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Full text of "The fourth part of the Institutes of the laws of England : concerning the jurisdiction of courts ..."

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Of the Laws o^ England: 


of Courts. 

PROVERBS 11. 18. 

N't tranfgrediarii anti^Hoster- 
tninos qms fofttertitit pAtres tui, 

Tcrmiiios propria poteftatis cgref- 
fus in aliam mcflem perpcram niictit 

Authore Edw. Coke Miliie^I.C. 

Printed at London hy M.FleJher, 
forir. Lee ,3D6 D. 'Tuk^n-M. 

1^. I 

}7itXy^^.l^^2. ' «><-=/. ^y^ 




Courts ill this Fourth part ofthe Inftitutes, 

Treated of. 

Chap. Pag. 

1 /^^ Fthe high and moji honourable Court oflj^ar^ 
^•^ liament. i 

2 Ofthe CounccU^oard or liable, 53 
I Of the Tower and Authority of the TroteBor. 

± Of the Qourt ofthe High Steward of England, 


5 Ofthe Court of StarXhamber , Coram Rege & 

Conciiio. 60 

6 Ofthe Court for redreffe of delays of judgements 

in the Kings great Qmrts, 6j 

7 Ofthe Court ofK^ngs Bench^Conm Rege. 70 

8 Ofthe Qourt of Chancery X^oraxnKegQ in Can- 

cellaria. 78 

9 Jnd incidentlj ofthe Court of^e^juefis. P7 

10 Of 

The Table. 

Chap^ Pag. 

10 Of the Court ofQommonTleas, p^ 

11 f the Qourt of Exchequer. 105 

II Of a Qourt to enquire of and certifie unlanfuU 
and untrue Accomfts in the Exchequer, 1 1 j 

I J Of the Court of Exchequer Chamber, 118 

l^ Of the firjl fruits andTenths Scclefiafticall. 120 

i^ Ofthe Court of Augmentations. m 

16 Of the Court ofgeneraU Surveyors ofthe i\ings 

Lands^^c. m 

17 Ofthe Court of Chivalry before the Lo: Confla^ 

hie and Earl Mar/hall. ni 

18 Ofthe Court of the Marfhalfea. 130 

ip Ofthe Counting^houfe ofthe K^ngs houfhold^ 
caUed the ^reeneloth, and by the way of the 
Wardrop^^c. im 

20 Ofthe Court of the Lord Stey^ard , Treafurer 
, and (Controller of the K^ngs houfe, concerning 

felony by compafsing^ (src. to I^U the K^g, 
<^^' 135 

21 OftheCourtoftheLordStevpardoftheK^ngs 

houfe :, or in his abfence ofthe Treafurer and 
Controller ofthe IQngs houfe, and Steward of 
the Marfhalfea y ofTreafon^ Murder^ and 
hlood-floed mthin the I\wgs houfe. ibid. 

zz Of 

The Table. 
Chap. Pag. 

22 Of- the Court of the Jdniiraltj proceeding accor- 

ding to the CiviUlaw, 124. 

23 Of the Qourt of the Commifion under the Great 

Seal hj force of the Statute of z'^H, S.cap. 15. 
for Criminall and Marine caufes proceeding 
according to the courfe of the Common law. 

24. OfTortmoots or Tort-Qourts, 1^8 

25 Of the povper and authority of Qommifiioners 
and others for maintaining and ereBing of 
beacons, Light^houfes , and Sea-mar/^s^ and 
concerning J^atches. ibid. 

%6 De confervatore feu cuftodeTreugarum,/. in- 
duciarum dc falvorum regis condudluU;, and 
incident Ij of the ojfice, authority, and priyiledge 
ofjmbajfadors^and of League SyTreaties, and 
truces, , 152 

27 Of the Courts of the fufiices of Affife , and of 

Nifi Prius. 158 

28 Offuftices ofOkr ^ Terminer. i6z 

zp Of the Qourts of Jfeciall fuflices of Oier and 
Terminer, concerning i. Purveyors, z. Mif 
demeanors of Villains yi(s'c. 3. Sums of money 
coUeBed for houfes of(^orreBion,(^c, /^.. Col^ 
ledges y HofpitalsyCharitable ufes,((s^c, \66 

30 Offuflices 0/^ Gaol-delivery. 1^8 

31 Of 

The Table. 

Chap. ^ Pag. 

31 Of the Qourt of the Sejsions ofthe fujlicesof 
^/>e Peace. 170 

3Z Ofthe Court of Inquiry ofthe defaults offufli^ 
ces o/Peace,&c. concerning riots^c^c, 184. 

35 Ofthe Court of fuflices in Eire or Itinerant. 


3^ OftheCourtoffuflicesofTrsii\chsL(}:on, iS6 

35 Of the Court of ff^ards and Liveries, 188 

^6 Ofthe Court ofthe Duchy Chamber of Lancafter 
atJVeftminfer, l^o±. 

5 7 Ofthe County Talatine ofQhefler, in 

38 Of the County Talatine of Durham » zi6 

3P Ofthe royali Franc hife of Ely, zio 

40 Of the QountyTalatineof'TembroJ^, izv 

ij.1 Ofthe Franchife of Hexham and Hexhamflnre, 

4.1 0/"^/>^ Cb^r^j ofthe Cinque Ports, ibid. 

43 Ofthe Qourtofthe Efcheator and ofCommifio^ 
nersforfndingoffceSjO'c, ii$ 

i^4 Of the Courts ofthe Univerfities of (Cambridge 
and Oxford, 227 

45 Ofthe Courts ofthe Stmneries in Cornwall and 
Devon\ 2Z^ 

^6 Of 

The Table. 

Chap. Pag. 

^6 Of the Court of the Mayor of the Staple, zyj 

4.7 Of the Legall Courts and their furisdiBions mth^ 
in the Trincipality of Wales. 2^9 

^% Of the Qourt of Equity be fore the Trejident and 

QounceU of Whales , and the Marches of the 

fame, 24.2 

4.p OftheTrefidentand Qouncellinthe J^rth, 

50 Of the Courts and their furisdiBions within the 
Qity of London^ and 

I Of the Buflmgs. 1^7 
' 2,^. ThetwoCourtsoftheSherifi. ibid. 

4 'the Court of Equity hefore the Jjord May or ^commonly 

called the Qourt ofConfcience. 2 4S 

5 77;e Court of the Mayor md Aldermen. ibid. 

6 The'Qourt of Orphans. 249 

7 The Court of Common Councell. ibid. 

8 The Court of the Wardmote. ibid. 
p The Court ofFialimcte. ibid. 
10 The Court oftheChamherlain for Prentices. 250 

II 7he Court for the confer^^ation of the Water and ^Ver of 

Thames. ibid. 

1 2 17?^ Qourt of the Qoroner In London. ibid. 

13 Tl^e Court oftheBfcheator in London. ibid.' 

14 7k 

The Table. 

Chap. Pag. 

14 The Qourt of Policies and Jjfurances in London, 250 

15 Tlje Qourt of the Tower of London. ^^l 

\6 The JurisdiEiion^ <src. of the Qolled^e ofPly/itians in 
Londofiji^c. ibid. 

Of the Court of the Jujlices afi^ned for th ^oyernnient 
of the lews. 254 

Of the Qourts of St(i»iclijfe andFriendkjfe Wapentake. 


51 OftheQityoflVefim'mJler. 255 

52 Of the Qtty ofO\(omich, i^6 

53 0/the Court of the T^oum, 259 
^4. Of the Court of the Leet or view of Fran^ fledge, 

55 Of the County Court, z(S6 

56 Of the Hundred Court. x^j 

57 Of the Qourt ^aron. 2<5'8 

58 Oft he Qourt of Ancient T>emefm\ idp 
5p Of the Qourt of the Coroner, zji 

60 Of the Court oJTtpowders. 272- 

61 Of the Court of the Clcrkj)f the Market . 275 

6% Of the Coitrt of the Qommif toners of Seivers.ljs 

61 Of the Court of the Qommtfeioners upon the Sta^ 
tuteof^ank^outs. 277 

6^ OfComif toners for examination ofmtneffes. 278 

65 Curia 

The Table. 
Chap. Pag. 

„. ^5 Curia curfusAquse apudGravefend, 280 

66 Of thelQngs Swanhear^. ibid. 

67 Of the Wardens Qourts in the Eafly JVefl^ and 

Middle Marches adjqyning to Scotland, 281 

^8 0/Callais, or Callis Galetum. 282 

6^ Of the IjJe of Man , and of the Law and fur if^ 
diBion of the fame » 283 

70 Of the Ifles offerfey^ andCjarnfeyy and of the 

Laxp andfurisdiBion of the fame » 286 

71 Of the yie of Wight. 287 

71 Of the Jfand called Lindesfarn, C^c. called alfo 

the Holy If and. 288 

72 Of the For eft Sy and the furisdiBion of the Courts 

oftheForefts. 28^ 

74. of the Eccleftafticali Qourts;viz. 

t The court ofcotmcation. 


1 comming Suhfcriptm. 


5 Of the Bi^hQmmifionincAufesBccleftdfiicali. 314 

4 The Prerogative Cmt, 


5 The Court of the Arches, 


6 The CQurt of Audience. 


7 The 

The Table. 

Chap. Pag- 

7 The Court of Faculties, \.../ 357 

8 The Court ofPeadiars^ Curia Peculiarium. jjS 
p The Conjijlory Courts. ibid. 

10 77?^ Court of the Jychdeacon^ or of his\£ommffary. 339 

1 1 The Court of Delegates ^ atid incidently of Appeals, ibid, 

12 TheCourtofCommifionersof^i^iew. 341 

T/?e (^ourts of the ConferVators of the j^riynledges of 
St. Johns o/Jtrufalcm.' ^ ' ibid. 

75 Of Scotland. ; 3+5 

76 Of the K^mgdome of Ireland, 34.5? 


TheEpiIogue.j ^^ 

V V S 

1^1 u> 

^ r^r^j '-n 


P A T R I iEj 

Tib I. 


N the two former parts of the Infiitutes wc 
have principally treated Be commumhusfU- 
citis, and of thofe two great Pronouns {^Meum 
& Tuum.2 In the Third we have handled P/4- 
cita Coron^,^nd Criminall caufes. But becaufe 
Rerum ordo confHnditur^ ft unictfique ]urisdf£{io 
tionfervetur, Wc in this Fourth and laft part of 
the Infiitutes are to fpeak of the Jurifdiftion of 
' the Courts of Juftice within this Realm. 
^nrisdiElio efl authoritas judicandi five jus dicendiint' fartes de aCiiO' 
Ttibtts ferformrum et remm fetundum quod dedu^£ fuerum in judicium fer 
author it dt em ordtnariamfeu delegatam : And zga'm,^ ^urisdi^io efi j>o- 
tefiasde publico introdu^a cum necefittate juris dicendi. It is derived of 
^»s, and ditto, i.potefias juris. 

c Curia hath two feverall fignifications,and accordingly it is feverally 
derived. It fignifieth the Kings Court,wherchis royall perfon, and 
his honourable houfliold doe refide, and is all one v/ith Palatium Re- 
ginm^und is derived i-rirvKve'i^, of the Lord,becaufcthe Soveraign Lord 
refideth there. It alfo fignifieth a Tribunall , or Court of Juftice , as 
here it doth5and then it is derived a cura, quia efi locus ^ ubi publicas cur as 

Of Jurifdidions fome be Ecclcfiaftlcall, and fome Civill,or Tem- 
poral! : of both thefefome be primitive, or ordinary without com- 
miffion •, fome derivative, or delegate byCommiflion. Of all thefe, 
fome be of record, and fome not of record-, fome to enquire , hcar,and 
determine, fome to enquire only •, fome guided by one law, fome by 
another^ the bounds of all and every feverall Courts being moft ne- 
ceffary tobe known. For as the body of man is beft ordered, when 
every particular member exercifeth his proper duty: fo the body of 
the Commonwealth is beft governed, when every feverall Court of 
Juftice executeth his proper jurifdidion. But if theeie, whofeduty 
is to fee, the hand, to work, the feet,togoe,n]all ufurp, andincroach 
©ne upon anothers work : As for examplcjthe hands or feet , the office 

B of 


Jmfd'iBig quid? 


401, 31. 



En le cafe del 


c Curia quid f 


In the preface to 
thcFirftpart of 
ih: InAicuccs. 

' Mkerva,fiaft 
Btrv»i mnuens. 

A l?roeme, 

oftheeie to fee, andthelike^thefeihouldafTuredly produce diforder, 
and darknefle, and bring the whole body out of order, and in the end 
to diftrudtion: So in the Common wealth ( Juftice being the miia 
preferver thereof) if one Court fhould ufurp , or incroach upon ano- 
ther , it would introduce incertainty , fubveit Juftice , and bring all 
things in the end to confufion. 

Now when I confidered how much it would tend to the honour 
of the Kings Majefty, and ofhis Laws, to the advancement of juftice, 
the quiet of the fubjed: , and generally to the good of the whole 
Common wealth (no King in the Chriftian world having fuch Tri- 
bunals, and Seats ofjuftice, as his Majefty hath, which, God willing, 
in this Treatife we ftiall make to appear j that all the high, honoura- 
ble, venerable, and neceffary Tribunals, and Courts ofjuftice within 
his Majefties Realms and Dominions,as well Civill as Eccleffafticall, 
might be drawn together,as it were,in one map,ortable,( which hither- 
to was never yet done)that the admirable benefit,beauty , & delegable 
variety thereof might be, as it were, umintuim beholden, and that the 
manifold jurifdidions of the fame might be diftinftly underftoodand 
obferved. We having (as elfe where we have faidj colleded fome 
materials towards the raifing of this great and honourable building, 
and fearing that they ftiould be of little ufe after my deceafe , being 
very fliort, and not eafily of others to be underftood, iflfliouldhave 
left them as they were-. 

Out of the duty that I owe to his moft excellent Majefty, and my 
zeal, and affedlion to the whole Commonwealth , I have adventured 
to break the ice herein, and to publifti more at large thofe things which 
in our reading we had obferved concerning Jurifdidion of Courts. I 
confefTe it is a labour of as great pains,as difficulty : for as in an high 
and large building, he that beholds the fame after it is finiflied, and 
furnifhed, feeth not the carriages, fcaffolding,and other invifible works 
of labour, induftry and skill in Architecture : fo he that looketh on a 
book full of variety of important matter, efpecially concerning facred 
Laws , after it is printed and fairly bound and poliflied, cannot fee 
therein the carriage of the materials, the fearching, finding out, peru- 
ling, and digefting of authorities in law,Rolsof Parliament,judiciall 
Records, Warrants in law, and other invifible works, tamUboris^ qnam 
*ingemi:ytz I was the rather incouraged thereunto,both becaufe I have 
publifhed nothing herein,but that which is grounded upon the autho- 
rities and reafon of our books, Rols of Parliament, and other jadiciall 
Records, and efpecially upon the refolution of the Judges of latter 
times upon mature deliberation in many cafes never publiftied before; 
wherewith I was well acquainted, and which I obferved and fet down 
in writing, while it was frefli in memory. 

There oe amongft the Kings Records divers and maay Rols,whcre- 
of you fhall find little or no meQtion(that we remember) in our books, 
viz. Ret. Parliament. Rot.Placitorttm Cor ens ^ Rot. PLieitorum Parliament. 
Rot. Clauf. Rot. Breviitmy Fimum.^Inqmfitionum.^Liberationum.,Rot. Carta- 
ruf»^Efchaetri^.^Pat. Rtt.Ordinationum, Rot. Francis, Scotia, Fafconi^, ijjr 
Almanii^Rot. RomAKa, Rot. ^udteornm. Rot. Ragmm^ Brangmn.^ Rot. Con- 


A Troeme. 

trarienfiufn{hx\i the reafon of the naming of this Roll thus,was for that 
rhemas'E'xxl of Lancafter(a man fingularly bclovcd)taking part with the 
Baions againft King £. 2. in hatred of the Spencers, it was not thought 
fafe for the King, in refped of their power and greatnefle,to name 
them Rebels or Traitors, but Contrarients ) and fome others. In this 
andotherparts of our Inftitutes we cite divers Records out of many of 
thele Rols : Herein, as in the reft of our works, you fliall obfcrve , that 
in the courfc of our reading we took all in our way, and omitted lit- 
tle or nothing, for there is no knowledge (feemeth it at the firft of ne- 
ver fo little moment) but it will ftandthe diligent obfcrvcrinltcadat 
one time or other. 

And thus for all our pains,wi{hing the benevolent reader all the pro- 
fit, we ifavente Deo, c^ aufpice Chrifio) begin with the High, and moft 
Honourable Court of Parliament. 

Bi Of 

O F 



Of P 


CAT. I. 

Of'^ehat ferfons this Court conftfleth. 

?^is Court confiactl) of flje icings spajcftp ftttfng tljcrc as 
in Ijis I'^orall politttU tapacitr, anD of X\\z tl):ce €ftates 
of tljE 1Rcalm:viz.£)ntl)e?LojD3 S>ptrttuall,iTrcl)bta)ops 
anBUBiQjops, fcciiig in tiumtcr 24, tofto fit tljcre bi' fuc- 
teCfion in rcfpcct of f!)Cir Coiuitico, ox ' Baronies parcell 
of tlietr 315itt)opjtcbs,ii)t)tcl) tljcp IjolD alfo in tljcir poUtitfe 
tapacitp ; 0nD ttttf one of tftefc Ujljen anp parliament 

See the fird pare 
of rhe Iiillitiitcs, 
Scft. 164. fur the 
ancient and lat- 
ter natnes of 
Parliament, and 
ihe antiquity 
Modus tenendi, 

^^ istobc IjolDcn, ougftt, cxdebitojufticii,tot)aljcaMrit Par/.cap.i. 

of Summons. %\)t 3Lo:.Do SCcmpojall, 2Dufecs,^arqui(re0,€-arls,tiaiffount0, 

anD Barons, toljo Ct tljerebpreafon of tljetr Dignities lobtcljtljcpl^olDbp De« * AiitheB,(hop. 

ftcnt oi creation, in number at tftis time 106 : anD lifectoifc cberp one of tljcfe fce= | '"^^'f^ pngiana 

incc of full ac^c omU to bate a mar it of Summons ex debito juliicix. K\)t tbirD p'^gemtofs'in 

cftate is tbe commons of tbe Kcalmetobcreof fbere be a iinigbts of S>btrcs oj corpomion, to 

Counties, cittjens of Cities, anD Burgeffcs of Burgbes. M lobtcbarere^ havefKccnion 

fpecttlicl^ clcctcD bptbc §>bires oj Counties, Cities anD Burgbcs , bpfojtc of ird foundation, 

tbe iliingsMrit ex debito juftitiar, anD none of tbem ougbt to be omittcD : anD '^■i^lfZnv^^ 

tbcfe repicfentall tbe Commons of tbe tobolc lUalme, anD truttcD foj tbem, am!'and!^/'"J'of 

anD arc in number at tbtStime 493, andcnc time do- 

native, and ihclcH:(huf'S. ire dlKdl-y writ to the Parliament as other LorJi of Parlnmenc be. Rot. Chuf.9 H.4. 
ni.i.Glanvil.lib.7ca.i. verf. finem. Br.iLl. ioH.4.6. 11 E.5. 60. 17 E. 5. 40-43 7^. Djccihs 
Dcane (il London, a 5 i^.. 2.cjp.4. (lar. iilt. fo arc they taiikcd. I'cov. ii.i^.Siiiiii uoi Ktu/taco/ifiliJ. Kot.Patl. 
7 H. 4 nu. 1. MiiUoriim cohflia nquinintur in magnts. 

Of what number. 

3in tbe beginning Romulus oiDaincD anbu>tti:cD§)cnafoisfojfbegooDgo^ 
tcrnment of tbe Common ^ealtb : aftertoarDs tbo' grcUi to ^co, anD fo ma^ 
nploere of tbe i^oufe of Commons in Fortefcues time ; tobo treating toitbuibaf 
grabit)' Statutes are maDC, faitb ; Dum non unius, auc centum Iblum conlblto^ 
rumvirorum prudentia, fed plusquam trecentorumeleilorum liominum , quali 
numero olim fenatus Romanorum regebatur, ipfa ftatiua edita funt» 

Erant autcm Senatorcs majorum gentium, & Scnaiores minorum gentium, ex 
patriciis & robilibos clefti,hii ex populo. 

SlnD it is o'jfer'jcD tbat toben tbcrc is bett appearance , tbcrc is tbe tett fuc- 
ccffe in ^arltament. 3ttbc parUameiit bolDcn in tbe S>cticntb I'wr of tbe raign Rot.pari 
of H.5. bolDcn b^foje tbe SDubc of BeDfo:D, ©arDian of GnglanD,of tbe iLo:t)S 
g>pirttuallanD2i:cmpo:.all, tbcre appcareD but tbirtp in all : at Ivbtclj parlia« 

B 3 mcnt 


Fortefcue cap. 
iS. fo.40. 

Ciecro lib. i. 
tplfi. famil. 


Rot.Pjrl. joE.j. 
Eonuin Pailia- 

* 14 H. 8. 3. per 
Fineux Hollenf. 
9569^7. Dier 
38 H. 8. 60,61. 
z & J^6. 
a ^8 
Regift. 177. 
F.N.B. i64.k. 
b For iliisdiftm- 
fiion, fee th; 
fecond part ©f 
the Inftitutes, 
Mag. Can. Verb. 
[per parcs.Jfu, 
29. a, 

Ofancient time 
both houfes fac 


The High Court of Parliament. Cap. i, 

inent tt^tve teas tut one 0ct of |3acliamcnt paffeti, ant) t^af of no great tt)ctcl)t, 
in Anno 50 £,3. aUt^c^LOjDsappeaceDm pcrfon,anDnotoncbp|);oj:tc. Sit 
ix)W\) parliament, as it appcsrctb in tljc |3arliament IR0U , fo manp erccllent 
tljinrs tuerC fpcB anti Done, as it teas callCD bonum Parllamentum. 

Sinn t^c Mm anti tftefc tbjce C-ftatcs * are tl)e great Xojpojatton oj IBoDp 
polititfe of tljc toingtiome : ant) to fit in ttao fwufcs, viz. tljc iUing anD lojos in 
o!tc l)oufc, callcD t!)c l.o;DS i^oufe, anD tbe tonights, Ctttjcns ano IStirgcffcs in 
anotljcr l)oufc, f allct) ttjc !^oufc of Commons. 

a jf oj tbis toojt) [Commons; fee tfte ftafute of 28 E^.toljercbp it is pjotjiDeD 
tijat ttjc Coroners of Counties ftjall bccl)ofen in full Countp per les Commons 
de mefme les Counties. Commons are in legall unOeraanDing taken fojtlje 
franfe SDenants oj iFrceljolDers of tljc Counties.^ 0nt) toljofoct'cr is not a JLojD 
of i)arliamcntant)oftt)c5Lojt)S^oufc, isoftfjcljotirc oftlje Commons either 
tn perfon, oj bp rcp?Dfentation, partlj? eoagmentadve, anD partlp rcpreientati ve» 

3l5ut of ancient time botlj f^oufcs fat toretljcr. Sn i> H, 4, an ^ct of JBarlia* 
ment concerning ti^e fucceftionof tlie croton intaileD to H. 4. toljcrcunto all tl&e 
1Lo?Ds feticrallv fealeD , anD §»ir John Tebetoc tljc &>peabertnt!je name of t^e 
Commons, put to \)iQ feale, 

jpotc, t^at intbcBLettersfo tlje pope bp all tljc i^obiliti'ofCnglantiattlje 
parliament IjolDcn in 18 E, 1. tlje conclufton istftis, in cujus rei teitimoniumi 
figilla noflra tam pro nobis quam pro tota Communicate prard. RegniAnglise 
pra:fentib' funt appenfa. H^crcbp 3 gather, tftat at t^is timctljc Commons l)aD no 
Speaker, but botlj ^oufcs fat togctljer, fojiftljc Commons ijaD tljen l)ali at 
§>peaber, tljeptooulDtjaiieappointcDljimtotjatjeputtoljisfealc loitljem, as 
in 8 H.4. tljeg \iiii. Certain it is, tljat at t^c firft botlj ^^oufes fat togetljcr , as 
it appearctlj in tljc SDrcatifc De modo tenendi Parliamentum. Vide Rot. Pari. 
5 E,5. nu.?. ant) in otljcr places in tlje-faitie lAoll, ant) tn 6 E. ;;. in oitiers places 
if appearetl) tftat tl^c ILojDs ano Commons fat togctl^r, and tljat tljc commons 
ijat)tt)cn no continuall Speaker, but after confirttation IjaD , tljepagrecDupoit 
fome one oj mojc of tljem t^at IjaD grcateft aptituDe fo?. tlje p?efcnt bufmcffc to 
bclitjer tljeir rcfolution,toljicl)tD?ougljtgrcatDclaie8 0fp;occct)ing,anD tljerc* 
upon tbc %ou^c3 lucre t)iliit)eD,ant) tljc furcft mark of tljc time of tljc Ditifron of 
tljem ts, toljcn tljc !^oufe of commons ajt tljc firft ijaD a continuall Speaker , as 

after tljc DitnQon tlje Commons fat tn tljc Cljapferljoureofflje jabbofof 

0nD tljis Court is apflp rcfcmblet) to a Clock toljicljljatljluitl}initmanj> 
toljecls, ant) manp motions, allasiDCll tljc letter as tlje greater muftmotjc: but 
after tljcir pjoper manner, place, ant) motion j if tljc motion of tljc lelTcr be IjinDe- tpill litntjcr tljc motion of tlje greater. 

SU Cc: '^i-^^ J/"^ i - 

The lS(ames. 

See thefiift part 
of the Inftitutes 
Sed.164. ubi fu- 

a BieveParliim. 
b Breviaorigi- 
. nalia dc vaftoj 

c W.i.inexordio. 
rfGlanvil lib 8. 
cap. 10. & lib.15. 
cap. 31. 
BraftoM libj. 
e ^ncidos 10. 
conciliil Dcoru- 

SCljis Court is calico bpfcticrall names, as ancicntlj) [mtcfiage o\{ote] Con- 
vemus fapiencum; Parliamentum, of tuljictj trcl^ate fpoken in another place; 
Comitia, a eoeundo, quia cocunt ibi delibcraturi de a arduis & urgentibus nego- 
tiisregni,& rtatum, & defenfionem regni, & Ecclefix Anglcana-concernenci- 
bus. b Commune concilium regni, « Generalc concilium regni, & a Concilium 
regni, anD Aflirageneraiis,ant) AHilaabaflldendcas Aflilade Clarendon laHtZ. 
mpon fomc of tftc JRecojDsanD Kols of tfte parliament it is tojitten, 
Perlege quse regni clarifiima Conciliorum 
Sunt monumenta, aliternil priterfomniacernis, 

c jgfnD Virgil iujiting of tlic parliament of tlje CDoDs ufetlj tftc fameluojD of 
Concilium in f^c fame fenfe. 

Panditur interea domus omnipotentis Olympi, 
Conciliumq; vocatdiviim pater, atq; hominum Rex, &c, 
Tacitus in vita Agricoli ix\ tljC time Of tlje BjitonS callefl) it Conventus, k 




T reparation . 

funt in pniieiitc 
ilifpofito, I'jith 
tlic Philofo|licr. 
b zCh on ca.s.2. 
c judges io.i i, 

Cap. I. The High Court of Tar! lament. 

Ingulphu},tol)OOicl)bCfojC 1109, raitlj,RexEIdreduj convocavit magnates, uH.640.a- 
Epifcopos, procercs , & optimates ad tradandum de pubJicis negotiis regni, ^'"'^"'• 
TuUy callettj it, Ccnfeflum fenatorum, a confidendo. 

'Parliaments in Scripture. 
ant) tbeltltc parliaments IjabcljEenljolDcninirrael, as it appcaretfj intljc i 

^Olp i^ittOJI?. Convocavic David omnes principes Ifrael, duces , tribunoj, & 
pra:po(uo$ lurmarum.tribunosjcenturiones , fc qui prxerant Ibbftamiis & pof- 
lelTionibus regis, filiofqucfuos, cum eunuchis,& potentes, & robuftiflimosquof- 
queiiexercitu Jcrufalem, janotoljen tljep tocre all affcmbleD, tl^e !liing Ijdn^ 
ftlf (VjctoeD ti)c taufc of calling t^at parliamcnt» Audite me fracrcs mei & 

populusraeus, cogitavi ut ^dificarem domum in qua requi&fcerec area fcederis 
Uomini, & ad fcabellum pedum Dei noftri,& ad xdificandum omnia pra^paravi, 
&c. ^ ^nD tftc lite parliament DiD iSing Solomon fon of Mns David l)OlD. 
Congrcgavic Solomon ma jores natu Iii:ael,& cun6losprincipe5,tribuno$,& capita 
familiarum deiiliis Ifrael in Jerufalem.&c^SEljcretuas alfo a parliament l)ol» 
Den intftcttmc of t^e 3uDgeS. Convcnic univerfus Ifrael ad civicatem quafi 
homo unus eademmente,& uno confiiio,&c, 0nl> fl)af parliament builDCD 
on fucft unlti', IjaD tlcffct) fucceffe. 

^ftbts Court of parliament t!)C Sing is Caput: principium Sifinisf SltiO M.dustcntnd. 
as in tl)c naturall boDp tDljcnalltljcfmcVDS being ioifncD in tljelicaD Do join Paii. 
tijcir fojcES togctljcr foj t!)C ftrcngtijning of tfjc boDp, tftcrc is ultimum Potentix: 
fo in tfte politique boBp toljcn tljc J^ing anD t^c iLo;H)6 ^pirituall anD aCempo- 
rall, mnigbts, Citizens, anD Burgeffcs,areall by tbe teings commanDaffcm* 
blcD anD jo^jnct) together unDer tftc^caDin confultation foj tl^e common gooD of 
tijctobolc Kealm.tljere is ultimum Sapiemis. 

What properties a Parliament manJ]?onld have. 
31t appcarctlj in a parliaments oil, tbatt^e parliament being^asbatftbcctt Rotjarf.anna 
faiD, callcD Commune concilium, eterpmcmkr of tl)e l^onfe being a CounfcU 5 
ler, ft)oulDl)abctl):cep?operftes of tfte CtlepJjant ; iFtrft,tl)at^e Ijaf^ no gall : 
^econDlp.tbat be is inflcrible.anD cannot boto t 2D!)irDlp,tbat be is of a niottrtpe 
anD perfect memojin tobicl) p?.operties, as tbcrc it is faio, ougbt to be in eiicrp 
member oftlje dSreat «£ouncell of parliament, iFirft,tobeVDitt)out galUtljat 
is, toitljOUt malice, ranco;, beat, anD Cntip, In Elephante melancholia tranfu in 
nutrimentum corporis. QEbcrj? gallifl) inclination (if anp tuerc) CboulD tenD to 
tljc cooD of tljc Uj^olc boDP,tljc Common toealtlj. ^econDlp, tbat I)e be conttanf , 
tnaeable,anDnot to bcbotoeD, oj turneD from tbe rigbt, eitfjer foj fear,rc« 
toarD, oj fabour , noj in juDgemenf rcfpect anp perfon. SDbtrDlp, of a ripe 
memoip, tljattbcpremembjing perils paa,mtg6tp;ebcnt Dangers focomc, as 
in tfjat IK oil of parliament it appcarctb. tKUbcrcmito Voe toill aDDe ftoo otljcr 
pjoperticsof tbeClepbant, tfje one, tljaftbougfj tbep be Maxima vircuns, & 
maximi intelieilus , of greafeft ffrengtb , anD unDcrffanDing, tamen gregaiim 
femper incedunc, l?et tljep are fOCiablcanD goe in companies: fOJ animalia gtega- 
lia non funt nociva,ftd animalia folivaga funt nociva, Sociable creatures tbaf 
coetnfloriisojbcarDs are not burtfuU, as SDeer, Q>l)ecp,ic. but Beaffs tbat 
toalk folcb, 0? fmgularlp, as 515ear6,iFore3,w, arc Dangerous anD^urtfuU. 2Dbc 
Otberitftat tlje CSlepljant is Philanthropes, homini erranti viam oftendit,anD tbcfc 

pjopcrtics ougbt cbcrp parliament tnanto Ijabe. 

Of Records of Parliament. 
3:bcrcarontobcrcfo:etbc11RccojDS of parliament Ijabc bccnfo tiigbli' erf ol« 
lcD,i6, foj tbat tljcrein is fct DoVon in cafes of sifficultp, not onlp tbe juDgmcnt, 
oj rcrolution,but tberearons.anDcaufcsoftljefamcbp fo greataDbice. »3tiS p^^,^^ ^ ^ 

Rot. 14^ Abbot deSelby. Parch.^8 E.i.GonmRcgc Rot. between the King and VcnaMes in Quare Impcdit. 
Mich. 5 E. 1. Coram Re^c Rot.6 and many others where the cnifcs and rcaron!.,pco& contra, have bcenfct dowiij 
&c. 3 E.4.i.b.7.a. i9H.6.6j.a. per Fray. 


Virg. Gcorg. 
I i 111 m non popuU 
f'afi cs, non pur- 
pura rrgiini 
Flcxit.- ' 


flMich.5 El. in 
corhuni banco. 
Rot. 1 00 Linr. 

£1 E.4-iS'pcc 
19 E.I. Rot. 11. 
Margery Wcy- 
lands cafe. Nota 

Prov.13 i^.Sa- 
pjenjoiunu agit 
c um conftlio. 
Vide infra. 
Thefe writs of 
Summons you 
{hill find in for- 
mer times in th: 
dofc Rol, for 

The High Court ofTarliament. Gap.i. 

truetbatofanclcntt(mc in juftgements at tljc Common lato, in cafes of Diffi- 
culties either crtminall, 0; citiill, ti)C reafons anD caufes of tlje juDgcment tocrs 
fet Doton in tl)6 IRccojD, ano fo it continucD in tlje reigns of E. i . anD mott part 
of E.2. anD tben tijcre toas no need of BRcpojts x but in tfte reign of E,3/ii)^eci 
t^elato toasinl)ts^eigftt)tt)C caufes anD reafons of jUDgments, in rcfpefl: of 
t^ muUttuDc of t^cm arc not fet Doiun in tije lRcco;D,but tften tfte great Cafulfts 
anD IRepojters of cafes (certain gratic anDfaDmen) publifteD tftecafes.anDtlja 
reafons anD caufes of fl)e 3 uDgmcnfs 0; refolutton3,tDfttcl) from tl;e i cginning 
of tfte reign of E. 3, anD Once toe Ijatie in pjint. 315ut tljcfc alfo, tSjour b of great 
crcDit, anD excellent ufe in t^ir btnD,pct far unDerncatl) t^e 0utijo;itp oftfi? 
I^arliament JRols, reporting t^c ^ds, iuDgements, anD refolutions of t^at 
lijjl^elt Courtf 

Tin Summons of Parliament. 
SClje toing de ad vifamecto concilii (fo? fo be tfje tnojDB of fljc Writ of ^arlia* 
mentjrefolljingfoliatie a fBartiamcnt, Dotb out of tiie Court of C^ancccp 
fenD out tojits of Summons at tlje lealt fojtp Daps bcfoje tl^c parliament 
begin: (Stjerp 3Lo?D of parliament, ettljer §»pirituall, as ^rcbbtftops, anD 
15ifl)ops, ojSDcmpojall, as i»Dulie6,^arquiffcs, Claris, Blifcounts anD ISarons; 
peers of tljcKcalm, anD =Lo;Ds of parliament ougftt toljatje fetieralltojitsof 
, Summons. 

they arc not in 

the Rcgifter,and in that Rol are the writs De expcafis militum , civium & burgenfiuin , & procuratorum clcri, and 

thefe are in the Rtg'fter alfo. 

Temporal! Jf/ijlants. 
Sim alltlje 3EuDgcsof tlje JRcalm, Karons of tl)e C^itcljequer of tifs Coif, 
f!jeteinsslearneDCouncell,*anDtfte CitJtlians spatters of tfte Clianccrp are 
calUD to gitjetlicirairiffanccanDattenDanceintlje upper Ijoufe of parltamcnf, 
buttj^ep bate notioices in parliament; anD fljeir touts Differ from tbelDjtttt 
fotbe Barons; fojtl)eirtD?itS be, Quod interfitisnobifcum & cum czteris dc 
confilio noftro ( anD fomettmes nobifcum onlp) Taper przmifTis tra<ftaturi , ve- 
ftrumque confilium impenfuri ; but t^e tojit to tlje Barons is, Quod imerfids 
cum prxlatisjmagnatibus & proceribus fupcr di(fti$ncgotii$ tradacun,vcftrutn- 
que confilium impenfuri. 

Spiritual! Jfftjlants. Procuratores cleri. 
0nD inctierp lujit of Summons to tlje 215iifcops,tl)erc is a claufe requiring 
tbem tofummontbefj perfons to appear perfonallp at tlje parliament, ioljicli 
is in tbefc too?DS, Prscmonientes Decanum & capiiulum Eceleii^ veftri Nor- 
8 E.i.m.ij.Dorf. yvicenfis, ac Archidiaconos cotumque clerum veflrx Diocef. quod iidem De- 
lb. J E.i m.i J. (.jni gj Archdiaconi in propriis perfonis fuis , acdiiSlum capimlum per unum, 
idemque elerus per duos procuratores idoneos picnam & fufficientem potcfta- 
tem ab ipfis capiculo Scelero divifim habentes pridiit'die & loco perfonali- 
ter interfim ad GonlcDticndum hiis qua: tunc ibidem de communi confilio 
d\&.\ regni noftri divina favente dementia contigerit ordinari : anD tbc JBt* 
Ibop unDerftis fealmafee Certificate actojDtnglp. anD tbcfc are callcD Procu- 
ratores cleri , anD manp times fjate appcareD in parliament as Spirituall 
anillants, to confiDer, confult, anD confent, ut fupra, but IjaD neijcr f oices tljere, 
becaufetljeptoereno lo:Ds of parliament Some tjatje tfjourtljt, tljat becaufe 
tlje Clcrgj) lucre not part? to tlje election of tlje iiinlgbts, Citizens, anD Bar* 
geffes,tljattljcfc Procuratores Cleri tocre appointcD to gife tljeir confent foj 
tljcm,buttljen tljej? (IjoulD Ijatic IjaDVoiccs, tofttcljnucfttonlcrrcttjCi'iiCtcrfjaD, 
anD bp tbetoojDsof tIjeUjjit it toas to confent to tljorctljtnrsUUjicfjhpfije 
Common Councell of tlje IRealm fiioulD Ijappen fo be ojDaijieD , fo as tfteir 
confent inas onlp to fuclj ttjtngs as tocrc ojDaineD de communi concilio Re^ni 
anD tljat tljcrc migbt be an act of parliament toitbout tljcm : anD in manp 
cafes multttuDcs arcbounD bpScts of parliament lobiclj arc not parties to 
tfjc elections of l^nisljt0,Cittjens, anD mirgeDTcs, as all tl;ep tbat Ijave no 


called Accen- 



lb. 1 1 E.J parti, 
in.i. Ib.iiE J. 
part i.m.j. 
Rot.Par.i8 E.5. 
nu.t. J R.2' 
II K.i. II R-i. 
F.N.B. 119.3. 
Procuratores de 

In fafcicul. lite- 
rariitn procurat. 
&c. 15 H,4. & 
5 H.J. 

Seehtr.afccr tir. 

Cap. I. The High Court of Tarliament, 

7 H.6.29. 

freeljolD, 0?. tjatje frecljolD in ^uiutcnt Dcmcfne, anD all toomen Ijatttig frccljolD 
ojno frcel)olD, anD inm luitljm t!)C age of one anD tUicnti' peara,u. ^nD 
it appcarcti) ' )' tljctrcattfc De modo tcnendi Parliament', &.C. tl)at tljc pjo= 
ttojS of tl)e ^Clcrg)' iTjoulO apfCar, cum pra^fentia eorum fit neceflkria (luljicl) 
pjo^ct^ tljat tS)Ci> lucre tjatcclcITc ^ffittants onlp; anD ftalimg no tjoicc0, 
anDfomanpleanicD iSjfliops f)atjtng toicc0,tl)eirpjcfcnte is notnotu tiolDcn 

31ti0 to be o'jfcrtJCD tftat in tl)ctojtt0of parliaments to tlje liBifljops (lje= 
tngJlojDS ecclcRadtcall fecular) t!)ci' are nanteo hp tljcir C!);iffian names ^^jp'l^f^'*^"' 
anDframcoft^Cir offtCCjas, Rex,&:c. Revercndiirirro in t hrifto pairi Johanni jiE.jiifcioii 
eadem.gracia Archicpiicopo CamuarVo; Rex,&c. Reverendo in Chrifto patri 7H617. 
Johanni Fpilcopo Norwicenf. &c, 315utift!)e £i>irname!:c aDDcD (t maUcsiiot ^'^.41^. 
tijc to;it Dicious. ^" 'i^-'': "^"i="- 

3i5:it tlje abbots anD p;ioj0 bewtg: n o:D3 of parliament, religious anD regu= mZt^ld when'" 
lar,mig?it Ic names bp tl)c name of tljeir office onlj,', as Rex dileao fibi in Chriao they 'eafcd, Cee 

Abbati Sancti L'^mondide Bury.&c. hciejfar pa. 

SDaUc, a iparcitiilTc, an cSarl , anD tHiffount arc rcgularlp namcDbj> t^eir ^ ^ f '''' '^^" 
Cbiiftian names , anD tftcnamcs of tljeir Dignitirs,anD rarelp (yet fomctimcs) 
bp ti)cir airnamcs ; noj arc tljep namcD bv tljetr i^nigfjtfjooD , if t^c^ ftaljc anj', 
but rareli't 3f a li5aronbca i^nig!)f,&c is rcgularlpnamcDbPUts Cljjtaian name, 
^irname, anD bj' Miles o> Chi vaiier, anD bislSaroni'. 5fl)etcnoJants.ljt,tI)Cn 
f)CisnamcDbp!jt3Clrriftianname,anD tftc nante offjis ISaronp; but if tlje 
&irnamc be aoDcD, it mabctljnottljc'liijit InciouS, 3iiD tftis tjolDct!) as toell 
toljcrc tlje iSaron taUctl) I)is Dtanitp of a place, as Voftcre Ijctaket^ it off)is 
^itnnmc; but tol)crc tfte §>irnamc is DignifieD , tt)cre to mafec a fojmall lujit, it 
ts gooD to aDD tl)c place of l)is liSaron*?* 

^f ancient time tftc 2Ccmpo;aU ILoiDs of parliament iocrc commanDeD 
bp tt)C lyings tojit to appear. In fide & hom?gio, |Uibus nobis tenemini, anD 
tntljereignof t,3.infide& ligeancia, anD fomctimc, in fide & homagio,butaf 
t^ts Dap conffantli' in tide & iigeancia.bccaufc at tljis Dap tftere are no feoDall 
I5aronics, in refpctt inbcfcofljontagc is to be Done , loljicf) in 21 E. 3, toas tlje 
true caufe of ttjis alteration. 

a;i)e cScclcfiafticall llBarons fecular Oi regular iwcrc commanDeD bp tfje 
^iings iojit to bepjercnt,infide & diledioncquibas nobis tenemini , aS tftc 
IBifiiops aie at tljis Dap. 

tSIcfinD in tl)cHols of parliament a tuJit in Anno: 3 R.z.anDfucccffitielp 
in eticrp parliament untill anD in tlje fiftpcar of H,f>. amongfttljc Barons 
tljat came to tl)C parliament, it ts faiD Maszi^ro Thomx de la Warre , aiiDfome 
raptl)attl)c aDDitton of Magi(icr,toastoDiij!nguiOjl)im from tljcm tljatUjcre 
tenigijts: as intlje F.ollof 1 E.4. amongft tS)C JlBarons it is faiD, Johanni de 
Auddey armigcro,foj t^at tl)C rcft of t!je i5arons(faving btmfelf )anD tt)c iio?D 
ClyntontoereChivaliets. 0nD otljcrs Doel)olDtl)atl)elDa3of tljevClergpbeioje 
tljeDignitpDcfcenDcDtol)im anD in tb^trcfpect l)C ivas callcD Magiiier, 

3n tbc Uollof sH.f.anDin manp fucceeDing I'^ols toe finD Baro applieD 
fo tI)elLo:D of CSiepaocfe, as Raduipho Baroni de GreiHock , anD Johanni 
Baronide Grei(Tock,anDtO fCtootl)Cr. 

2n manp Hols incfiinDtfje llBarons tbaf tocrc Jinig^ts, nameD Chivaliers, nE.j.tit.Bf*; 
iDljcrcin \ue obfcrVeD, t&.it tljcplibcD to be callcD Chivaliers ratljert^cn Mili- ^'^>' 
tes after tl)clcg«lltoo?D (foj Eques auratusisnotufcD in ilato.) jFo;i eramplc, 
3!nanno i E.4.EdmundoGrey de Ruthin Chivalier,SiC. anD UUDer fubfcribeD 
tIjuS, Milites omnes, exccptis Johanne de Aadeley armigero, & Johanne domir o 
de Clymon. ^nD in 3 E.4. all t!)e JlBarons (fat3ingtl)elLo?D Scales) l^atc tl)c 
aDDitionS of Chi valier<, anD ru'jfcrtl'eD tl);iS, Equites aurati omnes prarter domi- 

num Scales. :anD in 7 E.4.alltl)C Barons Ijalie tfjcaDDitionof Chivalier? , anD 
tfjcrcfoic fii'jfcriVcD tbus Equites aurati omnes.^J^crebP anD bp manp otfters it ap» 
pEarctI)ti)attl)e Baions,tftl)CP\ucrc!iinigl)ts,tDcrero namcD;anD ttjat tl)cp toerc 
KotnameD Chivaliers unletTctljCPinjcre l^nigljts, %\\t intljcrcignofH.a.anD 

C fince 

DeBancrctto, & 

aiE.j.iS. tit. 
Challenge, 119. 

* Speed. 
See hereafter, 


H.6. fat in Par- 
liament when he 
was J or 4 years 
old, and fo did he 
in the 6 and 8 
yearc of his reign. 
ThcRoyall Pcr- 
fon reprcfciitcd 
two waycs. 
a Rot.pat.AM.14. 
The Patent of 

5eeRot. Pail. 
zj £ 

The High Court of Parliament. Cap.i. 

fincc, 516aron« arc namcti ehi valiers itt tljc tD:(t of Summons, tfjoug!) tljep be no 

5iinigl)ts» , , , . 

Baner Icgallj? Banerium, vexillum, Banerher, unde BanerheriusOJBanenus? 

i, Baro, vexillarius major, & Banerettus a BiminutitC of Banerius, vexillarius 

minor. Baron is callcti Banerherius o; Banerius oftjjelBanner, (being tl)e 

^nfignc ofbtsljonour) ferl3Ctl)foj a gtitccanD Direction: fo tlje Baron obfer= 

tjing tbc enD of t)is JiobiUti' Cjoulo be an ci:aniplc anD gutne to ot^iero, as toell in 

Inar as in peace, in all notable liabilities anD tiertues , anD fo of t^e Baneret t 

botl) tbc Baron ano tbeBancrcttjatbonebinDc of Baner? foj tfte Baneret is 

crcateD in tbc fielD in tbeffeings^olt, anD(amongttotl)ert{)tngs)bp£utttng 

tlieftarp point of t)is|Sennon, anD making it a Banner, /. Vexillum Baronis: 

fo as tljc Bancret batl) tbe Baner, but not tbeDignitp of tlje Baron. anDtijis 

Dot!) notablp appear bp tlie cafe in 21 E.g. tbe tierp toojDs of Uibicb refolutton 31 

toillfirftfettotone, anD tbenf be effect, Un fuit challenge pur ceo queil fuit a 

Baner, & non allocatur : ear fil foit a baner,& ne lient per barony, il Terra in Af- 

fife. ibat is, one toas cballengeD becaufe be baD tbe Banner anD toas a Bane^ 

ret, & non allocatur bptbe rule of tbc Court, becaufe albeit be baD tbe Banner, 

pet ne lient per Barony, tbat is, be toas no Baron of parliament, 

Noraferiem temporis, JohnCoupiand atialtant iLeaDer in Anno 20 £,5. ncer 
SDurbam, at Nevih Cattle, toob in aperto prxlio, David tbcfcconD, liiingof 
^cots ; foj tobicb J^ing E. 3, createD bim mnigbt Baneref, anD gabebim lanDS 
anDlibings,anD in 22 £,3, tbecafc in lato fell out. 

5Fo? tbis ojDer of JiinigbtbooD fee Camdens Britannia 1 24, anD foj fbt's cafe of 
^ir John Coupland, Camden in Line, pag, 61 8. &ee 35 H.6, fo. 46.2Dbcretbe 
tballenge ioas tbat be iuasa Baneret alLojD of J0arliament. ^ee 48 e, ;. 30. 
48, ultimo. j. But §>ir John Coupland tuas not tbC firft Banc-- 
ref tbat QDnglanD baD, as * fomc babe tbougbf , anD tuas iuttb us fcefo?c tbc reign 
of E, 5 , fo J in Pelle exitus anno 8 E,2,in Scaccario Johannes de Cromlewele Bane- 
rettus, 0nDex compoto Garderobx A mo 9 E. 2. Nicholaus de Gray toas Decla^ 
reDbpOTritOf E.2,tObCdefamiliaregistanquam Banerettus, botb ft"? bispjC' 
teDencp anD fallerp, 

IFoj fummoning of f be Commons a Mxii goctb out to f be ILojD MarDen of 
tbe Cinque §0ojts foj tbe election of tbe Barons of tbe fame , tobo in latu are 
Burgeffes, anD to eberp §>bcriffcof 5^ Counties in QBnglanD anD Males foj 
tbc cboifc anD election of fenigbts. Citizens, anD Burgeffes , toitbin eberp of 
tbcir Counties rcfpcctibelp, 

The be^innhig of the Tarliament. 

1 tbe reto jnc of tbe tssa^rtts tbe parliament cannot begin but bp t^t Hopall 
pjefence of tbe lining ettber in pcrfon oj bprepjcfenfatton.Bprcpjefcntatton ttoo 
toapcs, ettber bpa (i^arDtan of CnglanDbpiLctters patents unDer tbc <!D;cat 
&cale tobcn tbc teing is in remotis out of tbe IRcalmc : oj bp Commiffton un- 
Der tbc (I5?cat &calc of CEnglanD to certain ILo:Ds of parliament rep?cfcnttnff 
tbe pcrfon of tbe Mm, be being toitbin tbc IRcalme in rcfpert of fome infirmif p, 

a 2Cbc patent of tbc Office of a dUarDicn of CDnglanD recitctb bis fpecDp going 
beponD fea, oj in remotis, oj urgent occafions anD tl)z caufe tbcreof. Nos quod 
pax noftra tarn in noflra abfentia quam prjefentia inviolabiliter obfervetur, & 
quod fiat communis juflitia fingulisconquerentibus in fuis aflionibus &querelis, 
de fidelitate dilefti & fidelis nolki Edwardi ducis Cornubix, & comitis CcRtix 
filii nofttipciraogeniti plcnarieconfidcntes, conHituimus ipfum cuflodcm di£ti 
rcgni nodri ac locum noftrum tenent' in eodem regno quam diu in dif^istranf- 
marinis partibus moram fecerimuj,vel donee inde aliud duxcrimus,(0nD tbiS ifl 
tbat capitalis Juftieiarius menttoncD in Mag. Carta cap.i i , l»bcn tbe IMng is ex- 
tra rcgnum) toitb a claufc of afftttancc. But pet if anp parliament is to be boU 
Den, tbcre mutt be a fpeciall Commiffion to tbe CDarDien, to begin tbe parlta* 
ment , anD to pjoceeD tbercin x but tbe Tcne of tbe Mrit of Summons ftall be 
in tljz vUarDiens name, 

C ap . I . The High Court ofTarliament, 

Parltament toas fjolDCII in quimi quintcviz. Anno J H, j-. lefojC John Rot.Parl 5 H.j. 

2Dufeeof315cL)fo:tj, fc?otl)cr aiiD l.ieutenanttotl)ciiittig, and ©arDicn ofCEng* !."'•'• 

lanMiiDUms (ummoncD miDcr tijc Terte of tijc (IDarDicn^ t tciiteiiant r 3t is p,i,,t ■"^■'■'" 

cnaacD, tljat if tt)C l?tng fcctng beponD tlje fcao, taufc to "numon a parliament Kou^^ruiap.^e- 
in tljis K calmc, bp l)ti3 Ml tit uHDer tljc TeHe of ft is 31 icutcnant ; anD after fuctj /'<;«"' ''-'■.ja'^« uf- 

fummonss of parliament gone out of tftc Cl)anccrp,tl)ciJ>ingarritietl) tntftts f'"j«tft"^'>'i>,v. 

mcalm: tftat foj fuel) arritall of tl)C fame !5ing fuel) JSarliament Oiall not be Dif^ t^s li'n s^f '" 

foltjcD, but tftc parliament ftall pjocceD tottljout neto fummona.j ,h,, ^ffi',//, ^,.„,, 

"in? E. 4. a parliament iraolcgun in tljcp}cfenceoftbeistnganD|j;o;o* a qua»dtu in 

duet) untlll a further Dap : anO tljcn William iJrtlj'jifliop of i9o?t? tljc tetnc0 P'^rabm tra>.fma. 

Commtffarp bp inciters patents ftelDtftc fame parliament anD aDjOtirneDtfte '"^"^ ^''^■•»> f"t- 

fame, ic. 2i:i)e caufe of tfte faio provocation teas , foj tftat tljc teing teas enfojteD 'kZv.xx'"-!^^^ 

togoinpcrfon to(!Dloccftcrllnrctorep?effca relclliontbcre. a iiot.i. 15,14 

^0 t>at!) been faiD, tljc !itngs perfon map be repjcfentcD bp Commiffion unDcr Like un<.k pa- 

tftc (Sieat&ealc to certain JLojDsbf parliament autbojijing fbem to begin tljc ''/''' '^'"'^' ^^'^ 

parliamcnt,anD botb tlje dDarDicn anD futb Commidtoncrs Do Qt on a fojmc pla. ic r-au'" '"''^ 

ceDneertoti)CDeerce3tl)atgoupfotbCv!DlctbofC!;ftafc, nu.ij. ' '^'"""'' 

anD in 28 Eiiz. tl)c 35ueen bp l)er commiffion unDcr tl^e dSjeaf &cale bcar= f-'i-is ei^. 

ing Datetbe 28 of October Anno zS, reciting tljat fl)c foj urgent occafionscoulD ^«caaexcc jie^t 

not be pjcfent in Ijer K opall perfon , DiD autbojijc John whiiguift JSrc Ijbiftjop Ror d ', 'i"'''^' 

ofCanterburvs William lll5aron of IKurgljlcp lLo?D JEreafurerof englanD,anD 8 E.l'/sept'm 

Henry C'arle Of 2?crbp BLojD &tetoarD of tl)C l^oufijolD tljcn being , Ad ineho- 16. & i ,urs p.i"t. 

ancium,&c. tenendum, &c. &adprocedcndum, &:c. & ad faciend' omnia & fin- A"- 8 E.i.m.4/;. 

gulaj&c. necnonad Parliamentum adjornandum & prorogandum, &c, toljicf) ^'thacomman- 

Commiffioti is entreD m hic verba in tljc fournall Boeb in tlje ILojDS tjoufe, d'nce"' °'^'"'"" 

anD in tbc upper part of tlje page abonctbe beginning of tljc Commiffion is tujit* simiic ,© e.j. 

ten, Domina Regina reprEcfencatur per Commiirionarios.viz. &c. 2Db6 151 Dap of ^ pare pat.m.t'o. 

£)ctobcr, flje faiD ^lommiffioners fitting on a fojme bcfoje tftc Clotfj of €ttate, '? e-b-""- i. 

after tljc Commiffion reaD,aDjOurneD tlje parliament untill tlje i j of iFebruarj? "''.'•'" ^^^^^^^ 

follotoing, %u anD tljis parliament began tbc 29 of HDctobcr, anD not tfje 1 5 of ^' "' ^^ * 
jFebruarp, toljcrein tlje pjtnteD Boofe is miftahen, foj tften tlje parliament be= 
fiun,anD inas pjojogucD. 

SCljus muclj ftjall fufficc, toljeutbe l'?ings perfon Cball berepjefenteD. 
215ut txiljen tlje parliament ll^all not begin at tljc Dap of tlje returne , but foj 
ccrtaine urgent caufes tljcn to be pjo?.ogucD untill anotljcr Dap, anD tljcntobe 

ijolDenbcfoactljciliing, tbcreis a reaDp tuap foj tftc cfFcctina f Ijercof , anD tftat Prorogued bj- 

is bp CSHrit patent unDer tlje i»bolc (©?eat &eale, reciting tlje Mrif of &um. ^"' ^^''"'• 
mons, anD to bearTcftc befoje tljerefojnctljcreof, anDCgneD abotictoitljtljc 
laingS ftgne £panuell,anD DirecteD Przlatij, magnatibus, proceribus hujus reg- 
ni 5 acmi]itibus,civibus,& burgenfibus convocatis &ele6tisad hocParliamen- 
tum pro quibufdam caufis & confiderationibus, &c. to pjOJOgUC tlje parliament 
to a ccrtaine Dap, anD at tlje retornc of tljc Summons, tftis QJlHrit being reaD in 
tbe ilpper !)^oufebcfojeccrtai!icof tbelLo;Ds of parliament , anD of tljc Com* 
moas tftcre affemblcD , anD pjojogation maDc acco;Dinglp , tlje parliament is 
pjojogucD: anD tljis Uias fo Done \\\ Anno i Eliz. tljc retojnc of tljc Summons 

of parliament being tljc 9 of £?ctobcr, anD bpfuc^ a Mrit it iuas p;o:ogucD un-' „. 

till tlie 2^ ofjFcbjuarp follototng, at toftaf time in juDgemcnt of lato tftepar^ And'hercin°h' 

l{amentDiD&cgin,anDlT3asljolDcn,anDnotontljC9 0f2Dctobcr, as ittoasaD^ primcdbootoV 

juDgcD. a lifec pjojogation toas maDc bp tbc 35ucens lifec Mrit af tljc parlia= ftatutcs crmh, 

mcnt IjolDcn Annoj Fliz.atbotljtoljicljDai'csofpjojogation, tlje parliament ['^r here the p^r- 

DiD IjolD befojc fljcSiuccnljer fclfc, untill tbcDiffolutionoffftcfame, tobUt) „™'"' ''"^"^ 
CSairifs arc entrcD in hare verba tn tbe 3iournall boot;* 

\V]m is to he done thefirjl day of the Parliament, 
©n tbe firtt Dap of tbe parliament, tbciSingojmoftcommonlptbclLojD 
CljanccUoj oj ?^ceper of tbe d&jeat g)cale in i\^t p:cfence of tbe^LojDS anD Com* 
mons,Do (Ijeto tbe caufes of tbe calling of bis l^igb Court of parliament, but tbe 

C 2 ilins 


12. E.J. sir WV//- 
am TborpcC\\'\z(z 

a 17,8. 
herjl. 6. 
19 E. 
Sir ff.lliam Sb/zr- 
^ir Robert Thorpe 
Chiefe Juftice 
47 E 2. 

TT?^ ii//^/> Court of Parliament. Cap.i, 

Mnz map appoint anp otfter : as manp ttntes, tlje (ifjtefe ^Htticc of QSitglanD, 
ant) fomcttme ^ foinc otljcr, as map appear in tijc jBarltament Kols, onlp one 31 
to til tranrcrtbe. § 

^ ^t tljis Dap §>ir Henry Green i^z fcingS Ci^icfe Juftice (altljoagib tb^ iLojO 
CljanccUoj toere pjefent) in t!)cpjcfcnrcoftfte!Sing,tl)ciLojt)S anD <!rommon0, 
DeclarcD tftc caufcs of tt)s ISarltamcnt c in c£ngltfl),viz. jFoj reDjeCfe of matters 
toutfjing ttje Cljurt^, foj obfertjatton of tlje peace, foj tlje affairs of ^cotlanD, 
foj t^e intjauncing of tijc pjice of MooU, ic, d But at tl^e nert meeting Siiroo 
Langham BiOjop.cif QBlpftctocD tftecaufes of parliament, anD in t^c cnfi, tic 
DiD in i^z lyings name require t^e Commonstomaltecl)oiceofalearnetianD 
Cifcreet man to bctljcir §>peabert antitDl^enailSitljoploas^lojOCbanccllo:, 
Ije tooft a terf of Scripture to^tclj ^e rcpeaten in 3Latin, ant) DifcourfcD upon t^ 
fame. 3l5ut toftcn a fuDge teas iLojD Cljancelle?, Ije toofe no tcrt, but in manner 
of an ^jafion (ftetoeD fummarilpfbe caufes of t^e ^^arliament. 

Cliiefe Jiifticc. 

JO .y.S'ix lo.K^ivet Chief Juftice. 5 i E. 5.011. Sii Ruben ^jhten the Kings Chamberlain. ^Parl.jfiE. j. 
iiu. I. Simon Langha.nB.odlyChmcehor. c And fo was it done ever after. 5 R. i. nn. z. The caulcs ot" Pai la- 
ment were in ancient time flicwcd ia the Chamber Depeint, or St. Edwards Chimber. d Paiha. i/ 

Tl?e EleBion of the Speaker. 
3!t is true t^c Commons arc to djtifc tfjcir Speaker : but feeing tbaf after 
fbeir cljoife ttjc !itng map refufe l^im, foj aboiDing of erpenceof timcanD contc* 
Cation, t!)C ufc is (as in tbc Conge de eflier of a llSiftop) tljattbe i^ingDot^ 
name a Dtfcreet anD learncD man toljomtbc Commons elect: but iuitbout tbeic 
election no Speaker can be appointed fo^t^em, bccaufe t)eistl)eirmoutb,and 
truftet)bp tbem, anD fo neceffarp, as tbc ^oufe of Commons cannot fittoitljouf 
!)im t anD tljerefojc a gricbous GcfenetTe is a gooD caufc to rcmobcl)tm , as in 
I H.4, johnChcnye &peafeer cftofcn anD allotocD , ijjas foj ficbncffc , to as !je 
coulD not fcrbe,Difcl)argeD,anD §>ir John Doreward cljofcn in fjts place : anD fo 
teas William Stunon, after Ije toascljofenanD alloincD s>pcafecr, remobeD foj 
gricbous Ccfeneffe, anD &ir John Doreward cbofen in t)is place. 0t tlje 
parliament l^olDcn in i j H.(5. a>ir John Tirrell tenigbt iDascbofcn anD allotoeD 
Speaker, anD fo? gricbous CcfencffercmobeD,anD William BeerIy<Efq;cl)Ofcti 
in bis place, «[c. 

315ut fictmeffe is no caufc to remobc anplSnigbt, Citizen ojBurgelfc of tlje 
^oufe of Commons : S»o note a Dtberfitp bettoeen tbe Speaker, anD anp otljec 
of the !^oufe of Commons , anD tbis Dibcrfitp being not obferbeD begat an erroj 
bp fomc opinion in 38 H.8. tit. Parliament Brook 7. foj continuall erpcricncc is 
to tbe contrarp. 

The prefentment of the Speaker. 

Mfjen ffjc commons babe cbofcn tbeir Speaker, tbe pcrfon electcD ffanbtng 

in bis place Difabling bimfelfc to unDcrgoe fo Ujctgbtp a cbargc, as in bis Difcrc* 

tien be tbtnks fit,De(ires tbemto p^oceeD to a nclp cboife: \af)ic\) being DenieD,nnD 

be fct in tbe Cbatre , tbcn be pjapctb tbem to gibe bimlcabctbat be map Difable 

bimfclfc to tbc lltng : after tbts tbep pjcfcnt biiti totbcfeing in tbc llojDs 

l^oufc ; tobere after be batb DifablcD bimfclfc to fpcak befoje tbc liing, anD foj 

tbe tobolc boDp of tbc IRealmc, anD maDe bumble fuit to tbc ISing, left bp bis in* 

fufficiciicp tbcburinelleoftbcKcalmcmapbcbtnDjcD, to be DtfcbargcD , anD a 

mojc fufficient man to be cbofcn : if be be allotocD bp bis ^ajcfttc , tbcn be ma-- 

bctb a p jotcftation conftfting on tbjcc parts ; iFirff, tbat tbc Commons in tbis 

parliament map babe free fpeccb- as of rigbt anD bp cuftomc t\)C\> babe ufcD, anD 

all tbeir ancient anD jutt pjibilcDges anD liberties allotoeD to tbem. S>cconDlp, 

tbat in anptbing be (ball Dcliber in tbe name of tbe Commons (if be fljallcom^ 

mtt anp erro?) no fault map be arrcctcD to tbc Commons , anD tbat be map rcfo:t 

again to tbc Commons foj Declaration of tbeir true intent , anD tbat bis erroj 

map be parDoncD. 2Dbc tbirD is, tbat as often as neccffttp fo? bis spa jetties fer= 

Wt, anD tbe gooD of tbe Common tocaltb tball require , be map bp tbc Direction 

of tfjc feo'.ifc of Commons babe acccffc to bis IRopall Iperfon. %,})[& 


to remove the 


1 H 4. nu.6i.6j. 

Rot.Parl.i H, 5. 



Sicknefs no caufe 

to remove a 

Member of the 

Houfc of Com- 


j8 H.8.Parl.Br7 

What the Spta. 
ker Ihall do when 
he ii chofen. 

The King may 
allow of his ex - 
cufcjand difallow 
him, as Sir lohn 
i8 !^.6.nii.6. 
The Pretefiatioi 
tfthc Spca{er. 

Cap. I. The High Court of Tarliament. 

Cljis is in tlje parliament IRols callcD a p:otcffation in rcfpcct of fftc firft 
part. tl)e nature toljcreof is to be an ercUiGon of a concluHon, anD Ijcrcin tljat tlje 
!^oufc of Commons be not toncluDcD to fpcab onlp of tfjofc tijingsinbicbtb^ 
litng oi ilo:fl Cbanfelo?,«. ^at!) DeltticrcD to tljem to be t^ecaufcs of tijc fal- 
ling of t^ts vTourt of |9arliamcnt, but in a parlinmcntan' rourfc of all otl)cr ar-^ 
Duous anD urgent buSneffc, tol)icl) pjinctpallp confift in tl)crc fitic !6?ancl)cs, as 
it appearettj in tlie tIKlIrits of Summons to tljeilojDS&piritaall anD JCempO' 
ralU vii» 

i H. 5. nil. 10. And fo in fuccceding timci calK 

The matters of Parliament. 

T. SCoutljIngtljeMng* 2, SDljcttateof tljcliingDomcofCBnglanD* 3.2E;i)e 
Defence of tljcttingDome, 4,*2El)eflateoftfteC[:fturfftof(i£nglanDtanD 5t2nbe 
Defence of tfjc fame Cburcl). 3nD t^is appcarctlj bp ctpicac too:Ds in tlje par^ 
liament©3r(t in tljcfc toOjDS X Proquibuldam arduisurgentibus negotiis, no$, 
ftatum, & detenhonem regni noftri Anglis, & Eccleiix Anglicans eoncernenti- 
busqaoddam Parliamentum noftrum, &c. teneri ordinaviniu$,&c, ^nD tijefc 
tDojDSitfteftate anD Defence of t!)c!SingDome] arc large toojDs, atiD incluDe tijc 
reft* anD tbougl) tlje ftate anD Defence of tljcCliurcNfCBnglanD be laft nameD 
in tl)C CQlrtt, j'Ct is it firft in intention, as it appearctl) bptlie tttleof etjerppar* 
Itament : 33 fo; erampic, » To the honour of God and of holy Church,and qui- 
etneflfe of the people,&c* 

i^oto fo: as mucfj as Diticrs latwes anD ftatutes Ijatie been cnacteD anopjotif^ 
DeD fo: tbcfc cnDs afo?cfaiD, anD tbat Dtticrs mifcbiefs in particular , anD Dtters 
grievances in gcnerall concerning t^c l)onour anD fafctp of tfte feing , tl^c ftate 
anD Defence of tfte l^iingDome anD of tfte Cburcli of CBnglanD migftt be pjetenteD, 
an ctccllent lain ioas maDc Anno :; 6 E. 3.toljicft being applpeD to tbc faiD Mrifs 
of \0arltament Dot^ in felo anD effedualltuo^Dsrct Dolvnc ttjetrue fubjettof a 
l^arliamcnt in tftefc iuOjDS. For the maintenance of the faid Articles and Sta- 
tutes, and redrefle of divers tnifchiefs and grievances which daily happen, a Par- 
liatnent fhall be holden every year, as another time was ordained by a * Statute. 

llBefoje tlje conqueft parliaments toere to be IjolDcn ttoice ctjcrp pear, Cele- 
berrimus aucem ex omnt fatrapia bis quotannisConventus agitur. l&ingE. i. 
bept a parliament once eterp tvoo pear foj tlje moft part, anD noiD it is cnacteD. 
tl)at a ^^arliamcnt fljall be ftolDen once cterp pear. 

%\iz IRoman banqniOjeD our ^ncefto^s t^c ancient B^itains, fo; ttjat t\^t^ t\U 
fembleD not, tl)cp confultcD not in common toitl)tl)em, no; Common Cotmcels, 
as Tacitus in vita Agricolxfaitl). Nee aliud adverfus validifiimas gentes pro no- 
bis utiiiu?,quam quod in * commune nonconfulunt. RarusadpropuKandum com- 
mune periculum con ventus : Jta dum fiogulipugnanrjuniverfi vincuntur. 3I5ut 
to return f tljc matters of l^arliament. 

0nD it is enacteD anD DcclareD bp aut^ojitp of parliament in Anno4 H.8. 
That all fuits, accufementj, condcmnations,executions, fines,amerciaments , pu- 
nifhments, corredions, charges,and impofitions at any time from thenceforth to 
be pufiOr had upon any member,eithcr of that prefent Parliament, or at any Par- 
liament at any time after that Ail to be holden, for any Bill, * fpeaking , reafo= 
ningior declaring of any matter or matters concerning the Parh'ament,to be com- 
muned, or treated of, be utterly void andofnoneeft'ecS. M^icl) latter bjancl) is 
pencrall. jjSoto tol)at matter oj matters concern tl)C parliament appear befoje. 
SlnD tl)is claufe of tlje act of 4 H. 8, is Declaratojpof tl)C ancient lato anD cu- 
ftomeof tl)c iparliamcnt. 

anD tbts DotI) not onlp appear bptljeOTrifs DirccteD to tftc ILojDs of parlta* 
meiit, but bp tl)e Mrtts fo: election of t^c Commons, i^oj crample. SCbe 'Mtii 
to tlie ^bcriffe of Jl5o:folUfo} elcctioii of tl)e linigftts, Citizens, anD BurgetTcs 
initljin tijat Cou;it(' icRex Vicecomiti Norff. Salutem. Quia tios de avifamento 
U aflenfu concilii noftri pro quibufdam arduis & urgemibus negotiis, nos, llatum, 
& defenfionem regni poftri Anglii, & Ecclcfiar AnglicansecoHcerncntibusquod- 


I'll. i^. &'c. 
K(.c IJail.2H.4. 
nil. 8. §ir Hitiu d 
S ,vagi Spfakcr, 
5 H.4.11U.8. 
7 H.4 nu.i I. 
Sir lo.Tibctifc 
Speaker. & ill J. 
nu.50.1 H.5.11U.7 
d a Piotcflatioiu 

Rot. Pari 9 H.4. 
Indcmtiilic det 
Scigniors & Cum- 
i/,uiit, not prin- 

* See W- 1. Anno 
I E.i. in ihc- pie- 
aiiiblc, the flaic 
of the Realmc & 
ot huIyChutch. 
And the z part 
of ihe Infljtutes, 
W.I, cap.!. and in 
the preamble. 

a 16 E-i 50E.J, 

j6 E.J .cap. I©, 
ought to be hol- 
den once in a 

* 4 E.g. cap. 14. 
Inter leg. Edgar 
cap. J. 

Tacitus in vita 


Cci"" ntus. 


* NeqjtirriJa 
do Rei pujlicB 

Cli lit. lis. 

The like Writ to 
all the other 
Counties, laving 
III Wales they 
hivc but one 
Knight and one 


a No'a,id ficien' 
(ium & (i^i'fnti- 

And every Ci'y 
two Citizens,aad 
o'.it of every 
Burgli cwo Sur- 
ge (Tcs. 

b Nota,f(iperne- 
gotik antedu'iis. 

Britton 112.117. sy. 
i.pcof thelnd. 
Sed loi.Epift. 
ad librum. 
C7 H.4ca.i5. 
Roc.Par. 5 R.i. 
nu.i,i Scc.thcy be 
now returned in- 
to the CUancery, 
and kept in the 
office of theClcik 
of the Crowa 
dti H.<.ca.iy. 

Pari. 6H.4. 
This was called 

IsdoHiim Pa: lia- 
mentuin, lack- 
learning i-'atlia- 

nu- 13.5 K.i.c.4. 
Sec hereafter 
more of this mat- 
tcr,in th'schapt. 
pa. and who be 
* Nota. 3 E.I. 

The High Court of parliament. Cap. i. 

dam Parliamentum noftrum apud, &c. tencri ordinaverimuj , & ibidem cum 
Prslatisjmagnatibus, & procerlbus didi regni nofiri colloquium habere & trafta- 
tu: ipfi Vicecom.Norff. przcipimus firmiter in jungend^,qu6d fa>Sa proclamatione 
in proximo comit'am tuo poft receptioncm ejuidem bre vis, duos militesgladiis 
cinilos, &c. elegi faceret , &c. •* ad faciendum & Gonfenciendum hiis qux 
tunc ibidem de comrauni concilio noflro AnglinrffaventcDeo) contingerenc or- 
dinari '■ fuper negotiis antedidis, ita quod pro dcfcdu poteftatis hujufmodi , iax 
propter improvidam eleftionem Militum.Civium & Burgenfium pridid'difta 
negotia noftra infefta non remanerent quovifmodo. j3nD tljtS poiDCr VfXtn- 

Det^ equallp fo all i&ntgftts, Citizens ant) JBurgeffe© of parliament. 

What the Speaker pall doe after his allowance. 

differ tl^c (Commons toitl) tljclr &peafecr arc come from fljelioitis ^ouFc, 
anD tftat t^c S»pcaber ts fet in tlie Cljair , t\)m \)Z Dcfirctlj fljc CDominons, 
tftat feeing tftcp ^atic t\)okn Ijim foj tljcir mout^ , fljat tftep tooulD fatoti* 
rablp afftft l^im inf^eir arDuous anD impojtant affairs, anD tijat l)c tuillDoe 
tljem t^c tea fertjtce fj^ can iDit() all Diligence ano faitljfuUrcaDincire, oj 
to t^e li^c effect. 

The Writs of Summons ofParliamentjiphich are to be found 
in the clofe ^11 from time to time. 

Seeing t^e fummons of parliament (as Ijatlj been faiD) tsbptljciStnas 
to;tts,to^ic^ tenD to t^e beginning of tljc parliament, itOiall tc ncceffarpto 
fpeafe fomeiDftat oftljofe Ipjits. 0nDit is to be obfertjeD, tftat tljc fubftance 
of tljofe ii)?tts ouelit to continue in tljcir ojiginall cffcnte toitliout anj? al= 
teration, oj aDOition, unleffe it be bp 0(t of parliament, i^oj *ifojtgtnaH 
iDjtts at t^e Common lain can receive no alteration tn aDDttion but b? 
0ct of parliament, a multo fortiori, tj^etojitsfojt^c Summons of tfjc^iigljett 
dTourf of parliament can rcccitc no alteration , o? aDDitton , but bp ka of 
parliament. M^cre ^ t^e to;its of Summons ilTueti out of t^e Cljanccrp, 
anD toere returnable in tlie Court of parliament, tlje return thereof coulD 
not te altcrcD,anD returnable into tftc Chancer)', but bp 0ct of parliament 
3nD becaufc ttie Ibojds of tftc Vojit foj election of i^nigl)ts,ic. toere, '^ duos 
miiites giadiis cinao!,&c. it requireD an jact of parliament, tftat notable 
€fnHiresmic^t be eligible. 

Walfingham faitft, tljat in Anno Domini 1404. li)i)tcl) toas anno 6 H. 4. 
in tlje iBiits of tbe fummons of parliament, f})ere teas aDDeD bptlje feing 
a commanDment in tlie tujit , tl)at no Haiuper fljoulD be rcturncD feniaftt o> 
HSurgcffe , (but tlje ^^ittojian is DcceitieD, foj tbere is no fuel) claufc in t^ofe 
tD?it3, but it ioas uijouglit bp tlje Jaings ^letters bp pjetcrt of an ;©;Di« 
nance in tljeiLojDS !^oufe,in4<s £♦? ) J3ut at tl)c ncrt' parliament in? H.4. 
attlje grietous complaint of tijc Commons, being intcrruptcD of tljcir free 
election bp tftofe,lctters(to^i£l) toere letters of iutticc anD rigljt) itis,amoncttt 
otljcr tl)ings,ena'cteD, 2Dbat elections * ftoulD be freelp , anD t'nDiffcrwitlp maDe 
nottoitljftanDing anppjaper, oj commanDment to tl^econtrarp, i. fine precc, 
bp anp pjaper oj gift, & fine precepto , ioitbout commanDment of tbe iSing 
bp tojit , oj ot^crtoifc, oj of anp otljcr ; toljiclb tuas a clofe, anD p?uDcnf 
faltie, not onlp fo; tljat fojc, but foj all otljcr in lifec cafe, anD is but an 
3ct Dcclaratojp of tlje ancient lato anD cuftome of parliament, 

Petitions in Parliament. 

£Dn tlje fitrft Dap of tlje parliament, after tlje Commons be DcpartcD to 
cljoofetlieir fepeafeer, tijcn are certain Suffices jajTittants, auD Citiilians 
gratters of tlje Cljanccrp;attenDant3j viz. four 3uatces,anDttoo ;attenDants 


Cap. I. The High Court of Tarliament. n 

appoi«teDtoberccctt3cr3oftI)C|0ctfttonsof <!BnBlanD,3ErelanD, CSTalea, anD RereWcrt of pe- 

§>cotlanD, anD tftat tljofc tljat tutll DcUtjcr tftcir petitions, arc to Delitier tljem |'t"'n-<^{"Eng- 

tott^iti ap Da))3 foUototng. jat t^at time tljccc arc otbcr Sutttcea aiiD €ic vv'lk ,scTtbnJ, 

tjtlians attenDantc, viz, tlj?ec Hufttccs aiiD tiuo 3ttcnDanf3 appointoD to 'Gafcoign.Guy- 

le reccit'crs of petitions to; CDafcoign atiD otljer * places LeponD tfjc. feeas, aii,i>oite.j, Nor- 

anDottfte 3 Acs, anDtljat tljcg Deliver t^cir petitions toitljin fxi m^s,=it, nundy^Amgu, 

2Lftcn arc appointcD of tljc j^obilitp llojDS of |Darliamcnt anD liotfljops 



viz. 2>ij; Of tl)c jf!obiltt)',ant) ttoo IBiOiops to be triers of tljc fatD Ji^etttions foj jriers of peti- 

CEnglanD, SrclanD, Males, anD ^cotlanD, tfteictogctljer, o; four of tf)C |D?elates tions. 

anD 3L0JDS afojefaiD, calling totljemtftellings IcarneDcToiincell, attendants 

in parliament Vol)Cii nccD ftojilo Ic, anD to fit in tbc Chamber of flje a:rea= 

furp. snt)C lifee appointment oftfte iiJobiliti' ano llSilliops to be triers of tl)0 

petitions foj^afcoign, anD otber places bciponD tl)c §>eas, anD oftljcSlfles, 

anD a place appointcD foj tl)cir fttting, calling tot^em tljc Mn^a IcarncD CCoun* 

tell tulien nceD lljoulD bc» jFoj petitions to Ic pjeferrcD into tjje ILojDS 

^^oufe in parliament fo^ t^c conntrtcs anD places afo^efaiD, tl)ts luastt)ean< 

cient conftant lalD,anDcu{tomc of t^c parliament continueD unttll t^is Dap. 

OT^erein tftcfc tl)jee tl)tnas are to be obfemeD. JFirft, tlje crtcnt of tfjc 3u= 

rtSDiction of tljc parliament of CnglanD. fectonDlp , tfjaf foj ocpcDtttng 

of caufcs, tftcrc tboalD be rcccitjers of all petitions, bot^ of ^uDgcs of tlie 

BRcalm foj tljcir fenoiulcDgc in tljc latos of tlje liUalm > anD of^Tibiltans af= 

tcnDants,U)l^o mtgftt pjeparcanD infojm tlje triers, being JLojDs of parlia* 

went, of t^e quality of tbofe petitions. 2DftirDli», tljat tljere IfioulD be of tlje » p. « c , 

3L0JDS S>pirituall anD SDempoiall triers of tftofc Jlictitions to trp out tDl)c» f,, °& ['l 

tljer tljcp U)crcreafonable,anD gooo anD neceffari? to be offereD anD p?opo«nDeD 50'nj. 

totfte JLojDS. 66- si. 17 E.J. : 

^f petitions tn parliament fome be of 1Rtg|[)f,fomc of (©race, anD fome ""-^J'^fi- 

itiiyt of botb : fome pjcfcrreD bp tljc !LojD3 &pirituall, fome bp t^c JLojDS ^^ e !"""'i'J" 

Scmpojall, fome bp tljc Commons, fome bp tljc LojDs anD Commons. Extra 45 e"? nuj j. 

Parliamcncum nulla petitio elt grata , licet neceflaria; In Parliamemo nulla 47E.5.nujtf. 

petitio eft ingrata,ii neeeflaria. -^ 311 petitions ougl^t to contain contjcnieut iRiiu.ijT.&c 

certatntp anD particularitp, fo as a Direct anftocr map be gitcn to tljem. ''^'^^'"'''^ ^' ^' 

^ petitions being timelp pjeferreD (tfjouglj tjcrp manp) Ijatjc been anftoe* "u.^o ]l e.j'. 

reD bp tl)C laiu ana cnftomc of parliament befo?e tlje enD of ftje parliament, zij.iKi.ij4- 

%\)is appearetl) bp tbc ancient SSreatife, De modotenendiParliamemmn, S(c.iR.i...i'.}8. 

&c. in tljefe toojDs fattftfullp tranflatcD in a fair anD ancient spannfcripf, 1H.4151zH.4- 

fOj Bils anD ^UtittonS. The Parliament ought not to be ended while any |^^'' ^u^'l]'' 

Petition dependeth undifcuflcd, or at the lead , to which a determinate an- i5E!j!nu.i2. 

fwer is not made. jfiE.jnu.ji. 

anD in tl)e parliament Hols, tljcre is a Cttlc totoarDs tl^c cnD of ttfc foEj.mi.jz. 

parliament. The Petition of the Commons, &c. toitl) tfjctr anftoer entrcD '1%^'^^'^°' 

anD recojDeD in tljc IRoll of parliament. <=anD one of tl^e pjincipall cnDs of *,oe jnu.i/*' 

calling of parliaments tsfoi tljc rcDjelTc of tljc mifcl^icfsanD grievances tljat Lionscafe. 

Dailp Ijappen. * 3;nnot)ation3anDi]lot3Clfies(fometimes tearmcD in Hols of Rot.Par. IH.^ 

parliament Novelries) in parltamentarp pjocecDings are mott Dantrerous, "'"''• '? h-4- 

anD to be rcftifcD. ' anD fometime tlje toing Dotlj anltoer tfje petition of •'j,fno'vaiionj& 

tljc Commons bp flje affent ofttjepjelats. Counts, Barons , anD Commons NovcUics. 

tftemrclt)es,fuclj unitp ^atlj been fojtb common gooD in parliaments infoj**. 

mer times, ^=- 

appointment of Committees of Grievances ^ if c. 

SCIfte Commons being tlje gencrall 3Jnquiftfo:s of tljc Healm, ljatepjfn= 
cipall tare in tftc beginning of tftc parliament to appoint Daps of Com= 
mittcES,viz, of grieijances (bottj in t^e= Cljurcl) anD Common=U)caltl) ) of eBnaon.Gn. 

villi eft ztcrnam 
quam temporalcm la-dere majeftatcm. And it appeareth by the ftatute of 36 E.J. That it ij one of the 
principall ends of the P.irliament to redrefl'egrieyanccs, AaJ the word? of the Wnt of Parliament be,Oca/v<i(« C> 
urgenubuimgotiu (iAtum (^ defenfencw Ecclc^/e Anglic mx coiKcrnentibut, 



21 E.4.50. 
The ancient Re- 
cord, Demodo 

teycud' Parl.&e. 
vet f.finem,of time. 

Sec the Second 
part of the Inft. 

Sec the nrft part 
of the Inrtitute? 110. 
See ch'.- a- pare 
Charier of King 
H.iat hisCoro- 
nJtion hiving re- 
lation to Modus 
temndl Pari. 
of King John 
anno ly.M^th. 

VIZ hareicomitis 
pro comitc intcgre 
100 1. hxrcs Ba- 
Integra \oo 7»arc. 
&■ hxres milins 
dcfeod) militis iif- 
tegn. 5.1. 

* Itn yidly cal- 
led tmiqmmr'- 
lev'ium, btrcaiifc 
it Is according to 
the proportion of 
this ancient Mo- 

At the Parha- 
mciit lioldcn 
As. I Eliz. 

The High Court of Tarliament. Cap.i. 

Courts of31ufttcc,ofpjt1)ileDgcs, atiD of autaitccmcnt oftraDc. SCljefe Com- 
mittees toljen tljep meet , t^ep elect one of tl)rm to fit in tl)e Cftafr tti 
Ithcncffc of t!)C S»pcaber: t^e Committee map examine anD tote tijc queftt* 
ons l)anDleD bp tbem,anD bp one, toftom tl^ep appoint, repojtttjeic refolution 
to tl)c ^oufc, anD tlje ^oufe,fittins tfjc ^peaUcr, to Determine ttje fame Ig 

AhfentSy Troxies. 

j3np=lLojD of tlje parliament bp licence of ffjeteingupon juftcaufe to bz 
abfent,mapmatjea P;o]cp; anD in tl)C bunDleof |):orie3Anno > H.j, it appea* 
rctl),t^)af in tljofc Daps a ^piritiialULojD of |0arliament migljt ftatie maDetjia 
|0;o);ie to tftc pjocuVatojsof tl)cClcrgp,oj to anp otljcr Clerfe, but at tljisDap Ije 
cannot mafee it but to a ILojD of parliament : but a iSnigljt, Citijcn, oj 15ur» 
gelle oftljc l)Oufe of Commons cannot bp anp means mafee anp pjOFpiecaufg 
lie is electcD anD f rutteD bp multituDcs of people. 

Of the ancient Treat'ife called Modus tenendi Parliamentum. 

j]ioto foj ^nttquitpanD 0utljojttp of t^e ancient SCreatifc, callcD Modus 
tenendi Parliamentum,&;c.iDbcrcof ioc mafec Often ufc tntljispart oftljeln- 
ftitutes; certain it is , t!)attl)is Modus teas rel)earfcD anD DeclarcD befoje t^c 
Conqucrotir attlje time of l)isConquett,anD b^ Ijim appjoteD foj €nglanD, 
anD accojDin^lp tlje Conquerour accojDing to Modus ^elD a parliament foj 
Cl;nglanD,a0 it appearctl) in 21 E.3tfo 60. 

jafteri^ing H.i^ftaD conquercD 3relanD,l)c fittcD anD tranfcrileD tljis Mo- 
dus intolrelanD in a parcijmcntKoU, foj tbc IjolDing of parliaments tljcre, 
iDl)ii{j no Doubt H» •» DiD bp aDtiicc of ftis BuDaes, being a matter of fo 
great iucigljt anD IcgalL SCljis Modus in t^e parcljment IRoU tranfcribeD as 
afo?efaiD,bpH,i«remaincDtn3rclanD,anD in anno (5H,4. toas in tfje cuffoDp 
of §>ir Chriflopher Preiion iSntgljt, amanof grcattoifDome anD lcarning,tul)icS 
5RoU Ittng HM.<n tbefamepear, De aflenlh Jobannis Talbot Chivalicr l)iS 
3Licutcnantt^erc,anD of Ijis Counccll of 3rclanD, crcmpUSeD foj tfjc better 
ftolDing of t!)c parliaments tftcre; anD in tftceitempltScation it eypjcflpappea* 
retljtljat H,i»DiDtranfcribctijts Modus,as tsabooefaiD, 

SDbis ModusiBasfccnbpt^c mafecrsoftljcllatnteof £0aa:na Carta, Anno 
9 concerning tl)ereDucina of tlje * ancicitt reliefs "of entire C-arlDomcs, 
315aronies,anDlinigl)ts{ccs acco:Ding to fntfj pjopojtions as istontaincD in 
tfte Modus, iDfjiclj tbepcoulD not ftatc Done fo punrtuallp, if tljep IjaD notfecn 
t^c fame, toi^creofpou map reaD mojc at large in tlje Firit part ofthelnnitutes, 
■ Sea, 103, fo.76. Verbo Relief. 5lnDfome part of tljis Modus is citeD in tf)e 
parliament HoU, Anno n R.2. anDotftcrlRecojDS ofparliament , anD upon 
Diligent fearcl) toe can finD noticing againft it, ISutmanplierp ancient copies 
pou mapfiinD of fljts Modus, one Uljcrcof Uic \)a'oz feen in t^e reign of H, 2, 
lD!)icl)£ontainctl) tlje manner, fo;m, anD ufage of Gilbert deScrogel SDarll^aU 
of (iDnglanD, in iDbaf manner licoccupieD anSufcD tbe faiD room anD office in 
all Ijis time , anD tjoto be teas aDmittcD, u, attftc €o;onatton of H. 2. anD 
of Ijis ii^nicljt marCjalUanD otljcr infcriour officcrs,ic, anDaDjopncD tljercun* 
fo, anD of tlje fame IjanD istljis Modus, as fit foj btm to hnoiu, 

iSiit leG it migljt be faiD to msr, as it luas once fa(D to an £Drafoiir, toljo Ija* 
ting fpotoi mucl) in commcnDation of Hercules t 31t toas DemanDcD of ons 
tljat ftooDbp, Quis vituperavit? Ad quod non fuit refponfum, ffiut noiulctuS 
return to pjorics, 

Si iLojD ofparliament bp licence obtained oftfte sSJuccn to be a'ofcnf , maDe 
a pjorp to tl)jcc 31 o;Ds of parliament, Conjunaim&divifim danseispoterta- 
tem tradandi.traiSatibufque auxilium & conlilium impendendi, atque ftatutb 
& ordinacionibus,quiinaiilitat'contigerint, eonfemiendi , Ira quod non fitme- 
lior conditio oecupantis. j^nD one Of tftc p jocuraf j3 gatjc confcnt to a bilU anD 

Cap, I. The High Court of Tarliament. 15 

tljefiDootljers fatD,not tonfciit ^m firft it toas bp ojDcr of tl)C ILo:Ds De* 
batcD amonca t!jc luDgcs ano Ctttlfans attcnDants, a;iD tone citjco bp tljctii 
tftatttjia tDa0 no\;oice,anDt!)e opttiiontDasaffirmcDlip alltbc HoiDSof |3ar^ 
liamcnt feriatim. janotl)CrqucatonlDa0niO\-cDattl)attimc, Hjat if a iLojD of 
parliament make a p:oi'p,anD after come into ti)C iLo:Ds ftoufe of parliament, 
ant) Tit tljerc toitboiit'arguing, tonfciiting o; fpcaktng; anp il)ms * anD ittoasj 
tontcitieD bPtl)C 3iiDgcs anD Ci'oiliana , tijat Ijis fitting tljcrc loitftout raping 
anpt^tngtuas a relocation in lain of l)i6 ].'2on'; a Fortiori, if Ije mot»eD,oj 
fpaUeto anpmattcrtl)crep:opo«nDeD . anD tbeir opinion iuas refoltjcD bp tl)c 
3Lo;D)3 fcriatim. ^nD tl)cfc\oerctl)cpjoncsoft]bc ISiftop of Batlje, tljc ilojD 
Howard «Il)amberlain, anD of tftc ilojD Wmdelbr. 

J^tngjohn in ti)c 13 pear of Ijis reign being in crfrcam fear of botbtfte pope 
anH tfieiFrencljlaing, anD efpeciallp of l^ia oton fubjctts (anD tol^at is fear, Lib.Sap 17.11. 
faitb Solomon, bntabctraping of tljefuccours tl)at reafon otferetl):') fcnt 0m' 
baiTaDours to Admiralius Murmelinus great Cmpcrour of Jltirl^p §>irThorriai 
Hertington anD &tr Ralph Nicholfon lanigfttS, anD &ir Robert Of llonDon 
Clerk, nuncios luoslecretiflimos , to offer to Le Of l)ts Hcligion, anD tomahe 
l)is UtngDomc SCributarp to ftim , anD ftc anD Ijts fiibjects to be Ijiss tiaffals, 
anDtol)olD Ijis btngDome of Ijim. But tljatinfiDell great p?tnce,as a tljtng 
untoo;tl)p of a !5ing, toDenp fjis religion , anD bctrap l)i0 bingDome, utterlp 
refnfcb to accept. &ing John in tfjc 14 pear (tljcncrt pear) of bis reign bp W 
Cijarter 15 May , bp tbc tl)?eats anD perfinafion of tfte popes Conmiiffarp 
Pandaiphus furrenDjeD t)ts bingDomcsof CDnglanDanD IrelanD to pope Inno- 
eent tbc2Cl)irD,cumcommuniconfiIio Baronum(as Ije tnferteD therein) anQ 
tbat fljencc fo:U)arD tjetooulD^lDljisCrotonas fcoDarp to tlje pope,paptng 
fojbotbtftc faiD UtngDomes 1 000. marfes. CtHljcreupon Doing fjomage anD feaU 
tp to tbepopcbp tl)cf)anDof Pandulphus, anD tafetng oflftljevinrotonfromfjis 
Ij'caD fnrrenDjeD it to tlje popcbp Pandulphus, at tol)0fc4cet ftelaiD alfotfte rop- 
all (il;nftgnes,bls scepter, ^Vdojd anD King; all tobictjloas aftertoarD accep* 
t6D, appjotJCD anDratificD bpt^cpope, bp tiia 215ull toljtcl) toas calleD Bulla 

Gregorius Papapetiit aRegeE.i.perliceras annuumcenfum looomerc.Rex ^"^'^ "^lA V" 
refpoiidet fe fine prselatis & proceribus regni non pofle refpondercj &qu6d ""'^ ' 

iurejurando inCoronatiore fuafuit aftridus, quod jura regni fui fervaret illi- 
ata, nee aliquidqucdDiadcma tangat regni ejufdem abfque ipforum rcquifii' 
coniilio faceret* 

31n anno 40 E.j.tljepopcbpl^is ambaffaDo? DcmanDeD of tlje fiing l^omage Rot.Par.4oE.j. 
foitbchincDomcofC-nglanD anD lanD of JrclanD, anD tlje arcragcs of looo* ""'*; f^" '^rj^jcj 
tiiarKs bp tlje pear,BranteD bp laing John to pope Innocent t\\t tl)irD anD "^^ ^ ^^^ 
|)tsfucceiro;s,anDtl)jeatncDtbaf ifttliJcrcnotpaiD, tf)e pope ioas refoltcD f 
pjocccD againatl)CiSing. CSSfjereupon tlje tetng in tlje fame pcarcallctlj Ijis i hive thought 
Court of parliament, anD intlie beginning of tftat parliament (faitlj tljelRe. f,°°bel°,np"'o- 
CO;D) Fuit monftre a Jes Prelates, Dukes, Countes , Barons, Ics Chivaliers des prio Idiomate. 
Counties, Citizens & Burgeffes en Ic prefence leRoy per leChancclor, co- 
mem' ils avoient entendae lescaufes del fumnnons del Parliament engcneralh 
mes la voluntele Roy fuift que les caufesfeuflentmonflrcsacuxen efpeciall : 
lour difoit comenc leRoyavoitentendueque le Pape perforce dun fait quel il 
dit que le Roy Johan fefoit au Pape dc luy faire homage pur Ic realme D'en- 
gleterre & la terre D'irland,& que percaule du dit homage qil luy deveroit pai- ^ 

erchefcunan perpetueiment millemarcs,eften volunte de faire proceideverslc 
Roy & ion roialm pur le dit fervice & cens recoverir ; de qoi le Roi pria as dit$ 
Preiats, Dukes, Countes & Barons lour a vys & bon confeiJ, & ce qil cnferroit, 
en cafe que le Pape vorroit proceder deversluy, ou fon dit roialme per celle 
caufe*. & les P relats requeroient anroyquils fe purroient per cux foul avifer & 
refpondre Iendemain» queux Prelatz le dit lendemainadcprimespereux mef- 
mcs, & puis les antres Dukes, Countcs.Barons&Gentzrefpondirent & difoient, 
que le die Roy Johan ne nul autre purra inettrc lui, nc fon roialmcj ne fon people 

D en 


No King can put 
him fdf nor his 
Realm, nor his 
people, in fuch 
fubjeSion with- 
out affcBC of the 
Lords and Coin- 
mons in Parlii- 
ment, and ther- 
forcifK. ]ohn 
had done it by 
the Common 
Counctll of his 
Barons ai his 
Charter piirpor- 
tcd,yec it bound 
not done inPar- 
li.'ment by the 
King, the Lords 
and Commons: 
and albeit it 
mighc>'as here it 
not bedone with" 
out Authority 
ot Parliamentj 
yet it IS Contra ic- 
ge») &■ cimfuctu- 
dmcm P aril amen- 
ti,to doefiicha 
thing as by the 
next Kcco d in 
41 E.J. appea- 

*Ko Par.4iE.3. 
nu,7. Lcxf^ 

7E.1. Stat.Dede- 



z E.jca.j. 
nu.r. 13 E.?. 



18 E j.nii.i. 
Z5 E.j.ftat.i. 
nil. 58. 15 E.J. 
ftit 1 nu.5&c. 
Privy coat or 
A' mjur. 
Games or plays, 
R't. Par. Anno 
ij E g.nii.^.&S. 

S>ee hereafter 

Lex & confUctiidij 

l^he High Court ofTarliament. Cap . i . 

en dele fubject ion fanz aflent & accorde deux: & les communes furcedemandez 
& avifez refpondirentenmeirrelc manere; fur qui feuftordeine, & aflentu per 
commune affenc en manere quenfuyc, EnfeprefentParlement tenujaWeHm* 
Lundy prolchein apres la invention de la SeinteCroice Ian du reign le Roy Ed- 
ward quarantifmcj cant fur Icftac de Seinte Eglife ,come des droits de fonroialm 
& de fa Corone maintenirj entre autreschofeseftoient monflrez corrcnt ad efic 
parice? &ditquele Pape perforce dun faitqueleil ditque leRoi Johan , iadis 
Roy d'engleterre fcfoit au Pape an perpetuite de luy fairc homage pur le Roi- 
alme Denglcterre & la cerrcdelrland, & pcrcaafe dudite homage deluyrcn- 
dre un Annuel rent: ad cfte en volume de faire proceffc dcversle Roipurles 
ditz fervices & ceus recoverir; la quelc chofe monftree as Prclats, Duc$,Countes, 
Barons, & la eommun' pur cm avoir lour avys & bon confcil, & demandeedc 
euxceqele Roi enferra en cafe quelc Pape vorroit proceder ou rien actemp- 
ter dcvcrs lui oufon roialme percclle caufc?QueuxPrelats, Dues, Countes, 
Barons & Communes en fur ce plein deliberacion refponderont & difoienc 
dune accorde, que le die Roy Johan ne nul autre purra mettrcluy nefon roi- 
alme nc fon people en tiel fubje6lion fanz affent de eux, & come piert per 
plufenrs evidences, que fi cefeuft fait,cefeu(t fait fanz leur aflent, & encontrc 
fon fcrement en fa Goronacion, Et outre ce le DucSj Countes, Barons, Gents 
& Communes accorderent & granteremque en cafe que le Pape fe affbrceroit 
ou rien attempteroit per proccs, ou en aucer manere de fait deconftreindre 
le Roi ou fes fubjefts de per faircequeft dit q'il voet clamer telle partieqi Is 
refiftront & eontreefterront ovetoute leur puiflance. 

SCftis il5oMc anD pjuDeiit toiiig taofe t\\t fafreft anD furctt toap fo gitjc 
fatisfacttoit. iBljercof ttiegopc being ccrtifieD, t^c matter etjer Cnce Ijatljre' 
fteD in qutet» 

* 3Etis CeclareD bptljclLojlJSanti Commons {n full parttamcnt , upon De* 
man!) mai3e oftftcm ontljebeftalf of tbeiimg.t^at tftcpcoulD not affent toanp 
tiling in parliament, tijat tenDeD to t^eDifterifon oftbefitng anD Ijis Croton, 
luliereunto tljeg tDCreftoOjn. Sec hereafter in the cafe of Ireland. 

Lex & confuetudo Parliamemi. 

Butlje ancient lato, anD cuttomc of t!)e pacliamcnt a pjoclamaf ion onal^f 
to bemaDeinCSaeaminffer in tbc beginning oftfte parliament, tliatnoman 
upon pain to lofe alltftat Ije Ijatli, ftjoulD During t^e parliament in ilonDon, 
OTeftminfter,oj fbeS>uburb3. ^c^tuear anp pjiljg^ coat of plate, ojgoearmeD, 
oj tbat games oj otljer plapes of men,tDomcn , 3? cbilDjcn , oj anp otljcr pa« 
llimes ojftrange ftetoslftoulD be tftereufeD During tfte parliament: anDtljiJ 
reafon l)ereof teas, tftat tljel^ig^ Court of pailiamenf ftoulDnot tfjcrcbpbe 
DifturbeD , noj tlje members tljereof (toljitl) are f atteiiD tljc arDuous anD ur* 
gent buftneffe of tbe Ci&urt^ anD common^toealtl)) ftoulD not be toif^Djaium • 

* 3Etisalfotl)elaU),anDruffome of tl)e parliament, tbat tofjcn anp nctoDe* 
tfitc is moticB on tbc iiiings bebalf, in parliament foj bis aiD, q-j, tbc libc,tije 
Commons mapanftaier,tbattbcptenD?eD tbe teings eftate, anD are reaDp to 
aiD tftc fame, onlp intljisncU) Debice tl)cp Dare not agree toitbout conference 
iuitb tbeir Countries ; tnberebp it appearetb, tbat fuel) conference is iuarran* 
table bp tfte lato anD cuttome of parliament, 

anD it isfobeobferfacD>tf)ougl)one becbofen fojone particular Counfp, 05 
Bojougb»wt tofjcnbe is rcturneD, anD fit in parliaments, be ferbetb foj tbe 
tobole lflealm,foi tbe enD ef bis comming tbitbcr, as int5eU)?it of ftise* 
lection appearetlj, is generall, ad faciendum & confenticndum hiis qui tunc 
& ibidem de communi conlilio divSi regni noftri (faveme deo) contigetint 
ordinari fuper negotiis prididis. i proquibufdam arduis & urgentibusne?o- 
tiisnos,ftatum, & defenfionem regni noftri Anglia: & Ecclefia: Anglicanae con- 
cernentibus, tobid^arercbcarfeDbefoje in tbe tojit 

anD as ei^erp court of Blufticeliatlj latos anDcuaomesfo; its Dire£tfon, fomg 

C ap . 1 . TThe High Court ofTarliament . 

hptfjc Common lair, fomcbp fticCttjlll anD Canon lato, fomc bp petal tar latocs 
aiiD tuttomcs, $c. a>o tf)e !^tgl) Court of irarliamcntSuispropii$legibu$^iL 
confuetudinibus fublidit 3ft 15 ' Jex & confuctudo Parliamenii,tl)ataU lucigfjtP 
matters tnani' IDarltament mot?cD concerning t!)c JCccrs of ttjc Hcalm,oj com= 
mons in parlramcnt alTcmtlcD, ougl)t to be octcrmtncD, aDjuDgcD, anDDifcuffeD 
bptl)ccourfcoft!)c !Darltament,anDnotbptbc cttnlllatu, no: rctb)Ptl)cConi= 
man latns of tijts EealmufcD in mo;c tnfcrtour Courts; UJl)ici)U)as fo DcclareD 
to be lecundum legem & confuetudiDcm Parliament! , concerning tl)C ^Scers Of 
tftclRcalm, bp tbc BtnganDalltlje iLojDs&pirituailanDSDcmpojallianD tlje 
like pari rationc is foj t!)e Commons fo; ani' tfting motcD o: Done in tijc l9au^e 
of ȣommonS: anD tftcratljcr, foj fljat bp anotljcr latoanDcuttomcof JDarlia= 
mtnt,tifc iiing cannot tahc notice of anp tljtng faiD oj Done in tf)c !^oufc of Com= 
mons, but bj' tijc rcpo:t of tijc il^oufc of commons : and cterp member of 
ff)C parliament l)atij a juDiciall plate. anD can tc no luitneffe. ;2lnD tijis is tlje 
reafon tbat JuDoes ougljt not to gitjc anp opinion of a matter of }itarliament, be= 
caufe it is not to be DeciDeD bp tljc common latns, but lecundum legem ad con- 
fuctudinem Parliament! : anD fo tibc 3:uDge3 in Ditcrs ^Parliaments ijatje con-- 
fcffcD, iilnD Tome ftolD, tftat ctjerp offence committeD in anp Court puniOiablc bp 
tfjaf Court muft be puniftcD (p?oceeDfng criminally) in t^e fame Court, oj in 
fome !)igber,anD not inanp fnfertour court, anD tljc Court of parliament Ijatf) 
no bigUcr. 

53pon l)ts petition ctl)ifeiteD fo tljc iiing , luljerein tlje queUion teas, 
toljet^ertbc potoer luljicft l)elbaD raifcD teas !^ig^ 2nrearon,«. inliicl) pe- 
tition (faitlj tije Mng) let be DclitiercD to tfje 3ulttcesl fap t^em to be con- 
ODereD. Mbcrcupon tl)Clio;D3 maDe pjoteftation, tftat ffje ojDer thereof be- 
longeD to tljem, toljic^ kias to tbem alloVocb , anD ttiep refolt^eD it to be no 

anD becaufetDel)at»e a cafe in %E,^.ic/. concerning tljc laU) anD tuttome of 
IBarliament, toe ftabe tljougljt gooD to fet Doton tlje IRccojD of tftat cafeDe vcrbo 
in verbum, anD t^en to eraminc tlje repojt of tljc faiD cafe, anD tfte opinion f^ere 
DcliljereD,tol)crein toe (Ijall Defire tljc IcarncD f o confxDer tocll tfje llafute of 5- R,u 
itat.'..cap.4. anD thereupon to confiDcrtoljat (as tijat ffatute fpcafeetljj Ijat^ been 
Done of olD times, tc 5nD boto tljat 0ct faitfj done, anD not faid, 

IOhamies Epifcoptis IVinton in mijeruordia pro plurthm defaltis. Lie Io~ 
bamies Epijcopm attachiat' fuit ad rejpond' Domtno Me^i^ de eo qua- 
re cum in 'Parliatneiito ^egis apud noVa Say Hi ntipcr tent per ipjum Dotni- 
m %(geni inhibitmifuijfet^ni' quis ad diHum Tarliamentumfummonitus 
ab eodcm recederet fi7ie liccnc ^gisildem Eptfcopm durante Tarliatnento 
pr<jiditi. ab codemjine Itcentia T(e^is recefsit in ^B^gis coutcmptu?n mdni- 
feflum^<(sr contra inhtbitionem (^egisfupradiBam.Et wide idem Dominus 
^x per Adard de Fmcham, cpdjequitur pro eo^ dicit, quod prddtSlus Io~ 
hamies Epifcopm fecit ei tranjgrejf. zsr- contemptwn pr<£dtB . ((src. in con- 
tempt, ^gis milk librarwn. Et hoc o^ert <veri f care pro Do7?iino^ge^ 

Etpr^diBm Eptfcopm in propria perjonafua ^ettit, ^ defendit om- 
nem contemptum i^ tranfgrejj. Cr quicqutd^ ijrc. <(sr dicit, quod ipfe 
ejl wins de paribus regnij <sr ^rdatws jacrof. Ecclefi^e^O" eis ineftrve- 
nirc ad 'Parliamentum Vomim %egii per fummomtione <sr pro ijolunta- 
te ipfius Domini '^cgis cum fibi placuerit, * Et dicit, quod fi quii 

T> 2 eorum 


Ifta lex ab omni- 
bus i ft qu^rendsy, 
aniulcis ignora-^ 
ta, apaucis cog- 
I leta Iib.a.«ap.i, 


Sec the (irft part 

of the Inftitute?. 

ScA.j.Verb. £.a 


nil. 1 1. 

Rot. Pari. 3 H.6. 
In ie CoiiiHcc de 
Marfh alls cafe. 
ilu.iS.ih; t.irlc 
of Arunddscafe, 

nu 26,17, 28. Ba- 
ron Thorps cafe. 

5 H 4.1111.22. 
The Ear] of Nor- 

9 H.^.Im/eKnily 
dis Seigmors & 

Pafch.j E.J co- 
ram Kepe Rer.j. 
in Dotf. SourJu. 
Nota, thnthis 
was by Writ 


The PIm of the 
Bifliop to the JQ. 
iirdjftion of the 

' Nota hac. 

1(5 The High Court of parliament. Cap. i. 

* eorum delii^uerit erga Vominum ^gem in Tarliamento aliquo , in ^ar- 
Uamento debet corrigt <(sr emendari^ <sr non alibi in minor Cur quatn in 
(P arlia7nento: per quod non intendit , quod Dmniniis Rex Velit in cur hie 
de hum/modi tranfgr. 6^ contempt. faBii in Tarliamento refjjonderi^ 
isrc. Etfuper hoc datns ejleis dies coram ^ge a die SanSlaTrin. in 
quindecem dies ubicunq-^ <(src. fahis rationibus. Ad quern diem pr<ed. Eft^ 
(copu6 <venit in propria perfonafua, ^ datus eft ei dies coram domino Re-\<)diesuhicunq-^0'C. in eodem Jlatu quo nunc 
O'C. fahis rationibus fuis, <src- Ad quern diem yenit pradiH:. Adam 
quifequitur^ zsrc. EtfimiliterprtedtEim Epifcopus in propria perjonafua. 
£t pradiBus Adam pro pradiSlo Domino Rege dicit^ quod cumplaceat ei 
^arliamentum fuum tenere pro utilitat<t regni fui de regali potejiate fm 
facit illud fummoneri ubi ^ quando, <s' Voluntate jua, i^r etiamfa- 
citprohiberi exijlenttbus tunc ad ^arliamentum, ?ie quis eorwn abinde rt- 
cedat contra prohibitionemfuam J <(src. abfq^licentia^<(src. Et ft quis eo- 


gation of the j^j^yfj abinde recedat contra prohibitionem O'c. in contempt, resps, isrc. be. 

Kings Actoiny. ■ r- ,t\ • » • r r <n t • r r i i- 

ne Itceat tpji Domino ^egi Jumere jectam erga Imjujmodt delinquen- 
tes in qua curia placeatfibijisrc. Et ex quoDominui nex proWuntate 
fua ^arliamenta fua tenet ^((jrc. petit judicium pro ipfo domino rege, ft 
idem Dominm ^ex duci debeatj feu compelli ad profequend' in hoc parte 
alibi contra rvoluntatemfuam^ <(src. 
^ Et pradi^us Bpifcopm dicit ut prim, auod cum alimis deliauerk in 

The B. maintains ^ ,. ^ -i ■ i i i • ■ i • ;• t ■ r 

his former plea Tarltamento, tbtdem debet corrtgt e^ emendart, <s^c. itsr- licet aliqutsfum- 
tothe junidiai- ^jg^^-^^ ^j (veniendi ad ^arliamentum, <ir non ^eniffet ibidem^ debet 
puniri^per quod non intendit j quod dominiu rex <velit alibi refponderi 
quam in Tarliamento^ ^c. Et fuper hoc datus efl eis dies ufq^ in Cro. 
j4mmarum uhicunque, (src. in eodem Jtatu quo nunc, is^c. Ad quern diem 
rvenit tam pnediB. Adam, quifequitur pro domino rege, quamprddiB. 
Bpifcopui in propria perfona fua. Et datm efl eis dies coram domino rege in 
O^ab. SanBi'Hilarii ubicunq,-, <src. fahis ratioyiibm fuii^<src. Ad 
quemdiemprMiB. Epifcopm<venit^ ^ datus efl ei dies ulteriui coram 
domino rege in OSiab. ^ur. beattc Maria ubicunq,^ <isrc. Ad quern diem 
Venit tam praediEius Bpfcopm, quam Johannes de Lincoln qui fequi- 
tur pro domino rege, '(sr datus eft eis dies ulterins coram domino rege a die 
^afcha in quinquefeptiman'as ubicunq.^ <isrc. Sahis rationibws, (^c. Jd 
quem diem <venit tam pr^d. Epifcopm in propria perfona fua^ quam 
pradiEl. lohannes de Lincoht^quijequitur pro di^o domino rege, <(tc. Et 
datus eft eis dies ulterim a die Santli Michaelis in 1 5 dies ubicunq-^ <Crc. 
fahis Jibi rationibmfuis hinc in dicend' O'C. 


Cap. I. 'The High Court of Parliament. ly, 

3iiO tljis i3 all tl)at is in tljc H crojD, tuljcrcbp if appcarctl) tl}af t!je pica of t!je 
ISifliop to t!)c3ui-i3Difitoii of 1I)C Court after DttJcrsDafcscttoiDiDamiD, anD 
inas nctjcc oiicr^riilcD agreeable to tljc faiD refoluttons in fcjmcr timcsj , tljat 
gtiDsco tocrc not to tictcrmtnc mattcra concerning t^c ji'nrliamentj as is afojc:^ 
faiDfanoucbtng: tljc rcpojt of tljc faiD cafe, tijus farfojfb itagrectl), tbattbio 
tontcmpt cannot te pmiifljco in anpotljcrviToarttljcn in tljclliingslBcncl); fo 
as f Ije (jucftion is onlP foj tftat Court. 31f appcaret!) t!)at tljc rcpo?tcr nctjer fail) 
tljc faiD 1Rcco?D, onlp tool? it bj,' tfte earcof tljat toljiclj tuao fpohcn in Court (a 
Dangerous bint) ofrcpojting, anD fubjcit to manpiniftahtngc, fo: fclDonic o; ne= 
tcrtljerigljtcafciaput) as infljis cafe it fell out. i^o? firff, toljcre tljc KccoiD 
faitij,tljat tlje iDatliajnenttoas ijolDen at Sarum, tljc rcpojf is of a parliament 
IjolDen at Salop. 1. 2:!>cHepojtfaitl^,t[jat John 15. of£2lincljcfferiMaoar= 
niirTncD,U)l)ictjimplictljtljatljeVpa6inDtcteD.t!c. toljcrclje toasfueD bjio?igtnaU 
tarif. 3. STljc Sinbibition maDc bp tljc ISing allcDgcD in tljc IRccoiD , is not in 
tljc IRcpojt. 4. Concerning tljc fuDDcn opinion ofScrope in tljisl'^cpojt: J5p 
Ijts opinion tbe |Darliamcntit feUc coulD not Ijatic puniftcD tljis contempt ; foj 
^tfaitlj, Ceux cj Ibnt Judges de Parliamem,lonc judges de lour Piers,nne» Je Roy 
rad my pier in Ion terredemefn, pur q il ne poet pciixeftrejudge,donquejailors 
que eyre poet efi re judge, iDljcrcas tnitljout qucffion tlje parliament tnlgljt 
ijatc punifljCD tljis contempt : anD concluDetlj toitba rule at tljc Common lato, 
tljat tljciiiing map fuc in toftat vlourt it plcafctlj Ijtm. iEut matters of JDarlia- 
mcnt (as W^ been often faiD) arc not to be rulcDbi'tftc Common laU): anD It 
fcemctlj tljat tlje reft of tljc BluDgcl lucre againft Scrope, foj tljc plea teas nctjcc 
otjcr ruleD,a3 bp tlje KccojD it appcarettj. 

Vide per IndidameniaTerminoPafcbi 1 & 2 Ph.& Mar.coram RegeRot.48, 
informations pjcferreD bp tljc ^ttojncp (©cnerall aga{nff39 oftljcl^oufcof 
Commons foj Departing toittjoitt liccnfc contrarptotljclSfngsSnljtbttionin 
f Ijc bcainning of t^e ioarliamcnt; lutjcreof 6 Icing ttmo;ous Burgcffes adredi- 
mendam vexationem fubmittCD tljcmfclticsto tljcir jFtilcS , but to^Ctftcr tijep 
paiD anj', or licrp fmall, toe ftate not vet founD. 3nD * Edmond Plowdcn flje Micf,. j & 4 vh. 
lcarncD?LatD}'erplcaDeD,tljatljcrcmaineDcontiMunUpfrom tljc beginning to tljc &Mar.Rot.36, 
enD of tljcparltamcnt, anD toolja2DraticrsfuUofp;cgnanci' : anD after Ijis ^ter pjac.Regis 
plea teas fine die per dcmife le Roign. Kegm*. 

jf offences Done in parliament mtgljt ljat»c been puntifccD clfcltjljere, it (l&all 
be intcnDcD tljnt at fome time it iaoulD Ijatiebccu put in urc. vid. tljc firft part of 

the Iniiitures. Seift, ic8. 

i^oU; tljc faiD 3infoimaf ions Anno i & 2 Ph. & Mar» againft ^9 of t^c ?^oufc 
cfCommoiisioUotointljcrctDojDS. (J>afch. i er 2 Th.^Mar.^e^iiZir 

Heoina. Widd. JJ. Memorand' quod Edfi^ardus Griffyn ar /ittornat' do- 
min. regis ifr rcgvidgenernlis, qui pro e'tfdem domino rege <(sr donima re- 
ginajequitur^ rvemt hie in Qur diElorn dnorum regis i^ reginA coram 
ibfis vege et regina apud Wejlni' die Sahhathi proxim pojl quind' Tafck 
ijlo eodem TerminOj zsr dat Qur hie intelligi <sr informari. Quod cum ad 
parlioinentH dommoru regis <sr regina nunc tent apud Wejl' Annis reg- 
norum fuorwn primo i(s^ fecundo inhihitum fuit per ipfos doyntnum re- inhiWtum fuk. 
gem et dominam rcginam in eodem parliamento^ quod nullus ad idem par- 
liament fummonitm ^<(y ibidem inter ejjens^ ah eodem parltamento ahfque 
jpeciali licentia diSiorti dominorn regis et regime^ et (^ur parliainent' prde. 
diH' rccederet^fcuftipfum aliquo modo abfcntaret. Qtadam tamen Tho- 
mas Denton de in com' Oxori ar Henricm Cary de in com* 
zent' Richardus Warde de in com' ar Edmund. Tlowden 

Edu'. Griffin. 

ig The High Court of Tar Ham ent. Cap.i. 

deTybmerJJ^eincom.^erksami^er, Henrim Chherton de in 
com. ar. ^hertm 'Browne dt in com. Johannes Cotirke de in 
com. hhdnym^ethehrigede in com. Mannes Melhewes 

de in com. leban.Courtney de in com. (^dul^hus Michel de 
in com. Thomtis Mathew de in com. ^cbardn^ Brafey de 
in com. Thomas MaJJye de in com. amig. fetrus 
Frechn^ell de in com. miles. HenricusVemon de Sydkry in com. 
Derby armig. Willielmus Moore de rvilla Verb, in com. Derb. gen. 
Willtelmus (Banibrigge de in com. lohannes Eveleigh de in com. 
gen. TSljch. Jdamps de Dartmouth^ alias Qifton Harris in com. T>eyon 
getJ. ^'^chardus fhelip^s de in com. ar. Anthonius VylVmgton de 
in com. Andreas Howde de in com. Chrifiopherus Hoell de 
in com. T>orf. gen. lohannes Mannocke de in com. gen. 
Tf?oma'S^helippsde in com. lohannes Hatnond de in com. 
lohanneU '^helipps de in com. Willielmus Randall junior^ 
de in com. lohannes Moyne de • in com. Hugo Smyth 
de in com. gen.^l^gerns Gerrard de in com. gen. ^- 
dulphus Scroope de in com. gen. Thomas Moore de Hamhled. 
in com. Buck. gen. Willielmus '^adede in com. ar. Henricus 
Mannockde in com. ar. loh.Maynardde Villa SanSli Albania 
in com. Hertf. ar. ISljch. Debden de in com. gen. Cs^ Thilippus 
7]r')yhyt de in com. ar qui fummoniti fuerunt ad diclum 'Parlia- 
mentum ^ in eodem ^arliamento comparucrunt^ ac ibidem interfuerunt 
Mandatum&in- mandat' et inhtb'iUonem dominorum regis et regWctfupradtH' parVipen- 
hibicionem. ^^^^^ acftatum reipublicd hujus regni Anglia minime cur antes aut pon- 
der antes pojleafcil. ii die lanuarii Annis regnoru dtSioru domimru rtgts 
et regina nunc primo etfecundofupradiSlis^ et durante parltamento pr^di- 
Bo ab eodem parliamento fine Itcentia diBerum dommorum regis et regi- 
;w et cur fua prtzdiEi' contemptuofe recefferunt in ipforum dominorum re- 
sts et rennA ac ynandat' etinhibitionis fuorumpr^diSi' curia^^pr^di^. 
contempt manifcflum^ac in magnum reipublicA jlatum hujus regni Anglia 
detriment' nee non in perniciofum exemplum omnium almum, <crc. Vnde 
idem Attornatus dominorum regis et regvu petit advifamentum cur' in 
prtemifet debit legis procejj. <verf. eofdemTlmnam Denton^ Henricum 
Gary (I^chardumWardcjEdm. flowden, Henricum Chi-verton^^ber- 
tum Browne^ loh. Courk, loh. <? ethybridge^ loh. Melhe'^es^ hh.Courtney^ 
(^dulph. Michell^Thomam Mathe^e, %ichardu7n Brajry ^ Thomam 
MajJye^ Tetrum Frechwell , Henricum Vernon , Will. Moore, Will, 
Banibrigge^ lokEveleigh^ 2s[ich. Mamps, ^chardum^heltpps^An- 
thoniwn Vtlvington^ Andream Hoorde, Qhrijlopherwn Hoell, lohannem 


Gap.i. The High Court ofTarliament, ip 

Mamiock , Thmam Thelipps^ Johan. Hamond , loh. 'PhelippSj Williel- 
mum ^ndall, loh. Moym, Htigonem Smith, ^gervm Germrd^ ^a- 
dulphnm Scroope, Tlx). Moore^ Will, ^ad^ Henrkum Mamiock, hhan. 
MaynardjT^icholaumDehden^^ '■Phd.Tyrwhytt fieri ad refpondend. 
domino regt, zsr domind regin£ de contempt' pnedici. <tsrc. 
Et niodo fcil. die Veneris prox pefl Craft" animarum ifto eodem Tcrmino wic. ? & 4 ph. sc 

1 • . J- • )T;r//-' , l-r^.r^i mi 1 Mai-Ro. 36. inter 

coram domtn. rege et ana regtna aptui Wejt a^n pr<eaut bdm. Tiowdm pbc. regit & le- 
per Andream Tujfer Attornatujuum : Ksr habit audit Informatwnis pra- ^"^** 
dicttn dic^ quod ipfe non intendit quod dominus rex <s^ domina retina nunc 
ipfufu Edmun ^ro pramifsis yel alujuoprmiijforu impeterefeu occajionare 
Velint aut debent: Quia dicit quod ipfe addiciTarliamcnt m informattone 
prrxdi^Yl'Ccificat'' interfuit ^s^prnejens fuit^ ac in eodem ^arliamento con- 
tinue reman fit J viz. aprincipio ipfim Parliament i ufq, adfinem ejujdem. 
Abjq, hoc quod ipfe idem Edmund. 1^ hidden diBo i z dte lanuarii, An.pri. 
mo isrjecundo fupradiSi" durani ^Parliament prddiEl" ah code Parliament* 
fine licentia diBorum dominorum regis <t?- regim^^ isr cur fud pradiSF 
contemptuofe recefsit in ipforum dominorum regis <(£r regind ac inandaf 
O" inhibitionis fuorii pradiB' cu/ueq,prdi contempt mantfefl\ ac in mag- j^nly'd' a^itfl 
num reipublicajlai hujus regni Anglia detriment', nee non in perniciofwn ^f *-j. ^ . ^ _ 
exemplum omnium aliorti modo is^ forma prout per informac pradiB' yerf. m^k k Royne. 
eumfupponitur. Et hocparatus ejl ijertficare prout cur. '<S'c. unde pet' 
judicium: O' quod ipfe depr£mtjfper cur hie dimittatur^ <(s;'c. 

Midd . Ve. fac" Thomam Conftable de Grimbshye in com. Lincoln. Ar. 

J J ■^ Per cic 9nnis 

tien. Leigh ^ de in com. Francif. Farnham de Qucrne in com. Leic. i & i t,bt, 
ar. Li. lo. Mic. i & 3 Ph Regis & Mar.Reginic. loh.Holcroft. Sen. °''*^' 
de in com, jmlit.Wtll. 'Bromley de in com. ar.Tho.Somerfet 
de in com. ar. Georg. Ferrers de Markyat' in com.Hertf.gen. ISlich. 
^oMrellde Exincton in cow.2\(o«' ar. F. Hill.3 Ss 4 Ph.& Mar. l7;o. 
Moylt de in coni l\anc milit. 11)0. Waters de in com. ar. Wtll. 
Tylcock de civit' Oxen gen Li. lo. Hil. 2 &. 5 Ph. & Mar. Tho. Balk- 
den de Wechytigleigh in com. Sur. milit.hi. lo. Mic 2 et 3 Ph. et Mar. 
Math.Cradock de yilla Staff.gen. Li. lo. Hil 2 & 3 Ph. & Mar. Geor. 
gium Lye de villa Salop. gen. CefTprocefT permandat'Attornac 
dominorum regis &l reginje, quia ulterius prolequi non vulc 
verf. ipfiim Geo. Lye. loh. Hoordde Bridgenorth in com. Salop. gen. 
F. Mic. 5 & 6 Ph. 6c Mar. hh. Jlfop de villa de Ludlowe in com. Sa- 
lop, gen. Wil. Laurence de Civ. Winton.gcn. Li. lo. Mich. 2 & 3 Ph. 
& Mar. ^bert. Hudfon de Qv. Winton.gen. Li. lo. ut ancea. Edm, 
^oTi^fe de Von'^'tch in com' Suff. mil. ^^b. Coppinge de Donwich in com' 
Sujf. ar. hh. Harman de Hofpiciodmn. regis CT- dom. regin^gen. Will. 
(roMh de TFcllo'Tpe in com' Somerf. ar. Tho. l^'ioes de <-villa-de WeUin 



Cefl". proccfl". 

verf. Georgium 


Sine die per de- 

mife Ic Royne . 

Per cont'rott' 
de Annis i & i 

ph.Sc Mar.Rst. 


Non prof. verf. 

niifc k Royac. 

7he High Court of Parliament. Cap.i. 

com Somerfgen. Li. lo.Hil.2 & 3 Ph. & Mar. Wil Godwyn de Wels 
prAin com Somerfgen. F.Mich. 3 & 4 Ph.& Mar. loh. Jjhbumham 
de Ajhhurnham in com' SuJ]. ^r.Li.lo.Mic. iSc^ Ph.& Mar. Walt 
<l(eyncum de CiV Qcejf in com' SuJ]. gen. Li.lo.Tr.2 &c 3 Ph.& Mar, 
Wil. Moodyere de Slindon in com' SuJ]. gen. E Tr. 4 & 5 Ph. & Mar. 
loh. ^herts de in com' Sujj.gen. utlegat. <^e. Wil Pellet de Steininge 
in com' Sujj.gen. F. Pafch. 2 & 3 Ph. & Mar. %ich. 'Boti^yer de Jrun- 
dell in com' Sujf.gen. Li. lo. Mic. 3 &: 4 P. & M. Will. T>anhy de 
in com. Wejlmerlgen. ^h.Grifjyth de CiV 7^ov<€ Samm in com Wilts, 
Draper. Li. lo. ut fupra.Io/^.Hoo^er de Civ. T^oya Saru in com' Wdts, 
gen. Li- lo. Mic.2 & 3 Ph. & Mar. Wil. Clark de in com. Grif. 
Curtys de 'Bradjiock in com' Wilts gen. Li. lo. ut fupra, &c. Tho. Hit. 
de Veyiyfes in com. Wilts gen. F. Hil. 2 & 3 Ph.& Mar. Bdw. Vmpton 
de London nn. Li. lo. Mic. 2 & 3 Ph. & Mar. Tho. barker de in 
com' loh. (^ade de London gen. F. Hil. 2 & 3 Ph. & Mar. Arth.Jl- 
len de civ 'Brijiol Merch. Egid. ^ayne de ciV 'Brijlol.gen. Wil. Hamp- 
JJ?iredc Londongm. Li. lo. Mic. 3 & 4 Ph. & Mar. isr Tet. Tayler 
de Marlborow in com' Wilts ^ Taylor. Li.lo. Mic. 3 & 4 Ph. & Mar. 
^fp'^gi de quihufdam tranjgrej^. <(s^ contempt, unde impetit funt. 

Mid. Ve, fac cr Trin. Edu>. (Braxden de ciV Wigom.gen. Georg, 

2>lewport de Droitwich in com' Wigorn.gen. Wil, Wigjlone de Woljlone 

in com' War. mil. Li lo. Mic.2 & 3 Ph. & Mar. '^dulph. 'Brofi^ne de 

Woodlowes in com' War. gen. Li. lo. Mic. 3 ec 4. Ph ec Mar. hhm. 

Harforde de civ CoVent.gen. CelT. procefT dec. X^^ich. Fryjhe de in 

com' ^ch. I^yleton de in com. Marc. Wyrleyde civ. Lichfield ^ 

gen- Walt. lobfon de VtUa de Kjng(lon fuper Hull. lac. Brenne de in 

com. gen. loh.Taytonde in com. J^ loh. Cheney de in com. 

i\anc. armigerum. Willielmum Oxenden de in com. K^anc. Ar- 

migerum. Tho. J^eys de in com. ^anc. gen. Wil. Hannington de 

incom.f\anc. loh. Tyjfarsde in com. T^ich. Crypfe de inco?n. 

K^ Edw.Herhertde Stawleyin com.Salopar. F. Hil. 4 ec 5 prxd. 

Ph. ct Mar. &c. ^ch. Lloyde de in com. i\anc.gen. loh. deK^nylle 

de in com. ar. Hen. lones de in com. mil. Meredith Gaines de 

in com. gen. ^ ^ch. Bulkeley de in com. mil. ^V^fp. regi de 

(puibufda tranfgr <(5r contempt, unde impetit' funt. Bt pojleajctl. Termino 

fanH. Trin. Annii^ <(sr 5 ^h. et Mar. pro eo quod fufjicienter hie in cur 

tejlatti eji quodpradifi. loh. Harford hahuit licentiam recedere a Tarlia- 

' mento.^c. Ideo RdJt^. Grijfyn ar. Attoriiat. dominorti regis <sr regina ge- 

neralis qui pro ipfis rege isr regina in hac parte fequitur^ dicit quod ipfe ul- 

terius tnhac parte fverf prtefatumhh.HarJord profequinonVult. Ideo 

cejf.hicprocejf. yerf.eum omnino^ <^c. jg^D 

Cap.i. The High Court of Parliament, 21 

0nD to Deal tlcaclt), tljis is all tftat toe can finD conccrntng tl)i3 matter. SCfjus 
pou ma? obferi?c,tl)attl)cpooj Commons, jj^cmbcrs of tlje pai;ltament,indi- 
ebus iili!!,ljat)nogrcatjopto(ontinucm ipacliamcnt, btitDcpartcD. 3i6utnoto 
to p;oceeD. 

Of Writs of Error in Parliament. 

31f a 3luDgcment be gtl^cn intfjc JSmgs liScnclj eitftcrupoti atojtt of CBr» ThcHoufeofihe 
ro}, o: ot^cribife , tlje partp grfcDcD map upon a petition of l\ igl)t maDc to t^e ftl'nft coutt'for 
Jiing in (Enalillj, oj in JFrau^ (tofjiclj is not ex debito JuOitiz , but fo; De= n,jny purpofa. 
centp, fo: ttjat t^cfo;mcr juDgementtoas gi'ijcH Coram Rege) anD ^is anftoer hF. 
tljercunto, hac juitiiia,l)at3ea tojit of Crroj aircctcD to tlje C^icf 3uaicc of Kcgio.i?. Lh. 
tlje llUngS llBciUl) lOJ rcmottng office l^CCOjt) in pracfens Parliamcntunn,anD Intr-Raft.i84, 
thereupon tl)C mollitrclf,anDa tranfcript tn partijmcnt is to be lijougljt bp 
tlje Cljtef Jufticcof i\\z BingsllSencfj into tl)c JLojDsl^oufe in parliament: 
anD after tl)c tranfcript is eramineD bp t^e Court toitfttl)clIlcco;t),tl)c€ftief 
3uaice carrictb bacUt^cKecojD it fclf into tlje laincts iitcncft, anD t^entlje 
piaintifeis to ailisn ttie errors, ai;D tlicreupon to ftatea Scire fac" againft 
tfte aDVierfc partp, retyrna^lc eitljerin ttjat ^parliament, ojtfje nert; anD tfte 
pjoceeDincc tljcreuuott fijall be fuper tenorem record! , & non liaper recordum. 
jau ttjisranDtnanV mo;e crcellent matters of learning are confaincD tn tl&e 
aRecoiDs follotoina.toljereof aligljttoucft is Ijereaftcr gtbcn , tbeKcco?Dsat 
large beina too long Ijcre to be reljearfeD. >3nD tlje pjoceeDing upon tlje tojit 
of (^troj is onlp befojctfte ILojDS tn tfte sapper ^^oufe, SecundBm legem & 
confuctudinem Pariiamenci. _ 

Querimr Guilielmus de Valencia contra Concilium regis , « JuHk' Coram Rot.Pa'.Poft 
Rcc, pro injuiio judicio tangen' aliocaiicnem Dionifiz filia: Gqiliclmi de (cftum SanSi 
mome Canifo ut hxred': fed dominus Rex. racum habet comm fadum, & ju- R^^g"""'^^*'' 
dicium redditum eli contra Guilielmum de Valencia. 

3f a j!2obleman ftaD been crroneoufl)? attainteD of 2Drcafon,ic. I&cmigl^t Ijabe Rot.par.4.E.j, 
IjaD Ijis toiitof Crroj in parliament , nottoitl)aanDtngtljcffatufeof3? H 8. nu.ij. Ricb.Eari 
ca.2o, fo: tljnt mutt be intcnDeDof latofull recojDS ot 0ttainDcr: but if tlje ^f. j", g"^ ''^"'"'• 
tainDer be effablifteD bpSutljojitp of parliament, tljenfte muftcrljtbifc Ijia ,^\i, ■'' " "' 


petition tn parliament to be reftojeD of grace. IBut noto bp tlje ftatute of Eari of Marches is o:DaineD,tftatnoreco:D of attainDer of il^igtj SCreafon tljat "fe. 

tljcn toa6,fo; tbe U-ft tclj tbe partj? attainteD baD been cjrecuteD foj tlje fame treafon *" v^^cxz e.j. 

(lioulD be re^crfeD foj crro:: but ttjis cj:tenDctlj onlp to^SttainDersof ^ig^ KZTjWm 

2Crearon,anD not to anp attainDcr of M^\i treafon after tbat ^ct , no; to ,be fame caic. * 

anp !^tul) treafon befoje,fojtbetoljicbtljc partp toas not cjretuteD. jjH.s.caio. 

SLljepaio: anD Coljent of a?ontaguc bj' tljctr petition Declare, tftat Richard i;E'»^".i. 
SeinourljaD obtaineD an erroneous juDgcment againft tlje faiD p;io? in tlje ^^''ZY^i^' 
iiinrs li5encb,upon a juDgcment gtben tntbe Common place upon a fine foi nu.14. 
tljc^annoiof SDifenljull in tljc Countp of &omerfct,ic. ^nD tljc pjinctpall 
erroj toas foj Denying of ain of tlje iiing teftcrc it toas granfable, anD tljat 
tjanging a to?it oflRigbt, tbe faiD Richard fueD a Scire fac. jSnD commanD« 
ment toas eiten to tlje Cljancelo? of CEnglanD, tljat IjeftioulDmafeeatojit of pof» 
feffion anD fcifon to te IjaD, anD otljcr pjoceffe upon tljat juDgment to fce maDe: 
3n tljtslRecojD poufljallobferttecrcellent pleaDtng. 

<Srro; in parliament upon a juDgment in an Appeal of Deatlj upon anac« RotPar.i^ r.^. 
quitall of tlje SDcfenDant,anD inquirp of tbe 0bcfto?s,?c. mi.i^.sirTho- 

0nD tbat toe map o'lfcrtc it once foj all)toljen onefuctlj in parliament to masMcthim. 
retjerfe ajuDgement in the feing3ll3enclj,ljefbctoctljin Ijis billtoljicljbecjrljt^ "^'^• 
bitcttj to tlje parliament fome erro? oj errors , toljcreupon be pjapetb a Scire 

%%z BiOjop of jl^ojtoicb ftictoetbtbat an erroneous juDgment toas giten R.ot.Par..;»E.;. 
againft btmintbeJTommon place foj tbe 0rcbDeaconrp of #ojtoicb belong' m.^%. 
ing to bis p;efcntation,anD p japeD tbat tbofe errojs migbt be bcarD,anD rcDjcffcD 

it fbcrc» 

zi T^he High Court of Tarliament. Cap.i. 

ftiett: tolbi^rcunto anftoer toas matie tliat crroj0,bpt^clato,ttttl)e Common 

place arc to be co?recteD in tlje feingsi lsencl&,anDoft^e!iing0 315encl^ intfje 

iparl lament ant) not ottierlatre. 

I R, 2,nu» 28,19. 2 R, 2, nu. 31- 3i iDjtt Of Crroj in parliament bcttueett 

William Moumacute Chariot S>arum,anD Roger of spojtimcr C^arl of ^arcft 

ofajuDgmcnt in t^c icings Bcnci), 
R P.1 ? R '' 2^^^ ^^^n anD Cljapter of 3licl)fcilt) rctoljercD in tbe Common placeagainft 
ni>.»5.&i8R 1'.' <l)s P^toJ Of J^ctopojt panncUt tlje pjio? b? tojit of Q;rro? reberfetl) tftc 
nt..ii,ii,i,,i4, juDgmcnt in tftctttngs 3Sencl):tl>e2DeananD Chapter bp \!0%\t of Crroj tit 
M.ThisPaiism, |aarliament rctjerfetfjfljcjuDgmcntin tt)C iHings HBent^, anD aflftrmet^ t&c 
of 18 R.ijs not juognient in tfjc common place, anD a commanDmenf gibcn to ffte Cl^ance- 
Fi"cedbook"bc! *"?' t^^ t^iejuDgemcnt intfte Common place be ewcuteDbp pjocelTcbpljimto 

caufe no Aft pal- bC maDC* 

fed ac this Pari;- i' John Shcppy complains of a juDgemcnt in fljc !tiing0 JBcncJ^inatojitof 

amcnt.Sec iH.4. (|£rfoj, 

""•^°- ^^rrojin |0arliamentbctitieen William Mountaeute (iSarl of fealioburc 

6Ro.Par.i^R.i. g„j, ^^„^^ ^^ Mortimer cBarl of $^arclj, fojtl)cCaftle,2Doton, anD honour 
TiW 1 nu z% Of SDenbeigl), %u upon a juDgmcnf gibcn in t^e atngs Benclj, anD |>aD a Scire 
1H.4nu.15. fac' returnable tfje ncict parliament, 

rfRot.par.i H.4. '' William Seward alias Cheddrccomplainetlj, tfjattuljere Ije bp ffjat name 

nupi. iuas p:efenteD anD inDuctcD to tbeparfonageof OTotton QlnDcr Q^gge in flje 

Countp of *i!5louc' , anD thereof conttnueD tlje poDfelTion bp tlje fpacc of four 

pears, untill tljc feing b)? untrue fuggeftton p:efcntcD S>tr John Dawtryto 

t&e parfonage of ullnDcr^eggc in tl)atCountp,tDberctftcrc teas nofucljpar* 

fonage calieD tInDcrtjcgge , astftefaiD William pleaDeD in a Quarc Impedit 

bjougljt bp tbeteing intljelStngs Bencb; upon tobtcl) tojlt tfjc fcing recotie* 

reD bp tlje Default tlje parfonagc of mnDert)egge,anD not 51lnDer dSgge, toljcrebg 

upon atojit fenttotbeBitftopofCSaojcefter, tijefaiD William toas put from 

^10 parfonage of vElnDcrdBggGtfojtotjtcIj mittafttng anDerro?,tbcjuDgment 

fo;i t!)cfaiDjohn in full parliament toas rcbcrreD,anD a tojtt atoarDeDtotlje 

faiD llSiOjop foj tftc rettitution of tlje faiD William. 

Rot.par.i^R.i. SD^^ IKecojD anD BEuDgmcnt giten in tbe l&ing051Bencl) foj tbe Mr\q-> a* 

nu.z4. & 1 H.4. gainft Edmond Baflet foj certainlanD0,ic. toa0 fo?f Ditjers crrojs retjerfeDin 

nj.38. parliament, anD rettitution of t^e pjemilTcfi luitlj t^e mean p3iofit0 rcftojeD 

to tfje faiD Edmond, 

5 H.4.nii.4o. 3ln erroj in parliament betiaeen Roger Deynccurt, anD Ralph de Adderlye 

foj a juDgcment gitjcn in tlje fetngs ISenc^ fo;^ tbe i^annoj of Anflye in Com* 

Warr% §>ir William Gafcoign Cl^tEf ^uttice DeltbercD a copp OftljC lIccojD 

anD pjoccCTe, too?D foj too.:D,unDer Ijis l)anD,5£,to tbe Clerk of tbc parliamcntjic 

Rot.par.j H.J. 31n crroj in parliament bctlucen Richard Quatermayns anD William Hore, 

nu 19. dc. upon an erroneous juDgcment gitien in' tbe teings JBcncft in an action of tret* 

palTcanD tbepiatnttf entrcDbt0Htturnj'ofl'^ecojDto pjoceeD therein. John Beauchamp 3Lo?D Abergaveny complaineD in|Carliamcntupon ancr^ 
nu.5i.sciiH.6, roucous juDgmcut gibcn upon a berDict in tl)c Kings SBcnct) in a Scire Tac' 
nu.4'. upon a recognifance in tlje cijancerp foj beeping tlje peace. 3In tbe 11eco?D 

luljereofare c»;ceUcnt points of learning, a0 ioell toucljing tbc recognifance, as 
tlje pjoceffe, anD iCTue, 
Rot.Par.jiH.g. CSrroj ttt Parliament, Pafcb .31 H.(5, upon a iuDgmcnf gibcn in an ^ffifc 
intlje ISing0 Benc!j& intratur fupermarginem, Rot, mittitur inParliamen- 
tum per Johanncm Fonelcue Termino Pafehae anno j i H.6. 
Ror.pjr.25 F.I. 3nD to omit man? otljers, to DcfccnD to fomc of latter times, Richard Whal- 
Dier ij Ei.f.37?. ley rccobcrcD in 0llifc bp berDitt againft Ditier0 tenants, toljo bjougljt a toait of 
Crroa in tlje Bingsll5enclj,tol)cre tlje juDgmcnt in tlje^ffife toas affirmcD, 
tfte tenant complaineD in parliament foj erroj in ttie flings llBcncft. 
Ro: Par i^ lac C^f^oj in parliament upon complaint of S>ir Chrifiopher Heydon iSnioljf 
of a juDgmcnt in a tojitof Crroj in tlje fcings benclj, bctUieen tljc falD 4ir 
Chriftopher piaintif, anD Roger Godfalvc anD otljers SnefenDant0,upona juDg« 



In cafcoftrea- 
Spiritual! moke 
their ProLlors. 
Th'- Peers are 
fit c. during the 
Koc.Par.5 H.4. 
nu. 11,11. 
Rot.Par.51 Ut. 
nit, 49. 

C ap . I . T^he High Court ofTarliament: 

ment giten fojt^cfaiDRoger.icHgainfttftcratD §>ii' Chrifiopher in ah 3f« 
fife fcefojeSluftices of 0Circ, toljcretn tljc judgment tn tftc ailifc tuas aff ir» 
meD in tftclliings bcnt^,tol)ercoft^ complaint toasmaoe, fed non privaluit. 
peer of ti)C IR calm being inDirteo of treafon,oj fclonp,Gj mifp?ifionof 
treafon,mai' tcarratgneD tljcrcof in parliament , a iLojD ^teVoarD being ap« 
nointeD,anDtIjcntl)eio?DS fepirituall fljallmake a pjoairato? foj t^em;anO 
t!)C?Lo:tis aspecr0oftl)clRcalm,Duringt^c parliament arc 3ul)gc0,U)l)Ctl)cr 
tl)c offence be trearoiT,^c. tftat is fuppofcD to be committcD bp anj? peer of tlje 
Kcalm, ant) not tijc 3Iuaiccs, as it appcaretlj in tl)e CEarl of i^ojt&nmber^ 
lannscafe. Roc. Pari, j,i2. g>ee in tfec parliament t)olDcn 2 1R.2. 
lub tituio Pi.forona;, in a lRoUanne);eD,«. bcfo?c tl)e ^tctoarD of QBnglanD 
anO otbcrilo:ti3 Ccmpo:all, Richard (Sari of 0runDels cafe, H.6. 
nu.49 rhfcnas cl;arlof3DetioniDasarraigneD ofi^igft snreafon befojc Hum- 
phry E)Hbcof515ucb' ©tetoarD ofCEnglanDhac vice, anD ioas acqniteD bp |){s 
^Eer0> 1 o E,4«fo.(5.b. Stanf. PlCoron. 1 5 3,b, 

of Judicature. 

i^oto ojtier tiof!) require to treat of otfjcr ntatters of SIuDicafure iri fijc 
%oiM boufe, anD of matters of luDicature in tl)c ftoufe of ^Commons. ;9nD 
it is to be fenoUm.fljat tftc=Lo;Ds in t^ctr ^oufe Ijane potoer of BluDicature, 
HnD tfte Conrnions in tljeir i^oufc ftafee poUjcr of 3uiDicature , anD ' bot|) 
l^oufcs toaetljer ftatje potoer of iuDicature : but tfte ^anDling ftereof accoj» 
Ding to ti^e Ujo:tl) anD toeigi^t of tlje matter tooulD require a tolbole 
JCrcatifc of itfelf; anDtofap tibc triitJ),it is belt unDerttooD bp reaDing tl^e 
3!uDgmcnts anD IRccojDs of parliament at large, anD tfje Blburnalsoft^e 
^oufc of tIbeiiojDs, anD tbcboofeof tbc Clerfe of tIjc ^^oufe of Commons, 
tol)ttl)ts al1ccojD,a3iti3affirmcDbp ^ct of parliament in anno 6 6. 

alios deconcilio. 
At the Parliament at Y«rk anno iiE.i. Cmftderatum eft per Prttlatot, CtmiteSiBaroaa, & CemiKkfiitntcni Anglne. 
TheLotd Awdcleyscafe. At the Weftrn' i^ E. i. Hugh le pier adjudge perks Seignours & Commons. 
Ror.Parl. 4iE.j.' Lee adjudged by the Lords and Commons. Rot.Pat. yo i. j. ». partc,A pardon 
to the Lord Laumer of a Judgement in Parliament. Rot.Parl. 50E.?.nu.34. Lo. Nevilscafe. 

&ee Rot.Clanf. i R.2.m.j,8.38,39. A trefage CoanccU le Roy, Ie$ Seigniors 
&Commons,&c. Rot.Parl.i 79. if is no ^& Of parliament, but ari 
£D?Dtnance,.anD tfterefojc binDctlj not in fucceffion. Rot. Par.a H.s . nu.i 3. C&rro) 
affigneD tftat tl)c JLo;lDs gatie 3tuDgement \Dttf)out petition oj alTent of tftc Com* 
inons.Rot Par.iS H.6,nu.i9. imanpottjersintfterefgnoflling H.e.iiing E. 4, 

0nD of latter times, fee Ditiers notable juDgemcnts, at tl)c pjofecutionoftljc 
Conmions,tf tl^c EojDs at tfte parliaments l^olDcn iSanD ii Jac» Kegis, a* 
gainli: &ir dies Motnpeflbnj &ir John Michel , Vifcount S.AIboce iLo?D 
Cl)anceloj of (i!;nglanD, tfjeCEarl of ^. iloiDSCreafurerof (iBnglanD,iDljere= 
bp tlje Due pjoceeDing of 3IuDicature in fuel) cafes Dottj appear* 

Thomas long gatjc t^c jpaiojof tKHeftburpfour pounD to be elcrtcD Bur* 
geltclnfto tticreupon toaselcrtcD. 2Dl)i3 matter teas eramincD anD aDjuDgeO 
in tlje ^^oufe of Commons , Secundum legem & conibetudincm Parliamenti, 
anDtljc fDaio: fincD anD impjifoncD, anD Long remotjcD: fo? tftis cojruptDea= 
ling voastopopfontljeijerp fountain itfelf. 

Arthur Hail a opcmber of tfte^oufc of Commons foj publifting anD Difco» 
tering t!)c conferences of tljc l^oufc, anD tojiting a booh to tljeDiftonojoftfte 
^eirfc, teas upon Due cramination, fecundum legem & confuecodinem Parlia- 
menti, aDjuDgcD bp tl)C ^^oufc of Commons to be commifteDtotljesnotDcrfoj 
fi]c months, ftncD atfibe^uiiDjcD nrarte^anDcrpetleDtljel^oufe, 

Mun^on ffrokc William Johnfon a 115iirgcIIcof B. rcturneD into tl)C chance* 
rpof Hcco:D, fo; toljtcl) upon Due eramination in tljo!^oufe of Commons, it 
iuaS rcfoUicD tijat fecundum legem & confuetudinem Parliamenti, ctcrp man 

muft take notice of all tljc jpcmbcrs of t^c l^oufe rcturneD of JRccojDat W 

(B 2 pertU: 

• ViJe Pliclta in 
Parliam. Anno 
U E-t.R0t.3j. 
Nicbobus Se» 
grave adjudge 
per PtslatosjCo. 
niiteSjBaroncs & 

In the book of 
the houfeof C6- 
mons at the Par. 
Ii:iiiient lioldcn 
8 Eliz.Ownfloc 

Popham Atturny 
gciwrall Speaker, 

lb. 1 Aprilii. 
I Maria:. 

Vide Inter leges 

Petitiones cor a 
domino legead 
parliament' port: 
feftum Sanfti 
Mich. Anno 

plac' coram regc 

24, The High Court of Tarliament, Cap.i. 

See Rot Pad. ^ttxW t butotljcrioife it is of tljc fcrtant of anp of tlje spcmhewof tlic ^oufe; 

8' foj tljere ije tftat arifeefl),ic, muft tjatjc notice, ^m tlje ^oufe aDjuDgcD Mud- 

3fanp iLojD of parltamcnt,&piritaaU oj SCcmpojall, Ijatic conwnif teO anp 
oppjefl:ioiT-,l)jibcrf, e):to?tion, ejtl)elibe,t^e^^oafe of Commons, being tftege* 
netall 3nqiiiritoj0 of tftc 3Rcalm(commingout of all tljc parts tijeteof) ma? 
epamine t^e fame, anD if ttjcp finD bp tljc tUotc of tbe ^oufctfee ctjargc to be tnw, 
tben t^ep tranfmtt ttic fame to tl^e JLo jDs toif b tfte toitnellcs anD p joofs. 

TriVded^e of Parliament. 

0nD noto after 3!utiicaf are, let us fpeak fomeiulbaf ofpjibilcDgc ofpartia- 
went: CFpectcncc ^atlj maDe ttie pjibilcDges of parliaments tocUfenoton to 
^arliaBnent men, pet ioiU toe fpeafe rometol)at thereof. 

Magiftcr militiac Templi petit quod dilTringatCcatalla unius de coriCilio)tempore 
Parliamenci pro redditu unius domus in London: Rex refpondet, non videtur 
honeftum, quod illi deeoncilio fuo dirtringantur tempore Parliamenti , led alio 
tempore: &c. M^ccebp it appearctl) tbata jpembcc of tlje ^aiitamentfljal 
l^atje pjitftleDge of parliament, not onlp foj |ji3 f0rbant0,ai5 is afojefatD,bat foj 
ft(3 ]^ojfes,ic,ojotl)er gooDs Diftreinalle» 

Querela Comicis Gornubisjverfus Bogonem de Clare & Priorem Sancts Tri- 
nitatis London, quod ipfi tempore Parliamenti ipfum com item in rnKdioaulac 
*^ftp'ft™^s"" Weftm' ad procurationem ipfius Bogonis citaveruDt,qubd compareret coram 
aiHil. Anno ArehiepHcopo Cancuar', &e. Ipfe prior venic & Bogo fimiliier, & ponuncfe in 
18E.1.V0I.1. gratiam,mirericordiam, & voluntatem Kegis de alto & baflb,ob quod man- 
Vide inf. 10 E.j. dantur turri London: PofteavenitdiiSus Bogo & finem fecit domino regi pro 
mote heicof con- prjeditiia tranfgrclfione pcr duas mille marcas,&c. & quoad prjedid' Comicem 
STSa'don"^ rcfpondeat Comiii looo^ii. pro tranfgreiTione fibi fad', &c. & prsdiaus Prior 
' ' mitticur ibide ad faciend' fecundu quod Thefaurariuseidicet ex parte dni Regis. 
HnDpet ttjefecfingoft^efaiD citation DiiD not arcea,o?* retrain liis boDr, 
ant) tl^e fame pjiDileDge liolDettj in cafe of Sub poena, n otljer pjoccffe oat of anp 
Court of eqnitp. 

Rex mandavit Jufticiariis fuis ad AflifasJuratS&ccapiend^aflignac' quod fupe:- 
fedeant captioni eorundem ubi Comitcs, Barones & alii fummoniti ad Parlia- 
mcntum Kegis funt partes,quamdiu didum Parliara, duraverit, 

De non procedendo ad capiend' Aflifas verfus illo$,qui adParliamectum Regis 
apud Eborum venerunt. 

Rex omnibus balivij & fidelibus fuis ad quos,&e, Salutem, Sciatis, quod cum 

curiae noftrac in quibus * ncgotia regni noftridedecantur ubiq; adeo liberx fint 8c 

exempt$,& a tempore quo non extatmemorialiberx Sfexempta: fuenint, quod 

nee aliqua forum ecclefiafticum concernentia in eifdem curiis nofiris fieri feu 

exequi, nee aliqui eafdem curias noftras ad aliqua forum ecclefiafticum condngen- 

tia faciendum vel exequendum ingredi debeanc, vel confueverunc aliquibus 

tcmporibus retroaftis, acMagifter Henricus de Harewcdon clericus, Edmun- 

dus dcLukenore & Johannes de VVedlingburgh de eo quod ipfi nuper in Cancel- 

larianofira in prxfentia venerabilisPatris L Cancuarienlij ArchiepifcopiCancel- 

lariinoftri qua fdam eitationes five monitiones dileftoclerico noltrojohannide 

Thoresby,nccnonprovocationes,appellationcs & inftrumcma publica fuper ei- 

tationibus feu monitionibus praediftis in nottri conncmptum & Corons noftra: ac 

Regis dignitatis noflra pr2ejudicium,& contra libertaiem & cxemptionem pti- 

dict'fecerunt per inquifitionem in quam fe inde in curia ncftra coram diiefto 

Cancellario noftro & aliis deeoncilio noltro pofuerunc convifti fuiPfent & ea oc- 

cafione prifonxnoftrscmancipati in eademad voluntatem noftram moramri. 

Nos dc gratia noflra fpeciali ad requifitionem Philippac Reginae Anglias confortis 

noftrs ciiarifTimzperdonavimus eiidem Henrico, "Edmundo & Johanni impiilo- 

namenmmprjediaum; Ita tamcn quod nobis fatisfaeiant de redemptione fna 

eccafionc prarmiiTorum, 8f quod fupcr eitationibus,monitionibus,provoeatioDi- 


Roc. Parliam. 
Anno 8 E, 1. 

Ibid.m.jj & it. 

In 5cacc' ex Ori- 
ginali dc Anno 
* That is, m 
Court of Parlia- 

Citationes. 1 
This Johnde 
Thoresby was the 
Clerk of the 


Cap.i. The High Court of Tarliament. 25 

bns-,appellationibu$ feu iDflrumentis prsdifiis in dida canccllaria noflra fie fa- 

6lij pioceflum aliquem non faciancnec quicquam quod innoflri vel juris coronx 

nortrac praejudiGium cedere pofllt attemptenc vel actemptare faeiantdecJEtero * Rot. pari. Anno 

quovis modo, Incujus, &c. Tefte Rege apud Turrim London ij die Aprilis, 17 36. 

ex originali de Anno 10 £.3. Rot.z7, Not. V d.21 t.4.fol. 

• |3 jitjilcfige o£ parliament in infonnation0 foi tbe IMnff^gctierallp tfjcuiitit-- | ^^J^- , 

leogc of ^arltaimnt Do ljolD,imleire it be in t^jec cafes, viz* SCteafort, ifelonp, s.h /.nu'.,;""* 

anD VSjIt peace. Vide mfta. ^la. 

Of Statutes^ or A^s of Parliament, 

severe iswoSlct of'Barliamcntbuf muttljatictbeconfcnt offl)elLojD0, ffje ^ vid.i4Ri. 

Commons,anD t^c Kopall adcut of tljc Ifttng, anD as itappearetft bp ^ KecoiDs n.i. if '& 1/H.4. 

anD our i> BOOU0 to^atfoeljec paffetlj in l^arliaraent bp tljis t^?eefolD content, 'if-^^ 

tjatfj i\\t fouc of an act of parliament. f 4 H-7i8b.p 

2Ll)C Difference betVoecn an Slaof |l?arliamenf,anDan £>jDtnance in |9arUa« 7 H'7i '"&'["' 

ment, is, fo? tftat t^e " £D?Dinance toantetl) tl)c tljjeefolD confent, anD is ojDat= 1 1 h. 7. 27. a. ' 

nCD bj? one OJ tiUO of tljem» Brook prcroga- 


Fortcfcucfo 20. cip.iS.Dier I Marji. c Ror.Parl. 25 E.g.niM^, &c. 39E 3.I2. 22E. j.?.8 H.6.cap.29. Dier 
4 M3r.i44. 19 E.J.7. Thorp male enavit.Rot.P.irl. 37 E.j-nu.jj. i R.2.mi.55.divcrfity between Ads of Pailia-iient 
and Ordinances. 2 

a 38 ijate reaD of a reftifution in blooD, anD of lanDs of one William dc Lafenby d 13 
i)j> tftc King , b)? tljc affcnt of tfte 1.o:d3 &pirituall , anD Commons, (omitting 
tfte ilo:D3 icmpojall) tftis toe bolD is an £)?Dinance, anD noa[(tofpar= 
Itament. anD toljcn tbe Clergp ts omitteD anD tlje ^ct maDe bp tfje tefng , tfte 
5Lo;Ds a:cmpo?all, anD Commons. &cetftelRols of parliament anD autfto;i< 

tiesfollotoing, viz. Rot. Pari. Paich, c 15 E.2. the cale of the Spencers,: R.i. e Repeal lE.j. 

cap.3. in p;tint. £)ur ©oDerafgneiLojD bptfte common content of all tbelLojDS caj.x.ftat.i, 

SDempojall, anD at tfte petition of ttie Commons, ic 7 R,2. cap. 1 2. accord, m t.j tk.Pct;- 

n,io.ii.&eei H,5.c.7. f 21 10,6 H.6 H.S.Kclw. se^Ro^^,, An 

j84.tfteopinton oftljeSIufticesagteeabletottljtljeratDarts of parliament. ^nD , H.4.p.-,rt'j " 

note f!)c mtitaMliti' in tbis particular cafe of tfje Spencers, of tl)ig!^iffl) Court m.;tf.,heiflcof 

of parliament 2Di^e juDgcmcnt bp parliament in 1 5 E.i.agatntttfte Spencers, Wan given to the 

teas in tfte fame pear bT> act of parliament repealeD : tljat repealc toas repcaleD K'"g by the 

bp autbojitp of parliament in i E.a.tljat repeal of 1 E.3, tons repcaleD bp ad of ,nd co^7onr 

parliament in 1 1 R 2. anD tftat of 2 1 R. i. toas repcaleD bp autl)o:itp of parlia= / Repeal. , H.4. 

ment in 1 H.4. ^nD fo tl)c juDgement againft tlje Spencers ftanDctl^ in fojce, cap, 3. 

The dmfton ef ASls of (Parliament. 

flDf arts of parliament fomc be introDurtojp of a ncto lato , anD fonw be Dccla* 
ratoxp of tl)c ancient lato, anD fomcte of botfjbtnDS bpaDDition of greater penab 
ticsojtljcliUe. againe, of aits of parliament, fomc be gcnerall , anDfomebc 

pjibate anD particular, ail acts of parliament relate to tlje firft Dap of par^ 33 u.eSoiij. 
liament,if it be not otljcrtoife pjotJiDeD bp tlje art. 

The feVer all formes of ASis of Parliament. 

3In ancient time all arts of parliament tocrc in fo?m of petitions. anD foj DicriMw 1,1 

iXye. fetcrall foiins of acts of parliament , fee tt)C pjinccs cafe in tbe 8 3l6oob of i.b.g^fo. i. the 

3Rcpoits. Jpoto foj tlje rcaDing, committing, amcnDing , fngroffing, tjoting, Pnnces cafe. 

anD pairing of 519% in citljcr l^oufe, anD touching conferences toitb tl^e iio jDs, Concerning the 

anD foa tlje p;iitiild»c of an^spcmber of citljcr l^oufes, anD of tfteir fer^ants j"f, ofAa'soV 

mo:e tljcn Ijattj been faiD, tljcp fee fo o;Dinari' anD tocll Unoton, anD in fucb conti^ p.iriomenc. 

nuall practice, as it tocre butcrpcncc of time to treat anp mojc of tljem. anD foj Rot.pari.7 H.4. 

tljat manp times tlje 1*1019 of tftc pacliantcnt Ijatic not been trulp ingroflcD, at mi 6j. 



loh/i MoorC, 
Printing was in- 
vented in Mcath 
in Germany, An- 
no Domini 1441. 
and came t© uiin 
See Bodln Dc 
Method© h;fto- 
tiX.Vi.j. y nitty 
pographia cum 
emnibus omnium 
vcterum invenus 
cert arc facile pi- 
tcfi. Pvlydur yir-' 
rum lib.LCup.j. 
Cardan, de vari- 
ttntererum lib. 5. 
cap. 6^. 

At tlieParla- 
mentin Anno 
10 E.J. 

•Noti- that the 
Cnftod'jm Coml- 
f<z/;a,(hould fee 
the ftatutcs with- 
in his County to 
be kept. 
jLt the Patlia- 
mtnt An. i R. i. 

The High Court of Tarliament. Gap. u 

\%t requeS of tl^e commons certain of ti)em aretobeappomteD,\jD^o l{)oulDbe 
at tbe tngrofftng of tl)C IRols of parliament. 

Informer t'mes JBs ofTarliafnent 'H^ere proclaimed iy the Sher'tjj'es, 

tKiltjen 31 reaDtftccafeof^ajemuniretnjpE.^.uponfljcftafiitcofizE.;. of 
pjol)tfo?s agatna tfte ffiiOjop of Cl)icl)eftcr, anO obfcrtiing tljat Serjeant Ga- 
vendifh of conntell tottl) tljc SBiftop objecteD ttoo tljings : i?irft,tftattfte^tt 
toljercupon tfte Mr it tuas grountieU, Uias no ttatutc, &econt)lp, tfjat if it toere a 
ftatute, it teas nctjer publifteD in f^c Coiintg i ioftom §»ir Robert Thorpe 
Cljief Juftice anfinereti, Hlt^ougb pjotlamation be notmaDe int^eCountp, 
etjcrp one is bountJ to tafec notice of tf)af to^ic^ is Done in parliament: foj asf 
foon as tl)e parliament l)atl) concluDeti anp tl)ing,tl)elaVD intcnD3,tl)at etier^' per« 
fon Ijatlj notice tljereof, fojflje parliament rcpjefenlst^elBoDpoft^ctD^olc 
5Realm t and tljerefoje it is not rcquiftte f^at anp p?oclamatfon be maDc, feeing 
tlje §)tatute tooh effect befoje, 2Dl)t3 gatic mc to unDerftanD, tijat albeit it toas 
not rcquireD bplatutljatttatufesftoulDbepublifteDintljcCountp; get feeing 
in ttjofe DapcsanD long after, tfjc ufe of pointing came not into tljis Kealm -, tfje 
ufe teas (as it appcarctl) bp Cavendiflies fpeecl)) tl)at tljep flioulo be publiflljeD m 
tftc Countp, to t^e enD t^at t^e Subjects mig^t ^atie e);pjeirc not ice thereof, anD 
not to be otiertafeen bp an intentiment in laU), tol^icl) gatic me occafion to fearcft 
anD inquire fjoin t^is ufagc teas, anD Ijoltj long it continucD. ;anD in tljc enD 3 
founD, tljat at ctjerp parliament tftc acts ttjat paffeD toere tranfcribcD into 
parchment, anD bp t!)e icings Mrit DirecteD fot^e S>ljerifFeof etierp Countp of 
CnglanD, anD commanDemcnt gi^en to ftim , tljat all t^e faiD Itatutes in all pla» 
ces tlj?ougft ftis inl^ole lIBaplitoicfe, as toell toitftin iFrancljifc as iuitl)out,tDtjcre 
l)e flioulD finDe moft fit, tljat ^e not onlp fljoulD pjoclaimc tljem , but to fee tftat 
tftep ftoulD beiirmelp obferljeD anD bept. ^no t^e ufage teas to pjoclaim tljcm 
at ^iscountp Court, fc. anDtljeretofeeeptljetranfcriptoft^e^acts, tfjat to^o 
fo iDoulD, migbt rcaDe oj tafee copies tliereof. 9in'o t^is Mtrit teas fometimc in 
iLatinc anD fometimc in jFrencl), as in t^ofeDapes tlje ftatutes toerecnacteD in 
3Latin 0% in jFrcncl). JlSut an ejrample of t^jeone, anD of tlieotljer toill mo?e illu» 
Urate t^is matter, 

EdwardusDei grat'Rex Auglia? & Francix, &DomiDosHiberDii Vic' Norff, 
Salut. Qjxdam ftatutap nos, PrilatosjComites, Barones, & alios magnates ad 
Parliamcntumnoftrum tentum apud Ebornm in Cro. Afcenfionisukim' prx- 
tcrit'ordrnavimus & (tabilivimus,prout fequitur, anD rccite tfje feterall ft atutCS 
verbatim. 0nD ttien tljC Mrit concluDctl)- Et ideo tibi pr^eipimus, quod ftatu* 
ta ilia & omnes articulos in eirdemcontentosinfingulis locisin baliva tua,tam 
infra libertates,quam extra,ubi expcdire vidcris,publice procJamari & * firmiter 
ieneri& obfervari facias. Tcfte,&c, 

Richard p la grace de Diep RoyDengliterre & de France,& Seigniour d' Ireland 
a nolirc Vifcount de Norif. Salut. Saches que al honeur de Dieu, & reverence dc 
Saint Efglife & pur nurrer peace , unitie, & concord in touts parts deins noftrc 
rcalme, le Cjuel nous defirons mule entirement, del aflent des Prelats, Dukes, 
Counts & Barons de mcfme noftre realme,al inftance & fpeeiall requeft des Com- 
mons de nottre Realme aflembles a noftre Parliament tenus a Wertm. a la quin* 
zim de S. Michael Ian de noftre reigne primier avons fait ordeiner & fiabliercer- 
taine ttacuts en amendment & relievcment de melrne noftre Realme , &enla 
forme que lenfuift, Primerment eft alTentus & eftablie,que faint Eglifc eit & en- 
joy fe touts les droitures, &c. rel^carfing all tfjc ftatutes tftat paffeD at tljat par/ 
liament. 0nD tljcMritconcluDcttjtljus. Et pur ceo vous mandons que touts 
lei ftatuts faces crier & publier,& firmament tenerp my vo^e Baillie (blonq; la 
forme & tenor de icel, & ceo ne leflTes en afeun manner. Dime p teftmoignantf 
de noftre grand feale al Weftm, leprimier jour de Feverer Ian de noftre reigne 
primer. jSInD ffte like Mrits continucD untllltlje beginning of tlje reign of H,7, 
long time after pjinting Uiitljin tftc reign of H,<s.(a3 ftatlj bin faiD) came unto ua. 

Rot -Pari. 14^.?. 
8,5, &c. 

Ror.P.'iI.5 R.i. 

Rot.PJilyH 4. 

Cap. I. The High Court of Tar Ham etJt, ly 

PyorogAtion, Ad^enrnment^ Continuance , andtvhat maketb a Scfsior* 

of Parliament. 

%\fi pafftng of atip 15tll oj ilStls bp 5tt?ing tl)C K opall affcnt tftcrctiiif , oj 
tl)cgit)tns3n)i'j«l)gcnicnt in parliament Dotf) not mabc a a>cirtoiT, l3ut tijc S>cr- 
Con Dotl) continue untill tijat seffion be p;o?ogncti oj DiJToltfeD : anD tljis is etjt- 
fient bj? manp p:cfiDcnt0 in parliament ancient anD late. 

SCbc parliament of 14 E. 3, began at titHeftminfter tljeMeDnciSDa?? after 
^piDILent: tljcfiirftmonDap of tlje parliament, t!)C nint!)partoftfteir (Sjatit, 
OTooll, anD JLambe, fc, toasgranteDtotbciiing, onconDitton tljat tljc Bing 
tooulD grant tljcir petitions in a s»d)cDi!lc beginning. VL\\t{c bcttjc petitions 
tol)tcb bi? tljc Commons anD 31 o:Dc ifeo D?.atunc into a fojnic of a statute, anD 
paffeDbotl) i^oufcs, anD tl^eR opall affcnttbcrennto. anD t^e fame crcmplificD 
imDcr tftc (HJjeat §>cal. 0fter tljis tfjc parliament roiitinueD, anD Ditcrs ^as 
maDc, anD pet itions granteD, anD in t^c cnD tfta t parliament Vnas D tlTol^ieD. 

3;n tl)C parliament IjolDcn Anno3R.j. if is DeclareDbp^u of parliament 
tljattlje billing of John Imperial! ^mbaffaDom- of Jenoa, luas it^iglj SCrcafon, 
crimen \x(x majelhtis, anD pef tljc parliament continucD long after, anD Diters 
ilcts of parliament aftcrtoarDs maDe, anD petitions grantcD : anD in tljc cnD tl)e 
parliament DiffolteD. 

3!n tl}c y)arliamentbcgnntl)eftrftDai'of ?©arc!),Anno7H,4. on&aturDa^ 
tbe 8 Dap of ^ap it toas enacfeD bp tlje lling , tbc %o?.DS ^pirifuall anD sCcmpo- nu. %^. &c 
rail , anD t!)e Commons, tljat certain ffrangcrs bp name, tofjo fecmcD to be ilDfFi- 
ters to t!)C uiiicen, fliotilD bp a Dap Depart tljs Kcalm , anD pjotlamation thereof 
in feinDe maDc bp Mrit, bpaut!)0?itpof parliament, totiic^ parliament continue 
et, anD Ditiers otftcr acts of parliament raaDe, anD petitions anflDcreD : anD on 
t^e i i Dap of SDcccmbcr 8 H. 4, DifToltcD, 

2Cl)C parliament \icq,\xn 7 i^oticmber , anD on tljc firtt Dap of tljc parlianjcnt 
it toas refoltjcD bp all tlje 3!uDgc3, tljat tbofe tljat lucre attaintcD of treafon, and 
tcturneDl^nigfjts, Citizens, ojIBurgcIfcs of parliament , tljat t^e attainDers 
tocre to be rcfterfcD bp autljojitp of parliament bcfojc tljcp coulD Ct in t&e ^oufc 
0f Commons : anD tljat after tljc attainDers rcttcrfcD, botl^ t^e ILojDS, anD tftofc 
of tljc ^oufc of Commons migftt tabc ttjeir places , fojfuclj as tuere attaintcD 
coulD not be latoftUl 3«Dgcs, fo long as tljeir attainDers ftooD in fojte : anD tljcrc^ 
upon t^c attainDers tocre rcfecrfeD bp Set of parliament,anD tljcn tljcp tooh tljcir 
places in parliament, anD tljc parliament continucD, anD Divers ifcts maDe. 

" SLljc 315ill of ®Hcen Katherine Howards attainDcrpaSTcD botlj ^^cufcs about 
tbc beginning of tl^c parliament , Vnfjercunto t^c iaing fitting tlje pa; liamcnt 
bp ftis ILettcrs patents gate IjislR opall affcnt, anD ni tljc parliament conti= 
niicD untill tljc firft Daj' of ^pjill, anDDiters ilcts of parliament paCfcD after 
tftcfaiDHopallalTentgiticn. Ditcrs mo:c migljtbcpjoDufCD-, but tljefc fijali 
fufficc. &o as alleit JlBtls paffe bot^ I^oafes, anD tljc IR opall af[ent gitjcn tljcrC' 
unto, tljcrc is no §)ea"ion untill a p:ojogation oj a DidoUttion. 

2DljcDtDcrfitpcctU)ecnapjo:ogattonanDanaDiournmcnt, o\ continuance of 
tlje parliament, is , tftat bp tljc pjo?ogation in open Court tljerc is a ^effioir, 
anD tljcn fuclj lEils as paffcD in eitbcr !t?oufe,oj bp botlj ?^oufcs,anD IjaD no Ho(>- 
allatrcnt to tbem,mu(t at tlje ncrt atfcmblp I egin again, cl^erp fetierall &er= 
ftoiJ of parliament is in lain a fclierall parliament : but if it be but aDjourncD 
OJ continucD, tljcn is tljere no §»eirion : anD confequentlp , all tljings continue 
ftill in tlje famcflate t^epttjerc in bcfojc tljcaDionrnment oj continuance, 

0nDt!)etitlCOfDitJCrS0£tS of parliament be. At the Seffion holdcn by pro- 
rogation, or by adjournment and prorogation, but ncVcrbp continuance OJ aD: 
lournment tantum. ^nD tlje ufuall fo;m of plcaDing is,ad Seflionem tcntam,&c, 
per prorogatiocem. •, ^ 

I MariiSdl'. 1 i8. Eli/.nuTi. &c. And in every of them it is faidfand tdcr; continued untill fuel 
them divers adjournments were. See the JournJll Book tn the Lords Houfc. l^lnmo Imii 14 

Ror.Parl.iS R.i. 
which began ij 

28 The High Court of Tarliament. Cap.i. 

C!Ic I)3t^c been tlje longer antimo:c curious fo;fl)c clearing of tbts point fo? 
t\vo rcafonsji. jFoj tftat tl)e aDjournment oj conttnuanceCas fccfoje it appcaretft) 
ia nuic!) moje bcncfttiall fo; tlje CCommon^tDealtl) fo: evpcniting of caufes, fften a 
pjoiogatton. 2* 3n refpertofaclaufetntljc^itof&ubfiDictntljc JOarltamcjit 
ijolDcntn Anno iSjac. Regis, toljtcl) 10 but Declarator' oftljefojmer lata, as 
bp tftat to^ icl) Ijatft been fatD appearct^. 

©ai^cn a parltantcnt is calleD anD Doflj fit , ant) is Diffolteti toitljout an? Set 
of parliament paffcD, oj juDgcmentgiljen, it is no ^effion of jparliament, tut 
a Conbentionf 

3n tlje I s pear of R. 2. ata parliament IjolDen bcfojc tlje SDufte of |9o;fe (tfte 
fiingbeing in IjispatTage to Ireland) flje l^tttlons of tlje Commons toereaaa 
ftDcreD tanOaiuDgemcntgibenin tl)cJSing0Bcncl)fojtlje pjto: of JI5elDpo;f= 
pannell, againft tlje 2Dean anD Cljapter of IL icljfielD inas reticrfeo, but no JSct of 
parliament paffeD.anD tbercfoje tibis parliament is omitteD in tlje p?inf; but it 
is noqueftion but ittoas a S>ciIion of parliament, fojottjcrtoifc tlje JuDcement 
0)oulD not be of fo?ce : anD manp times SluDgements gibcn in parliament ftat-e 
been erecuteD ,tlje parliament continuing befojeanp Bill palleD* 

The Houfe ofQommom is a dijlijifi Court. 

Nota, tlje ^oufcof Commons is tomanj? purpofes a Dittinct court, anD tijerc* 
foje is not pjojogueD,oj aDjourncD bp tfte prorogation oi aDtournmcnt oftfte 
3Lo;DS l^oufe: but tbc§>pcal?crupoiiftgnificattonoftlje!fttng6plcafurebj't|)(: 
affent of tlje ?^oufe of Commons, Dotlj fajj : 2Cljis Court Dotft p?o?ogue oj aij* 
journe it fclf; anD tbcn it is p?o;ogueD 0; aDiourneD,anD not be^oje. JlBut toljcii 
it is DtllobeD, tlje ^oufeofCommonoarefentfojuptottjeljigiierlgoufe, anD 
tl^ere t^e iLojD fSeeper bp tftc ifeings commanDement Dtirol\?ctft tijc parliament; 
anDtljen it is DiffoltjeD, anD notbcfoje. ^nD t^e teing attljctutte of tlje Diffolu- 
tion ougljt to be tljcre in perfon, oj bp rcpjefentation : fo; as it cannot begin 
inttljoiit tljc pjefence of tlje teing eitljer in perfon 0? fap rep?efentatton (as fcefowj 
it Ijat^ been fatD) fo it cannot enD 0; be DiffolbeD toit^out bis p^efence eitljer in 
perfon Ojbp rep;efentation* Nihil enim tamconvenienseltnawralisquitati, 
unumquodq; dilToIvicoligaminc cuo ligaiumel}. 

3!f is DeclareD bp 3ct of parliament, tliat tftc livings IL cftcrs patents unDcr 
Ibis CDjcat §>eale, anD figneD toitlj bis IjanD , anD DeclareD anD notifteD in Ijis ab» 
fence to tljc iLo?D3 %>pirttuall anD JCempojall, anD Commons affemMcD in tljc 
^tgber l^oufe of parliament, i6,anD el'cr tuas of asgooD ffrcngtljanD fo;ce,a« 
if tlje 11 ings perfon IjaD been tijcrcperfonallppjefcnt, anD ftaD alTcnteD opcnlp 
anD publicblp to tlje fame» 

OfSubftdies and Aides granted by Parliament, 

&>ubrrDte is DcribeD of tlje JMerb Subfidiarl, iuljiclj frgnifietlj to be rcaDpto 

Ijelp at neeD , unde fub(idium,lt)ljiclj figntfletb aiDe anD Ijelp at nccD, fo pjoperlp 

calleD , toljen §>oulD(crs toere reaDp to Ijelp tlje fojetoarD of tlje battell : anD apt- 

Iptoas tlje too?D fo DeriVcD, aftuell becaufe tljat toljiclj toe callnotoiijbfidia, 

^ubftDics, toercancientlpcallcDauxilia, aiDes,granteDbp Ha of parliament 

upon neeD anD neccffitp : asalfo, fo; tbat ojiginallp anD p;irtcipaUptljeptoerc 

granteD fo; tbc Defence of tlje iRcalm, anD tlje fafe keeping of tlje fcas, t c. Com» 

muniapericula requirunt communia auxilia. 

^Ijts toojD [Subfidie] is common, as toell to tljc<!Bitglifij, as to tlje iFrencft. 

ph.Cominsus, Concerning &ubfiDies b^ar toljat a ttranger trulp to;ftetb. Reges Anglic ni->33. hil tale, nificonvocatis primis ordinibus, & aflenciente populcfufcipiunt* Q^js 

confiietudo valde mihi laudanda videtur; interveniente enim populi voluntare 

Scaffenfucrelcitrobur, & pocentia regum , & ma;or eftiplbrum auchoritas, & 

feliciores progrciTus. 

§>ubftDies tafeen in tbeir generall fcnfe fo; parliamentarp 3iDesare DibiDeB 
fnto perpetuall anD tempo;arp t perpctuall into tb;ce parts, viz, into Cuiiuma 



33 H.g.cap.zi. 
Koyall aflent by 
Letters Patents. 
Diet. I Mar.9j. 
Comoiifson au 4 
S igniorsy&c. 
a duncr rojxU, af 
put, & indorce- 
mcntfatt. Soit 
/ait come eft de- 

Cap. I. The High Court of Tarliament. 29 

ntiqua> Cws magna, culiutna nova dvt parva , anD into cuffome Of I5?oaO 
aofl). aTcmpojarp, iuljcceof tfjerc are i^\tt femtics,viz. 7. of 2Eo»nagc auD 
poanDagc of ancient time grantcD foj a pear 0? pears tnccrtatnlp , anD of latter 
times foj life. 2. k a>ubftDtc affcrft)crateof4s. in tbepoimOfoj lanDs, anD 
z s. 8 d, foj gooD3. 0nD 3 fojan ^toe calleD a if iftccntl), ^nn of tbefe in o.iDer, 

Cuftuma antiqua five magna. 

CuRuma antiqua five magna toas bp Stct of ^^arliament granteD to liing See iwreafterjcu. 

E.I . ^ts l}Cirs anD fuccelTojs foj tranfpojfation of fijjec things, viz. CS3ool«, V^'^- ^- """' 

moolfels,anD JLcatljcr, viz.fojcl3crpfacUof toool containing tljirtp fir Cone, RotTniumAn 

anD ctjcrpftone fourteen pouttD,ftalf amarfe; anD fojttjice l)nnD?eD tooolfels .' 

tjalf a marft , anD fo: a lafi; of iLeatftcr thirteen Ojillings four pence , to bcpaio 3 t.i.w.i. dat. 

asUJEllbpS^trangerS asbp (iSnsUfl). Prarlaii, magnates , &toca communuas »''^fovcm\ 

coneefleruntqiiandam novamconfuetudinem nobis delanis, pellibus& coriis rndot th^vear 

dimid'marcsde 500. peilibus dimid' marc', &de laflacoriorum unammarcam» for he bcg/n his 

3X1 tl)CftatutecalleDconfirmatione$cartarum AnnozjE.i.tljereiSafattng in reign t7 Nov. 

tbefc IDOJDS, Save anous,& nous heiresla cuRomedes leynes . peak & quires C'^fi' niat.Car- 

gram' per leComminaltydu realm, fecealfo tljc lifee in t^e iiJ?eambU : * Salva 'cmz"inlo 

tamen nobis Sc hiredibus nofiris cuftuma lanarumjpellium & coriorum per Com- jg a/ *'P^"^ "' 

mun tatem difti regni nobis prim' eoncciT, « intbrevia de 

•■ Jpote it is faiD iw Ditiers 1Rcco;DS,pcr Communitatem Argliz nobis coneeff, Term Mich. 

becaufc all grants of &ubGDies oj 0iDs bg parliament Doe begin in t^e f^oufe *^ £•' • i" 0®- 

of Commons, anDfirtt grantcDfaptljcm: alfo lecaufc in effect ffte tol^ole pjofit I'TiH^nu^? 

iD{jicl) tl&e iiing reapctfj Dotlj come from t^c Commons. e ' J. 
7E.4. nu. JO. I E.6. CJ.ig. iMar.cap.i8. i Eliz. ca.19. &? Jac Regis accord, 

Cuftuma parva &c nova. 

Blntfje 31 pear ofE,^erc6anf ttrangers in confiDeration of certain It* cuftumais deri- 
bcrtics anD pjit?ileDges granteD to tljcm , anD a rcleafc to tljemof all pjifes anD ved of the Ftech 
tabings,gat>6 to t^c !^ing anD Ijis fjeirs , tljjce fljillings four pence , ultra ami- «'or'J toufiHm,u 

quamcufiunam utprius concelT. §>0a8tDl)CrC tlje Subject paiD a i^oUe 5 t^ ^ibujumfcuvc- 

S>frangcr paid ten OjillingSjic ^cetfteftatutesof i iiH.7,cap.i4, Ro^'cart.jiE.i, 

2i H,b'.cap,8. nu.^4.callcd 

Carta mercatoria; 
ThI$wa';qucflionedRot. ordinat. Anno y E.E.a. but allowed of in Parliament, Anno i E. j. 9 E. 27E.J. 
Stat. F.N. B. 117. d. t^j.a, 

Cujiome of what things ^ ex a.ntic^uo. 

0nD it is to be obferlJCD, fftaf of ancient time no Cuffome Soas bj? CBngUCb oj i e1. Dkr i^j. 
§>tra>ircr, but foj Wools, ^oolfcls , anD iLcatljcr. ^ctcbp it appearetfj boto 
ncccffarj' tlie hnotolcDgc of ancient JKccojDS, anDoft^e trucojigtnall ofeljerp 
t^ing is. 

3n tt)c reign of E.?. a great part oftbc Wools foMi)c toljicl) fuel) Cuflome ofvvooi.dra- 
foa6arantcD,anDpaiD,asi6afo?cfaiD,lDasDjapcDinto bjoaD Clotl) : Uil^reupon p«<i'"t°cio'ii 
qucttiongrcU), tol)etl>crupontbe tranfpojtation oftfte clotl), into toljicb tfte ^"Cuaotuewas 
C<IlIool\aa3D:apeD,CuftomelljoulD be p?opo;tionablppaiD, bailing rcrrprD fotbe 
quantttp of tijciKIIoolfo conVertcD into Clofb-anD it teas rerolteD,tbat no Ca= 
Itome fljoulD in tbat cafe be pa iD, becaufe t(]C Mool bptbe labour anD tnDuffrp 
of man luas cbangeDinto anotljcrJtinD ofmcrcbanDi^c: tobcrelDitljtbeiSingtjelB 
!)imfelffatisfieD,anDfoitappcaretbin tbcliings otonMrits anD KecojDs cn-- 
roUcD in tljc Crcftcqucr. 

SLbefirft 2ct of parliament tljat gate anp&ubCDp ofClotb, tnas in Anno 
21 £,3. (notpjintcli)vii, fourteen pence of Jlieges, anD one aiiD ttoentp 

iF ■ ' of ■ 

i4E.j,Rot 15. 
]b.i7 E.j.Roc 4. 
Sec the Second 
part ofthelnfli- 
By 17 E.j.ftar.T. 
&C3.4. Cuftomc 
of Cloth. 
* ViztheSubfi- 
dics granted in 
Anno zi E.j. 
The Alnagers fee 
of the fubjeft 
granted by Par- 
Confuetudines. Scaccario. 
5 1 H.J. Cuftum 
II 7. 

T^he High Court ofTarliament. Cap.i. 

of§>trat!gcrs,fo;etcrp Ootl) of ;afftfc,anlittooIlbiUmgs four pence of Licfcs, 
atiD tftjce ftiUings Gp pence of S>trangcrs fo? cticri? Clotl) of Scarlet ,fc. vide 
interOciginal' de Scaccario, 24 E,3, Roc. 1 3. 0nD t^ercafon of granting t^C fai5 
^ubSDiCS of bjoati Clotlj teas. Quia jam magna pars lana: regni noftri in eodem 
regno pannificitur,de qua Cufturoa aliqua non efl lbliica,pcr quod proficuum quod 
deCuRumis & extra didum regnum ducerentur, percipere 
debemus,'nmuItodiminuuntur,&c. iJnD pet if in anpcafctbclSingmifiljtbpljts 
pjerogatilic Ijavefctanp imporition, tje mtgljt Ijatjc fet one in tliat cafcfo? 
ti)af,as if appcacetl) tp t!)at 5Reco;5, bp mafeing of Clotf) fl)c Bins loft IjisCu' 
ftomcsof<KHool: antitticrefojcfojfutttjcrfatiiSfactionoftljc iiing foj ti)e Cu= 
ftome of Mool; at tlje |l)arltament ftolDcn in Anno 27 £.?♦ a «>ubrtDp iuas gran>= 
tcD to fl)c iitng Ijis^cirs ant) fiicccITojs, (* oticr tijc Cuftomcs ttjercof D«c)viz. 
of cticrpii)I)olC\Ii:lot^of^(IifcnotingraincD,fourpence,anDfoj t^e Ijalf of fuel) 
a Clotl), tlDO pence, anD of etjerp Clotlj ingraincDfibepenccanD of f^eljalfeftoo 
pcncc]^alfpcnnp,ant)ofet)erp Clotlj of §>carletfi); pence, aiiD of ffjc ftalf f^?ec 
pence; anD tl)c ^Inegers fee iss granfeD toljim hv ^A of |0arUamcnt, viz. foj 
t^cmeafuringof etjerpClotljof anifc of tlje ^zWtt a IjaUpennp, anD of ftalf 
acloti) afarti)ingfoj6i3 office, anD|no nioje, noj (ftall tticp tafeo anp tiding 
fo^a clottjtljatiflleCrcsanDtljatljetafee nothing of fbc linage of anp clotftbut 
onlpoffncftclotljasiatoberolD* 2Lm botlj in tljis SiA, anD in fomc ^rts in 
tl)C reign ofH.j.confaetudfnes & cuflums, tuljicl) arc cnglifijcD, Cuftonie3,are 
tahen foj tfje ^nbfiDies tijat toere granteD bp parliament, foj tcr tip tljofe tocrc 
ancient anD rigl^t 'Cuftomcs oj §)ubfiDtcs. .anD ixi tljc ftatutc of 1 1 H. 4. 
^aftomeo anD ^nbltDies are ufeD as Synonymaes. 

Lib.rubeus in^. 
& 6.the Archb.of 
Yorks cafe. 

Anno 31 E.I- 
nu,44.calkd Car- 
ta mercaccria. 
Roc.PJr.z8 E.I. 
pro Co- 

P.Rec. loR.t. 






Concerning the 
Almging of n;w 



Butlerage ts a Cnftomc Due fotl)C J^tngof ttoo flbillingsofctJcrpjDun of 
CTinc b;ougl)t into t^is IRealm bp §>trangers: but Cngliftmen papcti it not* 

InlibroRubeo in .Scaccario in cuftodiaRcmemoratoris Regis , fol.26f. tljB 
grant ofBing John to tlje i^crcljants of ^quifain traDing fojtoines tljence 
into dSnglanD of Di^jers liberties,viz. De libertatibus concefTls mercacoribus 
vinetariis de Ducatu Aquitanii, reddendo regi & ha:redibus fuis z.j.dequoli- 
bct dolio vini duiti per eofdem infra regnum Anglic vel poteftate regis. 

^11 5^crclbant Strangers in conftDeration of t\)t grant to tljembptljcl^ing 
of Ditjers liberties anD frecDoms, conceiferunt quod de quolibet dolio vini quod 
adducencvcl adduei facercnt infra rcgnunij&c* Iblvent nobis & hseredibus no- 
ftris nomine Cuftuma: duos foIidos,&c» 


PrifageisaCuftomcDuetotljel^ing of tljc toines bjougfjt in bp tlje ^er- 
cljants ofCnglanD of ctjerp &]^ip l)abingttoenfp£Cunsojmo?e, tinojEuns, 
viz. one befojc tljc i^aft, anD tljeottjer beljinD, paping ttoentp iljillingo foieac^ 
2Dun; anD tljis is calleD cerra prifa, anD reda prlfa, anD regia priia, aiin tl)cHc« 
cojD enfuing appcarctlj, anD Ijereof ^ercljant strangers arc DitcljargeD, per car- 
lam mercatoriam, 31 E*i . Ubi fupra. 

Memorandum quod rex habet ex antiqua confuetudine de qualibet nave 
mercatoris vini 6, carcat* applicao' infra aliquem portum Anglfx de viginti 
doliis duo dolia, & de decern doliis unum de prifa regia pro quodam ccrco ab 
antiquo conftitui' folvend'. 

^crebpitappearctl) tljat 3Djifagc is Due bp pjefcripf ton, anD tfjat it teas a 
certaintp of ancient time ojDaincD to be patD. 

it is calleD Butlerage becaufc tljc feings cljief 3!5atler Dotl) rcccttjc if, am 
lajirage-bccaufc it is a certain taUing oj ptirbcpancc foi Ininc to t\)t iUtngs ufc. 

3n Hilary JEcarm, Anno 2 Jac. Regis , upon a fuit maDc to tljc aing bv tlje 
SDufecof JLcnoj;,qucftion toas moljcD concerning neto iEDjaperies, as iFrija=i 


Cap.i. The High Court of Parliament. ^i 

DOC0, Bapcs,Jl5o?.tl)crn Cottoiis, JpoitljcriT SDojcns, dlotljraa). Durances, 
pcrpctuanoMt, 5Fiiatans,v£anta3,&acI;tlot!),C£lo;acaDs,anD »>tufFs maDcof 
Mo;acaD vani, Vtil)ctl)cr tljc totnccmtgljt oiant tijc <3lnagtng of tljcm toitfja 
rcafoiiabic fee, o: iuljctljcr tijep lucre loitbin tl)c faiD ttatutcof 27 E.^.^nD tljcfe 
qiieftions VDcrebi'tljcfetngscommanDmcnt in tfjia Hilary Term referred foall 
tl)e BtuDgcsof d-nglanO to ccrtifie tbctr optntoiis conccrntng tijc futf to tfje 
iLo;D3 of ^is p;t\3pv!!:ouiiccll;U3t)o upon often ftcarmsoftftecaufc, and mature 
5cltbcration,anD conference amongftt!)emrcli!e3,tnt!)ecnD tn Trinity Term fol- 
lotolng tDitl)one unanimous confent, certi&cD mio:ittng in tt)crctoojD0fol= 
lotuing, viz. 2Do tl)C LojDs anD others of l)i3 ipajcftics molt l^onourablc p?iUP 
Councell. Our duties to your Lordfhipsrcmembred, May it pleafe the fame 
10 be advertifed, that according to your Letters in that behalf, we have heard 
the matter touching the fearm of the Alnage, and meafurage, that ii fought to 
be granted by his Majerty of fundry kindes, as well of new made Drapery, as of 
other Stuffs made within this Realm. And upon hearing as well of fome of 
the part of the Mailer of Orkney, as of others, both of the behalf of the Duke of 
Lenox and Ma(kr Shaw, have informed our fclves touching the fame. Andfor 
our opinions we are rcfol ved, that all new made Drapery made wholly of wool, ^^"^ Roc.pjrl. 
as Frizadoes, Bayes, Northern Dozens, Northern Cottons, Cloth rafli, ando- CogwarcKcr-* 
ther like Drapery, of what new name foever,for the ufe of mans body, are to %>. 
yeeld Sublidy and Ainage according tothedatuteof 27 E ^.and within theof- Sechcrcafter, 
fice ofthe ancient Ainage, as may appear by feverall decrees in that behalf ^o^'^J' p 
made in the Exchequer in the time of the late Queen. But as touching Fuftianj, gH nu 
Canvas, Sackcloth and fuch like made n-eerly of other Huff then wool, or be- Kendall Clother 
ing but mixed with wool, we are of opinion, that no charge can beimpofcdfor &c, 11H.4.C.X.' 
the fearch or meafurage thereof, but that all fuch Patents (o made are void, as '"^'^" " H.4. 
may appear by a Record ofthe 1 1. year of H.4. wherein the reafon ofthe judg- "amsofCkiT 
ment is particularly mentioned , which we held not amilTe to fet down to your &c. u H ' * 
Lordfliipsjwhich is thus, The fame King H.4, granted the meafurage of all wool- Scat.a. 
len Cloth and Canvas that (hould be brought to London to be fold by any ftran- 
ger or denizen (except he were free of Londonj raking one half penny for eve- 
ry piece of Cloth fomeafured ofthe feller, and one other half penny of the 
buyer, and fo after the rate for a greater or Icfler quantity, and one penny for the 
meafuringof 100. clsof Canvas of the feller, and fo much more ofthe buyer. 
And although it were averred that two other had enjoyed the fame cffice before 
wich the like fees, •yi-t, one Sheringby thefame Kings grant, and oneClytheroe 
before by the grant of KingR.i.yet, amongli ocher reafons of the Judgment, it 
was fet down and adjuQgcd,thatthe former poflelfion was by extortion, and co- 
crtion, & without right, and that thole Patents were i» oncratsonem,offreJfionem & 
depMiperationem popalt dgmtni regis ^ & non in emendatitne eJMdem^epttU^ &Ct and no 
benefit tothe King, and therefore the Patents void. And as touching the narrow 
new Huffe made in Norwich and other places with Worflead yarn, we are of 
opinion that it is not grantable,nor fit to be granted, for we cannot find,that there 
was ever any Ainage upon Norwich VVorfleads. And forthefe fluff*, if after they 
be made and tacked up for lale by the makers thereof, they (hould be again ope- 
ned to be viewed and meafured,they will not well. fall into their old plaits to 
be tacked up as before, which will be fas is affirmed^ a great hinderanceto the 
fales thereof in groflls, for that they will not then appear to be lb merchandizable, 
as ihey were upon the firft making of them up: And even fo we humbly take our 
leaves. Serjeants Inn,the 24. of June. i50), t25!)tc!) Certificate being reab 
W tftelloiDSof tftcpjit))'<irouncell(31 being tben ^tturnp gencrall anD pjc« 
fent) toas iDCll appjotjeD bp tftem all, anD commanDsncnt gtt)en, tljat it ftoulD 
be ftcpt in t!)c Cou'.iccll (Tbcft to be a Direction fo; tljem to gitc anfincr to all 
fuits of tljatUinD.,<f. 

0;iD it is to be obfertjcD, * tljat ^cts of parliament tljat are maDc againff ttjc [^b^'iVfo *" 
frceDomc of traDe, mcrcljanDi? ing, IjanDi'craftg, ano mptter iw^neijer litje long, dl Tayie"?dc 

iF 2 Good 


^2 The High Court of Tarliament. Cap. i. 

£iis,motiont. Good Btls Or mottons in Tarliament feldome die, • 

8 ly E.J. 3lt (0 an obfcrtation pjotjcD bpa creat number of p?eCDents , tfjaf neucr an? 

nu.4'> Ik.!. gooD bill toas p jeferrcD, o} gooD motion maDc In iparltament , toftereof anp me<= 

nu.8z. 4R»- mojlalltoas maDe fn tlje journall boob,oj ot^ectotfc, t^ougS fomctlme it fac- 

nu.jtf. 9 R 1. jgpjjpj, „(,j gj jjjg gf jj^pet !)atft it netcr tiicD, but at one time o? otl^er tjatf) tafeen 

n" *1 1 't H 1. ^ff^'tJ tofttcb ma^ be a great encouragement to toojtbp anD tnDuttrious attempts^ 

nu!« J . "» H.4 . a« tafetng fome feto e);amples foj manp, to^iclj 3 Ijabe qaotcD in tl&e margent. II H.4. 

nu.4y. I H.6.nti.4i. JHs of Parliament. lE.j.cap.i. tjE.^.ca.y. iH.j.cap.i. 21 H.S.cap.^. ig H.8. cap.4. itf H.S.cap.j. jiH.B.cai. 
3iH,8.cap.]», >E.6.cap.8.Jcij. i & iPh. &Mar. cap.ij. Vide Infta,c3p.8. pa. 

The Suhfidy ofTmnage and Poundage. 

IBp tlje fubfequenf IRecojtiopou (IjaU obferbe 13, tilings, i. SCHje grant of 
PounDage onlp, 2, ;gDfa:unnageanD^ountiage. 3 » ^eberall rates , fome* 
time8 5*D«8,D. i2,a. foj|Dounnage» 4' Sometimes 2. s^.i8»ti, 3.9. j. Hac 
vice, 1, 2,3,4. pears, foj life. <r. SCo ^ercl^ant0,?t. 7. 2Co ftabe tntermiffion 
and tobarp,leat^e}^tnga)oulfi claim it as a Dutp. 8. cBrp'^ellJeti upon tree 
gtftt 9. t^pon condition to keep tde&eas, anD foHommerce. 10. Cljat \» 
eber t^econCDeration anDcaufc of tftcgrant, 1 1 . ©jantcD ioitftout retrofpect* 
1 z. Sometimes Double of g>trangers. 1 3« Clotl) ercepteD , ttiat it be not (iib* 
TheRetirii, jectto2CunnagcanD pounDage. 31 HA 

« 47 E. J .nu. u. » £>f laounDage onlp, anD 6. d, in tlje pounD,foj ttoo pears upon conDition,ic 
1 b 6,\i, £oj ^ounDage,anD 2 s.fojSCunnageoftolnchacvicc, 
c 7 Ri.ftat.i . e 5^5^ of etjerp pounD of merc^janoije, anD 2.s. of cbcrp tm of toincopon con* 

llftion,?C» hac vice. 
d J». d Sometime to ^atjc inf ermlffion, anD to barp,lea t(>e aing ttioulD claim as 

le R I nu 18 Duties, 

iiR.vnu'.ii*. ' iFojSCunnageoftolnc 3,0, anD e.DJojpounDagefoj one pear, 

1 1 J». ( 3, 0» foj Cunnage of tDtne, i i.B ,foj pounDagc, hac vice. 

/"14 II. g 6 ij,foj pounDage.anD 1 8.D,fcj SDunnage of iuine foj tljjec pears, 

i '^H ■'^nu"' "' '' ^*^* f**^ i^ounDage anD 2.0. foj Cunnage of toine. 

i Int-nu^X ' "♦ 5» foj |3ounDage, anD j.s. foj SCunnage of ioinefoj f Ijiee wars, 

it6ti.ii.m'.9.' •< i2.D.fojpounDage,anD5,s. fojSDumtageofiDinc foj fciierall times upon 

s H.4 nu 9. conDition^ fometime fo; one pear. Bin t^efe anD mott of tbe former grant eD upon 

9 H.4.mi.i7. jonDition foj Due emplopnient ' of tfjeir oton gooD toill , anD fo entreD , anD t^ 

w u H 4"nu Vo. JSfng to ftabc a certain fum "^ mo?c cvpjcflp. 

« I' " n,D. foj poundage, anD 3. s.foj2Cunnage of tDtne foj four pears, 

»«. " 2Dl)eUbe&ubfiDpis granteD tottic teing foj Ijis life upon conDttton0,ic. 

iDl^ic^ teas t^e firlt grant of aCunnage anD ipounDage fo; life, iolitct) Uias a lea« 

Ding grant, as thereafter appeareti;, 

f i V SDlje S>ubfiDp of pounDage onlp foj ttno pears, 

» ? H 6 nu.17. 'J Cunnage of toine anD ^ounDagc granted foj feberall pears. 

9 H.^.nu.14. ' Cunnage anD ^0ounDage,ut prius of BJenijens, Double of S»trangcrs. 

r »j*. f jCunnage of toine anD J0ounDagc grantcDto H.<5, foj life tottft an erception 

Q I H^ jif gn ippQiien * ciotft: anD fterc Clotb toas firft e);cepteD,anD toas a IcaDing er» 

'Nrta ception In all fubfequent ads, 

f 4E.4,& ixE.4. ' 2DunnageoftotncaiiDj|9ounDagc granteD to E,4.foj life toitft no refrofpett, 

C3.3. in print, but foj tl^e timc to come. 

Rot Par I H 7 " ^t t^^ parliament ItiolDcn Anno 1 H. 7* a libe 0ct toas made foj tbe grant 

not printe'd/or ' Of tl^e feubCDies of SEunnageanD JDounDage to Ijim fojljts life, 

he had many Tub- x 0nD tt)e like SubfiDp toas granted to l^tng H.8. at tbe parliament golden 

fidies, b« ptin- ^^^q , ^ ^f fjtg reign foj Ijis life. 

ted none. 

<rRot patl. I H.8. not printed. Vid.6,i4.inpnnt. 

t E.^.ca.ij. 
I M3r.c3p.i8. 
1 Eli2.cap.ip. 
I Ikc3.ii. 

nu45. ij H.4. 

A book of ratcj 
01 values. 

Cap. I. 'The High Court ofTarliament. ^j 

SCljelifec grant Voas mane to E.e5,'J5uccn[Mary,©neenEiiz. snDttfitg James 
fo?tftcirfeterallltv>cs,anDmallt^cfcttis afftrmctj, tljat tfte like grants lucre 
maDcbp 0it of parliament toiling H./.anD fSing H.a. 

Clje conftDeration of tljc grant of t^efc ^ubGDies of SDunnagg an&|aoati» 
Dage is Etier:^s is afojcfatD,crpjcffct) in tljc grant, fojtlje toping anDfafcguarD 
of tljc ©cag, anD fo? tntcrcourfic of mcrcljanDijc fafclp to come into tbia IRealin, 
anD fafelptopaffeoutoftbcfame* ^nD tljia pcrtainetlj pjopcrtp to ttje office of 
tljelojoSDmiralltofcctbcconftDcration oftlje^ct to be perfojmcD, * SEtjep 
are grantcD oftljefrcegooD toftlof tbcfiibjcct3,anDfocrpjeap fctDotontntbe 
|0arltament IKolU 

3!rt fttng James Ijts retgn,b)f)en 3 teas a Commtfftoncroffbc SEreafurp, 
tijcfe ^abfiDics granteD fo? life amounteO to i©nc IjunDjeD anD tftiecfcojctljoas 
fanD pounDs per annum,anD fo Utten to farm^Cfte ijalues of tljc mercfjanDij e foj 
tJje tofttcl) tl)C ^ubfiDp of |3otinDagc ig patD,eo appear in a boofe of rates in pjinf, 
infterebvtbciipcrtljantfenoUjstobatljcisto pap, SDljc S»ubti(Dpof JCunnagcof 
toinc is certain in tljcfc Sets bp tljc contents of tfje «aeffel3 : anD none of t^icfe 
^Icts DceeitenD toanv otftcr litjiuD niercljanDije impojtcD oj crpojtcD , but unto 
iDinesonlPt anD feeing nothing is nio;ctnccrtatn tl^en t\\t continuance of t^e 
taUies of mercljanDi^cs toftcrcfojc tfjc ^ubfiDp of |9ounDagc is paiD,it toere go»D 
at ctjcrp grant of tl)cm f fct DoVun tl)C rates in a fcfteDulc anncreD to ttje bttU 

Subjtdies temporary and ufuall at hii day. 

&ubftDiesfempojarpanDuruallattl)isDap. anDtftisisiuljentfje Commons 
in parliament freclp grant to tlje feing an atD to be IcbicD of eljcrp Subject 
of bis lanDs oj gooDs after tlje rate of 4 s. in tljc pounD foj lanDs , anD 2 a, 
s D. foj gooDS,anD foj Aliens foj gooDs DouUe,to fucfj enDS anD foj fucb confiDera* 
ttons,anDtobcpaiD atfucbtime0,as bptbe;actstljcreof(tBl)icb are ufuall ann 
frequent) Doe appear, ^nD in fojmer times tn tbis btnD of §>ubfiDp, tbis ojiier 
teas obrert3eD,tbatot)er anD abotetbc&ubfiDp ofaCunnagcanDpounDSge.tbe 
Commons ncticr gatieabotjeonc §>ubCDpof tbishinD,anO ttooiFifteens , (anfi 
rometimc Ictte) one &u!ifiDp amounting to fectientp tboufanDponnDS , anD eac^ 
iFifteenat SDvoentpninctboufanD pounDs, ojnear tbereabouts ; n(^J aboUe one 
&ubfiDp,U)btcb DiD rife to S^toentptboufanD pounDs,tbe Clcrgp gate not, 

0t tbc parliament bolDen in 3 1 Eliz, tbe Commons gat^e ttoo ^ubfiDies^anQ 
four JFifteens tobicb fir ft I'jafee tbc circle, 

in 3 i Eliz. tb:ce §>tibfiDics anD fii; JFifteens, 

3In 3 9 Eliz. tbjee S>ubftD{es anD fiF iFiffcens, 

3in 4 J Eliz four &ubftDies anD eigbt iFtfteens,tc. 

3n 3! Jac. Regis, tbjce subfiDics ano lire if if teens (nft^jtertlmes tben 
l)aD been befoae, 

3n i Car. Regis, fibc&H'jQtitcs in fl&ojtcft ttmc Of all, 

3nD it is toojtbf of obfcrvation boto quictlp SubfiDies granteD in fojms ufu* 
all anD accuftomable (tbougbbcatjp) arebojnej fuc^ apotoerbatb afeanDm* 
ftome: £)ntbeotbcr fiDc, tobatDifcontntentsanD Difturbances feubCDies fra. 
meD inncto molDs Doc raife, (fucb an (nb?cD batreD notieltp Dotbbatcfj) ts ei3i« 
Dent bp eramplcs of fo?nier times: 

astbatof-fR.z.anetointjcntion of S>ubftD{csoftbe ttfngs §)ubiects of et- 
tbcr fer bp tbc polUic. fo: tbc furnitbing of tbc €arl of IBucbtngbam foj bis go« 
tng into JF ranee, iDbereupon a llrong ano a ftrange Hetellion cnfucD , toberein 
tb?ec great anD itjojtbp Officers toere bp tbe rafcall IRcfcels barbaroaflp and 
toicfecDlP murD?cD,viz, Simon Sudbury :9rcbbiCbop of Catrterburp, C^ncelour 
of(lI;nglanD,tbepjiojofs. Johns of Serufalem, 2Creafurcr of CnglanD, an8 
§>{r John Cavendifh Cbicf ItttticeofCnglanD, 

3In 4 H. 7, anotber libc neto founD ©ubODp toas granteD , tnbicb ratfcD a re=> Hoiicn£h.chron. 
bellion in tbe JlJoitb, in lubicb tbeno' Ic GDarl of Jo:tbumbcrlanD a Commiffio^ "^^^• 
tier in tbat ^ubfiDpituas bp tbe l\ ebcls cruellp anD caufeUflp Qain, 


Rot par.4R.i. 




The High Court of Tarliament. Cap 



Rot.Par.9 E.J. 


3iT Anno 1 6 H.8. f furntO) tftc lining fo j ftis gofng in bis recall perfon into 
JFrancca nCajOetiicc fo: getting of monPUias fct on foot,to!)icft mafic tt)c l)caD« 
leffeanfi tjecfileffe miiltituDc to rife in rebellion, untill Charles Brandon tl)C no= 
l)le iDubc of §>uff'quiefet), anfi fiifpcrfcD tljem* 

attlje parlianientI)olDcntn9E,3,iDl)cn a motion tDasmatiefoi a§>«bfiD? 
tobcgrantcliofa nelu UinD, tljc Commons anftocrefi, tljatffteptooulDljatc con= 
fercnce toit^ tftofe of t^eirfeljcrall Countries anD places, totio^aD puttftem in 
trutt, befo?e tljcp treateD of anp fuel) matter. 

Vide 9H» ij. CBljerp iSnigJjts fee to papios.anfifoaccojliingto ttjc 
t3alucunDerojot3cr,anDrooftt)eClergpfojlanD0purcftareD fincc 20 e. i. 3nD 
allotl^cr Ijatjtngiol. lanfis not ftolfien as is afojefaiD, 20 s, $c. 2Dl)is toftolc 
&ubfiDi? foj certain Doubts tljc i^ing utterly releafefi , fo as tljcre is no mention 
mafic of t^ie famet IBut Ijereof tljusmucl) fliall fuffice* 
Sspe viatorcm nova,non vetus orbita falJiu 

2.itn or Task, or 
Quinca dccima. 

Second part Inft- 
Mag. Carta cap. 

* Doomfday. 
NortF. inWane- 
lunt, i.Wayland, 
& ibid. in Fre- 

Of Fifteens J Quinzims,<(src. 

0iFiffccn is atcmpojarp^ifigrantcfi totftc fefng Ip ^^^rttamenf , lufjicft 
toitljout furtbcr inquiry is certain, anfi therein fiifferetlj fromtljc&ubQOp,\x)bic^ 
is etjcr uncertain, untill it be aCfcffcD, 

%\)Z iFiftcen of ancient time teas tl)c fiftccntlj part of goofis motcallc, hvA in 
8 £.?♦ all tl)C Cities, 515o?oual^3,anfitoiuns in (EnglanD toerc ratcfi ccrtainlpat 
tljc fiftecntl) part of tt)c taltic at ttjat time gcncrall;,' itpon tl)c Vuftolc totDn,Vut)crc^ 
ofpou fljallreao mo;c at large in tlje Second pare of the Inftuutes, in t!jc latt 
Chapter of Magna Carta, Verb, Quintam decimam partem bonorum mobi- 

Of Tenths. 

%\\txz is deeima pars of t'^c=lLaitp,anfi fojtl)emoff part of Cities anfi Bo* 
rougftSbgtlbeirgooD3(Vid. 1 R4i.Du,i6.)tol)icl)p;opojtionabl)iJ is, fecundum de- 
cimam quintam partemXt)at tol)icft toc call 3Car,2Callagc,2]:entft,anfi jFiftecn, 
t^c &arons callefiGeldinn, * toe ufe tl)C iDO?D cljanging g to y,foj gelding, yeel- 

J^o * &ubftDp befojc tlje cnfi of tlje jparliamcnt, becaufe it is to accompany tljc 

bringe in Maf- 


• Rot.Par.ii This is contained in the Ad of Subfidy,and fo an Aft of Parliament : and aecordingly 

Subfidicsj&c.havc bcengrantcdjasin che book of ftatutes appeatetb. 

nil. 10. I H.6. 
nil. 46 3 
to the Duke of 



Of JBs of parliament ofconfrmcition of Letters Patents. 

XMz Ijabcrcafi of particular 0cts of confirmation of ^Letters patents; but tijc 
firft of lanfis,f c» tljat iuas tlje mo;c gencrall, toas t^c ftatutc of 3 1 H,i 3* of 
sponafferics(to mabe tftofe lanDs tbc mo;c paffable) but after tljaf , gencrall ^as 
of confirmation of ^Letters patents Ijatjc been tjcrp frcquentt 

How the Lords zi'i'e their ^voices. 

intbcflojfis ^oufe,tfteiLojfisgilietfteirt)oiccsfromt?je puifne 3LojD fe- 
riatim bptlje Uiojfi of [content,^oj[ not content,] 

bill teas pjcferrcfi attljc parliament l)olfien in Anno 6 H. 6.t'^at no man 
IftoulD contract ojmarr)'l)tmfclf to anp© ueen SDotoagcr of QcnglanD toitljout 
fpeciall licence anfi affcntoftljeliiing, on pain to lofe allljisgooDsanisianDs, 
3^1)0 Bifljops anfi Clcrgp atfcntefi to tljis bill, bp tftc too?fi of [content,] as far 
forth as the fame fsvarved not from the law of God and of the Church , and lb 
as the lame imported no deadly lin ^t t^is ttmc tljere tocre bettfies tljc Hrclj; 


Cap.i. l^heHigh Court of Tarliament. 

3Sefl)op3 anti lBta)op3,2 7 iJbfcofs atiD ^ p:lo;s, (nlljclt tit frof!) fi^c nimifcer 
teas manp times unccrtam, as {n ffjcclofcKoUitappcaretljjiutjicijfctcraUi) 
fjelD per Baroniam, anD tocrc iLo;D3 of patUamcnt, aijD fo conttnticD unf tlltljep 
tocrc DiaaiticD til t|)C rctgn of H.8. Sljc cntrp of f tjc fato 0it of ^ H,6.m f Ijc H oil 
is : Ic is enaiSted by the King, Lords Temporall , and Commons , that roman 
fhould contrail or marry himfelf'toany Qiieen of Lingland, without the fpeciall 
iiccnfeand aflent of the King, on pain tolole all his goods and lands. 2E^c Bt= 
iljops anO Clcrgr'affciifcD to tfjts Btll,as far fojtlj as tbc fame flDciijcD not from 
f^c lain of <©oD, aiiD of f l)c vEfttirtft , anD fo as tfjc fame tmpojtcD no DcaDlp fume. 

SDljts is IjolDcn to bean ^d of ^parliament : j^irft, foj ti)af tlje alTcnt of tijc 
«i;icrg:{c coulD not be conDittonalU §>cronDlp, it teas notagainll tbe laia of ©oD 
no: of tf)C Cbtirt^ , no?. impojtcD anp&eatilp finnc tomaUclljis lain bpautbojitp 
of parliament, as it appcarctb lij? Magna Carta, cap. ;» U)l)icf)[)aDb)'32 ^ctsot 
laarltamcnt been confirmcD, anD manp others. 

2:i)is iLato toas maDc after tlje mar iage of Ottecn Kather^neSDotoagcrof 
H. 7. toitft Owenap Meredith apGrono (DcfCCIlDeDof tl)C pjintesof ti^alcs) 
bpto!)om ibcljaD tfftic Edmond Of HadhamafojcfaiDCarlcof KtcljmonJ , anD 
Jafper of Hatfeild, after CEarlc of pcmbjobe, anD S>ubc of 31BcDfojD» 

How the Qommons give their <voices. 
^ snijc Commons gitje tbcir tjoif es upon tljc ciucrtion,bi' |9ea o: Ji5o, anD if if te 
DoubtfulUanD neither partp )'cilD,ti»o arc appointed to number tftem ; one foj tlje 
^ea. anotljcr foj tbc j^o : tbc pea going out, ant tbe J]5o fitting : anD tbcrcof 
rcpoit is maDc f tbc ^^oufc, ^t a Committee, tbougb it be of tbc toljolc ^^oufe, 
tbe |9cas go of one QDc of tbe l^oufc , anD tbc Joes on tbcotber, toberebp it 
twll cafil}? appear tobtcb is tbcgreatcli number, 

Hot^ Tarliamentsjticceed not 11 ell in five Cafes . 

3!f is obferticD bp ancient parliament men out of l'^eco?D, tbaf parliaments 
batic not fuccecDcDtoell in fiUe Cafes. jFirtt , toben tlje !itng batbbeen inDlf^: 
plcafurc inifb bis ?LojDs, oj toitb bis Commons. 2. t!5abenan)'oftbc(!!5?cat 
3Lo:Ds Vucre at tjariante bctii'cen tbemfelfees. 3. tEIbcn tbcrc toas no gooD to?« 
refponDence bctlDcen tbc iLojDs anD tbc Commons. 4. ^'S^bcn tbcrc teas no 
uniti' bctuiccn tbc Commons tbcmfeltcs. j. W^\^z\\ tberc toas no pjcparatioit 
fo; tbc parliament bcfoje it tegan. 

^ iFoj tbe 1 : &o cITcntiall is tbe Mng^ gooD ijill f otoarDs bis Commons, tbaf 
it toas one of tbc petitions of tbc Commons to tbe liiiig , tbat be \uoulD require 
tbc iircbbill). 1 all otUcrs of tbc ClcrgL' topiai' fo; btsettatcfoj tbe peace f gooD 
goljernmcntof tbe lanD, « fo?tbe continuance of tbe livings gooD VuiltotoarDs bis 
Commons;ti)bcreunto tbc tbucc itoblc iiing affciitcD toitb tbcfc clfcctunll luojDs, 
The fame prayeth the King:^ manp timcs tljcUltC VCtitionS foi tI)C ?lo;D6. ^' ^oU> 
tbciiing in all bis ice igbti' affairs baD ufcD tbcaDtiiceof bis =LojDS 1 ConmionS, 
(fo great a truCt f confiDcncc be baD in tbem.) ^llnaies pjotiiDcD, tbat fcotb IL oiDs 
f Commons Uccp tbem toitbin tbe circle of tbc llatu \ cuComcof tbe parliament, 

c jfojtbcfeconD : at tbc parliament bolDcn in4H.6. Uibat Variance toas 
tberc bctlueen tbc ^\\\\t of CDloc.anD tbclB. ofcMincbcftcr,anDtbeirfricnD3 
on eitbcr fiDc : tbc fucccHc toas , tbat little loas Done in anp parliamentary 
courfc at tbat parliament, anD tbat little toas of no moment. 

d i3f tb: parliament bolDen i\\ tbc tbirD pear of H.(5.tbc great conf roterfic U'as 
bctloccn John QBarl iparRjall, anD Richard c!;arl of tXHartoiciauitb lit^c fucccffc. 

c SDbiJ like controlicrficbctlT3Ccn William CBarle of ^runDell anD Thomas CEail 
ofSDcijon.foifupcriojiti' of place, Uiitb lil?ce\;cnt. iTnDmanpmo:emtgbtbe 
citeD, f 5lnD aliuapcs in tbc beginning amitptoas mafic Icttoccn tbe C&janDecs 
of tbe llealni bp lljafeing of baiiDs anD hilling, anD fomctime bp * fubmiiTion. 

ifo: tbc tbirD, t!6bcn tt luas DcmanDcD bp tbc llojDS anD Conmtons iubaf 
migbtbcapiincipallmotitc fo; tbem to baijc gooD fucceffe in parliament , it 
faiasanfUJCreD, Eritis infuperabiles, li fueritis infcparabiles, Explofum efl illud 
divetbium; Divide, Sc impera cum radix & vertex imperii in obedicntium cnn- 
fcnruraca funt, ifo) 


How manyLords 
Spiriiuall jn lor- 
mcr limes. 125 mi- 
flakeihit, nnd 
that the Ckik 
number them. 

a Ror.paiJ, 
37 E.J. nil. a. and 
the Writ to the 
Clcrgie,'-c or<in' 
do pi a rcge & 
fcgrio, which was 
iifuallin thof« 

6K0C. Par!, 
ij F.J. nu.i 5, 
c Ro[.p.u.4H.<, 
nu.u See the 
Afts of that Par- 

rfllot P-ir.jH.i. 
nu.i & 10. 
e Rot. I'jrI. 
27 H.^.nu.iS. 
/ Rot.l'jr 2 H.4. 

J H 4.rni. i8,»o, 
* K<..r. P.irl. 
21 R.i l>y(hc 
C uiitof Arun- 
dcllto the D.of 


II lo. 
the King dtfircd 
zo Judicum. 

I Chroncap.tS. 

7 H.6.1%. lib. II. 
fa. 14. 

Inter leges Ed- 
wardi re 

T^he High Court of Tarliament. Cap.i. 

jFo; tlic fourtlj, tmttp bcttoecn flje Commons tljemfelties, 3t is moft ncccflarp 
in botij tbefe , anD agreeable to tlje |DarUament in tftc JlSoofe of 3uDgc0, Quafi 
homo unusieadem rremCHnoconfilio. 

$Q% t!)C fiftb, tl)e Summons of parliament is bp fo:f p 5apes oj abotjc fcefo:e 
fljc fitting, to tlje enti tljat pjeparations migljt be IjaD foj tlje arouous anD urgent 
affaires of tljc realme: and tljat botbtfte l^ing, accojoing to tljc example of 
liing David, anD lifeetoife tlje i^oblcs anD Commons ftoulD pjepare; foj pnpa- 
ratse meditationes funt Temper faniores & tneliores quatn properatar , toljerein 
fcot!) ?^oiifcs map greatlp ejpeDifctljebulincire of fl)e(rommon=toealtb in ^Bar* 
Itamcnt, if tbcp iuill purfue t^c ancient cuftome of parliament, viz» in tfte be« 
ginning tl)ereof to appoint a fcled Committee to tonODer of tlje llBils in tfte ttoo 
laa parliaments t^at paffeD botb ^^onfcs, oi either oftljem, anD fntl) as ^a& 
been pjefeircD, rcaD, j committcD, anD to tabe oat of t^jem futlj as be moft p;ofi» 
talic fo J tljc Common-'Ujealtfj . 

T7;e honour and antiquity of the Parliament . 

iFoj tlje honour anD antiqnitp office |0arliamcnt, fee tlje firft part of the Infti- 
tures, Seit. 1(54. Verb. Vcigne 1« Burgeflej , anD int^e|0jefaceto tljcntnt& 
IBoobofmgl^cpojts, fo, 1,2,3,4, &c. iD^ercunto pon map aDDe, im' leges Ed- 
ward! regis, cap. 8, De decitnis Ecclefia: reddendis, Seft. De apibus vero, &c. 
Hic enim pridicavic beatus Auguftinus. & concefla Tunc a regeBaronibusSc 
populo. ^ grant bp eypjctte ;3ct of parliament, vide infra, cap, 75. pag. 

The power andjunfdiElion of the Parliament. 

» £)f tlje potoer anD jurisDirtion of tljc parliament.foj making of latos in p;o« 

ceeDtng bp Bill, it is fo tranfccnDent anD abfoluf e, as it cannot be confineD eit&cc 

foj canfes oj pcrfons Iriitljin anp bounDS,£Df t^ts Court it is f r«lp faiDt b si an- 

Vidc tiquitatem fpe6tes,eft veculiiflima, (^ dignitatem, eft honoratiflima, fi iurifdi<5lio« 

b nem, ell capacitfima. 

•= Huic ego nee metas rerum, nee tempora pono. 

|0etfomec):amplcsareDeftreD, ^ 2Daugl^tcrs anD l^eirs apparantofaman 
J tooman, map bp M of parliament inljer it During f Ijc life of tftc ;ancefto j» 

e 3t mapaDjuDge an infant, o: £pinoj of full age. 

f Co attaint a man of trcafon after Ijis Deatft. 

g Co naturalise a meere ^licn, anD maUcljim a Subject tojne. h gt map 
baftarD a tfttlDe ttjat bp lato is legitimate, viz, begotten bp an ^Dulterer, t^e 
!)u3!.'anD being toitljin tW fourc §»eas. 

Co legitimate onet^at is illegitimate, anD bojnbefoje marriage abfoluf clp. 
0nDto legitimate fecundum quid, but not fimplicitcr. ^s to tafee one cvampla 
foj manp. 

« John of Gaunt SDubeofllancaffcrljaDbpKatherineSwinrordbefojemarri' 
age four illegitimate c^tlDjen, viz,, Henry, John, T homas, anD Joane. ilnD be» 
caufc tljcp toere bojne at ^ Beaufort in jFrance, tljep lucre tjulgarlp callcD Henry 
E.6 ihe Lo.Mar- De Beaufort, ^c, John bcfojC fljc 20 pear of R. 2. tuas UnigljfcD, anD Henry bc^ 
quiiTeofvvinchc- jamcpjicft. I 3t tljc parliament IjolDcu ^o R. 2. tlje Mig bp ^ttofparlta-- 
mcnt in fojmc of aClbarfer Dotlj legitimate tljefetljjccfonnes, anD Joane tlje 
Daughter : anD tfte Charter bcginnetlj tbus. Rex,&c, Charifl^mis confangui- 
neis I oftrls robilibus viris m Johanni Milici : « Henrico Clerico : o Thorns 
f domicello, ac dilcfti nobis nobili mulieri 'i Johannz Beaufort domieellz Ger- 
manis prschatifllmi avunculi noftri j Johannis Ducis Lancaflria: natis ligeis 

/ Roc. Pat. lo R. i. membr. 7. ;;; This lobn in Anno 1 1 R. i. was 

a See ijEl.'z. 
cap. I. 

c Virgil. 
(/Rot.Par liE 4,ii,ii. the 
cafe of ihe wives 
of the Duke of 
Claience and 
Duke of Buck- 

f n R. 
Sir Ro. Pkfiiig- 

J I H.6 cap.i. 
g This jsiifu.iU 
ill many Patlia- 

h Rot.Pir.5 &6 
E.6 ihel 
quifle of V 
flers cafe, 
i Rot. Pat. Anno 
JO .l..*.m-6. 
I{ Beaufort came 
to ihe Houfeof mariage 
between Blanch 

of Arcois, and Bdmond firft Earle of Lincift. 

created Earic of S'jmcrfet, and Marquifle Dorfcc. But in 1H.4. the Marquirtiip was tak^ away by Parliament. 
n This Henry was after Kifhop of Winchefter, Cardinall of S. Ewfeby, and Chancellor ot England. This Tbvmns 
was in z I R-i. created Earle of Dorfct. p For Domccllu!,&c. See Lamb, iutcr leges ij^.b.Nos iKilifcrnc 
(ioimcelksde pliiiibHtd'Hmtu, quia B^ioHum filios vocamin domkellni , AvgiiverenttUaunip ntuotregum. q lotxe yfas 
fi.ft marticd 10 i?i«///; the hrft Ea.-leof Wedmcrland.andaftertoAc^atfmcrjLo.ofOwfeley. 


Cap. I. The High Court of Tarliament, 

noflns Salute,&c. Nos Aida avunculi noftri gcnitoris veftri prccibtis inclinati.vo- 
bilcu qui (ut aflericuO defciftu nataliu patiminijUt hujufmodi dcfcdu (que ejufq; 
qualitati$quarcuDq;prsfenlibns habere volumuj profufFicienterexprcfl)$)non ob- 
liante ad quxcunquc honoris dignitates) ( * excepta dignitate rcgali) pnhctni' 
nenciaj, flatus, gradns, & officia publica & pnvata tarn perpctua quam tcmpora' 
lia, acq; feudal' ae nobil' quibufcanque rominibus nuneupantur, etiamfi ducatuj, 
principal', eoiTiitat'',Baronia, vel alia feuda fuerincctiamfi mediate) vel immedi- 
ate vel a nobis dcpendeant feu teneantur,prajfici, promoveri, eligi, aflbmi & ad- 
mitti, iliaq;recipere.retiDcre, perindelibcre & licite valeatis, ac fidelegitimo 
thoion2tiexifteretis,quiburcunq; ftatucislcuconfuetudinibuj regni noflci Anglia: 
in contrarium edicis feu obfcrvatis (qus hichabemusptototaliterexprcflis)nc» 
quaquam obrtantibus ; de picnitudine noftra; regalis poteSati5,ac de aflenfu Par- 
liamenti no({ri tenore prifentium difpcnfamus, vofque &ve(lrum quemlibet 
Natalibus reftituimus, & legitimamus. In cu jus rci teftimoniura, TefieRcgea- 
pud Wefim. 9 die Febr. Per ipfum regcm in Parliamcnto. 

3n tl)t0 atct arc t)tt)crs things inojtlj? of obfcrtation. i . Cfte names tu^erebp 
tljepiijcrc Icgiftmatct). j» %W- tfjis Icgittmatton toas not fimpliciter, but 
fecundum quid : foj tftep iMcre legtt(matct) anD mane capable of all* 
cepttbcHopalllDtgntt]?: foastljts legitimation ertcntieD not to mabe tt)emoj 
tljctr pottccittes inheritable to tlje Crotonc, but to all otljcr Dfgntties* 3 , SCljat 
befo;c tljeir lcgitimatton,tbcp tocrc not crcatcD to anr of tfjctr btanitica. 4, %^z 
bjtefe anD arttficiall penning of tl)i0 Ifgitimatton, tottfj gencrall U)ojD3,a0 tf tftc 
part tcnlartf p toere ejpjcffeD , anD tcitft a bjlef non obftante , anD tolt!) as Uttle 
ijlcmtfl) as map be. 5. i3nD Ijcrcbj? tt appcaretb,t!)at » H.7.bcfng fen of Edmond of 
Hadham CD.ofllttljmonD,^ Margaret l)iStoife,Daugl)ter 5l)elrof Johnde Beau* 
fort S). of ^omerfct : toftltl) Margaret Itncallp DeftenDeD from flje fatD John dc 
Beaufort,lcgftimateD 5 mate capable of all DignittC3,as tsafojefatD,excepta regali 
di?nifate,tl)af tijc tett title of H.7, to t^c Croton,toas bp Elizabeth Ijts totfe, el= 
Deft Daagbtcr of E» 4, |9et befojc tljis marfagc tlje Croton toas bp jSct of par= 
Itamcnt intapleD f H. 7. anD to tl^e Ijeirs of ftts boDp, tlierigbf oftljeCrotonc 
f l)cn letng fn tfte faiD Elizabeth, clDeft DauBl)ter of E, 4. 6. 3n tljis 3ct , fl)C 
fatD Thomas befo;e ^is legitimation cobID not be calleDCfqutte, anD tl^erefo;e 
tie ftatb fl)is aDDition of ' Domicello , cttl^cr DertbeD of tlje iFrentl) tDo:D Do- 
moiccll, tol)tcl) Ggntfictl) a potmg foulDier not pctlSnigljteD , oj Cgnifietfjnoblp 
boine . 0nD note, lohan. t^c Danglbf cr, taD tlje aDDition of De Beaufort anD Do- 
micella in ttjatfenfc alfo* 

b 3nD albeit 31 finDe an affainDer bp parliament of a fab jecf of l^tgft SCreafon 
being committeD to tl)c Jlotoer, anD fojtlj'Commtng to be ^carD, anD pet netcr 
calleD to anfluer tnanpoftbcl^oufe6of|Darliament, altftougl^ 3 qucttionnot 
tbc po'iocr of tbc parliament, fo; toitl^out quettion Wfi attainder llanDetl) of fojcc 
in laiu: pet ti^is 31 fap of tlje manner of tfte pjocecDing,Aufcrat obiivio, fi poteftjfi 
nor,n[cunque filentium tegat : foj tl)c moje l)tgl) anD alfolute tlje jurtsDiction of 
tbe Court is, f!)c moje juft anD bonourablc it ougftt to be in tftepjoceeDtng, anD 
to give erample of juftice to infcciour Courts. 5i5ut it is DemanDcD, fince Ije teas 
attainteD bp v^fli'ini^"* ' toftat fljotilD be tl^c rcafon tbnf our Ijiftojians Do all 
agree in tljitf, tftat fje fuffcrcD Deatl) bp a lato toljicft Ije bimfelfe ftao maDc, iFoj 
anrto;r hereof , 3 baD \i of §)ir Thomas Gawdye ISnicbt, a gratie anD reVcrcnD 
S^uogc of tl)c ISings I5cnclj, tobolibeD attbattime, tljat iiiing H. 8. commanDeD 
ftim to attcnD tftc cbicfc SluCtices , anD to bnoto ii"bctl)cr a man tljat teas fojtli* 
commtn? migbt be attainteD of ?^tgf) JErcafonbp parliament, anD ncber calleD 
to bis anfiacr. snije 31uDge6 anflDercD, tbat it liias a Dangerous qucftton , and 
tbat tbc li^icb Court of jparliament ougbt to giljeeramplcsto inferiour Courts 
fo: procecDing acrojDtng to tuftire, anD no inferiour Court coulD Do fbclibe; 
a!iD tbep ti)ougbt tbat tbe ll^igl) Court of parliament UjouID nelw Do if . IHoixt 
being bp tbeetpjeife commanDcntent of tbc lUing , anD pjetfcD bp tbe faiD C-arlc 
to gitie a Direct anftoer : tljep faiD, that if be be attainteD bp parliament, itcoulD 
not come \\\ qucftion aftertoarDS, totjctljer Ijc toere tallcD oj not callcD to anftocr. 

© ;ani) 


• Nota. 

a Noia,pro coro- 

I H.7. not in 

7 H.4. cap. X. the 
like to H, 4- the 
right of tht 
Crowne being 
then in the de- 
fcent (lom Philip 
daughter and 
heir of Lmel 
Duke of Cla, 

Vid.i H.7.ii,i3 
ijH 8,cap.2t. 
rcpe-lby i8H.8. 
cap.7. & I Mar. 
See ij 
in principio, 
* Ste Hovendcn, 
pag.^oS. for this 
word OomittU 
b Rot. Pari. 

The attainder of 
Iho. Cremtvell 


a. Lex Diviris. 
D.iic.c. I7-V.IO. 
& ca.ip.v.i^. )o- 
hinnni^ 17;. 
Incivik v'ldctur 
& ctttmCano- 
nes tjfe in homi- 
'Mm abfemem 
non vocatum, non 
Confclfii ferre fsK- 
fcj paulo poftca. 
b kOii 15.16. 
Gen. J. 9. Dixit 
dominuSj Adam 
uhi cs.Vidc Gen. 
18 ii.Ecclefi- 
afticus 11.7,8. 
f Praxis SanSorQ 
Jofua. 7.19.21, 
23. &c. 

Placita in pit 
Regis, Ann^ E.i 

ne High Court of Tarltament. Cap.i. 

0115 al'jcttt^cir opinion teas accojtimg tolaSu, pet migljt tl^cp Ijatc maDe a 
tetter anftDer,fo;bptftc statutes ofMag^^a^* jE.3,cap.p. &Z8E.3. 
cap.j* jjiomanougbtto fce conUcmncD tuttljout anrtocr,ic, U)I)t(l) ff)cp migtit 
Ijatie CCCtificD, tut tad^a tenenc multa, qua: fieri prohibentur; i\\tM Of SttainDec 
being patfco bpipacUamcnt,DiD tiin6,a0 tftcp rcfoltjcD, 2Cl)C patfp againft to^iom 
t^is luas ititcntici3,t«a3 nctier tallcti in qucfttontut tljc firft man after tljc faiD rc= 
folutton, t^at toas fo attainteD,ant)net)ercaUcLi to anfiDcr, toas tljcfaiDO^arl 
ofC'lTe);; to^iercupon tljat erroneous anD "bulgar opinion amongftour^^iffoji* 
an0grcto,t^at IjcoicD bpttjefamelatDtol^icljljeljtmfelfljaDniaDe. SCbercficar^ 
fall oftljc fait) ^ttainDcr can toojti no picjuDicc, fojtljat 3! amconfiDcntlpper- 
fVoa&eD, ttjat fuel) tjonourable anD tDO?tI)P members ^all be from time to time of 
botl^ ?^oufc0 of parliament, as neter anp fuc^ ^tfainacr , iul^ere tljc partp is 
fojtft tommtng,fl)allbcftaD l)ereaftcrtoit!^out Ijearing of l)im. 

a Nunquid lex noftra judicat hominem, nifi prius audieric ab ipfo, & cognoveric 
quid faciat? SDot^ourlato jutigcanpman, before it tjear tjim anD knolulD^t 
^e Dotl) i b 3;t is not tlje manner of t^c URomans to aclitjer anp man to Die, bcfojc 
ttiat Ibc toljiclj is accufeD tjatic tl)c accufers face to face,anD Ijabe licence to anfinec 
fo; Jt^imtelf concerning t^e crime latD againfi: bim. 

c Ait Jofua ad Acab, Fili mi, da gloriam domino Deo Ifraei, & confiteremihi 
quid feceris, ne abfcondas, 

d Interrogaius Levita tnaricus mulierisiDterfeiSlsquomodotantum fcelujper- 
petratum edet.&c. jSnD tt)e concluQon is after Rearing anD Difcerntng tfje canfe, 
eonfider, confult, anD then give fenience* 

c 0nD as ctiil toas tlje pjocceDing in parliament againlf S>tr John Moninner, 
tl^irDfonof EdnfiondtftefeconDQEarl of 2^arct)(DefcenDeD from Lionel) SDuheof 
Clarcncc)\ut)o U'as tnDidcD of bigl) STrcafon foj certain toojDS,in effect, tbat Ed- 
mond earlof iparc^ ftioulDtcliing bprigljt of inheritance, anDtbat l)C bimfclf 
ipas nert rigfttfull ftcir to tfje Croinn after tftefaiDQBarl of a5arcl);iMl)ercfo?e if 
tfte faiD (Earl iooulD not tabe it upon l)im,l)e InoulD : anD tbat be tooulD goe into 
?Kaalc3,anD raifc an 0rmp of 2oooo,mcn,«. tubtcb inDictment ^toitbout anp ar« 
ratgnment oj pleaDing)bcing meerlp faigncD to blemitt) tbe title of tbcMortimers, 
anD tDitball 'jcing infufficient in bptbc fame appcarctb, teas confirmeD bp 
0utbo;ifp of ^parliament:? tbc faiD fe>ir John being bjougbt into tbc |?arliament 
toitl^out arraignment 0? anfloer , juDgement in parliament teas git^en againft 
Ibim upon tbe faiD inDictment jSCbat l)C flioulD be carricD to tbc aColucr of iLonDon, 
anD Djainn tbjongb tbc Citp to IEibo:n,anD tbere IjangeD, D?aton anD quartereD, 
^isbeaDtobc fet on ILonDonb^iDgc, anD bis four quarters ontbe four gates of 
l,onDon, 33 bp tbe ]Reco:D of parliament appearetl), 

The proceeding in Parliament a^ainji Abfetits. 

aCbcancfenf lato anD cuff omc of tbc parliament inas , tbat trbcn anp matt 
toas to be cbargeD in parliament toitb anp crime oj offence , oj misDcmeanour, 
tbc icings Mrittoas DirectcD to tbc gibcrif to fummon anD injotn tbe partp to 
appear bcfo?etbeJi»ing intbencrt parliament. iFojeramplc. 

DOminui Rexmandamt Vic' qnod affumptk fecum quatuor de difcre- 
tioribm ^ leg milit'tbm Com' fui in propria pcrfona Jita accederet ad 
Nicholaitm de Segrave^ (^ ipfum in pr^efentia fntdi^drttm militum fum- 
mon' ^ ex parte domini regis frmiter ei injungeret quod e^et coram domi- 
no rege in proximo Parliament' fuo apudWefim' in prima adventu domi- 
ni regis ibidem ad audiendam vohwtatem ipjitis domini regis fuper hiis^ 
qiix. tunc ibidem proponere intenderet verf. eum^^ ad faciendum ^ teci- 
piendum utter im quod curia domini regis confideraret in pr^mijfis. Et Vic' 
modo mandavit quod afjumptis fecum Thom/t Wale ^ Walt ero fili Robert i 


Cap. I. 77;^ High Court ofTarliament, 39 

de Daventry, Roberto de Gray de Wo/laftoa^dr Rmdid^ho dc Normdvill qua- 
ttior ttiilit'jdrc in frepta pcrjona jiia. Accefit Apid St owe ad mAnmum 
trxd cfi Nicholai, ct in pr^Jentia eorundem milittim fumvion frxdt^lum 
Nichdlaum , <^ ei frmiter injtmxit qmd ejfet coram domino rege in i/lo 
Parlianicntominc jtixta formam (jr tenorent wandati frxd' ^o-c. 

Alrnariciade Sancio Amimdo^ Magifier Johannes dc San^o Ammdo pi^cica coram 
Willielmmde tnonte acutOyRichardus Attehaiv conjlabularim cajlri Oxon (ioviaorcgc.Paf. 
Ricus dcHurle, Thomas deCarUton capeiUnm, Tohannes de Ros^Iohannes ^^jy,"''^"'''^' 
deTrenbrigg,WtUielmi{-s Attewarde frater ejus ^f^ Phil tppus de Wigcnten 
attachiat'fueruntper Vic' in cafiro Oxon per pracepf domini regis rejf on- 
fur' eidem domino regi in ParUamento [no in Crafiino Sanfii Mathxi A- 
fojieli Annoregnifiti xxx'm. fnper qtiibitsdam criminibus (^ tranfgrej?io- 
jiibfis infra fcriptis, (f inde per manucaptionem fuffcient' adjornat' coram 
ipfo domino rege hie ad hiinc diem , fcilicet adte Pafchtit in \\.dies,(^c. 

£5 J a lu:it migftt be DtrcctcD to tijc partp fjimfclf, toften aitp complaint loas 
inaDO agatntt tjim? De injuriis, gravaminibus, aut moleliationibns, to appear it! 
ijis pjopcr pcrfon bcfo?.ctf)e fetus ano !)ts Counccll,tc. iSs foj cpamplc: 

Bominus Rex mandavit breve (uum Roberto de Burgherfh in hxc verba. Phca coramRe- 
Edwardits Dei gratia,c-rc. Dileffo et fdeltjuo Roberto de Burgherj}) con- ge spudCantuat' 
flahddar' cajirifui Dover et cufiod' Juoquinjue portffim,Saltttem.0Hiadi- t.m!Tc' niseis 
lecfus nobis in Chrifio Abbas de Faverejhamijr Robertus deGurne balivus " 
ftiuse\usdem vtUd coram concilionoflro aptid Eboriim exiftente de diver fis Coni^milc breve 
in]tiriis ygravamwibtis et molejiationibus eis per vos voluntar et abj^ cau- Roberto de Burg. 
fa rationabili fuidtipliciter t Hat is graves qtierimonias depofuerunt,petcn- lurfhadfeaam 
tesinftantcr tit eis [itper hoc fieri faceremusremedium opportunum^ propter n!im°quinQur^ 
quoddedimus eis diem coram nobis et concilio nojlro a die Pafch. in xv. porcuum. 
dies^<^c. ad querelas fuasprxdiCias tunc oflendend' ^ et ad faciend' fup£r 
hoc tUterius et recipiend' qmd luftitia fuaderet : Febis mandamus, quod in 
propria perfona vejtrafitis coram nobis et concilio nojlro ad diem pr^diSV 
trafatisAbbatietbalivisfuisfuperpr£mi(Jisre(pons' fa^ur' et receptur' 
quod curia nofira confideravcrit in hac parte , c>" ^^ tnjnrijs , gravamini- 
luSf moleftationibus et difiriBionibus indebitis pr.tfatis Abbati ct balivis 
fuis interim inferendis penitus defifiendo. Et habeatis ibi hoc breve. TeHe 
me ipfo apud Linlifcu xxx. die lanuarii^Annoregninofiri xxx. Virtute " 

cujus brevis frxdiClus Robertus venit, et breve iliud protuHt ad diem in 
codcm contentum. Et pr^diclus Abbas venit et querelas fuas pretulit in 
quodam rotiilo fcriptas, et quas in curia hie querelando oflcndit et legere 
fecit ^ de quibus prima eft hxCyC^rc 

^ototfjr?? ipl)i(l) abfcht fljcmfeltjes flball lep^occctictitoittalUVidcyoE.j, 
ru.37,Adam Buries cafc, i. parte Patenc. 2> U.z. nu. 15,1 6. Rot. Par, i7R,i. 
nu.iS, u H,4, 1:11,37,38. i5H.6,nu,4, 33H, ^irjohn Pilkingtons 

0nt) fc!)Cccbpo:t)cr oflatoaman cannot be attaintcti of big!) trcafon,uit- mH^S" «i. 
Ictre tt)c olfcncc be \\\ lato W\\ trcafon, be otw^t not to be attamtcD In' o'Ss AnSh. 
iDojlis of l)igl) treafon bp ;autl)o;itp of parliament (as fomctime ijatft been Ad oi thcAtuni- 
nf0D)buttl)cbtabtreafon ougbttobcfpecialli'erpjefreD, feeing tijat tl)e Court of dci onhcLo.d 
Iparliament is t^e btcljeft ant) uicft honourable Coutt of futttce,anD cromweii.Anno 
oucljt (as batb bcenfaiS) gibe eramplcto infcrioiir Courts. 5»H.8.ubuui.,a, 

''ZMtxt teas an 0rt of parliament maoe tn tl)C 1 1 I'car of iStng H. 7.lD!)icl) ^ ni,fch;cvo..s 
fjat) a fair flattering p:dajn'le,p5ctcntiing to atofD Dttcrs mtfcbtcfs, tcljicb nniiT'^a bK« 
tDcre, J. Sotlje Ijisbfifplcafiifcof jaimijjbtp cHJoD. 2, SCbegteatlct of tlje jjh.,. ' ' 

<1? i Common 

The High Court of Parliament. Cap.i. 

Common latu, atiD 3. sCtje great let of tl)e inealt!) of f^ts lanti $ 0nti tije |9urc 
ticii oftfjat ^cttctiDcD tntljeerecuttoncontrarp, exdiannetro, tfte Ijtg^ 
bifplcafure of 3lmigl)tp (lI5oD,tf)c great let,naj? tie utter fubtierfion of tlje Com= 
mon lain, atitittje great let of t^e toealfi) oftblslanD, as thereafter ftiallmant' 
fclllp appear, Mi^itcl) 0ct foUotoctl) in tijefetoo^Ds: 


ii"n without any 
b hy theirdiTcrc- 
tJon, and not fe- 
cundiim legem Ci* 
Angl. as all pro- 
ceedings ought 
to be. 

and all, and fpe- 
cially fuchas 
timchad fo alte- 
red from the ori- 
ginal! canfc nf 
them, king there- 
of,as either they 
could not at .ill, 
er very lurd'y be 

•THe King our Soveraign Lord calling to his remembrance that 
* many good Statutes and Ordinances be made for the punifliment 
of riots, unlawfullafTemblies, reteinders in giving and receiving of 
liveries, figns and tokens unlawfully, extortions, maintenances, im- 
braccry, excelfive taking of wages contrary to the Statute of Labou- 
rers and Aitificers, the ufc of unlawfuU games, inordinate Apparell, 
and many other great enormities and offences , which been commit- 
ted and done daily contrary to the good ftatutes, for many and divers 
behoofuU confiderations feverally made and ordained, to the difplea- 
fure of Almighty God, and the great let of the Common law, and 
wealth of this land , notwithftanding that generally by the Jufticcs 
of the Peace in every Ihire within this Realm in the open Selfions is 
given in charge to enquire of many offences committed contrary to 
divers of the faid Statutes, and divers enquefts thereupon there ftrait- 
ly fworn, and charged before the faid Juftices to enquire of theprc- 
mifTeSjandthereintoprcfent the troth which any letted to be found 
by imbracery, maintenance, corruption and favour-, by occafion wher- 
of the faid Statutes be not, nor cannot be put indue execution: For 
reformation whereof, for fo much that before this time the faid ofi^en- 
ccsjcxtortions, contempts, and other the piemifles might not , nor as 
yet may be conveniently puniflied by the due order of the law, except 
itwerefirft found andprefented by the verdidt of twelve men there- 
to duly fworn, which for the caufes afore rchearfed will not find nor 
yetprefent the truth : Wherefore be it by the advice and affent of the 
Lords Spirituall and Temporall , and the Commons in this prefent 
Parliament affembled, and by authority of the fame enaded, ordained 
and cftablifhed, that from henceforth as well the Juftices of Aflifein 
the open Sellions to beholden afore them, as the Juftices of Peace 
in every County of the faid Realm, » upon information for the King 
before them to be made, have full power and authority ^ by their dif- 
cretion to hear and determine all offences and contempts committed 
and done by any- perfon or perfons againft the form. Ordinance and 
effedt off any ftatute made and not repealed , and that the faid Jufti- 
ces upon the faid information have full power and authority to award 
and make like proceffe againft the faid offenders and every ofthem,as 
theyftiould or might make againft fuch perfon or perfons as been pre- 
fent and indided before them of trefpaffe done contrary to the Kings 
peace,and the faid off*ender,or offenders duly to punifli according to the 
purport, form,and efi^edi of the faid Statutes. Alfo be it enaded by the 
faid Authority, that the perfon which (hal give the faid information for 
the King fliallby the difcretion of the faid Jufticcs content and pay 
to the faid perfon or perfons againft whom the faid information ihall 
be fo given his reafonable cofts anddammages in that behalf fuftai- 
ned,if thatit be tried or found againft him,that fo giveth or maketh 


Cap.i. The High Court of Parliament, ^i 

any fuch infoimation. Provided always, that any fuch information 
extend not to treafon, murder , or felony, nor to any other offence. But it extended 
wherefore any perfon fliall lofe life, or member, nortolofc by nor n°rp^[fionor' 
upon the fame information any lands, tenements , goods or chattels treafon,&c. 
to the party making the fame information. Provided alfo that the faid 
informations fliall not extend to any perfon dwelling in any other 
(hire, then the faid information fliall be given or made,faving 
to every perfon and pcrfons, cities, and towns, all their liberties and 
franchifes to them and every of them ofright belonging and apper- 

Bppjefcrtoftbia lato Empfon anD Dudley DiD tommif upon flje Subject 
onfuffcrablc p:ctrtirc0 aiiD oppjcfftons , anti tI)crefo:c tl)t5 ftatiitc toas juftlp 
foort aftcrtl)cDcccafeof H.7- repealeD at tljcncrt parliament after Ijis Dcccafe, 
bp tljc ttatutc of I, 

aijooti f aveat to $)arltamcnt0 to Icatje allcauftfl to be meafurctibp tijegol* 
Den anD ftrci2l)t nictiDaiiD of tljc lain, anD not to tl)c intertatn anD ccooheD cojD of 

3t i3 not almoft creD(ble to fojcfce, toljen anp ipartmc , oj iT^ttnDamentaU laSo 
ofttjts Kcalm is altercD (as clfcVDbcre ^atlj been oeferfccD) Voliat Dangerous tn« 
contjen{ences Doc folloto, toljicl) moft erpjeflj? appcaretft bp tl)is moft unjuft 
anD ftrange Silt of u Hy.fojljcrcbp not onlp Empfon anD rudley tftemfeltjcs, 
but fuel) fufttccs of IDcacc (co:rupt men) as tljep caufeD to be aut^ojtjeD,tom« 
mttteD moft srietious anD Ijealjp oppjeffions anDC):actiens,grtnD(ngoftl)cface 
oftftepooj Subjects bp penalllato3(bet&ep nctjer fo obfolete oj unfit foj tfte 
time) bp information onlp tott^out anp pjcfentment oi triall bj? 3urp being 
t\iz ancient btrtljdgbt of fljc Subject, but to^ear anD Determine ttje famebp 
t^etr Dtfcretton, inflicting Tuc^ penalty , as ttje ftatutes not repealeD tmpofeD : 
SCtjefe anD otbcr lifec pppjefftons anD cracttons bpojbp t^e means of Empfon 
anD Dudley anD tftetr tnttrumcnts, b?ouglbt infinite treafures to tfte lltngs Co» 
ters, in^ereof tibe Btngbimfelf in tlje enD loitt) great grief anD eompunctton 
rcpenteD, as in ' anotl)er place toe ^atje obferbeD, 

Cftis (tatuteof n H./.Vue ftalic rccif cD , anD fljctocD tl^e juft tnconbenien* 
ces tljcrcof, totbecnD,tftattl)Clthcil8oulD ne'occ bcrcaiter be attemptcD in anp 
Court of parliament. 0nD ttjat ottiers mtgt)t aboiD tbe fearfull cnD ofttjofe 
ttootimesfcrlicrs, Empfon anD Dudley, Qtiieorum vcftigiainfiflunccorumex- 
itui perhorrefcanc. 

^cctbeftatufe of 8 E, statute of jLibertes, an 31nfojmafton,fc. 
bpttie Dtfcretton of ttjeHuDges to fianD asanojtginall,ie. %]ii& ^ct is Defers 
teDlp repealeD, 

VideiiR.2.c3p.i?.|puni0)racnt bpDtfcretionjfc, Vide 5 H, 6.8. &ec 
fbc * Cemmiffion ofS>etoers. SDifcretton oug^t tobetljus DefcribcD. Difere- 
lio eft difcernere per legem quid fitjuftum. SnD tbiSDcfcriptton iS pjOtieDbg 
tbc Common lato oftt)elanD,fo;lobena ICur^Doe Doubt of tbe lato,anD De- 
lire fo Doe ttjat tol)icl) is juft, tijet'finD tliie tpeciall matter. anD tt)e entr^Ms, Ec 
fuper tora mateiia,&.'c.petuDt difcretionem Juftieiariorum, anD fometime, ad- 
vifamentum &difcretionem Juftieiariorum in prsEmiffis.&c. tljat (0, ff)Cp Defire 

tbattbe 3EuDge0 tooulD Difcernbplatotolbat is )uft, anD 0ib« luDgementac* 


I H.8 cj^. 

See tht i.part 
of the Inftitutes, 
the Preface to 
the 4.part of the 

The danger enfu. 
ing byalteratioa 
of any of the 
Maximes of the 

* In the Chip- 
ter of the Court 
of Wards and 

Rooks cifc Lib. 



±1 The High Court of parliament » Cap. i. 

^cis againji the power of the Tarlianmit fuhfequenthhid not. 

1 H 4,1111.144. Sin Article of tl)c §>tati!f c matic in 1 1 R,2. C3p,5 . i3,tl)at no pcrfoit (t}oulD at . tempt focstiohc Htip £D;Dinantc tfjcn mace, (s repealed, foj tftat ftitlj rcftratr.t 
pealed by 1H.4. tg agattitt tlje judsDtctfon anDpotocr oftl)c|3arltanient,tftc llbcrtp of t^efub* 
"h' nu 8 jcit^anf tmrcafonablc^nDlthciniretljclaa ^illanD SCcftamcnt of JUing R,u 
vid.7*HVnu.37. ""^^^^ ^^^ €*?cat g)cal, jpjftjj? S»cal , anD p?it3|? Signet , toljcrcbj' Ijc uWt^ 

certain monp^trcafurc^c, to tjts fuctcffojs upon conDition to obferije all tljc 

^M anO oiDcrs at tijc parliatucnt fjolDcn in Anno 21 of l)i0 reign, toasljol' 

Den unjuttanDunlatofulUfojt^at it rcftraincD tije ^otieraign liberty of tl)e 

IHinjjs l)is a>iit£ca:o?s» 
ji R.'.ca.ig. S>imDjp !Lo;Ds of JDarltament (but no IBitfcops) oj fix of tliem , ant) certain 
II R.' 3^nigl)ts of ftires of tBe Commons oj tijjcc of tl)cm are autljojifct) bp 0utftojifj> 

of JSacltament to examine, anftoer, ano plainlp Octermine all t^e i?ctitions eylji. 

bttet) in tl)at|aarliament,ant)tl)e matters tontainco in ttjefamcbpt^eirgoonaOs 
1 H.4.mi.7o. tjice anD tiircretion,ic. Cfte Ijtgft potocr of a parliament to be rommitfeo to a 

feitj is Ijoinen to be againtt t^e Dignity of a j^arliament, anD tfjat no fuel) Com* 
z milion ougljt to be granteH. 

Vide iiR.i. ' ^n ^(t in 11 R.2^a.3.tljatnomanaaainff Inftomanj'juligment, ojfojfei* 
nu.44. tuf c tuas gitjcn lljottlD ftic foj parDon 0?. graccu* toas IjolDcn to le unrcafonalilc 

iwftljout example, anO againtt tljclalu anD cuftomc of parliament, anD tljerc* 
*^i^^p'"i- f"^^ tftat b?amb bp 3utI)o?itp of parliament teas aDnic^alcD,anDmaDctioiD. 
mfncought tole ^Ifo 3 ^""^ tijat in times paft tbc ^oiifcs of JL arliamentfjatc not been tlearlp 
pkiniy,and clear- Dealt tiiitfjaU, but bp cunning artifice of ioojDs utterly DcccitjeD , anD tljat in 
jy.and not cui- cafcs of grcatett moment, cticn in cafe of !^igl) a^reaton , as taKing one mm* 
ningiy and darkly pj^ foj a Ujamincc tu lifee cafes Ijereaf f er, 

m cnSrcau ^^'"3 H. 8 . aftcr tljc Clcrgj? of e nslaiiD IjaD in tfjeir contotattons acUnoto^ 
f„ ' leDgcD Ijtrn &upjeam ?^eaD oft&e Cf)arcf)of(iDnglanD, ttjougljt it no Difficult 

» i6 H.8.C3.I. matter to Ijabc tl^c fame coirobojatcD anD confirmcD hv ^utljojifp of |Darlta« 
•;. mcnt, but iintfjall fetrctli,' anDearncfllpDerircDtbatti^c impirgncrsatiDDcjucrs 
"v V'^'^jf "^^ tljereof, fijoiigl) it iwcre but bp too:.D,migftt incur tlje offence of ^tcrl) SCreafoit, 
ttionKfcrrcITo suD finDtugtljc one.tljHt is, flje acftnotoleDgcment of fjis &up?en?acp libeli'to 
the z.ciaufc. Ijatc gooD palTagc, anD Ijatiing little liope upon tljat tofjiclj fje founD to cifcit t^e 
fc shidow.d with otljer concerning ^igliSCrcafon, fougijt foljaticit paffein fome otftcr ^A bj? 
the Quetuor toojDS clofclp coVocljeD , tl)Ougl) fljc fojmec ^a of S>upjcmaf|' baD been tl)C 
fDcpHvcanob- Pjop^f P^^^' * SuD tljcrcfojc in tljc;a(tof recognition Of l)is &up;cmacp it is 
fcuiewuid. enatteD. tijat bcfftoulD l)a1)canncrcDanDuniteDto tl^eCroton of ftjisHcsIm 
d Nf.te thi word tl)e settle anD Sitilc thereof t * anD afterioarDs totoarDs t\)t enD of tijc |3a;iia=! 
[title] ia ih: fo:- meut, a bill ixjaspjeferreD toljcrebp mahp offences be i^igl) SreafoitjanD tfjcre* 
"pa.WR of ^-^^ iSenaiJeD, That if any perfon or perfom by Hvord or writing, i pradife 
C.\mZb.'de An- Or actempc any bodily barm tothe King, the ^^ Qiieen or their heirs apparanr, 
tiqn tit-: Brit. 2 Or to^ deprive them or any ofthem, of their dignity,' title, or name of their 
Bulcfic. ckrris roysil eftates, J orthat the King fliould be an <^ Heretique, Schifmatique,Tyranr, 
ammototo objlii- infidell, orUfiirper of the Crown.&c that every fuch perfens fo offending fliculd 
q"!jfiihan'vZ be adjudged Trayrors,&c. &oaSnotDbpfJjis"latfer ^Ct, 1)6 tftat bp is}0?D OJ 
veEa tituh,,aHt iDiiting atfcmpfs toDepjitjc ffjE feiugof tfjc tttlc otitis roi'all cffaf e is a SCrap* 
qmf.wuendent, to?, but tl)c fojmer ^ct IjaD anncrcD fofbcCroton tlje title of t^e ttile of &u» 
'ff'Z'^'ftv V^^^^i^, anD tftercfoje l)ttm OjoulD bp toojD oj tojifing attempt foDepjtt?c flje 
vcd"nat ionc for" ^uig tljereof ftoulD be a 2Drai>to?, anD ^npon tW latu of 26 3. foj De' 
twice itwaMCfea- "Pi"? Of t!)C I'? iugs S»upjcmacp Ditjcrs fuffcrcD Deatfj as in cafe of ^igli SErca* 
kd, viz.hyiE.6. fon, toljcrcasaUlalDS, efpeciallppenalUanDp^incipallP tljofc tl^at are pcnall in 
*" wif * '^7'*'"'' tft"^ ''''^"Jcft Degree ougl)t to be fo plainlP anD perfpiaioutip penncD, as cl^crp 
laws oiio'iK to'" ^^"'^'^f of I'f") pontes map unDcrttanD tlje fame, anD atcojDing to l)is bnoir* 
lave. "" leDgcaaDconfcienccgtlieftis t?oicc,''Eritaut^mIexhonefta, juaa,poiribilis,fe- 

fclfidorzHty- cundum naturam & Jccundum confuetudinem patris,temporique conveniens, 
p-"!- neeeifaria &utilis.manireftaquoque, nealiquidpar oblcuritatemiccaurumcap- 


Cap. I. The High Court of Tarliament, 43 

tionccontrudac, nullo private commodo, fed pro comtnuni eivium utilitate 

con/cripta> ideo in ipfa conftitutione iftaconfiderandafunt, quia cum Jegei in- 

ftif ata: fuerint non erit liberum arbitrium judicarede ipfis, fed oportebit judi- 

carefecundumipfas,U)t)ic^ bc excellent rnlcs foj all patUameiita to folloto. 

IBut t!)c statute of 5^ftatlj concerning t^c * »upjemacp Dealt plafn* ^ 

Ip ant) pcrfpUuouflp asbp tlie fame appcacctlj* \ Lxod.4 i6.r//, 

• /. Mrfii ens It i. 

/larm, inh'us qitie adcleiimpcrtincntj&c. Exod.j 1.15,16. Mofer cufios utriufquc tabnU. Numb. 10. i, 1. Miifci 
CuftosutnufquctHbte. Joftiua 14. \. Cengrcgavic JoJua,&e.iZ. rf(wi/?f. x Chron. 15.4. i Cliron, 16.4J. Rex David. 
I Chron.f.z. Rex Solomon, a Chron.i9. if.&c. Ezcklas. Nota. iSarn. 15.17 El an Samitclad Siuil,nonne iWfi 
piTJuliu ejjis caput in triA/zfcw /tfiJ/wei/and the Tribe ot Levi was one. i Maccab. 14. 44. Sec hcreaficr £3.74.. 

SnO albeit it appearctftbp tljefe cwmtples , ant) manp oft)etr tftat mtgl)t be 
b;ougl)t , toljat tranfcciiDent potocr anD autljojiti,' tbts c:ourt of parliament 
liatft, pet ttiouglj OiticriS parliament© Ijatjc attcmpteti to barre , rellrain, M- 
penD, qualtfic, 01 mafec toft) fubfcquent parliaments, pct conlO tijep neter tV- 
fC£tit,fo; tl^e latter parliament l)atl)eterpolDer to abrogate, fufpenD, qtiaUfic, 
erplain,o} mafee tJotD tfte fojmer in f l^e toljolc o j in anp part tljercof ,notUJitftaan= 
Ding am InojDS ofrettratnt,p?ol){bition, o;penalfpintl)cfojmcr : foj it is a 
marimcintljelaUj of tfte parliament , quod leges policriorespriorcs contrarias 

JSis of Parliament enrolled mother Courts. 

iFoj tl^e better obfcrtation of anp 0ct of parliament enacteO foj tftc Common* 
iDcaltb, oj of a petition of rigl)t,oj3uDgment in parliament, oj tf)ellbc,anD 
to incourage tbe SluDges f ^at tlie fame map be tinlp erecuteD, tl^e fame map be in= 
rolleD in tftc Courts of 3ltillicc in tftts manner. SClje t^noj office KecojDmutt 
be remotcD into t^c Cftanccrpbptojit of Certiorari, anti tielitieret) into tfteiiiings 
315encftbptftct>ant)Sof tl^cC^anccloj ojJLojt) toceper, anDfentbp Mittimus to 
tljc Court ofCommottplca0,ant)bpUfee Mittimus into f^e cBw^eqacrj anO t^e 
i^ingbp bis tojit map commanDanp Court to obfertoe ant) firmlp tofeeepfucl^ 
an i.(t of parliament,as if appearctft bp tftefe ttoo pjeceDents, £x Rothh Clattf. 

eAnfiozSE,i,m.2.'Dorf Rex Thefauraf & Baronibus fuis de Scacear' Salute, 
Quia volumus quod Magna Carta domini Henrici quondam Regis Anglis pa- 
tris nofiri dc libertatibus Angliaj quam eonfirmavimus & ctiam innov^i- 
tnus in omnibus & finguiis artieuiis fuis firmiter & invioiabiliter obfervetur. 
Vobis mandamus quod Cartam pra?di£tam in orrnibus & finguiis fuis artieu- 
iis quanciim in vobis oil coram vobis in dido Scaccario obfervari faciatis 
firmiter & teneri. T.R, apud Dunfres 13. die OcSobris. 

Rex Juftic' fuis de Baneo Sa!utem:Cum in alleviationcm gravamimim qui po- 
pulusregni nofiri oecafione gucrrarum haftenus toleravit, ac in cmendatiorem 
flams ejufdem populi, recnonutex hoc fe exhibeat ad noftra fervicia promp- 
tiorem, nobifqueinagendis nollris libentius fubfidium faeiat in futurum, quof- 
dam articulos eidcm populoplarimum(annuenteDomino)profuturos de gratia 
nortra fpeciali duxerimus concedendos. Vobis mandamus quod diftos articulos 
quos vobis mittimus figillo noftroconfignatos coram vobis in banco pridido 
quantum in vobis eftjuxta vim,formam & effed^um eorundem obfcrvari fa- 
cialis firmiter & teneri. T.R.apudDnnfres 30. die06tobris. 

Every Member of theTarliament ou^ht to come, 
CEtJcrp JLoiD &pirituall anD 2Cempo?all , anD eberp tenigljt, Cifijen anD 
BurgcOie (l)all upon Summons come to tl^e parliament, ercept (je canreafo:: 
nabl)', anDboncftlfercurcftimfelfiOjelfe fjcftall be amcrrcD,«. tljaf is, refpe» 
ttiticlp,a 3Lo;D bp tijc ilojD3,anD oncof tijc Commona bp tljc Commons. 

IBP ttie statute of 6 6, no !ftnigl)t. Citizen 0; IBnrgeffe of tfte l^oufe 
of Commons lliall Depart from tlje parliament iuifbout licence of t^c ^pea^. 
Iter anD Commoiis, tl)c fame tobecntrcD of rccojD in t|^e book of ttjc Cierh of 
tl)e parliament, upon pain to lofe tlieir toages. 


Subfcqiient PJr- 
liameiits cannot 
be reftraincJ by 
the former. 
43 K jca.i, 
1 1 I. 
I E 
B. of 

Ibid. lOE.l. 
Magnum Placitu 
int. Com.Gloc* 
& Com. Here f. 
Clauf.An.i8 E.i. 
in Doif, irr. le 
Magna Carta. 
Pafch.jj E.I. 
Rot. 21. 

dcicr. Petition 
in Farliamencj<!/ 
banlie le Hoy. 

y R.Z.Stat. I.e. 4. 
Rot.par ji U 6- 
nij.4.6. fines were 
I (-'any of the 
Lords or Com- 
mons come not, 
Rc.they fhallbe 

^^ The High Court of Tarliament, Cap.i. 

vi. 3E.j.i8.fup. 3!faiLojt) Depart from parliament tDttftoutltcenfe, it isan offence Done cut 

If any of the of tj^g parttament anD 10 finable bp t^c ILojDs t anDfoittsofai^cmbctoftljc 

m«nsd°pm &c ^oufs Of Commons,ftc mapbe flneD b? tfte ^oufe of Commons, Vide i & 2 Pk 

they dial be fiaed & Mar. coram rege» Rot. 4«. DitjerS fnfojmattons bp tljc ;3tto?np <IDeneraU foj 

I & I ph & M. Departing tott^out litenfe , ut fupra. 

Rot.48.mfLip. ' 2ti,g punifljment of &l)crtffe0fo: tljeir negligence in retojning of tKKrifSujj 

• J, fpjiea^ijng (mt of tbetr retojns ang Cttp 0; iBorougft totitclj ougl)t to fcnD Citt* 

*■ ^tnsanDllBurgeffes, 

Advice concerning new and platifeble projeFis andojjers in Parliament. 

See before pa.14 W^jBit anj? plauBblc pjoject is maDc in parliament to Djato fljc 3lo?Ds anD 

Rot. par. 1 3 E.J, (Commons toaffent to anp ^ct (efpeciallp in matters of iucigftt anD impojtance) 

if botl) ^oufes Do gitie upon tfte matter pjojcdcD anD piomtfeD tfjcir confcnt , it 

fijall be moftnecc(rarp,t^ep being trufteDfojtl)eCommon=iDealtb, to Ijatic tbe 

matter pjojecteD anD pjomifeD (to^iclj motjeD tbe !^oufes to content) to be ctta* 

blifteD in t^c fame act, left tlic benefit of tfte jactbc taken , anD tl)e matter p?ojes 

rtieD anD pjomifeD nctjcr perfo jmeD, anD fo tlje Routes of parliament perfojmc 

not tbe truft repofeD in t^em^ Ss it fell out (tahing one example fozmanp) xa 

tlje reigneof H. 8. £Dn tljeaingsbebalfetljcspcmbcrsofbotbi^oufcsiDcrcin* 

fojmeD in partiamenf, tljat no teing o j !iiingDome toas fafe, but teljcre tijc feing 

IjaD t^jee abilities. iFirft, 2Co litie of Ijts oton, anD able to DcfenD ftts bingDome 

upon anp fuDDen intjafion oj infurrertion. ^, SEoaiDe^tsconfeDeratcs, ot^er- 

toife tJ^ep tooulD neDer affift f)im. ?♦ Co reinarD bis tocll Deferring fcrtants, 

Jl5olD tbe pjojed: toas, tljat iftftc parliament iuoulD gttjc unto Ijim all t^e^b^ 

ties, p:iojies, jFriojies, iJunneries, anD otlier i2^onaaertes , tftat foj ctier in 

time ttjen to come, tje toonlD tabc o?Der tijat tl^e fanv CbonlD not be contierteD to 

pjitatcnfc : IPut firtt, tljat l)ts CErcftcqucr fcj tfte purpofes afojcfatD fljoulD fce 

enr tcljeD. g>econDlp, tlje j^ingDome ttrengtljeneD bp a continuall maintenance of 

40 t^oufanD loell traineD fonlDiers toitl) sbtlfuU Captains anD CommanDers. 

2D&irDlp, foj tlje benefit anD cafe of tbe §>ubje£t , ioljo ncbcr aftertoarDS Cas 

toas pjojecteD)in anp time to come fijoulD becljargeD toit^ &HbrtDtc3,iT^ tftccntft.s, 

3L oanes, j otlier common aiDcs. iFourtftlp, lett tlje Ijonour of tl)C 1*^ calme fljoulD 

rcceitjc anp Diminution of Ijonour bp tlje DiCTolutton of tljc faiD saDonattcrtcs, f l)cre 

being 251 3LojDs of parliament of tijc Abbots anD pjtojs (tbat IjclD of tljc iiing 

per Baroniam , Ujljereof moje in tfte nert leafe) t^at tftc Jiing tooulD create a 

number of JlJobles, to^itlj toe omit. Eljc faiD sponaaeriestocrcgiticntotljc 

lyH.s.demona- jking bp autljojttp of Ditjers ^ds of parliament , butnop^oniftontoas tljsrciti 

fteries,& }i H.8 maDefoj tlje faiD pjojettjOj anp part thereof; * onlpad faciend' populum t^efepor* 

cap.ij.jiH.s. fedtongtiieregitJcntotbeiiingbisljeirsanD fuccelTojs toDoanDufetljcretoitl) 

"ly'H.S.cap.iS. l)is anD tl)Cir oton toils, 10 the pleafurcofAlmighty God, and the honour and 

profit of the Realme, i^oto obfcrte tlje cafattrop^e ;intlbcfamepartiamcntof ?i H,8. toljcntfte 
g4H8.cap.i6.& great anD opulent p?iojp of Saint lohns of lemfalem toasgitientotfteiSing , Ijc 
*7« DemanDeD anD ftaD a §>nbfiDie botft of tlje Clcrgie anD =lLaitp. ^nD tlje like fte 

37 H.8.cap.t4. ^^^ jj^ ^4 H.8. anD in 57 H. 8» ijc^aD another ^ubfiDic. anD fincc tfte Diffoluti. 
on of t^e faiD iponattectes ijc eyacteD Diljers loanes , anD againft lato reccitjeD tftc 

Whom the K^mg may call to the Lords Houje of Parliament. 
Rot ciauf. in 3f jjjg j^ji^g jjp ^jg ^^jt jgngj^ a„p j^„igjjt pj cEfqutre to be a 5LojD of fljc 
io'septcmb ' partiament, tje cannot rcfufeto ferte tlbeHing tfterc in communi illo Concilio, 
Writs to divers foi tljc gooD Of Ijtscountrp. 515ut if tlje lUng IjaD callcDan * ^bbot, piio: , 01 
adordinemmiiiti* otljer regular Piclatc bp ^rit to tlje parliament to ttjc Common Counccll of 
«/ wT/^Sf'"' *^^ ''^caime, if 1)6 ftelD not of tibe ^ing per Baroniam, ^e migljt refufe to ferlje in 

emm mif.Htiidmcm in cnntmc ufitatam, * Of regulav Pichts that holdffr Btrm:A»i. 


Gap.i. The High Court ofTarliament, 

}3arltanicnt, bccaufc quoad fecularia, \)e toas mortuus in lege, and tfjerefoje not 
capable to Ijaijc place anDtioicc in }Darltamcnt,uiilcirc beDtD liolDpcr Baroniam, 
anD toere to ttjat common CotmccU called bp tiHIr it, totjict) maoe l^tm capable : 
anD tljotiofb fuel) a pjelat IRegulai- ftaD been often calleD by^MtiU anD IjaD de fa* 
do liaD place % \joicc in IDarliamcnt, vet if in rei veritate te IjelD not per Baroni= 
am , 1)8 ougljt to be Oifc^jargcD of tijat ferljtce, anD to fit in piarliament no moje. 

' iFojtftattl)c3bbj> of ILcfccIfcrtDasfounDeDbp Robert Fie z=Robei Carle of 
iLctceftec (albeit tfte patronage came to tlje Crolunc bp t\)z fojfciture of Simon 
dc Mountford Carle of 3L etc.) pet being of a fubjccts founDatton, itcoulDnottc 
fjolDen per Baroniam , anD tf)crefo:e tlje abbot IjaD no capacttp to be calleD to tljc 
jrarliament , anD tljcreupon tlje Jiing DiD grant, quod idem Abbas & fucceflb- 
rcs I'ui de vcnicndo ad Parliamenta & concilia noHra vel hsredum noflrotuna 
quieti fine & exonerati imperpetuum, 

'' De jure & confuetudine Angliar ad Archidiaconatum Cantuarienfcm, &c. Ab- 
batcs, Priores,aliofq; Prxlatos quolcunque per Baroniam de domino regecenen- 
ics pertinet in Parliamentis regiis quibufcunque uc Pares regni prordidi perfonali- 
ter intereflV, ibiq; de regni negotiis ac aliis trad^ariconluetis cum ceteris didi 
regni Paribus ac aliis ibidem jus intereffcndi habcntibusconrulcre& tracSare, 
ordinare, ftatuere, & diffinire, ac citera faecre qux Parliamenti tempore ibidt 
immunient faciend', 

iJ5o man ougljt to fit in ffjat !^igl) Court of IParliamcnt , but ^ tljat ^f6 
rtg^t to fit tljcre : fo; if is not onli' a pcrfonall offence in l)im tfjat fittctlj t^er« 
lDit^outautl)o:itp, but a public^ offence to tije Court of parliament, anD cottfe* 
quentlp to tl)E Indole JRcalmc. iI5uf all t^e cafes abotjefaiD , anD otfjers tljat 
migbf be rcmemb?eD toncl&tng tl)is point, as little 3Rttier0,Do flotu from tljc 
fountaine of Modus tenendi Parliamentum, toljcre it iS fatD. Ad Parliamentum 
fummoneiri & venire debent racione tenura: (ox omnes & finguli Archiepifc',Epi- 
fcopi,Abbates, Priores & alii majorescleri qui tenent percomitatum vel baroni- 
am rationehujufmodi tenure, &nuIliminores,nifi eorum prajfentianeceflaria 
vel utilis reputetur, &c. 

£Dne rare anD ffrange creation of aJLojD regular of parliament toe cannot 
pafTeoticr, toljicl) inas, sCljatfeing H»8. in tlje Sftlj pear of ibis reign, bp Ijis ^tt^ 
f crs patents unDer tlje dD jeat ^cale, DiD grant unto Richard Banham S^bitit of 
SDateftocfe in tlje Countp of HDeton,being of ^i is patronage, anD to tlje fucceffo?^ 
of tlje fatD abbot, ut eorum quiliber,qui pro tempore ibidem fuerit Abbas, fit & 
eric unus de fpiritualibus & religiofis domiois Parliamenti noftri, hjcrcdum & 
fucceflbrum noflrorurti , gaudend'honore,privilegio & libertatibusejufdcm. 

llBp tljaf toljict) Ijatl) been fatD, it appcarctlj tftat tljis creation of a regular 
ILojD of parliament ioas f oiDe, foj tljat tlje ^blot teas neitljer Baro, no? l^aD 
Baroniam, Sec, j^nD if tlje IMngmigljt create Abbots ojpjio;s?Lo?Ds of par- 
liament in tljts manner , bp tljc fame reafon Ijs migljt create SDeans anD ^rc^- 
l)eacons JLojDo of parliament, teljttlj toitljout queftton \)c cannot» 

HBp flje act of parliament of I oH.2. calleD tlje affife of Clarendon, It isDe= 
ClaceD, Utpatsconfuetudinum & libertacum antecefTorum Regis, w?-,Henricipri- 
mi &alioram, qus obfervari debent in regno & a b omnibus teneri,i'«*. Archi- 
cpifcopi,Fpircopi,& univerfe perfonjc regni, qui derege tenent in capitehabc- 
ant pofTelTiones fuas derege fcut baroniam,& indercfpondeant Jufiiciariis & mi- 
nifins regis , Scfequantur & faciant omnes confuetudines regias, & ficut carteri 
barones debent interefle judiciis Curix regis cum baronibus, cuoufq; perveniatur 
*addminutionem membrorum vel ad mortem. &o aS bp ttjtS act a tenure Of 
ttieiiing in cliiefetoas in equipage iDitl^ a Barony. 

anD liing John bp Ijs great Cljarter of liberties maDc Anno 1 7 of Ijis reignc, 
grantetlj, Q^jod faciemus fummoneri Archiepifcopos, Epifcopns, Abbates, Co- 
mirei, & Majorcs Barones regni fingulatim per literas noflras. fDut Of tljiS 
Claufe toe arete obferfec tljcfc tljtngs t J^irflt, tljaf fljefe IBarons callcD Ijcrc Ma- 
jores. toere ILojDS Of parliament , anDcallcD thereunto bp tlje liiingstSIrits. 
feeconDlp , tljat tijep toere calleD Majores comparatitjelp, anD ti^at toas in refpcii 

^ of 


And fowas it ad* 
jiitif^ccl in the 
IMiliauient ac 
York, An. II E i 
in the cafe of the 

Allbot of $,/4WM 

extra Northamp. 
Stanf. pi. cor. 

a Rot.p2t.An16 
E.J. part i.m. a 
Stc Rot.clanf. 
indcrf. ii E. j. 
part i.m.ii. 
Rdig'om que ttig- 
vont per Barony 
font tcnui de ■ue- 
Vid. ibid. 1 3 E.j. 
part i.m.i8& i. 
b Rot.pat.ii R.a 
part I. m. i,Ar- 

Modus tenendi 
Pari. ca.i. 
This is infri ex- 
plained by the 

10 K. X. cap. II. 

Mat. Par.g7 Af- 

Rot. Pari. II & 
ii R. a. 

Cart. libcrtat, a 
Rege Johannc 
Anno 17 regni 
fiii conceff. Mat, 
Par. J 4 J. 


The High Court of Parliament, Cap.i. 

* Nota,a Knights 
fee is the fervice 
ofa Knighr, chat 
•it of a man at 
Hereof fee the 
fecond part of 

of offjerstDljtcbtBCrctaUeD Baronesminores, o; Nobiles minorcs , anD tocrc 
^ceeljolDcrs tftat * liolD bplintgi)t3 ^crbfceanij CEfctiagc, «. Servicium rcuti,of 
f^jeefojts, •z'/*.Milkes, Armigeri,&Genercfi, 3antgl)t3,(Il;fqutrcs, anU C5cn« 
fleljomes, oi dDentlemcn. SEIjcfe Barones minores tocre E o?t)0 of «i5anno?3, anu 
IjaD not tljeDignit!? of ILojDs, but IjaD (Courts of tijeir iFreeftolDers, to^fcl) to t^tst 
Mp are calleD Court 315aron0,CnriseBaroniar*. £>f tl)fs IBaronitfsfaiDintftat 
the inftit. ^^^ j^^gjjg ^^ ^^^^ Edward before t^8 Conqueft : Barones qui (uam habent * Cu- 

inter leges Edw. fat" de lais hotniniDuJ* videant ut (ic de ei$ agaot ,quatcnus crga deutii icatum 
non incurrant, & regetn non oftendanr. 

Baro a Bar, Gcrmanica lingua liberum & fui juris (ignificat, i , toljtttj agrceflji 
toell tottb f^at tofjUl^ batlj been fatD, z. C^at Baro major toas calico Bare major 
regni. 3. 2£l)at etjcrp greater Baron toa» fetjeraltp fummoneD bptljefifngs 
Mrtt,tDl)tc^ continuct^to tl^ts Dap* 
* I. Curiam Ba- 
cap. II. ace' 
Brad. li. J.I J4.b. 
Camd. Brit. iii. 

The fees of the K^n£->t5j Citi:^ens^ and 'Burgeffes of Parliament. 

iFtrft, foj tlje JAnfgi^t ofanpCountp it 104$, perdiem, anD fo if ^atf) been 
timeout of mtnD,tol)tcl) is particularly erpjelleD inmanplRccojDs, but let u3 
fafee one in h^e verba, Johannes ShordichunusmilitumcomicatusMiddlefcx 
vcnientium ad Parliamcmum tenc'apud Wefttn'in Cfo, Animarum ultim' pre- 
terit' habetallocationem 4 li, & 4 $, pro 21 diebus pro expenfit fuis veniendo ad 
Parliament' prasdift' ibid, morando, & exinde ad propria redeundo,capiendo per 
diem 4 s. Tefle Rege apud Wcflm'24die Novemb* Anno46, CEljerp Cttijcn 
anD llBurgcffe is to Satie 2 $♦ per dicm, ut fupra, mutatis mutandis* 

a Jfiota t^e OTritDe expenfis militum,&c. Bot^ compjeljenO tbe fummc accoj* 
aing to t^e abotiefaio computation, ant) a commanticmcnt to tl)e &l)criffc to letiic 
tlje fame ^ De communitate comitatus pra^diiSf tarn infra libertates,quam extra* 
(Civitatibus & Burgis de quibuscives & burgenfes ad parliamentum noftrum,&c, 
venerunt duntaxat exceptis.) %^t lifee ESaritS to tl)C &l^eriffc0 De expenfis avi- 
um &Burgenfium,toletiicti&e fame in Cities ans Boroughs. 

c An, 1 R. 2,nu. 1 1« tl)e Commons petttioneti in parliament, tftat allpcrfons 
babing ILap fcemiglit contribute to t{)e charge of t5e!anig!)ts,anD to all tallages. 
%\iz iSing anfVDereti,[^2i:i)C ILojlis of tl)c IRealm toil HOt lofe tl)eir olD liberties,] 
^Ote tl)6 ?Mrit is De communitace* 

a 0lfo tljere is a Mrit in tlje regiff er De expenfis militis non levandis ab ho- 
minib'de antique dnico, nee abnativis* e ;SDtljer Difcljargcs De expenfis militu. 

f ifojtl)eta)agcsoftl)el5nigl)tsoft^e§>IE)ircofCamb;iDge fee tlje ftatuteof 
34 H. 8. cap. 24t Confimile pro Infula de Ely,&c» 

g H. 4. An,i4, Otitis reigne fummoneo a parliament C ro.Purificationis, anD 
fje DeccafeD 20 Martii foUotoing, fo as tbc parliament tuas DilTolticD bp l)i« ne* 
d fl d- f ^^^^^* ffi^ftcreupon it tnas a queffion , to^etljer tbe finigl^ts anD Burgeffcs 
"his word"col° i'^oult' Ija^e tljeir toages feeing notbing patfeD in tbat parliament. ^nD it Iras 
refoltet), ttjatifupontiietooftbcfeings h lReco?D0anplihep;critJentsmapbc 
founD,allotoances of tbef r fees fbal be maDe. ■ Slfo tljc Clcrgp tuerc contr ibutojj? 
bj? reafon of tbeir Benefices to tlje e);pcnces of tlje p jocurato js of tl^e Clergy.* 

k But Cbaplains tajfeiclj are spatters of tbe Cbanccrj' anl) attcnDanfs at fbe 

Parliament.ftjal not be contributojpbp reafon of jttjetr Benefices to tlje cj^pences 

oftlieClergiPjasbptljcKcgifter ubi fijpra appears: anB tbts Inas bpan ^A 

of parliament mane in * 4 E. 3. toljfcb in gcnerall toojfts is rccifeu in f^e QJKrit 

„ , ^ tirectet) to flje ^rcl&=Deacon foj tljcir Difcljarge. 

p rl.Da nu.40. 

1; Rot. Par.tH.^nu.i6. b Nota.for prefidents. i Regift.itfi. F.N.B. 149. a. ^ Vid.fup. pa.4,f. ' Pari. An. 

4 E.J. apud VVinton. whereof thcte is no Roll now remaining. 

Who he eligible to he a I{night, Q^'^'^^y ^^ 'Burgeffe ofTarliame?it. 

% i&nigljt Baneret being no llojt) of parliament is eligible to be l^inigbt, €{-- 
ttjen, oj Burgeffe of tlje ^onfe of Commons being unocr tljc Degree ofa Baron, 
iDljo is of ttje lolxieft Degree of tlje HojBs !^oure. But Thomas Camois toas not 


Indotf. clauf. 
nu.i. deexpenGs 

Regift. fo.ipi.a, 

Dioti, VtnkndOi 
Morando, Kede- 
undojper dicm 4 s. 
Par.^ J 
J 5 H.S.cap.i. 
bee the ancient 
Treatife, De mtdo 
tcnendi Pari. 
« Regift.f.ipi.a 
See the flat, of 8c 
how theSheriffc 
Ihall levie the 

See 8 R.i. tit. 
Avowric 260. 
what the Com- 
mon law was. 
b Notaj decem- 
For the legall 


c Rot. par.m..i 
nu. ir. 

d Regift.ifii. 
7H.6.J5 b. 
t Regift.191,,91. 
/ J4H.8.C3.Z4. 

See the ftat.of 
f R a.cap.4. 4,^. 
Rot.brcv. 7 R.». 

C ap . I . Tl)e High Court ofTarliament, 

onli> a liJiiigljt Banercf, but a l5aron atiD 3lo;0 of parliament {w Anno 7 R, 2 i 
• anD fcrfccDin tljat parliament as a lIBaronoftftclRcalmc, anD tfjcrcfoie as of 
a t^tngnotoitous Ijc teas DtfctjarccD. £>rtcunDertftcagcof 21 iicaraisnof eli^ 
piblc, ncitl)cr can ani' t o;D of parliament fit t^crc unf ill ^e be of tljc full age 
of 2 1 jtars. 

3n aitcn cannot be clciteO of fljc JDarliament , tccaufe l&e is not tljc IMngs 
Itcsc fubjctf, anD foit io albeit f)ctcniaDe S^cnijcnbp llettcrs J^atcnfs, fc. foj 
tljcrebj' l)C is maDC qua(i , feu tanquam ligcus; but tftat VDtll not fcrljc, foj fje muft 
be ligeusrevera.anDnot quafi>&c. ^nDlucftatefjaDfuclianonecborcn anUDtD 
allolticD bptljc ^^oufeof CommonSjbecaufc fuel] aperfon can I)olD no place of jU' 
Dicature; but tfan alien be naturalijcDbpJDarliament, tljcn fje is eligible to 
fl^is oj anpotfjcr place of f uDicature* 

iSut it isobjectcD tljat Gilbert dc Umphrevill cBarle of ^nUgos in fecofs 
lanD,toascalleDbptl)ei3tngs tbc parliament in 39 E. ^ bptfje name 
of Giiberc CSarleof ^SinDgos ; anD in asearit of IRaDiftment ofGSaarDbjongftt 
agatnftl)im,bj.'t{)e name of Gilbert Umphrevill Chivaler,fteplcaDeD to tbe Mrif, 
fljat be teas Carle of anDgosnot namcD in tbe (Mrit ; anD foj tbat be teas fHm« 
moncD to etjcrp jparltamentbptbc name of tbe Carle of 0nDgos, anD tbeifting 
fentto bim a Ml rtt of parliament unDer tbe (25 jeat&cale, as toaJBcer of tbe 
laiiD, b»' juDgemcnt of tbe Court tbe dUrit DiD abate, ^e bat?e fearcbeD foj tbc 
trutb of tbis cafe , anD do finDe it in tbe pica IRols in tbis manner. 

Richard de Umphrevill llSaron Of pjoDbotoe anD HeDcsDale in tbe County 
of j|5o:tb'.imbcrlanD.baD iffuc Gilbert, irbo aftcrtbcDcatbofbtsiFafbcrtoasa 
IBaron 01" tbis i\calm, anD in tbc reign of H. 3. marrieD toitb Mawde Daugbter 
anD beir of tbc Carl of 0nDgo6 in ^cotlanD, tobo bpber baD iffne Gilbert , tobo 
tpas Carle of ^nDgos as bcir to bis motbcr, anD llBaron of pjoDboto anD K etef* 
Sale as betr to bis fatljcr : be fat in parliament uponfummonsbpCSHrittn 
27 E. I. 28 E. I. 30 E. 1. 3? E.I. I E. 2. anD 2 E. 2, bp tbe name of Gilbert 
Carle ofj9nDgos. Robert bis fonne fat in parliament. Anno 1 2 E. 2. bp tbff 
fame name of Dignttp,anDrofo;tb, all E, tbe S>econDs reign. SnD Gilbert bis 
fonne fat in parliament tn6E. 3. anD in eterp parliament follotofng antiU, 
anD in 4 R. 2. bp tbc fame name. HnD in Gilbert bis fonne (tobo DeccafcD fn An- 
no 15 H, 6) tbat firnamcofiimphrevilceafeD. It^ercbp it appearctb tbat tbe fafD 
Richard UmphrevilanDbispotteritp, from totjence foetcr tbcp ojiginallp dc« 
fcenDeD, tocrc liege CngliOmicn: fo? if tbep baD been Aliens, fbcu coulD not babe 
en jdpeD tbe IL o:Dfbip3 of pjoDbotoe, £)ttcrbo?ne, i^arbottlc, anD KeDesDale in 
CnglanD, no? tbe Baronpof teime in i.ancafbire,'tobicb tbe ttoolaft Gilberts 
enjoi'cD. anD note, tbcHSooh in 39 E. 3. concluDetb, tbat Gilbert Umphrevil 
faasfummoneD to tbc parliament unDer tbe (I15?eat &ealc, Come un Pier del 
^ Bilbop elect map fit in parliament as a jLojD tbereof. 

^/-^'"i^^^S Citizens and 'Burgejjes of ^arl'Mmmt. 

f^mt of tbe BfuDges of tbclSings Bentb, 0? Common picas . oj Barons of 
tbe Crtbequcr tbat bate iuDiciall places can be cbofcn iiniabf><£itijen, 0; IBur* 
gcDTeof parliament, as it is noto bolDcn,bccaufe tijep be aSiftanfs in tbe ^LojDs 
l^oufc ; % pet pou map rcaDe in tbe ' |0arliament H oil. An. 3 1 h. <j. tbat Thorp 
3!i5aron of tbc Crcbequer toas &peafecr of tbc parliantcnt. 'SSixi anp tbat bat»c 
juDiciall plates in tbe Court of CiiaarDs, Court of 3Ducbtc , qi otber Courts Co 
tlefiaaicall, 0? CiDill, being no ilojD of parliament, arceliofble. 
a i^one of tbcClcrgp,tbougb be be of tbe lotoett £i> jDcr,arc clicriblc to be ttnigbt, 
Citijen, oj BurgelTe of parliament, bccaufe tbcp are of anotbcr boDp, viz of tbc 
Conljocation. * 


Dorf. cJaur.7 R.t 
m.xo.& J7. X Mar. 

39t J-JJ>5«- 

Ail this doth ap- 
pear in the Roli 
ef Parliament in 
all the fevcrali 

Thefe two were 
commonly calle4 
I he Earles of/- 

H;I. 18E.1 
nu. loy. 



a man attaintcD of treafon o: fclonp, «. is not eligible : foi conccrnina tbc 
elccttonofttootenigbts, tbeUiojDsoftbctI2aritbc,Duo$miltte$giadiiscinaos 
magisidoneos,& dilcrctoseligi tac.anD fojtbeclettton Of Citizens iBurgeffes, 

^i tbe 

nu. 16,27,1!. 
Note, he ci^iild 
not be Speaker 
unknchc were 
Knight ot the 
ihiie,&c. in the 
a Akx?n.NowcIs 
cafe, who after 
was Dcane of 
PjlIs being a 
Prebend, i Mar. 

^8 ^he High Court ofTarliament. Cap . i . 

tl^etoOjDS OfttJCtMritbC, Duos, &c. dc difcretioribus & magis fufificientibus, 
ipfticlj t^ep cannot be fatt» to be, toj^en tljep are attainted of f reafon o? fclonp, f c. 
^ato^s ant) liSatUffeo of SHotones co^:po?ate arc elegtbleagatnlt ttje opinioi! 
in Brook, Anno 38 H. 8, tit' Parliament. 

Stnp of tljcpjofeffton of t^e Common ILaln, ano tu^kb is in pjarttcc of tfje 
fame, is eligible. JFoj ^c tDl)ict) is eligible of common rigtjt cannot be OifablcD 
Rot.pat.46 E.J. bptlje faiD ^jDinancc in parliament in tljc iio:Ds K^oufe in 46 £. 3. unlcffe it 
nu. 10. ^^-Q been bp act of parliament t anD if it ^ao been bp autljo jitj? of parliament, 

J R.z.ftat.i.cM. petl&aDtl^efamebeenabjogateDbptljefaiDftatutesof J R.z.rtat. z. cap. 2. anD 
7 H.4 ca.iy. 7 H. 4. cap, 1 J . tDJ^icl) arc gencrall latjcs iuitftoHt anp erccption , as batlj been 

Rot.ciauf. Anno ^j g parliament ftolDen at Cotjenf rp Anno 6 H. 4. t6e parliament teas fum= 
See before pa 10 woneD fap ©Krit (anD bp colour of tl)e faiD S) jsinance) it toas foabioDen, tftat no 
4 Petty Afts pafl ^LatoperftjeulDbecftofcnlanigftf, vEitijen, 0: Burgeffc, bp reafon toljercoftfjis 
fed at this Pariia- parliament teas fruitleffe, and netjer agooD la\D mace tfjereat, anD tftercfoje 
""^Va '"'1°' callcD Indoftum Parliamemum , oj =ii,acb4carning parliament. :anD feeing 
the fa^'appears ^^^^ Mr its toerc againft lain, IL atopers eter Gnte (foj t^e great anD gooD fer- 
Rot.Pari. 50 E. ji tice of tlje Common=tocaltt)) i^ate been eligible : fo?, as itbatft been faiD, an Ordi- tl^c Writfli Of Parliament cannot be altereD tuitliout an ^d of parliament : anD 
"ance that no gUjcit t^c pjoljibitojp claijfc baD been infertcD in tl)e CSHrit, pet being aaainffi 
be Tuftice of ^^^' ^^toPi^fS to^fc Of rigljt eligible, anD migbt l)ai:c been elccteD finigbt, Citi= 
peace.&c. bound l^"' oj Bucgeffe ttt t^at parliament of ^ H. 4. 

not the fubjeft Wv fpeciall ojDer oftbc ^^onfc of Commons flje j3ttojnp (Sencrallisnoteli- 
untiUa ftatute gible to be a i"©em'jer of tijc ^oufe of Commons. 

made iMaf.c.8. ^f tj,e parliament ftolDen 1 Caroli Regis, tlje §>l>eri(fc foi tbe Countp of 
JBucbingftam iuas cbofcn iSnigljt foj tbc Cottntp of J15o?ff. anD rcftirneD into tbe 
Cljancerp : anD fjating a Subpena out of tt)e C^anccrp fertieD upon l)(m, at tfte 
fait of t^e ilaDpC. pendente Parliamento, upon motion, ftc l)aD tl)ep?it3ileDgc of 
Of parliament alloloeD unto l^imbpt^ejuDgement office tDl)ole1^oufe of Com* 

WhoJJ?allbeEleSiorsoft\7ii^htSjCiti:?;em,and'Bw^eJJes^ how and 
ttfhen : and ofEkSiions. 

M^o fldall be eled:o^0,anD lobo Qjall be cbofen, anD tbe time, place, anD man* 

^^' / ner of election, anD therein tljeDutp of tl)c§>^criffc, pou map reaDe in ttjcpofititjc 

u/^ j^-ri^vA^ i^ J'^^'^^ "^ 7 H,4.cap.if. 11 H.4. cap. i. i H. 5-. cap.i. 8 H.6.eap,7^ lo H.d^. ca.i. 

'3 ^ ' '*,5a2I*»^3' 23 H.6.eap,i5r.6 H. (5. cap.4. &c,ln{)icl)neeDnotl)ercbeparticularlprel)earrcD, 

*T^T^*TEiizcap I Jpollnigbt, Citizen oj Burgeffc can (U in parliament befoje tie Ijatl^taUen 

J^^lT'*. tl)efl)atl)Of&«p?emacp. 

.fHi**^' -f Vide Rot. Clauf. 7 R, 2. 7 O^obris in Dorf, Sir Thomas Moreville elCCteD 

one of t^e linigftfs fo: tlje Countp of !^crtfojD, I bid. James Bemers tljofcn to 
ferbe in parliament, anD bot^ of tbem DtfcbargeD. a>ee tfte IRecojD. 

il^o election can bemaDe of anp l^niglbt oftlje ^birebutbetlucen 8 anD 11 of 
fbeclocb in tf)C fojcnoonc : but if tljc election be begun tnitbtn f!}at time,anD can= 
not be DetermineD \aii\^in tbofe tjours tlje election map be maoc after. 

iFoj tl)C election oftbef^nig^ts, if tbe partp oj tlje jFreeljolDers DemanD tbe 
poll, tbc g>l)eriffe cannot Denp tftc fcrutinp, fo? be cannot Difcerne toljo be jFree* 
tolDers bp tbc tieto : anD tbougl) f be partp icoulD toatic tlje poll, pet tbc £>l)cr iffc 
muft pjoceeD in f be fcrutinp. 

3lf tbeliing Dotb netolp tncojpojafc an ancient llBojouglj (tobicb fent Burgcf:: 
fes to tbe parliament) anD grantetb tbat certain felcctcti Burgeffcs ftjall mabe 
election of tbc llBurgclTes of parliament,tobcrc all tbc Burgeffcs clcctcD befoie, 
f ^is Charter tabetb not atoap tbc election of tbe otber Burgeffcs. HnD fo , if a 
Citp,ic. batb potuertomafee ^(jDinances, tbep cannot mabe an iDjDinante tbat 
a led^ number fball elect SBnrgelTes, fo} tbe parliament tbcn maDe tbe election 


Cap.i. Tloe High Court of Tarliament, ^^ 

bcfo?c;foj free elections of a^cmbcrs of tijcljtgl) CTonrf of parliament are pro bo- 
no publico, ant) not to be comparcD to otl)er cafes of election of i^atojs, llSatUffes, 
%c, ofCo?po;attons, It. 

3If one be Dub elccteDlininljf, Citizen, o;ffiurgcffe,anDtl)c§)l)9rftferefiirne Rotp.ui 5H.4. 
anotlicr, t^e rctunieniuttbe rcfo?meD, ana amenHcD bptlje S>fterifFe : anD ftctljat ""•s*- 
ts Gulp elected muft be inferfeD : foj t^c election in tftefe cafes is tlic founDation, 
anti notice return. 

Hfep ojiginall grant oj bp cuttome, a felectco number of llBuraeffcs map elect anD 
btnDe ttie re&Due. 

Qoncerning Charters of Exemption. 

%\it lining cannot grant a Cljartcr of cremption to anp man to ?-c freeD from 
eleflionof Jintgbt, CittjcmoiiDurgcffcof tfte JDarliament (as Ijcmap Do of fome 
tnferiour£)fficco J places) becaufet^e elections of t^emougftt to be free, anD bis pafdi.jE 3.^19 
attcnDancc is fo? tljcfcrlntc of tbeVi)l}olcKcalme,anDfo?tl)C benefit of tfjeliing tic.coron, F.161. 
anD ftts people, anD tl)o tol^olcsIommon^Uicalt^tjatbaninterctttljeretn : anD 
tfterefojca Ctjartcr of eremption tljatlSingH. 6. ijaDmaDeto tlje Citizens of i9H6"PJ- 
po'Sofercmption in tbat cafe, teas bp^ct of parliament cnarteD anDDeclareD 
tobcijoiDc. sinDtljounft toe finDe fome pjeftDents t^atiloiDS of parliament Rof-P«-«p«t. 
I&a^je fueD out garters of eremption from tfteir fcrbice in parliament, pet tljofe R^.f pVt . pan. ' 
Cljarters arc IjolDcn to be toiD: foj tljouglj tftep be not eligiblcas is afojefaiD, pet i r .^.m. 1 5 pro 
fljctr fertjtce in parliament is foj ttje^.TJ^oleKealmc, anDfojtIjCirenefitoffljc Do.tjeauchamp. 
fcing anD l)i3 people, of tol^tcljfertilcc lie cannot be ercmpteDbp anp tetters pa> kotpat.xE.4. 
tents, anD if!)e!iatl)la:famphantafiam8jbcertremelpficb,ojtf)elibc,tfterebe do^ vcf*y"° 
gooD catifes of ^is ercufe in not comming, but no taufe of eiemptior, fo? Ije map 
recoijer Ijis mcmoip anD fjcaltlj, «c. S>o as tt)C faiD pjcRDcnts tocre grants de fa- 39 f.?.i j- 
do, not de jure t fo> if tftei^ing cannot grant a ^Tbartcr of eremption from be= uH•*^^ 
fngoftljegranD aiTijc in a Mritof rigbt,oj of a 3!urp in an Attaint foj tfjcmif* 55 H.6.42. 
cfjiefctbat map follotoin tbofe pjtt^atc actions, a forciori, l^c cannot grant anp 
cremptiontoalLo;Dofparliament;foj!jis fcrttce in parliament is publicfe 
foj tlje tol)ole IRcalme, Wat tf anp lo^D of { arliament le fo arjeD, impotent, oj 
ficfe, asljc cannot conticnicntlp teitbout great Danger tratcll to tfje il^tgtj Court 
of parliament, Ije map l)a\3C licenfc of t^c i&ing unDer tl)C viDient ^cale to be ab< 
fent fromtlje fame During tfte continuance oj p?o?ogation tliereof : but if tlje re« 
Ijearfall be not true, 0; if ^c recotjer l)ts ftealt^, fo as l)C become able to tratiell, fte 
muilattcnD in parliament. £>; toitftout anp fuel) licenfc o'jtaineD, if^ebefo 
agcD, impotent, ojfich, as isafojefaiB.anDpetisamerceDfojljisabfence, Ijc 
map reafoi^abli' anD l^oncftlp crcnfc ftimfclfe 'op tbc fjatute of 5 R, z, 5 R-i.c.4 laf.j. 

0ftcr f l)c pjeccpt of tfte g>l)criife DircctcD to tijc Citp 02 Bojouglj foj mahing 
of election, tfterc OUgl)t iecundum legeth & ecnfuciudinem Parliarr, to H gibcn 
a conticincnt time foj tl)c Dap of tftc election; anD fufficient teaming giten to 
tfte Citizens oi Burgcffcs tijat babe toices, tljat tbep map l-e paefent t otfjcrtoife 
tfte election i?f not gooD, unlelTe fuel) as ftatje tjopces Doe tafee notice of tftemfelties 
anD be p;cfcnt at tlje election. 

anp election o: topees git»cn bcfoie tlje pjecept be reaD anD publifljeD, are toto 
anD of no fojce : foj tlje fame clecrojs after tlje pjecept reaD anD publifljeD map 
mafee a nete election anD alter tljeirbopces, fccundum legem & confuetudinem 

SCljus mud) Ijabe toe tftougljt gooD to fct Doten concerning ISnigljts , Citi- 
zens, anD Burgcttes, becaufc muctj time is fpcnt in parliament concerning t^e 
rigbtofelcatons, ic. teljiclj migljt mojc p?ofitablp be implopcD pro bonopub- 

^ote to treat moje in particular (as it Ijatlj been muclj BeftreD) of tlje laltics, j^^j' '^"^^•' 

tuttomes, liberties anD pjitJileDges of tbts Court of parliament (toljicb are tljc ' nsk.i. Rot. 

ticri' Ijeartffrings of tljc Commosi -Vocaltft , tofjcrcof tec Ijaf e rcmem'':cD fome : cbuf. indof r. 

auDpou map fee fome * fete otljcr cj;amplcs in ttjc margent too long Ijcrc to be nu°'^"''*^*" 

I H., 14}. iH.4.nuii. Rot.Pail.9 H 4. MemmtydesScigniturs^^- Con rroJir.iH.^.nu.g.caf.i, 
4 law. 6 ihe Prcamb. ' teljearfeD) 



i7 H.6. nui8. 
3 I H, 6.011.26,17 
Lamb, intci lu- 
ges Edw. I onfcf- 
ftiriA,ca..\. Ad{y- 
venicfitibiu, five 
pimmoniti pint, 
pve per fc quid 
tgendi h.:bucrinl, 
pt [mumafaX, 

Rot Pari 45 E.J, 

Th; decay of the 

The Kings Nivy 
exceeds all others 

'Patriciiis, lib.^. 
Dc mftitutione 

Of the Bingcffci 
of Parliament. 
A'joiit 300 ^efli- 
ons of Parlii- 
nicnt fince the 

ThQ High Court of Tarliament. Cap. i. 

rc^carfct*) tooulD tafec up a totiolc 5Holumc of it fdfe : certain it teas Itiatlj been 
faiD^tljat Curia Parliamendluispropnis iegibusfubfiflit. 

jau tbc lattices of QEiiglanDanD Barons of tt)C dBrcfiefjuerarcatTiffantsfo 
tftc iLojBs to info?mc tl^cm of tijc «jrommon laU) , auD tftcrcunto are tallcD fcijes 
rallp bp G2arit. a j^citbcrDotl) it belong to tl^cni fas Ijatl) been faiD) to juDgeof 
anp lato, cnffome, 0? p;i\3ilctige of parliament. 0nt) to fap ffie frutb, tbe lalncs. 
CHttonics,libcrttcs,anDpjitiileDgcs of^arliament arc better to be Icarnct) out 
of tl)e IRols of }Barliament,anl)ot^er Ecco5Ds,anD bp pjcftDcnts ant) continnall 
eppericnte, tljcn can be cvpjctrcD bj? anpone mans pen* 

Per varies aitus legem experientia fcciu 
Multa tnulto exercitamentis faciliias, quam regulis percipies. 

Confukations in Parliament for maintenance of the IslaVte. 

3!n manp parliaments confultations fjabc been Ijat) fo; tlje maintenance of t^e 
iPabie of (EnglanD, anD remeDics p?obiDeD againlt becap of titie fame : as tabing 
one erample fo?. manp. 31n t^e parliament ftolDcn in Anno 45 E. ?, tfjeCom^ 
mons amongft tljeir petitions bo affirme, tljat tbcOccap of tbe jpabp Dotl^ arife 
bp tljjec caufes. JFirft, foj tl)at funbjp mens tljips are fcifeDfojtljetetngaonff 
bcfo?e i\\t^ ferbe, tobcrebp tl)e otoncrs are Djttcn at tbcfr cbarges to finD tijeic 
mariners, to ttieir unDoing.&>cconDlp, foj t^at i^mbants, tbc nourtfljcrs of tfte 
^abp, are oft rcflrraineb in tbeir fi)ipping,loberebp {partners arc Djiben to feeb 
otbcrtrabcsanblibings. SDbtrblp, fo; tbat tbe il^aiff crs of f be !Sings fttps bo 
tafte up i|).iacrs of otbcr fbips as goob as tbcir fellies arc , lubcrcbp tfje moft of 
tftofc Cl)ips DO Ipe ftilU anb tbe {parincrs enfo?ccb to feeb ncty livings ; tul^ereof 
fbcp pjapeb rcincbp. ^Cotljis petition ofrigljttlje Jiitngs ropall anftoertoas. 
That he would provide remedy. 

Cbc icings JI5abp erceebs all otbcrs in tbe tiiojlD foj Wiitt tbtng0,viz,beanfp, 
llrengtb, anb fafctp, fn tcautp, tbcp arc fo manp 1ao;-2U palnccs : foj ttrcngtft 
(no part of tbe toojlb babfng fuclj 3fron anb 2Dimkr as (iDnelanD fjatlj) fo manp 
mobing Catties anb Barbicans : anb fo j fafctp, tljep are tbcmoff bcfcnfibe Inals 
of tbe 3R calm. Amongft tbe lljips of otbcr Jliations,tbep arc liftc JLtons amongft 
Clip J15caas,oj jFalcons amongft fearfuU foUile. 

Slntbc reign of ^TJueen Elizabeth (IbeingtbcnacfjuainfebiDifbtbisbuC* 
ncffc) tberc tocrc 7, ? befibes J3innaccs ; iwbtcb fo garbcD anb regarbcb tbe nabt^ 
gationof tbe cpcrcbants, as tbcp bab fafc bent fo? tbcir commobitics, anb trabe 
anb traffitft flouritbcb. ^ toojtbp fubjcd foj parltament0*to taHc into counbe^ 
ration, anb fopjobibcrcmebp as often as nccbftjall require, i?oj navigation, fee 
Gen. 6,14. Sapient. 14.6. * Retpp.quafi navem exidimare debemus.qus om- 
nium manibus ofiicioq; indiget, &c. ;3 Icaft in a tijip is timclp to be rcpaireb t 
iFoj as if is in tbe naturall boDpof 5pan,fo ii is in tbe polititU LoDp of tbe Com=< 

mon^tocaltb. Non morbus in pleriiq; fed morbi negleiSa curaiio corpus interfi- 

cit, 3nD tbns mufb foj confultations fn 55arliamcnt concerning tbe Jl5abp of 

&ec tbe firfl part of the Tnfiitutes. Se(S» i(54, verb, [VeignelesBurgeiTej al 
Parliament.] Snb tbcrcbabc been fince tbe Conqueft about 300 g>c(rions of jsar* 
llamcnt,iubcrcof bibcrsarenof pjinfeb. 

3ln peruftng oiicr tbelRols of parliament toe ftns JFirff biters 0rts of parlt' 
amcnt in pjint tbat arc not of Hcco?D in tbe 5R oil of pari tamriit. &ef onbb, ma= 
np 0rtsof parliament tbat be in tbe Kols of parliament , anD ncber pet pjin* 
feb. snbirbl.', Dibers Claufes omitteD in tbe pjint tobicb arc in tbe parliament 
m^oll. jFourtblp, mojctn tbcpjtnttbenin tbclFlccojD. i^iftbli', manp vart= 
anccs bettoccii tbe pjtnt anD tbe IK oil. §>irtblp»S>tatutcs repcalebo: Difaffir^ 
uicD, anb pet 5. jinteD, u, ^d'cntblp, tobolc parliaments omittcD out of tbe 
pjint. (tigbtljI'S tubolc parliaments rcpcaleD,o; a great par-t. 

jCIiiD of c'.'crp of tbcfe tahing fome cramples ; fo: f banblc all at large tooulb 
require a tobolc iCreatife, tobicb (toe babing bjoUcn tbe 3icc) fome aooD man anb 



* Sec the third 
part of thelnfti- 

To tbefecond. 
Seethe Princes 

Gap. I. The High Court of Tarliament. fi 

lol-er of I)i3 foimtrcp (toe ftopc) toiU iinficrtaljc , to tiwtic ffjo^oUj. 

as to tl)c full, srijcfc arc in i)jint,anD not of IRcf ojD. * 20 E. ?. tl)c oati) of tlje 
SuOgcs. 27E. 5.capH555'^:.7.8.tonccmingtl)c3lncgcranD (E>afcoignc5Katne8» 
37E'^. cap,7.toncl)ingfill3Crtctrdl. 37 E'3»cap.i5>, of ^atolts, 2 R.j.eap.j. 
of jl5etocs,Vid. 1 1 R,:. II. 2 R.2. cap.3.offatncD0utfts, yR.z.cap, i j. againft 
ntamtcnancc. j? R.i.cap.^^ of crrojanD attaint. u R.2,cap,4,j,&d.notoflRc« 
cojD. i3R.2.cap.n. fouc!)ing Clotl)C0. i3R.i,cap, 19. concerning Salmons* 
I? K.i.cap.3. toHCfting ipilgrtms. 15 R.a.cap. ly, concerning tl)c iitngs Ca» 
(lies anD »iDaolc3. 14 11.2. ca. 7. concerning 2Dinnc. i7R. 2. cap. 8.ofunlatDfuU 
Mcmbiits, izu.z. cap.y. concerning Salmons. 27H,6.cap. 3. touching tm« 
ploi'mcnt0, ic. 

Sis to t!)C fcconD t 2ni)cre Slds of parliament arc of iR cco?D, anD not in pjinf , 
An. II E.3. tftccreationoftfjc 2D. of CojntoalUw.bpauttjojitp of parliament, 
3-R,2.nt7. 39. concerning 3!uftices of peace, apjofitable lainfojtfjcm.SrR.a. 
nu, J I. concerning tl)C juricDiction of tljc vlonftable 1 ^arfiiall. 20 R.2. concern- 
ing tl)C legitimation of tijc cl)ilDjen of John of Gaunt 2D. of ilanc.bp Katii.Swin' 
iord. 5 a CommilTion oj ^ct of parliament foj arraping f muaering 
of men. s H.4. nu. li. Clergy evempteD fromarraptng anD muttering of men, 
J I,2 8. againft IBjiberp anD 315:ocage in great iDfFiccrs, BiuDges, «c, 
1 1 H 4,nu 6 -,. concerning ;9[tfojnicfii.,ic. <5 H <5. £I5ueen of CnglanD 
SDoUjagcr, fiiall not contract bcr felfe oj marrp toiffjont tfje feingo liccnfe. 9 H.(J. 
nu.i 5 concerning fees of p;it)j'»]i:ounrcUo;0,anDotl)erlbeaD iDfficers. jantHjc* 

Slstottit tljirD : 3!n tWcMs of parliament Ditjers claufes are omtffeo out xothethird. 
of ttje pjint, lobicb are tntljc parliament iR oil. 36E.3,cap,3. in tftc Sia of 
Purte)'o?3, ic. in tlje claufe of tl)c penalti?, ti)e S)tetoarti, SDreafurer, anD Con* 
troUcr are crpjeflp names, but omtttcD in t^e pjint. 2 R.i. fiac.i. eap,4, in con= 
firmatton of libcrtic0, fc falling t^z iiiingsregaliti^isomttteD. 13 R.s.cap. i, 
concerning p?erentation0 of tljetetng, tftclaft claufe, concerning ratifications of 
tljc feing, is omitteD. 13 R.i. cap. 2. toncf)ing pjotjtfions, i4R-i«^» 
concerning Hegratoi% of toools,l)igl) pjicc0 omitteD in t^epjint. 1 7 R.2.eap.4. 
of a^alt, leaiictb out ^crtfojoftirc. 2«. concerning enqucftg, 

2 H. V ca.i . nu.30, concerning 3luftice0 of peace. 9 H.4.eap.8. nu.43, concerning • 
p?ot3ilion0. 8 cap. 10. concerning pjocesfluringt!^ icings toiU,omit» 

Sis to tljcfourtlj : 3ln tbcfc tljere i0 moje in tfte pjinf tljen in tlje IRccojB, Tothcfomth. 
9 H,4.cap, toucl)ing pjoUiRons. 2H.5. ftat.a.cap,,38. fouci)ing 
3iuro:3, u. 

2ni)c ftftb • 5 n tljefe tl)e pjint tjarp from f Ije 1R ceo jD in fome materiall f ^ing. To the fifth. 
CDenerall!? in all tftc ftatutes maDe coitcernttig pjotiifions, oj otfter tfjc ufarpatt* 
ens of tbc pope, t^e biting anD bitter toojDs are left out in tfte pjint. Sis to tabe 
an cicamplc 0?. ttoo. Vi, ;« E. pjint. cap. i ,'-,5,4. anD in t^c IRoll, nu.ji.&c. 

3 R.J. cap. 3 inpjint. Rol, nu. 37. &c. tl)e IBiiljopg facing !Lo?d ȣ^anccUoj0, 
j; of tfjc parliament, viz. ^onDapaf* 
tcr S>. Luke, foj jFriDap. 9 H,4, cap.2, nu.ztf. concerning 3ttojnie0. ^c. SI IfloU 
of parliament tnfitulcD 1 4 E. 4. to!)erc it ftoulD be i j E. 4. 9 H. 5, cap 2 & 3, 
jjiintcD as pcrpetuall in fome 3!5oofe0, tol^crc tljcp tocrc to enDurcbut nntilltbe 
next parliament, 

SDftcfirt^: S>tatufc0pjctenDcDtobcenacteD, anD after DifaffirmeD, anD pet xothcfixth. 
piintcD. s R.i.cap,5.rtar,2.toucl)inginquirte0of !^erefie0,Anno6 52, 
DtfafFirmcD fci' tl)c €omition0, to? ttiaf t^ep pjotcftcD it tiia0 netjcr tfjeir mean* 
ing to be juftificD, anD to binDc tftcmfclbeo anD ttjcir fHCceiroj0 to tl)e p?elatg 
no mo;c tljcn tftcir anccttojo baD Done bcfoje tljem. Robert Braibroke IBtfljop of 
5LonDon toa3tl)enllojDv£;l)anceUoj, 115ptl)i0 anD tftat tof)iclj foUotoe0, it ap. 
pearctii !)o\d ncccffarp it \nas in tljofe Dai'e0 to Ijntjc fome of tljc Conmion0 to be 
(as fyui) been faiD) at tljc ingroffing of tlje parliament IROI0, a0 appearctl) Ror. 
Pari. Anno 6 H. 4. nu.y^, 7 H, j,&c, &c Mode tenend' Pari, cap, 8. x H, 4. 



nu. ti. vide 
7 H.4. nu.ii. 

To the fcventh. 

To the eighth, 

fl Where the prin- 
ted book fuppofc 
that there was 
another Parlia- 
ment in Anno 
ij E.J. whereby 
the former fta- 
tutc was repea- 
led, the truth is, 
the Parhament 
was holden at 
WeftiB. I J Pafc. 
Anno 17 E.J. 
i> Hiftories fome- 
time explaine 
Records of Par- 
C Rer. Pari. 

This appearcth 
in the fame Par - 
liaraent nu i^. 

Parliaments in 
In Ireland. 

The High Court of Tarliameni. Gap.i. 

cap.i5.ti{fatotoelibptt)C<£;ommoii0 , anD pet tlje pjctenDeD Sid pjtnfcD.i H.j. 
cap.6. againft |0?cact)er3, DtfatioliieD tljc nejt |@arltamcnt bptl^e Commons, foj 
t^at tljcp nel)eraffcntct), aiiD j'Ctt!)cfuppofcD ^ctpjtntcii. 

SDJje feticntl) : tSff^ole ^Barltamcnts omitteD out of tfte p?tnt,iDt)eretn tJjertle 
man? notable tfjings to be obfetfecDt An. 3 E.z. a ]2.arltament liolDcn at?222c{fm. 
3 Sept. DorffCIauf, 2E»i,m. i4»& iz. Annis4 E.z, a pud London, y E. 2. apui 
Weftni. 6 E.2.ib, bis.7 E,2,ib.8E,2.apudEborum,i 1 Et2.apud WeRm.i(5 E.i, 
apudRippon,& pofleaapudEborunn. An.fiE.j. a parliament ^olDcn at SSUcft-- 
ttunaer tlje monoap after fftc feaft of §>. Gregory, Anno s Eo- a ISarltament 
^olDen at |9o:b t^e Dap before tljc fcaft of &. Peter in Cathedra. Anno 1 1 E, 3. 
at^ereat tlje pjtnce teas treated SDufee of CojntDaU,K. Ar,i ? E. 3, 
IjolDen atMcftm.fni jMich, n E.3,atMcftm. tlje ^onDapncvt after tfje 
toeeb tntljcmtDDeft of ILent.i? £,33 parlfament l&olDcn at ^aacttm. ttie Dapaf* 
tcr S>. Martin, 40 E.3,at CSKeftm. t^c i^onoap after tlje tnticntton of tljc Croffe* 
7 R. 1. at Mcffm. tlje ^riDap after tbe iFeatt of &, Mark, &c. 

SDljeeiglitft t toljole parltamentis rcpcaleD anD maDe tjoiD bp ftibfequent par* 
Itaments.i H.4,cap. s.rcpealeo. zi R.i.toljtc^ltiaDrepcaleD tfjc parliament of 
II R.j.anDretitietljtliefame. 25|?39H.6,cap.i.a parliament bolDcn at Co- 
tenfrp Anno 38 H. 6, (s Votiollp repealed. Roc Par. 1 2 E, 4. bu. tnliole par« 
UamentftolDenAnno4pH, 6. &readeptionisregni fuiprimo, i3 repealeD anO 

reticrfeD. » Videt^e parliament of i s E.j. repealeD. Rot. Pari, anno 1 7 E.3. nu, 
23. jFoj t^erctttsagrecDtljattljeaatuteof 15 E, 3. fl^all be utferlp repcalco, 
anD lofe tlje name of a ftatnte, a« contrarie to tbe laics anD pjerogativie : anD foj 
tljat fomc articles tljere maDe arc reafonable, it is agrecD, tljat fuel) Articles ana 
others agreeD in tt)is parliament i^all be maDe into a llatute bp ttjeaDticc of tljc 

b <©anp IRecojDS of parliament can IjarDlp be unDcrttooD, unlcffe pou jopne 
tftereimto t\)t ^taojpof t^at time, iroj erample t c %\^ CarDinall of JiMintlje- 
ttcr,tantle of tfte l^tng,Declarctlj in open parliament, t^af be being in jFlanDers, 
inljis journep to BRome , returneD bacfe of Ijis oton lotll to purge (jimfelfe of a 
bjuit,t!jat lie flioulD be a SCraptoj to tlje IRcalm, toljereof (no atcufation being a- 
gainft ^im) lie toas eafilp purgcD bp tl)e SDube of CDloc. pjotcrto?, bp tbe JJjinga 
commanDemcnt. 515ut aDDe tlje !^iCojptljereunto, tljattljecarDtrtaUljabing 
certain of tljc^iings Bletocls in gage, meant to babe tljcm bjougbt after bim : but 
t\)Zie. 3!ctDels being arreffcDanD ffap'Dat&anDtoicbbpfbetoingscommanDe* 
mcnt, anD tbebjuit bcreof commtng to tbeCarDinals earc (be being tbcrcioitb 
cjfcecDtnglp froublcD) foj tbc recotierp of fbem , returneD in pott to tbc parlia« 
mcnt. j^oU) after be toas purgcD of tbe b?uif of fuppofeD f rcafon: toucbing tbe 
fatD BctDcls ftapcD at SanDtoicb to tbc great binDjance of tbe CarDinall, as be 
complaincD. 3t toas on a motion on bis bebalfc, ojDercD tbat the CarDinall 
fljoulD pap to tbe iiing &ij; tboufanD pounD mo?c foj tbem, anD IcnD to tbe liiing 
tbirtccn tboufanD poanD, tobicb toas Done, 

;anD foj a contluQon bereof,anDof fbis Cbapfcrof tbe ^igb Court of par^ 
Itamcnt, it is to be remembjeD, tbat bp tbe ffatutc of 42 E. 3 . eap. i , all Statutes 
are repealeD tbatareagaintt Magna Carta, OJ Carta de Forefta. 

&eebereaftcrcap,75» botoanD in tobat manner parliaments be bolDen in 
&cotlanD. janD eap. 77- botoanD tobat manner parliaments be bolDen in Ivt- 
lanD, anD botoJlBils (ball palTetbcrc, nebec bcfoje tbis timepublitbeD, as toe 





Of the Councell Board, or Table. 

TK^is fsamottnoblc, Ijonourable , ant) relJCrctiD 01Ierablp offljeiSmg 
aiiD bis pjitjp CounccU tn tljciitngs Court ojlBalacc: ■'Bfflttljtftis 
vToaricell tljcl^mffljtmfclf Dofljfttatljisplcafure. Cljefc Coanfclloje, ^fE.'jpanej 
Ithc gooD Ccnttitcis aiiD Matcljmen , conftilt oMnOfojlftc publique m.ig^tpE.j^.' 
gooD^anotljcljoiioar, Defence, fafetiPjanDpjofit oft&eKealm. A confolendo/e- fo.i^.Rucpat! 

cundum fs callcD f t)C Coiincell 2Ealle» ' |J?ttate tanfcs, left iR-i. parte 
tijep ftioulD fjtnDcr t^j publique, tfjcj? leatie to t^ Bluftices of tl)C liincs Cotuts ^^■'^' ^"•'*- 
of BSufticcanDmeODlenotiDttbtbem t t^ep are callcD Concilium regis privatum, RcrPai.iH^. 
concilium lecreturr, & continuum concilium regis. '^ 2Cl)C number Of tftcni tS nu.15. 
at tl)e lunooiDilUbutof ancient time tl)crclDere ttoclbe, ou^ercaboutss, jSDf /> Pro bono pub- 
tlje Ditjcrfitp of ttje isingafetjcrall Councel0,pou mapreaD in t^e Firlt pan of ''''°- 

Che Inftitutes, Sea.i ^4. I5 E.?*ca"'.'' 

&ee Rot, Pat* 42 E.j.parte i. m»i3, de concilio regis, flat. 4. 41E.J. 

Rot.Par. I III. Rot,Par. 2J.47. r/ Roc. Par. 50 jz. iR.i. 
nu.4. Rot. Pac. i.par;e, Rot.pail. 7 H, 4. ji. 41.66,67. 1. part of the Inftitutes , Scd. 164. Rot. Clauf. 
16 E.z.m.j. inDorf. Hc?z. Dc i/J/:) menccbarode magnod!- dtjicrefoconciliorcgis jurat'. 

!&tns E,3 , tooalu ^jatje Ijts ^ouncellojs to Ijatje four pjoperf tc0. 1 . sCftat be 
6e parcus iui,bnoUtlng t^sf f)c tooulD ncber be pjotiiDent fo; bim, tbattooulD 
not be a gooDbusfaanD fo; binifclf. 2. SCfjat fjcfljoulD notbecupidus rci ali- 
enae, no cotJCtous, noj grce^p man, fojei ninilturpe , cui nihil fatis. ?. SCftat 
IjeftoulDbeavarus reipublic2e,col3etou0 fojtijcfeings treafure anD Common* 
tocaltf): anD 4, iLtjatberuniromnia fir e.xpertu<;iniBl)at place tljciiingfiiall 
cmplop ljint,tbat Ijebc crpert; foj great offices arc nctcr ioell manageobp 
2Deputp,iul)crc tljc £)ft'icer Ijimfelf is but a Cipher. 

SCo tljcfc *XoimfeUo;3 all Due honour anD rcticrence is tobcgiben, foj fftep S""f-7*P- 
arc tncojpojatcDtotljE^ing btmfclf, anD bear part ofljis cares, tS)sp are Ijis ll"^!s'Zpo"u 
true SCreafurcrs, anD tljc pjofitabltj ^nftrumcnts of tfte &tatc, ^m\) honour ^.^«V 
laas gtbcn to CuunfeUojs of ^tate tn ancient time, t?)at tf one DiD ftrifec in Kot.Par.j h 6. 
a ^enatojs oj Ccunrcllojs boufe.o; elfetoberc in tj is piclcncc, l)t toas&neD, "'-j- 

' £>e0 Vet.M2g.Cart, fo.n.i.pane, Hugh Spencer tfte jfatbcr, IL OJD Vpencer 'r Ai'Jrcdu'lc i< 
(Earl of <:t:li!icI)cacr,anDt!)etoings Chamberlain, anD Hugh bis fonct-arl of Hugh Spoiccr 
dSlot'lacre aDjuDgcD in parliament to be erileD, «c. amongft otljcr ^rtttles, the father, and 
Cf lucre, iFtriE,fojtl)attl)epbptl)cirebillcol3initiot!lD not fufTer tbe (©janDces Hughdiefon 
of tbc 11calm,no;tl)clntngs gooDjCounfellojs to fpcabVuitljojcome ncertlje <^viUCounfciiors. 
i\iiig,oj to gijc btm goroD CouncelUojtljat tljc iiing migbt fpcafe iuiti) tljcnt, but 
onlp in tljc pjefaicc oj bearing of tbc faiD Hugh tbc fatbcr,anD Hugh tbc (on 0; of 
one of tbcm,f atfbeir toil,? accojDing tofucb tbings as plcafeD tbem, §»cconDlp, 
foj gitiitig ebill counfcll to tbe iaing,not to anftocr tbc petitions of tbc great men 
anD otbsrs,but at tbeir pleafurc. 2CbtrDlr,tbat tbc)',to attain bp tbcir malice anD 
cobctourncLre totbcDitbcritanccof tbe great men of tbe IR calm, anD Dcftruction 
of tbc pcoplcput out gooD anD cobenable ipiniffers , lubttbbaD tbeir places bp 
affcnt, anD put in otbers falfe anD cfillof tbeir cobin.tljat tbei'lboulDnotcaufc 
rigbt to be Done. ^nD §)bErtfs, Cfcbeatojs, Conftafclcs of Caftlcs, anD 
otbers in tbc offices of tbe tbe l^ing, notcobenable fo: tbefeing» nojfoUbc 
people tbcp DiDmafee, anD taufcD Suffices to be maDc not Connfants in tbc 
latos oftbclanD,to bi^'^r anD Determine tbings toucbing tbc great mcnanDpeo= 
pleof tbcl'lcalm,ic. i3nDfo,tbattobicb oiigbttobc fo? tbc maintenance of tljc 

31 peace 


ne Councell 'Board, 



Magna Carta. 


See the Articles 

againfl Cardinal 


ter cap, Chancery, 

pa. Art.910.15. 

• Utilisfcdnon 


a Ro.Par.iiH.4. 


Vid.Ver. Mag. 

Carr. parte I . 

fo.165. jiinmcn- 




No£a,vide inf. j. 

Rot.Par.ii H.4. 
nil. 18. 

Nota, fupra.2. 

Ror.Par.9 H.6. 

peace, anti of gool)incn,ant)pantfi)rRcnt ofcttU, toa0tuni0Dfotl)CDtfiict(taiite 
oftftc great m"en,aniDDeftra£tfon of t{)c people^ ^outt^ilp, ttjaf tl)cj> falfdp ann 
maliciouflpDiDfounfeU t^eising to ratfc fto?re anDanns,sc.inDeffrattion of 
tJ^ecooDpcopIcagamfttljcfojm of Magna Carta, anD fo bp f fjeir ctJiU counfcll 
iDoulDt)at3cmo^cDirar initljintftelllcalm, totljeDearuttton of ?^olp C^artf), . 
anDoftlje people,foj t^eir pjoper quart ell. iFtftfjlp, foj Defeating bptfjeir ePill 
Counfcll f Ijat tobtcl) ft)C J^ing ban grantcD in bifi |Barltament bp W gooo Coum 
rell,bj'fl)cnircnt of ttjc |)cer0oftl)cJiant),totbe litlftonour of tfjetetng, anD 
agafnft rtgW anD reafon. §>i):tblp,tl)cptDOulD notfuffec tt)e fttng to taherea= 
fonable fine3,ic.nponalfcnatton0,|f . Read the whole. 

^rebpit appearctljtbatoncojtlDOongbtnottobcroleCoinflclloja, anD to 
wafee a ^onopolp tbereof:foj true tt is tljat Homer faitlj, 

Haud quaquatn poteris tu fortiter omnia folus, 
Namqnc aliis divi bello poUerc dederunr, 
Huic Taltandi artcm.voceiiuic, cicharaque cancndi, 
InferuJcque fagax alii fubpc<5loremagDus 
Jupiter ingenium, at multis eft * utiiis ilie. 

» 2Cbe Dutp of a J0jffep Counfelloj appcaretb bp i^ts oatlj, to&icfj conftftetl) m 
tbefe artttlcs ej parts, 

1. S^batbelballasfarfoitftas cunning anD Dttcretion fufferctb, trulp, luftlp 
anD eljenlp counfell anDaDtjtfetljsl&tng in all matters to be commoneD^treateD, 
anD DemeaneD in tljclSfngs CouncelUoj bp btmas tfte ISings iJCounfcUoj. 

2. dUeneralU' in all twines tljat map H to t^c listngs fjonoiir anD leljoor anD to 
tfte gooD of bis Realms, iiojDCbips anD §>ubjects,lDttl)out partialitp , oj ercepti* 
on of perfonsf, not Icatiing, oj cftljeiDing fo to Doe fo; affection, lotc, meeD,Doubt, 
OJ DjeaD of anp pcrfon oj pcrfons. 

3» CtjatbelljaUfeecpfecret tljc aingsCounfcU, anDalltljaf fljallbecommo* 
iteD bptoap of counfell in tbe fame, toitbouf tljat be Qjall conunon it, publtCbit, 
ojDifcoter it bptoojD,tDjiting , 0; in anp otberiutfe to anp perfon out of tbe 
fame Councell, oj to anp oftbe fame Councell, if ittoutbbim, oj ifbebcpartp 

4, SCbatbc fball not fo; gift, mceD,nojgooD,ne pjomife of gooD bp bim, noj 
bp mean of anp otber pcrfon rcceltic 01 aDmitfojanp promotion, fatjouring.noj 
foj Declaring, letting, ojbinDjing of anp matter oj tbing to be trcatcD 0? Done 
tntbc faiD councell. 

5, 2Dbat be fljall toifb all bis mfgbt anD potocr bclp anD ftrcngf ben t\iz 
lyings faiD Councell in all tbat (ball be tbougbtto tbc fame councell foj tbe 
uniticrfall gooD of tbe?iing anD bis lanD, anD foj tbc peace,rcft, aiiD tranquillitf 
of tbe fame. 

6, SDbat be ftall toitbttanD anp perfon oj pcrfons of tubat conDtf ton, ettateoj 
Degree fbcpbe of,tbattooulDbpU)ap of feat, attempt, ojtntenD tbc contrarp. 

7, ainDgeneraUptbaf bcfballolfertie, feejp anD Doe all tbat a gooD anD true 
Counfellojougbtfojto Doc unto bis^otjeraignlLojD. 

IBpfojcc oftbisoatbanDtbe cuftomcof tbelHealmbc is a pjitjpConnfclloj 
tDitbout anp jpafent oj grant Daring tbelifcoftbe!iing tbat mafectbcboiccof 

3!t is cnactcD tbat all tbe teings Counfcllojs anD otber beaD officers tbere 
namcD (ballbai^e pearlp out of tbe CBrcbequer fucb fees bp leap of retoarD ta 
are tberc erpjcffeD. 

CVicrp |0?ittp Counfello} batb atoiceanDplatc in tbe Court of &taMbam« 
bcr,a0 in tbeCbapter oftbe Court of S»tar=cbambcrappearctb. 

iFoj tbe better performance of tobicb oatb,feingH,8.tDoulD toifljtbat bis 
CounfcUojs tootilD commit &>imulation,2Mtrimnlation % JSartialitptotbeJ^oj* 
terc loDgc tobcn tbcp came to lif in Councell, 


Cap. I. The Councell ^oard. 

Of the Trefuhit of the (junceil. 

SCftcrc is, anD of ancient ttmcftaff) been a^:cfiftcnt of ffje CTountcir, toljo 
tons romeftmc callcD Principalis conliliarius.anDfomctimcCapitalisconfiliarius, 
Rot. Par. 9E.:,Comc$Lanca(i'. 50 E.3. I R. 1.1. pars. Pat,nu»2i, 1,26, 
27. Dux Bedf. Rot. Pat. I H. 6. parte j.DuxGIoc' Rot. Pari, to H. ^. nu, 9, 
Dux Gloc*. §>ec Rot. Pari. 1 1 H. 6. nu. 19, Kot.Parl. 22 H. 6. Dux Eborutn. 
Rot. Par. i3E.i|f part 1. Johannes Ruffel Epifcopus RofFen' & portea Lircoln* 
Prxlidens eonfilii.lm' Record Curirftellat' Johannes FifherEpifcopujRoft'PrsE- 
fidcnsconlilii i2Ht7' A 25 H,8. ufq; ;7H. 8. Carolus Brandon DuxSutt' in 
libropacis, Kot.Parl. i E. (5.PaVvler. 3n tijc lournall bool? Of parHiament* 
J E.<5. & 7 E,<5. Dux Norchumb, i ?c 2 Ph. & Mar. comes Arundel, &c, 

;act3 of iflacliament naming fibc 33jcfiDcnts oft^eCounceU, 21 H.8,cap»2o, 
31 H.b\ 

2DftiS( office uias neber grant eb hwt far letters }3afenfs unDer tijg great 
li>cal durante beneplacito, anD i3 Derp ancient : fojjohn 115iO)op of JiJoj* 
tDici) luas JpjcfiDcnt of tftc Councell in In Anno 7 Regis Johannis, HolJ. to. 1 69^ 
Math. Paris 205 . & Math. Weiim*; Dormi vit tamen hoc officium regnante mag- 
na Elizabetha. 

Xftc ILojOiajcfiDentio faiD in f Ije ffaf uf e of z 1 H.8*ca.2o. tobeaffenDing 
upon ti)c ttings mod ropall pcrfon, and tfjc rcafon of l)i3 attcnbancc is,fo? tljat 
of latter times be batl) iifcD to repoit to tfje iiing tfjc paffagcs, anD tt)C ttate of 
tl)C biirrncITc at tlje ^iTounccll 2:;ablc,§>ee 50 E.3,ubi lupra. 

ftcrt to tbe pjcQBent of tftc vTounccll/as mo:c fullpappcareff) in fl)C cftap* 
far of pjeceDcncp) fittcttj i\\ douncelUic tl)e 3Lo;t) ^;ttij? Sical, to^o befiDes 
Ijjs oatlj of a piitjp Counfelloj taUctl) a particular oatb of tl)e pjttjp &caU 
tofjicl) conClfef!) on four parts: 1. snijat !)c,asfarfo:tMs fiis cunning anD 
Dtfcretion fuffcretlj,trHli',)uffli',ant)ct?enlj' erecutc, anD crcrcifc tfje office oftbe 
iftccpcrof tbetiings pjtbp S>caltol)imbi'ftis ^igftneffccommitteD. 2. Jotlca* 
tiing 0? efcftctoing fofoDofoj affection,lobe,mecL),t)o«bt,o:DieaD of anppeiTon oj 
pcrfons. 3.2D!)at fjc Iljal taUc fpccial rcaarD^tftat tl)c faiopjitip S)cal in all places 
iDljere IjefliaUDitjcrt unto, maj> be in fuel) fubftantiall toifc ufeD anofafcfeept, 
tbaf nopctfontoitljout tl)c liings fpcctall commaniDmento:l)isa(rent,ojfenolu< 
lcDsc,fl)nllmol'e,rcal,o;impjint ani' tljing toitl) tljc fame, a,, ©enerallp. Ijc 
fljail obfcrtjc, ful6ll,anD Doc all anD eljerp tiding, tufjicl) totlje office of tfte teee* 
per of tlje i»{ngs IDjitJp S>cal Dulp bclongctlj, anti appcrtaincfli. 

2Cl)is is an office of great trufi anD skill, tljat Ije put tl)is §>eal to no grant 
toitljout gooD tajarrant, no; toitf) toaaant,if it bcagainft latD,unDuc,o;tncon- 
tientenf,but fljat itrft l)C acquaint tljc tting tljerctuitl^. 

t!llpontI)c=SLo?.D |a:.ii)P §>eal arc attenDant four Clerhs of tfje ^jitip feeali 
J^oto {)0ii3,anD in toljat loife, tljc lungs grants, to:iting6,anD leafes, (ball pair? 
tl)Ctftjce S»cals,viz. tljc ]D:ii?p &>ignct,tl)e ^?-ibj>s>cal,anD tl)C C3?cat &eal,an8 
t^c Duties of t^e Clerks of tt)C |D;i\)p Signet, anD pjitri? §>cal, anD Iwfjat fees 
ll>allbepaiD,anDtol)crenone at alUtc. anD manp Articles concerning tljc paf* 
fing of tljc liiings grants,«c. j'ou map reaD \\\ tbe ftatute of 27 H. 8. a lato tnojs 
tftp of obferbafion. JitnD of tljis 0rt poumap reaD Lib. 8. fo. 1 8. b. in tlje }p?im 
ces cafe. SCljis officer is namcD tntljic ftafutcs of 2 anD 1 2 R,?.ca.i i. 
* Clerk of tftepjit}p»>cal. 3fnRot.Parl.ii,28. Gardendel Privy Seal-- 
anD in tljc ftatute of 34 4. 3LojD JDjitjp &>eal. SDljis &>eal is calleD bp 
feiierall names. 115j> tljc ftatute of u R.2. cap. 10. it is piotJiDcD tljat iletfcrs 
oftbca>ignct,noi of tljc lungs fecrct S)cal fljall be from Ijcnccfojtij fent in 
Dammagc 0; pjejuDicc of tljC liUalm, nojin Difturbancc of tlje laly, Vide Mir, 
ca,3. «. Exception a! power de Jucigc. 

3In tlje ftatute of A rticulifuperCartas,cap.<5. 28E. i. if 16 calleD f^C little 
S>cal,anDlikclDffcin tljeftatuteof2E.5.cap. is focallcD. Rcgift. fo, 1 86, 
Parvum Sigillum. 50E. iSj. F.N. B. 180. Flcta Jib, i. cap. 12, <>. Efl 
int'.&c. Cultos privati Sigiilij Clerks of tljc S>ignet> Clerici Signetti are nameD 

31 » tn 


Pi'.'ncipalit con* 
Capicalis confili- 

Yoii fliiUhavc 
what we have 
'jbfervcd ty our 
01 licrs learn that 

n io. 



f Lord Privy 


See Rot. Pari. 10.& 

nota bene. 


Lo^Privj SeaU 

17 iu^ 

* An humble 
lunie of a greac 
Officer, and in 
thofeAiSt ranked 
amongft the 
Grandees of ilic 
Kin^c"© ue . 

Seethe i.parc ■ 
ut ihelnllir. Carr, 

5^ ^^^ Coimcell Board. Cap. 2. 

In tftc faib 5lrt of :!7 H.S.&c. ano arc four in number atfenBaiif upon t^ei^tnga 

SeeAak f'per PJin^JP^ll ^uttUt^ iufto altoaj'fl Ijat^ tl)C beeping of tW S>cal oj Signet, 

Carus,ubi ffipra. foj fcaling Of 1^)6 fetngs |9?ttp ^letters: t^cfefour Clerfes fit at t^e &ecrcta« 

Lib.8.ubiftipia. XK0 315oart). ^c tftat Dcfiretft to rcaD mo?e oftlicflutpof pjitip Counfellojs, 

anD t)oto, anD foj to^at taufcs t^cp are to be punifljen, if ttjep oflfenD } let ftim 

real) tl)e jParliamentJRoU oftljc 50 j?earof£»» 1^,16,17,18,19,20,11,211 

23, 24^15, 16,17,28, 29, &c.3405&:c. 

^ ^gg of |0arliantent conccrntHg tlje lyings pjttjp CouncclU 2^E.3,ca,4, ftaf.4^ 28E.3.cap,3i. 4aE,3.cap. g.tnpjtnt* 9R« i2» 11 H,, 

Tb i"caTrepca- > ? H. 4. cap.7. 3 H, /.cap 14- 3 t. 6. cap. J. 21 Jae.ea.3» concerning toarrants 

led.' of affittancc, ic, 3 Caroluca. i . in tlje petition of cigftt, concerning loans,ic 

imp?ironnient,ic. martiall lato, folDicrs, %c. 

S>ce ftercaftcr pa. fn tfte Chapter of tlje Cl^ancerp in tftc Articles againft 
CartiinaU Woolfey, Artie 9,10. 1 5, &c. concerning pjitjp Counfellojs. 

3t appcaretl) bp tl)C Mrits anD KecojDS of IDarliament, t^at tljc l^igft 
Court of parliament t& refoltieD to be t)olDen bp t^c l^ing per advifaraemuni 
eonciliifui.tljaf is,bpaDt)(leofftis ^jitjp Conncell. 

£DjDer3 of parliament fo:itftc pjttjpCouncellanD otljec things concerning 
tftem intljc l^ols of parliament. joE.^ 11.34. 42 £.3.1^.27. 
^tr John Lees cafe, i r. 2* uu.S/. 1 1 2* Rot, Pat. i r. 2, pane i . m, 1 6. 2 r,?* Rot, Pari, i H. 4. nu. 2. 7, 32, 33. 41. 66,(^7,68. &c, 
11H.4. nu. 14. 3. 1 H. 6. nu, 30, 31,32. 2 H. 6. nu. i j, 16, 17. 
8 H.6. nu.27,18, certain articles to tlje number of eigibfeen touc^ingtljeojtieroC 
tfteJiingSvi:ouncell(amongftfa;]bic^ t^e clctientl) is, tl)af all offices anD bene* 
ficcs of tbe icings gift, fuel) as l)aD fcrteD^imoj Ijis fatl^cr, {I50UID be p?ef«i:* 
Wi tl^ercanto) are eftablilfteD bptlje teing, ttjelBiftops anD iLo?DS. 9 H. 6» 
nu, 2 7 , 1 1 H. 6. nu, 1 9* feij: Articles, toftercof tfte laft teas, tljat a Koll ftoulo 
jbe niaDe of fucl^ as at anp ttme^aD fertieD in t^e lxiars,o^ ot^ertoiie, to t^e 
enD t^ep CjoulD be p?cferreD to offices anD benefits, 1 2 h,6, nu, 4. De incendcn- 
liis confiliariorum. 31 H, 6. Vide Rot. Pat. 32 H6,partc 1.01,22, 

arts of Councell concerning tbe fame. Rot.finium. 20 E, 3,m.8,Rot.Glauf. 
4 H. 4, in Dorf, m, 1 3. Clauf, 2 j E, 3, m.i o, Pat, 1 9 R. 2. parte 2. tn. 8. Clauf. 
20 E. 3. parte i . m. 26. %.^t Clerbs Of t^c Councell are attendants upon tl^ 
!io;Ds anD Olivers of tl^e P}tt}p councell. Concerning ttie Clerks of ti^e 
CouHcell auDtljeir Dutp, fee Rot, Pari. Annoi H. 6,nu.32., 
£Df tl)cfe acts of parliament, ojDers in parliament, anD ^cts of Councell 
?roy.ii.ij. to^ ft^*^ referrcD pou (foj atjoiDing of tcDioufncffe) to flje ojfginals.Qui ambu- 

lat fraudulcntcr revelat arcana, qui autem fidelis eft celat,&c, 
Tcbie 12.7. Bonum eft abfcondcre facramentum regis, opera autem dci rcvclare hono- 

VaUriui lib 4. ^ihil magis optandutn , quam ut rerum gcrendarum confilia , quoad ejus 

RcguU. fieri poterit, quam maxime occulta fint, 

J J Eximi* efivirtHS prafiareji/e»tiarel>us, 

Ac contra gravier culpa tacenda loqHt, 

Veeetius lib.3. Nulla funimeliora confilia, quam qus ignoraverit adverfarius antequam fa- 
de tcmilitari.* eias,&c. Quid fieri debeat,tra6tato cum multis; quid fa6lurus fi$,cum paucif- 

(imis acfideli/Timi$,&e. Confilia nifi fint abfcondita,cxitum raroprofpieiunt. 
Erafmus in Epift. Confilia callida & audacia primo frontc lita, traiSlatu dura,evcntu triftia. 
* Curtius. ^n confiliario imprimis requiritur temperantia ,quia * no vandii, quam geren- 

dis rebus aptiora ingenia ilia ignea. ^InD it iS certain tljaf men offierpanH 

furious fpirits eaftlp become factious, 
pj— J In confiliario Principistria maxime requiruntur.libcrtas, fides, & Veritas: li- 

bertasconhlii efl ejus vita & eflentia, qua ereptaiconfilium evanefcit, 
Tacitus. Private res Temper oflficere, oflicientque publicis eonfiliisipcllimum vcri affcdim 

& judicii venenum fua cuique utilitas, 


Cap. 2. 

The Comceli T^card, 57 

Tu civem patrcmque geris.tu confule cunflis; 
Non libi, nee tua removeant, led publica vota. 

jail iirtjicl), anD muclj moje are compjcljcnDcD luitljin tljc oatljaboljcfaiu. 

feomc rules of CounfclUtnljtcl) in vlounccll toe IjatcobfcrtcD, toctoill at)Dc» " Book of judg. 

5Fira,tftatttt3rafcatogtiicai^tiigtounfell,tol)cn t)cDcmant)etl)tt fecconDlp, 19- ver. ultimo. 

tlje trueft aiiD belt coimfell tsetjcr giten toajatng, tobcit ttie queftion ts fo ^]°"jna"t'hcn" 

cDenlp pjovounDeD,a0tl)eCounrcUoj bnotoetl^ nottoftitb toap tfte Jitngl)tm= give fcntencc. 

felf intlinctl). CljtrDlp, tljat ' praspropcra corfilia funi raro proipera : fo? re» ^Seneca. Non 

foluttott ftioulD neber goe bcfo?e Deliberation, no? ejecutfen before rcfolution. Temper .nHno 

iFourtW?, toljen upon Debate anD Deliberation tt isbp tlieCouncell Cable tocU ^[, ^^n^^'S 

r6rolticD,tl)C»tftangetl)ereofnponfom0pji"batc infajmation is ncitljer fafe noj fedaptat. * 

l^onourable, '' noj tftat after refolution timelp erccutton be DclapeD. if^iftl)h', it is a b saiuft.priuf- 

mean ofpiofpcrousfatccffc tolicn tl^cqncll{ont3DcbatcDVDit^afeto,nottl)atb8 quammci.iaj, 

ftoalD relp upon tl)em,bnt tfjat thereby Vat ffatc of tftc queftion map be tuel onfi^f' ^onfuiuentm'"- tbe enD t^c fame map be plenarilp ^ ixxWv p?opotmDeD to tl^ toftolc 5I5oaw. ^^^^ fa"'io opus" 

feirtftlp, ^ gooD counfel is tlje fonl of tlje &tate. &ebcntWp,toljKT Cotmfellojs Doe en. 

l)tDe oj Dtfguife tfte trutl),tt is full of Danger botb to tfte teing anD to ^ tftentfcltjes. f 1 1 h 4 na.i 4. 

€{gt)tl)lp,biolcnt courfcs arc lifee to ^t toatcrs tljat map Do gooD in an cjtremitp, j'M'iumconfi- 

fauf tbe ufc of t^em Dotb fpoil t^ flomatli, anD it toill require tftem tlrongec ano fl^Z'm '**" 

ftronger , anD bp litle anD little tftep toill leffen tljeir oton operation. iL aftlp, f utfj ro c. chuh 

fearas Dotb notfalinconftantemvirum.isancnfmptogooDceunfeUfojto^atis^. 

fear, <= but a betraping of fuel) fuccour0,a0 reafon (auD counfclOOjoulD affojD. Segraves caic 

i^o % o?D of JBarliament tabes anp place of p?cceDencp in refpett l>e is a "^lU ];°':IV°^^' 

tp Connfcllour. But unDer tftat Degree fntl) plate a i^jiup Conncelloj (ball Latimersfafc. 

tabe, as is fet Doton in feric ordinum tempore H. 7. I^ereaftcr remembjeD intftc e Sap.u. 
Chapter of ]^?eceD»ncp« 


58 Cap.j,4.- 

CAT. Ill 

Of the Power and Authority of the Protecftor 

and Defender of the Realm and Church of England 

during the Kings tender age. 

S^t Rot. Pari, anno i H. <,2<5.& 17. a<5« 6 H.<,2?,24, 
8 H»(5. nu.i 3, 1 1 H,<5. nu.19. 31 H.<s. nu./i . toftere pon fljall finDc l)ts au* 
tljojttp, place, ant) pjccctiencp-tocU wpjclTcD anti uefcrtbcD* 
%\iz fureft Uiap is to ftatcljimmatiebgautfjojttgoftijcdDjcatCoimccU in 

&ce Hollingflieds C^joniclc, pa. 1059. inljtcl) mapgitc po« occali'on td feaccl^ 
iQ% tlje lUeco^DS or fuci) |a jotettojd as are t^ere retiearfeo, 


The Court of the High Steward of England, 

intituled , ^lacita Corona coram Thorn. Duce 2^. 
Senefchallo Jn^ia. 

f His Stile, "■' f 3Isttilc is Senefehallus Anglk. Cftis office is ticrio anctcnf , anu toas 

^ TheoHtiquitj I — I befoje tlje Conqucft. Jfoj 31 reatie in an ancient anDatitt)cnttcall ^znw- 

of his office, JL A fcript,intttuleD Authoritas SenefchalH Anglix : toijcrc putting an er* 

Nota, then a amplC of t|ts autl^Ojif J?, faitlj t SicutacciditGodwinoconoitiKaneia tempore re« 

Judge of the Peers g[j gdwardi anteceiroris Wiliielmi DucisNormandixpro hujufmodimalegeftis 

of the Rcslm. ^ cotjfiliis fuis (per Senefchallum ^»^//<f) adjudicate K forisfeeitComitivatn 

Cuft.dcNorm. 3ln tftc timeoftijeConqoeroar William Fitz-Euftace iuas g>tciDat:D of(!£ns« 
cap. 10. lanD. ^nt) in tijc reign of William Rufus ant) H. i .Hpgh Gramfemcncl llBacon 

Of l^inblcj? Ijclo tljat iBaronp bp tftc faiD £»ff ice. 

;©f ancient time tbfs £Dffice toas of inheritance, anDappcrfaineD to Vat^mX- 

fiomeofiLeicefter, asitalfoappearet^bptljefaiDlReto;!): Scnefchalcia Angliz 

pertinet ad Comitiva de Leieefier,& pertinuit ab antique. SCljat io,tbat tijc <ll;arl:: 

Ijomc of ieiceftcr tuas l)olDen bp Doing of tl)e office of ^tctoarD ofQBnglant). 

£DtI)er llecojDs tcffifictbatit flioulD belong fotl)ciifaronj'off3infele|'. SCbe 

frutb is, tljat ^tnblc>'toaspartclloftI)cpoireir(on0Oftl)cC'aclcof llctceacr, 

foj Robert BellomontOSarlof ileicellerintljereignof H.i.marteDixiitlj pecro- 

nil Dniigljtcr anH bctr of fbefaiD Hugh Grantfemenel 5I5aronof-!t5tnblc)', anu 

•'^otpar iiRi BLojDCs'tetoarD of (SnglanDjanD in l)crrigl)fluai3§>fcUiarDot"(j];nglanD. ilnDfo 

nil. 4. *' " it continued uiitill bp tlje forfeiture of Simon Moumforc it came to teing H, :;. 

Int. piacitaco- tobo fn tl)C ^o ytsit Of ftis rcIgn, crcatcD Edmond bis fctonD fon Carl of ILeice* 

ronas John »[ ftcc, Uaron Of D^iitlUcp, auO !^igb ^tcloarD ofC-nglanO, iobicb conttnttcDin 

G,i««Diilceof ijta JLincuntdl Henry Of Bullinbroke * fonanDbetr Of John of Gaunt SDttUC of 

of LcicSeT 3Lantattcr anft cSarl of ILctcctter, tobo iuas tbc laft that baO n\w cfratc of inbcrt^ 

Steward of Eng- tancc in tbc offtcc Of tbe a>tcfa)art) of CDnglant), S>incc tabtcb time it loas nt\m 

iind. grantcD to ani' Subject, butonlp hacvice. ;3nt) tbc rcafon toss, fo?tbattbe 


Cap. 4. The Court of the High Stevpard of Engl. 5^ 

jjoiDcc of tbc fetcioarD of Gnglann teas fo tranfccnDcnt, tfjat if teas not IjolDcrt "is authority hac 

fit tote in am' fubjcisl^ai'.DS : foj tbc faiD KccojDfaitf), b Et fciendum e(t quod fo"A'"'*'^"''' 

c;u$ officium ei\ lupervidcre, & regulare lub rcge, & immediafe po« regcm to- mcminnedl'nthe 

turn regnum Anglix, &omnes minittros legum intra idem regnumremporibus ftatute ofji H.8 

pacis & gucrrarum, &c. anD pjocccDct!) parttcularlp toitf) Ditjcrs ercecDtng !^tg!) 

potucrsanD ^utljojitics , to^icl) map tocU bcoiittttcD, becaufctljcprcrtjcfbjno '''"^ P''<^ir§ °f 

■^ anDalbeif tljcir potoer anU autbonf p tjaljc been fincetlje reign ofH. 4. but =gr«ch.hecu- 

hac vice, pet ts tf)at hac vice limiteD anD appointed, ;as Votjcn a iLojD of i0ar= ft^m. of Norm. 

Uamentis dtnDictcD of tccafonojfelonp.tficntijc grant of tljis^Dff ice unDer tlje f^piofo.iy. 

dUjeat a>eali0 to a JloiDof |0arliamcnt,rccittng tl)C 3nDtctment, <= No$ conhde- S^"'^ ^'''°"' 

rantes quod juftitiaeit virtnsexcellens & AliiHimocomp]acens,eaq; prar omni- l His authority 

bus uti volcDtes, ac pro eo quod officium Senefchalli Angliae, en jus prxfentia pro (uaczicejlimiKi. 

adminiftracione jultitia: SccxecutioDecjuldenrj in hac parte facien' requiritur; ut "^ See the fe- 

accepimus,jam vacat: De fidelitate, ftrcriuitate,providaeircumfpeftione- & indu- """I P*' ' "!,'''' 

n • ji • 1 • cj J- - o n- • I ^ Initiiutes, Mae. 

ftria veltns plunmum conhdentes ordinavinnus & connituimus vos ex hac caiifa q^^,. j. ° 

& coups Senefchalium noftruna Arglia: ad officium illud cum ononibus cidem of- 1 H.4.ap,i. 

ficio in hac parte debitis & pertincntibus hac vice gerend', aceipiend', & exer- fHcisioieJudge 

cend', f dames & concedertes vobis tenore prxlemiu picnam & fufficientem po- [*>■ 'he Common 

tethtem & authoritatem, acmandatum fpcciale indiftamentum prasdidt. &c, nrbeput'v'"^ 

§>o as it appcarctlj, t!)at tftis great £)fficer is fejboUp rearainco to p:oceeD onlp /-Stanf pi.cor.15z 

upon tbe rccitcD tnDictment. 0nD Ijcfoteftom t^ici £DfftccisgranteD,niu(t tea 

aiojtiof parliament anD ftis pjocecDing is to be = fecundum leges & confuctudi- '5 

nes Angiiac, foj fo is ftis (Xommiffion, 3nD hereof pou map rcaDc mojc at large in ^ "'' '"''• 

tbe third part of the InlUtutes, cap. High Trcafon. '' ^ifo atctierp Cojonation Ije j,^ j^j^ .^ . 

l)atb a Commillion unDer tbe dDjcat &ealc hac vice, fo IjcaranD Determine t^c thorlty"" '^^ "" 
claimes fo^ cranD ^erjcanties anD ot^er honourable fertiices to beDoncatt^e 
Cojonation fojtijcrolcmnijation thereof : foj toliicf) purpofe tl)e l^igl) fetciu* 
arD Doti) t)olD bis Court Tome coutienicnt time before t^e Coronation, htt a pje^ 
fiDent hereof bcfo?ctl)c cojonation of iaing R. 2. John2Dubeof}Lancaftertl)en 
g>tciDarDof Ql;nglanD, (U)l)o in clapmcs fcefojc Ijim inas ftileD Trefhonorable 
Seignior ie Roy de Caftle & Leon, & Senefchal D'angliterre) anD f)elD IjiS Court 
in Alba Aula apudWeflm. diejovispro^ime ante coronationem. Qui quidetn 

coronatio habita & foiemnizata fuit die Jovis fequente,f/-t» 16 Jalii Anno i r. 2. i v. 1 H 4/0.1. 

2Cl)e firtt tbat irias crcatcD hac vice foj tljc folcsnnijation of tljc cojonation of Ti,ereforc rbo. 

Ji. 4.toas Thomas l)is fcconD ton. ' ^nD upon tlie arraignment of John Holland "'■"'/"fJ^'^'" P-56J 

C-arle of Huntingdon, tl)c ftrft tljat toas crcateD ^teloarD of C-nglanDhac vice, affirmcThathc 

toas Edward <it-arl of SDetOH. was beheaded at 

Rot. Pari. 37 49, Thomas Courtney CBarl of 2?et>on iuas arraigned of pieflyimflcx by 

^igl) Creafon befoje Humphrey SDufec of <II5loc, hac vice S>teiDarD of CnglanB, ■)'' Commons, 

anD acquifcD. SnD fo teas ^-t^c llojDDacresoftbe JlJojtl) arraigned of i^iglj {.'ramVikhis 

SCrcafon bcfoje Thomas 3Dube of J^ojff. hac vice ^tetoarD of CnglanD , anD h s.ot juakc ' 

acquiteD bp ^ o peers, spumans Rcpon. 

Mljenfte ftttetljbpfojteofljis £DfficcljefittetbunDeraClotl) ofCffafc, anD 
futb as Direct tl)eir fpceclj unto bim, fap, pieafe pour (i5jacc mp JlojD 1$iQ\) 
&tetoarD ofCnglanD, SCfteftile of tljefaiD John of Gaunt toas, Johannes fi- 
lius Regis Angliof, Rex Legionis & Cancllac, Dux Aquitanije & Lancaliriar, Comes 
Pcrbis, Lincolnii, & Lciceftrijp, Senefchallus Anglix. j3nD in refpcd l)iS poluer 
befojc it luas limiteD toas fo tranfcenDeat , HI 6nDe no mention made of tt)ts 
great fDfficcr in anp of our ancient Sutljojs, tfjc Mirror, Brafton, Bntron, oj 
Fleta. 3:t fecmetlj tftep lifted not to treat of Ijis autfjojitp, jjieitfjer do 31 finde 
bim in anp3rt of parliament, noj in anp llBook cafe bcfoje i H.4.anDtjerpfcto 

finte t lubicft ftatlj caufcD me to be tlie longer tn anotbcr place to fct fo:tl) bis au^ Scc the third part 

tljojitpanD Due pjotecDing upon tfte arraignment of a peer of tbe parliament, of iheimiitutcs, 

bp judiciall recojD and refolution of tljcSIuDges, agreeable toittjconftanter^ ca^.. Treafon. 

ifojtbeC-tpmolostcandfignificationof (Senefchallus) fee tljefirft part of the 


(5o ^he Court of Star-chamber, Cap.5, 

Firftp?rtofthe inftitutes : flint) tboagl^ (f tiaflj fctBrall Dctittations , pet as being appKciD to 

infiir. sta.78. ci;nglant),it is pjopcrlp DcriUcD from Sen, t^iat is, SJufticc, anD Schalc , ttiat is, 

<!0ot3cmour oj £E>ffi:cr, ttiat is,Pra;feaus feu officiariusjufticia?. ^nt) tl)is agrectft 

luell toitb Ijis autljojitp anD tiutp to pjocceD (as ftatft been faiD) fecundum leges 

& confuetudines Anglic. 

3It is to be obfcrbcD, tljat as tbc peers of tljc JRealm fbat be 2Crio;s oj peers, 
are not fUjojne. fo tftc ?Lo;o §>fetDarD being SuDge, %t, is not ftoojn : pet ougftt 
\^t accoJUing to ^ts JLctterS patents to pjocccD feeundum legem & confuetudi- 
nctn Aoglia. 

CAT, V, 

The Honourable Court of Star-Chamber , 

Coram (/^^ge <(y Concilia fm : Of ancient time. Coram 

^e^e in Camera^Scc. 

^Thatitisdtt j ^ atljeiSpearoft^ereignofE. ;♦ itappcarctl),t^at fljelretoinsCoranobis, 

eminent Court I -j^ j {„ uj,,,,, nianners. Coram nobis in Camera (U)ljic^,tt is faiD, toas after- 

frovedh^Re- X juarDS callcD Camera Sellata.) 2» Coram nobis ubicunquetuerimus in An* 

Cords, and Jtis „j|3^ ^^^j^^ jg jjjg j^^j^gg Benclj ; anD Coram nobis in CanccUaria, ;anDofall 

of Parliament, ^^^^ ^ j^|j g^j, n^oj^ouf able Courts Of jufftcc, tljis OMgl)t to be fecpt iuitfjin ^i9 

MioVufi'"' a'c P'^P^*^ bounDs anD jurisDictton. 

^ ot jiaci pii . b 3|n 38 F. J, coram Rege & Concilio, John Redland ComplaincD of Robert 

^ Fraitd and Spioke f07. tcliberp of pjifoners upon falfe fnggettion maoe to tljc Mm ; npon 

fatfehood. ijcaringtljecaiirc, tljcDefenDant iuas acquitteD,tl)cplatntife impjtfoncD. 

c Koc.pat.i part. '= Bin ^p E.3,Ralph Brantingliam one Of tijc Cbamberlains of tije (Ertljequer 

m.n. complahieD befo?et()cl^ing anD IjisCounceU of Richard Cefterfciid Clerk 2)e< 

f Fal^oodinan putp of tl)6 ^iings sCreafurer.intfte receipt, foj Dibersallotoances, papmenfs, fc. 

Officer andra- unDulpniaDe,anDfo;, -tc. tiUpon tfje l)eartng of ttje caufcbp 

fwg of A Record j^g ^{j^j^ ^ouncell, tbc DefcnDant toas acquittcD, anD tlje plainttfc remo'ceD from 

l)is office, anD committeD to pjifon. 
d Rot.ciauf. d sCfje fllb'jotde Bruera.anD Raggeljis ^onk CentenccD coram Rege 

41 E.3. in. 8 in ^ concHio, foj rafing of ^Letters patents , anD infcrting ot^ier toojDs % anD t^e 
VM Rot. par. ^Letters patents bp fentcncc cancelleD, 

1 R.t. I parc'm. « 3tn Anno4i E.3» in 3 315(11 of complatnf crbibifeSfofljeliing bp Elizabeth 
Camera StttlM, {{y^ ipiDoiU Of Nicholas Awdeley platntife, againft Jane Awdeley DefeilDant, 
for rafing. ^i^^ appcareD bcfojc tbe iftings Councell, viz. {\\t Xljanccllour, ^Crcafurer, Sa* 

dcv k coOTcel. fttCCS,anD Otljcrs alTcnibleD En la Chamber de$ Eftoieis pres de la Reccits. 
e Rot. ciauf. " f futf DepcuDtng bcfoie tbe l^tng anD Councell bettoccn V:^t Sbbot of §>aint 
41 E. 5. cambd. Auften Of Canterbury auD others concerning Mrecfes, fc, SDljc abbot b;ougl)t 
!^r' ''7 r l)is action at tbc common lato againft tbe parties, tDbo being tbcrcuponarrcdeD 
{tf r'i ii "dorf. ^"^ impjifoneD , t!)c §>I)criffe toas commanDeD bp tbe toings OTrit to DeliDcc 
m. 1 1. tbem, anD ta fojbear to ferue n\w otbcr p?oces againft t!)cm : anD tlje reafon 

tbere peilDeD is notable, Quia non eft juri confonumi auc honeflumj quod aiiquis 
. P.r. 6 H.?. ^^ '^"* qux coram nobis & concilio noftro in difculTione pendent, alibi inde inte- 
& con/Tniile tim placitari debsat>aut apparcre. 

Anno 7 H 5 pro g fuif ocpeuDtng bcfojetfte tting anD Ijts Councell, bettoeen W. G, of tfje 
nianeriodcFiih- ortc part . anD -H. s.oftfjeotlier part : a ©equeftration is ojDereD foj tlje pjefcr= 
M " " ■^^t^"" of tljetDings in qucftion. 

h Ko'.cinir. '1 J\\ i7H.6anlnrolmc;itofaconfctrionof JohnFord of Lon. ipercer befo?e 

17 H. (5. tl)C3Lo?D SDrcafurcr anD otbers of tlje icings Councell intlje^tar C^jambcr foi 


Gap.5. ne Court of Star-chamber, 6i 

tte frauonlcnt paduno: anO f ranfpo?ttng of Mooll, tottl^ a Mr it to tl)e S>^er{ff0 
of HonDon to fctbtmon tbc |)ill03j'. 

%l9e abbotofMcftminacrerfjiblteDljtslSilltotljeiafng agafiift t!)C S>l)C« Anno 19 h. 6. 
riffcs of ilonDon foj ariefttnganDD?aVDtngotitU)itl)fojtc apjtVitleDgcD pcrfon Tiin. heUz. 
outoftl)ca>aitLitiai-j)ofs>. Marcinsle grand belonging to t^c fatO 0bbc? : Ujfjicl) Etcr.Manufcr.pc 
uiatter after Due pjocccDings tjcing IjcarD in tbc Court of &tar-cl)ambcr befo?e '^^ 'mpriu:cd. 
tf)C Ho jt)S ant) otl)crs of tl)c 11 ings CotinccU, anD Hodey anD Newton eft tcf 3u^ 
llices, iril)tcl) 3!ufttcci5 Determining, t\fat bp lato tl)c part^ougftt toenjopttje 
tjjttiilcDgc of &an(tuarp. tt)c S>i)criffc3 toere grietJOuflpfincD in tfje S>tar=tl)am« 
btt hv particular name : toljicl) fcntence tfjc ll ojD Dier,as l)c Ijatfj repo?teD unDcr 
Ijisoton IjanD, fatoupon a reference to ftim anD Suffice Somhcote out of tlje 
^tarcljamber.Trin. 1 1 ReginsEliz. concerning tijc ^anctuarp of QQlcam. foj 
Hampton anD Whitacres being tnfojDebt. iJnD tftc5lo?DDiermaDetl)tc j^otc 
tuttl) ftis oton IjanD. Nota, pur Je Star-chamber, 3lnDtbi3ts a notable pjoof of 
tije iurioDiftion of tljc Court fo? fining, ic. 2Cl)at tlje 3I5tll Uiao cjrljibitcD to tljc 
iitng, anD tftat tljc ttoo Cftief Jutticcs tftcn Dio fit,anD tocre 3iaDgc2!(amonga 0- 
tfters) in tljat Court* 

JFo? Di\3cr0 Hiot0, c!;rtojtton0, oppjciTions, anD grtcljous offences bp Ditcr© ^"*- " 3 «, 
perfons Done againfttftetUings peace anD latucs, to Ditiers of ftts liege people, "fde^i^oj pj^i 
tommanDement ftatlj been giten bj? tlje Itings Mrits imDer tftc (Cjcat &cale ,, 
(tutjicl) continue untill tftis Dap) to appear befo:c t[)c J^ing in tlje Cfjancerp , oj 
ecfojc fttm anD Ijis CounccU ateertain Dapcs to anfiuer to tljc pjemifc© , toftic^ 
commanDemcnt Ijatl) been manp times DifobcpcD, p?otiifion is maDe bp ttiat 3ct 
ioi tf)c punifljmcnf of fuctjDifobeDience, as b)' tbat 3d: appearettj. SCruc it is, 
tljat tifie ilit loas but tempojarp, pet it affirmetlj fo mucl^ as befoje ftatl) bccit 

Anno 35 H. 6,31 ©Krit Of Certiorari toaSDirecteD: Thorn x Kent ClericoCon« ex bundclio brf- 
cilii: Volentes certis de caufis eerdorari fupertcnorem cujufdam AduJPafch. vififcgis.3j h.6 
ultime prjeterito apud Weftm. in camera flellataconeernen* Johanncm Dueem 
Norft", 3nD fee tftere p?oces of rebellion againtt tftc fatD SDufee. 

Robert Davers a counfelloj at lato bp faillerljibiteD to tftc ISfng, fc, foj Dcfa. RocdauCu h.« 
mation ofrafing alUccojD. 0nD tljefaiD Robert bptlicfetngs Cotmcell inGamc- 
ra ( lellata Voas acquiteD, anD John Broket tljat maDe tlje rafure fentenceD, 

2Cljc Siings Councell affemlleD in tfte ^tar=cl)ambcr. SCfje ilo?D Cromvvels h.« 

0no?Dcr in tlje ^far^ctjambcr foj tfte SDufee of i^oifes Councell foftatieacccDTe ^^f- pat.31 H.g. 
to l)im, beiaufc callcD into t!)C Cbamber bp ^jiVip §)eale, fJic, "^- ^°- 

2Ltt euempltfication of a complaint bp Richard Heron againft John Prouti pac.j E-4:parM. 
Coram nge&confilianisfuisinCamera fielIata,fo?a great miSDemeanourcon* 
ccrning Moolc. 

Anno 8 E.-f. pjoceeDtng bp cnglilft bill, anftoer, repltcaf ion,ic. Coram rege & Rot.petit. s e 4. 


Anno zoE,4, a fentencc in tftc ^tarcljambcr foj turbulent anD unDueelcdi': Rot.pat.ioB. 4. 
ons bettoccn tlje 3bl'0t of liStirp anD tfjc inhabitants. parr. z. 

ESae ftate omittcD manp otljer KccojDs, but becanfe tftep be of lifee nature toe 
Ijaijc contcnteD our felf tottl) tljefe. anD noto toe totll confult toitft our BooJj 
cares,anDiflepojt3of laiD : toftcreinettljcr coram rege & concilio, oj coram Rege 
& concilio in camera ftellata, is nameD, 

5P 19 aff.pUu 40 aff, 38. 1 3 E.4.9. in camera ftellata, Vid. 17 £.3^ BookcofesMd 
cap.13.21 E.4.71, incamera ftelIata,iR.5. fo.:.& i camera flellata.i H.7.J, Reportsoflarv 
incamera ftellara. SDftis Court in ancient times fat but rarelp, fo? tl)?ee caufes. ^ ' 

JFirtt, foj tftnt cnojmious anD erojbitant caufes toljic!) tljis Court Dealt luitljali 
onlp in tt)ofc Dapes rarelp fell out, &)cconDli', f Ijis Court Dealt not toitlj fuel) cau. 
rcs,asotl)cr Courts of ojDtnarp jufficc mig^tconDignelppuniflj, ne dignitas hn. 
jus curiae vilefceret. SCljtrDlp, it bcri' rarelp DiD fit, left it fljoulD Djato tf)e Jliings 
p jtuic Councel from matters of &tatc,pro bono ftcar pjtbate caufes, 
anD tfte pjinctpall 3!uDges from t^cir ojDinarp Courts of iufttce. 

6z T^he Court of Star Xh amber. Cap. 5. 

3 H.7.C3.I, snijat toftttlj HOtu is nevt to be confiDcreti in ferie tcmporis is tijc ftatate 

of 3 H.7. 2Cbc Hctfcr toljeccof foUoiuctlj : 

It is ordaiRed that the Chancelour and Tieafurer of England, 
iiH-8"'»'- and the Keeper of the Kings Privy Seal, or two of them, calling to 
thtVings Coun- them a Bifhop and a Temporal Lord of the Kings moft honourable Pri- 
ccii added. vy Councell,and the two Chief Juftices of the Kings Bench and Com- 

mon Place for the time beiag,or other two Juftices in their abfence^up: 
on bill or information put to the faid Lord Chancelour or any o- 
ther againft any perfon for unlawfuU maintenance, giving of live- 
ries, figns and tokens, and reteyncrs by Indentures , promifes, oaths, 
writings or otherwife , imbraceries of his fubjed;s , untrue demean- 
ing of Sherifs in making of pannels, and other untrue returns , by 
taking of mony , by injuries, bj^ great riots , and unlawful! aflem- 
blies, have authority to call before them by Writ or Privy Scale 
the faid mifdoers, and they and other by their dilcretion, by whom 
the truth may be known to examine, and fuch as they find therein 
defe(5tive,to puni(h them after their demerits , after the form and 
effed of ftatutes thereof made in like manner and form as they 
fliould, and ought to be punifhedjif they werethereofconvid after the 
due order of law. 
Camden Brit. CamerxJleUatx authoritatem frtidentifimus prittcep/ Henricus feptimta 

. ita. PariUme^tana adauxit c^ confiabilivit , mnnuUi primum inftituiffe 
falfo opinantur, 

tiUpon tftis ftatufe ant) tl^at toljtcft fojmertp Ijat!) \stzn fain, tftefc ^vf concIuH^ 
onsDoe foUotof E^befirftconcUtfion i3,tbattl)is ^ct of 3 H.7. oid not ratfea 
neto Court; foj t^erctoasadourt of ^taMfjamber, aiiDalltljc l&ings pjttjp 
Countcl 3lu5aes of ttjc fame. JFo: if tt)C fatD 5lct D to eftabltfl) a neto court , tftcn 
IboulD tftofe four J anp ttoo of tljcm be onlp 3uDgc0,anD tlje reft tbat tljep flboula 
call to tljcmftoalD be but affiftaitts, anD aiDants , aiiD no ^uoges : foj tije 
ttatute of 3iE.3.cap.u.trfticl)rairct^ aneiu Court, atiD befo;c nclu 3uDge0, 
is infroOuctojp of a neiu laiD,bpl)atJing fonufance of crroj in tlje CDrcftcqucr, 
iufjitli fljallbcrctcrfcD in tlje CBrcljcquer Chamber fcefojc t^c Cftant clour ana 
SDreafurer.oj calling to tljemttoo iuDgcs, tftcrc tfje Cijancelour anD 2Crea* 
furer are onlp 3uDgcsintftetDjif of(I!;rroj,anDro intljclilte. 315ut it isclcac 
ttiat tftc tiuo Blufttccs in t!)e &tar=cf)amber are 3!uDgcs, anD fjat'e foices, as it 
Ijat^ been often rcfolVcD , anD Datl)> crpcriencc tcacbetb* 0nD furffjcr to clear 
f bis point , if t{)c 3ufticcs fljoulD be but affiftants anD no SJnDges in tlje ^tar^ 
c^amijcr, foj tljat tftri? arc to be callcD,!C. tl)cn,anD foj tl^c fame reafon fljoulD nci^ 
t^cr 1 jD g>ptr ituall no; aCempojall, no: of bcr of tt)C p ji^cp CounccU be iuDa* 
8 H.7.1J.PI0VV. es.noj ba'beljoices intfte Court of §>tar=cfjanibcr. ^nD t^erefojc t^e fuDDcji 
com.593, opinion in 8 H.7. anD of otl^ers not obfertiing tl^e fatD DifftnttfonbcfiDecn a^cta 

SDcclaratojp of p?occcDings in sn ancient Court,anD Hcts 3ntroDucto:.p of a ncia 
lato inraifing of a neto Court, isfcot!) contrary to latu , anD continnall z%^z= 

djcfcconD conclufifon is, tijat tfjc 3[rt of ? H. 7. being in tl)C affirmatitc is 
not in fomc tilings purfucD. ^oj Inljcrc tljat M Dircttctft tljat tlje bill oj In* 
formation ftoulD be put to tl^c ?LojD Cbancclour,?c, all bils anD informations 
in tftatcourtare conftantlp anD continually DircttcD to tlje lungs ipateffp, 
as t^cj? tDcre before t^e faiD 0rt; anD it is a gooD rule , tljat toljcre flje 3d: of 
3H.7. is notputfucD, tlbere (iftljcrcbcmanp juDictallpjcliiDentsin another 
ro?t;tlje|>muftl)a\)etDarrant from tbe ancient CourtjanD pet it is cooD(afl 
mucf) asmapbc)to purfuc t{)tsa[ct,tl)cre being no greater affuranre ofiurisDi* 
ctiontften anjattoflUacliament, 0nDtof)cre tfjerel'e no fntl^ pjefioents-. tljen 
V^z ftatufe as to tlje BluDges rmXi be purfneD : anD tljat Voas tlje reafon tljat in 


Cap.5. The Court of StarXhamher, 

default ofofftcroi, £>ti;Chriflopher Wray CI)tef Siutttcc ofC-nglanD o; a time 
luaamaDeiloiD ^jttopscalto fit in t{)C s>tar=cl)ambcr , Ne curia deficerct m 
jultitia exhibenda- 

%\i\tt\r>, tbat ttjts 3ct bcirtg(as Ijatl) been faiD) in tijc affirmative, anD cnumc= 
rating tii\3Cts particular offences, albeit (injuries) is a large \Do:D,pct tljat Court 
ftatl) jurisDiction of mam? ot^cr, as is ntanifeft brautijojtt)', anDDailj? c);pcri' 
enccanD tftis mutt of ncccffitp be in rcfpect of t{)c fo;mcr iurisDicrion, 

5^ourtl)l!', t{)is0ct in one point is introDucto:p of a nclolaty, tobtcl) tijc foj« 
mcc Court l)aD nof,viz. to eraminc tl)c iDcfctiDant, toljtclj being unDcrftooD aftet? 
I)is anftoer maDc , to Le upon oat!) upon tntcrrogatojics , luljtcb tbis ancient 
Court pjocceDing in criminalUaufcs baDnot.noi coulD Ija'^'cbutbp ha of par- 
liament, o; pjcfcriptton, tbctoant toftcrcof efpeciallp in matters of frauDs anD De^ 
tints (being like birDS clofclp y^tcl)cD in bolloto trees ) voas a mean tftat trutb 
toulD not be found out, but bcfojctljcftatute tljcanfUicr urns uponoatl). 

iFiftftlP.tobcrcitiSfaiDintljiS J3ct, And topunifh them after dieir demerits 
after the form an4 effect of ftacutes made, &.c. Cftc piaintif map ctjoofc tut)C« 
tijcr !)C lotU infojm upon fuel) If atutcs as tbis iJct Dircdetl) , oj foj tl)C offence at 
tl)c common lato,as be migl)tl)at)C Done bcfo?ctl)is ^ct, Voljicf) pjotjctl) tbat 
ttjts 3(t taketl) not atoap tbe former jurisDittion. 

6. 3iaftl)',tl)attl)ejurisDiction of tbis Court Dcalctb not toitb anp offence, 
tbat is not malum in fe, againft tbe C ommon laU), o? malum prohibitum,againft 

3t is to be obferteD tbat ncitber tbe fiatutcs of 57 E.3- ca. 1 8. 5 8 E. 3. cap. 9, 
41 E.^.ca.;. 17 R.2 ca.6 noj anp otber ttatutc tahctb aiuap tftc jurisDiction of 
anp fctlcD Court of Btutticc, neitbcr is tbe Court of S)tar=cbambcr nameD in 
anpof tbem,anD pet teas ita Courttbcn anD before tbat time. 

2? i'ocrs fpcciall £cts of parliament batic giticn alfo lurisDtttion to tbis Court* 
viz, 11 r.iR. 2.cap.j. 13 H. 4. cap. 7, 93 H» 8, cap, 1. 4 & 5 Ph. & M. 
cap.8, 5,5>,io. &cap. 14. 27 Eliz.cap, 4. 

^nD feeing tbepjoceeDing according to tbetatosf cuttomes of tbis Healm 
cannot bp one rule of lato fnffice to puniib tn etjcrp cafe tbe ejrojbitancp anD t- 
no:mitp of fomc great bojrible crimes anD offences , anD efpeciallp of great men, 
tbis Court Dcalctbtoitbtbcm.totbecnDtbat tbcmeDicmc map be accojDing to 
tbe Difeafe, anD tbe puniibmcnt accojDing to tbe offenccUt pxna ad paucos,metu$ 
ad omnes perveniar, VDttbout refpc£t of pcrfons, bc tbcp putlique oj pjttjate, great 

as fo; opp?ctrion,anD otber crojbitant offences of great mcn,(toboni tnfcriour 
SuDgcsanD 3uro:6 (tbouebtbcpfboulDnot) tooulD in refpcct of tbeir greatncCfc 
bcafraiDtooffenD) bjiberp,crto;tton, maintenance, cbampcrtp, imbjacerp, fo;= 
cerp,pcrjurp,Difperrer3 of falfc anD Dangerous rumours, nelus, anD fcanDalous 
libelUng, falfc anD partiall misDemeanours ot&berifs anD he ailifs of liberties, 
frauDS, Deceits, great anD bon'iblc riots, routs, anD unlatufull aCTemUics, ftnglc 
£omlats,cballcnaeB, Duels, anD otber bainous anD ettraojDinarp offences anD 
niisaemcanours; tut ojDinarp,anD fucb offences asmapbc fuificientlpanD con- 
Dignlp paniflicD bp tbe pjocceDing of tbe C ommon latos,tbis Court Icatjetb to tbe 
o:binarp Courts of 3ufttce anD Dealetb not Uiitl) tbcm, nedignicas hujus curia: 
vilefceret, aS bcfoje is faiD. 

SCbc p:orecDingintbis Court is bpbill 0; info;mafion , bpcraminationof 
tbe SDefcnDant upon 3ntcrrogato?ies,anD bP cramination of luitnedcs, anD 
rareli' ore tenus, upon tbe confeffion of tbe partp i\\ lo?iting unDer bis banD, 
iDbtcb be aga in muftfrcelpconfcffem open Court, upon Uibicb confcfTionin 0= 
pen Court, tbe Court Dotb pioreeo. TUut if bis coitfeffton H fet Doton too 
flio:f,oj otbcrtoife tbcnbc mcant,bcmaD Dcnpit, ai-Dtbentbepcannotp^occeD 
againff Ijim but bp bill oi information, tobicb is tbe faireff taap. 
* 2Cbc 3nfo;matton3,bil3,anfiB£rs, replications,^. anD Hnterrog&tojiesare in 
Cn?litt),anD ingroffcD in parcbmcnt , anD filcD up. 011 tbe tuCJrits anD p:occiTe 
of t"bc Court arc unDcrtbc ©^catscat: JDbefcntcnces, Decrees anD ^ as of 

ii : tbis 


f The luriidi. 
tlicn oftbii 

Camden Biit. 
130. Iti Camera 
ri-t, tf>ipiijturie,do- 
tin maltUytXitf- 

For prcctcdipg, 
ore,nii!u , fee 
before Ro.CIauf, 
17 H.6. John 
Voids cale. 
41 E.J. the Abbot 
• ■!■ bruerics cafe, 
&c. Innuturiu ot- 
di ifl Old, ncni j/<. 
Tu mn (ervare. 

^A , The Court of Star-Chamber, Cap.5. 

ff)i£( Court are mgroITeD in a fair hook toitt) t^e names of fbc ]Lo)Ds a.iD 0- 
t^crs of t^e teingB Councell anD 3luaiccs tfjaf toerc pjefent anD gaijc tftcir 
pafc. iija.Rcg. 3Sn an tnfojmatiQtt in tljts Court bp tlje atfurnp <I!5EncraU againft §»tr 
Stephen Pro6>er, Birkenhead ant) ctljers foj confptracp againtt , ana fcanDall 
of tt)c cBarl of JJJojtljampton, anD Edward 3LojD Wootton ttoo of^ts a^atc* 
ftics ipjttip Councell: ^ttlje bearing of to^iclj caufct^cre fatcigftt in Court, 
ant) four of tljcm conticmneD tlje SDefcntiant : ant)tl)e3lo?ti Ctjancelour, tftc 
tU)o llBiCbop0, and tljeClbancelouroffbeC^rctjequer atqniteD tiim. 0nDttieque« 
ition t»as,tDl)etf)er tf)C £Defcntiant ttioult) be conDemnet) oj no: anD Ijercin it toas 
nrotfeD bp tl)c ^lings IcarneD CouncelUtl^at Ui^en t^e t)oices be eqnall, t^at in 
tl^at cafe, of iDl^icft part tl)elLo?t)Cl)antcloucUja0, ontftat CDc itOjoulD beDe« 
crceDjtoitftouf reaarD,U)l)Ctl)cr it tuasifoj tljepiaintifo? SDcfentiant : :9nD it 
toas rcfolt?cD, tljat rcgularlp & decommun!jure,in refpect of tfje cqualitp of 
■' tl^e toices no fentence coulD be giten in tljat cafe, as it IjolDetft in tlje^tgl^ 

Court of |aarltamcnt,anDallotI)cr Courts, acco?t)tng to tbc olD rule, Paribus 
Efodiu^fo Hi. fementiis reus abfolvitur. 0nD t^ierefojc tl^ pjcftDcnts of tljis Court toere 
to be fearctieD; foj erccpt p?efiDentB coulD mabc a Difference fcetV53een tl)is Court 
anD otliers.tljc BDefcntant coulD not be fcntenceD. MTl^creupon t^e court 
rcferreDt^ts qucftion totlicftoo Cljief Buftices, tftat tfjep calling untotljcm 
tlje JSings learncD Councell to tjieto p?efiDcnts,tol)et|icrbptt)c cattomc of tl)t3 
Court tljc common rule in otljer Courts is altcreD. 315cfojc irljom in tljc pjc* 
fence of tljc teings learncD Councell ttoo pjeQDcnts icere pjolniceD fojpjoof Of t^c faiD cuttome,viz, one Termino Hi). Anno 39 Eliz. betvoecn Gibion 
caiperaftciuta piainfif,anD Griffith anD others ©cfenDanfs: to^erein tl)C complaint teas 
Gibfonscafe. foj a iRiot. SLnD upou Clearing of ttje caufe cigbt fat in Court , anD four gatie 
tfteir fentence tl^at flje SDefenDants toere guilfp, anD tljeottjer four, tol)ereof 
tbe 5L0JD Cftancelourtoasonc, DiD acquit t\)t 2DefenDants, anD no fentence of 
conDcmnation toas ctjer cntreD* But tljc ^uftices tooh it, tftat tljat p?efiDcnt 
tenDeD not to piotje anp fuel) cuttome, fo? it agrees toitlj tljc rule in otljer Courts, 
Hii.4^ El. inc.»- ^notftcrpjefiDent toas ftetocD, Termino Hil. 45 Eliz. in an information tp tlje 
niera ftciinta, Si^uecttS ^itturnp dDcnerall againft Bathern anD otljersfojfojging ofaMiH, 
Cathcrnscafe. ^c. tElpou tljc Ijcarittg Of tljc caufc.tljepjefcnce confifting on eigbt, toftcreoffour 
galjc fentence againft tbc BDefenDant fojfo?.gerp,anD to be punifljCLvaccojDing 
to tftcftatuteof jEliz.tftc otljcr four, toljcreof tljc JLo?D Cljancclour toas one, 
founD Ijii" guilti' of a misDemcanour, anD not of tlje fojgcrp, anD impofcD a fine 
of fitje tjunDjcD pounD onlp, anD impjifonment , anD tbat toas enfrcD accojDing 
to tljellojDCljancclourstoice, 31But no rule of court toas IljetoeD fo? enf ring 
tljereof in tftat manner: foas it appcarcD not tljaf it toas etier molicD, oj DebatcD 
in Court,anD in tl)at cafe all concluDcD againft tlje S)efenDant, anD it is but 
one pjefiDent. il^oto toljct^ertljis one,l-cing fucb a one as it is, anD fo late, be 
fuff icient fo alter tfte gcnerall lato anD courfe of all otljer Courts, 3 leatje to 
tljc juDgment of tljis honourable Court: 0nD fentence toas netjer gitcn againft 
S>ir Stephen Proaer agreeable to fljegencrall rule in otljer Courts* ^eeRot. 
Pail.SH.^. nu.28. 
Mic 6& El Lawrence Hide anD Henry Hide <i!;fquirc0, erljibifcD a bill of complaint Si 
' '^ ^^ ■ gainft George Coriet anD of Ijers upon t^e ftatutc of^i H.8. cap.9, foj unlato= 
full maintenance ; anD complaineD fo?tb?ee fctjcrall Heafcs foj certain pears 
of tl)e parfonage of SDpnton in tljc Countpof SSHiltf.toljereof tftc iLcITojnoj 
anp of ftisSlnccftojs toere in poffcffiontoifljin a pear bcfo?c,«. anD purfucD tl)e 
ftatute : tapon toftic!) part of tlje Bill (;fojtbeil5ill conccrneD riots anDo- 
f Ijcr tljings) tljc SDcfenDant DcmurreD in lato , anD tftc caufes of tlje Demurrer 
toere. iFirff,tljatbpft)cfaiD0£t tljis Court IjaD no jurisDiction of tijis caufe 
upon t^is ftatute, bccaufcfftat tljc :a£ttobiclj is introDurtojp of a neto lato DiD 
notgil^e jurisDiction fo tftts Court, buttljcfuit muftbe in tlje Courts of tljc 
Common lato upon tljis Sltt , toljicb (faiD tljep) alfo appcarcD, in t^at in tlje re« 
niCDp gitien bp tljc 3ct is tljis Claufc, In which aiftion, bill, plaint, or informa- 
' tion. 

Cap. 5. T^he Court of Star-Chamber, 6$ 

tion no efloignjprotedion, wager of law or iniun(5tion fliall be allowed, anD 

t^at no eCroisn,fc. DtD lie in tljis Court SElje fccoiiD objettion toas, Sutjis Court 

l^3D riopotocr tonitc tbeplatnfif remeDp to l)aiic erecutiontn tbiB Court of ' 

t!)C pcnaltp given bp tl)ts ^rt. CJilftereanto upon great atiinfemcnt it luas an = 

fU)crcD anD rcfol'oeD. X!i3totl)cfirft:tl)at tbeftatuteDtDgiiicjurisDiaiontotljiB nierWisb^Sc 

Court,fojttts oneof tijeistncs Courts,^. intcnDcD in tljc 3rt: ano tl)e fta= 7Ei, 

tutc of 3 H.-.DeclarctfjtIjattbifli Court ftatft jurioDiition of maintcnance.antitbia 

^(t of 31 H,b. Dotlj aDDc but a greater penalty: a»D as to tlje tlaufe of eBoin, 

^c. it muft I c conftrueD reddendo fingula fingulis, &c. fojas no.c[roin,«tc. Itctf) 

in tt)is Court, fo no iniuitrtton is atoarDcD in tJje Co:jrt of Common |0lea3,fc. 

013 to tl)C fcconD : 3 1 luas rcfollicD tijat tf)is Court IjaD polncr ir, tlb'3 cafe to grant 

erctuttonoftlje pcualtp tnflirteDbptbis^rt^a^inaltfeecafe Ijao teen Done , (n 

tljccareofJamesTaverner. ^nD botfjtljcrc points ^^0 fojinerlp been refolteD ,^)C^a;^eraft(iia 

in t^is Court, i4Maii. 27 Eliz.fccttoeen Robert Braddiaw Cfquire ^lainttf, Tavem'ers c'afe. 

anDRoberc Cliarnock Gfquire BDefenDantupon tftis ftatute, anD tlje cafet)e« Piifc 17 ei. in 

trccD accojiDinglt' , anD a Comnttffion atoaroeD out oftljis Court, to enquire Camera ftcihti 

of tlje tialue,u. ^no foj tftcfc caufcs b?? t^e rule of tfie tuljole Court,t{)e Demurrer cii3> nockj cafe. 

tuas ol3cr=ruleD,anD tftc 3)efenDant o?DcreD to anfiucr, 

antlio Court fittetf) tujite in t!)c toecit in tfjc 3::erm time , viz. on Mc&- 
nesDaps, and iFriDapa, ertept either of tbofe Dapes fall out to be tl)e firft oj latt 
Dap of tl)C snermc, anD tljen ttje Court (ittet!) not , but it conftantlj' bolDctfj tlje 
nert Dap alter t^c 2Derme enDcD ; but if anp taufc be begun to be IjcarD in tftc 
SCcnne time,anD fojlengtlj oj Difficultp cannot be fentenceD toitljin tlje 2E;crm,tt 
maple continucD anD fcntcnceD after tbcSCerm. 

3t is tbcmoftl)onouralile Court, (our parliament crcepteD) tijaf ts in tlje ^ The dignity 
ClbJiftian tooUD, botb in refpect oftbe iuDgcs of tbe Court , anD of tfteirfto* «/'^*' Court, 
nouraclc pjocecDiiig accojDing to t^cir f uft iuriSDirtion, anD tlje ancient anD juft 
oiDcrsottljc Court. i^ojtlje^uDgcs of tlje fame arc (as pou batiebwrD)t^ ^Theludget 
<S5janDccs of tlje iRealm, tlje JLojD Cftanceloj, tljeiLo;D2i:reafurer,tbe3LojD of this Courf, 
lajc&Dentoftbc JiingsCouncell,tbel.ojD|Djibp Seal, all tftc tojDs S>pirf» 
tuall,2Ccmpo;all, anDotljcrsof tlje liitngs mott honourable pjiljp CouncelU 
anD tlje pjincipall ^uDges oftftelRealm, anDfucljotljer iLojDs of parliament 
as tl)8 !^ing ©all name. SJnDtljcp juDgeuponconfcilion, oi Depofttion of to{f< camb.ubi fuprj. 
nclles : ^nD tlje Court cannot fi!t fo; Ijtartng of caufes unDcr tljc number of ei£ \)t 
at tlje Icaa. jClnD it is frulp faiD, Curia Camera ftellat^ ,(i vetuHaicm fpeaemuj, 
eft anuquiflima,ri dignitatem, honoratiflin^a. 2ni)isCourt,tberigljtinftitatton 
aiiD ancient ojDers thereof being obfcrteD, Dotl) feeep all CnglanD in quiet, 

aibctt tlje ttilc of tljc Court be Coram Rege&Concilio, ret tljc toingscoun* 
cell of tbat Court bear anD Determine caufes tbere, anD tbe is ing in juDgment of 
latoisalfajaps in Court, as in tbe icings Bencb tbc ftilc of tbe Court isCo- 
ram Rege, anD pet bts Blufticcs iubo arc bis Counccll of tbat Court Doe bear 
anD Determine, anD fo Coram Rege in Cancellaria, anD tbclifec. 

S)o tbis Court being bolDcn Coram Rege & Conci licit is oj mapbecompoun* 
I)cD of-'tb^cc fcticrall Counccls, Ebat isfo fa)',oftbe iio^Ds anD otbcrsofbis ''^•eeihei.part 
cpajefties pjitjp CouncclUaltuaps 3uDges tultbout appointment, asbefoje it ll'^le"^^'"^' 
appearetb* 2*'' Cbc3uDgcsofettber»ncbanD315aronsoftbc(l£j:cbcquerareof ■^je)gne it EZgej. 
tbe liiings Connect fo: matter of latD,^c. anD tbe ttoo Cbicf 3!ufttcc3 , oj in tbcir fa d I'miument. 
abfencc otbcrtiuo Siufticcs.arc ftanDing 3uDgcs of tbisCourt. 3. JEbc JLojDs of 4 b.?.*. j afl: 
parliament arc pjoperlp De -^ magno conciliorcgi'j.butneitber tbefcbcing not f'">- 
of tbe lyings pjitjp Counccll, no: anpoftbc reft of tbe 3uDges oj Barons juSm'^V' 
of tbe e j:cbequcr arc ftanDing luDgcs of tbis Court. w.i ca, i.,7 e ». 

16 R.i. Stat.deVrmunire. 45 AfT.pI.iy. Regift. 114, ny. 191. 17 H. 6.?. c 17 Aiig.5H.4, in 
the Exchange bctv/ccn the King and cheEacl of Northumberland, w 7"«r«. 37 £.3x8.18. &c. Note the Patliimenc 
is called Commune (oncUiitm . 

f TherUfmeof 

3X is nolp,anD ot ancient time batb been calleD tbe Cbiunbcr of tlje ' ^ars.tbe thit Com, 

^tar» rf4!E.j. ubifup 


Court of Star-Chamber, Cap. 


e Tnmany of the 

Rjcordt before 





f Theprocejfe, 

^ Officers »f 

20.8. ^n potc- 
Jlatemfibi pimit, 
" Sec StaCHt. de 
nonet a temps 
E.i. jf E.I. 
d: Carlifle. 
And note where 
henialllofc his 
cars for defama* 
cion of (he 

= &tar-cl)amber,tl)c ''ftarrcD ^Ibattibcr , inrcfpccttberoofof tijeCotirt tsgar-. 
tiifljeD tDttb golDen ttars. Swrnc \)aH tnwgtiicD that it fljotilD tc callcD tbc &tar« 
cljamber, becaufccrimioaftelliorai' arc tl)crc IjanHleD : £Dtftcro oftljis foaron 
iDO:.D Stccran, to ffccr oj mlcas Dotbtftc pilot, bccaufctbis Court DctljffcrranD 
goljern t^efljipoftljeCommon^toealt^. £[)tl)ers,l3ecaurc it iofuUoftoinDotos: 
tnttfje truccaufcoftfte namcis,bccaufe,ast3 afojcfaiD,tl)ercof is ftarrcD» 3it 
all rccojDS fn liatin it is callcD Camera (tellaca. 

%\)c pjoceffe in tbis Court is Suppoena, attacljmcnt, pioccffc of rebellion, jc. 
all imDcr tlje dD jcat §>cal. 

31n tijis Court tbcre is tfjc Clcrb of tljc Countcll, toftitlj is an offieeof great 
account, ano truft, foj Ijc is to rcccitc, enDojfe, enter, beep , anti tcrtific f^ebtls, 
plcaDtngs, rcco;Ds, ojDero, rules, fcntenccs anD Decrees of tfte Court; anD 3! finD 
t^at in fojmer times men of great account ftatcljaD tftat office in tfjis Court: 
as to gifec pou a little tatte thereof : !iing H.6,bp ftis betters patents , 1 5 Ju- 
ly Anno regnifui 2 2. grantCD t^C fame to Thomas Kent SDoctoj Of tfje latu foj 
j^ts life, calling l)imClericumConcilii noil ri.anDfoon after ftoojebnn of liispji* 
tjp CounccU. totng H. 7. Anno I , of l)(s reifn, granteo tftc fame office to John 
Blades well ©octoj Of latDS fojtearmof Ijis life : HBut Ijereof tliis little tafte Ifiall 

lLamp,ttrcmafnetMobcfeentol)at jurisniction tl^is Court Ijat^ in punifl). 
nT0nt,anD iDl)cre,anD in to^at cafes tftis Court ma^ inflia puniftmcnt bp pillo?p, 
papers, toljipping, lolle of cars, tacbing of ears, Higmata in tijc face, w. (if oj it 
ertenDet^ not to anp offence ttjat concerns tl^c life of man 0? obtruncatton of 
anp member, tl)e ears onlp ercepteD, anD ttjofe rarelp and tnmoftliatnousanli 
Deteftablc offences.) 315ut Ijereinttjefureft ruleis,tSat feeing it is an ancient 
Court, tbe pjeQDents of tfjc Court are to be follotocD, anD tljc rather foj t^at tlje 
Court confilletl) of fuel) learneD anD Ijonourable 3uDge3. ^nD noljelties initljont 
toarrant of p?e(tDents are not to be allotDcDtgenerallp fome certain rules are to be 
follotucD, cfpeciallp to^ere nopjcCDcnts arecrtantin tljccate. * Qciod arbi. 
trio Judieis relinquitur, non facile trahic ad'cfftifionem ranguini$:iFojgenerall 
jaas of parliament tntjic^ inflict puniOjment, viz. fur forfeiture de corps & de 
avoir, aree);ponnDeDnottoe):tenDtolife,o} niembcr, but totmpjiron* 

&ectl)CFirftpartofthcInflitutc$. Se£t.745» Verb. Felony, Majorc poena a/^ 
fefSas.quam Icgibus Hatut'cft,noD eft infamis. Poena gravior ultra legem pofita 
zftimationem confervat. Confeflus in jureprojudicato habetur, cum quo- 
daramodo fua fententia damnatur. Cum conficente fponce mitius eft agendum. 

In hac Curia non agitur de deli(^i$ ordinarii$,ne dignitas hujuscuria: vilefcerec« 

Qtiicquid Judieis authoricatirubjicicur,novitaci non fubjicitur. 


Cap. d. 



A Court for redrefle of delayes of Judgements 
in the Kings greac Courts. 

T^i0 Conrt is raifeDbp ttie Satufe oE i4E« 3. U)I)tt^ follotoetb in tl^efe 
Jte;»^ Becaufe divers mifchicves have happened of that , that in di- 
vers places, as well in the Chancery, as in the Kings Bench, the Com- 
mon Bench, and in the Exchequer, before the Juftices afligned , and 
other Juftices to hear and dctetmine deputed,the judgementshave been 
delayed, fometimes by difficulty, fometiraes by divers opinions of the 
Judges, and fomerime forfbme other caufe : It is aflented,eftabli(hed, 
and accorded, that from henceforth at every Parliament fhall be chofcn 
a Prelate, two Earls, and two Barons , which fliall have commiflion 
and power of the King to heare by Petition delivered unto them the 
complaints of thofe that will complaine them of fuch delayes and 
grievances made, and they fhall have power to do come before them at 
Weftminfter, or elfewhere, where the places or any ofthem fhall be, 
the tenor of Records and ProcefTes of fuch judgements fo dclayed,and 
to caufe the fame Juftices to come before them, which fhall be then 
prcfent to heare their caufe and reafons of fuch delayes : which caufe 
and reafonfo heard by * good advice of themfelves , the Chancelor, 
Treafurer,the Juftices of the one Bench, and of the other, and other of 
the Kings Councell, as many and fuch as fliall feem convenient , fhall 
proceed to take a good accord , and make a good judgement : and ac- 
cording to the fame accord fo taken, the tenor of the fame Record^ to- 
gether with the judgement which fhall be accorded , fhall be rcmaun- 
ded before the Juftices, before whom the Plea did depend •, and that 
they fhall give judgement according to the fame Record: and in cafe 
it fecmcth to them that the difficulty be fo great, that it may not well 
be determined without affent of the Parliament, that the faid tenor or 
tenors fhall be brought by the faid Prelate, Earlcs, and Barons in the 
next Parliament, and there fhall be afinall accord taken what judge- 
ment ought to be given in this cafe, and according to this accord it 
fliall be commanded to the Judges before whom the Plea did depend, 
that they fhall proceed to give judgement without delay. 

IBcfojc tbcmaUtng oftftisftatutc, BclapofSIuDgemcnfstoasfojbfDtenbotft 
hv tlje Cpmnron lato,anD bp Slaeot parltamcnt. 115p tfjc Common laiu, 1 . 3t 
Wrcqulrbt), ti)at plena & ccleris jurticia fiat partibus, &c, ITOt plena aloilC, noj 
celeris alonC , bat botft plena & celerij. 311 MrttS of Precipe quod rcddat, are, 
Qiiod jufte & fine dilatione reddac, &c. 011 jaDtctall WStitS arc fine dilatione, 
&c. 2. aDftcreDiDanO pet Dotftlpe a OTrftdc procedendo ad judicium, ttjljcntbe 
juftices J iuligcs of anp Court of IH ccojD, 0; not of HccojD, Dclapcti f be partp 
platntlfc oj DefetiDantjOcmanDant oj fetiant,anD tooulD not gctte mOgcment ; anO 
tl)creuponanAiias,Plur,anDan 3ttacl)mciit,ic,ootl)lpe, ^nDtI)Ctoojtrsoft!)e op. 17. 

flat. 1. 

Rot. Patl.iR.i, 
nu.6j. confirmed 
I7 Parliament. 

Judgements de- 

* Nota, hj good 
advice of the 
Trtarurcr, and 
Good accord. 

Vide Regift. 
fo.ii^. b. 
Kcx Johanni de 
B.MUiti, &c. 

Rcgifl. iji.s. 

And fo upon Co- 
nufsiij granctii. 
FN.B.i^jb&c. Nofm. 


Diutuma dilatlo. 

Rcgiil. fo. i8. 


Exchequer and 

Ellys Callers cafe 
nu. ult.SirGcff. 

I E.J. fo. J. per 


I4 E.j. jour. 24. 

51 161. 

5E.4.131. For- 
tefc. cap.^. 
• Regifi. fo. 

For redrejfe ofT>eUyes ofludgements, Cap.(^. 

OTrif tic> Qaia redditio judicii loquels qux eft coram vobii, &c, de quadatn 
tranrgrefiTione eidcm A. per pracfat' B.illata,ut diciturjdiuturnam cepit dilatione ad 
grave damnum ipfius A.ficuc ex querela fua accepimusj Vobis prxcipimus quod ad 
judicium inde reddendum cum ea celeritarc qux fecundum legem & confuecudi- 
ncm regni noftri procedas, &c, 

5* BlifectDifc tD{)cn 3!«fttCES oj 3IaDgc0 of anp Conrt of rccojD,oj not of rctojO 
gatjejatigcment,anDDela)jeDtl)C parti' of tjtBcjfecnf ton, t^cpartp grteteD map 
l^atje a Writ De executione judicii ; bp \XiW^ Witii tlje Sufttceo J 31ut)ge3 
are conniianlJCD, Qiiod exeeutionem judicii nuper redditi, &c. de loqucla quse fu- 
it, &c. per breve noftrum, &c. fine dilatione fieri fae'. 0nD thereupon an Alias, 
Plur' anD ^ttacljmcnt.ic.Uo Ipe. 

4. llBp t!)e meeting togctJjer upon alijonrnment of tl^ecaafe out of tibe Court, 
totiereti^e caufc DepcnDetb, 5c. 5Utl)e3ut)gc0,fc, toljicl) noto toe call an 5B>:= 
cl^equer CJ^ambcrcaufe, toarrantcQ bp tlje Common latoanD ancient pjofiDents 
before tljts ftatutc : anD ttie frequent ufc of tfjts Court of <Brt!)equcr cbambcr 
^at$ been tlje caufc tl)att^t0 Court upon t^c^rt of 1 4 E.jtl^atli Ijccn carclpput 
in nre» 

y 515p ttie JUingS Mrtt compjcljCntltng quod fi difficultas aiiqua inrerfit , fl^at 
tl)c IHecoiti fiioulD be certificD into tlje |3arliamcnt , anD to aDjojnc tfte parties 

to be tijere at a certain Dap, Si obfeurum & difficile fit judicium, ponanturjadicia 
in refpe^'ufque magnam curiam. jSn erccllent lUecojD, tnl&crcofpou map real) 
in t^e jjBarliament tjolDen at Meaminlter ttje SDuesDap after tl^e tranflatton of 
Beckctj Anno 14 E^j* 

&econtilp,bp0d:sof ?Barliament. Nulli vendemus, nulli negabimus, aut dif- 
feremuj juQitiam vel redtum. 

a^fjat it fljallnot becommanact) ncitljer bp tljc t©jeaf=fcalc, noj bp f^c ILittle* 
feale, nojbp ilettcrs, noj anpotber caufc to Delap rig|)t : ano albeit fucl^ com* 
manoement come,5C» tljatbp V^m ttie luftices furceafe not to Do rtgbt in no 
manner. vidc2E.3. cap»8, i4E.?.cap.i4, iSE.^.ilat,^. 2 R,2. a (fatutc not in 
pjint. Rot* ParKnu, ji ♦ toftercbp it is cnarteD , fl&af no auftice fljall ffap juftice 
foj ani» Mrit, ^Letter of t^e dDjeat^fcal oj pjitjp^feal , oj otljcr commanDcment 
toljatfoeljcr againft t^e latcs anD llatutcs befoje t^at time maDc. Rot.Par,i H.4» 
110,64. Anno 5 H.4.nn,33.alllDl^icft are Dcflaiafojp of tfje Common lato, *anD 
«pon flje fatD 0ct of 2 E.3. a Mrit is frameD, DiretfcD to t!)e 3ufticcs, bp fel^icl) 
tl^ep arc commanDeD, Quod ad jufticiampartibus,&c, faciend' virtute alieujus 
roandati de magno figillo, & parvo figillo vobis direiSl;' feu dirigend' nullatenuj 

fuperfedeacis, &c. J^nD t^us muc^ foj t^0 Common latD anD ^(ts of |3ar- 

2Cl)is Cafutc of 1 4 E»34 cap, j . confiffct^ on ttoo gencrall parts, v iz, tbe p;c« 
amble anD flje lISoDp offbc^rt. 3nt^e |0?eamble t^jjec tljings are to be obrcr=> 
teDf 1 . 2Dl)at (nottoitljftanDing t^e p;ot3iCon of t^c Common lato) mitcfticfs do 
l^appen bp Dclap of juDgcments, 2. 3t cnumeratctb in tobat Courts tj^cfc Dclapca 
Do happen, viz. in tbc Cljanccrp, in tijc i'iings i5entb,tftc Common lloenci^, ana 
tftc Crcljequer, t!je 3uff ices afftgncD, anD otftcr Suftitcs to &car anD Determine 
DeputeD, 3, 3It Declarcflj fjoto tticfe Dclapes fjatje groUin, vi?,. fojnctimc foj Diffi* 
cnltp of tlje matter in latD, fomcttmc in Ditierfttp of opinion of tbe31uDgcs, ana 
fomctimc3fo;fomeotl)ercaufe, tijat is, bp CommanDemcnts, Letters, oz^pcr- 
fagcs of tl)c toing oj dDjcat spen, %t, 3n tlje 315oDp of tlje 0d: loc ^atc coUecrca 
manp obfcrtiatiens. i, SCtjaf at cljerp parliament tftcre fiiall be cljofcn a 
pjclate, ttoo (Saris, auD tloo JIBarons, (oj one IBifljop, ttoo Carles , anD ttoo 
JlBarons.) viz, 3[t tijts ]0arliament toerccbofen, i . John Stratford ^rcbbifliop of 
Canterbnrp, (a man famous foj lcarning,lopaltp, anD ijcrtuous libitrg,) 2, Rich, 
Fitzaian Carle of;9[runDcl, a mianofgreattDisDomc, pjotoc0,anD{ntegrttp. 
3* William Clyncon Carle of K^nntingDon, anD jaDmirall of CnglanD, a man 
latelpbcfojcaDtjanceDfojftisfingulartialour, tDtSDomc , anD licrtue, 4. STftc 
ILojD Wake Of iLiDcl. anD 5, Ralph iLojDBaffetof 3Djapton,ttoooft^emoa 
renotoneDlSaronSOfCnglanD, Qaosomnes honoris caufanomino, 

2. %%is 

C^p.6, For redrefe cfdelayes of Imlgements, 6^ 

2, 2EI)i3 0itDotl) appoint tl)attfte prelate, ttooct-arls, anDttoo 115aron0are 
totjatjcaCommiffion aiiDpotocroftljDiSingunDcr tljedUjeat S>cal (anDnoneof 
tbem can be abfcnt) in^iicl) CommiCtton is to cnDurcimttlltfjc necf jaarliamcnt 

3, SDfjtsdomnufltonanopotocrconftttctlj on tcti parts, i. Ad audiendum, 
to bear tl)c petition DcliticrcD to tl)cm, ffjccomplainfo of t^ofc tftaf tpill complain 
tftcm of fuc!) Delates o? grievances mafic. 2 . Ad venire faciend' to Do came bcfoje 
tijcm at OTcftminacr,o:eirctol)crc, t.f)Ctcnojoftl)cKcco:t)0anDlDjocet(es or 
fuel) iuDgcmcnts fo DclapcD ; anU tftis is to be Done bp tfte iitngs Mrtt of Cer- 
tiorari. 3. Ad venire faciend', tocaufct^efamc Jufticcs tocomcbcfojetljem. 
4. Ad audiend' fuasraiiones&caufascaliumdilationum , to Ijcar tbeir rcafons 
anD caufes of fucft Delates iDljicI) oiigbt to be cntrcD of Reco:D. 5. esai)tc!)cau- 
fes anD rcafons fobearti, Ad procedendum, to pjocccD to mabc a good accojD. 
c, 13iit tbis niiilt be Done not onlj> bj.' tbcmfclfccs, but bp tijc good aDticc of tec* 
tain aJIittants appolntcD bj'tljc ^ct, viz. tbc Cbancclour, SCreafurcrjtljc 3!uaf= 
tcs of tl)C oiic 15entl) and tl)c otf)cr , andotticroft^cJaingsCouncclUasmanp, 
and fuel) as tl)cp fliall tbinU conticnicnt. 7. Ad capiendum, to tate a good accojD 
of tfte affiflants. 8. Ad faciendum, to mafecagood |udgement. 9. Adreman= 
dandum, f rcmaund bcfojc tljc 3Iua(cc0,befo?e toljom tbc pica did depend, tbe te« 
noj of tbc faid HccojD, fogetbcr initMbs judgement tbatfofljall be accoided. 
aiaftlp, t^at tfjofe iufttces fljall pjefentlp g(Ue judgement according to t^e faid 

^ vTommiffion granted in 1 S E. 3. grounded upon tbts ffafute, and referring Ror.par. 18 e.j. 
to tljc fame being enacted, as tbcrc it appearetlj, at a parliament ftoldcn die Mcr- * p^f t. 
curiiproxim' port medium Quadragefi mas Anno i4E,3,regni AnglisSi Francia: 
primo, tbcrc being f too ^parliaments in tljat i^ear , tuljtcft i,'ou map reade, being 
tDOjtbi' of obfertiation, foj it is a good evpoCtion of tljis Bet. 

4, 3t is furtber pjoljtdcd bp tbc faid 3ct of 14 E.5, tl)at in cafe it fcemctib to 
tljcm. tbat tl)c difficultp is fo great, tfjat it cannot toell be determined loltftouf af* 
rent of parliament, tbat fbctenoj o:.tenojsaiallbeb?ougl)f bpt^faid prelate, 
(Earls, and Barons unto tbc mxt |0arUamenf , and tljerc tljall finall actoid be 
<afecn iuljat judgement (ball be gitjcn tn ttjis cafe. 

» 3it is better tftat tl)C demandant be 5elaped,tbcn tftc tenant difi5critcd,oi fljat f Rules coeccr- 
fbe lalp be altered, Shard, toe cannot no? toill delap anp man in rcfpect of our mK£ deUjcs, 

£)atf), ^ i8E.j.54.a. 

b snije futtices ougbt to dclap no man in f be name of tljc fting tolierc tbe toing ^^ ^'^'^^ ^ 

Ijatf) no rialjt, Stljc demandant (liall not be legallp delapcd ttoicc fo; one caufe. j'*^ ^'j. 1 3* 

c SDelap in a Quare impedit, t^ougib it bc bj? cffoign,is a difturbance. d Sena- ii H.' per 

per fur eft in mora, e In circuicuimpii ambulant. Newton. 

f3!n diijers cafes tbc partpgrietiedfljaUbatje an action fojunjuftdclaj?. 'oe'^'z^& 

g Tolle moram. Temper nocuit difterre paratij. ^ j .'" ^' 

515ut feeing ncitbcr tbc vTommon lalu,no; anp of tbc Slcts of parliament do ci:- e is.j'.4. 
tend fo CEccrcftafticall Courts, it is tben demanded, tobat if an tnfcriour £):.di- rfBudon. 
narp tuill rcfufe, 0? delap fo admit and inftifutc a dlcrU pjefented bp tbc rigbt 'Piaiiiy. 
patron, toaCburcbtoitbinbis 2Dioces,o;tbclihc: £)j delap, oj rcfufe fo gibe 'Jl\'\^\ 
fcntcnce in a caufe depending bcfojc bim. Zt isanftocred, SCbattbe^rcbbifbop 
of tbcpjo^tncc map grant bis t iletters under bis ^calctoall and Angular zi e.^.h.ij. 
Clcrhs ofbtsp?oijincc, toadmoniifttbc£);dinarp, tottbin nine dapestopcr* F.N.B.ffi.f.jy.b. 
fojmctbattobicbibpjuaiccisderircd, ojofbcrtoifc to cite bint foappcarcbcfoje 1 Ovidim, 
Ibim o:bi3 £)fflciall at a dap in tbofc 51 ctfcrsp:cfired , and to cite tbc partptbat '' Thisiscaiud 
Ijatb fuff cicd fucb delap, tbcn and tbcre liketoirc to appcare , and furtber to lntt= „«< ?a!y'to be 
mate to tbe faid jSDjdinarp, tbat if be ncitbcr perfoim tbat tobicb is cnjopncd,no} known for find- 
appear, be btmfelfe toil bout furfbcr delap toill pcrfojmc tbc luCicc required. ^ j ing of inrticuti- 
in tbc fo;mer of tbc faid cafcs,tbc partp dclapcd map IjaUc bis Qaare imp, but tbat "''^^ ^'=- 
ts tbougbt not to bc fo fpeedp a rcmcdp* 


Cap. 7. 

Libj. cap.7. 


Fo. loS.a. 


* A granter pro- 

Liber niger in 
Scaccario. cap,4. 

* Note this word 
a SeeBriitonf.i. 
fpeating of the 
King, Lt pur ceo 
que nous ne fiiffl- 
fms'm noftre pro- 
per perfon a oier 
€?• terminer touts 
qiicrcls del people, 
^vomits partie 
mflre charge en 
flit firs parts come 
eft ordeine, &c. 

10 E.J. cap I. 

b Marlb. 
Vid.4 H.4.c3.i2. 
c i4H.8.cap.i. 
in efF.d. 

e 10 R.J. cap. I. 
fpcaking in the 
Kings perfon. 



The Court of Kings Bench, Coram %ege, 

BRzSton tioVI)mnUin feioloojtis a notable e);pjeirton oHW Conrf. Habec 
Rex plurcs Curias in quibus diverfe adioncs terminantur, & illarum curia- 
rum habei unam propriam , ficat Aulam regiam, & Jufticiarios capitalcs qui 
proprias caufas re^$ lertninant. & aliorum omnium, per querelaro , vcl per pri- 
vilegium,rive libercatem. 0nD Toon after fpea&ing of tl^e Blufttcesof tt)i$ €omt 
fattft t Item Jufticiariorum quidam funt capitales, gencralcs.-perpctuii & majo- 
rcs a latere regis rcfidentcj, qui omnium aliorum eorrigerctenentur in jurias, 8c 

SitiO Britten fatf^ : In droit des Juflices que font aflignes de nous fuer & tener 
noftre lieu ou q nous (eons en Anglicerre. * Voiions queeux eiantconufansdc 
amcnder faux judgements, & dc terminer appcales & auters trefpaffcs faitz en- 
eonter noftre peace, & * enconter noftre jurildidion, & lour record fe efteant 
folonq; eeo que nous rtianderons per noftre bfe« 

Fleta in Defcribing t^ts Court fatf!) : Habet & Rex Curiam fnam & Jufticia- 
rios fuos tarn milites quam clericos locum fuum tcnentes in Anglia , coram qui- 
bus, & non alibi nifi coram femetipfo &concilio fuo vel Auditoribns fpccialious 
falfa judicia & errores Jufticiariorum revertuntur & eorriguntur: ibidem etiam 
terminantur brevia deappellis. & alia brevia fuper adionibus aiminalibus & 
injuriarum contra pacem regis illatarum impctrata,& omnia, in quibus contine- 
turubi tunc ftierimusin Anglia. 

31n tlie lIBlacb llBoob of tlje QlJFcljequcr, if ts fljus faiD of flje Cljicf 3«aice of 
tibts Court; Capitals JuftitiaprjEfidet primus in regno, ;SDut Of tftefct^jee an- 
cient autl)oj3 iDc obfcrtjE tftefe fiF conclnftons, 

iFirttjtoftere BraAonfait^, Habet Rcxplures curias in quibus diverfa? aaiones 
* terminantur ; ^erebp»ant) in effect by => Britton,anD tlits conclaSon foUoUjetij, 
fftattbe lling ftatb tommittCD anD DiftribntcD ail his whole power of judicature 
to feterall Courts of 3Eaaice,anD tijerefoje tlje juDorcntent mixft be Tdeoconfide- 
ratum eft per Curiam. 0nD IjeretDttf) tio agree Dtfcrs 3cts of parliament ana 
215oob cafe0, fome toftereof, foj illuftration, toe toill bjtcflj? rcmcmUr i anD Icatc 
tl)e jutitcious rcaDer tottjereif, 

b Provifunn, concordaium &conceflumefl,quodtamm3|oi'es,quamminorej 
juftitiam habeant & recipiant in curia Domini Regis " SLfjat tlje latoes CBcclclt* 
afticall anD SCempojall tocreanD ?'et are aDminittreti, aojutigcD anD epecutcD fap 
funDjp 3uDaci3,fic. d Expedit etiam magiftratus leipublicxconfticui.quia pereos 
qui jurcdicendo przfunt eflfeflus rei accipitur ; parum eft enim jus in ci vitate efte, 
nifi fint qui poflunt jura gerere. 

c For the pleafure of God & quietneifeof our fubjefts as to fave our 
confcience, and to keep our Oath, by the aiTentofour Great men and 
other of our Councell,vve have commanded our Jufl:ices,that they (hall 
from henceforth do even law and execution ofrighttoallourSub- 
je6ts, rich and poor, without having regard to any perfon, without let- 
ting to do right for any Letters or commandement which may come to 
them from us, or from any other, or by any other caufe. 

;9grcealilc to tljat great Canon of tlje lato Anno 3 E. i.fa!jicljtocljaticfra«s 
HateD into l.atin : Rex pr^cipic quod pax facrofanftiEccIe.'is & regni folideeu- 
ftodiatur & confcrvetur in omnibus.quodq; juftitia fingulis tarn pauperibus quam 


8 H.6.JC & ci'r, 
Granr. f .j. 

Cap. 7. The Cmrt of IQngs-^ench. -71 

divitibiis adininiftratur, nulla habita perfonarum ratione, &CC t^t fecond part 
ofthelniHtutes W. i.cap.r. 

8 H. 4 f!)c litng Ijatlj commitfcDall l)ts potocr jtiDiciall, feme in one Court, 
aiiD fomc in anotbcr, fo as if aitp tooulD rcnDctr Ijimfelfc to tfje juDgemcnt of tijc 
iiing in fuel) cafe toftcrc tijciiiing batf) comnitttcD all f)t0 potuer juDictall to o* 
tftcrs, fuel) a rentier ftioulD Ijc to no effect. J3nD 8 H. 6. tfjc l^ing Dotb juDge bp 
l^ts 3uDge3 (ffte ming ftabing DtttrtbatcD Ijis polncr juDiciall to febcrall Courts) 
SnD tljeJ^tiig tjatb ioljollp left matters of jui)tcaturc accojDing to ijis latoes to 
l^ts SuBijes. 

iSnD albeit it be cnadeD tftat t^e SDcUnqucnf ftall be fIncD at tlje toill of f^ ^ R.s.foJ.u. 
Jiing. Nop Dominus Rex in camera fua,nec aliter nifi per jufticiarios fuo$ (finem 
imponic) & hxc dt voluntas regis, ■z'<-&. per Juliiciarios & legem luam,unum cfl 

STftc fetonD contUifion is, tfeat tnt^ofc Dai>e0 tljts Court of !itngs IBcnc^ DiD 
follouj tbc Court : anO tl)crcfo:c Bradon tallctl) it Aulam regiam,becauretl)cp fat 
in tt)C ^tngs l^all. Britton callctt) tfjc Juflitcs of tfjts Court , Juftices afifignes 
de nous liaer : anD Fleta, Ubi tone fuerimus in Anglia. 

2Ut)C tfjirO t0,tl)af if is calleD tlje iijings fficntlj, anD t!)C JDlcas fi^ereof Coram 
regc: tetaufc in tbts Court (as B ratten fattlj, tljofc Capuales juHiciarii pro- 
prias regis caufastetminant, anD tl^crefoje tlje teing ijimfclfe cannot be 3IuDge in 

propria caufa. 

2^l)c fourfl) i0,f!jat unDcr ffjefc tPojDS'proprias caufas^arc incluDcD tl^jee things, 
iFtrQ , all pleas of t^e Crotnne ; as all manner of treafons, felonies , anD o- 
tftcr pleas of tlje Cfotuntoljicl) ex congruo, arc aptlp calteD ptoprii caufe regis, 
becaufe tljep arc placita eoroni regis. feeconDlp, regularlp to craminc anD c ojrett 
all anD all manner of errors in fait, anD in lato, of all t^e SnDges anD Juftices of 
tl)c ' I'lealm in tljeir juDcemcnts, p?oceire, anD pjocecDing in Courts of recojD, 
anD not onlp in pleas of tlje Crolon, but in all pleas, reall, perfonall , anD mirt, 
{t\)t Court of ttjc 51; rcftequcr e):ccptcD,as hereafter Ojall appear.) ^InD t^ls is pro- 
prium quarto modo to tftef^ingin tftis Court t fo2 rcffularlp no otljcr Court 
^atl) tbc lifec jurifDtction , anD tl^crcfo?e map be toell calleD propria caufa regis. 
anD fijcfc tiDO be of btg^ anD fotjeratgn jnrifoiction. « 2E|)trDlp, tftis Court Ijatft 
not onlp lurifDiaion to cojrect errojsin jr.Dtriall p:otccDing , but otijer erroja 
anD mtf Demeanours crtra juDiciall tenDing totftebjeatlj of tlje peace, oj oppjcffi^ 
onoftl)cfubjcas,o:ratring of faction, controterfp. Debate, o? anp otfter manner 
of mifgotjernmcnt ; fo tijat no tojong oj injurp, eitljcr publlcb o; p?ibatc, can be 
Done, but tl)at tl)ts (liall be refojmeD o; puniQjcD in one Court o;ott)erbp Due 
courfc of lato. £s if anp pcrfon be commitf cD to p:.tfort, tljis Court upon motion 
ougljt to grant an Habeas corpus, anD upon rcturneoftftccaufeDo juftice anD re= 
lictjc tlje partpiiijongcD. HnD tijts map be Done tljouglj tlje partpgricbeD Ijatlj no 
p?il)ilcDge in tijis Court. 3t grantct^ pjoljibif ions fo Courts 2Dempo:all anD 
Ccclcftafticall, to beep ttcm tottbtrj tijeir proper jurtfDtction. 9lVo tfjts 
Court map bailc anp perfon foj anp offence iDiiat!"oetjer. janDifaiFreemanin 
CttPjBurglj, oj SCoton cojpo:ate be DisfrantljtfcD un juttlp, albeit ftc Ijatlj no pji= 
tilcDge in tl/is Court, pet tljis Court map rcltctic tljc partp, as it appcaictb in 
James Bagges cafe, ubi fupra, & fie in fim'libus. 

i^ ourtljlp, t^ts Court map IjolD plea bp Mrit out of tlje Cljanccrp of all trcf^ F- n. B.89.91, 

paffes Done Vi&armis, of Replevins, of ' Quare impedit, &c, * Tr.ipH. 3. co- 

b §)ec tljc fecond part of the Inftitutcs, tIjC 1 1 Chapter of Mag.Carta, Commu- ^£^[^J^6cRor.j6 
nia placita non fequantur curiam noflram. ^2 part of the in- 

iFiftblP, tIjts Court Ijatlj potocr to IjolD plea bp Bill fo J Debt, Detinue, cobe* ftitutcs, M^gna 
nant, pjomifc, anDallotbcr perfonall acttons,ejei>ione fiimcanD tlje ltbe,againft Carta, cap.n. 
anptljatisincuftodia Mareichalli, o:anp £Dfficcr, £©iniftcr, 0? Clcrb of tljc 
court : anD tlje reason Ijcreof is, fojtftat iftljepfljoulDbefucD in anp otljer Court 
tIjcpfljoulDftatic the pitt)ilcDgeoftl}is Court,:' anD left tfterc fljoulD beafapler 
of 3iuftice(lDbic!j is fo muclj abljojrcfl in laU))tl)Cp lliall be impleaDcD Ijcrc bp 
13111 tljougl) tljcfc artions be common picas, anD arc not reft raincD bp tljc faiD 2a 

51 i of 

Of tfitfe you 
may reade in 
Glanvillib i. 
cap.i. &c. & lib. 
in the ihird pare 
of the Inflitutes 
pertotii, ScSiaof, 
per mum. 
* And in IreJanJ 
of errors in the 
Kings Bench 
theie. Lib. f. r 
39E.J. Error 88. 
a Lib. I 
Jam. Badges cafe J. 


Seethe fecond 
pare of the Infti- 
tiitcs, ubi fup. 
17 H.J -coram 
Uegc. Roc 9. 
Hui 8l Hmc. 

31 ad- 


T^he Court ofK^ngs -^Bench. Cap. 7. 

of Magna Cafta, ubi fupra* =lLtMinfetl)c £Dfficcrs, fl^mtftcrs, anti Clcchsof 
tbts CouttpjitjtlcDgct) bp lato in rcfpcct of tbcir ncccffarp attcntiance in Court, 
map intplcatc of fjcrs bp iBiU in tbc actions fojcfaiD, 0nD all tbis appcarefb bp 
Bratton,lt)bo UticD i)Dt)cn Magna Carta tuas nWDC, ubi fupra : iDbcrC be faitb, Ec 
aliorum omnium per querelam vel per privrlegium five libertatem. jSlnD conti= 
nuall experience concurrctb totfbantiquitp beicin, 

H.P. captus per quetimoniam mercacorum Flandris & imprifonatus offerc 
domino regi Hus & Haut in plegio ad (tandum rc£lo,& ad refpondendum prxdi- 
ais mercatoribus, & omnibus aliis qui verfus eum loqui voluerinr, &c. JEbtS 
pica toas after tbc ftafutc of Magna Carta, Anno 9 H»^ £)f tbcretooji)s//»j&: 
HaM,mti iFrcncb toojDs. Hpts Ggnifping an ^IDcr-trec, anD Haut tbc ffaffc of a 
^albert, \u 3 leabc tbc conjerture tbat fomc babe maDc tbcreof to tbcmfcltcs : 
toe tbiiiU it toas tbcn common bail cbangcD noto to Do anD Ro , ann tbc ratbcr 
foitbis toojD [oftert.J 3niD it is obfcrbablc, tbat tbcn putting in bailc at one 
mans fuit, be toas in cudodia Marefchalli to anfUicr all otbcrs tobicb tooulD fue 
bim bp 315tU, anD tbis continuctb to tbis Dap. 31f anp perfon be in euflodia Mare- 
rchalli,&c. be it bp commitment, 0? bp Laticacbtll of «piD'oj otbcr p?occs of lain, 
it is fufficicnt to gibe tbe Court jurifDirtion : anD tbc ratber, foj tbat tbc Court 
of Common plcasis not able to Dirpatcballtbcfubjectscaures, if tbc faiD actions 
IboulD be confineDonlpto tbat Court, 0nD feeing none but Serjeants at laUj 
can pjactifc in tbe Court of Common pleas , it is nccclTarp tbat in tbis Court of 
atngs llBcncb Apprentices anD otbcr Counfellojs of lato migbt'jp experience in^ 
abletbcmfclt!CStobccallcD§>crjcant3aftertearDS; otbcrtoifc §»crjcants muft 
toantcrpericncctwbicb ts tbc life of tbcir pjofcffion. AnD tbc pjocccDings xw tbat 
Court foj fo tong time, 5 unDcr fo manp bonourablc 3uDgcs anD rcbcrcnD ^ages 
of tbe laU) , batbgottcn fucb a founDation, as cannot noto tottbout an 0ct of par- 
liament be ftialten. ;anD tbc erro;s xw tbc toings 315cncb cannot be rcbcrfcD Cbut 
in certain particular actions bptbc ftatutc of 17 Eliz,cap»8. tobcrein tbe jurifDi^' 
ction of tbe Court is fabcD) but in tbc M^\i Court of parliament , as bcfoje in 
tbe Cb^pter of f be Court of parliament appcarctb, 

S>ij;tblp> tf a Mrif in a reall action be abateDbp juDgcmcnf in tbe Court of 
common picas, anD in a OTrif of Crroj tbe juDgcment isrebcrfeD in tbis 
Court, auD tbc Mrit is aDjuDgeDgcoD,tbis Court ttiallpjocceD upon tbis eanrit, 
anD is not rcftraincD bp Magna Carta, ubi fupra, ne curia Dcmini Regis defi- 
ceret in julHtia exhibenda. 

%\)iQ court map boltJ plea in acfifc of novel diflelfin toif bout anp patent, foj 
it is querela anD not placitum , anD fo not ioitbin tbcfc too?DS ccmmunia placi- 
ta, as it batb been erpounDcD an D tearrantcD bp continuall crpcr icncc. 

A Scire faC to repeal a patent of tbc ifting map be b?ougbt in tbis Court. ^nU 
tobercFle.:afaitb5 Nifi coram femetiplb & concilio fuo.vel Auditoribus Ipecialib' 
falfa judicia ac errores jufiiciariorum revertuntur : 3t is to be Unoton tbat all tbc 
common lato crrojs in tbe court of Crcbcqucr (being tbc p?opcr Court of tbc 
ifiing fo? bis rebcnuc anD p?.ofit)tocrc examinable bcfo?c Commiffioners appoint 
tcD bp tbc Jitngs Mrit unscr bis 0jcat s>cal,tobicb Fleta bcrc callctb Auditores 
fpeciales. XDut noto bp tbc ftatutc of 3 1 E» s.tbeCbancclour anD SCrcafurer fa« 
feing to tbcm tbe BBufticcs anD otbcr fare pcrfons, fucb as to tocm fccmetb to be 
fafecn, fliall cvamine tbe crro;s in tbc Crcbcciucr, sc. 

a 3In ancient time, tobcn pleas toere bolDcn in parliament, toben tbc parties 
DefccnDcD toiffue,tbc5RecojDtoasaDiourncD into tbc icings IBcncb to bctricD 


b §)cc tbc flat ute of W. i . againft p?cpo(tcrous bearings in tbis Court , anD 
tbccrpofition of tbe fame in tbc fecond partof thelnflitutes. 

^ 315ptbc aatutc of Artic'fuperCarr. tbcCbancelouranDtbcSfufticcsof tbc 

ftinas iBcncb toere to folloto tbe Court : but nottoitbttanDing botb tbe Cban* 

„ ccrp anD tbe llingsBcncb toere at tbis time fctlcD Courts, During tbe fcferall 

GUn.temps. H.i ^ .,,._, t- lib.i i .Comm Iitfliciis Domini Kegii in Bunco fcdcntibHS. Vid. /id]!idicai coram Fugc in every i crme, 
from I E I during all his reign in every fevcrall Tcm in the ycare. And in all thofe times and Termes the Court of 
Chanc-rydidfit. SECrmS 

V II E.J. 46. 

II H.4.49 'fria- 
tivo habcndo. 


oaiT.j^. Aa'. 



de mord 



Sec more hereof 
in the Chipter of 
the Exchequer. 
J I fi.j.cap.ii. 

«Rot.Par. 18E.1 
nil. 97. Placit. 
Int. |o, deiiovo 
Burgo & Reg- 
man, Sec. 
b W.I. cap. 14- 
Againft ptepo- 
fterous hearings. 
c Art. fup. cart. 18 

Cap.y. The Court of K^igs^ench. 73 

SCcrms of tljC pcai', as bn tnfitiifc rcco?.t)3 bofb kfo^c ant) after tl)t3 ffatofc Dotlj 
appear* S>oa3attl)t3 thiictljci'DiDnotattcnDtn tijc luno;s -Xotirt, tuttoljcn 
tijcptocrc callcD, vet lucre accoimtcD as parccll of ttjc lyings ftotifliolD as long; 
S0 ttjcp foUotoeO tl)c Court : iStit tljts tiini'ocifoinc atteiittaiiffclofjoUp ccarcD in 
tl)C rctgn of E. 3, anD inoiilD bawljaD !)tspurt:CP« 
anccasffljcljaDtontiinieDaillas oncofttjeijottlljolD , untillljc anD all others, 
buttljofeof tl)ei:5ings, £iucen0,o: Jp?inccs!)ouft)olD onlt',tocre reffratncD bj,' 34^.3.0.1. 
^£t of parliament. 34E.3.cap.2. 

0lfo upon pcrnfall of tlje lilccojDs in tl)c rcian of H, 3. from tljc bcftinninij And fodiJ iix 
of his reign untilltt)cenDing ofit,tl)is Coartfat in tl)c 2Cerm time tobcre tt)c Chancciyboth 
other Courts of Suffice DiD fit. anD tlje pleas tDcrctlilcD to!^c IjolDcn Co- ro^cpurS'" 
ram RegeastotljisDap tljepare: anDtl)isappc«ret!)b)'Fuzh. 0b?iDantent,in butoncConrc 
the titles of Corone,of Brief, of VVaR,&c. anD bj> Bracfon iuljo tnmanpplaccs asitappcarethiu 
tioutljetl} ?uDamcntsintbcretgnofH.3. in SEenns Coram Rege. iJitD this iiKCiupierot 
appcareth alfo'in clDer times: Initlbercof tljusmuch itiall fufficc to p:o^Je , tftat at Jhanmy' 
the malung of the faiD act of 28 e i. anD long bcfo:r,this Court in Jlerm times " ^' 
fattoithtlfc lyings other cnourts,anD fpeciallp foj Picas of the Crown, &c, anD 
that tl)c faiD 0d;"isto Ic intcnDcD, that the Ch^wcelour anD the SuDres of this 
court UioulD attcnDthcliinganDfoUototheATourt tuhcn thcp luerc rcquireD. 

StistrulpfaiD that tljc SuaitesDe banco Re?is hatjcfupjcam autho:ttp,tl)c Ji^'-Dicr 187, 
litng himfclf fitting there as tf)c lain intcnDS. SDfjcpbe niojc thcnSEuCicesin vAff.p-T. 

Circ. P „ 

SD^eS'uftices in tljis Court are fljcfoticraign 3«fticcs of Oier anD Termi- "7|^'*'»- 

rer, Gaol-delivery,confcrnato:0of the peace, ic. in the if^calm. §»ee tljel'OoUs ^h.^'.^; j; 

in the margent,Pou (hall finD crtcllcnt matter of learning concerning tl)e fu= fo.n's.a&b. * 

B:cani jurfsDiction of tbis Court. Scgmor SancLrj 

3n this coiirt the lyings of thialA calm !).ibcfit intbe ?^ig!) 5i5encb,anD tlje "'«• 
iuDgcs of tljat Court on the bluer Bench at his fecf;but SuDicatureonU' iclong* 
etlj to tl)C BfuDgcs of that court, anD in tjis pjcrcncc tljcp anftoer all motions> %u 

CbcSufiiccsof this court arc the fotieraign cojoncrs of the lanD, anD 17 e. 3.15.3. 

tl)crcfo?ctobcrcthCa>f)crif anD Co?oucrs ma{,' rcccibc appeals bpbilL aFortio- \'^-^-^:!-'>7-''\ 

ri the Hutticcs of tljts Court maj) Doc if. p^ cem",^ ' 

^' a>o higl) is the autljoutp of tbis Court , tbat toben it comes anD fits in anp au m'.ix 17 ilf.,, 

Countp,the ifufticcs of Eire,0fOieranDTerminer,Gaol-aelivery,''theptobtCh iSalTji.nH 7. 

l)abc conufancctc. Doc ceafe toitbout anj? tujiting to tljcm, 15ut if anp inDict= l^ ^, 
ment of SCrcafon a\ ftXmv in a fo;ain Counti; be rcuiolieD ccfo?c certain C6in= cora,,, \uT 
ntiffioncrs 01 Oier anD l erminer in the Countp tohercthts court fits, pet tbep ko pj'ch'dicft 

map p:ocecD,becaufc this Courtffo: that this inDictmcnt luas not remobcD bc= 
fo:c them) cannot pioceeDfoj that offence. Ii5at if an inDictmcnt betahcn in Lib. 
£piDD. in the tllacaf ion, anD after tbis Court fit in tbeijcvf sncrmintbcfamc ^^'"^^'Pr^- 
Comitp (if this Court be aD)OurneD)tbcn map fpcciall CommitTioncrs of oier 
anD rerminer,&c in the interim pjocceD upon that inDictmcnt, buttbemojcu* 
fuall toajj is bp fpcciall Commiffion. 3nD all tbistoasrcfolbcDbp all tbc 3uDg= 
cs ofCnglanD atiZ3lincbeftcr2Lcrm,Anno i JacobiRe^is, in the cafe of &ir \v'j"tcrR3k'iths 
Everard Digby anD otbers : anDfohaD it been refolbcD, Mich. 2) & 26 Eliz. carc,&c. ' 
in tbecafeof Arden anD Somervile,fo? tbis UinD of fpecfall Commiffion of O'er'.fo.jss. 
anD Terminer: anD hercluitb agreetb Pl.Com.intbcCEarlof iLcit'cafe, Anno CoumdeLek' 
iMar.regiDx. "^"= ='^^'- 

0nDfo fup;cam is fbc iurisDiction oftbis Court, that if anj) Kcco;D berC' ^^'^^^.6.b. 
mobcD into this Court, it cannot(bcing as it lucre in bis center) be rcmaunDcD '^'^\\P^- 
bach, unletTcitbc bp Slct of parliament. ^nDtbis appearcth bp tbc JuDgmcnt l^anrpjcon- 
of t!)c parliament in Anno 6 H.8. but bp the aut!)o:itp of that iSct inDictmcnts .^^^^ , ' 
of felonies anD murDers rcmobeD into the iiings Ifencb map bP the cMcndah only 
3i!ufticc3 of that Court be remaunDcD, anD this Court map fcnD Dolun asiucll r,, FdonKsand 
the boDicB of alli^elons anD i^urDcrcrtt, as their inDidmcnts into tbe Coun^ Murder,. 
ties tohcre the fame murDers o: felonies lucre commtttcD oj Doncu. in fuel) 
manncr,tc, as if tbc inDictmcnts baD not been bjoiijbt into the lUngs IScncb. 



See before cap, 
when a writ of 
a Judgment J to- 
ram Xgc, they 
proceed /7/^sr tc- 
nore rccordi, and 

16 afl?p.47. 

Dcfignario Jufti- 

ciariorum eft a 

rege, jurifdiiSio 



* Glanvillib. t. 

ca.6.ij.&c. Cx- 


a Lib. nigro in 

Scaccario, par.i. 


Never in any 

Icgall record 


feen) they were 

called Summi Jii- 


Roc. Carr. 


Capitalis Jufti- 

ciarius Anglix. 

* Thiswasthco- 
riginall jurifdi- 
dion of this 

T^he Court of K^ings Bench. Cap. 7. 

515utf()c3ufl:ices of tljc lyings iScncl) of tftcir oton autlioitt)) map grant a Nifi 
prius in cafe oftreafon,fclonj',ant)otl)erplca0;fo>tl)ercfftep fenD but ttie ti;ati<: 
fcrtpt of tl^cl'^ccojD,ant) nottljelRccoja ttrelf,as (ball be faiD in tfjc Cl)ap» 
tec of 3ufttccs of Nifi ptius. liSut if tljc Jtifttccs of ttjc iJtngg IBcnclj Doe 
pcrteltic t^at anp inDtctment is to be rcmotjcD into tl)at court bp pjacttfe o; fo} 
Dclap^ljc Court map refufe to rcccttic t!)c famc,bcfo?c it be entreD of 3ileco:D,anD 
rcmaunt) tlje fame bacb again fo: jufticc to be Done. , 

iBp tlje ttatnte of i H.4.t^e Clcrh of tbe Croton of tftis <rourt,if foorfcoje o? an 
|lunD?eD men be inOictct) of fclonp o j trefpaffc, of one felonp, o j one trefpaltc, anD 
tijep plcaD to an illue,a3 not guiltp,tl)e faiD Cierb ongl)t not to tabe fo? t^e Venire 
fac', mi fo; t^ cntring of tbe plea but tiro ^tilings onlp, anD not tvoo flitUings 
fo; eterp one, U)t)icl) ^ct i0 maDe in affirmance of tlje Common-lain ^o if one 
man be inDitfeD of ttoo fctierall felonies oj trcfpaffes, anD isacquiteD, lie Ojal pag 
but fo? one Deliterance. 

^ut of t^ts Court are Oliver Courts DeribeD , as from one fountain fcbcrall 
fpjings anQribers, inrcfpeaoftbc multiplicitp ofcaufcs, toljicijljabe incrca* 
feD, Jurifdiftio iftius curia: eft originalls feu prdinaria, & non delegata, 2L^e 
Suftices oftftis Court Ijabe noCommiffion.lLctters |Datcntso:otl)cr means 
to bolD pleas,ic, but t^eir potner is o?iginall anDo?Dinarp, SCliep toerecalleii 
ancientlp * Jufticiaj.Jufticiarii, locum tencntesdomini regis,&G. 2ni)CCl)icf 
3!ufttce, Juftitia Aogliaj, Juftitia pritnajufiiciarius Anglia-, Jiiliiciarius Anglic 
capitalisjanD Jufticiariusnofter capitalis ad placica coram nobis rertninand'. 2Dl> 
obfcrbct^c changes of t^cfe names, anD tlje reafonanD cliangc thereof, is luoj" 

315efo?e ttje reign of E.i , tbe Ctjtcf Suffice of tl)ts court teas crcateD h^ HtU 
ferspatentSjanDfljefojm thereof (taking one example foj all) inasinfljcfc 


ReXyf^e. AnhiepifcopiSyBpifcopis, Ahbatibus^ Prioribtts, ComitibuSyBa- 
rombus, Vicecomitibtu^ Ftreftariis^ ^ ommbm aliis fdelibus regni Anglix ^ 
Salutem. Cum pro confers atione aejira, (^ trancjuillitatis regni noflri,^ 
ad jujlitiam univerfts ^ fingulis de regno nefiro exhtbendam conftitue- 
rimtis dileSium etpdelem nojlrum Philippttm Bafjet ^ufiiciarium Angli& 
quamdiu nobis placuerit capitalem. Vobis mandamus in fide qua, nobis te- 
nemini firmiter injungentes, quatenus in omnibus qux ad offiicinm ^uJH- 
chtrii prddi^t , nee non ad confervationem pads noftrx et regni nofiri ei- 
dem dum in officio prxdiSlo Jieterit, plenius fitis intendentes. Tejte Re- 

^tttxw 6. flyings arc fo be obfcrbeD. i, 2CI)af tljc creation ofbts office teas 
bp Jictters patents; 2, SCfjat tl)is officer teas ojiginallp inftttutcD fo; 
tl&jeetftingSf i.Proconrervanonenofira, j»Tranquillitatis regni noftri, 3.* Ad 
juliitiam univerfis & fingulis de regno noftro cxhibendam. fl^fte tljirD tl)ing to 
beobferbeDiS,tljaf Ijetoas ftileD Jufliciarius Anglic capitalis. 4. SLljat Phi- 
lip Baflet toas conftitutcD Cljief 3Iuftice ofCnglanD, anD after maDe tenigljf, 
fojlieiBas notlSniglit at tfjcmaking of tljc iLcttcrs patents, snftts Philip 
toas of ©HcUcDbp in tfteCountp of Jjioittiampton,? toas erccllcntlp learncD in i\iz 
latos of tlie lUealm; ^ toas poungcr b?otljer of liBaron Baflet of DraitonBaflec 
in tbe Conntp of §>taff. j.SCI^tfjctoasfoiittttuteDquamdiu nobij placueric, 
ILaftlp.t^eclaufe of attenDance,anD tijc pcrfons tbat are to git)c attcnDancc, ic* 
to ^tm,aret)erpremarfeable. SCftis Philip Baflet toas tlje latt of tljis feinD of 
creation bp anpUfecJtetters patents, anD IjeDicD Cbicf Huffice necr to tlje 
cnD oftbcrctgnofH.j. iiingE. i.beingatoifc anDpjuDeut ^imtz Uiiotoing 
tljatCui plus licet quam par eft, plus vult quam licet , (aS mott Of tl^Cfc fummi 
Jufticiarii DiD) maDc tl)?ee alterations, i. Bp limitation of Ijis ^wW^aiHy)^ 
2» IBp Cl)ang{ngSummusJufticiarius,tO Capitalis Juftic. 3. JlBp a neto hinD Of 

creation,viz. bp Mrit, left if Ije IjaD continucD fj js former manner of crcation.bc 


Cap.y. The Court of K^gs 'Bench, . 75 

nitgljt Ijatc Oanatjcfireof Ijis fojmci; 3utl)ojitp, toljttlj tf)?eclioe c);p?enpaps 
pear bptbeMlritpct in ufc, viz. 

Rex,&c. E. C. militi Salutem. Sciatis cjtwd eonftitumns vos ^tijlici- 
4rium nojirum cnpitalent ad placita coram nobis temndu, durante benepla- 
cito nofiro. Tejle,&c. 

tCdlbitl) tojit being callcti Breve Dofl) in feto toojus compjeftenD t^cfubCante 
of tfte fojmccllcttcrs jp^afcntst foiCapicalisJufticianusnofteranDadplacita 
coram nobis tenenda intUiDes alltftat U3!)tcf)\t!a0trul)>intent)c5tobcgiantcD 
tol)im in tl)Cfo;jiicr1icttcrs patents, iuljtcl) alterations lucre inaDc bi' ilutftp- 

ritp of parliament, t^oug!) not note cjitant. #o,i if is arulcin lato,tl)atan' Seeinii,eih»prfr 

cicnt offices muft be granted in futbfojnis anom fucft manner, as tbcpftabe "^ f i^e conftaWe 

u'cD to be, unlcffctlje alteration tocre bp ^utljojtti' of parliaircnt. jainD con= "i"^ Jj.jn- " ""■ 

tinuallcrpcricnte appiotietlj, tijat foj mani> futteffion of ages toitljout internuf» " '"'" 
Con, tljepljabc been, anD ret arecalleDbptfjefaiDtojit, Etoptimus leguminter- 

pres confuetudo. 315ut after tl^c faiD alteration,viz. in anno 2^ E.i. ReginaJdus Ro^.p-t.*; E-i. 

deGreyCtoas fttlcD) Jufticiarius Anglic, anD ije tuas in Icgall pjocceDings cal= vvn^f Pa"i'a! 

leD tapicalis Jufticiariusnofter,tol)en l)tS patent teas, Capitalis Jufticiarius menttohiindi- 

Anglix. reded. 

tKScljatie fcen a jFinc in fbefc tuojtis ; Uxc eft finalisconcordia ra>9a in cu. ^ota.'hisfine 

ria dorHini regis spad Weftm' a die Sanfti Michaclis in trcs leptimanas, anno ^/j),^yI^V^^';f . 

Regni Regis Hennci filii regis johannis 3, coram domino Hubcrto de Burgo tmHcMifhiien 

capicaii luliiciario Arglix&aJiis dominiRe?ishdelibu$tunc ibi prxi'cniibus. qut>cnu>»,c> 

2 3En ttjc UJjif De homine replegiand',I)e (tobtcl) luas fojmerlp callcD Capitalis ^''» /j»« n^fTct 

lufticiarius Anglii) tscalleD Capitalis luftic'nofter , anD fomctinre Cap. luflic' AZ"l]lZf'^ 

Regis. SLfteftfleoftbis JToiirtofisingsUBcncljiSAngliainffte niargcnt ; anD h kga.bdcnhiia 

inDitcrs 5icts of parliament t(C is calleDCUicf 3uftit5 ofCn^lanD, 34H.s» mthcKings 

cap.:6. 37H.8.cap.i2. »E.6,cap.i3. 5E,6.cap.ii, £cnch,inj H.j. 

Srije Cl>icf3!uaitct!i3rclanD iscalleDCapitalisIufticiat'Hibemiiatf^iSDap. 3„Jj[ J^'|-^''" 

Palch.igE.i. (f^c pleas in fljis Cotirt arc Coram rege) tljcn luereaileD f./iuu,- J/git, 

tbus, Placita coram locum domini regis tenentibu$,&c. Ideo vcnit inde jurata Uh.dcMi/jiaden 

coram rege vel ejus locum tenentibus, 1 5 Pafchi, &c, luttijin tu^ici) tDOjDS all fo.109. divers o- 

tt)C 3uDacs Of tljc 15 incts IBcncl) lucre incluDcD. thcr hncs with 

•" Anro domini 969. in tl)C ^bbp Of Kantfcp tl)is Cpifapb teas ingraben , «. [ KeoTd £ 77. 

D. Ailivinus indyti regis Edgari eognaius tetius AngUx ' ty^ldsrmanKUs^&cSxAiO 14 iU Sat. de 

loas lijitfioutqucttion (i;!)icf3ufticc of all G-nglanD, Inter leges Aluredicap, «"/«/«•. 3 e^. 

34, t)CiS tallcD Cjmnger ealdormm , i, Regis Aldeimannus five Senator, (ive ^.'J''°"3^»- 

ludex. Videcap. : . ij. & ^jS. Etinter leges Edovardi ea.^5. a}^-'onl'^2'lare 

Cijc reft of tl)c BtuDges of tftc lyings mntl) Ijabe fl)8ir offices bp ILcftcrs sca.j. ' 

patents in tftcfe toOjDS, Rex omnibus ad quos prxfentes liters per venerinr, iAIdeim-mni Ju- 

Saiucem. Sciatis qnodconftituimus dilc£tum & fidelem lohannem boderidge tiic" difti func 

militem unum lulHciariorum ad Piacta coram nobis tenenda durante bene- '^13^^'"'** t 

placitonoftro,Tefle,&e. ' SCbercHuaicesof tftcfcings BcmliarclfilcD i. Ca- "' ^"■*°'' 

pitales. 2,Generales. 3. Perpctui, -t.Majores a latere regis lelidentes : bufttjc 

€l)ief 3nfticc is onlpcallcDbptftciaing, Capitalis lufticiariusnofter. Sl^are 

calleD uCapitales, in rcfpect of tbeir fupjcam jnrlsDiction* i» Generales,iii rc» 

fpcrt oftftcir gcncrall jutisDictton tljjonrljoiit nil eiiglanD,ic» :i. Perpctui, 

fojtljat tbcpougbt net to bcrcmobeD toitftout juftcaufe, 4. Majores a latere 

regis reiidentes, foj t^eir ftonoi anDfafetp,tI)at tbcpfboplD be pjotectcD bp tljc 

^ma. inaDmiuiftrationof julf tec, foj tbat tbcp be a latere Resii. 

janD to^crein^ E.^.tt is bolDcnbp all t^eSufttces in tljeCrcbequcrcIjaratcr L5E.4.137. 
tljntamancannotbc Kuftice bpCClrit but bp patent 0; Commiffion, it is tobc 
unDrrftooDot all tbe JuDgcs/abing tijc vTbtcf Sufticc of tbis ^iourt.lBut botfjtlje 
Cl)ief Sutttcc, anD tljc reft of tftc inDges map be DifcbargeD bpMritMnDec 
tIjc ©:cat &cal. 

i^onecanbc a SuDgeoftljis Court unltffcbc be a feerieant of tbe Degree 
ofti)c€oif,auD pet in tIjc 221 rit oj patent to tl)em mabe, tljep arcnotnamco 
Serjeants. 3f 


Vid.jO H.6.i7.i. 

30E 3-3X. It is 

t'taud where one 

thing ispretcn- 

dcd,aiid another 











Silent leges inter 

Concordia par- 

* Sec the pream- 
bles of the flat, 
of 4 
1% H 6.03,7. 
a Diminuuon of 

b PoflEflions of 
Monad, and 

j5 Ja. 

cap. 1, Concea- 

1 11 


Seethe Third 

part of the Inft. 

cap. againft 

vexatious relators 


f/Atturnics. E i. 

Rot. 4. T)e Appre- 

tit lis & Anurdj.- 

tii. ijR.2. 




See Rot. Pari. 

13 H 4 ruifjj. 

not in pi int. 

C J I jac.i.a.16. 

T^he Court of K^ngs ^ench. Cap. 7. 

SlfatllSIIrit be returnable Coram luflkiaris noftris apud Wenm',(t lljall be 
rcturncD in tlje Common place: but if it be returnable in t^ts Court , it muft be 
Coram nobis ubicunque fuerimus in Anglia. &CCtl)C Second part of the Infli- 
tutes, Mag. Cart, cap.i i . ant) tfte erpoCtion upon t^c fame. 

3n fojmcr times fome ill flifpofcD Clcrbs of tljis Court jbecaufc tljep coulD bab^ 
no ojiginall out of tljc Cbanccrp fo j Debt returnable info tljtis Court, tljep tooulD 
fue ouf an ojiginall action of trcfpaCc (a mcer feisnei) action ) returnable into 
tl)i0Court,ant)ropjoceet)to(ii;);igent,(Uji^creintrutl) t^ie caufeof action is to? 
Dcbt)anDtot)ent^c 2Defcnt)aint appcarcD,«, all tl)e fojmer pjocecDings iuere 
iuabcti, anD a bill fileD fojtljeSDcfcnDantfojDebt. %\)ia\Qm\ unjuftpjactirctn 
Derogation ofttjeDignitpanDljonoj of tljis Court, anDluojtljp offebcrepunilt)* 
ment accojD ing totftcftatute ofW.i.c.29. tol)cn itis founDout; Vide in tfte 
Chapter of tftcCourt of Common |)leasin tt)eenD thereof. 

J^ototftat toe map Ijerefap fomctobattoa bulgar objection of tl)e multfplt« 
cation of fuits inlatobotl) in tl)is Court, anDot^cr of tiis ^pajefttes Courts at 
CiiHeftm'mojc tftcnliattj been in tfte reigns of E. 3.K.2. H, ^M.<),H, c, E.4. anD 
R.3. 3ti0 tobcobferbeDjtftaftljcrebBrtFcaHfesoftbeincreareoftbcm, toljcrc- 
of ttoo be generall,^ tlie ottier four particular. Stlje gencrall be pcace,anD ipien* 
tp : site particular, i,a^t)CDiffolufionoffomanp jponattcrics, Cftantcrtcs, ^t. 
anDt^eDifpcrBngoftticm fntoromanpfeberall l)anDs. 2. SCljc fuiarm of3n= 
formers. 3. 2Ll)e number of Concealo?s. 4. SDlje multituDeofSltturnics. 

jpoj tljc fira gcnerall : Intljereignsof E. 3. R. 2. H.4.h.^. anD part of 
t^e reign of H.6. tnrefpect oftlje tears in iFrance,fc. anD in tIjereftDueoftlje 
reign ofH.^.anDintlbc reign of E.4. in refpcct of tlje blooDp anD intcftine 
tears, anD in almoft continuall alarums teit^in tbe boteels of tljts btngDome, 
bettoccntbe lboufesoflLancaftcranDi5o?fe,tt)crecoulDnotbc fomani' fuits in 
late, as fnicc tbis kingDomc Ijatl) cnjowD pcaccitobtclj is tljefirft gencrall caufc. 
peace tstbemotbefofplentjM'tobicl) is tljc rcconDgcnerallcanfe) anD|0lentp 
tbci^urfe of fuits. Jn particular, bp tbc Dtffolution of fponaftcrics, Cbantc^ 
rie0,ic. anD Difpcrftng of tl)em,i[c. tElpon tbcftatufes maDe concerning tbc fame 
(tljcre being fuel) a confluence of (il;cclcrtafttcall pofTcfftons) tljcre arofe man?) 
quettions anD Doubts , tobcreupon fuits toerc greatlp tncrcafcD. 2. 3nfoj-- 
jncrs anD KelatojsraifeD manpfuit0,bpinfo:.mations,tejits,ic. intbeteings 
Courts at Mettm' upon penaliaatutes,manptebereof toerc obfolctc, incont>e- 
nient, anD not fit fo: tbofc Daps,anD pet remaineD as fnares upon tbe fubjcct , fo 

astbCfubject migljtjuftip raptoitbTacitus,Prius vitiislaboravimus, nunc legi- 
bus. 3. Concealojs, Helluones , tbat enDcaboureD fo ftoalloto up Cat bcDjatl 
Cburcbes anDtbed^cclcfiafticall poffeffionsofcburcb^mcn, anD tbe libingsof 
manp otbcrs oftbc?^ingsfubjects. 3laftlp,tbemultituDe of .!3tt«rnic0,mo;c 
tben islimiteD bp late, is a great caufe of increafc of fuits, 

a 315ut novt) on tbe otberfiDc, to fljctotobat great bopc fbcre is, tbat fuits in 
late (ball Decrcafe , fojtbat in effect ail tbe particular caufes oftbcincreafeof 
tbcmare taken atoap,tobicb toe babe fbougbt gooD to remember. 

^ iFojtbefirft, tbcftatuteof 35 Eiiz.cap.?. batbremeDieD part, buttbetta^ 
tute of zi batb giben a plenarp falbefoj tbe tobole mifcbief, tobcreof 
poumap reaD at large in tbe Third part of the lnftitutes,cap.!57. agatnft Con* 
ccalojs, turbidum hominum genus. '^ jf oj tb^ fcconD, bp tbe ftatiitcof n Jac. 
cap.4. BInfojmations.fc.upon pcnall ttatutcs arc to be bearD anD DetermincD 
in tbetr proper Counties, anD not in tbe Courts at ^'Qlettmintter, tobercbp tbe 
beratious ftoarm of 3Jnfo:mer0,tobo arc Lea truttcD tobcrc tbep arclcaft knoton, 
are banilbcD anD turneD again to tbetr former occupations, ^ Concerning at* 
turnics tbe number are fctDoton,anD tbat tbcp ougbt to be learncDanD t)er= 
tuous,anDas3unDcrflanD,tbe 3uDgcs attbistime babe tbis matter in conff- 
Deration. But befiDes tbcfctbere arc fome otber ftatutcs maDc fox aboiDing 
anD DecreaRng ofberatiousfuits.Ssan'^Hctin zi Jac. Regiscap.i6. foj limi* 
tation of actions anD aboiDing fuits in late, agooD anD beneficiall late, ^m- 
tljcr^rtaf tbe fame J^arliamcnf , cap, 13, foj tbe furtber reformation of 3!eo-. 


Cap. 7. The Court ofKJngs Bench, yj 

fatls, agooD lato founDtng offutt3» ^notfjcr at tfjc fame iparltamenf, cap.8. 

to pjctjcnt ano puniftjabufcs in pjoturiiig of pjoccffc of Superfedeas of tl)e 

peace anD 0OOD bcljatiiour, out of bis ^pajctties Courts at ^cttminfter^c* 

iD^crebp infinite tejrattons, troubles anD charges of tl)c fnbjedo are pjctien» 

teDf Another at tljc fame jjadiament, ca.i^, fo; atotDtng of tierattous Dclapo 

intaufesbp rcmoljtng of actions anD futts out of infcrtour Courts, tot)eretn 

t\fz fojmer abufe teas ucratious, grtefeous , anD cfjargeable to f^ fubjed:. 3 

bjanc^ of an ^i at tljc fame |0arliament, cap. 1 6. foj pleaDing of tcnDcc of 

amenDS in an action of trefpallc, Quare clauf. fregit, foja trcfpaffebp ncgU^" 

gencfe , oj intoluntarp , tDljccctn ttie SJefcnDant maUctl) no tttlcf c, an mtV 

lent anD ncccITarp lato fojatooiDtng of triOtng anD tcrattous futts, crpetiallg 

in Cljamp ion Countries. 3n0ct at tlje fame parliament, cap. 2. againll ®o« See the 5. pare cf 

nopolies anDneiDp?ojects,ic a great quiet foj tljetime to come. Anno jCa- ''^v^'^j'-c-p- 

roli Regis nunc, cap.i . SCftc petition of Higljt concerning tfjc rights anD libera 'plSs,ndT;. 

ties of all tftefnbjccts of tljis Uealmfoj tijetr repofeanD quiet. ILattlp, tlje jW,. 

repeal offomanp obfolete penall Itatutes is a great mean of Diminution of jCarRfgifc.:. 

fatt0. Jijacca.ig, 

5F0J t^c abotefaiD generall caufes, viz. peace anD |9lenfp,long map tljep J^""*- 
lappilp bp t^e gooDneiTe ofgoD continue lt)ttI)ont abufe ioit^intl^is IRealmf 

SDfte teingsllBencl) ftatlj autljojitp foj great mifpjtfions anDoffences,fo aDjuDge 
anD inflict co3po?allpnnifl)menf,a5pillojp,papcrs,anDt|)eUbc: tolisireofpoa 
imp rMD manp pjeCDentss in tfje Third pare oftheInftitutes,pag.aip, z2o» 




f TheAKtiqu'i- 
ty of this Courts 
16 E.j.a(l.p.i4. 
and the preface 
to the third book 
Bugo Pctrobltr- 
goifis, Lcland, 

Ely,wrictcn in 
the reign of king 
Stephen foon af- 
ter the Conqaeft. 
* Curia Cane'. 

Mirror ca,i.$ 5. 
& videca.5.5. 
pur Ic enrolments 
etc pardon Ic roy 
in Ic Chancery cii 
tenps leroj Al- 
fred. KingAl- 
f cd began to 
reign anno dom. 
871. and was la- 
ther to King Ed- 
ward Senior. fa- 
ther of the fiid 
*Eiror polydori. 

Fitz. Stephen 
the end of Stows 
furvcy of Lond. 
See Glanvli.u, 

C3.I.& 5.&C. 


W.i.i? E.i.ct, 
13 E.i.cJ. 13114. 

CAT, Fill 

The Court of Chancery. 

C(l£rfa{n{t{0,t^atbof^ tlie llBjifttCb ant> &a);on Stings I)a& tlizit <L\^na', 
lojs anl^Couct ofC^ancerp,tl^eonlpCourtotitofli)^icl^O}igmaUta)}Ud 
Doe iSvtxSl6 tatting Tome felo examples before tlje Conquer. 

Edward ttjeConfciro?t)aDReinbald ^is Cl&anceloj* %Us Edward granfeO 
man? ^annoj0,3Lan5S,?c,anti jfranc^ifcstotfte aijbot of Meamintter, ano 
cnDCtl) ^tSCtiarterfl^US. Adukimum,cartamiftam figiJIari jufli, & ipfemana 
mea propria fignum Gruels impredl , & idoneoj teftes annocari prjtcepi : anDa« 
mongft tljofe toifneffes tijts pou CijaU finte Swardus notanusad vicem Rein- 
baldi regii dignitatis CanceJJarii hanccartatn fcripii & fubferipfi* ^efjaDalfo 
Lefrick to l)is Cljanccloj. 

j&ing Ethcldred alfoJ^aDatoojtlijpname, anOatoojtirpraantol^iscijancelo?* 
Rex Etheldredus ftatuit atque conceflit quatenus Eeclefiam dc Elye ex tone 
&femper in regis * curia Cancellarise ageretdignicatem.&c.SCljlSteing began 
Ijis reign, Anno domini 978. toljic^ albeit it teas toiD in lain to grant tlje Cfjan* 
cclojC^ip of cUnglanD in fucceffion, pet if pjobcfft tljattften tfjere toas a Court of 

King Edgar IjatJAdulph: Jiting Edred IjaO Thurkettle t i&ingEdmond fl^C 
fame t i^ing Athelftane wolfine tijeir (i:!janceloj0,ic. 

jFojfurtl^erpjoofttjat tljere toasa court ofc^ancerpbefojeallf^efeiSinas 
timeout of toft tcl) to Jits remeDiall ilTucD, as tijep Doc to tftis Dap ; ftear toljat tfte 
Mirror faitftj Le primer eonttitutionsordenusperles vielsroys,&c, ordcin fuic 
que cHcfcuneyt del Chancery Icroy brief remedial a fon pleint fans difficuhie. 
%crebp it appe.arctt) tljat in tlje reign of King Alfred tftere toas a Court of 
Cljanccrp out of to!)tcl)to?it3 remeDiall iiTaeD, tofjicft toas not tfjcniiiattutcD, 
but affirmcD to be a Court tljctt in efle, i cnacteD tftat out of tftat Court tojits rc« 
meDiall (IjoulD bcgranteD toitftoutDifftcultp,tol)itl) lato continuetfttotftisDap« 
0nD tftus mucft touching tlie Court of Cftanccrp before tfte Conqucft : anD 
ttierefoje * Polydor Virgin, tol)o affirmctl) tijts Court to come in toif Ij tljc Con= 
quer0J,perperam erravic 

3!n acijarter to tfte abbot of Meffminfferbp William tftc Conqueroj, anD 
amongft tbctottneffes it is tojitten tljus. Ego Mauritius Regis Cancellariusfa- 
vendolegi, & figillavi, Arfaftus315ifl)opof J^ojtljelmftam in J^$jff»tof)0 tran* 
DateD ftis &ee to SCljctfojD, toas alfo Cfjanteloj to tlje Conqueror 

Cancellarii Anglix dignitas eft.ut fecundus a rege in regno habeatur,ut al- 
tera parte figilH regiijquod& ad ejus pertinet cuftodiam, propria fignet man- 
data, &Ct 

Omnia brevia de pace > &c, irrotulari debent in rotulo Cancellarix, 

Fleta faitl). Eft inierextera quoddaofficlu quod dicitur Cancellariajquod uno 
provido Scdifereio, utEpifcopo velderico, magnsc dignitatis debet committi 
fimul cum cura magni figilli regni, cujus fubftituti funt Cancellar' omncs in 
Anglia, Hibernia, Wallia, & Scoe' omnefque figilla regis cuftodientes ubique 
prster cuftodem figilli privati. Cui aflbcientur elerici honettijcircumfpetf^i do- 
mino rcgi juratij qui in legibus & confuetudinibus Anglicanis notitiam habeanc 
pleniorem, quorum officium fit fupplicationes & querelas conquerentium audi- 
re & examinarej&eisfuperqualitaiibusinjuriatumoftenfarum dcbitum reme- 
dium exhibere per brevia regis. 

Breve de forma donationis in revertcre fatU eft in ufu in Cancdlaria. 

In Cancellaria & in rcgiftro Gancellari^t 


v- - 

Cap. 8. The Court of Chancery, 

jFo? tljeantiquitpant) autbojitr of tljts toofeof tfjc IRcgtttcr of t^eCftamcrj', 
fcctlje fir(i part oFthc Inftituces, Verb, per Ic RegiHer, anD (n tt)C C^ptftle to Wyz 
nintl) boob Of mp Commc«taric0. 

T5\xi to p:occeD (omtttmg jnaiiy otijeis) Robert Paming tooU tijc ftafc aiiD l3e< 
gfce of a s>cr jcant at laU) tit 3 E.3 ♦ anf became t^c \^\mii Serjeant, anD foj bic 
PJofourtD I excellent UnotolcDgc of fljc lalua, in sCrin. 2Ecrm 1 4 £.3,108024 Juiii 
ijp iujtt crcatctiCtitcf 3utttce of englaiiD: tn toljtcft office fje rcinaincD ntrtitl f tje 
3 y of BDeccmbcr follotutng, on toljtclj Dan ijc tuas maDc llojD SErcafurcf of Cng^ 
land* 5ntftatoiTiccl)ercma[ncDunttUfI)c 15 pear of t|)c reign oftf)efamc!i(«e, 
anDt^cntoas conftifuteD 3lo?D ctjancelour, SCtjismanknotoingfljatljetliat 
feneU) not t!)c common laVD,coulD nctcr locll juDgc ii\ cquif p (tofjicfj ie a juft co^= 
redfon of lato in fomc cafes) DiD nftiallP at in tljc v£oiirt of common |i3lea0, 
(toftici) court 10 tl)c locU anD bcp of tljc Common latoj anD IjcarD matters in lato 
t^erc DcbatcD, anD manp t(mc0 tooulD argue fjimfclf, as in tlje rcpo jt of 1 7 E, 3. 
it appears, 

3!n Vaz 50 pear of E, 3, &fr Robert Tliorpe Cljiefc 3i\ftiiz of fljc Common 
gpiea0 (not §>lr William Thorpe C{)tcf luftice of Gnglan&, conliittcD of foiDiD 
bjibcrp) a man of ftngular juDgement in tljc latos of tijis Kcalm, teas conftitu^ 
teD 9lojD Cbancclour of CEnglanD. ^nD in tije |3arliameitt Anno 4? E.^.a 
grict)ou0 complaint toas maDc bptljeiLojDs and Commono, ffjat tlic Kcalmc 
^aD bin of lonn time goUcrncDbp men of tljc Cljurcfj in Difterifon of fljcCro-un, 
anD DcftrcD tl)at ILw men onlp niigl)t be p?{ncipall £DfFicers,sc, 

^ftcc tIjC Dcceafc of &ir Robert Thorpe j Juiij Anno46 E.3. g>{r John 
KnivetJ!inigl)t,cl){ef3:ufticeofCBnBlanD, a man famous tnfjis pjofcffion, tajas 
uiaDciLojD Cftanccllojof <!!;nglaKD,tufto DcceafcD in Anno 50 E,}.&c» 

3ln peruftng tl)c II0I3 of parliament in tl)c times of tl)cfc JLojD Cfjancelours, 
iDC finDcno complaint at all of anp pjocceDing bcfo?e tljcm. WvA foonc after, 
lal)cn a cftancclour tuas no pjofelTo? of tljc lato, toe ftnDc a grietjous contplatnt 
ijp tbc toljolc boDp of tl)C Kealm, anD a iv<ctition tljaf tljc moft totfc anD able men 
Suitftin tljc IRealmmtgljt be cljofcn Cljancelours, anD tljatljcfceb to rcDjeffc tljc 
jeno;mttics of tl)C Cfjaiiccri', llSut Icaljiiig manpotljcr KccojDs to ttjcirpjoper 
places Ijcrcafter, toe toill concluDc tljis point concerning tfec antiquifp a«D jurif« 
Diction of tjjis Court toitlj tbc opinion of all tljc iuDgcs of tljc Kcalm in p E. 4. 
tn a fuif in tljC court of CBrdjcqucr againlt ttje cicrb of flje l^ampcr in tljis 
Ctjancerp upon Ijis account in tlje C;):c^cqucr, toljcrc ii toas IjolDen bp all tfje 3u« 
Kiccs in tljc C^jjcljcquer cljambcr; tljat all tljc Courts of tljc latng ^at?c been time 
out of memojp, fo as a Juan cannot bnoto to^iclj of tljcni is tljc ancicnteft Court. 
^nD iulSicc Yong tfjC plaintifc DcinanDcD of tljc Suffices , toljat if f (jc Cljancc* 
lour commanD nic upon a papnc, tljat 31 fliall not fuc ^im i %o toi^oni Billing 
t^ctjicf lufticcanftoercD, ^ouarcnotbounD to obcp it, bccaufe t^at contmanD- 
ntcnt is againft lato : IBut feeing tl^at toucljctl) upon tlje jurifDiction of tljs 
Court, let us in tljc nej;t place IjanDlc tljat point. 

The hiifdiSlion of the Court. 

Jn tljc Cljanccrp arc ttoo Courtconc jDinarp, Coram Domino Rege in Can» 
cellaria, -^ toljcrcin tljc ILojD Ctjancclour 0; ILojDUccper of tlje CDjeat §)calc 
pjocecDs acco?Ding to tljc riuftt line of tljclatos anD Itatutes of tljc llcalm/ecun- 
dum legem & conlbetudinem Acglise, ^ 3[notljcrcvtraojDinarpaccejDing to tlje 
rule of cquif p, fccundum secium & bonum. iluD firfi: of tbc former Court. 

"= !^c Ijatlj potoer to IjolD plea of Scire tac' foj repeal of tljc iJiings ^Letters pa. 
tents, of JDctitions, mon(iran$de droits, fra^crfcs of iDfficcs, partitions (n 
Clianccrp, of Seire iac' upon recognifancco in tljis Court, ^rits of Audita que- 
rela, anD Scire ("ac' in tjje nature of an Audita querela to afcoiD crcfutions in tljis 
court; <i Doto;nents tn cljanccrp, tljc MIrit de dcte aflignanda upon off ices 
tounD , erecutton upon tljc aitulute ttaple, oj lilecognifancc in nature of a &fa= 
tute ftaplc upon tljc Hct of 23 H.8. but tljc CBjiccution upon a Statute mercljant 
t« tetojnablc eitljov into tlje lilngsbcnclj, ojinto tljecomwon place, ano all 

ip a pcrfonall 


1 part Inflit. 
l.b 9. 

of ilitCourt of 
Common picas. 

cntia, Don eft 


17 i-.j.fb.ii.i^. 

f\or.P.iiJ.4f K.J. 

Ror.Par. jR.i. 

a 8 E.4 f, 



b i' 
nu.iii. iR.j.i.}. 
Ror.pjr. i8£.j. 


a 13 E.z. coram 
1/ London. 

f 18 E.j.iJ.l/. 





f Officinal^. 





"77?^ G?«r^ of Chancery. Cap. 8^ 

perfonall actions bp oj againaanp ^Dfficcr oi sptniffcr of tljfs Court tnrcfpcct 
of ttieir fertjice ojattenuancctticrc a 3in tlicfc if tlje parties Dcfccnl) to iffuctftis 
court cannot trp it bj? 3iurp, but tl)e JLojD Cftancclour j =LojD iSeepcr Oclitie» 
retl) tlje IRecojD bp ^is pjoper l^an&s into tljc JUings Bencl^ to be tr icD tljere ; bc= 
caufefoMbat putpofc botb Courts are atcountct) i^ but oncanD after friall baa 
toberema nOcD into tljc Cban«rp,ant) ttjcre juOgcmenf to be giljen. ISut if tticrc 
be a Demurrer in lato, it fljall be argueD ant) aD juDgeti in tbts court Jl5ota , tbc 
legall p?occctiings of tljis Court be not inroUeD in Kols, but remainc infilaciis 
being fileD up in tljc £Dfficc of tljc pctp=bag. c Upon a juDgemcnt gibcn in tbis 
Court a Mrit of €rroj Dotl) \vz retojnable into tbe ilings bencbt ^ 2Dbc ttilc of 
tl)E court of tbc liings If cntl) is coram rege (as bat!) been fain) anD fbe ff ilc of > 
tbiS court of Cbancerp is coram domino rcge in Cancellaria, & additio probac 
minoritatem* ^nO in tbis Court tbc iLojD Cbancelour ojtbe HojDlecper is 
fbc folc 3BuDgc ; anD in tbe lyings 31Bencb X^txt arc four 3!uDgES at tbc Icaft. 

abts court is ofificina JuHitix, Out Of tobicl) allojiginall liHritsanti all 
Committions tobtcb paffe unDer tbe (JSjcat &eal go fojtb, tobicb cKjcat ^eal is 
Clavis regni, anD foj tbofe enDs tbts Court is cter open. 

£Df tbiS Court Fleta ubi fupra, faitb) Dieunrur Brevia cum fine formata ad fi- 
militudinem regulac juris, qu$ brevitcr, & paucis verbis intentionem proferen- 
cis exponanr, ficut regula juris, rem qux eft breviter enarrat t non tamen ita de- 
bet e{rebfcquinratioBem& vimintentioniscontineac. Et funtqujedam Bre- 
via formata fub fuis cafibusj & qucedam de curfu quae eonfilio totius regni funt 
approbata, qua: quidcm mutari non poterunt abfque eorundem eontraria voiun- 
tace. Sunt & Brevia ex eis fequentia qui dicuntur judieialia, & fspius variancur 
fecundum variecatem placitorum proponent' & refpondcnt", petcntis& excipien- 
lis 6: fecundum varictatem refponfionum. Sunt & qusedam qua? dicuntur magi- 
ftralia & faepius variantur fecundum di verfitatem cafiium, faftoru & querelarum, 
& quorum quxdam funt perfonaliai &quidamrealia,&quardam mixta, fecun- 
dum quod funt aftiones diverfs velvarix, quia tot erunt formula brevium, 
quot funt genera af^tonum, quia non potertquis fine brevi agere, prscipue de li- 
bero tencmento fuo, quia non tenetur quis refpondere fine brevi,nifi gratis voluc- 
rit: & cum hoc feccrit quis, ex hoc ei non injuriabituc : volenti enim &fcienti 
non fit injuria. De eadem autcm re, plurcs alicui competcre poterunt adiiones, 
ordinc autem, ut eonvenit, obfervato. Breve quidem regis in fe nuUam debet 
eontinere falfitatem,necaiiquem errorem : apparere debet vel in prima fui figura 
nonvitiofum, maxime fi fuerit patens five a^ertum, quiaoriginalia quxdam 
funt claufa, & qua:dam aperta. Et'five aperta, five claufa, apparere non dcbenc 
abrafa, nee abolita : & fiinveniatur abrafio, tunc refert quo loco, ijquo, & 
quando. Qoio loco ? videlicet utrum in narratione fafti vel juris. Si autem in 
narratione fafti,cadet coram Juftic* quafi fufpedum. Faila enim & nomina mu- 
tari non debent, fed jura ubique fcribi poffunt. A quo ? utrum videlicet per Cle- 
ricum Ganeellar'cui autoritas data fuerit, vel aufu temerario per alium, ficut Cle- 
ricum Juflic', vel Vic' ad procurationem alicujus partis : quo cafu omnes agentes 
&confentientcstanquamfalfariipuniantnr. Item quando? videlicet utrum hoc 
fiat antequam bf e in curia refufcitatum & publieatum, vel port.Si autem port, eric 
breve fufpe<ftum & eadet/i atenente fuerit hoc ealumpniatum, Fiunt autem bre- 
via judieialia in Cancellaria ex reeognitionibus & contraiftibus habicis & in 
Rotulis Cancellaria: irrotulatis & ex recordo canceliario & Clericts fibi aflbciatis 
per banc eonftitucionem coneeffo. Q^jia de hiis qus recordata funt coram Cancel- 
lar' domini regis, & ejus Juftic" qui recordum habent& in rotulis eorumirrotu- 
lantur,non debet fieri proeeffus placiti per fummonitionem, vel attachiamenc',ef- 
fonia,vifu$ tre & alias folempnitates Cur' ficut fieri confuevit ex contradibus , &: 
conventionibus faitis extra curiam. Obfervandum eft de c^rero quod ca quae in- 
veniuntar irrotulata coram hiis qui recordum habent vel in finibuseontenta.cum 
fintcontraftus five convcntiones vel obligationes five ferviciaaut eon fuetudines 
recogniti five alia quascunq; irrotulata quib' Cur' regis fine juris & conftitutionis 
oifcnfa authoritatem pra:ftare poteft, talem de ecteto habeat vigorem. quod non 


Cap. 8. The Court of Chancery. 

fit neceffe dehiis placitare in pofteium. fed cum veneric querens ad curiam domi- 
ri regiS) fi reccns fit cognitio, vel finis, -viz.. infra annum per bfe levatus, ftatim 
habeat bfe deexecutione illius recognitionisfads: & fi forte a ma jore tempore 
tranfaao fafta fuerit ilia recognitio, vel finis levatus : prxcipiatur Vic' quod Icirc 
fac' parti de qua fit querimonia, quod fit ad cerrum diem, oftenf. fi quid fciat dice- 
re quare hujus irrotulata vel in fine contenta executionem habere non debeant* 
Et h ad diem venerit, & nihil fciat dicere quare executio fieri non debear, prafci" 
piatur Vic' quod rem irrotulatam vel infinecontentamexequi fac'.Kodem modo 
mandctur ordinario in fuo caiu, oblervato nihilominusquod inferius dicetur in 
flatuto de medio qui per judicium aut recognitionem efiobiigatus. Exhacqui- 
dem conftitutione oriunturbfia judicialiainCancellaria ficuc coram ipfisluiiic. 
Ipfi autem ccliaterales & focii Cancellarii cffe dicuntur prxceptores, eo quod bfia 
caufis examinatis remedialia fieri pr^ecipium, &hocquoque cum finedenar'ad 
opus domini regis, & quoque fine fine? eo quod omnia bria non funt omni tem- 
pore squipollemia. De brevibus autem coram Jufiic* ad primas Aflifascum in 
partes illas venerint, fines capere nonconfueyeruBt,eo quodad tempusitineris 
TuftiC, ligatconflitutioMagnxCartxqux talis eft; Nulli jufiitiam negabimus^ 
ve»demns, veldiferemm: fed non inhibetur quin finescapiantur pro brevibus pof- 
feffionum, & adionum perfonalium, pro celeriore Juft itia habenda ; qui quidcm 
pro qualitatibus & quancitatibus portionem concefii in eifdem brevibus irpbre- 
viabuntur, & in rotulis Cancellarii irroculantur* Qui quidem rotuli fingulis annis 
ad Scaccar' liberabuntur, & fines hujus extrahantur & per fummon' Scaccarii le- 
ventur. Claufula veto finis talis efti£f capefecuritatem a pr<efato tali de ^ofoltd, ad 
epm neflrum pro hoc brevt. Verba autem extraft' de Scaccario funt hare. 2)^ A, 
de brevi habeiid\dim' marc' vel amplius prout finis faflus fuerit.Coneeduntur 
aliquandoconquerentib^ ob favote paupertatis quod ubi prifumi poteft fie quod 
plegios invenire non poffunt de profequend* clamore fuum quod fecuritatem prx- 
ftentVic'per fidei interpofitionem fuam, non tameninaftionibusperfonalibus 
hoc concedcndum eft. Habet & Rex Clericos in officio ilJo expertos & Icgales qui 
formulas breviu cognofcunt, qui approbanda admittunt & defefti va omnino re- 
pel!unt,quib' omnia isfiapriufquamad figilluproveniuntcum deliberationedi- 
ftinde & aperte in ratione,di6^ione,licera & fyllaba examinarc injundlum eft. Et 
fciendum quod nullum bfe nifi per manuseorundem ad figillum debet admitti. 
Habet etiam lex Clericos fuos prsenotarios in officio illo, qui cum Clericis memo- 
ratis familiares, &c» efTe confueverunt & prxcipuead vidum & veftitumqui ad 
bfia fcribenda fecundum diverfitates quereiarum funt intitulati. Et quiomnes 
pro viilu & veftitudeproficuo figilli in cujufcunqueufus pervenerit debent hone- 
lie inveniri. Sunt etiam nihilominus Clerici juvenes & pedices quibus de gratia 
Cancellar' conceflumeft pro cxpeditionepopuli bfiafaeerecurforia.dum tamen 
fub advocatione Clericorum fuperiorum fuerint quieorum fafta in eorum rcce- 
perincpericula* Et in quolibet bfi debet fcribemisnomen inbreviari qui war- 
rantizare poterint in peccatores fi necefle fuerit, Et ne prrfati Clerici fupcrflua pe- 
tant ftipendia pro Icriptura fua, eonftitutum eft quod tam Clerici luftic'quam 
Cancellar' de folo denario pro fcriptura unius brevis fejteneant contentos. 

0nt) tbts Court is tl)e ratljcr altoapes open, foj tljat if a man be lD?ongfullp 
impjtfonet) in tijc tHacatfon, tfte JLojD Cbancelour map grant a Habeas corpus 
ano t)ol)im juaiceaccojDtngtolato, toljcrcnctttjer tljclltngsBcncljno; Com= 
tnon |)leag can grant t^af Mrit but tntljcSDcrm time; but tftis court map 
prant itcttljcr tnSCcrm time oj vacation. g>o Ubetotfe tljis Court map grant 
fijol^ibitions at anp time either ir\ SCcrme o> ^Hacatfon : toljtclj C21Irtts of 
|0;oftibtf ton are not reto jnablc : but tf ttiep be not obci'CD, tfjcn map tbto Court 
grant an ^ittacbmcnt upon tftc pjo^tbitton retojnallc ettljcr in f Ijc lttng0 JEcnclj 
01 common place. 

SDlje 5lutl)0j of tljat HBoofe fpeabingof tlje Court of Cljancerp.anD of fljc ju* 
rtfDiCtton it tften IjaD, faitb, Curia Cancellarise Regix eft curia ordinaria pro bre- 
vibus originalibusemanandis.fed non placitis communibus tenendis. 

SD i'ocrs ^cts of parliament gi\3e auttiojftp to tljc lo?D Cbancelour to Wxt 



« New Tales, or 
h'oz a NarralPT- 
?/'^.\vrirten about 
the 1 eginningof 



J 3 E.4. 

Dicr irEl.i38. 


f Officers and 
Misifters of 
this Court, 
See the 1. part of 
ca-m.ycrb. Clc- 
rici de Cancelia- 

* In the Parlia- 
ment Ilol of 
arccalUd diief 

f Of the Anti. 
qtuty of this 
Court of SqHi- 

Henry Bciuforc 
fon of John of 
Gaunt BilLop of 
Wir>ch. Cardinal 
Lord Chancclot 
in the beginning 
of thctcignof andinthat 
Kings reign John 
of 5. Rufcliiic 
a 36E.5.cap9. 

Rot. Far. ij R.i. 



^he Court of Chancery* Cap. 8. 

5 ticfcrmlne Dltoers offences anti taaks (n t^c Court of d&anccrp , tol)itlj iseie: 

itltcnDCD (iitbiS<rourtp:ocC0Dtng in !lattn,recundum legem & conluetudinem 
Anglis, anD tt)C IDefcnDant ftall not he ftuojn to t)is anftocr, no; C)camlne& upon 
3!Rtcrrogatojic0, ant) upon tCue jopncD it ftiall be trieD in tftciStngs IBcnclj, 
Utinfimilibuscafibusfolct. SEutcur purpofc is not to enumerate all tljefc aa« 
tufeo.fojouraimis p;tncipallj» at tljcgencralliurtsfiirtion of tl)i3 Courts 

%l}e £Dfficers anti iptniftcrs of tfelsccoutt of Common lata Doe p?incipal= 
Ij) attcitft anD Doe tfjeir fcrtjiccto ttje c!3jeat &eal , as tljc * ttoelDc spatters of 
tbec&anceri',tDl)Ci:eoft&c spatter of tl)e IRols ist^edjtef, U)l)0 bp tljcir ojigi- 
nail inftitution.a3 itispjotJCD befojcOjoulD be expert in tfte Common lata, to 
fee tic forming anf framing of ojtginall tojits accojDing to lato.tubicb aro 
not ofcourfcjUj^ercuponfucljarccallcD in our ancient autbojs Brevia Magi- 
ftralia, 2Ll)CClerb oft^cCroton, tl)e Cleris of t^c l^ampcr, t!ic&>ealer, tlje 
Cbafe tDaj;,tl)C Controller of tbccftancerp, f inentp four Curfitojs foj mabing 
iDjits of courfe oj fojmcD tojits acrojDing to tlie llegifter of t&c Cijanccri' , tlje 
Clerfeoftliepjefcntations, tlje clcrUof tlje faculties, fljc Clcri? cramtncr of 
^Letters patcnts,tlje Clcrfesof tlje ^Etttbag,anD tljc U% atturntes.SSljc pjoccffe 
itttl)ts court is unDcr tljc dDjcat ^cal accojDlngto tijc courfe of tfteConunoni 


falling fpofeen of tIjc Court ofojDinarp ^urisDiction, it fellotsjeflj accojtitng 
to our fojmer DitJiOon, tijattoc fpcafe of tlje eytraojDinarp pjoceeDing acco?* 
t)ing tofije ruleof cquttpjlccundum a;quutn a^ bonum, Uilicrcln toe toill pur* 
fue our fo?mer ojDcr* 

a^lbcit our ancient 0utftoj6, tlje Mirror, Glanvill.BraL^on, BrittonanD Flcta, 
tioc treat of tIjc fojmcr Court in Ci^anccrp,ant) of oiiginall loiits anD Commifft* 
ons iffutng out of tftc fame,)'Ct none of lljcm Do once nicKtJon tljto court of Ci;qut= 
tp. Mel^atic airoconftDereD inljat cafes intljis Court ofC^quitpljatje been re* 
po?teD in our boofes, anO toe finD none bcfojc tlje reign of H.6. anD in tljnt ?iings 
time, anD aftertoarDs plenttfullp, toe tljcu turncD our eies to ;acB of jparlia* 
mentsanD parliament IK ols. 

^'^omcljauctljouttljttljat tbcffafutcof3<5E.3. galjetljeCfjanccloj Ijis firfc 
autl)o:ttp foj. Ijis pjocceDing in courfe of cquitp , bp totjtclj it is enattcD ,That 
if any man think him i'elf grieved contrary toanyof the Articlei above writ- 
ten, orothers contained in divers ftatutes, will come to the Chancery or any 
for him, and thereof make his complainc, he lliail prefently have there reme- 
dy by force of the faid Articles and (latutes, without eUevvherepurfuing to have 
remedy. SButccrtainlpfftls 0d: gibctl) tl)c Cljaucdo? no poVocr to pjocecD in 
courfe ofequitp, btitt^atlje grant to ttjc partp grietcD ojiginall tojtts to^itfi 
are callcD rcmeDiall grounDeD upon anp ft"tute foj Ijis relief, anD tljcie is no 
llatute tljat gities tftc partp grieiicD rcmeDp in equitp» laftlp, t^claff toejDS 
oftljc 0d:, without ellewhcrepurfuing to have remedy, Doc manifctt tl^at ttjc 
meaning of tlje makers of tljc act is to Direct tlje partP to be rcllcUcD bp tjjc Com= 
mon lato, faj' actions upon tljcfe ftatutes, anD not clfctoljcre. 

in tftc ^arliameitt IjolDen 13 R.s.ffte Commons pctitioncD to tibe Jiing, 
That neither the Chancelornor other Counfellor doc make any order againft 
the Common law, nor that any Judgment be given without due procefle of law. 
ISHftereuntotljei&ingsanftDCrtoas, The ufages heretofore fliall fland, fo as the 
Kings royalty be faved. Hnt^efame parliament aiiotljcrpetttion teas, That no 
perfon fhould appear upon a writ De ^Hibusdam certis de ca»/is, before the Chan- 
celor or any other of the Councell, where recovery is therefore given by the 
Common law: ^lljcreunto tlje iaingsanftoer is , The King willeth as his Pro- 
genitors have done jfaving hisregalty* 

3n tijc iJarliament KjolDenin 17R.2, itiscnactcDat petition oftljc Com* 
mons, Th at forafmuch as people was compelled tocome before the Kings Coun< 
cell, or in writs grounded upon untrue fuggcftions, that the Chan- 
celor for the time being prefcntly after that fuch fugge(tion$ be duly found and 
proved untrue; fhall have power to ordain and award dammages according to 


Cap. 8. T^he Court of Chancery. 8^ 

his difcrction to him which is fo travelled unduly,a$ is aforefaid. 2Cf)t3 ^AtX- 

tenoetl) totbcCbancclojp?ocecDtiig in couirfc of cqutf p,anD ertcrtDctlj not to a 

Demurrer in lalo upon a bilUbut upon fjcartinT of tljc caufc upon tbcfe too:Ds in tfjc 7 e 1.(0.14. 

^ctLduly found and proved auD tljis ts tljc firft |9cirltamcnt tSjat 3 finD toucljtng 

tl)is matter. ^nD tn tfjc IRoU of tfte fame parliament, 3 finOe tfte firft Decree in 

Cljancerp tijat ctier 3 obfer^jeD, tl)e cfiFect toljcrcof iuas: John de Windior com= Rot.par.17 R 1. 

plainctl) anDrcquirefft tofccrefto?cD to tljc ^pannojsof Kampton, €ottenl)am vviiiiai., 

anD OTeftluick toitl) tbcir appurtenances in tl)C Countp of CambiiDge , ttje Counncy fon of 

iDljicl) tocrc aDjuDgeD to fjim bp tljc lUtngs atoarD, tfjcn in tljc poffelTton of &ir utS^l'is "len 

John Lifley, anD nolo toitftftolDen b^ &ir Richard leScrope.lDljobpCljampertp liifliopWcim. 

boagljt tlje fame : tlje caufe ioas tfjis. tEIpon a petition of windfor agatnft Li- and i.o. ciian- 

fleyltftep botfj compjomittcDt^e matter to tljclliinss ojDer, tl)e!iingcommif« f< 'or when. his 

teD tljefamctotftecrouncclUtljc^ after Digefting oftl)C fame maDea Decree fo;t dcciccwasn»de, 

Windior urtDcr tftc ^jit))' &cal, tljep fcnD toarrant to tljc tlDftancclo: to confirm 

ft)C fame,U)!)icl) Voas Done unDer tljc dSieat S)cal bpa fpctial 3lnjunitton to Lifley, 

% to tojite to t^e g>t)crif to execute tftc fame. 0fter t!)is, Lifley bp petition to tfte 

iSfngrequiretbtljat tljefamemapbe DctermincD at tl)c Common lain, nottoitb- 

UanDing anp former matter : tbc ling accojDinglj? bp ipjtDp 6>cal gtbctf) Ujar= 

rant to tftc Cljanccloj to mafec a Superlcdeas,tl!)C to^iclitnaa Doncbp fajitip&eal, 

aftcrUjljicftS>ir 'Richard Lefcrope fcougl)t tljc fame, Clpon tl)c ripping of tfjc 

tDljolc matter, tl) is falc teas tijougbt no CE:f)ampcrtp,\ril)ereupon it tuasaDj«Dg« Champcuv. 

CD, tfjaf tfjc faiD Windfor OjoulD tabe notljing bpljis fatD fnit, btit fo ftanD to tijc 

Common latD, anD tbat t!je faiD »>ir Richard ttioulD goc initljout Dap» 

2Dl>e commons petitioneD tijat no tsarits oj |a;it)p Seals be fueD out of Rot.Pai.iH^. 

tl)c cfjant crp, CEiccftequer oj ot^er places to anp man to appear at a Dap upon a nu .69. 
pain,eitl)cr before t^e lUnganDijisCoimccll, oiinanp otljer place,contrarp to 
tlje ojDinarp courfc of tl)e Common latu : to^crcuntot^e istng anftoercD: That 
fuch writs fliould not be granted without ncceility. 

^mongft tljc petitions of flje commons pott flljall finD iWXW all tnjifs of Rot.t'ar.j H.y. 

Subpoena anDCertis decaufis^goingoutjoftfteCljanccrpanDtfje Crcfjcquermap ^y<^- ,. ^ 

be cnroUeD,anDnofgranteD of matters Determinable at tljc common lato, on forTArchb"o7 

pain tftat tljc piaintif Doe pap bp ioap of Debt to ttje ©efenDanf fojtp ponnDJ York, was Lord 

toljereunto is anf\ucreD,The King will beadvlfed, chinceior a: 

§t is cnactcD,to cnDureuntillttjenert parliament, tljat tfjc erccption(fjotD 1!"'^,^' „ 

ftjat tljcpartp IjatljfufficientrcmeDpat tljc Common laU))fljall Dtfcfjarge anp n^ij ''^ * 

matter in c6an«rp. 0t tl)e ncrt parliament pou Iftall finD a petition in Rot.par.i u.6. 

tljefc tooiDs. j^o man tobccalleo bppjtbp §>eal o: Subpoena to anfujcr anp ""41. 
matters but fuel) asljateno rcmeDpbptlje Common lato, anD tl^af to appear 

fo bp tbc teftimonp of ttoo Siuftices of eitljcr Benclj, anD bp BtnDcnturebettocen ^^''" g°"'' p«- 

tljem anDtljepiaintif,toljitl) piaintif fijall alinaps appear in pjoper pcrftn, n"'n"d'"etKt" 

anD finD furctp bp recognisance to p:ofecutc toitlj effect tfte matters of tlje Bill hrft or laft'wiii 

onlp. anD to anftoer Dammagcs if tijcfanie fall out agatnft tljc piaintif, i.-ikeert\ft. 

liSut in anno i j H.^. foj apcrpctuall lato, anD fo; tlje true jurfsDiction of 

tljis Court it is cnactcD tn tljcfc toojDs, 

Item, forafmuch as divers perfons have before this time been great- 59 h.<5. f.) 16. 

ly grieved by Writs of -S'w^/'a'w^i, purchafed for matters determinable 4E-4-8.'4E-4-»* 

by the Common law of his land, to the great dammage offuch per- ,8e.4.m-' 

fons fo vexed, in fubverfion, and impediment of the Common law 6 e. 4.10 b. 

aforefaid; Our Soveraign Lord the King will, that the ftatutesther- p^tff^'c' . 

of made fliall be kept after the form and efFe<S of the fame. And that Rot.par.i 4 H.4. 

no Writ of Srt^/>a';?rf be granted from henceforth till furetybe found m'?. Wiiham 

to fatisfie the party fo grieved and vexed for his dammages and ex- Doa.&stud. 

pences , if fo be that the matter may not be made good , which is " 

contained in the bill. In anno ?i H. dcap. 2, 2Dljerc is a pjotjifo in ^»"-6"»- 
tljcfc tooiDs, Provided that no matter determinable by the law of this 


Tf in. a Jac. 

• parch 19 Elin 



Vide 7 El. Diet 

158. Seignior 


tnnjor't ad mi- 
Kfts, Ror»Par» 

z R.i. nil. 18. 

Rcr.Par.ij R.t. 

gi ne Court of Chancery, Cap. 8. 

Realm fhallbe by the faid Aft determined in other form then after 
the courfeof the fame law in the Kings Courts having determina- 
tion of the fame law. 

Tr. 2 Jac, Regis, upon futt maDs to tl^etetng fojcrcrttngof a neto office foj 
taking of furctgaccojDing to tt>e rait) 0ct of 1 5 H. 6. cap. 4. teeming rcfcrrcD 
tftecaufc to Popham Cbtcf3uftic0,tDl)ouiJon conference toitfj tfjeliuDaeo in 
if icetarcct, refolt)CD tftat Vjc furctp toas bpfo?cc of tljat 5lctto bebpobliga^ 
tion,anD to beniaDc bp t^c part? grictjeD ^tmfelf, becaufc It concerncty ijts 
Dammagcs anD toits , anD t^e court toas to fet Dolsn tlie ioim aniifum of 
ttje obligation, anD in tlje enD t^c fult pjcl^ailco not. 

' Pafch. 29 Ellz. in Scaccario, 3ln Woods cafe aD juDgeD Ppon tl)e ttatPtC of 

2 E.6.cap. 13. fojtljelifeereafon.tljat t^e forfeiture foj non=papment of tifljca 
fljall goe totlic parti? grteteti. 

i.Roc.Par. 2 S.SCtjcftie!) Court Of parliament relietetlj but futft as 
cannot batie remeDP but in parliament. 

2Cftc parliament formatters Determinable at t^e Common laiD 5of|> remit 
t^e parties thereunto, 

2. Nunquam deeurritur adcxtraordinarium, fed nbi deficit ordinarium. 

3. Mt)crea£( matters of fact bp tl;e Common latoare triable bp aS!nrp of 
t\Bcl\)c men, tW Court fijoulD Djato ti^c matter ad aliud examcn, tljaf is, to 
luDgeuponDepofitionoftDitneires, toi^ici) (l)OulD be but cDiDcnce to a 3Iurp in 
actions reall, perfonall,or mirt. 

%])ia Court'ofCquitp proceeding bpCBngliftilBill is no Court ofiHetojD, 
anD ti^crefoje it can binD butttjcperfon ojUp,anDneitijcrtljeJtateoftfteS>efen' 
cants lanDs, nor property of Ijis gooDs or chattels. 

Egerton iLorD cftancclour impofcD aSne upon &ir Tho.Themiithorp Imigl^t, 
for not performing l^is Decree in Chancer? concerning JlanDa of inf)critancc,| 
cOreateD tlic fame into tlje G^rcljcquer : anD upon proceffc f^e partp appearing 
pleaDeDtljattftefinc toasimpofeD bptljc 3LorD Cftancelor for not performance 
of ^is Decree, anD t^atl^e tjadno potuerto nS&fie ttje fame. 2Dlie HtturnpciDe' 
nerall confeffeDtljepleafobe true, & petiit ad 'ifamcntum curia-, concerning 
tt)e poVoer of t^e Cliancelor in t^is cafe , anD upon Debate of ttjequedion in 
Court, anD gooDaDUifementtaUcnjiflKasaDjuDgeDtbaft&ellojD Cftancelorftaa 
no potoer toaffeffcanp fuel) fine, for tijen bpa meanfjemig^t binD tfjc intereft 
ef tljc lanDiDfjere^eljaDnopotocr, but of tljc perfon onlp , anD thereupon tfte 
faib §>ir Thomas Themilthorpiuao Difc^argcDoftftcraiDfine. 

;aftertuarD t^e faiD ILorD Cljancelor DecrccD agalnit Waller certain lanDs,anD 
for not performance of t^e Decree impofeU a fine upon ^im , anD upon proccO^ 
out of tftc court ofCtiancerp ertenDeD fljelanDstftat WalJer^aD in spiDD.^c* 
to^ereupon Waller brougl^t ^is ^fltfe in tlje court of Common pleas , tu^re 
tt)c opinion office Ui|)ole Court agrecD in omnibus, Igitl) ttje Court of (il;rc^e< 
t^Theiudge of %¥ ILorDCfjancclor orf&elLorDleepcr is fole 31uDge bof I) in tbfs Court of 
thisCowtof Cl;quitp,anD intl)e Court concerning tl)cCommonlato;butincafc0oftoeig6t 
or Difficultpljc Dotf)aiIiftl)imrelftDltb fome oftlje 3iuDges oftbe3Rcalm,anD 
no greater crcepf ion can be taften hereunto tljen in cafe of tljc iiorD fetciDarD of 
CD nglanD being fblcSuDgc infriallof tfte j^obilitp, tofto atfo is alTifteD ioitd 
fome of tl)c BiuDges. 

J'orfi^is Court of (il;qu{fptbe ancient rule is gooD. SHbree tbingsaretobe 
JuDgco in Court of Confcicnce: coliin,3cciDcnf,anDbrcacl)ofcouflDence. 

011 cotjins, frauDS, anD Deceits,for t^t tobtclj is no rcmeDp bp tljc orDinarp 
courfeof lain. 

0cciDent, 0s toljcna fertjanf of an iDbligor^J^orgagcor, 5c.i3 rent to paptfte 
monp on t!)e Dap, anD l)C is robbcD,ic, rcmcDp is to bebaDintbtscourtagainft 
tfte forfcifnrcanD to in tljc lilte. 

CljetbirDisbrcacboftruaanDconfiDence, toljereof pouljatJeplentifullatt* 
tboritics in our boofts, jC^e 

2 ReguU. 

37 H.6.14. 

17 H.8.18. 

Trin.j Jac, Reg. 
in Scaccario. 
Si r Thomas The- 

Wallers cafe. 


Cap. 8. The Court of Chanceiy. 85 

illje cafe ill tl>c Cijanccri' bcttoccn tljc C-arl of tKIo?ccffcr atiD ofbcr piaih= Mich 41 & 4? 

f ifS, ailD &it: Moyl Finch anD Eliz, l)is VDtfC DcfCllDantS luas tljtS. SEljC :2^ueClt ^1'" Canciilai'. 
being fctfcD of tl)C ipanno:of Uaiicttoit anD of certain lanDS in ^toUcgolDtng^ ^'r MoyiFinchei 
ton, (lu^tc^ tt)C piamtif p:ctcnDcD to lea tpaiinoi eitljcr in rigbt 0: icpiitatton) 
fcrantcD bp l)cr ^Letters |Datcnts tljc £l)anno?.0 of HaiicCon anD stokcgolDing^ 
toil to tl)C faiD 5)ii: Moyl, anD John Awdelye anD t!)cir fjcirs: buttl)is )iim iipou 
confiDcncc, tijat tl^cp ilioulD grant tl)C ipanno; of I'^atictton to &>trThoinas 
Heneage anD Anneljts iDtfe , anDto t!)Cf)Cir3of Anne : auD tbe i*E>anno? i^f 
^tofecgolDinnton to S>tr Thomas anD Anne, anD i\\z t)circof s>ir Ihomas. 
&irMoyie anD Awdelye bP DCCD tuDCntcD anD tnrollcD Tcrmino Trin. 1 j8S. 
3oEUz.tntbts<r;ourtfo;atl)onfanDpo:mD bargaincD anDfolD to §!ir Thomas 
Henage anDljisiuife tt)c !3^anno;sof i\aVicaonanDs>tol«gclDington,aRDtl)6 
^ctteoftbcp?io?Pof Ha'ijctton tnttjcCotintp of Buciu anD all otijcr tljcic 
lanDj,tencmcnti5 anDf)crcDitamcnts uil\aticnffon,<2£Ict!on, |)cDtngton, anD 
^foUcgolDtngton in tf)Cv£otmfi' of liBucU. STo Ijabc anD to IjOlD tbe tpannoa of 
Hatientton ano t{)e &citc of tljc faiD |a?io:p,anD allt^c pjemiiTeai \\\ iiancnaon, 
tttcfton, pcDtngton , anD S»toftcc;OlDtngton (otbcr tt)cn tl)C faiD iijannoj of 
^tot%cgolDington)totl)craiDS>ir Thomas anD SDame Anne , anD tl)e!)Cirs of 
tl)e faiD ©amcAnne: anD to Ijatjc anD to fjolD tbc faiD fpannoj of g>tofteg. 

to tbC faiD ^ir Thomas anD S?amc Anne, anD to tl)C l)Cir3 of S)ir Thomas. s>ir 
Thomas tjiiD tffiicbptfjc faiD EDamc Anne tI)cfaiD Elizabeth one of tl^c ©cfen'- 
Dantsljtflonlp cl)ilD,anDaftcr\MarDi3 tl)c faiD SDame Anne DicD : tlje SDcfen^ 
Dant allcaDgcD fljat §>ir Thomas luas DtffeifcD of stofecgolDington , anD tijc 
platntif DcnicD it. 0nD after S>ir Thomas h\; DceD inDcnteD anD inroUeo , bar= 
gaineD anD folD tljc fpannoi of stoUcgolDinaton to tlje jpiaintif fo? pamncnt 
of l)is Debts anD Dieb : anD fo: payment of Ijiis Debts, tftep ciljibitcD tljcirbill a= 
cainftS>tr Moyl, anD t5)C faiD Eliz.!)is lotfc, fojtljefaiD i0anno? of ^tohcgoW 
5ington,anDtl)e lo:D vEljanceloj DecrccD it fo: t!)C jaiaintif, 0nD upon apctt= 
tion p:cfcrreD bPtl)c2?cfenDantsto Ouccn Elizabeth-, l]bcrsfcrrcDtijcconfiDe= 
ration of tbeluljole cafeto all tfte 3I«Dgcs of C'nglanD: anDaffer bearing of tljc 
(otmfcll of bof b parts on fctcrall Daps, anD conference bctiuecn tftemfcltjes, f f)cfc 
points fo: rules in equifp lucre refoltcD. Jfirff,t()atiffl)crctoere anp Diffcifon, ADitTeifornib- 
tfjat notljing paffeD to tljc piaintif citl)cr in rigl)t 0: cquitp, fo?. f Ijc Dtffeifo; luas ^'^^ '° "° "u^- 
fubjcvt to no'trtilf , nojanp Subpoena luas maintainatle againlt Ijini , not onl»» be* 
caufcljcluas intl)cpo(^butbccaufetl)crigl)tof infjcrttance ojfrccftolD tuasDc^ 
terminable at tl)e (To-.nmon lain anD net \\\ tftc «£banccrp,ncitl)cr fjaD Cefii que ofe 
(tiif)tlcl):ftaDbisfact'ig)anp rcmeDp in tftat cafe. S>cconDlp, it toas refolbcD 
fcj,' all tljeiulliceSjtljat aDmitting tl)at S>ir Thomas Heneage baDa trnft,pet Acruftcannr.tbe 
fonlD not l)C affign tl}e fame otier to tljc piaintif, bccanfe it Voas a matter in p;t« aligned ov, r. 
titp tctlDCcn tljem, anDliias in nature ofachoie in a£ no potocr ^- tioier fo. 
oft!)ClanD,butonlpto fcch remcDPbjJ subpoena, anD not liUe toceHique ule,fo; 5^i'P'-5°- 
thereof tl)cre (tionlD be pofTeifio fratris , anD l)c fbotilD be fu)0:n. on 3tiries in 
refpect oftbciifc,anDl)C baD potocrotcr tftclanDbptfjcftatutc of i R.q.cap. 
anD if abaretrnft.anD conftDencc migf)t be affigncD otier great inconvicnicncc 
migftt tljcrcoffolloiDbp granting oftbefame to great men, ic. SCbirDlp, \ubcn 
tl)c lanD DefcenDeD fo Elizabeth one of t!)C DcfcnDants, asl)cir to l)cr mofljcr, 
anD tftetruft DcfcenDcD to ber froml)cr ff.tftcr, tlje truft \oasD:olyncD anD er« 
tinguitljcD. J?ourtl)lp,Vo!)cnanptiflc offrecbolD o:otber matter Determinable Matters dete/- 
bp tl)e<rommon lata come inciDcntlp fn qucflion tn tljis CTourt, tlje fame cannot mmabic by the 
Ic DcciDeD in Cftancerp, but ougljt to be rcfcrreD to tfte triall of tlje Common lata ^"°™'"°" 'j'^^ 
lDl)erc tljcpartp grieticD map be rclielicD bP erro: , attaint, 0: bi' action of bigljer deTinChrm«"ry 
nature. 3nD lubcntljefuitisfoietiiDcnccs, tl)e certaintp toUcrcof tlje |3lainttf SuuforEvkecc.* 
furmtfctl)l)etmoiDCtlinot, anD luitbout tljcm be fuppofctb tbat bccannotfueat 
tbc common laiu : 3!t luas rcfolveD tbat iftbcDefcnDant mafec no title to tbc 
lanD, tben tbe court batb fuft jurisDiction fo p:occcD foj tbe ctiiDcncc ; but tf be 
mahc title to tbe lanD bp bts anfiucr, tben tbc piaintif cugbf not to p:oceeD,fo: 
otbcr\yifcbpfucbafurmifc,inb?rifancc;3,frccbolD3, anD matters Drtcnntnable 


The Court of Chancery. Cap.8. 

El. in Cancellai', 

• iyE-j.cap.i. 
in the preamble. 
Doft ScStudjo. 
Vid. Pafch.jE.4. 
Coram rcgc Rot. 
5^. Sir 5imon 
Norres cafe. 

Mich.37 & ?8 
El. in Canccliar'. 

bj? tijc Common laU) fljallbe DcciDeQ fn Cbantcrp in tljts comt of Cqutfp.SlnO 
tl)U0 toeratljefc points rerolt)cDbpS»tr John p'opham , §>tr Edmond Andcr- 
fon,&ir William Pcriam,anD VValmenye,Gawdye, Fenncr,anD Kineefmil! 3(iu= 
tt(ces,ant) Clark ano Savill HBacons of tfte C'lccljequet , ana all t{)t3 amongff O' 
t^er tl)ingstljcj>c0rtifieD unoertljeir Ijanns intotl)e€:l)anccrp, anDtbcrcupon 
tlje fojmec Decree toas re\3crfeD.0nD in Debating of tbts cafe it toas rcfoltjcD Ip tbc 
tiDo Cljief 3«ftice0,ci)ief 31Baron,anD Ditjcrs otber ^utticcsatjat if aman mafee 
a confeepancc,anDei;pjeireanure,tbcpattplbttnfelfoj l^is bcirs (ball notbcrccet* 
tjeD to aberreafccret truft,otf)crtI)en tljc erpjeCfe limitation of tfteutc, unlcfft 
fucljtrnft oj confiDencc Doe appcac in tD?iting,oj ottjcrtoife DcclareD bp fome 
apparent matter, ^nD Popham faiD,t^at cobin, acciDent,anQbjcaci)of confi-- 
Dence toere toitljin tlje pjoper jurisDittion of tljis court. 

Thomas Throckmorton Cfquire B);l)ibitcDa bill in tftiscouftagainft §>ir 
Moyl Finch tenigljt, claiming a Icafe of tbe manno?0 of R. anD s. foj man? 
pears to come, anD fljeU) clear matter in equitp to be rcliebeD againft a fo?fei= 
ture pjetenDeD bp&irMoylefojb?eacl) ofaconDition toljerc tbere inas no De^ 
fault in tt)c |0laintif,ic. tiantotobicfjbtllfbcSDcfenDantplcaDcDtfjis plea, ti&at 
fojtljetrialloftbe forfeiture of Uititcb Icafc , l^e maDea leafe foj pears to one 
p?ibileDgeD in tlje (IE)ccl)equer,tDbo bjongljt an E je^ione firme againft tbe jl lain-- 
tif, anD upon pleaDing a Demurrer inlato,tl)e JLeffcebaD juDgment toretotier 
againft Thomas Throckmorton(notJD fBlaintif in Cl)ancerp:)toberupon Thomas 
Throckmorton b?oagl)t a iMjit of erroj in tlje (Ercftequer Cbamber , toljerc upon 
Due pjoceeDing tljc juDgment teas aff trmcD,anD DemanDeD juDgmcnt,if after ttjefe 
juDgments giten at tlje Common lalu l)c ouabt to be D?aton to mafec anj' furtljcr 
anftoer tntbiscourtof (iEquitp. ^nDEgenon iiojD Cftanceloj DelibcreD l^is 
opinion in Court.tfjat tlje 2DefenDant ftoulD anflucr to tbe bilU^nD fojafmucft 
as tbe cafe loas of great confequence, tt)c confiDcration of tbc Demurrer Iras b? 
tljeajueenreferreDto all tlje iuDges of (EnglanD : fccfoje tul^om t»je Councell 
of Throckmorton raiD,tbat tlje intent of tfte !Lo?B Cljanccloj teas not to im* 
peacl^ tlje faiD juDgments, but confelTing tlje faiD be relicbeD upon 
matter in equitp: ^s if a man !)atlj(as Ije is aDbifcD) tiro matters toaiDljim, 
matter at t^e Common lato, anD matter in cquitp , anD being impleaDeD at tl)e 
Common latD, Dotlj bp aDbice of Ijis counccll aOap tlje Common lata, iBljcre^ts 
aDberfarp pjebailctl) againft l^im, anD Ijatlj juDgment acroiDinglp, pet tnt^ia 
cafe tlje partp map,confea:ing tljc juDgmcnt , fuc to be reliebcD upon a collate* 
rail matter in equitp: anD tljercupon tljep fljctoeD fome pjefiDents in time of H.8. 
E,6. &c. anD one in t^e point betincen Ward anD Fulwood, But upon great De< 
liberationitU;asrefolbeDbpalltlje3uDges of Q^nglanD.t^at tlje plea of &ir 
Moyl Finch leas gooD,anD tfjat tlje3lo;D ct)ancelo?ougbt not to eraminetlje 
matter in cquitp after tfte juDgment at tfte Common lato : fo; tljouglj tbe ilo^D 
Cbancelo: (as batf) been faiD) tnoulD not eraminc tlje juDgmcnt, ^ti\iz tooulD 
bptjis Decree tafeeatoap tlje effect of tlje juDgment : anDfoj tijs p;c!?Dent6,ttj-p 
toere grounDeD upon tbefole opinion of tbe3Lo:DCljancclo:,anD paffeD Tub fi- 
lentio. BnttbatfucljacourfefboulD bcpermittcD , it QijoulDbenot onlj?fullof 
tnconbenience, but Directlp againft tlje latos anD ftatutes of tbc l'^ calm, againft 
iDbiclj no pjcfiDcnt o? pjefcription can pjebail; * toljiclj rou irac rcaD at larce in 
tlje Third part of the lDftitutes,cap. Prcmunire. Mfticlj rcfoluttOII Of fije 3uDg« 
cs toas RgnifieD bp Popham Cfticf 3Iuftice to tfte ilojD Cljanceloj, anD tftereup* 
on no furtljerpjocecDing toas againft a>ir Moyle Finch, but btsplca ftooD. 

3ln a cafe DepcnDing in Cljanccrpbp dngliClj bill bettoecn Mears plaintif 
anD Saint-John anD tjts toifc^Dminiftratrij; ofjohn Ainion 2DefenDant. t^e 
cafe toas tftis: 2Dljat tlje Inteftate toot? tbc profits of tbe lanDs of tlje piaintif 
being toitljinagebp fojce ofatruftrepofcDin tjtm bp tlje fatljcr of tlje }0lain« 
ttfbpbislaftSXIlilUtbcpearlPbaluc of toljicl) lanDs toas fourfcoje pounDs per 
annu,anDtljc3Bntcftatctoobtbo profits from tlje 25 pear of dUucen El. untilltlje 
? 3 pear of ber reign,anD tottlj parcell of tlje profits purcljafeD lanDs in fee tobiclj 
DcfcenDeD.toljis ljeir,anD left aCets to bis ;£lDminiftratric one of tbcS>efen« 


The Court of Chancery, 


Hants tofatisfie tl)cplatntif,all Debts pal».jaC6cqucatoitlBa0,tD!)Ctbcc 111 tl^tfl cafi 
tlje aDminillratrij; in{0t)t not be c^argcD in equitp foj t^c faiD mean pjofitsi: 3nD 
^(r Thomas Egetton matter of tl^clRols faiD,tbatl)c]bat) fceii acafefn Cl^an= 
cccp fn Anno 34 H. 6. rcroltcDbp all tfje 3uDgc0 of CnglanD remaining tti 
t^e CQtDcr> t^at loljcre tbe feoffees tn ufe took ttje profits of tl;e lanD,anD re* 
icttieo tlje rents, anOmaoe tfjctr (iE);eciitoj0,anD DteD Icatjtng affcts to fattsfic 
all Debts olicr anD abotic tt)e faiD rents anD profits, tbaf tl)e cSjecutojs fftoulD 
te cftacgcD to fatisfie ctf^i qoc ufe foi tlje faiD rents anD profits, anD accoj= 
Dinglp it toas DecrecD in Mcars cafe agatnft tl^c SDcfciiDant: but toljettjcrtlie 
lieir ftoulD be tontribntoji' oj no, it tt toas DoubfeD, 

VVithams cafe in tftc C^ancerp toas, f !)at atcarm foj pears toas granfcD 
f t^c ufe of a feme fole, ftic tooU ftusbanD anD DieD, totictber the f)u6banD ftoulD 
l^abe t^cufe, oj tfjcaDininiftratojs oft^e feme, toas referrcD to t^ iuDges; 
anD bp tl)emtttoasreroltieD,tbattlje 3[Dmintrtrato)S QjoulD l^atje it, anD not 
tfje ^usbanDjbecaufc tljat tl)i3 trutt of a feme toas a tbing in pjibttp , anD (n 
nature of an a£tioii,foj tol)ic{) no rcmeDp toas but bp tojtt of Subpoena* SinD 
fott toas rcfolbeDbptljeJtiftites in VVaterhoufcs cafe, Hil.SElii. Eborum, 
Co: tljc truft rimnetl) in pjitjiti^tn tbis cafe, anD a IjusbanD ftonlD not be fe< 
nant bp tbe curtefie of an ufe,no3. tUe 5lojD of tljc laillain ftoulD IjaUcitat tfje 
Common lato. 

^ man poffeDfeD of a fearmfoj pears in lanDs , bp bis laft caiill DctjifeD tbe 
fmnc to one anD tlje bctrs of bis fcoDp bcgotten,maDe bis dUrccuf o?s anD DteD,tbe 
^cuirccentictbbptbcaffcnt of tbc Crecutois , batb ittiie anD alien tbe tearm 
anD Dietb:tl)i3 alienation barretbtbc tffn6,fo;a tearm foj pears cannot be eu» 
tapleD. anDaftertoarDSAnno^i Eliz.inacafe DepenDinginCbanccrpbettoeen 
HigginsaitDMiiles it^as ccrtifieDbptbeiLo^DAndetfonanD SluatccVValm. 
fley ito tobom it toas referreDy tbat no ettatc tail conlD be of a tearm , anD tbat 
tbe alienation of tbe SDeUifce DiD bar tbe iffae. 

3In a p?cmunire bcttoccn John Perrot ^^latntif, anD t. m* H.w. anD otbccs 
2)e£enDants, it toas refoltieD bp &ir Chriftopher Wray Cbief Blnttice , anD tbe 
court of iaings liBencb, tbat tbe£Uaecn conlDnot raife a iTourt of QDquitp 
fcp ber Jlcttcrs patents, anD tbat tberc conlD be no Court of Cquitpbut bp 
act of parliament, oj bp pjefcription time out of minD of man. 315ut tbe £!Jucen 
migbt gtant potoer tenere plaeita, o j conuians de pica , foi all matt juDge ac- 
tojDing tooncojDinarp rule of tbe Common lato , butotbertoife it is of pjo» 
cceDings cjtraojDinarptoitboutanp certain rule. 

SDbcfe cafes tobtcb upon fo great anD matnrc Deliberation ba^c been rcCol* 
IjeD hp tbe BEnDges of tbe lilealm, anD tobcreunto toe toere pji^p anD toell ac^ 
quainteD toitb, toe bat)e tbougbt gooD to report, anD puUitb fo^ tbe better Direat< 
on in libe cafes bcrcaftcr. 

^z is maDc 3lojD Cbanccloj of ctnglanD, oj ilojD iftceper of tbe <115}eat fecal, 

pertradicionem magni figilli libi per dominum regcm.anDbptahmgbiSoatb. 
Forma Canceliatmm conliicuendi regnance Henrico fecundo foit appcndcudo 
magnum Anglic (igillum ad eollum Cancellarii elc(Si. 

feome babe gotten it bp ^Letters )9atents, ^ at toill, anD >> one fo} tearm of 
bis life; but it toas bolDcn tjoiD, becaufe an ancient office mutt be granteD, as it 
^atb been accuttomeD« 

c It is ena(5led and declared, that the Common law of this Realnpi 
is and always was, and ought to be taken, that the Keeper of the 
Great fealofEnglandfor the time being hath always had , ufed^ ar^d 
executed, and from thenceforth may have, take, ufe, and .execute the 
fame and the like place, authority, preheminence, jurifdidion,execu- 
tion of laws, &c. as the Lord Chancelor of England for the time be- 
ing lawfully ufed,&c. flnD foitappearctbin tbc3L0jD 
Cbancclo:, oj 310JD iSceucrfoj tbe time being ougbt to bat« conufance, 


W'ithJins cafe. 
Vide 7 £,4.14, 
& 18E.4.11. 

& I2l 

judge in the 
Kings Bench, in 
Peacocks cafe. 

51 Eliz.bctwccn 
Hipgin? and Mils 
in Cincellaria. 

Micig. & 27 th 
Coram Rcgc. 
Pcroti. cafe. 
London by prc- 
Noc» this refolu- 
tionisagainft the 
Court ot Re- 
«3uefts, Sec here 
after jcap.5. 

f Hovf he it 
Caniden p.iji. 




b CardinalWool- 



Rot.par.i8 E.j. 


T^he Court of Chancery. Cap.8. 

in Scaccarium, 
Anno i6 E. i. 
vet. Mag. Carta, 
I part. fo.47'b. 
c An. 17 fc. I. 
de libcttatibus 
V=t. Mag. Carta,,& 
2. part fo.57j &c. 

f CanctRarius 


aRot.par.i H.<s a i fitiUe fljat !^itTg H. j.ftatittoo (Bicaf &eals, one of golD, toljtctj !jeBeltDc^ 
nu.ij.M. reDto t^cilBtfljopof l)urcfmc,anDttiaDcfttm.JLojD Cftaticclour of CnglanD, and 

vickcamdcn attottjcr of Cltjcr, tofttc!) fetng Henry tlje 5 DelitJcreD to tljc liBHfeop of JLonDon to 

iibifupra. fe^^P* 

6 forma b William dc Avretnin Garden desRolIcs del Chancelar' & fes compagnions 
niittendicxtraa. gardens del Grand Scale, 0t tftiS ttnie tuas Robert BurneI515tftop of 315atl)anD 
^elfl CftantelourofOSnglanD* 

c attfltobcobfertjet), tbat tobcre oftjers ancient ftatutcsfpeafe of tljcCbatt. 
cclonr anO of bis Jlfcntcnant , it muft of ncccllitp be tntcnDct) of fucba jLtcutCs 
nant,a0 tbc laip Dotb alloto of, ana tbat cannot be of a SDeputp , foj tbe Cbance* 
lour cannot mate a 2Dcp«tp;but Locum tenens ie to be tabcn foj one tijat tiolDetl^ 
tbc place, 0? batb equallautbojittc of tbc Cbancclour , anD tbat 10 Gurtos Magni 
Sigilli : anD tbisagrcetb toitb tbc jnDgcmcnt of tbc faiD J^artiamcnt in 5 Eiir. 
But all (juettions arc noto tafeen atoa? bp tbc faiD ^d: of j Eliz* anD at tbts Dap 
tbcre being but one dD jcat &calc, tberc cannot be botb a JlojD Cbancelour anD a 
ILojD feeepcr of tbc «ID?cat &calc at one time, bccaufc botb tbcfc arc but one ^U it is DcclarcD bj? tbc faiD ;act. 

3it is faiD befo?c, tbat tbc cbancelour bp bis ojDinarp potocr map bolD plea of 
Scire fac' to rcpcale tbe teings ilcttcrs |9atcnts untier tbc vli5?eat &eal being 
altoapcs inrollcD in tbis Court,tobicb toe (to niabe a true Dcritjation of bis name) 
iball noto particularlp toucb. Cbis W^xii of Scire fac' to repeal 4Lcftcrs patents 
Dotb Ipe in tbis ojDinarp courfe of 3!uftice in tb?.ce cafes. SEbc firft , \a\ien tbe 
ming bp bis ^Letters patents Dotb grant bp fc^crall iLcttcrs patents one anD tbc 
felf fame tbing to fetcrall perfons, tbc fojmcr patentee ftall babe a Seirc fae' to 
repeal i\\z feconD patent, S>econDlp, tobcn tbc i&ing grantctb anp tbing tbat is 
grantable upon a falfe fuggeffion, tbc toing bpbis pjcrogafitje Jure Regio map 
babe a Scire fac' to repeal bis oton grant, CbirDlp, tobcn tbe iiing Dotb grant 
anp tbing, tobicbbp lato \iz cannot grant, be jure Regio (foj aobancement of ju» 
nice anD rigbf ) map babe a Scire fac' to repeal bis oton BLcttcrs patents, jpoln 
t^Z 3iuDgemcnt in all tbefetb?ec cafes i6,Qiiod prsditas litterae patentes di(5li do- 
mini Regis revocentur,eanccllcntur,evaeuentur,adnuIlcntHr, & vaeux,&invali- 
dsp, pro nullo penitus habeantur, &teneantur; ac etiam quod irrotularrentum 
eorundem cancelietur, cafletur, & adoihiletur,&c. ^crcofour 3LojD Cbancelour 
of C^nglanD (foj fojein Cbancelours,it map be, babe not libc autbojitp) is calleo 
Cancellarius, a cancellando, /, adignioriparte, being tbc bigbcft point of l)i« 
jurifDiction tocanccUtbeteings ^Letters patents unDcr tbc (©jeat S>cale, anD 
Dammihg tbc inrolmcnt tbcrcof, b^ D?atoing ff riftes tbjougb it lifte a iletticc. 

anD all tbis tobicb batb been faiD concerning tbc off ice of tbc llojDCbahce= 
lonr,ojl.o?D iSeepcr is incluDcD toitbin W * SDatb, tobicb foUotoetb in tbefc 
too?Ds, anD confiftctb upon (iir parts, ^c Ojall ftocare, 

1 , Cbat toell anD trulp be fliall ferbe our ^oberaigne JLojD tbe Mn% anD bis 
b people in tbe office of Cbancelour (oj ILojDlUeeper.) 

2. Cbat be ftall Doc rigbf to all manner of people, pooie anD rfcb, after tbe 
c latocs anD ufagcs of tbc IRealm, 

3« SDbat be tball trulp counfell tbei&fng, anDbtscounfellbeil^all ^ lapne 
anD feecp. 

4. 3Dbat be fball not bnoto no j fuffer tbc burt o; Dil^crtting of tbc i^ing , oj 
e tbat tbc rigbts of tbc Crotone be DecreafeD bp anp meanes as far as \^z map 
let it, 

5 . 0nD if be map not let it, be (liall matte it clearly anD erp;e8p to be Itooton to 
tbe l^ing, toitb bis trucaDbiceanD counfell. 

6. anD tbat ^ (ball Do anD purcbafe tbe i&ings profit in all tbat be reafonablp 
map. as d^oD btm belp, anD bp tbe contents of tbis B00&. 

6 E.4.9. 
Dier j Eliz. 
2 E. J. 7. 


f The Lord 



« Rot.Pjr. 10 R.z 
Rot. 8. th: Oaih 

Vid.Rot. P.irl. 
b Becaufe he 
hath power of 
i5 aforefaid. 
c 10 1<. J. Rot. 
Par. nu.8. 

d Laine is an 
ancient French 

word, and figni- 

ficth to hide, e Rot. pari. lo.R.s, ni*.^j7,8.&c. the cafe ofMkh. dt U Pile Chancelouc of England. 


Cap.8. The Court of Chancery. Sp 

Articles againj} Girdinall WooKey. 

j^olD foj a0 mucf) as Vcfi i3rtfcles cirljHjiteO to fe(ng H. 8, i die Dccembris 
Anno 11 of bis retgtt,ljptl)cJLo?DsanD others of bis P?tt)i'Co«nccU(tol|crcof y;. . • 
^ix Thomas More JLojD JDljattcelom: toas one) aiiD bp ttoo of tlje pjiiictpall zi,[6.i%,'^f,'iz, 
JuDgcsoftftciRcalmagamftvIarDtnaUWooHey, Do in Dtbcrsof tl)C ;arttclcs 4m<;. 
concern tbc juctf Diction of tljc €;i)anccrp,( loanD i6 ^rticleo, w.) anD 
ot^ertttlcs of tljifl fourth pare ofthelnHitucei, toe f)at)etf)ou{?l)f gooD luftlpanD 
trulj? to tranfcrtbe from tfte tjcrp £)jiginall, tinDer tfjc p?opcr IjanDe of t^e il o?Ds 
anD others of tl)C pjitif Councell, anD of tljefatD iuDacis, (tufjitlj toe I)atic fccn 
anD IbaD in our coftoDp) anD Ijatjc compareD tftto SCranfcript toit^j tfte €>?tginaU 
tt fcltc, anD l)at)c (bccaufc tljep arc of great tocigtjt anD afc to manp purpofco) 
tranfcril'CD it de verbo in vcrbum, toittiout onitflion of anp tljing , as matters 
of tijat nature ougl)t to be x anD tljc rather , fo? ttjat in onr ctjjonicles tljcp are 
terp untrulp rcbcarfcD : aftD bcfoje tfjis time (tijat toe finDe) tljc true Articles 
lucre neticrpjtnteD. 

Conlirained by neceflity of our fidelity and confcience, complaine and flievv 
toyourmoftRoyallMajeity, we your Graces humble, true, faiih full, and obe- 
dient fubjeds J That the Lord Cardinall of York, lately your Graces Chance- 
loar, prel'uming to take upon him the authority of the PcpcsLegat T)e iMere-, 
bath by divers and many ilindry wayesand fafliionscommiucd high and notable 
grievous offences, mifufing, altering, and fubvcrting the order of your Graces 
laws : and otherwife contrary to your High Honour, Prerogati ve,Crown, Efiate, 
and Dignity regall, to theinefiimable great hinderance, diminution , and decay 
ofihe univerfall wealth ofthis your Graces Realm, And it is touched fummanly' 
andparticularly in certain Articles here following, which be but a few in com- 
pariibn of all his enormities, excefles.andtracfgreffions committed againft your 
Graces lavves. SDtjat ts to fap : 

1 . jFira, tol)prcpour ©jacc li^oble l^jogcnifojs toitbin tljisponr Healmof xhe foverajpntv 
C&nglanD, being ^ tngs of CEnglnnD^baljc been fo frcctftat tbcp bate \m ixi all tlje prerogative, re. 
tooilD none otfjcr ^oticratgnc, butimmcBtatc fubject to J3lmigl)ip ©oD in all gaiijurifd.a'ion, 
things toucbins Vssz rcgalp of pour proton of CnglanD, anD tbc fame pjecmt= '"'^ freedomcof 
ncncc, p?crogatttJC, jttrtfDtition.lati'ftiU anD peaceable poffeffton pour dJ^ce anD g^" ^'^°*"^ °^ 
pour noble pjogenttojs Ijatie IjaD, ufeD,anDcnjopcD , tuitbout interruption oj "^ ^" " 
fcufmeffe tberefojc bp tbc fpace of 200 pears anD moje: tobercbp pour dUjace 

map pjefcribe agatnft tbc popes ^^olineJfctbnt bcRioulD not,noj ougbf fo fcnD Frcn-rihe. 
oj make anp iLegat, to erecutc anp autbojitp iLcgatine contrarp f pour (©jaccS 
pjcroaattfectoitbintbispourltlealme, Jpoto tbe ?LojDCarDinallof|3oifeb8^ Cardinal of Yo.k 
tngroiirfubjectanDnaturallltcgebo:ne, batbofbtsbigb,ojgallotis ,anD iufatt= 
able rninDc, fo j bis olun fmgular aDtoancemcjit anD p;ofit, in Derogation, anD to 
tbe peat imblemiftment anD burt of pour faiD regall jurifDtrtion anD pjeroga-- 
tittc, anD tbe long continuance of tbe poffclTion of tbe fame, batb obtaincD autbo- Autiiority lc- 
ritp iLegatine : bp reafon tobcrcof be batb not oiilp b«rt pour faiD p;refcriptton , e^'i"^- 
but alfo bP tbe faiD autbojttp ilcgatinc , batb fpoplcD anD taben atoap from ma» f '°>:''^'^ ""'">! 
«P boufcs of IRclfgion toitbtn tbts pour JRealm mucb fubftance of tbeir gooDS. iu;,rp°i|,pX" 
anD alfo batb ufiu;pcD upon all pour £D?Dinarte6 toitbtn tbts pour IRcalmc nnicb Oidimries. 
part of tbeir jurifDt£tion,in Derogation of pour pjcrogatibc, anD to tbc great burt 
of pour faiD ^^Dinarics, iD?clatcs, anD IReligious. 

2. 0lfo tbe faiD ILojD d^arDinall bctng pour SmbaffaDour in jFrance, maDe a Ambairadom. 
treatp toitb tbc JFrcncb liJing fo?. tbe |2iope, pour spajctti' not fenototng anp part 

tbereof, no; nameD in tbe fame ; anD binDing tbe faiD JFrcncb iiing to abiDc bis 
o^Dcr anDatoarD of anp controberfteo?. Doubt (boulD arifc upon tbe fame>bettotiet 
tbe faiD iaope anD tbe iFrencb i^ing. 

3. ^Ifo tbe faiD iLojD vCarDinall being pout amlaltaDour in jr^rancc, fenta Auibarralour, 
Coimnitrton to &ir Gregory de Caffalis unDcr pour (I5;cat 6>cale in poar CPjaccs 

name, to concluDe a treatp of 0mitp toitb tbe JDube of Ferrate, toitbeiit anp 



The King and I. 


Great Pockj. 


Forein Ambaf- 

Letters fcntfi on 
beyond fca. 
Fitil to him. 


Forein intclli- 
genccto hini,&c 

port grain ani 

rcfidcntwiih o- 
ther p.iices. 

The Court of Chancery, Cap.8. 

cowmantinicnf oj Warrant of pour ^iglweJIc, noj pour fain !^ts!)ncirc aotjcrtt- 
fcD o: mafic pjitjp to tlje tame. 

4," jaifotljcfatDJLojDCarDtnaU, of Ijis pjcfumpttioiis mfnDe , fn niijers anti 
manp of its ilcttcrs anO inftnictions fcnt out of fljis Kcalm to outtoarD parts, 
IjaD jopncD bimfclf tottb pout (Djacc, as in fapiitg ana Vojittng , i he King and I 
would ye fhould do thas. The King and I do give unto you our hearty thankes. 

OT^ercbp it is apparent tt)at l)e ufeD ^trnfclf mojc liUe a fclloto to pour ^ icljncs, 

5. aifo, to^crc if Ijatl) cljifr been acctiftomct) iuifljtn t^is iRealm, tftaf toljcn 
Jlioble £pen Do ftocare fftclr boufliolD fcr^ants, tljcfirftpartoft^ctr oattitiatft 
been, tftat tftcp fljouia be trnc liege men to tt>e teing anD l^is i^eirs tiinga of 
(EnglanD : 3:6e fame JLojD CarDinall canfeD l^is feruants to U onlp fJffojnc to 
Jjim, as if tbcre ^ been no ^oljeraign abotie l)ini. 

6. ^nt) aUo to^ercas pour dDjacc ts our ^oticraign IL ojti ana !^cati,{n toljom 
Canuet^ all tbe furctp anD tocaltlj of tbis IRealm ; tfe fame ILojD carDinall 
itnoiuing Ijimfclf to ijatjetlje foule 1 contagious Dtfeafc of t&c dPjeat iDocfts bjo- 
feen out upon Ijtm \n Ditcrs places of ^ts boDp, came Datlpto pour (!5;ace, roton* 
tng in pour care, anD blotoing upon pour nioft Jlloble (Djacc ititb bis perilous 
anD tnfertttjebjcatb^ to tljcmarbcllous Banger of pour iU^igftneJTe, if CSoDof W 
infinite gootmeCTe IjaD not better pjotiiDcD foj pour l^tgljHRlIc 0nD to^en be teas 
onccbealeooftbem, be matie pour (©jacc to b^lccijc , t^at bis Dtfeafc voasan 
3mpoftume inbisbeaii.anD ofnoneoftjer tbing. 

7, 0lfo fbcfaiD ILojDCarDinallbpbtsaufbojifP^lcgafinc, bafb gftjen bp 
pjetiention tbe llSeneflces ofDitcrspcrfons, astucU &pirituaUas3:cinpo;aU, 
contrarp to pour croton anU Dignitp, anD pour ilaujes ano a^tatutcstbrrcfojc 
p?oljiDcDt bp rcafon tobcrcofbcis in Dangertopour(©jace of forfeiture of bis 
lanDS anD gooDS, anD bts boop at pour pleafure, 

8, aifo tbe faiD iLojD CarDinall tabtng upon bim otbcrtoifc tben a true Couns 
fclour ougbt to Do, batb ufeD to batie all ;a[rnlaffaDours to come firfl: to btm alone, 
anD fo bearing tbcir cbargcs anD intents , it is to be tbougbt be batb inttructcD 
tbem after bis pleafure anD purpofe befoie tbat tbep came to pour pjefence , con- 
trary to pour l^igb comnianDment bp pour (© jaces moutb to btm gitjen : anD al» 
fo to otbcr perfons fent to btm \y(> pour (Djace. 

p. 0iro tbe faiD ILorDCarDinalll^atbpiastifcD fo, tbat all manner letters 
fcnf from beponD tbe fca fo pour ^igbneffc, babe comcn firft to bis banD0, con- 
trarp to pour bigb conraianDmenf bp pour oton mouf b anD alfo tp otbcrs fent to 
^xmhv I'our C*?ace : bp rcafon tobcrcof, pour Ijtgbncftc noi ajtp 0^ roar Coun- 
cell baD UnotolcDge of moe matters but of ftub as it pleafcD biiU to flicto tbem ; 
toberebp pour ^igbn^c anD pour Councell baxic )xtn compcUxD of ticrp fojcc to 
folloto bis Devices, tobitb oftentimes Voerefet fojtb bp ttm mtivc fucb craftp 
anD cotiert mcantngs, tbat pour l^tgbnelTc anD 'our Counccll b'ltic often times 
been abufeD : infomucb tbat toben po;ir Cotuicell bate founD anD put Ditjcrs 
Doubts anD tbings tobtcb aftcrtoarD Ijaiie cnliicD , be to altife tbem Dlzti 
tbefe too:Ds , 1 3! totll lap mp bcaD tbat no fut b tbing fiiall bappcn. | 

I o. aifo tbe fatD ILojD CarDinall b^b pjattifeD, tbat no manner perfon ba< 
ting cbarge to mabe efpiall of tbings Done bepenD tbe fea, IboulD at tbeir 
returnc come firft to i»our dD jacc, no? to anp otbcr of pour Comucll , Iwi onlp to 
bimfelf X anD in cafe tbep DtD tbe contrar?', be puniftcD tbem fo? tbcir fo Doing. 

11. 0lfo tbe faiD 3L0JD carDinall bafb granteD liccnfes anDerpour«I!J:eat 
&cal foj carping out of (©?atn anD otbcr Hirtuals alter tbsreltraint bail) been 
nraDe tbcreof, fo: bis oton lucre anD fingular aDUantage of bim anD bis fcrtanf s 
fo; to fcnD tbitbcr as be bare fccretfasour, toitbout pour (I5?aces e53arrant 0^ 

1 2. aifo tbe faiD ILojD CarDfnall ufeD manp pears fogctber not onlp to tojitc 
unto all pour ^mbalfaDonrs reftDent toitb otber princes in bis oion name , all 
aDt)ertifemcnts concerning pour dUjaces affairs being in tbeir cbarge , anD in 
tbe fame W ^letters In^otc manp tbings of bis oton minD toitbout pour (lD;accs 


Cap. 8. The Court of Chancery. 

plsa!"arc tutoiun, tonccaling Dttos tijtngs tobtcbtjaDbcciiiicccffnrpfojtljcmfo 
bnoU); but alfo caufcD tftemtotontctftetraDi-crtifcmcntsiintoljiin. flno of 
tlje fame ILcttcrs l)c ufciD to ccnccalc fo: tl)c compafftng of ftisptirpofcmanp 
tbtngs botl) from all pour otftjr iToimfclours, anD from pour felf alfo. 

I ^ aifo tDbcrc gooo fjofpttaltti' batft been ufcD to be fecpt in Ijoufcs anD pla- 
ces of tcltgton of tl)is Ecalnu ? manppoojc people t^crcbp reltetcD, tljc faio bo- 
fpttalttp \ relief is novo DctapcD % notufcD : ana it is commonlprcpojtcD tljat tfje 
occaftott tbercof is^ bccaufe tljc faiD i.o?D Caminall batbtafeen furl) impoftttons 
of f^c Hulers of t\yc faiD boiifcs , aa tocll fo: bio fatour in jmfttng of Abbots anD 
p:io:s, aa fot \ivs tifitattoji fap bts autbo: tti' 11 c?atinc. anD ret ncticrtbclcffc ta^ 
Ijetbpcarlpof fucb Hcligioua boufcs.fufb pcarlieanDcontiiiuall cbarges, as tbep 
be not able tofeeepbofpitalittcas tbcpiucrcufcDtoDo : tobifbtsa great caufe 
tbat tbcrc be fo man)' ClasabonDo, 25cgacrs, anD 2EbteVC3. 

J ^. aifo tDbcrc tbc fame iL. CarDinal faiD fcefoje tbe fuppietfton of fucb boufcs 
aa be b<itb fupp^cffe D . tbat tbc poffclTions of tbcm fl)on!D be frt to fcrmc among 
pour lap fubjccts after fiicb rcafonablc vcarlp rent as ttiep fljoulD lucll tbereupon 
UtJcanDttcepgooDbofpitalttp : anD noVo tbe Dcmefne poffeffion of tbc fame bou^ 
feo ftnce tbc fuppjeffion oft!)cmb<itI)bccnft!rt'e)'cD, met, anD mcafiircDbptbe 
acre, anD Ic noiu fct above tbe Vialuc of tbc olD rent. 3nD airo futb as Uicrc fer- 
mo;s bp Xotjent feal, anD copiebolDcrs te pat out anD amotcD of tbeir fermcs, oj 
ere f ompcUcD to pap rielt) fine tontran' to all cquittc anD confciencc. 

\s. 3lfo tbc faiD iloiDCacDinall fitting among tbcllojDsanDotberofpour 
mott bonourallc p^itsie Counccll, ufeD btmrclf,tbat if anp man tooulD tljeU) bis 
minDc, a£co:Ding to bis Dut|?, contrarp to tbe opinion of tbc faiD darDinall , be 
tooulD fo tahcbim up toitb bis attuttomabletooiDs, tbat tbeptoere better to bolD 
tbeir peace tben to fpeafe , fo tbat be inoulD bcare no man fpcah but one oj tlco 
great pcrfonagcs , fo tbat be iooulD batjc all tbe VdojDs bimfelfc , anD confHmeD 
mucb timetoitb a fair talc, 

I c, jaifo tbe faiD ilojD CarDinall bp bis ambition anD pjtDe batb btnDereD anD 
unDone manp of pour poojc fubjccts foj toant of Difpatcbmcnt of matters , foj be 
tooiilD no man ftoulD mcDDlc but btn^felf, tnfomucb tbat it batb been aff irmeD 
bpmanptotfc men, tbat ten of tbc moftiBifcftanDmoft evpcrt men in InglanD 
focre not fnfficient in contjcnicnt time to o:Dcr tbe matters tbat be tooulD retain 
to bimfelfc. 0nDmanp times be DeferrcD tbe cnDing of matters, bccaufe tbat fui= 
tcrs CboulD attenD ano'toait upon bim, tobcreof be baD no fmall pleafure, tbat bt0 
boufcmigbt be replenifljcD loitb fuitcrs. 

1 7. 3lfo tbe faiD iLojD CarDinall bpbis autbojitp ii cgatinc batb ufeD, if anp 
fpirituall man batiing anp ricbcs ojfubftancc,DeceafeD,be batb fatten tbeir gooDs 
as bis otun, bp rcafon tobcreof tbeir toils be not pcrfojmcD : ^nD one mean be 
baD to put tbem in fear, tbat toerc maDc <!l;recutojs, to rcfufe to mcDDle. 

i8. idlfo tbe faiD ILOiD CarDinall tonftraincD all £);Dinartcs inCit^nglanD 
pccrlp to compounD toitb bitti^o? clfc be toill ufurpc balfcoj tbe tobole of tbeir tn-- 
rif Diction bp pjct)cntion,not foi gooD ojDcr of tbc2) ioccffes,but to ctto?f treafure: 
fo;; tberc is neter a pooje 0rtbDeacon in C!;nglanD,but tbat be paiD pearlp to bim 
a pojtion of bis titling, 

19. aifo tbc faiD ?LojD CarDinall batb not onlpfap bts untrue fuggeftionfo tbe 
|3ope Uiamcfullp GanDcrcD manp gooD religions boufcs , anD gooD vertuoHS 
men Dtoclling in tbem , bnt alfo fuppjeffcD bp rcafon tbercof abotjc tbirtp boufcs 
of Heligion. ;anD tobcre bp autbojitp of bis Bull be II;oulD not fuppjeffc an)? 
boufe, tbat baD mo men of Religion in number above tbe number of t 01 7, be 
batb fuppjetfcD Ditjcrs bouCcs tbat baD atote tbe number. 3nD tbcreuponbatb 
taufcD Ditjers offices to be founD bp tJcrDict untmlp, tbat tbc Hcligious pcrfons fo 
fuppjeffcD baD tioUmtarilp fo jfat?en tbeir faiD boufcs, tobicb toas untrue, anD fo 
batb caufcD open per jurp to be committeD, to tbc btgb Difplcafurc of ;9lmigbtP 

20. aifo tbc faiD llojD CarDinall batb eramincD DiVcrs anD manp matters in 
tbc CfjattccrpaftcrjuDgement tbercof gtben at tbe Common lato, tnfubverSon 



Hofpitality in 
houfes of Rdi- 

Yearly charges. 

Siipprcflion of 
Re. fjnable reiits. 

Above the value. 
New fine. 

Abufcdihe Privy 

Allfthe words 

Ambition and 

No man to med- 
dle but himftltc. 

Suters to attend. 

Taken the goods 
of Spirituallmcn 

All Ord'n3rie», 
&C-. to compound 

51 ndered religi- 
ous houfcs to iIjC 

By aiithririiy 
oFhis Ijilllup- 
prii'cJ JO l;oufes 
of Religion. 
Can fed div:rs 
Offices to Sc 
found uiiiruly. 

Examined m!t- 
titJ inChancciy 
atccr judgancnt. 


T^he Court of Chancery, Cap.8. 


His fervants 

The Popes par- 


EJeflionsof A!-. 


of pour latocs, anli maticfomc pcrfons rcfto?c againc totbcotljcrpaitiuonDcni' 
n£>t) tljaf , tl)at t^cp liaD in execution bv ticrtuc of tljc lutigcmcnt at tljc Conmioii 

II. 0iro fl)cfaiD llojD€arDmallbatbsrantet)maiij.'35njuit£ttonsbi'e2H:rtf, 
ant) tftc parties ncter callcO tbcrciinto , noj SBill put tit againft tbem : aiiD bp 
rcafon tbercof, Dttjcrs of roar ftibjcrto Ijatc been put from tl)ctc latoftiU poffclTi^ 
on of tljctr lanDs anD tenements. 0nD bj? fiicft means be batl) bjotigljt tbc niojc 
partp of tl)B futters of t^ts pour IRealm befoje btrnfelf, inbcrcbp l)c anD Dtbers of 
ijis fertants bate gotten nuicb ricbcs , anD pour fub jccts luffercD great tojongs. 
22. ^Ifo tbc faiD 1Lo:.D caroinall to augment bis great ricbes batb caufcD Di= 
tiers parDons granteD bp tbe 5Popc to be fufpenDeD, tobicb coulD not be rcbibcD, 
till tbat tbc fat'o JlojD <rarDtnaU tocre rctDarDeD,anD alfo batjc a pcarlp pcnfion of 
tbe faiD parDon. 

i^. aifo tbc faiD llojD carDinall not regarDing pour laioejSnojjuatcc, of bis 
crtojtpoiuer batb put out DitiersanDmanpfermo?sofbislanDS, anD alfo pa* 
tentecsoftbc0tcb^bifbop;icb of gaojKauD tbeBttbopjicUofMintbeftcr, an& 
of tbe ^bbcp of §>t, Albons, tobtcb baD gooD anD fufftcicnt grant tbercof bp pane 

14. Silfo tbe fame iLojI) CDarDtnall, at manp times iubcn anp boufes of lieli-- 
gion babe been t)otD,be batb fent bis ilDfficcrs tbitber, anD toitb craftp pcrfinaft* 
ons batb tnDuceDtbcm to tompjemittbeir election in btm. 0nD tbat bcfojc be 
namcD 0; confirmeD anp of tbem , be anD bis fertants rccctbcD fo mucb great 
gooDs of tbem, tbat in manner It batb been to tbe unDoing of tbe boufc, 
^ 15. ^Ifobpbts autbojitp legatine, tbe fame 3io:.D CarDinall batb ttfiteo 
tbe mod part of tbc religious ^oufcs anD colleDges of tbis pour Kcalm, anO 
batb tahcn from tbem tbetlucntp fiftb part of fbcir Ittclp booD , to tbc great er- 
tojtion of pour fubjccts anD Derogation of pour laUics anD pjcrogatitc , auD no 

26. Mo tobcn matters bate been near at juUgcmentbp|3 joccs at pour Com-- 
monlaVo, tbe fame 3Lo?.D carDinall batb not onlp gitcnanD fent Blnmnrtions 
to tbc parties, but alfo fent fo: pour 3luDgcs, anD erpjcllp bptbjcats commanD- 
tngtbcm to Defer tbe juDgementjtotbecbiDcntfubberfion ofpourlaVoes, tftlje 
iuDaes tuoulD fo bate ceafcD. 

27, aifotubcreasneitbcr tbc llBifbopof ,^ojh no;Q3rtncbcffer,no? tbc;3bfcc? 
of &. Albons, no? tbe p:ofit of bis ^Legation, noj tbc benefit of tbc Cbantcrp,noj 
bis great penQon out of jF ranee, no; bis GiUrarDS , anD otber tnoiDinatc taking 
coulD notfuffice btm,bcbatb maDc^bts fonne Winter to fpenD S)cten anD ttuentp 
bunDjcD pounDS bp tbe pear, inbicb be tabetb to bis olon ufe, anD gitctb \)m not 
pail tltjo bunD?eD pounD^pcarlp to lite upon, 

28, 0lfo tobcretbefaiDllojD dCarDinallDiDfirttfuc unto pour dDjarc to bate 
pour affent fo be ILegat de latere, be p?omifeD anD folcmnlp pjotefteD bcfojc pour 
5|5ajeftic,anDbefojctbellLojDsbotba>pirituallanD2E;cmpo;all, tbat be tooulD 

Noiiiing againft notbiug Do uoj attempt bp tbctcrtucofbis iLcgactc, tbat UioulD fcecontrarpto 
fjadif '''' '^'^ voat gracious p:erogatitc oi regalitie, oj to tbe Damage oj p?ejuDice of tbc Siu- 
' ^" ''■ rifDtction of anp £DjDinarp, anD tbat bp bis 5Lcgacie no man ftoulD bcijtirtcD noj 

offenDeD: 0nD upon tbat conDttion, anD no otber, be toas aDmittcDbp pour 
dDjace to be JLegatc Vuitbin tbis pour IRcalm : iubicb tonDition be batb bjoUcn, 
as is toell UnoVon to all pour §>ub jccts. HnD inbcn tbat be maDc tbis pjomife, be 
Inas bufte in bis fnit at Komc to bifit all tbe Clergp of C-nglanD botlf ercmpt anD 
not erempt. 

29. aifo upon tbc fuit of tbc faiD 3LojD CTarDfnaU atl'^omctobatc btsan* 
tboiitp l,cgatinc, be maDc untrue furmife to tbc popes ^olincffcagainft tbe 
Clcrgte of pour IRealm : tubicb toas, tbat tbe regular pcrfons of tbe faiD €:ler= 
gie baD gitcn tbemfcltcs in rcprobum ienfum ; tobicbtuojDs g>,Paul iujtting 
to tbc ^Romans appli'CD to abominable finnc: iubicb flanDer f pour Cbarcb of 
CEnglanD Iballfo?. ctcr remain in tbe IRcgifter at Kome, againft tbe Clcrgp of 
tbis pour IReahn, 

30* ailfo 


Penfion out of 


His Coniriatcr 

L'-gat DcUtcn. 
His promirf, 

Or to tlie preju- 
dice of ordinary 
Breach of pto- 

VntrHC fiirmifi; to 
thcl'ope of the 

The Court of Chancery, 

Cap. 8. 

30, aifotfjcfatt) ILoiD crarL)tnalU)aDtl)cmo:cp3rt oftl)Cgoot)S of Dbcto;. 
smith late llStCbop of =ILtncoUi,S6ift)op Savage of |9o?l5, jpattcr Dalbyearcli' 
Deacon ofilicljmont, £E)attcc Tonyers . SDoaoj Rochall late iBifljop of SDtic= 
l)anT,anDof2Docto:Foxe late JlBtfljop ofMtnclieacr, £ontrai:i?to tl)eu- tolls, 
aiiDi'Our lalDS anOjuftitc. 

31. 0iro attljeoier atiD Terminer at ^o:fe, |0«tlamatton teas maoc tljat 
ctcn' matt ftjoulD put in ttjctr fails foj crtojttonof £D;Dtnartc3, an'otol)Cti nf* 
ttcro btls tocrc put in agatiift tfte ^Jfficcrs of tlje fato 3Lo;t) «£;ai-Dinall of 
ejtoatton, foj taUing ttocltic pence of tlje pounD fo; pjobation of aDcftaments, 
tul)cccof oi^jcra fails tocre fmuiD facfojc Sufticc Fitzheiberc anD ofljcr Com; 
mitttoncrs, tl)C fatD llo;£) CarDinall rcmotcD tljc faid Ii'.Dtctmcntstntotljc 
Cbancer^ bp Certiorari, anU refauUcD fljc fatD Fitzherbert fo? tJicfamecaufe. 

3:. illfo tljcfatDLojD cacDinall batfjbiifrcDanDcnt)catjo:cDt!tmrclfbi'craf* 
tpanD untrue talcs to niaSe Dtffcntton anD Debate amongit potirj^obles of 
pour IRcalm, tofticl) is rcaDp to tc pjoticD. 

33. aifa ttjcfaiD ILojD CarDtnals £)fftccrs Ijabe Dtbcrs times compellcD 
four fubjeds to fcetjcljtmtoit^ Carts foj carriage, anD alto ftisfcrtjantsbate 
tafecn botl) Coin anD cattle, JT^ ill), anD all ofljcr aictuall, at vour cl? jaces pjicc, 
oj unDcr, as tljouglj it IjaD been foj pour Gjacc , tofticl^ is contrarj? to pour 

34. Hlfo the fatD II ojD CarDtnall &atf) mirnfcDliimrclf inpour moffljonou' 
rable Court, in beeping of as great cttatc tljere in pour abfencc,as pour (I5?acc 
tooulD Ijabc Done ifpoubaDbecntljcrcpjefcnt inponr otonperfon. 

3 )- ;airo ftis fcrWnts bp terfiie of pour ConmnSion unDcr pour 25?oaD Seal 
bp l)im to tljcm git)cn, Ija'oc taken cattcl anD all otfjcr tictuall ataslotoapjicc 
PS pour ipurucpojs l)at3CDonc foj pour ^jacc bp pour J0;erogatit)c,agatnftt^c 
latos of »'our Healni. 

;6 aifo tobcrc it Ijafb been accuComeD tijat pour purtepojs foj pour ^onon^ 
rafale l^ouajolD , ^atic ^aD pearlp out of pour SDoton anD libcrtp of S), aibons 
t\i'\tt ai four IjunDjeD quarters of tomcat, trut!) it is, t^at Gncctftc ?LojD CarDinall 
IjaD fftc room oftI)c Hfabot,tl)at pour faiD purtcpojs coulD not befuflfcreDfap 
Ijim anD ^ts officers totafeeanptoljeat toitljin tfjc faiD toton 0^ libertp^ 

37 ;aifo be fjati) Dibcrs times gifen tniunctions to pour fcrbantst^atftatc 
been foj caufes befoje Ijim in tftc&tar;ct>amber,tl)attbep, no: otftcr foj tljcm 
fljoulD make labour bp anp manner toap, Direalp 0; inDirectlp to pourdU^cefo 
obtain pourvDjaccsfattour oaparDon; totjicl) teas a pjefnmptuous intent foj 
anp fubicct, 

38 aifotljefaiD ILojD CarDinall DiDcallbcfojcljim&ir John Stanly !i?ntglbf» 
toljici) ftaD taben a farm bp Coticnt S>cal of tlje ^bbot anD cobent of Cbctter, 
anD aftertoarDbptjts potoer anD migljt contrarp to riglit committeD tlje faiD 
§>ir John Stanly to tfjcpjifon of jFlectbp tfac fpaceof a pear unto fuclj time as 
i)C compcUeD tbefaio s>ir John to rclcafc his Co'ocnt S>eal to one Legheof 
aiDlington , toljicl) marrieDone Larks Daugljter, tofjiclj tuoman tlje faiD ilojD 
CarDinall ltept,anD !)aD toitliljcrttoocbtlDjen. t'5ll)crcupon t^e faiD S>ir John 
Stanly upon Dtfplcafurctalicn i\\ f)ts ^cait maDc l)imfelf i^onbc in <22le(tminll:cr, 
anD tdere DieD, 

39. SJlfo ona time pour dD; ace Icing af &>. ^Ibons accoiDing to t^c anci^ 
ent cuttonie ufeDtoitljtnpour Hcrge, pour Clcrt? of tbe ajarbet Doing ftis of? 
iiccDtD pjefcnt unto pour £D(ficcr6 of pour mott fjonourablc ftoutbolD tbepji= 
fcs of all manner of tairtuals toitljin tl)cp?ecinct of tl)e tllerae. 0nDit toas 
commanDcD bppour faiD iiDfficers to fct uptljc faiD pjtces botlbontljc gates of 
pour l)ono?able boufljolD, anDalfotottfain tftc market place toitl)i« tl)c totonof 
of &. aibons, as of ancient cuttomeliatb been ufcD ^nD the iLo;D CarDinall 
Rearing tljc fame,pjefumptuouflp,notliUcarubiect, caufeD tljeafoiefaio p;icco 
\si\i\i\i tocrc fealcD toitlj pour(!P;aces &eal, accuttomabln ufcD fo; thefamc^to 
be taken off anD puUcDDoton in tljciaiD marketplace, toljcre tljcptoercfetup: 
anD \\\ flje fams places fet up ^is otonc p;ices fealeD toitb Ijio fealc , anD 

S> tooulO 


Oppreffion and 

Extortion of 
Indidoients of 
extortion of Ordv 
rcm&ved into the 

Msdcdcbatc be- 
tween the Nobles 

Purveyance for 

Purveyance at 
the Kings price, 

Keeping great 
cftatc in Court. 

Prerogative in 


Injunfllon not 
to fue for pa: don 
for caiifcsin the 


Legh of Arling- 

The Card, kept 
LarKcs daughter 
and hjd iiy her 
two childttn. 

Clerk of the 

Prices of viflu* 

Pulled down the 
prices, &c. 


T'he Court of Chancery, Cap. 8. 

The Cardlnsl? 
hat in the Kings 
coin of groats, 



Here lies arid er* 
ronious fcfts. 

toonlD if tt IjaU not been Icttcti in fcmblablc manner , ufcD pour fcal ffan&tng 
upon T^our gatciJ. ^nDalfo tooulDof ^ts p^cfumptuons minD ^ateopenlp fcttit 
title ftocks tDttl^in pour faiD toUin pour Clerk of pour niarliet ]15p to^ic^ 
pjefuniption anD ufnrpatton pour <ID?ace map percetDc tl^at in ^ts tcart l>c 
Jati) ccputeD Ijimfclf to be cquall tott^-pour rcall ^aicftp. 

40. auotljc fatD?Lo?D CarDinall of tjis further pompous anD pjctumptuous 
minD ftatfi entcrpjifcD to join ano impjtnt t^e CarDtnals Ijat unDcr )>our 
arms tnjnjur coin of groats maDc atpourCttpofi^o?^, tol)tcl)ltbc DceDljatlp 
not been teen to be Done bp anp fubjcrt tnttftin pour IRealm befoae tfjta time* 

41* ;airotMl)crc one &ir Edward Jones Clefb IDarfon of £)jctolp in i\fi 
Countp of llButfc'in tlje sig^tcentb peer of pour moft noble reign let l)is faiD 
parfonage tott^ all titles anDotbcc profits of fljc fame to one William John- 
fon bpBlnDenture foj certain pears , toitbin Ui^ic^ pears, tfteSDcan oft^efaiD 
Carotnals CoUcDge in iBrenfojD p^tenlieti title to a certain portion of titles 
iPttftin tbe fait) \?acronagc, fuppofmg t^e faiD portion to belong to tbc par- 
fonage of cbtctieUp, tBljic^ tnas appointeD to tfte |0jio^p ofCpfeefojD latelp 
fuppjcffeD, tDbere(of trutft ) tlje parfons of ;© jciolp ftatje been pcaccablp poffclTeD 
of tibe faiD portion out of tbctimcofminD. tSHIjcrcupon a Subpoena teas W 
rectcD to tljc faiD Johnfon to appear afoje tljc =llo?D CarDinall at Hampton = 
Court, out ofanptearm,iDitban3niunttion to fuffer tlje faiDH)eanto occupp 
tlje fatDpo^tion^ Mbcrcupon tfte faiD Johnfon appeareD befojetljc faiDlLojD 
CarDinall at %ampton Court, tofjere tuitljout anpbtll, tbc faioilojDCarDi* 
nal committeDfttm totlje # lcet,to!jcre Ije remaineD bptbe fpacc of tiDeltcUjcebs, 
becaufe ]^e tooulD not Depart Voit^ tftc faiD po?tton. 0nD at t^elattuponarc^ 
togntfance maDe tl^at be iJjoulD appear befo?c tfte faiD ILojD CarDinall inben- 
foet)er]ftclDascommanDeD,ftetoas DclitercD out of tt)eiFlcet; boiobeit as pet 
tbe faiD pojtion is fobcptfrom liim tbatlje Dare not Dealtoitbtt. 

41 . 0lfo tot)crc one Marcin Dceowra ftaD a leafe of tbc ^pannoj of llBalfall in 
tbe Count? of tlMartDtch foj tearmof certain pears , an 3fnjunaton came to 
^im out of t^e C^ancerp bp to^tt upon patn of a t^oufanD pounDs, tl)at be lljoul!) 
atioiD tbe poffettion of tlje fame ^anno? , anD fuffer S>tr George Throck- 
morton ittnigi^ttotafee tljcpjofits oftbe fame ^annojfo tlje time tl)c matter 
DcpenDing tntbe Cbancerp betiucen tbe=Lo?D of »>. Johns anD tbe faiD De- 
eowraioere DifcuffeD.^nD pet tlje faiD Decowra neber maDeanfiDer in t^e Cljan* 
terp, nc ebcr inas callcD intotbc Cbanccrp fo? tbaf matter, anD noluoflatc Ijc 
iiatl^ receiteD altbe injunction upon pain ofttoo tt)oufanD pounDs contrary 
to tliecourfeof tbc Common lata. 

43. aifotobcreas in tbc parliament Cliamlicr, ano in open parliament 

communication anD Dclitfes toere ban anD niobcD , tobercin mention Voas an 

inciDcnt maDe of matters touching tjerefics, anD erroneous ferts, 3i tuas fpo* 

' ten anD repojteD bp onellBifbop tbcrc being pjefcnt,anD conftrmcD bp agooD 

number of tfte fame 115ift)op3, inpjcfcnce of alltbelLo?Ds Sjpirtttiall anD SLcm* 

po?alltften affemblcD, tljat ttoo of tbe faiD Biffiops toere mluDcD anD DcftreD 

to repair unto tbe ^nitjerCtp of Camb?iDgc foj cram{nation,rcfojmation-,an& 

cojrection of fncb erro:s as tbcn feemeD anD tucre rcpojtco to reign amcngft tbc 

^tuDcntsanD g^clbolars of tbefame,as toelltoucbtng tbc ilutberane feet anD opi« 

nions,as otbcrtotfe.SDbc ILojD CarDinall infoimeDof ttje gooD mtnDsanD intents 

of tbe faiD ttoo llBiftops in tbat bcljalf, crp?cflp tnbtbiteD anD rommanDcD tljcm 

in no toifc fo to Doe. 31Bp means tobercof, tbe fame errors, as tbci' aff trmeD,crcpf 

moje ab?oaD anD toob greater place; fapingfurtbcrmo;e tbatittoasnot intbeic 

DefauUs,tbat tbcfalD bcrcfies toere not punifljeo, but in tftc faiDlojDCarDt* 

nail, anDtbatittoasnoreafonanpblame ojlacb IboulDbc arrcctcD to tbem foj 

Ibis offence : toberebp it ebiDentlp appcaretb tbat tbe faiDlLo?D CarDinall be- 

fiDes allotbcr bts bainous offences, ijatb been tbe impcacber anD Difturbcrof 

Due anD Direct cojrection ofbcrcfies, being bigblp to tbe Danger anD pcrill of 

tbe tobole boD|j, anD gooDCbJtttian people of tbis pour IRealm. 

44» if inaUp, fojafmucb as bp tbe afojcfaiD ^xixtXza is ctjiDentlp Declared 


Cap. 8. The Court of Chancery. pV 

to pour molt rcall i^ajcffi>, scfjat tliclioiD carDinallbp Ijis oufragfotta jjjjfic 
?jati) greatlp ftaoolocD a lo:ig fcafon potir<!!53accsl)ono?,Ujl)icft ia nioft fjtg^tp 
tobcrcg?arDcD,aiiDbp{)tfi mfattaclc atiartce atiD raijtnoas appetite to babcrt= 
c^cs anOtrcafurctuit^ciiifnicaftJt'cljatljfo gdctjouflp oppjcQcD j'otir poo; fub= 
jert'SioUfj fo imntfolD crafts of b;iberpaiiDerto:tton,t()attl)cȣoiimioii.toEaU6 
of tbis pour(Ji5jatc3 IRealmis fljerebj? greatlPDccapeD anD impoDcrtfecD. i!ria 
alfo bpbis crticltp, mtqiittp, affccttoa, anD part taiitr, ftaf !) ftibticrtcD tijc Due courfc 
aiiD oiDerof t'our ©jaccslaips to tbcuiiDomg of a great mimtcr of pour lo« 

^Icafc tt j'otir matt ropall ^pajcttp tljcrcfoje of pour crccllcjif gooDncrrcto* 
iuarDS tfteMcal of tD(3 pour 'Realm ant) fubjccts oftljc fame , tofcf fuc!) oi- 
lier anD Direction upon tbefatD 5lo?D «j;arDtnaU,a3nTap be totljc terrible crampic 
ofot^cr tobetoarefo tooffenD pour Gjace, anD potirlatosljcrcafter, BnDtljat 
l^c befo pjotJiDeDfo: tljatfte nctoer Ijaf c anp polucr, jnrisDiction oj autftojifp 
hereafter to trouble, lice, anD tmpoticrirt) tf)c Common-4ricaltl) of tljto pour 
^calm, asljs Ijatf) Dotic ljcrctofo?.e,to tlje great Ijart anD Dammagc ofctjerp man 
almottbtgbanD loin, In^icb foj pour (25 jace fo Doing, \Dtll Datlp pjap, as tftetr 
Dutp t3, to 0lmigl)tp OoDfoj tljcpjofperoiiscKafe of i>our moft ropall i"©ajc- 
(tp, long to cnDiirc inljonoianDgooD ftealtb,tof!)cpleaf«rc of C'oD',' anD pour 'Chiefjuaice 
flearts molt Dcfire, feubfcribcD tljc flrft Dap of December tl)C 1 1 pear of tljc reign °' E"k ami. 
of our Soueraign iLoiD liing Henry tlje 8. V'urt?« ofthe ^' 

T. More. T, Norftolk. Chad. Suff. Tho. Dorfet, H- Exon, John Oxinford. o'u-'"tVofv. 
H» Northumberland. G.Shrewsbury. R.Fitzvvater. T.Rocheford. TtDarcy, monPUa? 
W. Mouncjoy* William Sandys. '^ Hewasnottal- 

Wilham Fiuwilliam. Henry Guldeford. * John FitzTames. * Anthony 'ed Maii>;rof,be 
FitzHerbert. -iiHTcaio 

^0 tftcfe Articles began fobefubCcribcDbi' &tr Thomas More 3L03D Cftatt' but never fo ci:- 
cclo;>anDcnDcDH)ttl) fl)cttoo 3uDgt0 oftljelato. icdinanyLci-* 

2^erebetntl^i0 Court manp £»ff iters, spiniftcrs, anD Clcrfes of fljc Court, f ^i •> Patents of 
tbc pjincipall toftcrcof is ffte a Rafter of tbc IR ola, ancientli> calleD Garden dcs b^°^^^[^ 
Rolle$>Clerieu$ro!ulorum, Cuflosrotulorum. ilnD tl)is is an ancient offiCcanD *5eethcChw*- 
grantable cither foj life, oj at iDilU at tbcplcafurc of teeming. ^ SCftcl^ourc an= ter ofercd.on " 
nereD to Ijts office, is tallcD domus Con verforum, fo calleD bccaufc * iitng H. 3. ^y ^i^^g h. j. 
founDcD tf)is tjoufc to bealjoufc of SclnsasfljotilD be contcrtcDto tl)C trucre^ vid '"^'Vf '' 
ligion of iefusCtiiift, anD tljcrcftoulD bate maintenance anD allo\i)ance,toIjitlj ,§ e ,"|.u'' 
(ontinuetb to tl)i3 Dap. litng E. 3. anno i s of !)is reign, bp ILcttcrs |)atent0 There l^x't above 
anncveD tbis boufc to tbc office of Cuflos rotdorum, anD tbis office is grantablc 't-urfcor« con- 
bp ILcttero patents : foj f be mo;e affurance tobcrcof, anD of Ditcrs tbings vensimgE i. 
iDOitbP of obfcr\3atton, luc X^n^ot tboiigbt gooD to fct Doion an M of J^arlia. p" Hi'menrf^r'" 
ntcnt concerning tbis matter in tbefelnoiDs. n-.oreniief/'^ 

■= Bins E. 5.bp bis Cbarfer anno 5 1 of bis reign DiD grant after fb? Dcatb of <^ Roc.iv.t. u Ap. 
William Burfiali tljen fcccper of tbeHolsanDoftb'cfamcboufe ofContjcrtoof ^' e.j which you 
tbeiiings grant to tbciieeper of tbc IR ols fojtbe time being, anD annwcDifto Tnli^mJal^'^^ 
tbe faiD office imperpctuum,anD furtber grantcD tbat after tbc Dcccafcof tbc faiD p.Mig^Lgi 
William, tbe Cbancclo; 0? feccper of tbc viPjeat *>eal after tbc toiDancc of tlje d ex bundei'io pc- 
fafD office of feecping of tbc llols fo inltitutc fucccfritclp tbc IScepcrsof tbc '"■ Paii.aono 
3RolS,indida domo Converforum, 3c cuHodej illos ponend' in po(TelTioi.e cjul- ^ ^ , ,. 

dem.&c SEbioCbartcrtoasconfirmcDbp ^ctof Jparliamcnt,a3bptbatiDbicf) dc'iackimm^ 

fOllOtoetb appcarctb. lielumafunde! 

d A noftre tresdoute ti. le roy ^ [on honorable coimfdl'en cc(l Parliattitm "^"^ ci-'eait lo. 

fupplie foft petit Gierke William de Btirfiall Gardeiner dcsrollcs de la Cap- NouihcMr- 

cellarie, ^ Gardeiner de la Mcafori des Con'verfes de Londrcs qtiele ejl de Htr cf cbc Kcb 

'voftre honorable PiUronaze que come le dtt William afestref^ranndes cii- ''i^f^F"'><^3r- 

pages & reparille la Chappelle de Ics edipcea att an meajon , 0- nojtre ot Convensof 

Seignior le rof dareine {que dicu a(foil)pur maintenance de la dtt Chap- "("''i^Pa omgc 

felle cr rfieafon a laprierditdit }Vi Hi am grama pur luycjr fes heirespfr King,'" '*' 

Oi fes 


& librorn Can-^ 
cellar' noftrz cu 
omnibus ad offi- 
CuftodiJ domus 
noftra: Conver- 


The Court of Chancery. Cap. 8. 

fes Letters Patents que le dit Meafon de Con-verfe apres le deceafe da dit 
William dciwrera a tous jours as Gardein" de dits Rolles tur le temfsefie- 
ants tanaue come ilsferont enle dit office fans certain forme comprife en 
Letters fir sdites,Pledfe anofirediiSeigniorle ro-j ^ Seigniors deu Parlia- 
ment amfirmer ladit grant (^ les Letters Patents iffint entfaitz^etleschofes 
comprifes en ycels en ouier de charitie. OT^reanto fuUaffcnt toasgttienbg 

3ffertD6icl)3£tof]^artiamcntJohD dc Waltham©arlie(noj!ieepcroft6e 
9Rols obtaineDofR.2, in tt)cC)ct^ pcacof|ts reign i^etterst patent0, toftcrc 
bp t!)6lSin8 granteD to ftim & fuccefforibu* fuis Cuflodibus Rotulorum t^e Cai& 
^oufc of ContjertSi ant) tfte reafon Ijercof feemctlj to bcfoj t^at in tt)e fafD Cliar* 
fer of J I E.3. Sibi & fucccfforibas fuis toanteD. ai^^is John of Malttjam toas 
in 1 1 R.i. ilBiCbop of &al{0butp,anu after SCreafurcr of (iEnglant»,l|erebp ft ap* 
pcarctlj toijat cftate tlje gaffer oftl&elRols &ati|in domo Converlbmm. jSnli 
tl^is ^ouTe i0fibe place tolere ttjeKoU of tije Ctjancerp are bept, anD are fo 
calleD becaufet^e;? arelD^itten in parclmient^ anD maDe up in buntielsofrols. 
tijat t0 to rap, of i!LI»arters.)letter0 Intents, Commia:ion0,2DecD0 cnrolUD,1lle< 

SDI^efe 1Recoit)0 Once ftje beginning of H, 7. remain in t|ie 3RcA0,anD all be« 
fojetocre tranfmitteD into tSeCotocr,anO tberc remain. 

^irofo^furtl)ermanifeaafioni)creof, toe ^abet^ougbt gooDto fet Doton a 
Bletfers |3atent0 of ti)i0 office in t^ 25 j^carofH.e.anDtfteratferfojt^t it 
tUa0 granteD Authoritate Parliament! .in tbefe iDOjD0, Henricns Dei gratia Rex 
Angliae.Si Franeii, & dominus Hibemii , omnibus ad quos prsefemes Ifa: per- 
vejicrint. Sciatis quod cum nos tertiodeeimo die Novembrisjannorcgnino- 
ftri decitno fcptimo conflituimus diJeftum dericum noftrum Johanjncm Sto- 
pendenCuftodem rotulorum &librorum CanccHaria noftricum ODnnibus ad 
officium illud fpeSamibus, pereipiend 'in codcm offieio feoda,commoditatesj 
& proiicua coDfueta, quamdiu nobis placuerit. £t ukerius dederimus, & con- 
cefferitnus eidero Johanni cuftodiS domus noftra Converforu prsfato officio pro 
inhabitatione diifti Cuftodia per progenicores noftros quofidam reges Angliiab 
antique depofitx, &anncxae: Habendum & tenendum cuftodiam illam cura 
omnibus juribusSc pertinentiis fpedancibus adeandem^routinlfis noftrispa- 
tentibus inde confeAis plcnius continecur, Nos bonum & gratuitum ferviciu 
quod dileilus elerieus nofter Thomas Kirkby nobis ante hzc icmpora moki- 
pliciter impenditjindlefqac impenderenondefiftitmeritc eortemplantesj acde 
fidelitate, circumfpetSione & indufiria ipfius Tiiomajpleniu'. confidences. con- 
flituimus ipfum Tliomam Coftodem rotulorum &librorumCancellari«ooftrx 
cum omnibus ad officium iiludfpedantibusjpeicipierdoineodem officio fcoda, 
commoditates, & proficna confiicta a tempore quo offieinm illud per Geffionem 
feu alio modo quoeunque proximo vaeare contigeritjquamdiu nobis placuerir. 
Ec uiterius dedimus & conceffimusj ac p prsefentcs damus & concediraus eidc 
Thorns cuftodiam difta domus afa: Converforum prxfato officio pro inhabita- 
tione ejufdem cuftodis per diftos progenitorcs nfos ab antiquo(ut pra:mittitur) 
difpofita: & annexe, Habend' & lenend'cidem Thwtix cuftodiam illara eii om-, 
nibus juribus & pcrtinentiis fpeftaniibus ad eandem quamdiu ipfum Thoma 
diftum officium Cuftodis rotulorum & librorura pradidoru habere & tenerc five 
oceuparecontigerit. Eoqood exprefla mentio de vcro valore annuo officii pra*- 
difti & czterorum primiflbrum feu alicujuj corum, autdc aliisdonisfeucon- 
Geflionibus pernos prsfato Thorns ante hsctemporafaftis in pra:fentibu$ fa- 
fta non exiftit, autaliqaibus AdtibusfiveOrdinationibusin contrarium editis 
live ordinatis, autaliquaalia caufa, re/cu materia inaliquo nonobftantibns.In 
cujus rci teftimonium has JFas nfas fieri feeimus patentci. Teftemcipfoapud 

Maidfton vicefimonono die Martii, Anno rcgninti viccfimo quinto. Authori* 
ute Parliament i, 

Cap. p. The Court of%equefts. 

S>( latter ttmca in tfee grant of t^ts office !je is is ttileO CIcricus * parvx ba- 
ps,Cufto$rocQlorum,& domus Converforum. 

2C^ spatter oCtbcHelgftatft in jure officii, tfte gift of t^e offices oEJiti; 
Clcrte in tl^c Cljanccrp. 
Bin t^ abfence of ttie %oi^ Ctiancelo^ ^z l^eareti) cautes atiD gitttj^ ojDers. 
$^ce in tl^e third part oftlieInftitutes,_eap. Prcmnnire. 


* Belonging an- 
ciently t« his of- 

See the Aatute 

The Court of Requcfts. 

Hating fpobcn oft^eCoartof Cftanccrp, ftDapcD anD goberneiJbp tfje 
310JD Cftancelour,8; feccper of fljc ©jcat fi>calc ; 3ttbaU le fit in tbts 
place to treat of t^ 3l«rif Diction of t^e Court of JRcqnefts, totierein tlje 
3L0JD ^iiW &calc at ^ts plcafurc , anD tftc ^afters of HUcqacfts Doe arterable 
an0 fit. 0nD tl)C o?isinaU mftttution Ijcreof teas , tftat fatl^ petitions as tocre 
erljibitcD to tftc ft ing, anD DeliDereD to t^e spatters of tJjeKequefts,a)oulDbe 
perufeD bp tfjcm, anD t^ partp DirectcD bp tijein to tafe« ftis rcmcDp actojDing to 
tfteir cafe, eitljcr at t^e Common laicoj in tlje Court of Ci^cerp. 3nD tljere* 
npon ttiep teere calleD Magiflri a libellis fuppiieutn i anD in tljis refpect tftis 
meeting anD coninltatton toas calleD tbe Cottrt of IRcquetts, as tlje Court of 
auDtcncc anD iFacultics are calleo Courts , alijeit fljeg liolD no plea of con* 

SCljorctobitbinfoimer times toonlD Ijatctbis Court to he aCoorf efiuDica^ 
tare, toob t^eiratmc from a Court in jFrancc, Voi^tct) is calleD Curia eorum quo* 
Rcqudtarum , *. fupplieationutn palatii magiftros vocant jpud quos caufa eorum 
tantucn agitur^qui regis obfequiisdeputati^vel privilegiodonati funt: hujus curiae 
Judiecsoao fum. iBut others fafetng t^is jurisDiction f o be too narrolD,contcnD 
to !)at)c it ertenD to all caufes in equitie equall tsitft tljc Cftancerp, anD tljetr De= 
trees to beabfolufc anD uncontrollable, IBnt neitljer of tl^elcareioarranteDbp 
lalB, as diall cbiDcntU' appear. 

31n tl)e reign of H, 8. tlje ^tt«rs of Hequetts ttjougftt (as fbcp {»itenlieD) to 
ttrengtljcn tljcir jurifDiaion bp Commiffton, to fteararD Determine caufes in 
equitp. But tl)ofc Commifftons being not toarranteD 'op lata (foj no Court of 
equitpcan be raifcB bp Commtffion) foon traniOjeD , fo; tl^at it {)aD neither act 
of iparliament , noipjefcriptlonttmcoutofminDcofmantocttablill) it. 

* Mich. 40 & 41 Eliz.gntfte Court of Common 10lca3,upon a Bill erftibitcD 
in tlje Court of Hcquefts againft Flood, foj Default of anftocr an attacljmcnf 
luas aUiarDcDagainft Flood unDer tfte |9iibtc Scale , to Stepney tben sftcrtffc 
of Carnarvicn, tofto bp fojce ottlje faiD Mrit attarljeD Flood, anD tooulDnot let 
Ijim oto, untill be IjaD entrcD into an jfiD'oligatton to tbc Slberiffc to appear before 
iiSipajeftiesCounccll in tl)C Court of llcquctts: upon ii)l)it& iDbltgatton tl)C 
Sljeriffcbjougbt an action of Debt foj Default of appearance, anD all tl^ts matter 
appearcD in plcaDtnc^, anD it iuasaDjuDgeD upon folcmnc argument , tljattbis 
luDicljUiascalleDaCourtoflllequetts, oj tbcJSabife i^alUtoas no Court tljat 
IjaD potoerof juDicature,but all tfjc pzocccDings tljercupon lucre Coram non Ju- 
dice, anDtbcarrcft of Flood lijasfalfctmp;ifonment, fo as be migljt aboiD tbe 
bonD bp 2Durcs at tfje Common l?tD, iDttijoiit aiDc of tbe ffatuf c of 1 5 Vi/>. ca. i o, 
SDbe puntftiment of JBer jurp in tfje Court of Mb'teball bp tfte ttatutes of'.cap.9.anD? Fi i.cap. 9. :)^t!) not giic itanriurifDictfon of juDtcaturc, 
no moje tl)cn tljc ttatutes tijat gitc aaatnft a ©aoler an action foj an cfcapc, oj 


See hereafier 
the Courts of 
Audience and 
Faculties, pa. 


See before' cap. y-. 
Chancery PeiotS 
See iheArticl«» 
againft Cardinal 

See Hals Cluo- 
niclc ubi I'upra. 
and GMiac&leat- 
iied preface tohi> 
reading in the In- 
I 6 El. 

niuni banco inter 
Srepiity etLl.yJ. 
See Hals Chron. 
8 H.8 .fo.59. 
agreeth wuhthe 

98 T^he Court of%iqUeJis, Cap.9. 

pcntfiict^ a d&aokc of W otorw iujong foj cvto:tioiT att offkcr of Ijts otott 
tDiong ftall be punifljcD bj? t^c Catutcs in tljat cafe pjoUtDcD , ant) pet t^ fta= 
tdtes tlj?reb? maiic ttjctti no latnfuU officers; fo; it in one tiling to puniflj , ano 
anotl|ct to gttic aut^oiitp. §)o it tuas jiifttcc in tfje parliamenfa to ptmiflj pcrs 
jurp in t\ft Ml)itcftall,altt)oug;f) tt)e Court toeteljolDenbpufarpation, anD fo be-- 
fojett appcarcttjto bcbptl^c jaDgcmentinSccpreyscafe. &cb Beverlyes cafe 
lib.4. II?, iM^ anut^ecafcoftljc £)jpl^nsof llonDon, Lib.j. fo.7 3. toftcre it 
is calleO f^c court of KcqucC0,tahtng tl^c Came to be accojDing to t^ £D?fgtnall 
tnftitntion. SlnD as golD oj filter map as currant raoneppatrcetjcntottl) tlje 
proper ;artificer,tftoagl) it Ijatl) too ntut^allap, unttU i^ei^atij frtcDit initlj t^e 
SDoucbttonc : cticn fo tb(6 nominattljc Court map paffe icitl) tlje i^camcD as jtte 
CiBable in rcfpeet oftfteoutfiDcbptjulgaralloiDanccuntillbeaDbtreDlploofeet^ 
into t^e roots of it,anD trp it bp t^e rule of latD;as(to fap ttie trutfj) 3 m^ felf DtB: 
15ut errores ad fua prineipia refcrre, eft refellere, %0 bjtng errojS to t^ir firff, 
ts to fee tftetr laft. 

JCljcaut^oioffljeboofeoftiiticrCtpofCourfsiDjttfcninM H.8. Dofljnotro 

tnacf) as mention anp fuclj court ; noj tl)C J3Dod:oj anO §>tuDent tofto lujote in 

s?H*8.trcattng of matters of equitpnebermenttonettianpfnc!) Court: noj fit 

anpof tlje Kepoifsof H,8. ojofanp otljcr befoje fttm, toe finDeanp mention 

maDe of anp fucl^ Court, herein , as in all otijer f ^ngs , toe tjabc Dealt clearlp 

anD plainlp, upon to^at autijojities anD reafons toe bate grounDcD our opinion t 

Error.qu! non a„j, jjj^jjn toe unDertoofe to to;ite, toe rcfolbeD to publifl) notliing reJuaame coa- 

refifiuur, appro- (-(-ientia, tol^tcl) toc (bp ©oDsfpcciall grace) bate perfo?meD. toittioutanpfparfe 

*'"'" of contraDittion, oj refpect of anp p:itate tobatfoeticr : 2DI)af cbarge ebcr fonn» 

Rcguia. Sing in mine eare, ttjat is gtbcn to all tljat tafee npjjn tljem to tojtte , Nc quid 

faKum audeanr, ne quid verum non audeanr. Sinh altljouglj tljC lato be fuclj as 

foe Ijate fet Doton ; pet in refpect of tijc continuance t^at it fta^ l^aD bp permit 

fion, anD $f ttje number of Decrees tbcreinljaD, it toeretoojtftpoftlje toisDome 

of a parliament, botlti fo j tfjc ettablilftment of things foj tftc time paft , anD fo?, 

feme certaine pjotifion toitlj reafonablc limitations (if fo it fljall be ff)0ugl)t 

convenient to f^at i$tQ^ Court) foj tfie time to come : Et fie liberavi animatn 



Cap. 10. 


CAT. X. 

The Court of Common Pleas. 

Bl^ f^ ffatuteof Magna Carta cap. 1 1. it <£( p;ot)iaeti) Qiiod communia pla* 
cita non iequantur curiam noftram, fed teneamur loco certo* Habet Rex 
etiatn curiam, & Jufticiarios in banco rcfidentes, qui cognofeunt de omni- 
bus placitis. de quibai aurhoritatem habent cognofcendi, & fine warranto jurif- 
diftionem non habent nee coercionemt Et Paulo pofit Sunt etiam alii Juflicia- 
rii * perpctui , certo loco rcfidentes, ficntin Banco, loquelas omnes de quibai 
habent warrantum terminantesj qui omnes jurifdidioncm habere ineipinnt pre- 
flito faeramento, 

Ouftre ceo voilons q Juftices dcmorgent continualmcnt a Weftm. on ailors la, 
ou nous voudrons ordeiner » a pleader comunes pleas folonq; ceo que nous 1« 
manderons per nous breifes; ifiiiic que dcs parols deduces devantcux per nous 
breifcs eyent record, 

i^ut of t^ere, t^iee ffiin^s are fo be obfertiet) t iFirfi; tobaf fldatl be faiD com- 
munia placita. SDljei? arc not calleD eommunia placita in rcfpert of tlje pcrron03 
but in refped of t^e qiialttp of tl)e pleas. 3Rcgularlp picas arc UWzo into 
pleas of t^e Croton, anD into Common oj Ctbill pleas, pleas of ttie Crolone 
arc Crcafon anD ^eloriv, anD sptfpjiCon of treafonanD fclottp,?t SLtiis Court 
is tbc lock anD tljc t?ep of tbc Common lato in Common pleas, (oi berein are re« 
all actions, tobereupon fines anD recoveries (t^e common alTurances of tbe 
IRcalm) Dopairc,anDaUotberrealla(tionsbp;©?iginall?!lIrttsarc fo be Deters 
mtneD, anD alfo of ail Common pleas mirt o;t perfonall: tiiDti}crsofiDbicb>as 
it appcarctb before in tbe Cbapter of tbc icings ]5encb > tbts Court i tbe icings 
JlBencb bat)e a concurrent autJjojitp. 

* Robert Paming tbc iiiings &er|eantat ILato 24 July 14 E. 5. ioas created 
CI)ief3luiltceof(!BnglanD, in Inbicb Office be remaineD until! tbe i $ o(S>e? 
ccmbcr follotstng , anD tbcn be ioas maDe %o^t) SCreafurcr of C^nglanD ; 3In 
tobicb office be contlnucD untill tbc 1 ? pear of E. 3. ioben be toas maDe llo^O 
Cbancelour of CEnglanD: anDtobilebetoaslLojDCbancelour, betooulDcomg 
anD fit in tbis Court being tbc loch anD feep of tbe Common latu, as is afoicfalD; 
anD tberc Debate matters in lato of greateft DiffictUtp, as it appcarctb in fbe tZf 
pojtoftbepcarof i7E.?.fo.ii. 14.23.37, &c. linotoing affurcDlp, f bat be tbaf 
I^nolDCS not tbe Common lato, can neber rigbth' niDgc of matters in equttp: 
iubercof at fbat time t^rp feto matters tocrc DcpcnDing befo?c bini in cban- 

2. SCbefc toojDS of Braflon, [fine warranto jurifdi^Slionem non habent,] arc 
tuell crpounDcD bp Britton, tbat tbat ©Harranf is bp tbc toings Mvite, Solonq; 
ceo que nous les manderons per nous breifcs. &0 as rcgularlp f btS Court cannot 
bolD anp common plea in anp action, reall, perfonall, oj mirtjbut bp XMvit out of 
tbc Cbanccrp,anD rctojnable into tbis Court. 

3. aCbat in certain cafes this court map bolD pica bp Bill tuttbout anp tKITrit 
in tbc Cbanccrp, as fo; oj againtt anp iD0ficcr, ipmitter, oj pjltitleDgcD perfon 
of tbts court. 

aifo tbts Court foftbonf anp tEtrit map upon a fuggctfton grant p?ob(bittons 
tofeccp, astocllilcmpojallasGDctleftattlcallCourto, loltbtn tbctr bounDsanD 
juriSDiction, toitbout anp ojiginall oj plea DepcnDing : fo: tbc common lato 
tobtcb in fbofc cafes is a piobibition of it fclf ftanDS in IfeaD of an £?ug{nall, 
lubereoftbcre be infinite pjefiDcnts in tbts Court. ;3nD ^ir Thomas Egercon 


Bradonlib. J. 


Vide Fleta lib. t, 

See tJi« fecond 

part ofthclnfti- 

tutes Mag. Carti 


^are racuinbrtt' 

vit , and in the 

Chapter of tlw 

Kings Bench 

here before, 

• Vidcfup.pi.^^ 

8Ri. Artsch- 
mcntfur. prohibi 
pi. ulcimo. 
4; H 6,61. 


See the fecond 
partof theln- 

• So called the 
Common Bench 
inrefpeft of the 
Common pleaj 
there hsldcn. 

Sec the (eccmd 
part of the Infii- 
tutcs, Mag.Cait. 
cap. 1 1. 
6 E.j.jz. 

i8 E.j.ftat.j. 

Terra- Trin. 
AniioipE.i. in 
communi banco, 
in Thcfaur. 

T^he Court of Common T^leas, 

3L0JD Cl&aitcelour Mich. 7, Jac. Regis callct) Fleming Ci^iefc3!uff tee anD all t!)C 
SluDges oft^e liingfi lIBenc^, anD Tanfeild Cljtef HEaron, anD tlje rctt of fftc 1I5a= 
rons of tbe CErt^iequerjOf to^om tfje Cftancdour DemanDeD ial^ctljcc tlje CTonrt of 
Common iplcas ^ao autljojttp to grant anpp?ol)tbtttontottI)outOTritof3t'- 
tac^ment oj pica Depentilng t toljo upon inatnrc Deliberation unanimonflp rcfoU 
tjeD, tl^at tftts court mfg^t grant pjotjibitfons upon foggefttons tottljoutanp 
Writ of 0ttact)ment oj plea Ucpentitng foj the reafon afojcfato, anD accojDdig 
to a mnltituDe of pjcGDents, SDfjc Blufticcs of tl^c common |3lcas Ujcrc not caU 
leD, becaufe f^ep baO often refoltjeb t^e point befoje. &o as noto f ^ts point cons 
cerntng t^e jitrifDiction of tftts court foj granting of pjo^tbitions upon rngge= 
If ions, tD^ere tbcre is neither Mrtt of attachment, noj plea Depending, iJJ iti 
peace, being refolfecQ bp tbcBBufticesof tl)e aiBencljanD of ttie Common JBleas, 
anD bptlje ilSarons oft^e Crcbequcr, 

4, %\i\Q court upon an aD journment upon a fojein tjoucfter map ijolD plea 
ItbeVDtfc upon oti^er fojein pleas,anD upon gencrall baftarDp, Neunqucs aeeouplc 
inloiall matrimony, Sic. foj none but tbe Bings Courts, anD no infcrtour 
court fljall tojtte to t^e JBitftop, &o lifeetoife upon ancient Demefnc pleaDcD, %u 

2Ct)C C^tefe Sluftice of tfte Common ^Dleas is createDbplLctters patents. 
Rexj &c. Sciatis quod eonftituimus diledom & fidelem E. C»militem,capitalem 
Jufticiariii * de Communi banco. Habendu quamdiu nobis placueritjcum vadiii 
& feodis ab antique debitis & confuetis. In cujus rei teltimonium has litcras no- 
(tras fieri feeimus patentes. Tefic, &c. 

dnD eacb of t^e Sluffcices of tfjis Court l)atl)]Letfers|3atents« Sciatis quod 

eonftituimus diicftum & fidelem P. W. militem unum JuRiciariorum nolkorum 
de Communi banco, &c. But none can be conttttutcD SuDge of tl)ts Court un^ 
Icffc Ije be Serjeant at 5Lato of t^e Degree of tlje Coife, anD pet in tl)e elLettcrs 
patents to tbcm maDc, tljep are not nameD Serjeants, 

%\^z BBurifDiction of ttjts Court is generall, anD ei^tenDell^ f]^;!Ougl)out all 

iFoj tl)e antiquity of fftis Court fee befoje in fljc chapter of t^e Rings JlBencli 
aDjopningtljereunto, 6E.?,tol)crca fine teas IcliieD in tl)ts courts r. i, anD in 
39 E. 3 . a plea in tftis Court in i H. g. 0nD t^at 31 map fpeafe once fo j all f Ije 
luttices oftt)Cteings llBencl),oj^ oft^is court of tl)e Common IBenclj, tljat t^cp 
obfertje tlje ancient rule of lalu. Nemo daobus utarur officiis , foj none of tl)cm 
can tahc anp otl^cr office, oj anp fccojretoarD butoftliel'iingonlp. 3nD ii 
Sucre bel)oot)cfull to f Ijc Common=U)ealtft anD aDtiancement of Bluftice anD rigljt, 
anD pjefermentof toell Dcfertitng men, if tljelihe courfe toereljolDcn concerning 
all offices, as toell (iccleSafticall as Ccmpo^^all anD Cittll : anDtJjatnoman 
foUotDtng tfte erample of tljc re^crenD 3iuDgcs ftoulD en jop ttoo offices. iFoj fc« 
tjcrall offices tocre netcr inftttuteD to be ufeD bp one man. 

S^^e jurisDictionof tljis Court foj punillimcnt of tfteir £)fftcersf spiniffcrs. 
Tetrusde Luifenhamindictatw quod iffe in Curia hie hdte Sm5ii HilUrii 
in 1 5 dies Anno regni regis nunc i9,fal[o etmaliciofedelevit adjornationem 
ejufdem ejjoin' dd diem ilium intrati de com' Rotel. fro Roberto Attehale de 
Somh-Luffenham fetente & Radulph. de Kirkebj tenent' deplacito terre,&c. 
Et quejitus qualiterfe velit inde acqitietare^dicit quod in nttllo ejl inde cuI^a- 
biliSy (^ de hoc fonit fe fuper yiram' de fociis in Cur' hie. Et qui jurati 
dieunt fuper Saeramentum fuum, quod prxdi^us Radulphus prxdiciis die 
^ anno fuit in Cur hie^ 6" dixit pr^edi^o Petro quodpradi^um e([oinum 
fuit adjornat'^ ^ pr&diBm Petrus intravit infra Bancum ^ rotulosde ef- 
foin' , et cum perpendiffet quod le af. fuit appofitum molivit ipfe policem 
fuum c^ tndefrotavit fuper le aff. quoufq^ illudfere omnino delevit utfiefa- 
ceret frxdiClum Robertum amififfe breve fuum , &e. Ideo eonfiderat' ejl quod 
prddi^m Petrm committitur GaoUde Fleet e cuflodiend' per unum annum 
et unum diem pro falfitate et deceptions prxdi^is , et tunc redimendus 


Cap. 10. The Court of Common T leas, loi 

fro voluntate domim regis, &c. Et fcie»d' quod liber at ta fuit CaoUdie 
Mercurii frox' ante fefium SariCit Margarets virginis hoc anno , ^c. 
Pojiea die Veneris prox' ante feftum Sanci<g. Margaret* •virginis Anno 
20 deliberatm e(l frddiiltts Petrtts^ et itihihituro efi ei, quod nihil habet 
nifi rjejles fendentes indorfo, admittitur ad dimid' Marc. per 20 li. WiL 
deokeham, Ita tamenquodfiadplusfufficiat,^c, lujlic' refervanteispo- 

Et quia pradiSfus Johannes de Vpton in Cur' hie recegncvit quod hoc Mich. 
anno in aftate concept qnod pradiitam defaltam remitteret , et pro ilia NonhLpton'' 
concefione recepit 20 s. in Atittimpno, et pojiea ad pradiilam tertiam 
(eptimanam Santti Michaelis idem Johannes remtfit prxdiBam defal- 
tam, per quam prddiClus Willielmus recuperaffe potuit prxdiSium ten' in 
fraudent et deccptionem pr/edi6ii WilUelmi ^ Ideo ipfe pro falfitabe prxdi- 
iia committitttr GaoU de Fleet commoratttrus per annum et die7n,^c. 
per for mam * ^atuti,(^c, fo^eapoft annum et diem,^c.prAdi[lus Johannes ' W.Lcap.zj, 
•venit et deliberatus efi fecundumjlatutum, ^c, et inhimum eft ei, ^c, et 
jinivit prounamarca. 

Bene examinatur fraus de Brevi in Jtir' per Fie' retern' Termin', 
Trin' (jr per quendam alium panellum ejufdem mutatum ^ contrefe- 
£ium, unde contrefa^or per Jur' eft culpahilis^ t^ adjudtcatur GaoU de 
Fleete per annum ^ diem. Et quiafcriptor ejufdem brevi s licet defal' 
fttate (^ malitia nonfuitparticeps, nee aliqmdmalifeci^eputavit^ ^c. Qu- 
ftodiatur, (jrc et finem fecit per unam marcant, 

Et quia Rogertts de Langepert Atternatm eft maUfamx, ^ defatigavit Hil. 10 E . i . in 
Cur': Jdeo committitur GaoU, '&c. Et quxfitis rotulis de JndiBamentif Nwthaiipon^' 
Attornatorum , ^c. compertum eft quod idem Eogerus indict atus fuity 
quod ipfe fuit converfans in canceW ^ fociw Adx de Fonte fraCio , 
qui falfavit figillum Domini Regis , & falfa brevia compofuit, &c. Et 
qu/fitus qualiter fe velit acquietare, dicit quod Clericm eft , et non po- 
teft in Curia hie Domino Regi inde refpondere. Et quia nulltts ordi- 
ttarius ipfum petit , &c. nee ipfe Rogerus aliter fe velit inde ac- 
quietare, Ideo ipfe committitur GaoU quonfque,d'c. Et mittitttr ad 7ur- 
rim London , <^c. 

2C!)C ^Officers of tl^is Court arc manp, viz,. Cuflos Erevium , tre$ Pro- 
thonptarii, t^jce P;otlionotartC0 1 CJericus Vt/arramorum. ClcrboHl^eMar» 
raiif0: Clericus Argenti Regis, Clcrbe of tlje feinns filter: quatuorExigen- 
darit , C)C(geilfers : quatuordecem Falazarii, JFilajerfl : CJericns Juratorum^ 
Clcri? of \\)Z 3uriCB: CIcricus Eflbniorum, Clcrb of tftc QEffoignes: Cleri- 
cus Utiagariorum, Clcrhe Of tfte £)utlatoilc£; : tl)f0 belongs to t^c ^fftce of 
t{)C 5ltto?np CSciierall, tofto crcrctfcf^ it bp SDcpuf p. 

3.n fo'jmcr ttines great abufes l)a\jc been bp attojnicfi of fWff court, fap 
fufng out a iuDfcfall paotes iuttboat anp iDzfginaU; te^tc^ boftcn it Ijatlj 
been founD out, it Ijatl) bccnc fc^erclp puntfljeD; fo; m^'vp irwontcnicr.£C0 2oH.6.?7.i. 
Il)crcupon Doc folloto. 5Foj crample, in aoH.6. m 9tto;n?' oftljc com= w.i.capip* 
mon place Ijaa maoc a Capias DirctfcD to tijc §>l)ertffc of ^o^fe , iuljcrcof 
t^cre inas no £>ngtnaU -, at U)!)tcl) Dap of tljc rcfo:ne an attachment Inas 
nUjarDcD iip tbe Court agalnft tftc jattoinp to anftocr tl)C Dccctpt, to^cre- 
upon ^e loas faben anD eramincD, anO confcffeD it , anD thereupon b^' tljC 
court l)C tDas committed to f^e jT^lect, tmpjifoncD fo; a monctft, anD tljat 
l)(fl name ffjonlD be Dialon out of tlK lloU of ^Itfojnics anD ncticr ftoulDbc 
Slttojnp citbcr (n tbts Court oj an^ offjcr . anD tljcreuttto be tnas fiuojnc, 
j^otctl)efctierltPoftbt3)uDgcmentDotM)C\»tl)e^epnoufrc<rcoft|ie offence. 

^ a« 


Nota, he may be 
punt(hed for the 
crime,& the par- 
ty grieved may 
have his adion. 


The Court of Common Tleas,^ 

sin 0tto^n^ fued ont an Habere facias feifinam againfi one, b)7fo;celol^- 
Of t^e true tenant toas put out of ffia freeljolD , tolbere in trutb tl^ere loas 
no IRctojo of anp rccotjerp : tljc partp grietjeti bjougbf an actton of acceit 
againS tbe 0tto;np> sno recotereD Damages, anD ttie :^tto;^np tmpjifoneo> 

Mernordttdum quod Magifier Johannes LovtU qui fuit Caflos Rotulo- 
rum ^ Brevium Domini Regis de Banco fer manus fuas fr«frias libe- 
ravit ifohanni Bacon Clerico de mmdato Domini Regis in hstc verba. 
EdtvarduSj^c. DileCio Clerico fuo ^ohanni Lovell Salutern. Citmcom- 
miferinms dileCio Clerico nofire ^ohanni Bacon cujlod' Rotulorum ^ 
Brevium mfirorum de Banco •, Habendum quam diu nobis placuerit : Vobis 
mandamus quod eidem ^ohanni Rotulos & Brevia prxdi^la qtix funt in 
cufiodia veftra ex commifione nojlra pr Chirografhum inde inter vos ^ 
iffum conpciend' fine dilatione liberetis cujlod' in forma frxdiCta. T. we 
ipfo apud Stebenbeth 17 Jprilis Anno regni mftri ^o, 

Super quo prxdidus Johannes liber avit diifo lohanni Bacon Re.ulos 
^ Brevia de Terming SmSii Mic.haelii Anno 1 7, ufque hunc Terminum, ^ 
fimiliter Rotulas de Bjfon'. Et fcripta dediiia S" fujpeCia cum t diets 
dediB'y una cum compotis dedid', Ac et'tam 160 not' finium, duos ligulas 
de recordis fme die, ^ 14 CertijicAt' Epifcoperum. 


Cap. II. 



The Court of Exchequer. 

T^c aaffiojitp of t^ts Court is of ojtgtnall jurisafcttott luitljout ang 
Comnttcrton. £Df tl)fs Court Britton fpcafefng in^ftc latngs pcrfon faitfi, 
^VoIoDS nous que anousEfchekersa Weflm'& ailorseyent nous^Trea- 
forers, & nous '^ Barons illonc]ue$ Jurifdidion & record de chofes quetouchenc 
lour office a oier & determiner touts les caufes que touchent nous debt$>& auxi a 
nous fecsjSt les incident diofcs, fans lesqueux tiels ciiofes ne purronteftre tries* 
& que ilieyent power aconufter de dettsque Ion doit a nous dettors per ou 
nous puiflbns pluis toft aprochera nfedetr, 

•J En droit des purpreftures voilons nous que lenoifanees fbientoufiesaux co- 
fiages des purpreftours, & les fufferables foicnt prife innofJre maine a la va- 
lue per an foit inrollc , & folonque le difcrction des Treaforers & des Barons 
de nous Efehequers foient arenesafeefarmaeuxquepluis voilcnt doner, 

« Et foit auxienquisdenoscuflomesdc quits & deleyncs qui les cunt collies, 
& cotnbien les coillours ount bien fufFert de pafler de fackcs de leyne fauns 
payer cuftome, & combien cit vaiu la euftomc chefcun au en ehcfcun mannere 
de cuflome a nous apurtenantSi ceux articles foient termincs a noltrc Efchc- 
Icer felonc la difcretion de nos Barons, 

^cc tticCuftumcr of jPojmanDp,cap.y.&<5. fouctjingtfjccSiecljcqucrflicrc, 
both of anottier 3!ur(sDtd:ton, ant) of ot^cr 3luDgc3, anD iDfficersjtftcn our Court 

Lefehekcr eft un place quarre que (blemenc efl ordeine pur le prou le roy 
ou deux Chivalicrs, i Clerks,ou » homes,ifcs fontaflignes pur Oier &Tcrmi- 
ner les torts faitsa! roy&a fa coroneen droit deccsfies& cesfranchifes, & 
les accounts desBayiiffs, & des receivers de denicrs le roy & des adminilirators de 
cesbiens per la viewe de une Sovcraign que eft Treafirtr de Angliterre. Lesdeux 
Chivaliers foloient eftre appeles deux Barons pur affercr les amerciaments de 
counties, & des Barons & des tenants counties & baronies cy que nul ne fiiitaf- 
fere forfque per ces Piers, 

A celle place cfloit afligne un Scale eve garden pur faire cnt acquittance de 
chefcun payment que avoir levoloit, &dc fealer le$ bres & les eflrctsfouth ce- 
re verte iflant de celle place pur le prou leroy. En celle place font auxi Cham- 
berleines & plufors auters minifters quene touch my molt alaley* 

Ordeine fuit Lefchequer in manner come enfuift > Si les painespecuniels 
de Countecs & Barons enccrtein>& auxi dc tenants ^ Counties & * Baronies 
difmemlies &qucceux amerciaments fuiffent affered per les Barons del Efehe- 
quer,& quelein cnvoiaft Icseflreets delour amerciaments alEfchequerou que 
ilz fuiffent amercies en la Court leroy. 

•Onfter ceo nul Common plea ne foit deformcstenns en Lefchequer encoun- 
ter la form de la grand Charter. 

rFlera(fojBra6lonfreatetl) not Of this Court) faith* Habet& Rex Curiam 
fuam & JulHciarios fuos refidentes ad Scaccarium, 0nD this is all 31 finDe 
in htm. 

a^his Court is Dttitict) into ttoo part3,viz. juDtciall afcount6,callcD Fcaccari- 
um ccmputorum,anD into the Receipt of the CErchcqucr, ' Unaorigo utriufque 
Scaccarii, fuperioris fcilicet, & infet lOtis, fed quicquid in luperiori computacur, in 
inferiori folvitur. 

Bcfojetoc obferte anp thing out ofthefcancient 0uthojs anD ;3rts of par^. 
liamcntjif (hallbe nccclTarpto fctDoton thegrcat£>tftccrs, the3inDgcs, anD 

^ i other 

a Britton fo.i.b. 
h NotaTrcafu- 
rers in the plu- 
rall number, 
t Of ancient 
time they were 
Barons and Peers 
of tbeRealmJib. 
nigro. Scaccar* 
psrte 1.C3.4. 
Seethe i4chipo' 
of Mag. Cart, 
and the expo/itf- 
on of the fame, 
rfEtfo 29. b. 

Mirror ca^i.$. 143 

Deli place del 

' Ttiswai in 
nurcjfor all Earl- 
domes and Bjro- 
nics were holden 
in C.ipitc. 
/Artie. fup. Car:, 
tap.4 18 E.r. 
Star, dc Kotclad. 
10 E.I. Reg. 187. 
h Cckam. 


f The Officen 
of this Courts 
Kot.Par.ij R.i. 

Vide Rot'.Pat. 
for this office. 
• M2th.Paris 
i8 H.;.pa.j9i. 
& ij H.J. anno 

And fo was Tho. 
50 H.J. 

Rot. bieviuin. 

2« E.z. 

a Archbifhop 

Treafnrcr of the 


b Nocaindifto 
rfTreafuterfliip of 
the Exchequer 
granted by Let- 
ters Patents. 


Vid. The Lord 
Chancelors oath 
in the Chapter 
of the Chincery« 

• Lain is an old 
French wotdjto 

The Court of Exchequer, Cap.uj 

ot^er iSDfficeroanD £pinitter0oftt)t£tConrt,ast^epbeHttl^t0tiap, 

Fifcus in one fenfe ts taken foj t^c C&rt^equcr , pjoperlp It ts Sporta a ^am< 
per,tnf)erein ttje confircatton£i,fc(Iement£i^nD ot^er monepo of V^t l&tns Isccc car* 

1. DomiDus ThefaurariusAoglixttD^Uli) office Jbcljatlb att^is t)apbPtl^et>e« 
Ifbcrp of a tofttte ftaffe, at ffte Sings iotU anD pleafure. 3n fojmer times tic ftaD 
tbtg great office bp acUDerp of tlje t?eps(golt)en bepa) of tfte f reafurp: io^en trea* 
fure faileD.t^e Incite Saffe ferteo to rc(t Ijtm upon tt,oj to D^ttie aUiap impojta^ 

2. Thefaurarius Scaccarii,ancientlpcaUeDArcariusab area, ant) t^i0 oStcel^e 
\09 bp Hetters |9atent0. j^oj^bot^ tj^efeofftces l^el^at^ 3(55.1. fees, robes out 
oftfje OTarDjop 15:. 1.7,$. s.d.BIn coto sSo.l./.s.g.d. * Hugo Pateftiull teas 
firft SCreafurcr of tljc CEwljequcr, anO after Summus Thefaurarius. 

Cancellarius Scaccani, t^at keepetii tt)e &eal. &ee PI, Com. 921. Lefchequer 
ad Chancelor& Seale,&leiBfes ufuailinle Chancery in Lefehcquer,&c. font 

pluis ancient que leRegiRer. &eeoft^eCi^ancelo^ Of x^z €]cc|ieqttec thereafter 
in tl^c Court of t^e Crctiequer ctiamben 

Capitalis Baro & Barones alii* 

SubthcfaurariusScaccarii, ancientlp calleD Locum tcrcns Thefaurarii. Petrus 
deWillcbye locum teaens Thefaurarii, Anno :?oE.i. «plurcsalii:^enamct^ 
Vit ttoo pjatfers of alltfte goons fcifeD oj not cnftomeD, ant) ojDcretl^ loljctfter t^e 
partp tballtjauet^em attftepjiccojnot, fteappomtcDtfje&tctuarD, Coofe an5 
Butler fo; tlje pjotjifion of tbc fe>tar=cf)ambcr : |je in t^c tjacancp of tbe SCreas 
furerDot^allt&mgsint^elRccctptjtbattbeaCrcarurcr t)otf), 3Intfte ttatute of,anD 43 El. tntfte&ubflDp of tifteclergp ftets calleu tlllnljer=treara= 
rer of (England. Concerning t^is matter 1 finDe of recojD ttjis tojit foU 

Edwardus Rex Angiis & dominus Hibernia: Baronibui & Camerariis fuij dc 
Scaccario fuo,SaIutem. Qiium pro eo quod * vencrabiJis pater W. Archiepif- 
copui Eborum nuper Thefaurarius scaecarii psdifti, cirea diverfa ncgotia in 
partibus borealibusefl occupatus, quo minus intendere poiTit ad ea qux adoiH- 
cium illud in ''dido Scaccario pertinent excrcendajconrtituerimuj vcnerabilem 
pattern Johanncm wimonicnfem Epifcopum 'tenentcm locum Thefaurarii Scae- 
carii pr£di(5ti,quoufque de officio ilio aliter duximas ordinandum, percipieodo 
in eodem officio (dum il!ud fie tcnuerit) feodum confuetum, prout in litteris nt)- 
fltis patentibus prsfato Epifcopo indc confcftisplenius eontinetur Vobis man- 
damus quod ipfum Epifcopum ad officium admittatis & ei in his qu£ ad ofliei- 
um praidiSum pertincant intcndatis in forma prardifla, Teflc Edwardo filio 
noftro primogcnitoCuftoderegninoflri^ apud Hereford Sexto die Novembris» 
Anno regni no(iri vicefimo. 

%\iz office anDtiutpoft^elLojO Creafarer of c^nglanD tiotlj appear bp Iifs 
oat^,tDt)icI) ffanDet^upon eigl^t Articles. 

I. SDl^at toell anD trulp be djall fertie tije l^ing anD dispeople in t^e office 
of ^reafurer. 

z. SE^at ijeHjallDoerigbtto all manner of people,poo} anD ricb,of fucbtllifnge 
as concern l^is office. 

3. %\)z lyings treafare 1^ Ojall f rnlpj^eep anti DifpenDf 

4. ^t tball trulp counfellttei^ing. 

5. %))Z l&ings Counceli Ije t^ll * lapn and beep. 

6. 2D^at \jz HcM neither knolo m% fuffer ttje lyings Idurt, m% l^ts Dff^eriting, 
no; t^att^e rights oftJ^eCrotDnbeDecreafeD bp anp mean, as farfo;tMsbe 
map let it. 

7. ^nD if be map not let it, be (ball malke fenotoletige thereof clearlp anfep 
pjeflp to tbe l&ing loitb bis true Dei^ice anD cotinfell. 

S. ^n& beffjaUDoe anD purcbafe tbe icings p;o6f in all tbaf be maprearo^- 
nablpDoe : tobicbtn effect agreetbloitbtbeoatb of tbe ^o}D Cb»ncelo?,aspou 


Cap.ii. The Court of Exchehuer, 


Imprimis poft figtllarioncm patcntium de illo officio vocetur in cur* Can- 
ecllaria?, coram domino Canceliario genibus flexis facie facramentum, ut fu- 
periuj rcribitur,& deinde figillacum ctit breve regis direiSum Baronibus & Ca- 
merariis de Scaceario de attcndenc' rceitani cftccSum didarum literarum pa- 
tentium, Etinde receffcrit didus dominus Canecllarius ad Curiam Scaeeatii & 
ibidem (didlo Thefaurario flante ) ad barram legamur liters Paientes pracdidl' 
& fimilicerprxdiftumbfe, & vocatus eft idem Thefaurarius ad loeum fiium per 
difSum dominum Canccllarium accipiens ccffum,& liberate eruot tunc & ibi- 
dem claves officii Thefaurarii,& omnes officiarii fub fe recedent cum ipfo Thefau- 
rario in Thefaurum & dames ci attendcnc'.aCfttC tocljatie tranfcrtbcD de verbo in 
verbum in eildem verbis. 

%Mz iLo^DCreaftirerof C];nslant)^tl^airogranfcO to l^imb^ iletfere )aa< 

feiltS unDer t^C CDjcat «>eal, Thefaurariam scaccarii regis Anglix, to^ifbof ancu 
ent ttmetoasaDtatnd: office by it it\U %Mt offttcof tbe SSreafurec of tb« 
Cwljeqaer DiDpjmctpallp tafee taie oftlje green iDai:,fcc0,anD tenures, nUt 
t0 ratD;^e fjatf) alfolotttit^e liSarotts t^cculltoDp of reco;D0, a$ bp t^e tnfu< 
fngrecojD appcar0. 

3ln an 3info;matton of infmfion in tbe GErc^cqucr agatnft Brace , juDgmcnt 
toas gttjcn fox t!)C ^wtm againtt Brace, ioljo bjougljt a tojft of (3;rro; DircctcD 
to tbe lojo Cljancelo J anD ?Lojt) JErcafurcr, anD tl^cp maue a toarrant unDer tfteU' 
feals to tije iBarons to bjtng tf)e rcco:D bcfojc tl|cm» SnD Manwoodc^ief ISaron 
obietteD agafnft botl) tljc tojtt anD i\it Ujarrant,foj tijat tfte ffatotc of 31 E,3.c.i 2, 
t^atgtt3etbtt)isli)^ttof (!£rro;i0gencrall, t^at t^eilojD c^ancelo^ an& iiojt) 
SCreafurer (l^all caufc to come befo?c t^em tlje rccojD anDpjocelTcof tbe <£);« 
ct)equer, anD in as mnclb as nofpecialllD^it iuas giben bp ttje (tatute,tberefo;e 
t\)t tout ougtjttobcDtreotetitotbemtljat^tie tbe keeping of f^ereco^D accoj< 
I)tng to tbc cotirfc of tljc Common lauj. * 0rtD fo j tljat ttje Creafurer of tfte QDy* 
cljequec anD JSarons tjabc tljc Ijccping office IRecojDS of t^ CBj-cljequec , tf)c 
lo^it of (Erro^ougl^tto tiabe beenDireaeD totbem,anD t^atfbe ILo;D Cliance« 
loj anD iioiD Crcafarer of CnglanD arc JuDgea in fijis cafe, anD not tljc 3Crea« 
furer of tl)c Cwljcquer, 0nD upon feacc!) of pjcfiDcnts all tl^c tojits of Crroj 
from tl^c making oftljellatute until! 7Eliz. toere DirecteDfo t^eCreafnrer of 
f^e (i!;i;cftequer,anD barons to bjing tbe RccoiD befojc f^e LojD Cljancelo; 
anD JLojD JCrcafurcr : but in 7 El. anD Dibers lujits ttntc fjabe been DirerteD as 
tljiiStD^it toaSjfc. llSut it ioas refolbeD \yg t^e ^o:.DCI^anceIo;,llojDCrearn« 
rcr, anD t^e tloo C^tef SlnSices iSCfiaants, tIjat tbc tu^it ong^t to be DireiteD to 
t^eCreafurcr oft^cC£rc^equec anDllBarons tbat ijabe t^ie JRecojD intfjcircH- 
ffoDt> acco^Dtng to t^e ancient conrfe anD pjeQDcnts , anD tllierenpon iW U)?it 

^cre 5Four tilings arc to be obferbeD. 1. SC^af albeit tbeBaron0,a0^af^ 
beenratD,aret^cfolc3!uDgc0, pet tbc 2Drcafurcr of tljc (JE)C£l)equcri0 jopnaD 
iuitljtljcm in fecepingoftftc 1RecojDs,tDl)crcoftl)eSBaron0 arc 31uDge0,foj tl»eg 
arc parcell of tlje lyings S^rcafurc. 2, gnijat tojits of Crrojareto bcDiretfeD 
totbem tljat fjabc tljc cuttoDp of tftcHeco?DlDbcrcin anp juDgment isgiben; 
as a \D%\i of (iB^rro^ to reljerfe a juDgment in tbe Court of Common )9lea0, 
(ball be DirecteD tot^e Ci^cf Bluff ice onlp to^o l)aft) tbe cultoDp oft^eboDp of 
tftc KecojD iDbcrcin tljc juDgmcnt is gibcn,but tbc ojiginall itj^tt anD tparrant 
of atturnparcnotin fjtscuttoDp. 3. 2Ct)at albeit tlje ilojD SCrcafarerts alfo 
SCrcafurer of tlje Cwbcqucr, pet fftetDjitofCrrojisDirecteDto btma0a:;rea« 
furer of t!)cc£rcl)equEr, anD tbciBarons, to Ijabe tljc UlccoiDbcfoje fjimrclfas 
SCreafurer of CnglanD $ tt)c ctiancelo^ 4. 2Cbat at tbe malting of tbe Qatute 
of 31 E, 3. tbatgibetbtftctojit of CErro?, tlje offices of SCreafurerof (UnglanD 
anD tl)e 3Ercaf(U-cr of tbcercbcquertoercinfcberall IjanDs, as bp tbc tojits of 
€'rroj bjougbtfoon after appearctft. Bcfojctbc faiDttatuteof 31 £,3. t^c er- 
rors infbcCvcbequer tDerefomctimesecamincD in parliament, anD fometimes 
befo:e Commillioncrs bpfojceof fljctoingstojit unDer tbe *©?cat &caU 

Bit Voas pctttioncD In jparliament in n;. tl^at erroneous juDgmenfs 


Formi conftin>; 
cionis Thcfautaiii 

Vid. Rot. Carta, 
rum anno 17 H.3, 


Note theftatate 
fpcakcthof the 
Chancelor and 
Trcafurer gene- 
rally which IS in- 
tct>dcd of the 
Treafurer of 
England, w rf/»«j- 
Sir William Pel- 
hams cafe. 
* Note hereby it 
clearly appeareth 
that the Treafu- 
rer and Barons 
of the Exchequer 
ate keepers of 
the recordsjudio 
ciillcf the 6x- 
9 E.J, 

&c. Vid.iR.i. 
nu. sir William 
de la Pools cafe. 
Mich. J J ic 
;4E.i, Coram 
Rogcro dcHeg- 
haui & aliisju- 


I psttoFtFclH- 
Grand Scrjanty, 

Sec the ftat, of 
f R.2.C. i4.ftat.i 
2.6 Ail.p.eo. 

Duly in charge. 

The Annuel or 
great K.0II. 

Duly in charge. 
The Roll of re- 

5 Aiii'itors. 

1 H.7 4-3. 

7 EI.Dicrijg.b. 
.*ir Rich. Lees 
cafe. • 

Quamdiu fc be- 
ne ge fieri c. 

The Court of Exchequer. Cap. ii.' 

in f!)C <txt^tv/xtt mfsW be rc^crfet) in tftc J^tngs %tnt\^, luf if rucrccttctmot 

vide Term. Pafch 14 E.g. a ttHrit DtrcctcO to tl^c SCrcafurcr ant) ilSarons 
calling to tfjemfuclj 3nftice0 as tljcp flioulD tftinb fit, to examine tlic Keco;D,ic. 
of tfte jnDgcmcnt in tl)C (H; tct)cquer, -ic. fo: t^e viromitcffe of tocnt againtt tfjc 0b= 
bot of IRamfeg, upon tobicb juDccmcnttbcabbotbjougbf btstKHritofCtro?. 
Fitzhcrbert foj anotber pnrpofe abjiDgetb tlje cafe, Tit. Scire fac. 121, 

HiK 1 1 E. 3, in libro rubeo in Scaccario fo. 322, tbe cafc Of lohn de Leceflre 
Cbambetlaine of tfjc Cjcbctjacr, a notable pjefiDcnt to tbe lifec cffetf. Lege, quia 

Nota in fbs 0(t of 3 1 E. 3. tbat is callct) tbc Counccll Cl)ambcr,ti)b{cb noio ia 
calleDtbedDjcbcquecCbamber, bccaufe tbccctoastbeaCPemblpofalltbe HuOgcs 
being tbe icings Councell foj DcctDing of matters in lata. 

f The Chamberlaincs of the Exchequer, iFoj tbcfe Officers fee in tbc firft 
part of the Inft, Jib.2. cap. Grand' Serjeanty. Scd. 1 5 3. tbC office mcnttoncDin 
tbelLetters patents iS.Offieiu uniusCamerariorfi deReccpi' Scaccarii,five olficiu 
unius Camcraricrutn de Scaccario, f is granteU foj term Of life to be CCCrcifcD b)> 
Ijtmojbis SDepatp. SCotbis £)fftce fcelongtbe office of one of tbc SDojcIiecpcrs 
of tbe Receipt. 

? Gomrarotuiacor. £Df fo great regarti ts tbe rigbtufcoffbepipcastbcrc 
is a Controller tbereof , Icbicb no otber iDffice in tbis Court batb. ;^nD tbe 
C^ancelouroftbedDncbcqner is tbeControllcr of tbe pipe. 

f Rememeratores, ^> vU Regis. ^ hefaurarii, & Primorum fruSuum, 

5 Clcricus Pipe. :©f tbts £Dfftcer fometobat is necelTari' to bcfaiD. 2Cbc 
ojigtnall tnftitufion of tbis Court luas tafeen from a conDnito? conbcpanccof 
Suatcr into a cifterne : foi as ioatcr is conbej5cDfrommani>i?ountainsanD 
&pjtngs bp a |0tpe into a Cifterne of a bonfc, ano from tbence into tbc fcijcrall 
offices of tbc fame : fo tbis golDen anD Qlticr ff reainc is D?atonc from feberall 
Courts as fountains of jufticc, anD otbcr fpjings of retienue rcDuccD anD colic* 
dcD into one pipe, anD bptbat conttepeD into tbc Cittern of bis s©ajefties Re- 
ceipt, ic, SCberefoje all accounts anD Debts fo tbc iitng are DelibcrcD anD colic* 
(tcD out of tbc offices of tbc icings Hcracmbjanccr , anD SCrcafurcrs Hcmem- 
b^anccr,ic. anD Djaton Doton 5 put in cbarge in tbe pipe. &o as tpbatfoeber is in 
cbargc in tbis IRoll 0; pipe, is faiD in lata to be Dulp in cbarge. 2Dbc Clerfe of 
tbc pipe in tbc patent of bis office, is calleD Ingroflator magni Kot, in Scac- 

ailfo tbc SCrcafurers 1R ememb?anccr is bp bis office to cbarge anD enter fromi 
tbe £DjtgtnaU into tbc annuall, otbcriDtfc callcD tbc ©jeat IRoll , all fce=^arme 
rents anD otbcr rents tobatfoeber upon leafes of lanDs Initbin tbe furbep Of tbis 
Court : anD tobatfoetier is in cbarge in tbis IRoUisfaiDtobcDuli' in cbarge. 
^Ifo be ougbt to beep anotbcr liloU, commonlp callcD a IRoll of rebcrCons, as'of 
grants of lanDS anD offices in tailc, foj life oj pears abfquecompoto, aut ali- 
qnid inde reddendo, to tbc cnD, as Often as nccD Ojall require, Writs map be 
grantcD to enquire tobetber tbc iffuc be fpent , tbc Icffec DeaD, f c. 

^ SCbere be fibc auDttojs oftbcBtngs rcbcnucs iottbin tbc furbej? of tbis 
court. anD tbeir office is to take tbe accounts of tbc lyings l'^eceibers,&bcrlffs, 
CD fcbeatojs. Collectors, anD Cuttomcrs, anD to auDif e anD perfect tbcjn. 315ut an 
^uDitoj cannot alloto anp licenfe 0? grant, foj tbc auDtto: bnoiuctb not tobetber 
tbcltcenfe 0; grant be gooD 0; no : but upon petttton it ougbf to Lc alloiucD bp tbe 
3I5aronstoboUnototbe3LaU), &ikdefimilibus. J^eitbcr can tbc SluDitoj put 
anp tbing in cbarge, foa bis office is (as batb been faiD) but to tabc anD auDitc 
accounts : foj tbeU'OjDSOf bis patent be, Gonceilimus b. officium unius Audi- 
torum Scaccarii noliri quod I, S.nuper habuic & occupavit: Habendum & tenen- 
dum prxdiitum officium prajfatoB. quamdiule benegeflerit ineodem per fc vel 
fuflieient'deput' fuum. jjias', tbougb tbc llBarons Do oiDer upon figbt of anp He* 
co^D o^cbiDence, tbat anp tbing fball be put in cbarge, tbis is ufcD to be Done to 
bjing it in qucftion , but it is not in lata accountcD to be Dulp in cbarge (untill 
itbcrecobcreD, rcccibcD, anb accountcD fo.; of HccojD; foj it is not jiuDiciaiip 


Cap. II. The Court of Exchequer. 

Hone, becanfc it map be Done in tftc abfcnce of t!)e part(>. Jpcftljcr can aw JSuDt- 
toj mahc a super, but of tl)at tbat ^atl^ been rcccttjcD anD accmmfcD fo: bcfo?c» 

f Auditor of the Preiis tafec atit) auDUc fl)C accounts Of JrclanD, lioattotcfe, 
tl)C £ptnt, anD of anp monep tmpjcftcD to anp man. 

f Auditor of the Receipts, ,ftrtt,f)c tsaWntieof j^rtacer, foj be filctljtljc 
SCellers btls ant) cnf rctfj tbcm. M»cconDlp, he is a IRcmcmbianccr, fo: be gftctfj 
to tbc 5lo:,D SLrcafui-cr a u:ccttficatc of tbc moncp rcceitcD tbc toecUbcfoje* 
SEhirOlp-. bct8an;aul)tto;i-» foi t)cmabcti) SDcbcnturcs to ctjcrp Ccllcr bcfo?e 
tfjep pap ang moncp, anD tabctb ano auDttctlj tljetr 0ccoimt£$. HfieriDesaUtbefc 
Ijcfeccpctt) tbe JlSlackboofeof recciptfl,anDtbc i.o?D SDrcafurershcp of tbc EErca^ 
furp, anD fectb cbcri? SCellcrs moncp locbeD up in tbc ncin 2Ercafurj>. 

f Foriniee'Oppofuo'^, tbe jFojetn ^Jppofcr, be DotJj oppofcall fefjcriffcs anB 
iBailtffs of IL tbcrttcs of tbctr green luaj;: ClnDer tbcfc too jDs [Green wax] arc tn« 
cluDeDiFincs, 3iffucs,anD Amerciaments, Kecognijanccc fo? tbe peace, lRccog= 
nljances fo; appearance in anpotber Court, anD gooDbcbabiour, anDfucbUbc 
tncertatnttcs ccctificD in febcrall ^treats into tbc office of tbe iiojD 2Drcafurers 
^Remembrancer, tobo DcUberctlb tbc fame to tbe Clerk of tbe (Ertrcats to be put 
into J9J0CC3, 3lnD bccaofe tbc QEttrcats anncrcD to tbc aKHrtt are unoer a §)eaic 
fn green toar, tbep are tjulgarlp callcD (II5?eentoar. 115ut iFelons gooDs, ?KHatfcs, 
g>trapcs, £Datlatoco gooDo, 2?coDanD6, anD fitcb lihc, arcVnitbin tbc S>bef ifFes 
accounts, tottb tobitb tbc CUfcbcatoi toas toont to Dealc. 

f ClcricHS exiractorum, ClcrU Of tbC C!;j;trcat0,bis office IS partlpfoucbcD 

i^erc it map be DemanDeD tobat ttjc meaning of tbcfc UjojDs (of C^ftrcats f bs>t 
fowne not) is, Cbe 0(t of 4 H. 5 . cap, 2, being Ojiginall in jFrcnclj, is in pro- 
prio idiomate , Des Sflreats ment fovvenn, tobicb bp turning tbC ttoo finctlc V V 
into a w toas fira maDe fownn, anD aftcrtoarDs fowne. iiiotofowentipjopcrlp 
fignifietb to be remembjeD, anD fucb cafualttes, as are not to be rememb^eD run 
not in DcmatiD,tbat is, are hot Ictjiablc. 

^ Clerieus Nihilorum mafectb a iRoll of all fucb fummcs as tbe ©berfffe upon 
§9?ocesfoj tbc (DjcentoaF cctojn Nihil, anD tcltberetb tbat Jtloll into tbe office 
of tbe iLoiD SErcafurers IRcmembjancCr to ba^e crccution Done ofitfojfbc 
Mm, S>ce tbe ttatute of j R, i. cap. 1 3 . ftat.i . concerning tbcfc rctojns of Nihil 
anD tbe Difcbarge tbcreof, 

^ Clerieus Piacitorum, clcrlt Of tbe ^Icas. fn fbis mans office all tbe offi^ 
ccr" anD pjibilcDgcD pcrfons in tbis Court arc to fuc anD be fucD. j©f tbis mat: 

1^ Mardchaliu$,^arfbalU JCo tbis ^©fficcr tbe Court commtftctb tbc ftccp. 
ing of tbc icings Debtors During tbc fitting of tbe Ccrni, to tbe enD tbcp map pjo- 
DiDctopap tbeteings Debts, ojclfctobefuftbcr impjifoncD. feucb Offices as 
arc founDVirtHte officii, anD bjougbt into tbc ^wbcquccare DclitcreD to bim,to 
be DcliPcreD ober to tbe ILojD g^reafurers lilcmembjanccr. i^e alfo appointetb 
0uDitoj8 to &beriffs,C!!;fcbeato;B,Cuaomers, anD Collectors fojtabing tbcir 

^ Clerieus SummonitioDum,ClcrboftbC&ummonS, 

^ Depntati Catrerarii duo, callcD vlUnDcr tbambcrlainsoftbcCBrcbcqncr i 
tbcp clea\3Ctbc SCallics toiitten bp tbe Clcrb of tbc SDallicS, anD reaDc tbe fame, 
tbat tbe Clerfe of tbe pell anD tbe Controllers tbercof map fee tbeir entries b8 
tru« : tbcp alfo fcarcb foj all K ecojDS in tbc SCreafurp. 

f Sccundarii Rememoratoris regis duo. 

1 Secundarii Rememoratoris Thefaurarii duo^ 

* Secundarii Pipa? duo. 

31n tbcotbcr part of tbe CEFcbcquec tobicb is callcD tbelRcccipf . Concerning 
tbecourfe of tbc I'^eccipt of tbc €«bcqucr,fee Rot . Clauf. ^ 9 E. 5. m.*-?. 

* ThctwoChambcrlaines. ^ftbcDutpoftbefc£DfficCr« fee ftl tbcftrft part 
©f [he InfHtutes. Videji H. 3. ftat.^, l4E.3♦cap.I4• 
« Clerieus Taliiarum. SDbcre tc ttoo binD of jEailes oj SCallies , tbc one is 



Green w;x. 



See the flat, of 
Rotel. verflinem yi H.j. 

Rot.claiif.j9 E.J 
Firftpart ofthe 


aiK t.cap.$. 
I E.6.cap.4- 

flat. I. 

fi:e of the Kings 
Mich. i6H. 6. 
Rot.46 . 
The duties of the 
Kings Kemcmb- 

The duties of ihe 
Loid Trcafiuets 

See hereafter in 

the Chapter of 

the Court of 


I R.t.cap.j. 

'The Court of Exchequer. Cap. 11. 

callctj a SCallcp of * ticbt, anii flie otl^cc is talleu a SCallp of ^ reluarD ; of bof 5 
toiit^ pot] map reaD in tiit^ers )9l(ts of )aarUament. 

f Clericus Peilis, Clerfe Of tfte |0clc. H^ts tiotp is fo cttter mrp SCellcrgbfU 
into a IRoU, callcD Pcllis reccptorum. ^^tsDutp alfo t0to enter irvanotfterKoU 
papmenf s calUD Pellis exitns ; anD bp to^at Warrant tlje papment loas maDe. 

^ Numeratorcs, 4 SDellcrs. SD^off(ccofa2DcUertonfiffetft<nfoucmiftC3. 
I . Co rccetbc monies Due to tfte litiig, 2. 2Do gtbo to t&e Clcrfe pellis rcceptoru 
a billt^ccof, tol^erebp tie map be c^argeD. 3. %o pap to all pecfons monies 
bp Marraut oftbeauDtto? oftbcJRcceipt, 4, SCbcp make pcarlp ant toecklp 
boobs of tbeir receipts anD papmcnto , lobic^ tliep DeUbcr to t^c 3lo;& S^rra^ 

f Jun (Sores talliorum duo» 

^ Depucaci Camerarii duo* 

^ Cuftos Thefaurix. 

^ Tabel]ariiOrdinarii4, 

f Scribs doo, 

f Ofiiciarii Decimarum & Prirfcitiarutn* 

IBp fbe ftatute of j R, i.foj mafetng a Commiffton inflje €nittqatt fbc Clcrfc 
CbaUnottakefo^bi^feeabotie 2s. onlp ; ntti fo^a IReco^DofNifipriastoittjtbc 
Wiiit but 2 s, onlp) as afoje tbis time toas toont f be Done anD nfeD. 

&ee in tbe enD of a boob containing manp little boote, as Fit zherbcrti Jufticc 
of Peace, Carta Feod',&c» tbe fees of tbe Officers of tlje CEwbequcr, 

315uf if (ball be ncceffarp to fet Doion fbe Duties of tbc iSings Hemcmbjanccr, 
anDoftbe Ho'.n SCreafurers IRemembjancer* 

, Cbe office of tbe 1ft ings lUemembjancerconCfiefb p^fncipallp in etgbf Duties. 
?^is firtt is to to?tte p^occsagainft Collcrtots of c:uftomcs, feubabies, anO 
iftfteens. 2. ^e entretb in bis £)fficc all 3Rccogni?ancesbcfo?ctbe Barons, 
anD tabetb bonDS fo; anp of tbe lyings Debts, fo; obferbing of o;Ders , 0; fo; ap^ 
pcaranccs , anD bis Dntp is to mafec out |9;occs upon ebcrp of tbem. 3. ^e mas 
betb |3joces upon Snfojmations upon pcnall ttatutes, all tobttb Jnfojmations 
^re entreD in bis office. 4. ^ mabetb liBils of compoGf ion upon informations 
upon penall ftatutes. 5, ^z tafectb tbe ttalmcnf of Debts anDentretb tbem. 
6. 2tbc clerfe of tbe &tarcbambec certifictb into bis office tbe fines fet in fiiz 
&tar=cbamber ; tbis officer mahetb a lRcto:Dtbcrcof, anD Djatoctb tbem Doton 
into tbe laipe. 7» ^nto tbis office ougbt to he. DclitcreD to be fafeb bcpt, all ^U 
furanccs, Conbepances,anD Q^biDences, toberebp anp llanDs, tenements, l^e- 
reD{tamcnts,o]totbcrtbtiigsarcgrantcDtotbcl'ting' 8. 0lfo tbcreis a Coiut 
of C^quitp bolDen in tbe ©rcbequcr Cbamber bp (l&nglilb bill ; all tbe Bils anD 
p;oceeDtngs tbereupon are entreD in t\}z office of f bis officer, ^ee tbe Satuf e of 

5R. 2.cap,i4. flat. I. 

Cbe office of tbe llo;D Creafurers Hemembjancer p;inc(pallp confittotbin 
eigbt Duties, i . %is Dutp is to pjefertie tbe b;oaD^fp;eaDing anD fruitfull tree of 
SDennres fo manptoapes bcncficiall to tbe Crolun, anD tbe furif Diction of tbe 
Court of SXKarDs, i»btcb fomctfmcs Vocrc toitbin tbe furbcp of ibis €:oin-f , tut 
Dncc tafeen from it. ^e mabetb out p?oces fo; tbe iiJings rebcnue bp reafon of 
tbe tenures of tbe fe{ng(!II(IIIarD8CFccptcD.) z. H$c maltctb |B;occs of Fieri fac' 
anD CEvtcnt fo> Debts Due to tbe Mn^ citbcr in tbe J3tpe, 0; laitb tbe 0uDito;s. 
3f a Clerfe of tbts Court mabc anp Mrit of pjoccs fo; a Debt tobtcb batb been 
paioanD fbe Rallies tbereof jopneDanD allotucD , be ftall lofc bis office, anD be 
imp?ifoncD unttll be batb fatisfieD tbe partp fo mucb as bp tbe Difcrction of tbe 
2Dreafurer anD Barons be is en&amagcD. 3. ^ mabctb P;oces agatnlfaUi 
S^bcriffs, (i!;fcbeato;s, JReccibcrs, anD BapUffs, to b;tng tbem to account, 
4. 2Co mahc an entrp of iRcco;D, toberebp it appearetb iDbetber &beriffs anD o-- 
tbcr 5lccountants pap tbcir pjoffcrs Due at CDaftcr anD s^tcbaelmas. t. ^c ma* 
betb anotbcr (Entcf> of lUco;D, to tbe cnD it map be UnoVon tobetber febcriffa 
anD otber Accountants fecep tbeir Dapesof pjcfirion. 6. %\}z (I15;ecn=toa): is cer« 
tificD into bis office, anD arebpbim DelibereDtotbccierboftbeC-ffrcats, as 

Cap. n. The Court of Exchequer, lOp; 

^atl^beenrafD. 7* C^ere ong^t to be baoug^t tnto tbts £>ff ice all f^e acfouttfd 
of CuftomerS) Controllers, anD all ot^cr accounts, to make tljereoftntl^ts £!>f< 
flee an cntrp of Kcco^D,to atotD all Delap anD concealment int^lttngs bnQnes, 
8, &ee tftc flatutc of 5 R. 2, cap.14. fiat. 1, 

Concerning tftefe £Dff{cer0 t^crc t0 an excellent lato matie In 5 R, j. tofterebp ^^^ p"I. 5 r 1 , 
if tsenacteD, iCbatfrombcnccfojffjnoilEaronoftbcC-rcfjeqner , Clerfeoftftc ""'^5, ""'Jwor- 
3ptpe, Hcmembjancer, £)ppofcr, controller. Clerk of tfjc picas, and Clerk of ^ ^ '" ^ ' 
f^e iFo?etn fummons, 0aDtto:, 0? otftcr cljtef £)fficer of t^e C^rcftcquer be made, 
unleSe fte bs tocll leamcD fn tbe Hato, oj otbertolfc ijerp sktlfull (n the courfes 
anD ofages of tl)e(E>:cl)eqner.l !^ere is tlje fjcartftring of tbis Court, foj alLeit 
tfte laUjcs anD o^Ders tbereof be moll crcellent, pet tbe benefit tbereof confift m 
gooD anD skilfuU £)fftcer6 anD jptntffers, 

^Cbcfe tbings being unDcrttooD, let us nolo perufc our ancient 0ut^o?0 , foj 
out of tbe olD fielD0 mufi come tbe neto co?ne, 

Eyenc nous Treaforeri, ^erebp it appearetl) being in tbc ^luratl nnmVer, 
tbat tbcfc be ttno SHreafurers, tobcrcof toe babe fpofecn bcfoje. SDbere is alfo a RotP^rl s H.«. 
SDrearurcroftbciSingS Cbamber, ThefaurariusCamerx Regis, tobicb is not ""•'»7' 
accountable in tbe Crcbequcr, but to ttje l^ing bintfelf. 3f tbe Ifting appoint 
fonte totjom be trutt to take bt0 account, tbi0 i0 cftcemeD to be Done bp tbe litng 
^imfelf. Quiperalium facicperipfumfacerevideiur. ^ cRica'oftati 

<T Et nous Barons illonques jurifditaion. * 3111 |uDiciaU p?OCeeDfng0 accojDing f \o E.j.capii. 
lato in tbe GBwbeque^are coram Baronibus»| net cora rliefaarario & Baronibus : Tht Ceurt •/ 
»ut tbe Court of dDquiti? IjolDcn in tbc dD rcbequer Cbamber, is b^olDen befojc tbe S^juitj in tht 
ILojD2Crearnrer,Cbancclo;,anD 115aron0. ^f tbis Court fiocfigo giben a Extheauer, 
toucb before -, aiiD tball treat mo?e b^rcafter. j^ote tbe jnDirl% p;oceeD> Chamber, 
ings before tbe 1l5arons are in IRola, bnttbep are not numbreO as in otbec see hereafter. 

Courts. capij. pagii*. 

2Cbe iSDatb of tbe TBaron0 of tbe ©rcbcquer crp?effing tbcir but {C0 confiflf etft J°j' "*" """"" 
npontenarticle0» i.SDbattoellanDtrulPbctballfcrbc in tbe j©ffice of iSaron rheOathef 
oftbcliiingsQDKbequer. z. SCbattrulp be OjallcbargcfDiCcbarge all manner of theBarons, 
people, as tocll poo? as rifb. ?• 2Cbat foj bigbncffe no? foj ricbe0, m% foj ba« sccth? flamteof 
treD,noj eftatc of no manner of perfon oj perfons, no? foj anp DeeD, gift, no? p:o^ 10 e. j.cap.x. 
mife of anp perfon tbe tobicb is maDc to bini, noj bp craft, no j bp ingcn be fljali 
, let tbc fctngs rigbt. 4» J^oj none otber perfons rigbt be ftall Dillurbc, let ojre* 
fpite contrarp to tbc latocs of tbe lanD. 5. J^oj tbe lyings Debts be (ball put in 
refpite, toberctbattbcpmapgooDlPbelebicD. 6, 2Cbaf tbeiaingsnccDbetball 
fpceD befojc all otbers. 7. 2Dbat ncitbcr fo: gift, foages, noj gooD DeeD, be fball 
' lapne, Difturbe, nojlettbc profit oi rcafonablcaDtantageoftbcJ^inatntbe "L«yne> '• »* 
aDbantage of anp ofbcr perfon, noj of bimfelf. 8. sCbat notbing be (ball take of '°""*'' °' ^"'" 
anp perfon foj to Do toiong 0? rigbt, to Dclap oi to Delitjcr, oj to Delap tbc people 
tbat bate to Doe before bim ; but as baftilp as be map tbem gooDlp to Deli- 
tcr toitbout burtoftbcteing, anD bating noregarD to anp p?ofit tbat migbf 
tbcrcof to bim be tbcrein, be Ctiall make to be DelibercD. 9, Mbere be map knoio 
anpto?ongojpjcjuDtcetobcDoncfotbefeing, be (ball put anD Do all bis potoer 
anD Diligence tbat to reDjelTc, anD if be map not Do it, tbat be tell it to tbe lling ; 
oj to tbem ofbi0coi««cll,tobicb«iapmakc relation to tbctoing , if be map not 
come to bim. 10. %'^z litngs Counccll be (liallkccp anD lapne in all tbinga, 

3ln tbe CBrcbcquer at i\^t fuit of tbe laing in an information of intrufion of Tnaiiby Record. 
lanDs,tobcrein iCfue is joi'ncD,tobicb map be trieD bp tbe Count rp ; pet tobere tbe 
iiing batb a Dtrcd: KccojD oj 1a ccojDs fo? tbcmanifeflation of bis tltlctljc l^inga 
0ttojnp map pjap tbat tbe triall map be bp HecojDs, tobcrcof pou n^^ap reade S 
notable cafc,Mic.27,& 28 tbe Crcbcqucr tobere tbc cafe toa6,i:bat in an mic 17 at xz El. 
information of intruCon into certain lanDs,iic. againft Savil, tbc ilTue teas inScaicar.imer 
tobetber certain lands belongcD to a boufeo: no, anD upon a trpallbp WecojD '«™'gnescs-ayii. 
juDgement toas giben againft Savil. 0ftertoarD0 Savil tbe DcfenDant DieD, anD 
bi0 fonne anD beir bjougbt a ^rit of ^ rror in tbe drcbequer Cbamber , tobere 
it toas bolDen, tbat tbis l^inDc of trpall bp EecojDs toas befo;e tbc ftafutc of j j H-tf-i9P»J» 

i!i 33H.8, 

T^he Court of Exchequer. Cap.n. 

53 H, 8» cap. 3 9* tfje toOjDS tobeteof lie , That all and every triall and trials of 
all manner of Suits, Bils, Plaints, Informations, &c. and Ifluesinthc Courtof 
Exchequer, fliaJl be made and tried by due examination of Witncfle, Writings, 
Proofes, or by fuch other wayes or means, as by the Court of Exchequer fhall be 
thought expedient ; and that every fuch Judgement, Decree or Decrees, fhall be 
Hil.8 Er. coram good, perfcift, and in full ftrength, force, and efteft in law, to all intents, conHru- 
Rege, Cornwall, ^j^^^^^ and purpofes. 0nDpet,nottott^)aant)ingtbe generaUtp of ttjefe too?ri0,tf 


For triall by Re- 
cords, vid.Mich. 
ji& 3} E. I. co- 
ram Rcge. Ro- 
b:rcus Archiep. 
Cant. &c. 

Walterus Epifc 

jiE.j. nu.Jy. 

<; R.J, cap.9. 
Comfe of the 
Exchecjucr a- 
gainft law, &c. 

Attorny : and 
therefore the ad- 
mittance of an 
Attorny in thefe 
cafes, is not ex 
gratia curite (tish 
Taid imhc com- 
mon pleading) 
butcjr debitojii- 
ft kilt. 

a tempore regis 
luhanvis, the Ab- 
bot ofCrowIands 

Ji/fliciayli hac aii- 
diyitcs furgcntes 

a 3lu0gement bcgitjcn npoit a triall bp KccojD, aMrtf of ctrroj Bott) Ipc tftere= 
upon ; becaufc, as to tljat point, tl)i0 0tt is but tn affirmance of|tfte Common 

3t toas pctitionet) in parliament, tftat rcmcDp migtit be founD , tijatno :3c= 
f ounf ant in tl^c e jrc^cqucr do run in iffncs bcfojc 1)5 be toarnct). SD^e tetngs an= 
fUJCr toaS , The Proces therein fhall be firft a Femrefac\ then a Dijirhgas., and 
after a Writ out of the Chancery to the Treafurerand Barons. 

it toas alfo petitioneD in l^arliament , tljat fuct) as otoe to tfte !ft(ng map up« 
on ttjeir account be allolneD of all fuci) lones,as be Due unto tbem, 0^ to inp of t)i0 
^ncettojs: toftcreunto tl)e fSing anftoercD, The Treafurer and Barons fhall 
make allowance of due debts, 

&0 great care toas taben bp tljc court of Crcljcquer (ioljtcl) is t^e centre of 
tbe iSings rcbcnue anD p?ofit) tljat no man migljt fue 0; pleaD foj tljeir Qifcljarge 
of anp Debts, account, oj otfter DcmanD, iuitftout ftatjing crpjcffe commanDement 
bptoairit oj ILetterof tbe (I5?cat S>eaU IBut bptfte ffatutc of 5 R.^. it appeared, 
t^at titie parties ouglbt to Ijatic been reccitjcD tljcrcunto, accojDing to t^e Halo, 
tottftonf anp fuel) ©^ritoj iLettcr: anD tijaf tljc obtaining of fuel) eZHrtf so? 
^letters loas to tlie great DifquictnelTe, mifcbiefe, anD Dclap of t^e parties im^^ 
peacljcD, anD no aDtantage to tbe teing. 0nD tuljere befojc t^at f ime no plea 
coulD be allotoeD in tl)e dErcliequer bp i3tfojnp, but in pjoper pcrfon : bp t^c faiD 
^d: if is ojDalncD tljat tfte Hoarons of tljc ercbcquer ftjallftatie fnUpotocr to ^eac 
et}erp anfiuer of ctcrp Demand maDe in tlie fame : fo ttjat elierp perfon tl^at is tm« 
peact)eDoMnipeact)ableofanpcaufebpt)imrelfo^bp * anp perfon, Cljall be recei< 
t3CDinttje(a;vcl)cqucr, to pleaD, fue, anD IjaticbisrcafonableDifcljargctBitljout 
carrping oj fuing anp *RlIrit j otfter commanDement toljatfoeijcr. g>o as bp f l)is 
^ct botb tbefe mifctiiefs arc pjotiiDeD foj. 0nD out of tl^is jact tijis gcnerall con= 
clufion map be juttlp collertcD, tljat fuel) courfe oftlje(l!;rcl)cqucr astenDetbto 
tl)e Difquietnctle, mifct)icfc, anD Dclap of tftc §)ubjed:, anD no aDtjantagc to tljc 
l^ing, is againff latD-> anD ougtjt not to be atlotoeD. ^nD ii is to be obferteDjtljat 
Britton Dotl) jopn in t^is claufc, tljc Crcafurcrs anD Barons. 

" JSnD into tlje c^rcftequcr chamber oj tlje lifec, all cafes of greatett Difficultp 
in tlje JSings HBenclb oj common picas, 5c. are, anD of ancient time Ijatje been 
aDjoucneD anD tljcrc DcbateD, argucD, anD refoltcD bi' all flje 31uDges of C&nglanD 
anDilBaronsoftljcCicvcljcqucr. &ec mo?e of ttjis Court infra, cap. 13. pagin, 


dc Banco, cum Ba- 

rembus Scdccarii & domini regis fidelibm illic refidenlihm coUoquiS^&c. Rot. in Scaccario de CnivUnd. VI. Cortme coram 
Iiiftic' Itinerantibus apud Tmrim London, An- 4 E. i. Rot.Clauf. 13 E.i. infra p.\i\. Hit. 3iE.i. Coram Rege wgorn, 
Mic. 6 E.i. in Communi Banco Dcfpcncers cafe. Mic. 1 1 E.i. Ceram Rcge caieot the Buigeffes of Great Yarmouth, 

4H 6ii.b. 


7 £.4.14. b, i6 b 

Mich.? 9 & 40 e1. 
Per touts les lit- 

T A Oier & Terminer touts les caufes que touchont nous debts, l^crc Debts 
are tatsen fo; all manner of Duties Due to t^e l^ing. 

f Et auxi a nous fees, ^^crc tljc tenures of tljc feing (iD^crcof toe {jatjc fpofecn 
befojc) arc ejjpjelTcD. 0nD albeit tljcrc be manp tenures of t^c J^ing bot^ in Ca- 
pite, anD bp fcnigljts &crbice of fomc ^onoj oj i$)annoj, 5c. pet tljerc be manp 
mojc bp tljc crro: oz negligence ofS>ollicito?s, bp fuing out ofliccnccso: par* 
Dons of alienation, toUere in trotlj tljc mannojs oj lanDs tocre not IjolDcn of fljc 

ffiut Mich. 39 & 40 Eliz. it toas rcfolticD bp all tlje 3!uDgcsof C-nglanD,toljcrt 
31 toas ^ttojnp <115cnerall : aC^at if a man purcljafc a 3L icenfc oj JDarDon, anD 


Cap. II. The Court of Exchequer, 

after behig tallct) tntb HjcCCnljctiucr t)oplcaDfl)clircnfco:pflrtion,ff)atncJfl)cr 
t^e purt^afc noj pleating is m\} cwiflufion, but t^c tenure map aftcrtoarDs upon 
anoil)er alienation be traticrfcDojDcnicD, iFoj tfte VuojDsoftfte licenfe ojpar* 
Don bcQui de nobis renencur incapite^ut dicitur;)foj ncttljcr t^e charge in t!)f« 
tafc is otrect being grounDeDaponaliccnfe o:parDon,nojt^e pleaifoitl^e Ucenfe 
ojparDon ispleaoeD, as it is, utdicimr: anD tfterefoae neltlber tl^e one nojtlje 
ot^er fiot^ concUiDe. 5l5uf if Ije in i^is plea Dotft bp erp?effe toojDs (Voitlj a bene 
& veram cit,&cOconfeffe a tenure, in Capite, anD in Difcljargetfjercof pleaD tfje 
parDon oj licenfe in Dtfcftarge tljereof, tljere is a conclufion iuiougftt : anD fo arc 
tfteboofes to be tntenDcD: inljicb rcfolution 3!f)earDanDobfert3eD, anDljaberc* 
po:tcD it foj aD\3antcmentof trutl) anD rigftf* 

concerning liccnfes of alienation, anD tl)c ftojf plcaDing of licenfesanD par-- 
Dons, tl^erc is a pjofitable ftatute maoe Anno 1 8 Jac. Regis, anD anotfjer Anno 
1 Jaa cap* x6. concerning oiDers of tftecErcbequer* 

<f Et les incident chofcs fauns ie$queux,&c. Qiiandolexaliquidalicui conce- 
dit, concedere videcur & id fine quo res ipfa cflc non potef^. 

f Et que ils eyent power a conufter des dctts que Icndoit a nous dettors per ou 
nous puiffons pluis toit approchcr a noilre dett. 2Ll)is ts tl)e ancient p?erogati1)e of 
tfje i^ing as it appearef I) in our boobs. 

Stfte !^ing b?ougl)t an atfion of Debt in fljis Court againff a |9jtoj alien SCfje 
jDjioj l}ao ibjoccfl aaainft A tobo DcfcincD gooDs from I)im , toitfjout tofjicft ^ 
coulD not anftocr tljc i^ing. A came anD claimcD tlje gooDs as bis titles as pare 
fon of D, tljc |0?ioj ClaimcD ttjc titljes as ^arfon of s j anD tfjercnpon tffuc ta« 
ben foj tl)c litng triable in tlje ctvcftequer. 

3if ije tl)nt is in erecutton Vwll in tftis Court confeffebimfclfDebtojfotlic 
^ing, lubere t)e is no Dcbto;i of IRecojD, be Iball be remanDeD fo tbe firSp^ifon, 
anD after f be crcDito: be fat isfieD , tben to be coramittcD to tljc iFlert unttU be 
ftatb patD tbe fummc confeffeD. 

f Solonq; le dilcretion des Treaforcrs & Barons, &c, foients arents a fearme 
a eux que pluis voiilent doner. SCo tbe cnD tbat no lanD0 in tbe Stngg bsfnDs, 
tobtcbougbt to be to tbe icings pjofit,(boulD bctoitboutaiParmojtbatlboalD 
peilD a rent to tbe iSing, tbe Creafurer tn certain cafes, anD toitb certain cantf* 
ons ougljt to mahc a Warrant to tbe dPjcat &eal foj DemiOng f bcreof, tbat is fe 
fap, not onlp of lanDs ertcnDcD, of lanDs During tbe vacation of anp 0bbep, anD 
oflanDs feifeD foj an alienation toitbout licenfe, anDbefojcis H. 8, of lanD in 
ioarD , oj tbe like upon uncertainties, butalfo of tbe Demeans of tbe Croton out 
oflcafe, fc. 

2^be Icafc ioill be bcff citpjeffeD bp an example, firft of lanDS cjtenDeD, Rex 
omnibus|ad quo$,8cc.Salutcm,Sciatis quod per manueaptioncm Walteri Mathcw 
de Wcfim*inCcm'MJd,Yconian,& Nich. Whitfcilddeeadem,YecmaD.Com- 
mifimus Rico Porter, cuftcdiam unius fhopa:, 30 acr* terrae, 3 acr' prati, & 4 acr* 
parturx cum pcrtin' in Stanford in com 'Lincoln, qui fucrunr Silvani Southorpe, 
quae in manus Regis Edwardi nnper Regis Anglii tcrtii pro 138 li,6s.8d, in 
quibus fdcno Silvanus prefato nuper regi tenebat', feifiti fucrtint, &innianibuf 
ncrtris ea de caofa adhuc cxiitunt. Habendu a fefto Sanfti Michaelis Anno regni 
noftri 1 5 ufque finem 1 o annornnr) ex tunc proxime fequen' & plenaric complen- 
dotum. Reddendo inde nobis per annum in cuflodiapridi(S\a 25 s, prout nobis 
rcfponfunn eft. ad fefta Palcha-jSc Sandi Michael' per xquales portiones. Provifo 
Icmper quod fi aliquis alius dare volueric de incrementoper annum pro cuftodisl 
pr^dit^a fine fraude vcl malo ingenio, quod tunc di6tus Richardus tantum pro 
eadem folvere tencatur, fi cuftodiam prididaro habere voluerit. Incujus rei, &c. 
Tcfte R. apud Weftm,7 die Novemb. Anno regni noftri dccimo fexto, 

j]5otcbp manp pjcftDcnts tbe ILo?D SCreafurcr map malic a Warranf fo grant 
tbe lanDS crtcnDeD, either fo? I'^atS, oj quam diuinmanibusnoftrisforecon- 

Cbc 3L0JD SCrcafurcr maDc a Marrantto tbe HojD Cbancelour to Demife to 
JohnPempons lanD parcellof tljc 2DutcbL'ofcojntpaU fojtbe fearw of fifteen 

^ z veara 


45 E. 3.?j.: 

19 Aff". J 8. 

7 E.6.tfloppel. 


18 Jac. cap. 


ioE.}.ky Ji. 

j8 A/ 


In Original, 
Anno 16 £,4. 

Nota herein five 


4. Yeildirfg a 

J . Prov'tfo, quod 
ft quit alitiSflut 
dare voluerit- 
Not! Brirton 
fup. A eux que 
ptuit veilcnt doner 

Rot.pat. 5 H,<, 



Leafe 7. j. 
Regifter i91- 
Sector this word 

Vide 27 H-8. 
ca.i. afpeciall 
Provifofor the 
• J^^ 
17 R.i.cap.j. 
4 H.4.capli8, 

See in the Chap- 
ter ot the Court 
of Wards, 

Seeond part of 
the Inft. Coftfir. 
Cart. Vid.fupra 
cap. Parl.p.19. 


The Court of Exchequer. 

zap. II. 

jjcars uttbelifecfojmof tuojti0 30 tljebcfojc recitcDILcafctoao, sDl^feiLcafe 
toas pleaoeD til i j H.c, anDtljougljtljc Icafctxjasbpttic iuojDs ofCommifimu?, 
atiD Commiiimus cuftodiam terrje,8ic. pet in pleaDtng tfte ilcffcc plcaDeoaDe^ 
mire of tt)elantiitfclf,anDty0i;c allolueD tobegooD, lot)ttI) is toojt^^ ot ob< 

Vide ID Original' in scaccario de Anno 21 & 22 H.7. R0C.4. & ibid» 23 H.7. 
Rom 2. manpfucl) leafcs.lBut of ancient ttme,asit appearct^bp Britton, botfti 
tbe SCrcafurer and Barons DiD uemifcic* * lletters fBatcnte of tftc 0lnagc Hiall 
palTconlpbptfteJLojDSErcafurers toartant, 0nD tlje gift of tlic off tec' of tl^e 
©fcbcato J belong to tjts office. Vide in tljex^apter of t^e iloart of (iBftlieatoj. 

315p tftcftatutes of 8 H.6.cap. 16. anti 18 H. 6. cap. 6, it appcaretl^ ti)at tftc 
Cftanceloj oj gi^reafurcr tjaD poicer to mabe leafcs in certain cafes of iMattis 
lanDs: buttliatis altcreD b]iJ tbc flatute of 32 of H.8. of erection of tftc Court 
of OTarDs* ' j^ofetlicttatuteof iSH.6.ea.i,cj;tcnlisonlp totlje JUings toar= 
rant, anD not to tl)c tuarrant of f be 3Lo jD 2Drcaf«rcr. 

* 3t is to be obfcrt!eD,tl)atUjl)cninanp3£tof parliament oj otbcrllecoja 
tl)e2DrcafurerisnamcafojDcmifing,oj otljcr intermeSltng U)itl^ anpof ttjei&ings 
3Ret)cnue, it is to be intenDeD of t^e SDreafurer of tlje CErcljcquer. 

^ Denous cuftomes de quirs & leyne$j&c. M^at tbetccuffomcsiDereaps 
pearetlj in V^z Seeond part of the IniHtates, bp tl)e ftatnte of Confirmation Car- 
tarum, fi)claft bja'tcl), anD tijc QBrporition upon tljc fame, Vubcrebp it appea« 
rctl) t!)attl)cBingtjaD noCuftomc butfuct)as tuas granteD to })im bp ^ctof 

f Lefchequer eft un place quarre. 3t is fourfquare ant) tljc Carpet tljat fome- 
time lap upon it liaD tujougbt in it tfte fo;m of a XftcOc boarti , anD t!)crcupon it 
toas calleD tbe Cll;rcftcq«cr j anD about ttjccnD of ttjc reictn of E. 1 .tljts Court toas 
nelu built ,anD tbercfojc in i £3. it toascalicD fije nofeel €k\mnn,% it tuas nctn 
built upon tljts occafion* Botl) tfje parts of t^cCDfcftequer tocrc of an ancient 
builDing,anDtoeaU; iFourfco;e anD one pcrfonslBbcrcoftlie 0';botofMeftm' 
anD fojtP eig'&t of l»is i^onftes lucre part^bjaUe into tfte 1Receipt,anD fclonioullp 
robbeD tbCliiingOfaljnnDjCDtfjOufanDpounDS , ad damnum inspOimabilcfaftft 
tljeKccoiD, ail tftefe fourfcoje anD one tocrc inDictcD of ttjis felonc, anD com* 
mittsD to tbe 2Coltier of ILonDon,4[c. anD tijts toas ttje occaQon of ttje'netobniU 
Ding of Uotft tljcfe parts of tfje ©fcftcqucr. 

f Q;]i folemenc cfiordeinepur le prowe le roy, !)^ereiSaftjo;t,bnf aneffe* 
(tuall Defcription of tljc jurisDirtion of tljis Court , tljat is, fo; tbc pjofit of tljc 
3^ing. 2ni)ispjofiti0eitl)crimmeDiate,ojmeDiate: ' UnimeDtate, asoflanas, 
rents, Iranc'^ifes, IjcreDitaments, Debts, Duties, accounts, gooDs, chattels, anft 
Qtljsr pjoftts,anD benefits toljatfocbcr Due to ttjc iliing. ''ipeDiafc, as firft,tb0 
pjttoilcDge of tl)e)©fficers , anD * ^inifters of tl)e Court:, fojtluo things 
Doe pjincipallp fuppojttftcjurisDiction ofaCwirt,viz. tljcjuflt pjefertiation of 
tbe Dignity of it, anD tbe Due attenDance of ttjc Officers anD iT5inittcrsof t^e 
fame to Cue anD be fueD in tt)is court. 2. ^ Wv Quo minus. 3* 3t cj;tenDetb(a0 
batbbeen fatD) totljc Debtoj of tbe icings Dclito;i, 4, Cop^ifoncrs in this 
Court to be fucD Ijere. ^ . %o accountants tbat fyv.-t cntrcD into t^eir account, 
erccpt 'collectCiisof E>ifmes,tf)epfi)allnotbefueD bpbils, neither ift)e be fueD 
in anp otljer Court, (ball be batetbc pjibilcDge of tbis Court. 

«r Oudeux ChivalierSj& i Clerkes, ou 2 homes lettres. 2 Chivaliersbebere* 
after crplaineD. 2Clcrks,ouzhomes lettres, tbc one is intenDeD tobetbe 3l5a» 
ron of Courfe, tbc otber tbc Clcrb of tbc pipe. 

8 H- 6. J4. 56 H.- 6- 16. Li. j.f. 61. aaionfur le cafe, ii H.7. 26- f> Scat, de Rutland. 
loE.i. ' Rfgiflcr 187. Information de intiuKon ou traas. & 217.C. tettjeiaile. Vid.jzH.,3. 
cap. 59. itfEliz.U/er?i8. c 14 E. 5. breve 789. loE.j.Ley^i. iH.4.9. 8 H. j. 6. 10. 8 H. ?. Ley 66. 
iiH.7.i6. PI. Com. J »i. d iR.j.cap.14. $ K.r.cap. 9. flat. i. the Barocs (hill hear, &c= 
without :inywrir,letter or commandincnt. 4H. 4. fap.9. 7 H. 4 cap. 11. concerning Cumiiiiflk'HS. rj Eliz. 
cipcg. Sewers. 14 E, j, cap. ir. Weights. ijR.i.c.ip.i. Norecogniiaiice ot bond indou'ile. 

Rot. Par. 3 1 E.I. 
m, li.Dorf. 

Nota,the rob- 
bery of the King 
ofhrstreafure is 
etfiimmm ime(ii' 

a 1 E.g.ij.Jcfte- 
ry Sharlagscafe. 
14 E.j.tit.Sfire. 
fat' izi. 44 E.J. 
Prohitit.38 air. 
p, lo.Rot.Par. 
10 1. Dat' cSlnO' 
bis inteUigr. 
Rot.Par.ii H.4. 
$4, j6. 64.ibiJ. 

8 H.J.Lcy 66. 
iO E.J. Ley 51. 
y E.4. 4-b. 

7 E- 4- Z°- 

« De 

C ap . 1 1 . The Court of Exchequer, 1 1 ^ 

f Dc fes fees &. franchifes. £Df fces,tftat is tcnurc0,to!jcrcofU)eftatcrpoltCiT 
bcfoje* iFrancl)tfC0,bcing fioioers of tl)C CroU)n,arc notoMonsatiDbrolun, 

f Et ie$ Account$,&c. 311 accounts to t^e litng ougtit to bemaDc upon oafl^, 
anD if is 'icft fo: tfte lining to fjatc t^c accounts to be tafecn tn ttiis court , to ac» 
counts taken bv CCommifiion arc little foj tbe iiings benefit. •= SEbc teecpcrof f RmiaJ. 
tl^c MarDiobe is to mabc ftts account once in tlje pear in tbc Crcticqucr. iiDncc 'o '• 
in tfte pear tbe SCreafurcr of 3!rclanD Qjall account in tbe CDrcbcqucr of (Eng^ /Ho par.uE.i. 
lanD. - 2Sbc accounts of t^e dBjrcftcqucr to be mo^c ftojtlp bcarD, niaoc, anD in^ f 5° r*;\.t , , 

h SCbcSDreafurcrs of tibc icings Cljamber are onlp acconntabletotbe JiJing, iRot.par.jH.6. 
anU notintbiSvTourtofCSwljcqucr, but pet tbe ifting, bp tbeaDi;ice of fomc nu.47. 
Icbom bcmaptrult tnfecretOot^ta^c account tbereof,as before is faiD. 

Vide recordum & proceflum cortra Petrum de Rivallcs alias Petrum de 18 
OrialljThefaararium & Camerarium Regis totius Anglias &: Hibernii , & cufto- 
dcm omnium foreflarum,& omnium portuum maris dccompoto reddit' de of- 
ficiis pridiftisj&dejudieio contra iplbm reddito per defal tarn, quia venircre- 
cufaviCjnifi falvo regis condutlu , quod rex denegavicquafi infolitum & indebi- 

f Per le view de un Soveraignquc eflTrcafurer Dengliterre. )3Dft&iS great 
jfiDfificcr toe fjatje fpolien befojc. 

f Le 1 Chivahers toioient ee ^ Baron$,&c. SinD l)eretoitljaj;reef1^ Brafton,Co. Bmaon l.b 
mites verovclBarones nort font amerciandi, nili per pares fuGs itcunduni modu fj.n^.b. 
delidli, & hoe per Barones de Scaceario vel coram rege. See the i.part of 

f En eel place foor auxi Chamberleim, & plufors auters minifters,quc ne touch ^^ ^"'^- '^^S- 
my mole a la ley. ^ercoftoc lja\3e fpotien befojc. c^,,4. 

f Nul Common plea ne foirdiformestenus inLefehequer enconter le form y^^^j^ j-^, ^^^ 
del Grand Charter, tlSpon ftjls^rt iF our fel'crall opinions babe been concei' :bif*;,n.5n7,' 
tJCD. *i. 2nt>attl)t0Cowi'ttnfgf)tPJtcinallp^be bolDen plea of all common deRot'iand. 
plcas;anti tfjistbeptbinbto pjobe bj* tlje title of Glanvils boob, toljictj tabing ^oej«c. 
ft altogctbcris tbtS. Tra^tatusde legibus, <}ic. tempore Henriei 2. compo- Pi-Com.iop. 
fitus, jurtitix gubernacula tenente ilJuHri viro Ranulpho de Glanvilla, juris reg- 
ni & antiquarum confuctudinum eorcmporeperitiffimo, & illas folum leges 
eontinet & confuetudines, feeundum quas placitatur incuria regis ad Scaecari- 
um coram Jufticiis ubieunque fUerint. 2, ;aDtber0 ttjinfe tl)at at tl)C mafeing Of 
Magna Carca,tftc Court ofjtbc (j^wbequertoas parcel oftbe ^iings IBencb.tobiclj 
tbcp infer upon tfte toOjDS of t^iS 3ld:, No Common plea fliall be holden in the ' 

Efchequer againit the great Charter,3in toljicljCbartcc Curia noftra is onlp inten= 
Se&oftbe lyings 15cnci). 3. 2Dbat in Magna Carta , to tobtcbtfjis lfatutere« 
fers,tbereis norcaraint,anDtbercfojetbi6 llatute of Artie' fu per Cartas rc= 
ftratnctb not. 4. 2Dbattbc£);t)inanccof9RutlanDisnoftatufe , but niaoebp 
fbe toing foj tbeojDer of tbts Court. 3In tbe Second part of the inHltutes, in tl)c 
CErpofttion of Magna Carta,cap. ji. toe batje fpohcn notbing of tbis matter, 
but tbougbt cooB to refcrrc it to tbis 3ct being bis pjopcr place. 

;asto'tbcfirftt it appcarctbb)'tI)cfatD ancient 0iitbojs, anD bptbcautbo= 
ritp of our boobs, f bat tfjc inftitutionanD juriSDicttonoftbis Court ba»)ebeen 
oiilPfojtbcl^ingsburincfIcanDp?ofit,fc.asbatbbccn fatD. jFo: tbe 2Ditle of 
Glanv lis book: j^trff, it tons ncticr of bis oiun mabing,fo; be tooulD nether babe 
gibenbtmrelfefucbbigbanDruperlatiiieSTitlcs, asllluHriviro juris regni.&c. 
eo tempore periiiirimo. 2. fee tbataDDeDtbe title fpeabetl) of tbjec Courts, 
viz. i.InCnvia / egis. i. Ad Scaccarium. 3. Coram JuiHciisubicunque fu- 
eriDt. i^oj tbe fird. viz. in Curia Regis, bcintenDctb Suffice in Hirc,&c. foj 
cramplc,InquireniDr purprcfturx vel inCapitali CuriajVel Coram Jufliciis Regis GLinv.lib.^. 
ad talcs Inqui/itiones faciend' in diverlas rcgni partes tranfmifTai per Juratapa- "p.ii.&c 
trix five vieeopt*. ;. Ad <;cacc3rium,tbisCourt b^Dotb mention but once (tbat 
31 r8member)in all bis boob in tbefe toojDs, Si vcro dominus Rex aliquam cuHo- ^'''-T'cap. >o. 
diam alicui commilerit, tunc diHirguitururrum ei culiodiam pleno jurecom- 
mifetit ita quod nullum euni indereddere compotum oporteat ad Scaccarium, 


* The Awhor of 
this book isGer- 
vafius Tilburi- 
enfis a learned 
man and an Of- 
ficer of the Ex- 
chequer cap.!. 

Regift. i87.b. 

u^ The Court of Exchequer, Cap. ii. 

toWJ) affrcetl^toitfttljcojtginaUfnttituttoitanD jurtsDidion of ttje Court con= 

CCrntng tlje pjofit of t^C'IStng* 3. Coram Jufticiis ubicunque fuerinc tS tfte 
%tng0SBenc^, totyercof Glanvil \sas C^tcf^Cnfttcc, anDof t^cjaUas in tt)at 
Court is f ti effect tl^e fum of Ijts 2Crcatifc, 

03 to ttie fecont) : i . Glan vile tobo tojof e in t^e reign of H* a. Dot f) Cao featb 
been faiD) name tl^e C^cbequer as a Diainct Court fo; ttic accounts to be nia&e to 
ttie iSing* z, Bint^c * llBlacb J15oob of tfte Cvcl^eqacr DeDicateD to H. 2. of tljc ob« 
fertattons of tftc CEiccljeqner , it is faiu, Nulli licet ftatuta Scaccarii intringcre, 
vel eis quavis icmeritate rdifterc, habec in hoe commune cum ipfa Domini Regis 
Curia^in qua ipfe in propria perfona jura difeernit, nee recordationi nee fcntentix 
in CO lati liceac alicui contradiccre. MI!)crcbp it appears t^at tt>c JUingS benc^ 
anD (Ewljcqaer inere Diftinrt Courts in t^e reign of H. 1. 

%o t^c tt>trD,our ftatute ts intitulcD Arcieuli fuper Cart', tjat is, Articles up« 
on Magna Carta & Carta de Forerta : fo aS tlje fenfc Of t^is 0Ct tS, tftat t^D ©J-- 
ttjequer fljoulD Ijolo no common plea no moje ttien tl)e icings bent^ ; fo^ ti^c fo?m 
Of tbc (©jeatXftarter is, Quod communia placita non fequanturCuriamnpftrano. 
^econ6lp,OHr Itatute is but an affirmance of tl^e Common lato concerning t^e 
jurif Diction of ti)is Court , anD t^is Dotb erpjeflp anD notablp appear in tlje Ke* 
gttter in tf)Cfe toujDS. Rex Thefaurar' & Baronibus dc Scaccario SalutemCum 
fecundum legem& confuetudinem regni noftri communia placita coram vobisad 
Scaccarium prardicft' placitari non debeant,nifi placita ilia nos vel aliquem mini- 
ftrorum ooltrorum ejufdem Scaccarii fpeeialiter tangant, &c, ^ere it is tO bS 
obfertieD ttiatt^is to^ttof pjol^ibition is not grountieD upon ti)e ffatute of Artie' 
fuper Can' ojan)'otl)crffatute,butupon tljeCommon lata anDcuttomeoftbe 
hingtiome, toljiclj concerning tfjc jurisDiction of tljis Court Dotl) in omnibus 
agree tuit^ our ancient ;autftoj6 anD pear boobs, totjerein pou (ball obfertje an 
aDmirable l^armonp anD confcnt in fo manp fucccffions of ages, 

SD^is isaltafute pjoteD bp tf)e title t^eroof, anDfo; tljatif is enfreD in tl^e 
|9arliament 3K.oll, anO in t^e llegtaer i87.b» it is calleDStatutumde Rot- 

:^oto it is gooD to bnoto, ftota tl)C lain tommonlp calleD Refpondcat fuperior, 
l)olDet{) in t^ts court and in ott)erCourts,anD firft b^t^elRecojDs oft^isCourt, 
anD t^en bp 0cts of parliament. 

Mcmorand' quod aliocutopraefato VVillielmo morantur naper Vic' fuper le- 
vatione4o. $, extraiV in magno Rotulo de anno iz in Kane' Tub nomine Wil- 
liam Hcrlizan unius Coronatorum Com* Kane' pro falfo returno« Idem VVil- 
liclmus Vie' die' fuper faeramentam fuumquod prjefatus VVillielmus Herlizan 
non habet tert' vel tenta, bona, feu eatalla in balli va fua , ncc habuit undc did* 
denar' levari poffint. Et quia ipfe Coronator eledus crat per Comitatum juxta 
formam ftatuti,&c.ita quod in dcfeflu ejufdem Coronator'^ocus Comitatus uc 
tledlor & fuperior^&c. habeant regi refpondercpraccip' nunc Vic'qaod de terris 
&tcnementis hujufmodi totiuj comitatus inbailira iua fieri fae'prard'xl.s. & 
cos habeat hie inCfocIaufi Pafchi fuper proflfrnm fuum regi folvend'. Ad quern 
diem Vic' non recoro' breve. Idco /Tcut alias in CfoSan(fti Johan' Baptiftx, ^0% 
mo?c p?efiDents in tl)c cErcticquer of tl^ts l?inD,fec Mica 7 R.a J^ot. Mic. i p e. 8, 
Rot.4.Eborum. Pafch. 30 H, 8, Rot,3o. VViltes'. Mich* j £.6. Rot. 130, &e. 
Stat, de 5 2 H.3. de Scaccario* 

^oto it fjofDctft in ottjet Courts, vid. 1 1 E. z. tit. dec. 172, toljere tbc «H(>c« 
rtffl be rcmotjablc as in ilonDon foj tljeir infuff iciencp, refpondeat fuperior, t^^at 
is, tlje ^aio; anD Comminaltp of llonDon. 

45 E.:;.^, 10. Prior datife & removeable fuffer efehape, refpondeat fuperior, 
1 4 £.4, Pur infufficiency del Bailie dun libcrtic refpondeat dominus libertatis, 
Vid.44E.3. 13. 50E.3. 5-. 14H.4. 22, nH.6. 52, 30^5.32. VV.'-.eap. 2* 
Si non habeat Balivus unde reddat. reddat fuperior. 
1 H.6, severe is a gencrall ftatute concerning allt^e Courts oftfteiSing,1itoJtJpof 
obfertation in tljcfc tuojDa. 

Item^ To the intent that better and more fure Government be had 

within Rotland. 



a Barsns.Rcgift. 


Respondeat ptpc- 


Int' Prarcept'de 
fti Hil.Anno 
14 E.J. ex parte 
Hot 9. inScac' 

Hereby it appea- 
rcth thac toche 

Mich. 13 Ja. Ic 

Banlie Ic roy in 


8H 5.4. 45 E.J. 

Dicics taniHm • 


7 Jac.cap.iy. 

Cap.n. T^he Court of Exchequer. 115 

within the Courts of oui Lord the King for his profit, andeafeof 
his people, which havetopurfue, and doe in the Hime. It is ordained 
and eftabliflied that all the Officers made by the Kings Letters Patents 
royall within the faid Coiuts, which have power and authority by 
vertue of their offices ofold times accuftomed, to appoint Clerks and 
Minifters within the fame Courts, fliall be charged and fworn to ap- 
point fuch Clerks and Minifters, for whom they will anfwerat their 
perill, which be fufficient,faithfull, and attending to that which per- 
taineth to them in performance of the bufinefle, as well of the King, 
as of his people. 

In the fame manner we have ordained in the right of the Barons of 
the Exchequer, and we have exprefly charged them in our prefence, 
that they ftialldoe right and reafon to all our fubjeifts, great and fmall, bdongeth doing 
and that they (hall deliver the people reafonably and without delay fonTnkgaiiprr. 
of the bufinelTe which they have to doe before them , without un- ctcdmgs. 
due tarrying as hath been done in times paft. 

3t Ujas refoltJCD in tbecafe of ^alitfoj Povie , tljaf (f a be inDcHcD to b, anD 
B to taDcbtcO to tt)C ISiiig, tljat tl)C litng bp bis picrogattfcc maj? Ictic Ijis Debt 
upon A \ but tbts IcHi'tns o«0l)tto be ofan tmmcDiatc , anD not of a jncDiatc 
Debtoxtotl)eDebtojoftlje!atng, 03 tf Abe inDebtcDtoB.anDBtoC, anD C to 
tl)ciiii(iS>tbC"WS£a««ot Ictjpljis Dcbtof a, fojtljcn it mtgftt be letJteD in infi- 
nitum, q-aod reprobaturin jurcanDtljis appcarctb tnoucboofeS. 

iFoj SlffignmEnt of Debts maoe totbe lung, fee in rnp Hepojts* 

113)' t^edatutc of zjac, no Debt ftall be afftgncD to tljclMng I&t0f)cfr0 oj 
futcellojs bt> oj from anpDebtoj oj Accountant toljia ipajeftjjjl^istietrsojfuc' 
£e?To?s , otW tljen ftit^ Debts as DiD befoje groto Due ojigtnallp totl^etofngs 

j^o obligation, recognisance ai ftatute niaDe foj fatjfng fjarmlclTe oj pcrfo?s 
mance of *£ot!cnants,^c. tl)oug^ it be fojfeitcD. o: fo: anp caure,otfter tfjcn a Due 
Debt,canbcaS[igncDtotbctetng bp anp of bis Debtors. 2Cl)cfe affignments of 
BeVits totl)eiyngarenotfatourcDfnlauj u.'l)en tfjc liings immeDfafe Debtojts 
able to pap "bis Debt; foj bj? tl^e affignmentat tbc istngs fuit tije boDp, lanDs anD 
gooDs oftbcDebto?totl)E?^tngsDcbtoj are liable to tftciSing, inljcreas att^c 
fu'jjects fuit , t)e coulD ^latieljaDbutbis boDp onlp bp Capias ad fatisfaciend', oj 
ftiscrooDSonlp bp Fieri fac', 01 i3alf,t)(g lanDs anD gooDsbp Elegit. llBp tljeftas 
tutcofi R.j,apenaltp is p?otjtDeD fo: Ijtm iBbo tonfcffctlj aDebttofljcIiifng 
(tljat is not Debto? to t^e !^ing of recojD) to Delap tbe cretution of others. 

jCbclBaronsoftljeSrtbcqiicrarE ttiefowatgn 0nDito?3 ofCBnglanD, foj 
itaman aJItgnauDitojs to a 3i5atlifo; receiver to account, anD tfjc a;uDtto?0 
will not alloVu juS anD reafonable allowances but commit tI)e15aUtfo?recet:= 
l3cr to p;ifon,fnt'op:ifoncr map Ijatic an o;iginaUtoj(t of Ex parte talis returnable 
bcfoictljeSErcafurcr anD Barons oftt)e ©rcticnuer, fc. foj tiis relief in tljat bc=^ 

tit^^on tt)s iSccountant in tljc^rcfjcqncrofB.FuIham tljciaings Butler, Ije 
DcmanDcD alloluance of ccrtatn parcels of toincsgiten bp tbe i^tng fo certain 
perrons bpiiio:Dofmoutl)toitbout tojtttng, anD it Voas DtfalloVoeD bp tlje rule 

tmpontlje account in tljc cBvcljequec of Richard Bury JSecper of tlje COTarD= 
robe, be DcmanDcD alloltancc fo; ccrtatn ulcffclsofgclD anD filter, anD certain 
ietucls gttscn bptlje l^tngore tcnus toirabell:Ducenof(itnglanD,anDotl)ers 
to Philip 55uecnofOBnglanD Confojtoftfjcteing, &non allocatur, bp tijclthe 
rule oftbCvEourtrfoitljc gifts bp toojD in bot!) tbcfc cafes arc totD,lt)l)tcl) to itb 
Petihans cafctljat foUoVyctb arcgooD rules to cftabl(lt)tbclato in a cafe toljcrc 
intljerctjatf) been tiarietp of opinions in ourbooHs, 


Fleta li.6.c3.^4. 
z E.J. II. 14 ]£.j. 
account 7^. 
8 E 4.i^.F.N.B. 

Ror.Clauf. anno 
4 E.3.U1.Z. 


3^ H.8 Pixrog. 
li .61.14 t:.4.i,a. 

11^ The Court of Exchequer* Cap. ii. 

Hil.^E^.Rot.H.iBScaccariolnterBreviaiuDotf. Petilians fafCf J3 toar* 

rant uncer tfte Signet is not ftifficJcnt to \K\xt anp SCreafurcof ttje Btng out 

oftljc5Recctpt,but ttmnft {jcunDertljedDjeat ojpjitjp S>eal, 

Regift.i9j.'.b. Sftl)e Barons DOC notalloto unto an Accountant bcfojc tftcm fucfj jutt De« 

& j$j. mantifl as fte mahctl), Ije map ftabc a tojtt De allocatione facienda^ ttrertcD to tfte 

SDreaforer anD 515arons, ccmmanDtng tftemto allotDttjefamc, 

0/4 Liberate for payment ofafenfionordebt,&c» 

Liberate iB an ojtginall iuMt iffuingont oft^cCl^anccrp, anD fsafretfcO 
fo fomc £Dfftcer0 tftat fjatjcoftlje Kings monp in ftis tianDs topapoterapen* 
fion,B0bt,ojDutp. Antitt is not calleD a Liberate bp reafon of anpfutfttoojo 
contatncD in tt)eiD;it,(a3 foj tftc moft part tojits arc) foj tljetoojtis be Quod ibl- 
vas oj fol vatis, but it is fo namcD ab effeflu. 315ut fucft a tojit cannot be Direrteti 
to tbe atngs i=crmoj to papapcnCbn,ic.becaHrc,t^ougft t^c term oj rent be 
bcl^inD, pet "it is not tbc teingsuntill it be paiD,anD alltbc tojits in tfjeKegittcl: 
arc tircrtcD as is afojcfaiD to €)fficcr6,as to ttje 2Drcafurcranli C^mberlain, 
toaCuftomcr,?c,2i:i)c fo?moftl)Cto?itappearctft intbcRcgiftcr 191. 193- ^"K 
ttjcrc' it appcarctb tbat ttjcrc be ttoo Uinfis of tojtts of Liberate , one Dojmant oj 
currant ano continuall, anD anotljer hac vice anD particular. ;3nD it isfomctimcff 
accompanieD toif b a to jit of A llotoance, as t^ere pou map rcaD, 

31f tbc £Dff tccr Ijatjc fuff ictcnt in l)is ftanDS to pap,«. at tfte time of tlje Libe- 
rate DcltticrcD to btm, be is become Debtoj (bpact oflato)totbepartp,fojtoliic|^ 
^e map ^at^e an action of Debt: but after t^e Li berate fucDout,anDbefo:et^eDes 
litierp, fbc ?^ingmap Difcftarge tlje £Dfficcr of t^e Kings moncp in I)is banDS. 
0nDiftbc King Deccafe before t^c Dcliberp of ttje Liberate, tbs i^fftccr |)at(ino 
toarrant f pap iU 

3!f tbc £)fificer at tlje time oftljcDclitJcrpoftl^e Liberate tjate of tlic Kings 
ttToneptopapbutpart,anD nottbe to^ole, tt)e tojit is no toarrant toljlmtopa? 
part. &ceii H.6, tit. dcr. 43. a/H.d.p. ?7H.6»24,ij. pE.4,ii.i4. i H.7» 
8. iH.7.9» F.N.B. iii.f.Br.Tit.TaileDefthcquer. 

Vid. Mag,Cap.2z« Liberaciooe antiquitus (latat'j id eif, precium antiquitus 

2D1&C courfc of f ^e (Sfcftequer is, tljat as foon as a feljcrif oj dfcl^caf oj enter 
into ^ts account foj idues, amerciaments anD mean profits . to marU upon Ijif 
l^caD O. Ni. tobtc!) is as muclj to fap.aS Oncratur.nifi habeat fufficiente cxonera- 
tionem.anDpjefcntlpbe is become tl^e Kings Debtor, anD a Debet fct upon l^ts 
^eap, anD tl^ereupontbe parties peravaile are become Debtors to t^c &^crif 0( 
Cfcf)eato?,anD DifcljargcD againtttl^e King, 
DierysizjS C^canctcnt courfc oftbecDfcljcquer bat& b0en,tbat if inan3!nfojmationoC 

Jnf rufton into lanDs oj tenements tl)c2E>cfcnDant pleaD not guiltp,t)e ftal lofe tlje 
poCTcIfion; anD it isfaiD tbat tbcreafon of ttjis courfc is, ftrft fo? tbat reguUrl|» 
ll^c Kings title appcaretl^ of t^crccojD, anD tbercfoje tlje SDefcnDant maptabe 
bnotolcDge tftcreof,anD tbe ratber foj tftat in etjcrp Snfojmation of intrufion it is 
fpecificD of tobofe poCteCTions tbe lanDS.fc tocre : but if tbe 3)efcnDant pleaD not 
gutltp, tbe Kings learneD Connccll cannot bnoto tlje SDefenDants titlcto pjobiDe 
to anftoer tbe famcas t|ie SDefenDantmap Doc to tbcKtngs title, 





A Court to enquire of, and certifie unlawfull and 
untrue Accounts in the Exchequer. 

Tl^is conrf fittctl) bp Commiffion anDcf tlje dDrcat &calc bp fojcc of tljc 
ftatutc of 6 H.4. t)(rectcD ano fcnMogctljcr tott^ tljc tcnouc of tlje account, 
to tfte moft lateftiU ano nifcrcet perfono in tfjc ^£:ounttcs,tBl)crc tijc ;ac« 
tountant0 be £Dfficero, to enquire anD ccrtificfl)cpjofitstol)icI)tftc&>l)criff0, 
©fcfjcatojs, 0lnagcr0,ControUcr0,ant) otftcr tijc lyings £)fftcerstiat)c rcccitcD, 
«c. bp f ^lem upon tljcir faio accounts Deceitfully conccalcB, %t, anD being attain* 
feDof tl)c faiDfrauOoanDDcceipts, tljepfliall forfeit treble tljetjalue, anDtlieic 
boDies to p?ifon, untill tl)cpt)at}emaDefineanDranromctot&ctoing, after tfje 
Difcrction of ttjc 3uDge3. 

315ut (ac Ijatb been faiD bcfo?c) it is certain,tl)at it is ctcr moft foj tljc teingjJ 
benefit tfjat Accounts be pearlP taken in tftc (Srcfjctiucr-.anD not bi? Commiltion : 
anD to tijat enD an ;© jDinancc toas maDe in tljc jparliament ijolDcn Anno z i E. 1 1 
in fljcfe inojDS : Dominus Rex vult & pr3ecipit,qubd de cactero fingulis annis fe- 
melinannocompotusVafconisE & HibernixperConftabuIarium Burdcgalii,& 
Thefaurarium Hibernis reddantur ad Scaccarium AnglijE,& ibid, audiadtur per 
Thefaurai' ix Baroncs fuos. A fottioii Of Accounts toitftintfte Realm. 

^nD of tf)c Court of tl)C ercljsquer toe toill cnD tuitft an olD tKcrfc ingratieD 
in ffone in tlje QErcljequcriDaU, 

Ingrediens Jani, rediturus es armulm Argi. , 

sn^c (ini^icf ISaron tscreafeD bp ^letters ^Satents, anti fl)Ci)ff{ce iSgranfeD 
to bim Quatndiu le bene gefler jt,tol)crein l)C Ijat!) a moje fircD eftatc (it being ait 
ettate foj life) tljen tfjc Sluftices of either ll5encf),SD!)0 Ijate i}it\\: ;©fficcs bnt at 
iDillt 5lnD Qaamdiu fe bene gefleric muft bc intcnDeD in matters concerning fjis 
Office, anD is no moje t^cn tl)C lato tuoulD l)atie implpcD, if tftc £>fficc IjaD been 
granteDf6?life, 0nD in lihe manner are ffto reft oftijc Barons of t^cC' rcljc- 
quer conftitutcD,anD tlje patents oftlj8^ttojnp<lDcneraU,anD^olic{to} are al* 
fo Quam diu le bene gefleric. 

6 H.4.cjp;j, 
6^9. for 
the print fwar- 
veth from the 

Ror. Pari. Anno 
21 E.i.Ror.j. 
Vide Rot.Parl. 
18 E.I. 
rius Hibetniar, 

See Lit. 1 part of 
ihelnftit. stft. 




zap. 13, 


Art cler.cap.4. 
Regift.foLiSy.b. Roiland. 
cap. ultimo. 



reafon and good 
Thomas Cecils 
cafe, and refol- 
vedby Englifli 
bill in the Exche- 
quer Chamber. 
See thtre divers 



jtP.j tit. Aid 
Le Roy I. 
35H.6 j6. 

The Court of Equity in the Exchequer 


irrn^z 3uDges oftljfs court aretl)e5Lojl)2Creafurer,tl^eC!jattceIotir,an& 
I )l5aron0 of i\z (Ercbequer. dDcnerallp, t^eir jnrifDtttton i0 a0 large fo} 
A matter of cquitp, as tbc JSarons in tfte Court of t^c C^rcljequer ]^at)C foj 
title benefit of ttje i^tng bi> tlie Common laU) : to; all tl^e pjoceeDinss bot^ in iW 
Court of CB quttp, anD of t^at bp t^e Common lato oug^t to bcas ftat^ been faiD, 
foj t^epjofif oj benefit of teeming, oj toucl^ingtlje tofngj anD if (neither 
Court t|cp l)0lD anj?plea, to^ic^ is not foj fl^epjofitoj benefit of tfjciiing , oj 
\xi\i\t\i touc^etl) not tljc !itng,tljerelpetij a i0jol)ib{tion,\Bl)ic!j,as is afo?efaiD, 
appcaretft in tt)e 3Ilegifter:foj all are faiD eommunia plaeita toljif f) arc not Pla- 
eica corona;* 

315p tije ftatute of j 3 H. 8. cap. 39. tbep ^atie full potoer anD aufl&ojitp to Dif- 
c^arge, cancell anD mafec tJoiD, all anD fingalar IRccognijances anD bonDs maDB 
totftci&ing fojpavmcnt ofanpDebt oj fumme of monep, ojfoj perfojmance of 
conDttion0,fc. upon fljeiuing tlje 0cquttancc, 5C. o;anpp?oof maDeofpapmenf 
anD performance* Hlfo to cancell anD mabc toiD bp tbcir Difcretion all JRecog* 
nijanccs maoe fo j anp appearance oj ottjer contempt. J3nD tftat if anp perfon of 
toftom anp fuel) Debt oj Dutp is DemanDcD, allcDge, pleaD, Declare, oj ^eto in tlje 
faiD Court fufficient caufe anD matter in lato , reafon anD gooD confcience in 
barre o} Difctjarge of t^c faiD Debt oj Dutp, anD tbe fame matter fufficientlp p;obe 
in tftc faiD Court : tljen flje faiD Court fijallfjabepotoeranDautbojitpto juDge 
anD allot!) tbc faiD pjoof, anD clearlp acquit anD Difcftarge fuel) perfon anD pcrfons. 
;3lfo lanDS ctjargeable to ttie liings Debts in t^e feiftn anD poITeltion of Ditiers 
anD funDjp pcrfons, tl)c fame ftall be tol)ollp anD * intirelp, anD in no toife febe- 
rablp liable to tije papmcnt of tlje faiD Debt anD Dutp: but in tliefaiD Hctof 3 ? H,8, 
all manner of eaates,rigt)ts> titles, dnD intereSs, as toellof inl^eritance as free* 
IjolD, etber fbcn jopntures foj term of life, are epcepteD. 

'^^ t^c faiD ;act of 33 H. 8. fpcctall jurifDiflion is giben to tlje court of ;3ug< 
mentation, iDljen title is pjctenDeD to anp spannois, iLanDS, 2Cenemcnts, 0% 
^creDitamcnts, bargaincD, folD, oj crcljangcD bp tftc feing, upon tobff {) ilef fers 
patents tftere is oj .(IjaU be refertcD anp annuall Kcnts j iFarms,patablc in t^c 
Court of Augmentations, anD Diners otl^er claufes tobtcf) gabe to f fjc Court of 
Augmentation jurifDiction. 31But tftc Court of Augmentation is \i\xt in ffteiu an* 
nereD to tijc Court offljc (Ertljequer, anD not dc jure.asbcrcaftcr it appeareflj 
in tl)e Chapter of tlie Court of Augmentations, AnD tljcrcfoje ttjts Court of 
cbrcljcquer Cljamber cannot claimc anp iurifDitfion giben anD app?opjiafeD to 
tijat Court, foj tl^at t^e court of Augmentations isDiffolbeD. 

I.s. fjolDctft lanDs of tbc toing bp fealtp anD a pearlp rent, anD mafeetlj a ILcafc 
thereof foj pears to A. B p^ictcnDs tftat I.S. IcafeD tfte fame tobim bp a fojmcr 
ILeafe; albeit tljtre is a rent ilTuing out of tliefe lanDs to tljc liing , pet neither 
A noj B canfue int^isCourtbpanpp?ibilcDgetnrefpe£toft^crent,foitftat 
tlje liing can ftabe no pjcjuDice oj benefit tbercbp : foj toljetljer a oj B Dotb p?c= 
taile, pet mutt tftc rent be paiD x anD if tl^is Uicre a gooD caufe of pjibileDge, all 
tbe lanDs in (EnglanD i)olDen of tlje l^ing bp rent, ic. mig^tbc b;ougI)t into t^ts 

liBut i f blacU acre be erf cnDeD f tlie to ing fo; tl^e Debt of a as f fje lanD of A ,anD 
flje liing Icafctl) tlje fame to B foj pears, rcferbing a rent '. C pjetenDs fljaf a 


Cap. 13 . The Court J (s^ the Exchequer Chamber, up 

ftaD notl)mg in tljclanD, butt^iat Ijctoaa fctfeD tl)ercof,«, tfjttJcafc is totf^in 
t!)e pnttleDgcof tbt« Court, foj tf C pjctjatle tlje litng tofctlj ftts rent. 

SDJje iaing maUctl) a ILcafc to a of Hf latfeacrc foi pcara rcfert^fng a rent atiD A 
is poffelTeD of a tearm foi pears in ©I3l)ttc acrctfje iJing map Dtftratii in <251l)ite 
acre foj ^is rent, pet A batb no p?tt)fleDge fo? Wljtte acre, to bjfng it tuttljin tljc 
jurifDiction of tbis Court. 

Jpofe HeaOer, toljcrcour llBoofesfap, ttiattljcl^ingmapaiffrainfojfjtarenf 
in all tlje otljer lanDS of Ijts tenant, of inftomfoetjer tl)c fame be IjolDen, it i0 tljus 
to be unDcraooD,f bat tljc otljcr lantis muft be in tljc actuall poffcffion of tljc iU f ngs 
tenant , fo: \)t cannot tiiaratn in ttjofe lanDS in tlje polTcffion of l)(3 tenant foj 
life, tenant fo J jpears,oj at toill. 

§»omc arc of opinion tl)at a Court of cBquitp inas ftolDen in tl^c Cvcljcquer 
Chamber befo?e tf)c ffatute of 9 ? H. 8. 3n& tijcn if muft be a Court of CB quitp bp 
piefcr ipf ion : foj toe finD no fo jmcr 2i& of ^parliament t^at Dotl^ create anD e'tta- 
blifl) anp fucft Court t anD if it be bp pjefcrtptton , tljen juDiciall pjcfiocnts in 
courfe of equitp muft guiDe tiie fame ; 3s to tbc iurtsDiction, certain ii is tfiaf 
tfjerefjatljbcen of ancient time an £Dfficer oftlje Ctrcl^cqucrcalleD CancelJarius 
Seaccarii, of tol)om amongft otfjer J©fficer0offl)e d^rctjequerFlcta faifl) tljus: 
Offieium vero Canccllarii elt figillutn regis cuftodire fimul cum coDcrorotulis de 
proficuo regni. ^n'Q tljC Spirroj faitlj. Perjure eft per la ou il fuit Chancclor del 
Elchequer veaatiel a faireluy acquittance detant que avoit payalEfchequerde 
la dett le Roy fouth le feale del Efehequer ou delay a faire acquittance de tiel jour 
tanq: a tiel j6ur,&c.!^isancient feeiS4o spares, iLiterponf of tbeMarD?obe 
izli, 17s* 4d. intoto^jli. los^ 8d, &ee 15 H,8.cap.i6, 

* 2C^e <lB):cbequcr Ijatlb a Cbancelonr ant) &eal, an6 tfte Mrits ufuall in tljc 
Clianccrp in tftc CBrcftcquer fofeafclanB, are moje ancient ttienPrerog.Regij, 

hereupon it is collccteD,flbat feeing tbere ftat^ teen time out of minDc of man a 
CiJancelour of tljc ^j;cljequcr, fljat t^erc ftonlD alfo be in tl^e CEjrc^eqncr a Court 

Mljcrc fomc Doc tioncft 22 e«4. tit. Petition 9* foj t^e naming of t^c C^jance* 
lour of tljc c£i:cljequer in granting of OTrits of fcarclj fo t^e aCreafurcr anD 
Cljancclour, tftc book is falfe pjinf eD, foj it llioulD be tlje Cbamberlaines anU 
^Creafurer of tljc cBtcbcquer : foj no Mrit of fcarc^ is DircctcD to t^c C^nce= 
lour, %t, but to tljc SDrcafurcr anO Cljamberlain of tljc (Sjicl&cqucr, to^ ^atjc t^e 
tuttoDp of tbc IRccojDs, fc. 

^ Me finD a JDetition of tl^e Commons in ^ H» 4. tljaf no ©Hrifs oj ^jibic 
^calsbefucD outoftbeCt)anccrt',c!;rcljcquer, 0^ otljer place to anp man toap> 
pear upon a pain, %t, to anftocr, ?c. contrarp to t^c ojDinarp courfe of tlje Com* 
monlato: toljereunto tljc liing anftocrcD, Thatfuch Writs ihoold not be gran, 
ted without neceflity. 

b Anno J H. j.tljc Commons pctitioncD tljaf all Mrits of SubpoEna anD Certis 
decaufis going out of tljc Chancer? anD tljc Cjrc^cqucr mtgftt be inroUeD,anD not 
grantcD of matters Determinable at tljc Common lato on painof4oii» sije 
icings anftoer teas. That he would beadvifed. 

c S>o as in tl^c CErcljequcr tljerc are tljefe fcbcn Courts, i . SCi^e Court of ^Icas, 
2. %\\t Court of accounts, 3. %%z Court of H eccipt, 4. 2Cljc Court of tljc (tx-- 
cljcqucr ciiamber being tfte * Slffcmblp of all tftc BCuDges of dEnglanD fo; matters 
tn lato, 5 . SCljc Court of CJ^cftcqucr Cftambetfoj crro?s in tljc Court of (ErcljC' 
qucr. 31 E. 3.cap,8.& 31 Eliz.cap.i. 6, Court in tftc C'Ttftequcr Cljamber 
foi crrojs in tbclJingsilBcncI^. 27 3 1 i.,2.a4.37, 
^nir 7t SCljIs Court of dtquttp in t^c Cjici^cqucr Cljambert 

ij E.4. 6. 
8 H.,.4. 
PI. com.jij. a.. 
This prciogaiivc 
holdcih nrtt only 
fcrvicc.but in 
cafe of a Kcrt 
charge, and 
Rent fecfce. 


$ ij.&cap. J, 



^ Rot. Pari. Anr.O 

fupra, pag, no. ji E. jicap.8. ji Eliz. cap. 1.17 Eliz.cap.8. ji Eliz.'cap.i."».2^. 57, 

c 7 H.(?.44. 
6H.7. I J. 
"Rot. CJauCin 
Dorf. An.ij E.i, 
in (clicduhpfnd. 
£t fi crntingat 

K X 





Of Firft^fruits and Tenths Ecclefiafticall. 


Rot. Par 47 E.J. 
nil. 30. 

z & 5 Ph. & M. 

I Eliz.cap.4. 
oLfcrve the ahc- 
ration and altcr- 

1 Eliz,c3p,4. 

15 16. Trivet. 
Ranulphus Ci- 
cap.i. Platina, 
Fox, &c. 
ii z E }. Rot. 
clauf. m.4. 
c pari. I R.I. 
nu. 66. 

nil. 44- 

e Note they were 
not fo ancient 
with us. as is 
/Rot. Par.^R.i- 

nu. 50' 

g «5H.4.cap.i. 

b Rot.Par.9 H-4- 

i 19 F.J. tit, Jii- 
rifdiftion. u 
k i^H.S.cap.j. 

A Court of tljeiFtcft'-frufts anD SCcnt^s ioas raifeti, ;®fficcrs cona{tnfc&, 
of Cfjantelour, aCreafurcr.mings 0ftojnp,ttoo ^uDffoj6,an5 ttoo Clcrfes: 
0«tbo;(tp giten tlbem to compounD foj firft-frutts , llBonDs tabcn tticrc 
fo;e lIioulD be of Ithe fo;ce as a statute staple: but tl^is Court toas DtiToltcD b? 
^mtn Mary ]|9arl. i.Seffi^, 

actjefe ineregraittcD to tbeCroton bptftettatuteof 26 H.8,cap»3* But all tfte 
Clergy toere ejfonerateU anD DtfcljargcD tfjereof aftertoarD0, Anno z & 3 Ph, & 
Mar. eap,4f 

2Lt)c ftatufc of 26 H.8» retjftjeti, artu il=trlt-fruits anO 2Dentfts of t^c Clergp 
reunited to tlje Crotutt bp Anno i Eliz,cap,4. iieut no Court is retiitieD, but 
iFira^rultsantiaDentljstobeiDitljintl^erulc, furuep, anO goternment of tbc 
CBrcftequcr, anD createD a nctD £Dffice, anD ilDfficer, viz. a lRcmemb?ancer of t^c 
JFtrft^fruits anD gCentljs of tlje Clergp,tDl^otabet!)all compofitions foj tfte fatD 
iFtrft'fruits anD SCentbs, anD mafeetl^ pjocesagainft fuel) as pap not tfte fame. 

iFirft- fruitSjOj ^nnate0,primitiae,are tt>e iFirft'fruits after atjoiDanceof cijcrp 
&pirituall 5Lit)tng fo? one to^ole pear (crcept vltticaragesnoterceeDingioli. 
anD perfonages not c^cceDing i o ^arbs) but all are to pap Centlis. 

^cclcnafticall iLitiugs toere fomctimcs tjalucDbpa IBoob of CairattonmaDe 
in 20 E, I , toftic^ remaincfft in tlje d^rcftcqucr, anD bp another f aration in a5 H.8, 
iDljtc^ alfo rcmainetl) in tftat Court. ^nD accojDing to tljts latter taration are 
tftetaluesof QEccleCafticall JLitjings computeD foj tlje JFirft=fruit« anD SCentljs. 
OTljat pope firft tmpofeD if ira=f raits, unf ill » ^itfojians Do agree , 31 iDill 
not trouble mpfclf. 

Ml)at toe finDe of 3iletojD concerning ifirff^fruits , toe toill fummarilj? 

b SDlje iiing fojbiDDctlj H.P. ff»c I0opcs iliuntto to collect jFirtt^fruits, %u 

c 2Ct)at t^e popes Collector be toillcD no longer fo gather tlje iFtrft=fruifs of 
JlBenefices toit^in t^is Eealm being a t^erpnobelfp, anD tliat no perfon Do an? 
longer pap tljcttif 

d sCi^c Commons Do petition tfjat piotiifton map be maDe agatnft ttic popes 
Collectors foj Ictjping of tlje iFirft^fruits of (iScclcfiafticall Dignities toitftin tbc 
Kcalm. sni^eanftocr of tljc teing in parliament is , There fliail be granted a 
Prohibition in a!i fuch cafes where the Popes Colleftorj (hall attempt any fudi 
c novelties, 

f tapon complaint maDe bptlje Commons in parliament. The King wil- 
leth that Prohibitions be granted to the Popes Colleftors for receiving of 
Firft- fruits* 

g 0gaina iFirff ^fruits bp j9[rcl^=il5il6ops anD llBit&ops to fljc pope of Home, 
terming it a l)o?riblc mifctjicf anD Damnable cuSome. 

h 3!t is cnatteD, tljat tlje popes CoUedojs fl^oulD not from tljcncefojtl& letjp 
anpmonep toitljin tljelilealmfojiFirtt^fruits ofanp Ccclefiafticall Dignitpbp 
anp p?ot3ifion from IRomeupon pain of fljc ttatuteof p?ot3irojs:but tljis iS omit* 
tcD out of tlje pjint of 9 H. 4. cap.8. 

■ 2D^e llBffliop of J]5ojtoicft ftaD in 19 E.^.bppjefcription time out of minDc 
of maniT^irft^fruits toittjinljisBDioccs of all cfjurtljes after etjcrp atioiDance. 
But tijcfe alfo tocre gitjcn fo tljc Crotone ^ bp tlie §>tatutcof 2<5Hcn. 8, 
cap. 3. 

SCentljs ecclefiafticall, Dccimi, tljefc are tl^e SCentlj part of tfje Dalue of all 


Cap.i5» ^/^^ Court of Augmentations, ui 

Ctcclcfiafticall 3Lit)tngs pearlp payable to Vdz JStng, ft{s ^cirs anD ^ucccffojs 
bp tftc fatD Statute of 26 h. 8. aiiB i Eliz. to be talueD asKt abotjcfatD. 

Cljcfc tl)c \Dopc (as tijc CanoiufffiljolDcfl)) pjctcnDcD to Ijatjc De jurcDivino, 
a3Ductot^e^^igl)p;icabppjetC);tOf t^erctoojas. Precipe levitisatq; denun- Num.i8.i^.&c, 
cia 5 eum acccpcritis a filiis Ifracl decimas quas dedi vobis, pritnitias earum ofs Eze. 
fcrte Domino,id eft decimam partem dccirai, utrcpntetur vobii in oblationcm ca.44. v,i8.&c, 
primitiarum tarn de arcis, quamde torcularibas & uiiiverfis quorum accipieiis 
primitiasoflferte Domino, & date ea Aaron Sacerdoti, 315tit tl)C Parliaments tn 
2 y H, S.atiD 16 H.s.tocrc ndt of opinfon tl)at tljefc SDcntljs m belong to tlje 3i3(? 
fljopbflRome; asbp tl)e fetjcrall pjcambles tljcreofappcaretlj, inbtcf) tuc Ijatjc 
a&Dct) ; fo? tbat toe Ijatje cniDcatiourcD to flicto tljiottgf) all tljts toojh tftc fcterall 
(lafms o: p?ctcnces of eterj? ftjing tofjereof toe l)a\)e trcateD. ilnD tetng Philip 
anD £I5ueen Mary petlDcD not fljcfc Ccntlja to tl)c pope, but (as Ijatb been fatD) 
bp autftojttp of parliament OifctjargcD tfjc ^Ilcrgp thereof: tol)tclj tljep tooulD 
nctjcr Ibate Done, if tljcp l)aD taken tljemto be Due to tljc pope De jure Divino, 
janD tlje Bitliop of JPojtotcf) coulD not ftat)ep?ercrtbcD to Ijatic iF{rft=fruit6 toitlj» 
in Ijts 2Dioces, if tljcpfjaD been Due to tbc popcDc jure Divino t anD tt)C ratljer, dfa/on^'ubi fup" 
foj tljat Anthony de Bccke, foj tof)om tftc pjefcription toas maDc, toas a reteiner 
to ttje court of Home, anD maDe SBtt^op of iJojtoic^ bp ttje pope» 


The Court of Augmentations of the Revenues of 

the Crowne of England. 

T^^fs Court teas crcrtcD bp autfjojitp of parliament in Anno 27 H.8. con-- 17 H.s.cap.z?. 
fitting of a Ctiancelour, 2Drcafurer, ;3[tto?np,&olicifoj. janD all lanDs,f c» 
belonging to a^onafteries, anD purcftafeD lanDs tocrc toifljin i\\t fnrtoep 
anD goticrnancc of tljts Court* SCljts Court c oulD not be erccteo but bp parlia* 
menu becaufe a c^ancelour anD a Court of (H^quitptoereconttituteD. ^o;6 
Ijcreof in tlje ncrt Cfjapter. 



Cap. i^. 


II H.S.cflp.j^. 

The Court of Generall Surveyours of divers of 

the Kings lands with power to make Leafes for twenty 

one yeares ere^ed by Ad: of ParHament 

in 33 H. 8. 

BraS. Nihil cam 

conveniens eft 



diflblvi eo liga- 



7E.6. cap.i. 


Dier 4BIIZ.16. 
all the Judges. 

B£Dflj fbefe Courts Mn% H» 8» bp f^is 3Lctter0 patents Anno regni fui 38. 
DtlfolteD, ant) eretfeD a nelo Court of ^augmentations bp bis ^Letters 
|0atents» 2Dbc DitTolntion U)as bolDcn t)oiD, becanfetbep toerecreateD 
bpantbojitpof l^arltamcnt, vid. tbercbcarfalloftbe statute of 7E.6.c3p,2, 
anD tbe erection toas alfo tioiD fo^ tbe canfe afo^efaiD, ;9nD f bereupon tbe faio 
^Letters patents, asiDellfojfbcDtffolutionoftbefojmcr, anDfo; tbe erection 
of tbe neto Court of J3ugmentations tocre confirmeD anD ettatiUibcD bp tbe 
faiD M of 7 E. 6. 

^nztnt Mary accojDing to tbe potner gftjert to bee foj tiiffolution of tbe 
faiD Court bp M of parliament bolDen tbe ftftb of :©ctober in tbe firtt 
^eare of b^i^ reigne, DiD afterlnarDs bp ber i.etters patents, bearing Date 
2; Januarii in tbe fame peare DifTolbe tbe faiD Court of Augmentations; 
anD tbe nert Dap follotoing bp otber ILetf ers patents uniteD tbe fame to tbe d^p* 
cbequer,tobicb inas utterlp toiD> becaufc ibe baD DiiTolteD tbe fame before : fo as 
jfeepurfueD not ber autbo}{fp« 


Cap. 17. 



The honourable Court of Chivalry before 
the Conftable and Marfhall. 

ROt.Pat. 1 1 H.4. m* %W Court iScalUD Curia Milicaris aiiD Roc. Pari. 
2 H. 6, Du. 9. t!)e a^arOjall Court. 
SClje auogesoft^iscourt arctfjeJLojD conftable of cSngtanDanDtftc 
©arl f)ara)all of englatiD, and tfjis Court (g tljc fountain of tfje ^arfljall laU). 
^nD t^c C-arl ^arOjall is fcotfjoncof tlje Blunges, anD to fee epccutton be Done. 

ConHable OlCunftable iscompounDeD oftluo &aron ioojDs, Cuninge per 
contraaionem Kinge, anD ftable , id eft, columen,quafi columen regis , ancicntlp 
tojtttcn CuningftabJe. Marfhall ancientlp U)?ttten Marfcalc , hfeetotfeof ttoo 
^►aron toOjDS. viz. Marciai equus^ anD Sr/j/r curator, quafi curator cquoruro : 
iro;tl)C iparftall Marifchallus,anDtl)eDerttiationtftcreof,fcct{)eFirft part of the 
Inftitutes, Se^.i oi.fol./-^. SeiS. 1 54, fo.iof^.Seaicn 74^ fo.391 . 
SCfjis Court of CijttjalrptoasancientlpljolDenfn tj^c toingsf^all. 
£ni)e jurisDirtton is DeclareD bp tlje ftatuteof j 7, R.i. ftat.i . 
Becaufc the Commons doe make a grievous complaint , that the 
Court of the "^ Conftable and Marftiall have incroached to them , 
and daily doe encroach contrads, covenants, trefpafTes , debts and 
detinues , and many other adions pleadable at the Common law, 
in great prejudice of the King and of his Courts, and to the great 
grievance and oppreflion of his people, The King willing to ordain 
a remedy againft the prejudices and grievances afoiefaid , hath '^ de- 
clared in this Parliament by the advice and afTent of the Lords Spi- 
rituall and Temporall the power and jurifdiiftion of thefaid Cpnfta- 
ble in the form that foUoweth. 

To the Conftable it appertaineth to have conufancc of Contrads 
and deeds of arms, and of war out of the Realm, and alfo of thinc^s 
that touch war within the Realm, which cannot be determined or 
difcuflTed by the Common law, with other ufages and cuftomes to 
the fiime matters pertaining , which other Conftables have hereto- 
fore duly and reafonably ufed in their time, joyning to the fame that 
every Plaintif ftiall declare plainly his matter in his petition afore that 
any man be fent for to anlwer thereunto. And if any will complain 
that any plea be commenced before the Conftable and Marfliall,that 
might be tried by the law of the land , the fame Complainant fliall 
have a Privy Seal of the King without difficulty dircded to the 
faid Conftable and MarOiall to furceafe in that plea , till it be dif- 
cufled by the Kings Councell,ifthat matter ought and of right per- 
taineth to that Court, or othcrwife to be tried by the Commonlaw 
of the Realm of England , and alio that they furceafe in the mean 

see tljC Third part of the Inftiturcs,cap. High treafon, pag. 16, Rot. Par. 
35E. 3.partei.m.i6, 1 H.4,betU)centl)etojD s©o;li'anDtl)C CEarlof&arum, 
tlje IRecoiD toljcrcoftocfja-oe fccn. ixor.Par. 2"rte i .m.7, bcttoccn High- 
ly anD Scroop. Rot, Pat. 3 H.^, Ballediuh cafe. Rot Vafcon. j? H 4. nu.i 5. Bul- 


f The Stile ef 
the Court, 
t^ The Judges. 
the Firft pirt of 

other authorities 

f The name* 

I. pare of the 
lOl & 15J. 

f The place, 

f The I fir it' 
Rot.Par.8 R.i. 
nu.ji.not in print 
13 R.i.ftat. I. 
C3.1. Rot. ParL 
*tIx Judges, 
Vide infra. 
I H.4.cap. 14. 
*Nou declared. 



' Dent 19.18. 
And the judges 
fhall make dili- 
gent inquifition, 
and if the accu- 
fer be found falfej 
and that he hath 
givenfalfe wit- 
fhall ycu doc to 
thought to doc 
to his brother, 
and thou fliilt 
put cvill away 
from the middeft 
of thee. 

35 H.S.cap.i, 
5 E.6.cap.ii. 

tfee t E.6.CJ.11. 
in the j. pare of 


* Vid.Regi.izp. 
Note remedy by 
the Common law 
for wrong done 
beyond die Sea. 

The Court of Qhhalry, Cap. 17. 

lemerscafe* ROt^Parl.n^c, Rot. Pari, a H. ^.nu.p^HolI.Chron, 

.24. ^H,4. &ic John Annelleys cafe. S>eetl)i0cafc Walfing. pa.isy.Duellura 

petcuffum. Ibidem 8 R.2. 44^5 John Walfhescafe, JFoj t^tscafcof Walfh, fee 

Walfing. pa.sii.anD Stowes Annals 477* Howes Chron. 8 H.6.371, bcttoCCtl 

John Upton ant) John Down. Vide Stowe$^urtepoE3LonDon 38 j.&cc tljts 

cafe, Rot, Pat. 8 H.6. parte i.m.7. Annals 609. Stow. Ibid. Anno ij H. 6. Anno 

dotnini i445.bettoccti John DavyeanD William Cacurljis matter, Annals 6^^. 

ibid. 3 86. battel! jopncD bettoceti Thomas Fitz-thomas p?toj Of !fttlman anD 

Tames Butlec (Earl of £) jmonD;but iD^cn it came to tbe point tt)c i^tng fojbao it. 

Vide Rot,Parl. 1 U.6, nu. 9, John llojD 2Dalbot =iltctjet6nant of BtrclanD accufcD 

t^cC-arl of iSDjmonDof ^tgbtrearonbcfojctljeCDarl of BcDfojD ConftableoC 

CSnglanD inftts spacfljals Court, t^c ISingDiDaboUflifljc accufation. 

Mfjat juDgment fftall begitjen tol)cncitftcrpartpistianqina)cD, feeftjcSr* 
ticlesoftlje SPufeeofCDlouc'Conftablc of CEnglanD about tfte beginning of tlje 
reign ofR.2.2E;i)clato of arms is, fbat tl)c Appellant being otjercomc fliall in^- 
curretbcfame puntiftment, t&at t^e SDcfcnDant ougtjt to ftatc Done if tictjai) 

tianquifteti, , ^ . , ^ „ 

S»ce an ancient spanufcript in iFrenc!) cntttulcD Modus faciend' Duellutn 
coram Rege.Bone foy & droit & ley deArms voer,quclappelIant cnGourgeimefmc 
peyne que le defendant deveroit.fil Ibit con via & difcomfit. * 3nD t^jis feemctlj to 
be confonant to tlje lato of C?oD. 

antjts ^anufcript trcatcttr botb oftljcjuriSDictionanD manner of tfjepjocce* 
Sing befoje t^e Conftablc anD {parfijalU anD foj t^at it is long, anD 31 Ooalt not 
but copies thereof are inmanpbanDs,3U)atie nottnfcrfetiitljere. 

anijcrcarc manp in fojain parts tl)atl)abe tojitfen of (Ii:ombats,ic. in lattnc, 
iFrencI^, anD italian. 0s Alciat,Lancelottus,Conradus, Johannes de Lignano, 
Mutio JuftinoPo]itano,Berandier,Beutheusi Defdigueres,&c. to toftom tOC re* 
fer tftc reaoer , fo j tl)at if is fafc to follotu tl)e acts of ^aarliament concerning tlje 
luriSDirtion of tljis CE;oart,ant) fuel) p:cfiDcnt6 as Ijatjc been bcfo?e tlje Contta* 
ble anD sparOjalltnttie sparfbals Court iottljin tljis Kcalm. 

C Out of the Realm.] sC^ts is to be unDerttooD inanpfojain part 

faCponD fl)e S)Cas, In partibus exteris & tranfmarinis. jFoj upon i\^t §>ea tl)C 
;aDmiraU Ijatl) jurisDiction, tofticl) 0DmtraU (our QBngliO) J^cptune) cannot 
mcDDle toit^anpti)ingDonc beponDtlje &cas upon tfte^lanD, anD tl)e Confta* 
ble anD jparCball l)ai)e no conufance ofanpfl)ing Done upon t^eS>ea. 

OTljerc bp tljefe ^CtS it is p?0t3iDcD, That all treafons, milprifion of treafons, 
or concealment of treafons committed out of this Realm of England, (hould be 
inquired of; heard and determined in the Kings Bench by good and lawful men 
of the fame Shire where the faid Bench fliall fit, or elfe before fuch Coramill^o- 
nersand in fuch Shire, as ihould be affigncd by the Kings CommifTion by good 
and lawful! men ofthcfamefhire, in like manner and form to all intents and 
purpofesas if fuchtrea(bns,&:c. had been done within the fame, &c. jflone Of 
tljefe 0cts Dot^ tafeeatoap tl)e jarisDiction of tbe Conftablc anD s^arftjall, 
ioljcreone accufet^ another of il^igl) treafonDoneoutoft!)c lUcalm: fojoffucl^ 
an accufation of one againft anotljcr of anp f^tgt) treafon Done out of tlje 
li^calm tbe Conttablc anD ^arfljall flioulD ba\3C conufancc thereof: becaufe 
tetgti treafon is not triable bp 3Iurp accojDtngto tlje courfc of t^e Common 
latos of t^cll^ealmtn t^at cafefojtoantofpjoof, as bp all t^c pjcftDcnts a. 
fojefatD it appearctti. i^citljcr Dotlj tlje faiD act of 5 > H. 8, oj 5 E. 6. tafec a* 
toap t^e ttatutc of 28 H.8. cap.i 5. foj trpall of treafons Done upon f^e &ea, 
albeittftcp be Done out oftljelRcalm. &ecftercaftcr Cap. 2 5.anDtljcThirdparc 
ofthe Inftitures,Cap.of|9iracp,pa,iii,&tia.anDtljcre Inas no Doubt concef* 
t)CD of tljctrtallof tljcm. &ec tlje preamble of tljc ttatutc of 35 H.8. anD of 
5 E. 6» 

*3fanp2J()crcljant€ngl{{lbbcfpoileD, oj ftisgooDs fa^enfrom Ijim bcponD 
&ca bp anp a)ercljants ttrangers , anD tftc (iEngUttJ ipercljant cannot upon fait 


Cap. 1 7' The Court of Chh airy. 125 

attain to jufticctl)cre,!)cCbaUl)al3C upon tcfftmonu thereof a tout out of tijc 
Cljancccp to arccft t^c Jj^crcftants Itrangcrs if tbcj' come into CDnglanDjOj 
tbctcgooSsjfc. untill tljcp be fatiaficD. &ee l)crcafter tl)c crtiaptcr of ;aDmt- 

HScfoje tl)is atct at a parliament l)olDcn tntl)e Spear of R.2. Jt toasc== j^,^^ pj^sr i 
iiactcD, ttjat no plea lubicD ftoulD concern tfte common lato f^oulD fcc triCD tc= .....{Vnocpna- 
fo;c t^c Conftablc anD tlje i|)arn)alU nv. 

jptoaOtJitioneittjcrofpcrfonsojof jurtstiiction can be aDDeD to tljis Court, R„c.pjr.,R.s. 
imletrcit be bp^ict of parliament , *fo: ancient Courts ougljt to be crcrcifcD ru ,9. i>cnncc 
accojDing to ttje ancient anD rigl)t inttitution. w.imotscaa 

3ntl)c appeal afojeCaiD bettocen Upton anD Down in s H.^.after battell fRe^ui'eH ' 
jopncD,tl)C Kings Ujiit out of tbe Court of Cljanccrp iffueD to ti)c §>l)erifs of 4,5^^"" '' 
ILonDon,a0U)efinD it entrcD anDrccojDcD intijc great booh of tfte^bbbp of ' ' 
315ur)> to. S7. 83 follotDetfj. 

Eex Vic' London Salttt em: Prec if imtis vohis jirmit^ jnjtmgentes quod BrcvcVic' Lf>n. 
'.dsdam lift as c^ barras de mcremio fortes & fat is fufjicientes pro qtto- J*"" P''^ ' " 
dam Duello inter lohannem Vpton Jppellantem cjr lohannem Down Defen- Juciio fac 

(ludsdam lift as c^ barras de meremio fortes & [at is ftifficientes pro quo- ^°^ pro lift.s & 
dam Duello inter lohannem Vpton AppelUntein (jr lohannem Dorvn Defen- Juciiofac'r" 
dentcn^fccundum legem Armorum die Lun£ prox' futur apud Weflfmith- LcxHimorum, 

f eld in fuburb' Civttatis pr^di^x Deo danteperficiend' contra diem prx- s,'e\iKarn'ac'b 

dicitim neftris ftimptibus (^ expenfis erigiyConftrui,(^ feri fac" inomni- fa down by 

bus proittm ultimo duello ibidem faCi of aU' fuerunt,^quod terra infra li- ?Tj^^\."°'i' 

ftas prxdici' cum [abulo fufficiente & ecjualit' cooperatur^ Ita quodali- Giouc'Co^nfla- 

qui lapides grandes aut arena infra eafdcm liftas minime inveniantur bk of Engl and, 

quovifmodo: Et de omnibus cr fmgttlis pec uni arum (ummis qttas circa pre- n!nToilhiw^'n 

miffa applicaveritis^nosvobis in compoto veftro ad Scaccarium noftrumper otR.i, 
prefens mandatum nostrum, debitam allocationem habere fa.ciemtts^(^c. 

mv Vc^xQ to;it toe obfcrte 4. tbings, i. Cljat Sljerifu ougljt to mafee tfje sccmodfac' 

lifts,«. 3. SDlje manner Ijototiicparc to mahc tftcm. 5. SDftat tftcp oug^t Jueiiuracoiam 

to mafee tljem bp tfte icings Irjit. 4* SD^attfjeparetobc maDe at tfte icings ''^^• 

iBp tlje Cafutc of I H,4. all Appeals offfjings Done toitftintlje KealmUjall 1H4.cap.11. 
be trieD anD DetermincD bp tl)e gooD latos of tljc IRcalm, %t, iSnD fljat all aip* 
pcalo maDe of things Done out of tljelRealm tliall be tricD ano DetermincD bC' 

fo;c tfjcconftable anD sparQjallofCiSnglanDfojtte time being, anD tf)atno;ap= Rot.pjr.iiH,4. 

peal be purfueD in parliament. ""-^I- 

2CJ)ci» piocccD accojDing •" to tljc ctiffomc3 anD ufages of f l)at Court , anD in l.'| iheCrJti 

cafes omittCD,acco;Ding "to tbe Citil lato, fecundumle^cm Armorum. ^nD lar/^' 

tl)ercfo;c upon attainDcrs bcfoje tbcConftable anD i|)ar(i)all of (SnglanD foj ^ j^h JVo - 

t^c time being nolanD t3fo^fcitcD,OHO;ruption of blouD tojougljt. ' F.r.efccap.ji. 

jFo; KecoiDfif, Book cafes, anD otl)cr autljojities in lato astoellfoj tfjc cr» fo-js. 
pofttion of tlje faiD ttatutc0,as fo; tl)e jurisDiction anD pjocecDings of t^is Court, 

^ fee tl)eFidt part of the lnflitutes,Sc£t.io2.anD 745,anDpcrHrc tf)C ^utljojitics * n h 4.mi.24. 

tberccitcD. &eealfof be petition oflligbt, jCar.cap.!. Aiiflotuicinade 

3t is to be obfertjeD ti)at after fcntcnce pjonounccD in tbis Court of CbttjaU'ot Je 

rp in cafe ofarmstbc partpgrictieD map appeal fotbefSing-tobereof poumap conftabieai.d 

reaD a notable IRecojD, Rot, Pat. isR.i.patte j.iPotc alfo a fpcciall IRoUAnl Mardiaiiand aj- 

J4R.i.intituleDRot.procefi' in curia militari in caufa Armorum, Im' Ricu Ic '"'"li^fE'-gl'iiJ 

Scroop Ciii valier, & Robertum Grovener Chivalicr. vT.kRoJ'^.H ' 

anDfoJtbiscaure(amongftotbcr5) ' tbcl^eralDs arc attcnDants upon f bis ^'n.^n^.z^ ' 

Court, £Df tbefe l^cralDS tbcre be tres Rcges.f /x-. Garter Rex Armorum, Cla- An Aft n, t in 

print toucliirr^ 
a Commidion for arraying and muftering of men, which at ihis day is offeree, nnd nooiher. Vide 8 H.4. nu. li 
Clergy exempt out of that. Sec alfo 14 E, ;. flat.z. nu.^j.aCotunuflion of Lieutenancy. Sec hereafter amongft. 
ihe Ecclcri.illicnII Courts, TK.flppeah. Vii.!.Glovcr8i,8j. f Saxonicc ifn.nhcld /.honorcmtcncni, Latincfxciak$ 
JE.4.6.b.PJ.Com.ii.b, ' 

& renccux 


<z Rot. Pat. I R.3. 
Rot.P.-it. 1 x 
3 Ph. & Mir. 18. 
Jul) :rhcir Col- 
Jedgc is III the 
PiiiOi'jf S.tieii- 
nei la Caflle 
Bainard Ward 
granted to the 
corporation ofthe 
Heralds by Let- 
ters Patents bea- 
ring daie i3 July 
J5J5. Anno 1 & 
5 Ph. & War. 
b Ezech.i;.8,9. 
t!Ur!]^& cum jit- 
jiu non fcnb.oi- 
tnr. I 
61. tliquajiaut 
jcriptiiram gencn- 
hgiiefiix eJ" nan 
i'Wcnerual,& c- 
jc^i fttilt. 
c Difthargcdof 
Sublidit s. 

* Or in thcKings 
Bench or other 

Vid.8H.6 9,io. 
■i4H.6.r. Lb.e. 
fo.jj.b.le Coiin- 
tes dc KuthiiiJs 


ij H.j.nii ji. 
34 Alnurick 
I: ail of Lcic' 
Math.Par. pag. 

* Inqiiiflt' 21 H.6. 
Pjft moi teni 
ni de Eincoiirt. 

Hil.annoji El. 

T^he Court of Chivalry, Cap. 17. 

rercenx Rex Artrorum ex parte Auftrali. Norroy Rex Armorum ex parte Bore- 
ali J Scfexalii Heraldi. Cftcfc CBngltQ) ^cralDs are meffcngcrs of tear anD 
peace, sbtlfuU tn Dcfccnts,peDegrcc0,anD 0rmojics ; tl)cp marOjall t!)c folemni* 
tics at Co5onations,tl)Cp manaac combats bcfojc tlje Conttablc anD iparftal^ 
anO upon rcquett tl)cp folemnijc tfte J^ unerals of noble , fjonotjial Ic, rc^ercnD, 
anD Uiojiljipfull ^arfonagcs. - SCtjcptoerefirft incojpoaatcD bplSing R. s.aiiD 
afterii)acD3nctolPinco:po?atcDfcpteing Philip anD Sucen Mary, acijctr lcar= 
ntnganD fattljfuU Dealing in Defccnts anD peDcgrecs upon juftpjoof map be a 
mean to quiet manpcontroticrQcs about t^etttle0 of l)ono;0,Dt0nttie0,anD inl^e- 

fc Hn tlje pjopl)Ct Eiechicl it i0tl)U0 tojfttenJ Dicit dominos dem , & eric 
manus mea fupcrProphetas, qui vident vana,et divinant mendacium-. incon- 
cilio populi mei non erunc, & in fcriptura domus Ifrael.non icribentur, 

tlpontbcfc latter iDOjDs 2Dit)inc0Doel)olD,Quodmoserat inlfrael, quodu- 
raquseque familia genealogiam ejus fcriberet, in qua dinolcebatur quilibetdc 
qua tribu erac, & dequa familia, Scqushajreditas ejusefledeberer, & ille qui 
penitus delkueretur nonfcriberctur. 

■^aDljefe !^cralD0 are Dircl)ar6CDofS>ubfiDie0,2ColsanDotbcrc!)arge0oft&e 
Common=lDcaltlj,bp 3letter0 jDatents of E,6, Anno 3. of Ijis reign. 

g)ec tl)c Firft pare of the Inflitutes foj flegrees, anD creattoti0 of Jl5obil{tp,anD 
trialltl)creof,Sea.9. ha6. & Sefl:. p^^, toljereunfo pou map aDDe a no« 
table tojit in^^tftelRegittcrjiuljcnaBaronoJ anpl)igl)cr Degree of i]5obilitp is 
fueD in tlje ' <£ourt of Common plca0, anD pjoceffc atparDeD againft btm bp Ca- 
pias oj Exigent, tljen map l)e fue out XW tojit. 

Rex lujliciariis fuis de Banco Salutem. Mandamtis 'vobii, quod fi G. T, 
miles cor Am •uobU adfectam alicujus per a^iionem perfomlem impUcita- 
tus exiflity ulem proce(fum ^ non dium 'uerfus ipfum in aciionc pradi- 
ifa fieri faciatis , qud' verfus dominos, magnates ,Comitcs five Barenes reg- 
ni nofiri Anglia qui ad Parliamentumnofi:rumde femmonitionenofira ve- 
nire debent ant eorttm aliqtiem fecundum legem (jr confiietudinem regni 
noHri Anglic f tier it factend\ quia prA^icl' G.T. untim Baronum regni 
nofiri pradiii' ad Parliament A nofiradcfommonitieneregia venientiumre- 

SClje llBaronp ofEdmond deEincourtcommonIp Deincourt of ILanglcp ill 
ILtncolnflnrc ongtnallp createD bp ii3;it,!]aD long conttnucDtn fjtsS'irnante, 
anD^atjtngno ilTuc male,Dcfirou0tl)att)t0 feiirname, ^rms, anD il5aronp,all 
to^icljljc IjclD in fee fimple mtgW continue, bp l)umblc fuit impojfuneD Ming 
E. 2,fojtl)at Ije COnceiteD, Quod cognomen faum & arma poit mortem Ilium 
delerentur, & corditer afteiSlabat utpoft mortem ejus in memoria haberentur, 
ut demaneriis & armis fuis feoffaret quemcunque voluerif. anD tnftjeenDl)^ 
obtaineD l)i0ruitfap tl)eiI»tng01Lctter0 patents unDcrtfte »II5?cat fecal, anD af* 
teriuarDS about 1 9 E. j. be afftgneD acco:Dtng to tlje teingo grant bis isir* 
name, arms, anD poirellion0. iFoj toe finDintbe clofe JRols fl)at tfjcfatD Ed- 
mond llSaron of Eincourt fat \\\ |9arliament mitill anD in ifj E. 2, anD t^at 
after b is Deceafc Ijts affigneefat \\\ parliament in i E. ^bptljcnamcof Wil- 
liam de Eincourt, anD in Ijis Ijcirs males tljeDignitp, rtrname,anD poffeCTtons 
continueD * untill 2 1 H.d.anD tften Ijis \t\x male f ogctljer toitlj tlje name anD Dig* 
nitp ceafeD. 

anD 3! DiD bear tlje IBaron of ^Bucgljlcp ^o;D aCreafurer H)cputp to tljc 
CEarl of &lj;etofburptf)en (iBarl spartljall of <iDnglanD,tn bearing of tbccaufe 
bp tbc SJncens commanDment bettocen Edward Nevil anD iiaDp Mary Vane 
Daugbfer anDbcir of Henry 3io?Dof Siburgabenp foj tbc rtgbt oftbe ffiaronj 
of a!jurgatjcnp,tj0«cb a recoiD in tbc reign of E.4. SCbat tbe ?Lo:D Hoe,U)bo bare 
fojbts enligns of bonoj quarterlp &iltier anD ^ablcbatiing no iiTue male, bp bis 



Cap. 17. T^he Court of Chivalry o izy 

tJcD unDcr l)i0 fcal granteD f)ts name , arms anD Dignif p otjcr , but Ijabing not 
tljc latngs licence anD toarranf , tfjc fame toas tn §parltamcnt aDjtiDgeD to tc 

HDav !^cralD0 arc conffttutcD faplLettcrs patents , anDtjatjc manptcremo^ 
nies Done unto tljcm at tljetr creation, but tftofc ceremonies arc not of tifz effcncc 
oftljciroflficc, but tijc iLctters patents onlv t anD fo teas it aDjuDgcDinttjc 
laings 3I5cncl) in tf)e reign of :35uccn Eliz. in tl)C cafe of Dethck i^ing of 
^rms, 315ut tl)U3 macti of i^cralDs upon fijis occaQon fliall fuffice ,- anD noto 
let us return to our Conllalle anD sgjarftalU 

3n ancient latos bcfojc tlje Conquctt, j'ou tljall rcaD De Herecochiis 0? Here- int' Leges td- 
togiis, i. du6toribus exercitHs,ab hepe exercitus 2ct0ecrf,iiucerc. ^^'^^' rfgis. 

Heretochiu5 agrcctl) toifl) eitfjer of tljcfc otrcat UDfficcrsXonffabuIariusoi ^ •"]''•• ?^-Wo- 
Manlcnallus: Ifli veroeligebantur percommune concilium pro comuniutilitate Capj-.ucH*- 
regni perprovincias Scpatricosin plenoFoIkmote. retochii,. 

Ctjis office of tljc dDonftablc of CEnglanD teas aftcrtoarDs of inheritance ofancienttime 
bptlje tenure of tl)Cmannojs of i^arlcficlD, jl^ctoman, anD (Mljitcnljurft bp f^'f'', ... 
d^janD &er jeantp , in tljc line oft^cBohnns Carls of ^crcfojD, anD CDlIcr, Mrcndubi'S' 
anD aftcrtoarDS of rigljt in tljc line of tftc Stafford s anD SDuhcs of JIBucUing^am ' Sf e 1 1 "ei" 
as ftcirs gcncrall to tftcm : at tljc laft bi'tljc opinion of * all tljc SuDgcs if Ujas is^. forefoived 
latofull)? DcfccnDeD to Edward SDuUc of 15ucUingljam, toljo Uias attaintcD of '"^h.s, 
treafon.inAnnoia H.8. luljcrebp tljis office became fo;fcttcD to tlje Croton, 
anD fincc tljat time fcotlj in rcfpcct of tljc ampUfaDc of t!jc 0utljojitp botlj in 
ioar anD peace, anDoftljccljargcittoasncticrgrantcDto anp rubjccf,but noto 
of late hac vice. 

ifojtlic office of flje CEarl <|)arftall, fee tljc Firft part of the Inftitutcs,Se(5^. 
102. & 13J. 

snijceffcd: of t^c grant of t^is £)ff{ce of Conllalle of CnglanD Is in tjcrj? 

feto toOjDS, viz, Officium ConftabulariiAnglix una cum omnibuj feodis, pro- 
ficuis, commodicatibus, &emolumentis quibulcunque officio prseditlo qualiter- 
cunque pertineotibus, & ab antiquodebitis&confuctis, 0nD bp nO mean0UlC 
are tofolloto tljc irregular pjefiDent of tljc grant thereof bp i^ing E. 4. tn tlic 
7 pearofljis reign to Richard Widevile Carl lRtt?crs anDJLojDof (EJjaftoti 
anD De la mote fojljtS life :tobiclji0atcnt poufljaUfinDRot Par. Anno7E.4, 
part 1 . anD is Dircctli? againft tljc common laUi anD tlje flf atutcs concerning 
flje juriSDictionoftljts iDffice; anDtljcretntoot3cr=reaclj alltbcgooDanDU)ftole» 
fomclatos maocfoj tljc Declaration of tljc jurisDiction of tbis great £)fftce, 
potoer teas gibcntotbcCarl Kitjcrs toljabc conufancc in cafe of ^igljtrca= 
ron,anD Otljcr caufes anD affairs, Qu:e in Curia ConflabulariiAnglixabantJ- 
quo,i'/a. domini Guilielmi ConqucHoris progenitoris regis feu aliquo tempore 
citrajiraftarijaudiri, examinari&decidi conlueverunrj'eu de jure debuerunt fi- 
ve debent, &' diverfa alia pcrperam, 0nD tljercfojcbp no means tlje fame oj tljc 
lifec is to be Djaton into cramtJlc* 

jFoj grants of tljis great £Dffice of Conffablc of CnglanD, fee tljc pjefiDcnts, 
anD bi> tftattoljiclj ftat^becn faiD cljoofe tlje beff. Rot. Pat. i H.4.parte i.Hen- 
rico comiti North pro vita. Rot. Par, 4 H,4,parte 2. Johanni filio regis,ad pla- 
citum. Rot.Parl. 1 H.( Glouc' adplaciium. Rot.Pat. i H.(5,partc 
2. Johanni Duci Bedford pro vita. Rot.Pat. 8 H.6. parte i. Richardo Duci E- 
borum inabfcntia JohannisDucis Bedford. R0t.Pat.2y H, tf. parte i.Johan- 
ni Vicecom' de bello monte. Rot.Pat. 28 H.5. parte i.m. 22. Henrico Com. 
Norchumbr. ad placitum. Rot. Par. 29 H. <5. parte i. Edmundo Duci somerfec 
ad placitum. Rot.Pat. i E. 4. parte?, m. 188. Johanni Com' VVigorn". Ror. 
Par. 7 E. 4. parte i. Johanni domino Tiptoft. Rot. Pat. 7 £.4. Ubi fupra Richar- 
do Com' Rivers. Pat. 8 E. 4 parte i. Pat. 9F.4. Gcorgio Duci Clarenc'. Pat. 
9 E.4.parte 2. Richardo Duci Gloc'. Pat. ioE,4.parte * Johanni Tiptoft Comiti H'commumim' 
VVigorn. pro vita. Pat. 16 E.4. parte i. Kicardo Duci Eborum. Henricus Staf- ^Cicbnof^'^l 
ford dux Buckingham jure hircditario. Pat. 1 R.g. Thomas dominus Stanley, cUya'^rJncvcra^ 
Edvvardus dux Buck' jure hsreditario, , ^nd,njp!cefine. 

|& 1 2Ctji3 

121 8 The Court of Chivalry . Cap.iy. 

2Clj{0 great off {ce j^srt^ been ufuallp gratite5,aa bpflje pjefitients afojefats 
appearetljj Exercendum per fe vcl per fufficientes deputatos fuos, feu perluffici- 
en' deputatum fuum* 

2C^ere is alfo an ;flDfftce of Subconflabolarius granteO to Thomas Kent 
jSOotfOj^ of latoS* Pat,i3 H.<5« parte 2. Simile Pat. 22 E. 4» m«2. 

severe is alfo Clericus Conftabulari^ Anglix , & Promoter caufaram & ne- 
gotiorum regiam raajeftatem tangen'» 3Dl)tS ^fl\iz toas granted to Thomas 
Appulton tuttlja feoof JFitjemarfes. Pat. 8 e,4* pane 1, 

concerning tl^e grants of tfte £)ffice of Carl sparOjaU of (i&nglant) : foj 

tljis £Dffue etjer paffea bp tlje grants of tlje teing, anD neber belongcli to 

anp ^ubjed bp reafon of tenure, as t|ie ^teloarDC^tp, ant) ConSableOiip of 

SBnglanD fometime DtD* 

Ro.Cirt.ioR.i. Rcx,&e, sciatis quod cum nos nupcr de gratia noflra fpeciali conccffcri- 

m.i.n.j. mus dileito confanguineo noftro ihomx Comiti Notingham Officium Ma- 

rcfchalli Anglia:: habendum adtotam vitam fuam» Noj jam de ulteriori gra- 

» This is the firft tia noHra coDceltimus prjcfato confanguineo noliro offieium pra:di(3um * um 

ftile that ever ^^^ nomine & homre Comitis Marefchallu Habendum fibi & hscredibus fills 

tenr^'"'"^ mafcnlis decorporc fuo exeuntibus cum omnibus feodis,proficuis & pertinentiis . 

quibufcunque diiSo officio qualitcreunquc fpc<ilantibuj imperpctuum, Hiiste- 
Rot Cart o R i. ftibu$,&c« Dat* 1 2 Junii Anno regni fui 20, 2Dt)iS Cljarter Of creation is con* 
nu.17. ' firmeD bp 3 £t of parliament. 2Cftcfojmer grant befojerectteD,j>et ftojtcrtben 
tijiSjtoas matie anno 9 R, » . 

if oj ot^er grants of tftls iDffice in RocCartarum, Pat. & Pari, ^ee Rot.Gartt 
I Johaonis parte 2«nu4.85*Rot.Gart.9E.2*nu.32. 

^i H.3,mfi4, \6, . 

I H»4.parte n&,5.m.<f. 
I R.j, parte i.m.iz, 

Vide Rot* Pat»c; i H.y, parte 3. 
25 H.St parte 2* 
I E.6.parte2,m.ij.&a2» 


II Mariaenu.34. 

»-j „ .n I ' I R»2.m«4. & 3» 

Pari. 21 E. i.Ror, I. Qiia: pertinent ad offieium Comitis mare- 

Pflt.iiE.4.m.j. jc^retoas alfo Vicemarefchallus, Ujl^icl^office tnas granfeHto The: Grey 
hac vice* 

Vide Lib. nigr' de Scaccario, concerning tl^e offices of tl^e Conltable and ^ar' 
ftall, & Lib, rubro fo.3 <S. 

^ ^eealfo t6e^rfballof(I&nglant),Fletalib.2,eap,4,j, anD Britten inprin- 

^ee Mich. 1 3 E, 2. in Scaccario pro feodis Conftabularii Anglis. 

Hil, y E. 3. in Scaccario Certificatio faft' Regi pro officio Marefchalli, i E. 3. 
fo.i(5. 2 E.J. fo.i 2. 48 E.3, 3» Rot.Pafl. 2 R.2,nu.47. y R,2. Tit. Triall j4.Rot» 
Par.s H.4,nu.39.Keylwey 172.S1anf.Pl.C0r.5j. 5 Mar, 
Br. tit. battell i ;« 

Hereflitafignifiet^ a &olt)ier lbire& ant) Departing Uritiiout licence, DeriteH 

til Here, cxercitus, &c/ltte»,tO Depart. 

Rcgift. fo.191 a. 3f ^"P &olDier tiabe cot)cnanteD to tcrte fbe fetng inlets toar , an& appear 
&par.'5E'3. " ' Hof at tl^e time ano place appointed , tljere Ipetft bp tfje Common laiuanoji* 
nu.18. ginall tojtt of Capias condu6tos ad proficilceadum^DireaeO totlso Of tlie l&ings 


Cap. 17. The Court of Chhalry, 

l^erjeanta at 0rms to arreSanDtabeJ^trntDtjerefoeter tie ma^ be found) anD 
fobbing: ^im Coram concilionottrotDftbaclaufcofaCTiffance: but of t^i0 mat: 
fer fee ftje Third part of the Inftitutes,Cap. [feiolDiecs tijat t)cpart,^c.l6>ec 3 Car. 
tlje petttton of 3R.tgfjt conceminjj marttall laUi,anD t^c commiffton to3L(CM« 
fenant0, fc, 

2Do conclude tott^ fome fl&ojt toutft concerning rfgljtoftoar. Sicjaandoac- 
cefleris ad expugnandam eivitatem, ofteres ei primum pacetn : anD fee tftere 
manp things concerning rigl^t ofiuar* Quis rex iturus committere bellum 
adverfus alium regera , non fcdem prius cogitat fi pofiGc cum dcecm millibui 
occurrcre ei quicum vigintimillibusvenkadre?alioquin illo adhuc longe agcn- 
ce legationem mitteos rogac ea qu£ pacis fuDt* 

Haud facile vincicur qui de fnis & adverfarii copiis verc poterit judicare* 
Qyi colloquium offerr, femper pavcfcit, ^e t^at offeretl) parlp ts etjet afratD* 
Nulla funt meliora confiiia quam qux ignoraverit adverfarius antequam taciast 

Nullum bellum eft juftum, ni(i auc pro rebus peciiis geratnr 9 auc ante de- 
nuQciatum lit, & indi(5^um. 

Jure gentium non licet indi(5^a$ inimicitias exercere & bellum gererc,priuf- 
quam ille aquo injuria (itorfa moneacur illicitam injuriam refarcire) & ab in- 
juria abfifterc. 

Juftum aucem bellum eft qnod tria hsc habet, Authorem, CaufanijFincmf 

Semper in prxlio hiis maximum periculum, qui maxime timenc. 

Longa belli prxparatio celerem dat vii^oriam» 

Ideo fufcipienda funt bella,nt fine injoria in pace vivatar. 

In republica maxime confervanda funt jura belli* 

* Olun veceri lege armoram ci ves & burgenfes militiam tradiare probibici fii- 
erunt » 

^etonci^Vegetias fb) ^t0 otDn()ono} anDtDO}tl^ineire,ant)to)t|KitFone~ 
fcuc fo»7o«bt c(tet^ ftfni» 


yegetifu de re 
Cicer; Offt^. 



Vtget^ & St' 


Cicero Hbifuf, 
-drift, 10, 

' VKd.i4i.j.rit. 



Cap. i8. 


The Court of the Marihalfea. 

f,TheHme, T~! £)j tlbctlCCttiaflon Of Marerchallus& Marefchalcia , fcc bcfojc (ntljeneict t ot th: In H pjeceDtiig chapter of tbc Court of t!)e conttaWc anD £parO)all , tfjaf tl&ep 

fiiiu es,§.ioi. & i jjg j)Cf|^gD frojj, tiuo S>ai;on toojDS to!)ltl) toe conceitte tciiDctlj mtic!) foj 

<r 77i v^ f '^'^ P''""^ ^^ *'^^ antiquity' atiD ftonoj of o«r Jpattott, fcctngotljer JJations Ijafcc 

. ',1 Ai!' tbefamejaDfftccrsanD iIDfftce0;anDm rcfpcd tbetr name is ccrtteti front t^e 

4H67l T"''" language ofonr0nceaojs,iti0ltbcfljcp tooUtljefame from us. 

zic,. ' **■ ;aibcittntbtflCoMrt tf)c S>tctoarD anD ^arOjalloftlieliouajolDareSlnDees, 

f H^htrefore it anti tljc SstetoarD l)af I) t^e pjcccDcntp, pet tifte Court is callcD tl)c Court of ^r=< 

« called the fljalfca toj tl)?cc taufcs. iFtra,fte is not onlp a 3uDge , but fect^ tiiat crecution 

CoHYtofthe (toljitljistljcllfcof t!)e lato ) be Done. §>econDli?,^ is office istn fojcebotft in 

Marlhalfia, ttmcof pcace, anD in timeof laar. SCljfrDlp , fijouglj X\\t Conffablcljatljt^epjc* 

ccDenci? of tlje i|)arfl)aU of <il;nglanD , pet tlje Court ftolDen bcfojc fibcm is calleli 

t\fi r^arOjall court, fo:ti)ccaufesafo?craiD. &cc bcfoje in tfjc Chapter of tfte 

ConftablcanD (^arfijall, fee alfo Rot. Par. anno 8H.4. nu.82, tbattfje Court of 

tijc £^arQjaUcan ijolD no plea butfucftastocreljolDenintljereignofE.i. 

f The lurli. j^oi tfte jurtsDictton of fftis Court,anD toitl)in toj^at p?e£inct , fee in mp lR.e« 

diSlionofth$s poits, 68,69.&c. Le cafe del Marfhalfea,;o,2i.Michelborne$ 

Conn IS oriqi- cafe. 7 H.4. i J. iilCalvins catc. Lib.4. fo. 45,47. Swifts cafc. S»ce ParI.;oE.i» 

nal&ordwarj. Rot. 2. 2\\ inqtiiGftcns conccming anp Citijcnof 3lonDon Ifeallfae taben in 

4H.6.1. JLonDon. iii.Coia Perticet ad Marefcallum Cut' hie venire fac' juratores fuper felonescaptos eutn 
R^geR 11,58. manuopere in Aula regis. 

MiJd. SDtjis Court Ijatljljts foundation from tlje Common lato of CnglanD. a:i)tSi'^arri)allbptI)ellatuteofVV. i.cantafecnofccfojnoiiig'of ftis office, 
but onlp of tljc Jiing, but fuel) fees as latter 0cts of |0arltament fjabe gitten l^im, 
l)emap tabe. §>ce tfte Third part of the In Piitutes,Cap.(il;rf option. 

jFoj tl)c fees of tf)e {^arOjall of tlje iJings Ijoufcant) of ffaffe bearers, anti fer* 
tiitojs of btls, fee tlje llatutc of i H,4.Cap, 2 j. 
Rot.pnr 17 E.5. SCoconcluDc tfjis Chapter toitft an 3(1 Of fDarltamenf not in p?tnf. 3If ise* 
ini.ji. ' nactcDtljatettcrppcrfonarreaeD into tticsparlljalfca, map fell f)tsoton tale 5 anD 
tfjaf tl;c ^Dfftcerstiocnot paCetljetiaerge. ^ E.3,nu.9i,i62. 


Cap. ip. 131 


The Counting-houfe of the Kings Houfehold. 

X>omm Qmponfi Hofpitii '^evis. 

I 2D is commonl»> called tlje (©jcencloflj, in refpect of tfje (I5?c0nclotl) upon t\)C a^ s.cap.n. 
Cable, iDfteceat tljc l)onourablc £)ff iters fjcrcaftcr mcnf toncD Do fit, viz. t^e 
iLojD §>tettJarD , tljc SDrcafurcr of tljc Miners Ijotifc , ti)C tConf roller of tfte 
lyings boufe,tt)c ^adcr of tt)e l^oufetjolD, tl)c Cofferer, anD ttoo <llerb(j Cottc 
troUcrs conttnuallp Qtting in tljis Counttng-!)oufc foj fljcfe purpofco. iFirft, 
fojDail)' tabin? tt)C accounts fo; all crpences office faio IjoufefjolD. 4ccont)lp, foj 
making of p;iot)trions fo^ ttje fail) t)ouref)olD,acto;tDing to tl)c llalDs anti Statutes 
of tfte Hcalme. 2El)irDlp, foj mafetng of payment foj tlje fame acco;Dinglj»»; t\)e gooD gotjernment of tftc icings ferviants of IjoufcljolD. iFtftfjlp, 
tl)e Cofferer is to pap tfte toages to ttje icings fcrtjants beneafft tljc ttaircs , anD 
t^c ?lo;D Cbambcrlainc abotc tbc flairs of tljcliings l)Oufcl)olD. Vide 39 Eliz, 
cap. 7. anO be is to account in tftc (Siccljequcr foj about 4C000 li, 

©eeFletadc officio rhelaurariiHofpitiiregis,&c.Habetenim Rex alios clericos, 
in holpitioiHOjur Thefaurat'Garderobx (ax quz ert loeusCIcricis tanturr affigna- q j'"'^!""** 
tus, qujE in Francia Camera Clericorum appellatur. Huic enim ihefanrariccur* 
expens' Regis & familiifuicommittit'jqcum Clericoprovidofibiaflbeiatopro 
Controtlatore recordum habct ut in hiisq officium luum eontingunr, 

f Officiutn TheC Garderobx eft pecuniam , jocalia exemfia rcgi faifta rceipere p , 

& reeepta rcgilque feereca cuftodire> & de receptis expens' facerc rationabilci, ^ere.^ 
expenfarumque particulas inbreviare, & departiculis comp' reddere ad Seaceari- 
um finguiis annis in fieflo Sanfts Margareta: abfque faeroprsftando,eo quod de Deconfilio regis 
coniilio regis eft juratus, Et unde prime debet diftinfte &aperte comp' reddere jurams. 
de omnibus recept' feparatim per fe in uno rotulo. In alio autcm rotulo deex- Modus compoti. 
penljs cocidianis de cuibus Sen' andiverit comp', fimul cum Tlief. & conlbcio 
fuo. Icemdeneceflariisexpenf, inquibus empciones equorum, cariagia & plura 
alia continent'* Item dedonis. Item deoblationibus & elcemoryni$.ltem dcva- 
diismilitum. Item de vadiisbaliftar'. Item de feod' forinfccis* Item de priftit' 
& accommodai't 

* Item de expenf, Garderobx in quib' emptiones panorum,pelure.cerej fpcru 
tele,& hujufmodiconprchendantur. Item de jocalibus.Iiemde expenf, forinlecit, 
in quibusdivetfi onerant'in compoi' reddendfltem de Nunciis,ltem de Falconar'. 

f Thef, autemmcmoratus con venire debet (ingulis noitibus Senhofpitii,Ca- Convenirc/?n- 
merar' Controciatorem &clericum ejus.Coffrarium, Mar'auls & hoftiar'miiites, guhsnodii u', 
Mar'iirrviente & duos hoftiar' aulx & hoftiar' earners lervientes,afl'eflbrc ferculo- Cotfranus, 
rum,pincernam,p3netr'piflorcm & clericum eorundem officiorum> q de expenf. 
dietsE. viz., panis, vini,& cervif, pichiorum, ciphorum, falisj frU(5tus, cafei & hu- 
jufmodi refpondebir, 

f Item duos magiftros Cocorum, lardenar', poletar', fcutellar', falfar', & dcri- WagirtriCocoru 
cum coquina: qui de eifdem officiis pro omnibus in eorum prsfentia de expenf. ii- nl^'^'^"'' ^^"*" 
lius diets reddit rationem, quorum omnium prxicntia neceflaria eft. Item Elec- 
mofinar', janitor' fervientem ad cuflodiam fummar' & caredarum deputaitm 
& clericum de Marefcalcia cum Marcfeall' frad^ore equorum, qui quidcm clericus 
de expenf. feni & aven' litere fraiSure equorQ & harnefie proequis & careftis ac 
de vadiis fervicnt' fcutiferarum clericorum & garc're(pondebir,cuj' intereft fcirc 
tam de liiisqui de novoerunt admilTi ad vad'Regis, quamdevagantibus& in 
hiis vadia minuere & augere. Vadia autem abfentibus line fpeciali prsceepto re- 
gis nifi obfequio rcg' fusrint minime concedunt', prxfcntia autcm Coronatoris 


i2i The Count ing^houfey (^c. Cap. ip. 

Regis ncceffaria ctit in pleDocompoto,compoci auditores fuper foro frutrenti & 
aveii inflruec & edocec qualit'proclamai'in eifdem pattibus per quod melius fci- 
re pofTint quot panes obolati fieri debcnt de quart' frumenc quibus omnibus con- 
gregatis audire debcnt expenCSt rationabilem eompot' illius diets, 

f Marefchalli autem de fuperveniemibus debcnt inferiori Mar' tcflimonium 
perhibere. Hoftiarius miles hoftiariis aliis de numero fcreulorum lardcnafjcoco, 
camcrat', hoftiario earner Regis, & fie quibus alii, & fie audiat' compotus de iota 

0nD tijen foUotoetlj a ncfcripf fon of flje Duties of tl^e ret)craU officers abotjcfait), 
toojtbp tljc fcatiing. 
%ifz Cofferer is in Flcta calleD Coffrarius of t^e Coffer :l)ccaufe Ijc ftoulD liatje 
Ariic.fup.cart. titotiep it! I^ts Cofcr to pap iuagcs, ic as is afojcfatD, 3it is cnacteD bp t^c tta= 
cap. J. tuteofiS E.I. cap. J, SCfjat all |9uttiepoursft)all account in tlje * boufeftolD.oj In 

' Countingh. ufe jjjg tMarDjobc. Rot. '"'ar, i8 E. 3. nu.34. no purtepour arreftcD (ball be b?ougW 
Gr«"ifciotii! "'^f'*'^ ^^^ Counccll, ic. but f afee Ijts remeDp bp tlje Common lalu. &e6 tlje Third 
Rot.Pirl z8 E.J. part of the Inftitutcsjcap, Purveyours, 

nu.54. * ' * §>ee tlje fiatutes concerning l^urfccpours. Anno 36 E, 3 cap. 2, 3,^,^,6, &e. 
* 36 E.j.c3.i,j,4 jigQt obfcrbe tl)at ti^ere is left out of ttjc pjint tfjc pain on tl^e S»tctoarD, Creafu^ 
^'^' rer. Controller, anD otfter £)fficers of tftc ftoufcljolD at tbe ^ings toill, foj not 

erecutins tbe ftatute : toliicf) omiifion tjatl^ maDe t^ofe of tbe (2??eenclot^ t\)C 
_ ^ , .p bolDer. 

Kot PMi. JO t.j. ^j j^gj parliament it toas alfo enacteD , tbat flje iiings cariages OioulD be 

" * matie in as eafic manner as migljt be, anD tljat in tlje Summer, anD otl)cr times in Auguii (tobtcb is alfo left out of tljc pjint.) jFoj tl)e Jiings Ca- 

ctagesfee Mag,Cart.cap.2i.anDtl)ee);poritionnpontl)efameintl)cSecondpart 


jFoj tfje MarDjobe, Vide 1 5 E.2, roc. per fe. i E.4. ca.i. Clerb of tlje OTarD- 

robe, Rot, Pari. 7 H.7. tbe erpcnces of tljc ftings IjoufebolD anD MarDjobe* 

1 H. 8, an 0ct concerning tlje great C2larD?obe, 3 H, 8, tije allignment foj tlje 

3iingsMarD?obe. 39 Eliz. cap.7, gaffer of tljc WarDjobe.tobofe office isac« 

countable in tlje CjiCbequer, &ee W, i. cap,44. tn^at iffues t^e icings 3uttict8 

are to eftrcat into tljc MarDjobe; moje of tijc ©HarD jobe.Rot.Clauf.? 3 E. i .m.3. 

Roc. liberaiionum, iiE.2.m.4. 2Co ConcluDe, &CC Rot. Clauf. 18 E,4,m. u. 

tDbere it appcaretlj tljat ^Letters anD ©Kjitings concerning matters of ttate, 

vid inf.a ca-^ 16 tofticl) tocrc uot fit to bc maoe tiulgar, iocre inroUeD in tbc 22narDjobe, anD not 

' " in tfte Chancer?, as leagues Snerc anD ougljt to be. as it appcaretlj in 1 9 E, 4, 6. 

:anD tbus mucft of tlje MarD?obe being mcntioncD in Flera. 

a^tje jSDfficcrsof tlje counting'ljoufencter belD pleaofanptljing. 





The Court of the Lord Steward, Treafurer, 

and Controller of the Kings houfehold, concerning felony 

by compafsing orconfpiracy to kill the King, or any 

Lord or other of tfie Kings Councell, &c. 


T^epFjat3ejar{siji(tionbp)a(tof|0acUamciit, foenqatrc, Jjeare, anDDcfcr^ ?P^"«'f"i'i'^ 
m{nct6efaiDo«f6tTce,asparficalartPiatlar5e appearctb tn fijc Third part lonj by coW 
of the Inftitutcj,cap, Felony, fipcompaCting,o} confpitacp to billt^e iidig, ^c, fing or con!pir». 

cy to Icill the 

King, fel.67. 


The Court of the Lord Steward of the Kings 

houle, or in his abfence of the Treafurer, and Controller 

of the Kings hou{e, and Steward of the 


T^^ep ^e fudsDWfott bpattof|9artiamimtfo enquire of, 6ear, anUDe* J?"*"?'*^ " 
termtnc all SCreafons, i^tfpjtfion of tceatbns, spnrDers, Sj^anflaagftters, fo^tt'SZnj 
ffilooDOjeD, anD ot^er malttCousttrtbttigs, to^crebpblooD ftall be OjeD in manner of pVc^ 
anpoft^e palaces anQ^oufcs of tfteiitng, oj tn anpot^etr^oufetnljcrcfhc iiitng ceeding. 
in bis 1R opall petfon Ojall be abiDfng.anO bv tlfut act t^e ' Umtf s anD bounds of ^'^''^ p' ' '*• 
t^e mtngs palaces oj boure,oj t^e ^oufc tol^ere tlje Ropall pccfon fs abiDing , ^"Z t^l^n^ *""'' 
are partuulaclp anD eppjeflp fcf fo?tl) anD DcfcribeD. 3ln tm anD Ufec cafes toe re= cL M.fSoa.' 
fer gou to t^e ftatute tt fclfe, foj Compendia fum difpendia, foi.tij. 

* Vide 28 ca.ii. 



Cap. 22. 

ArticHli tAd- 
The Articles of 
the Admiralty 
f The Proccs 
aod proceed- 
ings in this 
Conrc are in 
the name of 
the Lord Ad- 

CAT. XXll 

The Court of the Admiralty proceeding 
according to the Civill Law. 

Artkuli Jdmiralitatis. 

The complaint of the Lord Admirall of England to the Kings moft 
Excellent Majcfty againft the Judges of the Redme , concerning 
Prohibitions granted to the Court of the Admiralty 1 1 die Fehr.ft- 
nultimo die termini Hilarity Anno 8 lac. Regis : The elfed of which 
complaint was after by his Majefties commandement iet downe in 
Articles by Dodor Dun Judge of the Admiralty ^ which are as fol- 
loweth, with anfwers to the fame by the Judges of the Realme : 
which they afterwards confirmed by three kindes of authorities in 
law. I. By AiSts of Parliament. 2. By Judgements and jyiiciall 
proceedings : and laftly, by Book cafes. 

The TitUofthe Certaine grievances whereof the Lord Admirall and his Officers of the Admi- 
Comflainu ralty do efpcdally complain, and defire redrcffc. 

T^at tD^ereas ti^e conufance of all tunixtkH^ and offier tilings Done nponl^e 
&ea belonsetl^ to t\^ ;aDmiraU jurUtittfon^tie fame are maDe triable ^ flje 

common )Lal0, b? ruppoCng tlje fame to l^at^e been Done in Cteapa^^ans fac^ 

Bp t^e latoes of t!)i0 Realm tiic Conrt of ti^ SDmirali l^at^ no connfance, 
jpotijer, oj jurifDtrtion of anp manner of contract, plea, ojqucrele toitftin anp 
Coantp of tl&e Ucalm, eitlicr upon tl^c lanD oj tfje toafcr : btit efecrp fat^ con= 
tract, plea, oj qucrele, anD all otfjer t&lnga rtCngujttftinanpCounfpoff^ 
31lcalm,ettlber upon tbe lanD oj tbc toater, anD alfo ESIrecftof t!jc fea ongfjt to be 
tricD,Determinet),Dtfca(reB,anD remeDtcD bptbe laioes of tl)ClanD,anD not befoje, 
oj bp tlje ^Dmirall no? ftis 1. tentcnant in anp manner. S>o as ii is not materiall 
tD&ctbcr tljc place be upon tbe toater infra fluxum & refluxum aqm t but toljet^er 
it be upon anp iaatertottbtnanp «i:ountp. MljerefojetoeacbnotoleDgcttjatof 
contra£ts,pleag, anD qnerels maDe upon tbefea, oj anp part thereof tobttl) ts not 
toifbtn anp Count p (from tobencc no triall can be IjaD bp f voclbe menj tfje 3Dmi» 
rail t)atIj,3nD oagftt to ftaljc jurif Diction. 3nD nop:caDcntcanbeftetoeD tljatanj? 
pjofttbitton ^atlj been grantcD fo: anp contract, plea, oj quercle concerning anp 
marine caufe maoe oj Done upon tlje fea , tailing tbaf onlp to be the fea tofjerein 
tbe ^[Dmirall Ijatl) jurifDtction, toljicl^ is bcfoje bp lato DeftribeD to be out of ang 
CTountp. a>eemo?eof tl>is matter in tlje ^nftoer to tfte Crti) Article." 
Wijen actions are bjougljt intftc aiDmiraltp upon bargains anD contracts maDe 

beronD the fcas, toljcrein tbe common lato cannot aDminifterjuttice, pet tn 

tliefe cafes ]^?olf|ibitton0 are atoarDeD againS t^e :aDmirall Court. 
Bargains o;i contracts maDe beponD tbe feas tobercin tlje Common lato can^ 
not aDmiiiiacr jtifttcc (tobich is the effect of this article) Do belong to the Con* 
Sable anD ^arOiall; fo;tl^e jurifDiction of tbe^lDmirall is tol^oUp conSneD to 
tfjc fea, tobicl) is out of anp Conntp. iBntifanpSnDenfure, »onD , oj otber 
&pccialtp, OJ anp contract be maDe bei'onD fea fo; Doing ofanp act ojpapment of 
anp monep toitliin tbis Realm, 0; otl^ertoife, tob^rein tbe Common lato can aD« 


I OhjeSiioHt 
The tAnfxter^ 

The defcription 
and limitation of 
the(Sea) where- 
in the Lord Ad- 
mirall hath jurif- 

2 ObieUion, 

The Anfwtr. 
See hcrealtcr in 
tlie proofs by 
Judgements and 
judicial! prvfi- 

Cap.22. The Court of the Admiralty, 135 

miniaer jutticc, anD gitjcojainarp rcmcDi'; ?n tljcfc cafes neitfjcr tl)c Conffallc 
anO iparfljalU tioj tljc v£:ourt of tftc aDntitalt)' fjstb anp jurtf Diction. HnD tljcrc^ 
fo;c U)l)cn tftts Court of tIjcaDmtraltp Ijaflj Dealt tl)crctottl) in Derogation of t^e 
Common latu , toe finDc tijat pjobibittons Ijatjc been grantcD,as tji' lavo tije? 

ceiljercas time outofminDc tlje SlDmirall Court !)att)ufeD to taUcftipulations ^O^jeStioa, 
foj appearance anD performance of tljc Slas anD HuDgements of tfte tame 
Court ; 3t is noto affirmcD bp tfje BEuDgcs of tlje Common latD, tljat tljc ^D- 
niirall Court is no court of IR ecojD, anD therefore not able to take fucfj ft tpu^ 
lations : ano Ijcrcupon j|3jobibttions arc grantcD to tlje utter otjcrtljioVD of 
tljat juriSDiction. 
2Ll)C Court oftftc 0Dm(raltp pjocceDing bp tlje CtlJiU latu is no Court of The Ar.fwn. 
JRccojD, anD tfjerefoie cannot tafecanpfucb Kecognifanccasacourtof iRccojD ^fa^ /.^,^ , 
map Do. ;anD foj tabing of I'lccognifanccsagainft tl)elatocst)ftf)ClRcalmc,toe i:^, v',<.f// 
finDett)atp?ol)ibitionsbat3EbeengrantcD,a6bi'laVutf)epougl)t. j9nDifanerro< 
ncous fcntence be giticn in tfjat Court, no Mr if of € rroj, but an jSppcalc fcefojc 
certain SDclcgats Do Iw, as it appearetl) bp tt)C ftatutc of 8 Eliz. Reginse, cap. 5. 8 Eiiz.cap. j. 
tDfttcl) pjo'octft t^at it is no Court of lRccojD» 

^Dftat Cbartcr^parties maoc onlp to be perfojmeD upon tlje feas are Dallp iuttl)- 4 objeBun, 
ojaiun from tl)at Court bp p:ol)ibitton3. 
3f tl)c Cl)arfcr=partp be maDe toitftin anp <Z\iVj> pojf SCoton, 0? Coimfp of rht t/infweu 
fljis Kcalm, alttjougl) it be to fcc pcrfo?mcD eitljer upon ttic feas, 0? bcponD t^c 
fcas,pci is tbc fame to be trieD anD DctermineD bp tfte ojDinarp courte of tbe com* 
nion latD, anD not in tf)C Court of tlje aDmiraltp. SnD ttjercfojc Iriljen tbat Court 
Ijatl) incrocftcD upon tfte Common lato in ttjat cafe , tlic 3iuDgc of tfte SDmiraltp 
anD partp fuing t^crc Ijatc been p?ol)ibitcD, anD oftentimes tljc partp conDcmneb 
in arcat anD griclious Damages bp tljc latos of tlje Uealm. 

aC^at tfje Claufc of Non obftante flatutctoljicl^ Ijatlj founDation in bis flpajcfffcs 5 objeUiou,, 
l^jcrogatitiejanD is currant in all otIjergrants,pet intljclLo?D£Dmiral3 pa* 
tent is'faiD to be ofnofo?cc to toarrant tlje Determination of tljc caufcscom^ 
mittcD to Ijim in ^isiLojDOjtps patent, anD forcjectcD bp t^c iuDgesofffje 
Common lain. 
?I2IIftftout all qucffton flje ffafutes of 1 5 R. 2. cap.;. 1 5 R.a.cap.j anD 2 H.4. The ^nfrvef, 
cap.n. being ftatutes Declaring tlje jurifDirtionof tlje Court oft^e ^Dmirall, ijR.icap.?/ 
anD iDljcrcinall tjjc fubjeits of t^c 3Realm Ijatc intereft, cannot be DifpenfcDtoitlj »5 Ri.cap.?. 
bj? anpNonob(fante,anD tljercfoje not toojtl^p ofanp anftoer: but fap colour, 
tticrcof,tl)e Court of tljc aiDmtraltpljatljcontrarp to tftofc acts of parliament in« 
croctjcD upon tljc jurifoiction of tljG Common lato, to tljc intolerable grievance of 
Vcfi fubjects , tofticlj Ijatlj oftentimes urgcD tljem to complain in pour jpajeftics • 

courts of oiDinarp BEuftice at Haeftm. fo: fljeir relief in tljat bcfjalf. 
SCO tljc enD tljat tfte ^Dmirall jurtfDiction maprcceibe all manner ofimpeacl^' SobjeBisn, 
ment anD interruption, tlje litters bcneatlj tljc firft ]lB;iDges,to6ere it cbbetlj 
anD flotoctl), anD tljc |3o:ts anD Creeps are bp tljc JuDges of tlje Common 
lato afftrmcD to be no part of tljc feas,no:-toitl)in tlje 0DmiraU jur if Diction : 
aiiD tljereupon p;iotjibitions are ufuallp atoarDcD upon actions DepenDing in 
fljat Court, foj Contracts anD otljer ttjings Done in tljofe places ; nottoitlj- 
ftanDing f^at bp ufc anD pjactife time out of minD, tljc aDmirall Court Ijatjc 
l^aD jurifDirtion'toitljinfucljpo:ts,Crcefe6,anD Kiters. 
2nije lifec anf tocr as to f Ijc firft. ^nD it is furtljcr aDDcD , tljat foj f Ije Deaf Ij The iAnfwer. 
of a man , anD of mapftem (in tljofe ttoo cafes onlp) Done in great ftjips , being 
anD IjoTjering in tfte maine ftrcame onlp bcneatlj tlje points of tljc fame K iters 
tiigljtotfte fea, anD no otljer place of tljc fame rivers , noiin otljer caufes, but in 
f Ijofe ttoo onlp, tlje aiDmirall Ijatlj cognifancc, Wixt foj all contracts, pleas, anD 
qucrcls maDe 0: Done upon a r iter, l^abcn,ojCreEl?,toitljin anp Countpofttiis 
licalm, tljc ^Dmirall toitljout qucftionljatljnotanp jurisDiaion, foj tljen lie 
fljoulDljolD pica of tljincs Done toitljin tljc toDp of tlje Countp, toljicftare triable 
bP tcrDict of ttoeltc men, anD mecrlp Determinable bp tfte Common lato, anD not 

% 2 toitljin 

12^ T^he Court of the Admiralty, Cap. 2 2, 

iMifftitTtfteCourtoft^e;aDmtraltpaccojDfngtot^c Citjil lato. ifoz fftattocre 
to tbange aiiD alter tl)C latos of tljc lUcalm in tljofe cafes , i mafec t^ofe contracts, 
Ijleas , anD qucrels triable fap tfte Common latos of tlie IRealm to be Ojalun ad 
aliud examen, anti to be fcntenccD bp tl)c 31uDge of tfte ^Dmtralti) accojDing to 
tfteCttjil latos, 0nt) l^oto Dangerous ant) pcnall it is foj tbem to Deal in tljefe 
tafes,itappearet^bp juDictallpjc&Dents of former ageSt ^ee t!)e anftoer fot^ 
fira Article. 
The-j.OijeEi, 2Ci)at t^c agreement maDe in Anno domini iy7j, bettocen t^e BuDges of flie 
icings ilBenclj anD tljeconrf of tlje aiDmtralfpfojtliemoje quiet anDcerfatH 
ewcation of ^Dmtrall jurisDtction is not obfertieD as it ougljt to be» 
The Anftftr. SHlje fuppofcD agreement mcntioncD in tftis Article Ijatlj not as pet been Deli* 
tereD unto uS; but Ijatjing ftcarD tljc fame reaD oijcr before tiis iJ3a jellp ( out of a 
paper not fubfcribeDtoitfttljcftanD of anp^uDge) toe anftoer, tl^at foj fomuc^ 
thereof as Differetft from t^cfe anftocrs , if is againft fl^e latos anD ftatutcs of 
t^islRealm: anD tljercfojc tfte iuDges offljcilungs aiBencl) netjcr affenfcD 
tl^ercunto, as is pjetcnDeD, ncttljer Dot|) tlie pfjjafe tl^ercof agree \Bii\i t^c tearma 
%, of tftc latos of t^c Ulcalm. 
the WH'^* ^^"P "^^^"^ grictianccs tljere are.totjicl) in Difculling of tljefe fojmer toil eafilp ap- 
pear toojtljp alfo of reformation, 
The Anfrter ^'^^^ Hrttcle is fo gencrall, as jto particular anftoer can le maDe tljereanto, 

^ * onljj tftat itappearetlj bp tbat lotitfl) Ijatlj been faiD, tljaf t!je ^LojD HDmirall 
Ills flDfficers anD spinifters pjincipallp bp colour of tfte faiD tJoiD Non obt+ante, 
anD for toant of IcarneD aDUice liatc unjulflp incroacljcD upon tfte Cornnton latos 
of tl^is 3llealm, tofjercof tlic marViail is tfte Icffc, fo? tljat tljc ii o?D ;3Dmirall, W 
^Lieutenants, )©fftccrs,anD S^iniftcrs Ija^e toitljoutall colour tncroacljeD antt 
tntruDeD upon arigljtanDpjerogatitie DuctottjeCroton, in tbat the? Ijabe fct« 
feD, anD contjerteD totljeirotonufcs gooDs anD cljatfels of infinite viaUietaben 
bppirats at %>ea, anD otftergooDS anD chattels tol^icli in no fojt appertain un* 
to Ijis iiojDiljip bp Ijts ilettcrs patents, toljerein tljc faiD Non obftante is coit« 
fatneD,anDfojt^etol)tcl) ^c anD l)is £)fficcrs remain accountable fo l^is ^ajc* 
ftp. 0nDtl)epnototoanting in tbisblcffeD time of peacecaufes appertaining to 
tljeir naturall jurisDiction , ttjcpnoto incroaclj upon tljc jurisDtction oftfjeCom? 
mon'latoacft ttjcpOjoulD fit iDlcauDreap nop?ofit. j9<iD if a greater number 
of p?o^ibition3(as tljcp affirm) Ijatft been granteD fmcc tlje ?reat benefit of tftis 
ftappp peace, tftenbcfoje in time ofboftilitp, it motjetl) from tljcir oton incroaclj* 
ments upon tfte jurisDirtion office Common lato»^o as tljep Do not onlp un juftl? 
incroac]&,but complain alfoof tl^e 3luDges of tfjcEealm foj Doing of juftice In t^efe 
cafes. • 

• Coucljing our p?oceeDings in granting of pjoljibitions concerning anp of 

t^e faiD Articles ftoo things are fo be confiDcreD of. jFirff,t!)c matter; anDfc* 
conDlp,tl)e manner. i?oj tljc.mattcr notljing Ijatlj been Done therein Op pour i^a* 
jetties Courts at Meftminaer,but bp gooD toarrant of lato anD fojmer juDiciaU 
pjefJDent. ^nD fo? tl^c manner, toe Ijatjc grantDDnoneintlje time of tElacation, 
iioj in tlie SDerm time in anpof our Cljambcrs , no: in tije Court in W^z SCerme 
time ex officio, but upon motion maoe in open Court bplearncD Councell, auD 
after a Dap pjefireD, anD toarning giten f o tJje aDiJcrfe partp , anD upon reaDIng 
oftlje libell in open Court , anD Ijcaring of tljc Councell learncD of fuc^ of t^ 
parties as toere toarncD anD DiD attenD. 

2C^cfaiDanftoers arepjotieD anD confirmcD(as is afojefaiD) bp tfjiec feinD 

of 0uti)ojitie3 in lato. iFirft,bp ^utftojitp of tfje l^iglj Courts of parliament, 

^econDlp, h)-> 3uDgments anD juDiciallp?eftDcnts. SCljtrDlp, bp IBoefe^cafcs, anO 

tfte autljo?itp of our Boobs»« 

f I By cAat Concerning tftc ^cts of parliament : 3t is cnacteD bp tljc ftatute maDe in 

ofParliamentt 1 3 • That the Admirals and their Deputies fhall not meddle from hcncc- 

1} R.i.caji.j. forth with any thing done vvithin the Realm of England, butonly with things 

done upon the fea, according to that which hath been duly ufed in the time of 

the NobJe King Edward Grandfather of KingR.i. 315PtljCtoljitljit ismanifett. 

Cap.2i. The Court of the Admiralty* 1^7 

t^at ttjcturiSDtctioiioCtlje court of^Dmir^tPts onl^ confinet) to tJ^tngd bone 
upon t^c fca, tol)ttb tljc aoticcfe pattppcelDcD , but clatmctlj fap a colour of a Non 
ob(iante,&G. toljtcl) t3 uttcrlp t)0tD,a3 tjat^ been faiD. 

jBjJt^caatuteof ijR.ixap.s- it is cnartcD anti Declared , That theCourt of, 
the Admirall hath no manner ofconufancej power nor jacifdiftion of any man- 
ner of eontradt, plea or querell , or ofany other thing done or rifing within the 
bodies of the Counties, either by land or by water, and alfo of wreck of the fea, 
bat all fuch manner of eontra6ls, pleas, and querels , and all other things rifing 
within the bodies of the Counties as well by land as by water, as isaforefaidj 
and alfo wreckofthefea fhall be tried, termined , dilcufled, and remedied by 
the laws of the land, and not before, nor by the Admirall nor his Lieutenant in Nota,ihe Lord 
no manner. Neverthelefle ofihe death of a man,and of a mayhem done la great Greater inTdi- 
fliipsjbeing and hovering in the main itream of the great rivers only beneath aioninc'afcof 
the points of the fame rivers, and in no other place of the fame rivers, the Admi- the death of a 
rail fhall have eonufance, jDftts latter claufe gifcef!) tf)C ^Dmirall furtl^er ju- aian.andma)- 
risDiction in cafe ofDcatI)aiiDmaPi)cm, (iuitljnettljerofVuljtct) toceticrmeDleD) '^^■"''•i«n'"°- 
tut in all otljer Ijappeiiins toit^in tlje SCftanics, oj in anp ottjer IR Witt, |0o?t, oj ' *' " "" 
toatcr,tol)icl) arc toitbm anp Count? of tfte Realm, (as all IRitiers anD J^atens 
be, as hereafter 0)311 manifeftlp appear )bpej;p?effe tno^Dsoftljisilrtof par* 
liament,tt)C^DmirallojfttsSDepntp Ijatfj no jurisDlctton at all. Wljeretnif is 
to be obferoeD , IjoVd curious tljemafecrs of tljis aatufc tecre to crcluDe ffte ^ij^ 
mtrall of all manner of jurlSDictton UJttljttt an? toater tol)tc& Igetf) tiiitbin anp 
Countp oftftcSRcalm. 

SCljCltatutcofi H.4.cap.ii.cnactet{>,That the laid Aftof ijR.z.eap. iH.4.cap.i}, 
firmly holden and kept, and put in due execution , and further at the prayer of 
ihe Commons that astouching a pain to be fet upon the Admirall or his Lieu- 
tenant, that the ftatute and Common law fhall be holden againft them, and the 
parry grieved (hall recover his double dammages. 3i5p tollicl^ :3d; if appearetf), 
tljattljc ftatute of 3 R.:i. is but an affirmance of tlje Common lain, a0tl&aUal= 
fo manifeftlp appear fjereafter. 

Mfttcl) tijjce acts cannot be DlfpenfetJ tottljall bp a Nooobfiante, as ^atft 
been faiD befoje, but remain in full fojce, anD liatl) been put in Due erecution in 
all ages. 

SDlje ftatutc of i/Eliz.cap.i I. Dcfcribet^ particularly tl^e limits of tlje ILojD i7El,'a?.si. 
^DmtralS jurtSDiction \\\ t^efc lOOjDS. All and every fuch of the faid offences be- 
fore mentioned, as hereafccrfliall be done on the main fea, or coafts of the fcai 
being no part of the body ofany County of this Realm, and without the pre- -pjcgp- 
cinftjjurirdiilion and liberty of the Cinque ports, and out ofany Haven or Pier, '^ 
fhall be rried and determined before the Lord Admirall,&c. &0 as bp tl)e juDg* 
mcntoftbctoljoU: parliament tftc jurtsDiction of tlje JLojD aDmlrall is tufjo* 
Ip confincDtottjemainfea.ojCoatts of tljc fca being no parcellof fbcfcoDpof 
anpCountp of tUisiRealm. 

ainDbptl)crefour jScts of parliament all tl)e fatD objcrtions fftatfjalje been 
maDe, oj can be maDc againC tljc pjocceDings of tl)e iiings Courts at mcftmin* 
tter(beinggrounDeDontl)efame)arcfullpanftoereD. j^nD ipe toill concluDe tftis 
firftpartU)itf) tlje faptng of dDoD l)imfclfc. :aimtgl)tp dDoD (asbc Ijlnifelfoutof,ji. 
a to^irlVoinD fpahc) ftatl) fl)ut up tlje fca toit^tn certain Dojcs anD bounDs , Quis 
eonclufit o:tii» marc, quando erurapebat, quafi de vulva procedens .• circumdedi ^ 

illudterminismeis, & pofui vecrff m & ofiia , & dixi, Ufque hue venies, &noD 
precedes ampliusi & hie confringesturaentesfluilus ejus. 

Concerning tbefecondkinD of p?oof, viz, bp UuDgmcnts anD juDictall pjcft* f a.^7/«4f- 
Dents,etlcrpoftl)eminallfucccl^ton3 of ages in feric temporis , tabfng fomc MetJ& jhtUcial 
in cuerp age foj nianp tljat mi :ljt be ctteD. f re f dent:, 

Rcgifter Origin. fo.i2p. F.N.B.114. 31fgooD3bctaUcH fromanC^ngUOiman Rcgift.oiig;n. 
inSprn'icponD tbcS>ca, anD tl)epartp cannot obtain juft tec tfjcrc, ftcflialljalje, 
atoiittotl)C&l)eriftoarrc(ftl)^lioDi' oftljcoffcnDers, anDfofctfcoftljctrgooDB "4- 
to tbe iialue: to^ic^ p:ot)et^ tl)at tlje ;aDmtrall cannot 60ID plea tt^creof, fo; tijat 

uZ T^e Court of the Admiralty. Cap. zz. 

tbepartpl)at^rcmeDpbpt^c common lain, anDtfte^Dmfralspoiuer ts onlp Su- 
per alium mare. 
Hii5H<j Hii. 6H.6.Rot,503, t« fl^e Courtof Commonplcas betbjccn John Burton 

Rot.jojinBanc. |0latnttf, snJ) Bartholomew Put DefcnDant,t^e cafeUjas t^tiS upoH tftc faiDtta- 
tutc0» %\iZ fatt) Bartholomew fueD ttje faiD John Burton in tl)e aDmirall Conrt 
tefojc Thomas SDnbe of CBjrctcr tl)cn aomtrall of ©nglanD.fojttiat tftcfatD John 
Burton totti) fojcc anD arms t^c fcconU Dap of September , anno i H» 6. tf)?cc 
filtps of tl)e faiD Bartholomew toitt) l)ts pjifoners anD mcrcl^anQt^cs to ttie taliie 
of 960, marfeo, j. s. 5 . d.ob. in tlb^ fame fljtps being DiD tabe anD cartp atDap,fup:= 
poSng bp l)t8 libell t^c fame f be tafeen atoap, fuper altum mare , upon t^e tjtgh 
§)ca, Sltljoag^ ttie tabtng afo?efatD toaa infra corpus Comitatus in ariftow (tt)8 

In portu. fatD (t)tpi3 Iptng tn tftc ?^at)cn of llSjiftoto) anH not upon tije tjiglj &ca, contrary 

to ttje fo^m anD effect of t^e faiD fiatutes ; tlje parties DeftenDeD to an iffue, 
to!)ttl) teas founD fo; tbc ipiatnttf anD Dammages attcffeD foj tbeJBlatntif to 700.U 
^nDitappcarct^bptbcKcco?D, tl^at t^ts being tl)C firft cafe t^at toe can pet 
finDt^at receibeD juDgment in tbe Court of Common pleas upon tije faiD tta« 
t«tc3, t!)c fame DcpenDcD in aDbtfement anD Deliberation cigljt a^crmsj anD 
tljen t^e recojD faitft, Et fuper hoc audito tarn rccordo quam vcredido pridicio, 
& per Curiam plenius intelieA':Confideratum eft quod prasd' Johannes Burton re- 
cuperet verfs' praefat' Bartholomaeum damna fua prsdi^ta occafione attachia- 
menti, profecucionis, & vexationis,quammifarum & cuflagiorum ad feptingen- 
tas libras per Juratores prard' fuperius aflefs' in duplum per ftatutum,&c»qu2E dam- 
na in duplo feextenduntad mille & 400,1. & idem Barth, poenam decern libra- 
rum erga dominum regem nunc per idem flatut'incurrat, & capiatur , & quercns 
remittit 4oo»l* ^^ipon toljicf) BJuDgment four tijtngs are to be obfcrbcD. ^trff,tbat 
it is contemporanea expofitio, being maDc tott^in ttoentppeacs of tlje mafefttg of 
oneoftlje faiD ttatutes, anD contemporanea expofitio eft optima. &ecoiiDlp,t"^at 
albeit tbe faiD tftjee ftips toitb ffje pjifoners anD mcrc^anDijcs in tbcm lap 
in tfte !^at3Cn,inter fluxam & refluxum aqu£E,anD infra primos pontes,pet tljat tljc 
fatten is infra corpus Comitatus^anD t^at foj tabing of tl)e fljtps 1 tljc pjifoners, 
anD mcrclianDtjcs in tbefame no fnitouglif to be in tbc ^Dmirall Court , but at 
t^e Common lato. SLbirDlp, tljat tfte Court of ;aDmiraltp bail) no jurtsDiction 
but Super altum mare,tol)itlj isnottoitljin anp Countp,fo; tfte iReco?Dfaitft, tbat 
tljc faiD tljjec fttps toit^ tftc pjifoners anD mercljanDljc in tlje fame, DtD Ipe infra 
Comitat' Briftolise , & non fuper altum mare j as tlje piainttfintljC ^Dmirall 
Court fuppofeD t^e fame to be. 3Laftlp, tljat juDgment fo folemnlp, anD toitft fncl[> 
aDbifement giben, if ii toerc alone,toerc fuff icient to gibe full fat isfactton in t^i© 
point; foj Judicium eft tanquam juris didum > anD Judicium pro veriiate aceipi- 
tur. }l5ut to pjoceeD. 

pafch iz H.6. Pafch. 1 2 H d. Rot. 1 24. a \i^t action bjougljt bp Robert Cupper upon tftc fa(D 

Roc.i banc, fiatutes in t^c Court of Common pleas(rcciting tbe fatD tbjce ttafutes)agatn(fc 
John Raynerof J^Ojtoitb, fojtljat tlje faiD RaynerDtDfuetftC faiD Cupper in tljC 
Court of 3lDmtraltp befoje John Countee of ^unttngDon anD I very IL ieutcnant 
to John2Dukeof3i5cDfojD3Dmirallof(!l;nglanD,fojtljat Rayncr ftatiingafljip 

In Portu.' In Portu aquse Jernemutha: infra corpus Com' Norft". reaDp fOJ a tElopagC to 

zealanD, tljc fatD Cupper enfrcD tbefaiDfljiplping in tljc fatD ^atjen, anDtooft 
atoap Dibcrs gooDS in tbc fame being , afl'erendo per prxdiiSlum placitum res illas 
fuper ahum mare emer(ifre,ac fires ill3E fuper altum mareemerfiflent , cum non 

a MichjiHfi ibijfcd apud Jernemutham cortra formam ftatutorum prxd', tofttcl^alfojp?0bctl| 

Roc.3i5.inb3nc. tijat tljc ^atjcn is tottljtn fljc boDp Of t^cCouutp, 

r'^'^i ocr'^a'' ^" ^^^ ^^^'^ aCerme in tfte fame co«ft a libc action bettocen John Wi- 

prohi'buion upon dewell auD tljc fatD John Rayncr, Rot.i 23. toljtc^ tottlj manp otljers being to 

a charter-party. OnC CffCCt toC Omtt. 

Hil. J7 Eliz. Ror. a Mich 3 1 H.6. Rot.3 1 J. beftoccn William Hore , anD JefFery Unton foj a futt 

* '^*°' ?rc ^^n^dTnfi ^" ^^^ ^"""^^ of 0Dmiraltp befojc Henry SDufee of Cj:eter,aDmtrall of C-nglanD, 

n!cc "her"uf on tottcemtng 3 contratt of fourfcojc pounDs upon a Cftarter=partp of affraitofa 

Charter- parties. Jijtp Of tljcfatD Jcffcry callcD t&s SCrinttp Of ^arflcto to goc from tljc |Bo?t of 


Cap. 22. The Court of the Admiralty, i^^ 

pole totoacDS t^C parts of BtfelanD* cam concraifius ille apud novatn Saram infra 
corpus Coinicatus > & non fupcr altum marc faAns ct juBftas ftiit, contra fortnam 
ftatucorumprxd'. STfjc DcfcnDant plcaDCD to tlliic, tol^itljtoaB fbiinD agafnft 
t)(m,aiiDt)animagc0airc(rcDtoaftunD;cDniarb0, anDcoftstofojtppounD: anD 
tl^reapon juOgment is giten b? i\ft Court , tijat Xyt ii)onlD recover ^ta t)atnma< 
gcs in duple, accojDing to tl^e aatute,ic. CSHljtc^ juDgmmt fltrcctlpp?oljctlj, tlfXt 
tf a Cftartcr.partp o;anpot|)cr contract bcmaDctoit^tiiCtt|',2Coton,oj Countp 
of tl^e Healm^t^tts^ t^e performance t^ercreof betote&onean&perfo;nTeDnp> 
ontijel)tgl)S>ca, pctt^c0Dm(rall ftat^no jurtstiictfon, bccaufe it map be trteo 
bpt^e Common latD^asbpttjcfaiDK ceo jDttappcaretlj, 115at toljcrc tijcU)^ole 
tS to be Done luper ahum mare, anD no part of it infia corpus Comitacus, t^e J3D> 
tnirall \^i\s ^urisDidion. 

SL^ettatateof 3* H.8.C.14. Cottccmins fraigljtsof ftipsgitetfttotfjeJlojD 
j3Dmtrallo;^i02DeputppolJDer to mate Certificate concerning i\^ fliipg of ;3< 
liens in po?t0,ic. ;3nD ift^c Jlo:D jaomtraU oj ftts SDepatp be not reliant, 
tbenttgttjet^potocr to tijeCuftomer anD Controller, 0; tl^ctr HJeputptomabe 
Certificate: buttoit^onfqucftionttiisgitictlj nopotocrto tftc ILojD ^Dmirall 
to l^olD plea of fraigl)ts of fljips mojct^en l)c IjaDbefojcno mojc t^ it Dotl) to tfee 
CuftomeranDController,totolbomcqnall poiuer ts gitien fjp ttje jSct to mabc 
Certificate concerning tljc fljipo of ^licns,«. in tfjc abtence of t^e JLojD ^Dmt- 
rallojftis S>eputp, as totfjellojD aiDmirall ojljis EDcputp being p?cfcnt; anO 
pet no man inill affirm.tftat tfte Cuttomer i Controller can ^oU) plea of fraigl)ts. 

Mich.38 H.(5. Roto^.c r.;a |0;emunire bjong^t bp John Cafly (Efquire , Qui Mich.38 H/. 
caro,&c. againC Richard Beuchamp, Thomas Pauncc Cfqaires^anD Others npon Rot.j6. c r. 
tlje ftatute of 1 6 R.a, foj fufng in Curia Romana vel alibi,of matters belonging 
to t^e Common lata, i?o; tl^at tije SDcfenDant DtD fac tl^c |aiaintif tn t^ aiimt> 
rail court befoje HcnrySDubeofCrcetter, tl)at tljcraiD John Caflyc DfD tabe 
anD carrp atoap certain Bletsels fuper alcum mare,ubi idem Johannes Caffye bo- 
na ilia apud Stratford acBowe infra corpus Comitatus Midd' & non fuper altum 

tnare cepit, lu^ic^ is fo et)iDent^nD Of To Dangerous confeqnent, as no appltoatf- 
on djall be maDe ttiereoC. 

Sn tl)e boob of entries fo.ij* tk. jaDmlraltp , it appearetf) tljat tl^ taking of Book of EBtrie^: 
a0)ipcalleDtl)c2Crlnitpof ILonDon Iping upon tfte KtUer at E.tntlje Count? f°»J- 
of iaent is not fuper altum mare, but infra corpus Comitatus Kantiar, SlnO tl^cre^ 
fo?eafuit foj tl)C tafetng of t^at Ojip Iping tljcre intfje aDmrrall Court tefow 
John CEarl of ^unttngDon i3Dmirall of CnglanD appcaretl) to beagatnft tl^c fatD 
ftatutes, anD pet no quelttontfjat tailing toas infra Huxum & reHuxum maris^Sc 
infra primos pontes. 

9 H.7. apjcmunirc bioucrtit foj a fmt in tl^aDmirall Court befojc John BookofEntrie*, 
CBarl of ^rfojD fo; taking anD carrying atoapquandam navieulam apud Horton "°""P^'- 
Key at Southlyn,&c, fuppofing t(ie fame to be fuper altum mare:>to^reitUia0 
infra corpus Comitatus. 

Mich.K? H.8.R0C.H0. %\\z llitjer Of SCIjaraes at USelingfgate is not totttjin Mich.i^ h s. 

t^ juriSDiflion of t^e SDmirall, but infra corpus Comitatus. Rot, 140. 

35 H.8. Sf p:o!)ibition to John Dudley iSnigf)t,iaifconnt Liflefoji^olDing plea Book ofEntrie«, 

in t^e Court of aomiraltp fo; a contract maDe in Rivo Thamefi^, fuppofing t^c Ubi fupn. 
fame to be fuper altum mare , to^crc in truti) it teas in RivoThanxfis apod B, in 
Com' EiTcx.toljlc^ nottoit^ttanDing iuas infra fluxnm & rcflaxum aquat, & infra 
primos pontes, 

Hil. 56 H.8. RotoS.c r. Cijc liKe pjol^ibition inter Wheler & Warner, Eo- H1I.36 H.8, 

dem termino Rot, Inter Tooly & Lewes , a prohibition foj a contract maDc at Ro^-jS-c r. 

SOanCfee, in parti bus tranfmarinij. flnDin alac. Rcgis.tftetDJ^OlC COUrtOf COm« Hil.2 JacRcgis.' 

mon pleas, bccaufetfjelibellfuppofcDtl^e^ct to be Done in partibus exteris & incommuniianc. 

tranfraarinis, grantcD a pjoljibition. ]'"' l^'Jf<^, l"^-. 

Trin 3 8 H. 8. Rot, i i <5.bettoeen Crane anD Bella pjomifc maDe at fiDETtmout^, pmpsDtf, 

tJ^ataOjipcalleDttjea^arpiFortuncajoulDpaffe fafelp toitljout tafeing anDfnr= Xr.js h.s.'roi. 

p^dng.fc. lD|}icl)Q)ipt))as after talsen bp tlie ^panpacDS Taper altum niare ia«. 



Tr. 3 &4Ph.& 
Mar. Rot.yoj. in 

Eodem Termino 
Rom Banc. 

Hil.4 & J P& 
Jil.Rot.8j I. 


Mic. 5 Jac. in 

See in the Chapt. 
of the Court 
of the Confta- 
ble, and Marftial. 

cafes mdautho- 
rities in law. 
Temps E.I. A- 
vowty 191. in 

8 E.i.tit.Coron. 

45 E.?. 



Pafch 17 El. in 

l^he Court of the Admiralty, Cap. 2z. 

is not Determinable in t^e court of t^e ;3t)miraUp,foj tijat albeit ttie tabing toas 
upon t^e ^ig^ &ea,pet tt>e pjomife toas maDe upon ttje lanD^lu^erenpon an action 
Dotlbi Ipe at ttje Common latD* 

Ir. 3 & 4 Ph,& Mar, Rot,7o9.bcttocen Lawrence Mafhcrode , ani) Richard 
VVyn, apjoftibition out of t^c Court of Common picas to tlje Court oftlfjc^Us 
mtraltp,VViJliam aojD ^otoarotlicn ILojD 0Dmirall being. 

Tr. ;&4Ph.& Mar.Rot, «ii. tftelibe pjoftibition granteD outoftljefame 
Court to tlje Court of janmiraltpbettoeen Robert inne |0laintif, anD Roger 
Garland E)efenDant. 

HiU4& $ Ph.& Mar. Rot.83i,tljclibcpjol)lbition» 

^anpare tftep?efiDents in tfjc reign of t^c late £I5ucen Eliz, in tl^e Court of 
common picas, t^e liings iiBcnt^ an& (frcl^equcr, \a\\\t\i toe purpofelp omit, anD 
infift ratl^er upon tl)e moje ancient, pet one oj ttoo toe toill remember concerning 
tilings happening bc^onti &ea, tDt)ereupon an action Did Ipe at t^e Common taUi 
agreeable tottljtlie p^eGDent in tlje reign of H.^, 

Mich, 39&4oEliz. Rot. 31 58, ^ pjol^ibitibn outoftljc Court Of Common 
pleas fo^afuttintbe ^Dmirall Court upon a bill uniiier tbe partie^t ^janD anD 
fcal foj iFrencl) crotons, foj tljat tlje bill toas maoc IcponD §>ea. 

^nDMich,3 lac.apjofttbition toas granteD in tljc lifee cafe to tl&e aomirall 
Court bp tftc court of Cfcljequcr, foj ^ir lohn Swinarton fjabing tfte pziljtleDac 
of tljat Court foj a matter rifing bcponfl ttje S»ca, Sim Diticrs pjoljtbitions gran* 
teD alfo in t^e I ike cafe in ttje lyings IBencl). 

i?oj caufes of actions toljiclj arc tranCtojp Done out of tfje iRcalm, an action 
map Ipe at flje Common lato, but if tl)ctaufe be criminall ojlocall DoncbcponD 
^ea, tljen before t^e conftable anD £^ar(]ball onlp. 

Concerning tl)c laft manner of pjoof,viz. bp Booft-cafes anD aut^ojities of our 

3n t^elHegitter tlje mott ancient boobof ttje lato, fo, f, n., I, & 
88, F. 

3,n Temps E.I. Tit. Avowry i pi. a KepleDpn toas bjouglitfojtljetaWng 
of a fl){p in tbe Coaft of S>carbo joto in t^c S>^a, anD fo j carrping tlje fame from 
t&encc into t^c Countp of Jli. Mutford tfte l^laintif conntctl) of a tafeing in t^e 
Coaft of &carbo;oto, toljtclj is neitljer toton noj place , out of tofticlj a 31urp map 
be taften, fo? tbat tftc Coaft is four miles long , anD alfo of a t^ing Done tn tlje 
&ea,tlji3 court liat^ no conufance, fioj certain iuDgment is gitjen thereof to 
S^ariners. Berry Cbief 35ufticeof tlje Commonplace; tfteteing toiUctb, tftattftc 
peace be as toell kept -on tfje §>ea , as on tfte lanD , anD toe finD tljat pon are 
come bitter bp Due pjoceffe , anD tfjcrcfoje ruleD Ijtm to anftocr. S)ut of toljicft 
J^our tljings are to be obfertjeD. iFirft,t^at it is calleD tfje.§>ea toljicft is not toitft* 
tn anp Countp from toljcncc a Slurp map come. &econDlp, tftat t^e &ca(l'ctn5 
not toitfjinanp Countp) isnottoitbintljejurtsDiction of tlje Court of Common 
pleas, but belongs to tije SiDmirall jurisDiction. 2DljirDlp,t^at toljen tlje flbip came 
toitljintfjelRit)er,tt)cnitisconfc£fcD to betoitbin tljc .Countp of i^o?t^ambcr« 
lanD. Haftlp.tljattoijcnataliingispartlp ont^eg>ca, anD partlpinaHiter, 
tlje Common lato lljall tiat}e jurisDiction. 

8E. z.tic.Coron.gpp 3itisnopartoftfte§)ea ,tol)cre one map fee toljatis 
Done of tl^e one part of tl^e toater, anD of tlje ottjer , as to fee from one lanD to t^e 
Oliver, tljat tbecojoner fljall ejierctfeljis office in tftis cafe, anD of t^is tlje Conn* 
trp map Ijatc UnotoleDgc; toljcrebp itappearctft tljat tljings Done tbcrc are triable 
bp tlje Countrp (tftat is,bp 3urp) anD confequcntlp not in tbe ^Dmirall Court, 

43E,3,Norft'.astljcfaiD?LojD I'iertJOUCljetfttljelRccojD in Mich.i J &16EI, 
taping Tquod vidi) tlje cafe toas, tljat tlje ^bbot of Hamfep toas fcifeD of tlje man* 
no J of )16jancafter in jl^ojf. bojDertng upon tljc §>ca , upon firtp acres of marift 
of toft tclj nianno J tlje §>ca DiD floto anD refloto ; anD pet it toas aD juDgeD parcel! 
ofttjc^b'iotsmanno?,anDbpconfequence toitljin tljc boDpofttje Countp unto 
tfte loto toater marl?. 

;3nDittoasaDjuDgeD Pafch, 1 7 El. in tlje(!0j:cljequer,Diggs being paintif. 


Cap.22. The Court of the Admiralty. 

fijaf tljc lant) bcf toccn ffje flotoiitg ant) reflotDfng of f Ijc fca bclongeD to f fje II o.jU 
of tlje ipannojaDjO!?nmg,a3 tf)el.o:D DierDotij tbcrc rcpojt. 

48 E, J. 5» 31f a mariner mabes a coticnant ioitl) me to fcrte nic fn a tlbip up-- 48 e.j.?. 
on tl)c fea, pet fi lower ne foit pay,tf ftall be DemanDeD in tljls Court bp tfjc com» 4^ 
mon la\D, &: ne per la ley dc mariner. 

46E,3,tic.Conurans36. ^n^cttonoftrcfpaffctoaflbjousljf foj taUing of a 46 E.j.tit.Co- 
fi){p In tlje ftatjen of l^ull agatnft certain pcrfons ; t!)c ipaiojanDBailiffcgof "•'^•'"» J^- 
^ull DcmanDcQ connfancc bp tl)C Cljartcr of tfjc teing grantcD unto tfjcm, fljat 
tfjeCittjens anD BurgelTcs of i^uUfl^oulD not be implcaDcD alibi dealiquibus 
tranrgre(Tionibus>conventionibus & contradibus infra burgum,&:c, quam infra 
burgum. ^nD tljc Conufans toas grantcD ; toljici) pjotetij tijat tlje l^atcn of 
!^uU inhere W^z ftip tiiD riHc toas infra Burgum de Hull , anD bp confequencc i n. 
fra corpus comitatus, anD Determinable bp tfje Common lata , anD not in tfje J3d» 
mtrall Court* 

7 R. 2. tit, trefpafle in Stathom pl.j4. ^n trcfpaffc foi a lljip anD certain mcr= ^ \'^- ^''^^''^^ 
tl)anDi?e taken a\Daj?(U)l)ic!)trefpaffcmua of neceffitp teallcDgcD in fonic HCoton '" " ''''''* 
anD count? in fome I'iitjer oj l^aben) tfjc DcfenDant plcaDeD , tftnt tje DtD tafec 
tIjCrtI In le hautn:crcovele$ Normans queux font enemies Icroy, jClnD it isru* 
IcD a gooD plea, tol)icl) concurretlj toitb t!jc otl)cr boohs. 

7 H,5, 12. 35. Sin Action lietfj at tbe common lato foj fojcffalling, u, in a 7 h 6x1.3^ - 
|9ojt 0% ^atien, foi t^at it is infra corpus comitatuj, anD f liable b{? tljc Common 
lato, anD bp confcquence ttje ^Dmirall ftatb no jurifDiction tbcrc, 

19H.6.J, SDtjeaatuteDotbrcarainctbatttic ^Dmirall ftall not bolD plea of 'pHfi.?- 
anp tljing riCng toitljin anp of tbe Counties of tbe IRcalm, but erecutions be map 
mate upon tbe lanD, 0nD tbcrefojctobereifisfaiDin li Aff.pKpj.tbafctcrp ziM.^.gi. 
toater,tob{cl) flotos anD rcflotos,is an armc of tbe rea,pet if follotoetb not tbaf tbe 
aiDmiraU ftallbatic jurifDiftiontbcrcunletfettbeoutofctjerpCountp, oj elfe 
fucb a place tobercof tbe countrep cannot tafee fenotoleDge, as if appcaretb in tbe 
book of 8 E»2 . befoje citeD, IBut of tbis moje bereaffcr., Namfi quse fuperaltum mare extra corpus cujudibet Fortefcca- ,i 
comitatus regni illius fiant qu^ poflmodum in placito coram Admirallo Anglic fo.js. ' ' 
deducantur per teflcs, ilia juxta legum Anglix Sanaioncs terminari debent, 
tobicb p:.ot!ctb bp erpjeffe too:Ds tbat tbe jurifDiction of tftc ^Dmirall is confines 
to tbe bisb fca, tobicb is not toitbin anp countpof tbe IRealm, 

iR»i,fo,i:.Hibernici funt fub Admirallo Angli» de re fa>5la fuper altum jR.j.u, 

marctobicbagreetbtoitbtbefojmer, viz, tbat tbe jurifDiction Of tbe ;a9mirall 
is fuper altum mare, 

Stanford 31f one tcfiainc upon anparmcof tbe fca, ctanfpicor fo. 
tobere a man map fee tbe lanD of tbe one part anD of tbe ofbcr, tbe Cojoncr tball < , b. 
inquire of tbis, anD not tbe jaiDmirall, bccaufe tbe Count rp map tafee conufance of = 
it,anDDotbt!Oucl)fbefaiDautbo:itpof8E.2. tobcreupon be concluDcfb intbefe 
tDOjDS. &o tbis piotictb, tbat bp tbe Common lato bcfoje tbe ttatutc of 2 H. 4, 
&c. tbe SDmirallbaD no jurifDiction but upon tbe bigb tea, tobicb onlpautbojltp 
toere fuff icient to oljerrule all tbe faiD quettions, i?o: bcrebp appearctb, tbat tbe 
jurifDiction of tbe ^Dmirall is onlp confineD bp tbe Common lato to tbe biab Tea, 
anD agrcctb toitb all tbe fojmer IBoolt cafes anD 0cts of parliament, 

4 & 5 Ph. & Mar. Dier i j^.b, Bp tbc llibcll in tbe 5lDmirall Court tbe caufc 4 & ? pi^ sc Mar. 

id fuppOfeD to commence Snr le hmt mere & infra jurifdiaionem del cAdmiraltj ^''^^ '59 b. 
ubi revcra hSti fuit in tali loco infra corpus comitatus & non fuper altum mare. 

ti^berel;p ii alfo appearcfb> tbat tbe ilojD ;3Dmtrals potoer is confineD to tbe 

Pa^ch, 28 EHz, in tbe iaings llScncbtbc cafe toas, tbat a cbartcr=parfp bp DeeD 
inDcinteD, toas maDc at SCbetfojD in tbe Countp of Jpojfolh, bettoecn Evangdifl Pafch.iS Eiii. 
Conftantine of tbe one partp,iHughGynne of tbe otberpart.bp tbe tobicb Con« 
ftantine DiD cotcnant toitb Gynne tbat a certain tbip flroulD fatlc toitb mcrcban- 
aijes anD gooDs of Hugh Gynne to i|)uttrcll in S)paine, anD tbere fljoulD remain 
bp certain Dapesjtc, ^pon tbe bjeacb of tobicb Covenant Cynnebjoug'ot an 

m ;a£tion 


Mich. 50 & 51 

f The Kings 
Prerogative of 
f The Antiijui. 
tj oftht 

The Court of the Admiralty. Cap. iz. 

^tctioit of Debt of joo lu upon a clatifc in f fje fame Cljarfcr , anO alUBgeD tljc 
bjeacft of tlie Coticnant, foj tljat tlje ftjip DiD not remain at sptittcrcl in &painc 
bp fo manp Uapcs as toerc limit eD bp tlje Cotjcnant* «M^cceapon tllue Vras ta« 
fecnann trteD bcfojc &ir Chriftopher Wray <LWi Siufticcof <l!;nglanD,anD founa 
foj tlje plaintifc ; aiiD in arrcft of judgement it lias ITjetocD, tl)at tbisiffueDiD 
rife ouf of a place totallp anD mccrlp in a fojcin feingDome out of t^e iRealme, 
from to^cnce no 3urp of ttoeltc men toulD come, ant) tftercfoje t^e trtall teas in* 
fufficient. Wnt it iuas aO juDgeD bP &ir Chrittopher Wray, ^ilf Thomas Gaw- 
dy,ani3tftetol)ole Court of lyings liBenct) after great Deliberation tbat tbe plai«> 
tife ftonlD rccotjer 500 li, beQDes IjisDamagcsanDcofts, fo^tbatt^eCbarter 
partp toberctipon tbe action is b?ougbt toas mace at SDbetfojD toitbin tbia 
3R calmcanD f bat tbe triall being in tfte fame place toberc tl)e action toas bjoug^jf > 
toas fufftcicnt. 

anflt^clihc cafe toas after aSjuDgeD in flie fame court, Mich* -,o& 31 
an action upon tbe cafe upon an ^frtimprttgrounDeD upon an infttument callesa 
policy, commonlp maDebcttoecn mertbantsfojaffuranceoftbcirgooDS, tobere* 
bp tbe unDertaber DiD affume tbat fucb a Ibip IboulD failc from £©elcome JRegis 
fn tbe Countp of SDojfet unto Sibtiile in j^rance fafclp toitbout tjiolence, f c. anU 
DeclareD tbat tbe faiD ibip in failing totoarDs Bbtiile, tbat is to fap, in tbe Kibcr 
of ^omne in tbe R ealme of jF ranee toas arrefteD bp tbe iFrencb iaing,ic. tobcre* 
upoji ittuc toas tahcn «! tricD, toberc tlje action upon tl)e ^trunipfit toas fajougbt, 
anD againe tbe DaliDitp of tlie triall netolp queftioneD, anD in tbcenD rcfolteD anQ 
aDjuDgeD as fccfoje:tobicb judgement piot3es,tbat tobere part of tljc contract oj 0* 
tbcr tbing is maoc in anp plate toitbin anp of tbe Counties of tbeH ealm,tbougft 
tbe pcrfojmancc tbcicof ie upon tbe btgb fca, tbe triall anD Determination of tbe 
tobole^ct belongetb to tbe Common lato,anD confequentlp tlje Court of t^e 33= 
miralf p ougbt not to Dealc tberetoitb* 

2Dt)Cfe anftocrs being DclitjereD fo teing James, magna eft Veritas & prar- 

Jl5oto fojtbe great p?erogatit>e anD infcreft tljat tbe aing of oBnglanD fjat^ in 
flje feas of (iEnglanD,anD fo? tbe antiquity of tbe Court of tbe 0Dmiraltp of €n%'- 
lanD, anD of tbe name of tbe ;3DmiraU, toe l^ate feen an ancient anD a notable lRe« 
tO;D, intituIeD, De fnpenoritate maris Anglix & jure officii Admiralicatis in co- 
dem. * g>o muci) tobercofas toe 8nDe in Archivis regis, toe toill franfcctbe dc 
verbo in verbum. as it ts in tbe llecojD it felf, 

^e Court 
long before the reignofEtyhj whofe d-xyesforHehave dreamedtt began, * In Archivis in Turri London* 

This caufe was 
bandied inora- 
bouc the 11 year 
of E.I. as by di- 
vers parts of the 
Record icap- 
Adfiiirall of the 
Seaof Ens'land. 

Time out of 

Lawes, Statute.";, 
and OidinanccS' 

A 'vota Seignieurs Auditors Deputes per le Rets de Engliterre c^ de 
France a redrefjer les damages faits iU gents de leur Roialmes ^ des auters 
terres fubgits a lour feignuries per mer ^ per terre en temps de pees ^ 
de t reives. Monjlrent les procurours de Prelats c-r Nobles , (jr del Ad- 
mirall de la mier d' Engliterre ^ de Ceminalties des Cities & des Vil- 
les J ^ des Merchants , Mariners , Meffagiers , S" pelerins (^ des touts 
aultres du dit Royalme d' Engliterre & des aultres terres fubgis a U 
feignurie du dit Roy d' Engliterre ^ daillours ficome de la marine dt 
Genue, Cateloigne, Efpaigne, Alemaigne, Seland^ Hoy land, Frife , Den- 
nemarch , ^ Norway (jr de plufours aultres l/eux del Empier, que come 
ies roys d'Englitere per raifon du dit Royalme du temps' dont il ny ad 
memoir e du contrarie euff'ent ejle en paiceablc pojfefion de la foveraigne 
Seignurie de la mier d'Englitere & des Ifles effeants en ycele per ordi- 
nance et eft abli cement des his , ejlatuts , et defenfes et des vef- 
feaux autrement garnies que veffeaux de merchandife et de feurte pren- 
dre (^ fauue gardes doner en torn ens que meftier jerra (jt par ordinance 
entre tout manere des gents taunt dautre fignurie come de lour propre de 


Cap.22. The Court of the Admiralty, r^3 

tous Mitres ftitz, neceffaries a la garde de pees, drohnre O" eqtiitie paf 
elonques p.tffaats ^ per fouveraigne garde ^ toute rmnere de conifance 
(^ Iitjiice haultc (^ hfje fur les dites lois^ ejiatuts, ordenances ^ defen- 
ces^ O" pw touts autres faits quctix a le government de fouveraigne Seig- 
nurie appertemr purrent es liettx avandits. Et A ^e B AdmiralL de la 
ditmier deputey per le roy d' £nglitere . (^ tons les atdtres Admirals par ?:^°'^!'°/V 
mejme cem Ro'j d Englitere & ces ancejters lades royes d Bnghtere eufent Sc3. 
ejie en puifeble po([efion de la dit fouveraigne garde ove la conifance ^ N^iccforthra-i- 
luf:ice c^ touts les aultres appurtenances avamditz. forprife en cafe dap- Ajll!i7an ot'tnc-- 
pele cT de querele fait de eux a lour fouveraignes roys d' Englitere dede- ijnd- ThcUid 
falte de droit ou de malvais judgement, (^ elpccialment pur empechement ^^^ ^aJ'^"Z\ c 
metre ^ juflice faire feurte prendre de la pees de tout manere de gents die Tea coaftmg 
fifants armcs en la d.t mier ou menans niefs aultrement apparreilks ou 'jpo" Yaimouti^ 

• ^^ J.- ^ ■ r J ^ r > I ■ in Norfolk (riehc 

gttrmes que napperttent au nief de marc hunts cr en touts aultres points over aaainft 
en queux homme poit avoir reafonable caufe de fufpition vers eux de France; and of 
robbery , ou des aultres mesfaitZ. Et come le maiftre de Niefs du dit '''" ^^^'"^ '" 

.11. / ir I J ^ I ■ I ^- /> -' ./^/, Anno 11 E.I. 

roialrne d Englitere en abjence des aits Admirals eujjent ejie en patfible 
pojjefion de coaufire (^ juger des touts faits en la dite mier cntre touts 
manere de gents felone les his ejlatuts & les defenfes, franchifes (jr cu^ 

Et come en le primer article de Uilliance nadgaires faite entre les di- uvcen'"! "and * 
tes Rois en les traites fur le darreine pees de Paris foient comprifes les the Fiench King, 
paroles que fenfuient en une fedule annexe a ycefte. 

Trimerment il ejl traite ^ accorde entre nous ^ les meffagers ^ Icspro- 
curours de furd/z. en nom des dits Roys que yceux Roys ferront lun a 
lautre defcres en avant bons verrois (§- leyaux amyes (jr eydans countre 
tout homme fume Lefglife de Rome en tiels manere que fi afcun ouplit- 
fours quicunques ilz. fidlfent voloient deponticer, empefcher, eu treubler les 
dits Roys en franchifes ^ liberties ^ priviledges es droits, es droitures, ou 
es cujlttmcs de eux ^ de lour roialmes quils ferront bons cr loyaux amys 
^ aydans countre toute homme que pui([e venire ^ morir a defendre^ 
Tardir ^ maintenir les franchifes, les liberties, les privileges, lesdroitz., 
les droitures, et les cuflumes de fufdites, except ledit Roy d' Englitere 
Monfieur John Due de Breban en Brabant (^ fes heires defcendtts de lui ^^\ytd-.Lhit( 
^ de la file le Boy dcnglitere , C^ except pur le dit noftre feignior le orE.i.w-Knv.r- 
Roy de France excellent Prince Dubert Roy d'Alemaigne fes heires Roy 5vt'°[R^ h'^t 
d'Alemaigne^et Mounfieur lohan Counte de Henan en Henan^ et que lun An.'i^om.'n^o, 
»<r ferra en confaile nc en aide ou lautre perde vie^membre, eftateneho- &:i8e.i. 
mur temporel. Monfieur ReymerGrimbald maiftre de la navie du dit Roy , ^■ 
de France que je dit ejtre Admirali de la dit mier deputey per (on Seig- c-t>>.b.i/dMa({cT 
nior avantdit pur fa guerre contre les Flemings apres le dite alliance of ih; French 
faite c^ afftrmee contre le forme (-r la force de mefme lalliance ^ lin- ^'■''^* 
tention d: ceux qui la firent Icffice del Admirali en la dite mier Dengli- 
tcre par commijsion du dit Roy de France torfeoufement emprifl (^ ufa un 
an a' pliis en pernant le gents ^ marcbants du roialme d' Englitere 
^ daillours per la dite mier pafjaints ovefque lottr biens (^ les 
gents ainfi prifes livera a la prifon de Jon dit feigniour le Roy 
de France lour biens ^ marchandizes a les refceivors per mefme 
ccluy roy de France a ceo deputey en les ports de fon dit royalme come 
a. luy for flit et acquis fifi amener per [on juggement et ugard, ^ U 

V a prtfe 


i^^ T^he Court of the Admiralty, Cap. 22.' 

frift et deteme des dites gents ove lour dites biens et marcbandifes & 

fort dit judgement y et agard fur U forfaiture de eaux et acqtfefl attjufiifie 

devant voits feigneurs Auditors en efcripts per wy lautoritie defaditecom- 

mipon fur I'Admiralte avmtdite per hi amfi ufurpe (^ per tme defenfe 

comunememfait per le Roy d' Englitere per my [on peer lelanc U forme de 

le tiers article de laRiance avantdite qui contient les paroles defufecripts 

en requermt que de ceo il en fujfe quitz <^ abfoluts en grand damage 

C^ prejudice du dite Roy d' Englitere (jrdes Prelats dr Nobles (^ aultres 

dejufnomes. Purquoy les dits procurours & les noms de lours ditz, Seig- 

niours a. vous Seigniours Auditors avantditz pryent que deliverance derve 

(^ hafline des dites gents ovefq-^ lour biens (-r marchandifes ainfi prifes (^ 

of'en^f "n^ to detenuesfaicets eftrefait al Admirall du dit Roy d! englitere a qui la com fame 

whom the conu- de cco aperticnt de droit Jtcome defjiti ejl dit ai^fiquils fauns dijlurbancede 

fance appertain, ^g^^ ^ d' aultre pui(fe de ceo conoifire ^faire ceo que apertient a [on cjfice 

avantdit. Et que le dit Monfieur Reymerfoit condempne c" diitreint a faire 

due fatisfaSiion a touts lesditsdamagesfeavantcomeilptirrafuff'ire^en 

fa defaltefon ditfeignior leRoy de France per que ilejloit deputey al dit office, 

et que aprcs detve fatisfaBion faitz, as dits damages le dit Monfier Raymerfoit 

Ji duement punis pur le blemi^j'ement de I adit e alliance^ que la punifion de luj 

foit as aultres example pur temps a 'venir. 

Item in alio Rotuloannexo. 

Jtem,alafin que venes & conftderes les formes despreces & les letters er- 
deneesper lesconfaillersleAiel noftrefeignjorleRoy,&c. efpecialment are- 
tenir (jr maintcnir la fouveraign quefes dits aunceflers Roys d' Englitere Ig- 
loyem avoir en la dite mier d' Englitere quant al amendmet declaration et in- 
terpretation des loix per euxfaites agoverner touts maneres des gents paffavts 
., . „ . per la dite mier, Et primerement a [on Admiralty as Mai (iersn' Mariners 

Admiral! of ^j -.t- r j ^ ^ j^-n i-.. j J ^ ^ r 

- England. des Niefs de Cync ports d Englitere, 0' aes autre s terres annexes a la cor one 

d' Englitere emendant a fa armee en la dite mier pur retenir ^ maintenir U 
garde des lois avantditz^et lapunifion de touts faitz al encountre en la mier 

Item in alio Rotulo de Articulis fuper quibuf luflitiarii domini 
Regis funt confulendi de Anno regni regis E . 3 . 1 2 . 

Item adfinem quod refumatur et continuatur ad Jubditorum profecutionem 

• E.x.avus E.J. formaprocedendt quondam ordinata ^ inchoataper * avtt domini nojlri regis 

et ejus cenftltum ad retinendum ^ cenfervandum antiquamftipcrioritatem 

maris Angli^t, et nos officii Admiralitatis in eodem quoad corrigendum^inter- 

fretandtim^ dcclarandum et confervandum leges etjlatutaper ejus anteceffores 

Anglix Reges dudum ordinata ad confervandumpacem et jujlitiam inter om- 

nes gentes nationis cujufcunque per mare Anglu tranfmntes^ ^ adcognof- 

cendum fupcr omnibus in contraritim attemptatis in eodem^ ^ adpuniendttm 

R. I. delinquentes et damnapafis fatisfaciendum. ^us quidem leges etftatttta per 

• " c'^iut. '^°" ^ominmn Richardum quondam regem Anglix in reditu fuo a terra fan^a cor- 

reef a fuerunt, interpretata et in infula oleron publicata et nominata in Gal' 

lica lingua La ley Olyronn. 


Cap.iz. The Court of the Jdmirahy, 1^5 

anDlongbcfojctljts J^fng Edgar fnljts Cljartec MVn tijust Mihi concelUc Sk thisChar- 
propitia divinitaj cum Anglorum imperio omnia rcgna infularum Oceani cum '^f 'ml'c Eoiftle 
liiis fcrociffimis regibus ufque Norwegiam ac maximam partem Hibernia? cum ^°''^°4bcokof 
fuanobililTimacivitaredeDublina Anglorum regno fobjuga-rc&c. ^epons. 

Mcljatjc alfofounDa IRccojD tn lo E.3. {n tl)cfctoojDg, 

Rex dilecio et fideli fuo Calfrido de Say Admirallo Flette Ju£ N Avium Rot.Scoti* 
ah ore AqiiAThdmefi<e verf fartes occidentales^Salutem. Cum nuper vobis '°f«3"'-'^- 
per Uteres nofiras mmdAVtrimtis quod vos una cum quibufdam navibus 
de q gift que prtubus nofiris quas de guerrx pro oh{eqmo no fir muniri et 
parari manaAvimm Jupra mare proficifceremini ad obviand' et refifiend' 
quibufdam galeis in diver fis partibus exterisprovifis et hominibus arma- 
tis munitis qu£ ad partes dominiinofiri ad gravand' nos et gentes nojlras, 
velad partes Scotia in inimicorum nofirorum ibidem fuccurfu-n divertere 
utaccepimus proponebant. £t quia jam nobis ab aliquibus efi relatum quod 
galeae hujufmodt ufque ad numerum viginti et fex ad partes Britan et 
Norman' noviter accefjerunt et ibidem adhuc fetenent ad mala^m creditur, 
contra nos et mjtros qu^ poterunt pcrpetrand\ vcl ad fuccurrend' diBis no- 
firis^ut prxdicitur^initnicis. Nos advertentes quod progenitores nofirireges 
Anglix domini maris Anglic ani circt mquaqtte et etiam defenfores contra, 
hojtium invjifiones ante hxe tempora e.vtiterunt^ et plurimum nos tdderet , [i 
honor nojierregius in defenfione hujafmodi nofiris ( quod abfit ) deperiattem- 
poribusy aut in aliquo minuantur^ cupientefque hujujmodi periculis auxili- 
ante domino obviare, acfalvationi ac defenfioni regni etpepuli nofirorum 
providerc^ malitiamque bofiium noHrorum rejrenari .- Fobis in fide (^ ligC' 
ancia quibtts nobis afiric^i efiis , ^ (icut de vobis ffecialiter confidimtts^ 
mandamtn firmiter injungendoquodfiatimvifispriejentibMi et abfqueul- 
teriori dilatione naves portuum prxdi^orum, ac alias naves qusjampara- 
t<x exifiunt fupra mare teneatis^cj'c. 

jantibccaufctlje laeatcrbptftts IRecojOlIiall Difccrn, tftat of ancient ftme 
tljcrc toerc fcljerall ^Dmirals ( foj tljc intf Dome of tl^fe &apc0 tPoulD not fmtt 
one man toitij fo great a tljarge, noj anp man to Ijatje a certatn cftatc tn an office 
of fo great truft.) 31 totllbjteapgtijc tfje IReaocr fncfj Ugbt thereof as 3 fjafce 

Rex commifuGalfridode Lucy maritimam Anglia: cuftodiend* quamdiu do- Rot.Pat.anno 
mino Regi placuerit,&c. 8 H .j. 

Rexcoramifit Richardo Ag43iIIummarinam regis Norf, & SufF, &c. qaamdiu Rot.pat.anno 
nobis placuerit, 9H.J. 

Petrus de Rival capitaneusPiSanle habet ad totam vitam fuam cuftodiam om- Ror.Car.i j H.j. 
nium Portuum & totius coftera: marinz Anglis,excepto Portu de Dovor,qui eft in 
cuftodia Hubcrti dc Burgo. 

Willielmus de Leybourne conftituiturcapitaneus nautarum & marinariorum Rot.Vafcon. 
de regno & poteftatis regis,quamdiu rcgi placucritf ziE.i.m.g.* 

Willielmus de Leybourne Admirallus Anglis, Rot. Pat -2 e i 

Willielmus de Leybourne capitaneus marinariortim.&c, 2 parte Pat.anno 

^Colct rot! fenoto toljaf tDCf)aticobfci-\3ct) in tfjofc times : flb^re toerc aifof too *5 
otfter, tbc one Ijao tijc golicinmcnt of all tfte iflcct from tljc moutl^ of tlje 2D^mc0 ^'^''i- '" ^°''"- 
McfttoarD, anD tljc (rtljer from tl)e moutl^ of tlje 2Dl)ames JojtljtoarD. "'• " 

Johannes Botetort cuftos Regis Portuum maritimornm verfus partes Boreales. i parte Pac 
25Martii, ijE.i.m^. 

NicholausKyriellconflituitnr Admirallus flote omnium Navium ab ore aqua? ,p 
Thamefiitam quinque Porcuum,quamaIiorum Portuum 8i locorum percoflc- 10 g.*. 
ram maris verfus partes occidentaleSjquamdiu Rcgi placuerit. Tcfte Rcge apud 
Turrim London 8 Decembris, 



Clauf. i^ E.s. 
Pac.15 E-iTefts 
Rege apud Ebor. 
I9 Mail, 

I parte Pat.antis 

i parte Clauf. 


£8 E.4, 

& 141.9 H.4. 
nu. 19., 
R0t.Par.t7 R.s. 
48.4 H.4.mi.47, 
1 1 hl.4nu.61. 

I part lad-it. 

I I, 

Lord Berkeley 

f The nume. 

l^he Court of the Jdmiraltj, Cap. 2z. 

C Robertus de Leyborn AdmiraUus quarunda Naviu Regis (ap mare occidctali. 
<^ Robertas Battayli Admirallus ilota: Navium ab ore aqua Thamcfis de 
2. fingulis Portubus vcrfas auftrum. 

i Johannes Perbrome eonftituiturcapitaneus,& Admirallus flotsNavium magnae 
VGeremuthe & omnium aliorum locorum ab ore aquse Thamefis per eofteram 

.maris verlbs partes Borealesjquamdiu^&c. Tefte Rege apud Stamf. 21 Apriiis. 
vWarrofius de Valloignexconftituitur capitancus & Admirallus flotse Navium 

)ab ore aqu2 Thamefis tarn quinque Portnum quam aliorum Pcrtunm & loco- 
( rum per eofteram maris verfus partes oecidentales,quamdiu,&c» ut fupra* 

Petrus Bard Admirallus Navium ab ore aqus Thamefis verfus partes occiden- 

)cales.i8 Augufti. 

vThomasdc Drayton Admirallus abore aqose Thamcfis verfus partes Borcales, 
18 AuguHi, 

^nDfotntftcrcignsof R.2.H.4.H,j.H,i5.3l5ntinttiereanl)fn fojiner times 
t^crc toas a great auinti-all of QDnglanD, Vidjupra pa.i 41,143,1 44. 

SCtjclStnstiitjbpCtjartcrconttttutc John Holland H>ufecof ereto anD Hen- 
ry l^isfon to be AdmirallosAngliac, Hibernian, S>: Aquitania; , protcrmino vita:. 

'SD^is Cljartec being Of a jnDiclall Office anti grant eD to ttoo, ice l^olD to be 
DoiD ; fo? fiic^ ancient offices muft be granteD as tljep fojmerlp Ijafec been, s:,\)is 
SDuUc is be tl)at is mcntionet) in tl)Cfo3mcr1Reto;as, tobo being agreat]^ecc 
of tbelRcalmenDeavourcD to incroacb upon tl)C common lata, but tijc fubjeas 
bj? courfe of laio tocre t)efenDeD anO recompcnfeD. 

%\)Z jpercbants, n^arinerc, anD otoncrs of Ibfps unOcrfoob tbc fafcgirarD of 
ttie &easfo:tl)C ^ubftDicsof SCunnageanD |i3o«nDagc,ic. anD tljaf jpercfjants 
fljoulD name ttoopcrfon6,tIjc one foMbe&outb part, tbeotber foj tbe ^ojtft 
part, Irbo bt? commiifion i^oulti ^at^c ttie li^epoUierasotber ^Dmtrals ^abe 
^aD toutbtng tbc fame. 

Addition offome ^cords of Parliament. 
0U ftatutes malic concerning tbc Conrt of fbe 0Dmirall fljall be ObfcrbeD* 
&wnOjr* toluns oftbc tMeft partpjapen remctip againtt tlje ^©fficers of tbc 0&' 
miraltp foj IjolDing plea of matters Determinable bt? tbe Common latD,tbc U)I)tc& 
tt|C,i?pja{)ma)>beret)obeD: tbetetngsanftoertDas.The Chancelor by the ad- 
vice ofthe Jultices upon hearing of the matter fliall remit the matter to theCom- 
moQ law, and grant a prohibition, 

SCb^Carlof j^ojtbnmberlanD 3DmiraU of tbe Jp8o;fb» anbtbeC^arlofSDe* 
■faon' SlDniirall of tbe Mlctt» to reccibc tbc ^ubfiDpof 2^unnagc anb |0ounDagc 

Addition ofBooks* 

&ee tbe Firft part of the Inftituces, Sc(ft.4^9. & Scft. 6-^7, tobere Littleton 
fpeabctb of a man out of tbe jlRealm, oj beponfl S>ea , ana aDbetbereunto tlje nota* 
lie cafe in Mich, 1 1 H.4t Sovinglcs cafe, tbe 35cfenDant in an appeal 
of tjcatb being outlaUiet), bjougbt bts tujit of Crroj , anDaffigncO foj erroj,t^at 
at tbe time of tbe £>utlaiBjp,an5 befoje, be ioasin tbe teings ferbitc upon tbe 
S>ea in tbe companp of l^^z =ilojD Berkley tben jaDmirall, anD baD a tojit unto ^im 
to certifie. 

6^,2. Tit. Proteftion 4(1. 7R.2. Tit.Trefpaflc Statham. 10 H. 7. fol./a. 
Vide 1 8 H.6. nu.? i. tubcre tbe otoncr of a ibip Ojall anftocr foj }i\xxX Done bg W 
(bip. tbougb be be not partp tbcreunto. 

Vid. Lacies cafC, Cr, 2 j El. li. 2. fo. 93. j. fo.i o(?,i 07, & 108. &ir Hen- 
ry CoDllables cafe. Lib.6. fo.47. Dowdales cafe. Brook tit. error 177. 

&ee certain Ifafatcs, viz. 27 E.3. cap, 1 3. Stat. Staple, 3 1 H,6xap.4. 2 r, 3; 
cap.6. iS H.8.cap.i(5. 

3tappearetbbptbe fojmer 5R.ecojDS, tbat tbe ^Dmiralfp is fomef tme calleD 
Admiralitas, fometimeAdmirallatus, anD fomcttme bp otber names, as Admi- 
rallus, Capiianeus 0} Cuftos mari$> Oj Marinas, OJ Maritanii, oj flots navium? tba£ 


Cap. 22,23. "The Court of the Admiralty. 14.7 

fSjOftljei^al))? floating on tI)eS>ca. Ley marine, ley des mariners* 

2Dl)e ^DfficcV (s calUD ^Dmirall tnDtffercntlpbotft tn dSngltfl) anD in iFwnc|i» 
tEHenamc Ijini tnlLatin Admirallus , an& tljc Court Curia Admiralicatis, Derf* 
teD of Amir, id el^jPra-fedm, & ajak i • Marinus , Prxfecf^us marinus, Admira- 
liui, Admirallus, Admiralli Curia res maricimas tra(3at: In hac numerantur Ad- camden 
mirallus Angli^jlocum tcncns & judeXjferibx ducferviens Curii Viceadmirallii 

Hjedaoii Hitha, «. Porms a!^atcn, as^Jaeen-ftttfje.lamb^ljitljejfc, Hafne 
Courts,noto !^aticn oj |9o;t Court0, Hable,/. Portus. 

Co conclube,tf)e Bing of (JnglanDS JlSatip Dot^ mcU t!je dipping of all otljer 
fojatntotngsanopjinces: foj tf^jou refpcrt beaut ifull ttatdtncffc , ojftatclp 
beautp, tljep arc fomanp large anD fpatiousiSinglpanO pjincdp |3alacc3. 3f 
pou regarD ttrcngt^ anD Defence, t}it^ arc fo manp motjittg fmpjcgnablc dTaftlcs, 
anD Barbicans, "anD tocre tcarmcD of olDttjctoals oftljcl'^calm. Cffltjcnour 
dDnglifl) j^atip is among tfteH^ips of otbcr illations, it is liSc ILions inter pc- 
cora campi, anD lihc aj^alfeon inter phafianos, pcrdices , & alia volatilia timida 


3!BcriDcs,nopartoft1&cU)ojlD l^aue fuclj timber foj batlDing anD repairing of 


The Court of the Commiflion under the 
Great Seal by force of the ftatute of 

18 H 8. Cap.l^. 18 H.S.cap. I y. 

Tl^iS^OUrtmnftbC IjolDen Coram AdmiralloAngHajjfcu ejus locum te- The Commijft' 

nentcanD ? oj4ftict)Otl)cr rubftanttallpcrrong,as lljall be namcD bptljc ontrs. 
S^QiD Ctjancelo^ fo? tije time being, 

2Dl)Cir jurisDtition is to Ijcar anD Determine all aCreafons , iFelonieSjiHobbe^^ 7he Jurifii- 

ries, i^urDcrs, anD confcDcractcs committeD oi Done upon tlje ^t&AU Slian. 

C^cfe offences flijallbcljcarD anD DctcrmtncDaccojDing to VcjZ courfe of tlje Tol>the4rd& 

Common la\u, anD tl)erefo;efomedft^e SuDges of ti)C Eealm are etjec tn ttiis determined l>jf 

Commiffton, the Cemmen 

Concerning tfte mircfetcf tljat uias bcfo?c tljcmabing of tl^is if atufe , anD Ijoto /-iw. 
tbe faiD ^ct l)atl) been fojmerli' cvpounDeD, pou map rcaD plcntifuU matter \n tfte ^^- the j.part of 
Tliird part of the InlUtutes, Cap. Piracy. Piri"'*"^'''*' 

s:i)epjoceirc anD p?ocecDittgc Ijcrcin are in tijc name of tljc l&ingt &ec befojo n'^^^cr'"' 
Cap. Chivalry, pa. 1 24. t^at tftc flcatutc Of 35 H.S.cap.i.nojtf)atof 5 
tattetiinotaujapt^is^ctof 28H. 8, concerning treafons; Noce.ttjat in all f ^e 
Commiffions grantcD fo: fije crccution of tbts Set of z 8 H.8, fincc tbc faiD j3cts 
of3jH. 8. 5 E.6. potucr anD autbojttp is giten to Ijear anD Determine all trea* 
Tons,! Ct Done upon tf;e &ea. 




• See ill the 

Chipt.of the 

Courts of the 

Fore ft. 

a. Hereof Cometh 

in Londoa 





Of Port^mootes, dm Port courts, alia^ 
Port-mote Courtes. 

A~ ]Dojfmoie is a conrt^ept in ^at)enSCoU)n0,o}|ao;t0? anD f (lereof fa^ 
bctftl^fsrtamc Curia Portu$,&c, 
Porcuseft locus in quo exporcaatur & importantuttnerces, a portan- 
do. ainDtliieg are Porta* regni tftc*gafe6 of tl^cBRealm, ^HithaanDHcdaOffm 
in E)omesDap is taken foj a ^atien o^ )ao^t, ancientlp lojif ten Hafne anD nolo 
^aten, bp changing t^e f into v as is nfuall, 

(itjerp listen is lutt^in tl^eboDpof t^e Countp,iCt iniiereof fee before plenff* 
fnU matter in tl^e Cl)apter of tb Conrt^t t^e ^Dmiraltp p^oceetiing acco^Oing to 
t^e CitJil lato» See 43 Eliz.cap. i y» 

Seethe 5. part of 
buildings p.z04. 




' Id eft indgniu. 



The power and authority of Commiflioncrs 

and others for the maintaining and erecting of Bea- 
cons, fignes of the Sea, or Light-houfes, and 
Sea-marks, and concerning Watches. 

BEacon,ffttStoO?titStier{teDoftl)eS>aron toojt) Beacon; /. Speculum.nnde 
fpeculanturadTeatus hoflium , anD is often calUD Signum fpeoilatum , anO 
Becnan in f Ije &a>:on langnage is fignum dare, anD toe nfe ttic toojD to bec- 
)i,tn to at tftis Dap* 

1i5cfo}e ttje reign of E.jt ftiere toerebut Ifacl^s of loooD fef upon j^igii place?, 
lD^icl[i toere fireD Inljcn ttje comming of enemies toere DefcrieD , but in ^is reign 
pttcll) bo]ces,as nolo tl^epbe,U)ere in tteaD of ttiofe Itac&s of toooDfef up, anD iW 
(joperlp is a beacon. 

iligi)f'l)oures,lgne$rpeculatorii J feu tnonitorii/eu lumen maricitnum j fca 
* pharus.unde verfm, 

Lumina noiftivagse tollit pharuj itnula luoar^ 
sntjefeiLigljt'ijouresarepjoperlp to Direa Seafaring men inf^enigljftol^eti 
t^ep cannot fee marbs, anD tlbefe are alfo Signa fpeculatoria. 

&ea=marl?s, as steeples, CljarcljeSjCaffles, SCrees, anD fucft lifee fojDf^ 
refttonof&eafartngmenintbeDaptime, anD tbefe are calieDSigoa marina > o} 
fpeculatoria, 03. figna nautis, tol^ereof Virgill y Eneids« 
Hie viridem jEneas frondenci ex ilice metam 
' Conftiiuit * fignum nautis pater, unde revcrti 
Sciverit,& longos ubi circumfle(Serecurru5,&et 
&oaspoumapDi1)iDe Specula oj figna fpeculatoria, oj figna nautis tnfot^jee 
bjancbes^viz. into Beacons, 3Lig^t'ftoHfe3,anD S>ea--marfes. 

at tfte Common lata none but tfte !iing onlp coulD erect anp oftbcfctfi^ee, 
tobicl) etjer toas Donebptbeiiings Commtffion unDer t|e dJaeat ^caUastafeing 
fome feto eramples foj manp» 


Cap.25. Com, for beacons, Sea^mar^,^c\ 1^9 

De fignis fuper monies per ignetn facicndV R^t- Scotia?, 

Defignisfupermomej faciend'. hof cja fvaf ' 

Rex aflignavit > Henricutn Epu Norwic', & ^ Willielmum Comitem Suff, & /^^ E j. " ' 

artosj&cfimer alia) ad figna fpeculatoria fuper monccs in Com' Norf, ponerd". Kot.Franc' 

Et iitnilescommifTiones inaliis cotnitatibus, 47 E.j.m.20. 

Vide RottClaaf. i R.2.m.4it in Dors* pro vigiliis & ignibus rpecuktorii!,& " HcnricQ Spcn- 

" ' ccr, he oi a lol- 

tnonitoriis* dkr became a 

^cti)attsDefirou0tofecmo?eofll5cacons,ic.anD Icatcfjfng oftfjefamc, let Buhop. 
ijtmceaDtbe'^Hctof j H,4. tDl^icbt3an3£tofpartiamEnt,anD Dors'Pat.Anno ^ Wjiiiam uifctd 
2 8H,5,parte2»in. i«' «n com" Kane* &mcmb. 13. pro com' Norf. pro fignis, f°"i"Siiff 
Anglicc HScaconS, St vigiliis* Et Dors' Pat- Anno i £,4, parte 3. &e. m. zl'^r^'t in 

3i5ut of latter times bpftfje llctfcro JDatcnts grantcD to t^c lLo;D a&mlrall ^c pnnt Ivonhy.o 
Ijafl^ potocc to erert 516cacon0, Seamarks, aiiD §>igns fo? tftc &ea,f c» be read. 

3i3p tlje Sla of 8 Eliz. tt is p?otjiJ)CD anD cnacteD , That the Mafter , Wardens 8 ELz.cap. 1 j. 
and A^ftants of the Trinity houfc of Debtford flrond (a company of the chiefeft 
and moft expert Matters and Governors of fliips) fhalland may lawfully from 
time to time at their will and pleafure, and at theircofts, makcj eredl, andfet up 
fuchand lo many Beacons, marks and figns forthe Sea in the Sea-flioars,and up- Pafch.i JjcTc 
lands neer the Scaeoaftsj or forelands of the Sea only for Seamarks , as to thcrft "''^ rcfoivcd by 
{hall feem moft meet, whereby the dafigers may be avoided, and (hips rhe better I^J.^'wo Chief /u- 
come to their Ports. And all fuch Beacons , marks and figns fo by them to be and^'^idto"!' 
erc(ftedfhall be continued.renewed and maintained from time to time at thecofls that this Aft ex- 
and charges of the faid Mafter, Wardens and AlTiftams. Sin excellent lato,tl)at t\iie 'ended a^ well to 
jjotDcr f authojif I' toiifl gttc.t to tbcm tohictj haD greatett sbill,feefng tl^ep iDere L'ght houfcj in 
tDoifegfdjtbcfafet(;oftl)Clilcalm,anDrafcsijart)oftljc Utjcs of S>eafaring men, Bcac'<fn''rc°bv 
ano tbatttiefctoojhsajoulD be crecteD, anD maoc, ann continued bptljcm at t^eic the da/' 
eton cofts ann cl)arges,bccaa'"c tljep bncto to goe tlje nearett toap, 
• Beconagium ftgntfietlj moiicp tiuc oj papablc fo? tfjc maintcrtance of l5eacons, 
01 t&e toatcfjing of t^e fame. Mftat pantftment tljep incar Vo^icft tafee 5oU»n, fell, 
o: ot^criBifc cut Doton anj? 5)camarte, fee tifc faiD Sict of 8 El.ubi fupra, tuyere* 
tn it is f be obfectieD, tljat if the perfon offenDtng be not able to paj? tlje penaltp 
tljerein infl ictcD , Ije fljall be DeemeD contjict of outlato jp , ipfo fafto, f all conftra* p""'''^ of out- 
ttionsant) pacpofcsUbeltkeiDtjereof lueljatje notobferteD tnanpotberftattrte, '^' 

Wardvvite,alias Warwite, oj ward penny , to be free frooi contribntion of nw; 
nepfotoatcbes ant) toarDs. 

^etiabe out of an ancient f^anufcriptfranfcribeD tfjis ojDInafion tDat fol= 
lotoetb,tol)tcft tnt^cCountp of i^o?f. tjatft been cijcr obfer^eD, anD it is tcrp 
pjobablctljattlielibe^atl) been Done bi'ltbc^utljojitp in ot^er maritineCoun« 

O rdinatio pro Vigil' obfervand' in Com' pr3edi(5l' aLynne ji^„c. 
ufque Yermouth. 

fiac igittir authoritate mandatinos Robert de Monte alto ^ Thomas de RoienmdcMonte 

Bardolfe moffdamus Vic' Norf. quod venire facidt coram nobis apud Nor- "I' 

rvic' die Mercurii infeji' decoUationis SanCii ^ohannk Bapttfi' prox' fu- par jia^e "r " 

tur omnes milites^ omnescapit' Conftabul hundred^ <^ ConfiabuV vjll' ^ >4 E.z.a* Bat 5s 

duos homines de difcretior' cujuflibet villdubi partus vel applicat' Navi- "^ 'f'«^ R«3'"i,« 

• / //■ r /• i-i •> ' • . ' ^ 7 rt. I appcarethin the 

um tn balltva jMA tarn infra Itbertat quam extra tncom prmici ad con- p.uiiamentRci». 
fulend' jformand' jauxiliand' qualitcr ^ quomodo did' cujtod' fecuriuspro 
falvatione partium illarum fieri pof?it^ et ad faciend' quod ex parte dom^ 
regis [uper prxmiffis injungitur. Ad quern diem nos diB' Robert' ^ tho- 
mas perfonaliter accefimus ibidem, ac milit\ capit' Confiabul' hundred'^ 
ConfiabuV vilT cum omnibus hominibus vill' ubi applicat' N avium exifi' 
de Portu Lynne'^ de PortuTarmouth coram nobis ibidem compar'^ et ane- 
ruerunt, quod v aide necefieefjet pro falvat' totiusp atria quod vigiH' fiant 

X in 


* ?H.4C3p.?. 
Watches to be 
made upon the 
Stacoft by the 
people, in the 
pla:es,and in 
mnnncrarid form 
, as tbey were wont 
to be. 




G allow. 




Eyrsf )rd. 






Com. for 'Beacons ySeamarJ{s^(s^c, Cap. 25. 

in kcis periculojis ficitt * antiquo more fieri folebam juxta. mare. Et quod 
omnes homin-cscerfor' "jdid' dc Com' Nerf. contribitend' ad ill' faciend' y 
j)cr quod ordinut' et cenfens' eortim concordat' e^ quod dux vigi/l' per fex 
hemtnes de corf ore ptenti tamper dies quam per noBes fieri in hundred' de 
Freebrigge, viz. apudWohcrton^ et apud Clencherne, eo quod did' hundred' 
iung femari a Wifbiche ufque Derjingham per la^.leitcas. Etquodqnili- 
bet vigilans capiet per diem et per noiiem pro vadiis fuis ^.d. Et quod 
hundred' de Clackclofe adjung' eidem hundred' de Freebrigge ad contri- 
buend' ad vigi/l' illafaciend, viz. pro qualibet (eptiman ^s.6d. etidem 
hundred, de Freebrigge 6 s. pro feptiman . Etfciend' efi-jj. vilL' continen- 
tur indioi' hundredo qu£ afignantur ad diB' vigill'faciend. 
Fiat etiam una vigi/l' apud Southlynne in Clincher»^&c. 
I. em quod una vigi/l' fiet in hundred' de Smithdon apud Thernham per 
(ex homines ^eo quod diBum hundred' jungit fe mart de Derjingham ufq.^ 
Dee^edal fenn per 12. leucas. Et quod Hundred de Southgrenhoe et Laun- 
diche adjung' eidem hundred' de Smythdon ad contribuend' ad vigi/l' iil'fa- 
ciend' ^v'lZ. hundred de Southgrenhoe ^s. 6d. per feptiman et hundred de 
Landiche 4 s. per feptiman' ^ et hundred de Smphden 3 s. Et continent' in 
dici' hundred' ']9. vi/l' ad vigi/l' i /la faciend. 

Et fiat una vigi/l' in hundred de Ga/lorve apud Burnhamper /\. homines, 
eo quod diH' hundred' jungit fe mari de Deepedalc ufque tiMiam per 
^.leucas.. Et hundred' de Brothercroffe adjttngit' eidem hund' ad contri- 
buend' advigi/l' i /I' faciend' , VIZ. hundred' de Brothercroffe 3 s. per feptim' 
(^idem hundred' deGa//otve 4 J. per feptim'. Et fciend' eft 45. viW funt 
in di£t hundred' advigi/l' ilia faciend. 

Item fiet un' vigi/l' in hundred' de Northgrenhoe apud Uolkham per 
6. homines , eo quod di£t' hundred' jungit fe mari , a Ho/kham ufque 
Marjion per 6. leucas. Et hundred' de Weyland, GiltcrojfeyGrimjhoeje^ 
Erfham adjung' eidem hundred' ad contribuend' ad vigia ilia faciend' , 
viz. Weylond 2 s. per feptim' , Grimjhoe 2 s. per feptim', Giltcrojfe 2 s. 
per feptim\(^ Erfham z.s. per feptim' , (^ idem hundred' de Northgren- 
hoe 2 s. per feptim'. Et fciend' efl quod 76 vi/l' funt in did' hundred' 
ad vigi/l' ill' faciend. 

Item fet unum vigi/l' in hundred' de Holt apud Wabornn per fex he- 
mines, eo quod diEl' hundred' jungit fe mari a Marfton ufque Shering- 
ham per 'j leucas. Et hundred de E-jnsford ^ Hempfleed adjung' eidem 
hundred' de Holt ad contribuend' ad vigill' faciend', viz. Eynsford 4^, 
per feptim', Hemfteed ^ s. 6d. per feptim' & ^^^^ Hundred' de Holt 
3 s.perfept, & fciend, eJlqHod 70 vi/l. funt in did' hundred' ad vigilL' 
ill' faciend. 

Item fet unum vigiU' in hundred, de Northerpingham in duobm lock, viz, 
apud Runton & Trimminghamper 5 homines, eoquod did. hundred, jung. 
fe mari a Sherlngham ufque Munflye becke per decern leucas, (^ hundred, de 
Souther pingham & Mitford cum vi/l. infra libert' adjung. eidem hundred, 
ad vigili illafacienda,viz. Souther pingham 6s. ^d.perfept. Mitford^ s. 
6 d. per fcpt. & Northerpingham 12 s. 6 d. per fept. Et fciend. efl quod 
'j'j.'vill. funt in hundred', pr^d. ad vigi/l. i/L faciend. 

Item fiet unum vigili. in hundred, de Tunfied apud Baflwick per fex 
homines, eo qmd dici. hundred jungit Je man a Munfey ufque Walcote 
per ^leucas. Et hundred, de Humbleyard ^ Fotorehoe adjung. eidem hun- 

Cap.25. Com.for'Beacons^Sea^marl^^O'c, ' 151 

dred. ad contribtiend. ad vigil, ill. fact end' ^\7.. Httmbleyard 3 s pe/fept^ 
Fovurehoe 3 s. perfept. dr Tunjlead^ s. 6 d. perfept. & fcrend. efi quodj6. 
"Jill. [tint in di£i. hand, ad vigil, ill.faciend^ , 

Item fet tmum hundred. de Happihg inditobm lecis^\iz. apiid Happing. 
Happifhrow per /^homines (^ apudWafluefham per /^hmtnes,eo quod di^. 
hund.jmgip femari aWalcdteufque Wimbejdele in leco periculofo per 6. 
leucas. Et hundred, de Taverham.^ Depwade, Shropham ^ Dtjjeadjung. ti- 
dem Happing vigil, ill. faciehd.ylz, 
Tavtrham 2 s. perfept. Bepewade 3 s.perfept. Shropham 5 s.perfeptim. ^ 
I)i([e 2 s. perfept. d' dicl. hund. de Happing 2 s, perfept. Etjcie/fd. ejl quod 
60. vill. [unt in ad vigil, ill. faciend. 

Item jietunum vigil, in Ea[lfiegge ^Weflflegge intribus loeis E.-iiflcgge, 
mIz. apudWinterton per 6 homines ^apud Saltivos hav^n per fex homi»(s^ vveiigeg_ge. 
^ apud Fordham per [ex homines, eo quod did. hund. jungit fe ntari a WJ- 
keldock ufqueSunton in Mitford in loco periculofo per 7 leucas. Et hund. de Wj(hMn. 
Walfham^Bloivfeild, Loddon, (^ Clavertng adjung. eidem hund. ad contri- Blowfeiid. 
buend. advigill. ilia faciend. viz. Walfham 4J. 6 d. per fept. Blow field cbverln'f. 
4 s. 6 d. perjevt.Loddon 5 s. 6 d. perfept. Clavering 5 s. 6 d. per fept. Weji- 
flegg 2 s.perfept. Eafifiegg 2 s.perfept.Etfciendum efi quod 102 vill. funt 
in diif. hund. ad vigil. HI. faciend, . ^ 

Frdicept. efi emnibtts capital. Conftabul. de hund. adjung. mart in locis 
prsdid. in forma prxdicia hac infiant. die dominie a prox.futur. ^ fimi- 
liter prxcept.efi eifdemcapital, Gonfiabul. (Jr omnibtts aliis fubconfiabul. 
hundred, totita Com, quodftnedtlatione levari ^ reparari fac.ftgna ^ fier- 
haresfupermont.altior.inquolibethund. Itaquod tota patria per ilia fi^na £.'.2"'° 
quottefcunque necefjefuttpremumrtpo^et, (p- qued ipje Cpnfiabul. capital, 
per avizam. Confiabul. villaru ^ alioru proboru hominit agifi.fac. fiaeliter vad. vigil, in hundred, pr^di^. infiant. quod »rdinat.folvend, 
defcptimana in feptim.ita quod defect .in vigil, prxdiii. nullo modo inve- 
'fiiaturper eorum defeat, i^ ftmiliter quod omnes qui agifi. funt adarma^ 
potent, ad portanda arma, ^ omnes illi qui loco potent, adarmafuaportan- 
da afignat. jint providi (jr parati fint indies noBe ad veniend.folemniter 
difiinfi. (^ aperte inprxfent.domini Walter i deNorwic. Epifcopijuxtanos 
afiden. ibidem cur. * Cacar. tbtitM Com". Norf. coram nobis vn. fecimus * V'sili'srium. 
proclamar. Etfimiliter prxcept. efi Fie quod levar. fac. denar. agifi. in 
hundred. pr^di£l.procofiis &^id.folvend. 

:fojtoatc^c0,anDagatnttiitsl)t«tDalfecrs,rect^cftatwteof Mtm^. 13E. i, 
cap 4. yE.3.cap.i4. Vid.jH7.5-. 

Vide Lamb, inter leges Edovardi regis, fo,i 2,6, b. & inter leges Willielmi Re- 
gis fo.izj.a* 

Quod homioesde Larkefieid, Filbarow ftrect, Ncwchurch,& Worth in Com' ^^^.r ^jj^^f 
Kanc'tenentur facerc vigilias in Romncy Marfli. . g h 4.m.8.& 10. 



Cap. z6. 

I H. j.ei.<.ft«t. I 

ioH.^.cap II. 

J 8 H.6.cap.4. 
ioH.6.cap. I. 
Vide fupra.p.iji 
• RcguU. 

19 E.4.ubifupra. 
Seethe third 
cap. Treafon. 
1 H.J. cap.6. 

Hil.13 Eliz. 


Carvel, or Ci- 
ravel, isaftvifc 


T>e Con/ervatore feucuJiodeTreugarSy {, Induct am 
(^ falvorum %^gis CmduBmm^ 

And incidcntly of the office, authority, and privilcdge of 
AmbafTadours j And of Leagues,Trcatics, and 

Bp iiz llafate of x H,y. robbcrp, fpoplbtg, b?caWngoE2nrace0,anl)fafc 
ConDucts bpaitpof tlje lyings Ucge people anQ fabjerts tottbtn CEnglanD, 
BlrelanD>anD Males, o^upoti tl^e main Tea, toas aOjuDgeD anD Determined 
to be!^{g6 SDreafon: but t^isB^ancl^ concerning ^igfjacrearoniarepeales 
bp tbe aatutc of 2 o H.<J. 3l0ut bp t^e faio act of z H. j. foj t^c better obfcrtjattoii 
of truces ant) fafC COnDactS, Confcrvator induciarum & falvorum regis condu- 
anum toas raifeD, anD appotnteD in eberp |3ojt of tfte fea bp iletters patents: 
!^(6 office teas to enquire of all offences Done againtt tbe teings truces anD fafe 
conD^cts upon tbcmainfea(outoft^e Counties.anDoutofttje JLiberttcsof tl)£ 
Ctitqnc^pojts) as jSDmirals.of cuttomc, iuerc toont. 

3t concemctb tbe 3lurifD((tton of Ditcrs courts, anD efpcciallp of tbcfaiD 
court befo?ementioneD upon tbefaiD ffatuteof 18 HX anD oftftejCourtoftto 
jaDmiraltp, to tmolo tge rigbts of Bleagues anD 0mbaii;aDours,as farastl^ 
laloes of CB nglanD ertenD unto , fo j of tbem tue toill onip treat. 

<ail leagues 0^ fafe conDuds are,oj ougt)t to be of reco^D. tbat is,f bep ongbt to 
be tnrolleD in tb^ CbancerptotbeenDtbefubietfmapbnotD, lobobcinamitp 
ijjitb tbe feing, anD tobo be not t tobo be enemies, anD can babe no action bcre; 
I b)bo in league, anD map b^^e actions perfbnall btre. * Bin all treaties, tbe poU)« 
er of tbe one partp anD tbe of ber ougbt to be equaU. 
Si league map be b?oben bp Icabptng of toar, oj bp ;3mbairaDour oj ^eralD* 
Bryan belD opinion in i$>E.4.ubirupra, tbat if all tbe fubjects of (Ei^lanO 
iDOulD ma&e tear toitb a i^ing in league tnitb tbe l&ing of oBnglanD initbont tba 
aO^ntoftbel^ing ofCnglanD, tbatrucbaU)arl]pasnob?eacboftbeleague.$»e 
tbe llatnte of i H,f .cap.<5Jn tbe |0jeamble. 

3!n tbe 2?ube of j^ojf. cafe Hi!. 14. Eliz. tbe quettion toaSpiubefber tbelLoja 
Herife anD otber fubiects of tbe ^ing of g>cots, tbat loitbont bis aoenf baD loa« 
(teD anD burnt Ditiers SDotxines in (i£ nglanD, anD pjoclaimeD enemies, toere ene^ 
mics in laVD toitbtn tbe ftatute of 2 y E. ^ tbe league being bcttoeen tbe Ring ano 
tbe &cot : anD refoltieD tbat tbep loerc enemies. 

jainD in tbe Bifljop of Roflcs cafe, Ann, 1 5 Eliz.tbe quettion being. An Icgatos, 
qui rcbdlioncm contra principem ad quern legatus concitar, legati privilegii* 
gaudeat, & oon ut holHs paenis fubjaceat. ;9nD it tDas refolbeD tbat be b^D loS 
tbe pjitjilcDge of an ^mbalTaDour, anD toas fubject to punttbment. 

Samuel Palache affirming btmfclfe to be tbe Subject anD 0mbatraDourof 
Mula Sedan iiing of 5po?occo to tbe states of tbe unifcDpjobinces, to treat 
anD negofiafelDitbtbem of Ditfcrs matters betlocentbem; anD tbep oftbenni< 
teD pjoijinccs bailing acccptcD bim fojan;agcntoj!Legat. jSinD tbe laft of 
3iun6 161 1, tbere being enmifp bcttoeen tbe feing of $po?.occo anDtbcfeingof 
^patne, tbe !!iing of ^o;occo maDe a Commiif ton to tbe fatD Samuel to tabe 
^paniarDs anD tbctr gooDS. %\)t J? of £Dctober 1613, tbe l1ingof€nglan5 
gabe bim Hctters of fafe conDnct as a publiclt ^initter fent to tbe states of tbs 
nniteD p^obinces. 3 Marcii 1613, tbe states liccnfeD bin^ to leatjte men to fnr< 
niib bis ibips^ ic. 3!n Blune 1 61 4 be tool^ a Cartell of tbe 3>paniarDs at tbe Ca< 


Cap.zd". Of AmbaJfadourSyLeagues^^c, 15^ 

narfes laDcn toitl^ §>agar, aiiD anof&er fljtp tbcrc alfo laDen tntf^ l^iDes , of tf)e 

gooDS oC &pan<arDs; anD after, toitbDiarclTc of tiJ{nD,]bciDttf)t^fa(D|3jtfe3 

toaa Djftjcn to ^Umotitft , tfjerc bctng; at tbat time league botft bcttoeen (Bngt 

ianD anD S>patJi, anD bctujccn (SitglanDanD t^c unttcD ^joijfnces, anD toars be* 

f toeeit &patn anti t^e unttcD |9?oUincc0. jano asainft t^fs Samuel t^e g>pani(]& 

^ambaffatouc f)crc in CiBnglanDcomplaincDattfjc CotmcellSCatlc, anD cljargeD 

|ifmtoitft|9iracp» 2Clje fatD Samuel anD fjis companp being arrcffcD , anDtlje 

0OOD0 feifeD, tlje &paniC& jambaffaDour pjaj^eD tljaf fte mtgljt pjoceeD agafnft f)(m 

80 a ptrat upon tfjc falD Catutc of t8 H.s.cap»i5, SCfjc 3Lo?Ds office Councell re^ 

fcrrcD tfte confiocrattonoftfjis rcqucft fotf)cCl)tefc3Iafticco£englanDbCing 

pjefent at tfje Cable, anD to t^e fatter of tlje UOI0, anD §>ir Daniel Dun BIuDge 

of tfte aDmttaItp,foconfiDer of f 6c cafe, anD to Dtrert a courfc of juttite therein in- 

atfFcrcntlp. jSnD tlje faiD refcrrees IjearD tfjc Councell leameD botft in ttjc Com* 

nionanDCttiiUlaU)e0onbotl^fiDe3onfluoret7erallDape0inft)t0 2Cerme : anD 

after confctencebctiDecnt^crarcltes, anDtoitbotfjers, ffjcfepointGtoererefol* 

teD. iFirff, t^at att&i0Daptl)crecoulDbcno^mbaffaDourto(tftouf|!Lettcr0of ' Nuiiinifiab^ 

trenentc of^ts* &ot)era{gne,toanotl)ertl)atbaDfot?crafgncant^ojifp. Lcgatus foiw'prmcipcs 

per Titeras de fua Icgatione fidem faccrcdeber, fi exigantur, ^commonitorium, f^^a^hXnf Lc 

f. Infiruftioncs privac', foj tlje jambaffaDour l)imfclf fojl^ta Direction, g,tos conftuuere 

^econDl?,tbat of ancient time jambaOfaDourd loere calleD Oratore*« poUunc. 

Jamq; Oratores adcrantex urbe Latina Virgil, 

Velaci ramis olei— Idtm 1 1 ^ncid. 

SlnD aftertoarDs tljep toere calleD Legati a legando, Numii a runtiando , anD ^'^f' "^i""^'' f" 

aftertoarD0 Ambafliatores OJ Embafliotores,anD fomettmes jagent0: foj Omnis Idem iiJEacid. 

legatus eft agens, but Omnis agcns Is not legatus ; iFoj (f fte be fent froma !5fng Nimm hoc id' 

OJ abfolute ^potentate oj &>tate to ailing oj abfolute potentate oj &fate to monPh-jgitma 

treat bettoeen tbem, altljougl) l)c in l)is iLettcrs of creDcncc be f crmeD an jagent '^^^"jy^"^^ 

9i Nuntius , vtt Ije 10 an ambaffaDoar oj ILcgaf c. "Tr'"""' . 

2DljfrDlp,it toa0 rcfoliieD.tbat ambaCaDours ougW f o be feept from all Inmrfes 
anDtojongs, anD b)? tHelato of all Countries, anD of alligations t^epougl^t to 
jbe fafe anD fure tn etierp place, (n fo mncb tliat it is not lalufull to l^nrt ttje ^m« 

baliaDours of our enemies: anD fterctoitft agrceflj tl^e citjill lato» ^nDifatant* Lcga. 

D^eD man be fent a0 ^mbafliaDour to tlie place from iDljence ^e is banf C^eD, l^c map in auc de fan. 

not be DetatneD o? offenDeD tljcre, anD t&is alfo agrectfi toiilj t^ Cibill lain. ^'^- ^ ^"""^ 
2Cftc cafe(toljicl) toe Ijatie fecn rcpojfeD) m tlje reign of H.s.iuastljistSCtcrc l'e« ^' 
ing amttp bettoeen Jiing H. %^ anDtljcifrenc!) iling, anD enmitp bettoeen H. % 

anD tlje pope', * R. Pole a 31lebellanD anraitoj to tljc l^tng of (EnglanD » see the third 

flpctft to iHome, toftom t^e pope being in amit^> toitlj tlje ifrencft iiing feitDet^ par: of the infti- 

a0 ^mbalTaDour to ^imttftcUtng of CiI;nglanD DemanDetft &i0 rebell oft^c jTrenc^ tutes capH/gh 

Jfting, nottoitWtanDing Ije toas fent a0 ambaCTaDour, Sed non pr^valuic. ;anD it J^.rlS S i 

iStrulpfaiD^ toi^Ofoeber faiD tf. Quia Veritas a quocunquedicitur a Deo ert, Fuit Tempore H.*.**' 
fcmpcr aiam apud Gentiles (qui nullam tenebant vera: fidei rationem) inviola* 
bile nomcn Nuncii & Lcgati,ctiamfi ab hoftibus mitterentur femper falvi, & ho- 
die apud Saracenos & Turcos, a quibufcunquc tuts deftinantur legationes & lite- 
.rs. etiamfiillisadquosdeferamur molertz fint & injuriofa?. iBut if a fojein 
^[mbaffaDour being Prorex commitfetlj Ijere anp crime, tofjit^j is contra lus gen- 
tium, as 2EreaIbn, iFelonp, SlDultcrp , oj anp otfter crime toljtclj is againft tfje 
lato of j|3ation0 , !je lofctlj tlje pjtfeileDge anD Dignito of an ^mbaffaoour as wn-. 
toojt^p of fo Ijiglj a place , anD map be puniOjeD ftere a0 anp otfter p?i\)atc 0lien, 
anD not tobcrcmanDeD tol^is&otJcraigncbutofcurtcQc. anD To of contracts 
tbat be gooD jure gentium fte mnft anftocr fecrc. 5I5ut tf anp ffjing be malum pro- 
hibiium bp anp act of parliament, pjitatc lato ojcCattomc of tljisRcalme, 
tofttcl^ is not malum in fc jure gentium, no? conrra jus oentium, an ^mbaffaDoar 
reilDtng Ijere dball not be borniD bp anp of t^em: but ot^crtoife it is of tl^c ^ubj etts 

Patch. 36 Eiiz. Henry de Vale anD ottjcrJFrencljmen impojfeD Dtbersmanufa* pafch. }<. in 
ttwes, as Clottj of 2I^tffue,Catoles, points, 5c, iKHljcrenpon Tomlinfon anD scicc. 


154 O/JmbaJfadourSyLeagues^^c, Cap. id, 

i9H.7.cap»i. otljcrgoo&^ercljanfs Of iLonDotT.crttbtfetiDiters info jmationS upon tljeaafufe 
of 19 H,7, \a\)it\f pjo^ibtt f!)c fame; of inljom tljc iFrcncljmcn complameD at t^e 
Councell SCaUe, anD it toas rcfolteti bp tije =Lo;D SCrcafurer Burghlcigh anD tl^e 
tol^ole Counccll, tljat it toafi no bjcacfj of tljc a cague betiseen tijts teingDom anD 
iFrance, foj tfjat in ffte Articles of tl)c Jleaguc t^e latoes of cttijer !i{ngt)omc be 
ewpfcD t anD tijerefoje if Tomlinfon tfjc Subject being a jFrencft iperc^ant 
OioulD trace into f ranee, &e muft obfertje tljelatos anD cuffomes of JFrance. 

iFdurtWj?, it toas refollJcD, tijat aDmit tfte faiD Palachc Inas no amtailaDonr , 

nottoit&aanDtng becaufe t^crc toas enmitp bettoecn t^c i^tng of &patn anD ttje 

JStrtg of ^o?o£co , \)t coulD not be inDicteD as a |0traf befojc Commiffioncrs upon 

tbc faiD ffatufeof 2 8 H,8» jiBecaufc fljat one enemp cannot be a felon foj tafeing of 

tljc gooD0 of anotljcr cnemp. 0nD tlje tuojDa of tfte faiD Sla be, [JEljat tlje Com^ 

mitQoners bp fojce of t^e faiD M Ojall p?occeD,as if tlje offence IjaD been commit- 

teD upon tlje lanD, anD accojDing to tlje conrfe of tlje Common laip.j 

a S>ee a Ro-bpallttje Sutticcg, tijat tljis is no felonp,tDi)ic!) cafe is in bis parts 

remembjcD ftergaftcr. iFoj it is tierp obfcrbable tDljatt^elaUj of €nglanD is in 

tfjatcafe, at toas IjolDenbp fomc of tfje civilians, tljat albeit tlje §>paniarD 

coulD not p?oceeD againft Ijtmeriminaliter, upon tl)C faiD act of 1 8 H,8. ytt tljc 

gooDs being in folo amiei, t^at is,in tljc foile of tlje to ing of € nglanD,toljo toas in 

league toitljbotlj, tftat tljc fi>paniarD migl&t pjocccD againft Palache, civllker in 

Tiin.zjjf .CO. tlic ^Dmirall Court : but tljat toas refoltcD to tljc contrary bp popham Cljicfe 

ram regc. 31uftice, auD tftetoljoleCourtof tljc iiingsBcncljTrim 2 jac. to be againft t][je 

latoofCnglanDintftatcafc; toljcrc tlje cafe toas tljis, SCljaftoljcretljctoingof 

CnglanD toas in league toitli tljc it ing of &pain, anD tottlj tljofc of I^ollanD, sc 

anD tljerc toas enmitp bcttoccn tftc toing of S>pain anD tljofc of ^ollanD, it, anD 

ope of l^oUanD upon tlje tjigft fca in aperto prxlio tooh tlje gooDs of a fubjcrt of 

^pain.anD bjoug^ttljem into CBnglanD, infra corpus comitatus,anD foj tljat t^c 

gooDS tocrc in folo amiei, tljc ^paniarD to^ofe gooDs tocrc tafecn ItldlcD foj 

tl^emcivilitcr in tljc ^DmiraU Court. 3t toas rcfoi^cDbp fljc toljole Court of flje 

iiings 315cnc6 upon conference anD Deliberation, fljat tftc ^paniarD IjaD loft tfte 

pjopcrtp of t^c gooDS foj eticr , anD ijaD no rcmeDp foj tljcm in cBnglanD ^nD 

relpcD pjinctpallp upon tljc boob in 2 R.3, ubi fupra, being of fo great autljo:i(p : 

foj bp tljat boob, fte tljat toill fue to Ijate reftitution of gooDs robbcD at fca, oug^t 

bp lato to pjobe ttoo tljings. jFirft, tljat tljc §>ot)eraignc of tlje platnttfc toas at 

tljc time of tlictabing in amitptottljtbciUtng of CnglanD. ^econtip, t^atljc 

tljat toob t^e gooDs toas at tljc time of tftc taking in amitp toitlj tljc S>ot)craignc 

of Ijim toliofc gooDS tocrc taken : foj if Ije toljiclj took tijcm toas in cnmitP toitli 

tljc feotJcraigncofljImtoftofcgooDstoerc taken, tljcn toas it no DepjcDationoj 

robbcrp, but a latofull faking, as ebcrp encmp migljt take of another : all tofticft 

appcaretlj in f ftc falD book, feec tljc ftatutcs of 2 7 E.j. anD 3 1 H.5. tocU crpoun* 

i7E-jca.ij.& DcDin 2 R.J. ubi fupra. Vidc7E.4.i^. 13 E.4.9. 12 E.3 fo.23.cojucrningt^is 

ru'^cap. "'^"'^'^- ^"^fojtl'at ttjcre toas enmitp bcttoccn tljc iSing of S>pain anD tljofc Of 

7 E ,4. ^ollanD, tljercfoje it coulD not be DcpjcDation, but a latofull taking. 3It toas al< 

1 } £.4-9. fo refoltJcD bp tljc Court of tljc icings liScnclj, tljat tljc gooDsfo taken being toitli. 

21 p.m6, 17. in tljts Realm, viz,, infra corpus ccmitatus. in folo amiei , fljat if tlje &paniara 

F N R \?: ^"^ ^^' *^"" ci viliter in tljc Court of tlic ^Dmiraltp , tljat a idjoftibition Ojoultt 

proSibuioX ^^ grantcD, anD tljat it OjoulD be DctermincD bv tlje Jlatos anD §>tatutcs of ^ng? 

Noca. lanD, anD not bp tljc ctbill lato. 

eiitlj tljts rcfolution of tljc feings jlBcnclj 2Dotfoj Taylor an Q£ngli(6man,anD 
^oltcitoj foj tljc lling of §>pain , toas at tljc firft maO) offenDcD , but toljcn Ije 
IjaD taken aDUiceanD unDerftooD tlje reafonoftljerefolution, hetoastacllfa:: 
tisficD. - ^ 3If a ftiiptojacb bcon tljefca, pet ifanpof fljcgooDs come to lanD toittjin tljis 
Realm, tljc ^Dmirall Ojall not ijafee jurifDiction, but it belongetlj to tljc common 

&ce tljc third part of the Inflimtes,cap.Treafon ; toljaf offence if Ijaf^bccn, 
anD toljat it is at tljis Dap to kill a fojcin ;3mbairaDonr; anD fee tljere j R. 2. 


Cap.z^. Of Ambajfadours^ Leagues ^(S'c* 155 

John Imperials cafc ^mbaffaOouir of ©ctioa. St appearcfl) in tl)c ^olp^)5t= i Chro.i^i&c. 

go:)', viz. ill f!jc irii'tt boolt of tl)c vEbion teles, tijat wjiirj^anD Dlfgraccs offc- 

tcD to l^tng Davids ^mbaffaDomrs ialjicb be fcnt toHanon ]^i\\% of tl)c ajoatiitcs. 

Ad confoland' ei fupra mortem patris liii, grandem etiam contumeliam fuHinue- 

runc, &c. teas a jijil caufc of inarrc bp David ngatnft t!]C a3oabttc0 , anD luas 

fctcrcli' rciocngcti, as b),' tbe ?^oli? ^^tffojp if appearcfl). - 

%^zxzlt{<i\XK^\\\'Qtstil\tm^\tii, I. Foedu$pacis,anDff)ataClj?itttan|9jfncc Rom.izit. 
mapljalJCtoitbanBIltfiOCll. SifieripolTit, quod ex vobiseft.cum omnibns homi- Gcn.14 13 &-. 
nibus pacem habeatist 2, Fcrdujcongratulationisfive confolationis. 3nD tl)ffl 
map avll):.tftian i^jtncc niafee toltl) an SlnRDcll as David did luitf) Hanon .- ubi '^"''°'"- 
lupra. 3. Fjeduscommutationismerciumfivecommerciit 3nDtl)iSalfo inapbc 
iiiaDc tottl) an ^nftDell , as lUng Solomon DiD lultl) Hiram an 3!nfiDcll,anD Jofua j. fua cip 9. 
DiDtuttljtftcGibionites. 4, Focdus mutui auxilii, anD tl)tS cannot be Done tottl) 3 Kingsj.i.&c. 
an3nficcllojan3(Dolater. JehofaphatilingofSinLia.niaDcfoedusmumiauxilii ''^ Y"'' <? 
iDifl) Achab iiing of Slfracl, an BiDolatcr : ifoz Achab faio to Jehofaphat, Veni j\J; ^'y" J.;, 
mecutn in Ramoch Gilcad. Cui il!e rcfpondet, Lit ego & tu, & ficut popuius tuus, see 1 Mac. 8. 19. 
lie & popuius meus tecum crimus in bello : in tDftttI) toarrc Achab Itjas (!ain,anD 10. & 
le'iofaphat toas in cvtrcamc Danger. 0nD after, as tl)C SCert fatttj, Reverfas eft 1 
autem Jehofaphat rex Judxin domum fuam pacifice injerufalem, cui occurrit &" 
* Jehu Hlius Hanani , & ait ad ilium. Impio prebcs auxilmm, & hiis qui oderunt » The Prophet 
Dominum amicitia jungeris, 8f idcirco iram quiJem Domini merebaris. JlinD flje of GoJ. 
latos of CSnglanD concerning tljcfc four leagues arc as vm perceive grounDcD up« 

i5uf Jjcrc arifctl) a qucftion.tljat feeing faeduspacis,oj focdus commercii map 
be ttricUcn bcttoeen a Cljiiftian pjincc anD an SInfiiDcU iBagan % 3lDolatc«^ anii 
tl)Ofclcaaucsarctobccaablta)eDb)'oaflj,tobctlicr tbc3!nfiDcl oj ^Daganpjince 
map ftocac in tljat cafe bp falfe goDs, feeing l)c tl)crcbP'OffenBctl) tl)C true CSoD bp 
gilDtitgDibinctoojfbipfofalfcgoDS, SCbis'ocrp Doubt toas mofecD bp Pablicola Ai-gEniftM. 
to S>. AuguHine, tobo rcfolijetb tlje fame tljus : be tbat taftetb tljc creDif of btm adPubikdaM. ' 
tbat ftoearetb bpfalfc goDsnottoanp etiillbutgooD,beDotlj not jopn bimfelfe 
to tbat finne of ftocaring bp Dcbils, but is partafeer loitl) tbofc latcfull leagues 
tobereintbeotber bcepctb bis faitb anD oatb. "^ai if aCb?ittian fljoulDanp 
toap inDucc anotber to ftocare bp tbem , berein be flioulD gricbouflp On. 0nQ 
feeing tbc leagues in tbcfe cafes are lyarrantcDbptbciDOiD of <!?oD,& per prax in ^ -, , 
fanftorum in facta fcripcura, all inciDcnts tbercunf are permitteD: foj per praxin mScio ca^ ij 
fan^orum tl)2 pjacttfc of bolp men in fcr ipturc , map often time be collecteD bolo p^xis (mtionxm 
tbe<DommanDementsinitaretobeunDcr{tooD,anDpraxis fanflorum appcaretlj imerpicsprxccp. 

befO?e. . toruni, 

0nD it is to be obfcriJCD tbat of ancient time, anD untill latter Dapcs no 0m= j^^^ p,^., j^ ^ 

■ baffaDo; came into tbisKealmbefo:cbcbat>a fafcconottct. iFoj asnoteing,^. nii.n! and long 

can come into tbis Kcalm toitbout a licence oj fafc conDuiJ,fo no Prorex.ic.tobic!) after. 

rep?efentetb a tetngc perfon can doc it. iFo: fafc conDuctsfce tbctojitsin tbc Seciib7.caivinj 

llegifterdefalvoconduau.anDtbeaatutesof IS H,<5. 18H.5, anD 20H. <J, ^f^;.^'^'"^' 

iDitb all inciDcnts tbercunto. ^m Jiing //.?. tbat toifc anD politique iSing Rcp-aVo z^,r6 

iijoulD notinallbio time fuffer ILicgcr 2mbaffaDoj of anp fojainc iling cj .5 Hif-cap./. 

^itnce toitbinbisJSealm,no:bean)' toitbtbcm, but uponoccaftonufeD Sm^ iSH.e.caps. 

ballaDojs. r„"-^r"^"V 

* eucrp 2mbaaaDo> ougbt to bat-e four qualttice,c);p?cffeD in tbts ^crfc. g "e of th' popV 

Nuncie,(isverax,tacicuJ5celer,atque iidelis. fsvornc&c. 

5lnD of bint anotber faitb. * F'-ure qualities 

Foederis orator, pacis via, terminus ira?, °"g'" to be in an 

Semen amicitis, belli fugajlitibusholVis. Ambaiiadour. 

William dela Pole SDufee of S)uCbp tbc Commons toascbargcD (amongft Ror.Pi.iS.H.*;. 

otbcr tbings) toitb tbis, tbatbepiocureDtbcHiing, \n bis pjefencc onlp toitb^ 
oat anpotber of tbecouncell, to bate fccrct conference toitb tbc jfrencb Sim-- 
bafraDojs,ic.fojtbctobich''amonga; otber tbingfl)bc isjao baniflicD.ic, as bptlje 

KecojD apiicarcfb. 



s Decemb. 

See thefe Arti- 
cles before m I'tec 
verba, Cap.Cha- 
eery, Artie, ijj. 


a A Truce. 


part I . 

i See the truce at 

large. Lib. Par. 


c A League. 




/< Rot.Clajf. 

i» part. m.6. 
» Robert Gilbert 
Doaor of Divi- 

John Langdon 
Doflor of Divi- 
nity died «t this 
tiUholaiti Abbas 
Abbas bcatte Ma- 
ria Bborum. 
The letters ofthc 
Pope whereby ge- 
nerall Councels 
are called, you 
may read in Mat. 
Par. Annodo.-n- 

Of Jmbaffadours^ Leagues j^c, Cap.2^. 

CarDinaU VVolfcy teas cftargea toiflj tl)efc notable Ijtg^ anli grtctoiis offcn* 
tes(amongftotl)crs)viz,2Dftatl)C being tfjciSfngs^mbaffaDo? (ni^rancc maDe 
atrcatpinttljtftciFrencl^tefngfojt&elSopc, t^c MtiQ natfenototng anp part 
tl^0r0ofnojnamcDmt1)cfame,ant)btntitngtfj0 iFrcncft liing to abtac Ijisojiier 
ant) atoarD, tf anp tontrotierCc oj Doubt ftoalti arife bettocen t^c faiD |0opc , anD 

0lfo tijat tbe fait) 3Lo;tJ CarDinall being tlje iifngs ^mbaffatioj in iFran« 
rent aCommifftonto &ir Gregory de Caflalis unticr tije (Bjcat fe)cal in tfte 
liingsnametoconcluDea treatpof amitptoitlj tfie SDufee of jFcrrare toitijout 
tfte aings commanDement oi txjarrant,no? tftc !£iing aDtjertifcD noj matse p jiljj? to 

0lfo tfte faiD ILojt) carDinall tafeing upon l)im otfterioife tben a f rue l^jitjp 
Counfellojoug^t to Doe^ tat)eureDtot)at)eaU^mbaCraDoji3 to come Grit to &im 
alone, anD to l^ear tl^eir charges anD intentss.f t. 

0lfo t^e faiD 3LojD (larDinall ufeD manp pears together not onlp to tojitefo 
all t^c icings ambaffaDojB ia fojain parts tottfj ot^er l^jinccs in ^tsoton 
name all aDtierttfements concerning tfjc llings affairs being in tfjctr ctjarge, 
anD in t^e fame letters tD?otc manp tljings otitis otonminD toitlbout tijeUingj 
pleafurebnoton, concealing Diters tilings lol^ictj^aD been neceCfarpfoj tl)em to 
ftnotD, but alfo catifeD tbcm toiojifctljcir aDtiertiremcntstobim,anDoftIjerame 
letters IjcufeD to conceal, foj tlje compalling of ^ispurpofc, manj> tbtngs botft 
fromt^e^^ingsCounccll anDtlje ^ittg liiimfelf. 

a^l)6 Difference bctujeen a ^League anD a aCrucc i0,tl)at aSTrucc isaccCTa- 
tton from tDarrefb^ a certain time: a ^League is an abfoluteffriUtngofpcace. 

a;©fa SDrucc toe liatiereaD in anno 1 9 E.3, totals effect. Rex port initasin- 
ducias cum Franeorum Rege per mediationem ^ Rcmani pontificis , copias fua$ 
bellicas dcmum reduxit, poftea deprehendens prsefatTegem Franc' hoftilia con- 
tra ipfam moliri>& numioiprifati Pontificis fimulata pace diflTidinm fovere^pri- 
miiia omnia per Literas Patentes exponenda duxic, Scbcllum cum prsfato re- 
ge refumpfit. 

'0 ^league anDalliancetoasmaDebettDeen&tngH, 5-. I^tsl^irs anDfuccef* 
fojs,anQ Sigifmond iiung of tlic IRomans^is fteirs anDfuccelfojs livings of tftc 
aRomans,anDtoaBconftrmeDbp0(tof parliament, %^z inftrument tt^iercof 
ts terp long, but not fo long as effcduall anD tDOjtljp of obfertiation. 

<' 3t is faiD in 9 £4. tljaf a ^League maDe betioeen ttoo liings ( toitijout na« 
ming of fuccetlojs) Dot t) not eptenD to fucceflojs , alt^ouglj bp our laU) Rex non 

^31u(EiceAfhton is of opinion, tljafno 3mbairaDoj ougljt to be fcnt to tl&c 
pope, but tftere map be manp p jcGDents to tlje contrarp, f oj beftDes litis fpir ituall 
jurisDirtion tie is aSCempojalll^jince.toljereoffeca pjefiDcnt among manpo« 
tijers. Roc. Pat.35 E.3. parcea.memb.a^. anD Iibetoifctl)e|9opefent 3mbar= 
faDojs into CUnglanD, to|>o toere ftoojn not to attempt anp tljing pjejuDictall to 
tlje Jiing OJ ^^ingDome. 

s 0nD tftat toe map gitic fome faffe of ctjerp btnD % 3In times pall tlje teing of 
cBnglanD fcnt ^ambaffaDojs togencrall councels, as taking one eramplcof tljat 

fojt fOJ manp. Ad concilium Bafileens' fub Eugenio Papa.quorum deftinatt funt 
perregem Ambafliacores & Oratorcs Epifcopi * Robercus London', philippus 
Exoniens', Johannes RoflFens', Johannes Baiocens' & Bernardus Aquarens* 
Ed'us comes Moriton, Abbates Glafton' & beatx Maria: Eborum, Prior Norwi- 
ci.HenricusBromflet mileSifdominus Vcfcii) Thomas Browne legum Do6^or 
Decanus Sarum, Johannes Gollevile mile$,& alii. 2Dl)Cir, aut^ojitp toas in f ^cfe 
IDOJDS. Dantes&damuseis& ipforum majori parti poteflatem & mandatum 
tarn generale quam fpeciale aomine nofiro& pro nobis in eodemconcilio in« 
tereflendi,tra6tandi,eommunicandi, &concludendi tarn de hiis qui reforma- 
tionem Ecdefiiuniverfalis in capite& inmembris.quamin hiisqusfideior- 
thodoxa: fulcimentum, regumque ac principam paciiicationcm eoncernere pote- 
runr, ncc non de & fuper paccperpetua,guerrarumve abflinentia inter nos & 

Carolutn, Of AmbaJfadours^Leagues^&c, 157 

Carolumadvcrfarium noftrum de Francia, ac etiatn tra<5landi, communicandi, & 
appunduandi, confemiendi infuper , & fi opus fuerit, diflcntiendi hiis qua: juxia 
dclibetationemdivSiconeiliiinibiftatui, & ordinari contigerit, Promittentcs & 
promittimus bona fide nos ratum,gratutn,& firmutn perpctuo habiturum totum 
& quicquid perdi£los AmbafliatorcSjOratorcsiSi Procuratorcsnoflros, aut ma- 
jorena parcemeorundemaftam, failumjfeugcflum fucrit inprimi{Ti$,& in fin- 
gulis prajmiflbrum, & hoc idem cum de & fuper hiis certiorari fuerimus quantum 
ad nos & Chriftianum principemattinct,executioni debits eurabimus dcman- 
dar'. In cujusreitcftimonium has Jicerasnoftras fieri fecimus patentcs. Dat'fnb 
magni figilli noftrj teftimonio in Palatio noftro Weflm' i o die Juili, 
XMz l^atjc ejcpj^ffcD tljfgt 0mbaffagc f fje mo;c part fcularlp , foj t&ts Rot.pat. anna 

COlinceUalfo 31 fin^^tftat Henry Beauford (fonof John Of Gaunt bpKacherin uH^.p.ite r 

Swinrord)S5{ftop^ofC2a:tttc^eacranD<i[;arDftiaUof&»c£ufebpeaDD;effeti ftimfeU 

anD fjao Ifcencc to tranfpojt anU carrp tottl^ f)titi 20000.1. of golD ano filtjcr(ni«te, 

i3iJtmoUtng0ml)aa:at)ojs)nottoUf)aanD{ng tt)C ftafufcs of pE,^. cap.i, anQ 

y R,2, cap.2,&c, iFoi tlje fojtn of a fafeconouct (toljtc^ is calico defalvo con- jR.^.Va.'i- 

daau^fee tl^e IRcgftter, SnDfojf be effect anDtjaUDitptljcrcof, fee tfjc ftatutcs i>-^f^crondi.f^. 

of 15 H. (5. cap. 3* i8H.6,eap,4. 2oH»6.cap.i. .;26. 

Recordum & procefs' contra Pctrum de Rival Thefaurarium & Camcrarium 
totius Anglic & Hibernis?, &cufted' omnium Foreftarum & omnium Por- Ann°>*^-3* 
tuum maris,&c. de compoto regireddito de officiis prjeditSlis & de judicio con- 
tra ipfum reddito per defaltam, quia venire rccafavitjnifi falvo regis conduSu, 
quod rex dcnegavit quafi infolitum & indebitum. 

MftatretoarD iLcgatsljatie ^ao in fojmet: times pou map rcaD.Rot.Liber^r. 
II H.3,m.i3. Rot.Clauf. n H. 3.03.11. in Dorf. Roc. Liberat. 3E»it m. j» 
Eodem Ror, i E.i.m«2» Rot. Alman.ii E.3. per totum Rotulum. 

&ee Bcda fti Ijf s ^ifto^? of CBnglanD, Lib, 1 . cap. 1 1 . Itjereaftcr Cap, 7^, of 
Scotland! io fine, t^ Dangec of ttntoife anD iticertain lleague?* & 11. & 
anno i», parc.t. 











& J. Mirror 

ca.t. $.if. 



i6 A{T.p.a4. 


See the i part ot 

the Inft.^ea. 



of Aflife by Pa- 
tent firft began, 

t The Patent of 
ihe Juftice of 

fl J-(llic' noftros 
Hereunto belong 
aflociat', writs of 
eJ^f. F.N.B.177. 
• writ to the5ht- 
rif to bring b:- 
fore them gmma 
brevia A jfn' Ju- 
rat' & Certifi- 
b JuraC whenthe 
recognitors are 
turned in jurata, 
j9 A(r.p.78.&c. 
of you may read 
the Rcgifter. 
d Nota.^ 
Vid.4E j.cap.i. 
f Ro.Pat.xi E.I. 
ctariii aifignatls. 


The Court of the luftices of Affife,and 
S\(jjt Trius. 

FS>i t^eto^if of j^tTire^ljereoft^e Bluafces tnU f^efr name;fn all mtU 
entantl)0jS,(ttS£alleDAflifanova:diffcifin2,0J Petit brief de novel dif- 
feifin* ^f \aW^ tojtt Braaon fattft, Recognitio Aflife novse difleifina: 
multis vigiliis cxcogicata & inventa fuit recuperanda: pofleflionis gratia,ut pec 
fumtnariatn cognitionem abfque magna juris folennitatc? quafi per compendi- 
um,negotiuin tertninecur« j3nD t^e Mirror faftl^ , t^at fo^ erpetiition of juttice, 
ant) onlttns of Delates, it tDasojOattieDbpRanulphdeGlanvill; but 31 finDtl^e 
tojtt moje ancient, as it appearet^ in 26 afl". pU24, 

St tl)e Common latDJ^ffirestoere not fallen bntefttjer in *]l?anb, o^ before 
BluSiceo inCEire^anDt^istoasagreatMa^ totl^e l^laintif, anDa great mo^ 
lefiation anD tjeitation of tlie mognitojo of t^e Mitz. JFoj rcmeDj? to^creof , it 
isenacteD bptijeftatufe of Magna Carta, Q^od recogoitionesdenovadifleinna, 
Scdcmorte antceeflbris noncapiamur nifi in fuis propriis eomitatibus, &hoc 
modo no$ fi extra rcgnumfuerc Capitalesjuflieiariinoftri, mittem Jufticiarios 
noftros per unumquennque comitatum femel iaanaO)qui,&c. capiant eomitati- 
bus illis AiTifas prsdiaas, Bp fojce of tl)i0 Sid , tbefe f^jee concluCons arc to be 
obfcrticD. ifirft,tftatnoaffifecanberctprnablefntl^eifting0 3l6enc6, o?com« 
monll5enc^,unleffetbeDilteiQn be Done in tbe Countp iol^ere tbc ^encbes Ut 
refpectitjelp, 0} ifbot^ llBenc^es 0t in one Countp, tb^n tbe piaintif batb elee 
ctionto make it returnable in tobicti Bencb be toill &econDlp, tbattbe Blnaices 
ofbotl^Bencbes intbatcafe batJCJurisDittion ojiginallpanDojDinarp toifljout 
anp patent* SCbicDlp , tbat upon tbe faiD 0rt of Magna Carta iLetfers pa-- 
fent0to BButticesof^aaifetoere frameufoj tljt tabing of Strifes intbepjoper 
Counties in tbefe too^Ds. 

t Rex,&c«dile(Sis & fidelibus fuis R. M,uni Juftic' fuorum dc Bancc»& I.L. uni 
Juftic* fuorum ad placita coram nobis tenend'aflign' Salutcm. Sciatis quod con- 
liituimusvos Jufticiarios noflros unacumhiis quo$vobi$aflbciaverimus,ad om- 
mnes * Aflifas, b Jurat', ' certificat" coram quibufeunque [ Juftic' tam per di verfa 
brevia domini Johannis nuper regis Anglias patris noftri, quam per di verfa 
brevia noftra in Com' noftris Southt" Wiltef. Dorf. Somerfet' Devon' & Corrub' 
acincivitatcExon' arranian'capiend', Etideo vobis mandamus, quodadcertos 
dies Sclocaquosvosad iioc provideritis, AiTis', Jurat', & certificationes illas ca- 
piatis; '^ Fa6l:uri inde quod ad juftitiam pertinet fccundum legem, & confuetu- 
dinemregninoflri Anglic* Salvisnobis amerciamentis inde provenien'* Man- 
davimuscnim Vicecomtiibus noftris com' & civitai'prxdid', quod ad certos di- 
es & loca quos eis feire faciatis Aflif',Iurat' & certificat' illas una enm brevibus 
origin' & omnibus aliiseatangcn' coram vobis venire fae*. Incujusreiteflimo- 

<=]lBptbislD^{t tbe feiftnanti potTeCCion toas recotjereti, anti became mod fre« 

quent, quia non eft aliud breve in Gancellaria, per qnod querentes iiabent tam 
feflinum remcdium,quam per Aflifam* ^SnD after tbe ftatutcofW.z, toas 
maUc, anD tberebp it teas pjO^iDeO, quod aflignentur duo Juftieiarii jurati,coram 
quibus,8c non aliis,capiantur A(7ifa;,&c. ad plus ter per annum, 

s Dominus rex,&e. pneepit, quoddecxteroalTignentur Oiio Juftieiarii cir- 
cumfpefii & difcreti ad Aflifas,Iurai",& certificat' capiend' per totum rcgnfi Ang- 

li$,viz, anUDtfeiDetb tbe Kealm into eigbt parts, anD toetjerppartalfignctlj 
tU)o iuftices. 


' Cap.zy* fi^ftice^ ^f Alf^f^ and!?sQjjprius. i$p 

)15utDit)cr0 0ct0o£5parliamcnt fjauegtfaenuuto 31uatcc0of Mi{6 mt\)Oii- 
tp in ntatip cafes, 

^ Perlcltatut'definibus ca,3. Jufliciariiad AfUfascapiendas affigrati delibc- * ^7 E.i.StJtdi 

tentGaoIas in com' illistam infra libertates quamcxtrade prilbnariis quibuCcun- j 'j.'ji*"^'' 

► que. ^ Appeals Of mitrDer,coblj0rganD rape map be commenceD befoje Biuatces fj^ElTo 

of^ffifc. ^poiDergtt3cnto3Iufttoj5of0ffifcfo trp tl)c appeals of appjoDers, rfScat'.deA,,pei- 

« JulHciariiad AiTifascapiend'aflignatinon compellani Juratores dicere prcccife, '^"s- an.iS e i, 

f Sluatccs of ;affire I6aU enquire foj noivrcturnfng , anD falfe returns of §)fte- « w. z.cap.^o. 

rifs. ' ■'^^^•'•'^p-39- 

s 3luCiccs of Mik map l^ear anti Setermtnc of Confpfrafo?s,falfe infojmers, g AnS^'cn-. 

ant) inicfecD pjoctirersof Dojens, Cnquctts ant) juries at tfte complaint of anp ^s e.,.^ e.^^ 

toitljout tojit, ant) toitljout Dclap, anti of confeDcracies anD cfjampcrtics ano ^ "TR.iciy. 

maintainers, bearers, anD alliances bp bont),fc. '' ^f Defaults of §>^erifs,cl;r= ^^'e"f«'*^>88- 

cljcatojs, ll5ailifs, anti otbcr ;2Dfficcr0, Maiors and"B?l 

> aufficcs ofSlfftfc map enquire of Defaults,ic.ofpuniC[jmentof vKitfuallers, i'^fi,qiic>,efe>ehe 

ic^tDbicftfeUatunreafonablcpjices* w^'^w. 

i^JCtiepljatie potoer to bear ano determine rifling anD going armet),5C. anD to f "I'^^'^- 
paniajSluaiccsof ^eacc, ^berifs, IBaillics, anD otbcrs foj not Doing t^ir ^W.^^^IT^^ 

office in tbat cafe. Northampton 

' SCbcp thap bear anD Determine frcafon in connfcrfaifing of monep,fc. of 
"> %\)tv l^all Do eyccution of fbe ffatute of 1 3 H.4. of riots Hone in tbeir pjefcnce uniawfuii main- 
Bpon pain of an bunDjcDpounD. " 0nD bp tbe ttatufe of z H. 5. conimiffions ""f^"- 
ftall be atoarDcD to enquire of tbe Default of Jufficcs of ;affife, anD of 36ufticcs J" 'hI'IL 7 
of JDcace in tbat bebalf- « z m. j.cap.s. * 

° 2Lbcp tball enquire of, bear, anD Determine all offences contrary to tbe ffa» h 10. 
tuteof 2^ H. 6. concerning §>bcrifs, ;!:inDcrr(berifs,anDtbeir cicrbs,Co}oners, '? j.ioi: 
&tetoarDs of iFrancbifcs,ffiailifs,anD Uecpcrs ofpjironsfo}ertojtion,anDfoj '"-'°"''g- 
letting tobailfncb as toere not bailable, ojfojDenping of bail to tbem tbat 
ougbt tobcbailcD,ic. 

r Suffices of^KTifc Ojalltafee bail of bini tbat is acquifeD of innrDer toifb* /»3 H.y.cap.i: . 
in tbe pear to anflMcr to tbe appeal of tbe parfp , 5 Eliz,cap, y. Of Informers. 
5Eliz,cap.4. Of Labourers, 

1 31utticc3 0fja(tire, of Gaol-Delivery, anDoffbclBeace, (ball enquire of f^8 qin.i.zczj. 
Default of Co?oners. MSti.cap.j,* 

' Suffices of ;affife,ic.fl3all enquire of falfe making of leaf ber, <" £)f amen» ' iSEi.cap.xo, 
Dingofbigb-'toaps, ^ilDfbuntcrS in^Barbs. "£DfunlaU)full fabingofiFilftes. J/^ei ^ 
» ^DffojgcrpoffalfcDccDS. ^ agatnffDcceipf in3Linnen=clotb. ^ Sgainft per= * j ei."?;^* 
jurp. "^f ufurp anDmanpotber tbtngs. yiEi.*ca.f4. 

^ Suffices of affifc ttoice in tbe pear ougbf to proclaim tbe ffatute of 3 z H.S, p ei ca.9. 
anD otber ffattif es againff unlatnfull maintenance , cbampcrtp , imbjaccrp, anD * '^u's"''*' 
unlatDfulUetcpncrs, ' 2Dbcp ougbt to proclaim tbe ffatute of unlatofull games buui " V 
in tbeir circuit, &eetbeCuffumcrofJ15ojmanDp,eap. 10. 

<= j^olD concerning BEutttces of Nifi prius,«jcp lucre firttinffitutcDbpfbeffa^ [h^'''^'°'Me 
fute ofW.i.ofiffucSjopncDintbc Common Bcncb, anD iSingslBencb: anb inft^fheexpoli- 
tbeir autbojitp is annereD to tbe 3Iufticcs of jaffife, anD is bp fo?ce of a tuDiciall tion of this Aft. 
lD:it, anD tbcrefojc toe babe jopncDtbcmunDer one title, ;ginD tbis appcarctb in vid.picta 1.4.0.?. 

fbC JUDiCtall tojit of Nifi prius, tobiCb is, m"'"ec fhe"^"'' 

Jhority of Juftices of Nifi prius,in libro b.tlje Pi. begun, Etauxint en Nifipritu grant devam Stanf. 

Rex vicecomiti Saltttem. PruipimHs tibi quod venire fac' coram ^U' ^ Thi writ ef 
fiiciariis npJlrisafttdWeftrH inO£lab.San£{iMichaelis ^ vel coram J-ufti-. NiffriHi, 
ciariis nofiris ad Aftfasin com' tuo prformam fiatuti mjiri inde provis' 
cap end' apgnatis^fi prius die lun£ prox' antefejlum,(^c. apttd,^c. 11 e- 
nerint i zjam milites q»am alies^&c. 

0nD bp tbefaib ^d: tbe 3iufttces of Nifi prius babepotoer togtbejuDgment w^^j."/'^"*^^^ 
in jaiffife of Darrein Prefentmcnt anb Quare Impcdic, 6E%Dier77 

i6o fujlices of Jjjtje and ^hQJiprm, Cap. zy. 

r R.i.c3.7. 51Bp tt)C ftafutc of 7 K- »• Nifi prius ftall ijc granteo as tocU fn t?je CDwlije* 

quec as clfctoljcrCf 

18 Ei.M.n. £>f tffues jo?net) in tijc miitgs Benctj , Common 315enc^, ano Cfcl^cqucr, 

tftc C^icf iufticcs, ojC^tcf JEarott, oj in tljctr abfcnces tVoo otftcr 3ufticcs 

0; iiBaronsof tl)c faiDfeUcrall courts, as BEuttttes of Nifi prius fojffjc Coun* 

tpcf £^tDD. tuittjin tl)e 2Ccrme , 0; four Daps after fljallfetjerallp trp.fc, an8 

.p.. . tftat Commtffiotts, anD tojtts of Nifi prius fljall be aujarDeti, ic. 3t ts to be ob« 

9Ei.uKr t6i. ^^^^^^ fijatt^cretsbut a tranftrtptofttie iRetojD fentto tl)c Hulticcs of Nifi 

17 E.i.dc finibus. 315ptl&e ffatufe of 27 E«i. de Finibus ca,4. 3It (S pjoi)tDet), Quod inquifitiones 
F.N.B.i4i.e. & reeognitiones eapiantur tempore vacationis coram aliquo JuHiciario deutro- York, quc Banco, Coram quibus placiium deduftum fucrit, &ee tticffafntes ofi^ojb, zE 3.cap.i<5. 4E.3. ca.2. ant) t^c ftatute of i4E.3»cap.i<5» tol^icfj ftatutc Dotft 16, & pjotJtDc tljat Nifi prius mapbctabenineUerpplcareallanDpcrfonaUfacfojetiijd, 
4E.3.cap.i. fotfjatonebe 3!utticc ofoneoftljeliBencftes, 0^ flje Cbfcf JiBaron oj S>crieant 
t4 . tU)Ojn,tDitl&outanpregarD inhere t^e plea DepenJ)eD,anDtftfsaanDet^ pet at t^is 
Dap* Vid. 42 E, 3. cap* 1 1, ip H, 6,fol.47, 33 H. 6. fol« 14. 16 H, 7, fol, 14, 
5 Maris Dierfol.i<S3, 
Ror cUuf. Concordatum fuic per lotum concilium regis,quod nullus Vicecomes auc Co- ronator fiat Jufticiarius ad Affifas capiend',Gaolas deliberand*, tranlgrefs' au- 
diend' &terminand', feuadaliquod aliud officiom Jurtic' faciend', eo quod de- 
bent efle intcndentes aliis Jufticiariisf Mljicfj ^ct tS Declarafojp office Com* 
mon lato, foj t^at(as bp tijc rcafon peelDeD in tl)e Bet if appearetft) ttjcfc offices 
be incompatible, ttie one being attennant nnto , anDtoitl^in t^e controlment of 
f ijc otfter, 
F.N.B.z^o.e. i4H.^* Blufficcs Of Nifi prius Ijatjc poiuer in all cafes of fclonpana 

5c,nf.i56. ixtdXm fogitjo juDsmcnt as toell U3l)ere ffte pjifonec isacquiteti, astoicre ic 
of fcfony and ts attainted, anD to atuarti execution. 

treafon. 4E.J. ^ tMl[)cre tl)e J^ing is aparfp,aNifipriu$mapbegranteD,if tbe Ktngsjatfcirnp 
•cap. 1 1. aftentuntoit» 

^HE.j.f.i?. 3[„ Appeal of nrarDcrjrobbcrp, ant) rapebjongftf inft)^ ^ings Bencli, ff ttje 

nu. i8.f'.n.b?* parties be at iffuc>a Nifi prius map be granteD befoje Suffices of ^ilTife* i j E. 3, 

241.3. * 30, J4E.3. Nifi prius i5. 22E.4a9. iiH.7.36. 9 El.Dicr 2(5i» 42E.?.c,ir, 

b 10 14. 8 Hoii5, 3i5ut it is to be obfertieD,tl)at if tlje jlppellee be acquiteo befoje 31uttt« 
aiE.4.i8.3Mar {gg of Nifiprius,tl)epftaue potoer f acquit,! c, anogitjc jaDgemcnf,as is afoie* 

c See the i part of ' SCljcp map alfo cnquire anD juDge of f fte alibcttojs anD Dammages bp tljc ffa* 
theinft.upoa tutcof W.z.cap.i 2. anD not bpt^c fatD Bct of 14H.6, anD fo it is if tlje Appeal 
this Act otw.z. beb?ouc(ljt befoje tticSutttces of ^ffife, tljep Ijatje alfo potoer to enquire anD 

"P'"' n . juDge, Ut fijpra* 

fiaLs.'ca^.4. *" '^ SCljefc ^uftices of Nifi prius ioere inffitnfeD foj ttoo caufcs, viz. i. Propter 

Rsgift.i86. intolerabilem jadluram Juratofum, & in exonerationem Juratorum* 2» Adce- 

lerem juftitiam in ea parte exhibendam. Inquifitiones & Jurat' in placito terra; capiend' qua: magns non funt exami- 

mtiodis,c3piantur inpatriaj&c. 
Rcgifl.i8<5. BnD^reuponapjofjibition is grantable to Suffices of 0ffifc, Qyod non 

caperent in patria inquifitiones qua; magna indigent cxaminatione. 

31Bp tl)c ojiginall inttttutton of Slufticcs of ;9ffifcs anD of Nifi prius, tljetrpaU 

i4E.?.a(r.Br. flioulD bebcfoje ttoo attljc lcaa,anD it tocrc muclj foj tl)e afitjanccmenf of in* 

4ij.&tu.A:h fficeanDrig!)t tofjatJCtJ^elatDputinDucencctition, fojplus videmoculi, quam 

1 itzh no. ocuins, anD fpeciallp in |3leas of tlje Croton concerning tlje life of man, in re* 

garD tDl)crcof tbcp fljall be iBojtl^p of greater alloVcance. 
DicrManurciipt, Bcfojctbc 3Guft(ccsof jafftfe in paysafojain pIcaoviz.tiaillcnagetBaspleaDeD, 
Hi!. 1 1 Eiiz. foj trpall tufjcreof tlje HecojD toas remotJcD into tl^e Common i5enc^,anD tljerc 

i6afl.p.5. a Venire fac' iXJas aiwarDeO, anD rcfojne, fervie, anD a Habeas corpus Irttl) a Nifi 

prius teas pjapcD. ainD it Ujas obledcD tfjaf tlje iffue teas not jopneD in IBanfe, 
no; jiiDgmciit to be gitjen t^re , anD pet in tlje enD tlje pjapcr toas grantcD,aa 


Cap.z7' fujlices ofAffife and ^jsQfifrius. \6i 

in a* Certificate, upon an afftf0 a Nifipriusftiall be grantcD: '^nDfo itisup* '7H4.4f. 
on afo;atnt:;toiiti)ei:. IRcccipf fljallbcgrantcD^anD atmill bp aNifi priusftaD. p^i'^g'^- . 

^ sntjc 3!ufticc of Nifiprius map grant a Tales clecircum«antibus,citt)crtoftcn a'.gE's'i!' * 
but one ojnio:e appear of tbc pjinctpall pannell, o? tol)cre clcbcn Doc appear: anD 49E.?.zr . 
all tlje 31urp map be of tljc Tales de circumihntibusi as it toas upon a Talcs at tlje ? h . 4 1 g. 
Common lata/ ' fcj^H.scap^. 

c ■oaijere tfjc feing is partp,aNifi prius is grantable fo?. tl)c l^tng, but not foj "'&: p^^v, '^, ; 
fl)epartptoitt)out airentoftl)ejStngs^ttarnp,anOfoaretl)6boofes tobc intcn« c..p.7. ^EL-.p. 
OeD. 18ticap.11. 

'^ 3ln attaint tlje i^lainttfcratjcD aNifi prius , anD tccaufeoncoftljc |0ctit viJ-3hiiz. 
3!arp toas pjifoner in J^ctogate, anD came in tuarD anD plcaDeD,anD toas rcman= i^"=y 45- 
5CD, anD if a Nifi prius fljoulD be granteD l)e ©oulD lofc Ijts cljallengcs, tftc Court \l\,'^,^l^_' 
licnpeD to <= grant anp Nifi prius, otljcriDtre a Nifiprius map be granteD in an i4E.j.Nififri- 
3ftaint. » "*'^- ^'♦F?- 

' in trefpaffe bettueen tlje SDufeeof dBjreter anD t^e ILojD Cromwell p'j^'^^'"'^'^'' 
f^e Counccll of tlje 2E)ubc mol3eD foj a Nifi prio$ , anD foi ffjattljc 2? ubc tons sunf.pixtr', 
a ^jepotent pjincc in tijat Country, anD tljc Venire fac' being rcturneD, tljcre , jg.a^b. 
toasaareat rout in tlje ^all, foas if a Nifi prius lljoulD be granteD great mif« ^44E.j.'o.i. 
cljiefmiglit enfue,tljerefo?e no Nifi prius toas granteD. « h'*^'^"'"'. e ? 

spojcpoumap rcaD oftlje tojits of ^ffifc anD of Nifi prius in our boohs tljat /a'tip 7. 
toljic^tjatijbcenfaiD concerning t^cjurisDiction map fuffice. 31tt3 commonlp c .^E.j.Nifi 
lallcD a to?it of Nifi prius , but tlje tooiDSof fljc tojif arc si prius &:c. 3nD al= prius. n fimiic. 
beittljcantljojitp of Hutticescfamrc (as it IjafljappcarcD) Ijatlj bp act of gar* 2;iE.5.ibidcmin. 
liamentbccnei;cecDtnglpenlargeDfaotbinDignitp anDmultituDe ofcanfcs, pet {^f.ji/fnb 
fljcp retain t^cirfirftanb o^iginall name , albeit aCTifcs arcin tljcfeDaps Derp ;J;,'.aDicr4Eu' 
rarelp tafeen befoje ttjem. &ec in tlje Cljaptcr of Bfuftices of peace potoers anD xi j. 
aut^ojtttes latelp granteD to lattices of affife,an&3l«ftice0 of Nifi priai* 




For getwrall 

iR i Cor. 47. 30O. 



Ftfteiipon they 
arc called I afti- 
cfsof Oisrand 

* Nota,th€fe 
gcneiall words. 



Tuftices of Oier & Terminer, 

T^e atrtbojitpof Sutttces of oier ant) Terminer is tpCommitrion. i©f 
Commtfffons of oier & Terminer t^rc be ttoo fojts j one s«ierall, fo 
calleD becaafe it i3 generaU, in refped of tbe perfons, tijc offcnce0,anD tbe 
places intjeretl^c offences are tommttteD , tbe biljic^ commidion foUoUiett) in 

Elizakth dei gratia AnglU , FramU , c^ HibemU Regina,fidei dc- 
fenfor^i^c. CharipmU conjangtiineis [uis Wttlielmo Marchioni Winton-y 
Henrico Comiti Southt\&c . ac dileClis ^ fidetihm juts Rogero Manmod 
uni ^ufiic' fucrum de Banco, lohanni ^efferay uai Iitjlic' ad placita coram 
nobis tenend' afign' , lohanni AnwdeU mi liti,^c. lohanni S.Iohn^Httmf. 
Walrond, William Pool^ Petro Edgecombe , Thorns Morton^ (^c. Salmem. 
Sciatis quod afignavimus vos & tres vefirum, qmrnm aliquem •veftrum 
vosprafat' Regerum Manwood S" lohannem lefferaj unum ejje volumus 
lujticiarios nofiros ad inquirendum per facr amentum froborum & lega- 
lium hominum de com' mfiris South. Wiltef. Dorfet, Somerfet^ Devon, (^ 
Cornub. dr eorum quolibet, ac aliis viis , modis, O" mediis quibtis melius 
fciveritis, am poteritis^tam infra libertates quam extra, per quos rei Ve- 
ritas melius fciri poterit de quibufcunque proditionibus , mifprifionibus 
proditionum, infurre^ionibas, rebellionibfts, murdris, feloniis , homicidi- 
is, interfelfionibtts , burglariis, raptibtfs mulierum , congregatimibus & 
conventiculis illicitis, verborum prolatipnibus , coadiutationibus^ mifprifo- 
nibus^confcederatiombtis^falfis allcgdntiis^tranfgreponibus, riotis, routis, 
retentionibus, efcapiis , contemptibus , falfitatibtts , negligentiis , concela- 
mentis, mamtenentiis^ oppreponibus^cambipartiis ^deceptionibusy^ * ali- 
is malefa^is,ofen(isyCJr injuriis quibufcunque,nec non accejfar' eorundem 
infra corn' pradiSt' S" eorum quemlibet , tarn infra libertates^ quam extra 
per quofcunque & qualitercunque habiv,faii\ perpetrat' five commif'. JEt 
per quos velper quem^ cui vel quibus, quando, qualiter , (^ quomodo , ac 
de aliis articulis & circumjlantiis pr^mij?. ^ eorum aliquod vel aliqita 
qualitercunque concernen, Et ad eafdem proditiones (jr alia pramiffa {hac 
vice) audiend. (^ termi»and.fecundum legem ^ confuetudinem regnino- 
firi Anglic. Et ideo vobis mandamus quod ad certos dies ^locaquesvos^ 
vel tres vejlrum , quorum aliquem vefirum eie vobis pmfat. Rogeram 
Manwood S" lohannem le/feray ummejfe volumus, ad hocprovideritis di- 
ligenter fuper prxmij?isfaciatis inquifitiones , ^ prtcmiffa omnia ^ fin- 
guU atidiatis O" terminetis, ac ea facialis ^ expleatis in forma prxdi5la^ 
r* 'faCturi inde quod ad lafiitiam pertinet fecundum legem c^ confuetudi^ 
mm regnl noftri Anglic. Salvis nobis amerciamentis cjr aliis ad ms inde 
fpe^antibas. Mandavimus enim Vicecomitibus mfiris com. pradi^. qitod 
ad certos dies ^ loca, quos vos vel tres vefirum , quorum aliquem vefirum 
ex vobis prafat. Roger um Uanxvood <^ lohannem Jejferay unum ejfe volu- 
musyeisfcirefeceritis venire fac" coram vobis, vel tribus vefirum, quorum 


Cap . 2 8 . luflices of Oier and Terminer, 1 6i 

aliquem vejinm vo^is pr.tfa(' Roger urn Manwoed^ lohannem lejferaj umm 
rff'e 'volnrnw, tot & tales prohs ^ legales homines de ballivis fuis tarn infrx 
libertates^ cjitam extra per quos rei veritat melius fciripeterit (jr imuiri. In 
cujtis rei teflimonium has lit eras nojlras fieri fecir^m patentes. Tejie me if fa 

avttd Wefim' z-j die lunii Anno regni nofiri decimo o^avo. ' Kcgift. 


' z particular Commffftons of ^©teranD SCcrmfncr fo tallcs fn refpcct of tl)C For particular 

pcrfons of tfje offences, o? of tljc places, toljcrcofrou Hall ftnDc fitjcpjcQDcnfs in ""^^''^"'^ '"<^<= 

flje IRecitaer : *T.;agatnfttbcl5iajopofMmc^cftcranDf)tsspimaersj, z.De JImps'^' 

nave fra6>a, ff tliC0OODS oiigl)t to be fafecti foj Mljccb. 3, £>f Dtters oppjclTlons, 19 e. 5- jo!? 1. 

fccrtojttons, ic. bptftelimgss^tmtters. 4* ^fiDtcranD ^Cermtner fojfl)e Rot.ciauf. 

i^iioiofSDatjenfrp* ^nD jtiFojtljcjaingtnttme oftjacatton, totjicljpoumap '2"•^"\I^'|f 

reaoe tljere, « » e ? cap z 

a Concernfns commftftons of sDier anti ^Ccrmtncr SCenConcluQons are fo j 4 EJ.cap.i. 

be obfcrtjct), i. 2D^af £)tcr3anD2nerniincrsa)allnotbegrantcD,bufbef05cfl)c To be named by 

3Iuaices of tlje one IBcnclj oj t^e otljcr, oj tftc Slutticcs errant, anD tljaf foj great '|^= Court & noc 

oj l^ojrtble f rcfpaffcs, of tlje lyings efpecial grace, [acco?Dtng f f fte ff atute in tlje see^heft'atute of 

ttmeof tts b (iDjant)fatl)cr» 4^ E.j.cap.*. 

= 0nll in t^e IRegifter tljere is a Superfedeas, Quia ron enormis tranfgrefno, which extends to 

tol)icl) toojO [enormis] is in tbcftatutcof W.J.ubi fup. d SCoCommiCioners of inquiries. 

^icr anD terminer a Mrit of Superfedcas teas DelitJcrcD, Qyia enormis tranf- vd-\"^p i 

grefTio non e(^ idco fuperfedeant, fo? it Isas not but fo; Cutting lieton of SErees. ,0 ^ , nu 5 " 

«: anDaftertoarD a 5KHrit of Proeedendo uni3crti)C dDjcat S>eal of later Date teas for commiifio'-s 

Z)elft)ereD fo t^em to pjOCCCD lecundum legem & confuetudinem Arglia? non ob- of inquiry what 

ftante aliquomandato,&c. bp ticrtuc iDl)creof, nottottftffanDing tlje fojmcr P«f'°n*''"§f'tto 

MTrit, t^ep Dit) pjocccD bP atitice of all tl)C Suffices. fo% a Mrit of Superfedeas not" Se (\v 

i9 one tiling , anU an abfoluf e repeale oj countcrmanD of tlje CommitTion it felfc between com- 

is another. SL Superfedeas is but to ftap,oj fojbcar tfte pjocecDings, * tijat is, (a- mifs.onsof En« 

per advifamentum fcdere , anD iS not mes un furceflc de ad vifemenr, 0n& fucl^ ^"'^y' ^nd of 

map fl)e cutting Doton of trees be, as it map be enormis tranfgreiTio, anD fljere» ^iner"*^ ^^^ 

fo?e nottoitl)ftant)ing a Superfedeas tlje caufe map piocecD bp a OTrit of Proee- b w.2.' i, e i. 

dcndo, )15ut after an abfolute repeale oj countcrmanD bpt^ciaing of tlje Comi fap.29" 

million it felf,tlje commiffioncrs cannot pjoceeD after bp fo?ce of anp Proecden- '^ ^^S'^f • » m, 

do, but t^erc muff be a neto Commiffion. y^'^^:^''^^-^- 

SCljc fcconD Conclufion is. tljat Commiffions arc like to flje ISings OTrifs, v!de BrTo""i i. 

fuclj arc to be allotocD to^tcb Ijatjc inarrant of lain anD continuall allotuance &oier&Ter- ' 

in courts of Suffice. iFoj all Commiffions of netu inticntion are againftlato miner. 4. 

unt ill tljcp Ijatc allotoance bp 0ct of parliament . f commiffions of no veil i nqui^ «, Rt gift. 1 14. ' » y 

riesare DeclareDto bcDoiOtgCommiffions toaffapMcigljts anD spcafuree(t;etng ^fs E"'ct"i"^^' 

of neU) indention) are DcclarcD to be toiD, ^tljat fuclj CommiffionSjUjoulD.nof ^j8£.3.cap.4. 
be after granteD* &o as a Commiffion is a Delegation b^ tuarrant of an 0(t of 
parliament, 0; of tlje common laVo, toljcrcbpjurif Diction, poVDer,o;aut^ojitp 
tS conferreD to Otljers. Sapiemis ludicis eft cogicare tantum fibi eflepermif- 
fum,quantumcommiflum&ereditum» ^nD it is agOODrulcfo: all CommiffiO* 
ners to IjolD tijc lihc, auD ever to hccp tljcmfclties toitbtn tljctr Commiffion, 

2Clje Commons Do petition, tljat ccrtaine Commiffions latclp fcnt to cities Rot. Par ^ H.4 

foj tbemafeing of certainc llSoats anD JlBullingers being Done tottljout affcntof nu.n. 
parliament, migljt be repealeD* SCfteiaingDottjanftDcr, That after conference 
with the Lords, reafonable anfvver iTiouId be made. 0nD tljat ttjcfc Commiffions 
toohnoeffetf, appearetlj in tljis, SCljat no furtljer complaint vuastljereofmaDe, 
anD no futfj commiffion toas cticr after grantcD. 

at tift petition of tljc Commons, tlje liJing granteD tljat one Bennet VVilman, Rot.parl. j H.4. 

toljo teas tmpjifoneD toanftoer befo;e tlje Conftablc anD sparffjall of (JnglanD, na.j^. 
ffjoulD be tricD acco?Dina to tlje common lavus of tljislllealm , nottoitljlfanDing 

anp Commiffion fo tljc contrarp. SlnD thereupon a CSIrit teas acco;DinglpDirc= Vid.4iAir.p.j. 
ctcb fo tlje Suffices of tljc Itings3l5enclj, as tljcre it appearetlj, flDf tljefcfeinDcs 


J Mar.Br.Com- 
miiGoas tj. 

VJdcij A(r. jj. 


i^A jfujlices of Oier and Terminer. Cap. 28. 

wang mm aat^o jtf tes migftt be citeo , tut let us return to our HaStccs of ;© fer 
anD SCcrmincr, 
41 Air.n li. 31n tbe rctgn of E» 3* t^e luttites inere fo carefull , tljat no iutioviaf ton Iftoula 

vi^F.N'.B.i lo.b creep in concerning Commtffions of £Dfer anD gCcrmincr, tljat certain 3!uftice« 
Regift.iss.fc. ^at3tngtl)e(rautfto?itpbpt:;23:rit,tol)crctl)C|?oagI)t tofjate ftao tt bp Commtffton, 
tftouglj it tocrc of tlje fojmc anD Vdojds tljat tlje icgall viommiffion ougljt fo bCj 
lohn Knivett c^tcf 3uftice bp tbe antjice of all t^c f uOgcs refolUeD, tljat tlje faia 
Mrtttoas contra legem* ^nti tobcrc Diljers BfnDictmcnts iDcrc befoje tbemfounD' 
againft T. S* t^e fame,anD all tbat toas Done bp colour of tljat tiMrit toas Damncs. 
2CbctftirD concluSon is, tljat 3attitt& of ^(cr anD SCermtncr cannot p?oceea 
uponanp^nDictmcnt, but upon 3nDtctmentstafecnbefo?etl&enireli3C0, fojtljcic 
autljojitp is, Ad inquirend', audiend , & terminand', 

2D6e fourtl) conclufion , t^at iuftices of ^DtcranDSCermtncrmapuponati 
3nDi(tnicnt foanD pjocccD tlje fame Dap againft tljcpartpfnDirtcD. 15ut againtt 
tljtst^crerccmc to be great autljojttp x jFoj in Kelwey fo. i jp.b. it is ttjus faiD. 
Mem. que en breife de Oier & Terminer. P, 9 H,i, fur Ic infurredion in Londrcs 
il fuic determine elerccnent per touts Juftices Dengliterre, qae lufticesD oier & 
Terminer ne puir inquire un jour,& meftnele jourdetermine,nicnt pluisqr,eju- 
flicesde peace i mesluflicesde Gaol delivery & lufticesinEirepoicnbient. 3it 
map be t^at Ijc tbat fet Doton tbis cafe toofe tt upon truft, foj it agrcctlj in effect 
totidem verbis initlj tlje Clj^onicle in 9 H.8.fb.«43.anD it is erroneous in Diticrs 
main points. 1. 2Dljattbe^icranD2EerminertoasfcpC2arit,tcljereitVDa6ano 
©ug^t to be bp CommtlTion , asljatft been faiD. i. SDljat iuftfcesof £)icrana 
terminer cannot enquire one Dap, anD Determine in tlje fame Dap , ioljicl) toitlj* 
out queftion tfjep map Do : foj pjoof toftereof ioc toill cite fome feto IRecojDs in 

Thomas Marks ^tlftop of CarliHc befojc commiffioners of £E)feranD %tv» 
miner toas inDicteD, fricD, anD aDjuDgeD all in one Dap, foj !^iglj treafon. 

DieLunxpoft feflum Santfli Michaelis, Anno i H, 8. befO?e Fifher, BrudneJf, 
Palmes, &c» Commiffioners of ;SDier anD 2c;ermlncr,fi>ir Richard Empion tuas 
inDicteD of ^isb Creafon anD tricD all in one Dap. ^nD toe DeQrous to fee tljc 
entrp, upon not guiltp plcaDeD, tt is tljUS : Ideo inter di6i'dominumregem&: 
did' Rich.Empfon militcm in inHant' diem ad horam primam port meridiem,&c» 
apud caftrum de Northampton venerantj&c. qui nee, &e, ad recognofc', &c. Ad 
quos quidem diem horam, & caftrum de Northampt' venit coram prasfai' luliic' 

2 Dec' Anno 3 E. 6. at tJliUeSm. befojc Richard Lifter, Edward Mcuntagae, 

Roger Cholmeley, Edmond Mertcn, William Portman, anD Humfrey Browne, 

anD ottjer Commiffioners of ^ier anD SDcrminer, Robert Bell teas inDideD of 

^igb iCreafon anD trieD tljc fame Dap. i o Dec' Anno 3 E. 6. fccfojc Sir William 

portman anD otljcr 3uffices Of ^ier anD snermincr at KcaDing in tljcCountp 

of 315erfes Thomas Bonham toas inDittcD Of ^igt) SDreafon anD trieD t^c famc 

Dap, 4 AuguftiioEliz, lohn Feiton toas befojc Cummtfftoners of £)ieranJ> 

SLcrminer in JLonDon inDicteD of ^^iglj SEreafon, anD tricDtbe fame Dap bptfte 

aDticeof all tlje 31uDgcs of QDnglanD. ^ Nota, tljcatoarD in fljc 5Roll bp tbc 3fuft{* 

ces of €>icr anD 2Cerminer to t^e §>bcriffe to returne a furp, is not fuiftcicnf ; 

but tljcre ougljt to be a pjeccpt to tlje S>l)eriffc,unDcrtljc Steals of tljcCornmff* 

fioners fo: tljc returning of a Slurp, but ottjertoife it is intfje ^im.s iScnclj. 

''2Clje tljirD crroj in tl)C faiD cafe of 9 H.ti, tljat S^uftices of peace cannot in* 

R-nrators. intro anD trp tbe fame Dap.toljicl) toitbout queftion tbep map, foj tljcp are fpcciall 

35 H.s.cap.y.of laQitta of £r>icranD SCcrmincr : anD tobcrcfoje Slitfrtccs of ^icranD2Ccrmis 

uniawfuii g^mcs. uer D^oulD uottrpflje famc Dap, astoellasSiufticesofcSaolc^DcUUcrp, anDlUi 

tttces in cBire, no founD rcafon canbc giticn. 

' SElje ftftl) conclufion is,frjat if anp offence be pjoijibiteD bp anp ffafnte, ana 
name not in toljaf Court tt Gjallbe puniffjcD ; oj if fljc ftatutc appoint tbat it 
fljall be punifbeD in anp court of llecojD: 3n botljtbefe cafes it map be beara 
anDDetermtncDbefo3e3iufttcesof€>ieranD2Cerminer» janDfoitreemefbtome 






a And with this 
confiant experi- 
ence Bgrccth 
4 H.5. tit. Bn- 

b 12 E.4.cor.44. 

holden tor no 


c Vide Leflatut de 

^ E. 6. cap.14. 

Of Forcftallers, 

Ingroflers, and 

7 Eliz.Dicr ij6 
iSce many fla- 
mes wherein J i' - 
Terminer are cx- 
pre/ly named. 




Cap.zS. lujlices of Oier and Terminer. 

tf tije Hatute appoint ttie pennltp f o be recotereD ia anpof ttje !^tng£i Courts of 
BRccojD, accojDing to tlje opinion of Catlyn, Sanders, anDWhiddon ; foj t^ 
Court of ^icr ano 2tctmtncr is tftc fetngo CEoiirt of IRccoiD. 

SDfte firtl) toncluCon is, tljat tljc litng maj? niafec a commillion of jaffociaf Ion 
Dircrtco tootbcrs to jopntottfj tJjc jaaiccsof £D{er anD SDermtncr, anD a Mrft 
of aomittancc fo tijc iutticco of ilDler anD terminer to a&mit tfte ot^cw into 
tljeir focietv, toljicb Mrit ia clofc. SDljcrc is alfo a OTfrif of Si non omnes Dire* 
tfeD to t^e luSices of ^ier anD Cenniner anD to t^eir ^iTociates : fte fojmca; 
of all iDtjicb poumapreaDeintl^elRegiffer ubifupra , anDinF.N.B^ubifupu* 
^nD in all tbcfe CommiHions anD Mrtts, ttje BtuSices arcDirecteDloif^t^us 
Hute, Paduri quod ad jufticiam pertinet fecundum legem ^ conluetudincm An^ 
glis, tnl)iclji0 a frucniarfe of alaiDfull^rommiffion* 

SCljc fcfeentft. 31ftbe3Cuaiccsritbpfojccoft^cCi9mmftf(on, anD Do nofaD* 
journe ttie Commiffion, it is fictcnnincD. 

jTfjeeigljtft. iuftices of JDter anD SCcmtftttr.oj lattices of |0cace, cannot 
affigne a Cojoner to an 3pp?ot)cr ; foj it is not Ujitftin tfjc CommilTionof zi-. 
tj^ef of tbem, but BBufticcs of (I^aolc^Deliter^ map Do it. 

SDbe ntntl). Sluttices of i2Dicr anD aCcrminec Owll fenD tijeic Heco^Ds anD 
|S?oces DetermineD , anD put in crecution to t^eci^t^c^eqaci: at ^ictj.etierppcat; 
to be DelitiereD t^ere to tt)C SCreafurer anD C^mberlatns, ^c. to toep t^tn in tt^e 

SICijc tentlj* JlJotie of tljefe commiffioners, oj of acfife, d; <IDaole'8eliterp, o> 
oftt)cpeace,o;iott)eroft{)e !Kings Commidioners are cOuntermanDeDbpanp 
neli3 commiHion, unlefTe ttjeneto CommiCTion be 0)elDeD unto t^em foj fo mas 
n\> as it is QielDeD unto ; o; t^af it be pmlaimeD in t^ Countp> o; fliat WjH neto 
Commicrioners Do Qt anD lieep t^eir ^effions bP fo^ce of t^e nsto Commifftom 
tbe fojmcr Commiffion ts countermanDeD, '? Eiiz.Dier 3 5 j 

, . — ^ , . ^ vi.infra p«2.i6g. 

Theftatuteof2& j Ph. &M. cap.iS.fotCiticsorTowni Corporate being no CoiBines, but it extendeth net n» 
Coiiu-.iiflioners of Oiet and Tetmincr. 

;SnD a rig^t p:iofitable ttafufs is maDe eoncetnfng<tti{0 matter, vf«* That ^^^.a.j. 

I Proces or (ijit before any Jufliccsof AflifcGaoIc-delivcryjOier and Tcrnuoerj 
Juliices of the Peace, or* othcrofihe Kings Commi(fioners,(haIl not in any wife • ^^^^^ theec- 
be difcontinued by the making or pablirtiing of any new Commiflion or Aflbcia- neraii words. ° 
tion,or by altering of the names of any of the faid Juftiees or CommilTionerj, 
but that the new Juftices and Commiffioners may proceed in every behalfe , ai 
if the old Indices and Commiffioners had i^ill remained and continued not 

9 H04.coron.457 


34Afrp8, , i»,,7, 
Kelwey 115, 
Br. CommilTtf. 



i66 Cap. 2p. 


The Courts of Speciall Juftices of Oier and Ter^ 

miner, of and concerning, i. Purvey ours, i.Mifdemeanours 

of Villaines, &c. 3. Sums of money colleded for houfcs of 

Corredlion, &c. 4. Collcdges, Hofpitals,an4 Charitable ufcs. 

And firft of Purvcjours, 

6 F. cap 4 nn ^^^ ^''^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^P ^^^ statute of 36 E. 3. iD^crebp it ia enatfeu. 

bt Purveyou. s. I That CommifTions (hall be made to two good men and lawfull 

**• of every County, and the third to be of the Kings houfe. So that 

if any of the three come not, the two fhall proceed to enquire of the bc- 

Buyei s ot viflu' haviour and a6ts of the faid buyers and takers, and how much the faid 

Take' I of Car- buycrs have taken and bought ; and how much carriage : and to heare 

riage. and determine the contempts, outrages, and trefpaflcs in that behalfe, 

as well at the Kings fuit , as of every man that will complaine of 


SC^cfeConmiifftonsaretobe granfeUexmeritojuftitiar, anU cannotht'QtnU 
eS. anD it ts to be obferteD, tl^at tfje artfon oj fuit gtUcn bptfte faiti ^ctts not 
popular ; fo^ etttjcr tbe l^tng onl;? is to fju^e ft , oj tfie fubjett onlp ttat toill 

And for better information to be made to the faid Juftices of the 
things aforefaid , the Steward, Treafurer, and Controller of the two 
Houfcs, ifviz, of the King and Queen) at every Quarter or Halfe year 
fhall certifie into the Chancery the parcels taken in every Townc, 
and of every perfon -, and the Chancelor fhall fend the faid Certificate 
to the Juflices which fhall be fo aflfigned. And that this A^ extend 
and hold place as well againflthePurveyours of the Great Horfes of 
the faid two Houfes, as againfl the buyers or takers before named. 

2. Coneerning mifdemea>tours,^e. ofFilU'ms. 

tR.£.cap,6. ^ee tfje ^tafnte of i R. 2,cap,(?, 

3. of and for Sums of money colleCied for Houfes ef CerreSiiott^ 
or for the foore, &c. 

J 9 Eiiz cap 2nt)i3 ^""f t *^ "^^^^^ ^^ **^ ttatPte of ? 9 E Hz, cap.4. as bp f Ije fame appcaretlj, 

1 jac cap.7. ' toberein t^ts is to be obferljcD, sci^at tftefc pjoceeDtngs, juDgemcnf 3, anD ereca* 

f ions dball remain good anD atatleable in lato, toit^ont anp reDjeCTe to be ^ao b? 

fuit in anpottier Court, 
^ee t^e Second pare of the loftitates i\jz erpoQtion Of ttiefe HatutCfff 


4. Concerning CoDedges, Hefptals, or Almes-boufes^ tr for 
charitable and lawfull purpofes and ufes. 

39 Eiiz cap.^. It is lawfull for the Lord Chancelour or Lord Keeper of the Great 


Cap. 2p. Speciall fujlices of Oier and Terminer, i6y 

Scale, and for the Chancelour of the Duchy of Lancafter ffor lands 
within the County Palatine of Lancafter) to award Commiflions un- 
der the Great Seale,or Sealeof the County to the Bifhop of the Dioces 
& his Chancelor, and to other perfons of * good and found behaviour, 
to enquire by the oathes of Twelve lawful! men, &c. as by all other 
good and lawfull means of all and Angular Colledges , Hofpitals, and 
other places, founded or ordained for the Charitable reliefe of poore, 
aged, and impotent people, maimed fouldiers, Schooles of learning. 
Orphans, or for fuch other good, charitable, and lawfull purpofes and 
intents. And alfo of Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, Leafes, 
Goods and Chattels given or appointed for the like lawfull and chari- 
table ufes. Asalfo for reparation of Highwayes, of Bridges, and Sea- 
banks, for maintenance of Free- Schooles and Poore Scholars, and of 
Orphans and fatherlefife children, and fuch like good and lawfull cha- 
ritable ufes. And to enquire ofthe abufes and mikiemeanours, mif-im- 
ployrhentSjfalfities, defraudingthe trufts, alienations, and mifgovern- 
ments, &c. And after fuch inquiry made upon hearing and examining 
thereof to fet downe fuch orders, judgements, and decrees as the faid 
good and charitable ufes may be truly obfervedin full, ample, and moft 
liberall fort,&c. Which orders, judgemients, and decrees (not being 
contrary to the orders , ftatutes , and decrees of the Donors or 
Founders) fhall ftarid * firme and good, according to the tenor and 
purport thereof: which Orders, Judgements, and Decrees are to be 
certified under the Seals ofthe Commiflioners refpeftiyely, either into 
the Chancery of England, or ofthe County Palatine of Lancafter. 

Chancelour or Lord Keeper, or lothe Chancelour ofthe faidjDuchy, fot their rtdreffe thereliii 
power to judge, &c. according to equity. 

it ii to be obfertel) fl^af ^xiim anp ^A of ^aarliatmnf &of^ anflojife fl[)e iLo}D 
C^ancelonr o; iLo;Q l&ceper to mabe o: grant anp CommtCTion tmtier t^e C3;eat 
&eale,t6at \fi map mate o; grant tbc Tamo tottl^out an? fnrt^c toarrant, becanre 
f^e l&ing i0 partp to tije Zd of ^parliament, anti t^ere cannot be a greater tnair« 
rant to t^e lio^D Ci^ancelour, ^c. t^en tlje 9!i,A of ^acUamentt 

' NoperfonintC' 
rcflcdj&c. ro be 
a Commi/lloner. 

Colledges in 
both Univcr/i- 
tics, of VVcftro. 
Elton, 01 Win-, 
chefler, and Ca- 
ihedrall Chur- 
ches:, &:. are ex- 

It extends not to 
lands in CitifS 
or Towns Cor- 
porate where 
there is a fpcciall 
Nor to any Col- 
ledge, Hofpitall, 
or Frf efchoole, 
which have fpe- 
ciall Vifitors.&c. 
But this excep- 
tion extends not 
to Leafcs.Goods 
or Chattels 
* The party . 
grieved may com- 
plain to the Lord 
&c. and they havs 





The Cemimffio 
of Gaol- deli- 

Note, they arc 
called the Kings'; 
• Their Com- 
miflion extends 
only to them that 
arc in prifon. 
« Nota. 

Sec ihe fecend 
partofthelnflic. GIouc* 

b 4 E.J .cap.!. 
17 R.i.cap.9. 
f Thrice in the 
year, and oftncr 
if need be. 
rfNota,fcw but 
e&'cftuall words, 
f^ E.3.cap.i. 
J Mar. Br. Com* 
I R- 5. Co. on. 47. 



Pafch ip Eliz. co- 
ram Rege, inter 
Apharry & Mor- 
gan in Appeat. 
9H.7. 9. 
» R.j.Coron.47 


Juflices of Gaole delivery. 
Their Authority is by Commifsion in theie words. 

Elizabeth, d'C. Dile^U & fidelibus fuis h^. CD.^c. Sal»tem, 
Sdatisquodc0»ptHmusvos, tres, & duos vefirum, quorum aliquem 
vejlrum vosprxfat' A B. &c. umm e(fe voluwus^Iufticiams noftros 
ad Gaolam noftram cajlri nofiri* prtjon' in ea exip' hoc vice delihe- 
rand. Et ideovobis ntandamus quod ad certum diem quern vos, tres v el duo 
vejlrum ^quorum vosprefat' A B. &c. umm ejfevolumus) adhocfrovide- 
ritiSy conveniatis afudcaflrUmfrxdiCi' adgaolam illam deliberandi ' faclu- 
ri indequod ad juptiamfiertinetfecundum legem ^ confuetudmem regni 
nofiri Anglis. Salvis nobis amerciamentis ^ aliis ad nos indeffeCiantibus, 
Mandavimus enim Vic' nofiro Com' nofiri M. quod ad cer turn diem quemvos, 
tres^vel duo vefirum {quorum vosfrafaf A B. c^ C D. unum effe volumus) 
cifcirefeceritiSj omnes prifones ejufdemgaoU ^ eorum attachiamenta coram 
wbisj tribus^velduobtts vefirum y {quorum ali quern vefirum ex vobispr/tfat, 
A B. ^ C D. unum effe volumus) ibidem venire fac. In eujus ret tefiimo^ 
num has liter as nofir as fieri feeimusfatentes. Tefie^t^c. 

1 31Bp f l)e latD of tfte lanD, ne homines diu detincantur in prifona, bat t^af fljep 
mtgftt reccftjc plenam &GeIerem juftitiam, tljfs CommtrrfontoastnffifutcOi 
anD bp t^ts commifffoit dUaols oug&t to be DcUbcrcD ' tljjUc in t^e jjear,aiiD oft. 
her if need be. 

SCbetr aatfjojttp (s bp tfjfs Commf ir(on,tD|>Uft conCttef ft fn ^ fetn toojDs.Con- 

fljtuimus vos Jufliciarios noflros ad Gaolam nollram caftri noHri dc C de prifo- 
nibus in ea cxiftentibuj hac vice delibcrcrand, e %\^{i Sutticcs OUgbt to bCBO- 
nc gents & fagcs auicrsque des places, &g» 

mpon tl)(s autljojitp atiD bp ftafatcs gfbcn unto tbem,tl)(rteen concluffons Do 

1 . f 3!utt(ccs of dDaole beU bcrp map arraign an? man tftat is in p jf fon Kn tljaf 
(I5aol0aponan3IntiictmentofiFelonj',2i:rcrpairc,?c. bcf0?c 3iuatccsof ^eace, 
tftoiigft \X mere not founD befo?c tbemfelbe0 , infticft (as batfj been fatD) BJutticcs 
of £)ter anD 2Dcrm(ner cannot tio» 3!ufticcs of |aeace ftall flcUber tftetr Bintiitt* 
ments to tbe Suttfccs of C!5aole teUberj?, 

2 . SDljcp fljall tahe a panel! of a 3!urp rcto?ncD b? f be a>l)eriffe , tottbouf ma« 
feing anp pjecept to bim, as ^ufttces of £)ier anD aCermtner (as fjatb been fatD) 
ougbf to mafte, janD tbc rcafon of tbe Difference is, becaufe a gcnerall commanD. 
menf is maDe to tbe §>bertffc bp tbe 3!aff ices of dDaole Dcliberp to ret ojn 3uries 
agatnfttbcir comming: butiftbcpbabearpcciaUCommiffion, othcrtotfc it is 
bp Hankeford« 

3. SCbep map Deliberf«fpectsfojfclonp,fc.bp|0?oclamafion,aaa{nfflDbom 
f ijere is no fnfficicnt ebiDence p;ioDHceD to tbe C[5?cat Slnquctt to inDtct tbcm, «♦ 
toblcb 31aftices of £) ier anD Cerminer. oj 3Iufttces of ^eace cannot Do. 

4. SCbep map inquire anD tafeeinDictmentsoffeIonp,fc of pnfoners before 
tbcm,i p?occeD upon tbcm, anD fo toas it refolbcD \}\ an appeal of murDcr bjougbt 
bp Apharry againtf Morgan, U)bO pleaDeD tbat be toas aurerfoitz inDicteD anD con* 
tictcD of tbe fame felonp , anD baD W Clcrgp befo?e 3uaiccs of d^aolc Dclitierp 
anD pleaDeD ober to tbe felonp {% Vc^z plea allotoeD.) ^nD fo map Jutttccs of ^tet 


Cap.^o. Iullicesof(jaolec{elhery, \6^ 

anD Ccrmtner I30c, tol)tcf) is to be obfcrtcD bj' tftc juukious IReaDcr, fo j botlj of 
tlicmljatc autl)Ojitp to enquire, l)earc,anD Detcimiticoffucljaflbepjifonersitt 
t^c ©aolc t anD in tfjat cafe tfjcp ^atc a concurrent autfjojitp. 

5. Jl a man be iuDicteO bcfo?c 3!uatccs of peace , anD thereupon oiitlalnco, 1 j H.r.j.b. 
anD is taken anD committeD to pjtfon^tije Suffices of dDaolc Delitcrp ma{)alDarD 

6. %\\tx> maj) afftgne a Coroner to an ^ppjotier , anD mafee |9;occ3 againtt Appdiar. 
the appellee in a fo?c'tn viotmtp. f^'f''\ 

7. * 2H»eP map puniO) t^ofe tfiat let men to bailc oj mainpjife, to^icfj arc not » '"l., jf,'*[- J 
bailable bp lato , oj fuffcr tbem to cfcape» , finibu'scap. j.* 

5i5ptbe statute of I EAitispjotjiDeDintftefclDOjDs, ,.'■' 4E.3.capi. 

And be it, &c. That in all cafes whereany perfon or perfons hereto'- ^^& "^ ^''-^ ^-»^- 
fore have been , or hereafter (hall be found guilty of any manner of rE.^lcar.y. 
Treafon, Murder, Manflaughter, Rape, or other felony whatfoever 5 XrcafoPj&c. 
for the which judgement of death fhoiild or may enfue, and fliall be re- 
pried to prifon without judgement atthattime given againft him, her, 
or them fo found guilty, that thofe perfons, that at any time hereafter 
fhall by the Kings Letters Patents be affigned Juftices to deliver the 
Gaole where any fuch perfon or perfons found guilty, fliall remain 5 
fhall have full power and authority to give judgement of death againft 
fuch perfon fo found guilty and repried, as the fame Juftices before 
whom fuch perfon or perfons was or were found guilty might have 
done, if their Commiflion of Goale deliveiy had remained and conti- 
nued in full force and ftrcngth. r. A G l. 

8. ^crcbP tf)ejuDc(cmentoftl)ctoljole^0arliaracnt tbifii conclufion Dot&fol= *';'*'"'''' 
loto, t6at 3!u'ftices of ci^aole Delitjcri? , accojDing fottjegeneralitpof tljeiuojDss sce zs e i. dc 
of tfteir Commiffion, ma^ Deliber tl)C dDaole of p}ifoncr0 committcD fo? I^iglj Appeiiads^the 
SCreafon, tohicb toe p:cfer before anp pjttjate opinion,crpeciallp concluDtng tott^ r«itaii. 

J, (~) ' V.i R.j.cor. 47. 

9^* Jufttccs Of ©aole Dclitjcrp fljall fenD tticir IRecojDs anD ^Bjoces Dcfermt^ ^^^^J^ ^°''"' 

ncO,anD put in ereciition to tl)c cSrcljcqiicr at gptcbaelmas eterp pear fo be Deliijc^,i. cor.jy, 

reDtljcre totijesnrcafureranDCljambctlains.^c.fokcepfljeratnfljesnrearurp. j8.& iSi.a. 

I o. b 3iuftitc0 of CJaol Delit?crp map reccitjc appeals of robberpanD murDer bp " 9 e. J.cap. j._ 

JlBill, but tUc appellees muft be in pjifon befoje tljem, ttrH f fo \o 

IK c So tt)cfc3utticcs»lommillion0of atfociation, anD Mrits of aDmtf * Dicrfo 99." ' 

fance, anDSinonomncsCasftatljbeenratDofSIwtticesof £DteranD aCerminer) jH.y.Mp.i. 

are DirerteD. stanf.pi.ccr. 

M.^ Bluftices of (Baole Delitjcrp ©all feeep tlieir Sections in tl&c pjincipall anD ^ * [V^' ca^*' 

tbicf SLotons of tljc »rountics to^cre ttie &>l)ire Courts of tlje fame Counties be ** ^"^' 

1 3. %v t^e Ifafuteof 2 & ^ Ph, & Mar. it is pjotiiDcD, That all Commif- 1 & 

fions of the "^ Peace or Gaole delivery to any City or Towne Corpo- "[-^h , 

rate not being a County of it felfe, fliall ftand and rcmaine, the grant- *' ' '"^ 
ing of any like Commiifion of the Peace or Gaol delivery inany Shire, 
Lathe, Rape, Riding, or Wapentake, being of a latter date,to the con- 
trary notwithftanding. 

&CC intljc Chapter of £Dier anD SCerminer Conclufione ji* mo?c concerning 
Sluftices of ©aolc Dcliterp. vide 44 Aff. pi.2 1 . 

e>cc aut!)ojitic3 latrtp granfeD to 3iutticcs of <©aolc Dcli^rp in fl^ Cfjapter 
BCjt cnfutng of lattices of J^eace. 



Cap. 31. 



luftices of Peace. 

31); Amliooy Fitz-Herbert , one Of f|e BluQiceo of f^e Court of Commdtt 
piea0,anD Otters Ottier0 ^eltjitten of t^eSlnristiiition ano potuer of 
' f ttSUe0 of t^ ^eace, boti) in ttjc Conrt of t^e ^eatons of |peace,a0 toitii' 
out jfotDliofe labours 31 refertI)eltleaDer» 

jSnD it is futi^ a fojme of fubo^Dtnate government fo; f I)e f ranqnilUf p ant) qntef 

of tbe Healm , as no part of t^e Cl^jtaian txiojlD tiat^ t^ like, if tlie fame be Dn< 


%o t^t former SDreatites are necedarp to be aDtieO certain ^cts of parliament 

Before the Con. ntaHctnt^eii pear of our late feotjeraignclLojOi^ing James, ano certain Ca^ 

qucft. Deface \iznt9, StDDittons^nH ^Dbferbations ncceffarp to be knoton»Dc pace violata; vide 

l"aTc3o 11 int'legcj Alvredi,cap.3<^. Edwardi cap.5. 

^ ^ ^ ^ IBut as a |9>eface to all tbat fljall be faiD of t^e office anD tiutp of 3nff icfes of 

peace, too totll begin loit^ tbat tobtcb is enacted bp t^e ftatnte of 4 H.7, as a ne* 
EelTarp cabeat to all BluSices of peace, vu. The King confidercth that a 
great part of the wealth and proiperity of the land ftandcth ih that, that 
his fubjeds may live in furety under his peace in their bodies & goods : 
and that the husbandry of this land may increafe and be upholdcn, 
which muft be had by due execution of Lawes and Ordinances, charg- 
eth and commandeth the Juftices of the Peace to endeavour them to do 
and execute the tenor of their Commiflion , the faid Lawes and Or- 
dinances ordained for fubduing of the premifes, astheywillftandin 
love and favour of his Grace, and in avoiding the pains that be ordai- 
ned, if they do the contrary. And over that he chargeth and comman- 
deth , that every man, what degree or condition that he be of, that let 
them in word or deed to execute their faid authority in any manner 
forme abovefaid, that they fliew it to his Grace ^ and if they do it not, 
and it come to his knowledge by other then by them , they fhall not be 
in his favour , but taken as men out of credence, and be put out of 
CommilTion for ever. And over this he chargeth and commandeth aU 
manner of men, as well the poore as the rich, which be to him ail one 
in due miniftration of juftice, that is hurt or grieved in anything, that 
the faid Juftice of peace may heare, determine, or execute in any wife, 
that he fo grieved make his complaint to the Juftice of the Peace that 
next dwelleth unto him, or to any of his fellowcs,and defire a remedy: 
and if then he have no remedy , if it be nigh fuchtime as his Juftices of 
A flifes come into that Shire,that then he fo grieved ftiew his complaint 
to the fame Juftices-, and if he then have no remedy, or if the com- 
plaint be made long afore the commingofthe Juftices of Aflife, then 
he fo grieved come to the Kings Highnefle ortohisChancelourfor 
the time being, and ftiew his griefe : and his faid Highnefle then ftiali 
fend for the faid Juftice to know the caufe why his faid fubjeds be not 
eafed, and his lawes executed. Whereupon if he finde any of them in 
default of executing of his lawes in thefe premifes , according to his 


Cap.31. luftices of Teace. 171 

high commandment , he (liall doe to him fo offending to be put out of 
the Commiflion, and fuithermoreto bepuniflied according to his de- 
merits. And over that his faid Highncfle (hall not let for any favour, 
aftedtionjCoft, charge, nor none other caufe , but that he fhallfeehis 
la^!^es to have plain and true execution , and his fubjeds to live in 
furety of their lands , bodies and goods according to his faid laws, 
and the faid mifchiefs to be avoided, that his fubjeds mayincreafein 
wealth and profperity to the pleafure of God. 

3nD tofjcrc tljC tUOjDS of tfje faitl Slct be: And further to be punifhed accor- 
ding CO his detnerits. £D!)efc toojDS arc fo to bc unDcrflfooD , tl)at.tcftall be 
puntfljcDinanojDtnar^courfcof jufticc bptuap of inDtctmcnt upon tljts 3ft, 
Ui ^t0 contempt^c. anDnotb? anp abfolufe poU)er,a0 t)atl)becn often obfei:' 


St is to be obfctticti, tijat \a^zn 31uftice Fiizherbcrt anD forac others DtD 
tojitcof tlje aut^ojitp of Sufttces of |0cace, tljc Conimiffton of tlje pcdiit 
CooD otjecburticncD anD tncumb?eD toit^ Ditjcrs flatutes , fome tuljereof toerc 
befo?e,anO fomc Gnce repcalco: anD toitf) fome, luftcreas tljcre teas none futIj,anD *"T'/',",'i'(^5 
ttuffeD tottl) mang tatn anD unncccffarp rcpetittons, anD manp otijcr cojruptt= ni'/flion'anTthc 
onfl crept into it bp mittaktng ofClcrbs,ic. iFojamcnDmcntanD cojrertton rcfomiiuors^ad- 
iol^crcof (being a matter of fo great tmpojtante; S>trChriitopher Wray «£l)tef ditiensandake- 
^uftfce ofenglanD,Mich.32& 3;Eliz.aacmljlcDalltl)c31uDgc3 ofenglanD, "tionswiiiap- 
anD upon pcrufall ftao of tl)C fojmer Commfrion of ttje peace , antt- upon Due ^"// ^ ^ ^^ 
conftDcratton ijaD tticreupon , anD often conferences betUicen tljemfelbes. tljeg .ha commiflioa 
refoMicD upon a rcfojmatton ofttiefojmcr, tuttfj Dttjcrs aDDttions anDalterati* of the x^^ace re- 
onsbotlj in matter anDmctljoD, as it noto ftanDctfj at t|){s Dap : anD fljere nee= formed bvoti ihc 
Dctl) pet anotl)tr reformation of tljat alfo; foj fince tftaf tfmc Dibcrs ftatutcs t^n QS" "^ ''"S- 
infoice^abebecnrepcalcD,anDDtt3cr3f)abe etpircD. jfls foj cicample, 0U tfje aa= ,j 11.4.0.,. 
tiites ofJLitjericstnquicablc bp ^ufticeo of JSeace arc cepealeD bp ti^e ftafutc^. 
of3Car.cap.4.fatjtnst^eftatuteof i R.i.cap.z.tnquirable befojc 3.afi,itzfi of 
Mtfe.Videfuprapa.ijp. aifo tlje ftatutc ofz7 H.s.cap. 12. tijaftfje olunerof %1|^'3*^**'" 
anp fcite oj pjccinrt.ic. ofanp DilTolbeD religious Ijoufc unDet tl)e talucof ' " * 
aoo 1. per annum , foj tfje beeping of tioneft anD conttnuaU ^ouftolD tl^eceupon, 
anD inqutrablebp3aatccs of locate is rcpealcDbp 21 Jac. Regis cap. 18. ^no . 

t!)e ftatute of ijR.2,cap.8.anD4H.4cap.2^,fojtafefng bpanp InljolDers tn ''h 4 o i< 
gain ato\)e at)alfpcnnpinabufteUof£)atsotfer ffte common p? tee in tl)emar« 
feet, anD inqutrablcbp Bluatcesof peace be alfo repealeD bp tlje falD 0ct of 
aijac, HtUeiMtfctbcaatuteof 39 El,cap»i. concerning tjusbanDjp anD ttl^ 39E1.M.1. 
lagctobicl) being but a pjobattoncc foj at{me,toasDifcontinucD 21 Jac. ;anD 'nyca i« 
tl)c ftatutcs concerning Ijoufcs of ^usbanDjpanD tillage in 4 H.7. 7 H,8. 2 7 H.K. 7 h.'s.m. .. 
5 E. 6. anD 5 Eliz.are all repealeD bp ii Jac anD Dtbers otbers,K. 27 h.8 cap.xi, 

it tsagooDruletl)crefojefo?all3IuDgcBanD 3uatccsU3batfoeber,tfjatI)abe 5E'<5"pJ' 
lurfsDiction bp anp ftatute.tolitcl) at tlje firft toas tempojarp , oj foj a time, fo "> ''•"*• 
conQDcrtDellbefojetftcp gibe juDgement, toljctbcr tIjat ftatutc l)abe been con< 
tinueD oj niaoe perpetuaU: anD if it Vocre at tbc firft maDcpcrpctuall,tol>etf)cr tf 
be not repealed 0; altereD bp anp latter ftattltCf Erudimioi qui judicatis terram. 
^ee in t^e Second pare of the InQitutes ttje C^rpoGtion upon ifyi (latutc Of 

Suffices Of Peace map enquire ifcBffreafsbe notftclocD bp &Ijertf0,ic, to 4;E.?.cap.9. 
t^cpartp tnDebteD anD totteD. ncccffarp lalu foitljceafcoftljcfubjectt w.i.« 

Concerning tlje nomination of3ufticcsofpcatc, fectftettatutesof nR.?., 
cap.2« iH.j.ftat.axap.i. iSHAca.n. toljcreunto pou map aDD.t^atbefojeall 
tftefeanotfteractnot in p:tnt toas maDe in 28 E.a.aslocllfojtljeir nomination, Rot-^^r.iSE.j. 
as ftoto anD bp tol)om thci' Qjall be DtfcbargeD. (Ecrtain it is tbaf ftctbat is namcD ""'/■ „i, .g 
in t^e ^ommtdton of peace unDer t^e vl^^eat &eal to be a Bluftice df peace,f0 5a H.V.m'.'{4.' 
alatofnll 3iu(tice of peace, 


ijz hjlices of T^ace, ^^P-3iJ 

II jac.Rg.a.4. 3tt^c ^jBarUamcnt liolDcn Anco ^ i lac. Regis , tijerc teas an cwcUent lain 
ntaQe* entttulet) ; An Aft for the cafe of the Subjed concerning Informatiots 
upon penall ftatutes , iD^ci) Sift fo} t^at it pnncipallp (oncernett) Stiff ices of 
ipeace, is ^tvt infcrteD in hxc verba a0 folloluct^. 

Thiswasihean- Whcrcas the offences againft divers and fundry poenalllaws and 
'''r 'of pTifa" ftatutes of the Realme may better , and with more eafe and lefTe 
raemsfas before "charge to the fubjed, be commenced, fued, informed againft, pro- 
it hath appeared; fecutcd and tried in the Counties where fuch offences fnali be com- 
be"dm?niftKd^& mittcd. And whereas the poor Commons of this Realm are grievoufly 
tried in their pro- charged, troublcd, vexed, molefted, and difturbed by divers ^ troa- 
per Counties, and blefomc perlons , commonlv called Relators, Informers, and Pro- 

nottobcdrawn X r • 1 r • 1 • 1 • »# • 

up to the Courts moters , by profecutmg and enforcing them to appear m his Maje- 

atweftm'fotthe ftjes Courts at Weftminfter, and to anfwer offences fuppofed by 

"reambietxpief- them to be Committed againfl the faid poenall laws and ftatutes, or 

fed. ( elfe to compound with them for the fame. 

tf Of this kind 

of men, it was formerly truly Caid,noc genui bominum fcmper vhabititr, & ttvnoi femper incivimc rimebitiir. But 

this law confiding of fc«^en parts remedied all the former inconveniences , and the abufcs of thefe ttoublefome per- 


I. For remedy whereof be it enaded by the Authority of this 
prefent Parliament , that all offences hereafter to be committed a- 
gainf! any penall llktutc, for which any common Informer or Pro- 
moter may lawfully ground any popular adion , bill, plaint, fuit or in- 
^Notabefore formation '' before Juflices of Aflife, Juftices of Nifi prius,or Gaol- 
^"Affife."^ Delivery, Juftices of Oier and Terminer , or Juftices of the Peace 
a Nifi priuj. in their generall, or quaiter Seflions, ftiall after the end of this pre- 
^ Oier & Tcrm^* ^^"^ ScffiOH of Parliament be commenced, fued, profccuted, tried,re- 
j Peace. ' covered and determined by way of adion, plaint , bill , informati- 
But thegreateft q^ q^ indiftment before luftices of Aflife, luftices of Nifi prius,Iu- 
cxecudon of "wi ftices of Oier and Terminer, and luftices of Gaol-Delivery, or be- 
Aa will belong fore the luftices of Peace of every County, City, Borough, or town 
peale' wJuKof"^ Corporate, and liberty, ^ having power to enquire of, hear and deter- 
therebcm"ny mine the fame within this Realm of England or dominion of Wales, 
learned in the wherein fuch offenccs fliall be committed, in any of the Couits, pla- 
/Note this Aft ces of ludicatuic, or liberties aforefaid refpedively, only at the choice 
giveth Juftices of of the parties, which fhall or will commence fuit, orprofecuce for 
^^^'e^"n°car« ^^^ fame, ^ and not elfewhere, fave only in the faid Counties,orpla- 
wher"formcr CCS ufuall for thofe Counties or any of them. 

Atts gave them 

none, and foofthe reft of the Juftices here named, d So as they cannot be commenced, &c in any of the Kings 

Courts at Weftminfter. 

'^ oceffe' '^""'*' *• " ^^^ '^^^ ^^^^ proceffe upon every popular a(aion,bill,plaint, 

OutUwry doth information or fuit, to be commenced , or fued , orprofecuted after 

lye upon every the cnd of this prefcnt Seffion of Parliament by force of, or accor- 

ancSar^cUfe ^'"o ^° ^^^ purport of this Ad, be had and awarded to all intents 

for execution of and purpofes as inanaftion oftrefpafTe-yi ^armis at the Common 

Juftice. ij^^ 

/-This ciiufe was 2. f ^nd that all and all manner of informations, ai^lions , bils, 

added that the •' 

Kings Majcftyftiould be boindex{)refty by this Aft, that no information in the Courts at Weftminfter ftiould be 
txhibJted by the Kings Attutny |encrali, by any common Informer, or 6ther peifon wkatfoevcr. Note the generali- 
ty of theft words, 




Cap. 31. fujlices ofTeace. ' 175 

plaints, and fuics whatfoever hereafter to be commenced, fued, pro-" 
fecutcd, or awarded either by the Atturny Generall of his Majefty, 
his heirs, orfucceffors for the time bting , or by any Officer or Of- 
ficers whatfoever for the time being, or by any common Informer, 
or other perfon whatfoever in any of his Majefties Courts at Weft- 
minfter, for or concerning any of the oifences , penalties or forfei- 
tures aforefaid, fhall be void, and of none effect , any law , cuftome, 
or ufage to the contrary thereof notwithftanding. 

4 And be it further enaded by the Authority aforefaid , that in 
all Informations to be exhibited, and in all bils, counts, plaints,and 
declarations in any adlion or fuit to be commenced againft any per- 
fon or perfons, either by, or on the behalf ofthes King or any other f Notf^rheKing 
for or concerning any offence committed, or to be committed againft "Il^^^^^T'^j' : 
any penall ftatute, the offence ^ fhall be laid and alleadged to have the proper c 
been committed in the faid County where fuch offence in truth ')•. 
was committed , and not elfewhere. And if the Defendant to any i!,'affifman« of^ 
fuch Information , aftion or fuit , pleadeth that he oweth nothing, the true inftitu- 
or that he is not guilty, and the Plaintif or Informer in fuch infor- "on of the Com- 
mation, adtion or fuit upon evidence to the lury that fhall try the dni^v^adZ^^ 
ifTue, fhall not both prove the offence laid in the faid Information, hna pr^cfumun. 
adion or fuit, and that the fame offence was committedin that Coun- theiCTnformefr 
cy, then the Defendant and Defendants fhall be found not guilty. they were b:ft* 

trufled, where 
ihey were lead known. This ii a vex y beneficiallclaufe for every Defendant to taitcholdof, 

5. And be it further enaiSed by the Authority aforefaid, that no 

Officer or Minifler in any » Court of Record fhall receive , file, or » That ii in any of 

enter of Record any Information, biU, or plaint, count , or declarati- fbre^ufi.cejtf 

on, grounded upon the faid penall fbtutcs or any of them, which Affife, and other 

before by this Adareappomted to be heard and determined in their JScft J^^of '* 

proper Counties, untjll the Informer , or Relator hath firfl taken a this Ait. 
k corporall oath before fomeof the ludges of that Court, that the 

offence or offences laid in fuch information, action , fuit, or plaint, ^ ^hc In&rtner 

was or were not committed in any other County , then where by ™"h before Ws 

the faid information, bill, plaint, count or declaration the fame is, »'ifjnnationj&:. 

or are fuppofed to have been committed , and he bcleeveth in his Abe^fidiU 

confcience the offence was committed i within a year before cUn'k aifo for 

formation or fuit within the fame County , where the faid infor- '*>^Dcfcndanr. 

ination or fuit was commenced, the fame oath to be there entred of ayearbeforeThc 

Record. information. 

6. And beltalfo enadied by the Authority aforefaid , that if any vi() 
Information, fuit, or adion fhall be brought, or exhibited againft ** '^*'^""P "* 
any perfon or perfons for any offence committed, or to be commit- 
ted againft the form of any penall law either by, or on the behalf 

of the King, or by any other, or on the behalf of the King and Thcteafonsof 
any other, it fhali be lawfuU for fuch Defendants to plead the ge- th's ciaufe were, 

' * ° r. For that in the 

Coarts aforsfaidjfpecially before Jufliccs of peace, there are not fuch skilfull Prothonotaries and Clerks for good 
pleadingas v/etc in the Kings Courts at Wefbminftcr; and therefore the makeis of tliislaw provided iliat the De- 
fendant might plead the generall iflue. I. For tlweafe and benefit of the fubjeft, great charges growing byfpecj. 
all pleading, j. For avoiding of demurrers upon- fttift, and nice points of pleading. 4. For avoiding of writs of 
Error, which often ate brought inrefpeft of fpcciall pleading. 

A 3 ncrall 

xyi. yujlices ofTeace, Cap.^i. 

nerall iffue, that they are not guilty, or that they owe nothing,and 
to give fuch fpeciall matter in evidence to the lury that fhall try the 
fame , which matter being pleaded had been a good and fufficient 
matter in law, to have difcharged the faid Defendant or Defendants 
ao^ainft the faid information, fuit, or adlion* and the faid matter 
fhall be then as available to him or them to all intents and purpo- 
ses as if he, or they had fufficiently pleaded , fet forth , or alleadged 
the fame matter in bar, or difcharge of fuch information , fuit , or 

Provided alwayes that this Ad or any claufe contained therein 
fhall not extend to any information, fuit , or adion, grounded upon 
any law or flatute made againft Popifh RecnfantSjOr for,or concerning 
Popifti recufancy, oragainflthofethat (hall not frequent the Church 
and hear divine fervice, nor to any information, fuit, or adion for 
maintenance, champerty, or buying of titles, nor to any fuit, or in- 
formation grounded upon the ftatute made in the firft year of the 
reign of our Soveraign Lord the King, of a Subfidy granted to the 
King,of Tunnage, Poundage, Wool, &c. nor for , or concerning the 
concealing or defrauding the King his heires or fucceffors of any 
Cuftome, Tunnage, Poundage, Subfidy, Impofl, or Prifage, or for 
tranfporting of gold , filver , Ordinance, Powder, fhot, munition of 
all forts. Wool, Woolfels, or Leather, but that fuch offence may be 
refee!i'oniy°to laid ot alleadged to be in* any County, at the pleafure of any In- 
the Couaty,&c. former, anything in this Ad to the contrary notwithftanding. 

Soasnoinfor- j , . e \ v 

mation,&c. grounded upon any of the ftacutes in this provifo mentioned can be commenced, &c. in any of theKing^ 
Courts at Weftminftcr but before the Juflices of Afiife, Jufliccs of Nifiprius,or Gaol delivery , luftices of Oier 
and Terminer,or lufticcs of Peace. 

%\itxt tuas anetftet mffc^ief toljttlj lap fjeat? upon IMt f«b;ed , to^crcof 
atit^antagcjntgtitbE taUcit bpanp 3Info?mer,tDfttcb toas not pjotJiDcD foj ln> 
ttjts att,viz.t)itieri3fojmerttafutc0, to^itljfn rcfpect ofttje alteration of times 
lap as fnates upon tftc people, atiD at ti^iQ Dap coulD not be pcrfojmeD* if oj tt-- 

4H.7.cap8. ample J %MvA aparD ofb:oatMlof^offf)Cfirteft mabtng fcarlefgrapcD, o? o- 
t^er clotl^ grapneD,tol)at colour foebcc it be, ftoulD not bcfolD abot»e tftc value 
of i<5s.ab?oaD parti, 5c. M^tclj 0tt anD man? otljer ^cts of |0arliamcnf of 
lifee nature, ant) otljec obtolete lato0fo a ijcrp great number iDcrcat tljisipar* 

ai ][ liameut utterlprcpealeD,anti mate toiD, Mlc atiblfc tfjcrcfojc f&c 3utt«e of 
peace (foj to bim tocpjincfpallj? tifrcd: oar fpeecfi, tl&ougl) it concern fljc reft of 
fUje 3!ufttcesb0fojenameti) feriouflpto rcaD oljcr tl^at 0ct,tol)ere allfl^orc obfolctc 
latos areparticularlpmentioneD anD repealeD.anD tftcrcfojc no infojaiation, tu 
can be commenccD,5C. upon anpoftljem. 

at f defame |5arliament alfo Anno 21 lac. Regis, an offter gooD anDpjofi- 
f able lain UiasmaDe concerning Biuftices of |3eace anD others, t^eteno;b)gcre=: 

ii The Title. An AS} to enlarge and make fcrpetuall the A£t made for 

eafein pleading again fi troublefome and contentions fiuts frofecuted 
Againft luftices of the Peace, Maiors, Cenftables, and certain others 
his Majefties Officers for the larvfuU execution of their office^wade 
in the J, year of his Majefties moft haffy reign. 

Whereas an Ad intituled, an Ad for eafe in pleading againft trou- 
blcfome and contentious fuits prolecuted againft luftices ofche Peace, 


Cap.ji. lufiices of Teace. iji 

Majors, ConftableSj and certain others his Majeflies Officers for the 7jac.regisca.y. 

law full execution of their office made in the feventh year of his Ma- 'r'^" ^^' "^«"' 

jefties moft happy reign of England, was made to continue but for rjufticwof 

feven years, and from thence to the end of the next Parliament, after pe^cc. 

the faid feven years which by experience hath fince been found to i*f^orc»^ixs^'or 

be a good and profitable law. Be it therefore cnadted by the Kings towns corporate. 

moft excellent Majefty,the Lords Spirituall and Temporall, and the J Headborow*. 

Commons in this prefent Parliament alfembled , and by the autho- J confiYbies, 

rity of the fame , that the faid A(5l (hall from and after the end of 6 Tichmgmcn. 

this prefent Seflion of Parliament be perpetuall , and have continu- siuSs°and^ 

ance for ever. ' Fifteenth, ^nd 

not to any OiEcer not named in that Aft, MaJe perp^tyall. 

And be It further enaded by the Authority aforefaid , that all This Aft of 

Churchwardens, and allperfons called Sworn-men executing the of- d'ti! w°''' "'^°" 

fice of the Churchwardens, and all Overfeers of the poor, and alio- i.churchwardcs. 

thers, which in their aid or affiftance, or by their commandment *- Allperfons 

Ihall doe any thing touching or concerning his or their office,or offi- mcnextc°t'ing 

ces, fhall hereafter be enabled to receive and have fuch benefit and 'heofEccof 

help by vertue of the faid Adi^to all intents, conftrudions, and purpo- ^.''au ovcrfe "rs' 

fcs, as if they had been fpecially nairied therein. ofihcpoor. 

their aid and a(fiftance,andnoc to any other Officcror pcrfcn not named intbis Aft 

And whereas notwithftanding the faid ftatute, the Plaintif Is ac 
liberty to lay his adlion which he fhall bring againft any luftice of 
Peace, or other Officer in any forain County, at his choice, which 
hath proved very inconvenient unto fundry of the Officei-s , and 
perfons aforefaid , that have been impleaded by fome contcntiouSj ' 

and troublefome perfons in Countries far remote from their places 
of habitations. 

Beit therefore further ena(Sedby the Authority aforefaid, that J^^^"t'^''"* 
if any adlion,bill, plaint, or fuit uponthecafe, trefpalTe, battery, or i^^Actiom^upon 
falfe imprifonment fhall be brought after the end of this prefent Sef- '^^"^^-^p 
fionof Parliament againflany luflice of Peace, Maior,or Baylif of j^aturV* 
City, or town corporate, Headborow,Portreve, Conflable,Tything- 4 Faife impri- 
man, Colleftor ofSubfidy or Fifteens, Churchwardens, and perfons ^^^"""^"^ 
called Sworn-men executing the office of Churchwarden , or Overfeer 
of the poor, and their Deputies,or any of them, or any other which in 
their aid,or affiflance,or by their commandment,fhall do any thing tou- 
ching or concerning his or their office or offices,for or concerning any 
matter,caufe or thing by them or any of them done by vertue or reafon 
of their or any of their office or offices,that the faid action,bil,plaint,or Theaftions i 
fuit fhall belaid within theCounty where the trefpafle or fad fhall be [° jf^|5,']'^'J(Jf 
done and committed,and not elfewhere. And that it fhall be lawfull to & ^\^ Coumy! 
for all and every perfon, and perfons aforefaid, to plead thereunto the 
generall ifTuejthat he or they are not guilty , and to give fuch fpeciall Topiejdthegt- 
matter in evidence tothelury which fhaUtrythefame,asinorbythe "^"i^'^"'- 
faid former Ad is limited or declared. And that if upon the tryal of any 
fuch aftlon, bill, plaint, or fuit, the Plaintif or Piaimifs therein fhali 

A a a not 

The phintifiip- 
. on ilie evidence 
muft piove that 
on was done or 
had in the pro- 
per County. 

1^6 fuflkes of^eace. Cap. 31. 

not prove tothelury which (hall try the fame, that the trerpafre,bat- 
tery , imprifonment, or other fa«f^, or caufe of his , her , or their fuch 
adion, bill, plaint, or fuit was, or were had, made, committed, or done 
within the County where fuch z&xon , bill , plaint, or fuit fhall be 
laid J That then in every fuch cafe , the lury which Ihall try the fame, 
{hall find the Defendant and Defendants in every fuch a(fiion, bill, 
plaint, or fuit, not guilty, without having any regard or ref pedl to any 
evidence given by the Plaintif or Plaintifs riierein touching the tref- 
paffe, battery, imprifonment, or other caufe, for which the Tame adi- 
on, bill, plaint, or fuit is , or fhall be brought : and if the verdid: Ihall 
paffe with the Defendant or Defendants in any fuch action , bill, 
plaint, or fuit , or the Plaintif or Plaintifs therein become nonfuit, 
or fuffer any difcontinuance thereof, that in every fuch cafe the 
Defendant or Defendants fhall have fuch double cofts , and all other 
advantages and remedies, as in and by thefaid former Ad: is limited, 
direded, or provided. 

11 J, g>00 aift, another SIct fibe fame parltamcnf, anno 2 1 lacobi regis, fnttfulcD, 

An Act to triable hidges and lupus of the Pence to giverejiitiitionof 

foffefion in certain cafes. 
Be it enaded by the Authority of this prefent Parliament , that 
fuch ludges, luftices, or luftice of the Peace, as by leafonof any Ad: 
or Ads of Parliament now in force are authorifed, and inabled up- 
on inquiry to give reftitution of poffeflion unto tenants of any eflate 
of freehold, of their lands, or tenements which fhall be entred upon 
with force, or from them withholdcn by force, fhall by reafon of this 
prefent Ad have the like and the fame authority and ability from 
henceforth ( upon indidment of fuch forcible entries , or forcible 
withholdings before them duly found) to give like reflitution of pof- 
feffion unto Tenants for tearm of years,Tcnants by copy of Court-rol, 
Guardians by Knights fervice,Tenants by ElegitjStatute merchant and 
flaple of lands, or tenements by themfoholden, which fhall becn- 
tred upon by force, or holden from them by force, 
^ce 8 H»6.cap»^, & 3 1 EI,cap.i i . 

I Judges or Jii- 
Kings Bench. 
cap 9. Lib-p. 
f.iiS.b. iH.8. 

Not luftices of 
O er and Ter- 
miner,nor any 
other Iiiftio;. 
In ftead oUif- 
fcipvhvihiM v\as 
fornerly in the 
it (hall be faid, 
amovit,ot dciinuit. 
4. Tenant by Eleg 

This Aftextendethto i. Tenant for years, i. TetJant by coppy, &c. l.Guardcnt cnCblvaby. 
it, ^. By Statute merchant. 6. By Statute ftaplc, which no former Ad extended- muo. 


Rot. Par. 3 R.i. 

In Termino Pafch, ^ E.i» Coram rcge prima fuit infliuitio lufiiclariorum 
pro pace confervanda, 

Rot.Parl. i8E.i.fot3,nu,4i.HomiDesdeChererfliirequionerati Tunc de fer- 
vientibus pacis fuflentandis.petunt exonerari de oneribus ftatut' Wincon, &c, 
%ex Kon habet conjilium mutanii eonfiietudtHeSy fiecflatHtafua revacandi, 

2Dl)cJLojD Cfjanccloj anti otfjers oftfjepjttjp CourtccU tiocrcmotje Ditcrs 
inftfces of peace foj tljaf tfjep toerc retapnfng to tlje ;3r£bbfft5op,fc 

Seea pjofitablc atiD gooD lato foj Bluatces of jpcacc in t^c |lJarl(ament KoU, 
aiiD not in p;tnt. 

iBut let us return to flje tiutp of a Bluff ice of JPcacc , foj Melius eft recurrcre 
quatn male currere. 

Tint oj mo?e Sluffice oj 3!uQ:ices of |Deacc cannot mahe a Warrant upon a 
bare furmtfetobjeaU anpmans^oufe to fcarcft fo; a iFeIon,oj foj floln gooDU, 
foj tljcp being trcafcD bj» M of parliament ftatjc no futlj autljojifj? grantcD 
unto ttem bp anj? M of parliament: ant) it fljoulD be full of inconvenience, tljat 


Cap.^i. fujlices ofTeace* 177 

it fltioultibctiiffjepotuet; of ani^ Biulttcc of )pcacc being a BIuDgc of IReco^D 
upon a bare fuggefltion to bjeak tl)c tjoure of anp perfon of toljat Kate, qualitp, 

oj Degree foclicr, anD at toftat time foctjcr, ettljcr tiitfjc Dap ojntgbt uponfucfi 
r«rmtfe0. IButtf tljc partp fufpcctcDljctnDutcD,t[)cntt)e&l)crtf bpfojce oft^e 
l>iHig0 \a%it niapDemanD ttjepartp inDtcteD to be Dcltt^ereD ^ anD tijat not Done? 
!)C map bjeaU open tl)cl)Oure,ic. anD appjc^enD tfje jFclon, fojtijat tljc iatngs 
VD?tt is a Non omictas propter aliquam libercatem : iut if tl)C JiingS pjOCeCfC 

beinDebf,frcfpa(re,it. at t^efuit ofapartp, tftere tjje S>f)crif bp fojceoftl)e 

tolngs tDjit cannot b?eab open tfjc fjoiife of tbe fubject. 0nD to is tije boob 

in,9. tDljicl) falt^;3tU3a3boli5en,tijatfoj. fclonpo? fufpitionoffelO' n^^.^xo^.^. 

np a man map bjeak tbe ftoufc to fafee tliie i?elon, anD tiDO rcafons are pcelDcD ^^He mayea- 

in tbcboob. i^HSctaufeittsfojtbc Common teeale to tahe tljcm, 2. Bccaufe l^'''/''°'''^ 

tlje Ming Ijatb an tntcreft in tijc ielonp,anD in fuclj cafctijetojit isa Non omit- hc\nl%n 

tas propter aliquam libertatcm: but ottjcrtotfe it iS foj Debt , OjtrefpaffCtlje •S'celib.j fp^jij. 

&ftcrif oj anpotftcr cannot bjeal? tbcljouretotabc ^im. J3nD pet it is to be •^cmainscafe. 

unDcrttooD,tl)at if one be inDifteD of S>l)crif map bp pjoceffetijeceupoii 

after DenpallmaDcicbjcafe tbe fjoufe foj Ijis appjeiienQon , oj upon^^ucanD 7E?->6.19e.3, 

crpofoncttiat is (lain ojtoounDcDJoassijc is in Danger of Deatlj, oj robbeD , tlje %-^^-^' 

iltngs £>fficcrtt)atpurfuctljmap(tfDenpallbemaDc) bjeaU a Ijoufe f app?e= 9^-4-^'^- 

IjenD tl)e Delinquent : butfo: Butticcs of peace to maheUiarrants upon furmi* 

fes , foj b?ealJing tbe boufcs of anp fubjcrts tofearcfj fojfclons,o;(toln gooDs, 

isagaintt Magna Carta. Nee fuper eum ibimus , nee (uper cum mittcmus, nifi Jlag.Cait.c.15, 

per legale judicium Parium fuorum, vel per legem Terrx : anD againtt tbc * lla» * Read the flat. 

tufe Of 41 E.3, cap, j.&c* ^nD iDc bolD tbe refolution of tbe Court,viz.of Brud- 

nel],PoIlard,Broke,anDFitzhcrbertin 14H.84 to be laUj , tbat a Suffice Of i +^.a, 

fDeacc coulD not mabe a toarrant f tabe a man foj felonp, unleCTe be be inDictcD 

tbereof,anDtbitmuftbeDonein open S>cffions of tbc |Dcacc, iFoj tbe 3iufticc 

])imfelf cannot arreft one foj felonp , unleOTe be bimfelf fufped; bim, (as anp otber 

niai')anD bp tbc fame rcafon be cannot maUe a Voarranf to anotber. ;anD all tbis 

appcarctb in tbat boob, anD is agreeable iuttb our fojmer boobs tn4i A(r,p.y.& 

1 2 . & Z4 E. 3, tit. com.Br. 3, anD initb reafon , foj tbts toarrant to tabe a ^eloii 

fboulD be iw nature of a Capias fo: felonp , tobicb cannot be grant eD befoje inDtct* 

mentjuo: after inDtctment,but in open court. 5lnD tbi? is tbe rcafon luberefojc vid 1 r ? ca ?, 

Suffices of l^cace befoje inDictment toulD not babe let anp cbargeD tpitb felonp j h!; qz\, 

ojfufpitiontobail,o;mainp;ife, becaufe Suffices ofpeaceareSuDgesof Ke; ifltiPh.&Mar. 

to;D,anDougbtfopjoceeDupon SRecojD, anD not upon furmifes. Sed diftin- "/'i'^*^* 

guenda fum tempora, & concordabis legestifoj fmcetbeftatufesof i &zPh. ^''•^*l»"''»- 

& Mar cap. 1 3. anD i &3 Ph.& (tbcUJOjDstobcreof bc, That the faid 

juUicef,oroneof ihsm being oftheQuorum,when any fuch prifoner is broughi 

before them for any manllaughter, or felony ,fhall take examinationj&c) if anp 

perfon be CbargeD toifb anp manner Of felonp, anD infojmatton be giben to a 

Suffice of peace of tbe felonp ojfufpitton of felonp , anD fearetb fbaf tbe iliings 

peace map be bjoben in appjebcnDtngof btm, tbe faiD Suffice map mabe a toar* 

rant to tbe Conftablc of tbctolunto fcetbe Bings peace bept in tbc app:e« 

benDing anD bringing of tbe partp cbargeD toitb oj fufpctteD of tbe felonp be* 

fojc bim. anD tbe partp tbatgitict'b tbe infojmation of bis bnoluleDge ojfufpi* 

lion to be pjefent anD arreft tbc Delinquent ; anD in tbts manner it is impli« 

CD anD intcnDcD bp tbc faiD ftatutes foj tbepjifoner to be bjougbt befoje tbem : 

anD tbis^astoc tabeit,agrccfb luitb tbc common ufe anD obferbancecterfince 

fbofe ttatutcs. ^nD tb'is agrcctb alfoVuitb tbcfatD boob in i4H.8.tbataSu« 

fttce of peace map mabe bis iuarrant foj tbc faltation of tbe peace , mea* 

ning to allift tbe partp tbat bnotoctb j batb fufpition of tbc fcloiip. lEut in tbtS 

cafe ncitbcr tbc Conffablc, no? anpotbcr can bjeabopen anpboufe fojtbcappje* 

tjcnfion of tbc partp fufpccteD j cbargeD toitb tbe felonp , foj it is in lato tbe ar* 

reff of tbc partp tbat batb Vaz bnoluUDgc oj fufpition , tobo cannot b jcab open , u , 

' a 1 M.7,j otiy, 
4H.7.i,5. 5 H.7 4. ioH.7.17. 20H.7.11. 7 E.4.10. 8E.4. j.b. jg E.4. 17. 9E.4.2d. 1 1 £,4.4. ijE.4.0, 
7H.4 jj. 17E.4.J. 17 H.S.ij.a, DieryEIizijfi.b. 


fufikes ofTeace. 

178 j-ujttces Of 'reace. ^ap.31. 

• to E 4 fo 6 anpboufc t but f f tljc * too; of tljc Ijoufc be open, !)e map enter into tbe fame, anU 
17 E.4. Va. arf^tt tlje pattp, acijus muc^ upon reaufng of fome tbat tjaijc tojtttcn of f ije ^u ficeoflafttcesofpcacEjtocljatjet^ougljt gooD to atite. iFojtbougt) commonly 
^ p , , tfie f^oufes oj cottages of poo?e anu bafe people be bp fuctj Warrants fcarc6c&, 
f Batteofia ^^^ ^cttfftbelatofnlUtbebourcsofanpfubjectjbcl^eneberfogreatjniapbercar* 
maifiprife. c^ct), ic. bp fuc^ SKIlarrant upon bare fufrntres. 

pm of [heTnfti- * Concemtng batlement anD mainpjtfe, anD toljat offcnDera ioere batleable bg 
tutes. J tftc CommonlaU), j?ou map rcaDe in tlje Second part of the Inftitutes, W.i xa.i y. 
foi47i,&c. jpoto fomctfting ts neceffarp to bcatiDeDfnrcfpectoffometiartetpofopfntonis,i. toucljfng t^e true Dtberfitp anD flgnificatton of IBatlment, spainpjt^e, Fidcijufl; 
W.I cap^i J. ^urctp,^leDgcs, Plevin, Plevina, Replevin, aiBo?oug||, ant) t^e Itbe. ^n\) firtt 
of 3ieatle. 

§>ome Dcrtbe tljfs toojD from tlje JFrenclj toojti Bailier, id eft, Tradere, to be* 
liber, becanfc tbc pjifoner is DelibereD out of pjifon ; but it cannot to bcDertbcD : 
foj tbe entrp is,itaditur in oj per ballium>anD tben tl)e fcnfe (oj non-fenfe) ttioulo 
be, bs is bclttjcreb into beltberp. llBut ttjts toojD Ballium is trulp fetcbeDfrom 
tbeJFrencl) Joton Bail, tbat figniSetba(!5arDtan,l^ecper,oj(lD>aoler; »an0 
l^eretoitb agrectb Braf^on, tobo fattb, Non erit ukerius per ballium dimiticndui. 
anDagaine, Per ballium dimittatur ufqueadvencum Ju(titiariorum, alioquin re* 
maneat in prifona : ant) in tlje fame page, tradas in ballium 1 2 probis hominibuj* 
CTereaDenotinBritionoftbistoojtillBaile, but of fome otbertoojDs hereafter 
Mirror ca.i.$ 14 foUotOing. Que pleviffent corps dc home ceux ne fonc my proprcmenc pledges 
mes font manipernors pur eeo que ilz fuppofent que ceux plcvilable font livers a 
eux per baile corps pur corps, 
• SDb^rc bailment is tallcD a li1?ing pjtfon. 

b nran arrcfteD oj imp jifoneD(anD bailable) foj fclonp fljal be balleb befojc it 
appearctl) tobetbcr be be guiltp ojno. llButifa manbeconttrtetibpberDictoj 
confeGfion, it. be is not bailable, becaufe it appearetb tbat be is gutltp. ^0 , tf 
upon eicamination a man confeOetb a feU>np, if tbe Mittimus be foj felonp confer* 
fet), bs cannot be bailet)» 

c ai5p shard tbere is a t)tberfttp bcttoeen Bail anD a^ainpjife ; foj t^t entrp of 
tbebatl is, tbat fucb an one tradit ur in ballium, in tobicb cafe tbep be bis a dDar* 
Dians ; anb if tbepfufferbinito efcape, tbep C^ll anftDerfo;i it. 

e anD tobere it is fatD tbere, Et per quofdam ili (crra Ujas fpofeen fcnt 
in * terrorem, anD tbcreupon a Qjere is maDe of it. 0nD tbat it iuas no fclonp in 
ancient time, bear tobat tbe 5^irro> faitb. 3lt is abufionto tbinfe tbat fucb pain 
ftoulD be atoarDeD to tbe HBail, as to tbe |9 jincipals Vobicb maDe Default, loberc 
tbep lucre lutamcrctablc in tbat cafe, 

f ^nD VDbcre anp man is DelitjereD in balHum,be map fafelp be fecpt bp bis Bail 
foj tbcir inDempnitp, becaufe tbe Court of Stuftice Dotb Delitjcr bim unto tbem to 
be fafelp hept. 

2Cbe manner of tbe feberall entries of tbe bail is too?tbp of obfertation , be- 
caufe it is onlp attaincD unto bp obferbation of p^QDents, anD tbe courfe of 

0nD fivtt in cafe of bailment fo; felonp bp tbe Common lato, fbofe tbat Do bait 
l^m are fcberallp bounD to tbe^ing bp jtecognifance in a certain fumme , tbat 
tbe pjifoner fball appear at a certain Dap, 5C. Et ultra quiUbeteorum corpus pro 
corpore, &c. 

%\iz bail of a felon befojc ttoo BBuftfces of tbe peace, tobereofonefo be of tbe 
©Hojambptbc ffatutcs of i & z Ph. & Mar. & 2 & 3 Ph. & Mar. fs fojtbe fe- 
lon in Double, anD foj eacb of tbe bail in fingle. Sis foj erample 1 31f tbe felon bs 
40 li. tbe bail is zo li. a picce» ^nDberein to obferte in effect tbjeetbings. 1, Ad 
comparciadum at tbc nert dJaoIC DcUbcrp. 2. Adftandum rctSo de felonia prx" 
dida. 3, Ad rcfpondendum di6to Domino Rcgij&c &ee tbe Second part of 
the Iftftiiutes,tbeftatufeof sparlcbjtDge,cap.i7» if tbe partpbaileD Propter pri- 
vilegium clericalerefpondere noluerit,non amcrcientur illi quibus traditus fuit in 
ballium. SCbcrc nmfl be alfo a Liberate in tbat cafe to tlje (Daolecif tbe felon b« 

17 E.I. 
finifa IS czp.j. 

<z Bra Aon lib. J. 


And herewith 

•grceth the Regi-, 

• Caft.dc Norm. 
15 E.j.4i.b. 
mainprife i. 
3 E.j.cor,jj4. 
a Elir.Dicr 179. 
C 3 J E.J. Main- 
prife II. 
d This agrecth 
with the former 


at H,6.59. 

jiH,6. to.4.3c' 

J9 H.6.Z7' 

ii H.7.?j. 

'Vid. infra, t 


J I 
per Fiiieux. 



f Vid.fupra. t 

fojmcrlp commiftcD to pjifon, to Deliber bim out of pjifon. 


C ap . 5 1 . fiijlkes of Teace, i yp 

ISefoietbefaiDttafutcsofjE. j.cap.M. vE.i.cap. ;.anDi 8:iPh.&M. ,.r 
cap. I ?, if aiippcrfoit IjaD been let to bail tfjat toas not bailable : bplato tl)i0 , E.j^il'or, 
amoutitctftto a negligent cfcapc , anDfijallbcpunifljcD as ancgliaentefcapeof 40X11.42. 
a felon fliall bctftat is, to be fineDat j li. Birtbjpttjeftatute of i ei 2 P.b. & Mar. 3 E.i.cap.i j. 
fljc 3uatces of (iI5aoleDeliticrpO)all in tbattafefct toljat fine upon tljeSiufticcs ^7|'"«-'^= 
of peace, ic. tljcp (Ijall tljinft fit. Wpon a Capias, ano a Cepi corpus returned, *'"''''"' '^'^ 5- 
tbe CntrP t3 traditur in ballium « die Maii Anno 1 6 Regis H.b'. /<?. Lo>:g,Sic, ufq; Hil. 18 H 8 
diem Mercurii prox' iutur',& ficde die in diem, & termino in terminum, quoufq; Bcncii. Thi. bail 
placitum prxdidumtermiDetur,v/^.quilibeteorum corpus pro corpore. '' dctertT.incdby 

31f Abe in cuftodiaMarefehal* in tIjcMtngsllSencI), ^aliSillofDcbtbebjoad^t '''^ i^'^gcincnc, 
agatnft &tm ; ani) tlie DefchDant finDe b foj tits bail, b cnfretfj a I'^etongnifaiicc bcSVhTr 
tof^cplafnttfciDltljtfttSfOntlittonpjCtCDcnt, Q;iodficontigencpra:d'defenden- ' "" 

tern debit' & damna ilia pra-faco querenti minime folvere,auc fe prifonr Marc- 
fchaili ea oceafione non reddere. t^at tfjen i)e tooulQ fat tCfie f ^c fame. 

Nota, SIntljefc perfonall actions tljcbatle 10 onlpfcotinD, if^ctrlRctoffntfancc hh 7 40b. 
is generall, anD of no certain fummc, as it is in cafe of fclonp : anD againtt ftim ' ' ' 
tW is bp bail in t^e ISings Bcnclj, anp ffrangcr in tlje fame Cennmap fiic l)im 
bp IBill tn anp pcrfonall action ; otljertotfe tt ts if ftc luerc bj> i^ainpjije de die 
in diem. llSuttf A be oatlatoeu in anp pcrfonall aaion, anD taken bj? fojce of a ^e^.z.j. 
Capias LUlegatnm, anDplcaD anp plea triable bpfljcCounfrp in atjoioance of tlje scc bcfoiecar-of 
jSDutlatojj?, as ffjat ftc toas commojant in another Countp, ic §n fbis cafe A ^^^ ^'"S^ Bench. 
©all be bailcD, anDtljcentrpiS, Super IiocTb. & BT. manuceperunt prarfar. 
A. iiabendum corpus ejus liiCj&c. & Re de die in diem in quemlibet diem placici, 
quoufque placitum prxdidurerminetur, & judicium inde reddicum fuerit, viz,. Here ti,e B^a 
quilibet eorum corpus pro corporc : Ec przdiiSlus A affumpfit pro fcipio eflendi ^rebound in no 
tunc hie ad quemlibet diem placici prxdiai fub poena 40 li. &c. fi contingat ipfum pl'^eorpIrTtL 
A ad aliquem diem, &c. defakam facere , aut Icitam fuam in hac parte non pro- principail m a 
fequi. j)5ote, totjcrefoctjcr tl)C p?fncipaU ts bonnti, if fs in a certain fumme. ccnain fum, 

anD toljcrc fomc Do fjolD, tijat in all cafes toljen anj? ttatuf c cnactetlj t^at t^e 
boDPOftlje IDclinqucntaallliecommittcDtopjifonaf tljctoilloft^clunct, Ijc Stanf.pUor.yy.b 
cannot be let to spatnpjtfc bcfojc tljc istngs iutU be faioton; %^ Rule ts gcoD it 
it be r igl)tli' unDcrffooD ; foj Ije cannot in tljat cafe bp fojce of anpfnc^ ttaf utc be 
impjifoncD, bcfo:c!)C be inDictcD, contii£teD,anD juDgcmenf gttjcn , anD fljen fte 
cannot be baileD oj lettcn to matnpjtfe, becaufe ^ts offence appcarettj , as Ijaf fj 
been faiD. 

;9nDtl)ecarcfl)crc cifeD in 24 E.3. uponfljeffafufcof lE.j.cap.s, foj going 24E.?.,;.s:r 
armeD in Meftm, ?^all, ?c. tljellBcofefaitlj, SCI^at Thomas FiggotChivaler fuic Tho.Figgotscsfc 
arraine per Shard, &:c. iD^jiclj pjotictf) tl)at !)cloas tnDictcD, arraincD, anDlc- 
gallp pjoceeDcD iaitlf, ncitljer toas tjis armour foifcitcD bcfo?econtifction. SlnJj 
note, tljat tljc faiD HiS in tljat cafe gitictlj t^e forfeiture of l)is armour, anD impjf « 
lomncnt: anDtljerefojeintfjatcareljcajallnottefineD: but §>ir Thomas Fig- 
got migl)t Ijatc been baileD befo?c contitction. 

3n tlje nej;f place toe arc to fpeab of ^ainpjife. Manucaption toljiclj Dcrttjeth , ne^^-^.T. 
it rclf, anD fignifictl) a taking into ttjc IjanD. ' ^J '^""^^'J^' 

Ctjcrp bail is mainpjife, (foj tljofe tftat are bail fake tfteperfon baileD fnfo 
t^cir IjanDs anD cuftoDp) but ctjerpmatnpjtfcisnotabail, becaufe no man is 
baileD but Ije tljat is arretteD, oj in pjtfon : foj Ije f^at is not tn cuflioDp 0; pjf. 
fon cannot be DeliticreD out, as Icfojc it appearct!). 115ut a man maj? be mainpcr- 
ncD tul)tcf) ncticr Iras in pjifon, anD tljcrcfojc mainpjife is mojc large tljcn bail. '7 E.^ r«.i, 
Sis in m Appeal of fclon>.',tl)D DcicnDant toagc battell^c. anD a Dap appointcD,^. ' ^/"' f" ' ' 
tftc plainttfe Cjall finDe mainpjifc, $c. to appear, ic, 5lnD pet lie netjer teas in 3, e?,^ Wain- 
pjtfon 0; unDcr cuftoDp. ;9[nD * fomctimctljcfe mainpernors are called plcDffes. rrire.ij. 
^Ifo if A be in execution foj Debt, «c. attljcfuitofT, anD fuetlj a Scire fac' upon ■*9H.4.5.ih,6.« 
arclcafeortljC likC,tI)e(l£nfrptS, Etfuperhocprzdiaus A. dimittitur per ma- ^'if^']",' 
cucapt* E D. E F» qui eum manuceperunt , ad habendum corpus ejus hie ad prars ] , h.^4.4"J. 
fatum terminum, & ficdediein diem,&:c, quoufque inde judicium rcdditum n R.^conir- 
fuerit. Etfi pro pr£di(5l.T.tranfierit5exequatur,*y/x,,quilibct fub poena 40 li.qaas ^aiccj/. 

quilibet ^H^.jo. 


fujtices ofTeace. Cap. 5? 

• Rcginer. 
F.N. 15. 149.250, 

(» 53 E,j. main- 
p il'e 12. 
36 E.3. jb i;. 

I K..itit.bill g. 

31 H.6.4. 
39 H.6.37. 

II H.7.33.1 

f OfP/edges. 



4 K.i.PJegiide 



195. h. 



49- '• , , 


* Regula. 

c Regift.i88. 
F.N. B. 19. 
^Vid.iH6 f.x5 

1 paicof ihelnft. 
VV i.cap.i. 

c 31 E.J. main- 
ptife II. 
4»E.?.7. ace' 
io E.J. pledges II 

9 £.4.27- 

2 H. 4.17. 
18 E.4 9- 

g S'ecM.ig.Carc. 
ca,i.8. iparc of 
the Iniiitutes. 

f Suretjf, Sc- 


85. See th: thiid 
p.utof tlielnftjr. 
i I 
I ? H.7.10 b. 
\ 13 lob. 
14 H.7. 8. per 
Fmcux& Trcm, 
ThcfeworJs .1 c 
Hil.30 Eliz co- 
rani Kfgeinfpa. 
/Hil. JO E!iz. co- 
ram R«£e. 

quilibet recognovit, &c. ad opus ipfius T. levari, &c, fi contigeritipfum A, ad 
aliquem diem placiti defaltam facerejfcu idem placimmcum eftedu minime pro- 
lequi, velfeabexecutionejudicii.fiproprajd.T. reddaturverfusipfum A» faci- 
end. retrahere, &c. ^iiD t!)is ts pjopcrlp tn f ^ C&titrp faiD, b? nia(np:tfc,mit) no 
jbailcbccaufe it is foj t^c plainttfe in tl)e Scire fac' tDljotoas in eyeciitlom Jl^oio 
foj a0 muci) as eticrif bail is a mainpjtfc (as Ijat^ been fatD) bail is oftentimes 
fcarmcD in one iBooksbptlje nameofmainpjife as befoje it l)atf) partlp ap« 
pcaret), anO as it appcarctl^ ixi tljc * MTrit De Manucaptione. 38 E. 3,fb, 14. 
II H.6.31.50 E.3.11.1 H.7.1. anD in Diticrs^icts of parliament, AftonBur- 
nell II E.i.4E.3»cap.2« 13 H,i5.cap»io, i & 2 Ph,&Mar«cap.i3, 

ilafflp, a tf)cre is a manifett Ditjcrfitp bctineen De die indiem^anD a bail : foj 
l^c tijat isbj? niainpjtfe Dedie in diem no 5!5ill tan be maintainable againft^im ; 
ot^crtotfc ii is againft l^im t^jat is bp bail per carfum curisc, 

Plcgii anti PlegiatioarcDcriUeDoft^eiFrencI)toojOPleigc, tol)tcl) fignifictft 
one t^at un&ectafeetl) fojanotljcr.afuretp, fidcijuflbr, ipioto as eticrpbatl is a 
mainpjife, fo cticrp bail ant) mainpjifeis ex vi termini plegiatio x to^ic^ fee in 
Glanvile fo; tbc %<x. of furctiOjip. 3i5Ht in legall nnDerftanOtng it is taben, firtt 
fojtlje pleDges toljicl^ t^e DcmanDant oj plaintifc finDc in fuel) iortts as begin si 
A (/. querens) fecerit te fecurum de clamore llio profcqucndo, &c.3nD tijcfe are 
calleu piegii de profequendo , anD tfte reafon of tftefe toere, foj tftc anftne* 
ring of tlje teing of tf)C Amerciament if tljc ticmanDant oj plainttfe Uiere barrcD 
oj nonCuit, %u fo cautious tocrc t^c founDcrs of our lata , tfjat tlje i^ing fiioultj 
ctjcr be anftoereo of fuel) Duties as belongeD to \m ♦ but t^e Mrit of tlje " ^Sing, 
2lueen,o: of an Infant, iljall not fomp?cl)enDt^atClaufe>fi fecerit te fecut&,&c» 
bccaufc tbc? fball not in tl)ofc cafes be amercteo. But it is obfcrviablctljat tlic te- 
nant oj ocfentiant fl)all finoe no pledges : ant) pet if juOgemcnt be gitien againtt 
Ijint ^C ftal be amerciet),lC.foj *melior eft conditio poflidentis & rei,quam acloris. 

c |)ieDge3 map be fount) in tljc Ci^ancerp,o j map be entreD at anp time Ijanging 
eairitoj315ttlbptbet)tfcrettonoftfte31naices, upon gaging Cclitjerance bp tijc 
atJOtDant Ije djall fintic plCDgCS de hberatione il!a facienda* 

d jaCbcrebealfo piegii deretorno habetido bptlje ftatnteof VV. 2, £)f |0lcDgcS 
comePleviDjRepievyn, Replcgiari, &c. &ec tlje ftatUtC of, 
tljat traditus in ballium , replegiatus, & perplegios isalloneanDfynonyma- 

e M^cn tljc DcfcnDant commetlj inbp Cap. oj (i£j;igcnt Ije tljall not finDe pleDgcs 
but mainpjife. 

t ^c tljat fuetlj bp Hoill fljall fintcplCDges De profequendo in fine bills, toljtc^ 
ljal36 been controberteD in boofes. 

CTe l^alje Ijttljcrto fpofecn of pledges in a juDiciall courfe. s 2Cl)cre be alfotjox 
luntarp plctigcs , as you map reatje in Fleta. Ub. 2. cap. j. 32 £,3. monflrans des 
faitz. 179. 4iE.3. 1 1* 44 £.3,11.48 E.5,20.22 Eliz, Dier 470, F.N.B.i 57,c. 

§>urct)' compjeljcntictft all tljc fo jmer. 0nt) not ctljcre is a furetp bp f^c Com* 
mon latu, nnt) fuictp bp llatate. 21Bp tlje common lato, ' as Kn a OTrtt De fecari- 
tate invenienda ne exeat regnum, &c. 2Cljere is furetp Of tljC peace, anD furetp of 
tftc gooD bcftatiour de bono geftu. SClje furetp of tfjc peace cannot be bjotoi 
U)ltl)oat fomc ^iJ, as an Bffrap, oj 315attcrp, oj tljc lifee. %\xi tlje furetp De bono 
geftu confittetli cljieflp, tljat a man Demean ftimfclf tuell in Ijis po jt anD ^ compa* 
np, Doing nothing tftatmapbccaufeoftljcbjeacljoffljcpeace, oj of putting of 
tljc people in fear oj trouble; anD tljat it Dotft not confift in obfcrvation oftljfngs 
tljat concern not fbc peace, as in not tocll Doing Ijis art 0? octupatton. SCljus fat 
is tljeautljojttp of tlje JiSoob in 2 H. 7, bp tlje refolution of aUtljc ^utticcs affcm« 
blcD foj t^at purpofc. JlBut in mine opinion, tlje JRepojtcr male i"e geflit tn tlje 
laftlDojDS of tljc cafe. 

1 at a gencrall §>cffions IjolDcn at llBjiDgctoatcr in fljc Connfp of S>ommerref, 
Anno 18 Eliz. onc William King loitft furctics toas bounD \!i2 cccognifancetoap* 
pear at tljc ncjct gcnerall g^efftons of tljc peace \\\ tljc fame Counfp, it quod in- 
terim (e benegerereterga dijtam Dominam Reginam, & cundlum popultun fu- 

um. anD after at tljc wvfX ^cffions, William King appeaircD anD ioas inDittcD foj 

• flanDcroo9 

C ap .3 1 . lujlices of Teace, 181 

flanoerous toojfls fpofeen finceftfs bittQtng, viz,, foj facing af am ffme to Edw, 
Kyrton, Efq; Thou arc a Pelter, thou art a liar, and hatt told my Lord lies , and I 
will make thee a poor . 0nD !)C inas ftirfftcc tnDfctcD, t[)af fjtice tfje falD 

IRecognifitnCCClaufutn cujufdam Johannis Wich, vi & armis fregic^ incravitsSc 
averia & catalla ipfius Johannis in clanfupradid^o depafcent'illicire vcxavit & 
chafiavlt, :3nti aftcriuarOS at anotljet; ftrac fjc fatDfof!)cfatD Kyrton, Thou art 
a drunken Knave : U)I)lc!) 3InDtd:mcntlBa0rcmoticl) into tIjcBtngolBentlj.anD 
Ijercupon ttoo qucffions loerc ocbatcQ Ditjcrs times liotlj at tftc iCarre anD tfte 
I5cnttj, j?ira, aDtnttttng t^at all tfjat (0 contatneD in fijc 3InDtrfmentto be true. 
tDl^et^cc anp therein toaa in juDgement of lain a fajcatl) of t^ fatD 1^ ciognifante. 
SDi^c (econu, itsi tloto niucij t^e Taib in&tdment Som gooD in lalu. ^a to ti^e firS 
it toas rcfolbct), tftat ncltl)£t anj? of t^c Inojtis, noj f!)e f rcrpaerc, tocrc anp bjEa<:lj 
of tbc gooD bcftatjiour, foi tijat none of tl^em DiD tcnD tmmeDtatelp to tliic bjcactj 
of t^e peace, foj tljoiiglj t^e faiD toojiw (cfpeciallp thou an a lyar, &c. thou art a 
drunken Knave) are niotttcs anD immcDtatc pjotocations foj bjeatf) of tftc pcatc, 
pettcnDt^cp not tmmeDiatclp to tf)C b;cacl) of tljc peace ; as if William King j^D 
t^allengeD Kyrton, oj fcnt tjim a Ci&allcngc to figftt iuitlt) ^im , oj ijao tfjjeatneD 
Kyrton tO beat OJ loounD f)im,oj tljc libc t tfjefc tcnD tmmeDiatelp to t^ 1 jcaci) of 
t^ tljerefojc are bjcacl^cs of tijc Kccogntfancc of t^c gooD beljattoar.anD 
t^is Diljcrrifp toas juttlp coUcctet) upon tfje cofjercncc 1 contert of t&e ffatute of 34 h ^ J *^'p *• 
E.3-tol)crcbp'3InItice3 of ideate arc atrignel) foj feccping of tlje peaces to rcttrain 
t^e £Dffcnt)er0, IRiotcrs, 5 all otfjer Barattojs, anD to cbafttfc t^em accojDing to 
t^eirtrefpaOTe ^offence ; ant) to inquire of jjSillojs anD lilobbcrs, in tbe parts be< 
"ponD t^c rca0;anD be notocome agatn,anD go txjanDjing $ toillnot labour,ic.(anD 
t^us mucl) foj pimiRiment of offences againtt t!)C peace after f fjcp be Done : nol» 
follotoct]^ an cv:pjcire autljojitp gtVien to tlje 3ufticcs , foj pjebenf ion of facfj of* 
fences bcfojc tftcp be Done.) w^, * And to take of all them that be not of good * This was the 
fame, (tl^at is, tIjat be DefameD anD jaftlp fufpectcD t^at fl)ep intcnD to bjeak tlje ^^^ ftatutcthac 
peace,) where they Chall be found fufficient furety and mainprife of their good ^^^^ thitcxprcfle 
behaviour towards the King and his people (toljicl) mall crnccrne tl^efctngS fl"iceso7pcac"' 
peace, as (s alCo pjotJiDCD bp tfte toojD fnbfequenf) to the intent that the people be ' 

not by fuch Riotors troubled or indamaged, nor the peace blemillied , nor Mer- 
chants nor other palling by the Highwayes, diftutbed , nor put in the perill that 
may happen of fuch offenders, if oj tl^e trefpaffe, f c. jaitljougl^ cterp tojongfuU 
trcfpatTe is quare vi & artnis & contra pacem, fti tbcfc fojcc anD arms, oj con- 
tra pacem tmplpcD in laU) are not taken to be fuclj as fljall mafee a bjeac^ of i%z 
ccooD be^atitonr; becaufetliep are trefpaflje upon t^e lanDoj touching gooDsoj 
tljattcls, anD not tbe pcrfon of a man. 

3:3 to tljCfcconD point it teas ftolDen, t^af fljc BJnDtctnrent concerning ff>e 
IDOJDS liias tJOiD anD coram nonjudiecmiDgooDonlp foj tftetrefpaffc, quare tn a,\^. 
clau(um,&c. JlButiftl^crcbcanpjuftcaufeofbjeac^, l^eoagljtfoftatjcascire 
fac upontftcRccogntfance. 

3inan 0ccomit, tfaCapiasadcomputand' be atoarDeD againtt tljeDefenDanf, ti 
anD f hereupon 5c i3 ontlalBcD , anD renDjetf)l)tmfelftotf)epjffonoftbciPlccf, 
anD ;auDitojs teaffigncD to Ijim, bcfojc toljomtijep beat tffue, anD tijc SluDitojs 
bjing t^c I'lccojD into tl)C Common place , anD tl^c DefenDant CounD furetp in 
200 li, to appeare in pjopcr pcrfon cberp Dar pendente placito ; anD it tfjc tffne 
paCTc againtt l)im,tl)atl)crcnDjcth&imrclfc top J tfon. tf^45E.j.5urcty 

" fine furconufance de droit toas IctjicD to an 3Infant,anD becaufe tbe infant Rcginw 191 b, 
ongbt to pap tbe fine to tbe l^ing, \iZ founD fccuritatem dc fine iblvcndo, Nqc3. 

SDberc is alfo a Mrit De fecuritate pacis, & de bene gerendo. F.N.B.79 p. 

1 3In homine replegiando fbc DcfcnDanf atiotD foj tbaf tbc plaintifc is bis til« Isueu^"^' 
lain regarDant. SCbcplatntlfefaiDtljatbcisfrcc, anD tbcrcupon tbcptocrcat jH.49. 
iSm, tbeplainfifep:apeDtbatbcmtgbtgagcDcltt)crancc. ;anD it teas atoarDeD 1'6E.^s. 
tbat be l^oulD batjc Deliverance of bis gooDS , anD finDc no fnrctp tbaf tbc aljota> ' ^ £• -♦•fa. 
ant llioulD \)i{\K tbc gooDs again if it tocrc founD foj bim. 3I5ut note icbcn tbc \ ^^^^■'^- ^. 
abotoant be at tHue upon tbe ttUcnagc, c tbcn tbc plaintifc ftall finD furetp to fue I \ h 7".'/' ' 

cum eftciSu, 515 b Surety 



fujlices ofTeace, Cap. 51. 


z9 E 3.C3.9. 
St ant. pi. Cor. 

77 g- 

SccHiI.31 E.i. 
Coram rege Rot. 

7> & 79- 
i8 E.j.cap.9. 

Regift.ijj b. 
& iji.a.b.c. 

See Braft.Ii.j. 
Ill i54.Flcta 14J. 
Rrittonfo 49. 
Fkiali 40. 


?4*H 8. cap. 14. 
This is expoun- 
ded to be reddeiu 


8 £.4.18. 

a V;d.Dicr8 El. 
notlicr branch 
of this Aa. 
biiH 7.T.o.pcy 

to b.Mindei flood 
of the Kings 


Surety jilBp ttatutCS: &eetljettattitcof VV» i .cap, lo, De malefafloribus in 
parcis tit tfte Second part of the Inftitwcs in tljc ejpoOtton Of tljc feme; tlje lla- 
tuteo{Gloc,cap.4,anOVV.2.cap.2i. fej ffnDttisoffurctPinaCcffavir, ^ec 
alfo t^e Second part of the Innitutes in ttjc ci:poftttontl)Cteof, 

%\\Z ffatuteof W.Z.C.4, Et dcfenfione Juris, E,i ,of finliing Of 
furctpbp tenant bplKcfcetpt.&cctlje Second part of the Inftitbtestftee^pofition Of 
tlje ra'mef ilno nfanp ot^cr to^crcof ioc nceD not to mafee mention ; onlg tftis vi 
obfertiable, tftat toljen anpttatute Dot^ require plcDgeaojfnrefp to be founU, 
t^ep ougftt to be faff tcicnt, foj infuffictcnt plcfigcs are no plcDgcs in juDgement 
of lato ; anD furctp cannot be ex vi termini unleffe it be faff icicnf, 

M appearetft bpvv,2,eap. 15. tftat t^jc * Writ De odio & atia concerning 
t^e bailment of pjifoners is gronnUeD upon Magna Garta, ;3nD it is Ijcltien bp 
fomc , fftaf OTrit is not note in nfc, bnt is tafeen atoap bp tije ttafufc of 28 E. j. 
:3I5ut t^is Mrit is rcbitJCD again bp t^e ftatute of 4a £.3. cap.i , iDfjcrebp it is 
cnactctjfljat if anp ftatute be maDeagainft Magna Carta, oj Carta dc Forefla , if 
is enactcDtobctjotD, ^cemojeoftljis matter in f^c Second part of the Indicwes, 
Mag. Cart. cap.i'S. tot)itft iBcrc unnccetfarpljere to be re^carfctj. SD^ts OTrit De 
odio & atia is omtttctj bp l^is N.B. Concerning tfte ^rit De manucap- 
tionconc feint) tfjercofDiretteD totfte&lberif is a tojit grounDeD apott,anD re* 
ftearCng ti)C ftatute of W.i.cap.ij.anD IjotD tl^atbefoje ^im bp a certain in» 
qutfitionof office a B ftantiCtlj inDicteO de quodamlatrocinio cujufdam equi, 
&c. j^oto in as mucl), as bpt^c ftatute of 18 £.3.^10 cannot tafee fucl^ inqui* 
fitions bpfo?cc ofanpiyjit oj«i;ommtftion,t^erefoje tftat injit De manucap- 
tioneceafetft, But tbetojttof manucaptionemapbeliiretteDto ot^cr 31ufticcs, 
as to tlje 3!nftices of tlje 5Fo?eft, Sfuftices of IpcateanD to otljert foj f^c ffafufe 
of a8 E.3. erfentis onlp to §>]^ertfB , anD to §>l)erif0 onlp upon taking of inquiG- 
tions. 5!5ut a tojit of manucaptione map in otbcr cafes be DtrcrteU to tl^c &^» 
rif. vide tlje ftatute of 4E.3,ca.i. fo:it6e Court oftljc ^arDbairea,F.N.B.jyJ« 

iFO} tlje iDjttofhomine replegiand',feetlje Regifter fo. ijj.F.N. B.56,E. 
Hil, 43 £.3, Coram rege Ror. 1 1 o, Suffex, Mich. 5- H.4. Rot, z6, Devon' per 
breve Regis in duobas Com' William Scuttes cafc, 1 1 H. 4. 1 5, F, N. B. 68. c* 
Cap. in Withernam. 

§>o otitous toasuniuft impjifonmcnf, oj unjuft Detepning of anp iFrccman 
in pjiron,asin ancient time tljerelap a tojit Depace & imprifonamenco, &c. 
ubi liber homo,&c, uno modo propter injuftam captionem, & alio modo prop- 
ter in)u!hm detentionem,&c, ^nO fljere pou map rcaDtljc fojmofffjc tojif of 
Appeal, De pace & imprifonamenictDbicft tocljabe tljc rather rememb^cD, t^t 
it map be obferljcD to^at fcberall rcmeDies tl^e lato ^atlj allotocD foj f Ije relfefanD 
eafe of t^e pooj pjtfoncr. But tIjereaDtefttoap ofall isbp Habeas Corpus in 
tlje SCcrm time,oj in tlje Zdacation out of tljc Cbanccrp, as pou map rcaDat large 
in tl^e Second part of the Inftitutes, Mag.Carta cap 29. anD ftatut, de Gloc, c. 9, 
anDtljc Crpofition upon tljc fame.- 

Cfte Clcrfe of tfte Croton, Clcrh of tl&e peace , anD Clerfes of acifc ftjall ccr* 
fific b?ieap a tranftript of fuclj attainoer, £)utlatojpoj conttflionas isl^aDfoj 
anp feInD of fclonp bcfoie Suffices of Oler 1 Terminer, 3uftiCCS of Gaol delivery, 
anDaufttccs of peace bcfojc tftc l^ing in Ijts IBcncbJljcrcfobe 5rcma{noflilc- 
co?D,|c. •* §>ee t^e ftatute,a berpnccctfarp lato foj tfte plea of auterfoitz attaint oj 
conttct fo: ouaiitg of Clcrgp,5c. ano fo; efcljeats anD forfeitures to f^elSing. 

bjFoj tlje better unDcrftVnDing of fljis0£t of parliament, itis tobcunDer* 
ftooD,tljat futlj attatnDcrs of ;©utlato;p anD contiictions of fclonp befoje anp 
oftbciufttcesnamcDintfttsSlMsarccertifieD, o: DclttcreD info tljc lyings 
JlBeiub, are unDcr tljc cuftoDp of tUe Clerk of tlje Croton of fljat Court, anD foj 
tljat caufe i^e is namcD in ttjis 0(t. 

&ce tljc ftatute of y E.^.cap.j. brtoljit^itis ojDaineDanD eftablifl&cD, f^at 
Suftices of aaifc, Gaol'deliveryjanD ofOier anDTerminer,lfiallfcnDalltl)etr 
reto:D3 anD p?occffes DctermincD,anDput in ej:ecut(ontotlic (Erti^equer at Mich. 
ct)erPT'earoiKetobeDelit3ereDtljere, anDfljc aCreafureranD Chamberlains. «. 

C ap . 3 1 . fujlices of Teace . 1 83 

fljall hcep ttiem tit ff)C f rcaftirp as tl^c manner is, fo ffjaf ffjc Juttfccs altoapij fioe 
fictt tafee opf tl)C cftrcats of f be faiD recoj&s anD pjoceffes againft tbem to fenO 
to t^e CB rcl)equer,a0 ttjep toere iDont before- 

3i6p tbc ffatutc of II,31nfttcc0 alTignct) (id eft , 3uftt«0 ofaffifg) iiH.4.c3pj, 
fljallcaure to be DcUtcrcD (nto t^e icings trcafurp all ffje mojao of aff(fc0, ijH.4.errGr9i, 
^ojDancettoj,anD of cert tficaf Ions bcfoje f^em oetcmitncD eljerp feconD gear. 

^li 3n8ictmcnt0 anD |a?ercnfm0nts fti ffte ^btrifs JEurn^j lato oapa Ojall be ? E.4.cjp.j. , 
DelibereD to tlje Suattca df peace of tljc fame County , at f^eic nert ^efftcns g'g "^ f^"* ^'^ '• 
of peace to atoarD pjoceUcflic, "* "^ ^' 

after tbcmurDer ojmanflaugfjfer founD bcfoje tI)C CTojoners tbep Iftaft MU j 
ter tljcir tnquifittons afojctfte BButtfccs office ncjt Gaol delivery, Lib.intr.Raft 4j; 

31f anp pcrfon be marDjeti fn tbe Dap , anD t^e murDerer efcape imtaften , tfte 5 h 
3Dotun(&tp ftall be amcrctcD.anD fljc Coroner l^atlj poiucr to enquire thereof up-- 
on tjieU) of tlje boDp , anD tlje 3uatcc3 of |3eacc bat)e potocr to inquire of fwcb 6« 
fcapes, anD f certtfic afoje tftc iltng in 6f ISenc^, .; 

0nD(tl)at toe map tap fomctol^at of ctierp tbing)iFo?8fmac!) as tl)8 cfjarge fo be 
gttienat t^c &eirion0 oftl)C peace conCttctl^ onttooparf0 , iLato0 Ccclefiaat= 
call fojtlje peace oftftccburcb^anD laUj0Cti3ill oj SCcmpojall foj tfjt peace of 
tftc 3LanD,tt fljall be tierp fit to lap,as a fountiatlon of tbe cljargctbat eKcllcnt lato w. 1. An. 3 e. s . 
ettablifljeDbp ^utbojftp of|3arUament,tobtcb toe Ija^etranflateD Into ILatln, "P-l* 
Imprimij Rex vult , & prxcipit quod Pax Sacrofanftx Ecdefis, & terrxfo- ^"-^Tc r»*' 
lide cuftodiatur& confervetiar in omnibus ) quodque Juftitia fingulis, tampau- juftftiapacis 
peribusjquam divitibus adminiftretnr, nulla habita perfonaratn ratione. mater & nutri:?. 

if irH of all,tbc !^tng toillctb anD commanDetb t^at tlje peace of bolp cburclj, 
anD oftbe HanD be toelllbpt anD tnatntaincD inl all potnt0, anD t^af common 
rigijt (i, 3U(ltce)be Done to all, as toellpoo^ asrtcb,tDttbont refpect of perfonsf. 

^rcupon tbc charge to confitt upon ttoo parts, i . £>f lato0 (jB ccleCafticall, 
anD 2, £Df latos cCltJilUoi SCempojall, toftb an e^bojtatlon fo Doe ^uitice. ; 

^janotberariomeojJSjinctpleoffbelatomapbetbefonBDatfonoftbecbarge* 'Mar.Mp.u. 

Imprimis intereft reipublicse,ut pax in regno conlcrvetur, & quxoinqac paci ad- ^ f ♦ P-.6 ca.j. 

ven'cntur provide declinentur. of h"^^A a ^°h^ 

3t i0 moft ncceffarpfn a Common toealtb to pyitjiDe.tbat franqnUUtp anD ^»^cakd, ?« t& 

peace be contfnueDtntljclflealm, anD ffjat all things being confrarp thereunto ^^'»w<rrehearfcd 

mapbpfojeCgbtbecfcjjeiDeD. in theprtanbi* 

' ^ J tljaf of 32 H.8. 2D!)CCC is not fjing toitftin tljts Hcalmtftat confcrbetbjtli^ '^"" "''"""■'* ^°' 

fubjects in mo je quietnelTcrcff, peace, anD gooD concojDjtften t^c Due aDminilf ra'« •','V h a r a. . 

tion ofljis latDS, ^ • ^' 

;©JtbcUbC,fecfbe Third part ofthclnftitutcs, inEpilogo. 

Bb2 CAP6 

i8+ Cap.3z,33. 


A Court of Inquiry of the defaults of the lu*- 

ftices of Peace, JufHces of Affife , Sherifs, and Under-flie- 

rifs, touching the execution of the ftatute of 15 H. 4. Cap.y, 

Concerning Riots, Aflemblies,and Routs. 

J H.f .cap.8, /Tp ^fs Court is raifet) bp tlje ffaftrte of i H«j, anD is a Court onip of 31n« 
^eei^.H./ic.ij. I qnirp,antitoc0rttSetl)etnqtteK0 incontinent into t|eC|^ancerp,aslpt^e 
t •!• faiD ftatute mo}6 at large appearetl;. 


luflices in Eire, 

r^r^^e^^otve ojiginallpinftitnteti fojt^e gooD rule of t^e rubject0,ant)fo} 
th^inft.w '? I **^ ^^ ^^^ Countrie0, ano t^at fuel) a© ftatj iFranc^tfcg mtgW £latmc 
call". •'• t^eni. 

Braaoniib.g. SCI^e? tDerecallsD Juflieiarii inltiocrc , Ojltinerantcs, tnrefpectofoffjerju* 

fo.i ig, ftices t^at iuere refidcmes. 3In t^e black boofe in tlje <£rcl^eqner,cap.8,t^pare 

Brittonfo.i. calleD Jufticiarii deambulantes, & pcrluftrantcs. ^ee Vet, Mag. Cart, * 
Kclw fo 1*4 j ?'♦ Artic'» & faeramcnta in Itincre. 

SCftcir ;auti)Ojltp toas bp tj^ej^tngsiujit in nature ofacommiffion, tbep 
liaD jnrisDiction of all |0Uas of tbe Croton, anti of all actions reall, perfonall, 
anD mirt : t^ep roaD from feben pears to feben pears (but nolo bp ti}e flatuf e of 
27 H. 8,ca.i4.aU 3!uftice0 in Eiremuft bebpiLettcrs |0atent0unDcr tfjc dUjcat 
^cal.) 3nU)batcountpfoeber tl^ep came, allotber Court0 During tije Eire 
ccarcD,anD all tbofc pleas intljat Countp, oj riCng tbere befoje anpotbcr,ffje 
3lufticc0 in Eire mig^tpjoceeD upona0tbcotber0 migljt Ijate Done, iToj cr* 
Regift. ample: ^iD^it lDa0 DireiteD to tbe3Iuftice0 of tbe Common |3lca0 to aDjojn, 

F.N.B. i4}.k. anD fenD all tbe pleas oftbat countp tufticl^ toere in tbe Court of common 
pleas befoje t^e iuftices in Eire to be DetermineD befoje tbem,ic. ;anD if juDg« 
mentbaDbeen toitbintbat Countp,tbe31ufticesin Eiremigbt atoarDcrecutton 
tuitbout a Scire fac. &ec tbe Firft part of the Inftitutes, Scft.jM. anD reaDtbc 
ancient boobs anD otbcr ^iutbojities tbere quoteD foj tbeir antiquttp anD ju« 
rifDidion, anD tbe caufes iubercfo?e tbep banifteD atnap. 315uf tbe otber 3!ufttccs 
ofEire, viz.oftbeifojctt,continneto tbisDap accojDing to tbeir ojiginall in* 
Ititutton. &ectbe Cbaptcr of tbe Court of tbe iFoieflt. &cealfotbe Second 
partof ihelnftitutes, Marlbridgc i4,iy,27. W, i.eap,i8. & W»i«cap,io.anD 
tbe cErpoStion ofcberp of tbem, 

OTbat iFrancbifes anD liberties ougbt to be claimeD befoje ^utticcs in Eire, 
feeiib.9. fol. 24,tbecaIeoftbeHbbotofstrataMarcelIa. 

SCbeftile of tbeir Courttoa3,PlacitadcJaratis & AfTifij & Coron. dc Iti- 
nere lohannis de Vallibus & fociorum luftic' Icincr'apud Ockham in com' Rut- 
land in'JcraftinoEpiphanix DominijAnno regni regis Edw.14, 

SCbefe 3Inftices in Eire DiDbolD tbeir Courts, as batb been faiD, fromfcbcn 


14 H 7. ly. 

Cap.33« luftices in Eire, i§^ 

pear0 to fctcnj.>cais,aiit)fii:atl)cp began Voit!) pieasxof tijc <iroton,foj faitf) 

Bra(Son, Imprimis inciperedebent dc Placins Coronx, in quibns terminamur Brafl.Iib.j. fo. 

aSiones criminaies tarn majores quam minores. 0nDone COulfl not bcinDt= iM-b-n^.l-. 

rtcDfoj ani?tl)tn5,conccrntns tljc |pica0 oftl)cCroton,Doncbefo;ctl)claftEire: ^'"^ij ^;"f •^^' 

foj fo it appearctlj bp Urafton, Non eric quirendum dc Placitis illis Coroni quse '^"'•J'"""' 

cmerfcruni ante aliud iter Jufticiariorum , & qua; coram eis propofita non fue- 

runt, ;9[nDl'J,' FletajExcapituIij de vetcribus Placitis Coronx alias prxfentatis v;dc pr.flcaCa. 

& nondum terminatisjfolet excepcio quibufdam indidatis oriri,quod dc novo 60.0I pij owdco. 

indiftamenco dcfaft'ancc ultimum icerimpofito non tenetur refpondcre;& fincn 

fit alloeabilisj fcquitur quod Juratores hundredi puniendi fuct dc concelamento, 

vcl de perjurio convincendi. 

ant) it ircre to be toiftcD tbat in criminall caufcs at tljc iSings futt, tijcrc tocre 
a limitation of time, fpcctallp in cafes concerning tijelifc of mah.SDIje Comhion 
lalD in iippcals at tl)C fn(t of tbc partp Ijat!) in tfjofe cafes limitet) a time,vizil)at 
tbepmuftbcbjougljtiDitijintfte^ear anD tl)C Dap after tije offence committcDt 
anDtljcrcafon ttjcrcoftoas, tftat f ijc caufe mfgljt tctrpcD, toijilcs it Voas frci6 
in memo jp, anD tijaf fucb as coulD tcftifie lucre litiing. 

Vidt Hil. I s E«i. in Banco Rot.jd.tfjcpcoulD aDjojn into anotljer Countp* 

%\it Suffices inEiremtgljt inquire of tljc DecMof llufticcg of Gaol delivery. Rot.Par.zoE.i. 

Brafton faitlj, Et fi port intervallum accufare veIit,nonerit de jureaudiendus, i^ot.6. 
nifidocerc poteft fe fuiflejuftisrationibus impcditum, SnD Bradon alfofaitllj, 
ttiat after tl^c cljargc gibentijc luftices in Eire, debcnttransferrefe in locum 
feerctum, & convocatis adfequatuor.velfex, vcl pluribusdemajoribusdecom' 
quidicuntuc *Bufoncs com' ad quorum nutum dependent vota aliorum quali- * Burones Gv 
tcradnorege &conciliofuo fit provifura.quod omnes tarn militcs quam alii Burfoiies,i{!hi 
qui funt <^ i J annorum & amplius jurare dcbent,&c. French word 

Bourfon: for as it 
is in the proverbjHe that beareth the purfe ruleth thetoaft, which agreeth withBraAons defcription here, Ad quo- 
rum nutum dependent vota aliorum. So vulgarly called , which alfo Btadon infinuateth, when he faith, ^uidicuntur 
b.yjhics. a It is mifprintedjandfljiuld be ii««wr«w. ifory. Sec the 1. part of the Inft. & jj. 

&0 great tuastljcautljojitp ofSlutticesinfelre/tljaf if t^ep came into tfte Br. jurfsd.ntf, 

Countp toljcre tl)e BSuaices of tfje Court of Common pleas fat , tlje jurisDittion ^^ aff. i.f.n.b. 

of tftat Court During t|ie Eire ccafeD, but tljeppe^lDcD to tlje icings SBencft. fTxrJ'iiHr°' 

&ee Cap. Itineris, Vet. Mag.Cart, part.i . fo.i j 0? i y 1 .&c, v'rf.fium'! ^ 

&CC Hovcnden, Anno Dai. 1 1 76, Vid» HiI; 13 R. i. pi. ^. ^l pjOceeDingS 
befoje tljem. 

Rex ^upciariis fuisfrox" Itinerant'ibus in com.N. Salutem. c^uia Rcgift. ip.b. 

ter * commune concilium regni noflri Aiiglis. provifum efij quod qui- " ^^'i-W, 

Itbet liberhomoliberefofitfacereAttornatumadlibenatesfuai vendican- fter"/a^old^" 

doi, exigendof, profequendas, dr defendendas-^ Vobis mandamus.^ quod At- pof^tion of this* 

iornat' quern h per Litems fuas Patentes [uo loco attornare voluem , ad ^^'''l^' 

libertates fuas ve-ndicandas, exigeffdas,profequendas, (jr defendendas coram theVaft-V/.z? ° 

vobis inltinere veHro mcom' frAdi£to , loco ipfius h fine difficult ate ad " 
hoc recipiatis,&c. 

deealfo anotl;ert))2{tint|)elll(gi(ter,Ubirupra:,De damore admiccend' in 


i8d Cap.34.. 



The Court of Juftices of Trailbafton. 

\^t^ Blattfces rat bpto^ce oCf^e^^ftresCoinmiaienof oler anbTec- 
tniacr sronnDeD, as fome ^oI&,upon an iDjDinance maDe bp i^ing 
E»i. ano tf>e iiojos at a parUanient ftolticn in Anno 33E.1, fo> 
fl^^ltp p;oceeDing. j^nDtticrefo^^tljspinere calleii Sluftices of ICraiibaaon, 
becatife t^ pjocccDeD as fpecDilp as one mtgfttttjatD , oj traU a ftafife, Sftep 
fapupon tfte faio £D}Dinance in tSc fame pcar,viz. ? 5 E,i. a Commtffton ofoicc 
jjB.i.mDorC ant) Terminer Vocaf Trailebafton fecundum ordinationcm indc fadl* inPar- 
p«.pactci. lianicntodeAnno33E.i,315pt!jtStt appcarctft,as fome ^ateconcettJCD.tljattljis 
CommfSiontDasbuilDeDnpon an£D2titnancein|3acUament,anD not upon an 
^(t of pacltamentt 
jDt^ers fap tftat tftts CommtlKon inas grounDcD upon an J9ct of parltamettt 
lo^foia" tnAnno sjE.i.tnfitMlCDStatutum quod vocatur Ragman de Juftieiariis affig- 
■ * natis, Seethe ftatute,anD tl^attlie £DjDinanccmcnttoneD in tijc cpmmitfton 
of 33 E. I. ts f^eftatnfe Ragman , llatutes being often calleD bp tte name of 
^jDinanccs, fojeljerp ttatute is an £D joinance, fed non e eonverfo. 

i5at let as noto confiDcr tobat ligbtourboofes Ijaue giticn as, ff)C Catute 

being fometD^atobfcure anDDarb. 

3n Trim 2 E,3» toe reaD tljis cafe» William de B»fuet) a tojitof CBrrojrc« 

sE.j-to.ty. ttirnablc tn tbe iiings 31Bcnclj upon a juDgement giten in a plea of lan6 at 

ttic futt of John Hodeyito^icb teas plcaDcD bp bill befojc Suttices of 2Ciail« 

baaomto^ere becaufe tbe BIntticesof ^DrailbaSon DiD fenD onlp tbe recoct) of 

tljeplca,tbep tocre commanDco to fenU tljctranfcrtpt of tbeir Commiffton , ana 

fbebtll alfo toitt)tbc pannell,tbc to^itf) tbep DiD, anD again tljc rccojti alfo» 

31n ii^tcl^ cafe pou map obferbe tbefc iFilicCGncluBons. iFirtt,tt toasalltgn* 

eD fojet:roj,tbatJohnHodey maDeftis plaint of certain lant)acaintt William 

deB» being p?efent in Court bcfojc tfjc 3lutticcs of snratlbaftonsanDljc toas 

put to anftoertoitftout mabtngofpjoccireagainlt btni, ano tIjercfo?e tbcper* 

reo in rcceibing tbe plea toitt)outp?oceire,ic. fed non allocatur. S>cC(jnt)lp, fo j 

tbe BluCiccs of SCrailbafton Ic in tfjctr cafe as Suffices in (Eire ; anD in CD ire 

totientbepartpputs in bis bill againft anotftcrtobiclj ispjcfent in Court , tlje 

Huftlccs tn djire ougbl to rccette it. SDbirDlp, anotbcr crroj iwas affigneD, 

tljat it appeareD bptbe rccojctbaf pjcfcntlpfbe Suffices ofsfrailbaftontooU 

an inqueftdccircumftantibus,tobicb came not inbppjoccCc to gitc tbcic l3cr« 

l)ict,anD alfo if appeareD bp V^t recojti,t^att!)e2CiDclbc gabctl)cictietDtct,fu- 

perfacramcntum fuum,toitbOUt faping decon(cnfuparcium; fed non allocatur. 

ifojtnaCrailbaffon anD in ©ire certain men arc maDc to come bp tobomtbofe 

Suffices Doe inquire ex officio, f^af is, toitl^out pjoccCTc, iubcrcunto tbe par= 

tics tobicb batic plcaDcD to itfuc agree to be trpcD bp tljcm , tl)c Court crrct^ not 

iftbcptahe an C-nqticff of tijcm, anD it is not founD of rccojD,tbat William di 

B. DtD'Difa£rent : anD as to tbcotijer point, tbe Court fljall intenD anallent 

toljcrctbcrcappearctl) noDifaCfcnt. IFourtljlp, fbccrrois aSigncD being noer^ 

rojs, tbc court DiD fcarcb fo: erro;s,anD to affirm tbc juDgsnent oj to reterfe it, 

SlnD tbe Court DiD finD in tijc firft rccojD tobicl) toao fcnt, tbat William de B.di- 

citquod in nuUo eft inde culpabili$,&de iioc ponit fe fuperpatriam , tobcre lohn 

de Hodey toljicb toas |0la^tif DiD not ^cpn toitl) bini> & prididusqueiens 


Cap.34- fujlices o/TrailhaJlon, 187 

fimiliter, tDl^fc^ joj^iifng teas in tfte fcconD tzmh ccrttfeD ; but foj tftaf , f fiaf rc- 
tojD tame tntajttftout toarrant, ano fljc firtt retojD ccrttfieD is tfje mojD in lato, 
thereupon tijc fo?mcc judgement 1030 rcijecfcD, iFtftftlp, tfjat itocrrojinao 
afffgncD , t^at tijt 3Iufttcc3 of SDraflebaffoit fjao no latofuU jurtfDtctton, but 
fl Mtit of (Btm bjougfjt upon ft)c(r 3!at)gemcnt, inftercb);, anD bp all tijc 
contcyt of tbfs cafe ttjeir jurifBirtton iras aff (rmcD, tljcHuDgesoftfjciStngs 
31Bcn£l^ ftatjing , as is afojcfatD, aZCranfcriptoftbcirCoaimtffton. aifotfjep 
rjao juttfDtction in cafe of tnDtctmcnt of Dcatlj, anD fo anotocD,!;ut appeals of fclo« * ^-j^^^. 
np toere evcepf eD in ttie faiD Itatate. 

VidcDorf. Pat. Anno 14 £,3, part 3. m,8. & :, 3 Commtlfion of CratlbS' 14 e.?. 
fton luas grantet) to Robert Parning SErcafurer anD offjcrs in ILonDon, iBiDOlt^ 
fev ant) &arrep, ant) Ufec CommilTiona Uicrc grantefl in otljcr CDonnttcs. ' 

Si petition teas e^tbitct) bp tljc cotmnons in fnll l^arltamcnt , toljo pjapcD . Rot.Piri. i n.a. 
tljaf no manner of € ire ojJCrailbatton mtgljt be ftolDcn Curing ttcUiarres, o> i°'- 
2o pears, e[c» but it toas not granted, 

3But Pricipiiatio eft Noverca Juftiiije t anD botl) tn refpcrt of tlje pjecipitafton 
ant) of fomc reference to Vje ncrt |Darliament bp tljc ttatute of Ragman, tijis 
tlommiffiontoljollPlongfincctianiftcD, anD is left out of ffjclRegiff eras not 
to be put in erecution. 315ut tlje Commiffion of ;©ieranD terminer tbcrere^ 
mainet^ as neceCCarp anD ufeful fo;i tl^e puntO^nient of tio^rible anD eno;mto(ts of- 
fences* S>eebefoje t^e Cl^pter of ^ter anD sncrniincr. 

C AP, 


Cap. 35. 


The Court of Wards and Liveries raifed by 
Authority of Parliament. 

The flatute of 
jj H.8.cap.46. 
^ The Court of 
the Kings 



Irftjthe King our faid Sovcraigne Lord by the authority aforefaid, 
Ordaineth, maketh, eftabliiheth, and crefteth a certaine Coua 
commonly to be called for ever The Court of the Kings Wards : 

Liveries is an- 
nexed to the Court of Wards 

See the firft part 
of the InAituics. 
All Wards. 
Manners, Lands, 

In the order, 
furvey, &c. 

which Couit by authority aforefaid continually and for eveirfhall be a 
Court of Record , and (hall have one Scale to be graven and made after 
R , „ fuch form, fafhion, and manner, as (hall be appointed by the Kings 

5jH8 «p"!ii Highneffe, and fhall lemaine and be ordered, as hereafter ihall be de- 

the office ot the clatfid. 

So as now it is in the Court of Wards and Liveries. 

Alfo be it enafted by authority aforefaid, that all Wards which th6 
Kings Highneffe now is, or hereafter fhall be intituled to have, with 
their Mannors, Lands, Tenements, Rents, Remainders, Rcverfions, 
Services , and all other Hereditaments whatfoever they be, as well in 
poffeffionas reverfion,and all Revenues,I(rues,and Profits of the fame, 
and every part thereof, for the time the fame fliall be,or ought to be in 
the Kings pofTeflion, fliallbeintheorder, furvey, and governance of 
the faid Court, and the Minifters of the fame, in manner and forme, as 
by this hSt is declared and limited. 

Alfo that the faid Mafter of the Wards for the time being fhall 
have full power and authority to award under the Scale to be appoin- 
ted to the faid Court in the Kings name fuch Proces and Precepts 
with reafonable pains to be therein limited , as be now commonly ufed 
in the Court of the Kings Duchy Chamber of Lancafler being at 
Weftm. againfl every perfonor perfons whatfoever they be, for and 
concerning the intcreft, right and title of the Kings Majefly, his Heirs 
and SuccefTors, of in or for any Wards Lands, Tenements, Rents, Ac- 
count, Receit, Services , or other caufc in any wife touching or con- 
cerning any thing appointed by the order of the faid Court, or any part 
thereof, for and on the behalfe of our faid Soveraignc Lord the King, 
or toor for any debt, rifing and growing by occafion of the fame. 

Alfo be it enadted by the authority aforefaid, that the faid Attomy, 
Receiver Generall, and Auditors fhall diligently from time to time at- 
tend upon the faid Maifler in the faid Court for the hearing and orde- 
ring of matters and caufes in the fame Court for the time of four Terms 
inthe year ufually kept for the law at Weflm. and procure with all di- 
ligence, that all rents, fermes, profits, cafualties, improvements, and 
other emoluments of the Wards mariages , Ideots, and all Man- 
nors, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments being in the furvey and 
governance of the laid Court, fliall be truly and jutlly paid, and anfwe- 
red to the faid Receiver Generall of the faid Court to the ufe of the 
KingsHighneffe without concealing any part thereof. And fhall alfo 
caufe and procure ProcefTe to be made againfl fuch a^ fhall be indebted 



Duchy Ch»nib?r. 

In any wife tou- 
ching or concer- 
ning, &c. 



otjj H. 8. the 
Surveyour is ad- 
ded, and to rake 
place before the 

Indebted . 

Cap .3 5. The Court of lizards and Liveries, 

to the Kings HighnelTe and their fureties of and for any pait therecf, 
from time to time, as the time and cafe fhall require without any delay. 

Alfo be it enaded by the authority aforefaid,that all manner of Pro- 
ces that fhall be made out of the Kings Exchequer to oragainftany 
perfon or perfons for any Ferme, Rentsjffues or profits conoernijigthe 
premifes or any part thereof, or any other thing limited in this Adlto 
be in the furvey, order, and governance of the faid Court, and the mi- 
nifters thereof, fliall be dearly void and of none effedt to all intents and 

Alfo be it enaded by the authority aforefaid, that the faid Mafler by 
the advice of the faid Attorny, Receiver Generall, and Auditors, or 
three of them, whereof the faid Maflertobeoneofthem, fhall have 
authority by this Ad to furvey all the Kings Widows, and to treat, 
commune , and conclude as well with all and every of the Kings Wi- 
dows that now be , or hereafter fliall be, and that have married them- 
felves without the Kings licenfe, or that hereafter fhall happen to mar- 
ry themfelves without the Kings licenfe, forthcirreafonable fines to 
be made to the Kings ufe, and to tax and affeffe the fame by their d jf- 
cretion according to l\^Q^^t\ Regis: the fame fines to 
be paid to the Receiver Generall of the Wards lands, as the fame may 
appear yearly in his account. 

Alfo be it enaded by the authority aforefaid, that the faid Mafler 
by the advice of the faid Attorny, Receiver- Generall and Auditors, or 
shreeofthem, fluU have authorityby this Ad to furvey, govern and 
order all and fingular Ideots and naturall Fools now being in the Kings 
hands, or that hereafi:er fhall come and be in the Kings hands. And 
alfo to furvey and order all the Manners, Lands,Tenements, and other 
Hereditaments whatfoever, now being in the Kings hands , or in the 
hands ofany other perfon or perfons to their ufes, or to the ufe of any 
ofthem,that hereafter fhall come and be in the Kings hands, his Heirs 
and Succelfors in the right ofany of them by reafbn of his Graces pre^ 
rogative Royall : And alfo by the advice of the faid Attorny, Receiver 
Generall, and Auditors , or three or two ofthem, to let and fet, the 
Manners, Lands, and Tenements to the Kings ufe for the time of the 
Kings interefl for fuch rent and fine, as by their difcretion fhall be 
thought convenient •, the finding and keeping of the faid perfons their 
Wives and Children , and the reparations of their houfes and lands al- 
wayes to be confidered in the doing thereof^ the fame rents and fines 
referved to the Kin^s Grace to be paid alwayes to the hands of the Re- 
ceiver Generall of the Wards lands for the time being , as the fame 
may appeare in his account, and be recorded in the Court of Wards, 

And alfo be It enaded by the authority aforefaid,that the faid Mafter 
for the time being fhall have power and authority to take Recognifan- 
ces of all and every perfon and perfons tliat fhall be called into the 
Court of Wards and Liveries to anfvver to any matter alledgedagainfl 
them in the faid Court , to make their daily appearance in the faid 
Court , to anfvver to fuch matters as to them then and there from time 
to time fhall be alledged. And that all fuch Recognifances of what 
fumme foever they be , fliall be as good and effeduall in the law to all 
intents and purpofes, as Recognifances taken in the Kings High Court 


No Procescut 
the Exchequer fox 
or concf iti'ng 


N'tanll Fools, 


Called by proccs. 



ip o The Court of Wards and Liveries . Cap . 55 . 

of Chancery , or elfewhere before any Judge of Record within this 
Realm. And that the faid Mailer for the time being with the advice of 
the Court, oroffuchmemberof thefameasthcnlhallbeprefent, fo 
that they be two befide the faid Mafter, fhall have full pow er and au- 
To model Me thority to moderate fuch Recognifances as be or (hall be there forfeited, 
RecognifjiiPes. ^^^ ^q fgt fj^gs fo^- the fame to the Kings ufe under the fummes contai- 
ned in the faid Recognifances j the faid fines to be levied by like Pro- 
ces of Scire facias, as by the ftatute made in the 27 yeare of our Sove- 
raigne Lord the Kings reigne is given to the Chancelour of the Court 
of Augmentations of the Revenues of his Graces Crown. And that 
the faid Mafter for the time being with theadviceaforefaid (hall have 
power and authority to commit to ward any perfon or perfons for 
his or their difobedience, contempt, or other offence made , or to be 
made triable within the Kings Court of the Wards and Liveries , and 
upon the faid matters ordered or decreed there , to deliver them from 
prifon,and to cancelland make void all Recognifances and Obligations 
taken or hereafter to be taken in the fame Court to the Kings ufe when 
and as often as the faid Mafter , with the advice of the faid Court or 
three of them , (hall fee and perceive the matters and caufes , for the 
which any fuch Recognifances or Obligations hath or hereafter fhall 
happen to be taken, to be finiftiedand ended, and the Kings Grace his 
Heirs and SuccefTors, or the party thereupon {atisfied, without any 
other warrant for the fame. 
^ The Autho- And alfo (lull have full power and authority to hear and determine 
rity of the all and all manner of Debts, Detinues, Trefpailcs, Accounts, Recko- 
Courts of Ex' nings. Wafts, Deceipts, Negligences, Defaults, Contempts, Com- 
f^^y^r^H^ards plaints. Riots , Quarrels , Suits, Strifes, Controver(ies, Forfeitures, 
AChuS'he Offences, and other things whatfoevcr they (hall be, which (hall 
fiatiiceof j""} H.8 hereafter grow, be movod, ftirred, procured, purfued, or arife in, for, 
cap.59. or upon any matter, caufe, or other thing ^affigned, committed, orap- 

'^"^ ■ pointed to the feverall dircdions, orders, and governances of the fame 
Courts, or any of them , or for or upon any manner of thing or things 
which may or (hall touch or in any wife concerne the fame , wherein 
the King flmll be only paity. And alfo all manner of States for teirme 
of years between party and party concerning the premifes , and to cor- 
red and punifli by their difcretions all and every perfon and perfons 
which before them fhall be convided of any of the premifes according 
tothenature, quality, or quantity of his or their offence or offences, 
caufc or cau(es,matter,or matters (all and all manner of Treafons,Mur- 
ders. Felonies, Eftates, Rights, Titles, and intercfts as well of inheri- 
tance as frechold,other then joyndtures for tcarm of life, only excepted 
and alwayes foreprifcd.) 

IBefoje toe Defcenti f f fjc fcfccrall parts anD b?ancl^c6 of tl&efc arts, (f fbnll be 
erpeDient foj aotianccmcnt oftrutfttofjanDlean^cleacttooa^uefttons. JFirtt, 
to^en WarDS became Dne to iVjcMms of CEnglanD , bp to^at title, anD upon 
to^atreafoti. S>cconiilp, toljo !jaD tl^e cbargc of tljc t&fngs MarQS ; Ijototbci? 
loere DtrpofeDof, ano in tot>at Court tl)t0 reijenneioa? anftoercD before tl^c 

Cap. 35. The Court of Wards and Liveries. ipi 

SCftcfirft contains tfjjcc tl)inss. aCtmcSCitlc, anDCaufc. SLnQ mallt^fe 
tbjec polydorjnD futlj asfolloto ft{m,Ooerrc.iFoj Polydcr fattfj WMHenrkus 5. Polydor \\>.ig. 
Anno Domini 1 2 1 9. <J«; avitunt rcgnum civili bcUo^ ac di^en[iombiH vnfta- P-^g -^ss. 
turn, opihfts fpoliatumyatque prope confeCitmfaulo ante adepms crat^ am rei 
domefiicA inopiapreffus , non poffetjine aiixilie ftierum, Ajiaticum bellnm ;«- ^ 

vare^ vitamqiie regiam decemer degerc^ principes folutoprim trihtito, pro eo ^ 

hello gerendo pofie/t excogitato novo vei^igalis gcricre ^ ut regem fuam ea in- Excogitate novo 
opia levarent, » ultro conce^erunt^ ut quoties quifpiam ecrum^ quipolJepones vedigaiis gci^re 
haberent •> quarum Rex e^'et Bominus , ante njoreretnr qtiam liber j quos ^un "° "^"""^ ^' 
feciffet hxredes vigefimum alterufn agerent annu, turn eatentis t^m ipfc hjrfes b Q_i:riim rex 
quAm patrimoniiim in potefiate atque tuteU regis for et, ^ tlkpAtnmomi <rt-t L)<^'T'ni.s. 
fmjtifmodi proventus caperet^ quoad h£res ad earn int^item pervemret : quia 
apnd Anglos more tnajorumpervetujlo confervandarum facultatum caufa^ fi- 
liffs mas natu ^rmdiorfitfolus fhtres, "jelfilisfi mares liberi nullifint. Fgit 
Rexgratias omnibus generatim pro munere , ac ut ne id humanitatii in ohlt- 
'vionem iret, de/nceps ijfiufmodi nobilium hxredam tutelas ut remfibi valde 
utilem accuratifime fufcepit. Sedillud beneficium ncqnaquam ipfi nebilitati 
foftremo bono fnit , quando C£teri reges qui fecuti font ^ nonhabitaratione, 
quod a princ/pib/fi olim in Henricumduntaxat collocatumfuiffet, ut qui pau- 
per ejfet decentim perfonamregiamper illudfujlineret , fibi etiamperpetud- 
tum voluerunt. ^id^ quod it a res cnr* omnibus fuit^ ut non modo reges^fed 
reliqui locormn domini in hxreditates nobilium defun£iorum eodem modoin- 
'vajerinty id quod etiam nunc fit^ (^ lege certaobfervatur. Vnumiftudinfii- 
tutii efi tande aliquando corrigendit, quippe quod quanta uni vel alteri com- 
jnodijtdntji aliis incommodi ajfert : fane ita ufu venit,i/tpopuloru quibus hx- 
reditates veniunt tutuUftpe a locoru dominis ad tempusfem diClu eft, il/orit 
tutoribusper aufiionem'vendantur,quo fic fa£to lucro, abeaeducandorumpu- 
erorum cura vacuifmt, & qni emunt^ emunt autem tarn nobiles,qua homines 
novi^ ft modo plus dederint^ea prafertim de can fa redimant,utpupillosnobiliu> 
fais liberis matrimenio conjungent. Idq-^ fctpifime facitmt^ antequa illi pube- 
fcant , quofimul vivendo, cum primum per etatem liceat, nrgente velupta- 
tumtitillatioueinvicemcommifceantur, titnepoftea, cum adoleverint , jam 
mutui poUuti nuptias repudiare queant , qui fic fefe ab ineunte £tate libidim- 
bus deaecor antes inter dtim non homines^fedob virium infirmitatem plane he- 
munciones gignimt a majoribus degener antes. Atqui nobilitas cum primis 
eo damnum fac it longe ingentifsimum quod homines humili loco natiper ejuf- 
tnodi connubia fanguinem cum ea focicnt , contaminentque in dies (ingulos 
ejus vetufttfmgenus , ^ pupilli ipfi afinu matrum per emptionem erepti pa- 
rum interdum honeftis in aliena Jomo inftituantur. Oritttr vel hinc res alia 
indigna de qua nunc tacere libet ^ iftortm enimconjugtim gratia admodum 
modica aliquoties extjlit cum ante xtatem, ^ aliquando contra voluntatem 
nobjlesfaminxj virique plebeis copulati perraro inter fe ament. Prdtereoe^ 
illud, quantum patrimonia nobilium^caufa hujufce tuteU laceremur a novis 
pofjefforibus •, qui fuis avarc commoditatibus fervientes pecus omne non mod& 
tondent, fed deglubunt egregie. Atque hoc eft principummunns , quod re 
gias opes rnaxime adauxit. 

!^crc{n Polydor ftatb crreD hi alUl^jcc. jFo? firtt , toljere f)c afftrmet^ foj tljc 
time, tljat tljio Novum veftigalis genus toas excogitatum , ant) grantct) to fifng 
Henry tftctfttrU Anno Domini 1219. iuljtc!) luao til thctljirDrcarof htsrcignc, 
Glanvil tofjo lt)?otc in ttjc reign of H.i. trcatctftof (KilarDtbtpsDne totlje Utng tb7.c»p.9.»o. 

Cc 2 ano 


And Ocklum 
who wrote tem- 
alfo of Ward- 
Aipt & Lireries. 

Mitth. I 


1 part of the I n-^ 

Polydor faith, 
that this Noviipt 
veSligdis gttiHS 
was granted to 
the King, 

Lib. Rub. 

The Charter of 
King Kfnulfiu, 
Anno Dom.Sii. 
The like Charter 
to a Knight cal- 
led Athelvxg, 
Anno Dom.ppf. 

The Charter of 
King Ethdred. 


Brafton lib.t. 
ipart of theln- 
fiitutet Sed.ioj 
Verb. Chi valcr. 
Comming of 

Doinefdajr tit. 

The Court of Wards md Liveries. Cap.35. 

an6 Otl^er ^LojliS : to ttjei&fng in tliefe iUOjDS. Notandum tsmen quod fi quis 
in capitctencre debet, tunc ejus ouftodia ad dominum regem picne pertinet, five 
alios dominos habere debeat fivcnon, quia dominus rex nullum potell habere 
parcm i multo minus feniorem, &c. janD Ije treatetljubi fupra of ^arDfl)fp4 
f Ijen Sae,(U)^ic^ %tA^zi\i lato till XW t)ap) anD fpcahet^ nothing ot ttic beginning 
of t^em. 

Jiing John In t|ic fctentecnib pear of Ijts reign maDc a great Cljartcr, anD 
granteD Conrilio Batonum, quod cuflos tfshxredis qui infra xtatcm fuer'non 
capiat de terra hasredis nifi rationabiles exita$,& rationabiles confvietudines,& ra- 
tiooabilia fcrvitia. & hic fine dettrudione & vanohominum vel rerutn, Ec (i 
no» commiferiraus cuftodiam alicui talis tcrrac vicicomiti vel alicui alii, qui de 
exitib' terrac illius nobis debent rcfpondere.Sc ille deflrudioncm de cuftodia fccc- 
lit vel vafiutn, nos ab illocapiemus emendam, & terra committatur duobus lega- 
libus & difcretis hominibus de f'cndo illo , qui fimiliter nobis reipondeant , ficut 
prxdiwlam cft» Cuflos autem quamdiu cuftodiam t fa habuerit, fuHeniet domos, 
parcos, vivaria, ftagna^molendina, & cetera ad illam terram pertinentia de exiii- 
Dus terrje ejufdem. Et reddat ha^rcdi, cum ad f knam itatem pet venerit.tcrram 
fuamtotaminftauratamdccarucis, & omnibus aliis rebus, ad minus fccundum 
quod ilia recepit. 

2t MftcrcPolydor faitft, Vitro conceflerunt utquoties, &c. !)C Effirmetlj ttjat 
it tame from ttjc grant of t^c fubjctt to tlje lUng. 2Et)e trot!) is, t{)at all SCenures 
bp iintgftts rerttce,U)l)tcli Cncc tftc Conqueft Djatoetb toarD anD mariage (foj rc» 
Itefe U)a0 Due before) toere cit^rcrcateDanDrefcn^eDbptbel^tng, 0?. bcfo;icof 
1 8 E, r , Quia cmpcorcs terrarum bp t^c fubjccts of tbe ^ calm. 3!f bp fljc feing, 
it is either of t^c perfon of tljc iSing, ut de corona, tobtcb toe call in Capitc, oj of 
fomc ^onoar oj^annoj* Sfbpafnbjert, eftljcr of f)t0 perfon oj of an l^onoj 
0} ^nno^ ^nD all tiiefc tenures b^lie been createD acco;tDing to tbis rule^Cujut 
eft dare, ejus eft difponere. SinDall tbelanDS in CnglanDojlginaUpmotjeDfrom 
tbe i&tng, anD are l^lDen of bim meDtatelp oj tmmcDiatclp. 

j« ^e nfterlp miftabetb tbe enD of tbe creation of tbefe tenures bp l&ntgbts 
Cerbicc, iDbtcb toereojiginallp createD fo; tbe Defence of tbc Realm bp bts otonc 
fab jccts, iDbf cb is mo je fafe, tbcn to truft to fojetncro. 25nt bercof pou map rcaDe 
at large in Littleton,Se(!;t.p5 .p6« & i o j ,& Li, Rub, Mavult enim princcps dome- 
fticosrquam ftipcndiarios bellicis apponereeafibus. 

SDbts SDennrc tobfcb noU) is calleD Efcuage,oj Servicium ScutJ,tDas Of ancient 
time nameD cxpeditio hominum cum fcutis. as pou map rcaoc in tbc ^Ibarfcr of 
liing Kenulphusjtobo Anno Domini Sii & regni lui 25 grantCD to tbe 3bbotof 
jQlbbanDon manp spannojs ano 3lanD0, anD rcfccbeD qubd expeditionem duode- 
cim virorum cum tantis fcutis exerceant, Antiquos pontes, & arces reno- 
vent,&c» £Dfall ofbcr ferbtces anD Cb^rges be anD bis fucceCTo^s toere Dtf« 

Itt mmim excel fiTonantis^ cujus mta ^ mferationekfio^Atre^ndituSy 
tgo Ethelred Rex mm InfuU cum confenfu & Hcentia Optmatttm meortm 
aliorumque meoritmjiMium dabo, S" Hbenti animo comedo Clofc. quandam 
ruris farticulam, hoc efi^io manfos in loco qucm rurtcoU vocitant at y Cean- 
tun in hdtrediutem ferpetuxnty (^ femper liber permamat notis ^ ignotis^ 
tnagnis dr modicisy adhabend' & tradend' qtulicunj^ vdluerit relinqtut ab 
omni tribute (^ * fervicio regali, nifi conftruClionepontis -fit arcis adificatiene, 
(^ hoftium expeditions Actum ejl autem hoc me& concefsioms domm Ann9 
Dominic A Incarnationis 1 001 .&c. 

31n tbe ffioob of SDomcfDap pon Iball finDe it tbus rccojDcD. Sudric, 

Epifcopus Baioc' 

Ille qui tenet de Wodardo reddit ei jo s, & fervieium unius militi s, anD in \ii'- 
tjcrs otber places. jainD in DomefDap mention is often maoe of Drenches oj 
Drengcs ;U)bic^i9 as mutb to fap as Tenemes pet fervieium milirarc. 

CsLp^p. ^he Court oflVards and Liveries. ip} 

^anpotbcro of tIjtB binD migfjt be txitta to pjotc tftat p;uDent anttquUp etcr 
p;otJtD0Dbp rcfectatton of tenure (amongtt ot!)crtl)»nSfli) Dcfcnceof ttie 

IRealiti aeatntt tfjc Hntafion ofC-ncmie0. 

^llouranticnt 3ut^o?0 treat i^crcof. &cc tl)C Firft part of the Inflicutcs, GUnv.l.7.c.jM0. 
Scft. 103. anD fee tftc (DjanD Cntlumef of iJ3o?nianDp Cap.33.&c. )o.^p. ^^^''"^ '«'''- 

|9oa ftatc IjcarD ljcfo?cdeRegalil"ervicic,tEf8?e tfjc Conqaca, but tfjat re- ]^f;z7s't> ^6< 
gale (crvicium ( toft(clj toag iftntgW fcrtjtcc) Djein unto it Relief,t!ut nett^jcr li^^^n ).b.'r. 
tDarDQjfp oftfjeboDp oj oft^elanD,a0!)atl)bccnfaiD, Bt tatrnc tliat tl)e Con« fo.j6.a.8y. 
qaerouc in rcfpcct of tbat roj'all ferticc as a taiice cf i%z Corquttt tool? t^e Bntconfo.1^2. 
toarDftip oftljc lanDanDtbeniariageoftfte^tcs toitljiii ace offptft frnants, j^^uVicas 
ftnf tbis ettcnDeD not to tl)e tenures of tbefubjectsbpfcnic^fs fcrtjlcc ,asit ap' 
pcarct^bP Biafton: Dieitur Regale fcrvicium^quia fpe ftat ad dominum regem,, 
&nonalium,& fecundutn quod in Corqneflu fuit adinventum; & hojuftnodi iibifupa. 
fervicia perfolvumur ratione teneir!eDtorutn,& non perlbnarBm, quiacxrene- The ttmire (as 
mentis proveniiint^utfi dicatur tsciendo inde fbrinrecumrervicium , vel regale ^|°^cappca- 
fervicium,liveferviciumdomini regi$,&c. &oaStl)c (Tonqucrour p;ot?iDeD fOJ 'hti,iwem"d' 
I)imfelf,butotl)ci:Jio:D0af tljcfirft bp fpcctall rcfcrtjation Cnce tfje Conquett buchefruicsV 
p?obit)eD upon gift of lanDsfoj tbcmfcllicst Rcgisadexemplum totm compo- tiicttnueotthc 
nitur orbis, tobcrein tfjat tDbfcb toe IjaD from t!)c vConqucrouc toe freclp confeffe, '<'"§»'-' vWard-j 
anD t^at toljicb tfje iJojmans fjao from u0,tDC bate trulp relateD in otber places. Z^^^,^^^^ 

SDbegooD II ina H. i. fon of tbcdonqucrour finding tbattbe toarDlljip of tbc Bra'aonsmean- 
boDpan"DlanD0of bis2Cenant0bpl'5nigbtrertiicc cractcD bp bis jfatber toas ing. 
botb grietous and un)uflr,bpbis great »Ibarter Anno primo regnifui, reciting 
Quod regBum fuum oppreflum erat injuftis exa<nionibus,&c. (anD' particularlj? 
tempore patris fuijDiD grant (amongft otber tbing0)Quod fi uxor cum liberis 
rcmanferit, dotem fuam & maritagium habebic dum corpus luimi legitime fcr- 
vabitj & earn non dabit nifi fecundum velle fuum, & tcrrs & liberorum euitot 
eric five uxor/ive alius propinquior,&c. 2Co be H)0?t bptbatgolDCnCbafter, 
Omnesmalasconfuccudincsjquibus regnum Anglia: injufte opprimebatur,inde 
abflulit> & lagam regis Edovardi reddidit. SC^efe toerc called iitng Edwards 
latos, not tbat !aing Edward made tbem, fed quia ex tribus legibus, (c, Angloru, 
Danorunn, & Merciorum unam legem communcm cdiditi Vide Ranulph' Cc- 
firienf. Lib. 

0nd tDberc fomc babe objected tbaf toardflilp is a baDge of fedjifuDe, fo? tbat 
ill tbc tojit of Native habtndo, onc of tbc Cyplces (amonglr otbcre; is capien- 
do redemptionem ab co pro filiis & filiabus maritandis, & aliis Villanis fervi- 
ciis. 2Cbat is, taking ranfomc of bim foi tbc mariagc of bis fono and dangbtcrs, 
and of!)er tjillain fcrbiccs. 2Co tbisttto anftocred, tbat tbeiSingfoj mar tage 
of 6ts Mards tabetb no ranfome0,but fucb moderate fum0ofmonep,as inre^ 
fpe(toftbequalitpanDaatcoftbcMard,be,oj tbc, all circumttances conOde* 
tea, is able to pap, anD tn rcgarD tbcreof- be batb tbc pjotettion of tbe Court of 
©Sards during minojitp : but if ranfonic0 Cbould be taken , it fliould not onlp be 
againlttbertgbt inttitution of Mardfl)tps before rememb^ed , but alfoabadge 
of ferbitude : and tbercfojc bptbc flatute of Magna Carta, of H. 3, eap.4,>,<5, 
(feeing tbe (troton bad a long poffeffion of tbc MardOjip of tbc bodp and lands 
oftbellings tenant bp !intg"bt0 fcrticcj it toa0 pjobided, firft, tbat tbe iiing 
0; bis (Sjantee oj Committee fbould not tafec of tbc lands of tbc beir * but "Notcua/wMfct 
rearonablei(ruc6,rcaf0nablccuaomc0 and rcafonablc fcrbfccB,toitbout dettrnctf* thrice repeated, 
on,K. (and allunrcafonablcanderccffttctbings arc againft tbc Common latu, |5,fe"vTd 
Exccflivumomneinjurereprobatur.) S>econdlp, Ojallhecp up tbc boufCS anD 
Otber inbcritantc of tbcbelr, anddelibcrto tbebctrall bis lando flo?c5 toitf) 
plougbs and all otber tbingsCtooods and all) at Icaft as be rctcibed tbemrtober^ 
bp it appearctb, tbat tbc tjaluc of tbc mariagc Ibould be fo reafonable , as tbe bcic 
fl&ould not at bis full age be enforced foj papmcnt tbcreof to fell citbcr lands 0; 
goods. SCbirdlp, tbat if tbc beir bcmarico , tbatbebcaD\jancedtberebp,andnot 

John earl of £DpfojD being tbc Mm^ OTarD mattcD toltbout tte llsings If* Ror. Paji. 

Cencej ' 


* Rnt.finium. 
Hereof fee Mat. 
Par. Anno do- 
inini li}i- 
bertdc Burgo,& 
Stephen Segravc 
J E.i.m.4. Rot. 
aR0c.Pat.r5 H.6. 
parte i.m. 14. 
of the InRituec, 
U.x pcriotum. 

* Capit.Itjncris 
in Vet.Mag.Car. 

Britton fo.18. 

Vet. Mag-Carta 
160,161, Inter 

The Court of JVards and Liveries, Cap.^5. 

cencc,fojt^ctol)icft,bot6fojtl)C contempt, anD foj tljcDutptotbcliing to? fo 
matptngjl^e toasfineDat %\i\t& tftoufanD pounD3,tol)ttbtoasnottt)Ctjalueof 
fjtslanDsbp one pear : antipct Ije pctttioncD in IDarliamcnt to be pacDoncDof 
part thereof, tBijttb toao t!)Ougftt rcafonablc. ^noccrtatnlptljc rcafonaUe rating 
of Marofljtps of ttje boDp % lantis (0 botlj accojDtng to tbelaSos of t^c Ecalm,anD 
a mean of intrcafe of t1)C kings IRcticnue. 

Si& to tfte tljtrD t tl)cretpcre of ancient ano latter times J©aftcrs oj ?Scepcr3 
of ttje Swings txaartisfoj tftc icings bcftaDtiantage, ar.D tlje pjofits anD rctocnue 
tljercof iuere anftocreD in tl)e icings Court of Grc^equcr : as taking one exam- 
ple 0} ttoo in tteaD of manp fo; botl^ tbe points. 

* Rex commifit Radulpho de Nova villa EpifcopoCiceftr. & Stepbano de Se- 
grave cuflodiam omnium Efchaetorum fuorum qui accidunt per tocum regnum 
Angliar,tam in Wardisiquam in omnibus aliisElchaetM qui regi acciderepof- 
fiBt, & refpondend'indead Scaccarium. 

"©cetbeftatuteof jt H.3. ftamt' deScaccaric&Ijerifs Ojall be keepers of 
t^e JSings tMacDS, anti anttoerablc foj tijc ttftics thereof in tl)e <Il;iccbcquer. 

t ©IHljat care tftcrctoas of ancient time to pjefcrtjctljctrceof pious, bonca= 
table, anD profitable tenures of tljciiJing, ant) foj pjofit crpcctalli> tenures in 
Capiteant)bpJ^ntgftt6rert)ice:anDtftat tt)e teing flwilO be trul? anflijercD of 
MarDlfeips, ana otbcr fruits anD profits Due unto l)imbprearontl)ereof, it no- 
tablp appcaretb bp tftc jarttclcs tnquirable bptbe BEulttccs in C-ire, anDbpour 
ancient boobs. 

* De Efchattoribus c^ Suhejchaetoribm in [etfina dominiregis facientibus 
'VAftuTtt^'vel defiru£fiomm in parcU^bofcU,vi%>artis, vel Warrennis infra cu- 
ftodiai fibi commi^as per dominum regem , qmntim d" de quibm , dr a. 
quo tempore. Item de eifdem qui occafwne httjufmodi ceperim bona defun- 
[iorumyvdharedtim inmantt domini regis injufte^ donee redimerentnr ab 
eis d" ^fti^i ^ quantum pro hujufmodi redemptione, ^ quid ad opw fuu?» 
inde retinuerint , ^ a quo tempore. Item de eifdem qui minus fufficienter 
terras alicujus in favorem ejufdem , 'vel alterim cujufcimque cui cufiodia 
t err arum ill arum dart, vendi vel concedi debuerit , in deceptionem domini 
regis, & ubi^^ quando,dr quid inde ceperint^(^ k quo tempore. Itemdee^ 
ifdem qui prece,precio.^vel auxilio^'velfavoreconfenferintjvelconfuluerint 
quod cufiodi A domini regis venderentur pro minore precio^quamvendide- 
berent fecundum verunt valorem, vel maritagia ad dominum regem f^eSfan- 
tia. Etfaliquo modo concelaverint cuftodias domini regis , vel maritagia 
hAredum, veltenentium de rege in capite, vel maritagia dominarum^vi- 
duarum mar itatarii fine licentiaregis^ ^fi quid propter hoc ceperim & quan- 
tum.,^ a quo tempore. Item de hi is qui refervaverint ad opus proprium 
cufodiam^vel maritagium per leveprecinm, five per concclamentumfaliu> 
verfus dominum regem, (jr cujufmodi damnum rex inde habuerit , ^ a quo 
tempore. Item cujufmodi feifierint terras ^d" per quantum jempus eas inmx- 
nu domini regis tenuerint. Item de terris captis in manu domini regisy 
qu£capi non debe'renty^pojlea reflitutisper pr^eceptum domini regis cum 
perceptis^utrum perceptarejtituerint admandata domini regis, vel non. Et 
de omnibus pradiBis f&Eiis & commifis infra viginti dr quinque annos 
prcxime trxdiBospr^ediBi ^usiiciarii fe intromittant. Et omnesilliqtd 
fentiunt fe fufcr hiisgravatos , & inde conquefi voluerint , audiantur, ^ 
fiat eis Juper hoc jujlicia , (jr if ft ^nfiiciarii pro hiis qtu dominum regem 
centingunt diligenter inquirant,&c, 

Primo^ principaliter inquiratur defecdis militum , O' advocationibus 
Ecclefiarum ad dominum regem pertinentibus^viz.quot funt, ^ qu^frnt 
tenement a , (Jr quantitas tenur.(,(jrperqH{ fervicia. Item 

Cap. ^jT. The Court ofWctrds 'and Liyeries, ip: 

Itemfi feodA ilU integrA fmt vel demembrata , mn habendo rejpeiimH 
adtemvus. Item fi demembrata, , per quem^quande^ cui,qttaliter,quomodo^ 
(^ quantum vdent per annum. Item p tradantur alicut adterminum 'vit<tj 
"jil annorum fine licentia regis, tunc cin,quando, qualiter,^ quemodo^t^ 
quantum valent per annum. Et fi tenentur per medium , per quern me- 

Itemdetenementis qux tenentur derege in capite,'uel teneri debeat^fi 
aliqui sfaci at fe medium inter dominum regem , (jr ^uerum tenentemjuum^ 
tunc quAratur ubiyquando,qualiter, (^ quomodo^cr ad quod damnum regis, 
'vel fi modo tenuram mutaverint. 

Item de aliis quitenent de corona per magnam Serjantiam ^ velparvam^ 
antiquum dominicumdominiregiSyfocagium^feedifirmam^ vel per aliquod 
fervicium^ ft iidem tenentes ahqued alienaverint, vel demembraverim^cui, 
quande, quantum, qualiter ^ quomodo^five fmt de aliquo bonore^five de cO' 
rona, &de valere annuo. Et fi ahquis^ quide rege tenuerit per antiquum 
dominicum velfocagium,mutaverit tenuram fuam, ^ ad damnum regis, cui^ 
ubi^ quando^ qualiter, ^ quemodo , ^ ad quod damnum regis, (^ quantum 
hmufmodi tenement um valet per annum. 

Item fi aliqui s concelaverit aliquem redditum, five aliquedfierviciumy 
feu aliquas confitetudines domino regi debitas, tunc quis, quande, qualiter y 
^ quomodo, ^ qn^fervicia, & quern redditum, ^ quas confiuetuHnes^ ^ 
qiu tenementa tenent de quihus debentur hujufmodi fervid a, (^ quantum 
val'ent per annum , & ad quod damnum regis hujufmodi cencelamentd 

Item,de hxredibus quorum cuftodia (jr maritagium pertinent ad dominum 
regem ^ & dominus rex eahabuerit^ quando deberet habere. Et (idiquis 
hmufmodi hxredum ingrejfusfueritfine authoritate curix^^ abfque legitiwa 
atatis fu£ probatione fi infia xtatem, ^ fiplenx dtatis, abfque faciendo re- 
gi homagiiim^velaliudfervicium quodei debet. Etttwc quis fit i lie hsres^ 
quo tempore intravit, ^ pofi mortem cujus^ dr per qutd fervicium iHa htre^ 
ditastctt:atur,(^ quantnmvalet per annum. 

Itemdeviduis fimiliter quarum maritagium pertinet ad regem,fi fe ma- 
ritaverintfine licentia regis, cuiyqu:indo^cujus confenfu^ (^ ad quod dam- 
num regis , ^ quantum tenementa valent qux tenent in dotem de prima 

Itemde h^redibus qui debcrent e(fe incufledia regis , ^ quis cufiodiam 
ufurpaverit fuper regem^ ^ a quo tempore, (jr quantum tenementa qux te- 
nent valent per annum. 

Itemfi aliquis hujufmodi hxredumcujus anteceffcr de regetemitincapi- 
teffive de aliquo hsrede in cuflodia regis exiflente , maritatm fiterit fine li- 
centia regis, tunc cui, quando, & per cujm confenfum^ (jr quantum term ilU 
valent per annum, (jr quantum cepitpro mar it agio. 

Item fi dominie A terrA domini regis in ifio Wapentagio funt in talifiatti 
ficut e(fe deberent ,vel fi tradantur adfrmam,fidimittunturfecundum va- 
lorem anntmm earundem.,^' fi cufiodes^vel frmarii vafium vel dejlru^tio- 
nemyvenditionem feu exilium fecerint ineijdem , vel interris exifientibus 
in tnanu domini regis per cufiodiam, vel alio modo, quiSjUbi,qHando,^c. 

ptn fo p:C£foucs teas tmmeUiatc tenures of t^c Mn%,9& pow rwD ia tlje psr* 

liament lHoU in 1 8 E. i. In tftcfc Ujojds, 

Gilbert us 


ip(^ l^h Qourt of W^ards and Liveries, Cap.55. 

Rot.Par.i8 E.i. Gilberts de Fmphrevill petit licentUm quod fopt feaffare Gilbertum 

f 1. £Uum fmm trimozemtum, O" Mur^itr, uxor em ejus de manerio ftto de Over- 

Hoc Ak (aim fit y } ,/ , . 9 _.,, ", ' . . ^ ^ ■ 1 n 

ihis tenure. ton,Tenend de ipjo Gtlberto patre durante tot a vita tpfitispatrts^O'pojt e- 

]ta decefjftm decapit alibis dominisfeodi. Rej^ens. Rex non vult aliquem 

medium. JdeonoH concept » 315ptl)C ftatute of 14 E,^, tf tlje ^cfr of ffjciidigcf tenant in Cl)fef,fc. tefonnD 

««•». iuitfttn age , anDtljc nert frtcuDS of t^e ftcir, to iufjom t^e tnftertfancc can* 

not DefcenD^tliaUconieanD offer ttiem to tahett^efaitilanDs^peelDtng t^etalneto 

tfl&e !i{ns t(U t^c age of tl^e ftcfr, as far fojt^ as otiicr laill peelD lutttjout frauD; 

bj? accojD bettocen t^c vlliancclo; anD tl)e aCrcafnrer, t|>cp ftall Ijate Commillioti 

toheepti)e (aib lanDsbi^gooDanDfafficient furetp tiUtJ^eageoft^e fain tictr, 

anD to anftwr t^e iUfng t^e tialue* 3n t!j{0 iSrt tftts SCreafarer (s intenDeO of tlje 

g^reafurer of t^ CEw^jcqucr^&ee bcfojc in tljcCftapter of tl^e^ourf ofCrtfjeqaer* 

Rot.p«r.i R.t. itmongftt^ petitions oftfje Commons , tftcp pjap tl>at t^e faiD ftatnte of 

nu.79.R0t.par. i4E.3.mapl3eobfcr'bcD,tD&tcfttI)e!iing0ranteB» 

50E.3 nu.118. * 3t ispjotitDcOby^ctofiaarliament in Arnozi E,4,tl)attoi)ercfnnDjpof 

nu itf'nwin wmt ^^ ^*"S* tenants ^Dtng of ijim fmmeuiatelp^s of bis SDucfjp of tanCljp fun* 

■ Djprecoticries, fines anD feoffments in ufe,t)GfcatcD ttjcifting of tSlarDftjtps of 

bot))) anU lanDst St is enacteD, tl)at tftc iSing anDljisftcitS ftfall^atie ttietieiart* 

0)ipanDcaftoDpof tlje boDp anDlanDs of etcrp fut^ perfon being toitbin age, 

to tDljofc ufet^c fee fimple ojfce tail of anp Ijcretiitaments fo IjolDcn Hall groto 

as fteics bp ti>c ticatfj of anp of ftis 0anccllo js , anD if t^p te of full age f tiatc 

relief nottoit^ttanDing ani^fuc^) conljei'ancc. 

Ibidem nu.17. ^n fevact p?otj{fJon is mase foj iujits to be granteft out of tl)C Cljancerp foj 

tljeembcftlingof anpfucl) tjeir tipon purfuif of tlje J9tturnp of tbc HDnc^j'* 
4 H.7.<:a.i7. A iSp t^c ftafutc of 4 H.7, it is pjotJiDcD tl)at tlje iLojD of Cefli que ufe,no toill 
general! law. jjj,j„(jj i,eclarcD,^c. tftallfjaDc a ®2I;it of rigbt of loarD fo; fftc boDp anU lanD , an5 
!eml',e;o7thefe ^^^^^^ ^ CcHi que ufe being Of full age attljBDcatl) of|)isaunceffo?(l)aU pap 
twofcveraiAds. wlief, ^n&fljc Ijcirof Cefli quc ufc ftall fjaue lifec adton of toatt, astf tijc 

^lunccttoj IjaD Diet) fcireD>«. 
Dier I & t EI. ^pon ttjis ftafntcacafe tljatbaD in Mieh. i & 2 Eliz, DepentieD MntiifcuITeD 
fo.i74.s. t^irtp pcar3,a0 tiie JLojD Dierrcpo?fs, but not in tl&e Court of MarDs ,(foj tljat 

CdurtljaD not tbenljaDfo long conttnuanccj but intije Cftancerp anDtftc Court 
KcyiwayyH.g. of JKUarDs it IjaD fo loHgcontinueD, tljonglj in 7 H. 8, it ijao been rcfoHjcDbp all 
176. beiwceu j^g :jHt)gcs in tlje c!;rcl)cqucr Cljamber , tftat Cefli que ufe of lanDS in fee bp 
ThfTcklnorton 3^»»5l)ts fcrljicc in Capitc, anD of lanDs IjolDen of anotfjcr 31 o;D in focagc Dping 
for the hcii of feifcD of tlje ufe of botb,&is Ijeir ioitljin age, auD no toill bp Ijim DetlarcD , tljat tfje 
Rufltii. pjcrogatitje ttjall l)olD place t toljicb rcfolution if it IjaD been puUtOjeD in pjint, 

t^e tcDiouo anD tljargcallcruit IjaD not fo long (onttnucD. 
iib4fo &c i]iotofoj2nraberfes,Monflransdedroit,&c.fobereliebcDagainftofftccsfounD 
Vid-t E ^ Mp 8. foj tljc i^ing, pou map reaD at large in our toolis , anD efpcciallp \\\ tlje §>aDlcrs * cafe in tljci^ourtlj tool? of our Hcpojts, tofjiclj being tlje birtljrigljf of tlje fub^ 
Li.8. 168,169. j(j£t foj ftis relief againft a falfc oflficc founD , cannot be DcnpeD upon juft canfc 
^fV''i ft r" fl)CtoeD,butnot fo be ufcD fojDelap. SCfjistoas ffje ofFenteof&irRichacd Emp- 
thc flaiutc ot ^* fon anD Edmund Dudley ipjibp Counfcllojs fo King H. 7. anD patters of tjis 
I E .6.cap.8. fojfeiturcsi'a ncto anD unaccuftomeD office; to^o caufing fecrct anD falfe offices 
ste 50 E.j. (as fljall appear l^ereafter) to be founD, tlje parties grictieD toerc DenpeD to babe 
nii.184. fbcirtraterfcMonftrans dedroit,&c. tofticljJiing H. 7. a little l;efo?0 fjisJ Deatlj 

. H 8 «P 1" ^^^^^ ^^^ 3°"^ ^^^^ ^ conrumpt{on,toitlj great rcmo?fc of confcicncc amongtt 0* 
This PtociaTla- tfter tbings repentcD, anD bp 33?oclamat(on unDer tbe CDjeat ^eal in pjint (a« 
iionwch.ivc. mongtt otljcr tfjtngSjpublifljeD in tfjefetoojDs. 

And that none of his fUbjedis ne make no doubt nor difficulty in all 

caufes leefull to make craverfes, for his Highneire will exprefly , and 

1 H s'^ci^^'^'in''^ ftraightly chargeth and commandeth his Chancelour and Treafurer 

ratifying hncof. that they not only admit fuch traverfes^but alfo grant the ferms , where 

the cafe fhal require, according to the true courfegf his laws. 

Cap.55. The Court ofJVctrds and Liberies, ip7 

^cicupon maitp men tuerc aomtttcD to tbctr trat)crrcs>anli manp on t!)C off)ec 
fttctocrc tottljout rcmcD)?; foj b^tftc pjacttceof Empibn ano Hudley, man); luere 
not onelp DcnpcD to tra'dcrfc, but tnfo?ccD upon fuel) falfe £Dff tecs to fuc out tftcir 
acncralllLttjertcs, U)bcrcbpt^C!?iDcrcconcluDcD> anDtoulO notbpJlain be ao^ 

tetng H. 8» til tfjc firft vcarc of Ijiss reignc tnf enDtng to gitje rcmcDi? agatnff 1. tf-s cap ?. 
fccrot £Dffite0, Dot!) bi? ;a'a: of |0arliamcnt pjotjiDC, ^ That every Efcheator and vH's.cap i. 
Commiirioner fhall fit inconvenient and open places, according to the Statute '5 c"' "f*' V 
heretofore made •• and that the faid El'cheators and Commiffioners fliall fuft'er ^.hIi^'^ 
every petfon to give evidence openly in their prefence^tolijch Inquefls as fhall be ''ey ihc p'loci'te- 
taken before any ofthem,upon paineofxl. li, m^nt of Em,-f. a 

3nt) bptljc pjcamblc ant) ot^cr parts of t^ts ^ct of i . H. S.tbe finittcr anD -"^ii^udUy cffi. 
unjuft Dealing of tl)cfa(DEmpron anD Dudley, concerning tl)c finDingofiDfft' ["f«ra£f? 
CCS, arc pourtraj?cD out, toljcrebp tljc liings Subjects tljcn of late IjaD becnc foje nnj men were !k- 
l)urt,troublcD,' anD to:ongcD, ant) fomcDifljcrftct) bp Ji2tncotbcr toai'cs. it fn mcdtogivcin 
caufmg untrue Offices to be found. 2. Sin returning of Otfices tl)af ncljcr evidence for prcof 
tocrefounD. ?. 3n changing of tl)c£)fftces tftattocrc trulP founD. 4. Cftat ll'J'^^'^^^lf^'' 
Cfcljeatojs anti CommilTioncrs lucre )ncn of no ItbcUftooD, but tnDigeiit anD utX' '"sfl^ulZ'e c:p. 
toojtl})? pcrfons, reaDf to fcftic turncs, anD Ijatitng notljtng to lofcoi to mahe fa= of thchighccw: 
tisfaction to tlje parti' grictieD. 5« 2Cftat3urojs tocrc returncD foj tljefinDtng ofpariijment. 
of £DfFtccsof no Ijabiltt)?, oj bcljatitour. 6. X])att\)Z CEfcfteato? 0; crommtlTtO' 
ner, VDljen tl)C Sur)) tocrc agrecD of tfjctr tJcrDttf, tooulD not reccibe tlje fame, but 
tbcrctn ufe Ddajjcs. 7. %\}ntt\)Z Clerk of tlje iPctlf Bag, ?c, tooulD rcfufc to 
rcccit?e, anD file fuel) tnqutOittons 80 tDcrc founD anD offercD to tljem. 8. sCije 
Itfec of flje S)fftcer in tl)c €):tl)cquer, of £E>ff ices returnable into t^c (£Fel)cqucr, 
9. %U Clerbc of tl)c |Dctit 515ag tuoulD refufe to franfertbe fl)c Offices, 5c. into 
t!)c(II;):tl)equer.iFo;all tol)tcl),anD tlje otljer ttoo bcfo?cnameD, remeD)> isp^obi- 
DeD bp t^is 0ct,a3 bp tfte fame appcaretl),at tfjc fame ^arlta)ncnt fo? ffte rcDjeflTe 
tif parties grfctjcD fo; fuing out of JLiberiecanotljer^act is maDe,entituleD,An aa i- H.8.£3p,i :. 
concerning untrue inquifitions procured by Emp/bn and 1>udlfj, in tl^icre too?D0. 

Shewen to your difcreet \vifedomes,that where divers and many un- . 
truelnquifitionsby the ^wcuvemem of Richard Empfo» Knight, and 
Edmund Dudley^ have beene had and taken within this Reahne, as well 
before CommifiTioners affigned by Letters Patents of the late King, 
King H. 7. as before his Efcheators, a's well by vertue of Writs of the 
faid late King, asby vertue of their office, by the which Inquifitions 
fomctime parcell of the faid Lands contained in the faid Inquifitions, 
and fometime the whole Lands there foundcn holden of the faid late 
King in Capite , where in troth the faid Lands contained in the faid 
Inquifitions, nor no parcell of them was iiolden of the faid late King 
in Capite, ne of any his Progenitors : To the which Inquifitions 
the parties then grieved by the fame,could not, nor might not take their 
traverfeto the fame according to the Law of the Land, but were infor- * rhsis intended 
ced and conftrained to fue their * Livery of the fame out of the handsof ''Jj' gs""aii Li- 
the laid late King, whereby they were, and be ^ concluded to fay, that Cciiaaii r.ivciy 
the faid Lands be holden of the King in Chiefe, to their great loffe and c""<i''dtth. 
hindrance, where in truth they were not holden ofthe faid late King,nc rcfLivcd by The' 
of any his Progenitors. Wherefore be it enaded, ordained and eita- tuochicfejufii- 

ccs.aiid tlicCliJcf 
Baron,andiheCo;iitofWard?,inHv///jJj Cafe. i. That tbs filing ofa gene tall Livery concliidcih the heire, ashercic 
sppcarcthby this A rof Paili.inient,but otberwife ic not afpeciall Livery, for (hat,as to the tenure, isbur,'<f<//Wf«r. 
a. That thisconclulion or Efloppcl contmueih but during tlie life of the heirc that fucih thegenerall LIveryj forju- 
rors are 'iviainz ad vnllMcm dictnd' ,tiv\il arc not bound by Efloppcls. 5. That by fuing of Livery, and thcdraih of the 
heire,iheof5icc is executed, and baih taken jus full cfFeft,andihcreforcthe Eftoppel exp reth therewith, and after the 
office cannot be travccfcd. ViJe 46.E.^.fol. iz. 44. All. p. 3^. l^ota diilum Mowbray ibidem. Si iinticntdc Roy,&c, 
1.H.4 ^. J3.H.6foI.7.pcr Laleon.Obfervc well the icmcilies provided by chis pirticul-ir Aft.&c.whetcby the Com- 
mon Law s affirmed. Y) d. bliflied 

1^8 T^he Qourt of Wards and Liveries, Cap.55. 

blifliedby the King our Soveraigne Lord, the Lords fplrituall and tem- 
porall, and by the Commons in this prefcnt Parliament afTembled, and 
by the authority of the fame,that every perfon and perfons having pof- 
feffion of the faid Lands contained in the fame Inquifitions, or any part 
thereof, maybe admitted to have their traverfe to the faid untrue In- 
' quifitions, notwithftanding any Livery fued in the time of the faid late 
King,King //.y. And that it be further enaded by the fame Authority, 
that any Livery fued of the fame in the time of the faid late King,ne any 
thing contained in the fame Livery, be any conclufion after the courfe 
of the Common Law,or in any wife hurtful! or prejudicial! to any per- 
fon ©r perfons, that fhall happen to tend their traverfe to the faid O mce, 
but that they and every of them fhall be admitted to their traverfe to the 
faid Inquifitions, and to have like advantage in the Law, as though no 
livery had beene fued ofthe fame in the time of the faid late King, and 
this at the reverence of Godjand in the way of charity,&c.Provided al- 
way,that they, or any of them which fliall tend their traverfe to any o£ 
the faid Inquifitions in any manner and forme as is aforefaid, fhall not 
be reflored to any mean iffues or profits of Lands and Tenements com- 
prifed in the faid Inquifitions. 
See ih: firft pan j]5oto fouc^fitg iLfterics toljicl) in tfjofe Dapcs tuere gcncrall, to&at a iuojlo ^ 
of je itiftitutes troubles tftc fubjC£t0 fuffcret) foj miffing of IL iter?? in rcfpect of pjctcnDcD omif^ 
before cap.of ^*'"''' ^"^ ^^^ ^^^^ ' ^^^* tftarging tlie g>ubject0 toiti) tjalues not founD bv mp 
the high Court ;©ffice,noj appearing bpanp Melius inquirendum toitb mean rates iDbere none 
of Parliament. iDcrc, oj foj longcr timc, tl^cn tl)ep toere Due, anti tbe lifte, an& tj^cfe not rccolje^ 
rcDbp courfe of JLalo, but fenDingfojfljc parties bp purfctjants, anD bptl)cir 
atofnll countenance mtrt toifl) menaces anD tbjeats, Djetn tijcm to compoCtions; 
OTl)icft, anDottjer lite oppjeffions anD injutticc, filleD teing H.7. Cofcrs ; fo> 
bp t^c Clofc IRoU in Anno 3 .H, 8. it appearetft, tljat ttie liiing left in Ijis iTofcrs 
J^tftpanD t^jee IjunDjcD tljoufanD pounDs, ntoft part in fojeine Coine , toljicfj in 
tt)ofe Dapes Isas not of leaft tialue. J^ottoitljaanDing l&ing H. s, at ^is |BarUa< 
f n.8,cap.7. ment ftolDen in Anno ^of liis rcigne. Cap. 7. moticQ foj a S>tibfiDlc, ano luas Dc« 
nicD it ; iDljercupon an Sia teas maDc foj tailing out of gcnerall parDons, as a 
mcanetobjing moncptot^eliing. 'JiBHt SpcrftoaDe mpfelfc t^e IRcaDeriuiU 
tnquiretDljatbecamcof tlicfettootoicfeeD men, Empfon anD Dudley. Z>ifcm= 
ftoer is, tl^at firft tftcpiuerefcticraUpinDitfcD as follotoetb- 

Jurat ores frjifentam quod Richardus Empfin nuper de London Miles^ nu- 

per Conftliarhis excellentifimi Principis Henrici nuper Regis Anglix Septi- 

mi, 10. die Mali, anno regni difii nuper Regii njicefimo^ ac diverftsvicibus 

antea ^ pofiea apud London^ ^c. Beum prA oculis non hnbens^ fedHtflists 

diabolicus imaginans honorem, dignitatetn^ ^fprcfperitatem diBi nuper Re- 

gis^ (jr ^rofferitatem regnifui Angli<e minime valere^fedut ipfe magis fmgu- 

' Ambitio. Ures favores diiti nuper Regis adhibere"^ unde ntagnatemfieripituiffet, ^ 

totum regnum Anglic fecumurn ejus 'uoluntatem gubernare ,faljo, deceptive^ 

Proditorie legem ^ proditorie legem Angli£ fubvertcns, (inter alia) idem Ricardus diciis 

um!'*^"''"'" die & anno apud London in Parochia ^Ward' prad' (^-'c. diver/as filfat 

Inquifitiones, (jr Officio, de intrufionibus dr alienatienibusje maneriisyterris^ 

Falfas inquifitio- ^ tenementts^ diverfis ligeis ipjius nuper Regis inveniri procuravit cr exci- 

Bcs & officii, ftvit^quodipf maneria, terras (^ tenementa. in iMquifnionibus iUis fpecifi- 

CAt' de domino Regein Capite vel aliter tenerent, cum it a. nonfuit^ acpojiea. 

cum diBi ligei difii nuper Regis ad Jnquifitiones illas fic faB' traverfias in 

Ad trafvcrfiat Curia ipfius nuper Regis fecundnm legem Anglix tendere ^ alle^are volnif- 

admitti nonpo- y"^^^^ Udem ligei adtraverfias illas admitti noHpotuiffent^ fed fe debitis ^ 



Cap, p, 7I:>€ Court of Wards and Liveries, i^p 

legitimis trdverftis adofficiaprxdiB' faciertd' cujlodtvit ^ retardavit.pc^ 
ufqtte If ft cum di^io Ricardo diverfas magnas or imfortabiles fines & re- 
demptienes, tarn fro commodo ipfius ntifer Regis, qua m frofingnlari commo- Pro finguhri 
do tfCiHs Ricardi fcccr',m magnam depauperatione eorundum Ugeoru.Et quod ""^""odo ipCi 
fr£di£ius Ricardus diB' die ^ anno in Parochia ^ Wiirda fr&dtB\ac dwer- 
fisvicibus antea c^ pojiea^divetfos ligeos did' nuper Regis de dicio domino 
Rege diver fa maneria, terras^ ^ tenement a per fervic' Milit' tenent', ^ 
morV antecefl'or' fuisipfis infra £tatem extftem\ ^ in cujtodia did' nuper 
Regis rat ione tenure jua^ cum ad states legitimas fervenerunt, (^ debit am 
liherationemntaneriorum, terrarnm, & tenementorumfuorumfecundumfor- 
mam(^ legem Anglic y ac fecundumcurfum Cancellarid ipfius nuper Regis Addcbitamli:.€- 
profequivolui(fent, adhocrecipinon potuiffent, fed ad hoc faciena totaliter ""oncm admiui 
negat' & excluffueruntyquoujque ipfi cumpradici' Rtcardo diverfas magnas "°" ^°'" ^''"'' 
(^ importabiles fines et redempttones^ tarn pro commodo ipfius Regis ^quam pro 
commodo ipfius Ricardi fccer\in magnam depauperationem eorundem ligeg- The reWue of 
ru ejufde nuper Regis. (And the conclufion of the Indidiment is,)Per quod 'tc indiftracnc 
f lures ^ diverfi populi diBi nuper Regis hits gravaminibus ^ injuftis ex- txorbTa'm '^^^^'^ 
tOrtionibus multipliciter torquebantur^ tn tantum quodpopuli dicii nuper Re- preffions and gi je. 
gis verfus ipfum Regem multipliciter murmur abant, et malignabant in ma- V^^^j^f^ woi , 
gnumpericulum ipfius nuper Regis regnifui Anglic, ac jubverfiomm legum confernVno'[i'he 
et confuetudinum ejufdem regni. matter m hand. 

%xviz it i3,tl)at in t^is SinDidmcitf ('proditoriejtoas afcU bat foj aggratiaf toit, Quorum vcnigiu 
anD 30 a pjeparatitc to greatec oflFence0, foj in t\^z fame pearc t^ep Xmxt bottj tn« *?"' iniiftiint,eo- 
DictcD of ijtgt) SCrcafon bott) bp t^c Common ILaVo anD 3ct of |BarUament,anD in T"" "^p"""" P^" 
tl^c 2* ipcare of H. 8. tbep loft bottj t^ctr IjeaDs. anD albeit in fome refpetts tl^c ''°"^'<^^^- 
fpeciall Jliber^ isfo;t^e benefit of t^e^ei^^e, pet ttjefecs ant) charges arefo 
great, anD tl^c SonDs anD Coticnantfl, %u romanp,fo intrtcate,anD Dan~gerou0,as 
it tDcre too:tl)p to be reDjeffeD, foj tfte eafe anD quiet of tl)e fatijcrleffcanD toiDoto, 
(being no benefit to tbe fcing, but to fill tfje putfes of Clet fees anD £Dff iters) bg 
atrtftojitp of parliament; anDtlje ratfjer, fojt^atfpecialllLttiertes toereof ait* 
cient fliojt a0 tl)e tfearges tfjcrcof ; to^creof poa map rcaDe a notable pje« 
CDent,tDftcn MarDflatps anD Ittjecies toece in tl^cir CraDle0,\i)t)tcl) folldVoet^ in 
tl&cfe toojD0. 

Richardus Dei gratia Rex Anglic, Dux Normannix, Aquitania, Comes Videinth«liifto. 

Andegavi£y Archiepifcopis, Epifcopis, Abbatibus, Comitibus, Baronibus, rycfHovcnden, 

^ufiiciariis, Vicecomitibus, cr omnibus Ballivis^ ^ fJeltbus fuis^ ad auos ''x^/'^'^^'^'^IV 

frajens Charta pervenerit^ Salutem. Sciatis nos iconcejsijje, ^' pr.*fenti is a fure wotd in 

Charta nofira confirma^e dilecio (^ fdeli noftro^ Galfridoflio Petri,(j^ Bea- ^"""f™ cventunn, 

trici£ de Sayeo uxori ejus, tanquamjufto (jrpropinquiori hxredi,totam terram to a Livcry.^^'^ 

Comitis <: Willtelmide Mandevile, qu£ei jure hsreditariopertinebat, cum ^ThisGertety 

omnibus pertinentiis, dr libertatibus^ (¥ liberis confuetadinmis (uis. Ouare ^" ^ft "i i '^ n^'' 

'volumus, cr firmiterprxcipttfiusquodpriedicti Galfndus & Beatrix uxor of England. 

fua, (jr haredes eorum habeant cr teneant de nobis (^ h^redibus noftris tot am, '^ ''^''" William dc 

fr^didam terram cum pertinentiis fuis^ftcutpradidus Comes Willielmm de Enikof Effexl 
Mandevtle earn melius^ ^ liherius^ cf honorifcentius, c>- integrius, c^ q^ie- 
tins habuit unquam <^ pojfedit^ in bofco, cj" pUno, viis^femitis, pratis^ pa- 
fcuisypafiuris^aquis, vi'uariis, fiagnis, pifcariis^ ntolendinis^turbariis, in 
advccationibus Ecclefiarum^ in cujiodiis valeBorum, c^r donationibus puelU' 
rum, dr in omnibus aliis lecis cr aliis rebus. Hiis tefiibus Waltero Rothom/t- 
genfi Archiepifcopo, ^ohanne Eboracenfi EpifccpOj Rogero de Pratellis Dapi- 

Da 2 fero 

200 ne Court offFi^rds and Liveries. Cap.55. 

feroftefiye, Bichardode Kanvile^ Bertrmo deVerduno^ RadalfhofdioGode- 
fredi Camerario nofiro. Datum per mmum Magijiri E: malt cattili Cleric t 
nofiri, Anno regni nofirifectmdo^xHj.die ^anuarii aptd Meffanam. 

jlSoli) are toe arrtteD at ttiefatD^ct of parliament in Anno 32,H.8, tol^erefn, 
anD in t^c statute of 3 ?* H, 8. beQDc0 tljc erpofition of t^e fetierall 2Dc)rt0, tee 
iDtll obferte tobat alterattono tl^efe ttoo Slits tiat^e maDe. 

^ Ordaineth, maketh, eftablifheth, and eredeth a Couit,&c.3 
herein tbjec tilings are to be obferUeD* i ♦ ac^at tl)ts neto Court coulD not be 
crecteD toitljout an 0d; of ^Barliament, 2. ^Ijat toften a neto Court is ercdcD, 
ttisneceffarp tftattlje jurisDictionanD autftojitpoft^c Court be certainlp fct 
Dotone. 3. %W ttje Court can l)ai3C no otljer jurisDtillon, t^cn is eppjelTeD tii 
t|je cre(tton,(oj t^is neto Court cannot pjcfcribe, 
pafchtfjatiieBi- Pafeb.6,!Stng anD tlje Bfffiopof &aU3burp> referred 
ihopofSaiisbu. fot^cttoo Cfttcfe Blufttccs auD Cbtcfc HBaron, bptfte ILojDs of tl^e honourable 
ries cafe. £)jDcr Of tl^e <JDartcr,toas tl^is* iSing E* 4. fap ftis JLctters patents in iFrenclj, 

bearing Date 1 o. odobrisjAnno ij.ofljisreignc, reciting^t^attotjeretberetoas 
no ;©ffice of tfte C^ancelo; of tlje vflJartcr, tijat tbere fljoulD be fucban €)ffire of 
tbe Cftanceloj of tlie dUarter, anD tbat none OjoulD ijabe it but ttie 315iC[)op of ^a^ 
ItSbnrp foj tlje time being : MctoillanD ojDainc, t^at Richard Beauchampc, 
itoto 'Kifbop of §>alisbnrp, flioulD Ijatjc it fo? \)ie life, anD after \)is Deceafc, f^at 
Ijis ^ucceirojs tfeoulD batje it foj cljer. ^nD amongft Dibers otbcr points it teas 
refolbeD unanimouflp, tbat tbis grant toas tjoiD, foj tbat a neto £)fftce teas ere= 
tfeD, anD it teas not DcfineD tobat jurisDiition ox autbojttp tbc £DfficcrfijoulD 
ftalje, anD fbcrefo?c fo: tbe fncertaintp it toastoiD. Mljtcb being rcpo;feD to tbe 
3LojDs,tbej? toeretocllfati08eDtl)eretott6, anD tbereupon tbe jSD ff ice teas graa* 
fcDto g>tr John Herbert tl^etttngs ^ecrcfarp. 

ft A Court of Record. 32iSa:berc it is to be nofeD, tbat altcif tbe p?o= 
ceeDtng (n tW Court be in (!£nglift,pet tt is a Court of EccojD b? erpjeffe too?DS 

i£ And ftiall have alfo a Seale, &c.33nijts fs alfo neceffarp fo a Court, 

^ That all Wards.&cJCbis Clanfe evtenDetb as toell to tbc counties 

palatines of Hancafter, cbefter, anD SDurefme, as to anp otber tbe parts of tbe 

IRcalm of CnglanD, but tn fcbcrall manners, foi as to tbe tSarDs toitbtn tbe 

VRot. Pari.p.R. 5j^pai,„ of ciEnglanDCout of tbcfaiD Counties palatine0)tbeC«artt foj tbe finDing 

r ""'^V'l'T"- of tbe £Dffice,«. tlTncfb out of tfte Cbanccrpof englanD.returnable iu tljeCljan* 

Judges of EiH- cerpof CBnglanD. 0nD as fotbc MarDs in tbe Counties palatines of JLanca» 

whauightthe° " Iter anD JSDurefme, tbeCSHrit libctoifc iffuetb outof tfte Cbanccrpof (Bnglano, 

Duke of Lanca- !,„{ (g returnable into tbc Cbancerp refperttbelp of tbefe ttoo Counties palatine, 

fterhidtothe gj^D tlje Cbaucclois tbcrcof arc to franfcrtpt tbem into tlje Court of ©HarDs. 

Kc HeS' " 515nt foj MarDS tn tbe Countp palatine of Cbcff er, no Writ iffuctb out of 

The: ofLathom tbe Chancer? of (BnglanD, but it ougbtto be founD bp fojceof a Mritoj Com* 

whom Sir John ntitTiott out of tbe Cbsucerp tbcrc in tbc Q^tcbequer, anD tranfcrtptcD bp tbe 

Stanly had mir- (£;|^aj„berlain of tbat Countp palatine info tbc Court of MarDs; Nos dum ha- 

norofLatho'lir Tcdes in cuftodia noRra exiHunt, indemnes & fine cxhsrcdatione confervare te- 

holdenofbimia rCITlur, 

chiefe as of his c ^nD bptftis Claufeof tbis 0ct of ;2,H,8. tbe potoer tbat tbe =iLo?D Cfjancc* 
CoLntyPaLuine. loj gnD CrcafurerbaD fojUttfng Of eSffarDs lanDS, f c. istabcnatoap, 
^i''S i)kt ^ ^i' *ft^ tt^^"*^ "^ ' ^•^'•'^ *^ cnatfeDjTha: all Inquifitions &Office$ to be found 
30^. ' " *" beforeanyEfcheacororCommi!fioDerf,by vertue of any Writer CommilTionjOr 
•> Mich.i6.E.i. otherwife within the faid County Palatines of the faid Duchie of Lancaftcr, Che- 
coram Rcge. fter,and Durefme.or any of them,(hall be returned by the faid Efcheatorsor Com- 
i]uck. William de (ni(f,ongj.$ within one month next after the taking of any fuch Office or Inquifi- 
fS.H.6.cL''i6. tion into fuch place or places, and to fuch office and offices , as heretofore they 
iZ.H.6.c^p'6. ' have ufually beene accuftomcd to be certified and returned into, upon paine to 
<» 18 Eli2.cap. 13. forfeit for every default xlt lit to the ufc of our faid Sovcraigne Lady, her heires 


Cap.3^ T'he Conn of ff'^ards an J Liveries. 201 

and fucceflbrf. And that the Clerk of the faid Duchy of Lane', theVicecham- 

berlain of the faid Farldome ofChefter, and the Chancelourofthe faid County 

Palatine of the faid Billioprick of Durefme > or other the (aid Offieers or Mini- 

rters within the faid (~oumies I'alatincj, or their Deputy or Deputies, and every 

ofthem for the time being having authority to receive any fuch Oftiee or Inquii- 

fitioD, to whofe hands any iiicb Office or Inquifition fhall come to, fhalJ certifies 

orcaufe to be certifiedunderhisor their hands in parchment the true tranfcripc 

of every fuch Office or Inquifition taken before any of the faid Efchcators or 

CommilTioners unto the Malter of the faid Court of Wards and Liveries, in fuch 

like manner, form and fort, as is limited and appointed to the Clerks of the Petit 

Bag in her Highnefle faid Conrt of Chancery to tranfcript the fame, upon pain 

to forfeit for every fuch default j li. to the ufeof our faid SoveraigneLady, her 

Heirs and Succeffors: which tranfcript Co to be certified fhall there remaine of 

Record in like manner and form to all intents and purpofes , as the tran fcripts of 

other Offices already certified into the faid Court by the Clerks ofthe Petit Bag 

in her Majefties high Court of Chancery, are ufed : any Cuflome, Statute, Adh 

Provifo or Provifoes heretofore hadj made , or ufed to the contrary in any wife 


2Cf)c ffatutc of 32 H,8. fo: erection offfjc Court of JElarDS crtenlieD onlp fp 
SSUarDs: butt^eftatuteof 3? H.S.aiineretbtotljiscourtiLttiertEsalfo.J^otom 
toljat cafes tl)C \$mc fl)all ic tit QSIarD 0; fuc Ijis iLtticrp, ettfjcr h\^ tf)t vlommon 
lalD,oj bp tljc ftatntzs, % fpcciallp of ? a H.8. & 34 H.8.&c. anO of all inciDcnts to 
tfte fame, pou a)all rcaDc plenttfull matter botft in tlje Firft part ofthe Inttitutes 
Cap.Efcuagc.5c Cap.Service de ChivalierranO alfo in tl^C IBoohS of mp KepojfS, 
C Which the Kings Highnefle, &c.] aubougb fucccCfojs be not fjerc 
nameo, pet (teings ^igftncffe) being fpoben in ftts Hopall anD poltttcb capactfp, 
totjicl) ncter Diet!) Dotl) ertcnoto Ijis ^utceffoje: ot^ertoifc ff){0 Conrt ftao 
been DiiTolijeD bv tijc Demife of H. 8. 

a M m 3uatce0 in 3!relanD ccrtificD, Quod homagium tantum dat fecundum Banco ^''''" 
confuctudinem terras Hibcrnia: cuftod' & maritag', licet fcrvicium militare non Rot.izV.Warw. 

dcbeatur. Abbot of Malmf- 

^l b Intitled to have]a:iiat is bp ^ttite to H founa. a 's " "^h s 

({I With their Mannoisand Lands, dec.'] SEfjta Claufc erf cnDetb on- cap.^i! A prc- 
IptotbeUnljcritancesoftljcMlarD, anD not to anpoftjts rooDs o;i cljatfete, v.foVortheDu- 
Dcbts oj Duties, ic. but Ijcrcof mo;c ttjall be faiD Ijereafter in bis pjopcr plate. ""^y ot Lancaicr. 

% In the oider,furvcy and governance oFthe faid Court. 3 ""SCfjz CC' ^'^^''^•^■-'' 
ncraUteo?D3oftl)i3 ^tt cvtenD not into irclanD, foj tfjat is aDtljiDcD,anD~Di= /Mich.MH.s. 
ftinst JliingDomcanD Jjatb apjopcr §>eale. ^ Jl5oj tot!)e 3ifle of i!pan,bccaufc it is Tcfji^spcr Brud- 
no part of^bc Hcalm of (SnglaiiD, anD out of tljc po\t3Cc of tlje Cbantcrp of Cng^ f^^'M « f "^• 
lanD, anD not to be bonnD bp our parliament of CnglanD, but bp fpc£taU name, poft A^If/lb^was 

^ And thattheMafier ofthe faid Wards] 313p tljis Claufc tlje a?a. ithcWnrrin. 
CcronlpftatbpotocrtoatoarDpjoces. ' 4oF.iiz.bypop- 

(5£ Such Proces and Precepts with rearonable pains therein limited, &T'ryam".?on 
as be now commonly ufed in the Court ofthe Duchy Chamber of a afc refcrrcdTo 
Lancafter being at Weftm.] <= #ote, t^eSDucljp of iLancatter iuas crcateD a '''>-"^ ^y '^^ 
Countp |?alatine bP M of parliament in Anno 50 E.3. Adeo plene & intcgre ^ouncdi,' be- 
ficuccomesCcHrix infra cundem com' CeftrisdiL;nofciturohtinere. ;9nD bcre- twcen cbe'Eade 
upon tljs Court of^arDsistocll toarranteD to be a Court of ^qwitp, anDac» of Derby and the 
cojDincilp from tl)C ercaion bcrcof it bat!) pjoceeDeD. «='" £^n='-"" • 

^ '■ For or concerning the Title of the Kings Majefty.] ST&ls is of in che ci.'P 
etjiDent. , /- 1 • 1 . ofiiKCot.rt.f 

cT And that the Mafter of the Court of Wards for the time bemg the D.chy of 
fliall make and appoint all and fingular particular Receivers, Feodaries, ^nj' pl com. 
and Surveyors in every Shire, and alfo fees for the execution of the f„.ii4.&2i5. 
fame under the Seale of the fame Office in fuch wile as the fame Offi- ^,,';';^„":;:;i^V^ 
cers may be ahvayes removeable at the difcretion ofthe faid Court.] <;are". 


201 The Court of JVdrds and Liveries. Cap .35. 

• See the firft"' s Feodarius O? Fcudatorius iS DetttieD a Feodo feu Feudcto^ttl) in one fcnfc fig- 
put of the Inft. itifi^ift a * Seigniory o> SCenarc: ^ia €>fffce confiftctlj pjtnctpallp inttijcc 
Sea. I. tlf tngs. 1 . atiD pjtnctpallp to be sfetlfuU in tlje fenotoleugc of tbe teings SEcnnrce 

tottftmftis;©4ftceoutof5Rctojl)£ianDautbenticaU iroobs. z, Btttjc finDuigof 
;0DffUe9 to Doe l)ts uttecmoft inDeat^our to mantfeS t^e trutt) concernmg ttje 
liiiigs aCeiTures* 3. Sittec t^e JDEfice foimD tofHrtcgtl^eJMarDSlanDs, anD 
rate it. 

5[ O r other caufe in any wife touching or concerning anything ap- 
pointed to the order of the faid Court, for, and on thebehalfeofour 
See PI. Com. Soveratgne Lord the King.] ii5p ttjts Claufc , tf tfte ?^etr toitfjin age ano 
fc.^19 ;. caciU ^^ tKlilarD ^aije anp gooDs ans chattels. Debts, Duties,o? ot^er ttj tng Due unto fitm, 
seeMag.cacc. SH {nfo^m^tfott map be cpft tbiteD Ip ftlB S^ajeatesSittojnpof t)ta CSttacDs fojl^is 
cap ^ fheftock ^pajeftic on tl)e beftalfc of t!)c l^etr ; foj tljts Dotlj toucftoj concern tljc talucof 
of good? (hill .c t^g cmarDfljtp of t^c boDp, tobtcb is appolnteD bp tftis act to fljc o?Dcr anD furtjcp 
het-fe*'* '° ''^^ of tft is Court, fo J tfte tjaluc of tftc martage is Ijcrcbp aDbanceD. 3i5ut if tljc i^etre 
Gianvi! fo.y4. St t^c Deatfjof ^jls Stiiccttojbe of full age, feeing tije p:imer fcafon is certain, no 
Fiera li.i. ca 1 1 . fait OLXi be in tbis dourt foj anp gooDS, chattels, DeHs,ic, belonging to tlje ^eic 
" Prxtogativa te- gf {q[i ggg j * foj tljts Dotf) not tn aup toifc concern anp tiding appointeD to tl)e oj» 
fi*. cap.j. jigp ^f jijjjg £purt, vii. neittjer ttje MarDfljip of tije boDp, oj of ttje lanDs of tfte 


U^ Alfo be It enaded that the (aid Attorny, Receiver Generall, and 
Auditors , &€.] 2Dl)e 3uDges of tftis Court are tfte spatter, flje &urbepoj, 
t^e attojnp,Weceiter CDeneralUanD tlje auDitojs of tftat Court, i? o; tlje toojDU 
of tl^e ftatute of 3iH, b, are, Ihat the laid Attomy, Receiver Gencrall, and 
Auditors, fliall diligently from time to time attend upon the faid Mafler in the 
faid Court for the hearing and ordering of matters and caufes, &c« anDtftefia* 
tutc of 3 3 H. 8. l^atft aDDeD tfte §>nri?epour in tl^e fcconD place int^at Court : 
anD albeit honoris caufa,tl)ep are to attenD on tfje {patter , as tljc cfttcf anD p?in« 
cipall £>fficer of t^e faiD Court, fo^fo l^e is ftileD bp botl^ tbe faiD Satutes : pet 
fncl^ attenDance is fo^ tl)e ^caring anD o;iDering of matters anD caufes, f c« In^tc^ 
mabetb tftcm BiuDges. ^nD fee tbe £)atl) of tlje g»utVicPour tD^fcIjpjotjetljljis 

£>ffice to be JUDiciall ? fOJ bptftC ftatutCOf ^3 H. 8. IjiS £)atb is {.interalia,) That 
heihallminifterequall julHce to rich and poore, &e» and that he take rogiftoc 
reward for any matter depending, &c» in that Court, 0nD tf)C like £)atl^ in Cf« 
fed tafectft tfte atto?np, tbe IRttzi^itt dDcnerall anD 0uDito:s hp tljc faiD 0tt of 3aH.8, ^nD fo it luas refoltieD in ^uDitoj Curies cafe tnljcn Robert Carle of 
fo.z.& 3. in All- ^alisbnrp teas J^aftcr of tlje SKarDs anD ILojD aCreafurcr of <i!;nglanD, 

ditot Curies cafe ^^^ ^^^ ftatute Of IL tnCOUte 2 9 E.i. Stanf. Prir. Regis Ca, R^feilenStCe anO= 

table cafe upon tbat ttatute toitljin tbjee pears after t^e mafeing thereof, HiJ, 

31 E,i. Coram regc, Nonhjmpton JordcnTwincwikescafe 

2f t^e iparltamcnt bolDen 1 8 Jacobi Regis it luas mobcD on tlje llings \it- 
^alfe , anD commenDeo bp ttjc teing to tlje parliament fo? a competent pearlp 
tent to le affutreD to Ijis ^ajcllp,bts ^etrsanD S>uccciro?s, fbat tfte iiing tooulS 
affent tbat all MarDftips, pjimer feafons, reliefs foj tenures in capire,ojbp 
Jftnigbts &ert3ice(l)6ulD beDifcbargeD, ^c.Mbcreinamo^igft certain olD parUa« 
ment men tfjefe tbtrteen tbings DiD fall into conftDcration fo? tbe effecting tbcrcof. 

i« 2Cb3t it mnft be Done bp Bet of parliament , anD otberli^tfe it cannot be 

^* %W- all 3LanDs, SCenemcnfs, IR^nfs, oj l^ereDifamcnfS, bolDen of tbe 
liing) to be bolDen bp f ealtp onlp, as of fome bononr, anD fucb rent , as is noUi 

?♦ SCbat all lanDs bolDcn of Subjects, lIBoDics politicfe oj Cojpoiafe, bp 
i^nigbts ferbice, to be bolDcn bp fealtp, anD fucb tent as is noio Due : foj if lanD0 
IbonlD be bolDeti of tbem bp ^nigbts fcrbice , tbe fame migbt come to tbe 

^. M^rx^t^s, ^oDfes|^oUfi(&anOCo;po^ate fo beDifableDfo^eanp 


Cap.55* ^/^^ ^^^^'^ oflVards and Liveries, 

BLaitDs, SEcnenicnt©, IRcnts, oi i^crcDitamcnfs of fl)c ifttng, bis ^zxxa, o? 
§>ucceirois bT* anp otbcr tenure, t^eit bp fcaltp onlp, anD pcarlp rent , o? toittiOHt 

y. Jo §)HbjC(t, XBoOies ^aoUticfe ojCojpojafefo create bpanp Ucenfe^ojanp 
otljcr Ujai' 01 ineana, aiip ot^cr tenure tfjcn bp fealtpanD rcnt,ojtottl)OHt rent up- 
on anp eftatc in fcc-Cmple, fce=tapl, o; otftcrtoifc. 

6. 3tt refpect of tlje fatD Dtfcfjarge anD frecHomc of tfje fab jetfs anD tfteir poffe-- 
r(t{e0, anD tljat tl)cp (ball be alfo DtfcbargeD tftcrebp of fines anD licenfes of alic* 
nations, refpect of homage anD reliefs ; * a Competent rent tobcafforeD to tlje 
iitng, bts ?^cirs, anD S>uccciro?s of greater pearlpt)aluetl)en!)co?anpoff)(s 
pjeDeceffo?0 IjaD fo;^ tbcm all, to^tcl) rent (s to be tnfeparablp annercD to t^je 
Croton.papable at tt)C Uccetpt onlp. 

7. B contienient rent to be affureD to tl)c llo^Ds fo?. et}erp ^nigljts fee, anD fci 

8» commtffions foj tbe finDtng out of t^e tenures of fljc Jifng, anD tfje ^ub« 

jecttobereturneD, $c. 

9. BiDeots anD£paDmentobeintbecn(toDpoffomeoftl)etr]^{nD}eD,|c. anQ 
not of t^c !^(ng, ^ts'il^clrs oj &ucceiroj0. 

10^ iDl^e Court of WarDS to be DtHolticD iDit^ |3en(ions to t^e p;efcnt £Df< 

1 1 ♦ JD jotition to be maDc foj regulating of ©arDten fn Socage, anD tljat tfte 
Slnceffo} map appoint CDarDians, f c. anD tbat no ©arDtan fljaU mabe a grant t9 

W^t iitng. 

I z, p^obiQon to be maDe t^at S5t(l^ops Oiall continue ILo}D0 of parliament, 
notlDitbflanDtng tlicir iBaronfcs be ^olDen in Socage. 

13. SD^attljeiJttQjallbe fatoonrablp interpjetcD fojDifcftargeofaH Warlh 


OTfticft motion, tJjougljif pjocceDeD not to effect, pet toe tljong^tgooD fore* 
member it, together tottb tbefe conGDerations ; ' tiopingt^at fo gooD a motion 
tenDtng to tbe honour anD profit of t^e^ing anD bis Croton fo; eDer. anDt^ 
freeDom anD t^e quiet of W Subjects f t^eir poUerities^totli fome time 0} of^ec 
(bptbe grace of(!^oD) bpant^ojttp of parliament one loapo} otijer tabe effect 
anD be ettabltOieD. 

anD tee toill concluDe tljts Cbapf er toifl^ ^olp Scripture : Dcus eft pater Or- 
phanorum, & Judex viduarum, 2nD again, Deus culiodit advenas, pupillum, & 
vidaam fafcipiet. SnD laaip,{n 3)euteronomp 17. !?♦ Malcdidus eft qui pcrveir- 
tic judicium advcnarjpupill', & vidui. 


King hath bseti 
anfwered for 
thcfcj &c. 

* Spet efl vigtUr." 
Hope is the 
drcameof a wi'^ 
king man. 

Pfal.4«.9,& ^7 * 



Cap. ^6 


The Court of the Duchy Chamber of Lan- 

cafter at Weftm'. 

19 E.J. 

nu. 36,57. 
Roc. Pat Anno 

Rot. Pat. Anno 
50E.3. Seethe 
i.|)t ofthelnft. 
King may make 
a County Pala- 
tine by his Let- 
tars Patents with- 
out Parliament. 

(sDeaflenfu Vrx- 
latorii & p'roceru. 
b J. things to be 
obfervcd for e- 
refting a County 
I Cancellaria. 
i Breviafub (1- 
gillo fuo. 
I JuOiciarios 
iu'JS tarn ad Pla- 
cita Corom q la 
alia placita,&c. 
4 Quxcunq; alia 
jura regal a ad 
Com' Palatinum 
y Adco Iib:re & 
plenep-out co- 
mes Ccftrix. 
See 19 H.1S.12. 
" z6 E.j.j^.b, 

Divers have 
Counties Pala- 
tines that arc not 

F^Djarmttcl^ (as it l^atl) been TaiD) tl^e Coutrt of WarDs tiatli Tome reference 
fo flj(s court of f^e SOucftp, toe tftougftt if fit to treat of t^fs Court of ttie 
JDutl^pnert after tftefaiD Court of IMarD0,fo;t^t (t mapgtftefomeltgbt 
tljereunto. Joto fo j tftat tftc count? of ILancaller Is a Count? |9alatine, tt fftall 
be necctfari? to fteto tftc beglnnfng anD erection thereof. 

i&ing Edward tlie 3 ♦createD John t)is fourtl[j fon C-arl of HitftmonD , Anno 
Domini i35j.^ei9 Mail Anno Domini r 3 59. marieD Blanche poungett Dauaft^ 
ter ofHenrySDufeeofilancafter (tftefeconDSDube tbaf CBnglanD fato.) SDube 
Henry Diet) of f^e plague, Anno ?5 £.3. ^t t^D parliament ftolDen Anno 36 E,^ 
ffte J^tng fn full l^arltament DID girDfjtsfon John toitl^aftoojD, ansfetonfjls 
^eaDa Cap of iFurre, anD upon tljc fame a circle of golD anD pearls, anD namcQ 
^lmiSDnbeoflLancattcr,anD thereof gatje to fjlm, anD to ftts ^frs males of W 
boDp,anD DeltljcrcD l)tm a Charter. 

in full |parliament,Anno 50 E.3. tlje &tng crectcD tfte Countpof JLancatter 
a Count? palatine, anD IjonoureD tljc SDufee of ILancafter tljeretoitft foj tearm 

Edwardus Dcigratia,&c, Sciatisquodfinosdcbita confidcratione pcnfantes 
geftus magnifieoscuniftorum qui nobis in gucrris noftris laudabiliter & flrenuc 
fcrviernnt, ipfosdefideremushonoribus attollerc , & pro viribus juxta merita 
^racttiiare, quanto magis filiosnoftros , quos tarn in fapicnria, quam in geftu no- 
bili alios prjeeellere confpieimus , & qui nobis locum tennerunt , & tenere 
poretum potiorcm, nos convenit majoribus honoribus & gratiis prarogarc? 
Gonfiderantes itaque probitatem ftrenuam , & fapicntiam praecellentem cha- 
ridimi frlii nofiri Johannis Regis Caftellx & Legionis, DucisLancaftria:, qui la- 
boribas & expenlis femperfc nobis oblequiofiam cxhibuic pro nobis pluries in 
necelTitatibusintrepide fe guerrarum diferiminibus exponendo, & volentes co 
pretextu, ac defiderantes eundem fiiium noflrum aliquali commodo & honore 
ad prifens(licct non ad plenum proutdigna merita expofcunc) remunerare; ex 
certa fcientia noftra,& Is&to corde » de aflenlb Prselatorum & procerum in inftanti 
Parliamento noftro apud Weflm'convocat'exiften': ''Conceflimus pro nobis &c 
hiredibus noflris prxfato filio noftro quod ipfe ad totara vitam fuam habeat 
infra Comitatum Lancaflrii Cancellariam fuam , ac Brevia fua Tub figillo fuo 
pro officio CancelIarii,deputando, confignando Jufliciariosfuos tarn ad Placita 
Corona, quam ad quxcunque alia Placita communem legem tangentia, tenen- 
da, accogniiioneseorundem, & quafcunque exeeuciones per brevia fua & mini- 
ftros fuos faciendas. Et qurcunque alia libertarcs & jura regalia ad comitatum 
Palatinum pertinemia,adeo libere &integrcficut comes Ccftrije infra eundem 
Comitatum Ceftria: dignofcitur obtinere,&c, 

' But it appearctl) faptlje booU'of z6 E.3. jp, b, tljat tlje faiD Henry 2Duhc of 
ILancaff er IjaD tfte lifec grant; foj tljere \n a Psrcipe tfte tenant tiouclj0D,'anD tijat 
!)C mtgbt be fummoncD in flje Countp of ILanC, anD tljc taoucljce cIjallcngcD, bc» 
tau'"c in tbe Comitp of iLancafter tbc Itiitgs tojit DtD not run , fed non allocatur, 
butatojitfcnttotbcDuheoj toljisiLicutenant to fummon tlje Qloutljee tn 
tljc fame manner as if QjoulD be Done in Cljelfcr, vid. 39 E. ?. Voucher ip8. 

3t is calleD Comiratus Palatinus, a Countp palatine , not a Comite in refpect 
of tfje Dignit? ofanCarl, butaComitatu, &aPalatioregis, bccaufetljcotoncr 
ffjereof,be l)C SDuUeoj CBarUtc, ftatl) in tljat count? Jura rega!ia,as full? as tfjc 


Cap. ^6, The Court of the T)uchji Chamber. 2 03? 

fcingljaD inljts ^Balacc, from iDljcnce all 3:Htttcc,!^onoj0,SDtgnUifl0,iFratt= 
cl^ifcs anD pjit3tlcDgcs,a!3from tl)C fountain, at tftc firft flotoeD. JlJcftfjcr bp 
tfjts v!ri?artci:toastl)C 3?ufecofl.ancattcrcrcatcD count palatinc,Luttf)Cu:oun» 
tp toaa maDc a vTounti? palatine, 2D!]cpotuci: anD autljojit);? of tljofc ttjat ftaD 
vfountics palatines toac!lliins=lifec,fojtljcpmi0l)t parDon treafons, murDers, 
felonies, ant) outlatojicstljcrcupon. 2Dl)cp might alfo mafec Sufticcs of Eire, 

Siuaiccfl of Airiie.ofGaol delivery, anD of *tljc peace. 2nD all ojiginall, anD 'ioH.7.6.8, 
juDtciall tojitg, anD all manner of inDictments of trcafon anD fclonp,anD tfte p?0' 
c^ffc thereupon tocrc maDc tntljcnamcoftljcperfonsljatiins fut^ countp pa« 
latine. 3nD in cl^erp IwMt anD inDictment ioitftin anp vTountp palatine , it teas 

fuppofcD to lie eontra pacetn of l)tm tl)at baD tl)c Countp palatine,315ut tbcfc anD ^^ H.8,c:ip,z4, 
fomc ottjcrfl are tafeen atoap from tftem tftat Ijafce fucij Counties palatines, anD 
anncycD to tlje vrroton,anD all tojtts to be maDc in tl)e iiings namcbnt tbe Tefic 
in in tljc name of Ijimtljatfjatl) tljecountp palatine: anD tftep fliall ftauc foj= 

fctttircs of lanDs anD gooDsfo;l)igl) trcafon, U)l)icl) fojfeiture accrclBCt!) bp tfte Parch.nE.'iz. 

common lato. IButfojtrcafonsojfoafcits given after tljc erection oftl)CCoun= DicnsSjiSs. 
tp palatine bp anp ^ct of parliament, tt)CP Cball not bate tljem. 

' §ufticc6of^ffife, of Gaol delivery, anDoftijc peace are anD cticc fincc tfje 27H.8.cap.i4. 
creiionoftbe Countp palatine of iiancafter bavic been maDc anD allicjneD bp 
Commiffion unDcr tbc &cal of tbc countp palatine of 31 ancatter. 

BIntljcCountp palatine of Eancaftcr fines arclebpeDtuitb tbJcepjoclama* 37H.8ca.19. 

tions,ic. befoje tlje Suftices of Hllife ttjerc, oj one of tbem, % all recoveries to be 3^ H-6 fo.j j. 

baD of ani>lanDs 0? tenements in tbcCountp palatine are to be baD in tbc Court ^ ^■^^^°■^''■■ 
of tbat County palatine, anD cannot be baD at SMcftrainaer. 

" 3»n trefpaffc in tbe Countp palatine of ilancattcr , tbe SDcfcnDanf plcaDeD « n h.6 48 
a fo:.ain rclcafc, tbc <nourt pjcfircD aDapto tbe parties in )15anb, tbe IRccojD 

muft be rcmoVcD b^' Certiorari in Cbanccrp , anD bP Mittimus into tbe Bentb, b 17 e 3.84. 

tbcre to be trpcD. 11H7.JJ.' 

^ 3f iffucbc jopncDin tbc liiings llScncb , oj Common HBencb triable in tbc s^H.e.n.xj. 

countp palatine of Jianc, it fball be trpcD in tbc Countp of3Lanc'a'nDrcmaun= '^h-^.h. 

fiCDbttbCr. 19 E.j.tnal 66. 

•^ ?:21lbcrcarclcafco?otberfpcciall DceD is plcaDeD in bar in anp court at 45E.3Vifne5o. 

Mcftminttcr, iuitbinafrancbifelnbcrctbeteings tojit runnetb «of,it(ballbe ^9^ j"p.4. 

trpcDtobcfctbcte:itis b?ouabt.S>ee tbc books quotcD in tbc margcnt ^nDin ^^"^^7.10 t. 3. 

tb'ts Varictpof opinions 3 bolo tbclatotobctbattbisttatutc ofpE.j.crtenDS \\ I'^'^gV 

itot to cafes tobcn anv otbcr ifftic is jopneD trpablc in tbe Countp palatine oj &'b. 1711^^84. 

etbcr frantbife : iSnD 3 grounD mp opinipn'upon tbe refolution of all tbe HuDges 46 t.j.viinc jj. 

of Cnfflano in tbc c^rcbequcr Cbamber, in Anno 3: H.6.15, ^tc 39 H. 6, 21, ^'('toutucsju. 

Vid.Lib Intr. fo.Ki,,8, Henry Paraycs cafc in Dcit, In Camera Guild- PerMamn. ' 

hall Civitaiis London. 8 H.f.j.per 

•' iiingH.^^.bpbisuCbartcrbp J^utbojifp of parliament. Anno primo of bis -^'^^ngf* 

reign. DotbfcVcr tbc poffcttionc of tbc iDucblMc. from tbc Croton : i!nD tbat ^'j"-^"t. RaQaii 

tobicb lohn of Gaunt bclD foj life, is cftablifljcD fo;t eVer , anD <= fpcciallp bp tbc ^.^or Par 1 h 

llatufcis of lE. 4. anDi H.7,bercaftcr mcntioncD : anD tb is reparation H. 4. imitnicd caiu'*" 

maDr,foj tbntbchncU) beb'^Dtbc Ducbpof llancattcr (par multis regnis)bp J,^fg'iH4. o« 

furc anD unDefcfifcle title: anDbccoiilD not be botb Rex anD Dux.butfpviallp J'i''''''i'o'ieDi,ra. 

tbat biJ title to tbe Croton toss not fo affureD, foj tbat after tbc Dcccafc of R.z. Tct'lZa'^io ■■ 

tbcrtgbtof tbe Croton toas in tbc bcir of Lioneil SDukcof vJIlarcnccfeconDfon tatei'ariilmmi 

O1E.3. JohnofGaunt iFatbcr of H.4. being tbc fourtb Ton: anD tbcrefoje be in- """ongmfuifn- 

tcnDcn net, tbat bP tbe lato of tbc Croton tbc SDucbP fboulD go toitb tbc croton,« "'"• 

tbat be ftoulJ be feifcDtbcreof in ri^btoftlje Croton , as tbc Iting aftcrtoarDs pj com m'^k'*' 

toas oftbcpoiTcffiojio oftbc2DucbPOf|3o?ti, earlDome of i'0arcb,anD otbers. ♦vi.k'iuu''a,i 

Humphrey de Bohun (J;arl Of l^CrCfO^D , CCTC); anD ipO'.tbampton being tbc » U.S. Partition" 

firtt anD latt (Sari of tbat name , anD fetfcD of large poffcffions in ©nglanD anD 'c-''td on-9 n.s 

CCIalc0,biDiC[ucttooDaactbtcrs; * Eleanor tbe clDcCfcmarieD to TiiomasS>HlJC '^'•"^^enH 5.anj 

ef Olouc',anD Mary maricD fo tbcC-arl of ?^crtfo:D. tiicaidEic^nar. 

Qe 3t 

2o<^ The Court of the l^uchj Chamber. Cap.^^^^ 

Rot.par.Anno 3it i« ctiactcD ti^atall tl^e spannojs anl) fjcrcliitamentc toljicl^ DcfcenteD to H.j» after tl)c Deceafe of tlie fatD Mary^ismoffjer , as fon ano tjctriinfo tjcr, 
c^fi^"'"'d^' d ftfulfbc ntffcticretJfronitbeCrotonof C!;tial3ntJ,anDanncTCDtotl)c HDucljp of 
that noi'and" ?Lancaftcr, ant) tobc of ttjcfamc nature , asbp t^ic Jaings licttcrs patents ctta^ 
ftiouU paffe of bltfljeD bp |3arltamcnt t^ere appearctb; toftcrc pou map reaD of manp if rancljifcs 
Duchy, but under aoD Jltbcrties belonging to tl^c 2D ucljp. 

*' &°"pK''* ' ^^^^ *' ^^ *^ '^^ obfefbeD, tfjat albeit tftcfe pollefftons DefccnDcU to feing H. y. 
Mar cap to as^elF to l^ts motljcr, pet l)c toas tljereof fcifcD injnre Corom, anDt^rcfoje 
a See the i.parc tl)ts 0ct Dtffetjeretft tljcm from ttjc Crotun, 

la/i.sea.s. b x^zWttOi)] of 3lanca(ler asreparateD,ic.ts bp jSct of |Darltamcnt affurcD to 

6Rot.Par.iE.4. ^,4, anDftt0l)6trsi^mg0of CnglanD, iBpt^ts^actalltntallsoftljcDntljp, oj 
p'l ctm »- of anplanD annejteDttjercunto are cut off,anDbpt^tsmal)efcc ttmplc to E. 4. anD 
vid.ii 5. for (he ftisbeirs fitngsofQBnglano* 3nan 0(tof parliament toittjout quettion t^is 
Princes cafe. limitation of a fee ftmple is gooD. g>ee tlie tofiole Slct, 
c Rot.Par. i H.y. ' 3lt tsenactcD tljat H,7. ItjoulD l)alje,^olD:,anD enjop to ^imann fjis * fjetrs foj* 
*Notahisheirs ctjermojct^e xCoutttp palatine Of JLancattcr, anD all l)onoj0,ic, 3IBp toljttf) aa 
without faying gifp gn fojmcr intails are cut off, ano in tl)is ftate Dotl^ tijc S)ucl)p ftanD at tfjis 
UndfL°/rd^d ^^P' ''aillant)S,ic.parcelloft!)is3Duc^pgit3cntot!jcUing bp tljc statute of 
iiE.4.60 ' S^onaaeric0,Cl)antericsarc ttilliDitljin tf)e furbep of tijc SDucble. CSaitfjln 
vid'' I e!. t^e Cotintp palatine of Hancaftcr t^c SDnfee lulling Jura Regalia-, fjis jurisDicti; 
168. b. on anD pjitjileDgcs therein Ujerc tjerp great, e 2Di)e2DuteofiLanc' complainetl) bp moutf) to tijc toing, Biiljops, anD 
\ Elcll'lt 3LOJD0 in full parliament ; SCtjat toljerc after tfjc tcatfj of Tiicmas of Lathome 
e Ro't.par.pR.i. iDJ&o IjclD tlje i^annoj of JLatljome in ttjc Countpof JLanC of tijc faiD JDuKc in 
nu. 1 5 . c^etjagctoljcrcbp tljc mannoj toas feifeD into tlje IjanDS of tfje faiD iDuhe ofi,an* 

iSH.s.Brook cafteraccojDingto fjis Countp palatine of ilancaftcr, pet nottoitljttanDing John 
verTwithVn lu- Stanley fcnigW as in tfte rigljt of Ifabell Ijis Vnife Daugljter i l)eir of tfte faiD Tho. 
County Palatine, ^aD cntreD, anD taUcn tftc pjofits of tljc faiD mannoj tuif ftout anp literp oj otijer 
but not ofate/ fuit waDc ttt tl)C Cfjancerp Of tl)C faiDSDubc, fojlTljic^ IjD pjapeD rcmeDp.after 
nure without. to^icl>,upon fulUDtiicc Of tlje Bluftices of botft 3!Bcnt^e3,anD ottjers of tlje iiiings 
i6 H.8.5:. learncD CouncelUit toas DeclareD int^e faiD parliament , tftat ttic cnfrp of t^c 

faiD John into tf)emanno?,as afojefaiD,toas unlatofnll ,anD tftaftljc faiD John 
ougl)t tomabc fuit bp petition, oj otl)ertoife in tfjc Cljancerpof tl^e faiD HDubc foj 
t^e litjerp of tfte faiD manno j in fuel) cafe to be fucD foj. 
v;d.5 5 H 8.C.39. iDf tl)ciFranclbifes anD Liberties belonging totftc Countp palatine of 11 anc, 
11 H.8.C.Z0. i^oti map reaD Rot Par. 2 H,^ Ubi fupra. 

3 E.6ca.i.Cuftos fiianDstobe annereD fotbis SDucIEip uhDcrtfjc (©?cat ^eal tftallbeas gooD, 
/ ° & , pi^sc ^ if »^ ^^^ l"^^" annereo bp parliament. §>ect^aatute of s El. Cap, 23, conccming tojitSOf Significavic, anD Ex- 

communicato capiendo* 
11 £.460.71. iianDs toitftintiic Countp palatine UjoulD paffe bp tfje SDuftes dfjartcr foifft* 
pi.C01n.j19. out liberp of feifon ojattojnment, but of lants partell of a mannoj annereD to 
tlje H)utl)p toitljout tlje countp palatine, tljcreougbt tobcliticrpof feifon, anD 
attornment of tenants, anD in t6e fame Degree is it in t^c icings cafe, m^z reafon 
Ijereof is, foj ttjaf tljc Countp of ?lant' toas a countp palatine , anD t^c ©ufee 
tljen IjaD Jura uegalia. 
Vid.35 H.8. JK^lje pjoceeDing in tljis Court of tljc SDucljp Cljamber at Meftm' is as in 

cap.39.whrh a Court of Cljancerpfo? lanDSjfctoitbintftefurtjcp of tljat Court bpCSnglilti 
^e before in the \^^\\,^^ gj^j, jief f ee; but tftts Cljanccrp Court is not a mitt Court as f ijc Cljaitcc^ 
CourtofWatds. rpof (iI;nglanD is, partlp of tljc Common lato,anD partlp of €-quitp, as Ijat^bccn 
Seei/ faiD. »>ce fccfojc in tftc Cljaptcr of tftc court of Cljanccrp. 
there aifo is a 2Dljc pjoccffc is bp p jtlip &eal,0ttacljmcnt,ic. as in tfjc Cfjanccrp, 
chincciorof.hc jE^c £Dfficcrs of tljis Court be tlje Ci^anccloj, tfje atturnp, tljclRecciUcr 
ccuaty Palatine, gg^g^-gn, ^igj jj ^f {Jje; court, tftc 0uDitojs,§)urljepojs, tfic s^cffcngcr. aCbere 
is an atturnp of tljc SDucfjp in tljc Cljanccrp, anD anotljcr in tijc CEj^tljciiucr. 
Sbcrc be four IcarncD in tlje lalu Sitfiftants, anD of Counccll toitlj tlje Court. 
Hii. I E.6.i?rook ^aiijere bp office a tenure is founD of t^c feing Ut de Ducatu Lancaftrix.anD in 

Travels 53. ^^^^5^ 

Cap.3<^. The Court of the Duchy Chamber, 207 

trutbittsnot fo.tftcrcnccDEtbnofintcrfcfoj.tfjc mnq, fiatfj t^c ^ut^i^ * 30 *uh,ccnatum 
IDufecatiD not as tetim. anDa man lljallnot tratierfc, bitt Ijoljerc it is founo f foj tfl^^^ 't appear 
tijc iaUi0:Sedaliterutiuir indicbu$noiiris,asi ifappcarctl; in tljc cafe foUotofng, '^''""I'l.Com. 

llbi lupa. 

T If is found for 

Le royiiii droit dc fen Dtichiede Lam' ) Segnior . Rich.Hulmc feiftedel '^I^^q^I^'^'^ 
Unnmr de UdctnlcGoimtie de Lam' lenta dclroyC0?ne de fonditDuchie Huimes cafe, 
pfr fervice de Chivalry Mefne^ (jr Robert Male {(eijie des tcrrcs in Male te- '^iich.7 Jacia 
nM del Mcfne come defondit Mannor per fervice de Chivalry )7'en'. Rich. C jria ward.Xra." 
Hulmemonfl-^Apres ijuemort. Anno ^i H.Z.fuit trov.e que tlmorijl feifie del Eft'oppe" p«r fucr 
dit mefnaltie^(^ (jue ccodifccnd alEdmonde (onfitz, deins age,(^ trove le HeiJviry, 
tenure avandit^&c. et durant le temps que il fuit in gard Robert Male le 
ten' morijl: apres que mort Anno 35 H. S.fint trove per office que Robert 
Male fnertififcific del dit tenancy peravaile/t que ceo d/fcendalfonfit^ (jf 
heire deins agc^et que le dit tenancie fuit tenus del roy come del dit Duchy 
per fervice deChivalrie{ett in veritie ceo fuit , tenus del I'dtnondc Hulme 
adonques in gard in le roy come del dit tnefnaltie, ) per que le roy jeififl 
legard del heir e le ten ^^ puis 4 :fac. Regis nunc apres le mort de Rich. 
Male que fuit lineal heire del dit Robert Male ^per un auter office trove fuit 
que ledtt Rich, morifi (eifie del dit tenancy^ et ceo teignoit del Roy some 
de fon Duchy per fervice de Chivalry Jon heire deins age , Sur ceo Rich, 
Hulme coufin & heire del dit Rich. Hulme , ad preferre un bill dejlre ad- 
mit a [on t ravers de cefl da rrein office trove in Anno 4 ^ac. Le quefiionfuit^ 
le quel loffice trove /» 35 H. S. foit afcun efloppel al dit Hulme a traver- 
fer le darrein office, oti fi le dit Hulme f err a chafe primerment atraverfer 
loffice de^'i H. 8. Et fuit objeB que ildoit primerment tr avers loffice in ' 
35H.8. come ink cafe de z^Ed.j. que ft 2. fynes font levy de i^E.?.t"ol5<. 
terre in ancient demefneje Segnior de que la terre ell tenus, doit aver brief e 
de difcent Areverfer leprimicr fine,(^ in ceo le i fne ne fcrra barre. Et 
que le primier office efioppera cy longe come ceo remains in force. A que 
fuit rejponde & rtfolve per les 2 Chief ^uflices ^ ^ Chief Baron-, & le. 
Court de Gards^que le trover dun office ncflpas afcun ejloppcl, car ceo nejl que 
enquefi doffice, ^ le party greve aver a tr avers a cea come adeflre confeffe^c^ 
pur ceo fans queflionceonefipM efloppel-, mes quant office ejl trove fauxe- 
mem que terre ejl tenrts del roy per fervice de chivalne in capite^ou i» 
verity la terre eft tenffs del autcr fegnior^ou del roy mefme in Socage ^ fi l^ 
heire fua generall livery ^ejl tenus in^6E.^. 12. per Mowbray ^ Per fey 46e.j.i». 
que il navcra fute apres daverre que la terre nejl pas tenus del roy^^c, 
mes ceo neft forfquc efoppel al heire mefme que fua la livery (-r neconclu- 
dera fon heire: Car if mt dit Mowbray mefme, exprefment inautielcafe tn 35. que efloppel per fuer de livery efioppera folement mefme le, • 
heire durant fon vie: Et in i H.4. fo. 6.h. U le cafe eft tnyfede expreffe ' ^ '^■^■^' 
confefion ^ fuer de livery per liffuc in tail fur faux office, (^ la efitepui 
que les furors fur «o-l^c/ Diem clau fit extremiim apres le mort de tie I 
heire font aUrge felonque lour confidence a trover que la terre nefi pas te- 
ntts,(^c. car ilz, fiont jure ad veiicarem dicendam, ^ lour trover efi appel 
veredidum,quafi didtum veritatis: quel rcajon auxifierve quant le heire iri 
fee fimple fuifi livery fur faux office que les ^-urors apres fon mort doi- 
ent trover felonque le verity , il^int efi dit iw 3 ? H. 6. fo. 7. per Laicon r, , ^ 1 
que fi 2 Joers J^nt trove hetres^dont lun eft bajtara,jilz, jome tn fute de Li:con. 
livery\cefii que joinc ove Icbafiard in livery nealledgerabafiardyin I'auv, 

E e z mes 

2o8 The Court of the T>uchy Chamber. C^p.^S, 

ptes nul Livre dit que lejioppel indtirer^ j>luU longement que durant [on 
•vie, Et quant livery efi fue per un heire , le force ^ effeH del record 
de ceji livery efi execute S determine ver fort mort (^ fur ceo le efioppel 
exPirer' ovelemort le heire-, mesceo e(t defire intend dun gener all livery,, 
car (beciall livery ne concludera omnino,come appear apres. Lesparols degS' 
nerall livery^ quant le heire efi trove de pleine age, font. Rex Efcaeto- 
ri,&c. Sciasquod cepimus homagium I.filii & ha?redisB. defiindi 
de omnibus terris & tenementis qux idem B. pater fuus tcnuic dc 
nobis in Capite die quo obiit, & ei terras & tcnementa reddidimus, 
Etideotibipraecipimus, &c. eidem I. de omnibus terris & tenemen- 
tis pr3Bdid',&c. plcnam feifinam habere fac',&c. Et quant le heire fa- 
, it ingarda fo» plein age, le breife de livery dirra. Rex,&c.Quia I. filius 

& haercs B. defun(5li,qui de nobis tejiuit in capite, ajtatem fuam co- 
ram tc fufficient' probavic,&c. cepimus homagium ipfius I; de om- 
nibus terris & tenementis qujeidemB. pater fuus tenuic dc nobis in 
Capitediequoobiit5& ei terras & tenemcnta reddidimus: Etideo tibi 
przcipimus, ut fupra. ^el breif efi le [ute del heire (^ pur ceo coment 
i^tft touts les parols del bretf font les parels le roy {come tout les breifs le 
toy font) & content que le breif delivery <?/ ^f^^r^// , de omnibus terris 
& tenementis de quibusB.patcrl. tenuit de nobis in capite die quo 
obiit, fdnsdireB affrmac' que afcun Manner in partictder efitenus in ca- 
pite, c" nient obfiant que ceo nefi forfque profecution dun breif le roy , ^ 
ml judgment fur ceo-, uncore intant que generall livery efi foundue fur 
loffee, &per loffcefuit trove que divers terres (jr tenements fuer' tenus 
del roy in capite, 4 «^ caufe le Juer de cefi breif concluder' le heire fole- 
went quefuifi le livery , c" ^p*'^^ /"^ ^o^^ '^^ furors in novel breif de 
Diem claufit tyitxtmvL font alar ge^come efi avandit , & ft cefit^ury trove 
fauxment tenure del roy j auxileSegnior deque la terre efi tentti poet tra- 
verscefiofhce, oufi terrefoit tenus del roy,^c. in Socage , le heire poet tra- 
cers ceft darrein office, carper ceo il efigrevefolement , (^ ne tr avers lepri' 
Pier office^ quant lepierfuifi livery (^ mortJ,e conclufion efi execute &pafiy 
come efi dit adevant. Etnotilaefiun(peciall livery, mes ceo proceaae de 
grace le roy, ^ nefi pas jute le heire , & leroy poet grante ceo oual plein age 
^ec'i^/ aetate probanda,&c. ou al heire deins age, come appiert in 21 E.3.40, 
*•' |"V*'*. et ceo efi generall, (^ ne affirm direlfment afcun tenure come le generall live- 

46 Aff p ry ffi,mes eve un,ni dicitur,<^ pur ceo nefi afcun efioppel fans qitefiion, 

47 E.j.ti. £f al common ley (peciall livery poet aver efire gram devant afcun office 
jf H./j*. tr&ve,mes ere per lefiatut de 33 efipurvien, Thatno perfon or 
II perfons having lands or tenements above the yeai-ly value of 5.I. 
'ciu^g^'^E 6^ fliall have or {ue any livery before Inquifition or Office found before*'^ the Efcheator or other Commiffioner, mes per ttn expreffe claufe in mef- 
^« 4P«" ii"'^- me laffe, livery may be made of the lands and tenements comprifed or 
'wtdi. j9 '&\o noi comprifed in fuch offices. Ifiintfi office foit trove dafcunparceH^^c, 
lUoi.ifj. ceofuffifi,&fi le terre trove in loffice nexceade 20 /. donques le heire poet fu- 

er generall livery apres office ent trove, come efi avandit-^mes p la terre nex- 
ceade 5' /. per annum, donques generall livery poet efire fue fans office ent 
trove per garrant del Mafier de gards,(^c. Vid. DierzjEl. 377. quele 
RoigHe,ex dehitO'Ju{iitix, nefi lye a cefi jour puis le dit AH de 33 H. 8. 
agraunter fpeciall livery, mes efi afoneleliionagraunt' fPeciaUlivery,ou a 
chafer le heir a un generall I'tvery. 


Cap. 3^. T^be Court of the Duchy Chamber. 2 op 

Fuit auxi refohe in cefi cafe que lofjice </(? 5 5 H. 8. nefuitfas traverfahUy 
CAT j«ntravers dcmefne froveraqne le Roj aver caufedaver gardfer caufe 
de gardy ^ ijuant leRoyvientalfofj'epenfer faux office oa am' meanejur 
pretence dun droit , ou in 'veritie il nadtiel droit ^ uncore ft appiert que le 
JRoy adafcun auter droit ou inter ejl a aver^ tener la terre, U nul traverfera whkh cafe we 
ceft office ou title le Roy, pur ceo que le judgement in le tracers eft , Ideo con- the fame hn- '" 
fideratum eft quod manus Domini regis a poflefTionc amoveantur, &c. guage wherein 
jQue ne doit eftre quant appiert al court aue le roy ad droit ou interefl daver la ^? reported it 

*'^— _ -' -' J -f^,, r 1 ^ - I J J ,. •'r J when u wa» f;efr. 

terre, Etoveceoaceora. jH./{Ao\. ^^. in leCounteede Rents cafe -^ (S'que in memory, sni 
apres generallltvery fue per le heir de Robert Maleleoffice ne poet eflre tra- 
merfeperfon heir: Et ifint auxi fuit refolveper lafsijlants del court de Cards ^** P" '' ' 
in S cur fie Ids cafe in Curia War dor um. Tr. 8 Jacobi. 

^Ijat JLcafco map be maCc of lanD0, f c. to(tl)tn tljc furtjcp of fijc SDadjpof 
ILancaaccj S>cstbc iDjDtnantesoftftc^CourtofSDnt^i'conccfninBJlcarcB to be 
MiaDC, %t. Anno 20 H. 6, 

g>cc alfo Dier Mich.6& /Eliz. tberefoluUonofall tlje 3!uDge0 conccrnfng Wich.6 8c7Eiit, 
3Lcarc0inaDcbptt)c«il)antcloj of ttieSDuc^p Chamber. i!nDlf tfje JLcafc cttl^cr ^V^" 
tn poffeffton oj rctoerfion be tmu unDer tlje SDuc^jp &cal,Qaod Dominus Rexde i^prov,foes!' 
adviramento& aircnfuconcilii J^ucatus Lancaitriardimifit&c.tljeiLcafctSgOOD, x& 5 ph.&M. 
alttjougf) in trutft t^c <£l^anccloj maOe it, anD put to tbe &calc of t^c SDtuljp. ifo? 
fuc^ ileafes utiDer t^c SOucljp &eal , oj onDcr tfte &eal of t^c Countp palatine ^^ H.s.cap.i^. 
of lanD0 toitljin tlje fame , are of as great fo^ce ao lanDs of t^c Croton unDer tl^e 
C&}eat &eale. 

jaibclt bp fpctiall pjotiGon atiD conffrurtfon, to a grant of lanl)0anDtene« ^^"^a-^o^o. 
ments parccll ofttie H>ucftpoflLancaffcr tbatlpcout of tbc Countp palatine, '^^"'-g^^^ « H.4. 
tl)erc mutt be litjcrpof fcifin anD atto?namcnt, astbecafercquiret^, pettbe Fidicananu.k 
grant unoer tbc S>cal of tbe 2I5ncl)p is matter of 3K cco?D in rcfpcrt of tbc Dignitp dc fcperauont du^^ 
of tfte pcrfon of tl)C ising, anD nceDefb no fielttjerp to mabe it a oceD (as DeeDs be* «'• ^""c. « con^ 
ttoeen fubjects ougbt to batjc) anD if tbe fame be DcnteD, Non eft faawn cannot *" "."'^J''^"" . 

be plcaDCD, but Nul tiel Record. )^, '"""' '«" 

^nD if tbe !Sing bp bis iLctters patents nnccr tbe &calcof tbc JE)nc|ipDot|» Rot.'pari, 3 h f. 
grant a reterfion erpettant upon an eftate fo; life 0; pears of lanDs parcell of t(ie "^ > i- 
fatD SDucljp Iping out of tljedTountp palatine, tbe retjerOon iJotb patTe mainte* R°t- P«fi'E.4. 
rant to tbe|0atcntcebpfojcc of tbcJLcttcrs patents: but b^fliallnot batean RotParj,H 
jattion of tKaattc , oj Dittraine befo?c ;S!ttojnamcnt. * if o? tbis tafc is Ube to nv.i.%ta. i.'"^' 
tbe cafe of a fine tctiueen fubjects, tobicb is matter of retojD: anDfotbeteings i&jPh.&Mar, 
iicttcrs patcntij unDcr tbe a?atbp &cal are as bifib a matter of ret ojD (if not i^P "• 
Ijigber tben a fine.) ;anQ tbis tenfietb botb to tbe bonour of tbe iaing anD tbc fafe-- ion omiuas &' 
tpoffucbaspurtbafefntbreticrlionBoftbeiiing, tbattbeffateoftbercberfion perprefogat. ^' 
IboulD paite bptbofclLettcrs patents: otbertoife if tbe patentee Dpe before Kot.Pari. 1 h.^, 
0ttO2nament,tbe ILctters patents fboulD be tJoiD, anD tbe taliDitpof tbe &ings ""^°- 
grant IhoulD tcpcnD upon tbcplcafureoftbeleffec, anD manp incontjeniencies \^^'^'^!^'^\' 
IboulD tbcrcupon foUoto. 0nD all tbis appearetb bp tbat great % grate refoltjtfon Dier'Ai"o 6 & 7 
of tbe cafeoftbcSDucbpofiLancatterrcpojtcDbp'jpr.Plowdcn, tbatnoffatute Eia.ubifupr*, 
noto in fo?ce DotbfcparatetbeSDucbpfromtbepcrfonoftbeiaing, nojtobabc ' LitSea. jSo. 
tbe perfon oftbclSing fcparate from tbcBDurtjp, noj tomabe tbeifting JS)nbe 'pafQ^'iieinft- 
of JLancaftcr bating regarD to tbc poCTctrions of tbc 2?ucbp,noj to alter tbe quali^ ^^^^°^' ^^^ 
tp of tbe pcrfon of liing H. 7. but onlp tbat tbe feing fljoulD bate to bim anD to m. b." 
bts l^cirs tbc faiD SD.ucbp fcparate from tbe otbcr poffetttons ; in tobicb cafe tbe Vide Rot. pari. 
SDucbp at tbcleatt is jopncD to tbepcrfonof H.7. anDtobis l^etr0,anDtbe iH4n'«.8i,af. 
pcrfon of tbc litng remain as it DiDbefo?c, foj notbtngis faiD to tbc qualitpof 
tbe pcrfon of tbei^ing, no^ to tbc alteration of bis name. BnD tbe perfon of tbe 
litng flball not be (nfccblcD becaufc tbc iBDucbp is gitcn to tbc liiing ? bis l^cirs, 
but rcmam altoapcs of full Ircll to gifts anD grants bp bim maDe,as to aD^ 
minittratton of Suttice : Mbcreupon it)xias rcfoltcD,tbatBleares maDebp E. o. 



cap. II, fortlie 
feverall Seaks. 
aj H.S.cap.j. 
Com. of Scwcis 
under thefcaleof 
the Duchy, and 
they bcCommif- 
fionersot" Record 

27 H. 8. cap. 1 6. 

Dier ubifupra. 
Pl. Com.zii. 

• R6i3lties,Fran- 

Koc. PaiI.iH.5. 
nu. JO. not in 
print, andefla- 
bli/htd and con- 
firmed Ror.Par- 
liain.Annoj H-j 
nu. I J.' 

T^he Court of the Duchy Chamber, Cap. 3(^. 

bcins toitbtii age of lanDS, cffljcciBUlitntbecouiifpoftlancaffcro'.VDitljout 
patccUoft]bc2I>uct)p(tftclj\opall anDtJoUticlicapacitpof t^e !l»ing being not al? 
terct)) tDcrc not toiDablcbpftts nonage: iuffrefolution, anDtcnDing to tIE)? 
fafef p anD quiet of pturcl)afcr0 anD j^armojSj anD p:otcf b Dlrcalp fijnt tf)c Hops 
all ant) poUtttk capacity of ttje iiing being notaltcrcD Cas to tbcfc potlcffions) t^e 
^Letters patents of tljeiafng of tfjcfepoffetfions nnDcrtbeSDncljp &ealearc of 
KccojD; anD toe finDc no opinion tnour IBooks, oianrtljtngfnanpHccojD, 
tbat iDC remember, againft t^is. »>o as tljc HLato concerning ibis point is, SCfcaf 
foj grants of rctietftons bp iLetters \0atent0 nnDcr tljc llings &cal of tl)c SDuc^g 
of 3Lancafter,tl^crc mnft be atto jnament fo? lanDs out of tljeCountP palatine to 
mafeea p;itl3itp,as in cafe of a fine fo: fbc action of luattc oj Diffrcffc : but of lanDs 
Uittl)in tftc Countp palatine, tfje rcbcrflons paltc bp ^Letters patents unDer tbc 
&eal of tljc ilonntp palatine, botl) fo: tlje eftafe anDfojttic pjtbifp of tlicartf. 
on anD of tl)c Dittrclle : anD pet tljc S>eal is as l)tcl) a matter of IRccojD in tl^e 
one cafe as in tftc otbcr. ;anD tjereiuitlj agrcetb tlje continuall pjactifc fn tljc 
Court of tlje SDucljp of ILancafter. jfoj if a rebcrfionbc grantcD unDer tljeSDu* 
cftp g>cal in feeoj in tapl, m, of tfte lanDs of tftis SDucljp crpcctant upon a iLcafe 
foj pears, life, «c.a CSHrit in C'nglifl) is ufaallv granteD intl)e teings name unDec 
tftc 2Ducl)p §>cal reciting tlje grant , anD commanDing tljc particular SEenant to 
attojn : oj if it be of a spannoj fn poITcffion, a Mrit lifeetoifc tn CEnglift isufas 
allp granteD commanDing tl)C ^Ccnants gcncrallp to attorn. 

%\it S>eal of tlje SDucftp of ilancaffcr remains ixjttlj tl^e Cljanceloj at tMettm. 
;anD tlje g>cal of tfte countp palatine remains alloapes in a cijeft tn tlie Coun« 
tp palatine unDer tljc fafc cuftoDp of tljc !accper tljcreof. 311 grants anD le afes of 
JLanDs, 2:;cncmcnt3,£)ffices, tljc (Jtountp palatine of ^Lancattcr lljaU patfe 
unDer ttjat &eal anD no ottjer : anD all grants anD leafes of lianDs, SDencments, 
£>fF{ce3,?c, out of tl)c Countp palatine anD toitljintbc futticpofflieSDuc&p, 
fijall palTc unDer tl^c^calofttjc HDucftp, anD nootljer: otl)crU)ifc fuc^ grants 
anD leafes (Ijall be toiD fap tfjc apparent intention of tljc act. 

^ecalfo PI. Com. 222. notable matter concerning leafes maDe of lanDs toffft- 
fn tlje a>urt)ep of tljis Court, tljcl^ing being \xi\t\^\n age, %t, refcltcD anD DccrecD 
to be gooD. 

sn^is Countp palatine teas tbe poungeft b?otljer, anD ret bcft belobcD of all 
otfter, fo;i it IjaD mo;e ?^ono?s, ii^annojs, anD ILanDs anncrcD nnto it , t^cn anp 
oftfte reft, bp tljc ll^oufe of ilancaftcr , anDbpH.8. anD Succn Mary , albeit 
t^ep toere DcfcenDcD alfo of tftc l^oufe of 5^o;tJ, viz, from Eliz. t^e clDeft ©aug^-. 
fer of E.4. 

* ^'oj tljc great -Uoiattles, JTrancljifes ?libert(es,paitiilc9gcB,5mmunitic3, 
flUutetanccs, anD JFrecDomcs, to^tc^tljc SDube of !lancafter ijaD foj ^im anD^ia 
men anD tenants, fee Rot, Pari, die Luna: port Odtab, Sant^i Martini An. 2 H. 5-. 
all toljicl^ arc cftabliftjcD, ratificDaitD confirmeD bp autftojttpof garltamenf, ncs 
ccHarp to be luioton bp fuclj as Ijatic anp of ttjcfc poffeffions." 




Of the County Palatine of Chefter. 

SQ^C^mg fljeereflfon of fl^e Countp palatfne of JLancattcr tjafft reference to 
tt)c Countp palatine of clietter, Voe Italic ttjougl^t gooD to entreat of it in 
t^ls plice, fo J tljat one gtljctl) Itg^t to tfte otl^er. 

a Me ftatje fpoben of tljc conntp of ILancafter raifeD to a countp palatine bp 
jSdofl^arUament; Me (l)aU nolDfpeabofacotint^JpalattnccrcateD bp{i;e< 

b Me fint) tljat Hugh Lupus fonne of t^e tttifcount of Avercnches in Jplojimanlip 
bp^tstotfe William tl^c Conqucrours differ luas ttie firrtljercDftarpCBarle of 
CgnglanQ crcateD bp^s tMncle tl)e Conquerour dearie ofCljefter, anDtntljc 
Itile of a conquerour ,Totumq; hunc comitatu tenendum fibi & * haeredibus ica 
libcrc ad gladium, ficut ipfc Rextenebat Angliam ad coronam,dcdit,t SCoti^iS 
<^arlDomc is annctcti tfje Counfp of iFlint in Malc0» 

%\){Q is tljcmoa ancient anDmott fjonoucableCounfp palatine remaining in 
CnglanD at tljis Dap/ toitl) toljiclj Dignitp tlje teings elDett fonne l)atb been of 
loncc time IjonoureD. 

is^tljis general grant tftia Hugh ctarlof CftefferljaD Jura regalia iuttl^intl^e 
Coantp, % confcqucnflf ftaD Comitatum Palatinum toitljout anp erpjeffc tDOjD0 
thereof, anD iip fojcc tbercof fte createD Cigftt cljefljire JBarons , to^icl) toas tl^e 
firtt uiftblc mark of a Countp JDalattne, SCljat is to fap.Robcrt Fitz-Hugh 31Baron 
of ODalpas, Richard <:h Vernon ISaron Of §)cibbjohe, William Walbank IBaron 
of jliantiotc^, William tijc fonne of Nigil IBaron of ^^alton, Hamond dc Mafly 
JBaron of 2Dnn^am,Giflebert de Vcnables llSaron of iStnDerton, Hugh tl^e fonne 
of Norman 315aron of ^atoarDpn, anD N. IBaron of S>toclipojt 

315p tbc fait) gcncrall grant Ijc Ijao not tl)C patronage ant) tenure of tlje llBiOjop^icfe 
of Cl)efter , fo: t !)us 3 rcane in tfte Book of 2D omef Dap raaDe in tfte time of t^t0 
Hugh ^arl of Cftcftcr. Cenrefhire, Tenet Epircopuscjufdcmcivitatisde rege, 
quod ad fuum pertinet Epifcopatum; totam rcliquam terramcomitatus tenet Hu- 
go comes de reg?. 

•^ Britcon faitf),Voilons nous que Juftices Errant foient aiTignes de les Chapters 
oicr & terminer en' chefcun Count ye, & en chefcun Franchife de 7 ans en 7 an$, 
& autiel poer voilons que nous '^ Chief Jullicesde Ireland & Ccftre cyent* 

"^^ Mitbtn tbis Countp palatine, anD tbc Countpof tbc Citp of Cbeftcr, tijcrc 
is, anD ancicntlp batl) been a pjincipall £Dfficcr callcD tl)C ^ Cfjambcrlain of €\it' 
Iter, tobo batb T anD time out of mtnDe batl) baD tbc jurif Diction of a Cbancclonr ; 
(| tbat tbes Court of dSrcbcqucr at Cbctter is anD time out of minD of man batb 
been tbe '> Cbanccrp Court foj tbcfaiD Countp palatine,tDbcrcof tbc Cbamber' 
lain of Cbeftcr is 3!uDge in cquitp. ^c is alfo 3uDgc of matters 'at tbc Common 
lato \n\{\)m tbc faiD Countp, as in tbc CourtofCbancerpatMcftm; fojtbis 
Court of Cbanccrp is a ^ mivt Court. 

2Dbcrc is alfo a ' ta[icc-Cbambcrlain,tDbicb i3 tbc SDeputp of tbc cbambcrlain* 
ainD tbcrc is iuttbin tbe fame a 3ulltcc callcD '" tbc Jw^iit of Cbcttcr,tDbo batb 
jurifDtction to bear anD Determine matters of tbc Croton, ? of Common picas, 
£Df fines anD recoveries IctiicD anD fiiffcrcD as tocll tottbtn tbc Countp palatine 
of Cbeftcr as of tbc Cttp of Cbcttcr. §)cc tbc JJaf utcs of 2 £.6. cza 8.& 45 Eliz* 
cap. !«;. llBut Of tbefc anDotbcr matters concerning tbis Countp palatine toe 
babe tbougbt rood to fct Doton tbc rcfolution of four rctJcrcnD B^uDgcs (tobom toe 
bnctoj upon tjtcui of IRccoiDs anD cljiDcnccs, anD mature Deliberation tljcrcupon 
in to:itina,tn tbcfc ivo^.Do. 


13 E.j.Vouch.iS. 

49 IS?-?. 
19 H.( 
36 H.6.jj,34. 
a A man may 
have a County 
Palatine by pre- 
I7j>8.ij.ii E.4. 
16. 21^. 
Rcgift. 17. a. 
b This Luj us did 
bear Azurahead 
of a VVoolf era- 
' Infcefimpl*. 
t »i R.i.cap.j, 
* 21^. 

Tliefe Barons 
had tvithin ibcir 
feverall Courts 
mhiis placitU &■ 
q':erclt$ >H curia 
comicis moiis, 
"d gladium ejus 
which you may 
Infpex. Pat. An. 
i8H.6.partc 2, 

rf Chief Jullicedc 
' i7H,8.c.Y. 
/ChaniUrlain of 

g Court oft fchc- 

b Cbacery Courr. 

'Acche Common 


(•A mixr Courr. 


n Ihejufticeof 



Sit James Dier, 




10 Fcbr. II Re- 

ginz Elizab. 

«King H.y.made" 
it a County of it 
felfe. Camden. 
4??. a. 
*By prefcription 

The Cliamber- 

The Juftice of 

Error,forein plea 
and farcin vou- 

Treafon& error 

ty Palatine. 

Court of the Ex- 
chequer is the 
Chancery Court. 

Judge of that 

of tke peace. 

See the grant be- 


ne County Talatine of Cbejler. Cap .37. 

The opinion of Sir /<«w«I>w Knight, Chiefejuflicc of the Common Pleas at 
Weflminfter, Richard fVeftomud 'Ks'^l^irdHarpttr'ECqairci, two other Jufti- 
ecsofthe fame Common Plcai. and ofThomat CariisE(c\\i\Te one of the Ju- 
fticcj of the PJeaj to be holden before the Queens Majefty,declarcd and pre- 
fenced to her Highncfle the i o day of February tyimo Doml i ^6^. by ver- 
tuc of her Majefties Letters to us dire<fted the fecond day of the fame month 
concerning the jurifdidion and liberties of the County Palatine of Chefler, 
and the authority of the Chamberlain, and his Office there : and concern- 
ing the controverfie between the Lord Prefident and Councell in Wales, and 
the faid Chamberlains Office lately grown upon Thomat Radferds cafe exhi- 
bited unto US'- as enfueth. 
iFirft , bp ttjat iubtc^ toe tjatje feen anti conCticrei) , tlje Countp of Cljecct 
(to^erein " t^e Citp oC €i}t(ttv t0 noUi, anti bp a gooD time pan tjatt) been a 
Counfp of it felfe) of * terp ancient time l)efo?e t|)C reign of iltng H, 3. ^atf) 
been, ant) pet is a Counfp palatine, tottl) otfter members tbereunf Lclongirig : 
ana fo from time to time ftatl) been receftjeoanD allotoeD in tb lato. 3nti tftere- 
foje tl)e latoes, rigtjtfuU ufages , anD cuftomes of tfte fait) countp jjBalattnc ace 
to bep^fertet) anD maintained. 

Bit further el}it)entlpappearet^, tbat bpt^e lifetime of antiquitp ant) continue: 
ancc , tftere Ijattj been anD pet is in tftc fait) t^ounf p palatine one pjincipall oj 
l^eat) Officer callct) tftc Cl)ambcrlatn of Cljcffcr, tobo batlj>ant) Cbtt IjaDall jurif* 
Z)i(tions belonging to tbe office of a Cbancelo^ toit^tn tbe faiD countp palatine, 
^ntifbat tljcreisalfotottljintbcfaiD^rountp palatine a luttice formatters 
of tljc Common picas, ant) tbe pleas of tije Crotun, fo be bcarD anD octcrmtneD 
toitftin tbe fait) Countp palatinc,commonlp callet) tbc Sutticc of Cbcftcr. 

Mt alfo fee t^at all picas of lanDS 0; tenements ant) all otlicr contracts,caures, 
ant) matters riQngant) grotoing toit^in tbe fame Countp palatine arc plcaDa^ 
blcantJOUgbtfobepleaDeD, bcarD, anD juDictallp DetermineD toitljin tbc faiD 
Countp palatine, anD not elfetoljere out office faiD Countp palatme. ;9nDif 
anp be pleaDeD, ^earD, or juDgcD out of tbe faiD Countp palatine , tbe fame is 
t?oiD, anD coram non Judice, except it bee in cafe of c^rro?, if ojien plea, oj i?0' 
rein tioucljer. 

Me alfo fee t^at no inhabitant of tbe fame countp palatine bp tbe liberties, 
latijes, anD ufages of tl)C faiD Countp palatine ougbt to be calleD 0? tompcllcD bp 
anp Mrif oj pjoccs to appear 01 anftocr anp matter oj caufc out of tfjc fame 
Countp palatine for anp t^e caules afo^efatD , butonlp in caufes of treafon anD 
erroj. 3nD tlje £nueens CSHrIt Dotb not tome , noj ougbt to be allotocD 0: ufcQ . 
toitl^in tbe faiD Countp palatine, but unDcr ttjc S>cal of tbc faiD Countp pala^ 
tine, erceptMrits of Proclamation bptbeftatute of E. 6. Anno regniiuiprimo. 
3tt Dot^ furtbcr appear unto us bp gooD matter of IR ceo jD to us ftelucD , f bat 
t^e Court of tbc CDrtbcqucr at Cbcftcr is , anD bp tljc time of antiquitc anD ton« 
tinuance afo;efaiD Ijatt) been ufcD as tlie Ci)anccrp Court fortbc fame Countp 
palatine , anD tbat tbe Cbambcrlaine of Ctjetter is f be cljief Officer anD 3uDge 
of tbat Court, anDtbatlje is, anD ttmeoutof minD battj been aconfcrtatojof t^c 
peace bp tcrtueof tbe fame office, anD batb lifee potocr, autl)ojifp,p;cI)cminence, 
jurifDittion, erecution of lato, anD all otber cuftomcs, commoDitics , anD actian- 
tagcs pcrraining to tbc jurifDiction of a Cbancelour toitbtn tlje faiD Countp pa« 
latine of Cbetter,as tbc Cbanccloj of tbc IDucljJ'of iLancattcr batlj ufcD,ljaD anD 
ougbt to babe ufeD anD erecutcD toitbin tbc faiD Countp palatine of l.anca(ter : 
tobic^more ebiDentlpappearetbalfobp tbeunDerSanDing of tbe fiira grant maoe 
bptotngE.j.toJohnbisfonnetbcnJDufecof^Lantaaer, tobcrcbp bemaDctbc 
fame Countp palatine of liancaacr,rcfcrring tbe faiD JDufec to batic bis cban» 
celo?, liberties, anD regall jurifDiction to a Countp palatine belonging, adco 
libcre & integre, ficut comes Cefl ris infra eundem Comitatu Ceftri^c dignofcicur 

;9lfo if appcaretb unto us tbat tbe ;iSicecbamberlaine DiD latofuUp anD orbcrlp 
commit to pjifon Thomas Radford namcD in tb6 cafe pjefenteD unto us , fo: tfjat 

Cap.37' ^1^^ County Talatine ofCheJler. 

l)C rcfufcD to put in furcties of tfic peace toitfjin tfje faiD C-rtftcnucf npoii Affi- 
davit mace fiitl)atbcl;alf. anDtl^attl)cp;occcDtngsoftI)c<i;ounccltof tl^c £par-- 
rbcs touching tfte enlargement of tbcfatD Radford frotntljc faiD impjtfonmenf, 
anoalfo tl)etrfurt!icro:DeranD Dealing agatnfttfjc faiD aicccljamtcrlain ioa0, 
anDistott^outfuffirtcnt aatl)o?itp,anDconfran'totijc jurioDirtion of tljc office 
oft!)ofaiD <i;i)amterlain,anDtfte ancient latos anD liberties of ti)c fame CountP 

■ anD toe Doc alfo affirm fljat tftc ftafufc of 54 anD 3 ; H.s. calleD tfjc £)jD{itan« 
ccoofCiUalcs.toljerebP tbcautfjojitpof tl)c3lo:.D ipjcriDcnf anD Coiincell toitl)= 
in tl)c dominion anDpjincipalifp of tAlIalcsanDiparclje^ offfjc fame iscaa= 
tlill'cD,niiDI)atl)tl)efo;ccof a lato,fojoj concerning tljc Dctcrmtnnfton of cau' 
fcs aiiD matters of tljc fame, compjcIjcnDcfl^ not tf)C vTountics of vi:;l)cacr,anD tljc 
<2:itP0fv£l)cfter,bccaurcti)efamc Counties of CbcItcranD tljc v!:iti.'Ofv£^cacr 
be no part noj parccll of t^e faiD SDominion j jp jincipalitp of SEHalcs, oj of tljc 
i©arcl)C0 oftljcfame. 

iSettocen 6»irJohnEgettonplaintif,anD William Carl of JDcrbp Cljam^ 
bcrlain of (Eljcttcr 1 otljers SDcfenDants, foj tljc trutt of an intcrcft of a fcarm in 
lanDs in tljc Countp of vTljcftcr, tljcfe points tocre rcfolbcD bp ttje iL ojD Ct)ancc= 
lour anDbPtljcCljicfiufticc of CnglanD, Suffice Dodderidge, anD Sutticc 
WincIictoljomttjciLojDvrijancclojcallcDfo be Ijis Sffiaantsas foUotoet^. 

iT^trft,tljattljc Cljambcrlain of Cfjcffcr being fole HuDgein Cquiti?, 0? l^is 
Deputy cannot Decree anpcaufetoljcrcinljetjimfelf ispartp, foj Ijc cannot be 
Judex in propria caufa, but in tftat cafe l)e map complain in tlje CljancerpofCSng- 

Vide:i H.j.breve 88i,inrationabili parte vcrfus Comitem CeflrijEdc ha:- 
redicate D. quondam Comit'Ceftrii. Comes dicit quod noluit rcfporidefe de 
terra in Com' Cenrixubibreviadomini regis non currunt extra libcrtates (U- 
as nifi Cut' confider', & Confideracum fuit per curiam quod refpondear, 

2. 3If fI)cDefenDantDtocUoufoftljcCountp|3alatinc,ifanpoftljc Counfj? 
palatine Ijatjc canfe to complain againtt tljcmfoj matter of <3Equttpfoj lanDs oj 
gooDs toitljintljeCountp palatine, tljepiaintif map complain int^c Ctiancc* 
rp of C nglanD^bccaufc Ijc Ijatlj no means to bjing tijcm to astftocr, anD tljc Court 
of CBqaitp can binD but tijcpcrfon, fo;otbcrtoifc tljcfubjcct tljoulD ^afee juff caufc 
of futt, anD fijoulD not Ijatjc rcmcDp : auD toljcn particular Courts fail of ju. 
fticct^egencrall Courts ftallgifc rcmcDi', neCurix regis deficerenc in jufti- 

3. Bit toasrefoltjcD.fljaftljcIiirtg cannot mabcanpCommilTion to Ijcar anD 
Determine anpmattcr ofeq'.iit|',butmatfcr3ofequttPougljt to bcDetcrmtncD (tt 
tljc Court of Ctanccrp. toljofc JurisDictton tljerein Ijatc IjaD continuall aN 
lotoance, anD fo teas it refoltcD in " Perots cafe. 

4. Elponco;irtDcratton IjaD of tljc faiD Certificate oftlje ILoiDDier, anDtfte 
faiD otijer 3^uDge3,it teas refoltcD , tljat fo: tljings tranfitojp tljougft in trutlj 
tljep tocre emergent toitljtn tljcConntp palatine, pet bptbegcncrall rule of lato, 
tbc'^'laintif map alleDgc tljcfe to be Done in anp countp toljcre Ijc toill , anD tfjc 
DcfcnDant cannot plcaD totljciurisDicttonoft&cCourt,tljat tljep tocre Doncic. 
luitijtntljc Countp palatine: but if tljc piatnftf fuppofe tbc tranfitojp caufc of 
aaion to be in tijc Countp palatine, tljatmap bcpleaDCDtotlje jurisDictton, o- 
tljcrtoife it is of tljings locall, 

iSn off ice founD bp Commiffion in tljc nature of a Mandamus illuing out of 
tbccijancerp at CJU'eftminffcr bcfo:e tfjc Commtffioncrs in Com' Ceikix foj 
lanDs ^olD3n in Capltc in tljc fame Countp,toasljolDen tJoiD perconfiliumcurix 
vvardnrum, foi it ougljt to bc b)' toiit J commtffton out of t^c Cjrcfjcquer in tfts 
Countp palatinc.tofticlj is ttjc Court of Cljanccrj,' tljcre, 

%i an erroneous juDgmcntbcgitjcn befoje tljc Cljambcrlafti in tljc Crcfjc-- 
quer in anp matter toijcrcis! be piocccDctlj accojDtng to tftd courfc of t^eCom* 
moM latotljctojitof Crro.z flijall bcDircctcD Camerario ilueius iocum rencnti;bnt 
if tljc juDamcntbcgtVcnlefoictlje Suffice of (tbcftcc> tljen tljc to?tt is Directco 

$ f JuHiciario 


Councellof ihe 

The PrefiJcnt & 
Council ol'Walcs 
and thcMaichcs 
''f the fame. 
The Counties cf 
Chcflcr.and the 
City of Chsllcr 
no part ot' the 
Marches of 

Hil.ii u'l: 

Vid.Inthe Chw 
ter of Durhamj 
Anno 30 E.I. 
Coram Rcge. 

»i H.j.bfeSSi. 

18 A1T.381. 
I J E.j.tit.jurisJ,'' 
6. 7 H.6.37. 
8E.4.8.11 H 4. 


* See tli/j cafe in 
the Chapter of 
the Chancery, 

of the County 
Pabtinc of Dur- 


tf H.4.5.Lib.Intr. 
3X1. Dicr i8 El. 

• Note thefc ge- 
nctsU words ex- 
tend as well to 
the Chaiiberlain 
as to the Juftice 
by the rule of the 

Hil.»9 Elit. 

Vid. J El.Diet 
J Eliz. F.l.Coram 
rege, Huddlclos 
cafe,in Brevjdc 

X} E. 5/0.14. 

The County Talatine of Chefier. Cap. 3 7 

Jufliciario Geftrias five ejus locum tencnti, ^nD note tbat in a iBjit Of (^XXQl to 
t&e * Countp of Cljcftei:, Dag (ftall be gitjen bp fo long time, tljat tt)?ee <li:oiinti80 
map be liolDen befoje t^e return of tljc fame tojit in tljc i&ingg Bcncfj, toticlj fa 
(our months, bp iD^tcti fimetl)c3iuftites oj Lieutenant iiiit^in tl)e fame acun« 
tp map rcDjeUe tl^e erroj, if ttjep toill, anD tljts bp tl)e ufages of tbc fame count p; 
Butin atDjttofCBrrojuponafinctljcpljatje no fucljpotuer: anQtIjc |3la(nttf 
ouglt>tfobjingtf)CiBj{tofCrrojtotl)ent):tCountpaftcr tftcTcflcanD tftcre it 
fiiaUbe reaO, Coram Judicatoribus ratione leourarum fuarum ibidem: anD tfje 
piafntif IfiaUaffisn tlje erroj initljout pjapingpjocelTcagainfitlielEenanto; 
2DefcnDant,bHfonlptopjapJudicatorestoe);amine tlje erroj, anD iferroj be 
fouuD tljcp map aDbife thereon, oj pjefcntlp refojm it, anD aloarD rettttutton , oj 
bp tl)c(r Difcretion tbep map atoarD pjoceffe returnabSe at tfte nert countp a^ 
gainft tfje tenant oj SDefenDant ad audiend' errores , (Vo^tclj is reafonable , anD 
neceffarp fobe granfcD) anD fo return tljcir oipn juDgment gitjen bp tljcm oj tbeir 
^jcDeceffoj, anD tl)en tl)ere is an enDoftlje buCneUe , anD tfteiRctojD Qjallre-- 
maint^creUjitljout removing; anD bptftis means t^ep djallfatjean fjunDjcD 
pounD forfeiture to tbe fiing, 5I5ut if tljcp affirm t^e juDgment toljicl^ iecrrone* 
ous.tfteir affirmation anD ti)c RecojDougljttobercmoteDinto tl)e feingsbencft, 
ift^eparfppatntifbe grieijeD t^retoitli : anD if t^eir affirmation beerrone^ 
ou0;aUljougl)t&cirfirftjuDgmenttoa3 giijcn bp tijeir ^3eDscciroj0, nottoitft* 
ftanDing t^epfftall forfeit tftcbunDjeD ponnD0. jSinDt^e partp grietjcDbp tbcir 
affirmation o^ reterfall oug()t to b;inga fpeciall tojitofCBrror perempto;ip, 
iDfjic^ftaUnotbecramineDbp t^em, foj tftat alltfjis{0 tobcunDcrffooD tDfjcre 
crro? in lato is affigneD : foj upon tlje Vcjitof oBrroj firft bjougbt, if anp erroj^ 
in fait be affigneD, as Deatb of one of tljc parties, Ranging fl)e plea, oj tftelibc. 
iDljicl) is trpablcbptftcCountrp,tbep cannot IjolDplea thereof, but return tl^s 
mecojD, toit^ tl)e to?it into tl)e lUings 315cncb, ipeitijer can tl)ep ^olD plea 
of arcleafc of errors after tlje juDgment ojtljelikc, fojtliepareonlptoeraraina 
tbe crrojs of tbe IR ecojD j pjoceUe, anD all tbis Dotb notablp appear in our boobs. 
51Butifnofucbufagc ljaDbeen,tbciIlccojD ougljt to bate beenremoticD bp tbe 
torit of d; rror into tbe 1^ ings Bencb, as it ougbt to be in otber cafes. 

Egerron tbe Siueens Solicitor motieDintbecbancerp to batje a Certiorari 
fo tbe countp palatine of Cbcftcrfoj tbe rcmotjing of alRecojDof ;affifctabcn 
in tbat Countp bettoeen Cotton anD otbcrs |0laintifs , anD Venables anD otbcro 
H)efenDants,tobereinfbe5Recognitojsof5lffifegatica falfelJcrDict, anD to ttjs 
intcnt,tbataU)jif of Attaint migbt be b?ougt)f in tbe icings llScncbja Certiorari 
toas pjapeD. SnD it Inas DoubteD, iubitbcr an ;attaint DiD Ipc in tbis cnre,out of 
tbe Countp ipalatinc, ^nDbp tbe opinion of Wray anD AnderfonCbicf3iutti= 
ces,anD Manwood cbiefllBaron,uponconIiOerationbaDoftbefiafuteof 2} H.8. 
cap. 3, iDbCfCbp it is enacteD in tbefeUJOjDS, That all Attaints hereafter to be 
taken fhall be taken before the King in his Bench , or afore the Jufticcs of the 
Common place, and in no other Courts; Cbcp refoltJCD anD fo certifieD tbe ILojD 
Cbanccloj tbat for a falfe tierDid: giDen in tbe Countp palatine of Cbettcr, tbe 
atttaint ougbt to bebjougbt eitber in tbe icings iScncb oj Common place, anD 
not in tbe countp palatine of Cbcfter,anD tbereupon a Certiorari teas gram 
teD foi tbe removing of tbe KecojD. 

Hil. 29 Eliz. Coram Rege. SDbe cafe toas tbat i^ueen Elizabeth bpbcr 3Let» 
ters patents grantcD tbe cuffoDpoftbeCaftlc of CbcCter to johnPaiton, anD 

Richard Huddleftone CfquircS.anDtbefurtotiJOJOftbcm; John Pafton DicD,anD 
in a Scire fac againlt Huddleflon in tbe (Ewbequcr before tbe Cbambcrlain, 
(Glaficr tbcn being 3)eputp Cbamberlain ) to repeal tbe faiD grant, «. juDg* 
racnt teas gitcn againft Huddleflon tbat tbe ilatcnt CtjoulD be aDnullcDanD 
cancellcD, anD bereupon Huddleflon bjougbtbistoritofCrroj. anDittoasob= 
jecteD tbat before anp toritof (i^rror ougbt to baljc been grantcD , Huddleflon 
ougbt to bate fueD to tbe ^TJucenbp petition to balJC atorit of CBrror acco:Dtng 
fotbebooUin23E-3.foz4. 55utittoasanfiBereD,tbat bcrc intbiscafe noin» 
berifancc tpas rccotiereD bp tbe juDgmenf ,. anD if Huddleflon tbat claimcD tbe 


Cap. 3 7* The QountyTalatineofCbeJler. 215 

oiftcc but foj tcarm olfjia life llioalD Ic Djitjcn to l)ts pet tttoiv lufjctrctti great Dc« 
lap nitgl)tLcufcD,!)tCi ItfcmtgljtcnD bcfojc l)C coulD obtain !)ts U):tt ofCrro?, 
tbcrofo:c ttjcisjjitof C-iTo:intf)iscarc Ujaa to be srantcDloitljoiitanp petition: 
anDof fbat opinion toaistljc.tDftolc Court oftljcJiiinssiBcnc!), anD fo tf)etojit 
of cSrroj DtD aanD. 

Tudices Sc Sci^atorcs Com' CeRrix non confuevcrunt apponcrc figilla fuaa- P^'cn-oE.i.Co- 

,. -'. J • ,• • T n- • • rim tceeRct.j?.. 

Iicui recorqo inpr.Tlentia JuHiciariomm* b s 

Bcfo;c tljc Itatutcof 34H,8.ncitl)cr tljcvrounf),' palatine of Cfjcffcr fcnt 34H.8.cap.ij. 
I5nigf)t3 totl)c|)arliamcnt,noi Citizens outoftljcattPOfuDljcftcr. 

515cfo:c fl)C ftatutc of 17 H.S. tljc llo:D CDljancclo: of CnglanD appoinfe& no .7 
3iuftite3 of locate, 3uftitc3 of Qyorum oj Gaol delivery toitljin tfte County of 

%\)t fi^amtojof C. in tljcCounfp of JJojfe toasljolDen of tl)c §i>:.incc,as of ^^^.^.]v.x^Ki.6i. 
tljc countp of Cbcftcr, anD tftat all picas rcall anD pcrfonall riCng toitljin tljc 
Countp, o: loitljin anp parccll of lanD IjolDcn of tl)c CountP ougljt to be implea= ^' tj""tiirim.. 
DCD iDitljint^cfatDCountP palatine: JFoj tljciiingbp ftis ^letters patents J^'J^ '«<=<^'^">^'''• 
nlap oioain a Court at ^o?i;,oa inam'otljcrCountpiuljicljCljaU^atiejurisDidie 
on tlr-ougb tlie toftolc l'lcalm,anDro it iDas refolteD. 

SCftccitPOfcicacrluasmaDc a Countp of it felf bp JlingH.y. bpJLctters Ut.p^uGAp, 
patents* dac. A Aprilis iiofbiorcign. 11H.7, 

§>cc tbc ttatutc of J El. Concerning tnjits of Significavic anD Excom" 5 Ei.cap:?. 
capiena'. &>cctl)caatutc of 18 El.cap.8,inalungofitiojc3(Ufttcestl)cnonc. iSni.cap.s. 

©P tl)C ttatutc of S H. 6,c9p, J o. Sit is pjoDiDcD, That upon every Indidi- » H.<;, 
mem or Appeal by which any perfon dwelling in any other County then there Vide cap. i?. 
where fuch Indiiflmcnt or Appeal is, or fhall betaken of treafon , felony, 
and trefpafl'c&c. befcreany Exigent awarded,&c. that after the firft writ of 
Capias, another writ of Capias ihall be awarded direded to theSherifof the 
County whereof he is or was fuppol'ed to be converfant in the Indidtmentj&c. 
otherwife the outlawry to be void. 

3n an :appcal in tljc lyings »ncl) i\\ t^c Countg of SDojfct to^cre tfie 0p. j h «.i i 
jpcllecUjas Demurrant at CbcCcr, p;oceffc continues untill be iuasoutlatoeD " ' ' 
tott^out anp Capias into Cl;efter,i it inas objcctcD tftat flje Capias coulD not iCTuc 
into CijcfbiVe, fo: \i is a irrancljifc into- luljtcft tl^c liiingo U)?it runneth not. 
f?olDen at ttic Common lain foi certain tljings a lijjtt ftall x^vk. to tfic jFrancftifc 
of cljcftcr as foj treafon,! tl)C ftatute is maDc bp ^utljojitp of parliament, anD 
ts gcncrallastoell\Ditl)iniFrancf)ircas toitljout, anD tl)ercfojc ttje Set being 
gencrall Cball be tafecn generally to ertcno into Cbclter , Quod conceditur, but 
tljisis alcaDingcafCf 

Vid. Lib, Tm' Coke, fo. 230, 231, z32. & 29^ 297» &CC an ^Ct Of pSFltJ!* 
ment, RocPar, pH,4. nu.^f. toucljingaDjo^nment (n pleas. 

Ffi CA P, 


Cap. ^8, 


II E. 5. Vouchee 
II?. 17E.5.56. 

I; H.4,Vouchec 
39. iiH.4.40. 

18 H.6.j},j4. 

19 H. 6. II. 51. 
11 E.4.8. I Mar. 


See llor. Par!. 
Pafch.ii E.I. 
Rot.^. anotab'c 
record for the 
1 bertics of the 
Bilhop of Du- 


" Thh was An- 
thony Beak, of 
that flateand 
g^catnclJeas ne- 
vcrany Billiop 
was, Woolfty cx- 

Mich.}4 F.t. 
Coram rcge 
Rot. 51. 


iifticcsof the 

ill op. 

r breve vcft H. 

Of the County Palatine of Durham. 

Tl^is is alto a Countp palatine bp p^ercription parceU of t\fi BiOiop^tcft 
of^urt)am^iD{)ict)toa0 firftraiCeti^asi tt ie raiD,roon after tl^e time of 
William tljc (£onqueroj» 
"^et 31 finti ttiat tljis Countp palatine batl) been queaioneD(but Ma\i\) ettil ruc< 
celTcO iFo? at tl)e parliament IjolOenAnno u U.6, Thomas liBlftopofS)ar« 
Ijam pjapen a CommiCTion unDcr tbe (I3;eat &eal to certain ttiere namcD, Ib^jq 
bp I'ertue tl)crcof fat anD inquired at ^artlepole being ioittjin Ijts countp pa^ 
lattnc of tl^i^ rtgl)fs of tl)c Countp palatine loitl) all t^e 9)epentiants.Mtjereap< 
on a>ir William Euretenigl)tfl)efeings0tturnpraaDeDitier0obje£tioni3,tl)attJ)c 
]lBi(i]op oug^t to j^atie no countp palatine.neit^er liberties ropalt. ;^n tbe ton< 
trarp part t^e SStQbop p;ioDucetl) Ijis p;oofs,'anD tlje matter onbott) partsferi* 
ouflpocbateD. SlnfftecnDjuDgmcnttoasgitjen in parliament foj tf)e IBitfiop, 
auD ttiattbe fain InquintionsreturneDinttie Cliancerp oj elfeiD^ere (l)oulD be 
Ijoiti. §)cc tt)elRcto?D being tcrp long, anD pcttDojtljptbcreaDing. 

C(ai)cnt^c3I5ta)opf)imrclf,tl)afousl)ttot)ocjwttice anD rigbt to otljcrs^tDill 
Doe injurp anD to?ong toif bin ftis Countp palatine , (| tftat ^ cannot be a JuDge 
in ftis oton caufe: ^ee a notable IRecojt) intituleD tl)U0. Rccordum coram do- 
mino rege porredlum pertnanus Williclmi de BcrefordSc Rogeride Heigham 
Jufticiar'domini regis ad querelas infra libercatem Epifcopatus Dunelra'audi- 
end' &, terminand' aflignai'in hxc verba. 

Placica apud Dunelm' coram Willielmo de Bercford & Rogcro de Heig- 
ham Jufiiciariis domini Regis ad vcteres querelas Ricardi Prioris Dunelm' & 
aliorum hominum Epifcopatus ejufdem domini regis prius porreitas & non 
determinatas audiend' & terminand' aflignat', 

Ricardus de Hoton Prior Dunelm' queritur de * Anthonioepifcopo Dundm',&c, 
X^z recojD is long , but tljcrctn pou fljall obfertie feberall plaints of tl)c p?{oj a- 
gainftt!)eBin)op,i»|)ereuponiirucs arcjopneD, anDtjerDicts glVienagainftffje 
515i(feop, anD juDgmcnts gitfen toojttjptbc reaDing. 515p tof)icbl'^etOJDitap* 
pcaretb ttjat tijc IBtlljop ftaD toitijin tbe countp of a)urcrmc Regalitatem fuam, 

31 finD alfo anotljer IRecojD in tlje fame lyings time, viz, 

Placita coram domino rege apud Weftm' de Termino Sandli Mi- 
chaelis Anno regno Regis E. filii regis Henrici 35. finiente, 

34. Ro. 32. 

Domintti rex mAndavit breve fuum Epifcopo Dunelm' in hxc veria. 
Edwards dei gratia rex Anglic , dominut Hibernix , <^ dux Aquitani* 
venerabili in Chrifio patri A. eadem gratia Eptfcopo Dunelm' Salutem. 
Cum odeliva flia Ricardi de Hurchemrth,Matild' de Swyneburne^^ Ri- 
cardus Bouche, & Agnes uxor ejtts arraniaverunt quandam Afifam mor- 
tis antecefforis infia libertatem rjefiram Epifcopatus pradiit' , * coram 
Lamberto de Trykingham, Guyehardo de Charroun , ^ Petro de Thorefby 
per breve veftrum verfw Galjridum fil' ^ehannis le Mafclmn de Herter- 
pole de unomefuagiOjfex toftis (jr una carucata terr* cum pertin' in Hur- 
cheworth Brian. Acprxditltn Galfridw J-ohannem le Mufchun de Herter- 
pvle intrinfccum vcrfrnprxd ci' od€livam,Matildam,Ricardum ^ Agnet' 


Cap.^S. Hoe County Talatine of Durham, i\j 

inde vocaverit ad rvarrant', Et idem ^ohAnms ten' fr£dt£i' tidem Gal- 
fiido rvarramia^Ms Simon filitim Simon' de Mora intrtHfecum verftts eof- a 

dem odalivamMattld', Ricardum & Agnet' ulteritu inde vocaverit ad 
voarran' . Ac idem Simon eadem ten' eidcm ^ohanni Warrantizans inde 
vocaverit ad warran verftts eofdem odelivam,Matild' , Ricardum ^ Agn' 
j>er auxilium cur' nofira Aymerum de Roc he ford ^ ^uliAnam uxor em e~ 
iuSy^ohannem Svoayne,^ Aviciam tixorem ejus, & Thorn' de Fifhborn Forcin Voucher. 
juniorem forinfecos , t^tti terras aut tenementa infra libertatem frxdiiiam 
aut alihi infra difiriiiionem vefiram non habent,perqit£ per hallivosve- 
Jlros lihertatis fr/ediH' ad warran' illam faciend' dijiringi poffunt ^ ut ac- 
cepimus. Nos attendent^s expedicns effe ^ neceffe quod nos fttper recordo 
^ proceffuAfifa pr^di^A flemuscertioremur^Htpartibus prddicfis , quod 
jujtumfuerit in nac parte ulterius fieri faciamus. Vobis mandamus quod 
irif^eiiii recordo ^proceffit prxdici' ^fi vobii confitterit itae(je,tu}ic recor- •^i vob^ronnjte- 
dum (^proceffum Aftf£ prxdi£i£ cum omnibus ea tangenttbus nobis fub ^"'"'"- ^• 
jigillo vejlro difiin£ie & aperte mitt at is (jr hoc breve , It a quod ea habea- 
mus a die Saniii Michaelis in 1 5 dies ubicunque^c^rc partibus (undem di- 
em prtefigentes quod fmt ibi Jlatur ^ receptur' quod curia nojlra eoxji- 
deraverit in hac parte, ut nos finitoplacito yvarran' pr^di^i' in curia nojha 
record' (^ proces' totius negotii memorati vobis remittamus ad procedend' 
in eodem fecundum legem ^ cenfuetudinem libertatis prxdiii'.'T, meipfo 
apftdWynelingfeld i^die ^ulii Anno regni nofiri 33. Viitute cujus bre- 
vis praedi(lius Epifcopus mifit recordum & proceffum in hjcc vciba. 
Placita de Afifs apud Dunelm' coram Guychardo de Charreun (jr Petro de 
Thorefby ^ufliciar' a(?ignat', ajfociat' fibi L. de Trikingham dieMartis 
proxim' pofl claufum Pafch. Anno regni regis "E. 33. d* prompt' domini 
A. Dunelm' Eptfcopi 22. 

Afts' venit recognitur' fi Ricardus de Hurcheworth pater odeliv^fl' Dunelm. 
Rkardi de Hnrchervorth ^ avus Matilda de Swynefburne , (^ Agn' ax- ^'^'" Ofj^'ivi 
or' Ricardi Bouche fuit feifttus in dominico fug utde feodo deum mefria- 
gio^fex toftis et una carucata terrji cum pertin' in Hurcheworth Brian die 
quo^^c. Etfi^c^c. qu£ Galjridus fil' -^ohannisle Mafchunde Herterpole. 
Et feiendum quod tertta pars pr^edtSi' tenement' excipit' eo quod pr<edi^' 
odeliva alias comparuit in curia , c^ medo non fequitur pro parte fua^ 
C^c. Et Galfridus alias venit (^ dixit quod ipfe tenet prmdilia tene- 
ment a ad terminum vit* fux ex dimifione ^ohannis de Mafchun de 
Herterpole (^ in forma prxdilia vocavit ipfum ^ohannem ad Warran' Si- 
mon' fil' ^hjtredem Simonis de Mora, qui mode venit per Sum' ^ eitvar- 
rantiz\ Et vocat ulterius inde ad warran' per auxilium cur' hie dr cur' 
domini regis Aymerum de Rocheford ^ ^idianam uxorem ejus filiam (jr 
unam hxredam Nicholaide S^vynburne,^ohannem Swayne^ Avict am ux- 
orem ejusjiliam cf alteram bxredem prxdiCii Nicholai , ^ Thomam di 
Fifhburne filium Chrijitana cohered' pritdiii' ^ulianx (^ Avici^efum' in 
Com' Northumb. Et quia curia ifia juifdi^ionem inprxdiB' Aymere & 
aliis warrant' ,^c . qui exec' datusefi dies partibus hie die 

Marti s proxim' pojl fefium Sancfi ^acobi Apojloli. Et diBum efi prii- 
diBo Simoni quod fequatur verfus Warrant' fues per auxilium cur' do- 
mini , prout fibi viderit expedire,^c. Pofiea ad diem ilium ven' tam 
fr<iidi£i' Matilda,Ricardus o" Agn\ quam prxdiB' Simon, Et iidem Ma- 
tild' tt alii petentes petmt quod precedatad Apfam capiend' per defaltam 


2i8 The County Palatine of T)urhdm. Cap.38. 

frxdiB' Simonis ex quo quod nonduni (ecntns fuit 'verfus iv.irramos,cri\ 
Et fitter hocidem Simon prof en breve domini regis Jnc de mittendo rccor- 
dum et: proceffum Afife prxdiU£ eidem domino regt a. die SancH Micha- 
elis in quindecem dies uhicumjue^ty c . qux quidem recordum (^ proceffus^ 
et etiam hreve domini regis predict' quod habuit record' confut' per pre- 
dict' Mmld\ Ricardum dr Agnet' domino rcgi mittitur juxta tetwrem 
brevis (tti pradiB'. Et idem dies prefix us eft partibus coram eodem do- 
mino rege HbicuAque,(^c. EtprxdiiT Ricnrdus cr Agn po: lo:fuo prx- 
di^' Mdtild' in Placifo frxdicl'^c^c. Ad quern diem coram ipjo domino 
rege venerimt partes^ ^ quia conftat per recordum prxdici' quodpnedici' 
'vocati ad Warran Juni extrinfeci, ^ quod vocati Junt ad Warran' per 
Not*. nuxilium curi£ domini regis qui eft (uperior dominus totius regni^ ^ qui 

omnibus ^ fmgulis de regno fuo juftitiam facere tenetur , g" maxime i» 
defeCtu aliorum per quorum defeClum idem dominus rex vacatur in auxi- 
lium-y Prxceptum eft Vicecom' Northumb' quod fummoneat pr^dicT Ay- 
merum de Rocheford et ^ulianam uxor em ejus fliam & unam hxred' 
Nicholai de Srv^neburn ^ohannem Swayne ^ Avici am uxor em ejus fl' 
et alteram hxred' pr^dWi' Nicholai ^ ^ Thorn' Fift^bitrn fit' Chriftian^e 
cohxredis prxdiclarum Julians. ^ Avicie, quod fint coram rege a die San- 
Hi Hilar a in i^.dies ubicunque^^c. Ad warran',(jrc. Idem dies datus 
ejt petentibus et fimiliter prddici' Simoni tenen per W^trrant' in Banco, 
(^c. Idem Simon po: lo: fuo Walterum de Middleton et Willuim de Burg- 
ham loquelaprxdiB\^c. Et quia pradi^us Epifcopus non miftt breve o- 
riginde fimul cum pr^di^i' recordo, et neceffe eft pr^diCi' breve hie mit- 
tat' -J Mandatum eft prjcdi&o Eoifcopo velejus locum tenenti^quod prxdici' 
breve domino regi mitt ant ^it a quodillud habeantad prafatumTerminum, 
^c. Ad quem diem prxd' Simon tenens per rvarran' venit 5 et predict' 
Matild' de Swynburn^ Ricardus Bouche , et Agnes uxor ejus petentes non 
'venerunt^nec^C^c .Ideopradi£i' Simon inde fine die, EtprxdiCi' Matilda, Ri- 
earduset Agn. etplegiiftd deprofequend.inmifericordia^(^e. 

parch.46E.3, 3Iit ait (nfojmaf foil agafntt Thomas Btfliiop of SDnrljam foj a contempt in 

Coram rege ^qi ccftf fjjfllg 3 1IIeco?D, I^c plca&s tfjat l)C tS Comes Palacinus, & dominus rega- 

^^"♦*" lis cujufdam terr^ voeat'tlje Bifljopjicfe of SDurtjani) & habet omnia Jura rega- 

lia qua: ad Comitem Palatinum & dominum regalem pertineht,per le, Juflic', 
& miniftros fuosexercenda. 

3x\ tijts Countp palattnc tberc is a Court of Cljaiiccrp toljicfj t£s a mijrf 
Court bofi) of lato aiiD cquttp , astljc Cljanrcrpat ©iScamtnacr : ^crcttt it 
Ciffcretbfrom tijc rclf , t^at if an erroneous iuDgmcnt be giljeit citbcr in t&c 
Cljanccrp upon a juDgmcnftijereaccojtiing fot^e Common lalu,o; before tlje 
3lutticcsof tl)C JlBiUjop, a iujit of (lErroi Qjall be bjougljt befojct^cBifliop !jtJii= 
felf, and if ftc gitic an erroneous juDgmcnt tljcrcupon , a tojit of Crroj fljall be 
fueD returnable in f l)c JiJtngs llBenclj. 

But note let us fee iolEiat toe finD in our boofes concerning fljts Countp JDala« 


Mich.i4E.}.tit. 3n a iFojmcDon in 3>uri)am tlje tenant pleaDcD tfte iDarrant}> of tfjc ^tince" 

F n'k ' I e ^^"^ ^^^^^ SDcmanoant, iDitl)affets in a fojain Couiitp , Vuljcreupon tljc Court 

8 si.Dift' jjo- atoari)eO tbat tl^e tenant flioulD goe quit toitfiout flap, SnD tfje ©emanDant up« 

on tl)is juDgment fueD a tojif of (Erroj bcfoic tiieBiftop, anD^tTtgncDfoj 

CErroj , f^af tl)e Slutttccs atoarDeti tfjat tfte tenant lIjoulD goe quit iuit^iout Da^', 

toljerctbep ougftt to Ijatjc conttnueo tl)C plea bi? aDjo?nmcnt untill f^c lIlcco?.D 

I)atibeen rcmoVieO, Snti fo; ffjis crroi tftc llSitftop retierfeD tfic jutigmcnt, ana 

Cap gitien to tljc parties befoje ^is ^ufttces toljcretfje pica ioas pleaDeD. at 


Cap. 58. The County Talatine of Durham. 

iijftici Daj? tfte tenant teas cCfoinc&^nD a Dag giteit oticr* jat tijaf Dap a tojif 
came to rcmoDC tbc JRccojD {n tftc Common 115anb,anD a Dap giijen to fljc parties 
in tijc vCommon loanU, anD iW p^occeDtng of i}iz ISiOjop teas accojDtng to tl)e 
ufagetljerc. 0nD after bpttjcaDtoiccoftftetoftolccTourt a Venire fac tCfMCD out 
of tbe Common lisanfe to trp ttjcilTucjopneDafSDHrftam* 

31f a man in tt)c Countp t^alatfnc of 2Dttrl>am tonc^ a fojcincr to toarrantp, 
tlje DemanDant map cotmterplcaD ffjat t^ctjoacfjceljat^allets U)tt!jtn tfje Conntp 

31n a WiXii of SCrcfpatTe Desbiem emportcs deinj uncerreine ville, tlieDe-- 
fenDant fatD , tfjat tfjc place to^ere tfjc plafnf ifc fuppofcD f Ije tafefntr atoap , ts 
toUljtn tljc francftifc of i\\t B. of SDarljam, tD^erc flje fifngs 223 rtt rtmnetft not, 
but is a francftife IRopall, Judgement de brcife. ©ai^ercunto tlje plaintife faiD, 
fftat t{)cDcfcnDant came inbpDittreffe, anD fo t^e Court fclfcD of tljcplca. Finch- 
dcn gttjing tftc rule of tl)e Court faiD, tfte Court is not in tljts cafe feifeD of tlje 
plea, but t^at ItioulD be Vubere conufance 0; francfjife is ct^allengcD , to^ic^ Itetb 
tiot in tljts cafe, but t!)cBift)op^atl)francl)ireropall into toljtcf) tbc lungs CSHrit 
rtmnetlj not, auD t^crcfojc foj not Dcnping oftbeerceptton tbe QGIrit abateD, 
J^ote tbe %Q\xmz tolierein ttje tranato;p trefpatfe toas alleDgeD bp ttje plainttfe 
tnas vuitljin t^c conntp ^Dalatine. 1 

3!ftl)c tenant DQucIjtbDO, one luit^tn fl)e Countppalatineof SDur()am,anDtt)e 
otl^cr at tl)e common lain, (ummons Ojall be awarDeD to tlje ILo^Dof tt)e Countp 
palatine, commanDing ^im fo fummontljebonctjeeto beat a certain Dap before 
tl)C Suffices bcrc to trp tlje inarrantp : in tftia cafe if tbe tenant recober in ba. 
lue, ttie Bluitices lliaU io^ife to tbe llojD of t^o Conntp ipalattne to renDer in 
talacquod fuiceonceflum* 

&ee Dier it EL lDl^ere]^etl)atl[)att)iuraregalia H^allliabc forfeiture of l^ig^ 
SCreafon, toftcrcof Vide befoje in tfic Chap, of tf)C Countp |Oalatine of Jlanc, 

' if tlje one be boucljeD , anD t^e tenant pjapctfj tljat Ije map be rnmmoneu in 
tl)e countp of |9ojt(, anD t^e Countp palatine of 2D nrl^m, t^ bouc^r QxbXX 
ttanD, foj if Ije be fummoneD in tfte Countp of ^oj6,{tfufficct6* 

» Dominus Rex habcbiteu(iodiam omnium tcrrarum corum qui de ipfbtenenc 
in capite per fervicium milirare,de quibusipfi tenentes fuer'feifiti indominico 
fuo lit de feodo die quo obierunt de quocunque tenuerunc per hujufaodi /erviei- 
um, &c. exceptis feodis Epifcopi Dunelm' inter Tine 84 Tefe* 

u Ct)ts exception ertcnDct^ net to tt)cboDp. 2. BlftbelBii^op DiD after tl^is 
ftatutc piircljafcanp ^cigniojpbettoeen Tine anD Tefe if crtenDetft not totljaf, 
X . SCtjat befojc t^is ftatutc , tlje Jaing ougftt to Ijabe IjaD tlje toarD^ip of t^c 
laiiDs, asappeareti) in our llBoobs , contrarpto Poles opinon in t^iscafe. 

*2ni)etfttrD Cljaptct: of fbcfaiDftatutc of prxrogativa regis Dot^ gibe tlje teing 
pjimer feifon, u. tottbout anp fabing of tljc IBifbop of SDurcfmc^ 

&ir Thomas Gray tenigW luas feifeD in fee of tfte (pannoj of c^illingbam in 
t^e Countp of J^o?tf)umberlanD l)olDen of tlje dUuccn bp tenigljts &>erbicc in 
Capitf, anD of tftc spannoj of IRotfe in tlje Countp palatine of 2DurljamljolDen 
of tbe Bifljopof ©urljambpJSntgljtsferbiccinCapite, anDDieDfcircDofbotl^. 
tjts fonne anD tjcir of full age. ;3nD altl^ougb on t^e bebalfe of tlje Hoif^op fome 
pjeftDcnts VDcre fljctoeD inUhccafe, pet t^c ttoo Cbief iutticcs Popham anD 
Anderion prima facie DiDftolD, tl^at tj^epjimerfetton ofanD fojt|jc^annoj of 
SRoffc belongcD to tfte i4ing» 

aije iloton ofCrcheinttjeCoijntpofpojfeljolDenof tfjeBifljopofSDutljam, 
5C. fljall be implcaoeD tottljin tbe Countp palatine of HDurljam, anD in no otljcr 
place X anD fo is tlje ipannoj of ^oVoDcn in tbe Countp of ^ojb. 

SDbciiingnjallbabe tlje f empojaltics of fljc ilEifliopof SDurljam, anD foj a 
ClJurclj tbat bcf ommctb boiD tbe iSing tball babe a Qjiarc impcdit. 

Sv-:etljcaatutcof J concerning tbe iojits of SignificavitanDExcom' 

3t teas bolDcnbp all tbe Suffices, tfjat ifamanbcf«rcfpfo:anoff)cr fo beep 
tbe peace, anD after \}z b?eaUetb tbe peace, aiiD tbefurctp batb lanDs in tbe 




13 E.}. Voucher 
i6f. 4JE.;.I7. 
Vid.ic) E.j.iriall 
66. ic) E.j.jurisd. 
29. 33 E.3 ib.57. 
4jE.3.Vjfi5e 50., 

Dier li e1.i83. 
which wasihe 
cafe of James Pil- 
of Durham. 
' i3H.4.Vcucb. 
39. 36H.6.ib.49. 

16 E.J tit. tive.-j' 

II H.5.ib.26. 
'Prxr.regis ca.j, 

Trin.jS ' 
Curia WatdorQ. 


5 R. 2.trialljj4. 
5 ELca-ij. 

1 E.4.;o. 

lib The Pranchifeof Ely. Cap.^p. 

€<mi2 J^alafincof SDurtiam.tljefttng fljall commatiD ttjc il5t(ftop of SDnr- 
^am 6; Ijts Cljancclo: to Doe cjccutiom janD fo it ia tn tljc otijec Comities 
30alatine0, 3ntl)efame wanner it is of a ^tatcrte staple, ic. Kecognfjan* 

Vide J E« 3. fol. 58, 1 7 E. 3, fol. j6, Rot.Parl. 7 E.(J, Rot, Pat, 7 E.5.part,S. 
I Mar»eap,3. '^ 

C^7>. XXXIX. 
Of the Royall FranchiTe of EJy. 

jj H s.c3p.;o. T i^l)itjeM ftafHfcs it tsnamcDttieCountp palatine of €1^, JSing 
J euap.zj. I t^e I o pear of Ijts reign, of tl&ertcft ^onafterp of (iBlp maDe a CattieDjall 
•■• CfturcMnD oft^e abbpmaDea 3i5tffiopji£fe,anlifojfti0 JaDlocctTcafftgncDun* 
to l^im tbe Countp of cambjiDge,tol)itljbefo?e teas toitfttn tbe®ioceffe of 3Linc': 
3it recompcncc toljereof Robert Bluet 3I5i(ftop of 3Littcoln,tben Cljantcloj ofCng. 
lanD Wi to ^im anD tjis &utcciroj0 tl^jee jpannojs , parccU of tfje poffctTions of 
tfte jabbp,viz. e>palDtotcl)e,115tcfeleftooitlj, anD Buglicn. j3nt) fo? tfjc Cbaptcr of 
tl^is ncU) Bifljop, Ije inftituteD tl^at t^jerc fljoulD be a pjtoj anD dTobent. mut 
(nrcfpect oftlbc1Rcbenues,fojtl)attbeirpjinc{paU ^annojs toerc granfeD a» 
toap, t^e number of ^onfec8being7o.iDere bjoug^tDoton to 40. ;3nD liing 
H.I, granteD to tljts netollStiJjop anDftis &ucce(rojs Jora Regalia toitljin tie 
Mc of (iBlp. But tbefatD^BjiojanD CobentiBcre inf^e reianof H s.fuppjcr* 
fcD, anD in fteaD ti)crcof a SDeananD ipjcbenDarfca toere raife'D to be fbe Cfjap. 
fer oftbe3l5ta)op,anDa<I5?ammac &cftoolfo; a fatter anD 24 ©tljolars. 

sni^is ropalljnrisDi(tiontftei3ifl)opftatli bp pjcfcription gromiDcD upon tf)9 

fatD grant as toell in i^leas of t^e Croton, as in Common picas before l)is iw- 


Ti (Hji E . I .Ror. gDbe Itberf p of tlje Bifljop of dt- Ip Ijaf ^ been anctentli? allotoeD bp tlje Court 

ecro de sryton' of Common pleas fojlanDs in Mlisbit^, toit^in tbe 3flc toljcrcof a Precipe quod 

& fociis fuis Ju- reddat toas bjougl&t. 

niciaiiisdeBanc. Sgain » Allocatur libertas Epifcopo Elicnfi pro terris infra InfulamdcEIy p^^^ aliaji fcilicet in rotulo Martini dc Littlebury & fociis fuis annis 55 & 
Ro^sTcam"* J6H.3. Annoi4 Regis nunc coram Thoma de Wayland & fociis fuis. Item 
Mich, I <5 Regis nunc. Rot. 27, 

iH.6 trail 1. 3n acrefpaiTc tlje SDefcnDant plcaDeD an arbitrament maDc at A. tntbe 

3!fle of Clp, anD tijcreupon illuc toas jopneD, tijc piaintif fljctocD tftat cBlp is 
a iFrancijife IRopalUi tljep of ttjc Siflc fftall not be empannellcD out ,anD pjapcD a 
Venire fac'totlje &^crif ofCambjiDgc, ^ffuc bclug jopneD auD tfte »atfnc to comcoutof (i£lp,tl)cc£nfrp is, Super 
quo pr2did*(querens)dicit quod E. pr2Edi«ft'efl infra Infulara Eliens', quodquc 
Epifcopus Elicns* taletnhabet libenatcm in Infula prsdida, quodnullusjudi- 
ciar' nee aliquisminifterdomini regis Infuiam illam ingredi debet ad ahquod 
officiumibi exercend*, neclibcri tenentes nccrcfidentcsin cadem Infula illam 
ingredi debent ad aliquam Juratam extra Infuiam illam facicnd*> & petit 
breve domini regis de Venire fac'hic i :, de vicineto dc Soham,qux cftpro- 
pinquior Villa in pradifl' Com' Cantabr' extra Infuiam prididl' ad /acen' pra:- 
di(5l' Villse de Ely ad triandum exlcum pra:d', Etquia viderur lufliciariis hie 
quod petitio ilia eft rationi confonans, Ideo pricept' eft Vic' Cant' quod Venire 
fac' hie tali die 1 1. de vicineto illo, per qaos,&c, 

4«Ej8, §>entencc teas gtben in tbc dBctlcCaauall Court in CambjiDjc, anD t\)z 

2>efenDant loasfummoneD at ll?aDington intbejfle anD ifrancbtfc of dp, 


Cap.^-o- ^^^ County TaUtine ofTembrol^e* 

as tjemigbt bcfo; iD^eretijeatttonis inttre^anDnot feterall , lolicreof part id 
lcitti)(n tbc iFran£f)ifc atiD part fcD(tf)out,tfteiFranc^ifc Ojall not be allotoeD. 2i{i 
if onetabca man tii a place at t^c Common lato, pnDcarrp^tm into a Jfran* 
cbifc anD tftere impjifon ^im,tfjis vEourt flwll fjilO plw^ quia magij dignum ira- 
hitad fe minus dignum, Et ficde /imilibus. 

3n an jetton of Account againft one aa Bapltf of lanDs in H, anD A, anfi H. 
istoit^int^ciFtancfjifeoftfte 3(fleofC!;lp,anDbecaufe tbc|0la(ntif mig|>t ftatc 
cfjargcDtfjeHDefenDantaaBatltf of A. anD ft is no reafon t!)at bp jopning of 
fijem in one ^illrit to Dilfiedt ttie ISti^op of ^t0 jf (anc^ife^tt^s MrttabateD» 



5 E-i-conufuns 
68. 11 E.4}J> 

14 E.s.conufani 
74. zo E j.ibid. 
8j. ijpE.i.14. , 
See 23 E.j.zi. 

C AT. XL. 

Of the County Palatine of Pembroke. 

T^(g tDa0 an ancient Countp palatine toif^in Males , anQ tlje dearie 
teas Comej Palatinuj, anD ftaD Jura regalia, anD all things belonging to 
aXounfp l^alatine, but t^ejurisDiction hereof loas taken atoay bp t^e 
ttatute of i7 H.8,cap.i<5. tljc comitp palatine tljen being in t^c JSings (janDS. 
janDfoj furtl)cr pjoof tljat it tuas a countp palatine , fee tlje ctiartcc of 
E.3 4to Lawrence de Hafiings in t^efe tDojDS* 

Rex omnibus adquos,&c» Salutem. SciatisquodGircumfpefliomj& elcgan- 
tisc prxfagium quod ex aptisconfanguinei nortri chariflimi Laurcntii de Hastings 
juvemutis aufpiciis concepimns, merito nos inducunr, at ipfum in his qua: hono- 
ris Tui debitam confcrvationem rc/jsieiunt j pronis favoribos profequamur* 
Gum itaque hxredicai bonx memoria: Audomari de Valcntia Comitis Pcm- 
brcchisfutdicitur^jampridcmfinchircdedccorporcfuo procreato deccdemis 
ad forores fuas fueric dcvoluta, inter ipfas & earum hsredcs proportionabiJiter 
dividenda: Qnia conflat nobis quod prjefatujLaurcntiuj qui dift' Audomat'.in 
partem hiredicatisfucccdit eft ex ipfius Audomari fororc fcniori defecndens* 
& fie pericorum aflcrtione? quos fuper hoeconfuIuimus,iibidcbeatur priroga- 
tiva nominis&: honoris; juftum & debitum reputamus ut idem Laurentiuscx 
feniori fororecaufam habens, afTumat & habeat nomen Comitis Pcmbroehiar? 
quod diftus Audamarus habuit dum vivebat : quod quidem (quantum in nobis 
eft^ fibi confirmamus, ratificamus, & etiam approbamus ; Volentcs , & conce- 
dentes ut diftus Laurentius prarrogativarh & honorem Comitis Palatini in ter- 
ris quas tenet de hireditate difli Audomari, adeopleno, & eodetn mode ha- 
beat S: teneat) Hcut idem Audomarus illas habuit & tenuit tempore quo deccfTic. 
In cuju$jg(c, TeRerege apud montem martini die Ot^obf Anno regni ij* 

TecKs CortiVem, 
brol:cfutt Can' 
Paint 11 ts,&- bU' 
huic CanccU & Si' 
!■; H.S.cip. i6. 
Carta Regis E.}, 
ij Oaob.RoPir. 

Note Serejtbit 
the tUett fifUr 
o uglit to have tlie 
fultation Nvith 
learne d men. 

Prasrogatifa 8c 
honor Comjiit 

SicDc Audomanis 
illa:> habuit« 



11% Cap4i,4-2" 


Of the Franchife of Hexam and Hexamfhire. 

TmidisasfomettmcparceUoCtbepoiredtons of t^e ;3rcbbt0)op of l^o^fe, 
anU cla(meO bp ftfm to be a Coantp |0alattne» 
attljei^arltamentftolDentti iH.5, tt is refolbcD ffjat ^cyamOiIre 

9 h:^ cap'.7". toag a jFrattcfttfe toftere tljc lyings lujff tocnt not. 

8 E 4.cap.i. ^j^jj j„ t^0 ftatate of 3 3 H.8. it is namco a count? palatine. 

5 J H.s.capio. ^^^ g^ ^^^ parliament ftolDen in Anno 14 EJiz. it toas rerlouapejamtncu, 

14Ei.cj.1j. ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^jj ^jjyp concluftons toete enacteDbp 0ntbojttp of iparliamcnt, 
I iiat tootles it teas in tJje tjanDs of t^e SrcftbiCbop it toas tcacmcD ano na^ 
nlcD a count? palatine, to^cre in rigljt j p joof tljere toas none fuel). 2 . 2Cftat 
it t«U){tl)in,ant)parcellof tbc Countp of jpojtftumberlanD. 3. 2Dl)at al picas 
oftljeCtoton.anOfuitsbetUjecn part? anD part? Ojall receibe litte 
thcrcftoftfte^ubjcdsofilJojt^umbcrlanO oug^ttoljate. 4. SDljat tl^e fel)e= 
rif anoot^cr iSJfficcrs of tl)c countpof Jojtbumberlanl)mapej:eaifef){a ojt^eir 
office, fc toit^tn ^cvam anD !^eranil&ire. &oas toftatfoctjcr itioas befo^ 
i4EIizJt isnoto no Count? palattne,no?iFrancl)ifc ro?all. 


Of the Courts ofthe Cinque Ports. 

Ac tbe firft tfte pjitiiletigeo IBojts toere but tftjee. JFoj at tlje making of 
t^c boobofDomefday,to!)ttl)toasintt)ei4?earoftfteCoiH?uero?, t^tc 
are but t^:ce nameU intbat fcoob^ viz. SDotcr, &anDtotcf),anD I'lnmne?, a„j, ji^att^efctbice in tlje time of Edward tljeConfeffoj toere croncratcD of fnclj 
cl)arges anO turtbens, as otbers DID bear; Sftcr ttoo pojts toere aDDeo to tbem 
fap the Conquero?, viz. Raftings anD l^itbe. 
p A 1- f , ,8 Braaon tobo tojote in tbe reign of H.3. nametf) ^attings , Komuall, ^zjpa, 
bract.1,.5. .1 • . jjj^j^g^ j,„j, g)anDUiic()tobetbeiFit)epojt3. iDftbis number of iFitjetoere 
• Memorandum tftefe pojts tallcD tljc Cinquc pojts, as it appearetft b? a to?ft tobici) Braaon 
quod pharanus jeljearfetb in tb3 fame placejviz. 

de Boloiju ve-^ ,_.^,^ w:il;,.lmi Reel* Baftatdi. & in lUo Conqueftu petqtijfivic Wardam dc Dcveriainfeo- 

;i, aviRegis-Henrici filii 

pro Doveria,i/f\.Mane- 

I. terrz. In Iifc.dc,Abbathia 

Rex Vic' NorfF, &Suff.SaIucem. Sciatisquod fummoniri fecimns adtalem 

diem apud Shepwcy omnia placira de Quinque Portubus ficut tcneri debenti & 

folent coram JuHieianis apad Shipvvey. Etideo tibi prscipimas quod hoc fciri 

facias hominibus de Jerneraewe»& balivi* dcDoncwitjiia quod h aliquis eon- 

queri voluerit dealiquoquifit dclibertate velinfra libertatcmQuinqtiePor- 

tuum, tunc fit apud Sliepwey coram praefatij Jufticiariis nortris querclam faam 

propofituru?, & juftitiam inde reccpturuJ- Tcfte,&c. 

I n Dorf c.rr. ^f^^r tloo moje,viz. Wincbelfe? ant) lUpc toere aDtieti : foj 3 finD a iRecojD 

Anno I Anno i Regis Johannis,quod Winchelfcy & Rye debent effe inauxiJium Vilb 

latei.m.iz. dc Haftings ad faciend' regis fervicium 20 Navium,&c. 

anDtbcrcbatjcfbcrame iFrancbifes anD tlibertics tbattbefojmcrbaD ; anD 
eVerp one of tljefc fcnD ttoo Burgeffcs bPtbe name of JlBarons of tbe Cinque 


Cap. 41. The Courts of the (jnque Torts, 223 

fao^s to t^e IparliamcKt, m bp t^e Kcco?D0 of tiie retnrn of tl^cm remaining 

in CftancefFatetjcrpparUamentDotf) appear. janD albeit ttoo be aDDcD, pet 

tijep fjolD tljetr fo:mcr name of tijc Cinque |0o?f3. SCbcfc ¥3ojts oj ^at«n0 Doc 

Ipe totoarDS ^France, aim tfjercfojcpjuDcnf anttqnifp pjotjtDcD, tl)af tfjcp OjonlO 

betjtgilantlp anD fecurelp bept , foj pcrfojnwncE to^creof t^efe |9o?ts ijatjea 

fpeciall dUotJcrnoj oj Jiecpcr, calleD bp l^is office ILojD OTarDen o} JSecper of 

t^c viCtnquc j^o?t0, anD is alfo ^Dmirall, anD tjatft t^e ^urisDtction of tl^ 0l)« 

miraltp amonocil tl)em,anD is ejxmpt from t^caDmtraltpof ^nglanti, SD&i0 tot jj. 

^arDcn in fojmer times Ujasetier a man of great filicltfp,totrQortie, conrage, 

ans eicpcrience, fo? tijat ^e^aD tije ctiargc of tdep^incipallgatesofttjelRealm, 

l^e isalfo Conftablcoftfjc vlattle of UDotjcr, ftis jurifltiiction as Conftabla 

is limttcD bp tljc llatutc of Artie- fupec Cartai, Anno 28E.1. tofticl) pottm^ Attjcfuper Carr, 

rflaD,anDtl)eCiBrporittonfljereof in tbe Second part ofthe Inftiwtes, cap.z. i.partof 

2D^e jFranc^ifc of tf)C Cinque |Jo?ts l&atl& been time oat of mfnO partlp bpan== *•"= inftitutej. 
cient parliaments, partlp bP ancient C6arter0,fc. anD confirmed bp epp^eHfc J/,t"i7H I" 
name bp tfte ttatute of Magna Carta ca,?. anD toere maDe if itje bp William t||fi ^4' Fortefc.Lib'. 

ifo; ttie better nnDerSanDing of our books ; ii io to bebnoton ttiat ttiece is 
a great DilierQtp bettoeentbep^incipalitp of7^ales,tbe conntiee |aalatine0> 
a, anD t^e Cinque pojts. jIFo} Males loas ojigtnallp no part of €nglanD>bnt 
Countp palatines tDereparcclloftl)elllealm of cBngtanD anD DtbiDeDinjncif* 
Diction, anD tlje cinque po^ts are parcell of tije Coontp of !&ent , anD pet ubi 
breve domini regis non currit , but fjatc not Jura Regalia, anD t^erefojc regu- 
larlp no lo^it of Crro^ DiD lie,ofa iuDgmcnt in Males, ot^rloife it 10 in t^ 
bounties palatines. juDgmcnt ^ere oflanDs in Males oj in t|ie Conntp pH.y.ii: , 
palatine is i}oiD, but a (uDgmcntgtijen^ere oflanDs in tbecinqne po;ts i0 j6H.6.n>}4< 
gooD iftljcpjiDilcDgc be not pleaDeD. foj tftcpbeparf oftljcCountp,anD tfie 
iFranc^ife map be DcmanDeD in anotl^cr action* 

;^nD it is to be obrert3eD t^at toitf^in tl^e Cinque po}f0 tliere be DitierB €mti9, 
one bcfojc tbcConttable of tl)c Cattle of2Dot)er^(to6ereoffottictDliat&at|>been 
faiD before) tl^ere beotl^er Courts loitl^int^e po}tst^emrelt)ed, before t^e ^afs 
ojs anD t^e jurats, anD anotf^er te^ic^ is calleD Curia Qploque Portuam a- 
pud SFiepwcy, U)l)Cccof toe fijall fpcafe Ijcrcaffer. 

Sfanpoftbe fetngs Courts Doc toufc to ba^jearecojD in t^c Cinque pojt0,o> .■>^.i^tU6o 
foj Doing of anpt^ingtoitl^intljc fame, tftc tDjitttiall be DicecteD Gonflabulario *^ '* 
Caftri de Dover, & Gardiano Quinquc Portuum, io%\^Z iS tlje immeDiate £Dff{« 
cer to tiie lyings Courts foj erecution of t^ltiingstDjitsloit^inttie cinque 
l^ojts, ^oj example: 

3Ef a man pleaD a IReco^D toit^in tlje Cinque po^ts, anD f|ie ot^er pleaD Nul jo Yi.6.6 sc 7. 
tiel record,tl)ere fljallgoe a tDjit to t^ Conltable of iBDober to cerfifie tfte;D, fo? tde courfe is fo^ tbe lyings Courts toto^ite to tbe Conttable, anD lie 
fiiall fenD to t^e IBarons, f tjat is to tbe (paio^ anD jurats, to cerfifie l^im of t^e 
5RCC0JD iufjic^ is be foje tfjem , anD tjc fljal certifie t^ lyings Court , anD fo 
t^c Conffablc is tljc immcDiatc £)ff tccr to ttjc Sings court 

i^ote,ti)oug{)15oolfsrap tbat tije Mrits (l)all be DtrecreD to tlie Conllable of Reg; 
JDoDer, pet tl)C iojit is to be DirccteD Conftabulario Caftri de Dover, & Gar- F.N.B.Sab. 
diano Quinquc Portuum. *'*°""' 

Si man l&atb a luDgment in anp of tljc liings Courts, anD tlje S>cfcnDant Idat^ ^'^^J°- 

no lanD oj gooDs but in tlje Cinque po?ts, t^e piaintif fliall ftatje a Writ to F^^^-Sob-'ji. 

fljeconaablc of SDotJcrto mabe crecutton. 2lnD to it is if a manltill l^atje ie.4!io!' ' 
furctp of tbc peace agafnft anp pcrfon toitbin tbc Cinque ^ojts , tften be lliall ' ' ' > 

Ijaijea Mritoutoftbc C^ancerpDirecteD to t^c conttable of H)obcr, foj t^ Regift.i^j: 

Doing thereof. * Rot.Parl.Anno 

* Et quia in quadaCarta domini regis nunc Gontinetar,quodorancsqucrcli ver- '^ ^•'•"'' -""^ 
ius ipfos Barones Quinquc Portuu apud Shepvvey terminari dcbcnt cora Cuftode tatcin de Fc- 
Quinquc Portuum, Pr^cept'eft Stepiiano dc Pcncccflr' nunc Cuftodi quod par- vcriha & Baron' 
tibus prsdiiJtis coram eo certum diem afllgnet & /ac' Tuiiieis cotoplcmcntu, de Port de Fc- 

(0jj I jif vcrfliaoi. 
go E.i.m.13. 

224. The Courts of the Cinque Torts. Cap.^2, 

.f 50 H.6 6 & 7. » 3lf an ccroncous t«155tti*JMt %t gitcn in tl)C Cinqae pojtsj befoje anp of tijc 
Dicr 15 Ei.;7*. {^31038 oj 3urats, it iball be reDjcffcD bcfoje t^c Conftablc of 2?obcr at t^ 
Brook. c.';?« ^j„ft at fe^eptocp, totiUI^ Court toao caifcD of anctcnl time bj? iicttcrs J2a> 

TemVsH.8di- tCtltS Of E.U 

vcfi/y dc.Cour;s ^ g^^g Couft Of tljc Cittquc pojts tjolDCH at Shcpwcy atijuUgeO tfjc 3bbot of 
6 Hii. i8 E.i.f.6. j^etcrOjamCUj^icf) Stbbp toas toitbin tibc Cinque |0ojt0)fo> l^is offence to be im- 

pjifonct), fo; t!)C tofttcft tlje airrijbiC&op of cantcrburp caafcD t^e fetngs ^inf* 

fters of SDotjei: to be citeo into ttie <SccleCatticaUcourt,f!c. SH^e l^eco;D fait^ 
Qi«a fecuodutn confuetudinem regni approbatam j & rationc juris regii,mini- 
. _. ftti regis proaliquibus quae fecerunt ratione officii liii.trahi nondcbeant. Rex 

'■v.Z'uiimdcsZp' FOhibuitArchiepifcopo Cant' ne moleftari faciat miDiftros fuos Dover', de co 
■n'q. Noca, this quod Abi>atem dcFcvcrfham prodcli<Sofuo incarecraflenc pcr confidcratiotKtn 
foi the ftile of c corijE Qainque Portuum de Stiepwcy, &c, SDI^e lDl)Ol6illeco?D tStDOJtft^tobe 
the Court. ^aQ 5^gp. tijfs ojall fuff ice fo j t^ «nti tljat 31 aim at. 
Sec Br.a.i.b J. ^jj^ pj^^^ ^jj, ,, ^^p^^g^ j^g HuftingsapudShepwcyc. 

ri 50 E "5. ''Il^e jnrisDittion of tlje Cinque pojts is gcneraU,anl) erfcnOs as Inel fo perfe. 

g 5 E .j.ritjurisJ. nail artions, as to actions rcall anD mipt, ox tol)icf) touclj tIjc frceljolD , but fo it 

<5o- ts not tn ancient Demefne»foj regulartp tljat jutiSDiction cutenDs not to pcrfonaU 


I 3|f a PrecipelJc6?oug^toflaatD,part toitljtnt^ecirtqucpojts, ant) parttoitlj^ 

49E.5.i4; out, t&cto^letojitft)aU abate: &ricdefimilibus. *3nDt^Ereis aDit)erfttpbe= 

* 6 E ^ 8 "^^ ^^^ t\xizm a iFrancljife to uemanli conufans,ant) a iFrancbife , ubi breve domini re- 
tt H 6 4. gi* oon cu"i' • i^oj ^" ^"'^ ^'f'''^ cafctljc Cenant oi WeitnDant lliall not pleao 
8 H 4.7. it, bnt ti^c|Lo?D of tl^ jFranclbife mnft DemanD connfans , but in tfjc otljer cafCs 

• j9 E J .17. ti^e defendant map plcaD it to tljc \oiit 
jo^Aii.pi.i. ejCfjeq&annojofP.tDitftintljeCinquepojtstoasliolticnoffljcfeingasoftbc 

^nojof (!l;6le,anDcfcbcatcDfo tfjci^ing fojtoant of fteiM^e&ingstantct^tl^i 
£Panno; of P. to another. jSinD iti3aDjuDgcD,tl)attlje fcifonoftl^Binginttjis 
ta(teDot^notmafeeitofanot{)^r natnrs tgen ittDasafoje; fo^ f^ p^tt^aeDgc 

8 E.j.ii. 




CAT. XL 1 1 I. 

The Court of the Efcheater, and of Commifsio- 
ners for finding of Offices, &c 

T^^e sift of tl)c )©fftcc of Q^fcljeafoj belongctfj to tfje Office of ttjelLojo ,^ e , ca-. j 
jCrcafurcr, toljo grant etlj tlje fame bP fjts SDecD. ?^c (0 to tontinae in ^{0 1 h 8.cap.V. * 
;©fftce but one peace, 0; once in tl)?.cci'earc0. jH.s.capz. 

jFo J tl)e Derttation of ^ts name,^i0 anttquitp, anD fomc part of tljis office, fee 
tl&c ficft part of tftc Slnaitutes, Se6t.4» toberc tfje ancient 0ut!)Ojs,ant) manp ^n^ 
tftojities be nuotco : ^z ougljt to be feifcD of 4o,^arhs lanD^eicccpt CEfcj^catojs in 
Cities anD Cotmtics palatine. 

0U SEcitS ^jiSi09ll of Diem claufic cxrrcmum, Mandamus, Devcncmnr, 
Melius inquircnd'. Qua: plura, &c. areDirecteD toljimto finDcanfliffice fojtfjc 
iiing after tije Deat^ of ^ts JSCenant, toljicfj fjclD bp iSnigfjts ferutcc in Gapitc. o? 
otijertDifc bp ISntglbto fecruice. 

SDljis £Dfftcec in cafe of Cfcljeatfl foj SCreafon, jFelonp, oj in cafe of Mar J)* 
fljip, OJ i^jimcr fcafon, map finDc an £D(ficc virtuce Officii. But in cafeof jH.g.cap.t. 
MatDfiaip, oj pjimcr feifon, ifl)efinDean;©flfice virmte Officii, ifffielLanD, 
\t. be of t^e pearl!? Mueof j. liv (oj alotc; Ijc C&alllofe etjcrp timel^elftaUCt 

^Dffices found bcfoje ^iin virtute Officii, Ijc map refnrne either info flje Court h. 
ofCtjanccrp, oMntot&eCrcljctiucr, fating at tfjis Dap foj MarDll)ip0, oj^jt' Alton woods*. 
mer fcifon,\i3l)icl)l)cmuilreturnintotf)cCl)ancerp:fojbptfje&fatHtcof3i H.8, 4E.424. 
Cap.4<5. tbc Court of CBrcfjcqucr is barrcD to Deale toitf) tfje fame. jainD JfiDtficcs ^""'"•P"''- 7^b 
founD befoje titm virtute Brevij,areio be retuntcDbptim into tf)e Cftancerp, 

31f t)e fit bpfo?cc of a Mrit, Ije ougiji to tal?c tbe BUnqucft initijin a monctft j H.g.cap.i. 
ncrt after t^c Deltlicrp of tljc OTrit, anD Jje ounfjt to rcturne tfte fame toitijin a s H.6.16. 
moncti) after IjetaUctlj it,eitl)cr bp t2arit,o; virtute Officii. '^ h.6 7- 

^ecCapif Efchaetris.toljereoftljeCfcljeatoj map inquire: anD tlje statute Mag.Cart.ipajt, 
DcEfehaetoribusjAnno i5)E.i. VideDicr. 248. 249. ^ !^c i0 accountable pro *"-'^°i6i. 
catallis felonum, fugiti voruir, & fiu jufmodi. '■ 311 Offices fOUUD befojC ^im, OJ ^- , ^ ' ^ ^ *' 
Comnitffioncrs ougl)t to be founD lip tljc oatbcs of ttoclbe men, etoerp Sluroj to bi'i\. 8.cap.«. 
l)atcJLanD0,ic.totl)epcarlp lvalue of-io.3.intl)c fame Countp,' anD inDentCD^anD 3 H.g.cap.i! ' 
one part bptljcmfealeD, anD bp Ijim tbe otfjer part, tobicftiStoremainciDitbtije <^i*^-i-(^?- ij. 
jT^oaeman of tbc lurp, and to be taken in gooD 2notonc0, ano opcnplace0. i^oj l\ ^ ?•"?•'?; 
fecrct £)fftce0 arc abljojrcD in Jiato, fullof tievatton anD cfjarge, anD neber Ijate °' "*^'"" ' ^ 
gooD fucceffe. 

Jl5cttl)crl)cno:tbc Commitf toners can fa'kc anp cirnqucff ofinquirpofanpo* 8H.6.cap.i«. 
tj)cr pcrfons, but fuel) a0 be tmpancllcD aiiD rcturneD bp tfje S>f)crifc. '* h,<s.mj..7. 

3f ftc ojtfje dommiffioncrs fljall Dcnp anp perfon to gibe ebiDencc openlp in i h s.cap.s. 
!)is pjcfcncc to fuel) CBnqucftsasaiall be tafeen bcfo5cf)imfo:tf)c finDing of an 5 w-s.cap... 
iDfftcc,l)C tUall forfeit 4o< It. 3if bc^ oj tbcCommtffioners,ojanp of tljcm ftall 
refufctotahcaterDtctof tfje Cnqucft offering to p;cfent tbe fame, tjetbalUofe 
1 or . U. to tl)C partp gr tcticD. 

an ;2Dfftcc founD bcfo:e Commifftoncrs is as fo?ctblein BLalu, aaif itfjaD >4E.j.5f.' 
beenc founD befojc tljc cEfcfjeato;. 

ECbcCiBfcbcatoj ougfjf to taUc no fee bptfjc statute of W. i. butof tbelting seethe i.partof 
onclt',butifbfinDean£ifftcebp fojceofanpMrit, anDaccojDing totbcfame '^e inftitutes, 
fo} tfje feing, teen)alll)aUeafceof i»o.0. bptlje statute of 13 H.^.butifitbc tjH"fc'ap.',7, 

founD iH.8.cap.8. 

%i^ TheCourtcf theEfcheator^(^c. Cap. 4.^ 

fount) before l)(mb|? OTtU, oj ex officio, fijatfl&c HanDs arcljolBcn of a S>«bject, 

ojifftcfincean jSDfficcfojf^el^fng virtutc Officii, t^ere is no fee Dae to tjtm» 

JBat t6e vEommtlltoncrs oujjbt to tafec no fee at all, tljoug^ an S>f[itz tc founo 

iti% i\^ l^tng,becaurett)cpat:c not Inttfjtn tlje statute. 
-' ?i H 8 cap.jt " ^^ dSfcl^catoj finafng an 2)fftcc foj ffjc ^fng bp fojceof anp MrU, not ti^ 

teeitng tfjc tjaluc of ; * U. fljall not tafec abotie i j» 0» ana tbc Commiffionere can 
t } 1 H.8 cap.46 taite nothing : ^ bat fte spatter of ti^c OTatDs maj' aUoiu Commtffioners, c^vm- 
c 5 E. j.c:ip.9 ' reUour0,anD jFeoDaries ^eic Cotts. " %^ Cfc^to? map malte S>epattes, but 
1 1 E.4.cap.9. liitft able men, fo; to^om ^ tofU anftucr, ant» tl^at fjabe fufficient JLanlis in t^c 
^H f f ^T''^' ^^"^ (Eotnitp, f c. anD tfte (Sfcljeatoj Ojall ccrttfie t^c name oj name0 of t>ts SDc* 
9 patpo; H)eptittc0,anaer&fs5letters patents into tlje CKteqner iDttfjin ttnen* 

tp Dapes after zieputation maDe, 0nt) no ^eptitp fl^all tabe upon tiim to occupp 
</f E.j.cap.4. ^at£>ff{ce, ei;cepttlbeciBfc^eato}l)atl)llanti0totl)etwlneofzoai» ''^notfanp 
Regifter 177. ^ub-efc^eato) be made, not liattng fufficicnt, lie map be remobeD bp t^e i&ihgs 

tIErit Directed to t^e (Efcteato; De Subefchaetore amovendo. 
tzi E.4tj. ("Blttlieci^fc^eato^&nbcrcbeatorjOjCoimntirtoner, returns a faire£Dffi£e, am 

^'Si^^°V' ^*ton upon tlje cafe Dotft Ipe apinlt t^em bp t^e partp gricbeb, alt^oug^j t^p 
3 h'.8«p 1 beiaDfficc0ofUleco?D,beCDc0tl)epenaltpof ioo.l.bpt6e&tafute0 of i H.8,ana 
9 H.*6.'fo.6o.* 3 H.8. f 2C6e oatft of t^e efcfteafoj ejipjcffing ^l0 Dutp, appcaretft (n t^e Hegl* 

/ joi.b fter, fo. qoi. b» 

g 10 H.7 7.b. s 3!f BI be poITetted of t^ goot)0 of a man ontlaloeD in trefpalTe, anD 31 Deliber 

t^em to t^e Cfc^eato^ 31 am litrc|iarge&, quod Brian affirmavit : fo} lie mtD ttiat 
t^ Q^rc^eato} is t|ie lyings ^(nttter,anO cliatgeable fo^ tie gooDs. 





Courts m the UniveiTities oi Cambridge 

and Oxford. 

ICisttucfljatcacMftllcfetSnitjertitfcsljat^ Dtfccw Courts, 3(«r<i5Di(ttott0, 
anD|9otocr3, bptije Charters oftljeJitngs of tljisKcalmc, Dfteroofto^ttfj 
iDercnotgrantablebp c&artcc, butbpaut{|ojttL>iof parliament, toljiti) being 
erp;>eD, ^ueene Eliz^abecb, (iDtjoconlD (toerpeaiteitofknololeDgc) notonelp 
fpecifet!)cllanguagesofiFrcnclj. Italian, anO S>pantflj, buttuas learncD tn tljc 
Ratine anO <Dj?cK IcarneD tongues, anDejcccUeDallotfjctrs of Ijcr S)cf in l?noto' 
leogebottiDttiiiicanD l^umaneO fo?< {\)z great lotic anD fatjour t()at tjcr ^aje* 
aiebarctotec ijigljncire canttierfitics, and fo? tfjc great jealcanti taretftat tljc 
JlojDaajiD CTommona tn jaarlianicnt ^ao fo; W^z maintenance of gooD anDgoD' 
1p literature, anDt^euertuous education of poutbtottljtneitberoftbe faiD ^nf- 
ijieraties ; and to t!)e intent t^at tijc ancient pjttjjlcdgcs, Jiibcrties and iFran= 
tbtfcs of either oft^icfaid tttnifcerfittcs, granted, ratified and confirmed bptl^c 
Siucenes i^igbncffcand fjer mod noble pjogenitojs, mtgbt be ^ad in great eftt- 
aiation, and be of greater fojceandftrengtlj, foj tfte better increafe of learning, 
and tlie furtljer fuppjcBtingof tice : 3t Uras cnattcd bj? 3utl)o?ttj»of JOarliament 
fjoldentntl)ei3.^eareof!)ermoftp?ofperousrcigne: i. 2Cl)ateacfjoftt)c5B» 
ntberStics Qiould be incorporated b)? a ccrtatne name (albeit ttjep toere ancient 
Corporations before.) 2. g:f)ataiULcttcrs |Datcnts of tljc ^Juecns^tgljs 
Heffc, orbpanp of bcr progenitors or prcdcccffors, madctoettbcr of tljcfatOcos' 
poratcd bodies feterallp. or to anpof t^etr prcdeccffors of either of t^jcfaid ^ni- 
t)ccatics, bp tobatfoetcr name or names, tfte cijanccloj, i|9afters,anD fecftolars 
of ettl)cr of tl)c faid aniterfttics, in anpof fftefatd ^Letters patents IjaD beenc 
named, fl)o«ldL'cgoodandcffectuall, anda\)ailablc(n3Lato, toaUfnfcnts, con' 
ttracttons and parpofeo, ic» as ampU',fuUi',and largclp, * as if tftc faid aiettera 
patents luerc recited verbatim in tljatHct of parliament, anp tbingtotftccon* 
trarp notUJitbiTandingv 3. SDljattbc Cljancclor, fl^aacrc and S>cl)olars of 
citl)cr of tl)c faid 2ilniter Qtie6,and tbeir fucceffors for etjer, fliould fetjerallj? Ijatjc, 
l)olD,pofrcffe,and enjop, and tifc to tijcm and tijcir fucceffors for cfecr, all manner 
of tpannois^c. and ^hereditaments, andall manner of JLtberttes, jFrancftifes, 
immunities, ©uiefa'nce6,and prttJiledges.ljieiDof iFranUpledgclLatx) dapes, 
and otl)er things Vobatfoeter tbep be, tobicl) cttbcr of tbe faid cojpojaf ed lEodf cs 
bad bcld, occupied 0: en j0)?cd, or of rigbt ougljt to IjaDc bad, ufed, occupied, and 
cnjoped, according to tbc trite intent and meaning of tbc faid ILettcrs patents 
tobatfoeijer, anp statute, tato, vafage.Cuftome, or otbcr tbtng or tbings,madc 
ordonctotbccontrarp nottoitbftanding. 4. snbatall iLetters patents of tbe 
il^uecnes i^igbnefTe, or anp of bcr progenitors or predeccffors.and all manner of 
iliberties, jPrancbtfes, immunities, £I5uietaaccs , and prttjilcdges, Jiects, 
iLato dapes. ' and all otber tbings tobatfoeUcrtljerctn crpreffcd, gttenor gran- 
ted to eitbcr of tbc faid 2lnit)cr(itic3, bf tnbat name foctjer, be, andbptjertueof 
tbts 3lrt Uiould be cHabliOjed and confirmed , anp &tatHtc,iialn,5Iiragc,Cuftom, 
Conaruction, or otbcr tbing to tbc eontrarp nottoitbftandtng, 

5!5p tbts bleffcd ilct of parliament, all tbc Courts, JFrancbifes, iltberties, 
pritjilcdges, Hmniunities, 5c. mentioned in anp 3lctters patents, citber 
of tbc faid tiItnitjer£ities(tDbicb toere too long bcrc to be recited)* tbat tbcp mtgbf 
profper in tbcir ftudp iuitb quictneffc, areeftablttbcd, made good and effectuall in 
ILatD, againttanp Quo warranto. Scire facias, oi otbcr fuits, or anp quarrell, 
concealment or otbcr oppoQtion tobatfocljcr. 6>cc tbe iLcttccs patents of !Htng 
H.8 . bearinc^ date prime Apiilis Anno 14. of bis retcrne, made to tbe ISniVerrttp 


Liberall Alts and 
Sciences arc Lu~ 
mina Keifubli(.tt. 

* Note thefi ge- 
nei all brief arid 
effeiluall words. 

• Nota lioc. 

Note thcfc gere- 
rall binding ani 
Actus bcnedifliis. 

* Haud facile e- 
mcrgiint t|uoriim 
vi tiuibiis obHac 
Res vcsatadoini. 


Non(proh dulor') 
ihe anciencChir- 
of thcUniveifity 
o! Canbr.dge 
bii:nt by Rebels. 

Nota,by AS of 
Vid. Rot.Pail. 
Noc3,the priority 
of the grant tr) 
the Univcrfitv, 

Rot.Par.rj W.4, 

Vmyerjities of Camhr, ^ Oxford, Cap.^^. 

of ^jfojl) ; ant) otl)er llettcrs patents fccartitg Date 26. a prills, Anno 3. Rcgi- 
nar Eiii, maDe to tlje ^Unttcrfitt' of CambjfDge, botl) toli(cl) are bp erpjcffe name 
cttabUfljcD anD confirmcD bj? t6c fatD 0ct of 1 3. Eiiz» 3n tobfclj art tfjerctsa 
Waning to all,otI)ec t^cn to f l[)C £Juecncs spajcttp, l)cr ijetres anD r«ccefro?ci. Ec 
fie omnia intuto. 

SEoncfting ttjc 3!ur(st)trt{on anD conufans of DtUcrs tijfngs belonging fotbc 
mnttcrfitp of cambjtDgcfce tfje |0arttament IRoU of 5 R.a,nu, 45,5c.ttll nu.66, 
2D!)c ipafoj , llSatUfcs , anD Commtnaltp of (i;amb?tDge lucre accufeD, 
fo;t^tt^ep in t6e late tumults anD op^ojes confcDereD tDtt^Di\)crs ot^jermif- 
Doers, bjaUe up tljc SCreafurp of tlje iKnibcrCtp of vTambjtDgcanD tfjereont toob, 
anD bnrneDfunDjptlie Charters, %u of tljefatD tUnttjerfifp, anDalfo compcUeD 
t^ Cljantelo} anD &cbolars of tljc taiD mntt3crfitp,anDer tfjeir Common &eal« 
to releafe to ttiefaiD £paio; anD liSurgeOied, all manner of niberfies, anDalfo all 
jartions rcall anD pcrfonall, anD fUrtljer to be bounD to tf)em in great fummes of 
monep : tobereupon it teas agreeD in fojmc follotDing ; itljat one CSIrit ftoulD 
bcDtrctfeDtotljcjpaio?, Bailifcs, anD comminaltp of CambjiDgc, tbat tljen 
tocre to appcare in tfte parliament, anD to anftocr (tfte fojmc thereof Dcfi) (ijcre 
appeare.) 0nDfljat another Mrttin fojmc afojcfaiD ftjoulD be DireiteD to t^e 
cpaioj anD SBailifestljaf toereat tljc time of tfjc offence, (tljefojme lotjcreof Dofft 
t^erc appcare alfo,) SEfje ^atoj a«D USalUfcs f ijaf tl)cn tuere appearcD in pjo* 
per pcrfon, anD plcaDeD not guilt!,',ne toitting tijcreto ; t\}c ccomminaltp by tbcic 
0ttarttcpcfl appcarcD at tl^e Dap. %\)Z spaio? anD Bailifcs, tijat lefojc toerc at 
t^c time of tbe offence, appearcD alfo in pjopcr perfon, anD tfjc faiD ^atoj anftoe* 
rcD, snijat l)e toas not pjitip to anp fuc^ art, but onlp bp compulCon of ofljcrs, if 
anp t^ing lucre tbcrcfn Done; tljc toljtcft tljc iiiings IcarncD CounccU tfjcn DiD Dif- 
pjoDc, as bp tlje IRecojD appcarctlj. %^c ISurgcffcs of CambjiDge DcUtcreD tn» 
to tljc parliament tlje faiD ttoo2DceD3 fcaleD bp tlje Cftanceloj anD &c^lars, 
t^concSDceD contatncDarelcafcofalUliberffesanD pjil3tleDgc3,iDi{I)a HSonD 
of 300c. li, to releafe all fuits agatntt tljc faiD Burgclics. 2D6e ottjcc ioasa Hc« 
Icafc of all iJrtions rcall anD pelrfonall, as tfterc Dot^ appcare. vBlpon tljc rcaDing 
oftDfticljtlDODeeDs.tljcp botljtocrccommanDcDfobe cancclleD foj tfjc caufcs a. 
fojcfaiD. lifter tftis tijz CljancclojanD ^cIjolarsafojcfatD bp Inap of pct(t(ojr,ana 
<n fojmoffunDjp 5lrticlcsci:l^tbitcD,ftctocDt]bc beginning fVoftole Difrourfeof 
t^e faiD jpaioj anD 515ailifscffertuallp anD largclp.tUpon rcaDirtg of toljtcb bill, it 
luas DemanDeD office faiD 5I5urgcItesiDl^attbepcoulDfap,toljcrfo:cfl)etr liberties 
late bp tftc iiing confinncD f&oulD not be feifcD into tlje telngs IjanDs as fojfcltcD. 

d)cp require ;.tftings,viz. i.Sicoppoffljebtll, i.dounccll, anD g. refpialjt 
to anf iDcr. K tbc copp of tljc bill toas anrtocrcD,tljat fi tftcncc tbcp IjcarD tljc fame, 
it tftoulD Cuff iccfoj bp lalD tljep ougDt to Ijate no copp. Ko CouticclUit teas feiD, 
tbattoftercin Counccll inas to bcljaD, tljcp ajoulD Ijatoclnljcrcfoje fljcp tficnfeierc 
appointcD toanflDcr to no crime oj offence, but onlptoucljing fljetr liberties, ku 
ter manpDilato?p fljifts anD rubterfuges,tbc faiD ISurgetres touching fftcir liber* 
ties onlp, ftabing no colour of Defence,fubmitfcD tbcmfclljcs to tljc iUings mcrcp 1 
grace, fauing tljeir anfiuers to all otljcr matters. SElje Mnq, tbercupon bp com:: 
monconfcntoftljc parliament, anDbp ^utljojitp of tlje famcfeitcD tlje famcli. 
bertics tntoljis l^anDs asfojfciteD. 0nD after tljc iiinggranfeD to tfjc Cljancelo?- 
anD S>cftolars afojcfaiD,tDitftin tljc faiD tolnn of CambjiDge anD * Suburbs of tftc 
fametbc atrifcfonnfanccanDcojrcction of B?caD,£lle,Q(ilcigf)ts,^carures,lf^c« 
grato?s,anD iFo:eftallers,lDitfj tfjc fiiics,anD amerciaments oftftc famct'cclDtng 
tfjerefoje pearlp at tlje (t rcljcquer 1 o 1. anD certain liberties tlje IfJing after gran* 
tcDto tfjc faiD vpaioj anD l5atllfcs,anD incrcafcDtfjcir fojmer fee farm. 

SDbts tuiiiivcrfitp of cambjtDgc ^atfj potocr to pjint Voitfjin f be fame omne* 
&omnimodoslibros,tofjitfjtbe taniberfitPOfiiDrfojD fjatfjnot. &ec a notable 
rccoiD in^Barltamcnt,! :? H,4 concerning tbC Elnitierfitpof £Dtfo?D,bptfje tofjicli 
it teas DccrccD f aD juDgeD bpiJuifjojitp of parliamcnt,ttjat tlje popes Bui ftonlo 
not impcacf),o? alter f be rtgfjt anD cuffome cf anp t&ing concerning t^at viJnttiers 
fitp.anD tfjcrcfoje teas DifaUotoeD, too long to be Jcrj inferteD^ 




The Courts of the Stanneries in Cornwall 

and Devon. 

T^ Sileof t^e Coact of Scanner? t0,anD alioa^s Ijat^ beBiT,Magt)a Curia 
Domioi Rcgii Ducatus fui Cornubis apud Crokcrencon in Com' Devon' 
coram A» B. CuHodc Stannarix difti Domini Regis in di(5lo Com' Devon. 
2D^ iDfficers oCt^is Conrtbe ttje ^tetoacD* uHnDCirtuairDenifc. 
Bit is calleD Stannaria, a Stanno, baanfet^e llo;D MacDen^at^ fnrifDictfon 
oCallt^e iSLpnne in Co;nU)aU anD SDetiom CpnneidaSpajcontoo^O^anDDeri' 
teDacinaitu, anDt^c Cpnncrsatrc called Stannatores« 

%\iz inrifsiction octets court \q gutoeo bp fpccfall latDe0, bp CtiSomes, anD 
|bp p}0fcrfption time out of minD, fo^ic^ To far as toe f!nD tf to be alloVoeD bp t^e 
refolution of tl^e BluDges, o^ bp ^ct of jaarltamcnt , \az foill recite* 

lo Gancellaria apud VVeflm.coram Nicho* Bacon milite Cuftod'Magni Sigilli 
Anglia pro Stannatoribus, die Veneris, viz. 1 4 die Novembris Annoreg&i 
Eliiabcthas Reginac Qaartojnrer Martinu Trewynarde Oyer' in Cur' Stan- 
nar' com' Cornub', 6: Johanc Killegrew & Georgiu Trcwynard Defend, 

tM^erefbe i4&ap of ^^ctoberlaSpace, t^e maftet in qneftion fond^fng t^e 
atloUiing 0; Dirallolsing of Mritd of (^rro^ as toell bettneen tije parties afo;e- 
faiD, as alfofo^ ant) concerning all otIjerMritsoferro;tonc||{ng all canfes De-^ 
terminable in tbe ^tannerp Court \n Co^ntoalU loas bp tlie ojDer of t^e llojD 
iSeepcr of t^>c (©jeat &eal of cBnglanti committeD to f Ije Ijearinganti eramination 
of &ir William Cordel l^nigljt «0aller of f^elRols , 1 §)ir James Dicr iSnig^if 
Cbtef 3na(cc oftftcCemmonpeas, anD Suffice Weftcn; to flje intent upon 
tt)e Due cond&eration of t^c caufc t^cpfljoulti mabe repojtuntot^efaiDllojD 
deeper of t^eir opinions anD pjoccctiings in t^etr iuDgemcnts IljoulD 
fecm nioft agreeable to jufticc atiD cquitg t toljo batiing accojDinglpfratelleD Di« 
ligentlp foM^e unDerftanDing oftbetrut^f ttie pjemifes upon tbe Delfbetafc 
ijearing anD eramining of fi)C canfe in ffte pjcfence of tl^c Counccll IcarneD of 
bott) ftoes , anD upon ttje peruQng anD confiDeration of tt)C ancient p^efitriptions, 
cuK omcs, liberties , anD charters erl}tbiteD bp t^ faiD parties concerning tf)e 
p;emlfes, Ijate tljis Dap maoe tljeir rcpojt unto tbc faiD 3Lo:D toecpcr as foUoiu* 
etlj, SHbat is tofap : 2D!)at foj as rauc^ as tfjc faiD plaint ife cohID not,noi DiD 
not fijeU) fojtl) ani> lUccojD oj picfiDent,tDi)crcb}? anp juDgemcnts oj erccutions 
IjeretDfoje paCfeD in anp of f Ijc faiD S»tanncrp Courts Ijatebeen rctjerfeD bp Writ 
ofCrroj tnanp of tijc £Uueens spajeffics Courts of ftec iBcncli oj Common 
ISleas : 0nD fojt^at itappearctljuntofbemt^atDitiersanDfHnOipincontJcnt- 
encies locrelitolpto enfue bpallouiing of fucb ^rits of Crro?, anD upon oti]cr 
caufes anD confioerations ttiemcrpcciaUf moving: £D4ep in tbeir opinions ttjink 
ft not meet no> contienient tl)at anp tESHcits of € rroj ©onlD paffc j be fuffcrcD 
f n fiiif) cafe to rctcrfc anp of tbc faiD luDgcmcnts 02 erccutions. 2{pon tti^jttij 
repoU maDc, 3:t is tftisDapojDcreDbptbefaiDlLojDiaccperoftbo (IDjcat S>calc, 
tftat tt)c £>}Dcr Ijcrctofo^c tahcn tSic 1 s of 3iunc laft part ninDc againft ttjc 1 o;D 
MarDen of tIjc S>t<ini5cr(co afojcfaiD, !)(a £)fficcrfl ano others nicntioneD in tbc 
fame, concerning t!)c not allowing oj not cwcufing of anpMrit oj tSHlritsof 
<;£rroj : anD all anc ftig«l3r tbe contempts conf aincD in tl)C fame i© jDcr fuppofcD 

i^lj bp 

^The Stile of 
the Court, 

f The Officers, 

f Thejftrifdi- 


Seethe firftpart 

of the InflJcuu^, 




No Writ of Er- 
ror lycth upon 
any j-udgcmeiit 
in iheSunncy 
Viik Simile 
Dier ij.Eliz, 
fo, 576. 

But ;udgetnents 
Ih.ll be leveifrd 
by Appeal aiin 
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220 Hoe Courts of the Stanneries^^c, Cap,4 

b^ f^cm to be committeD , concerning ti)c notalloloinsoj not c);ecutinsof^np 
XMxii oj ©acitsof (Drcojao (s afojefatO, fl^all be clcarlp fruHratcC anD VoiD, anD 
tljep anD ctjcrp of tfjcm clcarlp releafcD i Dtfc!)argeD,anp tijing in t^e fame £) joct 
to t^c contrari' nottoitljttanting.^nli tl)at fl^e falD Dcfcncants ano etcr;? of t^em 
fljall be at tbcir Itbcctp to take tljcir atitiantage agatnU tfjc faio platntlfc foj tljeir 
executions ftaD oj to be ftao in anp of tfje faiD ^tanncrp vTourts accojDing to fl&e 
cnftome of t^ fame Courts toitljout let oj impeacljment of anp Mrit oj OTrif s 
of cl;rro;t, oi of falfe judgement fueD o} tobefueD in anpof tiiefatD Courts of tl)c 
l>i{ngs Bencg o^ Common pleas. ^nD tl^ from ^cefojt^, no Mr ito^ tcH rits 
of C^rro; o; falfe jntigement be tjereaflec fueD in anp of fl^ faiD Courts of t^e 
lyings lEcnc^ o^ common pleas toretierfe an^ judgement o; judgements in 
anj) of tftc faiD Courts of ^tanneries fjerctofoje gftjen,oj l)ercaff cr to be giben, 
unfill upon further confiDeration of t^e ancient grants anD liberties of tl^efatD 
Courts of&tanneries, oj upon fome otiier fuffictentcanfeoj matter, it l^aft be 
ot^erlDtfcojDcreD anD DetermineD bp tlits Court of t^ C^ancerp, 

eln2^inOa!l^r"a ^° Camera Stellata apnd Wcflm' coram Concllfo ibidem die Mercarii, w*, 

Itclla'ti 29 Nov. *9 tJJe Novemb, Anno rcgni Hhx Eliz. Dei gratia Reginae Anglix, Fran- 

ciffjSc Hibernis fidei dcfcnfor'j &c. Septimo 1 564. 

Wi^iere a matter in tariamel^af^ been i[)eretofo;emoteD, anD DepenDing in 

t^iS honourable Court, bCttoeen Martin Trewynard plaintife, anD John Raskar- 

rock, William Gilbert, John Killegrevytfte ponger, James Drevve , anD otijer DCs 

f enDanfs bp tvoo febcrall llStls erl&ibiteD into iW Court , .inljercof tbe laft iBill 

contatnetft no otber matters of effect being not mcntioncD in t^c firtt 15tlU otl)er 

t^en t^c tahing of certaine cattell of tl)e faiD complainant anD otl)crs. jSnD 

iBbcrc alfo it appearet!) tljis p?cfent Dap , tijat tbe tabtng of tlje faiD cattell toas 

bp certaine of tt)e faiD DefenDants latofuUp aut^o^ifeD tO} tiiat purpofe bp t^e 

^teloarD of ttie ^tannerp Court of penlnitl) anD carieD into t^countpof 

Co;nlDall in an erecution upon a conDemnation bp |uDgement l)aD in t^faiD 

court againS t^e faiD plaintife. Coucl^ing toljic^ conDemnation tf)e faiD com< 

ptainant bat^ complatneD as tuell in t^ Court of C^ancerp bp Bill, anD in tfjs 

Jiings Benc^ bp Mr if of (E rro?, as alfo in iW €wtty as appearetl) in tfje firtt 

of tfjc faiD ttoo Ii5il8 fjerc DepenDing, meaning bp fome of fbcfc toapes to call in 

qucttion tfte tialtDitp of t^e faiD juDgement, anD teas out of tftc faiD fc\3crall 

Courts bp o;Ser Difc^argeD anD DifmiOeD, referring tide p?oceeDing upon ttje faiD 

juDgenxent to tfje ojDcr of tljefaiD Planner? Court , accojDing to BiV^crs £!)jDi=: 

nances bp Dibers ancient Cl^arters, cuffomes, anD liberties belonging to t^e 

dtannerp ratifieD bp SiA of parliament. Hnb tntjere it Dottj alfo appear tliat f^e 

tafeing of tlje faiD Cattell, toftereupon tfje faiD laft Bill in tljis court is erftibt- 

Brioneous judg. feD tuas onlp foj tfte erccutiou Of tlje faiD recoucrp. 0nDU)ljerealfoitDotbfur< 

m nts in the f jjcf appeare , tftat bp t^e ilatoes anD jSDjDinanccB of tbe faiD fetannerp (if anp 

b '^rtmU V/ ^^^^ ^^"^'^ "^ complaint be mtniftieD) tfte fame is to be rcD?effcD bp appellation in 

a'.i4na'ion,nnd fcberall Degrees, viz. firtt to tfje s>tctDarD of tfje stanncrp Court intjerc tftc 

tjwhonthisnp- matter lpet(j,ti)en to tlje WnDcrtoarDenoftfte&tanneries, anDfromijimtotfte 

pjiucionQiiUb: 3LojD MarDeuof tl^efame ^tanneries: anD foj Default of 3!utltcc at IjisbaiiDs, 

ina 'f' to tijc pjinces pjibp Councell , anD not craminable citljer fjcre in tijis court 

OJ in anp otfjer Court. M is tfterefoje tbis p^cfent Dap ojDcreD, tljat t^e faiD fe^ 

tcrall ssils of complaints , anD tbc faiD DefenDants nameD in tlje fame, toifS all 

t^e caufes tljcretn mentloneD. be fo^t^toiflj DifmideD out of tijis court to be De^ 

tcrmineD accojDing to tljc fatDllatoesanD ^jDinanccs in tfje faiD ^tannerp, 



Cap.ij.5. TheCourtoftheStannerieSj^c. 231 

The rcfdlution of all the Judges (by force of his Majefties Letters) concerning Term. Midi. 

the Stanncries in Dcvondiire and Cornwall upon the hearing of the Conn- 4 ^^'^- Rfg's- 

cell learned of both parties at feverall dayes, and what could be aliedged ,<.,,. ^ r 

• and (Kewed on either party, and upon view and hearing of the former p'ro- patjianltnUicrc- 

ceedings in the Courts of the Stannerics both before and (ince a certaine afcct in ih/v 

Aft of Parliament made concerning the Stannerics in * jo E. j, Cliaptir. 

iFtrft.toc arc of opinion, t^at as tocll IBlotocw as allotljer labonrcrsanD 
iDojbcrs (iDitljout frauD o;l colitne) in oj about tl&e ^tanneries in Cojntoall anD 
E>ct3on, arc to Ijatic tfjc pjitilcDgc of tljc ^tanneries During tijc time tljat tfjci? 
Do iDoiU tftcre. 

g)cconDlp,tt)at all matters anti tilings concerning t^c ^f anneries,6; Depending 
upon tbcfamcarc to be IjcarD anD Determines in tijofc Courts acio?Ding to tljc 
cullomc of fijc fame time out of rntnD of man ufcD. 

SDljirDlp, tljat all tranCitoj^ actions betVoecn SCpnncr anD SCpnncr.oj Mo?ber 
and ©Hojber (t^ougl) tijc caufc be CoUaterall, anD not pertaining to tftc &tannc* 
rp) mapfaeljearDanD DctcrmincD initftin ti)c Courts of tljcsfanncriesaccojDing 
to tljc cuftomc of tf)c faiD Courts, albeit tljc caufc of ^rtion DiD rife in. anp plate 
oaf of tftc ^tanneries , if tftc DefenDant be founD tnitljin tljc &tanncrp; o; map 
be fucD at tl^c Common laUi at ttjc election of tljc plaintiff But if tlje one partp 
onlp be a Sinner oj Mojbcr, anD tljc caufc of Action being tranfitojp anD colla- 
tcrall to tlje ^tannerp Do rifle out of tlje faiD S>tanneries, t^en tljc DefenDant mag 
by> tftc cuttome anD ufagc of tftofc Courts pleaD to t^c jurtfDictfOn of tljc Court, 
tfjattije caufc of action DID rife out of tljc §>tanncrtcs,anD tfte jurifDiction of tfjofe 
Courts, toljtclj hv t^c cuftome of tljc court Ije ougbt to plcaD in p?oper perfon up- 
on oatt). ;^nD if fuel) plea to tljc jurifDiction be not alloUieD, il^zn a P;oljibition 
tn that cafe is to be grantcD* ^^nD if iw tliat cafe tlje DefenDant Do tome to pleao 
to tljc jurifDictiott ofttje Court upon tjtscatlj, Ijc ougl^tnof to be arrcftcD cundo, 
redeundo,vel morando, att^efuit of anp fabject in an? Cojpojattcin , ojotljer 
place toljcrc t^c faiD Courts of t^c ^tanncrj' Iftall be tljm l^olDcn. 

iFouctftlp, if tljc DefenDant map pleaDc to tljc juriftiiction of tl^BCourt in fljc 
cafe before mentioncD, anDtoillnot. butplcaDanDaDmitttje juriftJtctionoft^e 
Court, a»D juDgement is giten, anD tlje boDp of tljc DefenDant tafecn in cjrecutton, 
tljc partv' cannot bp lalu ftatie anp action of falfo impjifonmcnt, but tljc erccutton 
is gooD bp tljc cuttome of tljat Court. But if in tljat cafe it Dotlj appear bp tljc 
plaiiitifes oton fljetning, tljat tljc contract oj canfe of action toas maoe oj DiD rife 
out ofttjc^tanncrics, anD t^e jurifDiction oftljote Courts, o?. if it appear bp 
t^c conDition of tljc bonD tubercupon tljc action is grounDcD , tftat tljc conDition 
tuas to fcc pcrfojmeD in anp place out of tfje jurifDiction of tljofc Courts > ttien all 
tljc piocccDings in ftKb cafes upon fut^ matter apparent, are coram ron Judice. 

j^iftlilp , IDC are of opinion, tljat no man oagljt to Demurre in tljat Court fo; 
toant of fojm, but onlp foj fubffance of matter. 0s if an aaion be bjougljt tberc 
fo; luo;D3 VD^iclj toill bear no action, oi an atf ton of Debt upon a contract againU 
Crecuto js 0} i^Dminiftratojs, o: fuctj liftc; 3n fuclj cafes a Demurrer map be up= 
on tftc matter. 2lnD tfjat tftc pjoxccDings t^erc mutt be accojDing to tljc cuttome 
of tljofe Courts nfcD time out 6f mtnDe of man : foj tljat no SJIrit of Crroj Dotl) 
Ipciipon anp juDgement giljcntljcrc, but tljc remcDpgtucn tot^c parfp grietcDis 
bp appeal, as Ijatb been time out of minDc of man accnttomcD, 

§>ij;tljlp. tljat tfte Courts of tljc &tanncrp ftal)c not anp jurifDiction foj anp 
taufc of action tljat is locallrifing out of tljc §>tanncrtc3. 

&eticnt!)lp, tljat tljc pjttoilcDgc of tljc toojUcrs in tljc ^tanneries Do not ejr^ 
tcnD to anp caufc of action t^at is locall rifing out of tte ©tanneries (foj matters 
of life, member, anD plea of lanD are bp ci:p;eirc tuojDs cicccpteD i\\ tljcir Cljav 
ters) anD no man can be ctcmpt from juttitc. , 

Videlib. Intr. Coke fo. 467. tit, ProhibitJonjSrfo, 23, 25)3, bt in Error. Vide 

^Ij i &MCft 



• Th s was Simb 

de Apjli*! firft 
& confecrate Bi» 
{hop. 8 Johan. 


* She was the 
daughter of Ay - 
mer Earl of An- 

a Rotfin.4H.?. 


c Rot.Pic.jjE.i. 
The hbeities and 
prjviledges of 
the Tynnei s. 
f 35 E.I in the 
g itE.j.parci. 

Vide Rot, Pat. 
16 Apr.AnRO 
7 E.6.Gilberc 
fcR0t.Par.50E. J 
holdenthe Mon- 
day after the 

The Courts of the Stanneries^<(^c, Cap .^y . 

^ttc^ C^atter0, !Reco^ti6} anD 0(ts of parliament as Idc bat)e obfecteD con 
ceming t^c ^tannen^. Mat toill acci^jDing as toe liaDe&oijis ((i^ouc^out tl)t9 
SDtBatifcrccttcin ferictemporis. 

Johannes dci gratia Rex Angliae.&c. Sdatis quod intQiwPei,& pro falutc 
animx noftrae dedimus & conccflimus , acprifcnti carta Doftraconfirmavmius 
Dco,& Ecclefis bcati Petri Exon* , & vcncrabli patri * Simoni Exon' Epifco^ 
po & focccflbribus fuis Exon* EpifcopisDecimatn de antiqna firma Stanni in 
com' Devon' &Cornub. Habendum fibi&fuccefforibusfnis cum omnibus li- 
bcrtacibus & liberis conruetudinibos ad cam pcrtinentibus per manut illius vet 
illomm qui Stanncriam habuerint incuftodia,&c» 

Rex Roberto de Courtney Salutcm. Mandamns vobis quod fine dilatione & 
difficultate aliqua habere faciatii * Ifabclls Regina: matri noftrs Stanncriam 
com' Devon' cum Cunco & omnibui pertinent'. Tefte Com' Marefehalloj &c» 

2 Rex concept Johanoi filio Rici Stanncriam in Cornnbia 5 reddendo mille 
marcaj* Simile Anno 5; H.3, Rot, finium. 

bRcxj&e» Sciatis quod commifimus Rico dilcfto fratri noflro Stanncriam no- 
ttram Cornnbia: cum omnibus pcrtin', &c, 

' SD^rebe ttDo fetjerall.CIiactcrs of liberties anD pjibiletigcsbotl). bearing 
I)at0ioApriii$Anno33 E^i.t&COneniaUead emendationem stannariarum no- 
ftraruminCom' Devon", anDtl^eotfter ad emendationem Stannariarum noflra- 
rum in (Som* Cornubix,'' luftic^ pon mapreaD at large in pi.Com.'SD^efc cljar* 
ters toere allotjoeo in Anno 3; E.i < 

i %^ Carter of 3 3 E,i ♦ tuas confirmeti to tfte scanners of 2)etJon',de verbo 
in vcrbum,anD t|)C lifee in 1 E. 3, anD 1 7 E.3, 

g vide Rot. Almanis. Anno n,i7.'S[n£DjD{nancc off^cfiing 
bp aDtjice of W Comtcell concerning 2Dpnne. 

3 JLeafemaDefoTidemandcLinbcrghc deCiuiagio Stannefiz & deemp- 
tionetoiius Stanni in Com' Devon' & Cornub' pro fine mille marcarum & 
3 5 00, marcarum redditus. C^fc tocrc things Done de fafto, but let OS turn our 
felbes to tl^, to^icti ^t^ tbe fo;ce of a laU),viz. ^ 0n ejxeUenf tieclaratfon,l{m{> 
, fation anD Ci^poCtion of t^e faiD Cfjarters of 3 ^ E.i . t^at loas maDe \n tge par< 
liamentl&olDenin An. 50 E.3. bpantl&ojitp of tiicfamcbuf nebcrpjinfcB, (tofitcb 
loe l^ate (et Doton in hare verba, to t^e enD t^at no reliable of tbe fame fijonlD be 
omitteD) itisenacteoasfollotoetb* 

A trefexellent^trefredout Seignour le rey , fufpliefa peun Comnmit del 
County de Devonfhire que luyfkafe per tavys des PrelatSyCoumees, Barons, 
(jr AUters fages in cejl pre/em Parliament ordeimr remedie deceeque let 
Efieynorsy & les Miniftres del Efieynery dddit County ont Ung temps a la 
dit Commune fibienasfeigneurscome a$ autres fMttf^-font dejour in autre 
diver fes extortions, oppreffions ^ grievances per colour de les Franchifes 
a eux gr antes per les Chartres nojirefeigneurleroy, ^ defes progenitors en- 
contre la ley & le purport des ditz, Chartres , ^ per lour malveis interpre- 
tation dicelles: ^ que les dits Chartres <^ les Franchifes comprifes enycelles 
puiffet leuz et declarez, d' article en article fi ^ la Comune du ait county puiffet 
eftre apris droiturelment d'yceUeSi(^queceP declaration foitmys enrecord. 
Et finul article y foit en les ditz Chartres que touche cuflomes ouufages, 
que plefe a nofireditfeignieur le Roy d'ordeiner ^ manaer en breif temps 
fuffifants ^ttftices feigniours dr autres apris de la ley a celles parties den- 
quirer desdites cufiomes^ufages, ^ quils eyent poyur d'oyerc^ terminer 
tons les confpiracies, confederations y alliaunces, champerties, extortions^op- 
preffionsygrievancesyfaaxines & maintenances qu'eux les ditz Ejieynors & 
lour Mintfires om fait a la dite Comune,ou a nul de eux qui plendrefe vorra, 
C^ ce auxi hien alfuit le royyCeme de la party entsndants que le roy noflrefeig- 


Cap.4.5» ^he Courts of the Stanneries^^c, 232 

nior entgaignera molt^^ d' autre parte fe rentede ne lour y foit or t fait iU 
ferront en breife temps pur la greinder party difherites & defiruitz a toutz 
jours ^(fueDieune -voilla. Letenour d'afcuns des articles de les ditesChai' 
tres que lour befoigner^t de declaration jenfmrn cyapresprenHrementj::tfiaf' 

Sciatis nos ad emendationern Stannar' noftr' in Com* Devon' ad 
tranquillitatem & utilitatem Stannacofum noftrorum praedidtorura ea- 
rundcm concelfifTe pro nobis & hjeredibus noftris , quod omnes Stan- 
nacores prasd' opcrantcs in Stannaiiis illis qu« funt dominicanoftra, 
dum opcrantur in eifdem Stannariis libeii fint & quieti de Placitis Na- 
tivorum, & de omnibus Placitis & querelis Curiam noftram & hsre- 
dum noftrorum qualitercunque tangentibus, Itaquod non rcfponde- 
ant coram aliquibusJufticiariisvelMiniftris noftris feu hxredum no- 
ftrorum de aliquo Placito feu querela infra praedidl' Stannarias cmer- 
gentibus,nifi coram Cuftode noftro Stannariarum noftrarum prardiiSa- 
rum qui pro tempore fucrit,(exceptis placitis terra?, vitje , & membro- 
rum) nee non recedant ab operationibus fuis per fummonitionem ali- 
cujusminiftrorum noftrorum feuh^eredum noftrorum, nifiper fum- 
monitionem didlicuftodisnoftri. Et quod quieti fint de omnibus tai- 
lagiiSjtheoloniis, ftallagiis, auxiliis & aliis cuftumis quibufcunque in 
Villis, Portubus , Fcriis & Mercatis infra Com' praedi(5tum de bonis 

Sur quay plefe declarer (i autres ferfones que les Eftainors overamsin les 
Ejiayneries averont (jr emoyeront la Franchife grame per la dite Chartre 
duroydeficome la dite Chartre f^tf?, quod omnes Stannatores prasdidi o= 
perantes in Stannariis illis fintliberi,&c. Etauters perfonnes que les $- 
'uerours^ceftajcavfir lours maijlres que les lovent ^ lours fervants ^ att^ 
tres claymont me/me la Franchife. Et auxim plefe declarer Ji les ditzove- 
rors y averont les Franchifes en autre temps que quant ilz overont in ntef- 
me l Efieynery^ deficome la Chartre voet dum opcrantur in eifdem Stanna- 

Endroit de les dites paroles . O perantes in Stannariis illis,& dum opc- 
rantur in eifdem Stannarils,/we«/ clerement entendus, de operariis la- 
borantibus duntaxat in Stannariis illis fine fraude & dole , & non de 
aliis, nee alibi laborantibus. 

Item feit declare fi mefmes les overours averont mefme les Franchifes 
tant come ils averont aillors que in les defmefnesqut feurent au Roy laieU 
noflre Seignior le Roy que oreejl. La quel Roy Ayelllour grantafi la dite 
chartre au temps del dit grant des Franchifes deficome la Chartre veet, 
quod omncs Stannatores prsedidi operantes in Stannariis illis qua* 
funt dominica noftra, dum opcrantur in eifdem Stannariis fintliberi, 
&c. It ilaclaymontd' avoir tout foit il einjiquils overont aiHours qu'en 
les dites dcfmefnes le roj layel. 

Endroit de cejt article pur ce que il y a une autre article en mefme le 
chartre, que lour donne conge ^ licence def over ^ Intcrris, moris, &va- 
ftis ipfius domini regis & aliorum quorumcunquc In Com' pra?di(fk), 
& aquas, & curfus aquarum ad operationes Starmariarum priedidaru 
divertere ubi & quotiens opus fuerit, & emere bufcum ad funduram 
Stanni, ficut antiquitus fieri confuevit, fine impediment© domini re- 
gis, haTcdum fuovum, Epifcoporum,Abbatum, Comitum., Baronuraj 


224. ^he Court of the Stannenes^((s^c» Cap.4.5. 

feu aliorum quorumcunquCj&c. IlfembU un befoignahle chofeen ce cafe 
que lour cufiumes ^ nfagesfiient diligemmem enquiz^ ^ que le Gardeine de 
de Lefiejnerie [oit charge que il ne joejfrenul over our deldit £Jfey fieri efo- 
ver entrees, ne autry bojs , neve abate autry boys ou autry meafons , ne befio- 
ver eaue ou cours de eaue pr malice. Etjifer cafe le ditgardein fey vorra 
excufer que les dits Efleynors ny voillent obeire a fes maundetnents, ne ceffer 
lour malicepirluy que tant top ilfe face menfirer algrandconfeil leroy,& 
due & hafttve remedy entferraordeignes. 

Hem foit declares inf^eciallcomen les ^ufticcs qu'ore ferront afigaes d'al- 
ler celles Marchers fur entfaire la. dite enquerrefrendrontlifjuedufais fi 
afcun y chiete entre parties , & comem cefle article precedont touch ant les en- 
flumes (^ufagesejteit ufesdevantlafefamcedeU ditChartre I'aiely drper 
queux gents tielle i(fue ferra tries., ceftafcavoir le quel perforeins felement, 
ouper Eflaymrsfeulmenty ouper ambideux^j^c. 

Endroit de ceft article^ en foit la vyspris da grant confeil &yfoifm les re- 
cords en Eyrefi nullesy foient,& autres evidences (^remembrances deins 
le treafory le roy ^ aiUours^ et auxint les remembrances des feigniors queux 
y ont esirepur le temps fercheset duement examines , ^ anxtntfeient Us liu- 
res et evidences quelles les dtts Eflaynors ent ont ennjers eux venes ^ regar- 
des, ifint que ley purr a le mieltz, venir al droit verity. 

Item foit declarefi le Gardein del Efiaynery puiffe tenirplee entre Efteynor 
^ forein de querelc fourdant ai Hours que in les Iteux ou ilz, font over ants de~ 
ficomekChartrevoet., quod cuftos nofter prxdidus velejus locum te- 
nensteneat omnia placita inter Stannatores prsediftos emergen' & etia 
inter ipfos& alios forinfecos de omnibus tranfgreffionibus, querelis, 
& contiadlibus fadis in locis in quibus operantur infra Stannarias pra;- 
didas fimiliter emcrgen',&c. ^aril tient plee de tieux querelesfour- 
dantschafcune parte deins la dttcounte. 

Endroit de cefl art