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Some Notes by Rpp. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 

The Winn Family of Fluvanna. 

The numerous Winnr, whose names 
adorn the Fluvanna records are all 
descendants of John Winn of Han- 
over, through three of his sons who 
acquired land in Fluvanna. These 
three sons were: 

1. Hezekiah Winn. 

2. John Winn, Jr. 

3. Thomas Winn. 

Their father, sometimes borne as 
Capt. John Winn, appears frequently 
in the records of St. Paul's Parish, 
Hanover. He died about 1798, inter- 
state, leaving a considerable estate 
including property in Goochland coun 
ty; widow Mary, probably nee Pled- 
ger, and several children, whose 
names are obtained from a paper 
Iravn up and signed by Chief Justic. 
John Marshall, concerning the distri- 
bution of the estate of the said John 
Winn. (That paper was long in the 
possession of the late Dr. John F. 
Winn, of Fluvanna and Richmond; it 
was lent to a relative who died before 
it has been returned, and has not 
;ince been recovered. I have person- 
illy seen it, and copied the names of 
^he children. B. L. A.) Of the three 
ions represented in Fluvanna, the 
>ldest was probably: 

1. Hezekiah Winn. He married 
dhristjanna Bowles, daughter o' 
Thomas Bowles of Hanover county 
md they had the following children: 

4. John Bowles Winn. He married 
'is cousin No. 20, Frances Winn, an i 
he youngest of their three children 
vas born about 1820. In 1821, one 
T. B. Winn, of Virginia, on behalf o' 

he Colonization Society sailed from 
Norfolk in the Brig ' Nautilus" fo; 
Freetown, Africa, and died there (Me- 
Master EV.-567). The probability that 
it was this J. B. Winn is supported 
iy the fact that within a year or two 
ifter this, his wife was a widow and 
residing in Albemarle, where she 
narried again. 

5. Minor Wi'nn: Fved in Fluvanna, 
married Elizabeth Gardner Anderson, 
laughter of Rev. George Anderson 

and his wife Susan Mimms. Issue 

6. Thomas Winn, Jr., (his uncle. 
No. 3. Thomas Winn being sr.) Be- 
fore 1811 he removed to Kentucky, 
vhere he died in 1862. He married 
n IS 11 In Woodford county Maria 
3ull Cooke daughter of John Cooke 
md his second wife Catherine Bur- 
on Mourse. Issue below. 

2. John Winn jr. had before the 
formation of the county purchased 
"50 acres of land on Bremo Creek; he 
oerhaps never resided there himself, 
is he died in Hanover county. He 
was born December 23, 1751; married 
July 8, 1773, Mary Bowles of Han- 
over. Fortunately an old Bible re- 
mains in which are recorded the 
names of their children, as follows: 

7 Thomas Winn, born Apr. 20, 1774. 
He married first Anne Ellis, bone 
Henrico county dated December 17, 
1796; mother Susanna Ellis gives con- 
sent. They removed to Barren coun- 
ty, Kentucky, and had eleven chil- 
dren. He married 2nd. January 14 
1820, .Elizabeth Depp, daughter of 
William and Elizabeth (Walker) 
Depp, of Kentucky, but originally of 
Virginia; and by this marriage had 
seven more children. He was for 
many years Clerk of Dover Baptist 
Church, of which he was an organiz- 
ing member. He died in 1836. A 
partial list of his children will be 
given below. 

8. Elizabeth Winn, born October 13 : 
1776, md. in 1796 Hardin Davis of 
Hanover county. They also removed 
to Kentucky, and had issue. 

9. Mary Winn, born June 18, 1778, 
died March 22, 1844; married Decem- 
ber 7, 1809, Twyman Wayt, a mer- 
chant of Charlottesville, Va., son of 
George and Catherine (Twyman) 
Wayt. They had issue. 

10. Sarah Winn, born November 10, 
1779, died young. 

11. Lucy Winn, born April 29, 1781. 
married in 1801 John Jordan, of Flu- 
vanna, son of Samuel Jordan and 
Frances Puryear. He was a man of 
many important business enterprises. 
He settled in Lexington, Va., where 
as Col. John Jordan he lived to an 
honoured old age. Issue below. 

12. John \'v nin, born September 9 
1782, died November 13, 1837. He 
was a merchant of Charlottesville, 

and long Postmaster. He was Treas- 
urer of the first group of founders of 
the University of Virginia. He mar- 
ried Mary Johnson, daughter of Ben- 
jamin and Mary (Henley) Johnson: 
bond Henrico dated March 18, 1807. 
His wife was born June 3, 1789, and 
died September 30, 1857. Issue listed 
below. £ _ 

Fluvanna Cdunty 
And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell 

M A., D. P. 

From the earliest years of Gooch- 
land county, George Payne was a 
prominent citizen. As early as 1729 
he was a justice of the peace, later 
becoming sheriff, and holding office 
in the military organization of the 
county. He married Mary Woodson, 
daughter of Robert Woodson, of 
Henrico county, and his wife, Eliza- 
beth Ferris. From George Payne 
and Mary Woodson are descended 
most of the Paynes who resided ear- 
ly in Goochland and adjoining coun- 
ties, and have since spread through- 
out the length and breadth of the 
United States. 

Among their four sons was George 
Payne, Jr., who also held the office 
of sheriff of Goochland county. He 
married Judith Burton. They had 
several children, among them was 

progenitor of most of the Paynes 
of Fluvanna. In 1784 he inherited 
from his father a large tract of land 
on Cunningham Creek in Fluvanna, 
which his father had purchased a 
short time before. He was born 
about 1751; married in Goochland, 
December 22, 1773, Margaret Syd- 
enham Morton, born April 30, 1756, 
died May 23, 1840. She was daugh- 
ter of Joseph Morton, of James City 
county; son of John Morton, of 
Westmoreland county, and wife, 
Mary Mountjoy (daughter of Alvin 
Mountjoy and his wife, Mary Lane). 
Joseph Morton married twice; his 
second wife, the mother of Robert 
Burton Payne's wife, was Margaret 
Beckwith, daughter of Sir Marma- 
duke Beckwith, of Richmond county, 
immigrant; he was a son of Sir 
Roger Beckwith, of Aldborough, 
Yorkshire, England, and [lis wife, 
Elizabeth Jennings, who was a sis- 
ter of Edmund Jennings, famous in 
Virginia history. Sir Marmaduke 
Beckwith married Eliza Brocken- 
brought, daughter of William Brock- 
enbrough, of Richmond county, 

16. Eliza B. Payne, born and died 
in 1815. 

4. Molly Jordan Payne and he- 
second husband, Captain George 
Holman, had, with perhaps others: 

a. Susan Brockenbrough Holman, 
married before December, 1837, 
John Frederick Miller, of Bucking- 
ham county, son of Thomas Miller 

! wife, Constance Massie (daugh- 
ter of Colonel Nathaniel Massie and 
wife, Betsy Watkins). They had: 
(1) George Holman Miller, (2) Man- 
Miller, (3) Susan Miller. After her 
death J. Fred. Miller married (sec- 
ond) Louisa Guerrant and had other 

b. Emily B. Holman, married Dr. 
William Armistead, of Goochland 
and Fluvanna counties; had, with 
perhaps others, (1) Emily Armistead, 
married in 1853 Carter Braxton 
Page, (2) Georgeianna Armistead, 
(3) Mary Elizabeth Armistead. 

c. George Payne Holman, M. D., 
of Spring Garden, near Bremo Bluff, 
which plantation was deeded to him 
by his parents on December 30, 1837, 
by which time he was presumably of 
age. Hie married Martha Finch 
Scruggs, of Buckingham county, and 
had, with perhaps others, (1) Susan 
Brockenbrough Holman, married 
Captain Joseph M. Gardner, and had 
issue; (2) a daughter, who married 
a Mr. Myers and lived in West Vir- 
ginia, among whose children* was 
George Holman Myers, who married 
Eliza S. Ficklin, daughter of James 
Bruce Ficklin and wife, Augusta S. 
Pannill; (3) William Henry Holman, 
of Bremo Bluff, captain in C. S. A., 
and later judge of Fluvanna county 

court. He married (first) 

Gait, and (second) Anne Harrison 
Gait, both being daughters of Wil- 
liam Gait, of Fluvanna, and his wife, 
Mary Bell Taylor, of Richmond. By 
his second marriage he had several 
children. Mrs. Holman resides at 
the old Holman home at Bremo Bluff. 
Few men ever passed through life 
more beloved by his friends, or more 
universally respected, than Judge 

5. Margaret Sydenham Payne and 
Richard Sclater had several children, 
but the names of only two of then- 
are known to me, viz.: 

a. John Sclater, married Januarj 
8, 1839, Frances Winn, daughter oj 
& -ntain John Winn and wife, Lu 



Barclay Wills. They were the par- 
ents of Mr. William Sclater, loiu 
time clerk of Fluvanna, and others 
b. William Morton Sclater, mar- 
ried June 11, 1851, Maria Louisa 
Winn, sister of Frances, above, and 
lad several children. 


whose wife was probably a Tarplcy. 
Robert Burton Payne and his wife, 
Margaret Sydenhami Morton, had the 
following named children: 

1. Lucy Moi-ton Payne, baptized 
June 7, 1775. 

2. Richard Beckwith Payne, born 
August 9, 1775, baptized by "Par- 
son" Douglas August 1, 1777, re- 
sided in Fluvanna, where he died 
September 8, 1858. He married 
Judith Anderson, bond dated Janu- 
ary 12, 1795. She was daughter of 
George Anderson II, of Fluvanna, 
and his wife, Susan Mims or Mimms, 
of Goochland, daughter of David 
Mimms; she died June 18, 1862, 
supposed to be 89 years of age. Their 
children will be listed below. 

3. Robert Burton Payne, born 
July 3, 1778, baptized October 22, 
1781. No further record. 

4. Molly Jordan Payne, born Au- 
gust 21, 1780, baptized with her 
brother October 22, 1781. She mar- 
ried (first) Richard Cocke, by whom 
no issue; she married (second) Cap- 
tain George Holman, and both were 
living as late as 1854. Their chil- 
dren will be listed below. 

5. Margaret Sydenham Payne, 
married October 21, 1803, Richard 
Sclater. They resided in Fluvanna 
county and had issue. 

6. Eliza B. (Brockenbrough?) 
Payne, married William J. Stone, 
bond Fluvanna dated November 1, 

7. Joseph Payne. No further 

8. Ann Payne. No further record. 
2. Captain Richard Beckwith 

Payne and Judith Anderson had: 

9. Robert Burton Payne, born Au- 
gust 16, 1795, died March 11, 1875. 
He married December 20, 1819, Su- 

jsanna Anderson, and (second) Fran- 
ces (Franky) Anderson, first cousin 
of his first wife. Issue «ub. 

9-a. George Anderson Payne, born 
March, 1797, died May, 1839. He 
married in 1824 Ann Maria Virginia 
Ross, daughter of Peter Ross, widow 
of John Johnson. He died without 
children, leaving a large estate. 

10. Fleming S. Payne, born Au- 
gust 5, 1799, died January 13, 1857, 
married February 21, 1822, Isabella 
Winn, daughter of Minor Winn and 
Elizabeth Gardner Anderson. 

11. Norella Burton Payne, born 
December 25, 1801, married Decem- 
ber 22, 1819, Jesse Hughes, either 
son or grandson of Rees (Rice) 
Hughes and his wife, Lucy Gardi- 
ner. They lived in Fluvanna; had a 
large family. 

12. Margaret Sydenham Payne, 
born February 23, 1804, married 
December 24, 1827, Aaron Bledsoe, 
son of Elijah Bledsoe and Frances 
Champion. They lived near Central 
Plains and had a large family. 

13. William Jordan Payne, born 
September 23, 1806, died February 
24, 1890; married July 28, 1831, 
Sarah E. Herring, daughter of Ben- 
jamin and Nancy Herring, of Albe- 
marle county. They resided in Flu- 
vanna on Raccoon Creek, and had a 
large family. 

14. Mary Brockenbrough Payne, 
born July 15, 1809, married January 
10, 1827, George Seay, of Fluvanna. 
A large family. 

15. Susan Mims Payne, born Feb- 
ruary 3, 1812, married (second wife) 
Jeremiah Cleveland, April 13, 1841. 
A large family. 

Fluvanna County 
And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 


9. Robert Burton Payne had, but 
by which wife not stated: 

a. Addison Payne, married Vir- 
ginia Norvell. 

b. Benjamin Payne, married, but 
wife's name not given. 

c. Frederick Payne, married Su- 
san Vaughan. 

d. George Payne, married Eliza- 
beth Vaughan. 

e. Susanna Ann Payne, married 
George Hughes. 

f. Polly Payne, married Frederick 

g. Margaret Payne, married Rob- 
ert Gentry. 

10. Fleming S. Payne and Isabella 
Winn had: 

a. Richard Payne, married Betsy 
Payne, sister of the Joseph 
Payne who kept the hotel in 

b. Barrett Payne, married Anna 
Winn; lived in Albemarle, near 

c. Joseph Payne, married Miss 
Branham. They removed to 

d. James Payne, married Kie 
Chiles; had Walter Payne and 
three daughters. 

e. Eliza M. Payne, i married 
Thomas Gilman Payne; had 
three daughters. 

f. Judith Payne, never married. 
11. Norella Burton Payne and 

Jesse Hughes had: 

a. Robert Burton Hughes, resided 
near Corinth Church, at the 
"Gold Mine"; married first, 
February 17, 1846, Sarah Eliz- 
abeth Cleveland, and, second, 
Martha Cleveland, both daugh- 
ters of Jeremiah Cleveland. Of 
his large and much respected 
family several still survive. 

b. William Hughes, married, first, 
Ruth Bowles, and, second, 
Chrostie Moore. 

c. George Hughes, married Susan, 
daughter of Robert Burton 

d. Jesse, Hughes, married Annie 

e. Richard Hughes, married Miss 

f. Eli Hughes, maried Nettie Sad- 

g. Margaret M. Hughes, married 
March 17, 1841, John P. Harri- 

h. Judith tiugnes, uinrrieu ucuigc 

i. Martha Hughes, married Geo. 
Key or Kie. 

j. Jemima Hughes, married Aus- 
tin Shepherd. 

k. Emma Hughes, married Wil- 
liam Wren. 

1. Mary Hughes, married James 

12. Margaret Sydenham Payne 
and Aaron Bledsoe had : 

a. Susan Bledsoe, married Neil 

b. Elizabeth Bledsoe, married Ed- 
ward Fuqua. 

c. Martha (Patsy) Bledsoe, mar- 
ried James Haden. 

d. Norella Bledsoe, married Hen- 
ry Morris. , 

e. Judith Burton Bledsoe, married 

William Lew^s Anderson (his 
second wife) ; they resided at 
the old Woolling home, near 
Fork Union. 

f. Fannie Bledsoe, married John 

g. Mary Bledsoe, married Adam 

h. Elijah Bledsoe, married Miss 

i. Morton Bledsoe, never married. 

13. William Jordan Payne and 
Sarah E. Herring had (family 
Bible) : 

a. Alberta J'. Payne, born August 
15, 1832, married June 6, 1868. 
married January 28, 1852, Wal- 
ter S. Johnson, son of Samuel 
Johnson and wife, Elizabeth 

b. Luther Rice Payne, born No- 
vember 18, 1834, died Septem- 
ber 7, 1885, married May 29, 
1859, Malvina Virgina Bowles, 

daughter of Jesse Bowles and 
wife, Ann E. Dooley, of Mary- 
land. (He was son of Benja- 
min Bowles and Franky 
Strange. ) 

c. Nannie B. Payne, born July 15, 

1837, died June 14, 1914, mar- 
ried December 23, 1868, John 
Daniel Winn. 

d. Tucker W. Payne, born Febru- 
ary 13, 1840, married Novem- 
ber 16, 1866, Sarah F. Stines. 

e. George Anderson Payne, born 
August 20, 1842, died January 
20, 1890, married May 16, 
1872, Molly Johns. 

f. Thomas Gilman (or Gilmore) 
Payne, born April 10, 1845, 
married October 29, 1866, his 
cousin, Eliza M. Payne. 

g. Sarah Judson Payne, born Sep- 
tember 20, 1847, died June 30, 
1890, marrica (first), July 23, 
1863, Theodore Currin, and, 
second, John Morris. 

h. Fleming H. Payne, born 1850, 

died 1865. 
i. Maria A. Payne, born August 

10, 1853, married December 21, 

1882, John Saunders, 
j. Hattie E. Payne, born May 26, 

1856, married January 13, 

1886, George Clements. 
All of the above had large fami- 

14. Mary B. Payne and George L. 
Seay had: 


Fluvanna County 
And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 


a. Joseph Seay, married Martha 
Frances Seay. 

b. Richard Seay, married Mrs. 
Margaret Tutwiler Edmunds. 

c. Philip Seay, manned Susan 

d. George Seay, married Elizabeth 

e. "Dock" Seay, married Lucy 

f. Sidney Seay, never married. 

g. Judith Seay, married Constan- 
tine Perkins. 

h. "Tinie" Seay, married Charles 

J. Perkins, 
i. Emily Judson "Seay, married 

Samuel Seay. 
j. Georgie Seay, married Nimrod 

k. Nerella Seay, married Benja- 
min Sowell. 
15. Susan Mims Payne and Jere- 
miah Cleveland. A list of their chil- 
dren has already been published un- 
der the Tilman-Moon family sketch. 
Dr. Ancell writes: "To my great re- 
gret, my wallet of Payne family ge- 
nealogy got into a parcel sent to Shan- 
ghai, and my efforts to get it back 
so far have been vain. So I must give 
up the Paynes for awhile, but will take 
them up again later on I hope." 


(Dr. Ancell will be very glad if those 
of Omohundro descent will send him 
whatever material they can to be used 
in the separation of a book on this 
family's history. He wants dates, full 
names, places of residence, etc. His 
address is: 20 Minghong Road, Shang- 
hai, China, better postage, 5c. — Ed.) 

Richard Omohundro settled in Flu- 
vanna (then Albemarle) county be- 
fore the Revolutionary War (v. D. B. 
6:426, and other records). His large 
family was the presage of an almost 
innumerable progeny that has sprung 
from him; a progeny that has spread 
widely and has through a century 
and a half maintained certain well- 
marked characteristics, both physical 

and temperamental. They have been 
people of character, good citizens. 

This first Richard of Fluvanna 
served as an ensign (a commissioned 
officer) in the Revolution, and was 
later sheriff of the county. His home 
was about a mile and a half north 
of Bremo Bluff, between the 
branches of the creek (called Spring 
Garden Creek) that enters James 
River a few hundred yards east of 
the Bremo station. His wife was 
Elizabeth Muse, and I have been told 
by one of her granddaughters that 
she was from Northumberland coun- 
ty, Va. Mr. Malvern H. Omohundro, 
who has been interested in tracing 
the family, thinks that Richard came 
from Westmoreland county, where 
there has been since very early Co- 
lonial times a line of Richard Omo- 
hundros, "of the forest of Nominie." 
By the middle of the eighteenth cen- 
tury a branch of that family had 
NMnd to Northumberland county, 
mad I suggest that he also, as well 
a* Ms wife, came from that county. 
Tfcie «aaid probably be ascertained. 
Both Richard and his wife are buried 
*t the old home place, but without 
tombstones. They had, with others 
who died young, the following-named 
nine children, whose order of birth, 
however, is not certain. For the 
sons, I follow approximately the or- 
der of their marriages. 

1. John Omohundro. He settled 
in the northern part of Fluvanna, 
near Bybee's Cross Roads, and ac- 
cumulated a considerable estate; as 
did indeed all the brothers. He mar- 
ried in Louisa county, February 26, 
1795 (Louisa county records), Nan- 
cy Crank. Her parentage could no 
doubt be easily found in the Louisa 
records. His will is recorded in Flu- 
vanna county, Will Book 5, page 
124. A list of his children will be 
given below. He died May 28, 1845, 
and his wife survived till April 9, 

2. William Muse Omohundro, born 
August 5, 1775, died November 22, 
1846. He married February 20, 
1799, Martha Creasy (all this' from 
his family Bible). They resided for 
a time in Fluvanna county, and then 
removed to Ohio. List of children 
will be given below. 

3. Richard Omohundro, married 
Edith Seay. He purchased and re- 
sided on the fine plantation known 
as Gale Hill, on the road about two 
miles west of Columbia, which was 
sold after the Civil War to a Mr. 
Siegfried. The burying ground there 
contains the graveg of him, his wife, 
and a number of their children, and 
his tombstone shows that he was 
born April 5, 1777, died January 18, 
1860. His wife w: born January 
6, 1777, and died August 14, 1856. 

4. Thomas Washington Omohun- 
dro, who inherited the home place, 
and was prominent in the commun- 
ity, served as ensign in the Fluvanna 
militia, and in 1812 was promoted 
to be captain. He married May 24, 
1806, Polly Cowell, daughter of Wil- 
liam and Mildred (Henley) Cowell, 
of Albemarle and Fluvanna counties.' 
(William Cowell's will — see Fluvan- 
na Will Book 2:164, will dated 
1812, mentions his daughter Polly, 
wife of Thomas W. Omohundro,) 
List of children below. 

5. Allen Cocke Omohundro, mar- 
ried Miss Boatwright of Buckingham 
county, named by one of his nieces 
as Eliza Ann, but appears in a toun- 
ty record as Jane. They resided for 
some time in Buckingham, across the 
river from Scottsville. List of chil- 
dren below. 


Fluvanna County 
And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 

j„uAu iAmILY OF 


6. Ellis Putney Omohundro, of 
Amherst county, where his will, 
dated 1851, probated 1852, is re- 
corded. He married Mary D. Turner, 
of Amherst. List of children below. 

7. Mary Ellen Omohundro, born 
January 22, 1765 (see Woolling 
Bible), probably eldest child, mar- 
ried in Fluvanna on October 15, 
1789, Joseph Woolling, only child of 
William Woolling. A deed describes 
him as "of Hanover county," and the 
vestry book of St. Paul's Parish 
shows that he (William Woolling) 
had land processioned there in 1760. 
William Woolling married Elizabeth 
Stone, daughter of William Stone 
and his wife, Frances Taylor, daugh- 
ter of James Taylor, of New Kent 
county, long clerk of St. Peter's 
Parish. Joseph Woolling and his 
family resided on Bremo Creek, in 
Fluvanna, about a mile and a half 
from James River. List of children 
given below. 

8. Sarah Smith Omohundro, mar- 
ried March 18, 1795, David Louden. 
They lived in Fluvanna, where his 
will is of record. (Will Book 4/259.) 
List of children given below. 

' "n Omohundro. married Cary 
junes, m)/i 'Oi ruDnus jones and his 
wife, Elizabeth Wood. They lived 
' in Fluvanna, near the Albemarle line. 
List of children given below. 


I. John Omobundro and Nancy 
Crank had (family Bible and other 
sources) : 

10. Elizabeth Muse Omohoundro, 
born January 12, 1796, died about 
1881, married December 23, 1812 
(bond dated December 14, 1812), 
William Pettit, of Fluvanna, son of 
Samuel Baker Pettit and Temper- 
ance Sharp. Had issue. 

10-a. Mary E. Omohundro, born 
November 6, 1797, died 1819, un- 

II. Julia L. Omohundro, born 
April 17, 1801, died March 22, 1823, 
married September 18, 1818, Mar- 
quis L. Doyle. Two children, Man- 
erow and Julia. 

12. Nancy M. Omohundrro, born 
Anril 9, 1803, married February 23, 
lb25, James H. Crank. 

13. Frances L Omohundro, born 

April 27, 1805, married r'eDruary 
18, 1823, William Morris. 

14. Sarah J. (or G.) Omohundro, 
twin to Frances, married November 
22, 1825, David Johnson. 

15. Martha ("Patsy) L. B. Omo- 
hundro, born November 26, 1807, 
married November 22, 1825, Sher- 
wood Bybee. 

16. George Crank Omohundro, 
born March 22, 1810, died May 26, 
1890; was the purchaser, at estate 
sale, of his father's family Bible. He 
resided in Albemarle, near Kjeswick; 
successful farmer. Married (first), 
December 17, 1831, Lucy Ballard 
Shelton, daughter of Thomas Long 
Shelton and wife, Susan Ballard; 
married, second, October 4, 1858, 
Catherine N. Thornley, daughter of 
John Thornley by his second wife, 
Julia Payne, of Charleston, S. C. Is- 
sue by both wives. 

17. Temperance ("Pyney") W. 
Omohundro, born February 16, 1812, 
married December 23, 1834, Robert 
S. Kent, of Fluvanna county. 

17-a. Richard Omohundro, born 
February, 1814, died aged 16. 

18. John Flint Omohundro, born 
March 10, 1817, died March 17, 
1893, married December 6, 1849, 
Sarah Ann Tranquilla Wilson, daugh- 
ter of John Wilson, who lived about 
three miles northeast of Palmyra. 
He married) (second) late in life 
Miss Winnie Cleveland, of the Fork 
Union neighborhood. 

19. Mary J. Omohundro, born De- 
cember 16, 1820, married (first), 
September 8, 1836, James M. Mor- 
ris, and (second) Peters. 

2. William Muse Omohundro and 
Martha Creasy had (family Bible for 
dates) : 

20. John W. Omohundro, "Moun- 
tain Hill John," born November 22, 
1801, died 1881; lived in Fluvanna 
near Central Plains. He married 
about 1828 Martha Shepherd, and 
had issue, named below. 

21. Sarah Smith Omohundro, born 
October 11, 1804, married in Flu- 
vanna September 15, 1825, Stephen 
Johnson. They are said to have had 
four daughters, one of whom, Mar- 
tha, married a Mr. Wood. 

22. Eliza Muse Omohundro, born 
June 19, 1806, married (2) Ashlin, 
and (2) Miller. 

23. Martha Shepherd Omohundro, 
born September 18, 1807, married 
Hugh French, of Goochland county, 
and had issue. 

24. William Muse Omohundro, 
born July 31, 1909, married Febru- 
ary 29, 1838 (sic), Miss Thur- 
mond, "of Texas." (She was prob- 
ably of Albemarle county. Va., but 
they removed to Texas and had is- 

25. Richard Flint Omohundro, 
twin to William Muse, died 1895. He 
lived in Albemarle county, on the 

I Rivanna River, near Charlottesville. 
He married (1) February 22, 1838, 

Clara Chiles, and (2) May 30, 1861, 
Margaret Crank. Issue by both. 

26. Harriet B. Omohundro, born 
August 6, 1813, married Oliver, and 
had at least two sons. They removed 
to the west, to what state and place 
not now known. 

26-a. Thomas W. Omohundro, born 
1815, died 1859. Never married. 

27. Allen Cocke Omohundro, born 
October 30, 1818, died May 22, 
1853, married in Norfolk, Va., Sep- 
tember 22, 1852, Sarah Ann Lee 

27-a. James M. Omohundro, born 
1821, died unmarried in 1853. 

27-b. Ellis Putney Omohundro, 
born 1824, died in infancy. 

27-c. Mary Ellen Omohundro, 
born 1825, died unmarried in 1865. 

3. Richard Omohundro and Edith 
Seay had (family Bible for birth- 
dates) : 

28. Ellen Omohundro, born Octo- 
ber 4, 1803, died December 27, 1853, 
married December 13, 1838, Lewis 
James Seay, of Fluvanna, son of 
Benjamin Seay and his first wife, 
Ann Maria McConnell, of Nelson 
county. Issue: 

29. Stella Morton Omohundro, 
born October 20, 1805, married Sep- 
tember 21, 1826, James George, of 
Goochland county. Issue. 

30. Venetia Omohundro, born — , 
died — , married July 29, 1830, her 

first cousin, William Wooling, and 
had issue. 

30-a. Silas Omohundro, born — , 
died about 1864, unmarried. He had 
removed to Cincinnati and became 

31. Richard Omohundro, born 
January) 15, 1811, died , re- 
sided at Wilmington in Fluvanna 
county. He married February 9, 

^.izabeth Frances Kirtley, 
daughter of Buford Kirtley and wife, 
Sidney Bell Fisher. Buford Kirtley 
was son of Sinclair Kirtley, of Or- 
ange county, and wife, Ann Pannill. 

32. John Burwell Omohundro, 
born November 23, 1816, lived on a 
plantation about two miles west of 
Palmyra. He married (1) Catherine 
S. Baker, of Louisa county, by whom 
most of his children; and (2) No- 
vember 15, 1865, Margaret Alice 
Shores, daughter of Wilson Shores, 
of Fluvanna, and wife, Martha Cary 

32-a. Morton P. Omohundro, born 
1821, died unmarried in 1847. 

33. Norella Smith Morton Omo- 
hundro, born — , died — , married 
(1) September 14, 1842, her cousin, 
Overton Franklin Pettit, son of Ov- 
erton Baker Pettit and wife, Mary 
Ellen Woolling. They resided in 
Cumberland county on a plantation 
called Buena Vista, near the Fork 
of Wills Church. She married (2) 
Andrew Jackson Foster, a Confed- 

erate soldier wno lost an arm and 
was nursed at her home during his 
convalescence. Issue by first hus- 
band only. 

4. Thomas Washington Omohun- 
dro and Polly A. Cowell had (their 
daughter) : 

34. William Cowell Omohundro, 
married in Fluvanna county Novem- 
ber 29, 1836, Mary Ann Lilley, of a 
prominent family. Two children. 

35. Richard Omohundro, eleventh 
child but second son, married Ma- 
tilda Clarkson. Three children. 

36. Susan Muse Omohundro, mar- 
ried March 13, 1833, Alexander 
Langhorne, son of Beverley Lang- 
home, of Cumberland county, and 
his wife, Susan Woodson. Issue. 
They removed to Philadelphia, Pa. 

37. Mildred Omohundro, born 
June 25, 1810, died January 28, 
1874, married May 12, 1841, John 
Griffin, of Fluvanna, born February 
16, 1798, died December 6, 1886. 

37-a. Polly Omohundro, married 
February 12, 1833, William M. N. 
Ware. No issue. 

37-b. Nancy Omohundro, married 
September 10, 1839, Benjamin Mar- 
tin Johnson, of Goochland county. No 

37-c. Sally Omohundro, married — 
his second wife — John Pettit, son of 
William and Elizabeth (Omohundro) 
Pettit. No issue. 

38. Elizabeth Ann Omohundro, 
born November 1, 1818, died June 
5, 1894, married May 20, 1840, Wil- 
liam Garner Melton, born March 5, 
1811, died June 7, 1882. One son. 


Fluvanna County 
And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 


10. Elizabeth Muse Omohundro 
and William Pettit had eight chil- 
dren, who will be listed in the Pettit 
family sketch that is being prepared. 

11. Julia L. Omohundro and Mar- 
quis Lafayette Doyle had: 

GG. Manerow Doyle, married a 
Mr. Lacy; had several children. I 
am informed that among them was 
a daughter who married a Mr. La- 
Burge, two of whose daughters at- 
tended the Summer School at the 
University of Virginia a few years 

67. Julia Doyle, man-ied a Mr. 
Luthie (?), and among their chil- 
dren was a son, Lewis Luthie, and 
a daughter, Maggie Luthie, who mar- 
ried Robert Sampson, of Albemarle 

12. Nancy M. Omohundro and 
James Crank had only two children : 

68. John Richard Crank, of Louisa 
county, died about 1898, leaving 
about nine children, listed later. 

69. Mildred Crank, married Gran- 
ville Wright, of Louisa, and had 

13. Prances S. Omohundro and 
William Morris had children, but no 
record of their names has been ob- 

14. Sarah G. Omohundro and her 
first husband, David Johnson, had: 

72. William Johnson, married a 
Miss Jones and removed to Missouri, 
where he died about 1865, leaving 
four daughters: (l)i Sally, married a 
Mr. Fight, of Missouri; (2) Ella, 
married Jacob Clark; (3) Maggie, 
married Fred Clark, cousin to Ja- 
cob; and (4) Lee. 

72-a. Dilmus Johnson, died in 
youth, buried at the old Omohundro 
home near Bybee. 

73. Ajine Johnson, married James 
Clarkson. They removed before the 
Civil War to Missouri ; had several 
daughters, and one son, who in 
youth was killed by a falling tree. 

15. Patsy Omohundro and Sher- 
wood Bybee had: 

74. Sarah Bybee, married Benja- 
min Franklin Hudson, of Fluvanna. 

75. Frances Zybee, married Sam- 
uel Digges, of Louisa county. 

76. Jane Bybee, married Church- 
ill Jones, of Louisa county. 

77. William T. Bybee, married 
(1st) Miss Parrish, and (2nd) Miss 
Mollie Hughes, both of Fluvanna. 

16. George Crank Omohundro and 
first wife, Lucy B. Shelton, had : 

78. Susan Ann umonunaro, mar- 
ried March 18, 1852, John T. Baker. 
No issue. 

79. Mary Calpurnia Omohundro, 
married September 9, 1851, George 
L. Peyton, of Albemarle, son of 
Henry Peyton and wife, nee Farish; 
three daughters. 

80. -Lucy B. Omohundro, married 
a Mr. Noyes; no children. 

81. Julia Omohundro, married a 
Dr. Taylor, of Richmond; no chil- 

82,. Jenny Omohundro, married 
William Bashaw; had two sons and 
one daughter, all of whom died un- 

83. Alice Omohundro, married 
John Brand, of Augusta county. 

84. Richard Calvin Omohundro, 
married (1st) Molly Omohundro, 
and had issue. Married (2nd) Miss 
Hamner, of Pittsylvania county; had 

George Crank Omohundro and his 
second wife, Carrie M. Thornley, 

85. George Crank Omohundro, Jr., 
married a Miss Ware; he died aged 
about 30, leaving one young daugh- 

86. Carrie Omohundro, married 
(1st) Andrew Thornley, son of Wil- 
liam Thornley, of Caroline county, 
and wife, Jane Ryding (so T. D.) ; 
married (2nd) Tempieton Pace, of 
Albemarle county. 

17. Temperance Omohundro and 
Robert S. Kent had: 

87. Lucy Kent, married a Mr. 

88. Betty Kent, married a Mr. 

89. Spottswood Kent, married 
Miss — . 

90. Samuel Kent. 

18. John Flint Omohundro and 
wife, Sarah Ann Tranquilla Wilson, 

91. Charles Fitzroy Omohundro, 
born November 23, 1850, died Feb- 
ruary 2, 1913, married December 
23, 1873, Kate A. Hudson, of Flu- 
vanna. He resided near Keswick. 
Albemarle county, where with farm- 
ing he cari-ied on a lumber business. 

92. James Thaddeus Omohundro, 
born December 20, 1852, married 
(1st) Sallie Fitzhugh, of Culpeper 
county, on December 23, 1884. She 
died and he married (2nd) July 24, 
1895, Maggie W. Wood, of Fluvan- 
na. He engaged in the saw-milling 
business and made his home in 
Greensboro, N. C. He died Novem- 
ber 4, 1917. 

93. John Flint Omohundro, Jr., 
born June 10, 1855, resided at the 
home place near Bybee, carrying on 
farming and a lumber business. He 
married June 23, 1885, his cousin, 
Nannive C. Crank, of Louisa county. 
He died April 3, 1923. 

94. Addie V. Omohundro, born 
May 22, 1858, died in 1915; mar- 
ried July 8. 1886, Emmett P. Jones, 
a farmer of Poindexter, Va. 

95. Maggie Omohundro, born 

June 26, 1860, married February 
27, 1883, James W. Hudson, of Flu- 
vanna. They reside near Troy. 

96. Oscar Robert Omohundro, 
born December 20, 1862, resides in 
Gordonsville, Va., where, besides 
farming, he carries on a lumber and 
flour-mill business. He married Seu- 
tember 22, 1897, Katie B. Williams, 
of Louisa county. It is through him 
that transscripts from some old Omo- 
hundro family Bibles have been ob- 
tained, and also information about 
several branches of the family. 

97. Nannie Omohundro, born June 
6, 1865, married June, 1887, John 
C. Baughan, a farmer residing near 
Poindexter, Va. 

98. Loula May Omohundro, born 
December 12, 1867, married Octo- 
ber 27, 1891, Julian R. Loving, of 
Fluvanna. They reside at Cameron, 
North Carolina. 

99. Samuel Omohundro, born Oc- 
tober 22, 1870, is engaged in farm- 
ing and lumber business in Mullins, 
S. C. He married in November, 
1913, Lelia B. Coleman, of Albe- 
marle county, Va. 

T9. Mary J. Omohundro and 
James Morris had: 

100. Christie (daughter) Morris, 
married Lawson Woolridge. 

101. Morton Morris (son), mar- 
ried . 

102. One other, name not re- 

By her second husband, Mr. Pet- 
ers, she had : 

103. Robert Peters. 

20. John W. Omohundro and 
Martha Shepherd had : 

104. Susan Omohundro, born Au- 
gust, 1831, married (1st) Walker 
Skidmore Branson, and (2nd) Chas. 
L. Carr. Issue by both. 

105. Martha Omohundro, manned 
McCulloch. Had three sons. 

106. Elizabeth Omohundro, mar- 
ried Mr. Sherwood, of Washington, 
D. C. 

107. Minnie Poindexter Omohun- 
dro, married Mr. Davis, of Fluvanna. 

j Three daughters. 

107-a. John W. Omohundro, Jr., 
died unmarried. 

21. Sarah Smith Omohundro and 
Stephen Johnson had: 

108. Martha Johnson, married a 
Mr. Wood. 

109. Daughter. 

110. Daughter. 

111. Daughter. 

22. Eliza Muse Omohoundro; no 
information has been obtained about 
her children, if any. 

23. Martha S. Omohundro and 
Hugh French had : 

112. Mason H. French, born in 
Goochland in 1830, married in Rich- 
mond, Va., August 3, 1865, Jane E. 
McLear, daughter of Robert and Ma- 
linda McLear, of Fluvanna county. 

There were four other children, 
James. William, Sallie and Cynthia, 

all of whom died unmarried. 

24. William Muse Omohundro and 
wife, nee Thurmond, had, with per- 
haps others: 

113. John Omohundro. 

There were daughters, Maggie and 
Tennessee, who died unmarried, and 
probably other children. 
■ 25. Richard Flint Omohundro and 
first wife, Clara Chiles, had: 

116. Mary Ellen Omohundro, born 
March 12, 1841, died April 11 1894 
married February 11, 1864, John I, 
Jones, or Charlottesville. 

117. Emma Omohundro, born 
1842, married August 16, 1865 
John H. Chiles. 

117-a. Elisha Melton Omohundro 
born May 25, 1844, was killed June 
8, 1862, in the Battle of Port Re- 

117-b. Cora Omohundro, born Au- 
gust 18, 1847, died about 1910 
never married. 


Fluvanna County 
And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 


33. Norella Edith Morton Omo- 
hundro and Overton Franklin Pettit 

138. Norella Edith Pettit, married 
(1st) J. D. Currin, merchant of 
Bremo Bluff, Va., no issue. Married 
(2nd) Melville H. Kimbrough, agent 
C. & O. Railway. They lived at 
Bremo. One child, a daughter, Paul- 
ine Kimbrough, who married a Mr. 
Fleming and resides in Baltimore. 

139. Eleanora Franklin Pettit, 
married March, 1877, James Edward 
Daniel, farmer of Cumberland coun- 
ty, son of Robert Daniel, of "Bloom- 
field," near Fork of Willis Church 
in Cumberland. Issue will be listed 

36. Susan Muse Omohundro and 
Alexander Langhorne had: 

150. Maria Louisa Langhorne, 
married William M. Reed. They lived 
in Baltimore, and left several chil- 

150-a. Mary Susan Langhorne, 
married John W. Garrett, of Pow- 
hatan county. No issue. 

151. Isaetta Langhorne, married 
William Gibson, of Hanover county 
and later Richmond. Several chil- 

151-a. Emma Langhorne, died 

151-b. Ann Eliza Langhorne, died 

152. William Beverley Langhorne, 
born March, 1848, died February 28, 
1907, married October 3, 1870, 
Sarah Ann Corliss. Issue. 

153. George Thomas Langhorne, 
born October 27, 1851. 

37. Mildred Cowell Omohundro 
and John Griffin had: 

154. Thomas Henry Griffin, long 
commissioner of revenue, Fluvanna 
county, lived near Ford Union; born 
March 6, 1842; died January 8, 
1898; married Fannie T. Allen, born 
January 3, 1852, died March 2, 
1925. One son, Thomas Henry Grif- 
fin, Jr., of Fork Union. 
December 26, 1846, died October 21, 

154-a. Virgin Dallas Griffin, born 
1926; married — his second wife — 
Benjamin A. Sowell, of Fluvanna. 
No issue. 

155. Louise Rebecca Griffin, born 
June 5, 1848; married Charles J. 
Thomas, of near Fork Union, and 
has issue. 

156. Sarah Eliza Griffin, born j 
July 22, 1851, died January 30,' 
1929; married November 27, 1883, 
J. Wallace Perkins, of Carysbrook. 

157. Emmett Ellis Griffin, born! 
August 29, 1853, married Mary Va- 
rina Snead, and they have several 

38. Eliza Ann Omohundro and 
William Garner Melton had only 
one child. 

158. Thomas Jefferson Melton, 
married Wealthia Johnson, of Buck- 
ingham. They resided at the old 
Omohundro place. Three children. 

39. Rebecca Ann Omohundro and 
William Lewis Anderson had: 

159. William Archer Anderson, a 
farmer of Fluvanna, married Mrs. 
Mildred Henson and had several chil- 

160. Mary Jane Anderson, mar- 
ried Robert Johnson, who lived near 
Central Plains. They had children. 

161. Oley Field Anderson, lived 
in Cumberland county, married and 
probably had children. 

162. Poca Anderson, married her 
cousin, Oley Anderson, of Cumber- 
land county. They lived near Car- 
tersville and had a large family. 

40. Julila Omohundro and Vin- 
cent Witcher Phillips had several 
children, among them: 

163. John H. Phillips, a prominent 
citizen, who lived near Antioch; 
married his cousin, Edmonia Bram- 
ham, and had children. 

41. Orana Omohundro and Wil- 
liam G. Pettit had only one child: 

168. Indiana Pettit, married Wil- 
liam Lewis Harding. Their children 
will be listed in the Pettit genealogy. 

42. Amanda Omohuindro and 
Samuel Robert Pettit had: 

169. Edgar Littleton Pettit, of 
Fork Union, married Annie Strange. 

169-a. Blanche Catherine Pettit, 
I resides at her father's old home near 
Fork Union, never married. 

170. Rosser Jackson Pettit, farm- 
er, residing on James Riven near 
Stearns, married Fannie Stone, and 
had several children. 

170-a. Archer Lee Pettit, died un- 

170-b. Aubrey Pettit, died in 

171. Tara Amanda Pettit, married 
Robert Austin Morris, of Bremo. 
They have several children. 

These will be given in more de- 
tail in the Pettit family list. 

45. Tipton Turner Omohundro 
and Frances M. Turner had: 

180. Mollie M. Omohundro, mar- 
ried (1st) her cousin, Richard Cal- 
vin Omohundro, and (2nd) William 
Hughes, of Albemarle county. 

181. Willie Omohundro, married 
William O. Staples; they live in 

Lynchburg; have two sons and two 

182. Douglas K. Omohundro bus- 
iness man of Nelson county and later 

of Richmond, married , and has 

several children. 

182-a. Tipton Turner Omohundro 
Jr., of Glendower, Albemarle coun- 
ty, married but has no children. 

182-b. Breckenridge Omohundro, 
died before 1915. 

182-c. Charles Edward Omohun- 
dro, born 1872, died Februarv, 1915. 
182-d. Fannie M. Omohundro, 
lives at Glendower, never married. 

48. Elizabeth Woolling and Mica- 
jah Stone had: 

195. Joseph Hamilton Stone, born 
1812, died 1903; married Lucy Ann 
Cobb. They lived in Campbell coun- 
ty. Issue listed later. 


Fluvanna County 
And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 


39. Rebecca Ann Omohundro, born 

, died — , married December 17, 

1845, William Lewis Anderson, born 
December 12, 1822, died November 
26, 1899, son of Lewis Anderson, of 
Nelson county, and wife, Sophia Pet- 
tit. They lived in Fluvanna, at the 
old Wooling place, about two miles 
north of Bremo Bluff. After her 
death he married again. 

40. Julia Omohundro, born — , 
died — , married Vincent Witcher 
Phillips, of Prince Edward county; 
they lived in Fluvanna, near Antioch. 

41. Orana Omohundro, born — , 
died — , married Wm. G. Pettit. 

42. Amanda Omohundro, youngest 
child (and who gave me this list of 
her father's children), born — , died 
— , married Samuel Richard Pettit, 
son of Hugh Pettit, of Fluvanna, 
and his wife, Elizabeth Wood. They 
lived in Fluvanna about a mile and 
a half southeast of Fork Union, first 
at "South Creek" and later at "White 
Hall." Issue. 

5. Allen Cocke Omohundro and 
Jane Boatwright had (Mrs. Amanda 
Pettit) : 

43. Ann Omohundro, married Eli- 
jah Pace. 

44. John Boatwright Omohundro, 
born 1809, died 1862, married (1) 

— Williams, by whom several chil- 
dren; married (2) January 15, 1862, 
Hasseltine A. Thomas, by whom no 

44-a. Jane Omohundro, never mar- 

6. Ellis Putney Omohundro and 
Mary D. Turner had (his will, and 
other) : 

45. Tipton Turner Omohundro, 
bom — , died October 27, 1908, lived 
for a time in Amherst county, and 
then in Albemarle, near Glendower. 
He married in Albemarle county, 
January 15, 1850, his cousin, Fran- 
ces M. Turner, born — , died Jan- 
uary II, 1908. 

46. Spotswood J. Omohundro. 

47. Thomas Omohundro, born 
1837, in Campbell county, Va., mar- 
ried in Albemarle county, February 
2, 1860, Virginia Randolph, born 
1834 in Amelia county, Va., daugh- 
ter of John and Judith Randolph. 
They lived in Lynchburg, Va. 

7. Mary Ellen Omohundro and 
Joseph Woolling had (family Bible) : 

48. Elizabeth Woolling, married 
December 24, 1811, her cousin, Mi- 
ca j ah Stone, son of Elijah Stone. 
They lived in Campbell county, Va. 

49. Mary Ellen Woolling, married 
in Fluvanna March 30, 1815, Over- 
ton Baker, Pettit, son of Samuel 
Baker Pettit and wife, Temperance 
Sharp. They resided at "Cobham," 
a plantation of one thousand acres 
on James River in Cumberland coun- 
ty, nearly opposite Point of Fork. 
This place was sold before his death 
in 1858. Both he and his wife are 
buried at the old Woolling place in 

50. Ann Ponton Woolling, born 
January 30, 1803, died June 25, 
1891. She married in Fluvanna 
January 31, 1822, Beverley Ragland, 
son of Dudley Ragland, of Gooch- 
land, and wife, Martha Thompson. 
Their home in Goochland was "Apple 
Grove," about three miles northeast 
of Elk Hill, where her grandson, Ar- 
thur James, still lives. 

51. William Woolling, born — , 
died — , married July 29, 1830, his 
cousin, Venetia Omohundro. They 
lived at Bloomfield in Fluvanna, 
about a mile and three-quarters 
south of Fork Union, where all the 
children were born; they removed 
later to Campbell county and died 

51-a. Joseph Woolling, lived at 
the old home place, where his ne- 
phew, Joseph Woolling, Jr., came to 
reside with him. He married in May, 
1840, Virginia Fuqua, who died ear- 
ly without issue. I remember him 
as a very dignified old gentleman, 
with his high hat, and his personal 
servant to the end. 

8. Sarah Smith Omohundro and 
David Louden had (his will and 
I granddaughter) : 

52. Mary F. Louden, married 
March 11, 1823, John M. Bramham 
After his death she married (2) a 
Mr. Brown. 

52-a. Elizabeth Louden, married 
February 26, 1828, Ludlow Bram- 

53. Ann Louden, married Febru- 
ary 3, 1831, John Henson. 

All of these lived in Fluvanna. 
.. 9. Ann Omohundro and Cary 
Jones had (their daughter) : 

54. Catherine Jones, married Wil- 
liam Hudson, Jr., and they removed 
to Missouri. Five children. 

55. Henry W. Jones, married 
. They lived in Louisa coun- 
ty, later in Orange county. Five 

55-a. John A. Jones, died unmar- 
ried during the Civil War. 

56. Sallie Ann Jones, married (1) 

Johnson, and (2) Dent. 

They removed to the West. Issue 
by both. 

i 57. Thomas Cary Jones, born — , 
died — , married Malinda Hudson, 
daughter of William Hudson and 
wife, Elizabeth Morgan. They lived 
in Fluvanna county, near Antioch, 
and had five children. 


Fluvanna County 
And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 


104. Susan Omohundro and her 
first husband, Walker Skidmore 
Bransom, had: 

a. Mary Elizabeth Bransom, born 
October 23, 1850, died October 15, 
1880; married in Washington, D. C, 
January 5, 1870, William Dallas 
Snead, a newspaper man of Rich- 
mond, born October 25, 1844, son 
of W. W. Snead of Hanover (born 
1817, died November 9, 1847)^. and 
his wife, Mary Elizabeth Birch, of 
New Kent county. Besides two chil- 
dren, who died in infancy, Mary 
Elizabeth Bransom and W. Dallas 
Snead had: (1) Mary Susan Snead, 
married Sidney Lee Gilliam, born in 
Cumberland county, Va., died in 
Richmond, and had two daughters, 
Grace Snead Gilliam and Judith Lee 
Gilliam, the latter marrying recent- 
ly a Mr. Miller of Richmond; and 
(2) Grace Goldsborough Snead, mar- 
ried November 6, 1900, Charles Sel- 
den Allen, of Virginia, now in busi- 
ness in New York, son of Lewis Al- 
len and wife, Willie Allen (who was 
daughter of William Monroe Allen 
and wife, Mary Jane Crutchfield). 
They have one child, a son, Charles 
Selden Allen, Jr., born 1902. 

b. John J. Bransom, died April 5, 
1891; married about 1884 Margaret 
Meyers; they lived in Washington 
and had two children: (1) Mary 
Bransom, married Frank B. Keyes, 
and has son, John Paul Keyes; and 
(2) John Paul Bransom, well-known 
animal artist, who lives in New 
York. Married, but I have, not leax-n- 
ed the name of his wife. 

c. Walter Skidmore Bransom, Jr., 
died in Washington about 1898, un- 

d. Gustavus Beauregard Bransom, 
born about 1864, a salesman of 
Washington, died about 1900, leav- 
ing a son, Walker, and a daughter, 

1 Susan Bransom. 

By her second husDanu, ^..« 

L. Carr, she had: 

e. Forrest Dabney Carr, famous 
musician, born 1871; married Octo- 
ber 26, 1921, and was drowned at 
Virginia Beach on August 15, 1922. 

116. Mary Ellen Omohundro and 
John L. Jones had: 

a. Clara G. Jones, born October 
25, 1864, died August 14, 1891; 
married January 15, 1889, Walter 
Phillips. She left one child, a daugh- 
ter, Mary Ellen, who married a Mr. 

b. Melton Jones, born January 
12, 1866; married aboout 1895 Mag- 
gie Jackson. They have three daugh- 
ters. • 

c. Ella Omohundro Jones, born 
1872, died unmarried in 1891. 

117. Emma Omohundro and John 
H. Chiles had: 

a. Lillian Chiles, married Febru- 
ary 14, 1894, L. M. Bowman, of 
Charlottesville. They have two chil- 
dren, Roderick N. Bowman and Lil- 
lian R. Bowman. 

125. Ellen George and George 
Fisher Kirtley had: 

a. Richard Melton Kirtley, born 

, died ; married December 

21, 1882, Clara Rebecca Welsh, of a 
prominent Maryland family, who re- 
moved to Fluvanna and resided near 
Columbia. They had four children, 
all sons, as follows: (1) Richard 
Welsh Kirtley, born January 31, 
1884, married June 7, 1911, Ora 
Priscilla Robertson; they reside in 
Richmond and have several children; 
(2) Albert George Kirtley, business 
, man of West Virginia, born Novem- 
ber 23, 1885; (3) James Buford 
Jvirtley, born January 29, 1887, died 
in young manhood, leaving a widow 
and one son; (4) Eberle Green Kirt- 
ley, born April 15, 1889, - in business 
in Spartanburg, S. C; married and 
has several children. 

b. William B. Kirtley, died in ear- 
ly manhood, unmarried. 

c. A daughter, who died in in- 

127. Joseph Woolling and his first 
wife, Letitia LeTellier, had: 

a. Joseph Hickory Woolling, set- 
tled in Indianapolis, Ind., where he 
died in 1919. He irried Mattie 
Freeman and left three children: (1) 

Frank Freeman Woolling, of Indian- 
apolis, married May 12, 1912, Mary 
}3. Porter and has several children; 
<2) Kenneth Kaarta Woolling, of 
Indianapolis, married and has chil- 
dren; and (3) Josephine Woolling. 

By his second wife, Mattie James 
Wren, he had: 

b. Letitia LeTellier Woolling, 
married (his second wife) John 
Hartwell Cocke, only son of Dr. 
Charles Cary Cocke, of Bremo. He 

' died several years ago, and she, with 
her brother, resides at the old Wool- 
ling home, still dispensing the warm 
hospitality of "ye olden time." 

c. William Winn Woolling, a rail- 
road man, unmarried. 

d. Richard Woolling, M. D., of 
Pulaski, Va. Married Nellie Jordan. 
No children. 

e. Benjamin Woolling, lives un- 
married with his sister, Mrs. Cocke, 
at the old Woolling home near Fork 

f. Edmund Woolling. 

g. Joseph Clinton Woolling, hotel 
man, now manager of the fine Weya- 
noke Hotel at Farmville, Va. He 
married September 28, 1911, Mary 
L, Roller, of Staunton, Va., and has 

lone child, a son, Joseph Clinton 
Woolling, Jr. 


Fluvanna County 
And Its People 


152. William Beverley Langhorne 
and Sarah Ann Corliss had: 

a. Isetta Wade Langhorne, died 


Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 



131. Richard Sinclair Omohundro 
and Mary Randolph Hughes had: 

a. Richard Sinclair Omohundro, 
Jr., born September 15, 1895; mar- 
ried November, 1920, Loreen Mills, 
of Richmond. No children. 

b. Eldridge Tucker Omohundro, 
born May 9, 1897, died 1898. 

c. Ida Randolph Omohundro, born 
March 26, 1898; married November 
11, 1921, Overton B. Thomas, of 
Palmyra. They live in Richmond. 

d. Rebekah Rivers Omohundro, 
born April, 1899, died September, 

e. Rolfe Beverley Omohundro, 
born January 19, 1901, married 
June 23, 1927, Marie Myers, of Salt 
Lick, Ky. They reside in Pittsburgh, 
Pa., and have twin sons, Rolfe Bev- 
erley and John Richard, born Janu- 
ary 29, 1929. 

f. Allen Ball Omohundro, born 
June 2, 1902; married November, 
1926, Grace Darling Barnard, of 
Franklin, N. C. They live in Mel- 
bourne, Arkansas. 

g. Frederick Boiling Omohundro, 
born June 19, 1905; married August 
■31, 1928, Elizabeth Lucile Showalter. 
They live in Richmond. 

h. Mary Adelaide Omohundro, 
born 1919, died 1917. 

150. Mary Louise Langhorne and 
William M. Reed had: 

a. Harry Langhorne Reed. 

b. Morton Wales Reed. 

c. Lindsay Marion Reed. 

d. William Gibson Reed. 

(These are said to have lived in 
Baltimore and Philadelphia.) 

151. Isetta Langhorne and Wil- 
liam Gibson had: 

a. John A. Gibson. 

b. Frances B. Barksdale Gibson. 

c. Milton Cary Gibson. 

d. Robert T. Gibson. 

e. William T. Gibson. 

(These probably lived in Rich- 

b. William Beverley Langhorne, 
born March 27, 1875. 

c. Mabel Grace Langhorne, born 
August 16, 1878. 

d. Harry Morton Langhorne, born 
January 24, 1881. 

e. Milton Cary Langhorne, born 
December 4, 1884. 

f. Stella May Langhorne, born 
October 20, 1887. 

158. Thomas Jefferson Melton and 
IWealthia Johnson had: 

a. A. Livingstone Melton, of Fork 
Union, married Sallie Seay, daughter 
of Meredith Fletcher Seay and wife, 
Martha Jane Bruce. 

b. Robert J. Melton, constable, 
residing near Bremo Bluff, on a part 
of the original Omohundro home- 
stead, married Hattie B. Morris, 
daughter of George Henry Morris, 
of Fluvanna, and wife, Rebecca Mil- 
dred Seay" (a half-sister of Meredith 
F. Seay, above). They have several 
children. Mrs. Melton has given 
much assistance in the compilation 
of these records. 

c. Belle Melton, married, but I 
have not her husband's name. 

195. Joseph Hamilton Stone; when 
listed under "No. 48, only one wife 
was named. He married (2nd) in 
1877 Jennie Riddle, of Pittsylvania. 
By his first wife, Lucy Ann Cobb or 
Cobbs (both forms given), he had: 

a. Emma Stone, married (1st) in 
1861 John Wood, of Campbell coun- 
ty, who went immediately to the 
army and was killed. She married 
(2nd) in 1865 William Thomas 
Clement, son of William Alexander 
Clement, of Campbell county. They 
had two children: (1) William Jo- 
seph Clement, a business man of 
Lynchburg, now resident in Rich- 
mond, and has two children: (a) 
Captain William Tardy Clement, 
graduate of the U. S. Naval Acad- 
emy at Annapolis, born September 
27, 1894; married February 15, 
1921, Margerita Christy, and has 
two fine little boys, and (b) Gretch- 
en Evans Clement, tarried Overton 
Woodward, of Richmond. The sec- 
ond child of Emma Virginia Stone 
and W. T. Clement was Lucy A. 

Clement; born 1868, died unmarried 

b. Charles Lewis Stone, married 
Bailie Duke, of Campbell county, 
and had one son, C. B. Stone, now 
residing near Rustburg in Campbell 


c. Venetia Preston Stone, mar- 
ried Rev. Sydnor Price, a Baptist 
minister and farmer, of Campbell 

eounty, and had a large family. 

d. Laura Lee Stone, married Rev. 
Ellison Clark Dodson, a Baptist min- 
ister and farmer, of Campbell coun- 
ty. She died in August, 1924, leav- 
ing several children. 

e. Joseph Hamilton Stone, Jr., 
born June 21, 1860, died June 30, 
1828; married April 7, 1891, Bird 
Morris. He was a farmer of Camp- 
bell county, and had the following 
named six children: 

(1) Rev. Albert Gallatin Stone, 
Methodist minister, in 1929 living in 
Lancaster, Ky., and who supplied 
much of this Stone family data. He 
married (1st) in 1914 Fannie Gog- 
gin, daughter of State Senator Gog- 
gin; she died in 1925, leaving one 
child, a daughter, Frances Gallatin 
Stone, born 1920, He married (2nd) 
in 1926 Hattie Mae Bradford, by 
whom a daughter, Margaret Brad- 
ford Stone, born 1927, 

(2) Anne Rudd Stone, born-1894, 
married in 1918 Harry A. Stewart, 
and has a daughter, Jean McLean 
Stewart, born in 1928. 

(3) Francis Hamilton Stone, born 
1926, died October 16, 1918, while 
serving with the American forces in 
France. Unmarried. 

(d) Archer Preston Stone, born 
i in 1898, unmarried in 1929. 

(5) Joseph Woolling Stone, teach- 
er, graduate of V, M. I., born 1902; 
married in 1926 Charlotte Parks, 
and has daughter, Charlotte Byrd 
Stone, born in 1927. 

(6) Lucy Marguerite Stone, born 
1905, died in infancy. 

By his second wife t Jennie Riddle, 
he had: 

f. Emma Virginia Stone, born 
1878; married Joshua Herndon, a 
farmer of Campbell county, Va., and 
has children. 

g. Lewis A. Stone, born 1881, 
farmer of Campbell county; married 

Lillie Brown and has children. 

h. John James Stone, farmer of 
Campbell county, born 1886; mar- 
ried Lottie V. Phillips. 

196. Preston Brown Stone and 
Jennie Stratton had: 

a. Rosalie Stone, married John J. 
Scruggs, of Appomattox county. 

b. Sallie Wille Stone, married 
William D. Sandidge, of Appomat- 

197. Micajah Stone and Fannie V. 
Herndon had: 

a. Albert Preston Stone, of 
Lynchburg, married Relia V. Tan- 

b. Elmo Micajah Stone, of Lynch- 
burg, married Carrie E. Tanner. 

c. Lizzie C. Stone, married Wil- 
liam Henry Drinkard. 

d. Lucy Annis Stone, married 
Thomas A. Drinkard. 

e. Jennie F. Stone, married Jo- 
seph S. Bondurant. 

198. Nancy Stone and Captain 
Gilbert Martin had: 

a. Eliza Martin, married Robert 
Russell, of Campbell county, and has 
three children, Annie, William and j 
Robert Russell. 

b. Ann Martin, married John 
Hillsman; he was killed in Civil War. 

c. Susan Martin, married James 
Hillsman, and had several daughters. 

52. Under this number a very in- 
adequate list of the Bramhams was 
given. I am now able to supply a 
better list, as follows: 

Elizameth Hudson Loudon and 
Ludlow Bramham had: 
| a. Mason Spiller Bramham, farm- 
er, J. P. of Fluvanna, born Decem- 
ber 18, 1828, died January 10, 1916; 
tnarried September 15, 1858, Georgi- 
anna Frances Carter, born February 
14, 1838, died February 23, 1930, 
daughter of George Carter, of Buck- 
ingham, and wife, Frances Turner. 
They had the following named six 
children : 

(1) Martha Edmonia Bramham, 
born March 19, 1860; married No- 
vember, 1880, her cousin, John 
Henry Phillips. They have several 

(2) Florence Beaur, ". ..! Bram- 
ham, married March 2o, 1886, Hal 
Bowles, of Goochland, and they have 
several children. 

(3) Ada Poindexter Bramham, 
married September, 1890, Philip 
James Winn, son of Dr. P. J. Winn 
and his first wife, Bettie Ballou. A 
fuller account will be given under 
the Winn family. 

(4) Ludlow Carter Bramham, of 
Fluvanna and later of Washington, 
married Minnie Marshall, No chil- 

(5) Horace Loudon Bramham, 
married June, 1895, Minnie Rebecca 
Anderson, and they have several chil- 

(6) Bettie J. Bramham, married 
Joel B. Bowles, of Goochland, now 
deceased. No children. 

Mason S. Bramham had a twin 
brother, who died at birth, and a 
younger brother named Gustavus 
Adolphus, who died aged two years. 

Elizabeth H. Loudon married 
(2nd) Holman Bashaw. No children 
by that marriage, 

52-a. Mary F. Loudon and John 
M. Bramham had : 

a. Sarah Bramham, died unmar- 
ried in late 'teens. 

b. Emily Bramham, married John 
Hughes, and had several children. 
They removed to Alleghany county 
or that neighborhood. 

This account of the Omohundros 
will stop here for the present, but 
be resumed later on. — B. L. A. 


Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 

Tiie Gecrgs Payne ; 7 amily 
land, though he never resided in Flu- 
vanna, is ind i I 
the reason that his name is in the 
record: < od deal of hi 
ii ■ ' 
He i I 1707, 
the second son of < 
the progenitor, wil 

. oup of 
thai has i pj sad so wiueiy 
through the nation. He heJ 
Irj t'a o 

the county, and was vestryman of 
St. James Pari , a, tor many 

years from Pi arried Juditn 

Burton; 1 have not yet learni 
date. They had issue, as folio 

. not named in his 
father's will, as he had uieci, 
his father. He died, wealthy, in Oc- 
tober, 17 ?0. iiis v, . 
Morton, probably a sister oJ 
wives of his brothers, Georj e 

Burton, married o 
i , , 3, John R i , all Reid (or : 

him also had children. 
Payne's children will be listed 

-. George Payne, born February 
9, 1746, cued September 13, 1807 
t< ne ) . He was for 

if Goochland county. His) 
father devised to him 3 50 acres on 
Little Bird 

George formerly lived," and 
slaves; also "one-half of a tract Oi 
land the testator has in Fluvanna 
county, distinct from his main ; i ... t 

Payne, has built a house." 
; ,i Cun- 

ninghai i In some records 

"Col." He married De- 
1765, Betty ft* 
■ an< 
sketch of Robert Burton 1'ayr.e. al- 
ready published in these Notes. Is- 
sue below. 

3. Mary i'a; ne, married August 

land. Her i (will 

six slaves and certain furniture that 

she already has. 

3-a. Joseph Pa\ . 
23, 1758 (D. R.). i ■ V will, 

to "son Joseph the land 
in Goochland County, 977 
where bestato 

and all the stock. 

remainder i 
land in Fluvanna count) in 

nd if lie shou 

among testator's othe 
divn." No 

ph Payne ha 
tenani in the Ri 
and in I 
to 1,000 aci 

Joseph I made captain in 

the Goochland militia, 
tionary officer was living as I: 
1820, but was probably not tl 
of George and Judith, for he 
(the date of his birth as 
1759, making him seventeen a 
younger than the Joseph above. One 
Joseph M. Fayne in 1791, 
John Shelton (who mi 
Payne, above) and Jo 
witnessed a will in Goochland. 

4. Elizabeth Payne, born Septem- 
ber 19. 1760, married June 9, 1777. 
her cousin,. Samuel Woodson. Her 
father's will gives to he 

and confirms previous gifts of cattle 
and other property. Issue below. 

5. Anne Payne, married Sackville 
King, son of Thomas and Sarah 
King, who were originally of Hany 
over county, but had 

Louisa, where he died in 1.798. Her 
father's will gives to her five slaves 
and confirms a deed of gift 
husband, Sackville King, for 300 
acres of land on Cary Creek in Flu- 
vanna, "where they now live." 

This 'Sackville King has already 
been mentioned among the Revolu- 
tionary soldiers from Fluvanna. Af- 
ter the war they lived for nearly 
twenty years in the county, and then 
removed to Campbell, where he died 
about 1839, very old. His will, dated 
August 11, 1838, is of record. Is- 
sue, in part, named below-. 

5-a. Robert Burton Payne, of 
whom a sketch has already been 

6. (Probably) Matthew Payne, 
who married May 4, 1773. Sally 
Pryor, daughter of Captain William 
Pryor and wife, Sarah Wood. 

1. Jesse Payne and Frances Mor- 
ton had, with perhaps otl 

7. George Morton Payne, born 
June 28, 1768. I am informed that 
he married a Miss Johnson and re- 
moved to Fayette county, Ky. 

8. Richard Baylor Payne, .born 
September 10, 1769. No further 

9. Jesse Burton Payne, born June 
27, 1771. (Note: One Jesse Payne, 
but not certainly this one, married 
Jean Morgan; bond Albemarle coun- 
ty, June 13, 1795.) 

2. Col. Geoi ■ and Betty 
McCarty Morton had: 

10. Margaret I!. married 
her cousin. John ne. Of 
him an II a sketch will be 

11. Judith Burton Payne, 


mber, I7*jy, aieci October zu, 
1850, married Kendal] Lee, 

G Man I 

resided at "Leehigh," in Co] 
He was son of Kendall Lee, of Lan- 
caster county, an I wife, Be 
Her will, dated 1849, is of record in 
Fluvanna. Issue named below. 

12. Mary Barnes Payne, born Au- 
gust 27, 1772, married John Chiches- 
ter Payne, of whom a k( tch will be 

1'3. .i. ; ne, married 

oj Wil- 
liam I':';, or. bond Goochland, Febru- 
's rid, second, Jane 
ell, bond Goo 

in Loui ! i' en ±our 

id at least on 

. i Alvin > i; . - 
:. Lucj Huoard Payne, born' 
i : , . . I icord. 

itthew Mountjoy Payne, 
born January 17, 1784, served 
ly forty years in the United States 
Army; served in Mexican War and 
imided at Palo Alto. He died 
in 1862. Pis will, dated I860, is 
of extrai interest, naming as 


long whom 
1th; practi- 
cally nothing to male relatives. His 
■ al heirs wove his two great- 
Laura M. Pope and Eliz b 
H. Pope. How they were so related 
1 do not knew, beyond the 
bhat either their raother or their 
her was Lavinia Beckwith 

15. (Probably) Elizabeth Payne, 

: Robert Pa 
Ccl. John Payne, of "White Kail," 
and his second wife, Mrs. .Jean 
(Smith) Chichester. Of I 
Payne a sketch will be given later. 
4. Elizabeth Payne and Samuel 
Woodson had (see- his will, Gooch- 

16. Sally Pleasants Woodson, m-r- 

urner Lewis, 
and had issue, named in "The Lewis 
& Kindred Families." 

L7. Roberl Hughes Woodson, died 
; n 1806, leaving two daughters, De- 
borah and iparenl 

married, as med in 

on February 

apparently no 

17-a. George To . [son, no 

d of marriaj ■ 
1849. i 

, Arch 

18.. idson of whom no 

19. Judi 

I Pleasa n 


lis. Issue 

20. foodson. 

21. Elizabeth Wood ion, 

ibald B. Lewis, and had 

5. Anne Payne and T.ackville King 
I 1782 five or six children. Of 
I lowing have 
in ■ ; for. this rei 
Duncan King, to wh 
1816 his parents, both then /living, 
made a deed of gift. 

23. Ann - 
•fame; Layne. They 
Montgomery county and 
perhaps otheis, a dauj 
Ann R. Layne, who wa 
the will of 1 

lg. At that time 
was under age, h< 
'. being ■ (?) ; so her father 

. idently died, and peril 
One Sackville Ki riff of 

Campbell county in 1836, but 
whether it was this man, or r 
a son of the same name, I do not 

11. Judith Burton Paym 
Kendall Lee had : 

25. George Kendall Lee, re 

to New Orleans. No further knowl- 

25-a. Eliza K. Lee, never mi 
living as late as 1860. 

26. Thomas Lee, died in Kentuckv 


(Continued next week) 


Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 

The George Payne family 

27. Virginia Payne Lee, married 
in Fluvanna, January 10, 1823," 
Howell Lewis, and had, with perhaps 
others, George Kendall Lewis, named!] 
in 1849 in will of his grandmother; 
and Mary Virginia Lewis, who mar- I 
ried before 1849 Augustus M. Hamil- 
ton, and had by 1862 five daughters 
and a son, Hancock Lee Hamilton, 
born before 1849. 

28. Hancock Lee, who had before 
1862 daughters, Charlotte, Margaret, 
Mary, and Julia, all unmarried in 

One of the above Lee sons had a 
son, James Kendall Lee, who was 
captain in the C. S. A., and killed in 
battle in 1862. 

19. Judith Payne Woodson and 
Robert Pleasants had: 

a. Elizabeth Jane Pleasants, 

b. Samuel Fleasants, 

c. Robert A. Pleasants, 

d. Sarah Pleasants, 

e. Elvira Pleasants, 

f. James B. Pleasants, 

g. Richard G. Pleasants. 

Of these, Elvira and James B. in 
1840 made choice of Samuel P. Col- 
lier as their guardian. The latter, 
James B., is the only one of these 
brothers and sisters of whose mar- 
riage I have record. He married, 
first, in Henrico county, April 16, 
1846, Mary Jane Blunt, her mother 
giving consent. He married, second, 
in Richmond, on Church Hill, by Rev. 
S. P. Ledoux, Mrs. Sarah (Holm) 
I McCallister, born 1824, daughter of 
Peter and Ann Holm. 

The will of Colonel Matthew 
Mountjoy Payne, named above, is of 
such interest that I will give here the 
names of those to whom he made leg- 
acies: "My brother Jonathan S. 
Payne . . . his son George Alvin 
Payne and his daughters ... his 
deceased daughter who was wife of 
Mr. Campbell . . . My niece Louise 
Ann Anderson of Tennessee, and her 
daughters . . . my niece Lucy Hill, 
and her daughter Isabella, now Mrs. 
Waddell . . . my niece Betsy Lee, 
and her niece Mary Virginia Hamil- 
ton . . . my great-nieces Betty Brad- 
ley and her sister Louisa . . . my 
great niece Martha Hogan (should 
this be Hagan? — B. L. A.) ... my 
great niece Nanny Moon, daughter 
of Robert A. Payne . . . my great- 
niece Martha Payne, daughter of 

Addison Payne ... my great-niece 
Betty Payne, daughter of George M. 
Fayne . . . my great-nieces Char- 
lotte Lee, Margaret Lee, Mary Lee, 
and Julia Lee, daughters of Hancock 
Lee . . . my great-nieces Susan 
Payne and Celia Payne, daughters 
of George M. Payne . . . my niece 
Jane Carter, daughter of Smith 
Payne . . . my nephew Baldwin Ma- 
thews Payne ... My great-nieces 
Laura M. Pope and Elizabeth H. 
Pope, all my estate in Chattanooga, 
including slaves; also $12,000 in 
Virginia State Bonds; also all _ the 
rest of my undevised property." 

A codicil dated 1862; a legacy to 
Augustus M. Hamilton for the use 
of his five daughters. . . A special 
legacy to Scott Taylor Payne, daugh- 
ter of George Alvin Payne. 


16. Jane Payne, married first 
jjo.'in Boiling, by whom no issue. She 
married, second, James B. Fergu- 
! son- Issue below. 

1<J. He inherited "Newmarket' 

m Goochland, and resided there until 

I 1840, when he removed to a farm 

on Ivy Creek near Lynchburg, in 
Campbell County. He married Sep- 
tember 6, 1804, Charlotte Bryce, his 
"in^in. fiauo-hter of Archibald Bryce, 
a prominent merchant, and his wife, 
ni^ry Miicneil, whose mother was 
Agnes Payne, daughter of Josias 
Payne, "the elder," and his wife, 
Anne Fleming. Charlotte Bryce was 
born June 15, 1784, and died 1870. 
Issue below. 

i> 17-a. Catherine Payne, married 
Archibald Boiling; had Dr. Archibald 
Boiling, who married Anne E. Wig- 
ginton and had Judge William Hol- 
combe Boiling; he married Sarah 
White and had, with others, Edith 
Boiling, married (1) Norman Gait, 
a jeweler of Washington, and (2) 
President Woodrow Wilson. 

18. John Robert Dandridge 
Payne, married Susan Bryce, sister 
of his brother Alexander's wife; bond 
Goochland May 9, 1811. He lived 
for a time in Lynchburg, where he 
served one term as mayor; later re- 
moved to Richmond, where he died. 
Issue listed below. 

I Archer Payne and his second wife, 
Patsy (or Betsy) Brooks had: 

19. Arminda R. Payne, married 
Powhatan R. Boiling; bond Gooch- 
land, May 27, 1823. No record of 

| children. 

20. Americus V. Payne, M. D., 
i graduate of the University of Penn- 
sylvania. He married Judith G. Gray; 

bond Goochland, De>. ber 9, 1830. 
Said to have had children, but I have 
no list of them. 

Archer Payne married, as third 
wife, Lucy Brooks; in March, 1810; 
but no issue of this marriage is re- 

3. Anne Payne and Col. James 
Gordon had: 

21. Mary Smith Gordon; born 
September 17, 1776, died in March, 
1796. She married June 6, 1795. 
her first cousin, Nathaniel Waddell. 

22. James Harrison Gordon, born 
January 17, 1779. 

23. John Matthews Gordon, born 
March 25, 1781, died May 16, 1840. 
He was a merchant of Lynchburg, 
Va. He married December 15, 1804, 
Agnes Walker Scott, daughter of 
Major Samuel Scott, of Campbell 
County. Issue named below. 

23-a. Samuel Baldwin Gordon, 
born and died 1784. 

24. Ann Smith Gordon, born 
July 26, 1786. 

24-a. Addison Gordon, born 1789, 
died 1792. 

24-b. Janetta Gordon, born 1793, 
died 1794. 

4. Philip Payne and Elizabeth 
Dandridge had: 

25. Jean Smith Payne, born Oc- 
tober 29, 1784, married Tamerlane 
Whiting Davies, born November 11, 
1782, son of Henry Landon Davies 
and wife, Ann Clayton. They had 

26. John Smith Payne, born June 
26, 1786, lived in Campbell and 
called his home "White Hall," after 
the home of his grandfather in 
Goochland. He married (1) Susan 
Scott, daughter of Col. William and 
Ann (Jones) Scott; and (2) Susan 
E. N. Clark, daughter of Paulett 
Clark. Issue, in part, below. 

26-a. William Payne. No details. 

27. Elizabeth Spotswood Pavne, 
born July 8, 1788; married Wilfiam 
Pyme Cabell. They removed to Mis- 
sissippi, and had issue. 

28. \Nathaniel West Payne, born 
April 11, 1790. He was a physician. 
He married Catherine W. Alexan- 
der, daughter of Robert Alexander, 
and had issue. 

28-a. Mary Claiborne Payne, died 

29. Philip Mathews Payne, born 
May 20, 1794, lived at Oak Grove, 
on Staunton River. He married (1) 
Eliza Cobbs, and (2) Mary E. Mitch- 
ell. Issue by both. 

(To be continued) 


Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 

The JOHN PAYNE Family. 

30. Baldwin Mathews Payne, born 
Dec. 11, 1796, lived at "Mt. Airy", on 
Seneca Creek, Campbell county. He 
married in 1827 Catherine Thompson 
Coles, daughter of Col. Isaac Coles 
>f Pittsylvania county, and wife 
Catherine Thompson. She was born 
February 10, 1795. They had issue. 

31. Ann S. Payne, born February 
18, 1799, married Jeremiah Pannill, 
born July 11, 1782, son of William 
Pannill and Ann Morton (who .was 
daughter of Jeremiah Morton), they 
had issue. 

32. Evalina Washington Payne, 
born February 24, 1801, married Ed- 
ward Ball Withers, of Campbell coun- 
ty, and had issue. 

33. Camilla West Payne, born 
March 26. 1805, married Samuel Mc- 
Gregor Scott, son of Maj. Samuel 
Scott and wife, Ann Roy. 

33-a. Elvira Henry Payne, died 

34. Louisa Woodson Payne, born 
October 11, 1807, married John Coles, 
born April 26, 1799, son of Col. Isaac 
Coles and wife Catherine Thompson, 
They had issue. 

35. Clarissa Aylett Payne, born 
March, 1809, married Robert Wyatt, 
and had issue. 

5. Smith Payne and Margaret B. 
Payne are said to have had si-; 
daughters and four sons. Of these, I 
have the following names: 

36. George Morton Payne, born at 
"White Hall", in Goochland, was edu- 
cated at Hampden-Sidney College, 
then studied law. He lived at Trav- 
ellers' Rest, his father's home, till 
1848, when he removed to Florida, 
where he died in 1853. He married 

(1) Susan M. , who died 14 

February, 1821, aged 23, leaving one 
child. He md. (2) Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Samuel and Celia (Bickley) 
Dyer, of Albemarle county, and had 
other children. 

37. Baldwin Mathews Payne, living 
in Buckingham in 1831. 

38. John A. Payne, owned property 
in Fluvanna, where the records show 
that his wife was Anne W. . 

39. Susan Woodson Payne, mar- 
ried in December, 1828, William Lit- 
tleberry Smith, born December 11, 
1803, son of Josiah Smith (son of 
William Smith of "Montrose") and 
his wife Judith Michaux Mosely. Thev 
had children. 

Smith Payne is said to have mar- 
ried second a Mrs. Irving, by whom: 

40. Caroline l-'ayne, 

41. Sidney Payne. 

The next generation. 

14. Anne Spotswood Payne and 
Thomas Mann Fleming had: 

a. Tarleton Fleming, 

b. Martha Dandridge Fleming, 

c. Mary Page Fleming, 

d. Ann Spotswood Fleming. 

I 15. Martha Payne and Jeremiah 
Strother had, with possibly others: 

a. Dr. Arhcer Strother, of Monroe 
county (now West Va.) said to have 
married a Miss Fav and had issue. 

b. Martha Strother, died unmar- 

16. Jane Payne and James B. Fer- 
guson had only one child: 

a. Jane Elvira Ferguson, born April 
6, 1806; married in 1827 Peachy R. 
Grattan. She died in 1888, leaving, 
besides some who had died, (1) El ; za- 
beth Gilmer Grattan. born 1837; (2) 
Sally Gay Grattan, born August 10, 
1838. married to Otho G. Kean and 
had issue; (3) Lucy Gilmer Grattan, 
twin to Sally, married a Mr. Alexan- 
der and had issue; (4) James Fergu- 
son Grattan, born July 11, 1840, mar- 
ried a Miss Morris but had no chil- 
dren: and (5) George Gilmer Grat- 
tan. born Oct. 12. 1944. killed, unmar- 
ried, at Battle of Seven Pines. 

After her death. James B. Fergu- 
son married, his third wife, 5 August, 
1808, Sallv Gay. daughter of William 
Gay. and had other. 

17. Alexander Spotswood Payne 
and Charlotte Bryce had: 

a. Archer Alexander Pavne, born 
1805, died unmarried in 1826. 

b. Dr. Robert Srjotswood Payne, 
born January 15, 1809, md. Frances 
Russell Meem, daughter of John Gaw 
md Eliza R. Meem. 

c. George Woodson Pavne. born 
3ec. 29, 1810, md. Anne E. Dabney, 

born Goochland county, Oct. 15, 1831. 
They lived in Louisa. No issue. 

d. David Bryce Payne, born Aug- 
ust 10. 1812, md. his first cous'n 
Helen James, daughter of Dr. Richard 
P. James of Goochland and his second 
wife Lilias Bryce. 

e. James Ferguson Pa ,- ne. bom 
Sept. 10, 1814, md. Frances Dudley, 
daughter of Peter Dudley, of Lynch- 

f. Martha Dandridge Payne, born 
April 20, 1820, married Isaac Vands- 

p. Ann Bryce Payne, born May 31, 
1822. married Rev. Henry Russell 
Smith, and had issue. 

h. Lilias James Payne, born Decem- 
ber 6, 1824. never married. 

i. William Mitchell ravne, born 
Feb. 15. 1821',. mai 
Mitchell. -He was Ala, 
the Civil War. 

j. Charlotte Bryce 
January 9, 1S2!», aal. John Hasting 
Winston, son of John Hastings Wins 
ton and Damaris Alethea Campbell. 

k. Harriet Jane Payne, born Feb 

i ranees A 
airy in 

Payne, boi I 

ruary 11, 18:31, married Capt. William 

18. John Robert Dandridge Payne 

and Susan Bryee had only one child, 
a. Mary Jane Payne, married Col. 
James Turner; she died early, leaving 
one child, a son William S. Turner, 
who married Miss Holt, of Alabama, 
(in which state he resided. 
I 26. John Smith Payne is said to 
have had the following-named chil- 
dren, but by which wife I do not 
know : 

a. Amanda V. Payne, born 181"), 
died 1905, mil. George Youille, of 
Campbell county, and had children. 

b. Clementine Payne married 
Frank Scott. 

c. Elizabeth Dandridge Payne, md. 
| (1) Robert W. Howlin, and (2) Ortho- 
dox Creed Clerk. 

d. Susan Payne, md. Jesse Har- 

e. Philip W. Payne, md. Julia Og- 
den, grand-daughter of John M. Gor- 

f. Walter Tazewell Payne md. Eli- 
zabeth R. Ligon. 

g. Ann Payne, md. Jack Elliott, of 

h. Blanche Payne, md. Col. Robert 
Woodson Withers, Clerk of Campbell. 

i. Harriet Payne, md. 25 January 
1860, Marco Bozzaris Carter, son of 
ies) Carter. He died at Petersburg 
Dec. 10, 1874; buried at Blandford. 
Mrs. Lewis L. Chapman, of Smith- 
field, Va., is their grand-daughter. 

39. Susan Woodson Payne and Wil- 
liam Littleberry Smith had: 

a. Josiah Payne Smith, of Powha- 
ton county, born May 25, 1828; killed 
in attack on Richmond in September, 
1864. He md. in Albemarle count v 
Prances Eleanor Shiflett, born Aug- 
ust 15. 1833, daughter of Anderson 
John Michel and Ann Bowyer (Dav- 
R. Shiflett and wife Catherine Rai- 
ley. After his death she married a 
Mr. Mayo. 

b. Mare-aret J. Smith, born Dec. 2S. 
1830, md.'in 1854 'William C. Hae'an 
of Christiansburs:, Va. They are 
said to have had the following' named 
children: William Campbell Haq;a'i, 
Lee Hagan, Isabella Hagan, John 
Lyle Hasan, George Phleger Hagan, 
Susan Smith Hagan, Edwin Shep- 
pard Hagan, and Benjamin Mosely 


Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 

The Josias Payne Family. 

18. William Payne, born June 1. 

% 19. Fleming Payne, bora June 26 
1766. I am informed that he appear.' 
in Fluvanna County records, but I 
think the Fluvanna record refers to a 
later Fleming Payne. 

20. Charles Fleming Pavne, boi™ 
January 8, 1768. He married Polly 
Adams, daughter of Thomas Adams' 
bond Goochland January 12, 1788. 

21. Elizabeth Chichester Pavn° 
born November 20, 1769; said to have 
married 1st a Mr. Blackmore, and 2nd 
Mai. Henry Bradford. 

Josias Payne and his 2nd wife Mary 
Barnett are said to have had: 

22. Ann Pavne, married Januar" 
22, 1803. Gideon Pillow: they were 
rarents of Gen. Gideon J. Pillow, C 
S. A., and others. But if this An- 
Pavne was really the daughter o'" 
Josias and his second wife, then sir 
was married when she was hardly y 
twelve years of age. I think thi r 
record is a part of the confusion tha' 
exists about the Josias Payne o f 
Goochland and he of Nashville: r 
confus'on mentioned above. 

4. John Payne and Mary Coles had 

23. John Coles Pavne. A record i- 
the Va. Historical Magazine state - 
that he married a Mis- Wilcox o' 
Canada and removed to Kentucky 
and died there leaving a daughte- 
Ann Payne. But the Will o? Prest 
Ma^Vson shows that his "brother- : n- 
law John C. Payne" was in 1835 liv- 
ing in Orang? County. Va. 

24. Dorothea ("Dolly") Payn: 
"second child", born Mav 20. 1768 
married 1st. In PhiUdeiphia. Jan. 7 
1790. John Todd, of that city. He died 
in 1793. and she md. 2nd in 1791 
James Madison, later President of the 
United Slates. Her record as hostess 
at the White Ho-;se is a part of th 
social history of the nation. She hat' 
two sons by first marriage but neithy 

of them married. 

25. Lucy Payne, married first 'v 
1792 Major George Steptoe Wa.h'n:. 
ton, son of Samuel Washington, p 
brother of Gen. George Washington 
They resided in Jefferson County 
Virginia (now West Va.). She mar- 
ried 2nd in 1812 Hon. Thomas Todd 
of Kentucky (his second wife). He 
was born in King and Queen County. 
Va., January 23, 1763. son of B : ehard 
Todd and wife Elizabeth Richards. 
Judge Todd had a distinguished 
career in the legal profession. He 
died in Frankfort February 7, 1826, 
on the very day that he had been ap- 
pointed an Associate Justice of the 

United States Supreme Court. 

26. Mary Payne, married in 1801 
Hon. John G. Jackson, of Clarksburg, 
Va., (now West Va.), an eminent law- 
yer, and a member of the Committee 
appointed in 1818 by the legislature 
'o draft plans for the University of 

27. Anne Payne, married in 1804 
Hon. Richard Cutts, M. C, from 
Maine; their grand-daughter was au- 
thor of the Life of Dolly Madison 
and it was from another grand- 
laughter that I obtained much of ttr 
information about the family of Joh: 

28. William Temple Payne, proba 
bly eldest son, as he seems to havr 
been of age by 1791 (cf. W. & M ' 
Quarterly 22:171). He accompame:" 
bis father to Philadelphia, and was 

;till living there in 1842. No recor," 
if marriage. 

29. Isaac Payne, died unmarried. 

30. Walter Payne, mentioned ii 
several places. I have found n 
record of his marriage. 

5. Robert Payne and Ann Burto 

31. Charles Payne, 

32. Robert Payne, 

33. John Payne, 

34. Elizabeth Payne, born Marc! 
51, 1763, married a Mr. Saunders. 

35. Keturah Payne, born Februar.. 
2, 1765. 

36. Ann Payne, born November 13 
'766, married a Mr. Harrison. 

37. Mary Woodson P. 

38. Agnes Tayne, born about 1775 
married 1st February 2, 1705, Rober 

Iarris, in Fittsylvanra County, n 
lied in a very short time, and si 
narrled 2nd, Judge Marmaduke Wi'. 

Hams, of North Carolina, son of Na 
'haniel Williams and wife Mary Anr 
Williamson. I have record of thro 
of their children. 

6. Agnes Payne and Willian 
Mitchell had, with perhaps others, 

39. Mary Mitch 11, married 2l July 
1769, Archibald Efryce. They had six 
laughters and two sons, of whom I 
'are a list. 

7. Susanna Payne and Capt. Wit- 
iam Heale had: with perhaps others 

40. Sarah Heale, born July 11, 1772 

41. John Heale, born January 1 

42. William Pavne Heale, borr 
-777 in Loudoun County, Va., married 
in 1810 Eleanor Harmon, daughtoi 
of Matthew Harrison and his 4th wif. 
Eleanor Tyler. He died at Poin; 
Pleasant, West Va., leaving' four so" 
and one daughter (V. M, 24:309). 


Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 

The Josias Payne Family. 

8. Anne Payne and William Har- 
rison had : 

a. Robert Harrison, born June 29 
176G. In 1799, he was J. P. of Pitt- 
sylvania County. 

b. Nathaniel Harrison. 

c. William Porter Harrison. 

d. Susanna Harrison, born June 
22, 1768; married William Ware, of 
Pittsylvania County, son of John 
Ware, "formerly of Goochland." 
Among their children was a son. 
Robert Payne Ware. 

e. Jane Harrison, married Hend- 
ley Stone. She died young, leaving 
one son (or two?), who removed to 

f. Anne Payne Harrison, married 
Daniel Coleman. He was born in 
Cumberland County, a son of Ste- 
phen Coleman. He was prominent 
in Pittsylvania, and died in 1860, at 
a great age. I have a list of their 
eleven children. 

g. Polly Dillard Harrison, married 
after 1811 A. G. Walters. I have a| 
list of their children. 

One of the three sons of William 

and Anne (Payne) Harrison had a 

laughter, Keturah P. Harrison, who 

f in 1831 married in Pittsylvania 

County Joseph Lewis. 

9. Anne Payne and Turner Chris- 
tian had, with perhaps others: 

a. Billy Payne Christian, born 
January 17, 1781. 

b. Jesse George Christian, born in 

15. Tarlton Payne and Elizabeth 
Winston had : 

a. John Winston Payne, to whom 
>n his marriage his father gave, prop- 

rty. He married December 24, 1807, 
Polly Gilliam. They had, with prob- 
ably others, a daughter, Emily C. 
Payne, who married Thomas C. Cor- 
nelius; bond Goochland County 18th 
November, 1828. T. C. Cornelius 

was born June 28, 1784. 

b. Elizabeth Fleming Payne, mar- 
ried Hudson Holland; bond Gooch- 
land, dated December 21, 1802. He 
.vas a son of Nathaniel Holland and 

his wife, Jeanie Hudson, she of 
Louisa County. (I desire a list of 
their children.) 

a. Thomas Payne. Further infor- 
mation about him is desired. 

d. Tarlton Fleming Payne, mar- 
ried December 24, 1814, Susanna 
William, daughter of John Gilliam. 
List of their children wanted. 

e. Alice Bickerton Payne, mar- 
ried William George, Jr.; bond 
Goochland, 27th February, 1813. 
They were married March 3, 1813. 
They had, with perhaps others: (1) 
John Winston George, long surv9yor 
of Goochland County; married Sarah 
Thompson Ragland, daughter of 
Beverley Ragland and wife, Ann 
Ponton Woolling. No issue. (2) A 
daughter who married a Mr. Cow- 
herd (what was his name?) and had; 
(a) Thomas Edward Cowherd, some 
time treasurer of Fluvanna, wht 
married Nellie -Richardson (daughtei 
of Dr. Allen Richardson) and had 
issue; (b) Benjamin Rushmore Cow- 
herd, of Columbia, married Eliza 
Adams Taylor, of Hanover, and had 
issue; and (c) George Payne Cow- 
herd, business man of Goochland, 
married Cynthia Perkins, daughter 
of Dudley Perkins, of Goochland, 
and his wife, Margaret Ragland, sis- 
ter of Sarah Thompson Ragland 
above, and had issue. 

f. William Overton Payne, born 
May 31, 1796, died 1866; resided 
in Goochland County on a large 
plantation called Hickory Hill. He 
married October 1, 1835, Martha 
Ann Mosby, born October 28, 1814, 
died in 1896, daughter of Langston 
Mosby and wife, Lucy Turner, of 
Fluvanna. They had nine daughters 
and one son, the late Joseph S. 

Fluvanna County 

And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, M. 

A., D. D. — Another Branch of 

the Payne Family 

William Payne, son of Josias Payne, 
"the elder," and his wife, Ann Flem- 
ing, was born February 10, 1732, Old 
Style, so was just one day older than 
General Washington As another dis- 
tinction, he was the uncle of "Dolly" 
Madison, and was first cousin to Rob- 
ert Burton Payne, with whom my pre- 
vious Payne sketch began. He died 
March 2, 1S12. His father, who had 
removed from Goochland to Pittsyl- 
vania County, devised to him, with 
other property, a tract of 400 acres in 
Fluvanna, on which he took up his 
residence and became prominent in 
the community and rather wealthy. 
He married twice (so family records). 
First, on March 6, 1755, Mary Barrett, 
born January 15, 1737, and second, 
(about 1766, Susanna Thompson, daugh- 
ter of George Thompson and grand- 
daughter of Joseph Thompson, the 
first sheriff of Albemarle County, of 
whom a sketch has already been 
given. From three different sources 
have come to information about his 
ichildren, and the list as worked out 
runs as follows: By his first wife: 

1. Ann Payne, born September 18, 

1759, married 12th February, 1795, 
James Richardson. Issue list below: 

2. Sarah Payne, born iSeptember 18, 

1760, married 9th June, 1796, Meri- 
wether Smith, son of William Smith, 
of Louisa County (who was son of 
Thomas Ballard Smith, of Louisa, and 
wife Ann Meriwether). They re- 
moved before 1803 to Tennessee. Is- 
sue named below: 

' 3. James Payne, born April 2, 1762, 
died March 20, 1835. He was an of- 
ficer in the War of 1812, and later 
Colonel of the Fluvanna Militia. He 
represented his county in the Legis- 
lature for several years. He married 
October 3, 17S4, Frances Dix, daugh- 
ter of John and Kerenhappuch Dix, of 
Pittsylvania County. Issue named be- 

By his second wife, Susanna Thomp- 
son, he is said to have had: 

4. Susanna Payne, born January 24, 
1768, married before May, 1796, 
Thomas Norris Clark, an immigrant 

from Scotland. They removed to 
Kingston, Tennessee, where he en- 
gaged in mercantile business. He 
became one of the prominent men of 
the State, an intimate friend of An- 
drew Jackson; had a large farm and 
many slaves. Issue named below: 

5. A daughter, name illegible, born 
December 19, 1772. 

6. Elizabeth Payne, born November 
9, 1775, married in Fluvanna Febru- 
ary 21, 1799, George Richardson. Is- 
sue named below: 

7. Barrett Goodloe Payne, born De- 
cember 23, 1778, died in 1853; repre- 
sented Fluvanna in the State Legis- 
lature and was called "Colonel." He 
married March 24, 1808, Lucy Rich- 
ardson, who died 18 November, 1821, 
aged 43, leaving four children (so her 
obituary notice). One of his children 
was William B. Payne, who once rep- 
resented Fluvanna in the Legislature, 
but I have not been able to learn the 
names of the others. 

8. William Payne, born March IS, 
1782. (One William Payne married in 
iFlnvanna November 2, 1819, Maria C. 
Allegree, who may have been this 

The foregoing list of William 
Payne's children has been compiled 
from several sources, but I suspect it 
to have errors. First, I think the date 
of birth of the daughter Sarah (Sally) 
to be inaccurate. Also, I think he had 
a son William, older than the one dat- 
ed as born in March, 1782; in fact, 
this 17S2 William may have been a 
grandson. In 1790, the first William 
of this sketch was mentioned as Wil- 
liam Payne, Sr., which term would 
hardly have been applied if the "ju- 
nior" was only eight years old. This 
could all probably be determined 
from county records- 
Grandchildren of William Payne: 
1. Ann Payne and James Richard- 
son had (family Bible for dates of 
| birth): 

a. Polly Barrett Richardson, born 
December 7, 1797, married Samuel 
Morris, an inn keeper, near Union 
Mills, Fluvanna County. 

b. Sallie Richardson, born May 5, 
1S00, married T. James Jones and they 
lived near Union Mills. 

c. Granville Payne Richardson, born 
October 1. 1S03, married Lucy Flanna- 
gan, daughter of William and Sally 
Curd Johnson Flannagan. 

d . Churchill Gibson R .iidson. born 
November 12, 1805. married Lucy 
Dawson, of Albemarle County. Among 
their children was a son, Allen B. 
Richardson, "of near Kent's Store." 

e. Virginia Richardson, born Sep- 
tember 29, 1808, never married. 

f. Susan C. Richardson, born April 
2. 1810, married Alfred Hamilton 

2. Sarah (Sally) Payne and Meri- 
wether Smith had: 

a. William Payne Smith, born June, 
1798, married October 14, 1841, Eliza 
Jane Wiley and had issue: 

b. Meriwether Smith, born 1800, died 

c. Granville Payne Smith, born 
about 1802. 

d. George Washington Smith, born 
February 22, 1804, married Mary Mar- 

e. John Young Smith, married Leah 
A. Lenoir and had a large family. 

f. Letitia Smith, born March 18, 

g. Samuel Hall Smith, born Febru- 
ary 25, 1807, married Teresa Patton. 
(He was named for his father's busi- 
ness partner). 

h. Mary Ann Clark Smith, twin to 
Samuel, married October 16, 1828, Al- 
exander Black and had issue. 

i. Thomas Jefferson Smith, born 
September 5, 1809. 

j. Susanna Payne Smith, born Feb- 
ruary 24, 1812. 

3. Col. James Payne and Frances 
Dix, had, with perhaps others: 

a. Frances M. Payne, born Febru- 
ary 18, 1791, died in Wytheville, Va., 
December 14, 1873, married Captain 

William Flannagan and had issue. 

b. Elizabeth Payne, born , mar- 
ried 22 December, 1813, John Crank, 
of Louisa County. Among their chil- 
dren was a daughter, Virginia Crank, 
who married November 9, 1843, James 
Johnson Flannagan, son of William 
Flannagan and wife Sally Curd John- 
son (daughter of Benjamin and Mary 
Johnson). " 

c. William Payne, born October 26, 
1803, died in Fluvanna May 9, 1892, 
married October 25, 1827, Ann Flan- 
nagan, daughter of William Flanna- 
gan and Sally Curd Johnson. They 
had fourteen children, to be listed 

I have not yet obtained the names 
of the other five children of this 

4. iSusanna Payne and Thomas Nor- 
ris Clark had eleven children, as fol- 

a. Mary Clark, married Thomas 
Lyon; six children, of whom I have a 

b. Letitia Clark, married James | 
Trimble, of Tennessee. Six children, 
of whom I have a list. 

c. William Clark. No further infor- 

d. Nancy Clark, married Thomas 
McCampbell. Three children listed. 

e. Susan Clark, married William 
Phillips, of Nashville; marriage li- 
cense dated at Kingston, Tenn ... Octo- 
ber 27, 1825. 

f. Elizabeth Clark, married James 
McCampbell, of Kingston, Tenn. 

g. James Payne Clark, married Su- 
san Coney (?) and had fourteen chil- 

h. Thomas N. Clark, marrier first 

Payne, who died without issue. 

He married second Mary , by 

whom four children, of whom I have 
a list. 

i. Louisa Clark, born November 26, 
1807, married October 12. 1826, at 
Kingston, Tenn., John Brown Rodgers. 
They had eight children, of whom I 
have a list. 

j. Sally Payne Clark, married Dr. 
Archibald Clendennon Rodgers Janu- 
ary 22, 1829. Seven children, of whom 
I have a list. 

k. Matilda Clark, married William 
McEwen. Seven children; have rec- 

5. Elizabeth Payne and George Rich- 
ardson had: 

a. Samuel Richardson, married a 
Miss Craddock, of Fluvanna. 

b. Sarah Richardson, married a Mr. 

c. Ann Richardson, married Albert 
Payne, son of William Payne and 
Maria C. Allegree. They removed to 
Staunton, Va. 

6. William Payne, probably, but not 
to my knowledge, certainly the son of 
William Payne and Susanna Thomp 
son, married Maria C. Allegree. They 

a. William James Payne, married 
first in Fluvanna February 28, 1854, 
Bettie C. Jones, daughter of James T. 
Jones; and second, Cornelia Flanna- 

b. Albert Payne, married his first 
cousin, Ann Richardson, above. 

c. Barrett GoodT* Payne, married 
Mattie Humphreys/ They lived in Al- 
bemarle County, near Batesville. 

d. Sarah Payne, married a Mr. Wil- 
liams, of Fluvanna. They removed to 
Louisa County and lived near Green 

William Payne, son of Colonel James 
Pavne and Frances Dix. above, mar- 

ried Ann Flannagan, and they had 
the following named fourteen chil- 

1. Mary Frances Payne, born 1828, 
died 1830. 

2. Sarah Ann Payne, born August 17, 
1S30, married December 23, 1851, Dab- 
ney Carr Carver. She is buried at 
Grace Church, Cismont, Va. 

3. Martha Curd Payne, born April 

12, 1832, died June 11, 1889, married 
January 9, 1849, Major Andrew Car- 
roll, of Albemarle County. 

4. Mary Elizabeth Payne, born April 
24, 1834, died March 30, 1914; married 
January 21, 1868, Henry D. Porter. 

5. Thomas Benjamin Payne, born 
October 22, 1S36, married November 
15, 1866, Mary P. Walker. 

6. William Collins Payne, born Jan- 
uary 22, 1839, died July 20. 1920; 
married December 13, 1866, Susie Lena 
Bass, at Appomattox, Va., She was 
born July 26, 1847, died November 26, 
1911, leaving issue. 

7. James Dix Payne, born 1841, died 

S. Arenah Catherine Payne, born 
May 20, 1843, died April, 1928, and is 
buried at Maplewood Cemetery, Char- 
lottesville, Va. She married Novem- 
ber 5, 1867, Thomas C. Morris. 

9. Eugene Spotswood Payne, born 
October 31, 1S45, died June 11, 1913; 
married April 16, 1868. Helen M. Dan- 

10. James Atalbert Payne, born Sep- 
tember 6, 1847; married May 25, 1871, 
Nannie F. Walker. 

11. Amelia Louise Payne, born May 
17, 1849, died February 28, 1910; mar- 
ried December 23, 1869, J. E. Wil- 

12. Ida Maria Payne, born March 

11, 1851, died November 9, 1912; mar- 
ried November 6, 1873, Robert Poore 
Valentine, and had four children. 

13. Susan Frances Payne, born March 
i, 1853, never married. 

14. Alphonso Dix Payne, well- 
known business man of Charlottes- 
ville, Va., born May 11, 1857; married 
October 31, 1878, Annie Lewis Hern- 

Fluvanna County 
And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 


The George Anderson of this 
sketch had settled in Albemarle be- 
fore the formation of Fluvanna, and 
his residence was a mile or so south- 
west of Bethel Church, where Mr. 
Joseph Underhill lives now. The 
record of his purchase was among 
those destroyed in Albemarle in 
1 1781, so the county of his original 
residence is not found recorded. But 
there are at least two' lines of evi- 
dence to indicate that he was from 
Louisa county. He married before 
1750 Frances Woodson, daughter of 
Benjamin Woodson (will 1777) and 
hise wife, Frances, born "Napier, 
daughter of Captain Robert Napier 
and his wife, Mary Perrin. (Captain 
Robert Napier was a son of the im- 
migrant, Dr. Patrick Napier, and his 
wife, Elizabeth Booth, daughter of 
Robert Booth, clerk of York county, 
and member of the House of Bur- 
gesses. Mary Perrin was daughter 
of Richard Perrin, of Henrico coun- 
ty, and his wife, Katherine Royall, 
daughter of Joseph Royall and wife, 
Katherine Banks.) 

The records of the settlement of 
George Anderson's estate begin in 
1806; though there are allusions to 
"legacies," I was unable to find a 
copy of any will. Of his children, 
[the records show seven, as follows: 
I 1. George Anderson, Jr., who be- 
came a Baptist minister. He resided 
in Fluvanna; married March 23, 
1769, Susan Mims, daughter of 
David Mims (or Mimms), of Gooch- 
land. She survived him. His will, 
dated November, 1810, was probated 
December, 1811. List of children 

2. Benjamin Anderson: First lieu- 
tenant in the Revolution, and prob- 
ably held some county office, as he 
is called "gent" in the records. He 
married (first) Judith Mimms, sis- 
ter of his brother's wife; bond 
Goochland dated January 26, 1769. 
He married (second) Sarah Johnson, 
daughter of David Johnson, of 
Louisa county; bond Louisa, dated 

November 3, 1773. 1 give below a 
list of his children by his first wife. 
The Louisa records might show those 
by his second wife, as he lived later 
in life in Louisa. 

3. Nathaniel Anderson, married 
Mary Mayo, daughter of James and 
Martha (Williamson) Mayo; bond 
Fluvanna, November 13, 1783. I 
am told that they early left the 
county, and where they lived is not 
now known. 

4. Frances Anderson, married one 
John Duncan. In 1806 they re 
their share of her father's estate. 
I hould like to have information 
about their children. 

5. Susanna Anderson, born Sep- 
tember 22, 1758. No further record. 

6. Elizabeth Dabney Anderson, 
born July 4, 1760 or 1761 (not 
clear), married Thomas Winn, bond 
dated June 6, 1780, accompanied by 
a letter of consent from her father. 
They have many descendants, who 
will appear in a sketch of the Winn 
family that will follow later. 

7. Molly Anderson, married Jo- 
seph Bunch, probably of Louisa 
county. In 1791 Joseph and Mary 
W. Bunch sell 391 acres of land in 
Fluvanna, and they probably left the 
county. Information about their 
children is desired. 

1. Rev. George Anderson (see 
above) and his wife, Susan Mimms, 


' 8. George Anderson, of Fluvanna, 
married (first) Joanna Garrett, bond 

'dated February 17, 1799; married 
(second) March 1, 1831, Ann 
Smith. Issue by both, listed below. 

9. Benjamin Anderson, married 
(first) in 1801 Susanna Clements, 
and (second) in 1810, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Cuthbert Champion. Is- 
sue below. 

10. Agnes Anderson, married 
William North. No children. 

11. Elizabeth G. Anderson, mar- 
ried before 1810 Minor Winn. 

12. Mary Anderson, married John 
iBryant; no children. 

13. Sallie Anderson, perhaps eld- 
est child, was born before 1773. She 
married John Daniel Woody, bond 
Fluvanna, November 14, 1798. He 
died in 1822. No record of their 

14. Judith Anderson, born 1775, 
died June 18, 1862, married January 
12, 1795, Captain Richard Beckwith 
Payne, of Fluvanna, son of Robert 
Rnrton Payne, of Goochland, and 

wife, Mary Sydenham Morton. The 
children of this couple will appear in 
a sketch of the Payne family. 

,2. Benjamin Anderson, above, 
and his first wife, Judith Mimms, 

15. Betsy Anderson, married Jo- 
seph Johnson, bond Goochland, May 
17, 1787. 




Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 


16. Judith Anderson, married 
Blagrove Taylor, bond Goochland, 
dated September 1, 1796. 

(Information about the descend- 
ants of these couples is desired.) 

8. George Anderson (above) and 
| his first wife, Joanna Garrett, had: 

17. Henry Anderson, born Decem- 
ber 12,1799, married Nancy Parrish. 
I am told that they had only one 
child, a daughter who married a Mr. 

18. Susanna Anderson, born No- 
vember 6, 1802, married December 
20, 1819, Robert Burton Payne, son 
of Captain Richard Beckwith Payne 
and Judith Anderson (see No. 14, 
above). They had four sons and 
three daughters. 

19. David Mimms Anderson, born 
December 28, 1803, married October 
9, 1828, Mary H. Bledsoe. About 
1845 they removed to Kentucky, 
with several children, of whom only 
-wo names, William and Mary, a>- 

20. Nathaniel Anderson, born De- 
cember 2, 1805; married Mary 

21. Agnes Anderson, born De- 
cember 27, 1807, married Septem- 
ber 2, 1830, Hezekiah Winn, her 
cousin, son of Minor Winn, of Flu- 
vanna, and wife, Elizabeth G. An- 
derson. They had several children. 

22. George Anderson, born Octo- 
ber 17, 1810, married January 29, 
1833, Martha Smith. 

23. Benjamin Anderson, born De 
cember 25, 1812, married Mary 

24. William Anderson, born May 
14, 1815, married Martha Herndon. 

25. Lucy Ann Anderson, born Au- 
gust 7, 1817, married Scruggs 

26. Gideon Anderson, born Au- 
gust 3, 1821, married Susan Morris. 

27. Rebecca Anderson, born June 
23, 1823, married John Bowles Winn. 

George Anderson, above, and his 
second wife, Ann Smith, had: 

28. Martha A. E. Anderson, born 
May 24, 1832, married John Clem-' 

29. James H. Anderson, born July 
17, 1835, married (first) Sallie 
Johnson, and (second) Virginia | 

30. John Robert Anderson, twin 
to James, married (first) Sallie Kie, 
and (second), in Albemarle county,] 
November 2, 1865, Annie C. Woody, 
daughter of Richard C. and Sarah' 
A. Woody. 

9. Benjamin Anderson and Eliza- 
beth Champion had: 

31. Frances Gardner Anderson,' 
born November 23, 1810, died Au- 
gust 7, 1881, married as his sec- 1 
ond wife Robert Burton Payne, who 
had married in 1819 her cousin, Su-| 
sanna Anderson, No. 18, above. 

32. Judith Mims Anderson, born 
January 13, 1813, died June 7, 1894,1 
married November 26, 1829, William 
M. Appleberry. 

33. Martha M. Anderson, born 
October 2, 1814, died May 25, 1904,' 
maried September 20, 1837, Rev. 

William E. Jones, a Baptist minister. 

34. Sarah A. Anderson, born 
June 25, 1817, died June 15, 1894, 
married February 15, 1837, Robert 
W. Morris, of Amelia county, who 
removed to Fluvanna. 

35. Benjamin Champion Ander- 
son, captain C. S. A., born October 
18, 1819, died September 22, 1907, 
married (first) Louisa J. Pace, and 
(second) Martha Hughes. 

36. Susan Anderson, born 1822, 
died in infancy. 

37. George Lewis Anderson, M. 
| D., born December 4, 1824, died July 

19, 1886, married (first) a Miss 
Cary, and (second) Eliza White. 

Fluvanna County 
And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 


William Hackney, probably from 
Middlesex county, was in Spotsyl- 
vania by 1725. He had at least twc 
sens, viz.: Stephen Hackney, no re- i 
cord of marriage, and John Hack- 1 
ney, of Spotsylvania, well-to-.lo, but 
late in life became much involved 
financially. His wife was named 
Jean. They removed to Fluvanna, i 
where his will, 1797, is of record. ' 
It names: 

Wife Jean. 

Son Thomas Hackney. See below. 

Son Richard Hackney. See below. 

Son Robert Hackney; living in j 
1797, no further record. 

Daughter Frances Johnson. See ] 

Daughter Jean Allen; grand- 
daughter Frances Allen. 

Granddaughter Nancy Hackney; | 
grandson Benjamin Hackney (see 
below) ; grandson Duvall Hackney; 
granddaughter Betsy Woodruff; 
grandson John Johnson. 

Thomas Hackney, son of William 
above, lived in Spotsylvania cqunty. 
He married before 1775 Sarah 
Woodruff, daughter of David and 
Rachel Woodruff. They were both 
living in 1786; she had probably 
died before 1794, as he makes deed 
alone. No record of issue. 

Richard Hackney, above, served in 
tne Revolutionary army; see Order 
Book Fluvanna, 1831-1835, page 
195. He married 26th of January, 
1792, Anne Napier, daughter of 
John and Mary Napier, of Fluvanna. 
She died before 1806; he married 
in 1819 Mrs. Anne Norris, widow ! 
of Thomas Norris, of Cumberland 
ounty. His children will be named 

. . ...cos Hackney, daughter of 
t.iiliam, above, married Jedediah 
Johnson (sometimes borne as John- 
ston). They removed to Fluvanna 
county. Issue below. 

Richard Hackney, above, and 

Anne Napier had: 

a. Eliza Hackney, married Octo- 
ber 10, 1816, Frederick Woolfle.v. 
They lived in Orange, and had, with 
probably others, Richard Hackney 
Woolfley, born October 16, 1817, 
died July 11, 1840, and is buried at 
St. Thomas' Church, Orange, Va. 

b. Polly Hackney, married Decem- 
ber 9, 1813, Joseph Stephens. 

c. Jane S. Hackney, married 
Thomas Newman, of Orange. No 

d. Nancy Hackney, married Reu- 
ben Newman, of Orange. No issue. 

e. Thomas Hackney, under age in 
1810. No further record. 

f. Richard Hackney, born 1810, 
died 1837, and is buried at St 
Thomas' Church, Orange, Va. 

Frances Hackney, above, and 
Jedediah Johnson had, with perhaps 

a. John Johnson, called "Maj." in 
his obituary, was born 1777, died 
April 9, 1819, leaving a wife and 
four children, one of whom was 
Francis Johnson, called Captain. He 
lived on Bremo Creek; was a justice 
of the peace. He married Elizabeth 

, and died March 17, 1838, 

leaving wife and three children, as 

(1) Francis L. Johnson, born 
1834; married October 13, 1863, 
Harriet Tanner Ayres, of Bucking- 
ham county, who was born in 1840. 
Had issue. 

(2) Jedediah Johnson, lived on 
Bremo Creek; married and left sev- 
eral children. 

(3) Kate Johnson, never married, 
One Benjamin Hackney, believed 

to be the one named as grandson by 
William Hackney, above, died in Flu- 
vanna in 1823, wealthy. He married 
August 7, 1799, Frances Banks, 
daughter of Ralph Banks and wife, 
Martha Venable; they had a daugh- 
ter, Frances Venable Hackney, whe 
married January 10, 1828. Reuben 
E. Bullock. And one Frances Hack- 
ney, who was, I think, the widow ot 
Benjamin, married in 1827 John An- 
thony. (Ralph Banks, above, wa: 
born June 1, 1759, s in of William 
Banks and wife, Elizabeth Martin, 
who were married September 15, 


Fluvanna County 
And Its People 

Some Notes by Rev. B. L. Ancell, 
M. A., D. D. 

William Bugg, resident in Fluvan- 
na in 1782 with a family of seven 
whites and two blacks, made will 
dated October 13, 1796, pr. Febru- 
ary 1, 179S. In his will are men- 
tioned the following: 

Wife Susanna. (She is twice re- 
ferred to as "my living wife," so 
was probably not his first wife.) 

Son Sherwood Bugg. (He in 1777 
witnessed a will, so was presumably 
of age; was still resident in Fluvan- 
na in 1815.) 

Daughter Elizabeth W. Creasy. 
(She had a son, William Woodson 
Creasy, who married July 27, 1796, 
Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of 

Daughter Susanna Shores, and her 
daughters, Alley and Lucy. ( She was 
wife of Thomas Shores. The daugh- 
ter Alley married April 28, 1802, 
Daniel Stone, and Lucy married 
Richard Perkins.) 

Son William C. Bugg, and his 
daughter Ann A. Bugg. (Records 
show that Win. C. Bugg had a daugh- 
ter, Nancy P. Bugg, who married 
December 20, 1802, William Kidd.) 
Daughter Ann Pettice (Pettus), 
and her daughter Rebecca. (Ann 
Bugg married John Pettus, August 
4, 1795; probably his second wife, 
as he had a daughter married in 

Son Woodson Bugg. (He mar- 
ried Rebecca Henley; bond January 
14, 1785.) 

Daughter Mary A. Starkes, and 
her daughter Nancy Starke. 

Daughter Martha W. Hendley, and 
her son William Hendley. (Martha 
Woodson Bugg married January 11, 
1792, Thomas O. Henley.) 

Daughter Sarah A. Bugg. (Sarah 
Allen Bugg married March 22, 1798, 
Joshua Jones.) 

Witnesses to above will: John Na- 
pier, Reuben Herndon, Jane S. Na- 
pier, Charlotte Napier and Dolley 

In a sketch of the Shores family, 

recently printed, the marriage of Su- 
sanna Bugg to Thomas Shores, the 
elder, was suggested. It appears 
from the above that she was the 
wife of the Thomas Shores who died 
in 1841, and that she had died and 
he married a second wife, Elizabeth, 
who survived him. The marriage 
records at Palmyra might be exam- 
ined for this second marriage. 


Samuel S. Buggs of Fluvanna and 
wife, Delilah, had a son, Wilson N. 
Bugg, born 1835, married in Rich- 
mond June 14, 1859, Virginia A. Al- 
len. I desire information about this 
Samuel Bugg and his children. 

One Samuel Bugg, living in 1750, 
had, with perhaps others: 

Son, Samuel Bugg. 

Son, John Bugg, died in Cumber- 
land County, 1750, where he had a 
plantation of 393 acres. He left a 
wife, Susanna, and four sons, John, 
Benjamin, Jesse, and Sherwood. How 
were they related to the Fluvanna 

Benjamin Seay married shortly 
before or after 1825 Polly Bugg. 
Who were her parents?