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Grounded Through 

La Salle University 
1900 West Otney Ave. 
Philadelphia, Pa 19141 

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Holroyd Hall 

,^nd Nancy Devlin, 

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2009 Explorer Yearbook 

Grounded in a Love for His Students: 
Broihzr Arthur Bangs 

A man well-known for his 
wonderful ability to listen to 

Neubauer worked for 10 years 
alongside Brother Art in the 
Counseling Center. 

Brother Art's career at La 
Salle began in 1949, graduating 
from the College Maxima Cum 
Laude with a B.A. in the Classics in 
1953 and in 1954 with an M.A. in 
Theology. Since then, he has 
continued his education, receiving 
an M.A. in the Classics from the 

students and to guide them, beloved University of Pittsburgh in 1959, an 

Brother Arthur Bangs is the 
recipient of the 2009 Explorer 
Yearbook Dedication. 

Fondly known as "Brother 
Art", this man embodies many of 
the qualities that illustrate what it 
truly means to be "Lasallian". He 
remembers the names of all he 
meets, frequently stopping to say 

M.A. and Ph.D. in Counseling from 
the Catholic University of America, 
as well as being licensed in 
Psychology in 1973. 

Teaching at three schools, 
Central Catholic in Pittsburgh, 
Bishop O'Connell in Arlington, VA 
and St. John's College High School 
in Washington, Brother Art became 

Switzerland, of which La Salle was 
an integral member. 

In 2008, Brother Art retired 
from the Counseling Center, after 
touching the lives of hundreds of 
students. "Brother Art touches the 
heart of anyone he interacts with anc 
brings out the best in people, even 
the most troubled of students. He 
leaves all students and anyone he 
works with feeling empowered," said 

Brother Art continues touching the 
lives of students to this day, whether 
you meet him in Education class or 
simply walking across the campus. 
And you can bet, he will always give 
you a minute or 10 of his time. 

Jen McShane, '1( 

hello, even if he is running to a class well-known for his listening skills 
or other event. Brother Art is never and guidance to students. 

too busy to listen to a student's 
problems or just have a 

After teaching at these 
schools, Brother Art returned to his 

conversation about movies, one of Alma Mater in 1969 to take a place 

his favorite topics. 

"He makes everyone feel 
special," said Associate Dean of 
Students, Dr. Lane Neubauer. 

in both the Counseling Center and 
the Education Department. From 
1979-1982, Brother Art, with a 
passion for travel, directed the 

"You're not one^of many, you're the American College Program at the 
ONE when talking to Brother Art." University of Fribourg in 

4^" X 


|l ^*- 


Grounded through 


"Grounded through change" marks the 
2008-2009 school year at La Salle.As the campus 
grows, expands and changes it is important to 
remember that La Salle is still simply La Salle. The 
traditions and values that make this university 
unique are still omnipresent. 

However, every year, day and week st this 
school is different. No class, year or student is ever 
repetitous of the previous. 

The Opening section of the yearbook 
represents the 2008-2009 school year. Within these 
pages marks a weekly event to spread justice, a 
historical presidential election and a long-awaited city 

It is these occurences along with many others 
that make 2009 "grounded through change." 



Remembering A 

^> Beloved professor and director of the Honors Program, John Grady, 

, passed away on Sunday, July 13, 2008. Grady took over as director of 

. r — t the Honors Program at La Salle in 1969 and worked hard for 39 years to 
enable the program to reach a high level of prestige and national 

The love that Grady had for his students was limitless. He was easily 
accessible to his students, even when at home. He braved bad weather, 
walking to campus on occasion, to be available for students. Grady 
personally worked with every student in the Honors Program, helping 
them achieve their goals and welcoming them to La Salle. 

Before taking the position as director of the Honors Program, Grady first 
came to La Salle in 1960. He was offered a temporary position in the Economics 
department by Dr. Joseph Flubacher. That "temporary" position lasted for over 40 

In those 40 years, Grady accomplished much at La Salle. He saw the Honors 
Program gain esteem among liberal arts schools. He received the Lindback 
Teaching Award in 1972 and was founding Chair of the Honors Assessment and 
Evaluation Committee of the National Collegiate Honors Council. In 2003, the 
Honors Program developed a scholarship named after him. 

Perhaps the La Salle Honors Program has lost a valuable advisor and friend. 
However, all can be assured that the legacy John Grady left will be lived by the 
hundreds of students he mentored. Jen McShane '10 


Changes in the 

Construction continued into the 2008-2009 school year. First, and 
perhaps most noticeable, was the dismantling and renovating of Holroyd 
Hall. This Science Center was being completed upgraded throughout the 
year, adding more classrooms, better labs and "greening" the building. 

Other changes to the campus landscape included work done in 
West Campus, the Germantown hospital. The entire nursing program was ^ 


moved to West Campus, as were the science classrooms, temporarily, as 


Holroyd was renovated. 

With this advent of classes moving across the campus, it became 
necessary for West Campus to somehow connect itself to the main campus. This 
was achieved in two ways. First, a pedestrian walkway was constructed, crossing 
Wister Street and allowing students a safe route over to West Campus. Second, 
once students crossed over the walkway, they entered the lobby of West Campus, 
which includes a glass atrium, security desk and lounge for students to use. 

The Shoppes at La Salle, constructed in the former Good Shepherd parking 
lot, continued throughout the year resulting in the opening of various shops close 
to the campus for students to access. These shops included: Dunkin' Donuts, Rite 
Aid, Beneficial Bank, Gamestop among others. 

Finally, the University purchased and opened a new pizza place, Explorers 
Den. This venue opened in June and offers students an alternative place to eat, as 
it accepts gold card. Jen McShane,'10 




Working Towards 
Social Equality 

Social Justice Week 2008, October 5-12, was full of events that 

£h occurred campus-wide to promote awareness about the injustices within 
• ^H 

global society. Social justice is defined as "the distribution of the benefits 

* -v and the hardships in society, together with the way they are allocated." 

1 "^ Social Justice Week at La Salle was designed to educate students 

£h about the injustices that occur within our own society, as well as 

^ international societies. The week was put together by senior Religion major, 

t~ Chris McNabb in collaboration with UMAS and the Project on Social 

rn Justice. 

The Honor's Convocation on Sunday, October 5 kicked off Social 

Justice Week. Throughout the course of the next five days, white paper lilies 

began to appear on the quad. The lilies represented the 392 murders that took 

place in the city of Philadelphia in the year 2007. 

Big events that took place during the week included an AIDS discussion led 

by staff and faculty members Dr. Richard Mshomba, Professor Huntly Collins, Dr. 

William Price, Dr. Mark Ratkus, Professor Mary Wilby, and Dr. Jordan Copeland. 

Requiem for Philadelphia also took place during Social Justice Week, which 

was a remembrance of those lost to violence in the city. The presentation was a 

multi-media endeavor that included performances by Neo-African Drums n' Dance. 

The week was a success, spreading the Christian Brothers' teaching of social 

justice to the entire La Salle community, and maybe, making a difference. 

Jen McShane, '10 






Celebrating World 

"The 0-2 pitch, swing and a miss! Struck him out! The Philadelphia <-h 
Phillies are 2008 World Champions of baseball!" • t-H 

Those were the words of beloved sports announcer, Harry Kalas on ,p ^ 
Wednesday, October 28. These words set a city on fire, ending a 28-year & 
world title drought for the Philadelphia Phillies. 

The 2008 season started out with high expectations for the Phillies, 

after they made it to the playoffs the previous year. Everyone was looking 

forward to the "Phightins" to come out strong. 

And the Phillies did not disappoint their fans. May 30, 2008 was 
the turning point of the season, when the Phillies triumphed over the Florida 

Marlins to capture first place in the National League East. From that date on, the 

Philllies were in a season long battle to stay on top, alternately dueling the New 

York Mets or the Florida Marlins. And what a battle it was. 

As the season drew to a close, it became apparent that the battle would 
really fall between the Mets and the Phillies. Could the Phils hold their National 
League East title? 

After some nail biting games, the Philllies were able to triumph over the 
Mets, earning them a spot in the playoffs. After winning against the Brewers and 
the Dodgers in the playoffs, the Phils made it to the World Series as National 
League Champions. They took on the American League Champions, the Tampa 
Bay Rays to win the World Series, finally giving fans a parade down Broad Street. 

Jen McShane,'10 





Excersing the 
Right to Vote 




As the primaries for the 2008 Election began winding down, it 
became clear that November 4, 2008 would be a historical day. Would the 
race line be erased, with the election of Barack Obama? Or would feminism 
get some assistance with Hillary Clinton taking the Oval Office? That 
decision was in the hands of the nation. 

As the long primary season continued, Hillary Clinton eventually 

dropped out of the race, leaving Barack Obama as the Democratic 

candidate. In the coming months, Obama would square off with Republican 

candidate John McCain in debates, commercials and press time. 

La Salle students in particular became immersed in the election for 
many reasons. For example, La Salle students worked for either campaign and 

planned events on campus to encourage voter participation. 

Highlights from La Salle's participation in the election process include 
Political Science professor Mary-Ellen Balchunis' broadcast from the Democratic 
National Convention, Rock the Vote events and the visit to campus by Mayor Ed 
Rendell (D). 

Ren dell's visit to La Salle brought an all star lineup of visitors encouraging 
Lasallians to vote, including Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins, actress Debra 
Messing, Mayor Michael Nutter and actress Morgan Fairchild. 

All the election events on culminated on November 4, when La Salle students 
flooded the voting polls and made their voices heard in a historical election. 

Jen McShane, '10 


•F- 1 





The Words of an 
Inspiring Speaker 

Students, faculty and staff packed the Tom Gola Arena on Monday, m H 
March 23 during La Salle Heritage Week to listen to the inspiring words 
of Sr. Helen Prejean. 

Sr. Helen Prejean is the author of the bestselling book, Dead Man 
Walking, which later became a movie. Her book recounts the harrowing 
true story of Sr. Prejean's journey and battle into the trials of the death 
penalty. "I watched a man being killed, and it changed my life," said Sr. 
Prejean to the La Salle community. 

The Louisiana-born nun first became an activist involved in the battle to end 
the death penalty when she reached out to death row inmate, Patrick Sonnier. 
Through a series of letters and visits, Sr. Helen began to see the lack of justice in 
the death penalty system and sought to help Sonnier. Despite her hard work, 
Sonnier was executed by the State but it encouraged Sr. Prejean to continue 
working to abolish the death penalty. 

During her speech to the La Salle community, Sr. Prejean addressed all 
present about the horrors and injustices of the death penalty. She cited reasons for 
abolishing the death penalty, convincing many in the audience to oppose it and 
support her petition. "Young people have the power to push the death penalty out 
of this nation," said Sr. Prejean to La Salle students. 




Jen McShane,'10 






Education Week 





Flags dotted the Quad, across from the Union, during the week of 
November 17-22, symbolizing International Education Week 

"The Multicultural and International Center was able to collaborate 
with various departments, student organizations and offices to create a 
dynamic event," said International Education Coordinator for International 
Students, Kate Cook. "We tried to incorporate various cultures found 
both at La Salle and world-wide." 

The Multicultural and International Center worked with Cross 
Cultural Association, Food Services, Late Night La Salle, the Student 
Programming Center, Community Development, the La Salle Art 
Museum and the Career Service Center, among many others, to create events that 
would educate the La Salle community about international cultures. 

"Taste of Culture" was held at Treetops that week, allowing students to 
sample cuisine from other cultures. Late Night La Salle put together a "Lasallian 
World Cup", allowing students to engage in a soccer match held in the tradition of 
the World Cup. There were also presentations throughout the week on 
International Careers, Japanese art prints and "South of the Border". Hungry 
students tasted international cuisine all week at events like the International Coffee 
Hour and American Thanksgiving, wrapping up a great week. 

Jen McShane, '10 

Farewell, Dr. 
Joseph Cicala 





On Wednesday, February 18, Dean of Students, Dr. Joseph Cicala, said 
farewell to the La Salle community, as he prepared to take the position as 
Vice President for University Life and Student Learning Services at 
Alvernia University. 

Cicala served as Dean of Students at La Salle for ten years, during 
which he launched numerous successful programs to help the students of 
this University, leaving behind big shoes to fill. Leading Student Affairs, 
he oversaw the start of Day ONE for incoming students, expanded the 
Opening Weekend Activities, commenced the King's Dream Celebration 
for student leaders, created the famous Affirmation, designed the Shield 

of Lasallian Leadership Awards and Late Night La Salle, among many other 


Perhaps what will most be remembered about Dr. Cicala during the time he 

spent as Dean of Students, will be his involvement within the La Salle community. 

A familiar face at many events, Dr. Cicala was always sighted supporting student 

groups, educational departments and athletic teams. He celebrated student 

achievements and always stopped to say "hello" when passing students in the halls 

of the Student Union. 

While Dr. Cicala will be sorely missed as a great supporter of La Salle, the 

student body eagerly welcomes the new Vice President of Student Affairs. 

Jen McShane,'10 


t a • ] ■ Hill I 

I^J* a ft Ml I 

Grounded through 


Everyday, students rush to classes that 
help prepare us for outside the University 
walls. Whether a science class, or writing class 
or art class, students at La Salle gain the skills 
needed to succeed in whatever major they 

Each class is aimed at preparing students 
and teaching skills, yet no two classes are the 
same. Even classes taught by the same 
professor are never completely similar from 
one period to the next. 

Through our changing world and 
worldviews, it can be scary to think about 
confronting "the real world." Yet the faculty 
and academic courses of this University work 
hard to ensure that all students are prepared. 
Our futures, unceasing in change, are grounded 
through the learning we maintain through our 


Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C. 

Alice L. Hoersch, Ph.D. 

Executive Assistant to the President 
Joseph J. Willard, F.S.C. 

Executive Assistant to the President 

William J. DeVito, M.A. 

Executive Assistant to the President, 

Director of Community and Economic 


Matthew S. McManness, M.S. 

Vice President of Business Affairs 
Rose Lee Pauline, M.A. 

Assistant Vice President Affirmative Action 

Richard D'Ulisse, B.S. 

Director of Accounting and Budgets 

Robinette Ramsey-Barnes, M.B.A. 


Ralph Carey, B.S. 

Director of Physical Facilities 

Marguerite W. Walsh, MBA. 

Director of Human Resources 

Nancylee Moore, B.S. 

Director of Accounts Payable and Purchasing 

Arthur Grover, B.A. 

Director of Safety and Security 

Steven C. Greb, M.Ed. 

Director of Food Services 

Samuel Pino 

Director of Duplicating and Mail Services 

Richard A. Nigro. Ph.D. 

John J. McGoldrick, Ph.D., F.S.C. 

Assistant Provost 
Joseph Y. Ugras, Ph.D., C.M.A. 

Dean, College of Professional and 

Continuing StudiesDevelopment 

Elizabeth Heenan, M.Ed. 

Assistant Dean 

Madeline Viljoen, Ph.D. 

Director of the Art Museum 

Edward Nickerson, M.B.A. 

Director of Information Technology 

John S. Baky, M.S. 

Director of Library Services 

Teri Ceraso, M.A. 

Director of Learning Support Services 

Steve Fabiani, M.S., Ed. 

Director of Academic Computing 

John Dolan, Ph.D. 

Vice President of Enrollment Services 

Robert G. Voss, A.B. 
Dean of Admission and and Financial 

Michael Wisniewski, M.A. 

Director of Student Financial Services 

Dominic J. Galante, B.S. 


Paul J. Reilly, M.B.A. 

Director of Marketing. Graduate and Adult 


Kathryn Payne, B.S. 

Director of Information Management Group 

Michael Roskowski, Ph.D. 

Director of Institutional Research 

Thomas Brennan, Ed.D. 

Director of Intercollegiate Athletic Affairs 

John Lyons, M.Ed. 

Associate Director of Athletics 

Peter D'Orazio, M.Ed. 

Assistant Director for Advancement 

Christpoher Kane, B.S. 

Assistant Director 

Mary Ellen Wydan, M.A. 

Assistant Director for Compliance 

John Kane F.S.C, M.A. 

Director of Academic Services 

Kale Beers, B.A. 

Director of Athletic Communications 

Phil Snead, B.S. 

Director of Facility Operations 

Bill Gerzabek, M.S., ATC 

Director of Sports Medicine 

Angela Marfisi, M.Ed. 

Director of Campus Recreation 

R. Brian Eldcrton, M.Ed. 

Vice President for University Advancement 

Theresa K. Travis, M.A. 
Assistant Vice President for Development 

Joseph W. Donovan, B.A. 

Assistant Vice President of Marketing and 


James K. Gulick, B.A. 

Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations 

Edward A. Turzanski, B.A. 
Counsel to the President and Assistant Vice 
President for Government and Community 

Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D. 

Dean of Students 
Alan B. Wendell, M.Ed. 

Senior Associate Dean of Students 

Lane B. Neubauer, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean of Students, Counseling and 

Health Services 

Jefferey S. Hershberger, M.B.A. 

Director of Administrative Services 

Louis A. Lamorte, Jr., M.S., Ed. 

Director of Career Services 

Robert Kinzler, F.S.C., M.S.W. 

Director of University Ministry and Service 

Mark Badstubner, M.A. 

Director of Community Standards and Support 

Amber Mullen, M.A. 

Director of Residential Communities 

Ryan Holmes, M.A. 

Director Off-Campus Communities 

Christopher Kazmierczak, M.Ed. 

Director of the Student Programming Center 

Dina Oleksiak, MSN, FNP, BC 

Director of the Student Health Center 

Suzanne Boyll, Ph.D. 

Anna Melynk Allen, M.Ed 

Associate Dean of Students, Interim Dean of 

Thomas A. Keagy, Ph.D. 

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences 

Margaret M. McManus, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean 

Sally Rooney, M.S. 

Assistant Dean 
Julie Valenti. M.A. 

Paul Brazina, MBA. 

Dean. School of Business 

Lynn Miller, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean 

James Smither, Ph.D. 

Zane Robinson Wolf, Ph.D., RN, FAAN 

Dean, School of Nursing and Health Sciences 

Mary T. Dorr, M.S.N. , RN 

Assistant Dean 

Barbara J. Hoerst, Ph.D., RN 

Director of the Undergraduate Nursing Program 

Barbara J. Amster, Ph.D., CCC-SLP 

Director of the Speech-Language-Hearing 


Jule Anne Henstenburg, M.S., R.D., LDN 

Director of the Nutrition Program 

Steven Meisel, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean 

Susan Mudrick, M.B.A. 

Arts amid 


The School of Arts and Sciences is comprised of 25 
undergraduate programs that students can study and it makes up over 
60% of the undergraduate enrollment. From Chemistry to Philosophy, 
the School of Arts and Sciences has many different fields students can 
study. The most popular fields of study within the School of Arts and 
Sciences are: Education, Psychology and Communication. 

This year, the science programs within the School of Arts and 
Sciences were relocated temporarily to West Campus, in the Benilde 
Tower as Holroyd was renovated throughout the year. 
^^^^^^■■■■■■■■■■■■^H These programs then 

should move over into the new 
"green" science center with 
updated labs in August 2009. 


Most majors focus on one primary area of academic research. 
American Studies is the exception. Covering a vast amount of rich 
subjects, including American history, art, music and religion - even 
American food and drink - this interdisciplinary major allows students to 
gain a full understanding of American culture 

According to the Director of American Studies, Dr. Francis Ryan, 
students have begun to further their comprehension of Americana 
through the recently included course Transnationalism, which focuses on 
"looking at America from the outside," answering the question of how 
America is viewed from other cultures. Furthermore, a program called 
the Multicultural Roundtable has continued its tradition of bringing 
students from abroad to Philadelphia. 

Graduates often embrace careers in law, journalism and 
advertising, finding their time spent in the American Studies invaluable. 

Elisabeth Harby, '11 

Francis J. Ryan, Ed.D. 

Director, Professor 
Stuart Leibiger, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Judith Musser, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Kevin Grauke, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 


When I first discovered I'd need a fine arts requirement to obtain 
my degree, I nearly considered dropping out. I've never been one for 
learning the complexities of foreign languages and I can't draw to save 
my life. That's why I determined to take two Art History classes to 
complete my requirement. 

Spanning from the beginnings of art in caves to today's modern 
methods of using digital art to create new and interesting things, these 
classes originally seemed simply a method of graduating without having 
to draw anything or learn German. To my surprise, I fell in love with the 
classes. I learned to respect art for what it is and was, regardless of 
whatever era it generated from. 

Art History majors experience a great deal more, in courses 

ranging from American Architecture, the Italian Renaissance, Figure 

Sculpting, Women and Art and Print Making. Art History majors are also 

fortunate enough to study within a tremendous area for art: Philadelphia. 

Elisabeth Harby, '11 

Patricia Haberstroh, Ph.D. 

Siobhan Conaty, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 


The Biology department prepares students for a wide variety of 
futures outside of La Salle. Some students apply to medical school 
while others pursue careers in pharmaceuticals, genetics, zoology, 
microbiology, neurology among many others. The Biology department 
prides itself on giving students an extensive overview of biology, 
allowing students to be prepared for any of these fields. 

Students in the Biology major or minor take classes composed 
of laboratory work to give students experience working with 
equipment. Led by professors well practiced within the various fields 
and knowledge of Biology, the labs occupy much of a student's time 
and education. 

Majors in Biology also take a variety of classes in physics, 
chemistry and mathematics, creating a well rounded student ready to 
tackle any career outside of La Salle. 

Jen McShane, '10| 
Norbert F. Belzer, Ph.D. Thomas McPhillips, F.S.C., Stefan J. Samuelwicz, Ph.D 

Chair, Associate Professor 
Gerald P. Ballough, Ph.D. 



Ann M. Mickle, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Annette O'Connor, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Associate Professor 
Geri Seitchick, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 





Chemistry students are a rarity. But we tend to like it that way. In! 
such an intensive major, you need a core group of people that will truly 
understand that it is a the big if the settings on an instrument are a tenth 
off or that it is so fascinating when a crystal is blue instead of red. 

Over the years we've been surrounded by a group of professors 
who are so enthusiastic they could make even the most die-hard English 
major wish they were taking a lab. However, for the most part, we 
happily keep them all to ourselves. Because over the years, our little 
group has turned in to a tiny, close-knit, albeit dysfunctional, family. Call 
us science nerds if you want - but I bet we had more fun in class than 
most. Our labs are filled with plenty of strange substances in test tubes, 
but also with laughter - and we would not have it any other way. 

Pam Woodward, '09 


Thomas S. Straub, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 
David Cichowicz, Ph.D. 


Nancy L. Jones, Ph.D. 

William Price, Ph.D. 


Michael J. Prushan, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Stuart Gentry, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 




I knew La Salle's Communication Department was where I 
wanted to be from the first email exchange with Department Chair, Dr. 
Lynne Texter. As an overwhelmed high school senior, I had been 
emailing various communication departments at different colleges, trying 
to narrow down my long list of possible matches. 

La Salle stuck out from the beginning. Dr. Texter always 
answered my replies quickly and signed her emails "Lynne." Dr. Texter 
made me feel at home before I even stepped foot on campus. It was 
from that moment that I knew La Salle was different - in a good way. 

The department is not pretentious or stuffy. Instead, professors 
are friendly, caring and dedicated. That welcoming feeling I experienced 
three years ago has only grown, and I am reminded everyday that La 
Salle is where I am meant to succeed. 

Allison Freeman, '10 
Photos on this page courtesy of Chino Hernandez, '10 

Lynne A. Texter, Ph.D. 

Chair, Associate Professor 
Marianne Dainton, Ph.D. 


Gerard Molyneaux, F.S.C., 



Brooks Aylor, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

tichard J. Goedkoop, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Michael Smith, Ph. D. 

Associate Professor 

William Wine, M.S. 

Associate Professor 

Elaine D. Zelley, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Donna Celano, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Huntly Collins, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Katie Neary Dunleavy , 

Assistant Professor 

Sidney J. MacLeod, Jr., 

A.F.S.C, M.F.A. 

Assistant Professor 

Andrea M. Pampaloni, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Anthony M. Waltrich, Jr., 


Assistant Professor 


The Criminal Justice major prepares students studying it for law 
school, as well as careers in law enforcement, court tasks, corrections, 
victim services as well as many other fields. Classes achieve this by 
teaching students about the causes of delinquent and criminal behaviors 
as well as the problems of the juvenile and criminal justice systems. 

To complete a Criminal Justice major, students take 10 courses 
within the Criminal Justice program. These courses include: Social 
Problems and Social Justice, Criminal Law, Policing: Theory and 
Dynamics, Institutional and Community Corrections, Violence in Society, 
Crimes of the Powerful, among many other courses. 

Not only do students take courses in Criminal Justice, but they are 
also required to take courses in sociology, political science and 
psychology to help them understand the complexities of Criminal Justice. 

Jen McShane, '10 

Charle A. Gallagher, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 
Kathleen Bogle, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Frank Butler, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 


La Salle University's ever-expanding Digital Arts and Multimedia 
Design (D'Art) major provides students a hands-on, creative learning 
experience. Headed by director Dr. Conrad Gleber, D'Art gives 
Lasallians a chance to explore different forms of digital communication 
and design. Students use a number of programs, interfaces and design 
principles to create a host of digital media. Plus, the three unique tracks 
within the D'Art major offer students opportunities to fine tune their 
skills and choose the right career path. 

Students in the D'Art program experience in-class instruction in an 
up-to-date lab. Most D'Art students also complete an internship, as well 
as work on projects involving local organizations and real-life clients. 
The D'Art program gives these tight-knit students the freedom to 
explore their creativity while preparing them for life after La Salle. 

Kevin Thomas, '0 

Conrad Gleber, M.F.A., Ph.D. 

Sandra Camomile, M.F.A. 

Associate Professor 

Raymond Kirsch, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

John Beatty, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Susan McDonald, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

With the current economic issues, students studying Economics are 
able to learn and understand the causes and effects of what is occurring 
in this country, as well as internationally. Studying applications like 
supply and demand, inflation, market equilibrium, students are able to 
make sense of financial issues both on a personal level and social. 

Studying Economics prepares students for a number of jobs after 
graduation, including jobs within the business, law, research, finances and 
teaching fields. 

While classes within the Economics department focus much on 
making good economic and financial decisions, professors also strive to 
teach students how to think and make good decisions in all aspects of 
life. The hope is that by teaching students to always think about the 
effects of decisions then they will attribute that same knowledge to the 
financial world. 

Jen McShane, '10 

H. David Robinson, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 

David George, Ph.D. 


Richard Mshomba, Ph.D. 

Elizabeth A. Paulin, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Mark Ratkus, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Being an education major at La Salle University is a rewarding 
experience. Education majors can receive certification in either 
Elementary and Special Education, or in Secondary Education. In 
addition, each student chooses to take additional courses in a specialty 
area. Students can choose from American Studies - the most popular - 
Math, Social Studies, English, Science or even Communication. 

There are plenty of options for those looking for a career in 
Education. The Education program has amazing professors who support 
each student whether with help in coursework or with writing lesson 
plans. The faculty and staff of La Salle's education department are 
always there with a smile on their faces and a helping hand. 

Frank Mosca, Ph.D. 

Chair, Associate Professor 

Maryanne Bednar, Ph.D. 


Gary Clabaugh, Ph.D. 


Preston Feden, Ph.D. 


Greer Richardson, Ph.D. 

John Sweeder, Ph.D. 

Robert Vogel, Ph.D. 


Deborah Yost, Ph.D. 


Arthur Bangs, F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Ling Liang, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Virginia Modla, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Sharon Schoen, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Carole Patrylo, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 




People need writers. They need graduates who have the analytical 
and communication skills necessary for the modern job market. An 
English degree may not train a student to specialize in a specific field, but 
it will certainly prepare its graduates to utilize their talents sharpened 
within English classes. In the end, this could prove entirely more 

Three separate tracks are available to the English major, depending 
on their field of interest. The first track, Liberal Arts, provides students 
with the diagnostic and writing skills necessary to succeed in graduate or 
law school.. 

There is the Writing track, which trains students in the fine art of 
creative writing, the technical field of business writing, and the complex 
ability to edit or publish. The final track, English-Education, combines 
English with those seeking to double major in Secondary Education. 

Elisabeth Harby, '11 


Kevin J. Harty, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 
James A. Butler, Ph.D. 


John J. Seydow, Ph.D. 


Margot Soven, Ph.D. 


Marjorie S. Allen, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

John E. Beatty, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Claire M. Busse, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Gabriel Fagan, F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Emery C. Mollehauer, F.S.C., 


Associate Professor 

Maribel Molyneaux, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Judith Musser, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Stephen P. Smith, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Phyllis M. Betz, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Madeleine Dean, B.A. 

Assistant Professor 
Craig Franson, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Kevin Grauke, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Bryan Narendorf, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Studying Environmental Science prepares students within that 
major for careers in the environmental industry or for a graduate school 
path. The Environmental Science major allows students to focus on 
three different areas: Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Biology 
and Environmental Geology. 

Classes making up the major are from the Geology, Math, 
Chemistry and Biology disciplines. Combined, these classes make up 
nine of the required classes needed to graduate with a major in 
Environmental Science. However, to complete the major, students also 
need to complete a concentration in either Chemistry, Geology or 

Students leaving La Salle with a degree in this major have been 

quite successful. Many have held jobs within the United States 

government, while other students have been highly successful working 

within various aspects of the oil industry. 

Jen McShane, '10 

Henry A. Bart, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 
Alice Hoersch, Ph.D 

Stephen Longo, Ph.D. 

Bertram L. Strieb 

Assistant Professor 



TTT l J l 4. 

One University, many tongues. In a world where globalization is 
a fact, a second language is a great asset. Luckily, La Salle offers 
majors and minors in the Classic languages: Italian, French, Spanish, 
Russian, and German. Besides these, La Salle also offers minor in 

Learning another language will surely place one ahead of the 
game. In today's global economy many employers would rather hire an 
employee who knows languages other than English. Learning a 
second or third language gives students a wider range of opportunities. 
And for this reason, many students in different disciplines have a 
minor in a language or even dual major with a foreign language. The 
possibilities of learning a foreign languge are endless. 

Joel Tejada, '11 

Bernhardt G. Blumenthal, 

Chair, Professor 
Vincent Kling, Ph.D. 


George Perfecky, Ph.D. 

Luis Gomez, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Luisa Ossa, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Hsiao-Ping Biehl, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Marco Cerocchi, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 


The geology department, although small, is full of quality. Many 
of these graduates go on to successful positions in state and federal 
agencies and in private industry. 

Geology as a major reaches across various sciences, from 
chemistry, physics and biology - it isn't all just rocks! In addition to 
quality faculty, students use sophisticated machinery and instruments, 
such as a scanning electron microscope, an x-ray diffraction machine, 
lapidary saws, ground-penetrating radar, and polarizing microscopes. 

Another attractive feature in studying geology is the field work. 
Students regularly take field trips to unique localities to observe and 
study firsthand environmental and geological features. 

Steven LaMonte, '10 

Henry A. Bart, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 
Alice Hoersch, Ph.D 

Stephen Longo, Ph.D. 

Bertram L. Strieb 

Assistant Professor 


Dedicated and enthusiastic about the past, the History department 
works tirelessly to bring the past into the present. From publishing an 
award-winning journal twice a year, the Histories, to sponsoring 
numerous historical field trips for students, like November's successful 
trip to Fort Mifflin, the History Department strives to remind the 
University not to forget the past. 

In addition, the History department has also undertaken a new 
venture this year, sponsoring a competition for "The Leo Award, which 
awards students writing remarkable essays related to Philadelphia's 
history. Talk about keeping history alive! 

The La Salle History department honors our past, so we can look 
forward to our future. 

Elisabeth Harby, '11 

Stuart E. Leibiger, Ph.D. 

Chair, Associate Professor 
Francis J. Ryan, Ed.D. 


George B. Stow, Ph.D. 


Charles A. Desnoyers, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Theopolis Fair, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Edward J. Sheehy, F.S.C., 


Associate Professor 

Barbara Allen, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Michelle Zelinsky Hanson, 


Assistant Professor 

Lisa Jarvinen, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Jeffrey LaMonica, M.A. 

Assistant Professor 
Milen Petrov, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 


Technological advances today have changed the way we as a 
society approach and solve problems. This calls for a different type of 
scientist. La Salle University is home to an exciting and innovative 
program in which science, business, and technology are interwoven. 

The objective of the Integrated Science, Business, and Technology 
Program (ISBT) is to produce a science generalist, one who is 
technologically competent, with a strong ethical foundation and with the 
business knowledge necessary to solve real- world problems. 
Tomorrow's leaders will be those who understand how science, 
technology, and business all interact. 

Bobby D. Nguyen, 'll 1 
Information courtesy; of the ISBT website 

Nancy Jones, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 
Susan D. Borkowski, Ph.D. 

William L. Weaver, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Marsha W. Timmerman, M.S. 

Assistant Professor 


The department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers 
students plenty of career choices once graduating, from teaching math, 
banking, IT and computer programming. 

Mathematics deals with numbers and problem solving, looking 
deeply at the various forms of math: trigonometry, calculus, algebra, 
geometry, among others. Majoring in Mathematics teaches students how 
to deal with numbers but also how solve problems and think things 
through on many levels. 

Computer Science looks at all aspects of computers, whether 
technical or programs. Students learn how to properly utilize computer 
programs to use in many forms of business. They also learn what makes 
up a computer, outside of the programs. 

Either field of study will get students where they want to be and 
help students think "outside the box." 

Jen McShane, '10 

Jonathan C. Knappenberger, 

Chair, Associate Professor 
Thomas A. Keagy, Ph.D. 


Stephen A. Longo, Ph.D. 


Carl P. McCarty, Ph.D. 


Stephen Andrilli, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Thomas E. Blum, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Richard A. DiDio, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Raymond P. Kirsch, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Margaret McManus, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Gary E. Michalek, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Michael A. Redmond, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Samuel J. Wiley, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Anne E. Edlin, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Margaret M. McCoey, M.S. 

Assistant Professor 

Jane Turk, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 


Students: looking within 
selves to find inner peace, 
Something we all need 
Professors: modern-day 
heroes fighting for good 
Molding minds while 
outwitting skeptics 
Together: giving meaning to 
the minutes 

Opening worlds through 

Is thinking a dead art? 

The works are old, 

The misunderstood masters 

long dead, 

But philosophy thrives with 

this generation 

The price of wisdom over 

their heads 

Tackling the topics no one 

else will 

When being ignored is 


Critical, reasonable logic 

possessed by few 

The philosopher walks with 

his head high 

And his mind occupied . 

His steps resonate with these 

Society against him — blame 


With these lessons he crawls 

out of the darkness 

And brings the rest with him 

Cara Conocer, '10 

Marc A. Moreau, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 

Frederick Van Fleteren, 


Arleen B. Dallery, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Robert J. Dobie, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

William Sullivan, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Cornelia Tsakiridou, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

S. Joel Garver, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

John Hymers, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Joseph A. Volpe, Jr., Ph.D 

Assistant Professor 

Last year the Political Science Department restored its formerly 
annual Alumni Reception and revitalized it by inviting graduating Political 
Science seniors to attend. Political Science alumni who came to reconnec 
with old friends also got the opportunity to meet with current students, 
share their experiences of the dreaded "real world" and give advice to the 
next generation of La Salle Political Science alumni. 

The event was such a success that the department decided to do it 
again, so on April 3rd graduating seniors networked with more than 80 
Political Science alumni from a wide variety of professions over 
sandwiches, wine, and beer. "For seniors who attend, this is a great 
opportunity to network with alums from your department about jobs, 
careers, and future plans," said Dr. Michael Dillon, Chair of the Political 
Science Department. 

Shannon Curley, '09 

Michael Dillon, Ph.D., J.D. 

Chair, Professor 
Joseph V. Brogan, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Elizabeth A. Paulin, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Mary Ellen Balchunis-Harris, 


Assistant Professor 

Kenneth L. Hill, M.A. 

Assistant Professor 


What is a Psychology student? What does it take to be a 
Psychology major? The Psychology student must be able to multi-task, 
think of the bigger picture and be open to new opportunities. A 
psychology student is interested in international issues and is aware of 
the basic needs of people. A psychology major requires an inquisitive 
personality and a drive to better the lives of those around you. A 
student studying psychology plays to people's curious nature. They 
want to learn about the physical brain, its functions and how the brain 
plays a role in a being's personality. A psychology major is interested in 
the scientific study of human and animal behavior relating to the human 
mind and mental states. 

The students studying psychology at La Salle University are an 
eclectic mix of all of these traits, influencing persons or groups to better 

Carolyn Wolfe, '09 

Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., 

Chair, Professor 

David Falcone, Ph.D. 


Sharon Lee Armstrong, 


Associate Professor 

Lynn H. Collins, Ph.D 

Associate Professor 

Diana P. F. Montague, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

John A. Smith, Ed.D. 

Associate Professor 

Dahra J. Williams, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

LeeAnn Cardaciotto, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Randy Fingerhut, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Jennifer Block Lerner, 

Assistant Professor 
Kelly S. McClure, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Mary Ellen McMonigle, 


Assistant Professor 

Simon M. Moon, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

With all the different types of religion in the world, it can be a 
difficult major for students to study. There is so much history, tradition 
and creed involved in religions from all over the world. 

Religion majors at La Salle study more than simply the traditions 
of the Catholic faith. There are classes that study all other Christian 
faiths, as well as courses devoted to Middle Eastern faiths. However, 
many classes also look at issues that are not just black and white, like 
ethics and moral issues. These classes include: Catholicism in the 
Modern Worl; Buddhism, Hinduism, and Religions of the Far East; 
Judaism and Islam; Contemporary Moral Problems; and Biomedical 

La Salle offers students more then just a basic understanding about 
religions. By taking some of these classes, students also learn about the 
differences in faith and tolerance for others. 

Jen McShane, '10 

Margaret McGuinness, Ph.D 

Chair, Professor 

William H. Grosnick, Ph.D. 


Geffrey B. Kelly, M.A. 


Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C., 



Gail Ramshaw, Ph.D. 


Jacqueline Pastis, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Vivienne Angeles, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Jordan Copeland, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Joseph W. Devlin, M.A. 

Assistant Professor 

Joseph Dougherty, F.S.C. 


Assistant Professor 

Roseanne McDougall, 
S.H.C.J., M.A. 

Assistant Professor 



The Social Work program at La Salle has worked hard over the 
years to instill excellence in the students within the program. The faculty 
of this esteemed program often have hands-on skills within the field that 
enable them to guide students and offer real-life experiences. 

One teacher in particular from the Social Work program, Dr. 
Bonni Zetick, works hard with the rest of her peers to encourage 
students and help students in all ways possible. For her contributions to 
the La Salle community, Dr. Zetick was awarded the Faculty 
Distinguished Service Award on August 21, 2008 at Opening 

Besides being e beloved member of the Social Work faculty, Dr. 

Zetick has also worked outside the University to advocate for social 

change, equality for retarded and menatal illness citizensm, and 

substance abuse programs. She is deeply involved in commmunity 

service, both at La Salle and the city of Philadelphia. 

Jen McShane, '10 1 

John Connors, Ph.D. 


Francis Tri V. Nguyen, 

F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Judith Stull, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Kathleen Bogle, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Frank Butler, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Donna R. Fielder, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Janine Mariscotti, M.S.W. 

Assistant Professor 
Bonni Zetick, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

This year, the Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminal 
Justice welcomed a new chair to the halls of Olney. Hiring, Dr. Charles 
A. Gallagher, the department has set itself on the path to success. Dr. 
Gallagher's level of scholarship is only matched by his skills as a 
professor, teacher and mentor. Dr. Gallagher taught at Georgia State 
University before finding his way to La Salle. He is not new to La Salle, 
however. Dr. Gallagher taught courses at La Salle while he was a 
graduate student at Temple. 

When I first met Dr. Gallagher, I was immediately struck by his 
broad knowledge and dedication to teaching. One of his assignments for 
his Sociology 150 course is a "Media Black Out" Week where students 
are asked to refrain from using any kinds of media, except for homework 
purposes, to show students see how much time they waste. 

Dr. Gallagher's presence in the department has brought with it a 
resurrection of the Sociology Club and a dedication to scholarship in the 
field of Sociology. 

Charles A. Gallagher, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 

Francis Tri Nguyen, F.S.C., 


Director, Associate Professor 

John Connors, Ph.D. 


Judith Stull, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Kathleen A. Bogle, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Michal Wilczewski, '09 



of BmsMc 
j ScMsnrs 

Co-Qp Program 

The School of Business offers a unique program, the Business 
Scholars Co-Op Program, that allows students to work within their 
chosen career field for 10 to 12 months These students are 
hardworking, often balancing their co-op experiences with full time 
class schedules. 

When Business Scholars Co-Op graduates from the class of 2008 
graduated, 100% of these students already had jobs, according to 
Penny Grobb, Director of the Business Scholars Co-op Program. 

This year, fighting tough economic conditions, the class of 2009 

Business Scholars Co-Op still 
came out on top, with 98% of 
these students having jobs. The 
successes are limitless, all 
thanks to the Business Scholars 
Co-Op Program, and will 
continue for future students. 

HIGHLIGHTS from the 
2009 Year: 

* Brian Concannon, '10, 
as part of the Business 
Scholar Co-Op Program, 
worked with both, the 
Philadelphia Zoo and 
The Vanguard Group. 

* Danielle Signorelli, '09, 
as part of the Business 
Scholars Co-Op 
Program, worked with 
both the Philadelphia 
Eagles and 
Price waterhouseCoopers . 

It is important for all Accounting majors to understand exactly 
how businesses work so that they can help companies make important 
financial decisions. 

The Accounting program has five areas of study that students 
can focus on to become successful in the business world: cost 
management, information systems, auditing, taxation and multinational 
relation. Many faculty member have experience in both the business 
world, as well as the financial market that can help students move 
forward in the Accounting program. 

After focusing on these areas of study, students leave La Salle to 
become: business executives, bankers, financial planners, consultants 
and tax planners. The program has also helped students start careers in 
non profit corporations, government and medical. 

Jen McShane, '10 

Maty Jeanne Welsh, Ph.D. Gerald E. Fitzgerald, F.S.C. 

Chair, Professor 

Susan C. Borkowski, Ph.D. 


Scott E. Stickel, Ph.D. 

Bruce A. Leauby, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Kristin Wentzel, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 


Assistant Professor 
Al Massimini, MBA. 

Assistant Professor 
John D. Zook, M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor 


Finance students have many reasons for choosing their field of 
study: there are a plethora of jobs available within the broad "Finance" 
world and finding a job after college should be easy. 

The faculty of the Finance department lead students through the 
complicated numbers and rules that allow them to grasp a firm 
knowledge of financial situations and be successful after college. These 
dedicated members of the University community offer guidance and 
consultations to their students to help them succeed in a competitive 
financial field. 

Faculty members also maintain connections to many businesses 
and companies across the nations. These relationships allow students to 
obtain experience before graduation, with internships, as well as jobs 
after graduation. 

Jen McShane, '10 

Jan Ambrose, Ph.D. 

Chair, Associate Professor 

Lester Barenbaum, Ph.D. 


Joshua Buch, Ph.D. 


Walter Schubert, Ph.D. 


Kenneth Rhoda, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Kathleen S. McNichol, M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor 


*"*^«-t asS 1 * : 




ifi'i -• t4 



Students within the Management major study how people and 
groups of people behave and interact in an organizational and business 
setting. Often, students combine this major with another major to put 
these studies to use and succeed within a business field. 

Management courses focus on teaching students the knowledge 
and skills needed to motivate people, manage projects and companies, 
solve problems and make decisions to operate a business properly. Many 
of the Management courses also allow students to get hands on practice 
with their leadership skills to help prepare them to manage any type of 

Jen McShane, '10 

Prafulla Joglekar, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 

Lynn Miller, Ph.D. 


Joseph Seltzer, Ph.D. 


James W. Smither, Ph.D. 


Nadjid Tavana, Ph.D. 

William Van Buskirk, Ph.D. 

Steven Meisel, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Anne M. Walsh, D.S.W. 

Associate Professor 

Gregory O. Bruce, M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor 

Marianne S. Gauss, M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor 

Jack Rappaport, M.S. 

Assistant Professor 

Kathryn Szabat, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 


Management Information Systems classes look at computers and 
programs to help people run a business and better utilize their time, 
resources and energies to work better. This enables people, businesses 
and computer programs to be more productive. 

Students studying Management Information Systems (MIS) are 
prepared for a number of jobs after graduation. According to the MIS 
website, an individual in this field of study can work as a "systems 
analyst, database administrator, business analyst, data analyst, 
e-Commerce applications analyst, computer systems auditor, 
information systems manager, computer and software marketing 
manager, computer consultant, network administrator, and off-shore 
contract managers." 

As computers and technology marches forward and changes so 

will this field continue to change. Because of this students will always 

have job opportunities. 

Jen McShane, '10 

k .urn i 

anagement and Management 
Information Systems 

Stcutc tye*t 'J-M 

Prafulla Joglekar, Ph.D. 

Chair, Professor 

Madjid Tavana, Ph.D. 


Dennis Kennedy, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Frank LoPinto, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 





When people think of marketing, they usually think of advertising. 
But marketing is more than creating Superbowl commercials. What's 
really interesting about the marketing major at La Salle is the study of the 
consumer. Everything we do - selling, product or service design, 
advertising, promotion, placement and pricing analysis - is a function of 
what the consumer wants or needs. It's amazing to learn how much 
professional marketers know about us, the purchaser. 

Marketing majors conduct real- world marketing research projects 
to understand how big brands go from goal setting to execution. We 
study how everything from the amount we pay, to the places we buy 
have already been predicted by companies months before our purchases. 
We also gain first-hand experience in our careers. 

With a core business knowledge behind us and an experiential 

education to draw from, La Salle's marketing majors will continue to 

have a high success rate in the real world, and a lot of fun doing it. 

Hannah Datz, '10 

David B. Jones, Ph.D. 

Chair, Associate Professor 

James Talaga, Ph.D. 


Pingjun (June) Jiang, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

SweeLim Chia, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 

Rita Dynan, M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor 

Dom Nucera, M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor 

bid JFMffii 


ReEocaittfai amid ClMcail 

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences has continued to 
grow over the past year, making its new home in the St. Benilde 
Tower, formerly Germantown Hospital. As the School of Nursing and 
Health Sciences students become more comfortable in their new home, 
they get the chance to work within a medical environment, offering 
hands-on experiences. 

Important to students studying within the School of Nursing and 
Health Sciences is the clinical work they do. Students from each 
program within the School of Nursing and Health Sciences are required 

to do some type of clinical work 
to graduate to achieve 
in-the-field practice. 

Recently added to the 
School is the program of Health 
Studies, in which students can 
now receive a degree. 

2009 Year: 

* The first student-run 
Nursing forum was held 
in March, where 
graduating Nursing 
students could meet with 
representatives from 
local hospitals and 
medical facilities. 

* Speech-Language 
Hearing Science major, 
Joan Lyall, '10, was 
accepted as an intern at 
the Rusk Institute of 
Rehabilitation Medicine. 


The School of Nursing recently added Health Studies as a major 
students can study. To achieve a degree in Health Studies, students take 
a wide varieity of classes to prepare them for fields within areas of health 
and community. 

Classes that Health Studies majors take include: Plagues and 
Epidemics, Health Communication, Stress and Health, Women's Health 
Concerns and Urban Health: Families and Children in Jeopardy. Besides 
these Health Studies classes and many others, students also take a 
variety of Nursing, Nutrition and Speech-Language-Hearing Science 
classes, creating well-rounded students to achieve success in any health 

Jen McShane, 10 


Subjectively speaking, I personally could not imagine myself doing 
anything else but Nursing. For most Nursing students, they expect 
something different than what they get. When you become a Nursing 
major as a freshman, you do not know what you will encounter. You are 
not really ready for the fact that Nursing school is also a journey inside 
yourself, a chance to learn about your own strengths, weaknesses, fears, 
likes, and dislikes. You learn the stuff that makes you tick and you learn 
just how patient you can really be if put your mind to it. 

One of the hardest parts for me is the emotional aspect. It is 
absolute torture to see a patient in such incredible physical or emotional 
pain and know that there is only so much you can do to help them. 
However, sometimes you say just the right thing to a difficult patient andi 
they start responding positively. Melissa Pompeo '10| 

Zane Robinson Wolf, Ph.D., RN, 

Dean and Professor 

Janice M. Beitz, Ph.D, RN, CS, 



Patti Rager Zuzelo, Ed.D., MSN, RN, 



Diane M. Breckinridge, Ph.D., RN 

Associate Professor 

Ana Maria Catanzaro, Ph.D., RN 

Associate Professor 

Mary Anne Peters, DNSc, RN, CNE 

Associate Professor 

Diane Wieland, Ph.D., RN, 


Associate Professor 

Gerry Altmiller, Ed.D., MSN, RN, 


Assistant Professor 

Patricia Bicknell, MSN, RN APRN, 

Assistant Professor 

Joan Parker Frizzell, Ph.D., RN, 


Assistant Professor 

Mary Lou Gies, MSN, RN 

Assistant Professor 

Earl Goldberg, Ed.D, RN, APRN, BC 

Assistant Professor 

Meryle Gurmankin, RN MSN CSN 

Assistant Professor 

Christina Harkins, MSN, RNC 

Assistant Professor 

Barbara Hoerst, Ph.D., RN 

Assistant Professor 
Shelley Johnson, MSN, RN 

Assistant Professor 

Denise Kavanagh, MSN, RN 

Assistant Professor 

Frances Kinder, MSN, RNC, CPNP 

Assistant Professor 

Ciara Lynch Levine, MSN, RN 

Assistant Professor 

Margaret Lowenthal, MSN, RN, 


Assistant Professor 

Dolores Matecki, MSN, RN 

Assistant Professor 

Shantia McCoy, MSN, RN, CRNP 

Assistant Professor 
Anne McGrorty, MSN, RN, CPNP 

Assistant Professor 

Jennifer Brindisi Sipe, MSN, RN, 


Assistant Professor 

Robert M. Strayer, MSN, RN, CCRN 

Assistant Professor 

Mary Wilby, MSN, CRNP, ANP-BC 

Assistant Professor 



10. Mow 6rw»(. 

> MiH« if Si-« 
II^.Twr if Up 

Nutrition majors study the make up of food and how it reacts with 
the human body. This involves Nutrition majors to need a combination of 
knowledge about the human body, as well as the chemical and nutritional 
make ups of different types of foods. Because of this, students studying 
Nutrition also take a variety of chemistry, anatomy and biology classes. 

While Nutrition classes look at the effects of foods on the human 
body, they also look at food management, preparing students for a job in 
food management for businesses and health care. The work in these 
classes includes projects like designing nutritional food plans for people 
with illnesses, children and families on budgets. 

Nutrition majors graduate with the skills needed to succeed in 
many fields, including public health, government, education, food 
research, pharmaceuticals, food companies, restaurants and hospitals. 

Alyssa O'Bomsawin, '10 and Jen McShane, '10 

Jule Anne Henstenburg, 
M.S., R.D., C.S.P., L.D.N. 


Susan Adams, M.S., R.D., 


Assistant Professor 

Elizabeth Emery, M.S., R.D., 

C.N.S.D., L.D.N. 

Assistant Professor 

The Speech-Language-Hearing classes teach students within this 
major how to deal and assist people suffering with various types of 
communication problems. These communication problems are often 
either hearing or language cognition issues. 

Not only do students learn the knowledge that is needed to assist 
people living with these problems but they also get clinical experience, 
giving them hands-on experience within the field. Professors are always 
available to lead and guide students, having working experience. 

At La Salle the Speech-Language-Hearing program is accredited 
by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and 
Speech-Language-Hearing Pathology of the American 
Speech-Language-Hearing Association . 

„ (he Director 
-year Program 
,.y«ar program 
MS Program 
course oescnpfor* 
preSLP Program 
, 5a je ftumm a") 

and i"a»o«™ ^ v anouao*. r 
ae*»- „ 

Jen McShane, '10; 

Barbara J. Amster, Ph.D., 

Evelyn R. Klein, Ph.D., CCC-SLP 

Associate Professor 
Jennifer Kleinow, Ph.D., CCC-SLP 

Assistant Professor 
Joan Luckhurst, Ph.D., CCC-SLP 

Assistant Professor 
Cesar Ruiz, SLP D., CCC-SLP 

Assistant Professor 




Grounded through 


A student's day at La Salle flies in a 
whirlwind of classes, activities and events. All 
of these together create "student life" at La 

Involvement by the students is what 
creates "Student Life". Students sponsor trips, 
events during free time and LateNight La Salic 
events on the weekends. These students are the 
commitment behind "Student Life" for all 

These pages within the yearbook 
represent Student Life as well as the hardwork 
and dedication of the students that create it. 
Student Life is truly grounded in involvement 
bv the students their fellow students. 


A Sharing of Culiu 

The windy weather on October 2nd, 2008 
provided the optimum condition for the aroma of 
empanadas, sweet potatoes, and beef jerky to float 
around campus. Echoes of drums bounced around 
the quad, alerting students to an event going on. 
200 students followed their senses and came upon 
the 7th Annual World Cultures Fair. Hosted by the 
Cross Cultural Association and sponsored by the 
Student Programming Center, Multicultural & 
International Center, and La Salle multicultural 
organizations (A- ASIA, AASL, CEES, Italian Club, 
LHSA, OLAS, and Phi Beta Sigma). The event 
celebrated the diverse cultures on campus. 

Many of the multicultural organizations 
brought tasty dishes to the event. From the 
steaming dim sum brought by A- ASIA, to the 
chocolates and snacks brought by CEES and the 
Italian Club, it would be safe to say that the student 
body thoroughly enjoyed the tastes from around the 
world. There were times when Justin Bettis, the 
president of the African American Student League, 
could have lost a finger while handing out sweet 
potato pie from his table. Aside from the food, 
dozens of students found their way to the South 
Asian Student Association's table and got intricate 
designs made out of lentil on their hands. This 
form of art is called henna, which is usually adorned 
on special occasions. The International Chess Club 
brought their many versions of chess from around 
the world and students sat down and learned the 
many ways to defeat their opponents. The slick 
choreography of the STEP Team and rhythmic 
beats of the Neo African Drums N' Dance were the 
final pieces to the fair. 

Tri Huvnh. '09 


Homecoming traditions: 
New and Old 

Rainy weather didn't dampen this year's 
Homecoming celebration. Many Lasallians helped 
make this year's weekend a huge success. 

It all kicked off with a campus-wide BBQ on 
Friday evening. Hot dogs, burgers, and chicken 
were grilled by student leaders in RSA, SGA, IFSC, 
and Late Night La Salle student workers. A large 
amount of students, faculty, and staff stopped by 
throughout the evening to enjoy a free meal. 

Saturday brought athletic events all around 
campus. The morning started early with a 
children's clinic hosted by the Women's Soccer 
team. The Men's and Women's Basketball teams 
held open practices for alumni, friends, and family. 
The Women's Rugby team hosted Bryn Mawr in a 
league match and came out on top with a score of 
15-5. The Men's Lacrosse team then took the field 
and continued the winning spree against Delaware 
Valley College, 20-2. IFSC also hosted a charitable 
athletic event of their own: powder puff football. 

Tradition continued inside the Alumni Tent 
and at RSA's Carnifall. The Alumni Tent attracted 
alumni of all ages and classes, while Carnifall 
provided a great way to get away from the cold, 
rainy weather. Not only were there food, prizes, and 
a magician, but the Homecoming King and Queen 
were announced at Carnifall. Sean Hand and Stacey 
Engster took home the crown of King and Queen, 
with Doug Phelan, Chris McNabb, Margaret Purack, 
and Anna Thomasson as their court. 

It may have rained all weekend, but this year's 
Homecoming Weekend continued to shine! 

Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, '09 


* ^ W* 


l" - * 

1 1 I 

1 I i 

I 1- -■ l»T -1 

■ J 


B* :S * 




_\^ ■ 

""Tl^ W**"': 

HF"^ ' 

A late Night Hai>> 

Many members of the La Salle University 
community have often wondered whether the 
campus was haunted. On Friday, October 31, 
proof of something supernatural manifested itself in 
the Union Building. Earsplitting screams, crimson 
blood, and severed appendages filled the air as 
people were chased from a horrific scene in the Dan 
Rodden Theater. Zombies, mad scientists, and evil 
clowns were found lying claim to the theater and 
green room, treating all who entered as prey. The 
source of the frightening commotion could be 
traced to the Third Annual Haunted House. Led 
by members from The Masque, Resident Student 
Association, WEXP Radio, and Late Night La Salle, 
Halloween 2008 at La Salle University was 
definitely more trick than treat. 

Members from each of the organizations 
helped in the planning, advertising, and 
presentation of the Haunted House. In addition, 
these students created the sets and props for the 
event. Actors also sat for as many as 2 to 3 hours 
getting makeup done to look the part of a 
frightening creature. Students were transformed 
into werewolves, clowns, dead zombies and other 
creatures torn straight from their nightmares. The 
actors then took their positions as students were 
led, drug, or chased through the house. 

This year's Haunted House maintained the 
success of previous houses providing 125 La Salle 
students with a Halloween thrill. The event drew 
crowds of students dressed in their Halloween 
costumes. Whether dressed as Snow White and 
her Seven Dwarves, Smurfs, or Where's Waldo, not 
a student was spared from scare. 

Yearbook Staff 

A Home for All 

Beneath College Hall lies one of the most homey 
places on campus — the Campus Ministry Office 
and De La Salle Chapel. It is this welcoming 
environment that Noel Koenke calls home. Koenke 
graduated from Loyola College in Maryland, was a 
Campus Ministry intern for four years, a high 
school teacher and a flight attendant. Since filling 
the two year vacancy as Campus Minister, she has 
headed up Evensong, a weekly prayer night 
featuring a student reflection; she directs the choir/ 
liturgical and is building the retreat program by 
instituting a ski retreat and Kairos 2 College. 
Koenke's mission is simple, "I want to implement 
programs for all students, especially those that have 
not yet been reached, which I believe is one of the 
goals of a Lasallian school. I also want to help 
make spirituality personal, exciting, and an 
everyday opportunity for students. College is one 
of the best opportunities the Church has, to make a 
good and lasting impression on the faith lives of 
young adults." So far, so good. Says Koenke, "I 
love my job and I have a lot of hopes. Being here, 
thus far, I'm glad to have begun these programs but 
I could not have done it without Father Jim [Dever] 
or Brother Bob [Kinzler]. They have been very 
welcoming and supportive." Senior Chris McNabb 
enjoys her presence and what she brings to the 
table. "I think Noel's experience has equipped her 
with a great number of resources. In addition, she 
provides energy and passion; she has a great deal 
of knowledge and brings unique programming to 
the table. She has been great to have on staff." 
Campus ministry regularly offers Sunday Mass and 
Daily Mass. With so many options and a stellar 
staff, it can be home for anyone. 

Julia Walsh, '12 



King's Pream 2009 


"From Pream to 

On January 19, 2009, La Salle University 
celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
by hosting King's Dream 2009: From Dream to 
Reality. The day began with sixteen students 
participating in a park clean-up at Fernhill. This was 
the first service component added to King's Dream 
in six years. 

In addition, King's Dream included an 
afternoon session called "The Emerging Leaders 
Retreat". During this, 50 students participated in a 
discussion on types of leadership and leadership in 
the La Salle community and neighborhood. These 
same students took a leadership personality test. 

"The most informative part of the day for me 
was learning about my personality type," said 
freshman Nursing major, Megan Marron. "I think 
that knowing yourself and how you work as a 
leader allows you to effectively and efficiently lead. 
My favorite part of the day was our concluding 
discussion connecting our role as Lasallians to the 
goals of Dr. King. It is so important to remember 
that although we are college students, we share our 
neighborhood with many other people and we need 
to be aware of our fellow community members." 

The day concluded with a dinner at Treetops 
featuring music from Neo African Drums n' Dance. 

Overall, the day saw students carrying on the 
message of Dr. King, discussing ways to incorporate 
it into their Lasallian values. At the end of King's 
Dream, these students were ready to carry on Dr. 
King's challenges of leadership and service. 

Julia Walsh '12 



The sights, sounds and traditions of different 
cultures graced the Dan Rodden Theatre the night 
of March 20th for the Second Annual Multicultural 

Members of the South Asian Student Alliance 
(S.A.S.A.) and American Asian Students 
Intercultural Association (A/A. S.I. A.) worked hard 
create a entertaining and educational program. 

The night kicked off at 6:30 with a cultural 
skit performed by members of S.A.S.A. Then La 
Salle Singers remembered the American cultural 
with a beautiful performance of the National 
Anthem. This was followed by a "Freedom 
Steppers Dance", performed by children from 
Philadelphia Freedom Schools and a Filipino Dance 
performed by Mutya Philippene Dance Company. 
Music from African Drummers was performed by 
the Youth Art Forum of Cultural Expression 

A highlight from the night was a collaborative 
"Unity Dance" performed by a combination of 
members of S.A.S.A., Y.A.F.C.E. and the 
Pastorius Francis Elementary School. The night 
culminated in a Multicultural fashion show, with La 
Salle Multicultural students walking the runways. 

The night was a success, raising over $300, 
which was donated to the students from 
Philadelphia Freedom Schools, Say Yes to 
Education, and the Youth Art Forum of Cultural 
Expression, all who joined in the performances that 

Jen McShane, '10 



Health Fair 


mt ■'■ 


"v — * 



Health Fair 

Every spring the Health Advisory Committee 
coordinates the annual Health Fair supported by 
the Student Activities Fee. Work begins several 
months before the actual event. 

The 2009 Health Fair was titled: "Yes We 
Can. . .Be Healthy in 2009". The fair included over 
60 booths, which were organized and staffed by 1 1 
University departments, 11 student organizations, 
34 outside health related organizations and 8 
healthy food vendors. Approximately 400 
participants enjoyed massages, glucose and 
cholesterol testing, blood pressure checks, podiatry 
evaluations, eye exams, beer goggle bowling, 
computerized health assessments and 
aromatherapy. There were also demonstrations by 
the cheerleaders, dance team, Neo African Drums 
n' Dance, the La Salle Singers and the La Salle 
University Jazz Ensemble. 

In addition to these activities, there was a 
variety of health-related information which included 
topics on: the hook up culture, oral care, tobacco 
issues, herbal remedies, nutrition, health insurance, 
psychiatric disabilities, childhood cancers, bone 
marrow donations, sexual health issues, exercise 
and BMI, health /wellness books, eating disorders 
and brain injury prevention. 

Based on the smiling faces - and positive 
evaluations received about the Health Fair - this 
year's Health Fair was a success. 

Julia Walsh, '11 


Mentoring Freshmen 

The New Explorers Mentor Program, or NEMP 
began few years ago by Sean Hand, '09, and Chris 
Vokolos, '08, both members of SGA. With the help 
of Phenix Frazier and Teri Ceraso from Learning 
Support Services, these students spent many Friday 
nights researching similar programs at different 
college campuses and eventually got NEMP off the 
ground. It was designed to help incoming freshman 
assimilate to La Salle and college life. 

When a student first arrives at La Salle, 
Opening Weekend, FYO, freshman advising and 
many La Salle faculty and staff are available to give 
them the warmest welcome possible. But what about 
the first week of class when a student cannot find 
Benilde Tower or the Gold Card office? What 
happens on the weekend when a freshman's few close 
friends go home? 

NEMP aims to pair a small group of incoming 
freshmen, Little E, with an upperclassman, Big E. 
The Big Es know where freshmen need to go. They 
are able to bring Little Es to a Late Night La Salle 
event or a Phillies game with some friends. 
Big Es act as big brothers and sisters on campus, 
introducing them to student leaders, and making them 
feel like a true member of the La Salle community. 
Said Junior Joan Lyall, "the most rewarding thing is 
just being able to help freshman adjust to the many 
changes that they'll face their first year." 

When the program started, it had 6 Big Es and 
50 Little Es. This year there were 30+ mentors 
working with close to 300 freshmen. The success this 
program has seen in just a few short years is a 
testament to the potential this program has in shaping 
the future of not only the freshman students, but also 
the Lasalle community. 

Sean Hand, '09 



New Explorers 
Mentor Program 

Theme: Superheros 

A Collaboration of 
Student Work 

Spring Fling is a collaborative weekend of 
events designed to bring the campus together and 
celebrate the coming of spring. Plans for Spring 
Fling 2009 (April 17, 18 and 19) were in swing all 
year to make 2009 as successful as 2008. 

The Spring Fling Committee was made up of 
members from RSA, BackPAC, WEXP, CAOS, 
PRSSA, and Late Night La Salle. "This small group 
of students who planned this event spent an entire 
year organizing, fundraising, and promoting Spring 
Fling Weekend", said Julie Pompizzi, Late Night La 
Salle Coordinator. The Committee was supported 
by SGA, IFSC, Multimedia Services, and the 
Student Activities Fee. 

Throughout the weekend, about 1000 
people attended the events at the Hayman Center, 
with the largest amount attending the 
CollegeHumor Comedy show, about 500. 
However, this does not include some of the other 
events that were planned in conjunction with Spring 
Fling such as the Masque show, the South Campus 
Shindig, and Dodgeball for Diabetes. "The weekend 
was, overall, jam-packed with entertainment", said 

The weekend turned out to be a lot of fun for 
all involved. The students that worked on the 
Committee deserve much of the credit for the 
success of the weekend. "Spring Fling Weekend is 
exciting because it is a collaboration of many 
different parts of the La Salle community and it 
brings together many different types and groups of 
students. It's a celebration of making it through the 
school year," said Pompizzi. 

Jen McShane, '10, in collaboration 
with Late Night La Salle 





f J**** - 1 


i <J ** 1 

( viwoirsiu 






"The TV Studio has allowed me to make 
connections at La Salle that will continue 
throughout my four years at La Salle and 
life after."- Angela Cuzzolino 













Grounded through 



It takes deep and thorough commitment for a 
student to incorporate clubs and activities into the 
grueling schedule of courses and class work. Yet La 
Salle students seem to make it work, often going 
above and beyond to be involved. 

With over 100 clubs active on campus, it is 
obvious that La Salle students are grounded in their 
commitment to their organizations. Whether it be a 
club sport, a Greek organization, academic society, 
performing arts or student media, students all over 
the campus show their commitment by their work 
withing these organizations. 

These pages show the commitment that La 
Salle student organizations put forth for the La Salle 


The African American Student League, or A.A.S.L., worked hard 
throughout the year to increase awareness of cultural differences and 
prevailing African American issues. They also provide the campus with 
various types of programming and activities. This year, A.A.S.L. was highly 
visible on campus as they participated in the World Cultures Fair, the Health 
Fair and sponsored a trip to the Bates Motel, among many other activities. 

Throughout the year, AIDS Outreach seeks to help students within the 
organization and the campus at large understand the issues, medically and 
socially, of those people living with HIV/AIDS. Student volunteers went to the 
Calcutta House to visit patients with HIV/AIDS and the group provided 
information dunng AIDS Awareness week at the end of the fall 2008 


Ipha Chi Rho 

Nicknamed "Crow", Alpha Chi Rho works hard to maintain academic 
excellence. This fraternity also engages in community and social service, both 
on and off the campus. During the fall semester, Alpha Chi Rho worked with 
Late Night La Salle to host Casino Night. 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 

Alpha Epsilon Delta is the Pre-Med Honor Society, available for 
students that hope to attend medical school post-La Salle. This honor society 
exists internationally and is the largest honor society for pre-med students. 

Alpha kappa Delta & Aplha Phi Siop 

Alpha Kappa Delta is the honor society for students studying within 
the Sociology field. Alpha Phi Sigma is the honor society for students studying 
Criminal Justice. Both organizations work to promote scholarship in Sociology 
and Criminal Justice. By teaming up with faculty, students gain more from the 
fields of Sociology and Criminal Justice, with experts to guide them in their 
scholarly pursuits. 

Alpha Phi Delta 

Alpha Phi Delta fraternity is an Italian heritage-based fraternity. From 
its humble beginnings, A.P.D. has welcomed in young men who had the desire 
to better themselves and their communities. The La Salle University A.P.D. 
chapter has been recognized by the National Fraternity for its outstanding 
support to their community and community services. 


Alpha Skyn 

In the Spring '09 semester, Alpha Sigma Tau accomplished a lot. This 
sorority gained seven fun and valuable sisters during recruitment. The sisters 
also worked together to raise money for the family of the police officer that 
jvas lost in the La Salle neighborhood. The sorority held their annual Habitat 
for Humanity Pancake Dinner, successfully raising funds for that honorable 

Ipha Theta Alpha 




<SW# » 

<&®& ; l©/ 

Alpha Theta Alpha, A.T.A., is a sorority that works for unity and 
growth through the bonds made within the sisterhood. The organization 
works to improve campus life and life outside the campus. They achieve this 
through a wide variety of service activities. This year, the group was presen 
at many events on campus, including the Health Fair and Alcohol Awaren-: 

American Marketing Association 




^a *^li%& 



The goal of the American Marketing Association, A.M. A. is to 
provide members with the opportunity to put into practice marketing skills 
and to netowkr marketing professionals through a variety of social and 
professional programs and activities. 

This year, A.M. A. is proud to have hosted Marketing Week, the 4th 
Annual Business Etiquette Dinner, Networking Night, a Phillies Bus Trip, and 
a Dodge Ball for Diabetes Fundraiser that raised $600. 


The American/ Asian Students' Intercultural Association, A/A. S.I. A., 
allows students to meet and create an awareness of Asian culture amongst 
themselves. By participating and creating events on campus like the Annual 
Multi-Cultural show and the World Cultures Fair, this group spreads Asian 
traditions to the antire La Salle community. 


nine Gub 

The Anime Club, a diverse and friendly group, holds meetings twice a 
week, for the convenience of both commuters and residents. Two to three 
series are watched during these meetings over the course of a semester. 
Planned every year is a trip to Otakon, a convention in Baltimore. Fundraisers 
for the trip included raffle sales and a Super Smash Brothers video game 

Association for Wonen in Connunication 

The Association for Women in Communication is a national 
organization that promotes the advancement of women in all fields of 
communication. La Salle's student chapter of the Association for Women in 
Communication works with the Communication department to create 
opportunities for students to network with women in the field, resume work 
shops and many other events. 



BackPac works hard all year to create events for students to bring their 
love of music to campus. This year, BackPac in co-ordinance with Late Night 
La Salle, sponsored the Socratic Concert in April and a Battle of the Bands 
during Spring Fling 2009. 

beta Ganna Sio>na 

Beta Gamma Sigma is the Business honor society. An 
international organization, accredited by the Association to Advance 
Collegiate Schools of Business, this honor society is open to students 
studying all branches of business. Members of Beta Gamma Sigma act 
as mentors for underclassmen, helping to guide them in their studies 



Biology Club is open to all students interested in learning about the 
study of Biology, outside of a classroom setting. In the past, Biology Club has 
run a trip to the zoo, allowing students to study animals in their natural, 
biological habitats. 

Christian Cares, Issues and Concerns 

Christian Cares, Issues, and Concerns is a ministry focused on 
providing the La Salle Community with relevant information pertaining to the 
Holy Bible. This group seeks to address issues that many youth in this 
generation face and discuss topics in an open-forum setting. They also 
provide opportunities for community service as well as true Christian 
fellowship amongst La Salle University students and staff. 


Club Soccer 

Club Soccer provides the opportunity for individuals with a common 
passion for soccer to play on a recreational and competitive intercollegiate 
team. Club Soccer operates on a less demanding practice and competition 
schedule than does its Varsity counterpart. It, nevertheless, affords members 
the collective opportunity to represent their university through athletic 
competition in a positive manner. 

College Republicans 

ii iimtm 

■ Before starting his political career, John McCain had a 
long military career. He served In the U.S. Navy from 1958- 
1981, serving in Vietnam and even becoming a POW. He 
received many military awards. 

■ McCain was elected to the house of Representatives in 
1983, he remained there until 1987, when he was elected to 
the Senate. (Arizona) 

cCain believes that to succeed in Iraq, we must keep the troops there to 
p the peace. Only when things stabilize, can U.S. troops leave. 

"Glory belongs to the act of being 

constant to something greater than 

yourself, to a cause, to your 


The College Republicans is an organization that allows students of 
similar political persuasions to meet and discuss topics of interest. The 
chapter has an extensive political network throughout the city of Philadelphia 
including contacts with other University chapters, the offices of the state 
senators, and local politicians. Some of the members have interned for former 
Senator Rick Santorum, Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, and at the White 


The Collegian, led by editor in chief, Sam Fran Scavuzzo, had a busy 
and highly productive year, covering events like the 2008 Presidential 
Election, construction, and budget cuts, among many other issues. This year, 
the Collegian won two first-place awards from the Pennsylvania Newspaper 
Association Foundation. The first award was for ongoing news coverage 
during the 2008 Presidential election. The second award was for a review 
written about Jerry Lewis. 


The Commuter and Off Campus Student Association, or CA.O.S. as 
it is fondly known, is geared toward commuting students in the La Salle 
community. They provide commuters with fun activities like pool tournaments 
and baseball outings. This organization also acts as a link for all commuters 
with the Lasallian life, showing them that even if they are not residents, they 
can have n active campus life. 

Cross Cultural Association 

Cross Cultural Association, C.C.A., allows students from all 
backgrounds and cultures to come together and educate the community about 
the different cultures present. CCA. does this in various ways by sponsoring 
evens like the World Cultures Fair in the fall semester. 

Delta Phi Epsilon 

The Epsilon Zeta chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon at La Salle University 
sponsored and took part in several campus events this year. In November, the 
chapter raised over $1,300 with their annual Deepher Dude competition and 
in the spring, sponsored Eating Disorders Awareness Week with A.T.A., as 
well as Alcohol Awareness Week. 


Delta Si 

Delta Sigma Phi takes pride in participating in campus events hosted 
by both, other Greek organizations and non-Greeks. For the second year in a 
row, Delta Sigma Phi won the Greek God competition, capping off another 
successful Greek Week, which they also won. 

On April 18th the fraternity held their eighth annual Anti-Hate Softball 
tournament to raise money for the Matthew Shepherd Foundation. 

Explorer yearbook 

Taylor % 

The Explorer staff works hard all year to create the book in your 
hands. Led by advisor, Dawn Wanner, each year the staff excels and 
overcomes many challenges to produce a high quality keepsake, documenting 
students' memories at La Salle. Visible at many campus events, the staff 
gathers as much information as possible, making the Explorer a yearbook for 
the entire La Salle community. 


Explorers For Life 

Explorers for Life is the pro-life group on campus that works hard to 
promote the right to life for all beings. This year, Explorers for Life attended 
the "Walk for Life" in Washington D.C., held every January, and the "Stand 
Up for Life" dinner in November in Philadelphia. This group also worked with 
other groups to bring Sr. Helen Prejean to the campus in March. 

Filn Societq 

Film Society is an organization open to anyone on campus. The goal of 
this organization is to promote an appreciation for "the art of cinema" among 
students. A highly anticipated event this organization works to create every 
year is the Charlie Awards, a film contest where students can submit original 


Foster Care Tutoring 

This F.O.C.U.S. group is a collaborative program with the Department 
of Human Services. Meeting on campus weekly, F.C.T. tutors develop 
one-on-one relationships with children by offering their academic and mentor 
support. The group offers a variety of independent and group activities to 
participate in each week, and have made more accessible the University's 
invaluable resources through additional cultural and academic presentations. 

Ganna Phi beta 

Gamma Phi Beta is dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment that 
provides women the opportunity to achieve their potential through lifelong 
commitment to intellectual growth, individual worth and service to humanity. 


Ganna Skyna Siofia 

Working throughout the year towards their group motto "Unity and 
Service", the sisters of Gamma Sigma Sigma dedicate much time to their 
philanthropies. They participated in the MS Walk and the March for Dimes, 
as well as raised money for the Sunshine Foundation, the Red Cross and the 
American Cancer Society. 


The Grimoire is a literary anthology created by La Salle students. 
Students can submit original pieces to the Grimoire to be printed in this 
student creation. Submissions include short stories, poems and essays. 
Students can also get involved in the Grimoire by helping to edit and layout 
this anthology. 


Historical S 

Historical Society works among the community to foster an interest in 
history. This group is open to all students and works to help produce "the 
Histories", a collection of historical essays created by students and faculty. 
The Historical Society also works to sponsor historical trips, as they did this 
year with a trip to Gettysburg. 

Honors board 




Honors Board acts as a student advisory panel to the Honors Program 
to better assist students in that area. This organization exists as a way for 
students to further engage in academic pursuits outside the classroom setting. 


ce Hockeq Gub 

Sallp IrP HnrkPV -nR-'flQ 

The La Salle University Ice Hockey club has been in existence since 
1972. They are a member of the Great Northeast Collegiate Hockey 
Conference at the Division II level of the American Collegiate Hockey 
Association, playing teams like Rutgers University and the University of 
Scranton. The Explorers play at The Rink at Old York Road in Elkins Park. 
This year they paved their way to the playoffs for the second straight season. 

Interfraternity-Sorority Council, or I.F.S.C. as it is commonly known 
as, is the Coordinating body for all campus fraternity and sorority chapters. 
Members of all Greek organizations work with I.F.S.C. to solve issues facing 
the Greek community and to assist each other in achieving the individual goals 
of all Greek organizations. Greek Week, and the Greek God and Goddess 
contest is a big even coordinated by I.F.S.C. 


Jazz and Pep bands 

Jazz and Pep Bands combine to play music for much of the 
campus to enjoy. Performing at basketball games, the bands get the 
crowds excited and ready to cheer the Explorers to victory. Concerts 
are also performed in both semesters to showcase these students' 
musical talents. 

karate Gub 

The goal of La Salle's Shotokan Karate club is to help students train 
their body to be strong, and their mind and spirit to be patient, in order to 
become the best human beings they can. This group strives not only to teach 
karate techniques, but moreover, to do their best to help guide members in 
the understanding of what it means to be a true martial artist. This is a daily 
process that should be as routine as waking up in the morning. 


La Salle Amq R.O.T.C Detachnent 

The La Salle Army R.O.T.C. Detachment is designed to train the 
future warrior leaders of the United States Army. This detachment will teach 
leadership and traditional American and military values to students. 

La Salle Singers 

The La Salle Singers practice twice a week to perform a variety of 
selections ranging from popular or Broadway tunes to classical pieces in Latin 
or German. They perform around campus at freshman convocation, basketbal 
games and other special events. They also perform for the community at 
Camilla Hall at Immaculata University and Moss Rehab at Einstein Hospital. 
No experience is necessary and all voices are welcome. 


La Salle University Education A 

La Salle University Education Association is an organization of students 
who are currently enrolled in La Salle's Education program, both full and part 
ime students. It is a student-run organization with departmental faculty 
idvisors, aimed at excelling student learning outside the classroom. 

La Salle University Step Tean 

The goal of the University Step Team is to demonstrate school spirit 
through the performing art of stepping. This group performed at many events 
this year including the World Cultures Fair and the Health Fair. In the fall 
semester, the Step Team worked with Late Night La Salle to organize and 
plan Apollo Night. 


La Salle American Studies Association 

* AJ 




^ ^^ 

^K v 



|4^V* *; 

^ 1 


'".£#• ^^^_ 

The mission of La Salle's American Studies Association is to foster 
American civilization through an understanding and appreciation of religion, 
race, gender and ethnicity in America, encompassing American society 
through infinite years. They achieve this comprehension and appreciation of 
American culture and history through various activities, events and speakers 
that they invite to the campus. 

La Salle's Organization Carina, for Kjds 

La Salle's Organization Caring for Kids, L.O.C.K, is an organization 
made up of the La Salle Community and associated with F.O.C.U.S. at La 
Salle, and various other Philadelphia area programs supporting disadvantaged 
children and their families. L.O.C.K. aims to increase awareness of injustices 
toward children and promote changes in an environment of mutual learning. 
L.O.C.K. works with Neighborhood Tutoring to coordinate Trick-or-Treating 
at the townhouses in the fall and the Spring Carnival in the spring. 

acrosse Club 

Lacrosse Club offers students a way to participate in the sport 
recreationally. Students involved in Lacrosse club compete among an 
organized, collegiate level against other universities. 

Lambda Pi Eta is the national Communication honor society, of which 
La Salle has a chapter, Xi Eta. This year, on February 27, Lambda Pi Eta 
inducted 33 new members. Guest speaker at the induction ceremony was Erin 
Flynn '96, of WLVT-TV. Advisor, Dr. Richard Goedkoop and President, 
Emily Brennan '09, presided over the ceremony. 

Los Ninos 

From May 21st-May 28th, Los Ninos participated in a service trip to 
Guatemala through an organization called S.H.A.R.E. During their time in the 
city of San Martin, students worked outside the city at a rural school mixing 
cement and working with the community to lay solid ground for the grade 
school students. The group also participated in activities with the community, 
such as a soccer game and a trip the market and homes of local producers. 

Masque of La Salle 

The Masque of La Salle University is a diverse world. It does not 
matter what your strength is, the Masque can find a way to utilize it, and thus, 
there is always a pair of open arms waiting for you. From technical support to 
on stage-cast, the Masque is always working toward making the best of its 
members' college years. This year, the Masque performed "Into the Woods", 
"Recent Tragic Events" and "Arsenic and Old Lace". 


National Society of Collegiate 5 

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is an honor society for first- 
and second-year students. N.S.C.S. was founded on the principles of 
scholarship, leadership and service. It seeks to train the best and the brightest 
students to give back to the community. New members are inducted in early 
fall, and several service projects are organized each year. 


The National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association otherwise 
known as N.S.S.L.H.A. at La Salle University, works to promote awareness 
of language and communication disorders. N.S.S.L.H.A. also links students 
with professionals in the field to broaden their knowledge of possible job 
opportunities as well as fields of specialty within Speech, Language and 
Hearing Sciences. 


Neighbor to Neighbor 

Neighbor to Neighbor is an educational and outreach program housed 
under University Ministry and Service. The goal of this group is to connect the 
La Salle community and the surrounding Germantown, Logan, Olney and 
West Oak Lane communities. Within these communities, members of 
Neighbor to Neighbor engage in projects to beautify the area, including 
painting, gardening and even housework. 

Neighborhood Tutoring 

The members of Neighborhood Tutoring volunteer two days a week to 
work with children in grades kindergarten to eight. The children this group 
works with are from the surrounding La Salle neighborhoods. La Salle offers 
homework help as well as fun activities. The organization also works with 
L.O.C.K. to co-sponsor Trick-or-Treating at the townhouses and the Spring 


Neo African Druns n' Dance 

A group known for its creative and interactive performances, Neo 
African Drums 'n Dance make their presence known at any event they 
perform. The group had the honOr of performing at the Kimmel Center, as 
well as at various campus events like the World Cultures Fair and both 
Activities Fairs. 


The Organization of Latin American Students, O.L.A.S, promotes and 
brings awareness of the Latino culture to the La Salle community. They 
achieve this by hosting events and speakers, like the Cuban Guy. O.L.A.S. 
holds two formals, the Crystal Ball and the Latin Gala which illustrate how 
Latinos celebrate various events. The group also sponsors celebrations during 
Hispanic month (September) with a Hispanic dinner and takes students to the 
Puerto Rican parade. 


Panhellenic Council 

Panhellenic Council is made up of representatives from each of the 
sororities on campus. This group works together to regulate and plan sorority 

Peer Educators 

Peer Educators is a group of students committed to promoting 
well-being within the La Salle community. This group works to heighten 
awareness among their fellow students about social health issues such as 
substance abuse, eating disorders, dating violence, AIDS/HIV prevention and 
more. Peer Educators help their peers make low risk decisions that reflect a 
healthy lifestyle through events like REAL WORLD La Salle, Stressbusters 
and Reach Out Speak Up Suicide Prevention Day. 


Phi beta $\opa Frater, 

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., PBS, works to promote 
scholarship, brotherhood and service. To achieve this, the fraternity 
hosts many events. This year, P.B.S. was very active, working with 
Late Nigh La Salle to host Club Ignition during Opening Weekend, 
Lazer Tag and a Pool Party. P.B.S. also presented "Pledging: a Rite of 
Passage, a Paradigm Shift", a discussion on the history of pledging. 

Project Appalachia 

The purpose of Project Appalachia is to create an awareness of the 
problems of the Appalachian region. The function of this group is to raise 
money to relieve some of the problems pertaining to Appalachia. During 
spring break, students traveled to Harlan, Kentucky to work on housing 
developments for low income families. 


Psychology Departr 

Psy.D. Program 
M.A. Program 

Undergraduate Program IV 
Assessment Lab 
Statistics Lab 
Research & Clinical 305 

Psi Chi is the Psychology Honor Society. Members are inducted into 
this honor society in the spring semester. 

Psqcholo^q Gub 

Psychology club allows students to participate in studies about 
Psychology outside of the classroom environment. It allows students to 
network, learn about courses offered within the department and get help with 
studies from other students. 



The Public Relations Student Society of American, or P.R.S.S.A., 
works within Communication department to offer students studying Public 
Relations other ways to learn about the field. Led by President Allison 
Freeman, P.R.S.S.A. creates networking nights for students to meet with 
professionals in the Public Relations field. This group also aids in creating 
"Charlie Talk", the Communication department's newsletter. 

Resident Student Association 

The Resident Student Association, R.S.A., is made up of resident 
students from all the various types of residence halls that makes up La Salle. 
Combining these students, this group deals with the issues and problems that 
resident students face and creates programming for them. A highly active 
group, R.S.A. works hard during Opening Weekend and Carnifall. This year, 
R.S.A. worked with Late Night La Salle and co-sponsored the Haunted 
House, Campus Capture the Flag and Spring Fling. 


Ru^bq Club (Men's and Nonen's: 

Rugby Club allows students with a passion for Rugby to participate in 
the sport at a competitive, collegiate level. This year, the Women's Rugby 
Club received a $20,000 grant from Nike and advanced to the Division II 
national championship tournament in April. 


The La Salle South Asian Student Alliance, S.A.S.A. serves to connect 
all South Asian people and ethnic groups and to promote the cultures of 
Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. 
S.A.S.A. celebrates South Asian heritage through drama, literature, 
performances, and traditional holidays and by addressing major socio-political 
concerns that exist within the South Asian community. S.A.S.A. was very 
influential in putting together the Multi-Cultural show this year. 


SKyna D 

Sigma Delta Pi is the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society. It is 
the largest foreign-language honor society in existence, founded in 1919. 

Si$na Phi Epsilon 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, SigEp, is entering its second decade in existence at 
La Salle. Its members pride themselves on the fraternity's three cardinal 
principles: Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love. Members of SigEp are also 
members of S.G.A., R.S.A., I.F.S.C, Intramurals, A.A.S.L., RA/CA Staff, 
Men's Lacrosse, the Honors Program and numerous other academic honor 
societies. The brothers of SigEp hold at least two on-campus philanthropies 
every semester in conjunction with the National philanthropy, YouthAids. 


Slyna Phi Lanbda 

This year, Sigma Phi Lambda sponsored a basketball tournament to 
raise funds to sponsor two middle school aged brothers that attend the San 
Miguel School in Camden. Sigma Phi Lambda raised $1,000 in support of the 


The Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania, S.N. A. P., works to 
foster professional development in nursing students through providing 
opportunities for service, forums and professional socialization. This year, the 
organization was present at various times to offer free blood pressure readings 
to the La Salle Community. 


Soup KJtchen-St. Francis Inn 

Students that volunteer at the Soup Kitchen at St. Francis Inn in 
Kensington serve food to those in need. At St. Francis, volunteers like those 
from La Salle, offer guests a restaurant style dining experience rather than a 
typical food shelter. A van runs once a week to St. Francis Inn for volunteers. 

Students for Environmental Action 

Students for Environmental Action offer students an opportunity to 
participate in environmental community service, advocate for more recycling 
on campus and work on national environmental campaigns. This year, 
students volunteered at organic farms and worked on campus to make the La 
Salle community more environmentally friendly. 


Students' Government Association 

Students' Government Association, or S.G.A., is a highly active group 
on campus. It is the officially recognized representative of the student body. 
S.G.A. protects individual interests through collective action and fosters 
academic freedom, academic responsibility and student rights. 

Students in Free Enterprise 


The organization Students in Free Enterprise, or S.I.F.E. as it is 

nonly called, provides opportunities for post-secondary students to 

develop vocational competencies for business and develop a better 
understanding of the nature of information technology. 


WEXP is La Salle's student-run radio program. This semester, WEXP 
hosted WEXPfest, a Battle of the Bands and participated in a marathon that 
students could enjoy live. 



youna broadcasters 

Young Broadcasters meets in the Communication Center and aids the 
Communication department's group, La Salle 56, to produce programs for La 
Salle's tv station. The Young Broadcasters work to learn more about the art 
of being in broadcasting. 


fowv*, Democrats 

This year, the Young Democrats were busy. Some members 
volunteered at the Obama campaign offices in the city and attended Obama 
rallies at City Hall. Other members encouraged students to register to vote 
and later, to vote on Election Day. A highlight from this busy organization 
included the rally that they hosted, which brought various celebrities to 
campus including Phillies Shorstop Jimmy Rollins, PA Governor Ed Rendell, 
Mayor Michael Nutter and actresses, Morgan Fairchild and Debra Messing. 

**Information about the student organizations came directly from the student groups. However, some information 
130 came from the Division of Student Affairs website** 

rounded throug 

Student Commitment 1 . 



Grounded through 


La Salle athletes are one of a kind, persevering 
both on and off the field to be leaders in the 
community. Always working and striving to be the 
best, they work hard throughout the year to succeed 
academically as well as physically. 

These pages illustrate the hard work La Salle 
athletes consistently put forth, competing in sports 
like field hockey, basketball, cross country and track. 
Their accomplishments are numerous, proving that 
hard work and perseverance grant success 

Because of the constant effort athletes give, 
this section is truly "Grounded Through 
Perseverance", setting La Salle athletes apart from 
all others. 

2008-2009 Roster 

Meridith Herwig, Alecia Tamburino, Elizabeth Crawford, Amanda Koltalo, 

Ida Goslin, Jen Leusner, Brittany Gentile, Colleen McNichol, 

Bridget Quigley, Tiffany Conor, Marissa Patterson, Kayla Healey, 

Gabriela Plumley, Laura McMahon, Amanda Miller, Kristy Oderneder, 

Sasha Hernadez, Lauren Finch, Di'Andra Riddick, Caitlin Dougherty 



2008-2009 Roster 

Ashley Banks, Nicole Dias, Deanna DiSeveria, Jennifer Gigantino, 

Lauren McMullen, Andrea Pinto, Lauren Pittre, Marissa Fernandez, 

Gina Mansi, Tara Rothrock, Aileen Paredes, Bernadette Moran, Emily Richardson 



2008-2009 Roster 

Allegretto, Maria Allegretto, Beth Carey, Caitlin Conk, Rachel Deaner, 

Marissa Dombrowski, Kelly Dougherty, Becca Freed, Haley Froshour, Lindsay Fry, 

Erica Goldman, Katelyn Haney, Kara Harpel, Amanda Howard, Lauren Jackson, 

Adrianna Lalli, Alysen Larsen, Colleen Lechner, Whitney Madron, Tara Martin, 

Mary Cait McAleer, Jess Menge, Christy Miller, Gabrielle Nolt, Brittany Nyzio, Emma Ruth 


2008-2009 Roster 

Kourtney Clark, Carly Conlon, Danielle DiMarco, Christa Dominick, 

Sarah Jancuska, Tammi Jones, Alex Kennedy, Jackie Kushman, Alexis Little, 

Amy McKeon, Stephanie Milovic, Jacquelyn Mitrovich, Rachel Stemper 


2008-2009 Roster 

Dan Pfeiffer, Andrew Bernhard, Jim Guntle, Brian Bowers, Devin Ladd, Corey Inglee, 

Michael Pio, Daniel Heavey, Tom Kalpokas, Brian Barry, Colin Whalen, Robert Golden, 

Gene Curran, Jim Davis, Joey Foster, Wayne Grasela, Kevin Lydic, Ryan Dougherty, 

Dan Korenyi, Kevin McGinley, Jordan Torres, Ryan Murray, Brian Lanning, Ryan Richter, 

John Gravelle, Ryan Sepe, Jack Schmidt, Ryan Tadley, Kyle Quigley 


2h008-2009 Roster 

Melissa Sanger, Amy Grant, Lindsay Garbowski, Melanie Gamble, 
Amy Giordano, Kim Voorhees, Ally Kenney, Sara Copare, Morgan Golden, 

Jen Broeze, Dana Giordano, Traci DePasquale, Becky McGuigan, Heather Steadman, 
Jess Hopton, Alex Conley, Kelly O'Steen, Lauren Barker, Lauren Cittadino, 
Dana O'Brien, Carissa Philips, Simone Canfarotta, Dani Allizzo, Leigh Gray, 

Erin Brennan, Paige Troutman, Kierstyn Mabey, Amanda Komarnick 




2008-2009 Roster 

Colin Barett, Michael Bolea, Kevin Buell, Stephen Childs, Ray Coles, Nick Crits, Rollin Deas, 

Mark Del Monaco, Sean Doyle, Korey Edwards, Joe Fedorowicz, Kasey Gellar, Steve Grabowski, 

David Hausherr, Tyler Jones, David Laratta, Matt Lawson, John Lipuman, Kyle Luke, 

Breandon Lyman, Andrew Mahoney, Sean Mallon, James Mauro, Patrick McAllister, 

Sean McClory, Matt Mitchell, Mark Natale, Thomas Pannulla, Michael Power, Trevon Rain, 

Tom Ranalli, Robert Ricketts, Mike Roethel, Andrew Wagoner, Emanuel Waktola, Sean Ward, 

Ellis Wilson, Greg Wommer 



£^L :^9^^'flW<J 

i&f^y*- jCmmtkJx jitt 

" JPi 


# AV 

W& ^F* *jr 

WgM / ^ 






W- .. 

/p— . 




^ «- 


2008-2009 Roster 

Pamela Alva, Kelly Baird, Stephanie Bearish, Maureen Benner, Colleen Boland, Kathleen Boland, 
Kellilyn Fierras, Samantha Gallagher, Caroline Grant, Meaghan Hobson, Wendy Hutchinson, 
Kristina Kubula, Meagan Lutz, Kayleigh Maher, Elisabeth Mayer, Margaret McFadden, Sheila 

McFadden, Sarah McHugh, Shauna Moody, Colleen O'Donnell, Emily Paffett, Mary Clare 
Parrott, Nicole Pearce, Veronica Shanoski, Nicole Shiavone, Gabriella Spada, Caitlin Storbeck 


\ 1 


. : . 




•5® J 




k. Jm 


X 1 * 

. F 






2008-2009 Roster 

Jordan Baker, Owen Black, Matt Caines, Edward Carnes, Chris Cefalo, Kieran Edling, 

David Ellerson, Dustin Gibb, Mark Glinski, Brandon Hargraves, Matt Harner, Chris High, 

Justin Huckle, Joe Jung, Leslie McGann, Eric Patenaude, Ryan Rudnick, Kyle Swan, 

Austin Thomas, Tom Whelan 


M ^ 


Roster 2008-2009 

Holly Biro, Carleen Caldwell, Jessica Carbin, Aubrey Cefalo, Adriana Correa, Ashley DeMarco, 

Shannon Duval, Emily Heath, Carrie Houck, Erin Karski, Tanya Lindenmuth, Laura Mastrangelo, 

Kellene McCall, Laurie McLaughlin, Tori Pellerito, Elizabeth Pike, Dana Reis, Megan Reis, 

Christina Rios, Brittany Sedberry, Alex Stoddart, Marci Wixted 


Jfc*> H&? 


2008-2009 Roster 

Kimmani Barrett, Brad Cohen, Greg Danish, Vernon Goodridge, Rodney Green, Ruben 

Guillandeaux, Paul Johnson, Yves Mekongo Mbala, Darryl Partin, Steve Weingarten, Devon 

White, Jerrell Williams, Terrell Williams 


^^1 t •— -. 


2008-2009 Roster 

Chelsea Conner, Nadia Duncan, Margaret Elderton, Antonia Gale, 

Ashley Gale, Jenna Gilbert, Tara Lapetina, Michele McCaughern, 

Danielle Mickiewicz, Morgan Robertson, Shelly Szmyt, Jamie Walsh, 

Jessica Walton, Danielle Callahan, Ebonee Jones, Alexis Scott 



2008-2009 Roster 

Morgan Abrams-Nicholas, Chris Butera, Justin Feiner, 

George Gennaoui, Christian Harvey, Jon Maula, 

Bill Nason, Andy Petrusky, Matt Rivera, Fernando Tovia 




2008-2009 Roster 

Jessika Acilio, Courtney Babo, Rachael Barnhart, 

Lauren, Caffrey, Francesca D'Elia, Christina Gomez 

Lauren Perry, Tonya Rice, Taylor Silverio, Pearl Wilkins 



m. ' ** 


s^m, _ _| 



2008-2009 Roster 

Rachel Baker, Shannon Bernard, Lauren Bushby, Sara Ciaverelli, Megan Corliss, 

Alura Costa, Jill Davis, Melisaa DiTomo, Brigid Dowling, Jill Hallgren, 

Allison Herman, Elizabeth Iacullo, Jacki Jamrogowicz, Erin McBride, Nicole McCurdy, 

Nora McGurkin, Stefany McKee, Taylor Ruland, Ashley Rutz, Dorothy Schalleur, 

Mara Schnellenback, Alie Venuti, Brittany White 



2008-2009 Roster 

Mike Benzinger, Phil Bruce, Wes Licklider 

Matt Mazzola, Tyler Batory, Ed Carries, 

Steve Sieracki, Sam Venuti 



Roster 2008-2009 

Angelina Bisbiglia, Mary Pat Conville, Alicia De La Rosa, Breanna DiTommaso, Laura Gallagher, 

DJ Guinn, Teddi Hernandez, Ashley Lake, Gina Massaro, Laura Beth McCreesh, Kristin Paoletti, 

Ali Shepherd, Shannon Skomorucha, Kellie Surdi, Rebecca Turygan, Erica Vile 



2008-2009 Roster 

John Malloy, Brendan Norton, Rick Gehman, Derek Barauskas, Justin Handler, Zack Feierstein, 

Drew Gerhart, TJ Chism, Zach Huff, Jon Gyles, Brian Meagher, Jeff Flax, Marc Schoch, 

Tony Negrin, Mike Canfarotta, Chris Umstead, Joe Vincent, Caolan Ronan, Christian Schulz, 

Gerald Dougherty, Jeremy Zarou, Kevin Christy, Dennis Burge, Eric Van Wyk, Kevin Jones, 

Kevin Fuqua Cody Weiss, Jim Tarabocchia, Sean Kennedy, Craig Miller, Adam Kammler, 

Justin Bartlett 


2008-2009 Roster 

Men's: Tom Apicella, Zayln Bajor, Zack Coons, Stephen Coulter, Mike Farrell, Keith Ferguson, 

Matt Horn, Brett Kader, Todd Kemper, Jacob Madole, Justin Mills, Kevin North, Max Orenstein, 

Jonathan Shank, Andrew Weeks, Matt Wiedemer 

Women's: Desiree Cappuccio, Nicole Caronia, Lauren Corkery, Joanna Davidson, Jenna 

DeMareo, Sheila Dunne, Kaitlyn Garbarino, Molly Gatch, Shannon Halleran, Amanda Howard, 

Katie Hunt, Kelli Karver, Kelly Kracht, Valorie Luke, Laura Mastrangelo, Michele McCaughern, 

Kelly Mergard, Lauren O'Donnell, Jennifer Plummer, Abigail Rogers, Alexandrea Rumsey, 

Jacquelyn Smolarek, Erin Zielinski 





2008-2009 Roster 

David Alfano, William Andes, Patrick Ayling, Colin Barrett, Aaron Bernotas, Michael Bolea, Jerome Brown, 

Kevin Buell, Stephen Childs, Brandon Clark, Ray Coles, Courtney Creighton, Nick Crits, Jared Davis, Rollin Deas, 

Sean Doyle, Jake Dylik, Korey Edwards, Joe Fedorowicz, Kasey Gellar, Michael George, Steve Grabowski, David 

Hausherr, Ozzie Henderson, Jake Holler, Rashon Howard, Nicholas Iuele, George Jackson IV, Ashton Lee 

Johnson, Tyler Jones, David Laratta, Matt Lawson, John Lipuma, Rashad Little, Kyle Luke, Breandan Lyman, 

Andrew Mahoney, Sean Mallon, James Mauro, Andrew Maxwell, Patrick McAllister, Sean McClory, Terrence 

McPeak, Orestes Medina, Matt Mitchell, Mark Natale, Stephen O'Donnell, Thomas O'Gara, Thomas Pannulla, 

Mike Power, Trevon Rainford, Brandon Ralph, Tom Ranalli, Steven Rendall, Robert Ricketts, Michael Saracino, 

Michael Stanziano, Jon Carlo Stubblefield, James Thomas, Andrew Wagoner, Emanuel Waktola, Sean Ward, Elllis 

Wilson, Greg Wommer, Frank Zorzi 


mtb if telb 

^^^^ - 

^b l t^H^K 


i A * ^B 


i^^J^ i 

^S 1/ 



2008-2009 Roster 

Pamela Alva, Kelly Baird, Stephanie Bearish, Maureen Benner, Colleen Boland, Kathleen Boland, Malory 

Campbell, Lisette Delgado, Kellilyn Fierras, Samantha Gallagher, Jaleesa Graham, Caroline Grant, Sarah Hazzard, 

Meaghan Hobson, Wendy Hutchinson, Kyla Jones, Jill Keenan, Shevonne Keller, Kristina Kubala, Trade Kurtz, 

Megan Livecchi, Meagan Lutz, Joann Lynch, Kayleigh Maher, Elisabeth Mayer, Elizabeth Mayer, Margaret 

McFadden, Shelia McFadden, Lauren McGuire, Sarah McHugh, Kim Mcintosh, Courtney McKnight, Shauna 

Moody, Kelly Mullane, Colleen O'Donnell, Tracey Olszewski, Emily Paffett, Victoria Panepinto, Mary Clare 

Parrott, Nicole Pearce, Christa Plummer, Kathryn Rodgers, Veronica Shanoksi, Nicole Shiovone, Gabriella Spada, 

Caitlin Storbeck, Marisa Theriault, Dusti Vartland 











Grounded through 

the Future 

A perfect word to describe senior year is 
change. With all the changes that students face in 
senior year: final classes, internships, jobs, 
graduation, graduate school, apartment hunting and 
meeting new people, "Grounded Through Change" is 
the perfect way to describe this fast-paced year. 

However, another word often persists to be 
thrown around senior year: future. Students are 
often asked about their future plans and all the 
changes they experience are routed in these plans 
and endeavors. Because of this, more importantly, 
senior year is "Grounded Through the Future". 

Whatever the future holds, one can bet that 
La Salle graduates are ready to tackle the world, 
from the experiences they have gained through their 
time at La Salle, both in and out of the classrooms. 
Congratulations to all 2009 graduates! 

^knt Awards Ceremony | 

John J. McShain Award 

James A. Finnegan Memorial 

Brother Emery C. Mollenhauer 


Joseph F. Flubacher Award 

Dennis Dougherty Memorial 

International Student Award 

Christa L. Dominick 

_John C. Chamberlain, Jr 

.Christopher McNabb 

Sean Hand 

.Matthew J. Doyle 

.Graznyz Kuczowicz 

The Star for guiding others 

New Explorers Mentors Program 

The Chevron for upholding and establishing tradition 

Explorer Yearbook 

The Helmet for exhibiting courage 

Peer Educators 
The Cross for exhibiting sacrifice 

Jazz and Pep Bands 

The Motto for fostering learning 

Neighborhood Tutoring 

May 16, 2009 

1 \ s \ I I I UNIVURSIT\ 

Baccalaureate Mass 20 

Every year, the Baccalaureate mass and the Graduation Gala 
are different and unique for each graduating class. 

This year, the Class of 2009 held their Baccalaureate mass on 
campus, in the Hayman Center on Saturday, May 16. The Cathedral 
of Sts. Peter and Paul in Center City previously was the location for 
the Baccalaureate mass. This change allowed graduates to invite more 
guests to the mass, improved parking and allowed guests to go right 
from the mass at the Hayman Center straight to the Graduation Gala. 

If I 

Graduation Gala 

The Graduation Gala, now in its second year and sponsored by 
the Division of Student Affairs, the Office for University Advancement 
and the Alumni Association, was held on Saturday, May 16, 
immediately following the Baccalaureate mass. A total of 400 graduates 
and their guests attended the event. 

The Gala was held on the Main Quad, allowing students to 
mingle with each other and guests one last time on La Salle's campus 
before graduating the next day. 

May 17, 2009 

'■'II' - ||i ,JtH, ,kfi! ' . ij 







/ ■ 

. % 

. J 

Commencement Z 

citing ready and lining nip... 






» n ^J"* rt* 

^ - - 

w »*«'VfVr 

Commencement 20 

Presenting tfte Class of 

Z009... and the faces they 

will never forget... 


Aisha T. Abdullah Dana Katherine Abejo Cibi Abraham 

Sonia Abraham Maria Jane Allegretto 

Jacquelyn M. Amatucci Michael A. Anastasio 

Thomas Graham 

Maria Olga 

Michael Christopher 


Giavanni Sesha 

Ashley Lynn Anderson Tara Jeanne Aquilino 













Naveed Azad 

Anthony Michael 
Babiasz . 

Thea Bahadoosingh Lauren R. Balliet Shamila Yousaf Barkat Adam H. Bartlett 


Mercyle Battle 

ael John Benzinger 

Andrew Robert 

Michael James Berry Justin Martell Bettis 

¥% ** 

/ / 

Oleg Beyzyk 

Amanda Lynn 

Ay ana E. Brown Britni Loren Buffalino 

Latanya Butcher 

Christopher David Constance K. Caesar Carleen Elizabeth 

Butera Caldwell 

Ysalda Camilo 

Renee D. Campbell Simone Ann Canfarotta Daniel Frederick 


Christina Marie 

Stephanie Lorianna 

Michelle Cerrigone Darrel Wesley Chan Sean Patrick Christman Christopher Anthony Andrea Raquel A-T 

Ciufo Clymire. 

Marcus Clayton Coles Eric Colon Nicole Marie Conklin Zackary Louis Coons Natalie S. Corey 

Lauren Kelli Corkery Margaret R. Cowan 



Timothy Matthew 

Lauren Ashley Craig 

Elizabeth Anne 


Jacqueline Marie Dash Ashley Lyi, 

Kimberly Davidow 

Lynn David. 

Alicia Rochelle De La Jillian Michele Dechen P 


Uzoamaka A. 

Brett Joseph Fair 


Andrea Ferreira 

aline Fleurimar 

196 Sean Walter Hand Christopher Benjamin Kelly Kristine Harman Peter D. Harris Shana Michelle Harris 


Mashonda Jante James Sanju John 

on Lee Marcellus 


Sherry Na Johnson Garry L. Jones Katelyn Marie Joyc 

Paul David Karmel Theresia Karundeng 

Pascall John Kendall Brian Patrick Kern Erin Jane Kiley 


Alexandria K. June 

Kevin Patrick Kinslow Stephen Thomas Kirby Adeola Kokumo Amanda Koltalo 

Eric John 


Liliya Kurpel Paul Joseph La Polla Jessica Hannah Lamont 


Domenic John 

Laura E. Martin 







Tamara Martinez Dana Marie Martz 

Gabrielle Noel 

" :, "*Sl 

Tridell Elizabeth Maw Megan Mawson Brittany Jena Mayo Liane Taylor McCarroll Moira Elaine McCarthy 

Tasha McCaskill-Long 


Jeffrey McGeary 



Terence James 

Kellie Patricia 

m & 


^K, ,-a» ^R 


Shannon K. McClurkin Melissa Anne McCoy Michael Fn 


James Grant 



Laura McGrath Lauren Ann McGuire 

200 Sean Patrick Mcllmail Kimberley Janice Jaclyn Marie McKeffery Abby Elizabeth 

Mcintosh McKeown 

Michael McLeish 

Ashley O'Bryan 

Brianne Tierney 

Stephen Patrick 

„_jn M. 

Vivien Marie Ocasio Orlando Okebata 

J >■£&. -~ * 

■ ~ 

»■- ^H 


A - 




Hbl "' ' Jflj 


If ■ 
r 1 

Godwin C. Onuoha 

Matthew U. 

Elizabeth Ortiz Alyssa Ann Oshiro 

Symon Roy Owade Melissa E. Palfy 


m " ' ■ 

|B| «s* p 

% -J 

A < - '*',^ y 


^'^1 ^ 


Mariama Okyne 

Bernice Alice Patton Maryann Payne 

Derrick Pegrem 

Kristine Marie 

Kelly Christina Parrott Falguni C. Patel 

Katherine Mary Samantha Ann 


Luisa N. Ramirez Katherine Ann Reardon Deborah Mary Reis Ashley F. Relova Marykate Remy 

Elsie Enid Rivera Melinda E. Rivera 

Shomori Isadore Antwone Maurice Danielle Marie Roger 

Robinson Rodgers 

Brittany Lynn Rogers George Joseph 


Richard Michael 


Jessica Claire Sabella Gabriella Maria Sacidor Diana N. Santangelo Eric Alexis Santos Annamarie E. Saracino 


^ o 

m ' ill HI i mMm 

Isaias Sostre Deborah Ann Stednick Thomas Andrew Valerie Karen 

Steinhauer Stevens-Graves 

Jon Carlo Stubblefield 

Omega A. Tarnoviski Rona Tara Taylor 

Vincent Tecce 

Summer Teel 


Kristen Elizabeth 

Kevin Thomas 

Natalya Tkach 

Christopher Clark 

Sara Ann We 


Vivienne Willie Lauren E. Wlotko Charles G. Wohlrab Monika Joanna Carolyn Jane Wolfe 


Kaitlyn Marie Wood Pamela Joyce Amanda Nicole Wright Maurice Kenneth Candace Ayla-Ibilola 

Woodward Wyllie Yakoub 

Erika Pualani Young Anthony Raymond 


Class of 2009/ 

2009 Graduate Index 

Dana Katherine Abejo 
Philadelphia, PA Nursing, LSC 

Cibi Abraham 
Philadelphia, PA 

Jessica Theresa Alsis 
Broomall, PA 
Social Work 

Jacquelyn M. Amatucci 
i Parkville, MD 

<u Communication, English minor 

- Michael A. Anastasio 
i Philadelphia, PA 
mputer Science 

Maria Olga Anastasopoulos 
Warminster, PA 
Psychology, Criminal Justice 
National Society of Collegiate 
Scholars, Psi Chi, Psychology 

Tara Jeanne Aquilino 
Philadelphia, PA 
Education, American Studies 

Neva Darlene Armstrong 
Philadelphia, PA 

Stacy Mae Armstrong 
Doylestown, PA 
Philosophy, Biology minor 

Thomas Graham Armstrong 

Fairfax, VA 

Philosophy, Asian Studies 


Philosophy Club, Chess Club 

Sonia Abraham 
Philadelphia, PA 

Kimberly Dyanne Aker 
Wilmington, DE 

Dineth Ahdeesha Alahakoon 
Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka Finance, 
Economics minor 

Angeline Mae Albright Ocean 
City, NJ Elementary /Secondary 
Education, American Studies 

David Alfano 
Randolph, NJ 
Education, Social Studies 

Maria Jane Allegretto 
Coatesville, PA 

Ashley Lynn Anderson 
Philadelphia, PA 

Kenneth L Anderson 
Philadelphia, PA 
Management Information 

Julia Noel Angelitis 
Bath, PA 

Maria Jane Allegretto 
Coatesville, PA 

Tara Jeanne Aquilino 
Philadelphia, PA 
Elementary / Secondary 
Education, American Studies 

Neva Darlene Armstrong 
Philadelphia, PA 

Michael Christopher Arnot 

Manalapan, NJ 


Students in Free Enterprise 

Christine Marie Arrigoni 
Durham, CT 

Giavanni Sesha Asberry 
Cherry Hill, NJ 

Michael R. Ascione 
Fresno, CA 

Sarah Elizabeth Ausman 

Bow, NH 

Social Work, Criminal Justice 

James Manyok Ayuen 
Philadelphia, PA 
Economics, Political Science 

2009 Graduate Index 

Anthony Michael Babiasz 
Philadelphia, PA 
Education, Mathematics 
Neighborhood Tutoring, 
National Society of Collegiate 
Scholars, Intramurals: Football, 
Basketball, Softball, Ultimate 
Frisbee, WEXP 

Thea A. Bahadoosingh 
Hartford, CT 
Bilingual/Bicultural Studies 

Lauren R. Balliet 
Slatington, PA 
English, Russian minor 

Danielle Marie Bar an 
Peekskill, NY 
Political Science 

Shamila Barkat 

Philadelphia, PA 


AAsia, SASA, Bio Club, Choir 

Shea William Barr 

Malvern, PA 

Marketing, Risk Management & 

Insurance minor 

Adam H. Bartlett 

Clifton, NJ 


Ice Hockey, Investment Club 

William James Beaumont 
Blue Bell, PA 

Angelica Tasia Bedrosian 
Philadelphia, PA 
Social Work 

Andrew Robert Bernhard 

Lancaster, PA 

Computer Science, German 

Mchael James Berry 
Steelton, PA 
Education, Mathematics 

Michael J. Benzinger 

Burlington, CT 


Golf Team, Investment Club 

Justin Martell Bettis 
Williamstown, NJ 
Marketing, Management 

Oleg Beyzyk 
Philadelphia, PA 
Marketing, Finance 

Gerald B. Bidus 
Philadelphia, PA 

Rita O. Biney 
Princeton, NJ 

Matthew James Bishop 
Nazareth, PA 
Football, WEXP, Intramural 
Athletics, AMA, PRSSA 

Jodie Menyanna Black 
Philadelphia, PA 

Stephanie Marie Boag 

Southampton, PA 


PEERS. La Salle Singers 

Gregory Bogado 

Trenton, NJ 

Accounting, Finance minor 

Christopher James Bogardus 

Ashland, MA 

Marketing, International Studies 

Jessica Leigh Bonkoski 
Glenside, PA 
ISBT, Biology minor 

Kimberly Marquerite Borsare 

Mullica Hill, NJ 

Nursing, Psychology minor 

Richard J. Bowman 
Levittown, PA 
Communication, Business minor 

Patrick Joseph Boyer 
Wilmington, DE 
Political Science, History 
College Republicans, Campus 
Ministry, Pre-Law Society 

2009 Graduate Index 

Jessica Lauren Boylan 
Morton, PA 
Psychology, English 

Fiona Patricia Brabazon 

Belmar, NJ 


Christina Brachelli ' 
Levittown, PA 

Keara Kathleen Bradley 
Huntingdon Valley, PA 

Ryan Joseph Braen 
Little Falls, NJ 
Finance, Management 
Ice Hockey 

Tanesha Bramwell 

Yeadon, PA Bilingual/Bicultural 


Ericka Marie Braun 

Reading, PA 

Marketing, Accounting minor 

Emily Brennan 
Edison, NJ 

Communication, DArt 
The Masque 

1 Brooke Brestle 
on, NJ 

Byard Penrose Bridge 
Scotch Plains, NJ 
Criminal Justice, Sociology, 
History minor 

Jennifer Christine Broeze 
Yardley, PA 
Education, American Studies 
Women's Soccer 

Michael D. Brooks 
Philadelphia, PA 

Patrick James Broome 
Moorestown, NJ 

. Amanda Lynn Brothman 
York, PA 

James Bucci 
Wayne, PA 

Christina Marie Buccilli 

Collingswood, NJ 

Health Studies, Psychology 

Caroline Elizabeth Budd 

Baltimore, MD 

Education, English, Mathematics 

Britni Loren Buffalino 

Milltown, NJ 

Biology, Nutrition minor 

Gina C. Burke 

Norristown, PA 


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, 


Katrina Burke 
Philadelphia, PA 

LaTanya Butcher 
Philadelphia, PA 

Christopher David Butera 
Mason, OH 
Finance, Accounting 
Men's Tennis 

Carlene Elizabeth Caldwell 
Yardley, PA 
Education, American Studies 

Renee D. Campbell 
Philadelphia, PA 

Simone Ann Canfarotta 
Bayside, NY 

Communication, Marketing 
Women's Soccer 

2009 Graduate Index 




/^^^3B """" 


- -fc 




~ ^ 



Yaolda Canielo 
Philadelphia, PA 
Psychology, Spanish minor 

Adam Joseph Cantiello 
Philadelphia, PA 
Marketing, Music minor 

William Edward Capese 
Glenside, PA 
Finance, Accounting 

Andrew Joseph Capone 
Voorhees, NJ 

Regina Carr 

Seaford, NY 

Speech Language Hearing 

Science, Spanish minor 

Juliann Carruol 
Marlton, NJ 

Megan Ann Carville 
Wilmington, DE 

Daniel Fredrick Casinelli 

Marketing ■ 
Alpha Phi Delta 

' Kareemah Monique Cassel 

Lansdowne, PA 
■ Nursing 

. Christina Marie Causland 
Phoenixville, PA 

test Chester, PA 

jntary/Special Education, 
erican Studies 

Elizabeth Bader Cerkez 
Mechanicsville, MD Chemistry, 

Anish Thomas Chamakala 
Pelham, NY 

John Christopher Chamberlain 

Smyrna, DE 

Philosophy, Business minor 

Darrel Wesley Chan 

Middletown, NJ 

Marketing, Psychology minor 

Sun Kay Choe 
Wilmington, DE 

Sean Patrick Christman 
Collingswood, NJ 
Finance, Management 

Christopher Anthony Ciufo 
Chalfont, PA Finance, 
Economics minor 

Bradley S. Cohen 
Voorhees, NJ 

Finance, Risk Management & 
Insurance minor 

Marcus Coles 
Mount Vernon, NY 

Eric Colon 
Philadelphia, PA 
Professional Communication 

Christina Marie Connelly 
Langhorne, PA 
Speech Language Hearing 
Science, Psychology minor 

Mary Kathleen Conrad 
Philadlephia, PA 
Elementary / Secondary 
Education, American Studies 

Zackary Louis Coons 
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 
Rowing Team 

Natalie S. Corey 
Warrington, PA 
Education, English 

Lauren Kelli Corkery 
Fort Washington, PA 
Psychology, Art minor 

Margaret Cowan 
Philadelphia, PA 

Timothy Matthew Coyle 

Philadelphia, PA 

Criminal Justice, History minor 

Lauren Ashley Craig 
Blackwood, NJ 
Marketing, Communication 

Elizabeth Anne Crawford 
Trenton, NJ 

Zun Crockett 
Stroudsburg, PA 

John R. Crouse 
Philadelphia, PA 
Education, Spanish 

Carlos Luis Cruz 
Collingdale, PA 

Kelli E. Curcio 
Hatboro, PA 

Shannon Teresa Curley 
Gilbertsville, PA 
Political Science, 

Nichole C. Cute 
Philadelphia, PA 

)9 Graduate Index 

Andrew Michael Cutting Stow, 

Rachel M. Davis 


Oley, PA 

History, Political Science minor 


Peter Bernard Cutty 

Jillian Michele Dechen 

Philadelphia, PA 

Woodbury, NJ 



Nichole D'Amico Philadelphia, 

Paul Anthony DeGrazia 


Cherry Hill, NJ 


Accounting, Finance 

Crew, W.P.W 

Gia Marie D'Angelis 

Philadelphia, PA 

Alicia Rochelle De la 



Yorba Linda, CA 

Michelle D'Argenio 
West Caldwell,NJ 
Marketing, Management 

Andrew Stuart Dash 

Ardmore, PA 

Finance, Economics minor 


Lisette Degado 
Philadelphia, PA 


Investment Club, Rugby 

Nichole Marie Dellamonica 
North Hills, PA 

Jacqueline Marie Dash 


Philadelphia, PA 

Education, American Studies 

Biology, Religion minor 

La Salle Ambassadors, Circle K 
Foster Care Tutoring 

Ashley Lynn 

Reading, PA 

Michael Kristopher DeMaio 

Psychology, Education minor 

Egg Harbor City, NJ 

gaagsfc' -~, 

Kimberly Davidow 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

(Sew J' '3 

Perkasie, PA 

-■[. ■ 


Traci Anne DePasquale 

Forked River, NJ 


Casey Lynn Davidson 

Elementary /Secondary 

Morton, PA 

Education, American Studies 



Women's Soccer 


James Andrew Davis 

Pittsgrove, NJ 


009 Graduate Index 

iviarcia Jennie ueoaivo 
South Cranston, RI 
Political Science, History 
Gamma Phi Beta, Aids 

Darlene Diaz 
Philadelphia, PA 
Social Work 

Jessica Ann DiDonato 
Poughkeepsie, NY 
Accounting, Finance 

Brian Anthony Dietrich 

Philadelphia, PA 

Marketing, Risk Management & 

Insurance minor 

Pre-Law Society, Society for the 

Advancement of Management 

Holly Blair Deitrich 
Duncannon, PA 

Nicholas J. DiNardo 

Philadelphia, PA 


Students in Free Enterprise 

Alyssa Christine Dingwall 
Higganum, CT 

Britney Lioy DiPascale 
Cherry Hill, NJ 

Danielle Marie Dirscherl 
Philadelphia, PA 

Dennis Wayne Diviney 

Riverside, NJ 


Alpha Phi Delta, Students in 

Free Enterprise 

Willie Eriyah Doeleh 
Philadelphia, PA 

Ashley Dolloff 
East Greenville, PA 

Jennifer Dombrowski 

Bensalem, PA 


Gamma Phi Beta, Dance Team 

Megan Anne Donnelly 
Highland, NJ 
Psychology, Marketing 

Joshua Ricky Donohue 
Nesquehoning, PA 

Christopher Jude Dougherty 
Reading, MA 

Patrick Dougherty 
Philadelphia, PA 
Accounting, Finance 
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, the 
Collegian, Golf Team 

Matthew Joseph Doyle 
Philadelphia, PA 
Finance, Management 

Meredith June Dreger 
Pennsauken, NJ 
Accounting, Finance 

Corey Elise Druding 
Philadelphia, PA 
Education, American Studies 

Christa Lindsay Dominick White 
,ake, MI 

Spanish, Leadership & Global 
Understanding minor 

ouise Marie Donnelly 
Philadelphia, PA 
Education, American Studies 
Gamma Sigma Sigma 

Jennifer Ann Drust 
Kingston, PA 

Jesse Ross Dujardin 
Caldwell, NJ 

Dana Duke 
Philadelphia, PA 

2009 Graduate Index 

Portia Ebony Dunkley 
Midlothian, VA 
Marketing, Management 

Vanessa Perpetua Duvert 
Northfield, NJ Communication, 
Marketing minor 

Katie Marie Dykes 
Morrisville, PA 

Bridget Renay Eatmon 
Philadelphia, PA 
Criminal Justice 

Katelyn Taylor Eaton 
Churchville, PA 
Management, Finance 

Simone Stacyann Edwards 
Philadelphia, PA 

Margaret Ann Elderton 
Drexel Hill, PA 

David A. Ellerson 
Ambler, PA 

Stacey Anne Engster 
Salisbury, MD 

Francis Thomas Esposito Colts 

Neck, NJ 


Daniel Anthony Evanilla 
San Gabrielle, CA 
Marketing, DArt minor 

Uzoamaka A. Ezeiruaku 
Merchantville, NJ 

Brett Joseph Fair 

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 

Criminal Justice, Sociology 

Sandra Marie Falco 
Norristown, PA 
Accounting, Finance 

Justin Joseph Feiner 
Pocono Pines, PA 
Finance, Management, Risk 
Management & Insurance minor 

Andrea Ferreira 
Dominican Republic 
Health Science 
BUSCA Program 

Matthew Raymond Ficco 

Cinnaminson, NJ 


La Salle 56, WEXP Radio, 

Young Broadcasters 

American Psychological 

Tamara L. Ficklin 
Philadelphia, PA 
Clinical Psychology 
American Psychological 

Joshua Michael Filer 
Sunbury, PA 

Communication, Pre-med minor 
Aids Outreach, Intramural 

Jonathan James Finch 
Nutley, NJ 

Sean Luciano Fitts 
Cliffside Park, NJ 

Adrienne Marie Flick 
Philadelphia, PA 
Social Work 

Timothy P. Flint 
Philadelphia, PA 

Alison Kathleen Floyd 
Windham, ME 
Social Work 

Beth Ann Fofrich 
Colonia, NJ 
Education, American Studies 

Christina M. Foley 

Philadelphia, PA 


Rugby, Project Appalachia 

009 Graduate Index 

Kristen Elizabeth Foley 
Philadelphia, PA 

Michael Foley 
Philadelphia, PA 
English, German minor 

Nicholas James Ford 
Philadelphia, PA 

Andrew J. Fox 

West Chester, PA 

Marketing, Finance 

SGA, New Explorer Student 

Mentor Program, Intramural 


Gabrielle Philomena 
Columbia, MD 
French, History 

Julia Rose Fricker 
Drexel Hill, PA 
Communication, Marketing 

Alexandria Fulginiti 
Philadelphia, pW^ 
Communication, . 

Danielle Gloria Galanowsky 

Hillsborough, NJ 


SNAP, Sigma Theta 

Antonia M. Gale 
Glenside, PA 
Accounting, Finance 

Brandon Gallashaw 
"liladelphia, PA 
Spanish, Information Technology 
LaSallians, La Salle Singers 

Bretton Gallashaw 
Philadelphia, PA 
Information Technology, Spanish 
AASL, T.E.A.M. LaSallians, 
CCA, SASA, La Salle Signers 

Alayne Mackenzie Galley 
Reading, PA 
Marketing, Management 

Larisa Gallo 

Egg Harbor City, NJ 


Taylor Gregory Garley 
Little Silver, NJ 
Psychology, English minor 

Moly Ann Gatch 
Baltimore, MD 
Education, Social Studies 

Jenna Gaugenti 
Etco, NJ 

Taiwo Mowalola Gbadebo 

Hatfield, PA 


Ellen Jean Gehris 

Whitehall, PA 

Criminal Justice, German minor 

Michael Francis George 
West Chester, PA 

Brittany Ann Gephart 
Phoenixville, PA 

Diane Gerace 
Philadelphia, PA 
Professional Communication 

Nadia Gerben 
Upper Darby, PA 

Drew William Gerhart 
Richboro, PA 

Paul A. German 
Pennsburg, PA 

Finance, International Business, 
International Studies minor 
Investment Club 

Jennifer Marie Gigantino Green 
Brook, NJ 

Education, American Studies 

Samantha Elizabeth Gilanyi 
Medford, NJ 

2009 Graduate Index 

Laura Ashley Gilchrist 
Doylestown, PA 
Elementary / Secondary 
Education, American Studies 

Kristen Nichole Gilgen 

Philadelphia, PA 


Delta Phi Epsilon 

Kaitlyn Eileen Gilhuly 
Madison, CT 
Marketing, Management, 
International Studies minor 

Aized Ibrahim Gill 
Abington, PA 

Tricia Gill 
Philadelphia, PA 

Dana C. Giordano 
Cinnaminson, NJ 
Education, Spanish 

Kevin Michael Giveans 
Blackwood, NJ 
Management, Finance 

+. 3! 

Kulynn Frances Gleason 
Collegeville, PA 

Kevin Charles Gledhill 
Slatington, PA 
History, Spanish 

Jonathan S. Glennie 
Fallsington, PA 
Finance, Risk Management & 
Insurance minor 

Michelle Gohanna 
Philadelphia, PA 
Sigma Theta Tau 

Kristin Marie Golding 
Philadelphia, PA 

Amy Patty Gotthardt 
Woodbury Heights, NJ 
Psychology, Italian minor 

Amy Katherine Grant 

Denver, PA 

Psychology, Marketing minor 

Colleen Patricia Green Upper 

Darby, PA 

Communication, Religion minor 

Sierra Monee Gregg Harleysville, 



Anna A Grochocinska 
Mahopac, NY 
Communication, Spanish 

Barbara Grosshauser 
Philadelphia, PA 

Jenna Rose Guagenti 

Atco, NJ 

Nursing, Psychology minor 

Caitlin Elizabeth Guido 

Fairfield, CT 

Psychology, Spanish minor 

Yuderquis Guzman 
Brooklyn, NY 
Social Work 

Adrian C. Haas Heye 
Princeton Junction, NJ 

Shannon Jane Halleran 
Jamesville, NY 
Health Studies 

Sean Walter Hand 
Ambler, PA 

Economics & International 
Studies, Leadership & Global 
Understanding minor 

Justin Ryan Handler 

North Potomac, MD Marketing 

Emily Allison Hanewicz 
Brookfield, CT 
Political Science 

Christopher Benjamin Hanson 
Southampton, PA 
Accounting, Finance 
Business Scholars Co-op 
Program, Football, Beta Alpha 
Accounting Association, Big 
Brothers J3ig Sisters 

2009 Graduate Index 

Caitlin Nicole Harding 

Daniel Thomas Heavey 

Anna Laurie Hickey 

Pittsburgh, PA 

Coatesville, PA 

Foxboro, MA 

Psychology, Religion minor 


Speech Language Hearing 

Men's Soccer, SGA, Outdoor 

Science, Psychology minor 

Kelly Kristine Harman 

Club, Big Brothers J3ig Sisters 

Trenton, NJ 

Lauren Lee Hokrein 


Kristin Erika Heigold 

Mays Landing, NJ 

Philadelphia, PA 


Peter D. Harris 

Nursing, Nutrition minor 

Philadelphia, PA 

Julian Alexander Holguin 

Criminal Justice 

William Daniel Hekl Cream 

Chappaqua, NY 

Ridge, NJ 


Shana Michelle Harris 

Criminal Justice, Business minor 

Philadelphia, PA 

Robert John Hollinshead 


Katherine Anne Hellander 

Jenkintown, PA 

Clementon, NJ 


Lauren Elizabeth Hauhn 

Criminal Justice, Sociology 

Brooklyn, MD 

Carrie Anne Houck 

Political Science 

Teddi Lynn Hernandez 

Orefield, PA 

Hanford, CA 


Jenna Elizabeth Hawn 


Hobe Sound, FL 

Women's Softball, Alpha Epsilon 

Jennifer Lynn Houseman 

Communication, Marketing 

Delta Honors Society 

Delran, NJ 


Zachary Kristopher Hernandez 


Stefanie Lynn Hay Aberdeen, 

Succasunna, NJ 

Julia S. Howard 

NJ Education, 


Abington, PA 

Mathematics, Religion minor 

Thomas James Herrle 


Pittsburgh, PA 

Donald Thomas Howarth 

Economics & International 

Philadelphia, PA 

Studies, Leadership & Global 

Communication, Marketing 

l V U^U^nU, 


Sigma Phi Epsilon, W.P.W. 

■ L V F^ ' "1 

BUSCA Program 

^Lifltt 4ii^K *■ 

Mark Andrew Howell 

s ■\-*9ML 

Meridith Anne Herwig 

Pittsburgh, PA 

*> \*£Mfo 

Red Bank, NJ 

English, Spanish, Leadership & 

w^ V»- 


Global Understanding minor 

LaShae Elaine Hubicki 
Quakertown, PA 
Communication, Spanish minor 






2009 Graduate Index 

Mashonda Jonte' James Tammi Lynn Jones 

Galloway, NJ Newville, PA 

Criminal Justice, Business minor Nursing 

Cortney Huff 
Trevose, PA 
A.M.A., S.A.M. 

* Izabella Maria Janus 
Perry Hall, MD 
Criminal Justice 

Sanju John Philadelphia, PA 

Health Studies, Psychology 


SASA, Academic Discovery 


Calvin Frank Johnson 
Philadelphia, PA 

Katelyn Marie Joyce \Cherry 

Hill, NJ 

Communication, Marketing 

Kevin Ian Jud 
Philadelphia, PA 

Jonathan Gregory Juliano 

Madison, CT 

English, Communication, 


Political Science, Leadership & 

Leadership & Global 

Loraine B. Hunt 

Global Understanding minor 

Understanding minor 

Philadelphia, PA 


Kendra Johnson 

Alexandria K. June 

Social Work 

Philadelphia, PA 

Mackenzie Lee Hunt 


Dillsburg, PA 

Paul Henry Johnson 

Speech Language Hearing 

Washington, D.C. 

Stephen M Kamnik 



Philadelphia, PA 

:~ ■'; • -■ •' • : : -..-■'■ 

Criminal Justice, Philosophy 

Mary Ellen Huss 

Ryan Edward Johnson 


Morris Plains, NJ 

Bloomsburg, PA 

Communication, DArt 


Paul Karmel 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Philadelphia, PA 

George Ballard Ingle 


Lewisville, NC 

Stephanie Anne Johnson 


Crownsville, MD 

Theresia C. Karundeng 

Michelle Lauren Innaurato 

Finance, Marketing 

Philadelphia, PA 

Sewell, NJ 

Sherry Johnson 


Health Studies, Psychology 

Philadelphia, PA 



Sarah Elizabeth Katzianer 

Magdalini Iaonnidis 
Philadelphia, PA 

Garry L. Jones Jr. 
Philadelphia, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 
Psychology, German minor 

Accounting, Management 


2009 Graduate Index 

Erin Kiley 
Mansfield, MA 

Elementary /Special Education, 
i American Studies 

I Gamma Phi Beta 


Ryan Michael Kilpatrick 

Nazareth, PA 

Finance, Accounting minor 

Kate Ann Kuhls 

Bear, DE 

Speech Language Hearing 

Science, Psychology minor 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 

Michelle Elizabeth Kukawski 
Palmyra, NJ 
Art, English 

Thaddeus Pruskowski 


King of Prussia, PA 

History, Psychology minor 

Football, Student Athletic 

Advisory Committee, Big 

Brothers-Big Sisters 

Ashley Amy Keates 
Philadelphia, PA 
Speech Language Hearing 
Science, Psychology minor 
Foster Care Tutoring, NSSLHA 

Christine Marie Keely 
Newark, DE 

Shane Michael Kendrick 
Atco, NJ 

Brian Patrick Kern 
Northfield, NJ 
Elementary / Secondary 
Education, American Studies 
Varsity Baseball, Phonathon, 

Sarah Ann Kilburn 
Philadelphia, PA 


Kevin Patrick Kinslow 

Blue Ball, PA 

Sociology, Communication 

Stephen Kirby 
Bowie, MD 

Nicholas John Koch 
Wilmington, DE 
Philosophy, English minor 

Adeok Kokumo 
Upper Darby, PA 

Eric John Koob 

Northfield, NJ Communication, 

Marketing minor 

Megan Lynn Koscil 
Pottsville, PA 

Anna Kotlyar 
Southampton, PA 

Liliya Kurpel 
Philadelphia, PA 
Accounting, Finance 

Sam Hun Kwak 
Levittown, PA 
Information Technology 

Beth Ann Lambert 
Warrington, PA 

Jessica Hannah Lamont 
Philadelphia, PA 
Crew Team 

Jeffery Raymond Landis 
Canadensis, PA 
Communication, Marketing 

Stacey Anne Lang 
Media, PA 

Matthew James Lawson 
Maple Glen, PA 

2009 Graduate. Index 

Kelly Marie Lazarowski 
Cleveland, OH 
Education, American Studies 

Ivana Lazic 

Maglaj, Bosnia & Herzegovina 

Clinical and Counseling 


Kimberly Antoinette Ledgister 

Belleville, NJ 

Biology, Spanish minor 

Victoria Caitlin Lee 
Levittown, PA 
Communication, Marketing 

Stephen Daren Levit 

Philadelphia, PA 

Biochemistry, Chemistry, 

History minor 

AED, Peer Educators, 


Tanya Renee Lindenmuth 

Churchville, NY 

Biology, Art 

Women's Swimming & Diving, 

La Salle Singers, AED 

Jessica Patricia Lindsay 
Lansdowne, PA 

Daniel J. Link 
Philadelphia, PA 

Dena Marie Locastro 

Oaklyn, NJ 

American Studies, Education 

Jeffrey J. Long 
Huntingdon Valley, PA 
ISBT, Business minor 

Carol T. Lopez 
Philadelphia, PA 

Valerie Ann Lorenzini 
Philadelphia, PA 

Sigma Theta Tau 

Nicasio Lovecchio, Jr 
Philadelphia, PA 
Finance, Marketing, Risk 
Management & Insurance minor 

Jhoanna Marie Olpindo Lualhati 

Philadelphia, PA 

Health Studies, Psychology 

Jennifer G. Lucas 
Philadelphia, PA 

Kathryn Mary Luciano 
Newfield, NJ 
Education, American Studies 
Admissions Campus Explorer, 
Education Association 

Kevin Michael Lydic 
Marlton, NJ 
Finance, Marketing 

Joann Mary Lynch 

Springfield, PA 

Health Studies, Psychology 

Francis Thomas Lyons 
Hatboro, PA 

Guan Mac 

Huntingdon Valley, PA 
Accounting, Finance 

Jerone H. Mack 
Philadelphia, PA 
Management Information 

Kristin P Mack 
Philadelphia, PA Finance, 

Jamie Maddalo 
Philadelphia, PA 

Whitney Marie Madron 
Rising Sun, MD 
Accounting, Finance 

2009 Graduate Index 

Jeffrey Simon Maichrowycz 
Philadelphia, PA 
Finance, Marketing 
Alpha Chi Rho 

Ashley Samantha Mancuso 
Philadelphia, PA 
Education, American Studies 

Domenic John Marrazzo 
Riverside, NJ 
Finance, Management 

Anthony Joseph Marsillo 

Fairfield, CT 


Laura E. Martin 
Philadelphia, PA 
Accounting, Marketing 

Dana Marie Martz 
Bensalem, PA 
Social Work 

Christopher Quinn Massa 
Philadelphia, PA 

Daniel Michael Matassa 
Saddle Brook, NJ 

Gabrielle Noel Mattaliano 
Perrineville, NJ 
Speech Language Hearing 
Science, Psychology minor 

Stephanie Joy Mattiola 
Phoenixville, PA 

Tridell Elizabeth Maw 
Philadelphia, PA 
Marketing, Management 
American Marketing Association 

Brittany Mayo 
Washington, DC 

William Thomas Mc Adams 
Levittown, PA 

Jordon Rae McAfee 
Marlton, NJ 

Criminal Justice, Psychology, 
FSTD minor 

Liane Taylor McCarroll 
Philadelphia, PA 
Speech Language Hearing 
Science, Psychology minor 

Moira Elaine McCarthy 

Philadelphia, PA 


SNAP, Sigma Theta Tau Honor 


Tasha Lynn McCaskilLLong 

Philadelphia, PA 


Sigma Theta Tau 

Terrence James McClain Mays 

Landing, NJ 


Melissa Anne McCoy 

Rockledge, PA 


Cross Cultural Association 

Michael Francis McDonald 
Cherry Hill, NJ 
Communication, Risk 
Management & Insurance minor 

Jeffrey R. McGeary 
Newtown, PA 

Kellie Patricia McGettigan 

Monroe, CT 

Communication, Marketing 


Alpha Sigma Tau, PRSSA 

Thomas Francis McGoldrick 
Oreland, PA 

Laura McGrath 
Philadelphia, PA Business 

James Grant McGuinness 
Norristown, PA 
Finance, Marketing 
Investment Club, Italian 

009 Graduate Index 

Lauren Ann McGuire 
Sewell, NJ 
Communication, DArt minor 

Kimberly Janice Mcintosh 

Neptune, NJ 

Criminal Justice, Business minor 

Jaclyn Marie McKeffery 
Collingswood, NJ •• -a 

Colleen Brigid McKelvey 
Morton, PA 


Sean Edward McKenna 
Red Bank, NJ 

Abby Elizabeth McKeown 
Philadelphia, PA 
Communication, Marketing 

Michael Francis McLaughlin 

Allenhurst, NJ 

American Studies, Education 

Michael McLeish 
Philadelphia, PA 

Kevin Regan McMinn 
Southampton, PA 
Finance, Accounting minor 

n Michael McMullen 
nouth Meeting, PA 
Accounting, Management 

Christopher Ward McNabb 

Bryn Mawr, PA 

Religion, Leadership & Global 

Understanding minor 

La Salle Neighborhood Nursing 

Center, AIDS Outreach, Peer 

Ministers, Resident Assistant, 

Campus Ministry 

Kristin Ann Meehan 
Drexel Hill, PA 

Kelly Kathleen Meeneghan 
Coopersburg, PA 

Jessica Anne Menge 
Honey Brooke, PA 
Elementary / Secondary 
Education, American Studies 
Field Hockey, Pi Lambda Theta, 
Alpha Epsilon Honor Society 

Raquel Natalia Menocal 
Philadelphia, PA 

Sean Kevin Meyers 
Southampton, PA 

John Thomas Michel 
Warrington, PA 
Computer Science 

Angela Nichole Miller 
Cherry Hill, NJ 

Christy M. Miller 
Haverton, PA 

Elisha Lynn Mills 
Feasterville Trevose, PA 

Rodney Carlton Mills 

Bear, DE 

German, Criminal Justice minor 

Joshua Daniel Misiewicz 

Sayerville, NJ 

Criminal Justice, Business minor 

Diana Lynn Mockus 
Philadelphia, PA 

Elizabeth Anne Monagle 
Langhorne, PA 
Education, American Studies 

Kelly Moore 
Philadelphia, PA 
Accounting, Finance 
Beta Gamma Sigma 

Michael E. Moore 
North Beach, MD 

Computer Science, 

2009 Graduate. Index 


- •. 

ffi., , 


P-— J 

Troy, NY 

Karen Morring 
Philadelphia, PA 

Kathleen A. Mullee 
Williamstown, NJ 
Speech Language Hearing 
Science, Psychology minor 

Allison Nichole Myers 
York Haven, PA 
Communication, English minor 

Matthew David Neder 
Millville, NJ 

Kathleen Nguyen 

Phuc V. Nguyen 
Philadelphia, PA 

Jennifer Nieves 

Adesuwa Precious Odubele 

Philadelphia, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Health Studies, Psychology 



Esther Okeke 

Ashley O'Bryan 

Wyoming, DE 

Waterbury ,CT 



Godwin Onuoha 

Brianne Tierney O'Connell 

Philadelphia, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 


Finance, Marketing 

Nursing Student Association 

Bridget Maureen O'Donnell 

Matthew U. Onyemhechi 

Southampton, PA 




Stephen Patrick O'Donnell 

Mary Eva Orfao 

Bensalem, PA 

Chester, NH 

Marketing, Spanish minor 


Michael John, O'Keefe 

Elizabeth Ortiz 

Worcester, MA 

Philadelphia, PA 



Sigma Phi Epsilon, RSA, 

Outdoor Adventure Club 

Alyssa Ann Oshiro 

Philadelphia, PA 

Daniel James O'Neill 


Philadelphia, PA 

The Masque 

Accounting, Finance 

Kristine Marie Over beck 

Ashley Marie O'Rourke 

Marlton, NJ 

Glendale, NY 


Speech Language Hearing 

Science, Psychology minor 

Symon Roy Owade 

Alpha Theta Alpha, Judicial 

Nottingham, MD 

Board, National Speech 


Language Hearing Association 

African American Student 

League, Investment Club 

Vivien Marie Ocasio 

Bronx, NY 

Jason Owusu 


Waverly, PA 

Psychology Club 


2009 Graduate Index 

Melissa E. Palfy 
Philadelphia, PA 
Education, American Studies 

Lindsay Michelle 
Mendham, NJ 
Education, American Studies 

Katherine Mary Pendola 
Mystic, CT 

Education, American Studies 
The Masque 

Samantha Ann Pera 
Phoenixville, PA 
Gamma Phi Beta Sorority 

Jamie Lynn Pierce 
Swarthmore, PA 
Education, American Studies 

Lowrine Pierre 

Brooklyn, NY 


Academic Discovery Program, 

National Student Partnerships 

Kelly Christina Parrott 
Coatesville, PA 

Mary Clare Pirro Parrott 

Sayville, NY 

Biology, Nutrition minor 

Anthony Michael Perlozzo 
Ocean City, MD 
Marketing, Finance 
Business Scholars Co-op 

Lauren Perry 
Summers Point, NJ 
Education, Spanish 

Lauren Ashley Pittre 

Allentown, PA 


Dance Team, Circle K 


Michelle Ann Plucinsky 
Whitehall, PA 
Psychology, Art minor 

Maryann Payne 
Philadelphia, PA . 
Information Technology 

Daniel Scott Pfeiffer 
Warminster, PA 

Christa Nichole Plummer 
Quakertown, PA 

Derrick Pegrem 
Ewing, NJ 

Douglas Michael Phelan 
Philadelphia, PA 
Biology, Economics minor 
The Masque, Jazz and Pep 
Bands, The Point, Music 
Ministry, Biology Board 

Joseph Polizzi 

Upper Saddle River, NJ 


Sigma Phi Lambda Fraternity, 

Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council, 

Judicial Board 



Kevin Bryan Phillips 
Lancaster, PA 
Management, Marketing 

Christopher M. Pierce 
Neeham, MA 

Garrett Patrick Pollard 
Glassboro, NJ 

Paul Douglas Popoloski 
Hyde Park, MA 
Criminal Justice 

Jennifer Mairi Portante 
Plainville, CT 
English, Philosophy 

2009 Graduate, Index 

Jason Matthew Pousley 
Perkasie, PA 

Meghan K. Power 
Philadelphia, PA 

Jennifer Proctor 
Elkins Park, PA 

Cynthia Quansah 
Marlton, NJ 

Joseph Paul Quintiliani 
West Chester, PA 

Jamie Fernando Quiroz 
Rockville, MD 

Marykate Remy 
Springfield, PA 
Psychology, Speech Language 
Hearing Science 

Steven Mark Rendall 
Woodbury, NJ 

Communication, Business minor 
Track and Field, RSA, 
Neighborhood Tutoring 

Katie A. Rendon 

Adam Carl Profitt 

Sweety Raj an 

Philadelphia, PA 

Prospect Park, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 


Political Science, History minor 


Stefanie Susan Restaini 

Elizabeth Allison Provenzano 

Luisa Ramirez 

Wilton, CT 

Summers Point, NJ 

Philadelphia, PA 

Education, Italian 

Psychology, Leadership & 

Social Work BUSCA, Mental 

Global Understanding minor 

Health Sites, Head Start 

Joseph Matthew Ribecchi 


Clementon, NJ 

Margaret Mary Purack 


Schoharie, NY 

Thomas Joseph Ranalli 

Speech Language Hearing 

Downingtown, PA 

Victoria Ann Ridge 

Sciences, Leadership and 

Psychology, Music minor 

Providence, RI 

Global Understanding minor 

Communication, Spanish 

Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, 

Katherine Ann Reardon 


Clifton Heights, PA 

Janie Lynn Riley 

Neighborhood Tutoring, 

American Studies, History 

Wildwood, NJ 

Community Service Scholars 




Mary Elizabeth Reichard 

Tamar Rios 

Bethlehem, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

u J^^^^ 



Deborah Mary Reis 

David Rivera 

fc ■m.--.Tj 

Parkesburg, PA 

Ardsley, NY 

Speech Language Hearing 


t tir ^ 

Science, Nutrition minor 

Elsie Enid Rivera 


Ashley F. Relova 

Philadelphia, PA 

^m isflf 

Philadelphia, PA 


2009 Graduate Index 

George Joseph Rohonczy 

Hartsdale, NY 

Finance, Risk Management & 


Charles Thomas Rorke 
Clifton Heights, PA 

Annamarie E. Saracino 
Huntingdon Valley, PA 
Communication, Art 

Mara Lynn Sardella 
Frederick, MD 

. m 

Shomorie Isadore Robinson 
Danbury, CT 
Communication . 
LaSalle 56 

Patrick Rockwood 

Horsham, PA 

History, Education minor 

Michael Raymond Rodden 
Philadelphia, PA 
Communication, English 

Antwone M. Rodgers 
Germantown, PA 
Marketing, Management 
Football, Track & Field, 
Intramural Football & Basketball 

Danielle Marie Roger 
Philadlephia, PA 

Bridget J. Rogers 
Cheltenham, PA 

Brittany Lynn Rogers 
Abington, PA 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Richard Michael Rosengrant, Jr. 
Levittown, PA 


Geology /Environmental Science 

James Francis Rossi 
Glenside, PA 
Education, Social Studies 

Ashley Lauren Ruis 
Mount Laurel, NJ 
Marketing, Finance 

Jessica Claire Sabella 

King of Prussia, PA 

Communication, Marketing 


SGA, WEXP Radio, Intramurals 

Gabriella Maria Sacidor 
Philadelphia, PA 

Serena Marie Sams 
Philadelphia, PA 
Communication, English 

Diana N. Santangelo 
Norristown, PA 

Eric A. Santos 
Philadelphia, PA 
Organizational Dynamics 

Desiree Elizabeth Sassano 
Philadelphia, PA 
Communication, Music minor 

Sami Sauma 
Flemington, NJ 

Quovadis Saunders 
Lansdowne, PA 

Samuel Francis Scavuzzo 

Swedesboro, NJ 

Communication, Political 


The Collegian, Improv 101, The 

Masque, WEXP, La Salle 56 

John Joseph Schaefer 
Warrington, PA 

Lucas B. Schirmer 
Rochester, NY 

Andrew Marcus Schladebeck 
Keansburg, NJ 
Chemistry, Biochemistry 

Elise Marie Schlafhauser 
Sewickley, PA 
Education, Mathematics 

2009 Graduate Index 

Cassandra Serrano 
Philadelphia, PA 
Social Work 

Stephan Joseph Sieracki 
Cherry Hill, NJ 

Jessica M. Schlottfield 
Bayville, NY 

Speech Language Hearing 
Science, Psychology minor 

Amie Catherine Schmitt 
Medford, NJ 
Education, American Studies 
Habitat for Humanity 

Maria Lynn Schokman 

Baltimore, MD 

Criminal Justice, Psychology 

Ashley Jordan Schumacher 

Trenton, NJ 


Bryan Schwartz 
Quakertown, PA 
Management, Finance 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rowing, 
Outdoor Adventure Club, RSA 

Giovanni Scipione 
Hammonton, NJ 
Finance, Marketing 

Jacquelyn Marie Scirrotto 


Jessica Ashley Shamus 
Absecon, NJ 

American Marketing 
Association, RSA, Honors 
Program, BSCP 

Ryan John Shanely 
West Chester, PA 

John A. Sharaf 

Philadelphia, PA 

Marketing, Communication 


AIDS Outreach, Young 

Democrats, The Collegian 

Dennis Edward Sheahan 
Philadelphia, PA 
ISBT, Marketing 

Jerry Leevaughn Shorts 
Newark, DE 
Criminal Justice 

Jillian C Shotzbarger 
Temple, PA 

Katelyn Leigh Shultz 
Bloomsburg, PA 

Alyssa Siazon 

Egg Harbor Twp., NJ 


SNAP, A-ASIA, Cross Cultural 


Renato Enrico Sifoni 
Philadelphia, PA 
Education, Spanish, Italian 

Danielle Marie Signorelli 
North Wales, PA 

Vincent M. Simone 
Hammonton, NJ 

Nicholas John Slabinski 
Arlington, VA 
Accounting, Finance 
Alpha Chi Rho, Judicial Board 

Katelyn Ann Sloane 

Randolph, NJ 

English, Education minor 

Anakai Smith 
Philadelphia, PA 
Biology, Spanish minor 

Dennis Bartholomew Smith 

Philadelphia, PA 


Delta Sigma Phi 

Jamie Smith 

Manchester, NJ 

Criminal Justice, Sociology 



2009 Graduate Index 

LaTanya Smith 
Philadelphia, PA 

Meghan Marie Smith 
Bensalem, PA 
Education, American Studies 

Shanaya B. Smith 

Philadelphia, PA 

Health Studies, Psychology 

Jacquelyn Celeste Smolarek 

Cr anbury, NJ 


Education, American Studies, 

History minor 

Crew, Peer Educators, NSP 

Lauren Patricia Squazzo 
Irvington NY 

Delearah Stedneck 
Fairless Hill, PA 

Thomas Andrew Steinhauer 

Fairfield, CT 


Jon Carlo Stubblefield 
Philadelphia, PA 
Marketing, DArt 

Mary Elizabeth Sullivan 
Middletown, CT 

Ryan Francis Sullivan 
Lumber ton, NJ 
Finance, Marketing 

Ashley Francis Sulzbach 
Jenkintown, PA 
Elementary /Secondary Studies, 
American Studies 

Hightstown, NJ 
English, Communication 
The Grimoire 

Nichole Tallarico 

Bethlehem, PA 


RSA, Neighborhood Tutoring 

Alecia Rae Tamburino 

Jamison, PA 


Cheerleading, SNAP, Foster 

Care Tutoring 

Vincent Tecca 

Diana Suntangelo 

Yardley, PA 

Norristown, PA 

Finance, International Studi 



Alpha Chi Rho 

Sakesun Supasri 

Philadelphia, PA 

Summer Teel 


Cheltenham, PA 


Julie Ann Swann 

Sigma Theta Tau 

Delran, NJ 

Political Science, Economics 

Katherine Ellen Teevan 


Gillette, NJ 

Criminal Justice, Sociology, 

Sharon Sweeney 

Philosophy minor 

Philadelphia, PA 


Kristen Elizabeth Theysohn 

Damascus, PA 

Paul Vincent Sweeny 

Finance, Economics 

Rockaway Park, NY 


Kevin Thomas 

Bath, PA 

Matthew Michael Szczerbienski 


Holmdel, NJ 


Tesla Thomas 

Philadelphia, PA 

Political Science 

2009 Graduate Index 

Anna Adele Thomasson 

Elizabeth Valentine 

Sharon Christine Walker 

Myersville, MD 

Huntingdon Valley, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Social Work, Leadership & 



Global Understanding 

Stefania Domenica Veneziale 

Shaunna M. Wallace 

Natalya Tkach 

Bensalem, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 

Philadelphia, PA 


History, Philosophy minor 


Business Scholars , Beta 

Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha 

Casey Patrick Walsh 

Benjamin Robert Traino 

Ocean Pines, MD 

Columbus, NJ 

James Villacres 

Finance, Marketing 

Communication, Marketing 

Philadelphia, PA 



Meaghan Colleen Walsh 
Harrisburg, PA 

Theresa Marie Traxler 

Michael Anthony Viso 

Elementary / Secondary 

Mount Royal, NJ 

Vineland, NJ 

Education, American Studies, 


WEXP Radio 

English minor 

Anthony Louis Trovato 

Ryan Walsh 

Hatboro, PA 

Vadim Vitorsky 

Bellmawr, NJ 


Warminster, PA 

Marketing, Management, 1ST 



Katie Michelle Turner 

Marcus Hook, PA 

Irina Voshchilo 

Ashley Ann Ward 


Bristol, PA 

New Rochelle, NY 



Stephanie Wieslawa Turzlanski 

Philadelphia, PA 

Thien Huong Dang Vu 

Gabrielle V. Waring 


Philadelphia, PA 

Willingboro, NJ 


Psychology, Sociology 

"* 11 

Jason Ross Wagner 

Erin Elizabeth Warren 

; 1 

Lititz, PA 

Eastampton, NJ 

, fee * m*\ 

Marketing, Management 

Psychology, Criminal Justice 

% m 'A w\ 


Karlie Marie Wagner 

Philadelphia, PA 

Madeline Elizabeth Wedge 

% ' " | 

Marketing, Management 

Neenah, WI 

Biology, German minor 

Jessica A. Walker 

., \ 

Glendora, NJ 

Michael Joseph Weiss 


Criminal Justice, Sociology, 

Oreland, PA 


Leadership & Global 
Understanding Minor 


2009 Graduate Index 

Sara Ann Werth 
Slatington, PA 
Psychology, Religion minor 

Joseph James Widmeier 
Cheltenham, PA 
Accounting, Finance 

Mihal Janusz Wilczewski 
Ridgewood, NY 
Sociology, Central European 
Studies minor 
The Masque 

Tyler Joseph Wilk 
Wilmington, DE 

Jullette-Wydenc Marie Williams 

Philadelphia, PA 


Lissa Williams 
Philadelphia, PA 
Criminal Justice, Forensice 
Studies minor 

ROTC Army, Gospel Choir, 
Forensic Studies 

Ronald V. Williamson 
Philadelphia, PA 
Management, Marketing 

Ellis H. Wilson 
Coatesville, PA 
Computer Science 

Kristine Denise Witko 
Chatham, NJ 

Lauren E. Wlotko 
Philadelphia, PA 

Charles G Wohlrab 
Laurel Springs, NJ 
Finance, Marketing 
The Collegian, Investment Club, 

Monika Joanna Wojtowicz 
Bensalem, PA 
Finance, Marketing 

Carolyn Jane Wolfe H 
avertown, PA 
Psychology, Art minor 
Psi Chi, Psychology Club, 
National Society of Collegiate 

Pamela Joyce Woodward 
Edge water Park, NJ 
Chemistry, Biochemistry 
The Masque 

Amanda Nichole Wright 
Southampton, PA 
Communication, English minor 

Candace Ayla-Ibilola * 
Saint Paul, MN 
Psychology, Philosophy 
Rugby Club, SAVE, Step 

Patricia A. Yeager 
Philadlephia, PA 

Brian Charles Young 
Langhorne, PA 
Finance, Economics 

Josh Andrew Zarnawski 
Marlton, NJ 

Maureen Claire Zeigler 
North Potomac, MD 

Michelle Louise Zeigler 
North Potomac, MD 

Anthony Raymond Zorzi 

Minotola, NJ 

Political Science, History 


Multimedia Services, WEXP, 

The Collegian 

Suzanne Melissa Williams 
Merchantville, NJ 
Management, Marketing 


'Wpmpii "^"ipiw 



m ■■ vMH 

^iS^- ~*& 





Grounded through 


The Advertisement section of the 
yearbook allows for parents, family members 
and friends of graduates to say a farewell or 
wish of luck to students. The se ads mark the 
progress made by students, as documented by 
their loved ones. 

Within these pages are heartfelt wishes 
for graduates as they journey from La 
Salle... prepared to tackle any challenge. 

Class of 2009 Patron Ads 

Bill Beaumont - We wish you happiness and success in lift. Mom St Dad 

Ryan Braen - Success to you always and forever. Your loving family 

Ryan Braen - We are proud ofyoul Aft our love, Mom Dad St Lindsay 

Chris Ciufo - We're proud ofyoul Aunt Steph St Uncle Jeff 

Chris Ciufo - May all your dreams come true'. Grandmom 

Chris Ciujo - Great job 1 . Enjoy your Lexus! Mom, Dad, Stephen 

Chris Ciufo - Good luck to my "Big Brother". Love, Bonnie 

Marcus Coles - We celebrate your achieving this milestone! Love you.' Mom, Dad St MaCcofm 

Marcus Coles - Marcus, we are very proud ofyoul Dad, Mom, St Mateo Cm 

Marcus Coles - Congratulations'. Continued success. The McLemores 

Marcus Coles - Go Marcus, you did ill We're so proud :) The Tunes 

Tim Coyle - Congratufatious.' Our love as you start your careerl Love, Mom St Dad 

Lauren Craig - We are so proud ofyoul We love you! Mom and Dad 

Paul Degrazia - So proud of you!!! Love Dad, Mom, Donny, St Lauren 

Andrea Ferreira - Felicidades! Has completado otra ae tus metras. 

Andrea Ferreira - Hurrah'. Mami hurrah! I love you forever. 

Adrienne Flick - We're so proud ofyoul Love, Mom, Dad, St Adam 

Beth Fofrich - You CC make a wonderful teacher'. Love, Mom and Dad 

Kristeu Gilgen - Congrats'. We are so proud ofyoul Love, Mom and Dad 

Kristen Gilgen - With you as au R.N., nursing is in a better place'. Love, Mom St Dad 

Kristen Gilgen - You day al did it/ Congrats and good luck. Love, Jen 

Brandon R Green - Wis h you love, luck, and health. You have the potential. Love, Mom and Dad 

Jenna R. Guagenti - CouaratuCatious/ We are so proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad 

Sean Hand - We're so proud of the wonderful man you've become. Congratulations. We love you. Mom and Dad 

Kristiu Heigold - Congratulations. Welcome to nursing. The Hand 7 s 

Teddi Lynn Hernandez - How about that, a college grad. Take a picture'. Dad 

Teddi Lynn Hernandez - We are so proud of you, you followed your dream. Mom 

Cortney L. Huff- You're someone special. Congratulations. Pap and G. Mom 

Michelle Innaurato - Congratulations- We're proud ofyoul Love, Mom St Dad 

Michelle Innaurato - Congratulations to our sister'. Love, Mike St Joey 

Ryan Johnson - Honor your potential, and be true to yourself Love, Mom and Dad 

Katie Kuhls - May the Force be with you'. Love, Aunt Amn St Nick 

Katie Kuftls - The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Love, Aunt Amn 


Class of 2009 Patron Ads 

Katie Kunfs - Limits do not exist for your success. You can go as far as your dreams can take you. God 

has blessed you and we know you are capable of anything. Congratulations on your graduation. With all 

our love, your biggest fans - Mom and Dad 

Leifani R. Lavin - My loving daughter - Graduation is quite a milestone in your pursuit of great career 

caper. Congrats, Mom 

Leifani R. Lavin - So happy to see you have broadened your horizons. Way to Gol John <& Lynette 

Leifani R. Lavin - To my sister - High 51 This is a day to remember. Love, Louie 

Guan Mac - Congratz Guanniel You did it. I'm so proud ofyoul Leena 

Guan Mac - Congratulations Guanniel We are proudll Chong family 

Guan Mac - Daddie, thank you for taking care ofusl Love, your babies 

Guan Mac - 1 love you and I'm so happy and proudl Love, Mi 

Guan Mac - Daddic, I love you so muchl Can't wait to set you. Love, Kay fauna 

Guan Mac - My hubby, can't wait until our wedding'. Babic Duckie 

Whitney Madron - Congratufations.' We are so proud of you. Love Dad <St Mom 

Whiteney Madron - We're so proud of your achievements. Love Kay & Kate 

Jeffrey S. Maichrowycz - We are so proud- The future is yours. Love you Mom & Dad 

Kristin Macfc - Congrats/ We are so proud ofyoul Love, Mom <§£ Dad 

Krisitn Macfc - May all your dreams come true! Loveya, Aunt Janet 

Kristin Macfc - Congrats to my Godmother. I fove you so much, Brian 

Kristin Mack - We are looking up to youl We love youl Sean &£ Kiera 

Kristin Mack - Good luck in your future 1 . Love, The Gentifcores 

Kristin Mack - Congratulations, you did it! Love, Katie &£ Kevin 

Kimberly Mclntosfl - Congrats. Good luck with your accomplishments. Love, Mom <& Dad 

Kimberly Mclntosfl - Congratulations, 1 love you, Grandma 

Kimberly Mclntosfl - Congratulations, I fove you Auntie, Paula 

Kimberly Mcintosh - Congratulations Kim. I am proud of you. Aunt Vol 

Kimberly Mclntosfl - Remember God is the source of your ability. Aunt Vaf and Uncle Brad 

Kimberly Mclntosfi - Successjiif people are ordinary people who made good decisions. Shannon 

Abby McKeown - Congratulations, Abbyl Love, Bifty and Michele 

Abby McKeown - Congratulations, Abbyl Best of luck. Love, Mike 

Raquef Menocat - Estamos may orgullosos de ti. Feficitaciones! Te gueremos mucho. Abuelitay Ar3uefito 

Sean Kevin Meyers - You have the courage to make your dreams come true. Love, Mom and Dad 

Sean Kevin Meyers - Your foving fteart is the foundation of your wisdom. Love, Nicofe 

Sean Kevin Meyers - Tour indelible wit and knowledge is peerless. Congratulations brother, Derek 


Class of 2009 Patron Ads 

KeCCy Nabal -I am so very proud ofyoxu I love, you so muck. Congratulations. Mom 

Kelly Nabal - Aunt Kelly, we love you, Congratulations. Jaycob and Breanna Chris 

Ashley O' Bryan - Congratulations Ashie, you did it.' Love Mom 

Vivien Ocasio - You're a beautiful woman). We are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Popi and Carlos 

Samantha Vera - This is it' On to the rest of your life. Enjoy '.'. Mom <§£ Dad 

Lauren Ferry - Congratulations, we are so proud of you. Love Mom St Dad 

Josef h Polizzi - We are so proud'. You deserve the best'. Love Mom St Dad 

Paul Popoloski - Congratulations'. Good luck in your future flans. Love, Mom, Dad and Ryan 

Sam Scavuzzo - Congratulations to our big fish, Love Mom Dad St Girls 

Bryan Anthony Schwartz - Congratulations Bryanl Dad, Mom, Angela, Chris St Dylan 

Jacquelyn M. Scirvotto - Success will be yours. I am so proud. Love, Mom-Mom 

Jacquelyn M. Scirrotto - Lots of love, fiappiness and success.' The O'Connor's 

Jacquelyn M. Seirrotto - Way to gol We're so proud'. Love, Mom, Dad, M and M 

Jacquelyn M. Seirrotto - Celebrate'. It's 5 o'clock somewhere'. The Smaffey's 

Deborah A. Stednick - My mom, I am so proud of you'. Congratulations'. ILU'.Jenna 

Deborah A. Stednick - Congratulations Mom/Nanal We are so proud of you'. Love Misty, Taylor, Shane 

and Ate?: 

Deborah A. Stednick - Congratulations'. I am so proud of you'. Love, Jerry 

Deborah A. Stzdnick - Aunt Debi, you are an inspiration to me in many ways'. Christy 

Deborah A. Stednick - My big sis Deb, Wow'. What an accomplishment'. So very proud'. Dawn 

Deborah A. Stednick - My daughter Debi, You have aCways 6een a daughter to be proud of. Mom 

Deborah A. Stednick - My sister Debi, you finally finished'. So proud of you'. Cheri St CJ 

Deborah A. Stednick - ACways 6een proud to call you my daughter. Love, Dad 

Deborah A. Stednick - Way to go'. I'm so proud of you'. Love, Rose 

Ashley Ann Ward - We are so proud of you'. Love afways, Mommy St Papa 

Ashley Ann Ward - You are our heroine'.'. Love, Cora St Mia 

MienaC Wilczewski - Congratulations on your achievement Love the Family 

Carolyn Wolfe - Congratulations Carolyn'. Love y a much'. Marmie St Dad 

Carolyn Wolfe - Happy graduation Carolyn'. Love, Sarah, Tracy St Travis 


Congratulations to our "Weeze" on 
your Graduation! 

Thaddeus Kavanagh, you have earned 
your degree, and you will continue to 
make us all proud! 

We are all proud of you! Love, Pops, 
Mom, Tara, Matt, Tommy and Kyleigh 

Thaddeus Pruskowski Kavanagh 

The Student Programming Center 
would like to thank.. 


CarolyN Wolfe 

KeviM Thoivtas 

Cory ANOtado 

For all your hard work and support this year? 
The Center wont be the same without you 

Good luck and well miss you, 
Chris, Dawn and Julie 


Your diploma means a future without boundaries, 
A world that's full of energy and fun. 
So as you reach for all life has to offer, 
Remember that you're second to no one. 

Pursue your goals, yet keep your loved ones close, 
As you utilize your talent and ambition. 
Let your friends and family give you their suport, 
And you' 11 master every challenging transition. 

And always, Alyssa, know you can achieve 
The things you really want, if you believe. 

We Are Very Proud of You! 

Love Always, 

Daddy, Mommy, Maryssa (Reh), 

Apryll (Princess), & Chobi 

"When You Come To A Roadblock, Take. A Detour" 


Alyssa Siazon 


We are so very proud of you and all 

your hard work and 

accomplishments. We love you and 

wish you all the best the world has to 


Pack your bags - you're going to 
Disney World!!! 

Love from 
[om, Dad and Ryan 




^ giSALLC ^| 
* CREW % i 

\ IB. 

Brett Fair 



B.S Degree in Finance 

Dedicated to the Memory of his mother Michelle Jones 







Congratulations from your family from Philadelphia, Detriot, Florida and Seattle 
Grandmother Muriel Parker, Father Garry Jones Sr. & S/ster Ashley Jones 

Aunts: Evelyn Hicks, Connie Arline, Helen-Jones Goodwin, Sylvia & 
family , Annette Jones, Felecia Jones, Madelyn Jones. Uncles Aaron 
Jones Jr., Curtis Jones. First Cousins Tanji and Ian Grant family, John 
Goodwin, Jari Goodwin family, Sam Jordan family, Lakisha Johnson 
family, Brittney Jones, Brianna Jones, Shontel & family, Patrick & 
Marchina Jones family, April Jones family, Trois &. Luey Carter family, 
Monica &. Ryan Gallatig family, Regina Jones, Misty Jones, Kenyetta 
Jones, Tanya Jones, Maudolin Home family, Antony McWhite, 
Honorary Aunts Janice Howard, Sharon McKnight. Honorary Uncles 
George Jones, Joseph McKnight, Nate Alston. Goddaughter Taylor 
Goodwin Godfather Greg Jennings. Best friend Daniel Brutus 

We are proud of you 

240 Garry Jones, Jr. 

Our beautiful 
baby girl!! 

One would say, "What more could one wish for"? 

We wished for you all the world has to offer. 

You melted our hearts from the moment we laid eyes on you! 

n the past 21 years Dad and I have been amazed at all you 

have accomplished. You are beautiful, determined and 


We feel so blessed you chose us to be 

your parents!!!!! 

We are so proud of you!!! 

Christa Dominick 


Garrett Patrick Pollard 

We are so very proud of you and 
all of your accomplishments... 

To laugh often and much 

To win respect of intelligent people and the 

affection of children 
To earn the appreciation of honest critics 

and endure the betrayal of false friends 
To appreciate beauty 
To find the best in others 
To leave the world a little better 
Wliether by a healthy child, a garden patch 

or a redeemed social condition 
To know even one life has breathed easier 

because you have lived. 
This is the meaning of success. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Thank God for your many blessings. 

All our Love, 

Mom, Dad, Olivia, Poppy, Ernie, 

Aunt DiDi and Uncle Rich 


Congratulations! W e are so 

proud oruou. 

W hat an accomplishment uou 

have achieved. 

Mo™ looks forward to working 

at the hospital together. 

Congratulations to 

l¥e are so proud of you! 

B S 


Mom, Dad, 
Denny, Mom Mom, 
& your family 

Kristin Heiaold 



£jreg uou make us so \* 
proud. rCeep up the ^^ 
d work and ^^ 

rood wor 

keep reachin 

* ... for the stars! 


Jlllian Dechen 

Gregory Bogado 

Dear Shea, 

We thank God every day for the precious gift of the 

outstanding person He created in you. 

We pray that your journey ahead be blessed with joy, 

passion, confidence and peace, as you hope with 

anticipation of great success! 

We Love You Very Much, 
Mom and Dad 

Shea Barr 

Sean Luciano Frtts 

Your family is so proud of you. 

Sean Luciano Fitts 

0na upon a time the 

was a little girl name. 
Kate who had long curly 
blond hair. One day she 
i l went off to school full of 

r excitement and eager to 
1 learn. She studied hard, 
Jf^ \ ■ «' sang, danced, played the 

M I ^B clarinet and piano, and 

discovered theater. She traveled to 
Washington, D.C., Spain, China, and 
Australia. Everywhere she went she made 
friends. She grew and grew in knowledge and 
grace until all too soon she became a beautiful 
young woman. 

Not "GTrje €nb" - 

But "GThe pegmnmg!" 

We are so proud of you! All our love goes 
with you wherever you may go. 

Mtm& Dad 

Kate Pendola 


All of us are proud of you all of the time, especially today. 

Dad will always be in your heart! 



Mom, Scott, Molly, Chris, Daphne, Bill and Ange 

Thomas Gartlan 


Dear Jen, 









Jennifer Gigantino 

Love Dad & Marlene 

To my big brother who is a true 
inspiration to so many. We are 
so proud of you and all your 
accomplishments. You are the 
best brother only dreams are 
made of. We love you so much. 
Samantha & Brian 

We are so proud of your master 
accomplishment. We love you. 
Michelle, Jim, Jessica & Jimmy 

I am so proud of you for having the 
inspiration and perseverance to 
pursue your dreams and goals. 
You are a wonderful role model to 
our children. I could not be more 
proud to be your wife. 
I love you, Lori 

Congratulations on finishing 
school,. from the best brother in 
the whole world. We love you. 
Marty, Pam, Mathew & Nathan 

3j Love you. 

Congratulations! I'm so proud of you. 
Love Laura 

Congratulations Dad! 
Love Tim 

Life is made of special moments-stop 
to enjoy this one. Congratulations on 
dreaming big and making it a reality. 
Love Carolyn, Michael, 
MacKenzie & Brooke 

I am so proud of you! Good Luck. 
Love Melissa 

Excellence is never an accident; it is 
always the result of high intentions, 
sincere effort, intelligent direction, 
skillful execution and the ability to 
see obstacles as opportunities. 
-Author Unknown. Congratulations 
Dave on your great achievement. 
Wishing you continued success in 
your endeavors. 
Love Carla, Brian, Alexandra, 
Jenna, & Leah 

David, God blessed us with his 
other son who has grown up to be 
a fine man. Congratulations on your 
degree. Keep up the good work. 
Love Mom & Fran 

Dave, you were unsure if you 
could manage a full time job & 
attend to family duties while 
pursuing your educational goals. . . 
We had no doubts. You've not only 
succeeded but you have excelled. 
Hard work and diligence ALWAYS 
pays off. Congratulations and best 
of luck on this milestone in your 
life and your career. We are ex- 
tremely proud of you and love you. 
Love Mom & Dad Mastrosimone 

Dave, your dedication to family, 
friends, work and education is 
admirable. As a son, brother, 
husband, father, uncle and God- 
father you wear many hats and are 
a true role model. You truly inspire 
all of us. We love you very much! 
Love always, Johnny, Elaine, 
Johnny, Anthony and Lily. 

David P. Sweeney 

Andrew Dash 

Vou never took your eye off the prize! Now 

you can reap the benefits of all your hard 

work. We are so proud of you and wish you 

continued success. Follow your passions. 

Congratulations on your graduation! 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad and Stephanie 

Andrew Dash 

or ds cannot truly express the pride and joy 
efeel for you on this very special day* Your 

d work and dedication has proven that 
ou can achieve any goat* You have had some 
ugh 6att(es in your young life, my beauty, 
ut through them all your strength, faith, and 
grace have always prevailed* We are very 
proud of your achievements and wish you 
success in the future, May all the paths you 
walk in life be blessed with health, love, and 

?e love you always, 
lorn, Dad, 


Gabrielle Mataliano 

Drs. Quintiliani & DeSalvo Family Practice 

Joseph P. Quintiliani, D.O. 
Anthony J. DeSalvo, Jr., D.O. 

Havertown Family Practice 

850 West Chester Pike 

Havertown, PA 19083 


Quintiliani & DeSalvo Family Practice Associates, P.C. 

801 N. 66th Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19151 




Joe Quintiliani, Jr. 

Ryan Shanley 

Dan Heavey 

The "Frez" Andrew Fox 

Joseph P. Quintiliani, Jr. 


Sunday £a&alle Batlp Jitetos M . y «, 2009 

Crisis Averted! 

New Stimulus Package Arrives 


Congratulations Love, Mom & Dad 

Abby McKeown 


Ih^/prtide^we/feehtoday go&yfvw beyond/Our 

yCmply beAj^ifa&pareAr£x of u yuccetetfuV 
gruduate/. It %oe& straight to- tKe/heayt of aW 
that wiattery wiottto-uy... arxdy what mattery 

most to- uy 14^ you, your happened arid/ the/ 
promises of your future/. Beit ofluch on/ your 
journey vw wvaktvxfy your urecvww u reality. 

Know that wherever you gfo- Lw life/ and/ 

whatever you do-, we/wdl/alwayybe/very, very 

proud/ of you. 


Te queremos, Te amamos, Te adoramos 
Mom, Dad, Sergio and Samantha 

248 Raquel Natalia Menocal 


Edward Long Sr. 


100 Wood Street I Bristol, PA 19007 
P 215.785.2565 I F 215.785.2312 






Institute (or Safe 
Medication Practices 

1800 Byhcrry Road, Suite 810 Huntingdon Valley. PA 19O06-")520 
Tel 21S-947-7797 Fax 215-914-1492 
Web Site: www.ismp.nrE 

Elaine Jones 
Vice President 


Philadelphia. Pa. 
OfflCf 121 5)424-6559 
Fax: (215)424-3305 
Oil (21S)77»-0710 

Email ^o'tfri&v'-'i/on r..;1 
m*jr;iirilffll*netjcap« n 

(215)843-2643 Obkab po 





Salvatore. Tony i 




1021 Windrlm Avenue 
Philadelphia, Pa. 19141 

Wholesale Distributor. 




Compliments of 



(215)329-0387 • FAX (215) 329-1263 



Ad am W. SuTkus 
B.S. in Business 


La SaIIe University 
CUss of 2009 


To accomplish great things, 

you must dream as well as act 

... so get busy doing both! 

'PhiNAll/ ••• 'PhiNished'! 

PHILLIES' WORLD SERIES 2008, GAME # > vs. DodqERS Luv va'... Moivi, DAd, & GRANdrvioivi 

Adam W. Sutkus 


Albert Einstein Healthcare Network 

and La Salle University: 

proud to serve our community together. 

Albert Einstein 
Healthcare Network 

: T -i# # 


Albert Einstein Medical Center • Belmont Behavioral Health • Einstein at Elkins Park 
Germantown Community Health Services • MossRehab • Willowcrest 

■• ■ 200K AEHN 


William A.Geppert, Jr. 
LaSalle '45 


3101 Trewigtown Road, Colmar, PA 18915 

84 Years rf'/K? Insured 

of Progres /w kF & 

1925-2009 ^llX Bonded 


Complete Demolition & Select Interiors: 

Industrial, Commercial & Residential 

Heavy Equipment Rental & Hauling 

Member of National Demolation Association 

estimating@geppertbros . com 

Ph: 800-698-3462 or 215-822-7900 

Fax: 215-822-0635 



Comfort and convenience in Historic Chestnut Hill 

Congratulations to LaSalle's 
Class of 2009! 

tel 215.242.5905 fax 215.242.8778 toll-free 800.628.9744 


to the 
Class of 2009 

Elliott Lewis 

Service You Can 
Depend on 




Proudly serving La Salle University as architects 

for the Hugh and Nancy Devlin Center for Science 

5f»" and Technology & Campus Linkage enhancements. 

I ntywwfnrcqmnp>| 


718 Arch Street | Suite 5N | Phila 
T 215.440.0190 I F 215.440.0197 




A leading manufacturer of components 
and systems for injectable drug delivery 


Global Headquarters: 
Lionville, Pennsylvania 


ST • X 0HC16Hu [] X. xOClLLCulVC [] 

XT • IUIIgUI IIIq [www. Pioneering. com] Jf • 1 Co^lllCuulU [] 

Jt» 01SGCL [] A. Cul dlllULlll U [] 

£» XI5II6S [] 

After 90 years the P. still stands for something. 

P. Agnes Btands firm in its promise to deliver pioneering building practices, and is poised in its 
stead-fast principles, on every job, every time ... then and now. 

s of Building Excellence 

2101 Penrose Avenue, Phladelphia, Pennsylvania 19145 Telephone: 215-755-6900 Web-Site: 





Come Grow With Us 
Route Sales 

You know us. We are the worlds number one favorite 
convenient fun food company. We are also a division of 
PepsiCo, a fortune 40 company and we have the largest 
store - door sales force in the world. 
Currently we have immediate openings for Route Sales 
Representatives in the Philadelphia area. We are seeking 
qualified candidates to join our Sales Team that possess the 
following qualities: 

■ Excellent Selling Skills I 

■ Good Communication Skills \ 

■ Solid Work History & Experience 

■ Excellent Driving Record 

■ Professional Appearance 

Frito-Lay offers starting pay at approx. 35K/year to start 
and averages approx. 45K with excellent growth potential. 
We also offer excellent benefits including medical, dental, 
vision, life insurance, pension, 401k, stock options and 
much more. 
Qualified candidates please call: 



Frito-Lay: A Great Place To Grow! 


Drug Free Workplace 

WK, 8 

Fort Washington Hotel & Conference Center 

Proud Corporate Sponsors of LaSalle University Athletics 

Best Wishes to LaSalle Graduating 
Class of 2009 

432 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone: 215-643-3000 

Fort Washington, PA 19034 Fax: 215-643-9117 





for fast pick 


5826 Henry Avenue 
Philadelphia, Pa 19128 

Mon-Thur 11 AM to 1AM 

Fri-Sat 11 Am to 2 AM 

Sun H AM to 11 PM 

@Qmfe££nt&tt& o£ 

Pollack's Herbs & Vitamin Center 

5925 N. Broad St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19141 


gmyMttdatiottt, to. tie JLaSaMe @Uu <^ 2009 




aH^ s 



E-mail: jburke@ 
Mobile #21 5-527-4802 

John Burke 



963 S. 53rd St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19143 


l-AX M28-NKK 

flick's %CMtT>U.k 

Untied floral Service, Inc. 
4700 V/lssabichon Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19144 




Fax 215-842-1^02 

6410 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19126 

310 Second Street Pike, Southampton, PA 1 8966 

215.927.5800 ■ 1.800.622.6410 ■ Fax: 215.927.3110 

215-549-4843 - Business 
215-549-2306 - Fax 


Arborists Providing Fine Tree Care 

P.O. Box 280 • Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 

if Fax:(215)848-1970 

Phone: (6101 525-1562 
Phone: (610) 293-9430 
E-Mail: jward@johnbward.( 


ijjuildina Ljoniractors S/nc. 

James B. Ward 

Certified Arborist *53 

Michael Manno 

96 E BnnghURI Slrtcl 
Philadelphia. PA 19144 

Energy Products Company 


BBOOMAU, FA 19008 

FAX 61 0-544-3408 


Mechanical - Service Contractor 

815 Roosevelt Blvd., Suite A, Philadelphia, PA 19114 

Ph: 215-671-7930 Fax:215-671-0055 

24 Hour Emergency Service: 215-671-0075 


Stelwagon Roofing Supply. Inc. 

215 676-31"6 • 

10094 Sanrimr.rr La & Scd lien 
Philawfpna PA )9116 



Volume 65 of the Explorer Yearbook was printed by Taylor Publishing Company. Emmy 
Kachel acted as the Taylor representative to La Salle University. The initial preparation, cover 
design and final assembly of the yearbook took place at the Taylor plant in Dallas, Tx. 800 
copies of the yearbook were printed. The book is made up of 256 pages of 100 # gloss 
enamel paper printed in four color Kamori Digital press. The cover of the 2009 yearbook is 
fabric blue matte with clear varnish accented with gold silkscreen and the book has gold dust 
end sheets. 

Carl Wolf Studio, the photography division of Herff Jones, produced all the senior portraits in 
the book, as well as many athletic, academic and candid photos. The remainder of the pictures 
were taken by the Explorer staff, Sara Allen, '08, submitted by individual members of the La 
Salle University community, donated to the yearbook by Unversity Communications and the 
University Archives. 

The "Grounded Through Change" theme was developed by the Explorer Yearbook staff and 
the layouts within the book were designed by the staff using Taylor's Studio Works Online 
Program. The 2009 Explorer is an official publication of La Salle University, Philadelphia, 
Pennsylvania and reproduction of any portion of this book, either in part, or its entirety, is 
prohibited without written consent of the University. 

Trie 2009 Explorer Yearbook Staff 

Dawn Wanner 


Katie Hopkins 

Julia Walsh 

Elisabeth Harby 

Kiana Yancy 

Kevin Thomas 

Jim Neugebauer_ 

Phuc Ngyugen 

Angela Cuzzolino_ 

Laura Hopkins 

Joel Tejada 

Jen McShane 

.Student Organizations Editor 
Student Life Editor 

Copy Editor, Writing Staff 

Layout Designer 

Ad Layout Designer 

Athletics Layout Designer 







Specia thanks to the Student Programming Center for their assistance in producing this book.