of his hands. V. 

COLLECT. Qu&sumus Qmnipotens. We beseech 
thee, O Almighty God, that thy blessed Apostle An- 
drew, whose festival we are preparing to celebrate, may 
implore thy assistance in our behalf, that being dischar- 
ged from the guilt of our crimes, we may likewise be 
freed from all dangers. Thro*. 

Of St. SATURNINUS. X>eus, qui nos. 

OGod, by whose favour we celebrate the glory of 
blessed Saturninus the Martyr 5 grant that we may 
be "assisted by his merits. Thro'. 

N.B. If the Vigil of St. Andrew fall in Advent, 
the second Collect is of Advent $ the third of St. Satur- 

If the Vigil be kept on Saturday (the Feast falling on 

> Monday^ the second Collect is 3 Concede nos. Common. 

op. lxxi. the third : Ecclesiae tuae, p. Ixxiii. or : Deus 

mnium, ib. and their respective Secrets and Postcom- 

mnnions are said in their proper places. These 

prayers are also said throughout the year on all Vigils 
(except the Vigils of Christmas, Easter, and Whitsun- 
day, which have only one Collect) and within all Oc- 
taves, when the Mass is said of the Octave \ (except 
where directions are given to the contrary : and the 
Octaves of the B. V. Mary and that of All Saints, in 
which the second Collect is of the Holy Ghost, the 
third for the Church, or for the Pope, as p. Ixxiii.^ 
Lesson. Eccles. xliv. Common, as p. i. 

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484 feasts of Nov. 2Q. 

GRAD. Ps. 138. Thy friends, O God, are exceed- 
ing honourable, exceeding mighty is theit power.* V. 
I will set about to number them ; but their number 
will be found more than the sands of the sea. 
GOSPEL. John i. 35. 

AT that time : John was standing with two of bis 
disciples : and looking at Jesus, as he was walk- 
ing along, he saith : Behold the lamb of God. And 
the two disciples heard him say so, and followed Jesus. 
And Jesus turning about, and seeing them follow him, 
saith to them 3 What seek you ? They said to him : 
Rabbi, (whicji interpreted, meaneth Master) where 
dwellest thou ? He saith to them : Come and see. 
They came and saw where he dwelt, and staid with 
him that day ; and it was about the tenth hour. And 
Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, was one of the 
two, who had heard that from John, and followed 
him. He first findeth his brother Simon, and saith 
to Him : We have found the Messiah, which, inter- 
preted, is the Christ. And he brought him to Jesus, 
And Jesus looking on him, said : Thou art Simon, the 
son of Jona : Thou shalt be called Cephas, which inter- 
preted, is Peter. The next day he would go to Galilee, 
and found Philip. And Jesus saith to him: Follow me. 
Now Philip was of Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and 
Peter. Philip found Nathaniel, and saith to him : We 
have found him, of whom Moses and the Prophets wrote, 
Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph. 'And Nathaniel 
said to him : Can any thing good come from Nazareth : 
Philip saith to him ; Come and see Jesus saw Natha- 
niel coming to him, and saith of him : Behold an Irae- 
lite indeed, in whom there is no guile. Nathaniel saith 
to him 5 How knowest thou me 3 Jesus answered, and 
said to him : Before Philip called thee, when thou wast 
under the fig-tree, I saw thee. Nathaniel answered 
him, and said : Rabbi, thou art the the son of God, thou 
art the King of Israel. Jesus answered, and said to him : 
Because I said to thee, I saw thee under the fig-tree, thou 
belivest 5 greater things than these shalt thou see. And 
he saith to him : VerUy, verily, I say to you 5 you shall 
see the heavens open, and the Angels of God ascending t