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Full text of "The emphatic diaglott: containing the original Greek text of what is commonly styled the New Testament (according to the recension of J.J. Griesbach) with an interlineary word for word English translation; a new emphatic version, based on the interlineary translation, on the renderings of eminent critics, and on the various readings of the Vatican manuscript no. 1209 in the Vatican Library; together with illustrative and explanatory foot notes, and a copious selection of references; to the whole of which is added a valuable alphabetical appendix"

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BS1965.5 1864 

Emphatic diaglott: 
containing the original 
Greek text of what is 
commonly styled the New 
Testament (according to the 
recension of J.J. 









tig in a f ^4^^6 "S^-ei- 



(According to the Recension of Dr. J.y. Griesbach) 






No. i?o9 in the Vatican Library 





By benjamin WILSON 



27 East 21st St. NEvr York 

LONDON: L.N. FOV/LER & CO., 7, Imperial Arcade, Ludgate Circus 

[new address, see next page] 




j The " Emphatic Diaglott " has been published under the author's copyright, 

j by Fowler and V\ ells Co., New York City, until now (a. d. 1902); and has 
been sold by them at ^4.00 in cloth and $5.00 in half-leather binding. For 
several years a friend, an earnest Bible student, desirous of assisting the readers 
of our Society's publications, has supplied them through us at a greatly reduced 
price ; now he has purchased the copyright and plates from the Fowler and Wells 
Co., and presented the same to our Society as a gift, under our assurance that 
the gift will be used for the furthering of the Truth to the extent of our ability, 
by such a reduction of the price as will permit the poor of the Lord's fiock to 
have this help in the study of the Word. 

Reduced Prices. — These will be sold with Zion's Watch Tower only. In 
cloth binding ^1.50 (6s. 3d.) — includes postage and one year's subscription, new 
or renewal to Z. W. T. On thin paper, in full morocco leather, divinity circuit, 
red under gold edges, silk sewed, leather lined, ^2.50 (los. 6ri.) — includes post- 
age and one year's subscription to Z. W. T. 





This work we regard as a very valuable help to all Bible students, whether 
conversant with the Greek language or not. We esteem it (as a whole) the 
most valuable translation of the New Testament extant. 

We call special attention to the "word for word" translation, found, immediatly 
under the Greek text, in the left hand column. It will be found valuable, espe- 
cially for a critical examination of any particular text. A little study will enable 
you to appreciate it. 

Like all things made and done by imperfect mortals, we think this valuable 
work not without its faults. It would seem to us that the author must have held 
the view that Jesus had no prehuman existence, and that there is no personal 
devil: i.e., that when the word "devil" is used evil principle is meant; also 
that Jesus is still a vian zx^A flesh, in glory. 

In commending this work to you as a whole so highly as we have done, we 
deem it but a duty to draw your attention tg a very slight bias which we think 
pervades the work in the direction named. 

As some pointed illustrations of what we have remarked, we suggest an exam- 
ination and comparison between the right and left columns of the work, in the 
following scriptures, viz : John 1:10, Rev. 13:8 ; Jude 9; Heb. 10:20. 

Editor of ''lion's Watch Tower:* 


To trouble the reader with any lengthy remarks on the important advantages 
to be derived from a new translation of the Sacred Writings is deemed altogether 
unnecessary. Much information on this point has been given by others who 
have published modern Versions of the New Testament, with the reasons which 
have induced them to do so. Those reasons will serve in a great measure also 
for this. It is generally admitted by all critics that the Authorized or Common 
version of the Scriptures absolutely needs revision. Obsolete words, uncouth 
phrases, bad grammar and punctuation, etc., all require alteration. But this is 
not all. There are errors of a more serious nature which need correction. The 
translators of the Common version were circumscribed and trammeled by royal 
mandate; they were required to retain certain old ecclesiastical words which, 
accordingly, were left untranslated. Thus the minds of many who had no means 
of knowing the meaning of the original words have been misled and confused. 
Biblical criticism, however, during the last two hundred years, has done much 
to open up and elucidate the Word of God, by discovering many things which 
were unknown to the old translators, making great improvements in the text, 
detecting numerous interpolations and errors, and suggesting far better render- 
ings of many passages. Many modem versions have availed themselves of this 
valuable assistance, and it is believed they have thereby been enabled to give 
the English reader a better understanding of what was originally written. 

Without presuming to claim any superiority for this, as a translation of the 
New Testament, over any other modern version, it is thought that the present 
Work presents certain valuable features, not to be found elsewhere, and which 
will be of real practical utility to every one who wishes to read the books of the 
Evangelists and Apostles, as they were written under the guidance and inspira- 
tion of the Holy Spirit. These features are ; — An approved Greek te.xt, with the 
various Readings of the Vatican Manuscript, No. 1209; an Interlineary literal 
Word for Word English translation ; a New Version, with the Signs of Emphasis ; 
a copious selection of References ; many appropriate, illustrative, and e.xegetical 
Foot-notes; and a valuable Alphabetical Appendix. This combination of im- 
portant items cannot be found in any other book. The reader will find further 
remarks on this subject, on the page headed, " Plan of the Work ;" and he is also 
invited to read the pages with the respective captions; — "To the Reader;" 
" History of the Greek Text ;" and " History of English Versions." Also, on 
another page will be found the " Letters and Pronunciation of the Greek Alpha- 
bet," for the special benefit of those who may wish to obtain a rudimentary 
knowledge of that language. 

The intelligent reader will at once perceive the utility and importance of this 
arrangement. Readers who are familiar with the original tongue obtain in this 
Work one of the best Greek Testaments, with important ancient Readings, well 
worthy of their attention ; and, it is presumed, that there are even few Greek 

iv. - PREFACE. 

scholars who are so far advanced but may derive some help from the transiation 
given. Those who have only a little or no knowledge of the Greek may, by 
careful reading and a little attention to the Interlineary translation, soon become 
familiar with it. This work, in fact, places in the hands of the intelligent English 
reader the means of knowing and appropriating for his own benefit, with but 
little labor on his part, what has cost others years of study and severe toil to 

Scrupulous fidelity has been maintained throughout this version in giving the 
true rendering of the original text into English ; no regard whatever being paid 
to the prevailing doctrines or prejudices of sects, or the peculiar tenets of theo- 
logians. To the Divine authority of the original Scriptures alone has there been 
the most humble and unbiased submission. 

In the preparation of this Work for the press, all available help to be derivea 
from the labors of great and learned men has been obtained and appropriated. 
Lexicons, Grammars, ancient and modern Versions, Commentaries, critical and 
explanatory. Cyclopedias, Bible and other Dictionaries, etc. , have been consulted 
and culled from. Also, the suggestions, opinions and criticism of friends, on 
words, phrases and piassages, have been duly considered, and sometimes 
adopted. It is not presumed that this Work is free from faults or errors. Infal- 
libility is left for others to claim. Great care, however, has been exercised to 
make it as correct as possible. 

The Work is now sent forth to the public, to stand or fall on its own merits. 
True, it cannot boast of being the production of a council of learned men as 
King James' version ; but let it be remembered that Tyndale alone, under very 
disadvantageous circumstances, did far more for the English Bible than that 
learned body, for they only followed in the wake of his labors. 

This Volume, principally designed for the instruction and advantage of others. 

is now reverently committed to the blessing of our Father in the heavens, with 

an earnest and sincere desire that many of those who peruse its pages may be 

led by the knowledge, faith and obedience inculcated therein to obtain an in« 

heritanre in the aionian kingdom of Jesus the Anointed One. 



By benjamin WILSON, 



fTTE following condensed ac- 
f'^\ count of the different editions 
^ ,,^,^, jf tlie Greek New Testament, 
(^■"-^jM will introduce the reader to the 
history of the Greek Text, and the va- 
rious steps taken by learned men for 
the purpose of editing it with greater 
Critical accuracy. The history will com- 
mence with the first printed editions. 

The first printed edition of the whole 
cfthe Greek New Testament was that 
contained in the Complutensian Poly 
<flot ; published by Francis Ximenes de 
CiSNEROS. The principal editor of the 
work was Lopez de Stunica. It was 
printed in Greek and Latin, and com- 
pleted January 10th, 1514. In conse- 
quence of the delay as to the publica- 
tion of this edition (from 1514 to 1520) 
that of Erasmus was commenced and 
completed, and was published la 1516, 
feeing the Jirst edition published of the 
Greek New Testament. Like the Com- 
plutensian edition, this was also in 
Greek and Latin. The latter partofthe 
book of Revelation being wanting in his 
MS. he supplied the same by translating 
tfie Latin Vulgate into Greek. 

The Greek Manuscripts used for these 
two editions were few in number, of lit 
tie critical value, and thereibre do not 
possess much real authority. In 1535, 
Erasmus published his fifth edition, 
which is the basis of the common Text.* 

In 1546, and again in 1549, Robert 
Stephens printed, at Paris, two beauti- 
ful small editions of the Greek New 
Testament ; and in 1550 his folio edition 
with various readings from several Man- 
uscripts — he collated some 15 MSS., 
but chiefly followed the Complutensian 

Beza. published five editions of the 
Greek Testament ; the first in 1565, the 
last in 1598. 

In 1624, the Elzevir, printers at Ley- 
den, published a small and beautiful 
Greek Testament, the editor of which is 
wholly unknown. It differs little from 
Stephens' folio edition. The printers 
gave to this Text the name of " Textus 

In Walton's Polyglot of 1657, the 
Greek New Testament was given accor- 
ding to the Te <t of Stephens : and in 
the last volume there was a collection 
of various Readings from such MSS. as 

• Erasmas, in his third edition of 1523, in- 
serted, the text, 1 John v. 7, on the authorilv 
of a MS. now in Dublin. Tyndalc used this 
eJ.tiou to revis'.' his English version. 

were thep 5:nown, The«e varioun Read' 
ings, with some additions, were given in 
the Greek Testamant, published by 
Bishop Fdl, at Oxford, in 1675. 

In 1707, Dr. Mirx's Greek Testament 
appeared. His Text is simply taken 
from Stephens' as given in WaltoTis 
I'uiyglot; his collectionof various Read- 
ings was extensive, and these were made 
the ground for a critical amendment oi 
the Text. 

Dr. Edward Wells published ihe first 
criticcd revision in parts at Oxford, be- 
tween 1709 and 1719, with a translation 
and paraphrase. 

Bengel followed on in the same work 
and published his edition in 1734. and 
i n his " Apparatus Criticus" he enlarged 
Uie stock of various Readings, 

IVETsrELN published his Greek Testa- 
ment in 1751-2, but only indicates in 
his inner margin, the few Readings 
wiiich he preitjrred to those of the El- 
zevir edition. But in the collection ol 
critical materials he did more than all 
his predecessQj-3 put togethero 

Griesbach. in critical labors, excels 
by far any who preceded him. He us):d 
the materialiJ others had gathered. His 
first edition was commenced in 1775; 
his last completed in 18u6. He com- 
bined the results of the collations ol 
Birch, Mattheei and others, with those 
of Wetstein. In his Revision he often 
preferred the testimony of the older 
MSS. to the mass of modern copies. 

Since the publication of Griesbach'3 
Text, three or four other critical edi- 
tions have been published, and have re- 
ceived the examination and approval of 
scholars. Of these, the edition of Scholz, 
has passed through numerous editions. 
His fundamental principle of criticism 
was, that the great majority of copies 
decide as to the correctness of the Text ; 
hence, those who prefer the more ancient 
documents, will consider the Text of 
Griesbach preferable ; while those whose 
judgment would favor the mass of teski- 
msnies, would prefer that of Scholz. 

In addition to Scholz's collation, Lach- 
mann, T»*jhendorf, Tregelles, &c., have 
given t". tha world the result of their 
critical labors, and which are acknow 
ledged to be of the highest authority. 

The number of MSS. now known, and 
which have been examined, is nearly 
700 ; thus affording now a far better 
chance, to obtain a correct Greek Text, 
tlian when the authcrizol version was 
at first published. 


HE first English version of the , vise the translation then in nse. TheJ 

«» New Testament was that made were ordered to use the Bishops' Bible 

^^' by John Wiclip, or Wicliffe, as the basis of the new Tersion, and to 

ibout the year 1367. It was | alter it as little as the original would 

translated from the Latin Bible, verba- 
tim, without any regard to the idiom 
of the languages. Though this version 
was first in point of time, no part of it 
was printed before the year 1731. 

Tyndale's translation was published 
in 1526, either at Antwerp or Ham- 
burg. It is commonly said that Tyu- 
dale translated from the Greek, but he 
never published it to be so on any title 
page of his Testament. One edition, not 
published by him, has this title — " The 
Newe Testament, dylygently corrected 
and compared with the Greke, by Wil- 
lyam Tyndale, and fynesshed in the 

allow; but if the prior translaljons ol 
Tyndale, Coverdale, Matthew, Cranmer 
or Whitchurch, and the Geneva editors 
agreed better with the text, to adopt the 
same. This translation was perhaps the 
best that could be made at the time, and 
if it had not been published by kingly 
authority, it would not now be venera* 
ted by English and American protest- 
ants, as though it had come direct from 
God. It has been convicted of contain- 
ing over 20,000 errors. Nearly 700 Greek 
MSS. are now known, and some of them 
very ancient; whereas the translators 
of the common version had only thead- 

yere of oure Lorde God, A. M. D. and ( vantage of some 8 MSS., none of which 
xxxiiij. in tiae moneth of Nouember." were earlier than the tenth century. 
It is evident he only translated from Since lOn, many translations of both Old 

the Vulgate Latin 

CovERDALE published the whole Bible 
in English, in the year 1535. He " fol- 
lowed his interpreters," and adopted 
Tyndale's version, with the exception 
of a few alterations. 

Matthew's Bible was only Tyndale 
and Coverdale's, published under the 
feigned name of Thomas Matthews. 

Hollybushe's New Testament was 
printed in 1538, "both in Latin and 
English, after the Vulgate text," to 
which Coverdale prefixed a dedication 
to Henry VIII. 

The Great Bible, published in 1539, 
purported to be " translated after the 
veryte of the Hebrue and Greke textes," 
but it is certain that it was only a revi- 
sion of Matthew's, with a few small al- 
terations. It was named ' the Great 
Bible," becausB of its large size. 

Cranmer's Bible, publish-^d in 1540, 
was essentially the same as the Great 
Bible, but took his name on account of 
a few correction'^ which he made in it. 

The Geneva Bible was published at 
Geneva in 1560. The New Testament in 
1557. Coverdale was one of the Geneva 
brethren who issued it. 

The Bishops' Bible was a revisal of 
the English Bible, made by the bishops, 
and compared with the originals. It 
was published in 156S. 

Thb Dowat Bible appeared in 1609, 
and was translated from the authentical 
Latin, or Vulgate. 

KiNQ James' Biblb, or the Authorized 
"Version, was published in 1611. In the 
year 1604, forty-seven persons learned 
in the languages, were ajspointed to re- 

and New Testaments, and portions of tlie 
same, have been published. The following 
are some of the most noted. 

The Family Expositor : or a Paraphrase and 
Version of the New Testament, with Critical 
Notes. By Philip Doddi-idge. 1755. 

The Pour Gospels translatedfrom the Greek. 
By George Campbell. 1790. 

A New Literal Translation, from the OriRi- 
nal Greek, of the Apostolical Epistles. IJy 
James Macknight. 1795. 

A Translation of the New Testament. By 
Gilbert Wakefield. 1705. 

A Translation of the New Testament, from 
the original Greek. Hmiibly attempted by 
Nathaniel Scarlett, assisted by men of piety 
and literature. 1798. 

The New Testament in an Improved Ver- 
sion, upon the basis of Archbishop Newcome's 
New Translation, with a corrected Text. 1808. 
The New Testament, in Greek and English j 
the Greek according to Griesbach ; the Eng- 
lish upon the basis of the fourth London edi- 
tion or the Improved Version, with an attempt 
to further improvement from the translations 
of Campbell, Wakefield, Scarlett, Macknight, 
and Thomson. By Abner Kneeland. 1822. 

A New Family Bible, and improved Version, 
from corrected Texts of the Originals, with 
Notes Critical, &c. By B. Boothroyd. 1823. 

The Sacred Writings of the Apostles and 
Evangelists, translated from the Original, by- 
Campbell, Macknight, and Doddi-idge. with 
various Emendations by A. Campbell. 1833. 

A New and Corrected Versitn of the New 
Teetament. By E. Dickinson. 1833. 

The Book of the New Covenant, a Critical 
Revision of the Text and Translation of Com. 
mon Version, with the aid of most ancient 
MSS. By Granville Penn. 183C. 

The Holy Bible, with 20,000 emendationa. 
By J. T. Conquest. 1841. 

The Good Nev's of our Loid Jesus, the 
Anointed; from the Critical Greek of T^'tt* 
man. By N. N. Whiting. 1849. 

A Translation of the New Testament, ftoro 
the Syriac. By James Muvdock. 1852. 

Translation of Paul's Epistles. By Joseph 
TnrnbuU. 1854. 

The New Testament, translated fromGrieSi 
bach's Text. By Samuel Sharpe. ISSfi. 


THAT "All Scripture, divinely inspired, 
is profital)ip, for Teaching, for Convic- 
lion, for Correction, for that Instruction 
wliich is in Righteousness," is the truth- 
ful testimony of the Sacred Writings 
aliout themselves. We rejoice to express 
our conviction that the Word of God was 
perfect and infallible as it emanated from 
those holy nun of old, the Prophets and 
Apostles, wlio "spoke, being moved by 
the Holy Spirit." As arevelation of Jeho- 
vah's will to the human race, it was requi- 
site that it should be an unerring guide. 
Amid the ever conflicting strife of human 
opinions, and the endless diversity of 
thought, we needed such a standard, to 
lead us safely through the perplexing 
problems of life, to counsel us under all 
circumstances, tu reveal the will of our 
Heavenly Parent, and to lift on high a 
celestial light, which streaming through 
the thick darkness that broods around, 
shall guide the feet of his erring and be- 
wildered children to their loving Father's 
home. We needed therefore a testimony 
upon which to repose our faith and hope, 
free from all en-or, immutable, and harmo- 
nious in all its details — somethiHg to tell 
us how to escape from the evils of the 
present, and attain to a glorious future. 
"With reverence and joy w- acknowledge 
Die Sacred Writings to be such, as they 
were originally dictated by the Holy 
Spirit. How important then that they 
should be correctly read and understood ! 
But can it be fairly said that such is the 
case with our present English Version? 
Yv'e opine not. Though freely acknowledg- 
ing that it is sutliciently plain to teach 
men the socifJ and religious duties of life, 
and the path to Immortality, yet it is a 
uotal)le fact that King James' Translation 
is far from bein» a faithful reflection of 
tlie mind of the Spirit, as contained in the 
Original Greek in which the books of the 
New Testament were written. There are 
some thousands of words which are cither 
mistranslated, or too obscurely rendered; 
besides others which are now obsolete, 
tlirough improvement in the language. 
Ik'sides this, it has been too highly colored 
in many places with the party ideas and 
opinions of those who made it, to be 
v.orthy of full and implicit confidence 
being placed in it as a genuine record. 
In the words of Dr. Macknight, "it was 
•"made a little too complaisant to the 
' King, in favoring bis notions of predes- 
" 1 ination. election, %dtchcraft, familiar 
"spirits, and kingly rights, and these it 

"is probable were also the translators' 
" opinions. That their translation is par- 
" tial, speaking the language of, and giv- 
" ing authority to one sect." And 
according to Dr. Gell, it was wrested and 
partial, " and only adapted to one sect ;" 
but he imputes tliis, not to the transla- 
tors, but to those who employed them, 
for even some of the translators com- 
plained that they could not follow tlieir 
own judgment in the matter, but were re^ 
strained by "reasons of state." 

The Version in common use will appear 
more imperfoL-t still, when the fact is known, 
that it was not a traushition from the Oriei. 
nal, but merely a revision of the Versions 
ttien in use. This is evident from the follow, 
ing directions given by King James to the 
translators, viz.: "The Bishops' Bible to be 
" followed, and altered as little as theOrijji. 
" nal will permit. And these translations to 
"be used when they agree better with the 
"text than the Bishops' Bible— namely, Tj-n- 
" dal's, Matthew's, Coverdale's, Whitchurch'.". 
"Geneva." None of these were made from 
the Original Greek, but onlp compared wui 
it— hems all translated from the Vulgate 
Latin. Hence it follows, that the authorized 
version is simply a revision of the Vulgate. 
And the Greek Text, with which it was com- 
pared, was compiled from Eif^ht MSS. onlv, 
ill! of which were written since the tenth 
century, and are now considered of compara- 
tively shght authority. The " Textua Recep. 
tus," or Keceived Greek Text, was made from 
these MSS., and is now proved to be the very 
worst Greek Text extant, in a printed form. 
And there was only one MS. for the Book o i 
Kevelation, and part of that wanting, which 
was supplied by translating the Latin of the 
Vulgate into Greek ! Since the publication 
of the " Textus Rcccptus," and the Common 
Version, someOGO MSS. have been discovered, 
some of which are very .^.ncient, and very 
valuable. The best and oldjst ofthese is one 
marked B., Cod. faticanus, No. IJijS, of the 
fourth and iifth centuries. Thesecond mark- 
ed A., Cod. Alexatidrinus, of the fifth century. 
The third marked C, Cod. F.phrem., about tlie 
fifth century, andthe fourth, marked D., Cod. 
Canfahujiensis, of the seventh century. 

Besides valuahie assistance frnni ancient 
MSS., the DiAGLOTT has obtained 
aid from the labors of many eminent Biblical 
Critics and Translators. Among these may 
be mentioned,— Mill, Wetstein, Griesbach, 
Scholz, Lachmnnn, Tischendorf, Tittman, 
fregelles, Doddridge. Macknight, Campbell, 
Koine, Middleton, Clark, Wakefield, Bloom- 
field, Thompson, Mr.rdock. Kneeland Booth- 
royd. Conquest, Sharpe, Gaussen. llirnbuU, 
Trench, &c., &c. 

Should any person doubt the propript7 o( 
the Translation, m any particular part, let 
himnotliastily censure or condemn till he 
has co.mpared it carefuUj with the various 
authorities on which it is based; and sven 
should he see reason to differ in some re- 
spects, arorrect Greek Text is given, so that 
the Original m!v>- be always appealed to in 
eases ot doubt. However imperfect the 
Translation in.ivbe considered by the Crifc- 
ic t cannot udiilti;rate Die Ongrinai. 


La Greek Text and Interlineary 
Translatiun. — Tbe left baud column 
contains the Greek Text according to 
Dr. J. J. Griesbach, and interlined witb it 


TioN, wherein the corresponding English 
is placed directly under each Greek word. 

The Sectional Divisions are those of the Va- 
tican and Alexandrian MSS. Greek Words 
enclosed in brackets [thus,] thoug'h authori- 
ZL'd by Griesbach, are omitted by the V;tt. MS. 

The advantag;es to be derived from such an 
arrangement must be apparent to thp Bible 
Student. The learned have a Greek Text ac- 
knowledged to be one of thp best extant, 
while the unlearned have almost an eq^ual 
chance with those aoquaintea with t-he Origi- 
nal, by having the meaning and grammatical 
construction given to each word. This part 
of the work will be a desideratum by many, 
but more adapted for criticism than reading. 
Although by adhering to the arrangement of 
the Original, the Translation may appear un- 
couth, yet the strength and beauty oi many 
passages are thereby preserved. 

The frequent recurrence of the Greek arti- 
cle of emphasis, and an occasional ellipsis, 
often interfere with the sense and elegance 
of a sentence, but this cannot well be avoided 
in a word-for-word Translation. The advan- 
t iges, however, accruing to the diligent inves- 
tigator of the Divine Word by persuing this 
plan are many, and will be duly appreciated. 

ti. New Vei*sioii. — The column on 
the right hand side of tlie page is a New 
Version for general reading. This ren- 
dering is based upon that in the left hand 
Column, and the labors of many talented 
Critics and Translators of the Scriptures. 
The Headings of the oldest Manuscripts 
now known are sometimes incorporated, 
and always referred to. In this Column 
the Emphatic Signs are introduced, by 
which the Greek Words of Enipliasis are 
designated. For the use and beauty of 
this arrangement, the reader is requested 
to examine the annexed remai'ks on Signs 
of Emphasis. 

The Chapters and Verses of the Common 
Version have been retained, principally for 
convenience of reference. Thereaderhowever, 
by following the paragraphs in the opposite 
column, need not be governed by these arbi- 
trary divisions. Chapters and Verses were 
not introduced till the middle of the 16th cen- 

3. Foot Notes and References. 

— The various Readings of the Vatican 
MS., Notes for the elucidation of the te.ict, 
and References, are introduced at the bot- 
tom of the page. The Notes are critical, 
illustrative, explanatory, and suggestive. 
Old Testament quotations are always re- 
ferred to, and copious parallel passages m 
the New. 

4. Appendix. — It is intended to add 
an Appendix to the Work, containing all 
the Geographical and Proper Names 
found in the Nl-w TesKimeut, vvitli Wo.di 

and Phrases intimately connected with 
doctrinal subjects, alphabetically arranged. 
These will be critically examined, and the 
liglit of Biblical science thi-own upon such 
as have given rise to sectarian disputes, 
and the cavils of infidels. 


The Greek article often finds it? equivalent 
in the English definite article the, but in the 
majority of cases it is evidently only a mark 
of empnasis. It frequently precedes a sub- 
stantive, an adjective, a verb, an adverb, a 
participle or a particle, thus pointing out the 
emphatic words. The Greek article and Em- 
phatic Pronouns exercise a most important 
influence on the meaning of words, and some, 
times throw light on doctrines of the highest 
interest The sacred penmen of the New 
Testament were, in the opinion of many emi- 
nent persons, guided by Divine inspiration in 
the choice of their woriis : and in the use oi 
the Greek article there was clearly a remark • 
able discretion displayed. In fact, the Signs 
of Emphasis are incorporated with the words 
in such a manner, that the latter cannot be 
stated without conveying at tlie same time 
to the intelligent mind an idea of the very in- 
tonation with which the sentence was spoken 
when it was written down. This peculi- 
arity of the Greek language cannot be pro- 
perly expressed in Enghsh except by the use 
of typographical signs ; such as, Initial Capi- 
tal letters, italics, small capitals, and 

The Common Version of the New Testa- 
ment fails to give the reader a full conception 
of the meaning designed to be conveyed by 
the Greek original, in regard— 

1st. To those Words which are connected 
with the Greek Article ; 

'2d. To those Pronouns Substantive which 
are intended to carry in themselves a peculiar 
emphasis ; and, 

3d. To those Adjectives and Pronouns 
which obtain a comparative importance, by 
reason of the position which they occupy in 
the Greek Text, with reference to some other 

To remedy these deficiencies, tbe following 
System of Noattion is empioyed in the Eng- 
lish column of the Diaglott. 

1. Those Words rendered positively em- 
phatic by the presence of the Greek article, are 
printed in Small Capitals : as, " The life was 
the light of men." 

2. Those Pronouns Substantive which, in 
the Greek, are intended to be positively e'>^- 
phatic are printed in Black Letter: as, "^C 
must increase, but I must decrease." 

3. Those Adjectives and Pronouns which in 
the Greek are comparatively emphatic^, as in- 
dicated by their position, are printed with an 
Initial C;ipital Letter: as, "One Body, and 
One Spirit, even as ye are called in One Hope 
of your CALLirJO." 

4. AH Greek Substantives, as being of more 
importance than other words, are also com- 
menced with a Capital Letter. 

By adopting tliese Signs of Emphasis. U is 
believed certainty and intensity are eriven to 
passages where they occur, as well as vxrncti;^ 
and earnestness to the discourses in which 
they are found; thus rendering the reader, :i 
hearer, as it were, of the life-words of H -u 
■' who snoke as never man spoke." or wUitB 
were enunciated by His inspired apoatles. 



A a 

B 3 

r y 

A S 

E e 

Z C 

H 7, 


1 I 

K K 

A A 

M /4 

N »/ 
E I 

n IT 
p p 

^ or, final s 

T T 

T t 

4> </> 

X X 

ijr ^ 


Alpha a 

Beta b 

Gamma g hard, as in be^in 

Delta d 

Epsilon e short, as in met 

Zeta z 

Eta e long, as in keen 

Theta th 

Iota i 

Kappa k 

Lambda 1 

Mu m 

Nu n 

Xi X 

Omicron o short, as ia lot 

Pi p 

llho r 

Sigma s 

Tau t 

Upsilon u 

Phi ph 

Chi ch hard, as in chord 

Psi ps 

Omega o long, as in throne. 


*,* AccKKTS are said to 
sometiineii assist the reader 
to dia<"riminate between 
viordo u'hich are alike iu 
fin in, but different in mean- 
ing; but as iliey are by no 
means iipcessnvy, cither for 
the prououueing or under- 
standing of the Gi-eek lan- 
euag'e, and as the earliest ol 
.■rll the manuseiiptx of the 
G:ePk Testament is without 
accL-nts. it haa been thought 
best to omit them in the 
DiAoi.oTT, leaving the fense, 
in do.ibtful cases, to be de- 
termined by the context. If 
accents favor a particular 
sense, ic may be an erroneous 
one, and then they are inju- 
rious ; and if they do not "fa- 
vor any particular sense, 
then they are unnecessary. 

Pronunciatioji. — Consid- 
erable discrepancy of opinion 
prevails among the learned 
concerning the proper sound 
of some ot these leltors, and 
as it is impossible at this dis- 
tance of time to ascertain 
the mode of pronunciation 
among the ancient Greeks, 
the simplest plan is to con- 
sider each Greek letter as 
corresponding in sound to 
its correlative letter in our 
own alphabet, as sliowu iu 
the Table. 

The Letters are divided into seven vowels and seventeen con- 

The Vowels are e, o, short; 77, &>, long; and a, i, v, doubtful. 

DiPUTHONGS are formed of two voAvels joined together, and are 
twelve in number ; six propei-, at, av, et, ev, 01, ov and six im 
proper, o, rj, w, -qv, wv, vi. The little stroke under a, rj, w, stand- 
ing for Iota, called Iota subscript, is not sounded, but merely 
serves to show the derivation. 

The Labials, (it, S, <p,) the Palatals, (k, 7, xO and the Den- 
tals, (t, S, 6,) are named according to the organs of articulation 
employe 1 in pronouncing them. To each of these classes belongs 
a double letter, so called because combining the sound of s with 
that of another consonant; thus, the Labials, tts, /8s, (ps, are 
e<|ual to t|/, the Palatals, ks, 7s, xs> to | and the Dentals, ts ds 

The letter v can stand only before Dentals ; before Labials it be- 
comes fx- before the liquids, (A., ytt, y, p,) assimilation takes place, 
eo that before \ it becomes A, before p it 'becomes p, &c. Before 
Palatals v is converted into y but observe, that whenever 7 is 
found before another 7, or either of the other Palatals, it is al- 
ways pronounced like n ; thus a77eAos {angel) is pronounced aw 
gelos, not aggelos. 


Every woi'd having a vowel or diphthong for the first letter is, 
irx most printed books, marked at the beginning either with an 
atipirate, or rough breathing, ('), as ^Ajos, {sun,) pronounced as 
if written Aelios ; or with a smooth one, ('), as eVt, (upon,) simply 
read epi. The former one of these breathings is only of necessarj' 
use, and may be considered as having the force of the English 
letter h. The aspirate is placed over f, and v when they stand at 
the beginning of a word; thus podov, [arose,) prononnced rhodon. 
[n diphthongs the breathing is placed over the second vowel ; 
thus vios, [a son,) pronounced why-os. When p is doubled, the 
last one takes the aspirate, as eppwa-o, pronounced errhoso. 

Words in Greek arC of eight kinds, called Parts of Speech; 
viz., Article, Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Par ticiplp., Adverb, Preposition, 
and Conjunction. 

The Article, Noun, Pronoun, and Participle, are declined with 
Gender, Number, and Case. 

There are three Genders ; the Masculine, Feminine and Neuter. 

There are two Numbers ; the S^'ugular, which speaks of one, as 
\eyos, a word; and the Plural, which speaks of more than one, as 
Koyoi, words. 

To these the Greeks added a third number, called the Dual, which only sp % of two, but 
this number was not much used, and is not found eitlier in tlie Septuajjint, or New Testa- 

There are five Cases; the Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusa- 
tive, and Vocative. 

The Article 6, v, to, generally answers to the definite article 
the in English. When no article is expressed in Greek, the Eng- 
lish indefinite article a is signified. Thus avdpwiros means a many 
or man in general ; and 6 auQpcairos, the man. It is thus declined : 




Fern. y'eat. 

Masc. Fern. Aear. 



l), TO, 



at, at, TO, 





of the. 



of the. 



TT], TW, 

to the. 


TOlSy TaiS, TOIS, 

to the. 



TTJf, TO, 



Tovs, Tas, Ta, 


The Article has no vocative ; w, which sometimes precedes a 
noun in the vocative, is an Interjection. 

The xVrticle takes the consonant t in every Case, except in th® 
nom. sm. masc. and fern. 6, ■^, and in the nom. pi. masc. and fem. 
ol, at, where the r is superseded by the aspirate ('). 

The gen. pi. in all genders and in every declension, encis in au. 

The Personal or Primitive Pronouns are three; €70), /, plural 
Tjfjifts, we, of the first person ; av, thou, plural vfj.eis, you, of the 
second ; Gen. ov. he or she, plural (T<p€Ls, they, of the third. 

The Relative Pronouns are bs, t], 6, who, which, and ai/ros, avrij^ 
avTo, he, she, it, &c., &c., &c. 

To those wholly unacquainted with Greek, the foresoinp remarks will give some, thoufrn 
perhaps but little satisfaction. If a further knowledge is desired, the reader had better pro- 
cure a Grammar. A very Mod book to commence with has oeen published by Hagster .<j 
Sons, Loudon, entitled, " A Practical Guide lo the fiist Study of the Greek lestanieut," de- 
sianed for those who have uo kuowie*lge of the Ureek language. 






A record of descent ofJeeu* ChriaL, soq of 

wiauiS, vlov A^paau. '^ A^paafj. eyeuvrjo'e rov 

Dand, »«a of Abriam. AljrAatn begot the 

I(roa/c- \(TaaK Se tyez/i/Tjcre tov laKoc^- laicwB 

Isaac; Isaac and be?ot the Jacob; Jacob 

Sc ey^pvrfcre rov lovbav Kai tovs adeXcpovs 

and faeg:ot the Judaa ,-tn<l the brothere 

avTOv. "* lowSas Se t^evi'Tjo'e toi' ^apes Kai tov 

or him. Judai and be'^ot the Pliares and the 

Zapa CK TTjs Qauap. ^ap*^! St (yevvr](re rou 

Zara by <he Tb.iia;ir. Phaies and begot the 

^(jpuifj.- Ecrpwju Se ^y^uurjcre tov ApajUL- '* Apa/j. 

hmuuii K&roui and bi?;jot the Aram; Aram 

Se eyevvriae tov Ajxiva^a^- AfjLivaBa^ Se 

and beg^t the Airiuadab; Arainadab and 

iyevv7}iT6 TOV Naarrcrwv 'Naaarrccv Se eyevvqire 

be^ot the Xaasson ; Naa^son aud begot 

TOV 'ZaXfJLcav " 'S.aKfj.oav Se eyevvrjae tov Boo^ 

the Salmmi : S;ilinon and begot the Booz 

€K Tr)s 'Pa>^aj8. /3oo^ Se eyevvrjcre tov D.I37)S e/c 

by the R^ichab. Booz and begot the Obed by 

TTjs 'Pov6. n$r)S Se eyevvrjae tov learcrar 

the Ruth. Olvd and begot the Jesse; 

^ie<T(Tai 5e €yevv7)cre tou Aai^iS tov fiaaiKea. 

Jes!.e and begot the David the king. 

AaviS Se *[6 ^aaiKeusI eyevvrjae tov SoAo.uwi'a 

Pavi<4 and [tlx. king] beu'ot the Solomou 

CK T7JS TOU O'jpiov. ' '^.oKofiuv Sf eyevvqae 

by the oftlK; I rias. Solomon and begot 

TOV '¥oBoa/j.' 'P'j^oa/j. Se eyevvrjae Toy Afiia- 

the Roboaui ; Kobuam and t>egot the Abia; 

A/S-a Se eyevvrjore tov Acrcx- * Acra Se eyevv7}<re 

.\t)ia and bcgoi the Asa ; Asa anrl begot 

rov TcDO-a<^OT" luxracpaT Se eyevv7]<re tov Icopaw 

the J«8aphat; .(onaphat anu begut the Jorain ; 

laipafx Se eyevvqae tov 0(,av ^ 0(^ias Se eyev- 

Juraio and b«-got the OiLas ; Ozias and besot 

VT](re Toy Icuadafx.' Ijcadafj. Se eyevvrjae tov AyaC' 

tke Jothatn ; Jocliain and be;^ot tlie Aoiiaz ; 

^X°C ^^ eyevvT}<re rov E^^eKiav ^^ECeKias Se 

Achaz and begot the Kzekias; iLi.ek.i3a and 

tyevvTjae tov Mava(r<rrf MavaaaTjs Se eyevvrfcre 

be^ot the Mana£&e8 ; Mauaa&ec and be^ot 

TOV AfjLccv A/jLcov Se eyewTjae Tovlwriav ^^Iwaiai 

the Ainon; Kmoa a \d begot the Joeia* ; Josiag 

Se eyevvrjae top Jexoviav kcu tovs aSe\(povs 

and begot the Jechonias and the brothei-s 

auTov, iTTi . T]s fieToiKea: - Ba$v\ci>vos. 

of him, near the lemoval Baijyloman. 

Cir.VPTER 1. 

1 A Ileorister of the 
X Linenp:c of Jesus Christ, 
Son of Da\id, Sou ol 

2 From J Abraham pro- 
ceeded Isaac -, from Jlsr\- 
ac, Jacob; from J Jacob, 
JuD.VH and his beo- 


3 from Judali, Phaeez 
and Zaeah, by Tamae; 
from Pliarez, Hezeon. 
from Ilezron, Ram ; 

4 from Ram, Ammina- 
DAB; from Amminadab, 
Nahshon ; from Nah- 
shon, Salmon; 

5 from Sahnon, Boaz, 
by Rah.^B; from Boaz, 
Obed, by Ruth ; from 
Obed, Jesse ; 

6 and from J Jesse, 
David the king. D*vid 
l)ad X Solomon by the 
[widow] of Uriah ; 

7 Solomon had JRe- 
hoboam ; Rehoboam had 
Abijah ; Abijah had 

8 Asa had Jehosha- 
i'H.\T ; Jehoshaphat had 
T Jehora .m ; Jehoram 
had UzzLAH ; 

9 Uzziah had Jotham ; 
Jotham had Ah.\z ; Ahaz 
had Hezekiah; 

10 Hezekiah had Ma- 
NASSEH ; Manesseh had 
Amon; Amoa had Jo- 
siah ; 

11 and + Josiah had 
Jecho.mah and his bro- 
thers, near the time of 



• Vatican MAScscBiPT—ri<fe— According to Mattiiew. . the king — <mit. 

t 8. Bv reference to 2 Chron. ssii., nnd following cluipters, it will be seen that the names 
ot Jhaziah, Joaa/i, and ^JsazmA, the immediate descencLuits of Jehoram, are omitted in the 
text. + 1 1 . S')me MSS. rerul, "Josiah b?<rit Johoiuk'-n. rnii Jehoiakim bc^ot Jeehoniah," 

probably inserted tr> make up fo'irteeii geuer .t ons, s mi'i., ;..r.ed in vorse 1". Doddridpe, 
liacknight, Clarke, and scrrj; others, adopt this reauin^r. It is not found in tiie Okiwt MsS. 

i 1. Luke lii. 23. t 2. Geii. xsi. 2; .:jcy. 26; xiix. 55. t 6. 1 Sam. xvi. 1 j xrii. 12. 

» 8am. xii. 24. ,r 7. i Ca.on. iii. 10. 

Chap. 1 


aiap. 1: 21. 

After 2".id the removal Babylouiaii, Jeehonias 

begot the SalathLeh Saiathiel and begot 

rov ZopolBa^eA' ^'^Zopo^alisA Se eyeyirqa-e tov 

the Zarobabel; Zorobafcel and begot the 

K^tDu^° AfiiovB de eyevvrjcre tov E\iaKeL,u' EXia- 

Abiud; AbJtid an:'. begot tho Eliakimv Elia- 

KSLfx Se eyevvrjcre ro:' AQwp- ^"* A^ctjp 5e ey€i/v7](re 

kim and begot ths Azor ; Azor and begot 

rof 'Su^aK- :S,:tdaK 5e fyevvrjcre tov Axeifi' A^etja 

Lho Sado-k; SaJok and begot the Achim; Achim 

Sc eysvvrjce tov EXlovS' ^^E\iov5 Se eyewTqas 

and bev'ot the ICUud ; Eliiid and begot 

TOV EXex^otp' £Aea(,a/) 5e ey^vvricre t ov MaTdiv 

the hlei^z.Ir, Eleazar and begot the Mattkan , 

Mardav Se tyisvvTjcre tov laKccff' ^'^Ia/fa?,3 Se 

Matthan and begot the Jacob ; Jacob and 

eyevvTjcTG tov Iccarrjcpf tov avSpa Mapias, eK 7}$ 

begot the Jooeph, the husband of Mary, ofwhom 

tyevvrjdr} lr](TouSy 6 X^yop-evos XpiffTos. 

wan boin Jesus, that being named Christ. 

^^Ilacrcu ovv at yevveai. airo A^paa/j. kws AauiS, 

All then the generations from Abraam till David, 

yeveat SeKaTeaaapss' kcu airo AauiS ices ttjs 

generatioBS fourteen ; ante'; from Davirt till the 

fi€ToiKS(nas Ba^uXavoSy yeveai ZcKaTicr (rapes' 

removal Babylonian, generations fomteen; 

Kai UTTO T7}s /xeToiKeaias Ba^vXwvos sees tov 

•nd from tho removal Babylonian till the 

XpicTTOu, yev^at SeKaTC-rrcrapes. 

Christ, generations fourteen. 

^^Tou Ss Irjcrov XpiaTou 7} yev^cns ovtws rjv. 

Of the now Jesus Christ tho biith thus was. 

'M.vr}a-T€v6€La'r]S yap ttjs fxriTpos auTov Mapias tcij 

Being espoused for the mother ofhiia Mary tothe 

\(oa-q(\)^ Tvpiv Tj (Tvve\6€iv avTovs, cvpedrf fv 

Joseph, before either caino together them, she was found in 

yacrrpi i^x^^'^"- ^'^ ir>-eviJ.ixTos aytov. ^^Icoarjip 5c 

womb haviHg by a sphit holy. Joseph and 

6 avrjp avT7]s, diKaios cov Kat /xr) QiXwv avT7]v 

the husband of her, a just man being and not willing her 

irapaSsiyfxaTicrai, el3ovXi]67} XaQpa a-xoXvaai 

to publicly expose, was inclined secretly to release 

avT-r^v. -^Tayra Se avTov evdvixrjOevTOS, idov, 

her. Those but of him thinking on, lo,] 

ayyeXos Kvptov Kar' ovap €(pavr] avTO), Xeywv 

a messenger of a lord in a dream appeared to him, saying ; 

l(i}(F7)(f), vlos AaviS, /XT] (po^rtdTjs TrapaXa^eiv Ma- 

■loseph, son of David, not thou shouldst fear to take Ma- 

OLa/j. TT]V yvvaiKa aov to yap ev avTTj yevvrjOev, 

ry the wife of thee; that for in her being formed, 

e/c Trv€VfjiaTos eaTiv aytov -Ve|eTai Se vlov, Kai 

by a spirit is holy ; she shall bear and a son, and 

KaAetrets Toovofxa avTov Irjaovv avTos yap (raxrei 

thou shalt call the name of him Jesus; he for shall save 

13 And aiter the gak. 
riYiNG-AWAY to Babyloii, 
from Jeconiah descended 
S A LATH IE L; fxom Sala- 
thiet, Zekubbabhl ; 

IS from Zerubbabel, A- 
BiuD -from Ahiud, Elia- 
kim; from Eliakim, Azoe; 

II. from Azoar, Zadoc:; 
from Zadoc, Achim-; 
fi-om Achim, Eliud ; 

15 from Elhid, Elza- 
zae ; from Eleazar, Mat- 
TiiAN ; from Matthan, 
Jacob J 

16 and from JacoK 
Joseph, the hu^b.^nd of 
Mary, of whom t. as horn 

THAT Jesus, who is NA- 
MED Christ. 

17 + [AH the GENEEA- 

TiONS, then, from Abra- 
ham to David, arc four- 
teen Generations ; from 
David till the cakrying- 
AWAY to Babylon, four- 
teen Generations ; and 
from the caerying- 
AV\'AT tc J'abj'lon till tlie 
Messiah, fourteen Gen- 

18 Now the J JiATiviTY 
of the *Cheist Jesus was 
thus: Mary his mothek 
had been pledo:ed to Jo- 
seph ; but before they 
united, slie was discov- 
ered to be pregnant by 
the holy Spiint. 

19 Then Joseph, her 
affianced husband, being 
a just man, and unwilliii» 
to expose her, ptu'posed to 
J divorce her privately. 

20 But while he was 
reflecting on these things, 
behold ! an Angel of the 
Lord appeared to him in 
a Dream, saying, "Joseph, 
Son of David, fear not to 
take Mary, thy affianced 

WIFE; fOl- that being 

FORMED in her is by the 
holy Spirit : 

21 she wiU bear a Son, 
and thou shalt J call his 
NAME t Jesus ; for fft v>VA 

» Vatican Manuscript — 18. the Chuist Jesus. 

t 17. Penn omits this verse ; Newcome, Pearce, and others regard it as a marginal rIoss. 
+ IS. Fifth year before the cominon Anno Domini. t 21. Jesus— Heb. Yohvo-Shva, i. C, 

I'uh-shua, or Joshua. Yau, or Jah, / shall be ; and Shua, Pow.'«/m?— hence the name signifies, 
1 shall be the FowerfuL "Thou shaft call his iianiff Jesus," f<n- this reason, "Because HE 
tvill save his people from their sins." See Acts vii. 45, Heb. iv. 8, and Appendii, word Jes«*. 

I IS. Lukei. S?. 

I 19. Deut. xsiv.J, 

I 21. Luke 1. 31 ; ii. 21. 

aia}). 1: 22.] 


lVJiap.2: 7. 

Kat OVK CyiVtOfTK^V 

tmt not he knew 

rrov \aov avrov airoTtarajxcxpTioov acTa)r*-^(ToyTo 

the people ofhin^. iTciJH tUc mus oftl»em^ This 

§€ 6\or y^yov^v^ iva. TrXrjpoo&r) to pyj'dev viro 

iRiid al^l was docHs, so that niiijlir: *>e ful-lilled the word spoken by 

TOW Kvpiov Sia rov irf>0(pr}T3v, \eyoyTOS' ^' iSov, 

the lorA tUr'jiugi tire priiiih<?t, laying; •" Lo, 

7] irapOeros f:P ya^rrpi t^ej, «at Te|eTa< vzop, ."cat 

the virgig ia womU sh:ili have, anct shall bear asuii, ard 

«aAe<rou<Ti to ovOjUaavTOu Eju-fJiauouTj?^'^' 6 exTri 

ihey s'.iaJlc.ill the nume ofUim Einiu.-in'fel;" wliich is 

fji.e$epu-r]yeuo,afvoi>y jue^ tj/j.wji' ^fo] ??oj.) 

being tranjiat^d, tvitk »s Ltht] Cod. 

^^Aieye/j^ets SeoItotTTje^aTroTou i!'7i-jfoy, eTToiTjcr?!' 

B<!<;njarotrscd andthe Joseph Crom the slefjs he did 

o>!r Trpofrera^iP avrif o ayyeXos Kvpiov Kai Trapc- 

as commRBded to hiin the messenger of alord^ and took 

\a^e T7)p yvvaiica avrov, 

the wife of hiirt, 

a,DTT]y €ft>y ov €Te/te ■=^[toi'] vloiy ^\^auTrii top 

her till she brought forth [ the ] sor. [ of hpr the 

irp(»TOTO/c(PJ'"]K:ai e/taA€<r€ to opo/itaavToulviTovr. 

6rst-i>onfii J and called tb« n^une ol'hisa Jesus. 

KE*. 0, 2. 
^Tow Se Irjoroy yevvrjdepros ^v BT^wkfCjit ttjs 

The and Jesus being bora in HetWceir. of the 

loy5aias, er 'l)/j.€pcus 'Hpwdov rov jSarriX^aos, i5ov, 

j'uilea, in 'days of Herod the -king, (o, 

/uLayotaira avaroKuiv wc^peyevorro €JS ^lepon \"- 

wiie-uiea fr«m an «ast country came into J€rusalt^.j 

fia, AcyorTtr -Uov €<rrip 6 rexQ^is^acriXevs rwv 

saying i Whoi'C is the ■ne-A'-born ^ing of the 

\ov^ai'j}P ; ieidojix€p yap cvroy rov oXTrcpa €V rr) 

Jews? we saw for of biin the star ia the 

avaroKri^ Kai r^kdofxcp irpoo-Kvvr)(Tat a.vrK, ^Akov- 

rising, and arecome to do honrige to him. Having 

ircjs Se 'Upoodrjs 6 ^aaiAeus crapaxd'/j, Kai iracra 

iieiu-d ind Herod the iwinr was idarited, and all 

l^po-~o\viJLa fx^r G.VTOU- ^Kai<rvPayaya)p iravras 

J-erasakra with liinv, -and having called together all 

Toi-s apxi^p€is Kat ypafXfx.aT€is rov Aaov, eirvv- 

!:te ciiief-priest« and sciibos of the people, he in- 

Baif^ro Trap' awTtwv, irov 6 'Kpicrros yivvarai.^Ol 

quired of them, wiiere the Anointed should be born. They 

^e eiTTov avrrp"- Ep Brj^Aee/x ttjs lovSaias' ovrca 

and said to him; In JJethieem of the Jiidea; thus 

yap yeypairrai Sia rov yrpo(prjrov ^"Kai <rv hrjd- 

iut it is written by the jjiopliet " And thou Beth- 

Xefjit, yyj louSa, ov8a,uwi ^Aax'CTTj €i e/ rois 

leom, land ofauda, by no moans It-a^t art among the 

riyefxoo'iP lov^w e/c -aoifyap ^^eKevrrrraA'ijyov/Me- 

{*rince3 of Juda; out of thee for sliall come forth a prince, 

fos, dans troiixavn rov hao>' f..ov, rov IcpaTjA. ' 

who shall go\er& the people of me, the Israel.'* 

'TcTe 'HpcoSyj^ \a6pa KuXeaas rous fxayous, 

Them Herod privately having called the wise-men. 

t save his people from 
their SINS." 

22 (All tlus occurred, 
that the avord spoken 
Ijy the Lord through the 
i'kopiiET, mijjlit be veri- 
licd, saving : 

23 4:'"Beli'0idJ the vie- 
"gin shall conceive, and 
"Ijcar a Son, and his 
"NAME shall be called 
" i Ininis-nu-el ^ " which 
signifies, God with us.) 

2-1 And Joseph, beinjc 
raised from slekp did as 
the ANGEL of the Lord 
had commajidcd him, and 

took his WIEE; 

25 hut he knew her not, 
till $she brought forth a 
Son, and called his name 

I And Jesus being born 
in Bethlehem of Jud^a, 
iu tiie Days of Herod, the 
KING, behold, + Magians 
from the East, came into 
Jerusalem j sajing : 
^ 3 " "Where is the new- 
born KING of the Jews? 
for we saw his star at 
its rising, and are come 
to do him homage." 

3 Kov/ * Herod, the 
king, having heard, was 
alarmed, and All Jeru- 
salem M"ith liim. 

4 And having assembled 
Scribes of the people, he 
inquired of them where the 
Messiah should be born. 

6 And THEY answered, 
"In Bethlehem, of Ju- 
D.EA;" for thus it is 
written bv the prophet : 

6 1 "And tftou Betlilchem, 
" Land of Judah, art by 
" no means least as to the 
" I'Ri N c ES of Judah; for ouv 
"of thee shall come fortli 
"a Prince, who shall rule 
"my PEOPLB Israel." 

7 Then Herod, liaving se- 
cretly called the Mag ians. 

• VATic.^?i MANusrRiPT— 2S. a God. 25. a Son. 25. of her the first-bom.— otn. ; bo 
Lacbmann and Tiscbenflorf. S. the kino Herod. 

T 23, HeV>. Ism.K.wifk; Kr, us; and ei,, 6W— -the future name of Jesus; showins that he 

■will '^" "-" '^"'' """'•"' " ^' io .,..f <»,.,> + ;.T,ll,- "<'!...„" »..l,„ ...;l I 1,« ii-W v.: . "^ , 


t 21. Isa. lix, 20-, Rom. si. 26, 27- i 23. Isa. vii. 14. j 25. I.uke ii 7. I 6. Mitah v. 2. 

T 23, HeV>. Ism.K.wifk; Kr, us; and ei,, 6W— -the .future name of Jesus; showing that he 
rill be "-a Gnd icit/i us." It is mt empViatically " God" who will he with his people under 
he name of Immaatiel; but "God," in the same sense in which it is 2,1'd "The wohd 
vas God."— John i. 1, (See Dr. Middletou on the Greek Article.) 1. A Sect of Philosophers. 



[Cfuip. 2: IC. 

TKpi^aae Trap' avruv tov xP'^^^^ '^^^ (paLVoiMvov 

U'aiTied exactly from them tbe ti-.ns of the appeanrg 

aarepoSy ^ kul ire/ji^as avrovs fis BrjdXeefx., 

3 star, and seiicUns theii into Bethleem, 

eiTTi' nop€v6ein-is, aKoi^oos e^eraaare irept rov 

he said; Passing on your wa» exactly inquire about the 

waiSiov €wav Se dvprjre, airayyeiXare fioi, oircos 

infant; as soon as aaU you have found, bring word tome, ?haj 

Kayca eXdcouTrpocTKupn^atuavTfc.-OtSs aKovaavres 

1 also gtiin; pay homage to him. They and having heard 

TOV ^affiheus i-nopevdijaay. Kai idov, 6 acTTr.p^ 

of the king departed. And k), the star, 

6v eiSov er rp avaToXjj, irp(yi]yey aurovSy teas 

which they saw in. the risiag, went before them, til) 

e\dwu ccTTT} eirauco ou r]P ro irai^iov. ^Idovr^s 

going it stood over where «a» the infant. Seeing 

56 Tou aarepa, exapv<^civ x'^P"-^ jj.€ya\rp/ a(()oSpa- 

and the star, they rejoiced a joy very great; 

^^Kai eXSovres eiSTr)voixiav,eibovTO iraiSiov jxera 

and being come into the house, they saw the infant with 

"Capias TTjs ixt]rpos avTov,Kanr€croirTes'f'!rpo(TeKU- 

Mary the mother of it, and falling down didhomage 


to it, and opening the treasuries of them^ 

TrptxrrjvcyKav avrqi Swpa, XP^^^*"' '^^■^ Xcfiavov Kai 

they offered to it giftsy gold and frankincense and 

afxvpvav. ^" Kat xPVi^^'^'^^^^^"^^^ >^°-'^^ ovap^ [xtf 

myrrh. And beisg warned in a dream not 

oyaKa^uvf/a* irpos 'HpcoSTjv, Si' a?<\r\s oSov auex^^ 

to return to Herod, by auothsr way they 

prjcrav 6is ttjv x^P°-^ avrcop. 

withdrew into the eouirtry of them. 

^ 'Avaxi^pVf^'^^'''^^ 5c avrar, i^ovj ayyeXos 

Having ivithdrawn but of them, lo, a messesger 

Kvptov (paiuerat kqt' ouap tco lw(n}(p, Xeyav 

of a lord appears in js dream to the Joseph, »aying; 

Y.yep6eis TrapaXa^e ro Traidioy Kai ttjv firjrepa 

Arising take the infant and the mother 

avrovy Kai (pevye eis KiyvTrrov, Kai ktQi fK€i, 

ofit, and flee into Egv-pt, and bethou there, 

kws av fiTTo; tror fieWecyap 'HpurS-qs ^rjTetVTO 

till I speak to thee; is about for Herod to seek the 

TraiSioVf TOV airoKeaai avro. ^^'O 5e eyepOeis 

infantr to kill it. He their xrisiDg 

lrap€\alS€TOTraiSiov KaiTrjujxrjTcpaavrouyvKTOs, 

toot the infant and the mother ofit by night, 

Kai ap^x^P'"^'^^^ ^'^ KiyvTTTOv' ^Kai rjv CKei ewy 

and went into Egypt ^ and he was there till 

rris TeXeirrris 'KpccSov iva TrArjpwdr} to prjdev 

the dsv.Cii of Herod; that might be fulfilied the word spokes 

by the iord through the prophet, aayiBg* 

" E| AiyvT!:Tov eKa\e<ra tov vlov /xov." 

"Out of Eg??* I called the son of me." 

"^ Tore 'HpceSTjs iSojk oti eueTcaixBil viro Ttav 

Then Herod seeing that he was mocked by the 

ascertained exactly from 
theui the ef tlie 

star's APPKABISG;. 

8 and aending then* te. 
Bethlehem, he said, " Ga 
seai'ch strictly for the 
CHILD; and as soon as 
you have found liiui, hring^ 
me AVordj tliat £ also may 
go and pay hinvrevf rcBec." 

9 And THEY, hav)v.» 
heard the xing, depai-ttd> 
and behold', the stab 
w liich they saw at its ri- 
sing, preceded them, till it 
came and stood over the 
place ■where the CHILD was. 

10 And seeing tlie star, 
they rejoiced with very 
great Joy. 

11 Aiid conriBg into tlie 
BOUSE, they saw the 
CHILD with Marj- his mo- 
ther ; and prostrating, 
they honored him. Then 
opening their caskets, 
they ottered, as Presents to 
him, Gold, rrankincense, 
and Myrrh. 

13 And being warned in 
a Dream not to retui-n to- 
Herod, they went HOiit 
by Another "Way. 

13 But they haviHg *re- 
tired into theii" own couk- 
TRY, behold ! an Angel of 
the Lord * appeared to Jo- 
seph in a Dream, sa}'ing r 
"Arise, take the child 
and his mothkr, and fly to 
Egypt; arid remain there,, 
till I speak to thee ; for 
Herod is about to seek the- 


14 Tlien he, arising, 
toot the CHILD and Lis 
MOTHXK, by night, and 
withdrew to Eg)T)t ; 

15 and remained there 
tiU the DECEASE of Herod ; 
so that the word spoicen 
by the *Lord through the 
PROPHET might be verified^ 
sajing: t"lrom Egypt I 
have failed back my son." 

16 Then Herod, perceiv- 
ing. That he had been de- 

* Vaticak Masvscript — 13. retired into tbeir own coTTNTRT. 13. appeared. 15. Lord. 

+ n. The homasre of pTOStrntion, which is sigmified by this Greek word, in sacretJ 
authors as well as in pnafane, wns throughout all Asia, commonly paid to kings and otlier 
superiors, both<.bv Jews and by Paeans. It was paid by Moses to ni£ father-in-law, ExoA. 
Jtvii;. 7, called ki the E. T. •' obeisance."— CawpAeH. 

1 05. Hoshea xi. i. 

Omjj. 2; 17.] 


[aiap. 2: 23. 

f*a7a;j/, fduficvOrj Kiav Kai airocTTeiXas areiAe 

«ii»o-inen, wnsenrn^ed much; and senciincr forth he slew 

nauTas tovs firaiSas rovs (v B'i]6\ff/j. Kai eu 

Jill the boys tlie in lietlilepin and in 

traa-a rots dpiois avrris, ktto Sierovs Kai Karw- 

nll the borders of her, from two years and under, 

repci}^ Kara tov xP'^^^v 6f riKptficocre irapaTcoi/ 

iiccordingto the time which lieexacllyleaint from the 

fxayav. ^'^Tore eirXrjpocdi] to ^rjdev viro'lepefxiou 

vise-men. Then was fulfilled the wordsjjoken by .Jeremiah 

Tou irpocpTqrov, kcyoyros, ^^ " 4>Cfjj/7j ey 'Pajj-a 

viie prophet, saying, "A voice in Rama 

rjKOvadri, *[0p77J'OS /cat] KXavB/aos Kai o^vpfjios 

'••as heai'd, [lamentation and] weeping and mourning 

•jraXvs' 'Paxv^ Khaiovfra ra reKva avrvs' Kai 

great; Rachel bewailing the children of her; and 

ovK r]d€\c TrapaKkr)6r)vai, on ovk ^tai." 

not is willing to be comforted because not they are." 

^^Te\€VTriaauros 5e rov 'HpcySow, idov, 07- 

Havmgdied and of the Herod, lo, a 

yfkos Kvpiov Kar' ovap (paiverai ras \(i}ari<p €v 

iiiessenger of a lord in a dream appears to the Joseph in 

AiyvTTTCi}, Kiywv ^^Y.yfpQeis trapaXa^e ro 

Egypt, saymg; Arising take the 

traiSiov Kai r-qu ixrjT^pa avrovy Kai irop^vov eis 

infant find the mother of it, and go thou into 

yr]u IcrparjK' T^OvrjKaa-i yap 01 ^rfTovvT^s ttju 

land Israel; they are dead for the seeking the 

^uxv*' Tov iraiSiov. 2' 'O Se eyepOeis Trapekafie 

life ofthe infant. He and arising took 

TO iraiSiov Kai Tqv ixrjrcpa avTou, Kai 7]\Qev eis 

the infant and the mother of it, and came into 

TTji/ Icrpa-qK. ^^ AKovaas 8e, on Apx^kaos 

l.irid Israel. He.iring and, that Archelaus 

fiaariKevei €iri rrjs lovSaias avn 'HpwSou tov 

was reigning over the Judea instead of Herod the 

Trarpos avTov, €<po0ri6r} e/c et air^XBeiv xpVl^ci' 

f.ithcr of him, he was afr.\id there to go ; being 

TicrOeiS Se /cot' ovap, avexoipva^v (is ra 

w.M-ned and in a dream, he withdrew into the 

((i6/777 TT)S TaXiKaias. ^ Kai €\6cot' Karri^Kriaey 

rc;:ion ofthe Galilee. And coming he dwelt 

€is TToXiy Xeyofxeyrjy Na^apeT* oirccs T^XrjpcaSr) 

into a city named Nazareth; that might be fulfilled 

TO priOev 5ia rwv irpocprtrcov, on Na(^ccoatos 

the wordspoken through the prophet*, that a >ia*arit« 


he will be called. 

ceivcd l)y the Magian.s, 
was greatly enraged ; and 
despatching emissaries he 

slew all tTHE MALE CHIL- 
DREN in Bethlehem and 
in All its VICINITY, from 
the age of Two-years and 
under, according to the 
TiMp; which he accurately 
learnt fi'om the Magians. 

17 Then was verified the 
WORD spoken * through 
Jeremiah the prophet, 

18 t"A Voice was 
" lieai-d tin Ramah, Weep- 
"ing and great Movu-ning; 

j " Rachel hemoaning lier 

! "children, and unwil- 

" ling to be comfort-ed, Bc- 

" cause they are no more." 

19 Wicn Herod was 
dead, behold! an Angel 
of the Lord appears in a 
Dream to Joseph in E- 
gypt, saying: 

20 "Arise, take the 
child and his mother, 
and go into the Land ol 
Israel; for thky are dead 
who SOUGHT the child's 

21 Then he, arising, 
took the child and his 
mother, and * entered 
into the Land of Israel ; 

22 but hearing Tliat Ai-- 
chclaus was reigning over 
Jud^a instead of Ins fa- 
ther ITcrod. he was afraid 
to return tJiere ; and being 
warned in a Dieani, re- 
tired into the district of 

23 and coming into a 
City named tiSazareth. he 
abode; that the avord 
SPOKEN through the pro- 
phets might be verified, 
"That he will be called 
" ta Nazarite." 

* 17. througrh Jeremiah— Lachmann & Tischendor£ Vaticau Mahuscbii 
entation and — omit. 21. entered into. 

-18. 1am- 

+ 16. THE MALE-CHILDREN. The Greek article being masculine, it defines the sex. In nine 
other places in this chapter, infant is in the neuter gender. 18. in Rnmah. A city 

not far from Bethlehem in Judea, on the confines of the territory of Benjamin. Origen 
and Jerome say that the Hebrew term rendered in Ramnh, by the LXX, should he trans- 
lated, on high. Matthew, or his translator, followed the beptiiagint. 23. Naz:ireth— a 
snnUlcity of the Zehulouites, in Galilee, about 75 miles north of the city of Jerusalem. 
23. a Nazarite. M.ittbew evidently understood thi.stlie same as a Nazarene, or a native 
nf Nazareth. A Nazarite wiis one under a vow of self-denial. In Judges xiii. .5, Samson 
is called a Nazarite. The apostle Paul was accused ly TurtuUus, befoie Felix, as hein« 
" n ringleader of the sect of the Nazarites," Acts xxiv. 5. Sora« derive the name from Isa. 
si. 1, where the promised Messiah is called a A'ajor, or branch. 
t IS. Jer. xixi. 15. ^ 

Chap. 3: l."| 


\0iap. 3: 9. 

KE*. y. 3. 
^ Ej/ Se Tats Tjfx^i an SKecvais Trapayii^erci- 

In now the day; those comes 

Iwavuris 6 ^airrKrTrjs, Krjpvjcriov e;- ttj fp-rj/nfp 

John the dipper, proclaiming in the desert 

T7)s louSaias, [/cat] Ksyoov ^ Mcrafostre* 

of the Judea, [and] -ayinrj ; Reform ya ; 

fiyyiKG yap t] '\ ^a<J iK^ta rcjv ovpavav. ^Ovros 

has come nif^h for the majesty of the heavens This 

yap ecTTiv 6 prjdeis vno 'Haaiov rou Trpo(pr]Tov, 

for is he spoken of by Esaiaa the prophet, 

Keyoyros' " 4>a;j/i7 fiowvros ev ttj c-pijtxy 

saying; "A voice crying out in the desert; 

eroiiUacrare rrju oSov KvpLov, evOeias TroieiTi 

make ye ready the way of a lord, btrai(;ht make ye 

ras rpi^ovs avTou." 

the beaten tracks of him." 

"* Autos Se 6 lasauvTjs €LX^ to ef8u,ua aurov 

He and the John had the outer garment of him 

OTTO Tpix^f KafX7j\ov, Kai ^wvrju SepfxaTivi]v 

from hairs of a camel, and a belt luactc ot skin 

nepi Tr]v ocrcpuu aurov t] Se rpncpri curov r]u 

around the loins of him; the and food of him wa^ 

a.fjOiSes Kai ij.€\i aypiou. °Tot; e^eTroptueTO 

locuwts and honey wild. 'i'l.en went out 

Trpos avTov 'lepo(To\vfxaj Kai iracra i] iou5am, 

to him Jenisalem, and all the Judea, 

Kai iracra t] ir€pix<^pos rov Lophcvov ^ Kai 

and all the couiitiy about of the jorc' m ; and 

e^aiTTi^ouTO ey toj lopBa.vr} utt' avroj, c-^OfioXo- 

were dipped in to the Jordan by .'liin, confessing 

yov/xeuot ras afiaprias abrcuv. 

the sins of V ■.^.. 

^ \^wv 8e ToWous Tojv ^api(T(tLwv tzm SaSSou- 

Seeing and many of the Piinrisees and Sadducees 

Kaicav ^pyo'^euovi eiri to fiairria/xa aurov, et.rei/ 

coming to the dipping of Iiiin, he caid 

ajToiS' revu-qfjLara ex'^i^wv, ris virc-?:-L^eu 

to them; O brootls of venouious serpents, who ^jointodou": 

v,i/.iy (pvy^iu airo rrjs fieWovarjs cpyris; 

to you to flee from the coming wrath ? 

^rioiTjo-aTe ovy Kapiroy a^iov ttjs fxerayoias, 

Erin" forth then fruit worthy of the reformation, 

^ Kai fi'ij So|7jT€ Xeyziy ez/ eavrois' JJarepa 

and not think to say in yourseUes, A father 

exo'xev toj' A^paa/x' Aeycu yap', uTiduyarai 

we have the Abiaam; 1 say for to you, that is able 

6 0605 eK Twy KiQuov rovrwy eyeipai rcKya nr<f) 

the God out of the gtones these to raise up childien to the 

CH.'-t*lLR III. 

1 Now _ii! tnose days 
appciircd Jonn th ui- 


of JVD.EA, publicly an- 

2 t" Refonn ! because 


the HEAVENS ha& ap- 

6 For thic is he of 
whom Isaiah the prophet 
SPOKE, saying: f'A Voice 
"proclaiming in the des- 
"ert, 'Prepaie the way 
" ' for the Lord, make the 
" ' highways sti-aight for 

4 Now John wore u 
mantle of Camel's Hair, 
Mitli a leatliern Girdle en- 
circling his waist ; and 
liis FOOD was Locusts and 
wild Honey. 

5 Tlien resorted to him 
Jerusalem, and All Ju- 
D.-EA, and All the coun- 
try along the Jordan ; 

6 and were immersed 
by hira in tlic * River 
Jordan, confessing their 


7 But seeing many of 
the Pharisees and Sad- 
ducees coming to * the 
IMMERSION, he said to 
them ; J " O Progeny of 
Vipers! whc lias adiiion- 
islied you to fly from 


8 Produce, then. Fruit 
worthy of reformation : 

and presume not to 
say to yourseh cs, ' We 
have a Father, — Abra- 
ham;' lor I assiu-e you. 
That God is able out oi 
these stones to raise up 
Children to Abraham. 

* Vatic.\n Manuscbipt — 6. the Kiver Jordan. 7. the immersion. 

t 1. Desert. This does not always mean an uninhabited rearion, but one comparatively 
barren, with a sparse popidation. See Joshua xv. 61, 62, where mention is made of "sis 
cities with their villages," in the wilderness. 3. Reform. The word "repent" does not 
express the force of the original ; which sif^nifies a change of character, a permanent altera- 
tion of the dispositions ana habits. The same remark may be applied to the noun of the. 
same meaning in verse 8. — Gannett. 2. Basileia means kingly power, authtirity, royal dignity, 
majesty, ^c, as well as kingdom, realm, or reign. The prophet Daniel uses kings anU king- 
doms R.^Tionymously, (Dan. ii. 44) ; so also the evangelists. See Matt. xxi. 5, 9 ; Mark xi. P, 
10; Lukexix. 83; John's mission was " to so before the face of the Lnrt, 
to prepare his ways," (Luke i. 76); and to point out the Messiah. See .I'lhn i. 6—8, 2!'—:;!, 
;U ; Acts xiii. 24, 25. Therefore he called on the people to " Ket'orm, because the Majebty ol 
the heavens (God's Anointed) has come." 

t 3. Isa. xl. 3. 

X 7 Lukeiii.7— Ot 

CJiap.A- 10.] 


Aliraaiii. Now *n<l [even] the axe to ths 

^t^av Tcijv ievSpwp Keirar -nav ouv S^vbpov fiTi 

root of the trees lies; every therefore tree not 

iroiovy KapiTov h.oAoj', eK/co7rT€Tat, Kai €ts iri/f, 

beanAi; (ruit good, is cut down, and into a fire 

BaAXerai. ^^Eyco jx^v j3a7rTtJ,a; i/fias eu vSar:, 

Ik c-uU 1 indeed dip you la water, 

fiS" fxeravDiay 6 Se OTTifrcu fiou epx^fJi-Ci^osy 

taio reformati n^ he but after of me couiin;, 

ifTxvporepos fJLOv caTiv, ov ovk et/xi iKavo.t ra 

mightier o\ me is, of whom not lam 'vorth) the 

ittto^ViiJ.aTa. ^caracraf avros v/^ias ^airricrcx e** 

BandnJA to carry j he you will dip tn 

Tvev[j(.ari ayico Kat irvpi. '^Oy to tttvov ev 

•pint ho.y and fire. Of whom the wiiinowing shovel it 

tt; x^'P* avToVf Kai hiuKaOapiei rrju aXoiva 

the hand of him, and he will thoroughly cleanse the threshing floor 

a'jrov^ Kai <rvua^ei rov crirov avrov tis ri]v 

of him i and hewillpnther the wheat of him into the 

a-KoQi]Kif]Vy TO Se ax^pov Kavcrsi irvpi 

■torehouse, the but chaff he will burn up in lire 


^^Tore TrapcyireTai 6 Irjcrovs arro rrjs FaAt- 

Then cmnes the Iesu» from the Galilee 

y\aias (irt rov lop5avT]v trpos rov lcvavv7]Vy rov 

to the jonlan to the John, ofthe 

tv )M dipped by him^ The but John reliufed 

avrny, Keywv Eyca ;i^peioy exw viro aou ^aTrT^r' 

him (ayiugi I ueed to have by thee to be 

OvvcUf Kai <rv ^pxv ""^pos fxe ; '^ AiroKp^^tts St & 

lU^ped, tnd thou omest to me? enng and the 

\y\(Tovs tnre irpos avrov At^es apTf o''"^« yap 

</«tu* «aid to him; Permit now; thus for 

TrpcTTov ecTTtv rjfxiv, irATjpcvaai Tra(rai'StKaio(Tvi/7)v, 

ecaminK it is to us, to fulfll ill righteousness. 

ToTt a(l>n](Tiv auTOf. ^"^Kai /SaTrraT^ets 6 Ir^crovs 

Then he suffered him. And haviug been ihpped the Jeau* 

aycQ-H fvdus a<rro tov vdaruS' xai iSou, aue^X' 

neat up Immediately from the w<-.ter i and to, were 

dr,<rav *[auTw] ol ovpauoi, Kai e<Sf to Tv^vfia 

opened [to himj the heavens, and was spon the spirit 

Toy 0eov Kara^aivof wcrei Trepicr'rfpau, [/fa^J 

ofthe God descending like a dove, [and^ 

tpXOixcvov fTr' avTov. ^' Kat iBov^ (pcavr) en Tctiy 

coming on him. And lo, a »oice out of the 

*'jpavcoVf Keyovca' Obros ecriu 6 vuis fioi> b 

•teavk '!). sayii gi This ia the sod afmetne 

<7a7r77Tos, ev w €v^OKr](Ta. 

beloved, in wij^nn i ueii^ht. 

\Chap.S: 1/. 

10 Even now the axb 
li£« at the root of tha 
TRKKs ; Ev°ry Tree, there- 
fore, not producing good 
Fruit, is cut down, and 
cast iuto a Fii-e. 

11 I, indeed, t immerse 
you in Wr.ter in order to 
Reformation; but he who 
is COMING after me, ia 
more powerful than 1, 
+ \Vliose SANDALS I am 
not worthy to carry; Jh? 
wiU immerse you in holy 
Spirit and in Fire. 

12 Wliose wiNNOWiNa 
SHOVEL is in his hand, 
and he will sifectually 
cleanse his theeshing- 
FLOOR ; he will gather his 
WHEAT into *his gra- 
nary, but the CHAFF he 
will consume with Fii-e 

13 Then comes Jesus 
from Galilee to the Job- 
dan, to be IMMERSED by 

14 But •hb refused 
him, saying ; " 5 ha\ e 
Need to be immersed by 
thee, and ti)QU comest to 

15 But Jesus answer- 
ing, 8!iid to him ; "Permit 
it now ; for thus it is be- 
coming us to establish 
Every Ordinance." Then 
John suffered him. 

16 And Jesus being 
innunersed, went up from 
the WATER ; and, behold ! 
instantly the heavens 
were opened, and *the 
Spiiit of God appeared, 
descending, like a Dove, 
and { resting on him. 

17 And, behold 1 a Voice 
from the heavens, say- 
ing , } " Tliis is my Soi\ 
the BELOVED, in whom I 

* Vaticam Manuscript— 10. even— om(». 12. his •»ahabt. 14. bx refused. 18. to 
hlir. — omitt Itt. the Spirit of Crod. Itt. and— onitf. 

t "It. immerse you in Water. Baptho, and its root Bapto, sipnify to dip, to plnng*. to 
iniraevse, and was rendered by Tertullian, finawe, the term used for dveine cloih, which 
was by immersion. It is alway.s construed suitably to this meaning. I'hus it is en hudatet 
j» to lordanee. — Campbell. 11. Whose sanuals, &c. The ofRce alluded to, though of a 

»ervile description, was performed by disciples for their instructors, as it appears from th« 
Talmudists and Eusebius. 12. The allusion in tliis passage is to an ancient process in 

Bgriculture, by which the chntr was driven towards afire prepared fos bumins it. in order 
that it might not be blown back and mixed a^ain with the wheai. 

♦ 11. Acts J..5; ii. ^— i xi. lii. I ift. is:^ xi. 3; ud. 1. t 17- la* »lfl. K t I ike x » 

dwp. 4: 1.] 


\Chap. 4: IL 

KE4>. S'. 4. 

^ToT6 6 l7](Tovs avTJxdv ^is rrjv eprifiov VTo 

Then the Jesus was led into tlie desert by 

rov irvsvixaros^ ireioaaOrjj/ai vtto rov Sia^oXov. 

tUe spii-it, to be tempteJ l;y the accuser. 

hiai yT](rrevaas y]p.spas T^craapaKoura Kai vvKTas 

And fasting day» forty and nights 

reacrapaKOVTa, {/(TTepov eireiuaae. ^Kai trpoa- 

forty, after he was huni;ry. And coining 

b\6wp avTco 6 TreipaC^wv, enrsw Ei vlos e: rov 

to him the tempter, Baid} If a son thou be of the 

fleou, cnr€f Iva ol KiQoi ovroi aproi jeucovrai. 

God, speak, that the stones these loaves may become. 

^'O Se anoKpiOeis eiwe' TsypaTrraL' " Ot;« evr* 

He but answering said; It is written ; '*Not by 

apTcp fxoi/ct) ^Tiaerai avQpaiTos' aW' eiri iravri 

bread alone shall live a man j but by evei-y 

^rffxari fKiropevo/j-ey^ dia aTo/xaros 6eov." 

word. proceeding from month of God.*' 

"Tore irapaXa/nfiavei aurou 6 Sja/3oAos 6:s ttjj' 

Tlien takes him the accuser into the 

ayiav iroXiVy Kai icrT7j(rtv avrov eiri to irTepvyiou 

holy city, and places him on the winj 

Tov hpov ^ Kai \eyei avTcp- El vlos et rov 6eov, 

of the templet and says to liiuij If a sou thou be of tlie God, 

/SciAe aeavTou kutw yeypairrai yap' " 'Or: tojj 

cast thyself down) it is ivrittcu for; "That to the 

ayye\ois avrov evreXeirai ir^pi arov Kai eiri 

messengers of him he will give charge of theej and on 

j(^eipci}U apovai <r;, fxTjirore TrpocKO'tp'ps Trpos 

hands they shall raise thee, )est thou strike against 

\iGov rov TToSa cou." ^ £(^77 avrcp 6 lijcrovs' 

R stone the foot of thee." Said to him the Jesus: 

HaXiv yeypaTrraf " Ouk eKireipaaeis Kvpiov 

Again it is written ( *'^ot thou shalt put to the proof Lord 

rov deov aov." 

the God of thee." 

^ Tla\iv irapaXafxfiavei avrov 5 dia^oKos €is 

Again take* him the accuser into 

opos l^7j\ov Amj/, Kat Bsikvv(tiv avrwira(ra<i 

t> mountain high exceedingly, and shows to him all 

tas QaaiXeias rov Koafxov Kai rrjv do,^av avrwv, 

the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them, 

Kat \eyei avr(p* Tavra travra (roi Swco), eav 

and iays to him t These all to thee I will give, if 

V€(TUP ttpoaicwTfa-ps fioi. ^^Tore A€76i avrta 

falling down thou wilt do homage to uie. Then says to him 

6 Itjctovs' "tiraye OTriao) fxov^ (rarava' yeypavr- 

tVie Jfsus; Go thou behind of me, adversary: itis written 

Tat yap' ** Kvpiov rov 6eov <Tov Trpo<TKVV7j(reis, 

fort "Lord th» God of thee thou shalt worship, 

Kat avry fiov(f Karpevfreis." '^Tore a^ ir^cTiv 

and to him only thou shalt renaer service." Then jeaves 

avrov d 5ial3o\tjs' Kai /Sou, ayyeXoi Trpo(rr]\9ov 

him the accuseri and lo, messengers cams 

&nd ministered to Him. 


1 Then Jesus was coa« 
ducted by the Spirit into 
the dksert, to be tempt* 
ed by the k.nkmy. 

2 And a! ter fasting for. 
ty Days and I'orty Nights, 
he was hungry. 

3 Then the tempteb 
approaching him, said ; 
" Lf thou be a Son of 
God, command tliat these 
STONES become Loaves." 

4 But HE answering, 
said; "It is written, 
X * ' MAN shall not live by 
' Bread only, but by Every 
'Word proceeding from 
' the Mouth of 'Sod.' " 

5 Then the enemt con- 
ducts him into the holy 
City, and places him on 

the BATTLEMENT Of the 

6 and says to him, " li 
thou be a Son of Gou, 
cast thyself down ; for it 
is wi'itten, J ' He will give 
'his ANGELS charge of 
'thee; they shaU uphold 
'tliee on their Hands, lest 
'thou strike thy rooi 
' against a Stone.' " 

7 Jesus answered; 
" Again, it is written, 
X ' lliou shalt not try tha 
' Lord thy God.' " 

8 Again, the enemy 
takes Inm to a jvery high 
Mountain, and shows him 
All the KINGDOMS of the 
t WOKLD, and the glory 
of them ; 

9 and Bays to him j 
" All these will I give thcc, 
if prostrating thou wilt 
woiship me." 

10 Then Jesus says to 
him; "Get thee behind 
me. Adversary; for it is 
written, J ' Thou shalt 
'worship the Lord thj 
' God, and hira only shalt 
' thou serve.' " 

11 Tliea the ENEwr 
leaves him; and behold 1 
Angels came and ininis« 
tcrcd to him. 

• Vaticam Manusobipt — i. man. 

t 8. WORLD. Kosmos, here translated world, may be restricted to the Land of Palestinp« 
«« it is in Rom. Iv, 13; thou.^h in Luke iv. 6, hee oikoumenee is found, which may poBsiblj 
iiichide the Eoman empire, m which acceptation it is frequently used. 

r 4. Ueut. viii. S. J <J Psa. sci. 11 12. I 7. Dcut. 'S't J6. I Xb. ileut. vi W. 

(yrap. 4> ^ 12.] 


[Chap. 4: 23. 

^'-AKovtras Se d IrjaovSy on IdjauvT]! irapedoOy], 

Hearing now the Jesus, that John was delivered up, 

ftveX'i'pTjcrfv eis rrju raXiXaiav. ^^Kai Kara- 
he withdrew into the Galilee. And having 

\nr(i>i/ rrjv Na^'aper, ^XQcov KarcaKT}(T€V fis 

(eft the Nazareth, coming dwelt at 

Katrepuaovfj. 'n]u TrapaOaAacrcriay, ey opiois 

Capernaum the by the sea-side, in borders 

Cial3ovKwv Kai N€<p6a\ei/J.' ^^ Iva irhTjpooO-p to 

of Zabulon and Xephthaliru ; tliat might be fulfilled the 

prjd^u 5ia 'Hcraiov tov Trpo(pi]Tov, K^yovros' 

Kord spoken tliroiigh Esaiaa the juMpliet, Eaying; 

'* " Ftj ZajiovXoov Kai y] Ne;/>0aAeiyu. Sdov 

"Land of Zabulon and land Nephthalim way 

6a\a(r(r7)s irepau tov lopdauov, FaXiXaia roou 

of the sea by the Jordan, Galilee of the 

eOvay. ^^'O \aos 6 KaOrffieuos ey (Tkotgl eiSe <^a)S 

nations. The people who are sitting in darkness saw Blight 

^^ya' Kai rots KaOrfjuei/ois cv x^P9 '^'** (TKio 

great; and to those sitting in a region evea aftbade 

QoLvarovy (poos av^r^iKev avTois." 

of death, alight has arisen to them." 

^'^ Atto totc Tjp^aTO 6 Iriaovs K7jpv(r<rciv, Kai 

From that time began the Jesus to proclaim, and 

Xcyeiv Meraj/oeiTe' rjyyiKe yap rj ^SaciAem 

to say) Reform; has some nigh for the royal dirnity 

TU)V ovpavcav. 

of the heavens. 

'^ HepiTrarccv Se irapa rrjy 9a\a(rcrau r7]s 

Walking and by the sea of the 

TaXiXaias, fiSe 5uo aS^\(povs, 'Xijxwva tov 

Galilee, he saw two brothers, Siiiion the 

Keyo/xej/ou Herpov, Kai AvSpeau tov a^e\(pov 

called Peter, and Andrew the brother 

avToVf ^aWovras ajx(pLfiXr\(TTpov €is rrjv 6aXa<r- 

of him, casting a fishing-net into tlie sea; 

ffav ricrav yap aXt€is. ^^ Kai X^yei avrois' 

they were for tishers. .A.nd lie s.iys to them; 

Afvre oTTKTd} fiov, Kai ttoltjctq} v/u.a.s aXieis 

Come behind ofuie, and I wUl make you fishers 

avdpcoTTwv. '■^Oi Se eudeccs acpevres ra SiKrva, 

of men. They and immediately leaving the nets, 

rjKoXovOrjaav auT'c. 2l Kai ivpo^as cK^idev, €iSev 

followed hini. And going on from thence, he saw 

aXXovs Svo aSeXcpovs, laxcoQuv tov tov Ze/3e- 

other two brothers, .lauicj the of the Zebe- 

Saiou Kai Icaavv ]v tov aB^XcfiuV avroVf €V tw 

dee and John the brother ofhim, in the 

TT/.oiCfj juera Ze/SeSc/ow rov irarpos aurcov, Karap- 

ship with Zebedtje of the father of them, mend- 

Ti^ovTas ra SiKTva avTwv Kai fKaXecrevavrovs. 

Jng the neU of tUem ; and he called thfm. 

"Oi Se €v6eccs acpevres TO ttXoiov Kai tov irarepa 

They and forthwith leaving the ship and the father 

aurwv, r]KoXouOriaav avTcp 

of them, followed him. 

^ Ko( wepiriyev oXtjv t^iu TaXiXaiav 6 Irirrovs, 

And went about all the Galilee the Jesus, 

ii^affKcov €v Tais crvvaycoyais avrcvv^ Kai Krjpva- 

teaching in the synagogues of tliem, and pre.aeh- 

12 l^ow Jesus, hearing 
That John was iniprison- 
ed, retired into Galilee; 

13 and, liaving kit 
Nazareth, re«idud at 
that Capernaum, by the 
lake, in the Confines of 
Zabulon and Naphtali; 

14 so that the word 
SPOKEN through Isaiah 
the PROPHET, might he 
verified, saying ; 

15 t" Land of Zebulon 
" and Land of Na])htali, 
" situate near the lake, on 
" the Jordan, Galilee oi 



" dwelling in Darkness, 
" saw a great Light ; and 


" a Region, even a Shadow 
" of Death, a Light arose." 

17 From that time Je- 
sus began to proclaim, 
and to say ; " Relorni ; for 


the HEAVEN* has ap- 

18 And walking by the 
LAKE of Galilee, lie saw 
IVo Brothers, that Si- 
mon who is SURNAMED 
Peter, and Andrcv/ jiis 
BROTHER, casuiig a Drag 
into the lake j lor they 
were Tishermen. 

19 Andhe says to them, 
" Follow me ; and 1 will 
make you Fishers ol Men." 

20 And THEY, imme- 
diately leaving the kets, 
luilowed liim, 

21 And going forward 
from thence, he saw Other 
Two Brothers, James the 
son of Zebedee, and John 
his BROTHER, in the boat 
with Zebedee theu- ea- 
THER, repaii-ing their 
NETS ; and he called them. 

23 And THEY, instantly 
leavingtheuoATand their 
EATHEE, followed him. 

23 And * Jesus jour- 
neyed throughout All Ga- 
LiLEE, teaching in their 
SYNAGOGUES, and pro- 
claiming the GLAD TI- 

* Vatican Manuscript— 2a he went aboct throusrhout AIL 
i 15. Isa. ix. i, i. 

Cnap. 4: 24.] 


[Chap. 5: 9. 

!7co^ TO 6ya77€A.toyT77s;3acrtA.eias, KOLiOepa-ireveoy 

iii^ th« giiidtkUn^ or the kiugdom, and curing 

7'aGrav votTov xai iracray /naXaKiav ej/ rep \a(p. 

every disease and every malady among the people. 

2"* Kat a-TTTfXOep i] aKorj avrov eis OXtjv rrjv 

And vrent the report ofbim into all the 

^vpiay Kat Trpocrriveytcav avrip Trauras rovs 

Syria; and they brought to him all the 

KaKcos exo^'Tas, iroiKiAais yo(Tois Kai $a(rauoi5 

sick haviug various diseases and torments 

o'uj'€xo/i*€j'Oi;s,*[Kai] hai^ovi^o^5VOvs<, Kai ae\r]- 

seized with, [and] demoniacs, and lu- 

♦'■•a^o/tei'ous, Kai irapaViJTiiiovs' aai eQepair^vaev 

uatics, and paralytics ; and he cured 

avTOv^, ^^ Kat rjKoAovdi-jaay avrcp ox^oi ttoAAoi 

them. And followed to him crowds f,Teat 

jiiro T7)s VaXiKaias, tcai AeKaTroAfcos, icai 'Ispo- 

from the Galilee, and Decapolis, and from 

iroXv^oju, Kai lovdaias, Kai 7-^pa.v rov lop'^avov. 

Jerusalem, and Judea, and beyond of the Jordan. 

KE4>. L 5. 
^ 15cs)y Se Toys ox^ovSj avsjir] eis ro opos' Kai 

Seeing and the multitudes^ hewcntup to the mountain ; and 

KaOiaavros avrov^ Trpoa-qXQov *\^avT(>}~\ ol /nadr]- 

liaving se.ited himself, came [to UiiiiJ the disci* 

rai auTov ^ Kai avoi^as ro (rro/xa avrovy eZi- 

l>les of him; and opening the mouth of him, he 

daffKev avTovs, K^ywv ^ Maxapioi oi ttt^xoi t^ 

taught them, saj-ing; Blessed the poor to the 

irvevfiart' bri avTwv e<TTiv ''] jSacriAera ruy 

spirit; because of them is the kingdom of the 

ovpaviov. * MaKapioi oi irewBovvres' on avroi 

heavens. Blessed the mourners ; for they 

TrapaK\7]6riaoyTai. *• MaKapioi ol irpaeis' Sri 

shall be comfurted. Blessed the meek; for 

aurot K\r}povofx7](Tov<ri rriv yrjv. ^ MaKupioi oi 

they shall inherit the earth. blessed the 

7r6iva?»'Tes Kai Siipeavres rrjv hiKaiocvvrjv^ on 

hungering and thireting the righteousness; for 

3.VT01 xopTarrdrjfyoyrai. ^ MaKapioi oi cAetj/xo- 

they shall be sattsfled. Blessed the merciful ; 

ves' OTi avTOi €\eT}0ri(TOVTai, 

for they shall obtain mercy. 

^ MaKapioi Oi KaOapoi tt? KapSiq.' 6ti avTOi 

Blessed the clean to the heart; for they 

Tov Qeov o\pouTai. ^ Manapioi oi €ipr]voiToioi' 

the God shall see. Blessed the peace-makers , 

6ti avTOi vioi deov KXriOrjcroyTai. ^^MaKapioi oi 

for they sons of God shall be cilled. Blessed those 

and healing Every kind 
of Disease and Infirmity 
among the people. 

24 And his fame spre:ii 
through All Syria : aiul 
they brought to him All 
tlie SICK, having Various 
Disorders, and arrested 
by Severe Complaints ;— 
demoniacs, and lunatics, 
and paralytics; — and he 
healed tliem. 

35 And great Crowd.'^ 
followed him from Gali- 
lee, and Decapohs, and 
Jerusalem, and Judica, 
and from the vicinity of 
the Jordan. 


1 And beholding the 
CROWDS, he asct^nded the 
iJiouNTAiN, and having 
sat down, his disciples 
*came up : 

3 And opening his 
MOUTH, he taught them, 
sajing : 

3 " Happy the % rdoR 
(in sPiEiTj ; foi- tlieii'3 is 
the KiNGPOJi of the hea- 
vens ! 

4 Happy the % mourn- 
ers ; seeing that tijrg will 
he consolett ! 

5 Happy the % meek ; 
because tljcfi will possess 
the land ! 

6 Happy J they who 
hunger and thirst (for 
righteousness); since tfjfjj 
will be satisfied ! 

7 Happy the Merci- 
ful; because tljeg will 
receive mercies ! 

8 Happy the J pure (in 
heart) ; for tljcij wll be* 
hold God! 

9 Happy the peace*- 
MAKERS; because ti)t2 
will be called Sous of God ^ 

* Vatican Manuscript — 24. ani—omit. 1. came up. 1. to him — omit. 

^ 1. Some particuLar mountain in the neighborhood of Capernaum is generally stippoFed 
to be hero intendetl, probably Mount Tabor, or an elevation well known in that vjcinity. 
t 3. Wetstein think.s this phrase oupht to be construed— "Happy in the Spirit's a cuount 
are the poor ;" and Geo. Campbell renders it^— " Happy the poor who repine not." B tii do 
violence to the original. The former interferes with the arrangemc'^ of the words, and the 
latter rather than translates. In Luke vi. 20, we have t;-e sentence just as our 
Lord uttered it ; but hero it seems Matthew explains the metaphor,, by add' 
intr " in spirit." So in verses 6 and 8. For a furtlier illustration, see Jame.^ ii. 5. The article 
and noun is in the dative case, .and conveys the same meaning as our preposition i»i. 

t 3. Luke vi. 20; Jame.^ ii. .f".. t 4. Isa. Ixi. 2, .'s. X ,5. Psa. xxxvii. 11, 20. 

: «. Isa. Iv 1. 1 8. 1 John niiit S. 

Cliap. 5 : 10.] 


[Chup. r,: 10. 

ScSiwy/xei/oi kvcKsv 5iKaio(rvif7}S' 6ti avrcup cffTtv 

being i>er>ecuted on account of vij^hte^msuesa ; for of them is 

7] fia(TiX.€ia rcou ovpavuiu. '^ yiaKapioi (<tt€, 

the kiugdoui oftlie hea\eii8. Bli.sscd nic ye» 

jTav oi^€iSiaw(Tiu v/xas Kai diw^a^ai, Kat enruxri 

whenever they repfo.ich you aiul persecute, a»d say 

irau TTOvqpoy priij.a Kad^ v/ncov, yp^vSo/xeuoL, eveKeu 

every evil word against you, spcakinjj falsely, because 

sfjLov. ^^ XaipeTG Kai ayaWiaaOe' on 6 fjLi'xQos 

of me. Rejoice ye and exult ye, for the reward 

v/ucof/ TToKvs eu tois oupauois' outco yap eSioj^ai' 

of you yreat in the heavensj in this way for they persecuted 

Tovs TTpocpTjTas Tovs TTpo vjxwu. ^^ 'T/j.€is dare 

the prophets those before you. You are 

TO aKas ri)s yr}s. YLav Se to a\as jxccpavOr}, ev 

the salt of the ea.lh. If but the s.iU become tasteless, with 

rivia\i(rOr}(r€Tai; (IS ovdev ftrxwei eri, et ^77 

what shuit it be salted ? for nothing is it of service any more, except 

fi\r]6rii/ai e|a>, Kai KaTavaTetcrOai vrro rcav 

to he cist out, auj trodden underfoot by the 



^'^ "T/xeis eare to (poos rov ko(Tij.ov. Ov hvvarai 

\av. are the light of the world. Not possible 

TToKis Kpv$r]uai eirauco opovs KsijxevT]' ^^ oude 

a city to hiile upon a hill being situated; nor 

Katovci Kjx^ov, Kai TiOeacriv avTou rjiro tov 

theyhgH a l.uiip, and place iiim under the 

p.o^AOPy oAA' 67rt Trjv Kvxviav Kai ?>.a/xTrei -nacri 

Mieasi.r,, but on the lamp-stand; and it gives light to all 

^^ Ojto} Xa/j-ypaTU} to (poos 

Thus letitshhie the light 

vfxwv (/u.Trpocrd€i/ Tcav ai/dpoiircau, ottcds iSooaii/ 

of you in the presence of the men, that they may see 

tfjKtiU ra KaKa f:pya, Kai 5o''^.(rci}(ri tov iraT^pa 

• fyou the good works, and niaj ,>e the father 

v'iX'j>v TOV 6j/ TOIS ovpauois. 

Ofyou that in the Leavens. 

^^Mt7 vojxia-rfT€y 6ti 7)\6ou KaTaXucrai r ju 

Not think ye, that I have come to destroy the 

l/OfXOU 7) TOVS 1TpO<p7}TaS' OUK 7]\6ov KUTaAvcTai, 

.law or the prophets; not I have come to destroy 

oAA.' TrKir\p(a(rai. ^*^ A/uLrjv yap Aeyo u/xiUy ecas 

but to fulfil. Indeed for I say to you, till 

au TrapeXOr) 6 ovpavos Kai ■}] yrj, iwra kv 7} fiia 

paAS away the heaven and the earth, iota one or one 

Kepaia ov /jli] irapeXOr) airo tov vofxov, ecos av 

fine point in no wise pass from the law, till 

travTa yevr\Tai. ^'-^ 'Os eav ovu Xvarj fxiav tcov 

all be tulfilled. Whoever therefore breaks one of the 

r jis eu TTj oiKia. 

ihu3' in the house. 

10 Happy the X per- 
secuted on account of 
Righteousness ; for thcii s 
is the KINGDOM of the 


11 Happy are you, when 
they revile and persecute 
you, and, on my account, 
ialsely allege, Every kind 
of Evil against you. 

12 Rejoice and e.xult. 
Because your jREWARi> 
will be great in the }iea- 

VENS; for thus TIIOSK 

prophets who preceded 
you were persecuted. 

13 gou are the % salt 
of the EARTH. But if the 
t SALT become insipid, 
how shdl it recover its 
savor ? It is then worth- 
less, except to be cast out 
and trocldon down by men . 

li J)ou are the % light 
of the WORLD. A city 
being situated on a hiU 
cannot be concealed : 

15 nor is a Lamp light- 
ed to be placed under >Jie 


the LAMP-STAND ; and it 
gives light to ALL the fa- 

16 Thus, let your light 
shine before men, that 
they may see youi- good 
works, and glorify that 
FATHER of yours in the 

17 Think not. That I 
have come to subvert the 
L.vw, or the prophets : 1 
have come not to subvert, 
but to establish. 

18 For, indeed, I say 
to you. Till heaven and 
EARTH pass away, one 
lota or One Tip of a letter 
shall by no means pass 
from the law, till all be 

19 Therefore, wiiocver 

t 13. Perhaps allusion is here made to a bituminous and fragrant species of salt, found 

nt the Lake Asphaltites ; great quantities of which were thrown by the priests over the 
ounteract the smell oftlie burning flesh, and to hasten its consumption. This 

sacrifices, to coi<iii.cia.>,i, mc oiucu. ui; uuriiiug uesH, anu lo nasteu iis consumption, 'mis 
substance, however, was easily damaged by exposure to the atmosphere ; and the poition (.f 
it thus rendered unfit for the purpose to which it v/as ordinarily applied, was strewed upon 
ihe pavement of the temple, to prevent slipping in wet weather. Maimdrcll, in his travel 
6tates that he tasted some that had entireiy lost its savor.— TVoZtope. + 15. The modins 

wasa measure, both among the Greeks and Komans, containing a little less thau & peck ■ 
but it is clear that nothing here depends upon the capacity of the measiu^.. 

t 10. 2 Tim. ii. 12; Aotsxlv. 22; Rev. iii. 21 
xiv.34, 35. I 14. Phil, ii 15. 

t 12. Eora. viii. 18. 

t 13. Luke 

Chap 5 

£0 ] 


^'Chap 6 28'fT'TWJ', /ecu S(5a|7j o^to) tovs aydpwirovs, 

least, and teach '" thus the i • inca, 

least he 6li.i!l be called in the kinj.lom of the 

■ovpauoov OS 5' av noirja-ri Kai 8i5at,ri, oiiros 

hea-.-ns, who but ever shall d. , and teach, the sair'e 

fisyas KhfiQ-tiOi^at €i> rrj ^adtAeta rceiu ovpai/uy. 

freat shall be called in the lai'^'dom of the heavens. 

^*'A67w yap vjxlv^ h'ri eau /xt] vepKraevarj t] 

I »uy for to you, that except abound »he 

ZiKaiocvvt) iifMCDf ir\iiop rwu ypa/j-fxareccu Kat 

righteousncaa of/ou more oftt.e scribes and 

l4'apt(Taiuv, ov nf] (KxeABrire eis rt}v . ^ainXaav 

Pharisees,- by no uaeaoa yoi' may entei into _ the kingdoci ^ 

'Ta;;' ovpavwp. 

\srthe heavens. 

^^UKovaraTC, 6ti (ppeBrj rois apxaiois' ** Ov 

You have heard, that it was said to the ancients ; "Not 

;ipouevafis' os S' av <pov(vari, evoxos earai rr} 

■thou shalt kill, who and ever shall kill, !iabl« shall be to the 

tcpicrei." ^£70; 5e Ae7Ci; vfxiVy bri Tras b 0^71- 

tribunal " *i. I but say to you, that all the being 

^Ofievos TO} aSeKfptp ahrov *[6(«rj,] (Poxo^^a-rat 

angry tothe brother of htm ; [without cause,] liable shallbe 

*rp Kpicrei' 6s S' au (ittt} rep aSeXcpcp dvToV 

Ito the tribunal J who and ever shall say to the brother ofhiin; 

paKa, euoxos f^rrai Tcp avveBpLco' os 5' au eiTTT/- 

^le fellow, liable shaltbe tothe sanhednm ; who ai^d evershallsay ^ 

fJ^ope, .cvoxos ecrra* eis ttju yfeuvay tgu rrvpost 

O fool, "liable shall be to the Gehenna of the fire, J 

^Eau ouv 'TrpotTcpepris 'to dapou bov cttj to 

If therefore thou bring the gift of thee to ' the 

'■€u(na(rr7)piov, KciKei fivrjcrBjis, dri 6 aSeKcpos 

sltar, end there remetnber, that the .brothel 

,cou fX^' ''"* Kara crov'^?'^ a(p€S fKei to dwpov 

■ofthee ha* somewhat Tjainst thee i leave -there the gift ;^ 

[cov e/jLvpoaOeu rov QvcriaffTT^piov^^Kai. viraye^ 

of thee before ' the , altar, and « go, 

ypcoTov SiaWayr]6i ra ade\(pa cov, Kdt rgn 

\ first be thou reconciled to the • brother of thee, und tl.en 

'e\6(DU 'vpocrcpepe to Supop cov. '^IcrQi f WOWS' 

coming offer the gift ofthee. Be tbo'u willing to 8l;ii-ee 

Tw avTi^iKcpxtoxi TaxiJ, (ocs orov a tu rr) fiSy 

with the opponent of thee quickly, while thou art in the w.iy 
/A€T* OUTCW jjLTIWOTe (Te TTapoS&J 6 aVTlBlKOS T^ 
• ttith him;* lest thee deliver up the opponent tothe 

tcpiTT), Kai 6 KpiTr}s'[(r( TrapaScp^ rep inn}perr}, 

judge, tmd the judge [thee deliver up] to the officer, 

Kat fis (})v\aKr)p ^XTjOrjcrr]. "'^^A/xrip \eyic. (roi, 

>«nd into prison th'ou shall be cast. Indeed 1 say to thee, 

'ov ^iT) e'|eA077s ' eKeiOev, ews at' aTrodais rou 

ihy DO means thou wilt come out UieBce, ' till. thou hast paid ths 

€(rxaTOP KoSpaPTTji/. 

^ Uat farthing. 

shall violate one of the 
LEAST of these com- 
MANTJS, and shall teach 
MEN' so, will be called 
little in the kingdom of 
the HEAVENS, but who- 
ever shall practise and 
teach them, will be call- 
ed great in the kingdom 

of the HEAVENS 

20 For I tell you, that 
unle.ssyour righteous- 
ness excel that of the 
SCRIBES and Pharisees, 
you shall never enter 
into the kingdom of the 


21 You have heard That 
it was said to the an- 
ciEN'Ts, I Thou Shalt not 
'kill; and whoever shall 
' kill, will be f amenable 
'to the judges' 

22 But I say to you, 
That every one being 
ANGRY with his broth- 
er, shall be amenable to 
the judges: and ivho- 
ever shall say to his 
brother, Fool I will be 
subject to the high 
council; but whoever 
shall say. Apostate 
wretch ! will be obnox- 
ious to the burning of 

23 If therefore, thou 
bring thy gift to the al- 
tar, and there recollect 
That thy brother has 
ought against thee, 

24 leave there thy 
gift before the altar, 
and go, first be recon- 
ciled to thy brother, 
then come, and present 
thy gift 

2.5 Agree quickly with 
thy prosecutor, while 
thou art on the road 
with him ; lest the pros- 
ecutor deliver thee to 
the JUDGE, and the 
JUDGE to the officer. 
and thou be cast into 

26 Indeed, I say to 
thee. Thou wilt by no 
means be released, till 
thou hast paid the last 

• Vatican Manuscbipt — 22. without cause — <rmit. 

■ 25. deliver thee— omiY. 

+ 21. The Jews had a Comtnon Court consisting' of twenty-three men, which had power to 
.•entencG criminals to death, by beheadinp or straiijlins; tluH wus called the Judgment, of 
iCowrtoi Judges. The Sanhedrim OT Hierh Council consisted of te^<entij.tuo men, being the 
jCourt of the Jews, before which the hifenest crimes were tried. Tins Court alone hud power 
Uo punisb wiih deat.hb}' stoning. Thi^ was thoug-ht a more terrible death thvja the loi mer.. 




[Cfiap. 5: 35. 

You have heard, that itwaasaid; " Not thou eh.^lt commit 

fffts." -^£70) 8e Keyw v/j.iy^ bn ivas 6 ^Karwv 

adultery. 1 but say to you, that all nlio lookin; at 

yvpaiKCL trpos to fTTidufirjaai awTTjs, tjStj e/zot- 

awomaa in order to lust after her, already has 

^fvaev avTt]v tv 'rrj Kap^ia avrov. ~ ^^ Et 5e 6 

debauched her in tbe heart cT him. If and the 

o^pOaXfjLOS <rov 6 Se^ios crKavda\i^ei ere, e^eAe 

eye o(thee the right ensnare thee, tear out 

avTov, Kai 0a\€ ,airo crov (TVjxcpep'ei yap croi, 

it, and cast it frota thee; it is profitable for to thee, 

lua airo\7]Tai kv ruv ixeXajy avu, Kai /arj oKov 

that should pefish one of the mcrabcrs of thee, and not whole 

TO (Toj/Luz <roy fi^^rjO-p . ets yesvyav. "^^Kai ei rj 

the body of thee should be cast into Gehenna. And if the 

Se|to (xov xf'/J (TKaudaXi^^ei ere, ■ cKKorpoy avrriu, 

right of thee hand ensnare . thee, cutofT her, 

icai /3o\e otto (rov- avixtpepst yap croi Iva airo- 

tnd cast from thee; it is profitable for to thee that should 

A.7jtat kv rcav fXiKcov aov, kai jxf] &Kov ro (Tufia 

perish one of the members of thee, and not whol? the bodj 

cov )8A7j9j7 CIS yee-yyavi'^ ~' ~ "" 

of thee should be cast into Gehenna. 

^^Ep(3e077 fe, *^'^bri 6s av airoXvirr; rrii>yvvaixa 

It wassail and, "that whoever shall release the wifu 

avToVy Sorb) avrji :o,Tco(TT<x(novJ^ ^- Eyw Ze 

of him, let him give her o bill of divorce." I kut 

Aeyw vixiv, 6ri-6s av airo\v(rri rrjv yvvauca, av- 

«ay to you, that whoever may release the . wife of 

TOW, Trap€KT05 \oyov iropveias, voiet avr-qv 

him, except on account of fornication, makes her 

fioix'''^^'**' fo' ^s f'^^ anoK^Xvjxrvriu yafxTjar}, 

to commit adultery; and Khoever be^ being divorced may inarry, 

fxoixarai. ' ~ ' 

(Commits adultery. 

^UaXiy r]Kov&arey on 'cppedrj rots apxaiois' 

Agaia you have heard, that it was said to the an^ents; 

** OuK eTnopKr)<Tiis' aToduxreis Be tc^ Kvpi^ 

"Not thou Ebaltswearf3lsery;'8halt perform but to the iLord 

TOWS opKovs arov." ^'* £70; 5€ Ae7a> ifxiu /xt] o/xop'ai 

the oaths of thee." I but say toyoji not svreaf 

oAjWS* firiTe ev rep ovpavcp, Sti^ Qpovos earn rov 

atnll; not even by the ' lieav«n, .for a throne itii ofthe 

Osbv ^^ fxTjre eu rr) 777^ 6n vttottoSiou earn rwv 

God; ' cor by the eaith, for a foots'.ool , it ii. of the 

nQ%<jiV avrov fiTTire *€is 'lep(xro\v[Ma^ 6n toXis 

feet of him; neither by Jei-usilcm, for a city 

ear I rov fieya\dv ^fiaciXews' ^^ fxV'^ ^v rrj 

iti* of the great ' . king; uor by the 

27 You have heard That 
it was said, J' Thou slialt 
' not coniniit adultery ;' 

28 hut C say to you, 
That every man gazino 
AT a Woman, iu order to 


SIRE, lins ah-eady com- 
mitted lewdness with her 

ill llis HEART. 

29 Therefore,' if thy 
RIGHT KYE insnare thee, 
pluck it out, and throw it 
away : it is helter for thee 
to lose one of thy jikm 
BKRs, than that tliy Whole 
BODY should be cast into 
Gehenna. • . 

30 And if thy EicrriT 
Hand insnare thee, cut it 
off, and throw it away : it 
is better for thee to loso 
one of thy MEMPERS.than 
that thy Whole body 
should * be cast Into Ge* 

. 31 And it wits said, 
X ' Whoever shall dismiss 
'his WIFE, let him give 
' her a Writ of Divorce.' 

32 But 2 say to you, 
That * EvfeRY-ONE who 
cept on account of Whore- 
dc>!u, causes Iier to commit 
adultery; and *iiE who 
MARRIES the divorced 
woman, commits adultery. 

33 tA^ain, you Itavc 
heard That it was said to 

the ANCIENTS; $'Th0U 

' shalt not perjure Ihyseli', 
' but shalt perform to tha 
' L(TB.D thine oaths ;' 

34 but 2 ^ay to you, 
t Swear not at all; neither 
by the heaven, for it i3 
God's Tlu-one; 

35 nor by the eaeth, 
because it is a Footstool 
for llis FEET; neither shalt 
thou swear by Jerusalem, 


S2. Bi 

• Vatican MAWuscBirx— 30. go away. 

•who MASBISS. , 

. t S3. The morality of the Jews In regard to oaths was truly execrable. They maintained 
that a man might swear with his lips, and annul it at the same moment in his heart. They 
also held that oaths are binding only according to the n.iture of tlie thin? by which a man 
swears; asserting that the law, which our Sav-.or here cites, referred to those oatiis only 
which were of a binding nature. Instances of this distinction, which they made between 
oaths that were and were not binding, are expressly cited and condemned by our Lord in 
Matt, xxiii. 10—23 ; and the injunction here given against swearing by Heaven, by Jerugalem, 
&c., is in relation to a variety of frivolous adjuratiooa which were constantly in their mouths, 

\ 27. Exod. XX. U. t 31. Deut. xxiv. 1 ; Matt. xix. &-0 : Mark x. J— 13, --•'«. Deat 

i>>u.21— 33; Num. xzx. 3.. 

t 84. James T. 12. 

Chap. 5 : 36. ] 



KecpaXrj ffov ofJLoarjs, on ov ^vvaffai /JLiay TpLX°- 

head of thee shalt thou, foi- not thou art able one hair 

\evKriy t; fx^Xaivav Troi-qaai. -^^ Earw 5e 6 \oyos 

white or black to make. Let be but the word 

vfM'jov vai var ov ov to Se wepLcrcroU' tovtcou, 

oCyou; y " yes; no no; that for over and above of these, 

€:< -Tou iTovr]pov ecrriu. 

of the evil is. 

^UKovrrare, on eppeOif]' ^' OcpBaXjuov avn 

You have heard, that it wa-» said ; An eye for 

oipOaA/JLOv, Kat oSoyra avn o^ovtos." "^-^ Eyco Se 

an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." I but 

Aeyoj ujj.iv, /j.r] avTiarrii'ai rce irov'.'ipM' aAA' 6(rns 

say to you, not resist the evil ; but whoever 

ce paviaei erri r7]i' de^iav crov (Xiayova, arpexl/oi^ 

thee shall slap upon the right of thee cheek, turn 

auTcp Kai rr}v aXA7]V' "^^ Kai rco O^Xovn (Toi Kpi- 

to liim also the other; and ^o 'he purposing thee to sue 

Orjvai, Kai rov yjru^va crov \aj3eiv, aipes avrca 

at law, and the tunic of thee to lake, trive up to him 

icai TO 1/j.aTLov "*' Kai 6(Ttis (T^ ayyapejaei jjuKioy 

also the mantle; and whoever thee s'aU force to {;o mile 

€V, vTvaye jxst^ avTOV duo. "'-Tw aiTovvTi ere 

one, go with him two. To ilie aakins; thee 

5l5ou' Kai Tov OeXovra ctto aou b:iv€iaa(r6aL, 

do thou j^ve ; and the wishing fro'u thee to borrow money, 

/j.r] aTrotTTpafprs. 

not do thou repulse. 

■*'^ H/cou(raT6, oti ep5e077' ^^ AyaTTTicreis to 

You have heard, that it was said ; " Thou shalt love the 

T\T}aiov (TOV, Kai /j.i(rr]a'€is tov ex^pov o'ou. ' 

neighbor of thee, and hate the enemy oftliee." 

'^Eyco §6 Ae7c«) v/jliv, aya-KaTs tovs cy^povs vfioju, 

I but say to you, love the enemies of you, 

*[ei;Ao76iT6 tovs KaTapa/nevovs v;, KaXcos 

[bless those cursing you, good 

TToteiTe TOis fitaovo'iv u/^as,] Kai irpocrcvx^o^Oi 

do to those hating yc"i] and pray 

vTTsp Tcav \_iTn}pea^ovToov ujxas Kai\ Siu^kovtcov 

for those injuring you and] pei*secuting 

iifxas' '^^ on-cas ycvriaOe vloi tou iraTpos vfxicv, 

you; that you may be sons of the father of you, 

TOV ev ovpavois' oti tov riXiov avTov avaTeWsi 

of the in hea\ens : for the sun of him it rises 

€iri TTovripovs Kai ayaOovs, Kai ^p^ysi stti SiKai- 

on evil and good, and it rains on just 

ovs Kai aBiKovs. '*® Eav yap ayaTr-qa-rjTc tovs 

and unjust. If for you love those 

ayanavTas vfias, Tiva jxiaQov e^sTe ; oux' '<^c;i 

loving you, what reward have you? not even 

oi TeKcavai to avTO iroiovcn ; "*' .f a( cav atnra- 

the tax-gatherei*s the same do? riud if you 

(T-qad^ TOVS a8eK(povs v/xctiv /xovov, ti Trepiao'oy 

balute the brothers of you only, v.-hat more 

for it is tlie % city of the 
GREAT King; 

36 nor by thy head, 
because thou canst not 
make One Hair white or 

37" But let your Yes be 
yes ; and youi- No, no : for 
whatever exceeds these,, 
proceeds from evil. 

38 You have heard That 
it was said, J ' Eye for 
' Eye, and Tooth for 

39 but I say to you, 
I oppose not the injuki- 
ous PERSON ; but if any 
one strike thee on tiiy 
RIGHT Cheek, turn to him 

also tlie LEFT; 

40 and whoever will 
sue thee for thy coat, let 
hun have the mantle 

41 And if a man + press 
thee to go one + Mile with 
him, go two. I, 

43 $ Give to him who 
solicits thee; and him, 
who WOULD boiTOw from 
thee, do not reject. 

43 You Iiave heard That 
it was said, % ' Thou shalt 
' love thy neighbor, and 
'hate thine enemy ;' 

44 but I say to you. 
Love youi- enemies, "and 
pray for those who 
* persecute you, 

45 that you may re- 
semble THAT father of 

yours in the heavens, 
who makes his sun arise 
on Bad and Good, and 
sends rain on Just and 

46 For if you love them 
only who love you, What 
llewaid can you expect ? 
Do not even the tax- 
gatherers the SAME ? 

47 And if you salute 
your BRETHREN Only, in 
what do you excel ? Do 

* Vatican Manuscript — 44. bless thgs3 who cuuse you, do good to thosb who hate 
you — (faiit. 44. pehsecut:; j'ou. 

t 41. An allusic 
into their service : 

might serve to accelerate their jourviey. irora t!ie I'ersians tnis custom passe 
mans, and it is still retained in the East, t 41. Ihe Roman miliox, or mile, measured 

a thousand paces. 

I S5. Psa. xlviii. 2.' J 38. Exod. xxi. 24; P^i't x=x. 21. t 30. Prov. yx. 22 ; xxi^ 

89; Kom. xii. 17— 19. t 42. Deut. xv. 7— U. 4 4^*. ^.<*v. xix. ig. Deu*;. yxiii 6- 

sion to the Angari, or couriers of the Persians, who had authority to impress 
e men, Iwrses, and ships, or iiny 'hiiig tliiit cume in their w:iy, and which 
iccelerate their iournev. From t!ie I'ersians this custom passed to the Ko- 

Chap. 5 ; 48.] 


[Cliap. fi: 7. 

TTOtetre ; OfX' Kai ot eOviKOi ovrco ttoiovctiu ; 

iloyou? not even the Gentiles »o do? 

^''Ecret^e ovv v/xets reXeioi, oxnrep 6 iraTTjp 

S!:aU l>e ih.Tcfore you perfect, a» the father 

vficov, 6 ev Tois ovpauois, reXeios ecTt. 

of you, who in the heavens, perfect is. 

KE*. J. 6. 
^ ripofrexeTt ttji/ SiKaioauurjv, v/xaiv fir) iroieiy 

Take heed the ri^-hleousness, of you not to do 

^fiTTpoaOeu Tcov avQpcairwv, irpos to Q^aQrivai 

in the presence of the men, so as to be exhibited 

avTois' ei Se fJ-vy^t /xiaOou ovk ex^'''^ irapa rep 

to them ; if but otherwise, reward not you have with to the 

irarpi v/jloov, tw ev tois ovpai'ois. -'OTau ovv 

' father of you, to the in the heavens. Wlien then 

TTOiris €\c'r][xo(Tvvi)Vy /ult] <raX-iri(Trjs cfiTrpoadev 

thou doest alms, not sound a trumpet in the presence 

(jOv, wcnrep ol viroKpiTai ■koiovctiv ev tuis crvva- 

ofthce, like the hypocrites do in the syna- 

"ycayaLS Kai ev Tats pvjbLais, 6-xcos So^acrdaicriv 

gogues and in the streets, that they may have praise 

VTTO Tcov avdpcaircoy. Afiriv keyca vfj.iv, air^y^ovcL 

of the men. Indeed I say to you, they obtain 

Tov plktQov avTcay. ^ '2,ov Se ttoiovi/tos eXerjfxo- 

the reward of them. Of thee but doing £ilms- 

(TuvrjV, 1X7] yuooTOi} 7} apiiT^pa aov, ti Troiei 7] 

giving, not let it know the left of thee, what does the 

Se|£a (Tov '^oTTcas rj aov tj eXerifjLoavvr] ev tw 

right of thee; that may be of tiiee the alms-giving in the 
KpUTTTtf KUL 6 iraTTjp (TOV, 6 fi\^1T03V iV TCO 

secret; and the father of thee, who seeing in the 

KpuTTTCp, *[ai'Tos] aTroSoi}(reL croi ^\^ev Twcpayepcf.^ 

secret [himself] will give back to thee [in the clear ligiit.) 

^ Kai oTay Trpo(r€vx7i, ovk ear] wcnrep ol 

And wlien thou prayest, not thoushidtbe like the 

vTTOKpiTar oTi (pi\ov<Tiv eu Tuis (Twaycoyais Kai 

hypocrites; for they love in the synagogues and 

6j/ Tais ycoviaLS tcou rrAaTeicov ecTTcoTes rrpoaev- 

in the corners of the wide places standing to 

'X^aQai, oTTuis av (pavaxri tols auOpconois. A/xrji 

pray, that they nray appear to the men. Indeed 

^eyco vfiiv, OTi aTrexovo't tou fxiaOoy avTcau. 

I say to you, that they have in full the reward of them. 

^ 2i» Se, OTav rrpoaevxr), 6i(reA0e €ls to Ta/uLi- 

Thou but, when thou prayest, enter into the retired 

eiov (TOV, Kai Kkeiaas Tr]v Qvpau crov, rrpocrev^ai 

pl.ace of thee, and locking the door of thee, pray tnou 
Tea TTUTpl (TOV, T(f) ev TW KpVTTTCp' Kai 6 'lTaTr]p 
to the father of thee, to the in the secret; and the father 

(TOV, 6 ^Aerrcou €u to; KpvTrrra, aTro5(v(Tei (Toi 

of thee wbo seeing in the secret place, will give 'to thee 

*\^ev T(t} (pai/€pcji}.'\ ' Tlpo(Tevxouevoi Se /xr] ^aT- 

(in the clear light.) Prayin;,- but not bab- 

ToA.o'yTjo'TjTe, wermp ol eQviKoi' SoKovcri yap oti 

ble, like the Gentiles; they imagine for that 

not even the gentiles 

*Uie SAME. 

48 t Be gou therefore 
perfect, eveii as *your 




1 Beware, that you per- 
form not your religi- 
ous DUTIES before MEN, 
in order to be observed 
by them ; otherwise, you 
will obtain no Keward 

from THAT FATHER of 

yours iu the heavens. 

2 When, therefore, thou 
I givest Alms, proclaim 
it not by t sound of 
trumpet, as the hypo- 
crites do, in the as- 
semblies and in the 
STREETS, that thej'may 
be extolled by men. 
Indeed, I say to you, 
They have their re- 

3 But thou, when 
giving Alms, let not 
thy LEFT hand know 
what thy right hand 
does ; 

4 so that Thine alms 
may be private; and 
THAT father of thine, 
who sees in secret, will, 
recompense thee. 

5 And when *you 
pray, you shall not im- 
itate the HYPOCRITES, 
for they are fond of 
standing up in the as- 
semblies and at the 


squares to pray, so 
as to be observed by 
MEN. Indeed, I say to 
you. They have their 

6 But t^OU, when thou 
wouldst pray enter into 
thy private room, and 
having closed the door, 
pray to that father 
of thine who is invisi- 
ble ; and that father 
of thine, who sees in 
secret, will recom- 
pense thee. 

7 And in prayer, tnse 
not foolish repetitions, 
as the * h Y pocrites ; for 

* Vatican Manuscuipt — 47- the same. 48. your heavknlt father is perfect. 

5. you pray, you shall not. 7. uypocbites. 

+ 2. The phrase of soundinff a trumpet before them seems only a figurative expression to 
represent their doing it in a noisy, ostentatious w.ay. — Doddridge. Erasmus and Keza justly 
obser\-e, that ^Aca^AanaJ in verse 1 is a theatrical word,; that h'jpnkritai signifies dist/uisM 
pfniiers in masks ; and that sounding a trumpet may allude to tiie music of t!;e st-;ige. 

i iS. Luke vi. 36' Epli. v. 1. t 2. Horn. xii. 8. I 7. Eccles. v. 2. 

Chap. 6:8.] 


\(Mp, 6) SC 

«v TTj 7roXv\oyi(^ abroiv ei(TaKovaQr\aovTa,t. 

ta the worJioess of them they shnJl bel>eard, 

®Mr} ovv o/xoiiijOrfTe aurots' bide yap 6 iraTrjfi 

T^ot therefore you may belike to theiD ; knows for the father 
of you, ^ of what things need you have, before of the you 

airr^aai avrov. ^ Ojtcos ouf irpocreux^fJ^d^ vfjLeis' 

ask him. Inthwwrty then pr^y ■ you; 

Yla-fep 7]/J.wv, 6 ev rrois ovpauois, ayiaaSriTci} to 

father of us, who in tl^e neasens, reverenced the 

cvofxacrov ^fAflerw 7j ^aaiA^iacrov' yeurjBrjro) 

oaroe tfftbeci let come th<> kingdom of thee; let be done 

TO 6eKr}/xa (Tov, us eu ovpauco^ Kat ewt ttjs y7]s' 

the will. of thee, as in heaven, also- on the earth) 

** rou apTov T]fj.^v roif emovaiov Soy tjjjlh' 

the bread of us the tsufGcieot give tnou to ua - 

crjixipov ^2 Kai a(pes nifxCv ra ocpeikri/xciTa ripLcoi/, 

to-day i and discharge to ua the ,debts of us, 

COS Kat rjfieis a(pieix€U roir" ocpeiXeraiS' ijfjLuv 

Ka even me discharge to the ' . debtors of us; 

'"* icai firi etfffveyKTjs ^)UOS ciy Treipa^TfxoVy akXa 

and not bring us ii>t,o -temptation, but 

^ucrcu.7)^as ano rou irovrippv.-^ ^"Eay yap a<pr)re 

save us from the esiL ,-A^ I( for you forgive 

TO«j avOpwirois ra irapavTWfjLara avrow, a<pri<Tei 

to the men the ' faults of them, will forgive 

Kai vfMiU 6 irarrjp v/xuv d ovpavios' *^ eaif 8s fxr) 

f'.eo to you the faiher of you the heavenly | if ' but not, 

a(p7}Te rots cwOpwrrQis ra irapaTrrof/JLaTa avTcov^ 

forgive to the men the faults' > .»,i-j cfthem, 

ot/Se 6 TTUTr^p 'v(X(i)v a<pr)(Tft ra vapanrtafiara 

neit. er the. father of you nriU f orgiva thd; -.faults^' ~" 

vuav. , 

cfyuii. _ ' 

^^'Otoj/ 8e vncrfvrjrcy fill yiveffffii^&xrirep ot 

When an. I yuufast, not be, . .'.rS^ like the 

{iTTOKpiTai, (TKvOptioiroi' 'afpai/iCovcri yap'ra irpocr- 

hypocrltei', ofasalfacet they disfigure for the fa- 

wra ajTTcor, ^tt&js . (pavuicrt rots avOpoiirois 

cet of them, so th.-il they mny seem to the 1 men 

#'7j<rT6uo*'Tfs. Aix7]v Xeyta vfxiu, dri airexovcri 

10 be fasting, r- Indeed I say to you, thot they obtain 

Toc lAicrOot/ a'jrwv. ^^ 2y Se vr]cmvu}Uy a\ei^ai 

tlie reword of them. ^ 'Thoa but ^ fasting, . anoint 

cot; rr)v Kti(^aKi)v^ Kai ro wpocrcaTrov <ro-j VJif/cf 

cfthee the be.'xd, and the face of thee wash; 

'^OTTws /U77 <pavps rots auOponrois yr}<Trevav, 

so t lint not thou lOityest seem to the men fasting, 

a\Aa rcfi Trarpi rrov, rw ei/ rep Kpvirr^'-icai 6 ira- 

but to the father of thee, that in the secret i and the fa- 

,rrip trov, b ^Keircou evro) Kpvnro), airoSoxret crot. 

;t;Ucr of thee, who seeing in the secret, will give to thee. 

'^Mrj dy)(Taupi^€Te v/xiv Br}<Tavpovs eiri rrjs yrjs, 

Not my up - to you treasures on the earth, 

iirou o"/jy Kai ppci}<xis a<paui^ety Kai 6ir6v KKeirrai 

vhere moth and rust destroys, and where thieves 

ifiiopi/fTO'ot/o'i ifa« K\eirtov<Tt'. ^^ 6rj(ravpi(er€ Se 

dig through end steal i lay up but 

Ihcy think that by using 
MANY woEDs that thty 
will be occeptcd. 

8 Therefore, do not jmi- 
tate them ; for *God your 
I'ATHEB knows your Ne- 
cessities, before you ASK 

9 Thus, then, pray gou : 
JOiu- Father, thou lu the 
HEAVENS, Revered be thy 


10 let thy J KiNGDoai 
come ; thy avill be done 
upon EABTH,, even as uj 

11 Give us This-day 


12 and } forgive us om 
DEBTS, as * ine have for- 
given our DKBTons ; 

13 and t abandon us not 
to Trial, but t preserve us 
from EVIL, 

14 For if you J forgive 
MEN their offences, 
your HEAVENLY Father 
will also forgive you ; 

15 but if you % forgive 
not MEN tlieir offences, 
neither will your fatheb 
forgive your offences. 

16 Moreover, when you 
X fast, be not as the iiypcf. 
crites, of a melancholy 
aspect; for they distort 
their features, that they 
may seem fasting to men. 
Indeed, I say to you. They 
have their reward. 

17 But tl)OU, when fast- 
ing, anoint thy head, and 
wash thy face ;• 

18 that thy fasting may 
not appear to men, but to 
THAT father of thinc 
who is INVISIBLE; and 
that father of thine 
who sees in secret^ wilJ 
recompense thee. 

19 Do not accumulate 
for yourselves J Treasures 
upon the earth, where 
Moth and Rust consiunc, 
and where Thieves break 
through and steal ; 

20 but deposit for your' 
selves Treasures in Hca- 

• Vatican MANUscnirt'— 8. God your PATUEB. 12. far have forgiven. 

t 9. Luke x!. 2. I 10. Dan. ii. 44. : 12. Matt, xviii. 21—35. j 13. 1 Cor. x. 13' 

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J 10. Prov. xiai.4; ITiia. vuio, 17— 19,' ^ ^- 




[Chap. 6: 29. 

•^/wl' Orjcavpovs "f ovpavojy Sttov ovre (rrjs oure 

JO you treasure* ^ heaven, where neither moth nor 

Bpcoais a<f>aui^e^ Kai dirov KK^irrai ou 5iopv<r- 

ru«t destroys, and where thieves not dig 

(Tovcriv ovde K\(^VTOv(riy. ^^ 'Okou yap ccrrii/ 6 

throujjh nor «teal. Where for is the 

Oriaavpis v/ui.wy„ e/cet ecrai Kai ?? icapdia v/jlcov. 

treasure of you, there will be also the heart of you. 

22 'O \ux^os Tou acojULaTos ^(Ttiv 6 o<pOaX/j.os. 

The lamp Sfthe hotly is the eye. 

F,au ovu 6 o<^-Qa\fxos aou awAovs 77, 6\ov 

if therefore the eye of thee pound maybe, whole 

TO (Tcofxa (Tov <\-vr(ivov earai. -^ Eau Se 6 ocpOaX- 

llie body of thee ralighceued will be. Tf but the eye 

^os (TOV ivovr}pv5 ]], oXov TO ax-'xa. aov (TKoret- 

ofthee *til may be, whole the boily of thee darkness 

vou earai. T-i ouv to (pcos^ no ev aoi, (tkotos 

will be, it theD the light, tJiat in ^ tbee, darkness 

tarty TO (TKor-^s TToaou i 

is, the darknou how great f 

•^"^'SwSets tijvarat Svort Kupiois ^ou\€veiv 7j 

No one ts able two lor J» to serve ; either 

yap TOV kva fxiaiitrei, Kai toi/ erepou ayaTrrjcrer 

for the one lie will luiie, and the other he will love t 

rj €vos av6?^';Tai, Kat rov eTepou KaTa(ppovrj(r€i. 

or one he willcUng to, and the other he willblijht. 

Ou SvuaaOe Cecp dovKeveiv Kai fia/ncaua. '^ Aia 

Not you are able God to serve and mammon. For 

TouTO Keyoi v/uLiv M77 fiepL/m/are tt) ^vkt} v/nwUf 

this I say to you; >lot be over careful the life of you, 

Tt <f>ayT]T(f Kai Tl •TrtTJTe* f.l')]5s TO) CCOfXaTt 
what youmay eat, and what you may drink ; nor to the body 

vfjLwUy Tl fj-Svar,(Td€. OfXi i] »('i^x^ Tr\eiov eari 

of you, what you may put on. Not the life more is 

TTjs Tpo(p7]Sy Kai TO (Tco/iia TOV euSvfxaTos ; '"** E,u- 

the food, and the body the clothing P Look 

/3A.eipaT€ eis tu Trerciua tou ovpauovy on ou 

attentively at the birds of the heaven, for not 

tfTreipovcriVy ovSe Oepi^ovtriUy ovde avvayovaiv ets 

they sow, nor reap, nor gather into 

aTvodr}Kas' Kai 6 TraT-qp vfj-wu & ^ jpavios Tpetpei 

barns J and the father of yon the lieavenly feeds 

aura. Ovx vfieis fxaWov Siacpepire aurwv ; 

them. Not you greatly excel them ? 

^ Tts 8e ef vfxcau fiepi/xucav SvvaTai irpoo'Qeivai 

"Which and by of you being overcareful is able to add 

€7rt T7JJ/ riKiKiav a'oTou Trrjxvu kva; ^ Kat ivepi 

to the age ofliim span one? And about 

fV^ufMaTos Tl fxepifjiuaTe ; KarafLaOeTe ra Kpiua 

clothing why he over careful? Consider the lilies 

TOU aypou ircos ao^auer ov KOTrtot, ouSe vrider 

of the field how it grows ; not itlabors, nor , spins; 

^Ae-yw Se vfiiu, on ouSe ^o\ofjLwy et/ Tra&ri tt; 

1 say bitt to you, that Bot even Solomon in all the 

ven where neither Moth 
nor Rust can consume, 
and Mhere Thieves break 
not tlirough, nor steal. 

21 For where * thy 
TKEASURE IS, there * thy 
HEART will also be. 

23 |Tne lamp of the 
BODY is * thine kye; if, 
therefore, thine eye be 
clear, thy Whtle body 
will be enlightened ; 

23 but if thine eye be 
dim, thy Whole body will 
be darkened. If, then, 
THAT LIGHT which is in 
thee be Dai'kness, how 
great is that darkness! 

24- X No man can serve 
TSvo Masters; for either 
he will hate one, and love 
the OTHER; or, at least, 
he will attend to One, and 
neglect the other. You 
cannot serve God and 
t Mammon. 

25 Therefore, 1 charge 
you, J Be not anxious 
aljout your life, wiiat 
you shall eat, or what you 
shall diink ; nor about 
your BODY, what you shall 
wear. Is not the life of 
more value than FOt.»D, 
and the body than e'iI- 


26 Obser\-e the birds 
of heaven ; they sow not, 
nor reap, nor gather into 
Store -houses ; % but your 


them. Are not goil of 
greater value than tliey ? 

27 Besides, which of 
you, by being anxious, 
can prolong ]ivi life cue 
Moment V 

28 And why are you 
anxious about ' Raiment r 
Jlark the t lilies of the 
FIELD. How do they 
grow ? They neither la- 
bor nor spin ; 

29 yet I teU you, That 
not even Solomon in Ail 

* Vatican Manuscript — 21. thy treasure. 

21. thy HEART. 

2-2. thine byb. 

t 24. Mammon is a Syriac word for riches, which our Lord beautifully represents as a per- 
son whom the folly of men had deified. t 28. Syriac — wild lilies, or lilies of the 
desart. Supposed by Kitto and Sir J. E. Smith to be the amaryllia lutta, a g'Olden lilaceoua 
fl )\ver, which grows wild in the Levant, and blooms i'- Autumn. Dr. Bowring thinks it is 
the Motrtagnon lily, which grows profusely in Galilee, and is of a brilliant red color. 

t 22. I.nke xi. 34. : 24. I-iike xvL 13. 

t 26. Job ixxviii. 41 , Psa. cxlvit. i) 

X 25. Lukexii. 22; Phil, iv.6; 1 Pet. v ^ 

Chap. 6 : 30.] 


[Chap. 7: 6. 

So|?7 auTOv irepu^aXero ws kv rovTcav, ^ Et 

glory of him was clothed like one of these. If 

Se Toy ■x_opToi/ rov aypov, (rrj/xepov ovra Kai 

then the grass of the liuM, to-day existing and 

avpLov €is KKi^auov fiaWofJLCvov, 6 Oeos ovrccs 

to-morrow into an oven ia being cast, the God so 

afj.<pi€uvv<nv, ov -rroWcf [xaKXou vfxas, oXiyoirKr- 

clothes, not much more you, O you of weak 

TOL ; ^^ M77 ovv iJ.epi/jii''r}tTrjTe, KeyovTCS' Tt 

faith? Not therefore you may be over careful, saying; What 

(payctifJLCu, 7] Tt TTicofxei', 77 Tt Trepi^aXcofieOa ; 

may we eat, or what may we drink, or what may we put on ? 

**- Uaura yap Tavra ra ^Qvn] eTri^rjT^i' oide yap 

All for these the Gentiles seeks ; knows for 

d narrjp v/j-cou 6 ovpavios, dri XPVC^'^^ rovrcov 

the father of you the heavenly, that you have need of these 

aTTayTwu. ^ ZrjreiTe Se irpcvrou t7]v fiaaiXetav 

all. Seek you but first the kingdom 

Tov Oeov Kai ttju SiKaioavvrjv avrov Kai ravra 

of the God and the righteousness of him ; and these 

iraura Trpo(TTeOri(TeTai vfxiu. ^ Mtj ovv /mepi/x- 

all sh.-iU be superadded to you. Not therefore be over 

vr](rrjT€ ets rrjv avpiov 7} yap avpiou fiepifi- 

careful for th« morrow; the for morrew will be over 

vrjcrei [to] kavTTjs. ApK^rou ttj r]/xepa 7] KaKia 

careful [the] of herself. Enough to the day the trouble 


of her. 

KE-I'. C 7. 
^ M77 Kpiuere, Iva yu?? KpiOrjre. ~ Eu V yap 

Not do you judge, that not you may be judged. In wha< for 

Kpi/J-an Kp.vcre, KpiOecreaOe' Kai ev 'oi ix^rpca 

jud^^ment you judge, you sh.tll be judged; and in what measure 

fierpeire, ix^rpTjOrjcreTai vjuliv. ^Tt 5e jSAcTrety 

you measure, it shall be measured to you. "Why and seest thoii 

TO Kap(pos, TO ev Tw o(p6a\ficp tou a56\(j)ov 

the splinter, that in the eye of the brother 

(TOU, TTjj/ Se ef T6D (ra) o(pda\jxcp Sokou ov KaTa- 

ofthee, that but in thine-own eye beam not per- 

vo€is ; ■* 77 Trojs epets to) aSeXcprpaov A(pes, 

ceivest ? or how wilt thou say to the brother of thee; Allow me, 

eKjSaAo) TO Kapcpos ctto tov o(p6a\/xov aov Kai 

1 can pull the splinter from the eye of thee; and 

iSou, 7) SoKos ev TCf} ocpdaXfjLcp aov ; ° "TivoKpiTa, 

lo, the beam in the eye of thee? O Hypocrite, 

€K^aAe irpcvToy t7]V Sokov €K tov o(pQa\fjiov crov, 

pull firj^t the beam out of the eye of thee, 

Kai TOTe Sta/3A6i|/ets eK^aXeiv to Kap(pos e/c tov 

and then thou shalt see clearly to pull the splinter out of the 

Q(p9a\fiov TOV a5€.\(/)ov crov. 

eye ofthe brother ofthee. 

^ M77 Sci)T6 TO ayiov tois kvcti, fXTj^e /SoAtjte 

Not you may give the holy to the dogs, neither cast 

Tovs /xapyapiTas vfxasv e/JLTrpoaO^y toov ■)(^oip(av 

the pearls of you before the swine ; 

his SPLENDOR, was ar- 
rayed like one of these. 

30 If, then, God so 
decorate the hkrb of the 
FIELD, (which flourishes 
To-day. and To-morrow 
wiil be cast into a Fur- 
nace,) how much more 
you, you distnistful ! 

31 Therefore, be not 
an.xious, saying, "What 
sliall we eat? or, What 
shall we drink ? or. With 
what shall we be clothed ? 

32 for aU the nations 
reqiui-e these tilings ; and 


knows That you have need 
of all these things. 

33 But X seek you first 


KINGDOM; and all these 
things shall be superadded 
to you. 

3-i Be not anxious, then, 
about tlie morrow ; for 
the MORROW wiU claim 
anxiety for itself. Suffi- 
cient for each day is its 



1 X Judge not, that you 
may not be judged ; 

2 for as you Judge, you 
will be judged; and |by 
the Measm-e you dis- 
pense, it will be meas\ired 
to you. 

3 X And why observest 


thy brother's eye, and 
perceivest not the thorn 
in THINE-OWN Eye? 

4 or, how wilt thou say 
to thy BROTHER, Let me 
take the splinter from 
thine eye ; and, behold, a 
THORN in tliine-own eye ? 

5 Hypocrite! first ex- 
tract the THORN from 
thine-own eye, and then 
thou wilt see clearly to 
take the splinter from 
thy brother's eyk. 

6 X Give not sacred 
things to DOGS, nor 
thro^^' your pearls before 
SWINE ; lest they tread 

* Vatican Manuscript — 33. his eighteousness and kingdom. 
of — omit. 

34. the things 

I 33. Luke sii.31. 
X 2. Mark iv. 24 

t 1. Luke vi, 37 ; Rom. ii. 1 ; xiv. 4 ; 1 Cor. iv. 5 ; .Tames iv. U, Ij 
t 3. Luke vi. *l- t 6. Prov. ix. 7. 8 ; xxiii. a. 

Chap. 7:7] 


[Chap. 7: 18. 

^7j7roT6 KaTairarri(rw(riy avrovs €V rois vofriv 

lest they should trample them under the feet 

avTO}!/, Kai <rTpa(pevT€s prj^oocriv vfxas. 

of them, and turning they should rend you. 

^AiTetre, /cat ho6v,<Terai vj-uv ^TjTetTC Kai 

Ask, and it shall be given to you: seek, tuid 

evpT)cr^TC' Kpov^TSf Kai avoLyrfCerai v/jliu. ^llas 

you shall find; knock, and ic shall be opened to you. All 

yap 6 ai-^wv Kafx^ai/er Kai 6 QriTiav evpicTKei' 

for the asking receives; and the seeking finds; 

Kat rtfi KpovovTi auoLyrjo'eTai, ^ H ris ^l^eanvj 

and to the knocking it shall be opened. Or what [is there] 

€| v/xcov avOpooTTOS, 6y eav aiTTjarj 6 vios avrov 

«f you a man, who if ask the son of him 

aproVy /LIT} Kidou cTrtSaxrei avTcp ; ^^Kat cav ix^w 

bread, not a stone wiU give to him ? or if a fish 

r.iTtja"p, fiT] o(piv eTTidwcrei auTw; ^^Et ovv vfieis, 

he asks, not a serpent will give to him 7 If then you, 

TTovqpoi ouT^s, oiSare 80/j.aTa ayada Sidovai rois 

bad ones being, know gifts good to give to the 

rcKvois v/xcoy, ttoctci) fxa\^.ov 6 irarrjp vficov, 6 

children of you, how much more the father of you, that 

ey Tois ovpavQiSy Suxrei ayada rois airovaiv 

in the heavens, give good to those asking 

avrov; ^Ylavra ovv, baa av deXrire iva 

him ? All therefore, as much soever you may will that 

voicacriv vfiiy 01 ayOptairoi, oiiro) Kai vfxeis iroieiTi 

should do to you the men, even so also you do 

avTois' ovTos yap eanv 6 vofxos Kai oirrpocprfTai. 

to them ; this for is the law and the prophets. 

^^EiffeAOere Sta rrjs (Trey-qs ttuAtjs' 6ti 

Enter you in through the strait gate ; for 

irAoreta rj iruXrjf Kai evpvxcapos -'] oSos t) 

wide the gate, and broad the road that 

airayovara eis t7?v aTrccAetay Kai ttoKXoi eicriy 

leading into the perdition; and many are 

01 eicTfpxofji-evoi dl avTrjs. ^^Ti CTevri r) tuAtj, 

those entering through her. How strait the gate, 

Kat reOAi/uLiuLeyr) 7] oSos 7? airayovcra eis ttjj/ 

and difficult the road that leading into the 

^(t)T]V' Kai oXiyoi eicriy 01 (vpicrKoyres avT7]y. , 

life; and few are they finding her. 

^' Tlpoaex^Te Se arro rcoy ipevSonpocpTjruyy 

Beware ye and of the false prophets, 

oirives epxoyrai irpos v/xas ey eySv/jiacri irpofia- 

who come to you in clothing of sheep, 

rcav, effwOev Se eicri \vKOi apirayes. ^^ Airo 

withm but they are wolves ravenous. By 

r(i)V Kapirwy avruy eTnyyoocTfa'Oe avrovs, Mtjti 

the fruits of them you shall know them. What 

(rvWeyovaiv avo aKayOccy crra(pv\rjy, r) airo 

do they gather from thorns a cluster of grapes, OP « from 

Tpi/ioXooy crvKa ; ^^ Ovru irav SevSpoy ayaOoy 

thistles Sgs ? So every tree good 

Kapirovs KaXovs noier to 5e ffairpov Seydpoy 

fruits good bears; the but corrupt tree 

KapTTOvs irovripovs iroiei. ^^Ov dvyarai SeySpoy 

fruits _ evil bears. Not is possible tree 

them under their feet, 
or turning again they tear 

7 t -A-sk, and it will be 
given you ; seek, and you 
uill find; knock, and it 
will be opened to you : 

8 for Jevert-one who 
ASKS, receives ; and every 
one who seeks, finds; 
and to HIM who knocks,- 
the door * is opened. 

9 Indeed, $What Man 
among you, who, if his 
SON request Bread, will 
offer him a Stone ? 

10 or, if he ask for a 
Fish, will give him a Ser- 
pent ? 

11 If sou, then, being 
evil, know how to impart 
good Gifts to your chil- 
DKEN, how much more 

will THAT FATHEB of 

yours in the heavens 
give Good things to those 
who ASK him ? 

12 J liVTiatever you wish 
that MEN should do to 
you, do sou the same to 
them ; for this is the law 
and the pkophets. 

13 J Enter in through 
the naueow Gate; for 
wide is the gate of de- 
struction, and broad 
that way leading thi- 
ther; and MANY are they 
who enter through it. 

14 How narrow is the 

GATE of LIFE ! hoW diffi- 

thither! and how few are 
they who find it. 

15 J Beware of false 
TEACHERS, who come to 
you in the Gai-b of Sheep, 
while inwardly they are 
ravenous Wolves. 

16 J By their fruits 
you will discover them. 
AreGrapesgathered from 
Thorns, or Figs from 

17 t Every good Tree 
yields good Fruit; but 
the BAD tree produces 
bad Fruit. 

18 A good Tree cannot 

* Vatican Manuscript— 8. is opened. 9. is there — omit. 

t 7. Matt. xxi. 22; Mark xl. 24; Luke xi. 9; John xv 24; James i. 5. 
J7: Jer. s#cix. 12, IS. t »• Luke xi. II— IS. J 12 Luke vi. 31. 

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} 8. Prov. viii 
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€Stap^'Ji 19.] 


'{.Cliap. 7; 27. 

nyaQov Kapvoxts irovripovs iroieiv, owSe hsv^poi/ 

good -fiuita evil to bear, neither tree 

VtiTrpou KapTTovs Ka\ous iroieiy. ^^Ylav BepSpoVy 

castupt iiiiits good to bear- Every tree, 

/IT} iroioirv KapiTov KaXoVy cKKoirrerai kui eis irvp 

3)Ot bearing • fruit gooJ is cut donn and into afire 

^aWerai.' '^ Apaye airo rwu Kapirtav avrwv 

is cast. Therefore , by the . •, Imits of them 

CTnyvwrecrde avrovs. :" 

jon shall know them. 

-2^.pt; Jras 6 \-^yciiU fiov Kvpie, Kvpte, eccreXcv- 

Not alt who saying to me; O Lord, O Lord, shAll enter 

iterat eis ttjv fiaciXeiay rcay ovpavav oAA' 6 

iutv> the kingdom oft lie lienveas; but he 

uroibou TO OeKrifia rov Trarpos yuoi/, rov cv ovpavois. 

•doins "the 'will of the father of me, of that in heavens. 

^IloWol epovai/JLOL ev cKeivT) rrj i}fj.epa.' Kypte, 

Many shall say tome in- that the <Iay ; OLord, 

KvptCf cxf Tw (T<^ ovojxart 7rpoe(p7}TeviraiJ.sVy Kai 

O Laid, not to the thy came hare wc prophesied, ' jind 

Tw. (TO} ovoiiari Saifiovia e^ej3aAo/A6J'> Kat tw 

X6 the thy name -demons - lun&wc cast out, and tm the 

<rcp ovofiaTi Svya/xeis-TTOWas c'TroirjaapLey; •^•* Kat 

thy name wondeis ' tnany have we done ? And 

frore ofioXoyrjaco avrois' 'Ort oySeTrore eyucov 

*then Iw'iU Jeclare to them; Becauso never 1 knev» 

S/' oiroxa'petTie a-rr^ e/jLov oi epya^o/xeuoi riqu 

' you ; dcpai'6 , ttoTX ^ tue those working the 



■•^^ lias ovu ~ o&Ti5~iiKoveip6\rrov5 \oyous 

All therefore whoever hears of me the ^ woriU 

vovTOvs,. Kat irotet avrovs., bjxoiwa'o} avrov ayBpt 

these, and i^oea them^ 1 will compare hiin to a man 

^pofifjLcpf IrO'Tis-^KoBoixrifTf: Tqv oiKiav avrov evt I 

priideiit,. .Hti!> built Ihc lionso of him tii>oi> 

trrjv irerpav ^ icauKare/Brj '/; Ppoxv* for t]X6ov 

i the rocJi ) Ayd fell down the - rain, and cnnie 

cl TtQra/xoif Kat eiryeixrau at ayefxoty icat Trpocre- 

thc floods, and 'bleAV the winds, .-uid beat 

^f<Tov T77 oiKic^ eKsiviy Kat ovk cTreae' reOefjteXi- 

Jigaiust tha bouse that; nnd not itfelli it vms founded 

<iiro yap ewtr^v Trerpai/, 

•for on- tlie rook/ — n 

1'*^ Kat jras.6-d!covutf fxov vovs-Xoyous^rovrouSf 

And -all- Kho-heai-ins ofraS the words these, 

icot fXT} rroicov avrovSy', 

<MD<X not doing tli'mi shall be a man. foolish, 

&(rrt5 aKodoix7i(rerrr]U otkiayajrov £Tn r7]y-ajlfiov 

<.«rho built '^o lionse of liiirt -upon the ta.idi 

^yKat Kare^rj- u] PpoxVt n^^ T,XOoy ol Trorafiou 

•ncd fell down the rain, ' and came the floods, 

«fot eit'vsvcrav' ol avefiott icci TTpocreuo'i^ay rri 

•nd blew tlio o-iiuU, and- dashed ngainiit the 

txiKi(f~fKeiurjy Kat €Jrc<r€' icairiv v JCToxrts avTr)s 

(licQsc that, ^ end U fell^- «aid wavtUe {all ber 

§icya\'if. " '^ 


yield bad rruit; nor 9 
oad Ti-cc, gixid I'mit. 

19 t(Pvei7 Tree not 
producing good Fruit, is 
cut do^vn, aed cast into 
a Firii.) 

20 Therefore, by tlieiif 
FRUITS you wiil discover 

21 Not E\'EEy-ONE M-llO 

SAYS to me, X Master,, 
Master, \rill enter iiUo- 
tlie lUNGUOM ofthe hka. 

VJiNS; but HE who TKK- 

roRMs the ■WILL of tii.xt 
FATiiKR of luinc ill * the 


22 Many will say to me 
in Tliat day, Master, 
Master, liavc we not 
Umsrht. in TifY Name ?. 
nrntin THY Name expelled 
Demons? and in TiiY 
Name performed many 
Wonders ? 

23 And then I mil 
plainly declare to lliem. 
1 1 never approved of you- 
Depart fi'Oiii mc; YOU who- 


24 X Tliercforc, v hocvor 
hears these precei'ts ot 
Mine, nnd ol)cys thehii 
*■ ho will be eonipared to n 
prudent M.nn, who built 
*ms lloiisconthcuocic; 

25 for though the rain 
fell, and the torrknt->5 
Game, nnd the winds 
blew, and nishcd upon 
that HOUSE, it fell, not, 
because it was fuundctf 
on the ROCK. 

26 But EVERY-ONE who 


Mine, nnd disybcys tJiciii, 
will be compared to ft 
foolisli Man, who built 
^■jiis House on the SAND; 

27 for when tlic rain 
fell, and the torrknt^j 
-came,, and the wi.nds 
blew, and dashed a<;ainst 
that HOUSE, -it fell, ami' 
jnxat wasits ruin." 

- Vatjcaji BtjiNwscBtpi'— 21..tJ«eiiHr*.VES3^ 
(Bouse.. 2G. ifrs UtAisc. 

ii/rKtM»U.iii. 10: fSl; Matt, xxv.ll ; ,I,ulie_!ir.{. iSit xiii 
123. Luke Jwiii. 2Z. . -J g-i..JUiiiS.V<,47-4J. 

5<t he v.- ill be compared 24. ni9 

25 i IUMB..U.1S: Janus i.S9 

Chop. 7 : i-^- 


Aud it came to pass, when had finished the Jesus 

Tous Xoyovs rovTovs, c^eir\rj(r(roi/TO ot ox^oi 

the words these, were astounded the crowds 

eiri TT) 5t5axj7 avTOv. -'-^ Hu yap SiSacrKWU 

at the teaching of Uim. He was for teaching 

avTovs us e^ouaiav e^wt', Kai ovx ^s ol ypajn- 

xhem u authorit/ having, and not as the scribes. 


KE*. -fi. 8. 
' KaraPauri 5e avrcv airo rov opovs, t]KoKov- 

Coming down and to him froiu the utouniain, followed 

Qfjaav avT(f ox^oi ■^oWol. "- Kai lSov, AeTrpos 

after him crowds ^'eat. And lo, a leper 

(\Qcav TTpocreKvyei avTcv, \eyoov Kvpte, eav 

eoming prostrated to him, saying; O sir, if 

6e\r)s, dvuacrai fie KaQapicrai. ^Kot eKreiuas 

(hou wilt, thou art able me to cleanse. Aud putting forth 

r7]y x^ipa, rj^aro avrov 6 Irjcrovs, Keycov 0eAa>, 

the hand, he touched him the Jesus, saying; I will, 

KaQapi(T6T)ri. Kai evOecas cKadapicrOr] avrov r} 

be thou cleansed. And immediately was cleansed of him the 

Keirpa. '^Kai \eyei avrcf 6 Irjtrous' 'Opa /j.T}dQPi 

leprosy. And says to him the Jesus; See no one 

(iTTTjS' aWa vTraye, asavrov Sei^ov rep l^pei, 

thou tell ; but go, thyself show to the priest, 

Kai irpocreueyKe ro Soopoi/, 6 irpoixsra^^e Mwcttjs, 

att^ offer the gift, whi<*K commanded Moses, 

eis fiaprvpiov avrois. 

for a witness to them. 

^ Ei<Ti\6ovrt Se avrcp €is }^airepvaov/j., ivpoar- 

Having entered and to him into Capernaum, came 

•i\K6ev avrcp cKarovrapxos, irapaKaKwu avrov, 

to him a centurion, addressing him, 

^ Kai Xeytav Kupie, 6 irais ixov ^^^K-qrai ev rr) 

and saying, O sir, the boy of me is laid in the 

oiKict irapaXvriKos, ^eivws fiaaavi^o/xevos. ' Kat 

house a paralytic, greatly being afflicted. And 

Xeyei avrcp 6 Irjcrovs' E-yco cXOcat/ Qepairevact} 

says to him the Jesus ; I coming will heal 

avrov. ^ Kot a-rroKpiOeis 6 cKarovrapxos ecpr}' 

him. And answering the centurion said; 

Kupie, ovK €ifxi 'iKavos iva /j-ov vwo r7]v crreyriv 

O sir, not lam fit that of me under the roof 

€io-€\dT]S' aWa jxovov eiwe \oyip, Kai laOrj- 

thou shouldst enter ; but only speak a word, and will be 

(T^rai 6 TTais /xov. ^ Koi yap eyw avOpconos ci/xi 

healed the boy of me. Even for 1 a man am 

[CJtap. 8: 9. 

28 And it happened, 
when Jesus had linished 
this DiscouESE, that Jthe 
PEOPLE were struck with 
awe at his mode of in- 
struction ; 

99 for he tausrht them 
as possessing -Authority, 
and not as *their scribes. 


1 Being come down 
ft-om the MourvTAiN, fol- 
lowed by great Crowds, 

2 behold, J a Leper com- 
ing, prostrated himself, 
saying, " Sir, if thou wilt, 
thou canst cleanse me." 

3 And Jesus extending 
his HAND, touched him, 
saying, " I will ; be thou 
clean :" and instantly he 
was t purified from His 


4 Then Jesus says to 
him, " See that thou tell 
no one; hut go, J show 
thyself to the priest, and 
present the f oblation 
enjoined by Moses, for 
t Notifying [the cure] to 
the people." 

5 X -A^Q*! having entered 
Capernaum, a + Centurion 
came to him, earnestly 
accosting him, 

6 and saying, " Su-, my 
SERA'ANT is laid in tlie 
house, seized with palsy, 
being greatly afiiicted." 

7 * He says to him, " 2 
am coming, and will cure 

8 *And the centurion 
answered, " Sir, I am not 
worthy that thou shouldst 
come luider my roof; 
but only command by 
word, and my servant 
wiU be ciu'ed : 

9 for even E am a man 

* Vatican Manuscript — 29. their scribes. 7. He says. 8. And the centubios. 

+ 3. By such a sign did Moses convince tlie house of Israel tliat God had sent him ; and the 
Jews themselves confess that leprosy is the finger of God, a disease peculiarly of his sending: 
and removing; and that it is not lawful for the physician, or any but the priest directly 
appointed in his course, so much as to attempt the cure of it.— Towiison. t 4. A sin- 

onering, and a burnt-offering with the meat-offering, and the priest shall make atonement 
for him.— Lev. xiv 31. t 4. for notifying [the cure] to the people — so Geo. Campbell 

translates. The oblation could not be an evidence to the priest, as he had the privilege to 
inspect the man in private, before he was permitted to enter the temple to make an oblation. 
The ceremony consequent upon obtaining this permission, was the testimony of the pi-iest 
to the people, that the man's leprosy was removed, and that he was no longer excluded from 
society. t 5. A Roman officer, who had the command of one hundred soldiers. 

t 28. Mars i. 22 ; Luke iv. .32. J i. Jlark i. 40-44 ; Luke v. 12—14. J 4. Lev. 

xiv ^—32. : 5. Luke vii. i— 19, 

aiap.B: 10.] 


lOuip. S: 18. 

i/TTo e^ovCLay, exoov vir' cjxavrov arparicDTas' 

mder authority, hiving under myself Boliliers ; 

Kui \eyw TovTCf' nopevOTjTi, /cai iropev&Tar Kat 

and I say t9 this ; Go, and he goes ; and 

aWci}' Epxovy Kai epxerai- kul Tcp SovX(p fiov 

to another; Come, and he comes; and to the slape of me; 

noi7}crov TovTo, Kai iruLei. ^^ AKovaas Se 6 

Do this, and he does. Hearing and the 

lr](Tovs, eOavfjLacre. kui etTre rois aKoXoudovaiw 

Jesus, was astonished, and said to those following ; 

A/iTjj/ Aeycw vixlv, ovds ^v tw lcrpa7)\ TOcravTrjv 

Indeed Isay to you, not even in the Israel so great 

irioTTiy cvpov. ^^Aeyo; de vjxiv, on iroAAoi airo 

faith I have found. I say but to you, that many from 

avaToXtav Kai Sva/j-cvu v^ovai, KaiavaKAidrjcrouTai 

east and west will come, and will lie down 

Hera A^paa/n Kai IcraaK Kai laKcafi ev tt) fiatriK- 

with Abraam and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom 

€i(f Twv ovpauaiy. ^'-Oi 5e vioi rrjs fiacriAeias 

of the heavens. The but sons of the kingdom 

€K^X7]Qr](T0PTai eis to aKoros to e^aiTepoi/' €Kei 

shallbe cast out into the darkness the outer; there 

ctTTai 6 KAavO/uLOs Kai 6 fipvy/uLos Tccy oZouTcav. 

will be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth. 

^'^ Kai eiTTsv 6 l7](Tovs Tea cKaTOUTapxp' "Tiraye, 

^ And said the Jesus to the centurion ; ' Go, 

iKail dis sir L(TT€v eras yevrjOrjTO} aoi. Kai laQ-r] 

[and] as thou hast believed let it be done to thee. Andnas healed 

6 TTais avTov €v ttj wpa cKeiur). 

the boy of him in the hour th,-»t. 

^"^ Kai e\9a)v 6 Irjcrovs ets Tr]v oiKiau UeTpov, 

And coming the JesuB into the house of Peter, 

6t5e TTju TrevOepav avTOv ^€^\T}jxcvriv Kai Trvpea-- 

saw the mother-in-law of him being laid down and bumin" 

(Tova-av. ^^ Kai rjxpaTo Trjs x^^pos avTris, koli 

with fever. And he touched the hand of her, and 

acprjKey avT-qp 6 TrvpeTos- Kai ■qyepO')], Kai 5ir)- 

left her the fever; and arose, and minis- 

Koyei avTois. ^''Oxpias Se y^P0/xei/r]s, Trpoa-rjuey- 

tered to them. Evening now being come, they brought 

Kau avTO) Zaiixovi^ofxivovs ttoXXovs' Kai €^e$a\€ 

to him being possessed many ; aud he east out 

Ta TTuevfiaTa Xoyco, Kai TtavTas tovs kukus 

the spirits by a word, and _ all those sickness 

exoj^ras eOcpaireva-ep" ^' ottojs TrX-qpoidi) to 

having he healed ; that might be fultilled the 

pr}dev Sia 'Hcraiov tov TTpo(priTov, Xeyoj/Tos- 

word spoken through Esaias the prophet, saying; 

' AvTos Tas acrOeveixs 71/jlcoi/ eAa/Se, Kai Tas 

"Himself the weaknesses of us he took away, and the 

yotrovs e^acrTacrev." 

diseases he removed." 

^^ iSuv Se 6 l7j<rous iroAAovs oxXovs nepi 

Seeing and the Jesus great multitudes about 

* appointed under Autho- 
rity, lla^•ing soldiers under 
nie, say to this one, ' Go,' 
and he goes ; to another, 
'Come,' and he conies; 
and to my servant, ' Do 
this,' and he does it." 

10 And Jesus Msten- 
-Tig, was astonished, and 
said to THOSE walking 
with him, " Indeed, I say 
to you, I have not found 
So-great Taith * among 
any in Israel : 

11 and 1 assure you, 
JThat many will coma 
from tlie East and from 
the West, and wiU recline 
with Abraham and Isaac 
and Jacob, in tlie king- 
dom of the HEAVENS; 

12 J but the sons of 
the kingdom -vnll be 
.aiven into the + outeb 
DARKNESS, where wiU be 

of TEETH." 

13 Then Jesus said to 
the CENTURION, " Go; be 
it done to thee as thou 
liast beUeved." And *the 

ATELY restored. 

14 JThen Jesus enter- 
ing into Peter's house, 
saw his wiee's mother 
lying sick of a fever : 

15 and lie touched her 
HAND, and the EEVERleft 
licr; aud she arose, and 
entertained *him. 

16 X Now, in the even- 
ing, tliey brought to him 
many demoniacs ; and he 
e.\pclled the spirits with 
a Word, and cured all 

the SICK; 

17 that the word spo- 
ken through Isaiah tlie 
prophet might be veri- 
fied, saying, Jflle has 
"himself carried off our 
" infirmities, and borne 


18 And Jesus seeing 

•Vatican Manuscuipt— 9. appointed under. 
13. the SERVANT. 15. him. 

10. among any in. 

13. and — omit. 

t 12. Our Lord continues the image of a feast : the banqueting room was in theni^ht illii- 
J^'Vili v,y^*^ many lamps. He who is driven out of it and the house, is in darkness, :ind tl>e 
farther he is removed, the pTosser the dsii^neas.—Wetstein. t 17. " Thi'; mi^n heareth 

away our sms, and for us he is in sorrow."— rAonwon's Septuagint translation o/Isa liii 4 

X 11. Luke xiii. 29. 
t 10. Mark i. 32 ; Lxike iv. 40. 

1 12. 

Matt. xxi. 4.3. 
i 17. Isa. liii. 4. 

X 14. Mark i. 29—21 ; Luke iv- 88. 

Chap. 8: 19.] 


avTQVy eK€\ev(rev airfAOeiv eis to ir^pav. ^^ Kai 

him, he gave orders to depart to the otlierside. And 

■npoceAdcaj/ els ypafxixar^vs^ cirr^v avrco' AiSacr- 

coining one scribe, said to liim ; Ouacher, 

Ka\s, aKoKovdr]<Tu aoi, oirov eau airepxV- "^J^"' 

IwillfoUew thee, where ever thoxi goest. And 

\€yei ajTcp 6 lr](rovs' At aAwTre/ces ^ojAeous 

says to him the Jesus ; The foxes den« 

exovaij KUL ra Treret^/a tov ovpavov KaTacrKrjva}- 

thcy have, and the birds of the heaven nests j 

ceis' 6 Se vlos tov audpcoirov ovic ^X^h ■"""w ttjj' 

the but son of the man not he has, where the 

Ke<pa\'r]i' kXivt), ^^ 'Erepos Se rcou [xaQriToov 

head he may rest. Another and of the disciples 

avTov enreu avTO)' Kvpie, eTrirpeipoi/ jxoi irpcoTou 

oJ hiin said to him ; O master, permit thou me first 

air€\6eii/, Kai da^ai tov iraTepa piov. 22'q g^ 

to go, and to bury the father of me. The but 

Yrjcrovs eiirev avTCp' AKoXovOei fxoi, Kai a(pes 

Jesus said to him ; Follow me, and leave 

Tovs U€Kpovs da\paL Tovs kavTcav veKpovs. 

the dead ones to bury the of themselves dead ones. 

^ Kat efxfiavTi avTca eis to ttXoiou, 7]Ko\ovdrj- 

And entering to him into the ship, followed 

(Tav avTcp 01 fiaOrjTai avTov. '■^'^Kai tSov, aeiafios 

to him the disciples of him. And lo, a commotion 

pL€yas eyeycTO ev tt) QaXacrffri, wcttg to irXoiov 

great arose in the sea, so as the ship 

icahviTTCffOaL hiro tcuv KVfiaTccv' avTos Se e/ca- 

to cover by the waves ; he but was 

fleuSe. ^^ Kat irpocreXQovTes ol fiaOrjTai rjycipay 

as'ieep. And coming the disciples awoke 

avTOv, \(:yuuTes' "Kvpie, ffwcrou *\_r}iULas,'\ airoK-, baymg i O master, do thou save [u?.] we 

XvfxiOa. -^ Kat Ae'yet avTOLS' Tt h^iXoi eaTe, 

perish. And he says to them : How timid you are, 

o\Lyciti.(rTOt ; Tore eyepOeis eTrert/iTjcre tois 

O you of weak faith ? Then arising he rebuked the 

auefiois Kai tt) daWaarj' Kat eyevcTO yaXrivri 

Hinds and the sea ; and there was a calm 

pLeyaXy, ^01 Se avOpcoiroi ^Qavjxaaav, X^yovT^s' 

great. The and men were astonished, saying; 

nOTOTTtS iCTTlV OVTOS, 6tI Kai 01 ttUepLOl Kai 7} 
What 1? this, that evea the winds and the 

^aAofrca vTvaKovovaiv avTcp ; 

sea heai'ken to him? 

'-^ Kot iXdouTi avTcp ets to irepau, eis Trjv 

Ana coming to him to the other siile, into the 

Xoopat- T(i}v Tspycar'qvwUy virrjuTrjcray avTcp Svo 

country ofthf Gergesenes, met him two 

datuovt^ofievoi, €K TUiv fxvr]fx^i(av e^epxoueyoi, 

beins^demonized. out of the sepulchres coming forth, 

XaXeiroi Xiav, wcTTe /xr) lax^eiv Tiva irapeXdeiu 

fierce very, so that not to be able any one to pass along 

*a Crowd about him, gave 
orders to pass to the fop- 


19 And a certain Scribe 
approacliing, said to him, 
}'' Rabbi, I will follow thee 
wherever tliou gocst." 

20 And Jesus says to 
him, " The royjES have 
Holes, and the birds of 
HEAVEN places of shelter, 
but tlie SON of MAN has 
not where he may recline 

his HEAD." 

21 And another, one of 
*tli DISCIPLES said to 
him, :j; "Master, permit me 
first tc go and bui-y my 


22 But Jesus * says to 
him, " Follow me ; and 
leave the dead ones to 
inter their own Dead." 

23 Then going on board 
* a Boat, his disciples 
followed him. 

24 J And l)ehoId, there 
arose a violent Tempest in 
the LAKE, so that the 
boat was being covered 
by the BILLOWS; but Ije 
was asle:p. 

25 And *they came and 
awoke him, saying, "Save, 
Master ; we perish !" 

26 And he says to them, 
"Why are you afraid, O 
you distrustful ?" Then 
arising, he rebuked the 
WINDS and the sea, and 
there was a great Calm. 

27 And the men were 
astonished, saying, " How 
great is this man! foi^ 
even the winds and the 
SEA obey him." 

28 t And coming to tl;? 
OPPOSITE-SIDE, into the 
REGION of the * Gada- 
RENEs, there met him two 
Demoniacs, coming forth 
from the monuments, so 
very furious, that no one 
was able to pass aloaii '^^i' 

that ROAD. 

• Vatican Mancscuipt— 18. a Crowd. 21. the disciples. 22. says. lAt. a 

Boat — 80 Lachmann and Tischendorf. 25. they came. 25. us — omit. 28. ik-i-jA- 

BBi»E« — so Tischendorf; but Lachmann reads Gekase.\es. 

T 18. Opposite side or shore of the Lake Gennesareth. Crossing this lake does not always 
denote sailing trom the east side to the west, or invcrsslv ; tliough the river Jordan, b tli 
above and below tlie lake, ran southwards. The lake was tf such a form, that, without any 
impropriety, it might be said to be crossed in other directions, even by those who kept on 
the same bide of the Joraan.— Camjjfie?^ 

t 10 Luke ix. 67. t 21. Luke is. 60. 

: 28. Moi-k V 1 : Luke viii. 26. 


i 24. Mark iv. 87: Lulce vili. ta. 

^c'hap. 8: 29.] 


[atap. 9: 2. 

^la Trjv dSou e/cetVTjs, ^ Kai iSou, €Kpa^av 

by the way that. And lo, they cried out 

A.eyop'Tey Tt •^/Ui*/ Kai croi, wi'e rov Oeov ; HA- 

sayin;; What to us and to thee, O son ofthe God? Comest 

6es 0)56 irpo KUipou ^acraviaaL r/fxas ; '^^ Viv Se 

thou here before a destined time to torment us? There was now 

jxaKpav ctt' avrcov ayeKy] X'^^P^^ tvoXXwu 

at some distance from them a herd of swine many 

^ocTKOjx^vr). ^^ Ot Se Sai/noues irap^Ka.\ovv avrou, 

feeding. The and demons implored him, 

Aeyoj/res- El €K^a\\eis rjixas, airoaTsiXoy' rj/xas 

saying; If thou cast out us, send us 

€ts TTjv ayeXrjv tu>v xoipoov. ^^ Kai enrev aurois' 

to the herd ofthe swme. And lie 8 iid to them ; 

"Tiray€T€. Oi 5e e^ekOoures air-qkdop €is rovs 

Go i They and coming out they went o the 

XOipovs. Kai i5ov, wp/j.T](re traaa 7] ayeXr] Kara 

swine. And lo, rushed whole the herd down 

rov Kp'qfivov eis ttjv 6a\acrcrau, Kai aircdavoy ef 

the steep place into the lake, and died in 

Tois vdacTiv. ^ Oi Se fiorrKoures ecpvyou, Kai 

the waters. They and feeding them fied, and 

aTreXdouTes eis tt]v woXiy, air-qyyeiXav iravra, 

arri\'ing at the city, related all, 

KOI ra roDV ^aijxovi^ofxevujv. ^* Koi i^ov, Tra<Ta 

and that ot those being demonized. And lo, whole 

7] rroXis f^TjXdev cis (TvvavT7}(riv rep Ir^aov Kai 

the city went out to a meeting to the Jesus; aud 

iSovres avTOVf TrapsKaXeaav, oircas fxeraQr} 

seeing him, they entreated, that he woidd depart 

awQ Twv bpicau avruiu. 

(rom the coasts of them. 

KE*. e'. 9. 

^ Kai ejj.$as eis ro irXoiov, Bieirepaae, Kai 

And stepping into the boat, he passed over, and 

■qXdiv €is Trff i5iav iroXiv. ^Kai iSov, Trpoaecpepov 

came to the own city. And lo, they brought 

avTcp, vapaXvTiKoy^ eiri kXivtjs ^^^XT]ficvov. 

to him, a paralytic, upon a bed lying. 

Kai iSojj/ 6 l7)(Tovs rriu iricTTiv avrocv, eiire rep 

And seemg the Jesus the faith of them, he said to the 

irapaXvTiKcp' ©apcet, reKUOV acpewi^rai *{^o'oi^ 

paralytic ; Take courage, son ; are foi-given [thee] 

29 And, behold, the: 
cried out, saying, " Whiu 
liast tliou to do •with us, 
Son of God ? Comest 
tliou hither before tlie ap- 
pointed Time, to torment 

30 ICow there was at 
some distance from tlien? 
a great Herd of Swine 

31 And the demons 
implored him, saying, " If 
thou dismiss us, send us 
away to the herd of 


32 And he said to them, 
" Go." And THET, going 
forth, went away to the 
SWINE; and behold, the 
WTiole HERD rushed down 
+ the PRECIPICE into the 
LAKE, and perished in the 


33 Then the swine- 
herds fled, and reaching 
the CITY, related all this, 
and the things concern- 
ing the DEMONIACS. 

34 And presently the 
Whole CITY came torth to 
meet Jesus, and seeing 
hiia, they entreated tliat 
he would retire from their 



1 Then stepping on 
board * a Boat, he crossed 
the lake, and came to his 
X OWN City. 

2 And they brought to 
him a paralytic, lying on 
a Bed : and Jesus pcr- 
ceinug their eaith, said 
to the PARALYTIC, " Scn, 

* Vatican Manuscript — 1. a Boat. 2. thee — omit 

+ 32. The following- extract from "Hackett's Tour in the Ho]y Land," will serve as an illus- 
tration : — "Cou>'T»T OF THE Gadabenes. — I Spent a night, and part of two days, in the vi- 
cinity ofthe Lake of Tiberias. My tent was pitched near the Hot Baths, about a mile south 
ofthe town of Tiberias, and, consequently, near the south end ofthe lake. In looking across 
the water to the other side, I- had before me the country of the Gadarenes, where the swine, 
impelled by an evil spirit, plunged into the sea. I was struck with a mark of accuracy in the 
sacred writers, which had never occurred to me till then. They state that 'the swine ran 
violently down the steep or precipice,* (the article being required by the Greek,) 'and 
were choked in the waters.' It is implied here, first, the hills in that region approach near 
the water ; and, secondly, that they fall off so abruptly along the shore, that it would be na- 
tural for a writer, familiar with that fact, to refer to it as well known. Both these implica- 
tions are correct. A mass of rocky hills overlook the sea on that side, so near the water, 
that one sees their dark outline reflected from its surfiice, while their sides, in general, are 
so steep, that a person familiar with the scenery would hardly think of speaking of a steep 
place or precipice, where so much of the coast forms but one continuous precipice. Our 
translators omit tne definite article, and show, by this inadvertence, how .■aaturaUy toe more 
exact knowledge ofthe Evangelists influenced their language." 

I 1. Matt w. 13. 

t 2. Mark ii. S-, Luke v. 18. 

Ctap. 9:3.] 


[Chap. 9: IS 

ai ajuapTiai aov. ^ Kai iSov, rives tuu ypafifxa- 

Ihe sina of thee. And lo, some of the scribes 

recov eiTTov €V ^avTois' Ovros fiXacrcprjixci. ■* Kai 

said among themselves i ThiA blasphemes. And 

'^(av b lr]a' vs ras eudu/nricriis avT7]V, enrev 

kuowhij the Jesus the thou^rhls of them, says; 

'l-art vfieis evQvjXdiaQe -Kovripa eu Tais KapSiais 

Why you think eviU lu the hearts 

ficov ; ^Tt yap effriv evKOTTcorepov : eiireiu- 

■you? Which for is e.isier? to say , 

A.(pia>yTaL aov ai a^apTiai ; 7j inreiv "Eyeipai 

Are forgiven of thee the sins? or to say ; Arise 

Kcu TrepnraTei : ^''Iva Se etSrjTe on e^ovcTLau 

and walk? That but you may know that authority 

€X€* ^ VlOS TOV avdpCOTTOV tTTt TTJS y7]s a(f)i€vai 

has the son oftlie man on the earth to forgive 

CLfjiapTias' (tot6 \(:yei rca TrapaKvTiKcf) E,yep- 

sins , (then he says to the paralytic;) Arising 

Bizis apov GOV T7]v K\ivr]v, Kai vnaye eis tou 

take up o( tliee "he bed, and go into the 

oiKoy crov. ' Kat eyepdeis airriAOeu eis rov otKov 

)iouse ol thee. And arising he went to the house 

tt'uTov. **l8o//T€S Se 01 ox^oi c6av/j.a<rav, Kai 

ot him. Seeing and the crowds wondered, and 

eSo^otray rov dsov, n )v hovra e^ovcnav roiavrriv 

glonhed the God, that having given a.uthority so great 

Toty avOpcairois. 

toilie men. 

^ Kat Trapayojp 6 Irjcrovs €K€idetf, cidev avOpca- 

Aud passing on the Jesus from thence, he saw a man 

irov KaQrjfxevov eiri to reXcouiov, MarOaiou 

sitting at the custom-house, Matthew 

\€yoixfvou' Kai Keyei avrcv' AKo\ovdei /xoi. 

being named; and he says to him ; Follow me. 

Kat avaaras riKo\oudr)<rev avTcf. ^^Kai cyevero, 

Aud rising up he followed him. And it happened, 

avTOv auaK€tfx.€uov €V rrj oiKia, Kai iSov, 7roA.\oi 

ofhiin reclining at table in the house, and lo, many 

TsAuvai Kai afxa.pruiKoi eKQovT€s <rvuau€Ke.i/TO 

publicans and sinners coming reclined 

TO} lr](rou Kai tois fiaOrjTais avrov. ^^ Kai 

with the Jesus and the disciples ot him. And 

iSoures ct ^apicaioi enrov tois fiaOrjTais avTov 

seeing ta Pharisees said to the disciples of him; 

AioiTi fxera tcvv reAwi'wi' Kai a/xapTwAiDp caOiei 

Why with the publicans and sinners e.-its 

6 Si5aaKa\os vfxcav ; ^"^'O 0€ lif}(Tovs aKovaas, 

the teacher of you? The and Jesus hearing 

€J7r6i/*[auT'<ty] Ou XP^^^^ ^xovaiu ol Krxvovres 

says fto them ;] No need have those being w^ell 

larpov, a\A' ot KaKOiS €"»'OVTey. ^^TlopcvdcuTes 

of a ph\■^iclall. but those sick being. You ai'ft going 

Se /xa6*«rTe, n eariv " EAeoj/ 6e\w, Kai ov 

but learD what is ; Mercy I wish, and not 

take courage; Thy sins 
are forgiven." 

3 And beliold, some n( 
the SCRIBES said among 
themselves, " Tliis man 
blasphemes." \ 

4 But Jesus discerning 
their THOUGHTS, said, 
" \Miy do you think evil 
[thmgs] in your hearts? 

5 For, which is easier ? 
to say, * Thy sins are tor- 
given; or to say, [with 
effect,] Arise, and walk r 

6 iiut that you may 
know that the son of man 
has Authority on earth 
to forgive Sins," (then he 
says to the paralytk;,) 
"Arise, take up Thy bed, 
and go to thy house." 

7 And arising, lie went 
to his house. 

8 And the people see- 
ing it, *feai-ed and praised 
THAT God who had given 
such Authority to VEy. 

9 X And Jesus, pavsing 
on from thence, saA' a 
Man, named Matthew, 
sitting at the t tax-of- 
fice; and he says to him, 
" Follow me." And he 
arose, and followed him. 

10 And it came to pass^ 
as he was reclining at ta- 
ble in his house, behold, 
t Many Tribute-takers 
and T Sinners conung, 
reclined with Jesus and 
his disciples. 

11 And the Pharisees 
observing it, said to his 
disciples, J"Wliy does 
your teacher ^r.t with 
tribute takers and 
Sinners ." 

12 But * he liearing it, 
says, " THEY who ai'e in 
health have no need of 
a Physician, but they 
wlio are sick. 

13 But go, and leani 
what that is, J ' I desire 

' Vatican Manuscript— 5. Thy sins. 8. feared — so Lach. and Tisch. 12. he 

hearing. 12. to them — omif. 

+ 9. Probably an office erected on the side of the lake for collecting toll of passengers, ,ind 
receiving the customs for goods carried by water. t 10. The word hamartoolos, sinner, is 

generally used in the Gospels, and indeed throughout the X. T., either to signify Gentile, 
or such of the Jews who, from their illicit practices, were looked upon in the same light 
with the Gentiles. See Gal. ii. la. 

t S. Mark ii. 14 ; Luke v. 27. 
:13. Hos. vi.6; Matt. xiu7. 

t 10. Mark ii 15 ; Luke v. 29 

1 11. Luke XV. -J 

Chap.^i 14.] 


IChap. 9: 22. 

QvcTiav" Ov yap T]Xdoi/ KaX^aai SiKaiovs, aW' 

s sacrifice." Not for I am come to call just persons, but 



^"^Tore irpo(Tep\ovTai avrcfol uaOriTai \<aavvov^ 

Then came to him the disciples o. ohn, 

'K^youns' Aiari ri/j.ei.s Kai ol ^apLcraioi I'T^cev- 

saying; Why we and the Pharisees fast 

o/iei'*[7roAAa,] ol Ze fxaQ-qrai crovov vr](TTcvov<n; 

[much,] the but disciples oftheenot fast? 

^^Kot etirei/ avrois b Irjcrous' Mtj Svvavrai ol vloi 

And says to them the Jesus Not are able the sons 

Tov vvfKpwvos TTevdeiu, e^' ocrov /xer avrcov 

of the bridal chamber to mourn, iu as much with them 

(artv 6 wiKpios : EKevaovrai 5e ^^aepoi, orav 

18 the bridegroom ? Shall come but days, when 

avaodr) air' avrtav 6 yv/j-cpios, Kai rore i/rfcr^v- 

may betaken from them the bridegroom, and then they shaH 

aovaiv. '* OwSeis 5e eiri^aWei €inB\7]fj.a paKovs 

fast. No one now puts » patch of cloth 

ayva(f>ov eiri l/xaTicp iraXaicc' aipci yap to tt'At]- 

unfulled on to a mantle old ; takes away for the patch 

pwjxa avrov avo rov IfxaTiov, Kai ;^6tpoj/ o'Xto'yU.a 

of It from the mantle, and worse a rent 

yiVf:Tai. ^^ OnSe fiaWovcriy oivou vcov us 

becomes. Nor do they put wine new inco 

affKOvs iraXaiovs' €i Se /Jiriye, prfyvvvTai ol affKOL, 

bottles old; if but not, burst the bottles, 

Kai 6 oivos eKxetTOi, Kai ol aaKoi atroXovvrai' 

and the wine is spiUed, and the bottles are destroyed ; 

aAAa fiaWovaiv oivou veov (is aaKovs Kaivovs, 

but they put wine new into bottles new, 

Kai aiuKporepoi avvr-ripovurai. 

and both are preserved together. 

'^TouTO avTov \a\ovvTos, avrois, idov, apx^v 

These of him speaking, to them, lo, a ruler 

(Is (Kdcav irpoireKvi/ei auTcp., K^ycav ' Or: t} 

certain coming prostrated to him, saying. That the 

BvyaTTip jxov apri ercXevTrjcrev' oAAa (XQwv 

daughter of me now is dead; but coming 

«7ri06S Ttiv X^'P** ^'"' ^^' o-^'TV^i xai ^Tjcrerat. 

lay the hand of thee »pon her, and sheshallhve. 

'^ Kai cyepdcis 6 Itjctouj 7)KoXov6r]aev avrcf. 

And arising the Jesus went after him, 

Kai at fiad-qrai avrov. ^ Kai idov, yvvrj aljxop- 

and the disciples ofhim. ;^id lo, avoman havinga 

hf)ov(Ta SwSeKa cttj, irpocreXdoi'ca otvktQ^v, 

Bow of blood twelve years, approaching behind, 

7\y\iaro rov Kpacriredov "^cv l/xariov avrr^v. ^^EA- 

tOuched the tuft ofthe mantle ofhim. She 

iye yap fu eavrri' "Eav /jlovov a^caiuai r v Ifxariov 

«aid fur within herself ; If only I can touch the mantle 

avrov, (Twd-qaofxai. 22 'O 5e Irjaovs €Tri(rrpa(peis 

ofhim, I shall be healed. The but Jesus turning 

' Compassion, + and nd 
' a Sacrifice ;' for I came 
not to call Righteous men, 
but Sinners." 

14 Then John's disci. 
PLEs accosting him, said, 
t " 21®e and the Phari- 
SEES fast, •why not also 


15 And Jesus say'J tc 
them, t " Can the bri:)E. 
men mourn, whUe the 


them ? But the Time will 
come, when the bride- 
GROOM mil be taken from 
them, i and then they ■« il! 

16 No one puts a Piece 
of undressed Cloth on an 
old Garment ; because tlie 
PATCH itself Wv^uld tear 
the GABMENT, and a worse 
Rent be made. 

17 xl either do persons 
put new "Wine into old 
I sv^v- . tor if they do, the 
SKI burst, and the 
WINE IS spilled, and the 
sKiKs are destroyed : but 
they put new Wine into 
new Skins, and both axe 

18 t While he was thus 
speaking to them, a cer- 
tain Ruler coming, pros- 
trpted to him, saying, 
" My DAUGHTER 13 by 
this time dead ; but come, 
lay thy hand on her, 
and she will revive." 

19 And Jesus arising, 
with his DISCIPLES, fol- 
lowed him. 

20 t And, behold, a Wo- 
man, having been aftUcted 
with an hemorrliage for 
Twelve Years, coming be- 
hind, touched the tuet of 
his mantle ; 

21 for she said within 
herself, "If I can only 

touch his MANTLE, I Shall 
be cured.'' 
23 Jesus turning, and 

• Vatican Manuscript — 14. much — omit. 

t 13. " I desire mercy, rather than sacrifice."— SepfKa«tn^ t 15. The force of out 

lord's answer will appear more appropriate from the met that John was now in prison, 
«o that his followers were fasting in consequence of their master's removal from them. 
■t 17. Skins of the kid were very much used by the ancients for their wme. They were used 
Whole, and the openings for the legs and head were tied up with strings. They were nu( 
Strong enough to be used a second time for the same purpose.— Samiiet Sharpe. 

t 16. John iiL 29. t 18. Mark V. 22 ,• Luke vlil. «. 

1 14. Mark li. 18: Lukev.SS. 
t so. Mark V. 2S: Luke vUi. 4ik. 

fjfiap. 9: 23.] 


•[Chap. 9: 83. 

Kai iho>v avrriVf eiTre* 0ap<ret, dvyarep' t] 

sad seeiog her, taid i Take courage, daughter; the 

iTicrrts crov (recroj/ce tre. Kai cawdrj 7] yvvt] otto 

faith of thee has saved thee. And was ivell the wonjiui from 

rr)S upas eKeiurjs. ^ Kai eKdcuv 6 Irjcroi/s eis 

the hour ofthat. AuU coming the Jesus into 

rr]V oiKiav rov apxovros, Kai iSwv rovs avArjras, 

the house of the ruler, and scemg the flute-players, 

Kai Tov ox^ov Oopv^ovfxevovy -^ Kcyn ''"\_avTois'^ 

and the crowd making a noise, says [to them;] 

Avax(*>p€i'''^' ov yap aTreOaue to Kopacriov, a\Ka 

Withdraw j not for is dead the o^U but 

^aOevSei. Kai icareyeKo^v avrov. ^ 'Ore 5e 

sleeps. And they derided him. When but 

f|6j8A.77077 6 oxAos, €icr€\6<cv eKparr}(r€ rr)s 

tliey put out the crowd, he entering took hold of the 

X^^pos avT7)s' Kai riyepdr) ro Kopacriov. "^ Kai 

hand other: and was raised the girl. And 

f^^yjXdev Tj (prjH-V avTri tis 6\r}v ttiv yqv eKeivrjy. 

went forth the rejiort thin iota all the Laud that. 

27Ko£ irapayovrt (KeiOev Tcp lr](Tov, ijkoXov- 

And passing oQ from there the .lesus, went 

G-qoiav "^[ai/Tai] hvo Tv<pKoi, Kpa^ovres Kai 

after Thimj two blind men, crying out and 

Xiyovres' EAcr^iroj' rifias, vie AavtS. '■^^EXSovti 

saying; Have pity ou us, O son of David. Being come 

86 (15 T7]V oiKiaUy iTpoarfKdov avrcp ol TVCpAoi, 

and into the bouse, came to him the blind men, 

Kai A67ei avrois 6 Irjtrovs' TIl(TT€V€T€, on Svua- 

and says to them the Jesus; Do you believe, that lam 

fxai TovTO iroirjcrai , Aeyovaiv avro)' Nax Kvpie. 

able this to do ? They say to him j Yes O master ; 

-^Tore 7)\paT0 twv ocpOaXfiau avrcov, Keyojv 

Then he touched the eyes of them, saying 

Kara r'qv Tricrriv vfjLOiU y€VT)6r]TU) vfxiv. ^ K«i 

According to the faith of you be it done to you. 

aveccxOv^cv avTuii/ ol o(pdaK/j.oi. Kai ei/e^pifn/- 

were /opened of them the eyes And strictly 

cart avTois 6 Itjctovs, \eyay 'Opare, firjSeis 

charged them the Jesus. saying ; See, no one 

yiubXTK^Tu. ^^ Ol 5e e^e\6ovTes SiecprjfjLiwav 

knows. '^bey but having gone published 

avrov (V 6\rj ttj yrj eKcivrj. '^' P^vtcov Sc e|ep- 

him in all the laud that. These and going 

Xo/J-eyoov, iBov, TrpocrrjveyKav avraj avdptoirov 

away, lo, they brought to him a man 

KCixpov, 5atiJ.ovi(JopL€vou> ^ Kai eK^KT]QcvTcs tov 

dumb, being demonized. And having cast out the 

^aiixoviov, €\a\r]T<. 6 kojc^os. Kai eOaufiacrau 

demon, spoke the dumb. And were astonishcf' 

oi ox^oi, XeyovT^S' OySeTrore €((>avT] Ovtws ev 

the crowds, saying ; Never was it seeu thus in 

seeing her, said, "Tak, 
courage, Daughter ; tJij 
FAITH has cured thee.'' 
And tlie woman was wet. 
from that houe. 

23 X Jesus being come 
into the kuleu's house, 
and seeing the + flute- 
players and the csowd 
waking lamentation, 

24 says to them, "Leave 
the place ; for the girl 
is not dead, but sleeps." 
And they derided him. 

25 But when the com- 
pany was excluded, he 
entering in, grasped her 
HAND, and the girl was 

26 And the report of 
this [miracle] went forth 
thi'ough All that region. 

27 And Jesus passing 
from tlieiice, Two Bhnd 
men followed, exclaiming, 
"0 Son of David, have 
compassion on Uj !" 

28 And being come into 
the HOUSE, the BLr^D 
men came to him; and 
Jesus says to them, " Do 
you belie\ e That I can do 
this ?" They reply to liim, 
" Yes, Master." 

29 Then he touched 
tlieir eyes, saying, "Be it 
done to you according to 

your FAITH." 

30 And Their eyes 
were opened ; and Jesus 
stiictly charged them, 
saying, " See that you in- 
form no one." 

31 But THEY, having 
departed, spread his f^iine 
tlu'ough All that land. 

32 Now, as these men 
were going out, behold, 
J there was brought to 
him a Dumb man, being 

33 And the demon 
having been expelled, the 
dumb man spoke, and the 
people were astonished, 
saying, " Never was it 
thus seen in Israel 1" 

Vatican Manuscritt — 24. to them — omit. 

27- him — omit. 

+ 23. Servius on Virgil says, "The funerals of the elder sort with the trumpet, and those 
of the younger with the flute." Lightfoot remarks, "On the death of his wife even the poor- 
est Jewwiirafford not less than two pipes (orflutes,) and one woman to make laruenttitiou." 
See 2 Chron. xxxv. 25 ; Eccles. xii. 5 ; Jer. ix. 17 ; xlviii. 36. 

X 23. Mark v. 38 ; Luke viiL 51. 

X 32. Matt. xii. 22 ; Luke xi. 14. 

Oiap.^; 34.] 


'".dp* TO* 5 

Tw l(rpa7]\. ^^ Oi 5e ^apicraCoi eKcyot/' Ev rqr 

to the Israel. The but Pharisees said ; By the 

apxovTi T(av Sai/xouicoi' e/c^aAAei to daifwuia. 

prince of the demons he casts out the demons. 

** Kat irepLTiyev 6 lr}crovs ras iroAeis Traaas 

And went about the Jesuc the cities all 

Kai ras Kwjxas, hi^acrK<t>v ev rais avyaycoyais 

and the villages, teaching in tlie synagogues 

auTcvu, Kai KT^pvaaciov to ^vayy^Kiov t'qs fiacriXr 

ofthem, and publishing the glad tidings of the kingdom, 

etay, Kai OepaTrevwp iraaav votjov Kou iraffau 

and healing every disease and every 



■^ l5coj/ §6 Tovs ox^ovs., ecnr\ayxi^Kydv irepi 

Seeing and the croirds, he was i.";oved with pity for 

avTcav, on 7}rrai' zarKvXixzvci Kai eppsfx/xeuoif 

them, becaa.~c they'./dre jaded and scattered, 

a)<r€i Trpopara ^r^ exoyra iroifieva. ^Totc Aeyci 

like sheep not havir.3 a saepherd. Then he says 

rois ixa&rra.s avrov '€' /j-eu bepio'fjLos ttoAus, ol 

to the disciples of him ; The indeed harvest plenteous, the 

5e epyarcu cXiyoi. ^ Aerjdrire ovv rov Kvpiov 

but laborers few. Implore then the lord 

rov dipu/fiou, uircas €K0a?\jp epyaras ett rov 

of the harvest, that he would send out laborers into the 

QepLCTfiop avrov, KE^. L 10. ^ Kai irpoa- 

han'est of him. And ha.ving 

KaXeara/xeuos rovs Sa)5eKa fiaGrjras avrov, eSco- 

called the twelve disciples of hixn, he 

Kiv avrois e^ovcriau irvfv^arwv aKaOaprwv, ccffre 

gave to them authority spii-its unclean, so as 

eK^aWeiv avra, Kai QcpaTreveiv iracrav vocxov 

to cast out them, and t& heal every disease 

Kai TTaffav [laXaKiav. 

ftnd every malady, 

"^ Ta}u Se ScoSe/ca airocrroXoov ra ouofiara 

Of the BOW twelve apostles the names 

ftTTt rauTa* irpwros, ^ifjtoov 6 Xeyofj-evos 

are these ; first, Simon that being called 

TlerpoSy Kai Avdpeas 6 aSeA^os avrov laKco- 

Peter, and Andrew the brother of him; .lames 

j3os 6 rov Ze/3e5atou, Kai Icaavv-qs 6 adeXcpos 

that ofthe Zebedee, and John the brother 

n-vrov ^4>tAi7r7ros, KaiBapOoXofiaios' @cojj.aSyKai 

of him; Philip, and JBartholomew; Thomas, and 6 reXtuvrjs' laKca^os 6 rov AKcpaiov, 

Matthew the tax-gatherer; James that ofthe Alpheus, 

KOI * [Ae/3i8aios 6 e7rtftrAri6etsj ©oSSotos* '*^i/x(av 

and [Lebbeus that surnamed] Thaddeus; Simon 

6 Kavauir-qs, Kai lovdas 6 laKapiioryjs, 6 Kai 

the Canaaiiite, and Judas that Iscariot, who even 

irapaSovs avrov. 

delivered up him. 

^ Tovrovs rovs 5ot>5eKO atrecrreiKev 6 Irjcrovs, 

These the tweU^e sent forth the Jesiis 

irapayyeiXas avrois, K(:y(av' Eis o^ov cdvcov fx,7j 

commanding theto, saying; Into a ioad of Gentiles not 

■^34 Biit the Phahisees 
said, $ " He expels the 
DEMONS by the puince 

of the DEMONS." 

35 :|:Aii(l Jesxts went 
through all the cities 
and villages terrchiiig 
in their synagogues, and 
announcing the glad ti- 
dings of the kingdom, 
and curing Every Disease 
and Every Malady. 

36 ± And beholding the 
CROWDS, he deeply pitied 
them, Because they were 
being harassed and dis- 
persed, as Sheep having 
no Shepherd. 

37 Then he says to his 
disciples, t " The har- 
vest indeed is great, but 
the REAPERS are few ; 

38 beseech, therefore, 
the Lord of the har- 
vest, that he would sentj 
Laborers to reap it." 


1 ABd ha\dng summon- 
ed Ms TAVELVE Disciples. 
% lie gave them Authority 
to expel impure Spirits, 
and to cm-e Diseases and 
Maladies of Every kind. 

3 Now these are thft 

KAMES of tlie TWELA-E 

Apostles ; The fii-st, that 
Simon, named Peter, and 
Anch-ew las brother; 
THAT James, son cf Zebe- 
dee, and John his bro- 

3 Phihp and Bai-tholo- 
mew; Tliomas, and Mat- 
thew the TRIBUTE TA- 
KER; THAT James, son 
of AlpHjEUs ; and Thad- 
deus ; 

4 Simon the Canaanite ; 
and THAT Judas Iscariot, 
who even delivered hiti 

5 These twelve Jesits \ 
commissioned, instructing 
them, saving, " Go not 
Away to the Gentiles, and 

. ] enter not any city of the 

aTte\6r}r€f Kai eis ttoXiv 'Safiap^ircvv fxr] ei(re\- | |^ter not any c 

you may go, aad into a city of Sam;iritans not you may I '-»mdluaila ; • 

* Vatican Manuscript— 3. tkat Lebbseus, surnamed — omit. 
X 34. Mark iii. 22 ; t 35. JIark vi. 6 ; Liike xiii. 22. 

xxxiv. 5; Jer. xxxii. 1 — 1 I 37. Luke x. 2; Johniv. 3 

t 36. Mark vi. 34 ; Ezelc. 
t 1. Mark iii. 15 ; ix. i. 

^lap. li>: 6.1 


Chap. *C: 17. 

6r}Te. ^ Hopeueo'de Se fiaWcu Tpos ra irvofiaTa 

a>tcr. G you but r^itlicr to tnr sheep 

TO j,ir^\a}\oTa oikov laparjK, ^ Hopeuofis^v i Se 

the perishing house ( Isiael. Passing C'U jo. . .ay and 

Krjpvo'aeTey \e'YOVTes' 'Ort riyyiKsv i} ySa^'jAeza 

preach you, saving; Th*-t h-. . come ni^h thv.; liingclom 

Tcov ovpavwu. ^ A^^su vi/raj 6epaTT€V€r€y veit- 

ofthe heavens. Those beiug sick heal, dead 

pous eyeipeTfy \eirpovs Kadapi^ere, dac/xovia 

ones raise up, lepers^e, deuiuoa 

eK^aWere' Scapeay eAajScTe, dcopeav Sore. 

cast out; freely you have received, freely give. 

^ M77 KTvo-qade -x^pvffouy ftvjSe apyvpoUf jxriBe 

Not provide gold nor silver, nor 

Xa^Kou eis ras ^wvas vjawv ^^/u-ri irripav eis odov, 

copper in the belt* of you; not a bag for a journey, 

(liTjSe Svo xi''''^'^<^Sj fj-yjoe vno^riuara, jxri^e pa^dop. 

nor two tnniesy nor saudaU, nor a s'.aff, 

•A|tos yap d epyarrjs rrjs rpo(pr]s ahrov eamv. 

vVorthy for the laborer of the food of him is, 

^' Ejs Tju 5' au TToXiv 77 Kcc/JLrjv eiaeKBr,T€, 

Into what and ever city or countiy-town you may enter, 

eleTacrare, ris ev avrr] a^ios earr KciKei fieiuare, 

teaich out, who in iier worthy is ; and there abide, 

iws av e^€\9r]Te. ^- Eicrepxo/iieyoi Se €is rrju 

till you go tiience. Entering and into the 

oiKiaVf aaTraaaaOe avrr)v. ^^ Kat eav fx^v rj 

house, salute her. And if indeed may be 

T} OLKia a^ia, €.\0€Ta> t] eip7]V7] v/iioov err' avrr}v. 

the liouse worthy, let come the peace of you on her; 

eav Be fxr) -p a|m, 7} eiprjvr} vfiuu irpos v/xas 

if but not may be worthy, the peace of you to you 

eiricTTpacpyjTw, ^* Kat 6s eav fxr) Se^rjrai y,aas, 

let it turn. And who if not may receive you, 

firjSe aKov(TT) rovs Aoyovs vjxoyu, e^epxa/neuoi ttjs 

nor hear the words of you, coming out of the 

oiKias r) TVS Tro\ea>s eKeivrjSy cKTiva^arf tov 

house or of the city that, ohake off the 

KOVLoprov rwv ttoScov v/xu:u, ^'AuT/y \ey(a v/xiy, 

dust of the feet of you. Indjed I say to yor, 

ULViKTOTcpov ecrai ytj 'SoSo/Jnav , Voixoppoov ev 

more tolerable will be land of Sodom and Gomorrah in 

fj/xepa Kpicr^ws, 77 tt; TroAet eKeivij, ^'"iSou, eyca 

aday of trial, than the city 7.t i^^ J 

aTro(TTeWco vfxas ws "Kpo^aTa ev /jLeacp \vkwv. 

send you as sliecp in midst of wolves. 

Fcvead': ovv (ppovifxoi ws 01 ocpeis, Kai aKepaioi 

Be ye therefore wise as the serpents, and artless 

c:s al v^picTTepai. 

as the doves. 

^^ Ylpoae-xeTe Se ano raiv avdpwTTwv. Tlapa- 

Take heed and of the men. They will 

BoxTovcri yap vfxas eis (TvueSpia, Kat i-* rais 

kand over for you to saiibeilrims, and in the 

I 6 X But go -atlier to th« 


' Stock of Israel. 

i 7 t ^nd as "ou go, pro- 
claim, saving, ' .?he king- 
dom of tht ;:eavens has 

8 Health Sick, +[raise 
ths .liead,"" jleanse Lepers. 
e.\pe. Demons ; freely you 
have received, freely' give. 

9 Provide neither Gold, 
nor Silver, nor Copper, in 

youi' TGIKDLES; 

10 cany no Ti-aveling 
Bag, no 'spare Clotios, 
J>hoes, or Staff; Jlortne 
WORKMAN is worthy of 


11 And whatever City 
or Village you enter, in- 
quire what worthy person 
resides there ; and remain 
with him till you leave 
the place. 

12 When yoti enter the 
HOUSE, siilu'te the family. 

13 And if the EAMiLi 
be worthy, let the peace 
you wish come upon 
them; but if t^worthy, 
let your peac:.- return 
* upon yom'selves. 

14 And whoever will 
not receive you, nor hear 
your AvoKDs, in departing 
from that house or city, 
shake the dust off your 


15 Indeed, I say to yor;, 
tit wiU be more enduiabie 
for the Land of Sodom 
and Gomorrah, in a Day 
of Judgment, than for 
that CITY. 

16 t Behold! I Bend 
you forth as Sheep * into 
the Midst of Wolves ; be, 
therefore, sagacious as 
SERPENTS, and innocent 

as DOVES. 

17 But beware of these 
MEN; Xfoi they will de- 
liver you up to Hiiih 

Vatican Matiuscript — 13. upon you. 

16. into 

t 8. [Eaise the Dead.] This clai . :, thoueh found in the Vatican, is wanting in a great 
number of MSS. Gnesbach excluded i. from his first edition of the Greek text, tut inserted 
it in subsequent editions, marked as doubtful. Campbell, AVetstein, and Wakefield reject it. 
Macknight, A\ hitby, and Doddridge think it better to retain the clause, as it is evident some 
I ..issages in this discourse refer to events which did not immediately take place. See Terses 
IS, 21, 23. t 9. Their purses were commonly in their girdles. 

i ^. Isa. liii. G ; Acts xiii. 46. t 7. Mark > :• ; Luke ix. 3 ; -.7. : 10. , Tim v. 14 

15. Matt. si. 22, 2i. % 1-,. -...uke '•. 3. t 17 Matt. xxiv. 0. 

t7*c«jp. 10: 18] 


(Cfiap. 10: 26 

frvvaywyais avroov fiarrriycacrovtTiv vfxas' ^° Kai 

synago^es of them they shall scourge you; and 

eTTt rjycfiovas Se Kat fiacriXeis axdrjo'^cS^ kv^KeV 

before governors and also kings you shall be lead on account 

c/Ciou, €£S ^apt vpiQV avTois Kai 'rois eOuecriv. 

of me, for a witness to them and to the nations. 

^^'Orau Se itapaSiScixriv v/xas, jxtj fi.€pifx.yTi<Tr]T€, 

When but they shall deliver up you, not you may be anxious, 

ircas 7} Tt KaKTjTTjTe' Sodrfcrerai yap vfiiv €V 

how or what you must speak ; it shall be given for to you in 

€Keivr) TTi cbpa, t< A.oArjo'eTe. ^^Oi/ yap vfieis 

that the hour, what you sh;dl speak Not for you 

ecre ol \a\ouuT€Sy oA.A.a to trvcvfxa rov Trarpos 

are the speaking, but the spirit ofthe father 

vjxcaVy TO KaKovv cv vfiiu. ^^ Hapadwaei 5e 

of you, that is speaking in you. Will give up and 

ji5eA<|)o$ a^eX(})ov eis Oauaroy, Kanrarrip r^Kvov 

a brother a br<>ther to death, and a father a child; 

Kai iTTava<TT7]<TQUTaireKPa ctti youeis, /cat dava- 

ar.d shall rise up children against parents, and deliver 

r(t}(rov(XiP avTovs' ^ Kai i(r€<rde jxiaovyL^voi viro 

to death them; and you will be being hated by 

vra^'Tcoi' Sio TO ouofxa fxov. 'O Se viroix^Lvas eis 

all for the name of me. The but persevering to 

TcXoSy OUTOS crca6Ti(T€TaL 
end, the same shall be saved. 

^^'Orav Se ^icaKwtriv v/xas evrr) ttoA et tout??, 

When but they persecute you in the city this 

<p€uy€T€ efs r7)P prepay Kav e« ravTr\s ^icattwcnv 

flee into the other, and if out of this they persecute 

V/xas, (p€vyeTi eis tt/v aKK7]u. A/xrju yap Ktyco 

you. flee into the other. Indeed for I say 

v/xiv, ov fxt} •. eXeo'Tjre ras iroXeis rov Icrpa-qX, 

to you, in no wise -on may finish the cities ofthe Israel, 

ecus av eh-Oy 6 vios rov avOpcawov. ^* Ovk ecrri 

till may come the son ofthe man. Not is 

(xadr]T7)s VTT^p rov Si5a(rKa\oPf ovSe SovAos vTrep 

a disciple abo\e the te.icher, nor a slave above 

ray Kvpiou avrov, ^ ApKerov ray ixaO-qrrj iva 

th* lord of him. Sufficient to the disciple that 

yi.yif)rai ws 6 BidacrKaXos avrov, kui 6 SovKos ojs 

he be as the teacher of biui, and the slave as 

6 Kvptos avrov Et rov oiKoSeo-rrorrjv Be6\^e/3ouA 

tin, lord of him. If the m.iater of the house BeeUebul 

eTTeKaXecrav, iro(Tca /xaWovrovs otKiaKovs avrov; 

they have named, how much more the domestics of him? 

-^ M77 oui) <po^r]6r)Te avrovs, OvBev yap e(rri 

Not ttierefore you may fear them. Nothing for is 

KeKa\v/x/ieuou, 6 ovK airoKa\v(p6r](rcrai' Kai 

njrt-ing been covered, wliich not shall be uncovered; and 

ComicilSj and scourge you 
in their synagogues ; 

18 and they wiU bring 
you before Governors and 
Kings, on my account, to 
bear Testimony to them 
and the Gentiles. 

19 .t But when they de- 
liver you up, be not anxi- 
ous how, or wliat you 
shaU speak, because what 
you should say shall be 
suggested to you in Thax 


20 For it is not gou 
that shall speak ; but the 
SPIRIT of ytrar father is 

THAT which SPEAKS bj 


31 J Then Brother will 
deliver up Brother to 
Death, and a Father his 
Child; and Childi-en wiU 
rise up againsf Parents, 
and cause them to die. 

23 And you will be 
hated by all on account of 
my NA5IE. But HE who 


the End, will be saved. 

23 But when they per- 
secute you in this city, 
tly to the OTHER; f[and 
from that, if they perse- 
cute you, take refuge in 
ANOTHER;] for indeed I 
declai'e to you, you will 
not have gone through 
the CITIES of *Israel, till 
the SON ot MAN be come. 

24- J A Disciple is not 
above his teacher, no. 
a Servant above his mas- 

25. It is sufficient fot 
the DISCIPLE that he be 
as his TEACHER, and the 


If they have called the 


how much more those of 


26 t Therefore, fear 
them not; for there is 
nothing conceded, which 
will not be discovered ; 

• Vatican Manuscript — 23. Israel. 

t 23. This sentence is not found in the Vatican MS., though it is approved by Griesbac'ii. 
Clarke sa.ys— "This clause is fovmd in MSS D L, and eight otkers ; the ^>-»ieni'an, iSaxon, all 
the ltalaexcei>t three ; Athan., Thendor., TertuL. AHgust.,Amhr., Hilar., and Jiwenciis. Henael 
ill his $rwoino«, approves of this readinsr. On the above authorities, Griesbach has inserted 
it in his text, xt probably made a portion of this gospel as written by Matthew." 

I 19. Mark xiii. 11 ; Luke xii. 11. t 21. Luke xxi. 16. J 24. '•*! 

Johuxiii 16; xv. 20. t 26. Mark iv. 22 ; Lukeviii. 17; xii. 2. 

Chap. 10: 27] 


CJiap. 10:. 37. 

Kpinrroy^ 6 ov 'YVwaQ7]<Terai. ^ 'O X^yoo vfxiv ev 

secret, which not b1i:i11 be knuwn: VThat 1 laj to yo« in 

rr; (tkotio., eiirare ev rcf (pcoTr Kai 6 eis to ovs 

the dai-knL-M, «peiik in the light; and what in the ear 

UKOvere, Krjpv^are eiri ruv huifxaroiiv ^Koi /xt; 

you heiu", preach ruu on the house-tups. And not 

<po$ei(T6e airo Tojy aTroKrevovTcov to cw^c, ttjj/ 

be afriiid of those Villiii? the b<Hly, the 

5e xj/vxTT^ H-V Swafieycvv airoKTeivar (po^i^OrjTe 

but life not beui;; aolc to kill; be afraid 

5e fiaWoy roy Zvvafxevoy Kai xpvxv*' 'f'** crcafxa 

but rather that being able both lile and body 

airoK^aaL (y y^eyvrj. ^Ouxi Svo CTpovdia 

to destroy in Gehenna. Not two iparrowi 

acraapiov TrwXeiTai ; Kai kv 6| avruy ov Trecej- 

au absariuB are sold? and one oi them not shall 

rai fTTi T7}y yrju av€v tov irarpos vfxoiv. ^"Tfj-ooy 

fall upon the eajth wilhout the father ofyou. Of you 

Se Kai ai Tpix^s r-qs Ke(pa\7]s Traaai r]pi6fxr)iu.evai 

lind even the Laii% of the head all being numbered 

eicTi. ^^ Mr) ovv (pofirfd-qre' iroXXwv (TrpovQio)v 

are. Not therefore learyo>; many sparrows 

^ia(p€p€Te VfjL€lS. 
are better you. 

^- Has ovy dcrris of.ioKo'yTjiTfi ev ffioi ifxirpocr- 

AU therefore whoever shall confess to ine in presence 

dcv rccv aydpwTTwyt dfj-oXoyrjaca Ko.yca tv avra> 

of the men. 1 will confess even I to hiiu 

e/LiTTpocrOey rou irarpos fiov, rov ev ovpayois. 

in presence of tbft father ofiue, of that in lieavens. 

^''Oo'Tiy 8' av apyr](n)Tai /j.e f/n-rrpoaOfy rosy 

Whoever but if ni ay deny me in presence of the 

ayOpcoTTiDyy apv7]crofxat avroy Kayca tjXTrpocrd^v 

men, i will deny him even 1 in presence 

rov irarpos juiov, rov cy ovpauois. 

of the father of me, of that in heavens. 

** Mtj vo/j.t'T7]r€, on r^Xdoy ^aXeiy fiprjVTjy ewi 

Not youmust suj^pose that I am coine to Bend peace upon 

rtjy yrjy ovk iqKQov fiaXeiy cip-qurjy, oAAo 

the earth; cot I am come to send peace, but 

tiaxO'ipay. ^ H\doy yap Six<^(^cii avQpoiizoy Kara 

a sword. lamcoiue for to set a man against 

TOV irarpos aurov, Kai Qvyanpa Kara ttjs fit]- 

the father ofhiiu, and a daughter against the mo- 

Tpoj avrijs, Kai yvfKp-qv Kara r-qs ireydcpas 

ther of her, and a daughter-in-law against the mother-in-law 

avrrfs' ^ Kai exOpoi rov ayOpuirov, oi oiKiaKoi 

of her; and enemies oftlte man, the household 

of him. 

^"O (piKuy irarcpa t] fi-qr^pa irrep e/xe, ovk 

He loving father or mother above me, not 

60"Ti /iiov agios' Kai 6 (piXccy vloy rj dvyarepa 

is of me worthy; and he loving son or daughter 

and hid, which will not 
be made known. 

27 AMiat I tell you in 
the D.4^KK, publish in tlie 
LIGHT ; and wliat is whis- 
pered in your kar, pro- 
claim from the t housk- 


28 Be not afraid of 

THOSE wllO KILL the 

BODY, but cannot destroy 
the [future] tLiFE; but 
rather fear him who can 
utterly destroy both Life 
luid Body in t Gehenna. 

29 Are not Two Spar- 
rows sold for an + Assa- 
rius ? Yet neither of them 
shall fall on the GROUiNU 
without fyour father. 

30 And even the hairs 
of Your HEAD are all 

31 Tear not, then; jou 
are of more value than 
Many Sparrows. 

33 ^Whoever, therefore, 
shall acknowledjje nie be- 
fore MEN, 2 also will ac- 
knowledge him before 
that father of mine in 

*lhe HEAVENS. 

33 But whoever shall 
renounce me before men, 
5 also will renounce him 
before that eather of 
mine in * the heavens. 

34 t Think not That I 
am come to send forth 
Peace on this land ; I 
am come not to send 
Peace, but War. 

35 For my coming will 
set :|:a Man against his 
FATHER, and a Daughter 
against her mother, and 
a Daughter-in-law against 
her Mother-in-law ; 

36 so that a man's En- 
emies \^-ill be found in his 
own family. 

37 JHe who loves Fa- 
ther or Mother more than 
me, is not worthy of me ; 
and HE who loves Son 
or Daughter more than 
me, is not worthv of me. 

• Vatican Mahdscript— 32. the ubavens. 33. the heavbks. 

t 27_. The houses were flat-roofed. Corapare Deut. xxii. 8, Josh. ii. 6, Neh. viii. 16, Isa. 

t 29. Assarion — 

XV. 3. Jer, xxxu. 29, Acts x. 9. t 23. See Appendix and verse 3S 

in value about one cent and five mill.s, or three farthings sterling. 
copies read in this place tees boulees—the will of. 

t 32. Luke xii. 8 : ix. 26; Mark viii. 88; Rom. x. 9; 2 Tim. ii. 12. 
1 35. Micali vii. 6l t 37- Luke xiv. 26. 


t 29. Some Greek 
X 34. Luke xii. 51> 

Chap. 10. 38. J 


[Chap. 11* 7. 

£i7rep e/xe, ou/c ^(Ttl fiov a^LOS' ^ Kai 6s ov Aa/x- 

»hove «ne, not is of me worthy; »nd who not takes 

,Wec Tov arravpov ajTov, Kai aKoAovOei oiricrcc 

the cross ofhiiuseU, and follows after 

ao^s ovK €(Tri fiov a^ios. ^'^ 'O €vpav rr,u ^uxv^ 

mc, not is of me worthy. He findini{ the life 

avTov, aTToXecrei avT7]V' icai 6 airoXeaas rT]v 

of himself, ehalllose her; and he having lost the 

^vxy]V auTOv ev€K€U ffxov, eupr)(T€i avrr]!'. ^"'O 

life of himself on accoimtof me, shall find lier. He 

SexoiuL€uos Vfxas, e/j-e Sex^rar Kai b €/j.e Sexo/x- 

receiving yon, me receives; and he me j-eceiv- 

cvos, Sex^Tai rov airoa-reiKauTa yue. ■*' 'O 

^ng, receives him sendinjj me. He 

SexofJLeuos Trpo(priTr)v €is ovojxa irpo(priTov, jxkt- 

receiving a prophet in a name of a prophet, are- 

Qov 'irpo(j>r]Tov A7;i|/€Tar Kai 6 Sexofi^fos 

ward of a prophet shall obtain; and he receiving 

diKaiot/ (IS ovofxa BiKaiov, fxiadou dLKaiov 

ajustman in a name ofajustinan, a rew.ird ofajustnian 

A7;i|/6Tai, "*- Kai 6s eay tronar) kva TOiV ixiKp(s}V 

«h:ill obtain. And whoever may give to one of the little-ones 

TuvTwv TTorrjpiov xl/vxpov fiouou, eis ovoixa fia- 

these a cup of cold only, in a niine of a 

6titov, a/ixrjy Xfya} v/j.iu, ov /xtj a-KoXecrri rov 

disciple, indeed 1 say to you, cot not may lose the 

fXLtrdov auTou. 

reward of himself. 

KE*. ia\ 11. 
^ Kai cyevcTo, 6re ereXeaey 6 Irjcrovs Biaracr- 

And it happened, when had finished the Je^us charg- 

O'wv Tois SwBfKa /xadrjrais avrov, /U6T€/3?7 

ing to the twelve disciples of himself, he departed 

eKfiOev, rov SiSa(TKeiv Kai Krjpvaaeiv cu rais 

thence, of the to teach and to pieach in the 

voXeaiv avTWP. '^'O Se Icoavvrjs aKovcas ev rcx) 

cities of them. The and John having he.->rd in the 

Beafxcorripiif ra epya rov XpKxrov, irc/inpas 5vo 

prison the works of the Anointed, having sent two 

jxaOrircov avrov, ^enrey avrcf Suei 6cpxojJiivos, 

disciples of himself, said to him; Thouartthe coming one, 

77 irepoy TrpoaSoKa/n^y ; ** Kai airoKpiQ^is 6 

or another are we to look for? And answering the 

Iriffovs eiirey avrois' Tlopevdeures airayyeiXare 

Jesus said to them; Going aw.iy relate 

luayuT] a aKOv^re Kai /SAeTrere* ^ rvcpXoi ava- 

to John what you hear and see; blind ones see 

BXeTTovai, Kai %ct)Aoi Trcpnrarov(n, AeTrpoi 

Again, and lame ones are walking about, lepers 

KaBapi^oyri, Kai Kcopoi aKovovai, veKpoi eyei- 

are cleansed, and de3fones are hearing, dead ones are 

poyrai, Kai Trrooxot evayy^Xi^ovrar ^ Kai fiaK- 

raised up, and poor ones are addressed with joyful news; and blessed 

apios (crriy, 6s eav /J.rj aKavBaXiadri ev e/xoi. 

is, whoever not may be offended in me. 

' TovTOjy 5e iropevofxevooy, rjp^aro 6 Irjcrous 

These and going away, began the Jesus 

38 t And he who does not 
take his ckoss, and follow 
me, is not worthy of me. 

39 He who pbesekves 
his LIFE slialllose it; hut 

HE who LOSES his LIEU., 

on my account, will pre- 
serve it. 

40 J He who RECEIVES 

you, receives me, and he 
wlio RECEIVES me, re- 
ceives HTivi. wlio SENT me. 

41 He who ENTER- 
TAINS a Prophet, hecause 
he is a Prophet, will oh- 
tain a Prophet's Reward ; 
and HE wlio entertains 
a Righteous man, because 
he IS a Righteous man, 
will obtain a Righteous 
man's Reward. 

42 I And whoever shall 
give a single Cup of Cold 
water, to refresh one of 
these LOWLY ONES, be- 
cause he is my Disciple, 
I assure you, that by no 
melius will he lose his ee- 



1 And it occiu-rcd when 
Jesus liad concluded in- 
structing his TWELVE 13is- 
ciphs, lie departed thence 
to TEACH and to proclaim 
in their cities. 

2 J Now John, having 
heard in prison of the 
WORKS of the Messiah; 
sending *by his disci- 

3 said to him, J " Art 

thou the COMING ONE, OT 

are we to expect another?" 

4 And Jesus answering, 
said to them, " Go, tell 
John what you have heard 
and seen ; 

5 J the Blind are made 
to see, and the Lame to 
walk; Lepers are cleans- 
ed; the Deaf hear; the 
Dead are raised ; and glad 
tidinjis are announced to 
the Poor; 

6 And happy Is he, who 
shall not stumble at me." 

7 And as they were 

* "Vatican Manuscript.— 2. by his disciples. 

t 38. Matt. xvi. 24; Markviii.34; Lukei.x. 23; svii. 33; John xii. 25. 
X. 16 . John xiii. ?«. t 42. Mark xi. 41. 12. Luke vii. 18. 

J9 ; Dan. ix. 24. "^ J 5. Isa. xxxv. 5 ; Ixi. 1. 

X 40. Luke 
J S. Gvii. xlix. 

Ciap. 11: 8.] 


({aiap.U: 17. 

thote the soft (garments) 
kin pi r 

n prophet T 


■ of » propnet. 


it ti H rilteu , 

Keyay tou ox^ois -xf-pi Iwavvow Tt t^TjXOere 

' to' >ay to the crowds conee.ninj John; What wiiujoaout 

fis rijy fprijjioy OeacracrOai; KaKajxov viro avc^v 

Into tlie ^esert iJ*e«? « rccd '^" by wind »• 

ca\€vo}Xfvov:':^^ AWa, ri f^riXOere i^eiu; audpw 

being shuken ? But what went you out to tee f >. a m&n 

irov fv jxaKaKois Ifiariois T)iJ.(pie(r/j.evoy: I8ov, 

in soft garments Laving been clothed ; liO, ^^^ 

oi ra fid\aKa~^<popovvTes,evroisoiKoisr(i)V 

wearing, . ;'> io the houcet of the 

^AAA.a» Tt €^7jA.0cTe^iS€tJ'; 

are. But wh&t went you out to see? 

' Nat, Aeyoj vy-iv^ Kai irepiacorfpov 

Tes, I eay to you, and . much more agi$i 

^^OuTos ^[yapli earrtj^ trepi ^ov 

' This [fjrj isj coiiceming n'holn ' 

*' l5ou, eya avoo'TeWu rov ayyeKoy 

" ho, I (end ( >' . the Eaessecger 

fiou vpo vpoaojyrov (Tov, 65 KaTaffKevaffet ttji/ 

ofine belore tbe f dce of thee, who shall prepare- .«^^ the 

6801^ ffov (pLKpoaSiU crov." rjj^ AuT)v Xvyco vfj-iVy 

way of mee It) fietence of thee." : ^ndesJ • I say i to you, 

cvK iyriyffjTut iv yevvriTon yvvaiK(ji>v fjiei^cov, 

not OdSfiffQ amon* , bom of wf^tnau . greater, -, 

luavi/ot/ Tov fian-T icTTov S be fxiKporepos ev rn 

1 ofJonc Ihe iiy^r ; the but less „ in the 

kiogdon c> •ne heavens grcitcr of him '' ; is. ..'^ , 

**ATro oe t(vv 7;/tepco;/ \uavvov tov fiavTicrrov euis 

From and the days of Jobo tho dipper .' till 

apTtf 7) ^(TtXeia rav ovpavav ^la^crai^ Kai 

■ noiv, the kingdom , o^'Xtie- heavens has been invaded, and 

fiiacrrai aptra^ovcPW- avT7}v. )^ Tlavres yap ot 

invai!er» seize on her. >. All • for the 

3rpo<pr)rcu KM 5 vofiqs eas Iccavuout Trpoie<pr}reu- 

prophets and t\e lat7 till Juiin, pcoyhissL 

<rav. '^ Kai ft 0eAeT€ 5e^aa6aif avTOS fCjiv 

And if yon are willing to receive, this , $s 

H\tay, 6 ^ueAAwf cpxo<r0ai. '^ O €xw cuto 

Eliov ~ tSiat being about to come. iie havinr cars 

"^JJcOTOUOJ',] OKOVeTO}, '^ " "~ 

fto hearj let him hear.. 

To what but thall I compeire the generation thisF lake 

eari irai5iois ev ayopais KaOriufvots, Kat vpoa- 

tt is bojrs in markets sitting, and . call- 

tpavovtri rois eraipois avToiVy ^*[kcu] \iyov- 

ing to the compaalons of (hem, £an<i] saying; 

CIV liv\r)<rafiitf v/j-iVy Kai ovk CDpxv<J^(^&^' 

Wehaveplsycdoa tbeSute toyou, and not yon Lave danced; 

t6pr)u-q(ra^(V viiiVt Kat ovk eK0\pa<r6e. ^^ HKde 

ere have mourned toyou, aotl^ not youhavelamented. Came 

depurling.'i, X J ksus pro- 
ceeded lo 1 say to t!i8 
CKfiwns coficerninj^Jolin, 
*" Vv'hy went you out into 
the DESKKT? To see a 
Reed shaken by tlie Wind ?. 
« 8 But w hy weut you, 
out ? To see a man roflc J 
iaSoftllainienl? Behold! 


clothing are, in^BOXAi. 
PALACKS. :-__ _^ 
** 9 But uliy \rent you 
out?' • To see a Prophet? 
Yes, I tell you, and one 
more * excellent . than a 
Prophet. ■'.'•ftWfjjssf « 
H- 10 This iV Le concern- 
ing whonv'it is written, 
J 'Behold! 1 send ray mes- 
'SENGERljetore thy lace, 
' who vTiil prepare thy WAt 
'before 1 heel* t^ •-/ 

1 1 1 ndeed, 1 say to you, 
Among Ihose born of Wo^ 
men, there has not arisen 
a greater than John thtf 

IMMF.ESEK; yet tlie LEAST 

in flie KINGDOM of the 
HEAVENS is supenor to 
him. -" ^ ^ t, ¥^- 

12 JAjiJ from the DATS 
of Joim the imme&seb 
till now, the kingdom ot 
tlie HEAVEN 3 has beeu 
forcibly ussailed, tud tbo 
violent seize it. '« """^ 

13 tl'or Alt the fiio. 
PHBTS arid tim law in- 
structed till vTohn. .* ^ I 

14 And if yfu sro dis- 
posed to receive it lie. is 
THAT t Elijah who is to 
come. , ^" i~ 

15 He HAViKoTEars. 
let him hear. 

16 But to what shall T 
compare tins geneba- 
TiONi* It IS like Boys 
sitting in Public Places, 
and calling to *orHEBS; 

17 saying. Wc have 
played to yuu 011 tlie flulc, 
but you have not danced -. 
we have sung inoumlui 
songs to you, but you 
have not lamented 

•\'»TicAM Manuscript.— 7. Why went you out into the deskbt? Tosee a Reed shaken 
bythsW'iiid' 8. But why went you put? To see a Man, Ac 9. But why went you out? 
To see a Prophet? 10. For— oia:f. 15. tohear— <wnif. 16. oiuKas. 17. And— omif. 

f t3. It was a common saying with the Jews before the birth of Christ, that the prophetg 
pK^hesied only till the times ol" the Messiah. ^ ' < ^ 


Mal.iT.6i iMatt.sTti.U. 

; 19. Luke vii. SI. 

Luke i. 70' 

1 13.S Lnke^XTL i&; 

Chj.p. il : 18. 


(Jhup 11: 26. 

'/ap \(aa.vvy\%^ /xrfTe eadtcoj/ ixrjre irivotv Kai \ey- 

for John, neither eating nor ilrinkLng; and they 

ovtri' Aai/xouiov ex^'* ^^ HA^ei' 6 vlos rov 

say A demon he has. Came the sod of the 

cvdpccirou, €!Tdtcav Kai ttivcov kcu Kfryovffiv I5ou, 

man, eating^ and drinking; and theys*y; Lo. 

XLvdpooiros <payos Kai oivoirorrjs, tsKwvmi/ (piKos 

a man glutton and a wine drinker, of tax-j;atherera a friend 

Ka.1 a/MapTccXwy. Kai eSiKaiu)6T] 'q (TO<pia airo Totf 

And BinnerB. But isju&titied the vsisdom by ibe 

T^KVcaf avTrjs. 

children of her, 

•*ToT6 7}p^aTo ovei^i^€iy ras ttoXcis, ev als 

Then he bejjan to rejiroach the cities, in which 

fyevovro at TrAeicTTai Svpafxeis avrov, cti ov 

were done the most mighty works of him, because not 

ix<zT(vor](rav' ^^ Ovai (roi, Xopa^iu, ovai <roi, 

they reformed; Woe to thee, Choraxin, woe to thee, 

B-]dcraLSav' Sti €i ev Tupcf Kai '^iScoui fyevouro 

Bethsaida; for if m TjTe anr! Sidon bad been done 

at dvuaiuciSy al ycvofxevai eu vfiiv, iraKai av 

the mighty works, those being performed in you. long ago would 

fj/ (TaKKca Kai cnrodcp fjierevor^uay. ^ IIAtj;/ 

in sackcloth and ashes they have refonnciX But 

Xeyw vfjiiv Tvpea Kai l^tdufvi xveKTOTCpav 

I say to you.- Tjre and Sidon more toleralile 

^(Trai €v 7)iui€pa Kpicrews, rj vp-iv. -^Kat (Tv, 

will be in a day of trial, than you. And thou, 

KairepvaovfjL, t} kos tov ovpavou v^pc^Oeiiray 

Capernaum, which even to the heaven art being e\a\ted, 

kcifS 'aSov KaTa^i^a(rdr\crr)' on e* ev 'S.o^ojj.qis 

to invisibility shalt be brought down , for if in Sodom 

ky^vovro at Snuap-eis, al y€Uo/j.€v:xi ev croi, 

"ad been done the mighty works, those being done sn thee, 

efxeivav au fxexpi T17S aT]ix^pov. -"* Yl\7}v Keyca 

ithadremained till this day. But I say 

j/uLiv, dri yp SoSo^ucoj/ ausKTorfpov earai ev 

to you, that land of Sodom more tolerable will be ia 

lifiepcx. Kpi<r€oi)s, 77 crou 

a day of trial, than thea. 

23 Ej/ cKeivcp Ttf) Kaip(p cnroKfjideis 6 Irfffovs 

On that the occasion answering the Jesus 

(iTrew l£^oixo\oyov/jLai ffoi, Trarep, Kvpie tov 

said; I adore thee, O father, O lord of the 

ovpavov Kai rris ynsy Sri aweKpvipas ravra airo 

heaven and of the earth, because thou hast hid these from 

(Tocpcov Kai (Tvverwu, Kai oTre/caAin^as avra 

ffise men and discerning men, and thou revealed them 

vqiTiois. ^^Nai, 6 irarrip, on outws eyey^ro 

to babes. Yes, the father, for even so it was 

evSoKia ffxirpocdeu <tov. ^Havra /moi TapeSoOij 

good in ;}resence of thee. All tome are given 

18 For Jolm came ab- 
stainiiiD^ from meat and 
drink, and they say, He 
has a Demon ; 

19 the SON of MAN came 
partaking of meat and 
drink, and they say, Be- 
liold, a Glutton and a Wine 
drinker! an Associate of 
Tribute-takers and Sin- 
ners? But WISDOM is vin- 
dicated by her childsen. 

20 :[:Tlien he be^au to 
censure the cities ra 
wliich MOST of his mira- 
cles had been perfonned. 
Because they did not re- 

21 Wee to thee Chm-a- 
zin! woe to thee, Beth- 
saida! For if those 
miracles which are be- 

had beer, done in Tyre 
and SidoQ, they would 
lonjjj since have reformed 
in Sackcloth and Aslies. 

22 Therefore, I say to 
you, it will be more endu- 
rable for Tyre and Sidou, 
in a Day of Judgment, 
than for you. 

5.S And tijou, Caperna- 
um, THOU which art be- 
ing exalted to HEAVEN, 
J wilt be bi'ought down to 
t Hades; for if those 
MIRACLES which are be- 
ing PERFORMED in tliee, 
had beea done in Sodom, 
it had remained till this- 


24 But I say to you. 
That it will be more endu- 
rable for the Land of 
Sodom, in a Day of Judg- 
ment, than for thee." 

25 jOn That OCCASION, 
Jesvs said, "I adore thea 
O Father, Lord of heaven 
and EARTH, Because, hav- 
ing concealed these things 
from the Wise and Intel- 
ligent, thou hast revealed 
them to Babes. 

26 Yes, FATHER, Foi 

thus it was well pleasing 
in thy sight." 

t 23. Hades — from a, not, and iilein, to see; and literally means hulden, obscure infiaible- 
It is foand eleven times in the New Testament. In the Cominoii Version, it is rendered 
grave in 1 Cor. xv. .'>,'>, and in all other places hell ; but the latter is now universally admitted 
lo be an incorrect translation. See Appendix — word hades. 

I 20. Lukex. 13. 

2S. Isa. xiv. 15; Ezek xxviii. 3. 

t 35. Luke X. 21. 

ctep. lit n:] 


fCTap. 12: 6. 

(nto rou itarpoz fiov Kai ouSets circyti/wo'icct rov 

by Ihc £«tlier o( me , tod oo one know* the 

-«(««', 6< ^T7 i 7roTr7p* OwSt TOf TTOTCpa Tiy CTTt- 
«oo, t( nul ttie failier. neither the ■ fatUer anyone 

yiu(n<rK(i, fi pLT) 6 vlos, nai V *°*' /SouArjTai 

4inow«, If nut the sun, dikI tonliom may l>e willing 

6 vios avoKaKv\pou. '*^ Aeure Trpo? /xe TcauTes oi 

the son to revtr^I Come to me all tlie 

K07rta»»nr€s Kai iTf<^opri(rjj.f:Uoty Kayw avavavcTta 

toUiac nn<l teuij; bur.leiied, audi « til cauac to rest 

ifjLas,^ ^ Apare Toy Qvyuv /jlov e^' v/xas^ fcoi 

you. V fake (he yoke oi me ui>on you, aiid 

fiaOerf asr' ffiov i^t Trpaos ci/jli, km rairfivos 

l>c Uifoitned by n«c; for week 1 uu, aoJ kumble 

TTj Kop^ia.' Kat iupTfcerc cwairauaiy rais \pvxou5 

iotlie 1h:<u<; koJ yuu sliall find a rest to (he livei 

vfxwy. ^"O yap ^vyos ia-ou xp^'l^'^^^* 'fO'* to 

otyou. The loi' yoke oX tn« e^jr» S>M^ ttie 

.^opriov fJLOv f\a(ppoy (cniy, 

t>tuik« of UM Ui;ht IS. 

KE*. 1)3'. 12. 
' Eif cKUinp rtp Katpfp (iropevBiti 6 Ttj^tovj roir 

At that (he teason pai^sed the jeeus to the 

«ra/3/3a<ri dia raiv <nropi}xwv oi Se /tta^TjToi avrov 

labbaih through the com-tieldai the and dtiscii^es of turn 

ftrnyaaav^ ttat rjp^avro rt\kfiy araxvas^ Kat 

wereKuogiy, and began (opbick cars of com, and 

fffOiay, ^Ol 5e ^apirraioi »5oj'T€S, fiirov avro) 

u> eat. The and Pharisees . Eecing, said to him; 

ISovt 01 fx-qOrjTat uov voiovaiv^ b ovk f^eart 

La, tt>e dactplpt of (tee , aredotog, that out ia (awful 

TTotety ev aa^^arcp. ^K> ^e dirty avrois' Ovk 

to do ea awilibath. He btit s-iid totUerai .Not 

avcyywTfy ri eTronja^ AawiS, ore freivacrf, Kai 

tiavc you kiiox«-a, what did David, when he was hungry, and 

oi /tttr' avrov; ^ttus ncrq\6fv ctj top oikov 

tbOKC tritk him? how be cnteied Into the hoi>3e 

Tov 9(ov, KOI rovs aprovs rrjs TrpoOtafus ecpayev, 

of the God, and the luave* of the presence did eat, 

oCs OVK e^ou rjy avrcp ^ayavt ovSe rois fjier' 

which not lawful was to hua to cat, Deitlier to those viith 

owTow, €1 fxtf TOis iepfv<ri fioyon ; 'H ovk 

hiro, except the pnests . alone 7 Or not 

(lyeyvtirre ev ' rep yofio), Sri roti <Ta$Ba(riy ol 

kwe yoii read in tJie law, that (othe aabbailts (bo 

itpfts (y T<i> ifptp TO aa^Paroy i8e/37jAou<r<, icat 

'; pi-iests in the temple the sabbath > violate, and 

auanioi fi(Ti ; ^ Afyw 5e y^'"* ^Ti tov Upov 

''' aief laajr but Oyou, (bat o/Uta tempU 

27 t All things are inve 
paj teil to me by my r\- 
ther; and no one. but 
the i'ATiita. knou's the 
SON ; nor does any one 
know the > atheb. txcept 
tlie iiO.N, and he to whom 
tlie sow IS, pleased to re- 
veal him. « 

28 Come to me. All TOO 
LABOKJNG and burdened 
ones, and !L vrlll cause 
jou to rest. 

29 Take my yokb oq 
vou, and be taught by me ; 
1 or 1 am meek and lov/ly 
111 hkart; and your lives 
Will tiud J:i Restinjj;-place. 

30 I For my yoke is 
easy, and my builden u 


1 AtTliatTlMEjJESUS 

on the t SABBATH went 
through the JitLDS OF 
OUAIN ; and Ins cisci- 
FLKS were hungry, ami 
began to pluck on jtars of 
Grain, Pud to eat. 

2 MowlhePuABisEES, 
obeerving, said to liira, 
"Behold, thy DISCIPLES 
are doing wJiat is not law- 
ful to do on a Sabbath." 

'6 But >iK amd to them, 
J" H.a\ e vou not icad what 
David did, when *he was 
hungry, and those who 
were with him?- 

4 how he t entered int»] 

the TABERWAC1.E Of GoD,' 

Hi)d ate the loa v es of tho 
puESKNCE, which wero 
not lawful for him to eat, 
nor for those wljo were 
wi th him, but - fop^ t^ . 
PRIESTS alone ?v. 

6 } Or, have you not 
read in the iaw, fhat 
t the PRIESTS in the tem- 
ple profane the best tai 
be observed on the sab- 
baths and are blameless? 

6 But 1 say to you. 

• VAtiCAti Mahu3cript.— 3. he was. 

t I. 8»B3ATH— with U3, Saturday, or rather Friday at Fun-set to Saturday at Btin-setw fof 
»otn? Jews reckoned. ♦ t- «y comparinff 1 Bam.xxi.l— 6. nnd Lev.xxiv.5— 9, itviil 

appear that tins also transpired on a Sabhath. t 5. From Num. xxviii 9 it appears 

Vnat two additional lambs were sacrificed un the Sabbath, by which the ordinary work ol 
(the week was doubled. Compare Exod. isix. 38. ,., 

!t 27. Matt xxviii. 18; John iii. ?5; vi. 4«; s. 15. t 20. John xiv. S: Heb. Iv O— IL 
SO 7Johnv.3. : 1. Mark ii.'>3i Luke vi. ; 0»ut. auu.2a. ... .. t a. 1 Sam. ««i. i-^ 
i. Lev. xxiv. 5; Num. xiviu. fli "" - " ' 

KJhap. 12: 7.3 


Chap. 12: 18, 

T!^t..tcr IS here. If bivt joii had known, what is; 

*''' EAeoz/ 6e\ai, Kai ov dvaiav" ovk av KaTe- 

■ . '.eny I desire, and not asacrhice," not would you 

r*;: .<raT€ rous avaniovs. " Kvpios yap etrrt 

hcve jondemned the blameless. A loid for is 

Tiv jafi^arou i vlos tcu aydpwirov. 

of the Cibbath the Doa of the mtin. 

Kai /JLcra^as eKsiCev^ r]k6ev ets rrju (rvva- 

Aad 1 i':3ing on from thence, he came into th« syna- 

ycayqv avroov. ^^ Kot i5ou, avOpcairos 7]V tt]v 

gogue of them. And lo, a. man there was the 

Xftp« exd^y ^ripav. Koi eTrrjpcoTTjaay avrov, 

hand having withered. And they asked him, 

\€youTes' Et e^^crri Tots (ra00a(n dspaneveiu; 

saying i If it is lawful to the sabbaths to heal? 

Iva KaT7)yopr)(r(a(Tiv avrov. ^^'O 5€ enrey avrois' 

that they might accuse him. He but said to them ; 

Tts ecrrai e| v/jlccv auOpcoiros, ^^ e|et irpo^aTov 

"What shall be among you a man, whu shall have sheep 

€1/, Kai eav efiTrearj tovto tois na^^aaiv €ts 

one, and if should fall this t;c the sabbath into 

fiodvuov, ovxt KpaTTjcrei avTo^ Kai eyepei; 

a pit, not seize it, and raise it up? 

^"Hocrcf) ovv Sia(f>ep€i avOpcaTroi Trpo^arov; 'Clare 

How much then is superior a man 01 a sheep? So that 

e^ecTTi Tois craBI3a(Ti KaAcas iroieiv. ^^Tore 

itislawful to the sabbath good to do. Then 

Xeyei tw audpooir^' Ektcivov t7]v X^^P^ (Tov. 

he says to the man; Stretch ont the band of thee. 

Kcu c^eretue' Kai airoKaT-zCTTadT] vyirjs, ws 

And he stretched it outj and it was restored nhole, as 

T) a A At). 

the other. 

^'*Ol Se '^apKTaioi (rvfx^ovXiov eXafiov Kar' 

The then Pharisees a council held against 

avrov e^e\6ovTes, dirctis avrov anGXeacvaiy. 

him going out, how him they might destroy. 

^ 'O Se iTjcrovs yuovs auext^pv^^^^ eKeiOew Kai 

The but Jesus knowing withdrew from thence ; acd 

r,KoKovQ7}(Tav avrcj) ox^oi' ttoWoi' Kai edepa- 

foUowed him crowds great; and he 

irevaev avrovs iravras, ^^ Kai eirenixTjcrev 

healed them alL and charged 

ouTots, iva /XT] (pavcpov avrou Troiri(rco<riy ^^GTtoes 

them, that not known him they should make; so that 

TrXrjpcodT) ro pyjdev 5ia 'Haaiov row Tpo- 

It might be fulfilled the word spoken through Esaios the pro- 

<t>r]rovy \eyouros' ^^" iSou, 6 irais /nov, 6v 

Vhet saying, "Lo, the servant of me, whom 

Tluit one i^reater than tlw 
TEMPLE IS here. 

7 If, then, you had 
knoMTi what tliis is ; ij: ' 1 
'desire Compassion, and 
'not a Sacriiice,' you 
would not have con- 
demned the innocent; 

8 for the son of man is 
Master (rf the sabbath." 

9 J And ha>iiig loft that 
place, lie went into their 

10 and "beliold, there 
was a Man who had *a 
withered Hand. They 
asked Jks'us, with a de- 
sign to accuse him, J " Is 
it lawful to heal on the 
sabbath ?" 

11 And HE answered 
them, "What Man is ,liere 
among you, who, having 
one Sheep, J if it fall into 
a }iit on the sabbath, 
will not lay htlld on it, 
and lift it out? 

12 Does not a Man 
greatly Kui-pass a Sheep ? 
Therefore, it is lawful to 
dv") good on the sab- 

13 Then he says to the 
man, " Stretch out Thine 
hand." And he stretched 
It out ; and it was restored 
to soundness, like the 

14 Then the PHARie 
SEES, departing, held a 
Council concerning him, 
how they might destroy 

1 5 But Jesus knoMang 
it, Avithdi-ew from them, 
and * many followed him, 
aud he healed them all; 

16 and charged them 
not to make him known: 

17 so that tlie word 
SPOKEN through Isaiah 
the PROPHET might be 
verified, saying ; 

18 t+" Behold, my sef. 

• Vatican Manusckipt. — ^10. a withered Hand. 15. many followed. 

t 18. The following is from the Septuagint version of Isa. xlii. 1, translated by Th'-mp- 
son: — "Jacob ja my servant, I will uphold him; Israel is my ehoeen oue, my sou) hath 
cnbraced him. I have put my spirit upon him; he will publish jud^roent to r >e ua- 
vons: he will not cry aloud, nor urge with veiiemence,nor will his voic« be heard abroad. 
A bruised reed he will not break, uor will he quench smoking flax, but wiU brag forth 
judgment unto truth, — and in his name shall the nations trust (or hope) " '/he words 
iacob and Israel, added by the authors of the Septuaglnt, have obscured thw propiccy. 

J 1. Ho8. vi. 6 ; Matt. ix. 13. t 9. M.ark iii. 1 ; Luke vL d. 1 10. \ Jke xiiL 14; 

stiv. 3; John ix. 10. J 11. Exod. xxii'. 1, at. Deut. ysii. i. 1 18. Isa. xlii 1. 

Chap lit 19] 


CJluip. 12: 28., 

*j)peri(ra, h ayain]Tos fiov^ eis 6u evSoKrjcrd/ ri 

IharecbOMn, the Lclored of me, ill nliam takes delight the 

T^vxv f^ov 6y)(T(i} TO ir»/€i /ua Aio> fir* avrov, 

•eul of me; I will put the spixit of me upon him, 

KJ.I Kpiaiv rois iOvfcriv avayyiXei, ^Ovk 

and judgmeot to the nations be shall declare. Not 

epiaeif ov^e Kpavyatreit ovde a/coutrti rts ev 

ke thall atrive, nor cry out, nor eboU henr any one in 

Tats vXarciaLS rt)v <pci)V7]v avrov ^ KaXa/xov 

I the wide place* the voice ofbim; a reed 

cvuTfTpoifi/xei^ov ov KaTfa^ei, nai KivoP rv4>piJL' 

' baling been bruised cot he aball break, and flas ' gmoking 

€vou OV crfiicrei' ews av €K$a\ri ets s^ikos 

not heehoUqueoch, till be bi-ing forth to aviclory 

rr)v Kpiffiv. 2' Kai rep ovofiaTt axnov (Our] 

the )udgment. And to the came of hiia nations 

tXiriOVTr" ^ ~' 

, will hope,", 

^TortirpoayjUfx^V avrep Saifiovt^ofJieyoSt 

Then was brought to him a demoniac,^ 

Tv(p\os Kai Kuxpos' Kai fOepavevarey avrou, u<rre 

blind and dumb; and he healed him, lo that 

rov TixpKov Kai Koxpov Kai KaAeiv Kai PXeveiv. 

the blind and dumb both to speak and to aee. 

^Kat i^iffravTo vayres oi ox^oi, Kai eXeyov 

And were amazed all the crowds, and said; 

MijTt ovTos €<rTtv 6 \)i0s AaviS ^4 q/ 5g 

Not this ia the ton David? The and 

iapi(Taiot aKOvcravTiSy ciirov Ouros ouk €K- 

Phariaeea bearing, laid; This not 

fiaWct ra daifiouiay €i fxt] 'eu r(jp BeeA^'^^SowA, 

caatcnut the democs, if not by the Iseelzebul, 

cpxovTi ruv daifxoviwv,, ^^EiSojs Se 6 Irjaovs 

a prince Of the drtmons. Knowing but the Jesus 

Toy evOufjLrjaeis avrcot/y titrcv avrois' Tlaara 0a- 

the thuughta «fthem, eaid to them; Every 

aiKeia fifpiaQ^itta Ka9* iavTrjSj fpvfiovraf Kai 

kingdom being divided againtt Iteelf, is laid waste; and 

vaaa vo\is i) oiKia jj-fpLfrOeKra koO' coi/ttjs, ov 

every city ^r bouse being divided against itself, not 

CTadrfciTai. ^ Kaj (i 6 aaravas rov aaravav 

•ill stand. And if the adversary the adversary 

cnriSaAAct, «<f* tavrov cfiepiadj)' iroas ovu arra- 

casts out, with himself be is at variance, bow then 

6r](T€Tai ij PacriK^ia avrov; '^^ Kai tt fyto tv 

.will stand the kingdom of him P And if I by 

B€(A{^ei3o(yA eK/5aAA» ra Baifiouia, ol vloi bfioov 

Bceltebul cast out the demons, the tons of you 

«i' rivt CKjSoAAoust; Aia rovro avroi v/jlwp 

\)j whom do they cast oat? In this they of you 

ta-nyrai Kpirai. ^Et Se ev vv^vfiari 6eov eyw 

shall be iudges. If but by spirit of God I 

tKBaWtj ra taifiovia, apa t^Batrev f<p' 

cast out the demons, then has suddenly come among 

" VANT, wliom I have cho« 
"sen, my beloved, tn 
"wliom Stake delight: I 
"vriU put my spirit npou 
"him, and he shall pro« 
"claim Justice to the na- 

19 " Ke will not strive 
"nor cry out, nor will any 
"one hear his voice la 


20 " He will not break 
"a bruised Reed, and a 
" dimly burning Taper he 
"will not exticeuisli, tiU 
"he send fortli the JUDG- 
"ment to victory. 

21 " The nations also 
"will hope in his name " 

23 :l:Th«n '•they brought 
to him a demoniac, blinJ 
and dumb ; and he cured 
him, so that * the dumb 
man spake and saw. 

23 And All the PEOPLE 
with amazement, asked, 
" Is this the SON of Da- 

24 But the Pharisees 
hearing them, said, " This 
min could not expel de- 
mons, except through 
Beehebul, flie Prince of 
the demons." 

25 And *he knowing; 
their thoughts, said ujito 
them, "Exeiy Kingdom 
being divided against it- 
self, is desolated ; and No 
City or Hoxise being di- 
vided against itself, caa 

26 Now if (he Advek^ 
SART expel tlie Ajdvee- 
SARY, he is at variance 
with himself; how thca 
will his kingdom stand P 

27 Besides, if I through 
Beelzebul expd demons, 
through whom do your 
soc^s expellheni? There- 
fore, ii)t^ will be YouP: 

28 But, if it be by Di- 
vine co-operation that fi 
cast out DEMONS, then 
t God's royal majestt 

• Vatican Mahoscbipt.— 22. they brought. 
S5. he knov/ing. 

22. the DUMB man spake and saw^ 

t 28. See noteonBa»T7ria, Matt. iii. 2. It is not accordinR- to fact, to make Jesus say. 
tnat ' the.kinprdom of God lias come unto you," as rendered in the Common Version, and 
followed by modem translatovs. The context ehows that our Lord is opeaking of himgelf 
These miracle* were. prool^ of his Messi.ohship. See Jolm iii. 2 j v. 36; 

t as. lio3ie xi. K i 21. Mark iii. 22. 

Chap. 12: 29.] 


. you the majesty of the God. Or how is able 

Tis eicreXBeiy eis rrjp oiKiav rov icrxvpov, Kai 

anyone to enter into the house of the strongman, and 

TO TKevTi avTov StapTTocat, eau /x7) irpwrov 

the hougehold stuff of him to plunder, if not first 

Stjct? rov KTX^pov; Kai Tore t-qv oiKiav avTOv 

heshouldbind the strongmim? and then the house jf him 

Siapiracrci. ^'O {X7\ ecu /xer^ e/xov, Kar' efiov 

he shall plunder. He not being mth me, against me 

fcrrr kui 6 /xtj avfaycou yuer' cfiovy <rKopiri(^ei. 

is; and he not gathering with me, scatters. 

*"' Ata TOVTO Aeyo) ujuliw Haaa a/xapria Kai 

Thfc.afore this I saj' to you ; All sin and 

fiKaTcprj/jLia a^cQrjcr^Tai rots audpwwois' r) 5e 

evil-speaking shall be forgiven to the men ; the but 

rov Trvevjiiaros fi\afr(pr)fj.ia ovk acpedrjcrerai 

of the spirit evil-speaking not shall be forgiven 

*\^rois avOpcoTTots'^ ^^ Kai 6s av enr-p \oyou 

[to the men ;] and who ever may speak a word 

Kara rov viov rov avOpufirov, a((>s9r]aerai avrea' 

agaiust of the son of the man, it shall be forgiven to him ; 

OS 5' au eiTrp Kara rov Trvsv/u.aros rov ayiov, 

who but ever may speak against of the spirit of the holy, 

OVK a(p€6r)(r€rai auroj, ovre ev rovrw rcfi aiODVi, 

not it shall be forgiven to him, neither in this the age, 

ovn iv rep fxeWouri. ^ H iroirjaare TO Sev- 

nor in the coming. Either make you the tree 

Spou Ka\ou, Kai rov Kaprrov avrov KaXov 77 

good, and the fruits of him good; or 

TTontjiXare ro Sevdpou aarrpoVy Kai rop Kapivov 

make you the tree corrupt, and the fruits 

avrov arairpo?" €K yap rov Kapirov ro ScvSpov 

of him corrupt; by for tlui fruit the tree 

yiuwaK^rai. ^TevvT^fxaTa ex'S^'cor, ircos 

is Known. O broods of venomous serpents, how 

dvvaaOe ayaOa \a\eiv, TTOur)poi oures ; €Kyap 

are you able good (thinge) to speak, evil (men) being; out of for 

rov Trepiaraev/jLa') J! rrjs ro (Trofxa \a\ei. 

the fulness of the hea-t the mouth speaks. 

^ 'O ayados avSpwircs c/c rov ayadov Br](Tavpov 

The good man out of the good tre-asure 

iK^aWei ra ayaBa° Kai 6 irou-npos avOpwiros 

brings forth the good (things); and the evil man 

€K rov iT0VT)pcf: b'oaavpov cK^aAXei Tvovripa. 

out of the evil treasure brings forth evU (thui(;6). 

^ heyoo Se vfiiv^ on Ttav ^77/iO apyou^ 6 eav 

1 say but to you, that every word idle, which if 

\a\r)0'(t}(riu 01 ojfOpconoij aiTo5co(Tov(Tt,, wept 

may speak the men, they shall give account, concemiDg 

avroi A.C70." 6f jifiepa Kpicreus' ^' Ek yap rwv 

tuis woid in ' a day of triaL By for the 

'Kyy&ji/fTov 8iKaici)6'n(Tri, Kai €k rcav \oyuv aov 

words of thee thoc ahalt be acquitted, and by the words of thee 

Kor a8iKa(T3r}</-! , 

thcu shalt be cock' "'?d. 

lias unexpectedly appear^ 
ed among you. 

29 Moreover, how can 
any one enter the stronq 
one's HOUSE, and plunder 
his GOODS, unless he first 
bind the strong one? 
and then indeed he may 
plunder his house. 

30 He who is not with 
me, is against me ; and hk 

who GATHKBS UOt with 

me, scatters. 

31 t Therefore, I say to 
you, Though everj' other 
Sin and Blaspherijy will 
be for^ven *to you men ; 
yet the Bi.asphemy of 
the Spirit will not be 

32 For whoever may 
speak a Word against tiie 
SON of MAN, it * + will be 
forgiven him ; but he who 
may speak against the 
holy spirit, *it will iu 
no wise be forgiven him, 
neither in this nor in the 
coining age. 

33 JEitber call the tree 
good, and its fruit good; 
or call the tree bad, and 
its FEUiT bad ; for we 
know the thee by tlie 

84 Progeny of Vipers! 
X how can you, being evil, 
speak good things ? for 

out of the EXUBERANCE 

of the heabt the mouth 

35 X The GOOD Man out 
of his GOOD Treasure pro- 
duces * good things ; and 
the EVIL Man out of his 
BAD Treasm'e produces 
e\il things. 

36 But I say to you, 
That for Every pernicious 
Word which men may 
utter, they shall be Re- 
sponsible, on a Day of 

37 For by thy words 
thou wilt be, acqtiitted; 
and by thy words tliou 
wilt oe condemned." 

* Vatican . Uivuscript.— 31. to too men. 31. to MKV~omii. 

him. 32. in no wise be forgiven him. 35. of the ::.b. .bt — emit. 

32. not be forsriven 

^ „-. ..^— H „. -- 35. good things, 

t 32. The Vrt. MSS. here reads, "it shall not be forgiven him," which is contrary t:. 
what is stated in verse 31, and the parallel passage in Luke xj:. 10. t'robably it is an 
error of the transcriber. For this reason it has not lee;, inserted m the text. 

t 31. Mark iii. 28; Luke xii. 10; 1 John v. 16. 
t 34. Matt iii, 7; xxiii.33. t (W. ^.^^l-t>^.^P. 

j &S MLn-tt vii. 17 » Lake vl 4.3, 14. 


(Mp. 12: 4b. 

^ToT6 mt:iKpi^t)(Tav rtves rwv ypa/xixaTcajy 

Then answeru! oome of the scribes 

'•'■[icat ^apicraiaiu,^ Kcy:)i/Tes' AiSacwaAe, 6s\- 

[and Phtuisees,] sayin;; : O teacher, we 

o/JLCU ttTTO (Tov ffT]fxeiov idcLV. ^^ 'C 5e airoKptOeis 

Wiah from tbce a »i?n to see. He but iinswering 

emeu avrois' Fe/'eo nouripa Kai /jloix'^^is a-q- 

»aid to tbeni ; A generation evil and adiiUerous a 

fjLSLoy em^r}Ter Kai arj/xeiou ov 5odr)(T€Tai avrr}, 

•ign demnndsi and a sign not shall be given to her, 

€i /JLT] TO (rrjfjLeiop Icova tov irpo((>r}Tov. *" 'D-ffirep 

If not the sign of Jooaa, the prophet. Like as 

yap "qv \wuas ev Tf/ KoiXia tov kyitovs Tpeis 

for was Jonas in tJ. belly of the fish three 

^fjLcpas Kai Tpeis vvKTas' outcos (crTai 6 vlos 

days and three nights j so shall be the son 

TOV audpcoirov €f tt] icap^ia ttjs yrjs Tpeis rffxepas 

of the man m the heart oftii>» earth three days 

Kai Tpeis vvKras. *^ Av8pes 'NiueuiTai avncrTrj- 

an-l three nights. Men Ninevites s);all izaod 

(TovToi ev T7/ Kpicrei /xiTa Tr]s yeuea': lavTrjs, 

up in the judt''"''nt Bgainst the generatiio of ihia, 

/cat KaTaKpivovaiu a\iTr)v' otl fiiri evorjcai' 

and shall gi*'e judgment against her; for I hey reformed 

eis TO KT)pvyiuLa Icaua' Kai i5ov tK^iov Ia>i/a wSe. 

at the preaching of Jonas; and lo a greater of.7o«78 here. 

^- Ba<Ti\i(T(7a voTov €yepOr}<re:Tai ev ttj Kptarei 

Queen of south shall rise up in the judgment 

fieTa TTjs yeueas TavTrjs, Kai Ka^aKpivei 

Bgiiinst the generation of this, and shal.' gi»e judgment against 

avTr)U' OTi r]k9ev e/c tcou ireparwv T-qs yvs 

her, for she came from the ends of the earth 

aKov(Tai T'i)u (Xo<pio.v l^oXofxcavos' icai i5ov, irKeiou 

to hear the wisdom of Solomon , and lo, a greater 

^oKoficoPOS wde. '^^'Orav Se to aKaOapTOV 

of Solomon here. ^\^len but the unclean 

iCfevixa f^€\dr; airo tov avQpwirov, ^i^px^'rai 

spirit mny come out from the man, it waiiilera about 

5t' avvhpup Toirwv <^7]tovv auai?av<Tiv, Kai ovx 

through dry places seeUing a resting-place, and not 

€vpicrK€i. **ToTe Aeyei' EiricrTpexl/w ejs top 

it finds. Then it says; I will return into the 

otKov fiov, ddfP i^r)\Qov. Kai eXQou ebpiaKet 

house of me, whence I came. And coming it finds 

o'xoA.o^oJ'Ta, aeaapoofA.evov, Kai KeKOcr/J.-q/jiei'OP, 

it being empty, having been swept, and having been set in order. 

*^ToTe TTopeuerai, Kai irapaXauBauei fied' eaxjrov 

Then it goes, and takes with itself 

iiTTa €T€pa 7rv€v/j.aTa, novqpoTepa eavTov, Kai 

seven other spirits, more wicked of itself, and 

eier':\6ovra KaTOiK^i eKer Kai yiueTai ra 

they entering finds an abode there ; and becomes the 

38 JThen some of tht 
SCRIBES * answered him, 
saying, "Teaclier, ve do- 
sire to witness ta Sign 
from thee." 

39 But HK answering 
said to them, J"A wickec 
and faitliless Generation 
demands a Sign ; but no 
Sign will be given it, ex- 
cept the SIGN of Jonah 


40 J For as Jonah was 
Three Days and Thiec 
Nights in the stomAch 
of the GEEAT fish; so 
will the SON of MAN be 
Tliree Days and Tliree 
Nights t in the iiea/^' if 

the EAETH. 

41 The Ninevites will 
stand up in the judg- 
ment tigaiust this gen* 
EUATioN, and cause it tc 
be condemned ; $For they 
reformed at the warning 
of Jonah; and behold, 
something greater than 
Jonah is here. 

42 J The Queen of the 
+ South will rise up at the 
JUDG.MENT against this 
GENERATION, aud cause 
it to be condemned; for 
she came from a distant 
LAND to hear the wis- 
dom of Solomon ; and he- 
hold, something greater 
than Solomon i- here. 

4;^ t When the impure 
Spirit IS gone out of the 
MAN, it roves through 
Parclied Deserts, seeking 
a Place of Rest, and finds 
it not. 

44 Then it says, I will 
retm'n to my house, 
whence I came. And 
coming, it finds it empty, 
swept, aud furnished. 

4.5 It then departs, and 
takes wdth itself Seven 
Otlier Spirits, more wicked 

• Vaticam MAMnscBiPT.--38. and Pharisees— o/nif. 38. answered him, saying. 

t 88. This wiifi a demand often made— isee Matt. xvi. 1 ; Mark viii. 11 ; Luke xi. 10— and 
probably founded on the prophecy of Dan. vii. V6, which descr-ibts the Son of JIan as coming 
m the clouds of heaven. It wa.s almost a cliaracteristic of the Jews to ask a si^rn. See 
1 Cor i 22. They demanded one from Aearen— some crh-siial plienomenon— which would be 
the 8trons;est test of Jesus' pretensions.— /WonmAeW. t 40. That is, simply, m the 

eartk. So T\Te is said to be in the heart of the sc<i, Ezek. xxviii. 2, although it was so 
near tlie continent, that, when Alexander beseiged it, he carried a causeway from the land 
to the city.— Tjo/tope. t 42. lu th€ Old Testament— SA<-6o 

<j|- 38. Luke xi- 29. J 30. Matt. rvi. 4. J 40. Jonah i. 17. t 41. Jonab lii a. 

£". 1 Kiru?s X. 1 ; 2 Chron. ix. 1. J 43. Luke xi. 24 

'€^p. 12: 46.] 


[Chap. 13: 4. 

€(rxot'''a TOM avOpcoTTov fK^ivou x^^P^^^ "^^^ 

!act (state) of «te man that worse of the 

vpcaTcov. Obreas icrrai Kat rr) yev^a ravrr, 


will be and the generatioa this 

y77 TTovqpa. 

the vickcd. 

''*' Etj 5€ avTov XaXovvTos rois ox^ois, iSov, 

Whileand he is talkin; to the crowds, lo, 

f) fiy}7i)p Ka: oi a3e\(poi avrov ii(jTT]KSLcrav 6|a>, 

tlic mother aua the brothers ofhiui etood without, 

^■QToVuTds avTCf) KaK'i](Tat ■*£'*'Ei7rs Se tis 

££(fkiii^ to bLiQ to speak [Said then one 

0.vTy iSov, T) /xTjTTjp cav Kat ol aSeAc^oi (Tov 

fohim, Lo. lh<" mother of thee and the brothers of thee 

e^w e<rT77/cao'», ^rjTovvrei aot KaXtfTai.^ ^^'O 

witliout »lH[id, seeking to tliee to syeiiU.] He 

Ss aTTOKpidsis fnr€ toi eiTourt avrcp' Tis eo'Tu/ 

but answenn^ said to the m«ii informing Kim j Who is 

r) iJ.r]T7}p /xov ; Kai Tiuss etcnu ol adeK(poi fj-ov ; 

the mother ofine? and who aie the brothers ofmcf 

^'^ Kat eKTfivas tt)U X^'P"' o-^tov errt rovs 

And ttretcliing out the hand .fliim towards the 

(xadriras aurdu, eivev I5oy, ■)) firjTrip fxov, Kai 

disciples of bun, Mid; Lo, the uiother of me, and 

OS a5i\(pi}i fxov, ^^'0(TTi5 jap av iroi-qcri to 

the brothers of me. Whoever for may do the 

(?eAT7/xa rov irarpos fxov, tov ev ovpavoiSy avTos 

will of the father of nie, that in heavens, the same 

fxou a5eK(pos Kut. a5eA^7j Kai fxr)T7)p ^(Ttiv, 

of me a brother and a sister and a lu other is. 

KE*. ly'. 13. 
'Ep Se TTj 7]jJ.epcj.€K?iur) €|eA0cui/ 6 Ir?(Toirs otto 

In but the day that departinj the Jesus from 

TTjj ot/ctos, e/ca07jTo irapa T'qu Qakaacrav' * Kai 

the house, be sat by the sea, and 

cvvrixQ'f]<xa.v Trpos avTou ox^oi iroWoi, &(m 

were .gathrred to him crowds great, so thrit 

avTov ets TO irKoioP eft^avTO. KaOrjaQaf Kai irtis 

be into the ship cntciing to be seated; and nil 

6 ox^os €Tn TOV aiyiaKov cicrrvK^i' ^ Kaf 

the crowd on the shore stnod. And 

f\a\ria-ip avTois ttoWo eu xapa^oXaiSy Xeywv 

hospalie to them much in pariibles, ^. saying; 

ISou, €^rj\6iV 6 (rirsipiov tqv ajreipeiv. ^ Kat 

Lo, went out the sower ofth'e (seed) to sow. And 

eu T(f (TTreipeiv avTov, a fJiev cireffi vapa Trjv 

in the sowing it, some indeed fell on the 

6Sou' Kai "qKBe to TreTetj/a, Kai KaTecpayev avra. 

path; and came the birds* and ate them. 

than itself, and entering, 
they abide there; and 
% the LAST state of that 
MAN IS worse tlian the 
FIRST. ITius will it also 
be with this zvii, gene- 


46 While he was yet 
talking to the crowds, 
Jhehold, his motheu and 
his UEOTHERS stood with- 
out, desiiing to speak to 

47 *[And one eaid ts 
him, "Behold, thy moth- 
Eu and tliy isrothers are 
standing without, wishing 
to speak to thee."] 

48 But HE answering, 
said to the person i>- 
roRMiNG him, t " VVho is^ 
my MOTHER? and who 
are my brothers ?" 

49 And extending his 
HAND towards his disci- 
ples, he said, " Behold 
my mothee, and Diy 


50 I For whoever shall 

do the WILL of THAT 

lATUER oi mine in the 
HEAVENS, that one is 
my Brother, or Sister, or 


1 On that DAY, Jesus," 
having gone out of the 
HOUSE, Jsat by the siDBi 

of the LAKE; 

2 but 60 many People 
gathered around mm, that 
he entered *a Boat, and 
sat down ; .and All the peg* 
PLE stood ou the skoez.' 

3 Then he discoursed 
much to them in Para- 
hies, saying; J "Behold, 
the sowEa went forth to 

4 And in sowing, some 
seeds fell +by the road; 
and the birds came and 
picked them up. 

• Vatican MAXusrniPT.— 47. And one said to him, "Behold, thy mother and thy bbo- 
THEtis aie standingr without, wishing to speak to thee"— omif. 2. a Boat. 5. eabtb. 

t ©. To suppose thit our Lord here Intends to put any slifrht on his mother would be 
very absurd; ne only took the opportunity of expressing his affection to liis obedient disci, 
pies in a peculiarly endearing manner ; which could not but bo a great comfort to them. 
It aptjears from Luke viii. 2, Susanna, Joanna, Mary Maijdalene, and others were then with 
him." + 4. The ordinary roads or paths in the Kast le»d often along the ed^e of the fields, 
wltich are unenclosed. Hence, as the sower scatters his seed, some of it is liable to fall be- 
yond the ploughed portion, on the hard beaten ground, whicli forms the way-side.— «af*rtf. 

1 45. Heb. vi. 4 : X, 20 ; 5 Peter ii. 20^22. t 45. Mark iii. 31 : Lukz viU>.$. J (KV 

John XV. 14;_ Gal. lii. S8;. .Heb. ji. W'. ~ t_l>.?i[Hkiv.l. t a^uke V^LS^. 

Hhap. 13: 5. J 


Oiap. 13. 16. 


aKOVdv, aKO-jerca. 

to heafi lei bim hear. 

"A\Aa 5< eweaev eirc ra •nfrpca^n \6nov ovk 

Other* and fell on the rocky ground, wLete not 

(tX^ yvf troWriv nai evO((as e^avsrfiKc, 5ta 

Itbad e&rth muchj sod iuimcdia.tely epn't); up, through 

TO fxri 6Xf«f ^olOos yrjs' ^*7?Atou 5e avarei- 

Ihe not to have a depth of earth; sua Mid hnvia; 

\avroSf iKavfiaricrQi)' Kat Sia ro yiiT/ cx^'" 

arisen, it ir.u scorched. and through tha nut to hare 

fn.^aUf c^ripauBr}. 'AAAo 5e (ireaeif tnt ras 

• root, wns dried up. Others and fell among the 

aitai>9a5' Kaiaui^i)(Tau al aKavOai, Kat aireiri/i^aif 

tborasi and sprung up the tborae, and choKed 

ouTo. ^AaAo 56 CTree?*' €iri rrju yt]v rr]v 

them. Others' and fell oa the ground the 

lta\7]u' Kai cSiSot; KoLpittv^ 6 fifv (Karov, 6 

good, and bore fruit the one a hundred, the 

6e i^TjKovTa, 6 Se rpiaKovra, :. ^ 'O exwr tara 

tizty, the other thirty.' He having ears 

^"Koj vpocTiKdovrfS ol 

And coming the 

fxaOrjrai tiirof ourq*' Atari (V irapa^oKais 

. disciples (aid to him i Why in parable* 

Aa\€(t ftirrots. ^* 'O Se airoKpiOeis €inev av- 

tpeakeat tlt^u to them? He and answering taid to 

rois' I., 'On vu.iv Z^torai yvcavai ra jivcrrripia, 

them I Because to yoa (ti« given to know the. secrets 

T7JS PacriKfias rwv ovpavww €Kiii/qis de ov 

of the kingdom «f the . heaveut; to them but, not 

SeSorat. ^^'Otrris yap 6xe<, SoO^vtrerat avr(i>, 

i it 1* given. Whoever for Las, it shall be given to htm, 

Kai Trfpi&(revd7i<reTat' octtis Seoufc fx*'» fot 

and he will be gifted with abundance inboever but not haa> even 

6 exf'» apOrjarfrat ait'' avrov. .-^^ Aia rovro 

what he has, shall be taken from hiai. , Tlureforo this 

(V irapafio\ats avrots AaA&j, on ^Kftroures ov 

in parables to tiiem I speak, for seeing not 

fiKfirovai, Kai aKovovres ovk aKovovaiv^ ouSe 

tbey see, and hearing not they hear, neither 

\cvviQv(Ti. ^'* Kat avair\T]povrai avrots ii irpo' 

do they understand. And is fulfilled to them the 

ipr)reia 'H<raiov, t) Aeyoucro' " AKorj aKovcerf, 

I prophecy .of Esaias, that saying; "By hearing you shall hear, 

kat ov fiTf (7t/'T7T6* Kat fi\€Trovrfs /3Ae\//eTf , 

land not not you may understand ; and seeing youwillsee, 

Kat ov fXT} tSrjTf. ^^Eiraxwdri yap 7) KapSta rov 

and not not you may see. lias grown fat for tho heart, of the 

5 And olhera fell oa 


they had not much Soil; 
and immediately vegeta- 
ted. throu<j:hjiot HAVIKCJ 
a I)epth of * F.AKTH ; 

6 land when the Sua- 
had risen, they weia 
scorched, and having m) 
Root, they withered. 

7 And others fell anxong" 

+THOENS; and the THORN 3' 

choked thera. 

8 But others fell oa 
GOOD GBOUND, and yield- 
ed Increase ; one s iiuii-) 
died, ONE sixty, acd onb 
thirty. - , 

9 He HA^iKo Ears toi 
hear, let hira heJtf. 

10 t Then the disci- 
ples approaching, said to 
him, "Wliy dost thou 
speak to them in Para« 

11 He answerin*, said. 
to them, "Because You 
are permitted to know the 
secrets of the kingdom i 
of the heavens; but t» 
tijtm this privilege ia nod 

12 For whoever has, to^ 
him more will be given,' 
and he shall abound ; bufc 
whoever has not, from' 
him will be taken even 
that which he has. 

13 For this reason I' 
I speak to them in Para- 
bles; Because seeing, they 
do not perceive; and hear- 
ing, they do not under^l 
stand; nor do they regard 

14 And in them 'is ful-> 


Isaiah, M'hich says; I'By 
'Hearing you will hear, 
' though you may not un-! 
' derstand; and seeing, yoa' 
' will see, though you may. 
' not perceive. . 

15 'For the under- 


• Vaticab Manoscbipt.— 5. barth. 

t 0. In Palestine, during the seed time, (which is in November,) the skj' is generally 
cyerspread with clouds. The seed then springs up even in stony ground ; but, when the sun. 
dissipates the clouds, having outirrown its strength, it is q^iickly dried a.viay.—RosenmuHcT. 
•t 7- .imong THORNS — or rather, upon thorny ground." 'ihe field sown ma.v be conaiUered 
to, cons-fit of the different varieties of soil specified; viz., the rocky, the ihomy, aiid the 
HOod groimd. 

t 10. 3Iark iv. 10; Lukeviii. 9. 1 J4. Isa. vi. 9; .JobrLXii. 39; Acta xxviii. :6t 
Kom. x\. 8. i ' •-^' * 

enap. IS; I6.j 


[aiap. *3 : 23. 

Kaov TovTov, Kai ^cis oxrt fiapeus 7]Kov(raVy Kai 

ifeopls thin, ftnd with. %iit ears heavily they hear, tuid 

roi s ocpOaXfiovs avraip iKapLfivcrav^ firjTroTe 

the eyes of them they shut, lesr 

iScotri rois 0(p9a\/xoiSy ftoci rois (txriv aKov- 

they should see with the eyes, tud with the eais they should 

crcoari, Kai rrj KapSia (rvvoicri, Kai eiria-rpe- 

iieai, and with the heart should understand, aud they should 

iLouaif Kai laaoouai avTovs.** ^^"T/xwu Se 

turn, ana I should heal them. Ot'you but 

liaKapioi 01 o(p6a\/xoi on ^Xcirovai' Kai ra wra 

blessed the eyes for they see i and the ears 

*[iyjUcoi',] Sri aKOvei, ^^ K^t]v yap Kcyio vixiv, 

[ofyou,3 for they hear. Indeed for I say to you, 

6ri TToWoi irpocpT^Tai Kai SiKaioi €ire9v/xT](rai' 

that many prophets and rii;hteou8 men have desired 

iSeiUf a. /SA-fTrere, Kai ovk eidov Kai aKovcrai^ 

to see what you see, aud Dot sav\'i aud (k> hear, 

a aKovere, Kai ovk r]Kovaay. 

what you heai', and not beard. 

^^"TjJLGis ovv a/coucare rr,v irapa^oXrji/ rov 

You therefore hear Ibe parable of the 

arireipouTos. ^^Tlavros aKovovTos rov Koyov 

sower. Any one heaninj the word 

TTjs fiaaiXcias, Kai /xt] (rvvievroSf epx^^ai 6 

of the kingdom, aud not uudetstanding, coiues the 

nourjpos, Kai apira^eiro €cnrapiueuov cvtt] KapSia 

wicked (one,; and suatches that haviug been sown in the heart 

avTov ovTos ecTTiVj 6 irapa rriv ohov awapeis. 

ofhun; tills is, that on the path oem;^sowu. 

"^'OSeeTTira veTpooSrf airapeis^ ovtos eariy. 

Thai but on the rocky ground beui^sown, thU is, 

6 rov \oyov aKovcoy Kai evOvs fiera ^apas 

who the word hearing and forthwith with joy 

KafjL^avwv avrow ^^ ovk ex^i Se pi^av ^v iavrcp, 

receiving iti not he has but a root in Hioiseli', 

oAAa irpo<TKaipo5 €(rrr y^vo/xeu-qs Se OXiipecos rj 

but transieut is j ai'ising and trial or 

Stcu7yuoy 8i« rov Xoyov, cvOvs 0"/car5aAi^6TOt. 

persecution through the word, immediately he is offeuded. 

*-' 'O 5e eis ras aKavQas <nr,p^is, ovros ecriVy 

That b^t into the thorus being sown, this is, 

6 rov Koyov aKovwv, Kai ?j fjupLixva, rov aiwvos 

who the word hewing, aud the care of the Age 

TovToVy Kai 7] aTvarr) rov irXovrov <TV[XTrviyei 

this. and the delusion of the riches chokes 

Toy Koyov Kai UKapiros yiverai. '^ 'O Se eirt 

the word; and unfruitful becomes. That but on 

rriv yr]v rrjv KaKrjv jTrrapets, ovros ((rriv^ 6 rov 

the ground the good being sown, this is, who the 

Xoyov aKOvouv, Kai crvvicav 6s S/j Kapiroipopei, 

word healing, and understanding i who really bears fruit. 

•PLE 19 stupified; they 
'hear heavily with their 
'kaks, and their ETEs 
'they close; lest Beeing 
'with their eyes, and 
' healing with their eaks, 
' and comprehending with 
'their Jiind, they 8hor.,id 
'retrace their steps, an J 
' I should restore them.' 

16 JBut blessed ere 
Your EYES, because they 
see; and ZASS, because 
they hear. 

17 Tor indeed I say to 
you, JThat Many Pro- 
phets and Righteous mr-a 
have desired to see what 
you behold, but have not 
seen; aud to hear what 
you hear, but have not 

18 tTJnclerstand jou, 
therefore the fABABLK oi 
the sowEK. 

19 When any one hears 

the JWOKD of the KIKG- 

DOM, but considers it not, 
the EVIL one comes and 
snatches away that hav- 
iiig been sown in his 
HEAKT. This explains 
THAT which was sows 
by the road. 

20 That wWch was 
sown on kocky guoukd, 
denotes him, who heah- 
ixo the WOKD, receives 
it immediately with Joy; 

21 yet, it having 'no 
Root m his mind, he re- 
tains it only a short time; 
for when Affliction or Per- 
secution arises, on ac- 
count of the woKD, he 
instantly stumbles. 

22 That which was 
sown among thorns, de- 
notes THAT hearer, in 
whom the cares of *tluJ 
age and the deceptive 

^ESS of RICHES, Chok 

the WORD, and render- 

23 But that which was 
sown on good soil, an^ 
produced fruit, one a 
hundred, one sixty, and 
ONE thirty, denotes him, 
who not only hears and 

♦ Vatican Maxosckift.-^W. your— onnY. 22. the jt.sjt. 

t 17. 1 Peter i. iO, 11. t 18^ Mark iv. 14;, Luke viii. 11 

t 1ft. Luke s. 23. 
10 Matt. iv. i&. 

CJuxp. 13: 24.] 


(Puxp. 13: 31. 

Kai TToieif 6 jxev eKarov^ 6. Se I^Tj/coi/Ta, o 

and yields, the one a hundred, the other siLty, th? 

5e TpiaKOvra. 

other thirty. 

'^^AWriv 7rapa0o\7]V irapeOrjKeu amois, Ae7ct'»'" 

Another p.-irablt he proposed to them, saying; 

'rifioKjiOri 1] fiacriAeia rcov fvpavoov av^pca-wcf 

.May be compared the kingdom of the heavens t i a man 

aiT€ipovTi Ka\ov (nrep/xa ev rep aypcp aurov. 

towing good seed in the field of him. 

^ Ev Se rca KaOevSeiv rovs avOpcoirous, TjA^e** 

In and the to sleep tlie men, came 

avrov 6 exOpos, KUi ecnretpe ^i(^avia ava fi^aov 

of him the enemy, and sowed darnel through miclst 

rov criTov' Kai airrjKQev. -^'Ore Se efi\a(rT7}a€V 

Ofthe wheat> and went forth. When and was sprung up 

j> x^P'^^^ ^^'^ KapTtov eTTonqcey rare €(papr) Kai 

the blade and fruit yielded, then appeared also 

TO ^i(lauia. "^ npocreAfloi/Tes Se ol SouXoi tov 

the darnel. Coming and the slaves of the 

oiKodfCTiroTOVy eiTTOu avTCf Kvpie, ouxi KaXov 

householder, said to him; O lord, not good 

criTipixa ecireipas eu tw acp aypco; irodev ovv ex^t 

seed didst thou sow in the thy field? whence then has it 

^i^avia^ ^^'O Be €(pT] auTois' Ex^pos avdpcowos 

darnel? He and said to them ; An enemy a man 

Tovro eTTOirjaev. Oi de Sov\oi eiirov auT^' 

this has done. The and slaves said to him; 

©eAeiS ovu aireXdouTes avWe^co/jLeu avra; 

Dost thou wish then going forth we should gather them? 

^'O 5e ecpT]' Ov /jirjTroTe, (rvWeyovresra ^L^auia^ 

He and said; No, lest, gathering the darnel, 

€KpiCco<rr)Te a/xa avrois rov airou. ^ Acjyere 

you should root up v^ith them the wheat. Leave them 

cuvav^av^aQai a/xcporepa fi^xp*- '''^^ Oepicrixov 

to grow together both till the harvest; 

Kai iv Kaipa> tov OepnT/xov cpco rois d^pitrrais' 

and in time of the harv.>t I willsay to tlie harvesters; 

2uAAe|aT€ TtpcoTov ra Qi^avia, Kai Srjaare aura 

Gather you first the darnel, and bind you them 

eis Sea/xaSy irpos to KaraKavcrai avTW tov Se 

into bundles, for the to bui-n them ; the but 

(TiTov avvayayere fis rrjv aTrodrjKrjv juov. 

wheat bring together into the barn ofiiie. 

'■^^ Pi.W7]V TTapa^oXT]V Tvapedi^KfV avrots, Aeywv 

Another parable he proposed to them, saying; 

'Ofj-oia ecTTiv t] ^a<ri\eia rwv ovpavcov kokkc^ 

Like i» the kingdom of the heavens to a grain 

aivair€0)S, 6v Ka^oov auOpwTros ecnreipev (V to. 

of mustard, which taking a maa sowed in the 

considers, but obeys the 


24 He proposed to 
them another Parable, 
saying, The KiNtiBOM of 
the HEAVKNs may be 
compared to the fikld 
in which the Owner sow- 
ed Good Grain : 

25 but while the men 
and sowed t Darnel 
among the wheat, and 
went away. 

26 When the blade 
shot up, and put I'orth 
the Ear, then appeared 
also the darnel 

27 And the servants 
of the householdee, 
coming said to him. 
Master, thou didst sow 
Good Seed in thy Field ; 
whence, then, has it Dar- 

28 He replied, an Ene- 
my has done this. * And 
THEY say to him. Dost 
thou wish then, that we 
should weed them out ? 

29 And HE said, No ; 
lest in weeding out the 
DARNEL, you also tear 

up the WHEAT. 

30 Let both grow to- 
gether till the HARVEST ; 
and in the time of har- 
vest, I will say to the 
REAPERS, First gather 
the DARNEL, and bind 
it in Bundles for burn- 
ing ; t then bring to- 
gether the wheat into 


31 I Another Parable 
he proposed to them, 
saying; The kingdom 
of the heavens is like 
to a Grain of Mustard, 
which a Man planted in 
his field; 

• Vatican Manuscbipt.— 28. And they say to him. 

t 25. A plant wtiich bears a strikinf? resemblance to wheat. The following remarks by 
H. B. Hackett, will fully illustrate this : — "la passinsr tkroug-h the fertile coutttrj' of the an- 
cient Philistines, on the south of Palestine, I asked the guide, one day, a native Syrian, \i 
he knew of a plant which was apt to make its appearance amon^ the wheat, and which re- 
sembled it so much that it could hardly be distinguished from it He replied that it was 
very common, and that he would soon show me a specimen of it. Soon after this ne pointed 
out to me some of this grass, growing near our p.nth ; and afterwards, having once seen it, 
I foimd it in almost every field where I searched for it. Except that the stalk wai not so 
high, it appeared otherwise precisely like wheat, just as the e:irs begin to show tlicmselves. 
and the kernels are swelling out into shape. I collected some specimens of this deceitfu' 
Reed and have found, on showing them to friends, that thev ^v© ttustakeu tbeui (juit* ia 
rariably for some species of grain, such as wheat or barley. 

r 30. Matt. lii. 12. t SI. JUaiJi iv. 80i Luke xiii. IS. 

(VftxTO. 13: 32.] 


{Chap. 135 S9. 

cyp^f} abrou. ^^'O yuKporepov fxfv trm iravrtav 

'I field of him. Which Icsi indeed u - of all 

Tcau airep/xaTosv l^rav Se av^ijOri, fieiCoy rwy 

ofttie eeertsi wuon but it may be grown, n ^ealer ofthc 

A.txx'ii'ODy ^arif Kai yiyerai deyopou, wars eKdeiy 

Ue&bs >9, and becomes } a tree, so that tocouie 

Tc vereiva too ovpauovy Kai KararrKrivovv cv 

the birds of Che keavea, and ' to loake aesl» in 

Tois Kka^ois auTov, 

Vtho branches ofit. _ _ 

^ AWTjf TTapa^aXrjif ehaX-qirev avroCs' 'Ofiota 

Another p.-irahle hespaUc to them; LiUe 

ttrriv 7] ^affiXsca rav ovpavuv C^fiJ), ijf Ka^ovaa 

U the kingdom oftba heaven* to lesvea, f7hicb taking 

yvi/r} iveKovipeif fis a\€vpov aara rpia, Iwy ov 

• woman mixed ia of meal measure* three, till ofit 

s^vfiuBTf 6Kov. ^'Tavra vavTa (KaArjcrei^ 6 

Was leavened whole. These all spake 't> the 

Iriarovs ey vapa0o\ais tois ox^ots, isai x^pis 

Jeaus ia parables to the crowdo, and without 

V9.pa8o\f}s ovK €\a\€i avTots' ^'oircsis ttAt?- 

ft parable not hes^pake to them; ao that it might 

pwdr) TO ^7]6ev Sia rou wpo^T/rou, Keyoyros' 

1)0 fitlalbdtljo word spokea through the prophet, saying, »i: 

** Avoi^oo tff sapal3o\ais to crroy.a fiow epey 

' I Kill Of cAj^ lo pAiables the muutu of me. I will 

fo/toti KeKpvfJLjJi^va awo KaTa^oKrjs 

openly declare thinga having been bid ^ Iroia A beguanixig - 


[ofthe world."] 

^'ToT€ a(piis rovs ox^ovs^i^\B?v etSTrjU 

"Sixitt teanr.^ the crowds, tfesit. into the 

otKiay 6 Irjaous, Kai tspocrythSov avTa> oi 

house the Jesus, And eamo tchimi tiio 

fiaOrjrai avrov, Xeyovres' -^pa<ray ^/xiif- t^*» 

di«ciptea of him, caying; ,, Explain tuuo 1^^ 

^irapa0o\7}y rcav ^c^vkdv tov ay pov. 27 .*q jg 

parable ofthc d.vnels of the field. Be tnA 

'e.iroKpi6eis einrtu '"[oin-ots*] 'O iTTretpcaif to 

ensweri .5 said [tothcnii] _. He. sowing .' the 

Ha\oy (mepfiUf _€0'rty 6 vtos rov avOptoTTov 

•good "T seed, ia tho • »oa ofthe' maoi . 

^ 6 5f aypoSf fcrty 6 soafios' ro Be Ka\otf 

the and field, i» the worlds . the asd' good 

ffirepnaf ovroi eicrty dl vtot ttjs 0cLa'iA€ias' Ta 

■eed, Ihcy are the sons of tho hingdon.; the 

de ^i^avtat eicriy ci viot rov irovTipov'- ^b Be 

«nd darnel, are the SQiis of the nicked (oce)i the and) 

tx^pos, 6 ffTTsipas cura, fo-riy 6 SialBohos' 6 5e 

enem^ ^ tr having sown them, '.^'^ ia . the advenaiyi theaodl 

tepicTfioSf <rwTS\etCf. rov aiiovos ecTitf oi Se 

I harvest, end of the age is; the and 

32 which indeed is one 
of the t least of All 
SEEDS ; but when grown 
it is larger than any 
HERB, land becomes a 
Tree, so that the birds 
of HEAVEN come and 
build their nests on its 


33 I Another Parable 
he spake to them ; " The 

ENS resembles Leaven, 
which a Woman taking, 
mingled in three t Mea- 
sures' of Meal, till the 
whole fermented." 

34 All these things Je- 
sus communicated to 
the crowds in Parables, 
and without a Compari- 
son he taught them not ; 

35 so that the word 
SPOKEN through the 
PROPHET might be ver- 
ified, sajnng ; 1 1 " I will 

open my mouth in 
" parables, I will openly 
'declare things having 
"been hid from the be- 
" ginning." 

36 Then * Jesus leav- 
ing the PEOPLE, retired 
to the HOUSE ; and his 
disciples approached 
him, saying, "Explain 
to us the PARABLE of the 
DARNEL in the field." 

37 He answering, said , 
" He who sows the good 
Seed is the son of man ; 

38 the FIELD is the 
WORLD ; the good Seed 
are the sons of the 
kingdom ; the darnei, 
are the sons of the evil 


SOWED them is the ad- 
versary ; the HAR- 
VEST is the End of the 
*Age; and the reap- 
ers are Messengers. 

SO. he lea. 

&?. to tbeta--««ir. 

• Vaticas MAauscniFT.— 35. ofthe World— omi/. 
80. Age. . . .- 

t 82. ThSt IS, of an tliose seeds witli which the pSople of Judea were then acquainted. 
Our Lord's words are to be interpreted by popular use. And we learn from Matt. xvii. 30, 
thsit like a grain of mustard seed was become proverbial for expressing' a very small quan- 
tity. — Geo. Campbell. t 32. /Stid becomes a tree. It attains a large size in Judea. Light, 
foot says, R. Simeon Ben Chalaphta mentions one "into which he was wont to climb, aa 
roe-' ,are wont to climb into a fit?-trcc." Trench quotes a traveler in Chili who had ridden 
On^erone. t 33. A measure containing about a peck and a half, wanting a little moro 

than a pint. Three of them made an ephah. t 35. *' I will open my moutn in nar^ihiest 

will (itterdark sayings which have been from the begioxuDg. '-•Sir L. C. L Br^utoHtU ScjttHOr 
^utt translation of Ps^ Izxviii, 3. 

83. Lukexiii. SO. 3 35. Psa. IxxviU.^. 

'CJiap 13 : 40 \ 


tiap. 13: 49. 

rcipeitf, " meh^t'tiu'era aje. A» therefore nrc 

xtyerai ra ^i(avia, Kai irvpt KaieTar o'utws 

(nthnei fhe <!aincl, and 'in a lire aic burnedj 

earat ^ef ttj crvi/TfXeia rov aiwi^os tovtov. 

•riiliibe in tl.c eml oftlie n^-e tliis. 

^\AiTocrre\(i 6 vlos rov avOpcoirov rovs ayyeKovs 

Willii'iiJ the son oflhe unn the iiiessengcis 

n'jTou, Kai aoWf^oucriu ck rr]s'Pacri\etas avrov 

ofhiin, anil they wiil catliir out of the " kingdom of him 

vai/ra to (TKav5a\a Kai rovs TToiovvras rrjv avo- 

■iW the sediicois j, and tho«e woikinj the law. 

fiiau^ J' K21 fioLKovcrtv avrovs €iy r-qy KUfxtuou 

IvMnet^^ /and theywillcast •', them into the fumAce 

rov ■JTvpaii fKet fTTjy.i 6 K\av6ixos Kai 6 ^pvyfxos 

<J lYte fiiu.'^^ (Iicrc shaliuellie weeping and the gn.-isliing 

iTo;v oSovraV, ^^ Tore ol SiKaioi eK\a/j.\l/ovaiy, 

of the ;. teeth. y Then tlie righteous eliaU shine, 

tlis 6 r)\iosi~€U^'p fia&iKeia rov^irarpus avruv, 

] *» the r; «un, Ci in tlie '.. kingdom oflhe falliec i, of them. 

i'O (xo}v,(i}ra ^[cKouefj',] akoueru. 

[lie hiMnir cai« ' Q [to hear,] . iet hiui heir. / 

\'*''^[naA.j;/] o/toia^ecTii/ v; 0a(ri\fia twu 

[Again] lils it the kingdom ofthe 

'c;jpavo}V Or](Tavpy KeKpv,uiJ.fU(p (V ro) aypfa, 6v 

, )ie3«ena , to .1 tie.isuro liavin;,' Leen hid iq the field, whirh 

*hp(ay-~ayOp(aTros'^CKpv\p(, Kai awo -rvs x^P'^^ 

findin;' it lTi.-in lie lii lee, .ind from the joy 

avTov vTrayeif Kai iravra Sera exctTwAet, /co< 

of him Lr );uei, and > all asmucbaa he has aells, cod 

ayopa^et rov ay pay eKeiuov. 

\^ liii}< the fieli that. 

^^riaA'y 6/xoia (criu ■)] ^atriKcia roov ovpavuiv 

.\g.iio liUe is the kingdom oflhe heavens 

*[avOpc')rra'^ efxiToptf.', ^r)rovvri KaKovs [xapaypi- 

[to a man] a merchant, eeeVing choice pearls. 

Tos. "*' Evpuy Se eua. TroKvr'ifxoy fxapyapirrjv. 

Finding and one costly peail, 

air(\6uv Tren-pa/ce iravra baa f JXf > f<o.i t\yopa- 

eoing lie sold ^ oU as much aa be bad, and bought 

Civ avrov. 


*' TlaXiu bjxoio. (crrii/ 7; fia(ri\fia rwv ovpavoov, 

Again like !i the kingdom ofthe lieaveot 

ffayTtvT), P\r]dei<TT) €ts rrjv BaKaTaau, Kai 6K- 

Co a drag-net, being cajtt into the sea, , and ■ of ' ■ 

^avros yevous cvvayayovarf ^^ tju^ ire errkr]- 

every kind bnngiog together; which, when it is 

pudr), dvafii^acravres eiri rov aiyiaXov, Kai 

fuU, drawing to -^^the ahore, ■ and . 

KaBicravres 'avveKf^av ra Ka\a €iy ayyfiaf-ra 

sitting doifn they collected the good into vessels, the 

86 (Tuirpa 6|a> c(ia\ov. ^^ Ovrws ecrrai tv rrj 

|)ut bad away they cast. So It will be in the 

40 As tlfcrefoie the 
Darnel fs gailiL-ictl and 
biiiiird'in a Fire, sowiji 
'il be ill the end of 'ihe 


41 The .SON of MAN Will 

I send flirt li his MKSlHN'. 
ctRs, \vlio will H;atlicr out 

of llis KINGDOM All SK- 

DucKKs and imqujtwjus 

43 } and '^will~ throw 
tlieni into the furn.uck. 
of FIRE ; tJieie will he tlie 
wfeung and thcGNiiSK- 


43 JThcnwilltheKfGii- 
TEOus l)e resplendent as 
the SUN in the kingjdom 
of their Fathee. Hr. 
who HAS ears, let lain 

44 The KINGDOM oftho 
HEAVENS is like a hid- 
den Treasure in a riELU. 
which, a Man iinding, he 
covers up, and, from Jiii? 
JOY, he goes and sells all 
tliat he lias, and buys that 


45 Again, the TCING- 
DOM of the heavens is 
like a Pearl of Great 


46 which f a Merchant, 
who waa^Eceking Choice 
Pearls, liaving found, uent 
and sold all that he )iad, 
and bought it. 

47 Again, flie king- 
DOii of the heavens re- 
sembles a Drag-net, heinj 
cast into the sea, and en- 
closing 'fishes of Every 

48 which, when it is. 
full, they draw *o the 
SHOEE, and sitting down, 
gather the good into ves- 
sels, but thro\v the use- 
less away. 

49 So will it he Si the 

Vatica:! Mani'scbipt. — 40. the age. , 4S. to hear— omit, 4". Again— obij*. 

45. Man — omit. 

I ♦ 40. To translate aioon, by the word wortl, has a ten<leiiC3i to lead the reader asti^'. "No 
less than thirteen different meanings are attached to this word, in the Common Vei«ioiu 
Thetneanin J is age, and this rendering can alw.ays be understood. . The context will deter*' 
mine, generally, v/hat age is referred to— the Jewish^ Christian, Messianic, or the endleea 
succession of ages. For further remarks, see Appendix. t 46. Such as those £ouudi9 

the East, who travel about buying or exchanging jewels, pearls, or other valuablei^ 

t 41. Matt- txii 7-^ "" ; «. Matt. iii. 12. " " - J 45. Dan. xii. 3.. 

Chap. 13; RO.] 


{CJ'.ap. IJJ? .•<=(. 

incl oftho ar- . Shall r-o forth ihe messea- 

Koi, KM a('j:opiov(T: toi/% voznjpujs ck fxccrou tojv 

goi-8, and siiiU separate the; <^ic>»'1 ri-r>~ among the 

SiKctcoj', °"kci p,a\ovTiv avTOJS sis rr]v Kafxivov 

jus., fliU. shall cast them into the furnace 

roi) Ttvpos" QKsi scrai a KXavdfios Kai 6 ^puyfxos 

oftLe Srej there riill be the weeping and the gnashing 

TiDU odovTwv^ °^ ^[^Aeyei avrois 6 l7jcrous„] 

of the teeth. [Says to them the Jesus.] 

"SiVvrixaTe Tavra vavra ; A^yovcnv avro)' 

Have you understood these things all? They say to him; 

Nat [fcvpie.] ^^'O Se enrev avrois' Aia tovto 

Yes [Olord.] He then said to them; Therefore this 

vas ypajj-jULarevSy juadTjTsvdeis rri fiatnXeLq. ray 

tnrery Bcribe, being instructed to the kingdom oftho 

ovpavL^V,, bjxoiot ^'^riv avdpcoircp ocKoSecnrorp, 

heavens like js to a man an householder, 

Jans jK^aWec eK rov Orjaavpov avruv Kaiva 

-7ho brings otit of the truasury of him nev; 




And it came ;o pass, »hen had concluded the Jesus the 

rapa^okas ravras^ fxer-ppev sKeidev. ^ Kj,^ 

parables these, he departed thence. iind 

eXSwu ?».,- TTj!' 'uaTpiSa avrov^ cdiSanKev avrovs 

coning into ;hO 70!ir.ti"j of him, 'ic t.aught thei i 

■ty T7- (Tvyaytoyx c^vrcoy, wcrre cicTrKrjTTQO'Bci/. 

ia the •voagoguc of them, so ."js ioatitoniflfe. 

Ki/TOW!, icuL AeyeiVo lludev rovry (; o'ocpia 

thcmt, zxid io ;ay. ^Vhencf this the wisdo 

VivTifi, czat a! §vya/j.ei,ss ^Q>vx ovtos eariy 6 

this acd ihe* powers? Not this is the 

TOV T<^xroyos vios> ovx& V P-V^Vp 'J-vtov Xcycrai 

of the carpenter souV not the mother of him is callt 1 

Mapta/i; KM oi a^e\(pO' avTov la/cu/^oSo Kai 

iVlarvV and '..hc brother^ r'him Jaincc, and 

lQ)(r7)s, Kai ^.ificoy^ Kai iovias; ^xeu at a^e\(pai, 

>ose3, anc'^ Simon, and Jndas? aad ',Ixe sisters 

avTov ovx^ "^ojcu irpos nj/xas gut:,; •'odey ovy 

ly him not ail vith us are P >>hence then 

rcvTcp rajra iravra: ^ 'at eCtcay^aXii^iVTo ey 

thio these all? And they found a difficulty in 

OtvTc-o 'O §€ lTf](Tovs cnrei/ aurois' Ovk ccti 

him. The and Jesus said to them ; Not is 

Wpo(priTr]s arifios, €t fir) ep rrj TrarpiBi avrou 

a prophet unhonored, :f no ' " 

Kai ey rri oiKia avrov. 

and! in the house of him. 

ifcei Svyafxeis iroWas.- 

thero mighty works many, 



in tlie 

^^ Kai OVK 

And not 

>;>. .iss Oi the 



he did do 


unbelief of 

END of the AGE. The 


forth, and will separate 
the WICKED from 
among the righteous ; 

50 and will throw 
them into the furnace 
of FIRE ; there will be 
the WEEPING and the 


,51 Have j'ou under- 
stood all these things?" 
They answered, "Yes." 

52 Then he said to 
them, " Everj' Scribe 
therefore, being in- 
structed *in the king- 
dom of the HEAVENS, 

is like a Householder, 
who produces from his 


and old." 

53 And it occurred 
when Jesus had con- 
cluded these PARABLES, 

he departed thence. 

54 J And coming into 
this OWN CITY he so 
taught the inhabitants 
in their synagogue, 
that they were as- 
tonished, and said, 
" Whence has this man, 
this WISDOM, and these 


55 I Is not this the 


not his MOTHER called 
Mary? and do not his 
BROTHERS, James, and 
t Joses, and Simon, and 

56 and all his f sis- 
ters, live with us? 
Whence, then, has he 
all these things." 

57 And they {stum- 
bled at him. But Jesus 
said to them, " A Pro- 
phet is not without hon- 
or, except in his own 
country, and in his 

own FAMILY'," 

58 I And he did not 
perform many Miracles 
there, because of their 

'■ "V:.sicA.i« Manusceipt. — 61. Jesus says to them — omit. 51. Lord — omtt. 62. in. 

V 51. 1 hat is, Nazareth, where he had been brought up ; Luke iv. 16, 23. t .55. J o. 

ieph— so read Lachmann, Tischendorf, and Tittman. t 56. According to Theophylact. 

tfte names of the sisters ot Jesus were Mary and Salome. 

t 5-i. Matt. ii. 23 ; Mark vi. 1- t 55. John vi. 42. t S". "Uatt. xi. 0-, Isa. viii . 14; 

fora. ix. 32, 33 ; i Peter ii. 8. I 58. Mark vi. 5. 0. 

C7tap. 14: 1.] 


C^ap. 14: IS. 

KE*. t5'. 14. 
^ Eu eK€ivcj} rcf} Kaipcp T}Kov(rev 'hpaSrjs 6 

At that the time heard Herod the 

reTpapxv^ "^W a.K07]v It/cou, ^ Kai etTre tois 

tetrarch the fame of Jesus, and said to the 

TTaiiTiv avTov OvTos €(TTiv luavvrjs 6 ^anTL(rr7]S' 

servants of him; This is John the dipper; 

avTos riy^pOr] airo twv ueKpwv, Kai 5ia tovto at 

he is raised from the ' dead, and therefore this the 

SvfafjL^is ev^pyovtriv eu avT(f. ^ 'O yap 'HpcoSrjs, 

mighty powers work in him. The for Herod, 

KpaTT](ras rov luavvqu, eSrjcrev avTov, Kai eOeTO 

seizins; the John, iiad bound him, and put 

ey (pvAaKT], Sia 'HpubiaSa t7}v yvvaiKa ^ik- 

in prison, on accoimt of Herodias the wife of 

iTTTTou Tov a5e\<pov avrov. "^Ekeyeyap avrcfj 6 

Philip the brother of him. Had said for to him the 

lioavi'r}S' OvK elecrt aoi exej;/ avTT}v. ^ Kai 

John; Not it is lawful to thee to have her. And 

6e\(i}v avrov airoKTeivai, ecpofirjdr] tov ox^ov, 

wishing him to destroy, he feared the people, 

6ti w€ irpo(pr]Tr)v avrov eixov. ^ Feveo'iuv 5e 

for as a prophet him they esteemed. Birth-day of but 

ayofievcov rov 'HpcoSov, copxTjcaro r] Bvyarrjp 

was being held of the Herod, danced the daughter 

TTjs 'HpcoSiaSos ey rco /xeacfj- Kai Tjpe<T€ rep 

ofthe Herodias in the inid»t; and pleased the 

'Hpu^Ti' ' 66ev fied^ opKOv oif-ioKoyiqcriv avrrj 

Herod; whereupon with an oath he promised to her 

Sovvai, 6 €av airT](rr]rai. ^ 'H Se, irpoPi- 

to give, what soever she might ask. She and, being 

fiaa-Oeiaa v/ro rr)s firjrpos avrrjs, Aos fxoi, 

incited by the mother of her, Give to me, 

<p7]<Tiv, iSe CTTi TTivaici rr)V Ke(pa\r]v Iccavvov rov 

she said, here upon a plate the head ofJulin the 

fiairri(Trov. ^ Kai ekvTnjdrj 6 ^acriXevs' dia 5e 

dipper. And was sorry the king, because of but 

TOWS opKOvs Kai rovs awavaKeifievovs, €/ce- 

thc oaths and thoee reclining at table, he com- 

\ev(re SoOrjvai. ^^ Kai Trefjixl/as air^KecpaXicre 

mauded it to be given. And sending he cut oif the head of 

rov IcoavvTjv ev rrj <pv\aKri' ^^ Kai -qv^x^"*) V 

the John in the prison. And was brought the 

KicpaXr} avrov cvi irivaKi, Kai eSodr] rcf> Kopa- 

head of him on a plate, and it was given to the little 

(Tiw' Kai riV€yK€ rri ixr]rpi avr-qs. ^-Kanrpocr- 

girl; and she brought it to the mother of her. And coining 

iXQovns 01 /xaOrirai avrov r/pav ro cco/xa, Kai €0- 

the disciples of him took the body, and they 

a\^av avro' Kai e\6ovris arr-qyy^iXav ra \t](Tov. 

buried it; and departing they told it to the ,Tesu&. 


1 AtThatTiMK, Jllcr. 
od the t TETRARCH, hear- 
ing of the fame oi Jesus, 

2 said to his servants, 
"This is John the im- 
MERSER; f)e is raised from 
the dead; and therefore 
MIRACLES ai'e performed 
by liim." 

3 Tor t Herod *then 
had caused John to be 
seized, bound, and put in 
* PRISON, on account of 
t Herodias, his brother 
Philip's WIFE ; 

4 for John had said to 
him, J "It is not lawful 
for thee to have her." 

5 And wishing to kill 
him, lie feared the peo- 
ple, X Because they es- 
teemed him as a Propliet. 

6 But wlien Herod's 
Birth-day was kept, the 
t daughter of Herodi- 
as danced in the midst, 
and pleased Herod ; 

7 whereon he promised 
with an Oath to give her 
wliiitever she might re- 

8 And SHE, being insti- 
gated by lier mother, 
said, " Give me here, on a 
Platter, the head of John 


9 And the *king, be- 
ing sorry on account of tlie 
oaths and the guests, 
commanded that it should 
be given her. 

10 Accordingly, by his 
order, John was behead- 
ed in the prison. 

11 And his head was 
brought on a Platter, and 
presented to the girl; 
and she carried it to her 

12 And his disciples 
coming, carried off *the 
DEAD-BODY, and buried 

* Vatican Manuscript. — 3. then had. 3. misoN. 9. king, being sorrj' oa 

account of the oaths and the guf-sts, commandedo 12. the oeas-bodt. 

t 1. Properly, the jjovei-nor ofthe fourth part of a couiitrj' ; commonly used as a title in- 
ferior to a KING, and denoting chief ruler. The person here spoken of was Antipas, a son of 
Herod the Great. The name king is sometimes given to tetrarchs. See verse 9. — Geo. 
Campbell. t S. He had married a daughter of Aretas, an Arabian prince, whom he put 

away, after he had induced Herodias to quit her husband; this occasioned a war between 
Herod and Aretas. t 6. Named balome, daughter of Herodias by her former hus- 

band. — Jogephus, Ant. xviii. v. 4. 

i 1. Mark vi. 14; Luke ix. 7. t 3. Mark vi. 1" ; Luke iii. 19, 20. t 4. Lev iviii 

Ifi; XI. 21. t 5. JCatt. x.Ki. 26; Luke iX. 6. 

Chap. 14: 13.] 


[Oiap. 14: 22, 

^^ Koi aKovaas 6 l-qaovs, avexwpTjtrej' cKeid^v 

And ha. ing heard the Jesus, withdrew from thence 

fu ttKolo} €is ^jHfjfxov roirou kolt' idiav Kai ukov- 

ia a ship into a desert place by himself; and having 

ravT€S ol ox^oi, T]Ko\ov6ri(rau auroj Tre^rj airo 

neard the crowds, they followed him by land from 

Tcau TvoKewu. ^^ Kai e^f A^o.j' o lr)(Tovs fiSe 

the cities. And coming out the Jesus saw 

TToKvu ox^ov' Kai €(rTr},ayxt^tcrdr] ctt' ouToxy, 

great a crowd; and be was moved with pity towards them; 

K'a: edepairevcre rovs appcocTTovs avTcou. 

and healed the sick of them. 

^^ 0\pias Se yevofji.ei'ris, irpocrrjXOoi/ avrcf oi 

Evening and having come, came to him the 

iiadrjrai avrov, \syouTes' Eprjinos ^(Ttiv 6 tottos, 

disciples of him, saying; A desert is the place, 

Kai 7] oapa T)5r] Trap-qXdev airoXvaov rovs 

and the hour already has passed by; dismiss the 

ox^ovs, iva aTre\0oi/T€S €is ras Kcc/nas, ayo- 

erowds, that going into the villages, they 

pacrcoaiv kavrois fipcafjLara. ^^'O Se Irjcrous 

may buy themselves victuals. The but Jesus 

enreu avrois' Ou Xjoemi' exovtriv aireXQ^iv Sore 

said to them; No need they have to go away; give 

avrois v/Ji.€is cpayeip. ^'^ Ol Se Xeyovaiu avrcf 

to them you to eat; They and say to him ; 

OvK exofJi-eu dSe, 6i jxt] weure aprous Kai 8vo 

Not we have here, except five loaves and two 

iX^vas. ^^'O §6 ciTre* ^epere jxoi avrovs code. 

fishes. He and said; Bring to me them here. 

*^ Kai /ceAeurras rovs ox^ovs ayaK\iQif]vai eiri 

And du'ecting the crowds to recline upon 

T0U5 X'^^P'^^^^i ^OiSfw Tovs irevre avrovs Kai 

the grass, taking the five lOaves and 

rovs Svo ix^vois, aual3\exl/as eis rov ovpavov, 

the two tishes, looking up to the heaven, 

evXoyqiT^' Kai KXacras, edioKe rots /xad-qrais 

he gave praise; and breaking, he gave to the disciples 

rovs aprovs, oi Se /aadTjrai rois o%Aois. -" Kai 

the loaves, the and disciples to the crowds. And 

€(payoy iraures, Kai ^xopracrdrjcray Kai rjpau 

they ate all, and were filled; and they took up 

TO Trepicrcrevou rcov KXaafxartav, ScoSeKa Kocpivovs 

that over and above of the fragments, twelve baskets 

irXrjpeis. '■^^ Oi Se ccdiovrcs -qaau avSpes waei 

full. Those and eating were mea about 

irevraKiaxi^ioi, X^P^s yvvaiKoav Kai iraidicav. 

five-thousand, besides women and children. 

^Kai evdecos iqvayKaasv rovs fiadyjras efx^rjuai 

And immediately he mged the disciples to enter 

it; and departing, tola 

13 X And Jesus having 
heard, privately witlidrew 
from tiience, by Boat, iuto 
a Desert Place ; of which 
the PEOPLE being inform- 
ed, followed liini by Land 
from tlie cities. 

14 And * coming out, he 
saw a Great Crowd ; and 
he had compassion on 
them, and healed their 


15 JAndtEvening hav- 
ing arrived, *the disci- 
ples came to him, saying, 
" The PLACE is a Desert, 
and the hour is now 
past ; dismiss the crowds, 
that they may go to the 
VILLAGES, and buy. them- 
selves Provisions." 

16 But Jesus said to 
them, "They need not de- 
part; JJOU supply them." 

17 Thet, however, re- 
plied to him, " We have 
here only Five Loaves and 
Two Pishes." 

18 And HE said, "Bring 
them here to me." 

19 And commanding the 
PEOPLE to recline on the 
grass, he took the fivk 
Loaves and the two 
Fishes, and looking tow- 
ards HEAVEN, X praised 
God; then t breaking the 
LOAVES, he gave tliem to 
the DISCIPLES, and the 
disciples distributed to 
the CROWDS. 

20 And theyaU ate and 
M'ere satisfied; and of the 


they gathered i Twelve 
Baskets fiiB. 

21 Is'ow THET who had 
EATEN, were about live 
thousand men, besides wo- 
men and cliildjen. 

23 And immediately 
*he constrained the dis- 
ciples to enter * a Boat, 

15. the DISCIPLES. 

22. he con- 

* Vatican Manuscuipt. — 14. he went, 
strained. 22. a Boat. 

t 15. Theirs* evening, which commenced at three o'clock. The second evening, which 
began at sunset, is that mentioned in verse 23. t 19. The Jewish loaves were hroad, 

thin, and brittle; so that a knife was not required for dividing them. t 20. These 

were small wicker baskets, which theJews carried their victuals in, when from home ; ana 
by the number here particularized, it would seem that each apostle filled his own baa» 
ket. — Pearce. , 

t 13. Mark vi.32; Luke ix. 10; John vi. 1, 2. J 15. Mark vi. 35; Luke ix 13 

lohn vi. 5. \Q. Matt. iv. 36. 

Oi&p. 14: 23.] 


Ckap U: S3. 

'IS TO irXoiov, Kai vpoayfiv avTov eir ro irepov, 

into the ^ ihip, and ' to go before him to the (Xtber side, 

teas ou airoKvcrr} tovs ox^ovs. ^KajJoTro- 

while he should disuQiM the crowds. Aod"^ having 

Xvcras tovs ox^ovs, aui^i) eiy ro' opos kut' 

•ent^nay the crowds, >henreatup into the ciountain by 

«5iai' vpoTev^atrOai.. Oipias 5? yeuop.fvrjs^ /iovos 

himself to pray. Ereoing and having; come, aloDO 

7)if €Kft,' 24 To 8e irXoLov tjStj fi€(r6y^'r7]s 

be wac there.' The and ship now in the midat ofthe 

CaKacra-qs rjv, ^acravi^oixevov vvo r<av KVfxanav 

te« was, bavin; been toeeed b; the waves; ;■ 

tiv yap evaPTios 6 apefj.05. '^TfTOpTT) 5e t^vXaiay 

was for contrary the nind. la fpurth and tratch 

T77J vvKTOs ttvrjKde rrpos avrovst vsptTrarut/ ctti 

of Che night be went to them, walluag upoa 

TTjy da\a<ra"ijs. ^ Kat idoures avrov 01 fiaOrjTat 

the tea. And seeing him the disciples . 

<iri rrjy OaKaffcraV irepiiraTovvrOf €TapaxOr](TdVf 

opon the se& walking, they were terrified, 

\€yovT€S''Of\ (pavracTfjia ((TTfKat airo rov 

saying; That aa apparition \i; '' end i'roia the 

^o&ov (Kpa^au, "^ EvOecvs 8e e\a\rjaeif avrois 

fear they cned alou£ Immediately but epake to them 

i iTjcrouy, \eyuir ©aptreiTe, eycu cifir nrj (po- 

thc Jeaus, : taying^ Take courage, I .' am; not be 

PeiaOe. ^AiroKpideis oe avTcp 6 IliTpos eirre' 

afraid. Answering and him the Peter . said; 

'Kypi6,"«i <ru 6f, Ks\iv<Tov fie itpos ere iKQeiv ctti 

Olord, \t thou art, bid me to- thee to come upon 

TO vSoTO.' ^'O 5c fiTT^v E/\0€. Kai nara^as 

■ the water. He and laid) Come. And descending 

arro tov vXoiov 6 IleTpoji^jrepteTraTiio-fi^ (iri ra 

from the boat .the ' Peter, ^'jSl^ \ •>* walked npon the 

iSoTO, e\6eiif vpos rav \i\(rovvJt ^ BAfn-wj/ 8e 

waUr, to coma td / tt*j(' JeauajJ Seeing but 

TOV avefiov icxvpov, e(po$7}9Tpl kat ap^a/xevos 

the wind etrong, ^s,, he wa* afraid i and beginniDg 

tcaTavovTi^etrOaiy f/cpa^e, Xeycoy Kupje, ffuxrov 

to sink, he cried, ,^.' saying; Olord, aave 

H€. ^' Eu0ews 5e 6 Irjffous cKTsivas rriy x^'Po» 

me. Immedi.Mely and the Jesua stretching out th'e hand, 

€irfKa$eTO aurovy Kat \eyei avrw OKiyoirKTre, 

took hold of him, and says to him; O dijtriutful man, 

ft! Ti fSnTTaaas ; ^ Kot e/M^avTwu avruju eis 

for why didst thou doubt f ^^ And entering ofthem into 

TO vXoiou, fKona<T€y 6 avefxos.i '^01 Se €«/ tw 

^the ship, ceased the wind. Tney and, in the 

and precede him to tlte 
OTHKK SIDE, while he (lis. 
Bussed the cbowds. 

25 X And having dia, 
missed the ceowds, he 
privately ascended the 
MOUNTAIN to pray; an4. 
remained there sdone till- 
it was Late. 

24 By this time the 
BOAT *wa3 many J'ur. 
longs distant from the 
LAND, tossed by the 
WAVES ; for the wiNO 
was contrary. 

25 And in the t Fourth 
Watch of the night, he 
went towards them. walJcj 
ing on the lake. 

26 And when the Dis» 
ciPLES saw him twalki 
ing on the lake, they 
were terrified, and e.\t 
Claimed, "It is an Ap. 
parition!" and they cried' 
alond, through fear. 

27 But Jesus immedi, 
ately spoke to them, say. 
ing, " Take courage, it i» 
I ; he not afraid." 

28 And Petee answer, 
ing, said to him, " Mas- 
ter, if it be tf}ou, bid me 
come to thee oa the wa- 

29 And Jesus said, 
"Come." Then* Peter de- 
sounding from the boat, 
walked on the water, 
*and came to Jesus. 

30 But perceiving the 
WIND strong, he waa 
afraid; and beginnmg to 
sink, he exclaimed, "Mas- 
ter, save me !" 

31 And Jesus instantly 
extending his hand, took 
hold of him, and said to 
him, " distrustful man I 
why didst thou doubt ?" I 

32 And * going up into 
the BOAT, the wind sub-j 

33 Then those in the 

• ViTtCAS Mawcscbipt. — 24. many Furlongs distant from the iasd, tosaei.^.;^ 30. Peter, 
19. and came to. 82. going up Into. 

, t 25. Between the hours of three and six in the morning. Grotius observes, that this was 
the Roman division of the night, taken by them from the Greeks; and that the Jews froni 
the time of Pompey, after ttiey were become a dependent people, had adopted this mode of 
reckoning. Instead of their own ; which originally oousisted of three wat'lics only, t f8. Ip 
Job ix. 8, this Is a prero~atlve ascribed to God. and which is freely rendered by the LXX, 
thus; "Walkin'^ upon the sea, as upon a p-irement." An Egyptian hieroglyphic for exi( 
pressingimpossibility was, apicture^ftTTOfeetwalkingoutiies^*,^ ~ 

1 23. Mark tL vOj Joha vi. ;§» ' 

Ouxp. 14: 34.] 


[Cfiap. 15: 8, 

*[€A.0oj/Tes] irpocreKvvTjcray avria, \cy- 

fcomingj prostrated to him, say- 


0UT€S' A\Ti0(as Oeou vlos ei. ^^ Kai Siaire- 

ing; Certainly of a God a son thou art. And liaving 

oacravT^s, r\Kdov eis rrjy yrjv Tevurjcrap^T. ^ Kai 

passed over, they came to the land Gennesaiet. And 

iTTiyvovTes avToy ol au^pes tow tottou €K€iyou, 

knowing him the men ofthe place that, 

airecrreiKay eis 6\-t]v ttju Trepixoopov eK^ivriv 

they sent into all the country round about that; 

Kai TrpocTTjveyKav avTct> Trauras tovs KaKoos 

nnd they broujht io him nil those disease 

(Xot^TO-s, ^'^ Kai vapfKaKovu avrov Iva fiovov 

having, and besought him that only 

a^avrai rov Kpacnri^dov rov i/xariov avrov 

tlicy might ^onch the tuft Q-'hO mantle of him; 

Kai dcToi r]\pavTO, SiecrwOTio'au. 

and as many as touched, were made whole. 

KE*„ ie'. 15. 
^ Tore irpoaepxovTOA Tq-; Irjrroy ol a^o 'lepo= 

Then came < > She Jesus thosstfrom Jcru- 

croXvfjiwu ypafifJLaTeis xoii ^apicaioi, AeycrTes" 

salem scribes and Pharisees, nayi^:^'; 

2 Atari ol ixad-qrai (Tov Trapa^atuovcTi Ttjv '-'cpa- 

Why the disciples of thee c'ansgress tl";3 C;fadi~ 

SocTLU rcvv irpea^vTepwv . <jv yap rnrToirra& TCiS 

tioa ofthe elders? not for they-vncli iho 

X^ipas avTCDV, brav aprov ecrdiiaaiu. ^'O S? 

hands of them, whenever bread they may eat. He but 

arroKpi6eis eiwey avrois' Atari Kai v/xsis vapa- 

answering said to them; Why also you trans- 

Paivere rrjv cvroK7]V rov deov, Sm rrjv jrapa" 

gress the commandment ofthe God, through the tradi- 

Soo'iu VIX03V ; '^'O yap deos €P^rei\aro, Xe-ywc 

tion of you? The for C^-1 has commanded, saying; 

"Ti/^ci rov Trarepa Ka"^ rvv p.r)repa°" ccai° " 'O 

''Honor the father andl tiio mother;" and; "lie 

KaKoXoywv xcirepa ■sj jfirtrepa^ davarcp reXev 

rCN-iling r-if hor CP mother, death let him 

raro)/" ^ 'Tfjiets 3e keyera" "Os av enrr} rep 

die." You but nay; Whoever may say to the 

^wpov^ 6 €av e| ^fiov 

A >nft, '.jfhatever out of me 


jrarpt 7} rr/ 

father or the 

cocpeXridrjs" :cai cv fir) rijxr]crri rov irarepa 

tho'i mightest be profitccii tl'....n no': not may honor the father 

'zvrov "^[tj ttj-' fi'rrepa auTou.] "^ Kai rfKvpwcrare 

of him [or the 'jiother of him.] And you annul 

T'i]v €vro\r]V rov 6eov St« TTjr/ vapaSocriv vjxwv. 

the cor-imandmentof :''.o Gocllhrough the tradition of you. 

] "tiroctpirai, kuXuz '3-poe(pr)revijc irepi vfxwv 

O hypocrites, well prophesied concerning you 

BOAT, did homage to him, 
saying, % "Assuredly, thou 
art God's Son." 

34 X -A-nd having passed 
over they came *to land 
at Gennesaret. 

35 And the men of that 
PLACE recognizing him, 
sent thi-ough All that 
couNTKY, and brought to 
him ALL the diseased ; 

36 and implored him, 
that they might only 
touch the TUFT of his 
MANTLE; and as many 
as touched, were cured. 


1 JTlien came to Jesus 
* Pharisees and Scribes 
from Jenisalem, saying, 

2 "Wliy do thy Disci- 
PLES violate the t tradi- 
tionary PRECEPT of the 
ELDERS ? for they do not 
wash * their hands be- 
fore Meals." 

3 But HE answering, 
said to them, " \Vliy do 
YOU also violate the com- 
mandment of God by 
your tradition ? 

4 For God *said, J'Ho- 
'nor father and moth- 
'er;' and J 'he who be- 
'viLEs Father cr Mother, 
'shall be punished with 

5 But gott assert, 'If 
any one say to father 
or mother. An Olfering 
is that by which thoir, 
mightest derive assist, 
ance from mc ; 

6 then *he shall by no 
means honor his father.' 
Thus, by your tradi- 
tion, you annul the 
*woBD of God. 

7 ^Hypocrites ' weU did 
Isaiah prophesy concern- 
ing you, saying, 

8 J 'This peopled [draw 

- Vaticaw IIanuscript.— 34. to laki> at Gennesaret, 1. Pharisees and Scribes from 

Jerusalem. 2. the hands. 4. said, 'Honor i, heb/ 6. He shall by bo means 

honor Ms FATHEB. Thus. 6. or his mother — omit. 6. word. 

t 2. He that eateth with unwashed hands is guilty of death.— jRa66i Abiba. t 8. The 

words in brackets are found in the prophecy from which they are taken, both in the Hebrew 
and Septuagint. They are omitted by the Vatican and several other excellent MSS., and ly 
some ancient versions. Erasmus, Mill, Drue ius, and Bensrel, approve of the omission ; and 
jriesbach has left it out ofthe text. But as they arc found in the place from which they are 
quoted, it hai: been thought best to insert them in the text. 

I 33. Matt, xxvii. 54. J 34. Mark vi. 53. 1 1- Mark vii. 1. t 4. Exod. xx. 12 i 

Deut.v.lO; J 4. Exod.xxi. 17' Lev.xx.9; Deut. xxvii. 16; Prov. :^i. 20. 

1 7. Mark vii. 6. 1 8. 1.-^a. «».ix. IS. 

Chap. 15: 9.] 


Chap, lb: sa 

'Haaias, X67ci>i'' '^"^'O Kaos ovtos rois x«'^f<^' 

Esaia£, aayiny; "Thepeople this with the lips 

/:ie Tifxa' 7; 5e Kap^ia av-^wv irop^w OTrexei ott' 

me honor; the but heart of them far off is removed from 

C/J.OV. ^ MaT7]i/ 8e crefiofTai /u.6, diSarTKOvres 

me. Without profit but tUcy reverence me, teaching 

SiSacTKaKias, cvTaX/xaTa avdpooircoy." ^" Kat 

doctrines, commandments ofmen." And 

7rpo(rKa\€(raiJ.euos rov ox^ov, enreu avroiS' 

liaving called the crowd, he said to them j 

A/coueT6 Kai (rwiere. ^^Ov to '^laepxofJ.evov €is 

Hear you and be ingtructed. Not that ent«rinj into 

TO (TTO/xa Koivoi rov avdpcaTrov aWa to ^Kirop- 

the mouth pollutes the man; but that proceed- 

cvofj.evoy e/c tou (TTOjiaros tovto koivoi rov 

inj ontof the mouth this pollutes the 

ai'QpooTTov. ^^Tore npocreXOovTes ol fiaOrjTai 

man. Then having corr.e the disciples 

avTov, enrov aurcf OtSas, on ol ^apiaaioiy 

of him, said to him; Knowest thou, that the Pharisees, 

UKovaavTes rov Koyov, effKavSaAicrdricrav ; ^^'O 

hearing that saying, found a ditUculty? He 

Se airoKpiOeis etTre* Uacra (pureia, rjv ovk e(pv- 

but answering said; Every ^^antation, which not has 

Tcvaev 6 TraT7]p fxov 6 ovpavios, CKpi^cDdrjcreTai. 

planted the father ofmc '' ^ heavenly, fchall be rooted up. 

^^A(p€T€ avTovs' 6dr)yoi eiai TvcpAot ^[^TvcpXcov.^ 

Let alone them; o'uides they ai*; blind [of blind.] 

Tv(p\os Se Tv(pXov eav 08777^, a/xcpOTepoi eis 

Blind and blind if may, l)0th into 

fiodvvov TTcaovvrai. ^^ AwoKpiOeis Se 6 TLeTpos 

a pit wUl fall. Answering and the Peter 

eiirev avTW' ^pacrov r]iJ.iv Tr]v -'apa^oKriv Tavrrjy. 

s:iid to him; Explain to us tlie comparison thii^ 

''''O 5e Itjctoi/s enrev Ak/jltjv Kai v/neis aTvveT^i 

The and Jesus said; Yet also you unintelligen;. 

ecTTf ; ^'^Ou*[7r&>^ voe/re, on wav to eiairopQV- 

are? Not [yet] perceive you, that «J1 that enter- 

ofxevov eis ro aro/j-a, eis ttjj/ koiXiov x^P^^-y 

ing into the mo\ith, into the belly passes, 

Kai eis acpeSpccva e/cySaAAerot; ^^Ta Se cKKopev 

and into a privy is cast; Those but proceed- 

ofxeva e/c tov (TTOfxaTos, e/c ttjs KapSias e|ep- 

ing out of the mouth, from the hcait issues 

XeTOi, KciKeiva koivoi tov avOpwrrov. ^'^ E/c yap 

forth, and they pollute the man. From for 

TTjs KapSias c^epxovTai $ia\oyi(TiJ.oi Trovt]poi' 

the heart comes forth purposes evil; 

(povoi, (.LOLX^icLiy TTopveiai, KkoTraiy i\ievSj3fxapTv- 

mur.lcrs, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false testimo- 

pittj, ^\a(r(p7]/j.iai. '■^^Tavra eaTi to KOivovvra 

Dies, evil speakings. These is the (things) polluting 

TOV avOpwiroy to Se aviirrois xepci (payeiv ov 

the man; that but with unwashed hand* te eat not 

pollute* the man. 

'nigh to ME with tkeii 
'mouth, and] honor Me 
'with their lips, but 
'their heart is far reniov- 
' ed from me. 

9 ' But in vain do they 
'worship me, teaching as 
'Doctrines, the Precepts 
' of Men.' " 

10 :!:And having called 
the GKOWD, he ;:aid to 
them, " Hear, and be in- 

ING the MOUTH, pollutes 

the MAN, hut THAT PRO- 

pollutes the man." 

12 Then *the disciples 
approaching, say to him, 
" Didst thou obsene That 
the Phartsees were of- 
fended, when they heard 

that SATING?" 

13 Eut he answering, 
said, "Every Plantation, 
which my heavenly ea- 
ther has not planted, 
shall be extirpated. 

14 Leave them ; J they 
are blind Guides; and it 
the Blind lead the Bhnd, 
both willfallintothePit." 

15 $ Then Peter reply- 
ing, said to him, "Explain 

to us *that S.^YING." 

16 And *he said, "Are 
gou also yet without un- 

17 Do you not perceive. 


the mouth, passes into 
the BELLY, and is ejected? 

18 But t those THINGS 


mouth, issue ^ow ^ia 
heart; and t^^g pollute 

the MAN. 

19 JFor out of th< 
HEART proceed iriqui- 
tous Designs ; — Mjxders, 
Adulteries, Fornicatioas, 
Thefts, false Testimonies, 

20 These are the things 
which pollute tlie ma n ; 
but to eat with Inwash- 
ed Hands pollutes not the 

• Vatican Masuscript.— 12. the disciples approaching, say. 14. ofthe Blind. — onut. 

tlo. Markvii.l4. H*. Isa. is.lO;; Matt.xxlii. 18; Lukerl 39. tlS.MarS 
^V .;. : IS.Jaiuesiii. 0. t lU.Mark vii. 21. 

Onap. 15: 21. j 


IS: ?1 

-'jiil departing tlxeuce the Jesus witlidrew 

ts-S Tffi /uepTj Tvpov Kai SiSa'vos. ^ Ka* /S-iw, 

'jito the confine! ofTyre *nd SiJon. And io, 

yi'urf Xavauaia, aTTO rccu opticu i^Keivwi' €|eA.0oi/- 

r woman Canaanitish, of tlie parts iV.osc coining 

>ut, cried out to him, saying; Pit;: ine, 

icupte, vie AautS* ^ jWoy KUKcas 8cii-iovi° 

Olord Oson David; the daughter . '• sadly mo 

(."eraz. ^'O de ovk aTreKpiBv, avrri AayoVo -^as 

ized. He ' ut noC answered ?^cr a -ord. And 

vpofreXOovres ol fiaOrjTat avri^Vy i)po}Ta}y avrov^ 

coming the disciplec oSliim, besougl;': him, 

KeyovTis' AiroXvao?' avrriv^ brt Kpa^ec OTturdei^ 

saying; Send away her, for she cries at i'-: back 

7)iu(jop, 24 <o Se airoKpidsis cr^iEV Omc aireffra," 

of us. He but answering said^ Not .*ara 

Xrjj/, et jxTj eis ra Trpo^ara ra awoXccXoTa oiKCv 

Bent, except to the cheep the Tjerishing IV'ise of 

lorpctTjA. "^'H Se €\6ou(ra irpKreKwet av. y^ 

Israel. Slie then coiling prostrated to > ■ ", 

heyovcra' Kvpie, fiarjdei /xou ^^ 'O Se airoKpiOeiz 

saying; O lord, give aid to me. He ';ut ans'.v 

tnrew Ovk can Ka\o%' Ka^eiv re ::pTO?J rcov 

said; Not it is right '.o take fihr Jiread of tl :: 

TeKt^ccVf icai j8a\e;." rois Kvvapiois. ^"'H Se 

children, and to tlirov.' to ihu dogs. She but 

EtTTc. Nat, Kvpie' Kai yap '^a Kvvapia, eaOiei 

said; True, Olord; r ■■: for the dogs eafsi; 

TO Tcoj/ i|/iX"'"' ''■'»"' T^^TTrovTciv ttiTo T^]s rpuTTe^ 

. i the crumbs of the falling from tha table 

iTjS r:j-v KVjjLcov ji.vtwi'o ^^Tot6 air^KpiBeis 6 

of the masters of them. Then answering the 

Irjcrovs etTrey avr- ' Q- yvvai, jusyakr] cov t] 

Jesus said to her ; O woman, grfat of thee the 

viaTis' ^^vrjOriTca ■:^ol, cos OeXeir, Kai LaQt] 

faith; let it be to thee, as thou wilt. Andwashaaled 

T] OvyaTTjp avTrjs airo rrjs copas eK(ivi)s. 

the daughter of her from t'l ' hour that. 

'^Ka: fxeg-a^as eKeitev 6 l-qcrovs, TjKde irapo. 

And departing thence the .Tesus, came near 

TT\v QaKaaroM ttjs TaXiKaias' Kai ava^as eis 

the sea of the Galilee ; and ascending into 

TO opos, €Ka6riT0 cksi. '^^Kai TrpocrrjKdov avrco 

the mountain, he sat down there. And came to him 

ox^oi TToWoi, exovres fied' eavrcov ;^c«jAoi;s, 

crcwds great, having with them lame, 

rv<pKous, Kccxpovs^ KvWovs, Kai erepovs TToWovs' 

blind, deaf, maimed, and othere many; 

Kai eppiypav avrovs irapa rovs irodas tov Itjctov, 

and they Laid them at the feet of the Jesus, 

Kai eOepairevcrev avTous' ^' cocrre rovs ox^ovs 

nnd he healed them; so that the crowds 

6avjj.a(Tai, /8A67^o^■Tas Kucpovs XaXovuras^ Kv\- 

to wonder, beholding deaf speaking, uiaioed 

21 J And Jesus depart- 
ing thence, withdrew 
into the confinks of 
Tyre and Sidou. 

22 And behold, a Ca- 
naanitish Woman com- 
ing from, those part.'?, 
cried out to him, say- 
ing, "Have compassion 
on me ! Master, Son of 
David! my daughter 
is sadly demonized." 

23 Bnt he answered 
her not a Word. And 
his disciples coming, 
entreated him, saying, 
" Dismiss her ; For she 
cries after us." 

24 But HE answering, 
said, t"I am only sent to 


of the Stock of Israel." 

25 Yet advancing, she 
prostrated to him, say- 
ing, "O Master, help 

26 But HE answering, 
said, " It is not proper 
to take the children's 
BREAD, and throw it to 
1 1 the DOGS." 

27 But she said, " I be- 
seech thee, Sir ; for even 
the DOGS eat those 


from their masters' 


23 Then Jesus answer- 
ing, said to her, "O 
Woman! great is Thy 
FAITH ; be it to thee as 
thou desirest." And her 
daughter was cured 
from that very mo- 

29 lAnd Jesus, having 
left that place, came 
to the lake of Gali- 
lee ; and ascending the 
mountain sat down 

30 And great Crowds 
came to him, bringing 
with them the lame, 
*the +crippled,the blind, 
the deaf, and many oth- 
ers, and laid them at 
*his FEET, and he cured 
them : 

31 so that the crowds 
beheld, with wonder, tthe 
Deaf *hearing, the Crip- 
pled restored, the Lame 

* Vatican Manuscript.— 30. crippled, blind, deaf, and. 80. his feet. 31. hearing. 

t 26. The Jews likened the heathen nations to dogs,—Lighffoot. + 30. The orir^inal 

word /c(^»og, properly siarnifies, one whose hand or arm has been cut off; (see Mark ix. 4:i.) 
but it is sometimes applied to those who were only disabled in those parts. To supply a lost 
Mmb W-1S a creation, and therefore an astonishing miracle. 

t 21.Markvii-24. * 24. Matt, x.6: Act8iii.26; Eom. xv.Sc ^ 26- Matt vii. fJ 

^OQ. Mark vzi SI. t K. Isa. xxxv- 6-8. 

Chap. 15: 32.] 


Chap:\<6: 1. 

\ovs vyi€is, x^^ovs irepiiraTovvTas, Kai rvcpXovs 

Bound, lame walking, and blind 

fSAcTTOj'Tas* Kai iSo^acrau rov Qeou IffparfX., ^^ 'O 

seeing; and they ^-loritied the God of Israel. ^The 

Se Ir/couy, irpocTKaXecra/iievos rovs f.i.a6r]Tas av- 

then JesuB, having called the disciples of 

rov, etTre* STAayx'^'C^j""' ^'"'t tov ox^ou, oti 

him, said; I have compassion on the cruwd, for 

^Tt^Stj] r]/jLepai rpus, Trporri-Levovcn fxot, kul ovic 

[already] days three, they have remained with me, and not 

exoycTi Ti (paycejaf Kai aTrokvcrai avrovs 

they have anything they may eat; and to send away them 

i>T}^Teis ov OeAco, fxrjiroTe sKXvOwaiu ev rp odo}. 

fastinr^ not I will, lest they may faint in the way. 

** Koi \6yov(riv avrw ol fjLaOrfrai avrov Hodev 

And they say to him the disciples of him ; \A'hence 

Tjfiit/ ev eprj/xia aproi roaovroi., uare x^pTCKrai 

to us ia a desert place loaves so many, so as to satisfy 

ox^oy Toaovrov ; ^'*Kat Xcyei avrois 6 Itjctovs' 

a crowd so great? And says to them the Jesus; 

Ilocrovs aprovs exere; Ol Se enroy 'Eirra, Kai 

How many loaves have"Qu? They and said; Seven, and 

oAt7o ix6i>^>ia. ^^ Kai e/ceAeuce tois oxAots 

a few small fishes. And he directed the crowds 

avaTreceiy eiri rrfv yqv. ^^ Kat Xa^wv rovs 

to recline upon the ground. And taking the 

eTTTo aprovs Kai tous ix^^o^s, evx<^pi(TTr](Tas 

wv*»n loaves and the fishes, rriving thanks 

GK\a<r€ Kai eSw/ce tois ^aQrjrais avrov, oi de 

hr broke and he gave to the disciples of him, the and 

tiadTirai rtp oxA.&>. ^' Kat ecpayoy rraures, Kai 

disciple* to the crowd. And they ate all, and 

iXopraadrjaav Kai ripav ro Trcpicro-evov roov 

were filled; and they lookup that o\erandabove ofthe 

KKacr/j-arwu, eirra a-rrvpiSas TrATjpeis. "^^Oi Se 

fragments, seven large baskets full. They and 

i^trQioures rjfrai' rerpaKiaxi-ki-oi avdpes., X^P'-^ 

eating were four thousand loen. besides 

yvvaiKOJV nai iraiSiocv. 

women luid chUdreu. 

^ Kat airoXv(ras rovs oxAovs, avF'??, €is 

And having sent aw.ny the crowds, he went into 

TO ttXoiov, Kai TjXdsv eis ra opia MaySaXa. 

the ship, U»d came to the coasts ofSlajdala. 

KE*. is'. 16, * Kat irpocreXdovTes ol ^apiaaioi 

And coming the Pharisees 

Kai liadSovKaioi, Treipa^oi/res eirriparria-av avrov, 

and Sadducees, tempting they asked him, 

arifieiov 6fc rov ovpavov eiriSet^ai avrois. ^ 'O 

a sign from the heaven to show to them. lie 

walkiiig, and tlie Bliiia 
seeing; and they glorilied 
.the God of Israel. 

32 tThen Jksus having 
called his disciples, said. 
" I have compassion on 
the CROWD, because they 
have continued with my 
three Days, and have no- 
tliing to eat ; and 1 do not 
wish to dismiss tlieni fast- 
ing, lest they should faint 
on the KOAD." 

33 And his disciplks 
say to him, J "How can 
Ave get so many Loaves in 
a Desert-place, to satisfy 
such a Crowd?" 

34 And Jesus says to 
thexi"'., "How many Loaves 
have you?" And they 
said, " Seven, and a Tew 
Small fishes." 

35 Then he commanded 
the PEOPLE to recline on 
the GuourvD; 

36 and taking the sev- 
:;n Loaves and the fish- 
: ,s, J he otfered thanks, 
and broke them, and gave 
to his disciples, and the 
DISCIPLES distributed to 
the CROWD. 

37 And they all ate and 
were satisfied; and ot the 


tliey gathered Seven large 
t Baskets full. 

38 Now THET who had 
EATEN were * about Four 
tliousand Men, besides 
Women and Children. 

39 X And having dis- 
missed the CROAVDS, he 
went into the boat, and 
came to the + coast ol 
* Magdala. 


1 J Then the Phari- 
sees and Sadducf-es 
drew near, and tempting 
asked liim to show them a 
Sign from heaven. 

• Vatican Manuscript. — 32. already — omit. 
Lachmann and TischeBdorf. 

SS. aljout. 

39. Magadan — so also 

+ 37. Baskets of larger capacity than the wicker baskets mentioned in Chap.siv.20 — large 
enough to contain a man's body. See Acts ix. 25. t 39 The modern name is ^rrf ei- 

MejHel, field or coast of Mejdel. Mejdel, from which the plnin takes its name, is a paltry 
village, about an hour from Tiberias, near where a line of hia:h rocks overhangs the lake. 
This" as the ancient Magdala, called in Mark viii. 10, Dalmanutha; the birth place of tliat 
y ary, ut of whom were expelled seven demons. 

: 32. Mark viii. 1. 
t8t. Mark viii. 10. 

i 33. 2 Kings iv 43. 
Jl. Matt. xii.SH. 

36. Matt, xiv Vi ; Luke xxii. Itt. 

Chap. 16: 


IChap. 16: 12. 

?« avoKpiOets enrey avrois' *[^Oi^ias yevo/xevTjs, 

bst uiswering said to them; [STening coming, 

A.€7cre* EySm* vvpba^ei yap S ovpavos. ^ Kai 

yoasay; Fair weather; reddena for the heaven. And 

•iTpcci' '2,'r]fX€pov x.^ipL(»}V' TTvppa^ei yap cTTvy- 

ic the morning; To-day atturm; i* red for low- 

va^oju 6 ovpavos. 'TiroKpiTat, to /xcv izpoa-taTrou 

ring the heaven. Hypocrites, the truly face 

Tov ovpavov yivoiXTK^re SiaKpiveiv, ra Se (TrjfjLdia 

jfthe heaven you know to judge, the but signs 

TOJf Kaipcav ov Suvacrde ;2 ^Teuea irowqpa Kai 

of the time* not can you'] A generation evil and 

^.oixo-^is ai]ixeiov eiri^rirei' Kai (rrjfxciov ov 5o- 

SdulterouB a sign seeks; and a sign not shal 

ffrjo'erai avrrjy et fx-rj to aT]/xeiov Icova ^'[^^rov 

bs given to her, except the sign of Jonas [the 

irpo(/)77Tou.] K.c:8 KaTaXiwuv avTovs, airrjXOe. 

prophet.] And leaving them, he went away. 

* Kai €A0o."Tts ol fiaOriTai avTiv eis to irepaf. 

And coming the disciples of him to the other sidt 

iire\adovTO apTovs AaySetv. ^'O Se Irjcrovs eiirei 

'ir.d forgotten loaves to Like. Tb« and Jesus said 

avrois' 'OpaTc kca Trpocrex^Te arro ttjs C^/j-tis 

to them; Look and take heed of the leaven 

Twj' ^apicraiwu Kai '2,aBdovKai(iov. ^ Ol Se Sie\o- 

«f the Pharisees anf, Sadduceet. They and roa- 

yt^ovTO dv eavTois, \eyoi/T€S' 'Oti apTovs ovk 

toned among themselves, saying; Because loaves not 

eA.o)8o/i€i/. ^Vvovs ce 6 h,(rcvs er/rev Tt Sia- 

we have brought. Enowinf Vid tt« Jesus said; 'WTiy rea- 

\oyi^e(r9€ €V eavTO<s, cXiyoTric^Toi, oti apTovs 

Bon you among youi*t^j«4a'j O you of weak faith, because loavcc 

OVK *[eA.a3eT6;j "Outtw yoeiTC, ou5e ixvt)(xov- 

not [you hav'e b-otightr] Not yet perceive you, :.or rciaein- 

€ueT6 Tovs vevTe apTovs twv ir^vTaKiirxiXicav . 

beryou the five iOtt««t of the five-thousand 

Kai trocov^ Kocpivovs ^Xa^eTC ; ^^ Ovhe tovs 

and how many baskets you took up? Nor the 

k-KTa apTovs Twu rsTpaKicrxiXicvv, Kai irocras 

seven loaves of the four thousand, and how many 

{TTrvpiSas eXaficTe ; ^^ Xloos ov yoeiT€, Sti ov 

iai'e baskets you took up ? Why not do you perceive, that not 

Iffpi apTov eiiroy v/jliv -^rpoaex^ty airo ttjs C^fJ-V^ 

about bread I spoke to you to take heed of the leaven 

ra>v ^apicraicov Kai ^aSSovKaiwv ; ^-Tore crv- 

efthe Pharisees and Sadducee»? Then they 

vriKay, oti ovk eiirf Trpoo'exetv a-rro ttis C^p-VS 

tmd«ntood, that not he did say beware of the leaven 

<rou apTOUj aXX' airo t7]s diSaxv^ Tcoy ^api(Taiu)V 

ottbe bcead, but Qt' the doctrine of the Pharisees 

KOLt 'S.a^hovKaicov^ 

and Sadducees. 

2 But he answering, 
said to them, * [" In the 
Evening, you say, 'It 
will be Fair weather, 
for the SKY is red ; ' 

3 and in the Morning-, . 
' There will be a Storm i 
To-day, for the sky is ' 
red and lowering.' Hy- 
pocrites ! you can cor- 
rectly judge as to the 


SKY, but cannot discern 
the SIGNS of the times.] 

4 ; A wicked and faith- 
less Generation de- 
mands a Sign ; but no 
Sign will be given it. 
except the sign of 
Jonah." And leaving 
them, he went away. 

5 J Now, *the disci- 
ples passing to the oth- 
er SIDE, had forgotten 
to take Loaves with 

6 And Jesus said to 
them, t " Observe, and. 
beware of the leaven" 
of the Pharisees and 

7 And they reasoned 
among themselves, say- 
ing, " Because we have 
brought no Loaves." 

8 But Jesus knowing 
it, said, " O you distrust- 
ful ! Why do you reason 
among yourselves. Be- 
cause you have no 

9 Do you not yet per- 
ceive, or recollect | the 
five Loaves of the 
five-thousand, and 
How many Baskets you 
took up? 

10 nor J the seven 
Loaves of the fouk 
thousand, and How 
many large Baskets you 
took up. 

11 How is it that you 
do not comprehend. 
That I spoke not to you 
about Bread, *but be- 
ware you of the leaven 
of the Pharisees and 
Sadducees ? " 

12 Then they under- 
stood That he did not 
tell them to beware of 
the LEAVEN of bread, 

but of the DOCTRINE of 

the * Sadducees and 

• Vatican MANUsiBii'i. — 2 and 3 — omit- 4. the puophkt — omit. 5. the discif^es. 

g. brought— omif. 1 1 . but beware you of. 12. Sadducbbs and Pharisees. 

t 4. Matt. xH. 39. : 6. Mark viil. 14. J 6. Luke xii. 1. J ». MfttU «iv. 1» 
1 10 Matt. XV. S4. 

ffiap. 16: 13. f 


Chap. 16: 2L 

'*EA0<M»' Tit i I-rjCTtfvs fis ra fiepij Kai(rapeias 

Coming andthft Je»u» into the parts ofCeaarea 

rrji ♦iA.tTrirou, "ppwra rovs (ladriras avTov, Ae- 

'.-' the Phihp, baked the disciples of him, »ay- 

ywv Tiva fie Keycvfftv ol auOpcoiroi eiuat, rou 

ing; Who me »ay tne men to be, the 

viotf Tov avdpwTTov ; ^^Oi Se- nirov Oi fxtv, 

■on ofthe man? They aiid said; Some, 

\cDavyqv Toy fiairTKTTrjW aWoi 5e, UKiav erepoi 

John the dipper; others and, EUas; others 

5c, 'lepe/jLiaVf t) efa rwu irpo<pt]T(i}v, ^"^ A^ya 

and Jereniia«, or one of the prophets. He says 

avTois' 'T/j.€is Se riya /xe Aeyere etvot ; ^^ Attok- 

tothem; You but who me say to be? Ans- 

piOeis 5e ^ifjLuv Uerpos eiire- Sw ei 6 Xptcrros, 

*tering the Simon Peter said; Thou art the Anointed, 

6 vlos '"Ov' dcov TOV ^uiVTOs. ^^ Kat avroKpideis 

tb« son oftke CSod the living. And answering 

6 Irjcrovs t-repavTO}- MaKapios ei, ^i/xcau fiap 

the Jesua said to him; Blessed art then, Simon bod 

Iwva' Sti (Tap^ km ot/xot ovk aireKa\v\p€ troi, 

of Jonat; for flesh und blood not it has revealed to thee, 

oAA.' 6 nrariip uov, & ei' rots ovpavois. ^^Kayco 

but the f.ither of m«, tv^at.R the heavens. Also I 

5e (Toi Aeyw, 6ti ev e. TleTpoSy Kai eiri Tavrrf 

•nd to thee say, that thoa at a rock, and upon thia 

rrf Trerpa oiKoSofir^crcu fjtoxi Tr}v €KK\rf(riau, kcu 

*be rock I will build -)( r^e the church, and 

TTvAat 'aSov ov Kariffx^tfoooiV avT7}s. '^Kat 

gates of hades not shall prevail a^aik,8t her. And 

5a)(r« aoi ras /cAets ttjs BjtrtActay rcov ov- 

[ will give to thee the keys ofthe kingdom ofthe hea- 

pauwv Kat 6 eav S-qarjs €vj r-ns 777s, ecrrai 

vensj and whatever thou mayest bino upon th» earth, shall be 

SiB^ixevou fVTOis oupauois' kui 6 ea" Kvcttjs 

bound in the heavens; and whatever tl.011 mayest louse 

eiri TTjs yrjSy ((rrat \e\vfxeuov eif rois ovpavois. 

upon the earth, shall be loosei/ in the heavens, 

2" Tore SietrrefAoTO rois fxaBjjra^s oyrcir, lua 

Then be charged the discipl«s of him, that 

fjir^evi eiTTODcnu Sti avros t:<rriv 6 Xpttrros. 

no one they should tell that he ia the Anointed, 

2^ Atto Tore rfp^aro 6 Irjcrovs SeiKvvciu rots 

From that time began the Jesua to show to the 

IZ And Jksus coming 
into the parts of + Cesa- 
rea Philippi, questioned 
liis DisciPLKS, saying, 
J "Who do ritv Bay that 
*t]ie so!v of MAN is?" 

14 And THEY replied, 
" Some, John the immer 
SER; * SOME, Elijah ; and 
others, Jeremiah, or one 

ofthe PROPHETS." 

15 He says to them, 
"But who do sou say 
that I am?" 

16 Simon Peter answer* 
ing, said, t"2rf)ou art the 
Christ, the son of the 

17 And Jesus answer- 
ing, said to him, " Happy 
art thou, Simon, son of 
Jonah; for Flesh and 
Blood has not revealed 
this to thee, but that 
FATHER of mine in the 
* Heavens. 

18 Moreover, 5 also say 
to thee. That tftou art Ja 
Rock, and on :|:this eock 
I will build My church, 
and t the Gates of Hades 
shall not triumph over it. 

19 And I will give thee 
tthe KEYS >• the king. 

DOM of tho HEAVENS; 

j and whatever th u shalt 
bind on the karth, shall 
be bound in the ueav- 
ENS; and whatever thou 
shalt loose on the earth, 
shall be loosed JJi the 

20 J Then he command- 
ed * the disciples that 
they should tell no one, 
that f)e is the Messiah. 

21 From that time, Je- 
sus began to disclose to 

14. SOME. 

17> Heavens. 

* Vatican Manuscbipx.— 13. the sos of man i»» 

1 13. This town was tiear to the spriner-head of tne Jordan, and was built by Philip, 
tetrarch of Galilee, in honor of Tiberius Caesar ; and to distinguish it from the sea-port town 
of Cesarea, mentioned frequently in the Acts ofthe Apostles, it was called Cesarea Philippi. 
See Josephus, Ant. xviii. 2, 1, ana xx. 8, 4. 1 18. 'Parkhurst says, "This expression 

•eems allusive to the form of the Jewish sepulchres, which were large subterraneous caves, 
with a narrow mouth or entrance, many of which are to be found in Judea, to this day. The 
iiXX render the corresponding phrase from the Heb. of Isa, xxxviii. 10, theaatea oftheaepuU 
chre. The full meaning of our Lord's promise seems to be, that his church on earth, how- 
ever persecuted and distressed, should never fail till the consummation of all things, and 
Bhould then, at the remirrection of the just, finally triumph over death and the grave." Com- 
pare I Cor. XV. 64, 5.5. 1 19. It is said, that when the Jews made a man a doctor of the 
law, they used to put into his hands the key of the closet in the temple, where the sacred 
books were deposited, and also tablets to write upon ; signifying that they gave him author- 
ity ti. teach and to explain the scriptures and law of God to the people. 

1 13. Mark viii. 27 ; Luke is. 18. 1 16. Mark viii. 29 ; Luke ix 20; John i. 4C ; Ti. 69: 

ti.27. tl8. Joh!-:i.4:;. 1 18. Eph. ii. 20. J 19.Matt.-.r:i.l«. Jchn«».2a 

*ao. Matt. Tvli. ; i' ia-ju . lii. SO; Luke ix. 21. 

Chap. 16: 22.] 


[map. 17: 1. 

liadrjrais avrov, on Set avTov aircXOeiv €JS 'lepo- 

disciples of hini, that must he to go to Jeru- 

coXvixa, Kttt iroWa iradeiv ano tojv Trpecr^vTe- 

•aJem, and many (things) to Buffer from the elders 

paiy Kai apxt^p^<^^ /f"* ypa^jxcTeoov, Kai airoK- 

and high-priests and scribes, and to be 

Taydrjvaij Kai rri rpiT-p ^iixspa. eyepei^pai. ^- Kai 

killed, and the third day to be raised. And 

TTporKafioneuos avrov 6 Uerpos, rjp^aro e-mrifxay 

taking aside him the Peter, began to reprove 

oi/Tw, \eyctiy' 'l\€cos (toi, Kvpu- ov /xt) ea-rai 

him,' Baying; Be it far from thee, Olord; not not shall be 

trot TovTO. 2^'0 Se (rrpacpsis etire tw TleTpo}- 

to thee this He but tiu-niug said to the Peter; 

'y-irayc ottiCw fiov, crarava' CKavhaXov /j-ov 

Go thuu behind of me, adversary; a stumbling-block ct me 

tf 071 ov (ppoveis Ta Tov 6eov,aWa ra 

thou art; for not thou legardest the (things) ol the God, but those 

Twi/ auQpuj-nuu. -^Tore 6 l-qaovs ecjre rots fia- 

of the men. Then the Jesus said to the dis- 

OTjrais avTOV Et ns deKet OTriaro) fiov eA^ezj/, 

ciples othim; If any one wish after me to come, 

airapvTjaaaQw eavrovy Kai aparw rou (rravpoj/ 

let him deny himself, and let him bear the cross 

avTov, Kai aKoAovdeiTw [xoi. -^'Os yap av 

of him, and follow me. Whoever for 

6eKv TTju xl/vxv^ a'uTov (rooaai, a-rroAecru avrrjv' 

may wish the life of him to sav. , shalUose her; 

05 5' ay airoXear} rrjv "^vx^^ avrov eueK€V 

whoever and may lose the life of liim on .nccouut 

€/jLOv. evprjafi avr-qv. ^''Ti yap (>3(pe\5irai av- 

ofr--'. shall Snd her. What for is prohted a 

6pt;v-s, eau rov ko(T(xov 6\of Kepd-na-p^ 'n]v 8e 

j,an_ if the world whole he iu:iy win, the and 

•^vxw airov ^r^fxicodr); 7] ri Swfret avQpwiros 

:.:- ot him he may forfeit? or what shall SJive a man 

avraXXayp-a r-qs rpvxriS avrov; ^7 MeWei yap 

in exchange' for the life of him? Is about for 

6 vios Tou avOpccirou epx^(^6o.i ^v rri ho^tj rov 

the son of the man to come in the glory of the 

irarpos avrov, fiera roov ayytXccv avrov, Kai 

father of him, with the messengers of him, and 

rore oTToSwo'ei cKaarw Kara rriv irpa^iv 

then he wiU render to each one according to the beharior 


of him. 

*^ AfiTfv \€y(o vfiiVy €i(Ti rives twv w5e herw- 

Indeed X say to you, there are some of those here having 

TWV, olrives ov jxr) yevawvrai Bauarov, ews av 

■tood, who not not shall taste of death, till 

iBdjci rop viov rov avQpooirov €pxofJ.€voy ef tj; 

they mayseethe son of the man coming iu the 

jSacrtAejo avrov. KE*. iC- 17. ^Kai jxed" 

royal majesty of him. And after 

Tjfiepas e| irapaKa/xfiauei 6 Irjorovs rov UerpoUy 

days six takes the Jesus the Peter, 

Kai laKcojSov, Kai locauvrju rou aBeXcpou avrov 

»nd James, and John the brother ofhim; 

his DISCIPLES, + That he 
must go to Jpiusalem, ana 
suiter iimcli from the KL« 
DERS, and High-priests, 
and Scribes, and be killed, 
and that on tlie third 
Day he must be raised up. 

22 And Peter taking 
him aside, and * rebuking 
him, said, "Be this far 
from thee, Master; this 
shall not be to thee."' 

23 But HE turning, said 
to Peter, "Get thee be- 
liind me, Adversary; thou 
art a Stumbhng-block to 
niii; for tliou regardest 
not the THINGS of God, 

but THOSE of MEN." 

24 Then Jesus said to 
his disciples, J" If any 
one wish to come after 
me, let him renounce 
himself, and take up his 
CROSS, and follow me. 

25 JPor whoever would 
save his lue, shall lose 
it; and whoever loses his 
life on my account, shall 
find it. 

26 For what is a Man 
profited, if he should giiin 
the whole world, and 
forfeit his life ? or w^liat 
will J a man give in R;m- 
som for his life ? 

27 :j:PorthesoNof MAN 
is about to come in the 


with his ANGELS; and 
then he will recompense 
'.oeach one according to 


28$IndeedI ;aytoyou, 
* Tliat there are some of 
those STANDiN here, who 
will not taste :f Peath, till 
they see the '>N of man 
coming in lis royax ma* 


1 JAnd after six days, 
Jesus took Peter. James, 
and John the brother o< 
James, and privately con- 

• Vatican Manuscript.— 22. rebuking him, said- 28. That there are. 

t 21. Matt xvii. 22; XX. 17; Mark viii. 31 ; is. 31 ; x. 33; Luke ix. 22, 44; xviii.81; Xxi^'.A 7. 
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;28 Maj-K 

(^ftap. 17: 2.] 


iChap. 17: 12. 

rat ava(p€p€i avrovs eis opos v^T)\otf kut' iSiav. 

and leads up them iuu> a uiuuncniit tiigli privately. 

*Ka( fj.€Tf/xop(f)wd'/] e/uLnpoadiv aurwu, Kat 

And Ue waa transtigurej in t lis presence o< tliim, and 

eA-O/Ut^e to TrpoauTrop avrou a's 6 ■tjKios' Ta 8e 

Elione tlie <(f Inm as the stni; tlie and 

IfiaTia avrov eyei/ero KivKa ws to <^cos. •'Kat 

f:u-uient« oftiiin tecuuie wuiie u the hjrht. And 

iSovy (i}<pQr\aav aurots Mwrrrjs kui HAtas, (i^t* 

lo, appealed to 'hem Muse* and Klias, with 

avTov <ruWa\ovvTes, * AttokpiO^is Se 6 TleTpos 

mm talking. A.iv.,eii,i|r andinti Peter 

€i7re Tcp Itjctou* KvptCy Ka\oy cany r)/ a>5c 

said to the Je^tis; Olurd, good it is kh here 

€ivai' €1 6tA6is, TTOLriacoiuev wSe Tp€is (XKrivas, 

to be; if thouwl, we uiiv a.ake nere three teius, 

coi jxiaUy Kai Mwo-j; ixiiu, Kai /j-iau HXia. * Eti 

to ihee cue, and Mdscs one, and one Eli;is. feiiil 

auTou \a\ovvToSt iSov^ ye(f>^\r] (pwros eirecr- 

o( Qua 't'eakiug, lo, a cloud of light over- 

Kiatrev avrovs' Kai idov^ (pwfT] e/c ttjs ve(f>€\r]s, 

siiadovred them. and in, a>.>>re out of the cloud, 

Keyov'ja' "Owtoj ecTTiv 6 v'lus /ulov 6 ayavrjTos, 

Baying, ** Fuia i« the »oii of ine the below-i, 

ey 'tfj tuSoKrjcra' avrou atcou^Tt," ** Kctt a/cou- 

iu whom ld«i>i,''ii, of uim lienr jrou." And having 

(TauTes oi /ua^Tjrai, evtaou (nt irporrcoTTou q.vtwv, 

heard the ducipies, thev I'ell upoa face them, 

Kai €(po^r}6ricrau acpoSpa. '' Kat ■npocr^KQjiv 6 

and were trigniened greatly. And coming noar the 

\T)<TovSy Tjiparo avTwu, Kat eiirev EyepOrire, Kai 

Jesus, touched them, and said; Be you raided, and 

{17] <poPei(rd€. ^EirapayT€s 8e tovs 0(p6aKpL0V5 

63t beairaid. Lifting up then the eyes 

avTccy, ovSeva etSov, et fj.rj tov Irjtrovv /xofov. 

of them, DO one they saw, except the Jesus alo:ie. 

^ Kat Kora^aivovTUV avroiu, e/c tov opoos, 

And descending ofthem, from the moualaiu, 

fj/eretAoTO aurots 6 lr)(rovs, Keycav MrjSei/i €i- 

charged them the Jesus, saying; To no one you 

Trrjre to opap-a, ecas oii 6 vios tov audpcowov fK 

may tell the vision, till the bod of the man from 

V€Kpcav ava<rrri. 

■tead (ones) should he raised. 

^^ Kat eTn]pwTT]<jav avrov ol /xaBrjrai avrov, 

And asked him the disciples of him, 

\eyoyr€S' Tt ovu ol ypap-ixareis K^yovaiv, on 

saying; Why then lae scriDes say, tnat 

HAtaj/ Set cXdeiv irpoDTov ; ^^'O fie Iijeroi/s 

Elias must to come first' The but Jesus 

airoKpiOeis etTrej/ *[auTOis*] HAiay fieu epx^rai 

answering said [to them;] Elias tinily C(5mcs 

TrpoiTOU, Kai airoKaraarrjcTii travra' ^^K^yoi Se 

fii-st, and shall restore all things; I say but 

Vfiiv, hri HA.tas -q^t] T?A0e, Kai ovk eiteyyuxrau 

to you, that Elias just now came, and not tliey tnew 

avrov, oAA' €TroLr}(rav ev avrcp Sera TjfleArjcrar* 

him, but have done to him as much as they wished, 

(luoted them up a loft> 


2 and he was trans- 
formcfl III their prestiKc 
his i'A( E slione as Mic 
SIN, aud his garme.nis 
bernnie white as the 


3 And behold, Moses 

and Elijah appeared to 
tliem, convei'siug with 

4 Then Peter address- 
ing Jesus, said, '-Master, 
it is good for us to be 
here; it thou wilt, * 1 v,-ilL 
make liere three Bi)oths; 
one for tJiee, one fur Mo- 
ses, and one for Eii)^h." 

5 While he was speak- 
ing, behold, J a Cloud of 
litrht covered iheni; and 
behold, a Voice troni the 
CLOUD, declaring, f'This 
is my SON, the ]4KL0veu, 
in whom t Ueiighi : hear 

6 And <he disciples 
having heard it, tell ou 
tlieir I'aies, and were 
greatly tn^htened. 

7 And Jksvs aporoach- 
ing, J touched them, and 
said, "Arise, and be not 

8 Then raising their 
eyes, they saw no one, 
except Jesus. 

9 % .\nd as they were 
descending the MouN- 
TAi.\, Jesus commanded 
thera, saying led the vi- 
sion to no one. till the 
SON of MAN be riseu troos 
the Dead. 

10 And the r)iv;oiPi.ES 
asked imn, savmo r ' Why 
then do the sckibfs Sd 
That Elijah must firs 
come "r" 

11 *He answering, said, 
"Elijah indeed * comes, 
and will restore all things. 

12 Hut I say to you, 
:}. That Elijah has already 
come, and they did not 
recognize him, but have 
done to hini whatever 
they wished. Thus also 

I will make here three Bootlis. 

• Vatic.<.n M.\nuscript.- 
11. comes, aud will restore. 

: 5. 2 Peter i. 17 ; Matt. iii. 17; Mark i. 11 ; Luke iii. 22. 
Rev. 1. 17. X 9. Mark is, 0. .t iiO. Mai. iv. 5. 

11. He answeriiiff 

t 7. Dan. viii. 18; x. 9, 10, IS. 
; 12 Matt. xi. 14^ Mark ix. l-^.l-'i- 

Chap 17: 13.] 


{Oiap. 17: n. 

9vru Kat 6 vlos rov avrpccTTOv jicWei vaax^^v 

thus »1bo the »on of the man i» about to suffer 

utt' avTwv. ^■^Tore <rvvi]Kav ol fiaOrjTai, 6ti 

by them. Then understood the disciples, tha* 

irepi looavvov rov fia-rriarov enrey avrois. 

concerning John the dipper bespoke to them. 

^"* Kai ^KOovrcov avruv irpos rou ox^ou, ivpoc" 

And having come cfthem to the crowd, 

7j\0ey avr(p avGpcoiros, yovvireTCjy avrov, ^^Kai 

(».me to him a man, tnee-fallin; him, and 

Xeyoey Kvpie, eX^-qa-ov fxov rov vlov on (TcAtj- 

naying; O lord, have pity on of me the Km; lot he is 

viaC^rai, Rai kukcds Tracrxer 7roA\o«is yap 

moou-atruck, and sadly suffers; often for 

irfTT-ret €is to Tfvp, Kai iroWaKis eis to vScap. 

he falls into the fire, and often into the water. 

^^ Kat TTpoariveyKa avrov rois /jiaOrjrais (xov, Kai 

And I brought him to the disciplej of thee, and 

ovK v^vvrjOrjaav avrou O^pairevcrai. ^^ AiroKpi- 

aot they were able him to heal. Anawer- 

Ceis Se 6 IriTovs eivev 0, yevta airicros kcu 

in" and the Je»u» »aid; O generation unfaithful and 

diecrrpajxixcur]' Iwsr irore ecro/xai jxeff" vfxcav: 

having been perverted J till when^ shall I he with you? 

kcjs TTore aveiofxaK vjxwv ; (f>iper€ /xoi avrov wde. 

till when shall I bear you? bring you to me hira here. 

^^Koi e7rfrifx-i](Tev avrcp 6 Irjcrovs, Kai e^T]\6€V, 

And rebuked him the Jesus, and came out 

air' avrov ro ^aifxoviov Kai tOcpaTrevOr] 6 irais 

of him the demon; and wa» cured the boy 

airo T7]S wpas CK€Lvr]s. ^^Tore irpoa-eXOoj/res 

from the hour that. Then coming 

ol fiaBrjrai rcf} Irjaov Kar' iSiav, eixoy Aiari 

the disciples to the Jesus by himself, said; Why 

■t]fj.€is OVK eK^aXeiv avro; ^"'0 de 

we uot were able to cast out it? The and 

Irja-ovseiTFev avTOis' Aia rr]v airiamav ufxav. 

Jesus oaid to them; On account of the unbelief of you. 

kixr]v yap Xeyco v/xiv, cav e^TJTe "jricrriy &s kok- 

Indeed for 1 say to you, if you have faith as a 

Kov (TiyaTccos, cpeire rep opei rovro}. Mera- 

"rain of mustard, you will say to the mountain ; this Be thou 

^7}Qi evTcvdcv €K€i, Kai /xeTal3r](rerar Kai ovScv 

removed from here there, and it will remove; and nothing 

advvarrja-sn, ^^^[ToiiToSe to yevos ovk 

will be impossible to you. [This but the kind not 

fKTTop^cTat, (I fJiT} ev irpoa-evxv '^°' vr)(rr€ia.'] 

goes out, if not in prayer and fasting.] 

^'■^ AvacrrpecpOfxevav Se avrcov ev rri VaXiXaia^ 

■ Were traveling and of them in the Galilee, 

iiitev^ avrois 6 Injerovs' MeAAet 6 vlos rov av- 

said to them the Jesus; Is about the son of the 

Opioiroif-^^apaSiSoa-Oai ets X€ipas' avOpwircay, 

man io bo dehvered up into hands of men, 

^ Kat avoKTcvova-iv avrov Kai rrj rpirrj vV^P'? 

and they will kill ' him ; and the third day 

€yepQy)(firaiJ Kat eXvirrjOria-av acpodpa. 

he will be raised, ' And they were grieved exceedingly. 

tlie SON of MAN is abrss 

to suffer by them." 

13 Then the discifles 
Tinderstood That he spoke 
to them conceming John 


14 J And they having 
! come to the chowd, a 

Man came to him. kneel- 
ing and saying, 

15 "O Sir, have com« 
passion on My son ; for 
he ia a lunatic, and *sick- 
Jy ; for he frequently falls 
into the riEE, ana fre- 
quently into the water. 

16 And I brought him 
to thy DISCIPLES, but 
they could not cure Him." 

17 Then Jesus answer- 
ing said, "O unbeliev- 
ing and perverse Genera- 
tion! how long must I be 
with you? how long must 
I endure you ? bring him 
here to me." 

18 And Jesus rebuked 
Mm, and the demon came 
out of him; and the box 
was restored from that 

19 Then the disciples 
coming to Jesus private- 
ly, said, "Why were fot 
not able to cast it out?" 

20 And * HE says to 
them, "On account of 
your *LiTTLE-rAiTH; For 
indeed I say to you, % If 
you have Faith, as a Grain 
of Mustard, you might 
say to this mountain. 
Remove there from here, 
and it would remove ; and 
nothing would be impos- 
sible to you. 

21 * t [This KIND, toW" 
ever, goes not out but by 
Prayer and Fasting."] 

22 X ^'o'w while they 
were traveling in Gali- 
lee, Jesus said to them, 
"The SON of MAN is about 
to be delivered up into 
the Hands of Men ; 

23 and they will kill 
him, and the thieu Day 
he vri\l * rise. And thev 
were exceedingly grieved. 

♦ Vatican MANDscniPi.— 15. sickly. 20. bs says. 20. little-paith. H.—omit, 
83. rise. . - . fwtaa ■ 

t 21. This verse ia wanting in the Coptic, Ethiopie, Syriac hieros, and in one Itala MSSo 
1 14. Murk Ix. 14; Luke ix. 37. t 20. Matt. xxi. 21; Mark xi. 23; Luke xvii. 6; 1 Cor 

till. 2. t 23. Matt. xvi. 21 ; XX. 18 ; Mark ix. 30, 31 ; Luke ix. 44. 

Chap. 17: 24.] 


[Cliap. 18: 4 

^* EXdovTcci/ Se avTccy eis Kawspvaov/iy 

Hnviiijj arrived and of theia at Capeniaum, 

vpo(n]KBop 01 Ttt SiSpaxfJ-ct, Kafxfiavovres rq) 

camo those the didnichma* receiving to the 

rXerpy, Kai eiirow 'O SidatTKaXos vjjlocv ov reAet 

Peter, and said; Tiie teacher of you not pay* 

ra hihpaxfJ-o- . '^Ae7ef Nai. Kat ore excrjA- 

the didrachniat? HesajBj Yes. And whe« he was 

Bcv €is rrjv oiKiaVy 7rpoe(pda(Tey avrov 6 Itjcows, 

come into the huu!>e^ anticipated him the Jesus, 

Xeycov Ti croi So/cet, 'Sifioou; Ol /SacrtAets 

saying; Which to thee seems right, Simon? The kinga 

Trjs 717s UTTO TLVoov \a,u^avov(Tt tpAtj tj Krjvcrov ; 

ortheearth from whom do they take taxes or census' 

aiTo Tcav VLCoy auTcuu, r} awo rotv aWorpiav ; 

from the sons of them, or from the aliens? 

-^Ae7et ai/roj o HeTpos* Atto toov aWoTpioov. 

Says t-o him thj Pecer, From tiie aliens. 

E(^7j au-ro) 6 IrjcTovs' Apaye €\€vdepoi cLcriy ol 

Says to him the Jesus, Tlieo exempt are the 

viol. -''Ifa Se fiy\ <rKauda\i<T(v/ui€v avrovs., 

sons. That but not ne may olfend them, 

vopevBets eis tt]v Ba\a<T<rav, /SaAe ayKKTrpov^ 

going to the sea, oast thou a hook, 

Kai rov ava^avTa TrpwTov ix^w apov /cat auoi- 

aiid the ascending first tisk take up. and open- 

^as TO (TTo/uM avTov, evpr}(reis crar'^pa' €K^ivov 

lug the mouth of him, thou wilt (ind a slater^ that 

Ka&av, 80s avrois auri e/xov Kat arov. 

takui£, give to thexn for me aiui thee. 

KE*. 17)'. 18. 
^V,u cKeiPT} rp wpa Trpoa-qXdov ol fiadtjTai Ttf 

In that the hour came the disciples to the 

It/ctou, K^yovT^S' Tis apa fxei^wy eariy ey tt) 

Jesus, oaying ; Who then greater is in thfi 

^ariAeta rwyovpavcoy; '~Kanrpo(rKa\€(Taiii.eyos 

kingd~in of tie heavens? And haiing called 

« Itjctjvs iraiSloy €<rTTj(Tev avro ev fiearo} avrcuy, 

the J00U6 a little child placed it in midst of them, 

^ Kai isnrey A/jltjv \eyw vfiiy, eay p-i} (rrpacprjTe 

cad 3Ud; Indeed Isay to you, if not youbechanged 

Kai ysyT](rO€ cjs ra iraihia, ov fir} ^la^KQifiTe eis 

and bccomi^ a£ th£ little children, not not you may enter into 

rrr)y ^aai\^iav ray ovpavcav. * '0<ttis ovv 

the kingdom of the bdeaveus. Wlioever therefore 

24 X And having arrived 
at Capernaum, the coi^ 


came to Petee, and said, 
" Does not your teacheb 
pay the didrachms?" 

25 He says, "Yes." And 
when *tliey were come 
into the house, Jesus 
anticiput«d him, saying, 
'' Wliat is thy opinion, Si- 
mon ? From whom do the 
KINGS of the earth take 
Tax or Census? from 
their own sons, or from 
others r" 

26 * And when he said, 
"Of OTHERS," Jesus says, 
"Tlie SONS then are ex- 
em pt. 

27 But lest we should 
offend them, go to the 
LAicK, throw a Hook, and 
take the first fish com- 
ing UP, and opening its 
MOXTTH, thou wilt finS t a 
Stater; take That, and 
give it to them, for me 
and thee." 


1 *And at That time 
tiie DISCIPLES came to 
Jesus, saying, J "Who 
tlien is greatest in the 



2 And *he having called 
a Little child, placed him 
in the Midst of them, 

3 and said, "Indeed I 
say to you, j Unless you 
be changed, and become 


will never enter the king- 
dom, of the HEAVENS. 

4 Whoever, therefore, 

' Vaticas MAsruscaiPT. — 25. they were eome. 26. And when lie said. "Of others," 

Jesus says. 1. And at. 2. he having called. 

t 24. A half shelcel, in value about 30 cents, or Is. 3d. It appears from Exodus xxx. 13, 14, 
that every male .imong the Jews, of twenty j-eavs old and upwai'ds, was commanded to give 
X certain'sum every year, as an otfering to the Lord, for the service of tlie temple at Jerusa- 
lem. Scott refers to Jos^ Ant. xviii. 9, 1, to show that the Jews continued to send the same 
sum every year, wherever they lived; which Philo too particularly mentions, de Monarch. 
ii.635, ed. coL "Sums of money, on account of the Jews, were carried every year out ol 
Italy and all your provinces to Jerusalem." Cic. pro Flac. 8. " Every Jew, despismg the re- 
ligion of the counti-y in which he lived, sent his aonations and tribute to Jerusalem and the 
temple." Tac. Hist.'lil). 6. Josephus (B. J.vii. 27) says, "the Roman emperor Vespasian, 
imposed upon every Jew the same contribution for the Capitol, as they had before paid to 
the Temple." "Titus imposed on them a yearly tribute of a didrachm to Capitoline Jupi- 
ter." Xipnil. Dion. lib. Ixvu These tnhute gatherers must have been sent by the superin- 
tendents o) the Temple, and bave acted by the authority of the high priest ; for the force o< 
oiir Lord b argument depends upon this particular. — Wakefieid. f 27- A shekel, or ball 

anouuceof silvei. in valueaboutCOcents, orSs. 6d^at5s. per ounce. 

t ?4. Marktx.S3. 1 1- Mark ix.83; Luke ix.46; ixii. 24. "^ t S. Matt. zix. lis 

>l<i!k I It-:; Luke Kvui 17: 1 Cor. XIV 20; 1 Peter ii. 2. 

(^p. 18 g 5.] 


raireivwffT) kavrov ws ro iraiSiov tovto, otros 

may humble' himself as the little child this, he 

effTiv 6 iJLSiCav ev tt/ fia<Tikeiq. ro:v ovpavuiv. 

is the greater in the kingdom ofthe Heavens. 

•Kai bs iav Se^TjTai iraiSiou roiovrov kv cttj T(p 

And whoever may receive a little chUd such one on the 

ovoaari /mov, e^ae Sexerai. ^'Os 5' aif o-Kau5a- 

name of me, me receivea. -nho but ever may m- 

Xia-rj iua rcau fiiKpcav toi/tcwv, tcuk- TrtarevovTuv 

»nare' one ofthe little-ones tliese, of the beUeving 

eis efiCy (TvfKpepei ourw, Iva Kpe^a(r67} ^v\os 

into me, it is appropriate to him, that should be hung a millstone 

oviKos €7ri Tov Tpaxr/Aov avTOv^ Kat Karairov- 

upper on the neck of him, and »ie should be 

fcunk * in the depth ofthe sea. 

* Oi/tti TCf! Koa-ixcf} OTTO Tcop (TKav^aXodV, Avay- 

Woe to the world from th^ snares. Neces- 

K7J yap fcrriv €\d€ii> ra (ricav5a\a° TrKy\u ovai 

•ary for it is to come tb- snares ; 

TCO avdpWTT^ €K€lVCf} 5l' 017 TO 
to the to that through whom the 

'Et Se 7) xe:p (Tov 7? 

but woe 



[Chap. 18: 11. 
may humble himself like 

this LITTLE CHILD, ha 

will be the gkeatest in 
the KINGDOM of the hea- 

5 I And whoever may 
receive one such Little 
cliild in my name, re- 
ceives Me. 

6 X I^^^t whoever shall 
insniire one of the least 


me, it would be better foi 
him that an t upper Mill- 
stone were hanged about 
his KECK, and that he 
were sunk i;i the depth 
ofthe SEA. 

7 Alas for the "WOELD, 
because of snaeesI for 
it must be that snares 
come; but alas for that 
MAN through whom the 
SNAEE comes. 

8 t If> then, thy hand 

epYerai ._ . 

comes. If therefore the hand oi'thee or the foot of thee ^ „„^. „ 

(TKapdaXiC^i (re, eKKOTpop avra^ Kai fiaAe airo or^hy toot insnare thee, 

jnmares thee, cutoff thcna, and cast from , ^.^j^ j'^ ^^^ ^^^^ thrOW it 

ffov KaXov croi ((rrtv ei(re\6€LV eis Tr]v Qw-qv away; it is better for thee 

thee; good to thee it » to enter into the life tO CntCI LIlfE * Crippled OF 

XwAoj' 7/ Kv\Kov^ 7} 5vo X^'P°-^' V Swo iroSas i:ime, than having Two 

latoe or » cripple, than two hands m two feet Hiuuls Or Two Feet, tO be 

tyovra ^\'n^y]voi.i eis ro irvp ro ataviov. ^Kat cast into the Iaionian 

having to be cast into the fire the age-lastmg. And jieE. 

« 6 o<p6a\ixos crov ffKav5a\iCei ce, 6|eAe avrop, 9 And if thine eye in-' 

if the eye of thee insnares thee, tearout it, '^ gnarC thee, plutk it OUt, 

Kai ^a\€ airo cov KaXov ffot e<rri ^ovo<p6a\fiop and throw it away> it is 

and cast from thee, good to thee it is one-eyed 

US rrjv Q^W etcreAffei*', ij 5l>o o(pda\[xovs exoura 

into the lUe to enter, than two eyes having 

^X-qQ-qvai ets r-qv yeevvav rov irvpos. ^^'Opare, 

to be cast into the Gehenna «f the fire. See, 

uTj KaTa(ppovT](T7)re kvos rasv ^iiKpwv rovrccv 

not yo« may despise one ofthe little-ones these; 

Ae7» yap 'vjxiv, on oi ayye\oi. avrcav ev ovpa- 

T say for to you, that the loessengers of them in hea- 

voii Ziairavros pXeirovcri ro TrpotrcoTfov rov 

vens perpetually see the face ofthe 

Trarpos iiov, rov ev ovpavois. *[^^HA0€ yap b \ mine in the Heavens. 

father of me, that in heavens. [Is come for the I 11 * f $ [For the SON of 

vlos rov apdpanrou truxrat ro aTroAcuAos.] ^-Tt man is come to save that 

SOD ofthe man to save the having been lost.] What , wllich WaS LOST.] 

better to enter liik one- 
eyed, than having Twa 
Eyes to be cast into the 
EVENING of Gehenna. 

10 Take care, that jon 
do not despise one of tht 
LEAST of these j for I as« 
sure you, that Jtlieir an- 
gels in * the HEAVENS 
continually behold the 


* Vatican Maisusciiipt.— S. crippled or lame. 
See also Lachmann and TischendorL 

10. the HSATEIVS. 

.rtTord in Enelish which exactly conveys the idea attached to it in the original, it has been 
left untrans.ated. The adjective form of the word, however, cannot rise hieher in meaning- 
than the noun from which it is derived, and must always be governed by it. See Note on 
Matt xiii 40 and Appendix. + H. this verse is omitted in the Vatican and several 

o'ii-r MSS .and marked as doubtful by Griesb.icb- In Bootliroyd's translatiou it is ap- 
pended to the fourteenth verse, as making a better connection. 

i 6 Matt X 42 , Luke ix. 48. t 6. Mark ix. 42 v Lttke xvii. 1, ^ J 8, Matt. v. 

?fi. V>: iVl irkiji ♦^i. l-V J 10. Psa. xxiiv. 7 ;Lukei.I9. t U. Luke ix. oft; iix. 19- 

)^i.^•.•*ii) 17- Xij. 17 

Chap. 18: 12.] 


[Chap. 18:20. 

{ntCy ioKft l^ttaf •ve^'Tjrai tiki avOpwvtf knar op 

loyon iteoK right ^ ii' tnould have »d; ^"^ ' mao ' a hundred 

npo^arat fcai irKavrjO-p iv e^ avTwv oux* o^f '* 

(hecp, and (hould go Mtra; ODO from them) not leaving 

»rtt fVvevTjKQVTa^vvia eirt ra opri, iroptvOeis ^rj- 

tlh* nioctj-Dina upon Iho mountains, goiDi; k« 

{rfi Vo irA.ovw/ucJ'oi' / ^"^Kai eav y(vr)rat (vpeiv 

Mckl (hat having itra^^edT And if besboulJ happen to God 

[avr8f afxr\v Ktyo) hfxiVt 6ri X'^^P^^ s'^' ct^ 

^jit, todeed I e.-t; to jou, that be rejoices Over -v- It ^ 

J^a^Aoi', 17 €7r» Tojy ivvivr\KovTO,iVViai]^rois /mtj 

'^Biora, than over the Cinety-nino, >. "^ those not 

*«7rAoj/i7)u.€i'0<$. , ^^ Ovrcos - QVK^tffTt 6e\r)fia 

fit*iae been led aatrey. Thai not lit ia ' > wiU^ 

tfxvpo<Tdiu rov varpos v/j-uv, rovl ey'^ovpavois\ 

In the pretence o/ths father t/ ofyou, ofthat in ueaveDi,> 

iVa airoXrjTai eta ruv puKpiav rovratf,S'^!^OLV 

that tbonM perish one ofthe little-onet ofthem.,' If, 

Ze a(j.apTT}(rr) *[e<s tre] 6 a5f\(pos (Tov'i-^vaytt 

•ndahould be In error [against thee,] the brother r of Ibee,' go. *» 

(\(y^op avTov /xfra^v aov km avrov^fioyov. 

tctt ., hlra ' between ' thee and .^'i, hint 1% alone. ' 

T-av cov aKoutrjj, (KfpBiqa'as rov' aSeK^ov aov 

tl Ibce be may hear, thou hast noo the , brother ofthee^ 

*'«oJi' Be fit] aKovcrr), irapaKaPe /xero crov 6T| 

If but not he may hear, talo with ' this betidea 

ha 7j Sjo- iva f-rri crro/iarof duo fiapTvpuf^ ri 

one or tnot that by tcouth (wo ofwitneBsea ^ or 

Tpmv araQri irav ^^j^a. I' Eoy Se wo- 

pf three may be proved every word. If 1:^, and be 

paKov(rp avrwy, enre rrj'eKKXrjffia' eav 5€ 

•boujd diaregard theoi, (ell thou to the congregation « U .. and 

Kai TTis eKKKiiffias vapaKovari, ((ttu ffoi 

alto ofthe congregation be obould diaregnrd, let hi m ho to thee 

[uxTTrtp 6 fOviKOS Kat 6 Tf\wv7]S., ^^ AfxTjy 

aa the Cintite and the t««-gatberer^, ^ Indeed 

A€7« v/itf, ico fau B-n<T7]T€ tTri.rrjf yns, 

'laay « to you, whatever yuu may bind on ^ the ' oartb, 

fcrai SfSffxeua ev rep ovpavfp' Kat baa eay 

ifcall be bavtog be^n bound In the hcavcni and whatnvcr 

Kva-rire trrt rrjs Vtjs, effrai AcAi/jtieya «y 

fon may loofo o»y' (be . aartbi eball b« bavring tigco looaed kg 

Tip ovpau(p,/ 

the heaven. > 

^'rioXiP \iyoi t 3ti eav hvo {//xav xrvfi^w 

Agan 1 aay to yon, that if two of yoa may 

vi](Tai(Tiv €Tj r-qs yrs, irepi iravros npay/naros, 

agree opoo the earth, about Bay matter, 

ob fav airriffcvvraif yfy-qtrerai avrotr vapa rov 

•batrver. they may aek, it ahall be to tbetrt from tha 

varpos fiov, rov fv ovptwois, _^^06 yap ttcrt 

father of me, ofthat In heavena. Where for ' ere 

bvo 1) rp^is (Tvfqyixfvoi eis ro ffiov ovo/xa, eKe* 

two or thrtj having come together In the my name, there 

tlp^ *v fieffcp avraiv.^^^lTore 7rpo<re\6wv avrtp 

|ein~^l* the midit ofthem. ~ tb«B eomin; to bim 

12 What do you think? 
t If a man have a Hundred 
Sheep, and one of them go 
astray, *will he not leave 
the NINETY NINE Sheep 
on the MOUNTAINS, and go 
and seek the stray one ? 

13 And if he happen to 
find it,indeed I say to you, 
that he rejoicesmoreover 
it, than over those nine- 
ty nine which WENT NOT 

14 Thus it is not the 

Will *0f THAT FATHER Of 

mine in the Heavens, that 
in his presence one of the 
LEAST of these should be 

15 JNow, if thy bro- 
ther be in error, go, con- 
vict him, between thee 
and him alone. X If he 
hear thee, thou hast gain- 
ed thy brother. 

16 But if he hear thee 
not, take with thee one or 
two more; tthat by the 
Testimonyof Two or three 
Witnesses, Every Thing 
may be proved. 

17 But if he disregard 
them, inform the CON- 
oregation ; and if he 
disregard the conqrbga- 
TioN also, Jlet him be to 
thee as a pagan and a 


18 Indeed, I say to you 
J Whatever you may bind 
on EARTH, will be as hav- 
ing been bound in *Hea- 
ven; and whatever you 
may loose on earth, will 
be as having been loosed 
in *Heaven. 

19 *Again, indeed, I say 
to you, That if two of 
you on EARTH may agree, 
about any thing which 
they may ask, it will be 
done for them, by that 
FATHER of mine in the 

20 For where two or 
three are assembled in my 
Name, I am there in the 
Midst of them." 

» Vatican Manuscript.— 12. will he not leave the ninbtv-ninb Sheep on the moun- 
tains, and go and seek. 14. of THAT FATHER of mine. 15. against thee— <OTjif. 
18. Heaven. 18. Heaven. 19. Again, indeed, I saj. 

1 Luke XV. 4. t 15. Lev. six. 17 ; Luke xvii. 3. 1 15. James v. 19, 20. 

} 10. Deut. xix. 15; John viii. 17; 2 Cor. xiii. 1. 1 17. Rom. xvi. 17; J Thess. lii. 6, U. 

1 18. Matt. xvi. 19; John xx. 23. 

€9uip. 18: 21.3 


[Chap. 18 : 31. 

6 Ylerpos, eiire' Kvpie, iroo'aKis ajxaprrjcrei eis 

the Peter, said; Olord, how often challsin against 

€jU6 6 a8€\<po5 fiov, Kat a(l>r](T(i} avTW; ews 

me the brother of me, and I shall forgive him? till 

eirraKis ; ^^Aeyei aurq} 6 It)(tovs' Ok, Keyu} 

•even times? Says to him the Jesus; Not, I say 

(Toi^ ecos ewraKis, aW' ecus e^do/jLr}KOVTaKis 

to thee, till seven times, but till seventy times 

eTTTa. '^ Aia tovto Mfioiuidri 7] fiacriXcia 

seven. Therefore this has been compared the kingdom 

Tcav ovpavwv avdpooircf) ^aaiXei, 6s rjOcXrjcre av- 

ofthe heavens to a man king, who wished to 

vapai Koyov /xera tccv dovXcov avrov. ^4 Ap|a- 

settle an account with the slaves of him. Having 

fiivov 5e avTov crvvaipeiv, irpoa-rjvfx^Tl avref) eis 

begun and of him to settle, they brought to him one 

0(pei\€Tr]s fivpicov raKavTwv. "^^ M77 exouros Se 

a debtor of ten thonsand talents. Not having but 

avTov airoSovpaij e/ceAei/o'ej' avrov 6 Kvptos av- 

ofhim to pay, ordered him the lord of 

Tou Trpadt]vai, Kai rrju yvvaiKa avrov, Kai ra 

him to be sold, and the wife of him, and the 

rcKua, Kat iravra oaa etxe, Kai atroSodrji/ai. 

children, and all as much as lie had, and payment to be made. 

^^neo'cui' ovv 6 dovKos irpocreKvyei avrcfy 

Falling down therefore the slave he prostr.ited to him, 

Ae7ajj/' *[Kiipte,] fjLaKpoOvfnjaou eir' efxoi, Kai 

saying; [Olord,] have patience with me, and 

Traura aoi awoBcccTw. "^^ '2,ivKayxvi<Tdeis Se 6 

all to thee I will pay. Being moved with pity then the 

Kvpios rov 5ov\ov eK^iuov, aireXvacv avrov, Kai 

lord of the slave of that, loosed him, and 

TO daveiou a<pr)Kev avrtf). -**E|€X0cdj' Se 6 

the debt remitted to him. Going out but the 

^ov\os *\jeKiivos,^ evp^v kva ro)v trvv^ovKoov 

slave [that,] found one of the fellow-slaves 

avrov, OS axpeiKev avrcp eKarov 8r)uapia' Kai 

of him, who owed to him n hundied denarii; and 

Kparrjaas avrov eirviyc, Aeywv AttoSos ixoi ei 

seizing him he choked him, saying; Pay tome if 

ri o<p€i\eis, ^^H€(r(i}v ovv 6 <rvudov\os 

anything thou owest. Tallin g down therefore the fellow-slave 

avrov, vapeKaXei avrov, Ae7a>j/* MaKpodv/uLr^ffov 

ofbim, besought him, saying; Have patience 

67r' efioi, Kai *[7rafTa] anoSaxro) coi. ^'O Se 

with me, and [all] I will pay to thee. He and 

ovK r}d€\ev' a\\' aireKOwv e^aXev avrov (is 

not he would; but going away he cast him into 

<j>v\aKr]v, ews 011 airoSo} ro o(p€i\oiJ.evov. ^^iSov- 

prison, till he should pay that he was owing. See- 

T6S Se 01 (TwSovXoi avrov ra yevo/uLeva, cKvitt]- 

ing and the fellow-slaves of him that having been done, were 

dr)(rav (r(l>o8pa' Kai ehdovres 8i((Ta<pt]<Tav r(f 

grieved much ; and going they related to the 

21 Then Peter coming; 
*said to him, J "Lord, 
how often shall I forgive 
my BROTHER, if he re- 
peatedly trespass against 
me? till seven times?" 

22 Jesus says to him, 
"I say to thee. Not till 
seven times only, but till 
seventy times seven. 

23 In this, the king. 
DOM of the HEAVENS has 
been compared to a King, 
who determined to settle 
Accounts with his ser- 

24 And having begun 
to settle, they brought to 
him one Debtor of Ten 
thousand t Talents. 

25 But he not having 
means to refund, *the 
MASTER, to obtain t pay- 
ment, ordered that he, 
and his WIFE and chil- 
dren, and all that he 
had, should be sold. 

26 The SERVANT, then, 
falling down, prostrated 
to liim, saying, ' Have ])a- 
tience with me, and I will 
pay thee all.' 

27 And the master of 
*the SERVANT, being com- 
passionate, loosed him, 
and remitted the debt. 

28 But the servant go- 
ing out, found one of his 
eellow-servants, who 
owed him a Hundred + De- 
narii; and seizing him he 
choked him, saying, ' Pay 
* whatever thou owest.' 

29 And his fellow- 
see van T falling down, 
entreated him, saying, 
' Have patience with ma 
and I will pay thee.' 

30 But HE would not; 
and departing, committed 
him to Prison, till he 
should pay the debt. 

31 * When, therefore. 
His fellow-servants 
seeing what was done, 
they were indignant ; and 

* Vatican Manuscript. — 21. said to him," Lord." 25. the master. 26. C 

lord— omif. 27. the SERVANT. 28. that— onti7. 28. whatever thou owest 

29. all — omit. 31. When, therefore, Ilis fellow-servants. 

t 24. Of silver; gold is never to be supposed, unless mentioned.— B7oom/?eM. t 25. K 

was usual amonp the Jews for the family of the debtor to be sold for the benefit of the ere* 
itor. See 2 Kinps iv. 1; Neb. v. 8. This bondage, however, only extended to «ijp years 
f 28. This was a Kofuan coin worth about 14 cents, or 7d. 

J 21. Luke xvii.3. 4. 

aiap. 18: 32.] 


[C7(ap. 19: 7 

KvpiCf) OL/TOJi' iraura to yeuofMeva. ^Tore 

lord oftUem all that havin; been done. Then 

irpofTKaXcaa/Mevos avTou 6 Kvpios avrov, \fyei 

having called him the lord of him, says 

avTCj)' Aov\€iroi^r]p€, iraaay rrju o(pei\7]V €K€tvr]v 

tobiin; O slave wicked, all the debt that 

a<pr]Ka troi, tTrtt Trape/caAeo-as^e* ^ouk eSet 

I remitted to thee, because thou besought me; not was it binding 

Kai ae €\cr](rai to// avuSovXov (Tov, ojs Kai eyu 

also thee to have pitied the fellow-tlave of thee, as also I 

tre 7]\^7)aa; '^^Kat opyiadfis 6 Kvpios avTov 

thee pitied? And being provoked the lord of him 

TrapchwKfv avTovrois fiatraviarais, eus ov aTroScp 

delivered him to the jailors, till he may pay 

irav TO ocpeiXofxivov *[oi't&>.] ^ Ovtu Kai 6 

all that owing [to him] So alto the 

Trarrip jxou 6 eirovpavios iroir)(rei vfJLiu^ eay jxr] 

father of me the heavenly will do to you, ii not 

a((>r]T€ €Ka(rTos rep aSeAcpcp avrov ano T(i>v 

you forgive each one tha brother of him from ^i. 

KapSicav vfjiwv, 

hearts of you. 

KE*„ lO", 19. 
* Kat (yeveroy 6t€ STfKeaeu & Irjcovs rov^ 

And it came to pass, ~bea ended the Jesus the 

\oyov5 TovTovSf /xerrjpev airo r?^j TaAtAafcs, 

words these, he departed from the Galilee. 

Kat r}\6ey €js to dpia rrjs Iot/Sa<os, ir^pav rov 

ana came into the confiuea of 'he Juilea, beyond xho 

lopSavov. ^ Kai r)Ko\ov67}0'av avrco ox^oi 

Jordan. And followed him crowd> 

JToWoi' Kai edepaircvaeu avTovs eK€u 

great; and he healed them there. 

^ Kat TTpoff-qXQou avTcp oi 4>api(raioiy ireipa- 

And came to him the Pharisees trj'- 

(^ovTes avTov, Kai \eyoPTes ^l^avTCf'^ E< e^earif 

Ing bim, and saying [to him;] If it is lawful 

audpcoTTcp UTToAvcrai ttjv yvvaiKa avrov Kara 

to a man to release the wife of him upon 

TTatrav aiTiav . * 'O Sf airoKpiO^is enrey avTois' 

every cause; He and answering said totheni; 

OvK aveyvwTf, bri & Troi-qcras air' apxv^ apcreu 

Not have jou read, that the Creator from a beginning a male 

Kai 6r]\v eTTonjaev auTovs , ^Kai e/Trei/- " 'Ei/efrt'// 

and afemale he made them > and says; "On account 

TOVTOv /caToAet>//et avOpwiros tou trarepa Kai 

of this shall leave » man the father and 

TT/i/ /LiTjTepo, Kai TTpocTKoWrjOrjcTeTai Trj yvvaiKi 

the mother, and shall be closely united to the wife 

ouTou* Kai ecrovrai oi Svo eis ffapKa fiiav.'' 

of him; and shall be the two into flesh one," 

*'n(rT€ ovK€Ti ci(ri Svo, aAAo cap^ fxia. 'O 

So that no longer they are two, but flesh one. What 

ovv 6 dios (Xvv^^ev^ev, audpwiros fxr\ xoopi^^rw. 

then the God has joined together, a man not disunitea. 

* I\.^yov(nv avTip' Ti ovv McDtTTj? fj-cTfiAoTo 

They say to him ; Why then Moses did enjoin 

going to their masi'eji, 
they related all thut had 


32 Then his mastes 
liaving called lura, said to 
liim, '0 wicked servant! 
All that DEBT I forgave 
thee, because thou didst 
entreat nie ; 

33 was it not l)indine 
on thee also to have had 
pity on thy FELLOw-sEa^ 
VANT, as I also had pity 
on thee?' 

34 And his MASTEabe. 
ing proAoked, delivered 
him to tlie jailors, till 
he should discharge the 


35 Thus also will my 


you, unless you from your 
HEART, each one J forgive 

his BROTHER." 


1 X And it happened, 
when Jesus ended these 
WORDS, he departed from 
Galilee, and came into the 

i COMIXES of JUDEA, bc- 

{ yond the Jordan. 

2 And great Crowds fol- 
lowed him, and he cured 
their sick. 

3 And the *Pharisee3 
came to him, trying hira, 
and saying, | " Is it law- 
ful for a man to dismiss 
his WIFE for Any Cause?" 

4 And He answering, 
said to them, " Have you 
not read, That the Crea- 
tor, at the first, J made a 
male and a female ; 

5 and said, J 'On ac- 
count of this a man shall 
leave father and moth- 
er, and adhere to his 
WIFE ; and they two shall 
become one Flesh ?' 

6 So that they are no 
longer Two, but one Flesh. 
WTiat God, tlien, has uni- 
ted, let no man sever." 

7 They say to him, 
t"Why then did Moses 
command to give a Writ 

" Vaticaw Ma.itscbipt. — 34. to him — omit. 

3. "harisees. 

3. to him — omit. 

t 35 Prov. xsi. 13; Matt. vii. 1, 2. 1 1. Mark x. 1. % S. Mark x. 2. X 4vGeiv 

\ 27. Mai u. 15. ; 5. Gen. ii. 24; 1 Cor. vi. 16; Epb. v. 31. ; 7. Deut-. xxir. k 

aiap. 19: 8.] 


/Cv'i.r-.lC: IG. 

Zovvai Qi^Kiov aiToaraffLOVy Kai airoKvcrai avrtivs 

to give uU of separation, and to release her? 

^Aeyet avTOis' 'Oti Mwa-vs Trpos tt]V aKX-r]- 

Hesaya totlx^--'; That Moses 

the hardness 

QOKap^iav vfxcav eirerpe^ev v}ilv airoXvaai ras 

othe:j-t of you suffered you ^ ♦'.e 

yvuaiKas vficow air' apxvs Se jv yeyouev ovtw. 

wives of you; from a beginning but i.ot it was so. 

^Ae-yw Se vuiu, Sti 6s av aTro\vTr} ttji/ yvvaiKa 

avTov, fiT) eTTt '•ropveia, Kai yafirja-r} aXXriv. 

of him, except for fornic.-.tion, ;.nd may marry .-mother, 

LLoixaTar Kai 6 airoKzKvpLevv.u ya^7]cras, lui- 

commiU adulteiy ; and he her b' in g released marrying, ^^m- 

Xarai. ^^A^youcriu avrtf ol fMaO-qrai avrov 

mits adultery. Tlieysay lo him the dUciples of him; 

Et ovTCios earriv ?/ airia rou audpcoirov fxera ttjs 

the case of the man with the 

^1 'O Se enrev 

He but said 

If thus 

yvuaiKos, ov avficp^pei ya/xTqcrai 

woman, not it is profitable to marry. 

auTOis' Ov iroj'Tes x^P'^^'^'' '^"^ Koyou rovroVy 

to them; Not all admit the word this, 

oAA' ols SeSorat. ^^Eirrt yap evvovxoi^ 

but to whom it has been given. There are for eunuchs, 

oiTiues €/c KoiXias /j-vrpos iyivvr)6r)(Tav ovrw 

who from womb of mother were bom so; 

Kai eiaiy ewouxoh olriues eyvouxto-^TjTa*' inro 

and there are eunuchs, who were made eunuchs by 

rwv aydpcairwy Kai eicriu evvovxoh ohiues ivvov- 

the men; and there are eunucns, who made 

Xicrav kavrovs Sto rrju ^aaiXeiav rwu oupa- 

eunuchs themselves on account of the kingdom of the heav- 

vwy. 'O SvuafJL^yos x^P^^'^t x^P^^'''^- 

ens. He being able to admit, let him admit. 

^•*ToT€ Trpo(Trivex0V avrcp TratSia, lua ras 

were brought to him little children, that the 

iiriOr] avTois, Kai TTpo(Tev^r]Tar ol 

hands he might lay on them, and he might pray; the 

Se u.aQy)rai eireriix-naai' avrois. ^'^'O Se Irio-ovs 

out disciples rebuked them. The and Jesus 

snrew AAere ra TraiSia, Kai fxyj /cwAuere aura 

said ; Suffer the little children, and not hinder theni 

fkOeiu Tpos jue' tup yap roiovrwu ea-riu 7) 

to come to rae; of the for suchlike is the 

fiamXeia twv oupauwu. ^'' Kai eirideis avrois 

kingdom of the heavens. And laying on them 

ras x^'pts, eiropevOr} eKcideu. 

»he hands, he departed thence. 

16 Kai tSou, els irpoaeXOcov, enrcv avrcp' Ai- 

.^Vnd lo, one coming, said to him; O 

Soo-KaAe ayaOe, Ti ayaQov Tron]aw, lua ex<w 

teacher good, what good must I do, that I may have 



of Divorce, —^H dismiss 

o He Fiys to them, 
" Moses, iudeed, permit- 
ted you to divorce your 
wiVKS, on account of your 

STUBBORN disposition; 

tut from the Beginning it 
was not so. 

9 t I^iit I say to you, 
"Whoever dismisses his 
WIFE, except *on Account 
of Whoredom, causes hei 
to commit adultery; and 
HK who MARRIES the di- 
vorced woman, commits 

10 *The DISCIPLES say 
to him, "If the case of 
the HUSBAND with his 
AviFE be thus, it is not 
good to marry." 

11 But HE answered, 
J "None can admit *the 
WORD, but those to whom 
it is given. 

13 For there are some 
Eunuclis, by natural con- 
stitiuion ; others have 
been made Eunuchs by 
MEN; and + Jotheis have 
made themselves Eunuchs 
on accoiuit of the king- 
dom of the heavens. 
He who is able to Co 
this, let him do it." 

13 X Tlu n they brougbj 
to him Little childi-en, 
that he might place his 
HANDS on them, and ^ray; 
and the disciples rebu- 
ked them. 

14 But Jesus said, ''Let 


alone, and forbid theia 
not to come to me; Jbe- 
causeto such as these 
belongs the kingdom of 

the HEAVENS." 

15 And having laid his 
hands on them, he depai'- 
ted thence. 

16 J And behold, one 
approaching, said *to him, 

-^TI^icN M..N„scKiPT.-9. on Account of Whored^^^es lu^r to commit adau^ery; 
and HE who MARRIES. 10. The DISCIPLES. 11. tue word. 

'^'J'lIVhShly' figurative mode of expression, similar t? what is found m Matt. v._29, jiO; 
xviii.8,9. Theamputn' 
from the two species i 
Martvr, Chrysostom, 
literally, but is said to have i 

t 9. Matt, v, 32; Mark x. U ; ^^"^-^ -,: - -°^ - - • ^-■^^_ Matt. v. 3 ; xviii. 3. 

t 12. 1 Cor. vii. :52— 34. . J 18 
I 16. Mark s. 17 ; Luke rviu.18. 

e exemplified them upon himself.-See Analecta Theologka 

. 11 ; Luke xvi. 18; 1 Cor. vii. U tM^Matt' 7 s'-VviH i 

J 18. Mark te. 13. t !*• *^***' ^- 3 . x\ in. a. 

dkap. 19: 17./ 


[C5jap. 19: 555, 

life age-lasting;? He and he!^.'lid to him; Why we 

lepvoTas TTipL Tov ayadov ; ets €<ttiv 6 ayados. 

asVesttlioucoocerniui; tUe goodf one is the good. 

Ei 5e 6€\€is eL(TeXQiiv cis tt]!' ^(orjv^ rrfprjcroy 

St but th«u wishest to eater into th« lift, keep styictly 

ras €t/To\as. ^'^ Aeyci aurcf Ilomr ; *0 5c 

the commandments. He says to him ; Whicb ' The and 

ir)(rovs eiwe' To* " Ov (povevcr&is' Ov /xoi- 

Jesus Baid; This; Not thou shale kiU ; Nc<. thoushalt 

X^vtreis' Ov Khf^peis' Ov i^ev^o^-^aprvpri- 

(Commit adultery ; Not thou chalt ste:il; Not thou shalt testify 

ceis' ^^Ti/xa tov irarepa Kai rrju ^rjT^pa" tear 

falsely; Hoaor the father and the mothei- ;" and; 

*' AyaTn](r€is tov TrKricriov <tov ws creavrovJ'^ 

*'Thou shalt love th>e oeiglibor of thee as thystelf.'* 

-" A^^et avT<f 6 veaviTKOS' TLavTa TavTU e<pu- 

Say«. to him the young aiaa; AU the^ 1 

Xa^a/J.r]v "[^k veoTrjTos fiov'l rt dTi ixmpa) ; 

^epC [iCrom childhood of me:] what moi-e do I want ? 

^^ E<^9f avTU 6 Irjaovs' Ec 6eKeii T€\eios 

Said to him th« Jesus : l{ thou wishest perfect 

eivai, vTvayi, irt^\7)(rov arov ra virapxovra, Kai 

to be, go, t^l of thee th€ possessions, and 

dos TTTtcxoiS' Kai e^efs 6r)(ravpov ev ovpa- 

give Co poor: and thou shalt have treasure in hea- 

i^cp' Kai Sevpo, aKoKovOei fioi. ^ AKOvcras 5e 6 

vea: and hither, follow me. Having heard and the 

v^avKTieos Toi Xoyov^ aTrrjXOe \vvov^7)vos' r]v 

young maa the word, weolaway sorrowing: he was 

yap ex<^y KT-q/xaTa iroKXa. ^ 'O Se Irjcous 

for haviag possessions many. The and Jesus 

iffTre TOfj fiad'>]Tais avruv Afirjv Kcyo vfxiv, oti 

eaid totlie disciples of himself: Indeed I say to you, that 

dvcTKoKws irXoucrios eicreKivrrovTai ets tv,v fiaci- 

•vith difficulty a rich num shall enter into the kin^ 

Xeiav T(t>v ovpavcav. "'^ TlaXiv he Keyta vpuv. 

4]om of the heavens. Again and I say to you. 

evKOTTODTepov e<TTi Kafir]Kov Sia Tpvnrj/naTos pa- 

easier it i« a camel through a hole of a 

<pi5os eitreKOaiv, rj irKovtriov tis T-qv fia<n\ei«iv 

Desdle to pass, than arichma/i into the kingdom 

TOV Qeov eia-€\6eiv. '^ AKov<ravTis Se o'l fiadrj- 

ofthe God to enter. Having heard and the disci. 

Tai, €^(ir\r](T(TovTo <T<pohpa^ KeyovTiS' Tis apa 

(lies, wereamaz£d exceedingly, saying: Who then 

"Good Teacher ! what good 
thing; must I do, that I 
may obtain aionian Life?" 

17 And HE 6aid to him, 

* t " Why dost thou call Me 
GOOD ? God alone is good. 
If, however, tliou desivesf 
to enter that lite, Kej^ 


18 He says to him, 
" Which V" Jesus aus« 
wered, " These ; % ' Thou 

• shalt not commit murder ; 
' Thou shalt not commit 
' adultery; Thou shalt not 
' steal ; Thou shalt not 
' testify falsely ; 

19 ' Honor thy father 
' and thy mother ;' and 
' X ' Thou shalt love thy 
' NEIGHBOR as thyself.' " 

20 The TouNG man 
says to him, "All these 
have I kept ; what want I 
more ?" 

21 Jesus replied, "If 
tiiou desirest to be perfect, 
go. sell thy possessions, 
and give to the * poor ; 
and thou shalt have Trea- 
sure in Heaven; and come, 
follow me." 

22 But the toung man 
having heard this word, 
went away sorrowing ; for 
he had great * Riches. 

23 Then Jesus said to 
his DISCIPLES, t "Indeed 
I say to you. That it will 
be difficult for a Rich man 
to enter the kii^'gdom: of 


24; And again I say to 
you, fit is easier for a 
Camel to pass through a 
Needle's Eye than for a 
Rich man to enter the 
kingdom f of God." 

23 And the disciples 
heai'ing, were greatly as- 

• Vatican Manuscrift.— 17-"^^^ly askest thou Me concerning that which is goob? 
One is the good: but if thou wilt," 20. from my childliood— om<^. 21. poor. 

22. this wouD. 22. Riches. 

arising from the connection of the thoughts, is decisive on the ijoint. liosides it corres- 
ponds with both Mark and Luke, wlio record the same conversation, in nearly the same 
words, and no different reading is noted. f 24. Rabbins, as well as Arabs, wereaccus- 

■tomL-d, in do>;cribing an impossibilitv, or a high degree of improbabilitv. to say, "It will not 
happen before a camel, or au elephant, has crept through the eye of a needle."— Jlfar«4'j 
Translation of Michahs. t 24. ot heaven. — Lackmann §• liichendorf. 

T 18. Exod. XX. 18 ; Dent. v. 17. 
xv:iu24; 1 Tim. vi. 9, 10. 

X la. Lev. xii. 18 

J 23. JIarfc x. 24 ; Lui« 

€Rap. 19: 26.] 


{CTiS]^. 20: 4- 

ivuarat (Xcc9r,yai; ^ Eix.^Xe\pas Se 6 Itjjtous 

is able to besavid? Look in ij bat the Jesus 

fiTteu avTOts' Tlapa avOpojirois tout© aSwarou 

sakt «o biim: "With man this. smpo»»5ble 

e(TTt' irapa. Se deca iravra SfPaTO.. 

is-. with buJ God aH possible. 

'■^''ToTe (ocoKpiQ^ts & nerpos euirev avr(^' I5ou, 

Then answering the Peter said to him; Lo, 

^ju.eis acjjrjicaiMev iravra, Kai TiKoXovOria-afjiev (ror 

lyj left aJl, and foliowed thee; 

Tt apa. efrrai T]iJiiv ; -^'O Se Irjerous et-Trer au- 

what then shall be to us? The aad Jesus said to 

TOIT" PklJtTlV \€yO* V/JLIV, OTl V/XCtS Ot aKOXOV^f}- 
them; Indeed I say to pou, that you the haviirgfol- 

tratnes fiot, tv ttj TraAiyyetrea-ia brav KaQiarf 6 

lowed me, in the new birth dajr whea may sit the 

vlos rov aiSpcairov eiri &poyoi> So^r}S avrov, 

son of the man npon a throne of glory ofhiin» 

tcaOca-ea-de Kat v/xcis cttl Scc5eKa dpofovs, Kpivoir- 

shallsit ?Jso you npon twelve thrones, >udg- 

rey ras Zoo^eKa <pvKas tou la-parjK -^ Kat iras 

ing the twelve tribes ofthe JsraeL And alt 

^r a<p7)f^^y oiKiaSf ty ade\<povs^ 77 aSeA^os, ij 

who left houses, ou brothers, or sisters, oB 

trarepay 17 ft^rc-pa, ^[v JvvatKa,] 77 T6/n/a, 7} 

father, or Biotheu, [or wife,] or children, or 

arypovfy eveKcy rov ovofiaros fiovy kKaT9mar 

fields, on account of the name oiine, ahundred 

trXaa-iova X-rppcTUi, Kat (oyr}v aioovtov KK-npo- 

fold shall receive, and life age-lasting shall 


^TloWot 36 €(TovTat irpoyroiy er/xcrror icat 

Many but shall bo first, last; and 

co-Yarof, Trpwrot. KE*. r'. 20. ^ 'Ojxoia yap 

last, first. IJke fon 

f(mv 7; jSatnAeia twv ovpavcov avBpuyiraf oiKoSeo"- 

is the kingdom of the heavens to a man a hotLse- 

troTrjy 6(rris c^T/Aflev aua irpwt fxiadcffcratrOat 

Kolder, who went out with morning to hire 

fpyaras ett rov a/JLircXcova avrov. ^^v^cfxa^ 

laborers into the vineyard efhdm. Having 

yr](ras Se fiera rav epyartav ck Z-rfvafHOv rfjv 

agreed and with the laborers for ad«n.-iriua the 

Tfixcpav, a-ir^a-rciXep avrovs eis tou ajxireXcava 

day, hesetit them i»to the vineyard 

avrov. *Kat i^cX&ofU ir^pi rptrr}ir wpav, €i6ep 

of him. And going out about third hour, he saw 

aWovs etrrwras eu tt? ayopa apyovs' ^ kokci- 

others standing Jn the market-plaee idle: and to 

vois enrev "Trrayere Kat vueis «i$ rou ajLiireKafua.' 

them he said: Go also yea into the vineyard: 

tonished, saying, "Wh* 
then cau be saved ?" 

26. Jesus looking at 
tficra, answered, "Witk 
Men this- is impossible; 
but with God tverything 
is possible." 

27 JTlien Pf.ter reply- 
ing, saiil to Lim, " Behold, 
X ^f have forsaReu all, 
and followed thee; xvlliat, 
therefore, shall Jae ob>- 
tain ?" 

28 And JEsrs s«id to 
theni, " Indeed, I say to. 
you. That in the renova- 
tion, t^vhenthe son of 
MAN shall sit on the 
thione of his Glory, 
$gou» my roLLOWEfis, 
shall also sit on Twelve 
Thrones, judging the 
TWELVE Tribes of Is- 

29 JAnd whoever has 
fwsaken, * on account of 
MY Name, Houses, or Bro- 
thers, or Sisters, €&' lea- 
ther, OT Mother, or "Wife, 
or Children, or Lands, 
shall receive * Manifol(^, 
and shall inherit aionian 

30 X Ettt many shall he 
first, that are iastj anci 
last, that are first. 


1 Tor the kingdom of 
the HEAVENS resembles a 
Honsehcdder, who went 
out early in the Morning, 
to hire Laboi'ers for his 


& And Ijaving agreed 
with some laborebs for 
a f Denarius a day, he 
sent them into his vine- 

3 And going ooit about 
the + Third Hour, he saw 
others standing unem* 
ployed in the market- 
place ; 
i 4 and he said to them, 
'Gq you also into the 

20. or ^Ife— trnwY. 


* Vatican Maj^uscript.— 29. on account of mt Name. 

+ 28. That rforirriis Tnoral, social, jwlitical, religions, and physical change which will te 
Introduced by the Messiah, who says, " Behold, I make all things, new," Rev. xxi. 5. 1 2. A 
ienarius is the eighth part of »n ounce— value 14 cents, or 7d. t 3. Nine m the mormnpr, 

1 27. Markx.28; Lu1<exviii.2&. 1.2" Matt.iv, 80;, Lulce v. 11. 1 28. Luke 

«iii-30 t 29. Mark x. 29, 30 ; Luke xviii. 29, 30. t 30. Matt. xx. Ift; L»»** xan. Sfii 

Chap. 20: 5. j 


iCkap. 20: 16. 

tr.<u 6 ' fau IT SiKUiov, Scotra vfxiy. Oi Se 

and whatever may be jvist, I will give to vou. They and 

airriKBou. ^ na\ir e^eKdcov ir^pi kKTT]V Kai 

vent away. Ai^n going out about *ixth aad 

ci/vaTTjr wpaVy eTroi7}(rev oxravroos. * Ilepi te 

nintk hour, he did in Jike nunner. About a.nd 

TTjr kvZ^KaT-qr *f wpoj'] e|e\0a>i/, €vpev a?\.Xovs 

tUe elewentc [hour] yoingout, he found others 

«a'Ta>Tas, Kai Xeyei avrois' Tt cbSe IcrTij/tare 

Etajidia^, and he sa^s to them: Why here stood you 

'^\t1V T7)v Tjfxepav apyai; ^A^yovaip avTcp' 'On 

aU «ke day idle ? They say tu him : Because 

fudeis rjitas efii(r9c»<raTo. Ae-yet avrois" "Tira- 

DO OD« US hii^d. He says tethctn: Go 

•ycTe KUi ufjifis eis rar a/xTreAwva" *[«a< 6 eaj/ 

dds9 y«u into the vineyard: [and whatever 

may^ jest, you shall receive.] Evening and tavinj 

itevTjs, Aeyet 6 Kvpios rov KifxiTcKcaros T(p 

oomeon, says tbe lord of the vineyard ta the 

firirpoirw avrov KaA.eiTOJ' tovs epyaras, Kai 

steward of hint; Call tbe laborers, and 

aTTo^os auTois rov jxitrBov^ ap^afievos airo rwv 

give to them the hire, beginAiug froir. the 

tso'xa.'ray, €as ray vpeoTcer. ^K:i:, j.\do''Tes oi 

last, till the first. ^..;k' Iiavicg come those 

irepi TTji' eiy5€KaTr}v copav., ^Ka^ov Crc: Oyvupioyo 

^bout the eleventh ko&r, received oaa'.". .', denarius. 

^E\9ovT<iS Se 01 TTp&jToi, €vofiicrayf on ir\<Eiou<i 

Ha\nn5 come then those ferst, supposed, that more 

\r)\l/ovTai- Kai eAajBoy Kai avToc ava brjvapiau. 

they sh&U receive, uid i-eceivof'. alsa they each .".denarius. 

^^AajSoi/Tef Se ^yoyyv^ov xararov OiKoBecnrorov, 

Ilavin g received but they iiiurmurec!. agx'jnoi the Uo'.uehoJdcr, 

^^ X^yovTes' 'On ovtoi Oi eo'xc'^'O* fticj/ ■^:p(xv 

«yuig; That the*3 'Uc la»l o;\C huur 

ixon)(Tav, Kai itrovs T]fxii' gzttovs ctrotTjcras, tois 

workefl, r..ic'. equal to u; ilicm '^.hou hast made, to the 

fiaa-Tacracn to ^apo$ rrjs Tjfiepas, teat rov Kau- 

havug endured the burden o.tlie day, oad jhc burn- 

Twj/a. ^'O Se avoKpiOsts eiTey I ji avrcov 

.aigacat. He h<it <uuv/cring gtid to lan uf them; 

"EraipCf ovK aSiKia <re' oe/x* ^w^pi'Oy cvt/ecpw- 

Tnend, Bat Z wronr; thec; not of .-, ('.on»ri«; didst tho« 

VT)(ras (xoi; ^'■'hpov to cron^ xai viray^, ©eAw 

agree t« me? 'i'a!-.c the thino, and go. I wish 

6e TovTcp Tcp <sa"xoi'r(p Sovyoi ois Kai coi, ^^ H 

and to this the l.-ist J,o rive .la also to thecj Or 

OVK i^^CTTl JULOC TOitjO'ai * d'zXw SV TOlS efxcis ; 
not i» It lawful to mc to uo &?ir,t I -.vail with the my own? 

9 6 0<p6a\iJU)i irov ttoynpos ecnv^ 6ti eyui 

uz the eye of thee evil is, boc.iusc I 

^^ OuTos zffovrcu 01 €(rxO'Toi, 

Thus shall bo the 

ayaCos eifu : 

good am? 

viNEVAKD, aad whatever 
is reasonable, I will give 
yoiu' And they went. 

5 Again having gone 
out about the t sixth hour, 
and about the t ninth, he 
did in like manner, 

6 And about the Yelev- 
ENTH, going out, he found 
others standing, and says 
to them, ' Why stood you 
liere All the day unem.< 

7 They say to Mm, 'Be- 
cause no one has hired 
us." He says to them, 
'Go you also into the 


8 And Evening having 
come on, the owner of 
the viNEYAED says to his 
STEWARD, 'Call the la- 
borers, and give them 
their wages, beginning 
with the LAST, and end- 
ing with the EiKST.' 

8 And THOSE who came 
aboui the eleventh 
hour, teceived. each one, 
a Denarius. 

10 Then those who 
came FIRST, expected that 
they eliould receive more ; 
and tt)C« also received, 
each one, a Denarius. 

11 But having received 
it, they murmured against 
the householdek, 

12 eaying, 'These last 
have worked One Hour, 
and thou hast made them 
equal to us, who have en- 
dured the BURDEN and 
the .5C0RCHI&G HEAV oi 

the DAV.' 

13 E:.i answering said 
tr ore -i them, 'Iriend, 
I do not injure thee; didst 
not ihott agree with me 
for a Denarius? 

14 Take that which is 
THINE, and g< thy way; 
* ii will give to This last. 
even as to thee. 

15 Is it not lawful for 
me to do what 1 please 
with MY OWN? Is tliine 
EYE envious, Because i: 
am liberal?' 

16 Thus the last shsill 

• VAUc.'^ir Makuscbipt. — 0. hour— oi7ii«. 
receivo.— omif. 14. S will. 

t5. Noon. i 5- Throe o'clock in the afternoon. 


7. and whatever may be right, you shall 
+ 6. Five o'clock in the 

CRap. 20; 17=) 


[Oiap. 20: 29. 

-aid io-cOTirgc '.Mi ^OCiucK^: v>i 

wpoiroi' KOI ot -npcoroif effxo-Toi. *[no\A.ot 

first; and the first, last. [Many 

7ap iiffi K\7]rriy oKiyoi Se 6KA.e/cT0/oJ 

ior are called, few but chooen.] 

^' Koi aualiaivcav 6 iTfTovs sis 'ItipocroXv/na, 

And going up 'lie Jcsua to JoruBalcaa, 

woptAajSe rovs ScoSewra fjLadrjTas kut^ 'Zim' ev 

he took the t.relve diaciplec privately in 

TV <^8'?'> »£«* iiirev avTois' ^®l5oy, ava(:>atvO);.^v 

the \.-ay, one'- 3aid :o thcmj io, "Tjo go up 

ety 'lepoarKvfxa, Kai 6 vtos rou audptairov irapa- 

to Jerusalon, ancl ihc Don of the man vrillbc 

doOridc-rai rots apx^epevm :cai ypa^/xaTsvffi.° Kai 

delivercc^.r.p tOtliO :-igh-prie8tc cjtC scribes j and 

Karct.Kpiv)vciiv avTor ^iQiHr^r^,} --^xcr, itapa- 

Shcyivill condor:^: i*l- [tot^cati,: «>!■ tlaey will 

^cxf x]ff.:^ ^m'Or rots aOr.':CiV a«i' 'S'C .ii%iraii,ai^ 

ialvnt-^v '^'-"= "-iLr Cientacc JOS "liO .c mock, 

J, rpjTT? 

t':C third 

r]fjLepg, a?' :.(r-.-%u'fvrmo 

day kc 'ill ~.tx.y.'. ■ > 

2® Tore --poOT/AJcr' Qt/rc^ fi fi^'-y^Vp ■6'«»' i'i<^»' 

Thca ca; X to hir: CX : lothc: oftho -one 

Ze;8c5aJOW. iiteT . T:ar-' vtwv cvrrjSi irpoo-Kvuoua-a, 

ot Zebedee, with ihe sono ofier, prostrating, 

Kat aiT:)V(Ta ri Trap' outojjo '' 'O Se etjrey 

and asking loraething fr< ra him. Ho ai:<- 3aid 

avrri' Ti 9e\€is ; Keym "^ \avTf^°] EtTre, Iva 

to he'r: SVhat wilt thou ■ She ir.ys fto hi. .;■] Say, that 

Kadi<T<a(Ti.i/ a'uTJi » "uff uio? ;^4, u, efy efc Se|£a>j/ 

may Bit these the two sonr: ofmCj one at right 

a-ov, Kai els | (svoivvfjLwv <ro^, iV rv ^a(n\€i^ 

of tliee, and n- a l»f^ f thoe, ic '.,he kingdom 

trov, 22^;r-.fcp:^;ts S . -^ Irio-^Vsi L^c/wev^ Ouk oi 

of thee. Anawering but the Jcou; iaic-: Not joa 

^aT€^ n ainicr^a. Avva(rde irteiv ro ':.-oTr}pioy) 

Know, whit you ask. .'Irci rau ..blc to Uriuk the cup, 

6 €yca /xeAAw -t.-ivsiv - .\.eyGr<nv WTcp'^ Av- 

which ain aoout , drinkf The;- sr.: t. him; Wi 

vafxeBa. ^3 *[Kaj] ^ ;7^« oi^rot.' To yu'-y to- 

are able. [And] he say- othcra; 'he indeed 

T-qpiov nov iruadf' re ?e Ka'^.aa.: e:s Se^icor>- 

eup of" ine you shall drinks the but t si' al right 

fjLOV xai e| suwuviuLis}'^ ;^ vk eeri ' -I'.rv Sovt^at, 

of mo and at left of me, not is mi".j to r;iTC, 

oAA.' oh 7]T0iiJ.a(TTat viro r v ircrpos jacvo 

but to whom it has been prepared by the -athrr cfnc. 

24 Kat aKovtravrea ot SeKU, r)yauaKTr)^av Tspt 

And having heard the ten, were angry on account'of 

TO)!/ 5vo a5€A</)a)»'o ^^'O 5e Itjotous, wpoCKaA^- 

the two brothers. Ihe but Jesus, having 

l)e J first; and the riKsi; 

17 + And * when Josos 
was about to go up to 
Jerusalem, lie took the 
Ttt'ELVE Disciples pri- 
vateiy.- * and said to them 
on the WAY, 

IS X " Behold, we go up 
to Jerusalem: and tho 
SON of MAN will V- de- 
livered to Ihr HIGH- 
pRiKST:^ end Jcribes, and 
tiiey v/ill : cndenin him ; 

19 and will deliver him 
to the Gentiles, ti. be 
MOCKED, and scoui-ged, 
and crucified, and on the 
THIRD Day he will rise. 

20 J Then the mother 
of Zcbedee's children 
came tc him with her 
.30NS, prostrating, and re- 
questing something from 

21 And HE said to her, 
"What dost thou wish?'* 
*And SHE said, "'Com- 
mand, that in thy king- 
dom, one of These my 
TWO Sons may sit at thy 
Right hand, and the othes 
at thy Left." 

22 But Jesns answer- 
ing, said, " You know not 
what you request. Cair 
you drink of J the cup, 
of which I am about 
tw drink?" Tiiey say to 
him, '• We can." 

23 He says to them, 
.; " Yo:; will, indeed, drink 
of my cup; but to sit at 
my Right hand, and at 
=-=thc Left, is not mine to 
give, except for whom it 
has been prepared by my 


;34 X ^^^ the ten, hav- 
ing heard, were indignant 
against the two Brothers. 

25 But Jesus, havin{; 
called thcmj said, "Yoxi 

* Vatican MawuC^cdipt.— 1G. For many are called, but few chosan— omit. 17. when 

Jesus was r.bcuL to 30 up to Jerusalem, he took. 17. and said to them on the way. 

18. to DeAth— omit. 21. And she said. 21. to Mm— omit. 23. And— cvtifc 

23. the ijeft. 

t 23. This was fulfilled, when "Herod killed James, the brother of John, with a 
sword," Acts xii. 2 ; and when John was banished to " that isle which is called Patmos, 
for the woBD of God, and for the TESTiiioNTt if Jesus Christ," Kev. i. 0. 

t 16i Matt.xix. 80. t 17. Matt. xvi. 21; Marks- 32; Luke xviii. 81 ; John xii. 12. 

t 20 Matt. iv. 21; Maik x. 35. t 2-2. Matt. xxvi. SQ, 42 ; Mark xiv. 36; Luk.j xxii. 12; i 23. Acts xii 2; Eom. viii 17; 2 Cor. i. 7; KeT'i.9. I 24. Mark 

X. 41; Luk :.xii. ii- 



[CJ^p Dl: % 

t ifievos avTovSf e/nep Otbare., ■^^ • cl apxovrcs 

CiUe4 tbec, »aic" ; Yo\i know^ »,hat the rulers 

T V eOuoiV KaTaKvpiiuovo'iv avTcuu, Kai ot fxcyaKoi 

of this nat!ui:» domineer over them, and the great 

KaTe^oucria^ouaiy avTODV. '^^OvKovras ccrrai, 

exercUe authority over them. Kot ^buB it shall bb 

ev vjxiv aW' 6s eav OeXr) ev vfxiv fieyas 

ftmong youi but whoever may wish among you great 

ycv^cQai^ earoo vjulcdv diaKovos' '^ Kai 6s eav 

to become, let him be ot'you ascnanti and whoever 

6e\T} €V vfXiv eivai irpwTOSt eara vfioou 

may wish among you to be first, let him be of you 

dovXos' -^ dxTTTep V vlos tov aydpcairoi ovk TjA^e 

A slave: even <i8 the son of the man not came 

SiaKour}9r)vai oXAo diaKGvri<rai, Kat tovpai Tr]y 

to be sened but to serve, and to give ihc 

life of him a random for many. 

^ Kat eKiropeuo/jLeuuy avTwv arro 'lepixooy 

And departing of them from Jericho 

7]Ko\ovd7]cr€V avTcp o/Kos TToKvs. ^ Kot tSou, 

followed him ac.uwd great. And lo, 

5vo Tv<p\oif Kadr)fxevoi irapa Tir]v 66oVf aKOvaau- 

two blind (men,) sitting by the way, hear. 

res 6Tt Irjcvs vapay€iy cKpa^aVy \eyovTes 

ing that J siif passes by, cried out, sa^ing^ 

EKerffTov rjjxas, Kvoie, vlos Aauid. "^^ 'O Se 0x^05 

Pity us, Ji rd, son of David. The and crowd 

€ireTifjLri(reu avoiSy Iva (riunrri<rci}(riu 'Oi » e 

reproved them, that they might be silent. They but 

li€i(ov cKpa^oy, \eyouTes' E\fr}(Tov ij/J-as^ Kvpie 

more did cry out, saying; Pity us, Oi rd, 

vlos AauiS. ^ Kat (rras 6 Irjaovs f u- 

son of David. And having flopped the Jesus he 

vy](T^if avrovSy icai etTre Tt Q Aere iron)(TV 

tilled them, and -aid, Whac do you wish » shoul-. do 

v/xiu; ^Aeyovffiu avTcp. Is.vp:e, Iva avoixOoaiV 

to you? They say to hiui ; O ord, that ma7 be opened 

rtfioov ot o<pQa\fxotc ^'S.TrKayxv'-cBf^iS 8i5 6 

of us the eyes- Being moved with pity and jho 

Itjctovs, i]\paTO t jov Q<p9a}p.(uv avruv xak <v 

Jesus, heiDiichcd the ^yee of them; al jn- 

Qecas ai/e0\€\^aj/ avruv ol o<pda\iJ.oi' Kc. rjKO- 

meJiately saw ai;aia of th?m the iyes.: aDd ..bty 

KovQrfcav avTca. 

followed him. 

KF*. f^/ 21. 
* Kot brt i}y^t ' ^ .» lef 'oXwjwa, Kai r^KBov 

And when the^ *« .>*:a^ :'» » k'na2dem, and had come 

'v^ By}'(payrf itp^? otc »(cu sXaiwu, totc <5 

tf Bethpha? by the mountain of the olive-trees, then the 

l7)(rovs aireareiAe Suo /j.a6r]Tas, \eyu>v avtois' 

Je?u8 sent away two disciplec, saying to them: 

2 TioptvQ-qn ets TT/f Kcafx-qv t7]v airevavri v/xcav, 

■<< au may go to the village the over against you, 

Kai (vdews €uprj<r€Te ovov Sede/xeurfu, Kai ttmXov 

and immediately you will find an ass ha\ ing been bound, and a foal 

know That the princes. 
of the NATIONS rule imper, 
iously over them : and the 
GREAT exercise authority over 

26 Jit * is not so among 
you • but whoever may 
desh'e to become grea: 
among you, let him be 
Your Servant; 

27 Jand whoever mu/ 
desire to be chief, let hiin 
be Youi Slave r 

28 J even as the son 
of MAN came not to bu 
served, but to serve, and 
X to give his LirE a Ran- 
som for many.'' 

29 J And departing from 
Jericho, . great Crowd 
followed him. 

30 And behold. Two 
blind men sitting by the 
KOAD, heariUjj That Je- 
sus passed by, cried out, 
saying, "G Master, Son oi 
David, have pity on us !*' 

31 And the people re- 
proved them, tliat they 
miglitbe silent, but they 
cried the louder, saying 
" Master, Son of David, 
nave pity on us !" 

33 And Jesus stopping, 
callea them, and said, 
"What do you wish I 
should do for you ?" 

33 They say to him, 
"Su that *our elites may 
be opened " 

84 And Jesus beinf, 
m^ved with comiassici, 
touched *Their eyes , and 
* they received sight, i.nd 
followed him. 


1 |And when the^ were 
nigh to Jerusal m, cna 
had come to Bethphage 
nejj to the mount of 
OLIVES, then J.^sus sent 
Two Disciples, saying to 

2 "Go to THAT VIL- 
LAGE which is OVEE-A- 
GAiNST you, and you will 
immediately find an Ass 

83. our EYES. 

S4. Their eyes. 

* Vatican Manuscript. — 2fi. is not so- 
34. thev received «ight. 

: 26. Matt. xxni. 11 ; 1 Pet. v 8. t 27 Matt xviiL 4; Mark ix 86, x. 43. X 28. Luk^ 
xxii.27i .)i.hnxiii.', II, Pbi.' U y "188 .'ea liii I'v),'!; Daa. ix. 84, 2?i Matt, xirvi. ,# 
I ".rim. I d; Ti< xs i. A*.- faLJumSEk I 1= Mars si. it Luke i:.^ A 

Chap. 21-. 3.] 


[C^qp. 21: 11. 

juer' avr7]S' Xv<ravT€S u-yayere fioi. 

with her( havingloosed bring tome. 

^ Kai eaj/ 

And if 

ris v^iiV enrr) Ti, epeire' 'Ort 6 

my (one) to you should'say any (thing,) you shall say i That the 

Kvpios avTwv XP^'-^'-^ ^X^'* ^yQ^^s Se airocr- 

lord of them need haai immediately and he will 

reWei avrovs. '^Tovto Se SXou yeyoueu, Iva 

,eQ(l them. 'f hi> and all has been done, that 

irXripcoOrj to p-qQ^v dia rov vpocpriToVy 

might be fulfilled the word spoken through the prophet, 

KeyouTOS' ^''EiTrare tt? dvyarpi'^ictjy ISov, 

Bavin"; "Say to the daughter ofZion; Lo, 

6 fiacriKeus trov epx^Tai <roL irpavs, Kai ciripe- 

the king of thee comes to thee meek, and liaving 

^riKws iTTi ovov, Kai ira\ov vlov vwo^uyiov." 

been set on an ass, even a foal a son ofa beast of burden." 

^UopevOeures Se ot fiadrjTai, Kai iroirjo'ai'rcs 

Having gone and the disciples, and having done 

KaOcos irpoffera^eu avruis 6 Itjcous, "^ 'r\yayov 

as commanded to them the Jesus, they led 

Ti]V OVOV Kai rov irw\ov, Kai eireOvKav eiravca 

the ass and the foal, and they plauod upon 

avrusV ra Ifxaria avrwv Kai eireKadKrev eiravo} 

them the mantles of them; and they caused to nit on (one) 

avTccv. ^'O Se irXiiaTos ox^os €(rTp(A}(rav kav- 

ofthem. The and greater crowd spread ofthem- 

Toov ra Ifxaria ev rrj Sicfj' aWoi Se ckotttov 

selves the mantles in the yay; others and cutoff 

K\a5ovs airo rcov SevSpuiv, Kai etrrpcavvvov ev 

branches from the trees, and scattered in 

Tj; 65ft). ^OtSe ox^oi oi -npoayovres Kai ol 

the way. The and crowds those going before and those 

UKoXovOovvres eKpa^ov, Keyovres' Tlcravva rtp 

following did cry, saymgs Hosanna to the 

vicf} AautS* (vXoyrnxevos 6 epxoj^evos €v ovofiari 

son ofDavidj worthy of blessing he coming in same 

Kvpiov iocavva €V rois v\pi(rrois. ^^Kai eia-eX- 

ofLordi hosanna in the highest. And having 

6ovros avrov eis '\cpo(ro\vfia^ etTCKrOrj iraaa 

entered of them into Jerusalem, was moved all 

7] iroXis, Aeyoutro* Tis ecrriv ouros ,- ^^Oi 

the city, saying: Who is this? The 

8e ox^oi cXeyov Ouros ^crriv Itjo-ous 6 Trpo<pr]- 

and crowds said: Thia is Jesus the prophet. 

tied, "and a Colt with her; 
loose them, and bring 
them to me. 

5 Audit' any one ques- 
tions you, reply, 'That 
tlie MASTER wants them;' 
and he will send them 

4 Kow all this was per- 
formed, that the word 
SPOKEN through the pro' 
PHET might be verilied, 

6 J'Sayto theDAtroH- 
"ter of Zion, Behold thy 
"king comes to thee, 
"lowly, t being seated on 
"an Ass, even *on a Colt 
"ofa Laboring Beast." 

6 J And the disciples 
went, and having done as 
Jesus directed tliem, 

7 they led the ass, and 
the COLT, and Jput their 
MANTLES over them, and 
made him ride, 

8 And a great part of 
the Crowd spread * Their 
own garments on the 
ROAD; and others cut 
Branches fi-omthe trees, 
and scattered them on 

the EGAD. 


* PRECEDING him, and 


shouted, saying, f" Ho- 
sanna to the SON of Da- 
vid! J'Blessedbe HE who 
'comes in the Name of 
'Jehovah,' Hosanna in 
the HIGHEST heaven !" 

10 X And having enter- 
ed Jerusalem, the Whole 
city was in commotion, 
asking, "Who is this?" 

11 And the crowds 
answered, "This is Je- 
sus, THAT PROPHET who 

8. Their-own gabhents. 

0. PBIS- 

* VaTtcajj Mamdscbipt.— 5. on a Colt. 
cEDiNfi hLm, and. 

t 5. Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem vidinq* on an ass, has been ohjected to as 
mean and ridiculous, but it ought to be remembered that this circumstance was an exact 
fulftllmentofEzek. IX. 9, and exemplified at the same time his strict observance of the di- 
vine law. Eastern asses are much lai-ger and more beautiful than ours, and kings and 
patriarchs did not disdain to ride on them. Compare Gen. x.\ii. 3; Exod. iv. 20 ; Num. xxii. 
21 ! Judges v. 10 i s. 4j 2 Sam. xvi. 2; xvii. 23; xix. 26; 1 Kings i. 33, 34. When Solomon and 

and in this place is similar to the French "vite If rot," or the English "God save the kmg." 
"Hosanna to the son of David," is equivalant to "God preserve the son of David." 

tS. Isa.lxii. 11; Zech Ix.O; John xii. 1.5. 
t 0. Psa. cxviii. 28. 1 10- Mark xi. 15. 

t 6. Mark xi. i. 

t7. 2King8ix.lSj 

Cfuip. 21: 12.] 


;21: 21. 

rTjs, 6 aito "Na^aper rr]s ra\i\atas. from Naraiecti oftbe Galilee. And 

^KTrjXdfy 6 liirrovs ii$ to hpov ^\rov 0eoi/,3 

catered the Jesus into the temple [of the God,] 

Kai €|e)8a\6 irai^ras rovs irwKovvTas Kai ayopa- 

and Cast out all the selling and buy^ 

i^G\fras €V TO) iepCf}, Kai ras rpaire^as twv koWvt- 

Ing in the temple, ami the tables of the money 

fiiOTwy KaTeaTp€\pe, Kai ras Kadedpas rcov 

changers overturned and the seats oftlie 

irciiXovvTcop Tus irepiaT€pas° ^^ Kai Xeyei av- 

selling the doves: and he says to 

Tois' r^ypairr ai' ^'^'O oikos fxov, oikos Trpocevxvs 

thein: it is written: **The house oi ine, a house of prayer 

KXrjdTjaeTar v/J-fisSe avrov eiroirjaaTe airrfXaiov 

shall be called; you but it have made a den 

Kr](rTci}U." ^* irpo(rr}\6ou avro) Tv<p\oi Kai 

oflobbers." And came to him blind and 

Xoo^oi (p Tcp hpcj}, Kai edepairevcrey avrovs. 

lame in the temple, and he healed them. 

^^ l^ovres Se ol apxi-^p^ts Kai ol ypa^iiar^is ra 

Having seen but the high-priests and the Ecribes the 

BavfiacTiat a eiroir)(T€, Kai tovs iraiSas Kpa- 

wonders, which he did, and the boys ciy- 

^oyras eu T(f} Upw, Kai XcyouTas' Tlaavva rep 

tug in the temple, and saying) Hosanna to the 

viiy Aavi5' r)yauaKTT](xav, ^^ Kai eiirov avrcf 

*on O) David; ihey were angry, and said to him; 

Akovus Tt ovToi Xeyovcriy ; 'O 8e Irjaovs 

Hearestthou what these are saying? The and Jesus 

A.67et auTois' Nar ovSeirore aveyvwre' '"Ort 

have you read; "That 

dr]\a^oprwv Karrjp- 

of suckiug (ones) thou hast 

KaraXiTTuu avrovs, 

having left them, 

eis Brjdaviau, Kai 

into Bethany, and 

Bays to them; Ves; never 

e/f (TTonaros vriTTioov Kai 

uut of ojouth of babes aud 

Tiaa) aipop ;" ^^ Kai 

perfected praise?" And 

t^r)\6ev e|a) rrjs voKcws 

he went out oi the city 

r)u\i(r6r} 6«et- 

hr lodged there. 

^^Tlpujias 56, eirapaycDV eis rii)v troXiv, eirci- 

£julj bat, returning inta the city, he was 

vacf. ^^Ktti iSwp avKT]!/ fjLiau eiri ttjs odov, 

hungry. And seeing a fig-tree one by the way, 

r}\6ey eTT* aurrjv, Kai ovoev fvpeu iv avrrj ei /xr] 

hef-ame to het, and nothing found in her except 

^uAAa fMOVov Kai \eyet avrj)- Mrj/fert €k <rov 

leaves alone; and he says to her; No more by thee 

Kap-nos yev7)Tai as rov aiaya. Kai 6|r/- 

fruit may be produced to the age. And with- 

pavdt] irapaxpVI^O' V otvkt]. "" Kai idovres oi 

tied immediately the fig-tree. And seeing the 

fiadrirai iQavixaaau, \^youreS' Hws Ttapdxpvi^o- 

disciples wondered, saying: How soon 

e^r]pavdr] fj avKH] ; ^^ AiroKpiOeis Se 6 Irjcrovs 

withered the fig-tree? Answering and the Jesus 


^^Ket Is from Nazareth 

12 { Aud Jesus went 
into t the tkmple, and 
expelled All those 
SELLING aud buying, 
and overturned the ta- 
bles of the bankers, 
aud the seats of the 


13 and said to them, 
•'It is written, t'My 
' HOUSE shall be called a 
'House of Prayer,' but 
JOU *make it a Den of 

14 And the Blind and 
Lame came to him in 
the TEMPLE, and he 
healed them, 

15 But when the high- 
priests and scribes 
saw the wonders which 
he performed, and 
* THOSE BOYS who Were 
CRYING in the temple, 
" Hosanna to the son of 
David ! " they were ex- 

16 and said to him, 
" Dost thou hear what 
these are saying ? " And 
Jesus says to them. 
" Yes ; have you never 
read, ; 'Out of the Mouth 
of Infants and Nurse- 
lings thou hast perfected 
Praise.' " 

17 And having left 
them, he went out of the 
CITY, tto Bethany ; and 
passed the night there. 

18 I Returning to the 
CITY, in the Morning, he 
was hungry ; 

19 and seeing a single 
Fig-tree by the road, he 
went to it; but finding 
nothing on it, except 
Leaves, he said, "May 
no fruit grow on thee to 
the AGE ! " And the fig- 
tree instantly with- 

20 I And the disciples 
seeing it. were astonish- 
ed, saying, " How soon 
is the FIG-TREE with- 
ered !" 

21 Jesus answering, 

* Vatican Manuscript; — 12. ofGoD — omit. 
who were ckying. 

13. make it. 


1 12. The TEMPLE— fo hieron- This was not the naos, house, or Temple strictly so called, 
including only the vestibule, the s;mctuary, and the holy of liolies. To this our Lord him- 
Belf had not access, because not of the posterity of Aaron. The traffic was carried on in the 
out«r courts. These courts the Pharisees did not account holy. 

1 12. Lukexix. 45; John ii. 15. — 1 13. Isa, Ivi. 7. t 16. Psa viii 2. 

Jcha xi 18. t IS. Mark uc. t 20. Mark xi. 20. 

Chap. 21s 22.] 


{Chap. 21* 30 

ciircv avTois' A/xtju Xeyco v/xiv, eav ^XV^^ 

said to them : Indeed 1 say to you, if you may liave 

7rj(rTtj', Kai ixri Si.aKpiO'rjTe, ov fxovov to 

faith, and not should doubt, not only the (miracle) 

rif]s crvKTjs TrotTjo'CTe, aWa Kau rco opfi. rovTcp 

of the fig-tree you shall do, but also if to the mountain this 
etlTTJTg' Apdr)Tl, Kttl fi\T]d71Tl €LS TTJU 

you should say ; Be thou lifted up, and be cast into the 

daKaaa-av yei/r^aeTai, ^ Kai Travra, baa av 

sea; it shall be done. And al2, whatever 

€V TV Trpo(Tcvx'p> 







you shall ask 
you shall receive. 

^ Kai fkdovTL avT(i} eis to hpop, TrpocrrjKdov 

*■ And having come to him into the temple, came 

auTcp oiSaaKovTi ol apx'-^p^i'^ ^ai ol irpea^vrepoi 

to him teacliing the high-pnests and the elders 

Tov \aov, Kiyoures' Ev ivoia. e^ovcria ravra 

ol the people, saying; By what authority these (thmgs) 

TTOieis ; Kai T IS <Toi eBwKe rriu c^ovaiav ravrrju^ 

doescthou? and who to thee gave the authority this? 

^'*AwoKpL6eis Se 6 It]<tovs enrei/ avrois' EpooTiqacij 

Answenng and the Jesus said to them, t x^l as'' 

v/j-as Kayw X.oyov kva. bv eav etTTTjre V^-oi^ 

you also 1 word one; which if you may say tome, 

Kayw xjjxiv epw, c iroia e^ovcrta ravra 

also 1 to you wiil tell, by what authority these (thing'-) 

iroKV ^^TO ^avTLCTfMa Icoavvov iroQ^v t]V ; €| 

\ do; the dipping of John whence was? from 

ovpavov, 17 6| avQpunroov ; Ol Se bieKoyi^ovTO 

heaven, or from men? They and reasoned 

TTttf*' eavTOis, \eyovTes' Eau inrw/jLev, €| ovpa- 

among themselves, saying; If we should say, from liea- 

yov cp^i T]fJiiV' Aiari ovv ouk eTn(TT^v<raT€ 

ven hewillsay to us: Why then not did you f)elieve 

avTcp; '^''Eai' Se eiTTco^ej/, e^ avOpccTrwf (pofiov- 

tohim: If but we should say, from men: we 

jUeOa Tov ox^ov vavres yap exow(7i tov Iwavvriv 

tear the crowd: all for hold the Jonn 

ojs Trpo<pT]Tr}V. 2^Kat a-rroKpiOeuTes tcd Ir?crow 

as a prophet: And they answering to the Jesus 

eiirow OvK oihajxev. E(pr] avrois Kai avros' 

said- Not we know. Said to them and he: 

OuSe €70) K^yca vjxiv fv iroia e^oucria ravra 

Neither I say to you by what authority these (thmgs) 

TToiw. ^Tt Se vfiiv So/cei; AvOpiciros eix^ 

1 do. What but to you seems right' A man had 

TiKva 5vo' Kai irpocreXdwv ro) irptarcf, eiire' 

children two: and coming to the first, he said: 

Te/croy, viraye, crrnnepou epya^ov €v rcfi afxireXwvi 

Son, go, to-day work in the vineyard 

pLOv. ^'O Se airoKpidsis inr€v Ov 

ofme. He and answering said: Not 

ixrrepoy Se fxeraficXrjd^is, aTn]\Be. 

afterward but having changed his mind, he went. 

vpoaeXdcDU refi erepo), cnrei^ axravrws. 

I coming to the other, he said just the same. 


30 Kai 


'O Se 

He and 

said to them, " Indeed, I 
say to you, % ^^ y^^ have 
an unshaken Faith, you 
will not only do this 
miracle of the fig-tree, 
but also, if you should 
say to this mountain, 
' Be thou lifted up, and 
tlu'own into the sea,' it 
will be done." 

22 J And whatever yoil 
shall ask m peayer, be- 
having, you will receive." 

23 X And having en- 
tered the TEMPLE, the 

DERS of the PEOPLE, 

came near, as he was 
teaching, and said, " By 
What Authority dost thou 
perform these things? and 
who EMPOWERED thee '' 

24 Jesus replying, said 
to them, " I will also ask 
you one Question, which 
if you answer me, I also 
will inform you by What 
Aiitlioriiy i do these 

25 WTience was * that 
IMMERSION which was of 
Joiia? From Heaven, or 
from Men?" And ttify 
reasoned thus among 
theniscn'es, "it we say. 
From Heaven, be ^a ill re- 
tort, Why then did you 
not believe him? 

26 And il Me say, Fronj 
Men, we dread tlie 
crowd; for they all re- 
gard John as a Prophet.'* 

27 They, therefore, said 
to Jesus, m reply, "We 
cannot tell." And f)e said 
to them, "Neitlier do 5 
tell you by Wlial Au- 

I thont'y I perform these 
things . 

28 But what is your 
opinion of this? A Man 
had * IVo bons; and com- 
ing to the first, he said, 
' Son, go work To-day in 


29 He answered, *'I 
■n-ill, sir,' but went not 

30 And coming to the 
SECOND, he said the same. 

• Vatican Manusceipt. — ^23. That immersion which was of John. 28. Two Soii» 

29. ' £ will, sir;' but went not. 80. And comini? to the secoxo, he said the same. And b« 
answering, said, ' 1 wil I not ;' but afterwards he repented and went. 

t 21. Matt. xvii. 20; Luke xvii. 6; James i. ft; 1 Cor. xiii. 2. t 22. Matt vii. 8; Mark 

Hi 24; James V. 16; 1 John lii. 22 ; v. 14. t 23. Mark xi.27; Luke xx. 1. 

Chap. 21: 31. J 


[Chap. 21 : 38. 

airoKptdeis cnrev Eya? Kupte, Kai ouk aTrr}\de, 

i>.n8weniig Baid; I lord, and not went. 

■*' TtS €K TCOV 8vO €TT0l7)(rc TO flfATJ/Ua TOV TTaTpOS', 

Who of the two did the will of the father? 

Aeyoutrt;/ *[auTaj*] 'O ivpccros. Aeyei avrois & 

They say [to him;] The first. Says to tlirm the 

\7)aovs' Ajxriv keyw v/liiu, oti ol reKojuai nai 

Jeausi Indeed I »ay to you, that the tax-i;atherer9 and 

ai iropuai irpoayovcrtu v/xas us rrji^ fiacri\€iav 

the harlots go before you into the kin;;dom 

TOO deov. ^^ HA06 yap -rrpos ufxas lojavuris fv 

of the God. Caiue for to you John in 

65rp 8iKaioa'vi/7)Sy Kai ovk iTriar evcrar e avTcf ol 

a way of righteousness, and not you believed him j the 

8e reXwvai Kai at nopvai iiriaTevaai^ auTw' 

out tax-gatherers and the harlots believed him; 

vfjifis 5e iSofTES ov /j,€TeiJ.€\ri67]Te vcrr^pov, tov 

you and seeing not repented iffterwards, of the 

TncTTeufTai avTw. 

to beheve him. 

^AWriu irapa^oXTju aKovfraTe' *[Ai'6pcti7ros] 

Another i>arable hear you i [A man J 

1JV oiKoSecTTTOTrjs, dcTTis efpvTevcrev afiirekcova, 

was a householder, who pl«n(ed a vineyard, 

Kai <ppayiJ.ov avrcp ircpiedrjfce, Kai wpv^^v €V 

and a hedge to it placed around, and digged in 

avTcy K-qvou, Kai cfiKoSoiij.r}(re irvpyov Kai e|- 

it a wiue-press, and built a toner; and let 

fdoTo avTOf yecopyois, Kai aireS7{iJ.rj(rev. ^'Ore 

out it to husbandmen, and went abroad. When 

8e r^yyicreu 6 Katpos rwv Kapirwv, an-€0'T€jAe 

and drew near the time of the fruits, be sent 

Tovs SovKovs aoTov, irpos tovs yewpyovSj ha- 

tbe slaves of him, to the husbandmen, to 

fieiu TOVS Kapirovs auTov. ^^ Kat Ka^oi/rcs ol 

receive the fruits of it. And having taken the 

yecopyoi tovs 8ov\ovs avTov, 6u /neu fd^ipav, 

husbandmen the slaves of him, him indeed tbcy tlayed, 

6u Se aireKTeii/au, 6v Se e\i6o^o\r](rav. '^IlaAiu 

him and they killed, him and they pelted with stones. Again 

OTTeo'TexA.ei' aWovs 8ov\ovs, irKeiovas tcdu 

he sent other slaves, greater the 

TTpooTwv Kai €iroi7)<rav avTois wa-avTcos. "^'"To"- 

first ; and they did to them in like inanner. Afler- 

Tfpou Se airetTT€i\e irpos avTovs tov viov avTov, 

wards and he sent to them the sou of him, 

Keycow EvT pairrjaouTai tov vlov fiou. ^ Ol 

saying; They will regard the son of me. The 

8e yfcapyoi, iSout^s tov vlov, fiirov cv eavTois' 

but Imsbandnien, seeing the son, said among themselves; 

OvTos ecTTiv 6 K\7]povojLLOs' 8eyT6, airoKTei- 

This is the heir; come, we may 

vctifxev avTov, Kai KaTa(rx<^fJ-€v ttjj/ KKrjpovojuiav 

kill him, and may retain the inheritance 

And HE answering, said, 
'I will not;' but after- 
waids rppcnting, he went. 
81 \Vliich of the two 
prrformed the patiier's 
wij.i,:" They say, " The 
* LATTER." Jesus said 
to them, t "Indeed, I say 
to you, Tliat the tki- 
BUTE-TAKEBs and the 
hablot.s precede you in- 
to the KINGDOM of God. 

32 For J, John came to 
you in a Way of Right- 
eousness, and you be- 
lieved him not; I)ut the 
TRiBUTE-TAKEEs and the 
TiAKLOTs beheved him; 
yet gou, having seen it, 
did not afterwards repent, 
so as TO BELIEVE him. 

33 Hear Another Para- 
ble. There was a House- 
holder, Jwlio planted a 
Vineyard, and enclosed it 
Willi a Hedge, and digged 
f a Wine-press in it, and 
built a Tower, and leased 
it to Cultivators, and left 
the country. 

34 And when the vin- 
tage approached, he sent 

his SERVANTS tO the CUL- 
TIVATORS, to receive the 


35 But the Jcultiv/ . 
TORS having seized ' s 
SERVANTS, severely toat 
one, and murdered ano- 
ther, and stoned another. 

36 Again, he sent Other 
Servants, more honorable 
than the first, and tliey 
treated them in a similar 

37 Finally, J he sent 
his SON to them, saying, 
'They will respect my 


38 But the cultiva- 
tors seeing the son, said 
among tlieinselvts, 'This 
is the heir; |come, let 
us kill him, and forcibly 
hold the inftfritance.' 

• Vatican Mandscrift. — 31. to him — omit. 

31. LATTER. 

33. A man— omtf. 

+ 33. ieenfm, wine-press, is the word used by Matthew, ^i-biie hupoUenion, wine-vat, is used 
by Mark, ch. xii. 1. Dr. Robinson saw a wine-press at iiebleh, which was hewn out of a 
rock, and divided into two parts. The ujiper and more ghnllcw pai t was the plnce where the 
grapes were put, the lower and deeper one was the place for receiving the liquid pressed ouf 
of tnem. These two places served tor both zdne-press and wine-vat. This fact will sen'e to 
illustrate the words of Jesus a.s recorded by the two historians. 

t 31. Luke vii. 29. X 32. Matt, xi. IS; Luke vii. 33. t 3-3. Cant "nii. 11 ■ Isa v 1 

Mark'xi). 1 ; Luke xx, 9. : .^. Heb. xi. ;i6, 37. : 37". lleb. i. 3 ; 1 Johti iv. Of 

< 38. Matt, xxvi.2 — 4; John si. 53. 

,C^p. 21: 39.] 


avTov. 39Kai Ka^ovTcs avrov, €^e$a\ov e|c«> 

of him. And having t.-ik£r, him, they cast out 

Tov auTreXctiVOS, KaiaireKTeivav. ^'Orav ovu 

of the vineyard, and killed. "WTien therefore 

€A07? 6 Kvpios rov a/xTreKccyos, ri Troirjaei 

may come the lord of the vineyard, vthat wiU he do 

Tois yewpyois cKeivoisi "^^ Aeyov(Tiv auTO}- 

to the husbandmen to those? They say to him; 

KuKOVs KaKOJS airo\€crei avrovs' Kai rov afiire- 

■Wretches wretchedly destroy them ; and the vine- 

\(cva e/cSojo-erat aWois yecopyois, oItlvcs airo- 

yard will let out toother husbandmen, who will 

^(aa-ovfTiv avTcp rovs Kapirovs ev rois naipois 

render to hini the fruits in the se.isons 

avrojv, '*'A676t avTois 6 lT](rous' OvS^irore 

of them. He says to them the Jesus; ^ Never 

au^yvwre (:U rais ypacpais- '^Aidov o: aireSoKi- 

have you read in the writings: "A stone which rejec- 

fia<rau oi oikoBo/jlovvt^x, ovtos (yefrjOr] eis 

led they building, the same was made into 

KG<pa\'r)u yoovias- napa Kvpiov eyeveTO avrr}, 

ahead ofacorner; from Lord was .^^"' 

Kai ^(TTi dav/xaa-TT] ev o(pda\/j.ois Tjfxwu" ^ Aia 

and itis wonderful in 'yes of us?'^On accountof 

TovTo Xeyw v/xiv, on apOria^rai a(p iifiwy r/ 

this I say to you, that Bua.i be taken from you the 

fia(Tt\eia Tov deou, KaiBo^TfiTeTai eduei volovutl 

kingdom ' of the God, and shall oc given to a nation making 

Toys Kapirovs avrrjs. ^^Kat 6 irea-wv kin rov 

the fruits of her. And he 

\iQov rovTov, <Tuu6\a(f'Bn(T€Tai 

Btoue this, shall be broken : 

Trecrrj, KiKfirjcr^i auTOV. 

It shall fall, it will crush to piece* him. 

failing on the 

i(p\ bv S' av 

on whom but 


'Kai aKovaavns oi apx'^P^'^ ''"' ^' *apt- 

And having heard the high-priests and the Phari- 

(Taioi ras irapa^oXas avrov, ^yvcocrav, on rrepi 

Beea the parables of him, knew, that about 

avTwv \eyei, '^^Kai (r]TovvTes avrov Kparrjcraif 

them he says. And seeking him to seize, 

f<pofiv^7]<rav rovs ox^ovs- eTreihr] ws Trpoc^TjTT;^ 

they feared the crowds: since as » prophet 

avrov eixov. KE*. k$'. 22. Kai airoKpiOcis 

him they held. And answering 

6 l7)(rovs iraXiv enrev avrois ev irapafiohais, 

the .resus again said to them in parables, 

A.cycuf ^'riixoiudv V ^aaiKcia rwv ovpavcav 

saying: Has been likened the kingdom of the heavens 

avdpooTrcf} J8a(ri\e£, ocrns eironjae ya^iovs rep 

to a man a king, who made mairiage-feasts to the 

vice avrov, ^ Kai aTrca-reiKe rovs 8ov\ovs avrov, 

son' of him, and he sent the slaves of him. 

[Chap. 22: 3. 

39 Then seizing him> 
thej' J thrust him out of 
the VINEYARD and killed 

40 When, therefore, the 


comes, what will he do to 

those OCCUPANTS?" 

41 They reply to him, 
J ■' He will put those 
wretches to a \\Tetched 
death, and will lease the 
VINEYARD to Other Cul- 
tivators, who Mill render 
him the eruits in their 


42 Jesus says to them, 
"Have you never read 
in the SCRIPTURES, tJ'A 
' Stone, which the build- 
'ers rejected, the same 
'is made the Head-stone 
'of the Corner; this Je- 
'hovah has effected, and 
'it is wonderful in our 
' Eyes ?' 

43 Because of this, I 
tell you, X That the king- 
dom of God will he taken 
from you, and given to a 
People who wiU produce 
its proper fruits. 

44 J And he who falls 
on tliis STONE, will be 
bruised; and him, on 
whom it shall fall, it will 
crush to pieces." 

45 And the high- 
priests and Pharisees 
having heard his para- 
bles, knew that he was 
speaking about them. 

46 And seeking to ap- 
prehend him, they feai-ed 
the CROWDS, for they es- 
teemed him as a Prophet. 


1 And Jesus contin- 
uing to discourse to them 
in Parables, said, 

2 "The KINGDOM of the 
heavens may be com- 
pared to a Royal Person, 
who prepared a Marriage 
festival for his son, 

3 and he sent his ser- 

t 42. " A Stone, which the builders reiected." An expression ^f i-o^«^„f'^^°\J^^.X\^ 
who findm- a stone, which hem? tried in a particular place, and aiipearing impropei 
C^t is thrown iside and another taken : however, at last, it ni:iy happen that the very 
I?^^i which had 4en before Serf, may he found the most suitable as the h,ad stone ofihe 
tvmer. — Clarke. 

X 39. John xis. 17, 18 ; Heb. liic. 11-13. t 41. Mark xii. ; Luke xs. 16. 

cxviu. 22 ; Acts ; 1 Pet. ii. T- X 43. Matt vui. 12 ; Luke xiu. 28, 20. 

viii. 14, 15: Dan. ii. 34, 44, 45. 

t 42. Psa. 
t 44. Tea. 

Chap. 22: 4.] 


[CTiajo. 22: 13. 

Ko\(?'-3: Tovs KeKXr]jX€uovs eis rovs yafious' 

to ^-ill the having been invited to the marriage-feasts 

Kot ovK 7)de\ov €\9€iu. "* IlaAiu a7re(rT6tAep 

and not they would to come. Again he sent 

aWovs SovKovSy Xeyww EtTrare rots K€K\rj/x€- 

other slaves, saying; Say to the having been 

vois' ISow, TO apifTTov fxov T)Toi^a(Ta° 01 ravpoi 

called; Lo, the dinner ofine I prepared; the bullocks 

fxov Kai ra aiTiTra nQvfxcvay Kai iravTa eToifxa' 

ofineand the fadings having been killed, and all (tilings) ready, 

SeuTC ets tovs yajmovs. ^ Ol 5e afxe\r]<TavTeSf 

roine to the marriage-feasti. They but neglecting, 

aTrr)\6ov' 6 fieu cis top iSiou aypou, 6 Se eis 

went away ; he indeed to the own field, he and to 

T7JJ/ CfXTvopLav auTOv. ^ Ol Se Xotiroi Kparrj- 

the traffic of him. The and remainder having 

aayres tovs 5ov\ovs avTov, vfipiaau /rot aTrcKTei- 

seized the slaves of him. insulted and killed. 

vau. ^ AKovcras 5e 6 ^a(ri\evs, MpyiffOr]' Kai 

Having heard and the king, was wroth : and 

TT^fiif/as ra aTparev/xara avrov, airooXefre tovs 

having sent the armies ofhim, destroyed the 

(poufis eKeivovSf Kai Tr}U tto\iu avTcou eveTrpTjce. 

murderers those, and the city of them humed. 

^ToT€ \eyei Tois SovXovs avTov 'O jx^u 

Then be says to the slaves ofhiia: The indeed 

ya/xos eTOi/xos ccttiv, oi Se KeK\r)/xevoi ovk 

marriage-feast ready is, they but having been called not 

7)(rav a^ioi. ^HopevecrOe ovv eTrt ras St6|o5oys 

were worthy. Go you therefore to the outlets 

Tct)v ohoiu, Kai 6(Tovs av evprjTe, KaAc<raTe eis 

of the ways, and whoever you may find, call you to 

TOVS yafiovs. ^" Kai e|eA0oz/Tes oi SovXoi 

the marriage-feasts. And having gone forth the slaves 

eK€ivoi eis Tas odovs, (rvvqyayov navras, 

those into the ways, they brought together all, 

6<Tovs €vpov, TTovrjpovs Tc Ktti ayadovs' Kai 

as many as they found, bad ones both and good ones: and 

eTr\T]crdr] 6 ya/xos avaKcifievoou. ^^^KXfhQtav 

was filled the »iiarriage-feast of reclining ones. Having entered 

Se 6 fiafTiKevs deacrao'dai tovs auaKei/xeuovs^ 

and the king to see the reclining ones, 

€iSev CKei avQpuirov ovk cvSeBv /jlcuov ev^vfjia 

saw there a man not h.aving been clothed a garment 

ya/xov ^2 fidi \eyei avTu>' 'Erotpe, ttods 

01 marriage: and he says to him: Friend, how 

iiariXBes ojSe, ^in] ex^^ evSvfia yafiov ; 'O 

didst thou enter here, not having a garment of marriage: He 

Se €(piixw6r). '^ Tore etTrev 6 fia(Ti\evs 

but was struck speechless. Then said the kin'g 

Tois SittKoi^ois' AT}(rauT€S avTOv trodas Kai 

to the servants: Having bound ofhim feet and 

X^ipas, apaT€ avTov, Kai e/c/SaAere eis to (TKotos 

hands, take him, and cast into the darkness 

TO c^wTepow eK€i fffTai 6 KXavOfxas Kai 6 

the outer: there shall be the weeping and the 

VANTS to call THOSE wllO 

luid been invited to the 
TK.sTiviTiEs; and they 
refused to come. 

4 Again, he sent Other 
Servants, saying, 'Inform 
THOSE who are invited, 
JEehold, I have prepared 


OXEN and tatlings are 
killed, and all ia ready; 
come to the festival.' 

5 But they, disregard- 
ing it, went away, one to 
his ( WN Farm, and one 


6 and the rest seizing 
his SERVANTS, insulttd, 
and killed them. 

7 *And the king was 
indignant ; and having 
sent J his military for- 
ces, destroyed those mur- 
derers, and bm-ned their 


8 He then says to his 
servants, 'Tlie enter- 
tainment indeed is rea- 
dy, but THOSE who have 
been invited, were :]: un- 

9 Go, therefore, into 
the public roads, and 
whoever you may Jind, 
invite to the nuptial- 

10 And those servants 
went out into the roads, 
and brought together all 
that they met, Good and 
Bad ; and the feast was 
well supplied with guests. 

11 Now the king hav- 
ing entered to view the 
guests, saw there a Man 
t not clothed with a Wed- 
ding Garment ; 

13 and he says to him, 
' Friend, how earnest thou 
here, not having a Wed- 
ding Garment?' And HB 
was struck speechless. 

13 The KING then said 
to the servants, 'Bind 
his Hands and Feet; take 
him, and thrust *him 
into the outer dark- 
ness ;' there will he the 
WEEPING and the gnash- 
ing of TEETH. 

• Vatican Manuscbipt. — 7. And the king was indignant. 18. bim. 

t 4. Prov. ix. 2. : 7. Dan. ix. 26, t 8. Acts xlii.46. J U. 2 Cor v.S; 

Rev. iii. 4; xvi. 15; six. 8- 

)Criap. 72: U.] 


[CVwxp. 22-. 24. 

fipvy/xos Toov odouTooy. ^'^UoWoi yap eici 

jrnashing of the teeth. M;my for are 

kXtjtoi, oXiyoi Se eKAcKTor 

called, few but picked out. 

^"Tore TTopevdeuTes ol ^apioaioi crvixfiovKiov 

Then having gone tUe Pharisees counsel 

'Kafiou, diras aurov TrayiSeucroiicnv €v Aoyca. 

took, how him th«,y might insnare in word. 

'•"Kai airorrTe\\ov(Tiv avrw tovs jxaQ-qras aur(av 

And they sent away to him the disciples of them 

M€Ta TOOV 'lip(i}^'.avwv, Kiyoi^T^s. AiSacTKaXey 

trith the Herodians, saying, O teacher, 

ot5aiJ.€v, 6ri aXrjdrjs et, kui rr}V oBoy rov 

«e know, tliat true thou art, and the way of ihe 

Q^ov ^v a\7]d€ia Si5acr/f6£s, kui ou fisXei cot 

God ,a truth thou teachest, and jot there is care to thee 

Trepi ovSi^vos' ov yap jSAeTreiy (is irpoo'dOTrov 

about no one; not for thou loosest into lace 

'xp6p(viv(»iv. ^'^EiTe ovu riixiv^Ti CToi Sok^i ; 

Ol men. Say therefore to us, what to thee seems right? 

f^ecTTi Sovyat. h:7]UfTou Kaicrapi, 7] ov ; ^^ Tvovi 

IS it lawful to give tribute tc Cesar, or nof Knowing 

5e \T}aovs tt]^ irov-qpiav avrcoy, enre' Ti /ue 

Sut the Jesus the vickedness ot ihem, satd; Why me 

ireipa^ere viroKpirai ; ^^En-jSei^aTe yuot ro 

teiDptyou byiiocrite.s? Show you tome the 

vofiKT/iia rov Kr}V(Tcu, Ol Se irpocrnveyKav aurtt} 

coia of the tribute. They and brought to him 

^■qvapiov. ^Kai \syei aurois' Tivos rj eiKccv 

a denarius. And he<':iy« to *hein , Of w lioui the likeness 

xbrrj Kai t] eTnypa(prj , '•'^ Aeyovcriy *[_avT'o'J 

this and the iujonpiion? Tney say | to him,] 

Kaio'apos. Tore A^ysi avrois' Airo^ore ovu 

Of Cesar. Then he Kays to them . Give you back then 

TO KaLtrapos HatcTapi' Kai ra rov Oeov 

the (things) of Cesar to Cesar; and the (things) of the God 

rca dey. ^' Kac aKOvaavres edav/xacraw Kai 

to the God. And having heard they wondered; and 

a(p€VTes avTov aw^XQav- 

leaving him they departed. 

^ Ej/ eK€ivr} T77 rj/nspix irpo^'i)\6ov avTcp 2a5- 

In that the day came to him Sad. 

Soufcaioi, ol \eyovTes, fxr] eiuai. avaarairiv' Kai 

ducees, they saying, not to he a resurrection ; and 

eirrjpwTTjTay aurov, ""* \eyov7 Ti,- AiSacr/caAe, 

they asked him, saying; O teacher, 

Moxrrjy eiirev " Eaj/ ris airodisvp fj.r) eyccv 

Moses said; "If anyone should dm not having 

reKva, eiriyafM0pev<rei 6 aBeXcpos avrov rr)v 

children, shall maiiy the brother of him the 

14 For there are Manv 
invited, but Few selected. 

15 J Then the Phari- 
SEES ha\'ing withdrawn, 
consulted how they might 
entrap him in Conversa/- 

16 And they sent to 
him their disciples with 
the Herodians, saying, 
"Teacher, we know That 
thou ai't sincere, and 
teaeliest the way of God 
in Truth, neither carest 
thou for any one, for 
thou lookest not to the 
Appearance of Men. 

17 Tell us, therefore, 
thy opinion; Is it lawful 
to pay Tax to Cesar, or 

18 But Jesus knowing 
their wickedness, said, 
"Hypocrites! why do you 
try nie ? 

19 Show me the tax- 
coin." And THEY handed " 
hiin a Denarius. 

20 And he says to them, 
f "Wliose likeness and 
inscription is this?" 

21 They say, "Cesar's." 
Tlien he replies to them, 
I" Render, therefore, the 
things of Cesar, to Ce- 
sar; and the things of 
Gon, to God." 

22 And having heard 
this, they wondered ; and 
leaving him, they went 

23 JOn that day,* Sad- 
ducees came to him, who 
say there is no t Resur- 
rection, and asked him, 

24 sayin/, "Teacher, 
^: Moses said, flf a man' 
die, having iio Children, 
his brother aliall marry 
his widow, and ruise up 

* Vatican Mandsceipt. — 21. to him — omit. 

23. Sadducees came to him, who say 

t 20. Dr. Liglitfoot tells us that the Jews have a tradition among tbem, that to admit of 
the t.t.e of anv^ prince on their current co.u, was an aciiuovvledgment of subjection to him. 
Their acceptance of this coin wlien ofleved to thevu in p.ivmeiit, was in effect a confession 
that they were conquered by the Rom .ns, and thut the emperor had a right to their 
tribute. t 2i. This is reiidered/u/.ioe ?,/eb/ some modern translators; which is, as 

Dr. Bloomfield very j ustly observes, " no version at all, but merely an explanation." JnaS' 
taais can ony mertn/«*Mre life, by implication; its primary signification being a standing or 
rising up. If a futiire liie oe understood by the term, then it evidently depends upon, an 
follows a resurrection. t 24. 'I'he words of the Law are not quoted verbatim, but 

cording to their sense. The intention was thnt children b.v the second marriage sboul 
reckoned in the genealogy of the deceased brother, and inherit his property. 

, t 15. Mark xii. 13; Luke xx. 20. t 21. Rom. liii. 7. $ 23. Mark xii. )8 

XX. 27 ; Acts xxiii. 8. t 24. Dent. ixv. 5. 




[aiap. 2:2 : 38. 

yap ecrxou avTr]v. 

for had her. 


the resurrection 

^ourai, aW' 

marriage, but 

oupavco ei(Ti. 

fvvaiKa avTov, Kai ava(rT7]<rei (Xtrepixa rcf 

wife of him, and bhjUl raise seed to the 

o5eA(^6D avTov," -^ Waav Se Trap' r]fjnv kirra 

brother of him." There were now with us seven 

aBeKcpor /cot 6 Trpa>Tos, yafjirjfras, ereAeuTTjcre* 

brothers: and the lirst, having mtorried, died: 

Kai fX7] 6x<w CTTT^pfia, a(pr]KS rrjv yuuaiKa avTOv 

and not having seed, left the wife ofhim 

TCt> a5e\(pCf} avTOv. "*' 'O^uotajs Kai 6 Sevrepos, 

to the brother ofliim. Likewise also the second, 

Kai 6 Tpnos, ccas rwv eiTTa. *' "tcmpov Se 

and the third, tUl the seven. After and 

trai/TCtiv airedaue Kai r] yvvt], "^Y^v rr) ovv 

cfall died also the woman. In the therefore 

uvafTTaa^i, tluos tcov eirra earai ywr); Travres 

vliom of the seven shall be a wife? all 

'^ ATTOKptOeis 8e o l7](rovs 

Answering and the .Tesus 

eiirev avTOis' n\ava<rd€, jxt] ciSores ras ypa- 

said to them; You go astray, not knowing the writ- 

(pas, /j.r)d£ TT]v 5vua/jLiy rov deov ^ Ei/ yap 

ings, neither the power oftlie God. In for 

auacTTarrei ovre ya/j.ovcriu, ovre CKyafjii- 

ueither tht j marry, nor are piveu in 

ojy ayycKoi *[tou 0eoi^] eu 

as messengers [of the God] in 

^^ Tlepi 5e TTjs avaijra<T€Ois tcdv 

About but the resurrection ofthe 

veKpcov ovK aueyucoTe to prjOeu vjxiu vtto 

dead (ones) not have you read that having Ijten spoken to you by 

Tou 6€ou, KeyovTos' "^-"£70) ei/xt 6 deos 

the God, saying: I am the God 

A^paafjL, Kai 6 6eos laaaK, Kai 6 deos laKoo^ " 

of Abraam, and the God oflsaac, and the God of,J:icob?" 

OvK f(Triv 6 Oeos, 6€0S u^Kpav, a\Ka ^covtwv. 

Not is the God, a Gpd of deatl (ones,) but ofliviug (ones.) 

^ Kat aKovaavT€s oi ox^oi, e^e-rrAjjcrcrouTO eiri 

And having heai-d the crowds, were astonished at 

Tp Si^axj) auTou. 

the teaching ofhim. 

^^ Ol Se ^api(Taioi, aKovaavT^s Sri ccpiixoocre 

The and Pharisees, hearing that he silenced 

rovs 2a55oi//caious, fruz'rjx^Tjcraf ein to avro' 

the Sadducees, were assembled on the same; 

^ Kai eTrripciiT7)(rey fls e| avrcov, i/ojjlikos, ircipa- 

and a.sked one out of them, a lawyer, tempt- 

ed) V OUTO)*' *[Ka£ Aeyajt-'] 2*^ At5ao-/caAe, Trota 
ing him [and saying;] O teacher, which 

€VTo\r) fi€ya\r} ei/ Tea vQfxw; '^^ 'O Se iTjffovs 

commandment great in the law? The and 'Jesus 

€</)t; auTCf}' " A7a7r77(reis Kvpiov tov deou aov 

•aid to him; " Thou shait love Lord the God of thee 

€U 6\t} tt) KapSia (rov, Kai tv bKrj tt) ^f/vxv crov, 

in whole the heart of thee, and in whole the soul' of thee, 

Kai €1/ 6\t] TT] Siavoia aov.^' ^Avtt] ecTTi irpcDTi] 


and in whole the mind of thee." 


Offspring to his bko- 


25 Now, there were 
with us Seven Brothers; 
and the iirst, having 
married, died; and hav- 
ing no issue, left his wirE 

to his BKUTUKK. 

26 Thus also the sec- 
o^'D, and the thied, even 

to the SEVENTH. 

27 And last of all, the 
WOMAN also died. 

28 At tlie EESUKREC- 

TioN, therefore. To whieh 
of the SEVEN will she be 
a WIFE ? for they all mar- 
ried her." 

29 Jesus answering, 
said to them, "You err, 
not knowing the scrip- 
tures, nor the power of 
God ; 

30 for in the eesue- 
rection [state], they nei- 
ther marry, nor are given 
in marriage, but are as 
ANGELS in * heaven. 

31 But concerning the 


DEAD, Have you not read 
the WORD SPOKEN to you 
by God, saying, 

32 J ' 5 am the God of 
'Abraham, and tlie God 
'oflsaac, and the God of 
' Jacob '(' * He is not the 
God of the Dead, but of 
the Living." 

33 And the crowds 
hearing this, were amazed 

at his TEACHING. 

34 t ^ow the Phari- 
sees hearing That he had 
silenced the Sadducees, 
flocked about Him. 

35 And one of them, 
J a Lawyer, trying him, 
proposed' this question ; 

36 "Teacher, which is 
the great Commandment 
in the law 'f" 

37 * And HE said to 
him, J '"Thou shalt love 
'Jehovah thy God with 
' All thy HEART, and with 
'All thy SOUL, and witli 
'All thy mind." 

38 This is* the great 
and I'irst Commandment' 

Vatican Ma>uscript.-:>0 ofGoD-^mii. 30. heaved. 32. He is not the God 

35. and saym^-omK. 3/. And ue said. 88. the great and First Comm:indmen<; 

I 32. Exod. ■ " - - - 

ui. 28. 

•'"' -"^ ■'"•^■»» «»iju xiioi, v.,umiu;niuniern* 

i. iii. 6; Mark xiL aflj Luke xx. .37 ; Acts vii. 32 ; Heb xi. 16. t 34 Mai* 

: 33. Luke X. 25. ; 37. Deut. vi, 5 ; Luke x. 27. 

Ckap. 22 s 39.] 


[Chap. 23 : 5 

ad 7i-orX, coaasrcDcTllxato iieoenO ond like to it : 

" 'iliou dbalt, love ioC neighbor O-ihcCj as thyself." 

^'-' Cj/' 'r'^wTGwS "irais Svct j' eyroAaes <5Aos 6 vojuos 

In obcso oI\C two commandmcnto whole the law 

SXX^ the *>rophet8 are hung. 

■^^uz'Tj^/Ltej/O)::^ Se Twi/ ^apKTaioiV, eTrTjpwTTjav 

r Saving been assembled and of the Pharisees, asked 

uvrovs ^ Irjcrovs, '^'^ Aeywv Tt vfiiv So/cet nept 

them the jfesus, saying; Whattoyou thinks about 

rov Xpicrrov: rivos vtos eari; Asyovaiv 

the Anointed? of whom a son is he? They say 

avr(f Tov AoutS. ^ A^yei avrois' Tlws ovv 

to him; Of the David. He says to them; How then 

AaviS €J/ iruevfiaTi Kvpiov avrov KaXei; Xeywv' 

David in spirit Lord of him calls? saying; 

*^ " EiTrei' 6 Kvpios rcf Kvpicp [xov KaOov e/c 

^'Said the Lord to the Lord of me; Sit thou at > 

9e|t£uj' fiov, €ws av Boo rovs exGpovs (rov vito- 

right of me, till I may place the enemies of thee afoot- 

voSioy Twv iroSwv <rov." '*'' Ei ovv Aavio Ka\ei 

stool of the feet of thee." If then David calU 

avTOV KvpioVf irons vios avTov ecrri; ^Kat owSets 

him Lord, how ason ofhim is he; And no one 

eSuj/aro avrcp airoKpiQrjyai Xoyov ovSe eroXimrjcre 

was able to him to answer a worc~5 noc dared 

Tis air* €Keiyr}s rr]S rjfiepas i'St-cpurricrai avrov 

My one from that the day to ask him 

any more. % 

*Tor6 6 Irjcrovs akaKi^cc rois ox^ois Kai 

Then tho Josua .'.poho to the crowds and 

vois fJLadrjTGis c.vtov, ^ Keyoov Ettj T-qs Mcjtrecjs 

to the disciples ofhim, aaying; Upon the ;}Jogc3 

ico^eSpas sizaOicrav at ypa/ufxaTeis Kai ol ^api- 

-joat oit the scribes and the Phari- 

txaiou "^ViavTCi, ovv. Sere av eiirustriv vfxiy 

Bees. .\11 theref ••■ . whatever they say to you 

*j[T7jpeiyJ rTf]peiT€ Kai iToieire' xara Be ra 

fto observe;] observe you and doj-ou; according to but the 

€,J7a avToov fiti voieirs' Xeyovcri yap, Kat ov 

7orko of them not do you; they say for, and not 

itQiovfru ^ AefffMsvovtri yap (popria fiapca Kai 

they do. They bind »or burdens heavy and 

hva{iu(Traicrc:, KCi iinriQea(riv ictti rovs cc/xovs 

onpresoive, and place upon tho shoulders 

■^ooP avQpoiirwv' Tcp Se Sa/CTuAcp avrtcu ov 

ofii'.c mer. : of the and finger of them not 

jsXov&i :ziyr\(rai ouro. ^Tlavra §€ ra epya 

lUej-oilt to move theni. All but the works 

avTciV irQiovtn rrpos to OeaOrjvai rois avdpcoirois. 

of tbeia tisay d» to the to bo soou t o the men. 

39 *The Second is simi. 
lar ; J ' Thou slialt love 
'thy NEiGHBOK as thy- 

40 X On These two 
Commandments * depend 
the Whole law and the 


41 X And while the 
Pharisees were assem- 
bled. Jests asked them, 

42 saying, "Wiat is 
your opinion about the 
Messiah ? Wliose Son is 
he?" They say to him, 

43 He says to them, 
"How then does David, 
by Inspiration, call lam 
his Lord? saying, 

44 J' Jehov.ah said to 
my LoHD, Sit thou at my 
' Kight hand, till 1 * put 
'thine enemies under- 
'neaththy fket?' 

45 If, therefore, David 
caU him Lord, hovv is he 
his Son ?" 

46 And no one was 
able to answer Jiim a 
Word; nor did any one 
from That day presume 
to question him any more. 


1 Tlien I.ESUS spoke to 
the CROWD,-:, and to hia 


2 saying, "?hc :;cb.ibes 
and Pharisees sit m the 
Chair of MosECi 

3 therefore . .11 things 
whatever they command 
you, * do ancT observe , 
but do not accorfan^; to 
their works ; for they 
say and do uot perform. 

4 *And they prepaK 
heavy and oppressive Bur- 
dens, for other men's 

SHOUL]:)EUS, but *tl)Eg 

will not move their. ~ath 
their FINGEE.. 

5 And they perform all 
their \?orks tobs obser- 
ved by MEN ; * for this 

-5Ui ; hinc 

■ VoTicAii Manusckipt.— 39. The Second xs similar. 40. depends. ii 

CWEMiss imr erneath thy feet. 3. observe— omif. ". do and ohscrve. 

ihcy. 4. tf)ea will not move them with their FiNor.R. 5. for i^cy. 

t 30. Lev. rdx. 18; Mark xil. 31 ; "-uke r- 27 ; Itovi. r "". ; Gal. v. H: Jas. ii.C. i •10. 

Matt. vii. 12 ; 1 Tmj- i 5. : 01. Mark xii. 35; Lu- - xr-. '11. t ' A:t9 

. -84; Heb. i. 15- t 4. Luke xi. 46 ; Acti xv. 10. 

Chap. 23: 6.] 


[CTiap. 23 : 15. 

IlAaTVJ/oi'O't 5e ra <pv\aKTr)pia avrwu, Kai 

] They widen and the phylacteries of them, and 

fi€ya\vvov<ri to Kpa<nr^5a *[twi' L/xariuu av- 

I they enlarge the tufts [of the mantles of 

them;] they love and the upper couch in the 

Seitrpois, Kai Toy irpwroKadedpias ev rais avva- 

feasts, and the first seats in the syna- 

ycoyais, 'Kai rovs acnra(riJ.ovs ei/ Ta:s ayopais, 

go^^ues, and the salutations in die markets, 

Kai KaXeicrQai vivo twu auQpwtruiv pa^^i, 

and to be called by tne men rabbi, 

*[^oj8i8i.] ^ 'T/zets Se ixt] KArjOrfTe pa^fii- cis 

[rabbi.] You but not may be called rabbi ; one 

yap eo'Ttz/ v/xeau 6 KadriyqT-qs' itavr^s 5e v/x^is 

for is of you the leader; all but you 

a8e\(poi iffTi. ^ Kai irarepa /xtj KaKearjre v/jlcov 

brethren are: And father not you may call of you 

CTTt T7JS yrjs' els yap etmi/ 6 ttottj^ vixojv, 6 

on the earth : one for is the father o( you, he 

I iv rois ovpauois. ^^ Mrjde K\r]dr}T€ Ka6r}yrfTar 

in tlie heavens : Neither be ye called leaders : 

€is yap vfxwv e<mv 6 Kadriyrirris, 6 xpfcTTos. 

one for ofyou is the leader, the anointed: 

'^ 'O 5e fiei^cov v/jlcov^ earai vfcou SiaKovos. 

The but greater ofyou, shall be ofyou a servant. 

*^ '0(rTis de v\j/co(r€i kavrov, rair^ivwOrjcreTar 

Who and shall exalt himself, shall be humbled . 

Kai 6(TTis TaTreivct}(rei 4avTov, v\l/wdri(r€Tai. 

and who shall humble himself, shall be exalted. 

^ Ovai Se vfxiv, ypa/x/xaTfis Kai^apiaaioi, vttok- 

\ Woe but to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypo- 

piTOi* on Kareadiere ras oiKias twv xVP^i^i 

rrites : because you devour the houses of the widows, 

Kai irpo(pa(r€i fiaKpa irpocrevxof^evor Sia tovto 

and for a show long are praying: through this 

\r)\l/((rde ■nepKraoT^pov Kpiixa. 

^ou shall receive heavier judgment. 

''■^[Ovot vyiiii', ypa/j./j.aTeis Kai ^apiaaioi, 

[Woe tu you, acrines and Pharisees, 

vTfOKpiTai' 6ti K\eieri T-qv fiacriXeiav twv 

hypocrites. because you shut the kingdom of he 

ovpavtau cfnrpo(r6€v riov avOpca-rrcaw v/xeis yap 

heavens in piesence of the men: yuu for 

ovK cKTipx^o'Be, ov5e rovs eicnpxofi^yovs a(pieT€ 

not enter, nor the entering you permit 

ei(re\deiv.^ ^^ Ouai vfj-iu, y pafx/xare is Kai Capi- 
ta enter. \ Woe to you, scribes and Phari- 

(raioL, vTTOKpirai' on Tr^piayere rrjv daKaaaau 

sees, hypocrites : because you go about the sea 

Kai TT]V ^ripav, woiTjaai kva TrpocTjAuTO*'* Kai 

and the dry, to make one proselyte: ' and 

they widen | their + phy- 
lacteries, and enlarge 
their tufts, i 

6 X and love the uppek 
tlie principal seats in 


7 and salutations in 
the public PLACES ; and 
to be called by men, 
' Rabbi.' 

8 J But gou should not 
be called Rabbi ; because 
one is Yoiur * teacher, 
and all you are Brethren. 

9 And style no man on 
the EARTH your Father; 
for one * is Your hea- 
venly FATHER. 

10 Nor assume the title 
of Leaders; because one 
is lour LEADER, the 

11 J But let the great- 
est of you, become Your 

12 J And he who shall 
exalt himself, will be 
humbled; and he who 
shall humble himself, will 
be exalted. 

13 t ^Voe to you. Scribes 
and Pharisees, Hypo- 
crites 1 Because you plun- 
der the FAMILIES of WID- 
OWS, and for a Disguise 
make long Prayers; there- 
fore, you will receive a 
Heavier Judgment. 

14 *[Woe to you. Scribes 
and Pharisees, Hypo- 
crites ! Because you sliut 

the KINGDOM of the HEA- 
VENS against men; gou 
neither enter yourselves, 
nor permit those ap- 
proaching to enter.] 

15 Woe to you. Scribes 
and Pharisees, Hypo- 
crites ! Because you trav- 
erse sea and land to 
make One f Proselyte, and 
when he is gained, you 

♦Vatican Manuscript. — 5. of their mantles— omi^ 7- Rabbi — omit. 8. teachbb. 

9. IS Your HEAVENLY FATHEE. 14. — Omit. 

t 5. These virere small slips of parchment or viellum, on which certain portions of the law 
were written. The Jews tied them about their foreheads and arms, for three purposes. — 
1. To put them in mind of those precepts which they should constantly observe. 2. To pro- 
cure them reverence and respect in the sight of the heathen. And 3. To act as amulets or 

charms to drive away evil spirits. — Clarke. 
verse. t 15. A convert to Judaism. 

t 5. Num. XV. 38 ;; xxii.lS. 
i 8. James iii. 1. I 11. Matt. xx. 26. 27. 

2 I'eiei V.5. 

t 13. Lachmann and Tischendorf omit this 

t 6. Mark xii. 88, 39; Luke xi. 43 ; xx. 46. 
J 12. Luke XIV. 11 ; xviii. 14, James iv. 6; 

Chap. 3L: is.] 


brav yeuT^Tai, iroieire avrov vtov ye€uvr]s 

tvhen he becomes, you make him a son ofCrcheuna 

StirAoTepoi' i/xaiu. ^^Ovai vjxiu^ '-d-qyos ryc^Aotj 

double otyoui Woe tw you, guides blind^ 

oi Ae^oz'res" Os av ofxo(T7] ^v rep t^vxp, oude- 

the saying. Whoever may swear by the emple. U' thinj 

-iaTiv' OS 8' av o/j.oar} zv Tca XP^^V '' ^' v%ov, 

itis: who hut ever maysivearby the gold ofth. temple, 

0(pei?\ei, ^~ Mcapo^ Kai TV(p\oe,° ns yap fiei^cav 

heisbouud. O fools and blind; which tur -jreater 

ecrrii^- 6 xp^'^os, t] 6 volos, 6 ^yia^cup^ roi> 

io? tho gold, or the temple. Chat sanctifying he | 

Xpvcrov; ^^ Kar Os €c:p Otxcarj :v •'■cf Quariatx- ' 

gold? Also; Whoever may swear by the .Jtarj 

rripicp^ ovdeu eariy os 5' av o/j-oar) sv rep . 

nothing itis; who bui ever may cwea? br ;ho 

Scopcp T((> STravu avTov, 0(f)€i\ei, ^'■* Mwpoi kui j 

gift that upon it, he is bound. Ofoolc and 

rvcpXor ri yap /xci^ov; to dwpov, 7} ro 

blind; which for gruater? tho gift, or the 

OvcnafTTTjpiou, to ay la^ov to Bcopov ; 20 '•q ^^j, 

altar, ihat sanctifying the r;iit -, He then 

ofMoaas ^v rq) dvcnaaT-qpicf, jp.vvei ev avTcp xai 

swearing by the aitar, sweaiT; by it :ind 

fv Tracrt tois etravo} avTov ^i ^ai ^ o/uLOfras 

Dy all the (things} unoa it; and he 3we;u-ing 

eu T(f yaw, op.vv€i qv avTcp Kac cv Top Karoi- 

oy tho temple, swears by it and by the (one) having 

Kr](ravTi avTov '^^ Kai 6 ojJLorras &v Tea ovpav^o, 

inhabited it, and he swearing by the heaven; 

o/xvuei tsv Tc: Qpovw tov deov Kai, jv to Kadr)" 

sweai-s by the thione of tlie God auu by tlio (onej sit° 

p.r]i/o) firaud) avTOV, 

Uu^ ■-pou :"t. 

'^Ovat vfjLiv, ypcifxpaTeis :<ai ^-apicatoi^ viroK- 

Woe to you, scr.bes ,jsd Pharisees^ hypo- 

piTai' b"^' jTToSe/coTovTs to r]dvo<;: Kai to 

critec; bccaurjo you ti tho the .lint, and the 

avT)dcVf xai to Kvfxivov Kai a(j)rjKaT€ Ta ^apu- 

dill, anc^, the oummiii; and pac-, by tho weigh tiei' 

Tcpa TOV !-OjUoys ttjv Kpicriv, Kai tov eheov, Kai 

(things) of the law, "l^he justice, anc'. tho mercy, anL 

TTjr TncTTiVo Taura Se eSej Troir}(rai, /fa/ce;r u 

the faith. 'eJhese bu'-. it Is binding to do, and those 

p.rj acpievaio ^''OSrjyoi Tv((>\or oi 8iv\i^ vt€S 

QOt to omit. Guides blind; tho straining ou'^ 

'■QV Kwvcaira tt,v Ss KafirfKop KaTawivovTes, 

the gnat the but camel swallowing do'TC 

^ Ovai vp.iVf ypafifxaTeis Kai ^apicaioi^ virotc- 

Woe to you, scribea and Pharisees, -lypo- 

fUTar 6ti KaOapi^eTS to e|w&eix tov yrovrjpiov 

srites; because you cleanse the oatoidc aCtlic cup 

{Chap. V : 2jh 

make him o Son of Go- 
henna, doublv more tixat 

2 C Woe ta vou, % blin^ 
Guides rou '7ho pay. To 
rweai by ,he iempli;. it 
i'.^ icthinit. ; out to swear 
h-'/'^.r.c GOLD o 'he Tii!]a;= 
PL2, i*is bindinfi;. 

i7 Foolish and Blincii 
for M'Lich ia taovf sacr-id, 

— th** GOLD, J or THAT 

1" .ind, to .:wear by the 
.*XT.\G. 't is nothing ;' but 
to swe:i by that dffeE' 
INO \yliioh is upoiv it i. 

19 Foolish and Blind:' 
for which is more cacrecl, 

— the OFFEKlNCr. i or 
THAT ALT.Rwhic?. CON". 

si;cr,ATE^ tne orFEEiNG? 

20 He therefore who 
:;WEAEs by the iT-^R, 
makes oath by it, nul \yj 
aL things on it ! 

21 and HE who sw::ars 
'.^^y the TEMPLE; lakes 
oatii b : it, and by him 
who DWELT in ^t; 

2S and HE wllO SWEARS 

*ay HEAVEN, makes oath 
by :;:the THRONE of God, 
and oy him who sits on it. 
23 Woe i( woUj Scribes 
and J. 'lariseeSj Hypo- 
crit3s' JBecause X;upay 
tithe of MiNTj ttni j;ill 
and cuioiiK, 'bnt neg- 
lect the MOEi; IMPORT- 
ANT matteis jf the, 


and i'AiTi:. These thmga 
you ought to practise and 
not to omit those. 

2^1 Blind Guides', twho 
filter out the gnat, yeit 
. swallow the camel. 

3 j Wou to ou. Scribes 
and Pharisees, Hypo- 
critiis X Because you pu- 
rify the OUTSIDE of the 
CUP and the disk, but 

• Vaticaii M.'.nusckipt, — 17. which c-jnsrcbatkd. 

t 24. An allusion to t^c custon of the .Tews 'also Grcelts and Romans) "f passing thei» 
.vines through a strainer. The Jew did it from religious crupLes tht Gentiles frora 

t 16. Matt. XV, 14. ;■; 27. Exod. xsx. 29. t 19. Exod. x^-ix, ?. i 25. Matt 

V. S4. J 2;i. Ivuke xi. is. J 23. 3 Sara sv.SSs Micah vi.tti Matt.sii.7. ,t. ;''a 

Mark vii. 4; J.ukc si. :;0. 

Ouip. 23". 26.] 


[C%ap. 23. 35. 

KOI TT)s Trapoipidos, ecruOev 5e ycfxov<riv e^ ap- 

and of the dish, within but tliey are full of ra- 

TTo^Tjs Kai aSiKias. '^''^apKraie rv<p\f, KaBapicov 

pine «nd injustice. O Phari»ee blind, cie;inse 

irpcoTovTo euros ToviroTr)piov Kat rr}s wapoxpiSos, 

first the inside of the cup and of the dish, 

Iva yevr,Tai icat to cktos avrcou KaOapov. 

that may become also the ont«ide of them cleiin. 

2' Oval vfx.iv, ypa/j-fxareis Kai ^apiaaioi, vtroK- 

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypo- 

piTar OTi Trapo/xtna^eTe racpois KeKoviafievois., 

elites J because you are like to tombs having been whitened, 

oiTiues 6|a>06// fx€v (paivovrai wpaioi, eacoOsv Se 

which without indeed appear beautiful, within but 

ytfj.ov(riu ocrrecov veKpcuv Kai 7ra(T7]5 aKaOapirias^ 

are full of bones of dead and of all uncleanness. 

-^^OwTOJ Kai vfxds f^coOeu jxev (paiveade tols 

So also you witliout indeed appear to the 

avQpooTtois SiKaioij ccrwdeu Se fiecTToi eaire vtvok- 

men just, withm but full are of hy- 

pimcus Kai avofjLias, 

pocrisy and of lawlessness. 

• '^ Ovai vfxiv, ypa/xfxaTeis Kai ^apt(raioi, vttck- 

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypo-» 

pi'^ar Sti oiKoSofxeire rovs racpous twv Trpj(prj'^ 

critesj because you build the touibs of the propliotfls 

TcvUy Kai Kocrix€LT€ TO fjLvrjfieia T(/}U SiKaicav^ 

and adorn the monuments of the just, 

^'^ Kai \iyere' Ei rjfxeda fv rais Tifxepais rz-yv 

and say; If ne had been in the days o^ths 

irarepcav T}ix(av, ovk av Tjueda koivcdvoi avrwv 

fathers of us, not wehadbeeu partakers of them 

eu Ty aiiJ.aTi Twu Trpocfyr^Toou. ^^'ClcrTe fxaprv- 

in the blood of the prophets: So that you 

psire eavTois, 6ti vloi e(rT6 twv (pouevTauruv 

testify CO yourselves, that sons you are of the having killed 

Tovs irpocpriTas. ^^ Kat v/j.eis irXrjpctxraTe to 

the propliefs. And you fill you the 

fi^rpov Twu TcaT^puiv vjjlwv. ^0<peis, yeuu7]fxaTa 

measure of the faihers of you. O serpents, O broods 

f\L^vcit}V' TTWS (jyvyrjTS airo ttjs KpifTecas ttjs 

ofvipei-s-. how can you flee from the judgment of the 

yeeuvrjs; ^^ Am toi'to, iSov, eyea airocrTe^ha) 

Gehenna? Because of tliis, lo, I send 

npos TTpocpr^ras, Kai (ro<povs, Kai ypajufxa- 

to you pro|>hcts, niul wise men, and sc.ilies 

reis' Kai e^ avroov aTroKTeveire Kai (rravpoj- 

and out of them . i.i will kill and willcru- 

(TerCf Kai c| avTcov fxa(TT lywcrcre ev tuls 

eify, and out of thciu you will scourge in the 

orvvayco-vais v^wv Kai StcofeTe oto iroKeccs eis 

synaiTOguea ofyou and pursue from city to 

iro\iu' ^ oncos €^9r] e<p' vfias vav aifxa 

city ; so that may come upon you all blucid 

ZiKaioVy fKXvyo/xei'ov ciri tyjs yrjs otto tov 

righteous, being shed upon the earth from the 

aljuaros A/SeA tov BiKaiov ecas tov alfxaros 

blood of.\bel the just to the blood 

within, they are fiill ol 
Rapine and Injustice. 

26 Blind Pliarisee! first 
purify the IxNside of tlie 
CUP and the disk, tliat 
the OUTSIDE of them may 
also hcfoiue clean. 

27 Woe to you. Scribes 
and Pharisees, Hypo- 
crites! :}: Because you re- 
semble whitened Sepul- 
chres, which indeed, out* 
wardly, appear beautiful j 
but within, are full of the 
Bones of the Dead, and of 
All Impurity. 

28 Thus also gou, iiv 
deed, outwardly appear 
righteous to wen; but 
inwardly you are full oi 
Hypocrisy and Iniquity. 

29 Woe to you, Scribes 
and Pharisees, Hypo- 
crites ! X Because you 
build-the sepulchres of 
the PKOFHETS, and orna- 
ment -^he MONUMENTS of 
th. JUST, 

30 and say. If we had 
lived in theDAYs of our 
FATHEEs, we would not 
have been Participators 
with them in the mur- 
der of the PROPHETS. 

31 Thus you testify 
against yourselves, % That 
you are the sons of 


32 tgou also will fill 
up the MEASURE of youT 

33 Serpents, J Progeny 
of vipers ! how can you 
escape the judgment of 
the Gehenna. 

34 On account of this, 
J Behold, I send to you 
Prophets, and Wise men, 
and Instructors; and some 
of them you will kiU and 
crucify; and others you 
will scourge in your syn-' 
aoogues, and persecute 
from City to Citv ; 

35 80 that All the in- 
nocent Blood being shed 
upon the land, may 
come upon you, from the 
blood of Abel the just, 

t 27. Luke xi. 44; Acts xxiii. ,3. 
1 Thfss. li. 15. : 33. 1 Thess. ii 16. 

xxi.St, 35. L\ikc xi. 49. 

X 2fl. Luke xi. 47. ♦ 81. Acts vii. .51, Wl 

J 33. Matt. ui. 7 ; xii. 34, t 34. .Mat!. 

Chap. 23 : 36.] 


iClmp. 24:" 8. 

ofZecharias a son of Barachias, whom you killed between 

TOO yaov Kat tov 6v<riaaTr}piov. ^ A.fji.T]v Xeyu 

the temple and the altar. Indeed I say 

v/jLii/, oTi rj^ei Tavra iravra em rrfv yeueay 

to you, that shall come these (tliiags) all upon the generation 

ravT7]v. '^^ 'Iepov(Ta\7]/j., 'lepov(ra\r)/x, 7] airoK- 

this. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the liill- 

Teiuovcra tovs Trpocprjras, Kai KiQofioKovcra tovs 

ing the prophets, and stoning tho 

airetrTaX/jLcuovs irpos avTTjv TrocraKis 7]6€\T](ra 

having bee:i sent to her; how often I desired 

ewicrvuayayeiv tu rcKva crov, bv rpoirov eirKTv- 

to gather the children of thee, what manner gathers 

vayei opvis ra votraia eavrrjs viro ras Trrepuyas; 

a bird the brood or herself under the wings? 

Kai ovK ri6eKr)aaTSc ^l5ov, a(pieTai ifxiu 6 

and not you were willing. Lo, is left to you the 

HKos v/jLOJU *[ep77;aos.] ^^Aeyw yap v/niy Ov 

house of you [a desert.] I say for to you; Not 

fir) jxe i57}Te air' apri, ews av eiir-qre. EvAoyq- 

not me you may see from now, till you may say ; Having been 

fievos 6 epxofievos iv oj/o/JLari Kupiov. 

blcosed he coming ia namo of Lord. 

KE*„ /cS', 24. 
^ Kai €^€\0(i}p 6 lr)(Tovs enopevsro airo rov 

iind being come out tho Jesus was going from the 

lepov Kai Trpo<rrjA6ov ol fiadriTai avTOv esnBu^ai 

temple^ and came ths disciples of him to point C'ut 

avTcp ras o^KOuo/nas rev iepov. ^'O 8e l7](rovs 

2o him ihe buildings of tho iemple. The and Jesu:; 

etTTc;/ avTOis' Oy ^AeTrere -jrai^a ravra: aixr]v 

said tothomj Not see yon di those i jndoei 

Tiie'^cj vfiiv^_ ov /xrf acpeO'p wSe kiBos 7Tri 

iack; Coyouj noC :iot shotUC be left Sjero r. stone upon 

hiOoVf OS OV KaraA'jdTjore'raio 

catoncs CThich aot ;iiiaL Ix; ibro-.Tn aowuo 

^ Kci6rifx<:Pov Sa avrov ein rov opovs Ta>u 

Gitting MI.C. of him -.ipon the mountain of tho 

to the BLOOB of X Zecha- 
riali, tSon of Barachiah, 
whom you will murder 
let ween the sanctuary 
an I the altar. 

36 Indeed, 1 say to you, 
That all these things will 
come upon this gene- 

37 JO Jerusalem, Jeru- 
salem ! destroying the 
PROPHETS, and stoning 
THOSE SENT to thee, 
how often have I desired 
to assemble thy child- 
ren, as V. Bird collectis 
her irouNG under her 
WINGS ! hut you would 

3G Behold, your habi- 
tation ic left to you; 

39 for I tell you. You 
shall not see me from this 
time, till you shall say, 
X ' Blessed he he who 
'COMES in the Name of 
■ Jehovah.' " 


1 X ^^^ Jesus being 
come out was going from 
the temple °, and his 
disciples came to show 
him tlic buildings of 
th;. temple. 

)i And * HE answering, 
raid to them, "Do you 
no^ :^ee all these things i 
I assure you, J There shall 
not be left here a Stone 
upon a Stone ; all will be 

3 And as he was sitting 
on the MOUNT of olives. 

* Vaticak Manuscript. — 38. a desert — omit. 

2. HB answering, said. 

V 85. There arc ..variety of opinions among critics, as to ■^•'ho is here meant. Some tnmS 
'5t is the Zechariah, son of Jelioiadah, meutioued in 2 Chron. xxiv. 20, 21 ; but this leaves thft 
3cws innocent of the blood shed durin.? nearly nine centuries of the most scandalous years 
of their history. Others think reference is here made to " Zechariah, the son of Bereehi&li 
and the grandson of Iddo," Zech. i. 1 ; of whose murder mention is made in the Targum. or 

Zechariah, the son ?f Hiddo. in the House of the Lord's sanctuary, because he endeavored to 
withdraw you from your lOviJ. ways ?'"' This Zechariah lived some 320 years after the one 
previously mentioned, yot :. -jeriod of over .5(XP years of Jewish history is left out. Were not 
the Jews more r-sponsiblcSr innocent blo(^d shed during thelast preceding five centuries 
of their histor;., than they could be for blood rhed hef jre the deluge ? Others are of opinion 
that Jesur spo! ? this nrophetically of that Zechariah who was massacred "in the middle o' 
the holy place," three" years before the final destruction of Jerusalem. Of him, Josephus 
cays, he was ajust man. Thus Abel was the iivst, and this Zechariah, the last just person, 
wbose blood being spilt upon the land, should be required of that generation. This view 
agrees with tho context, and recorded facts; and in agreement with the eaxae, ephoneusate, 
Gword in the first aorist tense, has been thrown into the future, instead of the past. 

, t 85. 2 Chron. xxiv. 20, 21. 
1 1. Mark xiii. 1 ; Luke xxi. 5. 

JR?. I'Ukexiii.34. 
I 2. Luk:xix.44. 

t 39- Psa. cxviii. 2G; Matt, x.\L ». 

Cfiap. 24t 4.] 


[Cfuip.2i: 1& 

<Aeu«>r, vpocrfKOov avref> ol ftaOriTai /car' idiav, 

•live tiee«, ' . eamo -^ to hiin the diuiplca privaldjr, 

Ae^oin-es* «Ei;rt Tj;ui», irore ravra crrai ; Kae 

tMjinfi TeQ to ua, when tbeae (things) sh&ll be? «ad 

Ti TO ffij/xeiou TTjs (rrjs vapovaias nai ri]t 

wbst tho ugn ofth« thy . presence &nd of the 

KTvyrfKcias tov aiwfos; ^Kau airoKpideis b 

-•ad, of the agcf And antvrehng the 

Jiftrovs , f.TTey avToiy BXeTrere, .fi-q ris^vfias 

Jesa* " aaid to thezn ; Take heed, not miy one you - 

v\ayr}(TTj. ^ IToAAoi 'yap (Xevcovrat . €v< rij* 

cu/ deceive. Many for shall come ■ ia the 

oyo/tari ^u, Aeyoj^&s* Eya> €i^t 4 Xpicrros' 

nam* j ^efme, aayiag; 1 • am the Anointed; 

cat voAAovs ir\au7)'rov(rt. * McAXTjcreTC 5e 

•od. ^ mamf they shall deceive. 'ton shall be abou^ and 

<tKov€iy:.voK«p.ovs, Kai aKoas vo\f/xciiv^, 6paT€, 

to hear vani "nd report^ of war* ; •'^ see, 

/i->] 6poii(xQ<c' 5ei 7a/> '^([Trai'TaJ yeueardar 

«io( you be disturbed i it behove* for [all] ^ ' to ta(e ptaca; 

[UW' QUITO} icri TO TcAoy. ' EyepBr](rtTai yap 

but not yet is the end. ' Shall be raued vp for 

tOyos €irj cOvos, fcat ^SacriAeta eiri PaniXfiay Kat 

oaliob'>a»ain«t nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and 

4(royTai Kifiotf *f'Kot Ao<)L4,d(,J Kat aficrfioi Kara 

tikere shall be famines, [and plagues,] and earthquakes in 

TOTTovs. ? riavTo Se . TavTa opxv u^if'wv. 

places. All bat' these a beginoing of sorrows. 

^ToT^ Trapa^u&ovffiv vfias eis OXiil^iv, uai airoK- 

Th«n thty shall deliver up ^yoa t«' - affliction, aiKl sliall 

Tfvouo'fj' fi/xat* KOi t^'ecrOe fjLKrovfxfvoi vno 

,kiU JOHi. and youshalllM bcnig hated Ly 

vavToiy rctnr eOvuv dia ro ovona fiov 

■11 of the nations on account of Ihf namg ,ofme.. 

*" Kai TOT€ <rKayod\icr07}(ToyTat iroWor Kai 

And then shill be caused to sluisbla ^aoy;^ and 

'cAAtjAous Tapa5a>(roi»<ri, Koi fj.i<nj<Tovariy aXKrj- 

, aaoh other . shall deliver up, 'and shall bata <>acb 

A»"j. ** Kai iroWoi }lievZovpo<p')jTat tyfpOTj- 

'oth f. And maoy r false-piopliets ahallbo 

ca'Tai, Kai Tr\avyi<rov<ri iroAAowi* *^ ftoi 5ia 

raued up, and shall deceira luany : and' because Of 

TV wKii)6vvOr)9. TT^v flvofiiav, ipvYnfffrai i) 

tilt to Wb inoera tha lawlessocssi shall be cooled the 

ayavi\ fuv •:rn'KXvp. '^'O Jie . virofi€tvas fis 

I I ova oftkc aaoy. '.,' He but holding out to 

T«Aoy, <vT«j c«0ijo'«Tat.'> *^Keu Kr\pvxQ'f)ff(Tai 

end, tltesame liall ba caved. And shall be publubeil 

TovTo TO eva77«A»oji' ttjj PaaiXttas (v S\rf rri , 

'this tbs glad tiding* oftha kingdom in' trhoie the 

^iKovfifirpt €iy fxaprvpiov racrt rots tBv«n'' Kat 

habitable, for* a testimony to ell Iha oation* i ' aod 

roTS v^et TO TfAoj. ^'Orav ovv ""iStjt^ to 

tKeo shall come th.a ^^ end. Wh*a tb«9ibfay'»uma^«ec the 

'PSe^Kvyfia rrn tprjuacrews, ro ; pr)dey 

abomination of the desolatioa, the wqnIltatlBgbeenspoIien 

the DISCIPLES came to 
him privately, saying, 
"Tell us, when theso 
things will ber" and 
" What will be the sign 
of TUT presence, and of 

the CONs'uHilAXlOM of 

the AGE ?" .;,v 

4 And Jesus replying 
to them, said, J "Beware, 
that no one deceive you; 

5 for many will assamff 
my NAME, saying, ' i am' 
the Messiah;' and will 
deceive many. 

6 And you vill soon 
hear of Conflicts, and Re- 
ports of Battles; but take 
care that you be not 
alarmed; for these things 
must occur ; but the end 
is not yet. 

7 For Nation will rise 
against Nation, and King- 
dom against Kingdom ; 
and there will be in vari- 
ous places, Famines and 
Eartliquakes. , ..■' 

8 Yet these are only » 
Beginning of Sorrows. 

9 ]:Theu th€y,will de- 
liver you up to afllictlon,' 
and will destroy you ; and 
you will be detested hy 
Ait the NATIo^s, oi» ac- 
count of my NAUE. 

10 And then J^Ianj^ 
willl)c insnared, and will 
betray their associates/ 
and abhor them.. 

.11 And X Many False 
Prophets will ajise, and 
will deceive M^ny ; 

13 and because ViCB 
will abound, the lovb of 
the MANY will cool. . 

IS t But IIK who PA- 

£nd, will be s^ved. 
_ \i And These XohAD 

TIDINGS of the KlNGUflH 

wi be published in the 
WiiOle HABITABLE, for a 
testimony to all the na- 
tions ; and then will the 
END come.' ' - 

15 When, therefore, yon 
shall sec, stationed on 
holy Ground, tuaT de- 


• Vaticas Mahoscbipt.— fl. aU — omit. 7. wid plagues — onut. 

1 *. Eph. V.6; I Johnlv. 1. ■ t 0- Marlcziil.O; Lake xxi.I>: John x7. 20. 1 10. 

^lm.1.15. t n. Aotaxx.2g| t IX Matt. x.t2. t 14. liatt.iv.!»( 

B9m.z.l8itx.»i CoLL« 83, .{ Ife- PaB.ix.S7i xiUlL ' 

Chap. 24 s 16.} 


IC'hap. 24: 27. 

Kai eu TO) aypc;}, jmt] 

and he in the field, not 

hia Aavir}\ rov irpocbriTov, earws ev tottco 

through Daniel the pruphet, having stood in place 

ayiw (6 avayivicffKwv voeiTO}) ^^ tot€ ol eu 

holy: (he reading let him think :) then they in 

r-p IoLi5ata, (p^vyerwcrau eiri ra opr]' ^' o 

the Judea, ' let them flee to the mountains: he J 

CTTi Tov Swfxaros, fJ.r] KaralSatveTco, apai ra eK \ 

upon the roof, not let tim go down, to lake the out of j 

rr)s oiKias avrov 

tlie liouae of him i 

eTTirrrpe^l/aTU) ottktm, - ,'1. i Ta Ifiana avrov. 

let n'.m turn back, to cake the mantle of him. 

^^OujLt 6e rais tv yaarpi exovaais Kai tais 

Woe and to the in womb having and to the 

6r]\a(ovcrais ev eKiit/aisrais ripL^pais. "^ Ilpo(T- 

giviTig.uck in those the days. Pray 

evx^o'Qf: 5e, lua /xt] yeurjrai. t} (pvyrj vfx.wp 

voa and, that not Joay be the flight of you 

;^et;Uwvos, /xrjSe (rajS^anp, -^ Earai yap Tore 

ofwu-ter^ nor in sabbath. Shall be for then 

0\i-^iS fieya\7], ola ou y(:yoveu air' o.pxvs 

nfflictiou gr^at, sucn as not has been from a beginning 

Koraov Icoy rov vvv, cuS' ov fxt] yev-qrai, "Kai 

of world till the now, uor not not may be. And 

6fi fjif] eKo\o$'j)dricrau al T]ix(:pai sKetvai, ovk av 

except, were shortened the days those, not should 

eawdri vara crap|° 5:a 5e tows e/fAe/cToys 

o( saved all flesh; on account ol but the chosen 

KoKo0w6ri(Tovrai at rjfxepai CKetuac, -^Tore eav 

shall be shortened the days those. Then if 

Tis vp.iv ciT7)° 'l5oi/, wSe 6 xpio-ros, 77 cLSe- firj 

any to you shoufldnay; Lo, here the anointed, or hero; not 

TrtfTTfutrrjTe. ^'^Eyepdrjaovrai yap ypev^oxptcroi 

believe you. Shall be raised for false anointed ones 

Kai ipevBoTrpo<prirai, KaL^wcrovcnarnxiia jxeyaXa 

iiid false prophets, and shall give signs great 

Kai repara, cbcrre ir\av7)(Tai, et dvvarov Kai 

and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible even 

Tovs €K\€KrovSo ^^l5ov, TrpoeipTiKa v/uLLi/. ^Eau 

thu chosen. Lo, I have foretold to you. If 

ovv eiircoriu vfj-iv ISov, fv rrj eprf/j-cf €crri' fir} 

then they should say to you; Lo, in the desert hei»; not 

€|eA.0TjTe° iSou, ev rois raij.eicis° /jlt} Trianv- 

you should go out • Loj in the retired places . not you should 

cr6T6o ^" Hcnrep yap t) acrrpanT] e^epxerai airo 

believe. As for the lightning comes ou» from 

avarcXoiV, Kai ((>aiverai ews Svcfxcoy, ovrccs 

jastj and shinee to west, so 

TioN, which is spoken 
of throu^li Daniel the 
PROPiiET," (READKB, at- 

16 t"then let those 
in Juu.TjA escape to the 


17 let not HIM who is 
on the KOOF descend to 
take the things from his 

18 and let not him who 
is in the field, return to 
take his mantle. 

19 X l^ut alas for the 
pregnant and the nurs- 
ing WOMEN in Those 

20 Pray, therefore, that 
your FLIGHT be not in 
tlie Winter, nor on a Sab- 

21 for X tlien there will 
be great Distress, such as 
never happened from the 
beginning of the world till 
NOW, iir, lor ever will be. 

22 X ^^^ unless those 
days were cut short, No 
One could survive ; but 
on account of the cho- 
sen, those DAYS wiU b^ 

23 X If ^ny one should 
say to you th^eu, ' Behold ! 
here is the Messiah,' or! 
' there ;' believe it not ; 

24 because False Mes- 
siahs and I'alse Prophets 
will arise, who will pro- 
pose great Signs and 
Prodigies 5 so as to de- 
lude, if possible, even the 

25 Remember, I have 
forewarned you. 

26 If, therefore, theV 
say to you, ' Behold, he is 
in the desert!' go not 
forth; or; 'Behold, he is 
in secret apartments !' 
beheve it not. 

27 + For as the light- 
ning emerges from the 
East, and shines to the 

+ 16 Not only tV>e temple, and the mountim on which it stood, but the wliole city of .Tei-u- 
salem, and several furlongs of land round about it, were accounted holy. t 16, Jose- 

phus and Eusebius inform us that when the Romans under Ccstius Gallus made their first 
advance towards Jerusalem, they suddenly withdrew again, in a most unexpected and in- 
deed impolitic manner; at which Josephiis testifies his surprise, since the city might then 
nave been easily taken. By this means they gave as it were a signal to the Christians to 
retire; which, in regard to this admonition, they did, some to Pella, and others to Mount 
Vibanus, and ttereby preserved their lives.— Doddnrf^^e. 

1 19. Luke xxiii. 29. J 21. Dan. ix. 26. t 22. Isa. Ixvi 8, 9. t 28. Mar> 

xni. 21 i Luke xvii. 23 ; xxi. 8. }27. I ^ke xvii. 2*. 



lamp. 54: ST 

.h.ill ho a^»u (he (r o^tnice of the aoa oflbe uim. 

'•^ Otto -J ^[70^] fcy tj TO-irTUfza, e/rft awax" 

VVkcre (fyj evcc rosy be the c.irci»>, tliere kiI' lo 

6T]cTovTai ol aeroi. '■'EvOiws 5e /uera rrjyd\i\pts^ 

gM'.toni the eagles. linuicJiaKl/ Ixit aficr the nQliciioa 

vttttf days those. the »ua shall be darkened, 

Kai 7] a€\T]tn^ ov Swcei to <p^yyos aihrts, Kai 

a ><1 tha moon not ihillgive (he li^ht ofber, aod 

ci acTTfpes TreTovvTat crffo tov ovpavou, uai at 

"Jte' start (hall fall £rom the keateo, and the 

Zvuafji€is Twv ovpapojv aaXsvOrjcotn-ai. "^Kat 

pou'ers oftlis hcsvcns shal/ be blia^en. And 

T/1TU tpavy)(Terai to ar,ix^iov tov vlov tov- 

«iu-n shail nppear the. ' sign ' ofilxj tc-u of the 

av6pcx)-n-ou iv Tcp ovpavctr kcu Tore KOJ/'OVTot. 

■lAn i* tbo hctrea: and then 6haUlaizt£).i 

vaaai at cpvXai ttjs yr]s, nat o^ourat tov vtnv 

(ul tbo tribes of the earth, acd they shall see the Gon 

Tou ayOpcjTTOJ epxoixiVQU eiri ruv yecpeXooy tov 

oflho luas cojntn^ npoa the clouds of the 

ovpauov, fisra Svi'a/Jisujs icai So^rjs itoAAt/s* 

heaven, with power and glory tnttchi 

" Kai airo(TT€\(t tovs oyyeKovs auTOu fxeTU' 

I -uid ho will send the inea^eagers of him viiih 

CaK-rnyyos cpcuuTjs y.eyaX7]S' Kai ciricruva^oucn 

of trumpet a voice great; and they shall gather 

TOWS €K\fKTovs avTov itc Toiju Teao'apQfV avefxtov, 

the ch<ncn'(onc3) ofhuii from the four winds, 

ctt' cKpcav ovpavwu icas aKpoov avTcov. ^- Airo 

from extremities ofheavens to extreixiitiei oftheia. From 

Se TTjs crvKris fxa6eTe tt}v irapafio\7}V' orair 

4)ut the fi;-tree Icam you the ]>arable; vhen 

ijStj 6 K\ados avTrjs yeyrjTai airaXos^ Kai Ta 

(dready the' braocb oflier maybe tender,. and the 

fPu Wa fK(pvr)y yivctXTKeTCy oti e^yuy to 

.leaves mayput(oc:h, you know, that near the- 

€cpos' ^ OuTw Kai vfxeiSj OTav tSTjre Travxa 

eummrri So also jrou, when you may see all 

TouTa, ytvwdKiTiy 6ti eyyvs (ariv €7ri dvpais. 

these, know you, that near it is at doors. 

*^^ Aprjv Xfyw vpnv, ov jutj irapeKBrj 7) yevea 

Indeed I say to you, not not may pass away the generation 

CuTTj, eus av iravra Tavra yeyrjTai. 35 'q 

this, til! all these may be done. The 

Cvpavos Kai 7} yj] irapeKevaeTar 01 5e Xoyoi 

bearea ' and the earth shall pass away ^ the but '^oids 

fxov OV /IT} TrapcKduxTi. 

«f me not not may pass away, 

^ Hepi Ss T7JJ 7]fx€pas fK€iU7]s Kai apas ovdeis 

About and the day- that end kour no one 

•(Sep, ouSe 0? ayye\oi twv ovpavcou, ei yui; 6 

fcuows, nor tke metisengcrs of the heaven^ except the 

TTOTTjp fiopos. ^' 'Q,(Tir€p 5e ai 'i]fi.(pai tov Nwe, 

Ifotber alone. A» aad the days of tl t ^'oe. 

"VVcst : SO w iU l>c tli* 
yUEsKKCK of the scw< ol 

28 Wlicrcrcr the DEA» 
CAECA ss luay lie, thero 
tlic :]; EAGLES will be col* 

_ 29 And speedily aftrf 
the Ar^LlCTio^ -of tliose 

DAYS, J the SDN will bo 
obscured, and the mcon 
will witlihold lier light, 
and the staks will fall 
from heaven, and Iho 
rowEEs of tbe heavejijs 
will be shaken. 

30 And the sign of the 
SON of man will tlien ap- 
pear in * Heaven; :{:and 
then AU the triues cf 

.the land will lament; 
and they will see the son 
of MAN. coming on the 
CLOUDsof heaven, witli 
,great Majesty and Power. 

31 t And lie will send 
his .messencebs with a 
loud-sounding Trumpet, 
and they will ,assemblo 
liis CHOSEN from tbo 
i'OUE "Winds, — from ono 
E.vtrenuty of Heaven to 
the other. 

33 Now Icam a para- 
ble from the i'ig-tkek> 
When its branch is yefc 
tender, and puts forth 
leaves, you Know that 
SUMMER is near. 

33 Thus also, when jiott 
shall see All these things, 
know, That J he is nigU 
at the Doors. 

34 Indeed,! say to youy 
•Tliat this JgeneratioK' 
will not pass away, till 
All these- things be ac- 

35 The HEAVEN and 
the EARTH will fail; but 
my WORDS cannot fail 

36 X But no one knows 
concerning that day and 
*Hour; no, not the an- 
gels of the HEAVENS, 

'nor the son, but th» 


37 * For as tbe days 

•Vatican Manoscript.— 28 for-omtf. 30. Heaven. 8(L Tbat this. -8ft 

alour. 36. nor the son, but the fatueu only. 37. For as. 

) t 28. Dwt. xxv;ii.40. t 29. Mark xiti. 24; Luke 7;xu 25; Acts li. 20. tsOl 

Jtev.1.7. : 31. Matt. Xiii.41; 1 Cor. xv.52;.lTbess. iv.16. 1 33 fames V-lfc 

» 34. .Matt. juiU 36i Mark «iii. 50 i LuliC »». 32. i ^ A«t8 Li- ^^ 

K.fu.p. 24; S8.] 


^Oiap. 34: 49. 

ovTws etrrat *[/coi] ^ irapovcria rov vlov rov 

even so will be [also] the presence of the son of the 

au6p(oTrov» ^ 'tlcnrep yap -qeav eu tuis rjfiepais 

man. As for they were in the days 

rots irpo Tov KaraKKvajxov irpwyovTes Kai 

the before the flood eating and 

irifOVT^s, yafxovvTes Kai eKyafii^ovres, o-xpi 

drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, till 

y]s TjfLepas ei(rr)\6e Nwe ets Tr}V ki^cotov^ 

of which day entered Noe into the ark, 

^^ Kai ovK ^yvuxTav^ ewj rjXdev 6 KaTaK\v<rixos 

aad not they knew, till came the flood 

Kai tip^v airavras' oi/Ttas etrrai ^[^Kai^ rf 

and took away all; even so will be [also] the 

TTopoutrta TOV vlov rov avdpcanov. '**^Tot€ Svo 

presence oftbe son ofthe man. Then two 

effovTat iv TCf ayptf 6 els Trapa\afi^av€Tai, 

shhll be in th« field : the one is taken away, 

KUL 6 els acpierai, '^^ Avo aXmOovarat ev tcj) 

anfJ the one isle.'t. Two grinding in the 

IxvXuiVf fxia Trapa\aixBai/€Tatf Kai fiia a(pi€Tai. 

millj ont is taken away, and one is left. 

^TpvyopeiTe ovy, 6rt ovk oiSaTC, iroicf wpos 

Watch you therefore, because not you know, in what hour 

A Kvpios vfxwv epx^Tai. '^^EKeivo Se yivwCKiTi, 

'.he Lord ofyott comes. This but know you, 

in ei rjdei b oiKoBea-iroTijSt iroia <pv\aKri 6 

vhat if had kcown the householder, in what watch the 

fcAeTTTjs epx^TO-if eypr]yopr}a'€U av, Kai ovk 

thief comes, he would have watched, and no, 

av eiacre Siopvyrjvai rrfv oiKiav avTov. 

he would have allowed to be dug-through thi house of him. 

'''*Am rovTo nai vfieis yiueade (toi/jloi' oti, 

Oa account of this also you be ready j because, 

T) wpcf ov SoKeiT€, 6 vlos TOV avOpooTTov 

in which hour not you think, the son oftbe matt 



^Tisfipa crTiv d iticttos ZovKos Kai (ppn/i/xosy 

Who hen aS tht aithful slave and prudent, 

du KaTf(TT7]<reu 6 Kvpios avrov r-rri ttjs depc 

whom placed he lord ofhim ever ofthe domes- 

ireias avrov, tov Sovvai avrois ^"QV Tpo<pT]v ev 

•ics ufhim, ofthe to give tothem the food ia 

Kaipcp ; '^Ma.Kapios 6 SovAos e/cetvos, 6v e\6uv 

teaaon? Blessed the slave that, whom_coming 

6 Kvpios avrov evprjcrci iroiovvra ovrus. '^'Aixrju 

Vbe lord ofhim shall find doing so. Indeed 

KeyoD vfJiiv, 6ri eirt Traci tols virapxovffiv avrov 

I say to you, that over all the possessions ofhim 

fftToo'TT/o'et avrov. "^^ Eav Se eiiyri b KaKos 

hewillplace him. If but should say the ba 

SovAos i.ceivos ev rrj KapSia avrov Xpoui^et 6 

eUve that in the heart ofhim; Delays the 

Kvpios fiov *[eA06iv] "^^Kai ap^f]rai rvirreiv rovs 

lord ofma [to come;] and should begin to strike the 

of Noah, thus will be the 

PRESENCE of the SON of 

38 X ^or as in those 
DAYS, THOSE before the 
DELUGE, they were eating 
and drinking, marrying, 
and pledging in marriage, 
till the Day that Noah 
entered the ark, 

39 and understood not, 
till the DELUGE came, 
and swept them all away ; 
thus will be the pres- 
ence of the SON of MAN. 

40 J Two men shall then 
be in the eield; * one 
will be taken, and the 
* other left. 

41 Two women shall 
l^e -grinding at the mill ; 
one will be taken, and the 
other ieft. 

42 t Watch, therefore. 
Because, you do not know 
at what * B y your mas- 
ter will come. 

43 But you know this, 
that if the householder 
knew at What Hour ot 
the night t the* thiei? 
would come, he would 
watch, and not suffer him 
to break into his house. 

44 Therefore, be gou 
also prepared ; Becauce 
the SON of MAN wll come 
at an Hour, when you do 
not expect him. 

45 J Who then is the 
TAiTHEUL and prudent 
Servant, whom his mas- 
ter has placed over his 


them FOOD in due Sea- 
son ? 

46 Happy that ser 
VANT, whom his master, 
on coming, shall find thui 
employed ! 

47 t Indeed, I say to 
you. That he will appoint 
him over All his posses- 

48 But if that Servant 
should WICKEDLY say in 
his heart, 'My master 
delays ;- 

49 ind sh uld begin U 

♦ Vat-can Manuscript.— 37. also— owif. S**. also— mtt. 

4t. Day 48. to come — omit. 

X 38. Gen. vi. 3—5 ; vii. 6; Luke xvii. 26; 1 Pet. iii. 20. 
83; Lakexxi.36. J 43. Luke xii. 69; I Thess. .S 

40. one. 

40. othei 

I 42. Matt XXV. 13 ; Mark xiit 
t Pet. iii. lOi Bev. iii. » ; xvi. !«• 

Chap. 24:60.] 


[Chap. 25: 7. 

avviovoKoSf €(r6ir) 5c Kai trivri fxera rwv ueOvuy- 

f«Uow-«UT«>» nujc&t and alio rait; drink with tho*^ getting 

Tuy ^Tj^ei i Kvpios rov iov\ov 6K€ti^ov ev 

dniok; ihaUcoBis the lord of the glare that la 

r]fi€p<^, 't) ov irp^aSoKa, kui ev copciy 'ri ov 

a day, ki which not he expects, and in an hour, in which act 

yiPwcKer *^ Kat SixOTo/xr^a-ei outcv, <cot to 

h* knows; and shall cut aaundar kim, aad t^ 

uepos avTov fiera rav biroKpircav 6rj<rfi' €*cf j 

part of hia with the hypocrit:« snll pl»:e i tharc 

ttrrai 6 K\av6fios Kai 6 fipvy/mos riov oSovTmtf 

^willlM tha wwpinf and tha (oaahiag aXtha taa' 

KE*. /ce'o 25, 
* Tore * fjLOKaQtjfferat 7) fiatriKeia rotv ovpavwv 

Then willbj jorapared the kingdom of the hearuna 

8e/ca vapdfvoiSi alrivcs^ \a$ov(rai ras Xofxira^oKi 

ten Tirgins, who, having takan the tampa 

aiiTwVj (^riKdov 6«s airavTrjcruf rov vvfxtpiov 

oftham, wesw out to a meeting Of the bridegroom 

•^Ilei^e Se tjcov cf avruv <ppovifj.oiy kcu Trevrt: 

Fira and wero of them prudent, and flvo 

fioopai. ^AiTives fMwpai, \a$ou(rai ras KafiiraSas 

foolish. Who loolish, having taken the lamps 

avTODVf ovK 6\a0ov fied* eavrcau ehatov. ^'A^ 

ofthem, not took with themaeWsa oiL The 

56 (ftpovifxoi €\afiov €\aioy fv rois ayyf^^it 

bat prudent took oil in tha vetiela 

*royTa)v] fiera rcop AajuTroSajv abrwv. ^ Xpovi- 

[oftham] with tha lamps ofthem. Delay- 

ifoj/TOT 8e TOW pvficpiov, epv<rTa^af iraerat* Ka 

ag and the bridegroom, nodded all, a*^. 

(KaBfviov^ ^Mfo-r^s Se vuKTos Kpavyrj yiyoueir 

did sleep. Of middle and night aery wa8raiaa<l{ 

l5ou, 6 vvfitpios *[€px"'a*"] ^^epx^crQe €15 airav- 

Lo, tha bridegaaom [com, ;] go out to ameet- 

rrjo'iP avTOv. ^Tore 7)yepdTi<ray iraa'ai at irapOevoi 

ing ofhim. Then arose all the rir^o^ 

tKfivaiy Kai €KO(riirj(rap ras XafivaBas avTcuy, 

those, and pat la order the lamps ofthaai. 

beat his fellow-ser- 
vants, and should eat 
and drink with the IN- 

50 the MASTER of that 
SERVANT will come in a 
Day when he does not 
expect him, and at an 
Hour of which he is not 

51 and will cut him 
off, and will appoint hia 
PORTION with the hypo- 
crites; J there will be 
the WEEPING and the 



1 The KINGDOM of the 
HEAVENS, at that time, 
may be compared to Ten 
t Virgins, who, having 
taken their lamps, went 
out tto meet J the bride- 

2 Now five of them 
were * foolish, and fire 
were prudent. 

3 *For the foolish 
took their lamps, but 
carried no Oil with them. 

4 The PRUDENT, how- 
ever, besides * their own 
LAMPS, took Oil in the 

5 While the bride- 
groom delayed, X they 
all became drowsy, and 
fell asleep. 

6 And at Midnight a 
Cry was raised, ' Behold, 
the bridegroom ; go out 
and *meet him !' 

7 Then All those vir- 
gins arose, J and put 
their lamps in order. 

♦Vatican Mamuscbipt. — 2. foolish, and five were prudent. 3. For the foolish. 

i. their own. 6. comes — omit. 6. to the Meeting. 

t 1. Virjftn signifies a chaste or pnre person, and is applied to both sexes in the sacred 
■writings. See Rev. xiv. It has been thought best to retain the word here. t 1. An 

eye-witness of a Hindoo marriage, gives the following striking illustration of this cus^ 
torn: — "The bride lived at Serampore, to which place the "bridegroom was to come by water. 
After waiting two or three hours, at length, near midnight, it was announced in the very 
vordsof Scripture, 'Behold, the bridegroom cometh ; go ye out to meet him.' All the per- 
sons employed now lighted their lamps, and ran with them in their hands to fill up their 
stations in the procession; seme of them had lost their light.'^, and were unprepared, but it 
was then to late to seek them, and the cavalcade moved forward to the house of the bride; 
at which place the Ci)mpany entered a large and splendidly illuminated area, before the 
house, covered with an awning, where a great mu'titude of friends, dressed in their best ap- 
parel, were seated upon mats. The bridegroom was carried in the arms of a friend, and 
placed in a superb seat in the midst of the company, where he sat a short time, and then 
went into the hon.=ie, the door of which was immediately shut, and guarded by sepoys. I 
and others expostulated with the door-keepers, but in vain. Never was I so struck with otu 
Lord's beautiful parable as at this moment — 'And the door was shut.' " 

i 51. Matt. viii. 12; xiii. 42; xxv. 80. 
t 5. 1 Thess. V. 6. 1 T. Luke xii. 35. 


i 1. Eph. V. 29, 30; Rev. xix. 7; xxi. 2, 9. 

Jhap 25 : 8.] 


lOhap. 26: 30. 

Ai Se ficopai rais ippovLfiCiS eiirov" Ao-re rtfjitv 

Xbcb'V^ kOoUsh to the prudent said; Give to us 

6« '^otf thaiou v;}Vy Sri ai Kaiinrades 7j/j.wv 

•ut 01 the jit „j you, because th- laznpa of us 

ffBeyuvvraio ^ KiraKpi67](Tav ''^[S(=] at (ppovijxoL^ 

4re extinguished. Answered [but] thv- pruilent, 

A.€7oi'(rai° MTjTTore ovk apKear-fl v/xiy Kai viniv 

fiay'np- Lect not it miglit suffice to U3 and to you ; 

ltODei-€(Tde fiaWov vpos tovs irwKovvras, Kai 

f^o vou gather to tlie selling, jai 

ayopacrare eavraiSo ^^ Airepxo/ncvuy Se avTcoy 

buy to yourselves. Going away and oftiiem 

aye paffai, rjXBsy 6 vvfji<piGs° Kai at eToi/xot 

to buy, came thv bridegroom; and the prepai-ed ones 

■KTTqXdov ju6t' avTOV as tovs ya/xovs° Kat €/c- 

entered with hic. into the nuptial-feasta ; and was 

Ke^iiOr) 7} dvpUo -^ '1 arepoy de epxovrat, Kai 

closed the door. At>>. wards and came also 

at Konrai j.apdev:it. Xeyovcrai" Kvpie^ Kvpie, 

^ix temauiinj .ircins, -aying, Olord, O lord, 

%yuiB,o" i/fJiiy ^- O de aTroKpiOeis enrey Afj.r]V 

open to u;^ u. out answering r.aid; Indeed 

\eycs) vfJiiyf cvK oidj.i>[Mas ^^TpriyopsiTS vy^ 

-CC to you. n 1 w / u. Watch you therelorej 

6t^ ovk oiSure rrfy rjfJLCpaVf ovds TTjy (ti^avc 

b«ca«83 n t you Lnon the day, nor the hour. 

^ D.(TT€p yap iyOpouTTos airo^tjfxcay eKa\€(re tovs 

SAke for -man goinr abroaj called h^ 

Siovi dovXovs, Kai irapedcvKiy avrois ra iirap- 

uvta slaves, r.nd delivered to them the good:: 

^ovra OUT jv^ ^^ Kat '(p ficv eScoKe ireyTe 

OJfhiin. and to hinc indeed he gave li-.i; 

wa\ayTQ., 'cp 5c Zvo, 'cp Se ev eKaar^ 

Gn]ent«« ^o him and tw , to him and one; to each 

Kara Trjy iBiay huvafj.iy° Kai aireBr)iJ.7i(rey 

•ccordiB^.; the own power; and went abroad 

fu0ewSo ^^ Hopfvdeis "^[Se] 6 ra irepTe 

Immediately^ Going [and] he the five 

raXayra Xa^wu, eipya<TaTO ^v avrois^ Kai 

talents h&vin g received, traded with them, and 

evoLricrey aAAcj Trevre *[TaAaj/Ta.] ^''flcau- 

made other five [talents.] Like 

Tws *{Kai o] TO 5vo, eKepSrjcre Kai avTos aWa 

wise [also he] the two, gained also he other 

bvo. ^^'OSeToey Xa^ooy aireXOccv copv^^^ 

two. He but the one having received havin;; retired digged 

■^"[eyj Tri 777, Kai aircKpv^pe to apyvpiov tov 

[iai the earth, and hid the silver of the 

Kvplov avTov„ ^^ MeTO 5e xP^^^^y iroXvy epx^fai 

lord ofhim. After but time much comea 

6 Kvpios T(DP SovXuy €KeLvcjy, Kai avyaipei 

tho lord of the slaves those, and adjusts 

U€T* avTcoy Xoyoy, ^ Kat TrpocreXQcav 6 Ta 

with them an account. And coming he the 

8 And the foolish 
said to the pkudkniv 
' Give us of yoiu- oil ; for 
our LAMPS are going cut.- 

9 But the PE,UDEWL re- 

Flied, saying, ' Lest there 
e not enough for us and 
you, go .ather to those 
who SELL, and buy for 

10 And while they were 
going away to buy, the 
BKiDEGEOOM Came; and 
THEY, who were pke- 
PAEED, entered with him 
to the nuptial-feasts; 
X and the dooe was shut. 

11 Afterwards came 
also the othek Virgins, 
saying, J ' Master, Master, 
open it for us !' 

12 But HE answering, 
Bd5d, 'Indeed, I say to 
you, I recognize you not.' 

13 X "Watch, therefore, 
because you know neither 
the DAY nor the hour. 

14 J Again, [it is] like 
a Man, who^ intending to 
travel, called his own 
Sen ants, and delivered to 
them his goods. 

15 And to ONE he gave 
Five t Talents, to ano- 
ther two, and to ano- 
ther one ; X to each 
according to his respec- 
tive Capacity; and im- 
mediately departed. 

16 H^ who had re- 
ciEVED the FIVE Talents, 
went and traded witli 
them, and * gained Other 

17 And in like manner 
he who had received the 
TWO, gained Other two. 

18 But HE who had re- 
ceived the ONE, went and 
digged the earth, and 
hid his master's money. 

19 After a long Time 
the MASTER of those 
servants returned, and 
reckoned with them. 

20 Then he, who had 

* Vatican Manuscript.— 0. butr-onitf. 16. And— omit. 18. gained Other 

five. 10. Talents— omtt. 17= be also— omit. 18. in— omiU 

1 15. A talent is estimated by diflPerent writers to be in value somewhere between 700 and 
2.250 dollars, or £140 and £560. 

t 10. Luke xiii. 25. t 12, Matt. vii. 21, 22. t 13. Matt. xxiv. 4,2, 44 ; Mark xiii. 

%. »5. t 14. Luke xis. 12. t 15. llom. xii. 6. 1 Cor. xii. 7, 11, 20; Eph. iv. U. 

Ckap. 25: 21.] 


[C^ap. 25: 29. 

vre^Te raKapra \a)8»y, iTpo<Ty]P€yKev aWa. 

five talents g received, brought olhei 

levTf raKavra, \fywv' Kvpie, irevTe raXapra 

Ave talents, saying; O lord, five taLents 

fioi rapeScoKai' tSe, aA.A.o vevTc ra\avTa 

to ate tbon deJiveredst; see, «ther five talents 

fKcpSTjcra *f67r' avrois.J "^ E</)i3 aurtf b Kvptos 

I gaised £upaii them.] Said to him the lord 

avTov Ei>, SovXe ayaOe kou VKxre- eiri oKiya 

ofhiisj Well, O sla»e goud and faithful; ci-era few (thiogs) 

Tjs TTirroSy 6iri voWaev <re KaTatTTrjcrw 

thoKwast faithful, ^Fver many thee I will place: 

€t(Te\d€ Ets TTyr x°-P°-^ "^^^ Kvpiov (TOV. 

enter into the joy of the lord of thee. 

^'Ti.po<r(\9(tiy 5e Kai o to Svo raXapra *[A.o- 

Coming and also he the two talents PiavinS 

jSwy,] eiTTf Ku/Jt6, 5vo raXavra fxoi TrapeSaj/cay 

received,] said: Oiord, two talents tome thou deliveicdst; 

<Se, a\.\a Suo TaXavra €KepS7]<ra *|^e7r' avrois'^ 

lo, other two talents I gained [upon them:] 

^ E<Ptj avTCf} b Kvpios avTov Eu, dov\e ayade 

Said to him the lord of him: Well, O slave good 

Kai wKTre' etrt o\iya Tjy TriaTos, ctti 

and faithful; over x, few (things) thou wast faithful, over 

voWayp <re KaTacTTi^arw CLtreXde eiy rtjp x°-P°-^ 

many thee I will place; enter into the joy 

TOW Kvplou (Tov. ^^ UpocreXOuy Se Kai b ro kv 

ofthe lord ofthee. Coming and also he the one 

TaKavTov ft\r}(pa}S, €<7re' Kvpie, eypoop ere, on 

talent having tal^en, said; O lord, I knew thee, that 

CTKXripoi €1 avOpcaiTos, deptC^op birov ouk eCTret- 

hard thou art a man, reaping where not thou sow- 

pas., Kai (Tvvayay bdev ov biecrKopTricras' ^ Kai 

edst, and gathering whence not thou scatteredst; and 

^ofixiOeis, aireXdcoP cKpu^a to raXavrop <rov (v 

being afraid, goifig away I hid the talent of thee in 

TTj Yp' iSe, e^eis to cov. ^ A-nroKpideis Se 

the earth; lo, Chou hast the thine. Answering and 

b Kvpios avTOv enrev avrcfi' Hoprjpe SouAe Kai 

ch3 lord of him said tohiui: O wicUed stave and 

^KPTipe, T?S61S, OTl Oepl^Q} bvOV OVK eCTTTeipa, 

Islot'iful, didst thou know, that 1 reap where not I sowed, 

KCii (Tvpayco bOep ov hiecTKOpwicra ; ^ESet ovp 

and gather whence not I scattered? It behoved then 

(T€ I3a\€ip TO apyvpiop p.ov rois rpaire^irais' 

thee t. ; c«st the silver of me to the b&nkerp : 

Kai. eXBcop eyco eK0/xi(Tafj.7iP av to ifiop (Tvp 

and joining 1 might have received tha mine with 

TOKy. ^ ApaTe ovp air pvTov to TaXavTOP, 

jiterest. Take you therefore from him the talent, 

Kai SoTe Tcp ^x^^'^'' ''"'* b^Ka TaXapra. '-'^ Tw 

and give tc him having the ten talents. To the 


ents, came and presented 
Five Tiilents more, say- 
ing, 'Sir, thou gavcst over 
to nie i'ive Talents; see, 
I have gained Five other 

2i His MASTEE said to 
him, 'Well done, good and 
faithful Servant! thou 
hast been faithful in a 
Few things, % I ^^'U ap- 
point thee over Many; 
partake of thy mastee's 


23 He also who had 
tho TWO Talents, comfhg, 
said, ' Sir, thou gavest 
over to me Two Tcdents ; 
see, I have gained Two 
Other Talents.' 

23 His M.\sTEE said to 
him, 'Well done, good and 
faithful Servant '. thou 
hast been faithful in r. 
Few things, I wiU ap- 
point thee over Many; 
partake of thy mastee's 


24 Then he who had 
kecei\t.d the si?«'lge 
Talent, approaching, said, 
'Sir, 1 knew thee that 
thou art a Severe Man, 
reaping where thou hast 
not sowTi, and gathering 
where thou hast not scat- 

25 and being afraid, I 
went and hid thy talent 
in the earth ; see, thou 
hast tht>e own.' 

26 Ilis MASTEE answer- 
ing, said to him, ' Wicked 
and indolent Sen^ant, 
didst thou know That I 
reap where I have not 
so^^Ti, and gather where I 
have not scattered ? 

27 Thou oughtest then 
to have given my money 
to the bankers, that at 
my return, £ might have 
received mine own with 

28 Take from him, 
therefore, the talent, 
and give it to hiM who 
has the ten Talents; 

29 tfor to rvKRY one 

* Vavica:: Manuscript. — 20. upon them — omit. 
22. upon thcn> — omit. 

X 2\. Matt. xxiv. 47 ; Luke xii. 44 ; xix. 17 ; xiii. 29, 30. 
iv. 25; Luko viii. 18; xix. 23. 

22. having received — omit, 
I 29. Matt.iiii.l2; Mark 

^lap. 25 : SO. ] 


','•«'<». 25? ■>%. 

yap «xovTt vavTi Sodrfcreraif Kai vepiarcrev- 

for having all ::halt be given, and lieghall 

6r]crerar arro Be rov firj exovraSf Kai 6 fX^h 

abound: iiosa but the uot havin;^, even what he has, 

tipdr](rerai ctt' outoUo ^ Kat rou axp^i^ov 

fcall be taken away from him. And :hc useless 

dovAov 6/c|8aA.6Te as ro O'K'^tos to e^csrepov 

slave cast you into ',hQ darkncr . ".he outer: 

€K€i ecrrai 6 K\av6ixcs /cat * ii't/y/xos rcov 

there shall be the t;?aepiiig ::iy: 'Jac -ca-hing of the 


^^ 'Oral' §€ €A07; d utos TOy avdpcatrov ev rrj 

When and may come the son of the ■ an i;. the 

Sol?; avTov, Kai iravTes ol ayye\oi fier' avrou, 

glory of him, and all the messeagen with him. 

Tore Kadicrei cttj Qpovov So^rjs avrov, ^' Kai 

then shall he sit on a throne of glory of him, and 

'rvvaxQ'n(^^'''('-i' f/J-T^poaOeu avrcv iravra ra e'. vrj' 

will be gathered in presence of him nil the.t/iona; 

Kat ac^opici QVTovs ott' oA.A.r/Acyj', uxnrep 6 

and he will separate them from each other, as the 

iroi/iirjy a(popi^et tu vpofiara airo rcov epicpcaw 

shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; 

'^ Kai (TKT](rfi Ttt IJ.GV TTpo^ara 6k Se^icuf ahrov, 

and he will place the indeed sheep by right ofhim, 

TO 8e epi<pya €| evwvvfxoiv. ^Tore epe* 6 

he and goats by loft. Then will zaj th^ 

fia(Ti\evs Tois CK de^icav avrcv Aevre ol 

king to the by right of him; Come the 

€v\oy7)iJ.evoi Tov irarpos fxav, KXTipovsfx-qO'are 

►•»ing been blessed of the father of me, inherit 

rf\v rjroi/'rju v/jiiv fiacriXeiav airo Eara" 

the having been prepared to you kingdom from :■ ^bun- 

$o\r]s Koff/ULOV, ^ Eirievaara yap, Kai (SzoKare 

dation of world. X hungered for, and yon gave 

fxoi (\>ayeiv' e5i\p7](Ta, Kai eiroTiaare ^e° 

tome to eat; I thirsted, and you gave drink to ma; 

l^evos VI^W') f"^ (Tvuriyayere fiC -^ 

a stranger I was, and you entertained me 

Kanrepie^aKere fjL€' Tjcrdevqaa, Kai €Tre(rKe\pa(r9e 

and you clothed me: I was sick, rsaC ^ou visited 

fie- €U <l>v\aKT) Tifiriv, tcai tiKOere -^pos fic. 

me: in jprison I was, anC youcaiic to me. 

^ToT€ arroKpidTjffovrai avrq> oi StKaiOSj \eyov- 

Then shall answer to him the just ones, saying ; 

Te$° Kvpie, irore ffe aSofxev ireivcoura, Kai 

O lord, when thee we sso hungering, and 

iOpe^ajxev ; r\ Si\\/a)vra, Kai sirori(Taiu.€t/; ^Tlore 

nounshed? or thirsting, and wc gave drink? When 

Se ffe eiSofxev ^euovy kcj, (Xuvriyayopiiv ; tj 

and thee we saw a stranger, and wc jntertained? or 

yvff.voy, Kat Trepie^aXofieu; ^^Tlore Se ere 

n%1(«d, and we clothed T When and thee 

^lOofiev acrOevriy rj ev (pvAaKrj, Kai T}\do^eu irpos 

we saw sick, or in prison, and we came to 



who HAc:, more shiJi 
be gii^en, and he shall 
abound; but from him 
wlio HAS not, even ihat 
which he has shri' be 
taken away. 

SO And thrust }ho VJf" 
PRoriTABLK Servant intc 


Jthcie shall be the wkep- 
iNC and the ^^nashinq 

of TIEIH. 

31 JjSow when the sow 
of MAN shall come in hia 
GLOKY, and All the an- 
gels with him, then will 
he sit upon his Glorious 

32 J and All the na- 
•I'lONS will be assembled 
before him. and he m^U 
separate them from each 
othei'; a? a shepherd 
separates the SHiiEP from 

the GOATS ; 

33 and he will place the 
SHEEP at his Right hand, 
bu., the GOATS at his Left. 

34 Jhen will the kino 
srj to THOSE at his Right 
hand, ' Come, you bles- 
s::d ones of my father, 
inhwit the kingdom 
J prepared for you fi'om 
the Formation of the 

35 for I was hungry, 
and yon gave me food ; I 
was thirsty, and you gave 
me drink ; I was a Stran- 
ger, and you entertained 
me ; 

36 I was naked, and 
you clothed ne; I was 
sick, and you assisted 
me ; I was in Prison, and 
you visited me.' 

87 The righteous will 
then reply, saying, •'Lord, 
when did we 3ee thee 
hungry, and feed thee? 
or thirsty, and give thee 

38 And T.-hen did we 
see thcc c; Stranger, anil 
entertain thee ? or naked, 
and clothe thee ? 

39 And when did we 
see thee sick, or in Prison, 
and came to thee ?' 

t 31. Zech. xiv. 5; Matt. xvi. 27 ; xix. 28 ; Mark vlil. 38; 1 Thess. iv. IC; 2 Thess. i. 7- Jude 
14: Rev. i. 7. I 32. Rom. xiv. 10; 2 Cor. v. 10 ; Rev. xx, 12. t S4. Matt, xx 28- 

•Jlark X. 40 ; 1 Con li. 9 -. Keb. li. Ifl. * *"'*^ "• '"• 

Chap. 25' 40-3 


[Chap. 26. 1. 

^^ Kai aiTOKpiBeis 6 ^a<ri\evs fpet avrois' 

And enswerius the king wills.iy to them ; 



Afj.riv Keyw vjuliv^ €(p' b<roy evoirjaare eut 

{udeed I bay to you, in whatever you did to one 

XovTwv rwy ade\<pcey [xov twv tAaxto-rcu^, ^ikoi 

oftheue ofthe brotiiera of me of the lieast, tome 


you di(C 

^^ToT6 €p6j KaiTOis e^^vauv/jLuv Hopeveo'Oe 

Thcu he will say also to the of left; Go 

ott' €iu.ov o' KaTT]pau.€voi as to irvp to atosviou, 

IroiB mc thrr having beeaciu-sed into the fire tli« age-lastirg, 

TO r]Toinia(T/x€uov tm SittiSoAw Kai tois ayyeKois 

that *iaviup been prepared to the ac^ufier and to the mesaeogers 

avTov. *" Eireiuacra yap, Kat ovk eSooKare fioi 

oihim. I hungere ' for, and not you gave tome 

<\)ayixv° €Si\pr)aa._ /cat ovk eiroTiaaTe /ie* 

tu eat^ '. thii-sted, and not yoa gave drmk to me; 

** ^euos '■'ffJiW} x^o-^ ov (rvu7]yay(Te fie" yvfivos^ Kai 

^Ktraut^er 1 4vas, and &ot you^ntcrtaiaed me; naked, and 

ow irsyii^akeTe jx€' aaOevijs, Kui cp (pvkaKTj, 

not youclothed me; eick, and in prison, 

wai OVK €T€aKeipacrd€ fjLe. "^Tore aiTOKpiQ7](Tov- 

and not you visited me. Then will answer 

Toi KOJ. avToif \eyovTes' Kvpie, itoTe tre 

and they, Raymg; O kird, •when thee 

etSofxey veivoovTa, 7\ Zi^cavray i) ^evou, rj 

we saw hungering, or thirsting, or astranger, or 

yvfj-voVy J] ao'devr}, 77 ev <pv\aKr), Kat ov difj- 

naked, or fitck^ oj la prison, and not we 

tcou-qaajJ-iv <roi; ^Tore airoKpiO-qaeTai avTois, 

gerved thee; Then he mil actwer them, 

J.^ycay A/ixrjy \eya> v/x£i/, e(p° oaoy ovk evoiTj- 

«aying; indeed 1 say to you, i« ae mtich not yon 

fvare evi tovtw!^ tojv eAax'O'TOJV^ ou5e c/lloi 

tUd to one of these ofthe least, 

neither to m_ 

&Troirf(raT£, "^^ Koi OTreXeucroi/Tat 


you did. And «hall go .iway 

these into 

KoKaaiv aiooviow oi Se diKaioi 

€is ^(crjy 

icuUing-nff agi^lasting: the and Ju&touea 

iuta life 



KE*. Ks'. 26„ 
^ Kat eyey^ro, drc ^Te\€(rev 6 Irjo'ovs iravTas 

And it happened, tvhea had finis.hed the Jesus all 

Tovs \oyovs TovTovs, €i7rt TOIS /jLaOyjTais avT0v° 

the worda these, he said to the disciples of him: 

^ 0<5aTe, on /lera dvo Tifi^pas to xaax^. y^y^Tai' 

You know, that after two ' days the passoter comes oc: 

itai 6 vios Tov avdpMTov impaBiBorai ets to 

and the son of'tUe icau is delivered iato the 

40 And the king ans- 
wering, will say to them. 
X ' lndce/1, I say to you, 
That since you have done 
it to one of These the 


you have done it to me.' 

41 Hd will then also 
say to THOSE at his Left 
hand, % ' Depart from me, 
you €UESEjD oiuis, into 


which is PREPARED for 
the ADVERSARY, and his 


42 for 1 was hungry, 
but you gave me no food ; 
I was thirsty, but you 
give me no drink ; 

43 I was a Stranger, 
but you did not entertain 
me; naked, but you did 
not clothe me ; sick, and 
in Prison, but you did not 
relieve me.' 

44 Then will they also 
answer, saying, ' Lard, 
when did we see th«e 
hungering, or thirsting, 
or a Stranger, or naked, 
or sick, or in Prison, and 
did not assist thee ?' 

45 Then he will reply 
to them, saying, ' Indeed, 
I say to you, That since 
you did it not to one of 
the LEAST of These, you 
did it not to me.' 

46 % And these shall go 
forth to the aionian + cut- 
ting-off; but the RIGH- 
TEOUS to juonian Life." 


1 X And it happened, 
M'hen Jesus had hnished 
this DISCOURSE, he said 

to his DISCIPLES, 

2 "You know That Two 
Days hence comes the 
PASSOVER; then th.e son 
of MAN will be delivered 

up to be CRUCIFIED." 

t 4fl. That is, in the fire mentioned in verse iL The Common Version, and many modern 
ones, render )to?a«tn ■aioniorm, everlasting' pUBishment, conveying' the idea, as generally inter- 
preted, of 6a«ino«, torment. Kolasi'ii iji its various forms only occn*-s in three other places 
in the New Testament,— Acts iv.i21; 2 Peter ii.9; 1 John iv. 1S„ It is derived from kolazoo, 
•which signifies, 1. T»cvtoff; as lopping off branches of trees, to prune. 2. To restrain, to 
repress. The Greeks •write, — "The charioteer (kalazei) resti-ains nis flery steeds." 3. r» 
■chastise, to punieh. To cut off an indvvdual from life, or society, or eren to restrain, is es. 
teemed as pTinisbment ; — hence has arisen this third metaphorical use ofthe word. The pri- 
mary signification has been adopted, because it agrees better with the -second member of^the 
sentence, thus preserving the force au-» beauty ofthe antithesis. The righteous go to life^ 
the wicked to the c!t«ijijr o#' from life, or d«flw. See 2 Thess. i. 9o 

t 4(1. Mark ix. 41. $ 41. Matt, vii. 23 ; Luke xiii. 27 1 4<)o Dan. xiL 2 ; JobM 

•. 2t» ; Rom. ii. 7, 8. t !« M rlr z: .<% i ; UT'Jte : tiL i , 3-jhu. juii- 1 

Chap. 26: 3.| 


to be cmcificd. Then. were sjseembleJ th« high-pri«8t9> 

leaf 01 ypafi;uaTet^^ Kat al irpea-^uTispoi rou Axtou, 

and th« scribes, arxi the eldera of the people, 

€is TT}P avKriv rou apxtepeces, Tcnt Ae-yojuep^w 

'nto tha «onrt o^the 4igh-ppiest, that being called 

Kaiaphasi and they considted, tliat the- 

Ir^arow ^oha K^pocrrjsnDfFi. Kai o-TroKT^ivotaiv, 

.lestis mith deceit they nsjght s«iie and Btigh£ kill. 

^'E,?i^'Yav &€' ISljf fv r-p eopTrj, ha /iTf 6offv0os 

Theysaid. butj Not ha the frast, thaS not a.t!iiavJ6 

y^vrprat ev fca \aaro 

there should fee &riM)ii^ ihe people-, 

i'le and Jesus having armed in Beth:my, in a house 

^(fjtosvos TOV AsTTotWj ' TTpocriXQ^v avrcf yvur), 

oi Simon the lepes, carae tohioi awoaja.'v 

aKa^aarpov jjuupov e%oii!Ta ^apuTijLLoVf icai 

an alabaster tx>x ofbalac.m having ^ leat yaiuc, aud 

Brarexeei* cTrt T-qi/ Ke<p(tXriu avrou (xyuK^ifxcvav. 

shepoured nponi the bead ci'him. hein,^ reclined. 

■iSoj'Tes he el /Ad&rjrai avrovj TyyayamTrjerop,. 

'mvg and the discijde* cf him, were cSspleased, 

Xejo^ -€S' Eis TL 7} aTrc^heeaavTTf; ^H5v- 

sayitt^^ OttaecounBoi-.h^ tha loss, this-? She was- 

yuTo yap tovto TrpoBrjvai. ttoK7^ov, KUi ^odryvat 

aible fcr thi» -i&haveaold ofKiuch, and tohave^gjvea 

TCFoxxotSo ^ Tvovs^ ?€ o Ijia&vs etinu ctvTois' 

coj>oor. Ecemin^ and the Jesus s«id' to-tiicm; 

Ti fcoTcov-} rrap6%ere tjj yvtraiK. ; epyav yap- 

Why troubles preseci :'0»» to the womatt' a roork for 

Kahov etpyacraro ::is e/ue. ^^Uayrors yap rous 

good she has wroagit for mc. Always fan tha 

TTTcoxovs fxeTc /Med' kaiurcov e/A6 36 ou ■rar roTe 

poos yottbave- with /onraelvc*: mc but not always 

tx^'''^' ^BoAoutra yapr auT^ ro juvpor 7ovt9 

youh^ve. Having cast far she the balsam this 

fiTTl TOV COJ/LUXTCS ftaVf TTpV-S TO €VT Kip ia(Fai fie 
upon, the body of me, to the to. prepare ibi burial me 

^TTCftrjo'ey. -^ Afjnjjr Xeyco vjxtv, &nov eav kt]- 

she did. Iiodeed I say toyoii, whersver maybe 

pv-x0TT TO evaryyehtov tovto, su o-Aor tco' Koa/jiev, 

pttblisbftd thfi glaStidmgs- this, io whole the world,. 

?iaXr}67}a'eTai Kui b eironja-eu uutt)^ ■us- fz.uriiJ.o- 

shallbespoteT* also what did she, ^oc a.menui' 

aimav aurrit, 

>ial clhei:. 

^^ ToTe Tfopev&eis s'y TatrocaZeKa o XiByofxevos 

Tlien, &oing one oi" the iwelv "^e being named 

IcvZas ICKapcuyrris, rrpos tcvj u^;^;te/T€is, ^ciTre* 

Judas Iscaciot, to the High-priesU^ said; 

T< ffeXere fxoi Souvat, Kxtyo h/j-tv Trapadca(r<a 

What arc youp willing- to me to givie, audi toy.uui wili dcliyei! un 

avTov , Ot Se eoTrja'av avTr^y Tpiaicoyra ap- 

him ? Ihey and pnid to him. trh^rty pieceo 

[«!krp. 25: 15. 

3 JAboot thia tiime, the 
H.1GH-PKIE.STS, an* tlie 
SCRIBES, and the sli»ek,s 
of the ?EOPLE, were eon- 
Teaaed in tke paxace 


NAXED Caiarphas, 

4 wbere they eonsuitei 
Itow they might seize Je- 
sus \)j Stratagem an3 
de troy him. 

& But they said, "Not 
dm-ing the ¥east, test 
there should be a Tmnult 
among tlie people." 

6 X HovT while Jesus 
m-aa at Bethany, in the 
House of SimoQ the 

7 a Wema-Q same to> 
him, having au Alabaster 
box of Balsam, vei'y val 
oable, which she poured 
ert his head while re- 
elining at table. 

8 J And *the- Disci- 
5XE3 seeing it, wei"e dis- 
pleased. Baying, " Why 


& For This might bavo 
¥eeB Bold at a great price, 
aucl giveis t&the pooa.'" 

10 Jesus kaowing it, 
said tO' them-, "Why d& 
you trouble the wom/.N. f 
She &as reiideredr bsiZ a 
kind Office, 

1>; For ygn kave tl.» 
3^0K always among yc; 
but Me jou have net 

12 YoT m poirring tbitj 
BALSAM en- Hiy body, .-:hc 
did it to EMBALM me. 

13 IndeeiJi, I say to 
you, Wherever tliesc 


proclaimed iit the whole 
WORLD', wha;, sli& h«» 
donewiE also be spoken, 
of to her Hemembrance "" 

14 .ITheaiHAT one of 


daa Iscariof, proceeding 


15 said,. "What are totb 
willing to give- me, and ¥ 
will deliver him -up to 
you?" And thet paicj 
him- Thirty Shekels^ 

* Vaticaw Mawuscript.. — ^o the i)»s€i?i,as 
t 3. John ri.47_;_ Acts iv. 25. _ _ J 6. Maikxiv. 


_, Jobnxi. 1. 

t 14. Mark jtiv. IC ;. Lul;e iixii. i; Joha xiu. 2yW^ 

ydl, 1~5, 

t 8. .'aim 

(Mp 26: 16.] 


[atap.26. 26. 


of silver. 

16 And from that tima 
he sought a fit OccasicB 
to deliver him up. 

17 X Now on the riBsi 
day of the t unleavened 


came to Jesus, saying, 
"^Tielie dost thou wish 
that we prepare for thee 


18 He answered, "Go 
into the city to a cer- 
tain person, and say to 
him. The teacher says, 
' My TIME is near; I wiU 
celebrate the passover 
at thy house, with my 

19 And the disciples 
did as Jesus had ordered 
them ; and they prepared 


20 J Now Evening be- 
ing come, he reclined at 
table with the twelve; 

21 and as they were 
eating, he said, " Indeed, 
I tell you. That one of 
you wlU deliver me up." 

22 And being extremely 
sorrowful, they began, 
each one, to ask him, 
" Master, is it 5 ?" 

23 And HE answering, 
said, J "He who has ':jen 

DIPPING his HAND with 

mine in the dish, this 
one wiU deliver me up. 

24 The SON of MAW 
indeed gees away [to 
death], % as it has been 
written concerning him; 
but alas for that MAN 
tlirough whom the son 
of MAN is delivered up! 
J Good were it for that 
MAN if he were not 

25 Then that Judas 
who delivered him up, 
inquii-ed, " Rabbi, is it 
I?" He says to him, 
" Cfjou hast said." 

26 J And as they were 
eating, Jesus taking *a 

• Vatican Manuscript.— 17- to him— omit. 22. of them— omif. 26. a LoaC 

1 17. The Passover feast began yearly^ on the fourteenth day of the^first moon ir^th^e Jewj 

ish month "' '" ' ' ' ' ' " ^ -^^ •-'- - " ■" 

unleavened 1 

eight days 

sometimes ' 

t 17. £,xod. xi i. 6, 18 \ Mark xiv. 12 : I-uke xxii. 7. t 20. Mark xiv. 17—21 ; Luke 

STii 14- John xiii. 21. t 23 Pi-a. xli. 9 , Luke xxu. 21 ; .Tohn xm. 18. I 24 1 sa. 

«xii'- I'-^a liii- Dan. ix.26; Mark ix. 12; Luke xxi v. 2.5, 20, 40; ActaxviuS; xxvi. 22 23- 
■4i;or XV 3. t 24. Johnj:vii,i2, t 26 Mark xiv. 22, Luke xsii 16 

"^ Kai aiTo T0T6 e^'Tjret evKaipiay, tva 

And from then he did seek opportunity, th»t 

avTov Trapa5(f}. 

him he might deliver up. 

^'^Tt? Se irpuirr) t(i>v a^v/uwv Trpo<n}XOov 

The and first of the feMts of unleavened bread came 

oi fiadrjTai Tcp l-qaov, Keyoures *[a.uTCf}'^ Hov 

the disciples to the JesuE, saying (^tohim;] Where 

BeXfis €ToiiJ.a(ra}/x€i/ (roi (paynv to ira^xo-! ^^'O 

wilt thou we make ready to thee to eat the passover? He 

§6 iiTTiv "TirayrjTe eis rrjv iroXiv irpos rov 

»nd said; Go you into the city to the 

Sfiva, Kai enrare avrcfj- 'O Si5a(rKa\os Xeyei" 

certain one, and say to him; The teacher says; 

'O Kaipos fiov €yyvs cctti' irpos ere iroiou to 

The season of me nigh is; to thee Iwillmake the 

Tratrxo ^ero rcau ixadrjrcou fiov. ^^Kai eiroirja'av 

paasover with the dssciples of me. And did 

01 (xadrjrai ws crvveTa^eu avTois 6 'lr,(rovs' Kai 

the disciples aa commanded to them the Jesas; and 

7)Toi/xaTav TO iraaxo.' 

they prepared the passover. 

2" 0\pias Se yeuofievTjs aveKetro fiera roov 

Of evening and being come he reclined with the 

8a)S€Ko. ^^ Kat €cr6iovT(i)y jivrwu, einev Ajutjv 

twelve. And of eating ofthem, he said; Indeed 

Xfyu i/fxtv, OTi els €| vfioov Trapadwcrei /xe. ^2^01 

I say to you, that one of you will deliver up me. And 

KxnTovjX€voi (TjULodpa, Tjp^auTO X^yeiv avrcp 

being grieved exceediniily, they began to say to him 

CKacTTOs *[auTa)i/-] MrjTi eyca 

each one [ofthem;] Not I 

23 'O Se aTTOKpiOeis eiirev 'O efi^arpas fxer' 

He but answering said; He dipping with 

ffjLOV €V Tea Tpv^Kicp TT]V X^^P'^f ovTos fie irapa- 

me in the bowl the hand, this me will de- 

5w(T(L. -"*'0 fjLiu vlos Tov afdpcDTTov vTTayei, 

liver up. The indeed son of the man goes, 

Kadws y^ypawTai irepi avTOV ovai Se top 

as it has been written about him; woe but to the 

avBpu}iT(f fKeivcc, 5i' ov 6 vlos tov avOpwirov 

man that, through whom the son of the man 

■jrapaStSoTOi* KaXov rju avTCf, ei ovk eyevvrjQri 

is delivered up ; good it was to him, if not was born 

6 avOpooTTos eK€ipos. '^ A-rroKptdeis 5e louSas, 

the man that. Answering and Judas, 

d irapadiSovs avTOV, enrc Mtjti €70? ei/xi, 

he delivering up him, said: Not I am, 

rabbi? He says to him: Thou hast said. 

26 YsffQiovTwv Se avTUiVy ha^wv 6 Iriffovs tov 

Eating and of them, having taken the Jesus the 


Kupi€ ; 


<;hap. 26: 37.] 


iCkap. 26: S6.. 

the body of me, 

Kai eu^apicrrjc . g 

mai havir.g given thrjiks, 

€| avTov travTss' 

out of it all; 

tiproy, seal QvKoyt](ras^ ^SvAatre, stai e'diBov tois 

loaf, aud having blesBed, broke, Kid did giv.. to the 

disciples, a;iC4 said: .<<i!icyou, cat you: this 

ecTTJ TO (roj/ACS jtiou. 2^ Kai Xa^av to irorripioy^ 

.Ajid having taken the cup, 

chzjxey avTOis,\€ w tlier 

he give tolhcn, saying; Drink you 

'■^T'^vTO yasi eo'Ti to ai/na 

this xor is the blood 

ftou, TO T7JS icaivTjs diaOrjscfjS, to irepi iroKXoov 

of mo, that of the new covenant, that about many 

QKX'JVOficvop e:s acpsaiv a/JiapTicov. ^^Ae^oj Se 

being shed for Jorgivencss of sins; 1 say but 

5/j,iv^ 6ti ou (XT) 'f^o/ n7r' apTi ck tovtov tov 

tc 70U, that not net L oill ciriiilc from now of this the 

"^cvvnuaros TVS c-zarreAoWj ews ttjs rifxepas 

product, ofthe vine, till the day 

fKv-iVTjSj otcj' avTO iriuca p.sBi' viicrj ccoiivov ep tj) 

that, ^hen it I drink ^7ith you new lij the 

/3a(TiA.6ia; row Trarpos /nov^ ^Kai vixyqffavTcs, 

kingdom ofthe father ofmc. And having sung a hymn, 

e^7]\6oy €is TO opos T(cv eXaioov,, 

they departed to the mountain of the olive-trees. 

^^ToTQ Xeyei avTois 6 Itjcous' HauTes vfieis 

Then he says to them the Jesus; AU you 

VKavdaXLQ'67)(re(rde ep ^fx.oi ev tt? -jvKTi ravrr}' 

will be stumbled at niii> in the ni^ht thic; 

Y^ypaTTTa: yap" '* TlaTa^ta tot' Troj/uei'a, kca 

it IS KUtten lor: " i -.villsmita the shepheid, and 

SiaaKopTiKrdrjfTeTac ra upoSaTU Trjs TroiiuLvr]s<,'' 

will be«catt€rod the sheep ofthe fold." 

'2 MeTwi 5e TO cy€pdr]uac ;Li6, irpoa^u) u/xas cis 

After but thi; to be raised ino, i willgo betoro you to 

T-qi' TaXiXaiaVo ^ ATroKpiO':is 5e 6 HeTpos 

"•lie Galilee, Answering and the Peter 

wavres J'KavoaXitrQTjffouTai ev 

al; rJiall be stumbled at 

ffoi^ eya? ovd^^iorc crKav^aXi(r6T}ao/j.aio ** Ecprj 

i'\c^, 1 never ii'll he itumblad. Saic'. 

avrcp & li^covs' A.jj.'i.v r.eyoD iroii Stc ev tgvtt^ 

(o him ilic Jesus: udee<.. ^say tothee, thr.t in this 

VT} i^'XTi, irpir -a,*cKTopCG <l>avr]aai, rpis aTro.pvt]- 

ihe ■"'ight, 'jcfoip cock io have crowed, thrice thou wilt 

0" ,j.6o '^A^yei c:vTCj} 6 IleTpos' Kazp Sep 

3enjr me. Says to him the Peter: Andii:-.t may behove 

jtt€ O'vy aroi airoJaveiv^ ov firj; ere aTrapyvaofiaio 

mo with theo to die, not not thee I will deny. 

'OfMotcas KCc irai'Tes oi fiaOTjTai etwoVo ^'* Tot€ 

In like manner a'.-o all the disciples said. Thf.r. 

€i7r<-lf aUTCj}' 
said to huu : 


Loaf, and giving praise, 
he broke, and gave it tc 
the DISCIPLES, and said, 
" Take, eat ; J this is nay 


27 Then taking* a Cup; 
vand giving thanks, he 

gave it to them, saying, 
( X " Drin>. all of you out 
of it. 

28 for * this is my 

THAT •.vhich is POURED 

OUT jfor Many, for i'or- 

i giveness of Sins. 

I 2D iBut I teU you, 

I That 1 wiR not hcncc- 

I forth :lrink of Thic; pk(?- 

' DUCT of the vin::, till 

j tlmt 3AY when I drin_ 

it nc with "ou in my 

r.'.TH:i;R's kinguom, 

3L- .-ad having "ung, 

I they depai-ted tc the 

, :iOUN'.' rf OLIVES. 

31 Then Jesus sayc 
' to them, '='>'^c«. -.-iU All 
\ -tumble ou rlx, isocount, 
■ this -.iGjrX'i "rov 'i ia 
j -.vntte::, ;'; 'I vTiill smite 
! 'the :he?heej5, and the 
'she::.- oij:\e i'Lock will 
' be . iaperi^ed.' 

S'ii hzil after i am 
KAisUD, :';k "will precede 
you to Galilee." 

oS And Peter .tnswer- 
inp' . aaid to him, " If all 
should tJtumbie witi. jq 
spect to tliee, I never wilL 
be made to stumble.'' 

34; Jesus said io him, 
X " Indeed, I say to thee. 
That This night, before 
f the Cocl: . crovi'', cliou 
-.vilt thric„^ disown me " 

35 Pi;ti;u says to him, 
"Though doomed to die 
with thee, I will not dis- 
own Thee." And All tb , 
disciples said the ^aitQ. 

* V--TICAI* Manuscript.— 2?. a Cup. 28. this is my blood ofthe covkuani, vk-.t 

^hich is pocEED out. 

t 3i'o That is, " befort a watch trumpet will -ound," etc. It is well known tha^i no cocks 
R'ere aUowei-to remain in Jerusalem during the passover feast. The llomans, whu Iiad a 
.ttrong guard in the castle of Antonia, which overlooked the temple, divided the night into 
four v.atcheSj beginning a'j r,ix, nine, twelve, and three, Mark xili. 35, alludes to this Qivi 
sion o: time. The two last watches wero both called cock-crowings. The Komanc relieved 


i X. Cor. X. 16. t 27. Mark xiv, 23, J 28. Exod zxiv. S -, Lev. xvii. 17 ; Matt 

X".30; Heb.ix, 22. J 2C. Mark xiv. 25, _juko- "di, IC J "1. .latt, xi.Oi "Tart 

-iv, 27- John xvi.32. t St. Zech.xiii.7. t 32. JTatfi. nxviii. 7^ 10 i Mark ; .22^/ 

%•*'« 4. Mark xiv. 30i Luke x-xii. Gv, Jo!.:' niii, 38. 

Chap. 26: 36.] 


[Chap.. 26: 45. 

aud watch you with 

epxerai fier' avruv 6 Irjaovs ets x^jpiov Aeyo- 

couics with theui the Jesus IdIo a place being 

ufvou reOcrrifxaur], kul \eyei rois fiaQ-qrais' 

tailed Gethseuiane, and he says to the disciples: 

Ka0i<raT6 avTOv^ kas ov aireXBuu irpocrev^w/xai 

Sic you he/e, while going away lohalljjvay 

fKfi. 27 Kot irapaXafiwv rov Yl^rpov Kai tous 

there. And having taken the Peter and the 

Svo viovs Ze^eSaiov, rfp^aro KvirnffQai Kai aSrj- 

two sons of Zebcdee, he began to bo sorrowful and to be 

;i.QV^iv, '^ Tore Ae-yei avrois' YlepiKvwos 

in anguish. Then he says to them; Extremely sorrowful 

e<TTtv 7] ^vxv fji-ov eojs Oauarov /xeivare uie 

is the soul ofmc to death; remain you here 

€fxov. ^^ Kat irpoeKdwu 

mc. And going forward 

lUKpov, eirecrev em i po(Twirov auTou, irpocrev- 

a little, he fell on face ofhun, pi'ay- 

X0/J.€V05, Kai Keywv Ilarep fjiov, ei Swarov 

ing, and saying; O father of me, if possible 

tCTt, irapeKderco air' e/xov to TroTir)piov tovto' 

it is, let pass from mc the cup this ; 

"TrXrjV ovx ojs eyai deXw, cAA' ws (Tv. ^^ Kai 

but not as I will, but as thou. And 

epx^Tai irpos rovs ixaQi)Tas, Kai evpiaKet avrovs 

he comes to the disciples, and finds them 

KadcvSovras, Kai Ae-yei T9 Tlerpcp' Ovtccs ovk 

sleeping, and he says to the Peter, So not 

^(r;^y(raTe fxiau wpau yprjyoprjcai fieT' e/j.ov ; 

could you one hour to watch with me? 

*^rprjyopeiT€ Kai irpocrevx^(T6e, Iva firj eifreA- 

Watch you and pi'ay you, that not you may 

drjT:- €15 ireipaff/uLOV to fj.ey Tn/<svjxa irpoOvfxoV; 

enter into temptation; the indeed spirit ready, 

■f} Se tropl a<T6evr]s. 

the but flesh weak. 

*^ HaXiu, eK bevTepov airs\6u}u, itpoffrfv^aTO^ 

Again, a second time going away, he prayed, 

*[Ae7a)r*] Tlarep jxov, ei ov SvvaTai tovto 

[saying;] O father of me, if not it is possible this 

*[to TTOTTjpioj/] TTapeXQeiv *[a7r' e/uow,] eav jjuq 

[the cup] to pass | from me,] except 

avTo TTtfi), yevir)QT]TOi to de\r]iJ.a (rov. '^■^Kai 

it I drink, be done the will ofthcc. And 

^\d(i}U €vpi<TKei avTovs TTaKiv KadevSoPTas' 

joming he finds them again 6lee]>ing; 

(7)(rau yap avTwv oi 6(j>da\fxoi fie^aprj/bievoi') 

(were for nfthcin the eyes weighed down ;) 

-^ Kai a<pcis auTOus, aTveAdcoi' iraXiv^ Trpo(n)v^aro 

and leaving them, going away again, he prayed 

€K TpiTOV, TOV aVTOV \0y0U etTTGJJ/. '*^ToTe 

a third time, the same word speaking; > Then 

tpX^TO.!- TTpos Tovs fxadrjTas auTov, Kai Xeyei 

becomes to the disciples of him, and says 

avTGiS' KaOeuSere to \onvou Kai auarravead^ ; 

(othem; Sleep you the remainder and rest you? 

iZov, TjyyiKev rj wpa, Kai u vios tov avdpwrrov 

lo, has come nigh the hour, and the son of the man 

36 J Then comes Jesus 
with them into r. Place 
called Gethseiuane, and 
says to his disciples, 
'■ Remain here, while I go 
there and pray." 

37 And taking with 
him Peter, and the Jtwo 
Sons of Zcbedee, he be- 
gan to be tilled -.vith sor- 
row and anguish. 

38 Then lie says to 
them, X " My soul is 
surrounded with a deadly 
anguish ; stay here, and 
watch with me." 

39 And going forward 
a little, he fefl. on his 
Face, % supplicating and 
saying, "0 my father, 
if it ho possible, J let this 
CUP be removed from mc! 
yet not as I will, but as 
tfjou wilt." 

40 And he returns to 
the DISCIPLES, and tinds 
them sleeping, and says 
to Peter, "It is so, then, 
that you could not keep 
awake w^ith me a Single 

41 J Watch and pray, 
that you enter not into 
TYiai; the spirit indeed 
is willing, hut the flesh 
is wep,k." 

42 A second time reti- 
r ni', he supplicated, " 
my Father, if it cannot 
be that Thic be removed ; 
if I must drink it, — thy 
will be done." 

43 And returning, he 
finds them ctill sleeping ; 
(lor Tlieir eyes were over- 

44 Again, leaving them, 
he went and prayed a 
third tinic, using *agam 
the "AAil: Words. 

45 He then comes to 
*the DisciPLEL, and says 
to them, "Do you Sleep 
NOW, and take your rest? 
* for behold, the hour is 
arrived, and the son nf 

• Vaticak riANuscRiPT. — 42. Saving' — omit. -12. ci;p— omiY. .,j. from me — omit. 

41. again the SAME Words. 45. the disciple-s. ■45. for behold, 

t 36. Mark siv. 32—35 ; Luke xxii. 39 ; John xviii. 1. + 37. IVIatt. i^. 21. % 38. Johc 

xii. 27 i 30. Maikxiv. 36; Lukoxxii. 42; Heb. v. 7. 1 39. John ..'j; vi. 38- RiiL 

u. t 41. Mark xiii. 33 •. niv. 38 ; Luke xxii. 40, -^O ; Eph. vi. 18. 


Cliap. 26 8 46.1 


iChap. S^3s Seio 

is delivered up into bauds of sinners, Ai'ise, 

aya)/j.€V' iBoUj r)y'yLKeu d TrapaSiSovs fie, 

let us go ; lo, has come nigh he delivering up me. 

■^"^Kat €Ti avTGv ?<.a\ovi'Tos, iSov, lovSas^ els 

And while ofhim speaking, kOj Judas, one 

ray SwSeKO, 7jA9e, Kai /ier' avTcv ox^os iroXvs 

of the twelve, came, and with him a crowd great 

fiera jxaxo-i-po'V icai ^vXcou, awo rwv epxi^ep^wv 

with swords and cUibs, from the hij^h-pi-iests 

Kai ■ypac^vrepcau rov Aaoi/« "^^^O Se TrapaSiSous 

and elders of the people. He and deliveriur; up 

;^UT02 J ujfcj/cej' avTois a-qix^iov, Xeycoi/' 'Ov av 

him. gave to them a sign, saying; Who ever 

pi\7)(rci}^ avTos earr KparrjcraTe avroVo "^^ Kat 

I may kiss, he it Its seize him. And 

v-i/Oetys 'npoffeKQcav <r(f lr]<rov, efire" Xaipe ^a$^i° 

immediately approachinr' CiOthe Jesus, he said; hail rabbi; 

Kai Kare<piK7i(Tev avroVo ^" 'O Se Iricrovs enrev 

and kissed hiiu. The but Jesus ;aid 

avTV' 'Eraipe, e<p^ d ffapet; Tore TrpotreX- 

?ohim; Companion, for what art thou present? Then coming 

Qovres ein^aKov ras x^^P'^^ *^^ '''^^ Itjctouv, 

they laid the Jiaudc on the Jesus, 

Kai eKparria^av avTov. ^"^ Kai iSou, ois rwv 

and tbey seized him. And lo, one of the 

fiera iT/crou, eKTeivas rrjv X^', ^'» airea-va<re rrjv 

with Jesus, etretching the liar.r drew out the 

fLaxon-po-V avTov Kai Trara^as top hovKov rov 

sword ofhim: and strikinr the slave of the 

apx'i'^p^'^Sf acpeiAev avrov ro wriov. ^^Tor^ 

high-priest, cutoflf ofhita the ear. Then 

\67et avr(f) 6 iTjaovs' Ji'trocrperpov crov r7)V 

3ay9 to him the Jesus: Lletiu.T thee the^'-po-v eis rov roivov zvy^s' vaures yap ot 

Bwo.<J into the place o^her. al. for the 

Ka$oi/res fiaxO'tpo-v, ev .zox<^'P^ aTroXovvrau 

taking aswoid, by -si-ioru shallperish. 

^^K SoKcts, dri ov Sui/aixai ^[^apri'\ irapaKa- 

Or thinkest thoc, that not I am able [■''"^] *° *°" 

Kecrai rov irarfpa fiovy xat irupaa-Trja-ei fxoi 

Veat the father of me, anc' willfurnish tome 

TAetoyy ff 8w5eKa Aeyewva:: ayyeXcav ; ^Ilcos 

mora than twelve legions of messengerc? How 

ovu ir\7]pcc9a}(TiV ai ypa(pai, ot:. cbra Set 

then f nould be fulfilled the writings, iuri, thus it must 


be clo_j. 

^Ex^ eKeivTf rrj &pa Qiifzv 6 lt](rovs rois 

In thaC the hour said the Jesus fro the 

ox^oiS' 'Hs ^TriXrja-TTqi'Q^v^O^rc fxera fiaxaipav 

crowdsi Ac upon a robber oameyouout with swords 

xai luAeVJ', crvWa^eiv (xe' ccaO' fjnepav ^[vpos 

and cjuVs, totiko Jic x everyday [with 

biixs\ eKaQe^Of^^v ZibarrKtav ev ro) lepcf, Kai ovk 

you] I did sit teaching in the temple, and not 

^KparrjO-are ixe- ^Tovro dc 6\oi' 76701/6*', iva 

-OM seized mo. Ihia but al! has been done, thai 

MAN is delivered into tho 
Hands of Sinners. 

46 Arise, let us go; be- 
hold'. HE, who BETEAYS 
me, has come." 

47 Now % while Jesus 
was speaking, behold, Ju- 
das, one of the twelve, 
canie, accompanied with 
a great Crowd, armed 
with Swords and Clubs, 
irom the high-peiests 
and Elders of the people. 

48 And HE, who de- 
liveked him up, had 
givec them a Sign, say- 
ing, ""^e it is, whom I 
may Iiiss ; hold him fast." 

49 And immediately ap. 
proaching Jesus, he said, 
"Hail, Rabbi P' and re. 
peatedly kissed him. 

50 But Jesus said to 
him, " Companion, for 
what piu'pose art thoT!» 
present ?"% Then cc ming, 
they laid hands on Je- 
sus, and secured him, 

51 And behold, jone of 
those who were *with 
hini, laying his hand ou 
his swoED, drew it, and 
striking the sekvant of 

'lie HIGH-PEIEST, Cr.t ofi 

Hi:: lUAU, 

u- 'Iheii Jesus scys to 
him, " Return Thy swokd 
to iif.; PLACE- Jfo; AU 
WHO have recourse ti; 
the Sword, shall perish hj 
the Sword. 

53 Or, dost thou think 
That I cannot entreat my 
Fathi:e, and he will send 
to my relief more tlian 
Twelve Legions of Angels? 

54 But, in that case, 
how coidd the scrip- 
tures be verified, J That 
thus it must be ?" 

55 Jesus at the same 
time said to the CRf "■^ds, 
"A.S in ^jiirsuit of a ik)b- 
ber, have you come with 
Swords and Clubs to take 

J me ? I sat teaching iu 
the temple every day, 
and you did not arrest me. 

56 All tins, however, 
has beer, done, thai the 

* Vj-Sicaii MawpscbipSo- -51, withhir^.. 

63. now — om.;. 

t -17. Mark xir. 48 Luke sxiL 4T . John i:Tiii. : • .sX^ ".10. t 51. John xtili 10> 

62. Gen. i;;. Gt Kev. xiii. 10. t 54. Is:,. iliL :, : L J<C roLu; 25. 44, 46« 

€Mp. W: 57] 

]\f ATI HEW. 

ICftap. M : 65. 

weX.tipwOcoa'ir at ypa(pai ruv jrpo(prir<av^ Tore! 

«itght lie I'li illed tlie Kiitiag* «fth« pni|jhc'ls. Thea j 

oi fiaOrjTai vavreSf o^ei/res aurou^ t^ir/ot'l 

lb« disciple* ell, ienvinj turn, tbcyfled. | 

*^ Oi Se mpfrricrai/ret rotr TtitrovUf arrriyayou 

Tliev And •eeiii? tlio Jesus, tl.-y led I 

wpos Kata<pnp ro» apx^^P^'^* Sttov oi yoafxixareii 

to Caiauha* the bigh-priot, KUere the scribes 

«iid th« eklerg were asueuiMed. The but 

JTIeTpojt riKo\ovdei uvrtp airo f.iaKpo6epf icos ttjs 

Peter foUaued biia at a di>.un<'e, te the 

|>alace of the bigh-piiestt and liaving (.-one in, Kat 

fiera rcov i/in]perccVf tSsiu to reAos. 

M'llli thfl attendaDtA. to see the end. 

^* Oi Se apxi-^P^i'f ^\_Kat ol vpecrPvrepoi']^ Kat 

The aiu) bi^h-priesta [and the elders] and 

TO truveSpioi/ d\ov f^riTow tpevdofj-apTvpiaif Kara 

the high-eouocil whole sought faUe tthtimony ay;ainst 

Tot* Irjcrev^ ottocs avrov Oavarujcrwm. ^'^ Kat 

the Jesus, aothat faim theK^miehtdeliverto death. And 

ov)^ eiipoVj voWwv x^eudojULapTvpcuv iroooreA.- 

Dot they found, mnnjr faUe-witnesees haviag 

dovrtoVo *TcrT€poy Se frfo^cXQavT^s Svo *£\//6u- 

come Afterward* but eomii.j two [falte- 

So/iapTi/p€f,3 ^ enroll Ovros €(pT}' Avva/xat 

vitae«tie6,] eaid; Thia afiirmed; I am able 

jta"^aAu<rcu rov t/aov too 06fy, kou dia rpiwv 

to destroy the temple afthe -tod, and ia three 

\lficpwv oiKodofiTja'ax avrov^ *^Kai avaaras 6 

daya te build it. And rislngup the 

2pxt'^p^vs eiirev atyr^* Ov^ev aTreizpivr) ; ri 

bifrb-ftriest said t«biin4 Nothicg answeiest thou ? what 

tvroi ffov KaxaiiaprvpoxKriv , ^'O Se Iijo-ovs 

the«e 9. thee testify against ? The but Jesus 

^(ruarit, Kai ^l^airoKpiBeisI 6 apx^cp^vs eiwev 

wa* Kieott And [answering] the high-prieet eaid 

w;uTM> ^^opKi^io ere Kara rov 6eov rou ^wvtos^ 

C' b« , 1 adjure thee by the God of the living, 

{••a iipLtv €nrpSi a av et 6 Xoift-ros 6 vlos rov 

ttx • tana thuutell, if thou art the Auoeuted, the aoa of the 

6iov, ^ tieyei avr(p 6 Itj 'ovs 2w enras. 

God. 6ay« to hia the Jesus; Thou hast said. 

TIKrjtf A€7« vfx.i'' ar* apn o^c-ade r^y vlou rou 

fiesidaa I say te yoa, from bow youehallsee the bob o:the 

avCpcavov Kad-qpL€i :v »«c ^c^iwv ti?s Sufa/iiews, 

Btaa cittia^ at rig- Ai'the power, 

tccu tpxofi^yov eiri roaif vecp .Kuv rou ovpavov. 

and eoiuinj; Epoa the clouds o{'tho heaven. 

^ToTe d apxf-^p^vs 6i€p^7]^e a tjiaria, avroUy 

Then tb« hi»U-f)iie8t r t/C f-jO Ict-^ja O^bim, 


PHETs might be verified." 
Thea till *hi8 disciples 
iesertin»hiiii, fltd. 

67 1 And THOSE who AV- 
PREiiEKUED Jesus, :xm 
ducted him to Caif.plias 
the HrGH-PRiEST, wliere 
the BCKiBKS and ELCESa 
were assembled. 

68 Bat Peter followed 
him at a distance, ta 
tlie PALACE of tlie HIGRc 

priest; and having en« 
tered, eat with the AT. 
TENDANTa. to Bed the 


69 Now the high. 

priests and the wliole 
SAN HEDRI3I sought I'alse. 
testimony against Jesus, 
so that they might deliver 
him to death , 

€0 and they did not find 
it, though t Maay False- 
witnusses «auie. But at 
last, Two apjjioaching, 

61 said, " This niaa de- 
elarecl, fl can destroy the 
TEMPLE of Goo, and ia 
Three Days rebuild it.' " 

63 And the high-priest 
answering, said to hiia, 
" Aflswerest thou •jthing 
to what these tesiity 
against thee?" 

63 ^But Jesus was si* 
lest. J.:- the high. 
PRIEST said to him, f'l 
adjure thee oy the living 
God, ttiai tnoo inform us, 
whether tI;ou artthe Mes- 
siah, t&e SON of God.'* 

64 Jesus says to him, 
"®ta* hast Baid; more- 
over I declare to you, 
$ Hereafter you shall see 
the SON of man sitting i,n 
the Right hand of power, 
and cooling oa the clouds 

0» HEAVEN."* 

65 Then the high- 
priest rent his cloxues. 

' Vaticam Mancscrtpt.— .56. his disciples deserting". 
CO Lftchmaaa and TischeudorL tio. fuJt>e-witueeses — omit. 

SS. and the elders — o»ii#; 
6>. lafiweriiie: — omit 

t 68. A eolemn adjuration, which a Jew was hound to answer. Lev. v. 1. After such aa 
adjuration ty magistrate or superior, the answer returned was an answei u- ou oath; - 
false answei iras perjury andeven the silence ofthe person adjured was nofc deemed inno- 
<-ent. Hence It was that the hii?h-pricst had recourse to this measure upon our Lord's dis- 
daining' to answer the unfounded aeeiisations which were hroujht agamsi htm, from the 
<*otiviction that kifl judges '^rere predetermined, and that every Ouug he coula say would 
te aI bo avail. 

J 87. Mark siv.53; Lvike xsii.64» John »vni.l2 16, 24 t <W. Mark xiv 6ft— % 

. «l Matt, xxvii 40 ; John ii 19— •2"2. t 65. Isa. liii- 7 , Matt, ixt'ii. 1'2, 14. t 84. Dajt 

«M r; Matt,.'cvi.,27i xxiv. SO; xxv.2. lohoi.5t;l U>e«i!.iv 13.- Il£<r ' .' 

Jfta». 26 : 6S.] 


l(Jiap. 2R. 75 

have we ofwitaessesf 

0Aa<r(prifiLai/ avrov, 

blasphemy ofhim* 

avoKpidePTes ^nvov 

answering »atdi 

\fywv 'Oti €$\a(TtprnA-fi(xe* ri er* XP^'*" 

■ayinji That beUaspnemesi orhat further eced 

fXOfi^P fnapTvpeev; iSe, vvtf rjKOvaraTe rrjv 

Bee, now you heard tho 

^'^T* v/j.itf SoKei; 01 Se 

What to >-ou thiuls ? they tioA 

"Ei'oxos BauuTOV eari, 

Luhie to deatli he is. 

*^ToT6 eveiTTvcraP ets To Trpojooiroy avrov^ Kai 

Then they&pat into tha fece o'him, and 

«K0\a(f>i<ray avrav 01 de eppaitiffau, 

<<at (rith the fist him; they ana strnck with ]iahraj ofUieirhauis, 

^ Xeyoures' Tlpo<p7jTeif4roif tiijliv, xp^^'^^i ''"'S 

saying; ProphPAf ts Ma, O asoiated, who 

tarty 6 iraKTas tre , 

i> he striking thee? 

^*0 de Her pas e^co exadrjro er rrj avXrf. 

The and Peter without sat ia the eonrt-yard. 

Kai vpO(r7)\dev avrqj ^ta iraiSKrKTjy heyovca' 

And eame to him oae maid-servaiit, frayinij;. 

Kai (TV rjcrda ficra Irjcrov tov TaAiXatov, '^'O 

Also thou wast with Jesus of the Galilee. He 

5e r]pi/7](raro efnrpoirdiy avrwv irauruVy \cyv>v 

but denied in presence of them all, eayirsg^ 

OvK oitat ri Keyeis. ^^Z^sAdoyra 5e avroy eis 

Not I know, what thou sayest. losing Gut and he i>to 

roy irvAccvoL, eiSep avroy waAt?, Kai htyei rois 

the portico, saw him another, and says tctthoj? 

€/cfi* Kot ovras rjv /nera Irjaov rou "Na^ocpaiov. 

there; Also this was with .I'lisus of the Ka^areth. 

Ka» iraKiy -xjptfrf^Taro ;u.e6* ^kov 'Ori ovk oiSa 

And again he denied witl. 'A oath; That not S know 

roy aydpwTToy, '^^ Mera fkattpov Be Trpo<r?\doyres 

the man. After tiUitie and approaching 

oi ecrrtares, eivoy tt^ Werpcp' A\ri67]S Kai 

those having stood by, said totus Peter: Certainly elso 

cv e| avrcoy er Kai yap i) Ka\ia crov Sr]\ov e-e 

thou of them art: even Cor the speech of thee Bianifsst theff 

?ro(€t. '* Tore r^p^aro Karade/uLari^e^iyy Kai 

makes t Then he began to surse,. and 

opLVveur 'Ox* ouk otSa tov avQpurKov, Kai 

to swear. That not I know the man. And 

€vQeus aXeKrwp ((fxavrjO'e '^ Kai efxy-qtrO-tj 6 

instantly a cock crew. AncJ r«member»d the 

Tlerpos rov ptjfJtaTOS rov Itjctou, tipriKoros 

Peter of the word of the Jesus, dedaring 

*[^ai;Tw] 'Oti irptv a\eKTopa (peoyrjcraiy rpis 

ltakim:1 That before acock crows, thtice 

avapyr](rrj fie. Kai e^eXOofy e^co, eKXavcre 

thod wilt deny me. And S°"'S <^nt, he wept 



saying, " He has spcke* 
blasphemy; what fui-thei 
IS'eed have we of \Vit» 
nesses? behold, now yott. 
have heaid *the blas« 


66 J What is yotur cpiu 
ionr" Ancl THEY ans«e» 
ing, said, " He deserves M 

6f JThen they sp«it in 
his TACE, and oeai hint 
with their fists ; andsoji* 
struck him on the cheek 
with the open hand, 

6S saying, f " Divine t» 
ns, O Messiah, Wbo ia H« 
STEIKING thee?'* 

69 J Now PETEm Bat 
without in the coukt» 
YARD ; and a Maid-ser- 
vant came to him, saying, 
" C^ou also wast with Je- 
sus the Galilean." 

70 But HE denied it be- 
fare them ail, saying, "I 
know not what thoa say- 

71 And passing erat inte 
the PORTICO, another sa^r 
him, and says to THEii» 
"This person was alsa 
there with Jesus tne Ka- 


72' And again he denied 
with an Oath, "I know 
not the MAN." 

73 And after a whfl^ 

THOSE who STOOD B7, ap- 

XH'oaching, said to Petek, 
"Certainly, tljau also art 
one oi them ; for even 
thy mAiECT makes Thee 

74 Then he began to 
curse and to sw^ear, " 1 
know »ot the man " .Ind 
instantly ta CocK erew. 

75 And Peter reco-lected 
the declasatton of Jj;» 
SU6, J"That be.o e a Cock 
crows, tbon w t thriiiC 
disown me." And goin? 
out, he wept bittei .^. 

• Vatican Ma.nuscbipt. — 85. the blasphbmt. 

75. to him — emit. 

t 88. In this insulting tattnt there seems to he an indirect sneer at the popniax belief iu. 
onr Lord's Messiahship ; which i.<i rendered still more apparent by the sarcastic use o thi 
woripyopheeteuein. This word is sometimea nsed eenerally in relation to thinss unknown*, 
60 as to correspond with the Eng'lish ffurgs. It should be remembered thai Clii-ist was now 
blindfolded, BS appears from Mark xiv.65; huks xxi'u^.—Kui»oeU t 74. See Nota 

on verse S4. 

t 66. Mark 7ay.iL % «. Isa.!. 6; liii.&; Luke xxii. 63, 6* t 8Q{ Markxi^. 

00: Lukexxii.5o; Johnrflii.ii— i8„25r— 27. i 7a. Seeverse34t Mar'<£xiv.Hii Iiokfl 

sxiL 01, 02 ; John liii. 38. 

fknp. S7t I.) 



KE*. kC. 27. 
^Tlpanas de yevofi^VTjSf a-vix^ovXiov €KaBov 

MonuDg end lia%-iag^coaie, a council bekl 

•U the bi£h-).rie3t« and the elders eftJi« 

Aotou Kara rov l7j£rou, wa-re Bavaracrat avrov, 

l^eoplt; against the Jesus, «o as te deliver te<]eath bim. 

''Kat 5rj(TavTes avrov^ airrryayoy, kui irapedoaKov 

And binding kim, they led, and delivered up 

hUn [to Pontius] PUcte the governor. 

^To7e lowv louSas, 6 TropaStSofs auroj', ^Tt 

Then seeing Judas, that b«t<ri]iing btu, tliAt 

KareKptdrjj fieTafieXrjdets air's (TTpe\Jf€ re Tpia- 

lie waa condemned, repenting he returaed the thirty 

Kowa apyvpfx rois apx^^p^vci ftai rots irpeafiu- 

pieces of silver to the high-^riesta and to the elders, 

repoiSy * Keywu. 'tifx-aproyy irapadovs ai/na 

eajTogi 1 sinned, having delivered up blood 

ndaov, Ol Se €iVov Tt irpos Tjfxas ; Sw o^si. 

anooent. They but aoid; What to us? Thouwiltsee 

*Kat ^ii^asra apyvpia cy re^ vaw, avex^^pv^^' 

And hurting the pieces of silver io the temple, bewithdrewi 

Kat aireXOwp ainqy^aro. * Ot 56 opx'^^f 'S, 

and having gone forth strangled himself. The and high-yriesta, 

i\.o/8oi/T6$ TO apyvpia^ eiirov Ovk e^ecri ^aKeiv 

taking the pieces of stiver, said; liot it is Uk^uI to put 

Cb-ra €is Toy KOp$auaVt CTret Tt/zrj aifxaros eCTi, 

thein into the treasury, aioce price o< blood H is. 

•^ 'Xvfi$ov\i9y 5e KafiovreSf Tjyopacrav e^ avrcoy 

Couaael a«d taVing, they bought with them 

rov aypov rov Kepa^iecas^ €ts ra<pr]V ron ^rjvois. 

tha &eld of the potter, ta bury tixf stranger*. 

*Aio fKhrfOrj S aypos etceiyoSf aypos atfxaros. 

Therefore is called the ficJd that, afield of Mood, 

ecus TTjs ffrjfjLepov. *ToTe fTK-i^padi} to ^rjdep 

to bke day. Then was fulfilled the word apofcca 


1 J Now, at the Dawn of 
d*y, All the high-peiksts 
and the elders of the 
p£OPtE, held a Council 
against Jesus, in order in 
deliver him to death. 

2 And binding: hira, they 
led and delivered him nf 
to Pilate, the goveenob, 

3 t Vhen that Jirfas 
who DELIVERED him up, 
perceiving That he was 
condemned, repented; and 
returned the thirty She- 
kels to the HIGH-PEIESTB 

and the elbehs, 

4 Bayingf, " I have sin- 
ned in betraying innocent 
Blood." But THEY said, 
" What is that to oa ? 
2Cf)ou wilt Bee to that." 

6 And hurling the she- 
kels in the temple, he 
withdrew, % and hanng 
gone away, strangled hinr 

6 And the high-peiests 
taking the money, said, 
" It is not lawful to put it 
into the t CoEBANAN, see- 
ing it is the Price of Blood. 

7 And taking Counsel 
they bought with it the 
f pottke's field, as a 
hurial-place for t stean- 


8 Therefore that field 
is called, J The fteld of 
Blood, even to this-day. 

8 Then was verified the 

* Vatican Mapdscbipt.— 2. Pontius— o«tt. 

t 6. The sacred treasury for th« gifts which had been vowed to the temple. It was as 
Hamed from Corbao, « gift. See Mark vii. 11. ^ It was a large chest with a hole in the lid, 
and it Ktood in the court of the altar, on the right side as yea face the house of the Lord, 
See 2 i£in3r« Jrii. 9. This chest was out of the reach of those who brought tlieir money to it. 
Ihey delivered their money to the priest, who iilaced it in the chest. Hence Judas, when 
)iis itoney was refused, had to throw it on to the ground. The Corbanaii, or chest in the 
eourt o( the altar, must be distinguished from the gaznphulakion^ the treasury, mentioned in 
Mark xil. 41, and John viii. 20. This was a name given to the court of the women, because 
therein were placed chests for voluntary gifts to the temple. They were there placed be- 
cause the crowd was greatest in that court; and it was into these chests that a Jew could 
drop a gift eop-ivat^lv that his left hand should not know what his right did.— i". Sharpe, 
•t 7. It was just without the wall of Jerusalem, south of mount Zion, and was originally 
Called ttie potter's field, because it furnished a sort of clay suital)le for potter's ware. Acel- 
dama, as late as the seventeenth century, was used as a burving-place by the Armenian 
Christians m Jerusalem. But according to Robinson, it has long been abandoned fc sepul- 
chral purposes. It is not fenced in, and the charnel house, now a ruin, is all that remains 
to point out the site. t 7. The article is significant in the original, thoucrh our Lan- 

guage will not bear it. Po* it shows that strantjei-s in general, peopl* of a diflererit ;;ountry 
and religion, are not meant; butstranjie Jews only ; Jews who were not natives of Jerusa- 
lem, but might come thert to worship at the temple, or on other business, ^^'^lere -;- , *» 
Bpeoification is intended, the article is omitted : Eph. \ . 13 ; Heb. xi. \Z.—n'nkf:fieid, 

1 1. Mark xv. 1 1 Luke sxlL «36 1 John xviii. 28. 

1 3. M«Lt. xzvi. !«, 16 

I tp. 27 : iO,] 


[Cftap. 27 » W' 

b.a 'Upejuiov rov itpocprjrovf Xeyovros* ** Kai 

through Jeremiah the prophet, saying; "And 

ehjpJ^ov ra rptaKOvra afyyvptay rrjy rifirjy rov 

1 took the thirty pieces of ailver, the price of the 

TeTtitcry/xev"'/, 6v erijx'qo'avro utto vioov l(rpar]\, 

having been valueo, whom tfaejr »aliied from sons of Israel, 

^° Kai eSdJKav avra cts rov aypov rov Kepafiews' 

and gave them for the field orth« potter i 

KaOa (rvt/€ra^€ /xot Kvpios.'* 

even as directed me a lord." 

^^*0 Se Jrjcrovs efrrr] fixirpotrdev rov riyefioves' 

The and Jesus stood in presence of the jovcraor; 

•cai iTn]pwry](rev avrov 6 -rjjefxwVf Kcyccv 2u 

and asked him the goveraor, saying* Thoa 

e< 6 ^aaiKevs rcav lovSaiojv ; 'O Se IrjO-ovs 

txt the king of the Jews? The end Jesas 

€<p->i avrtp' 2u \ey^is. ^^Kat €v rep Kartjyo- 

said to him; Thou sayest. And in the to be ac- 

peio'dat avrov biro rtav apx^^P^c^'^ Kai rcov 

cnsed him by the high-priests and the 

irpec^vreptoVy ovSev aTreKpivaro, ^^Tore \eyei 

elders, nothing he anstvered. Then says 

avrcp 6 TliXaros' Ovk aKOveis^ ifoo'a crou 

to him the Pilate; Not thou bearest, bow many things of thee 

Karafiaprvpovtri ; ^^ Kot ovk onr^KpiQi) txvrtf 

they bear witness against ? And Dot he answered him 

irpos ouSe kv ^T)/J.a* &<Tre Qavjxa^eiv rov ■^ye- 

to Dot even one word) ao M to astonish the gov- 

(iQva Kiav-, 

ernor greatly. 

^^ Kara Se ioprrjv ttwOet 6 rjyeficeif avo- 

At and a feast was accustomed the governor to 

Aveiv kva rw ox^V Sea/j-ioVf dv i)Qe\ov. 

release one to the crowd prisoner, whom they wished. 

l^Eixo" 5e rore hecrfxiov eiria-rjfxoVf Keyofievov 

They bad and then a prisoner noted, being called 

Bapa^fiav, ^'^'S.wnyixevuiv ovv avrav, tnrcv 

Barabbas. Having being assembled tbea Of them, said 

avroii 6 lli\aros' Ttva ^eAere ottoAuo-w {//jlip; 

to them the Filatei Which nisb you I release to yon? 

woED spoKEn throaga 
t Jeremiah the pkofhet, 
saying, t " And I took. 
" the THiETT Shekels, (the 
"price at which they vaU 
" ued ths PRECIOUS one,) 
" from the Soo3 of Israel, 

10 " and gave them 
"for the potter's field, 
" even as the Lord directed 

11 And Jesus stood be- 
fore the governor; and 
HE asked him, saying, 
J "Art tijott the KING of 
the Jews 't" And Jesus 
replied, " 2r!)0U sayest." 

12 Bnt he made no re« 
ply to the accusations of 
tlie HIGH-PKIEST3 and the 

13 Then Pilate says to 
him, " Dost thou not hear 
how many tilings they 
testify against thee ?** 

14 And he gave him 
no answer, not even one 
Word; bo that the Gov- 
ERNOK waa greatly sor- 

15 t And at each Feast 
the governor waa ao- 
ciistoraed to release ts 
the CROWD cne Prisoner, 
whom they wished. 

16 And thef bad then 
a weU-kno^vii Prisoner, 
named fBarabbaa. 

17 Therefore, being as- 
sembled, PiLAi-K said to 
them, "Which do you 
wish that I release to you P 

+ 9. This quotation from the prophet has greatly puzzled the critics. The passage is not 
found in Jeremiah ; and only something very like it m Zechariaii, Several solutions of th* 
difficulty have been offered. 1. A corruption of tiie names arising from MS. abbreviations j 
e. g., some copyist mistaking Zmi,, Zechariah, for Ion, Jeremiah. 2. That Mattliew simply 
wrote, tAroitoA the prophet,omXtt\i\^, as he often did, the name of the prophet The ancient 
Syrianand Persian versions omitthe name, and someGreek MSS.,but a largfl majority of 
jiSS. insert it. 8. Mede and Kidder suppose that Jeremiah in the first inst;mce wrote the 
chapter from which these words are taken, as well as the two former, and that the Evan, 
pelist was influenced by this opinion. 4. Whitby says, "We know, from Jerome, that there 
was still extant in his time, an apocryphal book of the prophet Jeremiah, In which waa 
founa every letter of the words quoted by Matthew." Dr. Gaussen, remarks on this:—" We 
know also that the Second Book of Maccabees (ii. 1—9) relates many of the actions end 
words ol Jeremiah, which are taken from another book than that of his canonical prophe- 
cies. Wli.v.then.might notthe words quoted by the evangelist have been pronouncea really 
by_ Jeperaiah, and have remained in the memory of the Church to the days of Zechariah, who 
might then have again given them a place theopneustically in holy Scripture, (as is the case 
with the unwritten wordj of Enoch, quoted in the Epistle of Jude, (verses 14 and 15.) or th* 
unwritten words of Jesus Christ, quoted by St. Paul in the Book of Acts P (xx. 35. J Wha» 
confirms this supposition is, that part only of the words quoted by St. Matthew are found in 
Zechariah. Besides.itis known tnatthis prophet was ford ofrecnlling the words of Jere^ 
miah. (See Zech. i. 4, and Jer. xviii. 11 ; Zech.iii.8, and Jcr.xxiii.5.) t 16. Some 

very ancient authorities cited bvOrigen. read "Jesus, the son of Abbas;* which Michjeli- 
says is undoubtedly tlie original reading. The word "Jesus" was omitted m later copies, 
in honor to the name. 

X 9. Zech. xi. 12, 18. 1 11. Mark xv. 2; Luke Kxiii, S; John KVlii 83. 

Uark XV. 9 Luke xziil. i7 ; John xviii. 39. 


tJutp. 27: 18.1 


Ckap. 27 ; 2?. 

Bapa$Bav, 77 Itjo-oi/, tov \eyofxevotf Xpierov ; 

Bnrabtiaff or Jesus the bong called Chrut? 

•^IliSct ynpf 6ti Sia (pOovoy irape^coKav avrov, 

ne knew for, that thrcm^li emy they had delivered op hinu 

^^ KaOrifievou Be avrov firi tov ^Tj/xaros, an€<r- 

Beiog seated and ofliim upon the tribunal, tent 

Tei\e vpos avTOu 7) yvvr] avrov y \eyovcra' 

to bim the wife ofhiiu, saying i 

MrjBep trot Kai rep diKaicp cKeivcp' iroWa yap 

Mothioff tothee and to the just one thatj many things for 

firaOoy atjixcpou Kar' ovap 5t' avrov, ^^Ol 

I suffered this dJty in a dream because of him. The 

5e apxi^p^ts Kai 01 rrpicrfivrepoi ^ireiarav rovs 

but faigh-prieats and the elders persuaded the 

ox^ovSi iya airricruvrai rov Bapa$l3ayy rov Se 

(rowels, th&t they should ask the fiaiabbas, the and 

Irjcruuy airo\€crco(riv. ^^AiroKptdeis Se 6 Tjyc/xwj/ 

Jesus they might destroy. Answering and the governor 

fiTTfv avTOiS' Tiva 6e\er€ airo rwv Svo airoKvao} 

said tothemi Which wish yon of the twu I shall release 

vfxiv ; Oi Se eiirov Bapa^^av. ^'^Aeyeiav- 

toyouf They aod said) Barabbas. Kesays to 

rots b UiXaros' Tx ovu ironjcra) Irjerovj/y rov 

them the Pilatet What then shallldo Jesus, the 

Kiyofxevov Xptarov; Aeyovctu *f at/rqi)] iravres' 

being called Christ? They say L'"'*'™!) »1U 

"^.TavpcaOTiTco. ^'O Se i]ycfia}V ecpT]' Tt yap 

Let him be crucified. The and governor saidi What for 

KaKov eiroirjtrev ; Ol Se TrepKracas eKpa^ov, 

evil has he done? They but vehemently cried, 

keyovreSy UravpcaOrjrco, 

saying | Let bim be crueified. . 

''^ iScav Se 6 UiKaros 6ri ovS^v axpeXeiy 

Seeing and the Pilate that nothing pro tits, 

oXXa fiaWou Qopv^os yiperaiy Ka^u>v vdwpy 

but rather a tumult is made, t.ilung water, 

aireviyparo ras ;j|f6tpos aneyavri tov ox^ow, 

he washed the hands before the crowd, 

Keycov Adcoos (i/xi airo rov al/xaros *{tov 

saying ; Innocent I am from the blood [of the 

SiKaiov^ rovrov v/xeis orpeaOe. 25 Kqj airoKpi' 

just] of this t you shall see. And answer* 

deis iras b Aaos eiin' To alfxa avrov €<p* TjfiaSy 

ing all the people eaidi The blood of him upon us, 

Kat eiri ra reKva r\fxu)V, ^Tore aireXvcrev 

and npoD the caildren of us. Then he rcjeased 

*.vrois rov BapajBjSoi/, rov Se \-r)<Tovv <ppaye\- 

te them the Barabbas, the and Jesua baling 

\w<Tas irapeScaKeVf iva aravpcadj], 

•courged he delivered up, that he mi^'ht be crucified. 

^ Tore 01 arparioorai rov vyf/j-ouos vapa\a- 

Then the &oldien of the governor taking 

Barabbas? or that Jesul 
who is named Christ V 

18 For he knew Thai 
they had deli ^ered him up 
thiough Euvy. 

19 And while he wa« 
sitting on the tribunal, 
his WIFE sent to k^jx, say» 
in», *' Have nothing to d» 
with that ivsi {«7son j 
for I have euiFered much 
t thi3-<lay, in a Sreaiu, be- 
cause of him." 

20 I But the HIGH. 
PRIESTS and the Eldeks 
persuaded the crowds to 
ask for Barabbas, and to 
destroy Jesus. 

21 And the goveenoe 
anwering, «aid to them, 
"Which of the TWu do 
you wish me to release 
to you ? " And they said, 

23 Pilate says to them, 
"What til en shall 1 do to 
'THAT Jesus, who IS named 
Clirist?" They all say, 
" Let him be crucified." 

23 And *HE said, (No;) 
"for what Evil haa he 
doner" But thky vehe- 
mently cried, saying, "Let 
him be crucified." 

24 And Pilate, perceiv- 
ing that he had no influ- 
ence, but rather a Tumult 
was made, $ taking Water, 
he washed his hands be- 
fore the CROWD, saying, 
"I am innocent of *thi8 
BLOOD ; see »ou to it." 

25 And All the people 
answering, said, J"Hia 
BLOOD rest ou us, and oa 


26 He then released t<j 
them Barabbas ; and 
having Bcourged tlEsus, 
he delivered him up to be, 

27 Then the sOLOTEaa 
of the GOVEKA'OR having 

• Vatican Manuscript.— CI. Baradbab*. 22. toLim— ointi, 23. ub said. 

24, JUST — ontif. 24. this blood ; see. 

1 19. It is to be observed, that by this day is meant this night. This may seem a stranpe 
interpretation, till it is considered, that the day, accordin?? to the reckoning' in Judea, l)e!»:iu 
on the eveninjj before Pilate's wife sent this messag-e to her husband; and that therefore 'A« 
■night in which she had lier dream, was a constituent part of what she meant b\ tk\s riov. 
Tins IS aerrceahle to what we read in Gen. i. 5; "the evening and the morning were the lirst 
(Jay."— /iiii/iop Pearce. 

t 20 Mark xv. 11 : Luke xsiii. 18; John xviu. 40; &.ct3 iii. ?4. 
V ■.;5. Deut. XII. 10; Acts v, 2S 

t 24. Deui. xxi. ¥ 

Cliap. 27 28.] 


lC}mp. 27: 37. 

Qopres rov It](Tovv tis ro irpai^eopiov, o'vvri'^a- 

tbe Jems into the Judgiuent hall, they gathered 

yov €11^ awoif A\t]V rrjv av€ipav, *'Kat c/cSu- 

togetha to him whole the company. And having 

ffavrei ovTov, vepieOrjKar avTcp p^AojUvSa kokki- 

stripped him, they put OD to him a soldier's cloak scar- 

vr]v. ^Kai vKe^avres <m<pavov e^ aKavduv^ 

let. And braiding a crown of thorns, 

eireQriKav eirt rrjv Ke(f>a\T}y avTOV, Kai KaXafxov 

placed upon the bead of him, and a reed 

€7rt T7)i' te^iau avTov Kai yovvrreTrjo'avTes 

on the right of him; and bending the knee 

ep-TTpoadetr at/rov, eveirat^ov avr^, Aeyovres' 

in presencH of him, mocked him, saying; 

Kaipe^ 6 Pa<ri\€vs rcop lov^aiwv. ^Kai efiirrv- 

Hail, the kin^ ofthe Jews. And spit- 

<rauT€S ets avrov, €\a$ou rov KaKa/noVf Kai 

ting on him, they took the reed, and 

ervTTTov €is Tr}V Ke(pa\r}V avrtv, ^^ Koi Sre 

struck on the head of him. And when 

€V€Trai^av aur&j, e^e^vaap avrou TTjy ;if A.a|UuSa, 

they had mocked him, they took off him the soldier's cloak, 

Kai eviovaav avrov ra Ifxaria avTov Kai anr)- 

and put on him the garments ofhimi and led 

yayop avrov eis to (rravpuaai, ^ E^epxofxevoi 

away him into the to be crucified. Going out 

8e, evpou avOpwirov K.vpr)vaiovy ovofiari ^ip-wva' 

and, they met a man aCyrenian, byname Simon j 

rovTov rtyyapevtrav, lua apt} top cravpop 

him they compelled, that he might carry the cross 

avTOv. ^^Kai tXdopres €is tottop \eyo/j.€vop 

of him. And coming into a place being called 

VoXyoOa, 6 eart Keyofievop Kpapiov tottos, 

Golgotha, cirhieb U being called of a skull a place, 

'■^ (SaiKap avT^ irtup o^os fiera x^^vs fx^fiiy- 

they gave to him to drink vinegar with gall having been 

licvov Kai yevcrafievos, ovk fiBeXi irieip. 

nixed ; and having tasted) not be would drink. 

^^ravpcaaraPTes Se avrop^ SiefiepKrauro to 

Crucifying and him, they divided the 

ifiaria aurov, ^aWopres KXijpop, ^Km KaOrj- 

garments ofhlm, casting aloU And being 

fiepoi €T7}povv avrov €Kei, ^ Kai iircdrjKap 

seated they watched him there. And they placed 

led Jes-^s into the t pbje- 

TOBiUM, gathered togethet 
against him the Whole 


28 And * clothing him, 
Jthey put ou him a sol- 
dier's f scarlet CloaL 

29 JAnd wreathing a 
Crown of Acanthus, they 
placed it on his head, and 
put a Reed in his EiGHt 
hand; and kneelin* before 
him, they mocked hint, 
saying, "'Hail, * King of 
the Jews!" 

30 1 And spitting on him, 
they took the eeed. and 
struck him on the head. 

81 And when they had 
insulted him, they divest- 
ed him of the soldiek's 
CLOAK, and clothed him 
with his own raiment, 
and led him away to be 


32 JAnd going out, they 
met a Cyrenian, named 
Simon ; f)ini they compel* 
led to cari^ his C£Oss. 

33 And having arrived 
at a Place called Golgo. 
tha, wtuch is ealled, a 
Place of a Skull, 

34 % they gave him 
* Wine to drink, mixed 
with Gall; which, bav. 
ing tasted, he wuuld not 

85 JAnd after nailing 
him to the cross, they 
distributed his gakments 
by Lot. t 

36 And sitting down, 
they watched him there. 

37 And over his head 

• Vaticah Manuscbipt.— 28. clothing him, they put on him. 29. King ofthe 

Jews. 34. Wine. 

t 27. The palace ofthe Roman jgovemor was so called. But here the court-yard in front 
ofthe Praetorium seems meant. The B'^nian Prsetorlum had been Herod's palace. It stood 
to the west ofthe temple. The road from the Praforium entered the temple by a bridge over 
the valley at the south-west comer. t 28. The color distinguished it as suitable for a 

man of high rank in the army ; but in shape the clamt/a was the same for the emperor and 
for the common soldier. This was put on him to ridicule his pretensions to the title of a 
king. t 29. It does not appear, that this crown was intended to torture his head, but 

rather to mock his claim to royalty. Dr. Clarke s ys, " Mark. chap. xv. 17 ; and John, chap. 
xi.\. b, term it stephanon akanthinon, which may very well be translated an ^lteanthine ercwn, 
or wreath formed out ofthe branches ofthe herb acanthus, or bear's foot. This, however, is 
a prickly plant, thougrh nothing like thorns, in the common meaning of that word.' 
+ 35. The clause found in the Common Version, "that it might be fulfilled which was spokeo 
by th£ prophet, 'Thev parted my garments among them, and upon my vesture did they cast 
lots; " IS found in comparatively few MSS., and has no jjace in the ancient versions. 

t 27. Mark xv. W; John xix. 2. t 28. Luke xxiii. 11 . 

t 30. Isa . 1 . 6. J 32. Mark TV. V. ; Luke xxiii. 26. t -ll. Psa 

Vs.i.< Johnz.*x. 2S. 

t 29 Psa-lsix 19 

.btix.n. tsft 

(?hap. 27: 38.] 


[C^ap. 27: .48 

firay<0 rrjs K€(pa\ris avrov ti]v airiav avrov 

abore the head of him the accutation of him 

yeypafj-fJiiVT^V "Owtos icriv Itjctous 6 fiacriXevs 

having been written ; " XUi* it Josu« th« kiuf 

rwp lovtaiuvt 

ofthe Jew*." 

**ToT6 (rravpovvrat <tvv avrf dvo \Tj(rrai' 

Then were crucitied with him two robbers i 

fis eK 6e|iaj«/, Kai els e| ffuvv/bLwu. '^^ Ol 

one by "ght, and one S'- left. Those 

5e Trapairopfvo/xevot e^\a<T<prifj.ovy avrov, 

uid pas-sing along reviled him, 

Kn'ovvres Tas K^(pa\as avrwVy "^Kat Ke'yov- 

shaking the beads of them, and aa;- 

res* *0 KaraKvuiv tov vaov^ Kai tv rpi(Tiv 

ing; He overtlirowing the temp'e, and In thiee 

r)/xepais oiKodofiwUf ffttxrou aeavroy ci vlos 

dajB buildingi save thyself; if aiioa 

ft rov CeoK, Kara^-qBt atro rou erravpov. 

thou art ofthe God, comedown from the cross. 

*^ 'O/uLOLws Se Kai oi apx^^p^i-^t CfJi.'irat^ovTes iiera 

Likewise and also the hi^-pneste, mocking with 

rwv ypa/ji.uaTecDV Kai vpftr^vrtpuVy e' .eyov 

the scribea and elders, aaid; 

•- AA\oi»s T](ru}(reVt eavrov ou dvuarai cuaaf €i 

Others he saved, himself not is able to suVl X 

^acriKevs l(Tpar}\ etTTi, Kara^arca vvv airo Tov 

a king of Israel he is, let him come down now from the 

iT-ravpovy Kai iriiTT€V(TOiJ.ev avTca, -TleiroiBiv 

cross, and we will give credit to him. He trusted 

67rt rov $€0V ftvaacrdo) vvv avrov^ et BeKei 

io the God.. let bim ie«cua now him, tfbexisLes 

avrov €t7re yap- 'On Oeov ft/xi vlos. ■*"* To 

him; faesaid tor; Tuat of God tarn a son. That 

5" oi'TO Kai 01 \r)(Traiy ol avaravpwOfvres 

ffarongh it also the robbers, those being crucified 

av7(f}, (aveiSi^ov avrov. 

w.'ib bim, leproactiea bim 

'*-'"A7ro Se LKrrjs u>pas (TKoros eyevsro ^tti 

From now suta boor darkneas was on 

9a(rav r-qv yr)Vy ca>s a>pa$ evvarTjs. ^riepi 5e 

all the land, till hour ninth. About and 

rriv tvvarrjif wpav ave^ori(rev 6 lrj(r-v$ <p(i>vr] 

(ne oiatk lioar cried out the Jesua with a voice 

iiiya\r)f Keytov HAi, rjAr Aa/icc aaffaxOavi ; 

gicat, Bajnngi Eli, Elij lama saba^'.thani? 

To'jr^ etrrr 0ee ^ov, Qff fiov ivari /xe eyKare- 

thac i*{ O God of me,0 Godof n>e: why me haatthou 

AtireSj *^Tiv€S Se rwv fKei iarcortov, ukov- 

forsatenf Some and of those there standing, having 

cavreSf eXcyov 'On H\iav cpuvei ovros. ^Kai 

heard, said: For Elias becriea this. , And 

cufleojs Spafjiuv ch 6| avrutVy Kai Ka^wv 

immediately ruauing one of ihem, and taking 

WTToyyoVf irKr}<ras re o^ovs, Kai vepideis 

a sponge, filling and of vinegar, and Mtcching 

I they placed his accusa. 
Tio.N in writing, "This i< 
Jesus, fflie KING of tha 

38 J At the same time, 
Two Robbers were cruci- 
fied with him, one at his 
lli'Mit hand, and the other 
at Ills Left. 

39 J Now those passing 
by,_ reviled him, shaking 
their heads, 

40 and saying, "Des- 
troyer of the TEMPLE f 
and Builder of it in Three 
Days, SH\e thyself. If thou 
art a Son of * God come 
down from the cross." 

41 In like manner also, 
the HIGH-PRIESTS with 
the SCRIBES and Elders^ 
deriding, said, 

42 " He saved Others j 
Himself he cannot save. 
*Is he the Kinc; of Is- 
rael r let liim now descend 
from the cross, and we 
will believe *on him. 

He confided in God 5 
let him rescue now, if he 
delights in him; for he 
said, ' I am God's Son.' " 

44 Those eobbebs als6, 
who were CRUciriEo witK 
him, reproached him. 

45 JNow from the Sixth 
Hour there was fDarkness 
on AU the land nil the 
ninth Hoiu-. 

40 And about the ninth 
Hour, Jesus exclaimed, 
with a loud Voice, saying, 
"Ell, Eh, lama sabach- 
thani?" that is, "My God', 
my God! why hast thou 
forsaken me :" 

47 And some of thoek 
STANDING there, hearing 
him, said, "He calls for 

48 X And immediately 
one of them ran, and tak- 
ing a Sponge ftUed it with 
Vinegar, and putting it 

• Vatican MA»tJscBiPT.-~40. God. 42. lahethe KinKOflsmel? 42. on him. 

t 4S. The darlcness which occuired at this time was noticed as aprodiiry bv the heathens 
themselves. Tertullian appeals in ApoKc. 21, to the record of it i!n the "Roman archives. 
It is highly improbable that it extended any fm-ther than the land of Judea. 

J 37. Mark xv. •2&i Luke xxiin S8 ; John xix. 19, t 8S. Isa. liii 12 1 so Ps* 

ixi;. 7 ; oii. 23. t to. Mark xv,3:J; Luke tsiii 44. t 48. Psa. lx:ix. 21. 

Cfiap. 27 •. 4.] 


[Oiup. '27: 57. 

KaXajULO), (TTOTiCfy avrov. ^^ Ol Se KoniOi 

toarecd, gave to drink him. The but othen 

fKeyoy A(^6S* i^ojxev, €t epx^rai HAias, 

said; Lejve alone, we mny see, if comes Elias, 

(raxTwv avrov. °'^ 'O 5e \r]crovs, traXiv Kpa^as 

willbeeaving him. The then Jesus, ajain crying 

<p(t}V7) fjicyaXri, a(priK€ to Truev/xa, 

with a voice great, resigned the breath. 

^^Kai i5ou, TO KaraTTfTacTiJiaTovvaov ea'xi'CQ'ri 

And lo, the curtain ofthetemple was rent 

€is dvo, airo aua^dey ecos KaTW Kai ri yv eo"" 

into two, from above to below; and the earth was 

€41X07), Kai at TTfTpai ((TX'^^Sv'^O'Vi ^'- Kai to 

shaken, and the rocks were rent, and the 

fivTjIxfia ave&.'X^Tjcraj'* Kai noWa cra)fxaTa T<av 

tombs were opened; and mariy bodies of the 

R(Koiixy)ixiVwv ayiwv "nyepO-q, ^-^ Kai f^(X6ovT€S 

having been asleep holy ones were raised, and coming forth 

€« rwv ixvriijLeiwv, jxera ti]V fyepiriv avrov 

from the tombs, after the resunection ofhim 

fi(T-n\Qov (is T-qv ayiav iroXiu, Kai ev0(pai'La-Qriaau 

went into the holy city, and appeared 


to many. 

^* 'O Se eKaravTapxos Kai oi /xer' avrov 

The and ce«turion and those with him 

Tr]povvT€s rov Irjcrovj', idovrcs top (reia/xoy 

watching the Jesus, seeing the earthquake 

Kai ra y^vofieva, i<po^-r]6r\<Tav (r<po^pa, 

and the things being done, t bey were afraid much, 

\€yovTes' AK-qOws Q^ov vlos f]V otros. 

saying; Truly of God a son was this. 

^ Hrrav Se e/cei yvvaiK^s iroKXai airo fxaK- 

Were and there women many from a di«- 

poflev Oecapovrrar alrives 7]Ko\ovQri(Tav ry lr)(Tov 




the Jesns 



OTTO TT]S FaXiXaias, diaKovova-ai avrcf 

from the Galilee, ministering to him; among 

ais rtv Mapta 7} May^aX-qurj, Kai Mapia 7] rov 

whom was Mary the Magdalene, and Mary the of the 

laKcojSoy Kai Ia)(r?j fiiT^vp, ^ai t] /xnrvp rcoi^ 

James and Jose* mother, and the mother of the 

VLC!}1> Zf$fbaiov. 

tons ofZebedee. 

57 Oxpias S€ yevojJKvnSj rjkOcv avQpcairos 

Evening and being come, came a man 

irKovaioi airo Api/iadaias, Tovvofxa loxrricp, 6s 

rich from Ajrimathea, byname Joseph, who 

on a Eeed, gave him U 

49 Eut OTiiJcas said. 
"Let him alone; let us see 
whether Elijah will come 
to save '*him." 

50 X Then Jesus cryins; 
out ag:.iin M'itli a loud 
Voice, expired. 

51 $ And, behold, +the 

VEIL of tlie TKMPI.K Wa3 

rent in Two from top to 
i)ottom ; and the earth 
trembled, and the kock3 
w»re rent ; 

52 and the tombs were 
opened; and Many Bodies 


were raised ; 

53 and coming forth 
from the to jibs, after his 
tiie HOLY City, and ap- 
peared to Many. 

54 t Now the CENTU- 
RION and THOSE with 
him WATCHING Jesus, 
seeing the earthquake. 
and the events occurring, 
were greatly afraid, say- 
ing, *' This was certainly a 
Son of God." 

55 And many Women 
were there, t beholding at 
a distance; these had fol- 
lowed Jesus from Gali. 
LEE, ministering to him ; 

56 among them were 
Mary of Magdala, and 
Mary the mother of 
James and Joses, and the 

MOTHER of the SONS of 


57 And Evening being 
come, a rich Man came 
from Arimathea, named 

• Vatican Manuscbipt. — i9. him. And another took a spear, and pierced his sidh 
and there came out Blood and Water. 

t 51 In Solomon's Temple the sanctuary was divided from the holy of holies by a wall, 
beyond which the veil fell; but in Herod's Temple, as Maimonides relates, a second veil, at 
the distance of a cubit from the first, supplied the place of the waU. That it was the inte. 
tior veil belongins? to the holy of holies, which was rent at the crucifixion is clearly Inti. 
■mated in Heb. ix. 8; x. 19, as well as by the term which the Evaii£?elist has employed to 
designate it. + 55. So Mark and Luke; nor are they inconsistent with .John xix. 25, 

where our Lord's mother and the other two women are said to have stood beside the cross. 
They kept at a distance for a while; and afterwards as the darkness came over, ^a' i- 
ered courage, and came so near that Jesus had an opportunity to speak to them before he 
expired. — Macknight 

♦ 50. Mark xv. .37; Luke xiiii. 47. t 51. Exod. xxvi. 81 ; 2 Chron. ill. 14 : 64. 
Mark xv. 42 ; Luke ixiii. 50; John xix- 33. 

Ckap. If!: 58.] 


[Chap. 27: 66. 

Kai axnos e/xaBrjrevfe rtf) Itjo-ow. *'*Out»$ 

ilao him&elf nas discipled to the Jesiu. Ha 

TTpocrsKOusv Tcp lliAarcp jiTrjcraTO to ccefia rov 

coming to the PiUte requested the body of the 

Irjaov, Tore d HiXaros e/ceAevo'ev airodoOrii/ai 

Jesua. Then the Pilnte ordered to be given 

TO acD/xa, ^^Kot Ka^cav ro aootna 6 lco(rr)<pf 

the body. And taking the body the Joseph, 

ev€Tv\i^ey avTo (rtvSoi^i Kadapa' ^"/cat e6r}KiV 

wrapped it fine lineu cloth clean i and laid 

avTO ey rep Kaivcp avTov fivri/j.ei^y 4 c\aro/jLTj- 

it in the new of himself tomb, <rhich he had 

(rev ev tt; irerpa' Kai rrpoaKvKiaas Xidov ueyay 

hewn lo the rock{ and having rollrd a stone great 

TJ7 6vpa rov fivrjineiov, airri\6(v, ^^ Hy Se 

of the door of the tomli, he » ent tivray. Waa and 

6/c6t Mapia 7) MaySaXrivrjy Kai 7] aWrj Mapia, 

there Miry the Magdalene, and the other Maiy, 

KaOriixfyai airevavTi rov Ta(pov, 

sitting over against the sepulchre. 

^Tt; 5e eiravpioVf tjtis eart /uera TTjy irapa- 

Thenow next day, which is after the prepa- 

(TKevTjVf avvT^x^VT^v ol apxiepeis Kai ol ^api- 

ration, were assembled the Jt»i:,'U-priest» and the Pliaii- 

aaioi irpos IliAaToy, ^ hiyoyres' Kvpie, 

see* to Pilate, saying; O sir, 

^lJLvr](r6r]ij.ev, bri sKeiyos S irXauos enrey crt 

we remember, that that tlie deceiver eaid while 

{^ccv Mera rpsis rjfxepas eyeipoimai, '^ Ke- 

livingi After three days I trill arise. Do 

\evcroy ovy accpaKKrOrivat rov ra(poy ews 

thou command therefore to be uia<le fast the tomb till 

TTjs rpiTrjS rifiepast /tteTrore €\6ovt€S ol ju.a67]- 

the third day, lest coming the disci- 

Tot auTou, K\f:y\'o}<riy avrov^ Kat cnrcvcrt rw 

pies of him, Diightsteal him, rnd mi^-l. t say to the 

AaoD* HyepB-/) airo rcnv veKpoov Kai earai 

people( He has been raised from the dead; and will be 

7] ea^aTTj rrXavrj x^'P'^*' '''V^ irpwrrjs. ^E(pr] 

the labt fraud woi>e of the fiist. Said 

avrois 5 IliXaros' ExfTe KoucTTcobiav' virayeTe, 

to thein the Pilatej You have acu:irdi goyou, 

aacpakinraTdef W5 oiSare, ^^Ol de -jropevdeyrfs 

make fast, as you know. They and going 

7]a<pa\io'ayro rov raipoVf acppayKxavres rov 

made fast the tomb, hiaviuj sealed tbe 

KidoVy iJ-era rrjs K0vaTCi}5ias, 

stone, with the g\iard. 

X Joseph, who also himself 
was tiiscipled to Jesus. 

58 ?^e going to Pn,ATB 
requeattd the body of Je. 
sus. Then Pii.ATK or- 
dered * it to be given. 

59 And JosifPir, talcing 
the BODY, Wrapped it ia 
pure, fine Linen, 

60 J and laid it in his 
own NEW Tomb, which 
lie had excavated in tlie 
KOCK ; and having rollt d 
a great Stone to the door 
of the TOMB, he departed. 

61 And Mart of Mao- 
da la was there, and the 
OTHER Mary, sitting ou- 
posite the tomb. 

63 Now on the 5iob- 
Eow, which is after t the 
phepakation, the high- 
PEiEsTs and PnARisEza 
convened before Pilate, 

83 srving, " Sir, we re- 
collect that that impostcr 
said, while living, J ' Af- 
ter Three Day 3 I will 

64 Comnxand, therefore, 
the tomb be made 8e« 
cure til J the thied Day, 
lest * the DISCIPLES conie 
iuid steal him, and say 
to the people, 'He ia 
raised from the dead;* 
and eo the last Error 
v.ould be worse than the 


65 Pilate said to them, 
t " You have a Guaid ; jro, 
make it as sectire u you 
know how." 

66 And departing, the* 
secured the tomb with t)i9 
GUARD, J having sealed 
the stone. 

• Vaticah Mawuscbipt.— 58. it to be given. 64. the disciples. 

t 62. denoted the day preceding any aabbfith or festival, as being that on which 
tne prepmatiun for its celebration was to be made. t 65. The Jews had a Koman 

guard appointed them f.)r the security of the temple. It was usually stationed in the castle 
of Antonio, but removed during festivals to the outer court of the temple, to quell any tu. 
mult that might arise in the citv. Pilata gave them leave to employ this guard for their 
present purpose. t 66. A mode of security in use from the earliest times, and which 

supplied the place of locks. See Dan. vi. 17. It was usual to affix the seal to the '■xtremities 
ofa cord or leathern band, passin:? over the stone. But how futile were the machination'' 
of his enemies in order to prove him to be an impostor ! Let it be remembered that the tomb 
was new, and excavated out of the rock— was contiguous to Jerusalem— a great stone wa* 
placed at the entrance, and was scaled to prevent deception— and a guard to protect the bodj 
All these facts are strong presumptive proof;* of the reality of the resurrection. 

t 57. Mark xv. 49 ; Luke sxiii. 50 ; John xix. US. 1 60. Isa. liii. d. t OS. Matt 

xvi.21: xvii.23; xx.lO; xxvi.fil; Mark viii.31 ; x.34: Lukeix.2:; xviil.38; xxiv.6,7 
John ii. 19. t 66. Dan. vi. 17. 

ClUip. S8: 1.] 


{Chap. 28: 10 

KE*. Krf. 28. 

After now sabbath, to the dawniog into 

fii>v (ra^^aruiv, 7jA0e Mapia "^ MaySaXTij/rj , 

first of week, came Mary the Magdalene, 

jcat 7) a\.Kt] Mapia, deojprjcrai rov rafpov. ^' Kaj 

and the other Mary, to see the tomb. And 

iSov, (reKr/JLOS ^yevero fxcyas' ayyeXos yap 

lo, a shaking occurred great; a messenger for 

Kvpiov, Karafias e^ ovpavou, irpoffeXQcav aireKv- 

ofalord, descending from heaven, approaching rolled 

Ki<Te rov KiQov *[o7ro ttjs B\ipas,'\ fcai eKaOr^ro 

awav the stone [froni the door,] and sat 

iirafcc avTOv. ^ Hu 5e t] ISea avrov ws atrrpa- 

upou it. Wm and the aspect of him like light- 

■TTTj, Kai TO €p5vfj.a avTov XavKou o^tret x''^^- 

Bing, and the garments of him white as snow. 

^Atto 8e rov (po^ov avrov ea-eiadrjaav ol 

Fr^m and the fear of him shook the 

TTjpovvrcs, Kai cyeuovro waei vcKpoi. ^ Attok- 

keepei-s, and became as dead (men.) An- 

piOeis 5e 6 ayye\os enre rais yvuai^r]' Mtj 

iwering and the messenger said to the women; Not 

ipo^€C(Tde ufjLeis' otSa yap, dri Irjcrovy ruv 

be afraid you; I know for, that Jesus that 

icrravpwjxfvov ^rfreire. ^ Ou/c ((Ttiu &de. 

having been crucified yen seek. Not he is here ; 

Tjyepdrf y^Pi nadoos eiTre. Aeure, jSere 

he has been raised for, even as he said. Come, see 

roy roTTou, ottov eK€iro 6 Kvpios. ^ Kat raxv 

the place, where lay the Lord. And quickly 

trop^vdeicrai enrare rois fxadrjrais aurovj on 

going tell the disciples of him, that 

7]yep6T} OTTO rav v^Kpwv Kat iBov, irpoayfi 

he has been raised from the dead; and lo, he goes before 

v/xas ^is r7}v TaXiKaiav eKei avrov o\p€(Tde' 

vou into the Galilee; there him yeuwillsee; 

tSou, eiTTov ifxiv. 

lo, 1 told you, 

^ Kat €^€\6ov(Tai raxv airo rov fivrifjidov 

And coming eut quickly from the tomb 

fiera (pofiov Kai xc-P^^ ixeyaX'qsy f^pa/uLov avay- 

with fear and joy great, they ran to in- 

yeiXai rois fxadrfrais avrov. ^'^'\_'ns 5e enop- 

form the disciples of him. [As and they 

fvovro airayyeiKai rots fiadrjrais avrov,'\ Kai 

went to inform the disciples of him,] and 

tSou, Irjcrovs avrivrrjerev avr ais, Xeyoiv 

lo, the Jesus met them, saying; 

"^aiperf:. At Se Trpo<Fe\6ov(rai cKparrjaav avrov 

Hail you. They and having appreached laid hold of him 

tovs TfoSas, Kai TrpoaeKvvriaav avrai. ^•'Tore 

the feet, and prostrated to him. Then 

Aeyej avrais 6 lt]ffovs' Mtj <po^€ia-de- inrayere, 

says to them the Jesus ; Not be afraid ; go you, 

airayyeiKare rois aSe\<pois /xov, iva aweXOwaiv 

inform to the brethren of me, so that they may go 

CIS rf]V raXiKaiav, KaK€i fie o-^ovrai. 

into the Galilee, and there me they shall see. 


1 X ^ow after the Sab- 
bath, as it was ijawninq 
to the first day of the 
\Veek, Mary of Magdala, 
and the other Mary, 
went to see the tomb. 

2 And, behold, a great 
Shaking occurred; for an 
Angel of the Lord descend- 
ing from Heaven, came 
and rolled back the stoke ; 
and sat upon it. 

8 :|: And his appear- 
ance was like Liehtniug, 
and his \estments white 
as Snow ; 

4 and from fear of him 
the nuAEDs trembled, and 
became as Dead men. 

5 And the angel an- 
swering, said to the wo- 
men, '■ I3e not gou afraid; 
for I know That you seek 
THAT Jesus who was CRC- 

6 He is not here ; for he 
has been raised, even as 
he said. Come, see the 
PLACE M'here *he lay. 

7 And immediately go 
and tell his disciples 
That he has been raised 
from the dead ; and, be- 
hold, I he precedes you to 
Galilee; there you will 
see Hini; behold, I have 
told you." 

8 And coming out im- 
mediately from the tomb, 
with I'ear and great Jov, 
they ran to tell his dis- 

9 X And, behold, Jesus 
met them, saying, " Re- 
joice!" And THEY having 
approached, clasped his 
FEKT, and prostrated to 

10 Then Jesus sayrf to 
them, " Be not afraid ; go 
f. inform my brethren, sr^ 
that they may go to Gau- 
lee, and there they will 
see Me." 

• Vatican Manuscript.— 2. from the door— omi?. 6. he lay; so Tischendorf 

9. as they were g'oing to tell his disciples— oniii .• so Lachraann and Tischendorf. 

t 1. Mark xvi. 1 ; Luke xxiv. 1 ; John xx. ) % 3. Dan x. 6. t 7. Matt. xxvi. 82 

Mavk xvi. % X 9. Mark xvi. Vk JoUu xx 14. t 1<>. John xx. 1"; Bom. viii. 29. 

tuap. f 9t tni 


fffhap, 29 : 99. 

^^Ilopevoixcvwv Of avTcay, i5oo, rives ttjs 

Coin; sway and oftheoi, lo, somo oftbe 

Kovcmodiasr €\Ootn-es €js Trjp-iroXtVyairrjyyciXay. 

iM^epor?, ^ominj irtto^the city, to!J 

Tois apx'fpevo'rroTrcun-a ra yevofxeva. •■^Kat 

to>the liigb (iricsts all the (thin;^)'havi3g been done. And 

cvyaxOevr-^s uera Tooif. TrpcaBuTepay^ avix^ov- 

r'beui; assembled virb ' the eUlers, counsel' 

J^tOT T6 AojSoi^es, apyvpta iKuva cdcoKay rots 

vdA takin;, pieces of silver pulHcieut .they;^g.iv? to Uie 

crparicoTaiSt Xeyoures' ^^ EiTrare, 'Ori ol 

'sotdten, sajins; Say you. That the 

ftccOfirat ooTou, yvKTos /eXdovreSt eKhe^ay, 

disciples otiucq by night cuming, Uoia 

<xvT0Vt.Tjp.03V Koifia)fiev<cp. l*Kat ear* aKOVcrOri 

turn, ol us bung asleep. And if ehoold be reported 

vovro €7r» TOt/ 7]j(/j.oyoSy o)fj.eis ir^tapinev cwtoj/,, 

this to the governor, u-e <ii!I> persuader liim, 

jfoi vfx.a^a[xfpifivovs irot7}trofi.ev. ^ Ot Se Aa^' 

attd you free Irom care we«villiijake. They and •ItaviDg 

ovres ra apyvpia, eTroiricray «[>s eSthax&VC^y- 

received the pieces of eilvcr, ' did as they were taoght, 

Kat Si^pTijutaO-q 6 Xoyos avros a-apa lovdatots. 

And 13 spread abroad'the tford. tlli* ,- AiaoDg ~ Jteus 

/texpt T-qs iXT)ixcpoVi, ^ 

till the -day. 

'•^ Oj 5^ evSexotjxaOrjrat etropivtricrav ^xs ttiv 

The and eleveo. disciple* went to the 

TaXihaiaVf^'fis ro opas,^ 6v ira^aTo avrot^ o 

CaUiee,' to, the mountaiD,vh£re had appornted^ them the 

Jijcrovs. '^ Kat .tdovres jxirroVy Trpocre/cuTjo'co' 

Je«j>. And 6(^ng' him, Iheyv^oMraied 

avTtp' Ol Se eStcracrca'. ^^Kat TrpoaeXOwv i 

jtohim; they but doubled. And approaching the 

l77<rous, cAciAccej' ovtois, KeyKav EdoOri p.ot. 

Jesus, spoke' to Iheto, sayings Has been R;iTeri'toine 

"naaa c^ovciaev ovpav<^-Kat ^vi yi)s, ^^Tiopev- 

all aulhoriry in lieavea and on earth. Going 

■:0€VT€S jJLa9r)Ttv(raTe TrdVTaTa.edvT}^ 0airrt^ov' 

forth disciple you all the oaUons, immeis- 

Tes ttVrovs eis to ovofxa^ tou vaTpos- Kat rov 

■tsg them into the name of the btbrr and of lb? 

^loviKatrTOO uyiov wev/xetrds' ^^ix<io''<ovT€S. 

son and oftbe holy 'Cpirit:^ teaching 

<ivTovs'T7ipeiv TTovray ^To. €veTet\afi7tV'Vfiiv.i 

(hem to observe all, whatever I have c'.iarged yon 

^aL i^Vy^cycofxfO'hfiayd/u-vatTas^asirj/jifpaSil 

And la» i vitb you am all th« i»j», 

Jtcos rjit mnfTciKiias Tov atavos^ 

\'tA th* cad ofthe aje> 

11 And as they wcra 
going away, some of tho 
GUAiiD, entering the CUT, 
told to -tW niGii-i'iirEST* 
All the THINGS wbidiliaU 


13 AndbcihgTasseinbUJ 
with the ELDKUs, aaU tak- 
ing Connscl^ tliey pave » 
good many SUckeis to the 


13 saying, "?<jy you, 
"^that His DiscirLKs (iinie 
by Kight, andstole liim, 
whi]e-we slept ;' 

r4-antlif this^slionld ho 
reported to the <X)VEitNOit, 
be "will pcrsuade-'liini, an4 
rnrate-jou safe." 

IS- And^t^l.qi'liavHig re*. 
Jccivcd the shekels, d;<l 
ad Ihey were instntcted j 
and this sating is rnr- 
ently reported among thai 
Jews to ^'THis day. 

16»And the eleven Dis- 
_ciples- went; to Galilee, the MOUNTAIN \vhcr» 
jESUS'hadiOrdered them. 

17 And^secinghim.they 
!(indccd):prostratcd to liim i 
hut SOME doubted. 

IS AndJEsus approach- 
Jng,, saying, 
i$*"AIl AiUthority^has becu 
imparted to-me, mJIear ea 
;aiHlon Earth. 

-19 t^Go, disciplerAll 0».> 
rNATJOMSvimniersing them 
intoithe UASiE-of the Ya- 
THEa, and ofthe SoN,.aDd 

20 tlteachmg them to 
^obsenre^-all' things, which 
.1 liave -enjoined upon 
•yinin and^ beholds 5 am. 
witii you all the mays. 
I till th'e coNsuauiAUOitoi 

♦ AiCiGOrR-D^mxi" TO M'a.^TTHE:^ 

•*TATic*a MAiruscEiPT.— 13. THisDaji Subacripfion — A'ocobdikg to Mattbbik. 

■VIS. Matt Jtt.77; Johuii*i.35t V.^.tasiiL3:vXvll,2;.Eom.xiv.O; ICor. xv.27: EpU. fc 
to,''::!; Phii:)i'0 )0: 1 Pet.tii. it, (<ia.iMarl^s»i. liir*is«bexxviw47^V^fios».-^1i» 



*accoedi:n^g TO mark. 

KE*. a'. Ic 
^ApxV tor; '^j"vy'Ye\iov Irjerov KpKTTOv, vtou 

A beginning of the .-Ir-d tidings oijesua Ciirut, a too 

»t' th<> God. As I' 15! writtea in Esaias Ae pro- 

^-rjTj}' **I8ou, €70) OTTocTeAcw Tov ayy^Xcv 

plietj "Lo, I send the messengei 

|Ltcu irpo vpoawTov irov, 6s KaraaKevaaei rrju 

of me before f^ice or thee, who wiU prepare the 

o^ou (TOV. ^^(avt) 0oct}U7os ev rrj eprj/xcp' 'Eroi- 

fv?.y of thee. A voice ryiugout Id the desert; Hake 

fi«(raT6 Tr)V odou Kvpiov^ evdeias noieiTe ras 

you ready the way ofalord, straight make j'ou the 

rpi^ovs avTov" * Eyevero IwavvrjS fianTi^cur 

beaten ways of him;" W'ai John dipping 

€v T7J tprjU'jUy tcai ICT?, vacrcov ^airrKTfxa fiera- 

ia the desert, and pul)lishin» a dipping ofrefor- 

i>oias €i<^ a(t)e(Tiv afxapTioov. * Kat e^eiropevero 

macioa in*o lo'-gi^eiic* of sins. And went out 

npos avTOV Traaa ?/ lovSaia %(wpa, Kai 01 'lepo- 

to hiua all the Judea country, and the Jeru- 

(ToXufiiTtti TcavTis' Kat e^awTi^ouTO cv rep 

ialeui alii and were dipped in the 

lopSavri V0Ta/jL{p b-Tr' avrov, (^o 01 

Jordan river by him, confessing 

ras ^^fiapTias avrcav. ® H*' Se Iwauvrjs euSeSv- 

the sins oftheiu. Was now John having been i 

fxeuos Tptx**', Kat ^covrju Sep/j-aTii^rju 

eloth hall's oCaoainei. and a belt madeofekin 

TTfpt 'Tfjv o(T(pvu avTov, Kai e(rdicoy aKptSas Kai 

Uround the loins '^fl^ioi, find eating locusts and 

(jLfXi wypiov. - Kot cKf]pv<r(Te Xeycvw Epx^''"'*' 

hoaiy wild. And he cried out Bajing; Cooies 

5 i<r)(vpor€pos fiou oiriau} "^[^ov, ] ou ovk 

thr mightier of me after 

€L/xt iKavos Kvxpas Kvaai 

lam worthy bowed down to loose 

viroSrjiuLaTwif aorov, ^ Eyw 

saudala of him. I 

tpias €U itZari 

you ia water; 

^uivpLan ayicf, 

spiiiC boly. 

[me,] ofwhom not 

rov IjxauTa rcou 

the string ofthe 

*[/i6J'] cfiaiTTicra 

[indeed] dipped 

avTos Se ^aTTTiffsi v/iias f.v 

he but will dip you i n 

^ *[Kai'] eyeucTO ev eK€ivais rais rjixcpaiSf 

[And] it came to pass in those the days, 

^■jXOep lr](Tovs arro Na^aper T779 TaXiXaiaSf fat. 

came Jesua from Kazareih ot the Galilee, and 


1 The Beginning of the 


Clu-ist, the Son of *Gcd; 

2 as it is written * tin 
the PKOPHETS, X " Behold, 
" * I send my messengeb 
"before thy Face, who will 
•' prepare thy way. 

3 J " A Voice proclaim- 
"ing in the deseet, ' Pre^ 
"pare the WAT fcr the 
"Lord, make the high- 
"WAYS straight for him." 

4 J John was immersing 
in the desert, and pub- 
lishing an Immersion of 
Reformation for Forgive- 
ness of Sins. 

5 t And resorted to him 

All the COUNTRY of Ju- 
DEA, and all those ot 
Jerusalem, and were V"- 
mersed by him in the 
river Jordan, confessing 
their sins. 

6 t Now John was cloth 
ed in Camel's Hair, with 
a Leathern Girdle encir- 
cling his WAIST; md 
eating Locusts and V/ild 

7 And he proclaimed, 
saying, J"Tlie POWEKvUt 
ONE comes after me; for 
whom I am not worthy 
to Btocp down and untie 
the strings of bis san- 

8 J I immerse yc:.. ia 
"Water, but i)e will im- 
merse you in holy Spii'it." 

9 t And it occurred, in 
Those DATS, that Jesus 
came from Nazareth of 
Galilee, and was im- 

• Vatican Mamuscript. — Title — According xo Mark. 1. God- 2. Isaiah 

tue PROPHET. 2. I send. 7. me—umit, 8. indeed — omit. 9. And— omit. 

T 2. As the common reading has an immense majority in its favor, and some noted ver- 
sions; as the quotation IS from two different prophecies, Mal.iii. 1, and Isa. xl, 2, 3, of which 
tiie nearest is not from Isaiah, butfrom Malachi; and as the Jews often say, " Js it la writ' 
ten in the I'mphets," yet it is never said in the N. T. written in a prophet, but by him ; there 
seems to be no just ground for departing from tlie received t&xt.— Campbell, W/utby, LightfooU 

t 2. MaLlji.l; Matt.xi.lO; Lukevii.27. % S. Isa. xl.3;3Iatt. iii.S; Iukeiii.4; 

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»i. Iftj xix. 4 1 1 Cor. xii. 13. I 0. Matt. iiL 13; Luke Iii. 81. 

f^tCXp. \: 10] 


'{ChapX: 20. 

wu <li[iped by John .into tke jordao. ' And 

«u0ewy,a.ivtjiv airo tou uSaros,, etSf o'X'C''" 

imioediately aacL-udinp from the waler, be saw rcud- 

fifyovs Touy oi/pavouj, _ Kot to ^^irve^jLia, <Lj 

is? tliC licjivcna, ^ and the 'pin;, a« 

Trfpi-<TTfpav, Kara^aivov^ iv >^aurov. ^^ Kcu 

» dove, dceccudio^ upoo him. And 

<puvT} ey^vero (K tuv ovpavcav '* 2u tt 6 

• <toice ciine out of Iha heavens; "Thou vt Uia 

w/os MOW i a7a7rT7Toy, ev ^ ei;5o»C77ao." 

•uo ofnielho teloved, * ia whom 1 delight." 

**Kai cuSuj TO Tn/ey/io ouTOJ' c/cj3o\A.€t-^€zs 

And immediately the spirit him • casts ., into 

TTjy cpijfJLoy. *^ Koi 7}u (u T77 eprj/jLOf rjfiepas 

(hd deacn. t And lie v<u ia the desert ^ days . 

rea'capaKomra, Vfipa^Ofxiuos vrro rov craTava, 

(unj, teiDg tempted bj the adveniiry, 

^ai iji/ /ieT4 Tuv Qjipiav Kai ol ayyfKoi 5irj- 

aiid wa« with . tho wild bcaitti and tlie meueDgara X^ouO' 
KOVOUV aUTtf). ~ "^ 

ktered to hint, 

*"*M€To 86 TO Tapaio6r]yai rov Auavinqv^ 

After DOW the to be deliverod up the John, . 

r]\Oiu & Irjcrovs fis rrju FaKiXaiayf K-qpvcTatap 

cams the Jeaus ioto tba Galilee, _ ^^^ preachiog 


TO evg,yyeKioy *[Tr)s fiacriK^tasJ^ rou 

Ihe glad tidings [of the kingdoml ^ of the '' 

^^ Kcu Xeyuy 'On veirXTipurat 6 [KatpoSf Kai 

aaJ oayiagi "^at &M been fulfilled the <: seasoo, -^ and 

tjyyiKey rf Satr.Aeta tow 0eow yaeTavocfTf/Ko* 

lia< come nigh the majesty of the God; rcrorm yon, .^: and 

■jri(rr«u€T€ fvyrtf fvayytKitp. ^^Hipiiraruv hi 

belisTejon ia the good message. . Walking 4!^ and 

v3Lpa Tijv OaXaffffov rrjs raXiXaiaSj <i5e "Siifiaova 

by the eca of the Gklilee, . he saw Simon 

xai AyZpeav rov o^f\<pov avrov, aju(f ijSaWoyTar 

and Andrew the , brother . of him, • , castio; 

a^i<pt&\t\(npov ty tj? •.CcXatrcrrj' rjaay yap 

a fishing net U the ' scat they were for 

a\tcts. *' Kat fiTT^y avrois d Itjctousv Af vre 

(ishcrt. and eaid to thcio the Jesus j Come 

oiri(T(j» itoVf Ktti iro(Tj<r« v/zay ycvecr^at aAt6»s 

aftei mc^ ° and I will make you to be fishers 

avQpwituv. ^^Kai «v&6a)r a<^ffT€y to' 8«/fTva 

of men, And immediately leaving the nets 

ovT«i', r}Ko\ovQr\(Tay avrtp. ^'Kai vpofiai 

of<b>m, they followed him. And going 

*[e»c€i0€r] oAt7o»'i ttSev luKca^oy rov rov 

[thence]' bUttls, lie saw James , th« of the 

ZejScSaioi;, Kai \otavyqv Toy aSeKipoy avrov, 

Zebedefi, and Johm the brother of him, 

Kat avrovs tf rtp xXoitp KarapTi(oyrai ra 

and thcoMcltee ia the ship were mending ~ the 

SiKrva' * Kai evOeeos fKaXeerey avrovs, Kat 

netat and itamediately he called them. And 

merscd bj JoKn Ic^ the 


10 J.\nJ ascendinp Trom 
the WATEE, instanlly he 
saw the heavens open- 
ing;, and tlie spisit, like 
a Dove descending upoa 
him. ■ •' 

11 And a Voice canus 
liom the heavkns, say-, 
iSg, X" STfjOU ait n)y son, 
the beloved; in thee I 
delight." -^ 

12 J And immediately 
the SPIRIT sent Him forta 
into the deseet. 

13 And he was in the 
DESEKT forty Days, being 
tempted by tlkC auveu- 
saky ; anu was amon^ 
the WILD BEASTS ; anil 
the ANGELS served him . 

14 I Now after Joitw 
was .imprisoned, Jesus 
came into Galilee, pub- 
lishing the GLAD TIDINGS 
of God, * 

15 and saying, J "Tlie 
TIME' has been accom- 
plished, and God's kotai. 
MAJESTY has aj>proached ; 
J Reform, and behevo ia 


16 t • And ns he was' 
passing along by the lake 
of Galilee, he saw Si-' 
mon, and Andrew *tlie 
BBOTHEB of SimoH, Cast- 
ing a Drag into the 
iAKK; for they were fish- 
ermen. "• • 

17 And Jescs said to 
them, "Come, follow me, 
and I will make you Fish- 
ers of M en. 

18 And instantly tleav. 
ing 'the kets, they fol. 
lowed him. 

19 X And going forward 
a little, he saw that 
James who is the sou of 
Zebkdee, and John his 
BKOTHEB; they also were 
in the BOAT repairing the 

KETS; ' 

20 and he immediately 

• Vaticax MatJDscaiPT.— lUtheeldellsht. 14. oftheKiWGDOM-Tomif. lfl» 

And as he was passingr aionf? by. 18. tbo hkotssr of Simon, castinif. IS. tli9 

• ITS. 10. theuc(^— osiif. 

til. Mark ix. 7. . 
t \K. Matt. Iv. 12, 2.H. t \5. Pan. fx._25; Gal. iv.4; Eph. 1. 10, 

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thap. 1 . 21.] 


lC^ 31. 

a(pevTes tov Trarepa avroav Ze^edaioy ev 

leaving the father ofthem Zebedee in 

rep ttXoi^ ^lera rcvv fjucrQwrtaVy air-qXdou 

the ship with the hireUngs, they went 

oTTitTca avTcv. 

after him. ' 

21 Kat eLffTropcvovTai eis Kair epvaovfi' Kai 

And they went into Capti iiauiu ; and 

fvB^ws Tois aali^acriv eLaeXdwv eis r-qv trvva- 

immediately to the sabbath 5°'"= into the Bjna- 

Y»yy7]V, eSidaa-Ke. ^ Kat e^eirXriaaovro e-jri 

gogue, he taught. And they were amazed at 

T7J SiSaxj) CLVTov riv yap Si^acrKcau avrovs us 

^lie teaching ot him; he was for teaching them as 

i^ovaMV ex^Dy, Kai ovx u)S ol ypa/j-fxareis, 

authority having, and not aa the scribes. 

-^ Kai 7]V iu rrj crwayccyTj avrcov auOpwiros €V 

And was in the synagoijue ofthem a man 

TryevfxaTL aKaOapref, Kat aj/eKpa^e, 2"* \€ywv 

spirit unclean, 

*[Ea,] rt Ti/JLiy 

[Let alone,] what to us 

»;\0€S airoKscrat 

»omest thou to destroy 

ayios TOV Oeov, 

holy of the God. 

and hecriedout, saying, 

Kai aoi, Irjaov "Na^^aprjve, 

and to thee, Je»ua 

7][xas: oiSa tre 

O Nazarenei 
riS €1, 6 
1 know thee who thou art, the 

^ Kai eireTi/j.r]cr6V avrcp 6 

And rebuked hitr; the 

lr)(rovs, Keyaiv ^ipLCcBr)Ti^ Ka e^eXOe ef avTov. 

Jesus, saying; Be silent, id come out of him. 

i^Kat cnrapa^av avTov ro irvevjuLa to aKadapTov, 

And convulsing him the spirit the unclean. 

Kai Kpa^au (pcovp jxeyaX-p, f^TjAOeu €^ avTOV. 

and crying a voice great, came out of him, 

27 Kai e6afil37idri(rav iravTfSy cbtrre av^rjreiy 

And they were astonished all, so as to reasoa 

TTpos auTovs, \eyouTes' Ti effTt tovto , ris V 

among themselves, saying; What is this? what the 

SidaxV V KaivT) avTT) ; bTi kut* €^ov(Tiav Kai 

teaching the new this; that with authority even 

tois TTveu/xao"* tois aKadaprois eiriraacrei, Kai 

to the spirits to the unclean he enjoins and 

vTvaKovovaiv avTco. ^s E^-^\0e Se 7) ckot] 

they hearken to him, Went out and the report 

avTOV €v6vs €is S\7)v Tr]V Trepix^pop ttjs 

of him forthwith into whole the country of the 



^Kai evOeccs, e/c ttjs crvvaywyrjs e^€\9ovTeSf 

And instantly, out of the synagogue being come, 

r]\6ou €is TTiv QiKiav 'Siip.ocuos Kai AvSpeovy 

lie went into the house of Simon and Andrew, 

[jL€TalaKcio$ov Kai Iwavvov. ^'^'HSe ireud'epa 

with JaJnes and John. The and mother-in-law 

'S.ifxcovos KaTiKeiTO irvpeo'crovcra' Kai evdeccs 

ofSimon waslaiddown having afever; and Immediately 

Keyovcriv avTcp tvep' avTTjs. ^^ Kat irpoceXQau 

they spoke to him about her And coming 

called them; and leaving 
their father Zebedes in 
tlie BOAT with the hired 
SERVANTS, they followed 

21 tAnd they went to 
Capernavini; and on the 
SABBATH, entering tlie 
sYTNAGocrE, he taught 
the people ; 

23 % and they were 
struck with awe at his 
mode of instkuction ; 
for he taught ihem, as 
possessing Authority, and 
not as tlie sckibes. 

23 $jVow there was in 
their synagogue, a Man 
with an impure Spiiit; 
and he exclaimed, 

24 sajii.g, "What hast 
thou to do with us, Jesus 
Nazarene ? Comest thou 
to destroy ns? I know 
thee who thou art, the 
HOLT ONE of God." 

25 And Jesus rehuked 
it, saying, J "Be silent, 
and come out of him." 

2o And the impure 
SPIRIT, ;}; having convulsed 
him, and having cried 
with a loud Voice, cama 
out of him. 

27 And they were all so 
astonished, as to reason 
-with themselves, saying, 
"What is this? *A new 
Doctrine? With Author- 
ity he commands even tiie 
iMPURK spiEiTs, and they 
ohey him." 

23 And his tame soon 
spread abroad * every- 
where throughout the En- 
tire REGION of Ga1,ILEE. 

29 % And being come 

out of the SYNAGOGUE, 

lie immediately went into 
the HOUSE of Simon and 
Andrew with James and 

80 Now Simon's moth- 
er-in-law lay sick of u 
lever, and forthwith they 
spoke to him about her. 

81 And approaching, he 

• Vaticai* MANt;scRir>. — 24. Let alone — omit. 27. with themselves, 

new Doctrine ? With Authority. 28. everywhere throughout, 

X 21. Matt. iv. 13 ; Lute iv. 31. t 22. Matt. vii. 28. t 23. ^nke iv. SS, 

Matt. viii. 29. t 25. ver. 34; Mark iii. 12. I 26. Mark ix. 20. X 90 

viiLU; Lukeiv.SS. 



Chap. 1: 82. J 


fC^ap. 1: 43. 

he raUed ber, hnving laid hold cfthe baud ofheti 

icat a(p7jK€if avTTjy 6 irvpfTos ^l^evdews'"] Kai 

and left uer the fever [immediately ^J .j»4 

hiriKove. avrois. 

luinistered to them. 

3- 0»|/ias §6 yevo/jLcyi s, <5t6 cSu 6 ^Atoy, 

Evening and oeing come. whea set the (uii, 

^(pepov irpos avrov Travrai rovs KaKcus ^xot^Tas, 

they brought to him all those eirkness having, 

Kdi rovs Sai/bLovt^o/iKvovs' **^ Kai tj ttoXis 

and those being demonizedj and the city 

oArj eTTKrvvriy/jLti^r) rjy irpos rrju Ovpav. ^Koj 

nhole having beea ASbemtjjed was at the door. And 

ed^pairevae ttuWovs kukus exovras iroiKiKais 

he healed uiany sick nnving varioua 

vocrois' Kat Sai./xovia noWu e^eySaXe, Kai ovk 

disc^tseei and demons many be cast out, and Dot 

Tj^xe KaXeiv tu daifj.op,a, oti ^jdeicrav avrov. 

allowed to speak '■he demons, because they knew him. 

^ Koi irpuiy ivpvxop AiOJ', avaaras e^rjKBs, 

And eaiiy, night much, having arisen he went oat, 

*[«:at airriAdev^ cis fprj/jiov roiroi/y KUKei 

[and desalted J into L desert place, and th>;re 

vpocrTjvx^TO. ^ Kat KarcSiw^av avrov 6 2t/*(j'i' 

prayed. And eagerly iouowe>l him the SimoD 

Kai 01 fier' avrov. ^^ Koi tvpovr^s avrov., 

and thos* with bim. And having found htaa, 

XeyovfTiv avrw' 'On TravTts ^rjrovai are. 

they say to liiin ; That all seek thee. 

^ Kai \eyei avrois' A^oi^uei' €is ras exoju- 

And he says to iliem ; We musl eo into the neigh- 

CVQ.S icci;/to7ToAeiS, iva Kai eKai Kripv^io' eis 

boring towns, that also there 1 may preach; for 

rovro yap e^€\r)\v6a. ^^ Kat rjv Kripv(70ii}V 

this because I nave come out. And he was proclaiuiiu; 

6is ras auvaywyas avruv, €.s bkrjv rr)v TaKi- 

in the synagogues oftheni, in whole the Gali- 

Aaiav, Kai ra Zaifiovia CK^aWuv. ^^ Kai 

lee, and the demons casting out. A>>d 

epX^'^"'^ Jrpos avrov Keirpos, itapaKaXoov aw'/Cj 

Fomes to him a leper, beseeching hi>fl4 

*[ffai yovvireruiv avrov y /cat] Keywv avi^f 

[and kneeling hiin, and] saying toh.'n, 

'On €av deKijs, dvuacrai /j-e Kadapiaai. ^ 'O 

That if thou wilt, thoii art able uie to cleanse. 'A'tac 

de lrj<rovs orT^hayxvicrQeis, e Kniv as r7}v Xf'-P'h 

and Tesus being moved with pity, stretcbmg out the ban'*, 

rjxl/aro avrovy Kai Ae^et avrcf ©eAcc, Kada- 

touched of him, and says to him : I will, be iho'i 

pirrQ'qri. *^ Kat *[ei7roi/Tos avrov,^ ev^su^s 

cleansed. And [having said of him,] immedJitely 

aTT-qXdev air* avrov ri Xewpa, Kai aKadapnOr}. 

departed from him the leprosy, and be was cleanse<!, 

*■* Kat (fX^pipLrfaapiivos avrrv, evdeus (^e^akei' 

And having strictly charged iiiiii, immediately be sent forth 

took hold of her hand, 
raised her up, and the 
TEVKK left her, and she 
sen'ed them. 

32 X -A^nd Evening being 
come, when the SUN waa 
set, they brought to hini 
ALL the SICK, and the 

33 and the whole ciTt 
assembled at the door. 

34 And he cured Many 
sick of Various Disorders, 
and expelled many De- 
mons; J and permitted not 
the DEMONS to speak, be- 
cause they knew * him to 
be the Christ. 

35 J And having arisen 
very early in the Morning, 
he went out into a Desert 
Place, and there prayed. 

36 And * Simon and 
THOSK with bim eagerly 
followed him. 

37 And having found 
him, they say to him, "All 
seek thee." 

38 Ami he says to them, 
X " We must go * else- 
where, into the adja- 
cent Towns, that I may 
proclaim there also ; for 
this 1 have come forth." 

89 X And * l>e weffi 
and proclaimed to them 
in their synagogues 
throughout All Galilee, 
and cast out ihe Df- 


40 X And a Leper comes 
to liim, beseeching him, 
saj-ing, "If thou wilt, thou 
canst cleanse Me." 

41 And *he, being move'J 
with pity, extending *),;s 
HAND, touched him, a-id 
says to hiiu, "I will; be 
thou cleansed." 

43 And immediately the 
LEPROSY departed from 
him, and he was cleansed. 

43 And having strictly 
charged him, he forthwith 
sentliim away, 

• Vatican Ma.ncscbipt. — 31. immediately — omit. 34. him to be the Christ. 

85. anddui):irted— omif. 36. Siniofv. 38. elsewhere, into. 3'J. he wer.t 

and procLiiniel to them in. 40, and kneeling down to liim, and — omit. 41. he, 

being moved. 41. his hand. 

t 32. Matt. viii. 16 ; Luke iv. 40. J 34. Mark iii. Tt2 ; Luke iv. 41 ; Acts xvi. 17. is 

t .S5. Luke iv. 42. t 3S. Lnke iv. 43. t «9. Matt. iv. 23; Luke iv. 41. 

I 40. Matt. viii. 2 ; Luke v. li. 

C^p. 1: 44. j 


tLVTOVf ** Kai Aeyet avr(f 'Opa, fxrjS^vi /xrjSeu 

him, and eay» to himj See, to no one anything 

CiTTj??' aW' virayi, treavrov dei^ov ra> hpei, 

{ioutell; but ^o, thyself bIiow to the priest 

Kai irpocrev€yK€ irepi rou KaOapicrixov aov Sl 

and offer for the purification of thee whst 

irpoa-era^e Mwcrrfs, €is fxaprvpioi/ avrois. *'''0 

enjoined Moses, for a witness to them. He 

Se f^iKQuiv y\ph,aro Kr)pv(T(r€iv iroWa Kai Sia<pT]- 

but •^oin"' out began to publish many (things) and spread 

ttt^eii/ rou A070.V, wcrre /xrjKfTi avTov Svvaadai 

abroad the word, so as no longer him to be abla 

<t)avep(t}S eis ttoXlv eicreXOciv aAA' 6|a> ey 

to enter; 1 

publicly into 


desert places 


ttoax all parts. 

a city 
he was. 



ripxovTO irpos 

they went to 

without in 



KE*. ^. 2. 
^ Kai "rrsXiV eicnjXOey ets Kairepuaov/x 5t' 

And again he went into Capernaum after 

rif.upwv Kai 7]Kov(rdri, 6ri eis olkov €<rri. 

days; and it was reported, that into a house he is. 

^Kot *[ei'06C<;s] avu7)x6v(^^^ iroAAot, wcTTe 

And [immediately] were gathered together many, go a» 

lxr]KeTi x^P^^^ I^V^^ ''■'* irpos Tr)v dvpav Kai 

no longer to contain not even the places near the door; and 

e\a\€i avTOLS rov Xoyov. ^ Kaj ^pxovrai irpos 

he spake to them the word. And they come to 

avTOV irapaXvTLKoy (pepoyres, aipo/xevoy viro 

him a paralytic bringing, being carried by 

reccrapcoy. ^Kat fxrj dwa/xcyoi irpocreyyKrai 

four. And not being .-ible to come nigh 

avrcf} Sia Toy ox^ovy aTrecTTeyac/ay rif)V 

to him through the crowd, they uncovered the 

(rTeyrjyf ottov t]V' Kai e^opv^avres ;^aAwo't 

roof, where he was; and having dug through they let down 

■roy Kpa^^aroyy ecp* 'o) 6 irapaXvriKos Kare- 

ihe bed, upon which the paralytic was 

K^iro. ^ J^ooy de b Irjcrovs rrjy Tnariy avrcay, 

laid. Seeing and the .lesus the faith of them, 

Aeyet rq} TrapaXvTLKOf T^KUoy, a<p^wvTai crov 

says to the paralytic; Son, are forgiven of thee 

at afxapTiai. ^ Hcray 5e rives rcov ypa/u-ixarfcay 

the sins. Were but some of the scribes 

€K€t KaOriineyot Kai SiaXoyiConicyoi €P rais 

there sitting and reasoning in the 

KapSiais avrcav 'Tt ovros ovrco XaXfi fiXacr- 

hearts of them; Why this thus speaks bla»- 

^Tj/Xios.* ris Svvarai atpieyai ajxaprias^ et fxr] 

phemy? who is able to forgive sins, if not 

6is 6 Oeos ; ^ Kat evdecos eiriyyovs 6 Irjaovs 

»ne the God? And immediately knowing the Jesus 

[C^iap. 2: 8. 

44 and says to him, 
t"See, that t'lioti say nc 
thing to any one; bui 
go, show Thyself to the 
PRIEST, and present for 
thy PUKiFicATioN, those 
things which Moses com- 
manded, t for Notifj'ing 
(,the cure) to the people.* 

45 % But HE going out» 
began to publicly pro- 
claim and divulge the 
THING, so that he could 
no longer openly enter a 
City, but was without in 
Desert Places; and they 
resorted to him from all 


1 And after some Days, 
J he again entered Caper- 
naum ; and it was re- 
ported Tliat he was in a 

3 And Many were gath- 
ered together ; so that (the 
house) could not contain 
them, nor the parts at the 
Dooa; and he spake the 
WORD to them. 

3 And tliey come * bring- 
ing to him a Paralytic, 
carried by Four. 

4 And being unable to 
approach him, because of 
the CROWD, they uncov- 
ered the Boor where he 
was ; and having dug 
through, they lowered the 
t COUCH on which the 
PARALYTIC was laid. 

5 Now Jesus perceiv- 
ing their EAiTH, says to 
the PARALYTIC, " Son, thy 
SINS are forgiven." 

6 But there were some 
of the SCRIBES sitting, 
and reasoning in their 


7 * " "Why thus speaks 
this man? He blasphemes! 
Who can forgive Sins, but 
the One God?" 

8 And Jesus, immedi- 

* Vatican Manuscript. — 2. immediately — omit. 3; bringing to hi7n. 7. That 

this man thus speaks ? He blasphemes I Who can. 

t 41. See Notes on Matt, viii, 3, 4. t 4. Eastern beds are liffht and moveable, con- 

b: tine of a mattrass and two quilts. _ Dr. Russell tells us, that their beds consist of a innt- 
trass laid on the floor, and over this a slieet, (in winter a carpet, or some such wooIcb 
covering,) the other sheet being sewed to the quilt, A divan cushion often serves tbi 
a pillow. 

I 44. Lev. xiv. 3, 4, 10; Matt. viiL 4; Luke v. 14 t 45. Luke v. 15. t I. Matt 

ix. 1; Luke T. 18. 


Ttjp .-.irytvfiart auTOv^ brt *\jovrws] avrot SioAo- 

to tb« - spirit of hiittset<i that [tha*] they rra- 

yt^oi^Tat ev iavrois.^ (iirev avrois' Ti ravra 

loned aiDon^ theDuelves, said to them; Why tbcae (things) 

ZmXoyi^iaQi ev rais Kap9lais vfxwy ; ^Ti 

reason yua in tha ucarts ofyonf Which 

t<TTiy fVKOTrtoTfpoyf ciirfisf rcfi rrapa\vTiK(f 

is easier? tossy to the paralytic ^ 

A</)6w»'Tot crov ai a/xapric^ ^ ty (nrctv Eyeipt^ 

Are forgit'sn of thee the aina: or to say i Arise, 

apov (Tov Toy Kpafi^rov, icai Ttepiirani ; 

makeup of thee the bed, ^t>J va'.k? 

^^'\va 5? iiZrjTCf 6ri e^ovciavex^'^ ^ "'"s '''ov 

That hot yon may know, Jthat auihority has th« aon of the 

ayOpuvov eiri ttjj yyjs a^iejtai-iiiiapTias' (Acyci 

man on . tbo earth to for^v^ sins t (h« says 

ry TrapaXxtTiKcf)') *' 2ot Keyw EyeipCy apoy 

to the paralytic;) To thee I My ; Arise, take ap 

roy KpafifiaToy ffov^ Kai viraye eis top oikov 

the bed of thee, and fo into the house 

Tot/J '^Kot "qyfpdri fvOccoi, kcu apas Toy 

of thee. And he was raised Immediately, and taking up the 

xpafiPaToVf e^7]\6cv tvavTiov wayrtoy axrre 

bed, went oat in presence of all; oo as 

f^KTTacrdai iravTas, kox So^a^eiy tov Bfov, 

to astoaish all, and to glorify the Cod,. 

Xfyoyras' 'On ovSfwoTf ojtcos eiSofiey. 

S3ying; ■ That cerer thus we saw. 

'^ Kai e^r}\$e iraXiy irapa TV^ QaXactrav 

AdJ he went out again by the sps. 

Kai TTus 6 ,ox^o^'T)px^TO Ttpos avroy, xai eSi- 

asd all the crowd came to biin, and be 

Scuricfy avTovs. ^'^ Kai Tapaywu tide Atviv tov 

taught them. And passing on he taw Levi the 

TOW h\<pai0Vf KaOrj/jifyvy (irt to rtKuytoy,, nat 

of the. Alpheus, sitting at the customhouse, and 

\fyei avTf^'. Ako\ov6€i ' fxot. Kai ayao'Tas 

says to biin -^ Follow tat. And riaiag up 

fiKo\ov6r)<rey oury. 

he followed bim. 

•^ Kai exfy€To cy ry xaraKSKrOat avroy ev 

And it happened in the o recline at t.ibU hun in 

Tri oiKia avrov, Kci voKKoi TfKoivai Kai a/Map- 

* house of him, and many pub.icans and sin- 

Tu\ot (TvyayfKetyTo T(p Irjcrov Kai tois fiodrjTais 

ncrs reclioed with the Jctui aod the disciples 

avTvv rjiray yap iroWoi, Kai rjKoXojdrjaay 

ofhitni Ihry were for many, and they followed 

C.JTO}.. ^^ Kai Ot ypafifxaTeis Kai ul ^apicraioi 

him. -And the scribes and the Phnnsee* 

liovTfS avroy ftrOiovTa /xfTcl Twy Tekinywy xai 

seeing bin. eaiuig with the ]>uhhcans and 

cfxapTcaXwyj (\fyoy Tois fxadriTais cvtov *[T^] 

sinners, said Ao tb^ disciple* of him: fWliy] 

6ti jjifTa Tav TfKaywv Kai afAopTuKvy cadifi 

that with oft' I*, pnblicana 'and. tionerf bceata 

[C^tap. 2: IG. 

ately perceiving in his 
sPiBiT, that they reason- 
ed among themselves, 'he 
says to them, "Why do 
you reason .ihns iu, your 


9 J Which is easier? to 
say to the pabalthc, 
•Thy SINS are forgiven;' 
or to say (with effect,} 
'Arise, take Thy coucu, 
and walk r' 

10 But that you may 
know That the sow of 
MAN lias Authority on 
EAETH to forgive Mns," 
(he says . to the paka-. 


11 " I say to thee. Arise, 
take np thy couch, and 
go to thy HOUSE." 

12 And he was raised 
immediately, and taking 
up the COUCH, went o;it 
in presence of all ; po tliat 
they were all amazed, r.nd 
glorified God, saying, " AVe 
never say anything like 

13 And he went cnt 
again by the lake; and 
All the cnnwD resond 
to him, and he taught^ 

14 J And passing alon^, 
he saw that Lev; who is 
(he son of AxPHEUs, sit- 
ting at the TAX-OFTJCK, 

anil says to him, "Follow 
me." And arising, he tal- 
lowed him 

1 5 J And it occnrr'e^; 
while he keclined at 
Table in Iris ifousr. 
Many Tri bate- takers and 
Sinners also reclined witl*- 
Jksus and his discipi»«: 
for they were Many, anri 
ihey followed him, 

16 And the sceibf.s *oI 
the Pharisees observiijp 
him ealmg with the Tjnw 
UTK.-TAKEES and + 5>n. 
ncrs, eaid to his diJucI' 
Pi.j:s, " He eats witlj 

• Vaticaw Mawxtscbipt.— 8. ttus— o»rt. 
pHA»i«EKSBawhimeat. 16. Why— owit. 

8. be says to them. 

18. of th^ 

no. By amartocloi, einners, tne Oentilcfl or heatheii are generally understood io tho Go* • 
pels, for this was a t«rm the Jewc never applied to any of ^emsslves.— Clarke. 

t 8. Matt.ii.5. • I 14. Mati.lx..9;IiUk«v.27. 1 li aiatt.Jx.JO. 

Guip. 2: 17.] 


JV.nd hearing . l)i« J csus say* . 

*ricoi irtvct ;3 

X»nd drinks?] 

teVTOiS* Ov 

'aothem; Vo ' need have thoee being well 

tarpov, oAX* ot tcaKcas ^x^^"^^^' ^""^ tjACoi^ 

jfaplfyiieUni but thorn sick being. .Kot . Icamo 

KaKecrut SiKaiovs aWa aixxiproiKovs," 

toxan just(oiies) but einners. ij^ . ^ / 

^KaxTjo'ttJ' 01 fxa&rjrai Jcaavvov Kdrdt ^pt^ 

Aud were rlio disciples of Johns,; »«"1 *'*>■ Phari- 

caiot vrjffrevovrts' Kai (px^vrat^ acu \iyx)v(riu 

Bcts '.-^. tastiagt -^ 'and •, they come, J jmd r {Uey Miy 

uvTtif Aian ot^fiaOr)railC3avpovjKdi' 01 rav 

lyhinii Why tho (riscJijl«s'''|; of John ^^i and those of the 

§>api<raiuv yii(TT€vovcrtP^oi ^ejcroi ' fia07)rai 

Fhariseea . < fast, '-^-JgiiXhow bi»4 to thee ^ disciples 

cu vr}crT€vov(rt ; ~^^ Kai eiireji avrots'i'Irjcrovs' 

!»ot ' fast? V^ And ^^ Mid ^to them 'thoVj Jcsosf.- 

Mtj Zvvavrat ol ^loi rov'j'Vft^xuvdSyt^ey'^ V ' ^ 

iiot Me ablQ ".the sons of the bnde-c>.an!ber,^i(> Wliich the 

vunpios ^€T - avrayj^a-Tiffyncrrevetu :M 6<rov 

bridegroom with _ Ihem.^O is,/^ i tofastf ^(^(,^_^' soJoag 

Xpovov tub* iavTcevyfx^^c^^Zf^^K^i'^P'-^^^^f ' ^" 

with themselves 


■ asd 
'No ooe 

tkey have ^the '^ bridegroom, 1 not 

Svuavrat yTjorreveiu. ;x^'t^^^v(roytat 5e rj/JLepai, 

are Able •,■■ to fast. : 5^ ;•(. WiiJcoaio^ .^but^sr, days, > . 

6Tav * airapSt) ' oT'JayTwv .^ d * vvfx(pioS,.' 

'when may be taken away frora^': tb«ni '^^S t**® bridesro^, " 

Tore mja-TfviTovffiv eu eics'iur) tt? ii/J-epa, 

then , they will fast •■•^ in f;. that a; the 1^ day. 
lipatclj .,.\ of cloth _ /; tofutled-^'^^ 1,^ i «cws >\Vr( r on 

ifxarifp fl-aXaty €i~S^' ^77,' «jpet "to .TrX^jpcD/ia 

•os^niantla pldj -if - but - not, takes away the ,^ ^ patch jt 

ovTow TO Kaivqv%roV'i.vaKaiov^%Kai^;^Qipoy 

pfitself the pew j.'^^fthe; ji-old, c' .<^«nd -worse 

crx'f/ia fiverm. -^^ Kaj- oy5€xs?|3aAX€i oii'o;' 

' »rent becomes, (, And i^ no one-^ 'j puts wine 

yeov eis a.(TKuvs iraXaiovs' (i de' /XTJ, . ^rjffffei 6 

'new into bottles' old; ( ^ if . but irpt, ' bursU the 

oivos 3 ^fj/fos] rovs^acr-KcvSt^'teat & qivos 

twine the ' [new] ' ■ tho, ;, bottles, ".#nd the wine 

\tKX^t'''<^h ^<*' <'' a(TKot aTToKovyfai'^ c\A« oifou 

j is»iiUed, and the bottles ,.,, are lost i ^ ."but »rine 

\V(:Op eis ciCTKOvs KOivovs ^\r}TeoK 

^oew into bottles. new, mustbcput, 1 

P Kai eyeyero Trapairopeuee:6aiavro~v''fvrois 

And it came to pas* i to go J . bim in tho 

^cq-B^aa-.i Sia rQ}V:ffiropifjLO}y,'''Kai'r]p^avTQ:Oi 

sibbAlh through the- '**■ coin-fiicld«, jij, and . bejao the 

fiaOrp at p.vToy ^ oSoy* voXqiv friWoyre j "toi;s 

ducii-lfi ofhira a way ^- Jo mako -^^plucLins ^^ the 

trraxvas.' ^4 Kat ol ^apicraioi iK^yov avrtf' 

earBo'cfirn. ^nd ■ the K' Pharisees ■* , said i to him i 

156, n TToiovcriy cv rois ca^BaixiVy'^' 6 16vk 

iSce, why do they tfl the 8lbbatl^ what not 

17 And Jesttb having 
heard « it, says tt> them, 
X "THinr being in health 
liavo no Need of a Pliysi- 
cian, but they \yho ore 
SICK. 1 came not to call 
tlic Righteous, but Sin- 
ners.** ' 

" 18 $ Now the DisciPiEs' 
of John and the Pmaei- 
sEEs were fasting \ and 
they cohie'and say ta 
himV " Why do the dis- 
ciples of John, 'and tho 
DISCIPLES of the Phar- 
isees fast, but THIKE fasi 

^■' 19 And JEstrs replied,! 
"Can the bhidemkn fast, 

while the BBIUEGHOOM 13 

with them? During the 
time they have the uuiuls- 
c uooH with them» they 
cannot fast., 

•r'20 But thc^Dayswill 
come, when the buiue-J 
GEOOM will be taken from 
them, and then they will. 
fast in That DJiV, ..-.'^ 

21 No one sews a Piece 
of undressed Cloth on to 
an Old Garment ; if so, the 
NEW PIECE of itself takes 
away from the old, and % 
worse Rent is made. 

22 And no one puts new 
Wine into tcld bkins; if 
so, the WI^E *will Imrst 
the skins; and the wine 
will be lost, and tho 
SKINS ; Ijut new- Wine 
into new Skins. ' 

23 X And it happened, 
that he * was passing 
through the eiel-bs or, 
CHAIN on the sabbath, 
and his Ves^in, 
as they *made iheir way, 

to pluck thc^ HEADS o£j 
GEAIN.*^^* ^"" 

*- 24 Antl'tlie PhahiseesI 
said to him, " See, why do 
they on tlie sabbath what' 
is not lawful^"- 

• Vatican Ma:m)script. — 16. and ilrinkj—oniif. 18. 

Phabisel-s fast, b It luiNjj last not? 22. JiEw— omif. a. yjui 

Hiid tlie WINE will J)e lost, and the skins; but new Wine into joew Skins 
ipassing: through. 23, made tijcir way, to pluck. 

t '11. See K ote { n Matt. ix. 17 

and the oi'^cirLrs oFth.e 

22. will burjtthe rxi\5 

2i \r:vS 

t 17 Matt tXiI-2, 13; Luke V. 31. Jt 
.9(UU Xtt I ; JLuka vi. 1. 

I W. Matt. ix. H;" Lul:e v. SI 

1 Wt 

Chap. 2: 25.] 


[Cliap. 3: fl. 

e^eo'Ti; ^Kot auroj €A67ej' avrois' Oi;Se7roT6 

is lawful? And he said to them i Never ' 

bave you known, what did David, when need he had, 

Kai itrsivaffeUy avros Kai oi fier' avrov ; 

mnd was hiingiy, he and those with him; 

zoT-^nws] ficrriXOeu «ts fov oiKov rov 6eov, 

[How] he went into the bouje of tha God, 

fTTi Afiiadap Tov apx^^p^f^Sy Kai tovs aprovs 

to Abiathar of the high-priest, and the loaves 

nj? irpodi(rea)s €(payey, ovs ovk e^ecTTt (payeiy 

oTthe presence did eat, whicli not is lawful to cat 

6< jxr] Tois lepevaif Kai eSw/ce Kai rois (Tvv 

if not the priests, and he gave also to those with 

avTcp ovai ; *^ Kai eA-eyey avrois' To cajS- 

him being? And he said to them; The sab- 

fiarov Bia tov avdpootrov eyevero, ovx' 6 

bath because of the man wag made, not the 

avdpwTTos Sia ro tra^^arov. '^^ Clare Kvpios 

man because of the sabbath. So that a lord 

f<Triy & vios tov avdpcoirov :cai tov aa^^aTov. 

it the son ofthe man even ofthe sabbath. 

KE* 7'. 3. 

* Kai €icrr]\de irah.iv ei5 rnjv avvayayqv 

And he entered again into the synagogue ( 

Kai -qv €K€i ai-OpcoTTos elrtpafj.ix^i'Tqv cx(^v tt^v 

and was there a man having been withered havmg the 

X^^po- 'Kai TrapeTTfpovy avrovy ex tois <ra/3-j 

hand; and they closely watched him, if to the sab- 

^aai depa-rrevaei avToUy iva, KaTrjyopria'cca'iv 

bath he will heal him, that they mig'.t accuse 

avrov. ^Koi Kcyet rep avOpcoircp T(t> e^-opa/j.- 

him. And he says to the man to that having been 

Hev7]v exovri Tr\v X^'P**' Eyetpe ets to ficcrou. 

withered having the hand; Arise in the midst. 

* Kai K^yei avrcis' E^eari tois aa$$a(nv 

And be says to them « Is it lawful to the sabbath 

ayadoTTon^aai 7j KaKOTroirja-ai; xpvxv (fcoaaiy 

to do good or lo do evil? a life to save, 

1} aiTOKTeivaii Ol Se eaiwirwu. ^Kai 'ir€pifi\e- 

or to destroy? They but weie silent. And looking 

^a^eyos avrovs ixer opyrjSy avWunov/xfuos etri 

lound thea with aoijer, being grieved at 

rri irtapucrei ttjs KapSias avraVy Aeyet rep 

the hardness ofthe hearts of them, he says to the 

avQpwTTcp' Ekthvov T77»' X^'-P^ (Tov. Kai 

man; Stretchout the hand of thee. And 

€|6T6tf6* Kai aTreKarearadr} r] x^'P avrov. 

he stretched it out; and wasrestored the hand of him. 

*Kat e^€\dovTes 01 ^apicraioi, evdcws fjiera rwv 

And coming out the Pharisees, immediately with the 

25 Alul * he said to 
tliem, X " Have you never 
read what David did, when 
he had iS'eed, and was 
hungry, \\t, and-iKOsiii 
with him? 

26 How f he went into 


to Abiathar (son) of the 
niGH-PEiEST,andate tthe 


X wliich none but the 
PRIESTS could lawfully 
eat; and he gave aiao to 
THOSE with him." 

27 He also said to them, 
" The SABBATH was made 
for MAN, and not man for 

the SABBATH ; 

28 Js that the son of 
MAN is Lord even of thg 



1 i And again he entei> 
ed into the stnagogue, 
where was a Man who had 
a Withered hand. 

2 And they watched him 
closely, (to see) if he would 
ciu-e him on the sabbath ; 
that they might accuse 

3 And he says to THAI' 
MAN HAVING the With- 
ered hand, " Anse in the 

4 And he says to them, 
"Is it lawful to do good 
on the SABBATH, or to do 
e\al? to save Life, or to 
destroy P* But thet were 

5 And surveying them 
with Indignation, being 
giieved at the hardness 
of their hearts, he says 
totheMi»N, "Stretch oiit 

* thine hand." And he 
stretched it out, and his 
HAND was restored. 

6 JAnd the Pharisees 
going out, immediately 

* held a Council with ttha 

26. How — omit. 

6. the HAKS. 

• Vaticai* Mandscbift. — 26. he said, 
%. gave Counsel. 

+ 26. David went to the house of Ahimelech at Nob, with whom the tabernacle then waa 
and ttie ephod, and other holy things. 8ee 1 Sam. xxi. t 26. These loaves werj 

placed on a table on the north side, find at the right hand of him who entered the riia^ 
cle. Esod xxv 30; Lev. xxiv. 5, 6, 8. -f 6. The Herodians were a political party 

vho began to become eminent in the days of Herod the Great, as favoring' his claims, an< 
those of Ilia uattons, the Romans, to the sovereignty of Judea. 

J 25 ISam. xit.6. 
\ii 0; Lukevi 6. 

^ t 26 Exod. xxix.32, 88. 
X 0. Matt. xii. 14. 

X 28. MaU. zii. 8. 


Chap. 8: 7.J 


{Chap. &: 18. 

*Hpoci5iavQ>P avfiBovXtop evoiovv Kar' avrouy 

Herodians a council held against him, 

bncas avTOV airoAco'wo't. 

Jiow him they might destroy. 

? Kat 6 Iriorovs fj-era rav fiaOfirwv afjrov 

And the Jestt! with the disciples of him 

avext^pV^^J' ^'S "^V^ 6a\acrcrav Kai ttoXv ttXtj- 

withdrew to the seo ; and a great multi- 

60s aiTO T7JS ra\i\aias 7jKo\ov67](Tap avTcf Kai 

tude from the Galilee followed him> and 

ar-o TTjs loi/Saios, Kai airo l€pc(To\v/j.a)v, ^ Kai 

from the Judea, and from Jerusalem, and 

avo T7JS l5ov/u.aios, Kai irepap rov lopSapov^ Kai 

from the Idumea, and beyond the Jordan, and 

*[ot] Trept Tvpov Kai 'S.idwva, ir\r)6o5 ttoKv, 

[those^ about Tyre and Sidon, a multitude great, 

aKovcrauTes 6(ra eTroiet, riKBov irpos avrov. 

having heard what things he did, came to him. 

'Kat etTre rois ^aOrjrais avTov^ Iva irXoiapiov 

And he BjKike to the disciples of him, that a smail vessel 

(TKapTepr) avTcp, Sia top ox^oPy Iva fir] 

should attend him, because cf the crowd, that not 

Qki^waiP avTOP. ^'^IloWovs yap edepaireucrePy 

they might throng him. Many for be cured, 

cbfrre eTriirnrreip avrcfj^ iva avrov a^cavrai, 

so as to rnsh to him, that him they might touch, 

dcroi €ixoP iJ.a(TTiyas. ^^ ^at ra irvevjjiaTa ra 

as many as had scourges. And the spirits the 

aKaQapray brap avrop cOeoopci, TrpoaeirnrTev 

unclean, when him gazing on, fell before 

oiiTqt>, Kai €Kpa^sy \^y.vra' 'On <rv et 6 vlos 

him, and cried, saying; That thou art the son 

Tov deov. ^■^ Kat iroWa etmijxa auroiSy Iva 

of the God. And many times he chaiged them, that 

[x-q (pave pop avrop iroirjaonai. ^^Kaiapa^ai- 

not known him they should make. And he goes 

pel eis TO opos, Kai irpocTKaXeirai ovs riOeXev 

up into the mountain, and calls whom Would 

avTos' Kai avrikdop irpos avrov, 

he; and they came to him. 

^''Kai eTToi7](T€ ScodeKay iva wcTi fier* avrov, 

And he appointed twelve, that they should be with him, 

Kai ^l^Lva^ airoaTeXXrf avrovs Krjpuaraeip^ ^^Kai 

and [that] he might send them to preach, and 

exff e^ovcriap ^[QepaireveLp ras voaovSf Kai^ 

to have authority [to cure the diseases, aud] 

€K$aWeiP ra daiiaovia. ^^ Kat eiredrjKe ra> 

to cast out the demons. And he put on to the 

'^ifxccvi ovofxa Tier pop' ^^ Kai laKio^oP top tov 

Simon a name Peterj and James that of the 

ZefieSaiov, Kat laavprju top aSeXcpop tov 

Zebedee, and John the brother of the 

laKw/iov Kat eireOrjKev avrois opofiara "Boav- 

James} and he put on them names Boan- 

epyeSy 6 eariPy vlot fipovrK]s* ^^ Kai AvOpeav, 



sons ofthunder} 

and Andrew, 

Herodians, against him, 
how they might destroy 
him. ■* 

7 But Jesus with his 
DISCIPLES retired to the 
LAKE; and a Great Mul- 
titude followed him from 
Galilee, J and from Ju- 


8 and from Jerusalem, 
and from Idumea, and 
from heyond the Joed an ; 
also a great Company from 
ahout TjTe and Sidon, hav- ^ 
ing heard what *he bad* 
done, came to him. 

9 And he spake to his 
DISCIPLES, that * a Small 
boat Bhovdd attend him 
because of the ceowd, 
that they might not press 
upon him. 

10 For he had cured 
Many; so that as many 
as hud Diseases rushed to- 
wards him in order to 
touch him. 

11 X And the impure 
sPisiTs, when they be- 
held him, fell before him, 
and cried, saying, " 2Ei)0U 
art the son of God." 

13 And he repeatedly 
charged them, that they 
should not make Him 

13 t And he ascended 
the mountain, and calletl 
whom i)f ^^ijuld; aud they 
went to him. 

14 And he appointed 
* twelve, that they should 
accompany him, and that 
he might send them forth 
to proclaim, 

15 and to have Author- 
ity to expel demons. 

16 * l»i ow the TWELVE 
he appointed, were J Si- 
mon, to whom he gave the 
isameof Pkter; 

17 and THAT James, son 
of Zebedee, and John 
the brother of James ; to 
whom he gave the Names 
of Boanerges, that is. Sons 
of Thunder ; 

18 and Andrew, and 

* Vaticvn Manitscript.— 8. those— omi^ 8. he does. 9. Small vessels. 

14. twelve, whom also he named Apostles, that. 14. th&T^— omit. 15. to cure 

pisEASEs, aud— o»»^ 16. And he appointed twelve; both Simoh whom he sur- 

named Pbteb. 

1 7. Luke vi. 17. t 11- Mark i. 32, 34 ; Luke iv. 41. { 13. Matt. x. 1- Luke n 

12 ; IX. 1. t 10. John i. 42. 

Cfiap. 8: K 1 


{Cliap. 3; 28. 

(ctti ^iXiTTTTOpj Rat Bap9o\oiuaioUy Kat MarOaioVy ^liilip, and Uartholomew 

and Philip, BDd Bartholomew, and Matthew, i, aild MattheW, aud TL> 

\ai ®(tifxav, Kai laKcv^oy rov rov A\(paioVy Kot • "'^3, and that James, soa 

and Thomaa,' and that of the Alpheus, and of AH'HKUS, and Tluul- 

Qa^Saiou, Kai "S.if.LUiva rov KauaviTrjUy ^9 ^ai M*^"^' ^"d Pinion, the Ca- 

Tha.lileus, and Simon the Canaanite, and ') -NKANITK, 

louSay IffKapiwTTjUy 6s Kai nape^icoKev avrov, }^ ^'"^ Judas Iscariot, 

Juda» Iscariot, who even deUvered up him. WllO CVcn delivered him Up. 

^Kat tpxovTai ciS oiKov. Kat crvvepx^Tai 20 J And they went into 

And they come into ahouse. And came together ^ HoUSe. And the ClOwd 

iroAiV ox^os, dxTTe fit) duvaaOai avrous /nryre ^^ssembled again, so that 

agaxB a crowd, lo as not to be able them not even '"Cy COUld BOt CVeU Cat 

apTov (paycLV. ^1 j^m aKovaavTes ol nap' „? . , . , , . 

bread to eat. And having heard those with ^ 1 And THOSE Wjtll him 

avTov, e^riXOov Kparria-ai avrov eXeyou yap- 1 ""^^i"? heard, went out to 

h»n. ^.<niout to restrain hims they Lid for; I restrain him; for theV 

*OTt e^eo-TTj. " Ka« ot ypafifxareis, ot airo f^^^'^^J ," ^^^ is transported 

Th,-.t he is out of place. 

And the scribes, those from 

'lipo(ro\u/xwv Kara^avTfs, eKeyov 'On BeeA- 

.FeruKalem having come down, said; That Beel- 

^6)8ouA ^xei' tear 'On ev rep apxovn Twy 

ic'bul he has; also; That by the chief of the 

Saiixoviccv eK^aWei ra Saijuopia. ^ Kot vpoa- 

demons he caats out the demons. And having 

KaKicraixevos avrovSy eu irapa^oKais eKey€v 

cdled them, in parables he said 

auTois' n«s Svvarai (raravas araravav eK^a\- 

to them; How is able an adversary an advereary to cast 

\fiu; ^* Kai fay ^acriXeia ecp* kavrriu fiepia-- 

out? And if a kingdom against hei-self should be dl- 

07?, ov Suvarai (rrad-qyai ri fiatriXeia CKeiur]' 

vidcd, not is able to stand the kingdom that; 

^'^ Kai eai/ oiKia scp* eavrrjv ixepiaOr], ovSui/arai 

and if a house against herself should be divided, not is able 

arad-qvai rj oiKia €Kcivr]' '^ Kai et 6 (raravas 

to stand the house that; and if the adv(^i-sary 

avecrrr] e<^' eavrov Kai fxf/uLepicrrat, ov Svvarai 

has rben up against himself and have been divided, not is able 

trrad-quai, oAAa re\os ex^'« ^^ Ovdeis Svvarai 

to stand, but an end he has. No one is able 

TO (TKcvr) rov lax^povy eicreXBwj/ eis rriy 

the household goods of the strong man, entering mio the 

oiKiay avrovy Siap-rracrai, tav fir) irpwrou rov 

house of him, to plunder, if not first the 

KTXvpov SrfO'V' ^°-'- Tore rt]v oiKiav avrov 

strongman heshould bind; and then the house of bun 

Ziapiracrfi. '^ A/j.r}u Keyco v/niVy 6n iravra 

he ^vill plunder. Indeed I say to you, that all 

a(p€dr]cr€rai rois vlois rwv avQpwtroov ra afxaprr]- 

will be forgiven to the sons of the men the sins, 

fiaruy Kai at fiKacrcprj/niai, dcras av fi\a(T<pr]ix7]- 

and the evil speakings, whatever they may 

too far.'' 

22 And THOSE scribes 
who had come down from 
Jerusalem said, J"Heha3 
Beelzebul," and, " By the 

EULEE of the DEMONS, hC 

expels the demons." 

23 JAnd having called 
them, he said to them, 
"How can an Adversary 
expel an Adversary ? 

24 And it a Kingdom is 
divided against itself, tliat 
KINGDOM cannot stand; 

25 and if a House ia 
divided against itself, that 
HOUSE cannot stand ; 

26 and if the adveb* 
SAEY rises up against him- 
self, and is divided, lie 
cannot stand, but has an 

27 * But no one can 
enter the stkong man's 
HOUSE, and plunder liis 
GOODS, luiless he first 
bind the stkonq man^ 
and then he may plunder 
his house. 

28 Indeed, I say to you. 
That All SINS wiU be foi-- 
'i-iven the sons of men, 
and the blasphemies 
with which they may re- 

* Vatican Manuscript.— 27. but no one. 

T 21. Doadridge remarks, "Our manner of rendering these words. Me ia besides himself, or 
He is mad, is very offensive. One can hardly think Christ's friends would speak so con- 
temptibly and impiously of him; and if that sense must necessarily be retained, it would be 
mucn more decent to render the cl.ause. It (that is, the multitude,) is mad, thus unseasonably 
to break in upon him." Schotengen contends, that the multitude, and not Christ is here in- 
tended. Christ was in the house: the multitude, ochlos, verse 20, went out, krateenai auton. 
to restrain it, (viz. ochlon, the multitude.) to prevent them from rushing iuto the house and 
disturbingtheir Master, who was taking some refreshment. This conjecture should not 
be lightly regarded.— CJarAe. 

+ 20. Mark vi.31. t 22. Matt, ix 34; x. 25; Luke xl. 15; John vii. 20 ; viii 48,52 

X. -li. I 2S. Matt. xii. 26. 

Chaj^. S:29.j 


[Chap. 4: 4 

(Tucriv 29 5s S' ap ^Ka(r<pr}p.-n(rT^ ets to 

who but eve*' may speak evil to the 

irveufta to ayiov, ovk €X^* acpeaiv eis rov 

spirit the holyt noT ba» iorgivnes* to the 

aioouUf oW* fvoxos ttrnv aicmuiov Kpio'ews. 

a;e, '^it liable •Ji of age-laating judstment. 

Because they said; A spirit uncieaa he has. 

Xovrai ovv rj fitiTrift avrov Kai ol a5€\<poi 

Comes then the mother of him and the brothers 

avTOV Kai e^o) earcores iXireareiXay vpos avTov, 

of him} Biidwithout standing they sent to him, 

Kpwvovures avrov. ^'' Ea« eKadrjro ox^os irept 

calling him. /vad sat a crowd about 

avrov fiirov Se avrcf/' ISoVy rj fi-qrrjp aou 

him; said and to him; Lo, the mother of thee 

irat ol a56\(})ot aov e^co ^-qTova-i ere. ^Kat 

ond tb« brotliLTS of thee without are seeking thee. And 

CLiteKpiBT] avToiSf Ae-ywy Tis ecTTiu r) fiV'VP 

he answered to them, saying; Who is the mother 

fiov, 7) ol a5e\(poi fiuv ; ^*[Kai] irtpifiXe- 

of me or the brothers ofuie? [And] looking 

il/a/jisyos KVK\cp rovs irepi avrov Kadr)iJ,evovs. 

about round those about him sitting, 

\eyer iSe i] jx-qr-qp fxou^ Kai ol aSeXcpoi fiov. 

be says; Lo the mother of me, and the brothers of me. 

3.>'Os •Sf^'yap] av liOLTjori to 6€\r]fia rov 6eov, 

Who [i '3 «v6' may do the will of the God, 

ovr s a^eXcpos /iou, kw* aSeXcbrj *[yuob',] Kai 

this a brother of me, and a sister £of me,J and 

::T}rrip cctu 

• mother is. 

KE*. 5'. 4. 
"'■ Kaf vaXiv rjp^aro Si^affKeiv irapa rTjV 

And again he begat. to teach oy the 

6a\a(r(rav' Kai (rvvrix^'i 'trpos avrov ox^os ttoXvs, 

seaj and was assemblvw ^ him a crowd great, 

djt»"T€ avrov cfx^avra «« to irXoiov^ Kadrjardai 

.o as him entering UiU* the ship, .o sit 

tv rr} BaXaaari* Kat iras 6 ox^os vpos rr]v 

in the sea: and fttl the crowd by the 

Sa\a(rarav eiri ttjs 777? tjU' ^Kat eSiSao-Kef 

sea on the laud was. And be taught 

Qvrovs ^v irapa^oXais ttoAAo, Kai eXeyev aviois 

them »n parables many, and said to 'hem 

61/ tt; SiSaxi? ai^TOU* Akovst^- IOjv^ c^rjkdf^v 

in the teachmg of him t Hear you: Lo, 

b aireipoijv rov <nreipaio 

jte aower of the (seed) to sow 

'^Kai fyevero ev rep 

And it happened in the 

29 X ^ut whoever may 
nlaspheme arainst the 
HOLY SPiEIT, has no For- 
giveness to the AGE, but 
is exposed to Aionian 
* t Judgment." 

30 Because they said, 
"He has an impure Spi- 

31 His MOTHEa and 
BEOTHEKS then came, and 
standing without, sent to 
him, calling him. 

33 And a Crowd sat 
round him, and they said 
to him, " Behold, thy mo- 
THEE and thy bhotiiees 
are without seeking thee." 

33 And he answered 
them, saj'ing, " Who is 
my MOTHEE, or my beo- 


34 And looking about 
on THOSE sitting round 
him, he said, " Behold my 
MOTHEE, and my beg- 


35 "Whoever shall da 
the WILL of God, this 19 
my Brother, and Sister, 
and Mother." 


1 X And again he began 
to teach by the lake ; 
and so * very great a 
Crowd gathered about 
him, that entering the 
BOAT, he sat on the 
laile ; and All the ceowd 
was by the lake on the 

2 And he taught them 
many things in Parables, 
and said to them, m hi3 

8 " Hearken ! Behold, 
Ibe sowEB went forth to 
* sow. 

4 And it happened, in 

34. And— omit. 

35. For — omtU 

* Vatican Hanu script.— 29. Transgression. 
85. my— omit. 1. very. 8. sow. 

t 29. The Vat. 3fSS. reads Transgression, and Griesbacb has placed the word amarfeema- 
tos sin', or transgression, in the margin, with his mark of strong probability. Grotius, Blill, 
anh. Beno'el prefer this reading. It is also the reading of the Coptic, Armenian, Gothic, Jul. 
gate anSalTtheKa/abuttwo. It is a Hebraism for punishment, the effect of sin. The sin 
against the Holy Spirit is plainly statsd to be, ascribing the miracles of Christ and his 
apostle.-i to demoniacal asrencv. Xhev who acted thus, could not be converted to the Chiis- 
*ain faith, because thev resisted the stromiest possible e\ndence They remaui'^o tjieiefore 
in the same forlorn ^-late in wmch Christianity found them ; which is expressed by the 
phrase, •' he bas uoi forgivenesB." 

t ?C Wall xil ?1. S9 . I.uke sil. :o ; 1 John v. 19. t 81 Matt til. <• . Luke vin. IV 

* 1 . idatt siii. 1 • Luke viiL ♦• 

Omp. 4: S j' 


tnretp^tVy 6 fifv eirfae irapa rr]v oSoy Kai 

•owing, thu indeed fell on the path : and 

rjA06 ra ireTeiva, Kai KaT€<pay€v avro. ^AAAo 

came the hirds, and ate it. Another 

Se tiirf(rev eiri to irerpuiSf^, Sttov ovk e<X^ yV 

mnd fell on the rocky ground, where not it had earth 

woW-qy Kai fudews e^avfreiAe, Sia to fXT] 

mr4ch j and immediately it sprung up, through the not 

«X«**' Pcidos 717J. ^ HAtou 8e avareiXafTos, 

to hare _, depth of earth. Sun and having aruen, 

€H:avfiaTiadr}, Kai 5jo to /xr] fX^^" ^*C«*'> 'I'?" 

it waa scorched, and through the not tu have a root, was 

pardt]. ^ Kai aWo orfcrev €t> aKavOas' Kai 

dried up. And another fell into thorns; and 

av(^r)(Tav at UKavOai, Kai (Tweirvi^av oi/to, Kai 

sprung op the thorns, and choked it, and 

Kapirov OVK eScoKe. ^ Kai aWo eirf(rev ei$ rrjv 

fruit not it gave. And another fell into the 

y-qv TTjj/ Ka\Tt]v Kai fhihov Kapirov ava^aivovTa 

^ound the good; and it bor« fruit springingup 

Kai av^avovTa' Kai ecpepey ku rpiaKovTa^ Kai 

and increasing, and bore one thirty, and 

ii' (Ir^KovTay Kai eu eKarov. * Koi 6Ae76»'* 'O 

one sixty, and one a hundred. And hesiiidi He 

fX^*^ **'''''* aKoveiVy aKovfTcu. 

karing scj:* to bear, let him bear. 

^ 'Ore 5e tyfyero KaTa^ovas, r]p(jorri<Tav 

When and be waa alone, asked 

tkVTov oi nepi avTov^ ffvv tois ScoSt/ca, rrfv 

bim those about him, with the twelve, the 

wapafio\T\v. ^^ Kai e\ey€V avTois' 'T/xiy 5e5o- 

par&blea. And he said totherai To you it is 

roi ywvai to fivo'Trjpioy tt)S 0a(n\eias tov 

fivea »o know tbe secret of the kingdom of the 

Ofi)V' (Kfiyois Se tois 6^a> ev irapa^oXais Ta 

&«J, to them but to those without in parables tbe 

ravTa yiPfTar ^' iva fiKcirovTes /SAeTroxrt, 

til (things) ar«done( that seeing they may see, 

Kai firi iSwai' Kai UKovovTes aKovwai, Kat fir) 

and not they may see : and hearing they may hear, and nut 

(Tvviaxrr fi-qiroTe €Tri(rTp€\pw<rif Kai a<pf6ri 

they may bear; lest they should tarD« and should be forgiven 

avTois Ta afiapTTj/xaTa, ^Kai \cyet avTois' 

to them the sins. And he says to them : 

Ovk o»5aT6 ttjj' irapa^oXyjy TavTrjv; Kai ttws 

Hot, know you the parable this? '.d bow 

iraaas Tas irapa$o\as yvwiTeaOe ; ^*'0 <nrfipwu, 

all the parables will you know? He sowing. 

tov \oyov awfipd, ^ Outoi Se fiaiv 01 irapa 

the word sows. These and are they by 

Tr)v dSov, dfrov CTretperot 6 A070S, Kai Stov 

the path, where iasown the word, and when 

aKov<T(i}<Tiv, fvBcws cpx^To-i i aaravasy Kai 

they may hear, immediately comes the adversary, and 

SOWING, some seed ^ll" 
by the koad and che 
BIRDS came and picked 
it up. 

5 And some fell on the 
ROCKY GROUND, where it 
had not Huch Soil; aju 
immediately it vegetated, 
beciiuse it had no Depth 
of Soil ; 

6 * and the sun having 
arisen, it was scorched ; 
and because it had no 
Root, it withered. 

7 And some feU among 
Thorns; and the thorns 
grew up, and choked it, 
and it bore no Fruit. 

8 And some fell on 
GOOD GROUND, and yield- 
ed Fruit, springing up and 
increasing ; and one bore 
thirty, and one sixty, and 
one a hundred." 

9 And lie said, * "He 
HAVING Ears to hear, let 
him liear." 

10 J And when he had 
retired, thosk about him, 
with the TWELVE, asked 
him concerning the * par- 

11 And he said to them, 
*"To you is given the 


of God; but to J those 

WITHOUT, ALL thiugS aiB 

done in Parables; 

12 X that seeing, they 
may see, and not perceive; 
and hearing, they may 
hear, and n )t understand; 
lest they should turn, and 
* it should be forgiven 

13 And he says to them, 
"Do you not understand 
this PARABLE? How then 
will you know All the 


14 :^ The sower sows 
the WORD. 

15 And these are those 
where the word is sown 
by the koad ; and when 
they have heard, the ad- 
versary comes immedi 

j ately, and takes awa^ 

• Vatican llAiiuackiFT.— «. and the bun having arisen. C. Who has ears. 

W. rARABLBs. n. is ffiven the sbckbt. 12. it should be. 

J 10. Matt. xiii. 10; Luke viii 9. till Cor. v. 12 ; Col. iv. : ; Thess. iv. l"; 

1 Tim. ill. 7- t 12. Isa VI 0; Matt. xiii. 14 ; Lakeviii.lO: Johnxii40- Actt 

k»V.ii. 26 1 Rom. xi. 6. {14 Matt. xiii. 19. 

CRop. 4: 16.] 


mpei. Tov \oyov tov io-irapixcvov ey rais Kapdiats 

takes the word that having been sown in the hearts 

avTcci . ^^ Kat ovroi eicriu dfjLOias ot €iri ra 

of them And these are like those on the 

verpwdri (nreipo/JLevoi, oi, brav aKovcrucri tov 

rocky ground being sown, who, when they may hear the 

Koyov^ evOfws fiera xap°s \aix8avov<nu avyov 

word, immeaiately with joy they receire it; 

^' Kai ovK exovffi piC^-v ev eavTois, aWa irpocr- 

and not they hare a root in themselves, but for a 

Kaipoi eiaiv etra y^vofievris OXiipews 7} ^luyfiov 

season they are; then occurring trial or persecution 

5to TOV Koyov, eufleojs (TKav^aXXovTcin. ^^Kat 

through the word, immediately they are offended. And 

aXXot eicriy ol ets ras aKauOcu- a-ireipofxevor 

othsrs arc tViOse into the thorns !bein ' sown j 

ovroi eicrip ol tov \oyov aKovovTes, ^^ Kai at 

and the 

these are tlios; the wora hearing, 

^tpifivai TOM atcavjijy Kai 7] airaT-q tov itXovtov, 

cares of the uge, Cird the delusion of the wealth, 

Kai at irep. ra X.ocrra ^iriQjjxiai ei(nrop€uofMevai 

and tho a'couL the ova,:- (things) strong desires entering in 

e-jliirvyovai tov Koyov Kai aKapiros yivcTai. 

chc k- the wor^ j and unfruitful it becomes. 

2* Kot ovroi sKTiv oi eir^ rr/v 777^ rrji' Ka\r]v 

An these are those upon the ground the good 

o-7.'o*je;'r6y, oiTives ukovovoi tov \oyoVy Kai 

be.'- Vco..n, who hear the word, and 

vapabexovrar Kai Kapiro<popov(nVy ev TpiaKovTU^ 

accept; and bearfiuit, one thirty, 

Kai iv €^r}K0VTay itai ev e/caroi/o ^^ Kat eAe-yej/ 

and one sixty, and one a hundred. And he said 

aurois" MrjTt 6 Kvx^os epx^Tai, tva viro vov 

to them; Neither the lamp comes, that undor the 

fl'SlOU T607J, 7] i'TTO TT}V KXiV7]V : OVX'l^a 

rieaBv./2 It may be placed, or uivd^ the couch? not that 

€7ri TT/y Kvxviav ^inTriBrj ; 22 Oy yap e<TTi 

on th- ;'fj-i->*tan(* it may ■»»* placed ? Not for is 

Tt KpvTT'i'OVf 6 eav fiT] tpavepu^Ori' ov5e 

my te»i»"" .. hidden, which if not it may be disclosed; nor 

ey^tXjTo aiTOKpvipoVy aW' Iva eis (pavepov €\6t]. 

,VilS: stored away, but that into light it may come. 

^ Ej Tis exei WTO aKoveiv, aKoverw. ^'^Koi 

If any one has cars to hear, let him hear. And 

eXeyev avTois' B\eir€Te, ti aKovcTe. Ev tp 

he said to them t Consider you, what you hear. In what 

IxeTpcp fierpeirey jULerpTjOrjaerai v/xiv. ^ 'Os yap 

measure you measure, it shall be measured to you. -nr^- 

Who for 

{Chap. 4; 25. 

THAT WOKD which waft 
SOWN *upon them. 

16 And these in like 
manner are those sown 
on the KOCKT ground; 
who, when they hear the 
rWOKD, receive it immedi- 
ately with Joy ; 

17 And having no Ex)ot 
in themselves, they are 
but temporary ; then Trial 
or Persecution occurring 
on acconnt of the wokd, 
they instantly fall away. 

18 And others are THOSi 
who are sown among the 
thokns ; * these are the.. 
who have heaed tf)C 

19 and the caees of th; 
AGE, X and the deceit- 
fulness of etches, und 

the STEONQ DES1EE3 for 

other things entering in, 
choke the word, and ren- 
der it unproductive. 

20 And *those are thet, 
who are sown on the good 
GROUND, who bear the 
WORD, and accept it, and 
bear fruit; one rbir^y, one 
sLvty, and one a hundred." 

21 And he sa'd to them, 
t " Is a lamp brought, to 
be put under the coen« 
MEASURE, or under the 
couch? so that it may not 
be placed on the lamp- 
stand ? 

22 J Tor * nothing was 
hidden, except that it 
sliould be manifested ; nor 
was it concealed, but that 
it should come 10 light. 

23 If any one has Ears 
to hear, let him hear." 

24 And he said to them, 
X "Consider what you heai-; 
by the Measure you dis- 
pense, it will be measui-ed 
to * you, and shall be ad- 
ded to you; 

25 X for whoever has, to 

* Vatican Manuscript. — 15. upon them. 

18. these are thet who have hbab3 

the WORD. 20. those are thet. 22. nothing was hidden, except that it should b* 

manifested ; nor was it concealed, but that it should come to light. 24. you, and shall 

be added to you. 

t 21. By kliTteen must be understood the cowh, (like our sofa,) which, as Grotius observes, 
had such a cavity as to admit of a candelabrum being' put under it; nay, it seems, anything 
much largrer ; indeed, by the citations adduced by Wetstein, it appears to have been used by 
the ancients as a common biding ■pla.ce.—BloomJield, 

Matt. V. 15 ; Luke viii. 18; xi. 83. _ % 22- Matt s. 

J 19, 1 Tim. vi. 9, 17. 
26; Lukexii. 2. 
l.ukeTiu.lQ; xix. 20. 

J 24. Matt. VI J. 2 J 1 uke vi. 88. 

t 25. Matt xiii.l2t xxv 2* 

tfhaxt 4: 26. 


av • X"" :. Sof^T/creTai avrcfi- kcu 6s ovk €X^*» *"*' 

rvci ■ .. ha*« i' (hall be gives to hitn- and who out ba», even 

6 fx-t ttpOTJc-'Tat ott' aurov ^^ Kai eXeyev 

vhKt he haa will be taken from aim. And heaaidi 

OvTws fariv ^ /ScrriAf.o rot; 0€ou, iiS eav oi*- 

Thua la the kingdom of the God, aa if • 

BpwTTos j8.A)7 r.yoir^p y €iri ttjs yvs, ^ :'.a 

nian ahoi.Mcaat 'be seed oa the earth, and 

(cafleySp Kai vv.ra /cat r,ii:paVy KOt 6 

•hould tlecp an*. wike Di^ht and day, and '.'~cC 

ffiropot tLKacrravr) Kat fn)Kvvr]rai, <Vi o' "' oiSeu 

aeed ahould germiD:tte an i grow ^ p, 14 not know: 

oi/T'S. '^ AvTo/jLarr) *[^yap^ 71 y 'apiro *c;3*fi, 

he ('f ita own acccrd [fcr] the eartli beais tr'Xi 

TTpjiroVf Xoproi'f eira ctcxw, eira ir\Tjpr) ci ov 

fi-kt, Ap^ant, then an ear, then full ^m. 

€U rq> jraXi't ^'Orav 5e TropoSy 6 KapiroSt 

in the 2*T When bu mav b. rx^ ^^ ''■^^^ 

€vdeC0S TTT (TTzK'^eiiTot.^ '.Trauov^CT Vap\.'TT]K€V 

immediately be ne:..j the aickle, for la ready 

6 QfpKTfxo^. ^ Kni €A y Tivt 6/j. iw<Twiu.e- 

the h&rveat. /jid b aaidi T? vhat m we compate 

rrji* /SaciXetov T wrrow; 7, ry rozot tto .ijSoAj 

tl.e kingdom o.'.b* God? or by what -arable 

irapa^aXw/xey avT /^if i ^^'Cls kokkov ctvan ecot, 

may we compare her 

ds 61 . 1' tTV^fr, ' 

grhich, when -t nic^ ..«. -one 

Tcv rxv air^o, an: 

j^ ot'.'jb ae.oa 

^- Ka c'tiv <nro , 

and wl.en ii may be tew.. 


of muata> 

a grau^ 

T77.'' 7" '•; uiKpoTepos Tav 

^ tU.\o leas of 

€"Ti rz.^v CTTi T77S yqs' 

i U rf ,l:cae on th. earth 

ayaBc'vei Kai yiverut irav- 

t . 8' ii: g:: up and becomea of 

TOfV \ax^i-'(i>v ^•c:(^&'»', hw voici K\abovs fieya 

all berbt frre;^:er ai>d produces braucbea great, 

,.ous, c&cTTe iivj.(rfa> vir -riu ' ".cv avrov ra 

•o as > b under tli« shadow of it the 

Tr^TCLPa rov o\^^avo, .zar ' rjt' vu, ^Kat roi 

birda of the b avto to buJd neata. And such 

avrais irapaPo\a:5 ir KXa'S € aXe avr^^is rou 

like many h« ipoke tot'.-m 

aKOV€iy. ^Xapis 

to hear. \%'ithout 

vapa$o\ris O'jk cXaXet avr is Krr* 'Si'^v 

a parable no^ be apoke to th^m i privately 

rcis fiaOrirais avro- cTreXue irafxa. 

|Lt!i* disciples of himself he explained alL 

** Kat \eyei avrois ev tKe.vrj rri Tjfxcp::, oip:as 

Ji' he says \ them .n that th day, even.r 

yevofjLeurjs' AieKdca/jLfy €is to ire^ ■'v * Ko'. 

being come I Vl may paaa or r to the other aide. And 

a(piVT€5 r-v ox^ov\afj.$avova'tv a-roVf ws 

having left the crcwd they took him, aa 

.oyov, ruvtwy tfirvro 

w ru, •";.» ;heywar .ble 



\Chap. *: S8. 

him will be given; and 
he who has not, even n 
he has will be taken from 

'M And he said, % " The 
KINGDOM of God is, as 
though a Man Bliould cast 
s::el on the ground ; 

^i lmA should sleep bj 
Ni^ht, and wake by Day, 
and the seed shoiild g( r. 
ininate, and grow up, fjt 
knows not how. 

28 The EARTH produces 
spontaneously ; first the 
Plant, then the Ear, after- 
wards the Perfect Grain in 
the EAR. 

29 But wV>itlieGEAiH 
13 niatiired, immediately 
he sends the sickt.e, Be, 
cause the harvest ia 

30 And he said, f'To 
what may «■" compare the 
Ki>"GDOM of God ? or * by 
What Puratle my wc il- 
lustrate if 

81 It resembles a "iram 
of Mustard, which w/.en 
sown OP th: earth, -/is 
the .ffia?^ of All THOiK 
-ET.DC that are on the 

83 but when it is sown, 
% grows up, and becomes 
trreater than All other 
herbs, and produces great 
brap'ches; 80 that the 
BIRDS ot heaven can 
build their uests under the 
shadow ol it." 

83 t.\iid with many 
Such Parables he spoke 
the WORD to them, even as 
they were able to under- 

Si *And without a Para- 
ble he did not address 
them* bui privately he 
explained all things to his 
OWN Disciples. 

35 t And on That day. 
Evening having come, he 
says to them, "Let us pass 
over to the otiiee side." 

36 And having lef«- the 
CEC WD, thev took him as 

• V;:;TiCAi« Mancscritp.— 28. ToT—«wut. 
It r 34. And Without. 

t 81. See Note on Matt. riil. 83- 

t 20. y.-'t. siii. i4. ; 80. Matt. xiii. SI ; T.uke xiii. 18, 

iobu XVI. Id. I MV. Uatt. vui.U)k3A; Lu&dvia.^-^ 

W . in Wliat Comparison Bhall we plac< 

I SS.Matt.x ii 34. 

Chap. 4: 37.] 


kewasin the ship; [also^ other and shipt was 

fi€T* avTov, ^' Kat ytueTat \ai\a\f/ auifxov fieya- 

with him. And aro^e a squall of wind great; 

A.TJ* ra Se Kv/mara (wfPaWiV eis to ttXoiov, 

the Bnd wavea dashed into the ship, 

ftXTTe avro 97877 ytfii^ecOai. ^Kai t]v avros ev 

so as it BOW to fill. And was he in 

irr) irpvixvTiy firi ro TrpotrK€<pa\aiov KaOevSwv 

the stern, on the pillow sleeping; 

Kat Steyapovcriv avroVf Kai Xeyovo'iy avr<f' 

and they awoke hini^ and they said to himj 

At8a(rKaX€f ov fifXei trot, tri airoWufxeda; 

O teacher, not it concerns (hee, that we perish? 

^ Kai iieyepBeis eTreTi/uLtiae rep avefiWf Kai enre 

And having arisen h^ rebuked the wind, and said 

T?; BaXaaa-p' Si&mra, irecpmwcrOo Kai eKoiracrev 

to the seaj ^silent, te still. And ceased 

6 ave/iios, Kat eytyfTO yc^\T]vr] /xeyaXr}. '^'^Kai 

the wind and was »calm great. And 

(iirey avTOis' Tt SeiXot €<Tr^ ^ \_ovtco ;^ iras 

he bajd to them 1 Why tiiniJ arc you [»o?D hoK 

ovK exeT€ vta-Tiv , ^* Km €(poBr)d7)(ray tpo^ov 

not you have faith ■ An* , hey feared a fear 

fieyav, Kat f\eyoy rp.,^ tWrjXovs' Tis apa 

great, and said to on another; Vho then 

oi/Tos fOTiVf in Kat 6 ^.f^/xos Kai 77 daXaaaa 

this is, for .-vea th« <viud and the sea 

{firaKovO'iy avrcp, 

'uutiken t« lim. 

KE*. (^ 5. 
' Kai ijA9 V 6ts TO TTtpov TTjs ba\a(Tari$y ets 

And ihe; came to the cth.rrid^ of the sea, into 

viji/ j(^u}pav TU/V TaS% 7 yrav,^ ^ Kat .^kKOovti 

the country ot'.e Ga >:'ene«> And having come 

CEur^ 6/c Tov ttA lOVf *[ - V - Sj a,7rr]yT7i<Tey avirep 

(o tiim out of the al>^p, [i;'';uicdia^ly] met him 

€/c roiy fjLvr]iu.eiuy avOpafos fv iryev/xari UKaOap- 

Outolth* tombs a mau tn spirit unclean, 

Tw, * 6^ T7]y KaToiKrjaiv ^^x^^ ^^ tois fLvqixacri' 

who the dweilmg Lad in the tombs; 

*>at owTe aXvcreaiy ou5e;s ri^vvaTO avroy drforat, 

•ad iiot ^ivcn with chains no one vas able him to bind, 

* Sia TO avroy TroWaKts weSais Kat aXvaeai 

for the bim many time, with fetters and chains 

SeSfffdaiy Kat SieaTracrdai vir* avrov ras 

to have been bound, and to have been burst by bim the 

iiAvcreii, KatrasircSas (rvvTerpicpdai' Kat ovSeis 

•hains, and the fetters to have been broken; and no cue 

{Chap. 5: i. 

he was in the boat. And 
Other Boats were with 

37 And there arose a 
p:reat Gale of Wind, and 
the WAVES dashed into the 
BOAT, so that *the boat 
was now full. 

38 And i)f 'was in the 
STEKN, asleep on the pil- 
low ; and they awoke him, 
and said to him , "Teadier, 
does it not concern thee 
That we perish ?" 

39 And arising, he re- 
bnked the wind, and said 
to the SEA, " Be silent f be 
still ! " And the wind ceas- 
rd, and there was a great 

40 And he said to them, 
"Why are you afraid? 
How distrustful yon are !" 

41 And they were ex- 
ceedingly afraid, and said 
to one another, " Who then 
is this, That even the wind 
and the sea obey him f '* 


1 ^And they came 4a 
the other side of the lake, 
into the regiom of ibe 

2 And having come out 
of the BOAT, ther. met 
him out of the t*tONu- 
ments, a Man with an im« 
pure Spirit, 

3 who liad his habita- 
tion in the tombs ; and 
no one could bind *him 
any longer with Chains ; 

4 for many times he liad 
been bound with Fetters 
and Chains, and tli^ 
CHAINS had been wrench- 
ed off by him, and the 
TETTERS broken; and no 

• Vaticaw Manusckipt.— 39. also— omi7. 
%. QsBASE»£s. 2. immediately — omit. 

37. the BOAT was, 
8. him any longer with. 

40. RO—«mit, 

t 2. The sepulchres oi the Jews were formerly amongst rocks, mountains, and other un- 
frequented places, in order that there might be as little danger as possible of that pollution 
which touching any thing dead produced. They were often as large as a commodious room, 
and are now often resorted to as places of shelter for the night. Sometimes the wandering 
Arabs, during the winter season, take up their permanent aoode in them. It appears that al 
a very early period, some of these tombs were used for sue ha purpose; as Isaiah speaks ot 
some. *■ who remain among the praves, and lodge in the monuments," chap. Ixv. 4. Burrh- 
Lardt reports, that he found m«tnv sepulchres in the rocks, at Urn Keis, (supposed to be the 
ancieat Gadara,) showinic bow 2s^)tarally the conditions of this narrative could Itave been 
fulfilled iu that region. 

) 1. Matt. Till. 28; Lukeviu.iO. 

Cfvap. 5: 5.] 


avrov i<rxv€ BafjLa<rar ^ Kai SiairavroSy vvktos 

him wa* able to tame ; and always, night 

Kai TjfiepaSj fy rots fj.yriiJ.aai Kai ey tois ope&iy 

ftad day, in the tomb« aad in the mouutains 

7]y Kpa^cov., Kai KaraKoirTwy kavrov \i0ois. 

he waa crvin <; out, and cutting himaelf with stones, 

* iSaj* 5e Toy Irjaovy airo y.aKpoQ^Vy etpajxe, Kai 

Seeing and the Jesua from a diucance, he ran, and 

vpofTeKwrjcrey avT<f * Kai Kpa^as (pavrj ficyaXr), 

prostrated to him; and crying out with a voice great, 

<t7re, Ti €/ioi Kai <roi, iTjtroy, vU rov 6eov rov 

said, what tome and to thee, Jesus, O son of the God of the 

vrptiTTov ; bpKi^o) (re top Beoy, fir] /xe fiatrayi- 

highest ? IwiUadjure thee the God, not me thou mayst 

4rr}S. ^ (EA.e76 yap avrcf}- E|6A0e ro iryevixa. to 

torment. (He had said for to him; Come out the spirit the 

aKadapTov ck roy aydpojTrov.) ^ Kai eirripciiTa 

unclean out of the man.) And he asked 

avTov Ti <Toi oyo(j.a ; Kai Acyei oyry A67€(iuj/ 

him t What thy name? and be says to him; Legion 

ovoixa fjLor oti ttoWoi cfTfiey. ^^ Kai Trape/caAex 

name to me; for many we are. And he besought 

avToy TToAAa, iua fxrj auTovs airoaTeiKri €|w 

hiin many times, that not them he would send out 

TTjy x*^P'*s. ^^ Uy Se €/cet irpos Top opei aycAr) 

of the country. Was and there near to the mountain a herd 

•^oipuv (xeyaXT] /3o(rKo/jLeyr], *- Kat irapeKaXfaay 

ofswine great feeding. And besought 

avroy ol Sai/xoves^ KcyovTes' Il€/x\poy Tjfias fis 

him the demons, saying ; Dismiss ua into 

Tovs x^'pows, iva €is avTovs €i<re\dci}fxiy. ^ Kai 

the cwine, that into them we may go. And 

ev€Tp€\pey avTois evOecos 6 lr]<rovs. Kai t^eA- 

gave leave to them immediately the Jesus. And baying 

OovTa ra vyev/xaTa to. aKadapTu eiayjXQov tts 

come out the spinta the uncleaa enteied iDto 

TOWS x^'^P^^^' '^''" u}pfxrj<rey rj ayfKr) koto too 

the swine; and rushed the herd down <b« 

KpT^fjLvov CIS TTjy daXaaraay * [770^01/ 5e ws ^kt- 

precipice into the aea; [they were acd about )wo 

XtAfOf] Kai eirviyovTo ev Trj OaXaaaii. '* Oj 

thousand ;] and were choked ia the sea. Those 

Se 0o(TKoyT€S avrovs ((pvyoy^ Kai airrjyye i\ay 

«ad feeding them fled, and reported 

€ts Trjy ToAtj/, Kat eis tovs aypous. Kai f^TjA- 

to the city, and to the Tillages. And tbey came 

Boy i^eiy, ti ctTTi to yeyovos. '^ Kat epxouToi 

out to see, what is that having been done. And theyromr 

TTpos Toy Itjctouj', Kai Oewpovai Toy daifioyi^ofjie- 

ta the Jeans, and they behold the being demonized 

vov KaSv,u.evov *[/cai] iij.aTi(Tfx€vov,, Kat awcppo- 

sittiog [^nd] having been clothed, and being of 

vovvTa^ Toy €<rx'»?'COTa roy Keyetoyw Kai 

•ane miud, the ha-ring been possessed by *he legion | and 

e<po$T)6'i}<Tay, ^ Kat Snjyrjaayro avrois ol liov- 

Chey were alraid. And related to them those having 

iOiap. 6: )6. 

one was able to subdns 

5 And he was always. 
Night and Day, in the 
sEPULCHKEs and in the 
MOUNTAINS, crying out, 
and cutting himself with 

6 And seeing Jesus at 
a distance, he ran and 
prostrated to him, 

7 and crying out with a 
loud Voice, *said, "What 
hast thou to do with me, 
Jesus,— O Son Of God— 
the HIGHEST? I implore 
thee — ^GoD, — torment Me 

8 (t"or he had said to 
him, " Imi'Uke spirit. 
Come out of the mas.") 

9 And he asked him, 
"WTiat 18 thy Name?" 
And he says to him, "My 
Name is Legion; Ibr we 
are Many.'' 

10 And he earnestly en- 
treated liim. that lie would 
not send them out of the 


11 Now there w^n by 
the MOUNTAIN, a great 
Herd of Swine feeding. 

12 And *the DEMONS he- 
sought him, saying, " Dis- 
miss us 10 the SWINE, that 
we may go into them." 

13 And *be gave them 
leave. And the impure 
>piRils having come out 
went into the swine ; 
and tht; HERD rushed down 
tthe PRECIPICE into the 
LAKE, and were drowned 
mthe LAKE. 

14 Ihea the swine- 
herds fled, and leported 
It in the cm. ^nd m the 
villages. And they came 
out 10 see what that was 
which had been done. 

15 And they came to 
Jesus, and beheld the de- 
moniac, him having 
HAD the tEGioN, sitting 
down, clothed, and in his 
light mind; and they were 

it, related to them what 

* Vatican Majjuscript.— 7. says. 12. Ihe.v besought. 

eave. 13. and they were about Two Thouaajdi—oaiit, 

1 12. See tlote on Matt rill. SS. 

13. he gave tb«i% 
15. aair-^mit. 

^irrp^ 5 . 17.] 





'^^ Kai a7r77\06, Kai -qp^aro KT]pv(T- 

And he -went, and be?an to pub- 

•a €TroiT](r€V 

tolum the 

r^Sj TToas fyevero rtp 5aifxoviCoiJ.(vcf}, Kai irepi 

seen, how it happened to the one being demonized, and about 

■Tccv xoipau. *7 Kat rjp^avTo irapaKaX^iu avrov 

the twine. And they bejran to entreat him 

aireXQciv airo rtav optwv avrwv. ^^ Kai cfi^ay- 

to depart from the coasts of them. And entering 

Tos avTov (IS TO ttKoiov, TrapfKCiXft avrov 6 

of him into the ehip, besonjht him he 

^aifj-oviadeis, Iva ri fier' airrov. ^^ Kai 

haring been demonized, that he might be with him. 

ovK a(pT]K€v avTov, aWa Ae^et avrcp' 

not he suffered him, but he says to him ; 

eis rov oiKov aov ivpos rovs (rovs, Kai ayayyei- 

mto the faonse olthee to the friends, aud relats 

\ov avTois, baa <rot 6 Kvpios itiironjKC, Kai 

to them, how much to thee the Lord has done, and 

r]\(i](re o"e. 

has pitied thee. 

<T€ij/ fv TCf> AcKairuXei, orra €TTonf]<TiV avTqj 6 

hsh ia the Decapolis, how much had done 

Irjcrovs' Kai vai^Tes iOav\a(^ov. 

Jesus; and all were astonished. 

'-* Kai SiaiTfTpacravTos rovlrjcrov cv T(f irXoicp 

And having passed over the Jesus in the ship 

fraAtu eis to irepavy avurjxSv ox^os iroAvs €Tr 

a^aiu to the other side, were gathered a crowd great to 

auTov Kai TiV wapa ttjv QaXaaaav, " Kai 

liim, and bewa* by the sea. Aud 

*[i5ou,J ipx^Tai €ts Twv ap;^i(ni»'a7arya)»', ovo- 

(!•,] comes one of the syna^jogue-rulers, by 

^uan \aeipos' Kai iSwv avTou, Trnrrei irpoy tovs 

name Jains; and seeing him, he felt to the 

nodas avToVf ^ Kai irepfKaXfi avrov TroXXa, 

feet ofbim, and besought him much, 

Xeyayv 'On to Qvyarpiov fiou eTxaraT eX*'' 

saying; That the little-daughter of me last end is; 

iva, eXOwp eiridrjs avrrj 

that coming thoa mayest pst to her 

<r(o6r}' Kai Cvcrfrai. 

shemay besaTed; and shesballlive. 

avrov Kai jfKoXovdfi avrco ox^os iroXvSy Kai 

hiro; and followed hira a crowd great, and 

evviQXi^ov avrov. ^^ Kai yvu-q '^[ris'] ovaa 

pressed om him. And awomaa [ccrtainl being 

(v pv(Tfi aifiaTos 6x77 ScoSexa, "^ Kai voXXa 

in a Sow of blood yeara twelre, and »>any things 

iradovfTa vtto ttoXXcdv larpoovy Kai SaTravrjaafra 

having suffered under many physicians, and tiaving spent 

ra Trap' avrrjs iravray Kat /MT^b^v wcpfXr)- 

th« tbin^ of her all, and nothing having been 

dei^a, aXXa fxaXXov us to x^^P^"' eXQovaa, 

benefited, but rather into the worse state having come, 

•^ aKovtraaa inpi rov Itjitou, eAfloucra ev T(p 

having heard about the Jesus, 

ras x^'P"^» OTroTS 

the hands, so that 

-^ Kai air7]Xde fier 

And he went with 

havina come 

[Oiap.b: 57. 

had happened to the demo- 
niac, and concerning the 


17 $And they began to 
entreat him to depart from 
their boedeks. 

18 And he having en- 
tered the BOAT, X Hn who 
had betu a demoniac, en- 
treated him that he might 
be with him ; 

19 And yet be did not 
permit him, but says to 
him, "Go HOiiB to thy 
FRiECfDs, and tell them 
liow much the Lord has 
done for thee, and has had 
pity on thee." 

20 And he went away, 
and began to proclaim in 
Dkcapolis, how much Je- 
sus had done lor himj and 
all were astonished. 

21 JAnd Jesl's having 
again passed over in * a 
Boat to tlie other side, 
a great Crowd gathered to 
him, and he was by the 


22 $ And one of the STN- 
J alius, came, and seeing 
him, he fell at his teet, 

23 and earnestly en- 
treated him, saying, " My 


the point of death; come, 
and put thy hands on her 
that she may be restored, 
and she will live." 

24 And he went with 
him, and a great Crowd 
lollowed him, and pressed 
on him. 

25 And a Woman, t ^^^'- 
ing had a Hemorrhage 
for twelve Years, 

26 and having suffered 
much under Many i'hysi- 
cians, and having ex- 
pended ALL her property, 
and not being benefited, 
but had rather become 

27 having heard *the 
things concerning Jesus, 
came in the crowd be. 

22 \o^omit 

55. certain— omt*. 

* Vaticaw MAHUScnirT.— ?I. » Boat— omit 
27. the tilings conceniing Jesvs. 

' : 17. Matt. »in.S4; Actsxv1.3'.> : IS. Luke viii. 3S 1 21. Matt, ix I ; Lake 

Till. 40. : 22. Matt. ix. 18. Luke viii. 41. X ^5. 1-ev. xv. 25; Matt, ix ia 

f^ap. 5: 28.] 


ox^V o-rricrdey, i^x^aro tov l/j-ariov ^ axrrov. 

crowd behind, touched the mantle o:'him. 

^(EAeye yap' 'Otj Kav tcou 

She said for; Thnt even if the 

a\pa}/, cwQiqaofiai.). -^ Kai evdews e^r}pau6ri 

I may touch, I shall be i»ved.) And 

T] Trriyr] rov alfxaros avrrjs 

the source of the blood of her; 

CWjXaTl, UTl 
body, that i 

ifxartwy avrov 

clothes ofhim 

mediately was dried up 

koll fyj/ea rci) 

larai otto 

fas saved from 

and kcevr to the 

TTjs /naaTiyos: ?^ Kat 

the scourge. And 

fvVeics 6 Irjaovs eiriyvovs er kavTc^ rrfv €^ 

immediately the Jesus knowing in himself the out of 

a'JTOv Svva/xiv e^eXOovaav, CTricrTpa(]>€is ev TCf 

himself power having gone out, having turned round in the 

oX^Vf eA.e7e" Tis jxov rjiparo twv Ifxaricav ; 

crowd, sold; 'Who of me touched the clothes? 

^^ Koj e\€yoy avrcp ot /jLaOrjTai avrov BXeneis 

And said to him the disciples ofhim; Thou seest 

rov ox^ov (rvv0\i$oura ce* /cot \cyeis' Tis /xov 

the crowd pressing on thee; and sayest thou ; Who me 

r)^paro ; ^^ Kat iriptefiX^irero i8eiu rrfv rovro 

touched? And he was looking round to see the (woman) this 

iron]cra(Tav. ^^'H Se yvvrf, (po^7]Qei(Ta Kai rpe/j.- 

having done. 

The but woman, 


hat was done 

fearing and 

ctt' avrri, r]\de Kai 

on her, came and 

01 era, eiovia 

bling, having known ^ 

irpoaemaiy avr(f>, Kai etirev avrcp waaau rrjp 

fell down to bim, and told to him all the 

a\r]dfiav. ^'O Se enrty avrri' Qvyarep, rj 

truth. He but said to her; Daughter, the 

viffTis (TOV <Te<TCDKe ce* viray^ eis eipfjvrjUy Kai 

faith of thee has saved thee ; go in peace, and 

icrdi vytris airo rrjs fiacrriyos cov. ^ Ert avrov 

b thou well from the scourge ofthee. While ofhim 

}.a'\ovvros, epxovrai otto rov apx^rvvaywyov, 

speaking, they came from the synagogue-niler's, 

Kiyovres' 'Ort 7] dvyarrjp crov amOave' ri 

saying; That the daughter ofthee iadead; why 

€r; :TKv\Keis rov dihaaKu\ov ; *'0 Se ln<rov5 

,-et troublest thou the teacher ? The but Jesui. 

evdews, aKovcras rov Koyov XaXovfxsvov^ Keyn 

immediately having heard the word being :;;,oken, says 

r(f apx^Twaywycf)' Mr] (po^ov, fxovov Tricrreveo 

to he synagogue-ruler: Not fear, only believe thou. 

'' 'xai ovK a(f)r]K€v ovSfva avrcf avvaKoXovdrjo'ai, 

.•..nd noC be suSered no one him to follow, 

ei iJ.r] Tlerpov, Kai laKC/Soi/, Kai Iwavvriv rov 

^'^.ept i'eter, and James, and John '3'ie 

zSeXtpov laKw^ov. ^Kai epxerat eis rov oiteov 

brother of James. And becomes into the house 

TOV apx'^fJ'vvayooyov^ Kai decopei dopv^ov^ Kai 

of the synagogue-ruler, and he sees a tumult, and 

KKaiovras Kai a\a\a^ovras iroWa, ^^ Kai 

weeping and wailing much. And 

ei(T(Kdwv ?\ey€i avrois' Tt Oopv^eiaOe Kai 

naviii^: entered he says to them : Why are you troubled and 

lOiap. 5: 39 

hind, and touched his 


28 For she said, " If I 
can but touch his gar- 
ments, I shall bo cured." 

29 And immediately her 
FLOW of BLOOD was dried 
up; and she felt in her 
Body That she was cured 

of that SCOUEGE. 

30 And immediately,' 
Jesus knowing in himself 
X the powee proceeding 
from him, having turned 
round in the ceowd, said, 
" Who touched My gae- 


31 And his disciples 
said to him, " Thou seest 
the CROWD pressing on 
thee, and dost thou say, 
' Who touched Me ?' " 

33 And he was looking 
round to see hek who had 
DONE this. 

33 Then the woman^ 
being conscious of what 
was wrought upon her, 
fearing and trembling, 
came and fell down before 
hi a, and told him All the 


34 And HE said to her, 
t " Daughter, thy faith 
has cured thee ; go in 
peace, and be entirely free 
from thy disease." 

35 While be was still 
speaking, some came from 
the synagogue-euler's 
house, who said, "Thy 
daughter is dead ; whj 
trouble the teacher ?" 

36 *But Jesus, having' 
heard the word that was 
spoken, immediately said 
to the synagogue-rulee, 
" Fear not , only believe." 

37 And he permitted no 
one to accompany *him. 
except Peter, and James, 
and John the beothee of 

38 And *they come lo 
the HOUSE of the syna. 
cjogue-eulee, and he sees 
the Confusion, and much 
weeping and lamenting. 

39 And having entered, 
he says to them, •' Wliy do 

• "Vatican Manuscript.— 36. But JEsr.«i, ne(?lecting to heax the wobd which was :po 
ken. says. 37. with him. 38. tUey come to. 

J 30. Luke vi, 19; viii. 4ft. 

t 34 Matt. ix. 22 ; Mark x. 52 1 Acts liv.-! 

■ Chap. B : 40.] 


«fAat6T€; TO irat^tov ovK airc{^<xviv,(i\\aKaBfvZei, 

doyou wecpF the , cUilU , Doi it <leuil, but. tJeep*. 

^ Koi KaTtyeXtav avTov, 'O Se , eK$a\(i}u iravrat^ 

Aad Ihcy derided biui. He but, bavin; teol out all, 

vapa\afji$avti rav varepa rov irai^iov, Kst rrju 

he Ukei Ibe tiihet oflbe child, ^. and tUe 

fjLijTfpa, /cat Tovs fier' outou, Kai turvOptverai, 

molUer, and thoae -with biin, aad gouia. 

iirov r}v TO irat^iof. ^' Kat Kparr](ras rrjs x<'POj 

where was the cbild< And having grasped the hand 

rov Ttai^iov, \eyet ftvrjj' TaKida, Kov/xf 6 ten 

«l tb» « chiid. heiaya to hen - Talitha, cumi-, which i* 

fiiQ(pu.T]Vfvop.evay' To KOpafftoy, (rot \(yu, 

beiogtranalatedi The girl, to tliee laay. 

tyeipe. ^^Kai (vdfus av<(rrri TO'Kopaaioy, Kai 

arue. And Immeiliateljr aroee the girl, - and 

Vfpicvartr riv yap irjuv Zw^sKa. Ka» €|6(r- 

•ralkeil abouti ahe waa for jreari twelve. And tbey Mere 

fijtrav tKffTarrti fieya\p,"' ^ Kai iif cTTfiKaro 

•atouiiibedvithauaatODuhnieul great. And he charged 

avTois 3ro\Aa, tua /xTjSf »j yvtp rovro' Kai 

them much, ^tbat do one . ini{ht know tbiti knd 

«nrf SoBrjvat ourr; <{)ayeiv.' 

•pake to h>T(^veD to her _ tu eat. ; 

KE*. s'. 6. 
Kai t^rfXGev cKCidev, Kat TjAflfv eis rr}v irar- 

Aad be went out thence, and came into the country 

/)tSa auTow /cot o/coXo^fiowciv auTo* oi fiadtjTai 

ofhimielfi and follow him the disciplea 

owTow 2 Kot yevofievov ffafiParov, "np^aro (v 

ofhlm^ And being cume lahbatb, he began tn 

T7J crvvaywyrihitaffKiiv, Kat iroXAot aKovovrts 

the <yoagogue_ to teach. And many beariag, 

*^fn\y)<TirovTOt Xfyoures' Ylodey rovrcp ravia; 

were atlonuhed, aaying i Whence to thia these th>ngt? 

•rat Tts ij <T0(pia 'f) iodetaa avrtp ; Kat Svya/jLtts 

«nd what the wudom that being given to him? and miraclei 

roiavr'ai 8to ruv x^^P^' avrov ytvourat. 

•o great ^ through the bandi of him arc done. 

* Ovx ovTos ttrrtV 6 reKTwv, 6 vlos Mapiaj, 

Not thia it the carpentet, the ton .of Mary, 

aS(\(pos Se laKwBoVf Kat Iwcrri, Kat lovSa, Kai 

broCbet and ofjamei, aad Jotet, and Juda, and 

lOtap. C : 8> 

you weep and make confu-? 
6ion? tne chilu ia But, 
dectd, but t sleeps.'* 

40 And tliey (leritled 
Mm. J But putting ttbera 
all out, •{)« takestlie FA- 

TH£E and tliC UOTHER of 

the CHILD, and those 
with him, and goes in) 
where the CHii.D was. 

41 And having grasped 
the HANP of the child, 
he Bays to her, "Talitha- 
cumi,«» which, being trans* 
lated, Bjgnifies, • You^a 
MAiDKN, 1 eay to thecj 
arise." " 

42 And immediately the 
YOUNG MAiDE.N aiose and 
walited about, for she was 
twelve years old. And 
Ihry were exceedingly as* 
tonished. » "■^-'■*( 

43 And the' strictly 
charged them that no one 
should know this thing; 
and directed to give lio 


1 And t he departed 
thence, and * comes into) 
his OWN COUNTRY; andi 
his DISCIPLES follow him. 

2 And the Sabbath hav-j 
ing come, he began to 
teach in the synagogue,, 
and *many hearing, vverej 
astonished, and ' said, 
J "Whence has this ni«n. 
these fhings? and What 
is THAT WISDOM which 19 
imparted *to hini ? and 
how are such mibacles. 
performed ^through hiai 

3 Is not tTiis the cab-i 

PKNTFR? the SON of 

*Maky, and J Brother of 
James, and Joses, and Ju-i 

• VaticaS Mawuscript.— 40. Ijf tnkes. 1. comes into. S. M&iti. 2. t* 

tkim ? and such uisACLes. 3. Mary, and Brutber of. 

i 40 The persons or crowd here spoken of, were probably n sot of people usually hired 
CTi these occasions to attend the funeral, and lollow-the protessiqu with their lameutations.j 
Tins custom prevailed East. These are the mournivg joom en mentioned by Jeremiah, chapter] 
lx.l7— -21: andbyAmos. chaoterv 16. They were called Prajica by the Koinans, because 
they presided over, and t)eean, the funeral dirge. But mcnseem to have attended amonps I 
fnem, as well a^ women. Dr. Shaw mentions this cistnin to be Rtill continued in the East ; 
and observes, that the women employed on these occtisionP, perform their parts with such 
propor sounds, gestures, and motions. Ihntlhoy rare'vfailto work up the assembljr to aa 
extraordinary pitch ofthoutjhtfulness and sorrow.— H'aAf/iey.^ 

t 30. Johnxi. 11. -**'"'' t 40. Acts Ix. 40. * / ~^ t 4r Matt, viiirir'l*- SO.;' '" iTx^'W 
,©; Markiii. 12; LuUe V U. , J 1. M;itt. ii>i. 61, Lukc «v. l^^ -^ H. Johu vi.4X,j 

X I. Matt. xii. 4&, UaL 1. 10^ 

Chap. 6: 4] 


2</x(tffOj ; ira< ovk fiaty at aScAc^ai at/rov w5( 

SuDoa aod Dot ue the tittcrt of him here 

irpos r)fias ; Kai «(TKau8aKi(ouTO ^ (v avrtf. 

m\a, ut' Aod they were Br umbled in 'him. 

^ EA.c7€ Se avTon b Xricrovf 'Ot£ ovk (Ctl irfto- 

Said bat to them lh« ' Jeiut j That not it a pro- 

Kprir-qs otj^os, (i firf tv rri trarpiSi avrov, 

(>het mtlaoul honur, except in the co\intr7 sf Uimielf, 

KOJ fu Tois crvyyfvfciy tcai (vrr) oiKia airov, 

ar.'l among (he rclativei, - and in the houie of himself. 

' Koi OVK TjSuvaTo tKcy oviffiiav ivvafxiv jroti)- 

And nut wnuhle there no one miracle to 

'ffai^ (I /J.1J o/.eyois appwcrrois iiriQc^s ra$ x^'P^^j 

do, etcrpt a few eick having put on the bands, 

tBfpaTTiviTe. ^''Kai (Oav^a^i Sia ri)V airicrriav 

were cured. And he wondered becauae of the uobelief 



Kai itepirjye ras Kcofxas kvk\w, BiiaffKwy. 

Aad hCK-cntrouaa th« villa^ca round ali6u(, teaching. 

7 Kai irpoaKoiKftrai rovs Su^ena, Ka.^.r)f^aro 

An<l be calb (he - .wclve, and U^ began 

€LvTovs airo(TT^k\ctv iuo Suo *at fSiSov avrots 

(hem to aead *tvo two) and he gavo 4°o them 

t^ovtriaV rotv iryiufJLarur /u>y aKaOapTujv^^ Kat 

outliuniy of ilic (pirita ■ of the unclean, i,v,i] . and 

irapr^^yeiKiv avrois^ iua firjdtv ^.aipaxriv^ «is 

be charged theui, thai ootinng they aliouldtake fur 

63oUf (I fir] pa^^off fiowoy nrj vripav^ fxri apfoi/, 

a way, except » ataff only; no bag, uo bread, 

fitj fit ^-tjc ((i3fT}y x"^'*^''' • ' o^^' vTToBfStfieyovi 

t.ot into the bete copper money i but having £>cea shod 

♦ravSaAw koi pLti fySvtri^a'Oe Suo X'twi/oj. '"Kaj 

iandalia and not yoo may put on two eoata, .And 

4\fy(tf avrois' 'Oirov (au u<Xf\6r)re tit oiKiav, 

b« abiiS to them I Vhera if you Diay enter int» »houie, 

cKct ^cfCTC k<at ay (^€\6rir« fKfiGfy.^l^Kai 

thera reaaia till jrou may fo away from theno*. ^ ' And 

ieot atffirf if^wvrai ii^ai, firji* aKovcruoiiy hfiuvy, 

«rl.Ov.<er Dot mayteceiv* you, nor hear ':j^ yon, 

tKroptvo/xfyoi tKeideyy fKTiva^art roy xovyroy 

goiogawv from thence, thake out the dbit 'that 

vroKaru) rwv voduy vyLuy, (is fiaprvpioy aurois. 

under the feet of you, fo* kwitneat lo4hem, 

'2 Kai e^fKdoyrts tKripvaffav^ iva fjijrayorjtru<ri' 

' And having gone out tbey publiihed, that the* thould reform | 

L" Kat iaifiovta jroKKa f^($a\\6v, Kai ri\(t(pov 

■ and demons many they caal out, and aooiDlcd 

■0\ai^ xoKKovt appwtrrovst irai tdtpairevoy, 

lartth oil many tick oa<»> and they were cored . / 

'^Kai riKovffty 6 /SacriXcvs 'HpwSr^r, {ipaytpoy 

And beard the king Herod, (well-known 

•^op (yfvero to ovofia outov,) koi tKtyfy ,*Oti 

I fnr was tb9 name of hiui,) and ' ketaid; , That 

fChap. 6: 14. 

I . ■ 

das, and Simon? and are 
not his siSTKus here with 
u3?' And tUe^ were per- 
plexed with him. 

4 But Jesus said to 
fhcm, {"A Prophet is not 
without honor, except m 
his OWN couNTBY, and 
among his belativks, 
and m bis own family " 

5 J And he was unwil- 
ling to do any 
Ihnre, except a Few Sick 
persons he cured by lay 
mg: his hands on them. 

6 And be was surprised 
on account of their u.n. 
BELIEF. J And he went 
round the villages teach- 
ing. • 

7 J And he called the 
TWELVE, and sent Them 
r9rth in pans; and gave 
them Authority over the 
impuhe sriKiTs; 

8 and he charged them, 
that they should take No- 
thing for tlic Journey, ex- 
cept a sinjrle Staff; *no 
Bread, no Traveling Bag. 
no Copper in the giudle ; 

9 but to wear sandals, 
and uot put on Two Coats. 
. 10 And he said to them. 
"Whatever house you en- 
ter, there remain, till you 
leave tlie place. ». > 

11 And •whattTer Place 
will not receive you, nor 
hear yoti, in djpartinw 
thence^-t f shake off that 

DUST which is UNDEB 

your TEET, for a . Testi- 
mony to them.-/' 

13 .And having gona 
forth,' they proclaimtd 
that men shoula reforiri. 

13' And they expelled 
many Demons, and X "i^* 
ointed many sick persons 
with Oil, and cureu them. 

U tAnd Herod the 
KINO heard, (for Jesus 
had become well-known,) 
and 'he. said,'" John the 

• Vaticam M*«i'sc«iFT.— Bread, notravoling Bag.' H.^whatever Placo 

wUlnot. U. they said. - — — 

t n. An emblematical action, tt^ifyingr a renunciation of all ftirlher" concern wltl 
CheiD. It waa very usual among the people of the East to express thei: Intentions by ex. 
terualslfrn*. Many singular examples of this species of lans^ia^ occur both in Old SLnd 
New Testaments. See I Klngi xL 29j xxlU 11; 8 Kings xiii. 15. .,....^ ~ '" 

4 4, Mntl.xlll 67j/ohalT.44. • * J B. Mati.xlil. 63; Mark lx.». 1 ft Kait; 

Ix.U: I.uUexUi.M. . 1 7. MaH.z.C Markiii. I»,14; Lukeix.l. t H. AcU 

>ut.6l-svUi , I 18. James V. li. - t U Matt-^v.l; Luk«s.tft -- ^ 


<VP- fis 15.] 


twayvTjs 6 ^aivTi^wv €K veK-pcoy riyepOrf^ Kai 

Joha be baptizing out of dead has been raised, and 

Sia rovTO ev€pyovcrtv at dwafxeis eu avT(o. 

through this work the mighty powers in him. 

*^AAA.o< e\€you' 'Ort HAms eaTiy AAAot Se 

Others said : That Elias he is ; Others and 

t\eyoy 'On irpo(p7]Tris ((rriv, ws efs TWf wpo- 

sajd: That a prophet he is, like one of the pro- 

tpTjTwy, ^^ AKovcras Se 6 HpcoSrjs, einev 'Ort 

phets. Having heard but the Herod, said; That 

6v eyoi) aTreK€(pa\i(ra lu)avpr]V) ovtos -qyepQit) 

whom £ beheaded John, he it raised 

*[e/c ve/cpo)!/.] ^^ Autos yap 6 'HpwSrjs aTroo"- 

[ from dead.] Himself for the Herod cend- 

reiXas eKparrjcre rou lwauv7]v, Kai eSr/frev avTov 

ing seized :he John. and bound him 

fv <pv\aKT], 5ia 'KpcaSiaSa, rrji' yvuaiKa ^jAitt- 

In prison, through Herodias, th wife of Philip 

TTov Tov aSeA^ou alrov, on avrrjv eya/uriaev. 

of the brother of himself, for her he had married. 

^EAe7e yap 6 Iccavvrjs rtp 'Hpwdri' 'On ovk e^- 

Said for the John to the Herod; That not it is 

ecrn croi ex^iv ttju yvvaiKa tov ade\<pov oov. 

l.rwful to thee to have the wife of the brother of thee. 

^^*H Se 'HpcoSms et'ei^er avTca Kai rjdeXev 

The and Herodias had a grudge against him and wished 

avTov airoKTiivai' Kai ovk rjSvvaTo. ^ *0 yap 

him to destroy; and not erasable. The for 

'HpuSrjs e(po^€iTO rov IcacvvriUy eiScoy avrov av- 

Herod feared the John, knowing him a 

Zpa SiKaiou Kai ayiov Kai crvueT-qpei avrov Kai 

man just and holy; and protected him; and 

aKovcras avrov^ ttoAAo eTroiei, Kai rjSews avrov 

bearing him, many things he did, and gladly him 

r}Kove, 21 Kai yevojxeur)S T^fi^pas evKaipov^ 6re 

he heard. And having come adiy convenient, when 

'Hpwirjs Tois yev^aiois avrov Zeiirvov eiroici 

Herod to the birthday of himself a faast he made 

TOIS fieyio'Tacriv avrov, Kai rois x^^^°-PX^^^i 'f'*' 

to the nobles of himself, and to the commanders, and 

TOIS npcarois ttjs FaAiAatas* ^'^ Kai €i(TfK6ov<n]s 

to the chiefs of the Galilee; and having entered 

TTjs dvyarpos avrvs ttjs 'HpajStoSos, Kai opxv 

of the daughter of her of the Herodias, and danc- 

cafxevTis, Kai apeoa(Tr)s rq) 'UpcoSrj Kai rois 

tng, and hadng pleased the Herod and those 

awavaKcifxevoiSy etirev u fiaa'i\evs rep Kopacriui' 

reclining at table, said the king to the little girl; 

fk.iTH]<Tov /te, 6 ea.w d€\r)s, Kai Swtrw croi. 

Ask me, whatever thou wilt, and I will give to thee. 

^ Kai wuocTev avrr)' 'On 6 ear /xe airrjcTTjs, 

And he swore to her; That whatever me thou mayst ask, 

5co(ra) (Toi, la>.9 rifiKTOvs rrjs fiacriXeias piov. 

I will give to thee, till half ofthc kingdom ofme. 

[Chap. 6: 23. 

IMMERSES *has »isen from 
tne Dead, and therefore 
MIRACLES ai-e perforniea 
by him." 

15 Others saia, J "He is 
Elijah;" and others said. 
" He is a Proph' '•, like oiio 

of the PROPHETS.'' 

16 4:But Herod havino^ 
heard, said, " '^hat John, 
whom I beheaaed; \)z is 

17 Tor Hr.Rn himself 
had sent and seized John, 
and bound him in Prison, 
on account of Herodias, 
the WIFE of T^hilip Lis 
brother; for he naa mar> 
ried Her. 

18 lor JoHK had said 
to Herod, J '■ it is not 
lawful for thee to have thy 
brother's wife." 

19 Therefore 1 eeodias 
was incensed against him, 
and wished to kill him, 
and could not. 

20 For llEROi. $ feared 
John, knowing that be 
was a just and holy Man ; 
and protected him; and 
having heard him, he *did 
many things, and heard 
Him gladly. 

21 And a convenient 
Day having come, when 
Herod, on his bieth-day, 
made a Feast for his no- 
bles, and for the com- 
manders and CHIEI* men 
of Galilee ; 

22 *the DAUGHTER of 

this Herodias having en- 
tered, and danced, * she 
pleased Heeod and the 
GUESTS, * and the king 
said to the girl, "Ask me 
whatever thou wilt, and I 
will give it to thee." 

23 And he swore to her, 
J" Whatever thou mayst 
ask Me, I will give to tnee, 
even to the Half of my 

• Vaticak Manuscbipt. — 14. has arisen. 16. from the dead — omit. 20. was 

much perplexed, and heard. • 22. his daushibr Herodias. 22. she pleased. 

22. and the king. 

_ t 21. The custom of celebrating stated solemnities, and the anniversary of the birth-day 
In particular, was very sreneral in the East, and might be transferred from them to t\\% 
Greeks and Romans. The solemnization of the birth-daj by a festival is frequently men- 
tioned, or alluded to, in ancient authors. — Wakefield. 

t 15 Matt xvi.Mj Mark viii.28. | 16. Matt.xiv. 2; Lukeiu.lO. T 18. I:C^ 

xviii. 16; xx.21. X ^ Matt.xiv.5t xxi d. ^25. Esther v. 3, 6; vii.2. 

Chap. 6: 54.] 


**'H 8e 6^eA.0oi;cro, etre rri fi-qrpi outtjs* Tj 

The amd joinijout, lajd to the mother of herself; What 

aiTTjcroiiaj. : 'H Se eiTre" Ttjt Ki<pa\r}v laapvov 

shall I uk? She and said; The head of John 

row fiarrTicrTou, Kat eicreXBovcra euflecos juera 

the dipper. And coming in immediately with 

tnrovStjs irpos rov jSatriXea, TjTTja'aro, Keyovcra' 

haste to the lung, she asked, saying; 

€)e\a> iVo ytioi Sqes €|ovt7JS €7r{ irivaKi tt)v 

I will that to me thou wouUlat^ire instantly on a plate the 

Ke(pa\'QV \wavvou rov ^a-irriffrov. -^ Kat irepi- 

head o^John the dipper. And rery 

AuTTos yevQ^evos 6 ^acriX^vs, Sto rovs opKovs 

sorry having become the king, because of the oaths 

Kai Tovs cvvavaKei/JLevovs ovK 7j0e\7)<r€V avrrjv 

and those reclining at table not he would ber 

reject. And immedi.itely sending tke ^ng 

levs (TneKovKaTuspaf eTrera^ev €V€xdr]vai rit]v 

a guardsmasL^ ke ordered . to ne brought the 

KecpaKrjy avrov. 'O Se aireXOwv aTr€Ke(pa\i<T€y 

held ofhim^ He and going forth cut off the head of 

avToy €y TTj((>u\aKT)' '-^Kai Tjy^yKC rt^v Ki<pa\t]v 

him in tlie prison ; and brought the hexd 

avTov €7r» irivaKi, Kat eSwKey avrr)v rcff KopacK^' 

of him on a plate, and gave her to the iittle girl; 

Kai TO Kopacriov ^ZooKev avrrjy ttt) fxrjTpi ajTr]s. 

and the little girl gave her to the mother of herself. 

*^ Kat aKou(TayTes oi fiaSrjrai auTov, t]K6ov, Kai 

ATid having heard the disciples of him, came, and 

r^pay to irrcoua avTov, Kat eOilKay avro fy ^yi)- 

took th«ilea4boJy ofhim, and placed it im a 


^ Kat (Twayovrai ot avocrroKoL irpos roy 

And were v«%eiabled the apoctle* to tlie 

\i](Tovv^ Kat amjyyftXay avrca iravra, Kai 6<ra 

Jesus« and reported to hiin all« and what 

firof^(Tayj Kai uTa f^iha^av. '^ Kot ctirey avTOis' 

theY<lid, and what thev tnught. And he said to them; 

Aeure v/xeis avTot Kar' iSiau €ts epTjfioy tottov^ 

Come jrou yourselre* prirately into a desert place, 

Kat ayairave(r6e oKtyov. Utrav yap oi epxofieyoi 

»nd reatyoa a little; Were for those commg 

{^Chap. 6: 81. 

24 And SHK going out, 
said to her MOTiiEK, "What 
shall I ask?" Andshesaid, 
"' Tlie HKAD of John the 


25 And coming in im- 
mediately with Haste to 
the KING, she asked, say- 
ing; " I desire that thou 
wouldst give me instantly, 
on a Flatter, the head 
of John the iMMKESEa." 

26 t And the king, be- 
ing extremely sorry on 
account of the oaths and 
the GUESTS, would not re- 
fuse her. 

27 Anjd the king, im- 
mediately sending one of 
this Guards, ordered his 
HEAD to be brought And 
HE having gone forth be- 
headed him in the peison ; 

28 t and brought his 
head on a Platter, and 
iiave it to the girl; and 
ithe GiKL gave it to her 


29 And his disciples 
ha\'ing heard, came and 
earned off the dead- 
body, and placed it in a 

30 X And the aposti,i>,3 
were assembled to Jesus, 
and related to him all 
things, both what they 
had done, and what they 
had taught. 

31 And he *said to them, 
J "Come sou, retire by 
yourselves into a Desert 
Place, and rest a little;" 
X for many were those 
who were COMING and go- 

• Vaticab Mancicbipt. — 31. says. 

<• 27- The term, $pekou)atoora {rom the Latin tpeculator, denotes one of the bodv-guar<i% 
fho were so called, because their principal duty was that of tentineU. They had, however, 
jther confidental duties, and ainons these, that of acting?, like Turkish soldiers of Uie present 
Jay, as executioner?. t 28. Note here, that very remarkable seems the providence of 

God, in avenging the death of this holy man upon Tlerod, Herodias, and her daughter. For 
1st, As the war betwixt Herod and Arctas kingof Petr^a was caused by Herod's wicked con- 
tract with Herodias to reject the dausrhter of Aretas, his lawful wife, and to marry with 
Herodiass, his brother Philip's wife; so J osephug declares that the Jews looked upon the 
putting John to death, as the cause of the miscarriage of Herod's army ; '* God being angry 
with him for the death of John the Bapt'st." 2dly, Herodias envying the glory of king Ag 
rippa, who had that honour given him by Oaius, prevailed with her husband to go to Rome 
and accuse Agrippa; whereupon Caiui deprived Herod of his government, and her of he- 
money; and gave them both to Agrippa, banishing Herod and Herodias to Lyons in Franco 
"which (says Josephus) was done in punishment of her envy, and of his readiness to he;;r 
ken to her solicitations," And 3dly, of her daughter it is related, that she going over the i( .4 
in wintei, the ice broke, and she slir ped in to the head, which at last was severed from hcp 
body by the sharpness of the ice, God reauiring her head for that of the Baptist's she desi- 
red; which, if true, was a wonaerful providence.— FFAifiy. 

: 21. Matt. XIV. 9. 
t ol ^XarkiiJ.^U. 

I &4u Lukiiix 10. 

t 31. Matt, slv 13; John vi. 1. i 

Chap. S : 32.] 


Kai ol imayovres -iroAAof Kai ov5e (payciv tju/cai- 

/ and those ^oing many; and not even to eat they had 

^povv. ^Kat a-KriXQov ets epT^fiov tottov raj 

leisure. And they -Kent into a desert place to the 

'vXoico /car' idiau. ^Kai ^cdotf aurovs virayovras' 

ihip privately. And they saw them going away; 

jctti eireyvtvcrav TroWor icai Tre^r] airo iraa-wv 

and knew many; and on foot from all 

TQiv TcoKecav (ruu^SpafjLOV 6Ket. ^^ Kat e^eXOcov 

of the cities they ran together there. And comingout 

^tSei' iroXvy oxAoi/, Kat €(nr\ayxytO'Gft f^* 

he saw great a crowd, and was moved with pity totrards 

avToiSf 6ri rtcrav us TrpojSara, fxr} ^xovra i^oi- 

them, for they were as sheep, not having > 

u^va' Kat 77p|aTO ^i5a(rKeiv avrovs TroAAa. 

shepherd; and he began to teach them many things. 

^ Kat tjSt] cl)pas ttoWtjs yeuonevTjSy irpoffiXduv- 

And already time much having gone, coming 

Tes aury oi jxaQ-qrai auTOu, Xeyovffiv Ot» epij- 

tohim the disciples of him, they say; That » 

U.OS ecTTiV 6 TOiros, Kat tjJtj wpa TrokXrj' ^ otto- 

'- - •- dismiss 

[CTiap. 6: 41. 

^ — .^ — i« 

ING, and they had no lei 
sm-e, not even to cat. 

32 And they went away, 
by the boat, into a Desert 
Place, J to be by -ilieni- 

33 Bnt they saw them 
departing, and many tnew 

liem; and they run toire- 
ther there on foot from All 
the CITIES. 

34 J And coming out, he 
saw a Great Crowd; and lie 
deeply pitied them. Be- 
cause they were like Sheep 
having no Shepherd; and 
the taught them many 

35 X And much Time 
having already gone, hia 
DISCIPLES coming to him, 
say, * " The place is a 
Desert, and now much 
Time has passed; 

36 dismiss them, that 

desert is the place, and already time much 

Xvaov avTOVs, iva aTreXdovres ets rovs KVKXcp 

them, that going into the surrounding 

aypous Kat KcofiaSy ayopaa-oxriu eairrois oprous' jthey may go to the adja- 

country and villages, they may buy themselve. loaves; Lgnt TAUMS aud Tillages, 

Ti yap (paycoa-iu ovk €Xov<nv. ' O Oe awoKpt- , and buy tliemselves* what 

any for they might eat not tliey have. He but ""^"e^ing ^^^ gll^^^j ^j^j^W 

eets eiTrei/ avrois' Aore avrots iifxus <^ayetv. §7 3^^ he answering 

said to them; Give to them you totaV g^j^j |q them, "goU SUp- 

Kat Xeyovcriv aur^- Kv^XBovt^s ayopao-CD/xev piy them."* Andtlieysay 

And they say tohim; Going may we buy 1 tO Mm, "Should We gO au^ 

^■r)vapiMV htoKocTKCv aprous, Kai ow/xev awro 1 5 for Two hundied Denarii 

denarii two hundred loaves, and give *■* *h'='" ; l)Uy LoaVeS, and glve them 

d)ay€iy: ^'O Se Xeyei avrois' Tlo(rovs aprovs to eaii" 

to eat? He but says to them : Howmany loave* ^ 38 And HE Saysto them, 

inrayere Kat i5eT€. Kai yi'Ot'Tes, «« How Many Loaves have 

go you and see you. And havingascertained, you? Go aild See." And 

Ilez/Te, Kat dvo ixGvas. ^^Kat eire- 

Five, and two fishes. And heor- 

rafcu avTOis avaxXivai irain-aSy frvyTrofria 1 Fishes 

dered them to make recline all, company 

■^ Kai aue- 

have you? 


they say: 

having ascertained, they 
say, X " ^i^'Q> *iii Two 

89 And he commanded 
them to make all recline in 
they i Companies on the green 

40 And they lay down 
in Squares, by Hundreds 
and by Fifties. 

41 And taking the tivk 
Loaves and the two Fish- 
es, and looking toward* 

€uXo777<re, /cat KareKXaae tovs aprovSy Kat \ heavex, he praised God, 

kcgarepraUe, and broke^ the loaves, ""^ and broke the LOAVES, 

cSt^ou TOts fiadriTats avrovy Iva irapaQccfftv mCi gave to *the dtsci- 

gave to the disciples of him, that they might set before pLES tO Set before them ; 

avTOJS- Kat TOVS ^VQ ixQvas €fxepi(Te Trao-t. Und the two Fishes he 

them: and the two fishes he divided to all. 

trvvTtoa-tay eiri T(f X^^P'P X^P'^V' 

company, on the green grass. 

igeffov irpaciai fcpaffiaiy ava e/caro^, Kat ava 

leclined squares squares, by a hundred, and 

v(mr,Kovra. *^ Kat Aa3c«'*' tovs Tc^vre aprovs 

by fifty. And taking the five loaves 

jcai TQus Svo ixOvaSy ava^Xf^as (Ls Tov ovpavov, 

and the two fishes, looking up to the heaven. 

distributed to all. 

* Vatican Ma.xusckipt.— 33. The plack is a Desert. 

tut HE. 41. the DISCIPLES. 

t 32 Matt. xiv. 13. t 34. Matt. ix. 3C; xiv. 14. % 34. Luke is. II 

M?itt, xiv, 15 ; liuke ix. 13, X 38. Matt. xiv. 17 ; Luke ix. 13; John vi. tt 

36. what they should eat 


Chap. 5: *2.] 


K»d thef ate all, and were filled. 

^ Kcu Tjpay KKafrfiarwv ScaStKa KO(pivQvs tXtj- 

Ani they tookup of lr,ij;iue«ts twelve baskets full, 

pets, KCU airo roov ixOvaiy, "** Kai ijtrouf ol <pa~ 

and of tlie fishei. And were those ha^ng 

yoyrfs tous aprous, xeyrafctcxiA^ot oj'S^es, 

eaten the loaTee, five thousand men. 

^' Km fuBeas rivayKatye tqvs fiaOijras avrov 

And immediately he urged the disciples of himself 

f^rjvai eir to xAotov, Kat xpoayeir eis ro we- 

to step into the ship, and to go before to the other 

par TTpos B7j0<ra<5aj', cws auTos avoKvari roy 

tiile to Bethsaida, while he should dismiss the 

ox^ov, ^ Kot airora^aftevos auTotSy ayrr)\9ey 

ci>3wd. Aad having sent away them, he went 

€is TO opos TTpoTcv^aaOai. "^'Kai o^ptas yfvo- 

into the mountain to pray. And evening having 

fteFTjs, i]y TO irKoiov ^v fx^tr^ rrjs OaKarra-qs' 

ome, was the ship in middle ofthe sea; 

Kai auTos fiovos ^irt ttjs 717^. ''^Kat etScr 

.-vnd h< alone apon the land. And he saw 

auTovs fiacrayi^ofieyovs fy Tea €\av?>€iy ijy yap 

tliem tormented in the rowings was for 

5 arero^ iyavTios avTois, Kat vepi TSTapT'qv 

tlie wind opposite to them. And about fourth 

tpvKaKTjr TTjs yvKTos cpx""^' irpos avTovs, Trept- 

watch ofthe night comes towards them, walk- 

vraTwr 67rt rt]s 6a\a<r(rrjS' kcu tjSeXc irapeXdety 

ing on the sea; and wished to pa^s 

auTovs, *' Ol §€, i5oyT€s auToy ttepiiraTovyTa 

them. They but, seeing him walking 

€7r< Ti)s $aKa(rfrT]Sj eSo^ay tpavTatTfia cipai, Kai 

on the sea, they thought a phantom to be, and 

avfKpalay. *® TLayTcs yap avToy eiSor, Kat 

they cried out. All for him saw, ami 

fTapa.xQ'f]<Tar. ' evdews fKa\T)<Te p.€r' owtwi', 

were terrified. And immediately bespoke with them, 

Kai Keyei avTois' Qap<reiT€' e7a> c</u<, fxTf <po- 

.ind says to them; Takecourage; 1 am, not be 

/SetcOe. *^Kat ave^Ji irpos owtous fis to wkoioy 

afriid. And be went up to them into the boat: 

KCU cKOTOffey d arffios, Kai Kiay *[€« xe- 

and ceased the wind. And greatly [out of mea- 

pttraow] ey eavTois e^iaTavTO, *[»co< eOavfia^^oy.^ 

sut«] in themtelTCs they were amaced [and wondered.] 

'-' Ow yap (TurTjKay em rots apTois' -qy yap t) 

Not for they understood about the loavesi was for the 

capSta avToiy Xf:impoop.iy7), 

heart of tbera baring been stupified. 

® Kai 5<aT€po(rai'res tjA.Soj' eirt ttjk 777;^ T^y- 

And having passed over they came to the laud Gen- 

vr)(Taper' Kai 7rpov(app.i<rQT](ray. ** e^eXdov- 

oesaret: and drew to the shore. And comingout 

Twv avTwv €« TOW xXoiof, euflecos e7r<7J'OKTes 

of them ont of the ship, immediatety knowing 

sLVToy, ^^ irGpidpafiouTes b\7]v T-qv rrepixccpov 

him, running about whole the adjacentcountry 

[Oiap. 6: 65. 

42 And they all ate and 
were satisfied, 

43 And they took up 
Twelve Baskets full of 
Fragments [of the Bread, 
and ofthe fishks. 

44 Now THOSE wllOATB 

of the LOAVKs were Five 
thousand Men. 

45 X -^d immediately 
he constrained liis disci- 
PLEs to go into the boat, 
and precede him to the 
OTHKa SIDE, towards 
Bethsaida, while ^c should 
send away the ckowd. 

46 And having dismissed 
tiiem, he retired to the 
arouNTAiN to pray. 

■ 47 And Evening having 
come, the boat was in the 
Midst ofthe lake, and ije 
was alone on the land. 

48 And he saw them 
toiling at the oar; for the 
WIND was against them; 
and ahout the t Fourth 
Watch of the night, he 
comes tov^'ards them walk* 
ing on the Lake, and 
wished to pass by them. 

49 But seeing him 
walking on the lake, they 
tliouglit it was an Appari- 
tion, and they cried out ; 

50 for they all saw him, 
and were terrified. And 
immediately he spoke with 
them, saying, "Take cour- 
age, it is I ; be not afraid." 

51 And he went up to 
them into the boat; aad 
the WIND ceased; and they 
were exceedingly amazed 
in themselves. 

52 For |they understood 
not about the loaves; 
l)ecause their heabt was 

53 And having passed 
over, they came to the 
LAND of Gennessaret, and 
put to the shore. 

54 And coming out of 
the boat, immediately 
they recognised him, 

55 and running through 
that Whole sukkoundinci 

* Vatica:* Mandscript. — 51. out of measure — nmif, 

t iS. See Notes on Matt. xiv. 25, 24 

; 45. Matt. Siv. 22; John yi. 17. t 52. M.wk viii.l7, 18. 

51 and wondered— o«t</. 

ChajK «? 56] 


\Chap. 7: (fe. 

€K6ii''jji», rip^avTO €irt rots Kpa^^arois row 

that, they begaa Ml the 

Ka.K(os exouTtLS Trepi<f>epetVf 

(icknesa hxriug to carry abeot, 

e»cei ecTTi. ^^ Kai oirov ay 

there he M. Ani whererer 

Ko/J-aSf r) TToAets, ^ aypovs, 

tuwDt, ar cities, er viUageak 

iTibovf rovs aadeuovvTas, 

the7 placed tko^e being gick, 

avTov, iva nav rov KpaaveSov rov lfj.aTiov 

him, *hat if even the tuft of the mantle 

avTov aipwvTar Kai oaoi av r,irTQi/TO o-VTovy 

of him they might toucU) «IMt WlUMVCC Uraciwd ^ina, 

were savetk 

ccmchn th^se 

where they beard, tbat 

eicreTFopeueTO ew 

be entered into 

er Tais ayopais 

in the market» 

Kou TtaptKaKovv 

and they besought 

KE*. C 7o 

' Ko£ (rupoyoPToi vpos avrov ol ^api(raioi. 

And were gathered jO hiia the Pharisees, 

cti Tjyes TCDi' ypafip.arecoVf e\6oPT€s airo 'lepo- 

«nd some of the reribee, having come from Jem- 

ffoXifj-wir 2 if(ii ijj, y-rfj rtpas ru>v ixaQ-qrojv 

lalen>> and tiwiag tome of the diseipjes 

avTov Kotvzis x^P'^h Tovr' ecrnv aviirTois, 

•fhim with common hands, that is unwashed, 

ffdiouras apTovs' ^ {ol yap ^apKTaiot Kai irav- 

eating foavesj (the for Pharisees and all 

res ot KwSatot, eav p.t} irvy /xri virpwyrai ras 

the Jews, if not with ■'et they may wash the 

X^ipas, ovK eadtovcri, Kparooi>T€S r7]y irapaSoo'iy 

hands, not they eat, nolding the tradition 

Tail' Trperr/SuTepwr* 'Kai airo ayopas, eav /j-rj 

o. the elderst and ^om a market, tf not 

fiaTTTKrccvrait o^K ecOioufft' Kai ah\a waWa 

they mi;lit dip, not theyeatj and other many things 

ecTTiu, a irape\a^owKpaT€iu, ^airrKTfxovsTroTTi- 

is, which they receited tohold, dippings of 

picuv, Kai ^earcDy, Kat xaA/ciajj/, *[Kai /rAiFwf}) 

mips, mi otpots, atid of copper vessels, [and ofcouchesi]) 

^ eireira eveparrufriv avrou ol ^apicraioi Kai oi 

then asked him the Fhani^ees and the 

ypajxixanis' Aiart ol /xa&7)Tai trov ov Trepnra- 

scrtbe»: Why the disciplea of thee not walk 

Tov(Ti Kara TTjUTrapaSoffiy rcou irpecrfivrfpay, 

according to th« tradition of the elderf, 

aAAa Koivats x^P*'"**' €O'0tot/<ri tou aproi/ ; *''0 

but with commos hands they eat the iostf He 

*[5e airoKpideis^ enreu avTOis' 'Otz Ka\<as irpoc- 

I but answering] said tothemi That well pro- 

(pr}r€V(reu 'tiaaias irept vp-wv Tcav viroKpiTCoy, ws 

phesied Eer,'"* about you the hypocrites, as 

yeypairraf ** Ohros b Kaos rois xeiAecri /ic 

it is writteni •* This the people with the lips me 

aEGioN, earried about tho 
SICK on corcHJBs, to 
where they heard he was. 

56 And wherever he en- 
tered, into ""owns, or Ci- 
ties, or Villages, they 
placed the sick in the 
MARKETS, and implored 
him, ^ tlrat they mi^ht bnt 
touch the Turr of his 
MANTLT! ; and as many as 
touched him were cia «d. 


1 X And the FHABi&Exa^ 
and some of the scaiBEs^ 
having come from Jerusa* 
lem, resorted to him. 

2 And observing some 
of his DISCIPLES eating 
BBEA0 with eoramoD, th i 
is, with Unwashed Hands; 

3 (for the Phakisees,, 
and AH the Jews holdinf 
the TRADITION of the 
ELDERS, eat not, unless 
tliey wash then hands 
with the Fist ; 

4 and coming from « 
Market, unless they * im- 
merse themselves, they eai 
not. And many othei 
things there are which 
tliey have received to main- 
tain, — Immersionsof Cupsv 
and of Pots, and of Copper 
vessels ;) 

& * both the Phaktsees 
and the scjiiBEs asked 
him, " Why do net thy 
DisciPLEr walk aecordijif 
to the TBADiTioK of the 
ELDERS, but eat breao 
with common Hands ?" 

6 He 8^d to them, "Well 
did Isaiah prophesy con- 
cerning you, HYPOCRITES, 
as it is written, J 'This 
'PEOPLE honor me with 
'their lips, but their 

* Vatican Mancscbipt.^. besprinkle themselves, they eat not. *• and of 

couches— omif. 6. both the Pharisees. 8. but answering— •uti*. 

t 3. The PLarisees, (says Josephus,) delivered many doctrines of the people as belonging: 
to the law, whicQ were handed down by the fathers, hut not written in the law mX Moses', 
Hiid for this reason, the sect of the Sadducees rejects them ; maintaining that those things 
wiiicli are written, outrht to be accounted parts of tlie law. and that sucUasare only receivea 
by tradition from the fathers ought not to be observed^— .<:<n«. xiit 18. 

X 56. Matt. IX. 20i Mark v. 27, 28; Acts *ix,ia. I I. Matt. x». 1. t «. Iwu nix. lii 

Chap 7 7.] 


noi T, the but bean of them far off 

6/Uoi/. ^ M.aTT]V 5e ae^ovrai /xe, 



In rain but they wonbip me, ceachinj; 

liSa(rKa\iaSy evraKfiara avdpwtruvJ" ^ A<p€UT€S 

teachings. coramandmentt ofmen." Leaving 

*[7a^j '• 1^ fPTo\7)y rov 6eov, Kparcre rt]v 

[forj the commandment of the God, you hold the 

tradition of the men, [dippings ofpou 

Kai iruTTjpiwv Kai aWa Tt apo/xoia roiavTa ttoaao 

and of cup* i and other similar such like many thin^ 

TTotftTf.J ^Kai e\€yey avTois KaKws aOsTtirt 

you do. J And be naid to them. Well you set aside 

T7/V evTo'^f}!' rov deovy Iva Tt]p irapaBoaif vfxwv 

the commanument cf 'he God, th't the tradition of yon 

Tripiiu-qTe. ^"^ MoxTTji yap *' Tt^ua tou 

you may keep Moses for said{ •• Honor the 

TTu-epa ouv Kai 7-qv /jir)Tcpa <tov** /car " 'O 

father of thee and the nfA' ofthee;" and; "He 

KaKoXoyc '/ irar^pa i} firj.-fpay Qava'rt^ reXev- 

eutsin; fa*her or lot'uer, a death let him 

TttTw" ^^'T/j.€i5 Se \€y<re° Eav (frrrf avOpco- 

die." lou but s:.y; If should say a man 

TTos r(p irarpi 7) rrj /xriTpr KoplSau (6 can, 

to the fkther or the motber) Corban (which is, 

. . . . .. . . . • . . - jT 

whatever out of m>. thon migbtest be profited 


a gil^J 

ovKfTt a<^i€Ti avToy ovSev woiTjcrat tw irarpi 

no more yc > suffer him anything to do for he fa aer 
[ul himself,'' or for the mother [of himself,] niak.ngvo.:' 

Toj/ Aoy ► Tov deov rji vapaBoaei v/xoov, ij 

the word of the God -or the tra Ution of you, which 

7rape5.KC€' Kanrapcfioia Ty}iavTa ttoAAo vo- 

you ^^e^vered; and similar 8u>.l. like many thin!>s /ou 

c:. .0 -■* Kai TrpocKaAeora/u./wS Traura rov 

V>. And bavin" called tl t*'e 

:X^ -'i ^A.eyev avrois' AK'vere fio' 7'avres, 

cr.wd, be said to them i Be*; me al!, 

t«. i7vvifr€. ^" OvScy €cr. it* c^j&ci' rov aifdpat- 

a.".d x.innrjct«;d. Nothing ir uu* i' o « man 

vov, eiaTT'^pevo/j.euov <i3 xvruv 6 vva- «. o'r v 

•intering iuto him, ' 1ai U -s abl"- him 

KOivwffat' aWa ra fKiropevofieva ".ir avrsv, 

« make common; but the things proceec-°:.>g from him. 

^^itva tart 7o Koivovura r v avQpwnov. 

those is '^ethingsm&kingcommonthe man. 



{Chap >. 1^ 

* aK &.ET is far remuv A 
' from me. 

7 But in vain do they 
' wors lip me, teaching as 
' Doctrines, the Precepts 
'of Men.' 

8 Laying aside tlie 


you retain the TaADixiow 

of MEN " 

9 And he said to thera, 
" Well do you annul .he 


that you may keep your 


10 For Moses said, J'Ho- 
'nor thy father and thy 
'MOTHi.R,' andJIlE who 
'REVILES Father or Mo- 
' ther, kt him be punished 
•with Death.' 

11 But gou assert, * If a 
man say to iatheb or mo- 
ther, J Be that Corban, 
that is, an Oii'ering, +by 
which thou mightest de- 
rive assistance from me? 

12 you no more permit 
him to do any thing for ta- 


13 making void the 
woRDof ji;d by your TRA- 
DITION, which you have 
delivered; and many sucJ* 
like Things you do." 

14 J And haviTig *agaiii 
called All of the crowd, 
he said to them, " Let all 
listen to me, and be in- 

15 There is nothing from 
without the man, which 
entering in 'pollutes 
him i but the things pro- 
ceeding from 'theMAlf, 
are tfie things which 


16 *tCIf any one has 

VA?iCA!f Manuscript.— 8. For— omif. 8. dippinfrs of Pots and oi Cups; and 

many other suchlike thing's you d(T — omit. 12. And— owif. 12. .is — omt. 

'.2. his— omiii 14. a^ain tailed. 15. pollutes jiim. 15. fiie MA^, are the 

Chinos which polltttb him. 16. If any one has Ears to hear, let him hear— omif. 

+ 11. Apieceofhistory, delivered in the Talmud, will illustrate this Bubjeet, aud at the 
Bame time exhibit in a clear light the profligacy, superstition, and casuistry of the Jews. A 
man of Beth-Horon had made a vow, and declared that his father shouldreap no benefit from 
his property. Afterwards, on the occasion of bis son's marria^^e, he wished to invite his 
father tt the entertainment ; and, to evade the obligation of his vow, he transferred his right 
and property in the room and feast to a friend, who was en?a;rod to invite his father. This, 
however, wa'' >udg&d to be unlawful, unless he had transferred entirely and trul v this part o 
his property \,o his friend, without interposinff any condition with respect to the invitatio* 
of his father, whom he was bound by all means not to profit. How can w« be surprised ' 
the Boverity with which our Savior rebuked such vile casuistry, such want of natiura) affeo> 
tion. end sue' abominable hypocrisy ? — Wakefield. 

I W Exod. rs. 12 : Deut. V 1ft Matt. XV. 4. J W. Frod. xxi. 17; Lev. %x. rov 

x'^. 20. t 11. Matt. XV. : xxiii. 18. ? 1 Matt xv. 10. J 1ft. Matt xi. li 

Chap. 7: 17.] 


laiap. 7: 27. 

any one has ears to hear, let him hear.] And 

ore fKTTjXdfy €is oiKOV airo ruv ox^ov, 

Ivlien he entered into a house from the crowd, 

€wr]pwTwy avTOv oi fiadrjrai avrov vcpi rrjs 

asked him the disciples ofliicn concerning the 

Trapa.0o\r]s. ^^ Kai \fyei avTois' OuTca Kai 

parable. And heeajs to them ; Thus also 

vfiiis arrvifCTOi ecrre ; Ow foeir^, on irav to 

youwithout understandingare? Not knowyou, that all that 

^\joQ(.v, eKnropevofj.ei'oy eis tov auOpwirovy ov 

wuhout, entering into the man, not 

Bjuarai avrov Koivaxrai ; ^^ on ovk eia-irop- 

is able him to make common? that not goes 

everai avrov eis ri]v Kaphiav, aW' ets rriv koi- 

ofit into the heart, but into the bellyi 

Kiav Kai its rov a<pthpwya eKiropev€rai, 

and into the pri>> goes out, 

Kadapi(,ov -iravia ra fipw/xara. * EAe76 be- 

cleau»ing ail the toods He said and, 

'On TO e»c tov avQpwTTov iKnop^vofXiPovy ^k^lvo 

T.iit the oai of lh< man prcceedrngloiib, tnat 

KJivoi rov avQpooTTOV' ^^"E-crwdiv fap e/c ttjs 

ma .escommon ih» man; Within lor out o> the 

KapSias rwv avdpoovaiy at SiaAoyi(Tfxoi oi kukoi 

heart of the men the purposes th« evil 

fKTTop^voyrai' fioix^io-ty iropv^iaiy tpovoi, 

proceeds; adulteries, fornicatioua, mnider.-, 

^KKowaiy irXeove^tai, iroyr^piai, SoKos, afrtAyeta, 

thefts, covetousnesses, villanies, deceit. Intemperance, 

o<p9aKfio$ irovripoSy fi\a(T<pr]ixiay vitepr)ipayia, 

eye eTil, evil speakings, pride, 

acppofTvyrj' ■^ iravra ravra ra irovr)pa ((To)9€v 

tolly. all these the things evil within 

fKTrop€Vfrai, Kai KOiuoi roy av0pci>Trov. 

comes forth. an 1 makes common the man 

^* Kai cKfid^y avaarasy airr^XQ^y fty to ^xeQ- 

And thence arising, he wen> Into the bor- 

opia Tvpov Kai "Zihusvos' Kai ttaiXOaiy us rrtu 

deis ot Tyre and Sidon; and ^ntermj 'li'o the 

viKiaVy ovSeva i]6e\€ yvtavaf Kat ovk r)huvridr) 

house, no one he wkhed to know. and not he was able 

KaQiiv. ^"^ AKovaaffa yap yvvr} irepi avrov, r}s 

1 1, ne concealed. Havingheard for awoman about him.ofwbom 

t«Xf Ttf Bvyarpioy avrris irvevixa aKaOaproy, 

h«d ih« little daughter of herself a spirit unclean, 

eKdovcra Trpocreireae itpos rovs iroSas avrov 

havingiome felldown to the feet of him 

^^ (771/ 8f 7) yvyrj 'E\\r)viSy ^vpoipoiviKicrcra rcf 

(was DOW the woman a Greek, a Syrophenician to the 

yfyet) Kat rjpcora avrov y iva ro haijxoviov ck- 

birth.) and she besought him, that the demon he 

^a.Kri €K T7JS Ovyarpos avrrjs. "^'O Se Ir}(rovs 

Would cast out of the daughter ofherseil. The but Jesus 

fi^evavrri' A(pes npwrov xopracrOrjvai rarcKva' 

said toher; Lelalone first to be filled thechildren, 

ou yap KaXoy eari, Aa/Setc rov aprov rwv reK- 

not fur good it is, to take the bread of lb- chil- 

vwv, Kai Pa\€iy rots Kvvapiots. ^ H 8f 

dren, and to cast to vbe dogs. She bui 

Ears to hear, let him 

1 7 J And when he went 
from the ceowd into a 
House, his disciples 
asked him concerning the 


18 Andhe says to them, 
" Are sou also so destitute 
ot understanding? Do you 
not perceive, that nothing 
from without, enteeinp 
into the MAN, can pollute 
Hini ? 

19 because it enters not 
into the heart, but into 
tJie BELLY, and passes into 

lie s 1 N K, purifying All the 


20 And he said, " That 


; lie man, tfjat poUules the 


21 JFor from within, 

out of the HEAET of MEN, 

emanate evil pukposes; 
— Adulteries, Fornications, 

22 Thefts, Covetonsness, 
Villanies, Deceit, liitem- 
peiance. Envy, Calumnies, 
Pride, and Folly; 

23 All These EViLthinga 
emanate from within, and 
pollute the man." 

24- t And arising thence, 
he retired into the con- 
fines of Tyie and Sidi n ; 
and having entered into 
tlie HOUSE, he desired no 
one to know it; but he 
could not be concealed. 

25 For a Woman, whose 


an unclean Spirit, * imme- 
diately heard of liim ; and 
having come fell down at 
his feet; 

26 (now the woman 
was tan Hellenist, a na- 
tive of Syrophenicia .) 
and she entreated liini to 
expe' the demon from her 


27 » Andhe said to Iter, 
"Let I he children first 
be satisfied; for it is n(.<f 
proper to take the cuiL- 
'jheis's bread, and throw 
it to the DOGS." 

* Vatican Ma.vuscript.— 25. immediately heard. 27- And he said. 

t If). One who spoke the Greek l.uguapre. 

ii7 IMatt. zv 16 t 'il Gen. VI. 5; viii. 21; Matt. xv. 19. 

t 34. Matt. XV. -11. 

auzp. 7: 28.] 

M AK K. 

[Oiap. 7: 37. 

aircKpiOr], Kai Keyei avrw' Nai, Kvpif Kat yap 

answered, and Bays tobimi Kcs, sir; eren fot 

Ttt Kuvapia viTOKaru} ttjs rpavf^rjs eaOiei <xiro 

the. dogs under the ttible eateat from 

Tccj/ 4'iX"*'*' ''''«"' TTotStcoi'. ^ Kat f tTTfj/ avrrj' 

ofthe crumbs o. the children. And he said toh^i 

Ata TovTov Tov Koyov viraye' e^e\rj\vdc To 

T irough this the word go; has come out the 

haifMoviov fK TTjs dvyarpos (Tou. '^^ Kai avfA- 

dcniou from the daughter of thee. And bixui"? 

6ovaa ets tov oikov awTTjs, eupe to Za.iuovi.c-p 

gone into the house of her, she found the demoA 

6|6A.T7Au0os, Kai tt]v dvyaTfpa /SejSA.rj/uei'Tji' rri 

having gone out, and the daughter having been laid B^n 

.\ie bed. 

•*^ Kat iraXiy (^eKBwi/ e/c twu dpiaiv Tvpov kcl 

And B^ain coining out from the borders ofTyre iiil 

2iStu>/os, r)\dev eis T-qu QaKaacrav ttjs TayiXaias, 

Sidon, faer»ine to the Bea ofthe Gahlee. 

aua ixe<Toy Twy dpiwv AeKaTToKews. '^Kat <pffr- 

tlirongk midst of the borders ol DecapoUa. And th^y 

oucrif avTCf} Kwcpou fioyi\a\oVy Kai irapaKaAoo- 

bring to him a deal man r. slami-ieiet, and theyenir-'at 

(Tiv avToy iua eiridr} avTc^) ttju p^etpa, ^ Kat 

him that ..e mightplkce to him the hand. And 

airoXa^ofxevos avrov awo tov ox^ou KaT iSiau, 

havm^ taken him from the crowd privately, 

f$a\K Toi/S 5aKTv\ovs aiiTov eis ra wra avTov, 

he (lilt tne finders ol himself into the ears of him. 

Kat iTTuaas tj^uto ttjs yKwcra-qs avT v ^' Kai 

and Kpitt'iig be touched the tongue of him: and 

avaBK^y^as €/$ tow ovpavov^ ea-reva^e, Kai 

lookiQiap to the heaven, he groaned, ?nl 

Kiyn avTCf}' 'E(p<padaf b itTTt, Stat'otx^^Tt- 

-ay» to im: Ephphatha, that is, b» opened. 

** Kot *[ei'0eQJs] 5ir}voLxSrj(Tau jlvtov a> uKoai' 

And fimniediaielvl were opened of-irn the eare 

icai ehvOr} 6 Sfor/jios T17S y\(i}(r(n)s avTov, Kat 

nud was loosed the bond ofthe tongu<» f him, and 

a\a\6i op6a}S. ^ Kat 5ie(rTei\aT0 aurrts, iya 

he. poke plainly. And he charged them, toot 

txrjbevt iiTTwaiv bcrav Se avTos avTois BiecTf-X- 

no one the» should tell, what but h.. ..o ihem charged 

KeTOy naWoif Trepia^croTfpov iKr),:va<TQv ^^ 

more abundantl *h^y published. And 

inrcpTTfpKTtrcJS f^firKijaar vto, XeyovTfS' KaAcos 

bevond measure thjy were aato: ished. Baying; Well 

rofTtt ireTTOiTj/ce" Kat revs K^o<bovs Troiet aKOu- 

all I things) b« bas done; and the arafones he icake* ^^ 

^iv, Kai TOWS aA.oA.ows \a\eii/' 

hear, and lb* dumb ones to speak. * 

28 But she answered, 
and says to him, "True« 
Sir ; yet even the Doi;? 
under the table eat of the 
children's ceumbs." 

29 And he said to her, 
" For This ekmaek, go; 
tlie DF-MON lias departed 
from thy daughter." 

30 And departing to her 
HOUSE, she foun(l * her 
DAUuHTEa laid upon the 
REn, and the demon ex- 

81 tAnd again leaving 
the CONFINES ofTyre, *he 
came hy Sidon to tlie lake 
ot Galilee, through the 
Midst of the borders oJ 

32 X And they bring to 
him a deaf man who stam- 
mered, and they entreat 
him to place his hand on 

33 And having privately 
takenhim fromthe crowd, 
the put his fingers into 
iiis ears, and spitting, 
touched his tongue ; 

34 and looking up to 
HEAVEN, he groaned, and 
says to him, "Ephphatha," 
that is, Be opened. 

35 And His ears were 
opened, and the cord of 
Ills tongue was loosed, 
and he spoke plainly. 

36 t A.nd he charged 
them that they should tell 
no one ; but the more 'he 
charged them, the more 
abundantly * tfjefl pub- 
lished it. 

37 And they were as- 
tonished beyond measure, 
saying, " He has done all 
tilings well: he makes both 
the deaf to hear, and the 
* Dumb to speak. 

• Vatican Manuscript.— 30. her dauohtkr laid upon the tikd, and the demon expelled. 
81. he came by Sidon to. 35, immediately— o/mt. 38. he charged. 3d tljcg 

published- 37. Dumb. 

t S3. Doddridge well observes about this miracle, " *f any should ask Why our Lord use 
these actions, when a word alone would have been sufficient: and such means (if they can 
be c.illed means) could in themselves do nothing at all to answer the eud,— I fi-anklv confess 
I cnnnot tell, nor am I at all concerned to know. • • • • Had Christ's patipnts like Naa- 
mm, (2KinMv.n,l2,) beentoonicsintheir exceptions on these occasions, I fear they would 
li ive lost their cure, and the indn'prence of a curious, or a petulant mmd, would have been 
bur a poor equivalent for such a loss.'' 

t 86k Mark V. 4"; viii. »* 

t 31. Matt. rv. 29. 

Siiatt. Lc. 83 ; Luke xi. 14. 

C!inp. 8.1] 


iChap. 8: JI., 

KE*. 7j'. 8. 
* Ev cKfJVOtf rais rnxepais^ Tra/xvoKKou ox^ov 

In. tliose the dayi, nerj great _ crowd 

^VTOit "at /i77 cxoi'TU);/ Tt (paywcri, irpocr- 

keing, 1 »n>l "Ot U^vinc eny thing tbey could eat, having 

iieoAe(/S/A«»'OJ Tovy /xafiTjras o /tow Aeyet outoij* 

U^llgij^ Che disciples of himself he says .to them; 

!' 27rXa7X*''C''A*'*' *''"* tovox^ov 6ti tjSt; ^/tepar 

I have pity oa the crowd; because now day* 

rpeis, TTpofrfifuovTi *[^.oj,] «af ou« exovct tj 

three, they conliuue [with rut,] and not' they have any thing 

<f)a.y(i>fTi. ^ Kat cay airoKvcra avrovs yrjcmis 

t.iiy can fiit. Au4 ., if I disuiis* them fasting 

«ij oiKOU auTO)^, fKKvOiTTQVTai fu Til 6dcf)' Tives 

into house of lu«i»8elve«, they wil'l faint oa the way;- some 

yap avTwv fiaKpoOfu T]KOV(ti. * Kat aveKpiOrirraf 

Cor ofthein o great distancehavc couie. And imewered 

avrrp ol fxad-nrai aurov UiOfV toutovs Svurfae- 

to hiui the disciples ofhiin; Whecco tlie»a will be ahle 

Tot Tt$ cj5c.x^P'''°<''"' apTwv eir' fpr,fiias; ^ Kai 

rnyuneher.a to satisfy ofloavei in » desert place ? And 

tTTTjpwTff avTovs' UotTovj ^X^"^^ ttpTovs; Of 5e 

hsaskeiL theaij How many have you loaves? They and 

tiiray 'EtVo. ^ Kat 7rop7777€fA.e rq/ ox^y aya- 

gaid; Seven..; And be gave orders 'lo the crowd to 

vecreiv em ttjj yns'' Kai Ka^oiv rovs eirra 

tviine upon the . groundj ood talking the eeven 

cprouy, iFi;xa/"<'"''T)<ros €fcAao"€, icai eStSou rofs 

loavea, fivingihanki .h« hrok-, " auJ ^ Rave to 

uaO-nraisavTOv/tva TapaOuxTV KanrapeQr\Kav 

disciples of himself, <Uatthey mightset before. «nd they set btftirn 

Ty ox^y« '^Kof cixo'' «x^^^'" o\t7a* KOf cuAo- 

the crowd. And they had •m-lUishei »few: »nd giuing 

77j(ras, €£7r6 7rapa0€ii/oi Kaiavra. ^Ec^ayoj/Se, 

p-aiae, he said place before^ *lio them. They ate and, 

«ai cYopraffdno'aV Kai jjpay~irepi(r<TeviJ.aTa 

and we»tfUled: and tkey took up over and abo»« - 

K'AafffiaTwy, eJTTO <nrupf5aj. * H<rav Se o/ 0o- 

offragmcnU, aeren large ba»liet»^ Were and those hav- 

yovTfs, ws TCT/jaK«rx*Ato«* Hat air€\v(rey 

Ing eaten, about lour thouaand j Mitl hedUmiaaed 

avTOVS: 0. C 

them. , ^ 

W Kat €vdeoos' (fiBas (ts ro irXoiov fifra twv 

And Immediately entering Into the ebig with the 

ILaQ-r\ru)V outow, tiKQiV etiraneprj AakfiayovOa. 

disciple* of himael/i b« came into the parte of Dalmanutha, 

*i Kai e|^\0oi/ ol *apf(ratoi, Kai r]p^avra ffvQii' 

And aame forth tha Fbariaee*, and began to 

Tciv avry, ^TjTOuvTes trap* avrov crrifidO^ airo 

argue irilh him, aceking «I hiA aaign from 


1 t In Those days the 
Crowd * again homg great, 
and liaving i>otliing to eat,l 
calling his disciples, he 
says to tlicm, 

. 2 " X have compassion; 
on the CROWD, Because 
now they have continued 
three Days, and have no- 
thing to eat; 

3 and if 1 dismiss them 
fasting to their Homes, 
they will faint on tha 
KOAD; for some of them 
have come from a great 

4 And his DtsciFtfes 
answered him, " Wlience 
will any one be able to 
satisfy These with Breal 
here in a Desert place '(" 

5 t And he asked them, 
"How Many Loaves liavo 
you?" And Tuey said, 
'' Seven " 

6 And he commanded 
the CROWD to recline on 
the GROUND ; and taking 
the SEVKN Loaves, J and 
having given thanks. Jig 
broke them, and gave thera 
to his DISCIPLES for dis- 
tribution, and they phiced 
them before the crowd. 

7 And they had a fewj 
Small fishes; and having 
offered praise for them, ho 
said, "Flace •These alsoj 
before them." 

8 Thus they ate, and] 
were satisfied ; and theyi 
took up of the remaining 
Fragments Sevea largai 
Baskets full. 

9 And * they were about 
Four thousand ; and bo 
dismissed them. 

10 t And immediafely 
*^c entered into the BOAr 
with his DISCIPLES, and 
came into the eegiom of, 
f Dalmanutha. 

11 J And the PHASISfilS 
came forth, and began to 
argue with him, seeking 

• Vaticaw Mancscrift.— 1. again being great, 
were about. 10. he entered. • ^ 

-t 10. The same as Magdala ; see Matt. xr. 30. 

1.' These. 

9. And the7) 

' 1 • ilatt. XV. 82. ' 1 b. Matt xy. 5*; Mart vl. 88. , t 6. Matf. xtr% tO \ Uuk. 
»i.41. " TlO.!M»tysv:8U. JU.Mat>xii.a8»XTl.l» JohavLJO. ^ 

Giap. 8: I?.', 


[C^ap 8: 2S 

Tov ovpavcvj irtipa^ovTfS avrov. *-Kat ava- 

tne he>ven, templing him. And KTonn- 

fTT<va^%i T(f) rryev/xaTi avrov, Xcyei' T rj yeuea 

inf:'d::eplr in the apirit o himie'.f, he says: ^^'hvtheeenjration 

cvTT^ aTjlj.€ioy CTn^TjTci; AfjLrjy Ae7a>*[i'^t*' ] ci 

thin a iigB seeks? Indeed I say [to you,] if 

pi'.all be given to the generation th-s ti^. 

^'Kat a<pei9 av'ovs, e/uySaj vaKiv *r^*J to 

And leaving ih«:a> 'interiii'^ ag^- [irto the 

ir^.otoj',] airrjXde 

i.s T-: Ttfjav. ^^Km cireAa- 

jh-- ] hidcp.'crte^ ji th^ jthcx «)0n. Ana they 

fiopTO ?^a^€iif apTovSf Kat (t -j sua upiovovK 

forgot to take lua.ts, .jac except cne lea. rot 

fiXO' fifO' eavT- y €V rep Tt\oi(f. -^ Kat 8ieo- 

ihejr with theum^lveu in th uhip. /.id be 

T«*>6T0 auTOis, Ac7c«jy* 'Opa»-6, j8Ae7!cT6 otto 

chaigsd thein, saying j Loo''/ou, oevvare vcu of 

Tr}5 \,vixr\s rwy i>apioaiuUf Kci ttjj- K,i,ii>.vs 'Hpca- 

•.he leiveu of the Phansces, L: u o'f c leavea of He- 

5 ;. '^Koi Si(\oyi(^cyro nfos cAAtjAcuj, *[Ae- 

7' d. And tbsy rifisonod with Oi-: b^Dther, [aay- 

'yovte.?'] 'Ort aprovs OVK eXv*'^" ^''J^ect yyovs 

■dh3 Because loares not ^oVu Ard knowing 

d l•^(rovs^ \fyei avoiS" Tt S/aA v^ecr^e, drt 

^£ Jesua, belays tothciCi ^^-7 reaann yon, because 

aoTLvs ovK cXere; CuTrfc* yoejre jvSe 

'ove* not youh-veV jSotyet lerceivt yoii, neither 

J v.K.Tf^: *j]fTij TeTTCrtp: ixzvv,y ^x^"^* "'7*' '*o^P" 

iinderstar.*;'OU? [yet] having btenstupitied hsve ynn ^he b'art 

6iay vficvv ; ^^C<pfia\ij.jvs ^xoy'T'-s v ^Af Trsre ; 

ofyou? E- 3 iv.viog not »:>3;oui 

KUi WTO exovre: ojk a/coJcTe , koj oy (xvr)ixov- 

and eari having iiot -ek^yoa? and uoc remember 

youf When tb^ five love* I troi* 

rovs veyTaKicrx^^tovs, vococs tK.rpiycvi 

he five ihouiand, t.oir nauoy hathe** 

pete KKacTfiarwu Tjparf ; Afyovaiy 

offrafmenti tookybn :-,;> T>-ty Lay lO^im; 

AooSe/ca. "'''Ore Ss Toi/S e-Tra «'S rons '■erpa- 

Twelve. When an'.l ih B«%'en c ths four 

Ki(rXiA»ous, Toaoiv airvpiSuty irMit, jouara K\acr- 

thousand, ho:T many l..rg(. biiskets full of 

•.aTwv "qpare ; Ot Se eiTrov "Ettt •. 21 gg-j 

'.crmentc tookyou upF The/ ^nd -.lid; Seven, Aua 

. \eyev ai/rois' llcos ov cwKn ; 

.jeiaid to them) Howiait not /on oj Icratand 7 

^ Kat epx^Tai eis BrjOcraiSay, Kot <pepov(riv 

And becomes to Bethsaida. And thsy bring 




of him a Sign from FEA- 
YEN, trying him. 

12 And groaning deeply 
in his SPJKIT, he saja, 
" Why does tliis genera- 
tion seek a Indeed^ 
I say to you, no Sign »hal\ 
be given to this geiteea- 


13 And leaving them, 
re-emharking, he passed 
to the other side. 

14 X Now they forgot to 
take Bread, and had but 
(ne Loaf with them la 
the BOAT. 

15 X And he charged 
them. Baying, "Obs rvel 
Ecwartof the f leaven qi 
tlie Pharisees and of the 
lea £N ot H^rod." 

16 And they reasoned 
with one another, • Be~ 
ciuse they had no Bread. 

17 And .06 ktew -.f, 
and eays to them, " Why 
do you reason, B c<*use 
you have no Bread ? J Dv> 
you not yei) perceive.- nci 
understand ? I* youi 
HEART stupiSed ' 

18 Having E^ x' to yon 
not see? and having J-.ars, 
do you not hea.. i and do 
you not recollect? 

19 % When J broke the 
rivF Loaves among the 


many Baskets fuLJ of* - ag- 
mentstookyouap?" Ihey 
sav to him,*" Twelve." 

*20 +"And when tho 
SEVEN among the Touu 
THOUSAND, How many 
large Baskets fall of 
Fragments took yon op?'' 
And *they say to him, 
" Seven." 

21 And he said to thera. 
" How is it you co noa 

22 And *they come f© 
Bethsaida; and they bring 

• Vaticau Masdsckipt. — 12. to you — omif. 13. into the bo.\t— omi^. 16. riay» 

Ing— omif. 1ft. Beeatise they had no Brend. 17. he knew it-, and says, 

17. yet — omit. 20. they say to him. 2 . they come. 

t 1.1. Matthew joins the Sadducees with the Pharisees, and mates no mention of Herod, 
But there is no real discrepancy, since Herod and the HeroiUans |i. e. his adherents and 
coiirtiers) were, no doubt, Sadducees, and there is every reason to think th:it their doctrines 
and morils were such as to justify tne Ciiution of our Lord. Zumec, by a strikiTit» metnphor, 
-li'notes the in/ecfion ol/ai«e lioctrinM, (so Matt, xvi, 12,) as well as corrupt moral*.— 3i«wm« 

14. Matt. xvl. 5, t 1.5. Matt. xvi. 6; Lultr sii, 1. + 17. Mark vi. 59 

«S: liUoii 

1 10. Matt.xiT.:?:){ Markyi.«S: 

>e IX. 17; John vi. i3. t 20. Matt «,v. S7 ; M.jrk viii. « 

Ch/tp. 8: 23.] 


\%ap. 8: 32 

aw^^ Tv<^Aov /cot -KapaKaXovinv avrov, iva 

to him a blind inn and beseech him, that 

avTov a\^T]rai. ^^ Kai eTri\a$o/jLcvos rrjs 

him he would touch. And having taken ♦.he 

X,fipos rov Tv<p\ofJ, e^TTvayev avrov ei^w ttjs 

hand of the blind man, he led him outside of the 

Kuifir]S' Kai "WTvaas eis ra ofifxaTa avrov, eiri- 

villag-e; and having spit into the .;yei> of him, having 

diis Tas xetpas auTou, eirripwra avroVy ei 

placed the hands to him, he ask^d him, if 

Ti $\€wei. '^■^ Kai av.lB\e\pas e^eye' BAerrw 

anything iie sees. And looking up hssays; I see 

'^ovs avdpwirovs, o.s SevSpa^ it^pirar vvras. 

the men, like trees, walking. 

'-^EtTa vaMu eireflTjKe ras x^'P'^^ ^'"''^ ''""'^^ 

Then again he placed the uands n. on the 

o<pBa\uovs avrov, Kai ^Toiriaei/ avrov ava- 

eyes of him, and he made him look 

^\f\pai' Kai aitoKarfa-raOri, KJii eye^Xe^l/e 

up ; Bud he was restored, a».d he saw 

TTjKavyws cnravras, ^ Kai eirea-reiKeif nvrov 

plainly every one. And he sent him 

€/.s o.xou avrov, Aeyuv MT/Se e»s rr]if Kaifxriv 

tc house of him, sayingj Neither into the village 

€to-6A.077S, "^[^TjSe emrjs rivi €v rrj Kw/nrj.l 

L.r.y""' thou enter, [nor mayest thou te?l any ont in the village.] 

^7 Kai e^7]k6ev 6 Irjarovs Kai ol jj.adT)rai avrov 

And departed the i'esus and the disciples of him 

fts Tas KWfxas Kanrapeias rrjs TliXnnrouo Kai 

into the villages of Cesarea of the Philip. An 

ev rri odcp eTrripoorarovs fia6r)ra5 aurou, A.e7ajj' 

n the way he asked the of himself, saying 

avroii' Ttj/a /xe Kiyov<T-v oi avQpoiirui iivai ; 

to them; Wh me they aay the men to be? 

'^ O Se airfKpi9ri<raw lQ>auyrjU rov ^t;trr>arriu 

Th y and answered; John th_ dipper; 

rat a\^.oiy HAtaj'' aWoi 5e, h'a. rwv vpi-l-riruv^ 

and others, Elias} othors rsid, ca oithu propheU.. 

■^ Kat av^os keyu avrois' 'f/u*.:' Se riya fic 

^nd He 81.511 to^^em; fou b « who me 

Kevrre f-tvai; AvoKpif^e.s f-: 6 Tls.'^pos Keyei 

you 8'^ to be ? Aiiswering au ' the Peter snys 

avrif" :tv <l ^ Xpia-iOS. ^ h/l iir^rifxiqpLiv 

o .im: Tjou ai-t ihe J^lOJLXtA. And he str.ctty jharged 

.vrois, ivi fX'f]t€Vi X^ywa-i irepi avrov. ^^ Kai 

,h m, that no OiX they should tell »' out him And 

VP^c tiSafTKfiy avrovs, bri Set rov viov rov 

bf!'.ie|.an to teach them, that mus' thr son of the 

xvOpii^irov voWa iradeiv, :cai aTro^oKifJLaaOrjvai 

maa many things to suffer, and to be rejected 

^iTO Tov T:pea&vr(pwv Kai rwv apx^^P^^^v Kai 

of ,ht elders atd cithe high-priests and 

Tcwv ypa/jifxarsuVy Kai airoKrauOriyaiy Kai /xcra 

f ;ha sevi^er., and .o bo killed, and after 

rp<^/S rjfjiapm avacrrT]vay ^' Kai wapprjaia rov 

tnree diyi" io rioani". ■.,. : and plainly the 

a Blind man to him, and 
beseech him to touch Him. 

23 And taking the hanH 
of the BLIND man, he con* 
ducted him out of the vil- 
lage; Jand having spit 
on his EYES, and placed 
his HANDS on him, he 
asked him whether he saw 
any thing. 

24 And looking up, he 
said, " I see men as Irees, 

25 Then he placed his 
HANDS on his EYES again, 

nd *he s w planiiv, and 
was restored, antf saw 
every object clearly. 

26 And he sent him 
away to his * House, say- 
ing, "Go not into the vil- 

27 t ^^^ Jesus and his 
disciples went out to 
tlie villages of Cesarea 
Philippi; and, on tiie 
ROAD, he asked his disci- 
ci.ys, saying to them, 
"Who do MEN say that I 

28 And THEY * spoke to 
him, saying, |"John the 
immersee; and others, 
Elijah; and others, One of 


2il And f)e * asked them, 
"Whosaygottthatlam V" 
And Petek answering, 
says to him, f CJjott art 

SO tAnd he strictly 
charged them that tliey 
should tell noone concern- 
ing him. 

31 And the began to 
inform thom That tlie son 
of MAN must suffer many 
things, and oe rejected by 
the ELDERS, and the hirh- 
priests, and the scrires, 
and be put to death, and Ri 
ter Three Days to rise up 

S3 And ne spoke this 

VATicArMANUscBKfT.— 25. tc saw plainly, and was restored, and saw every obKc* 
clearly, ^b. Hjuse, sayinp, "Go noointu " 26. nor mavest. thou t llanvon" 'n 

he viLLAsn— orrtrt. 28 SDokfi to him, saying, "John the immersbb." 29. ask^tt 

Iheni. 6a:,'ing. "''Who say." 

t n -ilark yll33. t "7 Matt. xvi.l3; Lukelx.'»8 • 28 Matt. xH >- 

t 29 Matt xyi.6; Johnvi.60: xi. 87 t 80. Matt-xvi-SO. 

KV'i i'i; Lukeix.SS^ 

81. Matt, vi %i 

Chap. 8: 33.] 


[aiap. 9: 

Koyoy ehaXei. Kat TrporKafioix^vos avrov 6 lie- 
word bespoke. An>) laliii; snide him the Pe- 

TpoSt 7jp|aT0 (TTiTi/xat' avTO}. '^^ *0 5e eiriffTpa- 

ter, he began to rebuke him. lie but turning 

<PfiSy Kat iScou rovs fiadrjras avrcv, eirsT ifirjcre 

round, and seeing the disciples of himself, he rebuked 

ry IlcTpo}, \cyuv fTraye oiricrco fiov, crarava' 

Ihe Peter, s.iyingi Go thou behind nie, adversary; 

6ti ov (ppoveis Ttt T3V Oeov, aWa to 

because not thou thinkest the things of the dod, but the things 

Tuu avQpwTTwv. •*^' Koi irpoaK'xKQG-aiXGVOs top 

of the men. And having called the 

ox^ov (Tvv Tois fiadrjTais aurov, fiinu avrois' 

crowd with the disciple* of himself, he said to them ; 

'OfTTis de\ei OTTKrcj p-ov aKoKovdeiv, aTrapvrjaracr- 

Vhoevcr nislies after me to follow, let him deny 

0u eavTOVf Kai aparca Toy (TTavpov avTov, Kai 

himself, and let him bear the cross of himself, and 

aKo\ovd^LTu) uoi. "^ 'Os yap av 6€\t} ttjv xl/vxv^ 

let him follow me. Who for ever may wish the life 

avTov (Twaai, airoXfaei avr-qw bs 8' av oTroAeerp 

ofbimscif to save, sh.illlose her: who but ever may lose 

Tr]v (avTou ^pvxv-' ej^e/cev c/xov Kai tow euo^- 

of himself life on account ofnie and of the glad 


and of the 

(Tt yap 0}(pe\r}(rei 

the of himself life 

ytXiov, aci}(Tfi avTrjy. 

tidings, shall save her. (What for will it profit 

avdpccirou, eav K^pdrjcrr) tov kq(T/j.oj' cKov, Kai 

a man, if heshouldwin the w-^'i-ld whole, and 

^T}lj.icD6r) T7]U xpvxrjv avrov; ^' r) ri Swaei 

■•' should forfeit the life of himself? or shall give 

ayOpunos avraWayp-a ttjs xj/ux'JS avrov;) 

a man in e»chan;.'e for the life ofhimself?) 

*^'Os yap av eTraiaxwOr} fj.e Kai rovs ejxovs 

Who fur ever may he ashauied me and the my 

Xoyovs fv TTi y^v^a ravrri tt} /jioixaXiSi Kai 

words in the generation this the adulterous and 

a/j.apru\c»}, Kai 6 vios rov avOpcvtrov CTraiO'xvj'- 

sinful, alito the son of the luau will be 

6T]<Terat avrov, Srav (Xdrj ey rrj 5o|?; rov 

ashamed him, when he may come in the glory of the 

irarpos avrov fifra rwv ayvf^Kuiv rwv ayiouv. 

father ofhimself with the uieasen^eis ofthe holy ones. 

KE4>. 6'. 9. ^ Kat fXeyfv aurois' Au-qv Xeyu) 

And he Kaiu to them ; luileed I say 

v/uLiv, on €i<Ti Tives Tcov wSc iaT7]Korwv, olrives 

to you, that are some of those here haviug'tood, who 

ov fiT) y€v<r(i}vrat Bavarov, ecus av iSwcri rrjv 

not not shalltaste ofdeath. till thpy may see the 

fiacriKfiav rov 6fov cXyjAvOviav fv Swafxei, 

royalmajesty ofthe God haviugcome in power. 

2Kot fJLfd* T)fifpas e| vapaXa/x^avei 6 Irjcrovs 

And after days six takes the JesUs 

TOV Herpov, Kai rov laKwBov, Kai Iwavvrjv^ Kai 

the Peter, and the James, and John, and 

tiyaipepei avTovs fis opos v^riKov Kar* i^tav 

leads up theui into a mountain high privately 

WORD SO ])lainly, that Pk- 
TER, lakinj; him aside, be- 
gan to remonstrate with 
him., • 

83 But HE, turning 
round and looking on his 
DISCIPLES, rebuked * I'c- 
tcr, and says, " Get be- 
liind me, Adversary; for 
tliou regardest not tlie 

THINGS of Gob, but THOSB 
of MEN." 

34 And having called the 
CROWD with his disci- 
ples, he said, * J" If any 
one wish to come after me, 
let him renounce himself, 
and take up his cross, and 
follow me. 

35 Tor J whoever would 
save his life shall lose it; 
but whoever may lose his 
LIFE on my account, and 

tliat ofthe GLAD TIDINGS, 

shall save it. 

36 For what * does it 
profit a Man to gain the 
w hole WORLD, and forfeit 

his LIFE ? 

37 *ror what could a 
MAN give to lledeem his 

38 J If, therefore, any 
one shall be asliamed of 
me, and of these MY 
Words, among this adul- 
terous and sintul gene- 
ration; the son of MAN 
will also be ashamed of 
liim, when he conns in the 

GLORY of his father, 

with the iiOLy angels." 


1 And he said to them, 
flndied I say to you. 
That there are some oi 
THOSE standing here, 
who will not taste of Dcat h. 
till they see Go»"skoval 
MAJESTY having come 
with power. 

2 X And after six Days, 
Jesus takes Peter, and 
James, and John, and jui. 
vately conducts them, by 
themselves, to a lofty 

• Vatican Mam-script. — 33. Petpr. and pnvs. 84 If any one wish. 86. doca 

It profit a Man to g'ain. 87. For what could a man give. 

t 84. Matt.x.SS xvi. 24; Lukeix M: xiv. 27. t 35- Johnxii. 25. tSS.Matt 

X. S3; Lukeix. ?rt xii 9- Rom. I lO 2 Tim i.8;ii.l2. t I. Matt.xvi. 28- Luke ii. 

67. J 2. Matt xvii.l-. Lukeic a»- 

Bla.p. 9. S.] 


{Chup. 9- 12. 

fiovovs' Kai iuLeTafiop<pct}Qq efnrpocrdey avTwv. 

alone; and he wag transfigured in the presence of them. 

'Kai ra l/iiaTia avrov eyeuero (TTiX^ovra, \evKa 

Aiid the garments ofhim became glittering, white 

\tau '^[ws x^^^^l om yvayevs eiri ttjs yrjs oui 

extremely [as snow,] Euch as a fuller upon the earth not 

Svuarai \evK7.vaL. ^ Kat cocpOrf avTois HAms 

i' ab e to make white. And appeared to them Klias 

<ruu Ma}(T€i' Kai rjaau avWaXouvTes rep Irjcrou. 

with IloaeB; and were talking with the Jei>uF. 

* Kat aiTOKoideLS 6 Herpos Keyei tcu \r)(Tov 

And answering the Peter caya to the Jesua. 

fa^^iy KaKov (<ttiv rj/mas w5r eivar Kai TToir)- 

Kabbi, good it is us here tobej and w^may 

frwjxeu (TKTivas Tpen^ croi fiiaif Kai Muaet /xiav, 

maiie teuu three, to thee one, and Moses one, 

Kai-K\i(f /xiav. ^ Ov yap Tjdei ri \a\r}(rt,' 

and £lia8 ou£. No*. for he knewany thinghemightsay; 

Tjarav yap €K(po0oi. ^ Kai cyeuero ye(l)e\Tj e/r/- 

they were (or teniLud, And there came kdoud over- 

<TKta(ovcra avTois' Kai ri\6e(pu)ur) eK rr}S ve(l>€\r]^' 

shadowing them; and came a voice ou*. of the cioud; 

Ouros ecTTiv b vlos /jlov 6 ayairvTOS* avrov 

This is the son ofnp the beioved him 

aKoveTC. ^ Kai c^airiva irepiB^f^afxcvoi^ ovKtrTi 

heai yo- . And suddenly looking round, no lunger 

ovdeva ei^ou, aWa tov lt](rov> uovov fied' eav- 

no one the cuv but tL i'tJt a-o e with th 'm- 

Tcop. ^ Kcra^aiuovruv ^^ avrwv airo t )V opovs, 

(eves. Comin; down and of them from the mountain, 

hicuTfiXaTO avrotSf iVa /xrjbepi Sirjyqa-wurai a 

'p charged them, that to no ouA they should lelsle wbai, 

etSo/;. €: ixrj brau 6 vlos rov avdpcoTTOv ck v^Kptuv 

'c ':i. « excey T. .en the sou ol ihe luam out of dead ones 

avafTTT), '^ Kat tou Koyoi/ €KpaTT}(Tc:y vpos 

fhoisjd b^raued. Apd the word .'ev kct *o 

eauTois, (rv^Tf]Tovvres, ri can ro eK v^Kpwv 

theujselveb, ar^'uiuj'. what is that or.t of d'^if* ' 

avamrivM, -^ Kat eTvpocTUfV avroVf Aeyoj/TwS* 

toberc'ir <• An they asked him, K^iyi?''; 

■j" 'Ort \eyov(Tiv ol ypaixuaTeis, on HXiap .' 

T''"! ^^y ''■he scribes, that Elias la'X*. 

6A06JJ' irpcoToy; ^^'O Se airoKpideis cnr^v avr^is' 

.urome firr.; He and answering said to the.^; 

EAios fjiiv iXQcav irpcoTov, aivoKa6i(TTa. iravra' 

Kliai indeec couiing fiist, restores all things; 

Kat Tr&JS yeypanrai eiri top vlou rov audpcairov, 

and how itiswtitteu about the son of the mzn. 

Mountain; and he was 
transformed in their pres. 

3 And his gakmknts 
became glittering, exceed- 
ingly white ; Buch as no 
ruilcr on the earth is 
able * thus to make white. 

4 And there appeared tc 
them Elijah, with Mosus: 
and they were conversing 
with Jesus. 

5 And p£TER answer- 
ing says to Jesus, "Rab- 
bi, it is good for us to be 
here; and I'^t us make 
* Three Booths; one for 
tliee, and one for Moses, 
an ' one for Elijah." 

6 For he knew not what 
tr^ * say ; for they were 

7 And there came a 
Cloud, covering them ; 
and * there was a Voice 
rnnie out of the cloul', 

SON ; bear bim." 

^ And suddenly looking 
round, they saw no one 
*any longer with them- 
selves, e.\it-pt Jesus only. 

9 J And as tliey weie 
descending from tlie 
mountain, he commanded 
them that they siiouJd re- 
late to no one what they 
had seen, till the son of 
MAN should have risen 
Irom the Dead 

10 And they kept the 
A:A"'Ti;a to themselves, 
anxiously inquiring, what 


JEAD could mean. 

..1 And they asked him 
saying, " ^Yhy do tlie 
SCRIBES say, That Ehjah 
irust first come 'r" 

i2 And HE *said to 
them, " Elijah, indeed, is 
coining fii'st * to restore all 
things: f and (as it is 
wi-itien of the son ol 

• Vatican Mantjscbipt.— 8. as SDOw—omtf. S. thus to make white. 6. Ihrea 
Booths. «. answer ; for. '. cheve was a Voice; 8. ; my longer with them- 
BClves, exceDt- Jesus only 12. said to them. 12. to restora. 

1 11. It> IS conjectured by Bloomfield that Aof I ougfht to be separated, and to read ho ti 

He has thus edited his text. + 12. There is considerable.arabiguity about the reading 

of this andioUowinpr verse, as it stands in the Greek. The critics have all been puzzled, and 
•jome have ("uggested an amendment of the text. If read, however, with the parenlhetical 
clauses, and the transposition of the list clause Diverse 18, the passage makes gooU iteuii^ 
and aerees with the account in Matthew «vu. 

* e >. a,l. vii, C 

Oiap. 9: IS.] 


[diap. 9: 22. 

i^a voWa Tradrjt Kat e^ov^^uu6r], '^ AAAa 

that many things he shouhl suffer, anu should be des|n>e(I. But 

Ktycj vfj.ii', OTi Kai HXias €?y.ri\.vO€, Kai eiroirjcrau 

I tajr to you, that bnth Elias hascouw, and they have done 

avTCf) 6aa rjOeXriTau, KaBus yeyfiairrai eir 

to bim whatever they wished, even aa it id written aboat 

ttVTOv. *■* Kat eKOwu irpos revs fiaQriras, ei5ev 

him. And coniinj to the disciples, li<i saw 

ox^ov TToKvv irepi avTovs, Kat ypa/x/xaTeis (Tv^r,- 

a crowd great about them, and scribes dis- 

Tovvras avrots. ^'' Hat evdews iras b ox^ov, 

puting with them; And iaimediately all the crowd, 

i^cvv avTou, f^e6aiu.$r)0T], Kai TrpocTTpexot^Tes 

teeing hiin, were awe-stnick, and running to 

rj(nra^0PT0 avTou. '^ Kai fTrr]pwTr]crei/ avrovs' 

saiuied him. And be asked them; 

Ti (ru(^r)Titre irpos avrovs ; ^^ Kai airoKpiOeis els 

Wha'. dispute you with them 7 And answering cue 

ei: Tov ox^ov eiTre* AidatrKaXe, rjueyKa rov 

O'ltofthe crowd :aid; O Teacher, I brought the 

vlov fiov irpos <r€, exoi/rot T."e jjua aAaAoj'. ^^Kai 

son of me to thee, having a spirit dumb. And 

&1T0V o'/ avrov KaTaXaBr), ^rj(r(r€i a -tcj" xai 

wherever bim it may seize, i' cnn\ulscb hi'.; and 

a<p, i(eif Kai rpi^ei Tovi o5ui/tcs ■xvtov, Kai 

he .'oanis, and grinds ihe teeth oPiim, and 

^TjpaivfTai. Kai enrou rots fiadrjTais (Tov, iva 

(iiues away. And 1 spok6 to .ue Tj^ii-e* of thee, that 

auro e!i$a\CDa'i, Kai qvk iffx^cav. ^' 'O Se 

11 tb^jr uigbt cast out, and -Pt e^ adpG.^i7r. He an 

anoKpiOeis avTois Keyer Ci yevea aTriaTOSy ews 

• nswenog them lavs: O generation without fa: S:, till 

iroT€ irpos vfias e(; ecus irore ave^ ;xai 

when with you shall o«y til* when shall I boor 

iifxcau ; (pepeT'7 avTov irpos ue. ^ Kot r]ueyKay 

you? Bring you him 'n me And they brought 

avrov irpos avrov, Kai tSajy avruVy e. Oeuis ro 

bim to him. And tveius him, 1 .limed lately the 

irvevfia ea-iroipa^ev auTo*" /cot irecroov em ; rjs 

■pint co'r.--Jsed him : aui TaJin^ npon the 

♦yr??, eKvXiero, acppi^uv. ^^ Kai sirripwrriae rov 

ground, be rolled, foaming. Aid L? asked the 

varepa avrov Hocros XP°^^* ^^"^ "> ^^ rovro 

father of him; How long a umv it i , since this 

*f<cyovev avrcp; 'O Se €;7rc'' Tlai^iiodev' Kai 

happened to him? He and sai^ ; F:*oca a child : and 

voWaKLS avrov Kai eis irvp efiahe kui eis uSaro, 

often him both into fire has cast and into waters, 

Iva aiToXecrri avrov oW', ei rt Bvvadai, 

;hat it Blight destroy him, but af any thing thou canst do, 

^OTjdrjaov 7)fMiv, (rir\ayxi'i(f^i>(^s e<f)' rjfias. 

give aid to as, having pity on us. 

MAN,) that he must sufiFer 
much, and be despised. 

1 3 But I say to you, 
JThat Elijah has even 
come, (as it is wnttcn ol 
him,) and they have done 
CO him whatever they 

li J And * coming to 
the DISCIPLES, * thuy saw 
a great Crowd about them, 
aui the Scribes disputing 
with them, 

15 And immediately All 
the CKOWD seeing him, 
were struck with awe,' and 
running to him, saluted 

16 And he asked them, 
"About what are you dis- 
puting with them ?" 

17 And one of the 
CROWD * answered him, 
" Teacher, I have brought 
to thee niv son, who ba3 
t a dumb Spirit. 

18 And wherever it 
seizes Him it con%"ulses 
him ; and he foams, and 
grinds * his teeth, and 
becoKies emaciated. And 
I spoke to thy disciples 
to expel it, and they could 

19 And HE answering, 
says to them, " unbe- 
lieving Generation! how 
long must 1 be with you? 
liow loag must I endur" 
you? bring him to me." 

20 And they brought 
him to him ; and seeing 
him, X the spirit immedi- 
ately convulsed him; and 
falling on the geound, he 
rolled about, foaming. 

21 And he asked his 
FATHER, " How long a 
time is it since this befell 
him?" And he said, 
" From childhood. 

23 And often it has 
throwTi Him into Fire and 
into Waters to destroy 
him ; but if thou canst do 
any thing, nave pity on us, 
and help us." 

• Vatican Manuscbipt. — 14. they came. 
•'Teacher." 18. the teeth. 

14. they saw. 

17. answered him. 

t 17. The child was subject to epileptic fits, which were supposed to be broug'ht on by the 
power of demons.— See Farmer on Demonology, p. 107. The particulars described inverses 18^ 
80 and 2A are, indeed, all svmptous oi epilepsy. But if we even should suppose the man ',wn 
an epileptic ; it would not follow that the disorder was not dcmouiacai iufluenot^ 

i 14. Matt, xvii 14 ; Luke ix. 37- t 20. Luke Ix. 42. 

Chap. 9: 23.] 


23 'O Je \f]<Tovs tiirt^ aura- To, ft Buvacrat 

The and Jesua *id «,ohimj Tliat, if thou art able 

friCTTeiicrof iravra tvvaTa tea iri(TrevovTt. 

to believe; all things are possible to the beliering. 

2''*[Kaj] fvdecvs KpaSas 6 irarvp rov iraLSiov, 

[And] iniineiliatelycrying out the father of the child, 

*[/x€Ta SaKpvcou^ cAe-yt* Ui(nreva}' fiorjOet fiov 

[with tear*] he said } I believe; hel^ thoa of me 

TT7 airiaria. ^^iScoj/ 5e b Irjo^ovsy bri eirtffvv- 

the unbelief. Seeing and the Jesus, that runs to- 

rpex^t ox^o^y eTrerinTjcTe tw wev/iiaTi r<^ uku- 

gether a crowd, he rebuked the spirit the nn- 

OapTcp^ K^ywv avrcf To irv^vfia to a\a\ov Kai 

clean, saying to it; The spirit the dumb and 

KbOfpOUy eyw (TOl i1Tira(T(T(l)' E^6\0€ €^ aVTOV^ 

deaf, I to thee couiniajd; Come out of him, 

Kni ix7)K€Ti eL(T€\0r]i eis avrou. ^ Ko< Kpa^av, 

and uo more enter into him. And crying out, 

Kai iroWa anapa^as, «=|7j\06. Koi eyevero 

and many times convulsing, it came out. And he became 

cbtret yeKpos, were iroKKovs A^yeiVy 6ti atr^Qau^v. 

as dead, so that many to say, that he is dead. 

"' 'O Se Itjo-ovs KpaT-qaas avrov Tins X^'P^*» 

The but Jesus taking him of the band, 

riyeLpey avrov Kai av^cTT"^. 

raised up him; and he stood up. 

2^ Kot €iiT€\6ovTa avTOV ets oiKov^ ol fJLaOrjrai 

And having come him into a house, the disciples 

avTOV tirripwTwy avrou Kar iSiay 'Ort r)fj.eis 

of him asked him privately; That we 

ovK 7jdvvri6r)ixev cK^aXfiy avro : ^ Kai fiireu 

not were able to cast out it? And be said 

avTOiS' Tovro to yevos fv ov^^ui Suvarai e^eA- 

tothem; This the kind by nothing is able to go 

deiVf et [xr) eu irpoa-fvxy *[Kai v7j<rTeiai.] 

out, if not in prayer [and fasting. 

^ Kai fKfiBev c^eA^ofrej, irapeiropfvovro 8m 

And thence departing, he passed through 

T7JS raAiAams* Kai ovk vtfiXfv, lua tis yvcp. 

the Galilee; and not waswilling, that any oneshould know. 

2^ EStSarr/ce yap rovs fiud-nras avrov, Kai eKey- 

He taught for the Oisciples of himself, and laid 

eif *[ouToty] 'Or* 6 vios tov avdpooirov irapa- 

[tothem; That the son of the man is deli- 

SiSoTat €is x^'Pi^s aydpw-rrwv, Kai avoKrevovcriu 

rered up into hands of men, and theywillkill 

avrov Kai anoKTavBeiSy t»; rpir-p Vficpa. aya- 

him; and having been killed, the third day he 

ar-qcreTai. ^^ Ot 8e 7)yyoovy to fni)p-o., Kai 

will rise. They but did not understand the word, and 

((po^ovvTO avrou eTrepcDrrjerai. 

were afraid him to ask. 

^ Kot i]X6ev eis Katr^pvaovfi' Kai ev ttj oikio. 

And became to Capernaum} and in the house 

[Chap. 9: 8S. 

23 And Jesus svd tfl 
him, *" If THOU canst? 
t All thiug:s can for the 


24 The TATHER of the 
CHILD immediately ex- 
claiming, said, "I do be- 
lieve; help My unis- 


25 And Jesus peicei"- 
ing That 4he Ciowd wat; 
running tog:ether, be re- 
buked the IMPURK SPIRIT, 

saying to it, " Dumb and 

* DEAF SPIRIT, I command 
thee; come out of him, and 
enter him no more." 

26 And crying out. Mid 
greatly convulsing him, it 
came out ; and he became 
like one dead, so that many 
said, " He is dead." 

27 But Jesus taking 

* liis HAND, raised Lim, 
and he stood up. 

28 I And having entered 
a House, his disciplks 
asked him privately, " Wliy 
could not toe cast it out ':" 

29 And he said to them, 
"This KIND can go out 
by nothing, except by 

30 And departing from 
that place, they passi d 
through Galilee, and lie 
desired that no one should 
know it ; 

81 for he taught his 
disciples; and he said 
to them, t " The son of 
MAN is fbeing delivered 
into the Hands of Mm, 
and they will kill him ; 
and having been put to 
death, * after Three Day 3 
he will rise." 

83 But THET did not 
understand the word and 
were afraid to ask Him. 

33 And he came to Ca- 
pernaum ; andbeinginthe 

24. And— omif. 
29. and Fasting.— owjt. 

• Vatican Mandscbift.— 23. "If thou canst? AH things. 
84. with tears— omit. 25. and deaf. 27. his hand. 

81. to him— o/nit. 81 after Three Days he will rise. 

t 81. Theparallelpassi^einMatt.xvii. 22, reads— "The soy of man is about to be de- 
livered into tne Hands of Men." 

X 23. Matt. yvii. 20; Mark "i. 23. Luke xvii 0; John xi. 40- J 28 Mali xvii. lU 

t SI. Matt.xviu 22; Luke IX **. 

^ap. 9: 34.] 


[Ciap. 9: 43 

yfuo/uLevos, tirrjpcora avTovs' Tt ey Tp dSy 

being, he uked them ; AVhat on the way 

[ainong yourselves] were you disputing? They but were 

nuv irpos a\Ar]\ovs yap hieK^xQ^lo^OLV ev rp 

ailent; with one another for they had disputed on the 

5dcf}, Tis ixci^u}v- ^ Kai Kadicras, ((pocu-qce 

way, whc greater. And sitting down, he called 

Tovs SwSeKtt, Kai \cyei avrois' Et ns OeAei 

the twelve, and says to them; If any on: desires 

npcoTos eiyai, earai iravTwu ^(TXO-tos., Kai irau- 

first to be, he will be of all last, and of 

Ttou BiaKovos. ^ Kai Xafiujv waiSiou, earrfo^v 

all a servant. And taking a little child, he placed 

avTO €V fieaq) oktcoj/, kui evayKa\i(TaiJ.evo5 

it in midat of them, and embracing in his arms 

avroy einev avrots' '^■^ 'Os eav kv twj/ rotovrcDV 

it, hesaid tothemj Whoever one oftbe such 

vaiSiwu Se^Tjrai eiri rep ouo/JLari /jlov, e/xe 5exe- 

Uttlc children may receive in the name of me, me receives- 

Tttf Kai 6s eav e/xe Se^rjrai, ovk efxc dex^rai, 

and whoever me may receive, not me receives, 

cWa rou aTroareihavra yue. ^ AircKpiOyj Se 

but the having sent me. Answered and 

avT(f} IwavvTjs, Aeycvv AiSaaKaKc, eiSofiev Tiva 

to him John, saying: O teacher, I saw one 

rep ovofiari cov eKfiaWoura daifiofia' Kai e/coj- 

to the name of thee casting out demons: and we 

Kvcrafxey avrou, on ovk aKoXovdei rjfxiv. ^ 'O 

forbad him, becausenot he follows us. He 

5e Itjctous eiire* Mtj KcoXvere avrov. OuSetj yap 

but Jesus said: Not do you forbid him. No one for 

€<rTiPf 6y iroir}(rei Swafiiv e-rri ry oyo/xaTt fiov, 

is, who will do a mighty work in the name of me, 

Kai Svvr)(Tfrai raxv KaKoXoyqaai jxe, ^'Os 

and will be able readily to speak evil of me. \^'ho 

yap OVK eari Ka6' vfjLwUy vircp vfiuv eariy, '*^'Os 

for not is against you, for you is. Who 

yap au TroTiar) vfxas iroTrjpioy vSaroSy ev 

for eveiinay give drink to you a cup of water, in 

ovofxari, on xpicrrov errre, a^uTjv K(yw vjJ-iv^ ov 

name, because of Anointed you are, indeed 1 say to you, not 

fif] airoXicrri rov /xicrdov avrov. **- Kat 65 av 

not he may lose the reward of himself. And whoever 

(TKavSaKiarr] kva rwv /xiKpcou, rwy iriarevovroDV 

may insuare one of the littte ones, of the believing 

ets 6/xe, KaKov ccrriv avrcp fxaWov, eiirepiKeirai 

into me, good it is to him rather, if hang* 

\idos fjLv\iKos TTfpi rov rpaxv^ov avrov, Kai 

astone ofamill around the neck ofhim, • and 

■*2 Kat cay (TKav- 

And if may 

haKi^ri C€ 7] x^'P <rov, airoKo^poy avrijy KaKoy 

iusnare thee the hand of thee, cut thou off hers good 

^e^Kijrai eis rrjy daAaacray. 

has been cast iuto the sea. 

HOUSE, he asked then, 
i"Wliat did you disputa 
about on the koad ?" 

34. But THEY were si- 
lent ; for they had disputed 
with each other, on tlie 
ROAD, as to who would be 

35 And sitting down, he 
called the twelve, and 
says to them; J If any one 
desires to be first, he will 
be last of all, and a Ser- 
vant of all." 

36 And t taking a little 
Child, he plactd it in the 
Midst of them, and em- 
bracing it in his arms, he 
said to them, 

37 " Whoever may re- 
ceive one SUCH little 
Child in my namb, re- 
ceives Me; I and whoever 
* receives Me, receives not 
Me, but HIM who sent 

38 X And John * spoke 
to him, saying, "Teacher, 
we saw one expelling De- 
mons in thy name, and 
we forbad him. Because 
he does not follow us." 

39 But Jesus said, " Do 
not forbid him ; J for there 
is no one who will do a 
Miracle in my name, and 
be able rashly to reproach 

40 For he who is not 
against you, is for you. 

41 J For whoever may 
give you a Cup of Water 
to drink in * the name, 
That you are Christ's, 
indeed 1 say to you. He 
shall by no means lose his 

42 X And whoever may 
insnare one of * the:>e 


in me, it Mould be better 
for him if a Millstone 
should be fastened to his 
NECK, and he should be 
thrown into the ska. 

43 I And if thy hand 
insnare thee, cut it off; it 

• Vaticax Makuscrift. — 3S, among' themselves — nitit, 87. receives Ma 

S8. spoke to him. 41. the name. That you are Christ's. 42. these little-ones. 

Z 33. Matt, xviil. 1 ; Luke ix. 46; xxii. 24. t 3.5, Matt, xx. 26, 27 ; Mnrk x. <i 

t S«. M"tt.xviii.2; Mark 1. 16. : 37. Matt. x. 40, Lukcis.48. : 38. Lukeix.4fl 

1 .". '. 1 Cor. xii. 8. t 41. M.itt.x. 42. t 42. Matt. xviii.6j Luke xviL i 

t 46. Deat. xii 6i Matt. v. 29 ( xviii. H- 

Chap. 9: 44.] 


\o thee it is crippled into the life to enter, than the 

8vo xetpos exoyra air€\6€iv eis rriu yeevvav, 

two hands having to go into the Gehenna, 

€is TO TTvp TO acT^ecTTOu, '*^*[o7roi; 6 aKwKri^ 

into the fire the inextinguishable, [where the worvi 

avTwy ov reAeuTO, Kai to irvp ov (T^€vvvTai.'\ 

of them not dies, and the fire not is quenched.] 

^^ Kat eav b irovs o'ov aKavhaKi^tj ae, airoKO\l/ov 

.\nd if the foot of thee may insnare thee, cut thou oflF 

avToy KaXov etTTi croi eicr^Adeiv ets tt]V C^w 

him; good it is to thee to enter into the life 

XooXovy 7) Tovs Svo TToSas exovTa ^XriOrfvai eis 

lame, than the two feet having to be cast into 

TTju yeevvav, ^[(is to ivvp to arr/SecToy, "^^ ottou 

the Gehenna, [into the fire theinextinguishable, where 

ctkwAt]^ avTcov ov TeAei/TO, Kai to irvp ov 

the worm of them not dies, and the fire not 

(rfiepuvTai.~\ ^^ Kai ^av 6 ocpdaX/xos aov CKav- 

is quenched.] And if the eye of thee may 

(JaAi^T? (re, eK^a\€ avTov kuXov <roi ecTTi fxofo- 

in^nare thee, cast thou out him; good to thee it is one- 

(pOaXfiov eicreXdeiv eis ttjv fiacriXeiau tov deov, 

eyed to enter into the kingdom of the God, 

7] Bvo ocpdaXfj-ovs exovTa ^Xr)Qrivai eis ttjv "ye- 

thantwo eyes having to be cast into the Ge- 

cvvav '^[tou TTupos,] ^^ oirov 6 ctkccXt]^ avTwv 

henna [ofthe fire,] where the worm oftliem 

OV TeXevTO., Kai to nvp ov alSevuvTai. ^^ Has 

not dies, and the fire not is quenched. Every one 

yap TTvpi aXia6r]a€Tar ^[^Kai iraaa dvaia 

for with fire shall be salted; [and eveiy sacrifice 

aXi aXiadriaeTai.^ ^^ KaXou to aXas' eav Se 

with salt shall be salted.] Good the salt; if but 

TO aXas auaXov y€i>€Tai, ev tivl avTO ap' v- 

the salt without tast may become, with what it will you 

crere ; E^fTe eu eavTois oAas, Kai eiprjyeveTe 

season? Have you in yourselves salt, and be you at peace 

fu aXXrjXoiSo 

with one another. 

KE*. /. 10. 
^ Kai cKeiOey ava^Tas epx^'rat €i5 to Spia 

And from thence arising he cornea into the borders 

TTjs lovdaias, Sia tov inpav tov lopSayov Kai 

ofthe Judea, by the other side ofthe Jordan; and 

avjxTTopivQVTai iraXiv ox^oi irpos avTOV Kai, 

«ome together again cmwtls to him; and, 

q)S eiudei, TraXiv eSidacTKey avTovs. ^Kai 

as he had been accustomed, again hetaught them. And 

■n-porreXOoyTes ^apiaaioi eirrjpuTrjaav avTOV Et 

approaching Pharisees asked bim; If 

elecrrti' av^pi yvvaiKa airoXvcrai ; ireipa{.0PT€s 

it is lawful for a man awife to release? trying 

[Oiap. 10: 2. 

is better for thee to enter 
LITE crippled, than having^ 
TWO Hands to depart t»! 
t Gehenna, into that in-' 


44 t[ where the woem 
dies not, and the tire is, 
not quenched.] 

45 And if thy foot ir- 
snare thee, cut it off ; it is 
better for thee to enter 
lame into lite, than hav- 
ing two Feet, to be cast 
into Gehenna, +[iiito the 


46 where the worm dies 
not, and the fire is not 

47 And if thine eye in- 
snare thee, plnck it out; 
it is better for thee to en- 
ter one-eyed into the 
KINGDOM of God, than 
having Two Eyes to be cast 
into * Gehenna ; 

48 X where their wokm 
dies not, and the tire is 
not quenched. 

49 For every one shall 
be salted with fire : t [and 
every Sacrifice shall be 
seasoned with Salt.] 

50 J Salt is good; but 
if the SALT become taste- 
less, how will you restore 
Its saltness r Have Salt in 
yourselves, and be at 
peace with one another." 


1 t And arising from 
thence, he comes into the 
CONFINES of JuDEA,*even 
beyond the Jordan; and 
again Crowds come toge- 
ther to him, and again, as 
he had been accustomed, 
he taught them. 

2 J And Pharisees ap- 
proaching, asked him, to 
try him, "Is it lawful for 
a Man to dismiss hia 
Wife ?" 

* Vatican Manuscbipt.— 44. where the worm dies not, and the fir b is not quenched— 
omit. 45&46. into the ihbxtinguishaelb fibb; whore their worm dies not, aiid the 

FIRE is not quenched— oml^ 47. Gchinna. 47. of nr.K— om(^ 49. and 

every Sacrifice shall be seasoned with Salt— omit. 1. even beyond the Jobbah. 

t 43. A Hebrew torm, meanine the valley ofthe son of Hinnom. For futner remarks see 
Appendix. + 41, 4.\46, 4X The cbuses bracketed in these verses, are nut I an din the 

* atican. They are mai-ked as doubtful by Griesbacb, and aie expunired by lischendorf 

: 48. Isa.livi.24. t 50. Matt. v. IS; Luke xiT. 84. J 1. Mat*, xlx. I ; John x 40s 

i. 7 t 2. Matt, xix 

Oiap. 10 • 3. ] I 


avrov. ^ 'O 5e airoKpiOets enrey avrois' Tt 

him. He and answering said to them; What 

v/xiu €ueTei\aTO Moxttjs ; "* Oi 5e eiirov Maxrrjs 

to you didenjoio Motes? They and said; Motei 

e7reTpci//€ fiifiXiov atroaTacnov ypa\pai, Kai airo- 

alloired a teroll of separation to be written, and to re- 

Kv(Tai. " Kat *\_a:^0Kpi6ii5^ 6 \t](Tovs enreu 

iease. And [answering] the Jesus said 

avrois' Tlpos r-r)v (TKKrjpoKapSiav v/jlwv eypa\l>eu 

to them; For the hardness of heart ofyou he wrote 

VjULlV TTj;/ fVTO\T]V TaVTTJV. ^ Atto Se o,pxvs 
to you the commandment this. From but a beginning 

xTicTfcos ap(T(v Kai 6t]\v eirofTjcej/ aurovs 6 O^os- 

ofcreatiun a male and a female he made them the God. 

' " 'Et'efcev TOVTov KUTaXeirpn avOpooiros Toy 

"On account ofthia shall leave a man the 

iraTfpa abrov Kai tt]v /xriTepay *[Kai TrpocTKoK- 

father of himself and the mother, [and shall be closely 

\r]dr](reTai irpos Tqv yvuaiKa ovtou'] ^ Kai 

united to XYr wife of himself,"] and 

effourai oi dvo eis aapKa fiiav.^^ 'ri(rTe ovkcti 

shall be the tvro i: t - flesh one." So that Dolonger 

'lai SuOy oAAo fiia crap^. ^ 'O ovv 6 6eos (rvye- 

theyareiwo, but one flesh. What then the God basjoic- 

^(u^eu, auOpwTTos /J.7} xu}pi(^eTu). ^^ Kai ej/ tt? 

rd together, a man not disunites. And In the 

oiKitx uraKty ol /xaOrjTai avTov 




to them; 

ogaia the disciples 





of him concemin;; of the 

avToy. ^' Kai \eyei 

him. And hi sav' 

'Os fay avoXvar) rriv yvvatKa ol'Tow, 

'Whoever mav 'elease the ».'e o a ms, >i 

Kai ya/iTja'p aWriv, iJ.oixo.rai en' avr7)y. 

and may marry another, commits adultery with her. 

*2 Ka{ eay yvvrj airoXvTri roy avSpa avrris, Kai 

And if awoman may release the husband of herself, and 

ya/nTjOrj oWw, fxoixarai. ^' Kat Trpoaecpepoy 

may tiemarriwdtoanotherjCommitsadultery. And they brought 

avrcp traiSia, Iva a\l/rirai avrojv ol 5e fiaO-qrai 

to him litt'r children that he might touch them I the but disciples 

eTrerifi(i>y rois Trpoacpepovcriy. ^^ iSwy 5e 6 

rebuked these jringing. Seeing but the 

\r](Tovs TjyavaKTrfcrey Kai eiirey avrois' A<p€Te 

Jesus was dis' leased, and said to them; Allow 

TO iraiSia epx^cdai irpos fif, /J.rj KcoXvere avra' 

Ibe little children to come to me, not hinder them; 

Tcoy yap roiovrwy fcrriy t} fiaaiXfia rov deov. 

ufth* for su/-hlike is tbe kingdom of the God. 

^'^ AfjLTjy Xe7a> ii/ity, 6s eav firj de^Tjrat r-qy fia(ri- 

Indeed Isay toyou, whoever not may receive the king- 

iOtap. 10 1 15. 

3 And HE answering 
said to them, " What did 
Moses command You ?" 

4 And THE Y said, J " Mo- 
ses permitted a "Writ of 
Divorce to be written, and 
to dismiss her." 

5 And Jesls said to 
them, " Because of your 


he wrote you this com- 

6 But from the Begin- 
ning of Creation, * he made 
tliem Male and Female. 

7 J On account of this 
a Man shall leave his fa- 
ther and MOTHER, *and 
adhere to his wife ; 

8 and the two sliall be- 
come one Vlesh ; so tlia< 
tliey are no longer Two, 
but One Flesh. 

9 What God, then, has 
united, let no Man sever.-' 

10 And, in the house, 
* the DISCIPLES again 
asked him * concerning 

11 And he says to them, 
X " Wlioevcr shall dismiss 
his WIFE, and niarry ano- 
ther, commits vdulleiy 
with her. 

13 And if * sf)e who 
tdismissts herHLsuAND, 
slinll mairy another, she 
commits adultery. 

13 J And they brought 
little Children to him, 
that he might touch them; 
and the disciples re- 
buked * them. 

14 But Jesus seeing it, 
wns displeased, and said to 
tlicni, "Allow the littlji 
( iiiLDRFN to come tome, 
and foi-bid them not; for 
to sue H LIKE belongs the 
KINGDOM of God. 

15 Indeed I say to you. 
Whoever does not receive 
the KINGDOM of God, like 

• Vatican MANnscaiPT.— 5. answering — omit. 6. he made them. 7- an** 

adhere to his wiPK—omtf. 10. the discitlbs. 10. concerning thi«. 12. sijt 

who dismisses her HCSBAKD, shall marry another. 13. tliem. But. 

t 12. Strictly ripeakin^, a Jewish wife could not divorce her husband • therefore, apotutt* 
may be consulered as used with some license, and perhaps, too, with reference to the lus- 
toins of the Gentiles rather 'hati the Jews, and 'ntended aa a rule to the Apostles tor pent'al 
application, and which should put both itexes on the same footing. 

^ t 4. Deut. x.iiv. 1 : Matt. v.."?l ; iix.7. t 7- Gen. il. 24: I Cor. t1 16: Eph ▼ St. 

t 11. M-ott. V.82: xix.e: Lukexvi.lS: Bom. vli.8; 1 I IS. Mh(t xix. 

13- Lake iviii. 15. 

Chap. 10: 16] 


[auip. 10; 24. 

\eiav Tov deov ws rraidiov^ ov jxr] eicreXdrj eis 

dom of the God like a little child, not not may enter into 

avTrjv: ^^ Kai evayKaXicraixevos avra, riOcis 

her. And embracing lu his arms them, having placed 

a little Child, he will by no 
means enter it." 

16 And taking them in 
his arms, and placing his 
HANDS on them, he blessed 

ras x^'^P^^ ^'"'^ ci^fa, rjvXoyei avra. 

the hands upon them, he blessed them. 

^' Kai eKwopevo/jLevox/ uvtov eis odov, wpo<r- 

And going out of him into away, nm- 

Spa/uwv els, Kai youvirerrjcras avTou, enripcoTa 

ningup one, and kneeling Before him, he asked 

avTov AL5a<TKa\€ ayade, Ti ironjaa}, iva ^odtiv 

him ; O teacher o°°*^ what must T do, that life 

aiwviov K\'i]povofX'i)(r(i) ; ^^ 'O 8e l-qaovs eiirei^ 

a^e-lasting I may inherit? The and Jesus Slid 

avTCf)' Tt fj.€ \eyeLS ayaOov ; oi/Sets ayaBos^ €i 

to him i Why me callest thou goud? no one good, 

fiT] tts, 6 deos. 

not one, the God. 

fioiX^^^V^' Vit] (\/Ovev(TrjS' Mtj ifA.€X^77y commandments; J •Do 

17 X And going out into 
the Road, one running up, 
and knet-bug before nim, 
asked him, " Good Teach- 
er ! whnt must 1 do, that I 
may inherit aiouian Life." 

18 And Jesus said ta 
him. Why dost thou call 

Yf Me good i No one is good, 
i9Tas (VToXas oiZas' '"Mr? except one, God. 

The commandments thou knowestj " Not ( JQ TllOU knOWCSt the 

thou must commit adultery , Not thoumustkiU; Not thou mustbt _, 

Mtj rpfvSofiapTvp-qcrTjS' *[Mt7 awocTTepriays-^ 

Not thou must testify falsely; [Not thou must detraud 1 

20 o 

not commit murder; Do 
not commit adult try; Do 
net steal ; Do not testify 
l.ilseh" Honor thy TATHEB 
and 410X11 EE." 

20 And HE said to him, 
"Teacher, all these luiv 
I kept from my ChiiO' 

TifjLa TOV irarepa crov, Kai T-qv fxrjrepa 

Honor the father ofthee, %cd the mcher." 

Se *[a7roKpi06tsJ enrey avrify AiSatrKaAe, Toi/ra 

but [answering] said tulum, O teacher, these 

iraura ecpvAa^a/j-rju e/c v^or-qros fiov. 21 'q Se 

all I kept from childhood of me. He but 

Irirrcvs e/x)8A.€i^as avTCfj, T}yaTrri<rev avTov^ Kai 

Jesus looking on him, loved him, and | 21 And JeSUS looklflg 

ciirev aVT<j}' 'Ev croi vd'^^pei' viraye^ Sera on him, loved him, and 

said to him: One to thee lacks: go, whateve. | said tO him, " Oue thin^ 

cxc'S TTCoXTjaof, Kai Sos rois tttwxoiS' icai i thou lackest ; go, sell 

th'ouhast sell, and give to the poor: and 1 whatever thoU baSt, and 

e^eis Q-qcravpov ey ovpavcp' Kai SevpOy o/CoA- ' give to the* Poor, and thou 

tno-j shalt have treasure in heaven: and hither, fol- 

ovdei fxoi, ^[^apas TOV (TTavpov.j ^'O Se <TTvy- 

low me, [taking up the cross. 1 He Out looking 

vacTas eiri TCf} A07W, airri^^de \virovixr]vo5' i]v 

sad at the word, went away sorrowing; he was 

yap ex(^f KTrjfiaTa TroAAa. ^ Kai repi/3A€i|/a- 

for having possessions many. And looking 

/nevos 6 Itjctous, \eyei TOis ^aOrjTais auruu- 

round the Jesus, says to the disciples of himself: 

How hardly those the riches having into the 

^acriXeiav tov Oeov €i(Ti\(v(TOVTai, ** Oi Se 

kingdom of the God sholleuter. They and 

p.aOr]Tai eOafi^ovvTO €iri Tois Koyois avTov, 'O 

disciples were astonished at the words of him. The 

5t Itjo-ous ira\iv airoKpideis \eyei avTOis' TcKva, 

I... Jesus again answering siy to them : Children, 

- ' S 5v<TK0\0V €(TTl *[tOI'S TTeTTOlfloTaS eiTl TOIS 
how diflacult it is [thsse having confidence in the 

p(pT7iUa(rt*',] eis TT]V fiaffikfiavTov Oeov €i(T€\9eiv. 

nches,] into the kingdom of the God to enter. 

shalt have J Treasure in 
Heaven; and come, follow 

22 But HK was arieved 
at the WORD, and went 
away sorrowing; for he 
had great Possessions." 

23 Then Jesus looking 
round, savs to his disci- 
pi-ES, t"Vith what diffi- 
culty will THOSR HAVING 
RICHES enter the king- 
dom of God." 

24 And the disciples 
were astonished at his 
words. But Jesus again 
answering, says lo them, 
I "Children, how difficult 
it is to enter the kingdom 
of God. 

• Vatican Manusckipt.— 19. Do not commit murder ; Do not commit adultery. It 

Do not dcfr.iud— omit. 20. answerinar— omi<. 31. Poor. 21. taking up tha 

CROSS — omit. 24. those haviiig confidence in richbs — omit. 

: 17. Matt. xix. 16; LukexviJJ.lS. t lv». Fxod. xx. 13. Rom. xiii.P t 21. Mait. 

VI. 1-, 20; xix. 21 ; Luke x\i. 34 , xvu9. t 23. Matt. x<x. 28 ; Luke xviii. 84. 1 2v Jufc 

«xxi. 24 25; P8a.lii. 7; Ixii.lOr » Xira. vi. 17. 

ifiap. 10: 25.] 


[Oiap. 10 i SS. 

^ Y-vKoiturepov can KairqKov Sia rrjs rpvfxa- 

Easier it is a camel through the hole 

Ajoj ttjs l>a<piSo5 SieAOeiy, 17 irkovaiov eis r-qv 

of the needle to put, than a rich man into the 

fiacri\eiav Tov deov ii(T€\6eiv. '^Ol 5e irepicr- 

kingdom of the God to enter. They and greatly 

aws e^iTr\r](TcrofTO, Keyoures irpos caurous" 

were amazed, saying among themselves; 

Kat ris dwarai (rco9r]uai ; "^ E^/3Aei//as Se 

And who is ahle to be saved? l<t)okingon and 

avTois 6 iTjtrouy, \ey6i' Tlapa audpuirois aSvua- 

them the Jesus, saya; M'lth men impossi- 

Tuv aW' ov Trapa Tcp decf ttcvto yap Svvara 

ble but not with the God: all for possible 

ecTTt napa tcj} decf. -^ Hp|oTO 6 Herpos \eyeiv 

is with the God. Began the Peter to say 

avrq)' liov TJfXflS O^TJKO/iCi' ttoj/to, koj tj/coA- 
tohim: Lo, we left all, and fol- 

ovdr)(raiJ.€U aoi. ^ *[A7ro«pi0e/s] 6 Irjaovs 

lowed thee. [Answering] the Jesus 

etTTfj/' A/jLTtv Aeyai vfiiv^ ovdeis (arty^ bs acprj- 

said : Indeed I say to you, no one is, who has 

Key oiKiay, r) ad€\<pos, 17 aSeAt^as, 77 Trarepa, 77 

left houses, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or 

fjLfjTepay *[t7 yvvaiKa,^ 77 T6K»'0, tj aypovs, 

mother, [or wife,] or children, or fields, 

iveKey efiov Kai ey^Kev tou evyycKiov, ^ €ay 

on account of me and on account of the glad tidings, if 

fiT} \a^T) kKarovraiTKa(Tiova, vvv eu rep 

not he may receive a hundred fold, now in the 

Kaipcp TovTUy oiKiaSy Kai aSe\(povs, Kat aSeA- 

season this, bouses, and brothers, and sis- 

<pas, Kai fxTjTcpas, Kat reKva, Kat aypovs, fiera 

ten, and mothers, and children, and fields, with 

Siaiyiiuy, Kat €y to) aicovt rep cpxo/jteycp ^wrjy 

persecutions, and in the age to come, life 

aiwyioy. ^^ IloAAot 5e eiToyrat npcoTOt, €<rxa- 

age-lasting. Many but shall be first, last; 

rot' Kat €(TXtToty TrpwToi. ^' Haav Se iv tt? 

and last, first. They were and in the 

6S(p aya^aivovTis ets 'lepotroAiz/ua' Kat 'r}y 

way going up to Jerusalem: and was 

irpuaywy avrovs 6 Irfaovs' Kat eOafifiovuTO, 

going before them the Jesus: aud they were amazed, 

Kat aKoKovQovTis «po^ovvTO. Kat irapaXa^aiv 

and following they were afraid. And taking aside 

iraKiv Tovs SudeKa, rfp^aro avrois \eyety ra 

again the twelve, he began to them to tell the things 

fifWoyra avrcp cvix^aivfiy ^ 'Ort «5ou, uva- 

being about to him to happen : For lo, we 

^aivofxey ets 'l€po(ro\vfji.a, Kat 6 vios tov ayOpw- 

go up to Jerusalem, and the son of the > man 

nov irapaSo07)<r€Tat rots apxtep€V(ri Kai rois 

will be delivered up to the high-prieats and to the 

ypaix/Jtarfvaf Kat KaraKpivovcriy avrov 0avaT(p, 

scribes : and they will condemn him to death, 

Kat irapaSwffovaiy avrov rots tOyetri, ^^ Kat 

^ad they will delivar «p him to the Gentiles, and 

25 Xt is easier for a 
Camel to pass through tha 
nkeulk's kye, tlianfora 
Rich man to enter the 
KINGDOM of God." 

26 And they were ex- 
ceedingly asionislied, say- 
ing *to him, "Who then 
can be saved ?" . 

27 And Jksus looking 
on them, says, '• Willi Men 
it may be impossible, but 
not with GoD; for with 
* God everything is possi- 

28 X Peter began to say 
to him, " Behold, toe liave 
forsaken eill, and followed 

29 Jesus said, "Indeed 
I say to you. There is no 
one who has left House, or 
Brothers, or Sisters, or la- 
ther, or Mother, * or Wife, 
or Children, or Lands, on 
my account, and on ac- 
countof the GLAD tidings, 

30 who will not receive 
t a hundred- fold, now, i& 
this TIME, — Houses, and 
Brothers, and Sisters, and 
Mothers, and Cliildrf;n, and 
Lands, — but with Perse- 
cutions; and in the agb 
to COME, aionian Life. 

31 X But many will be 
first, who are last; and 
last, who are first." 

32 J And they were on 
the ROAD going up to Je- 
rusalem; and Jesus was 
preceding them ; and they 
were* amazed. AndTiiET 
who FOLLOWED him were 
afraid as J he took aside 
again the twelve, and be- 
gan to tell them the 


befall him. 

33 " Behold, we are go- 
ing up to Jerusalem, and 
the SON of MAN will be 
delivered up to the high- 
priests, and to the 
SCRIBES J and they will 
condemn him to death, 
and will deliver hiia up to 
the Gentiles ; 

• Vaticam MANuscairf.— 26. to him, "^\^lo." 27. God. 29. answerine^-owt*. 

29. or Wife — omit, 32. amazed. And thbi who poiLOWKDUmwerealxfiid, aanetoob 

+ 28. Matt. xix. 27; Luke xviii. 28. J 50. Luke xvlii. 90, t 31. Matt, xix. 3ft 

Luke xiii. 30. t 92. Matt. XX. 17: Luke xvia sa t 33. Mark viit 31: ix. 31} 

V.uke Ix. 22 : xviiL SI. 

xMap. 10 : 34.] 


[ Oiap. 10 . 44. 

He but ~-i.d 
V/XIU ,' Ol ?« 

flxirai^ov(nv avTw, Kai ^airriywcrovcriv avrov, 

they will mock him, and tliey will scourge him, 

Kat efXTTTVcTovaiv avrcf^ Kai aTroKTevourriy avrov 

and they will spit upon him ind theywiilki.' fm; 

Kai TT) TpiTTj 7]/xepaava(rTri(r€Tai. ''^Koi'-^ o(r- 

«nd the third day he v/illstani: up. And romc 

iropivovrai avrcj} laKw^os Kai IcaavvrjS) ot vlo> 

to liin:i Jamec an'' John, *ha sone 

Ze^eSaioVg Myovres' A:oao-«:aA6, deXouiu, f."a 

ofZebedee. -p.^inp- O teacher. we wiih, ♦Sat 

whatever wpmayuk, 'hou nr.v r^ do f<>ru«. 

ttUTOLS' Tt 06\6TJ irOlTJCOl jUe 

to them; What do you wish to do me for-ou? They :.nd 

eiTTov avTCf>' Aos r^in-v^ Iva els e/c Se^icov trov, 

said tohimj Give to us, that •ne at right ofthee^ 

Hai els f^ ev(avvfJLU>v (Tov Kadiffafx^y iv rrj Zo^r) 

and one at left of thee w» may sit in th- glory 

(TOV. ^'O Se'lvaovs (EiweyavTois' Ovk oiSare, 

of thee. The and Jnsus 3aid ;^othem; Kot you know 

Tt aireKrOe. Avua(rde irieiv to iroTvpioy, 6 

what yuuiisk. Are you able A. drink the cup, which 

€7« TTivca, Kai ro BaTrria-jjia, 6 eyai /3o7rTt^o,uat, 

I diiak, anr' the diopiu ■ which I am dipped. 

^aTrTLTQf]vai,; ^^ Gl Se eivov avT(f>' Avva/uLeOa. 

to bedippet't' Ther ttd said to him } We are able. 

'O §€ Ir^aovs enrey avrois 

The and Jebus said to them f 

f-ioy, 6 fyw VLUti), irieaOe' 

which I drink, you will drmkj 

6 syo> /8a7rTi(,'ojuat, fiairTi(rdr](re(r6e' ^ to Se 

which I am dipped, you -ill ".cd:' i>od: '"^'^ '"lit 

Kadicrai €K Si^icoy jxov Kai €| evavvficov, owf. ea- 

to sit at ri^'ht of me and tt left, ro* -.t 

riv ifJLOv Sovfai, aW' ois riToi/xacrai. 

^ mine to give, but tuwhom it has been prepared. 

^^ Kai axovtravTes oi deKa^ rjp^avTO ayavaKreiv 

Anil having heard the ten, Ihjy b^fran to be angry 

frepi laKw^ov Kai Iwavi/ot. ^ 'O Se lr)aovs 

ibout Jamcr and John. 'i'ho ^■■.t Jesus 

irpo(TKa\ea-aiJ.€yos avrovs^ Xeyet avTOvs" OiSa- 

baving called them, h.~ nays ♦'^ thtm; You knoT: 

TSj on 01 SoKovyres apx^^v T'^v s6vwy, KaTaKv- 

that those presuming to rule the actions, lordit 

pievovcriy avrwy, Kai oi (xeyaKoi avTwy KaTe^ov- 

ovtr them, and the gieat "f them exercise 

(na^ov(riv avrcoy, *^ Owx ovtco Se earai ev 

ruthority over them. Not to but it shall be among 

vfxiv aW' OS €ay OeXrj yevecrdai fieyas fv 

you; but whoever may wish to become great among 

bfiiyy ecTTai v/nwy SiaKoyos' ^ Kai 6s (ay 6e\r) 

you, (hall be of you a servant; and whoever may wish 

To *[)U€ll/J TTOTTJ- 

The f indeed! cup, 

Kai T^ jSaTTTJcr^a, 

and the dipping. 

84 and they will moctr 
him, and *spit on hmi. 
and :!courge him, and put 
him to death, and * after 
Three Days he will rise," 

85 And James and John, 
the '"■ TWO Sons of Zcbedee, 
come to him, * saying to 
him, " Teacher, we wish, 
that thou wouldst do lot 
us whatever we may * ask 

86 And HE said to them, 
"What do you desire me 
to do for you?" 

37 AnJ THEY said tohim, 
"Grant to us that '.7e may 
sit, one at *thy Right 
hand, and the xher at 
* thy Left, in thy 3loky." 

88 But Jesus said to 
them. "You know not 
wliat vou ask. Can you 
drink the CUP which i 
drink? *or undergo the 
IMMERSION with which 5 
am being overwhelmed!" 

89 And THET said to 
him, " We can." And Je- 
sus said to them, You wil! 
drink the cup which I 
drink, and undergo the im- 
mekston with which I 
am being iverwhelmed; 

40 but to SIT at my 
Riorht hand, or at the 
Left, i:: not mine to give, 
except for whom it is pre- 

41 tAnd the ten, hav- 
ing heard, were indignant 
against James and Joiin. 

43 *And Jesus, having 
called them, he says to 
them, ^"You know That 
THOSE presuming to rule 
the NATIONS domineer 
over them, andtheiroREAV 
ones exercise authoritj 
over them. 

43 X But '' it is not so 
among you; but whoever 
may desire to become great 
among you, shall be Your 
Servant ; 

44 and whoever* among 
you may desire to become 

• Vaticam Manuscbipt. — 34. spit on him, and scourge him. 34. after Three D.nvs 

he. 85. TWO Sons. 35. saying to him, "O Teacher." 35. ask thee. S7. tl e 

Bight. 37. the Left, 38. or. 39. indeed— omi/. 40. or at the Left. 

42, And Jesus. 43. . t is not so among you. 44. among you. 

t 3.'). Mntt, XX. 20, t 41. Matt- xx. 24. J 42. Luke xxii. 25. 1 4i. Matt 

is, 20, 23 ; Mark ix. 35; Lukeix. 48. 

Oiap 1j: 45.] 


Vf».a/y yeve(r6ai irpwros, fcrrat TrauTwv SovKos' 

ofyou to became first, shall be of all aglavei 

^^ Kai yap 6 vlos rov awOpwrrov ovk TjKOe SiaKov- 

aiid for the sod of the man not came to be 

/)6r}yai, o/vAa SiaKovqcraiy Kai Zovvai rrjy^vxv 

served, but to serve, and to give the life 

avTov \vTpov avTi iroWwu. 

of himself a ranaoni for many. 

^ Kai cpxovrai eis 'l€pLX<^' Kai eKiropevofievov 

And they come into Jericho i and going out 

avTou airo 'lepixo^ Kai rcoy fiaOrjTcoy avrov, Kai 

of him fjom Jericho, and the disciples of him, and 

ox^ov iKavov, vlos Tt/xaiou, Baprifiaios 6 rv<p- 

a crowd great, a sou ofTimeus, Bartiuieua the blind, 

Aos, cKadrjTo irapa ttjv odoy irpoaaiTCDV. ^^ Kai 

sat by the way begging. And 

aKovaas, on Irjcrovs 6 Ua^wpaios ecrrjj', 7]p^aro 

hearing, that Jesus the Nazarite it is, he began 

Kpa(eii/ Kai Keyeiy 'O vlos Aavid^ Itjctoi;, eA.e7j- 

to cry out and to say; The son of David, Jesus, have pity 

<roy fie, ^ Kai eiriTi/j.wv aurcp iroWoi, Iva 

on me. And rebuked him mnny, so that 

<Tiu>iri)(Trf 6 5e iroWo) fiaWov eKpa^eiy Tie 

be might ba silent; he but much more cried out; Oson 

Aavi8y ekerjaoy fie. ^^ Kat eras d Itjctovs, 

of David, have pity on me. And stopping the Jesus, 

eiirey avToy (pu}VT}dy]vai' Kai (pcayuvcri Toy rv<p- 

tuld him to be Kalled; and they called the blind, 

\ov, \eyovTes avTCf}' ©apaei^ eyeipe' (pcoyei 

saying to him ; Take courage, rise up; he calU 

ere. "'''O Se airo^aXcoy to ifxaTioy auTov, avaa- 

tbee. He and throwing off the mantle of himself, arising 

Tas r]\9e irpos Toy Irjo'ovy. ^^ Kat awoKpideis 

came to the Jesus. And answering 

\eyei avT(p 6 Irjcrovs' Tt 6e\eis T(On](T(t> aoi ; 

says to him the Jesus; What dost thou wish J. may do to thee? 

*0 Se Tv(p\os fiirev avTCfj' 'Pa^^ovvif lya ava- 

Theaud blind said to him; Rabboni, that I may 

fi\e\^Q>. "'^ 'O 5e Irjcrous enrey avTcf Tiraye' r) 

see again. The and Jesu* said to him; Go; the 

TTKTTis (Tov (re(Tu>Ke (Te. Kat eudecos aye0\e\pe, 

faith of thee has saved thee. And immediately he saw again, 

icat rjKoKovdei avTcp ey tt] 6Scp, 

\nd followed him in the way, 

KE*. la'. 11. 
* Kat <5t6 eyyiCova-iy eis 'lepov(ra\ir\fit eis 

And when they drew near to Jenualem, to 

h7]6<payr) Kai Brfdayiay, irpos TO opos Tuy e\ai- 

Betbphage and Bethany, to the mountain of the olive 

wj', airo(rTe\\ei Svo Twy fiadr]Twy avTOv, /cptt 

trees, be sends two of the disciples of himself, and 

[0Uip. Ill 1. 

Chief, shall be the Slave of 

45 X For even the son of 
MA N came not to be served, 
but to serve, and to give 
his LIFE a Ransom for 

46 fAxid they came to 
Jericho. And as he was 
departing from Jericho 
with his DISCIPLES, and a 
great Crowd, * a Blind Beg- 
gar, t Bartimeus, (the son 
of Timeus,) sat by the 


47 And hearing That it 
was Jesus the Nazarite, he 
began to cry out, and say, 
*" Jesus, SON of David, 
have pity on me 1" 

48 And many charged 
him to be silent; but he 
cried out much more, "Son 
of Da\id, have pity on 

49 And Jesus stopping, 
*said, "Call him." And 
they called the BLIND man, 
saying to him, "Takeccmr- 
age, arise; he calls thee." 

50 And HE, throwing 
off hisf MANTLE,* leaping 
up, came to Jesus. 

51 And Jesus address- 
ing him, said, " Wliat dost 
thou wish I may do for 
thee?" The blind man 
said to him, f" Rabboni I 
tliat I may receive my 

52 And Jesus said to 
him, J "Go; tliy eaith 
lias restored thee." And 
he immediately received 
sight, aud followed *him 
on the koad. 

1 And X when they drew 
near to Jerusalem, to Beth- 
phage, and Bethany, near 
* the MOUNT of olives, he 
sends Two of his disci- 

• Vaticam Mamuscbipt. — Ifl. Bartit 

uscBiPT.--4fl. Bartimeus, a BImd Bepgar, the soit of Timeus, sat by the 
KOAD. And. 47. bon of David, Jesus, have. 49. said, "Call hira." And, 60. 

leapim? up. came. 62. him on the boad . 1, that moust which is. 

t 46. Bartimtua, isconsideredby many to be a realname, and not an explication of »o xehyos 
Tinaion. t 60. Or upper .garment. This was of considerable dimensions and enveloped 

the whole body. In those hot countries, thev threw it aside when thev were at work, or 
plouijhmgin the field.— ^rafcf/ffW. t 51. iJa66o)tJ, ru intensified si^iflcation of itnift^ 

meanma My Mruter; the highest title of honor in the Jewish schools. It is only used in one 
other pa.x3asre in the New Testament— John xx. 16. 

I 45. Matt. XX. 28. X 46. Matt. xt. 2ft ; Luke xviii. 85. 1 B2. Matt. ix. 52 MarJ 

V.S4. t 1. Matt.xxili LuiMAUUxtfl Johuxii. U. 

Omp. 11.2] 


[Chap. 11 12. 

Keyet avroiS' '^'TiroyeTC ^is rr}v KWfi'qtf xr/i' 

says to them: Go you into the town that 

KareyavTi vfjLcov /cot evdecos iKTiropevon^voi 

opposite you} and immediately entering 

€ts avTTjU, €up7](T€Te TTuXov SeScfievov, f(p* 8v 

Into her, you will find a colt having been tied, upon which 

ouBets auQpavuiv KCKaOiKe' KvaavTes avrov 

no one of men hassati havingloosed him 

ayayere. ^ Kai eay tis vfjLiv eiirr)' To iroi- 

leadyou. And if anyone to y*» should say j Why do 

6JT6 TOVTo ; enrare- *['OT»l*i Kvpios avrev 

you t^i9? »ayyou; [That3 the ma*ter ofhim 

Xpetay i^X*^*' '^^'■^ evOecos avrov airoaTeWei 

need h. a; and immediately him he will send 

wde. * /'%.. riXOov 5e, Kai evpou ttooXou Sede/xevov 

hero. aVevwent and, and found a colt having been tied 

wpos ''-^y J p '-v e|a» 67rt lov a/xcpoSov Kai 

near 3^? do'r without in the streetj and 

Auoui/tv ou/oj'. ^Kat Tives rcou 6/cet e<rTT]KO- 

they loose him. And some of those there stand- 

rcoy eKcyov avrois' Tt iroieirs \vovres rov 

Ing taid to them ; What do you loosing the 

vojKov; ^Ot Se enrovauTois KaOws fyereiXaro 

colt? They and said to them even as commanded 

6 lr](rovs' Kai acprjKav avrovs. '^ Kat rjyayov 

the Jesus', and they^ufferel them. And theyl:d 

rov TTuKov irpos rou IrjaovUf Kai eTri^a\\ov(riv 

the colt to the Jesus, and they threw upon 

avrcp ra ifiaria avrcov Kai CKaOicrev ctt' tivrcp, 

him the mantles of themselvoa; and be sat upon him. 

^ HoWot Se ra i/xaria avrcav earpcacav €js rrjv 

Many and the mantles of themselves spread in the 

noov aWoi Ze aroi^adas eKOirroP 6« Tccu 

way others and branches cutoff from the 

SevSpaVf *[/cot etrrp^vvvov ety riqv ^5oj'.] 

trees, [and scattered in thw way.] 

' Kat oi irpoayovres Kat ol aKoKovdouvres 

And those going before and those following 

CKpa^oVy *[A670J/Tes,] 'Q.<rauva' ev?\oyT]fxevos 

did cry, [saying. Hosaona ; wortliy of blessing 

8 epxo/ii-evos *\^ev ovojxaTi Kvpiov^ ^^ evXoyr)- 

he coming [in name of Lord ;! worthy of 

p.^vi) 7) epxojLtevT] fiaatXeia rov irarpos rjixa^v 

blessing the coining kingdom of the father of us 

AauiS* Soaapva ev rots v\\ii(Trois. ^^ Kat etcTTjA- 

Davidj Hosauna in the highest. And en- 

Biv eis 'lepo(To\viJ.a 6 iTjaous, *[Kat] €is to 

tered into Jerusalem thw Jesus, [and] into the 

Upov Kai TTepi^Keipafievos TravTO, o\l/ias rjSri 

temple; and having looked round ce all, evening now 

ovcTTjs rrjs wpaSy €^r}\9ev eis B-qOaviav ficra 

being the hour, be went out to Bethany with 

rccp 5co5eKa. 

Ihe twelve. 

^2 Kat T]7 cTavptop (^eKBovrcov avrcov airo 

And the next day coming out of them from 

2 and says to them, "G« 

to THAT VILLAGE Wllich iS 

oVEa AGAINST you, ano 
as soon as you enter it, you 
will find a Colt tied, on 
which no Man has *yet 
sat: loose him, and bring 

3 And if any one should 
say to yon, ' Why do you 
thisf' say, The Mastkr 
needs it; and he will in- 
stantly send it hither." 

4 And they went and 
found a Colt fastened at 
the DOOK outside, in t '• 
STEEET; and they loose J 

5 And some of thcss 
STANDING tiiere, said i 
them, "Why do you untie 
the COLT ?" 

6 And THET said to th era 
as Jesus had *directed; 
and they allowed them. 

7 And they *led the 
COLT to Jesus, and threw 
on it their mantles; and 
he sat on it. 

8 J And many spread 
their gahments on the 
KOAD; and others cut 
* Branches, from the 
TEEKs, and scattered them 
on the EGAD. 


1 N G, sliouted, " Hosanna 1 '* 
:{:'" Blessed be he who 
comes in the Name o" 
' Jehovah 1'" 

10 "Blessed be the com- 
ing KINGDOM of our KA- 
THEE David!'* J "Hosanna 
in the highest heaven t" 

11 tAnd *Jesus «rent 
into Jerusalem, and into 
the temple. And havir.g 
looked round on all things, 
it now being Evening, 'io 
went out to Bethany, witli 
the twelve. 

12 J And the NEXT DAY, 
as tijiey were coming from 
Bathany, he was hun*: y ; 

• Vatican Manuscbipt.— 2. yet sat. 2. That— onu^. 6. said ; and. 7 

bring. 8. Branches, cut down out of the FIELDS. AndxHET, 8. and scattered 

In the WA*— oroi^ 9. saying— omif. 9. in thenameof theLord— ««^^ 11. he 

entered. 11. and— o»ii(. 

1 8. Matt xsi.8. 

Xxl. l-i. 

1 12. Matt.»*k«»fc 

t 9. Psa. cxviii. 58. 

J 10. Psa. cxlviii. h 

tn Ujtt 

Chap. 11: 13.] 


]au]^ 11: a<i 

^ridaviaSy evctvacrf' ^"^ Kai iScoy <rvK7]u /xaKpo- 

Belhany, he wa» hungry i and seeing & fig tree at a dis- 

6ev, €Xov(r.:v (puWa^ ri\6ev, et apa €upr)(Tei 

lancca hariag leave*, be went, if perhaps he will find 

T» €v avTT]' Kai €\dcou eiT* avr-qVy ovdeu 

any thing on her; and coming to . her nothing 

evpev ei rj ^i/AAa* ov yap i)v Kaipos crvKwi^. 

h^ found except leaven; not for it waa sraiion of tigs. 

^■* Kai airoKptdeis eiwev auTT]' M-qKeri €K <TOv 

And answering he said to her: No more of thee 

€is rou aiccva (xrjSeis Kapwov (payoi, Kai 

to the a,e no one fruit may eat. And 

rjKovou oi fiaOrjrai avrov, ^^ Kai epxovrai ets 

heard the disciples of him. And they come to 

'Iepo<ToKvfj.a' Kai ei(Te\6wv eis to Upou rjp^aTO 

Jerusalem: and going into the temple he began 

tK$aW€iu Tovs iruKovvTas Kai ayopa^ovras ev 

to cast out those selling and buying in 

T(f} lepcf' Kai ras rpaire^as ruv KoWv^iarcau, 

the temple: and the tables the money-changers, 

Kai ras KaOeSpas ruv ttuKouvtwv ras irepKrTe- 

knd the seats of those selling the dove' 

pas KaTfO-Tpsxpe' ^^ Kai ovk tjc^scj/, ha ris 

he overturned : and not auffered, thatan'one 

Siei/eyKT) aKevos Sia tov lepov, ^' at eStSoc- 

vhould carry .a articl* through tlie temple. And he taught, 

K€, Ae-ycov *rat/T0to"3 Ov yejpaTrrai' '* *Ot< 

saying ['''•them:] Not isitnrittens "That 

6 oiKos U-oVy oiKOi irpo(revxf]S K\'r;6r](reTai 

(he house of me, a house o> prayer shall be called 

Trao"t TOJS efh'scrip ; v/xeis Se eiroirjcraTe avrov 

for all the nationi i you but have made it 

(rTrr]\aiou XijaTwj'.** * Kot TjKovo'ai/ ot ypa/x- 

a dea of robbers." And beard the scribes 

liareis Kat ol , Yt<:_"e<s> Kat e^Tjrovu ircci avrov 

and the higH-priert*, and they sought hot* him 

avo\e(rov(riv f<pof^ vvro yap avrovy 6rt iras i 

they might destroy: thwy f .arcd for him, because all the 

0X^0$ e^€ir/\.rj(TTsro eiri rj) SiSax?? avrov. *^ Kat 

crowd was amazed at the teaching of him. And 

Sre o^e eyeuero, <|67ropei/eTO e|aj rr}s voKews, 

when evening it became, he went out of the city. 

** Kat TTpwi irapairopevo/jifvoif eidov rt]v 

And in the morning passing along, they saw the 

13 and observing a Tig- 
tree, at a distance, having 
Leaves, he went to searcE 
for t fruit on it, (for it 
was not yet t the *season 
for Figs.) And having 
come to it, he found noth» 
ing but Leaves. 

14 Then he said to It 
+ " Let no one eat I'rui 
of thee to the age I" An', 
his DISCIPLES heard bin*. 

15 t-^nd they came to 
Jerusalem; andg^infrinto 
the TEMPLE, he drove out 
THOSE SELLiifG and buy- 
ing, and ovci'tumed the 


and the seats of those 

SELLING doves; 

16 and would not permit 
any one to carry an Article 
through the temple. 

17 He also taught * and 
said "Is it not written, 
X ' My HOUSE shall be 
'ailed a House of Prayer 
for All NA-iCNsr' butgou 
.- ve made it a Den •>.* 

i8 JAnd the *high- 
piviESTs and the sckib s 
heard, a..d sought bo • 
they might destroy him ; 
for they feared him, B 
cause All the ceowd was 
astonished at bis teach- 


19 And when it was 
Evening, he went out of 
the CUT. 

20 J And passing along 
in the Morning, they sa* 

• Vaticaw M-v.vuscbipt.— 13. seasow. 17. and said, " Is it not." 17.tothenk 

••omit, 18. uiGu-FBiBSTS audthebCBiBBS. 

' 1 13. That Jesus had a right to gather figs from this tree, if there had been any open it, 
appears from the law of Moses, mentioned in Deut. xxiii 24, 25. Jusephus alluding to this 
iaw, mentions ripe fruits in general, not grapes and corn only. His words are — "Let not 
passengers, (whether natives or strangers,) be hindered from touching the ripe fruits. Let 
ftiem be permitted to fill themselves with them, but not to carry any awiy." That some ripo 
fi ,'3 might be expected on fig-trees at that time of the year will appear, says Pearc*, from the 
following considerations; — "Jesus went up to this fig-tree on the 11th day of the month N i- 
Ban, i. e. three days before the Passover, which was always on the l4th day of it. *On the 
morrow after theSabbith' which followed the Passover, "the flrst-ftniits were to be ofi"ered to 
God in the temple." Lev. xxiii. 11. The leaves on the tree indicated that summer was nigh. 
Hatt.xxiv.3-2, and that fruit might be reasonably expected, especially as the fig-tree sho'its 
forth its fruit before the leaves. If, therefore, the tree bore figs, now was the perioo to tinu 
and eat them. t 13. That is, the season for gathering them. t 14. Some cavillers 

•bject to this miracle of our Savior, and ask. What right had he to destroy this fig-tree J In 
answer, observe, that the tree was evidently barren, and therefore of no use to any one t chat 
It could hxrdly he private propertv.forit was on thepublicroad; and that it was Btatto the 
means of inculcatmg a great moral truth on the minds of his disciples. 

t IS. Matt.xii.19. t 15. Matt.xxi.l2; I.ukexix. 45; John ii. 14. i 17 Is^ 

iTi. 7 t 18. Matt. xxi. 45. 40 : Luke xix. 47. I 20. Matt xxi. 18L 

€fiap. U: 21. j 


fCftap. 11; 29. 

fi{,'-tree having been w.thered from roots; And reoem- 

?'va6eis 6 nerpos, Ae7et outod* "Pafifiiy tSe, ^ 

bering the Peter, say* to him; Rabbi, lo, the 

ffvKrjy 7]P KaTTjpaaci}, f^rjpavTai. ^2 j^^jj 

fig-tree, which thou didst en se, faaa been withered. And 

aiTOKpideis 6 Irjaous \ey6t avrois Exere vkt- 

answerinf the Jesus says to them Have 7JU faith 

Tiu 6cov. '^ AfiTju yap \eyca vp-iv, on 6s av 

of God. Indeed for 1 aa; to you, that whorver 

€iirr} rtp opei rovrcf ApOr^ri, Kai 0\T]\y,-}Tt 

may say to the mountain this) Be lifted up, and cast 

6i$ Tr]V QaKaacraw Kai (jltj SiuKpiOr} ev rri 

into the «eai and Dot should doubt in the 

KapSicf, avTOUy aWa TrKTTevcrri Sti a \eyei 

heart of himself, but should believe that what he says 

yivirar toTTai avTCp 6 tav eiirj). ^"^ Aia tov^-: 

coiiiestopassjitshallbeto him whateverhemaysay Thruush thLi 

\iyu> viJiiVf iravra 6(ra au 7rpo(TevxoiJ.ei.oi a^Tcttr- 

1 say to you, all things whatever prayiucr you d 

0e, vKrrevfTS drt Kafx^avere, Kai fcrat ofiiv. 

believe you that you receive, and 'tsh^lbe i you. 

^ Kat brav aTrjKrfre vpoaevxc/bieyoi, a^iere^ et 

And when you stand praying, forgive, if 

TJ «X^''"* Kara rivos' ha rai 6 irarrip 

any thing you have against anyone; that also the father 

vjxonVy 6 ey Tots ovpauois, acpr v/jliu to Trapair- 

ofyou, that in the heavens, may forgive you the faults 

TwixaTO. V/J.WU, ^Et Se v/xeis ovk a(/)«6T6, ovSe 

ofyou. If but you not forgive, neither 

b iroTTjp vfxccVy 6 ev rois ovpavois^ a(pr](rei ra 

the father cfyou, that in the heavens, will forgive the 

vapairroofiaTa vp-wv. ^' Kai fpxovTai vaXiv 

faults ofyou. And they come ap-ain 

ets 'lepo(ToXvp.a. Kat (V t(^ l^P^p veotirarovv- 

to Jerusalem. And in the temple walking 

Tos avToVf €pxovTai irpos avTov oi apxi^p^is 

ofhim, come to him the high-priesu 

Kai oi ypa/xfJLareis Kai ol irpeafivTepotf ^^ Kai 

and the scribes and the elders, and 

X€yov(riv avrcp' T.V rroicf e^ovaia ravra Troieis : 

they say tohim^ By what authority these thingsdoestthou.' 

Kai Tis <roi rrju e^ovaiav Tavr-qv fScoKePf ha 

and who to thee the auihoiity this gave, thaf 

ravra ir o irj s : ^^'O 8s Itjcous ^[_aiToupi9eis^ 

thesethingsthoumayestdo. The Itut Jesus [answering] 

tnrev avrois' ETrepwTTjcw v/xas *[^Kay(t}^ eva 

said to them: Iwillask you [also I] one 

Koyov Kai airocpidrjre /xoi, Kai 6pa> vfiiVy ev 

word; and answeryou to me, and Imilltell toyou, by 

ro:a €^ov(ri(f ravra iroica. ^ To /3o7rTt(r/to 

what authority these things I do. The dipping 

the 116-1:158 withered 
away from the Roots. 

21 And Petkk remem- 
bering, says to him, " Rab- 
bi, behold, the fig-tree 
which thou didst curse, is 
withered away." 

22 And Jesus answering 
says to them, " Have I'aith 
in God. . 

23 Tor indeed 1 say to 
}'ou, :j: That whoever should 
say to this MOUNTAIN, 'Be 
raised up, and thrown into 
the SEA ;' and should not 
doubt in his heart, but 
beUeve that * what he says 
is being done; he shall 
have it. 

24 For this reason I 
say to you, J All things 
whatever you *pray for, 
and desire, believe Thut 
you will receive, and you 
shall have them. 

2.5 J And when you staii " 
praying, forgive> if ou 
have any thing against any 
one; that also that ea- 
ther of yours u the 
heavens may forgive you 


26 tCButJiisoudon.t 
forgive, aeit; . r will thac 
father of yours in th. 
HEAVENS f .rgive your oi- 

27 t'^nd they came 
again to Jerusalem. And 
as he V.'as Wcillang about in 
the TEMPLB, the high- 
priksts, and the scribes, 
and the elders, cams to 

28 and *they said to 
him, " By What Authority 
doest thou these things ? 

* or who EMPOWERED thct 

to do them ?" 

29 And Jesus said to 
them, " I will ask you One 
Question; and if you an- 
swer me, I also will inform 
you by "What Authority 1 
do these things. 

• Vatican Manuscript. — 23. what he says is heing' don^; he shall have it. For this. 
24. pray for, and desire, believe you That you did receive, 28. thej said. 28. oi 

who. 29. answering- — omit. 29. also I — omiU 

t 26. This verse is wanting in Dr. Birch's collation of the Vat. MS., and is omitted by sev- 
eral MSS. and Versions. 

t 23. Matt. xvii. 20 ; xxi. 21: Luke xviu 6. 
riv 13; James i. 5. 6. t 25. Matt 

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t 24. Matt. vii. 7 ; Luke xi. 9 ; Joni 
vi. 14; Col. lii. 13. J 20. Matt, xviii. .H& 



*-^ ' ■■• ■ — 

loaavvov €^ ovpavou rjv, 7] e^ avQpwirwtf : airoK- 

ofJobo bom h«a*ea «a», or from meo ? aaswer 

pi&Tjre fioi. ^' Kat cXoyi^ovro vpos Iowtojj, 

you tome. And they reasoned amou; themselves, 

\eyovTes' Eay etirco/iey E| ovpavov, cpfr 

.eayiu^i If we «iiould sar; From beacen, hewiUsayj 

Atari ovv ovk eiriaTevaare avTw ; ^- AAA* tav 

Why tken not did you believe him; But if 

fiTTCjoiiev' E^ ayOpwircov ^cpoJiovvTa rov Xaov 

weshouidsay; From men; they feared the people; 

airavT€S yap eiy^ov rov luavv-qv, oti ovtchs 

all for held the John, that really 

irpo<p7}TT]s 71V. ^ Kat airoKpidfVTes \eyov(rt rw 

aprophet was. And aaswerin; thpy say to the 

Itjo-oi/. Ovk oidafiey. Kat 6 l7](rovs *[a7roK:pt- 

Je«us. Kot we know. And the Jesus [auswer- 

Oeiy] \67et auTOiS' Oude eyai A.67a» vfiiv^ ev 

in; he saya to them; Keither ( lay to you, by 

TToia e^ov(Tia ravra ttokd, 

what aathority these thing* I do. 

KE*. <3'. 12. 
* Kat tip^aro avTO s ev irapa$o\ais Xeyeiv 

And he began to tbein in parables to talk; 

A/nireXcvpa e^cpvTevarav avOpcoiroSy Kai irepied-qKe 

A vineyard planted a uian, and placed around 

<Ppay/j.ov, Kai wpv^ev viro\r]vioVy Kat ({}KoSofji.T]a€ 

a hedge, and dug a wine-vac, and built 

TTvpyov Kat f^fSoTO avTov yecapyois^ Kat aTreS??- 

a tower; and let out it to husbandmen and went 

fxace. ^ Kat aTretrretAe irpos tovs yecDpyovs Tcp 

abroad. And heaent to the hujibaudiuen in the 

Katpu) ZovXov, Ivatraparcovyfuipyoou Aot^S/? 

season a tlave, that from the husliamimen, he might receive 

OTTO Tov irapirov rov afxir i:\uivos, ^ Ot Se Ka^ov- 

of the fruit of the vineyard. Tliey birt takinj 

T6S awTOJ/, e^etpau, Kai anearfiXav k^vov, ^Kat 

hiDi, they flayed, and sent away empty. And 

iraXiv aTTfCTTeiKe irpos aurovs aWou SovKov 

again be sent to them another slave; 

KaKeivoy \ido0o\7)(rai/Tes eKccpaKaiccaau, Kai 

and this pelting with stone .hj; ivoiindeJ on the head, anil 

*[o7re(rTe<AavJ TjTipLWfievov. * Kat a\Aoj' 07re- 

[aentaway] ba'-ia; dishonored. And another be 

<7T€tAe* Kaiccivov aireKreivav Kai iroWovs 

jic\,i» they killed! and many 

rous fie: SepovTis, rovs Se uitoktcv- 

■om* inv^eed flaying, louie hut killing. 

^ Ext "^[ouv^ €ua vloy eX'*"'» ayaTrriTov 

[therefore] one soa having, beloved 

[Oiap. 12: 7. 

30 Was the ihhersioh 
of *JonN from Heaven, 
or froia Meat' Auswei 

81 And they reasoned 
among tliemselves, eayiiiir, 
"If we should say. From 
Heaven ; lie will say, Why 
then did you not believe 

82 But * should we say. 
From Men;" — they feaK d 
the PF.OPLK* for all main- 
tain tliat J JoHN was rt^ly 
a Prophet. 

83 And answering they 
say to Jissus, " We do not 
know." And Jesus savs 
to them, "UL-ither do C ii;ll 
you by "VSHiat Authority I 
do these things." 

1 J And he began to ad. 
dress them in Parables. 
• A Man planted a Vine- 
yard, and placed a Hedjie 
iboutit, and duga+Wine- 
vat, and built a Tower, and 
leased it to Cultivaioes. 
and left the country. 
3 And he sent a Servant 

to the CULTIVATOHS, at 

the SEASON, that he miprht 
receive from the cultiva - 
TOES of the *rEUIT3 of 

3 But *sei7.inghim, they 
beat Iliiii, and sent him 
away eiiiiity. 

4 And a'.'ain he sent to 
them another Servant; 
and *f)im they wounded 
in the liead, and disgrace- 
fully treated. 

5 And he sent Another, 
and l^im tluy killed; and. 
Many Otliers, beating 
* some, and killing * some. 

6 * Having yet One be- 
loved Son,he sen ^i'- last 
to them. Baying, " They 
will respect my .on ' 

7 But Those cultiva. 
TORS said among them* 

* Vatican Ma.nuscbipt.— -30. John. 3-2, should we say, 88. answering— 

omit, 2. FRUITS of. 4. h"tt they wounded in the head. 4. sent away — 

omit. 6. some. 5 some. 6. He had yet one Son, beloved; he sent. 

%. therefore — omit. 6. ofhimself— omi*. 6. also — omit, 

+ 1. See Note on Matt. xxi. 8-3. 

t 82. Matt, iii, 5 ; xiv. 5 : Mark vi. 2o. t 1. Matt. xxi. 88; Luke xziL9 ; Sm 

Isa. v 1—7. - 





*[avT0v,^ airttTTeiXe *[/fa:] avrov irpos a>/-rovs 

[of hiinftelf,] he sent [and] him to them 

tcrxaro*', Aeywy 'On ^vrpairriaourai, tov viov 

laat, aayingi That they wi. regard the aon 

pLOv. ^ E "etj/ot Se i yeapyoieirrov irpos eavrovs' 

otme. j.nose but tbe husbandmen said to themselves: 

Chap 12: 8.] 


{Chap. 12: 16. 

'Ot4 o'vtos ecrnv 6 K\r)povoixos' 5euT6, airoK- 

Tbat this it he heir; come, ne may 

teivxix^v avroVf leat rjixoou earai rj K\r)pouo/jiia. 

kiU hiu; and of us shal'. be the inheritance 

"* Kat Xa^oures av^ou, aireKTeivaUj Kai e^eBa- 

Ad(] having taken him, they killed, and cast 

Kov 6^a> TOW a/JLTreXccuos. ^ Ti *[oyj'] iroirjo'ei 

out of the vineyard. What [therefore] will do 

6 Kvpios rov afJLircXctivos ; E^ evcerai Kai oTroAe- 

;be lord of the vineyard? Hewillcome and destroy 

(T€t Tovs yewpyovs, Kai Sootrei top a/j-ireXvcva 

the husbandmen, and will give the vineyard 

aWois, ^^OvSe tyjv ypacprjv ravTtjV aveyyccre' 

toothers. Noteven the writing this baveyouread; 

" Aidov Of aireSoKifiaaou oi oiKohoixovvris^ ovtos 

•• A stone wLich rejected those building. this 

tytvrjOT] (IS Ke(pa\T)v yiavias' ^^ irapa Kvpiov 

was made into ahead of a comer. by a Lord 

tyev€TO avTT], Kai ecTi Oau/xaarT] iv o(pOa\ixais 

was done this, and iti* wonderful ^n eye* 

TjfiiDU ;" *^ Kot eCv^ovv avTov KpaT-qaaiy Kai 

of us?" And they sought him to seize, but 

e^oj87]07;(ra»' tov ox^ov iyvwcav yapy 6ri vpos 

they feared the crowd; they knew for, that to 

avTovs rrjy irapaBoKriv cine, Kot a(p(VT^s 

them the parable he spoke. And leaving 

avToVy aTTTjKOou. 

him, they went away. 

1^ Kot awocTTeWovcri Trpos avTov rivas twv 

And they send to him some of the 

^api(Tai(t}v Kai rcov 'Hpa>5iaj/aji/, ifa avr^v :ypev- 

Pharisees and of the Uerodians, that him they might 

Twari Koyo}. ^^ Oi 5e e\doyrK.5 Keyovaiv auTcp' 

;atch in word. They and having come they say to him: 

AiSacTKaAe, oiSa/xeVf 6ti a\T]6T]S ei, Kai ov 

U teacher, we know^ that true thouar':, and not 

fie\€i (Toi TTipi ovdevos' ov yap /SAeTreis eis 

caret thee about no one- not for thouluoke^t into 

TTpoaooTTOv audpcoirui'f a\\* eir' o\7j0etas rrjv 6^ov 

face of men, but in truth the way 

TOV 6eov SiSacTKeis' c^ecm Kurjcov 'Kaicrapi 

of the God thou teachest : is it lawful tribute to Cesar 

hovvaiy 1) ov ; Swficu, 77 firf Sw/mev ; ^"'O 

to give, or not? should we give, or not should we give? He 

8€ fiSws avTcsv TTjf vTTOKpicrtVf eiirev avrois' Tj 

but knowing >fthem the hypocrisy, said to them: 'hy 

fie treipaC^r ; <p(peT€ fioi drfvapiovy zVo i5a». 

me do yc/U tempt? bring you tome a denarius, that I may see. 

*^Ot 5e TfveyKau. Kai Xtyei avrois' Tiuos j] 

They and brought. Ai:d he says to them: Of whom the 

selves; 'This is th- heib; 
come, let us kill I 'ra, and 
tlie INHEEITANCE wiU be 

8 Then seizing him, they 
killed him, aud cast him 
outofth, vin-'Taed 

What will "^h3 lobd 
of the viNETAKD do? He 
will come and destroy 
those CULTIVATORS, ana 

giv the VINEYAKD t4) 


10 Have yon not even 
read this sckipture?^ 
I' A Stone which the 
BUILDERS rejected, has be- 
come *he Head of the 
Coiner ; 

11 this was performed 
hy Jehovah, and it is won- 
derful in our Eyes.' " 

12 t And they sought to 
a^vprehend Him, but they 
feared the CROWD; for 
they knew that lie had spo» 
ken the parable respect, 
ingthem; and leaving him, 
they went away. 

13 J Then they send to 
him some of the Phaei- 
sKES, andoftheHerodians, 
tliat they niiglit ensnare 
Himi" Conversation. 

14 And having come, 
THET say to him, "Teacher, 
we know that thou ait sin- 
cer:, and carest for no one; 
for thou lookest not to the 
Appearance of Men, but 
teachest the way of God 
in Truth. + Is it lawful to 
pay Tax to Cesar, or not ? 

15 Shonll we pay, or 
should we noC; pay f " But 
HE, knowing their htpoc- 
RisT, said to hem, " Why 
do you try Me? Bring 
me a Denaiius, that I may 
see it." 

16 And THEY brcught 
one. And he says to them, 

• ^.'ticanMamuscbipt.— 9. therefore — omit. 

t i-. The Jews, whose religious system was theocracy, were of opinion, that they could not, 
•onsistently with their alle^:ance to God their king, comply with pajing an acknowledgment 
of subordination to an earthly sovereign. Judas of Gahlee was the first who endeavored to 
persuade the Jews of the unlawfulness of paying tribute to a foreign potentate. See Jose- 
phtis Ant. xviii.l, an(? B. J. ii. 12. The primitive Christiana also helda eimilar opinion, and 
fondly thought, that their suhiection to Jesus Christ exempted them from all allegiance to 
the power of the magistrate. This idea is the proper clue to lead us to aright understandina 
of all those passages in the epistolary writings of the New Testament, which relate to oivtt 
jfovemment.— JTakefield. 

t 10 Fsa.cxviii.23. 
t IS. Matt xxii.l5; Luke xx. 20. 

t 12. Matt. xxi. 45, 40 ; Mark xi. 18; John vli. 85, 80^ ^ 

Vhapi 12: 17]' 


[Oiap. 12 J 26. 

ttKiaf ai/T77, Kai T\ eTnypa<pr] ; Ol Sc eiirov avTcp' 

likcnesa tbil, and the iDsrnptiun? They and said to him; 

KaiaapOi.- ^ Kat *[a7ro»fpj0eis] d Irjcrovs eiirev 

Oft'enar. And [answering] the Jesus said 

.*[auTO£s"] AttoSotc to Kai(rapos Kai(rapi, 

[to them ;] Give you back the things of Cesar to Cesar, 

Ktti ra Tov deoUf TCf decf. Kot eOavfiacrey 

and the things of the God, to the God. And they wondered 

€7r' avTCf. ^^ Kai cpxovrai ^aSSouKUioi irpos 

at him. And come Sadduceea to 

uvrov, oiTives \eyov<Tiv avaaracriy fx-q eiuai' 

him, whu say a resurrection not to be; 

Kai eTrrjpwTTjcrav avrov, KfyovT^S' ^^ AiSaa-KaAe, 

and they asked him, saying; O teacher, 

Mckcttjs eypa\l/ev tjixlv, " cri. eav tiuos aSi\(pos 

Moses wrote for us, "that if any brother 

airodavT}, Kai KaTaKnrr] yvuaiKa, Kai reKva fiT] 

should die, and should leave behind a wife, apd children not 

a<pr), Iva Ka^rj 6 a5e\(pos avTOv Trjv yvuai- 

should leave, that shouldtake the brother ofhim the wife 

Ka avTOU, Kai t^ava(TTr)(Trj (nrep/xa, Tcp a^eXcpcp 

ofhim, and should raise up seed, to the brother 

avTOv." '^'Eirra a5^X(poi 7}(rav' Kai 6 irpooTos 

of himself." Seven brothers were; and the first 

cKaBe yvvaiKa, Kai aTroQvy)(TK(i!V ovk a(p7]Ke 

took a wife,' and dying not left 

(nr(pfia. ^^ Kat 6 Sevrepos f\a$eu avri^v^ 

seed And the second took her, 

KOI aireOai/f, Kai ovSe avTos a(p7]K€ ciTepjxa' Kai 

and d-ed, and neither ir left seed: and 

6 rpiros uxraurcos. ^ liai *[€A.a/8o»' outtjj'] 

the third in like manner. And ['ook her^ 

oi «7rTa, Kat ovk a<p7]Kap aTrepina. Ecxarrj 

►He >>r.on, and not left seed. List 

iravTwu SLtredave Kai rj yvvi). -^ Ei/ t?) ^l^'^'J 

of all died Jso the woman. In the [therefore] 

ava(TTa(T€iy ^\_6rav auaaracn,'\ nvos aurcov 

resurrection, [when they shall rise,') of whom ofthem 

ecTTai 71/J/7] ; 01 yap ewra aaxov avrrju ywai- 

shall be a wife? the for seven had her a wife 

Ka. "■* Kai airoKpideii 6 l-qaovs enrev avrots' 

And answering ths Jesus aaid to them; 

On Sia rovro irAavarrde, nr) ei^ioifs ras ypa(pas, 

Not through this do you »rr, not knowuiz 'he writings, 

(ATjSe T-qv 8aua/xiU tov 6eov : •^'' 'Otui/ yap e/c 

o«uher tha power o'the God? When for out of 

veKpoiV avacTTwaiVy oure ya/jLOvaiu, ovre 

dead (ones) they may rise, neither tlsey marry, nor 

yafiKTKovTaiy oAA.' tiaiv ws ayyeKo^ iv rots 

are given in marriage, but aie «• Diesuengers in the 

ovpavois. '^'^ Ylepi Se toij/ yeKpwv^ on eyeipoi/- 

beavens. Conceruingbut the dead i <iiies,) that theyrise 

Taiy OVK aueyvccre fv tj] ^i&Ktp Mcii(r€a)S, CTrt 

not have you read in the book of Moses, at 

TOV fiarov us eirrev avrcp 6 06os, Ksywv 

the bush at said to him the God, saying ; 

*' T-yoi 6 6fos A^paafif Kai 6 deos l(TaaK, Kai 

I the God of, and the God oCUaac, and 

" Whose LIKENESS and IN- 
scKiPTioN is this ?*' And 
THEY said to him, "Ce- 

17 Ajid Jesus said,^ 
"Render the things of 
Cesar, to Cesar; and the 
THINGS of God, to God." 
And they * wondered at 

18 JThen the Sadducees, 
who say there is no Resur- 
rection, came to him, and 
asked him, saying, 

19 " Teacher, Moses 
wrote foms, 'That if one's 
'Brother should die, and 
' leave a Wife behind, and 
'leave no Children, that his 

bkothee should take his 

WIFE, and raise np Off- 

'spring for his bkother.* 

20 There were Seven 
Brothers ; and the First 
took a Wife, and dying, 
left no Child. 

21 And thesECOND took. 
her, and died, * leaving r/i 
Child; and the third in 
like manner. 

22 And the seven left 
no Offspring. Last of all 
the WJMAN also died. 

23 At the RESURREC- 
TION, Whose Wife will she 
be ofthem ? for the seven 
had her for a Wife." 

24 And Jesus answering 
said to them, " Do you not 
err through thi3, — not 
knowing the scriptures, 
nor the power of God ? 

25 For when they shall 
rise from the Dead, they 
will neither marry, nor be 
given in marriage-, thut 
lie as * those angels in 


26 But concerning the 
dead, that they will rise, 
have you not read in the 
liOOK of Moses, at the 
KisH, how God spoke to 
him, saying, J' I am the 
' God of Abiahaiii, and the 
*'God of Isaiic, aiid the 
*' God of Jacob •■* 

• Vatican M.VNU8CRIPT. — 17. answeriiifr — omit. 1". totl>ein — omit. 17. (greatly 

wondered at him. 21. leitving ni> Child, 22. took lier — omit. 23. therefore— 

».i,it 23 when they shall rise— o«iif. 25. those angels. 26. God. 26. Uud 

t IS. 5iatt. xxii. 23; Luke jls.27. 

i 25. I Cor XV 42, 49, 52. 

t 26 Exod ill i. 

Vhap. 12: 27.] 


ICIiap. 12: 35, 

i deos loucoj'jS/* ^^ Ow/c cfTTti/ o 0eos yeKpcev, 

the God €>f Jacob." Not is the God ofdeadjouea,) 

but of living (ones.) \uu [tkerefore], greatly err. 

^ Ktti irpoa-eKdoav (Is rwv ypafcfzaTewVy aKovffas 

Ajid apipreaebing one of the scribes, having heard 

auToou eFv^TjToutrrcay, eiScas on KaXas avrois 

thero disputing, kztovia^ that well tothetn 

air^KptOrf, eirrjpayrrja-ep axrrotr- Yloia forri vpwTy} 

lieaiRsnrered, asked him; Which is first 

vajj^ccv evToArj; 23 'q ^[Se] lr)(rovs aireKpidr) 

©fall eoimimandmeut; The faodj j€&uo Beplied 

avT<^- 'OTfjrpayrrj^l^Trajrrcap ei^oATj*} *'' Akov€ 

tohia; That first [ofaH coamiandiiieEti] " Heartliou 

larpariXy icvptos^ ^ 0€os vjjuev, Kvpias fls ferri' 

Israel, ailuoid, the God of us. Lord one i»* 

^ Kat aycLTTTiff^LS Kuptoy Tov 0eov (tov €| h\ri% 

aindl thou sbaJt love aiLocd tha God of thee out of whole 

TT/s Kapdtas cov, tcai e| &\r)s rris ^wx^* '''""j 

«/the heart o-fthee, and out of whole of the sou* efthee, 

Kcu e| oAtjs t7]s Siavoias trovy Kat 6| 6\rjs 

and oat of whole of the mind of thee, and mt o< whole 

TTjs *crx"os (rau.'* *[Aut7> TtpuTif cvtoAtj.J 

of the strength of thee." [This. irft conomandmest | 

^ Kaf Seurepa *[o^tajJ avrr}' " AyaTrrjtreJv 

And »e«OBd [like,] *hi*i Thoa.hai 'nve 

the neighbor oitheeas thyself."' Greater oithes* 

oAArj fWToATj ou/c cffTt. ^ *[Kcu J eivev avrc^ 

amolhes eonvmarsdment not is. [AndJ said tobtm 

b ypojULixaTeus' KaAajy^ SiScwrfcoAe^ eir' aAT/'detas 

th« aeriber Well, O teacher. ip truth 

€«ras, bn els €(FTty Kat ovk ((rrtP aWos ttAtjv 

thou.speak.e»t,tbat oaie he is, and ttot is another besides 

ourair ^ Kat to aryairav avrou e| ^Atjs tt^s , 

him: aisd the tolo»e him ntit o-' whole ritlie 

/copSitts, KOI ^i ohTis TTjs (TvvecTeaSy *[Kat e| 

lieart, and enit of whola of the uiulerstauding, £and orrt of 

oATjy T7JS ^|*ux7?s,] icax c| 6A77i itjs *(rxuos, 

whote of the sottl,"[; anA <Mit of whole < 'the- strength, 

Kai TO ayairav tov irXrjofiov &s kavrotr, TrAe iot» 

aad the to lo-ve the aeighbor as hicsel., more 

c^Tt Tcajrrav Totv oKoKavTca^aroev Kai &v<Tiajv. 

is. ofall of the whole burat offerittgs and sacritices. 

^ Kou o l7)0"ows, tScovauTov^ OTC poi/rexws aircK- 

And the- Jesus, seeing him, that discreetly ke an- 

pi&Tiy ej'nrei' aiyro}' Oi* fjuxKpav ft aira ttjs )8a- 

Not far thou art bom the kiug- 

Kcu auSeis ovk^tii iToX/iia. 

iLnd no one no Lou^ev presumed 

^ Koi aiTOKptdeis 6 It^ktous 

And ansmering the Jesus 

cXeye, StJouTftritfi' €»> t^ i'epoij* liars Aeyowtru* ot 

said.. teaching- in the temple: How say the- 

iswered, said to- him: 

criActas tow 6eov, 

dom ofthe God. 

axrrov drepayriitxat 

him to ask. 

27 He is not the * God 
of the dead, but of tlie 

! Living; *yoii do gi-eatlj 
! err." 

28 %kiA ©ne of the 
SCRIBES, having heaiti 
them dispntting, and per- 

?ceivingThai he had al)ly 
, answered them, asked liiiu, 
"Which is the Chief Com- 
mandment of ali ?" 

29 .TEstJsrenliedtohim, 
"The, first *is.— t'Hear- 
'ken, Israel; Jehovah our 
'God is one Jehovah; 

SO 'and thou shalt Ime 
'Jehovah thy God with Ali 
thv *Heart, and with All 
'tb^ *Soul, and with All 
'th;> * Mind, and with AIJ 

'thjf STRENGTH * 

%\ And the second, thiSy 

— t'Tliou shalt love thy 

'NKIGHBOB K,S thvselt? 

There is no Other Cora- 
man dmeut greater than 

§2 The SCRIBE said 'io 
him, " Of a truth, Teacner. 
tho& hast spokea well- 
for he is One, % and be. 
sides him there is noother j 

d3 and to i>ovb him 
with All tneuNDEasTAND- 
[NG, and wita All *he 

STRBlfGTH, and to LOVB 

one's HEiGHBoB. as ©ne'se 
self, tis*nbiinaantlymore 
than Allthe whole burnt 
OEiERiNGS aud ♦Sacri- 

?4 And JEStrsperceirrn* 
That he had answerea 
wisely, said to- him, "Thou 
aitiiot.lar#roni the king- 
dom of God." JAndna 
onepresxiTnecl to question 
him any fuither. 

g& J And Jes¥s said^ 
VLE, " "Why da the scribes 

• Vatican MANuscK-irT.— 27. God- 27. therefore — omit. 27. you. do greatly 

err, - 29. Ajid— ami*- 29. Comanarixlment.ofall— omiC. 29. is» 89(. Heart, 

30. Soul. 30. Mind, Sli. This the Fir.'^t Comraaiidment— omit. 31. like — 

mait. 32. Ami— ODit*. 33i- and with All the soui,— omit. 33. abundantly 

more. 33. Sacrifices. 

t 28. Matt.xxii-35. J 20.; Lukes. 27. X 31. lev.xix. 19% Matt. 

xxiJ.39; Rom.xiii.O? Gal.v.l4; James ii. 8. J 32. Deut.iv.39: Isa, xlv.6,14: 

•slvi. 9. t 3Sw ISara. XV. 22; Hoshea vLft: MLcah vUa— 8. ;( 34. Matt, xxiu 4& 

i 35. Malt. xxii. 41 ■,. L.uke xx. 41. 

Oiap. 12. 36 ] 


ypa/jLuarei^, 6ti ft Xpicrros vtos fffri AaviS ; 

•rribet, that the Anointed a son 1* of David? 

^Ac/Toy yap AaviS eiirev ev irvevixart ayicf 

H'mielf for David said by a spirit holy; 

" Aeyei 6 Kvpios rcfi Kvpitp ftov KaQov eK de^i- 

Saya the Lord to the Lord of me; Sit thou at right 

wv fiouy €0)5 au 00) Tovs ex^povs orov viroiroSiov 

of me. till I DLiyplace the eneuiiei of thee a footstool 

Twif TToScov aov." ^7 Autos ouv Aavtd \iyei 

of the feet of thee." Himself therefore David calls 

auToy Kvpiow Kai iroQev vtos avrov fcm ; Kai 

him Lord; and whence a son of him is he 7 And 

6 iroXvs ox^os TjKoveu auTov i^decus, ^ 

the great crowd beard him gladly. And 

t\eyey *[auTois3 ev rr) Si^axj) auTov BA-CTrere 

he said fto tlieui] in the teacuing of himself; Bewareyou 

OTTO Twv ypa/xfiaTeajVy tuiv deXovTuju ey aroAais 

ot the scribes, thoi>e desiring In long robes 

irepitraTetUf Kai aTiraa/jLOVs ey Tais ayopais, 

to walkabout, and salutationk in the markets, 

*^ Kai irpwTOKadeSpias fV rais (TvvayovyaiSy Kai 

and first ••'its in the Byn.i|;ogues, and 

irpu}TOK\i(rias evTois Senruois' ^'^ol KaiecrOtovaey 

upper couches at the feasts: those devouring 

ray oiKias rav x'^P^v^ Kai Trpocpaatt /xaKpairpocr- 

th» "kouses of the willows. snd for a 'how 'ong are 

fvx.oiuLeyor o'vroi Kr)^ovTai ireoicrTorepov Kpi/j-a. 

ocsyinsi 'hrse win receive heavier judgment 

*' Kai KaQiaas *\_ii t-qaovs \ KarevauTi rov 

And sitting ['^^ Jesusl over against the 

ya^o(pv\aKioVy fOewpei irucs 6 ©xAoy /SaXAet 

treasury, b» o»l'e d how the crowd casts 

\a>'Koy €15 TO yai^o(pv\aKiov. Kai iroWoi 

coj^per into the treasury. And siany 

•ir\ou<riot €^a\\oy iroWa. ^ Kai eKdovira fiia 

rich cast much. And coming one 

XVpa TTTOJX'Jj ej8a\6 Ktina Svo, 6 eart Kod- 

» dow poor, cast m.les two, which is a 

pavT-qs. ^ Ko£ irpoaKaXicrafieyos tovs jxaOrjras 

larthing. And hsv>nr called the disciples 

avToVy ciTTfu avTois' Afxrjy \eyca vfiiy, 6rt t] 

of himself, he said tothem) InJeed I say to you. that thf 

XVP<^ o6t72 7} TTTUixV 'TA.eto;' iravrwy ^€^\tjk6 

widow this the poor more of all has cast 

Tccv PaKouTuy fis to ya^o<pvXaKiov, '*^ Hav- 

of those casting into the treasury. AU 

T€S yap CK Tou irepi(r(r€vovTos avTois ffiaXov 

for oat of the abounding fulness to them havecast; 

nuTTj Se €/c TTjy viTTepriaecas a&TTjy irauTa baa 

this buLout of the poverty of herself all aamuchas 

€tX€j' f^a\fv, oKov Toy $ioy avTr}S. 

the had cast, whole the living of herselt. ' 

piap. 12: 4* 

say, That the Messiah is 
a Son of David ?< 

36 For David himself 
said, by the Holy Spirit, 
tt' Jehovah said to my 
'LoKD, Sit thou at my 
'Right hand, till I put 
' thine enemies under* 
' neath thy eeet.' 

37 David himself, there* 
fore, calls him Lord, and 
how then is he * His Son ?* 
And the great Crowd 
heard him with pleasure. 

88 And he said in his 
TEACHING, J "Beware of 

those SCEIBES who DE- 
SIRE to walk about in 
tLong robes, and J love 
Salutations in the mar- 

89 and the Principal 
seats in tne synagogues, 
and the Upper couch at 

EEASl S ; 

40 1 those PLUNDERIN8 

Hiid for a Show make long 
Prayers ; these will receive 
a Heavier Judgment." 

41 t And sitting opposite 
to the TREASURY, he be- 
lield how the crowd cast 
Money into J the teeas- 
ury; and Many Rich men 
cast in much. 

42 And a poor Widow 
approaching, cast in two 
Lepta, that is, a fFarthing. 

43 And having called to 
him his disciples, he said 
to them, "Indeed I say to 
you, t That this voor wid- 
ow has cast in more than 

All of THOSE CASTING into 

44 for they All cast in 
out of their superfluity, 
but SHE out of her pov- 
erty cast in all that she 
had, — her "Whole living." 

• Vatican Manuscbipt. — 37. His Son. 

88. to them— omt't. 

41. Jesus — omit. 

+36. In the original (Psa. ex.! ) it is Jehovah. But the Evangelist has adopted the version 
of the LXX, who, I suppose, could not venture to translate that word wliich every .Tew re- 
garded with the profoundest reverence, and could not pronounce it without danger of for- 
feitinff his claim to a future state.— JraAe/cW. t 38. The »tolee was an Oriental 

parraent descending to the aides, and worn by persons of distinction, as King's, Priests and 
honorablepersons, and were affected by the Jurists ot the Pharisaical sect. — BloomfieJd, 
t 42. Orratherthree-fourthsof a farthing, or four mills. A kndranteea (Lat.quadrans.) was 
a Roman copper coin, eauivalent to the fourth part of an assarwn, or two Lepta, 

t 36. Psa, CI. 1. 
Matt, xxiii. 14. 

J 88, Matt, xxiii. I; Lnkp xx. 46. t 88. Luke xt. «. t 48 

J il. Luke xxi. 1. t 41. 3 Kings xiL g. t 43. 3 Cor. nil. 1/ 

Chap. 13: 1.] 


[Chap. 13: 8- 

KE*. ly', 13. 
' Kat ^ fKTropevofieuov avTOV €K rov Upou^ 

And departing of him oat of the temple, 

Acyet avT(p eh twv fj.aQ'qrwv avTov AiSarrKaAe^ 

»ay» to him one of the disciple* of him; O teacher, 

tSe, iroTairot \idoi Kai TToratrot oiKoSofxai. 

see, what stones and what buildings. 

* Kat 6 Irjcrovs ^[^aTroKpideis^ ciinv avTcp' 

And the Jesus [answering] said to him; 

BA.€7r€is ravTas ras (i€ya\as oiKoSofias : ov fir) 

Seest thou these the great buildings? not not 

aTr(pe\r} \i6os eirt \i6cc, 65 ov fx-q KaTaXvdrj. 

may be left astone npon astone, which Dotnotmaybetbrowndown. 

^ Kot Kv6r]ixepov avov eis ro opus rwv tXaiccv^ 

And sitting of him on tl:e mountain of the olive trees, 

KareuavTi rou Upov^ eir.tparuv avrou kut' iSiav 

over agamst the temple, asked him privately 

TlerpoSy Kai luKco^os, Kai luavvrjSt Kat AvSpeaS' 

Peter, and James, and John, and Andrew { 

^ Ejttc VfjLiVy TTore ravra ecrraty Kai ti to 

Say tons, when these things ahaU be, and what the 

ar)/j.eioUy brav fieXXrj iravTa r vtu cvvTikfKT- 

•ign, when are about all tb let. 3e» to be ended? 

6ai, ^'O Se Ir^aovs *[[a7ro/fpj0e:s avTotSy^ rip^aro 

The and Jesua [answering - em,] began 

\eyiiv BAeTrere p.r\ Ttj ifxas irXavnar}. 

to s.iy ; Take heed not scy one f oa may deceivr 

^ UoWoi *[7ap3 €\€V(TouTai '^t' (povofiari fxov, 

Many [for] shall come D the name of me, 

?ifyovT€S' 'Oti €70) ei/'f Kat voWovs vXavr]- 

iaymg; That 1 am: and many they will 

' ov(Tiv. ^ 'Orap Se aKOvrrrjre voKe/Ufvs Kat 

deceive. When and ye all hear wars and 

aKoas vo\e/j.uPy firj BpoeitrBe* Sei *£7opl 

teporta of wars, not bedisturbeoi it behoves [forj 

yzvi^a&ai' aW^ ovitca to Te\os. ^EyepdrjfreTat 

to take place; but not yet the end. Shall b raised up 

yap fdvos eiri edpoSy Kat ^atrtheia eirt, ^aai- 

for nation against nation, and kingdom against king- 

^lav *[/coi] eaopTtti (reKTfxot Kara tottovs, 

dom; [and] shall be earthquakes in places, 

*[/fot] ecroprai \iiu.oi *[Kot rapaxat-'] A.pxat 

I and] shall be famines (and commotions.) Beginnings 


1 t And as he was goina 
out of the TEMPLE, one ol 
his DISCIPLES says to him, 
" Teaclier, see ; t What 
Stones ! and "Wliat Build- 
ings !" 

2 And Jesus said to 
him, "Seest thon These 
GREAT Buildings? J there 
shall not be *left here a 
Stone upon a Stone; tall 
will be overthrown.** 

8 And ad he waa eittin; 
on t the MOCK..' of OLi\>"i» 
opposite the temple, Pe- 
ter, and James, and Johr:, 
and Andrew asked him 

4 " Tell ns, when these 
things will be ?" and 
"What will fc the sign 
when all these ihmts ar* 
aboutlobe acromplisbedf 

6 And Jesus oegan X4t 
* say to them, t" Beware 
tha. po one f'eceive You. 

6 Many will come iu my 
"NAME, saying, 'X am bt; 
an' wiij deceive Maoy. 

7 .And when y^'u dbaU 
hea: o; CJonflictsi and Re- 
ooit* o Battles, he not 
alarmed J ibr these things 
I1.US' occur* but the e»d 
ig not yet. 

8 For Nation will rise 
against Nation, and King, 
dom against Kingdom ; 
there will be Earthquakes 
in various places, and there 
will be Famines ; these are 
the *Beginimig3 of Sor- 

* VaticamManuscbipt.— 2. arswerin^— omtf, 2. le.t here. 6. answerini? 

them — omit. 5. say to them, "Beware." 6. for — omit, 7. tor — omtt. 

i. and— omit, 8. and — omit, & and commotions — omit, 8. aBeginiun^of. 

+ 1. Josephus says that the stones with which Herod built the temple, were "of a white 
and firm substance," and that "every one of them was about twenty-five cubits in length, 
eight in heighth, and twelve in breadth." A cubit was nearly twenty-two inches of our 
measure. t 2. How exactly this prediction wasfulfilled may be known from Josephus. 

— Mesavs, Casar ordered the soldiers to d'g up the whole city and the temple; bu* to leave 
three of the highest turrets standing; and a part of the wall, as a security to the garrison. 
But they so entirely dug up andlevelled all the rest of the city, that none who saw it, would 
ehinK It to have ever been inhabited." Eleazar, in his animated speech to his countrvmen, 
thus exclaims: "'Whereis that great city, the metropolis of the Jewish people, defended by 
«uch walls and such mighty towers ? Where is that city, which was thought tobe inhabited 
by God ? It is torn up from its foundations; and the only memorial that remains otlt, is 
the camp ofits destroyers, which is stationed in the ruins." It is also related in theTaanith 
ofJlaimonides, that accordingtoEoman custom, thevery foundations of the temple were 
dug up, ano that T. Eufus, a Roman commander, carriedaploughoverthem. t d. From 

this spot the whole of Jerusalem was spread before the eye; and its situation, lorm, build* 
ings, ooundaries, and diflierent parts, distinctly and individually seen; more 'especial} 
Mount ii-oriah and Solomon's Temple, together with its spacious area. 

t i. . -cu,. rr .v. 1 ; Luke xxi. 5. X ^' Luke xiz. H. ^6. Jer. xxix. 8, 

aiap. 13: 9.] 


tadivwi ravra. ^ BXcrrere Se vfieis eavTuvs' 

of sorrow! these. TaLe heed but you yoursi'Uei: 

irapadcixTovcn *[7c:p] vfxas eis tri/veSpja, Kai fis 

they will deliver up [for] you to sauhedrims, and Into 

auyayaiyas Saprjcrea-de, Kai eiri ijye/uovoju Kai 

synagogues you will he beaten, and before governors and 

^a(Ti\e(i}y <TTadr](T€(r6e^ kvtKev ffxov, fis /xapTvpiov 

kings you will stand, on account of me, for a testimony 

avTots. ^^ Kat eis iravra to edvrj Set, 

to them. And among all the nations it behoves. 

vpwToi/ KTjpi'xflrjj'ai to ivayyeXiof. ^' 'Oray Se 

first to be published the glad tidings. When but 

ayuaiv v/xas TrapaSiSoyres, fir) Trpofx^ptfxvaTe 

they may lead you delivering up, not be anxious beforehand 

Tt A.aA7j«r6T6, *[|U77Se ytteAeTaTe*] oAA.' 6 fau 

whatyou should speak, '^nor be concerned;] but wka^^ver 

SoOt] vfiiv eu eKeivT) ttj upa, rovro \a\eirt;' 

may be given to you in that the hour, this speak' you; 

ov yap 6crT€ vfjLCis oi XaKovyns, aWa to irvevixa 

not for are you the speaking, but the spint 

TO ayiov. ^' Ylapa5oo(Tei 5e aSeAc^os a^eA(J>ov 

the holy. Mill deliver up and a brother abro'.he' 

€is Oavaroy, Kai irarrjp reKvoy Kai etrayaarv,- 

to death, and father a child; and they shall 

aoyrai reKya eiri yoyeis, Kai Bavarcacrovcrw 

rise up children against parents, and deliver to death 

avTovs. ^^Kai eceTde fx.icrovfj.^yoi viro Trayruy, 

them. .\nd j-ou will be being hated by all, 

Sia TO ovofj-a fxov. 'O ^evirofxnyas (iSTe\05, 

through the name of me. He but persevering to end, 

ovTos (ra>dr}a€Tat. ^"^ 'OTay 5e idrjTe to ^5e- 

this will be saved. When but you may see the abomi- 

\vy/j.a T7JS eprj/xwaecas eaTws bnov ov Set* (c- 

nation of the desolation having stood where notitought; ^he 

avayiywcTKuy yoeiTw) totc o'l ey -•j; 'lovSaia, 

reading let him think; ) then those in the Judea, 

(p^vy^Tcoaay eis Ta oprj' -^ 6 *[Se] eiri rjv 

let them fee to the mountains; he [and] on th , 

5tt»/uaTo$, fir} KaTcv^aTco *[ety Tr]v oiKiay,^ f^V^^ 

roof, not let bim go down [into the house,] nor 

eiceA^cTw, apai Tt ck ttjs oiKias avTov 

enter, to takeany thingout of the house ofhimcelf; 

^^ Kai 6 €is TQv aypoy cav, fxr) ema-Tpfiparw cts 

and he in the field being, not let him turn ia:co 

Ta OTTKTO}, apai to ifiaTioy avTov. ^'Ouat.5f 

the back, to take the mantle of him. AVoe 6iit 

Tats ey yacrrpi exovcrais Kai Tais 6r}\a^ovaa-is 

to the in womb having and to the giving suci 

sv fKciyais rais rjfiepais. ^^'n.pocrevxe(r6€ 6e, 

in those the days. Pray you but. 

lya fir] yevrjTai r] (pvKrj iificoy x^^f^^^os. 

that not maybe the flight of you ofwintp- 

* Vatica.1 JIa.n'uscbipt. — 9. for — omit, 
— omit. 15. into the bouss — omit. 

iOiap. 13: 18. 

9 But J take heed to 
Yourselves. They will de- 
liver you up to High Coun- 
cils and to Synagogues; 
and you will 'be beaten, 
and will stand before Gov- 
ernors and Kings on my 
account, for a Testimony 
to them. 

10 J And the glad ti- 
Di>'Gs must tirst be pub- 
lished among All the na- 

1 1 J But when they con- 
duct you to deliver you up, 
be not an.xious beforehand 
what you should speak ; 
but whatever may be given 
you in That houk, tijis 
speak; for it is not you 
who will SPEAK, but the 


12 And t Brother will 
deliver up Brother to 
Death, and a Father his 
Child; and Children will 
rise up against Parents, 
and cause them to die. 

13 J And you will be 
hated by all on account of 
my NAME; but HE, who 


the Ena, he will be saved. 

14 X Buc when you shall 


where it ought not" — 
fEEADEE, attend !) — "then 
let THOSE in Judea escapp 

to the MOUNTAINS; 

1.5 tletnotiini who is 
on the Eoor descend, nor 
enter his house, to take 
Anything out of it •, 

16 and let not him who 
is in the field retmn 
BACK to take his mantle. 

17 tBut alas for the 


WOMEN in Those days ! 

18 But pray that *it 
may not be in Winter ; 

15. and 

11. nor bo otmcerued — omit. 
18. it may not be. 

t 15. The peculiar construction of Eastern houses is here referred to. They were all of 
the same heighth, so that a person could walk at the top of a range of buildings, without 
inconvenience, from one end to the other. In Palestine *i:sf are still built on this plan. A 
staircase is carried on the outside from the top of the hous^e'to the bottom. The injunction 
in this verse is delivered in a figure, expressive of great eagerness and expedition ; so th:it 
if a man was walking on the. roof, he was directed to go straight forwards, till he got out ol 
the city ; and not to delay even to go down into the house io *ake the most necessary articles 
of food and raiment for his flight. 

t 9. Matt. X. 17, 18 ; xxiv. 9 ; Rev. ii. 10. t 10. Luke xxiv. 14. +11. Matt, x, 

19; Lukexii. 11: xxi.l4. t 12. Matt. x. 21; xiiv. 10; Luke xxi. 16. t 13. Matti 

e.- Lukexsi.l" 1 14. Dan ix. i"; Matt xxiv 12\ Luk* xxi. 20. J 17. Luke xxiii. 'iU 


Oiap. 13: 19.] 


lOiap. 13. 2S. 

^Ecroj'Tat yap at rjfiepai €K€Luai 6\iipis, ola 

Shall be for the dajs those affliction, »uch as 

ov yfyove Toiavrr] a-r' apxvs KTKTfwSt rjs 

not has been so great from a be^'iniiing of creatiou, which 

€KTL(Tey 6 6eos, ecos rov vuv, /cat ov /xt] yevrjTai. 

created the God, till the ucw, and not not maybe. 

^ Kai €1 /J.T] Kvpios eKoXoPcticre ras rj/JLepas^ ovK 

And if n<t a Lord shortened the days, not 

au ecwdr] vaaa aap^' aWa 5ia tovs e/c- 

• hould be saved all flesh; but on account of the cho- 

\sKTovs, ovs 6|6\e|aT0, eKoXo^wcre rasrjfxcpas. 

gen (ones,) whom he has chosen, he has shortened the days. 

21 Kat TOTg eay ris v/xlu ciivt)' l5ou, cwSe 6 

And then if any one to you should say ; Lo, here the 

Xpio-Tos' Tj' iSou, 6/cet* fiT] TTio-Teuere. ^Eyep- 

Anointed; or; Lo, here; not believe you. Shall 

drjcropTat yap \pev5oxp^<^Toi Kai ypevSoirpo<pr}Tai, 

be raised for false anointed ones and false prophets 

Kai Swcrovai (T7]fj.eia Kai repara, irpos ro otto- 

and shall give sijns and wonders, to the to de- 

irXavc^v, ei Suj'aTO*', *[/cai] tovs fK\(KTovs. 

ceive, if poi^sihle, [even] the chosen. 

'^'T/iieis Se /SAeTrere* *[t5ov,] irpoeipj^Ka vfxiv 

You but take heed; [10|] I have foretold to you 

vavra. "* A\\' €U cKeivais Tais ripL^pais, fiera 

all. But in those the days, after 

Trjy 6\i\piu ^Keivrjv, 6 tjXus CTKOTicrOTicreTai, 

the affliction that, the sun shall be darkened, 

Kai 7] creXrivr] ov Scoaei TO(p€yyos auTTjs' 

and the moon not shall give the light of herself; 

'^ Kai 01 acTTcpos tov ovpavov eaourai ^Kirnrrov- 

and the stars of the heaven shall be fal- 

T6S, Kai at dwa/xeis, ai cv tois ovpapois, 

ling, and the powers, those in the heavens, 

craXevdrjaouTai. ^^ Kai totc oxj/oprai top viov 

shall be shaken. And then they shall see the sou 

TOV aydpwnov epxa/nepov eu vecpeXais^ fiera 

ofthe man coming on clouds, with 

Svpa/iKus TroW7)s Kai 8o^r]s. '' Kat Tore awocr- 

power much and glory. And then he will 

T€\€i TOVS ayyeXovs avrov, Kai eTTKrvva^eiTOus 

send the messengers of himself, and he will gather the 

ck\€Ktovs avrov eK toov reaaapoov apeficov, 

ehosen (ones) of himself from the four winds, 

aTr' ttKpov y7]s ioos aKpov ovpavov. ^ Atto 

from an extremity of earth to an extremity of heaven. From 

§6 rrjs cruKTjs /jLaOere rrjv irapa^oXTjv brav 

but the fig-tree learn you the parable; when 

ouTTjy ijStj 6 K\aSos airaXos yev7]Tai, Kai 

of her now the branch tender may become, and 

€K(f)vr] TO (pvWa, yiPwaKSTe, dri eyyvs to 

may put forth the leaves, you know, that near the 

19 for in those day3 
will be Distress, J such aa 
has not been from tlie Be- 
s^inning of the Creation, 
which God created, till 
NOW, nor ever will be. 

20 And except the Lord 
cut short the days, jSo 
Person could survive ; but 
on account ofthe chosen, 
whom he has selected, he 
has cut short the days. 

21 And then if any one 
should say to you, 'Behold, 
the Mkssiah is here!' or 
' Behold, — ^there I' believe 
it not; 

23 because False Mcs- 
siaiis and I'alse Prophets 
will arise, and e.xhibit 
Signs anu Wonders, to dk. 
CEIVE, if possible, the cho- 

23 X But be gou on your 
sruard ; I have forewarned 

24 X But in Those days, 
after that aefliction, the 
tthe SUN will be obscured, 
and the moon will with- 
hold her LIGHT, 

25 and * the STARS w^ill 
fall out of HEA\EN, and 
those powers in the 
HEAVENS will be shaken. 

26 t And then they will 
see the son of man coming 
in Clouds, with great Pow- 
er and Glory. 

27 And then he will send 
forth *the messengers, 
and assemble his chosen 
from the four Winds, from 
the Extremity of Earth to 
the utmost bound of Hea- 

28 Now learn a parable 
from the FIG-TREE, When 
its BRANCH now bccomcs 
tender, and puts forth 
LEAVES, * it is known That 
SUMMER is near. 

• Vaticam Manuscript. — 22. even — omit. 23. lo — omi*. 

fall out of HEAVEN, and those powers. 27. the messengers. 

25. the STARS will 
28. it is known That. 

t 24. In Isaiah xiii. 9, 10, 13, when the destruction of Babylon is threatened, it is thus ex- 
pressed, "the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light ; the 
Bun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to sliiiie. I 
will shake the heavens, &c." And the reader may find the same eastern manner of speaking 
in the following places of scripture:— Job XXX. 28; Eccl. xii. 1.. 2; Isa.xxiv. 23; xxxiv.4; \x. 
20; 23; XV. 9; Ezek.xxxii. 7, 8; Dan. viii.lO; Joel it. 10, 30, 31 ; iii. 15; Amos v. 20; 
viii. 9 i 2 Pet. iii. 10, 12 ; Rev. vi, 12—14. 

t 19. Dan. xii. 1 ; Matt. xxiv.21. t 23. 2 Pet. iii. 17- t 24. Matt.xxiv.29; Luke 

xxi.25. t 26. Dan. vii. 13, 14; Matt. xxvi. 64 ; Markxiv.62; Rev.i.y. 

Chap. 13: 29.1 


[C7*ap. 14: 3. 

Cepos etrriv^ '-^Outco Kai vjxfis^ dray ravra 

■ummer it. Se &!■• y»u, when Iheoethiugs 

45rjTe yivajxera^ yivwaK^Ti^ on tyyvs ^frriv 

youmayseeeomingtopats, kiiowyou, itkat near <hei« 

€7rt Oupais. **" AjLtTjy A.e7« i'M'*''* ot< ow jtiij 

At 4o«rK. IiidAsd I «ay to j'ou, tbat not oat 

irapeXdj] ^ 'ytyca hwttj, fiexP^^ ow Tavra 

caay ^a46 away tlMr generation this, till «fwhoi]a ^1 

■ravTCL y^PT^Tau ^'*0 ovpavos kcu tj 77J irape- 

these may be dune Tbe heaven And (theearth «tuiU 

AeiftreTat' oi Se \07a1 /now ow jutj irapfAOaxru 

I>ai>t awayj th.e >l>ut words of iu« not not maf paUJinajr, 

^- riep* Se rrit Tjfifpas eKetprjs t} rrjs Mpas 

Coaeerning but itUe day that or the liuur 

ovSexf K>i8€t>, ovde ol ayy€\oi, 01 ev ovpavcf), 

•uo ooe iiBOwfi, uox the iueii«<eug£r8t, thoee in heai'en, 

owSe ^ fios, 61 /U7f 6 iraT7)p. ^BAeTrere, a7-; 

•nor the •on, i{ not. the father. Take heed, watch 

fvrryetTe *[«« vpaffevx^o^B^'J ovk ciSare yap^ 

you [and pray you;] not youkuow fur 

uroTc 6 Kaipoi eariv. ^* 'Os avdpwrros avo^r]- 

nhen the «ea*on j&. A« Kuan £oiB>; 

fLos a(peis Ti)v oiKtay avTov, km Sous tols 

abroad Jeuiug the liouae ofnimsel^ and having givento tlie 

SouKois auTov TTjv €^ov(TiaVf "^l^Kai^ €KaTrco 

slave* ofhiuiself the authority, [and] to eacb one 

-T» epyov auTov Kai t^j Bvpoopc^ fuereiKaro iva 

the work «f himself And to th« (>urLer hecouiiiianded that 

yp-qyoprj. ^ TpriyopfiTe ow ovtc oiSare yap, 

ibe shuuld watch. Wateb yoa tbere£sre; not you knoir foZf 

•noT^ 6 Kvpios TTjf oiKtas epx^'^oj.^ o^/f, t? 

«rhen the iord ofthe house comes, even 


Iteo'oi'w/cTtou, If a\eicTopo(pa)vaiSf ij Trpcci 

tniduight, •or cuck-crowing, or morMing: les 

e\da}y f^at<ppcu5^ «i^P]? v/xas Kadevdovras 

coining suddenly, be may find you sleeping. 

■^'''A Se vfxiy Aeyco, iracrt Keyw rprjyopeire. 

What Andto you 1 say, to all I say : Watchyou. 

KE*. aS'\ 14. 
^ Hr Se TO JTOtrxa f^ai ra a^vfiat ftera Suo 

M'aa now the {jauover and the «Lnleaveuedcak«a after two 

Tjfiepas' Kai c^tjtov*' ol apxi-^pm *cai ol ypafx- 

daya: and sought the high-oriesta and the acribes. 

/iOT6ts, ira>j avToy ev 8o\y icpaTTjo'aj'Tes airoK- 

how him by deceit seiziug they 

i^iwaip. ^ E\e70V Se* M-^ *v tj; 4opTT?, 

snightkUL Thej'caid biU^ I<ot in the feast, 

fLTjiTore 6opv$os ^crrai tow Aaow. 

leat •tumult a hall be of the people. , 

* Kcu ovTOi avTov ey B-qOavia, ^y T?y oiKia 

And being ofhim ia £ethan/ in the huute 

'Si/uLwvos Tov Keirpav^ KaTaKeifxeyou awrow, rj\6€ 

ofSimoB the leper, recliiung ofhim, came 

29 Thus also, when iiou 
sliall see these .things tran- 
spiring, know Tliat lie is 
near at the Doors, 

30 Indeed, I say to you, 
That this genkkatioj. 
■nill not pass away, till All 
tlu'se things l)e acconi- 

31 The HEA.VKN and 
EARTH will fail; Jjul J my 
WORDS cannot faiL 

83 But concerning that 
DAY, *or nouK, knows no 
man ; not icvea an Angel 
ia Heaven, nor the sok, 
but the j'ATiiKR. 

35 X Take Jieed, watch ; 
for you know not when the 


34 t As a Man going 
abroad, leaving his, 
and having given the au- 
thor] tt to his SERVANTS, 
to«ach his work, he also 
commanded the pobtek to 

85 Watch, therefore; for 
you know mit when the 


comes; *\vhethprat Even- 
ing, or at Midnight, or at 
Cock -crowing, or in the 

36 1 c st comiTigunexpect- 
edly he should find you 

I 37 And what I say to 
yau, I say to all. Watch." 


1 J Now after Tw« Days 
was the fAssovEH and 
the feast of unleavenei, 
BREAD; and the Hicii- 


sought him howthey might 
take him by Deception, 
and kill liim, 

2 * For they «aid, "Not 
during theFEAST.lesttheri; 
should he a Tumult of thf 


3 X -A^nd he being ai 
Bethany, in the house o.' 
Siniou the i.eper, while ho 
was reclining at table, « 

• Vaticaw Manuacxipt. — S2. or hour kuows no man; not «ven aa Ai^el in Heaven 
33. and pray — omit. 34. and— o/ait. S5. whether ai Evening. 2. For thej 


t 81. fsa k1. 8. t S3. Matt. xxiv. 42; xxv. IS; Luke xii.40; xxi.31 ; Eom. xiii. 11: 

I Tliess. v.a. J 34. Matt.>>;iv. 4r-: xvcv.l4. t 1. Matt. xxvi. 2; Lnkexxii. 1: 

iojtinxi.55; xiii. 1. J 3. JilaU. JULVutJi stoiiuiii.1,3; See Luke vii.37. 

Chap. U: 4.] 


[amp. 14: 12. 

yvvt] f^^vaa a\a^a<TTpov /xvpov, vapSov 

a wouian having an alabiuler box of balsam, of spikeaard 

TTLartK-qs TroXvTeXovs' ^[_Kai'\ crvuTpixpaaa to 

genuine vei-y cosily: [and] bi-eaking the 

pLha^acrrpoVy Kar^x^^v avTov Kara rrjs Ke(pa\rjs. 

alabaster box, the poured of it down on the bead. 

* Haau Se rives ayavaKTOvvres Trpos eavrovs, 

Were and some being angry to themselves, 

^[^Kai Xiyoyres'l "Eis ri 7) aironXeia avTt} rou 

[and laying;] lor what the loss this ofthe 

(ivpov yeyovfu ; ^ }\^vvaro yap rovro to fivpov 

baUam has been made? Could for this the balsam 

vpadrjvai CTravo) TpiaKoaiuv SrjvapiwUy Kai 

to be sold more three hundred denarii, and 

oodrjvai Tois irrcuxots. Kai eve^ptficavro avrr). 

to be given to the poor. And they censured her. 

^ 'O Se l7j(rous inrew A(peTe avTTjV ri avTrj 

The but Jesus said; Let alone her^ why to her 

KOTTovs Trape^fTe; KaXou epyov eipyacraro eu 

troubles presentyou? good awork she has wrought in 

e/xoi. 'Hat/rore yap tovs tttwxovs ^x^tc /i60' 

me. Always for the poor you have with 

eavTwv, Kaiy 6rau deXjjre, SwatrOe avTovs fv 

yourselves, and, when you will, you can them good 

voirjcrai' €/xe 5e ov Travrore ex^Te. "^'O e(rx'6i/ 

to do i me but not always you have. l"3» oaving 

avT7]y CTroir]>T€' irpoeXa^e /xvpicrai uov r>i o'v/xa 

this, she has done; beforehand to anoint qfme the boily 

fis Tov eurafpiaa/j.ov. ^ Afx-qy Ae^o) ii/xiv, dvov 

lor the burial. Indeed I say to you, wherever 

au KTjpvxG'P TO evayyeXiov tovto €is oKov tov 

may be published the glad tidings this in whole the 

KiXTjxov, Kai 6 eironjcreu outtj AaXTj^TjcreTai, eis 

world, also what she did this shall be spoken, for 

(jLPr)fxo(Tvvou avTr}s. 

a memorial of her. 

^° Kai 6 loudas 6 laKapiaiTTjs 

the Judas the Iscariot, 

oTTTjAfle trpos tovs apx^epeiSy 

went to the high-priests, 

avrov avTois' ^^ Oi Se aKOvcTavres 

he might deliver up him to them: They and lieanng 

€xctpTj(rav Kai eirr]yyei\avTo avTCf apyvpiov 

were glad; and promised him silver 

bovvai. Hai e^TjTei, ttcos evKaipcas avrov 

to give. And he sought, how conveniently him 

irapaSo). ^^ Kat rj} Trpcvrrj rjixepa rwv 

be might deliver up. And the first day ofthe 

a^vfxwv, ore ro iracrxO' edvov, \eyov- 

unieavened cakes, when the paschal lamb were sacrificed, they 

(iiv ouTCD 01 jxaQ-qrai avrov TlovdfrXeis aireX- 

«ay to him the discple* o'him; where wilt thou having 

Bovres kroijxaffwfjiev, iva ^ayris ro iracrxa ; 

gone we make ready. that thou miyest eat the pass 









wr-man came, liaving an 
.ilabaster box of Bnlsam 
of genuiue Spikenard, very 
costly; and breaking the 
BOX, she poured it on his 


4 And some were dis- 
pleased, saying among 
themselves, "Why has this 
LOSS of the BALSAM takeu 
place ? 

5 For *This balsam 
could have been sold for 
more than t Three hundred 
Denarii, and given to the 
POOK." And they censured 

6 But Jesus said, " Let 
her alone; why do you 
trouble the wcman ? She 
has done a Good Work 
for me. 

7 J For you have the 
POOR always among you, 
and when you will, you 
can * do Them good ; but 
Me you have not always. 

8 Possessing This (Bal- 
sam.) she has done it, to 
anoint my BODY before- 
hand for the BUKIAL. 

9 * And indeed 1 say to 
you. Wherever these glad 
TIDINGS may be pro- 
claimed in the Whole 
woRL D, this also which she 
has done shall be spoken 
of in Memory of her." 

10 :|:And *THAT Judas 
Iscariot, who was one of 
the TWELVE, went to the 
HifiH-PKiESTS, to dehver 
Him up to them. 

11 And hearing it they 
rejoiced, and prcjmised to 
give him Money. And he 
sought how he might con- 
venTently deliver Him up. 

12 jNowon the fihst 


BREAD, when the pas- 
chal LAMBS were sacri- 
ficed, his DISCIPLES say to 
him, " "\Miere dost thou 
wish that we go and pre- 
pare that thou mayest eat 
the PASSOVER r" 

* Vaticat* Manuscript.— 3. &ni— omit. 4. and saying— omif. 6. This balsam 

could. 7. always do them. 9. And indeed. 10. that Judas Iscariot. 

t 5. A Denarius being in value about 14 cents, or 7d. English, the value ofthe boi of baU 
sam would be forty-two dollars, or 4'8. 15s. 

t 7. Deut. XV. 11. J 10. Matt. xxvi. 14; Luke xxii. S, 4. J 12. Matt. xxvi. 1*5 

Lukexxii. 7> 

Oiap. U: 13.] 


*^Kat woo"T€\\€t Sto rwu fiaOrj-rcov avrov, Kai 

And b* sends two ofth* dinciplea of\iim%eU, and 

A676t avrcis' "Tirayere ftv rrfv ttoKiv Kai 

he say* totheus; Go you into the city; and 

airavT-qfTci bf-MV avOpcotros it^pafxiov &5otos 

will mret you a man a pitcher of vrater 

fiaoTTa^ur' ei>co\ov0r]araT€ avrep' ^'^ Kai Sttov €au 

carrying- i foUuw him; and wherever 

fKTfKdj), eiTrart; rtf) oiKoSea-rroTTj' 'Ort 6 

heinay«nter, say to tha hoDsehulderi That the 

Si5a(TKa\os \ey€i' Uov eart ro KaraKvixa, 

teacher tayti Where U the puest-chamber, 

6iTou TO iracrxtt f^cra rwv fiaBiTi uv fiov (payca ; 

where the pansover WitA the disciple* of me 1 may eat? 

'^ Kai avros iifxii^ 5t(^<=t avayaiov (.\eya ifTTpw- 

And he to you wiUsmO** an upper room l^r^e having 

pLefOU fTOlfXOl'' ^K€l ^TOijUOffaT* rj/JLlU. 

been tutnished ready ; there prepare you for us. 

•^ Kat €^r]\doif 01 fiaBrjTai avrov, Kai fjKOoi/ etj 

And went forth the di^ci{.leL ofUim^ and ^ame into 

TTji/ iroKiVj Kai ^vpov Kadces ftvtv avrois' Kai 

the city, ana fouud even a» be sa ' \othem; and 

7}Toi^a<Tav TO Ttaaxa, ^^ Ivot oi^in.s yeuofjievqs, 

they prepared the passover. And evening being come. 

fpX^Tai fxera ruv Su^eKa. ^^ Kai Q."UKei/j.ei'wv 

becomes with the twelve. And t*clining 

auTwy Kai ecrdiovTwj^, etTrev 6 Irfrrovs' A/ultjv 

uftheni and eating, said the Jesus; Indeed 

At^o) viuLiv, 6ti cis e| v/xoov ■trapa^coa'€i W6, 6 

I s.Ty to you, that one of you willdeliveru ^^, who 

fadicov fxer' f/j.ov. ^^ Ot *[56j ijp^aj/Tr. AuTretfr- 

is eatiog with me. They (and] began vo be sor- 

dai, Kai X^ynv avray e/s Kad' fls' Mt)ti tyji ; 

rowful, and to say to him one by one; Not t? 

*[««» aWos' MrjTi eyo) ;^ 20 'q g^ *[o7rofc,0f- 

[and another; Not }?] He but [answjr- 

€(is^ eiirey avToiS' Els e/c rtav 8a>5e«:a, (\ 

log) aaid to them; One of the twelve, that 

en^aiTTO/xevos /jut' c/jlov €ty to Tpv^Kiou. ^^ 'O 

dipping in with me into the bowl. The 

fifv vios Tov avdpwirov Cirayn, Kadws y^ypair- 

indeed son of the man goes aw.iy, even aa it has been 

Tat Tept avTov ovai 6e tw avOpwircfi iKsivcp^ 

written concerning him ; woe but to the man that, 

8i' oy 6 vlos TOV ayOpayirov irapaSiboTai' 

through whom the son oi'the man is delivered up. 

KaKov r)v avTta, ei ovk €yevvrj6rj 6 avdpwiros 

good it waa to him, if not was bom the man 

€K(iyos, ^ Kai ccrdioi'Twv auTcuv, Ka^wu 6 

that. And eating ofthem, taking the 

'\f}rrovs apTOVy cvKoyriaas cKKatrc, Kai tdcvKei/ 

Jesus a loaf, having bie«sed be broke, and gave 

auTOis, Kai ciire' AajSere* tovto etrTt to (rw/j-a 

to them, and said: Take. this is the body 

[ Oiap. 14 : 23. 

13 And he sends two of 
his DISCIPLES, andsaysto 
theiu, "Go into the city, 
and a Man carrying a 
Pitcher of Water will meet 
you; follow him; 

14 and wherever he may 
enter, say to the housk- 
noLDER, The tkachkk 
says, Where is *the guest- 
chamber, where I /nay 
eat tlie passover with my 


15 And l)c will show 
yon a larqre Upper-room 
tlurnislud ready; *there 
prepare for us." 

16 And *the disciples 
went forth, and came into 
the city, and found every 
thing even as he had said 
to them : and they pre- 
pared the PA.SSOVER. 

17 t And Evening being 
come, he comes with the 


18 And as they were re- 
clining at table, and eating, 
Jesus said, " Indued I say 
to you, That *one of you 
who are eating with me 
will deliver me up." 

19 Aiid*thcy began to 
be sorrowful, and to say to 
him, one by one, "Is it i?" 

20 And HE said to them, 
"It is that one of the 
twelve dipping in with 
^einto the dish. 

31 *The SON of MAN 

indeed tgoes away [to 
death,] even as it has been 
written concerning him ; 
but woe to that man 
through whom the son of 
M a N is delivered up ! Good 
were it for that man if he 
had not been born." 

22 JAiid as they were 
eatino:, * he took a Loaf, 
and having given praise, 
he broke it, and gave te 
them, and said, "Take; 
this is my body." 

• Vaticam MxituscBifT.— 14. my onusT-cnAMBEii. 15. and there preimrc: 

Ift. the DISCIPLES. 18, one of rou who are eatixc with me. iQ. and— Om..-'. 

19. the.v. 19. and another; not l?—«m»(. 20. answering^-owi7. 21. Be- 

cause the 80!<. 22. he took. 

1 1.5. Furnished ready, probably alludes to the manner of makinft^ the room ready for 
the celebration ol the passov(?r ; which was examined in every hole and corner by the liu'dt 
pf wax candles, and cleared from the smallest crumb of leaven with a scrupulous nicety.— 

t 17. Matt. XXVI. 30, 

{ 21. Matt.j6xvi.24; tuke xxii. 22; Johnvii.!53. 

CM.p. 14: 23] 


fiov. 23Kat Ka^ctv ro iror-npiou, evx^P^Trff^as 

of me. And tja,k.iag the eupi having given, thaak* 

fSwKep airroes' Kai ^inov e^ avjov ?rai^e$, 

he gave toShemj and they drank otU af it aJI, 

2'*Kat«{7rei' *[ouTOis.[ Toi/ra serTi ro alfiafiovj 

And he said [to them.] Thi* i» the blood of aie, 

TO r-ns Kaivris Sia^rjKTjs, to irepi traWwu 

that of the new covenantr that concerning many 

tKXvvofX€Vov, ^^AfxTji^ Xejcc vjxiv, hri ovKcn 

l»eitts.»hed. Indeedi 1 say toyoiv that aowore 

ov [xf), TTicot eKTOvyeuvTJiJiaTOSTris af^ireAoVjeeas 

notjiotlwilldriskof the produet the Tine, till 

T7JS iiixepas €K6ir77S, Sray axrro viyco Katvov iv 

the day thai, when it I dcink new 38* 

TV 0a(ri\€La tov deov. ^ Kat b/mrrjaaures, 

the kingdom* ofthe Sod. And l»»iag»aasa hymn, 

e|7jA.0or €i5 ro epos tcov eXaiwv. 

they departed tO' Chemoujvtaiaof the olive- (rees^ 

27 Kcti Aeye* ctuTots & Irirrovs' 'On vavres 

And say* to- them the Jesus-; Ihat aH 

(TKau5a\i(T6ri(T^er@e *\_ev €jjiOt(i>rT) wKTiravrrj-J 

wilPbestmiibled- fat me in the night thi*.] 

on ycYparrrar ^* TlaTa^uf rov "xoifxsvay Kat 

for iiiswrurea- I wi!t»mite the shepherd, and 

SLa(rKopTri(T6r}(r€rai ra irpc/SaTO." A/*tAa 

wiUbesoattered- the sheep." But 

fiera ro tjepff-nvai jue^ -n-pxm^ca v/xas fis rrfu 

after the to be raised me, T will go before you into the 

Tahihaiav. ^^"O Se JlerpoS' e(^7> avra?' Kat fc 

Galilee. ftie hn-i tcter said to hwn ; Eve* if 

iravres^ (TKapSaKiaOrjcrovraiy aAA' evK €70)- 

all ahal! be stumbled, yet not i. 

^ Koi heyet, avrcp 6 1i]Tovs' A^tj^ X^yot ffoi, 

A»d. says- Co him- the Jswis-; Indeed i say tothae, 

on (TV (Trjaepoi* ev ry puKrt ravrTjy irpip iff 

that thou- tliis-day ra the night this, before 

Sis aAe/CTopa <pcav7}(Tai, rpis a^n^aprTjerr) fie. 

twice a/cock to> have crowed, thnee thou vult deny me. 

^^ 'q 86 6/« wepirrcrov €\eye /xaX\ov Eok ^e 

He but with' vehemence spoke more; if m« 

$67/ (TuvaiTodaveiv (rot, o\> fxri ere aTrappTja-o/Mii, 

must to-die with thee; not not thee Jwu'deny. 

'ClcravTaTi Se wat wavres eheyov, ^ Kat epxoi^ 

In like ioami«»a«>d also all they saidw And they 

rat eis x^P"^^y '^^ "^^ ovo/xa Tcffcrffxavrf Kat 

came to a. place, ofwbwhthe aame SethsemaJie-, and 

\eyei rots ^aOrfrais avrov ILaQitrars wSe, 

he says to the disciple* of himself; Sit yooi bere, 

kas irpoirev^ccfmt. ^ Kai TraptaXa^^afei rov 

tiU 1 shall pray. And he takes- ^ ^ the 

Tlcrpov Kat la/corjS'or' Kat JoDaunqv [xeB tavrov 

Feter and James aaid John- with' himself; 

Kat rjp^aro iKBctft^ftcQai koi aSv/aovfiir. ^Kat 

and began to b<r greatly araaaed and to- be i-n anguish "'"* 

. — • 

23 And taking * a Cup, 
hariug given thanks, he 
gave it tO' them ; and they 
all drani ©ut of it. 

24 Ana he- said, $ "This 

i» THAT BLOOI>' df BlinC 

whichis of thecovEi^rANT, 
THAT which is yOUKEIK 
OUT for many, 

2» Indeed 1 say tc yoit, 
* That I will drink frf the 
FKODVCT ©f the "ViKE. no 
more, till that BA"S when 
I drinli It new im the king- 
dom of Sod." 

26 J And JiaviHg smi^, 
they went out t& the 


27 And Jesus says t« 
them, "Yow will all he 
sturnbte^; because it is 
written, |''l will smite the 
'SHEPHEKD, and the 
' SHEEP wilt fee dispersed.'" 

28 $Bnt after 1 ans 
EAISE0, 1 Will precede you: 
to- Galilee.''' 

29* % And Peteb said tO" 
Mm, "Even if ail shall be 
stumbled, yet £ will not.''*' 

,^0' And Jesus- says- to- 
liim, " Indeed I say to thee. 
That tfjou Ihis-day, its 
This NIGHT, before a 
Cock crowa twice, wilt dis- 
own, Me thrice." 

31 But HB spofee with 
more vehemence, "If I 
must die witb thee, I will 
by nomeans- disown Thee." 
And they all said the same. 

32 $ And they eame to» 
a Place named G ethsamame, 
and he says to- kis- disci- 
ples, "Sit here, while I 
: * go away and pray." 
; 33 And he takes^ witb 

him Peteb, and * Jamesv 
iand John, and began to 
be greartly aanazed and fitlE 
of Anguish. 

§4 And he says tothemy 
t"My - -- 

_„.. „„j,— 0-- — ^ , - ,«^.„ i"iviv soui/ IS encom- 

A676t avrois- XiepiKvizos eariv 77 r^uxv fxov ea)s|+ J, ^^^^ ^ ^^^1 t^^ 

he says to them; Eitretnely sorrowfirV w the soul efmeevewto if 


• VaticanManuscbim.— 22. aCup, 24. to them— owtif. 

mine, which is of the covbnaist, that which' 19 foure* out. 
—omit. 32. go away and pray. 53. Jambs, ana J orn. 

1 24. Luke xxii. 20; 1 Cor; xi. 25. t 26. Matt. xxvi. 30. 

t 4, JMatt xvi.7. t 20. Matt. xsvi. 33, 34: Luke xxn. 33,34. 

I 3V aiatt. xxvi. 36; Luke xxii»39s Jobn xvni. ^. % 34. John xw, 27, 


Sit me intlii»iyiGHB 

Chap: U: 35.] 


^avoTov fxetvare wSe, kui ypTjyopeiTe. ^ Kai 

•leath; remain you here, and watcb. And 

npoeKdwv fiiKpot^, eveaeu eirt ri]s 7775* Kai 

going forward a little, he fell on the ground; and 

Trpo(rr]vx^TO, lua, ft Swaroi^ etrri, TrapiAdx] air' 

prayed, that, if po»&ible it is, might pass from 

avTov 7j upa. ^ Kot eAe-yej/* A/8/8a 6 -irarrjp, 

him the hour. And he said; Abba the father, 

nrayra Svpara (ror irapei^cyKe to TroTTjpiov ott' 

ill (things) possible to thee; take the cup from 

i/xov TOVTO. AAA.' ov, Ti eyoj dcKw, oAAa ri 

me this. But not, what I will, but what 

au. ^^ Kai epx^Tai, Kai fvpicKei avrovs KaOev- 

thou. And he comes, and finds them sleep- 

SovTas' Kai \6y6i rip TlfTpw' Sjyuo)//, KaOevScis ; 

Ing : and he says to the Peter: Simon, sleepest thou? 

ovK i<rxy<^as /mo»/ wpav ypriyoprjaai ; ^ Fprjyop- 

not couldst thou one hour to watch? Watch 

6tT6 Kai 7rpofreii;^ecr0€, iVa fir] eKxeXOrjre eis 

you and pray you, that not you enter into 

TTfipacT/jLOV TO fi€V irvcv/ia irpoOv/LioUy ^ Se 

temptation: the indeed spirit ready, the but 

(Tap^ aa-Qev-qs. ^ Kai -naKiv amKQwv Trpumjv- 

nesh weak. And again goin^ away be pravetl, 

^aTO, Tov avTOV Koyou eiiroDV. '*'' Kot virocTTp^- 

the same words saying. And harin); returned 

xpas, evpev avrovs iraKiu KaOevSovras' 7)<Tav 

he fotind them again sleeping: were 

yap 01 ocpQaKfioi avrusf fi^^apvuevot Kai ova 

for the eyes of them weighed down and not 

Y)h^i<Tav, Ti avrcp airoKpiduxri. '*'Kat (px^rai 

they Knew, what to him tbey might answer. And becomes 

TO rpirov, Kai Aeyet avrois' Kct0ew5eie to 

the third, and be says to them: Do you sleep the 

AotTTOJ/ Kai ava-rrav^arde ; aTrtXf '» r]A6fV Tf apa- 

now and rest you ? [t is enough, is<ome the hour: 

i5ov, trapaSiSorai 6 vios rov avQpcoixov (is ras 

lo, is delivered up the son of the roan into ihe 

X^ipas rcou afiaprwKcav. *^Ey€ipca9s, ayu/xei/' 

bands of the sinners. Arise, let us go : 

180V, 6 irapaSiSovs fie riyyiKC. 

lo, he delivering up me has come near. 

^ Kai fvdiCDS, €Tt avrov AaAoui'Tos, irapayi- 

And immediate y, while ol him speaking, comes 

perai louSas, fis wv twv ScuSefca, Kai fier* avrov 

Judas, one hein^ ol ibe twelve, knd with him 

o^Aos *[TroAus] )Li€ra [laxo-ipuiv Kai ^vXoju, 

crowd [great] with swords aud clubs, 

irapa rwv apxt^p^f^f xai rwv ypafifiarewu kui 

fiom the bigh-priests and the scribes and 

rwv Trpcfrfivrcpuv. ** AeSaiKei 8c S irapaSiSovs 

the elders. Had given and he delivering u]> 

avrou (Tva'a-rjfiov avrois^ Kiywv *Ov av <pi- 

him a signal to them, saying: Whoever I 

ATjfTOj, avTos tarr Kpar-qffare avrov Kai 

may kiss, he it-is i seize him aod 

airayayfTi a(r<pa\(os. ^^ Kai fKOcvv, fvOews 

lead away safely. And coming. Immediately 

[ «. 

guish ; Stay here and 

35 And goinz forward 
a little, he fell on the 
GROUND, and prayed, that 
if possible the HOUK might 
pass from him. 

36 And he said, " Abba, 
FATHER, all things are 
possible with thee ; remove 
tlii3 CUP from me; Jvet 
not wliat 5 will, but what 
tf)OU wilt." 

37 And he comes and 
finds them sleeping ; and 
lie says to PKTtii, '■ Simon, 
sleepest thou? couldst thou 
not keep awake a Single 
Hour ? 

38 "Watch and pray, that 
YOU * enter not into Trial ; 
the SPIRIT indeed is will- 
ing, but the FLESH ia 

39 And going again, he 
prayed, fioeaking the samb 

40 And * again he came 
ani found them sleeping j 
(for Their eyks were over- 
powered ;) and they knew 
not what to anawcr him. 

41 And he comes the 
THIRD time, and says to 
tliem, " Do you sleep kow, 
and take your rest ? It is 
enough, J the HOUR is 
come; behold the sex of 
M.\N IS delivered up into 


42 J Arise, let us go; be- 
hold! HE, who DELIVEIia 

me up, has come." 

43 J And immediately, 
while he was yet speaking, 
comes ♦Judas, being one 
of the TWELVK, and with 
iiim a Crowd, armed with 
Swords and Clubs, from 
the H IGH-PRIEST8, and the 
SCRIBES, and tto elders. 

44 And the betrayfh 
had given them a Signal, 
saying, " ^t it is, whom 1 
may kiss ; seize him, and 
lead him away safely." 

45 And coming, and 
immediately appioacliiug 

• Vaticau Mahcsceipt.— 38. come into. 40. again he came. 43. Judas, bein^ 

one of the twelve. 43. great — omit. 

I 36. John V. 30; ri. 88. t 41. John xiii. I. J 42. Matt. xxvi. 46 ; John xviii 

1, 2. I 43. Matt. xxvi. 47 ; Luke xzii. 47 : John xviii. .H. 

CRop. 14: 46.] 


•npocr^KOoiv avrci}, \eytif 'Va^fii^ *[paj8/8r] 

approaching^ to him, he B7.v>: Kabbi, [rabbi:*] 

Kai Ka,Ti<pt\'r]<Tiv avrop, ^ Ol Se eire^aAou ctt' 

and kused Uim. They then laid on 

avTOP ras x^'P^^ ^[ctf'Twy,] Kai eKpart^arav 

him the hands [^fthem,] and aeized 

avrou. ^^ Ets Se ris rcav irapeCTriKOTCoVf 

him. One and a certain ofthoee standing, 

frTratrafiej/os rr]v ixaxi^LpciVi cTrattre tou dovKou 

drawing the sword, struck the slave 

Tov apxt^p^t»Sy KUi a(pei\€y avrov to wtiov. 

nfthe high-priest, and cutoff of him the ear. 

*^ Kai airoKpiOeis 6 Irjtrovs enrev avrois' Tls 

And answering the jesus saic'. to them; As 

firi ^.rj-'Trjv e^TjA^ere fiera fiaxaipoov Kai 

upon a robber came you out with swords and 

^wAcoVj a-vWa^tziv jjlc^ ^^ Kad* rj/Jiepav Tjfjirjv 

clubs, to take niu Every day I was 

Trpus vjxas <bv tx^j lepcp Si^acTKuv, Kai ovk 

with you in the temple teaching, and not 

eKparrj(rare fic aW\^ Ira ir?^iipwdw(riv at ypa- 

you seized me ,- but, that must l>2 fulfilled the wnt- 

(pai. ^ Kai a<pQur€S avrcv Traures etpvyov. 

ings. .\jid leaving Iiim all they fled. 

^* Kaj etj ris veavirKuz rjKokot/dei avrq)y irepi- 

And one a certain young man i'oUowcd him, wrap- 

^e^Krjfieuos aivSrua ynt yv/muov Kai Kparovaiv 

ped about a linen cloth m naked; and they seized 

avToi/ *[ot feavKTKOi.^ *2'0 oe KaTaKiircov Tqv 

him [the young men, ^ He bu leaving the 

ffti/Soj/a, yvjxvos oxyy^v ^^air' avToovJ\ 

Unrn clothr naked he fled bo:n them.] 

^^Kaf; airrjya^or '^orl7]rovr vpos tcv apxic- 

And theyed the .^esus to thc^ high- 

pea" icai o'vv-^ X y' '■i''^'^Ji'(p vavi es ol apx^^p^^s, 

priest J .ind came iogethei 'ohim »11 the high-pnests, 

Kai oi irpeo'^vTQpcLc. Kii ;,' ypafifxaT'^is. ^"^Kai 

and the ciders, nr.r Vie scribes. And 

6 Uerpo^ OTTO ^aKpcQc-v rKcXcvdrjcrev OLvrcp ews 

the Peter at a Jistan'. followed him even 

e<Tca eis rrju av\r]v tou ,;, x«6pc;wy Kai r/v TU7- 

to Into the palace of the high-priest} uid was Mt- 

KaOr^ficos /uterr. rcou birrjpeTaVf Kai Sepfjiaivo- 

ttng in company with the actendanti, and warming 

fievos TTpos TO (pcjs. ^ Ot Se ipx'^P^ ^ f °' 

himself to the light. The and high priest* and 

6Kov to avv^Zpiov e^.iTovt/ Kara rev nt<rov 

whole the high council sought against the Jesus 

fiaprvpiaj en to OayarbiorTLi 'xurov* Kat ovx 

testimony for the 'a -^ui, to djath him; and not 

SvpKTKov. ^^ Jiok/\.oi ynL0 ii^tvE-fiaprvf^oijv 

they Jonnd, Many lor .3 tified falsely 

Kar' avrovy Kai laai al /jiapr'jpicii ovk qca?'. 

against him, but "lonsistenttho testimonies not were. 

^"^ Koi irtre.e aracraures, i^iv^op-aprvpovy Kar' 

And some ^avr-g^t^^odup, testified fulsely against 

HvToVy \<ynvT<;5' ^^ 'Ort '/jjui.€is avrov 

him, laying i That we heard him 

[<[^ap. 14. ♦S. 

■ ■ 4 

him, he says, "Rabbi," 
and repeatedly kissed him. 

46 Then they laid 
HANDS on him, and seized 

47 And one of those 
STANDING by drew a 
swoED, and struck a ser- 
vant of the HIGH-PEIEST, 

and cut off His *eae-tip. 

48 X And Jesus answer, 
ing said to them, " .'.s ia 
pursuit of a Robber, have 
you come with Swords and 
Clubs to take me ? 

49 I was with you every 
day in the temple teach- 
ing, and you did not arrest 
me. X But the sceiptuees 
must be verified." 

60 And leaving him, 
they all fled. 

Rl And a certain Youth 
followed him, with u Linen 
cloth wrapped ;.boir: his 
naked bodyj and they 
seized him ; 

52 but leavingthc LINE w 
CLOTH, he fled naked. 

53 X And they conducted 
Jesus to the htgh- 
PEiEST; andallthoHiGH- 
PEiESTs, and the eldees, 
and the sceibeo, camu to- 
gether to hini. 

54 And Pete?, followed 
him at a distance, even 
into the pa lack of the 
HiGH-PEiEST; and "at in 
company with t].-. atten- 
dants, warming himself 
before the eiee. 

55 JAnd the high- 
PEiESTs and iho Whole 
SANHEDEiM sought testi- 
mony against Jesus, in 
Older TO kill him; but 
they found none. 

56 For many testifieii 
falsely against him, but 
their testimonies were 

57 And some standing 
up, testified falsely against 
him, saying, 

68 " 5lJ33e heard liimde- 


61. the young men— omt*. 

rabbi — omit. 46. of them— oni«7. 

!»a. from them-^Biit. 

47. EAB-IIV. 

1 48 Matt. xxvi. 65s Lakesxfi. 52. t 49. Psa. 2x11.6, Isa. liii.7; Luke xxii. 6'ii 

Miv. 4«. J 53. Matt. XXTi. W i Luk*; xxii. &4 ; John xvlii, 13. I 55. Matt, jtxvi. 8». 

Chap 24 J 19] 


KsyovTov *Oti evo) KaraXvC'V rov vaov rovrov 

Dating; That 1 will destroy the temple this 

rov x^^poTfoiriToy) kui Sjo rpicov rjfifpwv aWov 

tbk made with hands, and in three days another 

ax^tp^TToiriTov ojKoSo/urjcrw. *''' Kat ovSe ovtws 

nade without hands I will build. And not even thus 

tcTTj r)f V ixaprvpia aurccv,, ^^ Kai avaaras 

tonsistentwas the testimony ofthem. And arising 

6 apxiepfvs eis fieaov, eirripcoTricre top Irjcovf, 

the high priest in midst, he asked the Jesus, 

Xeyuv OvK airoKpiinj ovB^u ; Tt ovToi <rov 

saying; Not answerest thou nothing? what these ofthee 

KaTafiapTvpovcnv ; ^^ 'O Se ectcoTra, Kai ovdeu 

testify against ? He but was silent, and nothing 

airfKpivaTo. Tla\ty 6 apx^^p^vs enrjpwTa avTov 

he answered. Again the high-priest asked him 

KOA \eyei oury 2u et 6 XpnTTos^ 6 vlos rov 

and says tohimj Thou art the Anointed, the son of the 

evKoyqrov ; ^^ 'O Se Irjcrovs enrci/' Y.yv n/xr 

blessed? The and Jesus said, I am; 

Kai o\pe(T6€ rou vlou rov avdptairov e/c Ze^iwv 

and you shall see the son of the man at right 

Kadrjfxfvoi/ T-qs SwafiecoSf Kat ipxofx^vov fiera 

sitting ofthe power, and coming with 

Tcau yf<pe\wu rov ovpavov. ^^ 'O Se apx^fp^^s 

the clouds ofthe heaven. The and high-priest. 

Siap^rj^as tovs XiTcoi/as ai/rov, \eyer T< ext 

having rent the clothes of himself, saysj What further 

Xp^iav exofiet/ fiaprvpoiV ; ^'* HKovaar^ ttjs 

need have we ofw-tnesses? You have heard the 

fiKa<T(pi)fxias' ri vixiv ^aiuerat ; 01 Se iravT^s 

blasphemy; what to you appears? They but all 

Kar^Kpivav avrov eivat ivoxov Bavarov. ^ Kat 

condemned him to be deserving of death. And 

Tjp^avTO Ttues ffxirrv^tu aurct}, Kat TrepiKaXvimiv 

began some to spit ppon bim, and to cover 

TO Trpo<Tu)TTov auTov, Kat Ko\a(pi^etjf auTou, 

the face of him, and to beat with the fist him, 

Kat \€y€tv avT(f Tlpo(pr)T€V(rou. Kat ol virrj- 

acd to say to him ; Prophesy. And the at- 

i>6Taj paiTi(Tfjia(Tiv avrov efiaWov. ^ Kat ovtos 

tendants with open hands him beat. And being 

rov YlfTpov €V TTj au\T] KaTco, epx^Tai fiia 

the Peter in the court-yard below, comes one 

rvov TraiStcTKcuv rov apx^^p^i^s' ^^ Kat tSovcra 

ofthe maid-servants ofthe high priest: and seeing 

rou Tlerpoy dcp/jLatvofj-fvoUf efi^Kfxpaaa aurrc 

the Peter warming himself, obe looking to him 

X€7ef Kat ffv jutera rov "Ha^^aprjuov lr)(rou rjada. 

savs : Aad thou with the Nazarene Jesut wast. 

*® 'O Se iipvriraro, Xeycov Ovk oi5o, bv^e 

He but denied, saying i Not I know, nor 

tirtcTTafiai rt arv Keycts. Kat €^r)\dei/ e^o) €is 

comprehend what thoo aayesU And he went out into 

TO irpoavKiov* *[«ai aXeKTwp cipafTjfret.J 

th* outer ccbrt: [and acock crew.] 

[C^ lib. 
clare, J ' S will destroy 


HANDS, and in Three Day9, 
I will bxiild Another made 
without hands.*" 

59 But not even thus 
was their testcmony sul- 

60 AndthcHiGH-PRiLST 
standing up in the midst, 
asked Jesus, saying, " An- 
swerest thou nothing * tc 
what these testify against 

61 X But he was silent, 
and answered nothinjr. 
And the high- priest 
asked him, and says lo 
hini; "Art tfjou the Mes- 
siah, the SON of the 
blessed Oner" 

62 And Jesus said, " t 
am ; and you shall see the 
soiV of MAN sitting at '.he 
Right hand of the mighty 
One, and coming with the 


63 And iheHiGH-PEiEST 
having renthis garments, 
says, "What further need 
liave we of Witnesses ? 

64 You have heard the 
BLASPHEMY; Whatisyour 
opinion?" And they all 
condemned him as worthy 
of Death. 

65 And some began to 
spit upon him, and to 
cover His face, and to 
beat him with the fist, and 
to say to him, "Divine to 
US*'' and the attendants 
struck Hnn on the cheek 
with the Open Hand. 

66 I And Peteh being 
below in thecouHT-yAKu, 
there comes one of the 


67 and seeing Peteh 
warming himself, earnestly 
looking at him, she says, 
" STfjou also wast with the 
Nazarune, * Jesus." 

68 ButHB denied, say- 
ing, " 1 * neither know nor 
understana what tliou 
sayest.*' AnrJ he went out 
into the "uteb coi:et •, 

• Vaticaw Manuscript.— 60. Because these, 
nor understand. 68. and a Cock crew— omit. 

67. Jesdb. 

t"! neither kt.ow 

I .58. MaiV SV.2P-. .John ii. 19. 
flatt xxvi St . Lukezsii. 60. 

IflC. Matt. xrvi. 6?. J !i Aiatt mv «o' 

i 661 Matt xxvi. 58, 6M: Lulse sxii If). John »viii it. 

Chap. 14: 69.] 


[Chap. 18: 8. 

^^ Kai T) vaiSi(TKT} iBov(ra avrov *[7raAt»/] rjp^aro 

And the maid-servant seeing him [again] began 

\eyeiv rots irapeaTrjKocriv' 'Or* ovros ef avToov 

to fay to those having stood by ; That this of them 

ifTTiv, '° 'O 5e naXiy ripvuro. Kat /tero 

is. He and again denied. And after 

fiiKpov iraXiv oi irapecTTCoTes sXeyou rep Tlerpcp' 

a little again those having stood by said to the Peter; 

A\r]0w5 e| avru/u er Kai yap FaXtXaios €«, 

Truly of them thou art; also for a Galilean thon art, 

*[^Kai 7] \aXia (Tov d/JLOia^d.^ '^'O 8e Tjp^aro 

[and the speech of thee is like.] He then began 

avadf/j-ari^eiv Kai o^vvvaf 'Ort ovk ciSa tov 

to curse and swear; That not I linow the 

auOpccTToy tojtou, 6v \ey€Te. '' Kai €K Sev- 

uian this, of whom you say. And of sec- 

repou aKeKTwp €<pci>vr](re. Kat apefj-vi^aOrj 6 

ond cock crew. And remember'^d the 

Tierpos rev ^rjfiaToSy ov <nrip avTcp 6 Irjirovs' 

Peter the word. ofwhicK said to him the .Tesus- 

'On irpiu a\€KTopa (pcoyTjaai Sis, airapvyjcrr} p.^ 

That before acock to have crowed twice, thou wilt deny me 

rpis. Kai eniBaXcau CfcAate. 

thrice. And reflectin;T he wept. 

KE*. le'. 15. 
* Kat evOecos eiri to irpwt avfji^ovXiov iroi-q- 

And immediately on the morning a couucil having 

(ravT€S 01 apxi^P^is fxcra toov Trpea^vrepccv Kai 

been held the high-prie&ts with the elders and 

ypafxixareoov^ Kai 6\ov to (TW^Spioi^, firjcafTcs 

scribes, even whole the sanhedrim, binding 

TOV 1t}Tovu, aTrr]V€yKav Kai irape^wKav Tst> Tli- 

the Jesus, carried and delivered up to the Pi- 

XaTO}. •^ Kcct eirrjpcDT-ricreu avrov 6 UiXaros' 

late. And acker' him the Pilate; 

2y €1 6 fcctXevs tcdv lovSaicov ; 'O Se airoKpi- 

Thou art thr kin' of the Jews? He and answer- 

6eis eiirer avrcf 2u Xeyeis. 

In J said tc him; Thou sayest. 

avrov oi apxjepets iroWa. 

him the high-priestc many things. The and Pilate 

iraXiv eirrjpcor-qaev avrov, Keycev Ovk airoKpivp 

again asked him, sayinfr: Not answerett thou 

ovSev {Se, TTocro ffov Karap.c.prvpovo'iv. 

nothing ? see, how many things of thee they tebtify against. 

^ 'O Se lifCrovs ovKeri ovBev air^KpiBi]' axrre 

The but Jesus no longer nothing answered: so !^j 

Bavfia^eiv rov HiXarov. ^ Kara Se kopriqv 

to surprise the Pilate. At now feast 

aircXviv avrois iva Secr/niov Swep rjrovvro. 

be used to releasedto them one prisoner whoever they asked. 



^ 'O 8e IliXaros 

ai Karriyopovv 

And accused 

69 $ and the maid-seb. 
VANT seeing him, *8aid 


" This is one of them.'' 

70 And HE denied it 
again. And after a little, 


again to Peteb, " Cer- 
tainly, thou art one of 
til em; for thou art also a 

71 Then HE began to 
curse and swear, " 1 knoiT 
not this MAN of whom yo« 

73 JAnd * immediate!) 
for a second time fa Cock 
crew. And Peteb recol- 
It'Cted the word which 
.Tksus spoke to him, "That 
before a Cock crows twice, 
thou wilt disown me 
tiirice." And reJiecting on 
it, he wept. 


1 JAnd immediately in 
the * Morning, the hirh- 
I'RiESTs, with the elders 
and Scribes, even tlie 
Whole SANHEDRIM, held 
a Council; and having 
bound J Esus, they carried 
and delivered him up to 
* Pilate. 

2 J And Pilate asked 
him, "Art tf)ou the king 
of the Jews?" And HE 
answering, * says to him, 
"E\)ovi saj'est it." 

3 And the high-pbiests 
accused him of many 

4 i Then Pilate asked 
him again. laying, " An- 
swerest thou nothing ? See 
liow many things they ♦ac- 
cuse thee of." 

^ J But Jesus answered 
no more, so that Pilatb 
was astonished. 

6 t Now at each Feast 
he used to release to them 
One Prisoner, whoever they 

• VaticaitMahcscript.— 69. again— omt*. 66. said to thosb. ^0. and 

thy SPEECH is like it— omi*. 72. immediately for a second. 1. Morning, 

1. Pilate. 2. says to him. 4. accuse thee of. 

•t 72. or a watch-trmnpet sounded. See Note on Matt. xxvi. 34. 

t 69. Matt. xxri. 71, 73 ; Luke xsii. 5S, 59 ; John xviii. 25, 26. T 72. Matt. xxv\. TSt 

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xxvii. 15; Luke xxiii. 17; John xviii. 39. 

€luip. 15 : 7 ] 


Wi* and he bring nfttned liar&bbai ivith the in>ur- 

iriaarwv SfSf/j-evos, olrives iv tt? (rracrei (povov 

genta h«ving been bound, who in the »LNiition murder 

imroir]K€i(Tau. ^ Kai ava^07)aas 6 oxAos 

had committed. And crying out the crowd 

Tjp^aro aireiaOat, Kadws aei lirout avTois. 

began to demand, as alwaya he did to them. 

*'0 Se ITtAaTos air^Kpidr] avTois, \eywy' 0eAe- 

The but Pilate aniweied ihem, aayiog. Do tou 

T€ aTro\va'(i} v/xiv rou ^acriXfa twv lovbaiwv . 

wish 1 shall release to you the tlnj oflh» l»w«f 

^^ Y.yivwaKi yap, 6ti Siatpdopoi' irapa^idwKdoav 

He knew for, that through en»y had deliTered up 

avTov ot apxifp^^s, ^^ Ot Se apxi^p^is aveaet- 

him the high-priest. The and higb-p:'e>t> stined 

trau Tov ox^oPf lua /xaWov rov Bapa^fiau 

np the crowd, that rather the Baiabhas 

a-rroAvcTT} avrois. ^^ 'O Se TliXaros airoKfj^Oeis 

he should release to them. 1 he but Pila'e answering 

TraAii/ eiirei' avrots' Ti ouv ^eAere iroi-qao) ov 

again aaid to them ; What then do you wish I shall do whom 

X«7eT6 fia<Ti\ea reuv lovSaiay ; ^^Oi Se fraXiv 

;du call a king of the Jews? 7bey but again 

fKpa^av ^Tavpcoffov avTov. ** *0 i^e TliXaros 

cried outi Crucify him. 'ihi nnd Pilate 

iKeyev avrois' Ti yap kukov eiroLrjirfv : Ot 5e 

said to them; 'What for evil has he done? They but 

irepKTCTws €Kpa^av '2,Tavpco(Tov avrov, ^^ O 

Tehemently cried out; Crucify him The 

Se ritAaros, fiovXafxevos rep oxXy to .Kavov 

then Pilate, beingwilling to the ciowd »hec'ti»faction 

TTOfqcraiy air€\v(Tev avrois tov Bapa^^avy nai 

to make, released to them the Barabbas, and 

vapedcoKe rov Irfcrovvy (ppayeWcocra, , iva 

delivered up the Jesus, having scourged, that 


Me mi^hl be crucified. 

^^ Ot Se (TTpariwrat airrjyayov avrov etru) rrjs 

The and soldiers l«d away him within the 

buAtjs, 6 ecTt TTpairwpLov Kai avyKaXovcriv 

court, which is a judgment hall; and ihey rail togetuer 

oX-r\v Ti)v cireipav, ^^ Kat cvhvovffiv avrov 

whole the company. And they clothed him 

Trop<pvpaVy Kai irepirtOeaaiv avrcp irXe^avres 

purple, and placed it aiound him braiding 

uKavdivov (Trecpavov. ^^ Kai rip^avro a(nra^f=(r- 

an acaulhine wreath. And they began to salute 

6ai avrov Xaipe 6 ^a(riXevs rcov JovSatwv. 

bimt Uiiil the king ofthe Jews. 

'' Koi ervwrov avrov rrjv K€(paXr]V HaXa/ma, 

And they struck ofhim the bead wuhareed, 

Kai fveirrvov avro), Kai riOevns ra yovara 

and spit upon him, and placing the knees 

[Ouip.lS: 19. 

7 And there was hi 
who was NAMED Barabhas, 
liaving been imprisoned 

with the INSUBGENTS, 

who had committed Mnr» 
derintle insurrection. 

8 And the crowd •go- 
ing up began to demand 
what he was accustomed to 
grant them. 

9 But Pilate answered 
them, saying, "Do you 
wish me to release to you 
the KiNGof the Jews':" 

10 For he knew That 
*they had delivered him 
up from Envy. 

11 t But the HIGH-- 
PRIEST3 Stirred tip the 
CROWD, that he should 
lather release Bababbas 
to them. 

12 And Pilate answer- 
ing again, said to them, 

■What* then shall I do to 
him you call the King of 
the Jews?" 

13 And THET again 
cried out, "'Crucify him." 

14 And Pilate said to 
them, " For what ? Has ha 
done Evil?" But they 
vehemently cried cut, say- 
ing, "Crucify him." 

15 JThen Pi late, being 
willing t: gratiiy the 
CROWD, released Barab- 
bas to theiui and having 
scouiged Jesus, delivered 
him up to be crucified. 

16 + And the ^OLDIIR9 
led him away jnto the 
COURT, which IS *he Prsc- 
iDiium ; and they called 
together the Whole com* 


17 And they arrayed him 
in a Purple garment, and 
intertwining an Aeanthins 
Wreath, placed it around 
his head, 

18 and began to salute 
him, — " Hail, king of the 
Jews J" 

1& And they struck his 
JHEAD With a Reed, and 
spit on liim, and vnceL" 
ING, did hcmiage to him. 

• Vatican Maucscript. — 8. R'oinsrnpbegan. 
I do to him you call the Kijio olthe Jews? 

t 11. Matt, ixvli 

10. they had; 12. then shall 

20: Acta in U. t 15. Matt, ixvii. 2ft: John »i». 1. !«. t 16. Matfc 

atap. 15: 2 J.] 


[C^op. 15: 31, 

irpoCTEKvvovv avTM. ^ Kai ore ev^Trat^av auT^, 

did homagi to him. And when they mocked hits, 

cleSucai/ avTOf Tr}v iropcpvpav, Kat eveSvaai/ 

they took off him the purple, and T>ut on 

avToy ra lixarm. ra iStw Kai e^ayovait avrov, 

him the cloches the own; and they led out him, 

*[iVa crravpo}(X(a(Tiv aurov.j ^^ Kat ayyapfvovtri 

[that they might crucify him.] And they compel 

irapayovTa riva 'S.ifj.aiva KvprivaioVy cpxo/uLevov 

passing by one Simon a Cyrenian, coming 

air' aypouy (tov narepa A\€^avSpov Kai 'Pov- 

fiora co'intry, (the father of Alexander and Ru- 

<poVf) iva aprj rov araupov avrov. ^ Kai 

fu«,) that he m'l^-ht bear the -toss of him. And 

<pepov(Tiy avrov eiri ToXyoQa tottov 6 tan 

theybrmg him to Golgotha place; which is 

lnQipfx-qvivoixevov^ Kpavioo r ottos. ^ Kai €54801/1/ 

being fanblated, oi a okuil a place And Ihey gave 

avv(f *[7ri6tf] ea/jLvpyKTiuievov oivov 6 Se 

him ItodnukJ baring been laxxed with myrrh wiiie; he but 

ovK eAojSe. 

Dot received. 

^* Kai aravpaxravres izv-rofy Ziafxepi^ovrai ra 

And crurifying *im, they divide the 

ifxaria avrov, ^aWoyre^ icAvpov cr' awTa, ris 

clothet of him, casting lots on them, who 

T( aprj. ^'' Hi/ Se wpa. t/xtt], Kai ecnaupwiTav 

what should take. It was and hour third, and they crucilied 

aJTOf. 2^ Kat rjv ?; €iriypa<pr) ttjs airias avrov 

him. And wasthe Inscripiio* Df the accusation ofhim 

tTTiyeypaniuevT]- " 'O ^aaKevs rwv lovSaiaiv." 

wa» wrxtteu over; The kiug of the Jews." 

-" Kat avy avr(f cravpooat Svo Xr^aras' kua cff 

And with him they cnicity two robberaj one at 

hc^Luov, Kai kva €| evupoficcP avrov. ^*£Kat 

right. and one at lett ofhim. [And 

€T\T7pco0r7 7) ypa(pr] f] \eyovora' *' Kat fiera 

was fulnlled the writing that saying; And with 

avjjmaiv eXoyiadr},"'] "^Kai ol irapaTropevofievoi 

iiwlest ones he was numbered."] And those passing along 

f0\a(r(prjfiovy avrou, Kt-vowns ras Ke(pa\as 

reviled him, snaking the heads 

avrcav, Kai Keyovres' Ouo* 6 KaraXvav rou 

of them, and saying; Ah; he desuoying the 

vaov, Kai €if rpi(TLV rj/x^pais oiko^ououi/' 

teiiipie, ana in three days buiUing; 

•"''' Tw(Tov aeavroVf Kai Kara$a otto rov aravpov. 

(ave thyself, and co:uc down from the cross. 

'^ OjULOiws Kai 01 opx'f^'**^> flJ-Trat^ovres vpos 

In like manner also the higb-piiests, mocking to 

aWvXovs juero rwv 'ypaix/marewVy ekeyov 

one another with the scribes, said; 

20 And when they ha4 
mocked him, they stripped 
him of the Pueple gar- 
ment, and put on hira * lii« 
own CLOTHESj and led him 

21 t And One Simon, a 
Cyrenian, the fatheh of 
t Alexander and Eulus, 
coming from the Comiiiy, 
was passing hy, and tlicy 
compel him to cairy his 


22 X And they bring him 
to * Golgotha, whicli, lin- 
ing translated, ia, a Place 
of a Skull. 

23 And they preuented 
him "Wine miagled with 
Myrrh; but * he did not 
receive it. 

24 And *ihey nail him 
to the Crosg, J and part his 
GAEMF.MS, casting Lois 
fur them, x-,iat each should 

25 And it was the third 
Hour whc-n they nailed 
him to the Cross. 

26 AndtheiNSCHiPTiON 
yf his A.CCUSATIOM was 
written over him, "The 
KING vf *lie Jews." 

27 Acii with him they 
* crucified Two Robbers ,- 
one a* hi* Right hand, and 
the other at his Left. 

28 *f[AndTHATsciiiP- 
TURE w&J verified, which 
SAYS, X " He was numbered 

" with LAW-BEEAKEKS."j 

29 And THOSE passing 
ALONG reviled him, J sha- 
king their heads, and 
saying, "Ah! Thou de- 
STEOYKE of the temple, 
and Builder of it in Three 
Days, — 

30 save thyself, and 
come down from the 

31 In like manner also, 
the HiGH-PEiESTsderidinw 
him, with the Scribes, said 

• Vatican Mancscbipt.— 20. his clothes. 20. that they might crucify him— 

&mit. 22. GoLGoTH.v. 23. to drink— omtf. 23. he. 24 they nail him 

to the Cross, and part his GARM3NT3. 27. crucified. 28.— omt*. 

t 21. Personsprobablywlltnown, and then living at Rome; since Paul, Rom. xvi. 13, 
salutes Rufiig there. + 28. Fi'itz. and Tischendorf cancel this verse, and Griesbach marku 
li f jr omission ; yet Bloomfield shinks injudiciously, as it is a remarkable fulfilment of prot 
phecy, and is omitted only by a jew JISS. 

' ' t 21. Matt, xxvii. 3-2 ; Luke X2iii.,26^ 4.,«.,..J 2?; Jjbn xix. 17. t 24. ,F<«a-,Txii. 18: 


iexxiii.84; John xix. 33. 

A a& *^'**lii 1.12 ; Lukexxii. 87. 

i 28. F?a. xxii.7 

€9iap. 15: S2.1 


AAXouj ftrufffPy eavTov ou Suuarat auxrat ; 

Ocben he saved, liiuisclf not is able to nave? 

'- 'O XpicTTOs, 6 fiacriKevs rov Io-^otjA, Kara- 

Tbe Auuinted, the king oflbe Israel, let him 

fiaru vvv airo rov aravpovy iva ihufieu Kai 

docend now from the cross, that weuiay»ee «nd 

viaT(v(>. Kai ot avuffnaupwixivoi avrcf 

may believe. And those having been crucified with hiin 

uvei^i^ov avrov, ^ T^uoixevTqs Se u^pas I/cttjs, 

riiproached bim. Being come and hour sixth, 

iXKUTOS eyevcTO €</>* oArju rrju 77] v, ews wpas 

^>knest was un whole the land, till hour 

euvaiTfs. ^* Kat it? wpa tt) evvaTTj e^orjcrev 6 

uiath. And llie hour the ninth cried the 

l7}(rous <pcovT] fieyaKri, *[Ae7a)j/'j E\a>i, eAcof 

Jebus with a voice luud, [sayings] Eloi, eloii 

Kafx/u-a (rafiaxOavi ; 6 ecrri /xeOepfXT^vivofxevov 

jamma sabachthani? which is being translatedi 

X) deos JJ.OV, *[d 6eos fiovl sis ri /xe tyKUTf- 

The God of me, [the God of me;] to what me hai>t thou 

\nres : ^ Kai rives rcuu irapeffT-qKOTUv aKov- 

left. And some of those standius by bear- 

oayrts, eKeyov Idov, li\iau (puvei. ^ Apafxwv 

lug, said: Lo, Eliat he calls, Runuing 

be €ts, Km yefiicras (nroyy: u o^ovs, ireoideis re 

and one, and filling a sponge of vinegar, attaculng and 

Ka\a/xco, eiroT i^ev avToy, Keycov Acpere' iSoofxeUj 

to a reed, gavetodrmk him, saying: Let alone : we may «ee, 

(I epxerai HAios KadeXeiv avrov. '"^^ 'O Se 

il comes Elias to take down him. The then 

iTjaovs, acpets (pcoV7]v /xeyaXrjv, e^eirvevcre. 

Jesus, uttering a voice loud- breathed out. 

^ Kai ro Karaireraafia rov vaov eo'xto'dr} eis 

Aud the curtain of the temple was rent into 

Svo, airo avioOev eus Karca. ^^ iSwv Se & Kevrv- 

two, from above to below. Seeing but the centu- 

picoVy 6 TTapearriKws e^ evavrias avrov^ 6ri 

rion, that having stood by over against him, that 

ouru) *[/fpo4as] e^eirvevo'ev, eiirev A\t}6u}S 6 

thus I having criedl he breathed out, said: Truly tht 

avQpunros ovros vios ..v 6eov. "^ Hffav 5e Kai 

man this a son was of a god. 'VOre and also 

yvvaiKes airo fxaKpoQev Oewpovcrar ev ais rjv Kai 

women from a distance beholding: among whom was also 

Mapta r] MaySaKyjUT], Kai Mapia f] rov JaKca^ov 

Ibjary the Magdalene, and Mary tbeof^he James 

rov fiiKpov Kai loxTTj jxTjrrjp, Kai SaAwyUTj* ^^ at 

the little and Jose* mother, and Silome: who 

*[/fo«,] 6re t\v ev rrj FoAiXaiO, 7]ko\ov0ovv 

[also,] when he was in the Galilee, followed , 

avrwy Kai Sir}Kovovv avrcf Kai aWai iroWai, 

him, and served him; snd others many, 

at (Tavava^acrai avrcp eis ^XepocroXvfxa. 

those having come up with him to Jerusalem. 

ICJiap. 15: 41. 

to each other, " He saved 
others; cauuot lie save 

32 The Mfssiah! the 
KING of * Israel! let him 
come down now from the 
CROSS, that we may see 
and believe." Even those, 
X^\\o were crucified with 
him, reproached him. 

83 And the sixth Hour 
being come, there was 
Darkness over the "VMioie 
LAM), tilltlie ninth Hour. 

84 And at the * ninth 
Hour Jksus cried with 
a loud Voice, % " Eloi, 
Eloi, lamnia sabachtlianir" 
which, being translated, 
is, " My God ! to what hast 
thou surrendered me?" 

85 And some of those 
STANDING BY, hearing 
this, said, "Behold, he 
calls Elijah." 

36 J And one ran, and 
filled a Sponge with Vine- 
gar, and putting it on a 
Reed, gave him to drmk, 
saying, " Let him alone ; 
let us see whether Elijah 
will come to take him 

37 Then Jesus uttering 
aloud Voice, expired. 

88 t And the VEIL of the 
TEMPLE was rent in Two 
fiom top to bottom. 

RION who STOOD BY over 
against him, seeing that 
thus he expired, said, "Cer- 
tainly, *T'his MAN was a 
Son of God." 

40 JAnd "Women also 
were beholding from a dis- 
tance; among whom was 
Mary of Maodala, and 
Mary the mothek of 
.Tames the younger, and 
* of Joses, and Salome ; 

41 who when he was in 
Galilee, J followed him, 
and ministered to him ; 
and MANT Others, who 
came up with him ta* 

• Vatican Mawcscbipt.— 32. Israel. 34. ninth Hour. 34. saying' — omit 

84. my Gop — omit. 39. having cried— omit. 39. This man. 40. the mo. 

therot. 41. also — omit. 

X 82. Matt.xxvii. 44; Luke xxiii. 39. I 34. Psa. xxii. 1 ; Matt, xxvii. 40. I 38. Psa. 

Is'x. 21. t ^'^< Alatt.xxvii. 51 ; Luke xxiii. 4o. ; 40. I'sii. ^kxviii. 11. t 41. Lut» 

Tii .2,8. 

Chap. 15 : 4J.3_ 


•d^. 16 1 1. 

And DOW ecenrng being come, ^isincc it was prepa- 
fatioa, that is before sabbath,) c:xme Joseph 

it uvo AfiifidBaias^ tv<Txr)}x(i}v 0ovKevTr)s, 6s 

thatfrom Arimaxhea, ofranit atenaior, who 

^at avTos rjy vpotr^kxofifvos ^r)V'0a(n\eiav tov 

«Uo biauelf>'*a*. «xpectui; tt\e kingdom oflhc 

^iov, iroKfirjaas :eiTr}\6e vpos JliXaroVy Jcat 

^od, ^aiainiag courage weDtin to Pilate, £Dd 

j)T7}(raTO^ro-<xwiJ.a tov It\(Tov. ■*■* 'O 5e IliXdToj 

«<kedfor the. bod/ of the Jesoa^ 7be and Pilate 

sondercd, it already he das dead ; &nd 'faansg 

^ipos TOP tuyrvpiQivaf iin}pa)Tr\(T€v avrouy ei 

Called the centurion, Uc asked bim, if 

aroAai aireOdpf. ^ Kai ypovs avo tov Kevrv 

mhe^j iie bad died. And Vnowio" from the «eota-; 

jfiwvaSf *Z<£p7i<Tar6 Td.&u/xa T(p laxTrjip, '*^Ka( 

iCiou, iie£z\« the body to Joseph.. And 

Mi-yopaaas 'trip^opa, ^^kcu] JcaOeXuv avroPt. 

4>axic J bought Jiireo, ^and] having taken down biiSi 

\4ivetKricre rp ^ipBovr xai (KaTeOrjKiP avrov iv 

:t,c wrapped the dcneo ; «^d laid- liiia (in- 

^P7]H(i^, S -TfP \(\aTop.y]fxiPOP (K irerpas- jeat 

a Cotnb, which was -having been hewn out of . Jirock ; and 

vpoaeKvKure'^iBop em T-qv Qvpav tov /,u€tov.. 

rolled AstoDe against the door ofthe tonib. 

^'Hfie Mapia 7] May5a\7jpi] Kai Mapia Iccari 

The but Mai7 the MagdaleiM AuU Uaiy o/Jose* 

■^BfuipovVf ftrov TiQeTai, 

iffltfli^t _ ''Where he w as laid. 

KE*. jt'.JC, 
'AjLat'hiayrponevov tov aa$Bar6x^, f/iapia t) 

And l>«ng pa«t the -tabbatb, Mary the 

iMiaySaXjpfrj, Jcat Mapia y} tov laKuBov, Kat 

Magdalcse. -*nd Mary thatoftfaC' .^James, and 

tSaAw^i; Tjyopaaav apanaTUy Iva .fXOovo'ai 

-Halome ibooght «romatics, that coming 

,ia\ef\pu}<np -^avTOP. ^ Kai Xiav irpuii ttjs jxias 

XLey might anoist •htm. .AimI. .very. early .4>fibe first < 

<4ra$BaTuv ^fpxovrat «Tt to pj^ifieiop^ avarei- 

ofweek thry came ito dhe tomb, . Jiaving 

9M.UT0S -TOV TjKuHf. ^ 'Kat f\eyop vpos iavrasr 

«is(n the luo. And they said ilo themselvesi, 

liis.aito}cvKi(Tciii]pj.p-^ov XiBop (k TTjS'Svpas tov 

AVUo wd'^oUairay /for us the atone irota the ^loor «fthe 

givTifictav s '^Kar^apaB^f^acrat BeupcvciVy 6ti 

tomb I And .looking cp they sasr, that 

oiroKeKvXivTat ^ Ai0a»$* ijr yap-p-fyas ffj^oSpa., 

tiad beenioUed airay the stone;. it was for great very. 

^^Kai ei<r(\6ov(rcu cjs to p.pi)p.(tov^ fidop ve- 

•And iiaving entered into the tomb, they saw a 

42 J'And'Evcning.bcing 
now come, ((since it was 
the PrcparMion, -tbat is, 
the Day before Ibe Sab- 

43 THAT Joseph came» 
wlio was of Ariniathca, am 
honorable Senator, wlio 
himself also was J expect- 
ing the KINGDOM of Gou. 
taking courage, went to 
*PiLATK, and ask^d foe 
the BODY of Jesls. 

44 And Pjl.ATK uony 
dcrcd that lien as alread)^ 
dead; and hanng cuIktB 
the CENTUEiON, lie in- 
quired of him *if lie wa* 
already dead. 

45 And hatrng ascer- 
tained from -tlie ce.ntl'- 
R-ioN.hc giive the-*DEAD- 
Bonylo Joseph. 

46 And having- loughS 
Linen, taking liim down, 
he wrapped liim in -the 
UN EN, and *put a 
Tomb which was hfewn out 
of the Rock, and rolled a 
Stone to the ENTBAKCE of 
the TOMB. 

47 And Mary of Mag- 
DALA, and *TflAT Mary 
the mother of Joses, .saw 
where he was laid. 

ceTapter xy.i. 

1 J And the SABHATtt 
being past, Mary of Mag* 
DALA, and THAT Mai-y tho 
mother of James, andiSq- 
iomc, Ibought Aromatics, 
that they luight fomevaiid 
anoint him. 

2 And very-carly omtho 
* first day of the vWEEK, 
(about snnrisej they.caui& 

.to the .TOMB. 

3 And they said to them, 
selves, "'Who' will roll 
away the stoke for us 
from the £;sTaAKC£ oMhe 


4 (for it was very large./ 
And looking up, theyvsavp 
that the ^tone .Lad -buci* 
rolled away. 

5 J And * the 

^aticas-JSIasuscript.— 43. Pilate, 44. if hCJwas already dead. 45. dkad 

«oi>T. 40. and— 'rauf. 40. .put Uiiu. 47. juat Mary tike mother, 

iifirst day ol the WEEK. 5^ coming to. 

^42. Matt, xsvii. 57; Luke »xi»i.^iOj John XJX.S.S. ,t 43."'LukcJU^ SS. i LIIJOU 

gxvui. 1 ; Luke xxiv^-X^ John »>..l. - .ia>Xuke.JUiu.&ii. "i-^ Xuky JuiJUjA 

Jblin XX. H. 13. ~'' 

Cfiap. IC: 6.] 


[Oiap. 16: U. 

avKTKoy Kadrffifvoy iv tois Sc^iois, irfpi^^^Xr]- 

fuuth tiding ou the ri^-Ut, havia^ been 

fifvov (TTo\r]v XivKT]v /cat €^€daiuL$r]6riaav. 

clothed a robe white; and they were awe-struck. 

^'0 5e Xeyet avrats' Mr] CKdafM^ftade' Irjauvv 

He but says tcthenii Not hcyouamazed; Jesua 

^TjTfiTC Tov K:::(^apr)yov, top ((TTavpw/jLfvov 

yoK«eek the Naijj-eDe, the having beeu crucified; 

TjyepOrj, ovk cartv wde' i^e 6 tottos, ottov 

lie ba« been railed, not he is here; tee the place, where 

fOrjKay avrov. ^ AA,\' virayeTe, civare rois 

they l^id him. Vu: go, say to the 

fiaO-nrais avrov, Kai TCf UeTpcf}, on irpoayei 

disciplea ol'him, an;itot:ie Peter, that he goes before 

v/JLUs eis rrjv TaXikaiav €Kei avrov oxpeade, 

you into the Galilee; there him youniU&ee, 

Kadcifs eiirev vfiiv. ^ Kat (^e\6ovaai, e(pvyov 

a* he (aid to you. And bat-in j gone out, they fled 

airo Tov /xi/r)fj.eiov eix^ Se avTas Tpojxos Kat 

from the tomb; had seized and them trecoblin^ and 

e/co'TOTiS, Kai oi/Sevi cvZev eiirov e<po^ovvTo 

astonishment, and to no one nothing they said; they were afraid 



^ *[Ava(rTas Se irpcai irpcvTrj aa&$aTov -(pavrj 

[Having risen and early tirst of week he appeare-! 

npocTov Mapjo tjj Ma^SaA. 771/7?, a(^' t}S JKjSeyS- 

firkt tu Mary the M^i^daleiie, from whom ho had 

ATj/ctt cTTTtt haiiJLOVia. ^^ EK€iyri iropevd^i-^a 

cast seven demotes. 

CTTTj-y^fiAe TOIS fJ-er 

brought back word to those with 

douai Kat K\aiov(n. 

and weepi) 

She going 

avrov y€voiJL€u ij, irev- 

him having been, . -Oum- 

^^ Ka/cetvot aKovaavrs^r 

Andthc&e having be.-u-d 

OTt ^rj Kai (deaOrj vw* oyTTjs, fjTri(TT7)(r w 

that h* was alive and had been teen by her, they did "Ot believe. 

'■- Mera Se TauTo Svaiu 6| avTwy irepnr zrvciy 

After but these things -o two of tuem wal'-io'- 

((pavepwdrj ci/ hrtpa fiop<pr], vcpsv fi^v^i' er 

he appeared in another aspect, ^oing into 

aypov. ^" KaK€ivoi aTr^XdovTes anrjyy-; i\au 

country. And those having gone brought oark word 

TOIS \onrots° ovSe €K€ivois eTriaTeuaay. 

to the rest; neither to them did they give credit. 

^* 'TffTfpov, ayaK€L/j.eyoii avrois Tois ej/ScKO 

Afterwards, reclining with tUj: to the eleven 

e(pap(pw6iy Kai csj^-viSicrg ttj;' a.'^i"Ti.zt> avrwv 

he appeared; and reproached ti— unbelief o''them 

Kai <TKKi)pOKaphiai/, on toi OzacrKiicyois avTou 

and hardness cf heart, because to those havinErteec him 

iyt)yipu.(vov ovk ctricrrevrrav. 

having been raised not they gave credit. 

1^ Kai 




TOMB, they saw a Youth 
sitting at the keght side, 
eloihtd with awhiteRobe; 
and they were awe-struck. 

6 J And HK says to them; 
"Be not alarmed; you 
seek Jesus, that Naza- 


He has heen raised; he is 
not here. See the place 
where they laid hira ! 

7 But go, say to his 
DISCIPLES, and to Pf.ter, 
That he precedes you to 
Galilee; tliere you will 
see Him, Jas he said to 

"; And coming out, they 
fled from the tomb ; for 
trembling and iistonish- 
mcut had seized them; and 
tliey said nothing to any 
one, for they were afraid. 

^ * [And having risen 
early on the first day of tlie 
Week, :}:he appeared first 
whom he had expelled 
Seven Demons. 

10 JSljewent and told 
THOSE wlio had been with 
him, as they were mourn- 
ing and weeping. 

11 And tf)cg, having 
heard that he was alive, 
and had been seen by her, 
did not believe it. 

12 And after these 
things, he appeared in An- 
otiier Aspect $ to two 0/ 
them, as they were walk 
ing, going into the country. 

IS And ttfB returning 
announced it to the other 
disciplts; neither to THEM 
did they give credit. 

14 J Afterwards he ap- 
peared to the ELEVE>', as 
tiny were reclining, and 
censured their 0Nbkliki 
and obstinacy. Because 
tlicy believed not those 
who had SEEN him after 
hi: resuirection, 

• Vaticas Masuscbift.— 9— iO— omif. 

t 9. From this verse to the end ot the chapter is wanting in the Vat. MS., and in many 
other ancient copies. Griesbach marks the whole passage of very doubtful authenticitv.but 
retains it in the text, Tischendorf rejects the whole clause. IJutjudsrin^from the evidence 
with regard to this passage, it is probably an authentic fragment, placf-d as a completion o\ 
the Gospel in very early times ; and therefore coming to us with strong claims on cur re- 
ception and reverence. 


t 6 Matt, sxviii. 5—7. T 7. Matt. xxvi. 32 ; Mark siv. 28. + 9. Johu 31. 14 

10. Luke xxiv. Ii\ John xx. 18. t 12. Luke xsiv. 13. 1 14. Luka ixir- 'O- 

hnxrlU: ll.'ni »» K ^ ' 


ohnxx. IW. 1 Coi XT b. 

Chap. If. ; 15.] 


f Chap Ifi ; 20, 

avrois' Ilopei/fiei'Tes t/i rov Kon-fxov airavTa, 

to them J Having eone into the woild all. 

Ktjpv^are to evayyeXiou itacrri rri ktktci. ^^ 'O 

publish the glad tidings to all the creation. He 

TTiffTivcras Kai $aTrriT0eis, ccMidTjaeraf 6 Se 

having believed and having been dipped, sballbesaved; he but 

aTrKTTrjcras, KaTaKpiOrjaeTai. ^' STjjueza Se rois 

not having believed, sliall be condemned. Si^'na and to those 

TriaTeva-aai ravra irapaKoKfvdria'ef Ev t^j 

having believed these shall attend; In the 

opo/xaTi fxov haifxovia €K$a\ovcrL' yKwcrrrais 

name of me deoiona they shall ca&t out; with tongues 

\a\f}(rov(Ti Kaivais' ^^o({)eis apovai' Kav 

they shuUspeak new: serpents they shall takeup; andif 

dauam/uLou Ti Tricctriv, ov /jlt] avrois /8Aa\|/er 

deadly thing they m:iy drink, not not them it may hurt: 

€7rt appwarovs x^^P^^ iirn^ricTovcri, Kai KaXws 

upon sick, ones bauds they shall place, and well 

k^ovcriv. ^^'O jx^v ovu Kvptos, fxera to \a\T]- 

theywillbe. The indeed then Lord, after the tohave 

aai avTois, av?Xr}<bQy} fis rov ovpauoy, Kai 

•poken to them, he was lakeo up luto the heaven, and 

cKaOicrev €« Se^iuv rov deov -" cK€tvoi Se (j|cA.- 

sat at ri^h of the God: those and having 

Bovres €KTipv^av iravraxov, rov Kvpiov (rvuep- 

goue forth published everywhere, the Lord working 

yowTOS, Kai rov Xoyou fie^aiovvros 5/a tccp 

with, and the word ratifying through the 

fTraKO\ov(^ovvr(au cTTjuejoJi/.] 

flAQompayiug signs.] 

15 X And he said to 
them, "Go into all the 
WORLD, and proclaim the 


16 He who BELIEVFS 

and is immersed will be 
saved; but he who be- 
lieves NOT will be cou- 

17 And these Signs will 
accompany the believ- 
ers; Jin my name thev 
Mill e.\pcl Demons; J they 
will speak in new Lan- 
guages ; 

18 I they will take up 
Serpents; and if they 
should drink any deadly 
poison, it will not injure 
Them; J they will lay 
Hands on Sick persons, 
and they will be well." 

19 Tiicn, indeed, after 
the Lord had spoken to 
them, J he was taken up 
into heaven, and sat 
down at the Right hand of 

20 And THOSE having 
gone forth, proclaimed 
everywhere, J the Lord 
co-operating, and ratifying 
the WORD through the 
accompanying Signs. 


• Vatican Manvsckift. — Si»6«cripf»0B— According to Mark. 

t 15. Matt. x.xviii. 19; Eom. x. 15— if»; Col. I 23. t 16 Acts ii. 88; viii. 12; xvi.St 

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84, 35. 1 SO Acts v. 12 : xiv. 3 ; 1 Cor. 1. 4, 5 ; Heb. ii. 1. 




KE*. a . 1. 

Since many have undertakeii to prepare 

diri'Yy](Tiv TTepi rcvv TT^irhr]po<pop7]fxevb3U (U i]ixiv 

a narrative about those having been fully established among ua, 

Ttpay/iiaTcuv, - Kadws irapeSoaau rjfjiiy ot air' 

facta, even aa delivered to us those from 

apxv^ avToirrai Kai virr^pfTai •yevofxevoi tov 

a beginning eye-witnesses and mintsters havingbeea of the 

\oyov ^eSo^f Kauoi, irapTjKoXovdvKOTi avwdev 

word; itseemedrightalso tome, baviugtraced from the first 

iracriu aKptOas, KaOe^ris (roi ypaxf/ai, Kpa- 

all accurately^ in an orderly mannerto thee to write, O moat 

TJTT6 &€0(pi\€, ^ lua iiriyu(t>s Trepi oav 

excellent Theophilus, that thou mayestknowconcerningwbich 

KaTTJxvGvs Xoycov rriv aa^aXeiap. 

chou hast been taught of words the certainty. 

" Y.yfViTO fv rais rjfxepais "HpwSov, Toi/jSofTf- 

Was in th» days ofHerod, the king 

KcdiS TTjs lovSaias, iepevs ris oyofxariZaxapias, 

of the 'Jews, a priest certain name Zacharias, 

6^ €(pri/j.(pias A$ia' Kai t) yuurj avrov ck rocu 

of course ofAbia; and the wife of him of the 

Qvyar^pcou A-apaiv, Kai ro uvoua cvr7]s EAffrajSer. 

daughters of Aaron, and the name of her Elisabeth. 

' Waau 5e SiKatoi afKporepoi cvutriov tov Oeou, 

They were and righteous both in prtseuce of the God, 

TTopevofxevoi eu iracais rais €VTo\ais fcai SiKai- 

walking in all the commaudaients and ordi- 

a}/.La<Ti TOV Kvplov afjLffxivToi. ^ Kai ovk t)v avTois 

nances of the Lord blameless. And not was to theta 

Tffd'OJ', KaOoTi 7] E\ifra0eT 7]V aTeipa, Kai 

aci.ild, because the Elisabeth na« barren, and 

a/JifpoTcpoi irpo^e^TjcoTes fu Tais rj/JLfpais avTwv 

both having been advanced in the davs of them 

r](Tav. ^Y.y(V€To Se ei/ Tcf UpaTfveiv avTov 

were. It happened now in the to perform sacred rites him 

iv TTj Ta|et T17S ecprj/jLfpias avrov evavTt tov 

in the order ofthe course ofhim before ofthe 

6enu, ^ Kara to edos ttjs hparfias fXaxf 

God, according to the tustora of the priesthood it fell to hislo 


1 Since many have un- 
dertaken to prepare a His- 
tory of those FACTS, which 
have been fully estab- 
lished among us, 

2 J even as those, who 
TVKRE from the Beginning 
J'A'c-witnesses and Dispen- 
se! s of the WOED, delivered 
iheni to us ; 

3 it seemed proper for 
me also, having accurately 
traced all things from the 
first, to write to Tliee in 
consecutive order, J f Most 
excellent Theophilus, 

4 that thou mayestknow 
t the certat.nty of the 
tV'oids, concerning which 
thou hast been taught. 

5 Jin the days of 
Herod, * King of Judea, 
there was a certain Priest 
named Zachnriah, J of the 
Course of Ahijah; and his 
* Wife was of the daugh- 
ters of Aaron, and her 
name was Elizabeth. 

6 And they were both 
rigliteous in the sight of 
God, walking in all the 
coiiMyvNDMENTs and In- 
stituiions of the Losd 

7 Andthey had no Child, 
because * Elizabeth was 
barren, and both were far 
advanced in years. 

8 >iow it occurred, while 
he was peekormijng the 
priest's dee ice befoie 
God, in the order of his 

9 t that it fell to him by 
lot, according to the cus- 

• Vatican Manuscbipi.- 

-Title— AccosLOinQ to Lukb. 

6. King. 

6. Wife. 


mans on tbeirprincipal senators. " +9. Prideaux.referriiiVto Lig-htfoot'siVmpleServk^' 
saj's, that thepnests.accordinp to David's institution, were divided into twentv-four courses 
that each course attendedatJerusaleniitsweek; and everv course being divided intoseven 
Classes, each class served its day at tlie temple ; and each priest of that class had his part in 
the service appointed by lot. And Ji.sephus pives much the same account, adding that the 
priests entered upon their ofHce on the sabbath-day at noon, and left it at the same time on 
thesabbatii-day toUowing; and that this practice, first settled by David, continued to his 
own days.— Pearce. ' v u o 

t 2. Heb. li 3 ; 1 Pet. v. 1 ; 2 Pet. i. If.; 1 John i. 1 ; Mark i. 1 ; .Tohn xv. S7. t 3 Act* 

1.1. :4.Johnxi.31. {5. Matt. 11.1. J 5. 1 Chron xxiv. lo; 10 ; Neh. xii! 4. 17 

Oiap. 1: 10.] 


Tov Ovfxiatrai^ eiffeXdwu fis tov vaou rov Kvpiov 

ofthe to burn incense, entering into the temple of the Lord; 

^^ Kat irav to ttXtjAos rjv tov \aov irpoa-evxofMevov 

and whole the multitude was of the people praying 

€|a> tt; aipa tov dufxia/xaros. " ricpdr) 5e 

■"ithout to the hour ofthe incense burning. Appeared and 

avT(p ayyf^^os Kupiov, karroos e/l ^e^i'Jiv tov 

toJiim a messenger of a lord, standing at right ofthe 

dv<Tia(TTT}piov TOV QvixLafxaTos. ^^ Kai erapaxGrj 

alter ofthe incense. And was troubled 

2axapias idcov, Kai (po^os cTreireaeu 67r' avTov. 

Zacharias seeing, and fear fell upon bim. 

^^EiTre Se irpos avrov 6 ayye\os' Mtj ^o$ov, 

Said but to him the messenger; Not fear, 

Zaxapta* Stort cKX-nKovfTBt] rj Serja-is (Tov, Kai rj 

Zacharias; because has been heard the prayer of thee, and the 

yvvrj (TOV EAi(ra/3eT yfvvr^crei viov (Tol- Kai 

wife of thee Elisabeth shall bear ason to thee; and 

KaX^aeis to ovojxa avrov lwavvT]v. ^^ Kai 

thou Shalt call the name ofhim John. And 

effrai X<^P* '^'" '^'^' ayaXKiaais, Kai voWoi 

aeshallbeajoy to thee and exultation, and many 

^5 Eo-rai 

He shall be 

€7rt Ti; ycve(TGi avrov xapricrovTai. 

at the birth ofhim shall be glad. 

yap fxeyas ^vwkiov Kvpiov Kai oivov Kai aiKepa 

for great in sight of a lord; and wine and strong drink 

ov fitj TTir)' Kai TTV^vfxaros aytov ■irKr]rr6r](reTai 

not nothemay drink; and a spirit of holy shall be filled 

€Ti CK KoiKias ixrirpos avrov. ^^ Kai iroWovs 

yttouto womb of mother ofhimself. And many 

rwU viwv l(Tpar]\ cin(Trpe\p€i firi Kvpiov tov 

oftha sons of Israel shallheturn to a lord the 

Qiov avrcDV. ^^ Kat avros Tzpo^K^vacrai evcoiriov 

God of them. And he shall precede in the sight 

avrov €V Trvevfj-ari Kai Swajnei K\iov, eiria-rpe- 

ofhim in spirit and power ofElias, to 

\l/ai KapBias -narepcou eiri reKva, Kai aneideis cu 

turn hearts offathers to children, and disobedient by 

(bpo^'Ticrei diKaiooP, eroi/jLaaai Kvpicp Xaov Kare- 

windom of )ust (ones,) to make ready for a lord a people having 

^^ Kai eiire Zaxapias irpos tov 

And said Zacharias to the 


been prepared. 

ayyeXov Kara ri yvwao/iiai rovro ; eyw yap 

messenger; By what shall I know this? 1 for 

^iiii TToeo-jSuTTjs, Kai V yvvt) fiov irpo&f^VKvia 

am an old man, and the wife of me far advanced 

ev rais Tj/x^pais avr-i)s. ^^ Kai airoKpideis 6 

in the days 

ayyeXos enrev avrcf 

said to him. 

of herself. And answeaing the 

E7W eifii Fa^piTjX, 6 


Gabriel, the 

[Chap. 1: 19., 


Jto go into the f sanctu- 
ary of the Lord to burn 


10 J And the "Whole MUL- 
TiTCDE of the PEOPLE was 
praying without, at the 


11 And there appeared 
to him an Angel of thf 
Lord, standing at the righ 
side of the altar of in 


13 And Zachariah see- 
ing him, J was agitated, 
and I'ear fell on hiru. 

13 But the ANGEL said 
to him, "Fear not, Zacha- 
riah ; because thy prayer 
has been heard; and thy 
WIFE Elizabeth will bear 
thee a Son, Jandthoushalt 
call his NAME John. 

14 And he will be to 
thee aJoy and Exultation; 
and many will rejoice on 
account of his birth. 

15 For he will be great 
in the sight of the Loud ; 
and J will not partake of 
Wine and t Strong drink; 
but he will be filled with 
lioly Spirit, even from his 

16 And many of the 
SONS of Israel will he turn 
to the Lord their God. 

17 t And i)e will come 
first into his sight in the 
Spirit and Power of Elijah, 
to tiirn the Hearts of Fa- 
thers to Children, and tlie 
Disobedient, by the Wis- 
dom of the Uighteous ; to 
make ready for the Lord a 
prepared People. 

18 And Zachariah said 
to the ANGEL, J " By wiiat 
shall I know this ? for 5 
am old, and my wipe is 
far advanced in tears." 

19 And the angel an- 
swering, said to him, | " I 
am that Gabriel, attend- 

t 9. The holy place where the altar of incense stood, before the veil. Exod. xxx. 1, 6—8; 
xl. 26. + 15. The original word is derived from a root wliich signifies to inebriate; an(| 

denotes wine made from fruits, and particularly from the palm. John was to he a Nazarite. 
Jerome says, " Any inebriating liquor is called siccra, whether made of torn, apples, honey, 
dates, or aiiy other 'fruits." The English word cider comes from the same word. 

X 9. Exod. XXX. 7, 8; 1 Sam. ii. 28; 1 Chron. xxiii. 13 ; 2 Chron. xxix.ll. t 10. TiCV. 

xvi.17. t 11. Pan. X. 8; Luke 1.29; ii. 9 ;Acts x. 4; Fev. i. 17. t IS. ver. 60, 6:i 

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12. J 18. Gen. xvii. 17. 1 19. Dan. viii. 16 ; \\. 21—23; Matt, xviii. 10. 

tjhap. 1 : 20] 


[ Cliajp. 1 : 29. 

irapecTTTiKus evojirioy ■, ov Ofov Kai airearaK'qv 

having attended in presence of the God; and T am sent 

XaKriaai irpos ae, Kai evayy(\i(Ta(Tdai coi 

to apeak to thee, and to tell glad tidings to thee 

ravra. ^ Kai idov^ ear} (riwirwu, Kai /xt] 

these. And lo, thou shaltbe having been dumb, and not 

dut^a/iieuos \a\r}(Tai, axpi V^ 7]fj.fpas yey-qrai 

being able to speak, till of which day may be ('one 

ravTW avff uu ovk enicrTevaas rots \oyois 

these; because of which not thou hast believed the words 

uov, oiTives ir\j]p(i}97}(T0VTai eis Toy Kaipou 

of me, which shall be fulfilled into the season 

avrau. "^ Kot riv 6 Kaos TrpoaSoKcov tov T^axc- 

ofthem. And was the people waiting lor the Zacha- 

piav Kai cOavfxa^ov (v T<p -X-povi^nv avrou ev 

rias; and wondering in the to delay him in 

Tcp va(jf, ^- EleA^wv Se ovk rjSvvaTO \a\r](rai 

the temple. Coming out but not he was able to speak 

avTois' Kai eireyvcAxrav, oti oTtraaiau iwpaKsv 

to them ; and they perceived, that a vision he has seen 

fu T(p vaq}' Kai avTos t]V hiavevuiv avrois, Kai 

in the temple; and he was making signs to them, and 

Ste/xei/e Kuxpos. ""^ Kat eyevero ws eTr\r]<T6r]crau 

remained dumb. And it happened as were filled 

al rjfxfpai rrjs \eiToupyias aurov, airrjKOey eis 

the days of the ministration of him, he went to 

TOV oiKOV avTov. *'* MeTa 5e ravTas ras Tj^epas 

the house of himself. After and these the days 

(rvue\a$ev EKiaa^eT rj yvvrj avrov Kai ircpi- 

t conceived Elisabeth the wife of him; and hid 

eKpu^ev kavTTjv ixrjvas irevre, \eyouara' "^ 'Ort 

hesself months five, saying: That 

ovTu fxoi ireTroir)Kev 6 Kvpios eu rjfxcpais, als 

thus to me has done the Lord in days, which 

eireiSey a(pc\fiu to oveiSos /xov ev avOpwirois, 

be looked on to take away the reproach of me among men. 

26 Ev Se TCp /UTJl/t TCp €KT(p OTTeTTaA-TJ 
In now the month the sixth was 'ent the 

ayyfXos Ta^pirjX biro rov 6eov eis iroAiu T7]s 

messenger Gabriel by the God to a city of the 

Ya\i\aias, 'ri ovojxa Na^aper, ^ -rrpos irap- 

Galilee, to which a name Nazareth, to a 

6evov fiefx.yr}<rTcviJL€vr}v avSpi, 'cf ououa Iwarjcp, 

virgin having been betrothed to a man, to whom a name Joseph, 

6| OIKOV Aavih' Kai to ovo/uLa rrjs TrapOfuov, 

of house of David: and the name of the virgin, 

MapiafJL. ^ Kat eKTeKOwv 6 ayy^Aos irpos 

Mary. And coming the messenger to 

auT-qv, eiirc Xaipe, /cexap'Tco^erT/* 6 Kvpios 

her, said: Hail, having been favored : the Lord 

juera (Tov *\^evKoyr]ix(vri <Tv ev yvvai^iv.l 

with the«: [having been blessed thou among women,] 

^'H Se 67ri T(f} \oy({} SieTapaxSv* Kai SieKoyi- 

She but at the word was greatly agitated, and pon- 

C^TO, iroTairos eir] 6 acrvaTfxos ovros. *' Kai 

dered, what could be the salutation this. And 

iNG in the presence of 
God; and I am sent to 
speak with thee, and to 
tell thee these glad tidings. 

20 And hehold, thou 
shalt be silent, and unable 
to speak, till the Day when 
these things are accom- 
plished; because thou liast 
not believed my words, 
which will be fulfilled in 
their season." 

21 And the people 
were waiting for Zacha- 
RTAH, and wondered at 
in the sanctuary. 

22 And coming out, he 
could not speak to them ; 
and they perceived Tliat 
he had seen a Vision in 
the sanctuary; lor Ije 
made Signs to them, and 
continued t speechless. 

23 Anditotcurred, when 

Jthe DAYS of his PUBLIC 

SERVICE were completed, 
he returned to his own 


24 And after These DAYS 
Elizabeth his wirE con- 
ceived, and concealed lier- 
selffive Months, saying, 

25 "Thus has the Lort> 
done for me, in the Days 
when he regarded me, % to 
take away my beproach 
among Men." 

26 Now, in the sixth 
5IONTH, the ANGEL Gabriel 
was sent by God to a City 
of Galilee, named Naza- 

27 to a Virgin ^betrothed 
to a Man whose name was 
Joseph, of the House of 
David; and the virgin's 
NAME was Mary. 

28 And coming in to her, 
he said, |"nail, favored 
one', the Lord is with 

29 But SHE was greatly 
agitated at the WORD ; and 
she pondered what this 
SALUTATION could mean. 

* Vatican Manuscbipt. — 28. blessed art thou among women — omit, 

t 22. or deaf and dumb, for the origin.-il word baa this double meanin!?. That Zacharinh 
w!<s deprived for a time of both these senses is evident from verse 62, where it is said, " thej 
luude signs to the father." 

i '}\ 1 Kinss xi. 5 ; 1 Chron. ix. 25. 
t 27 • Aiatt. i. 1« ; Mark ii. 4, 5. 

t 2& Gen. XXX. 23; Isa. iv. 1; liv. 1,4 

Chap. 1: 30.] 


iLTTiv 6 077 €\os avT-p' Mtj (po^ov, Mapiaw 

«aid the messenger to her; Not fear, Mary; 

31 Kai iSov, 

And lo, 

evpes yap X'^P"' irapa to: c/fa' 

thou batt found for favor with the God. 

■halt tear 



a son. 



3- Ol/TOS 


(TvWrjTpr] ev yacrrpi, 

thou shalt conceive in womb, 

KaXecreis to ovofxa avrou Irjcrovv 

thou shalt call the name of him Jesus. 

€<Trai fieyas, Kai vlos v^kttov KXrjOrjaeTat.' Kai 

shall be word, and a son of highest he shall be called; and 

Sojjret avTQj Kvpios d Oeos rou Qpovov AaviS rov 

shall give to him a lord the God the throne of David the 

irarpos avTov ^ Kai ^aaiXfvarei €iri rov oiKov 

father of him; and he shall reign over the bouse 

laKw^ e/s rovs aiaifas, KaiT-qs ^acriXeias avrov 

of Jacob to the ages, and of the kingdom of him 

ovK €<rTai reKos. ^^Enre Se Mapia/j. irpos rov 

not shall be an end. Said but Mai/ to the 

ayysKov Tlws eCTOi tovto, ciret avSpa ov yi- 

messenger; How shall be this, since a man not I 

vaxTKw; ^ Kai airoKpideis 6 ayyeXos eiirej/ avrr)' 

know? And answering the messenger said to her; 

Yli/evfia ayiov 67r6\eu(T6Tat fTrt fre, xai dwa/mis 

A spirit holy shall come upon thee, and a power 

v\Li(rTOv eTTKTKiacrei aor Sio Kai to y^vucafx^vov 

of highest shallovershadowthcc; therefore and the bein^ begotten 

ayiov^ K\r}6r](T€Tai vlos Q^ov. ^ Kai iSov, 

holy, shall be called a son of God. And lo, 

EXKTa^eT 7] cruyyevrjs (rov, Kai avTij avveiXt]- 

Elisabelh the kinswoman olthee, even she having 

<pvia viov ev yvpei avTrjs' Kai ovtos u-qv eKTos 

conceived a son in old age of her: and this month siith 

eCTTlV aUTT} TTI KaXov/xePT] (TTiipa. 
is to her the being called barren. 

adwaT-qaei trapa tw deep itav prijxa 

shall be impossible with the God every word. 

Mapiafx.' l5ov, 7) Sovkr] Kvpiov 

Mary I lo, the handmaid ofalord: may it be done to me 

KaTa TO prifxa <rov. Kat aTreXOeu ott' avT-rjs b 

according to the word of thee. 



29 AuacTTacra Se 

Arising and 

TUVTais, eiropevOri 

those, she went 

(TTTOuSrjs, €is TToXiv Iou5a. 

haste, into a city ofJuda. 

Tov oiKov ZaxapioVf Kai rja-rratTaTO ttjv E\iaa- 

the house of Zachari.-is, and saluted the Elisa- 

/ScT. *^ Kai eyeveTOy ws rjKova-ev t] EXicra^iT 

beth. And it happened, as beard the Elisabeth 

' 'On OVK 

For not 

38E(T6 56 

Said and 

y€Voiro fioi 

from her the 

Mapia/jL fp Tais rjiiepais 

Mary in the days 





TT)V op€ivr]v 

the billy country 

^ Kat eicn]X6iV eis 

And entered into 

[C^ap 1: 41. 

80 And the angel said 
to her, "Fear not, Mary; 
for thou hast found Favor 
witli God. 

31 jAnd beheld, thou 
wilt conceive, and bear a 
Son, and Jtliou shalt call 
his NAME t Jesus. 

33 f^eMillbepreat, and 
will be called a Son of the 
MostHi<;h; and J the Lord 
God will give him the 
THRONE of David his ta- 

33 and J he will reign 
over tlie house of Jacob to 
tlieAGKS; andofhisKiNG. 
DOM there will l)eno End.*' 

34 Tiien Mary said to 
the ANGEL, " How can this 
be, since I know not a 

35 And the angel an, 
sweriiig, said to her, 
J "Holy Spirit will come 
upon thee, and Power from 
the Most High will over- 
shadow thee; and there- 


HOLY, will be called a Son 
of God. 

36 And behold, Eliza, 
heth, thy kinswoman, 
even Bf)e has conceived a 
Son in her Old age; and 
this is the sixth Month 
with HEK who is called 

37 jFor *No Dcclara. 
tion is impossible with 

38 And Mary said, " Be- 
hold, the HANDMAJD of 
the Lord ! May it be done 
to nie according to thy 
WORD." And the angel 
departed from her. 

39 And Mary arising in 
those DAYS, went to ttlie 


with haste, to a City of Ju- 

40 and entered into the 
HOUSE of Zachariah, and 
saluted Elizabeth. 

41 And when Eliza- 

• Vatican Ma.ndscbipt. — 37. of God Ko Declaration is, 

t 31. See Note on Matt. i. 21. 

t 31. Isa. vii. 14 ; Matt. i. 21. 1 31. Luke ii. 21. 

cxxxii. 11; Isa. ix.6; xvi.S; Jcr. xxiii5; Acts ii. SO. 
vii. U, 27; Micah iv. 7; Heb. i. 8. T ?,:-,. Matt. i. 20. 

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t 83. Isa, XXIV. 23; Dan. 'i. 44: 

t 3?. Gen.xviii U: J.-r. 

X St. 7; 

Chap. 1 : 420 


[ Chap. 1 : 55. 

Tov aairaayLOP rr\s Mapjos, faKipTriae to /3p6- ^^th lieard the saluta- 

ihe Mluution ofthe Mary, leaped the babe TIG.\ of MaEY, the BABK 

<po5 eu TT? KoiKia avr-qs' Kai irX-qadrj irvev^iaTOS ^'f^P-'^ ^- ^^^ womb ; and 

in the womb' of her; and wu filled a .pirit i -T^LIZABETH WaS tilled with 

ayiov 71 YLXi'Ta^iT, Kai avi(pu}V7)ai (puivrj fjLi-yaXv ,%^^^\' 

of holy the EiUaheth, and lUe cned oul with a voice greit ] ^'■^ AllU SllC eXClaimed 

Kai ftirey *»- Eu\oyvU(vri au fv yvvaifi- Kai ^'^^ \^^^^ * Voice, and 
- ' '^ ' ' '' said, "Blessed art tfjou 

among AVouien ! and bles- 
sed is the rsuiT of thy 
w MB : 

43 But how happenr 
this tc me, that the mo- 
th f.r of my LoED should 
come to me? 

44 lor behold, when the 


came to my eaks, the 

and taidj Having been blfs^ed thou amon^ women j and 

fv\oyt]iJLfvos 6 Kapnos rrjs KoiKias cov. ^ Kai 

hatin; been bletKd the fruit of the womb ofttee. And 

TTodet/ fioi TovTo, Iva f\BT) 71 fjLr)Tr,p rou Kvpiov 

wiience tome thi*, thatthou'.dcomr the mother ofthe Lord 

fi.ou irpQS pLf ; ■*■* iSow yap, uis eytPtTO f} (pwvT] 

for, a* came the voice 



rou otTiraT/jiov (Tou eis tu wra fMOu, f(TKipTT)(Te 

oftke aalutatioa of thee iir.o ti^e tin of lue, leaped 

TO Bpf(pos fu ayaWiaaei (v rj) KoiXia fiov. 

the babe in exukalioa ic the womb of me. ~ ,'" ~^^ . ' 

45 ir « I , BABE leaned m inv woitB 

'^ Kai fxaKapta rj wiareucraa-a, on €Trai TeXeico- j^^. j^^^. '^ ' 

And b<pp7 ahe hannj be.ieve-i, that (hall be -'•.= ■■ 

ciy TOtj Ki\a\T]a(voi% avrji trapa Kvpiov. 

ment to tbo«e having been told to uec from a lord. 


45 And happy SHE hat- 
! IN'G BELIF.YEO that there 
;\>ill he a Fulfillment of the 
** Kat fiTre MapjoM* 'M.^yaKwei rj ^vxt] ftov « oeds spokew to her by 

And iaid Miry. ica^uinea the »oul ofuie the Lofd." 

TOW Kvpiov, ■*' Kai TjyaWtaae ro iruevua jxov em 46 A nU Mary said, J "My 

the Lord, and ha» eiulceJ the spirit of me in | SOL'L 6 vtoia ihc LOBD, 

T(p df(f> T(f} awTTjpi /uLuv '*^6ti 67r€/8A6i^5i' eTTj i 47 and my spieit ex. 

the God the iavior oime; for helooked upon ult3 in GOD my SaTJOE; 

Tr}y Taweivcccr IV T7JS dooKrjs aorov. ISow yapA .48 because he kiiid.y 

the lowttate ofthe handmaid ofhirakelf. Lo for, I viewed the HITMB-Z CON- 

ano TOV vvv fiaKapiovai fi, t a^r ai al 76r6ar ' ^'"^"^"Vn"'^''' ''"*'"' 

from the now wiUcallbappv me .^1 the generation.; ' '"'^' "i . , , " "'"■■*''" ^"'^ 

4Q , , s *. I THIE t.\ll GENKEATi-JNS 

^ oTi firoi-qcre fioi fieyaXaa o ouvutos' Kai\ 

fur has done tome greattbin^t the mighty on^i and I 

ayiov TO ovoaa. avrou, '^ Kai to cAeos avTov 

holy the Dame ofhim, and the iziercy ofnicb 

6is ytv^as yfvfcuv tois (po^ov/jLeuots avTov. 

to generauons of geoeraiions to those fearing him. 

*^ ETTOjTjTe Kparos eu ^pax^ovi avTov 5if(TKop- 

He has ahowed strength with arm ofhimielf: be has 

"Kiaev virep7}(pavovs Siayoia Kapdias aurwv. 

dispersed arrogantones in thougUt ofhearu of them. 

'^ Ko06i\€ hvva(TTai airo Qpovtuv, Kai vr^/wae 

He has cast down mighty ones from thrones, and lifted up 

raTTfivovs. *^ YletvciiuTas eveirXrjo'iy ayaOajv, 

humble ones. Hungering onea he tilled of good thin -a, 

Kai irAouTovj/Tos eloTrfcreiAe K€uov%. °^Avt6- 

and being nch he sent away empty. He 

Aa/SeTO IcpaTjA irciSos auTov, fivqcrdrivai eXeovs, 

aided Israel a child of himself, to remember mercy, 

^ {^KaQws (XaXrjcre irpos tovs Trarepas 7}piwv,) 

(as he spoke to the fathers of us,) 

will pronounce me nappy . 

49 tor '.he MiGHTt One 
has done Wonders ^or aie -. 
Jand iioly is his .name • 

50 X and his mercy ex- 
tends to Generations of 
Generations of Tuos£ who 
f£AE him. 

51 % He shows Strenjrth 
+ with his Arm; he dis- 
perses those Proud jn the 
Thought of their I•^^:•art». 

52 X Ue casts down Po- 
tentates from Thrones, and 
raises up the owlv. 

53 He mis the "Hungry 
with ftood tilings, and the 
Rich he sends away empty. 

54 He supports Israel, 
his own CliildL, remember- 
ing .Mercy, 

55 (t as be spoke to oui 

-42. Crv. 

• Vatican Masuscript.- 

51. Grotius observes, that God's efficacy is represented by \\\%finaer, his great power by his 
land, and his ommpntence by his arm. The plague otiice was the finger of God, Exod vii ii 
Theplagiies in general were wroueht by his hand, Exod. iii. So. And the destriiciion ot 
Pharoah's host in the Red Sea, is calle-i the act of his arm, Esod. xv. 16. 

. ., i,^- ^ ^*™- i'; ^o t. *8- 1 ukc xi. 27. ♦ 40. Fsa. txi. «. * 50. Psa. <nu 

Chap. 1: 


^ . — 

T(f A^paa/x KttL TCf airfpfxart avrou ews aiwvos. 

to the Abraam and to the seed of him even to an age. 

^^Efx^ive Se 'Mapia/J. crvv avrrj coaei yi-qvo-S Tpus' 

Abode and Mary with her about month* three: 

feat bTri(rTpe\peu eis top oikov avTfjs. 

and returned to the house of her. 

^"Tj7 Se EKicra^^T eirXricrOT] 6 xP^vos tov 

To the now Elisabeth wasfullilled the time of the 

T^K€iv avT-QV Kai eyevv-qo'ei' vlov. ^^ Kat rjKov- 

to bear her; and she brought forth a son. And heard 

aav 01 irepioiKoi kui ol (rvyyeveis avrrjs, on 

the neighbors and the kindred of her, that 

€iJ.eya\vv€ Kvpios to eXeos a'jTov ficT avTrjs' 

had aiagnified a lord the mercy of himself towards herj 

Kui (TUJ'exatpov owtt?. ^^ Kat eye^eTO, fV tt) 

and they rejoiced with her. And it came to pass, in the 

oyhor, ijiifpa. r\X6ov TrepiTefieiv to TraiSiup' Kai 

eighth day they came to circumcise the littlechildi and 

e/taAofi' avTO, eiri tm ouofxaTi tov iraTpos avTOv, 

called ii, after the name of the father of him, 

Zaxapittv. ^Kai airoKpiQ^iaa rj firiT-rip avTov 

iCacbarias. And auMvering the mother ofhim 

ttTrev Oi»xt* aWa KXrjdrja-erailcoavvqs. ^^ Kat 

said; No: b'lt he shall be called John. And 

(iTTov Ttpos avT-qv 'Oti evSfis eaTiv ev tt; 

Ihey said to her ; That no one is among the 

avyyeveia crovj 6s KaXeiTai Tcp ovo^aTi tovtcj), 

kindred * of thee, who is called to the name this. 

^^Evevevou Se Tcp Trarpt outou, to Tt av dfAoi 

Theymadesignsthento the father ofhiui, the whathe would desire 

KaXfiadai avTOV. ^** Kat atrTjiras TrtJ-a/ctStoj/, 

to be called him. And havin Requested a tablet, 

eypa^e^ \fywy IwavurjS eiTTi to ovojia auTov. 

he wrote, saying: John is the name ofh:m. 

Kat fOavixaaatf iravTes. ^^ Auicpxdr} Se to 

And they wondered alL Was opened and the 

KrTOjxa auTov irapaxpil/^o-f '^ot' V yXccaaa auTov 

inouih olhim immediately, and the tongue ofhimj 

Kat eXaXei tvXoywv tov Oeou. ^ Kot eyeueTO 

and bespoke Wlessing the God. And came 

Bin -iravTas (po^os tovs irepioiKOVVTas avTovs' 

on all alear those dwelling around themj 

Kat ey dXrj tt; op€ivri Tr)S Ioi»5aias Si€\oA.6tT0 

and in whole the hilly-country of the Judea talkedofthroughout 

xoi'Ta Ta prifxaTU Taura. ^ Kat edei/TO TravTes 

all the things these. And placed all 

Ol oKoua-at/res ev tt; KopSia auTwu, XeyovTes' 

those having heard in the hearts of themselves, eaying; 

[Giap. 1: 66. 


and to liis posTEEiTY, even 
to the Age." 

56 And Mary remained 
with her a^cut three 
Months, ana returned to 
her HOUSE. 

57 Now Elizabeth's 


was fulfilled ; and she 
brought forth a Son. 

58 And her NEiGHBOKS 
and BELATiYEs heard That 
the Lord had magnified 
his MERCY towards her; 
and they rejoiced with her. 

69 And, onfthe eighth 
Day, J when tliey cauie to 
circumcisethe CHILD, they 
were about to call liini 
Zachariah, after the namb 
of his EATHEE; 

60 but his MOTHER in- 
terposing, said, "INo; but 
J he shall be called John." 

61 And they said to her, 
" There is no one among 
thy helattves, who is 
called by this kame." 

63 Then they asked his 
FATHER, by Signs, what 


63 And requesting +a 
tablet, he wrote, saying, 
t"llis name is John." 
And they all wondered, 

64 X for his MorxH was 
instantly opened, and his 
TOXGUE loosed; and he 
spoke, praising God. 

65 And Fear came on 
ALL their neighbors. 
And All these thinos were 
talked of through All the 

I mountainous COUNXKTC 

of Judea. 

66 And All those 
hearing, pondered theiu 
in their heaets, saying, 

t 59. Not before that day, because the mother was unclean seven days, Lev.xfi.l, 2 ; and 
so was the chui, by touching her, and therefore he was not then fit to be admitted into cove- 
nant. The law appointedno certa'.n place in which circumcision was to be done, nor any 
certain person to perform it, and therefore it was sometimes done by women, Exod. iv.2.5, 
and here in the house of Elizabeth, as appears by her presence at it, verse 60, The Jews did 
it sometimesin the'r schools, for the sake of the number of the witnesses. Then also they 
«a/ne(Z the infant; because, when God instituted circumcision, he changeathe nanies o| 
Abraham and Sarah.— TJ'Ai^fij*. Among the Jews, the child was named when it was circum- 
cised, and ordinarily the name of the father was given to the first-born son.— ^. Clarke. 
t 63. A thin board, made out of the pine-tree, smeared over with wax, was used among the 
ancients, as a writing-tablet. 

t 69. Gen. xvii. 12 ; Lev. xii. 8. 1 60. ver. 13. t 63. ver. IS. J 64. ver. 

80. t 65- ver. S9. 

dap. 1 : 67 ] 


[CliapA : 79. 

Tt apa TO TraiSiou tovto fCTTai ; Kai X^ 'P 

What then the child thU will be? And baud 

Kvptov 7]v /uer' avTov. 

of Lord naa with him. 

^7 Kai Zaxct-pias S iranip avrov cirX-qaOt] 

And Zachariaa the father ofuim was filled 

iruev/xaTos ayiov, Kai irpoecp-nTeuae, keywy 

a spirit of holy, and proplicsictl, saying; 

KvKoyrjTos Kvpios, 6 deos tov IcrparjX' 6ti 

Bleued ^ord, the God ofthe Israel; for 

€Trt(r/c6i|/OTo Kai eiroirjare XvTpaxTiv Ttp Xacp 

he has %'isited and wrought redemption to the people 

ajTou, "^ Kai T]yeipi Kepas (Toor-qpias rj^iiv ev rw 

of himself, and raised up a horn of salvation to us in the 

oiKCf} Aavid TOV iraiSos avTov '^{KaOcos 6AaA.77<re 

house ofDaWd the seri'ant of himself; (even as he spoke 

8ia (TTO/jLaTos tuv ayiwv, twv a^r' aiwvos, 

through mouth ofthe holy ones, of those from aa age, 

TTpo<pr]TO}v avTov) ^^ awTrjpiau 6| ex^P^v yjjxwv^ 

ofpruphets ofhimself;) a salvation from enemies of us, 

and from hand ofall those hating us: 

'- iroir^aai e\fOS /x^Ta Tav iraTepcDV ^ifxcav, Kai 

to pt;rform mercy wich the father* of us, and 

fivT)adr)vai Siadr]K7]s ayias avTov, '^ opKou, bv 

to remember covenant holy of himself, anoath, which 

Wfiocre npos A^paa/x tov iraTepa tj/jlcdw, tov 

he (wore to Abraam the father of us, ofthe 

Sovvai rjniv, '"^a^ojSoJS, e/c xeipos twj' ex^P^^ 

to give to ua, without fear, from baud ofthe enemies 

r)p.<t}v ^vadfVTas, \aTpeveiv avTCf " cv 6(noTi)Ti 

ofus having been rescued, to worship him in holiness 

Kai SiKaiocrvvrj fuwiriov avTov, iracras Tas 

and righteousness in presence ofhim, all the 

rf/xepas 7)}V. ^'^ Kai cv, iraidiov, irpocprjT'qs 

days ofus. And thou, little child, a prophet 

v^pKTTov K\rjdr)crT}' irpoTrop^vcrrj yap ivpo *[7rpo- 

of highest shalt be called; thou shalt go for before [face] 

trcoTTOi;] Kvpiov, kToifxaaai 6'bovs avTov, ^^ tov 

ofalord, to prepare ways ofhim, ofthe 

dovvai yvwcriv auTrfpias Tcp Kara avTou, ev a<pe- 

to give knowledge of salvation to the people of liim, in forgive- 

trci a/xapr iwv avToiv, '^ Sm (TirKayxva eAeovs 

ness ofiins of them, on account of tender mercies 

Oeov rifxwi/, ev oh eireaKexf/aTO rjixas avaToKi) e| 

of God ofus, by which be has visited us arising fVom 

v^ovs^ '^ eTTicpavai tois eu (tkotci Kai (tkio, 

on high, to shine to those in darkness and shade 

"Wiat then will this 
CHILD be?'" *And liie 
Hand of the Lord was xvitli 

67 And Zachariah, his 
lATKKK, was filled with 
lioiy Spirit, andprophesied, 

(58 "Blessed be the 
Lord, the Gou of Israel, 
because he has visited and 
wrought Redemption for 
his pkople ; 

69 and J has raised up 
t a Horn of Salvation for 
us, in the * House of Da. 
vid, his servant; 

70 (J even as he spoke 
by the Mouth of those 
HOLY ones, his Proplieta 
ofthe Age;) 

71 a Salvation from our 
Enemies, and from the 
Hand of all who hatk 

73 to perform his Mercy 
with our lATHERS ; and to 
remember his holy Cove- 
nant ; 

73 the Oath which he 
swore to Abraham, our 


7-i to permit us, being 
resciied from the Hand of 
our EN Ell lEs, fearlessly to 
worship him, 

75 vy Holiness and 
Righteousness in his sight, 

All our DAYS. 

76 And tf)ou, Child, 
wilt be called a Prophet of 
the Most High; for thou 
shalt go X before the Lord 
to prepare his Ways; 

77 to impart a Know- 
ledge of Salvation to his 
PEOPLE in the forgiveness 
of their Sins, 

78 on account of the 
tender Compassions of our 
God, by which he has 
visited US; a Day-dawn 
from on high, 

79 to Illuminate those 
SITTING in Darkness and 
Death-shade; to direct 

• Vatican MA.NnscRiPT.— 66. For also the Hand. 69. the House of David. 76. face 

t 69. A horn in Scripture is frequently a symbol o f power or prtneipaltty, and hence this 
expression will signify, a mighty Savior, or Prince of Salvatton. 

t 69. Psa. xviii. 2 ; exxxii. 17. t 70. Acts iii. 21 ; Eom. i. 2. J 73. Gen. xii. S. 

xviii.4; xxii. 16,17; Heb. vi. 13, 17. t 76. Isa.xl.S; Mai. lii. 1; iv. 5: Mall. x\. 10; 

ver, 17. 

Chap. 1. 80. j 



davarov KaOT^fxevois, rov Kanodwai tovs iroSas 

ofdeath (itting, of the >o«;uide the feet 

Tfjxwv eis ohov eiprjvrjs. ^^To 8e iraiSiov rjv^ave, 

ofu« into away of peace. Tlie now little child grew, 

Kai eKparaiovTo irv^vfjiari' Kai r)U ev rats ept]- 

and became •tton; ia'piiit; and was in the des- 

fJ.015, ecus ij/xepas aua<)ei^ecos avrov irpos tov 

erts, till da; of manifestatiou of him to the 



KE*. B'. 2. 
^E7ej'«To hi €1/ Tais rjixepais eKeivaiS, e^rjA^e 

It came),o ^asiaaa >u me dayi those, nentforth 

Soyfjia ira^a KuiOapos AvyovaTou, airoypa<pea- 

a decree 'rom Cesaf Augutttus, to rejjisler 

6ai Tra(Tavzi)V olkovixcvijv. ^{Avtt] tj airoypacpj] 

all the habitable. (This the re^'Utry 

irpcDTTj eyeyfTO r)ye/ii.ovevouTos ttjs 2,vpias 

first was made bein^; ^ovenot of the Syria 

Kvpr]uiov.) ^ Kai ^nopevouro Travres airoypa- 

Cvrenius.) And they went all to be 

fpecrdai, eKacrros cis rrjv tSiav ttoXiu. ^Ar/e/Srj 

registered, each into the hii own city. Went up 

5e Kai Iu}(rr]<}> otto T7)S raA/Aams, eK TroAews 

and also Josejia from tne Galilee, out of city 

tJa(apf.T, fiS Tr)v lovBaiaVf ejs iroKiv AaviS, 

Nazareth, (nto the Judea, into a city of David, 

■^Tis Kahcirai BrjflXee^, (5to to ctvai auroi/ 6| 

which is called Bethleem, (becausethe to be him of 

oiKov Kai irarpias AaviS,) ^ airoypaipaadat cvif 

house and family of David,) to berei^istered with 

MapiafJL rri fiefjivrta-Tev/uLevT} avrcp *[7ui'ot«i,] 

Mary the having been espoused to him [^awife,] 

ovari cyKvcf}. ^ Eyevero Se ev rep eivai avrovs 

being withchild. It happened but in the to be them 

€Ket, €Tr\7)<rd7]crau at r]fj.fpai rov reKciv avTqv. 

there were fulfilled the days of the to bear her. 

^ Kat €Te/c6 rov vlov avrrjs rov irpwroroKov, 

Andshebronghtforth the son of her the first-bom, 

Kai (orirapyavwo'eu avrov, Kai aveK\ivev avrov 

and swathed him, and laid him 

€v rrj (parvrf diori ovk tjv avrois roiros ev roj 

in the manger; because not waa to them a place in the 



our I'EET into the Way ot 

80 Now the child grew, 
and acquired strength of 
Mind; andliewas in the 
DESERTS till ihe Day of liis 
public appeai-ance to Is- 


1 Now it occurred in 
those DAV"s, that an 1 diet 
v\Lnt forth from CLsar 
Augustus, to register All 
the t habitable. 

2 (t This* was the first 
Registry of Quuinus, Gov- 
ernor of Syria.) 

3 And they all went to 
he registered, each into his 
OWN City. 

4 And Joseph also went 
up from Galilee, out of 
the City of Nazareth, into 
Judea, into the J City of 
David, which is called 
Bethlehem, (:}:hecause he 
WAS of the House and 
Family of David,) 

5 to he registered with 
Mary, J his betrothed, 
being pregnant. 

6 And it came to pass 
while they were there, 
the DATS of her delivery 
were accomplished. 

7 J And she brought 
forth her riRST-BOR.N son, 
and swathed him, and laid 
him in *f a Manger; be- 
cause there was no Place 
for them in the guest- 


• Vatican Mas.— 2. This was the first Registry. 6. Wife— omi^ 7- a Manger. 

t 1. Oikoumenee literally means the inhabited earth, and is applied in this place, by some 
recent translators, to the Roman Empire. But as no historian mentions a.(;eneralcensa» at 
,this time, the meaning of the word must be restricted to the land of Judea, where this en- 
rollment took place. Oikoumenee is used by Luke in chap. xxi. 26, and Acts xi. 28, and ap- 
plied in this restricted sense. t 7. Wetsein has shown from a multitude of instances, 
that pAafnfe means not merely the mani^er, hut the whole «fa6Ze. The room for guests being 
already full, Joseph and Mary retired to a more homely receptacle, called » ttabulum, the 
middle of which afforded room for cattle, and the sides accommodation forpersons. It was 
not properly a stable, but was formed for the convenient lodging of both men and cattle. 
Bishop Pearce, however, has a note on this verse, which is worthy of consideration. Ha 
says, " Upon the whole, it seems to me probable, that Mary was delivered in & guest-chamber, 
or lodging -room, (whetherit were in a public house, or that of some friend, is not said,) in 
some chamber of a house, andnot of astable; and that then, for want of a bed in that^uMt- 
chamber, wherein to lay her Son Jesus, she made use of one ot the Eastern mangers, made 
of coarse cloth, and fastened, like our seamen's hammocks, to some part of the chamber • 
whereshe was; andtherelaidhim, as having no other placefor him. This afforded a cir- 
cumstance by which the shepherds were directed to find him out, and distinguish this holy 
babe from all others. See verses 12, 16." 

t 2. Acts V. 87. t 4. 1 Sam. xvi. 1, 4 ; John vil. 42. t 4. Matt. i. 10 ; Luke \ 

87 • % 5. Matt. i. 18 ; Luke i. 27- t 7. Matt. i. 26. 

^^p. 2 : 8.] 


[ Chap. 2 : 19. 

^ Kai iroi/xevcs Tjcrar €V tt; X'^P? '''7? «yT77 

And shepherds were in the country the this 

aypavKovures, Kat (pvKaaaovT^s <pv\aKas ttjs 

abiding in the fields, and keeping watches of the 

vuKTos €Trj rriv iroifxv7]u avTcou. ^ Kai '^[iSoi',] 

might over the fiock oftliem. And [io,] 

ayy€\os Kvpiov €7re(rT77 avrois, Kai 5o|a Kvpiou 

a messenger of a lord stood near to thera, and glory of a lord 

■jr(pie\a/j.\pev auTOus' Kai ecpofirjOrjaav cpo^ov 

shone round them ; and they feared a fear 

fieyau. ^^ Kai ennu avrois 6 ayyekos' M77 

great. And said to thera the messenger ; Not 

(po^ei(Tdc iSov yap, €vayye\iCo/ vjxiv x^P"-'^ 

fear you ; lo for» [ bring glad tidings to you a joy 

fj.iya\T]P, fjTis eaTai iravri rep Aao)' ^^ on 

great, which shall be to all the people: that 

crex^V vixiv ainfJiepov acorr^p, 6s (an X.pi(Tros 

was born to you to-day a savior, who is anoin ed 

Kvpios, cv iroXfi AaviS. ^^ Kat rovro vfxiv ro 

Lord, in city of David. And this to you -he 

a-rj/xeiov EvpTjcrere fipe<pos effirapyavwixevov 

sign; You shall find a babe having been swath-^.l 

K(iixf:Vov 6J/ (parvT). ^^ Kot e^ai<pvr}s eyevtro 

lying in a manger. And suddenly was 

crvi^ rep ayyeXcp ir\7)dos arrparias ovpaviov, 

with the messenger c multitude of host of heaven, 

aivovprwu rov Geov, .-at keyourwu' ^'^ " Ao|a 

praising the God, and saying; "Glory 

€U v\pi(rrois Oecp, Kai 67rt 777s eiprjur)' ef aydpco- 

inhighestheavenstoGod, and on earth peace; among men 

Trots evdoKia.'^ 

good will." 

^^ Kat eyfuero, ws air-qXOov air* avrcou €is rov 

Anditcame to pass, when went from them into the 

ovpavov 01 ayyeXoi, Kai 01 avdpccTroi, 01 Trot^ie- 

heaven the messengers, and the men, the shep- 

v€S, eiTTou TTpos aWrjXovs' AieKdwfjiiv drj ecus 

herds, said to one another; We should go now to 

0r]d\€e/j., Kai iSu/j-ev ro prjfxa rovro ro yeyouos, 

Bethleem, and see the thing this the having been done, 

6 6 Kvpios eyvwpKTev rifiiv. ^^ Kat -qXdop 

which the Lord has made known to us. And they came 

crirfvaaurfs, Kai avevpou r-qv re Mapia/x Kai rov 

having made haste, and they found the both Mary and the 

\(acrt]<p, Kai ro fipecpos Keijxevov iv rrj (parvr). 

Joseph, and the babe lying in the manger. 

^^ iSovres Se, Sieyvccpiffav *[7r6pt] rov ^tj^otos 

Having seen and, they published [aroundj the declaration 

Tov \a\r]6evros avrois ircpi rov irotStou rovrov. 

that having been told to them concerning the little child this. 

'^ Kat iravres 01 aKovaavres edavfjian-av irefii 

And alt those having heard wondered about 

rwv \a\r)6evrwv vwo rwv Troi/Jievwv vpos avrovs. 

those having been told by the shepherds to tbem. 

'^ 'H Se Mapia/JL iravra (Tvverrjpei ra ^rjixara 

The but Mary aU kept the words 

*[Tai»Ta,] (TvfxPaWovaa ev rr) KapSia avrris. 

[these,] pondering in the heart of herself. 

8 And there were Shep. 
herds in that country, 
residing in the fields, and 
keeping over their flocK 
the Watches of the night. 

9 And an Angel of the 
T.O'-d stood by them, and 
the Glory of the Lord shone 
round them; and they 
were greatly afraid. 

10 And tlie angel said 
to them, "Fear not; for 
behold, I bring you glad 
tidings, J which will be a 
great Joy to All the peo- 

lit because To-day was 
born for you, in David's 
City, a Savior, who is the 
Lord Messiah. 

12 And this will be a 
*Sign to you; you will 
find a Babe swathed, lying 
in a Manger." 

13 And suddenly there 
was with the angel a 
Multitude of the heavenly 
Host, praising God, and 

14 " Glory to God in the 
highest heavens, on Earth 
Peace, and among Men 
Good will." 

15 Now it occurred, 
when the angels departed 
from thera to heaven, the 
MEN, the shepherds, said 
to one another, " Let us 
go now to Bethlehem, and 
see this thing which has 
transpired, which the Lord 
has made known to us." 

16 And they came in 
haste, and found both 
Mary and Joseph, and 
the babe lying in the 


17 And having seen it, 
they published that dec- 
laration which had been 
spoken to them about 

this CHILD. 

18 And All THOSE hav- 
ing HEARD, wondered at 
the things related to 
them by the shepherds. 

19 But Mary kept All 
these words, pondering 
them in her heart. 

• Vatican Manuscript. — 9. lo — omit, 

K 10. Qen. xii. 3; Psa.lxxii. 17; Jer. iv 


12. Sign. 17- around— OBJif. 19. these 

I 11. Isa.ix.O 

Chap. 2: 20.] 


[aiap. 2: 28. 

* Kat vvearpi^au ui Troi/xeves So^a^ovres Kai 

And returned the shepherds gloriiyiug aud 

aiuouuT€S Tov deov eiri rraaiv oi^ 7]K0viTav Kai 

praising the God for all which they had heard and 

fi8ov, Ka6o}5 €\a\r]6r) irpos avrovs. 

seen, even as it had been told to them. 

-^ Kai ^T€ eTr\r]adriaai/ r,jj.epai OKTca tov 

And nhen werefulhlled days ei^ht of the 

irefjiTCiJ.eii' avrou, kj.i eKXrjQT] ro ouojxa avTov 

to circuujcibe him, and he was called the name of him 

l7)(Tovs, TO /cA.7j0ei/ VTTO TOV ajyeXov irpo tov 

Jesus, that bein^ called by the messen^^er before of the 

av\KT}<pdrivai auTou iv ttj KoiXia, 

was conceived him in the wouih. 

*^Kot 6t6 eTT\7](T6r}(Tau at rjfxspai tov Kadaptcr- 

Aud when werefultilled the days of the purifica- 

ftov avTcaVy Kara tov vofxov Mcocrecos, avqyayou 

tiun of tbein^ according to the law of Moses, they brought 

avTou eis lepocoAVjUa, irapao'TTjaai Tcp Kvpiat, 

him to Jerusalem, to present to the Lord, 

^ (/caucus yeypaTrTai ev vajxc^ Kvpiov '* 'Ort 

(as it is written in law of Lord; That 

Trav apcrev btavotyov /iTjrpar, aytov T(p Kvpicf 

every uiule opening a wouib, holy to the Lord 

KK7)dr)(TeTai'") '^* Kai tov dovuai Buaiau, KaTa 

shall be called,'*) aud of the to offer a sacrifice, according to 

TO ^iprjjjLevov iu yo/xcp Kvptov " Zcvyos Tpvyo- 

that having been said in law of Lord; "A pair of turtle 

vcQU, 7j Svo yeocrcrovs mpKTTcpoDV.'* 

doves, or two young pigeons." 

-" Kat iSou, 7)y avdpwiros tv 'IcpowoXr/jU, '(f 

And lo, was a uan in Jerusalem, to whom 

ouofxa 2v|UEa>v' Kai. 6 ayOpwiros ovtos SiKaios 

a name ofSiuieun; and the man this just 

Ktti ev\a&T]Sf irpocrSexofievos TTapaK\T)(Tiv tov 

and pious, waiting for consolation of the 

iapar}\. Kai Trv€ ayiou etr' avTov ^^ Kai 

Israeli And aspirit was holy upon him; and 

r}v avTcp KexPVf^c^T^^fJ'-^^ot/ viro tov Truev/naTos 

itwastohim having been informed by the spirit 

TOV ayiov, fxf} ihnv davaTov^ irpiv r] tSj? 

of the holy, not to see death, before he should see 

Tor XptcTToy Kvpiov. ^^ Kat TjAGey iv Tcp irvev- 

the anointed of Lord. And became by the spirit 

[xaTi eti TO Upoy Kai ev tu} ncrayayeiy tovs 

into the temple; and in the tu bring the 

yoveis TO TraiStou Irjarovy, tov iroi-qaai avTovs 

parents the little child Jesus, of the to do them 

KaTa TO eidiCfxtuoy tov yo/uov irepi 

accordingto that having been instituted of the law concerning 

avTov ■^ Kai avTos eSe^aTO avTO eis Tas ayKa- 

him; also be took it into the arms 

Aos avTov, Kai €v\oyTi<re Toy Oeoy, Kai enre- 

ot himself, aud blessed the God, and said; 

yo And the shepheeds 
returned, glorifying and 
praising God for ail which 
they had heard and seen, 
even as it had been de- 
clared to them. 

21 J And when eight 
Days were ended, the 
[time] to CIRCUMCISE him, 
iiis NAME was called Jesus, 
THAT NAME given him by 
the ANGEL before his con- 

22 I And wlien t^-lie 
* Days of her PuiificatiOQ 
were completed, according 
to the LAW of Moses, they 
carried him up to Jerusa- 
lem, to present him to the 
Lord; — 

23 (even as it is written 
in the Law ot the Lord, 
that I " Every Male, being 
a first-born, shall be called 
holy to the Lord ;") 

24 and to ofiee a Sac- 
rifice, according to what is 
enjoined in *the law of 
the Lord, — J f " A Pair of 
Turtle-doves, or Two 
Young Pigeons." 

25 And behold, there 
was a Man in Jerusalem, 
whose Name was Simeon ; 
and he was a righteous and 
pious man, expecting tlie 
Consolation of Israel; 
and the holy Spirit was on 

28 And he was divinely 
informed by the holy 
bPiKJT, that he would not 
die, till he should see the 
Lord's Messiah. 

27 And he came by tlie 
SPIRIT into the templf. ; 
and when the parents 


Jesus, + iO DO according to 
the CUSTOM of the law 
concerning him, 

28 l)e also took him in 
his arm s, and praised God, 
and said, 

Vatican Manuscript. — 22. Days of her Purification. 

24. the LAW o£ 

t 22. That is, thirty -three iaya after what was termed the seven days of her uncleanness 
— forty days in all ; the time appointed by the law, after tlie birth of a male child. See Lev. 
xii.2,6. t 24. 0«eforaDui-nt-offerin^, and the o<A«rfor a sin-offering; SeeliCV. xii. 8. 

These were the offerinfrsot the poorer Jewish mothers. t 27. To present him to the 

Lord, and then redeem him by payiug/ve shekels, Num. xviii. 1&, 10. 

t 21. Luke i. 59. t 21. Matt. i. 25 ; Luke i. SI. J 22. Lev. xii. 2—6, t 23. ^Toa, 

«lii. 2 ; xsii. 20 ; xsxiv. 19 : Num. iii. IS ; viii. 17 ; xviil. 15. i 24. Lev. xii. 8. 

Otap. 2: 29.] 


[Cliap. 2: 40. 

-^ Nui/ aTToAuets row hovkov crov, SeairoTa, 

Now doat thou disinUii the servant of thee, O •ovei'eign, 

Kara to ^7j/xa <roi», ^y uprjUT]' **^ 6tl fiSou ol 

according to the word of thee, iu pe^ce; for have seeo the 

O(p0a\fxoi. fiov TO (T(aTT)ptou aov, ^' rjTOi/iia- 

ejet of me the aalvation of thee, which thou hast 

eras Kara irpoffunrov -wavTusu tu>u Kacov ^^ (pus 

prepared before face of all the people; alight 

CLS aTroKa\v\piu eOvwv, Kai Zo^au Kaov (Tov 

for arevel;\tion ofnatioDs, and a glory of peopleof thee 

l<Tpar)\. '^ Koi "qu 6 irarrip avrov Kai r) iJ.r)Trip 

Israel. And was the fatlier of hiai and the mother 

6aviu.a^ovTes eiri tois AaXov/xfuois ircpi avrou, 

wonileriu; at those being spoken about him. 

^* Kai evKoyrjCTiu avrovs ^vjueuy, Kai inre irpos 

And blessed theui Simeon, and said to 

Mapiafj. TTju ixTfTfpa avrov ISov, o'vros Kcirai 

Mary the mother of him; Lo, this is placed 

eis TTTwatv Kai avaTratriv iroWccu ev rep 

for a fall and rising of many in the 

ItrpaTjA, Kai eis crrjiuLetoy aurtXeyoueuov ^ (fcot 

Israel, and fur asi^'U being spoken against; (also 

aov Se avT-qs rrfy \pvxv^ SieAeuireTat pofx<paia-) 

ofthee and of thyself the soul shall pierce through a sword;) 

OTTics ay airoKaXv(pdco(Tiy e/c voWcay Kapdiwy 

to that may be disclosed of many hearts 



^ Kai r}v Aj/j/a TTpo<pT]ris, 6uyarr)p ^avovrjX, 

Aud was Anna a prophetess, a daughter ofPhanuel, 

fK <pv\r]s Acr-qp' avrrj irpo^^^-qKuia cy rj/j-epais 

of tribe ofAser; she having been advanced in days 

TToWais, ^rj^racra err] /xera auSpos eirra airo 

many, having lived years with a husband seven from 

Jevtas abrrjs' ^^ Kai avTT] X^P'* ^s erujy 

;iaity of herself; also she a widuw about years 

oyhoif]Koyra naaapuy, tj ovk acpiararo airo tov 

eighty four, who not withdrew from the 

ifpov, VT\(TTciais Kai SfTicTtai KaTppvovaa yvKra 

temple. fastiugs and prayers serviug night 

Kai T)fx.(pav. •" Kat ai/XTj, oi/tt; tt) wpa eiria- 

aad day. And she, this the hour stand- 

racra, ayOw/jioXoy^LTO rep Kvpicp, Kai €\a\ei irepi 

ing by, acknowledged the Lord, and spoke about 

avTov iram tois irpoaSexofxeyois \vrpoo(riv ey 

I him to all those looking for redemptioa in 



^^ Kat us tTekecay airayra to Kara roy 

And when they tiuishe^ all the things according to the 

vojxov Kvpiov, uiriarpe\l/ay eis Tr)y Takikaiay, 

law of Lord, tbey relumed into the Galilee, 

US TTjy irokiy avTuu, Na(^apir. ^To 5e iracdtoy 

into the city of themselves, Nazareth, The and little child 

7jt;|aj'6, Kai fKparaiouro *[Trj'€i»/uaTi,] irkrjpov- 

grew, and was strengthened [inspirit,] being 

uevoy ao<pias' Kai X'^P^^ O^ov T)y eir avro. 

filled with wisdom; and favor of God was on it. 


the vii 

29 " Now, O sovereign 
Lord, dismiss thy sekva n t 
nccordiug to thy WOKD, in 
Peace ; 

30 becausemyETEshave 
seen thy salvation, 

81 which thou hast made 
ready in the Presence of 

All the PEOPLE ; 

32 I a Light of Nations 
for enlightenment, and a 
Glory of thy People Israel." 

33 And his father and 
MOTHEE were wondering 
at tlie WORDS SPOKEN con- 
cerning him. 

34 And Simeon blessed 
them, aud said to Mai-y his 
MOTHER, "Behold, this 
child is destined for the 
X Fall and Rising of many 
in Israel; and for J a 
Mark of contradiction ; — 

35 (and indeed, a Sword 
will pierce through the 
soul of Thee Thyself,) that 
the Reasonings of Many 
Heai'ts may be disclosed." 

36 There was also a 
Prophetess, Anna, Daugh' 
tiT of Phanucl, of the tribe 
of Asher; bIj.'; was far ad- 
vanced in Age, having lived 
with *a Husband seven 
Years from her v ieginity ; 

37 sfje was also a Widow 

* about eighty-four Years, 
who dcpaited not from the 
tkmple, but serving God 
t Night and Day with 
Fastings and Prayers. 

88 And she standing by 
at THAT very liiiie, praised 

* God, and spoke of^him to 


^Deliverance in Jerusalem. 

39 And when they had 
finished all things accord- 
ing to the LAW of the i,ord, 
they returned to Galilee, 
to their own City Nazareth. 

40 J And the child 
grew, and became strong, 
tilled with Wisdom, artd 
the Favor of God was oa 

• Vatican Ma.mtscript. — .S6. a busbano. 
spoke. 40. ia Spirit — oHti*. 

37. till eighty-four. 

88. Goj>, and 

t 82. Is3. xlii. 6 ; xHx. 6 ; Ix. 1 ; Acta xiii. 47 ; xxviii. 28. 
«si. 41; Koi). ix. 3-2; 1 Cor. i. '23, 24; I Pet.ii. 7,8. 

*xvi. 7 ; 1 Tim. v. 6 

t 38. Lukexxiv. a^. 

1 34. Isa. viii. 14; Mart, 
t 84. Heb. xii. 3. J 37- Acta 

t 40. Lukei- 80. ver. 52. 

Oiap. 2 : 41.] 


[ Chap. 2 : S>a. 

41 And his parents 
went yeai-ly to Jerusalem 
to the X TEAST of the pass- 


42 And when he was 
twelve Years old, rthey 
went Bp according to the 
CUSTOM of the teast. 

43 And having i com- 
pleted the DAI'S, on their 
KETUEN, Jesus, theTOUTH, 
remained in Jerusalem. 
And *his parents knew 
it not. 

44 And supposing him 
to be in the company, they 
went a Day's Journey; and 
tliey sought him, among 
their relatives and ac- 

45 But not finding him^ 
they returned to Jerusa- 
lem, seeking him. 

46 And it happened, 
after three Days they 
found him in the temple, 
sitting in fthe Midst of 
the teachers, both hear- 
ing them, and asking them 

47 And ALL were as- 
tonished at his intelli- 
gence and replies. 

48 And seeing him, they 
were amazed ; and his mo- 
ther said to hin\ " Child, 
why hast thou dons thus 
to us ? behold thy eather 
and I * seek the'e sorrow- 

49 And he said to them, 
""VYhy did you seek me?, 
Did you not know that I 
must be in t the [courts] 
of my Father ?". 

50 And tf)CB did not 
understand the -word 
which he spoke to them. 

51 And he went down 
with them, and came to 
Nazareth, and was subject 
to them. Andhis MOTHER 

* Vaticai* Manuscbipt.-^-2. to Jerusalem-om«. 43. his pake nts knew, 47. those 
hearing him— omif. 48. seek thee. , j « 

+ 42. All the males were required to attend at the three festivals at Jerusalem ; and fe- 
males ili5u-h not commanded, vet used often to attend, especially at the ^--^ssover. Chlld- 
™n were excused; bTtTheVabbinical writers say. that the above obb-ation was thought 
binding at t^-elve years of a-e. t 43. That is, been there ei-ht days, of whicn t..e l^ast 

the Passover wL one, and the rest were the seven days of unleavened bread. t 46. 

Thev sat on benches in a half circle, and their scholars at their feet. Acts xsii. 3. t 4j). 

In th 3 rLrVor Ao,<.Vof my Father, is now generally admitted as correct. A similar ellips.* 
occurs in Mark v. 35, and Acts xvi. 40. 

t 41. Exo4. xsiii. 15, 17 ; xixiv. 23 ; Deut. xvi. 1. IS. 

" Kai eTTop^vovTO ol yoveis avrov KaT* fros eis 

And went the parents of him every year to 

'Upov(ra\T]ix tt? eoprri rov iraaxa. 

Jerusalena of the feast of the pa>»o»er. 

And when he was years twelve, having gone up 

avTcov *[ets 'lepofroAu^ua] Kara to edos rr]s 

of them [to Jerusalem] according tolhe ^ custom of the 

eooTTjs' "^^ Kai re\€tcacravrwv ras rjixepas, ev 

feast; and having ended the days, in 

Tq> iiroa-rpecpeiv avrovs, vircfieivev l7}aovs 6 

thl to return them, remained Jesus the 

vais €V 'l€pov(ra\7]fi- Kai ovk eyuu} Icia-qcp Kai 

boy in Jerusalem; and not knew Joseph and 

7} u-qTvp avTov. ^ "Sofxicrain-es Se avrov ev 

the 'mother of him. Having supposed and him in 

TV trvvodia iivai, -nXQov riiMipas bZov, Kai 

Jh'e company' to be, they went of a day a journey, and 

fvcCvTOvv avTov ev rois ffvyy^v^ffi Kai TOis 

they .ought him among the kinsmen ^ and the 

yuwoTois. ■'^ Kai fxv evpoPTes, virea-rpe^au 

acquaintances. And not finding, they returned 

fis 'lepov(Ta\vhi Cv'rovin-€S avTov. ^ Kai 

to Jerusalem. seeking Mm. And 

c^ereTO, jxiff Tjixfpas rpeis eupov avTov ev ry 

it happened, after days three they found him in the 

t'epc? KadeCofjievou iv /xeacp rwv SiSaaKaXcav, 

temple sitting in middle of the teachers, 

Kai aKovovra avTwv, Kai eirepajrwvra avTOvs. 

and hearing of them, and ^ asking them. 

*' EEio-rauTO Se iravTfs *[oi aKovovTes avTov,] 

•Were amazed and all [those hearing him,] 

€iri T77 (Tvvea-ei Kai rais airoKpicnaiv avrov. 

upon the understanding and the answers of him. 

"*** Kat idovres avroUy e^cTcKaynTav Kai Ttpos 

And seeing him, they were amazed; and to 

avTou h uv^VP avTov etTre- Te/cvoy, ri cttoxtj- 

him the mother of him said; O child, why hast thou 

tras vfJ^tv ovrccs : iSov, b Trarrjp gov Kayw 

done tons thus? lo, the father of thee audi 

oZvvaixivoi fCvTovnev ae. "^^ Kai etTre irpos 

being in distress have sought thee. And he said to 

avTovs' Tt OTi 6C77T€iTe fi€ ; OVK riQsire, 

them; Why for did you seek me? not know you, 

OTI ev rots rov irarpos fxov Set nuai fx.e ; ^ Kat 

that in the ol the father of me must to be me? And 

ouTot oi» (TvvriKav ro pTj^a, 6 €Ka\7](rev avrois. 

they not understood the word, which he spoke to them. 

SI Kai Kare^t) fier avrcau, Kai tjXeev eis Nafct- 

And he went down with them, and came into Naia- 

per' Kai riv v-Koraaaofxevos avrois. Kai 7j 

reth; and was being subject to them. And the 




{Chap. S: % 

jty\t-q(> airrov hwr-qpa tfavra ra f^riULaTa Tat/ra 

cno(h«r of him tr«vure<l all the word* the»e 

€r Tji KopSia ajTTji. *- Kat IrjTovs irpofKoirre 

•• th« beirt ofl>ert<!lf. Aad Je«ua a<1'&D0«<l 

tro<pi(it Kat ^At<cia, $<ai x^P^"''* '"^O'PO- ^^V kou 

IM wudoa, and in ^jor, aod io ra<"^ vrijk God and 

KE*. 7'. 3, 

^ E^ €T6t 5e lr€«n-€«at5€Kor^ -ri^r rjyffiovias 

In year no» (Sfteeolh of (he governroeal 

XiBfpiOu Kaicrapos, rjyffjLoy^vovToi Uovrtou Ut- 

tfTibmu Ce&ar, being governor Pontin* Pi- 

Ka-rou T1JS loudataSf Kai nrpapxpvyros -rtfs 

jK-it of the Jndea, and being tetrarch of the 

raA(\a(a; 'HpajJot^ *iAi7r-7roi; Se tqv a^€\<pou. 

Galilee Uerod, Philip vjid the brother 

avTov r'erpapxovvTos ttjs tTovpcuas- KAi Tpax<f- 

ofhira^' -, beijvg trtrarch of the Icuriv and. . Traeho- 

viTi5os x*'P^^» *'** Avaaviov ttjs APik7}vr}s 

oitis region, -, and Lytania* of the Abilene 

TfTpapxovvTOSt ^€Jrt apx^^pf<^s Avva Kai JLat- 

beiugtetrarch, under high prieita ' Annaa and Cai- 

a<^«, «ytv€TO l>rip.a Bfov €7rt lutavuijy^ ^'ov 

■r-'>u> came a word of God ' to J^hn, the 

Zax^piov vloVf fy-rrj €pr)ij.(p. ^Kai t)\$(V -fis 

ofZacbariaa 10a, in the deaert. And Se went 'nto 

■ra<rav ttj*' Trfpix<*>pov rov lopdavov, Kr)pv<rcrtLV 

all the country about the Joidan preaching 

fiaTTiTiuLa fi^Tavoias (is a<j>€<riv afiapriuv * ws 

adippin); of reformation into aforgivesesa ofvos; C* 

yeypairrai f\f ^i^Xtp Katywv 'Hcazov tov irpo- 

it it written in. . a book ofworda of£&aias the f^o- 

<pr\T0Vy *\\(yovT€S''\ " 4>ajv77 fiowyros (V vt? 

phet, [saying-l "A voice crying in ^e 

eprjfjL^' 'Eroi/xacraTe ti]V ddou Kvpiovy (vdeias 

dexrt; Make yon itndy the way of a lord, atroi^ht 

7roi«tTe Tos TpijSoi/y avrov ^ Haad <pupay^ 

make yon the beaten tracka ofUim; £>ery ratine 

vKrjpajOrjcTeTaiy- Kat irav opos Kai $ovvos Toirct- 

ahajl be tilled up, and every mountain and hill ahall be 

vw9r}(reratT nat fo-rat ra UKoXia 6is evBeiavy 

tnadalow; and ibati oe the crooked into straight, 

Kai at rpaxfiai'fii ddovs- \fias' ^ Kat oi^/frai 

aud the rough Into waya amooth; and aUallaee 

' EA.f76V 
He said 

ovy Ton fKTTopcuojjLeyois ox^ois ^airTKrOvyat vir* 

tuen to those coming out of crowd* tobedipi>cd pf 

avTov rfyyriixaTa (Xf-Syuyy risvvfdfi^eyvfjLiy 

W(X)\ O broods *)ivenoinouibeipent«,wha pointed out to you 

vaca (rap| to awTripioy tov 6eov. 

all fleah the talvation of the God." 

kept All * these THisaa in 
her HEART. 

52 I And Jesus advanced 
* in w i.sDOM, and in Man* 
liness, and in Favor with 
God and Men. 


1 Now in the fifteentfi 
Yearof the coveenmewt 
of Tiberius Cesar, Pontius 
Pilate being Governor of 
Jut) FA, and Herod te- 
trarch of GaLilkk, and 
PliUip his BBOTHKR te- 
vrarcK of Itubka, and llie 
Province of Traehonilis, 
and LysaniaSjike tetrarch 


2 tin the •High-priwt- 
hood of + Annas, and Cai- 
aphas, a Command fruni 
God came to John, the 
SON of Zachariah, iji the 


5 t And he Went into All 
the adjacent * Country ol 
UioJoedan, publishing aa 
Iniwei-sion of Reformation 
J for Forgiveness of Sins. 

4 As it is written in the 
Book of the Words ot 
Isaiah, the tBOPHET; f'A. 
"Voice ynclaimine in the 
"DESEHi Prepare file WAT 
"for tlie lti*u, make the 
"iircHWA'Ss Btraight for 

6 "Every Ravine shaQ 
"be filled up, and Eveiy 
"Mountain and HiJl shall 
"be made low; and the 
'' CKOOKED roads shall be- 
"conie straight, and the 
"BOUGH Wavs smooth ; 

6 t"and All Resh shall 
"see the salvation o( 

7 Tlien he said to the 


to lie immersed by hin\^ 
t"0 I'rogcny of Viper*\ 
wj^o admonished you to fly 

• W»iCAN MANnscRiPT.— 61. the satinoa. 
priest. 8. Country. i, szyixig—omit. 

62. in wisi>oic And. 

a. High. 

t 2. Doddndjfe says, 'Icannot suppose, as somfi have done, that Annas waa hlgn-priest 
l)ie former part of th-.s year, and Caiaphas the latter ; much le.«3 that Luke knew so little ot 
the Jewisti constitution, as to suppose there could be two hiph-priests properly so called, 
Vhoensiest solution is, that one was the hieh-priest, ard the other his samn or deputy, so 
that the title raigrht, with a very pardonable liberty, be applied to both." • 

T 52. t Sam u 26; ver.40. ♦ 2. John xl 4\M ; xviii.lS; Actelv.«. t ». Matt. 

M^r'c 4. IS.Lnk«1.77. t 4. Isx xl. 3; Matt.!!!..-!; Marts t 5; Johu V 

10. PtA. xjeviii. 3; Isa.lji. 10^ i^Hke ii. 10. 

■13. Uatt.UL7. 

Hiaj,. % : 8.J 


[aiap. 3; 17. 

«*)"7e/r CTTo rrjs fieWotrrrjs opyvs; ^HoLTjaarc 

to flee from the coming wrath? Bringforth 

ovu Kaprrovs a^iovs rrjs fieravoias' Kai /jlt] 

then fruits worthy of the reformation j and not 

ap^rjo-Qe Xsy^iv (i/ eauroLS' Harepa exofi^v top 

you should begin to say in youiseives ; A father we have the 

A^paafx. Ai-yu: yap vjxiv, on Svvarai 6 Oeos 

Abraam. I say for to you, that is able the God 

6/c Twi/ XiOwv TovTcov ej^ipai T€Kva Tw A^paajx. 

outofthe stones of these to raise up chihhtn to the Abraam. 

'■ HSt/ Se Kai 7) a^ivT] irpos Ttju pi-C<^v rcov SevSpcov 

Now and even the axe to the root of the trees 

K€iTai' Trap ovv SepSpou fir) ttolovv irapivov 

is placed, every therefore tree not bearing fruit 

KaKoUy CKKOTrrerai, Kai eis Trvp ^oAAerot. 

good, is cut down, and into afire is cast. 

~^ Kat einjpcDTUiP avTov oi oxAot, Aeyopres' Tt 

And asked him the crowds, saying; MHiat 

OVV iroirjao/iiev ; ^^ ATroKptOeis Se Xcyei avrois- 

then should wedo? Answering and he says tothetn; 

'O e^wv Suo ;(;tT&>i'as, /utTaSorco rep jlit] txovTf 

He having two tunics, .-ethinishare withthenot iiavinj;^ 

KOLi 6 e^wv 0p(o/j.aTa, opLoicos iroieiTca. 

^aud he having meats, »n like manner let him do. 

'2 HAOov Se Kai TfAcovai 0aTrriadr)vai, Kai 

Came and also tax-gatherers to be dippetl, and 

fiTTov irpos avTov AiSatTxaAey rt iroiTprofiej/ . 

said to him; O teacher, what should wedo;. 

^^ 'O Se enre irpos avTuvs' Mri^ev ■jrA^of Trapa 

He and said to them; Nothing more froui 

"o dtaTeTayu^vou vfiiv vparrrrfTe. ^'^ Eir-qpearcop 

that havingbeenappoiuted*ovoa collect you. Asked 

'>e avrop Kai (npaT€voij.(Poi, \fyopres' Kai 

and him also soldiers, sajing; Auil 

rjiJ.€is T{ TToirja'Ofiep ; Kai enre irpos avrovs' 

we what should we do? And he said to them: 

Mrjdepa Sjarre tTTjre, /xri^i irvKO(pauTria-^T€' Kai 

No one raayvou .'.oi thorn, neukermayyouaccusewrougfuUy: and 

apKiicrQe rois oj/uinois vp-wp. 

oeyou content with the 'vagei ofyou. 

^''HpuaSoiccopTos Se rov Xaov, Kai Sia^^oyi^o- 

Expecting and of the people, and reason- 

fiePWP iraPTCDP €P Tais Kap^iais avrcov irepi tuu 

ing all in tiie hearts ofiliem about the 

Icaavpov, /j.7]iroTe avTos at] 6 Xprnrns, ^'* aireK- 

Jobn, whether he were the Anointed, an- 

pipuTo 6 litiuvPTjs airaaiy XiycoP' ILyco jxev 

swered the John to all, saying: I indeed 

'•5aTi fiaTTTi^ca vfias' epx^'''o-t Se 6 larx^poTtpos 

in water dip you: comes but the mightier 

jLtou, ov ovK ei/xi iKaPOS Xvrrai top ifj.aP7a rccp 

of me, ofwhomnot tarn worthy to loose the strap ofthe 

viTodrjiuaTcop avrov avros v/xas fiaiTTKrei cp 

sandals of him : he you willdip in 

irvfVfxaTi ay tea Kai irvpi. ^' Ou ro tttvov 

spirit holy and fire. Of whom the winnowing shovel 

€v TT) X^'P* auTou, Kai SiaKaOapi^i rrfP 

m the hand of him, and he will thoroughly cleanse the 

from the appboaching 


8 Produce, therefore. 
Fruits worthy of rejx)E11- 
ATioN ; and hegin not to 
say among yourselves, 'We 
have a Father — Abra- 
ham;' for I assure you, 
That God is able from 
these STONES to raise up 


9 And even now the AXE 
lies at the root of the 
TREES; JKvery Tree, 
therefore, not bearinsj good 
Fruit is cut down, and cast 
into the Fire." 

10 And the crowds 
asked him, saying, " What 
tlien should we do ?" 

11 lie * answered and 
said to them, J"Jiet him 
who H A s Two Coats give to 
HIM who HAS none; and 
let HTM who HAS iood do 
the same." 

12 J And Tribute-takers, 
also, came to be immersed, 
iiid said to him, "Teacher. 
what should we doV" 

i3 And HE said to them, 
"Collect nothing more than 



14 And Soldiers, also, 
asked him, * " What also 
sliould toe do?" And he 
said to them, " Oppress, 
and falsely accuse, ]Soone; 
and be satisfied with your 


15 And the PROPLE were 
waiting, and all were rea- 
soning m their hearts 
concerning John , whether 
i)e were not the Messiah; 

16 John answered all, 
saying, J "5 indeed im- 
merse you in Water; but 
a mighti kr than I is com- 
ing, for wliom I am not tit 
to untie the strap of his 
SANDALS; fje wiUimmcrse 
you in holy Spirit and Fire. 

17 Whose ■^TiNNOwiNG 
SHOVEL in his hand will 
effectually cleanse hi? 

Vatican Manuscript. — 11. answered and said. 

14. What also should tot dd 

t 0. Matt. vi'. 19. til. Luke xi. 41 ; 2 Cor. viii. 14 ; .Tnnies ii. 15, 16 ; 1 John iii. 17 

JO. I 12. Matt. xzi. 32 ; Luke vii. 20. t 16. Matt. lii. 1 1 ; Mark i. 7, & 

C^ap. 3; 180 


aXaua avrov Kai cvva^ei tov cnov eis rriv 

door of him: and he nill gather the nheat into the 

aiTodt)Kriv avTov, to Se axvpov KaraKavcei vvpi 

Ktorehuuse of himself, the but ctiatf he will hura up in fire 

ao'jSeo'Ta). ^^ IIoWo /xfu ovv Kai irepa 

inextin;:ui4hable. Many indeed then also other things 

irapaKaXoiv fvqyycKi^^To rov Kaou. ^^ 'O Se 

exhorting he preached plad tidings the people. The but 

'Hpco^Tjs 6 TCTpapxv^i cAeyxo,u6z/os vtt' avrov 

Herod the tetrarch, being reproved by him 

Trept 'H/ja>S<a5os ttjs yvuaiKos tov aS€\<pov 

about Herodias of the wife of the brother 

avrov, Kai irepi iravrcov osv eiroirjcre irovrjpwv 6 

ot biui, and about all of which had done evils the 

HocfSTjs, ^ irpoafdriKe Kai TOVTO cwi Tratrt, Kai 

Herud. added also thi* to all, and 

KareKX^iae rov luyavvrfv ev tt) (pvXaKjj. 

shut up the John in the prison. 

^^ E76j'€T0 Se fv TCf> ^airrio'drivai airavTa rov 

it occurred and in the to have been dipped all the 

\aoVj Kai Jrjcrov fiairriaQevios Kai irpocrevxo- 

people, and Jesus havin° been dipped and pray- 

jxfvov, av(wx&T)vai rov ovpavov, ^ Kai Karafir]- 

ing, to have teen opened the heaven, and to des- 

vai TO irviv/xa to ayiov trajixariKif eidei, waei 

cend the spirit the holy in a bodily form, like 

Trepiarepau, eir' avrou, Kai (pcourfv e| ovpavov 

a dove, upon him, and ■ voice out of heaven 

y^veaOai, *\_\iyov(Tav'~\ " Sw (i 6 vlos fxov 6 

to have come, fsaying;^ "Thou art the son of me the 

ayaTrrjTos, ev cot rjvZoKrjffa," 

beloved, in thee I delight. 

^Kat avros t}v 6 X-qcrovs wcrei trcov rpiaKovra, 

And he wa« the Jenus about years thirty, 

apxofJ-evos, wv, us evofii^ero, vlos Iojctjc^, rov 

beginning, being, as wna allowed, a ton of Joseph, of the 

'HAt, 2-< TOV Mardar, rov Aeut, rov MeAxt, 

Hell, of the Matthat, oftha Levi, of the Helchi, 

TOV lavva, rov lw(rri<p, "''rov MarraOiov, rov 

of the Janna, oftbe Joseph, of the Mattathias, of the 

A^cos, rov "NaovfjL, rov EcrAi, rovNayyai, *^tou 

Amo«, ofthe Naoum, o'ths Es.i, ofthe Naggai, ofthe 

Maa0, rov Marradiov, rov ^eu€i, rov Ja}<Ty](p, 

Maath, ofthe Mattatliias, ofthe Seuici, ofthe Josephi 

rov lovSa, "' rov Iwavua, rov 'Pt^to, rov Zopo- 

ftlthe Juda, ofthe Joanna, ofths Siiet%, oftbe Zoro- 



[aiap. 3: 7. 

*THRE<Hi.\G-ri,ooii; J he 
will gatlKTtliewnE.\T into 

llis GKANAET, but the 

f iiAiF he will consnnie 
wiih an inextinguishable 

18 And exhortin» many 
other things, he proclaimed 
glad tidinjis to the FKOi-LE. 

19 JEut Heeod the 
TETRAKCii being reproved 
by liim on account of He- 
rodias, his brothek"s 
wiFK, and about all tiie 
Crimes which Herod had 

20 added also this to all, 
— lie shut up John in 

* Prison. 

21 And itoccurred, when 
All the PEOPLE were IM- 
MEESED, X J esus also hav- 
ing been immersed, and 
prnying, the heaven was 

22 and the HOLT SPIRIT, 
in a Bodily Form like a 
Ibve, descended upon him, 
and li^here came a Voice 
from Heaven, saying, 
" STftou art my bon, the 
BELOVED ; in thee I de- 

23 And fit, Jesus was 
about X tliirty years old, 
when he began [his work,) 
being, las was allowed, a 

* Son of Joseph, the + son 
of Eli, 

24 the son of Matthat. 
the son of Levi, the son of 
Melchi. the eon of Jan, 
NAi, the son of Joseph, 

25 the son of Matt a 
thiah. the son of Amos 
tiiesonof NAHUM.the son 
o! EsLi, the son of Nag« 

26 the son of Maath, 
the son of Mattathiah, 
the son of Shimet, theson 
of Joseph, the son of Ju» 

27 the son of Joh AN AH, 
the son of Rksa, the son 
of Zerubbabel, the son 

* Vatican Manuscript. — 17. to thoroughly cleanse his THBKsnivG-Fi.ooB, and to gather, 
20. Prison 22. saying — omit. 23. a Son (as was allowed) of Joseph. 

t ?H o'»on-jn-?n«>ofEli, the father of Mary. jLuke >rives Mary's ancestry, and Matthew 
that of Joseph. See Appendix. 

t 17. Micah vi. 12; Matt, xiii.30. 1 19. Matt, it v. 3; Mark vi. 17. ^ t 21. Mati. 

i'i.13; Mirk 1.9; John i. 32. t 23. SeeNum.iv. 3 35 39,43,47. t 23. Ma^t, xiii 

fa:-, John VI 42- 

<(Jhap. 3 .■ 2P.3 


[C7iap. 4: » 

TOW 2aA.a0i77A, rov t^-qpi, "^ rov Me\xh ^ov 

ofthe Salathiel, ofthe Neri, ofthe Melchi, ofthe 

iioSi, Toi; Koxra/x, rov EA/icoSa^, rov Hp, ^^rov 

Addi, ofthe Co«ain, ofthe Elmodam, c-ftbe Er, ofthe 

Iwa-T], Tov EAie^ep, rov Icapeifjif rov Mardar, 

Jose, ofthe Eliezer, ofthe Jorem, ofthe Hatthat, 

TOV Aevt, ^ TOV 'S.vjxewv, tov IouSo, tov Iw<rr)<p, 

ofthe Levi, ofthe Simeon, ofthe Juda, ofthe Joseph, 

tov Icovav, TOV "EXiaKei/x, ^^ tov MeAea, tov 

ofthe Jonan, ofthe Eliakim, ofthe Melea, ofthe 

Maivau, tov Marrafla, 

Mainan, ofthe Hattatha., 

TOV Naflaj/, tov AautS, ^ tou l6(r(rat, tov 

ofthe Nathan, ofthe David, ofthe Jesse, ofthe 

Xl/SrjS, tov Boo^, tov SaAjUcov, tov Naaa-trajv, 

Obed, ofthe Booz, cfthe Salmon, ofthe Naasson, 

^ TOV A/xiua5afif tov Apa/j., tov Kcrpwfj., tov 

ofthe Aminadab, ofthe Aram, ofthe Esrom, ofthe 

4»apes, tov louSa, ^^ -rov laKwl3, tov laaaK, 

Fhares, ofthe Juda, of \be Jacob, ofthe Israel, 

TOV A^paa/j., tov Ozpa, tov Na^wp, ^'^ tov 

vfthe Abraaui, ofthe Th,sia, ofthe Nachor, ofthe 

StpouXj ''"0'' 'PayaVy tcv Pa\eK, tov E)8ep, tov 

baruch, ofthe Ragau, ofthe Phalec, ofthe Eber, ofthe 

2aAa, ^^ tov KaivaVf tov Ap(pa^a3, tov Stj^, 

Sala, ofthe Cainan, ofthe Arphaxad, ofthe Sem, 

TOV Ncue, TOW Attjuex, ^^ tov MaSovaaXUf tov 

Oithe Hot, oftae Lamech, ofthe Matbusala, ofthe 

Ez'cox* Tot.^ Jj.pe5, TOV MaAeAer/A, tou Kaivav, 

Enoch, oftue Jared, ofthe Maleleel, ofthe Cainan, 

^Tov Evcos, TOV 27J0, TOV ASajLL, TOV deov. 

ofthe Euos, tft'tutf Seth, ofthe Adam, ofthe God. 

KE*. S'. 4. 

* Irjcrovs Se vvev/xaTos a-yiov vXrjprjs virecr- 

Jesus and spirit of holy full re_ 

rp^\l/€V airo tov lop^avov Kai riyeTo ev tw 

turned from the Jordan ; andwasledaboutby the 

vvevfxaTi €is ttji' ep-n/nov, 'rjfx^pas TeffaapaKOvra 

spirit into the desert, days forty 

veipa^ouevos viro tov Sia^oXov. Kai ovk 

being tempted by the accuser. And not 

e<payeu ouSej' eu Tais rj/xepais eKcivaiS' Kai 

he ate nothing in the days those; snd 

frvvTeXfaOeKTCov avTwv, *[uo'T6poi'] eireiva<r€. 

bein^ ended of them, [afterwards] he was hungry. 

of Salathiel, the son o* 

28 the son of Malchi, 
the son of Addi, the son of 
KosAM, the son of Almo- 
dam, the son of Ek, 

29 theson of JosES, the 
sou of Eliezer, the son 
of JoHAM, tlie son of Mat- 
TATH, the son of Levi, 

80 the son of Simeon, 
the son of Judah, the son 
of Joseph, the son of Jo- 
nan, the son of Eliakim, 

31 the son ef Meliah, 
the son of Main an, tlie 
son of Mattathah, the 
son of Nathan, the son of 

33 the son of Jesse, the 
son of Obed, the son of 
]5oAZ, the son of Salmon, 
the son of Nahsiion, 

33 the son of Ammina- 
dab, the son of Ram, the 
son of Hezron, the son 
of Pharez, the son of Ju- 

34 the son of Jacob, the 
son of Isaac, the son of 
Abraham, the son of Te- 
kah, the son of Nahor, 

85 thesonof Serug, the 
son of Reu, the son of Pe- 
i.KG, the son of Eber, the 
son of Sal AH, 

36 the sou of Cainan, 
the son of Arphaxad, the 
son of Shem, the son of 
Noah, the son of Lamech, 

87 the sonof Methise- 
lah, the ""on of Enoch, 
the son of Jarei^. the son 
of ^Lahalalee:,. ^Jie son 
of Cainan, 

38 the son oi j^Inos, the 
son ot Seth, tlie son of 
Adam, the son of God. 


1 And J Jesus, full ol 
holy Spirit, returned from 
the Jordan, and was c^r. 
ned ahout by the SPiRil 
*in the desert 

2 forty Days, being 
tempted by the e>'kmy. 
JAnd he ate nothina; in 
those DATS; and when 
they were completed, ha 
vas hungry. 

• Vatican Manuscript. — 1. in the desert. 2. afterwards — omit. 

■* 1. Matt. iv. 1 Mark i. 12. t 2. Exod. xxsiv. 28 ; 1 Kin-s xix. 8. 

Chap. 4.: 3.] 


[Cltap. 4: 14. 

b.ibitable in amoiiieut of time. 

Kat etirej/ avrtf 6 StajSoXoy Ei vios €t rov 

Aud said to him the »rcuKer. If asou thouart ofthe 

Bfov, eiTTg T(p Xid(j) TOVTCf), iva 'Y€uriTai apros. 

God, tay to the stune this, that it way become a loaf. 

* Kat aire KpLdr) Irjaovs irpos avTov^ *\_Xi'yu>v'\ 

And answered Je>ut to hiin, [s:>>'ing;] 

re7pa7rTOi* " 'On ovk €7r' aprev fioucf} ^ri<mai 

It 19 nritten ; Th»t not on bread alone shall live 

b avBpuiroSy ^[^a\\* eiri iravTi prj/JLari Oeou.^'^ 

the man, [but on every word of God."] 

^ Kat avayayoou avrov 6 5ia$o\os fis opos 

And bavin 1^ led up hina the accuser into mountain 

v}prj\ou, fSet^fv avrcf rracras ras jSaCfAeias ttjs 

hii;h, heshuwed to him all the kini^doms of the 

^ Kot €i7re;/ 

And said 

avTrp 6 SjojSoAos' 2ot dcorrw T-qv c^ovaiav rau- 

toliimthe accuser; To thee I will give the authority this 

TTjj/ awatrav, Kai rrju So^av avrcov on e/xoi 

all, and the glory of them; that tome 

TrapaSeSoTCi, Kai 'tp eav deXco, Sidcc/ni avr7]v 

it has been prepared, and to whoever 1 will, 1 give her; 

^ (Tu ovu eav npofrKuur^aTjs euwvioy, fJioVj tarai 

thou then if thou wilt do homage before me, shall be 

ffov iraaa. ^ Kai airoKpiQeis avTa> eiTfi/ 6 

to > nee all. And answering to hiu> said the 

\rj(Tovs' TeypaTTTai' *' T\poaKvvr]<Tiis Kvpiov rou 

Jesus; It is written ; "Thou slialt worship a lord the 

9fov <rov, Kai avTca fxovcp Karpevcreis.^^ 

<fiod ofthee, und to him alone thou shalt render service." 

^Kat rjyayev avrov cis 'lepovaaXrj/Xy Kai 

And he brought him to Jeiusalein, and 

fcrT7](TiV avrov eiri ro irrepvyiov rov lepov Kai 

placed him on the "ing of the temple ; and 

fiTTiv avr^' Et vlos €i rov Oeov, fiaXe ueavrov 

said to him; If ason thou. irtot the God, cast thyself 

evrfvdfv Karw ^^ yeypairrai yap' " Ort rois 

,<-om this place di>wn i it is written for; That to the 

nyyeXois avrov evreXfirai trfpt aov, rov Sia- 

messenjers of hiuiselfhewUl^ivechargeconcerningthee, of the to 

pvXa^ai ere' *^ Kai on eiri x^^P^^v apovai ce, 

<u.ird thee; and that on hands they shall bear thee, 

fiTfTTore irpo(TKO\l/-p5 irpos Xidov rov iro5a aov." 

lest thou 8houl<l»t strike Bgaiust a stone the foot ofthee." 

'"Kat awoKpideis eimv avrcv 6 Itjcovs' 'Oti 

Ad'I answering said to him the Jesus; That 

fipi]rai' " Ovk cKireipacreis Kvptov rov dfou 

it is said; "Not thou shalt tempt a lord the God 



^^Kat ffwreXfcras iravra ireipaffixov 6 5ia$o- 

And having ended every temptation the accu- 

\o5y awfcrrrj air' avrov axpt Kaipov. '"* Kai 

ser, departed from him for a season. Aud 

3 And tlie enemy sa.a 
to him, " If thou art a Son 
of God, coniinand this 
STONE to become Bread." 

4 And* Jesus answered 
him, " It is written, I'Man 
' shall not live on Bread 

5 And * taking him np, 
he showed him A' ne 

KINGDOMS of the J<A!Jl- 

TABLE in a Mod nt o* 

6 And the enem' said 
to him, "I will give Tlioa 
All this AVTiioRiTY, and 
the GLUEY of these; flot 
it has been deli\cred to me, 
and I give it to whom I 

7 If, then, t^ou wilt 
render homatre helore me, 
all shall be thine." 

8 And *Jesns answer- 
ing said, to dim. i"ii 's 
written, 'Thou ^)lal! wor. 
'ship the Lord thy Gon. 
'and Him only shalt thou 
' serve.' " 

9 J And he brought 
him to Jerusalem, and 
placed him on the tsAT- 


and said to him, " If tViou 
art a Son of God, cast thy- 
self down from this pUcc; 

10 for it IS written, i'He 
'will give his angels 
' charge concerning thee, 
'to PKOTECT thee; 

11 'and they will up. 
'hold thee on their Hands, 
'li'st thou strike thy root 
' against a Stone.' " 

12 And Jesus answer- 
ing, said to him, "It is 
'said, t 'Tiiou shalt not 
'try the Lord thy God.'" 

13 And the enemy hav- 
ing tinislied every Tempta- 
tinn, departed "from him 
fur a Season. 

14 fAnd Jesus returned 

omit. 4. but on every word 

8. Jesus. 

* Vatican Manuscript. — 4. Jesus. 4. sayinp 

of God— omtf. 5. bringing him onward, he showed. 

t 9. Probably the middle part of the royal portico, the hisrhesi part ol the temple, and 
which could be seen at a distaiiee of many lurlons?. Josephus pays. "That the pillars ot 
that portico were a hundred cubits hi^h, and the valley below fourliundred deep."^ 

t 4. Dent. viii,8. X 8- Jobn xii. 31; xtv. 3(t. t 8. Deut. vi. 13: x. 20. 

I 9. Matt. iv.5. t 10. Psa. xci.ll. t 12. Deut. vi. 18. t 14. Matt.iv. 12: 

Johniv,48| Acts x. S7. 


Oiap. 4 : lb.] 


[i.iap. 4-. 22 


01/ 771' 

where he wat 

vTrecTTpf^ey 6 liqcrovs fv rrj Swa/xei tov ttv^v- 

returned the Jesus iu the power of the spirit 

(laros 6IS rrju Ta?>,i\aiay Kai (prj/xr) e^rjXOe 

into the Galilee : and a report went out 

KaO' oK-qs TVS Trepixoopov irept. avrov- ^^ Kai 

lUro^ghwhole the surrounding region about him. And 

aijros eSiSaffKey ev Tais (Tvyaywyais avTwu, 

he tau ' in the synagogues of them, 

So^a^OfievG VTTO iravTwu. 

being glorified by all. 

^^ Kai T]\6ev eis rrju 

An(^ he came into the 

T€6pa/uL/j.fvo^' KUi etcTTjASe, Kara to enaOos 

having been brought up • and entered, according to the custui.i 

avT(^ eu rrj 7}iJ.epc} twv (raji^aruVy as Tr;y 

to him in the day of the sabbaths, into the 

(Tvvaywyriv Kai av^aTH] avayvusvai. ^^ Kat 

syn,agogue: and stood up to read. And 

frreSodri avTCij fiifiXioy 'HTaiou tov Trpo(j)7]Tov 

was delivered to him a rol' of£t^aius the prophet: 

itat ai'ttTTTv^as to fii^Kioy, evpe Toy Toirov, 

and having unrolled the roll, he found the place, 

ou r}v y^ypafjiix^vow ^^ " flveuua Kvpiov ctt' 

where it was having been written : "A spirit ofalord upon 

eyU€* ou elv€K€V axpio'e fxe evayye\t(Ta(r0ai 

me: ofwhichonaccount ofhehasanointedme to publish glad tidings 

TTTwxois, aire(rTa\K€ fX€ K^pv^ai aixi^oi.\cuTois 

to poor ones, he has sent me to publish to captive* 

acpiffiV, Kai TvcpAois ava$\€\piy, OTrocTejAoi 

a deliverance, and to blind ones recovery of sight, to send away 

Tt6pav(Tjj.<TVovs eu acp^aeiy ^^ Kiqpv^ai eviavrov 

those having been crushedin freedom, to publish ayear 

Kvplov SeKTou." '^^Kat nrv^as to ^i^Xiov, 

01 a lord acceptable." And having rolled up the roll, 

airohovs Tcp v-rrrjpfrrjy eKa6i(Te' Kai vayrwv 

h.iviug given back to the attendant, be sat down : aud of all 

fv TTj crvvaycoyrj 01 o(p6a\/j.oi Tjrrav aTfvi(^ovr€S 

in the synagogue the eyes were looking steadily 

avTcv. 2^ Up^aro Se Xeyeiv irpos avrovs' 'Ot< 

to him. He began and to say to them : That 

3rr]fx^pov TTCTrArjpccJTat t) ypa<pri avrr} fV Tois 

tu-day is fulfilled '■.hc writing this in to the 

vucTiv vfjLwu. ^ Ko< vafTes efxaprvpovv avTw, 

ears of you. And all bore testimony to him, 

Kai fOavfxa^ov cttz tois Koyois ttjs x^P^tos, tois 

and wondered at the words of the graciousneso, those 

€K1T0p€V0IXiV0l5 €K TOV CTOpiaTOS Ol/TOU, Kai 
proceeding out of the mouth of him, and 

e\€yoy' Ovx ovros iffTiv 6 vlos IcDtrrjcp ; ^^Kat 

said: Not thi? is the son Joseph? And 

in the powee of the spikit 
into Galilee ; and a Re- 
port concerning him went 
out through the Whole 
adjacejnt country. 

15 And f)e taught in 
tlieir sTNAGOGiiES, being 
applauded by all. 

16 And he came to 
JIVazaketh, wherehehad 
bteii brought up; and ac- 
cording to his CUSTOM ou 
the sabbath-day, X he 
entered the synagogue, 
aud t stood up to read. 

17 And the Book of 
Isaiah the pkophkt was 
given to him; tand hav- 
ing unrolled the book, lie 
found the plack where it 
was written, 

18 J "The Spirit of the 
"Lord is on nie, because 
"he has anointed me to 
"proclaim glad tidings to 
"the Poor; he has sent 
" me fto publish a Rele;ise 
" to the Captives, aud Re- 
"covery of sijiht to the 
" Blind ; to dispense Free- 
" dom to the oppressed ; 

19 "to proclaim an Era 
"of acceptance with the 

20 And having rolled np 
the BOOK, he returned i*., to 
the attendant, and sat 
down. Aud the eyks of 
all who were in the syna- 
gogue were attentively 
hxed on him. 

21 And he began to 
say to them, " To-day, this 
scripture, which is now 
in youi" ears, is fultUJed.'* 

22 And all bore testi- 
mony to him, and wondered 

GRACE proceeding iTOm 

his MOUTH. And they 
said, " Is not this the son 
of Joseph ?" 

t 10. The Jewish doctors, in honor of the law and the prophets, invariably* food up while 
they read them ; hat sat damn while they taug-ht or commented on them. This was our 
Lord's custom, as we learn from Matt. xxvi. 53 — " I sat teachiug in the templb every day." 
t 17. The Sacred Writing's used to this day, in all Jewish Synagogues, are w-'itten on skins 
of basil, parchment, or vellum, pasted end to end, and rolled on two ro??ersbeginningat each 
end; so that in reading from right to left, they roll o^with the left, while they roll ow with 
the right. The place that he opened was probably the section for the Aay .—Clarke. 1 18. 
"To heal the broken in heart," is omitted both by the Vatican MS. and Griesbach, but 
Bloomfield thinks without sufficient warrant, as it is found in Isa. Ixi. I. 

t Id. Matt. ii. 23 ; xlii. 54 . Mark vi. 1. X 18- Actb xiii. U, xvii. 2. I 18. Isa. 

Isi. 1. t 22. Psa. xlv. 2. t 22. John vi. 4-^ 

Vfiap. 4: 2".j 


{CHiap. 4: 33. 

CJire Trpos avrovs' Havrws epeire fioi Tr\u irapa- 

he «aid to them: Surely you will say to me the iUus- 

^oKr]v ravTTjv " larpe, dipamvaov aeavTov" 

tration this; " Physician, heal thyself;" 

6aa if]KOV(Tafiev yeyo/xeva eis Kairfpuaovfi, 

nhat thiD^s ne ha%'e heard having been clone in Capernauui, 

iroirjaoi' Kai code ev rr} TrarpiSi aov. '^^ EtTre Se* 

do thou also here iu the country ofther. Hetaidand; 

AixT]u \ey(j3 vp-iv, dri ovSeis 'n-po(pT]rT]s S^ktos 

Indeed I say to you, that no one a jn'opUet acceptable 

iariv ev rrj TrarpiSt avrou. "^ Ett' a\r}d€ias Se 

is in the country ofbimself. la truth but 

Aeyca vj-itu, iroWai xvp'^i' fitrav ev rais r]/x€pais 

I k.iy to you, aiany widows were in the duys 

HKlov 61/ TCf) IcrpaTjA, otc €K\ei(Tdr] & ovpafos 

ofKlias iu the Israel, when was shut up the heaven 

CTTt 6T7J Tpia Kai ixi)vas e^, ws eyevero Xl/jlos 

for yeari three and months six, so that came a famine 

fieyas eiri va<rav rrju yr\v' -^ /cat Trpos ouSe/uiai' 

great over all the land; and to no ou^ 

avrwy eir€fi<pdr} HAms, et /xr) cis 'S.apeTT'^z rrjs 

of ;heni was sent Elias, if not into Sj'-^^ca of the 

^idwuos trpus yvvaiKa %T7poj'. "•^ Kat iroKAoi 

Sidun to a woman a v%-idow And many 

AeTrpoi T](rav eiri EKicrcraiou tov irpocpriTov ey tco 

lepers were in of£lisha the prupliet in the 

icrparjK' Kai ovSeis avrocu eKadaptadr), et firj 

Israel; and no one of them were cleansed, if not 

Nee/iOJ' 6 Supos. -^ Kai eTrhrjadrjaau irayres 

Naaman the Syrian. And they were tilled all 

Qvjxov ev TTj (Tvvaywyp, aKovovns ravTa. 

of wrath iu the synago^'ue, having heard these things. 

-^ Kat avaaravTes €^€^a\oy avrou e^M ttjs 

And rising up they cast out him outsiiie of the 

TToAeoJS' Kai rjyayou avrov iws ocppvos rov 

city; aud they led him even to a brow of the 

opovs, 6^' oil 7] TToAts auToji' w/co5oju.7)To, wtrre 

mountain, on which the city ofthev was built, so as 

KaraKp-quuiaai avTov •^'^airo, 5e SteAfloij/ Sia 

to cast down * him; he but passing through 

p.e(Tov avTcov, eTropevfTO. 

midst of them, went away. 

•'^ Kot KaTr]\0iv ets HeTreppaov/jL, ttoKiv TrjS 

And he came down int i Capernaum, a city of the 

FaAiAa/as- Kai 7]v BiSaaKwu avrovs eif rois 

Galilee; and he was te<acbiug them in the 

(Ta^Paci. *-' Kai e^eirXrjaaovro eiri rr} SiSaxjl 

sabbaths. And they were astonished on the teaching 

avrov 6ti ev e^ovaia t]v 6 \oyos avrov, 

ofhtm; for with authority was the word ofhim. 

^ Kai 61/ Tp (Tvuayoiyri t]v avdpunros excuf 

And in the synagogue was a man having 

23 And he said to thtni, 
"You will certainly relir 
me to this pkovkkb, 'P1i\ - 
sician, cure thyself; what 
things ws have' heard has 
been done in Capkrnauji, 
do also here in thy own 


24 But he said, " Indeed 
I say to you, X 'i'hnt no 
Prophet is acceptable in 


25 But in Truth I say to 
you, :j: There were Many 
Widows in Iskakl, in the 
days of Elijah, wlien the 
UKAVEN was closed thr^e 
Years and six JIontLo, so 
that tiif-c Canie a great 
Far.vliic over All the land ; 

26 and yt-t to no one of 
them M'as Elijah sent, but 
to a "Widow Woman, at 
Sarepta, of Si don. 

27 + And there were 
Many Lepers in Israel, 
in [the days] of Elisha the 
PROPHET, and yet no one 
of them were cleansed, but 
Naaman, the Syrian." 

28 And all in the syn- 
agogue hearing these 
words, were tilled with 
Wrath ; 

29 and rising up, they 
drove him out of the city' 
and led him even to the 
tBrow of the mou:stain 
on which their city was 
built, to throw him down ; 

30 but HE, J passing 
through the Midst of them, 
went away. 

31 i And he came down 
to Capernaum, a City of 
Galilee, and taught them 
on the sabbath. 

33 And they were struck 
with awe at his mode of 
instruction ; % For his 
word was with Authority. 

33 t Kow there was a 
Man in the synagogue, 

t 29. Behind the Maronite church is a steep precipice, forty or fifty feet high, " on the 
brow of the hill;" the very one, it maybe, over which the people of Isazarpth attempted to 
thrust the Savior, on the Sabbath when they took such offence at his preaching in the syna- 
gogue. I observed other rocky Icdijes, on other parts of the hill, so precipitous that a person 
could not be thrown over them without almost certain destruction. A worthless tradition 
has transferred this event to a hill about two miles to the south-east of the town. But 
there is no evidence that Nazareth ever occupied a different site from the present one ; and 
that a mob so e.xasperated, whose object was to put to death the object of taeir rage, should 
have repaired to so distant a place for that purpose, is entirely incredible. — Hackett, 

t 24. Matt, si ii. 57;; John iv. 44. t 25. 1 Kings xvii.9; xviii.l; J;iiiu-s 

V.17. : 27. 2Kinprsv.l4. t 30. John viii. 69; x.39. : 31. Matt. iv. 1;<; 

J»I:.rk i. 21. J 32. Matt. viL 28, 2tt. J 83. Mark i. 23. 

fJhap. 4: 341 


[Chap. 4,: 4k, 

Mvfvua. Zaiixovior aKaBdproVf Kat aveKpa^e 

• •pint ofademoa uccieaD, aod liecrieJout 

tbccvT) fifyaKVf ^'* ^[Aeyctjy'J Eg, rt ri/div Kat 

^ith«Voic« ioud, (sa^iD^;] Ah, what to u* and 

vot, iTjcToy Va^ap^vf / r)K6fi airoKfcrai Tjfias' 

V* thee jesus OUazarene? eomestthou to destroy nsj 

*)i5a <r6 Tis €iy 6 ayios tou Qiov, ^ Kai 

.know thee who thouart, the holy the God. And 

'^?b\ike4 hint (h* Jesus, Kaying; Be Mient, 

Kat ^^(\9^ e| avrov. Kat (>i\pap avrov to 

id «oon« out of bim. And having thitrwii him the 

demon into midtt, camaouc of him, nothing 

A\a^av avrov ^ Kat f'yd'^TO /SaujSos ctti 

barting him i Ao4 came amazcTnent on 

'*oi'ro5* Kdi <Tvv^\a\QV9 irpos aWv^ovSy Ae'yot' 

•I)l and talked to one Another, sa) 

•«$• Tis 6 \oyos ouTOJ, Sti (u f^ovcria Kai 

Shg» What the word this, for with authority and 

^vuauet fviraaaat rois aKaOapToiS Tryeu/uLaat, 

power hecommanils the unrlean (pirits, 

A9d they com^out 7 And went font) a re port concerning 

awTov €15 iravra rotrov T7?s Tfpixtopou, 

hia into every place of the country around. 

^ Avacrras 5t fK ttjs cvuayayrjs, eia-rjXOfv 

Haviag risen op and out of the synagogue, heeutered 

(tS T7JV otKtavSifxMUos' veydepa 5e rov'XilJ-covos 

Into the tiouaa ofSimoni (nother-in-Iawand ofthe Simon 

Tjf avv^x^P-^^ rrvp^rcs fi^yaXcp* Kat 7)pcoTT}(ray 

wa» aeized withafe> 

avTO>' 7r€pc avTTjs, 

him about ber. 


39 Kat 


and they asked 

CTTifTTaj cirapci} 

Standing above 

TTvpfTo}' Kat a<pr)K€V 

fever: and 

Se ai/a<rTa<ra 

and rising up 

it left 


•he (crved 

auTTjj, €7r€T«/^77cre rtp 

her, be rebuked the 

avTijy, IlapaxpVfj'-a 

her. ' forthwiUa 


^ AvvovTOS 5f TOW ^Afou, iraures Strot tixov 

Setting and Of th* «un, all asmanyaa bad 

acrdiVOvvTas yo<rois voiKiXais, tiyayov avrovs 

VeiDi; afflicted with diseases various, brought them 

Tpos aOfoy* b Se evi kKacrrc^ avrojv ras 

to -- bin: . he and one by one separately ofthem the - 

;^€fpas. €iri0€ty, ^Qepaircvcreif avrovs* ^^ E^rjp- 

handsi having placed, he healed them. Came 

j^CToSc Kai Saifiovia otto xoXAwy, Kpa^oura 

•at ' and also demons from many, crying out 

Kai XeyovTa* *Oti rry ei 6 vtos tow Oeou, Kai 

and saying: That thou art the bod of the God. And 

firiTtfiiA>y ovK eta avra Aa\€ij/, oTt TjSefcaj' 

rebuking not hepermlt»»d them to say, that they kne«- 

TOP XpiTTov avTov fivai, 

(he Anointed turn to be. 

having a Spirit of an ^imi 
pure Demon ; and he ex- 
claimed with a loud Voice, 

34 "Ah I what hast llioq 
to do with U3, Jesus Naza« 
rene? Comest thou to 
destroy us? 1 know thee 
who thou art ; % the HOLY 
ONE of God." 

35 And Jesus rebuUed 
him. Baying, " Be eilent, 
and come out of him." Ard 
the DEMON liaving thrown 
hint into the Midst, de- 
parted from hirq, withont 
hurling him. - 

^6 .'Ind amazement came 
on all, and they spoke toi 
one another, "Wiat wori> 
is this I For with Autho 
rity and Power he com- 
mands the iMPL'RE Spirits, 
and they come out." 

37 And a Report con- 
cerning ' him went forth 
into Every Part of tho 


38 X And rising- up out 

of the SYNAGOGUE, hc 

entered the house of Sv-. 
nion. And Simon's Moi' 
ther-in-law \va3 confined 
with a violent "Fever; and 
they asked him coucerning 

39 And standing over 
her, he rehuked the rEVfiC 
and it left her; and in- 
stantly rising up. she ser- 
ved them. 

40 % Now as the sun was 
setting, all who had any 
sick with various Diseases,, 
brought them to him ; anil 
HE, placing his hands oa 
each one of them, cured 

41 And Demons also- 
departed from many, cry- 
ing out and saying, "SThou 
artthcsoN of God." And 
rebuking tliem, he per- 
mitted them not to say 
That they knew him to be 
the Messiah. 

t S3. As demon was used both in a pood nnd bad sense before and after the time of the 
evangelists, t. .6 word wnc/^ffa may have been added liere by Luke, merely to express the_ 
qaalitv of thtt spirit. B t it is worthy of rtmark, that the inspired writers never use tht' 
WBrdt^rnuMi in a^ioodeense. — Clarke. 

1 84. Psa. xvL 10 : Dan. U> 8«. t 38. Alatt. viii. 14 ; Mark i. 20. t V)* Matt. 

aiap. 4: 42.J 


[ Omp. 5 : 7. 

*' VfvofifVT]s Se i)/j.€paSy c^eKdcov ^vopfvdr) e/s 

Beiug coinc •.nd day, coming out he went into 

fprifxov TOTrov Kai ol ox^oi €Tr€(^r]Tovy avTou^ 

a dejic'rt place: and the crowd* sought him, 

Kai T}\dcvy ecus avrov, Kai Kareixoy avrov fir) 

and came to him, aad urged him Dot 

vopeviijQai OTT* avTojv. ^^ 'O Se eiTre irpos 

tode}iaxt from them. He but said to 

avTovs' 'Ort Kai rais irepais noXcaiy €vay- 

tlieinj Tliat also to the other ciiies to publish 

yfXiaaaOai /ue Set rrjy fiaai\€iay rov Qeov otl 

^l.idiiJiugs nie Diust the kiugdou of the Gud; because 

€is TovTo aTrecTTaA/xat, 

for this I liave been sent forth. 

**"* Kat riv KTjpvacrwy ey rais crvvaycoyais ttjs 

A-ndhewas prtaehicg ia the synagogue! of the 

FaXiXaias, KE<i>. e'. 5. ^ E76»'fTo 6e cy rev 

Galilee. Itliappened but in to the 

Toy oxXoy €ViKeicrQat aury rov uKovfiy tov 

the crowd to pie&s hiui of the to hear the 

\oyoy Tov Oeou, Kai avTos rjy earws irapa ttjj' 

word of the God »nd he was stsniiiag hy the 

Kifxvqy Tevu-qa^apfT' ^ Kai etSe 5uo Trkoia 

Lake Geuuesaret ; aud he saw two ships 

^(TTooTa vapa Tr)y Kifivrjy ol Se aKicis airo^av- 

staudiiig by the lake; the but fishermen r.avmg 

res air' avrajy, aireirKuvav ra diKTua. ^ EuSas 

ftonefrom them, were washing the nets. Entering 

Se 6iy ev Tcoy irAoiuy, 6 rjv rov ^ijxwvos' r]pa)- 

and into one of 'he ships, which was of the Simon j he 

rriaey auroy airo ttjs yrjs eirayayayeiy oKiyoy 

asked him from the land to put off alittle; 

Kai KaOiaas fSiSacTKey e/c tvv n\oiou rovs 

and sitting down he taught out of the ship the 

ox^oi/s. ^ 'fls Se ivavtraTO KaXwUy etire irpos 

crowds. Wheaand be ceased speaking, he said to 

Toy 'S.ifxwva- Y.izavayay€ ets to fiadoSy Kat 

the Siiuoa; Put out into the deep, and 

XaAaarare ra SiKTva vjJLwy ets aypav. * Kai 

le: down the nets of you for a draught. And 

aTTOKpiOeis d 'S.ipLwv nir^v *[ai/Taj-] ETrioTara, 

a'lBwenof tbs S mo« •«•« i-chim 1 O niaater 

hC ^Atjj 7TJ? vvhTos KOTT.aoav is, ot/Sei' eAa- 

tlirough whole of the night having toiled, nothing we 

fijuey eTTt Se rep pr]iJ.aTi auu X'^^^-^^ '''^ 

hivctaken; at but the word of theel willlet down the 

diKTuoy. ^ Kai rovro TroirjTuvTes, cvveKKfi- 

net. And this having done, tliev cnclo- 

aay irXrfdos ix^vwy noXv Siepprjyvvro Se ro 

sec* a multitude of fishes great; was rending and the 

SiKTvoy avrujy. ^ Kat Kanvevaay rois /j-ero- 

net of them. And *hey beckoned to the PArl- 

Xo^s TOis ec rep €T€pcp ir\oicp, rov f\6oyras 

nors to lliose in the other ship, o''the coming 

avKKa^(.(TQai avrois' Koi ri\dov, Kai €ir\r}aay 

to help them; and theycame> and filled 

42 And Day haling: come, 
he retired to a Desert 
Place ; and the crowds 
sought him, and came to 
him, and urged him ncit ta 
leave them. 

43 But iiK said to them, 
" I must proclaim the glad 
tidings of the kingdom of 
God to OTHER Cities also; 
hicause for this I have 
been sent." 

44 t And he was preach- 
ing *in the synagogues 



1 X Now it occdrred. as 


him to HEAR the word of 
God, f)e was standing by 
the LA KE Gennesaret ; 

2 and he saw * two 
Boats stationed near the 
shore; but the fisher- 
MKN having left them, 
were washing their kets. 

3 And having gone into 
one of the boats, which 
was Simon's, he asked 
liini to put off a little from 
tlie LAND ; and sitting 
down, he instructed the 
crowds out of the boat. 

4 And when he ceased 
speaking. besaidtosijifjN, 
I" Vut. out into the dkkp 
and lei d^^wn your nets 
for a Draught " 

6 And * S'mon answer- 
ing said " Master, we 
have 'abnred through the 
Whole NKiiiT. and hive 
caught nothing; vet, at 
thy "word, I will let down" 
the * ^'ETS. 

6 And having done this, 
they cucIusm d a great Mul- 
titude of I'ishes: and tlici? 
* NETS were rending. 

7 And thev beckoned to 
their partners >ji ttic 
other Boat to come '^nd 
ASSIST them. And tliev 
came, and filled Both tiie 

* Vatican Manuscript. — 44. to the synagogues. 2. two Boats. 5. Sirnon, 

6. to him — o«if. 5. nets. 6. nets. 

+ 1. Called also the sea or lako of Galilee, and the sea of Tiberias. It was anciently calif d 
the sea of Ctiinuereth. It is about live miles wide, and some sixteen or seventeen miles 

t 44. Mark i. 30. 

t I. Matt. iv. IS; Marki. 16. 

t 4. John ixi. G. 

Chap. 5; 8.] 


[Chap. I i 11. 

an<por€pa to irXom, aare ^v6i(ea6ai avra. 

both the ships, so as to (ink tljem, 

* Idwp Se lS.t/uLCcp VlerpoSt rrpocevcae rois yopatri 

Seeing &nd Siuiou feier, fell down to the kneea 

Tov IrjaoVf h^'ytcv E|eX0e air' 6^oy, drt vvrip 

of the Jesus, iajicg} Depart from me, for a man 

apiapTcoXos €Jyui, Rvpie, ^ Ga/xfios yap irept- 

a e'inner lam, Olord. Amazement for seized 

torxfv avTov nai rrapTes rovs cvtf ciwtco, ctti tt? 

him and all those «ith hixa, at the 

aypa raiv ix^vuv^ 'ri avv^Xafiov ^^ dfioias 

drauglitof the fishts, which they had talen ; in like manner 

8e Kai \aK(t)^ov Kai Juavv7]Vy vlovs ZejSeSajoi;, 

and also James and John, sons ofZebcdee, 

01 fjaav Hotvoovoi T«i> ^i/j-uyi. Kai enre Tpos 

who vreie paitners with tbe Simon. And said to 

TOV ^ipceva 6 Itjcouj* Mtj (po^ov airo rov wv 

the SiuioD the Jesust Kot fear; from Ofthe now 

ttvOpcoTTovs fcrrj ^ocypccv, ^^ Kai Karayayotfres 

men thonwiltbe catching. And having brought 

ra ir\oia eirt rrjv yqv^ acpfvres airavTay 7}Ko\ov- 

the thipi to the land, bavin g left allf they fol- 

6r]crav avrif, 

lowed bim. 

^ Kat eyevero tv rip eivai aitrov €V fiic^ rwv 

Andit happened in to the to be him in ore oftlie 

VoXfoVf Kai tSoVy avnp irXrjprjS Xeirpas* Kat 

cities, and lo, a man full oflepiosy) and 

l5a»r TOF lr](Tovi/, Trecctv frri TrpotrcDTTOJ', fdcvOr] 

teeing the Jesus, baving fallen on face, entreated 

avTOVt Ae7toy Kvpie, eav BeAjjs., SvuatTai fte 

him, caying; O lord, if thou wilt, tliouartable me 

IcaOapicat. *^Kat eKTctvas ttji/ ^eipa, r,^a-To 

to clean&e. And etretching out the hand, Retouched 

ttvTOVf iLTTccif ©eAw, Ka6api<T6r]Ti, Kat evdews 

him. Saying* I will, be thou cleansed. Andimniediately 

71 Kevpa airrjXOiu ott' avrov, '■* Kat avTos 

the leprosy departed from him. And he 

vapriyyfiXev ai'ry pLrjdeyt eiireiv oAAa aveX- 

commanried him Do one to tell: but going 

6wu Sei^ov veavTov T(p Up^iy Kat vpoaepeyKe 

•how thyself to the priest, and offer 

Vfot rov KadapKr/xov (rov, Ka6u>s irpoaerc^e 

on acconntof the cleansing oftliee, as enjoined 

M&)0-7js, fisimaprvpn. tavrois, 

Moset, (or k witness to them. 

^^ ALr]p'x^fro Se fiaWov b Koyos vept avrov 

Spread abroad but more the word concerning him j 

Hat cwqpxovro ox^oi ttoWoi aKoveiv, Kai 

ftnd came together crowds great to hear, and 

6epatrevf(T6at *rv7r* avrav"] airo ru>» aaOfveiouy 

to be healed iMj bim] from the weaknesses 

BOATS, SO that they vera 

8 And Simon Peter see* 
ing it, fell down at the 
KNEES of * Jesus, sajanpr, 
"Depart from ne, O Loid, 
For 1 am a sinful Man."' 

9 Tor amazement seized 
him, end all who w cie 
"With him, attheDKAUGj-T 
of FISHES which they ha6 
taken j 

10 and in like manner 
also, James and John, Sor.s 
of Zebedee,Tilio were Part- 
ners with SisroK. Ar-d 
*Jesns said to SiMOK, 
"Fear not; jHENcrroHTH 
thou wilt catch Meii," 

11 And having brought 
the BOATS to the land, 
J leaving all, they followed 

12 J And it occnrred, 

^r]l(n he WAS in one of the 
CITIES, behold, a Man ful' 
of Leprosy, seeing Jesv^ 
fell on his Face, and be» 
sought him, saying, "Sir, 
if thcu w ilt, thou canst 
cleanse Me." 

13 And extending his 
HAKlJ, he touched him, 
saying, " I will ; be tlu.u 
cleansed." And instantly 
the LEPEOST departed 
from him. 

14 J And ffe commanded 
him to tell no one; "but 
go, [said he] show thyself 
to the priest, and present 
an offering on account of 
thy CLEANSING, :}: as Mos( a 
commanded, for Notifyirg 
[the cure] to the people." 

1 5 But the EEPOET con. 
cerning him spread abroiid 
the more ; and great 
Crowds came together to 
hear, and be cured of theii 


• Vaticaw Maic bscbift.— 8. Jesus. 

10. Jesus. 

15. by him— omif. 

^ 14. This iHJunction of our Lord upon fhe man to show himself to the priest,m5ghthav« 
had a further meaniugthan merely a comptiauce with the direction of the Mosaic hiw in 
this c;ise. The Jewish Pahhins thought that the curing' cf the leprosy would he character- 
istic ofthe MesFirh. This makes the ohstinacy and unbelief of tlie Jewish rulers and peopie 
appear still more inexcusahle. 

I 10. MaU.iv.l9t Mark i. 17. til. Matt. iv. 90; xix.27» Mark 1. 18; l.ukexviii 

2S. t 12. Matt. Viii i j Mark 1. 40. t U. Matt. viii. 4. i 14. Lev. xiv 4. ift 

7T '•a. 

%ap. 5: 16.1 


b Www "'AyTor Be riv viTox^p(>^v fv rats eprj^tois, 

of them r He biitwa* letiring la the duerU, 

Kai irpoo'evxoiji.euos, 

and praying. 

^' Kai cyiueTO fv jxia rwp rjfjupwVy Kai avros 

And it liappeued in one of Ilia days^ and he 

-qv SiSacrKwi/' Kai vcrav KaO-q/xevoi 4>api(Taioi Kai 

fTAS teaching; and weie titling Pharisees and 

vono5i5aaKa\oty oi rjaau eX-qKvBoTes (K vaaris 

teacher* of the la»i they were having ' r.uie out of all 

Kwu.i]5 rrjs roA.t\aios Kai lo^baiaSj Kai 'lepov- 

fill.iget ol the G?:i:r< and Juilea and .■erii- 

Ba\T]/j.' Kai Supa/jiis Kvpiov 7]V etj to t.a<TBa>. 

uiemi and poner ofLurd wa« into >t>? to hea^ 

avTovs. ^^ Kat tSou, auSpes (pfpovres eirt 

them. And lo, men brin>,'ing on 

K\iP7]S avQpoiTToVy 6s riu irapaXeXv/xepos* Kai 

acouch a niaa, who nas having been paUied; and 

t^TjTovu avTov fKTei^ejKeiVy Kai deivai ivwtriov 

■ uught him tobrinijin, and to place in^rraeme 

nvTov. ^^ Kat fitj ^'vpouTcs rroias fiaeveyKcoaiu 

01 him. And not finding bow they might bringin 

CLuToUy Sia Tov ox^ovy ava^avTfS ctti to Sw/na, 

him, through the cruvid, havm i; gone up to the roof, 

Sia Twv Kipa^xbiv Kad]Ka» avTov ffvv t<f 

tlirnugh the *ile* they let •lown b<m with <be 

KKiviBi<f €15 TO fXf(Tov i/xTrpocrOev Tov Itjcou. 

julebed into the miilst inpiesence of the Jesus. 

^ Kat iSuv rr}u iricmv avrwvy (iirfw AuOpoDirfy 

And teeing the faith of them, he taid; Oman, 

acfxwvTai troi ai a/xapTiu.i aov. ^^ Kai 7]p^avro 

ha.elieeaforglvento theethe tint of thee. And bcjan 

hia\oyi^(:<TQai oi ypa/jLuareis Kat oi ^apiTaioi, 

to rea!ioa the tribet and the {"hariiieei, 

KtyovTis' Tis ecTTivovros 6s Xa\ei ^KarrcprjuLtaS; 

tayinii^i \t'ho It this who tpcaka blaspheiniet ^ 

Tts Svvarai acpievai a/JLapriaSy ft /xr; fxovos 6 

who i» able to furgive tins, n not alone tbe 

6eos; ''■^Eiriyuous Se 6 Itjtoks rovs SiaAoyKT/xovs 

Gjd? Knowing but the Jesut the re.iBoningt 

avTwVy airoKpideis eiire irpos avrovs' Tt hia\o- 

ofilrin, answering eaid to Ihcaij Wl.y do you 

yii^icrQi «if Tais Kap^ias vjuwu , ^ T: fcrriv 

re..-."0 in the heartt ofjou? Which It 

tvKOTTWTepou : eiireiv A((i((DUTai aoi ai a/xap- 

eatier? to say; Hare been forgiven to thee the tins 

Ttot (TOV ; 7} eiireiu* Eyeipe Kat TTfpnraTfi; 

oftheeF or to lay ; Arii>e and walk* 

^'Iva Se etSTjTe, ^rt e^ovaiai^ «X*- * i"'os TOf 

Thatbutyou may know, that authority hat the ton ofthc 

tLvQpoiirov firt ttjs yrjs a(pi€vai ajxapriaSy (eiire 

man on thk earth to forgive tint, (hi^said 

T(f) irapaXfKvficucp') ^oi \eyw Eyupe, Kai 

to the having been paUiedj) To thee I say i Arise, and 

apas TO kKiviBiov aou, iropevov etj tov 

having taken up the little bed of thee, go into th^ 

[Chap. 6: 24. 

16 JAnd f)f retired into 
solitary places, and prayed, 

17 AuQ it occurred oa 
one of ihe days, \)t waa 
teaching, and the *PnARi- 
SEK3 and Teachers of the 
Law were Bitting near, 
having come out of jLvery 
Village of Galilee, and ot 
Judea, and 'rom Jerusa- 
lem ; and the M:j:i;ty 
Power of In v.- 7jOrd was on 
*him ic CUBE. 

18 X And, behold, Men 
bringing on a Bed a palsied 
Man, and they sought t»i 
l)iin» him in, snd p'ace 
him in tiis presence. 

J 9 And iio» Jtfiding how 
they could bring him in, 
on account of liie crowd, 
hanng asceudt-d w the 
Eooy, '-hcf ioweied him, 
with ihe LiiTiE mi), 
tthrough th"^ tiles, into 
the iiiDST before * them 

20 And perceinng their 
faith, he said, " Aldn. thy 
sijss are forgiven thee.'' 

21 J And the scribes 
and the Pharisees Ni^L'ap 
lo /eason, eaying. "Who 
is this that utiera Blas- 
phemies ? X Who can for- 
^rne Sins, except God 
only ?" 

22 But Jesus knowing 
their thoughts, answer- 
ing, said to rhem, " Why 
do you reason in your 

23 Which is easisr ? lo 
say, 'Thy sins are forgiven 
thee ;* or to say, [with 
effect,^ ' Arise, and walk ?' 

24 But that you may 
know that the son of m a>' 


to forgive Sins," (he says 

to the tALSIED MAN,) " I 

say to thee, 'Arise, and 
taking np thy i.ittlb 

a^D, go to thy HOUSE.' " 

• VATiCiS Masuscbipt. — 17. Fhabisees. 17. him to cukk. And. 19. tliem all. 

t 19. Probably through the door in the roof, which beinp fastened, was forced open. See 
Mark 11. 4. Because all the roof, except the door, was covered with tiles. It is said, " ihej 
lowered him thro'i{»h the tiles;" of course, by means of the stairs leading down into the 
area or court of the house, where the people were assembled. 

I :e. .Matt. xlv. 23; Mark vi. 46. \ 18. Matt. Ix. 2 ; Mark ii. 8. J 21 Jlatt. \\ 

t- MarklJ.e,?, X 21. Psa. xxxii. .5; Isa. xli.i. 25, 

jBVap, 6: 25.) 


ViKoy aov. ^ Kai irapaxpVh'"' o^aoTos fvuiriov 

I bou>c ul lh«e. Aod initauiJjf anting in pretence 

ouTwt', apas €^* '(p ' KareKeiTOy aTr-qhQfu 

oflliem, batidjjlsked'up on whwb. he ii»d been laid, went 

ets TOP oiKov avTou, So|a^a);' toi/ 6(oi/, 2" Kai 

Into the lioute ofLimseir, gloiir^ing the God. And 

tKO-racris eAaj3ey anauras, /cot eSc/|aCo»' rov 

emazemeot took / . 'all, and they glorified the 

Of Of Kui eirX-rjaOvo'i^y (pofiov, ^eyoi/Tes' 'On 

Goil: And were filled ^ of fear, eayingj / ,Tliat 

tiBo/xey ircpa5o|a -fffitiipov. 

l»o li»ve seen wonderful Ihingt to-day. 

27 Kat /iera Tavra . e^TjXfle, ^^ot^«d«0(raTo 

And after tiiese he went out, . an4 saw 

TcXwrTji/, ovojxari Kiviv^ KaQyiixfvou erri, to 

ft publican, with a name . Levi, titting- at the 

V(\wviov Kai (iTTfV avT(f Ako\ov9h fioi. 

fciittoai-honte; and hecnid' loLim: Fallow Die. 

P3 Kq{ KaTa\nrci)y alravTaf avarrtas r)Ko\ov6rjaey 

And lorsaking .' »1!, rising up he followed 

tivii}). 2'^ Kai fTro,i7](f€ Sox^jv jU67a\7jv Aeuis 

Uim. And taade • afeait great J-evj 

p,uTcp (y T77 otKia avTou* /cat i)!^ ox^^s reXcovajv 

to hint in the house ofhimself: and wag acroird of puLlicunt 

w.o\vs, Kai aWooUy oi riTav ix^r^ avrwu KarcKH- 

«icat, and of others, w4i> were with tliein «^ . leclin- 

u(Pot, '^'^ Kat fyoyyv^ov ot ypajxfxaTciS avTwy 

lug. And inunnured tjic acribci of them 

Kat 6t 'Papttraioi rrpos rovs fiaQriras avrov, 

ftnd the Fhariicea to tUc.^ liiiciplea of him, 

Afyovres' Aiart fifTa'rcou reXusvuv Kat a/j.ap- 

a.iylng: Why with tho i public.ios and lin- 

TuKwp 6cr0t€T6 /cat TTti/ere/ "^^ Kat anoKpiOets d 

kiera do you'eat end drink ? ' And anatveting the 

lijofous etire trpos avrovs'^ Ov XP^^'^'^ ex°^^^^ 

je«i>( laid to ttiem: No need ' have 

o.' vyiatuovTfs larpovj a\\' ot kuicws fX'^''''"*?* 

tl'Oy beinjr in lie.iltli of a physician, but those tick being: 

^^ovh (\r)\vOa KaAfcrai SiKUtovs, aWa afx.apTw- 

not I have come to call just (one*,) but •\ eiuoeri 

\ovs fis fifTavotau, 

to reforuiation. , ^ 

^'■^'01 8e eiwov irpos avrov* *[AtltTj] ot 

Ihcy and snid to him: [Why] the 

liaOrjrat Joiavvou yricrrfvovci irvKva, Kai Sfrjcretj 

disciples of John fast often, and prayers 

JrotoufTat, hfjLoius Kai ol rcov ^apttxaiuv oi de 

make, to like manneraudtli I'eof the Pharisees: tbcwie but 

wot €(T6iov(Tt Kai TTiuovaiui'^'^'O 5e enre irpo$ 

to thee eat and drink? Jle and said to 

auTovs' Mr) ZvuatrOe rovs vtavs rov pv/xcpios, eu 

them: Mot «ou are able the toiia 'of the briJal-chauiber, in 

*<j) d^ vvfifpios fjnr' avTcof ecrn^ Trotrjcrot 

kihicTi the briduL'rooia with them is, to uiake 

PrjcrTfvciv ; ^ K\€V(T0VTai 5e 7]fJifpai, Kat drav 

to fast r Will come but d.-i^s, aod when 

tavapdr} air* avruy 6 vviJ.<f>ios,roTe vrjaTcvaov 

tnay Lc taken from them the'^ro^^ia, then thcynnifast 

C <^iflj). 5 J 38} 

25 And instantly arising 
in their presence, and tak- 
ing up that on which ha 
had been lying, he pro- 
ceeded to his own jiovse, 
praising GoD. 

26 And astonishment 
seized all, and they praised 
God, and were filled with 
I'car, saying, " We havo 
seen M'ondeiful things tu»' 

27 t And after this. lie" 
went out, and saw a Tri- 
bute-taker, named Levi,' 
sitting at thcTAx-orficK; 
and he said to him, " I'oU 
low lue." 

28 And forsaking all, Ijo'i 
arose, and followed him, 

-29 t And* Levi made a", 
great Vea St for him, in his 
own Housii ; and thero 
*wa3 a great Crowd of Tri« 
liute'takers, and of others,' 
wiio were reclining with 

SO And *the Pharisees' 
and their scribks com.' 
jjlained to his discii'les, 
saying, " Wjiy do you tat 
iiiid uiink with TUiuuiji- 
TAKE^ES and Sinners?" 

31 And * Jesus answer* 
ing, said to tlicin, "TuosK 
\\ho are in health luno 
no need of a Physician, 
but THOSE who are sjck; 

32+1 have not come to 
rail tlie Riglitcous, hut 
Sinners to llepentance." 

33 And-TJiKY said to 
jiim, I" Tlie disciples ol 
John frequently fast and 
Pray; and in like manner 

IIIOSF, of the PllARISfctS; 

but THINE eat and diiuk r'* 

34 And he said tothemj 
" Can the buidkmen fast, 
while the beideguoom is 
with them ? 

35 But Days will come, 
when liic "uniuKGUooM 
Will 1)C t;ikcn from tiaiii, 
:iiid tlicii they will fast ia 

TliOSC DAlS." 

., • Vatic*."* MANUscairt.— 23. Lcvj. 
81. Jcbus. 

S0.« the PuanisEss and their sciiides 

J 27 Matt. Is. 0; Mark ii. 13. 11. . 1 20. Matt. 1x. 10: Mark ii. 15. t 32. iMatt. 

}« jSi i ilia. i. 15, , { 39, Wail. ix. U ; JJark ii, U • -;. 

Cliap. 5 ; 36.] 


x, IV (V fK^iuais Tats Tj/jLfpais, ^EA67€ Se Kai 

in tho^e the dayt. HeBpoke aod &Uo 

napafioXr]!/ trpos avTovs' 'On ovdeis eTri^\r]/u.a 

ajiaiable to tlicm; That no one » palcU 

{jxariov Kaivov firi^aWei eiri i/jLariop vaKaiov 

ofiiinanile Den tews on to a mantle oldi 

ei Se /t7J76, Kai ro Kaivov ax^C^ty Kai rep iraKatai 

If but nut. and the nen it rcuda, and the old 

ov (rvij.(pwv(i e7ri)8A7?/xa to airo rov Kaivov. 

r.^t agrees a patch that from the new. 

•*• K<it ovdfis /SaAAet otvov peov ets aiKovs 

And HO one puts vrine new into skina 

iraXaiovs' ej Se fJ-vy^t pv^^i o y^os oivos rovs 

old: if but not, »fill Imrtit the new wine the 

acTKOvSy Kai avros CKX^Sv^^'^^'h *^°-^ ol arr/coi 

skins, and he will be spilt, and the skins 

airoXovvTai' ^ aWa oivou v^ov fis atrKovs Kai- 

will be destroyed I l>»t wine new into skins new 

vovs jSATjTeoj'' *l^Kai a/xcpOTipot avvTripovvrai.^ 

requires to be put ( [and both are preserved.] 

" [Kai] ovdfis TTiwv ira\atov, *[^ev6€cijs'} 6e\ei 

I^And] no one having drunk old, [immediately] desires 

Vfcv Aeyeiyap' 'O rraXaios XP'Hf^T'^'^^pos ecrriv. 

new: be say* for: The old better is. 

KE*. s'. 6. 

'EyereTO Se fv cra^^arcf) *[SevTep07rp(yTCi>] 

/t happened and in sahbath [secoud-tirst) 

}>.\»nopevi(TQai avrov Sia twv (Tiropifxcov Kai 

to pass him through the grain-fields: and 

(TiWov 01 fjLaOrjTat avrov rovs (rraxvas^ Kai 

plucked the disciples of him the ears of grain, and 

qaQioVf y^wxovns rais x^P^*- ^ Ttt-es he rwv 

ate, rubbing the bauds. Some and ofthe 

^apKTaiQiv enrov*[^avro:s'^ Ti iroi€ire, 6 ovk e^- 

Phari^ets said (to them;) Why do you, which not it is 

ecrrt *[7rof6t»'] evrois aa^^acrt; ^Kai anoKpiBeis 

lawful [to do] in the sabbaths? And answering 

•jrpos avrovs einev d Irjcrouy OuSe rovro avey- 

to them said the Jesus, Not even this have you 

pcDTe, 6 eTTotTytre AaviS, birore eirdvaav avros 

read, what did David, when was hungry be 

Kai 01 fjLfr^ avrov ovrfs ; "* ws eKTrjkdfv eis rov 

and thp.5e with bim being? how he entered into the 

oiKov Tov Oeov, Kai rovs aprovs ttjs TrpoOecTccas 

house ofthe God, and the loaves ofthe presence 

eAa/3e, Kai e(paye, Kai eSccKe *[Kai] rois 

hetook, and ate, and gave [also] to those 

fier' avrov ovs ovk e^eari <payetv, ei fxt] fiovos 

with him; which not it is lawful to cat, if not alone 

rov% Upeis ; * Kai eAeyei/ avrois' *['07j] 

the priesta? And he said to themj [Thaty 

36 X And he also spoke a 
Par.iljlc to tlicrn ; " 5. o one 
])iits a Pit ce * nnt from a 
new Garment on an old; 
else the kkw also * will 
II ake a rent, and 
I'it ce from the >"e\v * will 
not agree with the old. 

87 And no one puts new 
^'ine into f old Skins ; 
else tlie *nkw wixe will 
burst tJie skins, and itself 
he spilt, and the SKiKs be 

SS But new Wine musi 
be put into new Skins. 

89 !No one hanns: drunk 
old wine desires new; fc 
lie says, * The old is 
* good.' " 


1 X And it occurred on 
the Sabbath, that he went 
throu'^'h the * Grain-fields, 
and his disciples plucked 
the HEADS of GRAIN, and 
ate, rubbing them in their 


2 And some of the 
Phakisees said, " Wliy 
do you J what is not lawful 
on "the SABBATH ?" 

3 And * Jesus answer- 
ing them, said, " Have you 
not even read this, J which 
David did, when hungry, 
l]r and those who * were 
with him? 

4 He went into the TAB- 
EENACLE of God, and took 
the LOAVES of the pees- 
ENCE, and ate, and gave to 
THOSE with him; J which 
none but the peiests could 
lawfully eat." 

5 And he said to them. 

• V.iTicAN Manuscript.— -36. rent from a new. 36. will make a rent, and the piece 
80. will not agree with. 37. new wine. 38, and both are preserv-ed— o»ll^ 

5 '. And— ©iitit. 89. immediately— omt*. 1. second-first— omi<. 1. Gr."in- 

Jields. 2. to them— omif. 2. to do— omiV. 8. Jesus. 8. were. 

4, how — «mit. 4. also — omit. 5. Thatr— oiKtf. 

1 37. Bottles ofskin or leather, which the Jews used for putting their wines in. Pkins are 
used forthisi>urpi.>senowinf>pain, l'ortufral,andtheKnst. Kew wine, by fcrpipntin" would 
burst Biich as tht-se, if they were old, and dry. Kee Josh. ix. 4, and Job xsxii. I'J. " 

X ?X>. Matt. ix. 16 17 ; Blark ii. 21, 22. i 1. Jlatt. xii. 1 •, Mark ii. 23. 1 2. Exod 

ix 10. I 3. 1 Sam. xxi. 6. t ^ Lev.zxiv.O. 

Chap, fli 6.] 


]Clwp. 6: 14. 

Kvpios ecTTiy 6 vlos rov audpwirov Kat tov cajS- 

a lord 18 the ton of the man alao of the aab- 


It happened and [also] in another eabbath to en- 

Oiiv auTOP eis rrjv (rvvaycayrju, Kai SidaaKeii/' Kai 

ler him into the synagogue, and to teach; and 

Tfv 6Ket, avOpuiros, Kai rj x^'P avrov rj Se^ia 7]v 

was there a man, andthe liaud of him the right was 

^y}pa. ^ Tlaperrjpovp Sc avrov ol ypa/niiareis 

withered. Watched and him the scribes 

Kai 01 ^apicraioi ei eu rc^ aa^^aro) Qepairevcri, 

and the Pharisees if in the sabbath he will heal, 

lua ei>p<i)(Ti Karriyopiav avrov. ^ Avros Se 

so thattneymightfind an accusation of him. He but 

r)5ei rovs SiaKoyiafxovs avrwu, Kai eiire rc^ 

knew the purposes ofthem, and said to the 

apOpccTTO} ro) ^ripav ^xouri rrju xetpa* Eyeipe, 

man the withered having the hand; Arise, 

Kai (rrr}6i eis ro fiecrou, 'O 5e auacrras earTj. 

and stand into the midst. He and having arisen stood, 

^EiTTev ovp 6 Iriffovs irpos avrovs' Eirspcajr-rjcrca 

Said then the Jesus to them; I will ask' Ti f^^crri rois ca^^aaiv ; ayadoiroir](rai, 

you; "What is it lawful to the sabbath? to do good, 

77 KaKOTTo 17] (Tai ; \pvxvi' cwtrat, 7] atroKreivai ; 

or to do evil? a life to save, or to kill? 

^^ Kat TTepifiXexpaixeuos irauras avrovs, enrev 

And looking around on all them, he said 

avTcp' Enreivov rrjv X^^P"' cov. *0 Se eTTotTjcre" 

to him ; Stretch out the hand of thee. He and did; 

Kcti aTreKare(TTa6r} rj X^'P avrov *[&)$ r] oWtj.] 

I and was restored the hand of him [.is the other.] 

^* AvToi Se eirhTjaOrjcrav avoias, Kai Si€\a\ovp 

They and were filled madness, and they talked 

irpos aKKrjKovs, ri av vonjCTeiap rcf Irjaov. 

to one another, what they should do to the Jesus, 

^'^Eyepero Se eu rais riixepais ravrais, e^TjA.- 

It came to pass and in the days those, he went 

6^p €is ro opos irporrev^ao'dai' xai t]v diapvKre- 

out into the mountain to pray : and was passing the 

pevcov ep rt) irpocrevxi! rov 6iJv. ^^ Kat ore 

night in the place of prayer of the God. And when 

67e»'eT0 7}fj.epa, Trpo(re<f)(apr)(rf rm'is fxaOr)ras 

it became day, he called to the disciples 

ahrov Kai eK\e^afxepos air' avrajp 3ca^eKa, ovs 

of himself r and having chosen from them twelve, whom 

Kai aTro(Tro\ovs cDPo/xace' ^^ (^^lucova, 6v Kai 

also apostles he named : (Simon, whota tlio 

wvofiatre Ilerpop, Kai Apdpeap rov aScXcpop 

he named Peter, and Andrew the brother 

ouTow, laKccfiov Kai Iccavvrjv, ^iXiinrov Koi 

of him, James and John, Philip add 

"The SON of MAN is Lord 
even of the sabbath." 

6 And it occurred ou 
Another Sabbatli, tliat he 
entered the synaggotje, 
and taught. And a Man 
was there wliose eight 
HAND was withered. 

7 And the sceibes and 
Phaeisees watclicd him 
closely [to see]if hewoiild 
cure on the sabbath : 
that they might find an 
Accusation against him. 

8 But f)e knew their 
PUEPosES, and said to 


withered hand, " Arise, 
and stand in the miust." 
And HE arose and stood. 

9 Thep Jesus said to 
them, "I ask you, if it is 
lawful to do good on the 
SABBATH, or to do cvil? 
to save Life, or to kill?" 

10 And looking round 
on them all, he said to 
him, " Stretch out thino 
HAND." And HE did suj 
and his hand was re- 

11 And thtg were filled 
with madness, and consul, 
ted with one another, what 
they should do to Jesus. 

12 X And it came to pass 
in those days, that he 
went out to the mountain 
to pray ; and he remained, 
through the night, in f the 
oEATOEY of God. 

13 And when it was 
Day he summoned liis 
DISCIPLES ; X ^^'^ having 
selected from them twelve, 
whom he also named 
Apostles ; — 

14 Simon, J whom he 
also named Peter, and 
Andrew his beother, 
James and John, Philip 
and Bartholomew, 

* Vatican Manvscript. — 6. also — omit, 
the other— OTOt<. 15. Alpheus. 

B. I ask you, if it is lawful. 

la as 

t 12. Or the place of prayer to God. Nearly all modern critics translate p^^<ne.'v<• in this 
passage and Acts xvi. 13, in this mannei. A prosukce was a large uncovered tuilding, witb 
seats, as in an amphitlieatre, and used for worship where there was no synag'Ogrue. 

% 6. Matt. sii. 9 j Mark iii.l ; Luke siii. 14 ; xiv. 3; John m. 19. 
{ 13. Matt. X. 1 X 14. John i. 42. 

X It. Vatt. xiv.SS 

9nap. 6: 15.] 


BapSoXofxaioVf ^^MarOaior Kat ©oofxaPflaKw^ov 

Bar4holoir.«w, M»tllie\» »nd Thomas, Jamri 

Toif Tuv A\(paioVf Kai ^ificopa rov KaXov/neuov 

the ofllie Alpheui, and Simon the beins; cnlled 

^7j\wTi7i', ^^lovdaif laKcofiou Kai louSav laKapi- 

Zelutei, Jiiilai ofJ.unet and Jutlai lacar- 

VTjjVf 6s *[>cail fyfU€TO TrpoSoriis*) '' Kai 

lot, who [aUo] became a traitor;) and 

KaTa$as ^6t' avTooVy ((tttj cti roirov vc^tvov, 

descending Kith them, he stood OD a place level, 

Kai ox^os fJ.a6riTu)V avrovy Kai irX-nOos truXv 

and acroTid ofdisciiilrt of him, and amuliiiude great 

TOW \aov aiTQ iravqs rrjs lovSaias, Kai 'l^pou- 

of the people from all of the Judea, and Jeni- 

tra.XrjfXy Kai rrjs vapaXiov Tvpov Kai ^iidwuos, 

lalem, and of the «ea-coist ofTyre and Sidon, 

Di r]\9oP UKovaai outou, Kai iaQr]vai airo Twv 

•rho came to bear him, and to be healed from the 

fjrro)// avTCt)V ^^ Kai oi ox^ov/meuoi airo Trvevfia- 

li»>-ase» of tnemselvei; and those bein^timibled from spirits 

TODV aKadapru)V Kai ^de pair (vovro* ^^Ka< Tras 

unclean; and thi y were healed. And all 

h 0X^05 e^^TjTei atzTccrdrt avrov 6ti Swa/xis 

the crowd sought to touch bim| for aponer 

Trap' avTov e^rjpXfTOj /cat laro irauras, 

from him went out, and healed alU 

"^ Kai avTos eirapat roui o(p6a\fj.ovs avrov 

And he havinglifiedup the eyes of himself 

€ij Tous fiaSrjTas ojtou, eXeye' MaKopioi ol 

on the disciples ofliimself, be said; Blessed the 

iTTwxoi' 6ti ii/xerepa €(Ttiv t] fiaaiXna tov 

poor: for yours is the kingdom of the 

6(:ov. ^^MaKapioi oi TrcivufTes yvy 6ti xopraa- 

G >d. Blessed the hungeiinfr now; for youshall 

6qTe(TBe, MaKapioi oi k? aiovres fw on 

bcsatisAed. Blessed the weeping now; for 


vou shaUlaugh, 

^2 yiaKapioi ecrrey 6rav pLia"r](rcocnu v^as oi 

Blessed are you, when may hate yon the 

avOpwTToiy Kai brav acpopio'coiTiv vfiasy Kai 

aien, and when they may separate you, and 

0^€iSi(TW(ri, Kai iK&a\(t}(Ti to ovofxa v/xcov as 

*^hey may revile, and may cast out the name of yon as 

TTOfr^pou, eyeKa tov vlov tov avQpairov. -^Xa- 

evil, on account of the son of the man. Re- 

f)rize (V cKeiurj ttj ripLepa, Kai aKipTrjaarc i8ov 
oiceyouin that the day, and leap you forjoy; lo 

yap, 6 fxicdos vfxwv TToXvs ev tw ovpavtf Kara 

for, the reward ofyou great in the heaven; according to 

ravTa yap eiroiovv rois irpo(pr]Tais oi Trar^pes 

these for did totb« prophets the fathers 


of them. * 

'■* UKriv ovai ifxip rots irXovcriois' bri aire- 

But woe to yon the rich; for you have 

fOiap.6' ^. 

15 Mat'hew and Tho 
mas, THAT James, son of 
*A)plicu3, and that Si- 
mon who was CALLED the 

16 Judas + the brother 
of James, and Judas Isca* 
riot, wlio became a Trai- 
loi" ; — 

17 and coming down 
with tliem, he stood on a 
level Place, with a * Crowd 
of his Disciples, % and a 
jjreat Multitude of people 
from All JUDEA and Jeru- 
salem, and the sea-coast 
of Tyre and Sidon, who 
came to hear him, and to 
be restored from their 

18 and those wtiowere 
* distressed by unclean 
Spirits were cured. 

19 And All the ckowd 
soucrht to touch hira, J For 
a Power went ou. from 
him, and healed all. 

20 And f)t, having lifted 
up his EYES on his disci- 
ples, said ; f " Happy, 
poor ones I For yours ig 
the kingdom of God. 

21 J Happy now, httk- 
GEEiNG ones I Since yon 
will be satisfied. + Happy 
now, WEEPiXG ones ! He* 
cause you will laugh. 

22 I Happy are yon, 
when MEN may hate you, 
and separate you, and may 
revile and cast out youi 
NAiiEs as evil, on account 
of the Son of Man. 

23 J Rejoice in That 
DAT, and leap for joy,' 
for behold, your eeward 
will be great iu heaven; 
t for thus their fatheus 
did to the pbophets. 

24 t But Woe to Toir, 
RICH ones; for you have 
vour consolation. 

• Vatican Makcscbipt.— 15. Alpheus. 16, also— om if. 17. a great Crowd 

18. aistressed by unclean Spirits were cured. 

tl(5. Judel. t 17. Matt.iv.25; Markiii.7. t 19. MarT< v.30; Luke vlil.^a 

1 i'X Matt. V. 3; xi.5; James ii..5. t 21. Mntt. v.6. t 21. Matt. v. 4 I o-^ Afaff. 

; 11;1 Pet.ii.lO; iii.l4:iv.U. 123. Matt. v. 12; Acts v. 41 j Col.l,84» James i- 9 

* tA ActBvu.51. {24. JamwK.t. - 

aiap. 6; 25.] 


[Chap. 6: 3b. 

\eTe rr]v TrapaK\'t](riv vfj-wv, '^ Ovai v/xiu, ol 

ID ftiU the comfort of you. Woe to you, those 

€/J.ireTr\r]aiJ.evoi' on TreiuaaeTe' ovat v/niu, ot 

having been filled ; for you shall hunger-. Woe to you, those 

yeKwvT^s vvv dri Trev^TjcreTe Kai /cAaucere. 

laughing now: for you shall mourn and you shall weep. 

2'' Ovat, OTav Ka\as v/xas cnrcacriv ot avdpcoiroi' 

Woe, when well you may speak the men : 

Kara ravra yap eiroiovv tois \l/6v8oTrpo(priTai5 

acjordingto these for did tothe false-prophet* 

Ot irarepcs avroov, 

the fathers of them, 

27 A\A' vjxiv K^yw Tois aKovovcnv Aya-^rare 

But to you I say to those hearing ; Love you 

•^ovs ex^povs vjxwv KaKws Troieire tois [xicrov- 

the enemies of you : good do you to those hat- 

criv ufias' '■^^evkoyeiTt tovs Karapoofxeuovs v/' 

ing you: bless you those cursing you: 

TTpoo'ei'xeo'^e vircp toov eTrrjpea^ovTwv v/xas. 

pray you for those traducing you. 

^^Tw TVTTTOUTi (Te CTTi TT?^ (Tiayova, Trapeze Kai 

To the striking thee on tlie cheek, offer also 

Tr}v aWrjP' Kai awo rov aipovros (tov to lixariov^ 

the other: and from the taking of thee the mantle. 

Kai rov x^"^*^^"- H-V xcoKvarjs. 

alto the tunic not thou mayest hinder, 

•'"' Uayri Se rep airovvri ce SiSov Kai airo rov 

To all and those asking thee give thou; and from the 

aipovros ra ca, jxi] aTrairei. ^^ Kai Kadcos 

taking what is thine, not demand back. And all 

6e\6T€, iya Troicotriv v/xiv ol av6pw/roi^ ^\_Kai 

you wish, that may do to you the men, [also 

vu.€is^ TToieire avrois djuoius. ^ Kai 6t aya- 

you] do you to them in like manner. And if you 

jrare rovs ayaircovras v/xas, iroia vjxiv X^P^s 

love those loving you, what to yon thanks 

•ecTTi ; Kai yap ol afxapTOuXoi rovs ayairccvras 

is It? also for the sinners those loving 

avTovs ayairwai. ^^ Kai eav ayaOoironjre rovs 

them love. And if you should do good those 

ayadoTTOiovyras vfxas, iroia vfxiv X"P'^ eari ; 

doing good you, what to you thank* is it? 

Hal ^[yc-p^ ol afxaprwAoi ro avro iroioucri. 

also [for] the sinners the same do. 

^^ Kai eav SaveiCrjre itap' wp eATrt^ere aTroAa- 

.\nd if you should lend from whom you hope to re- 

fleiv, Toia v/xiy X"f"* eari, Kai *[7ap] ol 

ceue, what to you thanks isitP also L'^"''! *''* 

aixaprooXoi afxaprccKois Savei^ovcLU, Iva airoXa- 

siuners to sinners lend, that they may 

0cii<ri ro i<Ta. ^^ UXrjv ayairare rovs ^x^P^^^ 

receive the like thmgs. But love you the enemies 

\)fxwVf Kai ay aO OTTO Hire Kai dau€i(ere fxrjSev 

otyou, aad do you good and lend you nothing 

25 Woe to Tou who are 

* I'ULL now 1 Because yois 
will hunger. * Woe to 
YOU who LAUGH now ! "For 
you will mourn and weep. 

26 Woe, when men may 
speak well of you I for 

* thus their tathees did 


27 t But I say to you, 
who HEAR me, Love your 

ENEMIES ; do good tO 

28 $ bless THOSE who 
CUESE you, pray for those 
who INJUEE you. 


thee on the cheek, present 
the OTHER also j % and 
from HIM who takes 
AWAY thy MANTLE, with- 
hold not even thy coat. 

80 t Give to evebt cce 
ASKING thee; and from 

iriM who TAKES AWAY 

what is THINE, demand it 

31 t And as you would 
that MEN should do to you, 
do in like manner to them, 

83 J And if you love 
THOSE who LOVE you, 
What Thanks are due to 
you ? for even sinnees 
love those who love 

S3 *Andifyoudo good 

to those DOING GOOD tO 

you, ""That thanks are due 
to you P SINNEES even do 
the SAME. 

34. * And if you lend to 
those from whom you hope 
to receive. What Thanks: 
are due to you ? siN\';ices 
even lend to Sinners, that 
they may receive an equi- 

36 But love your ene- 
mies, and do good ana 
lend, in Nothing despair- 

* Vaticam Mantiscript. — 25. FUVLnow. 2.5. Woe, Toa who lauoh now. _ 20, tlis 
8AMF did they tothe rAi.sE-pBorHETS. 31. you also — omit 33. For if also yot. 

do good. 33. for — omit. 31. for — omit, 

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Chap. 6: 36.] 


BTTfATTI^OI'TeS* Kai fCTTai 6 1.1.1(7005 VjHOOV TTOXVS, 
deipairiiiK ' and «\bethe reward of you great, 

Kai 6(r€(r0e vioi vxpiaTov dri avros XPV^TOS 

tnd jroualiall be sou* ot'bighcsti for he kind 

effTiv €7rt Tovs axo-po^Tovs Kai irovTjpovs. 

ia to the untUaukrul and evil. 

^FivfcrOe *[oi'z^] oiKTipjuoueSf KaOajs *[Ka.] 

Be you [therefore] coiiipa»»ionatc, even as [also] 

6 varrip vjxwu oiKripixcov ccrrt. *^' Kat jUT? 

the father ofyou compassionate is. And not 

KpiveTCy Kai ov fiT} upiQi^T^' fx-r) Kara8iKa^eTe^ 

judgeyou, and not notyou may be judged: not condemn you, 

Kai ov fxt) KaradLKaadrjr^' aTroAuere, Kat airo- 

and not not yuu may be condemned; release you, and you 

\vdT]T€(Td6. ^ Al50T€f Kai Sot^TJCTeTOt VfJ-lW 

shall b> released. Giieyou, and it shall I. e given to you: 

fjLfipov KaXov irsTrieajxevov *\_Kai\ ceaaT^v- 

pensure good having been pressed down [and] having been 

afuou *[«aij virep^KXvvojxevov ^oi3crov(Tiv cistov 

fhakea [andl running over shall be given into the 

Ko\irou vixcoV T(p yo-p avTcp fierpy, '(p 

bosom ofyou, by the for same measuip, with which 

fterpeiTey avriiuL(rpr]9ri(rerai tjxiv, ^^ EiTre 5e 

jrou measure, it shall be measured a^-ain to you. He spoke and 

vapal3o\7]V avrois' MrjTi 5vuaTiTV(p\05 rvcpXou 

a parable to them; Not is able a blind blind 

v5r]y€ip; ovxi afxcporepoi €i5 ^oQvvovizecrovvrai: 

tulead? not bott) into a pit willfall.'* 

'**' OvK ((TTi fiaOriTTjs UTTfp Tou SiSacTKaKoi* 

Not i< a disciple over the teacher 

avTov KaTr]pTicr,uevos Se iras ffrrat w$ 6 

of liiiiiself; having been fullyqualified but every one shall be as the 

SiSacKaAos avrov, "^^Tt 5e fiKewds to Kapcpos 

teacher of him. Why and seest thou the sulinter 

TO fif Tip o<p9a\/ TOU aSe\(pou crou, rrjif 5e 

that in the eye oftue brother ofthre, the but 

SoKov TT]u ev rep idicp 0(p6a\jX(p ov KaTauoeis : 

beam that in thine own eye not perceivest? 

*- *[v^ TTojs dufarrat \fynv rep aSeXcpcp aov 

[or] hovT art thou able to say to the brother of thee: 

A5fA0e, a(f>€Sj eKBaXca to Kap<pos to iv 1 1^- 

O brother, allow we, lean cast out the splinter that !n '.he 

0<pQa\p.(p aov auTos ttjj/ eu rep o<pQa\p(a trov 

eye oftliee; tiiyself the in the eye ofthee 

SoKov O'J fi\€irwu : "TiroKpiTay eK$aKe irpwTov 

beam not beholding f O hypocrite, cast out first 

TTjj' 5oKOV €K TOU o(f)6a\pou aov, Kai T0T€ 

the beam out of the eye ofthee, and then 

Staj8A€v|^6is cK^aXeiv to Kapcpos to iu Tip ocpduK- 

thouwilt seeclearly to cast out the splinterthat in the eye 

fiU) Tov aSe\(pov aov. ^ Ov yap ecrri deySpou 

of the brother ofthee. Not for is a tree 

KaXoUy TToiovv KapiTov craivpov ovSe SeuSpov 

good, bearing fruit corrupti nor a tree 

ill?; anil your rkward 
will be |;rnat, and lyou 
will be Sons of tlie Most 
High: for f)e is kind to the 

36 J Be you compas* 
sionate, as your Fath£B 
is conipassionale. 

37 + And judge not, and 
you will not be judged j 
condemn not, and you will 
not be condemned; for- 
give, and you will be for- 
given J 

38 + give, and it will be 
given to you; good Meas- 
ure, pressed down, shaken 
together, and overflowing, 
will he given into your lap. 
For by the same Measure 
with which you measiu'e, 
it will be dispensed to you 

39 And he spoke a Para- 
ble to them; J" Can a 
Blind man lead a Blind 
man ? Will not both fall 
into a Pit ? 

40 J A diisciple is not 
above his tkacuep. : bu* 
i'\ery one fully qualined 
will be as his tkach eb. 

41 J But why observest 


tthy brother's KVK, and 
perceiv est not th a i th orn 
iu thine own Eycr 

42 How wilt thon say to 
thy brother, •Brother, 
let me take out that 
splinter in thine EYE ;' 
thyself not seeing the 
THORN in thine own eye "'' 
Hypocrite I first extract 
the THORN from thine owd 
EYE, and then thou wilt 
see clearly to extract that 
SPLINTER in thy bro- 
ther's ETE. 

43 * For there is no good 
Tree which yields had 
Emit, nor * again a bad 

• Vatican Man i:»c HI rx. — 36. therefore— om if, 
—emit. 8S. SLud—omtt. 42. or — omit. 

8S. and 

SO. also — omit. 
43. ag-ain. 

^ 41. In the Talmud are the following prnverhs :— " They who eay to others, talte the 
Bmallpieceofwoodoutofthv teeth, are answered by, 'take the beam out of thiue owh 
eyes." — UammanJ and Light/out. 

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€liap. 6 : 44..], 


{Oiap. 7t -2^ 

aaitpov, Ttoiovv Kapnop Ka/\.ou. ^ ' 'Ekoo'toj/ *) op 

corrupt, bearing {nut good. Every tor 

SevSpoj' €/c Tov iSiov KapTTov yivwcTKeTar ov yap 

tree from the own fruit is known ; not for 

€| aKavQup crvWeyovai avKU, ov5e €K fiarov 

from thorns do they gather figs, nor '-im a bramble 

Tpvycoai (Tra^vXr]v. "*" 'O ayaQos a^^^pa>7ros ck 

do they pick a cluster of grapes. The good an out of 

'.Tou ayaOou Q-qcravpov t7]s KapSias avrov irpo- 

the good treasure ofthe heart ofhimself brings 

(pepn TO ayadow KUi 6 irovrjpos *^_■^^^poo^^osj 

forth the good; and the evil [man] 

eK TOV TTouTipov *[07]croi'pou r77s Kap^'as aurov"] 

out ofthe evil [treasure ofthe h.»i- ofhimself 

Tree which yields good 

44 For t Every Tree 1;? 
known by its own Fruit. 
For they do not gathci 
Figs from Thorns, nor do 
they pick Grapes from 

45 The Gootj Man cnt 
of the GOOD Treasure of 
of *the HEAET produces 
GOOD ; and the bad Man 
out of the EVIL produces 

irpo<p€pfi TO TTovnpov tK yap tov ir€pi<Tcre.fia-\Y''^'^'>^°L°^^°^*^^^'-'^^ 

brings forth the evil; out of for the f'lness 

<ros TjjS KapSias \a\ei to CToixa av.ov. *^Tt 

ofthe heart speaks the mouth of him. Why 

8e p.e KaXeiTfy Kvpi€, Kvpie' Kai ov Troteixe a 

and me do you calC Olord, Olord( «ud not da what 

\eya3 ; 

1 say ? 

'^^ Has 6 epxofi^vos vpos .ue. Rat aKovwv fiov 

All the coming to me, and hParing of me 

ro)!' \oywu, Kai iroiajv avTovSf vTVuOti^(o vjxlv, 

4he words, and doing them, I will show to you, 

nvi ^(TTiv 6/xoios. '^ 'OjuLOios earr av6p(jotr(f 

'b whom be is like. Like he is to a man 

HKoSofJLOvuTi oiKLUUf Ss caKa^e /cat efSaQ^ve, 

building a house, who dug an J went deep, 

'cat eOrjKe Oe/xeAiou €iri t7)v ir^Tpav irArffx/x-oas 

and laid a foundation on the rock; of a flood 

Se y€U0ii(:V7}Sy itpoa-ep^ri^ev b Troraf^o: tt; oiKia 

and having come, dashed against the stream the h ^use 

e/cetJ'T?, Kai ovk i(Txv(Te caXevcrai avT7]V rede- 

that, and not was able to shake her: it was 

IxeXiwTO yap €7rt Tif)VtreTpav. "^^'O •'-^ XKOvi as, 

founded for upon the rock. He but having heard, 

Kai p.t} iroiTjo'as, oixoios ^<ttiv av^oontp oiKoZo- 

and not having done, like be is to a man h.ving 

fj.T1<rauTl oiKiav cTrt rriv y-qv X()ipis OefxeKiow 

built a house on the earth without a foundation : 

'rj irpo<r€pp7)^ep 6 TiOTafxas' Kai euOews CTrefre, 

t<i which dashed against the stream: and immediately it :11« 

Kai eyfVfTO to pr)y/xa ttjs oiKias €Keiu7]S fieya. 

and becama the ruin ofthe bouse that great. 

KE*. C' 7. 

* Evei 56 €ir\7]pw(7e iravTo. Ta priuaTa avTov 

When and he had ended all the worao of him 

€ts Tas aKoas tov Kaov^ na-qKQev eis Kanep- 

\a the ears ofthe people, he entered Ini^ Caper- 

vaovfi, ^ 'EKaTOVTapxou Se tivi Sov.^os Ka^fojy 

oaum. Of a centurion and certain slave »'Ck 

txcov, rffieWe TeAeurqii/, 6s i]V auTp tuTijuos. 

being, wasabout to die, who wa» to bim valua'^le. 

flowing Heart hia mouth 

46 t And why do you 

call Me, 'Master, Muster,' 
and obey not my com- 
mands ? 


iNG to me, and hearing 
>iy WOEDS, and obeying 
tlieni, I mtII show'jou 
whom he is like j 

48 he resembles a Man 
building a House, wlio 
dug deep, and laid a foun- 
dation on the EocK} and 
a Flood having come, the 
STREAM dashed against 
that HOUSE, but could not 
shake it ; * because it was 


49 But HE who HEABS 

and obeys not, resembles 
a Man building a House 
on the EARTH, without a 
Foundation; against which 
the STEEAM dashed, and it 
fell imn.ediately, and great 
was the BUiii of that 


1 NvW when he had 
finished AH his SAYiNca 
in the HEAEiNG of till? 
FEOFLjS, J he entered Ca- 

2 And a Centurion'? 
Servant, who was valuable 
to him, being sick, was 
about to die. 

• Vatican Manuscript. — 44. the heart. 
bis HBABT—omii. 45. an Overflowing Heart 

1 *1. Matt. xii. 33. 1 40. Matt. "ii. 21, ab ; Luke xiii. 29 

; 1. Matt, viii.5. 

45. Mnit-^omit. 43. Treasure oJ 

4S. because it was WELL-BUILT ou 

% 47 Matt. vii. 24 

CTiap. 7: 3.] 


[aiap. 7: K 

'AKOvcras Se irepi rov Irjtrcu, arrefrretAe Trpoj 

Uiviii; UearJ and aijuut tlie Ji'sua, be seat lo 

auToy Trpi(r0vTepovs t(vv louSaicuf, epwTwv 

hiin elder* oftlie Jews, asking 

ai/TOj', ^TTots cAflwi/ Sianwa-T) tov oavKov ahrov. 

him. that coming he woi Id suve the »lave ofliiiiiself. 

* Ot Se Tupayevouevoi ivpos rou Irjcrovu, irapeKa- 

Theyaai hivm^cjuie to tlie Je»u«, they he- 

A3VU avTov (TTrou^aiws, Aeyofres* 'On a^ios 

• ou^^ht hiitt eariiestlj, tayins; That worthy 

ecrriv, 'cp 7ra9?^et tovto' ^ oyaTros yap to 

he is, for whom thou wilt confer this; he loves for the 

eOyos r}uj)u, kui T-qu (TvuayMyrjv ajros qjKoSo- 

uation ofiis, and the syna^ui^ue he built 

firjcrev rjaiu. ^ 'O 5e Irjrrous eTropevero <tup 

for\is. The and Jesus wlmU witii 

avTois. H^i7 Se avrov ou fxaKpav aK^x'*"'^^^ 

theui. Alre-idyand ofhiia not far beiu£ distant 

OTTO Tt)s oi'<ivLS, eireix'-pe *[7rpor avTou^ 6 eKX- 

froin the house, tent [to him] the cen- 

Tovrapxos (piKovs, Xeyctiv avrcf Kupie, fir) 

turioa frieuJs, saying to him ; O sir, not 

a-KuWow ou yap ei/JLi Ikolvos^ Iva vrro rrji' 

be thou troubled: not for lam worthy, that under the 

(TTeyrju fjLOV ei(Tf\dr]s' ^ dio ouSe e/xavrov 

root of ine*thaii shoal 1st enter: therefore not even myself 

T}lia!(ra npos (re €\9eiv aKAa enre Aoycf, Kai 

1 deemra at to thee tocome; but speak, a word, and 

ia9r](reTai 6 irais /jlov. ® Kai yap eyw audpwiros 

Hill ue healed the boy of me. Even for I a 

ii/xi i/iro e^ouffiau racnTO/jL^uos, ex'*'" ^■''"' e/^ai'" 

am under authority bein^set, having under my- 

rov arpariMTas' Kai Aeyco Tourcf Ilop(vdr}Ti, 

tell (oldiers; and I say to this; Go, 

Kot TTopfveTar Kai aWy Epxou, Kai epx^^ar 

and he goes attd to another; Coute, and he comes: 

KKi TOtf Sju\cp fiov ilon](rou tovto, Kai Troiei. 

and to the slave ofrae: Do this, and he does. 

^ AKOucras Se Tavra 6 Irjaovs, cdavfiaaev avTov 

Heariu;; and these the Jesus, admired him : 

Kai (TTpa(peis, Tcp aKoKovdovTi auTcp o^Ay etTre* 

and turning, to the following him crowd hesaid: 

Aeyca v,uiv, ouSe ef rep IcrparjA TocrauTTju ttlcttiv 

1 say to you, not even in the Israel so ^^reat faith 

fvpov. ^'^ Kat vTroiTTp^ypcLUTes ui iTfjuKpOevTes 

i h:ive found. And having returned those h.ivin^ been sent 

(IS TOV OLKOv, eupou Tou ^l^acdeuouuTa^ SouKou 

into the house, they found the [beiugsick] slave 


being well. 

^^ Kai eyevfTo €V ttj e|7jy, ewopfvcTo €is 

And it happened in the next, he was going to 

iro\iU KaKovi-'.evqp 'Naiu 

a city bein^ called Nain : 

and were going 

3 And having lieardcoa- 
ceriiiiig Ji;su.s, tlie scnf 
J'jldcrs of the Jews to hi:n, 
soliciting hini, that lie 
would come and save his 


4 And having come to 
Jesus, they cuVnestly be- 
sought him, saying, " lie 
is worthy for whom thou 
shouldst do this ; 

5 for he loves our na- 
tion, and \)e built our 


6 Then Jesus went with 
them; and being not far 
from the house, the cen- 
turion sent Friends, say- 
ing to him, "Sir, trouble 
not thyself; for I am not 
worthy tliat thou shouldst 
come under my roof ; 

7 therefore, I did not 
think myself even worthy 
to come to thee; but com- 
mand by Word, and *my 
SERVANT M-iiJ be cured. 

8 For even fi am a Man 
appointed underAutliority, 
having Soldiers under me, 
even I say to this one, ' Go,' 
and he goes ; and to an- 
other, ' Come,' and he 
comes; and to my ser- 
vant, 'Do this,' ami he 
does it." 

9 And Jesus hearing 
these thiiiLcs, ailmired 
him, and tujiiing, said to 
the CROWD following liim, 
■' I tell yon, I have not 
found, even in Israel., 
such great Faith." 

10 And THOSE who had 
been sent, having re- 
turned to tiie house, found 
tlie SERVANT restored to 

11 And it occurred on 
the NEXT day, that ne was 
going to a City called 

i + Nain; and his disciples 

• Vatican MANuscaiPT. — 6. to him — omit, 7- let my bekvant behealed. 10- being 
sick— omit. 

t S. Either majyiVrare* of the place, or *?der« of the synagogue which the centurion had 
built. In the parallel place in Matthew, he is represented as coming to Jesus himself; but 
it ia a usuil form of speech in all n-.itinns, to attribute the act to a person, which is done, no t 
by hi-.nsslf, but by his anfhoritt/.— Clarke. t 11. Xain, was a small city of Galilee, i n 

the tribj of Iss leh^r. According to was two mile* from Mount Tabor, south- 
ward, and near to Eudor. 

aiap. 7 : 12.] 


auTcp oi fxaOriTai avrov *[i/cai/ot,] Kai ox^os 

with him the disciples of him many,] and a crowd 

TToAi'S. ^-'fiySe riyyitre rrj ttuAj; rrjs 7ro\ecas, 

great. As and he drew near to the gate ofthe city, 

Kai idov, e^eKO/jLL^ero tsOut^kws, vlos fiouoysurjs 

and lo, was being carried out a dead man, a sou only-born 

TT? jXTjTpi avTov, Kui a'vTT] %77pa' /cat ox^os 

to the mother ofhimsell, and she a widow; and a crowd 

rrjs TToAecos iKauos r}V aw avT-p. ^^ Kai idcui/ 

ofthe city great was with her. And seeing 

avT-qv 6 Kvpios, ecrTrXayx^^^^V ^^' C"'^??} f<^' 

her the lord, he had compassion on her, and 

eiirev avrrj' Mr] KAaie. ^^ Koi irpofreXQuiv 

s;iid to her; >"ot weep. And comingup 

?7if/aTo T?7? (Topov 01 Se jSofTTa^oj/Tes e(Trr)(Tav. 

He touched the hier: thoseand bearing stood still. 

Kat eiTTf Neaj'tiT/ce, croi Xeyca, (ycpOrjTi. 

And hesiiid; O young man, to thee I say, rise. 

^^ Kat aveKaOiao 6 ueKpos, Kai -qp^aro \a\eiv' 

And sat up the dead, and began to •peaA 

Kai eScoKci' avrov tt) fji.T)rpt avrov, ^^ EAa/Se Se 

and he gave him to the mutlier of him. Seized aad 

(pol3os iravras, Kai edo^a(ov rof Qeov, Aeyovres' 

a fear all. aud they glonried the God, saying: 

'Ort irpo<pr]rris iJ.eyas iyrjyeprai cu 7]fxiv, Kai 

That a prophet great has risen among us, and 

oTt €ire(TK€iparo b decs rov Kaou avrov, ^'' Kat 

that has visited the God the people ofinui«plf. And 

e^7]\6eu 6 \oyos ovros eu 6\T) rr, lov^aia irepi 

went out the word this in whole the Judea concerning 

avrov, Kai "^"[fj Trao-j? rri Trepix^pw. 

hini, and [in] all the snrroaniina country. 

^^ Kat airriyyeiKav Iwauur) oi fiaOTjrai avrov 

And told John the disciples ofhim 

Trept Ttavrwv rovrccv, ^^ Kai irpoa'Ka\e(raa(- 

about all these. And having '•ailed 

vos Suo Tiuas Tccu fia6T]rwv avrov 6 luauprjs, 

to two certain ofthe disciples of himself the John, 

€7r6/i;|/6 irpos rov Irjcrovv, heywy 2y et 6 epxo- 

sent to the Jesus, saying: Thou art the coining 

fjL€Vos, 7} aWou irpoaSoKcuiaey ; '^^ Hapayevofxefoi 

one, or another are we to look for ? Having come 

Se Trpos avrou oi avSpes eiirov I(i>auvr]s 6 fiair- 

and to hira the men they said : John the dip- 

Tiarrjs airecrraXKep ij/xas Trpos (re, Xeycow Sw 

per has sent us to thee, saymg: Thou 

€1 o cpxofJ'-^V'^Sy 71 aWov ■KpoaSoKw/bL^v ; 2^ Ev 

art the coming one, or another are we to look for ? In 

avTT) Se rrj wpa eflepaTreyrre iroWovs airo voawv 

and the hour he delivered many from diseases 

jxaariywu Kai Truevjj.arwi^ irovripcavy Kai 






[ C^iap. 7 : 21. 

were going with him, and 
a great Crowd. 

12 And as he approached 
the GATE of tlie CITY, be- 
hold, a dead man was being 
carried out, an Only Son of 
his MOTHER, and 6f)e was 
a Widow ; and a great 
Crowd from the city was 
with her. 

13 And seeing her, the 
Lord had pity on her, and 
said to her, " Weep not." 

l-i And approaching, he 
touched the +bier, and u.e 

tJEARKRS stood St il.. Al.J 

he said, "Yount» mau, 
I say to thee, Ai;se. ' 

15 Then he wbo had 
been dead sat up, and be- 
gan to speak ; and he gave 
him to his mother. 

16 And fear seized all; 
and they praised God, saA - 
ing, J" A great P'opnet 
has risen among na-" and. 
J "God has visited his 


17 And this report 
concerning him pervadv^d 
All JuDKA, and All the 


18 +And John's Disc- 
PLEs told him of all these 

19 And summoning two 
of his DISCIPLES, John 
sent to * the Lord, saying, 
"Art tftou the coming 
ONE ? or are we to expect 
Another ?" 

20 And having tome to 
him, the MEN said, 'John, 
the iMMERSER, *sent us 
to thes, saying, 'Art tft^'U 
the COMING ONEi' or are 
we to expect Another ?"' ' 

21 And in That HOUR he, 
delivered many from Dis- 
eases, and Plagues, and 
evil Spirits; and he ga>re 

17. in — omit. 

19. the LoBD. 6ay< 

* Vatican Manuscbipt. — 11. many — omit. 
ing. 20. sent. 

t 14. The people of the East bury the dead without coffins; but they carry thera to the 
grave on a bier which is shaped like one.—Harmer. "Presently a funeral procession, con- 
sisting of men and women, came rapidly fi-om the city, (the cemetery is oiitside ofthe pres 
em Jerusalem,) and halted at a newly-made grave sunk three or four feet only below ihe 
ground. The body was not enclosed in a coffin, but wrapped in a loose garment a;^<1 la d 
on a bier carried by hand. Mv •mpressiou is that even the face was partially expo-ip 1 lO 
view. It was under similar circumstances that the son of tue widow %t Nain was borne lO 
tlie grave." — Hackett. 

J 16. Lukexxiv. 19; John iv. 19; vi.M; ix.l7. J 16. Luke i. 63. 1 18 Mntt. 

Chap. 7: 22.] 


[CTiap. 7: 30. 

Tv(p\ois TToWois 6;^apt(raT0 to ^Kiirfiv. " Kai 

to blin. ones many he gave the to see. Aud 

aTTOKpideis d l-qcrovs tnr^v avruis' UopevOevTis 

antiwenug the Jeiu» taid to tbem ; Going away 

aTrayyeiKare IwavpT} u eiStrc kui rjKoucrare' 

le'ste to John what you have teen and heard; 

*[6Tt] TV<p\oi ava/SAevroycrt, x^^^^'^ TrepiTrar- 

[that] blind oups see again, lame ones are walking 

oi/tTi, Xcirpoi KaQapi^oPTai, Kctxpoi aKouovai, 

about, lepers are cleansed, deaf ones are hearing, 

veKpoi eyeipovrai, irruixoi (vayyeXi^ovrar 

dead ones are raised up, poor onesare addressed wilhglad tiJings 

'^ Kai fiaKapios c(Ttiu, 6s (av /xt] CKavZaKiaQr} 

and blebsed is, whoever not may be stumbled 

61/ 6/iOt. 
in me. 

2"* h.TTe\QovTu}V Se rwv ayye\oov Icaauvov, 

Having departed and tlie messengers of John. 

/]p^aTO A.eyetj' irpos rovs ox^ovs irepi Iwaffou* 

he began to say to the crowds concernmg Jolm; 

Tt e|eA.77Ai»0aTe eis tt)V fpr]/xou Q^aaaTdai ; 

What hav'e you come out into the desert to see ? 

KaKafjiOV viro auefiov (Ta\€voiJ.evov ; "" AAAa Tt 

a reed by wind being sliaken ? But what 

€^e\7]\v6aTe iSdt/ ; avOpwirou ev /xaXaKOis l/xa- 

dave you come out to see? a man in soft gar- 

TiOLS "qixcpiiafjiivov ; l5ov, ol ev iixaTiajxu) 

ments having been clothed? Lo, those in clutliing 

ivho^cp Kai rpvipT) virapxovris^ eu Tois /Sacrt- 

showy and in luxury living, in the royal 

^.eiots iicriv. -'^ AA.Aa ri e^e\r)\v6aTe iSetu ; 

palaces are. But what have jou cum" oi.i »o— f? 

Trpo(j)r]T7]v ; Nat Aeyco v/j-iVy Ka,i TTipin-aonpou 

a prophet? Yes 1 «ay to you, and much ni ore 

Trpu<p7iTov. "^ Out 05 iTTi, irept oif yeypair- 

of a prophet. This is, concerning whom it is writ- 

Tat* *' l5ou, eyca airoaTiKAw tqv ayyeXou nov 

ten; ''Lo, 1 send the messenger of me 

irpo TrpoacDirov <rov, 6s KararrKevacrei ttji' oSov 

be^'ore face of thee, who shall i»repare the way 

(Tov tixirpoaOiv aov." "^ Ae7a> [t^p] vfiiu. 

of thee in presence of thee." I say L'or] to you, 

/i.ei^'wv ev yevvijTois yvvatKwu ^[_irpo^r]Tr]s'\ 

• greater among offspring ofwouicn [prophetj 

Iwaffov '■^l^Tov iSaTTTKTToi/] ovoiis e(rTiy' 6 Sf 

olJohn [the dipper] not is; the but 

fiLKpoTepos €v TT) fia-TiXeic^ TOV Bfou, /ietC^'ujf 

less in the kingdom ofthe God, greater 

avTov e<TTi. '^ Kai iras 6 \aos aKovoraSy Kai 

of him is. And all thepenpls havmf heard and 

01 T€\wvai, eSiKaicDcrau tov deou, B3.TrTia6euT€<! 

the tax-gatherers, justilied the God, liaving been dipped 

TO fiKTTTKT/jLa Icoavuov. ^ 01 Sc ^apiTatoi Kai 

the dipping of John. The but Ph.arisces and 

ol vofxLKOi T-qv fiov\riv tov deov rjdsr-qaav eis 

the lawyers the purpose ofthe God set aside for 

eavTovs, /jlt] ^aTnicrdevTes vir' avTov. 

themselves, not having been dipped by bim. 

*si^'lit to many Blind per- 


22 And * Jesus answer- 
ing, said to them, J" Go, 
tell John what you have 
seen and heard; the Blind 
are made to see, the Lame 
to walk, the Lepers are 
cleansed, the Deaf hear, 
the Dead are raised, J glad 
tidings are announced to 
the Poor ; 

23 and happy is he who 
shall not stumble at me.'* 

24 jAnjJobi-'sMESSKX- 
GERs LdXiijf; departed, he 
began t o saj i-f. i he ceo wds 
coiieeni ng John, "Why 
went vou oul into the d> s 
ERT? To see a Reed sha- 
ken by the Wind ? 

25 But why went you 
out? To see a Man clothed 
in soft ganiienls ? Behold, 
THO-sE robed in splendid 
APPAREL, and living in 
luxury, are in royal pal- 

26 But why went you 
out? To see a Prophet? 
Yes, I tell you, and one 
more excellent than a Pro- 

27 This is he concerning 
whom It IS written, J 'Be- 
hold! *1 send my mes- 
senger before thy ¥ace, 
who will prepai-e thy way 
before thee.' 

28 I say to you, Among 
those born of Women, there 
is not a Ki'taterthau Jolinj 
yet the least in the king- 
dom of God is superior to 

29 And All the people 
having heard, and the 


Goj), :|: having been im- 
mersed with the IMMEB- 
sioN of John. 

SO But the Pharisees 
and LAWYERS set aside the 
J PURPOSE of God towards 
themselves, not havingbeen 
immersed by him. 

Vatican Ma.'*uscript.— 21. siffhl. 22. he answerinpr. ..-. -..-. 

— ' "° "~- — ' 28. prophet — omil 28. the dippei— «»>if 

27. 1 send. 28. Foi— onii< 

: 22. Matt. xi. 5. I 22. Luke iv 18 

t 29. Matt. iii. 3; Lukeiii. 12 

I 24 Matt. xi.7. 
i 30 Acts XX- 27- 

22. That— omit. 
€i — omit. 

;27 Mai lii 1 

Ouip. 7 : 31.]' 


[Cfiap 7; 3? 

^^ Tti/t ovv dfioiwco) Tovs avOpwTrovs rrjs 

To what then shall I compare the men of the 

yeveas Tavrrjs. Kai rivi eiaiv Ofjiotoi ; ^-^'Ofiot- 

generation this? and to what are they like? Like 

OL eicri TratStojs rois ev ayopa KaOrjfievoiSf Kai 

they are boys those in a market sitting, and ' 

vpo(r(pcovov<riv aWrjXois, Kai K^yovcriv' HuAtj- 

calling to one another, and saying; We have played 

ffajxeu vfiiv, Kai ovk wpxn^'^'^Q^' eOpr]vr)(ra/j.ev 

theflute for you, and not you have danced ; we have mourned 

vaiv, Kai OVK eKXavrrare. ^ Y.K-qXvQe yap 

for you, and not you have wept. Has come for 

\(ioavvif\s 6 /SoTTTicTTi??, fi-qre aprov effOicav, 

John the dipper, neither bread eating, 

fiTjTe oivou irivoov Kai Aeyere' Aaijxoviov exc 

nor wine drinking; and you say ; A demon he has. 

** E\7]\vd€V 6 vlos Tov avQpoiTTovy caOicov Kai 

Has come the son of the man, eating and 

TTLvav Kai \eyere' Idov, avdpcciros (payos Kai 

drinking; and you say; Lo, a man glutton and 

oivoiroT-qs, (f>i\os nXwvwv Kai a/u.apTco\(av. 

a wine-drinker, a friend of tax-gatherers and sinners. 

2^ Kai ediKaiudrj 7] cro(pia airo toov t^kuoiv avrrjs 

And is justified the wisdom by the children of herself 



2*^ HpcDxa Se ris avrov tuu ^apKXaicov, Iva 

Asked and one him ofthe Pbarisees, that 

^ayn /J-^t' avTov Kai eiarfXOojv eis T-qy oiKiav 


he might eat with him; and entering into the 

TOV 4>api(TaioVy aueK\i6r]. ^^ Kai idov, yvpt] 

ofthe Pharisee, he reclined. And lo, a womau 

€V Ti) TToAet, r\Tis 7]v ajxapTccXos, ^iriyvovaa on 

in the city, who was a sinner, knowing that 

avaKeirai ^u tt? oiKicf, rov ^apicraiov, KO/xKraara 

he reclines in the house ofthe Pharisee, having brought 

aXa^acTTpov fxvpov, ^ Kai (rracra ottktci} irapa 

an alabaster-box of balsam, and standing behind at 

rovs Tvohas avrov, KXaiovaa, Tjp^aro fip^x^^^ 

the feet of him, weeping, she began to wet 

TOVS TTodas avTOV Tois SaKpvai' Kai rais dpi^i 

the feet of him with the tears; and with the hairs 

rrjs Kecf)a\r]s avrrjs e^efiaaa-e, Kai KaTe(pi\ei 

ofthe head of herself wiped, and kissed 

TOVS TToSay avTOv, Kai rjXeicpe rcfj ixvpw. ^^ iZtav 

the feet of him, and anointed with the balsam. Seeing 

86 b^apicraios b KaXecras avrou, enrev ev eavTcp, 

butthe Pharisee that hiving called him, spoke in himself, 

\iywv' OvTOS ei r]v Trpo(pr]T7)S, eyivouCTKiu av, 

saying; This if he was a prophet, would know. 

31 J To what then shal» 
I compare the men of this 
GENEKATiON ? and what 
are they like ? 

32 They are like those 
Boys sitting in a Public 
place, and calling to one 
another, and saying, ' "Vv e 
have played for you oa 
the flute, but you have not 
danced; we have sung 
moui'nful songs for you, 
but you have not la- 
mented ' 

33 i For John the IM- 
MERSER has come neitlier 
eating Bread nor drinking 
Wine, and you say, 'He 
has a Demon.' 

34 Tiie SON of man has 
come eating and drinking, 
and you say, ' Behold a 
Glutton and a Wine-drink- 
er 1 an Associate of Tribute- 
takers and Sinners !' 

35 J But WISDOM is 
vindicated by All her 


36 :}:And one of the 
Pharisees invited him to 
cat with him. And enter- 
ing the HOUSE of the 
Pharisee, he reclined. 

37 And, behold, a t AVo- 
man * who was of the city, 
a Sinner, knowing tliat he 
reclmedinthe Pharisee's 
HOUSE, brought an Alabas- 
ter box of Balsam, 

38 and standing fbe. 
hind, at his feet, weeping, 
she began to wet his eeet 
with tears, and wiped 
them with the hair of 
her head, and repeatedly 
kissed his teet, and an- 
ointed them with the bal- 

39 But that Pharisee 
who had invited him ob- 
serving this, spoke within 
himself, saying, f'This 
man, if he were a Prophet, 

• Vatican Mandscbipt. — 37. who was in the city, a Sinner. 

+ 37. There is no good reason for concluding' that this woman was a public prostitute, as 
many suppose. She was probably only a Gentiie, (tna tiievelore in the estimation of the 
Pharisee a sinner. Hamartolos, is often used in tne New Testament in this sense. 1 38. This 
is not intelligible, without adverting to the posture in which the ancients took their meals. 
They placed themselves along the couch on their sides, supported their heads with one arm. 

bent a~t the elbow, :ind resting on the couch ; and with the other they took their food, an* 
were supported at the back by cushions. Their feet of course were accessible to one wha 
uanie behind the couch. — Wakefield. 

I 31. Matt. xi. 16. 


I 33. Matt.iii.4; Mark i.6; Luke i. 15. : 35- Matt. xi. 

t ■le. Matt. xxvi. 6; Mark «i¥i»i John xi. 2. J 39. Luke xv. a. 

Chap. 7: 40.1 


[Oiap. 7: 60. 

Tis Kai irorairr} ri yvvriy r,Tts OTrreTOt avrov 

Kho !tnd what the noauui, who touchei biin ; 

on a/xapTwKos (an. ^'^ Kai airoKpideis b Irjaovs 

thnt aainuer she is. And anrweriog the Jesut 

ejTre vpos avrov "S.iixoav^ fx^ *'"'" ''"' enrnv. 

• nid to him i Sniion, I have to tlieesomeihing to say. 

'O Se (pTjnrr AiSajr/caAc, eirre, ^^ Avo j(;/>6W(|)6t- 

He and iays: O tf^ichcr, »aj'. Two deht- 

Aera* T](rau Saueiarr) rivr 6 (Is u(pei\e S-qvapia 

*>r* wtiC to a creilitorcertain : theono owed denarii 

vcvraKOfyia, d Se erepos nevTT^KOPTa. '*- Mrj 

five hundred, the and other fifty. Not 

exoi'Tcoi^ *[of] avTccu airodovuat^ afKpoTcpois 

havinjj [andj of them to pay, both 

(X^P'-'^^-'^o. Tit ovv avTwu, ^^enre"^ irXfiou 

he forgave. 'Which then of them, [»^y] more 

avrou ayairr)aeii '^■^AiroKpiOasSc- 6 ^t/xcav eiTrev 

him willlcvef Answering andthe Simon aaid i 

"tiroXafji^avUy 6ti *qi> to v\(iov 6;^apKraT0. 

1 suppose, that to whom the more he forgave. 

'O Se €t7r€vauT(jD* OpOws fKpivas. '^'^ Kat arpa- 

}Ie and said to him : Kiglitly thouhast judged. And turn- 

(peis irpos rrjf yvvaiKa, t^' '2,ifx(ai'i ((pi)' BActt- 

ing to the woman, to the Simon hesaidi Seest 

(IS TauTr]U T7JV yvuatKa ; ei(rr]\dov crov (is Tr)v 

thou this the woman? I came of thee into the 

oiKiav vBcvp (iri tovs voSas jnov ovk (SwKas' 

iiousei water for the feet of me not thou pavest: 

cibrj] 5e Tois SaKpvaiv (^pt-^e fxov rovs iroSas, 

she hut with the tears she wet of me the feet, 

Kat rais Opt^i avTr)s (q€iua^(, ^^^ikrjfxa fiot 

and with the hairs of herself has wiped. A kiss tome 

OVK (ScjKas- avTTj de a<p^ rjs (i(rr)\6ou, ov 8ei- 

not thougavesti she but fromofher came in, not has 

AtTTe KaTa(pi\ovaa fiov tvvs TioSas. ^^ EAatw 

ceased kissing of me tlie feet. With oil 

Tr]U K«pa\T]v jxov ovk r]\(i\pas' aurr} Se fivpo) 

tlie head of me noltboudidstanoint : she butwithhalsam 

TjAeiii/e TOVS iroSas fiOv. "*' Ov x^P^^y h(yw 

anointed the feet of me. Therefore, I say 

(Tot, a<p((jovTai at ajxapriai outtjs ai iroWai, 

to thee, have been forgiven the sins ofher the many, 

Sti i)yair7)(T( TToXv 'ep Se oXiyov a(pi(Tai, 

for that she loved much j to whom but little is forgiven, 

oKiyov ayaira. ^^ EtTre Se avrri' A(p(wvTai 

little he lovea. lie said and to her ; Have been forgiven 

(Tov at afiapnai. ^^ Kai Tjp^avro ol (TvvavaKd- 

of thee the sins. And 

p.(voi \(y(iv (V eauTOiS' 

with to say in themselves: 

Kai au-apnas a<pir\(Tiv ; 

even sius forgives? 

yvvaiKa' 'H iricTTis cov (TearwKe cf iropevov (