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Dover and Foxcroft Register 




k k 'v. 

Kent's Hill, Maine : 
Published by The H. E. Mitchell Publishing Company 





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New York; The New York Lite Insur- 
ance of ^cw York: The Continent 
tal Casualty Company of 
Chicago, 111. 

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Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Indian History along the Penobscot Valley. 

Early Settlements. 

Incorporation, and Town Officers. 

Industrial Account. 

Military Matters. 

Church Account. 

School Items. 

Business and Professional Men. 

Facts of Interest. 

Census and Non-Residents. 



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Ilnbian Ibistor^ 

Hlong the Penobscot . . . 

The story of the Indian in the state of Maine is ever in- 
teresting, and especially is that of the Penobscot Valley. This 
race of men, children of nature and reared to a life in the 
forest, ending their days as they began them, is the subject 
of pity as well as of hatred; hated for their cruelty, and pitied 
for their misfortune at the hands of their more civilized fellows, 
the Anglo-Saxons. We of a later day can look upon this race 
in a spirit of greater fairness than could our ancestors whose 
view of the red man was obscured by his late acts of rapine and 
plunder. As we read history let us remember that they were 
struggling to retain their own domain, to defend their "Father- 
land" against the acts of the aggressive pale face whose deeds 
of prowess we delight to honor. 


In our brief sketch we cannot attempt to trace in full the 
descent of the Indian tribe of this region. It is unnecessary. 
We will begin by stating that the Indians of the state of Maine 
generally were divided into the following tribes: The Sokokis, 
of the Saco river region: the Amasagunticooks or Abenakis, of 
the Androscoggin and lower Kennebec region; the Canibas, of 
the Norridgewock region; and the Wawenocks of the eastern 
part of Maine as now known. Of these the latter are to us most 
interesting. Another almost synonymous name for this tribe ia 
the Etchemin tribe. This tribe however included the Indians 

Dover and Foxcrofl^ Maine 

to the extreme headwaters of the Penobscot and. the St. John 
River. This tribe is usually divided into three divisions, viz: 
those on the St. John; those Qn the Passamaquoddy; and the 
Tarratines, of the Penobscot, concerning whom we are most 

interested. It is undoubtedly true that this tribe is the ancestor 
of the present remnant known as the Penobscot tribe. This tribe 
claimed dominion over the entire Penobscot Valley from the 
headwaters to the sea. 

Concerning these Indians we here quote Mr. Williamson 
as follows: "They were a numerous, powerful, and warlike 
people more hardy and brave than their western enemies, whom 
they often plundered and killed, and, according to Hubbard and 
Price, kept the Sycamores between the Piscataqua and the 
Mistic in perpetual fear. After the conquests and glory achieved 
in their battles with the Babshaba and his allies, they were not, 
like their enemies, wasted by disease and famine. They retained 
their valor animated by success and strengthened by the early 
use and supply of tire arms, with which they were furnished by 
the French. Less disturbed than the western tribes in the en- 
joyment of their possessions and also more discreet, they were 
always reluctant to plunge into hostilities against the English. 
The Tarratines ever manifested the greatest satisfaction in their 
intercourse with the French. No fortifications upon the penin- 
sula of Maj. Biguyduce, or building in the vicinity, excited 
either fear or jealousy in them, for no rising plantations of the 
French threatened them with the loss of their lands or privi- 
leges. A barter of their furs for guns, ammunition and trinkets 
was managed with a freedom and a directness which won and 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

secured their attachment. Their companionable manners and 
volatile turn made the bonds strons; and lasting. The T;irra- 
tines have probably at different periods shifted the situatiiui of 
their principal village. At the mouth of the Kenduskeag they 
had a common resting place when the white people first set; led 
in that vicinity — a place to which they were, from haV>it, 
strongly attached. Here the mouldering relics of human bociies, 
flint spears, stone implements of labor and Indians' paint-? lust 
have been accidentally disinterred after a burial of an unknown 
period of time." 

The Tarratines were neutral in the war of the Revolution. 
In return Massachusetts, of which this region was a part at 
that time, protected them and prohibited all trespass upon their 
lands, six miles in width on each side of the Penobscot, from 
the Head of Tide upwards. The state from time to time 
bought large tracts of land from them till their territory was 
greatly diminished in size. These Indians when they were first 
seen by the whites dwelt on both sides of the river and in con- 
junction with the other tribes roamed the whole of the state 
of Maine to the westward of this region. That they wandered 
far from their Penobscot home is evident. One historian 
asserts that the chief, Samoset, who met the English at Plymouth 
with the words "Welcome Englishmen" in their own tongue? 
was a Tarratine, and came from the Island of Monhegan. 


The Indian seemed to be fated to be the opponent of the 
Englishman. In religion and personal make up the English were 
at a very serious disadvantage as compared with the French- 

8 Dover and Foxcroft^ Maiiie 

man with his vivacious ways, and his attractive and impressive 
religious services. It is probable that the most of the En- 
glish had serious intentions and an honest purpose to deal 
justly with the red men. Their charters called for religious 
training, forbade the sale of liquors to them, and in every way 
enjoined their training in the channels of civilization. But 
the Frenchman did all in his power to engender the spirit of 
animosity which was early started in the breast of the savage- 
Only one result could possibly be, and that was war. But 
though the Indians were gradually drifting to hostilities they 
were hurled headlong into an open conflict by Weymouth's 
infamous seizure of five of their tribe in 16')5. I'.i ICol or 
1632 there was an outbreak .between the Tarratiiies and tiuir 
rivals, but the conflict was not long prolonged nor bloody. Tho 
great war with the Mohawks about 1663 greatly discomfited 
the Tarratines, their dreaded enemies following them even to 
the banks of the Penobscot, burning their dwellings, and do- 
ing great harm in accordance with Indian warfare. Soon 
smallpox devastated the tribe till it was almost exterminated. 

No further action in warfare was participated in by these 
Indians till the coming of Maj. Church in 1694, who laid waste 
their fields and killed several of the natives. In 1722 Love- 
well's war opened and lasted three years. The war was thus 
named for Capt. Lovewell of Dunstable, the hero of the battle 
of Pequawket. The warfare was carried to the Penobscot Valley, 
and begun at the arrival of Col. Thomas Westbrook in 1728. 
Thi8 expedition was made up of one hundred and thirty men. 
They sailed the coast of Mt. Desert in whaling boats and 

Dover and Foxcroft., Maine 

small vessels, and then proceeded up the Penobscot, anchoring 
at Marsh Island, it is stated, on March 4 of that year. Here 
they left their boats and began a five days' march through the 
forest near the river. At the old Indian fort which they 
found deserted the company destroyed everything of value. 
It was stated that this fort was situated in Orono about six 
miles above Kenduskeag. After the destruction of the build- 
ings about the fort the whites returned. 

About two years later, wlien the Tarratines had reliuilt 
the village, Capt. Joseph Heath with his company crossed the 
country and attacked the village, laying it in ashes. No 
Indians were found. The village was never rebuilt, Oldtown 
being the place finally settled upon as their further abode. In 
October, 1723, a vessel landing at Mt. Desert, Capt. Cogswell 
commanding, was attacked by the Indians, the whole crew 
being captured. 

The wars being over, the Indians returned to their usual 
customs, hunting and fishing. Gradually by treaty and by 
other courses the English came into possession of the lands 
along the Penobscot. The Indians were greatly cheated in 
these deals, but managed to retain possession of certain tracts, 
and to this day have control of a large number of islands in 
the Penobscot. They also have a large sum in the hands of the 
state which is holden as a perpetual fund for their support on 
which the state pays interest annually. The Indian tribe 
receives not far from |8,000 per year from different sources. 
The treatment of these Indians on the Penobscot by the state 
of Maine is in marked contrast to that of Massachusetts when 

10 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

this whole region was a part of that commonwealth. Every- 
thing of practical value to them is now done for their protec- 
tion and benefit. 


As to whom the first white man to set foot on this territory- 
was we have no means of knowing, but the first on record was 
Samuel Weston who was employed by the Committee for the 
Sale of Eastern Lands. lie explored and surveyed about 21 
townships in this section of the state as early as 1799. There 
are varying reports as to the earlier ownership of this land. In 
1799 Abel Blood purchased a square mile and made a clearing, 
but of whom he bought we find no record. The location claimed 
by Mr. Blood was near what is now East Dover. We learn 
that the following year heraised crops o'i some kind presumably 
corn, as that formed the principal diet of the pioneers. Mr. 
Blood, however, did not remain in the place. We find the first 
permanent settler was Eli Towne who came from Temple, N. H., 
in 1801. He, together with his father, Thomas, and his brother, 
Moses, made a burning that fall and in the following spring 
planted the land thus cleared. It was not until the eighth day 
of May, however, that Mr. Towne, with his wife and child, 
arrived at the log camp he had constructed in this wilderness 
on the bank of the Piscataquis river just below East Dover 
village. Oil this jouraey he had walked all the way from Bangor, 
leading the horse on which his young wife sat with her first- 
born son, Alvin, in her arms. What may have been the feelings 
of this young wife to leave her earlier home and parents to 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 11 

enter this land where scarcely ever the foot of civilized man 
had trod, where no family was perhaps within ten miles of the 
uninviting hut built for her home, can hardly be conceived to- 
day bj'^ the people who now occupy the happy and pleas"»nt 
homes that have sprung up on the land that then surrounded 
them, and was to them the home of the wild beast, and an un- 
limited wilderness of forest trees. But this brave woman soon 
found enough to claim her attention in the care of her family 
and assisting her husband to make for them a comfortable home, 
and to instruct them in the best manner within her reach. She 
raised a family whose good deeds and patriotic endeavors 
will long live as a memorial to their early training and an ex- 
ample to those wiio should foHow. The family consisted of ten 
children, three girls and seven boys, the oldest girl of whom 
was the first white child born in Dover, and {)robably the fiist 
in Piscataquis county. Tlie childi-en were, beginning at the 
oldest: Alvin, Sibyl, Betse}'-, Eli, Orpha, Ezra, Achsa, Bertha, 
Obed, and Leander. One or more of these names we meet later 
in the state legislature, and others prominent in the affairs --f 
the town, their names beirig connected with ahriost every town 
ofiice. Mr. Towne later built two houses on his farm, one of 
which has been destroyed but the other still stands, being owned 
by Elmer Towne. The present village of East Dover and 
several outlying farms now cover the land originally purchased 
by Mr. Towne, about 1-2 square mile, for which he gave the 
sum of $900. The next settler who came to the town is supposed 
to have been Mr. Lyford Dow, who came with his wife in about 
1804 and settled near Mr. Towne a little farther down the i iver. 

12 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Mr. Dow made this bis home and here raised his numerous 
family. His children were John, the oldest, then Betsey, Sarah, 
Eunice, Ben, Job, Lyford Jr., Asa, and Joseph. The de- 
scendants of this family are now respected citizens. Ben 
married Betsey Towne, who lived to the advanced age of 93 

About the same time William Mitchell arrived in the place 
with his wife, a talented young woman, who has the distinction 
of having made the first public prayer on record in the town. 
Their family consisted of four or more children, of whom were 
M.>idcc:ii, Louisa, Meribah, and Betsey. 

Wliile t!u' foregoing were settling in the vicinity of East 
Dovi-i- iillicis were locating in other parts now included in the 
town. Paul LaiiiTiert came from Winthrop (Me.) in about 1808, 
and purchased a large tract of land, containing from 700 to 1000 
acres, at what is now South Dover. His house stood where the 
present residence of Mr. Turner, owned by Chas. Harvey, now 
stands. Here he raised a family of eleven children: Dennis, 
Lanson, Paul Jr., Samuel, Stephen, Eben, Isaac, Benj., Maryabee, 
P(jlly, and Susan; among whom were representatives, land 
agents, and many prominent town officials. Mr. Lambert was an 
especially prosperous farmer, never being out of grain — barley, 
wheat and oats — pork or hay from the time he harvested his 
first crop from his fertile fields. He often supplied his less 
prosperous neighbors with provisions, gave each of his children 
a good farm, and a year's board after their marriage, to give 
them a start in life. He then left a valuable estate. 

The first to settle within the limits of what is now Dover 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine . jy 

village, as near as we can learn, was Mr. Nathaniel Chamber- 
lain. He made a clearing and constructed what was probably 
the first frame house in the town. This was located where 
Messrs. Kitridge and Downiugs now live. About the same 
time the Spaulding brothers sold their lots in Foxcroft and came 
across the river into Dover. A. Moore was the next we find 
record of; he settled and built a mill near where Brown's mill 
now stands, A little later, about 1820, Thomas Davee built a 
factory and mills in what is now the village. Thus the villao-e 
began to be the center of business, and since that time has made 
rapid strides as a manufacturing center. Some of the citizens 
even moved their houses from East Dover to the village. 

Among other early settlers who helped to redeem the town 
from the wilderness, and who have assisted in establishing a 
town of which its every citizen is justly proud, we might men- 
tion John Dow, Peter Brawn, Jonas and Zachariah Longley, 
Mr. Fifield, James Rowe and Job Parsons. 


In giving the historical account of these two towns we 
have been advised to treat them together, since their interests 
and fortunes are so nearly one, and in the light of the prospect 
that they may soon comprise but one civil township. In regard 
to the early history of the town of Foxcroft we find conflicting 
reports. We have spent much time, however, to verify the 
statements given us, and have done so in many cases. If, how- 
ever, any of the following statements do not seem to you true, 
please bear in mind that events are seen differently by dif- 
ferent observers, and from different viewpoints. As to dates, 

14 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

we have recorded them as nearly as unrecorded history has 
given them to us, and we trust these facts collected will be of 
value to the future historian who may be inspired to write the 
complete annals of the "City of Dovercroft." 

Many affairs of interest took place here before the first 
permanent settlement was made. Col. J. E. Foxcroft explored 
the territory in about 1800, and soon after purchased the town- 
ship for about 45 cents an acre of a Bowdoin College commit- 
tee, this being one of six townships granted the college as an 
endowment. He laid out the town into lots, made some slight 
clearings and built a road, in connection with some others to 
whom he had already sold lots. He then offered $100 and the 
entire water privilege to the man who would here build a saw - 
mill and keep it running and in repair for ten years. This 
offer was accepted by John Spaulding, together with his two 
brothers previously mentioned, who, after remaining on this 
side a while, removed to the Dover side. 

As to who was the first to locate within the limits of the 
township to make his home, and to bring his family, we are 
unable to say definitely, but we are led to believe it was John 
Spaulding, who built a log cabin near where the present school 
building stands, and moved his family here in 1806. During 
the same year Joseph Foxcroft Spaulding was born, being the 
first white child born on Foxcroft soil. Unhappily this promis- 
ing boy died at the age of four years. 

Some affirm, however, that one Joseph Morse of Oxford 
county was the first to establish his home within the limits of 
the town. He came by way of Sebec, and settled on the shore 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 15 

of Sebec lake. This report is well founded, for we find record 
of a road being built to "Morse's Landing" previous to Mr. 
Spaulding's arrival, yet we have no authority to state that he 
brought his family at an earlier date. If such was the case, he 
of necessity either brought with him or bought of those in this 
section much of his first year's provisions, as he made no clear- 
ing until 1805. Mr. Spaulding brought his family from Nor- 
ridgewock the following March. Mr. Spaulding's brothers, 
Seth and Eleazer, brought their families very soon after and 
settled near him. The next to come here were Samuel 
Chamberlain, Ephraim Bacon, and several others who came 
from Massachusetts. The two named erected a frame house, 
cutting the timber from their own lots, and making the shingles 
by hand work; the house was supplied with a brick chimney, 
the brick costing $25 a thousand. This was the first frame 
house having a brick chimney in the town. The next season 
Mr. Chamberlain brought his wife here and became the third or 
fourth settler, there being only two cabins in the village at that 
time. The house he built stood about where the soldiers' 
monument now stands. In this house he raised a family of 
eight girls and three boys. His oldest child was the first white 
child born in town who lived to grow up, she being 93 at death. 
The following are the names of the children, among whom were 
prominent town citizens, and all but two were teachers at some 
time during their careers: Sarah J., Calvin, Julian, Abigail, 
Luther, Lucy, Hannah F., Harriet, Cleora, Eager and Henrietta. 
Mr. Chamberlain was a member of the committee to draw up 
the constitution of Maine, and a representative in 1832. This 


Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 

man drove the firs-t team into town ever here. This he took 
with him from Massachusetts, and had to cut his way in from 

Among others who deserve special mention here was 
Eliphalet Washburn, who came here in the same year that Mr. 
Chamberlain did, (1805). He began at once to build for him- 
self a home. lie cut his timber on the shore of Sebec lake, 
floated it down to the mouth of the lake, where a saw mill was 
being built, helped complete the same, got his timber savred in 
return for his labor, hired Mr. Dow of East Dover to haul the 
lumber to his lot, and paid him in corn. He then went to Bangor 
on foot for his nails, there paying a shilling a pound. He took 
them home on his back. Thus he collected his material, and 
erected his house on the farm where Mr. Farris now lives, near 
O. C. Dunham's, on the road to Sebec station. Reports say 
that this was the first frame house built within the limits of 
this town. Though there is no doubt about Mr. Chamberlain's 
being the first framed house with a brick chimney, the question 
as to which was completed first is a matter of more or less 

Among other early settlers were Joel Pratt, Nathaniel 
Chamberlain, William Thayer, Nathan Carpenter, Nathan 
Buck, William Buck, Moses Buck, Daniel Buck, Gilman 
Greeley, John Bradbury, John Chandler, Jas. Carl and 
Adonirara Blake. 


An act to incorporate the town of Dover. 

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre- 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 17 

sentatives in Legislature assembled iliat the plantation num- 
bered three, sixth range, in county of Penobscot and bounded 
as follows: south by Garland; east by Atkinson; north by 
Foxcroft; and west by Sangerville; and the inhabitants thereof 
be and are hereby vested with all the powers, privileges and 
inmunities which the towns within this state do or may by law 

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted that Joshua Carpenter, Esq. 
is hereby empowered to issue a warrant to some inhabitant of 
said town directing him to notify the inhabitants of said town 
to meet at such time and place as he shall appoint to choose 
such officers as other towns are empowered to choose at their 
annual town meetings. 

Approved Jan. 19, 1822. Albion K. Parris, Gov. 

A true record. Attest: Eli Towne, Clerk. 


1822, Eli Towne; 1823-30, Thomas Davee; 1841-45, 
Stephen P. Brown; 1846, Leonard Stoddard; 1847, H. G. O. 
Morrison; 1848-50, S. P. Brown; 1851-53, F. K. Drake; 1854-65, 
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Warren; 1891-1900, Calvin W. Brown; 1901-04, Edward E. 


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Stephen Lambert, J. S. Thompson, P. M. Ayer; 1852, Berlin 
Bran, A. S. Patten, Gideon Robinson; 1853-54, John Mitchell, 

18 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Thomas S. Pullen, Gideon Robinson; 1855, T. S. Pullen, M. 
Mitchell, John Mitchell; 1856-57, T. S. Pullen, M. Mitchell, 
Gideon Robinson; 1858-59, Mordecai Mitchell, Josiah Spaul- 
ding, Gideon Robinson; 1860-61, Josiah Spaulding, M. Mitchell, 
Thos. A. Kating; 1862, Joseph Spaulding, Mordecai Mitchell, 
John L. Robinson; 1863, Ephraim Flint, John L. Robinson, 
Mordecai Mitchell; 1864, Mordecai Mitchell, John Robinson, 
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Joseph Cook; 1866, Oren Brown, John S. Robinson, Oscar 
Woodard; 1867, Oren Brown, Oscar Woodard, S. W. Elliott; 
1868, Oscar Woodard, Oren Brown, Ira Rowe, Jr.; 1869, 
Oscar Woodard, John L. Robinson, Ira Rowe, Jr.; 
1870-71-72, Oscar Woodard, Ira Rowe, Jr., Edwin Doore; 

1873, E. B. Averill, Edwin Doore, John C. Demeritt; 

1874, E, B. Averill, J. C. Demeritt, E. W. Merrill; 1875, 
E. B. Averill, J. O. Burgess, A. Bragg; 1876, John 
O. Burgess, Alfred Bragg, Geo. F. Lambert; 1877, E. 
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Washburn, G. G. Downing; 1886, John O. Burgess, M. W. Hall, 
Cyrus IT. Doore; 1887, M. II. Hall, C. H. Doore, D. E. Dins- 
more; 1888, Cyrus H. Doore, J. B. Peaks, D. E. Dinsmore; 
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93-94-95, C. H. Doore, A. M. Warren, V. A. Gray; 1896-97, C. 
II. Doore, N. C. Stowe, F. A. Merrill; 1898, C. H. Doore, A. P. 

Dover and Foxcroft, Mnine 19 

Clark, L. A. Ayer; 1899, C. H. Doore, L. A. Ayer, Calvin W. 
Brown; 1900, Calvin W. Brown, Lincoln H. Dow, Ralph 
Bradley; 1901, C. H. Doore, Francis C. Peaks, Ralph Bradley; 
1902-3, C. H. Doore, Ralph Bradley, Benj. L. Batchelor; 1904, 
Ralph Bradley, Benj. L. Batchelor, Herbert E. Douglass. 


1822, Joseph Shepherd; 1823, Thomas Davee; 1824, David 
Haynes; 1825-28, Eben S. Greely; 1829-80, A. S. Patten; 1841- 
45, Stephen P. Brown; 1846-50, Chas. B. Woodbury; 1851-53, 
A. B. Chase; 1854-57, Geo. W. Sawyer; 1^58-98, C. H. B. 
Woodbury; 1899-1904, Walter H. Blethen. 



In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and 

An act to establish the town of Foxcroft, in the county of 

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre- 
sentatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority 
of the same, that the township numbered five, in the second 
range north of the Waldo patent in the county of Hancock, be 
and hereby is established as a town by the name of Foxcroft, 
and the following boundaries, viz.: East by township number 
four in the same range; south by the river Piscataquis; west 
by number six in the same range; north by number seventeen, 
the eighth range; and the said town of Foxcroft is hereby 

20 Dover and Foxaroft,, Maine 

vested with all the co-operate powers and privileges, and sub- 
jected to the like duties and requisitions of other towns accord- 
ing to the constitution and laws of this commonwealth. 

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, that any justice of the 
peace for the county of Hancock is hereby authorized, upon 
application therefor, to issue a warrant directed to a free- 
holder and inhabitant of the said town of Foxcroft, requiring 
him to notify and warn the inhabitants thereof to meet at such 
convenient time and place as shall be expressed in said warrant, 
for the choice of such officers as Towns are by law required to 
choose at their annual town meeting. 

In the House of Representatives, Feb. 29, 1812. 

This bill having had three several readings passed to be 
enacted. O. W, Ripley, Speaker. 

In Senate, Feb. 29, 1812. 

This bill having had two several readings passed to be 
enacted. .Samuel Dana, President, 

Council Chamber, Feb. 29, 1812. 

Approved: E. Gerry. 


1812, John Bradbury; 1813, Adoniram Blake; 1814, John 
Bradbury; 1815-16, Jeremiah Leech; 1817-18, Samuel Cham- 
berlain; 1819-26, Aaron Tucker; 1827-28, Nathaniel Chamber- 
lain; 1829-31, Richard K. Rice; 1832, Caleb Prentiss; 1833, 
Sylvanus Herring; 1834-41, Caleb Prentiss; 1842-43, Moses 
Swett; 1844-46, B. B. Vaughan; 1847-49, E. J. Hale; 1850-52, 
B. B. Vaughan; 1853-88, E. J. Hale; 1889-92, R. M. Ingalls; 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


1893-96, 11. G. Pratt; 1897-99, W. M. Steward; 1900, A. L 
Fletcher; 1901-04, W. M. Steward. 


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Thompson; 1878, E. J. Hale, B. F. Hammond, A. W. Giln„m; 
1874-75-76-77, Elias J. Hale, Benj. F. Hammond, A. W. Gil- 
man; 1878, E. J. Hale, Benjamin F. Hammond, J. C. Western; 
1879-80, E. J. Hale, G. F. Dunham, A. W. Gilman; 1881-82, 
E. J. Hale, A. W. Gilman, D. B. Whittier; 1883-84, E. J. Hale, 
A. W. Gilman, Thomas Daggett; 1885-86-87, Chas. L. Ham, 
Thomas Daggett, Samuel G. Greeley; 1888, Chas. Ham, Thomas 
Daggett, B. F. Hammond; 1889, William Buck, S. C. Greeley, 
Orrin C. Dunham; 1890, William Buck, S. C. Greeley, Thos. 
Daggett; 1891-92, William Buck, S. C. Greeley, Alvin A. 
Adams; 1893, William Buck, W. P. Oakes, A. A. Adams; 
1894-95, William P. Oakes, H. G. Pratt, A. A. Adams; 1896, 

22 Dover and Foxcrofty Maine 

William P. Oakes, H. G. Pratt, J. G. Herring; 1897, William 
P. Oakes, J. G. Herring, E. A. Ireland; 1898, William P. 
Oakes, J. F. Arnold, C. C. Weston; 1899, S. J. Law, H. G. 
Pratt, I. R. Holmes; 1900-01-02-03, H. G. Pratt, S. J. Law, I. 
R. Holmes; 1904, S. J. Law, I. R. Holmes, A. J. McNaughton. 


1812, Nathan Carpenter; 1813, John Bradbury; 1814-15, 
Benj. Hersey; 1816-25, Samuel Chamberlain; 1826-27, Thatcher 
Blake; 1828-37, S. Chamberlain; 1838-44, Chas. P. Chandler; 
1845, Nath. Chamljerlain; 1846-50, C. P. Chandler; 1851-52, 
William B. Davis; 1:^53, A. G. Labroke; 1854, B. A. Turner; 
1855-57, C. P. Chandler; 1858-63, Richard Dearborn; 1864, 
Silas Paul; 1865, R. Dearborn; 1866-95, E. J. Hale; 1896- 
1904, W. S. Ham. 


The first water privilege on the river in Dover is that now 
occupied by Mayo's mill. This was first utilized by the Spauld- 
ing brothers, John, Seth and Eleazer, who were the first to 
construct a dam at this point. They built a saw mill, and soon 
after added a grist mill. These were absolute necessities to the 
settlers, to obtain lumber for their buildings and flour or meal 
for their food. The builders soon after sold to Hutchins, 
Hathaway & Whiting. After this the mills passed through the 
hands of Mr. Bullen of Hebron to Col. Samuel Greeley, then to 
his sons, Samuel, Jr., Daniel and Oilman. In 1820 Daniel 
Greeley took down the old mill and erected a large saw and 

Dover and Foxcroft, Mtune "23 

grist mill. This was carried away by a freshet in 1854. In 
the raeantime other raills had been erected — a tannery, hoe fac- 
tory, cloth dressing factories, and others, most of which are wot 
standing now. Mayo's, Doore's, and R. D. Oilman's are iiow 
the only mills drawing pr.wer from this dam. We find next on 
the bank of the river Augustus Gilman's mill, which takes lis 
power from the brook. This power was first used by Samu :1 
Chamberlain for an oil factory. He sold the property to Iv y 
Jordan, who built o\^er the factory into a small grist mill. The 
preseut owner purchased the plant of his heirs, and put up the 
large grist mill now occu})ying the sp'it. 

The next privilege is that utilized by Brown's mills. 
A. Moore was the first to use this privilege, building a mill on 
the opposite side of the river. Col. Carpenter and Eben Greeley 
later enlarged this mill, but it has since been taken down. 
We find record of other mills that have been operated on this 
privilege, but Chas. Yaughan was the first to build on the 
present site of B' own's mill. Mr. Vaughan blasted out the 
canal, erected a grist mill and a cleanser for wheat about 1826. 
Sewall Cochran opened and ran the mill, and later bought it of 
Mr. Vaughan. The following year Mr. Vaughan built a woolen 
mill near the same site, but both mills were burned in 1840. 
They were rebuilt in 1867, when S. P. Brown put up a large 
brick mill, which soon passed from his hands into the possession 
of S. O. Brown & Co., the present owners. S. O. Brown is 
agent for these raills. 

The next privilege in use on the river is at East Dover, 
where Eli Towne erected the first mill ever erected in the 

24 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

town. It was a crude grist mill, put up some time about 
1816-17, but was later taken down to give place to a new 
structure that should be of more service. Messrs. Stone, Bart- 
lett, Wyman and Dow in 1835 built the new mill. The entire 
stock was bought in by Mr. Wyman later and sold to a Mr. 
Smith, who sold to Joseph Brown. This was taken out in 1857, 
rebuilt and purchased by Oren Brown, and later fell into the 
hands of Whittier & Egory, who sold to the Electric Light Co. 
for a jiower station. There were at various times other mills 
built here, but the above named, and the grist mill owned by 
Mayhew, are the only survivors. 

Among other business enterprises not occupying water 
privileges, and of more recent date, are W. Gushing & Co., 
the manufacturers of the Perfection dyes, which are now used 
all over the country; Hughes & Sons, the well known manu- 
facturers of pianos and organs; Runnals Bros., machinists; H. 
J. Dexter, Wood Working Co.; Ranger & Ayer Manufacturing 
Co., manufacturers of fine lumber for carriages, sheathing, pic- 
ture backing, etc. 

The Foxcroft spool factory of John McGregor is one of 
the leading industries in these towns. The plant is under the 
management of L. T. Bryant, and is doing a very successful 
business. The entire output of the mill is used by the cele- 
brated Clark O. N. T. Thread Co. of Newark, N. J. The 
average number employed here is about 60 hands, and its daily 
output in round numbers is 1500 gross. Mr. McGregor also 
operates another plant situated in Aroostook county. 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 25 


The earliest military step that we find recorded in Dover 
was the organization of the Military Company about 1812. 
This company, however, saw no active service in the war in 
progress at that time. Some of the members of this com- 
pany went to the "Aroostook War" but here, too, as it proved, 
there was no active service for any of the troops, the difficulty 
being amicably settled by treaty rather than by force of arms. 
The Dover Military Company was last called to muster in 1843. 
It had over one hundred men, all citizens of this town. A 
Cavalry Company which had its headquarters here about this 
time was made up of all in this section who cared to join the 

The C. S. Douty Post, No. 23, G. A. R., was organized on 
April 7, 1880, with 32 members. The officiating members the 
first year were as follows: V. A. Gray, Commander; W. W. 
Miller, Senior Vice Com.; J. K. Robbins, Junior Vice Com.; 
S. C. Whitcomb, Chaplain; W. Gushing, Officer of the Day; T. 
P. Elliott, Adjutant; and A. L. Ober, Quartermaster. 

The present officers are: W. W. Miller, Commander; N. 
C. Stowe, Senior Vice Com.; Amasa Gilinan, Junior Vice 
Com.; II. E. Stowe, Adjutant; A. M. Warren, Quartermaster; 
F. G. Pratt, Officer of the Day; E. T. Douglass, Chaplain. 
The time of meeting is the first and third Wednesdays of "each 

26 Dover •md Faxcroft, Maine 

C. p. CHAKDLER POST, NO. 165. 

This G. A. R. Post, situated in Foxcroft, was first a part 
of the Post in Dover but was chartered Nov. 25, 1893, as 
Charles Peleg Chandler Post, No. 165. The charter members 
were E. F. Crockett, O. P. Martin, Asa Davis, J. S. Bearse, R. 
H. Spaulding, E. L. Emery, H. P. Stanhope, C. W. True, J. G. 
Herring, J. C. Weston, C. C. Lee, W. J. Sands, N. J. Dunphy, 
D. V. Oakes, A. B. Cole, Thomas Daggett, A. P. Buck, L. H. 
W^ashburn, and G. D. B. Herring. Regular meetings are held 
the second and fourth Friday's of each month. 

The prominent part taken by the men from these two towns 
in the war of the Rebellion is a source of just pride to their 
every citizen. The men furnished were found in the front 
ranks, ready to give their lives, if need be, for the cause of 
right and humanity, that an oppressed race might be freed from 
degradation and slavery, and above all, that the Union might 
be preserved. Many were the brave boys who fell on the 
Southern battlefields, and many were the noble deeds done by 
the Boys in Blue who had in these homes learned to face the 
dangers of life that their duties might be faithfully and well 
performed. The following is a complete list of those who 
enlisted from these towns from 1861 to 1865; most of these saw 
active service in the Union ranks. This list is as complete as 
the data at our command enables us to make it. 

F. W. Ames, F. W. Averill, F. M. Ames, J. M. Ames, W. 
R. Averill, J. B. Bates, Jr., L. W. Barrett, Aaron Bragdon, 
Alonzo Bradley, A. L. Bragg, Alphonso Bradley, Luther Brown, 

Dover oikJ Foxcroft, Maitte 27 

C. H. Birlin, Aaron Bradden, C. H. Bislin, Aarou Bartlett, J. 

E. Bennett, ^V . S. Bray, N. E. Burrell, A. L. Booker, F. A. 
Brown, C. II. Birlen, Daniel Budge, W. H. Betham, D. W. 
Blake, W. II. Burton, Frank Bill, Joseph Crosg, L. S. Colcord, 
C. N. Cochoran, A. B. Carleton, G. E. Cobb, E. \V. Cross, C. 
C. Chase, James Craig, Daniel Clifford, A. T. Curtis, C. S. 
Douty, J. W. Deaue, J. E. Douglass, E. T, Douglass, C. S. 
Douty, E. F. Douglass, H. P. Dore, H. L. Douglass, J. B. 
Dwelly, T. P. Elliott, Joseph Ellis, D. W. Edgerly, J. W. Ellis, 
Owen Fox, C. B. Fox, A. J. Favor, W. A. Fish, E. K. Foster, 
C. E. Gerrj, C. M. Geary, Horace Graves, C. E. Go >dwin, Wil- 
liam Howard, C. E. Hurd, F. E. Hutchinson, Reuben Husse}', 
Chas. Hard, W. F. Haskell, A. H. Houston, Albert Hayes, C. 
V. Hurd, S. L. Hurd, Greenlief Herrick, E. K. Haskell, William 
Hussey, Jr., H. M. Hurd, B. F. Hussey, G. L. Hussey, W. H. 
Hayes, Josiah Jordan, Lafayette Jackson, S. O. John, Walter 
Kelly, A. C. Lambert, W. D. Low^ell, Joseph Lagassey, W. F. 
Larrabee, L. H. Larrabee, Harrison Laurell, C. L. Libby, W. 
H. Lovell, J. L. Legrow, Harrison Lowell, Edwin Lambert, G. 

F. Lambert, T. J. Leathers, Orville Lamplier, O. F. Lewis, 
Horace McKechnie, Henry Matier, R. G. Mitchell, L. L. Mer- 
rell, N. P. Mitchell, G. W. Mountain, J. S. McCusick, A. B. 
Merrill, G. W, Mitchell, M. A. Nichols, J. S. Ober, Clarence 
Osgood, C. W. P. Osgood, O. G. Putnam, H. C. Pratt, C. G. 
Pratt, J. F. Patterson, A. G. Quimby, W. W. Royal, F. M. 
Rowe, A. F. Ricker, G. C. Rogers, Henry Ricker, Jr., A. M. 
Robinson, Jr., T. J. Rockwell, A. J. Robinson, A. I. Robinson, 
Thomas Rockwell, Jr., Justin Trundy, I. W. Wardwell, J. A. 

28 Dover and Foxcrojl, Maine 

Ring, Sumner Rogers, Chas. Richardson, C. A. Rogers, Lemuel 
Robbins, M. V. Reed, D. H. Robinson, C. E. Ryder, A. L. 
Sylvester, A. H. Sylvester, J. C. Stedman, Ai Spaulding, J. B. 
Spaulding, Walter Spencer, X. C. Stowe, Chas. Stewart, L. B. 
Spaulding, C. A. Sargent, H. F. Savage, O. R. Stinneford, O. 
P. Sidelinger, M. H. Trundy, C. H. Turner, Michael Welch, 
A. T. Ward, S. L. Warner, J. P. Whittier, C. H. Whittemore. 


A. P. Buck, Oliver Brown, Wellington Besser, Newton 
Blanchard, J. M. Batchelor, J. E. Batchekler, O. M. Brown, 
C. M. Buck, J. L. Bachelder, A. B. Briggs, A. P. Brawn, Judson 
Briggs, P. O. Bryant, J. S. Bearce, W. C. Brown, L. IL Ball 
O. C. Chamberlain, C. IL Chandler, R. G. Chase, T. M. Chase,- 
H. H. Cameron, O. T. Chase, John Cudhea, Jonathan Carter, 
Alden Crocker, J. O. Bush, IL M. Bennett, F. H. Daggett, G. 
W. Dawes, E. J. Donald, II. S. Davis, G. W. Dutton, Thomas 
Daggett, A. C. Deering, E. L. Emery, C. E. Edes, Dighton 
p:ilis, Ebenezer Earl, II. P. Farrington, B. R. Field, S. II. Gul- 
liver, W. II. Gulifer, Amasa Gilman, F. C. Gilnian, S. B. Garey, 
J. II. Gould, J. E. Holmes, R. J. IIusou, F. S. Holmes, J. S. 
Harlow, E. J. Hale, W. C. Iluse, G. T. Holmes, H. J. Ham, A. 
J. Hammond, Rufus Jefferies, S. U. Jackson, P. M. Jeffards, J. 
C. Jonnison, W. N. .Jackson, W. II. Jennison, S. R. Jackson, 
John Kelly, II. F. Lebroke, C. C. Lee, C. D. Labree, Simon 
Lezut, J. D. Mansfield, Ichabod Macombcr, J. B. Mayo, II. M. 
McKusick, J. F. Millett, II. W. Martin, Blanchard Newton, 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 29 

D. P. Oakes, H. S. Oakes, F. G. Pratt, F. E. Plummer, F. C. 
Plummer, L. C. Parsons, D. V. Plummer, G. W, Plummer, G. 
W. Pratt, E. S. Pillsbury, Mell Packard, A. Z. Parsons, B. F, 
Pratt, E. N. Pratt, J. F. Richardson, H. A. Robinson, J. C. 
Russell, Thomas Russell, Albion Robbins, W. G. Sewall, C. E. 
Sturgis, Thatcher Severance, J. L. Spaulding, Peter Sullivan, 
William Sturtevant, R. H. Spaulding, J. S. Tucker, Chas. 
Thayer, Jr., William Town, H. H. Thompson, C. E. Washburne, 
W. W. Warren, Benjamin Weaver, C. N. Walker. 


In the very early days of the town's history there were 
very few people and no religious services. After a number of 
families had settled at East Dover, Col. Foxcroft visited the 
settlement and, though not a religious man himself, advised 
them to hold religious services. Immediately arrangements 
were made for a meeting the following Sunday in Mr. Eli 
Towne's barn. There were, however, some difficulties to over- 
come. The question arose as to who would make the prayer. 
The singers had assembled with hymn-books, the old school- 
master with a sermon book in his pocket, William Mitchell 
with a bible, but no one had come prepared to pray; nor could 
any one be found to do so until Mrs. William Mitchell volun- 
teered. Soon after this. Rev. John Sawyer came often to preach to 
those in the settlement. Later churches began to be organized 
and church edifices built. Now we have a Mission Society, 
Christian Science, Adventist, Catholic, Free Baptist, Baptist, 

30 Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 

Congregational, IJniversalist and Methodist societies, all 
being supplied with regular preaching and all but the first two 
mentioned with fine church buildings. We give a brief histor- 
ical account of those societies organized in the early years. 
We should state at this point that Rev. Nathaniel Robinson 
was the first settled minister in town. He was stationed at 
East Dover. 


This was one of the first church societies organized in these 
towns. It had nineteen charter members when organized in 
1822, and T. Williams was made its first pastor. The first 
church building was put up in 1833 on Lincoln street, Foxcroft 
side, near where R. D. Oilman now lives. This, however, was 
burned the year after being dedicated, 1834. This was a great 
blow to the society, but they put up another that same year on 
North street, near where O. P. Martin formerly lived. This 
building burned to the ground in 1850. Neither of these had 
any insurance. In 1851 the third house was put up, which is 
still standing on Main street, Foxcroft. The original cost was 
13,300. In 1871 it was extensively repaired at a cost of $4,000 
and the clock placed in its tower by Deacon Mayo whose heirs 
still run Mayo's Mills. In 1875, Deacon Mayo built the chapel 
on the same lot as the church at a cost of 84,000, and deeded 
it to the society without aay cost to them. The parsonage was 
purchased in 1882 at a cost of $2,100, and the next year $500 
was laid out in repairs on the same. The Congregational 
pastors have been: Thomas Williams, 1823-35; Elias Wells, 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 31 

1837-42; W. Parker, 1842-56; Edward S. Palmer, 1857-58; 
Calvin Chapman, 1859-63; W. E. Darling, 1862-65; 15, C. 
Chase, 1866; J. II. Gurney, 1869-75; II. A. Loving, 1875-80; 
D. A. Morehouse, 1881-90; W. P. Cross, 1890-1; A. L. Chase, 
1891-96; Norman McKinnon, 1896-1900; and V. M. Hardy, 
1900, the present pastor. Thirty-two men from this society en- 
listed in the Civil War. 


T. e Universalist Society in this town was called "the 
Universalist Society of Dover, Foxcroft and Sangerville," and 
the constitution adopted was signed by the following persons, 
dated April 21, 1825: William Frost, John Spaulding, Seth 
Spaulding, Artemus Spaulding, Allen D welly, Bela Hammond, 
Thomas Rose, Asa Sprague, Henry Coy, William Campbell, 
Isaac Bearce, David Bryaat, Moses Buck, William Thayer, 
Pelham Bryant, Nathauiel Chamberlain, Daniel Brown, Jona- 
than S. Plummer, M. H. Plumraer, Adoniram Blake, Benjamin 
Spaulding, James Call, Moses Sawyer, Zarah Hammond, Daniel 
Buck, Owen Record, Isaac A. Thayer. A meeting was held 
April 4, 1825, at which Xallaauiel Chamberlain was chosen 
moderator, Isaac Allen, clerk. A committee to enact by-laws 
was chosen as follows: Nathaniel Chamberlain, Henry Coy, 
Asa Sprague; collector, John Spaulding; committee to frame 
constitution, Nathaniel Chamberlain, William Campbell, Wil- 
liam Frost; committee admitting members, Thomas Rose, Owen 
Records, Benjamin Spaulding. It was voted at this meeting 
to meet every Sabbath whether there was preaching or not. In 

32 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

1826, Elder William Frost was asked to preach one-half the 
time for a year. In 1827 it was voted to ask Elder Frost to 
preach such part of the year as the funds would permit. In 
1826 it was voted to choose as assistant clerks William Camp- 
bell for Sangerville and Nathaniel Chamberlain from Foxcroft. 
This would make it appear that meetings may have been held 
in the different towns alternately, there being then no church 
of this society in Dover. No mention is made at this early 
date of any other preacher. In 1829 a call was issued for the 
annual meeting to be held in Potter's store in Dover. Another 
meeting was called to meet in J. S. Philbrick's hall in Dover. 

Then another meeting was called at Patten's store at which 
meeting A. S. Patten was chosen clerk. He was a fine penman 
and the change in the records was distinctly noticeable, as was 
the case in later years when E. B. Averill became clerk. 

The last early record ceases November, 1830, either be- 
cause the book was filled and another taken which is now lost, 
or the society became dormant. The next record is of a petition 
issued May 9, 1837 to Chas. P. Chandler Esq., for a warrant to 
call a meeting to organize a society to be called the Dover & 
Foxcroft Universalist Society with the following names signed: 
A. S. Patten, Nathaniel Young, Benjamin Cofren, Chas. Walker, 
Samuel Eames, Jacob Sprague, C. M. Cobb, Isaac Blethen, 
Samuel Palmer, J. R. Leighton, Adna Parsons, E. Leonard 
Stoddard, Samuel Hale, William A. B. Cobb, Newhall Allen, Jr., 
Joseph Moulton, T. H. Boynton, Judah Hackett, Hattie Proctor^ 
Isaac Plummer, Ira Dean, Daniel Brown. 

At this time the society had a meeting house though we 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 33 

find no record of the building of one. An old Bible in the 
town library records that one avus dedicated in 1883. It is 
said that the cliuich was nsed for aonie time as a court house. 
For some years the society was very prosperous but owing to 
deaths of valuable members and the removals to the West it 
gradually languished, and finally services ceased in the year 
1861 with the pastorate of Rev. Hiram P. Osgood. Efforts 
were then made by Spiritualists and also by Unitarians to hold 
meetings a)id to renovate the church, badly in need of repairs, 
but finally the house was taken away and the laud reverted to 
the heirs of tiie man who gave it to the society while it should 
be used for a church lot. In Feb. and Mar. 1894 the present 
parish was organized with aliout twei^ty-five or thirty members. 
A ladies' circle had been active for four or five years previously. 
In August 1894 the first minister. Rev. F. E. Wheeler, began 
his labors for this parish in Town Hall, Foxcroft. Nov. 24, 
1895, Rev. Manley B. Townsend, became pastor. It was during 
his pastorate that a new church was built, several rods west of 
tlie church on the same street, and a church organization was 
formed with about sixty members. The third pastor. Rev. H. 
L. Canfield, came to the parish in December 1898, six months 
afler the resignation of ]\Ir. Townsend. He remained until 
August 1902. In 3Iay 19i'3 the present pastor. Rev. A. Gertrude 
Earle, accepted a call. The church and lot are valued at about 
$6,000 and are now free from debt. It is conveniently located 
and the society is very prosperous. This church like all others 
has 1 >st by death many devo'cd friends. Lawyer A. M. Robin- 
son and wife. Judge Brown, jNIr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Goff and 

34 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

others, were among the faithful whose loss was most discourag- 
ing to the society. Judge Brown was a teacher in the Sunday- 
School fi'oni the very beginning and his name as clerk is found 
many times in the old records. William Frost was the first 
minister of this society so far as we can learn. From 1883 the 
following have been pastors down to the end of the first organ- 
ization: Rev. Jacob Fulmer, Rev. Gibson Smith, Rev. Joe 
Miller, Benjamin Tasker, Amos A. Richards, M. Dennis, E. B. 
Averill, F. A. Hodgden, W. A. P. Dillingham, W. W. Wilson, 
H. P. Osgood. 


A society of the Methodist Episcopal denomination iji 
Dover was organized under J. Harrington in 1829, and John 
Merrick built the first church, also giving a lot for a parsonage. 
This church was situated at what is now called Bear Hill. Mr. 
Harrington was followed by Rev. William Withee, and Rev. D. 
M. White. About 1845 the society was organized here in Dover 
and Foxcrof t village. They worshipped with the Free Baptists, 
in the court house for a while and later bought a half interest 
in the Free Baptist's newly erected church. In 1858 they sold 
their interest and in 1860 dedicated the brick church on Main 
street. This house has been since twice remodeled and a 
vestry added. It is now valued at $8,000. The parsoaage on 
Pleasant street is valued at $3,000. The society now has a 
membership of 166. Their pastors, with the dates of their arrival, 
have been: Luther P. French, 1859; A. Church, 1861; A. C. 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 85 

Godfrey, 1863; Cyrus Stone, 1864; W. W. Marsh, 1866; B. A. 
Chase, 1869; G. K. Palmer, 1870; S. C. Elliott, 1872; W. H. 
Williams, 1873; J. A. L. Rich, 1876; C. A. Palmer, 1879; V. P. 
Wardwell, 1882; G. G. Winslow, 1883; J. W. Day, 1886; T. H. 
Murphy, (deceased); W. H. McAllister, 1887; H. P. Winter, 
1888; J. W. Day, 1889; M. B. Pratt, 1892; C. C. Whidden, 1894; 
J. H. Irvine, 1898; H. W. Norton, 1902, the present pastor. 


Previous to 1841 this society held its meetings in a school- 
house at what is known as the Four Corners in Foxcroft. In 
1840 the Baptists held a meeting here and organized the Dover 
and Foxcroft Baptist society of today. In 1841 its first church 
was completed. In 1888 this was moved to form a part of the 
present vestry, and a new church built and furnished with 
modern fixtures at a total expense of about $5,500. It now has 
a membership of about 175. 

The pastors who have served are as follows: Rev. O. B 
Walker, 1843; S. Adlan, 1846; J. M. Follett, 1849; C. M 
Herring, 1859; A. D. F. Palmer, 1864; J. M. Follett, 1869; E 
A. VanKleek, 1874; S. P. Pendleton, 1877; Geo. E. Tuffs, 1879: 
N. Lord, 1881; C. C. Tiiley, 1884; William J. Clouse, 1886 
T. M. Butler, 1888; H. R. Mitchell, 1891; H. B. Tilden, 1896; 
F. H. Pratt, 1901, to the present time. This society owns a fine 
parsonage next door to the church on Main street. 


That there were people of this faith in town and holding 
services previous to 1845 is evident, but only the record of a 

36 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

vote to settle the account for S. S. supplies in full in 1835, can 
be found previous to the above years. Oa Saturday, Nov. 15, 
1845, Elder Leonard Hathaway together witli Flavel Bartlett, 
William Mayhew, John Douglass and wife, and William F. 
Gallison and wife assembled at the home of Andrew Blethen on 
North street, in Foxcroft, and organized the Free Baptist 
society. Until 1850 this society and Lhe Methodists held union 
services in the court house. On the abave date this society 
dedicated a church on Main street. In 1849 we find a vote to 
raise $400 to build a church, but the records show no account 
of more money being raised. Some time ia 1850 the Methodists 
joined them, paying one-lialf the cost of the church. This 
arrangement continued until 1858 when the Free Bap lists 
bought out the Methodists for $600. Since this time the church 
has been three times repaired aud remodeled at a total c )st of 
over $5,500. Now they own a modern edifice lighted by 
electricity, and fitted out with a well furnished kitchen, vestry 
and large auditorium. The society is now free from debt and 
has about 125 members. The pastors are as follows: Moses 
Ames, 1851-3; W. H. Littletield, 1859-62; Moses Ames, one 
year; Geo, J. Abbott, 1863-6; G. S. Bryant, (supply); Amos 
Redlon, 1866-7; M. 11. Tarbox, 1869-72; Horace Graves, 1873-5; 
S. 0. Whitcorab, 1875-81; E. C. Cook, 1881-3; B. D. Newell, 
1884-6; A. G. Hill, 1886-91; W. L. Nickerson, 1892-6; H. H. 
Hayes, 1897, the present pastor. 


The Advent society was iirst organized here in 1886 aud a 
church building was soon after begun. It was completed and 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 37 

dedicated in 1887, with Rev, O. S. French as first pastor. 
Previous to this meetings were held in the old schoolhouse 
which once stood on School street but has since been inoved 
and converted into a dwelling house. Mr. French, its first 
pastor, remained here until 1892, when he left a devoted society 
worshipping in a new $2,500 chapel on High street. Since this 
time the following pastors have served: Joshua Denton, Jas. A. 
Nichols, VV. E. Dow, A. IT. Kearney, J. T. Coolbroth, O. S. 
French, the present pastor. 


Many years ago this society had no regular priest but was 
often visited by missionaries of the faith. About thirty years 
ago it was made a part of the society at Waterville and began 
to have regular services. Rev. Father Halde being the priest 
at Waterville. Later this was made a part of the Old Town 
society and Father Trudel officiated. Later still it was con- 
nected with Dexter, and Rev. Father Bradley then presided 
here until 1896, when he was followed by Rev. Father John 
Houlihan. Up to this time services were held in the town hall, 
but Father Houlihan induced the society to build a church 
which was dedicated in 1898. This stands on High street. 
The parish was first organized as a church in 1898 and the 
number of its members has increased until now there is a large 
and prosperous society. 

38 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


We find tbat the first school in the town of Dover was kept 
at Eli Towne's house at East Dover. It is said and verified 
that one of those who taught here was a man who brought a 
jug of rum with him each morning and kept it behind a door 
in the hall, during the day occasionally slipping into the hall 
to test its quality. 

The firrtt schoolhouse built in the town was put up by 
Eli Towne opposite where Mr. Henry Towne now lives. This 
was a square room with a square roof. For seats planks were 
placed along the walls. No desks were in the house. Books 
were few, necessitating that many use the same copy. The 
room was not finished inside. Spruce studs were used with 
the bark on them, only being scored down on one side with an 
axe so boards could be nailed to them. This was later moved 
up nearer Dover village, and finally burned one night after a 
meeting had been held in it. Then the town was divided into 
districts (three in all) and other schoolhouses erected. This 
was about 1<S25. Probably about this time the first school- 
house was built in Dover village, and stood where the Blethen 
house now stands, as the first one put up in the village stood 
there. Just what became of this building, we are unable to 
state, but it is supposed to have been moved onto the lot where 
Col. Peaks' tenement now stands. Whether this be so or not, 
there was a schoolhouse on this lot at an early date which was 
later moved onto Pearl street and now forms a part of the A. 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maiyie 39 

G. Warren house. The next schooUiouse is supposed to have 
been the one which was located in the Cove, and now forms a 
part of F. O. Lanpher's house. The date of buikling this house 
is variously stated from 1835 to 1845. Sometime about 1850 
Merrick Hall was erected, with the lower floor devotcl to 
schools and the upper for a town house, and later an Odd 
Fellows' hall. The Cove schoolhouse and the Merrick Hall 
schoolrooms supplied the need until 1882 when the present 
building was put up on High street and Merrick Hall converted 
into a dwelling house now owned by Mr. Peaks. The present 
building cost 1 1 1,000, and in 1897 $2,500 was laid out in re- 
modeling it. This building at first accommodated all grades. 
One year ago it was voted to pay to Foxcroft Academy the 
amount of money used for the High school and allow the 
Dover students to attend there, thus giving more room to the 
lower grades. In 1902 it was agreed to unite with Foxcroft 
and Guilford and employ a superintendent to devote his whole 
time to the work. 


The first school in Foxcroft was kept by Miss Betsey 
Mitchell, the daughter of William Mitchell of Dover, in a barn 
which stood on what is now Henry Parsons' farm. Miss 
Giddings from Brunswick, also taught in this barn. The first 
school building in town was built early in the town's history, 
but we are unable to give the exact date, probably about 1815. 
It was a square building with square roof; the floor was raised 
at the back, making it very inconvenient if a pencil, apple, or 

40 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

other round article were dropped, as it would roll to the very 
front of the room and was usually picked up by the teacher. 
This building, crude as it was, though up-to-date for the time, 
often accommodated 75 pupils, and at one time there were 21 
from three families. The building was twice moved, and when 
taken down stood a little above Mr. Henry Parsons' farm. At 
this time the town was divided into districts and several 
houses built in town. The house built in the village at this 
time was the first within its present limits and stood where 
Mr. Carleton now lives on North street. This building soon 
became inadequate to the need of the town and a larger one 
was built on the site where Mr. Henry Vaughan now lives. 
This building was used until the present house was erected in 
1873, when it was moved onto Summer street and now forms 
a part of the double tenement house just below the blacksmith 
shop. The present building cost |6,000 and was remodeled in 
1892. Here the grammar, intermediate and primary schools 
are kept. 


Foxcroft Academy plays a very good part in the educa- 
tional advantages offered by these two towns. The building 
is beautifully located near Foxcroft Square and is surrounded 
by many beautiful elms and maples, adding attraction to the 

It was first founded in 1S23 and a building erected which 
stood until 1860. In 1860 a very appropriate two-story build- 
ing was erected on the site of the old one, that house having 

Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 41 

been moved away. In 1891 it was remodeled and fixed up 
and now is a pleasant, attractive and convenient school 

The town of Foxcroft pays annually to this institution 
a sura equivalent to the cost of supporting a free high school, 
thus making it a free high school to the students in town. It 
has three courses of study and a staff of four or more assist- 
ants beside the principal, the number of assistants varying 
with the attendance. 

The management of the academy is in the hands of a 
board of trustees with E, A. Thompson as president, J. B. 
Mayo, vice-president, Willis E. Parsons as secretary. It is 
supported by the town of Foxcroft, tuition of non-resident 
students, graded appropriation from the state, and donations 
from friends and alumni of the institution. 


These towns have had many men in business and the 
professions who have shown great interest in the prosperity 
and development of the community. These men have taken 
the initiative in introducing many improvements and, as in 
all country towns, have been honored and respected as the 
benefactors of their fellow-citizens. 


Some of the merchants of Dover have been Thomas Davee, 
A. S. Fatten, G. W. Sawyer, B. C. Lowell, D. Bryant, J. L. Phil- 
brick, C. E. Kimball, C. H. B. Woodbury, these located near 

42 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

the Dover bridge; and A. L. Ober, E. Coburn, E. D, Wade» 
and J. W. Loud, located near the Foxcroft bridge, are among 
those who have been in trade in the village. There were in 
Foxcroft outside the village, John Bradbury, William and 
Nathaniel Bradbury, S. S. Herring and Caleb Prentiss, among 
the early merchants. 


Among the members of the bar who have located in Dover 
are C. P. Chandler, J. B. Everett, H. O. Morrison, A. M. Rob. 
inson, J. S. Wiley, and S. R. Hall. Those in Foxcroft have 
been J. S. Holmes, J. S. Wiley, Ephraim Flint, D. L. Savage, 
and A. G. Labroke. 

Those now located here are, in Dover: H. J. Cross, J. B. 
Peaks, E. C. Smith, C. W. Brown, Frank E. Guerney and 
F. C. Peaks; in Foxcroft: W. E. Parsons, C. W. Hayes and 
A. R. Peaks. 


Of the physicians who have ministered to the ills of this 
people may be mentioned the following: Dr. Jacobs, Hiram 
Canon, J. Smith, Benj. Johnson, E. A. Thompson, the donor 
of the free library, and S. W. Elliott, in Dover; in Foxcroft: 
Jeremiah Leach, W. Brown, Aaron Tucker, J. Hobbs, Dr. 
Jordan, C. Hamlin, and J. Lawton. These have all passed 
away or gone elsewhere. 

The present physicians are: C. C. Hall, J. B. Cochran, 
H. A. Holt and A. H. Stanhope; dentist, C. E. Holt, and veter- 

Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine . 43 

inary, J. H. Dore. Those in Foxcroft: physicians, Wm. Buck, 
A. H. Chamberlain and E. D. Merrill; dentists, W. G, Bus- 
well and C. A. Merrill. 



The Thompson Free Library, situated on Main street, 
Dover, was completed in 1898. It was built by Dr. E. A. 
Thompson, in memory of his deceased wife, Lucia Thompson. 
Mr. Thompson, at the annual town meeting in 1897, offered 
to build a library to cost not less than $5,000, to give at least 
$400 per year during his life for its support, and to leave 
$10,000 endowment at his death, if the town would furnish 
the lot. The town did so and the building was dedicated Sep- 
tember 9, 1898, having cost over $8,000. The management 
of the library is in the hands of an executive committee of 
three members, one chosen by the town, one by the library 
association, and one, which must be a lady, by these two. 

The value of this library to the towns is inestimable, both 
socially and educationally, offering, as it does, to every citizen 
the privilege of free access to its well assorted stacks of books 
and selected publications, the latter including both maga- 
zines, story-papers and newspapers. This remarkable and 
practical gift of Dr. Thompson is well appreciated by the 
people of Dover, and his name, linked with that of his late 
wife, will ever be loved and respected because of this gift and 
his other numerous benevolences, and the interest he has ever 
taken in the welfare of this town. 

44 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


At first the settlers at East Dover forded the river on 
foot or by team, sometimes assisted by dugouts. Hoveever 
crude these methods may seem to us, they were the only 
means then possible. The pioneers crossed this way for some 
years. The first bridge to span the river in these towns was 
a flat, open bridge built by Paul Lambert near where the 
present one is at East Dover, It was too low and was soon 
taken out by the ice. Asa Sturtevant replaced this with a 
two-span bridge which was also too low and went the way 
of its predecessor. This was brought back to its old resting 
place and remained until the present iron bridge was put in, 
in 1884. 

The next record we hare of bridge building was about 
1820, when Mr. Nathan Chamberlain built a bridge where the 
Foxcroft bridge is. This probably was the one which went 
out in 1854. The present bridge was then put in. The Brown 
brothers, (Anson and Oren) of Sebec put in the first bridge 
across the river in Dover (1830-5, it is thought). This went 
out in 1857 and the present one was erected to take its place. 

South Dover Grange, No. 261, was organized in Decem- 
ber, 1883, with C. S. Ireland, master, and L. A. Ayer, overseer. 
Their regular weekly meetings are held on Saturday evening 
at the Grange hall at South Dover. The number of charter 
members was 30, now there are 134 members. They have 
constructed their hall and stable. The hall is furnished with 
dining room and kitchen, all at a total cost of about $2,000. 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 45 


One that makes splendid bread, one that 
the best cooks of this vicinity as well as 
thousands of others all over the country 
"swear by" is 


We are having a phenomenally good sale 
on this Flour; everybody likes it; now 
won't you "join the crowd?" We guaran- 
tee flour perfection in every barrel. 



census of THnioor ailb jfOICroft 

The population of the towns of Dover and Foxcroft has 
been arranged herewith in families where that arrangement has 
been possible. In these families, in addition to the resident 
living members, the names of the non-resident members are 
included. It should be borne in mind that this plan does not 
include the names of all former residents of the towns of Dover 
and Foxcroft, as the names of the non-residents appear only 
when one or both the parents are still living in town. At the end 
of the census will be found the names of the non-residents with 
present addresses when such addresses have been given to us. 
The non-residents are indicated by the (*). 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

In the village the river has been considered the dividing 
line instead of the real town line but in the country districts 
the town line has been used. 

Following the names of Iho population is the occupation. To 
designate the occupations we have used the more common ab- 
breviations and contractions. Some of these follow: Farmer — 
far; carpenter — car; railroad service — R R ser; student, a mem- 
ber of an advanced institution of learning — stu; pupil, a member 
of a lower grade of schools — pi; housework — hw; laborer — lab; 
physician and surgeon — phy t& sur; clej-gyman — clei"g; merchant 
— mer; teacher — tr; blacksmith — blk; clerk — cl; book-keeper — 
bk kpr; operators in Brown's Mill — B's M; in Mayo's Mill — M's 
M; in the Spool mill— S M. 

This census was taken during the summer of 1904 by R. 
II, Remick, New Sharon, Me,, and O. M. Bean, 


A Doris, 

Avery, Lewis A., 31 Pleasant Albee, Alton, Main, 
farmer Nora (Rogers), 

Ada G. (Sutherland), hw Vera, 

n, Eugene, carpenter Amazeen, Stephen D., 

Averill, Alice M., hw Ivory, 

Averill, Anna B., hw 

Averill, Mary, hw 

Ayer, W. E., Main, wood wrk 
Louise( Brown), hw 




Lois M. (Fogg), 

F. Erminie, 

pupil Ayer, Fred, 



B's M 









Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Isabel (Chapman) 

Adams, Alvah A., farmer 

Emma I. (Felton), hw 
Alvin A. 
Edgar N. 

Allen, Cyrus H., farmer 

Hannah E. (Lancaster) 

Ayer, B. S., farmer 

Fred P., farmer 

Lucetta (Stedman) 
Hattie M., hw 

John T., farmer 

Ayer, John T,, farmer 

Alice E. (Crommett) 

Ames, Francis M., farmer 

S. Emma (Briggs), hw 
Leslie, farmer 

*Perry, blacksmith 

Ames, Elmer E., 12 South, 


Ayer, Llewellyn A., farmer 
Ava M. (Hill), liw 

Harry Augustus, pupil 
Ada Mattie, pupil 

Anderson, Ophelia(Brockway), 

South, hw 

*Robert A., weaver 

Ames, Moses L., printer 

Blanche E. (Norton), hw 
Joyce N. 

Ames, Aurelian, Pine, car 

Evie (Chase), hw 

Ames, Samuel W., Pine, retd 
*Isaac F., upholsterer 

Moses, printer 

*Luther B., painter 

Clara, hw 

Aurelian, car 


Bray, Maria (Ramadell), 

61 Pleasant, hw 
Iva M., hw 

Henry N., B's M 

Ethel B., B's M 

Blethen, Alphonso G., 4 Main 
Martha (Rockwell), hw 
*Frank, jeweler 

Annie, musician 


Brann, C. B., Main, car 

Abbie F. (Martin), hw 
*Anna C, hw 

Ella J., dress mkr 

Florence H., tailoress 


Dover and Foxcrofl, Maine 

Geo, S., civil engineer 

Bletlien, Harry W., Main, cl 

Effie (Hale), hw 

Brown, C. W., lawyer 

Julia (Nuite), hw 

Brooks, pupil 

Brown, Ira P., Main, B's M 

Blethen, W. D., Main, 

prop hotel 

Isabelle (Starbard), hw 

W. H., clerk 

Harry W., clerk 

Blethen, W. H., Main, clerk 

Emma N. (Sanford) 

Mary E., pupil 

Blethen, Miss Helen A., Main 

Bradman, W, S., Main, mer 

Bates, John, Main, farmer 

Gertrude (McLaughlin) 

Clifford, pupil 

Gladys, pupil 

Buck, Chas. M., Main, B's M 

Ella L. (Leland), hw 

Wm. H., B'sM 

Sadie, hw 

Walter, clerk 

Ida, hw 


Butterfield, F. E., 70 Main, 

Flora L.( Woodward), hw 
Carroll C, drug cl 

Brown, Emma, (Jones), Rirer 

*Lowell M., farmer 

Carl C, student 

Lyle L., compositor 

Elizabeth M., asst editor 
newspaper "Observer" 

Batcheldor, E. A., River, 

Emma E. (Ayer), hw 

Blake, H. J., farmer 

Blake, J. R., farmer 

Louisa (Goodwin), hw 
Carroll C, farmer 

Lillian L., tailoress 

May, hw 

Blake, Carroll, farmer 

Stella B. (Trefethen) 
Susan L. 

Bolster, David, farmer 

Addie (Libby), hw 

*Lester H., farmer 

*Freeland R., farmer 

*Lloyd G., farmer 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Grace L., hw 

Alvin, farmer 

Florence, pupil 

Elvira, pupil 

Merle, pupil 

Bell, Ai H., farmer 

Grace (Dow), hw 

Norman A. 
Myra G. 

Bell, Margaret (Holland), 

*Jas., farmer 

Buzzell, Ira, farmer 

Hadassa (Withee), hw 

Bradley, Ralph, farmer 

Edith L. (Hall), hw 

Alton, student 

Alice P., student 

Don E., pupil 

Bradley, Otis S., farmer 

Helen M. (Davis), hw 
Chas. W., M C R R ser 
Albert M., farmer 

Claire M., hw 

Bradley, John, farmer 

Sarah (Buck), hw 

Berry, Fannie S., pupil 

Brann, N. T., farmer 

*Annie C, hw 

*Edward L., salesman 
'*Wilbur N., salesman 

*Ethel, hw 

Marcia A., teacher 

Ann E. (Stocker), hw 

Berce, Abhie (Luce), 4 South 
*Hiram R., blacksmith 
Hattie F., hw 

*Damon, blacksmith 

Board way,Linda (Merrill), hw 
*Mabel, hw 

* Ethel 

Bartlett, Aaron, retired 

* Charlotte, hw 
*Merton, painter 
Alzada, hw 

Badger, Edwin R,, farmer 

Florence L.( Leathers), hw 
Maggie M., pupil 

Brockway, Albert, farmer 

Esther (Garland), hw 

Clarence, farmer 

Eva, hw 

*Abbie, hw 

Joseph, clothier 


Dover andFoxcroft, Maine 

Briggs, Frank A., farmer 
Nellie E. (Douglas), hw 

Bridges, William A., farmer 

Lizzie M. (Cole), hw 
David A. 

Bridges, John M., farmer 

Eunice C. (Frye), hw 

*Isa Lena, hw 

Beuj. v., student 

Lora J., student 

Batchelder, Chas. W., farmer 
Hattie E. (French), hw 

Eva M,, pupil 

Budd D,, pupil 

Burgess, John O., retired 
Betsey A. (Merrill), hw 

Louisa A., hw 

*Frank E., doctor 

*Mary L., hw 

*Minnie E., hw 

Walter IL, farmer 

Burgess, Walter H., farmer 

Eva L. (Pratt), hw 

Nelson H., pupil 

Lizzie M., pupil 

Carroll S., pupil 
Myra L., 
Hugh F., 

Bush, Henry, farmer 

Lena, hw 

Paul, farmer 

Mary, pupil 

Lizzie (Dyer) 

Berry, Mary ( ?) 

Harry, millman 

James, millman 

Bertha, hw 

Guy, farmer 

Irvin, pupil 

Buck, America F., farmer 

Flavilla A. (Trundy), hw 

Brown, Wm. A., 51 South, retd 
Laura J. (Booker), hw 
Walter H., farmer 

Bartlett, Albert H., South, 

Annie (Hurd), hw 

Butler, Henry, South 

Vma (Bush), hw 

Briggs, John A., South, M's M 
Nellie (Thomas), hw 

Bailey, Dexter, retired 

* Clara, hw 

Anna R. (Macomber),retd 
*Cora, hw 

Anne, hw 

Dover and Foxcrojl, Maine 


Grace, hw 

BeaD, Geo. W., 32 High, car 
*Myra E. 
Mary A. (Taylor), hw 

Barrett, Cyrus, Pine, millman 
Bertha (Pluinmer) 
Harold W., pupil 

Bragdon, Walter E., D's M 
Martha E. (Welsh), hw 
Norman W. 

Bennett, Floriston, Harvey, 

Lizzie (Robbins), hw 

Frank E., student 

Chas. H., pupil 

Agnes M., pupil 

Boyle, John, Harvey, M's M 
Helen (Closson), hw 

Claude, student 

Hugh, student 

Barney, Wm. E., Lincoln, B'sM 
Florence (Barrett), hw 
Blanche V., M's M 

Wilbur E., student 

Hanson A., studeut 

Barrett S., studeut 

Leroy E., pupil 

Hazel F., pupil 

Barrett, William H., Main, car 
Lizzie M. (Berry), hw 
Elmer E., pupil 

Bray, Henry, Pearl, B's M 
Flora E. (Penley), hw 
Hazel L., pupil 


Chase, Arthur, Pleasant, V S 
Nettie (Hall), hw 

*Randall, barber 

Hortense, pupil 

Carleton, Ira L., 52 Pleasant, 
Harriett M. (Merrill), hw 
Chas. T., salesman 

*Frank; H., barber 

*Harry M., barber 

*Albion M., guide 

Guy , barber 

Chase, Catherine (Swauton), 
18 Pleasant, hw 
*Blanche, librarian 

Wallace, machinist 

Carlton, Chas., Main, salesFuan 
Hattie (Smith), hw 

Annie, pupil 

Fred, pupil 


Dover and Foxcrofl, Maine 


Carlton, Guy, Main, barber 
Cathrine (Hibbard) 

Cofren, Henry S., Vaughn, far 
Marion, hw 

Harriett (Green), hw 

Chase, Adelaide, (Sawyer), 

Meric, artist 

Clapp, Ai, Pearl, B's M 

*Hiram, farmer 

Abbie (Bunker), B's M 
*Ai Jr., spool mill 

*Clara, hw 

Abbie, B'sM 

*Etta, hw 

Walter, jobber 

*Josie, ■ hw 

Craig, Mary E. (Cass), hw 
*Lizzie E., hw 

Chapman, Fred J., farmer 

Nellie (Douglass), hw 
Dora, pupil 

Stanley, pupil 

Chase, Orin, farmer 

Marcia A. (Paine), hw 
*Willard O., book-kp'r 

*Lester W., clerk 

*Alton B., clerk 

*Amy D., hw 

Crommett, W. F., farmer 

Nettie W, (Johnston), hw 
Alice E., hw 

Abbie V., clerk 

Chas. A., clerk 

Bertha E., pupil 

Stanley H,, pupil 

Myrtle E., pupil 

Crommett, Betsey B. (Turner), 

*Anna, hw 

*Freeman, lawyer 

W. F., mer 

Chapman, Oliver B., retired 
Sarah T. (Hill), hw 

*Chas. H., farmer 

Isabel M., hw 

Fred J., farmer 

Chandler, Minnie (Neal), 

South, hw 
Edna, pupil 

Day, Eugene ]^., South 

Euzana (Fletcher), hw 
Helen Gladys, pupil 

Isabel Ruth, 

Dover and Foxcroff, Maine 


Robert E., 

Crocker, John P., 6 High, 

supt water woi'ks 
Eugene W., 

supt light & heat 
Bertha, hw 

Crocker, Eugene W,, 6 High 
Susie J. (Greely), hw 

Cummings, Mrs. Peter (Page), 

8 High, retired 

Jennie L., hw 

Cochran, Walter J., farmer 

Lela M. (Woodward), hw 
Harry, pupil 

Hiram, pupil 

Archie, pupil 

Cochran, John, farmer 

Josie (Paine), hw 

Carpenter, Nathan, farmer 

Ellen (Blanchard), hw 
Walter B., farmer 

Chandler, Fiank E., farmer 
Mal>el E. (Brown), hw 
Marian, b 

Chase, John F., stone mason 
Eva, hw 

Susan P. (Barber), hw 
*Susie, hw 

Chase, Edwin H,, High, 

fur dealer 
i^bbie (Rogers) 

Collins, Edwai-d D., South, 

deal in farm impk-m'ts 
Lena M. (Cobb), hw 

Minnie, pupil 

Hattie, pupil 

Allen, pupil 

P>erett, pupil 

Clark, Allen P., High, mer 
Mary (Taylor), hw 

Harold, pupil 

Howard, pupil 

Philip, b 

Coburn, Sanger E., mer 

Clara H. (Randall , hw 
Aura Eugene, b 

Carr, Mary W. (Coburn), hw 

Coburn, Mar^'^ W. (Ayer), 

33 High 

Cli;ise, Herbert, laborer 

Eva (Treadwell), hw 

Hazel, pupil 

Chiisc, Julia (Ciiapnian), Pine, 


*Celia, hw 


Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 

*Jeimie, bw 


Cass, Chas. A., Pine, farmer 
Elsie ( Weymouth), hw 
Herbert VV., student 

Currier, Chas. W., South, 

Angie A. (Elwood), hw 

Cole, Chas. H., Harvey, M'sM 
Elmina (Buzzell), hw 
Ethel M., pupil 

Roland H., pupil 

Earl, b 

Hugh, b 

Graydon, b 

Cass, Albert M., Pleasant, car 
Lillian, (Sanford), hw 


Demeritt, Lizzie B. (Merri- 

field), 19 Pleasant, hw 

Carrie E., teacher 

Dexter, H. J., 23 Pleasant, 

wood worker 
Horace E., wood worker 
Lizzie E., hw 

*Lettie A., hw 

*Josie M., hw 

Hattie E., hw 

Dexter, H. E., 25 Pleas, w wkr 
Ellen (Varney), hw 

Edith H., pupil 

Norman E., pupil 

Mary E. 

Dyer, I. S., 41 Pleasant, 

Anna (Coombs), hw 

*Harry S., tailor 

Arthur C, mer 

*Frank E., book-kpr 

Annie M., hw 

Helen E., pupil 

Dunning, Fred C, Main, B's M 
Ethel C. (Folsom), 

Downing, G, G., 17 Main, 

Celia (Butters), hw 

*Marshall B., electrician 

Doore, G. W., 34 Main, real 
estate agt 

Mary J. (Jackman), hw 
*Belle C, hw 

Clarence F., student 

Geo. S., pupil 

Erma B., pupil 

Lawrence J., pupil 

Doore, F. E., 83 Main, barber 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Minnie (Stocker), hw 
Lucia P., B's M 

Mary, pupil 


Dinsmore, Arthur A., 64 Main, 

post master 

Lucy M. (Elliott), hw 

Dow, Eliza A. (Cilley), hw 

Dow, Lorenzo G., farmer 

Maria A, (Haskell), hw 
*Frank L., farmer 

*Nellie A., hw 

*John P., farmer 

Geo. B., farmer 

Lewis H., farmer 

Dow, Lincoln H., farmer 

Lizzie E. (Hall), hw 

Dow, Emily A. (Currier), hw 
*Sarah B., hw 

*Lucella E., hw 

*Josiah, farmer 

*Savilla A., hw 

Lincoln H., farmer 

Dow, P. S., farmer 

Lizzie (Rogers), hw 

Isabelle, hw 

*Orman P., farmer 

Grace E., hw 

Doore, Ira, farmer 

Harriett (Ayer), hw 

Duran, Ervin, pupil 

Doore, Edwin, farmer 

Ellen (Wiggins), hw 

Susie, hw 

Ira A., farmer 

Doore, Cyrus H., farmer 

Laura M., hw 

Adeline F. (Rollins) 

Douglass, Elbridge T., 

building mover 
Louisa (Bigelow) 
Nellie M., h-w 

Herbert E., farmer 

Douglas, Herbert E. 
Myrtie L. (Jones) 

Dawson, Edward, pupil 

Davis, Isaiah B., farmer 

*Dora, hw 

*Blanche M., hw 

Rose, hw 

Manley J., farmer 

*Alton, weaver 

Henry, farmer 

Amanda A. (Doore), hw 

Doore Amanda A. (Ramsdell), 



Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 




*Jeiinie, hw 

Davis, Manley J., farmer 

Blanche E. (Atwood) 

Dorr, C. X., farmer 

Melissa S. (Perrj^), hw 
O. P. farmer 

Lila L., pupil 

Duran, Hazel 

Day, William H., 16 High, 

Lenora (Nickersou), hw 
Georgia, pupil 

Diffin, Cyrus B., farmer 

Alicia, hw 

Guy, pupil 

T/iuda ( lioadvvay) 

Droper, Jerome B., farmer 

*Wilbur H., millraan 

Roger S., trucking 

*Allura, hw 

♦lilioda M., hw 

*A1)l)ie M., dressmaker 
Hattie (Henderson), hw 

Demeritt, Louise A. (Burgess), 

Geo. E., farmer 

Harry E., farmer 

Doore, Hezekiah P., farmer 
Julia A. ( Whittimore),hw 
Cora E., hw 

Addie A., hw 

*Fannie S., hw 

Chas. E., farmer 

Doore, Chns. E., farmer 

Bertha M. (Stevens), hw 

Dexter, Frank M., painter 

Clara C.( Ames), 53 South, 


Dawson, Mary ( ), South 


Eddie, pupil 

Daigle, Joseph, South, lurab 
Josephine (Legacy), hw 
Agnes, pupil 

Amanda, pupil 


Douglas, Ivory, 7 High, ret 
Hattie, hw 

Annie, hw 

Diffin, Wm. H., South B's M 

Dover and Foxcroft., Maine 


Nellie (Nartau), hw 

Dunning, Eliza J, (Legrow), 

23 High, hw 
Dinsmore, David, 31 High, 

real estate 
Frances (Lyford), hw 
*Sanford, chemist 

Mary, P O clerk 

Doris, Fred, Pine, horseman 
Ada (Turner), hw 

Droper, Roger S., Pine, 

Emma (Ells), dressmaker 


Evans, Liston P., 17 Pleasant, 

news paper editor 

Clara V. (Getchell), hw 

Ora L., pupil 

Emerson, C. B., 33 Main, B's M 
Anna (Bryant), hw 

Elliott, T. P., Main, shoe mkr 
Sarah F. (Gray), hw 

*Alice M., hw 

Emerson, Luther, Pearl, 

carriage repair 
Chas. B., B's M 

Geo. Wm., M's M 

Abbie M. (Young), hw 

Edgerly, David, farmer 

Ellen S. (Brawn), hw 

Geo., guide 

*Josiah, farmer 

Reuben, horse dealer 

Ervin, laborer 

Lula, hw 

Edgerly, L. E., farmer 

Emma (Harvey), hw 

Albert A., pupil 

Owen H., pupil 

Dana E., pupil 

Elmer E., pupil 

Arlene, pupil 

Edgerly, Chas. S., farmer 


Albert D., lumber wkr 
*Owen, lumber wkr 

Chas., laborer 

Elwood, farmer 

Edgerl}', Geo. H., guide 

Edith M. (Spaulding) 

Edgerly, Chas. F., lumberman 
Estella (Spaulding) 

Gracie B., 


Lena L., 


Marion E,, 



Dover and Foxcrojl, Maine 

Guy C. 
Frank L. 

Elms, Hattie (Berce), 4 South 

James W., student 

Norma, student 

Edgerly, Linnie (Rogers), 

High, hw 

Edgerly, Geo. Vi., stone mason 
Sarah (Steadman), hw 
Lizzie M., hw 

Geo. E., M's M 

Emma A., tailoress 

Hattie, hw 

Emery, Julia (Larrabee) 

William, New Eng Tel 

Elms, Jennie, 67 Pleasant, 


Elms, Nellie, 67 Pleasant,B's M 


Fuller, Mary E. (Tenney), 

33 Pleasant, hw 
Annie, hw 

Lizzie, tailoress 

Farnham, Florence A. (Keen), 
Pleasant, hw 
Harold K., student 

*Arthur E., iron wkr 

Farris, Benj., 30 Pleasant, retd 
*G. Wm., clerk 

Leslie, M's M 

*Carrie, hw 

Nancy A. (Sutherland), 

Folsom, F. A., Main, B's M 
Susie M. (Brann), hw 
*Ina Belle, hw 

Ethel C, shipping clerk 
Geo. W,, student 

Harold, pupil 

Farnham, Abigal N. 

(Rand), Main 
Caroline, hw 


Fox, Edmund B., 84 Main, 

Melvina (Bean), hw 

*Winnie E., hw 

Sadie E., hw 

Farrar, Geo., farmer 

Eva (Tobin), hw 

Vergil, pupil 


Farrar, Maria (Parsons), hw 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Folsom, Margaret (Milliken), 

John J., jobber 

*Geo. B., carpenter 

Clara E., hw 

O. II., farmer 

Minnie E,, hw 

Frost, Margaret (Folsom), hw 
Farnham, B. W., farmer 

Sarah F. (Bradley), hw 
Lena, hw 

Willis, farmer 

Fair, Ilobt., farmer 

Lizzie (Hesketh), hw 

Fuller, William, 8 High, car 
Annie E. (Robinson), hw 
Ella Marion, pupil 

Fowler, Elijah J., farmer 

Hortense E.( Weymouth), 
Norman E., student 

French, Frank, farmer 

Rubertie (Marsh), hw 
French, Henry, retired 

Adeline (Ilussey) 
Frank, farmer 

*Cora, hw 

*Minnie, hw 

Maurice, farmer 

Hattie, hw 

Lilla, hw 

Foster, William, farmer 

Estelle C. (Chandler), hw 

Effie M., dressmaker 

Ava E., pupil 

Marjorie L., pupil 

Fi-ench, Edmund, High, retd 

Esther A. (Genthner), hw 

Ada, hw 

*Henry, merchant 

*Molly, saleslady 

*Daniel, brick mason 

*Minnie, saleslad 

Farris, Chas. C, Pine, musician 

Ethel M., student 

Alice M. (Dexter), hw 

Maud N., pupil 

Farris, Harriet (Chandler), 

Leander, farmer 

Laurette, hw 

Chas., musician 

Freach, O, S., clerg'y 

Eugenia (Mairn) 
*Gea L. 


Dover and Foxcroft., Maine 

Foss, Geo. R., 58 Main, B's M 
Bertha E. (Suith), B's M 
Richard, D., pupil 


Grrant, Elwood S., 90 Main, 
B's M 
Jennie A. (Allen), hw 
Guernsey, Frank E., Main, 

Josephine (Lyford), hw 
Guernsey, Hannah M, (Thomp- 
son, Main 
Frank E., lawyer 

Samuel J., electrician 

Grant, Frank H., River, B's M 
Melissa F. (Goodwin), 

B's M 
Lloyd H., pupil 

Goodwin, Viola E., River, hw 
Getchell, Albert C, River, 

Elizabeth M. (Towne), hw 
Alberta L., pupil 

Angela T., pupil 

Gifford, Frank W., Meric sq., 
Ellen E, (Sawyer), hw 

Gould, Gilman F., farmer 

Susie E. (Cro^s), hw 

*Merton H., farmer 

Roy G,, student 

Helen E., pupil 

Getchell, Mark T., farmer 

Alice C. (Doore), hw 

Grinnell, Albert, farmer 

Madrilena (Powers), hw 
Alice M., pupil 

Lena B., pupil 

Christiana J,, pupil 

Nellie E., pupil 

Chas. A. 
Irving B. 

Gray, Oscar H., farmer 

Ada M. (Anderson), hw 
Clair H., farmer 

Vera A., hw 

Gerrish, Laura B., pupil 

Gilman, Fred E,, farmer 

Eda B. (\Vhitman), hw 
Ralph L., student 

Agnes M., student 

Gerry, Gerald A., carpenter 

Mabel (Judkins) 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Gerry, Willard W., farmer 
Alice (Rock way), hw 

Gerry, Harriett J. (Douglass) 
Willard, farmer 

Susie E,, liw 

Gerald, carpenter 

Gerry, Jewett W., farmer 

Lydia A. (Woodward), 

Bernard H., farmer 

Gerry, Eben O., farmer 

Betsey A. (Bartlett), hw 
Ella G., hw 

Ambrose B., farmer 

Gerry, Ambrose 

Mabel A,, teacher 

Gray, James M., farmer 

Addie A. (Doore), hw 

Garey, M. E., farmer 

Gilmau, Prentiss A., 15 South, 
Helen (Leland), hw 

Katie, hw 

*Helen, hw 

Grace, hw 

Goodin, Fred, South, laborer 
Phileman (Daigle), hw 

Gilbert, Lydia, Pine 

Gray, Ophelia (Brockway), 

Pine, retired 

Amlin A., supt Millville 
Rubber Works 

Annie, hw 

Wallace L., farmer 

Gray, Leslie, Pine, student 
Gray, Volney A., Pine, farmer 

Melissa J. (Brockway ),hw 

* Elton 

*Ralph V. 

Helena M., hw 


Holden, H. C, 13 Pleasant 

Orissa L. (Gary), hw 

Hall, Laura A. (Getchell), 17 
Pleasant, hw 
Hall, Maria (Bray), 61 Pleas- 
ant, hw 
Hanscome, Kathrine M., 22 
Pleasant, stenog 
Howard, Chas. M., Main, B's M 
Agnes V. (Powers), hw 
Gerald, pupil 

Howard, Geo. E., 11 Alain, 

ins agt 
Fannie (Boynton), hw 


Dover (Did Foxcroft^ Maine 

Lester B., student 

Arthur C, pupil 

Hall, W. II., Main, horse dlr 
Fannie M. (Brown), hw 
Florence H., pupil 

Carl L., pupil 

Harvey, Jennie, Main, hw 

Hayford, Wilder O., 5 Meric 
sq., bookkeeper 
Rose A. (Bean), hw 

K. Mildred, pupil 

Herbert W., pupil 

Dorothy R., pupil 

Celestia M., pupil 

Hussey, G. L., 62 Main, mer 
Lura S. (Doore), hw 

Freeman A., guide 

Hoyt, Olive (Goodwin), Main 
Hannah, hw 

*Geo. W., carpenter 

Lovina, hw 

Chas., B'b M 

*Le8lie, wool mill 

Reuben, B's M 

Hopkinn, Annette, Main 

Hoyt, Chas., Main, B's M 

Irene (Cilley), B'a M 

*Andy L., druggist 

Amber, hw 

Hager, Cordelia W., Vaughn 
Frank A., guide 

Higgins, AbUie (Boober), 

4 Pearl, hw 
Lydia A., dressmaker 

Addie S., B's M 

Seth W., B. & A. R. R. 
Rosa B., B's M 

Alice M., B's M 

Howard, Mary E. (Craig), hw 
*Gilbert H., livery dlr 
Walter R., farmer 

Howard, Walter R. 

Alice E. (Osborne), hw 

Hibbard, Abbie (Corser), hw 
*Llewellyn, R. R. ser 

Edwin S., farmer 

Fred, driver 

Althea, hw 

Eugene, R. R. ser 

Hall, Fred N., painter 

Edith M. (Lord), hw 

Ernest O., pupil 

Klva E., pupil 

Ethel N. 
I\Iary F. 

Hall, Leonard, farmer 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Hussey, Harriet (Lane), hw 
*Flora E., hw 

Hall, Richard, fanner 

Almira J. (Philbrick) 

Hall, John F., farmer 

Addie E. (Mansell), hw 
Fred N., painter 

*Orren L., farmer 

Orman F,, carpenter 

*Leonard E., motorman 
Harold W., mail carrier 
John E., farmer 

Harvey, Emma (Buzzell) 

*Laura M., hw 

Jennie E., hw 

Hurd, Sumner L., farmer 

Odelia A. (Shaw), hw 
Earl, R. P., farmer 

Harmon, Chas. M., farmer 
Clair M. (Bradley), hw 

Hibbard, Emery, farmer 

Mary E. (Pipes), hw 

*Grace J., hw 

*Norman E., farmer 

Herbert R., student 

Harvey, Chas. P., farmer 

Clara E. (Tweedie), hw 
Clara M,, pupil 

Edith L., pupil 
Robert T. 

Harvey, Albert P. 

Martha (Hayes), hw 

Warren, farmer 

Wilbur, car 

Ella, milliner 

Chas. P., farmer 

Mary, hw 

Lillian, mer 

*Nellie, hw 

Hesketh, Chas., farmer 
Mary A. (Harvey), hw 

Wm. A,, farmer 

Nellie G., pupil 

Hesketh, Wm. 

Agrandic (Harvey), hw 

Hathorn, E. G., farmer 
Alma J. 

Mai com E,, pupil 

Rowena M., pupil 

Hattie L. (Fogg), hw 

Lin wood, pupil 

ITarlow, L B., farmer 

Ada A., hw 

llailow, Inez, bookkpr 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Hokie, Geo. H., South, 

Mary E. (Walleston), hw 
Mildred A., pupil 

Hokie, Clarence M., 4 High, 
Margaret (Faulkes), hw 
Lloyd, pupil 

Harvey, Wilbur B., High, ret 
Linna (Grover), hw 

Alice M., pupil 

Hill, Edwin, mer 

Helen, pupil 

Ham, Hira N., farmer 

Bertha E. (Hussey), hw 
Hutchinson, Frank H., farmer 
Jennie (Woodward), hw 
Hager, Frank, guide 

Eula ( Roberts), hw 

Eula Alice, pupil 

Hazen Otis 
Kenneth Roberts 
Meridith E. 
Ilurd, Ebenezer G., farmer 
Susan R. (Tyler), hw 

Edgar L., B & A 

Maurace H., farmer 

Hussey, R. A., farmer 

Hill, Chas., farmer 

Annie M. (Harmon), hw 
Geo., pupil 


Harmon, Annie (Floyd), hw 
Delia, pupil 

Elsie, pupil 

Harriman, Eliza ( ) 

53 South 

Hayes, Horace, High, clerg 
Hattie (Lund), hw 

Holt, C. E., High, doctor 

Mabel (Rogers), hw 


Hurd, Chas. F., 22 High, 

overseer B's M 
Annie P. (Spearing), hw 
Mildred Adell, student 
Stephen Brown, student 
Fred Spearin, pupil 

Helen Waterman, pupil 
Hope Thelma, pupil 

Frank Leroy 

Hoyt, Reuben E., Pine, 

dyer B's M 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Abbie (Oaks), hw 

Bernice, compositor 

Hussey, Albei't W., Pine, far 
Mary (Kirk), hw 

Hutchinson, Chas. A., South 
Ella (Glover), hw 

Clair, pupil 

Harvey, Lillian A., South, 

dry & fancy goods 

Hibbard, Fred E., Harvey 

Eliza (Sudsbury), M's M 
Cecil, pupil 

Flossie, pupil 

Hall, Henry S. Lincoln, 

M C R R 

Annie J. (Farrer), hw 

Hall, Crowell C, Main, M D 
Lizzie D. (Dexter), hw 
Robert E., student 

Crowell C. Jr., student 
Marjorie, pupil 


Inraan, James, farmer 

Alzada F, (Bartlett), hw 
Ernest I., pupil 

Jewell, L., 


Nellie, hw 

*Pearle, hw 

Ellen (Grover), hw 

Jewell, Chas., farmer 

Amy B. (Elwell), hw 

Judkins, Wilbur L., farmer 
Florence (Richardson), 


Judkins, Corydon A., farmer 
Vernon, pupil 

Lillian (French), hw 

Clyde, pupil 

Judkins, Chas. C, farmer 

Florence (Crowell), hw 
*Ernest W., insurance agt 
Mabel, hAV 

Leslie B., salesman 

Leroy, student 

Lena, student 

Frank, student 

Jones, Heber M., South, tailor 

Florence (Bailey), hw 

Harold, pupil 

Jackson, Wm. H., 13 Mayo, 


Ella P. (Moore), hw 

Genie C, M's M 

Roy W., pupil 


Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 


Kittridge, C. B., bank cashier 
Marcia (Thomas), hw 
*Ella, hw 

*Frank B., ins office 

Elizabeth, K. 

Kimball, F. L., 36 Main, mer 
Augusta C. (Cary), hw 
Mary W. 
Chas. E., clerk 

Kimball, Annie E,, 56 Main 

Knowles, Chas. M., Court, 

dept sheriff 
Abbie A. (Osborne), hw 
Edna A., teacher 

Ethel M., musician 

Octavia D., pupil 


Lander, J. Q. 36 Main, mer 
Mattie B., hw 

Leathers, Harry, 84 Main B's 

Sadie E (Fox), ' hw 

Elsie, pupil 

Clarence E., pupil 

Lunt, J. A., River, teamster 
Mary E. (Sanborn), hw 
Edna E., hw 

Walter A., B's M 

Harry L., student 

Reginald, pupil 

Lanpher, Frank, River, blk 

Carrie (Morrill), hw 

Eva, pupil 

Le8Sor,Mary(Moyn), Pearl, hw 

Emma, B's M 

Vina, hw 

*Lizzie, hw 

*Joseph, S M 

Flora, hw 

*Mary, hw 

*George, merchant 

Lord, Maurice, painter 

Lee, Nehemiah, farmer 

*Chas. S., wood & coal 

Jennie F., hw 

Harry F., barber 

Louise (Stone), hw 

*Arthur, farmer 

Valetta, M's M 

Susie, hw 

Lora, hw 

Ralph, pupil 

Helen, pupil 

Savora, pupil 

Lambert, Emily, hw 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Lambert, Nancy B. (Laugh- 

Larrabeo, David E., So. Mills 

Road, farmer 

Sadie (Gushing), hw 

Bertrand, student 

Ladd, Henry B., farmer 

Mildred, pupil 

Josephine, pupil 

Ellen (Ladd), hw 


Lambert, A. C, farmer 

Eliza J. (Ames), hw 

*Cora R., hw 

Littlefield, Rufus, retired 

*Adelbert, jobber 

Walter, far & B's M 

Lola, hw 

Frank, B's M 

Nina, hw 

Lancaster, Hannah E. (Shep- 

erd), hw 

Annie R., B's M 

Lambert, Samuel, farmer 

Wallace H., farmer 

Albert E., R. R. her 

Cynthy (Douglass) 

Lambert, Wallace, farmer 

Blanche (Cleaves), hw 
Hazel, pupil 


Ladd, Moses, farmer 

Addison, farmer 

Delia, hw 

Ladd, Addison, farmer 

Abbie (Tufts), hw 

Roy, student 

Mary, pupil 

Ethel, pupil 

Guy, pupil 

Florence, pupil 

Norman, pupil 


Libby, Arthur, far & butcher 
Bertha (Phillips), hw 

Lane, Levi O., farmer 

Albina IL (Gray), hw 
Rosa v., hw 

Lampher, James, South, B's M 
Lizzie (Spaulding), hw 
Theresa, pi 

Charlie E., pupil 

Delia M., pupil 

Ina E. 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Lougee, Timothy J., 23 High, 


*Bertha, hw 

Hetty (Coryell), hw 

Lampher, Orville J., Pine, blk 
Sarah (Home), hw 

*Lizzie M., retouching 
*Harry E., blk 

Madeline, teacher 

*Dana, blk 

Bertram, blk 

Leason, Lewis P., Pine, far 
Sarah, hw 

Lee, Harry F., Pine, barber 
Florence (Brann), hw 

Lucas, Herbert A., Pine, C's 

D S 
Mariam, (Fletcher), hw 
Warren S., student 

Homer A., pupil 

Arthur, pupil 

Lucas, Frances E. (Stanhope), 
Pine, hw 
*\Vni. B., clerk 

Herbert A. 

Larry, AUiertina (Silver), Har- 
vey, ' hw 
Alice, student 

Laura, student 

Libby, Leo, 27 Lincoln, B's M 
Nellie (Davis), hw 



Martin, Judith (Greeley), Main 

Abbie F., hw 

Merrifield, Alice, 73 Main, hw 

Moulton, Louise, pupil 

Mitchell, Noah P., Main, retd 

Lovina (Hoyt), hw 

Meras, Fenando, farmer 

*Florence J., weaver 

*Ramona, weaver 

*Emma O,, hw 

*Leonor, weaver 

*Ralph E., merchant 

McKechnie, J. A., farmer 

Abbie VV. (Burrill), hw 

Albert J., carpenter 

Orman B., farmer 

Elmer C, carriage dealer 

Morse, Adelbert, farmer 

Vina S. (Mitchell) 

Geo. H., pupil 

Willaid C. 

Morse, Alberton, farmer 

Merrill, Herbert J., farmer 

Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 


Eliza (Rowe), hw 

Geo. n., student 

Murphy, Margaret (Sawyer) 
Henry, lumberman 

*Nellie, hw 

*Chas. C, civil engineer 
John C, farmer 

Marion, hw 

Merrill, S. T., farmer 

Hannah M. (Burgess) 
Wm. T., farmer 

*Alice M., hw 

Merrill, Frank A,, farmer 

Mary B. (Young), hw 

Merrill, Lester S., farmer 

Jessie A. (Smith), hw 
Mildred E. 
Ethel E. 
Ivy A. 

Merrill, Hannah B. (Coburn) 
Lester S., farmer 

Mitchell, L. H. 

Merrill, Chas. L., lumbering 
Belle W. (Gray), hw 

Chas. A., millraan 

Ernest F., millman 

Guy S., millman 

Harry B., millman 

Arthur W., millman 

Stanley E., millman 

Marion H., pupil 

Merrill, Chas. A. 

Marion E. (Annis)', hw 
Omar B., pupil 

Paul V. 

Mace, Lucinda (Hanscora) 

*Ivy Herbert, blk 

*Alfred A., farmer 

Merrill, Ernest F. 

Rosa B. (Lane), hw 

Macomber, L. C, farmer 

Moen, Fred P., South, st mas'n 
Julia A. (Emery), hw 
Annie, M's M 

Norman, student 

Donald, pupil 

Merrill, Chas. A., South, dent 
Walter R. 
Abbie H. (Dunham), hw 

McCarvill, Daniel, laborer 
Myrtle (Townes), hw 
Mary Ella 

McKechnie, Orman B., High, 


Susie (Bell), hw 

Karl Harold, pupii 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

McGarity, Bernard, Pine,B'8 M 

Annie (Gray), hw 

McFaul, John C, South, tel nig 

McNaugliton, Chas.E., Harvey, 


Hattie (Silver), hw 


Norton, II. W., 24 Pleasant, 

Flora (Pratt), hw 

Harold F., student 

Raymond P., student 

Bela W., pupil 

Noyes, Daniel A., farmer 

*Weltha G., hw 

Etta M., hw 

Emma L., hw 

Edith L. (Witham), hw 
Hattie E., pupil 

Harold A. 
Mary E. 

Neal, Sarah (Simpson), South 
]\Iinnie, hw 

Adelaide, bookkeeper 

Nickerson, Osmond, 16 High, 

Norton, Samuel, South, grocer 
Chas. U.; grocer 

Nellio, hw 

Anna (Warren) 

Norton, Chas., South 

Mary (Dawson), hw 

Norton, Elijah, Pine, ice bus 
Sarah (Hutchinson), hw 
Blanche, hw 

Evelyn, hw 

Lottie, compositor 

Eugene, student 


Osborne, Joseph S., farmer 
Walter M., farmer 

Alice E., hw 

Oakes, Howard B., auctioneer 
Elvira P. (Wotton), hw 
*Freeland H., druggist 
*Aphia F., hw 

Abbie, hw 

*Sumner, druggist 


Pratt, Franklin E., 43 Pleas- 
ant, retired 
Jennie R. (Edgerly), hw 
Anna M., dressmaker 
*Wm. H., watchmaker 
Palmer, Chas F., 61 Pleasant 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Ethel (Bray), B's M 

Pool, L. B., 13 Main, mer 

Flora (Townsend), hw 
Geo. M. 

Peaks, Joseph B., 29 Main, 


Eliza C.(ChaJbourue), hw 

*Annie H., hw 

Francis C, lawyer 

Pool, Martha S. (Stevens), 

6 Main, merchant 

Alburton, merchant 

Palmer, Fred, Main, merchant 
Lena B. (Delano), hw 

Palmer, Amanda E. (Thomp- 
son), Main, hw 

Palmer, Etta L. (Bemis), 

73 Main, hw 

Pembroke, Patrick, Main, B's 

Mary (McLaughlin), hw 
John, pupil 

Steven, pupil 

Paul, puj)il 


Pratt, Lizzie (Lyford), Main 
Adelbert M., mail carrier 
*Harry W., carpenter 

Percy L., farmer 

Myron E., clerk 

Eugene L., pupil 

J, Bertram, j^^pil 

Malcolm, pupil 

Pratt, Lovena (Woodbury) 
Orman, farmer 

*Fred W., farmer 

Marion L. 

Palmer, Chas. W., Pearl, far 
Susie, china decorating 

Palmer, Newell, pupil 

Parsons, Maria (Hayes), hw 
*Gustus, mason 

*Hitam, miner 

Piatt, Percy, farmer 

Lula (Edgerly), hw 

Putnam, John W., farmer 

Harriett (Hussey), hw 

Pratt, Orman, farmer 

Jennie (Bakir), hw 

Donovan D, 
Woodbury O. 

Pratt, Delbert, mail carrier 
Helen (Brown ), hw 

Mer ton W., pupil 

Elizabeth H. 
Guy L. 


Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 

Plummer, John, farmer 

Lucy (Hilton), hw 

Plummer, Geo., farmer 

*Chas., R, R. ser 

Addranah (flill), bw 

*Nellie, hw 

*Ozias, gum dealer 

*Lottie, . clerk 

Ethel, hw 

John, farmer 

Prebble, Emeline (Chase), hw 
*Christopher C, guide 
*Gracie, hw 

Plummer, Jas., farmer 

Hannah (Farnham), hw 

Plummer, Marion, pupil 

Prescott, Jas. N., farmer 

Powers, Josephine I. (Farn- 
ham), hw 
Moses W., electrician 
Madilena, hw 
Alice, hw 

Plummer, Jas. G., farmer 

Mary E., teacher 

Ethel L., pupil 

Plummer, Mary H. (Stevens) 
Jas. G., farmer 

Willis G., l>lk 

*Emery G., piano tuner 
Prescott, Wm., South, quarry- 

Arthur, painter 

Kate, hw 

Prescott, Arthur A., 4 South, 


Flossie B. (Roberts), hw 
Page, Daniel M., South, far 

Mary W. (Putnam), hw 
Packard, George, farmer 

Maria (Crockett), hw 

Harry E. 

Packard, Jas., retired 

Chas. L., farmer 

Geo. E., farmer 

*Mary E., hw 

John F., carpenter 

Packard, John, 

Delia (Sutherland) 

Putnam, INIary (Woodward) 

Frank J., farmer 

Pratt, Samuel D., farmer 

Eva L., pupil 

Eflie L. (Davis), hw 

Perrault, Louis, farmer 

Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 


Eulalie (Couture), hw 
Joseph, farmer 

Mary, hw 

Alphonse, farmer 

Alphonsine, pupil 

Louis, pupil 

Aime, pupil 

Edmee, pupil 


Parsons, Edric B., 1 High, 

sewing machine dealer 

Hattie M.( Douglass), hw 

Poole, Abbie E. (Fobs), 

22 High, hw 
Myra Helen, tailoress 

*Benj. L., motorman 

Delia, hw 

*Maynard D., farmer 

Plummer, Lydia (Elder), Pine 
Bertha, hw 

Pearl, Bert n.,6 South, M's M 
Lillian (Blake), tailoress 

Penley, Evie, Pearl, hw 


Rollins, Clias. H., Pleasant, 

Annie (Fuller), hw 

Ray, Louisa (Na8on),35 Pleas- 
ant, hw 

*Dr. C. W. 

Harry A., B's M 

*Percy E., express bus 
Ray, Harry A., 28 Pleasant, 


Minnie E. (Silver), hw 
Roberts, Stanley, Main, B's M 

Etta (Eldredge), hw 


Roberts, Jas, T., Main, mer 

Caroline R.(Farnham),hw 
Rockwell, T. J., Main, painter 

Annie (Burrill), hw 

Richards, S. S., 74 Main, retd 

*Alioe, hw 

Mary (Sampson), hw 

Ramsdell, Andrew S., River, 

Jane L. ( Bartlett), hw 

Edwin, guide 

Irvin, painter 

Eliza L., tailoress 

Racine, John, Vaughn, B's M 

Edith (Shaw), hw 



Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Robinson, A. J., farmer 

Eliza M. (Atkinson), hw 
Fred A., farmer 

John H., lumber worker 
Ada H., teacher 

Ida M., hw 

Helen E., M's M 

Marion A., pupil 

Melissa F., pupil 

Dwight E. 

Royal, Edwin, farmer 

Ricker, Albert M,, farmer 

Ella J. (Farrar), hw 

Rogers, T. A., farmer 

Rosa (^ Christy), hw 

Linnie, hw 

*Clara, hw 

Oren, lumberman 

William, lumberman 

Rogers, Oren 

Alicia (DiflSn), hw 

Randall, Wm. E., farmer 

Cora E. (Doore), hw 

Arthur A., farmer 

Randall, Arthur A. 

Edith B. (Inman), hw 

Randall, Harrison, retired 

Wm. E., farmer 

Ricker, Chas. H., farmer 

Lottie (Glidden), hw 

Nellie E., hw 

Ricker, Ivory, teamster 

*Addie, hw 

Rogers, Geo. P., 13 High, 


Louise (Laud), hw 

Ida Louise, dressmaker 

Lena Emily, pupil 

Alice Marj, pupil 

Rogers, Mrs. S. E., 6 Main, 


Rogers, Oren, lumbering 

Alicia (Dillin), hw 

Robinson, John H., millman 
Tena (Pearl), hw 

Robinson, Minnie (Parkhurst) 
Leila M., student 

Richardson, Florence (Brown) 
Floyd, pupil 

Esmod, pupil 

Reed, Geo. A., D's M 

Orie E. (Chandler), hw 

Rogers, Frank, M's M 

Emma (Gould), M's M 
Ivoline, student 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Rollins, Willis E., Lawrence, 


Anna G. (Glidden), hw 

Ora Leroy, pupil 

Rogers, Elizabeth (Luce), 

High, hw 
Frank, farmer 

Eva, hw 

Abbie, hw 

Robbins, Mary J. (Reeves), hw 
*Emma, Cedar, hw 

Lizzie, hw 

Ranger, Harold, 3 Dover, R'sM 
Delia L. (Poole), hw 

Doris Ella 

Rogers, Flora M. ( — )High, hw 

Ritchie, Sanford, High, clo 
Carrie E. (Grant), hw 
Estelle, pupil 

Robbins, John, Main, n watch 
Carl, student 


Smith, Frances A. (Walker), 

27 Pleasant, hw 

Sutherland, Mary J., (Donald), 

31 Pleasant, hw 

Ira A., salesman 

Ada G., hw 

*Annie M., hw 

Sherburne, Mary L. (Tucker), 
37 Pleasant, hw 
Chas. H., contractor 

* Frank H., photographer 
*John R., laundry foremn 
Wm. P., dye house 

*E. W., salesman 

Sherburne, Wm. P., 37 Pleas- 
ant, shipping clerk 
Harriet D. (Drake;, hw 
Sheehan, D. H., 47 Pleasant, 
Etta A. (Reed), B's M 
Sutherland, Nancy A.,(Hagar), 
30 Pleasant, hw 
Delia, hw 
StOAve, Hartwell E., 2 Gruve, 
Julia A, (Merrill), hw 
Cora B., hw 
Eva B., hw 
Spaulding, Chas. A., Main, 

B's M 
Josie E. (Levensalor), hw 
Virgil C. 
Thelma L. 
Smith, Ernest J., civil eng 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Ella (Brann) 
Abbie E. 

Steadman, Hiram P., 66 Main, 
Delia (Woodbury), liw 
Lida M. 

St. Ouge, Chas. A., 50 Main, 

Julia (Barrows), hw 

Walter J., student 

Marcella, pupil 

Arthur, pupil 

Stocker, Mary (Cliapin), 

83 Main, hw 
Minnie, hw 

Nellie, hw 

Storer, John, 83 Main 

Mary (Millett), B's M 
Christie, hw 

Ethel, B's M 

Ray, pupil 

Spaulding, Vina L. (Varney), 
60 Main, hw 
Albert T., B's M 

Addie M., hw 

* Willie R., printer 

Annie E., student 

Manley A., student 

Smart, Charlotte (Smith), 

25 High, hw 
Roy, pupil 

Ray, pupil 

Shaw, Fred A., Vaughn, B's M 
Albert F., woodworker 
Edie M., hw 

Cordelia W. (Hager), hw 

Sturtevant, W. L., River road, 


Margaret (Carlton), hw 

Wm., teacher 

Flora, hw 

Sanborn, J. H., farmer 

Emma (Stocker), hw 

Edgar F., clerk 

Susan S., teacher 

Melbourn, student 

Mildred A., pupil 

Sawyer, J, C, farmer 

Annie (LaBree), hw 

*Cora B., hw 

Perley, farmer 

Clyde L., farmer 

Ora M., jobber 

Sawyer, Pearl, farmer 

Ethel (Plummer), hw 

Starbard, Olive, hw 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Smith, Benj. A., salesman 

Annie M. (Trunday), hw 
Winnifred B., pupil 

Starbird, W. M., farmer 

Annie M, (Laneil), hw 

Strout, W. L., farmer 

Lola M. (Littlefield) 
Clyde, pupil 


Stanchfield. Noah L., farmer 

Stanchfield, Roxcindia, hw 

Stevenson, William J., farmer 
Susan E. (Hawks), hw 
*Flo8sie E., hw 

Pearl, pupil 

Scott E. 

Stinneford, Oliver R., ret 

*Joseph H., mail carrier 
*William O., farmer 

* Walter W., farmer 

Chas. S., ret 

Lucinda (Mace), hw 

Steyens, Benj. M., farmer 

Adele, hw 

Edward F. 

Sylvia D. (Swert), ret 

Starbird, Edwin S., farmer 
Minnie E. ( Robinson), hw 

Steadman, C. W., farmer 

Spaulding, Chas. R,, farmer 
Nellie S. (Walker), hw 
Henry L., pupil 

Nellie M., pupil 

Ethel M., pupil 

Marshall W., pupil 


Spaulding, Calista R., ret 

*Emma B., hw 

Alvina B., hw 

*Ella E., hw 

*Abbie P., hw 

Chas. R., farmer 

Edith M., hw 

Sawyer, F. Leslie, 25 High, 

Aravesta (Flanders), hw 
Minnie D. 

Spaulding, Henry, Pine, far 
Sarah (Leason), hw 

Stanhope, Alvin H., South, 

Martha E. (Harvey), 



Dover and Foxcroft, Maim 

Effie May, student 

Charley M., student 

Stuart, Altbea L. (Hibbard), 

Harvey, Lw 

*Carl H., bookkpr 

Silver, Alberiina (Morgan), 

Harvey, hw 

Ralph, teamster 

Hattie, hw 

Sanford, Lillian (Bowker), 

Pleasant, hw 
Harold B., student 

Taylor, J. H., 11 Pleasant, 

Annie (Jennison), hw 
Marion, milliner 

Taylor, Hinchliffe, 11 Pleas., 
Joe H,, musician 

May J., hw 

* Walter n., drug clerk 
Oscar L., in navy 

Towne, Asa D., 45 Pleas., lab 
Eunice (Terrill), hw 

*Cora A., hw 

Thompson, Elbridge A., Main, 

Thompson, Elmer E,, 

59 Pleasant, mechanic 

Mary R. (Ptollins), hw 

*John E., electrician 

Fred a, M's M 

Thomas, Margaret, Main, sten 

Thomas, Oscar R., Main, 


Maude B. (Day), hw 

Chas. A. 
Towle, Frank VV., 3 Meric Sq., 
Lucy A. (Maxim), hw 
Towne, L. C, Main, car 

May (McNaughton) 
Cecil, electrician 

Tenney, Chester, Main, B's M 
Doshia (Farnham), hw 
Gladys, pupil 

Turner, H. E., farmer 

Lillian (Foley), hw 

Geneva, pupil 

Hazel, pupil 

Clara, pupil 

Tewksbury, A. A., Dover, 

B's M 

Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 


Minnie, B's M 

Thompson, Herbert, South, car 
Amy (Glover), tailoress 
Jennie, student 

Taylor, Mary (Rowell), High 
Maude E. 

True, Wra. H., 26 High, ex agt 
Ada (French), hw 

Edna M., student 

Harry W., student 

Thayer, Dexter, Pine 


Vague, Geo., farmer 


Whitney, Edward E., Pleasant, 

reg deeds 

Ella (Davis), hw 

Whitney, Mary V. (Morrill), 
Pleasant, hw 
*Wm., car 


* Joseph, farmer 

*Sarah, hw 

*Ada, hw 

Eliza, hw 

*Albert, farmer 

*Frank, M. 0. R. R. ser 

Wentwortb, Howard, 

55 Pleasant, M's M 
Anna K. (Nickerson), hw 
Chas. M., B's M 

Isabelle A., B's M 

*Emily, hw 

*Fred H., machinist 

Fannie B., tel operator 

Warren, A. M., 22 Pleas., ret 
Ellen M. (Daggett), asst 
reg deed 
Victor L., mer 

Fred G., B. A. R. R. ser 
*Bernard J., wood worker 
Mellen E. B's M 

*Ellen A., dressmaker 

Waterman, Frank E., 

16 Pleasant, painter 

Eliza J. Whitney, hw 

*Mary L., hw 

Everett W^., pupil 

Wing, P. T., 35 Main, B's M 
Marion E. (Doyle), hw 

Warren, L. D., Main, ret 

*Edmund II., ranching 
Emma, hw 

*Jennie, hw 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Gracie, hw 

Maud, hw 

Neal D., B's M 

*Minnie, hw 

Woodberry, Mattie (Lander), 
Main, hw 
Martha L., pupil 

Woodbury, Miss Emma J., 

Main, hw 

Wood, Otis C, 73 Main, car 
Gertrude (Evans), hw 
O. Manley, pupil 

Woodbury, Wm. C., 

12 Meric Sq., bank cash 
Martha E, (Fogler), hw 
Pauline, pupil 

Chas. F., pupil 

Williams, Geo. H,, 85 Main, 

B's M 
Cellissa B. (Hough), hw 
Alvah IL, B's M 

Warre, Victor L., Kiver, nier 
Laura M., (Doore), hw 

Williams, Harvey R., River, 

supt of schools 

Nellie G. (Genthner), hw 

Helen G. 
Woodbury, Geo., Main, ret 

*Sarab, hw 

Lizzie, hw 

Emma, hw 

Delia, hw 

*Webster, farmer 

Herbert, livery deal 

Warner, Mollie, Pearl 

Whittemore, Augustus, ret 
Frank H., ins agt 

*Fred A., car 

Chas. A., farmer 

*Geo. L., miner 

*Harry E., pattern maker 
*Jennie M., hw 

Willard, Wm., farmer 

Angle (Moore), hw 

*Dellie, bookk 

Geo., farmer 

Leonard, farmer 

Witham, Thomas N., farmer 
Julia A. (Kirk), hw 

Warrt'ii, Judith D. (Spauld- 
ing), 12 South, hw 

William W., farmer 

*Eldin W., barber 

Melvin G., teamster 

Julia M., hw 

Anna S., hw 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Mary E., hw 

Williams, Alvah, 8 Higb 

B's M 
Jennie (Cummings), 


Harley S., pupil 

Annie C, pupil 

Weymouth, Annie A., ret 

Warren, William W., farmer 

Laura L. (Nuite), hw 

Chas. F., B's M 

John C, farmer 

Harry W., M. C. R. R. 

Walker, Mary (Cone), hw 

Whiting, Algie, farmer 

Flora M. (Clarke), hw 

Withee, Byron B., farmer 

John S. 

Minnie B. (Porter), hw 

Lucy E., pupil 

Warren T., pupil 

Amos A., pupil 

Thos. E., pupil 

White, Eugene, millman 

Nora (Nutting), hw 

White, Amop, blacksmith 

Ella (TTurd), hw 

Warren, John C, farmer 

Jennie (Brown), hw 

Albert, pupil 

Harland, pupil 

Hazel, b 

Whittimore, John, South, lab 
Alma (Higgins), hw 

Waddington, Arthur, High, 

Emma (Roach), hw 

Wilson, Chas. B., Pine, 

*Lillian A., hw 

Lewis A., M's M 

Lydia F. (Plummer), hw 

Weymouth, Mary (Cleaves), 

Pine, retired 

* El vie, hw 

Elsie, hw 

*Lottie, hw 

Whittier, Franklin A., South, 
hotel prop 
Sarah M. (Dougherty) 
*Geo. H., lumberman 

Wry, Hiram, Lincoln, teamster 
Annie (Palmer), hw 

Ella, pupil 

Elsie, Lincoln 

Warren, Neil D., Main, B's M 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Mabel (Smith), hw 

Warren, F. G., 8 Pearl, 

B & A R. R. 
Effie Levensalor, hw 
Warren, Chas. F., Essex, 

Sabina E. (Prescott), hw 
Arthur B., pupil 

Stanley C, pupil 

Mabel B. 

York, Celon B., Main, barber 
Grace A. (Penley), hw 

Young, Elmer W., farmer 

Lettie (Gilman), hw 

Young, Frank A., farmer 

Esther M. (Brooks), hw 
Walter D., pupil 

Ralph, pupH 

Herbert, pupil 

Leroy, pupil 


A Beckford, Miss Emily, 8 Main, 

Anderson, Bion B., Main, dressmaker 

ins agt Bragg, Abbie N. (Ames), hw 

Grace (Bailey), hw Orman H., marble wkr 

Annie B,, pupil *Royal A., salesman 

Akerley, John, Main, truckman Q 

Jennie (Murray), hw Chase, Harry R., Pleasant, 

Beulab, B's M M C R R ser 

Ona, hw Pearle (Turner), hw 

Frank, pupil Cross, John C, River, millman 

B MarciaB.( Waterman ),hw 

Brockway, Julia (Doore), Lavinia E., student 

Main, hw Elsie, student 

*Lucy, hw 

Dover an§l Foxcroft, Maine 83 

E Jones, S. P., River, retired 

Ear], Miss Gertrude, River, Lizzie (Green), hw 

Univ minister Elmer, mattress mfgr 

Evans, Harriett N. (Foster), p 

Piiver, hw Pike, David, 3 Pleas., jobber 

Liston P., Observer editor Evie (Hersay), hw 

Hattie, hw Nemiah, pupil 

H Geo., pupil 

Harvey, Warren, 3 Pleasant, Mabel, pupil 

S M Paine, C. D., 29 Pleasant, mer 

Inez (Saunders), hw Frankie (Knight), hw 

Gertrude, hw Chas. O., mer 

l^^alph, S M Elizabeth K., teacher 

Ozro, S M Helen D., student 

*Agrandic, hw Pratt, F. H., Main, clergyman 

Albert, pupil Nellie A. (Skinner), hw 

Hersey, Arthur, 3 Pleasant, Florence M. 

cook p 

Caroline M. (Perry) Rogan, Frank, 1 Pleasant, 

Eugene, pupil marble wkr 

Hutchins, Henry F., River, Helen (Goods), hw 

jobber Madeline 

Lillian (Tewksbury), hw Runnals, Wm,, 15 Pleasant, 

Elias H., student machinist 

J Ida (Bowker), hw 

Jones, E. W., River, Clair, electrician 

mattress mfgr Nettie, student 

Hattie (Evans), hw Kathie, student 


Dover and Foxcrofi^ Maine 

Lilla, pupil 

Runnals, Clair, 15 Pleasant 
Charlotte (Burgess), hw 
Doris, pupil 


Sampson, Julia M. (Cole), 

19 Pleasant, hw 
Alma G., clerk 

Shattuck, John S., 9 Pleasant, 
charge M E camp grounds 
Elmer, driver 

Cordelia (Fuller), hw 

Smith, Mary A. (Morgan), 

Pleasant, hw 
*Annie E., hw 

*Royal E., jobber 

*Howard R., farmer 

Newell A., pupil 

Sawyer, Bertrand, Main, 

ex mes 

Maude (Waterman), mer 
Sanborn, S. D., River, 

marble cutter 
Nellie (Manning), hw 


Troy, Mary (Robinson), 

Pleasant, hw 
*Wm. M., wood wkr 


Whitemore, Frank H., 8 Main, 

ins agt 

Nellie F. (Coy), hw 

Clara B., pupil 

John A., pupil 

Weymouth, W. H., River, 

carriage maker 
Frank E., painter 

Marcia B., dressmkr 

E. Maude, mer 


Allen, Ivis M., retired 

Hannali (Landey), hw 
*Herbert, mach 


Beal, Fred C, 











farmer Genevra (Webber), hw 

Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 


Bray, EUura A. (Sturtevant) 
Blood, A. P., farmer 

Lizzie (Marshall), hw 

*Ira L., lumber dealer 
*Cora E., bw 

*Chas. II., supt S M 

Brown, Estelle M.(Saniidiers), 

*Maurice, pby 

Louis F., pupil 


Davis, W. S., BAA R R ser 
Angle M. (Jordan), hw 

Alice M., pupil 

Effie L,, pupil 
Stanley F. 
Norman S. 

Dow, Lydia (Lyford), hw 

* Wilson, car 

Helen, hw 

Dow, I. K., mer 

Angelia (Blake), hw 

Cora, hw 

Wallace, farmer 

*Sybil, • hw 

Bennie, mer 

Dow, Wallace, farmer 

Mabel (Titcomb), , hw 

Marion T., pupil 

Dow, ZelMiliin, mer 

*EtiiL' E., hw 

Elzoda (Downs), hw 


Eat'>ii, Flossie, pupil 

E.ig'.'ily, R. B., livery dl'r 

Helen M. (Dow), hw 

ElMv, Geo. W., brick mkr 

Lillian I. (Burdin), hw 

Vera M., pupil 

Nellie R., pupil 

Chas. William 


Greene, Clarence, straw shop 
Cora (Dow), hw 

Angelia, pupil 


Hamilton, Chas. B., 

B& A li R ser 
Fannie (EldriWge), hw 
Alice, student 

Hoxie, G. R., retired 

*Lydia A., hw 

*Katie C, hw 

G(5o. II, , taxidei-niist 


Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 

Clarence M., taxidermist 

. Savilla (Sturtevant) 

Ilorne, Herbert E., electrician 

Harrington, Jesse, electrician 

Effie (Beal), hw, pupil 

Cyril, pupil 

Mildred, pupil 

Kersey, Arthur, cook 

Caroline ( ), hw 

Eugene, pupil 

Jordan, J. E., 
Angle M., 


Lander, Oscar, brick mkr 

Carrie (Green), hw 


Mitchell, Geo. W., farmer 

*William G., shoe mk'r 
*Minnie L., hw 

Sophronia E. (Gooding), 
J. Winston, student 

Clinton A., student 

Erma M., pupil 

McGowen, Alexander, sta agt 
Margaret (Patten), hw 

Morrill, E. E., painter 

Lovina (Lane), hw 

Edmund L., express agt 
Lena E., musician 

Fred L., jobber 

Mayhew, Maria (Dow), hw 
Fred A,, grain dl'r 

Annie C, asst P M 


Parkman, Louise (Saunders), 

Powers, Moses W., electrician 

Eva (Brockway), hw 

Vivian A. 


Howell, J. W., brick maker 
Percilla (Littlefield), hw 
*Everett, B & A K R ser 
*Herbert, salesman 

*Forest, clerk 


Skillin, Henry P., B & A R R 


Alice i\[ (Stewart), hw 

Sands, A. G., brick maker 

Lizzie M. (Graves), hw 

Carl W. 

Zola F. 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Sands, Anna (Barnes), hw 
Albert G., brick maker 
Thomas W.,B & A R R ser 

Smith, Joseph, farmer 

Viola B. (Towne) 

Stewart, Chas. E., lumber wk 
Alice M., hw 

Matilda I. (Davis), hw 
*H. Edna, hw 

William E., lab 

Donald H., pupil 

Chas. E., pupil 

Smith, Brainard B., farmer 
Izah (Pitman), hw 

Eugene B., farmer 

Charlotte, hw 

Smith, Eugene B., farmer 

Daisy (Curtis), hw 

Sanders, Ozro, retired 

Estelle, hw 

Louisa, hw 

Inez, ' hw 

Nellie, hw 


Towne, Francis L., car 

Sarah E. (Sargent), hw 

Mildred, hw 

Vincent, farmer 

Daisy, student 

Towne, II. S., teacher 
Susie W. (Doore), hw 

Towne, VV. I., car 

Mabel (Beal), hw 

Towne, Ezra, retired 

Genevra, hw 

Emma, hw 

Frank L., car 

Vestie E., hw 

*Arthur W., farmer 

W. I., . car 

Roswell M., farmer 

Henry S., teacher 

Titcomb, C. C, mer 
Annie C. (Towne), hw 

Mabel L., hw 

Elmer E., car 

Titcomb, Elmer E., car 

Frances E., pupil 
Kenneth R. 


Washburn, Geo., retired 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 



B Mary P. (Gurney) 

Beckford, Clias. H., Vaughn, *Celi8sa, hw 

B's M Stephen P., mech eng 

Clara A. (Ryan), B's M Molly, student 

Beckford, Clara H., Vaughn C 

Brown, Albert G., Vaughn, Cushing, Caleb H., Lincoln, 

B's M dyer 

Anna L. (Doore), hw Mary F. (Fogler), hw 

Omar L., pupil Curtis, John, Vaughn, B's M 

Emmons 11., pupi Mildred (To wne), B's M 

Burdick, \l. Howard, 3 Cedar, Nelson, pupil 

B's M Crockett, Fred A., Cedar, 

Sarah A. (Buck), hw ship cap 

Bassett, Malora R. (Smith), Annie (Knowlton), hw 

14 Cedar, hw Crockett, Elwin L., Cedar, car 

Harry J., salesman Julia J. (Smith), hw 

* Ralph S., student 

Call i\l., B's M 

Bassett, Harry J., 14 Cedar 

Clara A. ( IJol.ster), hw 

Bunili, Thurston 13., 28 Davis, 

B's M 

Eium:i \i. ( Albee), hw 

Hrown, Stephen A., Essex, 


Edith S., 



Day, Chas. E., Essex, 


Ardelle M. ( 


ns), hw 

Flora I., 


Fred P]., 


William H., 


Geo. E., 


*Hattie C, 


Dover and Foxcrojt^ Maine 89 

Maud B., hw Addie M. (Spaulding),hw 

P. Frank, pupil Rupert Clifton 

Edna, pupil Hussey, Benj. F., Cedar, 

Marian, pupil retired 

Dare, Leah (Witbee), Cedar, Alwilda (Southerland), 

hw hw 

Devoe, Benj., Elm, B's M Hall, Ornian, Cedar, car 

F Angle A, (Frye), hw 

Fogler, L. J. (Blackiugton), Howard, James, Essex, car 

Lincoln Lizzie M. (Runnells), hw 

Martha F., hw Chas. M., B's M 

Mary F., hw *Roscoe A. 

Foss, Geo. H, Vaughn, retired K 

*James H., clothier Knowlton, Thos., Cedar, far 

Fannie M., hw Rosilla (Pratt), hw 

Foss, Clara S., Vaughn Annie, hw 

G L 

Gilman, Amasa, Maple, farmer Lyshon, Walter H., Vaughn, 

Henrietta (Dow), hw millman 

*Martha A., hw Rosa A. (Davis), B's M 

Lettie M., hw Clarence W., pupil 

Glover, Frank H., Cedar, Hazel R., pupil 

B's M Guy M., pupil 

Edith (Blake), hw M 

Everett C. Moors, Grant, Vaughn, B's M 

H Flora (Doore), hw 

Hamilton, Rupert, Cedar, Hazel, pupil 

B's M Sadie, baby 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Macomber, Wallace, Vaughn, 
Mary E. (Hutchinson), hw 
Maud B., B's M 

Gerald, farmer 

Samuel W., B's M 

Macomber, Samuel W., 3 Elm, 

Grace E. (Crocker), hw 

Harold J., baby 

Hazel J,, baby 

Orman S., baby 


Page, E, S., Maple 

Pool, Salome E, (Withee), 


Pratt, Samuel J., Elm 

Myra ( ), B'sM 

Lora M., pupil 


Robinson, Jos. W., 21 Lincoln 
baggage master 
Abbie K. (Parsons), hw 
*Fred C, baggage master 
*Ada Mary, hw 

*Roscoe K., collector 

Robinson, Geo. II., Maple 

Robinson, Fannie, Maple 

Robbins, Mary J, ( — ), 3 Cedar 


Severance, Frank P., farmer 
Annie (Walker), hw 

Stowe, Gardner L., Maple 

Mary A. (Morrill), hw 
Fred E., B's M 

Stowe, Fred E. 

Katherine (Muldoon), 

B's M 

Southerland, Alwilda, 

(Thomas), Cedar 
Effie, student 

Shattuck, John L., 3 Cedar 

Mary A. (Gordon), hw 
Annie Louise, baby 

Shaw, Joseph, 83 Essex, B's M 

Shaw, John II., 33 Essex, 

B's M 
Angle M. (Chace), hw 
James G. Blaine, student 


Wiles, Thomas A., Maple, 


Katie P. (Gilman), hw 
Whitten, Lewis A., Essex, car 

Lottie M. (Green), hw 

Dover and FoxcToft^ Maim 

Florence, baby 

Woodard, Everett, Vaughn, 

Annie (Pollard), B's M 
Gertrude, B's M 










K Eugene T. 

Effie M., 

Kuowlton, Aaron, 2 Edes Ave., 
carriage maker 
* Willis E., casket maker 
Ruth (Davis), hw 

*Herbert A., mer 

Mary E., hw 

Kenney, F. L., 63 Lincoln, 


*Florence M., spooler 

Chas. E., B's M 

Jennie M. (Bartlelt) 

Jennie A., pupil 

Herbert A., pupil 

Leslie H., pupil 

Kenney, Calvin W., 7 Central 

Ave., farmer 

*Lena, hw 

*Freelan, printer 

Kittridge, Sarah A., Fox. 

Kneeland, Samuel, Fox., job 
Hattie A. ( Pratt), hw 


Kazimrokc, Julius, Fox., far 

Mary (Racles), hw 

Gedmens, pupil 

King, Joseph H., Fox., far 

Jennie Larabee, hw 

Walter, pupil 

Albert, pupil 

Carrie, pupil 

Kerswell, Emily G. (Foster), 

21 North, retd 

Carrie E,, tailoress 

Knox, Chas., 14 Spring, 

Rose A. (Durgin), hw 
*Mary E., jeweler 

*SidBey R., machinist 

92 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

No. 112. 



Capital, $300,000. Surplus and Undivided Profits, $253,000. 



Sate Deposit Boxes for Rent at $4.00 Upward, 

Vault Protected by Bankers' Electric Protection Device. 

R. E. Henderson 


Sheet Music, Music Books 


Musical Instruments, Violin Stria|rs, Etc. 

Also Confectionery, Fruits, Soda Waters and 
Ice Cream, Groceries, Tobacco and Cigars, 

Orders taken for Rifles J'hot Quns, Sic, 

at Reasonable Prices. Give us a call and I will try to please you 



Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 


Lyfoi-d, Sabrie, 44 North 

Libby, Paul, 54 North, S M 
Melissa (Micue), hw 

Gertrude, S M 

Paul, pupil 

Bertha, pupil 

Guy, pupil 


Laplant, Eugene, North, mason 
Jennie (Laundry), hw 

Laplant, Joseph 

Eugene, B's M 

*Joe, weaver 

*Paul, mason 

Lanpher, Fred O., 28 North, 


Sarah (Doak), hw 

*Edith D., hw 

*Percy E., blacksmith, 

Libby, Peter, Lincoln, M's M 
Josie (King), M's M 

Chas., B's M 

Leo, B's M 

Annie, hw 

JoLn, M C R R ser 

Libby, Elbridge, 45 Lincoln, 
shue maker 

*Ethel, hw 

Martha (Greene), hw 

Luce, Herbert, 54 Lincoln, far 
Mabel (Mason), hw 


Leeman, Alfretta E., Lincoln, 


Larry, Geo. W., Union, 

B & A R R 
Rose M. (Bartlett), hw 
Edgar E., farmer 

Albert C, spooler 

Annie L, pupil 

Waldo C, pupil 

Lunt, Fred H., Union, 

B & A R R 
Nellie M.(McKenney),hw 
Ivan Ray, pupil 

Lee, Lyman K., 38 Main, mer 
Sarah F. (French), hw 
Alice, pupil 

Richard Henry, baby 

Law, Stephen J., salesman 

Gertrude D. (Davis), hw 
*Elsie G., hw 

Fred E., pupil 

Frank D., pupil 

94 Dover and Foxcrofi, Maine 

wishes to remind the Ladies of Piscataquis 
County that she is still agent for the . . 


This boot is made to order and is a first-class 
article. Made for Comfort and Service. 
Try a pair. All orders left with her will re- 
ceive immediate attention. 



Paints, Oils, l^arnishes, iOin- 


dovfs. Glass, Jiorse and Ox 


____________ Shoes, 3^r J^ron, Steel, etc. 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Lyford, J, G., 9 Green 

Lettie M. (Fowler), hw 
Walter G., teamster 

*Josepli D., farmer 

*Florence E., hw 

* William E., farmer 

Gertrude L., hw 

*Archie M., lawyer 

Winifred M., hw 

Arah Louise 
Eugene Elwood, student 

Ladd, B'rank R., Central Ave, 

Agt S Oil Co 

Clara B. (Cram), hw 

Ladd, Eliza (Chase), 

Central Ave 
Frank R., Agt S Oil Co 
Hattie M., hw 

Ladd, Horace B., Central Ave, 

Littlefield, Geo. E., 9 Central 

Ave, salesman 

Chestina M.(Chenery),hw 

Blanche A., student 

Doris M., pupil 

Lambert, Albert E., Cherry, 

M C R R 
Flossie M. (Oilman), hw 

Libby, Paulina (Burse), 

8 Cherry 
Jos., livery 

Paulina, hw 

Helen, hw 

Peter, M's M 

Varney, hw 

Paul, spooler 

Larry, spooler 

Lawrence, A., Cherry, lab 

Mary (Bush), hw 

Lary, Edgar E., Summer, far 
Ellen M. (Inman), hw 
Geo. Ira, baby 

Lampher, Levi, Fox., farmer 
Annie (Curtis), hw 

Lee, Chauncy C., Fox., far 
Era A. (Drake), hw 

Lyman K., mer 

*Chauncy C, mer 

*Hattie F., hw 

Lunt, Annie M. ( Howell), Fox, 
*Geo. W., C's M 

*Chas. H., C's M 

Joseph A., farmer 

* Edwin F., C's M 

Fred H., B <fe A R R 

John M., D's M 


Dover and Foxcrofty Maine 

e:. j. smith, 


i\ Engineer anb Surveyor 

©fflce, 37 TUnion Square. 

TRew Ifnstruments^propett^ J6oun^aries a Specialty 
Bccurate Morf? (Buaranteet). 




Harness Maker 

a NO 

Carriage Trimmer 



lo Union Square, FOXCROFT, MAINE 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Eliza, hw 

*Lottie L. 

Lebroke, Geo., Fox., farmer 
Emily (Brown), hw 

Emma, hw 

Lebelikiwicz, Joe, Fox., far 
Rosie (Bubues), hw 

Maggie, pupil 

Mary, pupif 

Annie, pupil 

Katie, pupil 

Lizzie, pupil 

Ellen, pupil 

Addie, pupil 

Agnes, pupil 

Larabee, Michell, Fox. 

Libby, Larry, spooler, Essex 
Josie (Moieu), hw 

Geo., spooler 

Lillian, spooler 

Lena, pupil 

Levensalor, John, Park, far 
Flora E. (Glover), hw 
Josie E., hw 

Flora Louise, B's M 

Willie L., B's M 

Scott E., B's M 

Clarence P., pupil 

Winnifred H., pupil 

Loud, Thurston C, 6 Spring, 


Mary E., hw 

*Wilson T., car 

Annie, hw 

Lyford, Gertrude, Spring, hw 


Mclntire, Wm A., 44 North, 

Delia (Hart), hw 

Lester H., pupil 

Miller, John, North, S M 

Nellie (Beynkavish), hw 
Marion, pupil 

Alexander, pupil 

Julia, pupil 

Anasia, pupil 

Victor, pupil 

Alton, pupil 

Myshrall, Thomas H., 

16 Lincoln, granite out 
Marguerite, pupil 

Dora (Carey), hw 

Moore, Albert C, 20 North, 

Fannie (Coy), hw 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Herbert A. 
Fred E. 
Merrill, Andrew B., 18 North, 
Clara B. (Hanson), hw 
Mabel A., hw 

Lottie E., hw 

Maguire, R. W., trucking 
and livery 
Annie M. (Pollard) 
MoPherson, Mittie, 26 Lincoln, 

Maguire, James D., 30 Lincoln, 


Chas. S., B's M 

Reuben, livery 

Herbert H., B's M 

Maguire, Chas., B's M 

Adella (Whitney), hw 

Elsie Marion, hw 

Mansfield, Stacy, 69 Lincoln, 


Mary E. (Loud), hw 

Ethel :\I., hw 

Avis L., dressmaker 

Mansfield, Wooster P., 

Lincoln, B's M 
Maria J. (Bolton), hw 

Bertha E., saleswoman 

Marble, Sarah E. (Laughton), 
Hattie M. 
Fannie S. 
Florence M. 

McPherson, Chas. P., Union, 

Sarah E. (Haskins) 
Geo. W., pupil 

Leo R., pupil 

Alfred T., pupil 

McPherson, Mary E., (Laro), 
Union, hw 
*Geo. IL, blacksmith 

Chas. P., car 

Elmer, B's M 

*Mildred W., hw 

Mittie P., dressmaker 

Vella M., hw 

Mayo, J. B., Main, mfg 

Eliza A. (Sprague), hw 
*Eliza Maria, hw 

Edward J., mfg 

Mayo, Edward eT., 57 Main, 

Anna G. (Genthner) 
Geo. Everett, student 

Dover and Foxcrofty Maine 


Morse, Henry, 35 Main, ret 

Marsh, Chas. A., 43 Main, ret 
Eva E. (Stinson), hw 

Rubertie E., hw 

Lottie A., hw 

Mayo, J. G., Main, mfg 

Mary C, hw 

Walter J., mfg 

*Annie Maud 

Monroe, Erastus T., 1 Green, 

Clara M. (Ingalls), hw 
Louise E., hw 

Mank, Lemuel, Green, stone cut 
Nancy (Thompson), hw 
Elmer, farmer 

Mattie, student 

Stephen, pupil 

Merrill, Delmont, Winter, 

Lara (Dyer), hw 

Marion Dyer, pupil 

McTaggart, S. A., Winter, 

Alice P. (Newenham), hw 
Eleanor M. 

Mayhew, Mary (Dwinell), 

11 Winter, hw 

Mayhew, Freeland, 11 Winter, 


Mason, Nancy, Winter, hw 

Morse, Chas. E., Fox., farmer 

Delia M. (Robbins), hw 

Merrill, John T., Fox., far 

Florence S. (Chandler),hw 

Merrill, Mary E.(Kenney), ret 
Mary, dressmaker 

John, farmer 

Martin, J. F., Summer, car 
Annie A. (Welsh), hw 
Dorothy B., hw 

Herbert F. 

McComb, Fred L., Summer, 

marble cut 
Alma B. (Trott), hw 

Blush, pupil 

Frances, pupil 

Ellen, baby 

McGuiness, T. F., Fox., far 

Susan A. ( ) 

Edward, pupil 

Doris, pupil 

Mayhew, O. P., Fox., farmer 
Katie, pupil 

Edna, pupil 

Esther, pupil 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Lena (^Averill) 
Morrison, Walter, Fox. 
Miceyize, Thomas, Fox., far 

Bertha (Duoba), hw 



McKenney, Nellie (Sturte- 
vant. Fox. 
Minnie, ' pupil 

John, pupil 

Hazel, pupil 

Nellie, pupil 

Timothy, baby 

Martin, Lester, Main, farmer 
Vesta L. (Andrews), hw 
Deola, pupil 

Morris, baby 

Chas. N., baby 

Mayhew, Harriet (Thayer), 

Fox, hw 

Mayhew, Hiram D., Fox, far 

Moores, Maria E. (Badger), 

Fox, hw 
*Ada, hw 

Meade, Henry F., Fox, far 
Anna E. (Parsons), hw 
Ola I., spooler 

Sarah E., spooler 

Daniel A., student 

Geo. P., pupil 

Mary A., pupil 

Mayo, Walter J., Fox, mfg 
Ann F. (Gushing), hw 

McNaughton, L. H., Fox, far 
Georgie A. (Nutter), hw 
Thelma, Arie, baby 

Marston, Elizabeth A. (Rich), 

7 Davis 

*Ada C., hw 

Martin, James R., 4 Davis, ret 
Maria E. (Cole), hw 

Evelyn N., hw 

Morse, Sullivan, 30 Essex, far 
Rosa A. (Smith), hw 

Morse, Albion, 30 Essex, ret 

Morrison, Aaron E., Davis, cl 
Emma (Coy), M's M 

Alice E., hw 

McKenney, Walter, 18 Sum- 
mer, car 
Jennie L. (Fletcher), hw 

McNaughton, Alton C, Spring, 

Winnifred (Lyford), hw 
Marguerite S., pupil 

Dover and Foxcrqfl, Maine 


Gladys M., pupil 

Myers, Gustus, 10 North, cook 

Merrill, Alonzo J. W., Main, 


*RoBalie P., hw 

Mead F. (Weaver), hw 

Elba M., M's M 

Ina F., M's M 


Nickerson, Mabel, 2 Edes ave, 
Newman, William H., Union, 
Nutter, Ira, 8 Grange 

Nickeraon, Elmer, Winter, 

Nettie A. (Bowker) 
Nichols, C. C, Main, farmer 
*Edna M., hw 

Vivian L. (Andrews), hw 
Christine, pupil 

Norris, James F., 19 Spring, 

Samanthy E. (Johnson), 

Mary R., teacher 

Frederic E., farmer 

*Sidney J., chemist 


Ober, Ada F. (Jordan), 

34 Lincoln 
*Louis J., farmer 

Willis H., tel linesman 
Ober, Ellen C. (Clark), 

41 Main 
*Marion G., hw 

Bettina Mae, hw 

Oakes, Louis, 4 Central Ave, 
civil eng 
Eva L. (Dunham), hw 
Edith Susan, pupil 

Oakes, Danville, 22 Summer, 


Sybil P. (Spaulding), hw 

♦Nellie, hw 

Mary, hw 

*Lectra, hw 

Walter, car 

Oakes, Walter D., 22 Summer, 

Mary E. (Philbrick), hw 

Edna Mae, pupil 

Norman D,, pupil 

Clyde E., pupil 


Oakes, William P., Main, 


102 Dover and Foxcrqfl, Maine 

William f. Wright & Jon. 

insurance Agency. 

Life, Accident, Fire Insurance. Health 

and Accident Claims Paid on Sight. 

Plat© Glass. Employer's Liability. 

foxcroft, Maine, Residence, 60 Aincoln St. 

Up-To-Date Footwear 


For Men we carry the * 'Walk-Over" and W. L. Douglass. 
Ladies : Gold Brand, Beaute ; Children, The Marvel. 



H. W. THAYER &. CO., Props. 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Edith N. (Lewis), hw 

Louis, farmer 



Jessie, hw 

Myrtice, stenog 

Oakes, Caroline (Hayes), 

7 Spring 

Allie E., hw 

Oakes, Roland E., 7 Spring, pi 


Prescott, Mrs. A. R., hw 

Mary E., hw 

*Della I., teacher 

*Lydia E., hw 

*Emily M., hw 

Pratt, H. G., 43 Lincoln, raer 
Marie (Dunham), hw 
Marion, pupil 

Pollard, W. T., 24 Lincoln, 

game warden 
Eugenia A. (Lebroke), 

Chas. S., farmer 

Hattie M. 

Prentiss, H. C, 34 Lincoln, 

Ellen (Jordan) 

*Mary A., stenog 

Parsons, Isaac M., 60 Lincoln, 

Joel, farmer 

01 e via, hw 

Anson, farmer 

Ansel, piano worker 

*Addison, farmer 

*Samuel, jeweler 

Phinney, Hiram B., Lincoln, 
Abbie W. (Sawyer), hw 
*Harlan P., farmer 

*Albion C, weavej- 

Eleanor E., milliner 

Pratt, Mrs. Lottie ( ), 

*Eva, hw 

*Samuel, farmer 

Plummer, Willis G., Central 

Ave, blacksmith 

Lizzie S. (Wyman), hw 

Stanley D., pupil 

Parsons, W. E., 59 Main, 

Agnes G. (Gilman), hw 
Willis Gilman, pupil 

104 Dover and Foxcroft^ Maim 


23 Hammond St., BANGOR, MAINE. 

Phonographs, Gramophones, and Records ; Bicycles 
and Sundries ; Fishing Tackle, Fine Cutlery, Photo 
Supplies, Flags, Hammocks, Dog Collars, Dog 
Medicine and Athletic Goods 


BANGOR.. /. .-. MAINE. 


— -» — OBALBR IN — * 

Flour, Pork, Tea, Coffee, Spices, 
Tobacco, e>igars, Canned Goods 
and Confectionery. ..^^ssk..^ 



Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Parsons, Chas,, 93 Main, 

H's P S 
Carrie L. (Palmer), hw 

Parent, Chas. B., 77 Main, 

May R. (Laing), hw 

John E., pupil 

Chas. A., pupil 

Emily A. F., pupil 

Andrew C, pupil 

Parsons, Ansel J., 5 Paul, 

H'sP S 
Nellie J. (Parsons), hw 
Hazel F., pupil 

Errainee L., pupil 

Parsons, Maria v., (Cass), 

5 Paul, retd 
Nellie J,, hw 

Chas. H., H's PS 

Palmer, Abner L., farmer 

Martha D. (Peaks), hw 
Emma M., hw 

Carrie L., hw 

*Frank T., carriage trim 
Fred W., salesman 

Peasley, Matilda (Stickney), 


Lena E., hw 

Plummer, Frank P., Grange, 


May E. (Berry), hw 

Hazel M., pupil 

Park, Walton N., 6 Paul, 

H's P F 

Jennie C. (Dow), hw 

Jeanie Marguerite, pupil 

Pratt, Wilbur S., Fox., far 

Philbrick, J. A., farmer 

Philbrick, A., hw 

Pratt, B. F., Fox., farmer 

Phebe A. (Ewer), hw 

Puidokas, Andrew, Fox., far 

Parsons, A. F., Fox,, farmer 

Annie M. (Rowe), hw 

Pratt, Henry B., farmer 

Elvira A. (Badger), hw 

Pratt, Sophie (Brown), Fox., 


Estes, , D's M 

Chas., ^ farmer 

Henry, farmer 

*Nellie, hw 

Hattie, hw 

Parsons, Henry L., Fox., far 

Anna, hw 

Cynthia E. (Chandler) 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Pratt, Chas. S., Fox., far 

Mary E. (Thayer), hw 
Miriam Hortense, pupil 
Flora Harriet, pupil 

Roy Edmund, baby 

Pray,Lenora (Frost), Fox., hw 
Martell F., pupil 

Delmont M., pupil 

Elraont, pupil 

Pfuntner, W. A., Fox., farmer 
Eleanor (Beland), hw 
Barbara, student 

Alonzo, pupil 

Packard, Henry A., canoe bldr 

Packard, Simeon, Park, retd 
Fannie (Brown) 

Pearl, Henry L., 29 Davis, car 

Parker, Sewall E., Summer, 

Ida M. (Perham), hw 

Perham, Ida (Gallison), 

Summer, hw 
Nellie E., hw 

Pratt, Estes A., Essex, D's M 
Ella E. (Severance), hw 
*Blanche, hw 

Geo., D's M 

Stanley, laborer 

Harold, pupil 

Nellie, pupil 

Powers, Henry F., Davis, far 
Alice E. (Morrison), hw 

Palmer, Frank H., 6 Spring, 

Annie J. (Loud), hw 

Earle Thurston, pupil 

Pearson, Harry L., Spring 

Ethel A. (Thayer), hw 
Gertrude, pupil 

Cecil, pupil 

I'eaks, William ]M., Spring, eng 
Alfred R., lawyer 

Alice M., hw 

Pendleton, Chas. E., clerk 

Jennie (Smart), hw 

Walter R., hotel prop 
*Myra E., hw 


Ricker, Georgia A. 

(McKenney), hw 

Henry W., laborer 

Bessie PI, hw 

John D., shoe blk 

Ronco, Veda, 50 North, driver 

Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 


Lena (Bousher), hw 

Roderick, Jeunie (Diege), hw 
Joe, B's M 

Chas., B's M 

Nellie, hw 

Ranger, Georgia A. (Hooper), 

Harold J,, mechanic 

Ruble F., studen* 

Reynolds, W. S., 18 North, 

M's M 

Charlotte (Merrill), hw 

Madeline, pupil 

Roy, pupil 

Robinson, Viola (Morrison), 

80 Lincoln, hw 

*William E., bookpr 

Maud A., teacher of music 

Reed, Anna (Ryerson), Union 

Bertha M., hw 

Runnals, Asenath, (Burnham;, 


Leonora F., hw 

*Nathaniel B., machinist 

Samuel, machinist 

Russell, Elmira (Hoyt), 

(j Green 
John B., B's M 

Runnels, Frank, Main, R's M 

Ida ( ), hw 

Blanche, pupil 

Ruth, pupil 

Leonora, pupil 

Russell, John B., 6 Green 

Marion E., pupil 

Ranger, E, M., 2 Winter, mfg 
Emma F. (Hooper), hw 
Harold J., mfg 

Ruby F., student 

Rowe, William D., Cherry, 

M C R R 
Cora L. (Packard), hw 
Gladys, pupil 

Sarah, baby 

Ronco, Chas. E., teamster 

Lizzie (Burse), M's M 
Delia, pupil 

Ronco, Paulina (Libby), 

8 Cherry, hw 
Chas. E. 

Rollins, Louise, Fox. 

Rankin, Edwin, Fox., farmer 

Rowe, J. B., farmer 

Annie M., hw 

William D., M C R R 
*Harry E., farmer 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Edith A., hw 

Mary L., hw 

Herring, Norris R., Fox., far 
Lena J. (Thompson), hw 
Lyall R., pupil 

Donald, baby 

Ronco, Geo. L., Park, retd 
Lucy E. (Willey), hw 

Robinson, Adriana (Stacy), 

16 Summer, hw 
Leonard H., mer 

Alice H., hw 

Russell, Henry S., 4 Davis, 

Evelyn M. (Martin), hw 
Wainwright M., pupil 
Leslie C, pupil 

Harold L, baby 

Rockwell, Lucy, Essex 


Southard, E. M., 52 North, 

Ruble (Donaldson), hw 
Winfield S., hostler 

Willis E., M'b M 

Millard E., M C R R ser 
Mina, pupil 

Sherman J. L., 63 North, 

B & A R R ser 

Mildred (White), hw 

Sherman, A. D., .35 Lincoln, 

Ellen E. (Whittier), hw 
Southard, E. D., 36 Lincoln, 

fur dealer 

Delia J. (Ladd) 

Shaw, Albion 13., 39 Lincoln, 


Martha (Parker), hw 

Nettie M., hw 

Sadie E., B's M 

Shaw, Sewell C, 41 Lincoln, 

carriage maker 

Nellie E., hw 

Albion B., B's M 

Severance, Chas., 55 Lincoln, 


Lizzie J. (Amos), hw 

Annie E., pupil 

Harry G., pupil 

Chas. L., pupil 

Lena M., pupil 

Severance, Milton, 55 Lincoln, 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Sand8,Rachel M., (Pennington), 

Lincoln, hw 

Mary E., type setter 

Sands, Granville M., Union, 

Martha E. (Harmon) 
Roy G., student 

Ralph H., student 

Ruth H., pupil 

Stearns, Catherine (Soule), 

Union, hw 
*Everett C, baby 

Soule, Geo. F., Union, laborer 

Catherine C. (Prescott), 


Charlie F., pupil 

Steward, W. M., Main, mer 
Emma (King), hw 

Doris, pupil 

Sampson, W. L,, 51 Main, 

marble and granite dealer 
Clara M. (Jennison) 
Bessie Imogen, student 

Stanhope, H. B., 77 Main, retd 
Emma H. (Pratt) 

Stubbs, William T., 63 Main, 

Abbie S. (Owen), hw 

Scanlon, Edward W., Main, 

Clara Z. (Penney), hw 
Edward G,, pupil 

Chas. R., pupil 

Swallow, Chester L.,10 Grange, 
planing and woodwkg 
Ella M. (Gerry), hw 

Edith A., student 

Annie I., pupil 

Hazel M., pupil 

Alice L., pupil 

Sampson, Betsey E. (Bemis), 
13 Winter, hw 
Eugene L., minister 

*Geo. E., druggist 

*Abbie J., hw 

*Lottie A., artist 

Sawyer, Chas. H., 15 Winter, 

piano tuner 

M. Alma (Davis), hw 

Gertrude A., student 

Clifford D., pupil 

Sanford, Samuel G., Summer, 


Florence A. (Lyford), hw 

Harry E., student 

Mary Louise, pupil 

110 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


leading Outfitting Store 
for Women and Children 

Our Oreat Cloak Room 

Everybody expects to find the best selection, the 
latest Novelties and the (Choicest Suits, Jackets, Coats, 
Skirts and Waists in this great department, and having 
such a large share of this trade we can show you a larger 
variety and quote lower prices than any other store. 

We have won the acknowledged distinction of hav- 
ing the Cloak Department of the town. Every day it is 
demonstrated that our supremacy is stronger than ever. 
There is an air of refinement — of elegance and superiority 
of our garments over others. There is nothing of that 
common "sameness" or that look of "ordinary" so prevalent 
in ready-made goods. 



Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 111 

Geo. W., pupil Helen E., pupil 

Shattuck, Elmer E., Summer, Doris I., baby 

driver Thelraa I., baby 

Snow, Harry S., Summer, Sterling, Ella (Dodge), 

M's M 22 Davis 

Vella (McPherson), hw Lillian E. 

Delma Irene, baby *Richard M., farmer 

Sawyer, Ora, Fox., farmer Frederick W., student 

Lizzie (Hilton) Stowe, N. Colby, Essex, B's M 

Eugene Zan A. (Batclielor), hw 

Sprague, C. B., Fox., farmer Sawyer, L. C. Information 

Helen G. (Gilman), hw witheld 

Sarah G., pupil Springer, Harry L., Essex, 

Shattuck, Bertha E., Fox., pi mail clerk, M C R R 

Spencer, Emma (Judkins), Emma O. (Bunker), hw 

Fox. hw Harold Merle, pupil 

John F., pupil Arthur Lorraine, baby 

Springer, Sarah Y. (Gilpat- Spearing, Eugene, Spring, 

rick). North laundry prop 

Harry L., mail clerk Mina (Carpenter) 

Stone, James G., Fox. Ethel R., student 

Shorey, Oscar O., Maple, Smith, Edgar C, 8 Winter, 

H's P F lawyer 

MayE. (Dowe), hw Harriette M. (Ladd) 

Ralph O., student Martha E. 

Alice M., student T 

Herbert E., pupil Thompson, Enoch B.,48 North, 

Alton C, pupil retd 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Trafton, Ivory E., laborer 

Greorgia A. (Ricker), hw 

Thompson, Henry, North, lab 
Martha (Tibbetts), hw 
Nancy J., hw 

Geo. P., farmer 

Chas. H., car 

Thompson, Chas. H., North, 
Clara (Vade), hw 

Mildred, pupil 

Guy, pupil 

Lester, pupil 


Thompson, Geo. P., North, 

steam boat 
Rose A. (Sanborn), hw 
George, pupil 

Clarence, pupil 

Harvey, pupil 

( ) 

Thompson, Ella J., (Treadwell), 

21 Lincoln, hw 

Lena J., hw 

Maude E., M's M 

Ernest A., M's M 

Orman H., M's M 

Trott, Anna (Bean), 

(52 Lincoln, M's M 

Thayer, Harry W., 70 Lincoln, 

Alice T, (Greeley) 
Thayer, Wm. W., 70 Lincoln, 

Mary E. 

Flora A. (Harrington) 
Harry W. 

Thomas, B. A., 43 Main, mer 

Tardy, Joseph, Main, M's M 
Elmira A. (Ayer), hw 
Bertha M., teacher 

Flavilla A., bkkpr 

Thibodeau, Wallace, Grange, 


Mary (Haskell), hw 

Lloyd W., pupil 

Nathalie, baby 

Turner, Frank T., Fox., far 
*Ethan A., con 

*Ethel A,, silk factory 
Mary (Blood), hw 

Mary E., pupil 

Arthur F., pupil 

Delraont M., pupil 

Dewey H., pupil 

Ellen Lucy, pupil 

Timosa J., Fox., farmer 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Martha (^Racela) 

Tyler, John S., farmer 

Thayer, Lizzie H. (Mayhew), 
Fox, hw 
Orman B., farmer 

Annie H., hw 

Ernest N., farmer 

Marion L., pupil 

True, Walter E., Fox, farmer 
Jennie N. (Ladd), hw 
Mabel L., student 

Harold E., student 

Alice M., pupil 

True, Ellen C. (Loring), Fox, 


Walter E,, farmer 

Willard IT., expressman 

Townes, Henry A., Fox, B's M 
Maria Ella (Mooers), hw 
Georgie, hw 

Myrtie E., hw 

Chas. H., farmer 

Catherine M., pupil 

Stella Ella 

Thayer, Ruth A. (Whittier), 

Fox,, hw 

Mary A., hw 

*Geo. W., machinist 

Ethel A., hw 

Herbert, M C R R 

Tompkins, Randolph, Park, 

M C R R 
Luona E. (Southards), hw 
Clyde A. 
Howard S. 
Albert S. 


Yaughan, W. H., 27 North, 

Julia (Warren), hw 


Ralph, mer 

Nellie, 27 North 

Vaughan, Martha (Burgess) 
Vaughan, Carrie (Emery), 

27 North, hw 

Kenneth, pupil 

Vaughan, H. C, 31 Lincoln, 


Hattie L. (PuUen), hw 

Vaughan, Sarah C. (Carter), 

38 :Main 
Vaughn, Ralph 11., 41 :\Iain, 
Bettina M. (Ober), hw 

114 Dover and Foxcrofl, Maine 





Verrill, Viola (McFarland), Maria E. (Russ), hw 

6 Central Ave., hw *NeUie M., hw 

Abbie H., teacher *Lizzie F., liw 

Geo. A., student Eugene A., dentist 

W Whittier, Frank H., 33 Lincoln, 

White, John W., 48 North, B's M 

painter Harry S., pupil 

S. Elizabeth (Thompson) Lydia (Bennett), hw 

White, Preston S., 63 North, Whittier, Ellen E. (Judkins), 

bkkpr hw 

Allie (Oakes), hw Frank H., B's M 

Mildred, hw *Fied F., olork 

Whittredge, Daniel M., Wright, Arthur L., 39 Lincoln, 

22 North, paint oil dlr ins agt 

Dover and Foxa-off, Maine 


Nettie (Shaw) 

Wright, Wm. F., 60 Lincoln, 

ins agt 

Lucy (Brown), hv/ 

Arthur L., ins agt 

Cora M., student 

Ruel S., pupil 

Hattie E., pupil 

Whittier, Miss A. M., 

■56 Lincoln, hw 
Wiley, Albert S., Lincoln, 

M's M 

Gertrude E. (Folsom), hw 

Guy E., student 

Seth A., baby 

Washburn, Chas. E., Lincoln, 


Margaret A., (Hayes), hw 

Helen M., pupil 

Wyraan, Harriet R., 35 Main, 


Williams, O. C, 9 Pearl, car 

Helen B., hw 

Wharff, Albert F., Cherry, 

tin smith 
Lizzie A. (Bennett), hw 
Theo A., pupil 

Stella A., pupil 

Flora E., pupil 

Clifton L., baby 

Harold, baby 

Warren, Harry W., Summer, 

M C R R 

Lucinda A, (Foss), hw 

Lawrence F., pupil 

Whittemore, Lo'jis, Fox., far 

Whittemore, Elizabeth H., 


Whittemore, Hattie, Fox, hw 

Wilson, Orman G., Fox., far 
Lizzette (Whittemore), 


Weston, Colby, Fox., farmer 
Jennie W. (Pratt), hw 
*Mary Florence, hw 

*Sarah W., hw 

Caleb H., farmer 

Harold C, pupil 

Whidden, Ruth 

Weston, Clinton C, Fox., far 
Statira B. (Dyer), far 
Nellie J., hw 

*Eugene W., clerk 

*Geo. A., weaver 

Fred W., clerk 


Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 

Frank C, student 

Washburn, Wilbur D,, Fox., 


Annie P. (Marshall), hw 

Bertha D., pupil 

Whittimore, Chas. H., Fox., 

Wilson, Sarah (Ilammoud), 


Mary Alice, pupil 

Ward, Artemus, Fox., farmer 

Susan W. (Brown), hw 

Grace M., teacher 

Annie B., hw 

Washburn, Leonard, 22 Davis, 


Chas., barber 


Ella E. (Sterling), hw 
Whitten, Clyde, 33 Essex, 


Grace D. (Gilman), hw 

Theodore, baby 

Whittier, D. B., Essex, retd 

Annie, hw 

Lelia J., hw 

Wilson, Lewis A,, Essex, 

Orman G., farmer 

Lelia J. (Whittier), hw 
Dustin W., pupil 

Alice F., pupil 


Wiles, Henry G., Essex, B's M 
Amy E. (Shaw), hw 

Arlan E., baby 

Wrye, Geo., Main, laborer 

Gertrude (Fhelan), hw 


Young, Daniel, Fox., farm-er 

Grace (Soule), hw 

Frank A., farmer 

Robert J., farmer 

Jennie L., hw 

Henry D., farmer 

Young, Henry, Fox. 

Stella L (Lane), B'sM 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Gilman L. 


^Harriet L. 


Averil], Lutlier M., 



Amy (Wilson), 



Elizalioth E., 



Eugene YV"., 


Luther Robert, 



Averill, Mary, 



Averill, Anna, 





Arnold, Gilman, 29 North, 

bank cashiei 
Margaret (Jack), 
Atkins, Nathaniel A., 33 North 

Eliza K. (Josselyn) 
*Lilla F., 
Mary W., 

Atwood, S. D., 57 North, Adams, Alvin, Foxcroft, far 

contractor and builder Margaret (Bolster), hw 

Samuel F., Herbert, pupil 

contractor and builder Atkine, Marion, Foxcroft, hw 

Ellen M., hw Adams, S, H,, Foxcroft, far 

Annis, Stanley A., 63 Main, Florence (Gray), hw 

livery Awenelse, Anthony, Forest, 

Mae E, (Knowlton), hw spooler 

Guy E., pupil Barbara (Gwelduke), hw 

Arnold, Estelle (Brown), Ames, Judson, 34 Summer, 

37 Lincoln, hw retd 

Marion, pupil Annie M (Melius), hw 

Eugene, pupil Adams, Fred G., 37 Summer 

Austin, Owen, 30 Lincoln, B's M 

M's M Mae E. (Sands), hw 

Arnold, J. F., 38 Lincoln, retd Atwood, S. F,, Spring, car 

Lurana (Lyford), hw Carrie (Johnson), hw 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Albert T., pupil 

Albee, Emma E. (Jackson), 

28 Davis 
Frank A., B's M 

Annie A., hw 

Averill, Geo,, Lincoln, 

Maud (Stevens), hw 

Gertrude, pupil 



Beane, Llewellen, North, cook 

Nina (Brann), hw 

Kenneth L. 
Brann, Nina (Brown), North 

Nellie M., bk kpr 

Marcia, hw 

Bennett, Edwin II., mason 

Nancy (Davis), hw 

Raymond A. 
Blethen, Wester, North, 


Gertrude (Bean), hAv 


Brown, Walter, Mechanic, car 

Flora (Sturtevant), hw 

Margaret, pupil 

Stephen, pupil 


Brown, Stephen D., car 

Walter, car 

*Charlotte, hw 

*Helen, hw 

Blethen, Marcia A. (Dunham), 

1 Winter, hw 

Elmer, jeweler 

Blethen, Elmer R., 1 Winter 
Lelia (Snow), hw 

Melvin S., pupil 

Margaret, pupil 


Bragg, O. H., 34 North, 

marble and granite mfgr 
Alfred O., pupil 

Effie E. (Harvey), hw 

Burreli, Maud E. (Thompson), 

21 Lincoln, M's M 

Harry A., pupil 

Edna L., pupil 

Bennett, Julia, (Leighton), 

45 Lincoln, hw 
*Flori8ton, laborer 

Bartlett, Jennie M. (Pratt), 

63 Lincoln, hw 
Eva XL, clerk 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Batchelor, N. F., 54 Lincoln, 

Charlie, retd 

Lizzie (Mui-ray), hw 

Burrill, Geo. L., Davis, gard'n'r 
Ethel M. (Mansfield), hw 

Burdin, Fred A., Lincoln, 

Esraorelda B. (Small), hw 
Lena K., B's M 

•*Lilla I., hw 

Vernon W., iron works 
*Tena R., hw 

*Gienvvood F., salesman 

Barrows, Fred D., 50 Main, 

Lucius D., 8tu 

*Elizabeth W. 
Carrie R. (Robinson), hw 

Buck, William, 33 Main, M D 
Evelyn D. (Morse), hw 
Guy M., druggist 

Anna Shaw, teacher 

Bennett, A. J., 79 Main, 

brick mason 
Sadie A. (Hart), hw 

Hope Gladys, pupil 

Rvuben C, pupil 

Berry, Moses H., 6 Grange, 

Sopronia E. (Wadlea) 
Alice E., hw 

Mae E,, hw 

* Frank W., janitor 

*Luella, hw 

Burrill, F. W., 8 Grange, 

Carrie E. (JcAvett), hw 

Bennett, Robert P., 2 Green, 
Augusta A. (Littlefield) 
*Florence E., hw 

Alphua J., mason 

*Emma A., hw 

Edwin H., mason 

Bathgate, James, 55 Main, 

Laura J. (Taniicr), hw 
Mabel Agnes, stu 

George Hyslop, stu 

Blethen, Elmer R., 1 Winter, 
Lelia (Snow), hw 

Melvin S., pupil 

Margaret, pupil 

Laurence, baby 


Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 

Blethen, Marcia (Dunham), 

1 Winter 
Elmer R. 

Bowker, Abbie (Leighton), hw 
*Susan Ella, hw 

*Clara Estelle, hw 

Ida Jane, hw 

Nettie Almeda 
Lillian Jane, hw 

Abbie Louisa, hw 

Babson, George J., Winter, 

Jessie (Oakes), hw 

Keith A., baby 

Buck, Mrs. A. P. (Gerry), 

6 Winter, hw 
Edward R., asst P. M. 
*Ali'red IL, N. Y. Tel Co 
Grace W., postmaster 

Buck, Edward B., 6 Winter 
Tdi A. (Parker), hw 

Buswell, W. G., Winter, dent 
Annie M. (Rhoades), hw 
Margaret M., stu 

Burse, Ciias. B., 11 Cherry, 

M's :m 

Annie E. (Ronco), hw 
Bailey, P2rnest, 11 Cherry 

Susie G. (Ronco), hw 
Ernest, pupil 

Philip, pupil 

Burse, Grin, 9 Cherry 

Lucy E. (Ronco), hw 

Ernest Orin, pupil 

Angus Everett, pupil 

Flora Geneva, pupil 

Beatrice Marguerite, baby 

Brann, Eugene V., Summer, 

Letta J. (Bicknell), hw 

Barber, R. S., 20 Summer, 

May S. (Oakes), hw 

Bolster, Mathew C, Foxcroft, 


Bearce, Job S., Foxcroft, far 

Nancy M. (Hayes), hw 

*Estelle A., hw 

Ernest H,, far 

Buck, John A., Foxcroft, far 

Baker, Aubrey Earl, Foxcroft 

l>rann, Albert P., Foxcroft, far 

Arvilla D. (Hilton) 

Alfred L., far 

Jannie W., hw 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Bigelow, Frank, Foxcroft, 

mail carrier 
Lizzie E. (Allen), hw 
*Alfred J., barber 

Allen F., barber 

Bearoe, Peter, Foxcroft, far 
* Maude, hw 

George, spooler 

Annie, hw 

Harry, pupil 

Kalph, pupil 

Stella, pupil 

Stata, pupil 

Brann, Geo., Fox., farmer 

Mar}'- (Nason), hw 

Waldo, fanner 

Bolton, Elma A., Fox., farmer 
Maria (Moulton), hw 

(has. W., pupil 

Bass, Albert IT. Fox., M's M 
Susan J. (Brann), hw 

Bass, Walter H., Fox., farmer 

Bass, Benj. S., Fox., stuJ ^nt 

l>rann, Dennis J., Fox., far 
Angle F. (Graj"-), hw 

Mabel, pupil 

Baxter C, pupil 

Blethen, Willis B., 26 Lincoln, 
^finnie M. (Folsom), 


Brown, Freeland C, Fox., far 
Luella S. (Verrill), hw 
*Fred C, sec Y M C A 
Jessie M., student 

C. Eleanor, pupil 

Brann, Rob't, Forest, painter 
Ida J. (Cudmore), hw 
^Margaret A., baby 

Butler, William M,, Forest, 

M V R K 
Mary (Deleware), hw 
Willie J., B's M 

Eli A., spooler 

Vena M., pupil 

Geo. A., pupil 

Horace A., baby 

Lawrence W., baby 

Butler, Roscoe D., Forest, 

B's M 
Edith H. (Noyes), hw 
Erelyn L, baby 

Burrill, Chas., Forest, clerk 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Brann, Margaret (Coulson), 

Park, hw 
Robert W., painting 

*Cha8. G., stone cutter 
Fred C, stone business 
Lettie A., stenog 

Buzzell, Herbert E., Maple, 

Nellie M. (Hodgkins), hw 
Perley J., pupil 

Harold A., baby 

James H., baby 

Bradley, Chas. W., 23 Davis, 

Eva B. (Herring), hw 
Leon W., student 

Roy v., pupil 

Earle A., pupil 

Thelina S., pupil 

Bush, Harry M., 9 Davis, mer 
Lillian M. (Rogers), hw 
Dorothy L., baby 

Bush, James, 9 Davis, 

Mary J. (Martin), hw 
Harry M., mer 

Blethen, Dexter W., 7 Davis, 


Mary F. (Rich), hw 

Barber R. W., Essex, informa- 
tion withheld 

Bartlett, William H., 26 Essex, 
Jennie F. (Lee), hw 

Mabel L., pupil 

Carl E., pupil 

Omar L., pupil 

Bartlett, Sarah (Brown), 

Essex, retd 

Rose, hw 

Albert H., guide 

William H., B's M 

Burrill, Thurston B., 28 Davis, 


Emma E. (Albee), hw 

Bean, Geo. G., River, painter 
Blanche (Hart), hw 


Bush, Joseph, Maple, spooler 
Lizzie (Ronco), hw 

Olive, M's M 

Mabel, pupil 

Arthur, pupil 

Roland, pupil 

Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 


Marguerite, baby 

Selina, baby 

Batchelder, William F., Fair- 
view Ave, B's M 

Myrtie L., (McComb), 


Nina A., pupil 

Chas. W., baby 

Burdiu, VeriiOD, Fairview Ave, 


Tena H. (Hall), hw 

Belaud, Beuj., 8 Park, retd 

*Barbara, hw 

Eleanor, hw 

*Frank E. 

Thos. F., oar 


Chamberlain, A. H., 23 North, 


Cameron, D. L., freight agt 

Genieve (Hathorne), hw 


Curtis, Lydia D., 2 Edes Ave, 


Chase, Myvtie, 53 North, hw 

Carlin, J. C, 58 North, S M 

Sophia (Drought), hw 

Nellie, typewriter 

Koy, pupil 

Crockett, Edwin T., 51 North, 

Annie M. (Dunham), hw 
Carlton, John, North, retd 
Coy, C. M., 20 North, retired 
Elmira (Bean), hw 

Lillian, M's M 

Emily, M's M 

*Myra, hw 

Mary, hw 

*Forest, jobber 

Fannie, hw 

*Maude, hw 

Bertha, musician 

Harry, laborer 

AVinnifred, musician 

Cudmore, Geo. F., Forest, 

M's M 

Chase, Oleyia (Parsons), 

60 Lincoln, hw 
Elwin F., M's M 

Elsie, tailoress 

Cunningham, Allen I),, 

30 Lincoln, truckman 
Gushing, VVainwright, Lincoln, 

Flora A. (Molntire) 


Dover and Fuxcrofl, Maine 

Caleb H., County Com 
Annie F., hw 

Corbett, James C, Lincoln 

Etta F. (Johnston), hvv 
*James F., spooler 

S. Angie, student 

Elizabeth A., student 

Jessie B., pupil 

Cochrane, James B., Lincoln, 


Elizabeth M. (Cochrane) 

Cole, Elmer E., 48 Main, drug 
Abbie L., (IJowker), hw 
Hazel B., pupil 

Florence J., pupil 

Cobb, C. F., 47 Main 

M. Ella (Gordon), hw 
*Bertha S., hw 

M. Isabella, hvv 

Blanche G., teacher 

A. Leroy, elec 

Loraine F,, hw 

Clarence C, pupil 

Clement, Irvin F., Main, 

H'h r F 
Rose (Randall), hw 

Glenys Hilda, baby 

Cram, Clara (Bond), Central 

Ave, hw 
Harry L., B's ^sl 

Clement, L. E. (Gray ), 75 ]\Iain 
N. Clark, student 

Chase, S. J., "27 Main, photog 
Jenuey L. (Choppel) 

Curtis, Fred J., 17 Winter, 

harness maker 
Annie L. (Davis), hw 

Coombs, Chas. F., 5 Cherry, 
car inspector 
Caro, pupil 

Annie E., pupil 

Josiah Fred, pupil 

1 larry, pupil 

Daisy I., baby 

Coombs, Elizabetli, 5 Cherry 

Chandler, Lucy J. (Fogg) 

Florence, hw 

Crockett, Herbert G., Summer, 


Nellie (French), hw 

Harry, A'sM 


Albert, pupil 

Lizzie, pupil 

Aizzi, pupil 

. Dover and Fuxcroft, Maine 


Colcord, Mary J. (Philbiick), 

Wilbur G., oar 

Cross, M. S,, fanner 

Lizzie (Pratt), hw 

Gertrude, student 

Alice, pupil 

Crockett, Elbridge D,, Fox., 

Lucy (Sanders), hw 

Fannie, liw 

Edwin, clerk 

Frank, mail carrier 

Leon, farmer 

Sylvia, teacher 

Celeste, hw 

Cleaves, Thomas, retd 

Chandler, W. Harrison, farmer 
Janette (Mayhew), hw 
Fred A. 

Hattie A., hw 

Nettie, hw 

Chandler, Fred A., Fox., far 
Mary A. (Maxim), hw 

Chandler, Allen 

Chandler, A. IL, farmer 

Vesta (Towne), hw 

Florence E., student 

Campbell, Lucy (Brown) 
Chamberlain, Ruel W., 

29 Davis, car 

Addie L. (Rider), hw 

Bernard E., pupil 

Curtis, Chas., 20 Davis, lawnist 

Julia A. (Parsons), hw 

Crockett, Arthur C, Spring, 

Hattie Maud (Harmon), 
Crockett, Frank L., Spring, 

mail carrier 
Nellie B. (Pearl), B's M 
Curtis, Adelia (Thomas), 

11 Spring, hw 
Fred, harness mkr 

Fannie, hw 

Chamberlain, Calvin, Main, 

Clark, Emily (Billings), 

11 Spring 
Card, Hiram F., 5 Spring, 

M C R R 
Fannie (Wilson), hw 

Cotton, Fred, Spring, pupil 
Carpenter, W^ra., Spring 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Carson, Lyman E., North, 

Mary A. (Barrett), M's M 
*Su8ie, hw 

Cayton, Henry, Park, M's M 
Laura (Jipson), M's M 
Ada, student 


Davis, Ruth (Ford), hw 

Gertrude D., hw 

Day, Laura, pupil 

Day, Ruth, 53 North, pupil 
Dearth, Chas. F., 58 North, 

vinegar mfgr 

Hattie (Chandler), hw 

Dwyer, Ella (Foster), North, 


Millie, M's M 

Walter, pupil 

Maude, pupil 

Marion, pupil 

Davee, Lucretia ( Willard), 

North, hw 

Geo. T., M C R R ser 

*Everett, prof 

Downes, Miss D. C, hair wkr 

Davis, Hiram S., Lincoln, far 

Harriet M. (Marble), hw 
William B., farmer 

*Sarah M., teacher 

MoUie M., teacher 

Margaret F., pupil 

Dorr, Reuben B., Union, car 
Florence M. (Marble), hw 
Chas. M., pupil 

Dunphy Sarah A., (Weaver), 


*Ainos A., dentist 

Oscar n., B's M 

Dunphy, O. IL, B's M 

Lydia A. (Newman) 
Hazel L., pupil 

Duggan, Phillip J., Central 
Ave., H's P F 

Donald, W. A., Grange, painter 
Carry R. (Dean), hw 

Ellie M., pupil 

Eva R., pupil 

Bernice IL, pupil 

Dalton, Morris, 8 Central Ave, 
McGreg's M 
Alice P. (Doyle), hw 

*Michael, elec 

*Lavinia, manicurist 

Teresa, compositor 

Dover and Foxcrofl, Maine 


*Regenia, manicurist 

Mary Alice, bookkpr 

*Joseph, con 

Thomas, B's M 

Loretta, pupil 

Cecelia, pupil 

Dow, Jean (Campbell), 

6 Paul, retd 
Rachel, hw 

*Mary, hw 

Jennie, hw 

*James II., bookkpr 

*Eunice, hw 

Dill, Samuel E., Winter, 

supt P P Co 
Ada Elva (Tate), hw 

Samuel E., clerk 

Clinton Lee, N E Tel Co 
Mollie Elva, student 

Dunham, O. C, Fox., far 

Charity E. (Glidden), hw 
* Walter O., farmer 

*Henry A., farmer 

Maria A., hw 

Annie L., bookkpr 

Dunham, Levi, Fox., farmer 
Effie I., hw 

*Angie, hw 

Abbie, hw 

*William, ins agt 

*Eben, farmer 

Dunham, Chas. C, Fox,, far 
Belle (Dow), hw 

Hazel Louise, pupil 

Ethel Maud, pupil 

Elsie Gertrude, pupil 

Elizabeth Leland, baby 

Dunham, Elizabeth (Leland), 
Fox., hw 
Chas. C, farmer 

Annie M., hw 

*Gertrude M., hw 

Marcia B., student 

Dow, Erastus, Maple, retd 

Dexter, Lewis, car 

Millard, student 

Dolloff, Alice, Summer, hw 

Danforth, Dana IL, Spring, 

Margaret (Clark), hw 
William, student 

Stephen, pupil 

John, pupil 

George, pupil 

Mary, baby 

Davis, Amos M., 10 North, bkr 


Dover and Foxcro/t, Maine 

Anna (White), hw 

Emmons, pupil 

Edes, Samuel D., 31 North, 


Edes, Carrie F., hw 

Emerson, G. W., 63 Lincoln, 

M's M 

Jennie (Beairsto), hw 

Helen F., pupil 

Carl B. 

Eldridge, Elvanda, Union, 

Ida E. (Simonds), hw 
Leona E., pupil 

Goldie v., pupil 

Freda M., pupil 

Marjorie E., pupil 

Zilla E., l)al)y 

Emery, Will H., 14 Winter, 

Elizabeth P. ( Pollard), hw 
Gertrude Arleen, baby 
Eldridge, Warren J., 40 Sum- 
mer, merchant 
Nellie E. (Stocker), hw 
Charlie W., pupil 

Eldridge, Wilson E., 46 Sum- 
mer, retd 
Fannie II., hw 

Warren J., mer 


Eraser, Andrew, North, M's M 
Isabella (Breingan), hw 
John, M's M 

Ebenezer, M's M 

Catherine, hw 

Fraser, John, North, M's M 
Annie (Smith), hw 

Fraser, Ebenezer, North, M's M 
Amanda (Hanna) 

Frost, Ella J. (Thompson), 

21 Lincoln, hw 

Flint, Henry B., 66 Lincoln, 

clerk of courts 
Caro E. (Emery), hw 

*Edgar T., doctor 

*Charlotte W., student 

Fernald, Maud L., 38 Main 

Fobs, Walter G., 60 Main, 

Etta M. (Knowlton) 
Lillian M., pupil 

Eugene F., pupil 

Herbert Earle, pupil 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Folsom, John J., 8 Green, 

Lizzie A.(McPherson), hw 
Sadie M., student 

Ida M., student 

Inez L., pupil 

Flanders, Merton C, Summer, 


Sarah J. (Avery), hw 

Chas, Henry, pupil 

Fred Lewis, pupil 

Hazel Dora, pupil 

Horace Wilbur, pupil 

■ Cora May, pupil 

Ira Merton, pupil 

Farris, Leander, fanner 

Mary J. (Washburn), bw 

■ Foss, Chas. A., Fox., farmer 

Farnham, Harry, Fox., lab 

Fletcher, Joseph L., farmer 

Kezia (Dak in), hw 

Effie J., bookkpr 

Miriam, hw 

Euzana, bw 

* Clara B., hw 

*Aubrey L., lawyer 

*Chas. D., dairyman 

^Herbert E., machinist 

Joyce, studen 

Foss, Daniel, Fox., farmer 

*Alvin L. 
Fletcher, E. P., Fox. 
Flint, W. W., 9 Spring, 

station master 
Fannie (Curtis), hw 

Curtis, student 

Clifton, pupil 


Genthner, E. S., North, ins agt 
Grace (Knowlton), hw 
Carl E. 

Greeley, Samuel C, farmer 
Elizabeth A. (Tewksburj) 
*Estel]e G., hw 

*Gertrude M., hw 

*Eva G., hw 

*Amelia II., bookkpr 

*Harriet A., hw 

*Willis S., shoe mkr 

Rena L., bookkpr 

Green, Leon, 36 lincoln, pi 

Gilman,Keuben D.,47 Lincoln, 


Helen E. (Tolman), hw 

*Eugenia, hw 

Agnes, hw 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Gerry, Melvin E., Union, 

Catherine C. (Stearns) 

Gray, Matilda J. (Peasley), 

Grange, hw 

Gilbert, Louis, Cherry, M's ]M 
Nellie (Roderick), hw 

Gould, Ira S., Fox., farmer 
Lucy M, (Hammond), hw 
Mona J., pupil 

Getchell, Fred S., farmer 

Ella M. (Hazeltine), hw 
Henry P., pupil 

Garland, Luther 

Mary A. (Cleaves), hw 
Claudius L. 

Gilman, Chas., farmer 

Ella (Holmes), hw 

Willis H., pupil 

Gilman, Sarah (Lebroke), Fox. 
John H., farmer 

Chas., farmer 

Helen, hw 

Goff, E. B., Fox., farmer 

Nellie (Farnham), hw 
Irvin E., farmer 

Harry N., farmer 

Marion F., pupil 

Gerry, Ernest O., far 

Sarah (Wilson), hw 

Gray, William T., farmer 

Ann H. (May hew), hw 
Herbert F., pupil 

Elizabeth H., hw 

Harold L., pupil 

Gilman, A. W., Fox., farmer, 
State Com of Agriculture 
Mary L. (Loring), hw 
Louise R., teacher 

Arthur L., clerk 

Julia E.. student 

Mary A., student 

Green, Clissa, 9 Davis, hw 

Green, Talbert H., Fox., far 

Nora A. (McNaughton), 


Bernice V., baby 

Goodrow, Josephine (Deag), 

Forest, hw 

Phebe, spooler 

Nellie, M's M 


Joseph, pupil 

Rosie, pupil 

Eva, pupil 

John, pupil 

Dover and Foxeroft, Main'i 


Gray, Alfred H., Spring, team 
Fannie L. (Crockett), hw 
Mildred A., pupil 

Genthner, B. F., 8 Park, florist 
Annie L. (Whittier), hw 
Nellie, hw 

Eugene S., ins 

Alice M., musician 

Green, Heury S., Lincoln, mer 


Hart, Lillian (Ciark), North, 
*James E., pupil 

Hawkins, James R., 

M C R R ser 

Leona ( Brown ), hw 


Hawkins, Heury, North, retd 

James R., M C R R ser 

Hersey, Chas. E., North, 

Georgia A. (Ranger), hw 
Huse, A. E., 41 Lincoln, 


Nellie E. (Shaw), hw 

Henry A., sailor 

Gertrude, pupil 

Hill, R. W., salesman 

Martha W. (Jeninson), hw 
Walter C, stu 

Hill, Susan C. (Garrey), 

44 Lincoln, retd 
R. W., salesman 

Hayes, Chas. W., 71 Lincoln, 

Lola B. (Whittier), hw 
Harold M., pupil 

Fred L., pupil 

Hasey, William R., Union, 

B & A R R 
Anna L. (Reed), hw 

Una Clare, pupil 

Haskins, Moses, Union, car 
* Robert H., far 

Moses F., machinist 

*Mary E., hw 

*Gerry, car 

Sarah E., h w 

*Lizzie F., hw 

*Rosie M., hw 

*Frank E., spooler 

Alice L., pupil 

John A., pupil 

Fred, pupil 

Lewie, pupil 

Mary E. (McPherson),hw 


Dover and Foxcruft, Maine 

Hart, Abbie L. (Crawford), 

79 Main 
Sadie A., hw 

Hanson, Asa F., 83 Main, far 
Angie F, (Bunker), hw 
*Lizzie, hw 

Harry F., car 

Arthur Lester, A's M 

*Fred A., lawyer 

Winnie A., milliner 

Eva B., stu 

Hammond, Susan, (Green), 

Main, hw 

Harrison, John H., Paul, 

H's P F 
Mary A. (Everett), hw 

Hurd, B. S., 13 Grange, 

foreman McGregor mill 
Fannie J. (Clark), hw 
Ethel C, pupil 

Charlie R., i)upil 

Ilattie L., pupil 

Elvie Mae, pupil 

Hall, Irving A., 9 Green, 

Lettie L. (Lee), M's M 

Hughes, Elsie, 10 North, bk kpr 

Ham, George W., 1 Mechanic 

Etta L, (Goss), hw 

Alice, musician 

Florence, stu 

Everett, pupil 

Philip, pupil 

Huges, R. W., mfgr, 

cor Winter ifcMech 

Maud M. (Merrill), hw 

Donald, pupil 

Ilillman, W. A., Summer, 

Elizabeth C. (Paul), hw 
Rowena C, baby 

Hammond, Frank, 20 Summer, 


Maud ( ) 

Mabel, hw 

Hewi-tt, Albert D., Foxcroft, 

Alice B. (Powers), hw 
Charles Aura, pupil 

Virgie J., baby 

Hilton, Elmer, Foxcroft, far 
Delia (Wise) 
*Clara, wearer 

Lucy, hw 

Lizzie, hw 

Lewis, pupil 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Elbie, pupil 

Hilton, Betsey (Dinsraore) 

Elmer, far 

Arvilla, hw 

Hale, Stephen Henry, far 

Eliza M. (Lunt), hw 

Loren W., pupil 

Rena H., pupil 

Hersey, William, far 

Lewis, far 

Hammond, B. F., retd 

Lucy, hw 

Sarah A., hw 

Harmon, Charles Augustus 

Maud, hw 

Harvey, Ralph N., 21 North, 


Lena (Farnham), hw 

Holmes, I. R., Foxcroft, far 

Holmes, Arie S., Foxcroft, hw 

Holmes, S, Agnes, tr 

Hayes, Freeland, far 

Lena (Peasley), hw 

Gertrude, tr 

Marion, stu 

Hayes, William C, Foxcroft, 

Mary M. (Barrows), hw 

Fred F., mail clerk 

Charles W., law 

Daniel W., doctor 

Frank L., engineer 

Lillian M., tailoresss 

Herring, John G., far 

Melissa C. (Skillings^, hw 
Lenora L., hw 

Carrie R., ^^ 

Norris R., farmer 

Agnes E., student 

Hersey, Fred S., Forest, eng 
Mary A. (Cudraore), hw 
Henry C, pupil 

Lawrence E., baby 

Ham, W. S., Spring, grocer 

Hersey, Nehemiah W., Forest, 
Mary J. (Cram), hw 

William R., engineer 

*Mary A., hw 

Fred S., eng 

Chas. E., teamster 

Eva S., hw 

Hoskings, Moses, Summer, 

Grace A. (Daggett), hw 
Gladys E., baby 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Harmon, Fred P., Essex, B'sM 
Sadie E., pupil 

Parley F., pupil 

Susie May, pupil 

William C, baby 

Everett P., baby 

Hichborn John F., 11 Spring, 


Ethel E. (Deane), hw 

Carl D., baby 

llescock, Chas., Main, gard'n'r 
Mabel (Merrill), tailoress 
Hugh, pupil 


Ireland, Edwin A., 33 North, 
grain dealer 
Mary W. (Atkins), hw 
Frances, pupil 


Inman, Martha Ann (Young), 
*Alma, hw 

*Iga, hw 

James I., farmer 

Linus, farmer 

Leron, farmer 

♦Arthur, farmer 

*Thurza, hw 





Jordan, Martha M. (Merrill), 
34 Lincoln, retd 

Jennison, VV. IL, 52 Lincoln, 

Adelaide, teacher 

Anna E., hw 

Charlotte, teacher 

Johnston, Wm. J. B., 47 Main, 


Mary W. (^^Wason), hw 

Alfred Lawrence, pupil 

Jack, Thos. D., 62 Main, M's M 
Rachel R. (Dow) 
*Jamcs T., salesman 

Albert E., M's M 

Jeanett E., hw 

Margarette M., hw 

William S., New Eng Tel 
Ralph C, operator 

Jewett, W. M., 16 Winter, 


Mina R. (Downs), hw 

Blanche M., student 

Elsie C, student 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 135 

Ida M., student Jackson, Henrietta E. 

Jewett, A. R., 6 Cherry, (Lyford), Summer, hw 

Riverside creamery Jeffords, Cleora E. 

Blanche L. (Parker), hw ( Chamberlain), Main, hw 

Stanley H., pupil Jennison, Abbie E. (Crocker), 

Arline G., pupil hw 

Jackson, Caroline E., Summer, Clara M. 

retd *Geo. H. 
Martha E. 


• 9 

ac hinists and Engineers 


136 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


(Atkins), Lilla Warren, Bangor. 


(Bi-own), Charlotte Pomery, Sangerville. 

(Brown), Helen Pratt, Dover. 

Bennett, Floriston, Dover. 

(Burdiu), Lilla Eddy, East Dover. 

(Burdin), Tena Jordan, East Dover. 

Burdin, Glenwood, Waterville. 

Barrows, Elizabeth W., 63 Winslow St., Everett, Mass. 

Berry, Frank W., 1069 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 

(Bennett), Florence Davis, Greenville. 

(Bennett), Emma Ready, Ipswich, Mass. 

(Bowker), Susan Harmon, Alpena, Mich. 

(Bowker), Clara Leavitt, Alpena, Mich. 

Buck, Alfred II., New York. 

(Bearce), Estelle Hamilton, Bangor. 

Bigelow, Alfred, Hartland. 

(Bearce), Maud Mountain, Dexter. 

Brown, Fred C, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Brown, Chas. C, Reno, ]Sevada. 

Bartlctt, Alphonso, No. Blanchard. 

(Brown), CcUissa Norcross, New Haven, Conn. 

Brown, Stephen P., Stratford, Conn. 

Dover and Foxcrofl, Maine 137 

Bassett, Ralph S., Old Town. 
(Beland), Barbara Pierce, Lewiston. 
Beland, Frank, Butte City, Mon. 


(Coy), Maud McPherson, Lynn, Mass. 

(Coy), Myra Parsons, Burlingham, Washington. 

Coy, Forest, Monson. 

Corbett, James F., Lakeview. 

Chamberlain, Calvin. 

(Cobb), Bertha Goddard, Vassalboro. 

Colcord, Wilbur G., Manchester, N. H. 

(Carson), Susie Mooers, Milo. 


Davee, Everett, Orono. 

Davis, Sarah M., Pocasset, Mass. 

Dumphy, Amos A., Island Falls. 

Dalton, Michael, De Kalb, Tex. 

Dalton, Lovina, 54 Falmouth St., Boston, Mass. 

Dalton, Regenia, 54 Falmouth St., Boston, Mass. 

Dalton, Joseph, Waltham, Mass. 

(Dow), Mary Goodale, Araesbury, Mass. 

Dow, James R., Dexter. 

(Dow), Eunice Smart, Amesbury, Mass. 

(Day), Hattie Hammond, No. Guilford. 

Dunham, Walter O., Whittier, Cal. 

Dunham, Henry A,, Whittier. Cal. 

(Dunham), Angle Packard, Newburyport, Mass. 

Dunham, William, Detroit, Mich. 

138 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Dunham, Eben, Sebec. 
(Dunham), Gertrude Wiles, Guilford. 


Flint, Edgar, Dr., Fort Kent. 

(Fletcher), Clara Barbrick, Haverhill, Mass. 

Fletcher, Aubrey, Greenville. 

Fletcher, Chas. D., Maiden, Mass. 

Fletcher, Herbert E., Dexter. 

Foss, Alvin L., No. Guilford. 

Fobs, James H., 129 Fulton, N. Y. City. 


(Greely), Estelle G. Jones, No. Lebanon. 

(Greely), Gertrude San ford, Winthrop, Mass. 

(Greely), Eva Whitcomb, Hudson, Mass. 

Greely, Amelia, Hudson, Mass. 

(Greely), Harriett Ayer, Beachmont, Mass. 

Greely, Willis, Hudson, Mass. 

Greely, Miss M. E. 

(Gilman), Eugenia Ayers, Wilkesbarre, Penn. 

(Gilman), Harriet Blake, 20 Russell St., Arlington, Mass. 

Genthner, Lora S. 

(Gihnan), Martha Chapman, Charleston. 

Hart, Jas. E., Atkinson. 
Haskins, Robt. H., Bangor. 
( Haskins), Mary Flemings, Milo. 
(Haskins), Gerry [laralin, Milo. 
(Haskins), Lizzie Kolley, Milo. 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 139 

(Haskins), Roeie Spencer, Milford. 

Haskjns, Frank E., Milo. 

(Hanson), Lizzie Folley, Guilford. 

Hanson, Freely A., Guilford. 

Hilton, Clara, Old Town. 

(Herring), Leonora L. Troinl)etla, 59 Central St., Stonehain, 

(Hersey), Mary Howard, Guilford. 
Howard, Roscoe, Grand Rapids, Mich. 


(Inman), Alma Osgood, La Grange, 
(Inman), Isa Thompson, Bowerbank. 
Inraan, Arthur, Dexter. 
(Inman), Thurza Whiting, Garland. 
(Inman), Annie A\ heeler, Dexter. 


Jennison, George IL, 45 Kirk St., Lowell, Mass. 
Jack, James T., 41 Marning St., Portland. 


Knowlton, Willis E., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Knowlton, Herbert A., Lowell, Mass. 
Kenney, Florence, Guilford. 
(Kenney), Lena Bean, Lakoview. 
Kenncj^, Freeland, I^angor. 
Knox, Mary E., Taunton, Mass. 
Knox, Sidney R., Rockland. 

140 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 

Laplant, Joe, Auburn. 

Laplant, Paul, Auburn. 

(Lanpher), Edith D. Dadmun, Boston, Mass. 

Lanplier, Percey E., Bangor. 

(Libby), Ethel Farr, St. Cloud, Florida. 

(Law), Gertrude Skelton, Dexter. 

Lyford, James D., Henniker, N. H. , 

(Lyford), Florence Campbell, Brownville. 

Lyford, William E., Hillsboro, N. H. 

Lyford, Archie, Brownville, 

Lee, Chauncey C, Boston, Mass. 

(Lee), Hattie Smith, Biddeford. 

Lunt, George W., Newport. 

Lunt, Charles, Newport. 

Lunt, Edwin F., Newport. 

(Lunt), Lottie Gale, Jefferson, N. H. 

Loud, Wilson T., Old Town. 

McPherson, George H., Guilford. 

(MoPherson), Mildred Milbury, So. Braintree, Mass. 
(Mayo), Eliza A. Chase, 176 Vaughn St., Portland. 
(Mayo), Annie Maud Bence, Larchmout, N. Y. 
(Moores), Ada Moieu, Burlington, N. H. 
(Marston), Ada Young, 198 Harlow St., Bangor. 
(Merrill), Rosalie Brown, Osceola, Pcuu. 

(Nicliols), Edna Cary, Roxbury, Mass. 

Norris, Sidney J., Cliffside, N. J. 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 141 


(Ober), Marion McLellan, Caribou. 
(Oakes), Nellie Henagan, Sacramento, Cal. 
(Oakes), Lectra Iloustan, Ukiab, Cal. 
Oakes, Gertrude, Maiden Lane, N. Y. 
Oakes, Harry, New Zealand. 


Prescott, Delia I., New Dorchester, Mass. ' 

(Prescott), Lydia Keyes, Lewiston. 

(Prescott), Emily Bowen, Groveton, N. H. 

(Pollard), Hattie Duran, East Corinth. 

Prentiss, Mary A., Bangor. 

Parsons, Additon, Washington. 

Parsons, Samuel, Santa Paula, Cal. 

Phinney, Harlan P., St. Albans. 

Phinney, Albion C, Dexter. 

(Pratt), Eva Burgess, So. Dover. 

Pratt, Samuel, So. Dover. 

(Palmer), Emma Weston, Skowhegan. 

Parson, Frank T., Auburn. 

(Pratt), Nellie Green, Sebec. 

(Pratt), Blanche Austin, Roxbury, Mass. 

(Pendleton), Myra Osgood, Manchester, N. H. 


Robinson, Fred C, Bangor. 

(Robinson), Ada Babb, 28 Milton, Maiden, Mass. 
Robinson, Roscoe H., Fort Collins, Col. 
Robinson, William E., Dexter, 

142 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Masonic Building, FOXCBOFT, MAINE 

Runnals, Nathaniel B., Pittsfield. 
Rowe, Harry E., Garland. 


Stearns, Everett C, Millsbury, Mass. 
Sampson, George E., Skowhegan. 
(Sampson), Abbie Hutching, Phillips. 
(Sampson), Lottie Lovejoy, Seattle, Wash. 
Sterling, Richard M., Sebec. 

Turner, Ethan, Belding, Mich. 
Turner, Ethel, Belding, Mich. 
Thayer, Seorge W., Lawrence, Mass. 


( V"7hittredge), Nellie Brown, Hartland. 
(Wliittredge), Lizzie Packard, AUston, Mass. 
Whittier, Fred F., New York City. 
(Weston), Mary Steward, Orono. 
(Weston), Sarah Davee, Orono. 
Whidden, Josiah, Boston, Mass, 
Weston, Eugene, Loyalton, Cal. 
Weston, George, Guilford. 
Washburn, Lydia, Waterville. 
(Woodard), Myrtie Page, Guilford. 

Dover and Foxcrojl, Maine 143 



Allen, HerLert, Dexter. 
Ames, Ferry, Saugerville. 
Anderson, RoLertA., Sangcrville. 
Ames, Isaac F., Fairfield. 
Ames, Luther, Philadelphia. 


(Brockway), Lucy Whitney, Bangor. 

Bragg, Royal A., Portland. 

(Braiin), Anna C. Gould, Bangor. 

Brown, Lowell, Blanchard. 

Blood, Ira, Avon, Mont. 

(Blood), Cora Tucker, Old Town. 

Blood, Charles H., Milo. 

Brown, Maurice, Henderson. 

Bolster, Lester, Buxton. 

Bolster, 'Freeland R., Fasten. 

Bolster, Lloyd, Easton. 

Bell, James, Garland. 

(Brann), Annie Beal, Haverhill, Mass. 

Brann, Edward, Bangorj 

Brann, Wilhur, Bangor. 

(Brann), Ethel Smart, Dexter. 

Bearce, Hiram R., Skowhegan. 

144 Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 

Bearce, Damon, Skowhegan. 
(Boadway), Mabel Leach, Charleston. 
(Boadway), Ethel Vinal, Orono. 
Boadway, George, Pittsburg, Penn. 
Boadway, Alvah, Orono. 
(Brockway), Abbre Chandler, Bangor. 
Brockway, Joseph, Bangor. 
(Bartlett), Charlotte Hatch, Bradford, 
Bartlett, Merton, Bradford. 
(Bridges), Isa L. King, Sangerrille. 
Burgess, Frank E., Dexter. 
(Burgess), Mary Deraeritt, Sangerville. 
(Burgess), Minnie Bailey, Sangerville. 
(Bailey), Cora Barker, Caribou. 
(Bailey), Clara Philip, East Hebron. 
(Bean), Myra McClure, Shirley. 


Chase, Randall, 27 Monument Sq., Portland. 

(Chase), Eliza Marquis, Boston, Mass. 

Carleton, Frank H., Greenville. 

Carleton, Harry M., Greenville. 

Carleton, Albion M., Greenville. 

Chase, Blanche, 600 Jones St., San Francisco. 

Clapp, Hiram, Dexter. 

Clapp, Ai Jr., Lakeview. 

(Clapp), Clara Knights, Ashland. 

(Clapp), Etta Hartford, Dexter. 

(Clapp), Josie Gero, Chesuncook. 

Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 145 

(Craig), Lizzie E. Ireland, Sebec. 
Cbase, Willard, Presque Isle. 
Chase, Lester, Presqne Isle. 
Chase, Alton, Presque Isle. 
(Chase), Amy Towle, Dexter. 
(Crommett), Anna Stanley, Winthrop, Mass. 
Crommett, Freeman, Chelsea, Mass. 
Chapman, Charles H., Charleston. 
(Chase), Susie Ames, Fairfield. 
(Chase), Celia Badger, Lowell, Mass. 
(Chase), Jennie Fisher, Fairfield. 

(Dexter), Lettie A. Jackson, Somerville, Mass. 
(Dexter), Josie Palmer, East Corinth. 
Dyer, Harry S., Portland. 
Dyer, Frank E., ]Milhury, Mass. 
Downing, Marshall, New York City. 
(Doore), Belle C. Jordan, Dorchester, Mass. 
(Dow), Sybil Dunham, Whittier, Cal. 
Dow, Wilson, Pittsburg, Penn. 
(Dow), Effie Drinkwater, Sebec. 
Dow, Frank L., Sebec. 
(Dow), Nellie Blood, Avon, IVtont. 
Dow, Jorn P., Atkinson. 
(Dow), Sarah B. Greeley, Sebec. 
(Dow), Lucel'a E. Bitlier, Charleston. 
Dow, Josiah, Charleston. 
(Dow), Savilla A. Bither, Charleston. 


Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 

is)hen s^m Math Room Fixtures 



In fact High Grade Goods and Work should be 
used from start to finish. Call and sec just how the 
fixtures look and work at 






B. A. Thomas, the Plumber's. 

Steam, Hot Water and Hot Air Heating, Sheet 

Metal Work, Crockery, Glass and Silverware. 
S to 7 Main Street. Telephone Conneelion, 

Dover and Foxcroft, Main<> 147 

Dow, Orman P., Sangerville. 
(Davis), Dora Smith, Sangerville. 
(Davis), Blanche Miles, LaGrange. 
Davis, Henry, Sangerville. 
Davis, Alton, Sangerville. 
(Doore), Lillian Pratt, Atkinson. 
(Doore), Emma Gray, Buckeport. 
(Doore), Nellie Foster, Corinth. 
(Doore), Jennie Dow, Atkinson. 
Draper, Wilbur II., Rumford Falls. 
(Draper), Allura Fos,*, Stirling City, Cal. 
(Draper), Rhoda Briggs, Sangerville. 
Draper, Abbie, Bangor. 
(Doore), Fannie Mountain, Monson. 
Dinsmore, Sanford, XJ. of M., Oroiio. 

(Elliott), Alice Atwood, Bangor. 
Edgerly, Josiah, Atkinson. 
Edgerly, Owen, Greenville. 


Farnham, Arthur E., 133 Trumbull St., Hartford, Conn. 

Farris, G. William, Boston, Mass. 

(Farris), Carrie Butters, Garland. 

(Folsom), Tna Taylor, Maiden, Mass. 

(Fox), Winnie Fish, Guilford. 

Folsom, George, New London, Mass. 

(French), Cora Leathers, Garland. 

(French), Minnie Leathers, Garland. 

148 Dover and Foxcrofty Maine 

French, Henry, Guilford. 
French, Mollie, Portland. 
French, Daniel, Brewer. 
French, Minnie, Portland. 
(Farris), Laurette Packard, Sebec. 
French, Adelbert, Fort Fairfleld. 
French, George L., Fort Fairfield. 


Gould, Merton, Presque Isle. 

(Gerry), Ella Bartlett, China. 

(Gilman), Helen Doris, Dexter. 

Gray, Amlin A., 38 Roberta Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. 

Gray, Wallace L., Mercer. 

Gray, Elton, Guilford. 

Gray, Ralph V., Nome, Alaska. 


(Harvey), Agrandic Hesketh, South Dover. 

lloyt, George, Portland, Oregon. 

Hoyt, Leslie, Wakefield, R. I. 

Hoyt, Andy L., South Windham. 

(Hoxie), Lydia Sands, Bangor. 

(Hoxie), Katie Norton, Central Valley, N. Y 

Howard, Gilbert H., Bigtimber, Mont. 

Hibbard, Llewellyn, Monson. 

(Hussey), Flora E. Downs, Maiden, Mass. 

Hall, Orren L., Williamsburg. 

Hall, Leonard E., Gloucester, Mass. 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 149 

(Harvey), Laura M. Hall, Brownville. 
(Hibbard), Grace J. Powers, Fort Fairfield. 
Hibbard, Norman E., Easton. 
(Harvey), Nellie Beau, Corinth. 


Jewell, Pearle, Orono. 
Judkins, Ernest, Rockland. 


(Lessor), Lizzie Ganeau, Skowhegan. 
Lessor, Joseph, Lakeview. 

(Lessor), Mary Smith, ( ), R. L 

Lessor, Geo., Chicago, 111. 
Lee, Chas. S., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Lee, Arthur, Atkinson. 
(Lambert), Cora Hayden, Milo. 
Littlefield, Adelbert, Sangerville. 
(Lougee), Bertha Dinsmore, Bucksport. 
Lampher, Harry E., Hartland. 
Lampher, Lizzie, Portland. 
Lampher, Dana, Plartland. 
Lucas, William B., l>oston, Mass. 


(Meras), Florence, Wilton. 

(Meras), Ramona Green, Wilton. 

(Meras), Emma Merchant, Ea. Wilton. 

Meras, Leonor, Enfield, N. H. 

Meras, Ralph E., Exeter, N. H. 

Mitchell, Wm. G., West Bridgewater, Mass. 


Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 


(3ol^, Silver anb Cut (Blaes, Mebbina Hri:* 
noiincements, Carb anb Scctetp Enatavino 

(Mitchell), Minnie L. Patterson, Walla walla, Wash. 

(Murphy), Nellie Fall, Lawrence, Mass. 

Murphy, Chas,, Hampden. 

(Merrill), Alice Hill, Garland. 

Mace, Ivy H., Dexter. 

Mace, Alfred A., Corinth. 

(Berry), llertha Moore, Dexter. 


(Noyes), Weltha Williams, Bradford. 


Oakes, Freeland H., Saco. 
(Oakes), Aphia Lewis, Clare, Mich. 
Oakes, Sumner, Saco. 

Dover and Foxcroft^ Maine 15 j 


Pi-att, Wm. PL, Lowell, Mass. 
(Peaks), Annie Kenny, Chicago, 111. 
Pratt, Harry, Loyalton, Cal. 
Pratt, Fred W., Sanoerville. 
Parsons, Giistus, Boston, Mass. 

Parsons, Hiram, ( ), British Columbia. 

Plummor, Chas., Baltimore, Md. 
(Plui'.imer), Nellie Mower, Dexter. 
Plummer, Ozias, Cambridge, Mass. 
(Plummer), Lottie, Bangor. 
Preble, C. C, Bristol, Vt. 
Plummer, Emery, Dorchestej-, Masg. 
(PacLaid), Mai-y Hagor, Sobec. 
Poole, Benj. L., Pittsfield, Mass. 
Poole, Maynard, Sebec. 
Parson, Myra (Coy), Burlingham, Wash. 


Ray, Dr. C. W., Sangerville. 
Bay, Percy, Old Town. 
(Fiichards), Alice Staebler, Saco. 
Rowel), Everett, Guilford. 
Rowell, Herbert, Boston, Mass. 
Rowell, For.-st, Needles, Cal. 
(Rogers), Clara Cilley, Atkinson. 
(Ricker,), Addie Dennison, Newburg, 
(Robbins), Emma Ladd, Milo. 

152 Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


(Southerland), Annie Pierce, Milo. 
Sherburne, "Frank H., Monson, 
Sherburne, John R., Waverly, Mass. 
Sherburne, E. W., Newport. 
(Smith), Annie E. Olrastead, Medford. 
(Smith), Royal E., Medford. 
Howard, Smith, Dadeville, Alabama. 
Spaulding, W. R., Aiagusta. 
(Sanders), Nellie Hamilton, Searsport. 
(Stewart), H. Edna Dow, Charleston. 
(Sawyer), Cora B. Chamberlain, Rowland. 
(Stevenson), Flossie Chase, Presque Isle. 
Stinneford, William O., Pepperell, Mass. 
Stinncford, Walter, Bedford, Mass. 
Stinneford, Joseph, Sebec. 
Stevens, Edward, Garland. 
(Spaulding), Emma Marshall, Greenville. 
(Spaulding), Ella Ball, Milo. 
(Spaulding), Abbie Brown, Cambridge, Mass. 
Stuart, Carl IL, Old Town. 

Taylor, Waller H., Maiden, Mass. 
(Towiie), Cora Carter, Bangor. 

Thompson, John E., 908 Madison Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 
Troy, Wm., Guilford. 
Towne, Arthur AV., Sebec. 
(Taylor), Maud Plummer, liangor. 

Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 153 


Whitney, Wra,, Rockland. 

(Whitney), Abbie Whitbeck, Sacramento, Cal. 

Whitney, Joseph, Corinth. 

(Whitney), Sarah Page, Orono. 

(Whitney), Ada Livermore, Sacramento, Cal. 

Whitney, Albert, So. Corinth. 

Whitney, Frank, Bangor. 

Waterman, Mary L. Philpot, 16 Lincoln St., Bangor. 

(Weutworthj, Emily Sargeant, Haverhill, Mass. 

Wentworth, Fred H., New York City. 

( Warren j, Jennie Sherburne, Monson. 

(Warren), Minnie Massie, ( ) Mass. 

(Woodbury), Sarah Ramsdell, Canova, Dakota. 
Woodbury, Webster, Bucksport. 
Whittemore, Fred A., Guilford. 
Whittemore, Harry, Jamesville, 111. 
(Whittemore), Jennie Barrows, Sangerville. 
Willard, Dellie, Boston, Mass. 
Warren, Bernard J., Milo. 
Warren, Ellen A., Boulder, Colorado. 
Warren, Elden W., Bangor. 
(Wilson), Lillian Magoon, Dexter. 
(Weymouth), Elvie Brown, Brockton, Mass. 
(Weymouth), Lottie Morrill, Quincy, Mass. 
Whittier, Geo. H., Passadumkeag. 


Dover and Foxcroft, Maine 


Millinery and Fancy Soods 

A full line of Corsets and Ladies and 
Children's Underwear and Hosiery. 



W'wM School Bui'dini\ Orono, Maine. 

2^ State Street, = = Bangor, Maine, 

nJSc. affljuclIlkjaBk A. j«ll!kjiaakjilljl,ir..iiJl5a; jilESir..iil!k jailk jiiBauifinjcllliic jfiSir. alDitJilBkjriSkjiia 

January, february and March 

We shall show all the new White 
Goods, Shirt Waist Suitings, Ging- 
hams, etc. 

April. Mayiand June 

We shall show all the now Dress Goods, 
Suits, Coats, Millinery, etc. 

July and August 

Are Bargain Months for "left overs." 

^epUmbsr, October and Ifoi^amber 

We shall show a complete line of Winter 
Garments, Furs, Dress Goods and Milli- 

^ December 

j You will find our usually fine line of 

J Christmas Goods. 

When ill Town Ulaks This Store Yoor Heailquarters. 

i-\ k Jt r\ 




Save Money. 
and Wear . . . 
Good Clothes 


Everything . . 
I for . . . . . 

Men and Boys 



IBM 63-1 65 ExGiiange St., BANSOe, ME. 



013 983 648