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Which settled upon the Eastern Shore 

of Virginia 




/ by/ 
r! Hr>tARLY 


Copyright 1920 
By ruth H. early 




-''■ ' 1920 

1 r 


Captain Samuel Hv. Early, fTom a crajon drawing. 




*'A lively desire of knowing and recording our ancestors so gen- 
erally prevails that it must depend on the influence of some common 
principle in the minds of men. We seem to have lived in the 
persons of our forefathers; it is the labor and reward of vanity to 
extend the term of this ideal longevity. Our imagination is always 
active to enlarge the narrow circle in which nature has confined us. 
We fill up the silent vacancy that precedes our birth by associating 
ourselves to the authors of our existence.'' 

Edward Gibbon. 


The custom of recording genealogies is many centuries old, as 
witness the generations chronicled in the Scriptures, showing its 
importance in the estimation of the ancients. 

Later nations have also provided for the preservation of family 
history. There are at the public record office in Chancery Lane, 
London, twenty-six miles of shelves containing millions upon mil- 
lions of documents methodically arranged, so that if you have the 
necessary facts to work on, you may trace family history generation 
by generation. 

Among the people who have observed the custom (which has a 
bearing upon nation and individual) are the Irish, who incorporated 
it in their system of government. 

In the preface to the 2nd series of his "Irish Pedigrees," O'Hart 
says that to the end of the 16th century, or as long as the Tanist 
Law remained in force in Ireland, collections of authentic pedigrees 
existed; in one or other of which was carefully registered the birth 
of every member of a sept, poor as well as rich, and by which was 
determined the portion of land to be allotted for the sustenance 
of each head of a family and of those dependant on him. These 
records disappeared when, by the conquest of Ireland, they ceased 
to be useful for their own special purpose — ^but before they dis- 
appeared they formed the basis of genealogical collections of 
several Irish historians. Then a time came when it was of im- 
portance for the conquerors to know something of the native 
families. Out of this necessity arose a new value for all genealogical 
records, and the attention of English officials at the close of the 
16th century was directed towards the recovery of such documents. 
In his "Miscellany of the Celtic Society," O'Donovan says, "Those 
of the lowest rank among a great tribe traced and retained the whole 
line of their descent with the same care which, in other nations, was 
peculiar to the rich and great; for it was from his own genealogy, 
each man, poor as well as rich, held the cantred in which he was 
born, the soil of which was occupied by one family or clan, and 


in which no one lawfully possessed any portion of the soil if he 
was not of the same race as the chief.*' 

''In Ireland and Scotland each family had its own chief mider 
Tanist law. These chiefs constituted the ancient nobility in sister 
counties down to the reign of James I.' 


The history given in the following pages is confined to the family of 
Early, which settled in the tidewater section of Virginia, and having 
acquired landed interests remained in the state for two or more 
generations, moving, as time passed, towards the hill country. The 
founder of this family was presumably John Early, first recorded 
in Virginia annals 1661. 

To materials collected from American records, I have undertaken 
to add what data, regarding earlier history there was to be ex- 
tracted from authentic Irish writings, copied during a visit to 
Dublin for the purpose of learning the basis for the claim, tradi- 
tionally made, of Scotch-Irish ancestry. I have not attempted the 
difficult task of tracing actual connection with the family in the 
mother country, in order to discover the exact stem from which 
the venturous branch started forth to secure root in the new world. 
The Irish works to which I had access were: 

1. "Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland," ''A celebrated work of 
Irish history from the earliest period till the year 1676, compiled 
from ancient Gaelic Mss. in 1631, at the Franciscan monastery in the 
town of Donegal, by Michael O'Clery, a monk of the order, and by 
Peregrine and Conary O'Clery and Peregrine O'Duigenan, learned 
antiquaries. From their high character these annals have, since 
their publication, served as the basis of all Irish historical writings." 
Translated by John O'Donovan, barrister-at-law, 1856. Dublin. 

In this there is a genealogical Index concerning the three Collas 
from 322 to 1536, which is amplified in the history; they were the 
ancestors of various families in Ireland and Scotland. 

2. "Irish Pedigrees" begins with what the author calls the "stem" 
of each pedigree. From the stem, branch many other families, and 
to the head of each is attached a number, which determines the order 
of precedence assigned. Under the "stem" O'Brassil (West) comes 
Fiachra Casan No. 86, son of CoUa-da-Crioch and his descendants 
down to Dallgan No. 96, who had a brother Maolmocheirghe, angli- 


cised Mulmoghery, Early and Eardley — eleven generations from 

3. "Families in Ireland from the 11th to end of the 16th century,*' 
by Philip McDermott, M. D. p. 388. "O'Mulmoghery family of 
Doneghal County. Maolmocheirghe, CMaolmocheirghe, O'Mul- 
moghery, O'Maoilmocheirghe, or Ua Maolmocheirghe. This name 
is still common in the county of Donegal, Ireland, but anglicised 
Early because the Celtic signifies 'early rising.' Maol signifies the 
'chief of the early rising.' The word 'maol,' when not prefixed 
to the name of a saint, signifies a king or chief, as in the present 
instance." These volumes were all issued in the 19th century. 

From these three sources we discover that there existed a family 
which bore the name of Maolmocheirghe and dwelt in North Ireland 
many generations ago; but which, from the 16th century, has been 
known by the derivative name of Early. It remains to designate 
the descendants of later generations who came to America, and 
made their abode in Virginia. 

The destruction of court and family records, removal of families 
to distant and unknown sections, the difficulty of obtaining response 
from many to whom enquiries have been sent and other obstructive 
causes, have retarded the publication of this family data, collected 
from various sources. I do not claim for it entire accuracy of detail, 
for it has not been possible always to confirm — ^yet on the other hand 
to disprove — ^much information which has been given by members of 
the connection. My aim is to preserve the knowledge which I 
have secured and incidentally to furnish clues to those who may 
desire to obtain lost traces of their branch of the family. The 
absence of record in various lines is not intended to convey the 
impression that none exists but that (if extant) I have not been able 
to obtain it 

One of the greatest deterrents to investigation has been the re- 
currence of the same given name often perpetuated through genera- 
tions of large families. In such instances accuracy of date alone 
may keep one from becoming confused and misled. Even then 
the not unusual habit of one brother duplicating the name another 
chose for his children, may halt investigation indefinitely. It has 
happened that a certain name was a favorite one which became 
repeated in successive generations — without a distinguishing middle 
name or the latter omitted. The investigator, in such instance, may 


start quite confidently upon the family search through a first genera- 
tion of 'Mary and John' — pursue the genealogical lines to a second 
generation but gets entangled, lost, in the maze of Marys 
and Johns discovered increasingly in the extension of lines. To 
this comes added confusion from the manner of spelling surnames, 
which seems to have been arbitrarily regulated by the conception of 
the writer, who leaving slight resemblance to the original, forces 
a pursuit of the name most similar. There is thus created an ignis 
fatuus in record hunting and there may come into play more than 
one family line to be followed, perhaps a final turn present an ap- 
pearance of a distinctly different one. 

These difficulties must largely account for the inaccuracies so 
often discovered in genealogical publications, the correction of 
which has to rest with the members interested in setting history 
right who are able to correct it. In all of the earliest records I found 
the name Early spelt in such a variety of ways that only, its associa- 
tion gave me confidence in its being the one sought. It was written 
Earle, Early, Earley, Yerle, Yearly, Yerley indifferently through 
all order, deed and will books, then the similar names of Ely and 
Ealy would add to the uncertainty. I could not discover whether 
this was merely another specimen of eccentric spelling or if in- 
tended for families bearing those names. 

We learn of a second founder of the name who came to America 
from North Ireland but landed upon the Jersey coast and estab- 
lished his family in Union County, New Jersey. This was William 
Early, who arrived in the New World about 1742. His son, Thomas, 
moved from New Jersey to Hampshire County, Virginia, and re- 
mained there twenty-five years, then left for Kentucky, where many 
descendants may be found. Samuel Stockwell Early, the descendant 
of a branch which later moved to Indiana, left a Mss. account of these 
settlers, which was published after his death by his nephew, Robert 
S. Hatcher, under the title of "The Early Family in America." 
The author believed that the two Virginia founders were brother;^, 
and he had evidently intended to incorporate the history of both in 
his book, as it mentions several descendants of the earlier emigrant, — 
but he died before he had completed his manuscript, and it was 
printed in its unfinished state. There seems little doubt of a re- 
lationship, but we find John Early recorded as early as 1661, his 
son, Thomas, and wife, Elizabeth, in 1705 — ^when their son, Jeremiah, 


was bom, and in 1729 Jeremiah's son, John, was bom, so here were 
four generations before the second settler, William, came to this 

There is a suggestive coincidence in the fact that the sons in the 
first generation of both Earlys were named Thomas — which is 
singular in that there seems to have been but one son in each of 
these families. We leam from "The Early Family in America" 
that William came not directly from Ireland, but by way of Eng- 
land — ^where he married. It seems not improbable that he was 
not the first generation of his people in England. Previous ones 
may have started from Ireland, with intent of American destina- 
tion, but taking England en route, were delayed there longer than 
it is supposed. A letter from one of the Early family living in 
Ireland about fifty years ago, contains the statement, "Our family 
sent at a very early period of our colonial history several members 
to America," which seems to confirm belief that two or more started 
about the same time. 

To more clearly define family lines it may be well to call atten- 
tion just here to other peoples in the state who bear a similar name, 
and in passing to note that as early as 1710 Earlys were living near 
the North Carolina border. In an account of the boundary line 
proceedings between Virginia and North Carolina at that date, is 
found the statement, "The day being clear this operation was taken 
at the widow Early's about two miles up the Wicocan Creek." (Va. 
His. Mag.) 

An Earley family, which claims German origin, came with the 
human tide which flowed through Pennsylvania and settled, as bar- 
riers against Indian encroachment, along Virginia's west borderland, 
locating in the fertile valleys, descendants of whom still reside in 
that section. It will be observed that the last syllable of the name 
is spelt "ley" — ^thus marking it distinctively. 

Three Early brothers settled in Monroe County; but, I think, in 
a second generation moved west, descendants of whom are to be 
found about Evansville, Indiana: they appear to have come from 

Mr. Richard H. Earle, of Marietta, Georgia, who most untiringly 
collected material for a history of the Earle family, was of the 
opinion that the Earles and Earlys were originally one and the 
same people, and wrote that a number of circumstances led him 


to this conclusion. He quotes Hutchinson's '^History of Dorset, 
Eng.," and Collinson's "History of Somerset, Eng.," which traces 
the ancestry of the Earles, saying they derived their name from the 
lordship of Erleigh, near Reading in Berkshire. This "Erleigh" 
is now a large town and is spelt Earley. In England all families 
derivjng descent from the lords of Erleigh spelt their names 'Erleigh 
de Erleigh, Earley, Early, Erley, Erly, Earle, Earl. 

"The family is of remote Roman origin: came from France and 
then Normandy with William the Conqueror, Johannes de Erleigh 
being a baron in France prior to joining William's standard. His 
French name was different from the one assumed when he became 
Lord of Erleigh." 

Mr. Earle found Earles or Earls in the Southern States "whose 
ancestors came from Ireland, though it is pretty certain that their 
forbears resided in England before going to Ireland." 

"The North Carolina Earls came from BandoUj Ireland." 

"The part of Northiunberland County, Virginia, in which my 
ancestors settled was an Irish conmiunity, which is proved by the 
name of the village they founded, Kinsale" — (the name of a town in 
Southern Ireland) — "on the Wicomoco river and a stream called 
Earle's Creek." Bandon is about twenty miles distant from Cork, 
Ireland, and Kinsale twenty miles from Bandon. Here are shown 
two settlements of people in different states, originally within twenty 
miles of each other in Ireland, who brought the names of Irish 
towns with them, rather than others, yet both are presumed to have 
been of English origin, and the claim of this (American) Kinsale 
community to Irish heritage is discredited. 

I do not know whether Mr. Earle was familiar with the Irish 
historical writings of which Mr. Stockwell Early made a study, 
but believe that, if he had been, some of his inferences would have 
been different. He died before he had completed the investigations 
he had started for tracing his lineage, leaving a large collection of 
data, in the zealous pursuit of his theory of the Earle, Early and 
Yeardley relationship, one argument in favor of which was the 
fact that in the records of Gov. Yeardley's time he is sometimes 
given that name and at others the name of Earley: another is the 
intimate association of Sir Walter, Christopher and Martin Earle 
with Sir George Yeardley in the Virginia company of London. 


As trustworthy an authority as Bishop John Early (5th genera- 
tion from John Early, the first) is given for the statement that a 
relative of his was a first Virginia governor, referring, it is pre- 
sumed, to Yeardley. 

Now that many individuals are turning attention to genealogical 
investigation, and old court records are being brought to light, the 
unsettled problems which confuse research may at a day not far 
distant be solved. We must leave disputed points to the solution 
of later historians. 

Turning to the "Early Family in America," we find that "the 
people known by the surname of Early, especially in the states 
of the South, are descended from an Irish ancestry whose habitat 
in the Isle of Saints lay in the ancient pentarchate of Ulster. Their 
cognomen is a translation into English of the old Hibernian desig- 
nation O'Maolmocheirghe. This formidable appellative was the 
Gaelic title of one of the tribes composing the Clan Colla of 
Orgialla and was derived from the name of the progenitor of the 
tribe, Maolmocheirghe, a descendant in the 11th generation from 
CoUa-da-Crioch, the founder and first sovereign of the provincial 
realm of Ulster under its Heremonian line of kings." 

The author reverts back to the 4th century and repeats ancient 
Irish history in telling of the success of three war-like brothers, 
called the three Collas who wrested from the original possessors a 
great part of the province of Ulster. * This they divided among 
themselves, but descendants of two of the brothers were deprived 
by a great warrior-king, Niall of the Nine Hostages, of their share 
of spoil. Descendants of the third brother, da-Crioch, retained their 
ancestors* portion and authority over it, as titular kings of Ulster, 
down to their submission to the crown of England in the 12th 

"From Fiachra-Casan, one of the younger sons of Colla-da-Crioch, 
sprang the sept of CMaolmocheirghe, which sustained the family 
reputation for piety." (There follows the list from "Annals of the 
Four Masters" of those who attained very high preferments for 
their service to the church, ancient representatives of O'Maol- 
mocheirghe. ) "Their race, we are told, is still numerous in the land 
of their ancestors but their surname has for centuries been angli- 
cised as Early. This transformation was a consequence of the 
legislation of the English invaders of Ireland, who not only dis- 


possessed the conquered natives of their lands and political rights, 
but deprived them also of their characteristic appellations. Many 
penal acts of Parliament were passed during the reigns of the 
Henrys and Edwards, which compelled the Irish to adopt English 
surnames together with the English language, dress, manners and 
customs wherever their authority prevailed. Dr. John O'Donovan, 
a celebrated scholar, complains of this policy of denationizing the 
distinctive Irish designations, the effect of which has been greatly 
to obscure the race history and to render it difficult to determine 
to what stock many families belong. He describes the methods of 
altering names as having been either by paring the originals down 
or by translating them. By the second process English equivolents 
in meaning supplanted the Galic titles; thus the ancient name 
O'Maolmocheirghe was rendered 'Early' because 'moch eirghe' 
meant early to rise. Christian or given names also became Angli- 
cised, such as Seagan, Tamas and Diarmuid of the Irish being re- 
placed by the English John, Thomas and Jeremiah. Descendants 
of this family bearing the Anglican version of their name are dis- 
tributed throughout several counties of Northern Ireland, but are 
gathered in greater numbers in the highlands of Donegal, whither 
they were driven by the evicting policy of the Anglo-Irish govern- 
ment. The latter appropriated all generous soils, such as charac- 
terized the possessions of Colla-da-Crioch's posterity to the use of 
its own adherents, and compelled the withdrawal of the nations into 
less fertile districts." (Ancient Tyrconnel — ^Tir-Connel or Donegal 
county, Ulster Province, was formed into the county Donegal by the 
Lord Deputy, Sir John Perrott, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, 
called Donegal from its chief town. Donegal, in Irish, Dun-nan- 
Gall signifies the ^'Fortress of the Foreigners," and got its name, it 
is said, from a fortress erected there by the Danes. This ancient 
territory was called "Tir-Conaill," or the county of Conall, from 
Conall Culbin, son of Niall, of the Nine Hostages.) 

With the claim that they were "forfeiting proprietors," Irish land- 
owners were ousted from their holdings and turned adrift to find 
homes where they might obtain them. In the history of the "Twelve 
Livery Companies of London" there is given an account of the 
"Plantation of Ulster, six counties in Ulster confiscated in the reign 
of James I. in consequence of their adherence to Ulster chiefs. 
James by his letters patent dated March 29, 1613, in the 11th year of 


his reign, incorporated the Irish society by the name of the *Gov- 
emors and Assistants of the New Plantation in Ulster, within the 
realm of England.' A new county was thereby erected, which, uniting 
the old name of Derry with its new masters, the corporations and 
companies of London, is now called London-Derry. This new set- 
tlement was mapped and divided by the Irish society as nearly as 
could be into twelve parts and the twelve companies who had 
equally contributed to the raising of the £60.000 drew lots for their 
several nhares." 

In **The Genesis of America,'* Alexander Brown, alluding to the 
abatement of interest at that time in the American colonization, says, 
'Very many merchants of London as individuals continued their 
interest in the American enterprise but the companies as corporate 
bodies soon transferred their interests in the far distant American 
plantation, and devoted themselves to those lands in Ireland." 

Sufficient cause we find then for the immigration of those who 
became the victims of English speculation to America, the land 
which had been a loadstar to their English neighbors, adventurers 
who were less precariously circumstanced. 

Mr. Stockwell Early not only read Irish history, he travelled 
through Ireland, and in mingling with the native people obtained 
much traditionary lore not to be found in books. He begins his 
narrative at the starting point of his ancestor: ''from the valley of 
the Owenee" (an angler's stream, which flows towards the west coast, 
passing between Ardara and Glenties and empties into Loughros, 
More Bay), in the parish of Inniskell, a wild and picturesque but 
by no means productive region of Tyrconnel (Donegal) two of 
the race set out to seek a more promising abode in America." 

Having located these emigrants in their Irish homeland, he follows 
them to their temporary home in England, across the ocean to their 
landing in New Jersey; to the change of a home in Virginia; thence 
after a residence of twenty-five years, to Kentucky, where they be- 
came more firmly established. None of this branch of Earlys re- 
mained in Virginia, their descendants are to be found largely in 
Indiana and Ohio: therefore we find no records of them in this state. 

The introductory portion of Mr. Early's history, dealing as it 
does with early and quaint Irish records, is very interesting even to 
one indifferent to genealogical topics; as a family book, giving 


benefit of his great research, it is most valuable to the descendants 
of Wm. Early, the founder. 

We turn to the Virginian, John Early, who is, with good reason, 
presumed to have been the father of Thomas Early, hence the an- 
cestor of those listed in the following pages. 

The coat of arms used by the American branch of the Early family 
as taken from Burke in the General Armory, is as follows:* 

'Arms: Gules a chevron between three birds argent 

^Crest: A dexter arm, erect perpendicular, the hand holding a 

ring, gem or stone, gules. 

'Motto: Virgilan et tenex." 




I. John, Thomas and Jeremiah Early 17 

II. John Early, of Orange County, Va 29 

III. Jeremiah Early, Jr^ of Bedford County, Va 63 

IV. Sarah Early-Kirtley 145 

V. Joshua Early, of Bedford County, Va 173 

VI. Joseph Early, of Madison County, Va. 205 

VII. Jacob Early, of ClaAe County, Ga .225 

Vffl. Ann Early-Rogers 257 

IX. Hannah Early-Scott 279 

X. Joel E^rly, of Greene County, Ga 293 



Capt. Samuel Hy. Early (from a crayon drawing) Frontispiece ' 

Cadet Samuel Henry Early (from a portrait) -0pp. Frontispiece - 

Sen. Nathaniel Bacon Early Facing page 32 • 

Rev. Jeremiah Early Goodwin " " 70 ■ 

Capt. Charles Callaway ^ " " 72 ' 

Locket Memorial to Elizabeth Early Callaway " " 90» 

John Cabell Early, V. M. I. (New Maricet Cadet) " " 112 • 

Lieut. Jubal Anderson Early, Jr " " 114* 

General J. A. Early " " 116 • 

Granite Shaft to Gen. J. A. Early and his soldiers com- 
memorating the battle near Lynchburg, June 18, 1864 " '* 118 

Bishop John Early " " 188 ^ 

Judge WUey Pope Harris " " 228 - 

Dr. Coleman Rogers (from a miniature painting) " ^ 266 

Judge George Hillyer (of Atlanta, Ga.) " " 310 





The fact that the name of John Early is found among the records 
of the counties along the eastern shore as early as 1661 induces the 
belief that this Early came directly to Virginia from the mother 
country. The parish records prove that forty years later, Thomas 
Early and family were living in the same locality as that in which 
John, the emigrant, settled. Little has been discovered concerning 
either John or Thomas, due in a measure to the destruction of 'old 
records, the lapse of time, and the uncertainty as to where search 
should be made. The parish register of Christ Church, Middlesex 
county, gives the names of Thomas Early and his wife, Elizabeth; 

the birth of their son, Jeremiah, in 1705; 

the death and burial of Elizabeth Early in 1716; 

the marriage of Jeremiah Early and Elizabeth Buford in 1728; 

the birth, and baptism, of their son, John, in 1729. 
The tradition of the drowning at sea of Thomas Early, before the 
death of his wife, has long been held by his family : this left Jeremiah 
orphaned at eleven years of age. No evidence has been found 
to prove that the first John and Thomas left only one son each, but 
in the absence of record to the contrary it may be considered reason- 
able to assume that such was the case. At the same time it is proper to 
state that there are court papers of a later date, concerning families 
bearing the name, who seem to have followed in the steps of the 
Jeremiah branch, as well as living people who have similar given 
names, which inclines me to suspect that there existed and exists 
another line descended from John and Thomas, and the publication 
of the complete county records of Virginia, already prepared, may 
reveal its history. These pages only undertake to chronicle the 
descendants of Jeremiah Early, Sr. 


The Buford family were friends and neighbors of Thomas and 
Elizabeth Early in Middlesex county; upon the deaths of Mr. and 
Mrs. Early, their son, Jeremiah, fell under the guardianship of 
Thomas Buford: at the age of 23 years the marriage of Jeremiah 
to his dau. Elizabeth (aged 19 years) occurred: they continued to 
reside in Lancaster five or six years longer. It will be remarked that 
the fathers of both of this couple bore the name of Thomas, yet in 
naming their eldest son, they chose ^'John,'* which seems to indicate 
that he was the grandson of John Early, the emigrant: at least one 
other son, Jeremiah (b. 1730) was bom before they moved from 


The name Beaufort, or as it came to America, Beauford — is 
French, and as a family name, rare, being essentially a place name, 
meaning ''a beautiful fort or castle,'' it grew into a family name 
during the eleventh and twelfth centuries, from the ownership of 
such places, the lords or masters being spoken of as ^Me Beaufort" 
of, or belonging to, the beautiful castle. 

The given names of both the English and American families — 
such as John, Thomas, William, Richard and Robert are Norman, 
and came to England with the North men. By referring to old 
English wills and deeds, it will be seen that the progenitors of the 
Bufords in America were in England long before John of Gaunt 
adopted the name of Beaufort for his children or the French Hugue- 
nots had emigrated. 

The first English Beauforts came over with the Conqueror, and 
got their names in the tenth century from the castle of Beaufort in 
Namur, Belgium. If they brought any titles with them none have 
survived in England, and they became knights, dignitaries of the 
church, merchants, husbandmen, yeomen and men of position in 
every walk of life. It is not possible now to connect the American 
family inunediately with the English Buffords, yet there is no doubt 
that they are the same, and the search being made for documentary 
proof will probably establish the fact and show which Richard or 
John was the emigrant and progenitor of the family in America. 

Many members of the family in the United States still spell the 
name Beauford, never having allowed the change to Buford, which 
gradually came to be the accepted form. It is readily seen how the 


change to BufFord would come about in England when one remem- 
bers that few people in the 10th, 11th, and even down to the 13th 
century could read or write, and that literary attainments were con- 
fined chiefly to the clergy, lawyers, clerks, etc. It was impossible to 
convey to a clerk any way of spelling a name other than phonetically 
and he wrote what seemed to him correct. 

Richard Beauford emigrated from Gravesend, England, in the ship 
Elizabeth, August 1, 1635. Was examined by a minister of the 
church of England as to loyalty to the king, took the proscribed 
oath of allegiance, etc., age eighteen years (Hotten's Lists.) He 
was therefore born between 1617-18. There is no other Buford, 
Beaufort or Beauford found in any list of emigrants. 

In the deed book of Lancaster Court House under date April 15, 
1656, **John Vause assigned Richard Beauford 300 acres of land 
lying on the south side of the Rappahannock river, up in the freshes 
bounding on the land of Thomas Hawkins, etc." 

Nothing else relating to Richard Beauford is found in any record. 

The name of Lancaster first appears in the list of counties repre- 
sented in the House of Burgesses, April, 1652. A court held August 
7, 1654, divided the county of Lancaster into two parishes, the lower 
included the counties of Lancaster and Middlesex; and the upper, 
the counties of Essex and Richmond, and the territory extending 
indefinitely to the westward on both sides of the Rappahannock 

That Richard Beauford's family record is not given is accounted 
for by the fact that the register of Christ Church is not begun until 
1653. He is supposed to be the progenitor of the Bufords — the 
name which is spelled seven ways in old court records — and the 
descent is traced through John Beauford of Christ Church, Middle- 
sex County, Virginia. Buford (the contraction of Beauford) seems 
to have been evolved in America, by a gradual process of reducing 
to the easiest and simplest spelling, in the course of a hundred 
years, and was adopted after the Revolution. 

The sixth entry in the Middlesex register is the marriage of John 
Blueford (Buford) and Elizabeth Parrott, April 11, 1662: this date 
would preclude any thought of his having been born in Middlesex 
county, as the '^first male child of English parents, Richard Parrott, 
Jr., was bom there February 24, 1650." 


The year after the marriage of John Buford, March 17, 1663, he 
received, together with Francis Broughton, 300 acres of land upon 
the south side of the Rappahannock river, Lancaster county, adjoin- 
ing the land of Richard Lewis, said land being due for the transpor- 
tation of six persons. John Buford d. 1722. (^'Buford Family.'') 


This name is traced from England to Barbadoes and Virginia. 
Richard Parrott was one of the first settlers of Lancaster County: 
the one record so far secured of his wife is her name, Margaret 
They were probably married and their daughter, Elizabeth, bom, 
before they arrived in Virginia, but were settled in Lancaster county 
as early as 1649; and it was their son, Richard, who was recorded 
as the first male child ^'begott and borne on Rappahannock river 
of English parents." Richard Parrott emigrant, was a vestryman of 
Christ Church; a commissioner of Lancaster county in 1656; elected 
High SheriflF June 5, 1657; senior justice of Middlesex county 
court from 1673 until his death. 

In ''Old Families and Churches," Bishop Meade states that Richard 
Parrott was appealed to while in England, on one of his visits, to 
bring out a minister for the church. 

His plantations were in Middlesex county: one of them of 1000 
acres extent was on the north side of the Pyankatank river. He d. 
Nov. 11, 1686; his wife d. Jan. 30, 1687. Their dau. Elizabeth, b. 
1645, m. 1662 John Buford (written Blueford in register). 


1. Thomas b. 1663; m. 1681 Mary . He d. Dec. 9, 1716: his wife 

Dec. 29, 1720. 

Thomas Buford (John Buford, Richard Buford) m. Mary. 

1. Thomas b. 1682, d. 1761; m. Elizabeth . 

Thomas Buford (Thomas Buford, Sr,, John Buford, Richard 
Buford) m. Elizabeth . (His will was written in 1751.) 



1. Agatha b. 1705: m. Ist Geo. Twyman; 2d John Warwick; 3d Lee. 

2. John b. 1707; m. Judith . 

3. Elizabeth b. 1709; m. 1728 Jeremiah Early (b. 1705). 

4. Sarah b. 1712; m. Wisdom. 

5. Mary b. 1716; m. George Lee (b. 1715). 

6. Anne b. 1718; m. 1736 Thomas Duckworth: she d. 1737. 


embraces the descendants of his nine children, some of whom set- 
tled in southern and south-western states, but many remained in 
Virginia, particularly those of the eldest branches. All of Jeremiah's 
children left large families, which it has been necessary to trace 
through journeyings and intermarriages during the settlement in 
America of two and a half centuries. Knowledge of those who have 
taken root in Virginia has involved considerable investigation and 
delay; the attainment of accurate data concerning those who drifted 
into the states of Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee and the later 
generations in Missouri, Mississippi and Alabama and Texas, has 
been more tedious and often discouraging. Little wonder if inac- 
curacies may be discovered in a family history calling for especial 
vigilance against delusive tradition and uncertain memories; but 
while members of the various branches have contributed items con- 
cerning their particular connection (which have been used in the 
following pages) the main features of this genealogical register have 
been copied from authentic records. 

An act was passed by the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1720 
authorizing the formation of a new county to be composed from 
territory constituting the then counties of Essex, King and Queen, 
and King William: the new county, whose boundaries ^'extended 
westward to the river beyond the high mountains" — (the Shenan- 
doah) — received the name Spotsylvania, in honor of Alexander 
Spotswood, governor of the colony of Virginia. By the terms of 
the act creating it — which became operative the first day of May, 
1721, it was made one parish, called St. George. In the year 1734 
this parish was divided into St. George's and St. Mark's; the latter 
parish lying in the upper portion of the county, became in the 
year 1734 the county of Orange, and contained all that is now 
Orange, Culpeper, Madison and Rappahannock counties. Later St. 


George's parish was subdivided to form a new parish within the 
bounds of Spotsylvania, known as Berkeley. The seat of justice of 
Spotsylvania County was first Germania, the residence of the gov- 
ernor, but by Act of Assembly, passed in 1732, it was removed to 
Fredericksburg. The town of Fredericksburg, named in honor of 
Prince Frederick, son of George II, was founded in 1727, from 
which time the two records were kept separate and distinct After 
one or two other removals, the court was finally settled at its present 
site Spotsylvania C. H. The record books of the county have 
suffered from lack of care by early custodians, removal and van- 
dalism during war: during the period of 1861-65 they were only 
preserved by being boxed and buried, yet though Will Book '*€" 
(from 1759 to 1761) was destroyed by Federal soldiers, no records 
are lost as the missing ones are found in Book B. Many instances 
are found in which the surname in one document was written in 
three or four different ways. ("Va. Co. Records.*') 

In 1734 Jeremiah Early purchased land in the county of Orange 
(which about this time was cut off from Spotsylvania). Together 
with some of the Buford connection he moved to that part of Orange 
which fourteen years later was taken to form Culpeper: his planta- 
tion lay towards ^^the Great Mountains" and he became registered 
as ''Jeremiah Early, planter:" a decade after his death the part of 
the country in which his estate lay again changed its county name 
to Madison, and his family became known as the ''Early s of Madi- 
son," a designation which has followed them into other states. 

He had a family of nine children ; six sons, to whom he gave names 
beginning with the letter "J" (a fancy followed by later genera- 
tions) and three daughters; these latter married in Virginia, but 
moved with their families to Kentucky. Of his sons, three, Jeremiah, 
Joshua and Jacob left Culpeper and settled in Bedford, where all 
three married : John settled in Orange, Joseph and Joel remained in 
Culpeper (later Madison). In 1782 Jacob moved from Bedford 
county, Va., to Georgia, the first of his name to leave the state. 
In 1791 Joel, having settled his father's estate, went with his family 
also to Georgia: at this time there was a great impetus given to 
emigration into that state by the opening of new lands. 

Jeremiah Early, Sr., became a large landholder, which enabled 
him to establish each child comfortably during his lifetime; at his 
death in 1787 he still had large property interests. He divided his 


personal estate into nine portions; impartially distributing it among 
the families of his nine children. His wife and three sons, John, 
Joseph and Jeremiah, had died; Joel, the yomigest son, was the only 
one who remained near him: to him he devised his manor place and 
all the lands adjoining, and made him his executor; to Jane Early, 
the widow of his son, Joseph, he lent the tract upon which she lived 
during her widowhood, which at her death, together with two othef 
tracts, was to revert to the children of Joseph: his will was ex- 
hibited for record on Feb. 19, 1787. 

In 1735 Jeremiah Early bought land in Orange county of Robert 

In 1739 Jeremiah Early, of St. Mark's parish. Orange Co., bought 
120 acres, on north side of Stanton river, of Thomas Stanton. 

In 1740 an order was given for viewing the most convenient way 
for an outlet from Isaac Smith's plantation throu^ the land of 
Jeremiah Early with the least prejudice to Early's plantation. 

Jer'h Early was a grand juryman at a court held May 28, 1741. 

In 1746 Jer'h Early, of Orange County, bought more land on 
the south side of Stanton river of Thomas Stanton. 

In 1747 Jer'h Early was appointed overseer of the road from 
Garth's ford to the plantation of Henry Downs in the place' of 
Michael Pearson (discharged), the gang formerly under Pearson 
to attend and obey the instructions of Early in clearing and keeping 
the road in repair. March 14, 1749, Jer'h Early was witness to a 
deed bet. Stanton and Pearson. 

May 18, 1749. First ccrunty court of Culpeper was held at Robert 
Coleman's (who gave the 27 acres on which Fairfax (Culpeper) was 
laid off in 1759). 

In 1752 Jer'h Early, of Culpeper County, bought 250 acres 
(situate formerly in Orange, now in Culpeper, on south side of 
Stanton river) from Adam Banks, of King George county. 

In Nov. 1753, Jer'h Early bought another tract of Thos. Stauton, 131 
acres of same patent as others: his son John was a witness to this 
deed. In 1754 the suit of Jer'h Early agst Wm. Jackson, running 
from 1747 to '54, was dismissed, defendant paying costs. 

In Jan'y, 1755, Jer'h Early, of Bromiield parish, Culpeper, 
obtained a grant of 240 acres on the great branch of the Rappa- 
hannock, from the Northern Neck or Fairfax Grants. In April of 
same year he bought of Michael Holt 400 acres: and at the same 


time 100 acres, granted by patent to John Rucker. This same month 
and year he sold 200 acres in Augusta Co. to Thomas Kirtley, Jr.: 
witnesses to deed, his sons, John and Jeremiah Early. 

In 1757 Jer*h Early obtained a grant for 40 acres in Augusta 
Co., between Elk Run and Hawk's Bill, adjoining his own land. 

In 1759 Jer'h Early, Sr., of Culpeper Co., bought of John Bostick, 
of Cumberland Co., 409 acres lying on both sides of Butteruns' 
branch, Bedford Co. 

In 1763 Jer'h Early, Sr., of Culpeper, bou^t of Rd. Randolph's 
excrs 100 acres on west branch of Elk Creek, Bedford Co. : same year 
bought of his son, Jer'h Early, Jr., of Bedford, 300 acres lying on 
both sides of Elk Creek, Bedford Co. 

In 1764 Jer'h Early and wife Elizabeth conveyed a tract of 
400 acres on Elk Run, Augusta county, to Wm. Smith: same year 
Jer'h Early bought of Nath. and Eliz'h Dickerson, of Spotsylvania 
Co., 100 acres in Bromfield parish, Culpeper. 

In 1765 Jer'h Early bought of Isaac and Margaret Smith 86 acres 
lying in Culpeper Co. 

In 1770 Jer'h Early received a grant of 29 acres from the Fair- 
fax or Northern Neck grants. 

The will of Jeremiah Early, written Jan'y 16, 1786, was not ex- 
hibited for record till Feb. 19, 1787, though his personality was ap- 
praised Feb. 26, 1786, showing that he had died at the ripe age of 
82 years, soon after writing his will. 

Jeremiah Early, Sr. (Thomas Early, John Early) m. 1728 Eliza- 
beth, the dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Buford, all of Middlesex 
county, moved to Orange Co. about the year 1734-5: d. 1786-7. 


111—1. John b. 1729, m. Theodocia White. 

Ill — 2. Jeremiah b. 1730, m. 1750, let Sarah Anderson; m. 2d, 1773, Mary 

Ill — 3. Sarah m. William Kirtley. 
111—4. Joshua b. 1738, m. 1763, Mary Leftwich. 
Ill — 5. Joseph m. Jane Paschal. 
Ill — 6. Jacob m. 1767 Elizabeth Robertson. 
Ill — 7. Ann m. Joseph Rogers. 
Ill — 8. Hannah m. Capt. John Scott. 
111—9. Joel, m. 1772 Lucy Smith. 








Through the descendants of his eldest son, James, the family of 
John Early (2nd of that name), of Orange County, represents the 
oldest branch of the Early family which settled in Eastern Virginia. 
These descendants have resided in Orange, Greene, Madison and 
Albemarle counties; some few of later generations have moved south 
and southwest 

John Early, eldest son of Jeremiah Early and his wife, Elizabeth 
Buford, was bom in 1729 in the parish of Christ Church, Middlesex 
Co., Va., was reared in Culpeper Co. and settled in Orange Co. In his 
father's will he is only included as one of nine children in the dis- 
tribution of the personal estate, having before received his portion 
of land. He married Theodocia, dau. of John White, emigrant, and 
his wife, Ann Wisdom, of King and Queen County, Va., the grand- 
daughter of Conyers and Mary White of Leicestershire, Eng. In his 
history of Albemarle county the Rev. Edgar Woods says "Conyers 
White moved to Albemarle from Orange county in 1776 and pur- 
chased qaore than 1500 acres of land on Buck mountain creek:" this 
must have been a brother of Mrs. John Early and she may have been 
connected with her husband's family through the marriage of his 
aunt, Sarah Buford (younger sister of his mother) to a Mr. Wisdom. 
Mrs. Theo. W. Early d. in 1817, having outlived her husband many 
years, and four of her children. The will of John Early, recorded 
in Orange county in 1774 (the year of his death), mentions his wife 
and six children, three sons and three daughters, but only one son 
and two daughters received portions in the division of the estate at 
its settlement in 1787, a daughter and two sons presumably having 
died after their father's death, unmarried: his brother, Joseph, who 
lived in Madison county, and brother-in-law, Thomas White, were 
appointed, together with Wm. Bell, executors. 



1750. John Early, (assignee of Jonathan Davis) plaintiff agt Benj. Rowe won 
Judgment with int. of 5 per ct from date of note. 

1753. John Early, four times a witness in Culpeper court. 

1754. John Early paid for four days attendance in case of Douglas agst 
Davis, coming three times out of Augusta — distant thirty miles, where 

he was serving with the militia of Augusta district. 
1754-1763. John Early enrolled in Augusta militia, receives pay, having served 

in the French and Indian wars. 
1757. Nov. John Early allowed agst Margaret Douglas' administrator £370. 

and costs. 
1762. Oct. 18. John Early purchased land of Alex'r & John Rose. 

1764. John Early paid fees to George Taylor, clerk of court. 

1765. John Early petitioned for a road. 
1765. John Early in a suit agst Doggett. 
1767. John Early a grand juryman. 

1767. John Early produced in court a certificate from the hand of Wm. Ball, 
a justice of Orange Co., that he had duly weighed 600 lbs. of hemp, 
water and winter rotted, which was made on his plantation and duly 
dry, bright, & clean and that he had not obtained a certificate before 
nor received a reward. 

1770. John Early overseer of the road in place of William Cox. 
John Early recorded a deed from Bullis. 

1773. Will of John Early written. Divided 475 acres, purchased from Col. 

George Taylor and Samuel Bullis, between his. two sons James and 
Jonathan, (also certain negro slaves) when they came of age. His 
home place between his wife and son Joab, together with certain 
other slaves. To his three daughters he devised other slaves, the 
balance of the slave property and the moneys due him to be equally 
divided between his six children when his youngest son came of age. 
His brother Joseph Early, Wm. Bell, and Thomas White appointed 
executors, Johnny Scott and Benj. Johnson, securities. 

1774. John Early died aged 45 years. 

1775. Oct. 27. His estate appraised. 

1778. Feb. 25. His estate divided between three heirs — Mr. Thos. Davis, Mr. 

James Early, and Miss Frances Early, as settled by Col. James 

Madison, Wm. Moore, and Andrew Shepherd. 
Same date. Joseph Early, executor, rendered account of estate of John Early, 

dec'd. Bonds due from Thomas Walker, Johnny Scott, Col. Madison & 

1815. April 7. Theodocia W. Early's will written. Devised her property 

to her son, James Early, and dau., Frances Michie. Her grandsons, 

John and James Early, were appointed executors. Will recorded Nov. 

25, 1817. 
1817. December 22. Appraisement of slaves and personality of John* Early, 

deceased, by an order from Orange court. 


John Early (Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. 
Theodocia White: residence, Orange County, Va. 


nil — 1. James m. 1772 Elizabeth (Bettie) Thompson. 

1111—2. Joab. 

nil — 3. Jonathan killed by a fall from his horse at 21 yrs. of age: s. p. 

nil — 4. Elizabeth m. 1783 Thomas Davis. 

1111—5. Frances m. 1787 John A. Michie. 

1111—6. Sarah. 

Captain James Early (John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, 
John Early) m. 1772 Bettie, dau. of Wm. and Elizabeth Davis- 
Thompson: residence Greene comity. Mrs. Early d. aged 93 yrs. 


mil — 1. John m. 1st Sarah Durrett; m. 2cl Mrs. Timberlake, n6e 

Margaret Allen, 
mil — 2, Joab m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Thompson, 
mil — 3. James m. Sarah Downer Carr. 
11111—4. William b. 1789, m. Sarah Graves, 
mil — 5. Elizabeth m. 1803 Thomas Chapman, 
mil — 6. Lucy Thompson m. 1818 James Simms. 
mil — 7. Theodocia White m. 1825 George Stephens. 

John Early (Capt. James Early, John Early, Jer'h Early. Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) b. 1773, m. 1st Sarah Durrett, b. 1783 (descend- 
ant of Philip Durrett, one of the London Co. Incorporators in 1623) : 
m. 2d Mrs. Margaret Timberlake, nee Allen, dau. of Jas. Allen, one 
of the first settlers of Fredericksburg, Va. 


First Marriage. 
111111—1. Richard d. infant, 
mill — 2. James T. m. Mildred Thompson. 
111111 — 3. Elizabeth m. Edw. Femeyhough. 
mill — 4. Susan m. Rd. Wingfield: s. p. 

mill — 5. Isaac Davis m. Mrs. Dorothy Thompson, n6e Crenshaw: s. p. 
mill — 6. John T. m. Lucy Watson: ch. d. young, 
mm — 7. Amanda m. Joshua Jackson, 
mm — 8. Dr. Joseph R. m. Amanda Goodall. 
mm — 9. Frances d. young. 


Second Marriage. 

mill — 10. Jeremiah Allen m. Mildred Lewis Wood, 
mill — 11. Joab Wm. m. Sarah E. Martin, 
mill — 12. Jonathan d. young. 

James T. Early (John Early, Capt. James Early, John Early, JerTi 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mildred, dau. of Nathaniel 
Thompson (son of Wm. Thompson) and his wife Lucy Brown: re- 
sided in Albemarle county. 


1111112 — 1. Nathaniel B., Sr., m. Eliza, dau. of George Stephens and his 

wife, Theodocia Early: resided in Greene county: d. s. p. 
A successful farmer and large landholder. 

1111112 — 2. John Richard m. Sarah Brown. 

Benjamin Brown came from Wales to Hanover county, thence 
to Albemarle; settled in Brown's Cove at a place called "Trinidad;" 
m. Sarah Thompson. His 2d son. Captain Bezaleel Brown m. Polly, 
dau. of Nathaniel Thompson and his wife, Lucy Brown. Benjamin 
Brown was a member of "Lighthorse" Harry Lee Troop in the Am. 
Rev'n; his son, Bezaleel was a captain with command of a company 
in the 9th Va Reg. Benj. Brown adopted a plan of giving his chil- 
dren names beginning with the letter B, which was followed by his 
descendants, but as time wore on it became necessary to distinguish 
names, which became repeated, by the prefix of others. 

John Richard Early (James Early, John Early, Capt. James Early, 
John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. Sarah T. 
dau. of Col. Wm. T. Brown (son of Capt. Belazeel Brown and his 
wife Polly Thompson), of Brown's Cove, and his wife Mary Ann 
Jarman: Mrs. Early d. aged 77 yrs. in 1909 at "Mt. Fair," Albemarle 


11111122—1. James Wm. b. 1857; m. Willie May Coyner. 
11111122—2. Nathaniel Bacon, Jr., m. 1866; m. Sudie B. Brown. 
11111122—3. Sallie m. Garrett Martin. 

James Wm. Early ( Jno. Rd. Early, James Early, John Early, Capt. 
James Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John 


Early) b. at **Mt Fair," Albemarle County, was educated at Va. Mil. 
Ins. and Randolph-Macon College: m. Willie M. Coyner, of Waynes- 

111111221 — 1. Marie Hortense m. Dr. Charles Wooding, of Connecticut 

Hon. Nath. B. Early, Jr. (John Rd. Early, James Early, Jno. 
Early, Capt. James Early, Jno. Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thomas 
Early, John Early) m. 1894 Sudie B., dau. of H. B. Brown 
and wife, Sudie B. Almond, of Brown's Cove, Albemarle county. He 
was bom at ^'Wakefield," the old homestead near Earlysville, in 
1866: educated at Fishbume Mil. Acad., where he won the orator's 
medal; later at the Va. Mil. Ins., won the orator's and declaimer's 
medal and was a captain in the corps of cadets (1888-9) ; was a 
law pupil under John B. Minor at the Univ. of Va. He was elected 
to the House of Delegates in 1897 from Greene and Madison coun- 
ties, serving ten years; then elected to the Va. Senate, where he has 
served for twelve years, and has been nominated for the fourth time 
by the Democratic party without opposition, his district being com- 
posed of Albemarle, Greene and the city of Charlottesville: has 
represented his Congressional District in every Democratic national 
convention since 19(X). Senator Early has been an ardent advocate 
for Virginia's recognition of the need for higher educational oppor- 
tunities for her women, (who only recently have been accorded ad- 
mission to the University of Va. in the Graduate and Professional 
Departments) . 

Senator Early owns an estate, "Fairview," of over 1,000 acres on 
the Rapidan river in Greene county: is a successful farmer and cattle 


111111222—1. Richard Nimrod b. 1895 at Brown*8 Cove. 

111111222—2. Mary Ann b. 1897: educated at "Westover" and Harrison- 
burg State Normal School: grad. 1916. 

111111222—3. Sarah Lucile b. 1897, m. 1920 Albert Nevrton Fray: she 

was educated at **W^tover" and Harrisonburg State Nor- 
mal School: grad. 1916. 

111111222—4. Nathaniel B. B., Jr., b. 1902: cadet at Fork Union Mil Acad. 


Rickard N. Early, eldest son of N. B. Early, Jr., and Sudie B. 
Brown-Early, was educated at Randolph-Macon Acad., Bedford Cityj 
Va. Mil. Ins., and Univ. of Va. Volunteered April, 1917, in 
the Monticello Guard, which was transferred to the 116th U. S. 
Inf. of the 29th corps known as the Blue and Gray Division: re- 
mained with the division in the battle of the Argonne until strickened 
with influenza and pneumonia: had close calls in some engagements 
but escaped hurt. 

Sallie Early (John Rd. Early, Jas^ Early, Jno. Early, Capt. Jas. 
Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Garrett Martin. 


111111223— L Fannie. 

111111223—2. Nellie m. Dr. Everett: issue. 

111111223—3. Lula m. Mr. Coleman: issue, Virginia. 

Elizabeth Early (John Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Major Edward S. Ferney- 
hough; resided at Stony Point, Albemarle County. Edward S. Fer- 
neyhough raised a company of soldiers at Stony Point: was promot- 
ed to major of the 35th Va. Batt'n of cavalry. Roster's brigade, Wm. 
B. Jones' division, C. S. Army. 


1111113—1. Edward d. young. 

1111113—2. Sarah m. Benj. Franklin McVeigh. 

1111113 — 3. George m. Miss Garth. 

Sarah Ferneyhough (Eliz. E. Ferneyhough, John Early, Capt. Jas. 
Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Major Benj. F. McVeigh; resided in Albemarle. B. F. McVeigh was 
lieutenant in Co. F, 35th Va. Batt'n of cavalry, C. S. Army. 


11111132—1. MoUie. 

11111132 — 2. George in employment of C. & 0. R. R.: issuei dau., m. Mr. 

11111132 — ^3. Blanche m. Rogers: issue, 1, Mary; 2, Irene m. Mr. Shepherd- 

of Roanoke: (issue, 1 dau. d. young: 2, Harold). 


George Femeyhough (Eliz. E. Ferneyhough, John Early, Capt. Jas. 
Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Miss Garth. 


11111133 — 1. Edward, distinguished state veterinarian: veterinary surgeon 

in government employ, 1918, at Washington, D. C, m. Miss 
Fitzhugh, dau. of Champe Fitzhugh and wife Carrie 
Grigsby, of Upperville, Va. 

Amanda Early (John Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Joshua Jackson. 


1111117 — 1. Susan m. Dr. John Augustus Michie. 
1111117 — 2. Sallie m. Thomas Garth Michie. 

1111117 — 3. Davis Early m. Sallie, dau. of Dr. Robert Sanford Beadey 

and wife, Sarah Early, of Greene county. 

Dr. Jos. R. Early (John Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Amanda Goodall: moved to 
Hardy, County, West Virginia, between 1850-55. 


1111118 — 1. John m. Maud Durrett: s. p. 
1111118—2. James d. in the Valley of Virginia, 

Jeremiah Allen Early (John Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John "Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1825; m. 1846 Mildred 
Lewis, dau. of Col. Thos. Wood, who served in the war of 1812 
and later in the Va. Legislature. Residence, Doylesville, Albemarle 
county. Mrs. Early d. in 1901. She was a sister of Dr. Alfred Wood. 


1111 11 A — 1. Eugene m. Polly Mclntyre. 

llllllA— 2. Ida Celeste. 

11 1111 A — 3. Thomas Lewis m. Nannie Brown: residence, Doylesville, 

Albemarle county: s. p. 
llllllA — 4. Susan M. m. Thos. E. Powers. 
llllllA — 5. Jeremiah A., Jr., m. Cora Morris. 
llllllA — 6, Wm. Cole m. Georgie Goodloe. 
llllllA — 7. Mildred W. m. J. Tyler Meadows, cashier in 1st Nat. Bank, 

Roanoke: s. p. 


Eugene Early (Jer'h A. Early, Sr., John Early, Capt James Early, 
John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Pattie Mc- 
Intyre, of Charlottesville, Va. 


11 1111 Al — 1. Malcolm m. 1903 Eliza Polk, of Cor^icana, Texas. 
llllllAl— 2. Eugene, Jr. llllllAl— 5. Lewis, 

llllllAl— 3. AUen. llllllAl— 6. 

111111A1--4. William. 

Susan M. Early (Jer'h A. Early, Sr., John Early, Capt Jas. Early, 
John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Thos. E. 
Powers: residence. White Hall, Albemarle Co., Va. 


111111A4— 1. MUdred Lewis. 111111A4-3. Mary Barbour. 

111111A4^2. AUen. 111111A4~4. Sidney. 

Jer'h Allen Early, Jr., (Jer'h A. Early, Sr., John Early, Capt. Jas. 
Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Cora Morris, of Houston, Tex.: residence, Waco, Texas. 



111111A5— 1. Roberta. 
11111US~2. Lucy. 

Wm. Cole Early (Jer'h A. Early, Sr., John Early, Capt Jas. Early, 
John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. Georgie 
Goodloe: residence, Memphis, Tenn. 


111111A6— 1. Wm. Cole, Jr. 
111111A6— 2. George Goodloe. 

Joab Wm. Early (John Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Sarah E. Martin in 1846. 
He served in Wyalt's Battery, Poage's Battalion, Hill's Corps, C. 
S. army: was wounded seven times at Bull Run battle. He was 
drowned in 1871 while attempting to cross a swollen stream; buried 
with Masonic honors. 



llllllB— 1. Sallie B. m. John Woodson. 

llllllB — 2. Oscar m. Susan, dau. of B. Ira Brown, of Fauquier: he d. s. p. 

1912 at Univ. of Va. Hospital 
llllllB — 3. Lucy m. Creed Owens. 

llllllB — 4. John, m. Eliza Catterton: issue, (son) . 

llllllB — 5. Thomas Jos., m. Ida Wood. 

llllllB-^. George kiUed on the R. R. in 1889. 

llllllB — 7. Ernest, druggist: residence, Manchester; m.: issue, 2 ch. 

llllllB — 8. Elizabeth m. Mr. Shelton: issue. 

Sallie B. Early (Joab Wm. Early, John Early, Capt Jas. Early, 
John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John 
Woodson: residence, Crozet. 


llllllBl— L Bettie d. young. 111111(11)1-^. John m. 

llllllBl— 2. Sarah. 111111(11)1-4. Ludle. 

Lucy Early (Joab Wm. Early, John Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Creed Owens: 
residence, first, Crozet; later, Norfolk. 


111111B3— 1. Sarah m. Wm. LafiFerty, son of Rev. Dr. Lafferty: residence, 

111111B3 — ^2. Carrie m. James Clark: druggist: residence, Crozet 
llllllBa-3. Creed. 

Thomas Jos. Early (Joab Wm. Early, John Early, Jas. Early, John 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Ida Wood. 


llllllBS— 1. Elisha. 111111B5— 2. FeUx. 

1111 11B5 — 3. Stephen, Lieutenant in the A. E. F. in France. 
111111B5— 4. Thomas Jos., Jr. llllllBS-^. Mary Virginia. 

Joab Early (Capt James Early, John Early, Jerli Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. 1813 Elizabeth ("Betsy**), dau. of Nath. 
Thompson and his wife, Lucy Brown : resided on the south border of 
Greene county, the Rivanna river separating his place from that 
of his brother James. 



111112— L Wm. T. (known as "Buck") m. Elizabeth Michie. 

111112 — 2. James B. m. Sarah Catterton: s. p. Jas. B. Early served in C. S. 

111112-^. Nathaniel E. m. Columbia Mittie Parrott. 
111112 — 4. Susan m. Thomas Eddins: s. p. . 
111112 — 5. Nancy m. Dr. Thomas Shearman, son of Geo. Shearman and 

wife, Eliz*h Parrott: s. p. 
111112 — 6. Jane m. Edwin Blakey. 
111112—7. Lucy m. Peter Durrctt. 

Wm. T. Early (Joab Early, Capt. James Early, John Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. Elizabeth, dau. of Jas. H. 
Michie: residence, Charlottesville: served in the Va. Legislature and 
in the Confederate Army. 


1111121 — 1. Everett W.: educated abroad: served in C. S. army: injured 

in R. R. accident: state senator: m. Celine de Coque, of 

French parentage: issue, son, who m. — ; and moved 

to Bluefield, W. Va. 

Nathaniel E. Early (Joab Early, Capt. James Early, John Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. C. Mittie Parrott, of 
Greene comity. Nath. E. Early served in Confederate Army. 


1111123 — 1. E. T. m. Anna Norwood, of South Boston: issuci James Wm. 
1111123—2. James W. 
1111123—3. Sallie B. 

Jane Early (Joab Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Edwin Blakey. 


1111126—1. Ovall m. Miss Landrum. 
1111126 — 2. Sudie m. T. P. Moyers: s. p. 
1111126 — 3. Bettie m. C. D. Shackleford: issue; 
1111126—4. LuUe. 
1111126—5. Doc. 

Lucy Early (Joab Early, Capt. Jas. Early^ John Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, Jno. Early) m. Peter Durrett. 



1111127—1. Bettie m. Davis Eddins. 

1111127 — 2. Clingman m. Brooking: iasUe, (dau) ; m. Eddins. 

1111127 — 3. Wm. Greene married in the South. 

1111127 — 4. Judge Robertson m. Miss Yancey, dau. of Richard Yancey 

and Lucy Garth: issue, Nat., m. Mary Thomas: (3 other 

1111127 — 5. Alice m. Thomas Graves: s. p. 
1111127 — 6. Mollie m. Junius Brutus Garth: issue. 
1111127 — 7. Lucy m. John Graves. 
1111127—8. Bernard m. . 

Bettie Durrett (Lucy Early-Durrett, Joab Early, Capt. James Early, 

John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Davis 



11111271 — 1. Thomas C. m. Miss Graves: issue, Elijah, m. Lottie Cole: 

their ch. Noah m. Lutie Brown: s. p. 
11111271—2. Lucy m. BVank Gibbs. 

Mollie Durrett (Lucy Early-Durretty Joab Early, Capt. Jas. Early, 
John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Junius B. 


11111276 — 1. Lewis m. Fannie Plunkett: issue, Frank, Thomas, Jessie. 
11111276—2. Thomas. 
11111276-3. Egbert. 
11111276—4. Whitelaw. 

James Early (Capt. James Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 

Thomas Early, John Early) m. 1812 Sarah Downer, dau. of John 

Carr, (son of Peter, and gr. son of Dabney Carr) and Mary Downer- 

Carr. Resided in northern border of Albemarle county. John Carr 

lived on south west side of South Mountain, south of Stony Point: 

purchased 1,500 acres of land in Albemarle. 


111113 — 1. Dr. John Fendall m. Lizzie Greenlee. 

111113 — 2. Sarah m. Dr. Robert S. Beazley. 

111113 — 3. Mary m. Col. Thomas Durrett. 

111113—4. Eliza m. Dr. Geo. N. Thrift. 

111113 — 5. Fannie m. Capt. Isaac Davis (see Kirtley branch). 

111113 — 6. George W. m. Alice Stonnell. 


Dr. John F. Early (Jas. Early, Capt Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) graduated at the Univ. of 
Pennsylvania: m. Lizzie Greenlee, of Rockbridge County, Va.: moved 
to Texas, where he died. 


1111131 — 1. John, unmarried. 

1111131—2. Elizabeth m. Martin Stringfellow. 

1111131 — 3. Emma m. Ist James A. Wiley; m. 2nd, Martin Stringfellow. 

Elizabeth Early (Dr. Jno. F. Early, Jas. Early, Capt. Jas. Early, 
John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. Martin 
Stringfellow, attorney-at-law, of Orange county: she died early in 
life: M. Stringfellow m. 2d Mrs. Emma Early- Wiley. 


11111312—1. Mrs. Bruce Salter, of New York. 
11111312—2. Emma Martin. 

Emma Early (Dr. Jno. F. Early, Jas. Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st, Jas. A. 
Wiley: m. 2nd Martin Stringfellow, member of Texas Legislature: 
resided at San Antonio and Corsicana, Texas. 


11111313 — 1. James Elarly, graduate of the Univ. of Texas. 
11111313 — 2. Elizabeth Grigsby, graduate of the Univ. of Texas. 

11111313-^. Robert 

Sarah Early (James Early, Capt. James Early, John Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. Robert Sanford Beazley, 
b, 1821, son of Capt. James and Elizabeth Mills-Beazley, of Greene 
county, Va. Dr. Beazley was a graduate of the University of Vir- 
ginia and Jefferson Medical College, of Philadelphia; was state 
senator four years; serving at the time of the capitol disaster at 
Richmond, when he received a bad cut: he was of English ancestry, 
a descendant of Robert Beazley who was a Burgess from Isle of 
Wight county in 1655. Dr. Beazley resided near Stanardsville, 
Greene Co.: he d. 1910. 



1111132 — 1. Elizabeth Frances m. Dr. Cassady: issue, Sallie Beazley. 
1111132 — Z Sarah Early m. Davis Jackson. 

1111132 — 3. James Early m. Edwina Graves, of Orange County, Va.: 

issue, 2 daus.: one m. Cave. 

Mary Early ( Jas. Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer*h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Col. Thomas Durrett, of Albemarle 


1111133—1. Dr. James T. m. 1st, Miss Gaines, of Pr. Wm. County: m. 

2nd, Minnie Moon. 
1111133—2. Frank S. m. Sammie Moon. 

Dr. James Durrett (Mary Early-Dmrrett, Jas. Early, Capt Jas. 
Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 2nd, 
Minnie Moon. 


11111331 — 1. Wm. 0. m. Anna Early, of Campbell county: issue. Resi- 
dence at ''Birdwood,'* Albemarle county. 
11111331—2. Frank d. 
11111331 — 3. Mary m. Norris Watson: issue. 

Eliza Early (Jas. Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. Geo. N. Thrift 


1111134—1. Robert d. s. p. 
1111134—2. George N., Jr., m. Bettie McCue. 
1111134—3. Sallie R. M. m. James Anderson. 
1111134—4. James Early m. Sallie M. Bowcock. 

George N. Thrift, Jr., (Eliza Early-Thrift, Jas. Early, Capt. Jas. 
Early, John Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. 
Bettie McCue, of Augusta County, Va. 

11111342 — 1. Lizzie: residence, Madison county. 
11111342—2. Robert: residence, Fayettesville, W. Va. 
11111342 — 3. Dr. Ernest: residence, Madison county. 
11111342-4. George N. 


Sallie R. M. Thrift (Eliza E. Thrift, Jas. Early, Capt Jas. Early, 
John Early, Jer% Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Eajly) m. James 
Anderson, of Rockville, Md. 


1111134a— 1. Mary. 1111134^-4. James. 

11111343— 2. Sallie d. young. 11111343-^. John. 

11111343—3. Eliza E. 

James Early Thrift (Eliza E. Thrift, Jas. Early, Capt. Jas. Early, 
John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. Sallie 
M. Bowcock, of Albemarle Comity, Va. 


11111344^1. George R. m. Annie L Gaar. 

11111344-2. Sallie 0. d. young. 

11111344 — 3. John B.: residence, Madison Co. 

11111344-4. Jas. Early m. Carrie M. Bell. 

11111344-5. Mildred. 

11111344 — 6. Brooke, died young. 

11111344 — 7. Douglas: residence, Madison Co. 

11111344-«. died infant. 

11111344.— 9. Elsie. 

George R. Thrift (Jas. E. Thrift, Eliza E. Thrift, Jas. Early, Capt. 
Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) 
m. Annie L. Gaar, of Madison Comity, Va. 


111113441—1. Annie. 111113441—4. Brooke. 

111113441—2. Helen. 111113441—5. George Douglas. 

111113441—3. James Howard. 111113441—6. Sarah Bowcock. 

James Early Thrift (Jas. E. Thrift, Sr., Eliza E. Thrift, James 
Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, 
John Early) Commonwealth's Attorney at Madison C. H.: m. Carrie 
V. M. Bell, of Rockbridge County, Va.: moved to Sapulpa, Okla- 
homa: member of the law firm of Thrift and Davenport. 


111113444^1. James Early 3d. 
111113444^2. Lizzie B. 


Frances ("Fannie") Early (James Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John 
Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. Captain 
Isaac Davis, great nephew of Thomas Davis who married Elizabeth 
Early. In "List of Early Virginia Marriages," Theodocia Early 
"gives her consent to this marriage." 


1111135 — 1. George W., of Greene county, Va. 
1111135—2. Fannie m. Edward T. Early: residence, Celt, Va. 
1111135 — 3. Dr. Ernest D. m. Corinne Stephens, of Fredericksburg: resi- 
dence Stanardsville. 
1111135—4. Sallie m. Hon. John S. Chapman. 
1111135 — 5. Isaac, Jr., of Greene County. 

George W. Early (Jas. Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1833, m. Alice Stonnell, of 
Prince William county : was killed by the kick of a mule : his widow 
m. 2d N. B. Parrott. 


1111136 — 1. Sallie K. m. Louis Eheart: issue, Geo. Lewis and Lucile Early. 
1111136—2. Fannie. 

1111136 — ^3. Anna Gaines m. Chas. Stuart Bowcock, of Albemarle County: 

s. p. 

William Early (Capt. James Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) b. (1789), m. 1812 Sarah, dau. of Capt. 
Thos. Graves and his wife, Arabella Bartlett. Capt. Graves served 
in the Va. Line under Lafayette: b. in Louisa Co., Va., d. in Lafayette 
Co., Ky. Wm. Early's will (written 1853, recorded 1856) divided 
his estate equally among his 5 children; his two sons to be executors; 
provided for the reservation in front of his home of a family bury- 
ing ground, which was to be walled, and tombstones erected. Mrs. 
Sarah Graves Early, widow of William, died in 1881, at the age of 
90 years. Her will was made in favor of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. 
Sarah E. Twyman-Early, "because of her great care and attention to 
me during my stay with her, as well as before." 


111114—1. Elizabeth Frances m. 1834 John G. Dulaney. 
111114—2. Wm. Leytan m. 1842 Sarah E. Twyman. 
111114—3. Thomas J. m. Caroline Wood. 


111114--4. Sarah Cornelia b. 1834; m. Franklin E. Gamett: d. 1874: 8. p. 
111114 — 5. Mary C. m. Absalom Gamett. 

Elizabeth Frances Early (Wm. Early, Capt. Jas. Early , John 

Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1834 John 

G. Dulaney. 


1111141—1. William. ) Lost their- lives in the Confederate army; 

1111141—2. John. } unmarried. 

1111141—3. Sarah m. Capt. Newcomb McMullen. 

1111141-4. Bettie m. Richard P. Kinsey. 

1111141 — 5. Dr. Joseph m. Miss Scisson: moved to Texas: issue. 

1111141 — 6. Filmore m. Alice Wilhoit: issue. 

1111141—7. Fannie m. T. E. Walhoit: issue (dau.) m. R. N. Stephens. 

Sarah Dulaney (Eliz. F. Early-Dulaney, Wm. Early, Capt Jas. 
Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. 
Newcomb McMullen. 


11111413 — 1. Benj. m. Lillian Shelton: issue. 

11111413—2. Jubal E. 

11111413 — 3. John N. m. Jennie Shelton. 

11111413 — 4. Cornelia m. J. Neal McMullen: issue, 6 ch. 

11111413 — 5. Fannie m. Jerry Shelton. 

Bettie Dulaney (Eliz. F. Early-Dulaney, Wm. Early, Capt. Jas. 
Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Thomas Early, John Early) m. 
Richard P. Kinsey. 


11111414 — 1. Sudie m. John Simms: issue. 

11111414^2. Doc. ' 

11111414^.3. John. 

11111414--4. Early. 

11111414^5. Fannie m. Hooker McMullen: s. p. 

William Leyton Early (Wm. Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1819, m. 1842 Sarah 
Elizabeth Twyman: died in 1879. A successful lawyer: residence, 
Madison county. His will recorded in 1878 divided his large estate 
between his wife, two daus. and son. Mrs. Sarah E. Twyman-Early 
was a first cousin of Hon. Thomas Hill, of Culpeper County. 



1111142 — 1. Mary Lou. m. Col. Joseph Waring. 
1111142—2. 9allie Antoinette m. W. R. Skinker. 
1111142—3. Wm. Milner nu S. Ida Banks. 

Mary L. Early (Wm. L. Early, Wm. Early, Capt Jas. Early, John 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Joseph (son of 
Wm. R. Waring and his wife, Ann M. Johnston, of Savannah, Ga.) : 
Col. Waring served in the C. S. Army. Mrs. Waring willed her 
property to her sister and brother in event of her son's death. 


11111421—1, 2, 3. d. in infancy. 

11111421—4. W. F. Fritz Waring, who survived his parenu, but died 

aged 23 years while a student at Yale College. 

Sallie Antoinette Early (Wm. L. Early, Wm. Early, Capt James 
Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
W. R. Skinker, of Fauquier: residence, "The Plains," Virginia. 


11111421—1. Sarah C. 

11111421—2. Wm. m. the dau. of Dr. Cochran. 

Wm. M. Early (Wm. L. Early, Wm. Early, Capt Jas. Early, John 
Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. S. Ida Banks: 
residence three miles from Wolftown, Madison Coimty, at the old 
homestead. At this place there is the family burying ground in 
which are interred four generations. 


1111142S— 1. Mary Lou. m. J. T. Willis. 

11111423—2. Thomas Tunstall m. Miss Lillard. 

11111423—3. Dr. Wm. L. Early m. Edna Buckner: issue. Dr. Wm. L. 

Early is a graduate of Richmond Medical College. 
11111423 — 4. James Banks educated at Randolph-Macon College. 
11111423—5. Sarah Elizabeth. 

Mary Lou Early (Wm. M. Early, Wm. L. Early, Wm. Early, Capt. 
Jas. Early, John Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
J. T. Willis. 



111114231—1. Clara Haws. 111114231—3. Wm. Early. 

111114231—2. James Barbour. 111114231—4. Mary Elizabeth. 

Thomas J. Early, (Wm. Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Caroline Wood. Thos. J. 
Early was bom 1814, d. 1885: will recorded 1856, his wife was 
appointed executrix: each ch. to have its portion, as they became of 
age or married. 


1111143 — 1. James T. m. .Sallie Mary, dau. of £. B. Brown and his wife 

Bettie Thompson: s. p.: moved to Chatham Co., Ga.: 
resided tn Savannah. 

1111143—2. Wm. David m. Estelle Wilhoit. 

1111143 — 3. Sallie A^ C. m. John T. E. Simms. 

Wm. David Early (Thos. J. Early, Wm. Early, Capt Jas. Early, 
John Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Estelle 


11111432—1. Dr. Emmett m. Ella B. Slaughter. 

11111432 — 2. J. Russell m. Nellie Nickol, of Madison county: 3 ch. He 

d. 1911. 
11111432—3. Lillie m. W. A. White: issue. 
11111432—4, Lou. 

Sallie A. C. Early (Thos. J. Early, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John T. E. Simms (for 
years county surveyor of Albemarle) : lived near Ivy Depot: served 
in C* S. army throughout the war in the Madison cavalry; was twice 
severely wounded. In 1876 J. T. E. Simms and wife made a con- 
veyance to Wm. L. Early of all intetest in estate of Sarah, relict of 
Wm. Early, Sr., and in that of Cornelia C. Early-Garnett. 


11111433 — 1. Thomas: moved to Alabama. 
11111433^2. William: moved to Alabama. 

John T. E. Simms m. 2nd, Daisy Garth, of Albemarle county. 

Elizabeth Early (Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thomas Early, John Early) m. 1803 Thomas Chapman, son of Capt. 


Wm. Chapman and his wife Mary (dau. of John and Judith Buford), 
of Bromfield Parish, Culpeper county. Thomas Chapman, Sr., re- 
ceived a certificate for 1200 acres of land (for importing John Lewis, 
Francis Hide and 22 other persons) at a court held December 20, 
1645 (York County Records). Eliz. E. Chapman* d. aged 96 years, 
the longest lived member of the family. 


111115 — 1. James Early m. Mary D. Thompson. 

111115 — 2, Wm. T. m. Lucy B. Thompson. 

111115—3. Thomas W. m. 1st, Martha Wilhoit; m. 2nd, Eliza Eddins. 

111115 — 4. Mary A. B. m. B. B. Thompson. 

James Early Chapman (Eliz. E. Chapman, Capt. Jas. Early, John 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary D., dau. 
of Nath. Thompson and his wife Lucy Brown. 


1111151 — 1. Mary E. m. Dr. Mallory, s. p. m. 2d Smith W. Brown, of 

Buckingham county: issue, Lucy M. 
1111151—2. Nathaniel T. m. Elizabeth Rodes. 
1111151—3. Fannie M. m. Dr. E. F. Catterton. 
1111151 — 4. Lucy Ann. 

1111151 — 5. Virginia M. m. Bernard T. Chapman. 
1111151 — 6. Sarah J. m. Thomas A. Chapman. 
1111151—7. James. 

Nathaniel T. Chapman (Jas. E. Chapman, Eliz. E. Chapman, Capt. 
Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Elizabeth Rodes. Nath. T. Chapman served in Pickett's Division, 
C. S. army. 


11111512—1. Willett m. A. B. Wells, of Richmond. 

11111512 — 2. Thomas R. m. Emma Woods: issue, Georgie. 

11111512 — 3. Edmond T. m. Elizli Beckwith: issue, Beckwith and Edm. 

T., Jr. 

11111512 — 4. James Pace m. Mrs. Gertrude Hamner, dau. of Hudson 

Martin : issue, Marion. 

11111512 — 5. Addie m. 1st, Virgil Brown; m. 2d, Mr. Jones, of Phila- 

11111512 — 6. Frances m. Mr. Small, of Richmond: issue; Elizabeth, m. 

Clive Proffit: issue. 


Willett Chapman (Nath. T. Chapman, Jas. E. Chapman, Eliz. E. 
Chapman, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jerli Early, Sr., Tlios. Early, 
John Early) m. A. B. Wells. 


111115121-^L John. 111115121—3. Elizabeth. 

111115121—2. Ruth. 111115121—4. Alexander. 

Addie Chapman (Nath T. Chapman, Jas. E. Chapman, Eliz. E. 
Chapman, Capt Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Tlios. Early, 
John Early) m. Virgil Brown. 


111115125—1. Erastus. 111115125-3. EtheL 

111115125—2. VirgiL 111115125-4. Hattie. 

Frances M. (Fannie) Chapman, (Jas. E. Chapman, Eliz. E. Chap- 
man, Capt Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Tlios. Early, 
John Early) m. Dr. E. Finks Catterton. 

11111513—1. Sarah Early m. George B. ParrotL 

Sarah Catterton (Frances M. Chapman, Jas. E. Chapman, Eliz. E. 
Chapman, Capt Jas. Early, John Early, Jerli Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. George B. Parrott 


111115131—1. Frances F. 
111115131—2. Emory R. 
111115131-3. Bledsoe K 

Virginia M. Chapman (Jas. E. Chapman, Eliz. E. Chapman, James 
E^u-ly, Sr., John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. (1st wife) Bernard T. Chapman. 


11111515—1. James Waggoner. 
11111515—2. Martha Frances m. Mr. Head. 
11111515—3, Wm. E. 
11111515-4. Lila V. 


Sarah J. Chapman (Jas. E. Chapman, Eliz. E. Chapman, Capt 
Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Thomas A. Chapman. 


11111516— L Mary Buford. 

11111516—2. Charles A. 

11111516 — 3. Elizabeth m. C. B. Parrott: issue, Wm. Thomas. 

Wm. T. Chapman (Elizabeth E. Chapman, Capt Jas. Early, John 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Lucy B., dau. of 
Nathaniel Thompson and his wife, Lucy Brown. 


1111152 — 1. J. Thomas m. Francis Blakey: s. p. 
1111152 — 2, Nathaniel B. m. Frances Shearman. 
1111152 — 3. Wm. S. m. Mary Shearman: s. p. Wm. S. Chapman served 

in Pickett*s Div. C. S. anny 
11111552-4. Elizabeth. 

Nathaniel B. Chapman (Wm. T. Chapman, Eliz. E. Chapman, 
Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Frances Shearman. 


11111522 — 1. Hon. John S. m. Sallie Davis (see Frances Early-Davis line). 
11111522—2. Thomas J. m. Gertie Plunkett. 
11111522-^. Bettie. 

Hon. John S. Chapman (Nath. B. Chapman, Wm. T. Chapman, 
Eliz. E. Chapman, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Sallie, dau. of Capt. Isaac Davis and his 
wife, Frances (dau. of James Early). John S. Chapman was a mem- 
ber of the Virginia Senate. 


111115221—1. Nathaniel. 111115221—3. Fannie Carr. 

111115221—2. John S., Jr. 111115221—4. George. 

Thomas J. Chapman (Nath. B. Chapman, Wm. T. Chapman, 
Eliz. E. Chapman, Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thomas Early, John Early) m. Gertie Plunkett. 



111115222—1. Susan. 
111115222—2. George. 
111115222—3. C. Conrad. 

Thomas W. Chapman (Eliz'h E. Chapman, Capt. Jas. Early, John 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st, Martha 
Wilhoit; m. 2d, Eliza Eddins. 


1111153 — 1. James C. m. Ist Kate Bohannon: m: 2d, Stella Fletcher. 

1111153—2. Elizabeth J. 

1111153 — 3. Thomas A. m. Sarah J. Chapman (see above). 

1111153—4. Mary A. 

1111153 — 5. Bernard T. m. 1st, Virginia Chapman: m. 2d, Sarah Banks. 

James C. Chapman (Thos. W. Chapman, Eliz. E. Chapman, Capt. 
Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. 1st, Kate Bohannon: m. 2d Stella Fletcher. 


First Marriage. 

11111531 — 1. Sallie M. m. Smith Blakey: issue, Davis, Finks, Kessie. 
11111531—2. Elizli V. R. m. Saml. W. Lauck (or Locke) : issue, Myrtle, 

11111531—3. George O. m. Will Finks. 
11111531 — 4. Edward E. m. Grace Henshaw. 
11111531—5. Alice G. 

11111531 — 6. Minnie G. m. Zeke Brooking: issue, Zeta. 
11111531—7. Rosa. 
11111531—8. Basil. 
11111531—9. Mason. 

Second Marriage. 

11111531—10. Elva. 
11111531—11. Guy. 

Bernard T. Chapman (Thos. W. Chapman, Eliz'h E. Chapman, 
Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. (1st) Virginia, dau. of Jas. E. and Mary Chapman; m. 
2d, Sarah Banks. 



First Marriage. 

11111535 — 1. James Waggoner. 
11111535—2. Martha Frances. 
11111535—3. Wm. E. 
11111535-^. Lila V. 

Second Marriage. 

11111535—5. Ida Banks. 
11111535—6. Elsie Willie. 

Mary A. B. Chapman (Eliz. E. Chapman, Capt. Jas. Early, John 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Bernard B. 
Thompson, son of Nath. and Lucy Brown-Thompson. 

1111154 — 1. Mary E. m. E. B. Brown. 

Mary E. Chapman (Mary A. B. Chapman, Eliz. E. Chapman, Capt. 

Jaa. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 

E. B. Brown, son of Col. Beverly and wife, Sarah Brown (dau. of 

Bernard Brown). 

ISSUE (Surnamed BROWN). 

11111541 — 1. Bernard A. m. Mary Pollard. Bernard A. Brown served in 

C. S. army. 
11111541—2. Sarah M. m. Gates Garth. 
11111541—3. Lutie S. m. Joab^Durrett. 

Lucy T. Early (Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thomas Early, John Early) m. 1818 Capt. James Simms. One son 
settled in California, and two in Missouri. 

ISSUE (Surnamed SIMMS). 

111116 — 1. William m. Miss Gentry: issue. 

111116—2. Issac: moved West. 

111116—3. Richard: " 

111116—4. Frank: ** 

111116—5. Montgomery T. E. m. Jennie, dau. of Wm. and Eliza Morgan- 

Simms: issue. 
111116—6. Elizabeth m. Lodovick Austin: issue. 

Theodocia White Early (Capt. Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1825 George Stephens: resided in 
Greene county: she d. 1889, aged 80 years. 



111117 — 1. Elizabeth m. James Beazley. 

111117*-2. James m. Bettie Beazley. 

111117.— 3. Fannie. 

111117—4. Catherine. 

111117 — 5. Eliza A. m. Nathaniel B. Early, Sr.: d. s. p. 

111117 — 6. Sttsan B. m. Thomas Almond. 

Susan B. Stephens (Theo. W. E. Stephens, Capt. Jas. Early, John 


Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Thomas Almond. 

1111176—1. Sudie B. m. H. N. Brown. 

Sudie B. Almond (Susan B. S. Almond, Theo. W. E. Stephens, 
Capt Jas. Early, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. H. N. Brown, of Brown's Cove, Albemarle County. H. 
N. Brown served in the Confederate Army. 

11111761 — 1. Sudie B. m. N. B. Early, Jr. (see above). 

Elizabeth Early (John Early, Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas Early, 
John Early) m. Thomas Davis, of Orange county, on Nov. 28, 1783. 


11114 — 1. Thomaa, Jr., m. 1815 Virenda Heoahaw: in 1819 Thos. and 
Virenda Davis deeded to Thos. Henshaw 123 acres of land 
from the division of John Henshaw's estate. In 1832 Thos. 
and Virenda Davis, of Orange county, sold to Albert Early 
a tract of land devised by Jas. Ne¥rman to Mary N. Henshaw. 

11114—2. Sarah m. 1807 Anthony Twyman: issue, dau., Sarah Elizabeth, 
m. William Leyton Early, of Madison county (see above). 

Frances Early (John Early, Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas Early, 
John Early )m. 1787 John A. Michie, son of Wm. Michie, (a des- 
cendant of Andrew Michie, a Burgess of Aberdeen, Scotland, in 
1646) and his wife, Frances Jarman. 

11115 — 1. James H. m. Frances Garth Durrett. 

11115 — 2. Jonathan m. Frances Jarman, dau. of Thos. Jarman, of Albe- 
marle Co. 


11 US— 3. William, unmarried. 

11115-4. John E. 

11115-5. Robert T. 

11115—6. Mary, 

11115—7. Nancy, 

11115-8. Frances, 

11115—9. Sarah, 

11115 — 10. Theodocia m. Edmund Brown, son of Capt. Brighberry Brown 

and Susan Thompson: issue, MarshalL 
11115 — 11. Elizabeth m. Belazeel G. Brown. 
11115—12. Martha m. . 

James H. Michie (Frances E. Michie, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thomas Early, John Early) m. Frances Garth Durrett (sister of 
Sarah Durrett who m. John Early) . J. H. Michie was high sheriflf and 
presiding justice of Albemarle county. 


111151 — 1. Dr. James Augustus m. Susan Jackson. 

111151—2. Susan. 

111151—3. Vii^inia. 

111151—4. Mary Elizabeth m. Wm. T. Early, of CharlottesviUe (see 

111151 — 5. Addie m. John Gilchrist, of Courtlandy Ala. 
111151 — 6. Thomas Garth m. 1st, Mary Bugg, of Mt Holly, N. J.; s. p.: 

2d, Sarah Jackson, sister of Susan Jackson-Michie. 
111151 — 7. Hamilton (M. A) m. Miss Lafferty: died young. 
111151—8. Theresa. 
111151 — 9. Captain Henry Clay m. Miss Sykes, of Alabama: residence, 

**The Meadows,** Albemarle County, Va. : d. aged 85 years. 

Dr. James Augustus Michie (Frances E. Michie, John Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Susan, dau. of Joshua and 
Amanda Early- Jackson. 


1111511—1. 2. d. infanu. 

1111511 — 3. William P.: residence near Earlysville. 

1111511—4. General Ro. E. Lee m. : d. aged 54 years. 

1111511 — 5. Susie, d. unmarried. 

1111511—6. J. Newton. Professor of Math, and Science in Texas College; 

m. in Norfolk. 

General Robert E. Lee Michie, son of Dr. Jas. Aug. and Susan 
Jackson-Michie, graduate from West Point Acad, in 1885, was 


a brilliant soldier on Fitz Lee's staff in Spanish- American war: 
member of the general staff 1903-7, again in 1914. Chief aide to 
Gen. Hugh L. Scott, whom he accompanied on important missions 
to the Piute Indian country, where he quelled an Indian uprising. 
When Scott visited the bandit Villa and Mexican authorities at El 
Paso, Michie greatly assisted him. He accompanied Scott on the 
Am. mission to Russia in 1917: was made Brig'r General in command 
of the 53d Inf. Nat. army at Camp Wadsworth, South Carolina, and 
after training his troops, went at their head to France. Died June 5, 
1918, on railroad train near Rouen, France. 

Thomas Garth Michie (James H. Michie, Frances E. Michie, John 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 2d, Sarah Jack- 
son, dau. of Joshua and Amanda Early- Jackson: residence near 
Batesville: member of county school board from the adoption of 
public school system in Virginia: d. at ''Oak Hill," near Miller 
school, aged 85 years. 


1111516—1. Thos. Stonewall Jackson m. Mrs. Mollie Sykes. 

1111516—2. Jas. Hamilton m. Ist, ; 2d, Early. 

1111516-3. Helen. 

1111516 — 4. Elizabeth Early m. Jno. Wm. Johnson. 
1111516 — 5. Elwood }. in P. 0. DepL, Washington. 
1111516—6. Henry Clay killed by a fall, aged 32 years. 
1111516—7. Davis d. infant. 

1111516—8. Sallie m. Warfield Bailey, of England: residence, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Elizabeth E. Michie (Thos. G. Michie, Jas. H. Michie, Frances E. 
Michie, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
John W. Johnson, of Washington P. 0. Dept. 


11115164—1. Mary Elizabeth. 
11115164—2. Lucile. 
11115164—3. Miriam. 

Elizabeth Michie (Frances Early-Michie, John Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Bezaleel G. Brown, son of Bernard 
Brown and his wife, Elizabeth Dabney. 



11115B — 1. William Dabney d. unmarried. 

11115B — 2. Addison d. young. 

11115B — ^3. John Augustus M. m. Columbia Brown. 

11115B-4. Martha m. C. H. Parrott. 

11115B — 5. Cynthia m. Colonel Win. Harris Brown. 

11115B — 6. Angeline M. m. Dr. George Whitfield Kemper, Jr. 

11115B — 1, Mary Frances m. Waller Harris. 

Angeline M. Brown (Eliz'h M. Brown, Frances E. Michie, John 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m* Dr. George 
W. Kemper, b. 1814, json of Gea. W. Kemper, Sr., (and wife, Matilda 
Wilson, dau. of Joseph Graham, of Port Republic, Va.) son of 
Charles Kemper (b. 1756 in Fauquier Co., Va., a Revolutionary 
soldier and county surveyor) and his wife, Susannah, (dau. of Henry 
Mauzy, a Huguenot) son of John Peter Kemper (b. 1717 at Ger- 
mania, Va.) and his wife Elizabeth, dau. of John Fishback, of 
Tuibach, near Segar, in Nassau, Germany, — son of John Kemper, b. 
1692 in Musen, Germany, came to America in 1714, m. at Ger- 
mania, Alice, dau. of Herman Utterbach, of Culpeper Co., the son 
of John Geo. Kemper, of Musen, Germany. 


11115B6 — 1. Frances Michie m. Gen. Wm. Hugh Young. 

11115B6 — 2. John m. Octovia : residence Pearsall) Texas. 

11115B6 — 3. (son) killed in the Confederate Army. 

Frances M. Kemper (Angeline M. Brown-Kemper, . Eliz^h M. 
Brown, Frances E. Michie, John Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Gen. William Hugh Young. 

11115B61 — 1. Dr. Hugh Hampton m. Bessie Mason Colston. 

Dr. Hugh Hampton Young (Frances M. K. Young, Angeline M. 
B. Kemper, Elizabeth M. Brown, Frances E. Michie, John Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1870 at San Antonio, 
Texas, (son of Gen. Wm. Hugh Yoimg, b. 1838, at Booneville, Mo., 
and wife, Frances Michie Kemper) m. 1901 Bessie Mason (b. 1879 
at Catonsville, Md.) dau. of Captain Frederick Morgan Colston (son 
of Josiah and Eliza Pendleton Tutt-Colston ) and his wife, Clara, the 


dau. of Judge John A. Campbell, of Alabama, formerly of the U. S. 
Supreme Court and later Ass't Sec. of War of the Confederate States. 

General Wm. Hugh Young (a brigadier general in the Confederate 
Army) was the son of Hugh Franklin Young b. 1808 in Rockbridge 
Co., Va., a prominent lawyer and judge in Sherman, Texas, — also 
a Confederate veteran and married to Frances Gibson. Judge H. 
F. Young was the son of Hugh Young (b. 1772 in Rockbridge Co., 
one of 7 sons in the war of 1812) and wife, Sari^ Steele, — who 
was son of John Young (b. 1737 in Augusta Co., Va., com- 
missioned captain of Augusta Militia 1775) and wife, Mary White, — 
the son of Hugh Young (bom in Ulster, Ireland, who came to 
America with the Scott- Irish Presbyterian emigration) and his wife, 
Agnes . 

Dr. Hugh H. Young at sixteen years of age enlisted in the Texas 
Militia, and when eighteen became first lieutenant of the Maverick 
Rifles: attended Virginia collegiate institutions and in 1890 entered 
the University of Va., taking the arts course preparatory to a degree 
of Master of Arts: during his third year, entered the medical course, 
graduated with degrees of B. A. and M. A. in 1893 and next year 
obtained the degree of Doctor of Medicine: in the latter part of 1894 
he was a post graduate student in medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospi- 
tal; during the summer of 1895 was resident pathologist at Thomas 
Wilson Sanitorium, near Baltimore. From 1895 to '98 was assistant 
resident surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital; from 1898 till the 
present time, has been chief in the department of Urology and 
Urological Surgery at J. H. Hospital and University: present title 
Director of the Brady Urological Institute at the Hospital and 
Clinical Professor of Urology at the University. On May 25, 1917, 
Dr. Young entered the U. S. Army as major of the Medical Corps, 
accompanying General Pershing to Europe on the S. S. Baltic: was 
requested by Pershing to organize a department of urology for the 
American Ex. Forces and was made the first medical consultaat, 
others being appointed later: served at this department till Dec. 
1918, taking part in the great offensives of the American Army: 
received citation with Distinguished Service Medal for work in the 
A. E. F. and conunendatory letters from Gen. Pershing. At request 
of President Wilson he was sent to Paris; was ordered by Pershing to 
operate on the American Ambassador to Russia, who had been trans- 
ported from Russia on a warship. He returned to the U. S. on 


Jan'y 26, 1919: resigned from the army Jan'y 28th. Since Nov. 
9, 1917, has held the rank of Colonel of the Medical Corps. Dr. 
Yomig has been president of various city, state and national so- 
cieties: his principal work has been devoted to Urological Surgery 
upon which he has written several books also made about one 
hundred reports on various topics: resides at a beautiful country 
place in Roland Park, a suburb of Baltimore. 


111156611—1. Frances Kemper, b. 1902. 
11115B611— 2. Frederick Colston, b. 1904. 
11115B611— 3. Helen Hampton b. 1908. 
11115B611-4. Elizabeth Campbell b. 1914. 









Jeremiah Early (2nd of the name) b. 1730 was the second sop 
of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Buford) Early of Culpeper County: he is 
several times recorded as a witness to deeds of sale to and from 
his father while he lived in the same county. During the French 
and Indian wars he served as a lieutenant from the Augusta Military 
District: moved to Bedford with his relatives, James, William and 
Henry Buford, the sons of John Buford, also of Culpeper. Bed- 
ford was formed in 1753 from Lunenburg: its boundaries ex- 
tended north and south by James and Staunton rivers, with the 
Blue Ridge Mountains (at their greatest height on the Peaks of 
Otter) crossing the horizon right and left. The county was still in 
an unformed state when Jeremiah Early arrived there. 

In 1755 he purchased from John Gibson, of Bedford, 200 acres 
of land lying in Russell parish and in the deed of transfer is 
recorded as "Jeremiah Early of Augusta county." New London, 
previous to , 1753 was the county seat of Lunenburg, but then 
became county seat for Bedford. Here in May 1756 Jeremiah Early 
was foreman of a grand jury of inquest: in June of the same year 
he was a member of a jury formed of the most capable free-holders: 
in 1757 he received an order of court for "laying the Court House 
flores, .sealing the House and making a Barr" for which he was 
allowed 3,743 lbs. of tobacco. 

In 1758 he purchased from William Bryan, of Albemarle, 2(X) 
acres on both sides of Elk creek in Bedford: also a parcel of land 
lying on the north side of the road to Warwick, from the trustees 
of Bedford Co., upon which he agreed to build within one year. At 
this time he was appointed overseer of the road (there was but one 
county road) : received his commission as a justice of the peace, 
which office he held to the end of his life: he had remained in the 


militia and this year was promoted from lieutenant to captain of 
the Bedford company. 

In 1759 he was commissioned to procure weights and measures for 
Bedford Co., and for this service was paid 4,500 lbs. of tobacco: 
at this time he sold a lot in New London upon which he had 
built: together with Benjamin Howard was paid 8,000 lbs. 
of tobacco towards the building of a prison for Bedford: bought 
from the executors of Richard Randolph 304 acres (part of a 
patent of 1,000 acres) on both sides of Erwin's creek, a fork of 

In 1760 he was ordered to procure 2 locks for the Court House 
(for which he was allowed 64 lbs. of tobacco) : was appointed to 
take the list of tithes. 

In November 1761 Col. Wm. Callaway made a free gift of 100 
acres of land adjoining the Court House at New Londan; Jeremiah 
Early, Richard and James Callaway were among the trustees ap- 
pointed. Jeremiah Early was appointed a justice in the court of 
Chancery. This year he bought of Edward Watts 102 acres on Elk 
creek: sold to John Burks 304 acres on both sides of Otter river: 
bought of George Walton, of Lunenburg County, 241 acres of Bed- 
ford land: bought one half acre lot (in partnership with Joshua 
Early) in New London, upon which they built a store house: received 
90 lbs. of tobacco for mending the prison. In 1762 Jeremiah Early, 
William Irvine and Jacob Anderson were appointed to view the way 
for a road to his (Early's) place: Early was appointed to list tithes 
for the year: to lay prison bounds: to build stocks and pillory: repair 
the Court House and clerk's office: appointed in 1763 to employ some 
person to repair the prison and have three pairs of handcuffs made 
for county use. This year he bought of Joshua Early 100 acres on 
the branches of Elk creek: sold to Jeremiah, Sr., (his father) of 
Culpeper county 300 acres on both sides of Elk creek: bou^t of 
Joseph Gibson 200 acres on the south side of Elk creek: also 260 
acres beginning at Callaway and Walton's comer: was appointed 
to list tithes from Hairston's precinct up all the waters of James 

In 1764, as captain of a company of militia, took oath to His 
Majesty, etc: sold to Jas. Callaway 200 acres on the south side of Elk 
creek: bought of Callaway 490 acres on the north side of Staunton 
river: bought of James Buford 558 acres on the north side of Bur- 


ton's branch: was appointed (with two other justices) to view the 
way for two new roads from New London: appointed to take charge 
of the county standards he had procured: produced a certificate for 
885 lbs. of gross hemp raised on his land. In 1765 sold to Josias 
Cofer 373 acres on the south side of Elk creek : received 5,169 lbs. of 
tobacco for supplying the county standards. 

In 1769 received a grant of 275 acres of land on the north side 
of Goose creek adjoining his place: received a second grant of 
270 acres. 

In 1770 erected a mill at the mouth of Goose creek: bought of 
George Phillips 100 acres on the north side of Goose creek. In 1772 
was appointed High Sheriff of Bedford county. 

His first wife (Sarah Anderson, to whom he was m. 1750) died 
about 1770; he married (in 1773) 2nd, Mary Stith, sister of Richard 
Stith, county surveyor. 

In 1775-6 was ^'transacting public business*' with Col. William 
Cabell (chairman of the Amherst committee) : on March 2nd, 1776, 
received of Col. Cabell £72 by John Talbot's order for the recruiting 
service of Bedford. 

On March 23rd, 1778, he was commissioned lieutenant-colonel 
of militia: recommended to the Governor for the office of colonel, 
received his commission and qualified Dec. 28, 1778. 

An act for disposing of the glebe of Russell parish, Bedford 
county, in 1779, was vested in Jeremiah Early, Rich'd Stith, Wm. 
Leftwich, Jas. Callaway and James Quarles, gentlemen in trust: the 
money to be laid out in a more convenient glebe. 

Jeremiah Early's will written July 29, 1779, witnessed by Harry 
Innes, Joseph Toler and Wm. Bates was proved September 27th 
and ordered recorded: Col. James Callaway, son-in-law and Joseph 
Early, his son, appointed executors, acknowledged their bonds in 
the sum of £200,000 each, for faithful administration of decedent's 
estate. The will bequeathed, to his wife, the plantation on which 
he lived with such slaves, stocks, furnishings, etc., as was necessary 
for her maintenance, also his riding chair and two horses: all of 
which after the death of his wife, was to be divided between his 
children Elizabeth Callaway, Jenny, Jeffrey, Sarah and Abner Early. 
To his son Jacobus was given the land on which he (Jacobus) lived, 
with 500 acres together on Sycamore creek in Pittsylvania County : to 
sons Joseph, John and Jubal, the Washington Iron Works in Henry 


county, also bar iron, certain slaves and stock. To son Jeffrey a 
tract on Goose creek and Staunton river. To son Abner the plan- 
tation lent his wife during her lifetime. To daus. Judith Callaway, 
Jenny and Sarah Early and son Jeremiah money and furnishings. 
The slaves not disposed of were to be divided between certain 
children. If Jeremiah did not claim his legacy within three 
years' time it was to be divided equally between Jeffrey and 
Abner. Col. Early left a very large personalty in slaves, stock, 
bonds, etc. His sons all moved from Bedford; the lands of Jacobus 
and Abner being cut off into Campbell at the formation of that 
county: Jacobus, late in life, moved to Roanoke county. The 
property of Joseph, John and Jubal lay in Henry county where 
Joseph died young and unmarried; John and Jubal settled in 
Franklin County; Jeremiah went, at an early age, to Surry County, 
North Carolina: Jeffrey followed the fortune seekers to Wilkes 
county, Georgia. Jenny is the only one of four daughters of whom 
no record is found ; it is said that she married into the Hairston con- 
nection. Joseph Early d. 1780, the settlement of his father's estate 
fell to Col. Jas. Callaway, who in 1782 proved that Jer'h Early's 
estate had furnished 1,425 lbs. of beef to sundry continental troops 
at New London in 1781. 

(In 1780 the states were called upon to furnish in lieu of money, 
determinate quantities of beef, pork, flour, etc., for the use of the 
army, called a tax in kindy but this being difficult of execution was 
soon abandoned. Congress then issued a new species of paper 
money, guaranteed by the states. These new bills were to be re- 
deemed within six years and in specie, but from the partial com- 
pliance of the states, the new paper answered little purpose. The 
several expedients proposed by Congress for raising supplies having 
failed a crisis followed in 1781.) 


1112— L Jacobus b. 1750 m. Sarah Wall. 

1112—2. Judith b. 1752 m. 1st, John Pate: m. 2nd Capt. Charles Callaway. 

1112 — 3. Jeremiah b. 1754 m. Rebecca Freeman. 

1112—4. Joseph b. 1756 d. 1780, unmarried. 

1112—5. John b. 1757 m. Elizabeth Cheatham. 

1112 — 6. Elizabeth b. 1759 m. Col. James Callaway. 

1112—7. Jenny, b. 1761 m. . 

1112-6. JeflFrey b. 1762 m. A. L . 


1112—9 Jubal b. 1764 m. Mary Cheatham. 
1112—10. Sarah b. 1766 m. William Anderson. 
1112 — 11. Abner b. 1768 m. Docia Anderson. 

Capt. Jacobus Early (Col. Jeremiah Early, Jeremiah Early, Sr., 
Thomas Early, John Early) b. 1750 m. Sarah Wall: residence 
Campbell county, Va. 

In 1779 Col. Jeremiah Early devised to his "son, Jacobus, the land 
whereon he now lives beginning at Goose creek to the mouth of 
William's branch (the new survey made on Leftwich's line) to- 
gether with all the lands purchased of Thorp and Buford; also 
500 acres on Sycamore creek in the county of Pittsylvania," (the 
county formed in 1770 from Halifax). 

In 1781 Jacobus Early furnished the deputy commissary of 
prisoners with two and a half bushels of meal: also furnished "the 
commissary Law" with 600 lbs. of beef for the army. Being recom- 
mended this year to the governor as a proper person to execute 
the ottce of captain of militia, was commissioned in 1782 as the 
captain of the Campbell county militia: he had already served as 
captain of a Bedford company, but the latter had claimed a dis- 
charge after six weeks enrollment from the time of marching out 
of the county, with the plea that the county lieutenant had promised 
that they should not be compelled to serve longer than six weeks. 

In the year 1782 by act of Assembly, Campbell county was formed 
from Bedford: the land of Jacobus Early was within the limits of 
the new county. In 1782-3-4 orders were issued for the numbering 
of souls and the listing of tithes and taxable property in the bounds 
of Capt Jacobus Early's company. In 1792 Jacobus bought 115 
acres in Campbell (beginning at a line patented by Henry Snow to 
an oak on Watery Branch) of Mark and Eliz'h Snow, then in Wilkes 
County, Ga., power of atty, from Wilkes being produced entitled 
"An act to enable persons living in other countries to dispose of 
their estates in this commonwealth with more ease and convenience." 

In 1793 Jacobus sold to John Lee 520 acres on both sides of 
Goose creek, north side of Staunton river by Callaway's corner. 
This was the land upon which he resided and it lay at the junction 
of Goose creek and Staunton river, where the town of Leesville 
is situated. Upon the purchase of the tract of land, his dwelling- 
house (then called a mansion) became the home of Lee. In the 


year 1818 there was a boom for building towns along the water 
courses, supposed to be navigable for batteaux, Staunton river be- 
ing one of the streams. John Lee conceived the idea of locating 
a town on his land to be called '^Leesville," surveyed and laid off 
in half acre lots 100 acres of which he sold in July 1818 enough to 
pay him $20,000, reserving the homestead and lots attached, then 
stopped further sales. Lee died in 1819 and the old mansion be- 
came the property of his son Richard, who resided in it until 1826. 
No one purchasing the lots put improvements on them and no 
business was attempted until Stephen Terry rented the old Early 
residence in the year 1826 and converted it into a store house: he 
also opened a tobacco factory in the town, — ^many industries were 
started by others. About 1830 Terry became dissipated and began 
to neglect his business and it closed in 1831. Jacobus Early sold 
the 500 acres on Sycamore creek, Pittsylvania Co., willed him by 
his father, to Eklward Bybee in 1794, and appears to have moved 
then from Campbell. In 1802 he was given a deed of trust by 
Patton Anderson, of Botetourt Co., for entering as security on his 
bond. In 1893 he bought of Sam'l G. Adams two lots, with all 
appurtenances thereon, in the town of Antwerp, Botetourt Co. He 
moved to the part of Montgomery which was cut off to form Roa- 
noke county: there he d. in 1815, but left no will; his son, Abner 
was appointed administrator. 


11121—1. Abncr. 

11121—2. Jubal. 

11121 — 3. Jeremiah. 

11121—4. Elizabeth W. b. 1792 m. 1812 Enos Goodwin. 

Elizabeth Wall Early (Capt. Jacobus Early, Col. Jeremiah Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) b. 1792 m. 1812 Enos 
Goodwin (b. 1789 the son of Joseph and Margaret Thomas-Goodwin 
of Augusta Co., Va.) who moved early in life to Roanoke county 
then a part of Montgomery, and settled near Salem. Enos Goodwin 
was a descendant of the Hon. James Goodwin, judge of the Queen's 
Court in the early settlement of Jamestown. He volunteered to 
serve in the war with Great Britain in 1812, but was rejected on 
account of disability. Elizabeth Goodwin died in 1828; her hus- 


band outlived her many years and married a second time: he was 
a farmer; died 1861, both are buried near Salem. 


111214 — 1. Abner b. 1813 m. Sarah Deaton: moved to Kanawha Co. 

111214^2. Joseph b. 1815 m. Leanna Windle. 

111214—3. David Wall b. 1817 m. Catherine Mitchell. 

111214—4. Sarah b. 1819 m. Joseph Stover. 

111214—^. Jeremiah Early b. 1821 m. Sarah Jane Carr. 

111214 — 6. Martha b. 1823 m. Gustavus Beemer. 

111214—7. Matilda b. 1825 m. Samuel Beemer. 

Joseph Goodwin (Eliz'h W. E. Goodwin, Capt. Jacobus Early, 
Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. 
Leanna Windle: residence Roanoke coimty. 

1112142—1. Frank P. b. 1851 m. MoUie Mitchell. 

Frank P. Goodwin (Jos. Goodwin, Eliz'h W. E. Goodwin, Capt. 
Jacobus Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Mollie Mitchell: he d. 1917. 


11121421—1. Grace. 11121421—5. Ethel Gay. 

11121421—2. Jasper. 11121421—6. Harriett C. 

11121421—3. Virginia. 11121421—7. Joseph Frank. 

11K1421— 4. Mary. 11121421-6. RusseU d. 1918. 

David Wall Goodwin (Eliz'h W. E. Goodwin, Capt. Jacobus Early, 
Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thgmas Early, John Early) b. 
1817 m. Catherine Mitchell: he d. 1898. 


1112143—1. Henry b. 1854 m. Miss Epley. 

1112143—2. Lucy b. 1859 m. Rev. Robert Scott: issue, 1 son. Rev. 

Scott d. 1914. 

Rev. Jeremiah Early Goodwin (Eliz'h W. E. Goodwin, Capt. 
Jacobus Early, Col. Jeremiah Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, 
John Early) b. 1821 m. 1852 Sarah Jane (b. 1830) dau. of Wm. 
C. and Eliz'h Bane-Carr, of Giles county; grand dau. of Rev. John 


Carr, who was a chaplain in the Rev'y Army, and who established 
the first Methodist church east of the Alleghany Mountains. The 
part of the county in which Jer'h E. Goodwin was bom was known 
as Montgomery (divided later to form Roanoke Co.) : he was edu- 
cated at Emory and Henry College; was a member of the Methodist 
church and for 52 years in the ministry. When he began to preach, 
church buildings were scarce and religious services were often held 
in private residences: Wm. Carr's home was thus used and while 
travelling the Giles county circuit, the Rev. Goodwin met and mar- 
ried his wife. After his marriage he located at Bluestone, Tazewell 
Co.; at end of three years moved to Lee Co. where he remained for 
two years; in 1857 went to Kentucky — was one of the first settlers 
in Pulaski Co., making his home in the town of Science Hill: there 
he lived till his death in 1902 at the age of 81 years: his wife also 
died at Science Hill; both are buried in the Goodwin cemetery-lot 
at Somerset, Ky. 


1112145—1. William Jesse b. 1853 m. 1884 Marietu Ingram. 
1112145—2. Mary Matilda b. 1855 m. 1880 Rev. V. T. Willis. 
1112145—3. Elizabeth Ann b. 1864 m. 1887 P. B. Hood, of Charlotte, 

No. Ca., d. s. p. at Science Hill, 1915. 

Wm. Jesse Goodwin (Rev. Jer'h E. Goodwin, Eliz'h E. 
Goodwin, Capt. Jacobus Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) b. in Tazewell Co., Va., 1853, m. 
Marietta, dau. of Geo. W. and Lucinda Cullom-Ingram, at Monti- 
cello, Ky. Mrs. Goodwin's father owned a fine farm in Wayne 
county: two of her uncles (Cullom) were members of the U. S. 
Congress. Wm. J. Goodwin 'taught school in Roanoke Co. in 1872: 
taught in Science Hill in 1873: was a member of an engineering 
corps in 1874 for surveying the So. R. R. from Cincinnati to Chatta- 
nooga: returned home and established the town of Science Hill on 
land he had purchased, and entered into mercantile business. At 
the end of 20 years he moved to the county seat, Somerset, where 
he built a large brick store house: was made director and vice pres. 
of the 1st Nat. Bank of Somerset: also director of 1st Nat. bank of 
Meridian, Miss. After ten years' residence in Somerset he moved 
to Lexington, Ky., and entered the wholesale grocery business, con- 


tinuing in this very successfully for twelve years, when his health 
becoming enfeebled, he retired. 


11121451 — 1. William Ingram b. 1885 m. Minerva Jewell Embry: issue. 

He is chairman of Board of Salesmen of Franklin Baker 

Cocoanut Co., Phil. 

_ « , . 1 Partners in automobile business un- 

11121451-2. George Early b. 1888. 1 j^, ^ ..g^j^^ p.^y 

11121451-^. Joseph A. b. 1890. J ^^^^^ Company." at Lexington. Ky. 

11121451-4. MarietU Elizabeth b. 1894 m. Lieut Dwight Tenney. 

Marietta Eliz'h Goodwin (Wm. J. Goodwin, Rev. Jer'h E. Good- 
win, Eliz'h W. E. Goodwin, Capt. Jacobus Early, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Lt. Dwight Tenney, 
(of the Transport "Madawaska" in the world's war 1918), son of 
L. S. Tenney, atty-at-law of New York; a graduate of Columbia 
Univ.: residence East Orange, N. J. 

111214514—1. Mary Louise b. 1918. 

Mary Matilda Goodwin (Rev. Jer'h E. Goodwin, Eliz'h W. E. 
Goodwin, CapL Jacobus Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Rev. V. T. Willis, Meth. minister: resi- 
dence Somerset, Ky. 


11121452—1. Lillian Grace. 
11121452—2. Ida Marie. 
11121452—3. Maud Goodwin. 

Judith Early (Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) b. 1752, incurred her father's displeasure by marrying 
in her early teens; she 1st m. John Pate, who d. soon after their 
marriage: m. 1768 2nd, (while still under age) Capt. Charles Calla- 
way, son of Col. William Callaway and his 2nd wife. Miss Crawford, 
of Bedford County; also brother of Col. James CallaWay. Charles 
Callaway entered the Rev'y army (at Staunton in Dec. 1777 to serve 
during the war) as a member of Capt. Hazen's Co. of Continental 
Troops. His name appears on an ape. dated Dec. 1779, showing 


that supplies were issued to him at Staunton, and that he was 
paid at Yorktown by Lt. Michael Montgomery for services in the 
army. Judith E. Callaway d. 1814; Charles Callaway d. 1827. 
The family have in their possession a miniature portrait of Capt. 
Callaway, painted in 1815. 

11122—1. John b. 1767. 


11122—2. Joel b. 1769 m. 1793 Lucy Ashlon. 

11122—3. Achilles b. 1771. 

11122-^. WiUiam b. 1773. 

11122 — 5. Sarah b. 1775 m. John Anderson. 

11122—6. James b. 1777 m. Ellen Lewis. 

11122—7. Mary ("Polly") b. 1779 d. 1854. 

11122—6. Charles b. 1781 m. Eliza Green. 

11122—9. Judith b. 1783 (d. 1848) m. Wm. Shands: issue, dau. m. 

Kabler, of Campbell Co. 
11122—10. John C. b. 1785 m. 1819 Anna Dodson. 
11122—11. Francis b. 1787 (d. 1846) m. Eliza. Graham: issue, Fannie 

E. and Jas. G. 
11122— 12.Henry b. 1792 m. Miss Lewis. 

Joel Callaway (Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer*h Early, Jer*h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Lucy, dau. of Jesse Ashton. 
Family moved to Giles Co. Tenn. 


111222 — 1. Mildred m. Harding Cunningham. 

111222—2. Mary. 

111222—3. WilHam m. . 

Sarah Callaway (Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John Anderson (b. 1768) son of 
Jacob and Mary Callaway- Anderson : Mrs. Anderson d. 1848. 


111225 — 1. George d. young. 
111225—2. Mildred " 

111225—3. Judith Early b. 1802, m. Thomas Franklin. 
111225 — 4. Charles d. young. 

111225—5. Martha J. b. 1805 d. 1846 m. Capt. John Franklin. 
111225 — 6. Catherine Callaway m. Morton Pannill: issue, Edward, Sarah. 

Ann M. (d. young), George, Adeline. 


111225—7. Frances S. b. 1810 d. aged 21 years. 

11122S-«. Sarah J. b. 1812 m. C. G. Terry. 

111225—9. Jacob H. b. 1814 d. 1857 m. Sarah J. Leftwich. 

Judith E. Anderson (Sarah C. Anderson, Judith E. Callaway, Col. 
Jer*h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Jhos. Early, John Early) m. Thomas 
Franklin, of Pittsylvania county, son of Edward and Eliza Cook- 


1112253—1. Sarah C. m. John D. Lee. She d. 1862 s. p. 
1112253—2. Mary Ann m. 1st John W. Adams: m. 2nd Raleigh T. 


Mary Ann Franklin (Judith E. A. Franklin, Sarah C. An- 
derson, Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. 1st John W. Adams (who was killed at 
Hunter's raid on Lynchburg June 1864) m. 2nd Raleigh T. Vaughan, 
of Pittsylvania county, Va. 


11122532—1. Sarah Judith m. Raleigh T. Jackson. 
11122532—2. Joel T. m. Kate C. dau. of Maj. David R. Snow, of Pittsyl- 
vania: issue, David Carlyle. 
11122532-^. Mary m. 

11122532 — 4. William H. m. Emma Hughes: issue Annie K. and Marie C. 
11122532—5. James Raleigh. 

11122532—6. Emma Franklin m. Leo Arthur: issue 3 ch. 
11122532—7. Salhe Elizabeth. 
11122532-«. Morton PannUL 

Martha J. Anderson (Sarah C. Anderson, Judith E. Callaway, Col. 
Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1827 
Capt. John Franklin, eldest son of Edw. and Eliza Cook-Franklin. 


1112255—1. John Anderson b. 1828 m. Susan J. Penick. 

1112255—2. Sarah Frances b. 1830 m. 1st Jas. W. Simpson: m. 2nd Nath. 

C. Atkinson. 
1112255—3. William Edward b. 1831, served in 2nd Va. Cav. C. S. 

Army under Stuart: took cold in service, d. Apr. 1863. 


1112255—4. Eliza Elvira b. 1833 m. Archie W. Moore. 

1112255—5. Martha Cook b. 1834, m. 1853 Rd. W. Walden: d. of fever 

1853 8. p. 
1112255 — 6. Jacob Henry b. 1836, m. 1st Eliz'h Frances Bennett: m. 2nd 

1112255—7. Lucy A. b. 1837 d. 1870 m. Ist A. B. Hale: m. 2nd S. M. 


1112255 — 8. James, Jr., b. 1839 m. Ist Lucy A. Mays; m. 2nd Anna Bird 


1112255 — 9. Thomas Cook b. 1840: enlisted in C. S. Army Apr. 1861, Co. 

"I" 2nd Va. Cav., Capt. Jack Alexander: imprisoned some 
time at Fort Delaware: returned to Leesville: sergeant 
of Lynchburg: d. 1871. 

1112255—10. Charles Callaway b. 1842: enlisted in Capt. Burford's Co. 

*'C" 42d Va. Inf., Jackson*s Division, promoted lieutenant: 
killed May 1, 1863, while in command of his company 
at Chancellorsville : remains interred at old Anderson 
burying ground near Leesville, Va., beside his mother, 
brother William and sister, Mrs. Martha Walden. 

1112255—11. Nancy C. b. 1844 m. Eppa Guthrie. 

1112255—12. Emmeline J. b. 1845 m. Jos. L. Lee. 

John A. Franklin (Martha J. A. Franklin, Sarah C. Anderson, 
Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1st 1856 Susan J. Penick, of Pittsylvania county; 
moved to Texas where his wife died: returned to Virginia: m. 2nd 
Julia A. Lee, who died in less than a year: m. 3rd, Bettie R. Fergu- 
son, whose father had moved to Texas at the time he went. . 


(1st marriage) 
11122551—1. William L. m. 1886 Miss Jones. 

(3rd marriage) 


11122551—2. Robert H. d. infant, 

11122551 — ^3. Rebecca J. m. Ist John J. Hancock: m. 2nd G. E. Day (s. p.) 

11122551 — 4. Charles Anderson m. Ella G. Caulfield, of Texas. 

11122551—5. Mollie J. m. J. T. Bell. 

11122551—6. John Callaway. 

11122551—7. Ida L. 

11122551-6. David Edward. 

11122551 — 9. Bettie A. m. Dr. Stephen Grant, of Rugby, Texas. 

11122551—10. Frances E. 


Wm. L. Franklin (John A. Franklin, Martha J. A. Franklin, 
Sarah C. Anderson, Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Miss Jones, of Gudolia, 


111225511—1. Wm. L,, Jr. 111225511-4, Mollic 0. 

111225511—2. Bonnie S. 111225511—5. John A. 

111225511—3. Clyde. 111225511—6. Pansy. 

Rebecca J. Franklin (John A. Franklin, Martha J. A. Franklin, 
Sarah C. Anderson, Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st John J. Hancock, of 
Texas, who was killed: m. 2nd G. E. Day s. p. 


111225513—1. Lewis J. 
111225513—2. Charles L. 
111225513—3. John Henry. 

Mollie K. Franklin (John A. Franklin, Martha J. A. Franklin, 
Sarah C. Anderson, Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. J. T. Bell, of Texas. 


111225515— L Loy W. 111225515-4. John M. 

111225515—2. Rebecca E. 111225515—5. Georgia. 

111225515-3. M. Roy. 111225515—6. J. Thomas, Jr. 

Sarah Frances Franklin (Martha J. A. Franklin, Sarah C. Ander- 
son, Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. 1st 1848 Jas. W. Simpson, of Pittsylvania, 
who was killed by a runaway horse. She m. 2nd Nath. Coleman 
Atkinson: Mrs. Atkinson d. 1871. 


11122552—1. Martha J. W. m. Ist D. T. Walker: m. 2nd Col. Joshua L. 



11122552 — 2. Alonzo Thomas m. Lizzie L. Carson: issue, Otey C, John 

C, Wellford C, Houston. 


11122552 — 3. Mary Evelyn m. Jas. Mann Peak: issue, Malcolm A., Clifford 

H., Geo. B., Jas. Latham. 
11122552 — 4. Mortimer Adolphus m. Jennie Irvin: issue, Jas. S., Leon 

Estes, Clifford L., Nath. Coleman. 

Martha J. W. Simpson (Sarah F. F. Simpson, Martha J. A. 
Franklin, Sarah C. Anderson, Judith £. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st D. T. Walker, who 
served through the war '61-65 in 2nd Va. Cav. Army Nor. Va.: d. 
1866 m. 2nd Col. Joshua T. Atkinson, also a veteran of C. S. army: 
d. 1886. 

111225521—1. Edgar Franklin b. 1866. 


111225521—2. Lucy H. 111225521—6. Pearl. 

111225521—3. Morton P. 111225521—7. James. 

111225521—4. Panay S. 111225521—8. Ruby B. 

111225521—5. Joshua L. 111225521—9. Mary E. 

Eliza Elvira Franklin (Martha J. A. Franklin, Sarah C. Anderson, 
Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1856 Archibald W. Moore. 


11122554^1. Franklin. 11122554-4. Robert 

11122554—2. Lelia m. C. H. Wright 11122554—5. Mattie J. m. J. H. 
11122554—3. Ella d. 1891. Robertson. 

Jacob Henry Franklin (Martha J. A. Franklin, Sarah C. Franklin, 
Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) b. 1836 m. 1861 Elizabedi Frances Bennett (b. 1842) a 
descendant of Major John Ward and his son Capt. Wm. Ward, of 
the Revolutionary army: she d. 1876 and Jacob H. Franklin m. a 
second time s. p.: he was a captain in the Confederate army, and 
was transferred to the Quartermaster's Department with the title 
of major: d. 1898. 


11122556 — 1. Richard Jones m. Annie, dau. of Dr. Livingston, of Platts- 

mouth. Neb.: d. in Denver 1891 s. p. 
11122556 — 2, Charles M. m. Louise Worsham of Danville: s. p. 



11122556-^. Edgar m. Margaret, dau. of Upshur Quinby, of Accomac 

Co., Va.: d. 1895 s. p. 
11122556-4. Lillian Bennett m. Fendall L. Gregory. 
11122556—5. Sallie Henry b. 1872, m. 1895 James S. Jones. 
11122556—6. Mary L. m. Mr. Forrest, of Washington: s. p. 
11122556 — 7. Martha A. m. (2nd wife) E. E. Menefee, of Lynchburg: 

issue, £. £., Jr. 

Lillian Bennett Franklin (Jacob H. Franklin, Martha J. A. 
Franklin, Sarah C. Franklin, Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jerli Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Fendall Littlepage 
Gregory, of Newport News, Va. 


111225564—1. Franklin Uttlepage. 
111225564-2. Judith. 

Sallie Henry Franklin (Jacob H. Franklin, Martha J. A. 
Franklin, Sarah C. Franklin, Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1872 m. 1895 James 
Stoll Jones b. 1867 (son of Hon. Geo. Washington Jones and wife, 
Sarah F. Thompson, of Pittsylvania Co., Va., descendant of Lieut. 
Thomas Jones, of the Revolutionary Army) who was educated at 
V^. Mil. Ins., and Richmond Collge: residence "Ellerslie," Pittsyl- 
vania. Hon. Geo. W. Jones was a captain in the Confederate army; 
a member of the last constitutional convention, and large land 


111225565—1. Elizabeth Franklin b. 1896 d. infant. 
111225565 — 2. Frances Thompson b. 1897: educated at Peace Institute, 

Raleigh, No. Ca. 

Lucy Ann Franklin (Martha J. A. Franklin, Sarah C. Anderson, 
Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1st A. B. Hale, of Red River Co., Texas: m. 2nd 
S. M. Hamilton, s. p.: she d. 1870. 


11122557—1. Ida. 

11122557—2. Samuel Ridley m. Bettie A. Arthur: d. 1902. 

11122557 — 3. Alonzo A. m. Lula Graves: issue. 


Samuel R. Hale (Lucy A. F. Hale, Martha J. A. Franklin, Sarah 
C. Anderson, Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Bettie A. Arthur. 


111225572—1. James P. d. infant 111225572—5. NelHe E.: killed by 
111225572—2. Lucy J. a fall 

111225572—3. Emma Lee. 111225572—6. E. Franklin. 

111225572—4. Nannie S. 111225572—7. LcsUe Ridley. 

James Franklin, Jr., (Martha J. A. Franklin, Sarah C. Anderson, 
Judith E. Calloway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1st 1866 Lucy Ann Mays (d. 1874) m. 2nd Anna 
Bird Franklin, who d. 1878, also her infant son. 


(1st marriage) 

11122558—1. WilUam Robert b. 1868 d. 1892. 

11122558—2. Margaret Gaines b. 1870 m. 1898 C. C. Waddill, of Nor- 
folk, Va.: issue. 

(2nd marriage) 
11122558—3. (son) d. infant 

Nancy C. Franklin (Martha J. A. Franklin, Sarah C. Anderson, 
Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early), m. Eppa D. Guthrie, of Pittsylvania Co., Va. 


1112255B — 1. Charles Callaway m. Miss Jones: issue. 

1112255B— 2. Jas. Franklin d. infant. 

1112255B— 3. Kate Bransford m. 1890 Rev. W. W. Thompson, missionary 

from Pres. Ch. to Brazil. 
1112255B— 4. Fannie A. m. 1892 Clarence Porter, resides in West Va. 
1112255B — 5. Martha A. m. H. W. Jones: resides in Pulaski. 
1112255B-^. Emma Lee. 
1112255B— 7. Bettie Henry m. Mr. Mosby. 
1112255B— 8. Eppa, Jr., d. infant. 

1112255B — ^9. John Dennett in the coast survey U. S. Gov*t 
1112255B— 10. Daisy May d. infant. 

Elmmeline J. Franklin (Martha J. A. Franklin, Sarah C. Anderson, 
Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1863 Jos. I. Lee, of Lynchburg. 



1112255C— 1. Mary J. m. 1890 H. B. Jeffrey: issue, Emmeline. 
1112255C — 2. Florence m. Jas. D. Tate: issue, James D., Jr. (d.) 
1112255C— 3. James F. m. 1902 Connie, dau. of Rev. W. E. Judkins: 

Mrs. Lee d. during the year after her marriage. 

Sarah Jane Anderson (Sarah C. Anderson, Judith E. Callaway, 
Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. 
1829 C. G. Terry d. 1891. 


1112258—1. Maria V. b. 1830 m. Benjamin W. Brooks. 
1112258—2. George b. 1832. 
1112258—3. Jas. T. d. young. 


1112258-4. Fannie S. m. A. W, Ward.J ^^'°* ^' ^®^^- 

1112258—5. John W. b. 1839 d. 1864 in C. S. Army. 

1112258—6. Bertie H. b. 1841 d. young. 

1112258—7. Ada G. b. 1843 m. W. R. Snyder: issue, Roy and Carrie. 

Maria V. Terry (Sarah J. A. Terry, Sarah C. Anderson, Judith E. 
Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Benj. W. Brooks. 


11122581—1. Frank Graham m. 1880 Nannie R. Arthur: issue, Franklin, 

Fannie, Bessie, and Lewis Arthur. 
11122581—2. George V. 
11122581—3. Bell: d. 1864. 

Jacob Henry Anderson (Sarah C. Anderson, Judith E. Callaway, 
Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1843 
Sarah J. dau. of Alex. Leftwich, of Bedford county. 


111225^-1. Ella H. d. infant. 
1112259—2. Clara L. m. Hon. Jas. L. Arthur. 
1112259—3. John A. b. 1848 m. Cornelia I. Poindexter. 
1112259—4. Samuel L b. 1850 d. aged 25 years. 

1112259 — 5. Anna Bird m. (2nd wife) James Franklin, Jr.: issue 1 ch. 

d. infant 

Clara L. Anderson (Jacob H. Anderson, Sarah C. Anderson, 
Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. James L. Arthur. 



11122592 — 1. Jame8 Lewis m. Maria A. Black: issue, 3 children. 
11122592 — 2. Leo. m. Emma Franklin Vaughan: issue 3 children, (see 

11122592-^. Penn m. Miss Booth: issue. 

11122592-4. Ella Henry m. Black. 

11122592—5. Hugh m. Cora T. Ward. 
11122592-^. Branch Lee. 
11122592—7. Clara Garland. 

John A. Anderson (Jacob H. Anderson, Sarah C. Anderson, Judith 
E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. C. S. Poindexter. 


11122593—1. Bird m. Benjamin F. Wood: issue 3 ch. 

11122593—2. Sallie P. m. Gettee: issue 3 sons (1 named William) 

(1 an Episcopal clergyman) 

Charles Callaway (Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Eliza Green. Charles Calla- 
way d. 1817. 


11122&— 1. Henry. 
11122&— 2. Frank. 

111228 — 3. Prudence m. Dr. J. H. Hairston: residence Callaways, Frank- 
lin Co., Va. 

111228—4. m. Meade, of Washington. 

111228—5. m. Poindexter, of Pitteylvania Co., Va. 

John C. Callaway (Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Anna Dodsoii. 


11122A— 1. Pauline m. 1839 W. C. Clany. 
11122A— 2. James B. m. 1853 Maria Williams. 

11122A — 3. -Maria m. 1858 T. L. Dodson: issue, George T., T. L., Jr., 
Lucy A. 

Pauline Callaway (John C. Callaway, Judith E. Callaway, Col. 
Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Willis 
Coleman Clany: Mrs. Clany d. 1896. 



11122A1~ 1. Eliza A. m. 1858 Abram Reeves. 

11122A1— 2. John Callaway m. 1871 Elizabeth Waller: iseue. Pearl, 

Raleigh, James, and John Waller. 
11122A1— 3. Ellis Boiling m. Tillie S. Penn, of MartinsviUe: d. 1885. 
11122A1— 4. Emily £. m. Benjamin P. Franklin. 
11122A1 — 5. Sarah Anderson m. 1868 Luther Rice: issue, Luther, Letcher, 

Mattie, and Hattie. 
11122A1— 6. Elizabeth V. m. 1868 W. T. Lewis. 
11122A1 — 7. James Madison m. 1873 Ellen Greenway: issue, Pearl, 

Arthur, Edward, and Lelia. 
11122A1— 8. Wm. P. m. SalUe F. Vaden. 
11122A1— 9. Littleton Tazewell 
11122A1— 10. Nancy P. m. 1875 Peter T. Dodson: issue. Miller, Lucy, 

Conway and Early. 
11122A1— 11. Martha Williams. 
11122A1— 12. Mary J. 
11122A1— 13. Emily Graves. 

Eliza A. Clany (Pauline C. Clany, John C. Callaway, Judith E. 
Callaway, Col. Jer*h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Abram Reeves. 

11122A11 — 1. Mary m. Sparrow. 

Mary Reeves (Eliza A. C. Reeves, Pauline C. Clany, John C. 
Callaway, Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Sparrow. 


11122A111— 1. John. 11122A111— 4. Cooper. 

11122A111— 2. Samuel. 11122A111— 5. Charles. 

11122A111— 3. Luther. 11122A111— 6. Fannie. 

Emily E. Clany (Pauline C. Clany, John C. Callaway, Judith E. 
Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Benjamin P. Franklin. 


11122A14— 1. CarL lll?2A14-5. Emily. 

11122A14— 2. JuHa. 11122A14— 6. Acrce 

11122A14— 3. Hester. 11122A14— 7. Maud. 

11122A14— 4. Peter. 11122A14— «. Glover. 


Elizabeth V. Clany (Pauline C. Clany, John C. Callaway, Judith 
E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. W. T. Lewis. 


11122A16— 1. Anna. 11122A16-4. Fannie. 

11122A16— 2. Mattie. 11122A16--5. Harry. 

11I22A16— 3. Stella. 

James B. Callaway (John C. Callaway, Judith E. Callaway, Col. 
Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1853 
Maria Williams. 


11122A2— 1. John M. m. 1878 SaUie A. Adams. 
11122A2— 2. William Daniel m. 1882 £. T. Waller. 

John M. Callaway (James B. Callaway, John C. Callaway, Judith 
E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Sallie A. Adams. 


11122A21— 1. Charles S. 11122A21— 4. . 

11122A21— 2. William S. 11122A21— 5. . 

11122A21— 3. James M. 11122A21— 6. . 

William Daniel Callaway (James B. Callaway, John C. Callaway, 
Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1882 E. T. Waller. 


11122A22— 1. Elisha D. 11122A22-4. James B. 

11122A22— 2. Annie J. 11122A22— 5. Mattie. 

11122A22— 3. Lydia Bird. 11122A22— 6. Bessie. 

Francis Callaway (Judith E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Eliza Graham. 


11122B— 1. Fannie E. 

11122B— 2. James G. m. Miss Hatfield. 


James G. Callaway (Francis. Callaway, Judith E. Callaway, Col. 
Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Miss 
Hatfield of Mercer County, Va. 

11122B2 — I. Eliza m. 1st George E. Parsons: m. 2ncl Wm. Fleishman, s. p. 

Eliza Callaway (James G. Callaway, Francis Callaway, Judith E. 
Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. 1st George E. Parsons, of Piatt County, Mo. 


11122B21— 1. Charlie d. infant. 

11122B21— 2. EUen Simpson. 

11122B21— 3. Henry Clayton b. 1871, residence Kansas City, Mo. 

11122B21-4. Nellie May m. Charles Harris of Kansas City, Mo. 

11122B21— 5. Maud. 

Jeremiah Early (Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) b. 1754 m. Rachel, the dau. of Samuel and 
Elizabeth Freeman of Surry Co. No. Ca. Jer'h Early (3rd of name) 
resided in Surry county where he died and was buried near Mt 
Airy, No. Ca. In 1790 he made a census return of 6 white males, 
16 years and upwards, including the head of the family. In 
Samuel Freeman's will, written 1796 he bequeathed to the four 
youngest children of his dau. Rachel Early, — Asa, Sion, Sarah and 
Elizabeth, — one half of his lands and tenements. This same year 
JeflFrey Early, of Oglethorpe, Ga., deeded to his nieces, Sally, 
Elizabeth and Nancy Early, of Surry Co., two slaves for "the love 
and affection he had for them." 


11123 — 1. Nancy m. Joseph Howard: moved to Missouri. 

11123 — 2. Asa b. in Surry Co. No. Ca.: resided in Stokes County. 

11123 — 3. Sion m. Sally Haynes. 

11123 — 4. Sarah d. unmarried. 

11123 — 5. Elizabeth m. Micajah Reeves, of Surry Co, No. Ca. 

Sion Early (Jer'h Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Sally Haynes: he d. 1851 and was buried in 
Wythe Co., Va.: she d, 1871. 



111233 — 1. Nancy m. Frank Levds of Grayson Co. Va. 

111233—2. Matilda m. Daniel Vaughan, of Carroll Co. Va. 

111233—3. Elizabeth m. Daniel, Porter, of Wythe Co., Va. 

11123^—4. Evan Erastus b. 1823 m. Elizabeth Lyon. 

111233—5. Kilty m. Craig Carter, of Wythe Co. 

111233—6. Martha J., b. 1828 m. 1849 Z^haniah Brown, of Grayson Co. 

111233—7. Mary m. John Mallory. 

111233 — 8. John, unmarried: d. during the war bet. the States. 

111233—9. Rush, " " " " " " " 

111233—10. Sarah m. Andrew Aker, of Wythe Co., Va. 

Evan Erastus Early (Sion Early, Jeremiah Early, Col. Jer'h 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1846 Elizabeth 
(b. 1830) dau. of Stephen and Judah Wilkinson-Lyon: moved to 
Sevier Coimty, Tenn., in 1880, near Harrisburg. He was an iron 
manufacturer and farmer: d. 1902. 


1112334— 1. Martha Jane b. 1847 m. 1865 Wm. Ora Williams (b. 1840). 

1112334— 2. Mary b. 1849 m. Orville Brown, of Wythe Co. 

1112334— 3. Elbert Stephen b. 1850 m. 1874 Clemetine Umbarger (b. 

1112334— 4. Sion T. b. 1852 m. 1886 Miss Enloe, dau. of Capt. W. A. 

Enloe, of Webster, No. Ca.: issue 2 ch. and Jubal. 

1112334— 5. Wm. W. b. 1854 m. Sallie Umbarger. 

1112334— 6. James Rush b. 1856 d. 1889 unmarried. 

1112334— 7. Sarah J. b. 1858, d. young. 

1112334— 8. Elizabeth b. 1860 m. Louis Smith. 

1112334— 9. Rev. John A. b. 1862 m. Bettie R. Yett 

1112334 — 10. Emmet E. b. 1865 m. Lena Airon, of Knoxville, Tenn. 

1112334—11. Viola J. b. 1867 m. D. C. Ottinger. 

1112334—12. Ida M. b. 1869 m. C. A. Wayland. 

1112334—13. Minnie b. 1872 d. 1890. 

1112334—14. Evan Burton b. 1874. 

Martha Jane Early (Evan E. Early, Sion Early, Jer'h Early, Col. 
Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Wm. 0. 


11123341 — 1. James Ellis b. 1866 m. Bena McLane. 
11123341—2. Melville Claude b. 1868 m. Gray Williams. 
11123341—3. Sisco Redell b. 1869 m. Hattie Denton. 


11123341-4. Lena Elizabeth b. 1871 m. Jackson Denton. 
11123341—5. Lula V. b. 1873 m. Henry Denton. 

Elbert S. Early (Evan E. Early, Sion Early, Jer'h Early, Col. Jer'h 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Clementine 


11123343—1. Lillian b. 1874 m. Judge W. N. Gate, of Tennessee. 
11123343—2. Elizabeth Agnes b. 1876 m. Hugh W. Huff. 
11123343—3. Robert Taylor b. 1879 d. 1902. 
11123343--4. Frank b. 1880 m. 1905 Mina Wise OdeU. 
11123343—5. Edith b. 1885 m. Rhea Minnis. 

Rev. John A. Early (Evan E. Early, Sion Early, Jer'h Early, Col. 
Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Bettie R. 
Yett: residence Marion, Va. 


11123349—1. Ernest Rhea b. 1884: A. B. of Emory and Henry College; 

LL. B. of Columbia College; atty-at-law N. Y. City: m. 

1914 Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Vaughan S. Collins, of 

Wilmington, Del. 
11123349—2. Rev. Roy Erastus b. 1886: educated at Vanderbilt Univ.: 

residence, Ada, Oklahoma. 
11123349^-^. Waher Kyle b. 1889 d. young. 

Joseph Early, 3rd son of Col. Jeremiah Early, b. 
1756 d. 1780. Resided in Henry County, Va.: un- 
married. Joseph Early was appointed an executor, 
with his brother-in-law. Col. James Callaway, of his 
father. Col. Jer'h Early's will: together with his 
brothers, John and Jubal he inherited the Washing- 
ton Iron Works in Henry County: d. aged 24 years: 
his will (made the year of his death) gave his 
estate to his brothers John and Jubal, with the re- 
quest that they assist their brother Jeremiah, who 
had offended their father by leaving his home early 
in life: will recorded in Henry County 1780. 

Col. John Early (Col. Jeremiah Early, Jer^ Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) b. 1757 m. Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. Henry Cheat- 


ham, and his wife, Mary Booker, of Amelia county: residence 
Franklin county. John Early married rather late in life, one of 
the beautiful Cheatham sisters; was strikingly handsome himself: 
his wife and her sister, Mary (Mrs. Jubal Early) lost their mother 
when very young and were raised by their aunt, Mrs. Wilson. Mrs. 
Elizabeth C. Early outlived her husband many years; married 2nd 
Dr. Conway; s. p. 

John Early was a delegate to the convention of Virginia in 1788 
from Franklin county; voted for Declaration of Rights before the 
adoption of the Federal Constitution. In 1792 was one of the 
trustees for the town of Wiesenburg: the same year he was chosen 
Elector from the district embracing Bedford, Campbell, Franklin, 
Henry and Patrick counties, to select a candidate for president and 
vice-president of the United States: served as a member of the 
Virginia Legislature several years: in 1797 was commissioned Col- 
onel of the 43rd Regiment of Virginia militia: deeds of transfer of 
property from him to Col. James Callaway, John Marr and others 
are found in Henry and Franklin county records. The family of 
Col. John Early moved to Missouri, and many descendants moved 
further west. 


11125—1. Jubal b. 1795 m. 1824 Jane P. Helm. 

11125—2. James Cheatham d. 1836 in Velasco, Texas: left an estate in 

money and slaves. 
11125 — 3. Melchisadeck (known as **Dexter'*) m. Louisa 1 

M. Ferguson. I twins. 

11125—4. Lamach (known as "Lack") m. Elizabeth Gray. J 
11125—5. Sallie (called "DoUie"). 
11125 — 6. Jennie m. 1815 her cousin Henry C. Early (see Jubal Early, Sr., 

branch) . 

Jubal Early (Col. John Early, Col. Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thos. 

Early, John Early) m. Jane P. dau. of Helm, commissioner 

of Franklin county. He died 1857 in Pike Co., Mo. Mrs. Jane 
Early moved back to Virginia with her two youngest children: d. 
in Giles Co. in 1891. 


111251 — 1. Giles H. moved west. 

111251 — 2. Easton m. issue; a son, C. J. Early resided at 

Chickasha, Oklahoma. 



111251 — 3. Charles T. moved west. 

111251—4. Alean 

111251 — 5. Samuel Helm m. 1873 Mintie Miller in Giles Co., Va.: issue 

d. infants: he d. 1878. 
111251—6. Harriett A. b. in Pike county, Mo., 1846 m. 1865 Erastus F. 


Harriett A. Early (Jubal Early, Col. John Early, Col. Jer'h 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1865 Erastus 
F. Payne: she was adopted by her aunt, Mrs. Robert Payne, of Giles 
County, when a very small child: d. in Giles County in 1891. Erastus 
F. Payne served in the 24th Va. Reg. C. S. army under Gen. Jubal 
A, Early. 


1112516^1. W. Dallas m. Margaret Allemong. 

1112516—2. Ida m. D. B. Crickenberger, of Bridgeport, Ohio. 

1112516—3. Alice. 

1112516—4. Sallie m. M. J. Miller, of Newport, Giles County, Va. 

1112516—5. Early F. of Charleston, West Va.: d. . 

W. Dallas Payne (Harriett A. E. Payne, Jubal Early, Col. John 
Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Margaret Allemong, of Gallipolis, Ohio: attorney-at-law, 
Charleston, West Va. 


1112516—1. Andrew. 
1112516—2. Margaret 

Dexter Early (Col. John Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Louisa M. dau. of Thos. Ferguson, 
of Franklin Coimty, Va.: moved to Pike county, Mo.: his wife d. 
1835 in Pike county: he bought land from his brother Jubal in 
Missouri eind entered other lands in same state: was living in 1857 
the last male representative of his generation. 


111253—1. Elizabeth. 
111253—2. Rhoda W. 

Lack Early (Col. John Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Elizabeth Gray: moved to Pike 
county, Missouri. 



111254 — 1. Emmeline L. m. John P. Fisher. 

111254 — 2. Frances m. James Henry Early: issue 3 ch. (a dau. Dollie, lived 

in Louisiana, Mo.) 
111254 — 3. Mary Eliz'h Green m. Robert Preston Jamison. 
111254—4. Alfred D. d. at Rough and Ready, California. 
111254 — 5. Thomas d. in Nevada. 
111254—6. Anne m. Mr. Eoff, of Ashbum, Mo. (living 1909 on farm 

adjoining the property of Mrs. Texas Gordon.) 
111254^7. Dollie d. aged 15 years. 

Emmeline L. Early (Lack Early, Col. John -Early, Col. Jeremiah 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John P. Fisher 
(d. at Saverton, Mo., in Nov. 1903) Mrs. Fisher d. April 1861. 

John P. Fisher was a successful business man: divided his real 
estate among his children several years before his death: was a 
Master Mason: held the position of government storekeeper by 
appointment of Pres. Andrew Johnson. 


1112541 — 1. Adeline b. 1854 m. 1876 Charles Laughney: issue Elsie and 

Lina: residence Meredosia, 111. 
1112541—2. John P., Jr., b. 1856 m. 1894 Jennie Curd. 
1112541—3. Solomon A. b. 1859. 
1112541 — 4. Adam L. .d. at 12 years of age. 

John P. Fisher, Jr., (Emmeline L. E. Fisher, Lack Early, Col. 
John Early, Col. Jeremiah Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1894 Jennie Curd: residence Saverton, Mo. 


11125412—1. Curd. 11125412—4. Catherine. 

11125412—2. Helen. 11125412—5. Gordon. 

11125412—3. Harold. 

Mary E. G. Early (Lack Early, Col. John Early, Col. Jer'h 
Early, Jer'h Early Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Robert Preston 
Jamison, son of Thomas Jamison. 


1112543 — 1. Claude De Kalb m. Maria McCormack: issue Blanche m. 



Jenny Early (Col. John Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Henry Cheatham Early, son of 
Jubal and Mary Cheatham-Early of Franklin County, Va. Henry 
C. Early was a ward of Col. Samuel Hairston from early childhood: 
attended Patrick Henry Academy (conducted by Mr. Godfrey) was 
afterwards a student at Washington College, Lexington, Va., 
1810-11: moved to Pike County, Mo., in 1835: was called "Harry, 
the Hunter'': d. 1853. 


111256 — 1. Mary Elizabeth b. 1816 m. George Tate, of Franklin Co.: 

moved to Jackson Co., Tenn.: she d. 1873. Issue 1 dau. 

and 3 sons. 
111256—2. Roth Wilson b. 1818 d. aged 26 years. 
111256 — 3. James Henry b. 1820 m. Frances, dau. of Lack Early: he d. 

1849 (see family of Lack Early). 
111256--4. Joseph Peter b. 1822 d. young. 
111256—5. John Patrick b. 1824 d. young. 
111256—6. Wm. Crump b. 1826 m. : issue 6 ch. (son 

Henry Cheatham.) 
111256—7. Laura J. b. 1829 d. young. . 
111256—8. Henrietta AugusU b. 1831 m. 1852 Robert Orr. 
111256—9. Cornelia b. 1832 d. young. 

111256 — 10. Juliette b. 1833: m.: issue, dau., living in Oregon. 
111256—11. Octavia T. b. 1834 d. young. 
111256—12. Emma L. b. 1836 d. young. 
111256^13. Texanna b. 1839 m. John Alexander Gordon. 
111256—14. lone H. b. 1840 d. young. 

Henrietta A. Early (Jenny Early, Col. John Early, Col. Jer'h 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1852 Robert 
Orr (d. 1882); residence Louisiana, Mo.: she d. 1912: issue 8 


1112568—1. James, of Kansas City, Mo. 
1112568—2. William, of West Plains, Mo. 
1112568—3. (dau.) in Thayler, Mo. 
1112568—4. (son) in Thayler, Mo. 
1112568—5. (son) in Thayler, Mo. 
1112568— (3 other children.) 


Texanna Early (Jenny Early, Col. John Early, Col. Jer*h 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John Alex. 
Gordon, of Verseilles, Ky. Mrs. Gordon d. 1913 at her home near 
Frankford, Mo. 


111256D — 1. James M. b. 1857 m. Maggie Maupin, of Southern Missouri. 
111256D — 2. Ella Z. b. 1859 m. Richard Pulliam, of Lewiston, Mo.: issue, 

Jas. Gordon and Ruth. 
111256D — 3. Juliette Louise, residence Frankford, Mo. 
111256D — 4. Burgess Lee b. 1862 m. Raphaelita Simpson, of Trinidad, 

Colo.: issue. Burgess Lee, Ralph and Charles G. 
111256D — 5. Joseph P. b. 1864 m. Annie Penix: issue, Cynthia and Louise. 
111256D— 6. Dr. Tucker b. 1867 d. young. 
1112560— 7. Winona Belle b. 1869 d. young. 
111256D — 8. Lulie lone b. 1871 m. Richard Cash: issue, Nellie. 
1112560 — 9. Abbie b. 1873 m. John Byron Caverley, of Bay City: issue, 

Ralph (d) , and Bertelle. 

1112560— 10. Ruth Wilson b. 1876 m. Bowles Unsell, of Caldwell, Kansas. 
1112560—11. Pearl m. Ray G. Haden, of Frankford, Mo.) 
1112560—12. Coral m. Or. Wesley Crenshaw. )*^^"* ^' ^®^^- 

Elizabeth Early (Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) b. 1759 m. (2nd wife) 1777 Col. James Calla- 
way (b. 1736) son of Col. Wm. Callaway and his 1st wife, Eliz'h 
Tilly. James Callaway served in the French and Indian wars: was 
county lieutenant of Bedford during the Revolution: commanded a 
Va. Reg. at the battle of King's Mountain: owned and operated the 


Washington Iron Works in partnership with his father-in-law. Col. 
Jeremiah Early. Elizabeth E. Callaway d. 1796 and Col. Ja^. 
Callaway m. a 3rd time: he d. 1809 in New London (then cut ofiF 
into Campbell) on the border line of Bedford. 

Wm. Callaway b. 1714 was the son of a Welsh emigrant: patented 
15,000 acres of land in Lunenburg, Brunswick, Bedford and Halifax 
counties. In 1761 gave 100 acres adjoining the Court House in 
Bedford for the establishment of a town to be called New London: 
was the first county lieutenant of Bedford, his son James succeeding 
him. This officer ranked as colonel, was a large landed proprietor, 
governed the county and upon him rested the responsibility of a 
faithful execution of the laws: he could call out the militia upon 

LnrliFi Memuriiil tu Eliz^bkth EIahlt-Callahay. 


demand and account to the governor and his council for his con- 
duct; was commander-in-chief of all county aifairs. 

The military system in use in Virginia (as embodied in the 
code prescribed by George III at the close of the French and Indian 
war) provided that in each county there should be a chief military 
officer known as the county-lieutenant; below him in rank there was 
a colonel, lieut.-colonel and major; a regiment consisted of 500 
men or ten companies of 50 men each, company officers being cap- 
tain, lieutenant, ensign and several sergeants, the lieutenant and 
those above him were known as "field officers" those of lower rank 
as "subalterns." 

Col. James Callaway served in the House of Burgesses from 
1765-69, succeeding his father. It was while he held office as county- 
lieutenant of Bedford that affairs in the county occasioned the 
origin of what became known as "Lynch Law," from the name of 
one of the officers authorized by county officials to administer it. 
The kind of licence subserved the Revolutionary cause and was 
permitted as a necessity of the times from the lawless conditions 
pervading through a section of country at a great distance from 
the seat of government: it did not authorize or practice the taking 
of life, but was a system of restraint and punishment, as far as 
imprisonment and correction — carried on by a body of vigil ants of 
good standing, and enforced a degree of order and fear of the law 
not otherwise attained. The Lynch law of the present day is a 
ghastly travesty on that used as a form of military discipline by 
law abiding citizens in a time of war. 

In a state paper of Aug. 10, 1781, Col. Jas. Callaway informed 
Col. Wm. Davies that he had discharged the militia ordered to the 
south, inasmuch as those from the adjacent counties had been dis- 
charged, but ordered them to hold themselves in readiness to march 
at a moment's warning. Thanked Col. Davies for the compliment 
paid to the militia of Bedford and assured him that if the enemy 
made it necessary they would entitle themselves to credit. 


11126—1. Jeremiah b. 1778 d. 1812 unmarried. 

11126—2. William b. 1779 m. Nannie Crump. 

11126—3. John b. 1781 m. 1st Mary Hairston m. 2nd America Hairston. 

11126—4. Sarah b. 1783 d. young. 


11126-^5. Dr. George b. 1785 m. 1811 Mary Eliza Cabell. 
11126 — 6. Abner Early b. 1787 m. Miss Lewis: moved to Missouri. 
11126 — 7. Rev. Thomas b. 1789 m. 1811 Lucinda Anderson. 
11126--8. Catherine b. 1792 m. 1811 William Langhome. 

William Callaway (Elizabeth E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Nannie Crump, of 
Powhatan Co., Va.: he represented Franklin county in the Va. Leg. 
several times: d. 1855. 

111262 — 1. Nannie Crump m. James Bridges. 

Nannie Crump Callaway (William Callaway, Elizabeth E. Calla- 
way, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
James Bridges. 


1112621 — 1. Edward m. Miss Clay tor: residence Montgomery Co., Va. 
1112621 — 2. Nannie Crump m. Dr. Tazewell Tyler, son of Pres. John 

Tyler: moved to California. 

John Callaway (Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st Mary, dau. of Col. Samuel 
Hairston (and sister of Mrs. Ruth Hairston-Early) m. 2nd America 
Hairston, cousin of his first wife: d. 1855. 


(1st marriage) 

111263 — 1. Elizabeth m. 1st Mr. Haden: m. 2nd Mr. Davis. 

(2nd Marriage) 
111263—2. Ruth m. George Pannill. 
111263—3. George. 

Dr. George Callaway (Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1811 Mary Eliza, dau. of 
Col. Wm. Cabell, Jr., and his wife Anne Carrington, of Union Hill, 
Nelson Co., Va. Dr. Callaway d. 1822. 

Papers belonging to Dr. Wm. Cabell, the emigrant make it cer- 
tain that he was a grandson of Wm. Cabell, who went to Warminster, 
Eng., about 1664, and died there in 1704. In 1726 Dr. Cabell was 
living in St. James' parish, Henrico Co. and was deputy to Capt. 


John Radford, High Sheriff of the county. The settlements having 
extended so far westward as to be inconveniently situated for at- 
tendance at court in Varina (the old C. H.) there was an enactment 
for the establishment of a new county from Henrico. Dr. Cabell 
had married Elizabeth Burks and was living on Licking Hole creek in 
the part of the county cut oif to form Goochland: he was made 
one of the justices in 1728: was the first Englishman to enter the 
wild lands for settlements, and built his home at Warminster, Nel- 
son Co.: was grand-father of Mary Eliza Cabell-Callaway. 

Dr. George Callaway lived first in Lynchburg, Va., on the estate 
inherited from his father, including lands and mills (since Lang- 
home's), with lots and other estate in the towns of Madison and 
Lynchburg: these lands lay in the fork between Blackwater Creek 
and James River: Dr. Callaway sold out his interests in and near 
the town in 1818 and moved to Nelson County: built "Glenmore" 
where he died 1822. 

A church was built on the lands of Mrs. Callaway, near the 
public road, in the gap on the northwest side of the Buffalo Ridge: 
it was known as Callaway's church, was the successor of the old 
Revolutionary church in Key's Gap where the Baptists now have 
one called Fairmont. The Church of England had fallen under the 
bann as being English, after the Revolution, and no regular service 
was held in the parish until this new church was opened in 1828. 
Mrs. Callaway d. 1867. 


11126S— L Wm. James b. 1812 d. infant. 

L11265 — 2. George b. 1813: educated at Hampden-Sidney College 1831: d. 

1839 unmarried. 
111265 — 3. Dr. Paul Carrington b. 1815 m. 1842 Addisonia Manson. 
111265-^. Ann Eliza b. 1817 d. 1832. 
111265—5. Fayette b. 1819 d. 1837. 

111265—6. Sarah Cabell b. 1820 m. 1840 Robt. L. Brown. 
111265—7. Elvira Henry b. 1822 d. 1846. 

Dr. Paul Carrington Callaway (Dr. Geo. Callaway, Eliz'h E. Calla- 
way, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Addisonia E. D., dau. of Nathaniel J. Manson and his wife Sallie 
Alexander Austin, of "Pebbleton" Bedford Co. Dr. Callaway was 
educated at Hampden-Sidney College and Univ. of Va., practiced 


medicine, from 1835 till his death in 1876, in Nelson Co., Va.: 
residence "Glenmore" Nelson County. 


111265a— 1. Eliza ("Lila") Cabell m. 1865 Wm. B. Hubard. 
111265^—2. Mary Lee d. 1905 unmarried. 
1112653^3. Sarah Brown m. 1874 F. Key Meade. 

1112653—4. Dr. George Carrington m. 1888 Martha ("Pattie") Waller 


Eliza Cabell Callaway (Dr. Paul C. Callaway, Dr. Geo. Callaway, 
Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, 
John Early) m. Wm. B. Hubard, son of Ro. T. and Susan BoUing- 
Hubard: residence "Montezuma" Nelson Co. 


11126531 — 1. Paul Carrington m. Louise, dau. of Dr. Geo. Carrington: 

issue, dau. Louise. 
11126531—2. Eliza C. m. C. Cabell Robinson. 
11126531 — 3. Susan Markham m. Rev. George Somerville. 
11126531 — 4. Addis m. Chester Snow: issue, Hubard. 
11126531—5. Louisa d. 1901. 
11126531 — 6. Anna: residence Washington D. C. 

Eliza ("Lila") C. Hubard (Eliza C. C. Hubard, Dr. Paul C. 
Callaway, Dr. Geo. Callaway, Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jer*h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Clifford Cabell 
Robinson, son of Russell and Evelyn Cabell-Robinson of "Colleton" 
Nelson Co.: d. 1902. 


111265312—1. Evelyn Byrd: d. in Washington City 1920, a victim of in- 
fluenza, her life went out in the flush of youth and 

Susan Markham Hubard (Eliza C. C. Hubard, Dr. P. C. Callaway, 
Dr. Geo. Callaway, Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Rev. George Somerville 
of the Prot. Epis. Ch.: residence "Montezuma" Nelson Co. 


111265313—1. Lila. 

111265313—2. Boiling in army war service 1918. 


111265313 — 3. Selden in naval war service 1918: living in the west. 
111265313—4. Churchill d. young. 
111265313—5. Randolph. 

Sarah Brown Callaway (Dr. Paul C. Callaway, Dr. Geo. Callaway, 
Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. F. Key Meade, of Clarke Co., grandson of Bishop 


11126533—1. Addis Carrington. 

11126533—2. Francis Key: grad. W. PL Mil. Acad. 1894. Contracted fever 

in the Philippines and died there. 
11126533—3. Paul Carrington. 
11126533—4. Everard Kidder. 

Dr. George Carrington Callaway (Dr. Paul C. Callaway, Dr. 
Geo. Callaway, Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Martha Waller, dau. of Col. Wm. 
R. Aylett, of King Wm. County. Dr. Geo. C. Callaway grad. at 
Balto. Med. Coll.; succeeded to his father's practice in Nelson Co.: 
residence "Glenmore." 


11126534—1. Alice Aylett m. Dr. W. R. Putney: issue. 
11126534 — 2. George Carrington, draughtsman. 

11126534—3. Wm. R. Aylett, grad. of West Pt. Acad.: lieut. in U. S. Army. 
11126534 — 4. Ned McClelland, in the U. S. Marine Corps. 
11126534 — 5. Patrick Henry, teacher in the Epis. High School, at Alexan- 
dria, Va. 
11126534 — 6. Aylett, attending Richmond Business College. 
11126534—7. Addis d. 
11126534 — 8. Pattie: residence "Glenmore," Nelson Co. 

Sarah Cabell Callaway (Dr. Geo. Callaway, Eliz'h Early-Calla- 
way, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. 1842 Robert L. Brown, son of Alex. Brown b. 1796 near Perth, 
Scotland; came to Virginia in 1811 and married 1819 Lucy Shands 
dau. of Robt. Rives and his wife Margaret Jordan, (dau. of Col. 
Wm. and Anne Carrington -Cabell of "Union Hill" Nelson County). 
The ancestor of the Rives family in Va. came in the cavalier emi- 
gration 1649-59 from Blandford, Eng., and settled first near Bland- 
ford, Surry Co., Va. Robert Rives established himself as a mer- 


chant in Richmond for export of wheat and tobacco. A brother of 
Robert went to settle in Georgia: the youngest brother, Henry, settled 
in Buckingham Co., Va. Robt Rives built a beautiful home in 
Nelson Co. which he called ^'Oak Ridge,'^ (now in the possession 
of Thomas Ryan, a N. Y. financier, formerly a citizen of Nelson 


1112656—1. Alexander b. 1843 m. 1st Caroline AugusU ("Kate") Cabell: 

she d. 1876: m. 2nd Sarah Randolph Cabell d. 1909: daus. 
of Mayo Cabell and his 2nd wife Caroline Anthony, of 
"Union Hill" Nelson Co.: d. s. p. 

1112656 — 2, George Mayo d. young. 

1112656—3. Elvira C. d. young. 

Alexander Brown, served in the C. S. army throughout the war: 
afterwards engaged in merchandise: was Post Master at Norwood, 
Nelson Co. During the last years of his life, he devoted himself to 
historical research and writings: was the author of ''The Genesis of 
America," "Cabells and Their Kin," ''English Politics in Early Vir- 
ginia History," etc. He became an invalid about two years before 
he died at "Union Hill" where his remains were interred in the old 
Cabell burying ground. 

Abner Early Callaway (Eliz. E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Miss Lewis: moved to 
Missouri: d. 1834. 


111266—1. James m. 

111266—2. Elizabeth m. Mr. Fitzpatrick: issue: 6 ch. She d. 1877. 
111266 — 3. Catherine m. Mr. Bird. Residence Iron County, Missouri* 
111266—4. Frances m. Mr. Wood: 7 ch. 

111266—5. Abner Early moved to California in 1850 d. 1867. 
111266 — 6. Susan m. Mr. Hancock. Residence Pilot Knob, Iron Co., Mo. 
111266—7. Robert d. 18% in Iron County, Mo. 
111266—8. William. Residence Pilot Knob, Mo. 
111266—9. Martha m. Mr. Brown: residence Washington Co., Mo. 
111266 — 10. Richard d. in an asylum in Missouri. 
111266 — 11. Virginia m. Mr. Hancock: issue 2 ch. She d. 1860. 
111266 — 12. Thomas J. Residence Kansas (1869) : issue, 4 daus. (3 

married) 2 sons. 


Rev. Thomas Callaway (Elizli E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jerli Early, Sir., Thos. Early, Jno. Early) m. Lucinda, dau. of Wm. 
and Sarah Early- Anderson : moved in 1835 to Fayette Co., Mo. 


111267 — 1. Sarah b. 1813 m. John Austin: issae, 4 daughters. She d. 1837. 

111267—2. Jane A. b. 1817 d. 1840. 

111267—3. Kittic L. b. 1818 m. V. Bcrger, d. 1839. 

111267—4. Theodocia b. 1820 m. 1839 Judge Henderson Young, of 

Lexington, Mo. 
111267 — 5. Mary T. b. 1822 m. Judge Samuel L. Sawyer, of Lexington, Mo. 

Catherine Callaway (Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Wm. Langhome, (son 
of John Langhome) of Cloverdale near Roanoke. Mrs. Langhome 
d. 1871. 


111268—1. Mary E. m. Colonel George P. Tayloe. 
111268 — 2. James, unmarried. 

111268 — 3. Catherine m. Ist Rev. Geo. Wm. Blair, Meth. minister: m. 2d 

Dr. F. T. Reid, residence '^Cloverdale,** Botetourt Co., Va. 
111268—4. Dr. John Miller m. Lucy Lea, of Uniontown, Ala. 
111268 — 5. Lavinia m. John Dabney. 
111268—6. George m. Agnes WcC. White. 

Mary E. Langhome (Catherine C. Langhome, Eliz'h E. Callaway, 
Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Col. 
Geo. P. Tayloe, a descendant of Wm. Tayloe, who came to America 
in 1650, and married Ann, dau. of Henry Corbin. 


1112681 — 1. Maj. John W. m. Lucy Randolph: residence Birmingham, 

Ala.: issue Mrs. Henley. 
1112681—2. Elizli Henrietta m. (1st wife) Gen. Thos. T. Munford. 
1112681-^. Mary m. W. W. Gwathmey. 
1112681--4. Nannie m. (2d wife) John D. Langhome. 
1112681—5. Rosa m. Capt. E. Thornton Tayloe. 
1112681—6. Geo. Edward m. Delia Willis. 
1112681 — 7. James L., lieut in C. S. service; kiUed in naval conflict at 

Hampton Roads. 
1112681 — 8. Virginia m. Mortimer Rodgers, of Roanoke, Va. 
1112681—9. Lomax, adjutant in 2d Va. Cav., C. S. Army: killed at 

Brandy Station, Culpeper Co., Va. 


Dr. John M. Langhome (Catherine C. Langhome, Elizli £. 
Callaway, Col. Jer*h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Lucy Lea: residence Uniontown, Ala. 


1112684—1. Marion m. WilUam Vaden. 
1112684—2. WiUiam m. Miss Chadwick. 
1112684—3. John m. Kate Cochrane. 

1112684—4. Rena m. Cook. 

1112684—5. LilUe m. William Tayloe. 

Lavinia Langhorne (Catherine C. Langhorne, Eliz'h E. Callaway, 
Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
John Dabney. 


1112685—1. William m. Miss Davies. 
1112685—2. Elizabeth m. John McNab. 
1112685-^. Kate. 

1112685—4. John Blair m. Lola Blanton. 
1112685—5. Maria C. m. Capt C. B. Coyner. 

George Langhorne (Catherine C. Langhome, Eliz'h E. Callaway, 
Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Agnes McC. White. 


1112686—1. James C. m. Annie M. Taylor. 

1112686 — 2» William: killed while serving in the C. S. Army. 

1112686—3. Sallie White m. Dr. Nicolas Johnson. 

1112686 — 4. Catherine C. m. J. G. Sperry, of St. Louis: issue, James. 

1112686—5. W. Blaine m. Emily Davis s. p. 

1112686—6. Mary E. m. David T. Evans. 

1112686-^7. Edmund G. hl Matilda Churchill. 

1112686—^. John Tayloe, unmarried. 

1112686—9. Virginia m. 1st Randolph Gilliam (he d. ) : m. 2nd (2nd 

wife) David T. Evans, s. p. 

James C. Langhome (Geo. Langhorne, Cath. C. Langhome, Eliz'h 
E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Annie M., dau. of Edmund Taylor and wife, Susan Morris 



11126861 — 1 Lewis m. Lucy Biggs, s. p. 
11126861—2. Annie m. Frank C. Wiley. 

Annie Langhorne (Jas. C. Langhorne, Geo. Langhome, Cath. C. 
Langhorne, Eliz. E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Frank C. Wiley, of Salem. 


111268612—1. James L. 111268612-.3. Ann Taylor. 

111268612—2. Frank Cameron. 111268612—4. Elizabeth Dabney. 

Sallie White Langhome (Geo. Langhome, Cath. C. Langhome, 
Eliz. E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Dr. Nicolas Johnson. 


11126863 — 1. Agnes Langhome m. A. C. Finley. 

11126863—2. Linda Washington m. Churchill A. McFarland: d. 1919 s. p. 
11126863 — 3. Mary m. Dr. Edwin A. Davis: issue Elizli Langhome: resi- 
dence Charleston, W. Va. 
11126863—4. Thomas Lyle d. young. 

11126863 — 5. Levris: coal operator: m. . 

11126863— -6. Katherine d. young. 
11126863^7. Sallie m. Robert Walsh. 

Agnes Langhome Johnson (Sallie W. L. Johnson, Geo. Lang- 
home, Cath. C. Langhome, Eliz. E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Augustus Clements 
Finley; residence Charleston, W. Va.; later Washington, D. C. Mr. 
Finley is of Scotch Presbyterian ancestry. Mrs. Finley d. at her 
home near Mt. Vernon, Va., 1919, and was buried in one of the 
Alexandria cemeteries. 

111268631—1. A. C, Jr., art student and illustrator. 

Mary E. Langhome (Geo. Langhome, Cath. C. Langhome, Eliz. 
E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. David T. Evans, of English parentage: after the death 
of Mary E. L. Evans, Mr. Evans m. Mrs. Reg. Gilliam, s. p. 



(First Marriage) 

11126866—1. Mary Langhome. 
11126866—2. Bessie. 
11126866—3. Agnes. 
11126866-4. Frank. 

Edmund G. Langhorne (Geo. Langhome, Cath. C. Langhome, 
Elizabeth E. Callaway, CoL Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Matilda Churchill, of Little Rock. 


11126867—1. John Tayloc. 
11126867—2. Edmund Gay, Jr. 
11126867—3. Churchill 

11126867 — 4. Annie Sevier m. Shepherd: issue 2 ch. 

11126867—5. Agnes. 

Eliz'h Henrietta Tayloe (Mary E. L. Tayloe, Catherine C. Lang- 
horne, Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. 1853 (1st wife) Gen. Thos. T. Munford, b. 
1831 (son of Col. Geo. Wythe Munford), of Lynchburg, Va., and 
Uniontown, Ala.; a graduate and professor of Va. Mil. Ins.; civil 
engineer and iron manufacturer: held large stock and grain planta- 
tions in Alabama: commanded 2d Va. Cav. in C. S. Army; promoted 
major-general for gallantry in action: a typical old Virginia gentle- 
man: d. 1918 in Alabama, remains interred in Spring Hill cemetery 
at Lynchburg, Va. Gen. Munford was instrumental in having the 
true Virginia coat-of-arms restored to the state flag and in marking 
the point from which his cavalry regiment started in 1861 and 
disbanded in 1865. His portrait hangs in V. M. I. Hall. After his 
wife's death Gen. Munford married again. 


11126812 — 1. George T. m. Pauline Orchard, of Atlanta, Ga.: residence 

Patrick Co., Va., later Washington, D. C.: issue Eliza- 
beth and George Tayloe. 

11126812 — 2. Emma m. Rev. John W. Boyd, Epis. clergyman: residence 

Roanoke, Va.: issue, Agatha (graduate of Randolph- 
Macon College, Lynchburg), Beverly and Munford. 

11126812 — 3. George Wythe, m, Oma ; moved to Oklahoma, where 

he d.: issue, 5 children. 


11126812—4. William Munford m. Norton Taylor: iasae, William; resi- 
dence, Uniontown, Ala. 

Mary Tayloe (Mary E. L. Tayloe, Catherine C. Langhome, Eliz'h 
E. Callaway, Col. Jeremiah Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Wm. Watts Gwathmey, son of Temple and Ann 
Gwathmey of King and Queen comity, descendant of Richard Cos- 
well Gwathmey, fomider of the family in America: residence Nor- 
folk, Va. 


11126813—1. Mary d. infant. 

11126813 — 2. Dr. Temple, graduate of the Va. Med. ColL d. aged 45 years. 

1112681S— 3. Wm. Watts, Jr., m. Mary P. Langhome. 

11126813 — 4. Dr. James Tayloe m. Miss Riddle, of Nashville, Tenn.: issue, 

3 ch.: residence New York. 
11126813—5 Caroline d. 1885. 

11126813 — 6. George Tayloe m. Margaret Cabell Smith. 
11126813—7. Dr. Lomax. 
11126813—8. Edmund Thornton. 
11126813—9. Brooks. 

Wm. Watts Gwathmey (Mary T. Gwathmey, Mary E. L. Tayloe, 
Cath. C. Langhorne, Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jeremiah Early, Jer*h 
Early, Sr,, Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary P., dau. of John D. 
Langhome (and 1st wife nee Potter) of Lynchburg, Va. W. W. 
Gwathmey was a graduate (1880) of Va. Mil. Ins.: civil engineer in 
1883 in charge of the construction of the Norfolk and Carolina R. 
R.; later on the engineer corps of Seaboard Air Line. 


111268133—1. Rev. Devall, educated at Wash. & Lee Univ. and Va. 

Theo. Sem'y: rector Prot. Epis. parish at Waynesboro: 

professor at Dr. Jett's Episcopal School for Boys, 

112268133—2. Whl Watts; edu'd at Wash. & Lee Univ.: civil engineer 

on B. & O. R. R. 
111268133 — 3. Caroline ul Lyal Ament Davidson, of U. S. N.: issue. 
. 111268133--4. Mary. 
11126813a--5. Elizabeth. 

George Tayloe Gwathmey (Mary T. Gwathmey, Mary E. L. Tayloe, 
Cath. C. Langhome, Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jeremiah Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Margaret Cabell 


Smith, dau. of Robert Carter and Mary Smith-Smith. A graduate 
1887 of Va. MiL Ins.: studied law at Univ. of Va.: member of 
Norfolk and Portsmouth Bar Associations: residence Norfolk, Va. 


111268136—1. Cabell. 111268136.— 3. Lomax. 

111268136—2. George Tayloe. 111268136-4. Edward Smith. 

Dr. Lomax Gwathmey (5th son of Wm. Watts and Mary Tayloe- 
Gwathmey) was educated at Norfolk Academy, Univ. of Va., and 
Columbia College; house physician at Bellevue Hospital; took post 
graduate work at Heidelburg and Vienna: settled in Norfolk, Va.: 
selected surgical practice; now the head of St. Christopher Hospital: 
member of Norfolk County Med. Ass'n., Seaboard Med. Ass'n., Vir- 
ginia Med. Ass'n., Am. Med. Ass'n., So. Surgical and Gynecological 

Nannie Tayloe (Mary E. L. Tayloe, Catherine C. Langhome, 
Eliz'h E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. (2nd wife) John D. Langhome of a Kentucky 
branch of the Langhorne family, formerly of the U. S. Navy: a 
retired financier of Lynchburg and Washington. 


11126814—1. Major George T. of the U. S. Army. 
11126814 — 2. Marshall m. Miss Johnston, of Washington. 
11126814—3. Dr. Gary Devall, of the U. S. Navy, m. Zaidie GoflF. 
11126814 — 4. Nannie ul Major Powell Clayton, of the U. S. Army, who 

was killed 1918 by a fall from his horse, while on the 

southern border with his conmiand. 
11126814—5. Alice m. Stanley Washburn: issue. 

George T. Langhorne (eldest son of John D. and Nannie Tayloe- 
Langhome) b. 1867 in Kentucky; graduated at the U. S. Mil. Acad. 
1889, app'd 2nd lieutenant, 3rd Cavalry; promoted to 1st lieut. 1896, 
captain 1901, major 1912, lieut. -colonel 1916, colonel 1917. Cap- 
tain in volunteer service U. S. Inf. July 1899; major of 39th Inf. 
Aug. 1899. Honorably mustered out May 1901; served with 5th 
and 3rd Cav. at various Texas stations from Sep. 1889 to Feb. 1893 ; 
A. D. C. to Gen. Wheaton 1893 to '97; on duty in Adj. Gen.'s office 
Washington, 1897; attache to Brussels July 1897 to June '98; A. D. 


C. to Gen. Garrotson June-September 1898; A. D. C. to Gen. Davis 
1899. In vol. service with 27th and 39th Inf. July 1899 to May 
1901; in Philippines June 1901 to Aug. 1902; A. D. C. to Gen. 
Davis Aug. 1902 to July '03; Acting Asst. Adj. Gen. 1903; A. D. C. 
to Gen. Wood 1903 to '09. In the office of Chief of StaflF, Wn., Aug. 
8 to 18, 1903 ; Mil. Attache at Berlin and the Hague Aug. 1913 to 
Mar. 1915. In office of Chief of Staff, Washington, 1915; with 
15th and 8th Cav. 1915 to date. 

Marshall Langhome, 2d son of John D. and Nannie Tayloe-Lang- 
home, b. 1870, graduate of Va. Mil. Ins.: appointed marshal of 
the Consular Court at Canton Feb. 1901: vice consul at Canton 
March 1901; retired as marshal Dec. 1902; app'd conmi'l agent at 
Dalmy Feb. 1903: retired Jan'y 1904; app'd vice and deputy consul 
at Cuidad, Juarez, June 1904; deputy Consul General at Santo 
Domingo May 1905; retired, and appointed Secretary of the Legation 
at Christiana July 1906; second Secretary of the Embassy at Rio de 
Janeiro, Dec. 1909; Secretary of the Legation to Paraguay and 
Uruguay Sept. 1910; second secretary of the Embassy at Vienna, 
March 1911 ; secretary of the Legation at San Jose, Costa Rica, Feb. 
1912; secretary of the Legation to the Netherlands and Luxemburg, 
Feb. 1914; secretary of the American delegation to the Third Inter- 
national Opium Conference at the Hague, May 1914; secretary of 
Embassy or Legation of class two, Feb. 1915; appointed secretary of 
Embassy or Legation of class one, March 1915; assigned to the 
Hague March 1915; assigned to the Department of State Oct. 1918; 
attached to the Chinese Peace Delegation during their stay in the 
United States, Dec. 1918. 

Dr. Cary Devall Langhorne, youngest son of John D. and Nannie 
Tayloe-Langhome, naval surgeon, b. 1873, commissioned ass't sur- 
geon 1898 at Naval Hospital, Norfolk: on duty at Cavite P. I., 1899; 
received rank of lieutenant 1900; commissioned Passed Ass't Sur- 
geon, 1901: at Naval Hosptal, Port Royal, So. Ca., 1902: promoted 
to surgeon 1903; in Washington with Secretary of the Navy: mem- 
ber Naval Examining Board, Naval Academy, 1906: at Naval Med. 
School Hospital, Washington, 1907: member Board of Survey; 
member Board of Marine Barracks; member Marine Examining 
Board at Washington; member Marine Retiring Board: at Naval Sta- 


tion, Honolulu, 1908; at Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, 1910; at 
Marine Barracks, Washington, 1911; mem. Marine Retiring Board, 
Barracks, Wn., 1913-14: mem. Naval Retiring Board, Navy Yard, 
Norfolk; later President of the same board: detached to the **Okla- 
homa,'' 1916; Surgeon, Lieut. Commander, Naval Reserve Force at 
N. Y., 1918. In Nazaire, France, Oct 1918: at Naval Hospiul, 
Brooklyn, May 1919; Medical Inspector, Commander Naval Reserve 
Force: relieved May 1919. 

Rosa Tayloe (Mary E. L. Tayloe, Catherine C. Langhome, Eliza- 
beth E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, 
John Early) m. Capt. Thornton E. Tayloe. 


11126815—1. Edward S. m. Miss Walke. 
11126815—2. Mary. 

George Edward Tayloe (Mary E. L. Tayloe, Catherine C. Lang- 
home, Elizabeth E. Callaway, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Delia Willis. 


1. m. Southers. 

2. in. Sims. 


4. George, Jr., m. Willie Worsham. 

5. Willis m. Miss Tayloe. 

Jeflfrey Early (Col. Jeremiah Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) b. 1762: m. A. L. . 

In August 17C4 Jeffrey Early sold the land given him by his 
father, 937 acres in Campbell County on the north side of Staunton 
river and south side of Goose creek to his brother-in-law, Wm. 
Anderson, of Bedford County and moved to Lexington, Georgia, 
then in Wilkes, but which in 1793 was cut off into the new county 
of Oglethorpe. It has not been found where or whom he married, 
as only the initials of his wife are given in records referring to her. 

There is preserved a peculiar agreement between the brothers 
Jubal, of Virginia, and Jeffrey, of Georgia, which remained in 
force from 1784 till 1793 concerning the purchase of 862^^ acres 


of land lying in Franklin County, Ga., adjoining the Cherokee 
corner, which the two held in partnership, and which (if Jubal 
decided to move to Georgia) he should have the option of pur- 
chasing wholly paying for Jeffrey's half the same price he had given 
for his own; otherwise either one was to have the power to sell the 
whole tract. Jubal died 1797 without completing his arrangements 
for settling in Georgia, hb family continued to reside in Virginia: 
the land owned conjointly in Georgia was disposed of by Jeffrey. 

In 1786 Jeffrey Early was among the settlers who were granted 
head rights in Franklin County, which embraced a large part of 
the state from the Savannah to the Oconee river. 

In 1792 Jeffrey Early, of Wilkes County, made a deed to Absalom 
Anthony of Greene Co., with the affidavit of John Dunn, of Jasper 
Co.: Early lived in the southern part of Wilkes near Greene county 
line: in 1793 Oglethorpe was established. 

In 1794 the first court was held in Oglethorpe, three miles from 
Lexington, when Jeffrey Early was among the first grand jurymen. 

In 1795 Jeffrey Early made four deeds of conveyance: one to 
James Baber for 280 acres in Oglethorpe: one to John Beasley for 
200 acres: one to John McWhorter: and one to John Dunn for 209 

In 1796 he sold a tract of land to George Lumpkin : made a deed 
to George Moore: deeded to his nieces Sally, Elizabeth and Nancy 
Early, of Surry Co., North Carolina, 2 negroes ''for love and 

In 1798 he sold 43 acres of land to John Beasley. 

In 1801 made a deed to George Moore. 

In 1807 made a deed to William Finch. 

This yefir his son Henry made a deed to the trustees of the Uni- 
versity of Georgia: the same year A. L. Early (presumably his wife) 
Henry and Jacob (sons) signed a mortgage for the trustees of 
the University. 

Same year Henry Early made a deed to Caleb Early. 

In 1811 Jeffrey Early made his will dividing his property be- 
tween his wife and their seven children, specifying tracts devised 
to the three eldest, Henry, Jacob and Matilda. To Henry 221 acres 
in Randolph County, Baldwin District (land which had been grant- 
ed to William Farmer) also certain negroes, stock, furniture and 
money; or if Henry preferred, 250 acres off of the tract on which 


he (Jeffrey) lived adjoining John Beasley, Geo. Moore and John 
McWhorter; in which latter case the 221 acres was to be re-deeded 
to his wife and other children. To Jacob he devised two tracts in 
Randolph (granted to Walter Maxey) in Baldwin District: the third 
tract in same district he devised to his dau. Elizabeth Stewart, (who 
was then living in Randolph County) together with certain negroes, 
stock, furniture, etc., the same as given Henry. To Matilda a tract 
of 150 acres (which had been purchased of Sneed) on Long Creek: 
also stock and furniture, etc. To Austin two tracks of land in Bald- 
win District. The balance of his property to be divided between 
his wife and children as each child came of age or his daughters 
married. His wife was to be allowed to draw her portion or let it 
remain in the common stock, but should she marry again her part 
was to be given up to her. Dr. Dudley Dunn, and (hb son) Henry 
Early were appointed his executors, until Austin came of age, when 
he also was to become an executor : the will was recorded in January 

Henry Early as executor of Jeffrey, his father, made a deed for 
transfer of land to Caleb Early: Sarah and Henry Early made a 
deed of transfer to Jacob Early. 


1112a— 1. Henry. 

11128—2. Jacob m. Sep'r. 19, 1812, Melissa Hay. 

11128 — 3. Matilda m. Dr. Dudley Dunn, of Memphis, Tenn., who was 
bom 1780 in Brunswick County, Va., the son of Ishmael 
and Mildred Dudley-Dunn: grandson of John and great- 
grandson of David Dunn. Dr. Dunn d. 1848. 

11128 — 4. Elizabeth m. Mr. Stewart, of Randolph County, Ga. 

11128 — 5. Sarah Ann m. SepV. 22, 1824, George Marable. 

11128—6. Austin. 

11128—7. Caleb. 

Jubal Early (Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early 
John Early) m. 1790 Mary Booker (dau. of Dr. Henry and 
Mary Booker-Cheatham, of Amelia County), resided in Franklin 
County, Va. In 1793 Jubal Early made a trip to the southern part 
of Georgia with a view to settling there: he and a brother, Jeffrey, 
then negotiated for the purchase of 8621^ acres of land in Franklin 
County, adjoining the Cherokee corner, but Jubal returned to Vir- 
ginia without completing his purchase and did not return to Georgia. 


He held equal interests with his brother, John, in the Washington 
Iron Works of Henry County, Va. Jubal Early died in 1797 leaving 
two infant sons, who were placed under the guardianship of Col. 
Samuel Hairston, and were educated at Patrick Henry Academy, 
and Washington College, Lexington. JubaFs widow married sec- 
ondly Major Patrick Hix, of Richmond, and had one dau. Mary 
Elizabeth, who married Armistead L. Burwell, of Franklin County, 
Mrs. Mary B. C. E. Hix d. 1848. 

11129^1. Joab b. 1791 m. 1812 Ruth Hairston. 

11129^2. Henry C. b. 1793 m. 1815 Jenny Early (sec Col. John Early 
branch) . 

Col. Joab Early (Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jerh' Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Ealry) m. 1812 Ruth (b. 1794) dau. of Col. 
Samuel Hairston and wife Judith (dau. of Peter Hyde Saunders and 
his wife Mary Sparrel, the ward of Gov. Giles; and sister of Judge 
Fleming Saunders, of Pittsylvania County, Va.) 

The Hairstons were of Scotch ancestry: Peter, the emigrant, left 
Scotland after the battle of Culloden, having fought on the losing 
side, came to America about 1747-8 landing at Norfolk, Va.; his 
son, Robert, was an ensign in the French and Indian wars and served 
one term in the House of Representatives; m. Ruth, dau. of George 
Stovall, clerk of the House of Burgesses; Col. Sam'l Hairston, the' 
father-in-law and guardian of Joab Early, was their third son. 

Sir. James Douglas, who fought with Robert Bruce (the heroic 
Scottish king) at Bannockburn, made an effort to fulfill Bruce's last 
request to carry his heart to the Holy Land and bury it in Jerusalem ; 
but Douglas was killed in Spain while fighting the Moors. So the 
heart of Bruce was carried back to Scotland and buried in the 
Monastery of Melrose; the casket, in which the heart was placed, 
was locked with three keys and one of these given to each of his 
three most trusted friends whom Bruce had knighted. Sir James 
Douglas being one. Sir Robert Hairston another: on the Hairston 
coat-of-arms he gave the motto "Always Faithful": keys are used 
on both Hairston arms and crest. 

Joab Early held at different periods all the important oflBces in 
the power of his county to bestow: was sheriff in 1816; member of 
the Virginia Legislature; colonel of the Franklin militia. Left a 


widower in 1832 with a family of ten children he devoted himself 
to their rearing and education; schools were distant and travel 
primitive, but his daughters were entered at the Moravian School at 
Salem, No. Ca., and Dr. Smith's Academy at Lynchburg, Va.; his 
boys all sent to college. In 1847 when his children were grown and 
most of them married and settled in homes of their own, he moved, 
with his two youngest daughters and sons, to Putnam county, Va., 
near Buffalo township (now in West Va.). Here he purchased fine 
fruit and grain land on the Kanawha river. At the opening of the 
war between states he hurriedly refugeed with two of his daus., Mrs. 
Thompson and Mrs. Clarkson and their families, to the home of 
his son, Sam'l H. Early at Lynchburg, Va., without waiting to make 
any disposition of his property, personalty or real estate. A year 
or two later he went to reside with Mrs. Clarkson, who had secured 
a home in Marion, Smyth county, near her husband. Col. Clarkson, 
then operating the works at Saltville. His property having been 
confiscated, Col. Early made his home after the war with his son, 
Robert, in Lexington, Mo.: here he d. in 1870 and being a member 
of the order, was buried with Masonic ceremonies. Beautiful por- 
traits of him and his wife are preserved in the family. Mrs. Ruth 
Hairston-Early d* 1832 in Franklin County, Va., and was buried in 
the family burying ground near Rocky Mount. 


111291^1. Samuel Henry b. 1813 m. 1846 Henrian Cabell. 

111291—2. Mary Judith b. 1814 m. 1834 John Saunders Hale. 

111291—3. Jubal Anderson b. 1816 d. 1894 unmarried. 

111291-^. Robert Hairston b. 1818 m. Harriett J. Woods. 

111291—5. Elizabeth J. b. 1821 m. 1st Dr. Josiah Woods; m. 2d Hon. Robt. 

Aug. Thompson. 
111291---6. Ann Lelitia b. 1823 m. Col. John N. Clarkson. 
111291—7. Ruth Hairston b. 1825 m. Samuel A. Nash. 
111291—8. Elvira Evelyn b. 1828 m. Rev. Wm. McFariand. 
111291—9. Joab ) . ^ ,^^^ ^ 
111291-10. Richard} '^°* ^' ^^ ^- unmarried. 

Capt. Samuel Henry Early (Col. Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. 
Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1813, 
was named for both of his grandfathers, m. 1846 Henrian, (b. 1822) 
dau. of Dr. John Jordan Cabell and wife Henrianne, the dau, of 
Henry Landon Davies and his wife, Anne, dau. of Dr. John Clayton, 


botanist, son of Attorney General John Clayton. The atty-general 
Clayton was bom 1665, son of Sir John Clayton and Alice, (dau. 
of Sir William Bowyer, of Middlesex, Eng.) at D^iham, Bucks, 
Eng.: was educated at Cambridge University; came to Virginia 
1705; was appointed atty-general 1714; judge of admiralty, member 
of the Ho. of Burgesses, presiding justice of James City, clerk and 
recorder of Williamsburg: d. 1737. The botanist was born at Ful- 
ham, Eng., 1685, came with his father to America 1705 m. 1723 
Elizabeth dau. of Henry and Anne Beverley- Whiting: owned an 
estate **Windsor*' in Gloucester of which county he was clerk for 
fifty years: d. 1773. 

Nicolas Davies, father of Henry Landon Davies, came from 
Wales at the beginning of the second quarter of the 18th century; 
obtained a grant of 31,850 acres of land in Bedford on both sides 
of James (then called Fluvanna) river m. first Mrs. Judith Fleming- 
Randolph, widow of Col. Thos. Randolph of ^Tuckahoe;" m. 2nd 
Catherine, dau. of Henry Whiting and wife Anne, dau. of Col. 
Peter Beverley (burgess from Gloucester Co.) and wife, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Major Robert Peyton, who emigrated from Norfolkshire, Eng. 
Major Robert Beverley, father of Col. Peter Beverley, emigrated 
from Yorkshire: was clerk of the House of Burgesses in 1670: 
member of the Council in 1676: d. 1687. 

Dr. John J. Cabell b. 1772 was son of Col. John Cabell (county- 
lieutenant of Buckingham and son of Dr. Wm. Cabell, emigrant and 
hb wife, Elizabeth Burks) and wife Paulina, dau. of Col. Samuel 
Jordan, of *The Seven Islands*' and his 2nd wife, Mrs. Judith Scott- 
Ware. Col. Jordan was a large land owner in Buckingham, Halifax 
and Albemarle: was county-lieutenant in Buckingham in 1761; 
burgess from Buckingham 1767-69: d. 1789. 

At the beginning of the 19th century Dr. John J. Cabell m. (1803) 
Henrianne Davies and settled in Lynchburg, Va.: his home was a 
substantially built structure, with very thick walls; was provided 
like a country homestead with separate servants* quarters, laundry, 
carriage and smoke houses. When Andrew Jackson visited the town, 
Dr. Cabell had the walls of his parlor decorated with scenes de- 
picting the environs of Paris in honor of the distinguished visitor; 
these frescoes remained in good condition till the building was torn 
down in 1904 to make way for the Elks* Home nearly a hundred 
years afterwards. With the exception of a few years in their early 


married life spent in Charleston, Kanawha county, Samuel Henry 
and Henrian Cabell-Early resided in this old family place con- 
tinuously to the end of their lives. 

Capt. Early was educated at Patrick Henry Academy and William 
and Mary College; also attended the law school in Fredericksburg 
maintained by the Marye family: he began the practice of law in 
Franklin, but did not continue: served as postmaster at Coopers', 
Franklin Co. After his marriage resided awhile in Kanawha Co., 
and engaged in the manufacture of salt at the salines there: invented 
and patented a pump for salt and oil wells to prevent injury from 
gas. He moved to Lynchburg in 1853 and engaged in farming 
operations in Bedford county. At the opening of the war of 1861-*65 
he enlisted to serve in the Wise Troop, 2nd Va. Cav., but shortly 
after entering the field, transferred to Capt. Jack Alexander's Camp- 
bell County company: was detailed on the staff of Col. Wheat, who 
commanded the Tiger Battalion of Texas and when Col. Wheat was 
mortally wounded at the first battle of Manassas, Capt. Early as- 
sisted him off of the field. He was then made aid-de-camp on the 
staff of his brother, Brig.-Gen. J. A. Early, with the rank of captain 
and served in that capacity at Sharpsburg, 2nd Manassas, Williams- 
burg, and Seven Pines, in every fight with the Army of No. Va. until 
Malvern Hill, he and his horse having been wounded at Antietam: he 
was badly wounded at Gettysburg and was then brought home by 
his young son, who also had taken part in that battle. Being thus in- 
capacitated for field service he was appointed assisting conscript* 
ing oflBcer at Lynchburg. Upon receipt of news of the evacuation 
of Richmond, he was sent with special dispatches to Pres. Davis 
(then at Danville) to apprise him of what had taken place and 
carried back an important letter from Davis to Lee. Capt. Early 
was noted as a fine marksman and amateur sharpshooter and made 
some telling shots with cannon. After the war he again engaged 
in farming in Bedford Co., Va., and Kanawha Co., W, Va. When 
the Chesapeake and Ohio R. R. was being built he secured a con- 
tract to furnish R. R. ties, which he supplied from his coal lands 
in Boone and Lincoln Counties, W. Va. He was taken ill with 
pneumonia in Charleston, W. Va., and died there after several 
weeks' illness March 1874: his remains were brought to Lynchburg 
and interred in Spring Hill cemetery. Mrs. Henrian Early d. 1890 
after an invalidism extending sixteen years. 



A portrait of Capt. Early in officers' uniform was painted by J. 
W. L. Foster, of Toronto. 

(Letter from President Davis when Capt. Early was returning 
from Danville after delivering his message of the evacuation of 
Richmond, Va.) 

"Danville, April 9th, 1865. 
"Captn Early. 
"Dear Sir: 

"Please give to Gen. R. E. Lee information as to move- 
ment of the enemy through Patrick and Henry and their reported 
purpose. Also all the information you have of our condition here. 
He will be able to advise Generals Echols, Lomax and Colston as 
to the best course for them to pursue. The purpose of your trip to 
this place with the message borne by you will show him all which 
can be needful for him to know in regard to affairs at Lynchburg. 

"Jefferson Davis.*' 


1112911—1. dau. d. infant. 

1112911—2. John Cabell b. 1848 m. Mary Washington Cabell. 

1112911 — 3. Ruth Hairston, residence Lynchburg, Va.: compiler of the 

Early family records. 
1112911 — 4. Henrian, possessed unusual mathematical talent: had health 

permitted would have chosen the service of alleviating 

the suiTerings of others: d. 1896. 
1112911 — ^5. Mary Judith; was active in many women's organizations; a 

life passed as a ray of sunshine, brightening everything it 

touched: d. 1918. 
1112911—^. Joab b. 1858 d. 1861. 
1112911—7. Jubal b. 1865 d. infant. 

John Cabell Early (Capt. Samuel Hy. Early, Col. Joab Early, 
Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) b. Feb. 29, 1848, in Charleston, Kanawha Co., m. 1876 Mary 
W., dau. of Dr. Clifford Cabell (of Buckingham Co.) and wife 
Margaret,* dau. of Christopher Anthony (the son of Christ'r and 
Mary Jordan-Anthony) and his wife Anna W. dau. of Samuel and 
Ann Quigg-Couch, who m. in Philadelphia and settled in Gooch- 
land Co., Va., 1777, and were of the Quaker persuasion. 

Dr. Clifford Cabell was a son of Frederick Cabell, (the son of 
Col. John Cabell, of Buckingham) and wife Alice, dau. of Judge 

^Author of ''Recollections of Lynchburg, by the oldest Inhabitant.** 


Edmund Winston and wife Alice (dau. of Anthony Winston and 
wife Alice, dau. of Col. Edm. Taylor) and grand-dau. of William 
Winston, called ''Langaloo," a hunter, Indian fighter and orator, 
(who m. a dau. of George Dabney, of New Kent County) and was 
a son of Isaac Winston, emigrant said to have been of an ancient 
family long seated in Wales and the neighboring shires of England. 

At the beginning of the war of '61-'65 John Cabell Early, a lad 
of twelve years, was attending the school of Dr. Gessner Harrison, 
in Nelson County, Va. This school was then broken up as it was 
composed mainly of youths old enough to serve in the army. Cabell 
returned to his home in Lynchburg and was sent to one of the city 
schools. Just previous to the battle of Gettysburg he obtained Gen. 
Early's consent to his serving as one of Early's couriers, but when he 
arrived on the field his uncle was shocked at finding him so small 
and delicate, and as his father was wounded in the battle, both 
were sent home, the boy hiring a buggy and taking the place of 
driver. He was at this time fifteen and then entered the Va. Mil. 
Ins. at Lexington, Va. : at the time of Hunter's raid he with a number 
of the smallest cadets was left to guard the barracks. In 1864-5 
the Va. Mil. cadets were detailed to drill conscripted troops at 
Camp Lee, Richmond. 

During the winter of 1866-7 young Early attended the school 
conducted by Prof. Jas. P. Holcomb at Bellevue, Bedford Co.: a 
year later he engaged with Rev. Thos. H. Early in the sale of farm- 
ing machinery and having a bent for mechanics, took the place 
of demonstrator. He next farmed with his father in Kanawha 
County, but after his marriage in 1876 settled on a Bedford County 
farm, part of the Nicolas Davies' patented land: then purchased 
land on James river, a portion of the "Soldiers' Joy" estate. Nelson 
County, upon which he built "Red Gables": after a few years' resi- 
dence returned to Bedford and built "The Pines." He was an 
invalid during the last fifteen years of his life and died in 1909 
from an apoplectic stroke; buried in the family section at Spring 
Hill cemetery, Lynchburg. A portrait of him as a New Market 
« cadet was placed at the Va. Mil. Ins. by his family. 


11129112—1. Evelyn Russell b. in Lynchburg 1877: graduated at Lynch- 
burg High School first in class at 15 years of age: active 
in Red Cross work 1918-19. 

N Cabkll Early. V. M. U New Market Cader. 


11129112 — 2. Samuel Henry, Jr., b. in Lynchburg 1880: contracted Bright*8 

Disease while a student at Va. Pol. Ins. and d. 1897 in 
his seventeenth year. 

11129112-n3. Clifford Cabell b. 1883. 

11129112--4. Jubal Anderson b. 1886. 

11129112—5. Henrianne b. Dec. 26, 1890: educated at Sweet Briar, Bristol 

and Drexel Institutes: war worker; entered Mil. In- 
telligence office, through civil service, Nov. 1918: trans- 
ferred to Chief of Staff Office May, 1919: transferred to 
Adjuunt General's Office *July, 1919, Washington, D. C. 

Lieut.-Col. Clifford Cabell Early (2d son of John Cabell and Mary 
W. Cabell-Early) b. in Bedford Co., Va., 1883, graduated 1905 at 
West Pl Mil. Acad.: was commissioned 2nd lieutenant of the 20th 
Inf. (then in the Philippines) : served with that regiment at Mon- 
terey, Cal., in 1906: on duty in San Francisco after the earthquake: 
with the 20th Inf. in California till June, 1909; in the Philippines 
till 1911: promoted 1st lieutenant March 1911: with same regiment 
at Ft Douglas, Utah and on the Mexican border till Dec., 1914. 
Joined the 15th Reg. at Tientsin, China, where he remained from 
Jan'y 1915 to Aug. 1917. Promoted captain of infantry July 1916; 
served with the 8th Division at Camp Fremont Oct. 1917: promoted 
major in the National Army Nov. 1917, served with the 88th Div*n 
at Camp Dodge, Iowa, for three months. Detailed on general staff 
corps, in the office of Chief of Staff at Washington, Feb. 1918: in 
operations division, General Staff 1918-19: promoted lieutenant- 
colonel General Staff Corps Aug. 1918. 

Lt Jubal Anderson Early (3rd son of John Cabell and Mary W. 
Cabell-Early) b. 1886 at "Red Gables" Nelson County, Va., was a 
student at Bethel Mil. Acad. 1901-2: at Va. Mil. Ins. 1903-4: en- 
tered the U. S. Naval Acad, at Annapolis, 1904: served on the 
staff of Pres. Roosevelt at his inauguration 1905; resigned from the 
navy 1906: entered as a law student at the University of Va. in 
1907: was commissioned 2nd lieutenant in 20th Inf. Jan*y 1908: at 
Monterey, Cal., Mar. 1908 to June 1909; with same regiment in 
the Philippines July 1909 to Dec. 1911 and at Fort Douglas Jan'y 

1912 to Dec. 1913: represented the regiment in the pistol competi- 
tion. Western Dept. in 1912: on patrol duty at El Paso, Texas, Dec. 

1913 to May 1914: promoted 1st lieutenant Mar. 1914: guarded 


Mexican interned prisoners at Ft. Wingate, N. M., May to Sep. 1914. 

Lieut. Early was duck hunting with a friend on Lake Mariano, 
near Gallup, N. M., on Sep. 13, 1914, when a terrible gale arose, up- 
setting their boat and drowning both men. Early was a fine swim- 
mer, while his friend could not swim at all. There were no witnesses 
to the occurrence but evidence, disclosed in the search for the bodies 
showed convincingly that Early gave up his life in a heroic effort 
to save his friend. Lieut. Early was a charter member of the Philip- 
pine branch of the Sons of the Am. Rev'n, and a member of the 
Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity at the Univ. of Va. In 1915 the War 
Dept. authorized the naming of a battery on the great Fortress of 
Corregidor, Philippine Islands '^XX Battery Early" in honor of 
Lieut. Jubal A. Early, of the 20th Inf., who was drowned in the 
line of duty near Ft. Wingate while trying to save the life of a 

His remains were carried to Lynchburg and interred in the 
family lot at Spring Hill cemetery: a bronze tablet to his memory 
was erected by his fellow officers. 

Mary Judith Early (Col. Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jer*h 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1814 m. 1834 
John Saunders Hale, (son of John Hale and wife, Docia Saunders) 
of Rocky Mount, Franklin County, Va., a successful tobacco manu- 
facturer and farmer. Mary J. Early-Hale d. 1841 and John S. Hale 
married a second wife. 


1112912 — 1. Dr. Peter m. Jennie Saunders. 
1112912 — 2. Major Samuel m. Elizabeth Hairston. 
1112912-.3. Emma d. young. 

Dr. Peter Hale (Mary J. E. Hale, Col. Joab Early, Jubal 
Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Jennie, dau. of Samuel Saunders and wife, Mary Ingles, of 
Franklin county. 


11129121—1. Robert E. m. Mary Callaway. 
11129121—2. Fleming d. young. 

Lieutenant Jubal Andehson Early Jr. 



11129121 — 3. Samuel Hairston, drowned when twelve years old, at 

Memphis, Tenn. 

11129121 — 4. Mamie Early, trained nurse, head of a hospital at Cumber- 
land, Md. 

11129121—5. John, moved West. 

Robert E. Hale (Dr. Peter Hale, Mary J. E. Hale, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary, dau. of Peter 
Callaway, but who was raised in the family of James and Mary 
Saunders-Callaway of Franklin Co.: farmer and miller, for some 
years engaged in civil engineering: now assistant to chief engineer 
of Idaho and Salt Lake R. R. from Salt Lake City. Mrs. Mary C. 
Hale d. at "Callaway's," Franklin Co., Va. 


111291211—1. Robert b. 1884, educated at Va. Pol. Ins.: civil engineer: d. 

1907 of tubercular trouble. 
111291211—2. Virginia Alice b. 1887, d. 1910 of disease contracted while 

nursing her brother. 
111291211-^. Jubal Anderson b. 1888 ed. at Va. Pol. Ins.: m. 1918 Lail, 

dau. of R. R. Irvine, Jr., of Provo, Utah.: residence. Salt 

Lake City: employed with the Utah Power and Light Co. 
111291211-4. Samuel Joab b. 1890; ed. at Va. Pol. Ins.; m. 1917 Hilda 

Kimball, dau. of C» B. Wilson, of Bluefield, West Va.: 

issue, dau. 
111291211 — 5. Mary Elizabeth b. 1892, trained nurse; residence, Cumber- 
land, Md. 
111291211—6. John Steward b. 1895; served with the A. E. F. in France 

one year, now with Utah-Idaho Sugar Company: located 

at Idaho Falls. 
111291211—7. Charles Shields b. 1897: Utah State Road Engineer: located 

at Logan. 
111291211—8. Howard Melville b. 1899; vol. in U. S. Nav^: now with the 

Pacific Fleet. 
111291211 — 9. Janie Saunders b. 1902: residence Cumberland, Md. 

Major Samuel Hale (2nd son of Mary Judith Early and John 
S^toiders Hale) m. Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. Hairston, of Marybone, 
Henry County, Va.: he was killed a few weeks after his marriage 
at Spotsylvania C. H. May 12, 1864. Educated at Emory and 
Henry Coll. and Univ. of Va. 

Samuel Hale was a student at the University of Virginia when 
war was declared; entered service as captain of Co. "K" 42nd 


Reg. Va. Inf. C. S. army; was promoted to rank of major, and 
assigned to Early's division, as assistant adjutant and inspector gen- 
eral: served in all battles until wounded at Cedar Mountain: was 
acting as Gen. Early's adjutant when killed. His remains were 
carried to Franklin County and interred in the family burying 

General Jubal Anderson Early (2nd son of Col. Joab and Ruth 
Hairston-Early) b. 1816 in Franklin County, Va., until sixteen years 
of age attended Virginia schools; in 1833 he received an appoint- 
ment to West Point Mil. Acad, from Pres. Jackson, and graduated 
in 1837, was then appointed 2nd lieutenant in the 3rd Reg. of 
Artillery, Company "E": served in the Seminole war 1837-8 under 
Gen. Jessup: his baptism of fire was at a skirmish with Indians at 
Lockee Hatchee near Jupiter Inlet in 1838. He resigned from the 
army that year and studied law under N. M. Taliaferro, Esq., of 
Franklin and received his licence to practice in 1840: was elected 
to Va. Legislature in 1841-2, the youngest member of the body; 
then appointed prosecuting attorney in the circuit and county courts 
of Franklin and Floyd in 1843. During the Mexican war he was 
appointed major of a regiment of volunteers from Virginia (January 
1847) ; superintended the drilling and embarkation of troops at 
Fortress Monroe: acted as military governor of Monterey for two 
months. He contracted chronic rheumatism while stationed at 
Buena Vista from which he was a sufferer ever afterwards; was 
given leave of absence to recuperate, and spent the time with his 
father's family in the Kanawha Valley. On his return to his com- 
mand, the steamboat on which he travelled, was blown up on the 
Ohio river, when he had a narrow escape, as one half of his 
stateroom was carried off and pieces of the boiler protruded through 
the floor cutting and burning his feet. He was mustered out of 
service at Ft. Monroe April 1848, the only field oflBcer on duty with 
the regiment. Major Early resumed the practice of law, and be- 
came a candidate for the convention called to revise the constitution 
of Virginia: again was a candidate in 1853 for the Legislature. His 
practice had become considerable, the most important contest at 
the bar was in a contested will case in Lowndes County, Miss., in 
1852 in which a very large amount of property was involved an.d 
he contended successfully single-handed with three of the ablest law- 



yers in the state. When in 1860 the question of Virginia's secession 
from the United States arose, Maj. Early was a member of the con- 
vention called by authority of the state legislature to decide upon the 
matter: he opposed secession and labored earnestly to preserve the 
Union; but upon the adoption of the ordinance he felt it his duty 
to abide by the decision of his state, and with entire faith in the 
justice of her cause, he joined the army of the Confederate States to 
defend her against invasion. 

The day the convention took recess to await the result of the 
popular vote. Early tendered his services to Gov. Letcher and re- 
ceived from him the commission of colonel in the volunteer service 
of the state. On reporting to Gen. Lee, he was ordered to Lynchburg 
to take command of all Virginia volunteers who should be mustered 
into service at that place and organize them into regiments. He en- 
tered upon this service May 16th, organized and armed the 28th Va., 
the 24th (his own) and the 30th regiments. As soon as he learned that 
the federal troops occupied Alexandria he began sending these regi- 
ments to Manassas: also armed and sent off a number of companies 
to be attached to regiments already in the field: receiving orders to 
join his regiment he went to Manassas and reported to Gen. Beaure- 
gard on June 19th. In the battle of Manassas (or Bull Run) he 
commanded a brigade; (was then commissioned brigadier general) 
also at Williamsburg on May 5, 1862: (in the latter battle he received 
a severe wound in the shoulder from a minnie ball and his horse 
had an eye shot out) commanded a brigade at Malvern Hill, July 1, 
1862; at Cedar Run (or Slaughter's Mountain) Aug 9, 1862; at the 
2nd Manassas battle, Aug 27-28-29-30, 1862: at Sharksburg (or 
Antietam) Feb. 17, 1862. Commanded a division in the battles of 
Fredericksburg Dec. 13, 1862: (commissioned maj. general Jan. 
1863) : beii^g opposed to Sedgwick at Fredericksburg during the 
battle of Chancellorsville April and May 1863; of Gettysburg July 
1-2-3, 1863: in command of Ewell's corps at Mine Run, November 
and December, 1863: (promoted lieut. gen. May 1864) : commanded 
a division in the battle of the Wilderness May 5-6-7, 1864. Com- 
manded A. P. Hill's corps at the battles around Spotsylvania C. H. 
May 9-21, 1864: commanded a division at Hanover Junction May 
22-26, 1864: commanded Ewell's corps at the battle near Cold Har- 
bor May 30 to June 12, 1864: sent with separate command from 
Cold Harbor against Hunter, June 13 and compelled him to retire 


from before Lynchburg, Va., June 19, 1864, (a granite shaft marks 
the point where he erected earthworks and stationed troops in his 
engagement with Hunter near Lynchburg) ; crossed the Potomac 
and threatened Washington City July 1864, (a tablet marks his point 
of observation at the entrance to Walter Reed Hospital) : defeated 
Wallace at Monacacy July 9, '64: defeated Crook at Kemstown, 
near Winchester, July 24, '64«; sent a cavalry conmiand into Penn- 
sylvania which burned Chambersburg in retaliation for the burning 
of private houses in Virginia and of towns in the Southern States 
by the Federal troops. Being largely outnumbered by the Federals 
under Sheridan he met with reverses at Winchester Sep. 19, '64; at 
Fisher's Hill, Sep. 22, '64; at Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, '64; and at 
Waynesboro, Mar. 2, '64. At Cedar Creek Oct. 19, he surprised a 
portion of Sheridan's army, then under Gen. H. G. Wright, early in 
the morning and routed two corps and forced back the other corps, 
and the cavalry, several miles, but Wright rallied his conunand and 
formed a new line near Middletown ; after which Gen. Sheridan 
came from Winchester (distant 8 miles) and taking conunand made 
an attack on the Southern forces which resulted in the defeat of the 
latter. Early had in this battle 8,500 infantry, 500 or 600 artillery- 
men and 1,200 cavalry. After the war Gen. Early wait to Mexico 
then to Canada, where he remained four years, returning to Virginia 
in 1869 and settling in Lynchburg. The results of the war between 
the states had not been able entirely to quench his patriotic zeal: 
he again interested himself in political campaigns affecting his be- 
loved South: he was also very active in correcting newspaper his- 
tory of the war. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee, a warm friend and admirer, 
said jestingly to him, when they were discussing historical inac- 
curacies, ''General, a good many people are waiting for you to die 
so they may have a chance to write their account of the war": a 
prophecy which has been fulfilled, not only as to the part they 
played, but in criticism of himself — writers who had before been 

He was often misunderstood, his true nature not appreciated be- 
cause of an abrupt manner beneath which, however, there throbbed 
a warm heart, with sympathy for all suffering creatures, any form 
of selfishness was foreign to his nature, and truthfulness the ruling 
principle of his life. Gen. Early in association with Gen. Beaure- 
gard (a life-long friend) presided over the drawing of the Louisiana 

1. J. A. Canly and his soldiers commemoralin 
:ar Lyndibure. Va., on June 18, 1864. 


State Lottery for a number of years, the salary from which he 
distributed in charity. He did not engage in general law practice 
after his return to Virginia from Canada, though he undertook 
some very important cases successfully. 

While in Canada he wrote his ^'Memoirs of the Last Year of the 
War for Independence," and soon afterwards the ^^Narrative of the 
War," (including his autobiography) and '^Slavery," but the two 
last were not published until after his death, '^Slavery" under title 
of ^'Heritage of the South": he was author of numberless addresses 
which were delivered by him. 

He was the victim of a terrible accident in the autumn of 1890, 
when he was caught under the walls of a brick building in which he 
lived and which had not been considered unsafe, though badly 
damaged by fire; he was seated in his room, when the flooring caved 
in, but the heavy timbers fell over him in such a way as to protect 
him from the bricks and he was rescued before becoming danger- 
ously hurt. In February 1894 he had a fall down several stone 
steps from the effects of which he died two weeks later in March. 
He was given a public burial with military honors and interred in 
a lot at Spring Hill cemetery presented by the Association for the 
purpose, because of his services in rescuing the city in 1864. A 
granite shaft marks his resting place. General Early was never 
married. His portrait was painted from life by Elder and, after his 
death, by J. W. L. Foster, a Toronto artist, who presents him as the 
soldier of 1865. Gen. Early left 12 folios of letters from men 
prominent in state and national affairs: which letters are loaned to 
the Confederate Museum at Richmond. 


Hdqrs. C. S. Armies, 30th March, 1865. 
Lt-Gen. J. A. Early, Franklin Co.j Va. 

General : 

My telegram will have informed you that 
I deem a change of commanders in your department necessary, but 
it is due to your zealous and patriotic services that I should explain 
the reasons that prompted my action. The situation of affairs is 
such that we can neglect no means calculated to develop the re- 
sources we possess to the greatest extent and make them as efficient 


as possible. To this end it is essential that we should have the 
cheerful and hearty support of the people and the full confidence 
of the soldiers, without which our efforts would be embarrassed and 
our means of resistance weakened. I have reluctantly arrived at 
the conclusion that you cannot command the united and willing co- 
operation which is so essential to success. Your reverses in the 
valley, of which the public and the army judge chiefly by the re- 
sults, have, I fear impaired your influence both with the people and 
the soldiers and would add greatly to the difficulties which will, under 
any circumstances, attend our military operations in Southwest 
Virginia. While my own confidence in your ability, zeal and devo- 
tion to the cause is unimpaired, I have nevertheless felt that I could 
not oppose what seems to be the current of opinion, without in- 
justice to your reputation and injury to the service. I therefore felt 
constrained to endeavor to find a commander who would be more 
likely to develop the strength and resources of the country and in- 
spire the soldiers with confidence and to accomplish this purpose, 
I thought it proper to yield my own opinion and defer to that of 
those to whom alone we can look for support I am sure that you 
will understand and appreciate my motives and that no one will be 
more ready than yourself to acquiesce in any measures which the 
interests of the country may seem to require, regardless of all per- 
sonal considerations. Thanking you for the fidelity and energy 
with which you have always supported my efforts and for the 
courage and devotion you have ever manifested in the service of 
the country, I am very respectfully and truly. Your obedient servant, 

R. E. LEE. 
(Written while Early was in Canada.) 

Lexington, Va., 22nd Nov. '65. 

Gen. J. A. Early entered the Confederate service at the beginning 
of the war, in the spring of 1861, and served to its termination in 
1865. By his good conduct and merit he rose to the rank of 
lieutenant-general. He was in all the battles of the Army of 
Northern Virginia except when absent on account of severe wounds. 
During the campaign of 1864 he was detached with his corps dur- 
ing the summer for service in the Shenandoah Valley and was 
finally placed in command of the Department of Western Virginia. 

Being a graduate of the West Point Military Academy, he com- 


bines theoretical with the practical knowledge of a soldier. He 
exhibited during his whole service high intelligence, sagacity, 
bravery and untiring devotion to the cause in which he had enlisted. 

R. E. LEE. 

Robert Hairston Early (Col. Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. 
Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Harriett, 
dau. of Capt. Wiley Woods and his wife, Mary, dau. of Peter Hyde 
and Mary-Sparrel Saunders of Franklin Co. He was educated at God- 
frey's school and Patrick Henry- Academy : moved to Charleston, W. 
Va.: sheriff of Kanawha Co. in 1848: moved to a farm near Lexing- 
ton, Mo. Served with Gen. Price in C. S. Army: moved to Eureka, 
Mo., where he died 1882. 


1112914—1. Mai7 ElizabetH b. 1843 m. 1868 George H. Deane. 

1112914—2. Joab b. 1845 m. 1864 Adelia E. Unk. 

1112914—3. Wiley Woods b. 1847, served in the Confederate Army with 

Gen. Price and Col. Mosby: after the war lost an arm in 
a threshing machine accident: m. Mrs. Mary Bums; 
resided at Fort Worth, Texas: d. s. p. 

1112914—4. Alice J. b. 1849, resides at Webster Groves, St Louis Co., Mo. 

1112914-^. Ann ("Nannie") b. 1851 m. Alfred T. Radforth. 

1112914—6. Robert Hairston b. 1853 m. Cora Bay. 

1112914—7. Ruth b. 1855, resides at Webster Groves. 

1112914-6. WiUie b.* 1858 d. young. 

Mary Elizabeth Early (Robt. H. Early, Col. Joab Early, Jubal 
Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Geo. Henry Deane, (b. 1840 d. 1898, son of Henry Jones Deane 
and wife, Sophia Emily Henderson) ; in the banking business with 
Boatman's Savings Bank, St. Louis. Mrs. Deane d. 1893. 


Several children d. infants. 
11129141—4. Harriett b. 1874 nu Albert M. Price, of St. Louis: issue, 

twins, Jane Elizabeth and Mallory Deane, b. 1914. 
11129141—5. Early b. 1875 m. Mrs. Helen Reid n6e Rand; residence, 

Texas: issue, 1 son. Early, Jr., b. 1919. 

Joab Early (Robt. H. Early, Col. Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. 
Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Adelia E. 


Link : he d. 1876 in Colorado : his family moved to California. Joab 
and his brother Wiley (at the ages of 19 and 17) ran away from 
boarding school to join the C. S. Army: served with Gen. Price and 
Col. Mosby. 


11129142—1. Mary Virginia m. Robert Orr. 
11129142—2. James R. b. 1870. 
11129142—3. Charles b. 1872 d. infant. 
11129142—4. Thomas. 

Ann ("Nannie") Early (Robt. H. Early, Col. Joab Early, Jubal 
Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Alfred T. Radforth of English parentage: residence Kirk wood. Mo. 


11129145—1. Margaret d. infant. 

11129145 — 2. Roberta d. in early womanhood. 

11129145—3. Ruth d. young. 

11129145-^. Alfred, Jr. 

Robt Hairston Early, Jr., (Robt. H. Early, Col. Joab Early, 
Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Cora, dau of Judge Wm. Van Buren Bay and wife Eliza- 
beth Mansfield, of St. Louis, Mo. Ro. H. Early d. 1920 at St. Louis, 
Mo., interment at Oak Hill Cemetery. 


11129146 — 1. Mabel m. Dr. J. M. Thompson, son of H. C. Thompson, of 

Maplewood, Mo. 
11129146—2. Hattie m. J. P. Young: issue, John. 

Mabel Early (Robert H. Early, Jr., Robt. H. Early, Sr., Col. Joab 
Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Dr. J. Maurice Thompson. 


1H291461— 1. John Maurice, Jr. 
111291461—2. Jean Bay. 
111291461^3. Harry. 

Elizabeth Jane Early (Col. Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jere- 
miah Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1821 m. 


1843 Dr. Josiah P. Woods (b. 1819) son of Capt. Wiley Woods and 
wife, Mary Saunders) of Franklin County, a graduate of the Uni- 
versity of Va. Dr. Woods d. in 1844 and Eliz. J. Early-Woods m. 
2nd, 1847, (was 2nd wife) Hon. Robert Augustine Thompson, son 
of Philip Rootes Thompson and his 2nd wife, Sally (dau. of Robert 
Slaughter of the Grange), grandson of Rev. John Thompson (who 
came from Ireland before 1739) and his 2nd wife, Mildred dau. of 
Col. Philip Rootes. The family resided first in Charleston, Va., 
then moved in 1853 to San Francisco, CaL, making, the journey by 
way of the isthmus of Panama, which was crossed on pony backs. 
Mrs. Thompson returned on a visit to her father in 1861 and 
refugeed with him to Eastern Virginia, where she remained with 
her relatives till the war was about over, when she returned to her 
home in California: d. there in 1888. Judge Robert A. Thompson 
was educated at the University of Va.: was a member of the Vir- 
ginia Legislature twelve years: elected to Congress in 1847 where 
he served four years: in 1853 he was appointed by Pres. Pierce a 
judge of the U. S. Board of Land Commissioners to settle titles to 
California land grants: he practiced his profession of law until 
excluded from the courts by his refusal to take the iron clad oath 
at the time of the war between the states: afterwards he resumed 
his practice and was appointed supreme court reporter in 1870 by 
Gov. Haight. At the time of his death in 1876 he was presiding 
justice of the Justices' Court in San Francisco. 


1112915—1. Ruth Hairston m. 1870 Capt. William Craig. 

1112915—2. Helena Maria d. infant. 

1112915 — 3. Helena M. (2nd) teacher in San Francisco School Dept.: 

d. 1891. 
1112915 — 4. Anne Clarkson d. infant. 
1112915 — 5. Bessie Thornton d. aged 5 years. 
1112915-— 6. Roberta Augusta teacher in San Francisco School Dept. 

Ruth Hairston Thompson (Elizabeth J. E. Thompson, Col. 
Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1870 Capt. William Craig, son of 
James D. Craig and wife, Elvira Berry (whose mother was Miss 
Yarborough), grandson of Capt. James Craig (of the Mexican War) 
and wife Jane, dau. of Robert Kilpatrick, a Revolutionary soldier, 


great-grandson of Robert Craig, Irish emigrant, who died en route to' 
America and his family settled in North Carolina. Bom in Ala- 
bama, Capt. Craig graduated at Oglethorpe University, Ga., and 
also at the University of Virginia: entered the Confederate Army as 
a private; rose to the rank of captain: moved to California in 1869: 
was a prominent lawyer: d. . 


11129151 — 1. James D. d. aged 5 years. 
11129151—2. Jubal Early m. Mrs Marie. Craig-Beban. 
11129151 — 3. William Berry m. Mrs. Catherine Taylor-Schultz. 
11129151-4. Ruth Thompson d. 1891 aged 13 years. 
11129151 — 5. Robert Augustine m. Sylvia Marian Ainsworth. 
11129151 — 6. Olive, teacher in San Francisco School Department. 
11129151—7. Donald, associated with the El Dorado Oil Co., of San 


J. Early Craig (Ruth H. T. Craig, Eliz'h J. E. Thomp- 
son, Col. Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mrs. Marie Craig-Beban, (not related 
to her husband, though having the same name) : her father went from 
Pennsylvania; served under Grant during the war of '61-'65. 

J. Early Craig is a graduate of the University of Va.: attomey- 
at-law: resides in Oakland, Calif. 


111291512—1. Marie Ruth. 
111291512—2. Walter. 

William Berry Craig (3rd son of Capt Wm. and Ruth H. Thomp- 
son-Craig) m. Mrs. Katherine Taylor-Schultz, dau. of Murray Tay- 
lor, of Virginia: graduated at Berkley University, Cal.: practiced his 
profession of law in New York City: came to his death from an 
automobile accident while visiting in Phoenix, Arizona, Jan'y 1917: 
d. s. p. 

Robert Augustine Craig (Ruth H. T. Craig, Elizabeth J. 
E. Thompson, Col. Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Sylvia Marian, dau. 
of Judge Charles Ainsworth, attorney-general of Arizona. Ro. Aug. 
Craig is a civil engineer: was city manager of Phoenix, Arizona, 

thb; family of early 125 

three years; has been city manager of Santa Barbara, Cal., for two 

Ann Lelitia Early (Col. Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1823, m. John 
Nicolas Clarkson (son of James Clarkson and wife Maria, dau. of 
David Josiah Wood and wife, Mildred Lewis) who settled in Kan- 
awha County in 1834 served as deputy sheriff to Wiley P. Woods: 
was prominently connected in business and political circles: one 
time salt-maker at Kanawha Salines in partnership with his brother- 
in-law Samuel H. Early. John N. Clarkson was a colonel in the 
Confederate Army under Generals John B. Floyd and Henry 
A. Wise while they conunanded troops in Western Virginia. In 
1863 the salt works at Saltville, Va., were placed in his charge by 
action of the Virginia Legislature on an agreement that he would 
make and sell salt at a very reduced price to the States. During 
Cleveland's administration Col. Clarkson was a contractor in Wash- 
ington City. The family refugeed to Eastern Virginia during the 
war of '61 -'65 and made their home in Marion, Va., there Mrs. 
Clarkson d. 1865 and her family moved back to Charleston, W. Va. 

The ancestry of Maria Wood, wife of James Clarkson and mother 
of J. N. Clarkson, is traced from Robert Reade (of Lincolnbolt, 
Hampshire, Eng.) who m. Mildred (dau. of Sir Thomas Wynde- 
bank. Sec. of State to Charles I) and who came to Virginia in 1837. 
Their son, George Reade m. Elizabeth* dau. of Nicolas Martian. 
Augustin Warner, speaker of the House of Burgesses m. Mildred, 
dau. of George Reade and his wife Mildred Martian. Elizabeth 
Reade Warner dau. of Augustin and Mildren Reade- Warner m. Col. 
John Lewis, whose son, Robert Lewis, of Belvoir m. Jane Meriwether 
and their son Nicolas Lewis m. Mary Walker whose daughter, 
Mildred Lewis, m. David Josiah Wood, the parents of Maria Wood 
the wife of James Clarkson. 


1112916 — 1. Maiy M. ro. Augustus Langley. 

1112916—2. John Nicolas, Jr., Va. Mil. Ins. cadet: residence in Lincoln 

County, West, Va.: d. 1911 at Charleston, W. Va., 



Mary M. Clarkson (Ann L. E. Clarkson, Col. Joab Early, 
Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Augustus Langley (son of W. H. Langley and wife Caro- 
line, dau. of Henry and Anne Clendennin-Miller) of Gallipolis, 0. 
Aug. Langley d. 1903. 

Jacob Miller and his wife Jocelyn came to the valley of Virginia 
in 1740 from Switzerland. Their son Christian Miller m. Katherine 
Wiseman (a Swiss) in 1770. This couple settled in the valley and 
he served in the Rev. War as a sergeant in Capt. Jacob Pickens' 
company from Virginia: their son Henry Miller m. Anne, (dau. of 
Maj. Wm. Clendennin, who was in the battle of Point Pleasant and 
while serving as captain was wounded there. Maj. Clendennin was 
one of the first justices of Kanawha County: he laid out the city 
of Charleston: represented the county in the Virginia Assembly 
from 1796 to 1801 : was High Sheriff of the county 1802-3 and was 
the first representative from Mason County in the General Assembly. 
Caroline, dau. of Henry and Anne Clendennin-Miller m. W. H. 
Langley, of Gallipolis, Ohio. 


. 11129161—1. Annie m. John Shipman Witt. 
11129161—2. J. Clarkson. 

Annie Langley (Mary M. C. Langley, Ann L. E. Clarkson, Col. 
Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. John Shipman Witt, a successful wholesale 
shoe merchant, of Lynchburg, Va., son of David and Elizabeth Jones- 
Witt, of Nelson, grandson of David Witt, Sr., and wife, Jane Fitz- 
patrick. David, Jr., went into the Confederate Army 1861 in Capt. 
Lamkin's company stationed at Charleston, So. Ca., later served in 
Capt. Henry Rives' company in engagements around Richmond. 
Mrs. Eliz'h Jones- Witt was dau. of George Jones, b. 1791, and wife, 
Sally (dau. of Richard Pendleton, who went from Culpeper to Am- 
herst and whose ancestors came from Scotland) and grand-dau. of 
Capt. Chas. G. Jones (a Revolutionary soldier under Washington), 
who was the son of Hezekiah Jones from Spotsylvania County, and 
whose ancestors came from Wales. John S. Witt died suddenly Oct. 
1919: was buried at Spring Hill cemetery. 



11129161 — 1. John A. b. 1897: educated at Washington and Lee Univ.: 

in 1918 volunteered in the Naval Reserves: trained at 
Hampton Roads: entered OfficeiB* Material School at 
Hampton Base: in school when discharged: entered the 
wholesale shoe business with Lynchburg Shoe Company 
Aug. 1919. 

Ruth Hairston Early (Col. Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1825 
in Franklin County, Va., moved in 1847 with her father to Putnam 
County; m. 1856 Samuel A. Nash, of Gallipolis, Ohio, son of Simeon 
Nash and wife Amy White, of South Hadley, Mass.: grandson of 
Lieut. Thomas White, of the Revolutionary Army. Thomas Nash, 
emigrant, the ancestor of Samuel A. Nash, came from Hertfordshire, 
Eng., in the ship ^'Hector,'' landing at Boston, Mass., in 1637, with 
his wife and five children. 

Bom at South Hadley in 1822, Samuel Nash was educated at Am- 
herst College: chose the profession of law because of his love of pure 
reasoning: early in life he joined his brother, Judge Simeon Nash 
in Gallipolis, where he became a foremost member of Gallia County 
bar, and was among the able lawyers who made that bar famous 
for its strength: his was a family of lawyers whose life work was 
identified with the history of Gallipolis: in 1855 he was elected 
prosecuting attorney of the county. 

He was a profound thinker and eloquent speaker; excelled as a 
trial lawyer; possessed rare power of analysis of legal problems 
and swayed men by his oratory: was by nature a poet, with a sense 
of humor as keen as Swift. Mrs. Nash also possessed unusually 
strong mental ability. The greater part of their lives was spent 
in their Ohio home, but they purchased a farm near Lexington, Mo., 
upon which they resided a short time, then returned to Gallipolis 
where he died in 1903; and she died in 1908 the last of her father's 


1112917 — 1. Joab d. aged twelve yeare. 

1112917 — 2. Edwin White, graduate of U. S. Naval Academy: active in 

naval service some years: resigned from the navy and 
entered upon journalism, a congenial work in which he 


excelled, and became editor of the Gallipolis Journal: 
died suddenly in 1891 from heart weakness. 
1112917—3. Amy Ruth, a graduate of Mt. de Chantel College, Wheeling, 

West Va.: residence Gallipolis, 0. 

Elvira Evelyn Early (Col. Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. JerTi 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1828 m. (2nd 
wife) Rev. William B. McFarland b. 1820, 3rd son of Wm. McFar- 
land and Margaret Lewis, of Philadelphia, who was of Welsh 
parentage. Rev. McFarland left the Presbyterian church and be- 
came a Methodist; was ordained 1842; moved to Virginia, travelled 
the circuit in Virginia and Ohio; moved to Missouri where he held 
various charges; retired from active ministry 1890 d. 1894. His 
family had settled in Pennsylvania in its formative days. 

Chester County, Penn., originally included what is now Lancaster. 
In 1722 Donegal Township, Chester, was organized; was already 
settled by Scotch-Irish emigrants. It is said that few if any Irish 
arrived in Pennsylvania prior to 1719. Robert McFarlane (or 
McFarland) was b. in Scotland and his parents first emigrated 
to County Tyrone, Ireland: they emigrated to the colonies in 
1720 and settled along Little Chicken's Creek, Cumberland (form- 
ed from Lancaster Co.). Robert took up a large body of land 
from the Proprietaries: he d. 1750 or 52: his eldest son, John 
had a son, William (b. 1745 m. Elizabeth Jack) who sold out 
in 1779 and went west to Sewickley Valley, an unbroken wilderness: 
he was a daring Indian fighter, gigantic in size and strength: built 
the first shingled house west of the Alleghanies: went by the title 
of captain: d. 1840 aged 95 years. His son Wm. (2nd of the name) 
b. 1785 m. Margaret Lewis and they were the parents of Rev. Wm. 
B. McFarland. 


1112918—1. Robert Early m. 1885 Marie Vivian Pendy. 

1112918 — 2. Mary Payne ) d. from bums received at the explosion 

1112918 — 3. Cameron Scarrett ( of a lamp in Corder, Mo., 1876 

1112918 — 4. Harriett Lewis m. Robert E. Hatton. 

1112918—5. William B., Jr., m. 1896 Lucy J. Cheatham. 

1112918 — 6. Samuel Laurie m. Mamie A. Riggs. 

Robert Early McFarland (Elvira E. E. McFarland, Col. Joab 
Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 


John Early) m. 1885 Marie Vivian Pendy. Ro. E. McFarland, atty- 
at-law, resided first in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, then moved to Spokane, 


11129181—1. Wm. B. b. 1887 m. 

11129181—2. Catherine Ruth b. 1888. 

11129181—3. Robert Early, Jr., b. 1893, joined the Naval Reserves, 1917. 

11129181—4. John Anthony. 

11129181—5. Joseph. 

Harriett Lewis McFarland (Elvira E. E. McFarland, Col Joab 
Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Robert E. Hatton, son of Rev. W. A. Hatton and 
Ann Bishop dau. of Eleven Bishop (who went to Missouri with 
Boone and who served in the war of 1812) and wife nee Booth, 
grandson of Gen. S. B. Hatton of the Black Hawk, Mexican and 
'61 -'65 wars( in the C. S. army with Gen. Price), Robt E. Hatton 
has devoted himself to the profession of teaching and held office 
of president of several colleges: resides now in Kentucky. 

11129184—1. Robert E., Jr., b. 1907. 

Wm. B. McFarland, Jr., (Elvira E. E. McFarland, Col. Joab 
Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. 1896 Lucy J., dau. of W. C. and Judith Ayres-Cheatham, of 
Gilham, Mo.: moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, in 1888 and engaged 
in merchandise: was sheriff of Kootenai County in 1910; elected 
assessor in 1916: resident in Coeur d'Alene for twenty-eight years; 
the only merchant there who passed through the panic of 1893 with- 
out going into insolvency: member of the Masonic and Elk societies: 
d. 1916 after sustaining two paralytic strokes. 


11129185—1. Edward Uurie b. 1898 d. . 

11129185—2. Judith. 

Samuel Laurie McFarland (Elvira E. E. McFarland, Col. 
Joab Early, Jubal Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Mamie A. Riggs, of Kentucky: residence 


Lewiston, Idaho. Saml. L. McFarland, atty-at-law, was a graduate 
of the Univ. of Va.: d. 1908. 

11129186—1. Ruth E. b. 1902. 

Joe Early (son of Col. Joab and Ruth Hairston-Early) born 1830 
in Franklin County, Va., was educated at New London Academy, 
Bedford County: went with the gold seekers to California in the 
early fifties, crossing the continent, after the custom of those days, 
(when there were no railroads) by wagon, a tedious mode of travel: 
though he had started out before his sister, Mrs. Thompson, who 
went by water, she reached the west coast first: when he arrived 
at Stockton, California he was stricken with fever; his sister went 
from San Francisco to nurse him but he d. (1853) ; never married. 
He assumed the name by which he was known (Joe), having re- 
ceived at baptism the name of Smithson Davis. 

Captain Richard Toler Early (twin brother of Joe, son of Col. 
Joab and Ruth Hairston-Early) was educated at New London Acad- 
emy: moved to Missouri, where he was living in 1861: was elected 
captain of a company in the Confederate Army ; dangerously wound- 
ed in the knee during an engagement with Federal forces at Wilson's 
Creek, Mo., in September 1861; and from not receiving prompt 
medical attention died soon after reaching Springfield to which 
town he W£is carried from the battlefield. Capt Early was un- 
married: had been given the name James Munroe, but assumed the 
one (Dick) by which he became generally known. 

Sarah Early (Col. Jeremiah Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) b. 1766 m. 1783 William Anderson, son of Jacob 
Anderson (son of George Anderson) and his wife Mary, dau. of 
Col. Wm. Callaway and his 1st wife Elizabeth Tilley. In 1805 
William Anderson was sheriff of Campbell County: he d. 1806. 


1112A— 1. Mary b. 1784 m. 1806 Richmond C. Tyree. 

1112A — 2. John b. 1786 m. 1810 Lucy Walton: residence Davis County, Mo. 

1112A— 3. Matilda b. 1788 m. 1810 Pleasant Tyree. 

1112A— 4. Elizabeth b. 1790 m. 1816 Samuel Tyree. 


1112A— 5. James C. b. 1792 m. 1819 Jane R. Moorman. 

11 12 A — 6. Jacob b. 1794 moved to Indiana, then to St. Louis, Mo.: d. 
1832 unmarried. 

1112A — 7. Lucinda b. 1796 m. 1811 Rev. Thos. Callaway, son of CoL 
Jas. and Eliz. Early-Callaway: issue, 5 ch. (see Eliz'h Early- 
Callaway branch above.) 

1112A— 8. Docia b. 1798 m. John Price. 

1112A^9. Jeremiah Early b. 1802 m. Elizabeth Brooks. 

1112A— 10. Wm., Jr., b. 1804 m. a dau. of Geo. P. Venable, sheriff of 
Lafayette Co., Mo. 

Mary ("Polly") Anderson (Sarah E. Anderson, CoL Jer'h 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1806 Richmond 
C. Tyree, of Tennessee: d. in Lafayette County, Mo., in 1845. 


1112A1— 1. Mary b. 1806 m. Davis GiUespie. 
1112A1 — 2, Abraham m. Sarah Chiles. 
1112A1— 3. John. 
1112A1--4. Janet m. William Parr Walton. 

Mary Tyree (Mary A. Tyree, Sarah E. Anderson, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m, Davis Gillespie, of 
St Louis, Mo. 


1112A11— 1. William. 

11 12 All — 2. Anna m. Frank B. Davidson. 

1112A11— 3. Richmond m. 

1112A11— 4. Thomas m. 

1112A11— 5. David. 

1112A11 — 6. Josaphine m. Smith B. Ely. 

Anna Gillespie (Mary T. Gillespie, Mary A. Tyree, Sarah E. 
Anderson, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Frank B. Davidson, of Spokane, Wn. 


1112A112— 1. William. 

1112A112 — 2. Mary m. Charles Hemingway Jones. 

Josaphine Gillespie (Mary T. Gillespie, Mary A. Tyree, Sarah E. 
Anderson, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Smith B. Ely, of Spokane, Wn. 



1112A116— L GiUespie B. b. 
1112A116— 2. Smith, Jr. 

Abraham Tyree (Mary A. Tyree, Sarah E. Anderson, CoL Jer*h 
Early, JerTi Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Sarah (d. 1894) 
dau. of Walter Graves Chiles (b. 1794 d. 1851), of Glasgow, Mo., 
and his wife, Emily (b. 1804), dau. of John Head and wife Ann 
Sanford, of Orange Co., Va.: residence, Lexington, Mo. 


1112A12— 1. Walter B. d. 

1112A12— 2. Dr. William C. m. Jennie Overall. 

. Dr. William C. Tyree (Abram Tyree, Mary A. Tyree, Sarah E. 
Anderson, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Jennie Overall, of Kansas City, Mo. 


1112A122— 1. Jennie. 

1112A122— 2. Walter Overall b. 1897. 

Janet Tyree (Mary A. Tyree, Sarah E. Anderson, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. William Parr Walton 
(of Sweet Springs, Mo.) of the same family of Waltons as George 
Walton (the Signer). 


1112A14— 1. Mary J. m. Arnold T. Windsor. 

1112A14— 2. John d. 

1112A14— 3. James Richmond m. Bettie Boswell: issue. 

1112A14— 4. Martha E. m. Capt. R. S. Kinney. 

1112A14--5. Lou Ella m. William C. Hall. 

1112A14— 6. William Parr, Jr., m. Mary Hickson Edwards. 

Martha E. Walton, (Janet T. Walton, Mary A. Tyree, Sarah E. 
Anderson, Col. Jer'h Early, JerTi Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Capt R. S. Kinney, of San Antonio, Texas. 


11I2A144— 1. Capt Clifton, U. S. Army, m. Jennie Toggart. 
1112A144— 2. John m. Martha Doroughty: issue, Elizabeth. 


Lou Ella Walton (Janet T. Walton, Mary A. Tyree, Sarah E. 
Anderson, Col. Jer'h Early, Jerli Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. William C. Hall. 


1112A14S~L Joseph. 1112A14S--3. Mary. 

1112A14S~2. Robert 1112A145— 4. Martha. 

William Parr Walton, Jr., (Janet T. Walton, Mary A. Tyree, 
Sarah E. Anderson, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Mary Hickson Edwards. 


1112A146— 1. Elizabeth Guerrant m. 1914 Clifford Taber McCallister. 
1112A146— 2. David Edwards. 
1112A146— 3. Mary Louise. 

Matilda Anderson (Sarah E. Anderson, Col. Jerli Early, Jerli 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Pleasant Tyree, of Tennes- 
see: d. 1840. 


1112A3 — 1. William P. m. : issue, Stella, m. Dr. Harteman. 

1112A3 — 2. Clement; residence Higginsville, Mo. 

James Callaway Anderson (Sarah E. Anderson, CoL Jer'h Early, 
Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1792, m. 1812 Jane 
R., dau. of Jas. C. Moorman (and wife, Janet, dau. of John Robin- 
son, son of Henry Robinson, and his wife, Janet Edgar). Jas. C. 
Moorman son of Andrew Moorman, and wife Judith, dau. of Micajah 
Clark, grandson of Achilles and Judith Adams-Moorman, great gr. 
son of Charles and Mary Venable-Moorman, of Louisa Co., Va. 

James C. Anderson served in the war of 1812: lived in Fulton, 
Callaway Co., Mo.: d. 1864. 


1112 A5—1. Mary m. Asa Overall. 

1112A5— 2. Watt; senred in the C. S. Army: killed at Vicksbux^, Miss. 

1112A5— 3. Thomas m. Sallie Prewitt 

1112A5 — 4. Ann m. Dr. G. M. B. Maughs, of Sl Louis, Mo. 

Mary Anderson (Jas. C. Anderson, Sarah E. Anderson, Col. 
Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Asa Over- 


all, of St. Charles, Mo., son of Major Wilson Lee Overall (and 
wife Mary, dau. of Capt. Samuel Griffith) son of Capt. Wm. Overall 
(killed 1793) and wife, Susanne Thomas — ^son of John Overall (of 
Shenandoah, Va., 1748) and his wife, Sarah, dau. of Paul Froman 
and wife Elizabeth, the dau. of Joist Hite, of Winchester, Va., and 
Anna Maria Dubois. Mary A. Overall d. 1866: Asa Overall d. 1870. 


1112A51 — 1. Ezra m. Maiy Smith. 

1112A51 — 2. Jennie m. Dr. Wm. C. Tyree (see above). 

1112A51— 3. Annie m. R. P. Williams. 

Ezra Overall (Mary Anderson, Jas. C. Anderson, Sarah E. Ander- 
son, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Mary Smith, of Fayette, Mo. 


1112A511— 1. Asa. 1112A511— 4. Anna. 

1112A511— 2. Solon. 1112A511— 5. Ezra. 

1112A511~3. Elizabeth. 
Annie Overall (Mary Anderson, Jas. C. Anderson, Sarah E. An- 
derson, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John 
Early) m. R. P. Williams, of Fayette, Mo. 


1112A513— 1. Susanne. 1112A513— 5. Frances. 

1112A513— 2. Dorothy. 1112A513-6. Adele. 

1112A513— 3. Harriett. 1112A513— 7. Janet. 

1112A511-^. Berenice. 
Thomas Anderson (James C. Anderson, Sarah E. Anderson, Col. 

Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Sallie 


1112A53— 1. Mattie m. William Prewitt, of Clarksville, Mo. 
1112A53 — 2. Maggie m. Robert Prewitt, of Durango, Cal. 
1112A53 — 3. Sarah m. Dr. Woodson Moss. 

Sarah Anderson (Thomas Anderson, Jas. C. Anderson, Sarah E. 
Anderson, Col, Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Dr. Woodson Moss, of Columbia, Mo. 



1112A533— 1. Sarah. 1112A533— 3. James. 

1112A533— 2. Perry 1112A533— 4. Ruth. 

Jeremiah Early Anderson (Sarah E. Anderson, CoL Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Elizabeth Brooks, of 
Odessa, Mo. 


1112A^-1. William T. 
1112A^— 2. Peyton. 

Rev. Abner Early (Col. Jeremiah Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) b. 1767 m. 1791 Docia (b. 1775) dau. of Jacob 
Anderson ( son of George Anderson) and his wife, Mary, the dau. of 
Col. Wm. Callaway and wife, Elizabeth Tilley. Abner Early in- 
herited his father's home place (given his step-mother during her 
widowhood, she having married again). The lands of Abner Early 
were exempt from taxation according to law; (the attorney for the 
conmionwealth being in court when this order was made). In 
Feb. 1798 on motion of Abner Early leave was given him to 
celebrate the rites of marriage agreeable to the Methodist Society: 
same date, an order of court' was given to view a way for an 
alteration of the Richmond road leading through the land of 
Abner Early. In 1804 a resurvey was made of Abner Early's lands. 
In July of this year he qualified as overseer of the poor: being a 
partner, in general merchandise, of Buford Early (then deceased) he 
was given leave to administer on Buford's estate. 

On Nov. 19, 1819 Abner and Docia Early deeded to Jacob, Abner 
and Henry Early and others, trustees, a certain lot in Campbell 
County on the east side of Flat creek and containing 1 1/16 acres 
*'for the use of the members of the Methodist Episcopal church in 
America, according to the rules and discipline which may from 
time to time be adopted." This was doubtless the land upon which 
Early's chapel was built. 

Abner Early's will was admitted to record in 1837: he devised the 
plantation on which he lived to his wife, Docia, during her life; 
this embraced all his land on Otter river which had not been dis- 
posed of, and was divided from the land given to his son, John W., 
by an old road running from Anthony's ford to a line near Sambo's 


branch: the property already given Jacob, Henry, William, John 
Wesley, Edmund and Matilda was confirmed in his will. His sons 
Jacob and Henry T. were appointed executors; Chiswell Dabney and 
John D. Alexander witnessed his signature. 


1I12B— 1. Mary b. 1792. 

1112B— 2. Jacob b. 1793 m. 1818 Elizabeth Fitz P. Austen. 

1112B— 3. Henry T. b. 1796 m. 1821 Peggy D. Haden. 

1112B-4. Sallie A. b. 1796 b. 1827 Claiborne Porter. 

11126^5. Elizabeth C. b. 1800 ni. 1822 Abner Anthony. 

1112B— 6. Amelia ("Emily") b. 1802. 

1112B— 7. William A. b. 1804 m. 1833 Mary C. Jennings. 

1112B~^. John Wesley b. 1807 m. Miss Lauderdale. 

1112B— 9. Edmund J. b. 1810 m. Ann Tardy. 

1112B— 10. Matilda b. 1814 m. A. Pannill. 

Jacob Early (Rev. Abner Early, Col. JerTi Early, JerTi Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1793 m. 1819 Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, 
dau. of James Austen: Jacob Early was educated at Washington 
College, Lexington, Va. During the war of 1812-14 he was a 
private in Capt James M. Haden's company of grenadiers, 3rd Va. 

Reg. In 1827 he bought of Vawter 200 acres of land on 

the waters of Quarry Branch known as the Cross Road tract: moved 
with his family to La Porte, Indiana, in the spring of 1835. 


111262^1. Jeremiah. 

111282^2. Catherine. 

1112B2— 3. Elizabeth m. Edmund S. Organ. 

111262-^. Nicolas. 

111282-^. Parmenus b. 1831. 

111282—6. John P. m. Maria L. 8radley. 

111282—7. Docia m. R. H. Rose. 

111282—8. Hillary b. 1838, in real estate business in La Porte, Ind. 

Elizabeth Early (Jacob Early, Rev. Abner Early, Col. Jer'h 
Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Edmimd A. 


1112823 — 1. Walter E.: residence near La Porte, Ind. 
1112823 — 2. Alice: residence near La Porte, Ind. 


1112B2a— 3. Docia m. Charles Vail, of Colby, Kansas. 
1112B23 — 4. Annette: residence Montana. 
1112B23 — 5. Lucy: residence Montana. 

John P. Early (Jacob Early, Rev. Abner Early, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Maria L. Bradley: 
first resided in La Porte, moved to California: was a prominent poli- 
tician in Northern Indiana: member of the State Legislature: trustee 
of public benevolent institutions: man of letters. 


1112B26— 1. John H. m. 1872 Mary E. Cohen. 

1112B26— 2. Edmund Austen b. 1851 m. Virginia Brett; resided at 

Meridian, Miss.: d. 1880. 
1112B26— 3. Maria May d. 1872 


1112B26-4. yia Elizabeth d. 1873 | *^™ ^- ^®^- 
1112B26— 5. Robert Leverett b. 1857, d. young. 

John H. Early (Jacob Early, Rev. Abner Early, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary E. Cohen: resi- 
dence Hartwell, Ohio. 


1112B261— 1. Harry Leverett d. young. 
1112B261— 2. Ulla May b. 1876 m. Walter G. Parker. 
1112B261— 3. Harriett Brandon. 
1112B261— 4. John Herbert 

Lilla May Early (John H. Early, John P. Early, Jacob 
Early, Rev. Abner Early, Col. Jer'h Early, JerTi Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Walter G. Parker. 


1112B2612— 1. Harry G. d. infanL 
1112B2612— 2. W. Granville, Jr. 
1112B2612— 3. Marian Early. 

Docia Early (Jacob Early, Rev. Abner Early, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos Early, John Early) m. R. H. Rose, son of Dr. 
Gustavus Adolphus Rose and wife, Ann Garland. Dr. G. A. Rose 
was son of Hugh Rose and Caroline Matilda, dau. of Samuel Jordan. 
Hugh Rose was a member of Amherst Co. Conunittee of Safety from 


1774 to '75: County-Lieutenant 1777-'81: rendered important service 
in opposing Tarlton's raids. Ann Garland-Rose was dau. of David 
Shephard Garland and wife, Jane Henry Meredith; gr. dau. of 
Samuel Meredith and wife, Jane Henry. Samuel Meredith was 
Lieutenant of the Independent Company under Patrick Henry, (his 
brother-in-law) which rescued the powder from Dunmore: was col- 
onel of Minute Men in 1776 and served through the war. 


1112B27 — 1. G. A., Jr., of Carthage, Jaspar County, Mo. 
1112B27— 2. Ann m. Frederick Hodson. 
1112B27— 3, Elizabeth: residence New York City. 

Henry T. Early (Rev. Abner Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Margaret D. Haden. 

1112B3— 1. Abner m. Mary A. Kabler. 

Abner Early (Henry T. Early, Rev. Abner Early, Col. Jer'h Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary A. Kabler: resi- 
dence Campbell County, Va. In 1874 Abner and Mary A. Kabler 
made a deed to the trustees of the Presbyterian church of their in- 
terest in the tract on the west side of the road leading from Lynch- 
burg to Leesville, in consideration of her interest in the cause of 
religion and his desire to promote the moral and religious welfare 
of the surrounding community. 


1112B31 — L Harry: residence Evington. 

1112B31 — 2. Douglas m. Eldridge Haden, of Charlottesville, Va. 

1112B31 — 3. Maggie A. m. M. A. Haden, of Evington, Va. 

Maggie A. Early (Abner Early, Jr., Henry T. Early, Rev. Abntr 
Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Mark A. Haden, a Confederate veteran: member board of Ne^v 
London Acad, trustees: overseer of the poor for county. 


1112B313— 1. Janie. 
1112B313— 2. Mary Lou. 


William A. Early (Rev. Abner Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1833 Mary C. Jennings: 
moved west: d. at his home at Wellington C. H. on the Mississippi 
river: family moved to California after his death. 


1112B7 — 1. Virgil m. Mrs. Virginia Brett-Early, widow of Edmund Early, 

of Meridian, Miss.: d. of yellow fever. 
1112B7 — 2. Henrietta m. Mr. Pollard: issue, 2 daus: and Bettie. 

John Wesley Early (Rev. Abner Early, Col. Jer'M Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Miss Lauderdale. 


1112B8— 1. Prudence m. Mr. Wiley: issue, 2 daus.: Mr. Wiley d. 1886: 

she moved to Monticello, Napa County, California. 

Edmund J. Early (Rev. Abner Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1810 m. M. Ann, the dau. of 
John Tardy, of Campbell County, Va. Edmund J. Early was a 
successful farmer and prominent county citizen: d. 1879. 


1I12B9 — 1. Leverett S. m. Mrs. ^ n6c Moon. 

1112B9 — 2, Dr. Maurice B.: practiced his profession in New York City. 

1112B9 — 3. Laura J. m. L. Goggin Moorman, son of Thos. Bouldin Moor- 
man and wife n^e Goggin. 

1112B9 — 4. Peachy H. m. , residence Roanoke; moved to 


Leverett S. Early (Edmund J. Early, Rev. Abner Early, Col. Jer'h 

Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mrs. 

nee Moon of Albemarle County: residence Campbell Co.: 

a Confederate veteran: d. in Charlottesville. 


1112B91— 1. Sarah Breckenridge m. Dr. Wm. Claiborne Powell, of Peters- 
burg, son of A. T. Powell, of Dinwiddie County, Va. 
11I2B91 — 2. Dr. Leverett S., Jr., practicing physician in Petersburg. 
1112B91— 3. Annie Moon m. William O. Durrett, of Charlottesville, Va. 










Sarah Early, of Culpeper County, Va., (eldest dau. of Jeremiah 
and Elizabeth Buford-Early) m. William Kirtley eldest son of 
Francis Kirtley and Margaret (dau. of John Roberts, Sr., of St. 
George's Parish, Spotsylvania County). Francis Kirtley, Sr., 
popularly known among his neighbors as ^^Sir Francis," the pro- 
genitor of the family, came to the Virginia colony from Wales 
in 1710. He was captain of a company of foot soldiers (under 
Lieut -Col. Thos. Slaughter, from Culpeper County,) sent, 1751, 
against the French and Indians above Winchester. His will, dated 
1763, is on record in Culpeper and mentions his sons William and 
Francis, Jr. When Culpeper was divided to form Madison, the 
estate of Wm. Kirtley lay in the new county and there his will was 
recorded in 1795. In this he bequeathed to his wife the home place 
on Stanton river, and mill tract containing 183 acres (which he 
had purchased from his brother), the mill standing on the river, 11 
slaves, household furniture with the exception of the clock (which 
together with any other property his wife chose to give up, was to 
be sold), stock of all kinds, farming implements and two stills. The 
mountain land purchased from Joel Early and mill tract to be sold 
after the death of his wife, and proceeds divided between his five 
children: bequest of money to his two grandsons, Elijah and Elliott, 
sons of his son William, Jr. The dwelling house, outbuildings and 
one-half of the home tract to become the property of his son 
Jeremiah, the other half to be given his son William, Jr., after the 
death of his wife : his son Jeremiah and son-in-law, Isaac Davis, Jr., 
were appointed executors. 

The information concerning this Kirtley family has been meagre. 
There are several deeds among Madison records from members of 
the family in the transference of property. One from Wm. and 


Sarah Kirtley to Joshua Jackson for 176 acres on Conway river, 
on June 15, 1771. One from Joel Early, executor of Jeremiah 
Early, to Wm. Kirtley, in 1791, for 294 acres at head of Wilson's 
river, a branch of Stanton. In 1792 from Wm. and Sarah Early- 
Kirtley to Jeremiah Kirtley, 160 acres on the west side of Stanton, 
a branch of Rappahannock river, standing on Wm. Kirtley's patent 
line and running with Francis Kirtley's line. At the beginning of 
the 19th century Wm. Kirtley's family had moved to Kentucky, where 
many of their Early relatives were settled. A letter from one of the 
descendants states that ^'all of Kentucky is full of the history of the 
family, not in great deeds but in the story of its conquest from 
wilderness to civilization, in the work of the ministry and of educa- 
tion:" it has continued as a family of ministers. 


1113 — 1. Jeremiah m. Mary Walker. 
1113 — 2. William, Jr., m. Anne Rogers. 
1113—3. Elijah m. Polly Buford. 
1113 — 4. Margaret m. Simeon Buford. 
1113 — 5. Elizabeth m. Isaac Davis, Jr. 

Major Jeremiah Kirtley (Sarah Early-Kirtley, Jeremiah Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary Walker, sister of Merriwether 
Walker: resided in Madison County. 

In 1793 Jeremiah Kirtley was overseer of the road leading from 
Garth's ford near Kirtley's mill to the Conway river: the same year 
he became a justice of the peace for Madison county: an order was 
given to Jer'h Kirtley, Gent, to regulate the hands under the several 
overseers of the road between Gaar's Mill and Kirtley's road (around 
Thoroughfare Mtn.) to the Robinson river. In November of this 
year he received his commission as a major of the 2nd Battalion of 
the militia regiment in the county: was appointed one of thr^ to 
settle the executorship of John Simpson and divide the estate. A 
deed from Jer'h and Mary Kirtley, 1794, was proved by Francis and 
Wm. Kirtley: in 1795 Jeremiah Kirtley was a justice of the peace for 
Madison Co., Va. 

In 1807 a power of attorney from Merriwether Walker to Jeremiah 
Kirtley was acknowledged and ordered to be certified to Boone 
County, Kentucky. 


In 1817 Jeremiah Kirtley was a presiding magistrate for Boone 
County, Kentucky. 


11131—1. Robert m. . 

11131 — 2. Jeremiah, Jr., m. Amanda Rogers. 

11131 — 3. Frances Walker m. Wm., son of Simeon and Margaret K. Buford. 


Robert Kirtley (Maj. Jeremiah Kirtley, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h 

Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. . He was a Baptist 

minister: resident near Bulletsville, Ky., for over 40 years. 


111311 — 1. Asa: moved to Missouri: d. aged 92 yrs.: son Rev. Lycurgus, a 

Baptist minister. 

111311 — 2. Jeremiah: m. : issuer sons, Milton and Robert. 

111311 — 3. Rev. Robert, a Baptist minister: d. 1896, aged 80 years. 

111311-4. William d. at 20 years of age. 

111311 — 5. Rev. James A., a Baptist minister, d. 1902, aged, 81 yrs.: son 

Rev. James A., Jr., a Baptist minister: son. Rev. Euselius, 

Baptist minister, b. 1885. 
111311 — 6. Anne m. Joseph Graves. 
111311 — 7. George m. . 


George Kirtley (Robert Kirtley, Maj. Jer'h Kirtley, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 


1113117—1. WiUiam. 

1113117 — 2. Rev. James S., minister at 1st Baptist church, Elgin, III. 

1113117 — 3. Son d. infant. 

1113117 — 4. Anne E., librarian at Judson College, Marion, Ala. 

Jeremiah Kirtley (Maj. Jer'h Kirtley, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Amaiida dau. of Joseph 
Rogers, Jr., and wife Henrietta Rodes. 

111312 — 1. Henrietta m. Sidney Berkley: s. p. 

William Kirtley, Jr. (Sarah Early-Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Anne Rogers. On April 11, 1803, "Wm. 
Kirtley, of Madison coimty, about to move to Kentucky,'' appointed 


Ed. Gaines, his lawful attorney to receive all arrears due him: moved 
to Kentucky in 1803. 


11132—1. Elijah, Jr. 

11132—2. Elliott. 

11132-^, Saraht m. 1800 John Roberts, son of John Roberts, of St. 

George's Parish, Spotsylvania County. 
11132—4. Mary m. George Rogers, of Fayette County, Ky., son of Jos. 

and Ann Early-Rogers. 

Elijah Kirtley, Sr. (Sarah Early-Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Tho8. Early, John Early) m. Mary, dau. of William Buford and his 
wife, Mary Welsh, of Culpeper county. Wm. Buford, the son of 
John and Judith Buford, b. 1745 in Culpeper county, m. Mary 
Welsh: went to Kentucky 1788; settled in Lincoln, now Gerrard 
county; resided in Rockcastle county in 1814. Records in Pension 
office show that Wm. Buford served in Capt Samuel Booker's com- 
pany (regiment commander. Col. Wm. Russell), formerly known as 
Capt Edwin Hull's Co. Wm. Buford enlisted to serve 3 years, from 
December 7, 1776, and his name last appears December, 1779, on the 
roll with remark, ^^Discharged December 2nd." 

In 1787, Nov. 8th, Elijah Kirtley sold to Joel Early, for the Jer'h 
Early, Sr., estate, 396 acres of land, in Culpeper County, beginning 
at Ben Smith's on the river near the mouth of a branch, for 50,000 
lbs. of tobacco. 

11133^1. William, residence Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Margaret Kirtley (Sarah Early-Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. 1777 Simeon Buford (son of John and 
Judith Buford, of Culpeper county, Va.), b. 1756, d. 1840. Re- 
sided in Barron County, Kentucky. Simeon Buford made applica- 
tion for a pension March, 1833, when he was 76 years old and living 
in Barron county. The pension was allowed for eleven months' 
actual service as private and eight months as Ensign in the Virginia 

t Sarah Early-Kirtley made a deed of gift of a negro woman named Patt 
and her child Rhoda, to Siallie, dau. of her son, Wm. Kirtley, Jr., deed de- 
livered to Jno. Roberta 1803. 


troops during the Revolutionary war. He served under Colonel 
Abraham Buford and Colonel Stevens, enlisting at Culpeper C. H. 
His name is on the roll of 1835 with pension from 1832 for six 
months* or more service in the Continental line. He with his wife 
and four children moved from Virginia in April, 1789, to Kentucky, 
settling at Smoking Spring, Barron county. He was a representa- 
tive from Barron and Warren counties in the Kentucky Legislature 
from 1801-3. In 1808 he moved to Nashville. He and his wife are 
buried at Beaver Creek, near Glasgow, Ky. 


11134 — 1. John b. 1778 m. Ist Nancy Hickman; m. 2nd Mrs. Anne 

Bannister- Watson. 

11134^2. William b. 1781, m. 1801 Frances Walker Kirtley. 

11134—3. Judith b. 1784, m. Elijah Rogers, of Glasgow, Ky.: d. s. p. 

11134-4. Simeon b. 1787, m. 1806 Elizabeth Twyman. 

11134 — 5. Sarah b. 1790, m. 1806 John H. Baker, of Glasgow, Ky.: s. p.: 

adopted Giles Gore Buford, son of Geo. W. Buford: died 
and was buried at *Tree Hill,** Woodford County, resi- 
dence of WuL Buford. 

11134 — 6. Mary b. 1792, m. Henry Crutcher. 

11134—7. Elizabeth b. 1794, m. 1st, 1811, John T. Chambers: m. 2nd, 

1820, George W. Trabue. 

11134—8. Elijah b. 1797, m. Mary Depp. 

11134—9. George Washington b. 1800, m. 1st Miss Gore; m. 2nd, Maria 


11134 — 10. Thomas b. 1803, m. Amanda Savage. 

John Buford (Margaret Kirtley-Buford, Sarah £. Kirtley, Jer^h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st Nancy (dau. of 
David, grand dau. of James Hickman and his wife Hannah Lewis, of 
Culpeper Co., Va.) b. 1799 in Bourbon Co., Ky., she d. at Versailles, 
Ky., in 1824, leaving two children: James Hickman, b. 1724, m. 1744 
Hannah (b. 1722), dau. of David Lewis and his wife nee Terrill, 
whose father, John Lewis, emigrated from Wales, about the middle 
of the 17th century, settled in Hanover Co., Va., and married Eliza- 
beth McGrath. James Hickman went to Clark County, Ky.; died 
there in 1816; his wife d. in 1822, being nearly 100 years old. Their 
son David m. Clara McClanahan and settled in Bourbon Co., Ky.: 
Clara McC. was the dau. of Thos. and Nancy Green McClanahan, 
gr. dau. of Rev. Wm. and Mary Marshall-McClanahan, of Green- 
ville, North Carolina. John Buford m. 2d Mrs. Anne Bannister 


Watson, widow of Dr. John Watson, of Frankfort, Ky., dau. of Capt. 
Edward and Nancy Lyne-Howe: Edw. Howe served in Harry Lee's 
Light Horse Brigade during the Rev. War. John Buford represented 
Woodford county in the Kentucky Legislature, 1824-27; was four 
years state senator: d. at Rock Island, III., in 1847. 


(First Marriage) 

111341— 1. Helen b. 1800; m. 1817, at Versailles, General William Johnson. 
111341 — 2. Napoleon B. m. Ist Sarah Childs; m. 2d Mrs. Mary Ann Pierce. 

(Second Marriage) 

111341—3. John, Jr., b. 1826; m. 1854 Martha McDowell Duke. 
111341 — 4. Thos. Jefferson b. 1828; m. 1853 Grace Bowers 
111341—5. James Monroe b. 1832; m. 1856 Felicia Clark. 

Helen Buford (John Buford, Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1817 Gen. 
Wm. Johnson (son of Jas. and Nancy Payne- Johnson) b. 1799, 
educated at West Point Military Academy: he was of the 4th 
generation from Wm. Johnson, of Culpeper County, Virginia, b. 
1714; m. 1742 Elizabeth, dau. of Benjamin Cave and his wife 
Hannah Bledsoe. Residence, Great Crossings, Scott Co., Ky. Mrs. 
Johnson d. 1823. 


1113411—1. Nancy Buford b. 1818; m. 1836 Dr. John C. Morrison. 
1113411—2. Hickman b. 1821; d. 18d3. 

Nancy Buford Johnson (Helen Buford^Johnson, John Buford, 
Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Dr. Jno. G. Morrison, of Georgetown, Ky. 


11134111—1. Edward Ann b. 1838; m. Ist 1854 Temple Buford: m. 2nd 

1887 Dr. Blanten. 
11134111—2. Helen S. b. 1843; m. 1865 Dr. J. W. Southworlh. 
11134111—3. Nannie J. b. 1846; m. 1864 Henry Craig. 
11134111—4. John W. b. 1850; m. 1878 Miss Sparks. 
11134111—5. Adelaide b. 1848; d. 1860. 
11134111—6. Francis b. 1863; d. infant. 


Edw. Ann Morrison (Nancy B. Johnson-Morrison, Helen B. John- 
son, John Buford, Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1854 Temple Buford, son of 
Napoleon and Sarah Childs-Buford. Mrs. Buford was divorced and 
m. 2nd, 1887, Dr. Blanton, of Boone County. 

111341111—1. Nannie M. b. 1855; m. 1880 Bedford Leslie. She d. 1882 

8. p. 

111341111—2. Sallie Childs b. 1857; m. 1876 Henry F. Duncan, of Louis- 

ville: s. p. 

111341111—3. Napoleon B. b. 1860; m. 1880 Margaret Carpenter: resi- 
dence Chicago, m.: s. p. 

111341111—4. Johnson and 

111341111—5. Morrison 

? twins, d. infants. 

Helen S. Morrison (Nancy B. Johnson-Morrison, Helen B. John- 
son, John Buford, Marg*t K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, JerTi Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. J. W. Southworth, of Glasgow, 
Mo. She d. 1884. 


111341112—1. Evelyne b. 1867; d. 1873. 
111341112—2. Nancy C. b. 1878; d. infant. 

Nannie J. Morrison (Nancy B. J. Morrison, Helen B. Johnson, 
John Buford, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Henry Craig, of Georgetown, Ky. 


111341113—1. John Jeflferson b. 1868; d. 1888. 
111341113—2. Henry C. b. 1871. 
111341113—3. Evelyne b. 1874. 

John W. Morrison (Nancy B. J. Morrison, Helen B. Johnson, 
John Buford, Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Miss Sparks, of Arkansas: residence, 
St. Louis, Mo. 


111341114—1. Bessie b. 1879. 
111341114—2. John b. 1880. 
111341114-3. Henry b. 1885. 



Gen. Napoleon Bonaparte Buford (John Buford, Marg't K. Buford, 
Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st 
Sarah Childs, of Cassanova, N. Y.; m. 2d Mrs. Mary Anne Pierce, 
Q^e Greenwood. 

General N. B. Buford graduated at West Point Academy 1827: 
studied law at Harvard: was assistant professor of natural and ex- 
perimental philosophy at U. S. Mil. Acad. 1834-35: resigned 1835. 
Resident engineer of Licking River, Ky., Improvement Company: 
president of Rock Island & Peoria R. R. : Col. 27th 111. Inf. 1861 : 
brevet Major-General volunteers 1865: governor inspector of Union 
Pacific R. R. 1867-69: conmiissioner of Indian affairs 1868: d. 1883. 

11 1^12 — 1. Temple b. 1833; m. 1854 Edward Ann Morxiflon (see above). 

John Buford, Jr. (John Buford, Sr., Margaret K. Buford, Sarah 
E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1854 
Martha McDowell, dau. of Jas. K. and Mary Buford-Duke. 

Gen. John Buford, Jr., was educated at the U. S. Mil. Acad.: 2nd 
lieut. of Dragoons 1848: attached to Gen. Pope's staff 1861: brig.- 
gen. volunteers 1862 : acting chief of cavalry of the Army of Potomac 
in the Maryland campaign: was on McClellan's staff: assigned to 
conunand of the reserved cavalry brigade of the Army of the 
Potomac upon completion of the cavalry organization: leader in 
nearly every subsequent cavalry engagement: major-general of volun- 
teers 1863 : selected the site for battle of Gettysburg 1863. A bronze 
statue of him was erected in 1895 near the town of Gettysburg, 
where he fired the first gun: buried at West Point, where there is 
also a monument erected to his memory. 


1113413—1. James Duke b. 1855; d. 1874. 
1113413—2. Pattie McDoweU b. 1857; d. 1865. 

Thos. Jefferson Buford (John Buford, Sr., Marg't K. Buford, 
Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1853 
Grace Bowers, b. 1831, dau. of Henry and Mary C. Bowers-Giles. 
Residence, Rock Island, 111. 



1113414—1. Mary b. 1854; d. young. 

1113414—2. Sarah b. 1857; m. 1881 James Franklin Bell, Lieut. 7th Cav. 

U. S. Army. 
1113414—3. John Watson m. 1859 
1113414-4. Grace b. 1860; d. young. 
1113414—5. Emeline Swigert b. 1862; m. Ist 1888, Capt. Geo. K. Sander- 

son, 11th U. S. Inf. (d. 1893) : m. 2nd. 1895, Martin F. 

1113414—6. Anna Bowers b. 1864; m. 1886 Lieut. Ernest Albert Garling- 

ton, 7th U. S. Cav. 
1113414—7. Thomas Jefferson b. 1866. 
1113414—8. James Munroe (2d) d. infant. 
1113414—9. James Munroe (3d) d. infant. 

James Munroe Buford (John Buford, Sr., Marg't K. Buford, Sarah 
E. Kirtley, JerTi Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1856 
Felicia, dau. of Joseph and Harriett Jiilian-Clark. Residence Rock 
Island, 111. 


1113415—1. Hemdon b. 1857; d. infant. 

1113415—2. Jane Swigert b. 1860; m. 1880 R. R. Cable, president of the 

C. R. I. and P. R. R.: residence, Chicago, 111. 
1113415-3. Clark Howe b. 1870; d. 1893. 

William Buford (Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1801 his cousin, Frances 
Walker Kirtley, dau. of Francis and Eliz. Walker-Kirtley, b. 1787 
in Rockingham County, Va., on the Shenandoah river. He d. 1848: 
his wife 1866. Wm. Buford was known as ^^Colonel Billy," to distin- 
guish him from his cousin of same name. 

Wm. Buford had a splendid stock farm which he called ^'Tree 
Hill:" he willed his estate to his two sons, Thomas and Henry (as 
executors), excepting a few legacies. The indebtedness of the estate 
was large, and these two sons having been closely associated with 
him in business aifairs during the latter part of his life, he gave 
them directions as to the settlement and division of the estate, cer- 
tain portions of which were to be given to his children left out of 
hb will. In the final adjustment, Henry sold one-half of his landed 
property (which included the homestead) to a wealthy neighbor, 
Mr. Alexander. The mother's dowry was given to her, and Thomas, 


who refused to sell his portion, made every eifort to keep the home- 
stead in the family: this involved him in a series of law suits and 
he failed to accomplish his purpose, for at his mother's death the 
property went to Alexander. 


111342—1. Frances Kirtley b, 1803 in Bourbon Co., Ky.; m. 1834 Mary 

Walker Mills. 
111342 — 2. Simeon (3d of name) b. 1805 in Fayette Co., Ky.: d. infant. 
111342—3. Margaret KirUey b. 1806 at *Tree Hill," Woodford Co^ Ky.; 

m. Joel Twyman. 
111342—4. Ann Merry b. 1808; m. 1833 Caleb Wallace 
111342—5. William b. 1811, d. 1848. 
111342 — 6. John b. 1813; m. Eliz. Holmes Singleton. 
111342—7. Eliz'h Walker b. 1815; m. 1832 James W. Allen. 
111342—8. Sinclair James b. 1817, d. 185L 
111342—9. Abraham b. 1820; m. Amanda Harris. 
111342—10. Martha b. 1821, ji- 1848 at *Tree 
111342—11. Mary b. 1821, d. 1873 at "Tree Hill. 
111342—12. Thomas b. 1824; d. 1885 at **Tree Hill.' 
111342—13. George Henry b. 1827; m. 1858 Sarah Fulton: he d. 1887 s. p. 

! HilL" ) 

[iU." j »^«"»- 

Francis K. Buford (Wm. Buford, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1834 Mary 
Walker Mills. He d. 1835 in Versailles, Ky.: she d. 1848 in Frank- 
lin County, Ky. 

Margaret Kirtley Buford (Wm. Buford, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah 
E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Tlios. Early, John Early) m. 1823 Joel 
Twyman, of Woodford county, b. 1797, d. 1879. She d. 1881 in 


1113421 — 1. William B. m. Lucy Townsend, dau. of John S. and Adaline 

1113421—2. Francis M. 

1113421 — 3. Emily M. m. Benjamin Eddings: issue, 2 children. 
1113421 — 4. Elizabeth H. ra. Buford S., son of John S. and Adaline B. 

1113421 — 5. Francis K. B. m. Mrs. Harvey: issue, 3 children. 
1113421 — 6. Mary Walker m. William Buford, son of Alexander Buford: 

issue, 6 children. 

Ann Merry Buford (Wm. Buford, Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1833 Caleb 


Wallace, of St. Peter's Parish, Beaufort District, South Carolina. 
She d. in Fayette County, Kentucky, 18S4: her husband d. many years 

1113424— L Caleb Manor b. 1834; d. 1867; m. 1859 Annie Oldham. 

Caleb Manor Wallace (Ann M. B. Wallace, Wm. Buford, Marg't 
K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. 1859 Annie Oldham. 


11134241—1. David Manor b. 1860. 11134241—3. Susie b. 1865. 
11134241—2. Henry Buford b. 1862. 11134241—4.- Annie May b. 1863. 

John Buford (Wm. Buford, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Elizabeth Holmes 
Singleton, b. 1816 at Winchester, Va. He went from Kentucky to 
Hannibal, Mo., in 1837, where he met and married his wife. They 
settled on a farm near Manchester, Mo., and there spent the rest of 
their lives. John Buford d. at St. Louis, Mo., 1885. 


1113426—1. William J. b. 1838; m. . 

1113426—2. Mary Frances b. 1840; m. John A. McElroy. 
1113426-3. Virginia b. 1842; m. Henry Brooks. 
1113426—4. Singleton b. 1843; d. 1886. 

1113426—5. Marshall b. 1847; m. — . 

1113426—6. John H. b. 1850; m. . 

William J. Buford (Jno. Buford, Wm. Buford, Marg't K. Buford, 
Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. . 


11134261— L Francis. 11134261—3. Marshall. 

11134261—2. Virginia. 11134261-^4. Henry. 

Mary Francis Buford (Jno. Buford, Wm. Buford, Marg't K. Buford, 
Sarah E. Kirtley, • Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early^ John Early) m. 
John A. McElroy, b. 1841: residence, Kirkwood, Mo. 



11134262— L Florence b. 1865 m. Wm. T. Hazard: residence, St Louis, Mo. 
11134262—2. Celeste b. 1867; m. Clement S. Hickman: residence, St. 

Louis, Mo. 

11134262-^. John Singleton b. 1869; m. . 

11134262-4. Charles Beaufort b. 187L 

11134262-^. Mary Emmeline b. 1874; m. Arthur Howard Mott. 

11134262—6. Frances Beaufort b. 1877; m. David Alomso Bixby, St. 

Louis, Mo. 
11134262—7. Ralph b. 1880; d. 188L 
11134262—8. Frederick G. b. 1882; d. 1891. 

John S. McElroy (Mary F. B. McElroy, John Buford, Wm. Buford, 
Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. . 


111342623—1. John. 
111342623—2. Singleton. 
111342623—3. Mary Emmeline. 

Mary E. McElroy (Mary F. B. McElroy, John Buford, Wm. 
Buford, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Arthur Howard Mott: residence, St Louis, 


11134262S— 1. Beaufort Valentine b. 1894. 
11134262S— 2. Florence McElroy b. 1896. 

Virginia Buford (John Buford, Wm. Buford, Marg't K. Buford, 
Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Henry Brooks: residence. Fort Scott, Mo. 


1113426^-1. Jusdn. 11134263-4. Mary Frances. 

11134263—2. ManhalL 11134263—5. John. 

11134263-^. Lloyd. 

Marshall Buford (John Buford, Wm. Buford,' Marg't K. Buford, 

Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. : 

residence, Manchester, Mo. 



11134265—1. Ella. 
11134265—2. John. 
11134265--3. Mary Frances. 

John H. Buford (John Buford, Wm. Buford, Marg't K. Buford, 

Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. . 

Residence, Manchester, Mo. 


11134266—1. Walter. 
11134266—2. Singleton. 

Elizabeth Walker Buford (Wm. Buford, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah 
E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1832 James 
W. Allen, of Shelby County, Kentudcy: she d. 1857. 

1113427—1. Aaeneth b. 1834; d. 1850 in Victoria, Texas. 

Gen. Abraham Buford (Wm. Buford, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, Jno. Early) m. Amanda Harris. 

1113429^1. WiUiam, died young. 

General Abraham Buford was educated at West Point Military 
Academy: served in U. S. army from 1841 — : was made brevet cap- 
tain 1847 for gallant and meritorious conduct at the battle of Buena 
Vista. Resigned from service in 1854; lived on his estate, *'Bosque 
Bonita," near Versailles, Ky., 1854-61. At the beginning of the 
war between the states he was a farmer and stodc raiser, having 
much at stake; did not decide to go into the war till Gen. Morgan's 
raid in 1862 into Kentucky. He joined Morgan at Georgetown and 
from there went South: was appointed colonel; with 5,000 raw 
recruits he joined General Bragg. Later he reported to President 
Davis at Richmond, who gave him a commission as brigadier. After 
the battle of Champion Hill he joined Gen. Joe Johnston at Jackson, 
Miss. In the spring of 1864 he joined Forrest at Tupelo and moved 
through Tennessee into Kentucky. At the close of the war he re- 


tired to his beautiful home, engaging once more in raising race- 
horses. He lost his only child at the threshold of manhood, a blow 
from which he never recovered: died in Indiana in 1884. 

Thomas Buford 12th son of William and Frances W. Kirtley Bu- 
ford, of Woodward County, Ky., was educated for a lawyer, but 
never engaged in practice: was a student His financial ventures were' 
disastrous, involving him in a series of law suits lasting ten years, 
which wrecked him financially, physically and mentally: though by 
nature he was temperate and moderate. . In 1873 he invested all that 
he and his sister Mary possessed in a tract of land in Henry county, 
the title of which was defective, and became involved in a suit which 
lasted more than five years. During this time of strain he was 
shot and nearly lost his life, while standing unarmed. His sister 
died and he was left stranded, without any means of support. The 
suit became a celebrated one, and the verdict given against him 
caused his mind to become unbalanced: he lived only a few years 

Simeon Buford, Jr. (Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1806 Elizabeth (b. 1789), 
sister of Joel Twynian, who m. Margaret, (dau. of Wm'. Buford, of 
Woodford County) and of George Twyman, who m. Eliza Crutcher. 
He d. 1857, his wife 1877. 


111344^1. Manvill^ Twyman b. 1807; m. Elizabeth Shelby. 
111344-2. Legrand Griffin b. 1808; m. 1838 Eusebia Neville Mallory. 
111344—3. Adeline A. B. b. 1809; m. John S. Nowlin. 
1113 44 4 . Almira Margaretta b. 1813; m. Capt. John V. Webb. 
111344—5. Elizabeth Gabriella b. 1815; m. 1835 Judge John S. Ryland. 

Manville Twyman Buford (Simeon Buford, Jr., Margaret K. 
Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Elizabeth Shelby, gr. niece of Gov. Isaac Shelby, of Kentucky. 
He moved in 1834 near \V^averly, Lafayette County, Missouri: d. 
1885:his wife d. 1889. 


1113441—1. Brittania A. b. 1837; m. Benjamin G. Chinn. 
1113441—2. Travis W. b. 1847; m. Ist Alice B. Shelby; m. 1873 2d Martha 

E. Gordon. 


1113441—3. Emma W. b. 1852; m. 1869 Grundy Young. 
1113441-4. Helen L. b. 1855; m. 1871 David Davis. 
1113441—5. Napoleon Cadmus b. 1858; m. 1879 Sallie T. Young. 

Brittania A. Buford (ManviUe T. Buford, Simeon Buford, Jr., 
Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Benjamin G. Chinn, son of J. G. Chinn, of Lexing- 
ton, Ky. Residence, Kansas City, Mo. He d. 1884, aged 57 yrs. 

11134411—1. ManviUe J. b. 1860; m. Mary A. Webb. 

Manville J. Chinn (Brittania A. Buford Chinn, ManviUe T. Buford, 
Simeon Buford, Jr., Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1880 Mary A. Webb. 


111344111—1. Manville J., Jr., b. 1883. 
111344111—2. Wm. Webb, b. 1890. 
111344111-^. Manville Twyman. 

Travis W. Buford (Manville T. Buford, Simeon Buford, Marg't 
K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. 1st, 1865, Alice B. Shelby; m. 2d, 1873, Martha E. 

ISSUE (Sdrnamed BUFORD). 

(First Marriage) 
11134412—1. William B. b. 1867; m. Julia Wilmot: issue, Travis, b. 1889. 

(Second Marriage) 

11134412—2. Lynn Gordon b. 1874; m. 1901 Mary Lewis Cosnell, Inde- 
pendence, Mo. 
11134412—3. ManviUe Twyman b. 1876. 

Emma W. Buford (Manville T. Buford, Simeon Buford, Jr., 
Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Grundy Young, of Lebanon, Ky. Residence, Kansas 
City, Mo. 



1113441^—1. Brittania E. b. 1869. 
11134413—2. Buford Grundy b. 1871. 
11134413-3. FrancU A. b. 1874. 
11134413--4. Aubrey Russell b. 1876. 
1113441^-5. Elizabeth G. b. 1878. 
11134413-6. Benjamin Chinn b. 1880. 
11134413—7. Annabel b. 1883. 
11134413—8. Edna E. b. 1887. 

Helen L. Buford (Manville T. Buford, Simeon Buford, Jr., Marg*t 
K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jeremiah Early, Sr., John Early) m. 
1871 David Davis. 


11134414—1. Dudley J. 11134414-4. Wood. 

11134414—2. Eugene T. 11134414^^. Thomas. 

11134414^^. G. Tilden. 

Napoleon Cadmus Buford (Manville T. Buford, Simeon Buford, 
Jr., Marg*t K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., John Early) 
m. 1879 Sallie T. Young. 


11134415—1. Twyman M. b. 1881. 11134415-4. Evan b. 1886. 
11134415—2. Shelby b. 1882. 11134415—5. Lillian b. 1888. 

11134415—3. Elizabeth E. b. 1883. 

Legrand Griffin Buford, Sr. (Simeon Buford, Jr., Margaret K. Bu- 
ford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Eusebia Neville Mallory, b. 1816 in Rockingham County, Virginia.; 
her family settled in Lafayette County, Missouri, in 1836. L. G. 
Buford went with his father to that county in 1834 from Frankfort, 
Ky.: Mrs. Buford d. 1894: had 7 children. He d. 1863. 


1113442—1. William. 

1113442—2. Legrand Griffin, m. 1871 Ora Chinn. 

1113442—3. Florence m. 1876 Dr. S. M. Banks. 

Legrand G. Buford, (LeGrand G. Buford, Sr., Simeon Buford, Jr., 
Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 


John Early) m. 1871 Ora Chinn, grand-dau. of Dr. Chinn, of Lexing- 
ton, Ky.: she d. 1875 at Eldorado Springs, Mo. 


11134422—1. Coleman G. 

11134422—2. Florence m. Dr. W. R. Eckles. 

Florence Buford (Legrand G. Buford, Legrand G. Buford, Sr., 
Simeon Buford, Jr., Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. W. R. Eckles, of Eldo- 
rado Spgs., Mo. 


111344222—1. Louis Coleman. 
111344222—2. Narville. 

Florence Buford (Legrand G. Buford, Sr., Simeon Buford, Jr., 
Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Dr. S. M. Banks. Residence, Columbia, Mo. 


11134423—1. Samuel G. b. 1877. 
11134423—2. Ora UUian b. 1881. 

Adeline A. B. Buford ( Silicon Buford, Jr., Margaret K. Buford, 
Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John 
S. Nowlin. 


1113443 — 1. Lucy Townsend m. Wm. B. Twyman: issue, 4 children. (See 

Marg't Kirtley-Buford line above.) 
1113443 — 2. Buford S. m. Elizabeth H. Twyman, dau. of Joel and Margaret 

Buford Twyman. 

Almyra Margaretta Griffin Buford (Simeon Buford, Jr., Margaret 
K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. 1831, near Versailles, Ky., John V. Webb, b. 1796, near 
Georgetown, Ky. Capt. Webb d. 1881: Mrs. Webb d. 1844. 


1113444—1. John Simeon b. 1833; m. Lucy J. Webb. 
1113444—2. Buford T. b. 1835; m. 1860 Marcellena R. Brasher: issue, 

Dixie Lee, d. infant. 


1113444_3. Willis Woodward b. 1837; d. 1841. 

1113444—4. Elizabeth Margaretta G. b. 1839; m. 1857 John Donaldson. 
1113444—5. William Manville b. 1842; m. 1867 Mary Susan Thomas. 
1113444—6. Lucy Woodward b. 1844; d. infant 

John Simeon Webb (Almyra M. G. B. Webb, Simeon Buford, Jr., 
Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1861 Lucy J. Webb. 


11134441—1. Jennie Howard b. 1861; m. 1888 H. L. Tucker. 

11134441—2. Margaret Griffin b. 1864; d. infant. 

11134441-^. Mary Edward b. 1867; m. 1891 Marshall Clifton Field. 

11134441—4. John Woodward b. 1869. 

11134441—5. Maurice Langhome b. 1872. 

11134441—^. Francis Vivian b. 1875. 

11134441—7. Daisy Caroline Vernon b. 1878. 

Elizabeth Margaretta Webb (Almyra M. G. B. Webb, Simeon 
Buford, Jr., Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John Donaldson: she d. 1879. 


11134444—1. Margaret b. 1858; m. 1877 Geo. S. McGrew. 
11134444—2. Mary Elizabeth b. 1860. 

11134444—3. Willie Woodward b. 1861; m. Buford Chinn: she d. at Lex- 
ington, Mo. 

Margaret (Pinkie) Donaldson (Eliz. M. W. Donaldson, Almyra 
M. G. B. Webb, Simeon Buford, Jr., Margaret K. Buford, Sarah 
E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Geo. S. 

111344441—1. Bettie Myrtle b. 1878. 

Eliz'h Gabriella Buford (Simeon Buford, Jr., Margaret K. Buford, 
Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1835 
Judge John I. Ryland, b. 1797 in Virginia. Residence, Lafayette 
County, Missouri: he d. 1873; Mrs. Ryland d. 1884. 



1113445—1. Elizabeth T. 1113445— S. Margaret. 

1113445—2. Simeon B. 1113445—9. Carrie G. 

1113445—3. May d. young. 1113445—10. Catherine lanthe d. 
1113445 — 4. Rosanna M. young. 

1113445—5. GabrieUa. 1113445—11. Richard d. young. 

1113445—6. Xenophon. 1113445—12. Joseph Addison d. 
1113445—7. Manville C. young. 

Mary Buford (Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, Jno. Early) m. Henry Crutcher: she d. 1868. 


111346—1. Albert m. 1st Miss Mussel; m. 2d Polly Ann Fields: he d. 

1884, aged 75 yrs. 
111346 — 2. James m. Mary Hord. 
111346 — 3. Henry, Jr., m. Mary Baber. 
111346—4. Thomas m. Davidella Tompkins. 
111346—5. George. 
111346 — 6. Eliza m. George Twyman. 

111346—7. Mary m. Thomas J. Helm: m. 2d Twyman. 

111346 — 8. Margaretta m. Joshua McDowell, of Louisville, Ky. 

James Crutcher (Mary B. Crutcher, Margaret K. Buford, Sarah 
E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary Hord. 

1113462 — 1. Mary m. George Dawson, of Louisville. 

Henry Crutcher (Mary B. Crutcher, Margaret K. Buford, Sarah 
E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary Baber. 

1113462 — 1. Helen m. M. Cary Peter, Sr., of Louisville, Ky. 

Eliza Crutcher (Mary B. Crutcher, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. George 


1113466—1, 2, 3, 4. (Sons). 

1113466 — 5. Mary m. Mr. Davis, of Harrodsburg, Ky.: Mr. Davis and 2 

sons were killed at Nicolasville : issue, 10 children. 


Mary Crutcher (Mary B. Crutcher, Marg't K, Buford, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Ist Thomas 
J. Helm; m. 2d Mr. Twyman (a cousin). 

1113467 — 1. Sallie m. Colonel W. L Clark, of C. S. army, at Glasgow, Ky. 

Margaretta Crutcher (Mary B. Crutcher, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah 
E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Joshua 
McDowell, Louisville, Ky. 


1113468 — 1. Belie m. Charles Hewitt, of Baltimore, Md. 
1113468 — 2. Aubin: residence, Louisville, Ky. 
1113468 — 3. John A.: residence, 
1113468 — 4. Stuart: residence. 


Elizabeth Buford (Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st, 1811, John T. Chambers, 
who d. 1815. Mrs. E. B. Chambers m. 2d, in 1820, Geo. W. Trabue, 
b. 1793 (son of Edward Trabue, of Woodford county). She d. 1869. 

111347 — 1. Margaret b. 1815; d. young. 


111347—2. Joseph B. (b. 1820, d. 1845) m. Judith Mullins. 
111347 — ^3. Benjamin F. (b. 1822) m. Lelia Anderson. 
111347—4. Helen b. 1824, m. William Terry. 
111347—5. Elizabeth Dupuy (b. 1835) m. S. W. Van Culin. 
111347-^. George W., Jr., (b. 1839, d. 1869) m. Mary T. Wade. 

Benjamin T. Trabue (Eliz. B. Trabue, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah 
E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Lelia 


1113473 — 1. Henry m. Rose Drane. 
1113473—2. Kale m. J. M. Rogers. 
1113473 — ^3. Helen m. Jeremiah Leslie. 
1113473—4. Bennora m. A. P. Terrill. 


Helen Trabue (Eliz'h B. C. Trabue, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. William Terry. 
She d. 1893. 


1113474—1. Elizabeth m. Mortimer M. Benton, of California. 

1113474—2. George d. at 20 yrs. of age. 

1113474^^. Mary. 

1113474--4. Maude m. H. M. De Bow, Louisville, Ky. 

1113474—5. Napoleon d. aged 30 yrs. 

1113474—6. WilUam M. m. Miss Whipps, of Ukeland, Ky. 

1113474—7. Alvah H. m. Elizabeth Loving, of LouisviUe, Ky. 

Elijah Buford (Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h 
Early, Thos. Early, Jno. Early) m. Mary Depp, b. 1797: he d. 1836. 
Was the first white settler in Mississippi County, Arkansas: after- 
wards Indian conunissioner and mail contractor: he was wealthy 
for the times. 


111348—1. Simeon b. 1816; m. Mary Fields. 

llia^a-2. William d. infant. 

111348 — 3. John m. Eliza Stringer. 

111348--4. Robert M. unmarried, d. 1879. 

111348—5. Elizabeth d. young. 

111348—6. Haywood b. 1828; m. 1848 Amanda A. Depp. 

111348—7. Margaret b. 1831. 

11134a-8. Elijah, Jr., b. 1836. 

Simeon Buford (Elijah Buford, Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary Fields. He 
d. 1884. 


1113481—1. Charles A. b. 1849; m. 1893 Lottie Seymour: residence, San 

Antonio, Texas. 

John Buford (Elijah Buford, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, 
JerTi Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early ) m. Eliza Stringer. 


1113483—1. Robert m. : ch., John. 

1113483 — 2. Corinne d. young. 


1113483—3. Elizabeth m. Mr. Pickett. 
1113483-4. Elijah. 

Haywood Buford (Elijah Buford, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, Jno. Early) m. 1848 Amanda 
A. Depp. He lived in New Orleans, La., and Mobile, Ala.: served 
in the C. S. army: received a severe wound in battle, from which he 
never recovered: d. l&ol. 


1113486—1. Mary Elizabeth b. 1849; m. 1866 R. C. Brasher. 

1113486—2. Margaret Ann b. 1851; m. 1878 Charles W. Lloyd. 

1113486 — 3. Amanda Jane d. young. 

1113486—4. Simeon Elijah b. 1860; d. 1876. 

1113486 — 5. Annabel b. 1863; m. 1st John Burrett; m. 2d Joseph Williams. 

1113486 — 6. Benjamin Forrest b. 1865; unmarried. 

1113486—7. John O'ConneU b. 1869; d. 1879. 

Mary E. Buford (Haywood Buford, Elijah Buford, Margaret K. 
Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. R. C. Brasher (he d. 1871) ; she m. 2d, 1874, D. B. Hoopes. Resi- 
dence, Mobile, Ala. She d. 1897. 

11134861—1. Rosebud b. 1871; m. 1886 Oscar D. Williamson. 

Rosebud Brasher (Mary E. B. Brasher, Haywood Buford, Elijah 
Buford, Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Oscar D. Williamson. 


111348611—1. Mary Ruby b. 1888. 
111348611—2. Don Hoopes b. 1890. 
111348611—3. Cecile Olivette. 

Annabel Buford (Haywood Buford, Elijah Buford, Margaret K. 
Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John 
Early) m. 1877 John Burrett (supposed to have been killed by 
Indians in Texas) : m. 2d, 1888, Joseph Williams. 


11134865—1. Lottie May b. 1878. 


11134865—2. Royal Haywood b. 1889. 
11134865—3. Joseph S. b. 1893. 
11134865-^. Benjamin Buford b. 1895. 

Geo. Washington Buford (Margaret K. Buford, Sarah £. Kirtley, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st Miss Yore: she d. 
1831. He m. 2nd 1835 Maria Winfree, of the Parish of Ibberville, 
La. Geo. W. Buford was appointed to West Point Mil. Acad, in 
1820: later was stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Mo.: resigned some 
years afterwards and went to Milliken's Bend, Ark., on the Missis- 
sippi river; thence to Louisiana; thence to Alabama: d. at Glasgow, 
Ky., 1870. 


111349—1. Giles Yore b. 1827; m. 1847 Amanda Jones, b. 1827. 

111349—2. John Baker b. 1836; d. infant. 

111349 — 3. Wm. Winfree b. 1838; m. Rhoda Sharp: issue, 5 oh., d. young. 

Residence, Donaldsville, La. 
111349-4. Sarah Winfree b. 1840; d. infant. 
111349—^. Margaret b. 1843; m. Ist Geo. Steely; m. 2d Albert Dyes: 

issue, Margaret Thomas. 

•Giles Yore Buford (Geo. W. Buford, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Amanda 
Jones, who d. 1895: he d. 1876. 


1113491—1. John b. 1848; d. infant. 

1113491—2. Sarah Elizabeth b. 1849; m. 1875 W. P. Brett; she d. 1879. 

1113491—3. Margaret b. 1853; d. young. 

1113491—4. James Clement b. 1856; d. 1878. 

1113491 — 5. Martha Davis b. 1859; m. H. L. McCoy: issue, Guy Railton, 

1113491—6. Ora b. 1862; m. W. H. Grove: she d. 1893. 
1113491—7. Geo. Washington b. 1865; d. 1883. 

Thomas Buford (Margaret K. Buford, Sarah E. Kirtley, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1822 Amanda Savage 


in Barron County, Kentucky, where he lived till 1836, then moved 
to Demopolis, Ala.; lived there till 1848, then moved to Mobile, 
Ala., where he d. 1866. His wife d. 1855, and he m. a 2d time s. p. 


11134A— 1. William b. 1823; d. 1843. 

11134A— 2. Margaret b. 1825; m. Ist Christian; m. 2d Branch. 

11134A-n3. Simeon b. 1827; m. 1857. 
11134A— 4. Thomas b. 1829; d. young. 
11134A— 5. Amanda b. 1832; d. infant. 
11134A— 6. Martha b. 1834; d. young. 
11134A— 7. John C. b. 1836. 
11134A— 8. Fannie b. 1841. 
11134A— 9. Mary W. b. 1848. 

Simeon Buford (Thomas Buford, Marg't K. Buford, Sarah E. 
Kirtley, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1827; m. 


11134A— 1. Fannie b. 1858; m. S. N. Andrews (d. 1883) : she d. 1886 s. p. 
11134A — 2, Ida B. b. 1860; m. R. H. Marsh, of Dickson, Tenn: issue, 7 ch. 
11134A— 3. Inez B. b. 1862; m. John W. Baker: s. p. 
11 134 A — 4. Louise b. 1864; m. G. F. Early: issue, 3 ch. 
11134A — 5. Simeon S. b. 1867; m. Miss Cuniff: s. p. 

Elizabeth Kirtley (Sarah Early-Kirtley, Jeremiah Early, Sr., 
Thomas Early, John Early) m. Isaac Davis, Jr. 

Isaac Davis in 1769 was one of the church wardens and vestrymen 
of Fredericksville Parish in the southern part of Albemarle County 
and was probably the father of this Isaac Davis, Jr., if not the same 

In 1705 Isaac Davis, ex'r of Wm. Kirtley, Sr., (deceased) sold a 
tract of land on waters of Staunton (which land had been in Lord 
Fairfax's grant) to Adam Banks. 

In 1801 Isaac Davis and Adam Banks, executors of Wm. Kirtley, 
Sr., made a deed to Simeon Buford for land belonging to the Wm. 
Kirtley estate. . 








Joshua Early, 3rd son and 4th child of Jeremiah and Eliz'h- 
Buford Early (said to have been one of twin brothers) was b. June 
13, 1738, and was Hving in Culpeper County in 1755 where he is 
several times recorded as a witness in court, but in 1757 he bought 
450 acres of land in Bedford County from Wm. Bryant, of Albe- 
marle, and moved to Bedford somewhat later. 

In 1761 he purchased of the county trustees lot No. 20 in the 
town of New London, whereon he built a store house. 

The same year he purchased of Col. Wm. Callaway lot No. 4 in 
the town of New London. 

In 1762 he was appointed surveyor of a road in place of Ambrose 

In 1763 he sold to his brother Jeremiah 100 acres lying on the 
branches of Elk Creek: the same year he is recorded as. a juryman 
at Bedford court. He and Jeremiah sold lot No. 4 with the building 
upon it to Alex. Boyd. In the month of April occurred his mar- 
riage to Mary, the daughter of Augustine Leftwich. This year he 
administered on the estate of George Anderson: his allowance for 
three days attendance at court was 75 lbs. of tobacco : in Sept. served 
again as juryman. 

Joshua Early was fond of the turf and owned fine race horses. 

In 1764 he bought of John McFarland, of Russell parish, Bedford 
County, 2121^ acres lying at the head waters of Meadow's Creek. 

In 1770 he bought of Niel Buchanon 200 acres lying on both sides 
of Elk Creek. 

In 1771 sold to Josias Cofer 10^ acres on a branch of Elk Creek. 

In 1773 received a grant of 12 acres near Mosejey's Spring Branch. 

In 1779 bought of Uriah Leftwich 150 acres of land. 

In 1786 his father (Jeremiah, Sr.) willed him one-ninth part of 
his stock, furniture, etc. 


In 1811 Joshua Early's will was written: probated in 1812, gave 
to his wife the land upon which he lived adjoining Mrs. Pamela 
Moseley's land, a certain part of the household furniture, excepting 
a cedar chest (given his son John) certain moneys, bar iron and a 
50 gal. still. To son Joshua 75 acres of land adjoining that before 
given him; to son Joel the land on which he lived with To acres 
adjoining; to son Tubal the land on which he lived; to son Tliomas 
land upon which he lived along the bank of Elk Creek, also certain 
slaves; to son John land adjoining his mother's, together with 
slaves, stock and furniture, also the land on which his mother lived 
at her death; lent his son Jabez the land on which he lived and a 
share of personal estate — ^title to the land not to be given him lill 
he was 50 years of age: to dau. Polly Moorman certain slaves and 
200 acres of patented land in the state of Kentucky on the waters of 
Licking below his brother Joel Early's claim; to his grandson, 
Achilles, son of Polly Moorman, 200 acres of Kentucky land (bal- 
ance of a tract of 400 acres) which, in event of his death without 
heirs, was to revert for division amongst his mother, brothers and 
sisters; to grand-dau. Patsy, dau. of his son, William (deceased) 
land purchased of Jas. Orchard on Elk Creek to where it unites with 
land given her father. Of the residue of his estate, not already dis- 
posed of, his dau. Sally Word to have an equal part, grand-dau. 
Patsy to have one-half share of the undivided estate with his sons 
and daus. : his nephew. Rev. Abner Early and sons, Joshua and John 
were appointed executors. Joshua Early, Sr., died in 1812: his 
funeral was preached by Rev. Abner Early upon the text "David's 
Charge to Solomon." Two sons James and William had died 
natural deaths; a third son, Buford, had been murdered by a man 
named Butterworth in Campbell County before their father died 
Other children, Elizabeth Strange, Silas and Lucy Early and Sophia 
(dau. of his son James), not mentioned in his will, may also have 
previously died. 

The Leftwich Family. 

In the county of Cheshire, Eng., is situated Leftwich Hall, — about 
a mile from the town of Norwich, a manor granted to Richard de 
Vernon, who had accompanied the Conqueror to England. A book on 
heraldry gives the origin of the Leftwich name as follows: ^Two 


brothers named Vernon lived on a stream called Wich, — one on the 
right, the other on the left: the ancestor of the left Wich was called 
'Vernon of the Leftwich.' " In the fourth generation the estate 
passed to a daughter of the house, whose husband took the name of 
Leftwich from his 'wife's estate about 1250: the property is said to 
have descended uninterruptedly from the Conquest for 670 years. 
The American branch of the family is supposed to have descended 
from one Ralph Leftwich, who received grants of land in New Kent 
Co., Va., on the 'branches of the Piankitank river, for the transpor- 
tation of six persons into the Colony, in 1658. Augustine Leftwich, 
Sr., who also received large grants of land, married and settled there. 
A grant dated 1760 in the Richmond office reads "for divers reasons 
we do give unto Augustine Leftwich one certain tract of land con- 
taining 212 acres lying in the county of Bedford on both sides of 
David's Creek:" signed Frans. Fauquier, Lt.-Gov. of Va., Williams- 
burg. Before moving to Bedford, Augustine Leftwich was living in 
Caroline Co., Va. 

The coat of arms used by this Leftwich family is: 

Crest — Five leaves, conjoined at base sort. 

Arms — ^Argent, on a fess-engrailed azure, three garlands or. 

Motto — "Vernon semper floret." 

There is a high ridge bordering on Goose Creek in Bedford Co., 
known as King George's Hill: on the highest point of the hill 
John Perrin killed King George, an Indian chief; hence its name. 
Situated between King George's Hill and Goose Creek is a fine 
farm of bottom land on which Augustine Leftwich settled: here 
he died and was buried on a moimd near Goose Creek. The will 
of Aug. Leftwich, Sr., (recorded 1775) devised to Joshua Early, 
his son-in-law, 150 acres of land. 

Joshua Early, Sr., (Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John 
Early) b. in Culpeper County, 1738; m. 1763 Mary (dau. of Augus- 
tine Leftwich, Sr.,) b. 1746; d. 1818. 


1114 — 1. James b. 1765; m. 1785 Mrs. Sophia Gatewood: issue, Sophia 
James. He died and his widow married again; moved to 
Fayette Co., Ky., carrying their dau. with her: both were living 
in Fayette in the year 1803. 

1114—2. Rev. Wm. b. 1766; m. 1793 PalaUah Jones Walker. 


1114—3. Capt. Joshua, Jr., b. 1768; m. 1790 Martha Strange. 

1114—4. Tubal b. 1770; m. 1825 Charlotte Scruggs; d. s. p.: devised his 
estate to his wife; the slaves only loaned and to be manu- 
mitted at her death. 

1114—^. Elizabeth b. 1772 m. Major Robert Strange. 

1114 — 6. Joel b. 1774 m. Ava Andrews. 

1114 — ^7. Buford b. 1775 unmarried: murdered in Campbell Co. in 1803. 

1114 — 8. Mary b. 1777; m. Rev. James H. L. Moorman. 

1114 — ^9. Thomas b. 1779; m. 1801 Susannah Rucker: moved to Tennes- 
see: lived on a farm there. 

1114 — 10. Jabez L. b. 1780; m. 1801 Mary Leftwich: moved to Tennessee 
where he died. 

1114—11. Silas b. 1782. 

1114—12. Lucy b. 1784. 

1114 — 13. Bishop John b. 1786; m. 1st Ann W. Jones: m. 2nd Elizabeth 
Browne Rives. 

1114-14. Sally b. 1788; m. John Word. 

Rev. William Early (Joshua Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., 
Thomas Early, John Early) m. 1793 Palatiah Jones Walker: he 
contracted yellow fever while travelling and d. 1798. "Yellow fever 
had prevailed along the Atlantic coast from the south as far north 
as Maine in 1793; reappeared in 1798, Rev. Wm. Early, a zealous 
and powerful preacher, perished by it. He was supposed to have 
caught the fever in Newbem, No. Ca., but continued to travel till 
the fever came on so severely that he died after a few days." — ^His. 
of Meth. Epis. Ch. So. 


11142^1. William B. m. 1823 Elizabeth Walker, of Bedford Co., Va. 
11142^2. Martha (*TaUy") Jones m. Jabez Leftwich, Jr. 

Martha Jones Early (Rev. William Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1811 Capt. Jabez Leftwich, 
(son of Col. Jabez Leftwich, of Bedford Co.) who (b. 1792) moved 
with his family to Giles Co., where he and his wife d. in 1875-76. 
Col. Jabez Leftwich, son of Augustine Leftwich, Sr., b. 1766 in Bed- 
ford Co., d. at Huntsville, Ala., in 1855; was a soldier in the war of 
1812, an adjutant-general under his brother. Gen. Joel Leftwich: 
a member of the Virginia Legislature nine successive years, was two 
years in the U. S. Congress; moved to Huntsville in 1825; was a 
member of Alabama Legislature and held several local offices. 



111422—1. William Early b. 1812 m. : issue, Mrs. Epling, 

of Summers County, W. Va, 

111422 — 2. Palatiah Jones Walker m. John Beavers: moved to Indiana. 

111422 — 3. Mary Jones Elizabeth m. Kinley Williams, of Giles Co., Va. 

111422—4. Jabez, Jr., b. 1820; m. Mary Switzer. 

111422 — 5. John Quarles m, : issue, : residence Bed- 
ford Co.: d. during the war of '61-*65. 

111422—6. David Walker d. about 1900 at Talcolt, W. Va. 

111422 — 7. Martha Ann m. Kessenger: d. 1890 in Summers Co., 

W. v.: s. p. 

111422—^. Tubal Wesley d. 1902 in Summers Co. 

111422 — ^9. Isabella, m. D. M. Croy: d. in Montgomery Co., 1910: issue, 

Joel W. and . 

111422 — 10. Joel Washington, d. in Confederate Army: s. p. 

Jabez Leftwich (Martha J. E. Leftwich, Rev. Wm. Early, Joshua 
Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1820 in 
Giles Co., was a merchant in Blacksburg; m. Mary Switzer: Jabez 
Leftwich was 6 ft. 2 in. in height and bore all the characteristics of 
a large bodied race: d. 1861 of typhoid fever in Montgomery Co. 

1114224 — 1. George J. b. 1859, m. Elgenia Groom. 

Hon. George J. Leftwich (Jabez Leftwich, Mary J. E. Leftwich, 
Rev. Wm. Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) b. 1859 in Blacksburg, Va., was educated at Fincastle 
High School and the National Normal School at Lebanon, Ohio; took 
law courses at the Univ. of Va., and Cornell Univ. : was high school 
principal at Grayville, 111., and Carthage, Miss.; att'y-at-law in 
Aberdeen, Miss., thirty years: state senator from the 28th District 
for one term; school trustee; contributor on historical and 
biographical subjects to the Methodist Review (Nashville), The 
Green Bag (Boston), The Commercial Appeal (Memphis), and 
Christian Advocate (Nashville) : prominent in the prohibition move- 
ment: lay delegate to the Meth. Ep. Conference at Birmingham, 
Ala.: m. Elgenia, dau. of Wm. G. Groom, of Caldwell Co., Ky. 


11142241 — 1. Mary Margarite m. Wm. Edward Hunter, of Somerset, Ky. 
11142241—2. Katie Elgenia. 


11142241 — 3. Lieut. George J., Jr., atty.-at-law : member (with his father), 

of tlie law firm of Leftwich & Tubb. 
11142241-4. Lieut. William Groom: with 3rd U. S. Inf. at Eagle Pass, 

11142241 — 5. Bessie Louise, m. Sidney B. Trippet. 
11142241—6. Frank Switzcr. 

David Walker Leftwich (Capt. Jabez Leftwich, Mary J. E. Left- 
wich, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
na. J lived at Talcott, W. Va. 


1114226—1. dau. m. CraflFord. 

1114226—2. dau. m. Maddy. 

1114226—3. dau. m. Hedrick. 

1114226-^. George W. 
1114226—5. Mattie. 
1114226—6. Minnie. 
1114226—7. Jabez F. 
1114226—8. J. Wesley. 
1114226—9. R. W. 

Tubal Wesley Leftwich (Capt. Jabez Leftwich, Mary J. E. Left- 
wich, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. ; lived in Summers Co. 


1114228—1. Everett. 
1114228—2. F. C. 
111422&--3. Jennie. 
1114228—4. Jabez C. W. 
1114228—5. Mary. 
1114228—6. W. P. 
1114228—7. M. E. 
1114228-«. Lela. 
1114228—9. Maggie. 

Capt. Joshua Early (Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. 1790 Martha, dau. of John Strange, of 
Campbell County, Va. 

In 1801 Joshua Early, Jr., of Bedford Co., with Joel Early and 
Stephen Preston made a return for processioning. In 1807 Joshua, 
Jr., received a power of attorney from John Strange, of Campbell 


Co., to collect moneys due him. Joshua Early, Jr., was appointed 
trustee for the estate of John Strange at his decease. 

Joshua Early commissioned captain of the 3rd Va. Reg. (Dickin- 
son's) war of 1812-14, served from Aug. 13, 1814: he was killed in the 
Md. engagement at Ellicott City, Nov. 3, 1814, aged 46 years. Inven- 
tory and allottment in Bedford Co. 1815: Alex Austin, John Thomp- 
son and Wm. Irvine were appointed to settle the account of Joshua 
Early, Jr., who was in his lifetime trustee for the estate of John 
Strange, deceased. 


11143 — 1. Frances Strange m. Abner W. Christian. 

11143—2. Martha B. m. John Preston. 

11143 — 3. Amorilla m. Charles Little: moved to West Va., where she died: 

issue, 2 ch. 

11143 — 4. Lucy Catherine m. Robert Leftwich, son of Augustine Leftwich, 

Jr., and his wife, Mary Turner (m. 1765). Aug. Leftwich, 
Jr., served in the French and Indian wars, promoted from 
lieutenant to captain in Rev. war: in Gates* Div. at the 
battle of Camden. Robt. and Lucy C. Leftwich moved to 
Ky., where she died. 

11143 — 5. Eliza m. Thomas Key: issue one son, who d. in Richmond dur- 
ing the war bet. States: she died in Alabama. 

11143—6. Mary L "Polly." d. unmarried. 

11143 — 7. Charlotte A. m. Wilson Matthews; moved to Paris, Lamar Co., 

Tex.: had 3 sons and 1 dau.: a son Charles P. was living 
at Paris in 1883. 

11143 — 8. Silas, killed while serving in the Confederate Army. 

11143 — ^9. Clement Strange m. Lou HoUiday. 

Frances Strange Early (Capt. Joshua Early, Joshua Early, Sr., 
Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. Abner W. 
Christian, of Bedford County, (where she died) the family moved 
to Philadelphia: were living there in 1881. 


111431 — 1. Abner Early m. Martha Early Preston (see below Martha B. 
Early branch). (There were three other sons.) 

Martha B. Early (Capt. Joshua Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jeremiah 
Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. John Preston (b. 1791, d. 
1854), the son of Stephen Preston, son of Thos. Preston b. 1740, 


son of Philip Preston b. 1715. In 1834 John Preston moved with 
his family to Tennessee, twenty-seven miles from Nashville. Motto 
on Preston coat of arms: "Si Dieu Veult;" liberally translated, 
"Leaving the towers of earth, we soar D. V. to Heaven.'* 


111432 — 1. Samuel d. young. 

111432—2. Martha Early m. Abner Early Christian. 

111432—3. Wm, Booker. 

111432—4. Stephen Smith m. 1853 Ann M. Keyes. 

111432 — 5. Margaret Early m. James ^oskey: issue, 3 daus. 

111432 — 6. Docia Key m. Daniel Du Bose, who was killed while in the 

C. S. Army: issue, 1 ch. d. young. 
111432 — 7, Thomas Pleasant, m. : issue, 3 daus. He was a 

captain in C. S. army; was kiUed, 1864, in battle. 
111432--8. Amorilla d. young. 

111432—9. John Clement, m. . 

111432—10. Joshua Early b. 1841. 

111432 — 11. James Steptoe, unmarried: served in C. S. Army; was killed 

in battle. 
111432—12. Frances Early. 

Martha Early Preston (Martha B. E. Preston, Capt. Joshua Early, 
Joshua Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Abner E. Christian, son of Abner W. and Frances S. Early-Christian. 


1114322—1. . 

1114322—2. Fannie Early m. 1885 Wm. Bertram Lewis at Philadelphia; 

moved to Boston, Mass. 

Capt. William Booker Preston (Martha B. E. Preston, Captain 
Joshua Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 

John Early) m. . Capt. Wm. B. Preston served in 

the C. S. army; was killed in battle. 


111432a— 1. Martha m. M. B. Rogers. 

1114323 — 2. Margaret m. Roberts: issue. 

1114323 — 3. John Wiley m. Miss Anderson. 

1114323 — 4. Wm. Booker, Jr., m. Miss Watson: issue. 


Capt Stephen Smith Preston (Martha B. E. Preston, Captain 
Joshua Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Ann M. Keyes, of Aberdeen, Miss. 

Captain S. S. Preston served in the C. S. army: was chairman of 
the county court of Wilson; represented the county in Tennessee 
Legislature several years previous to his removal to Memphis, where 
he resided in 1900. 


1114324—1. Dr. James Harvey: residence Humbolt, Tenn. 

1114324 — 2. John Francis: residence Wilson County, Tenn. 

1114324 — 3. Laura m. Prof. Wm. Taylor Watson, of Memphis. 

1114324—4. Ella m. Dr. John Morgan Huddleston. 

1114324—5. Stephen Smith, Jr. 

1114324-6. Alice. 

1114324—7. Martha m. Prof. W. S. Hess. 

John Clement Preston (Martha B. E. Preston, Captain Joshua 
Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. : farmer in Grimes County, Tenn. 


111432^-1. Annie. 1114329-^. Thomas. 

1114329—2. Mattie. 1114329-6. Stephen Reuben. 

1114329-n3. Ellen. 1114329—7. George. 

1114329-4. John. 1114329-^. Roy. 

Joshua Early Preston (Martha B. E. Preston, Captain Joshua 
Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 

m. . Joshua E. Preston was an officer in the C. S. 

army: attomey-at-law in Navasota, Texas. 


111432A — 1. Emma Bell m. Hon. Franklin B. Chilton: issue, Annie. 

111432A— 2. Walter d. young. 

111432A— 3. Elgin Gate d. young. 

111432A— 4. Earl Smith d. young. 

111432A — 5. William Charles m. Annie Elinger: s. p. Wm. C. Preston 

held the office of commercial agent for St. Louis and 
San Francisco R. R.: office, Dallas, Tex. 

111432A — 6. Bertha Elizabetli m. Fred H Sage, of Galveston: s. p. 

111432A— 7. Oltorf Boone. 

111432A— 8. Hilda McGoy. 


Clement Strange Early (Capt. Joshua Early, Joshua Early, Sr., 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos Early, John Early) m. Lou, dau. of Col. 
Thomas and Charlotte Buckner-Holladay, of Kentucky. Clement 
Early was a sugar planter in Cuba: met his wife during a visit to 
Kentucky, where he settled after his marriage, and engaged in mer- 
chandise. He and his wife died young, leaving one daughter, who 
was reared in the home of her grandfather Holladay: afterwards 
she moved to Lynchburg and became a member of Rev. Thos. H. 
and sister Frances Early's household. 

Major Lewis Holladay, b. 1751, a member of this Holladay 
family, served through the Revolution. William Holladay (son of 
Capt. John Holladay) m. Fannie Ammon, emigrated to Kentucky 
about 1795, settling in Fayette County, where shortly afterwards 
his son Thomas was born. While the latter was still a youth (17 
years of age) the war of 1812 commenced and he and his brother 
William Holladay, Jr., enlisted in the army. Thomas Holladay m. 
Charlotte, dau. of Capt. Robert Buckner and wife, nee Hawes, (the 
dau. of Col. Samuel Hawes, of the 4th Va. Continentals, who received 
a grant of 4,200 acres of land in Bourbon County, Ky.). 

Col. Thomas Holladay was colonel of the Nicolas County, Ky., 
militia, but being a Southern sympathizer, resigned his position and 
aided the cause of the South, in consequence of which his property 
became confiscated. 

Benjamin Holladay, a brother of Thomas, went to Utah as an 
army contractor in the fifties with Col. Albert Sidney Johnson's 
army. He made a fortune in the west, and founded the Overland 
Stage Line and Pony Express: built the Portland and California R. 
R., established a steamship line and engaged largely in mining. 
John Buckner Holladay, son of Thomas, was a major in Col. Ezekiel 
Clay's regiment, C. S. army, and after the war served several terms 
as sheriff of Bourbon County. 


111439 — I. Josaphine d. infant. 

111439 — 2. Lottie, residence Lynchburg, Va. 

Elizabeth Early (Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) b. 1772; m. Major Robert Strange, of Camp- 
bell County; major of the 117th Reg. 1st battalion: served in the 


war of 1812-14. Many emigrants bearing the name of Strange came 
to America. In 1619 one, in the employment of the British govern- 
ment under command of Yeardley, took passage in the ship 
'^George;" returned to Great Britain; came again with a brother in 
the ship "Pauline," and settled near Jamestown, Va. Here he be- 
came a large land holder. A grant was given him and others of 
1290 acres of land near Jamestown "extending into the woods" for 
meritorious service to the British government: it was recorded in 
1635 in Charles City, signed by Gov. West. It is believed that 
Major Robert Strange and his sister "Patsy" who married Capt 
Joshua Early, were descendants of this settler. 


11145—1. Nathaniel m. . ^ 

11145—2. Robert, Jr. 
11145—3. Thomas. 

Nathaniel Strange (Eliz'h Early-Strange, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. . 


111451—1. Robert m. 

111451—2. Mary m. Dr. Stockwell. 

Mary Strange (Nathaniel Strange, Eliz'h Early-Strange, Joshua 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. Stockwell: residence 
Orange, N. J. 


1114512—1. Mary. 1114512-3. (son). 

1114512—2. Fannie. 1114512—4. " 

One of the sons of Maj. Robt. and Eliz'h E. Strange left a daughter 

who married Dickinson and resided in Glasgow, Ky., where 

descendants now live. 


1. Lillie m. Delveaux, lives in the old Dickinson residence in 


2. Mary d. 

3. Carrie m. Wm. Preston Bybee, of Louisville, Ky. 


Joel Early (Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) b. 1774; m. 1804 Ava Andrews of Prince Edward County, 
Va.: resided in Bedford County. 


11146—1. Mary P. m. James Hopkins. 

11146—2. Lucy B. d. infant. 

11146—3. Francis Elvira m. 1831 John C. Hopkins. 

11146—4. Elizabeth A. m. Henry Thaxton, (or Thackston.) 

11146—5. James Adair b. 1814; m. Susan J. Thaxton, ** 

11146—6. Clementine Louise m. Joseph Wheat: issue, Wesley, Annie, Mary. 

11146—7. Edith Ann b. 1817 m. Moses Fuqua: s. p. 

11146 — 8. Martha J. m. Martin L. Fuqua. 

11146—9. Sarah Buford m. John C. Gofer. 

11146—10. John William b. 1827; m. 1853 S. Agnes Owen. 

Mary P. Early (Joel Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. James Hopkins, of Bedford County, Va. 


111461 — 1. Mary, d. unmarried. 111461 — 4. JoeL 

111461—2. Elizabeth. 111461—5. James T. 

111461—3. John A. 

Frances Elvira Early (Joel Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos Early, John Early) m. 1831 John C. Hopkins, of Bedford 
County, Va. 


111463—1. James H. 111463^-6. Mildred. 

111463—2. Sarah. 111463—7. Frances. 

111463—3. Martha, d. unmarried. 111463—8. John H. 

111463-4. Vespasian. 111463—9. Elizabeth. 
111463-5. Virginia. 

Elizabeth A. Early (Joel Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Henry Thaxton, of Prince Edward 
Coimty, Va. 


111464—1. Nathaniel. 111464-^. Joel. 

111464—2. James. 111464-^. John. 

111464-3. SalUe. 


James Adair Early (Joel Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Susan Thaxton. 

111465 — 1. Henry T^ d. unmarried. 
111465 — 2. J. Nathaniel m. Helen Nelson. 
111465—3. John M. 
111465—4. Don J. m. Louise Casey: issue, J. Gordon, J. Stuart, Frank 

Huger, Susan. 
111465 — 5. Euthretia F. m. Richard Collier Price: issue, Wm. Henry, 

Chas. E., Susie E., Estelle Barksdale. 
111465—6. Florence J. m. Nathan H. Price: s. p. 
111465—7. Harriett C. 
111465 — 8. Robert A., d. unmarried. 

J. Nathaniel Early (James A. Early, Joel Early, Joshua Early, Sr., 
Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Helen Nelson, of 
Bedford County, Va. 


1114652—1. Lelia Page m. 1114652—3. Henry Word. 

Turner. 1114652 — 4. Helen Kinlock. 

1114652—2. Susan Alexander. 1114652—5. Thomas Walker. 

Martha J. Early (Joel Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Martin L. Fuqua. 


111468—1. Wiley. 111468—4. Robert d. unmarried. 

111468—2. John d. unmarried. 111468—5. Caleb. 

111468 — 3. Mary, d. unmarried. 111468 — 6. James. 

Sarah Buford Otey Early (Joel Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John C. Cofer. 


111469—1. Richard. 111469^5. Alice. 

111469—2, Lucy. 111469—6. Nannie. 

111469—3. Eliza. 111469^7. Gordon. 
111469-4. Sallie. 

John William Early (Joel Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. S. Agnes Owen, of Botetourt 
County, Va. 



11146A— L Mary Elizabeth b. 1856; m. 1880 Walter A. WaUon: issue: 
11146A— 2. Robert J. b. 1858; m. 1881 Bettie E. Gilbert: he was acci- 

dentally killed while duck hunting in 1887; widow and 

3 ch. live in Indiana. 
11146A--3. William C. b. 1861; m. 1888 Annie Lee Wihite, of Botetourt 

Co., Va.: residence Munfort, Va.: issue: 
11146A— 4. Edward Ruthven b. 1864; m. 1892 Kate Abbitt, of Roanoke: 

residence Hinton, W. Va. 
11146A — ^5. Rev. L. Hunter b. 1866; m. Maud Louise Wheeler. 
11146A — 6. Joel Palmer d. unmarried. 

11146A— 7. Maud Abbitt b. 1871; m. Walter A. Kerr, of AugusU Co. 
11146A— 8. Marian Atwood b. 1873; m. Wilber Watson, of Botetourt Co.: 

11146A— 9. Moneda Agnes b. 1878; m. Walter Key. 

Rev. L. Hunter Early (John W. Early, Joel Early, Joshua Early, 
Sr, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Maude Louise, 
dau. of W. H. and A. T. Wheeler, of Nelson Co., grand-dau. of Hon. 
W. B. W. Brooking, of Goochland Co., Va. L. Hunter Early, 
Methodist minister, was educated at Randolph Macon College, Ash- 
land; entered the M. E. Ch. South in 1898 at Portsmouth, Va.: in 
Culpeper circuit in 1904; later in Amherst circuit: now pastor of 
the Louisa charge at Louisa, Va., a large and growing field. 


11146A5— 1. William Ashby b. 1905. 
11146A5— 2. Alice G. b. 1909. 
11146A5— 3. Louise Hunter b. 1914. 

Buford Early b. 1775 (7th child of Joshua and Mary Leftwich- 
Early) was a merchant in Campbell: in 1801 he was a witness to 
a deed between Caleb Callaway and Abner Early : in 1803 he bought 
of Wm. Farmer 32 acres of land on each side of Dry Branch, the 
east side of Flat Creek beginning at Weber's comer, (a deed of 
trust redeemed in Nov. 1803). Buford Early and Rev. Abner Early 
were partners in general merchandise. On Dec. 24, 1803, Buford 
Early was murdered by a drunken man. 

In 1804 leave was given Rev. Abner Early to administer on Buford 
Early's estate. 

Wm. and John Callaway, Robert Scott and Henry Bell appraised 
sd estate in Campbell Co. 


John Wyatt, Bennett Moseley, Josiah Cofer and Jacob Anderson 
appraised sd estate in Bedford Co. 

Appraisement of personal estate was made by Rev. Abner Early. 

There exists a family of the name of Allen in Kentucky which 
perpetuates the name of Buford Early; namely Buford Early Allen, 
son of Joseph Allen and Sarah Wisdom Craig (a descendant of 
Joseph Craig, of the ^Travelling Church," and possibly a grand-dau. 
of Sarah Buford- Wisdom, of Middlesex county), who lived in 
Spotsylvania Co., Va.), hence connected with tne Early family. 

Mary ("Polly") Early (Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) b. 1777, m. Rev. James H. L. Moorman, son of 
Mrs. Rebecca Leftwich-Moorman, who was the daughter of Augustine 
Leftwich, Jr., Meth. minister: and who moved to Ky. In 1797 Jas. 
Moorman held office of Grenader Ensign. The Moorman family is of 
English ancestry : and the name is derived from "moor" the commons 
or prairies of England: i. e. "the man of the moor." The motto on 
the coat of arms is "Esse quam video" — "To be, not seem to be."* 
The Moormans were Quakers in olden times and long before the Rev- 
olutionary war, to avoid persecution in England, migrated to this 
country : first Charles who settled in one of the southeastern counties 
of Virginia in 1670 and later moved to Green Springs, Louisa County 
in 1706. His brother Thomas also came to America. Descendants 
of these two brothers became citizens of Albemarle, Campbell, Bed- 
ford, Louisa, and Hanover counties, Va. The unusual name of 
Achilles or Achillis, as sometimes written, is repeated through 
generations of this family. 


11148—1. Achilles. 

(That there were other children may be inferred from the will of Joshua 
Early, Sr.) 

It is learned that there are Moorman descendants about Aberdeen, 
Miss., who from the connection of that name with Terrell, and the 
given name, Achilles, seem to indicate that they may be descendants 
of Rev. Jas. H. Leftwich Moorman and wife, Mary Early, who 
moved from Campbell Co. to Kentucky early in the 19th century: 

*The Thruston coat of arms bore a similar motto "Esse quam videri** — *To 
be rather than to seem.'' 


Dr. A. L. Moorman, of Boxer, Alabama, belonged in this connection, 
and he bore the name Achilles. 

Bishop John Early (Joshua Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., 
Thomas Early, John Early) m. 1st Anne Jones; she d. s. p.; he m. 
2nd in 1822 Elizabeth Browne Rives, dau. of Anthony, son of 
Timothy Rives and wife, Mary Browne (dau. of Abram Green and 
wife Elizabeth, the dau. of Henry Browne and Hannah Edwards) 
and a descendant of Colonel Henry Browne one of the councillors of 
Governor Wm. Berkley, of Virginia. 

John Early b. 1786 in Bedford County, settled in Lynchburg very 
early in life: he purchased of John Breckenridge Cabell comer lot 
No. 53 on what was designated as 3rd street and 3rd alley containing 
165 ft. front and running back 132 ft., facing obliquely across from 
where the Court street Methodist church stands: amidst new sur- 
roundings, with streets renamed, it remains unchanged after the 
lapse of many years, still occupied by members of his family. 

Until borne down by the infirmity of age John Early took part in 
every public movement looking to the betterment of the city. His 
first appearance in public appears to have been at a conferenqe meet- 
ing in 1808 at the Methodist Meeting House when he was among the 
aspirants for the ministry who were received on trial. In 1822 a 
meeting was held at the same Meth. Meeting House, which had for 
its purpose the establishment of a free school for the education of 
poor children: the money was raised by private subscription and in 
1823 the Legislature incorporated the Lynchburg Charity School: 
the Rev. John Early was a member of this school board. This was 
the town's first organized effort for public education. In 1825 a 
colonization society was started with the Rev. John Early as presi- 
dent. The purpose was to raise means to send to Africa *^all free 
people of color" who desired to go, and all slaves who were freed 
on that condition. In 1825 a committee (2nd for this purpose) was 
formed, of which Rev. John Early was a member, to devise means 
for bringing water to the city: the proposition was not heartily 
received as it seemed impracticable to raise water to the required 
height; but the work was successfully completed in 1829. At a 
meeting held in 1835 to inaugurate a plan for a railroad, Rev. John 
Early was among the citizens appointed to petition the Legislature 
to incorporate the Lynchburg and Tennessee railroad from Lynch- 

Bishop John Earl v. 


burg tp the Tennessee line, to connect with the Nashville and New 
Orleans road: this bill passed in 1836 and authorized the construc- 
tion of a road from Lynchburg to Richmond. In 1841 a State edu- 
cational convention was held in Richmond to which several delegates 
in favor of free education, (Rev. John Early one of them) were sent 
from Lynchburg. In 1839 a great struggle started for securing a 
railroad from Lynchburg through the southwest: the promoters of 
the enterprise met with many discouragements, but when the Legis- 
lature passed a bill for the establishment of a Salem railroad to the 
southwest a ray of hope seemed to dawn. At a town meeting Rev. 
John Early offered resolutions that a road starting at Lynchburg 
westward be built and called the Richmond and Ohio road: he was 
made chairman of the committee appointed on the business to confer 
with Richmond, but they did so only to meet with disappointment 
The citizens became more determined then to build a road and made 
a brave fight which only successfully terminated on January 16, 
1850, when work on the long desired Virginia and Tennessee road 
was started, after nearly twenty years' efforts to secure it. In 1853 
John Early purchased from John Grouse and wife a tract of land 
leading from the Lynchburg and Salem turnpike to Jones' mill: at 
this time he and his wife deeded to the citizens of Lynchburg a por- 
tion of this tract for a suitable cemetery: an association was formed 
with Rev. John Early as president, and in June 1856 the reservation 
christened Spring Hill cemetery was formally dedicated. As stated 
above Lynchburg fought twenty years to obtain the Virginia and 
Tennessee railroad. In 1866 it was proposed to consolidate this 
road and the Southside. The city bitterly opposed it and after a 
long controversy the proposition was temporarily defeated at a 
meeting of stockholders presided over by Bishop Early. 

John Early joined the Methodist church in 1804 and was licensed 
to preach two years later when only in his twenty-first year: was ad- 
mitted to the Virginia Conference in 1807. He began his public 
labors among the slaves of Mr. Jefferson at Poplar Forest in Bedford 
County and was noted for his interest in the religious advancement 
of the colored race. In 1812 he had charge of a church at Greens- 
ville; in a letter to his brother Thomas, of Bedford County, written 
at this place he told of 'Hhe sign of the times," '^a great many things 
are being said relative to the present war and a number of young men 
enlisted as volunteers in Brunswick, expecting to offer their services 


to the President, and their captain this day solicited me to go with 
them as chaplain, but I have a more important charge in the care 
of the churches. There is a diversity of sentiment relative to the 
war and there are many who are not in sympathy with the adminis- 

John Early's strong characteristics marked him as a superior man : 
he possessed an iron constitution, a practical but ardent mind, reso- 
lute will and habits vigorously systematic and laborious: was a re- 
nowned disciplinarian. His preaching was simple and direct When 
only 27 years old he was made presiding elder in the Meherren Dis- 
trict: was a chief founder of Randolph-Macon College, and con- 
tinued to be its rector for many years. In the General Conference 
of 1832 he received a large vote for the episcopate and would prob- 
ably have been elected but for his connection with slavery. Possess- 
ing surpassing capacity for business he was often called upon for 
important services by both church and state: was nominated for 
the Cincinnati Book Agency, and in 1836 for that of New York: 
was repeatedly nominated for Congress, but he preferred his minis- 
terial office. The general government offered him the governorship 
of Illinois when it was a territory. President Adams solicited him 
to accept the same office in the territory of Arkansas and President 
Tyler that of Controller of the Treasury. He took an active part in 
the measures that resulted in the division of the church in 1844 and 
the organization of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South; took 
part in its convention at Louisville, Ky., in 1845 and was the presi- 
dent pro tempore of its first General Conference at Petersburg, Va., 
and was then elected its first book agent. In 1854 he was made one 
of its bishops at Columbus, Georgia. Bishop Early died Nov. 5, 
1873, at his home in Lynchburg. 

The statement has been credited that this Virginia bishop was a 
descendant of a similarly named English bishop, one John Early, of 
Worcester and afterwards Salisbury, England, in the 17th century, 
author of a humorous work "Microcosmography or a Piece of the 
World Discovered," a popular treatise on customs, characters and 
manners of the time, — which ran into eight editions during the life 
of the author. 

A fine portrait of Bishop John Early is owned by his family, and 
hung for many years in Court Street Methodist Church, at Lynch- 
burg, but was taken down when the old church building was razed. 



1114D — 1. Mary Virginia b. 1822; m. James Leftwich Brown. 

1114D — 2, Dr. Orville Rives, m. Ist Mattie Blunt: 2nd Gertrude Cornelius: 

m. 3rd, in 1872, Mary Eleanor Chevis. 
1114D — 3. Rev. Thomas Howard: d. unmarried. 
1114D-4. Wm. McKendry d. infant. 
1114D — 5. John Fletcher m. Eliza J. Bostick. 
1114D — 6. Elizabeth d. unmarried. 

1114D — 7. Frances Patterson: residence Lynchburg, Va.: took charge of 
her nieces after her sister, Mrs. Brown's, death. 

Mary Virginia Early (Bishop John Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer% 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1822; m. 1847 James Left- 
wich Brown (b. 1815) son of Daniel Brown and wife, Mary Leftwich, 
grandson of Henry Brown and wife, Alice Beard, of Bedford County. 
Mary V. Early was a graduate of Buckingham Institute, one of the 
first collegiate institutions for women in the South : she d. 1864. Jas. 
L. Brown attended Randolph-Macon College and the University of 
Va. : was first president of the Franklin Literary Society, organizer of 
Hill City Lodge of Masons and its first master: engaged in tobacco 
business: d. in 1872. 


1114D1 — 1. Mary Elizabeth m. Thos. Jenkins Vaughan, son of Col. Uriah 

Vaughan. Mrs. Vaughan d. 1912 s. p. 
1114D1— 2. Alice d. in Baltimore, Md. 
1114D1— 3. Daniel d. young. 
1114D1 — 4. Virginia, d. young. 
1114D1 — 5. John Early, d. young. 
1114D1 — 6. Lucy m. John Wesley Child^. 
1114D1 — 7. Fannie Early m. Uriah B. Vaughan. 
1114D1 — 8. Annie Rives m. Edwin B. Hopkins. 
1114D1 — 9. Carrie Hancock, d. infant. 

Lucy Brown (Mary V. Early-Brown, Bishop John Early, Joshua 
Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John W. 
Childs, son of Rev. John Wesley Childs and wife, Martha S. B. 
Rives (dau. of Anthony Rives and his wife, Mary Browne) grandson 
of John Childs and wife, Margaret, the dau. of Rev. Wesley Adams, 
one of the first Methodists of Fauquier County, Va. Rev. John W. 
Childs b. 1800 in Calvert County, Md., was a very active member 
of the Meth. Epis. Church. John W. Childs was a courier for Gen. 


R. E. Lee between the War Department and the Army of So. Virginia 
in the campaign of 1864-'65 and has a commendatory letter given 
him by Lee. Mrs. Lucy B. Childs has been for a number of years 
principal of one of the elementary schools of Lynchburg, the first 
lady principal appointed: was a delegate to the Mother's Congress 
by appointment of the Governor: president several years of Va. 
Conference Home Mission. 


1. James Rives. 

2. John Wesley. 

Lt. James Rives Childs (eldest son of Lucy B. and John W. 
Childs) was educated at Lynchburg High School: Va. Mil. Ins.: A. 
B. of Randolph-Macon College: M. A. of Harvard Univ.: teacher at 
Lawrenceville School, N. J., at the outbreak of the World's War: 
volunteered in American Ambulance in France, 1915: applied for 
examination in OflScers' Reserve Corps Mar. 1917; admitted to First 
Officers' Training Camp, 3rd Co., Ft. Myer, Va., May 1917: com- 
missioned 2nd Lieut, of Inf. Aug 1917, and assigned to 318th Inf., 
80th Div.: app'd aide-de-campe C. 0. 159th Brig. 80th Div. 1917: 
resigned office Nov. 1917; took advanced course in intelligence duty: 
embarked for Liverpool 1917: reported to G. H. Q., A. E. F., Feb. 
1918: app'd chief in bureau of enemy ciphers G. 2A6 Radio Intelli- 
gence Section, General Staff: Feb. to Nov. 1918 assigned to tem- 
porary duty with British War Office, French Ministere de La Guerre, 
French G. Q. G., British G. H. Q., and British 5th and 6th Armies: 
commissioned 2nd Lieut, of Inf. Oct. 1918: assigned with Am. Com- 
mission to Negotiate Peace, Dec. 1918: relieved from this duty 
April, 1919. From April 10, 1919, to Sept. 5, 1919, in charge of 
the C. R. B. of the American Relief Administration in Southern 
Serbia, with headquarters at Salonika, Greece: decorated by Jugo- 
Slavic Government Aug. 1919: returned to U. S. Oct. 4th; demobi- 
lized Oct. 23, 1919: with Associated Press, Washington, D. C. 

John Wesley Childs (2nd son of Lucy B. and John W. Childs) b. 
1894, graduated at High School in his 16th year; a student for three 
years at Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va.: received A. B. de- 
gree in 1913 and chemistry medal: taught one year at Randolph- ^ 
Macon Academy; spent one year in engineering work, while engaged 


on the latter suffered a nervous breakdown and died at Baltimore, 
1917, of lobar pneumonia. 


Fannie Early Brown (Mary V. Early-Brown, Bishop John Early, 
Joshua Early, Sr., Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Uriah B. Vaughan, son of Col. Uriah Vaughan, of Murfreesboro, 
No. Ca., and wife, Sarah Amanda, dau. of Capt. Henry DeBerry 
Jenkins, of Hertford County, No. Ca«, grandson of John Vaughan 
and wife Sarah, dau. of Jonathan and Hester Rogers. John Vaughan 
enlisted in 1779 as a soldier in Capt. Goodwin's company, 10th Reg. 
No. Ca. troops in the Continental Army and served till the end of 
the Revolutionary War. Fannie E. B. and Uriah B. Vaughan reside 
in Murfreesboro, No. Ca. 


1114D17— 1. Mary. 

1114D17 — 2. Sara, m. George Norfleet Harrell. 

Sara Vaughan (Fannie E. Brown -Vaughan, Mary V. Early-Brown, 
Bishop John Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. George Norfleet Harrell: residence Murfreesboro, 
No. Ca. 


1114D172 — 1. George, d. from bums. 
1114D172— 2. Fannie Brown. 

Annie Rives Brown (Mary V. Early-Brown, Bishop John Early, 
Joshua Early, Sr., Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
1879 Edwin Brown Hopkins, of Rockingham County, Va., son of 
Gerard Tyson Hopkins and wife, Frances Virginia Kisling. Gerard 
T. Hopkins (son of Philip) was a descendant of Gerard Tyson Hop- 
kins, emigrant from England, who settled with his six sons at the 
head of Chesapeake Bay: one of these sons was the progenitor of 
the philanthropist Johns Hopkins, of Baltimore. 


1114D18 — 1. James Kisling, m. Mary Virginia Blackford. 
1114D18— 2. Mary Virginia. 
ni4D18— 3. Alice Brown. 
1114D18— 4. Thomas Early, d. 


1114D18 — 5. Geraldine, m. Edgar B. Douglas: issue, 1 ch. 

1114D18 — 6. Oliver Baker m. Margaret Deed Mayer. Oliver B. Hopkins 

is a geologist, in U. S. Gov. employ during world war, 

now in South America. 
1114D18— 7. Frances Kisling. 

James Kisling Hopkins (Annie R. Brown-Hopkins, Mary V. E. 
Brown, Bishop John Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Mary V. Blackford. 


in4D181— 1. Margaret Rives. 
11I4DI81— 2. Edwin Brown. 
1114D181— 3. William Blackford. 

Dr. Orville Rives Early (Bishop John Early, Joshua Early, Sr., 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st Mattie Blunt: issue 
Orville R., and John, both d. young: m. 2nd Gertrude, dau. of 
Judge Cornelius, of New Orleans: issue, dau. d. infant: m. 3rd, 
Mary Eleanor, dau. of Judge Thos. Alex. Chevis and wife, Mary 
Howell Dowsing, of Coffeeville, Miss. Dr. Early was a graduate of 
Transylvania College : was dean of the Medical College at Memphis, 
Tenn.: served as surgeon in Confederate Army with rank of major; 
had charge of a hospital in Richmond and later in Lynchburg: his 
property was confiscated upon his joining the C. S. Army. 


1114D2 — 1. Mary Walthall, m. Robert Henry Wildberger, attomey-at-law, 

Clarksdale, Miss. 
1114D2~-2. La Reine, d. young. 

Rev. Thomas Howard Early (2nd son of Bishop John Early and 
Eliz'h B. Rives-Early) was educated at Randolph-Macon College 
and Transylvania College, Ky.: studied law and associated in prac- 
tice with Robert J. Davis, of Lynchburg, Va. Entered the Methodist 
ministry and served charges at Petersburg, Rappahannock and Char- 
lottesville: resided in the latter city during the war between the 
States, and devoted much time to visiting the hospitals: during this 
work his throat became very much affected and it became necessary 
for him to give up active service in the ministry; he was then placed 
on the supernumerary list. He returned to Lynchburg and engaged 


in mercantile business. As a member of the school board he as- 
sisted in securing the establishment of the High School of Lynchburg 
and in fostering its development. After a protracted illness of 
many months he died 1904 in the same house in which he was born 
and was interred in the family section at Spring Hill cemetery. 
Rev. Thos. H. Early's never failing courtesy won for him a host 
of friends: he was never married. 

John Fletcher Early (Bishop John Early, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1860 Eliza J., dau. of 
Harding Perkins Bostick, of North Carolina and wife, Margaret, 
(b. 1804 in Dublin, Ireland) dau. of Joseph and Catherine Lytton 
(a cousin of Sir Bulwer Lytton). John F. Early, educated at Va. 
Mil. Ins., was connected with the Meth. Pub. House in Richmond, 
Mobile and New Orleans: served in the Confederate Army with 
Forrest throughout the war: engaged afterwards in mercantile busi- 
ness with his brother. Rev. Thos. H. Early: moved to Memphis 
where he died . 


1114D5 — L Harding Bostwick m. Harriett Johnson. 

1114D5— 2. Lila d. 1895 unmarried. 

1114D5— 3. John m. Willie Evans FalL 

1114D5 — 4. Margaret Lytton m. Cranberry Jackson. 

Harding Bostick Early (John F. Early, Bishop John Early, Joshua 
Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Harriett 
Johnson, of I^xington, Ky. Harding B. Early was killed on the 
train while in railway service in Florida: residence Sanford, Florida. 

1114D51— 1. Harding Bostwick, Jr., d. 1917. 

John Early (John F. Early, Bishop John Early, Joshua Early, Sr., 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Willie Evans, dau. 
of Joseph Horton Fall and wife, Margaret Evans: residence Nash- 
ville, Tenn. John Early was for some time connected with the 
Meth. Book Pub. Co. : is now proprietor of Early-Cain Saddle Manu- 
factory: member of a nmnber of fraternities; 32° Mason, Shriner, 
K. of K., and S. A. L., member of Davidson County Board of Edu- 


cation; of Nashville Rotary Club; holds oflSce in various church and 
civic societies of Nashville, Tenn. 


1U4D53 — 1. Margaret Evans. 
1114D53~2. John, Jr. 
11I4D5S— 3. Katherine Wyche. 
1114D53— 4. Joseph Horton Fall. 
1I14D53-^. Elizabeth Drennon. 

Margaret Lytton Early (John F. Early, Bishop John Early, Joshua 
Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Cranberry 
Jackson, civil engineer: professor of engineering several years at 
Vanderbilt University: member of the American Civil Engineering 
Association : engaged in civil engineering and highway construction. 


1114D54— 1. John Early, student at Vanderbilt University. 
1114054^— 2. Cranberry, Jr., student at Wallace's School. 

Sally Early (Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, 
John Early) b. 1788; m, John Word, a tobacconist, of Richmond, 
Va. Mrs. Word and two sons died in Lynchburg and were buried 
in one of the old cemeteries there. 


1114E— I. William Early Moorman b. 1818, m. Helen DeWint Ross. 
1114E— 2. John. 
1114E— 3. Granville. 

Col. Wm. E. M. Word (Sally Early-Word, Joshua Early, Sr., 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1843 Helen DeWint 
Ross, of Morristown, N. Y. Col. Word was educated at a private 
school in Lynchburg; in early youth entered the newspaper busi- 
ness; was first employed on the "Lynchburg Virginian:" removed 
to Fincastle, where he entered the office of the "Fincastle Democrat," 
of which he became the owner. From 1845 to '53 he was postmaster 
of Fincastle; later was appointed coroner for Botetourt County: was 
elected to the State Legislature in 1857; in 1859 was made sergeant- 
at-arms of the House of Delegates: was conunissioned a colonel on 
the staff of Governor John Letcher in 1860: in 1864 was appointed 


general mail agent of the postoffice department of the Confederacy, 
for distribution of mail to the army: was elected to the Legislature 
again in 1865, but the war closing, this Legislature did not meet. 
In 1866-7 he was again elected to the Legislature: was for many 
years a member of the Board of Visitors of the University of Va.: 
in 1869 he received the appointment of general passenger agent of 
what was at that time the Atlantic, Mississippi and Ohio R. R. (later 
the Norfolk and Western) which office he retained to the end of his 
life: he died in Fincastle in 1880 and was buried with Masonic 
ceremonies in the old Presbyterian cemetery there. His home was 
burned and old family records were destroyed. 

Dr. John Darbe, ancestor of Helen DeWint Ross, was b. 1725, 
the son of Wm. and Elizabeth Spalding-Darbe, of Canterbury, Conn. : 
moved to Norwich 1734, graduated in A. M. and A. B. degrees 
from Yale Univ. in 1749; studied theology and was licensed to 
preach by the Presbytery of Suffolk, L. I., had charge of two 
churches in Southhold; complaints were made about his orthodoxy 
in 1750, but a committee of the Presbytery pronounced them ground- 
less; for six following years, he supplied various churches while 
practicing as a physician at Oyster Ponds: in 1757 he was ordained 
as an evangelist by the Suffolk presbytery: settled at Connecticutt 
Farms (now Union) a suburb of Elizabeth, N. J., after two years 
moved to Parsipponey (Hanover, Morris Co.) where he practiced 
medicine. During the Revoluntionary War he was one of the 
stirring Presbyterian "Rebel Parsons." Dartmouth College confer- 
red the honorary degree of M. D. on him in 1782: he d. 1805 at 
the age of 80 yrs. Dr. Darbe m. twice, his second wife was Mehit- 
able, dau. of Deacon Elnathan White. His youngest daughter, 
Lucinda, b. 1770, m. Christian Salem DeWint, who was born at 
Santa Cruz, Danish West Indies: and whose father, being of noble 
birth, held high position under the Danish Government of the West 
Indies. Christian S. DeWint, educated at Queen's (Rutger's) Col- 
lege, also Dartmouth College, built a home at Morristown, N. J., 
next door to Judge Ford's house (Washington's headquarters) : they 
had one child, Lucinda; he d. aged 32 years. Lucinda DeWint m. 
Charles Meeker Ross, who was drowned while bathing in the Raritan 
river, leaving one dau. Helen DeWint Ross, b. 1823: he placed Lis 
property in trust for his wife and child with a friend, who dissipated 
it; the wife having been finely educated, opened a school for young 


ladies in Somerville, N. J. From there she moved to Washington 
City, later to Lexington, Va., where she taught French and painting, 
and entered her daughter as a pupil in Ann Smith Academy con- 
ducted by a Mr. Bradshaw. Colonel Wm. Word met Helen Ross in 
Lexington; they married and settled in Fincastle: after his death 
his family moved to Washington City, where Mrs. Word d. 1895. 
Her children have in their possession miniatures painted by their 
grandmother Ross of Christian DeWint, his wife and daughter. 


1114£1>-1. William Whitehead: member Co. D. 11th Reg. Va. Vols., 
C. S. Army: killed at the 2nd battle of Manassas; his 
gallant conduct in action was commended by his officers 
and fellow soldiers. 

1114E1— 2. Emily Messier ) . , 

1114E1-3. Helen Early j ^^^"*' ^- ^"^*"'«- 

1114E1 — 4. Lillian Granville m. Charles Lucian Minor. 

1114E1 — 5. Lelia Wilmer m. Major Blake Lightfoot Woodson. 

1114E1 — 6. Blanche Aileen m. George Tyler Suit. 

1114E1 — 7. Cyril Ernest d. infant. 

1114E1 — 8. Mina, d. infant. 

1114E1 — 9. Clarence Herbert, d. infant. 

1114E1— 10. Ida DeWint m. James H. Frencli. 

1114E1— 11. Houston b. 1863. 

Lillian Granville Word (Col. Wm. E. M. Word, Sally E. Word, 
Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) 
taught in a college at Stockton, California, of which Rev. Herbert 
Mason (a friend of the family) was principal: m. Charles L. Minor 
(b. in New Orleans) a newspaper editor; lived in Los Angeles, 
Calif., some years: moved to Washington City where he held a gov- 
ernment position: both d. and were buried in Glenwood cemetery. 


1114E14— 1. William Word, d. infant. 
1114E14 — 2. Lillian Ross m. George M. Stricby. 
1114E14— 3. Florence DuPre, d. young. 
1114E14 — 4. Clare Woodson, m. Hollo way Furrow. 

Lillian Ross Minor (Lillian G. W. Minor, Col. Wm. E. M. Word, 
Sally E. Word, Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. George M. Stricby. 



1114E14^-1. George M., Jr. 
1114E142— 2. Frederick. 

Lelia Wilmer Word (Col. Wm. E. M. Word, Sally E. Word, 
Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Major Blake Lightfoot Woodson, atty-at-law and member of Va. 
Legislature: moved to Kansas City, Mo., where Mrs. Woodson and 
her infant child d. and were buried together. 

Blanche Aileen Word (Col. Wm. E. M. Word, Sally E. Word, 
Joshua Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
George Tyler Suit, of Maryland ancestry, which had played its part 
in the history of the State. Mrs. Suit d. 1918. 


1114E16— 1. Helen Ross, d. infant. 
1114E16— 2. George Tyler, Jr 

Ida DeWint Word (Col. Wm. E. M. Word, Sally E. Word, Joshua 
Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. James H. 
French, of Athens, W. Va. Mrs. French d. 1920. 


1114£1A>-1. Helen DeWint m. Robert Wellford Tyler, of Richmond, 

Va.: residence now Pittsburg, Pa. 

1114E1A— 2. Paul Norwood m. Prudella Whitlock Nutting: he was a 

private in machine gun Co. 45th U. S. Inf.: located at 
Camp Sheridan, Ala., Camp Gordon, Ga., now at Camp 
Dix, N. J.: enlistment expires April 18, 1920. 

Houston Word, b. 1863, youngest child of Col. Wm. E. M. and 
Helen DeW. Ross- Word, was educated at Fincastle High School: 
cadet at Va. Mil. Ins. 1879: entered upon railway clerical work for 
Norfolk and Western R. R. in 1883 as telegraph operator and station 
agent at various points along the line by appointment of his father's 
friend. Col. Huger: he resigned from this position in 1890 removing 
then with his family to Washington, D. C. and there entered the 
service of the U. S. Express Company in the U. S. Treasury De- 
partment, that corporation having the contract to carry all the 


Government money. Mr. Word was accountant for 20 years then 
became cashier. In June 1914 the U. S. Express Co. liquidated and 
Wells, Fargo Co. succeeded. In January, 1919, all express com- 
panies were consolidated into one under title of American Railway 
Express. At the expiration of twenty-five years' service Mr. Word 
received a gold button and letter of congratulation from the Vice- 
President and has the privilege of retiring on a pension when he 
so desires. Is at present employed on a clerical position by the Am. 
Railway Ex. Co. in the U. S. Department at Washington; but ar- 
ranging to move to Pittsburg, Pa. 








Joseph Early, the fifth child and fourth son of Jeremiah and 
Elizabeth Buford-Early, of Culpeper County, Va., was b. about 
1740; m. 1762 Jane Paschal: resided in Madison County; d. 1783. 

In 1765 Joseph Early was witness to a deed between Isaac Smith 
and Jer'h Early, Sr. 

In 1770 Joseph Early bought 350 acres of land lying between 
the forks of Rapidan and Robertson rivers, from John and Ann Wil- 
son, of Bromfield parish, Culpeper Co. 

In 1772 Joseph Early joined the Baptists and became a member 
of Rapidan church. The "History of the Baptists in Virginia," by 
Robert S. Temple, states that "Joseph Early was a distinguished 
character in his sphere. Rich in this world's goods, he viewed himself 
as a steward of God, a friend of the friendless, his hands ever open 
to the poor and needy. He bestowed liberally for all religious pur- 
poses: when a meeting house was to be built, or any other plan was 
in agitation, his purse was easily commanded. His fellow citizens 
elected him to represent them in the Virginia Legislature in 1783, 
but he did not live to take his seat After maintaining an unblamable 
reputation for piety and goodness he died in great peace." 

On February 26, 1776, Joseph Early was commissioned a 2nd 
lieutenant in Captain Scruggs' company, 5th Va. Reg., conunanded 
by Col. Charles Scott. He was a friend of Washington, who, in 
journeying to his estates in the valley, visited Lieutenant Early in 
his home: a watch presented by Washington to one of the chil- 
dren was highly treasured by the family. 

On Nov. 28, '76, Joseph Early was commissioned 1st lieutenant. 
(See Heitman's lists.) 

In 1779 Jos'h Early bought of Wm. Russell, of Bromfield parish, 
125 acres of land. The same year he bought of Ephraim and Angus 
Rucker 20 acres on the Court House road, the deed for which was 
given his son. Paschal, in 1811. The same year bought of Adam 


Garr 122^2 acres in a line of patent granted Michael Holt. Also 
another tract by estimation 34 acres. 

Joseph Early wrote his will in 1780; he had become an invalid 
and d. 1783. TTie will (exhibited for record Oct. 20, 1783) be- 
queathed the land on the Rapidan given him by his father, adjoining 
the latter's manor place, to his sons. Paschal and William, in an 
equal division: provided that his sons Whitfield and Joseph should 
receive his manor house and plantation after the death of their 
mother: his daughters, Juliana and Mary, were to share with their 
brothers in the division of lands in the county of Kentucky, also in 
his two stills: the property lent his wife was to be so divided at her 
death as that the negroes might not be parted man from wife. He 
appointed Capt. John Scott, Elijah Craig and Adam Banks, his 
exc'rs. Elizabeth, his youngest dau. who was bom after the writing 
of his will (and may have been a posthumous child) was not in- 
cluded among the beneficiaries. Some of Joseph Early's descendants 
remained in Madison County, but many moved to Kentucky, where 
those bearing his name are to be found at this time. 


1115 — 1. Julianna b. 1763; m. John Rucker. 

1115 — 2. Paschal m. 1806 Mary Newman Henshaw. 

1115 — 3. Mary m. let James Newman, of Madison County; m. 2nd, in 
1800, John Kobler, of Fredericksburg: d. s. p. 

1115—4. William m. 1804 Catherine Rucker. 

1115—5. Whitfield m. 1795 Mary Minor. 

1115 — 6. Joseph, Jr., of St Marks parish, Madison County, atty.-at-law : 
d. unmarried; accumulated a large estate; freed his slaves 
and provided for them to be sent to Liberia: divided the 
remainder of his property between his twenty-five nieces and 
nephews. He resided four miles from Madison C. H.: was 
associated with his nephew, Joseph A. Early, in the practice 
of his profession: app'd Joseph A. and Richard Early his 

lllS-7. Elizabeth m. 1797 John Field. 

Juliana Early (Joseph Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas 
Early, John Early) b. 1763; m. John Rucker (d. 1811), son of 
Ephraim and Margaret Morgan-Rucker, of Madison Co., Va. Mrs. 
Rucker d. 1851, aged 88 years. 

Ambrose Rucker, b. 1679 in Holland, emigrated to the United 
States at the age of 22 yrs.; m. 1708 Dorcas Sorrel Waller, whose 


mother was a SorreL John Rucker is believed to have been a de- 
scendant of Ambrose, the emigrant In 1795 John Rucker bought 
of Jeremiah and Rachel White 135 acres on the side of Neal's 
mountain: 1797 received the gift of a slave boy from his father, 
Ephraim, for *'love and affection*': 1799 John and Juliana Rucker 
sold to Fr. Collins 100 acres lying in Madison county near Merry 
Walker's land: in 1805 John and Juliana Rucker made a deed to her 
sisters and brothers for 125 acres on the waters of Elk Run, Madison 
county, excepting whereon the Rapidan Meeting house stood: 1806 
John and Juliana Rucker sold land adjoining the town of Madison to 
Joseph Brock; same year John Rucker served as special bail at 
Madison court: on April 11, 1809, John Rucker served on grand 
jury at Madison court: 1810 John and Juliana Rucker sold to 
Richard Booton 396 acres beginning from the C. H. road: they may 
then have been contemplating moving from the state: in 1811 John 
Rucker died. His wife outlived him many years, and doubtless went 
with her children to Kentucky. 

The ''Rapidan" Meeting house was the church built by Joseph 
Early, father of Juliana Rucker. 


11151— L John L. d. 1844. 

11151 — 2. Angus, Jr., m. 1806 Susannah, dau. of Capt. Thos. Graves. 

11151—3. Paschal. 

11151 — 4. Alfred: moved to Boone County, Ky. 

11151 — 5. Mary H. m. Gaines, d. 1850. 

11151—6. Wm. Early b. 1797; m. 1822 Clarissa Rogers. 

Wm. Early Rucker (Juliana Early-Rucker, Joseph Early, Sr., 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Clarissa (dau. of John 
and Sarah Kirtley-Rogers) b. 1804, d. 1844: he was an Indian agent 
in the first quarter of the century: d. 1872 in Andrew county, 


111516—1. Sarah Ann b. 1824; m. 1841 John Hutchinson: she d. 1860. 

111516 — 2. Addison b. 1826; m. 1st Miss Hudgens; m. 2d . 

111516 — 3. Horace b. 1828; d. 1850, unmarried, in California. 
111516—4. Alfred b. 1831; m. 1857 Rebecca Chenowith. 
111516—5. John b. 1833; m. 1845 Maggie Ireland, of Auburn County, Mo. 
111516—6. Mary b. 1836; m. 1857 Wm. Smith, of California. 


111516 — 7. Andrew Jackson b. 1841; d. 1907 unmarried: lost his arm 

while serving in the C. S. Army. 
111516— -8. Julia m. Major John Fleming Rucker. 

Julia Rucker (Wm. E. Rucker, Juliana E. Rucker, Joseph Early, 
Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Maj. John F. 
Rucker, of Amherst Co., Va. (b. 1838, d. 1889), son of John L. D. 
and Lucy D. Rucker: Maj. Rucker served in the Confederate Army. 


1115168^1. Booker Hall b. 1868; m. 1903 Margaret Barrow Southgate. 
1115168—2. Guy Lockridge b. 1870; d. 1897 unmarried. 
1115168—3. Early Dabney b. 1873; m. 1904 Maybel May Album. 
1115168-4. Ray Fleming b. 1874; m. 1909 Elsie, dau. of Dr. Robert 

Goodyer, of Hannibal, Mo. 
1115168-5. Horace b. 1878; d. . 

Booker Hall Rucker (Julia R. Rucker, Wm. E. Rucker, Juliana E. 
Rucker, Joseph Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. 1903 Margaret Barrow (dau. of Wm. Wallace and Annie 
McKnight Southgate), b. 1874 in Rolla, Phelps county. Mo. B. H. 
Rucker was appointed to fill an unexpired term as county clerk by 
Gov. Steven; later was elected to the office. 


11151681—1. Ray Southgate b. 1905. 
11151681—2. Booker HaU, Jr., b. 1909. 

Early Dabney Rucker (Julia R. Rucker, Wm. E. Rucker, Juliana 
E. Rucker, Joseph Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Mabel Mae, dau. of Wm. Alburn, of Iowa. This family 
lives in Andrew county, on the farm originally owned by Wm. Early 


11151683—1. Andrew Album b. 1903, d. infant. 
11151683^2. John Bell b. 1909. 

Captain Paschal Early (Joseph Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., 
Thomas Early, John Early) m. Patsy Newman, dau. of Samuel and 
Patsy Newman-Henshaw (of Madison county, Va.), and neice of 
James Newman, who m. Mary, sister of Paschal Early. 


In 1793. Mrs. Jane Early and her son Paschal Early sold a tract 
of land on White Oak Run, adjoining the land of Peter Hams- 
borough and Martin Rouse, to George Wilhoit. 1794 Paschal Early 
recommended as ensign in a company of Light Infantry of Madison 
county, declined to serve. 

In 1795. Paschal Early was recommended as lieutenant of Militia 
of Madison Co. : the same year he was sworn in as lieutenant of John 
Bransford's company according to law: later was commissioned as 
captain of a company. 

In 1795 Paschal Early bought of Benjamin Winslow, of Orange 
county, a tract of land lying in Madison county, 337 acres beginning 
near the widow Stonesiffer's house, thence running southwards. 

In 1805 Paschal Early and other heirs of Joseph Early, Sr., de- 
ceased, deeded to Angus Rucker, Jr., (his nephew) a tract containing 
by estimation 125 acres lying in Madison Co., upon the waters of 
Elk Run. 

In 1806. An indenture was made between Paschal Early, John 
Rucker, William Early, Mary Newman, Whitfield Early, and Joseph 
Early, of Madison Co., of the one part, and Adam Banks, Thomas 
Graves, Joseph Eddins, Michael S. Berry and Leroy Canaday, elders 
of the Baptist Rapidan meeting house, of the other part, for $1. in 
hand paid — when the parties of the first part granted to the said 
Banks et als, their heirs and successors forever of their faith and 
order, a tract of land lying in Madison Co., containing two acres 
bounded at the fork of the road near the spring which is above 
the meeting-house, thence down the left hand fork south, etc., with 
all the right, title and claim of the sd Paschal Early, etc., to hold 
for the use of the sd Baptist church with leave from time to time to 
repair or add to the present meeting house and to build any other 
meeting house thereon, and to have divine service therein at such a 
time as the elders might choose. 

In 1808 Paschal Early and his wife Mary sold to Wm. Jones 106 
acres lying on Robinson river. 

In 1809 Paschal Early, Commissioner, was ordered to divide the 
estate of Henry Ay lor (dec'd) agreeable to the will. 

Same year Paschal Early was ordered to hold an election at his 
mill on the north side of Robinson river on Easter Monday, April 
3rd, for the purpose of choosing overseers of the poor for the county 
in District No. 1. 



In 1816 Paschal Early held office of sheriff of Madison county. 

In 1819. An indenture was made between Paschal and Mary Early 
on the one part and the wardens and trustees of the Lutheran church 
of the other part for 9 acres of land upon which sd Earlys formally 
resided in Madison county: deed for which was delivered to Daniel 
Utz, and others. 

The will of Captain Paschal Early, written 1824, recorded 1826, 
provided for the payment of his debts by sale of land he bought of 
George Rouse, to the line of Michael House, thence to Elliott Blank- 
enbaker's, a piece of wood to be left all the way up the dam with 
his place, all land south of this line with both mills, also certain 
negroes or any other part of his perishable property to be sold to the 
best advantage; the balance of his estate, real and personal, to be 
divided into four lots, giving his wife first choice — the division to 
take place the Christmas after his son Albert came of age: Richard to 
receive his when he came of age, Louisa when she married or came of 
age. In full confidence of his wife's performance of her obligations, 
feeling that she would do what was right and be a friend to her chil- 
dren, he asked that the court would require no security of her, in 
assuming the executorship. 

A division of land among the heirs was made in 1831: to his 
widow 155% acres; to Louisa 332^/4 acres; to Albert 212 acres; 
to Richard 174 acres. 


11152 — 1. Albert, atty.-at-law; justice of the peace in Madison Co.: d. 
unmarried: freed his slaves and provided that they should 
be well established in Ohio; reasons given that he was 
opposed to the principle of slavery, that his relatives were 
sufficiently provided for and did not need assistance from 
him. Many deeds of transfer to and from Albert Early 
recorded bet. 183346. 

11152—2. Richard T., m. 1832 Patsy N. Henshaw. 

11152—3. Louisa m. 1834 Burwell G. Garth: d. s. p. 

Richard T. Early (Capt. Paschal Early, Joseph Early, Sr., JerTi 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1832 Patsy Newman Hen- 
shaw: residence Madison county, Va. 

Richard T. Early in 1839 leased land for five years from Henry 
Smith: sold land in 1840 adjoining Abraham Huffman's to William 


Clatterbruck: in 1844 he and Joseph A. Early, executors of Joseph 
Early, deceased, sold a tract known as Clarksburg: he received a 
tract in 1845 which had been assigned Louisa E. Garth at the Paschal 
Early division: bought of Ephraim House in 1847 land known as 
the McCoull tract, formerly belonging to Wm. Henderson. An 
agreement was recorded in 1849 between Rich'd T. Early and his 
mother, Mary N. Early, as to the liberation of the slaves of Albert 
Early's estate: he bought of Geo. T. and Martha Henshaw a tract of 
land in Madison Co. : deeded a tract in 1877 of 225 acres to his dau. 
Ann G. E. Henshaw, and in 1885 a tract of 260 acres to his dau. 
Mary F. Blankenbaker : his will, written 1887, provided that the 
part of his estate not already deeded to his seven children was to 
be sold on terms to the interest of those benefitted: his son, Thomas 
W., appointed executor, died before he could act: will recorded 1888. 


111522—1. Thomas W. m. Olivia . 

111522—2. Virginia S. 

111522—3. Elvira L. m. 1859 James Fletcher. 

111522 — 4. Mary Frances m. A. N. Blankenbaker. 

1U522-^. Martha V. m. Bohannon. 

111522 — 6. Ann C. m. James O. Henshaw. 
111522—7. Robert E. m. . 

Thomas W. Early (Richard T. Early, Capt Paschal Early, Joseph 
Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Olivia 

In 1870 Richard T. Early deeded to his son, Thomas W. Early, 
two tracts of land, "for love and affection." Thos. W. Early d. 1887. 


1115221—1. Saybert 

1115221 — 2. Nina m. Edmund Henshaw. 

1115221—3. Bessie. 

1115221—4. PearL 

1115221—5. Herbert 

1115221—6. William. 

Mary F. Early (Richard T. Early, Capt. Paschal Early, Joseph 
Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. A. 



1115224—1. Samuel E. 

1115224 — 2. Ida C. m. Clore: moved to Missouri. 

1115224—3. Alonzo N. 
' 1115224—4. James T. 
1115224—5. Early M. 

William Early (Joseph Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. 1804 Catherine, dau. of Captain Angus 
Rucker and his wife, Jane Allen (m. 1762) grand-dau. of Ephraim 
and Margaret Morgan-Rucker, of Madison county, Va. Capt. Angus 
Rucker was a soldier in the war for Independence: on Sept. 9, 1781, 
he was stationed in Amherst county, Va., from which point he wrote 
Col. Davies that his 'instructions in regard to collecting supplies 
and establishing a magazine at Lynches ferry have been received,'' 
but he recommends '^Stovall's ferry, 15 miles below, as a more fitting 
place, on account of less danger from high water: flour and com 
abundant but unless the people are assured of payment, these articles 
cannot be procured. Bacon is scarce for want of salt'' (Calendar 
of State Papers. ) In 1815 Capt. Rucker made over his title to 
1,000 acres of Military land (received for service as an officer of the 
Va. State Line during the Revolution Aug. 11, 1784, warrant No. 98) 
to Philip Slaughter, with the proviso that 'Vhereas the sd land is 
located in what is called the Indian Territory and no survey can be 
made or patent issued for same until the Indian title shall be pur- 
chased, it is clearly understood that sd Rucker only sells and trans- 
fers his interest, and neither he nor his heirs are to be held responsi- 
ble for any loss or damage, in case sd land shall never be obtained." 

William Early resided in Madison county: his will, written in 
1839 and recorded the same year, provided for an equal distribution 
among his children of the money due him, his wife to be given all 
the rest of his estate, real and personal, during her life, which at 
her death was to be divided between his four children: his wife and 
son Joseph A. Early to be the excrs. 

11154 — 1. Jane Rucker m. Brightberry Garth. 


11154—2. Joseph A., atty.-at-law, d. unmarried; his will, recorded 1865, 
directed that his property be sold at auction, excepting the 
negroes, who were to be sold privately (preferably in 
families) to such persons as sd negroes might select and 
executor approve, the latter selecting suitable owners ; in 
the meantime the negroes to be put at hire in good homes: 
an annuity to be given his mother; — the rest of his estate 
to be divided into three equal parts for the benefit of his 
brother and sisters, special provision being made for his 
niece Catherine J. Harrison, nee Garth, to receive her 
portion: app*d his nephew, George E. Garth, executor. 

11154 — 3. Rev. Howard m. Tabitha Ann Lewis. 
11154--4. Elizabeth S. m. William T. Garth. 

Jane Rucker Early (William Early, Joseph Early, Sr., Jeremiah 
Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. Brightberry Garth. 


111541 — 1. Virgil: served in the C. S. Army. 
111541 — 2. (dau.) m. Mr. Brown: moved to Texas. 

Rev. Howard Early (Wm. Early, Joseph Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Tabitha Ann, dau. of Waller and 
Sarah Lewis: moved to Owen comity, Ky.: preached at Bryant Sta- 
tion chwch, the land on which it was built being given by Joseph 
Rogers (husband of Ann Early-Rogers) but which was to revert to 
Rogers' descendants when no longer used as a Baptist church. 

In 1838, at the division of the Lewis estate, Howard Early received 
200 acres on the head waters of Robinson's river, adjoining the land 
of Abraham Lewis. 

In 1848 Howard Early sold to Jos. A. Early his interest in a tract 
of land called "Breedlove," formerly owned by Wm. Early, also 70 
acres adjoining Joseph's land. 

In 1872 Howard Early, through his attorney, Richard Early, sold 

his right in Joseph A. Early estate to Garth. In 1876 he vested 

in Richard Early a power of atty. f9r the collection of dues to himself 
and his wife, Tabitha Ann Early, deceased. 

Elizabeth S. Early (William Early, Joseph Early, Sr., Jeremiah 
Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. William T. Garth: Wm. 
Garth served in the Confederate Army. 



111544—1. George E. (served in C. S. Anny) m. Victoria Nicol; issue, 

Emma; m. NicoL Family moved South. 

111544—2. J. Howard m. Melinda Wayland. Howard Garth served in the 

Confederate Army. 

111544—3. Joseph, in C. S. Army; killed in battle. 

111544—4. Bettie m. Addison Buckner. 

111544—^5. Catherine J. ("Kate") m. Mr. Harrison: moved to Texas. 

J. Howard Garth (Eliz'h S. E. Garth, William Early, Joseph 
Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. 
Melinda Wayland. 


1115442—1. Horace m. Bessie Fitzhugh. 
1115442—2. Jesse. 

1115442 — 3. Bessie m. Wm. Fitzhugh: issue, Jessie. 
1115442-4. Kate. 

Bettie Garth (Eliz'h S. E. Garth, William Early, Joseph Early, 
Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. Addison 


1115444^1. William. 

1115444^2. Benjamin. 

1115444^-3. Jcb. 

1115444 — 4. Edna m. Dr. William Early; issue. 

1115444 — 5. Elizabeth m. Thomas Berry, superintendent of schools in 

Madison; issue, Lizzie. 
1115444 — 6. MoUie m. Angus Eddins: issue. 

Capt. Whitfield Early (Joseph Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. 1795 Mary, dau. of Armistead Minor and his 
wife Margaret Morgan Rucker, and the grand-dau. of Ephraim and 
Margaret Rucker: he was named for the New England minister of 
that name (Whitfield). In 1799, July 25, Whitfield Early produced 
an account for his services as a commissioner of revenue, and the 
court considered that 69 days were requisite for the performance of 
the service: he was app'd to succeed himself in the office for the ensu- 
ing year. 

In 1801 he was app'd to view a road from the spring near his 
mother's land, and to survey the same. This year he resigned from 


the office of ensign in Capt. Paschal Early's company: was recom- 
mended for the position of lieutenant in 1802. Next year he and his 

brother William were witnesses to the last will of Vawter, 

and were ordered to appraise the estate of Vawter. The same year 
he was recommended as fit and proper to act as the captain of a 
company in place of Joseph Porter, and was sworn in as a cap- 
tain of Light Infantry. In 1804 he was app'd to view a road from 
German Ridge to Yager's Spring: 1805 was one of the appraisers 
of Reuben Fry's estate: 1806 served on grand and petit jury in Madi- 
son County, Va. Between the years 1806-09 he had moved with his 
family to Boone county, Ky.: settled two miles from Petersburg, on 
the Ohio river. In 1809 a power of attorney from his brothers in 
Virginia was ordered to be certified to Boone county, Ky. In 1824 
he certified that Willis Graves' signature was in due form of law: 
he was then presiding magistrate of Boone county, Ky. In Oct. of 
same year he received from his brother Joseph of Madison county 
$10,000 for his part of the land upon which his mother lived which 
was willed him by his father. 

Whitfield Early m. 3 times, but there were no children by the two 
last marriages. 


11155-^L Dr. Joseph m. Adeline Rogers. 

11155 — 2. Armistead moved to Missouri; d. unmarried. 

11155 — 3. Paschal m. Miss Norris (whose sbter m. Jas. N. Early) ; lived 

near Lexington, Ky. 
11155 — 4. Jane m. Mr. Dickens; lived near Lexington, Mo. 
11155—5. James N. m. Mary Norris. 
11155 — 6. Morgan d. unmarried. 
11155—7. Virenda d. young. 
11155 — 8. Emily m. John Duncan. 
11155 — 9. Alathea m. Wm. H. Gaines. 

Dr. Joseph Early (Capt. Whitfield Early, Joseph Early, Sr., Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. Adeline, dau. of James 
Rogers and his wife, Susan Ford (see Ann Early-Rogers branch), 
of Fayette county, Ky. 


111551 — 1. lona Monetta m. Col. A. C. Wellborn. 

111551 — 2 Charles Curier m. Sarah E. Thomas: issue, Charles C, Jr. 


111551-^. Alva S. 

111551 — 4. Mary Vesta d. young. 

111551 — 5. Cora Inez. 

111551—6. Roger Randolph m. Ella Wheeler. 

111551 — 7. MoUie m. Dr. Howard Switzer. 

lona M. Early (Dr. Joseph Early , Capt Whitfield Early, Joseph 
Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Col. A. C. 
Wellborn, of Tennessee. 


1115511 — 1. Roger E. m. Miss Jones. 

1115511 — 2. Addie m. Armour. 

1115511-^. Cora m. PhiUips. 

1115511—4. Abner. 
1115511-^. Maud. 

Roger Early Wellborn (lona M. E. Wellborn, Dr. Jos. Early, 
Capt. Whitfield Early, Joseph Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas 
Early, John Early) m. Miss Jones. 


11155111—1. Howard. 
11155111—2. Herman. 

Roger Randolph Early (Dr. Joseph Early, Capt Whitefield Early, 
Joseph Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Ella Wheeler. 


1115516—1. Ada. 
1115516—2. Wheeler. 
1115516-3. Howard. 
1115516-4. Sarah. 
1115516—5. Roger R., Jr. 
1115516 — 6. Charles Curler. 

Mollie Early (Dr. Joseph Early, Capt. Whitfield Early, Joseph 
Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. 
Howard Switzer: residence, Ashland, Ky. 



1115517— L Howard. 
1115517—2. Nathaniel 

James N. Early (Capt. Whitfield Early, Joseph Early, Sr., Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary Norris: residence, 
Petersburg, Boone county, Ky. 


111555—1. Solon. 

111555 — 2. Leslie m. 8. p. 

111555—3. Mary m. Walton 

111555—4. Cora. 
11155S~5. Cordelia. 
11155S-6. John. 

Mary Early (Jas. N. Early, Whitfield Early, Jos. Early, Sr., Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Walton. 


1115553—1. Roy. 
1115553—2. Le«lie. 
1115553—3. Lizzie. 

Emily Early (Capt Whitfield Early, Jos. Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John Duncan, of Boone Co., Ky.: 
residence near Burlington, Ky. 


111558 — 1. John, Jr., d. during the war between the States. 
111558 — 2, (dau.) m. Wm. German: residence, Burlington, Ky. 

Alathea Early (Capt Whitfield Early, Jos. Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Wm. H. Gaines. Mrs. Gaines died 
when her dau. was one year old: the latter was raised in a boarding 
school from her sixth year: the family lived in Arkansas. 


111559—1. William d. young. 

111559—2. Virenda Alathea m. 1st George W. Pendleton: m. 2nd G. W. 



Philip Pendleton b. 1650 came to Virginia in 1674, settled in the 
part of New Kent County taken to form King and Queen; m. 1682 
Isabella Hart (or Hurt) : d. 1721: his son, Henry b. 1683, m. 1701 
Mary, dau. of James Taylor, of Carlisle, Eng.: their eldest son, 
James, b. 1702, m. Mrs. Mary Lyall, of Lancaster County. Edmund 
Pendleton, the patriot and distinguished jurist, was the youngest 
brother of James and his two sisters married brothers — ^Mary m. 
William Henry Gaines and Isabella m. James Gaines, of Culpeper 

Henry, son of James Pendleton m. Ann Thomas; he was a mem- 
ber of the Committee of Safety and of the Patriot Convention 1775- 
76. Edmund, son of Henry, b. 1776, m. 1800 Elizabeth Ward: d. 
1820 in Winchester, Va; his son George Washington Pendleton m. 
Virenda Alathea Gaines. 

Virenda Alathea Gaines (Alathea Early-Gaines, Capt. Whitfield 
Early, Jos. Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
1st Geo. W. Pendleton, b. 1819 d. 1858, of Baltimore, Md. Mrs. 
Virenda A. G. Pendleton m. 2d G. W. Sappington, of Little Rock, 
Ark.: s. p. She d. 1903. 

1115591 — 1. Alathea Early m. Judge Leland Leathennan. 

Alathea Early Pendleton (Virenda A. G. Pendleton, Alathea 
Early-Gaines, Capt Whitfield Early, Joseph Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Judge Leland Leatherman: resi- 
dence, Hot Springs, Ark. 


11155911 — 1. (son) in banking business at Hot Springs, Aiic. 
11155911—2. Mabel. 

Elizabeth Early (Joseph Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas 
Early, John Early) m. 1797 John Field (son of John Field and 
grandson of Col. John Field) b. in Culpeper comity, Va., d. at 
Richmond, Ky., 1832. 

Col. John Field was a lieutenant under Washington in Braddock's 
campaign; went with the Virginia troops at the battle of Pt. Pleasant; 
and for his services there his heirs were granted a large tract of 


land in what became Bourbon county, Ky. His residence in St. 
Mark's parish was called Field Manor: he was killed at Pt Pleasant 
in 1774. In his will, recorded 1775, he bequeathed to his son, John, 
his lands on the north side of Mountain Run (the land he purchased 
of Wm. J. Triflett), and app'd him one of his excrs: the estate in- 
cluded land on the Rappahannock river at what was called Kelly's 

In 1790 Joel Early made the gift of a slave, George, to his niece, 
Betsy, the dau. of Joseph Early, deceased, ''in consideration of the 
love and a£Fection which he has for sd. Betsy." In 1799 John Field 
and his wife, Elizabeth Early-Field, sold to Wm. Early, of Madison 
county, the tract of land upon which they lived, excepting ^ acre 
reserved for a graveyard. On Feb. 25, 1808, John Field, a justice 
of the peace for Madison county, was app'd commissioner to value 
property taken under execution of the law. In 1808-9 John Field, 
sheriff, was paid commission for collections. John Field remained 
in Madison county several years later, then moved to Bourbon 
county, Ky. On Dec. 8, 1815, he wrote to his dau., Eliza, who was 
visiting in Virginia, "Your letter I received yesterday stating a 
thing you know I was always opposed against — that is, for girls to 
marry under the age of 18 years. Mr. Henshaw is a gentleman to 
whom I have no right to object, being of a family I always respected. 
Your friends in Virginia must be your guide. Whatever they think 
best will be satisfactory to me." John and Eliz'h Field had other 
children besides this dau. (who remained in Virginia) but as the 
rest of his family lived in Kentucky, it has not been possible to find 
records giving their names or residences. 

11157 — 1. Eliza m. 1816 Thomas Henshaw, of Madison Co., Va. 

Eliza Field (Eliz'h Early-Field, Jos. Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1816 Thomas Henshaw. 

In 1831 Thomas and Eliza Field-Henshaw sold to Albert Early 
a tract of land which had been devised to Mary Newman Henshaw 
by her brother, James Newman. 

111571—1. John m. Elizabeth Field, of Golconda, 111. 


John Henshaw (Eliza F. Henshaw, Eliz'h E. Field, Jos. Early, Sr., 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Elizabeth, dao. of 
Daniel and Eliz'h Daily-Field: residence. Bayou Gara, La. 


1115711 — 1. Emma m. Indn, of Bayou Gara, La. 

1115711 — 2. (dau.) m. Capt Wm. Raum, of Vickaburg, Miss. 








Jacob Early (5th son of Jeremiah Early and his wife, Elizabeth 
Buford) was bom and reared in Culpeper county, but moved first 
to Bedford county, where he married Elizabeth Robertson, and after 
living there a few years went to Georgia, settling in Wilkes county. 
He died in 1794, leaving a widow and five daughters, but only the 
eldest, Ann (or Nancy, as she was called) was then married. His 
will, recorded in 1806, gives the names of his daughters, and 
appoints his wife, Elizabeth, and son-in-law, Buckner Harris, 
executors of his estate. The will was probated in Athens, Clarke 
county; in it he bequeathes the tract of land upon which he lived 
with all household goods, to his wife, for her life-time, then that and 
a tract of land on Long Creek, was to be sold for division among 
his daughters, for whom he provided in the interim, by the 
distribution among them of slaves and stock: his will was recorded 
again in 1828. 

Jacob Early and Elizabeth Robertson were married March 18, 
1767. In 1779 he was one of Col. James Callaway's securities in 
£200.000 on his bond as executor of Col. Jeremiah Early, Jr. (his 
brother). While living in Bedford County he was reconmiended as 
the proper person to fill the office of captain of a company. In 
1782 served as a justice of the peace in Bedford county. Between 
1783-86 he had traveled to Wilkes County, Georgia, where he 
sought and obtained headright grants. ''Gov. Wright, in 1773, 
made a purchase from the Indians of a large tract of land north 
of Little river, and stretching westward to the Ogeechee. It was 
known while he was in office as the 'ceded lands.' By the Con- 
stitution of 1777 all of this section was included in one county 
called Wilkes, in honor of the reckless John Wilkes, who had dis- 
tinguished himself as the friend of the colonies. It was a section 
of great fertility and beauty. The people from the older colonies 
speedily found homes in this newly-opened territory, and in 1790, 


when Georgia had in it only 82,000 people, Wilkes had 32,000 
of this number in its boundary, nearly all of whom were native 
Americans, who came mainly from Virginia." "His. of Georgia." 
(Rev. (Jeo. G. Smith.) 

A nephew of the same name lived in Bedford County, Virginia, 
while this Jacob was resident there, and one might easily confuse 
the records of the two. But the younger Jacob (or Jacobus) became 
a citizen of Campbell when that county was formed, and many 
records concerning Bedford-Campbell residents were transferred to 
the new clerk's office. Jacob, the elder, was the first of the name 
to locate in Georgia; doubtless he induced his nephew, Jefifrey Early 
(son of Jeremiah 2nd) and his youngest brother, Joel, to follow 
him, for before the century closed all three families were established 
in that state. In 1792 Jacob Early was one of the justices of the 
peace in Wilkes county: he died two years later. 

Jacob Early (Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. 
Elizabeth Robertson in Bedford County, Virginia. 


1116-1. Ann ("Nancy") b. 1769; m. 1790 General Buckner Hairo. 

1116—2. SaUy. 

1116—3. Elizabeth. 

1116—4. Mary. 

1116-5. Alice ("Alcey"). 

Ann Early (Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Gen. Buckner Harris (b. 1761, d. 1815). Members of this 
Early-Harris family lived at Jackson, Hazelhurst, Columbus, and 
West Point, Miss. 

The Harris Family 

This name is of Welsh origin, and in the Celtic language means 
"an heir or son." The original seat was in the town of Anniston, 

The family crest, as given by Mr. Elven in his collection, is a 
hedgehog or porcupine charged with a key Az, "Ubique patriam 
reminisce." Another crest of the family, is an arm grasping a dart 

During the religious troubles growing out of the dissensions be- 
tween the Puritans, and Presbyterians and the established church of 
England in the reigns of James I and Charles I, the Harrises fled 


from Glamorgan to Brittany and Navarre. There they united with 
the Huguenots remaining till the reign of Charles II. Returning to 
England they stayed there till after the revocation of the Edict of 
Nantes, when the Welsh Baptists turned to America. Between 1691 
and 1761 the Huguenots emigrated to America settling Manakin 
town: the Harris familjy settled with them: from Manakin a branch 
of Harris' settled in Brunswick Co.: the names Buckner and Augus- 
tine are found in this branch. Characteristics of the family are 
great height, light grey eyes and red skin; remarkable memories and 
good conversational powers. 

In 1691 William and Mary granted to Henry Harris and John 
Jordan ten square miles of crown lands in the county of Powhatan, 
Va., on James River. Walton Harris, a descendant, — eldest son of 
Nathan Harris, b. 1716, and his wife, Catherine, (the dau. of George 
Walton, of Brunswick Co.) b. 1739, d. 1809, m. 1760 Rebecca, b. 
1744, dau. of Sampson Lanier and wife, Elizabeth Chamberlain. 
Sampson Lanier was son of Thomas Lanier and his wife, Elizabeth 
(dau. of John Washington), and grandson of Louis Lanier, of 
Bordeaux, France. 

John Washington b. in Engljand in 1634, emigrated with his 
brother Andrew, to America in 1657 settling in Westmoreland Co., 
Va.: he was chosen commander against Indians of Maryland and 
for his services was made colonel. His son Lawrence m. Mildred, 
dau. of Augustine Warner and wife Elizabeth, who was dau. of Geo. 
Reade and wife Elizabeth, (dau. of Capt. Nicolas Martian). John 
Washington, son of Lawrence m. Miss Whiting and their dau. Eliza- 
beth m. Thos. Lanier, of which marriage Sampson Lanier was the 
youngest child. 

Walton and Rebecca Harris removed with their children from 
Brunswick to the celebrated fishery at the narrows of the Yadkin 
river in North Carolina and from thence to Wilkes County, Georgia; 
thence near to the Schull shoals on the Oconee river in Greene 
County, Georgia. 

Their eldest son, Buckner, was born 1761 ; at an early age he was 
engaged in fighting tories and Indians in the Revolutionary War. 

Walton Harris and sons, Buckner and Sampson, were of the 
Continental troops under Generals Greene and Elijah Clarke in the 
campaign around Augusta, Ga., when the fort was held by Colonel 
Brown, a British officer. Walton was made prisoner during the 


Augusta battle. His home was burnt by the British, and his wife and 
family were forced to take refuge in a haystack. After the war he 
drew lands in Georgia for his service. He was a member of the 
General Assembly in 1783: was granted 400 acres of land in Wilkes 
County in 1787. (Records in state office at Atlanta, Ga.) 

The will of Walton Harris written and recorded in Greene County, 
Ga., 1809, mentions his dau. Betsy and six sons, Buckner, Augustine, 
Walton, Jeptha, Edwin and Sampson (deceased) : appoints Peter 
Early, Geo. Stovall, Ro. Royston, his sons, Augustine and Walton, 
executors, his wife, Rebecca, executrix: witnesses Joel Colley, Nim- 
rod Dickens, Anna A. Early and Sarah Royston- Walton Harris, Jr., 
m. Virginia Beverly Billups. 

General Buckner Harris resided with his family at St. Augustine, 
Florida. Under secret orders from Madison's cabinet, he occupied 
a part of East Florida, then owned by Spain (was general of the 
American troops called the Patriots) but in its diplomatic inter- 
course with Spain, the government disavowed its complicity. Gen- 
eral Harris was assassinated under a reward offered for his head 
by the Spanish governor in 1815. His widow moved with her 
younger children to Jackson, Miss., where descendants yet reside. 

ISSUE (Sdrnahed HARRIS). 

11161—1. Robert Early b. 1791; m. Mary Harrison. 

11161—2. Sophia b. 1793; m. Col. Russell Jones. 

11161—^. Laetitia b. 1795; m. David C. Dickson. 

11161--4. Dr. Wiley Pope b. 1797; m. Mary Vivian Ragland. 

11161 — 5. Judge Buckner m. 1st Penlnah, dau. of James Steele, 2d 

Margaret Dunn. 
11161 — 6. Wm. Crawford m. Francina Shields. 
11161—7. Dr. Charles Walton b. 1804; m. Sallie Ragland. 

Robert Early Harris (Ann Early-Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Earljy) m. Mary Harrison, of South 
Carolina: lived in Jackson County, Ga. He was in the war 
with the Creek Indians 1813-14 and was distinguished for his 
courage: was known as Early Harris. His wife was related to 
President Wm. Hy. Harrison. Early Harris moved to the southwest 
and died there. 

111611—1. James Russell b. 1811. 
111611—2. Buckner b. 1813. 


111611-^. John Hampton b. 1814; m. 1836 Susan Coleman Williams. 
111611—4. Robert Early, Jr., b. 1816; m. Nancy Early Harris, dau. of 

Judge Buckner Harris, of Texas (see record later under 

Nancy Early-Harris). . 

111611—5. Judge Wiley Pope b. 1818; m. 1851 Fannie Mayes. 
111611—6. Mary Vivian b. 1820. 

John Hampton Harris (Robert Early Harris, Sr., Ann E. Harris, 
Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1836 
Susan Coleman Williams (b. 1814). He d. 1865. 


1116113—1. Wm. Shelton b. 1839. 
1116113—2. Mary Francis b. 1842. 
1116113—3. Robert Early b. 1844. 
1116113--4. Henry Chambers b. 1847. 
1116113—5. Eudora Elizabeth b. 1859. 

Judge Wiley Pope Harris (Robert Early Harris, Sr., Ann E. 
Harris, Jacob Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. 1851 Fannie Mayes: was bom in Pike Comity, Mississippi, in 
1818: lived in Jackson. Judge Harris was elevated to the Circuit 
Court Bench when quite young and acquired a high reputation as 
a judge: he was successor of Gen. Guitman in the U. S. Congress. 
His speech on the Kansas bill is unique and displays peculiar talent 
He was a member of the Confederate States provisional Congress 
at Montgomery, Ala., in February, 1861; was one of the oldest 
members: a friend and confident of Jefferson Davis. He d. in 1891. 
His portrait hangs in the Mississippi Hall of Fame. 


111614^1. James Bowmar b. 1854; m. 1884 Sallie McBee McWillie. 

111614—2. Mary Vernon d. young. 

111614^-3. Cynthia Agnes b. 1857; m. 1885 Saml. £. Virden. 

111614 — 4. Wiley Pope, Jr., d. young. 

111614-n5. Fannie Mayes b. 1861; m. 1891 Walter Virden. 

111614 — 6. Robert Early d. young. 

111614—7. Sidney Croft d. young. 

James Bowmar Harris (Wiley P. Harris, Ro. Early Harris, Sr., 
Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 


Early) m. Sallie McBee McWillie. J. B. Harris is a state's bond- 
attorney at Jackson, Miss. 


1116141—1. Wiley Pope (3rd) b. 1885; m. 1914 Grace Watkins, of Aber- 
deen, Miss.: issue, Grace Watkins: residence, Jackson. 

1116141—2. Sallie McWillie b. 1889; m. 1913 L. L. Mayes : residence, 

Jackson: s. p. 

1116141 — 3. Frances Mayes, m. J. Walter Rodgers. 

1116141—4. William McWillie, d. infant. 

Frances Mayes Harris (Jas. Bowmar Harris, Judge Wiley P. 
Harris, Robt. Early Harris, Sr., Ann E. Harris, Jacob Earljy, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. J. Walter Rodgers: residence 
San Francisco, Cal. 


11161413—1. Walter. 

11161413 — 2. Jas. Bowmar Harris. 

11161413—3. Sallie McWillie. 

Cynthia Agnes Harris (Wiley P. Harris, Ro. Early Harris, Sr., 
Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. 1885 Samuel E. Virden, of Jackson, Miss. 


1116143—1. Cynthia A. 1116143—3. Frances Harris. 

1116143—2. Harris. 1116143^-^. Annie. 

Fannie Mayes Harris (Wiley P. Harris, Ro. Early Harris, Sr., 
Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. 1891 Walter Virden, of Jackson, Miss. 


1116145—1. Walter. 1116145-4. Alice. 

1116145—2. Bowmar. 1116145—5. Frank. 

1116145—3. Ruth. 

Sophia Harris (Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Col. Russell Jones, of Madison Co., 
Ga.: settled at Gonzales, Texas. Mrs. Jones d. 1857 at Mata Gorda 


while on a visit there: left a widow, she had made her home 
with her son Augustus in Gonzales, Tex. 


111612 — 1. Russell, Jr., m. Miss Brown. 

111612 — 2, Isham G. m. Minerva Dewitt. 

111612 — 3. Augustus Harris m. Ist Ann Randall; m. 2nd Minerva Lewis. 

111612 — 4. Emily b. 1816; m. Dr. Jas. M. Cunningham. 

111612—5. Letitia m. David D. Smith. 

111612—^. Judge Wm. Early m. . 

111612 — 7. Sophia m. Anderson. 

Russell Jones, Jr., (Sophia Harris-Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Miss Brown. 

ISSUE (Sdrnamed JONES). 

1116121—1. Ann. 
1116121—2. Clint. 

Isham G. Jones (Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Minerva Dewitt 

ISSUE (Sdrnamed JONES). 

1116122—1. Dewiu. 
1116122—2, Minerva. 
1116122—3. Buckner. 

Gen. Augustus Harris Jones (Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. Harris, 
Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. in Georgia 
1811, m. 1st, Ann Randall, b. in Tennessee 1824; m. 2nd, Minerva 
Lewis b. 1828 in Miss. Gen. Aug. H. Jones was commissioned 
brigadier-general in the Mexican War; though quite a young man. 
All that saved him from the Goliad massacre was that Farriar had 
sent him back to the states for money with which to pay his soldiers: 
he returned with the money in a belt under his clothing: was living 
in Texas in 1850: he was registered in precinct No. 3 Gonzales Co., 
Texas, in 1870, as a farmer, and the names of himself, second wife 
and children all appear in the census of that year. 


(First Marriage) 

1116123—1. William Early b. 1841; m. 1st Augusta PuUiam; m. 2nd Emma 



1116123—2. James b. 1845 m. Alice Law. 
1116123-n3. Sophia b. 1847; m. Lucian Allen. 
1116123—4. Augustus b. 1849 (d. young). 

(Second Mabriace) 
1116123—5. Charles b. 1852; m. Maggie Cobb. 
1116123--6. Kate b. 1856. 

1116123—7. Adeline ("Ada'*) L. b. 1858; m. Charles Shiner. 
1116123-^. Augustus b. 1862; m. WiUie Peck. 
1116123—9. Zula L. b. 1864. 
1116123—10. Sue L. b. 1868; m. Wm. Buckner Houston: s. p. 

Willian Early Jones (Gen. Aug. H. Jones, Sophia H. Jones, Ann 
E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. 1st Augusta Pulliam; m. 2nd, Emma Menefee. 


11161231—1. WiUiam. 
11161231—2. Mary. 

James Jones (Gen. Aug. H. Jones, Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. 
Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Alice Law. 


11161232—1. Augustus. 
11161232—2. Alice. 
11161232—3. Marion. 

Charles Jones (Gen. Aug. H. Jones, Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. 
Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early* m. 
Maggie Cobb. 


11161233—1. Percy. 
11161233—2. Lula. 

Sophia Jones (Gen. Aug. H. Jones, Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. 
Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Lucian Allen. 


11161234— L Mary. 11161234-6. Kate. 

11161234—2. Minnie. 11161234—7. Anna. 

11161234—3. William. 11161234-8. Lula. 

11161234-^. Addie. 11161234-9. Earl. 
11161234—5. BeUe. 


Adeline Jones (Gen. Aug. H. Jones, Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. 
Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Charles Shiner. 


11161235—1. MUton 11161235—3. Veraon. 

11161235—2. Gordon. 1116123S-4. Adine. 

Augustus Jones (Gen. Aug. H. Jones, Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. 
Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Willie Peck. 


11161236—1. Mary. 
11161236—2. Anna. 
11161236—3. Carry. 

Emily Jones (Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer*h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. Jas. Montgomery Cun- 
ningham (b. 1807) a member of the Mississippi Legislature. Mrs. 
Cunningham died and her husband m. a second time, and has two 
daughters of the second marriage, living in Atlanta, Ga. 


1116124—^1. Anne b. in Georgia 1834; m. Joseph Buck. 

1116124—2. Mary V. b. in Mississippi 1836; m. W. T. Loggins, Sr. 

1116124 — 3. Emily b. 1838; m. Lemuel M. Sparrow. 

1116124--4. Henry Clay b. 1840; d. aged 21 years, of tuberculosis, at 

Macon, Miss. 
1116124—5. William Harris b. 1842 m. Mary Robertson. 
1116124—6. Julia b. 1844; m. Ist Gen. Wm. Brantley of the C. S. Army: 

m. 2nd Jas. W. Steen, of Texas: s. p. 
1116124—7. Edward Russell b. 1846; m. Ella Mooney. 
1116124 — 8. Sidney Smith b. 1850: moved to Newberry, So. Ca.: unmarried. 
1116124 — 9. Samuel Emmet b. 1856; m. Willie Brayden: issue, 2 sons and 

a dau.: residence, Texas. 

Anne Cwmingham (Emily J. Cunningham, Sophia H. Jones, Ann 
E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Joseph Buck. 



11161241—1. WiUiam. 

11161241 — 2. Bessie, m. Terrell Joyner, of Sherman, Texas. 

11161241 — 3. Justa, m. 1st Henry Greer, of Texas: m. 2nd Rev. David, a 

Baptist minister; both were foreign missionaries. 
11161241 — 4. Fannie, m. Dr. Prince, of Mississippi. 

Mary Victoria Cunningham (Emily J. Cunningham, Sophia H. 
Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Wm. T. Loggins, Sr., who was captain of a 
company in the 30th Miss. Reg., C. S. Army: resided near Lodi, Miss. 


11161242—1. Annie d. infant. 

11161242-^2. Emily b. 1855; d. aged 16 years. 

11161242—3. Victor b. 1858; d. in early manhood. 

11161242-4. Willie b. 1860; m. Henry Hunter Harris. 

11161242—5. Mary Effie b. 1862. 

11161242—^. William T., Jr, b. 1864; m. Sarah Lucas. 

11161242—7. Edward b. 1866; m. Jessie McClean. 

Wm. T. Loggins, Jr. (Mary V. Cunningham-Loggins, Emily J. 
Cminingham, Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Sarah, dau. of Dr. John 
H. Lucas and his wife, Sarah Camp (b. in Alabama, moved to 
Mississippi; d. 1913). Dr. Lucas was a native of Tennessee, 
but moved to Mississippi when a young man, and became identified 
with the delta section, where he spent the last 60 years of his life: 
held the position of trustee of the University of the South at Sewanee, 
where he met with a son of Wm. H. Cunningham, who graduated in 
medicine there. Dr. Lucas served in the Confederate Army as a 
surgeon. Residence Greenwood, Miss. 


111612426—1. John Lucas. 

111612426—2. Teresa Camp, student at Sophie Newcomb CoUege, New 

111612426-^3. Elizabeth Cunningham. 
111612426—4. Vivian Hunter. 
111612426—5. Sarah WiUis. 
111612426—^. Eleanor Montgomery. 


Emily Cunningham (Emily Jones-Cmmingham, Sophia H. Jones, 
Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Jr., Thos. Early, John 
Earljy) m. Lemuel M. Sparrow, of Pensacola, Fla. 


11161243 — 1. James Cunningham, of Louisiana; m. : issue. 

11161243 — 2. Mary Mode, m. James Steen. 
11161243 — 3. Annie, m. John J. Minter. 

Mary Mode Sparrow (Emma Cunningham-Sparrow, Emily J. 
Cunningham, Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. James Steen, stepson of 
Mrs. Julia Cunningham-Steen, p"^ of Jas. Wiley Steen: lives in 
New Mexico. 


111612432—1. Annie Julia. 

111612432—2. Kent, killed 1918 in the World Wa: 

111612432—3. Harry. 

111612432-^. Bessie. 

Annie Sparrow (Emma C. Sparrow, Emily J. Cunningham, Sophia 
H. Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. John J. Minter. 


111612433—1. James L. 111612433—3. Wilda. 

111612433—2. John B. 111612433-4, Ralph N. 

William Harris Cunningham (Emily J. Cunningham, Sophia H. 
Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Mary Robertson: moved to Louisiana. Wm. H. 
Cunningham was captain of a company in the Confederate Army 
at 18 years of age. 


1116124S— 1. Mary. 11161245-4. Robert. 

11161245—2. Emma. 11161245—5. Marvin. 

11161245—3. NelL 

Edward Russell Cunningham (Emily J. Cunningham, Sophia H. 
Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1883 Ella Mooney; residence Greene, Texas. 



11161247—1. Edward. 11161247—4. WilHam Sidney. 

11161247—2. Ruth d. 11161247—5. Robert. 

11161247^3. Corinne. 

Letitia Jones (Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer^h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. David D. Smith. 

1116125— L Thomas. 

Judge Wm. Early Jones (Sophia H. Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Earl|y, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. . 

Wm. E. Jones, of Franklin College, was a very talented man: 
edited a paper at Athens, Ga.; later was a member of the Georgia 
Legislature: edited a paper at Augusta, where he also practiced law. 
He moved to Texas, was a member of its Congress before its annexa- 
tion and became a judge of the state court When the whole court 
in San Antonio was taken prisoners by the Mexicans he was put 
into the Mill prison and required to draw for the ^'Black Bean,*' as 
it was called — all who drew black beans were to be shot. He drew 
a white bean, and was thrown back into prison, but afterwards made 
his escape: a son captured with Judge Jones was never heard from 
and is supposed to have been murdered by Mexicans. 


1116126—1. Judge Wm. K. Jones, of Delico, Texas. 
1116126—2. Frank. 

Sophia Jones (Sophia Harris- Jones, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mr. Anderson. 

1116127—1. Barry. 

Letitia Harris (Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. David C. Dickson, Jr., a mem- 
ber of Congress from Mississippi; also Consul to San Antonio, 
Mexico: lived first in Jackson County, Ga., but moved to 
Mississippi. Dr. Dickson died in 1833 while serving in Congress, 
and was buried at Hot Springs, Ark.: he was a prominent 


figure in the early history of his state. Mrs. Nancy Early-Harris 
died while on a visit to her daughter, Lietitia Harris-Dickson, though 
she made her home with her son, Dr. Wiley P. Harris. 

Wm. Dickson, emigrant, of Scotch ancestry, married his cousin, 
Elizabeth, of Irish extraction, dau. of Col. John Dickson, a Revo- 
lutionary soldier. David Dickson (son of Wm. and Eliz'h Dickson) 
m. (2nd wife) Martha Cureton; their son, David C. Dickson m. 
Laetitia, dau. of Gen. Buckner and Ann Early-Harris. David Dick- 
son, Sr., was born in Pendleton County, South Carol;ina, in 1750; 
died in Fayette County, Ga., in 1830. In 1775 he joined the 
American forces at Snowy Crest on Reedy river. In 1777 as 
captain of artillery he carried a company of Minute men to 
Georgia, where he was stationed on the frontier. In 1778 he 
went with the army to capture St. Augustine, which enterprise 
miscarrying, the company disbanded. He returned to South 
Carolina, joined the standard of Independence, serving till the end 
of the war as captain of artillery: was a terror to Tories, who gave 
him the nick name of ''Long Pat'' After the war he was elected 
to the Georgia Senate as long as he would serve: was also appointed 
and served as general of the Georgia Militia. 


111613 — 1. Thomas Hyde, accidentally shot when he was 24 years of age. 

111613 — 2. Martha Letitia m. Jacob Womack. 

111613-^. David H. m.. 1837 Marian Robb. 

111613—4. Julia M. m. Charles M. Price. 

111613 — 5. Christopher Rankin m. Olivia Hailey. 

111613 — 6. Benjamin d. young. 

111613 — 7. Margaret d. young. 

111613 — 8. Mary m. 1st, Wealherwax: m. 2nd, Van Zandt. 

111613 — 9. Matilda Early m. 1st, Chas. A. Smith: m. 2nd, Isaiah Green. 
111613 — 10. Laura m. Dr. Devine, of Madison County, Mississippi. 

Martha Letitia Dickson (Letitia Harris-Dickson, Ann E. Harris, 
Jacob Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Jacob 
Womack, of Jackson Miss. 


1116132 — 1. Letitia m. Mr. Thompson: issue, Pattie m. Mr. Seabaugh, of 

Belton, Texas. 


David H. Dickson (Letitia Harris-Dickson, Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Marian Robb. 

David H. Dickson was a planter and lived near Jackson, Miss.: 
was a soldier in the Mexican war, and in the early days of the war 
between the states he was a drill master to train raw troops into 
shape. He died on his plantation near Jackson. 


111613^—1. Sallie m. Capt. W. Q. Lowd. 

1116133 — 2. Thomas Hyde m. 1866 Harriett E. Hardenstein. 

1116133 — 3. Letitia d. young. 

1116133 — 4. John Rankin m. Sallie Dameron. 

1116133—5. Martha m. Ist Geo. Harrell; m. 2nd, Mr. Miller. 

1116133 — 6. George drowned 1867, aged 6 years. 

1116133 — 7. Minnie d. young. 

Sallie Dickson (Letitia Harris-Dickson, Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Earljy) m. Capt. W. Q. 
Lowd, a native of New Hampshire : captain in the Confederate Army. 


11161331—1, Howard Dickson, m. Ist Ada Beard; m. 2nd Mrs. L. C. Nash. 
11161331—2 W. Q. d. young. 11161331—5. William. 

11161331—3. Marian d. young. 11161331—^. Hamilton. 

11161331—4. Percy. 

Thomas Hyde Dickson (Letitia Harris-Dickson, Ann E. Harris, 
Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Harriett 
E. Hardenstein, residence, Jackson, Miss. 


11161332—1. Harris b. 1868; m. 1906 Madeline L. Metcalf. 

11161332 — 2. Thomas Helion d. young. 

11161332—3. Augustus Otto Helion b. 1872; m. 1902 Lucy McWillie: issue, 

Lucy McW., b. 1903: Sarah Katherine b. 1907. 
• 11161332—4. Harriett d. young. 

11161332—5. Thomas Hyde b. 1876; m. 1904 Nell Parish Stout: issue, Jane 

Davis b. 1907; Thos. Hyde b. 1910. 

Harris Dickson (Thos. H. Dickson, Letitia H. Dickson, Ann E. 
Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
attomey-at-law, author of the popular character sketch "Old Reli- 
able," contributor to the great American magazines; m. Madelaine 


L. Metcalf : residence Vicksburg, Miss. Mr. Harris went to France 
in the capacity of war correspondent for Collier's Weekly and was 
attached to the 7th Field Artillery, part of the first division of 
artillery under the original command of Gen. Peyton C. March: 
he had every opportunity to view what was taking place, and when 
he returned went on the platform for the purpose of imparting the 
information he had gained while on the field. 

1. Elizabeth b. 1910. 

John Rankin Dickson (David H. Dickson, Letitia H. Dickson, Ann 
E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Saljlie Dameron. 


11161334—1. Birdie. 11161334-5. Robbie. 

11161334—2. John Wm. 11161334-6. Minnie. 

11161334—3. Thomas. 11161334—7. SalUe. 

11161334—4. James. 11161334-«. BeU. 

Martha Dickson (David H. Dickson, Letitia H.-Dickson, Ann 
E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. 1st, George Harrell; m. 2nd, Miller. 

11161335—1. Enkine. 

11161335—2. . 

Julia M. Dickson (Letitia Harris-Dickson, Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Charles 
M. Price, resided first at Jackson, Miss.; moved to New Orleans 
during 1861-5: d. 1880. 


1116134 — 1. Charles d. young. 

1116134—2. Martha ("Matlie") m. McGrath. 

1116134—3. Nathaniel d. aged 23 years. 

Martha Price (Julia M. Dickson-Price, Letitia H. Dickson, Ann 
E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. McGrath, of New Orleans; died in early Kfe. 



11161342— L Willie. 

11161342 — 2. Julia m. Conway, of New Orleans. 


Christopher Rankin Dickson (Letitia H. Dickson, Ann E. 
Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Olivia Hailey, of Madison County, Mississippi. Residence, Jack- 
son, Miss. 


1116135—1. Orleon d. 

1116135—2. Lula m. Mr. Berkeley; issue, Olive. Mrs. Beikeley d. 1895 

in N. Y. 
1116135 — 3. Jefferson Davis, engineer on the Y. & Mo. R. R.; m. . 

Mary Dickson (Letitia H. Dickson, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st Mr. Weatherwax: 
m. 2nd, Dr. Van Zandt: lived in Mississippi. 

1116138—1. Kitty. 


1116138—2. David. 
1116138—3. Julia. 

Matilda Early Dickson (Letitia H. Dickson, Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st Chas. A. 
Smith, of Jackson; m. 2nd Isaiah Green. Mrs. Green d. in New 


1116139—1. Charles A., Jr. 

1116139 — 2. David Dickson; lives in Arkansas- 


1116139—3. Henry. 

1116139^-4. Julia. 

1116139 — 5. Emma, lives at New Orleans: m. . 

Laura Dickson (Letitia H. Dickson, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early), of Madison County, 


Mississippi, m. Dr. Devine: residence 1st, McComb City; 2nd, 
Vicksburg; 3d, Jackson, Miss. 


111613A — 1. Harris d. young. 
111613A~2. Matilda m. Dr. Matthews. 
111613A— 3. LeUUa. 
111613A— 4. Elizabeth. 
111613A— 5. BeU, (son). 

Dr. Wiley Pope Harris (Ann Early-Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. in Wilkes County, Ga., 
1797; m. 1819 Mary Vivian Ragland, of Davidson County, Tenn.: 
she d. 1844, Dr. Harris d. 1845. He was several years in the Missis- 
sippi Legislature: elected a general of militia: appointed by Pres't 
Jackfton Register of the Land Office at Columbus. 


111614 — 1> Amanthis Letitia b. 1820; m. Samuel Judson Morehead. 

111614^2. Sophia b. 1822; d. infant. 

111614—3. David Cleveland m. 1824; d. young. 

111614 — 4. Lewis Binghaman b. 1827; m. Lucy Ella Rice. 

111614-5. Nancy L. b. 1830; d. 1839. 

111614 — 6. James Ragland b. in Columbus, Miss., in 1833; m. 1856 Mary 

Ann Rice. 
111614—7. Sarah Allen b. 1836; m. Douglas Neil. 
111614-^. Robert Walfon b. 1840; d. 1906. 
111614—9. Eliza b. 184"; d. 1909. 

Amanthis Letitia Harris (Dr. W. P. Harris, Ann E. Harris, 
Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1840 
Sam'l J. Morehead (d. 1891). Mrs. Morehead d. 1889. 

Joseph, son of William Morehead, of Scotland, emigrated to 
America, settling near Hagerstown, Maryland, where he married 
Rachel Parks, who was of Irish ancestry: moved from there to Ohio 
with his family of seven small children, and lived on a farm. When 
Wm. Morehead came to America to visit his son, he wore the High- 
land costume. Samuel Judson Morehead, son of Joseph was edu- 
cated at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio: graduated at law, moved 
to Gallatin, Miss., in 1835, where he practiced his profession till 
1858, when he retired: m. 1840 Amanthis L. Harris. 



1116141 — 1. Mary Louise b. 1841, formerly of Brown*8 Wells; resident at 

W. Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 
1116141—2. Wm. Taliaferro, b. 1843; m. 1881 Marie Veret McCall. 
1116141 — 3. Alice Francina b. 1845; d. young. 
1116141—4. Wiley Harris b. 1846; d. young. 
1116141 — 5. Julia Amanthis b. 1847; m. 1868 Thos. E. Groome. 
1116141—6. Samuel Joseph b. 1849. 
1116141—7. Nannie Harris b. 1850; d. 1863. 
1116141 — 8. Laura Jane d. infant. 


1116141 — ^9. Medora Catherine d. infant.^ 

1116141—10. Sallie Howard b. 1853; d.'young. 

1116141—11. Rachel Estelle b. 1855; m. 1886 Wm. Miller. 

1116141—12. James Harris b. 1860; d. 1879. 

1116141—13. Benjamin Harris b. 1863; m. 1906 Mrs. Florence Moore, 

1116141—14. IsabeUa Parks, b. 1866; m. 1901 Marshall Smith Hester. 

Wm. T. Morehead (Amanthis L. Harris-Morehead, Dr. W. P. 
Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Marie V. McCall: d. 1886. 


11161412—1. Richard McCall b. 1882. 

11161412—2. Marie Louise b. 1884; m. 1910 Saml. Waters Allen, of Louis- 
ville, Ky.: issue, Marie L. b. 1911. 
11161412—3. Lottie Borland b. 1886. 

Julia Amanthis Morehead (Amanthis L. H. Morehead, Dr. W. P. 
Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1863 Thos. Edmund Groome, of Centreville, Miss. 


11161415—1. John Morehead b. 1869; d. infant. 

11161415—2. Wm. Henry b. 1871; m. 1897 Ida Piercefield. 

11161415—3. Robert Rice b. 1874; d. young. 

11161415—4. Susan Margaret b. 1877; m. Edward Virgil Jones (*'n of 

Edw. Lafayette and Ellen Miller-Jones) b. at Monticello, 

Miss., m. at Leland, Miss.: residence, HoUandale, Miss.: 

s. p. 
11161415—5. Marie Louise b. 1880; m. 1901 Tate Ewing Fugater she d. 

11161415—6. Thomas Edmund b. 1885; d. infant 
11161415—7. James Harris, b. 1887; d. infant. 


Wm. Henry Groome (Julia A. Morehead, Amanthis L. H. More- 
head, Dr. W. P. Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Ida Piercefield. 


11161415— L Thomas P. b. 1900. 
11161415—2. David Rice b. 1903. 
11161415—3. Tilda b. 1906. 

Rachel Estelle Morehead (Amanthis L. H. Morehead, Dr. W. P. 
Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Wm. Miller, of Hazelhurst, Miss. 


1116141B— 1. Wm. Howard b. 1887. 
1116141R— 2. Harris Evans b. 1889. 
11161416-^. Estelle Morehead b. 1893. 

Isabella Parks Morehead (Amanthis L. H. Morehead, Dr. W. P. 
Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1901 Marshall Smith Hester: lived near Jackson, 


1116141E— 1. Charles Morehead b. 1902, d. infant. 
1116141E— 2. Marshall S., Jr., b. 1903. 
1116141E— 3. David Calvert b. 1905. 

Lewis Binghaman Harris (Dr. Wiley P. Harris, Ann E. Harris, 
Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Lucy 
Ella Rice. Lewis B. Harris graduated from Lexington, Ky., Law 
School: d. 1891. 


1116144 — 1. Agnes m. Dr. John Magruder. 

1116144—2. Nellie Floyd. 

1116144—3. Samuel Rice. 

1116144—4. Lewis Binghaman, Jr. 

1116144—5. Mary Elizabeth. 

1116144—6. Sarah Louise m. Abe Heath Conn: issue, Louise Harris. 

1116144 — 7. Idelette Rice m. Hugh McLauren Wood: s. p. 


Agnes Harris (Lewis B. Harris, Dr. Wiley P. Harris, Ann E. 
Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Dr. John Magruder, of Jackson, Miss. 


1116 I44I — 1. Julia Ella m. Charles Hicks: issue, Frances Harris. 
11161441—2. John, Jr. 

James Ragljand Harris, Sr., (Dr. Wiley P. Harris, Ann E. Harris 
Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary 
A. Rice. Jas. R. Harris was a graduate of Lexington, Ky., Law 


1116146—1. George Wiley m. Maybel D* Berry. 
1116146 — 2. Hezekiah Brown d. young. 
1116146 — 3. Benjamin Rice d. infant. 
1116146—4. Samuel Morehead d. infant. 
1116146—5. James Ragland, Jr., m. Nellie Washbume. 
• 1116146 — 6. Mary Macon. 
1116146—7. Mattie Gaither, m. Dr. Elstner Hobson D* Berry. 
1116146—8. Robert Rice. 

George Wiley Harris (Jas. R. Harris, Sr., Dr. W. P. Harris, Ann 
E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Maybel de Berry. Residence, Cometa, Texas. 


11161461—1. Kathleen Flowers. 
11161461—2. George WiUiam. 
11161461—3. Mary Elstner. 

James Ragland Harris, Jr. (Jas. R. Harris, Sr., Dr. W. P. Harris, 
Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Nellie Washbume, of New Orleans. 


11161465—1. Charles Washbume. 
11161465—2. Elizabeth Purvis. 

Mattie Gaither Harris (Jas. R. Harris, Sr., Dr. W. P. Harris, 
Ann E. Harris, Jacob Earljy, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Dr. Elstner H. D*» Berry, 



11161467—1. Elstner Hobson, Jr., 
11161467—2. Dorothy Rice. 

Sarah Allan Harris (Dr. W. P. Harris, Ann E« Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1836, d. 1905; 
m. James Douglas Neil, of Portsmouth, Va. 


1116147 — 1. Annie Greenwood b. 1862; m. 1884 B. S. Humphreys: m. 2d, 

1896, Hon. R. WatU Magruder. 
1116147—2. Fannie Ragland b. 1864; m. Geo. Lafayette Ware. 

Annie "Denie" G. Neil (Sarah A. Harris-Neil, Dr. W. P. Harris, 
Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. 1st B. S. Humphreys, of Port Gibson, Miss., who d. 
1891 ; m. 1898, 2nd, Hon. R. Watts Magruder. 


11161471 — 1. Nellie Neil b. 1888; m. Mr. Russum: issue Denie Eugenia. 

11161471—2. Fannie Rosa b. 1899. 
11161471—3. UuchJin McUurin b. 1901. 
11161471—4. Douglas Neil b. 1904. 

Fannie Ragland Neil (Sarah A. Harris-Neil, Dr. W. P. Harris, 
Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) b. 1864; m. Geo. Lafayette Ware, of Jackson, Miss. 


11161472—1. d. infant. 

11161472—2. Wm. Douglas b. 1887. 

11161472—3. Hazel Ware m. Walter White, atty.-atlaw, of Mobile, Ala. 

Judge Buckner Harris (Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st Peninah Steele: m. 2nd, 
Margaret Dunn: lived in DeWitt County, Texas: Judge Harris 
was on the Mississippi Supreme Bench for many years. 


111615—1. Nancy Early m. Robert E. Harris. 

111615—2. Augustin m. 1st, Mary Houston; m. 2nd, Madora Collins. 


111615 — 3. Merry m. Ist, Miss Allen; m. 2ncl, Miss Bullock. 

111615—4. Julia m. Ist Jas. Dunn Houston, son of Robt. Boyd Houston and 

Mary Dunn, near Holly Springs, Miss.: m. 2nd ■ 

111615—5. Buckner m. 1st, Carrie Gillespie; m. 2nd, Mary Sutton. 
111615 — 6. Melissa, m. William Leigh: issue, Blanche. 
111615—7. Francina m. John Houston. 
111615 — 8. Peninah m. Henry Baldridge. 
111615 — 9. James d. during the war between the States. 
111615 — 10. Alice m. Joseph Johnston. 

Nancy Early Harris (Judge Buckner Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Earljy) m. Robt. E. Harris, 
son of Robt. E. Harris, Sr. 


1116151—1. Wiley P. was adopted by Wiley P. Harris, Sr., but died of 

consumption, just as he was grown, at the home of his 
uncle, Buckner Harris, in San Antonio, Texas. 

1116151 — 2. Josephine d. infant. 

Augustin Harris (Judge Buckner Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st Mary 
Houston; m. 2d, Medora Collins. 


(First Marriage) (Second Marriage) 

1116152—1. Maggie. 1116152—4. Susie. 

1116152—2. Ella. 1116152—5. Addie. 

1116152—3. Augustin. 1116152—6. Wiley. 

Merry Harris (Judge Buckner Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Ear^y) m. Ist, Miss Allen: m. 
2nd, Miss Bullock, dau. of Judge Bullock, of Tennessee. 

ISSUE (Surnamed HARRIS). 

1116153—1. Nancy. 
1116153—2. Mary. 
1116153—3. Robert. 

Julia Harris (Judge Buckner Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Jas. Dunn Houston, 
of the pioneer Sam Houston family: m. 2nd Matthews. 

Houston Arms: Az, a chevron even between three hedgehogs, or. 

Crest: A hedgehog, or, 

Motto: Ubique patrium reminisce. 



1116154—1. Robert. 

1116154—2. bunn. 

1116154 — 3. William Buckner m. Sue Jones: lived in Gonzales, Texas: s. p. 

1116154-4. Lora. 
Buckner Harris (Judge Buckner Harris, Sr., Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st, Carrie 
Gillespie; m. 2nd, Mary Sutton. (A Buckner Harris, said to have 
been a Methodist minister, moved to Texas; died a few years ago: 
was it this one?) 


(First Marriage) (Second Marriage) 

1116155—1. James. 1116155—5. Bessie. 

1116155—2. John. 1116155-^. Arthur. 

1116155—3. Lela. 1116155—7. Frank. 
1116155-4. Annie. 

Francina Harris (Judge Buckner Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John Houston. 


1116157—1. Peninah. 
1116157—2. Frank. 
1116157—3. Lula. 

Peninah Harris (Judge Buckner Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Henry Bald- 


1116158 — 1. Lawrence. 
1116158—2. Earl. 
1116158—3. William. 

Alice Harris (Judge Buckner Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Joseph Johnston. 


111615A— 1. Buckner. 111615A— 4. JeflF. 

111615A— 2. Sallie. 111615A— 5. Earl. 

111615A— 3. Nina. 111615A— 6. Joseph. 


Wm. Crawford Harris (Ann Early-Harris, Jacob Early, Jer*h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Francina Shields, of Natchez, 
Miss. : resided many years in Jackson, Miss. : purchased a plantation 
on the island opposite Savannah, Ga.; but returned to Mississippi: 
finally settled in Arkansas. Wm. C. Harris was an attomey-at-law 
and acquired wealth. 

111616 — 1. Eugenia m. twice; brothers named Lee: d. s. p. 

Dr. Charles Walton Harris (Ann Early-Harris, Jacob Early, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1804, in Georgia; 
m. 1822 at Holmesville, Pike Co., Miss., Sallie (b. 1807), dau. of 

Ragland and his wife Miss Allen: Dr. Harris d. 1884 at 

Lonoke, Ark., and was buried at Gallatin, Miss.: his wife d. 1854. 
He graduated from Transylvania College (now the University of 
Kentucky) at Lexington and settled at Holmesville: was a 
physician and surgeon of note: had a medical college with nineteen 
or twenty students under his charge. He had large claims on the 
city of Hot Springs, Ark., a suit for the recovery of which was in 
progress when he died. 


111617—1. Emily Early b. 1825; m. 1844 Dr. Powers Blackburn Massey. 

111617 — 2. Eveline Gordon b. 1827; m. Benjamin King. 

111617—3. Eliza Lanier b. 1829, d. 1854; m. John W. Corley: issue, 

Lucretia, d. young. 
111617-^. Dudley Wlnslow b. 1831, d. 1851, unmarried 
111617 — 5. Charles Walton b. 1835, unmarried, d. 1858 in Brownsville, Ark. 
111617—6. William C. b. 1839, d. 1848; unmarried. 
111617 — 7. Henry Ragland b. 1842: settled at Lonoke, Ark.: moved to 

Oklahoma: then moved to Jacksonville, Ark.: m. and had 

a large family. 
111617-^. Mary Walton b. 1846; m. 1871 Rev. Ruffin T. Davis. 

Emily Early Harris (Dr. Chas. W. Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob 
Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. Powers B. 
Massey (b. 1818) son of John Massey, a wealthy planter with land 
in Kershaw and Lancaster districts. South Carolina; had a large 
machinery mill on Lynch's creek and a flour or merchants' mill. The 
Masseys lived originally in Maryland: Pierre Toas Massey (1644) 
first settler of the name. Nicol,as Massey moved from Maryland to 


Waxham settlement, So. Ca. Dr. P. B. Massey graduated from the 
Med. Coll. of Augusta, Ga., moved to Mississippi where he met and 
married Emily E. Harris. Dr. Massey went to seek gold in 
California, at the time of the gold craze, took measles on shipboard, 
caught cold and died July, 1849, at Acapulco, Mexico. Mrs. Massey 
d. August 22, 1851, at Gallatin, Miss. 


1116171— L Mary Browcr b. 1847; m. 1866 Dr. Joseph E. Lynch. 
1116171—2. Sarah Blackburn b. 1849; m. Dr. J. J. Kirkbride. 

Mary Brower Massey (Emily E. H. Massey, Dr. Chas. W. Harris, 
Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. 1866 Dr. Joseph E. Lynch. Mrs. Lynch was unusually 
clever and well educated: graduated with honors from St. Agnes 
Dominican Academy at Memphis, Tenn.: she d. of yellow fever at 
Port Gibson, Miss., in 1878, leaving a very young daughter, Ethel, 
who thus orphaned, lived with her guardian in Memphis, but while 
still of tender years, joined an aunt at the Dominican nunnery in 

Dr. Lynch was of Irish parentage: the family includes a long 
line of surgeons dating back to William the Conqueror, when they 
are said to have gone to England from France and been prominent 
in the history of Ireland. Dr. Lynch graduated at the N. Y. Medical 
College, after taking a collegiate course with the Dominicans at St. 
Joseph's College, Somerset, Ohio, and reading medicine with his 
father, Dr. Edward Lynch. He entered the U. S. Army as surgeon 
on Maj. Gen. Tremont's staff in 1861 and remained in the army till 
the close of the war, when he was given charge of hospitaljs estab^ 
lished by Grant at Memphis: he rose from youngest staff surgeon in 
service to the rank of Major-Surgeon. In Memphis he was pre- 
sented with testimonials of esteem and a set of surgical instruments 
in recognition of his superiority. Philadelphia College honored him 
and invited him to give clinics at that institution. He met Mary 
Brower Massey when she was attending St. Agnes' School in Mem- 
phis, through Fr. Rochford, who had been his professor and friend, 
and was then at St. Peters in Memphis. Their marriage occurred in 
1866 at Port Gibson, Miss.; though opposed by her family because 
Dr. Lynch was a Catholic and officer in the Northern Army. They 


lived in Memphis for a time, his health failing, he moved to New 
York in order to build up a practice, but died suddenly in 1875. 
The father of Joseph Lynch, Dr. Edward Lynch, was bom in 
Drogheda, Ireland, on the Irish Sea: graduated at the College of 
Physicians and Surgeons, at Glasgow, Scotland: m. Sarah Gaynor, 
dau. of a wealthy farmer of Athlone Co., West Meath, Ireland: he 
was the youngest of his family — three other brothers of whom were 
physicians — sons of Dr. Perence Lynch. 


11161711 — 1. Mary Louise, burned to death when four years old. 

11161711 — 2. Josephine Ethel Massey, a Dominican nun at St. Mary's of 

the Springs, Shepard, Ohio; bearing the name, Sr. Wini- 

Sarah Blackburn Massey (Emily E. Harris, Dr. Chas. W. Harris, 
Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Earljy, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Dr. J. J. Kirkbride, of Philadelphia. Mrs. Kirkbride also 
graduated from St. Agnes Dom. Acad, with honors: possessed beauty 
and much musical ability: d. of yellow fever at Port Gibson 1878, 
leaving one child. Dr. Kirkbride was of a prominent Phila. family: 
m. again after death of his wife. 

11161712 — 1. Auvergne Massey. 

Auvergne Massey Kirkbride (Sarah B. Massey, Emily E. Harris, 
Dr. Chas. W. Harris, Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos, Early, John Early) m. . 


11161712—1. Reba. 
11161712—2. Eleanor Massey. 

Eveline Gordon Harris (Dr. Chas. W. Harris, Ann E. Harris, 
Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1827, d. 
1901; m. 1846 Benjamin King: (who d. 1884). 


1116172—1. Dr. Benjamin, Jr., b. 1849; m. 3 limes. 

1116172—2. Ruth b. 1851; m. H. C, Fairman. 

1116172—3. Josephine b. 1856; m. 1873 Dr. Jos. Albert Rowan. 

1116172—4. Eveline b. 1868; m. 1885 Isaac Bloom: issue, Joseph, b. 1888. 


Dr. Benjamin King (Eveline G. Harris-King, Dr. Chas. W. Harris, 
Ann E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Earljy, John 
Early) m. 1st, Blanche Collier: m. 2nd, Martha A. Baker: m. 
3d, Ida Caroline Eagan, of Crystal Spgs., Miss. Residence, Beaure- 
gard, Miss. 


First Marriage. 
11161721 — 1. Blanche Eva b. 1874; m. Gilmore, of Selma, Ala. 

Second Marriage. 
11161721^2. Waniu Alice b. 1881; m. 1901 A. W. Jennings. 

Third Marriage. 
11161721—3. Edna Early b. 1885. 11161721—5. Benjamin 3d b. 1890. 

11161721-^. Varina Davis b. 1888. 11161721^6. Wilhelmina b. 1893. 

Ruth King (Eveline G. Harris-King, Dr. Chas. W. Harris, Ann 
E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. H. C. Fairman. Sons live in Atlanta, Ga.: she d. 1896. 

ISSUE (Surnamed FAIRMAN). 

11161722—1. King. 11161722—4. Hal. 

11161722-2. Dudley ) . 
11161722-n3. Waverly j 

Josephine King (Eveline G. Harris-King, Chas. W. Harris, Ann 
E. Harris, Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Earl(y, John Early) 
m. 1874 Dr. Joseph Albert Rowan : d. 1885. 

ISSUE (Surnamed ROWAN). 
11161723—1. Anabel m. W. D. Ross, of Wesson. 
11161723—2. Dr. Walter Hawthorne, of Wiggins, Miss., connected with 

the State Medical Board. 
11161723—3. Eva m. Frank Higdon. 
11161723—4. Janet m. Percivale Hale. 

Mary Walton Harris (Dr. Charles Walton Harris, Ann E. Harris, 
Jacob Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early )m. Rev. 
Ruffin T. Davis: residence, Camden, Ark. 

ISSUE (Surnamed DAVIS). 

1116178 — 1. Minnie m. ; issue, 2 daus. 

1116178 — 2. Henry drowned at 15 years of age. 

1116178-^. Dudley. 

1116178—4. Willa m. Rev. Wm. Hardy Woodfin (Congregationalist min- 

ister), of Lake Charles, Louisiana. 
1116178 — 5. Hilliard Stone, of Mangum, Green County, Oklahoma. 









7th child and 2nd dau. of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Buford-Early. 

Giles Rogers emigrated from Worcestershire, England, early in the 
17th century, to that part of Virginia which became King and 
Queen County. He married Miss Easom and had a large family. 
He was the ancestor of Joseph Rogers, Sr., who settled in Culpeper 
county, and whose will was recorded there in 1761. His son, Joseph 
Rogers, Jr., b. 1742, m. Ann, dau. of Jeremiah Early, Sr. They 
lived in Culpeper some years but moved in 1782 to Fayette County, 
Kentucky, settling at Bryant's Station. In a list of members of the 
church at this place the name of Ann Rogers is the first given. 

Bryant's Station was a fort on the Elkhom, five miles from Lexing- 
ton, Ky. A siege occurred there Aug. 15, 1782: the battle of 
Blue Licks followed, and in this engagement Bernard Rogers, brother 
of Joseph, Jr., was killed. The fort contained about 40 cabins, 
placed in parallel lines, connected by strong palissades and gar- 
risoned by forty or fifty men. It was a parallelogram of 30 rods 
in length by 20 in breadth, forming an enclosure of nearly four 
acres, which was protected by a trench four feet deep in which 
strong and heavy pickets were planted by ramming the earth well 
down against them. These were twelve feet out of the ground, being 
formed of hard, durable timber at least a foot in diameter. At the 
angles were small squares or block houses, which projected beyond 
the palisades and served to give additional strength at the comers 
as well as permitted the besieged to pour a raking fire across the 
advancing party of assailants. Two folding gates were in front and 
rear, swinging on prodigious wooden hinges, sufficient for the passage 
in and out of men and wagons in times of security. These gates 
were provided with bars. During the famous siege of 1782 the 
women, at the peril of their lives, obtained water for the soldiers 


from the spring at the foot of the hill. This spring has been en- 
closed with an ornamental and stout stone wall. 

In leaving Virginia Joseph Rogers exchanged his farm, called 
''Horse Shoe Bend/' with John Preston, of Culpeper, Va., for 3,000 
acres of land near Lexington, Ky., known as the ''Bryant Station'^ 
farm, and at first the family lived at the station. Later he built a 
house upon the site of the fort, some timber of which was used in 
the construction of his dwelling. This land remained in the posses- 
sion of his family till about twenty-five years ago. 

Ann Early (Jeremiah Early, Thomas Early, John Early) m. 
Joseph Rogers, Jr., son of Joseph Rogers, Sr., of Culpeper County, 
Va. Moved to Bryant Station, Ky. 

After the death of Ann Early-Rogers, Joseph Rogers married 
twice, and lived to be ninety-odd years of age: was buried at the 
Bryant Station home: married 2d Mrs. Jane Farrar, widow of Joseph 
Royal Farrar, of Covington, Ky.: married 3d Susan Coons, of 
Fayette County, Ky. His son. Dr. Coleman Rogers, married Jane 
Farrar, the dau. of his step-mother, the second wife of Joseph Rogers. 


1117 — 1. Jeremiah m. Fannie Henderson Clark. 

1117—2. John m. Ist, in 1791, Sarah Kirtley; m. 2d Dolly Carson. 

1117 — 3. Joseph m. Henrietta Rodes. 

1117 — 4. James m. 1st Nancy Rodes: m. 2d, Susan Ford. 

1117 — 5. Henry m. Sallie R. Thompson; m. 2d Susan Burke. 

1117 — 6. Elijah m. Judith Buford: d. s. p. 

1117 — 7. Dr. Coleman b. Mar. 6, 1781; m. Jane Farrar. 

1117 — 8. Elizabeth m. 1st Benjamin Smith; m. 2d Mr. Thompson: went to 

1117 — ^9. George m. Mary Kirtley. 
1117 — 10. Richard m. Katherine Easton. 

Jeremiah Rogers (Ann Early-Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Fannie Henderson Clark, dau. of Robert and 
Susan Henderson-Clark, of Clark Co., Ky., a descendant of the 
pioneer, Geo. Rogers Clark: Fannie H. Clark was also a sister of 
Gov. Jas. Clark, of Kentucky, and of Bennett Clark, of Missouri. 
Jeremiah Rogers lived in Fayette County, Ky. 


11171 — 1. Dr. Joseph H. D. Rogers m. Abby Goodvrin Lane. 
11171 — 2. Susan H. m. Dr. John A. Halderman. 


11171—3. Robert C. m. Elizabeth McCann. 

11171 — 4. Ann Elizabeth m. John Morton. 

11171 — 5. Jeremiah (called **Shep.*') Early, m. Sarah Clark. 

11171 — 6. William H., unmarried. Officer in the war of 1836: d. in Texas. 

11171—7. Christopher Clark m. Laura K., dau. of Dr. Elisha Warfield, of 

Lexington, Ky.: d. s. p. 
11171 — 8. Judith Clark: took charge of many of her nephews: never 

married: residence, Fayette County, Ky. 
11171 — 9. John Clark m. Jane Fulton, of Fayettesville, Tenn.: d. s. p. 

11171 — 10. Fannie m. Watts: residence, Fayette Co., Ky. 

Dr. Jos. H. D. Rogers (Jeremiah Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Abby Goodwin Lane, of 
Connecticutt: residence, Madison, Ind. 


111711 — 1. Dr. Joseph Goodwin m. Margaret Watson. 

111711—2. Wm. H. m. Henrietta Griggs. 

111711-.3. Fannie Clark. 

111711—4. Lucy Flint m. Harry B. Walker. 

111711 — 5. Coleman m. Letitia Cunningham. 

111711 — 6. George. 

Dr. Jos. Goodwin Rogers (Dr. Jos. H. D. Rogers, Jeremiah 
Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early* John Early) 
m. Margaret, dau. of Dr. Wm. H. Watson, of Bedford, Penn.: 
residence, Logansport, Ind. Medical superintendent of the ''North 
Indiana Hospital for the Insane," at LongcliiF, Indiana. Dr. Rogers 
collected data for a history of the Rogers family, but died leaving 
his notes unpublished. 


1117111—1. Watson d. young. 1117111—4. Dr. Lynn. 

1117111—2. Abby. 1117111-5. Marie. 

1117111—3. Dr. Clarke. 1117111—6. Margaret. 

Wm. H. Rogers (Dr. Jos. H. D. Rogers, Jer'h Rogers, Ann E. 
Rogers, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Henrietta 
Griggs, of Connecticutt: residence, Madison, Ind. 


1117112—1. Amy. 
1117112—2. Joseph. 
1117112-^3. William. 


Lucy Flint Rogers (Dr. Jos. H. D. Rogers, Jer'h Rogers, Ann E. 
Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Harry B. 
Walker: residence, Dayton, Ohio. 


1117114—1. Rogen. 
1117114—2. Philip. 

Coleman Rogers (Dr. Jos. H. D. Rogers, Jer'h Rogers, Ann E. 
Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Letitia Cun- 
ningham: residence, Madison, Ind. 

ISSUE (Surnames ROGERS). 
1117115—1. Agnes , of Hagerstown, Md. 

Susan H. Rogers (Jeremiah Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. John A. Halderman, of Illinois. 


111712 — 1. Dr. Jeremiah Rogers m. Rachel Bright. 
111712 — 2. General John A. m. Anna Doris. 
111712-3. David. 
111712—4. Mary. 

Dr. Jer'h R. Halderman (Susan H. R. Halderman, Jer'h Rogers, 
Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Rachel 
Bright, dau. of Michael G. Bright, of Madison, Ind.: residence, St. 
Louis, Mo. 


1117121—1. Jeremiah. 1117121-.3. Mary. 

1117121—2. Graham. 1117121—4. Brooke. 

Gen. John A. Halderman (Susan H. R. Halderman, Jer'h Rogers, 
Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Anna 
Doris, of St. Louis, Mo. : residence, Washington, D. C. : held title of 
judge in war of 1861-65: minister to Siam under President Harrison. 


1117122—1. Sarah. 
1117122—2. Georgia. 
1117122—3. Anna. 


Robert C. Rogers (Jeremiah Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, Jno. Early) m. Elizabeth McCann: residence, 
Fayette County, Ky. 


111713—1. Robert C, Jr., m. Maud Tuggles. 
111713—2. Dr. Wm. H. d. 1897; unmarried. 
111713—3. John C. m. Eliza Fox. 
111713 — 4. Mary; residence Lexington, Ky. 
111713—^. James Pirtle. 

Robert C. Rogers, Jr. (Ro. C. Rogers, Sr., Jeremiah Rogers^ Ann 
E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Maud 
Tuggles, of Kansas. 


1117131—1. Elizabeth. 
1117131—2. Robert. 

John C. Rogers (Ro. C. Rogers, Sr., Jer'h Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Eliza Fox. Residence, 
Clark County, Kentucky. 


1117133—1. William H. 
1117133—2. Thomas H. 

Ann Elizabeth Rogers (Jeremiah Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John Morton. 


111714 — 1. Susan m. Isaac (Jesse?) Williams. 

111714—2. Tabitha A., m. George R. Bright. 

111714-3. Elizabeth. 

111714—4. Judge Jeremiah Rogers m. Mary Gratz, of Lexington, Ky. 

Susan Morton (Ann Eliz'h Rogers-Morton, Jer'h Rogers, Ann 
E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Isaac 
(Jesse?) Williams. 


1117141—1. Fanny. 
1117141—2. Mary. 
1117141—3. Elizabeth. 


Tabitha Ann Morton (Ann E. Rogers-Morton, Jer'h Rogers, Ann 
E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. George 
R. Bright, of Madison, Ind. 


1117142—1. Judith. 
1117142—2. Mary. 
1117142-^. Michael. 

Judge Jeremiah Rogers Morton (Ann E. Rogers-Morton, Jer*h 
Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Mary Gratz, of Lexington, Ky. 

ISSUE (Surnames MORTON). 

1117144—1. Bernard G. 

1117144—2. Judith C, killed by being thrown from a horse. 

Jeremiah Early Rogers (Jeremiah Rogers, Sr., Ann E. Rogers, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Sarah, dau. of George 
Rogers Clark, gr. dau. of Gen. Jonathan Clark, of Virginia. 


11171S— 1. Martha m. James Embry. 

111715—2. Fannie C, d. 1897; unmarried. 

111715 — 3. Laura, of Lexington, Ky. 

111715-— 4. Jeremiah Early, Jr., m. Henrietta Howell. 

Martha Rogers (Jer'h E. Rogers, Jer'h Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. James Embry: resi- 
dence, Texas. 


1117151—1. William E. 1117151-4. Fannie. 

1117151—2. Jacob E. 1117151—5. George. 

1117151 — 3. Jeremiah Early. 

Jeremiah Early Rogers (Jer'h E. Rogers, Sr., Jer'h Rogers, Ann 
E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Hen- 
rietta Howell. 


1117154—1. Anna. 1117154—3. Florence. 

1117154—2. Fanny. 1117154^-4. George Clark. 


John Rogers (Ann Early-Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1791 Sarah Kirtley (d. 1833) ; m. 2d Dolly Carson: 
residence, Missouri. John Rogers d. 1839. 


11172—1. Ann b. 1792, d. 1856; m. 1808 John Buford. 

11172—2. Clarissa b. 1804, d. 1900; m. 1822 Wm. Early Rucker. (See 

Joseph Early, Sr., branch.) 
11172-^. Edward. 

Ann Rogers (John Rogers, Ann Early-Rogers, Jer*h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1808 John Buford (b. 1788, d. 1845), 
son of Jas. Buford, Jr. 


111721—1. James C. b. 1816; m. 1845 Caroline Hudgpeth. 
111721—2. William b. 1820, d. 1882. 
111721—3. Elizabeth d. 
111721-4. Lucy d. 

James C. Buford (Ann Rogers-Buford, John Rogers, Ann E. 
Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, Jno. Early) m. Caroline 
Hudgpeth, b. 1820. Jas. C. Buford d. in Newberry Co., S. C, 1874. 


1117211—1. Munson M. b. 1846. 

1117211—2. Carvosso W. b. 1849; m. Ella E. Davis: issue, Charlie (d 

infant) : Carrie Lee. Residence, Newberry, S. C. 
1117211—3. Elizabeth E. b. 1851; m. T. W. Davis. 

Munson M. Buford (Jas. C- Buford (Ann Rogers-Buford, John 
Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. 1870 Sallie A. Bell, b. 1850. 


11172111—1. James R. b. 1872, d. 1876. 
11172111—2. Willie T. b. 1874. 
11172111—3. John B. d. infant. 
11172111—4. George Fair b. 1879. 
11172111—5. Mary Elizabeth b. 1882. 
11172111—6. Robert Hayne b. 1884. 
11172111—7. Pope Lee b. 1886. 
11172111-B. Munson L. b. 1888. 
11172111—9. Sallie B. b. 1890. 


Elizabeth E. Buford (James C. Buford, Ann Rogers-Buford, John 
Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
b. 1851; m. T. W. Davis. 


11172113— L James. 1117211S— 4. Munson. 

11172113—2. Eva. 11172113—5. Farman. 

11172113—3. John. 11172113—6. Elizabeth. 

Joseph Rogers (Ann Early-Rogers, Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Henrietta Rodes. 


11173^1. Harriette m. Elias Damall, of Kentucky. 
11173 — 2. Amanda m. Jeremiah Kirtley. 

• 11173—3. SaUie Ann m. Kirtley. 

11173—4. Jeffrey: unmarried. 
11173—5. Clifford. 
11173—6. Mary. 

Henrietta Rogers (Joseph Rogers, Ann Early-Rogers, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Elias Darnall: residence, 


111731 — 1. George W. m. Margaret Kinkaid, of Lexington, Ky. He was 
a member of the 27th Va. Inf., let Brigade C. S. Army. 

Amanda Rogers (Jos'h Rogers, Ann Early-Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Jeremiah Kirtley, son of Maj. Jeremiah 

111732 — 1. Henrietta m. Sidney Berkeley: s. p. 

James Rogers (Ann Early-Rogers, Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. 1st Nancy Rodes, residence Fayette Co., Ky. 
Some descendants moved to Missouri: m. 2d Susan Ford. 


(First Marriage) 
11174—1. Laurenza m. Waller Rodes. 


Second Marriage. 

11174—2. C. Fleming m. Margaret Ford. 
11174—3. Adeline m. Dr. Joseph Early. 

11174—4. (dau.) m. Rodes. 11174—7. Christopher. 

11174—5. Charles. 11174—8. Daniel. 

11174-^. Willis. 11174—9. Henry. 

Laurenza Rogers (Jas. Rogers, Ann Early-Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Waller Rodes. 


111741 — 1. Joseph m. Eliza Starks: Bergen P. 0., Ky. 

111741 — 2. Nancy m. Edmund Eagle, of Lexington, Ky.: s. p. 

C. Fleming Rogers (Jas. Rogers, Ann Early-Rogers, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Margaret Ford, of Missouri. 


111742—1. Rebecca. 111742—5. Mary. 

111742—2. Charles. 111742—6. Edward. 

111742—3. James. 

111742 — 4. William m. Lucy Bailey: s. p. 

Adeline Rogers (Jas. Rogers, Ann Early-Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. Joseph Early, son of Whitfield 
Early (see Joseph Early branch). 


111743 — 1. lona Monetta m. Colonel A. C. Wellborn. 

111743 — 2. Charles Curier m. Sarah E. Thomas. 

111743—3. Alva S. 

111743—4. Mary Vesta d. young. 

111745-5. Cora Inez. 

111743—6. Roger Randolph m. Ella Wheeler. 

111743—7. MoUie m. Dr. Howard Switzer. 

Henry Rogers (Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Sallie R. Thompson, of Fayette County, Kentucky. 
Residence, Lexington, Ky. 


11175—1. Mary m. Frank Payne: s. p. 
11175—2. Nancy m. Henry Chiles. 
11175—3. Thompson m. 


Nancy Rogers (Henry Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jerli Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Henry Chiles: lived on part of the 
Bryant Station tract. 

111752 — 1. Sallie m. General P. P. Johnston. 

Sallie Chiles (Nancy Rogers-Chiles, Henry Rogers, Ann E. 
Rogers, Jcr'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, Jno. Early) m. General P. P. 
Johnston: Confed. Veteran; Adj .-General of Kentucky. 


1117521—1. Preston. 1117521—4. Fayette 

1117521—2. Marcus Early. 1117521—5. Stuart. 

1117521—3. J. Pelham. 

Dr. Coleman Rogers (Ann Early-Rogers, Jeremiah Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early), a very distinguished surgeon of Louis- 
ville, Ky., m. Jane, b. 1789, dau. of Joseph Farrar, of Covington, Ky., 
and Ann Ford (dau. of John Ford and Sarah Winn, of Fauquier 
County, Virginia) descendant of William Farrar, who came to Vir- 
ginia in 1618. Dr. C. Rogers was the first surgeon of prominence 
in Louisville. A miniature portrait of him is preserved in the family. 


11177 — 1. Dr. Lewis m. Mary Thruston. 

11177—2. Jane m. Judge Henry Pirtle. 

11177 — 3. Mary m. John Gamble. 

11177 — 4. Harriett Sellmann m. Judge Richard Apperson. 

11177 — 5. Julia m. John S. Chenowith. 

11177 — 6. Caroline m. Dr. S. S. Leonard: d. 8. p. 

11177 — 7 Charles d. young. 

Dr. Lewis Rogers (Dr. Coleman Rogers, Ann Early-Rogers, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary Thruston: resi- 
dence, Louisville, Ky. A physician more distinguished in general 
practice of medicine than his father, the surgeon. His wife was the 
dau. of Chas. Minn Thruston, son of John Thruston, ensign with 
Geo. Rogers Clark 1778-9. 

One of the Thruston family followed the fortunes of William of 
Normandy and became his standard bearer. When William ap- 
pealed to the Papal authority to decide the quarrel between him 

Dk. CuLEMitN Rdcers. frun 


and the Saxon, Harold, the Pope, setting aside justice, decided in 
the Norman's favor and consecrated the banner to be bourne in 
the invasion of England. The standard bearer's name was Tostien, 
and tradition says he was a nephew of the Conqueror. In the battle 
of Hastings ''so brave was he, so well he led," and so loud his cries 
of ''En avant" that some despairing Saxon caught at the sound and 
called him "Thruston" and Tostien adopted the soubriquet as his 
name. In the division of land which followed the conquest, the 
Doomsday Book says, the "Story-haunted Camelot" fell to the 
Thrustons. ("Some Prom. Va. Fam.," Louise Pacquet du Bellet) 

Lineage. — ^John Thruston, Chamberlain of Bristol many years, d. 
1675. His son, 

— Edward Thruston settled in Norfolk Co., Va.: m. Ann Loving. 
His son, 

— Edward Thruston, Jr., m. 1706 Elizabeth, dau. of Thos. Housden, 
of Nansemond: his will, with a wax seal bearing the arms of the 
Thrustons, is still in the Norfolk County clerk's office. His son, 
— Col. John Thruston b. 1709, d. 1766, settled in Gloucester Co., 
Va., where his home-place "Lansdowne" is still standing: m. Mrs. 
Hanes, nee Sarah Minn: their eldest son, 

— Col. Charles Minn Thruston (to whom his father willed his silver 
tankard) b. 1738, m. 1760 Mary, dau. of Col. Samuel Buckner, of 
Gloucester Co., Va.: at the outbreak of the Revolution he raised a 
company of volunteers of which he was elected the captain and 
became known as the "fighting parson:" moved first to Tennessee, 
then settled on a plantation near New Orleans; d. 1812. His eldest 

— ^John b. 1761, m. his cousin Elizabeth Thruston, dau. of Col. 
Thomas Whiting, of Gloucester Co.: was ensign under Gen. George 
Rogers Clarke in the Illinois campaign: settled at San Souci, near 
Louisville, Ky., and was father of Charles Minn Thruston (6th ch.). 
A brother of John, 

— Charles Thruston, 3rd son of Col. Chas. Minn and Mary Buckner- 
Thruston, b. 1765, m. 1769, Mrs. Frances O'Fallon, dau. of John 
Clarke and sister of Gen. Geo. Rogers Clarke, and Gov. William 
Clarke, of Missouri, also settled in Kentucky. 



111771 — 1. Jennie Fairar m. Robert Atwood. 

111771 — 2. Eliza Thruston ql Rev. Brinkley Messick. 

111771 — 3. Dr. Coleman m. Mary Gray. 

111771 — 3. Nancy m. Harvey Yeaman. 

111771 — 5. Harriette Apperson m. George Gaulbert. 

111771-~6. Ella Pirtle m. Charles P. Robinson. 

Jennie Farrar Rogers (Dr. Lewis Rogers, Dr. Coleman Rogers, 
Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Robert 


1117711 — 1. Lewis Rogers m. Carrie Thort Butler: issue 2 daus. and 2 

sons: Lewis, Jr., killed in France, 1918u 

1117711 — 2. Mary m. Thomas Knott: issue, Lewis Atwood Knott, of New 

York City. 

1117711 — 3. Elizabeth m. Oscar A. Beckman: issue, Geo. Gaulbert, and 

Thomas KnotL 

1117711-4. WiUiam m. . 

Eliza Thruston Rogers (Dr. Lewis Rogers, Dr. Coleman Rogers, 
Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Rev. Brinkley Messick. 


1117712 — 1. Mary m. Dr. Senseney. 

1117712—2. Martha. 

1117712 — 3. Jennie m. Cooper Severson. 

1117712 — 4. Charlton m. Jennie Tyler. 

1117712 — 5. Lee m. John Weller, Gadsden, Ala.: s. p. 

Mary Messick (Eliza Th. Rogers-Messick, Dr. Lewis Rogers, Dr. 
Coleman Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Dr. Senseny, of St. Louis, Mo. 


11177121 — 1. dau. m. Joseph Lee. 
11177121—2. Margaret. 
11177121—3. Hattie Gaulbert. 

Jennie Messick (Eliza Thruston Rogers-Messick, Dr. Lewis Rogers, 
Dr. Coleman Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Cooper Severson, St. Louis, Mo. 



11177123—1. Eliza Thruston. 
11177123—2. Martha Morris. 

Charlton Messick (Eliza Th. R. Messick, Dr. Lewis Rogers, Dr. 
Coleman Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Jennie Tyler. 


11177124—1, 2. Charlton, Jr., and Brinkley.— Twins. 
11177124-3. (dau.) 

Dr. Coleman Rogers (Dr. Lewis Rogers, Dr. Coleman Rogers, 
Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Mary Gray. 


1117713—1. Lucy Gray, m. Robert Judge. 

1117713 — 2. Mary Thruston m. Mr. Andrews, of Sl Louis, Mo. 

1117713 — 3. Lewis d. young. 

Nancy Rogers (Dr. Lewis Rogers, Dr. Coleman Rogers, Ann 
E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Harvey 


1117714^1. Lewis Rogers, atty.-at-law. 
1117714—2. Hattic N. d. 

Harriett Apperson Rogers (Dr. Lewis Rogers, Dr. Coleman 
Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early John Early) 
m. George Gaulbert, of Louisville, Ky.: d. 1908. 

1117715—1. Caroline m. Attila Cox, Jr., atty.-at-law: issue, Harriett R. 

Ella Pirtle Rogers (Dr. Lewis Rogers, Dr. Coleman Rogers, Ann 
E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Charles 
Pettit Robinson. 


1117716^1. Mary Thruston d. infant 
1117716—2. Coleman: residence, Canada. 


1117716-^3. Rogers: residence Canada. 
1117716-4. Petit: residence, 
1117716 — 5. Nannie Yeaman. 

Jane Rogers (Dr. Coleman Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Hon. Henry Pirtle, of Louis- 
ville, Kentucky. 

Henry Pirtle b. 1798 in Washington County, Ky., was on his 
father^s side of German and Welsh extraction; through his mother 
he was descended from a Swedish family, who had been at the 
court of Gustavus Adolphus and coincided with that prince in his 
scheme of Christianizing the western world. They were his mis- 
sionaries, and included in the patent issued by his dau. Christiana 
in 1638 for the country lying on the west side of the Delaware river. 
His father John Pirtle and wife were among the early settlers in 
Kentucky from Virginia. It was the habit for persons bound for 
that country to rendezvous for fifty or a hundred miles around at 
some appointed place and travel in company with arms in their 
hands. His parents arrived at the place of meeting and found they 
had mistaken the day, and the company had gone on two days be- 
fore, so they travelled horseback by wilderness path across the 
mountains alone till they reach the Crab Orchard. 

Till he was eighteen years old Henry lived in the country, attend- 
ing neighborhood schools, with instruction from his father : at sixteen 
he invented a plan, not before known, of ascertaining the sun's rising 
and setting in any latitude where the days are only twenty-four hours 
long.. He studied law at Bardstown, under the Hon. John Rowan, an 
eminent western jurist. After reading law for three years he appear- 
ed at the bar, establishing his office in Hartford, Ohio Co., and attend- 
ing courts of a large circuit. In the Green River country, the princi- 
pal sources of litigation were conflicting land claims: at the end of 
five years, most of these claims being adjusted he moved to Louisville. 
A few months later and at 27 years of age he was appointed judge 
of the General Court and Fifth District: he held this office five years, 
when he resigned and engaged in practice in the courts of Louisville 
and Court of Appeals and Federal Court at Frankfort. Mr. Clay, 
when opposing counsel in a great case, said to the jury ''The solemn 
force of the gentleman's manner is irresistible." In 1846 the com- 
mission of judge with same salary as that of Chief Justice of the 


State was sent him : he held it for a few days to save the term of the 
court and resigned it. He became chancellor of Louiseville Chancery 
Court: founder of the Law School at Louisville Univ.: eschewed 
political office. In 1840 was induced by the people of his district 
to take a seat in the State Senate: remained the appointed time then 
returned to his constituents. 


111772 — 1. Dr. John Rowan m. Elmira Schwing. 
111772—2. Ella m. Rev. Wm. A. Snivcly. 
111772—3. Alfred m. Fannie A. Nold. 
111772 — 4. Judge James Speed m. Emily Bartley. 
111772 — 5. Jane m. James N. Whitman. 
111772—6. Harriett Key m. Hon. Geo. W. Caruth. 

111772—7. Elizabeth Ashley m. Ist, Wm. L. Chalfant: m. 2d, Saml. C. 

Tardy, Jr. 

Dr. John Rowan Pirtle (Jane Rogers-Pirtle, Dr. Coleman Rogers, 
Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Elmira Schwing. Dr. John R. Pirtle was a surgeon in U. S. Army, 


1117721—1. Julia d. young. 
1117721—2. Dr. Henry m. 

1117721—3. Laura m. Judge Wilson. 

1117721—4. Alice m. Rev. Dr. Evans, of Meth. Epis. church. 
1117721 — 5. Clara m. Edward W. Johnson: issue, 1 dau., 2 sons; one of the 

latter, with A. E. F., 1918, in France, cited for bravery. 

Ella Pirtle (Jane Rogers-Pirtle, Dr. Coleman Rogers, Ann E. 
Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Rev. Wm. A. 
Snively, minister of the Episcopal church. 


1117722 — 1. Jennie Pirtle m. Edward Wharton, of New Orleans, La. 

1117722—2. Theodore C. 

1117722 — 3. Elsie Rogers m. Robert A. Locke: issue, Mary Theodore. 

Captain Alfred Pirtle (Jane Rogers-Pirtle, Dr. Coleman Rogers, 
Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
Fannie A. Nold. Captam of 10th Ohio Reg't, U. S. army, 1861-65: 
on staff of General William H. Lytel. 



1117723-~1. Nannie Nold d. young. 
1117723—2. Henry d. aged 15 years. 
1117723—3. Juliet Nold. 

Judge James Speed Pirtle (Jane R^ogers-Pirtle, Dr. Colemaji 
Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Emily Bartley. A very prominent attorney and judge of Law 
and Equity Court of Louisville, Ky.: succeeding his father as 
professor of law at the University: d. 1919. 


1117723—1. Dr. Robert Tilford m. Alma Graves: surgeon in A. E. F. in 

1117723—2. Jennie P. 
1117723 — 3. William m. Louise Barbour: issue, Jas. S., Jr., and Frank 

1117723—4. Emily m. Peyton B. Bethel: issue, Emily. 

Jane Pirtle (Jane Rogers-Pirtle, Dr. Coleman Rogers, Ann E. 
Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. James N. Whit- 
man. Mrs. Whitman d. 1909. 


1117725 — 1. Henry Pirtle, residence Hartford, Conn., m. Daisy : 

issue Helen Russell m. Addison Dimmitt (son of Dr. Ad- 
dison Dimmitt) : issue, Addison, 3d. 

Harriett Key Pirtle (Jane Rogers-Pirtle, Dr. Coleman Rogers, 
Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Hon. 
Geo. W. Caruth, of Arkansas. 


1117726—1. Hattie m. Saml L. Steer, Loudon Co., Va.: surgeon U. S. Army 

in the Philippines: s. p. 
1117726— (4 sons d. infante.) 

Elizabeth Ashley Pirtle (Jane Rogers Pirtle, Dr. Coleman Rogers, 
Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
1st Wm. L. Chalfant, of Pittsburg, Penn.; m. 2d Saml. C. Tardy 
(s. p.), of Edge Hill, Pittsylvania Co., Va. Residence, Lynchburg, 



1117727—1. John W. m. Elizabeth Gerry Briggs. 
1117727 — 2. Lewis Rogers d. young. 
1117727—3. Ashley d. aged 12 years. 

John W. Chalfant (Eliz'h Ashley Pirtle-Chalfant, Jane Rogers- 
Pirtle, Dr. Coleman Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Eliz'h G. Briggs: residence, Pittsburg, Penn. 


11177271—1. Charles Briggs. 
11177271—2. John W.. Jr. 

Mary Rogers (Dr. Coleman Rogers, Ann Early-Rogers, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John Gamble. 


111773—1. William m. 

111773—2. Coleman. 

111773-3. McFarland. 

111773—4. Lewis. 

111773—6. Jane m. John Barbour, of Louisville, Ky.: moved to Texas. 

111773 — 6. Eliza m. Prof. Fisher, of Columbia College, Mo.: issue, Helen. 

111773—7. James. 

111773 — 8. Julia m. Orlando Smith, of Lexington, Ky. 

Harriett Sellman Rogers, (Dr. Coleman Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. (2d wife) Judge 
Richard Apperson, Mt. Sterling, Ky. 


111774^1. Caroline m. James Anderson Leech: issue, Carolyn Apperson. 
111774—2. Judge Lewis, residence Mt. Sterling, Ky., m. Mary W. Wall: 

issue, Elizabeth Wall, Harriett Rogers. 
111774-^. Coleman in U. S. Army: killed in battle, aged 18 yrs. 

Julia Rogers (Dr. Coleman Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jerli Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John S. Chenowith. 

111775—1. Laura Rogers m. Ist, John Everett; m. 2d, Dr. Addison Dimmitt. 


Laura Rogers Chenowith (Julia R. Chenowith, Dr. Coleman 
Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. 1st John Everett, Maysville, Ky.: m. 2d Dr. Addison Dimmitt. 


1117751 — 1. John Chenowith m. Anna : issue. Burgess. 

1117751 — 2. Julia Rogers d. young. 

1117751 — 3. Etta Richardson m. John Harrison: s. p.: residence, Helena, 



1117751 — 4. Addison m. Helen Russell Whitman (see above). 

George Rogers (Ann Early-Rogers, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Mary Kirtley, dau. of Francis Kirtley and Elizabeth 
Walker, gr. dau. of Wm. and Ann Walker, of Culpeper Co., Va. 

Geo. Rogers lived in Fayette Co., Ky. 


11179—1. William m. Fannie . 

11179—2. dau. m. Kirtley. 

11179 — 3. Clifton: residence, Fayette Co., Ky. 

William Rogers (George Rogers, Ann Early-Rogers, Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Fannie . 


111791 — 1. Joseph Kirtley b. 1828 in Fayette Co., Ky., m. Jennie E. 

RoBards, a descendant of Capt. Geo. RoBards, of 
Goochland Co., Va., d. in Mercer Co., Ky. Jos. K. 
Rogers was an eminent educator in Mercer Co., Ky. His 
son, Wm. Kirtley Rogers b. 1864s d. . 

Richard Rogers (Ann Early-Rogers, Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas 
Early, John Early) m. Katherine Easton. 


1117A — 1. Augustus m. Elizabeth Frazee. 

1117A — 2. Judith m. Jonathan Estill, d. s. p. 

11 17 A — 3. Joseph m. 1st, Ella Winn; m. 2d, Miranda Oldham. 

Augustus Rogers (Richard Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jer*h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Elizabeth Frazee, of Fayette 
County, Kentucky. 



11 17 A 1—1. Helen. 
1117A1— 2. Judith. 

Joseph Rogers (Richard Rogers, Ann E. Rogers, Jerli Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st Ella Winn; m. 2d Miranda 
Oldham: residence, Harrodsburg, Ky. 


1117A3— 1. John. 1117A3— 3. Abner. 

1117A3— 2. Charles. 1117A3— 4. Laura, 









Hannah Early, 3rd dau. of Jeremiah and EHzabeth Buford Early, 
m. John Scott and moved from Culpeper County, Va., to the 
neighborhood of Frankfort, Kentucky, where some of her descend- 
ants still live. 

Capt. John Scott d. June 26,1748, was the son of Thomas Scott, 
who emigrated from Scotland to Virginia and settled in that part of 
Culpeper county, which was cut off later to form Madison. He was 
a justice of the peace in Culpeper, captain in the Revolutionary 
army: his name appears frequently in the county records. In 
1785 John Scott moved with his family to Kentucky, settling on a 
large and fertile farm in Scott county. Here he amassed considera- 
ble wealth and gained the love and respect of the entire country- 
side. He died Nov. 20, 1815; his wife died June 1, 1828, at their 

Hannah Early (Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) 
m. 1770 John Scott, son of Thomas Scott. 


1118—1. Elizabeth d. infant. 

1118 — 2. Mary m. John Brooking. 

1118 — ^3. Thomas m. Miss Parker. 

1118—4. Joel b. Nov. 15, 1781; m. Rebecca Ridgeley Wilmot. 

1118 — 5. Ezekiel m. Dorothy Hawkins. 

1118 — 6. Sarah d. infant. 

1118 — 7. Eleanor m. Harbin Branham. 

There were five branches of this family: some of whom having 
moved to the far western country and their addresses being unknown 
it has not been possible to complete their record. 


Mary Scott (Hannah Early-Scott, Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas 
Early, John Early) m. John Brooking, of Scott County, Ky. 

11182 — 1. Samuel Brooking, of Hart County, Ky. 

Thomas Scott (Hannah Early-Scott, Jeremiah Early, Thomas 
Early, John Early) m. Miss Parker. 


11183—1. John. 
11183—2. Parker. 

Joel Scott (Hannah Early Scott, Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas 
Early, John Early) bom Nov. 15, 1781, near Abingdon, Va., went, 
when but a small boy, with his parents to Scott County, Ky.: married 
Dec. 24, 1805, Rebecca Ridgeley Wilmot (the dau. of Colonel Robert 
Wilmot, of Fayette County, Ky.), born in Maryland (her parents' 
former home) , Jan'y 3, 1784. Joel Scott resided on a large farm in 
Scott county near his father's homestead. By perseverance he be- 
came one of the wealthiest residents of central Kentucky. He 
possessed mechanical ability of a high order and soon after his 
marriage established, near his home, a woolen mill for the manu- 
facture of broadcloth, blankets and suitings. On account of the 
war, prevailing at the time with Great Britain, and consequent curtail- 
ment of the importation of woolens, his venture was immediately very 
successful. This was the first woolen mill started west of the Alle- 
ghanies. In 1817 he sold his mill and farm, on account of the poor 
health of his wife, and moved with his family to Georgetown, Scott 
County, Ky. He invested here in various enterprises and within two 
years established another and larger mill in which he manufactured 
both woolen and cotton goods. His wife died April 3, 1820, and on 
Oct. 24, 1821, he married Mrs. Deborah Gano, widow of General 
Richard M. Gano. 

In 1824 he sold out his interests in Georgetown and again moved 
to Frankfort, Ky. He then turned his attention to conditions exist- 
ing in the state penitentiary and conceived the idea that vast benefit 
would accrue to the state and inmates were the latter accorded 
better conditions and treatment and the opportunity of mental and 
physical occupation. Up to that time the condition prevailing in 


the penitentiary was deplorable, and the institution was a great 
expense to the state. His finances being then such as to make him 
independent of salary, he decided to endeavor to put his theories 
into practice and soon after was appointed Superintendent of the 
penitentiary. Inmiediately he instituted radical reforms and the 
results of his efforts were soon apparent. He equipped a woolen 
mill within the prison walls at his own expense and soon had 
many of the inmates employed at profitable manual labor. Other 
shops were started and in the course of a few years the prison was 
a source of income instead of expense to the state, and a model 
which other states imitated. On account of ill health he was com- 
pelled to give up this work in 1834, when he retired to a home he 
had built in Woodford county, near his former farm, where he 
died June 28, 1860. His 2nd wife, Deborah Scott, died 1863 at the 
same place. 

^'Kentucky state prison at Frankfort was established in 1798. 
Under the operation of the Acts of the legislature, no revenue was 
derived to the state from the penitentiary : for 20 years it was a dead 
expense. In 1825 Joel Scott was appointed agent and keeper by 
act of assembly and entered upon his duties in the nature of a 
contract with the state, stipulating to pay one-half the profits and 
guaranteeing they should not fall below a stipulated sum. To him 
is due the credit of introducing the Auburn system under which 
Kentucky penitentiary has long been the most prosperous institution 
of the kind in the United States or the world. He was appointed 
for 2 terms of 5 years each, but relinquished the last term on account 
of ill health. The average number of prisoners during 9 years was 
85, and clear average earnings of prison over and above expenses 
were $70,000: the heaviest branch of business was the manufacture 
of baggage and rope." ("Historical Sketches," Collins.) 

Colonel Robert Wilmot, father of Rebecca R. W. Scott, was a 
lieutenant of artillery from Baltimore County, Maryland, and 
served throughout the Revolutionary war. He went to Kentucky 
from Maryland in 1786 and settled in what is now Bourbon county, 
on a magnificent landed estate, where he lived and died. In 1796 
he was elected to the legislature from his county and more than 
once re-elected. In 1799 he was a member of the convention which 
framed the 2nd constitution of Kentucky. He was conspicuous for 
his good judgment and devotion to his county. 


Joel Scott (Hannah Early-Scott, Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas 
Early, John Early) b. 1781; m. about 1804-5 Rebecca Ridgeley 
Wilmot (b. 1785, d. 1820). Joel Scott d. 1860. 


1 1184 — 1. John R. b. 1806; m. Sidney Jane Jones. 

11184—2. Robert Wilmot b. 1808; m., 1831, Elizabeth Watu Brown. 

John R. Scott (Joel Scott, Hannah Early-Scott, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Tho9. Early, John Early) m. Sidney J. Jones: d. 1870. 


111841 — 1. Rebecca Wilmot m. C. T. Freeman. 
111841 — 2. Joel Early m. Eleanor Allen. 
111841 — 3. Thomas Wynne m. Martha Ayres. 
111841 — 4. Margaret Jane m. Dr. J. A. Lewis. 
111841 — 5. Susan Elizabeth m. Edward Ayres. 

Rebecca Wilmot Scott (Jno. R. Scott, Joel Scott, Hannah Early- 
Scott, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, John Early) m. C. T. Freeman, 
of Franklin Comity, Ky. 


1118411 — 1. Martha Dandridge, m. Thos. W. Shackleford, of Lexington, 

Ky.: issue, Jno. Sidney Shackleford. 
1118411 — 2. John Sidney; d. in Colorado. 
1118411 — 3. Elizabeth, m. E. T. Farmer, of Louisville, Ky. 
1118411—4. HatUe, m. 1890 Jno. W. Vreeland, of Louisville, Ky. 
1118411 — 5. T. Wilmot, unmarried. 

Joel Early Scott (Jno. R. Scott, Joel Scott, Hannah Early-Scott, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Eleanor Allen, of 
Lexington, Ky. 

1118412 — 1. John R. m. Lelia Wilson, of Franklin County, Ky. 

Thomas Wynne Scott (John R. Scott, Joel Scott, Hannah Early- 
Scott, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Martha 
Ayres, of Woodford County, Ky. Thos. W. Scott lived at his father's 
old homestead, Ducker's Station, Woodford Comity, Ky. 



1118413 — 1. Elizabeth m. A. Sager, of St. Louis, Mo. 
1118413—2. Rebecca m. William Blaikie, of New York. 
1118413 — 3. Martha m. J. R. Thompson, of Frankfort, Ky. 
1118413—4. Walter unmarried (1911). 

Margaret Jane Scott (Jno. R. Scott, Joel Scott, Hannah Early- 
Scott, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. J. A. 
Lewis, of Franklin County, Ky. 


1118414 — 1. Dr. John C. m. Emma Offutt, of Georgetown, Ky. 
1118414—2. Waller d. young. 1118414—4. Mary d. young. 

1118414—3. Sidney Scott. 1118414^5. Jane Rebecca. 

Susan Elizabeth Scott (Jno. R. Early, Joel Scott, Hannah Early- 
Scott, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Edward Ayres, 
of Franklin County, Ky. 


11184i5— 1. Walter N. 

1118415—2. Sidney Jane m. B. T. Bedford. 

Colonel Robert Wilmot Scott (Joel Scott, Hannah Early-Scott, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b., 1808, in Scott 
County, Ky.: d., 1884, in Frankfort; m., 1831, Elizabeth Watts, 
dau. of Dr. Preston W. Brown and Elizabeth Watts, his wife, of 
Frankfort. Dr. P. W. Brown was a son of the Rev. John Brown 
and his wife, Margaret Preston, of Virginia; was a very learned 
physician and surgeon: d. in Louisville, 1826. 

Colonel Robert W. Scott attended Transylvania University, then 
the most celebrated institution of learning in the west: graduated 
with distinction under Dr. Horace HoUey, President. Upon the 
retirement of Dr. Holley, young Scott was selected to prepare an 
address expressive of their respect for the departing president — 
which he did to the satisfaction of all. At the end of his college 
course Ro. W. Scott conunenced the study of law, first in the office 
of Hoggin and Loughbrough, of Frankfort, and later with Chief 
Justice John Boyle, of Mercer county. In Sept., 1829, he was 
licensed to practice his profession by Judges Daniel Myers and 
Thos. M. Hickey, before he had reached his 21st year. The fol- 


lowing winter he toured the country in order to see and hear the 
great men of the nation. In Washington he heard the debate be- 
tween Webster and Hayne, on Footers Resolution, in which they 
discussed the theory of the government and proper construction of 
the constitution. From Washington Mr. Scott went to Richmond, 
Va., to attend the debate of the 2nd Constitutional Convention of 
Virginia, meeting there Presidents Madison and Munroe, Chief 
Justice Marshall, and John Randolph, of Roanoke. Returning to 
Frankfort he began his law practice as a partner of Judge James 
Hoggin, one of his preceptors. ^ 

Failing health caused him to retire after several years' practice. 
He bought a beautiful estate, ''Locust Hill," in Franklin County, 
Ky., near the Woodford line, and began farming, becoming a lead- 
ing agriculturist. He was one of the earliest and most ardent friends 
of the common school system and was the first school conmiissioner 
appointed in his county, and had the first school house in the 
county erected. In 1849 he ran as delegate to the state constitutional 
convention held that year, but was defeated because of his opposi- 
tion to an elective judiciary. 

In 1843 he became a Baptist and soon after was made deacon, 
licentiate and moderator of his church at the 'Tork of Elkhom," 
holding these offices till his death. In 1850 he organized and became 
superintendent of the first Baptist Sunday school established in 
Frankfort. He was moderator of the Franklin Association, trustee 
of Georgetown College, President of the Board of Trustees of the 
Western Baptist Theological Institute at Covington and an active 
advocate of temperance reform till his death at 76 years. The 
Franklin Farmer was founded mainly through his influence. He 
was appointed by Gov. Magoffin a Commissioner of the Feeble- 
minded Institute and President of the Board. Colonel Scott was 
made Chairman of the State Democratic Central Committee and 
exerted himself in the re-organization of the party in Kentucky. 
Failing health induced him to establish a winter home in Orange 
County, Florida, where he spent a part of every year. 

Col. Robert Wilmot Scott (Joel Scott, Hannah Early-Scott, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Elizabeth Watts Brown. 


111842—1. Dr. Preston Brown b. 1832; m. 1862 Jane E. Campbell. 
111842—2. Joel, b. 1834; d. 1855. 


111842—3. Dr. John O., b. 1837; m. 1864 Ellen Melvin. 
111842—4. Mary B., b. 1839; m. 1862 Col. S. J. M. Major. 
111842—5. Eleanor, b. 1841; m. 1866 Hon. Lafayette Green. 
11184^-^. Elizabeth, b. 1843; lived in Frankfort, Ky. 
111842—7. Louise R., b. 1845; m. 1865, Ist Hon. E. Rumsay Wing, of 

Owensboro, Ky., minister to Ecuador, who d. 1876. She 
m. 2d, 1893, Hon. W. C. P. Breckenridge (d. 1903) s. p. 
111842—8. Susan B., b. 1847; d. infant. 

111842—9. Henrietu R., b. 1849; m. 1886 Capt. D. D. Mitchell, U. S. A., 

who was killed in the Philippines Sept. 16, 1900. Issue: 
1118429—1. dau. d. infant. 

1118429—2. Henrietu Scott, b. 1888; residence. Ft. Porter, Buffalo, 

N. Y. 

Dr. Preston Brown Scott (Robert Wilmot Scott, Joel Scott, Han- 
nah E. Scott, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1832, 
d. 1900; m. 1862 Jane E. Campbell, dau. of John W. Camp- 
bell, banker, of Jackson, Tennessee: she died 1907. Dr. Scott at 
9 yrs. of age was the first public school pupil in the state: he gradu- 
ated from Georgetown College in 1849, and next attended the Uni- 
versity of Tennessee, from which he graduated with honor. In 1856 
he graduated in medicine from the University of Louisville, and was 
made an interne of the city hospital. He settled in Bolivar County, 
Miss. When the war broke out Dr. Scott was appointed surgeon in 
the 4th Ky. Reg. under Col. Robert Trabue. From this position he 
was promoted Brigade surgeon, under Gen. Jos. E. Johnston. As 
surgeon on the staff of Gen. Polk, Dr. Scott was in charge of all the 
hospitals of Mississippi and Alabama. He also served with Gen. 
Stephen D. Lee, Gen. Dabney Maury and Gen. Rich'd Taylor. At 
the conclusion of the war Dr. Scott moved to Louisville, where he 
remained till his death, ranking high as a physician. Dr. Scott was 
president of the Association of Physicians and Surgeons C. S. A. & 
N. V. at Louisville: medical director of the Masonic Widows and 
Orphans Home, and the Young Woman's Home; president of the 
Academy of Medicine and Surgery; president of the Louisville 
Medical Society, and prominently identified with the Polytechnic: 
died at Norton Infirmary after an illness of two months from 
typhoid fever. 

Dr. Preston Brown Scott (Ro. W. Scott, Joel Scott, Hannah E. 
Scott, Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Jane E. 
Campbell 1862. 



1118421 — 1. Marian d. young. 

1 118421—2. Elizabeth d. young. 

1118421—3. Jane Porter b. 1865, m. 1900 Frank L. Woodruff, who d. 1909. 

1118421—4. Campbell b. 1869, m. 1893 Nellie Mansfield Smith. 

1118421—5. Rumsey, W., b. 1876, m. 1904 Eugenie Jefferson. 

Campbell Scott (Dr. Preston B. Scott, Ro. W. Scott, Joel Scott, 
Hannah E. Scott, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
1893 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Nellie Mansfield, dau. of Dr. Henry A. 
Smith. Mr. Campbell Scott is associated with the Otis Elevator Co., 
Yonkers, N. Y. 


11184214— Eleanor Preston b. 1894. 
11184214— Preston Henry b. 1902. 

Rumsey W. Scott (Dr. Preston B, Scott, Ro. W. Scott, Joel Scott, 
Hannah E. Scott, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 
1904 Eugenie, dau. of Thomas JefTerson, of Montclair, N. J. Lives 
in Brookline, Mass, 

11184215— Thomas Preston b. 1907; residence, Washington, D. C. 

Dr. John 0. Scott (Ro. W. Scott, Joel Scott, Hannah E. Scott 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Ellen Melvin, of 
Marion, Ala. Moved from Frankfort, Ky., to Sherman, Texas; 
d. 1892. 


1118423 — 1. Louise b. 1866, m. William Perry, of Dennisan, Texas: issue. 
1118423—2. Robert W. b. 1868; d. 1902 in Houston, Texas: s. p. 

1118423—3. Preston B. b. 1873; m. : issue, ; Preston 

B. Scott is vice-president of Ist Nat. Bank, Houston, Texas. 
1118423—4. Stuart b. 1878, lives in Houston, Texas. 

Mary B. Scott (Ro. W. Scott, Joel Scott, Hannah E. Scott, 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Col. S. J. M. Major: 
d. 1886. 


1118424—1. Robert d. infant. 

1118424—2. Elizabeth d. infant. 

1118424—3. Samuel J. M., b. 1878. Lt-Commander in U. S. Navy. 


Eleanor Scott (Ro. W. Scott, Hannah E. Scott, Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. Hon. Lafayette Green; lived at Falls 
of Rough, Grayson County, Ky.: he d. 1901. Mrs. Green d. 1896. 


1118425—1. Elizabeth b. 1868, d. infant. 

1118425—2, Willis b. 1870. 1118425-4. Jennie S. b. 1879. 

1118425—3. Preston S. b. 1877. 1118425—5. Robert W. S. b. 1882. 

Henrietta R. Scott (Robert Wilmot Scott, Joel Scott, Hannah E. 
Scott, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1886 Capt D. 
D. Mitchell, of the U. S. Army, who was killed in the Philippines, 
Sept. 16, 1900. 


1118429— L dau. d. infant. 

1118429—2. Henrietta Scott b. 1888: residence Ft. Porter, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Blzekiel Scott (Hannah Early-Scott, Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas 
Early, John Early) m. Dorothea Hawkins, of Madison County, Ky.: 
Moved to Missouri in 1820. 


11185—1. Samuel. 11185—5. John C. 

11185—2. William. 11185—6. Hester. 

11185—3. Dorothea. 11185—7. Joel. 
11185-4. Huldah. 

Eleanor Scott (Hannah Early-Scott, Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Harbin Branham. 


11187 — 1. Mahala m. Houston; d. in Columbia, Mo. 

11187—2. Granville. 

11187 — 3. Richard m. Emily Johnson: residence, Columbia, Mo. 

11187 — 4. Sarah m. Judge McCausland. 

11187 — 5. Columbus m. Susan Todd. 

11187 — 6. Manlius m. Mary Pruiti. 

Sarah Branham (Eleanor S. Branham, Hannah E. Scott, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Judge McCausland, of St. 
Louis, Mo. 



111874—1. Mary m. Augustus Ewing, of St. Louis, Mo. 

111874—2. m. Anderson, of St. Louis, Mo.: issue, 2 sons. 

111874—3. Ella m. Eoff. St. Louis, Mo. 

Columbus Branham (Eleanor S. Branham, Hannah E.-Scott, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Susan Todd: residence, 
Columbia, Mo. 


111875 — 1. J. Scott m. Camilla Switzlor: issue, 3 children, 2 sons and a 

dau. (Mrs. Collins, of St Louis). 

Manlius Branham (Eleanor S. Branham, Hannah E.-Scott, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mary Pruitt: residence, 
Columbia, Mo. 


111876—1. Nannie m. 1st George Griswold, of Louisville, Ky., who d. 

soon afterwards; m. 2d, Charles Ingram. Mrs. Ingram 
lived at Murphysborough, Ulinois: s. p. 








Joel Early, youngest child of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Buford- 
Early, of Culpeper, later Madison County, Va., was educated at 
Washington College, Lexington: m. 1772 Lucy, sister of Joseph Smith 
of Culpeper Co., and also a sister of Mrs. Abner Porter, n^ar Orange 
C. H., an aunt of Mrs. Jeremiah Morton nee Smith, of Culpeper; 
and related to the Barbour family of Orange and Culpeper. Joel 
resided in Culpeper until 1791 when he disposed of his Culpeper 
property and moved with his family to Wilkes (now Greene) County, 
Ga., where he acquired large landed interests. 

In 1773 Joel Early bought of Waller and Sarah Lewis, of Spotsyl- 
vania County, 568 acres on the east side of Stanton river, adjoining 
the land of Jeremiah Early, decM. 

In 1781 Joel Early, of the Revolutionary forces, was stationed at 
Travis Point: on September 25th of this year ''Joel Early, lieutenant 
commanding, informs Gov. Nelson of the capture of vessels laden 
with stores by the British plundering boats. These latter are very 
active, but he will watch their movements and give timely notice of 
their operations.'' (Calendar of State Papers.) 

In 1783 Joel Early bought of Adam and Gracey Banks 224 acres 
lying at the headwaters of Wilson's river, a branch of Stanton, for 
10,000 lbs. nett crop of tobacco. 

Jeremiah Early's will exhibited for record on February 19, 1787, 
bequeathed ''to my son Joel my Manor house and all lands ad- 
joining, with every part of my estate not before devised including 
my still and its appurtenances" and appointed Joel his executor. 

On Nov. 8, 1787, Joel Early bought of Elijah Kirtley for the 
Jeremiah Early Est. land beginning at Ben. Smith's on the river 
near the mouth of a branch, for 50,000 lbs. nett of tobacco. 

In March 1788 Joel Early was a delegate from Culpeper County 
to the Virginia Convention, when, being a firm democrat in politics. 


he voted for the Declaration of Rights before adoption of the Con- 

In 1789 Joel Early obtained patents for a tract of land in Ken- 
tucky which was surveyed by him and patented by the state of 
Virginia: later Kentucky issued patents for the same land and other 
claimants entered into possession. The disputed claims lay in the 
counties of Pike, Floyd, Knight and Letcher on the Licking river. 
(A few years ago an effort was started to recover the patented lands 
for the heirs of Joel Early by forcing the title under the old patents.) 

On Nov. 23, 1789, Charles Hammond made a deed to Joel Early, 
ex'cr, for 310 acres on the north fork of James river (upon which 
Hammond lived) for 2,550 lbs. nett tobacco, each hogshead to 
weigh 1,000 lbs. inspected at Petersburg, Va., for the use of legatees 
under the will of Jer^h Early: also 13 slaves for the use of sd 

On April 15, 1790, Joel Early made the gift of a slave to his niece, 
Betsy, dau. of Joseph Early, dec'd, "for the love and affection he 
has for her." 

A letter dated Dec. 4, 1790, from Elijah Craig bargained for 
purchase of land in Culpeper Co., from Joel Early, payment for 
which was partly to be made with a note due to Craig by Hon. John 
Cobb, of Georgia, in the hand of Capt. Prettyman Merry. Joel 
Early was then arranging to go to Georgia and Craig asked that he 
would "be so kind as to take the account with you and get it settled 
for me:" this letter was recorded by Early in Orange County Feb. 
29, 1791. 

In 1791 Joel Early sold to Adam Banks, of Culpeper Co., lands 
on the west bank of the Rapidan river, this being the Manor house 
and plantation of Jeremiah Early decM, by estimation 595 acres 
and another tract adjoining on same side of the river, formerly the 
property of Zack Lewis, dec'd, containing 568 acres, the two tracts 
containing 1,163 acres altogether. 

On March 31, 1791, Joel Early sold to Wm. Kirtley 294 acres 
lying at the head of Wilson's, a branch of Stanton river, in Cul- 
peper County, Va. 

During the year 1791 Joel Early moved to the state of Georgia, 
settling in what was then Wilkes, but later included within the 
boundaries of Greene County. He purchased a large body of land 
in the northeast corner of the county on the Oconee river, which 


contained about 3000 acres mostly of very fertile land upon which 
he built "Early's Manor:'' here he kept up the style of an old 
English baron, and was a leader in all undertakings of political im- 
portance. He held also large interests in the Yazoo Company which 
benefitted his Watkins grand-children: he was a very large man, 
weighing nearly three hundred pounds, and was somewhat eccentric, 
though a man of culture, and gave his sons the best advantages the 
country afforded. In 1807 he wrote his will, a unique document, 
elaborately and carefully drawn. After various bequests, he left 
the rest of his property to trustees, who were his sons, to hold, till 
the legatees, certain favorite sons, were forty-five years old: the 
daughters were to have a support if the income was sufficient He 
gave directions not only for the distribution of his property, but as 
to the methods of pruning his orchards and resting the fields: two 
of his sons, who had displeased him, were disinherited. His death 
occurred in 1807. 


1119 — 1. Peter, b. 1773; m. Ann Adams Smith. 

1119—2. Eliezer b. 1779; m. Miss PatteiBon. 

1119—3. Mary ("PoUy") b. 1780; m. Major George Watkins. 

1119—4. Jeremiah, m. Jane Sturgis; m. 2d, Ann Billups. 

1119 — 5. Clement, m. Sarah Terrell. 

1119 — 6. Joel, m. Miss Singleton. 

1119 — 7. Lucy m. Col. Charles Levds Matthews. 

1119 — 8. Cynthia d. in early youth. 

Gov. Peter Early (Joel Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas 
Early, John Early) m. Ann Adams, dau. of Francis Smith and wife, 
Lucy Wilkinson, of Essex County, Va., and sister of Gen. Thomas 
A. Smith, of U. S. Army, who m. Cynthia White and in whose 
honor Fort Smith, Ark., was named. Francis Smith was son of 
Col. Francis Smith, the son of Col. Nicholas Smith, who was son 
of Nicolas Smith, of Piscatoway, Va. 

Peter Early, the eldest son of Joel Early, graduated at Princeton 
College in the class of 1792, then studied law under the direction 
of Jared Ingersoll in Philadelphia. Upon being admitted to the 
bar he joined the remainder of his father's family in Georgia and 
soon became distinguished as one of the foremost lawyers in his 
section of the state. He was elected in 1802 to fill the vacancy in 
Congress occasioned by the resignation of John Milledge, (chosen 


governor at that time) and took his seat in the House of Repre- 
sentatives in Jan^ 1803: was twice re-elected and continued to 
represent his district until 1807. He became an ardent supporter 
of the policy of Thomas Jeiferson and bore a prominent part in 
the discussions of the time. Brilliant oratory and rigid severity of 
principle won for him the confidence of his co-legislators, who 
selected him as* a champion, when the cause of popular rights or 
of incorruptibility in administration of affairs demanded a defender. 
In 1804 he was appointed a member of the committee charged with 
presenting to the senate articles of impeachment against Samuel 
Chase of Maryland. His speech at the trial of Judge Chase was pro- 
nounced to be the ablest delivered in the cause and elicited from 
John Randolph, of Roanoke, (an associate on the committee) the 
remark that "after the effort of this young Ajax ftom the forests 
of Georgia,'' an address from himself in the interests of the prosecu- 
tion would be an useless task. 

Hon. Peter Early was present at the Congressional Debate upon 
the reception of Jay's treaty: saw Fisher Ames fall after making his 
last speech. At the close of his Congressional term he declined 
re-election and resumed the practice of his profession, but was 
immediately and without opposition, chosen judge of Ocmulgee, one 
of the four superior courts into which the circuits of Georgia were 
divided. His judicial career so far commended him to the favor of 
his fellow citizens that in 1813 he was elected governor of the state 
by a large majority. While in the gubernatorial office he gave a 
cordial and hearty support to the administration of President Madi- 
son, under the trying ordeal of the war then raging with Great 
Britain. The spirit that animated him was finely exhibited by his 
action when called upon by the Federal Sec. of War for a loan 
of $80,000 by Georgia to the general government. He responded to 
the demand by drawing his warrant for the amount without waiting 
to obtain the consent of the Legislature. On being remonstrated 
with for this act by one who expressed a fear that a possible result 
of the war might be a disruption of the Union, when there would 
be no Federal government to account for the loan, he replied "Should 
such an event occur all will be lost together, if no Union, there will 
be no States, and property, public or private, will be without value 
or use." 


In 1814 the Legislature of Georgia was induced to pass a law en- 
titled "The Alleviating Act," the object of which was to arrest the 
collection of debts. This statute Gov. Early peremtorily vetoed, 
thereby arousing great hostility to himself and so impaired his 
popularity that on becoming a candidate for re-election he was de- 
feated. A letter written in 1815 by Wm. H. Crawford, then in Paris, 
to Sen. Chas. Tait, regrets "the breach between Gov. Early and the 
Legislature," and hopes "that the good temper and magnanimity 
displayed by Early will heal the rupture. There is nothing in the 
transaction which ought to change the sentiments which the governor 
and the Legislature previously entertained of each other, for the 
questions in dispute between them are not of that simple and un- 
sophisticated nature as to exclude all difference of opinion. It was 
the solemn duty of both parties to examine for themselves and obey 
the convictions produced by that examination. This they have done 
under solenm oath and there the matter ought to rest." 

Gov. Early resumed his law practice, but at the insistance of 
the citizens of his county, served as State senator, which office he 
continued to hold until his death. 

A quixotic sense of justice was a distinguishing characterbtic of 
Peter Early, which was exemplified in his disposition of his father^s 
will, of which he had been made the executor. The latter actuated 
by an impulse of resentment against other children, made Peter his 
principal legatee. After the death of his parent, Peter summoned 
his brothers and sisters to a reading of the will, when he said to 
them "Were I to accept the benefits of our father's will to your ex- 
clusion, I should be doing you a great wrong; without this will we 
should all share alike; as a simple act of justice, I here cast the 
will into the fire." 

Georgia honored Gov. Early by bestowing his name on several 
localities. There is Early County into which all Southern Georgia 
was divided in 1818. It included a large part of Southwestern 
Georgia, and though a number of counties have been carved 
from it, is still a large county. A post village in Floyd County is 
called Early. 

In the present county of Crisp, at that time included within the 
boundaries of Dooly, on the east side of Flint river "Fort Early," 
a stronghold erected in 1812 during the administration of Gov. 
Early — was located by Gen. David Blackshear. This was a stockade 


fort designed especially for Indian warfare on the border. It was 
used later by Gen. Andrew Jackson in defense against the Seminoles 
of Florida, re-in-forced by certain Creek Indians of Georgia, known 
as '^The Red Sticks," who refused to recognize the treaty made at 
Fort Jackson. Gen. Jackson reached Fort Early on Feb. 23, 1818. 
Nearly a hundred years later, in 1916, four acres of land including 
this historic site and the breastworks were deeded by the owner to 
the Fort Early Chapter D. A. R., who now hold it in guardianship. 

In 1809 Walton Harris (father of Gen. Buckner Harris, who m. 
Nancy Early, a cousin of Peter) appointed Peter Early one of the 
executors of his will, written 1809 and witnessed by Ann Adams- 

Peter Early died in the county of Greene on Aug. 15, 1817, at his 
country home, — which since passing from the ownership 
of his descendants has been known as "Fontenoy" — in his forty- 
fifth year: he was buried on a bluff over Oconee river near SchuU 
shoals, ten miles from Greensboro, and a stone, containing name and 
dates was placed to mark his resting place. In 1914, by direction 
of his grandchildren, his remains were moved and reinterred at 
Greensboro cemetery beside his parents, and a new stone replaced 
the old one. 

A portrait of him as preserved by the family of General Wheeler, 
has been presented to the state. 

On March 13, 1818, the court appointed Ann Adams Early, widow 
of Peter Early, administratrix on his estate. After the death of 
Peter Early his widow m. 2nd, Rev. Adiel Sherwood, a noted Baptist 
minister and intimate friend of the Hillyer family, who later moved 
to Missouri, (where some of his stepsons went with him) became 
distinguished and some descendants yet survive. Mrs. Ann A. 
(Early) Sherwood left no child of her second marriage: she d. a 
year afterwards: she is said to have been beautiful and accomplished. 
Rev. Sherwood m. again and left a family by his last marriage. 


11191—1. Lucy W. b. 1799; m. 1818 Col. Richard Jones. 
11191—2. Cynthia A. b. 1805; m. John M. Swope. 
Several sons d. young. 

Lucy W. Early (Gov. Peter Early, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1799, m. Col. Richard Jones (b. 1793), 


son of Harrison Jones (a Rev'y soldier, who lost a leg at the battle 
of Guilford C. H.) and wife, Ann Ligon, of Cumberland Co., Va. 
Col. Jones graduated at the Franklin College, Athens, with first 
honors: served in the war of 1812-14 as sergeant-major of Col. 
Floyd's regiment. Upon his return he studied law in the office of 
Gov. Early: practiced law in Georgia seven years; moved to Alabama 
in 1822 near Town Creek; moved again in 1829 near Courtland: d. 
Feb. 3. 1883. Mrs. Lucy W. Early-Jones d. Oct. 31, 1869. 


111911— L Thomas Harrison b. 1820; m. Mrs. Sarah Pointer: d. 1889 s. p. 
111911 — 2, Daniella b. 1841; m. 1st, Col. Benjamin Sherrod: m. 2nd, Gen. 
Joseph Wheeler. 
(5 other children d. young.) 

Daniella Jones (Lucy W. Early-Jones, Gov. Peter Early, Joel 
Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1st, Col. 
Benjamin Sherrod (son of Felix and grandson of Col. Benjamin , 
Sherrod, of North Carolina), who served in the Confederate Army; 
d. 1861, s. p.: m. 2nd General Joseph Wheeler, (son of Joseph and 
Julia Knox Hull- Wheeler) b. 1836 at Augusta, Ga., settled at 
Wheeler, Alabama: a graduate of U. S. Mil. Acad, in 1859: cavalry 
leader of the C. S. Army in Tennessee: commissioned Major General 
of Volunteers during the Spanish-American War: conunanded the 
U. S. Cavalry in the Cuban Army of invasion: member of Congress 
from Alabama for a number of years. His plantation home was 
near Wheeler, Ala., but he was resident in Washington for a while. 
Mrs. Wheeler d. 1895. 

Gen. Wheeler made his home in New York State during the last 
years of his life and died at Brooklyn in 1906; his remains were in- 
terred in Arlington cemetery with military honors. It is said of him 
that ''as soldier, statesman, author and citizen he measured to a high 

Julia Knox Hull-Wheeler, mother of Gen. Wheeler, was the dau. 
of William and Sarah Fuller-Hull. Wm. Hull was a captain at the 
siege of Boston, under Colonel Webb; served as Major of the 8th 
Mass. regiment in 1777, and at the close of the war, was selected 
as lieutenant-colonel of the only Mass. regiment retained in service: 
he was in nine important battles from 1776-9: was a member of the 
original Society of the Cincinnati. 



1119112—1. Capt. Joaeph, Jr. 

1119112 — 2. Lucy Louise: served as Red Cross nurse. 

1119112 — 3. Annie Early: served as Red Cross nurse in Cuban and 

Manila hospitals. 
1119112—4. Ella d. young. 

1119112-^. Julia Knox, m. 1905 CoL Wm. Julius Harris. 
1119112 — 6. Thomas H.: in U. S. military service during Spanish- American 

War: drowned at Montank Pt., L. I^ while endeavoring 

to rescue a companion. 
1119112—7. Carrie Peyton, m. 1906 Gordon Mou/itjoy Buck. 

Captain Joseph Wheeler, eldest son of Gen. Joseph and Daniella 
Jones- Wheeler b. 1882, grad. at U. S. Mil. Acad. 1895: app'd 2nd 
lieutenant in 4th Artillery. Instructor 1897-8 in mathematics at 
U. S. Acad. Aide-de-camp to Gen. Wheeler, Cav. Div. 5th Army 
Corps in Santiago campaign and at Montank Ft., L. I. Major and 
chief ordnance officer, U. S. Volunteers. Instructor in mathematics 
at U. S. Acad, to July 1899. First lieut of 4th Artillery, March 
1899. Major of 34th U. S. Vol. Inf. July 1899. In the field in 
Philippines Sep. 1899 to Mar. 1901 ; acting military-governor of the 
Southeastern sub-district of Nueva Ecija 1900-1. Honorably mus- 
tered out as Major of 34th Inf. April 1901. Captain of Artillery 
Corps July 1901. Instructor at U. S. Acad, in Ordnance and Gun- 
nery 1902-4. Lieutenant-Colonel of Coast Artillery Corps 1916. 
At Limoges, Haute-Vienne, France, commanding 35th Artillery 
Brigade and Organization and Training Centre No. 2: at the front 
in Toul sector as observer with 2nd Army, Oct.-Nov. 1918; at 
numerous points with A. E. F. in France and Germany; at the dis- 
trict of Paris; member of the Courts and Boards Mar. -June 1919. 
Detailed in the Adj. GeneraFs Dept. July 1919. At Washington, D. 
C, in charge of Selective Service Records, Adj. Gen'ls Office July 

Julia Knox Hull Wheeler (Daniella Jones- Wheeler, Lucy W. 
Early-Jones, Gov. Peter Early, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1905 Col. William Julius Harris, of 
Cedartown, Ga. Col. Harris, formerly director of the census, is now 
U. S. Senator from Georgia: residence, Washington, D. C. 


11191125—1. Julia Wheeler b. 1909. 

Carrie Peyton Wheeler (Daniella Jones- Wheeler, Lucy W. Early 
Jones, Gov. Peter Early, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos 
Early, John Early) m. 1906 Gordon Mountjoy Buck. 


11191127—1. Harrison Leigh b. 1907. 
11191127—2. Lucy Wheeler b. 1908. 
11191127-3. Joseph Wheeler b. 1911, d. 1915. 

Cynthia A. Early (Gov. Peter Early, Joel Early, Sr., Jer*h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. John M. Swoope (son of Jacob 
Swoope), of Courtland, Ala. Member of Congress from Alabama 

Jacob Swoope moved from Philadelphia to Staunton in 1789; was 
the first mayor of Staunton; also the first Congressman from 
Augusta District in 1813 and following years. 


111912—1. Mary d. 1852. 

111912 — 2. Emma m. Dr. Andrew Jackson Sykes. 

111912—3. Virginia m. Hon. E. C. Belts. 

Emma Swoope (Cynthia A. Early-Swoope, Gov. Peter Early, Joel 
Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Dr. Andrew 
J. Sykes (son of Col. James T. Sykes, a soldier in the war of 1812) : 
member of the Legislature from Decatur, Ala. 


1119122 — 1. Lucy Early, m. Watkins Phinizy, son of John T. Phinizy. 
1119122 — 2. James, m. Susie, dau. of Oakley Bynum: d. young. 

1119122 — 3. Anna, m. Crenshaw. 

1119122—4. Emma. 

Virginia Swoope (Cynthia A. Early-Swoope, Gov. Peter Early, 
Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Hon. 
E. C. Betts, Commissioner of Agriculture., judge of probate court 
of Madison County, Ala., and state senator for some years. 



1119123 — 1. Rostan, atty.-at-law at Huntsville, Ala.: m. dau. of Minor 

1119123 — 2. Tancred, clerk of a U. S. Dept. in Washington: m. dau. of 

Dr. William L. Brown, Pres't of A. M. College, Auburn, 


Eliezer Early (Joel Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas 
Early, John Early) b. 1799, m. Miss Patterson (?). 

In 1803 Eliezer Early was a merchant in Memphis, Tenn. 

In 1818 he made the first map of the State of Georgia, all older 
ones were Colonial. 

In 1831 he was living in Florida, as will be seen from the fol- 
lowing letter to Bishop John Early, written from New York, October 
3rd, 1831: 

^'I am the second son of Joel Early, who was the youngest of a 
nimierous family of brothers and sisters, children of Jeremiah Early, 
of Culpeper, now Madison Coimty, Va. My father emigrated to 
Georgia in 1791 when I was a lad of twelve years. I am now (after 
a residence of twenty-five years in Georgia) resident in West Florida 
and I came through by stages from Augusta, Ga., to Philadelphia 
in August, to procure the necessary apparatus for a bank, about to 
go into operation in Pensacola, of which it is intended to make me 
the cashier. I leave this place tomorrow for Philadelphia, where 
this apparatus is promised me on the twelfth instant. I shall then 
immediately proceed to Washington, where I have business that will 
detain me about three days and where I shall hear from Major 
William Duval, of Buckingham County, Virginia, on some business 
which may cause me to go to see him. In this event I should not 
pass far from Lynchburg and would be quite inclined to take that 
place in my way expressly to see you provided I can learn that we 
are near of kin and that it would be as desirable to you as to me 
for us to become acquainted. You will perceive that I have some 
knowledge of who you are, when I tell you that I have for years 
known that a person of your name was living in Lynchburg and 
that you were the president of a bank there and have been a leading 
member of the Methodist church and a minister of that church. An 
immediate reply from you addressed to Washington City, will find 
me there. (Signed) Eliezer Early." 


Eliezer Early was librarian of Congress for a number of years, 
and died while residing in Washington City. 

Mary Early (Joel Early, Sr., Jeremiah Early, Sr., Thomas Early, 
John Early) b. 1780, m. 1800-2 Major George Watkins (b 1770) 
son of Thomas Watkins, Jr., and wife, Sally Walton, sister of George 
W., a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and governor of 
Georgia. Major Watkins resided at "Calais" across Broad River 
from Joel Early, Jr's. residence "Dover," in Greene County, Ga. 

Thomas Watkins b. 1715, lived on Swift Creek, Cumberland Co., 
(later cut off to form Powhatan) : his will recorded among Cumber- 
land records in 1760, mentions four sons, Thomas, the eldest, known 
as Thos. Watkins of Chickahominy, who married Martha Anderson, 
sister of Claiborne Anderson, of Chesterfield: and resided near 
Bottom's Bridge; d. 1783: leaving four sons and seven daughters. 
His youngest son, Thomas, m. 1763 Sallie Walton and lived on Swift 
Creek, Powhatan Co., Va.: he was killed by Indian allies of the 
British. George, fourth son of Thomas and Sallie Walton-Watkins, 
was left an orphan and was brought up by his uncle, Joel Watkins, 
of Charlotte Co., Va.: later he went to live with his eldest brother, 
Col. Robert Watkins in Georgia: soon after his marriage he moved 
(1804) to Greene Co., Ga.: was an elder in the Presbyterian church, 
a gentleman without fear or reproach. He together with his brother 
Robert, compiled and published the first "Digest of the Laws of the 
State of Georgia, from its first establishment as a British province 
down to the year 1798 inclusive, the principle Acts of 1799, also 
Constitution of 1798, etc.: titles of all the obsolete and other acts 
concluding with an Appendix containing the original charter and 
other documents ascertaining and defining the limits and boundary 
of the State; of all the treaties with the Southern tribes of Indians; 
the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union; the Constitu- 
tion of the U. S. and a few Acts of Congress." This Digest was 
printed in 1800 by RobL Aitken of Phila.: because it contained the 
Yazoo Act the Legislature would not pay the compilers for their 
work, which was afterwards copied by Wm. H. Crawford. 

Major Geo. Watkins d. in 1829 and was buried in the Greensboro 
cemetery. Judge Geo. Hillyer has in his possession an ivory minia- 
ture of this grand-father. Mrs. Mary E. Watkins was a woman of 
vigorous intellect: she d. 1842-3 and was buried at Athens. 



11196—1. Dr. Thomas A. Watkins b. 1803; m. Sarah Eppa Fitzgerald. 

11196—2. Lucy b. 1805; m. Ist, Dr. George Meriwether; m. 2nd, Dr. 

Charles Milton Reese. 

11196—3. Catherine A. b. 1806; m. Dr. Ulric B. Clarke. 

11196—4. Jane Selina b. 1807; m. 1st, Daniel Foster; m. 2nd, Judge 

Junius HUlyer. 

11196 — 5. Robert: served in the Mexican war: was wounded at the storm- 
ing of Chepultepec; died 18S5 at New Yoik. 

11196 — 6. Sarah d. young. 

11196—7. Mary d. young. 

11196—8. George d. young. 

11196—9. d. infant. 

11196—10. d. infant. ^ 

11196—11. Emily b. 1818; m. Henry Waring Todd. 

11196—12. Elizabeth, m. Mr. Harrell, of Wetumpka, Ala.: d. 1857 at 

Ocala, Fla. 

Dr. Thomas Anderson Watkins (Mary Early- Watkins, Joel Early, 
Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Sarah Epps Fitz- 
gerald, dau. of Rev. Freeman and Elizabeth Fitzgerald, adopted 
dau. of Wm. Fitzgerald and wife nee Bledsoe (of Botetourt Co.), 
of Nottoway Co., Va. Born in Augusta, Ga., Dr. Watkins was 
reared in Greene Co., within sight of his grandfather Early's resi- 
dence, among his mother's brothers and their families. He graduat- 
ed at the University of Georgia; received his medical diploma at 
Philadelphia Medical College: moved to Courtland, Ala., in 1825; 
then to Mississippi,' where he amassed a fortune : while living in Mis- 
sissippi he lost his wife: in 1861 lived at Wenona, Carroll Co., Miss.; 
moved to Austen, Tex. in 1867 and died there in 1884. He left a mss. 
account of the old settlers of Georgia: owned and used an old Ijetter 
seal of his grandfather Early's bearing his full name. 

In a letter written December 16, 1873, Dr. Watkins writes "My 
mother was a dau. of Joel Early who emigrated from Culpeper 
County, now Madison County, Va., about 1791, and settled in Greene 
County, Ga. : her grandfather was Jeremiah Early, of Culpeper, Va. : 
my paternal ancestor was Thomas Watkins, of Chickahominy, Va. 
A little more than a century ago these ancestors were in moderate 
circumstances; at the commencement of the late war (1861-65) their 
descendants had more than fifty million dollar's worth of negro 
property, besides other valuable effects in proportion to that prop- 


On June 4th, 1875, he wrote "Mrs. Cynthia A. Swoope, of Court- 
land, North Alabama, is the only surviving child of Gov. Peter 
Early; her age is about seventy. She is the widow of a son of 
Jacob Swoope, who represented the Staunton, Va., district in Con- 
gress about the years 1813 and following. Gov. Early was a brother 
of my mother, who had a brother Jeremiah Early, whom I loved 
dearly; he was very popular and quite wealthy, died in 1816 at his 
residence in Greene County, Ga. The Earlys of my immediate con- 
nection are not a long-lived people. Of the descendants of my 
grandfather Joel Early there is only one male to perpetuate the 
name: if he has no male heir, the name will die out as far as this 
Georgia branch is concerned. Joel Early has, however, many descen- 
dants in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas — and 'Early' is 
a favorite name in my family; I have known Early Cunningham, 
Early Watkins, Early Harris, Early Matthews, Early Hurt and Early 
Gooch. My maternal grandmother was Lucy Smith, related to the 
wife of Hon. Jeremiah Morton, of Culpeper, Va.: my paternal grand- 
mother was Sallie Walton, sister of Gov. George Walton.*' 

Dr. Watkins kept in touch with various members of the family 
through correspondence, and much information may be gleaned 
from those old letters still extant. 


111961— L Lctitia Anderson b. 1835; m. 1854 Major Wm. M. Walton. 

111961—2. Mary Early b. 1844; m. 1863 Jeflferson H. McLemorc, of 

Mississippi, who was living in Sunflower County in 1783, 
later in Waco, Texas. Mrs. McLemore graduated at 
Patapsco Institute, Md.: d. s. p. 

Letitia Anderson Watkins (Dr. Thos. A. Watkins, Mary Early- 
Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Major Wm. M. Walton, son of Samuel, grandson of George 
Walton (the signer). Major Walton moved from Georgia to 
Lawrence Coimty near Town Creek, Ala.: moved again to Austin, 
Texas: was an atty.-at-law : an officer in the C. S. Army: attorney- 
general of Texas. He was stricken with paralysis while in the Dis- 
trict Court room at Austin in 1904. 


1119611—1. Newton S. b. 1855 m, Annie Hicks. 
1119611—2. Dr. Early: graduated at Univ. of Va. 


1119611 — 3. George Longstreet, killed by a ball fired at random. 
111%11— 4. Sarah. 

Newton S. Walton (Letitia A. Watkins- Walton, Dr. Thos. A. Wat- 
kins, Mary Early- Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Annie Hicks. 

Newton S. Walton was a graduate of the Univ. of Va. and partner 
at law with his father. 


11196111—1. Ethel Early. 
11196111—2. William Hicks. 

Lucy Watkins (Mary Early- Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1805, m. 1st George Meriwether; m. 
2nd Dr. Charles Milton Reese. Mrs. Lucy W. Reese d. 1339. 


111962 — 1. George Ann, m. Thomas J. Bacon. 

111962 — 2. lanie, m. Col. Samuel C. Williams, of Atlanta. 
111962 — 3. Anderson Watkins, m. Viola Ross. 

George Ann Meriwether (Lucy Watkins-Meriwether, Mary Early- 
Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Thomas J. Bacon, who was killed in the battle of Fair 
Oaks (or Seven Pines) in Virginia May 1862. 


1119621—1. Meriwether. 
1119621—2. Sumner W. 
1119621—3. Beatrice. 
1119621--4. Lucy. 

Anderson Watkins Reese (Lucy Watkins (Meriwether) Reese, 
Mary Early- Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. Viola Ross, of Macon, Ga. 

1119623 — 1. Flewellyn, m. McEwen Johnson, of Macon. 


Catherine A. Watkins (Mary Early-Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1806, m. Dr. Ulric B. Clarke, 
of Beech Island, South Carolina: resided at Augusta, Ga. Mrs. 
Clarke d. 1844. 

Dr. Ulric Bender Clarke, graduate of the South Carolina College 
(now the University) and graduate of Philadelphia Medical College, 
m. Catherine A., sister and adopted daughter of Dr. Thos. A. Wat- 
kins, of Augusta, Ga. He was the son of John Clarke, Sr., of a 
Scotch-Irish colony from Virginia, which settled on Beech Isl^and, So. 
Ca. before the Revolution: most of this colony were massacred by a 
roving band of Indians. Clemson College is built upon the site of 
that settlement. The mother of Dr. Ulric B. Clarke was Helena 

whose parents came from St. Gaul, Switzerland, after 

the settlement of Georgia and located across the Savannah river from 
Augusta, who brought with them the sturdy virtues of the Swiss. 


111963 — 1. Helen, m. Thomas Bush: s. p. 

111963 — 2. Catherine, m. James Beattie, of Mclndoe Falls, Vermont: issue, 

Elsie, of Atlanta. 
111963 — 3. Evelina Walton, of Cornelia, Habersham Co., Ga. 

Jane Selina Watkins (Mary Early-Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1807, m. 1st (1827) Daniel 
Foster; m. 2nd (1831) Judge Junius Hillyer, son of Shaler Hillyer 
(b. 1775), the marriage ceremony being performed by the family 
friend. Rev. Adiel Sherwood. 

John and Ann Hillyer came to Windsor, Conn., in 1639; their 
son James b. 1644, m. Mary Wakefield, held the office of sergenat: 
his son, James b. 1683, m. Johanna Hayes, whose son, Capt 
James Hillyer (b. 1712), m. Mary Humphrey, was an officer in 
the revolutionary army; d. aged 95 years. His son. Dr. Asa 
Hillyer (b. 1738) surgeon in the Revolutionary army, m. Rhoda, 
dau. of Ebenezer Smith; and was father of Shaler (b. 1775), 
who m. Rebecca, dau. of John Freeman and his wife, Catherine 
Carlton, of Mattapony, King and Queen County, forty miles from 
Yorktown. Capt. Freeman was in the battle of Kettle Creek, the 
siege of Savannah and other Rev'y engagements in the South. 

Junius, son of Shaler and Rebecca Freeman-Hillyer, b. 1807 in 
Wilkes Co., Ga., graduated at the University of Georgia 1828; hav- 


ing read law during his serior year was admitted to the bar a week 
after graduation; entered at once upon law practice in Athens, 
soon attaining eminence and distinction at a bar noted for legal 
ability and brillancy. In 1834 he was elected by the legislature as 
Solicitor General for the western judicial circuit of Georgia: was 
nominated in 1837 and '39 for Congress but was defeated with all 
other candidates of his party, the method of election at that time 
being by general ticket for the whole state. In 1841 he was elected 
judge of the Western Circuit, holding office four years: served two 
terms in the U. S. Congress, in his second term being chairman of 
the committee on private land claims: was solicitor of the U. S. 
Treasury from Dec. 1857 to Feb. 1861, resigning upon the passage 
by Georgia of the Ordinance of Secession: while holding this office 
Judge Hillyer drew the first code of procedure for trial of actions 
under the treaty with China in which American citizens were in- 
terested: he took an active interest in the affairs of Georgia during 
the war between states: A 1886 at Decatur, Ga., buried in Oakland 
cemetery, Atlanta. Mrs. Jane S. W. Hillyer d. 1880. 

(Dr. Shaler Granby Hillyer, a brother of Judge Hillyer was a 
distinguished Baptist divine and teacher, editor of the '^Christian 
Index" and author of a number of books. He occupied the chair of 
Professor of Theology at Mercer University till the war of the sixties 
suspended its exercises in 1862: afterwards became pastor of 
Forsythe church, Ga., and professor in Monroe Female College.) 


111964^L Emily Eliza b. 1828; m. Judge J. Field. 

111964—2. Dr. Eben b. 1832; m. Georgia Elizabeth Cooley. 
111964 — 3. Judge George b. 1835; m. Ellen Emily Cooley. 
111964—4. Shaler b. 1837; m. Annie Haley. 
111964—5. Mary b. 1839; m. Major George Whitfield: s. p. 
111964 — 6. Catherine Rebecca b. 1841; residence Decatur, Ga. 
111964 — 7. Carlton b. 1844; m. Lucy Thomas. 
111964—8. Henry b. 1846; m. Mrs. Eleanor Hurd-Talcott. 
111964 — 9. Evelina Watkins b. 1848; residence Decatur, Ga. 

Emily Foster (Jane Selina Watkins-Foster, Mary Early-Watkins, 
Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Judge 
J. Field, of Columbus, Miss., d. 1876. 



1119641 — 1. Julian, m. Adeline, dau. of A. D. Adair and wife, Octavia 

Hammond; s. p. 
1119641 — 2. May Hillyer, m. Hooper Alexander: Mrs. Alexander d. 1890: 

8. p. 

Dr. Eben Hillyer (Jane S. Watkins-Hillyer, Mary Early- Watkins, 
Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1832, 
m. 1857 Georgia Elizabeth (b. 1834) dau. of Hollis Cooley, and 
wife Elizabeth, the dau. of Alexander and Tabitha Harper: residence 
Rome, Ga. Dr. Hillyer was a surgeon in the Confederate Army: 
president of the Rome Railroad: d. 1910. 

The Cooley name is of Norman origin from Culey or Cuilly near 
Falaise, Normandy: while the family is English. At what date Ben- 
jamin Cooley b. 1620 (the earliest known American ancestor) emi- 
grated to this country is not known. He was a resident of Spring- 
field, Mass., in 1646; was one of the Selectmen, which office he held 
eighteen years: he moved across the Connecticutt river to Long 
Meadow (originally a part of Springfield) and then (1642) received 
his first allottment of land, upon a portion of which he settled and 
which he gave to his eldest son, Obadiah, and is in the possession of 

his descendants at this time: he m. 1642 Sarah , and d. 

1684. His fourth son, Daniel b. 1651, also a Selectman, m. Eliza- 
beth Walcott: the eldest son of this couple, Benjamin b. 1681 m. 
Margaret, dau. of Samuel and Sarah Bliss. Benjamin Cooley was 
in Major Hawks' Company in the Expedition to Canada, 1758. He 
and a son signed the Statement of Grievances in 1722, was assessor 
and Selectman: moved to Briarfield, where he died. His third son, 

Azariah b. 1704, m. 1730 ; and his son, Azariah, 

Jr., b. 1731, settled at Bloody Brook; m. 1756 Eleanor, dau. of Wm. 
Warriner. Azarifih, Jr., signed the Covenant at Briarfield in 1774 
for "Absolute Non-Intercourse With Great Britain;" he served in 
1775 with Capt. Sherman's company at Lexington: his son, Eli, b. 
1764, m. Chloe dau. of Caleb and Judith H. Allen; their son, Hollis 
Cooley, b. 1794, moved to Georgia, and m. in 1825 at Monticello, 
Elizabeth Harper; Georgia Elizabeth, fourth child of this couple, 
became the wife of Dr. Eben Hillyer. 



1119642—1. Ethel b. 1859; m. Isl, Thos. W. Hamilton Harris: m. 2d, 

Perrin Bestor Brown. 

1119642—2. Mabel Field b. 1860; m. 1st, (18%) Warren Palmer Wilcox, 

of Savannah, Ga.: issue, Eleanor Wilcox b. 1897. Mr. 
Wilcox d. 1900 and his widow m. 2d, Col. Wm. A. Hemp- 
hill, of Atlanta, who d. 1902; Mrs. Hemphill d. 1909. 

Ethel HiUyer (Dr. Eben Hillyer, Jane S. Watkins-Hillyer, Mary 
Early-Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. 1st in 1878 Thos. W. Hamilton Harris, son of Col. Wat- 
kins Harris and wife Annie Hamilton, of Cedarville, Ga. Th. W. 
H. Harris d. 1893 : his widow m. 2n(J in 1915 Perrin Bestor Brown, 
s. p. 


11196421—1. Hamilton b. 1880. d. infant. 

11196421—2. Katherine Maud b. 1885; m. 1906 Bejamin Cutworth Yancey. 

Katherine Maud Harris (Ethel Hillyer-Harris, Dr. Eben Hillyer, 
Jane S. Watkins-Hillyer, Mary Early-Watkins, Joel Early, Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Benjamin Cutworth Yancey 
at Rome, Ga. 

111964212—1. Eben Hamilton b. 1907. 

Judge George Hillyer (Jane S. W. Hillyer, Mary E. Watkins, Joel 
Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. at Athens, 
Ga., 1835, m. 1867 Ellen. Emily (b. 1839), dau. of HoUis and 
Elizabeth Harper-Cooley, of Monticello, Ga., and sister of Mrs. 
Georgia E. Cooley-Hillyer: residence, Atlanta. 

Towards the end of 1847 George Hillyer moved with his father 
Judge Jimius Hillyer to Walton Co., Ga., attended Mercer Univ. 
(then located at Penfield, Greene Co.) from where he graduated in 
1854, receiving A. M. degree in 1857: was admitted to the bar 1855 
and practiced in partnership with his father several years; then 
joined in partnership with Hope Hull Esq., a lawyer of note. 

On the occasion of Judge George Hillyer's farewell attendance 
upon a meeting of the Railroad Commission, of which he was vice- 
chairman, Dec. 1918, he was presented with a silver loving cup in 
token of their esteen, when Chairman Candler read a tribute to his 

Judge Ceurce Hillvea; of Allanl^, Ca. 



public service, which was (in part) as follows: "Your associates 
upon the Commission who have known and served with you for 
many years, are unwilling to allow the occasion to pass without an 
expression of their regret at the severing of relations with one they 
venerate. It is a great thing to retain the confidence of one's fellow 
men for eighty-four years; it is a rare honor for one to fill public 
station at the call of fellow citizens for forty-three years with never 
a question of his probity or breath of suspicion as to his character. 
The close of such a term of service calls for more than passing com- 
ment and we desire our minutes permanently to record the features 
of jour career. When only twenty- two you were elected to repre- 
sent Walton Co. in the Gen. Assembly from 1857-8: the next Ho. 
of Rep. elected you chief clerk for 1859-60: in 1860 you were a 
delegate to the Democratic Convention at Charleston. 

"With the outbreak of war bet. States you raised the first com- 
pany of volunteers (known as the Hillyer Rifles, of which you were 
elected captain) in Walton County. At Gettysburg you brought out 
of battle only ten men of your company, the others having been 
killed, wounded or captured." (Capt. Hillyer served in Longstreet's 
Corps.) "Gov. Joseph E. Brown called you from the field and ap- 
pointed you Auditor of the Western and Atlantic Railroad which 
was and is still valuable State property: during the days when its 
successful operation meant much to the State and the Confederacy, 
you handled efficiently and economically its fiscal affairs for the 
years 1864-5. In 1869 you were appointed on a Commission to 
adjust and settle a large accumulation of claims against the road, 
aggregating two million dollars, which your Commission labor- 
iously investigated and settled for $400,000. 

"You moved from Walton Co. to Atlanta in 1865 and entered 
upon a large practice, which except when interrupted by service 
upon the Supreme Court Bench, continued more than thirty-five 
years. Elected to the State Senate from Atlanta District you rep- 
resented it ably from 1870 to '74 and took a prominent part in 
rebuilding Georgia: rewrote and had passed a new city charter for 
Atlanta, under which it is now operated: in 1876 you were appoint- 
ed by Pres. Grant Centennial Conmiissioner for Georgia. Upon the 
death of Judge Cincinnattus Peoples 1877 you were appointed, at 
suggestion of leading members of the circuit bar, judge of the 
Superior Court of Atlanta circuit by Gov. A. H. Colquitt for an un- 


expired term; then twice reappointed for terms of four years each; 
while holding the office you admitted Woodrow Wilson to the bar. 
You resigned in 1883, remaining in private life for a brief period, 
were then elected mayor of Atlanta and directed affairs as chief 
executive during 1885-6. Elected chairman of the Water Works 
Board over which you presided for twelve years and recreated the 
system which provides abundance of pure water. You were a dele- 
gate to the Democratic Nat. Conventions of 1884 and '92. Called 
from retirement by Gov. Hoke Smith in 1907 to become a member 
of the enlarged railroad Commission, the jurisdiction and powers of 
which extended over every public utility in the State, with super- 
visiory powers over their rates, services and practices: your intelli- 
gent, unbiased and unremitting labors upon the Commission were 
endorsed by the people twice in general elections. You are retiring 
while still in the enjoyment of physical and mental strength and in 
your retirement the State loses a faithful, able and honest official.*' 

As a Confederate veteran. Judge Hillyer was elected and served 
as Commander General of Georgia Confed. Vet Association. 

Judge Hillyer has been an exemplary and active member of the 
Second Baptist church of Atlanta, for nearly forty-two years. He 
is (in 1920) still hale, hearty and active, retaining a wholesome 
interest in State, national and world affairs. 


1119643--L Edith Elizabeth b. 1867; m. 1893 F. M. Coker, Jr. 
1119643—2. Minnie Mary Cooley b. 1869; m. 1891 Henry A. Cassin. 
1119643—3. Marian Jean b. 1871; m. 1894 Dr. Bernard Wolflf. 
1119643—4. George Hillyer, Jr., b. 1872. 

1119643—5. Ellen Martha b. 1874; m. 1903 Alfred Colquitt Newell. 
1119643—6. Daisy b. 1876, d. infant. 
1119643—7. Hollis b. 1878, d. infant." 
1119643—8. Emily b. 1880, d. infant. 

Edith Elizabeth Hillyer (Judge George Hillyer, Jane S. W. Hill- 
yer, Mary E. Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1893 Frank M. Coker, Jr., son of Francis Marion 
Coker and wife, Sarah Alice Johnson: residence Atlanta. Mrs. 
Coker d. 1906. 



11196431—1. Frank b. 1894, d. infant. 

11196431—2. Sarah Elizabeth b. 1869; m. 1917 Dr. Victor Lindlahr, of 

11196431—3. Elizabeth b. 1903. 

Minnie M. Cooley Hiilyer (Judge George Hillyer, Jane S. W. 
Hillyer, Mary E. Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. 1st (1891) Henry Augustus Cassin, son of 
Cornelius P. Cassin and wife, Keziah Bowers: m. 2d Dr. James Daw- 
kins Cromer, son of James Lloyd Cromer and wife, Cora Lee Dawkins. 
The families of Cromer and Dawkins were from South Carolina and 
were connected with the Spencers and Daniel Morgans, of Virginia. 
Residence, Atlanta.. 


11196432—1. Emily b. 1892; m. Vivian Langmire Walker, son of H. S. 

Walker, of Mobile, Ala., a lieutenant in aviation service. 

11196432—2. James D., Jr., b. 1913. 

Marian Jean Hillyer (Judge George Hillyer, Jane S. W. Hillyer, 
Mary E. Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early) m. 1894 Dr. Charles Bernard WoljBF, b. 1868 in Prince 
Edward County, Va., son of Major Bernard Likens Wolff and wife 
Eliza Preston Benton dau. of Governor James McDowell and his 
wife, Susan Preston. Dr. Wolff is of German descent: his American 
ancestry dates from Christian Wolff b. 1762 at Lancaster, Penn. 
Dr. C. Bernard Wolff d. 1916 in Atlanta. 


11196433—1. Ellen McDowell b. 1895. 
11196433—2. Marian Hillyer b. 1907. 
11196433—3. Bernard Preston b. 1909. 

George Hillyer, Jr., son of Judge George and Ellen E. Cooley- 
Hillyer) b. 1872 at Atlanta, Ga., grad. 1893 at Univ. of Geo., A. B.: 
grad. Cornell Univ. 1896 M. E. Draftsman of So. Railway at 
Washington 1897-99. Designing engineer with Am. Car and 
Foundry Co. at Detroit 1900-1; mechanical engineer with Am. 



Radiator Co. at Chicago 1902-4. Branch manager 1905-10 at At- 
lanta: consulting engineer at Atlanta 1911-13. Mechanical engi- 
neer with Georgia So. Railway at Macon, Ga., 1914; mechanical 
engineer with So. Railway at Wn., D. C, 1915 to date: member 
of Am. Soc. of Mech. Engineers; of Am. Ass. for Advancement of 
Science and other scientific societies, social clubs and fraternal or- 

Ellen Martha Hillyer (Judge George Hillyer, Jane S. W. Hillyer, 
Mary E. Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, 
John Early )m. 1903 Alfred Colquitt Newell, son of Capt Thomas 
Newell £ind wife, Ann Lane, dau. of Gen. Alfred H. Colquitt 


11196435— L Ellen Hillyer b. 1904. 
11196435—2. Ann Lane Colquitt b. 1906. 

Shaler Hillyer (Jane S. Watkins-Hillyer, Mary Early- Watkins, 
Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1837, 
m. Annie Haley. 


1119644—1. Guy d. infant 

1119644 — 2. Shaler Lorraine b. 1866; m. Fannie , d. 1916 s. p. 

Carlton Hillyer (Jane S. Watkins-Hillyer, Mary Early- Watkins, 
Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Lucy 

1119647—1. Henry b. 1875, d. 1895, unmarried. 

Henry Hillyer (Jane S. Watkins-Hillyer, Mary Early-Watkins, 
Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Mrs. 
Eleanor Hurd-Talcott, of Hartford, Conn. 

1. William Hurd b. 1880; m. 1903 Mary Dunwoody Jones. 

Jeremiah Early (Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thomas Early, 
John Early) m. Ann Billups: resided near Greensboro, Ca. Dr. 


Thos. A. Watkins said of this brother of his mother, that he was 
universally beloved: his father provided in his will that "Jeremiah 
shall live on my manor place, which will belong to my son Joel." 
In 1812 Clement, a brother, appointed his brothers, Peter and Jere- 
miah, his joint executors. On March 13, 1818, the court app'd Ann 
Adams Early, widow of Gov. Peter Early, to obtain letters of ad- 
ministration on his estate, when Jeremiah and Joel Early, brothers 
of Peter, were to be received as securities upon their entering into 
a bond in the penalty of $130,000: on May 4th of same year 
Thomas Stocks was received as one of the securities in lieu of 
Jeremiah Early, who had departed this life without signing the 
administrator's bond: he d. before May 4th, 1818. Mrs. Ann 
Billups-Early m. 2d John Cunningham. 


11194 — 1. Eliza Ann, m. William R. Cunningham. 
11194 — 2. Frank, d. unmarried in early youth. 

Eliza Ann Early (Jeremiah Early, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. William R. Cunningham (the 
brother of her step-father) : moved from Greensboro, Ga., to Aber- 
deen, Miss., in 1844. 


111941 — 1. Jeremiah Early, m. Pauline Sykes. 
111941 — 2. Clara Eliza, m. Hubbard Saunders. 
111941 — 3. Rev. James Thompson, m. Mary E. Hurd. 
111941 — 4. William R., Jr., m. Frances Dunnaway, of Fori Worth, Tex.: 

issue, 3 ch. She d. 1895. 

Jeremiah Early Cunningham (Eliza A. E. Cunningham, Jeremiah 
Early, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 
m. Pauline Sykes. 


1119411 — 1. Anne Early, m. James M. Acker. 

1119411—2. Thomas S. 

1119411 — ^3. Sallie S., m. Dr. Charles Ewing: issue, Early Cunningham 

1119411-4. Willie, ) 
1119411-5. Josaphine \ ^^'"*' residence, Aberdeen, Miss. 

Josaphine m. Charles E. Hamilton, gr.-son of Bishop 
Robert Payne. 


Clara Eliza Cunningham (Eliza A. E. Cunningham, Jeremiah 

Early, Joel Early, Sr., Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) 

m. Hubbard Saunders, of Aberdeen, Miss., the brother of Mrs. 

Robert Payne. 


1119412—1. William d. 

1119412—2. Turner d. 

1119412 — 3. Henrietta, m. Gabriel A. Lux, of New Orleans, La. 

1119412 — 4. Clara, residence, Shreveport. 

1119412 — 5. Frank, residence, Shreveport. 

Rev, Jataies Thompson Cunningham (Eliza A. E. Cunningham, 
Jeremiah Early, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Mary E. Heard, of the Georgia family of Heard. Rev. 
J. T. Cunningham •was of the Meth. Epis. Ch. So., North Miss. Con- 
ference: d. 1912 aged 72 years at the residence of his son. Rev. Jas. 
E. Cunningham, of Aberdeen; was buried at Tupelo, Miss. Mrs. 
Cunningham d. in 1906. 


1119413 — 1. George H., m. Mary Sue Greene: issue, 5 ch.: residence, 

Tupelo, Miss.: he d. 1918. 
1119413—2. William R., d. aged 21 years, s. p. 
1119413—3. Rev. Henry T. (Meth. min.), m. Lillian Klock, of San 

Antonio, Texas: issue, 5 ch.: residence, Houston, Tex. 
1119413—4. Joseph L., m. Olivia Russell, of San Antonio: residence, 

Beaumont; s. p. 
1119413 — 5. Rev. James Early, m. Mary Palmer Glass. 
1119413—6. Clara Eliza, m. Rev. John E. Hobson, Presn. min.: issue, 2 

ch.: residence, Water Valley, Miss. 
1119413 — 7. Julia H., m. George A. McElroy, of Meridian, Miss.: issue 

3 ch.: residence, Los Angeles, California. 
1119413—8. Mary Jordan, m. Dr. G. W. Lowry, of Verona, Miss.: issue, 

1 ch. Mrs. Lowry d. 1919. 
1119413 — ^9. Early E., m. Epsey Bond, of Ruston, La.: issue, 2 ch.: resi- 
dence, Shreveport, La. 

Rev. James Early Cunningham (Rev. Jas. T. Cunningham, Eliza 
A. E. Cunningham, Jer'h Early, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) a presiding elder of Aberdeen District; 
now pastor of First M. E. Church, So., in Aberdeen, Miss. : m. Mary 
Palmer Glass, of Tennessee. Rev. J. E. Cunningham was a captain 
in the C. S. Army; was stationed at Fort McPherson. 



11194112—1. Hiram G. 
11194112—2. James Thomas. 

Clement Early (4th son of Joel and Lucy Smith-Early) m. Sarah 
Terrell ( ? ) : resided in Greene Comity, Ga. : a college bred and 
highly intellectual man. That he left no children may be presumed* 
from the disposition he made of his property (will written July 1812 
probated and recorded in Greene County January 1813) : 

^'Being weak in health I devise all property of which 

I may die possessed or be entitled unto in trust for the use of the 
children of my sister, Polly Watkins, .... either for their 
education or as a legacy to them when they arrive at age or marry 
and I appoint my brothers Peter and Jeremiah executors of my will.*' 

Joel Early, Jr., (youngest son of Joel and Lucy Smith-Early) edu- 
cated at Franklin College, Athens, Ga., married Miss Singleton; 
resided two miles from Greensboro, at his place called ^'Dover:** 
inherited his father's manor place. His father's will directed that 
'7oel shall have only a good English education" (the other brothers 
were all college bred) *'and is to work in the field with the negroes, 
so that he may learn how to take care of his property.'^ 

Joel Early, Jr., left a very large fortune: emancipated his slaves 
and sent them to Liberia: made a bequest of $1,000 to the Bible 
Society; was very religious and conscientious. 

Emily Watkins (Mary Early- Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, 
Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) b. 1818, m. 1838 Henry Waring 
Todd, planter, of Chambers County, Ala. Mrs. Todd d. 1888. 


11196B — 1. Capt. George Fauntleroy b. 1839, unmarried: entered the C. 

S. Army; was killed at the battle of Malvern Hill in 1862. 
11196B— 2. Lucy b. 1841, m. 1866 Judge Sampson Watkins Harris. 
11196B-^. Dr. J. Scott b. 1847; m. Julia Beall. 

Lucy Todd (Emily Watkins-Todd, Mary Early-Watkins, Joel 
Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1866 Judge 
Sampson Watkins Harris b. 1838 at Wetumpka, Ala., son of Sampson 


W. Harris, Sr., and wife, Paulina (dau. of Stevens Thomas, of 
Athens, Gr.) Mrs. Harris d. 1880. 

Sampson Harris, ancestor of Judge S. W. Harris, was a brother 
of Gen. Buckner Harris (who m. Ann, dau. of Jacob Early, of 
Clarke Co., Ga.,) and was the second son of Walton and Rebecca 
Lanier-Harris, who moved from Brunswick Co., Va., to Wilkes Co., 
Ga.: he maried Susannah, dau. of George Willis (member of the 
Georgia Legislature 1802-3) ; their eldest son, Stephen Willis Harris 
b. 1785, succeeded Judge Peter Early on the bench of Ocmulgee cir- 
cuit in 1813 and m. Sarah Watkins of Elbert Co., Ga.: he d. 1822. 
His eldest son, Sampson W. Harris, a graduate of Franklin College, 
represented Putnam Co. in the Legislature; moved in 1836 to Ala- 
bama; was a representative in Congress from Wetumpka District 
in 1854 m. Pauline Thomas, of Athens. 

Judge Sampson Watkins Harris served in the Confederate Army 
as colonel of the 6th Ga. Reg.: was wounded three times, resulting 
in partial lameness. He was a member of the Constitutional Con- 
vention of Georgia in 1876: Judge of the Coweta Circuit for 25 
years from 1881: was appointed on the Supreme Bench during the 
time, but declined the office, preferring not to move from his home 
in Carrollton: was Adjutant General of Georgia for 6 or 8 years: 
was an unusually intellectual and highly honorable man: d. 1912. 


111%B2 — 1. Dr. Henry Fauntleroy b. 1867; m. Mrs. Adah Virginia Austin, 

n6e Evans. 

111%B2— 2. Lucie b. 1869, d. infant. 

11196B2 — 3. Dr. Sampson W., Jr., b. 1871, graduated from the So. Med. 

Coll. of Atlanta: d. unmarried, 1908. 

111%B2 — 4. Dr. Stephens Thomas b. 1873; m. Caroline Haygood. 

111%B2— 5. Belle Willis b. 1876; m. J. 0. Stockley (d. 1911), of Carroll- 
ton, Ga.: issue, Henrietta. 

11196B2 — 6. Emily Paulina b. 1878; m. Hayes, of Carrollton: issue, 


111%B2 — 7. Lucie Ann Buchanon b. 1880; m. Montgomery, of 

^ Austin, Texas: s. p. 

Dr. Henry Fountleroy Harris (Lucy Todd-Harris, Emily Watkins- 
Todd, Mary E. Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. 1909 Mrs. Adah Virginia Austin nee Evans, 
of Milledgeville, Ga. 


Dr. Harris graduated from the Atlanta Medical College in 1889 
and from Jefferson Med. College, Phila., in 1890: attended European 
Universities a number of summers: was professor at the So. Med. 
College, Atlanta, from 1892 to '96; associate professor of pathology 
and bacteriology at Jefferson Med. College eight ensuing years: 
professor of those subjects at the Atlanta College till 1911: secretary 
and director of laboratories of (Ga.) State Board of Health for 
fourteen years: published (1920) a work on pellagra, which re- 
quired the labor of fifteen years, including reading and translation 
of 2,000 books, brochures and papers, on the subject, in eight or ten 
languages: resident at present in Philadelphia. 


111%B21— 1. Margaret b. 1910. 

111%B21— 2. Henry Faunlleroy, Jr., b. 1913. 

Dr. Stevens Thomas Harris (Lucy Todd-Harris, Emily Watkins- 
Harris, Mary E. Watkins, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. 
Early, John Early) m. Caroline Hay good, of Atlanta: residence El 
Paso, Texas. Dr. Harris graduated from the Southern Medical 
College, of Atlanta. 


111%B24— 1. Lucie. 111%B24— 5. . 

111%B24^2. Caroline. 11196B24^-4. . 

111%B24-^. Stevens Thomas, Jr. 

Dr. J. Scott Todd (Emily Watkins-Todd, Mary Early-Watkins, 
Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Julia 
Beall, of La Grange, Ga. Dr. Todd was a prominent physician of 
Atlanta: d. 1917. 


111%B3 — 1. James Scott, Jr., m. Elsie Nyce, of Reading, Pa.: issue, J. 

Scott, 3rd. 

111%B3 — 2. Emily Louise m. 1st, Thomas, son of Gen. Thomas, of 

the U. S. Army: m. 2d, Prof. Stewart S. Wallace, of 
Maryland; professor in Ga. School of Technology, Atlanta. 

111%B3 — 3. Captain Henry Waring (of the A. E. F. in France), m. Mar- 
garet Yancey, of Atlanta: issue, Julia. 

111%B3-^. James Beall. 


Lucy Early (Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John 
Early) m. Col. Charles Lewis Matthews, b. 1775, the youngest son of 
Governor George Matthews and wife, Anne Paul, grandson of John 
Matthews (who emigrated from North Ireland to America with John 
Lewis about 1737 settling in Augusta County, Va.) and his wife 
Anne, the dau. of Sampson Archer. Charles L. Matthews was edu- 
cated in Virginia; was possessed of a fine mind well improved; was 
sociable and honorable : lived at the Goosepond place until his wife's 
death: moved first to Louisville, Ky., then to Alabama, settling near 
Cahaba, where he died : became one of the wealthiest planters in the 

George Matthews, father of Charles, was b. 1739 in Augusta 
County; began fighting Indians at an early age. In 1761 a family 
living near his father's residence was massacred; he and two or three 
other youths supposing the noise of firing proceeded from a shoot- 
ing match went to join in the sport, but upon arriving at the place 
saw dead bodies lying in the yard; preceiving their mistake, they 
fled, the Indians firing at them as they rode in full speed, grazed 
the head of young Matthews, cutting off his cue. He collected a 
party and went in pursuit of the Indians killing nine of them. On 
Oct. 10, 1774, he commanded a company at Point Pleasant and dis- 
played great bravery. The fighting commenced at sunr^ but no 
decided advantage was gained until even when Captain Matthews' 
company together with Shelby's and Stewart's withdrew into the 
then shallow bed of Crooked Creek, and concealed by the banks, 
gained the rear of the Indians, attacking them unexpectedly, suc- 
ceeded in driving them across the Ohio river. From 1775 to '77 
Matthews conmianded the 9th Va. Reg. Line: was in the battles of 
Brandywine and Germantown. In the last named engagement he 
attacked the British troops in front of him, pursued and had just 
captured them, when he and his company, becoming confused by 
the dense fog were attacked, he being knocked down, a bayonet 
driven through his body and he made prisoner, was carried to New 
York and confined in a prisonship, where he was kept in durance 
from 1777 to '81, and suffered many cruelties at the hands of his 
jailors. Upon being exchanged he joined the army of Gen. Greene 
in the South, as conmiander of the 3rd Va. Line. 

Gov. Matthews' wife, Anne, was the dau. of John Paul and his 
wife Margaret Lynn, of the Lynns of Lock Haven: John Paul (son 


of Hugh, Bishop of Npttingham), took part with the House of 
Stuart and was killed at the siege of Dalrymple Castle in 1745. 
Col. Matthews moved from Augusta in 1784 to Georgia; purchased 
Goose Pond tract on Broad River and moved his family there. He 
was elected member of Congress from Georgia; though not a man 
of letters, his wonderful memory served him in lieu of learning: 
while he attended Congress, a valuable document which had been 
once read, was lost, and he relieved the situation by being able to 
repeat its contents verbatim. He knew all officers who were entitled 
to land and acquired a large estate trafficking in bounty lands. He 
was twice elected governor of Georgia, serving the last time from 
1794 to '95. 

After the death of his first wife Gov. Matthews m. Mrs. Reed, of 
Staunton, from whom he was divorced upon a very slight pretext 
and he m. a third time, Mrs. Flowers, of Mississippi: he d. at 
Augusta, Ga., in 1812 aged 73 years and was buried in St. Charles' 
Churchyard. The history of the family of Lucy Early-Matthews is 
partly taken from the Matthews "Ancestral Tablets." 

Lucy Early, dau. of Joel Early, Sr., m. Col. Charles Lewis Mat- 


11197 — 1. George Washington, m. Rebecca Madcs, grand-dau. of William 

Matthews and wife, Elizabeth Meriwether: d. s. p. 
11197—2. Joel Early b. 1809, m. 1830 Elizabeth Woods Poague. 
11197 — 3. Thomas Meriwether, m. Miss Glover. 
11197 — 4. Peter Eariy. m. Virginia Vaughan: d. s. p. 

Col. George Matthews (eldest son of Col. Charles L. and Lucy 
Early-Matthews) m. 1st Rebecca Marks, she being 16 years old and 
he 19: his mother died when he was six years old and< he was 
brought up by his aunt Rebecca Matthews, who had m. Thomas 
Meriwether, who was great uncle of Rebecca Marks: late in life 
Geo. Matthews m. Lucy Mayhew. As grandson of Gen. Matthews 
(U. S. Senator and Governor of Ga.) he received one of the first 
appointments as a cadet at West Point, but his career there was 
brief: he is said to have been brainy and lovable. His and his 
first wife's estate is still intact (1920), their home plantation con- 
sisting of over 8,000 acres has never been divided or broken up. 


Joel Early Matthews (Lucy Early-Matthews, Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h 
Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1830 Elizabeth Woods 
Poague, of Charlottesville, Va., who d. in 1869 and was buried at 
Evergreen Grove, near Cahaba, Ala. Joel Early Matthews was a 
man of superior intellect and extensive information^ possessed great 
wealth and influence; was a practical astronomer and studied the 
heavens through a telescope of considerable power which had been 
selected for him by the great scientist, Maury, when he had charge 
of the U. S. Observatory. During the war between the states, Mr. 
Matthews sent 200 of his slaves to assist in the construction of the 
Mobile fortifications. At the termination of the war, when he found 
himself reduced in circumstances, he went to Brazil and engaged as 
overseer to a wealthy planter there. He d. 1874. His portrait was 
placed at the State Capital, in the Department of Archives and 
History, of Alabama. 


111972 — 1. Charles d. young and unmarried. 

111972—2. Anne Eliza, m. 1852 H. N. R. Dawson. 

111972—3. Lucy Early, m. 1855 Col. David S. Troy, of Montgomery: d. 

young, 8. p. 
111972—4. Thomas Meriwether d. young and unmarried. 
111972 — 5. Rebecca Marks d. young and unmarried. 
111972 — 6. Joel Early, Jr., d. young and unmarried. 

Anne Eliza Matthews (Joel Early Matthews, Lucy E. Matthews, 
Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1852 
N. H. R. Dawson: she d. in 1854. 

1119722—1. Elizabeth Matthews, m. 1876 Dr. John Perkins Fumiss. 

Elizabeth Matthews Dawson (Anne Eliza Matthews-Dawson, Joel 
Early Matthews, Lucy E. Matthews,- Joel Early, Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., 
Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1876 Dr. John Perkins Fumiss. Mrs. 
Fumiss d. 1902. Dr. J. P. Fumiss d. 1910. 

11197221—1. Dr. Henry Dawson b. 1878, m. 1912 Ruth Pine. 
11197221—2. Dr. John Neilson b. 1879, m. 1906 Mary Hooper. 
11197221-^. Anne Matthews d. 
11197221-4. Joel Early d. 
11197221—5. Annie Fra»er d. 


Dr. Henry Dawson Fumiss (Elizabeth M. D. Fumiss, Anne Eliza 
Matthews-Dawson, Joel E. Matthews, Lucy E* Matthews, Joel Early, 
Sr., Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1912 Ruth Pine, 
of Troy, N. Y.: resides in New York City. 


111972211~L Henry Dawson. 
111972211—2. Elizabeth Matthews d. infant. 
111972211—3. Judith Pine. 
111972211-4. James Pine. 

Dr. John Neilson Fumiss (Elizabeth M. D. Furniss, Ann Eliza 
Matthews-Dawson, Joel E. Matthews, Lucy E. Matthews, Joel Early, 
Sr., Jer*h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. 1906 Mary 
Hooper: residence, Selma, Ala. 


111972212—1. Elizabeth Dawson. 
111972212—2. John Perkins. 
111972212—3. Caroline McKee. 
111972212—4. Jane Hooper. 

Thomas Meriwether Matthews (Lucy E. Matthews, Joel Early, Sr., 
Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Miss Glover, of Jasper 
Co., Ga. Thos. M. Matthews had fine gardens near Selma which 
required the attention of five gardeners to keep them in order. 


111973—1. Charles. 

111973—2. Joel, m. Anne Qiase: family live in Louisiana. 

111973—3. Eli. 

111973—4. Medora, d. 1893 at Pensacola, Florida. 








Abbitt 186 

Acker ; 315 

Adair 309 

Adams 73, 82, 133, 191 

Aker 84 

Ainsworth - 124 

Airon „ 84 

Album 208 

Alexander ^ 309 

Allemong 87 

Alien 31, 154, 157, 187, 232, 242, 246, 

248, 282, 309. 

Ahnond « 33, 52 

Amnion ^ 182 

Andenon 24, 41, 42, 64, 67, 72, 74, 
79. 92, 104, 130, 133, 
135, 164, 168, 180, 187, 

...» 231, 235, 288, 303 

Andrews 168, 176, 184, 269 

Anthony 96, 111, 136 

Apperson _ 266, 273 

Armour „ 216 

Arthur 73, 77,—, 80 

Ashton - 72 

Atkinson 73, 75, 76 

Atwood 268 

Austin 51, 93, 97, 136, 318 

Aylett 94 

Ayres 129, 282, 283 

Baber ^ 163 

Bacon « 306 

Bailey 54, 265 

Baker 149, 168, 251 

Baldridge 246, 247 

Bane 69 

Banks 45, 50, 160, 161 

Bannister ..._ ^ 149 

Barbour 272, 273, 293 

Bartlett ^ 43 

Barlley 271, 272 

Bay 121, 122 


BeaU 317, 319 

Beard ^... 191, 238 

Beattie 307 

Beavers « 177 

Beazley 35, 39, 40, 41, 42 

Beban 124 

Beckman « 268 

Beckwith » 47 

Bedford ^ 283 

Beemer 69 

BeU 42, 74, 75, 153, 263 

Bennett 74, 76 

Benton 165, 313 

Berger 97 

Berkeley 147, 240, 264 

Berry 123, 214 

Bethel - 272 

Betts 301, 312 

Beverley ^ 109 

Biddle 101 

Biggs _ 99 

Billups 295, 314 

Bird 96 

Bishop 129 

Bixby 156 

Black 80 

Blackford 193, 194 

Blaikie 283 

Blair 97 

Blakey 38, 49, 50 

Blankenbaker 211 

Blanton 98, 150, 151 

Bledsoe 150, 304 

Bliss 309 

Bloom 250 

Blunt 191, 194 

Bohannon 50, 211 

Boiling 94 

Bond 316 

Booker 86, 106 

Booth 80, 129 

Boswell 132 

Bowcock 41, 42, 43 




Bowers 150, 152, 313 

Bowyer 109 

Boyd 100 

Bradley 136, 137 

Branch » ^... 166 

Branham 279, 287, 288 

Brantley 283 

Brasher 161, 166 

Brayden 233 

Breckenridge 285 

Brett 137, 139, 167 

Bridges 92 

Briggs 273 

Bright 260, 261, 262 

Brooking 39, 50, 186, 279, 280 

Brooks 79, 131, 135, 155 

Buck 233, 234, 300, 301 

Buckner 45, 182, 214, 267 

Buford. 1721, 29, 47, 63, 64, 145-168, 

205, 225, 258, 263, 264 

Bugg 53 

Bullock 246 

Burke 258 

Burks 93 

Bums 121 

Burrett 166, 167 

Bush 307 

Butler 268 

Brooks 156 

Brown. 32, 33, 35, 37, 39, 47-55, 

84, 93, 95, %,191, 193, 231, 

282-284, 302, 310 

Browne 188, 191 

Bybee 183 

Bynum 301 

Cable 153 

Cabell 65, 92, 93, 95, %, 108, 110, 

Ill, 188 

Calloway 64-66, 71, 72, 80, 82, 86, 
90-97, 114, 130, 131, 135, 

168, 186 

Camp 234 

Campbell 56, 284, 285 

Carlton 307 


Carpenter 151 

Carr 31, 39, 69. 70 

Carrington 92, 94 

Carson 75 

Carter 84 

Caruth 271, 272 

Casey 185 

Cash 90 

Cassidy - 41 

Cassin 312, 313 

Cate 85 

Catterton 37, 38, 47, 48 

Caulfield 74 

Cave 41, 50 

Caverley 90 

Chadwick - 98 

Chalfant 271, 272, 273 

Chamberlain i 277 

Chambers 149, 164 

Chapman 31, 43, 46-50 

Chase 323 

Cheatham 66, 67, 85, 89, 106, 128, 

, 129 

Chenowith 207, 266, 273, 274 

Chilton 181 

Childs , 150, 151, 152, 191, 192 

Chiles 131, 265, 266 

Chinn 158-162 

Christian 168, 179, 180 

Churchill 98, 100 

Clark 37, 133, 150, 153, 164, 258, 259, 

> 262, 266 

Clarke 267, 304, 307 

Clarkson 108, 125 

Qany 80 

Clayton 102, 108, 109 

Claytor 92 

Clendennin 126 

Clore 212 

Cobb 232 

Cochran 45 

Cochrane 98 

Cofer 184, 185 

Cohen - 137 

Coker 312, 313 

Cole 39 




Coleman :.. 34, 76 

Collier - 251 

CoIUm 85, 245, 246, 288 

Colquitt ...- 311, 314 

Colston - - 55 

Conn 243 

Conway - 86, 240 

Cook ;... 73, 98 

Cooley 308-310 

Coons 258 

Corbin - 97 

Corley ..- .'. 248 

ComeHus ...- 191, 194 

Coskey - 180 

Couch Ill 

Cox 268, 269 

Coyner 32, 98 

Craflford 178 

Craig 123, 124, 150, 151. 187 

Crawford 71 

Crenshaw 31, 90, 301 

Crickenberger - 87 

Cromer _ — 313 

Croy 177 

Crump 91, 92 

Crutcher 149, 158, 163, 164 

Cullom 70 

Cunifif - 168 

Curd 88 

Cureton 236, 237 

Dabney 59, 97, 98, 112 

Dameron 238 

Darbe -... 197 

Damall 264 

David 234 

Davidson 101, 131 

Davies 98, 108, 109, 112 

Davis 30, 31, 39, 43, 49, 52, 92, 98, 
99, HI, 145, 159, 160, 163, 168, 
248, 251, 263, 264 


Dawkins 313 

Dawson 163, 322 

Day 74, 75 

Dean 121 

Deaton 69 

D* Berry 193 

DeBow -... 165 

DeCoque : 38 

Delveaux 183 

Denton 84, 85 

Depp 149, 165, 166 

Devine „ 236, 237, 241 

DeWint 1%, 197, 198 

DeWitt -... 231 

Dickens 215 

Dickinson 183 

Dickson .... 228, 235, 236, 237-8-9, 240 

Dimmitt 272, 273, 274 

Dodson 72, 80, 81 

Donaldson 162 

Doris 260 

Doroughty 132 

Douglas 194 

Downer 39 

Dowsing 194 

Drane 164 

Dubois 134 

Du Bose 180 

Duckworth : 21 

Dudley 106 

Dulaney 43, 44 

Duke 150, 152 

Duncan 151, 215, 217 

Dunn 245, 246 

Dunnaway 315 

Durrett 31, 35, 38, 39, 41, 51, 52, 


Dyes 167 

Eagle 265 

Eagan 251 





Abner 65-68, laS, 138, 174, 186 

...- 187 

Ada _. 216 

Alathea 215, 217 

Albert 210, 211 

Alean 87 

Alfred D 88 

•l^k* A^9 »•■•••••••••«• ■P*««««»as«»**sa •••■«•••»««•«• JL\m%^ 

Alice ...» 226 

Alice G 186 

Alice J 121 

Allen 36 

Alva S 215 

Amanda 31, 35 

Amelia » » 136 

AmoriUa 179 

Ann 24, 121, 122, 225, 226, 228, 

257. 258 

Ann A 295^23 

Ann G 43 

Ann L 108, 125 

Anna 139 

Anna G 43 

Anne , 88 

Annie M. 139 139 

Armistead 215 

Asa 83 

Austin 106 


Bessie 211 


Buford 174, 176, 186, 187 

Caleb 105, 106 

Catherine 136, 212 

Charles 122 

Charles C 215, 216 

Charles T 87 

Charlotte 179 

C. J 86 

Clement 179, 182, 295, 317 



Clementine L« ........^................^ 184 

CUfford C -... 113 

Cora 217 

Cora J 215 

Cordelia 217 

vrfOiueiia ........ ...M. .....•..•.••••.>.••..• Oif 

Cynthia 295 

Cynthia A 298, 301, 305 

Davis 35 

Dexter 86, 87 

Docia 135-137 

Don J 185 

Douglas 138 

Douglass - ~... 42 

Easton 86 

Edith 85 

Edith A 184 

Edmund A 137 

Edmund J 136, 139 

Edward » 186 

Edward R , 186 

Elbert S 84, 85 

EUezer 295, 302, 303 

Elisha 37 

Eliza 39, 41, 179 

Eliza A 315 

Elizabeth 17, 18, 21, 24, 34, 37, 40, 
52, 63, 68, 83, 84, 87, 90, 
105, 106, 108, 139, 176, 
182, 184, 191, 206, 218, 


Elizabeth A 85, 184 

Elizabeth C 136 

Elizabeth D 196 

Elizabeth F. ...» 43, 44 

Elizabeth J 122 

Elizabeth S 213 

Elizabeth W 68 

Elvira E 108, 128 

Elvira L 211 

Emily 215, 217 




Emma 40, 89 

Emma L 89 

Emmeline L 88 

Enunett 46 

Emmett E 84 

Ernest ~ 37 

Ernest R, 85 

E. T 38 

Eugene 35, 36 

EuthrcUa F 185 

Evans E 84 

Evelyn R. 112 

Everett W 38 

Fannie .....^ 39, 43 

Felix 37 

Florence J ^ 185 

Frances 30, 31, 43, 52, 88, 89, 


Frances E. 184 

Frances P 191 

Frances S » ^ 179 

Frank 85, 315 

George 37 

George G 36 

George W * 39, 43 

G. F 168 

Giles H 86 

Hannah 24, 279-288 

Harding B 195 

Harriett A 87 

Harriett B 137 

Harry L 137, 138 

Hattie 122 

Helen K ~... 185 

Henrian Ill 

Henrian C 110 

Henrianne 113 

Henrietta A 89 

Henry 105, 106, 107, 135 

Henry C 86, 89 



Henry T 106, 138, 185 

Henry W 185 

Herbert 211 

Hilary 136 

Howard -... 212, 213, 216 

Ida C 35 

Ida M 84 

lona M 215, 216 

lone H 89 

Isaac D 31 

abez 174, 176 

acob 22, 24, 105, 106, 135, 136, 


acobus ~ 65-68 

ames 29-31 

ames A 184, 185 

ames B 38, 45 

ames C «. 86 

ames E - ^ 84 

ames H 88, 89 

ames N. — 215, 217 

ames T 31, 32, 46 

ames W ^ 32, 38 

ane 23, 38, 86, 215 

anc P 205, 209 

ane R. 212, 213 

effrey 65, 66, 104-106 

enny 65, 66, 86, 89 

eremiah 17, 18, 21-29, 63-68, 83, 
136, 146, 173, 225, 295, 

314, 315 

eremiah A 32, 35, 36 

oab .... 31, 37, 107, 108, 111, 121 

oab W 32, 36 

oe 130 

oel 22, 24, 145, 146, 174, 176, 178, 

184, 219, 293-323 

oel P 186 

ohn 17, 18, 22, 29-31, 35, 37, 39, 
40, 65, 66, 84, 85, 86, 107, 
174, 176, 188-190, 195, 196, 
217, 302 





John A 84, 85 

John C Ill, 112 

John F 191, 195 

John H 137 

John P 89, 136, 137 

John R 32 

John T 31 

John W 135, 136, 139, 184, 185 

J. Nathaniel 185 

Jonathan 31, 32 

Josephine 182 

Joseph 22, 24, 29, 30, 65, 66, 85, 
205, 206, 209, 211, 215, 

219, 265 

Joseph A 211, 212, 213 

Joseph H 1% 

Joseph P 89 

Joseph R 31, 35 

Joshua .... 22, 24, 64, 173-175, 178 

J. Russell 46 

Jubal 65-68, 86, 106, 107 

Jubal A. '108, 110, 111, 113, 114, 


Judith 66, 71 

Juliana 206 

Juliette 89 

Katherine W 1% 

Kitty „... 84 

Lack 86, 87. 89 

Lamach 86, 87, 89 

La Reine 194 

Laura 138 

Laura J 89, 139 

Lelia P. 185 

Lena E 85 

Leslie 217 

Leveret S 139 

Lewis 36 

L. Hunter, 186 

Lila 137, 195 

Lilla M 137 

Lillian ., ,..,.., 85 



LilHe 46 

Lottie 182 

Lou 46 

Louisa 210 

Louise H 186 

Lucy.... 36-38, 174, 176, 295, 320323 

Lucy B 184 

Lucy C 179 

Lucy T 31, 51 

Lucy W -.. 298, 299 

Lula V 85 

Mabel 122 

Maggie A 138 

Malcolm - 36 

Margaret E 195 

Margaret L 195, 196 

Marian A - 186 

Marie H „ 33 

Martha B 179 

Martha J. 84, 108, 111, 114, 176, 

184, 185 

Martha V 211 

Mary 39, 41, 84, 136, 176, 187, 206, 
210, 214, 217, 226, 295, 303 

Mary A 33 

Mary C 44 

Mary E 89. 121, 186 

Mary E. G 88 

Mary F 211 

Mary L 45, 179 

Mary P 184 

Mary W 194 

Mary V 37, 122, 191, 216 

Matilda 84, 105, 106, 136 

Maud A 186 

Maurice B 179 

Melvile C. ...„ 84 

Mildred L 32, 35 

Mildred W 35 

Minnie 84 

MoUie 216 

Moneda A 186 

Moi^an 215 





Nancy 38, 83, 84, 105 

Nathaniel E 38 

Nathaniel B. 32, 33 

Nicolas 136 

Nina ...- 211 

Ocuvia 89 

OUvia 211 

Orville R 191, 194 

Oscar 37 

Paschal .... 205, 206, 209-211, 215 

Pannenus - 136 

Peachy H 139 

Pearl 211 

Peter 228, 295-298 

Prudence 139 

Rhoda W 87 

Richard 31, 213 

Richard N 33, 34 

Richard T 108, 130, 210, 211 

Roberta ~... 36 

Robert A 185 

Robert E 211 

Robert H 108, 121. 122 

Robert J 186 

Robert L 137 

Robert T - 85 

Roger R 215, 216 

Roy E 85 

Rush 84 

Ruth 121 

Ruth H 108, 111, 127 

Ruth W 89 

Sallie 32, 34, 36 

Sallie A 45, 106, 136 

Sallie A. C 46 

Sallie B 37, 38 

Sallie K -... 43 

Sally 105, 174, 176, 196, 226 



Samuel H 87, 108, 110, 111, 113 

Sarah 24, 31, 39, 40, 65, 66, 67, 
83, 84, 130, 145, 146, 216 

Sarah B 139 

Sarah B. ~ 185 

Sarah C — 44 

Sarah E 45 

Sarah G - 43 

Sarah J 34 

Sarah L ~ 33 

Saybert ..._ 211 

Silas - 174, 176, 179 

Sion 83, 84 

Sisco R. 84 

Solon 217 

Sophia ~ 174 

Stephen 37 

Susan ~ 31, 38 

Susan A 185 

Susan M - 35, 36 

Tabitha A. 213 

Texanna 89, 90 

Theodocia W 29, 30, 51 

Thomas 17, 18, 29, 88, 122, 174, 176 

Thomas H 172, 191, 194 

Thomas J 37, 43, 46 

Thomas L 35 

Thomas T —. 45 

Thomas W 185, 211 

Tubal 174, 176 

Viola J 84 

Virenda 215 

Virginia S 211 

Walter K. 85 

Whitefield 206, 209, 214 

Wheeler ~ 216 

Wiley W 121 

William 31. 36, 43, 174-176, 206, 

209, 211, 212, 215 

William A 136, 139. 186 

William C 35, 36, 89, 186 

WiUiam D - 46 





WiUiam M 45 WaUam T 38. 53 

William L 43. 44, 45 WiUiam W 84 

William McK: 191 WilUe 121 

Easom 257 

Easton ...» 258. 274 

Eccles 161 

Eddins .... 38. 39. 47, 50. 154. 214 

Edgar 133 

Edwards 132, 133, 188 

Eheart 43 

EUngcr 181 

Ely 131, 132 

Embry 71. 262 

Epley 69 

Epling 177 

Eoflf 88, 288 

Estill 274 

Evans .... 98, 99. 100, 195, 271, 318 

Everett 34, 273, 274 

Ewing 288, 315 

Fairman 250, 251 

Fall 195 

Farmer 282 

Farrar 258, 266 

Ferguson 74, 86, 87 

Feraeyhough 31, 34, 35 

Field 165, 206, 218-220, 308, 309 

Fields 163, 165 

Finks 50 

Finley 99 

Fishback 57 

Fisher 88, 273 

Fitzgerald 304 

Fitzhugh 35, 214 

Fitzpatrick 96, 126 

Flemming 109 

Fleishman 83 

Fletcher 50, 211 

Flowers 321 

Ford 215, 258, 264, 265. 266 

Forrest 77 

Foster 304, 307, 308 

Fox 261 

Franklin 72-79, 81 

Fray 33 

Fraree 274 

Freeman 66, 83, 282, 307 

French 198. 199 

Froman 134 

Fugate 242 

FuUer 299 

Fulton 154 

Fumiss 322. 323 

Furrow 198 

Fuqua 184. 185 

Gaar -... 42 

Gaines .... 41. 78, 207, 215, 217, 218 

Gamble 266, 273 

Gano 280 

Garland 137 

Garlington ~ 153 

Gamett ~ - 44, 46 

Garth .... 34, 39, 46, 51, 210, 211214 

Gatewood 175 

Gaulbert 268, 269 

Gentry - 51 

German 217 

Gettee 80 

Gibbs > 39 

Gibson 56 

Gilbert » 186 

Gilchrist 53 

Giles 107 

Gillespie 131, 246, 247 

Gilliam 98^ 

Gilmore - 251 

Glass 316 

Glover 321, 323 

Goff 102 

Goggin 139 

Gooch 305 




Goodall 31, 35 

Goodloe 35, 36 

Goodwin ...^ 68-71 

Goodyer » 208 

Gordon 89, 90, 158, 159 

Gore 149 

Goanell ...» 159 

Graham 72, 82 

Grant ~ 74 

Gratz 261, 262 

Graves 31, 39, 41, 43, 77, 147, 207, 


Gray 86, 87, 268, 269 

Green 72, 80, 149, 188, 237, 240, 285, 


Greene 316 

Greenlee 39, 40 

Greenway 81 

Greer 234 

Gregory 77 

Griffith 134 

Griggs 259 

Grigsby 35 

Griswold _ 288 

Groom 177 

Groome -... 242, 243 

Grove 167 

Guthrie 74, 78 

Gwathmey 97, 101, 102 

Haden 90. 92, 136, 138 

Hailey 237, 240 

Hairston 80, 89, 91, 92, 107, 114, 115 

Halderman 258, 260 

Hale 74, 77, 78, 114, 115, 251 

Haley 308, 314 

Hall 132, 133 

Hamilton 74, 77, 78, 310, 315 

Hammond — 309 

Hamner ~ 47 

Hancock ...~ 74, 75, 96 

Hanes 267 

Hanley 152 

Hardenstein 238 

Harper 309, 310 


HarreU 193, 239, 304 

Harris 83, 154, 157, 225-231, 234, 
235-238, 241, 243-248, 250, 
298, 300, 301, 305, 310, 

Harrison 214, 228, 274 

Hart 218 

Harteman 133 

Harvey 154 

Hatfield 82, 83 

Hatton 128, 129 

Hawes 182 

Hawkins 279, 287 

Hay 106 

Hayes 307, 318 

Haygood 318, 319 

Haynes 83 

Hazard 156 

Head 48, 132 

Heard 316 

Hedrick 178 

Hemphill 310 

Helm 85, 163, 164 

Henderson 121, 258 

Henley 97 

Henry 138 

Henshaw 50, 52, 206, 208, 210, 211, 

219, 220 

Hess 181 

Hester 242, 243 

Hickman ...» 149, 156 

Hicks 244, 305, 306 

Higdon 251 

Hillyer 303, 304, 307-314 

Hite 134 

Hix 107 

Hobson 316 

Hodson 138 

Holmes 155 

HoUiday 179, 182 

Hood 70 

Hooper 322, 323 

Hoopes 166 

Hopkins, 184, 191, 193, 194 

Hord 163 

Housden - 267 




232, 245-2l7» 






AhpWvW •••••«■••••■••««■« 




Haddlnton ^ ~ 181 

HudgexiB 207 


Huff 86 

Huffaes _.. 73 

HoU 299 

Homphrey 245, 307 

Hunter 177 

Hurd 308, 314, 315 

Hon ~ 2ia» 305 

Hntdynaon ...... >.-_ 207 

Ingks - - 114 

Ingrtm 70, 288 

Inland - 207 

ImB - 76 

Irrine ~ 115 

Irwin » - 220 

Jack 128 

Jackaon 31, 35, 41, 53, 54, 73, 195, 196 

Jamiaon 88 

Jarman 32, 52 

Jeffenon 189, 286 

leffroy 79, 104 

Jenkina J. 193 

Jennings 136, 139 

Johnson 54, 98, 99, 150, 195, 271, 

287, 306, 312 

Johnston 102, 246, 247. 266 

Jones 47, 74. 75, 77, 78, 126, 131, 167, 
188, 216, 228, 230-235, 242, 

247, 282, 298, 299, 3U 

Jordan 95, 109. Ul, 137 

Joyncr 234 

Judge - 269 

Judkins -... 79 

Julian 153 


Kemper 55 

Kesaenger 177 

Korr 1B6 

Kcyea 180, 181 

Kilpatriflk 123 

lid 264 

Kinney 132 

Kinse^t 44 

Kiskfadde .. 24t, 250. 

Kirtley 24, 145-140, 153, 158. 168, 
258, 263, 264, 274, 293, 294 

Kialing 198 

Kbck 316 

Knou 268 

Knox 279 

Kobler 206 

Lafferty 37, 58 

Landrum 38 

Lane 258, 259 

Langhome 92, 97-108 

Langley 125 

Lanier 227, 318 

Lauck (Locke) 50 

Lauderdale 136, 139 

Laughney 88 

Law 232 

Lea — 97, 98 

Leatherman ~. 218 

Lee 21, 73. 74, 78. 118-120, 192, 248. 

Lef twich », 66, 73, 79, HS^ 174-179, 
187, Ml 

lueonani ........................................ 2DD 

Juesixe «...».»»«»».«««.»».««........»».■..■ xdx, JJD9 

Lewis 72,81,82,84. 92,96, 12S» 128, 
149, 180, 213, 231, 2Bk, 283, 

Lflkid .. 


Link ...... 

Kablcr ....... — .^^. 

72, 133 L^tk 

^9m ■■■*■■■ ■^■■w 








Livio^on .... 76 

■LAlAr T ^A •«*p*»*a«a«va»««9*»«*** •••••■••••■••a «■•«••••• Mmw^^ 

Locke 271 

LoggiDs 233, 234 

Loviog IfiS, 267 

Lowd 238 

Lowiy . 316 

Lucas 234 

tyaU 21B 

Lynch 249, 250 

Lyne 150 

Lynn : 320 

Lyon ^ 84 

Lytton ....^ ....^..... M~. 195 


Maddy 178 

Magnider 243-245 

Major 285, 286 

Mallory 47. 84, 158 

Mansfield 122 

Manson 93 

Marabk 106 

Maxks 321 

Manh 168 

ManhaU 149 

Martian 125, 227 

Martin 32, 34, 36, 40, 47 

Mason 198 

Massey - 248-250 

Matthews 179, 241, 246, 295, 305, 


Maughs 133 

Maupin - -... 90 

Mauzy 55 

Mayer 194 

Mayes 229, 230 

Mayhew 321 

Mays 74, 78 

Meade 80, 94, 95 

Meadows — 35 

Menefce 72, 231, 232 

MelYin 285, 286 

Meredith 138 

Merriwether 125, 302, 304, 306, 321 


Mfltcalf 238, 239 

Michie 30, 3L 35, 38, 52^ 

MiUer.... 87,126,238,239,242,243 

Mills 40, 152 

Minn 266, 267 

Minor 198, 206, 214 

Minnis 85 

Minter 235 

MhcheU 69, 285, 287 

Montgomery 318 

Moon -... 41, 139 

Mooney 233, 235 

Mooro 74, 76, 242 

Moorman 131, 133, 139, 174, 176, 

187, 188 

Morehead 241, 242 

Morgan 51, 206, 212, 213 

Morris ^ 35, 36, 98 

Morrison 150, 151, 152 

Morton 259, 261, 262, 293, 305 

Mosby 78 

Moss 134 

Mott 156 

Meyers - — 38 

MulHns 164 

Munford 97, 100, 101 

Mossel 163 

McCall 252 

McCallistcr 132 

McCann 259, 261 

McCausland 287, 288 

McClanahan 149 

McClean > 234 

McCormack - 88 

McCoy 167 

McCue ~ , ~ 41 

McDoneD 163, 164, 313 

McElroy 155, 156, 316 

McFarland 99, 108, 128 

McGrath 149, 239, 240 

McGrew 162 

Mclntyre - 35, 36 

McKnight _ 208 




McLane ^ 84 

McLauren 243 

McLemore -, 305 

McMullen 44 

McNab 98 

McVeigh 34 

McWillie 229, 230, 238 

Nash 108, 127, 238 

Neil 245 

Nelson 185 

NeweU 312, 314 

Newman 52, 206, 208, 209, 219 

Nickol 46, 214 

Nold 271 

Norfleet 193 

Norris 215, 217 

Norwood 38 

Nowlin 154, 158, 161 

Nutting 199 

Nyce 319 

Odcll 85 

OTallon 267 

Offuit 283 

Oldham 155, 274, 275 

Orchard 100 

Organ 136 

Orr 89, 122 

Ottinger 84 

OveraU 132, 133, 134 

Owen 184, 185 

Owens 37 

Pannill 92, 136 

Parker 88, 137, 279, 280 

Parks ; 241 

Parrott .... 18, 19, 20, 38, 42, 48, 49 

Parsons ...~ 83 

Paschal 24 

Pate 66, 71, 72 

Patterson 295, 302 

Paul 320, 321 

Payne 87, 150, 265, 315, 316 


Peak 76 

Peck 232, 233 

Penick 73, 74 

Penix ^ 90 

Pendleton 126, 217, 218 

Pendy _ 128 

Penn ..> 81 

Perry 286 

Peter 163 

Peyton 109 

Phillips 216 

Phinizy - 301 

Pickett 166 

Pierce 150-152 

Pierceficld 242, 243 

Pine 322, 323 

Pirtle .- 266, 270, 271, 272 

Plunkett ^ 39, 49 

Poague 321, 322 

Poindexter 79, 80 

Pointer 299 

Polk 36 

PoUard 51, 139 

Porter 78, 84, 136, 293 

Potter 101 

PoweU 139 

Powers 35, 36 

Preston 179-181, 258, 283, 313 

Prewitt 133, 134 

Price 121, 132, 185, 237, 239 

Prince -... 234 

Proffil 47 

Pruitt 287. 288 

PuUiam 90. 231, 232 

Putney - 95 

Quigg Ill 

Quinby 77 

Reade 125, 227 

Reed 321 

Reid 97, 121 

Reese 304, 306 

Reeves 81, 83 




Rice 81, 241, 243, 244 

Riggs 128, 129 

Rives ..- 95, 96, 176, 191 

RoBarda 274 

Robb 237, 238 

Roberts 145, 148, 180 

Robertson 24,76,225,226,233,235 
Robinson .... 94, 133, 268, 269, 270 

Rodes 47, 147, "258, 264. 265 

Rodgere 97, 230 

Rogers 24, 34, 145, 147-149, 164, 180, 
193, 207, 213, 215, 257-270, 

273, 274, 275 

Rootes 123 

Rose - -... 136, 137 

Ross 196, 197, 198. 251, 306 

Rowan 250, 251, 270 

Rucker .... 176, 205-209, 212, 214, 263 

Russell 316 

Russum ~ 245 

Ryland 158, 162, 163 

Sage ~ 181 

Sager - 283 

Salter -.. 40 

Sanderson 152 

Sanford 132 

Sappington 217, 218 

Saunders 107, 114, 115, 121, 123, 

315, 316 

Savage 167 

Sawyer 97 

Shultz ^ 124 

Schwing ~ 271 

Scisson _ 44 

Scott 24, 69, 109, 206, 279-287 

Scruggs 176 

Seabaugh 237 

Senseny 268 

Severson 268, 269 

Seymour 165 

Shackleford 38, 282 

Sharp 167 

Shands 72, 95 

Shearman 38, 49 


Shelby 158, 159 

Shelton 37, 44 

Shepherd 34, 100 

Sherrod - 299 

Sherwood 298-307 

Shields 228, 248 

Shiner 232, 233 

Simms 31, 46, 51 

Simpson 73, 75, 90 

Singleton 154, 155, 295, 317 

Skinker 45 

Smith 24, 84, 101, 102, 134, 207, 231, 
235, 237, 240, 258, 273, 286, 
293. 295, 307 

Slaughter ~ 46 

Small - 47 

Spalding 97 

Sparks 150, 151 

SparreU 107, 121 

Sparrow 81, 233, 235 

Spencer 313 

Sperry 98 

Somerville 94 

Sorrel 207 

Southgate 208 

Southworth 150, 151 

Snow 73, 94 

Snider 79 

Snively :.. 271 

Surks - 265 

Steele 56, 228, 245 

Steely - 167 

Steen 233, 235 

Steer 272 

Stephens 31, 32, 43, 44, 51, 52 

Stewart ~... 106 

Stith 24, 65 

Stockley 318 

Stockwell 183 

Stonnell 39, 43 

Stout 238 

Stovall 107 

Stover 69 

Strange 174, 175, 178, 179, 182, 183 

Strickby 198, 199 

Stringer ...» „ 165 




Sifin^Mlow 4B 

SliugK 295 

Smton at6» 247 

Swiuer 177, 216, 217, 265 

Snitiliir 288 

Sjfcet 53, 54, 301, 315 

Tardy 13d, 139, 271, 272 

Xi^rlw -• 9EZ, 98, 100, 101, 102, 104 

Tuylor 98 101, 112, 124, 218 

Tonney - 71 

TerreU 149, 164, 187, 295, 317 

Terry 73, 79, 164, 165 

T^iaxton 184, 185 

Tkomat 39, 68, 134, 162, 215, 218, 

265, 308, 314, 317, 319 

Thompson 31, 32, 37, 46, 47, 51, 53, 
77, 78, 108, 122 123, 237, 

258, 265, 288 

Thrift 39, 41 

Thmston 187, 266, 267 

Taiey ^ 130, 135 

Timberlake 31 

Todd 287, 288, 304, 317, 319 

Toggait 132 

Tompkins 163 

Tosden _ 267 

Townsend 154 

Tmboe 149, 164, 165, 285 

Troy 322 

Toggles 261 

Turner 179 

Tutt 55 

Twyman, 21, 43, 44, 149, 154, 158 

161, 163, 164 

Tyler 92, 199, 268, 269 

Tyree 130, 131, 132, 133, 134 

Umbnger 84, 85 

Unsell -... « 




Vfldea 81, 

Vail 187 

Van Cttlia M4 

Van Zandt 287, 940 

Vaoghan.... 73,80,84,190,293,321 

Venable 131, 138 

Vieeland 282 

Vffden 229, ^0 

VaddiU 78 

Wade ™ 164 

Wakefield 307 

WaMen 74 

^vajse ............................................ JLua 

Walktt- 130*133, 217, 227, 303, 305, 

- ., 306 

Wall 66, 67, 273 

Wallace 154, 155, 319 

Waller 81, 82, 206 

Walah 99 

Walton 130-133, 217, 227, 303, 305, 

Ward 76, 79, 80, 218 

Ware 109, 245 

vi a m ei Q .......... ......m. .•.•.... ...•.•..••• ^tsnf 

Waring 45, 317 

Warner 125, 227 

Waniner «.... 309 

warwicK .......^..^....a.......M.....-.....».M AX, 

Washburn -., 102 

Washbume 2tt 

Washington 227 

Watkins 230, 295, 303^5, 397, 317, 


Watson 31, 41, 149, 150, 180, 181, 

Watte 259, 283 

Wayland 84, 224 

Weatherwax 237, 2«0 

Webb 158, 159, 161, 162, 299 





Wellborn 215, 216, 265 

Wells 47, 48 

Welah - 148 

Wharton 271 

Wheat 184 

Wheeler 186, 216, 265, 296-300 

Whipps 165 

White 24, 29, 31, 46, 56, 97, 127, 186, 

197, 245, 295 

Whitfield 306 

Whiting 109. 227, 267 

Whitman 271, 272, 274 

Wadberger 194 

Wilcox - 310 

Wiley 40, 98, 139 

Wilhoit 44, 46. 47, 50 

Wilkinson 84 

Williams 80, 82, 84, 134, 166, 167, 

177, ^, 261, 306 

Williamson - 166 

Willis .... 45, 46, 70. 71, 97, 104, 317 

Wilmot 159, 279, 280-282 

Wilson 86, 115, 271, 282 

Windsor 132 

Winfrco 149, 167 

Windle 69 


Wing 285 

Wingfield 31 

Winn 266, 274, 275 

Winston Ill, 112 

Wisdom 21, 29, 187 

Witt 126 

Wolff 312, 313 

Womack 237 

Wood 32, 35, 37, 43, 46, 80, 96, 125 

Woodfin 251 

Wooding 33 

Woods .... 47, 106, 121, 123, 125, 322 

Woodruff - 286 

Woodson 37, 198, 199 

Word 174, 176, 196, 198-200 

Wonham - 76, 104 

Wright 76 

Wyndebank 125 

Yeaman 268, 269 

Yancey 39, 310, 319 

Yarborough 123 

Yett 84, 85 

Yore - 167 

Young 55, 56, 57, 97, 122, 159, 160