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See Chapters "Soul Science Primer" 
"A Truly Mystic Seal'' and "Body, Mind, Spirit 

AND Soul'' 




A Report of the 68th Convocation of the 

Rose Cross Order. 

Giving a resume of the proceedings of the Convocation, 
together with most of the lectures that were delivered during the 
time of the Convocation, by the several delegates present. 

Also a report of the work of Ancient Initiation in the Grove 
of Osiris as especially prepared for the occasion. 


Copyrighted 1916. All Rights Reserved. 

Published by 

Allentown, Pa 

For the Members of the Rose Cross Order 





ft IMS L 





During the sessions of the Rose Cross Order, the delegates 
came to the conclusion that the lectures which had been given 
in open session, should be published in book form, and with 
that idea in mind, subscribed to a fund for the publication of the 
book. The following were subscribers to this fund and are 
therefore found on the Roll of Honor: 

Charles C. Brown 

H. M. Baasch 

A. W. Witt 

Grace Kincaid Morey 

Clara T. Grove 

Clara Witt 

J. C. Cake 

Dr. Ira K. Kepperling 

Daisy T. Grove 

Gertrude Cosgrove 

Julia A. Hauck 

Kathryn T, Cake 

Emma Schmeiser 

Kansas City Center 

Marcia Greene 
Joseph A. Walter 
Elizabeth Waltei 
Gertrude W. Pelot 
Dr. Henry J. Frank 
Dr. Thomas B. Henderson 
DeLos Ackley 
Ferdinand H. Peterman 
Charlotte F. Peterman 
Blanche B. Steams 
Josephine A. Willis 
Minnie W. Pleister 
Lars Hansen 
Buffalo, N. Y., Center 

Sixty-Eighth Convocation 


In explanation of the contents of this book, it is to be 
stated that these articles do not give the INNER work of the 
Rose Cross Order but simply the outer, the public teachings. 

The lUuminati and its Soul Science work may be called 
the child of the Rose Cross Order. Years ago it was found that 
where there was one person who desired to follow the work with 
heart and soul, in other words, who was willing to LIVE the life 
as taught by the Order, there were an hundred others who de- 
sired teachings from the Order but who were not willing to dedi- 
cate their lives to the Sublime Work. 

These thousands had to be taken care of, and as a result, the 
lUuminati and its Soul Science work was bom. 

When, in April, tlie order went forth to the brethren, that 
a Sacred Convocation was to be held, all delegates were re- 
quested to prepare articles on Soul Science so that regular lec- 
ture sessions could be held. The lectures that follow are the re- 
sult. All these lectures were given in open session and are to 
be considered as Soul Science work, though in entire harmony 
with the teachings of the Rose Cross Order. 

The work of the Rose Cross Order as given to its students 
can never be published. It is a secret, sacred work between 
teacher and student. It is a Soul Training, an inner Initia- 
tion, and sucli work continues until the student has reached 
Initiation, after which he is called upon to attend a Convocation, 
and at which time the degree work is conferred upon him, but 
the inner work always precedes the outer work, as the 
outer work is only a bond, binding together the Brotherhood. 

Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

Thus a word in explanation. Many, having heard of the 
Great Order and its work, and actually knowing nothing of its 
inner work, have, ignorantly or with fraudulent intent, estab- 
lished so-called Rose Cross bodies, and these bodies, knowing 
nothing of the true work of the Rose Cross, have nothing but a 
Ritualistic initiatory rite or degree work. 

We would refer all seekers to authorities on the Rose Cross 
and on Initiation, and they will then find that the TRUE Rose 
Cross is actually a School of Spirituality, with a degree cere- 
monial Initiation as the climax. 

By the Hierophant of the Order. 


Early in the sunmier, instructions were received from the 
Hierarchies to call the Inner Circle of the Rose Cross Order into 
session, and thus to fitly celebrate the 68th year of the Rose Cross 
Order in America. 

Orders were immediately issued to those who have the priv- 
ilege of attending this Convocation, and on June the 1st the 
Convocation was called to order, and tlie preliminary lectures 
were started. 

At this Convocation all delegates were instructed to prepare 
and to deliver articles which should have a bearing on the con- 
ditions of the present day and which should be the means of 
helping humanity. 

However, because of the limited amount of time at the dis- 
posal of those who could attend, only a few were enabled to pre- 
pare such lectures, with the result that there were not as many 
lectures delivered as might have been had the delegates had more 
time at their disposal 

But even so, there were from two to three lectures each day, 
and most of these lectures will be found in this present volume, 
though many of the lectures cannot be given in book form, as 
they were only delivered as from teacher to those of the Inner 

From the beginning of the month imtil the day of the 
thirteenth there were lectures in the Assembly Hall which had 
been built in 1910 for the express purpose of holding these 
yearly Convocations, but on the thirteenth, there were no lec- 
tures, as all of the day was required for making the preparations 
necessary in order that the Ancient Mysteries might be given to 
the delegates in a form of Symbolism, consisting of ibxet degrees. 

8 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

I can do no better than to give the article prepared by 
Grace K. Morey, of Buffalo, N. Y., the Secretary of the Rose 
Cross Sacred College, for the Buffalo, N. Y., papers, and which 
appeared in the "Buffalo Express'* July 16th, 1916. 

Ancient Mysteries of Egypt Given in an Initiation or 

Three Degrees 

Under the authority of the Rose Cross Order founded in 
America in 1858 prominent delegates of the Order were gathered 
in the most remarkable conclave held during the last 5000 years, 
the publication of whose records now opens to the world, the 
connection of Egypt in her ages of true religion, power and 
glory, with the Mystic Seal of the United States, whose Heraldric 
symbolism declaring the mighty destiny of America, has, until 
now only been known to a limited number. 

At "Beverly Hall" in the beautiful Tohickon valley about 
four miles from the town of Quakertown, men and women of all 
ranks of life, and from all parts of the world, high Masons, and 
members of the Eastern Star, physicians, teachers, authors, and 
members of all denominations inclusive of the Hebrew, all these 
assembled at the call of the Grand Master of the Rose Cross 
Order for the sixty-eighth Convocation. 

Some years ago R. Swinburne Clymer, author of the Phil- 
osophy of Fire, Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, The Rosi- 
crucians; Their Teachings, Mysteries of Osiris, Soul Science and 
Immortality, and over thirty other works, bought a mountainous 
tract of land, and on this was built "Beverly Hall," an 
Assembly Hall, press rooms and libraries, and chemical labora- 
tory which, surrounded by orchards, vineyards and rose gardens, 
set in terraced lawns, presents with its Collie kennels and poultry 
plants, a splendid ccmbination of the beautiful and the practical. 

To this has been added the Mystic, for in a secluded and , 
wooded tract of fifty acres of this land; an arti&cial ]ifke was 

,»• • • • • 

, • * # • •• 

Fundamental Laws 

made from a mountain stream, a throne room erected and other 
improvements made which would be needed for the Initiation of 
Neophytes in the Egyptian Mysteries. 

The Convocation was called to order on June first in the 
Assembly Hall, built over five years ago for that purpose, and 
the delivery of a series of lectures upon practical as well as 
Mystical subjects began and continued until the close of the 
Convocation. The delegates and teachers presented the lectures, 
which were followed by discussions upon the subjects of 
Eugenics, Scientific Motherhood, Code of Ethics for the Schools 
and home, Spiritual Christianity, Personal Hygiene, Diet and 
Health, Sin, Authority and Individuality, Jacob's Ladder, Ini- 
tiation, Reincarnation, Soul Development, The Second Coming 
of the Christ, and the Mystic Significance of the seal of the 
United States, 

In the time of Solomon as in the time of the Egyptian 
Priesthood, no ceremony was ever held, unless tlie circle of 
Solomon, commonly called the Sacred Seal of Solomon, had been 
previously prepared, but since the fall of Eg}'pt and of the 
Temple of Solomon, this seal has been practically unknown, 
except to a limited number of students of ancient religions and 

During the first week in June, in the grove especially pre- 
pared for the dramatization of the Ancient Mysteries of Osiris, 
the Seal of Solomon, often called the Magic Circle, was especially 
built, and on June 11 the dedication of the Magic Circle took 
place in the presence of the delegates of the Rose Cross Order, 
some of whom were natives of Germany, England and Russia. 
Ihis was in accordance with the system as practiced by tlie 
ancient Priests of Eg)'pt and the Sanhedrin of the Temple of 

On the night of June 13 th the first section of the class, 
including those of the Order taking part in the Initiation, 
assembled in the grove pf Osiris, which was illuminated, bj; 

10 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

electricity from a central power house especially prepared for 
the purpose, and the Initiation of the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt 
in three Degrees and six scenes. 

All students of the Ancient Mysteries and religions know 
that in the Temple of Solomon there were three Courts, the outer 
Court for the people being composed of seven hundred selected 
teachers and leaders. These were members of the First Degree, 
lUuminati, called also, seekers, travellers or soldiers. The 
middle Court, or members of the second Degree were seventy in 
number, and were supposed to be in the Hall of Meditation, and 
acted as mediators between the people and the inner Sanctuary. 
Above all was the Inner Court, or circle of the Seven Priests 
and the Master or High Priest, who were the teachers between 
God and man, mediators between the seen and Unseen. 

In the Egyptian Mysteries, the first Court was made up of 
the Royal youth of Egypt, and such students from foreign coun- 
tries as desired to enter the Temple and Priesthood, and these, 
during probation, were often known as the "Soldiers of the 
Priesthood," as it was their duty while undergoing the prelimin- 
ary training and tests to guard the Priesthood and its work even 
to the death. 

The second dass corresponding to a Second Degree were 
those who had passed this test and who were in the Hall of 
Meditation, and purification, in preparation for the first vows, 
and the dedication of the body, mind, soul and spirit to God 
and the service of mankind. 

The third class called The Third Degree were those who 
had passed with credit the tests of the first degree, the purifica- 
tion of the second, as well as the various stages of development 
required of all students in the Halls of Meditation. 

In the Royal Third Degree, which took place in the Temple 
the Neophyte received the final instruction. After this came 
the final test in the beautiful ceremony of the death of the old 
life, the giving up of the body and its temptations and the 

Fundamental Laws 11 

raising of the slain Orisis or Spiritual body, by his faithful 
spouse Isis, the Soul, with the final Illumination. 

On the fifteenth of June, the first section of the representa- 
tives left "Beverly Hall," for their respective homes and the 
second section began to arrive for the preparatory lectures, and 
on the nineteenth of June the ceremonies were repeated so that 
all might witness the Initiation and take part in it so as to 
become members. 

So far as can be learned either through travel or history 
never before since the fall of Egypt and its Priesthood and the 
fall of the Temple of Solomon, has there ever been a grove, a 
lake to represent the Nile, a Magic Circle, or a Temple prepared, 
nor is it believed that anywhere in the world does there today 
exist such a Circle. 

Nearest to this, however, is Stone-henge of the Druids of 
Britain, to which their descendants travel each year at a certain 
time to greet the Sun, and renew their vows. 

This is the first time, therefore, in 5000 years that any 
Order has attempted to build up this Sacred emblem under the 
stately oak, so that people of modem civilization might witness 
the beauties of the life and religion of the ancient people, whose 
teachings of individual soul development, made the glory of 
Egypt, the lost dreams of all Israel, the teachings of the Magi 
of Persia, all that was true in India, the splendid philosophy of 
Greece, the magnificence of the early Romans, the basis of pre- 
Christian Ireland's great schools, as well as the familiar Holy 
Grail legends of Briton, Celt and Gaul. In this light of 
Brotherhood of man and Fatherhood of God was founded this 
great Republic foretold by Virgil, upon whose seal is set the 
Egyptian Pyramid, completed by the White stone of Spiritual 
purification as the crown of the ages. 

The American Constellation of thirteen stars set in the 
form of a double triangle was foretold by Merlin of King 
Arthur's Court, and the Philosophy of the Holy Grail and of 

12 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

Egypt's glory and Solomon's Temple, has been the Day star 
of every great American Statesman from Washington to Abraham 

After the ceremonies in the grove, there was given in the 
dining room of "Beverly Hall" at midnight a "Feast of the 
Gods" at which neither meat nor spices formed part of the menu, 
but only fruits, nuts and other products of sun kissed foods. 

The conclusion of the rites was held at sunrise in the grove 
with a musical communion service, in which Nectar of roses, 
distilled from the thirty thousand roses blooming each June 
upon the lawns at "Beverly Hall," was served as emblematic of 
the wine of the Soul, and for this service the rose bushes were 
planted several years ago. 

I wish that all the readers of this book might have been 
present at the preparation, at the building, and at the Dedication 
of tliis Ancient Magic Circle. Or, I wish that I might be able 
to give a detailed description of these sublime ceremonies in this 
book. However, I cannot do this here, though I hope that in 
some future work I will be able to do so. Sufficient be it to say, 
that when the stone, made out of cement by one of the Brothers, 
was nearly finished, the Dedication took place, and the emblems 
placed in the stone itself before it was completed, were: 

The American Beauty Rose in full bloom. This as a representa- 
tion, or symbol of the Soul that has reached full Illumina- 

The Mystic ring. This was a solid gold ring, belonging to one 
of the members present, upon which had been engraved the 
Cross and Pentagram. All members of the Magi will know 
what this s}Tnbol stands for. The ring itself, as is known 
to the ]Magi, is a protecting agent against all evil or malig- 
nant influences when worn during any ceremonial or de- 
veloping work. 

The True x»Iagic Mirror. This is an emblem of tlie Soul, which 
when fully developed will act as a mirror to the universe 
wherein may be wisdom and truth. 

Fundamental Laws 13 

Lastly, a complete copy of the private text book, "Ritualistic 
Occultism," which contains the ceremonies as made use of 
by the Magi, and four of these ceremonials were made use 
of by four of the Magi, in the dedication of the Magic 

When all of this had taken place, the stone was completed 
and then later in the day the characters were engraved upon the 
stone by the Brother who had completed the stone. 

Of the midnight "Feast to the Gods" and of the morning 
services which took place in the grove it is not lawful for me to 
speak at this time, but it is my sincere prayer that all who are 
enrolled in the Sacred Schools may some day be present with us 
and v/itness these sublime ceremonies, especially as they are 
conferred in the Spring of the year. 

Arrangements were made by the delegates present, through 
voluntary contributions, to either buy another large grove, or if 
that is found impracticable, to build a much larger Hall in the 
"Grove of Osiris" so that advanced ceremonies may be held the 
coming Spring at the 69th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order. 


As before stated, many of the lectures were only for those of 
the Inner Circle who were present, and these were all delivered 
by the Master of the Sacred College, of Buffalo, N. Y. 

Mr. Charles C. Brown the Order considers as one of its 
most untiring workers, one who has labored in his native city 
for many years and through untiring efforts it has been possible 
to organize four large classes in that one city, classes which meet 
on different days of the week and which meet the requirements 
of students in different stages of development. 

Within the near future, it is proposed to open some of these 
classes, under authority of the Sacred College, to the people of 
the city so that Eugenics, Scientific Child Culture, and other im- 
portant subjects of like nature may be taught to the people at 
lai^ge. All of this work in Buffalo will be under the supervision 
of Mr. Brown and his able assistant, Mrs. Charles K. Morey. 

Of the Kansas City College and its able Master, A. W. 
Witt, and his Assistant, Mrs. A. W. Witt, not much need be said 
as they had charge of the lectures and their lectures, given in the 
present work, speak for themselves. 

One of the lectures delivered and which is of great importance, 
not alone to Occult students, or students of the Mystic, but to 
all true Americans, is that concerning the Great Seal of the 
United States, and its Mystic indications, for, just as soon as 
these things come to pass, then shall the Eagle soar over all 
things, and America will be the Mistress of the world, though 
she will not rule through either arms or politics, but by love and 

The other article by the same author, is the "Code of 
Ethics," which is given in full. 

All true educators have come to understand that if the Fubr 

Fundamental Laws 15 

lie School system is to be retained in the United States, then 
it will be absolutely necessary for a complete Code of Ethics to 
be taught to all scholars and the lUumlnati is the first great 
school of thought that has ever attempted to formulate such a 
Code of Ethics. 

Naturally, the code as given is but a bare outline of the 
work, but it is sufficient to give an idea to all mankind as to 
what the lUuminati is attempting to do for yoimg America, and 
it will not stop in merely suggesting the teaching of such Ethics, 
but it will fight for the adoption of such a Code in the schools. 
Aye, the Illuminati will give mind and body, the last drop of 
blood, in their fight for a better educational system, a greater 
care of the children so that these children shall not continue to 
become the victims of that class of humanity which comes to 
near utter depravity. The slogan of the Illuminati shall be, "Save 
the children of our glorious country, give them wisdom so that 
they may be able to look after their own protection." Cannot all 
true men and women in our country say "Amen" to this? 

The Second article, which was given by Mrs. A. W. Witt is 
that on sin, and has to do with the conception of sin, or wrong 
doing as we of the Secret Schools understand it. 

The Third article, prepared by Dr. Ira L. Kepperling,, 
with the help of Mr. Charles Wolf, of Kansas City, Mo., is on 
Reincarnation, and is a subject of supreme importance to all 
people. Once this law is understood, much of sin and wrong 
will pass away, and right doing take the place of \vrong doing. 

The Third paper on Evolution, by the same authors, is also 
of extreme importance, for it is through Evolution, reinforced 
by conscious Development, that the race must be quickly improv- 
ed- I venture to say, that if the last few pages of this lecture 
were heeded by all men, the world would become a Paradise 
within a few generations. 

The article on Initiation by Mr. A, W. Witt is of extreme 
importance just at this time because it clearly states and ex- 

16 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

plains what true and REAL Initiation is. 

This is of utmost importance just at this time, when we 
find that no less than five different Orders, calling themselves 
Rosicrucian, have sprung up within the last few years, and not 
one of these five has a shred of the true Rosicrucian teachings. 

Some of them are deliberate frauds, claiming to be what 
they are not, while others are clearly under the guidance of 
members of the Black Brotherhood and their doctrines are ab- 
solutely destructive in that they uphold practices which are too 
abominable to even mention. 

One of these orders, claiming to be Rosicrucian, admits that 
it has no teachings, that it is all ceremonies, when history tells 
us clearly that the Rose Cross Order was founded with the idea 
of leading men to their higher selves. In other words, while the 
Rose Cross has its ceremonial Initiation, its foundation is upon 
a training school for souls and its ceremonies are but secondary. 

The lecture on the Second Coming of the Christ is also of 
great importance at a time when many false Christs are put 
forth for people to kneel down before, when in fact, most of 
these are not only false Christs, but are of the lower grade of 
humanity in as far as either Evolution or Development is con- 
cerned. Mr. Witt clearly points out what that Christ is and how 
He must come to all of us individually if he is to come at all. 

Authority versus Individuality by Mr. Witt is also of 
great importance though it must NOT be understood that the 
Rose Cross school is against authority such as is held by church, 
state or institutions, for we clearly uphold the idea and doctrine, 
that so long as society exists it must be governed by those who 
are chosen to govern it and we do not in any sense desire to de- 
stroy authority, but rather to uphold it, however, we are also a 
school of Individualists and believe that the personality of the 
individual should be changed, transmuted, developed into an 
absolute Conscious Individuality. Thus the community would 
be a community of conscious Individuals; but ruled by one su^ 

Fundamental Laws 17 

preme head who ako had become a Conscious Individual. Egypt 
in its glory, is an example of this state of Society and Govern- 
ment for at that time none could be ruler over Egypt except an 
Initiate who had also been crov/ned as King or Ruler. 

Reincarnation, by Mrs. Witt, considers this extremely in- 
teresting and important subject from another standpoint than 
that considered by Dr. Kepperling and Mr. Wolf and this 
standpoint is as important as that taken or considered, by the 

Prayer is a subject thought to be so well known that no con- 
sideration is ever given it. But is it an understood subject? I 
think not, for I believe that the masses are totally ignorant of the 
meaning of true prayer, or what is the power of true prayer. 
This subject is therefore a timely one in an age when there is no 
longer any faith in the efficiency of prayer. 

The article on "Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul" was one of 
the last lectures to be delivered. This paper became necessary 
about a year ago, when we found that but very few of even the 
advanced students understood the difference between Spirit and 
Soul, using the terms interchangeably. We hope that in this 
article the difference is made clear and that by referring to the 
article "A Soul Science Primer" and "The Great Seal of the 
United States" this subject will be fully understood. 

"Invocation of the Hierarchies," by the same author, as the 
last article mentioned, might well be called "The Higher Form 
of Prayer," since it is really prayer as understood by the Masters 
but little understood by the vast multitude of those who consider 
themeslves students of the Mysteries. It deserves careful consid- 
eration. In fact, is receiving careful consideration, as we find 
that many of the Inner Students who are building their own 
homes are setting aside a room in the house and are modeling it 
for this very purpose. This article, therefore, deserves the most 
careful consideration as it is of the utmost importance to every 
sincere student 

18 Sixty- Eighth Convocation 

The lecture, "The Fraternity Sons of Osiris," deserves more 
than passing attention. 

It was prepared in 1906 by H .0. A. Under instructions 
of the Masters and was then but a prophecy. In 1908 it was 
printed in booklet form and copyrighted under title of "Immor- 
tality or External Death." That was the second step. 

The third and highest step, for there are always three steps 
in everything that shall continue to live, was when the Degrees 
of the First Temple were conferred upon the delegates in the 
"Grove of Osiris" which had been especially prepared for this 
very purpose, and which is the first and only grove of its kind in 
the world at this time. 

We are especially pleased of the happy culmination of this 
work at this time, for the reason that all its work had been kept 
secret, so secret in fact, that no one thought enough of it to steal 
the titles as used by the orders, and this had been in the minds 
of those who had the work in hand, knowing well that if they 
made the work as prominent as they had made the work of the 
Rose Cross Orders, members of the Black Brotherhood would 
as deliberately steal the name and palm off something which had 
not the slightest right to the title, under that name. 

But now, after the successful issue of the work, after men 
from many parts of the world had taken part in the Sacred 
Ceremonies, we fell at liberty to proclaim the work to the world. 

Before this volume will be ready for delivery another Con- 
vocation will be in session, as the work of the Black Orders has 
made this necessary so that we might protect the true work, and 
in due time a complete record of this second Convocation, will be 
ready for those deeply enough interested to desire it. 

Before closing this Preface, I will comply with the request 
of several who had not the pleasure of being with us, and give 
an outline of 


Those in the Hall are at liberty to arise at any hour they 

Fundamental Laws 19 

desire, avoiding however, disturbing those who desire to rest. 

As nearly every student has been taught the desirability of 
taking the morning cup of hot water in order to cleanse the sys- 
tem of impurities, and for the purpose of building healthy func- 
tions, hot water is served in the large sitting room at exactly 
seven o'clock. 

Between this service and breakfast there is one hour, as 
breakfast is called at eight o'clock. No student in the Hall is 
supposed to enter either the dining room or the kitchen, any 
more than those in the kitchen are supposed to enter the private 
bedroom of a student unless especially invited to do so. 

Breakfast for the student is a very simple matter, as we hold 
that breakfast does man but little good, but much harm. Usually 
breakfast for the student consists of either a weak tea, without 
the tannin, and dry toast, or weak cocoa and dry toast. Every 
student present is supposed to obey the rule of the house. They 
can, if they wish, ask for other food, but their marks of grade 
progress, record of which is held by the Master, is according to 
the manner in which they harmonize themselves with the rules 
of the Order. Nothing being forbidden the student, nothing 
refused him, but his or her marks being made according to the 
harmony as expressed by his or her acts. 

After breakfast an hour of rest when social chats may be held, 
notes compared, walks taken. 

At ten o'clock lectures are called and all are supposed to be 
present, and must be present, unless there is some good excuse 
for not being present. 

After the lecture there is another hour of rest, the noon meal 
being called at twelve o'clock. 

No meat is ever used at the Hall during Convocation time, 
and a noon meal may therefore consist of : 

Whole wheat muffins and butter. 

Asparagus with cream dressing. 

Tomatoes, usually sliced with a wine-vinegar dressing, 


20 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

Baked potatoes. 

Simplicity rules here. The master of the Hall orders all 
meals and these are in absolutely correct proportion to assure 
strength to the body and mind^ and purity to the blood, as well 
as the necessary material for the building of a healthy mind and 
an Illuminated Soul. 

We hold, with many of the highest medical authorities in 
the world, that more people die from starvation because of over- 
feeding, than do from underfeeding. We aim at the Hall to 
have sufficient, but not too much. We find that many people are 
weak, ill-nourished, underfed, weakminded, neurathenics, be- 
cause of eating too much food, this we try to correct, and demand 
that students obey the rules of the house. If we find that some 
one present is not in harmony with the Laws then he or she is 
given the liberty of bidding good-bye to the rest of the guests. 

In the afternoon there is another session at which one or 
more lectures are given, following that, there is time for a walk 
before dinner and when fair it is found that all students desire 
this walk. 

Dinner is a simple affair, possibly consisting of: 


Egg plants — these being the meats of the vegetable king- 


Some kind of pulse. 

No drink of whatever kind is allowed at either the noon or 
the evening meal as we hold that it tends to destroy perfect di- 
gestion. No deserts. 

After the evening meal there is an hour of rest, after which 
the master of the house may take charge and answer questions 
or explain some of the Divine Laws. Arguments are not allow- 
ed, because of the fact that the student who asks a question is 
naturally not supposed to know the answer, and is supposed to 
accept the solution of the question, such solution being always in 

Fundamental Laws 21 

harmony with the Divine Law as taught by the Secret Schools. 

lime for retiring is at nine o'clock, as we hold to the old 
law that man gets his most perfect sleep before midnight, while 
the best time to arise in the morning is with the sun. 

All students are supposed to obey the rules of the house ab- 
solutely. If they are unable to do this for the short space of 
one, two or four weeks, the teacher certainly cannot have faith 
in them that they will obey the rules and teachings of tlie sacred 
instructions for the time they are away. 

Moreover, the rating of the student will be according to his 
obedience while at the Hall, and his advancement will be in 
accordance with his obedience and the spirit shown in his obedi- 

"Thou hast been faitliful in a few things, I will make thee 
master over many," has direct bearing in this work. 

Moreover, the student in the Mystic holds himself some- 
what above the average person, but is he above the average per- 
son if he has not learned to obey the Divine Law in spite of 
what his own little personality might desire or wish him to do 
or to receive. 

Oh yes, admittedly, we find some who wish to be catered to, 
who desire special notice, and who, not receiving it, feel deeply 
grieved, but these are in the minority, and these are of 


It seems that the very hardest thing to overcome, the greatest 
enemy the student has is his little self. 

Thus we find that out of every ten students who come to 
the Hall there are two or three whose bug-bear is this same self. 

And how do we know this? Because these students watch 
every move of those in charge, and if they think that one student 
is receiving just a little more attention than they, they are hurt 
to the quick. 

What these students caimot be forced to comprehend, is, 
(hat these things are within themselves. They cannot be made 

22 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

to understand that it is the little self within which wants atten- 
tion, and the more conscious this self is, the more attention it 
wants, the smaller is the true man or woman within. 

With the true student it is different. The true student has 

learned to forget the self, to him or her extra attention is UNDE- 
SIRABLE for he or she feels that others might be hurt by it. 
Such want only the truth, they listen attentively to what the 
teacher has to say and even if the teacher were to forget to serve 
them they would take it as a test, as a lesson, and would not feel 
hurt by it because it is only the little self that is ever hurt 
and not the true man. 

It is these students who have forgotten the self and who 
come to the Hall, NOT for personal attention, but for what they 
can learn, who make the Masters. It is these who are willing to 
accept the crust of bread, the glass of water, and the hard bed, 
who are the Teachers of the people of the future, while those 
who must be constantly catered to are the slaves to themselves 
and will continue to be slaves to others as long as they live. The 
Hall does not desire these and they receive only the attention that 
littleness deserves, and in this way they can often be awakened. 

From this it must not be understood that the student body 
at "Beverly Hall" moves about with long faces. The contrary 
is true, you cannot find a more contented, or more happy or 

more harmonious assembly of people an>'where in the world 
than you find at the Hall during Convocation time, nor are in- 
nocent amusements forbidden, but are rather encouraged, since 
we believe in the Masonic Rule : 

Eight hours for work. 

Eight hours for study and recreation. 

Eight hours for rest. 

On the other hand, students do not, and should not, come 
here because they think they will be catered to, because they 
imagine there is feasting, because they have the services of maids 
or valets, for if they do they will be sadly disappointed. They 
should come and meet with us liecause of the feast of knowledge, 
the good things of the Soul, and obtaining these things often 
means the denials of the pleasant things of the material for these 
can be had at home more easily than at the Hall. 


It is rather a strange and an unknown thing for one to 
write an introduction to a single chapter appearing in a book, 
but the conditions are so unusual as to warrant it. 

More than a year ago, Grace K. Morey, the author of the 
article, "The Great Seal of the United States and Its Mystic 
Significance," prepared a sketch for a short primer of the Ilium- 
inati teachings, and in this sketch, as will be shown by the 
drawings, it was brought out that man is not only a threefold 
being, but that he is actually a four-fold being as well. In short, 
tliat when he has succeeded in reaching Soul Illumination, he is 
the completed Pyramid or true Triangle. 

If the student will give serious study to the article on the 
Seal of the United States, he will find that on the reverse side 
of the seal which is as yet uncut, there is to be found the Pyra- 
mid, but with tlie capstone as yet not placed, and thus he will see 
that the Philosophy of the llluminati is the absolute and unde- 
niable Philosophy upon which these United States are founded 
as is clearly indicated by our four-fold philosophy, by the 
drawings representing our Philosophy, and by the drawings of 
the reverse side of the United States seal. 

And thus it would appear that the Unseen Hierarchies 
which shaped the foundation of the great Republic which must 
some day rule the world, are the same Hierarchies which gave 
us the Soul Science Philosophy as taught by the llluminati. 

And now let us look into the future, not far, but just be- 
yond the line. We find that scholars condemn the design of the 
reverre side of the United States Seal, that it has never been cut 
but has remained hidden as though it were something to be 
ashamed of. 

24 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

However, though this appears the truth, it is not the truth. 
The reason why it has never been cut is because the time is not 
yet as the cap-stone has not yet been set. 

And what is this cap-stone? My reader, prepare for a 

When Atlantis ruled the word, that which is now America 
was connected with Egypt by what is now Mexico, and in Mex- 
ico, in the territory of Yucatan, there is a Pyramid in which the 
Fire Philosophers worshipped God as Divine Fire and Life in 
like maimer as did the Initiates of Egypt, for the two were then 

America is not complete, and will not be complete, cannot be 
complete, until Mexico is again part of America as she was in 
the long ago, and when Mexico is once again a part of the 
United States, then will the cap-stone have been set on the 
Pyramid and the reverse side of the United States seal will be 

Thus you will see that the Soul Science Primer with its 
drawings, is but the beginning of the article concerning the 
Seal of the United States, while the article on "Body, Mind, 
Spirit and Soul" is the finale thereof. 

May it not be long until the Holy Pyramid shall be com- 
pleted and may it be completed without the shedding of blood. 

Lovingly given, 

"Beverly Hall," Quakertown, Pa., July 6th, 1916. 



"That you might have life, and have it more abundantly." 

As there is an outer meaning in the teachings of Christi- 
anity, so is there an Inner or Mystic sense. Only those who live 
the life are able to find this Mystic sense and to understand the 
Christie teachings as they should be understood. Therefore, he 
who reaches Illumination must have passed through three de- 
grees. These are: 

First Degree: Purification. 

Second Degree: Illimiination. 

Third Degree: Mastership. 

"Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be open- 
ed, ask and ye shall receive." 

Were the Bible written in only one sense, and were it to 
be taken literally, then this admonition would not have been giv- 
en by a Master teacher. It therefore follows that our contention 
is correct, and that there is both an inner and an outer meaning 
to the Scriptures. — Isaiah 29-11. 

This Inner meaning is never taught openly. In fact, it was 
not so taught by Jesus, for did he not say: "Seek and ye shall 
find, knock and the door shall be opened, ask and it shall be 
given." Truly it was his desire that all men should SEEK for 
the truth, that they should so live as to be able to KNOW, not 
to merely believe as they now do. 

Is there any more proof that there was an inner knowledge, 
a wisdom not given to all? Listen to what the Bible has to say. 

Why speak ye to them in parables ? 

That is the question that was asked of Jesus after teaching 
the multitudes in parable instead of in plain language. Why, if 
he wanted the people to have the whole truth, did he teach them 
in parable? Did he not want them to seek for the truth and 
therefore to KNOW, instead of merely believing what some one 
taught them, which is belief but not knowledge? 

To his disciples he said: 

26 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

"To you it is given to know the kingdom of heaven, to 
them it is not given." 

In this he shows clearly that though he worked for human- 
ity, nevertheless he fully understood that the truth could not be 
given to all men, but that instead, the truth had to be given to 
the vast numbers in hidden language, in parable, w^hile the 
mysteries might be given only to the few, and in this he follow- 
ed his own teachers who taught that there was both an inner 
and an outer circle. That the few might belong to the inner 
while the masses belonged to the outer. 

And this will effectively answer our enemies who accuse 
the Illuminati of being unjust and ungodly, because we hold that 
all truth cannot be given to all men, moreover, it proves that 
those who hold tliat the mysteries are for all men, have not 
themeslves yet found any part of this great truth, nor have they 
found the mysteries or been admitted to them. 

Where is the kingdom of heaven? "The kingdom of heav- 
en is within you." 

Here Jesus taught the same doctrine that the Illuminati 
holds, namely, that heaven is not in some far off sphere, but that 
heaven is found within man, but that no man can find this 
heaven unless he reaches Illumination and finds the Christ 
within. Ihis, then, is Soul Illumination and is taught by the 
Illuminati as a goal for which all mankind should strive. 

"Except ye be as little children ye shall in no wise enter 
the kingdom of heaven." 

To be as little children is to have faith. The child always 
has faith in those to whom it goes for help or instruction. The 
man or woman who awakens to the fact that there is something 
greater and deeper in life than the things that are apparent, 
should have the faith to follow the instructions of those to whom 
he or she goes for help and instruction. 

Thus, if you appeal to the Illuminati for instruction along 
the lines of Soul Culture and higher development, have the 
faith, the manhood, to follow such instructions to the letter and 
if you do, then will you reach Soul Illumination, which is the 
kingdom of heaven within you. 

It is the work of the Illuminati in its Soul Science instruc- 
tions, to help all true seekers to find the Christ within, and all 
who faithfully obey will find this Great Within. If any one tells 

Fundamental Laws 27 

you that there are none to teach you, then call them anti-Christ, 
the mockers of God, for they then condemn the very things 
which Jesus taught while on earth. 

*'Art thou a master of Israel and know not these things?" — 
John 3-10. 

In this day we j&nd teachers of many kinds, some who call 
themselves New Thoughters, Divine Scientists, Christian Scien- 
tists, Meta Physicians and even some who call themselves of the 
lUuminati and the Rose Cross, but who say that no man has 
more spiritual knowledge than another. These are the true 
Anti-Christ, they are tlie Black Magicians, they are those who 
teach the negative philosophy which sends men and women to 
destruction. Beware of those who wear the Sacred Triagle with 
the two points up, because it means that the Spirit of God, the 
Soul, has been steeped into the earth, the material, and that thus 
degeneration, instead of regeneration, has taken place, it is per- 
version of that which is Sacred and Holy. 

"Whoso readeth, let him understand." 

It is not hard for men to read the letter and to understand 
the letter, but it is very hard to read the letter and understand, 
or find, the Spirit of the letter. Moreover, we of lUumi- 
nati hold, that none can find the mystery of the parable unless 
such have lived the life, obeyed the Law, and found Illumina- 
tion, and until all men have reached this state of Illumination, 
the Illuminated must teach those who have not yet reached 

But there is a deeper meaning in this for us, namely, if 
there were not a spiritual meaning, besides the literal meaning, 
then Jesus would never have told his hearers that "whoso 
readeth, let him understand" and when we once come to under- 
stand that there is a spirit in the Sacred teachings, besides the 
mere letter, then we are well on the way to understanding. 

"To them that are perfect." 

This statement gives us the proof of two things : First, that 
some may be perfect. Second, that not all are perfect. If 
there were none perfect then Jesus would not have mentioned 
this at all, if all were perfect, then again there would have been 
no reason to make such a statement, therefore, common sense 
tells us that there are some who have reached perfection and it 
is given these to do great things and to teach great truths. No 

28 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

one man, it is freely admitted, has a monopoly on truth, but ac- 
cording to the statements made by Jesus throughout his entire 
ministry and according to the statements of every other great 
Master, there are those who have more of the truth than others 
and it is these who are to teach. 

He who says that one man may not know more than another, 
thereby convicts himself of being in ignorance, and the Illumi- 
nati is not called upon to refute the foolish statements made by 
such. Moreover, by making the statement that no one can 
know more than another, then they themselves claim superior 
judgment and knowledge for themselves, since they claim to 
know that one man cannot know more than another man. That 
in itself is a great judgment. 

"Ye Masters in Israel." 

To be a master in Israel one had first to be master of his 
own interior Israel, just as to be a Master in this day, means 
that we must first gain mastery over our lower selves, and in this 
we find both the Great Work and the First Work. It is a work 
that may well stagger any man. 

The companion command to "a Master in Israel" is: "Man, 
know Thyself." To know oneself is a gigantic task, and it is 
only when we begin to know a few things about ourselves that 
we begin to understand how little we really know of ourselves 
and of others. Be a master in Israel, for then you will be a 
master of yourself, and you will then know where the kingdom of 
heaven is. 

"Straight is the gate and narrow is the way, and few there 
be who find it," Matthew. 

This simply means tlie same as when Jesus told his hear- 
ers to be of one mind. To be of one mind is to take up some 
work and follow that work to the exclusion of all else. 
When we do that we are then living the concentrated life, and to 
live the concentrated life will gradually bring us to the Great 
Center, then we have found tlie Soul, man has become the Son of 

Straight and narrow is the way. We cannot follow every 
ism, every doctrine, every dogma and every practice and reach 
the Center. That is diffusion. Diffusion always and forever 
ends in death. But if we follow the narrow Path; then we will 
follow but one only thing to the exclusion of all else. That is 


Concentration. Concentration is Life and ends in Immortality. 

In this day men are no longer masters, they are dabblers. 
They are not satisfied to concentrate, they must follow every ism, 
every creed, every cult and the result is that where you find one 
master, you will find a million dabblers. "Straight and narrow 
is the way, and it is only through one gate that you can reach 
Illumination, or find the kingdom of heaven. 

"For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to 

The man of the flesh, the man of the world, the dabbler, 
can see only through a glass darkly. He has not concentrated, 
he has not blazed the way, therefore the glass is still dark, the 
material substance still hides the Fires within and everything 
is dark. 

But as he gradually begins to live the life, as he bums up 
the dross of the material and thus cleanses the Soul fires within, 
the cloud upon the glass will gradually clear away, and when 
Illumination or Soul Consciousness takes place, then he sees face 
to face and he knows the Soul and all its beauties and he stands 
face to face with the fires of God, which burn brightly upon the 
altar, he becomes a Philosopher of the Sacred Fire. 

"For a veil lieth over their hearts until the time of the 
Gentiles be fulfilled." 

This veil is materialism. Materialism and unbelief, even a 
disbelief in the very, existence of God has become so great that 
there is in man no longer any faith whatever. He believes in 
nothing, not even in himself and thus he sails over the ocean of 
life as does a ship on the seas without a rudder. 

But the time of the Gentile is passed. Men are awakening. 
They are becoming conscious of the fact that there are deeper 
tilings in life than they knew, and it is the Illuminati tliat is 
helpin;; the thousands to this greater awakening and showing 
them the way to real knowledge and a more sublime and exalted 

Are you weary of death, tired of sickness and doubt, and do 
you wish to enter the straight gate to life more abundantly? 
Then here is the Way, Now is the time, and v;e are here to help 
you to the Way, the Life, and to the Haven of Peace. Let the 
Trinity of God, the Triangle with its point towards God and 
His heaven, point out the way to you. 


Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

Historically, too, the veil lay over the minds of "Lost Is- 
rael," the Christian nations, so they knew not their identity. 



The Father 

The Holy Ghost 

The Mother side 

The Son 

The Christ Principle 


Physical Manifestation 



The Builder 


The Life or Breath 


The Christ Within 


The Base or Foundatio 


My little children of whom I travail in birth again until 
Christ be formed in you." — Gal. 5-19. 

If as churchism claims, the Christ is an exterior being, a 
being who lived centuries ago and now is seated on the throne 
in heaven, what then of this Christ of which Paul taught that 
he had to be bom within us ? All things point to the one great 
fact that Jesus came here as a worker and teacher, that he lived, 
suffered and died in order to show mankind the way. "I travail 
in birth until the Christ be formed within you" Surely nothing 
could be plainer than this. All who desire to understand may 
easily comprehend and thus the more readily come to find the 

















CKnit tKe CoT-ner 5Un« 


Hain <n 1 'ico-mpVetc T«>n|A.c 

To the illustrations here given we can come to understand the 
threefold being, for here we are clearly shown the Trinity, but 

Fundamental Laws 31 

that man must be four-square before the Trinity can 
manifest in, and through him. The Jewish altar was four- 
square (Ex. 30:2) symbolizing a perfect manhood and typical 
of Christ the altar of his people, as our example of the shrine 
within each. 

In order that the seeker after truth may the more easily 
and more clearly understand these symbols, he should carefully 
study the article on "Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul" appearing 
in the present volume, for with these symbols and the above 
mentioned article, he will have a complete and sane philosophy 
whereon to build his Immortal structure. 


Man, which is to say. Mind, Spirit and Soul, is the dweller 
in a house not made w^ith hands which, if he will, may become 
eternal in the heavens. 

"Ye are the temples of the living God." Thus said the 
great Master some thousands of years ago, but he simply re- 
peated the statements made by other Masters centuries before 
him. Nor did he claim to have given this philosophy for the 
first time, for he was but a reconstructor of older philosophies 
as we are reconstructors of the newer Philosophies. 

"Ye are the temples of the Living God," but see to it 
that you keep these temples in the condition of purity and holi- 
ness, for unless you do, God cannot dwell therein and other 
gods, who are not desirable will take possession of the building 
which should he dedicated to the one God. 

The temple of God is the physical body, that which we call 
the man, for God and the Soul can manifest only through the 
physical, as the physical is the vehicle of God, just as our 
material houses are the structures in which we live. 

We can Glorify God in body and in spirit when we keep 
the body clean and when we use the life of the body only in a 
constructive and true sense. 

Jesus said: "Therefore glorify God in l>ody and in your 
spirit which are God's." The body we all understand, but few 
know that the Spirit is the Life Principle, it is from God and is, 
in truth, God, and returns again to God. 

We glorify God in our body when we keep the body clean 
and undefiled, when we do not use the body or any power of the 

32 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

body for the ignoble purposes and we bless and thank God, we 
glorify him when we use the body and the powers of the body in 
doing some good work. It is then we also glorify God in the 
Spirit, and we fulfill the Law according to Cor. 6:20 when we 
refuse to use either body or the Ufe principle for anything ig- 
noble, but use it for sbme good and noble purpose. 

**The body is not one member but many." — I Cor. 12-27. 

There are many members or powers of the body. That this 
is true, is proven by the fact that the different members of the 
body can be used for different purposes. Thus, the speech can 
be employed in defiling God and man, while other members of 
the body may be used in destroying the very Principles of Life 
which are within us and which would cause death to body and 

"The Lord is in his Holy Temple, let all the earth keep 
silent before him." 

All the earth is the material man, for the body of man is 
of the earth and belongs to the earth. But the Soul of man, the 
Christ when the Soul is finally awakened, is the Lord or God 
and it is He who is within His Temple. Then let the earth obey 
the Lord its God and man becomes in truth the Son of the Living 

"Know ye not that your body is the Temple of th e Holyj^ 
Ghostwhich is i n you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your 
own." — I Cor. 

Does man need any more positive statement than this to 
prove to hiip that when God speaks of the Temple, he actually 
means the body of man, and that this Temple holds within it- 
self the Holy Ghost, which is the Love or Soul Fire from God 

It is this mighty truth, mighty when once understood, that 
the Illuminati is trying to teach mankind, for we know, that 
once we can get man to really understand that he is in truth 
"The Temple of the Living God" he will no longer defile that 
temple but will gradually begin to hold it sacred because of 
that which dwells within it. 

"If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God de- 
stroy, for the temple of God is holy which temple ye are." 

This the Illuminati has been trying to impress upon the 
mind of mankind ever since its foundation just as the parent 

Fundamental Laws 33 

of the lUuminati, the Rose Cross, has been trying to impress 
on the mind of man for the past centuries. But it is only now 
that man is awakening to the truth of the statements made by 
Jesus two thousand years ago. 

And still there are those calling themselves leaders and 
teachers, who say that man cannot be destroyed. That man 
cannot destroy himself, while Jesus and all other great Master- 
teachers have taught that if man defiles the temple he thereby 
destroys himself, 

"Ye are the temples of the living God, as God hath said, I 
will dwell in them and walk in them." — Cor. 6-16. 


Ask yourself this question time and again. Live the clean, 
the Exalted, the Constructive life, and ye shall know God and 
walk with him as did the men of old. 


Mind is the builder of the Immortal Soul. 

If mind be not built with Soul, then mind dies with the 

Soul is subject to mind in earth life, because mind is the 
thinlfer, the builder, the constructor or the destroyer. 

Mind builds the Soul, Mind builds the body perfect. But 
the mind which awakens to the truth, and then builds both body 
and Soul perfect, builds that which is Immortal and Eternal. 

"Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober and 
hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the 
revelation of Jesus Christ.'* 

In this command we have the old, old statement, so often 

"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." 

That which a man thinks in his heart he is apt to be 
guided by. Thus, if we believe in our heart, that a certain 
church is the right one, we will join that church in spite of 
everything, aye, even die at the stake for it as thousands have 
done. In like manner, if we believe in our heart that a certain 
system of living is the right one we will live accordingly and it 
is for this reason that the lUuminati is trying to teach a right 

34 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

system of living, an Exalted Constructive life, knowing that 
when it awakens man to the fact that the body is the Temple 
of God, and that a certain life is the true life, and when man 
truly believes this, then will he live accordingly, and as he lives, 
so will he grow, until at last he becomes the son of the living God. 

Mind is but the builder of our immortality. At the death, 
tliere is no more use for the jnind, because then the Conscious, 
Illuminated Soul takes charge of itself and there is use for 
neither the mind nor the body. 

Both the body and the Soul are subject to the mind in tlie 
earth life, both mind and body disintegrate at death, leaving the 
spirit and soul to meet the consequences of the life lived, and 
happy is the man whose mind became awakened during his 
life on earth and thus was enabled to build the Immortal Soul. 

Will yoi^ master mind, or let it master and mislead you to 
your destruction? 


The Soul is not yours but belongs to God. God gave you, 
as a part from himself, so that you might develop into an Indi- 
viduality, a God like himself, and thus, in His likeness and im- 
agery glorify him. If you obey the divine dictates, then you will 
thus develop, but if you do not obey the Divine Law, then grad- 
ually you must return to the God-head, only to be sent out again, 
but as an entirely new entity from which all the personality of 
your present unworthy self has been burned away through the 
searing fires of the Godhead. This is the eternal death spoken 
of in the Bible. 

The Soul is a Divine White Fire. It is a flame within the 
body of each individual. In some very large and burning as a 
flame of white intensity, in others but a tiny Spark which is al- 
most totally submerged with the material being. 

It is not an individual entity unless you make it so. If you 
awaken to the truth that man is something more than skin and 
bones, a machine to make money through the ruination of others, 
and if you attempt to live the true life, thus fanning the spark 
into a flame, you may become a Conscious individual, and thus 
become Immortal. 

But if you live the life as has been lived by man these many 
thousands of years, then you live only in the personality, the 

Fundamental Laws 35 

Divine Spark is not at all awakened and you die as you have 
lived, ignorant of your Divine power and heritage, and this Di- 
vine Spark returns to the Godhead, enters the universal melting 
pot, and comes out a Spark from God to again undergo another 
pilgrimage, but without any personality at all. All of you is 
dead and buried because your life was not worthy of leaving 
an impress on the Divine Spark. 

You had been given a talent by God, but you buried it and 
when the time of accounting came, even this one talent was taken 
from you. Will you awaken to the better life or are you willing 
to live and to die and to be forgotten even by God Himself? 

Is your owTi personal Christ ever to be in crucifixion upon 
the black cross of the material life, the life of the earth? Are 
ycu willing to believe that Jesus was willing to die in order to 
save your unworthy soul, while you do not make a single effort 
to free the Christ within you and elevate Him upon the Throne ? 
This is a question for you to decide and upon the decision hangs 
your Inmaortality or your Eternal death. 

"The Soul that sinneth it shall die." — Ezek. 18. 

That has been the Divine decree. It was the fiat cast by 
God the Father when He created Souls, and neither He nor any- 
one human power, nor any power in creation can set aside that 

You cannot plead ignorance. You have the power of 
choice. God has said that He dwells within the temple, but only 
if you purify it. If ycu do not make it a fit dwelling place then 
God cannot dwell therein and if He cannot dwell therein, then 
it follows as a certainty that the Soul has sinned, and is sinninj]^, 
and the Soul that sinneth it shall die. Thus speaks God in 
thundering tones to be heard by all. 

"What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and 
lose his own soul." — Matt. 16. 

Here again we have the same statement, clearly indicating 
that we may so develop the mind, the power? of the mind, and 
physical efficiency as to control the whole world, but that even 
though we thus develop body and mind, we w^ll still lose our 
own Soul unless we develop that Soul also, and here is answer- 
ed those self-constituted teachers, who, fearful of losing a fol- 
lowing if they teach the truth, deny that the soul can be lost. 

There shall be many teachers in these last days, but most 

36 Sixty-Eighth Con\'ocation 

of them are false prophets who come not to lead man from de- 
struction, but, who, in order to gain their ends, lead man to de- 
struction, and many of these even go so far as to clothe them- 
selves in the clothing of true teachers in order that they may 
deceive the masses and thus the more easily lead the masses 
estray and to their destruction. 

"The Soul that sinneth, it shall die." That is the Divine 
Fiat, but there is no necessity to meet with this destruction as it 
is not so very difficult to find the right way and to live the true 

All those who seek and who will but obey the teachings of 
the Illuminati can find this way and will quickly came to under- 
stand the Law which will lead them to Life and Immortality. 

"And the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the earth 
and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man be- 
came a living soul." 

The soul is not given to man at the time that conception 
takes place, but at the time of birth. 

The body is formed by the mother, through the seed planted 
by the father. The mother fashions the body as she wills, and 
at birth, when the first breath is drawn in by the child, then it 
is that the Divine Fire is also drawn in. 

While the body is fashioned the mother in her secret labor- 
atory can do much towards the perfection of the body, and to- 
wards the preparation of that body for the influx of a great Soul, 
but it is at the moment of birth, just before, and during, the 
time of actual birth that she can, holding a Divine Mantram, a 
Great Soul Desire, draw into the body of her child, a mighty 
Soul. Here is the secret of genius, the secret of THE RECON- 
STRUCTION OF HUMANITY. It is this mighty secret that 
the Illuminati would teach to all humanity and thus people the 
earth with mighty souls instead of with ghouls and vampires. 

"Hear and your soul shall live." — Is. 5-3. 

Herein again is indicated the great fact that the soul which 
will not hear, which refuses to obey the Divine dictates, shall 
not live. In these words we have repeated the Divine Fiat, "The 
Soul that sinneth it shall die." 

The sense is a little different, in that it indicates clearly 
the possibility of eternal life to all souls who will heed the com- 
mand and live the life, for such souls shall live, and when God 

Fundamental Laws 37 

says they shall live it means that Eternal Life — Lnmortality 
shall be its reward. 

Have you a Soul? Can you answer that question? It is 
easy to believe that you possess a Soul, but do you know that 
you have one? 

Ay yes, we well know that many teachers will tell you tliat 
man cannot know absolutely whether he has a Soul or not, but 
these speak not from knowledge, but from ignorance. They are 
the false teachers and prophets which abound in these days and 
will lead you to the endless death if you listen to them. 


Spirit is the unseen form of man, the breath of his life. 

\Vhen the child is bom, and when it takes in the first 
breath, it is the Life Principle, the Spirit of God, that it draws 
in. I'his Life Principle it continues to draw in all during its 
life. It breathes in, it breathes out. Always, like the tree and 
the fiov/er, it draws in the breath of God. 

At the end of life on the earth plane, when the lungs no 
longer take in any air, then the rest of the life principle leaves 
the body, and as this is truly the spirit of the father, the link 
which holds Body and Soul together, it, the Spirit returns to God, 
v/hile the Soul, if it has become awakened, goes to the next plane 
of existense, but if unawakened, it also, like the Spirit, returns 
to God, there to be revivified and again sent out to try for Con- 
scious expression and Individualization. 

In God it is the Holy Ghost, or Mother side, and in the uni- 
verse it is the flowing floor of the worlds, the sustainer, for with- 
out it no life could exist. 

Mind and Spirit, (breath) united, build the Soul, for with- 
out mind there could be no building, while without Spirit or 
Life there could be no Mind. 

God is a Spirit in that He is the very principle of Life, the 
Life-Giver. It is God which gives Life to all things, because 
God Himself is Life. 

"The Spirit of man is the candle of the Lord." — Prov. 

A candle is usually a light giver, thus we have it that the 
Spirit is the Light giver. For instance, without air we cannot 
have fire, because there could be no combustion, in like manner, 

38 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

without the breath, which is the life, man could have no Light 
as the Soul could not exist without the body, while the body 
cannot exist without the life-principle. 

''He that ruleth his own spirit is greater than he that taketh 
a city. — Prov. 32. 

This is an actual truth. Health, strength and power de- 
pend entirely upon the amount of the life principle we take in 
and use. In the Higher Knowledge this is called the A£th. If 
man so trains himself that he continually takes in enough of the 
active principle of life then he will have health, strength and 
all power, and this may become so great that he needs but little 
food, say one full meal a day while he can do for days and 
nights in succession without sleep and still retain his full 
strength. He, therefore, who can rule his spirit, that is, take in 
sufficient of the life giver to sustain himself in health, strength 
and power, is greater than he who taketh a city, because he who 
taketh a city might not be able to take enough power to sustain 
himself in health and strength, and what does the possession of 
a city amount to, with him who has neither health or strength 
with which to enjoy his possession? 

"Take not thy holy spirit from me." — Ps. ii. 

In all times the truly wise have recognized the desirability 
and necessity of possessing a healthy body and a strong mind, 
and thus it was that they constantly prayed to God for more of 
His sustaining and life-giving power. But we of the Great 
Schools not only Invoke the Father for such Life-giving power, 
but we have learned to draw in this Holy Spirit, or AEth power 
as we need it. 

"The letter killeth but the spirit maketh alive." 

In all things it is recognized that it is the Spirit, the life- 
giver which is most desirable. We now recognize that in the 
Sacred writinj^s there is an inner meaning, the spirit, which is 
of greater importance to both ourselves and humanity than the 
mere letter, however, important that letter may be, and the lUum- 
inati is attempting to teach mankind the spirit as well as the doc- 

Has mankind not read the Bible by the letter long enough? 
Consider the state of mankind, universal conditions as they now 
exist, and you will find the answer as to whether mankind has 
profitted much by living according to the letter. 




i\Iost Americans have a dim idea that the Great Seal of their 
country shows an eagle, a constellation of stars, an olive branch 
signii>ing peace, and a set of thirteen arrows which probably 
means war in case of necessity, but few have ever seen tlie re- 
verse side of the seal or even suspected its existence. 

Nor has the reverse side ever been cut, a strangely restrain- 
ing hand having seemingly been laid upon every attempt to bring 
it before the public. When the large painting of the reverse side 
which was ordered made together with the familiar obverse, for 
the government display at the Chicago World's Fair, was to be 
hung, those in charge exclaimed : "What a peculiar design : Why 
were we given this inartistic symbol?'* and once more the white 
stone was rejected, the painting w^as turned face to the wall and 
only the obverse side displayed. 

But the time has now come when the full knowledge of her 
seal s)iall be made known to her people, for America must hence- 
forLh siand before the world as its teacher, leader and the pro- 
mulgator of a new and perfect system of ethics, religious leader- 
ship, a citizenship that is efficient and free, a just industrial 
democracy, and a justice and generosity to otlier nations that 
shall emphasize the brotherhood of man and the Fatherland of 

Late in the afternoon of July 4th, 1776, tlie new Continental 
Con^rec'S "Resolved, that Dr. Franklin, Mr. J. Adams and Mr. 
JcrrcrT-r^n be a committee to prepare a device for the Seal of the 
United States of America." Tliat committee was identical save 
for the cmisGicn of Robert Livingston and Roger Sherman with 
til at wliich had dra^vn up the Declaration of Independence. The 
Derlarat'on had been signed about 2 o^clock in the afternoon, 
and (Onj^ress desired to at once complete the evidences of the 
intiej^onrlence of the United States by formally adopting an 
ofiicial sign of sovereignly and a national coat of arms. 

40 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

The arms of England, the mother country, expressed the 
union of Judah's lion, with the unicorn of "Lost Israel" in ac- 
cordance with the Science of Heraldry, but the young republic 
had finished with thrones and crowns and must blaze a new 
path through the forest of liberty, which should express her de- 
scent from all christian nations and hold open a door for all 
other races which should seek help and shelter upon her shores. 

A knowledge of heraldy was considered a part of an edu- 
cation in the early colonial days, and it was through William 
Barton son of the rector of St. James Episcopal church of Phila- 
delphia, learned in heraldry, and through Baron Prestwich, of 
England, that the designs expressive of American destiny were 
given and drawn. Yet other dabblers in heraldry failed utterly 
to understand the mystic meaning of the seals. Professor Charles 
Elliott Norton, of Harvard, regretted its lack of art, and com- 
plained it could never be other than a dull masonic emblem, 
while a Mr. Wilson, considered a great historical scholar, de- 
clared the reverse side "in very bad taste, unintelligent and 
commonplace, and if it can be laid away and kept in the dark 
why not keep it so!" Even the constellation of thirteen stars 
came in for criticism, as "very bad heraldically." 

Again and again the pyramid with the white cope stone and 
the glory, were rejected, until in 1916 members of the Rose Cross 
Order, Illuminati, and others of the six pointed star of the seal, 
hung it officially in their class rooms and declared it as expres- 
sive of their philosophy-religion; the Bible wisdom of the com- 
mon people rather than of the collegian. 

In the two sides of our seal are expressed in heraldry 
countless ages of the evolution of man, from the time of his so- 
called fall, through his progress in Egypt (eagleland), where 
for a time a wondrous race incarnated to build astounding mon- 
uments, receding, but returning again as the Hebraic Confeder- 
ation to receive the knowledge of ancient Atlantis in the shade 
of its ancient altar, the Great Pyramid, uniting in a blaze of 
glory in the building of Solomon's Temple, parting, the north- 
em tribes to leaven, though lost to history, all Europe, Judah and 
part of Benjamen and Levi, returning to hold Jerusalem until 
the Master Jesus should be bom, journey down into Egypt to the 
ancient altar and receive light yet left in that land of darkness. 

"In that da^ shalt there be an altar to the Lord a pillar in 

Fundamental Laws 41 

the midst of Egypt, upon the borders thereof, and it, shall be for 
a sign and a witness unto the Lord," said Isaiah. It is need- 
less for learned historians to tell us, who hold the records, that 
the Great Pyramid is but six thousand years old, for we know 
it to have been built when the morning stars sang together and 
tlie "Sons of God" shouted for joy, in tliat far Edenic period, 
when Atlantis the mighty stood in her purity, where in part 
America now stands. Built at the center of the earth, as a tem- 
ple of the highest initiation, symbolic of a perfect man, four- 
square in body, mind, soul and spirit, with its white copestone, 
s>Tnbol of complete immortality, it represents the measure of the 
earth, as well as that of the universe, and the evolution of man 
through those countless ages of reincarnation now drawing to a 

Thither the Atlantians went for instruction in its galleries 
and rooms at the hands of mighty priests of the Priests of Mel- 
chisidek* and Osirian Brotherhoods, and throughout the suc- 
ceeding ages those who would attain self mastery have turned 
their footsteps toward the ancient centers. 

"The last Cumaen Song now comes," wrote Virgil, who 
prophesied that a race should arise which would be offspring of 
all races and bring to an end the ages of iron (war) and usher 
in the Golden Age. Hence it was fitting that the mottos upon 
the reverse side of our seal above and below the pyramid should 
be taken from Virgil, "Annuit Coeptis," "Prosper us in our 
daring," and "Novus ordo seclorum," "a new and select order," 
which many of us have now the honor to have entered, and 
whose door we hold open to all who will accomplish the spiritual 
work necessary. 

"The day of freedom dawned upon the earth." 

*As this book is being printed, we received information 
of two Associations using the title "Order of Melchizadek," or 
like it. One is a Spiritualistic body and the other a pure fraud. 
Neither body has the right to the title as this belongs to the 
Magi, who has used it for unknown years. Any body of men 
claiming, or using, this title does so without any authority and 
they are not members of any Order of Melchizadek. "Given 
by order of the Royal Fraternity Association, Incorporated." 

42 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

And the infinite cycle of Atlantis was begun anew," wrote a 
poet, of the American Republic. In Central America there yet 
stands a companion pyramid, key to the connection of Atlantis, 
Egypt, and now American Atlantis rising again upon the great 
cycle. Hence Arcane and Magi an learning which is the source 
of the Bible, could give no other symbolism to the young re- 
public, than that of the ancient pyramid, its copcstone and 
glory, significant of the descent of the New Jerusalem, for the 
one side, and the eagle, and the ever repeating thirteen of ^lan- 
sasseh, thirteenth tribe of Israel and the son of Joseph (the 
Britons) who was separated from his brethren in Egypt, in the 
parting asunder of northern Israel from southern Judah, and 
first to cross Europe in search of the "isles afar off," to re-estab- 
lish the ancient throne of Israel at Tava in Ireland. 

Turning the hitherto rejected reverse side of our seal to 
face the people of these United States, we remind them that they 
are called to a Great Work as offspring of all races, a mighty 
Mannasseh, whose history began in Genesis and culimantes in 
America, and by whose stripes the whole world must be healed. 
Joseph, our father, married a daughter of a priest of the Temple 
of On, in Egypt, we are told, and today one pillar of that ancient 
Temple stands in London, v/hile its mate stands in New York. 
These are reminders of our connection with Egypt, with all 
Europe, and with our father, Joseph, as an Anglo Saxon cul- 
mination of all Israel, and that through our union, between 
those pillars must all the world pass into Ephraim, or Shiloh, 
the Millenium to which Ishael alone of all nations looked for- 
ward and by the measure of whose twelve tribes the whole earth 
was apportioned. 

"The whole Bible is written in the stars, both the law and 
the gospel, while estorically the entire story of man is set forth 
upon the Fca of Manasseh. The obverse side is Israel in the Old 
Testament, the Reverse is the offspring of all Israel under the 
New Covenant, as the hope and outcome of Christianity. The 
two sides reflect each other and cannot be separated being the 
Bible in its most condensed form, summing up all old world 
history in twelve tril-ed Israel," says Professor Totten. 

Lon;^ ar^'j^ IxMore the di:?covery of America, Merlin of King 
Arthur's court v.Tute of our constellation of thirteen stars: 

Fundamental Laws 43 

**When the cock (France) shall woo the Dove (America) 
Motlier and child shall cease to love (Rebellion of colonies) 
When the cock (France) shall guard the eagle's nest (France's 

The stars (our constellation of 13) shall rise all in the west 
Then seven and six shall make but one (E Pluribus Unum) 
The Lion's might shall be undone/' 

The stars upon our seal are set in the form of a six pointed 
star or a double triangle. This was anciently called Solomon's 
Seal and was embroidered upon the curtain of the Temple, 
which hung before the Holy of Holies. At each point of the star 
was placed the symbol of an Order which set forth Arcane wis- 
dom, and no man might pass into the Holy of Holies save he had 
mastered the learning of these Orders with safety to himself, 
because of the Presence upon the altar within. 

Today in America we have the restoration of this knowledge 
in these six Orders, the Order of Illuminati, Order of Rose 
Cross, Ancient Order of Alchemists, Fraternity of Osiris, The 
Magi and AEth Priesthood. 

The especial symbol of America, aside from the pyramid 
and eagle, is the white rose, identical in meaning with the white 
stone. The constellation of thirteen stars was in early drawings 
set in a wreath of white roses, showing that the early designers 
knew the future of American individual spiritual development. 
It is Jiow drawn set in white clouds, but the white rose is ever 
the s>Tnbol of the American Rose Cross Order, and stands for 
spiritual attainment. 

Solomon's Temple was the Temple of a perfect man, and 
the Bible tells us of a three cornered cope stone which was re- 
jected, but later became the headstone of the comer. We hear 
too in Genesis of Joseph, the keeper of the "stone of Israel," and 
it was with the Magian or Holy Grail teachings that the Britons 
crossed Europe to Arsareth, Land of Betrothal (Esdras 11-13 
Chap. ) in search of a land where they might keep God's worship 
pure and undefiled. Hence through Joseph, who was separated 
from his brethren, we inherit the white stone of all Israel, cope 
stone of the pyramid, and of Solomon's Temple, that rock upon 
which Jesus reminded Peter, he should build His church, the 
rock of spiritual unfoldment within each individual, that the 

44 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

gates of hell (death) should not prevail against it. My little 
children of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed 
in you.— Gal. IV-19. 

Thus it was in keeping that an Englishman, Master of 
Heraldry, should give to the young republic, in the midst of its 
struggles to separate from the mother country, the design for the 
Great Seal, which should express the whole future of its work as 
a world teacher and exponent of the Christie teachings of the 
Holy Grail. 

VT^ The All Seeing Eye, looks down upon the ancient pyramid, 

I which too symbolizes America and all she must mean to the 
world, out of a glory, sign of the descent of the New Jerusalem. 
This emblem, the eye, is as old as man's appearance upon earth, 
being found upon ancient Chaldean monuments, Egyptian and 
Greek, while the Arabians looking upon it named the Highest 
and Holiest name of God with hushed voices and whispered, "I 
am that I am." The triangle about the eye, stood from the most 
arcane times as the emblem of the Trinity, of Osiris, Isis and 
Horus, Father, Holy Ghost and Son, as they stand today with 
us, and in which is sealed the law of the eternal three of the 
universe and of men as its highest product. "I will guide thee 

I with mine eye. — Psa. 32-8. 

^-*^ Although \\Titing is as old as Atlantis, and Adam, the only 
legend set in the Great Pyramid is esoteric, in numbers, meas- 
ures, and weights, and in them may be read the ages just com- 
pleted, and the prophesy of those yet to come. Of these great 
ages each with its leader as set forth in the application of the 
legend to the "Stone Kingdom cut out without hands," the 
greatest of all was the Master Initiate Jesus, who became the 
Christ, who descended into tlie grave and rising ascended Mas- 
ter over death, into heaven before the eyes of His disciples. Him 
esp)ecially and the return of the Christ Age, does the white cope 
stone represent, and after Him America as exponent of His 
teaching and life. America now prepares to become the head- 
stone of all the world's ages when God in the Christ shall de- 
scend to crown the edifice of human liberty and immortality 
completed, and once more the morning stars shall sing together 
and the "Sons of God" shout for joy." 

Architecture, mystic numbers, heraldry and the heavens 
themselves are telling the great race in America of their destiny 

Fundamental Laws 45 

and responsibility. As the head, body and limbs of the great 
image, made of different metals represented each Messianic age, 
a new truth, and an empire directly relating to some manifesta- 
tion of that truth, so must America represent the white stone, a 
nation fashioning itself until it shall have obtained the Mes- 
siahship over all nations, overshadowing all that has pre- 
ceded it. This cannot be accomplished until each citizen shall 
throw aside the veil which lieth over his face, shall no longer 
see through the glass darkly, but face to face, when Judah shall 
no longer vex Israel nor Israel envy Judah, but prepare to come 
together into that land which the Lord has given tnem for an in- 
heritance forever. 

The time has come spoken of by Isaiah, the prophet, when 
though the learned cannot read the book because it is sealed, 
nor the unlearned because he is unlettered, yet shall the book be 
unsealed, for the ancient wisdom applies to the individual and 
his following of the Christ in his quest of the Holy Grail, in the 
drinking of the cup of unselfishness, of his love for his neighbor 
and the stranger within the gates of our own Ellis Island, that 
the stranger may grow to the light of this republic, or carry its 
torch to other lands. 

Each fortunate heir of this glorious inheritance must seek 
the white stone which crowns the pyramid, within himself, in 
bod)', mind and soul, the Holy Trinity of each Son of God. 
Then may America realize her destiny as a city set upon a hill, 
a star that shall never go down, and the world ruler that shall 
call down the light of the New Jerusalem upon the battle scarred 
earth, the Christ to rule for a thousand years. 

Go ye therefore and teach all nations. — Matt. 28-19. 





*'The worst possible waste of time and money," said Em- 
erson, *'is to spend tlieni off the line of your career." 

There can be no greater work than God*s work of mould- 
ing souls for a better life here, and a life of immortality here- 
after, and there can be no better opportunity for undertaking 
that work than that found in teaching and parenthood, while to 
slight this all important work, or to turn aside from it when once 
trained for it or having entered parenthood, is to write failure 
across your life's fair page, to lose your own life lesson. Teach- 
ing and parenthood, may not be confined to merely the school- 
room or family for the true worker applies the trade learned to 
all children wherever encountered. 


A cliild is a soul enrolled in God's school of life. The dull, 
defective, or criminal and immoral, born under unfortunate 
conditions, fighting blindly upward toward a far gleam of light, 
hampered by poverty, scjualor, and unfortunate environment, 
are as precious in His sight as the daintily cared for darling of 
welcomed birth and refined surroundings, for Heaven cannot be 
perfect until all have reached it. 

Reco^<;nize each cliild as of God, for of such are the kingdom 
of heaven. See the Divine Spark as the light that is hidden 
within, and realize that it will not fail to flash out when kindled 
from the love and purity in the heart of the teacher or parent. 
Look for the spark and wait patiently for the flash for as you 
measure out love so shall it be returned to you. Love can be 
firm Init just, compelling respect and obedience, but eventually 
all will be love, the necessity for the sterner qualities retiring to 
tlie reserve force in the background. 

Fundamental Laws 47 

Prizing as jewels the innate qualities of love and 
teachableness in the faces looking up to us, we shall, as teach- 
ers, cultivate within ourselves reverence for each small person- 
ality as expressing the sacredness and value of a gift from God 
to us and the nation, as well as of the gift of life to the child 
from God. 

I'he child is not a chattel, nor merely one of a mass to the 
true teacher, but is an individual, and heir to a glorious repub- 
lic, life and immortality. Therefore, teacher and parent will 
appeal to the child^s higher sense and spiritual self, with confi- 
dence that he v>^ill respond to the appeal as one on the same 
plane, and with the same Fcnse of honor and understanding. 

The beautiful things of life such as poetry, or the necessary 
things in study, such as mathematics, will never be given the 
child in punishment, for that is the negative method of teaching, 
but the giving of these to learn for the love of them and in the 
sense of doing a loving act for the teacher or parent will unfail- 
im^ly arouse the love of the child for these studies, inculcating 
a sense of the beautiful and the exact. 

Love is the Throne of the Universe, and the ethical guide 
of all its movements, as it sweeps on to a far off event. Our own 
inner light is lighted from the altar before that Throne, and it 
behooves us to keep it shining and pure, illuminating our faces, 
if we would find instant response from the newly born souls, 
vvhich look up to us for guidance in daily tasks. 

Warnings of the strongest nature have hedged in the par- 
ent and teacher regarding pur care of the:ie little ones. Com- 
mands that we despise not these in our charge, nor is it the will 
of the Heavenly Father that one of tliese perish spiritually, yet 
vrc are commanded not to spare the red when all el-'c fails, lest 
the child lose its way, but rememlier to temper justice with mercy. 
The sense of justice is strong in a cliild's inner life and vrill 
practically never fail to respond to an appeal. 

Vi'c arc exhorted also by holy writ, that wanton leading 

astray of one of these little ones, should bring upon adult heads 

a punish.nient so severe that it were better a millstone were hung 

abcut his neck and he were cast into the sea. 'Tor their ancrels 

do always behold the face of the Father." 

48 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 


A continually increasing demand for teachers of higher 
ideals is noted by observers of the trend of public thought. The 
life of a man or woman leads outside his or her own schoolroom 
is becoming of more and more importance to the taxpayer. 

His religion has little to do with the life of a teacher as a 
rule, the separation of religion and ethics having been made 
many centuries ago, but tlie ethical and moral standards of the 
teaching body is coming rightly into the limelight of public 
opinion. Teachers who are in the profession for the money there 
is in it, or because it affords them a refined method of earning a 
wage, or because they have been forced to earn a livelihood in 
some way, will soon be relegated to the background, for they 
invariably lack the love for the child, and the patriotism required 
for the best needs of the nation. 

Moreover the life of the teaching force led outside their 
work is to become of more interest to the taxpayer in future. If 
a teacher is daily instructing students in a clean and righteous 
habit, is he living up to the standard of his instruction? Is he 
lecturing to or punishing boys for the cigarette habit, and in- 
dulging in a quiet smoke himself when the building is out of 
sight? Are women teachers preaching simplicity in dress and 
themselves appearing at school functions in garb suitable for an 
evening reception ? Are they teaching the evils of slang, gossip, 
and the misuse of the English language and indulging in these 
misdeeds themselves when off duty? 

The educational system is sacred to the United States, and 
its strong foundation stone, therefore the educational staff is 
dedicated to a holy work and will more and more be required to 
live up to tlie ethics of that work. 

Nor will the parent fail to regard the school building as 
sacred to the coming generation in their use of it as a neighbor- 
hood center. His conduct when in the building, the language he 
uses while near it, his tone in speaking of it before the child 
makes part of his citizenship. Teacher and parent must work 
together in upholding this bulwark of the nation, the public 
school. All schools should be public. No greater menace faces 
this country than that of a class educated apart from the ideals 
of the republic. 

Fundamental Laws 49 


The organization of neighborhood centres, Parent-Teachers' 
Associations and Mothers' Clubs, should be of inestimable value 
to the work, as it brings the people together having the same in- 
terests, gives backing to the educational staff, brings the staff 
and parent together, and induces co-operation and neighbor- 
hood education in cities, as well as in the country districts. 

Under this head might come the "Little Mothers' " classes 
held after school where girls are trained by a nurse or physician 
in the care of younger children. This is especially recommended 
in crowded districts in cities, where poverty makes little mothers 
a necessity, and the instruction should include correct bathing, 
dressing and general care of infants, diet and the serving of 
meals, cleanliness, hygiene, study of food values and combina- 
tions for young children. Here also should the warning against 
giving young children coffee or strong tea be sounded, as well as 
instruction against the eating of heavy meats, and the knowledge 
of nerve value to the healthy child, and its destruction by the 
cigarette habit be thoroughly inculcated. 

Classes after school in which courtesy and good breeding is 
taught and illustrated should be held by either the teachers or 
some mother appointed from some of the neighborhood organi- 
zations. Here the child should be trained to meet the awkward 
age which often leads to much embarrassment and suffering. To 
pass the child through this period with its attendant evils and 
with its plastic, formative era, by drill in gentleness of speech, 
and mannerism, courtesy to elders and ladies, is to serve both 
the child and nation in the most practical way, for it gives the 
public a graceful and attractive boy or girl whose gentle breed- 
ing wins half the battle in finding employment. 

Here should be discussed the cigarette habit, gum chewing, 
slang, evil report, slander, vulgar tongue, and debasing thought 
in firm but gentle leadership, drawing out opinions from the 
children as far as possible. When a child once expresses him- 
self along right lines he is apt to struggle to live up to it before 
his mates. 

A thorough handling pf the cigarette habit, and its destruc- 
tion to the nerves, as well as to self mastery, and the danger of 
thereby setting the various diseases upon the system, or open- 

50 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

ing a way for numerous ailments should have a prominent place 
in these classes in courtesy. 

Emphasize the teaching of the Holy Temple, and its clear 
windows the eyes, as the shrine of the Day-Star, from on High, 
the soul, and the fact that we are always angel guarded and are 
never alone, under the constant watch of the angel presence, a 
child who knows of this guide will be twice on guard, where not 
knowing he will be careless and slip into temptations. 

Thus the soul is twice guarded in the child's mind, and he 
assumes a personal responsibility for his own share in the work, 
for the unseen is very much closer to the child than to the adult 
who has allowed the mind to overwhelm the spiritual things of 
every day life. 

The careful teacher will steadily hold the students to the 
lessons learned in the classes in courtesy, in the matter of open- 
ing doors, offering seats, handing books or other objects with 
grace, lifting the hat, allowing a lady to pass, or the acknowl- 
edgement of the lifted hat on the part of the girls. 

Practice in the above as well as in table manners, church 
and public etiquette, should be held in these classes, and will 
prove a delight to be looked forward to as well as an instruction. 
A play written and enacted bringing in these courtesies is rec- 


Much discussion pro and con has been indulged in as to 
the advisability of giving this instruction in public schools. No 
satisfactory arrangement has so far been reached, and there still 
remains the child whose home environment is such that no in- 
struction can be received, who attends no church where spiritual 
education might be given and who becomes a menace to his mates. 

These should be under the instruction of a mother or fa- 
ther chosen from the Parent-Teachers' Association for that pur- 
pose, one in whom the Association has full confidence. Failing 
to secure such the instruction should be by the principal or a 
teacher according to the sex of the student. The surest way and 
most effective method of eradicating disease is strong and sane 
instruction along these lines while the child is young and im- 

Fundamental Laws 51 


Personal responsibility is the keynote to strength and true 
manhood and womanhood. Coercion, however, along these lines 
will develop antagonism and a non-interest in right living. 
Hence the subject must be presented to each pupil as though he 
were a rational human being, thus appealing to his pride and 
subjective self and innate sense of being, varying tlie language 
to suit the age of the student. All the years from the cradle to 
adolescence are of supreme importance in setting the habits of 
thought and character. During these years the child must be 
made to understand that he is here for a purpose, and that life 
is a glorious opportunity to grow toward God and that all think- 
ing and acting along right lines will develop a power which is to 
be used only for good. To be p)ositive for all that is pure and 
good and not half hearted in attitude, will bring greater trusts 
given into his hands. He cannot be trusted with great responsi- 
bilities until he has demonstrated that he has been faithful in 
small things. Each individual is a free agent to build for him- 
self a strong, fine cliaracter, but he must realize that no one may 
build it for him, although they may show him the way. In his 
own hands he holds a glorious future, to make or to mar, for 
life here and hereafter, transforming himself from weakness and 
inefficienc}' into strength and self-mastery. It is the way of the 
cross, with many stumblings along the path, and many back- 
slidings, with heavy burdens, which are to be made light, but the 
goal is ever above us, and though the cross be heavy we shall 
find that a crown of self-respect, responsibility and the friend- 
ship of our fellow travellers goes with it. The student must be 
reminded that man is but little lower than the angels, and he is 
set a lesson here in which to conquer life problems, for a reward 
of angelhood in an existence to come. 

Choosing the cross we gain the crown. 


"Cleanliness is next to godliness," is a familiar saying, and 
to be clean in body, live in the cleanest way possible, and upon 
the cleanest diet, and. to think the cleanest thoughts is a part of 
the building of an immortal soul. 

It requires concentration of mind, observation, application, 

B2 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

determination and will power to maintain cleanliness within and 
without in the daily habits of life, but the result is health, and 
success in place of sickness, poverty and failure, for these are 
first stepping stones to a successful life. 

The outside world judges us at a glance by our neatness in 
dress, precision in small details of bathing, cleanliness of the 
hands and fingernails and condenms or approves without waiting 
to look into the inner life. 

But we must regard the body as a holy temple in which we 
are living for awhile, never forgetting that life has been given 
us as a blessing and an opportunity to grow toward God, and 
that heavenly home whence we came. Hence we will keep this 
Body, or temple, clear of rubbish and dirt, healthy and pure by 
frequent bathing outwardly, and by pure thoughts inwardly, for 
we owe this in account with our souls, the precious trust given us. 

Beautiful well kept houses are never surrounded by rub- 
bish, straggling hedges and tumbledown fences. The condition 
of the window panes, the front door and the neatness of the chil- 
dren who issue forth from a house, set the seal of neatness or 
slovenliness upon the mother of the family. So is it set upon 
the personality of the student in his daily dress and habit of 
neatness. Neatness is not overdress or display, nor is it rags 
and carelessly made garments, but simplicity and perfection of 
the whole. 

A clean, wholesome and pleasant habitation is absolutely 
necessary to the environment of that precious gift of God, our 
soul, hence we will beware of our outward appearance lest it 
indicate a decrepit inward condition. 


Plain living and high thinking was the rule of the Pilgrims 
from many lands who formed our educational system, and upon 
which the safety of this republic rests. Forced to live in an un- 
pretentious maimer, there sprang from them some of the greatest 
statesmen of the world, who have helped found this mighty de- 
mocracy. Lincoln was a rail splitter, and Grant the driver of 
canal horses, Franklin came a penniless lad, and Washington 
enjoyed the simple country life of his Mount Vernon farm. 

Let us jealously guard each rising generation that it may 


not drift away from simple habits, which pave the only way to 
true happiness, health and a well spent life. 

Late hours, heavy foods, show in dress and entertainment, 
lead but to mental, moral and physical breakdown. To surround 
ourselves with useless bricabrac, expensive today, and valueless 
tomorrow, to load oneself v/ith flashy jewelry whether it be costly 
or cheap, to crowd our homes with expensive furniture of doubt- 
ful taste, and to entertain lavishly and showily eiftier within or 
beyond our means is by no means the ideal set for the citizens 
of tliis glorious country which is the climax of the ages. 

Laughter and play and innocent amusements are a part of 
true development. More joy may be found in amusements which 
draw out the wit, tact, alertness, courtesy and originality of the 
child tiian in the very questionable forms of entertainment, to 
such as the growing child is now frequently subjected. Heaven 
is all about us if we will but throw off the earthly trammels and 
look for it. It is in the simple white dress of the girl graduate, 
made by her own hands, in the neat suit her brother earned in 
which to stand beside her, in the pride of the father and mother, 
who realize the early lesson learned of self-dependence and in the 
hearts of the teacliers who see the school doors close in June 
beliind a class well fitted for the work of the world. 

The sensible and patriotic mother will aid the educational 
staff of the schools in holding the children to these high ideals 
of one standard for all, poor and rich alike. That will mean no 
select parties will be given to which some class mates are not in- 
vited, and which promote jealousy and ill feeling. It will mean 
tliat the wealthy parents will not display in any way upon 
graduation night, with a profusion of flowers or gifts, whicli 
may cause heartburnings among the less fortunate. 

In some schools a middy blouse and plain white skirt 
make up the dress of the class for the girls, and the calling of 
autos fcr the students or the use of them in bringing the stu- 
dents is discouraged. Walking is healthy, and heartburnings 
are unhealthy, but no more so for the good of the nation than 
the effect upon the child of daily habits of indolence and inac- 
tion in regard to outdoor life. 

Presents and collections for principles and teachers is to 
be discouraged at commencement time, because the tax upon the 
less fortunate at that time is in many cases at the highest point| 

B4 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

and here again the pride of the family and heart aches of the 
children offset any good the gift might accomplish. 

Let simplicity be the keynote of every educational institu- 
tion, and more especially of those select and private schools to 
which are sent the children of the rich. Upon these funda- 
mental principles of brotherhood and equality rests the safety 
of the nation, as well as the work she must complete for the rest 
of the world. 


Each star in the universe has its appointed place and work* 
Each tree and flower, each animal and bird, each ant and bee 
labors in its way and in keeping with its sphere. Then there 
can be no drones in the human family in God's School of the 
soul; brain and hands must be occupied, for the brain worker 
needs manual labor to balance the strain upon his nervous sys- 
tem. Let none expect to live in idleness upon the work of others, 
nor think he has the right to eat unless he has earned it in a 
legitimate way. 

"Labor is a fire of purification through which all must 
pass," said Carlyle, "and in which mental and physical poisons 
are consumed." Satan is ever busy finding mischief for idle 
hands, and the sooner all are trained to some profession or trade, 
and the knowledge of the value of the trade the sooner will Satan 
lose his oldtime occupation. 

Let each man and wcHnan go into training for some definite 
purpose or work that shall be of benefit to the race and earn a 
livelihood for themselves. The day laborer if he give honest 
work for honest wage is as important to the country as the mil- 
lionaire who works at his desk early and late that great indus- 
tries may furnish honest labor for the workman or safe invest- 
ment for the capitalist. The laborer is worthy of his hire and 
he has a God given right to live comfortably. Brain and brawn 
combined may move mountains but the two must labor together 
for the good of both and the well being of the nations. Some- 
thing for nothing cannot be the basis of well-being in this or 
any other country, but the workman must earn his wage, and 
know his trade. 

Patience and persistence in small tasks bring a reward of 
{73ater trusts Woerk r^ulates the world, creatii^^ order out of 

Fundamental Laws 55 

chaos. Do not expect happiness except through tasks well done. 
Work never hurts us, but tlie worry of an unsettled and fretful 
mind, combined with hard labor is the serpent in Eden. We 
must be proud and glad each night that we sink into a delicious 
sleep brought about by a day of faithful and honest labor, that 
has entitled us to an honest wage. "Do with thy might what 
thv hand findeth to do." 

At "Beverly Hall," even during the sessions of the Sacred 
College, the dignity of labor is recognized. 

You will find the master of the Hall, even though all the 
responsibility of maintaining harmony amongst the units, giving 
his attention to the various departments of the place just as if no 
strangers were present. You will find him, early in the morning, 
on the chicken farm, overseeing and actually working, so that 
every fowl and every chick may be well cared for. You will 
find him, even before breakfast, looking after the welfare of the 
beautiful collies in the kennels. 

But more than this, you will find him giving personal at- 
tention to every personal letter that comes in so that every stu- 
dent in the field will have personal attention, during the time 
of the sessions, just as at all other times. 

Further than this, he believes that no man or woman 
should be a drone, a parasite on society in general, and, very 
often, there are no servants at the Hall but he selects such of 
the delegates as he knows have reached a stage of true develop- 
ment where they can understand that, in order to serve they must 
first serve, and these he selects to look after the Hall, the dining 
room, even the kitchen, and, while these give good service, for 
they do their work in love, nevertheless, there are often, as one 
can well imagine, some amusing incidents connected with this 
Love service. 

Labor done in Love brings a bigger and quicker reward 
than the human parasite could obtain by following the highest 
Invocations for an eternity. 

When men and women, boys and girls, are taught that there 
may be real pleasure even in hard physical labor, then will one 
of the problems which have thrown former great civilizations in 
choas, be solved. 

B6 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 



Imagination is mind at play, builder and destroyer of all 
form in the realm of mind. We go to sleep reveling in it, and 
waken to at once take it up. That it may be working an injury 
we never consider, hence, unless reason and a determined will 
control it it drifts at will among the shoals and rocks of fear, 
pride, grief, disease, accident, the worst forms of evil and de- 
generate thought, bringing death to the soul and body. 

The student must be impressed with the danger of allow- 
ing the imagination to drift idly, on negative or evil lines, and 
aroused to the necessity of being master of this most important 
adjunct of youth. 

From the earliest days of childhood to the age of twenty- 
one, this faculty must be guarded with a strong hand, for these 
are the important formative years. 

The student must be taught that there is no time in the 
short years allotted us to let the mind drift at will, but trained 
to hold it under control every moment in beautiful, pure and 
holy images, or those of strength and uplift. 

Let him understand himself as a complete immortal spirit, 
in dominion of mind and a glorious birthright, bound to con- 
trol at will his thoughts and image-making. 

"The thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts," their 
dreams are far reaching and have a lasting influence upon the 
whole after life, because the delicate tissues are plastic. Beware 
then of the sort of imagery for which the mind is used, for by 
it a man or woman may be made or ruined. Death or invalid- 
ism, poverty and failure may be wrought by this faculty, or 
glorious achievements, mighty orations, splendid possibilities or 
dreams come true. 

Be masters of imagination and not mastered by it, thus 
becoming a blessing to all mankind, inspired and using power- 
fully, for good, this gift of God. Every achievement of man 
was first brought forth in his imagination before he wrought it 
in reality. God has given in every soul His own image, therefore 
imagination must be considered a holy thing, and of mighty soul 
building power. 


It has been said that with faith we may reioove mountains 

Fundamental Laws 57 

To become what we desire to become we must have faith in our- 
selves and in our priceless heritage of free will to become a son 
of God and all it implies. 

Every great scientific discovery, or invention, every build- 
ing, painting or piece of sculpture was produced by f aitii in the 
ability to accomplish. Faith is the substance of things hoped 
for, the evidence of things not seen. It is by faith we create the 
visible out of the invisible, and by it we overcome selfishness 
and subdue all bad passions. By faith are we brought in touch 
with purity and love, lifting us upon firm ground above the 
temptations of our appetites and passions. 

Faith in our at-one-ment with God, in our sonship of the 
Father, builds the soul into the image of the Divine Father, 
kindling the fire of His love in our hearts toward our fellow 
students and associates in every day life. 

Faith in ourselves, gives us faith, too, in the homeless, heed- 
less, friendless and outcast, for by faith in ourselves we realize 
that these too are sons of the same Divine Father as we ourselves. 
It leads us, too, to search for the Divine Spark in the unfortunate, 
to see tliat the light yet burns and to attempt to fan it to a 
greater brightness through kindness, sympathy and faith in the 
forlorn, thus instilling faith in themselves, and an ambition to 
rise again for another trial of life's opportunities and responsi- 


Be faithful every moment with all the power that is in you 
to the duty that lies next at hand. "Do with thy might that 
which thy hand findeth to do," is an ancient precept. 

It is an impossibility to live earnestly, work faithfully and 
live continually with one object in view without gathering power 
for yourself. Every victory gained is that much stored up en- 
ergy and personal force conserved for use in the future. Resist 
every temptation to omit your faithfulness to the duty at hand, 
work, study or play, and undreamed of strength will be yours. 


Be masters of memory, using it when you desire and as you 
think is for your good, and never allowing yourself to sink down 


58 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

under unpleasant thoughts. The art of forgetting is one to culti- 
vate, when it aids in removing depression. Change unpleasant 
thoughts and memories for pleasant ones of other times, thus 
changing your mental condition from despondency to happiness. 
Bird songs, happy days in the open, pleasant happenings, sub- 
stituted for nagging cares soon bring you into a cheerful frame 
of mind. Concentrate all your will power upon memory exer- 
cises, for building habits of mastery in study, work and leisure 
hours. Retain memory's treasures, and reject all that harms, 
depresses and injures the mind, for eventually they will build 
the soul and character. 

All have memories, unpleasant, pleasant and of indifferent 
value. Most dangerous, however, are those of impure stories, 
words and deeds. The sensitive mind of youth struggles often 
in vain to be relieved of them, and devils thus retained are steps 
downward. Face such with determination, and put them be- 
hind you, by substitution of pure and holy remembrances, and 
gradually the brain cells will respond and cease to repeat them. 
Beware of receiving new ones into the brain, of this character, 
Be master of memory and not allow it to master you I 


"To thine own self be true. Thou canst not then be false 

to any man." Honor and self-respect are inseparable and a part 
of the soul itself, a part of the personality. Our word once giv- 
en, must be kept, a promise to perform, an act must be made 
good, and a controlling sense of what is right, just and true, be 
an integral part of ones dignity. 

The finest sense of honor is constituted in care in perform- 
ing acts for the neglect of which we would not be punished, or 
tlie neglect of which would arouse little or no criticism. Such 
care is a most important asset in character building. A character 
so built attracts high consideration and respect from all behold- 
ers, because of its chivalry, and knighthood, high-mindedness 
and nobility. 

Stealing, lying, deceit, have no place in the makeup of the 
honorable man and woman, boy and girl. Each little lie, each 
small infringement of the code of truth, leaves a gate open by 
which greater error may enter, and sets a hard look upon the 

Fundamental Laws 59 

face, and a shifting expression in the eyes, the soul's windows, 
that he who runs may read. 

Take care that one can steadfastly gaze back into the ques- 
tioning eyes of parent, teacher and friend, and never be com- 
pelled to drop the eyelids because of some inward unworthy 
thought or memory. 

Let us keep ever in remembrance that our mission here on 
earth is to build for immortality, and that the Soul intrusted to 
our care for building is the most precious possession we have, 
and honor is the soul itself, its defense and shield. To violate 
ones word of honor, or pledge of integrity is a deep disgrace 
whicli will bring us a bitter reaping in years to come, by open- 
ing the way to greater violation of all that is sacred and holy in 
our personal temple. 


Hand in hand with honor goes courtesy. Good breeding is 
expressed by the courteous recognition of the rights of others. 
Whether our courtesy is appreciated by a smile or thanks from 
those to whom we offer it or is passed carelessly by without rec- 
ognition, does not concern us. Our duty is to ourselves, for our 
own character and its building concerns us far more than lack 
of appreciation from those with whom we come in contact. 

Nor will we criticise those who thus fail in courtesy to us, 
remembering God judges them and us. It is ourselves alone we 
must look out for. 

It is the little things of every day life that count most in 
character building, and good breeding. The hat removed in the 
elevator, or in the presence of ladies, and older persons is obli- 
gatory upon the builder of a fine presence and personality. 

To remain seated in the presence of ladies or older persons, 
to fail to offer seats in street cars, the churches, or other public 
places, to selfishly fill the air about us with tobacco smoke, 
offensive to the average woman, to eat peanuts and throw the 
shells around in public, to chew gum in the face of the inoffen- 
sive and innocent fellow passenger on a street car, or other 
public vehicle, to talk loudly, use slang, boast, whistle and sing, 
expectorate or eat lunches in an offensive manner injures the 
perpetrator of the unmannerly offense far more than it does the 

60 SixTY-EiGHTi-i Convocation 

silent endurer of it, for it leaves an indelible mark upon our 
courteous habit of life hard to eradicate. 

Here must we be absolutely selfish and look out for the fu- 
ture of our whole life, lest we later present an awkward, un- 
gainly appearance and person much to be dreaded by all well 
bred society. 

The girl who fails to thank the gentleman for the seat ten- 
dered, door opened or acknowledges the little courtesies of hat 
lifting or favors offered fails in her duty to herself far more 
than the boy, guilty of discourteousness for woman is the finer of 
the human race, and with her the race falls or rises. She has 
twice the responsibility, and dignity of position in the case. 


Be master of your habits and not mastered by them. Watch 

jealously each creeping thought or act that it be healthy and of 
good report lest an evil habit crystalize itself upon you. Char- 
acter is completed habit, and you will fail or succed in the same 
ratio as you master tliought habits first, and then put into physi- 
cal habit. Aimless, careless thinking is degenerating to both 
body and mind, while a lax irresponsible mind will imagine it- 
self to be the victim of circumstances which it created and for 
which it must suffer the consequences. 

Carelessly leave some gate in your mind ajar, and your most 
valued forces will pass out, which you may need at a crucial 
moment. Habits of allowing opportunities to slip away will 
finally prevent any more coming your way. Force your mind by 
daily thought to build right habits. Mind is all powerful, but 
it is but a maclaine by which we grow habits. It is but the 
boy's mind which leads him to take up the detestible weed, to- 
bacco, which wreaks a first terrible vengeance upon him, and 
then by his persistence, conquers his physical resistance, and 
settles itself upon him as a habit which wrecks his nervous sys- 
tem, and his self mastery. 

The nerves are the electric wiring of the body, subject to 
every play of thought. Tobacco drugs them into insensibility, 
and later opens the way to every disease. More deadly as a habit 
than alcohol, because more insidious, it fastens upon the child 
through her mind. Right habits of thought inculcated in the 

Fundamental Laws 61 

perilous days of adolesence and before, form a wall of resistence 
when under temptation all through life. Never say you cannot 
control a thought, forget an injury, avoid interruption in neces- 
sary duties, that a good thing is an impossibility or that you 
cannot accomplish a task set before you or break off a bad habit 
you find you are forming. 

Mind is a machine, given us to build a perfect life and an 
immortal soul. Let us see to it we are masters of that machine, 
and not allow it to master us. Let us be transformed by renewal 
of our minds. 


Man is possessed of a soul, spirit, body and a mind which 
ordinarily rules over him in his personal kingdom. Mind must 
not be allowed to thus usurp man's throne, for while we are to 
regard mind as important, and its training as necessary, we are 
by no means to bow down blindly before mentality as a god. 
Overmental development is a dangerous thing leading to crime, 
unbalanced judgment, self conceit, insanity and an undeveloped 
soul in the life to come. 

Ancient philosophers likened mind to water, because it was 
never at rest, therefore mind must be subjected to our will, and 
guided and held firm for good, lest it run away with us through 
our imagination and the senses which are ever at play upon it. 

Concentration along stated lines of study is the best method 
of controlling mind, and making it subject to the will of the 


Each student should realize that he is possessed by a 
Divine will and also has a will of his o\\ti. His own will must 
be in harmony with tlic Divine will, guiding him through trust in 
the ever ruling Divine will, but his own will must dominate his 
impulses, desires and imagination in order to keep him in tune 
with the Divine will. 

A weak will does not exist, but a will may be obstructed and 
damned up by fear, desire, grief and selfishness. Convincing 
the cliild of this obstruction allows his will to flow into the will- 
stream of the Universal will, and is the sure way to accomplish- 
ing all good, while keeping the will strong. 

62 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

Aggressive, forceful brute will, never wins in the end, but 
the deep, calm, steady flowing will, wins eventually. Apart from 
God our wills are powerless for good, but will and interest 
united to God redeems the world and works miracles of Divine 
power. Let teacher, parent and student determine to be at one 
with the Divine will, and there will be no such word as "fail." 

Consider each obstacle merely a test, putting all your mind 
power behind your will, saying ever I will, and not "I hope ta" 


There is a still small voice within each of us, which speaks 
to us when we do wrong. It is the voice of intuition or the voice 
of the soul, and it is more than that for it is the voice of God 
speaking within us to warn us of our Divine origin, our subjec- 
tion to the treacheries of a carnal mind and our pilgrimage 
through earth life in quest of the completion of immortality. 

We cannot hide from the voice of conscience, for the soul is 
the living, immortal part of us, but we can stifle it, deny it, and 
refuse to listen until it grows weaker and weaker, and its light 
dies out of our eyes. If we persist to the bitter end the Divine 
Spark, whicli was given us from God, will die out and return to 
Him from whence it came, leaving us little above the animal 

Soul or conscience has been called subjective mind, indur- 
ance to the strong, objective mind of the brain. To each of us 
it is the Christ crucified within ourselves upon the cross of the 
daily temptations of life. It is the most priceless gift of God, 
and daily we abuse, and subject it to indignity. 

But if we steadily learn to listen to the little voice it will 
grow stronger until it controls our lives, and we become more 
and more like God. We must think of it as a pure white flame 
burning upon our inner altar. We may feed it with pure and 
holy thoughts, and it rewards us with untold happiness. All the 
powers of the body center at this white shrine within us, which 
sends out the warning when we do wrong. Will, imagination, 
anger, fear, hate, love, evil thoughts, unhappy memories, spir- 
itual laziness, play upon the mind which builds or tears down 
this holy flame, the soul. The soul and conscience are all love, for 
God is love, hence the little voice i3 one of love, God's own 

Fundamental Laws 63 

daily protection over us, speaking directly down to us from His 
mighty throne. 

Conscience is the voice of the angel of the shrine of the soul 
within us. We will guard that angel that it may never leave us 
imtil we follow it to the gates of heaven itself. 


Judge not, for through the workings of the Great Law God 
takes this task upon Himself. We cannot know what individual 
weakness may cause our brother to stumble and fall, nor is it 
for us to decide when unfortunate inheritances or physical weak- 
nesses bring suffering upon ourselves through another, what 
especial form of punishment shall be meted out to the offender, 
that is God's work, and we wisely assume the attitude of a 
spectator, knowing the Great Law of compensation never fails 
to act. 

Each must reap his sowing, and although we may help or 
advise, or protest in a kindly way, we must remain silent as to 
pronouncing judgment, and refrain from the carrjung out of 
revenge. If one seemingly more fortunate in worldly position 
or wealth, reviles and scorns us, attempting to push us from the 
path of progress or attainment, forget not the spectator's atti- 
tude of calmly looking on, but return good for evil, remembering 
that we ourselves may have committed the same fault toward 
another, and this is but our reaping, while as for this offender, 
the Law never fails. 

Each victory won, over self in such a trying time, builds 
strength for us and makes the next trial easier. Revile not, 
either those who offend you or those who prove false to all that is 
holy, for tomorrow may see you lying in the same ditch of 
wrong doing as the fellow traveller who so offends. 

In His own good time God judges, and in His own way 
he meets out justice with the same measure we have measured 
it to our fellows. 


God is a God of love and not of hate, although He has been 
called a God of hate, because by the breaking of His laws by 
man, the inevitable punishment descended upon the human race. 


64 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

God cannot be bought, and neither can He be hired to forgive. 
He punishes no one, but He does not prevent the working out of 
the laws which we set in motion the moment we commit an evil 
act toward another or toward ourselves. 

The Great Law of "As ye sow so shall ye reap," acts in 
several ways. For example: ordinarily we must pay the penalty 
for a wrong done another, but there are wrongs we may commit 
which we find it impossible to right. To offset these we may 
instead perform some act of kindness for another, thus lessening 
the penalty of our reaping for the evil we were unable to make 
right. If we give a note for borrowed money, the day ynll surely 
come when that money will be required of us, but in life's lessons 
we may pay out the note by faithful work, in this way offsetting 
the debt of wrong doing when it becomes due. Thus we gradu- 
ally learn to guard our tongues from evil and mischievous speak- 
ing, our minds from evil thoughts, our eyes from evil sights, and 
our souls from harm. This is the foundation of the technique 
for self mastery, patiently to be acquired in daily life. God's 
lessons are given each hour to learn. Master them patiently and 
bravely, and as we cheerfully work out each wrong done an- 
other or forgive those done us we grow daily stronger. As we 
progress each good act performed for the wrong we have com- 
mitted is passed to our credit by the Recording Angel who 
watches over us all. It is worse than useless to waste time in 
censure and bitterness toward others, but rather let us reflect and 
determine if we had not earned the reprisal received for some act 
committed thoughtlessly against a fellow being. The law never 
teaches "An Eye for an Eye," but rather "overcome evil with 


The animals, birds, flowers and vegetations are God's little 
ones who devoid of power of speech and subject to man, and of 
another plane of existence climb the ladder of evolution below 

To man they look up as to an elder brother, and on man 
they depend for their well being and very existence. Man has 
been so untrue to his trust that the birds of the air fly in terror 
before him and the innocent brute creation regards him as an 
enemy. This is because he has needlessly maimed, hurt and 

Fundamental Laws 65 

destroyed them. Thou shalt not kill, applies to the animal crea- 
tion as well as to the human race, for man has little need of 
animal food, nor does he gain by useless experiments upon the 
helpless bodies of his fellow creatures. For every deed commit- 
ted against the denizens of the lower kingdom, wantonly, cruelly, 
and idly we pay the price in a mark set upon our faces, minds 
and soul. 


Because the Great Law of "As ye sow" is absolute, and 
just, and because all men reap only that which is due them, 
should not prevent us from helping others when in need or when 
requested to help them. 

Our full sympathy must go out to that fellow traveller upon 
the path with ourselves, whose ignorant sowing or unfortunate 
mistakes have brought a bitter reaping. All help given to others 
is that much credit passed to our account with God, thus paying 
some of our own debts which otherwise we might not be able to 
pay save by supreme suffering and loss. 

Often it may be that the best help we can extend to our 
neighbor, is to help him to help himself. To think for him, find 
him work, or to see that his self respect and personal responsi- 
bility is not injured by our assistance. A kind word and a sym- 
pathetic glance often go much farther than actual physical as- 
sistance. At no other time will the inner Spirit so plead with 
you if you but listen to it, than when you are confronted, with 
opportunities to assist those in your intimate surroundings, who 
are struggling with the dibilities, of mistakes, sickness, poverty, 
humiliation, sins or lack of will power to help themselves. 

To listen to the inner voice of conscience, to act upon the 
good advice it gives, is to become one with God, and to know 
God's law. Every instance in which we conscientiously do this, 
enables us next time to meet the case with surer judgment, with 
less self questioning and embarrassment. 

"Who gives himself with his alnxs feeds three 
Himself, his suffering neighbor and Me." 

— Brotherhood in Charity. 

A new light in the eyes, a fresher bloom to the cheek, un- 

66 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

known delights and dangers, awkwardness and self conscious- 
ness in the boy, with moods and tempers in the girl. Dreams 
and imagination, lack of vim in study and work, mark the en- 
trance into the danger zone of sex consciousness. 

But at no time will instruction concerning the soul and all 
it stands for be so well received and be so necessary as at this 

God cannot send souls into the world without the help of 
both men and women. Men must become industrious, clean 
lived and pure to become good fathers. Women must be patient, 
self controlled and chaste to become good mothers, and the 
greatest, most sublime work men and w'omen can engage in and 
the work which brings them nearest to God and makes them His 
co-worker, is that which brings them together in holy love, and 
Vvhich rears around them a sacred home, shelter for the little 
children which they bring up in His name. 

The love between man and woman is holy, and on no ac- 
count will we listen to play, story or speech which drags that 
holy love in the dust, neither will we look upon any picture or 
book, which belittles or betrays holy and pure love, for to do so 
would be a danger to ourselves and a disrespect to those parents 
to whom we owe obedience, and w^ho have in love built our 
earthly temples and kept them so faithfully in sickness and 
health, a lack of respect for ourselves. 

The soul is the shrine of love, within the temple of the body, 
it is of God, and the Christ within ourselves, and can only reach 
perfection through keeping the body in the highest state of 
purity and cleanliness through obedience to God's law. 

Each morning looking in our mirror we may tell, by the 
soul-light in our eyes, whether we are keeping the shrine pure, 
and each evening we may review the day, and note whether the 
mind has kept guard over its temptations. Woman's whole life 
is bound up in love, she is its custodian and keeper of its slirine 
for the whole human race. She is man's equal in every respect 
save strenjL,th of body, but she is his superior in the spiritual 
qualities that guard the home, the race, and the soul. She is 
supreme in her own sphere. 


In the girl's hands rests the most important part of the na- 

Fundamental Laws 67 

tion*s future. At the earliest age possible this responsibility 
should be impressed upon her. 

Her dignity, the gentle whiteness of the soul she has been 
given to guard and keep, must be taught her. 

In the pairing off and foolish mating ideas which begin to 
appear by the eighth year, experience shows the girl is much 
more to blame than the boy. She early forgets the simple com- 
radeship of school life, and becomes the temptress. 

The teacher and parent will take the matter strongly in 
hand at the first appearance, reprove any silly conversation 
going on among the elders, or joking on this most serious subject. 
Plavs and entertainments that lead in this direction must be 
avoided by the child, and her mind kept fully occupied by study, 
play of healthy nature and work . 

The average very young girl has too little to do. She must 
begin some form of helpful manual labor at the earliest possible 
age, and all tendency to avoid steady occupation and responsi- 
bility for some part of the household machinery be combated 
steadily by the parent. 

Neatness, daintiness, thoroughness and purity, self respect 
and self reliance are fundamentals of girl character. 

That she is the finer side of the human race must not be 
forgotten, and that she owes herself, dignity and respect in 
order to expect it at the hands of her boy playmates. Hence 
she will doubly guard her lips and thoughts that no taint may 
come upon her girPs purity and self respect. To lower herself 
in the eyes of boy companions is to inflict upon them an injury, 
and upon her sex a disgrace. Woman's importance begins with 
the earliest years, for no nation ever rose higher than its women. 
She is the race barometer, and with her purity, and cultivation 
along right lines nations stand or fall. 


Teacher and parent will combat insensible efforts made to 
pair off the children by foolish friends and classmates, keeping 
ever the comradeship, and brother and sister idea and influence 
in the foreground. 

Sweethearts naturally are attracted to each other by the time 
the students have reached the age adolescence or shortly before. 
Any undue attention called to mating, or undue forcing of this 


68 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

subject upon the attention of the cliildren must be met with 
strength and determined opposition, for the healthy child mind 
must be kept clear of this subject until well formed, and the habit 
of clean thoughts and right action be well set. 

Guarding the mind from evil stories, and words, the mem- 
ory from the impression of evils recorded, must be impressed 
upon the child in these years before adolesence, that a firm 
foundation may be laid for this trying time of unknown and 
little understood temptation. 

The holiness of the body, as a temple of the soul, the free 
will of the owner to make or mar its purity must be strongly set 
forth by the parent or teacher. Personal responsibility for the 
white soul entrusted to the child^s keeping, will be readily un- 
derstood by tlie child, and it will see at once the need to pre- 
serve this shrine from vulgar words and acts, or evil influences 
by which it may be surrounded. 

The boy will see that the delicate girl comrade is to be rev- 
erenced by the stronger playmate. She is to be protected, helped 
over rough places, shielded from evil words and acts, by him as 
a guardian of all that is good and pure. Mentally she will meet 
him on his ovm ground, but physically he must realize his 
strength and never use it against her, but only for her protection. 

All natural and healthy childish amusements which bring 
out the originality and self development should be encouraged 
especially before the age of adolescence, in preparation for the 
new consciousness of sex difference which arise about that time. 
Speaking and spelling contests, games which give pleasure and 
teach strength of character, and healthy rivalry should be plan- 
ned. Keep the mind occupied, when not engaged in study, thus 
Satan will find less occupation. 


The time of happiness and dreams, jealousies and self dis- 
trust, must be met firmly, and the whole attention of the student 
held as far as possible to his own personal responsibility and 
development for a life work quite regardless of the ripples of 
friendships, and their attendant pleasures and pains. 

Discussion with them in private classes or individually, of 
the bases of all cosmic force, and its God-like purity, its dan- 
gers, and their own free will in the matter to make or mar their 


Fundamental Laws 69 

own lives. Plain talks upon the wonderful privilege of a home 
of their own, barred and banded from the outer world in holy 
love, must be given, emphasis being put upon the fact that where 
love is not, there can be no lasting foundation, and that to marry 
without love is to drag the holiest gift in the mire, hence each 
girl should be taught to train for an independent self supporting 
life, that she may never be tempted to marry for support alone, 
for convenience, or for wealth. 

The dignity of woman, and her importance to the world, her 
duties as a mother or assistant to some other mother, is vital. 
That she insist upon her dignity and self respect when with boy 
companions, in a sensible manner is the surest way to win esteem 
from the opposite sex, as well as to teach them the spiritual su- 
periority of woman. 

Boys will never attempt familiarity with such a girl, or to 
smoke cigarettes in her presence, be rude, or careless in lan- 
guage, invite her to a questionable place or play, if the girl 
stands steadfastly for her own dignity as a habit. This does not 
mean a stiff, and stately demeanor, calculated to freeze all life 
and gaiety, but rather a protecting inner shell built about the 
person which shall shield through all fun and recreation, any 
approach to the debasement of the love force and holiest shrine 
within each student. 

Through these lessons we prepare them for the time of 
motherhood and fatherhood, its responsibilities and pleasures, 
and by which they become co-workers with God, in the rearing 
of immortal souls for His kingdom in heaven. 

"For have I not a right to be as wholesome and as pure as she. 
Who thro the years so glad and free, moves gently onward to 
meet me." 

— ^True Knight of the 20th Century. 

We have been pilgrims of the night, but we may make our 
way a path of light. Brothers and sisters, children of the one 
Father, we climb together the ladder upward to Him who gave 
us the glorious opportunity of life. 

Tliere is no other way to reach God and Heaven save by 
individual effort, and the building of an immortal soul by daily 
self conquest. In God's sight one child is the same as another, 

70 SixTY-KiGHTH Convocation 

and He loves all alike. If we are on difTerent rounds of the 
ladder it is because of our ovvn weakness. There are as manv 
mansions in Heaven as there are conditions of men on earth. We 
are our brother's keeper in every sense of the word, for his well 
being is bound up with ours, his sorrows prevent our complete 
happiness. If he is sick, poor, out of work, or suffering from his 
bad habits it is our duty to assist him with a remedy as far as 
in us lies, or as far as his self respect allow. 

Each of us is a citizen in a glorious country, destined to lead 
the world to freedom, truth and light, but that leadership can- 
not be attained if a part of the country's populace is poverty 
stricken and ignorant, or lacking in the self respect which makes 
for true manhood. All nations are represented in our public 
schools. Their representatives are here by God's decree to learn 
the most wonderful lessons given any nation. Revile not the 
stranger for God has sent him to us, and he is not only our 
brother, but the stranger within our gates. Therefore he is 
doubly sacred and in need of our aid and patience. America 
stands for the coming in of the Christ age, and by the stars and 
stripes of our flag shall all the nations be healed, through the 
teaching of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God. 
We must learn brotherhood in the strongest sense of the word, 
sharing with the stranger his every triumph over the difficulties 
with which he is hampered. 

"Love one another as I have loved you." 


"Humanity with all its fears 
With all the hopes of future years 
Hangs breathless on thy fate." 

America is the dream of the ages, foretold by all great 
prophets, sages, poets and philosophers as the Shiloh of rest to 
war worn nations, the Manasseh of Israel who should prepare 
the way for Ephraim, the Perfect One, the Golden Age. 

Our pilgrim fatliers fled from a despotic government to 
brave the savage and the untried wilderness in quest of a land 
of liberty, and here they established a Pl\Tnoulh Rock of re- 
liijious freedom and moral culture. They have been followed by 
millions of the down trodden and oppressed from every nation 
under tl:e sun seeking also liberty, light, education and a better 
life. Ellis Island is the coming Plymouth Rock of America. 


Fundamental Laws 71 

The whole world now turns to America as the leader in 
commerce, mental achievement, democracy and the one nation 
alone fitted to give the much needed religious leadership. But 
before she can guide the waiting nations to a just industrial 
democracy, to respect for science and expert knowledge, to an 
art that is beautiful without danger of decadence, to free citi- 
zenship that is also efficient, to a system of internal dealing that 
is just and generous and to a firm understanding of ethics and 
religion that shall be lasting we must first demonstrate our self 
accomplishment and mastery of these much desired qualities, 
and that can only be accomplished through a perfect educational 
system that shall include individual spiritual development be- 
ginning with the home, tlie parents, the teacher, and above all, 
the child. 

Vv'licre other nations have attempted to force their culture 
upon the world by war and conquest, America must first dem- 
onstrate that she herself has acquired one worthy of imitation 
and before she can convince the world that the unhappy religious 
question of all ages is capable of a happy solution she must 
stand a living example. 

Each of us bears upon his shoulders this responsibility, and 
each child is a foundation stone in the temple v;e rear, and of 
unexampled importance. If America fails, the world declines 
into darkness, for she is the light of the world. If we fail in cur 
duty to ourselves in the building of strong personality and 
Christie character, we fail in our duty to our countr}' and s^.e 
suffers accordingly, and we fail again if we neglect the foreign 
brotjier and lister and his offispring within our confines. 

I'>ach must accept the situation as a holy trust from the 
God of the nations and each be ready to establish a strength and 
clearness of sight witliin liimsclf that shall ena!:>le him to lift 
the burden and carry forward to completion the principles of 
justice and equality for all, which the fathers planted at tlie 
founding of tliis republic, and which was emphasized by the 
mystic seal in its pyramid and copestone, its eagle symbol of 
freedom, and its constellation of thirteen stars, the statue of lib- 
erty in New York harbor, and tliat other figure, standing upon 
the capilol at Washington, v/hich, with drawn sword, faces the 
east, whence anciently came all that wisdom which shall hence- 
forth be the peculiar property of America. 


72 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

America is divinely appointed of God to teach the world 
the meaning of tlie white stone, or the spiritual kingdom within 
each man and woman, which shall be the healing of the nations, 
and which makes for true brotherhood under the law of the 
Divine Fatherhood the equality of man and woman and tlie rec- 
ognition of woman as the highest spiritual human representative. 

God gave us the privilege of being bom in this glorious land 
or of having adopted her as our mother-land. To be unfaithful 
to her and the principles upon which she is founded is to be un- 
faithful to all that is high and holy within ourselves and to God. 
Let us reverence then, as sacred, her stripes whidi shall heal 
the nations, her stars that shall lead them upward to God, her pa- 
triots that have suffered for her principles, and tread in their 
footsteps by conducting ourselves with the dignity befitting a 
citizen and voter of the mightiest nation the ages have yet seen. 

Fathers and mothers that now are, and mothers and fa- 
thers yet to be, each bears in his forehead the mark of personal 
responsibility for this country of light and hope, that shall bring 
the world to a knowledge of God and His laws, and the immor- 
tality of the soul, the Christ within, and peace. 

"We are heirs of all the ages 
Foremost in the ranks of time." 

Go ye therefore and teach all nations. — Matthew 28-19. 


The student who is earnestly seeking first principles and 
fundamentals is confronted with great confusion of thought in 
the religious and philosophical world of today. In addition to 
the principle religious institutions, there are hundreds of sects, 
cults and religious societies, every one claiming to teach truth, 
and yet every one using terms differently; so that the student is 
bewildered by the multiplicity of conflicting opinions and inter- 
pretations. All this confusion may be traced to lack of proper 
understanding of Divine law and to the fact that most of the 
misconceptions are based on theory and not on real knowledge. 

The question of sin is an all absorbing and important mat- 
ter for the reason that every individual every minute of the day 
and every day of his life is confronted with it. From the cradle 
to the grave we are called upon to make correct decisions as to 
our conduct; and as conduct is inseparably bound up with the 
true understanding of sin, we will be better prepared to cope 
with the problems of life, if we first grasp the fundamental 
meaning of sin. 

What is sin? We will understand this question better if 
we arrive at a better grasp of our relationship to God and his 
laws. As Man is an integral part of the universe in which he 
lives, and since the universe is the image held in the mind of 
God, Man lives, moves and has his being in the mind of God. 
God is love, the all, life and law. We know God through 
the love that is in us and by the visible manifestations of har- 
mony, law and order which governs the universe. We cannot 
conceive of the universe without associating with the thought — 
law, harmony and order. If law and harmony did not exist, 
chaos would prevail. From the study of nature, the considera- 
tion of planetary systems, and our observations of life from the 
simplest to the most complex forms, we arrive at the conclusion 
that law and harmony is the fundamental basis of creation. In 
reality there is but one law. God is one and the all, and 
there is one law that prevails in the universe. It is the law of 

74 SiXTY-EiGiiTii Convocation 

love. All other laws are but restatements of this one law of 
Love. Every phase of life manifests this law. We speak of the 
attraction of atoms for each other. This is the expression of this 
law on tlie lowest plane of life. There is one God, and there is 
one law. And God and tlie law are the same. God is the law, 
or God is love. 

We speak of the ten commandments of God. But in reality 
these laws resolve themselves back to one law, the law of Love. 
For, if we love, we cannot hate, we cannot steal, we cannot lie, 
we cannot defraud and w^e cannot commit adultery. To love, 
or to live in accordance with the great law of love is to fulfill all 
other laws. God is love, and love is life. Therefore to love is 
to live and grow. 

All rules of conduct are merely the different aspects of this 
one law of love. Therefore our problems become simplified if 
we measure every thought and every act by tlie one great law of 
love. Love is the standard of the universe. All thoughts and 
acts of man tliat conform with the law of love are desirable and 
in harmony with the Divine Intelligence, and all thoughts and 
acts that are contrary to the law of love are undesirable and in- 
harmonious. Therefore all thoughts and acts that are contrary 
to the law of love constitute sin. Our one great law is love. If 
we think and act in accordance with love, sin will have no place 
in our being. But whatever we think and do that does not 
measure up to tlie law of love results in sin. 

When one loves, he will not kill, he will not harm others, 
he will not hate, he will not l)e angry with his brother, he will 
not l)e envious or covetous. How helpful then is the understand- 
ing of this great law in the solution of right thinking and right 
doing. We cannot go wrong and commit error or sin if we love. 

Sin may l^e considered from another aspect. All thoughts 
and deeds arc c'lhcr constructive or destructive, positive or nega- 
tive, u]3-]>u:l(ling or down-tearing. Love is positive, construc- 
tive and up-ljuil(h'ng. Therefore, any act or thought which does 
not conform to love is of a destructive and negative character 
and constitutes sin. 

The question of sin is based on the understanding of Di- 
vine law and not on man-made law. It is possible to break 
man-made law (if not based on Divine law of love) and still 
not be coniniitilng sin. Thus if priestly custom forbade the 


Fundamental Laws 75 

healing of the sick on the Sabbath, if one violated this law, one 
would not be committing sin, for the reason that the act was not 
contrary to the Divine law of love. On the contrary, if one 
would obey this man-made law and omit to render service to a 
brother in distress, he would be committing sin by breaking a 
Divine law. And this latter case proves tliat one may live in 
harmony with man-made law and yet be committing sin against 
Divine law. Therefore, this gives us to understand that Divine 
law precedes man-made law and is the higher law that should 
govern the conduct of man. 

In the consideration of this subject we must recognize the 
fact that it is of prime importance to distinguish between sin as 
it is popularly conceived and which is based on customs and 
tlieolo^^^ical dogmas, which may or may not be founded on Divine 
law, and sin which is the result of breaking the Divine and 
universal law of love. In the former case, we have to consider 
that most of the rules f^joveming the conduct of Man have been 
given us by priestcraft, who have not always interpreted the 
Bible correctly, and who for the most part have instituted cus- 
toms to be observed by the people, so as to give the priesthood 
more authority over the masses. For, in the dependence of the 
masses upon the priesthood for their religious guidance, and not 
upon the law of I.ove, lies most of their misconceptions as to the 
true meaning of sin. History shows us the record of creeds, 
dogmas and rules for the guidance of conduct, which were given 
the people by priesthoods at various times, and which were ad- 
hered to strictly in their day only to be discarded to the scrap 
heap letter. For instance, at one time it was considered a sin 
according to theological dogma to pluck and eat corn on the 
Sa]/i)ath. But the ^Master Jesus proved the fallacy of such a 
thou.<^]it. There is a sect that considers it a sin to shave the 
beard, Imt we cannot sec how the act of shaving is contrary to 
the Divine law of love. The repjulations of pleasures, recrea- 
tions, observances as to dress and conduct on the Sal)bath as well 
as on all otiicr days that liave been instituted l)y priesthoods, in 
all times, to govern the lives of the people, have not always been 
br^.sed on Divine law. So that the act of going contrary to forms, 
customs, ceremonies, creeds and dogmas, for the most part, does 
not constitute sin. 

Divine law is universal. It not only governs man, but 

76 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

worlds and universes. It is eternal, it was, it is and it will ever 
be. While man-made law is temporal and changeable. 

The greatest crimes in the world's history have been com- 
mitted in the name of God and religion. For instance, the 
Spanish inquisition, the Crusades and the various Massacres in 
almost every land, were instigated and approved by the authori- 
tative churches of their day. It was considered holy and Godly 
to kill in order to save souls. While, we, today, reflect with 
horror upon reading the pages of history smeared with blood. 
It was not considered a sin to kill in the name of religion, while 
we today consider killing a violation of the law of love. 

Mankind has been taught falsely to regard traditions, cus- 
toms and formal observances as constituting religion; so that 
the people think that if they live up to these traditions, customs 
and formal observances they are truly religious and Godly; while 
if they break these customs and traditions they consider them- 
selves as sinning. They pay little or no attention to the desires 
of the heart and their thoughts, overlooking the fact that the 
quality of their desires and thoughts determines whether they 
sin or not. At the time of Jesus, the Pharisees considered it a 
sin for an individual to eat with unwashed hands. To them 
Jesus said, "For out of the heart proceed all evil thoughts, mur- 
ders, adulteries, fornication, thefts, false witness, blasphemies; 
these are the things which defile a man, but to eat with unwashen 
hands deflleth not a man." 

How important it is for man to guard the desires of his heart 
and his thoughts far more so than living up to religious cus- 
toms! For the quality of the desires and thoughts determines 
whether a man sins or not. Thoughts are either constructive, 
positive and up-building or destructive, negative and down- 
tearing. If our thoughts conform to the law of love, they are 
constructive and positive; for God is love and love is growth. 
But the harboring of destructive thoughts is what constitutes 

The mind of man is his builder and creator, and it is with 
the mind that man must begin; and his first step to live a Godly 
life is to cleanse his heart of evil or sinning desires and his 
mind of destructive or sinning thoughts. Here undoubtedly we 
are confronted with man's most troubles. For in thinking 
thoughts that cause injury to himself and others does he sin. 

Fundamental Laws 77 

For, here, too, the standard of measure of our thoughts and de- 
sires must be Love. If our thoughts and desires are loving, we 
are free from sin; but if they are not loving, then we are truly 
sinning. Thus, envy, greed, malice, jealousy, worry, hate and 
similar destructive thoughts are sinful, and cause injury not only 
to ourselves but to others. 

Thought precedes the act. A wrong thought is as evil as 
a wrong deed. To think contrary to Divine law is just as much 
sin as to commit a wrong. Jesus said, "Whosoever looketh on a 
woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her al- 
ready in his heart." The worldly world stops at deeds, but 
never give much consideration to the tremendous power for good 
or evil and their desires and thoughts have. 

Man of all creation was given a mind with which to build 
and to create. He uses mental power or force to accomplish 
definite results. Mental power or energy in itself is neutral, but 
the direction or use to which this power or force is given deter- 
mines good or evil. And as Man is a free moral agent, it is his 
option to choose his mental powers for good or evil. But man 
chooses to use his mental powers for the accomplishment of sel- 
fish and destructive desires which results in sin. 

Thought radiates in vibrations, and these thought vibra- 
tions are either constructive or destructive in character. And 
as these vibrations first pass through the individual, they affect 
him first, and will be for his health and up-building or for his 
ill and down-tearing. For disease and sin are one. Here we see 
how important it is to hold the mind in the proper attitude of 
thinking constructive and loving thoughts. We all know how 
destructive thoughts bring about physical disturbances in the 
body. Disease is the result of sinning through the mind. 

Just as unloving thoughts constitute sin, so improper care 
of the body leading to disease means sin. Man is endowed with 
a body to sustain him. It was of no use to his mind and soul, 
there would have been no necessity for its existence. The body 
is the foundation of Man's being, and the prop on which he 
leans. The mind and the soul depend for its strength and growth 
on the condition of the body. How important, therefore, is it to 
give the body proper care? A knowledge of hygienic and die- 
tary laws should be well understood and practiced. To treat the 
body carelessly, to feed it with improper food and drink, and to 

78 bixTY-EiGHTH Convocation 

overtax its strength, constitutes sin. For, in as much as the 
body is the handiwork of God, who out of His love for Man, 
gave him an earthly temple, it becomes imperative for !Man not 
to neglect his body. Thus we see that, by breaking the law of 
love in not caring for the body properly, docs Alan sin. 

The greatest sin that Man commits is sin against his soul, 
for the soul is his real and Divine self. The Bible tells us that 
"The soul that sinncth it sliall die." When Man uses the fires 
of his soul for lust and when he wastes his soul and energ)' for 
sensual gratification, in time he dissipates his soul fires, and he 
ceases to be an individualized being. This means "the wages 
of sin is death." The meaning of life is individualization and 
the accumulation of soul fire. He builds his soul through over- 
coming and transmuting base passion into pure gold of love. 
For love, God, soul and fire are one. It is therefore Man's duty 
to transmute his sensuous desires into higher love; for such de- 
sires if directed towards lust and base passion, tend to dissipate 
some of the fires of the soul, and in time totally destroys the 
soul. !Man must do as Moses did. "As Moses lifted the serpent 
in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up." 

We have defined the meaning of sin and what constitutes 
sin. Every individual of the race of Man is the result of past 
and present deeds and misdeeds against his body, mind and 
scul. Sin is the effect of a cause or causes, the result of violating 
tlie Divine law of love, and every individual is reaping w'hat he 
has sov/n in sin. To the man who has sinned, it is of most vital 
importance to know how he can atone. Can he atone by faith 
and blind beliefs alone, as some authoritative churches teach or 
must he atone through a living life in conformity with the Di- 
vine law of Love? 

We quote from Dr. Clymer's book on true spiritualism, 
"As to justification by faith, just think of all your friends adhcr- 
in^r to the above belief. It makes men vegetables or machines, 
while its twin dc^ma makes devils under the garb of saints. I 
boldly make the claim that nearly all tlie crimes known to man- 
kind, are really caused by this foul and unjust doctrine, it gives 
man the opportunity to commit any crime, no matter how terrible, 
with the privilege that he recant, as it were, and simply pray 
for forgiveness, His victim may have suffered all the pangs of 
hell, and continue to suHcr, but he, simply saying a few prayers, 

Fundamental Laws 79 

will be forgiven and need not suffer for his crime. This doctrine 
is so utterly unjust, that it seems utterly impossible it should be 
believed by any rational mind, and, yet, through superstition, 
there are thousands that believe this to be a true faith, not know- 
ing that the Christ, whom they believe tliey arc following, never 
taught such a doctrine, but that He did teach the law of Karma, 
as taught by all true Mystics and Occultists, namely, 'As tliou 
soweth, so shalt thou reap.* If a man conmiils a wrong, he must 
suffer for it, and there is no law in heaven or eaith, through 
which he can escape his just punishment." 

Since Man, in the pos.session of his free-will and free- 
choice, wills and chooses to go contrary to the law of Love, and 
commits error and sin, so through the same God-given powers, by 
and through the law of love, lie can regenerate himself and free 
himself from past errors. The law of justice is impersonal, ever 
operative and ever just. No man can commit sin without suffer- 
ing the penalty therefor. Faith is good, but faith alone can 
never free man from past misdeeds. If a man through untold 
crimes has brought suffering to others, it would be unfair to 
free the wrong-doer from his crimes through blind belief alone. 
The law of love is just and merciful in that it allows wrong- 
doers through salvation and regeneration to square themselves 
v/ith the law of justice. 

If man has sinned he can atone for his misdeeds. To atone 
is to become at one with God. No man c an become ^one with 
God u ntil he haspaid the uttermost fr.rthing andlia^purifi^d 
Kunself. IntTie beginning "tfie sciiT 6? rirnn v;as one with God, 
biit m cTescending into flesh, through his own thoughts and de- 
sires, he has wandered away from God; and to attain at-one- 
mcnt, he must become reconciled to God, he must become puri- 
fied and perfect. 

*'Ke must be re'^orn, must make himself an imn/re and like- 
nc-ts of c:oodness and truth." To become born a::ain is to enter 
into new understanding, to free the body of imjmritics and dis- 
ease, to cleanse the heart of all evil desires and to train the mind 
into tliinkinf^ lovinn; and constructive tliourihts. Salvation and 
purification is a long process. It means the paying of the utter- 
most farthing for past misdeeds; it means returning good for 

Regeneration is within the grasp of every man. It means 

80 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

the living of a life of love and of unselfish service to mankind, 
and not merely believing in some religious creed. No mere be- 
lief in any creed ever saved anyone from paying the penalty of 
their past misdeeds. Life is action and salvation implies living 
and not mere believing. 

Regeneration is the transformation of sinf ul, senuous, soul- 
undeveloped man into a pure and soul conscious being. It is to 
be accomplished through living a Christly life and through 
training in soul building as taught by Soul Science. 

In Romans we read, "For the wages of sin is death; but the 
gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." 

To live a life contrary to the law of love, or a sinful life, 
brings disease, sorrow, suffering and in the end death. All sin 
finally ends in death of the body, mind and soul. Death is the 
extinction of our individuality which deprives us of remaining 
a seperate entity and of becoming the Christ soul. But the gift 
of God is eternal life and immortality of soul and can be had 
only through developing a Christ soul, as Jesus the Master did. 
Just as Jesus overcame all evil through love and developed 
within himself the Christ soul or the master soul, so, too, by 
living a life in conformity with his teachings and through train- 
ing in soul building as taught by Soul Science, can we become 
illuminated or Christ souls. Faith in Jesus, the man, cannot 
save us. But that faith in his teachings, which enables us to 
recognize that Jesus came to teach the world soul building, will 
save us. 

Thus we see that there is one law in the tmiverse and for 
man, and that it is Love; that going contrary to the law of love 
constitutes sin; that man sinks into materiality and suffering be- 
cause he loves evil and not good; and that he can rise into purity 
and immortality of soul only through love of truth and good- 
ness. Love is the golden route to "the way, the truth and the 
life." There is no other route. 


Ever since man was, there have been thousands of problems 
which have confronted him, and have absorbed his attention. 
He has at all periods wrestled mentally with the solution of some 
of the mysteries which he has encountered in his every -da-y life. 
What is sleep; what is a dream; what is breath; what is life? — 
these and countless others have caused him to rack his brain in 
his efforts to comprehend them. But these propositions have 
mostly been for those who have been the thinkers of the ages; 
those who have stopped in the busy work-a-day world, and have 
pondered upon the why of existence. The common mass of men 
have either had no time to study about these things, or else have 
taken them as a matter of fact — as so many things about us are 
taken — and have been content to eke out their existence and take 
things as they come to them, not knowing why, or caring how or 
whence they came. 

There are, however, two phases of human existence which 
thrust themselves pre-eminently upon each individual that is 
born into the world, no matter in what clime, no matter whether 
that man be what the rest of his fellows calls high or low, rich 
or poor, ignorant or philosopher; whether he be white, black, red, 
or yellow — at some time he must come face to face with this two- 
fold problem — Birth and Death. At some period in the life of 
every soul on earth, these two opposite poles of the proposition of 
life have forced themselves upon it for consideration. Either 
must the individual have met them in his own mind, or have been 
brought face to face with the reality, in a practical way. There 
is, and has been no escape from the proposition, until it is solved, 
and the solving of the mystery of tliese two extremities of human 
endeavor has been the bent and aim of men for all times. 

Birth is one of the greatest mysteries of existence. It is 
something no one has been able to explain to the masses. The 
ordinary man has been wont to look upon birth as a matter of 
fact; he does not try to explain it, except superstitiously, per- 

fc2 biXTY-EiGHTH Convocation 

haps, and he takes it as one of the things which must be, and 
which is, and further than that, he is willing to accept it as a 
matter of course, and gives it no concern. 

Death, however, is one of those mysteries with which he is 
brought sharply face to face. He can not see in this mystery tlie 
growing child, the unfolding body, like a rose spreading its 
petals; he can not see the breath raise the bosom and develop 
tiie form; he can not hear the sv/ect child's voice learn to lisp his 
name, and call him "Papa;" but rather, he sees an absence, a 
depletion of all things; a form lacking in everything which he 
has known in that loved one, and barren of all the faculties 
which he himself has. There remains nothing, apparently, but a 
piece of clay, without any other properties which formerly ani- 
mated that body. And this sight has struck terror into his heart, 
for he know not whether this last manifestation upon which he 
gazed, spelled the end of all for that one, or whether there was 
something unknown beyond. The uncertainty of the proposi- 
tion brought it sharply and unmistakably before him, and he 
has been for all time trying to find the solution, the antidote 
against death, because he has not wanted to die; he has consid- 
ered it unnecessary to do so; he does not want to leave all these 
things which he has met, grown to love, and possessed. He can 
not understand why, if he was placed here at all, if there was 
the least purpose in his coming, he should have to be torn away, 
against his will, to go whither he knows not, into a problematical 
future state. There seems to be some foundation for the ques- 
tions which man has asked about existence: If I came here, why 
should I go away ? If I was not meant to live here, why should 
I have come? And the one who has thought even deeper, pro- 
pounds the further question: If I can live seventy years (the 
limitation of three score and ten which man has set for his so- 
journ on this earth) ; if I can live even thirty years, or five years, 
yea, even for a day, why is it not possible for the very functions 
v/hich sustain my life for that period, to carry it on forever? Is 
there any cessation of Life? Isn't life under a definite lav/, 
capable of being appropriated in the building and uplifting of 
the individual? Is not Life universal, eternal? Why, then 
should there be so many changes of manifestation? Why 
should not life manifest its etemality, and build one perfect 
form after its image and likeness, immortal, indestructible. 

Fundamental Laws 83 

Science has discovered that the human body absolutely renews 
itself every seven months; that not one atom or cell of the human 
body of seven months ago remains in the present one. And man 
naturally wonders why, if this renewing process goes on, he can 
not go on forever; why should he be called upon to lay down that 
body, and change his estate or habitation? 

And in his extremity, man has through the centuries, made 
religion take care of this phase of existence after death, for he 
has believed that there must be a hereafter somewhere, somehow. 
Religion has given him hope that after he has been forced by 
some unknown power to lay down the body, he would still exist, 
and not be resolved into nothingness, into total oblivion. He has 
reasoned that this life could not be the end of the soul, and that 
the soul or the individuality of man, has always, and will al- 
ways live. 

But notwithstanding the hope of religion, man has been in 
constant rebellion against taking up his abode in the perfect bliss 
which his religion has promised ; he has devoted his every effort 
against the encroachment of death. Unlike the phase of exist- 
ence called birth, man has not been willing to accept death as a 
matter of fact, as inevitable, and there let the problem rest. 
Evermore the thoughts portrayed in Hamlet's soliloquy : 
"To die, to sleep ; to sleep, perchance to dream. 
Ah, there's the rub ! For in that sleep of death, 
What dreams might come, when we have shuffled off this mortal 

coil, must give us pause," 
have rung in the ears of mortals, and in their oppressiveness, in 
the desperation of avoiding the final enemy, men have sought 
fountains of eternal youth, chemicals, the aids of known Science, 
and various other ways of prolonging, even for a short time, the 
existence v.hich they held so dear. Fundamentally, the solution 
of eternal life has been the end and aim of all man's efforts. Man 
accumulates a fortune, in the hope of enjoying it; he gains 
knowledge for the purpose of enjoying it, either in teaching his 
fellows, or for the plaudits of men. And so, out of this effort 
for longivity, out of the desire to solve the riddle of the universe, 
.all peoples have evolved their sages and wise men, who have 
delved into spiritual things, and have endeavored to give the 
light of their understanding and illumination and wisdom to the 
masses. But the retarding influence of superstition and stub- 

84 bixrY-EiGHiH Convocation 

bornncss, the adherence to preconceived beliefs, and the engross- 
ment in their every day activities, have precluded the common 
mass from accepting the higher ideals, and the knowledge of the 
working of laws which would make the very thing which they 
sought a living reality. But there have been souls which have 
Ijcen able to look beyond the appearance of things, and discover 
the laws upon which creation is based. They have found that 
the same laAVS apply in the mental and spiritual realms as apply 
to tlie material. All law is based upon cause and effect. The 
one great Law of the Universe is the law of Karma, the decree 
that like produces like; cause produces definite unerring results, 
and here, in this wonderful edict of the universe, like at once 
the hope of the spiritually awakened to use this law for con- 
r.truction, and the blasting of the hopes of him who does not 
know or follow that Lav/ . 

But in this evcry-day world, in the physical plane of man- 
ifestation, man has discovered the law of the conservation of en- 
ergy, tliat is, that every particle of matter which has ever existed, 
still exists, only perhaps in a changed form. Nothing is lost; 
nothing can be lost, and there is only one intent and purpose of 
creation — to build, better, more beautiful, more useful forms of 
existence. The impulse of all Nature is upward and onward. 
Nature does not favor devolution or "backward progress." One 
need not look afar to see the evidences of this truth. The old 
tree which does not bring forth fruit, rots, and is resolved back 
to the original elements. Whenever anything ceases to grow, to 
expand, to evolve, to go onward and upward. Nature says, "I 
have no more use for you; you must give place to that which 
will manifest my exuberance, my spontaneity, my youth, my 
beauty, the thrill of my Life, the Love of my heart, the ideal of 
my perfection, and make for the new creation through which 
I may express the highest in me, that which will manifest the 
newest and highest impulses; that which wishes to grow and be- 
come the eml)odiment of the highest concept of its kind." And 
nature takes the substance of the old tree, which it has refined 
throuc:h its Alchemy, and gives it to the new plant, and the 
wonder of youth is again manifested in the growing creation thus 
brour;]it forth. 

Can the conclusion be escaped that if these things work thus 
in the creation of the plant, the animal, the rock, why not in the 



greatest of all creations, INIan ? Is God going to neglect and fail 
to take care and provide for him who is made in God's own im- 
age and likeness? Will God allo\v to be destroyed the only 
creation in all the Universe which has a Soul? The only crea- 
tion in all the Universe which may so become the instrument of 
God that God can consciously think through him, express his 
desires through him, and thus finally, through this faculty of 
man. Intuition, direct and control the entire activity of the Uni- 
verse? If tlie tree and plant coniinually take up the substance 
which formerly formed tlie old, and which, through the workvrr.g 
of Nature can be again appropriated to form the new, wliy does 
nature thus continually bring back the same creations, under the 
law of Like Produces Like? If there is not the desire of Nature 
to reproduce things after their kind, why would not one existence 
of an oak, a stalk of wheat, or an animal, end that existence for- 
ever? Does this not forever explode the theory that if there is 
any creation or reproduction at all, there can be no cessation of 
reproduction on all planes of existence, meaning the mineral, 
plant, animal, and the highest f onn, !Man ? What once was, can 
be, and must be. God works under Law, and to interfere with 
that lav/ would be to throw all things into confusion, chaos, de- 
struction. God could no more interefere with one of his laws 
than he could destroy himself, for to interfere widi a single law 
of the Universe would be to destroy everything. Law is the order 
of the Universe, and God is under that law; he is that Law. 

And so, out of these natural phenomena, which man sees 
all about him, and out of the teachings of the Masters who have 
gone before and demonstrated tlie possibility of immortality, he 
gets his hope and assurance of the return, the reincarnation of all 
things, especially himself. 

Birth and death are the tw'o opposite poles of man's earth 
existence. Between them is contained all the Hope, and all the 
discouragement; all the Faith, and all the Doubt; all the Love 
and all the hate; all the Success, and all the failures; all tlie 
conjecture? , all the theories, all the religions, all the efforts rf 
men for all time. Between these two opposites is contained all 
the research, all the endeavors of mtm, everywliere, at all iuvx"^. 
And si ill, to the mass of men, the solution of Whence came I, and 
whither do I go, is still as remote as if it had never bcon sug- 
gested. . 

86 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

But thinking man looks upon the planting of the grain of 
wheat in the ground ; he sees it disintegrate, and apparently die. 
The old fomi vanishes, and is apparently resolved into the orig- 
inal elements ; but lo 1 out of the old body comes the tender shoot. 
He sees it, through the appropriation of sunshine and air 
through the nourishment of the rich soil, take on form and 
beauty; he sees its fruition in the ear, and the reproduction of 
itself an hundred times. In this every-day experience he gains 
a two- fold lesson: First, he sees that everything must develop, 
must evolve. Nature says to all "Grow or die; evolve or deteri- 
orate; produce, or pass on into oblivion, so far as your indi- 
vidual form is concerned. You can not remain neutral; you can 
not be purposeless, vapid, stationary." And tlien the heart urge 
in everything : "Let me express myself through you, and I shall 
make you great." Secondly, he sees the lesson of the continual 
reproduction; the fact that what once was, can continue to be. 
In other words, if a grain of wheat once was, and returns, repro- 
duces itself, then the law of nature, the desire of nature must be 
for reproduction; that nature is unwilling to let any of its creat- 
tions fall into naught. And the hope springs up in the heart of 
man, that if nature rebuilds, reproduces even the smallest grain, 
how much more must nature desire man, the highest type of cre- 
ation, to return, go through the process of reincarnation, until the 
perfection which is Nature's ideal for man, has been reached. 
As the evolution of things becomes higher, we pass from the tiny 
perennial stalk of wheat to the great Oak, which is almost the 
symbol of etemality, and we see as intelligence manifests itself, 
the possibility of individual initiative in development becomes 
greater, and the contemplation of the higher forms of creation 
has filled man's heart full of the joy of living. He has been 
able to look out upon the wonderful creation which nature has 
placed around him, and inbreathe the very hope and inspiration 
of the Almighty in the attaining of his ideal. 

And man has had brought before him one of the greatest 
examples of the returning life which is manifest in the world. 
He has seen the caterpillar spin his cucoon, and fix it to the 
branch of the tree, and remain dormant through the long winter 
months, covered with snow and sleet, perhaps, imtil the flowing 
of the sap in the Spring, when the stir and the thrill of the life 
within called it forth . The worm possibly has no concept of 


Fundamental Laws 87 

what is before it. It follows blind instinct in the weaving of the 
cucoon, and gives no tliought to the future, if indeed it can think. 
But as the warm days come, there emerges from out of that 
seemingly lifeless mass of leaves, the soul of the caterpillar, the 
wondrous butterfly, the delight of all lovers of beauty, as it flits 
here and there in the garden, exemplifying life itself in its scin- 
tillating movements. Is it possible that one can fail to draw the 
lesson of the perpetuity of life from this manifestation? Is it 
possible to doubt that if the caterpillar can evolve into such a 
beautiful embodiment as tliis, can again return to the worm, 
tlirough another medium, and reincarnate over and over into the 
beauty of the moth, that this life, which is the same in one mani- 
festation as the other, is not an embryotic example of the existence 
of man, and that man too has at least the same opportunity as 
the lower forms of creation? 

And passing on to the great mystery of birth, man sees from 
a single drop of protoplasm, the development, the unfoldment of 
the beautiful child, with a mind to think and create, and a soul 
to love. Can man doubt the pcreptuity of recreation in such an 
example? Is there anyone foolish enough to think that through 
the marriage relationship, man can create a mind and a soul? 
Man produces man — form man — under the law of the universe, 
but man is only the receptacle, and the crucible wherein that 
wonderful artistry takes place; he is but the laboratory for the 
performing of the miracle which he does not understand. But 
can he say he is the producer of that manifestation? Can he 
explain why the children in a family are so totally different, one 
from the other; why some are tliin, some fleshy; some blue-eyed, 
some gray-eyed; some large and dark; some small and light, par- 
takin<T not of the natures of either father or mother? 

So, at th's juncture, we are brought face to face with the 
pro!)lcin of reincarnation, and we are made to ponder the prob- 
lem of whence came they, and whither do tlicy go? As we here- 
tofore su.frgestcd, all laws work the same; they are colncidcutly 
exact. The Spiritual Law is, like the mental, a counterpart, on 
its plane of manifestation, of what takes place in the material 
univ^ne. One is naturally confronted with the problem, that if 
all the human beings were living who have ever lived, the whole 
earth would be covered seven deep, and the questmen would natur- 
ally arise: Where could these souls all exist?'' There is only 

88 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

one solution, and Reincarnation offers that by readily showing 
that only a certain number of souls exist, and that these return 
again and again until they have gained perfection, at which time 
will be the millenium on earth, the Paradise which the Bible 
teaches. But the Orthodox man and women will not accept 
this explanation of existence, because it, is suggested that one 
must be converted in order to gain heaven. Knowing, as we do, 
that not one in an hundred thousand out of all the millions who 
have ever lived became converted to Christianity, even in the 
ordinary sense, it follows that those who were not so converted, 
among which are numbered our brothers, sisters, fathers, moth- 
ers, sweethearts, would be among the lost. Hence the church 
people do not wish to accept the doctrine of Reincarnation — 
which would give these "lost souls" another chance to come back 
and again live the earth life in a higher form — ^because "they 
would not meet loved ones." This idea, of course, is preposter- 
ous, because under this Law we do meet again all that we have 
met before, and instead of meeting loved ones, only to see them 
damned before the judgment, as we do the criminal in Court, we 
see them given the helping, guiding influence, the lifting impulse, 
the encouragement, the freedom from the body whose senses pull- 
ed down that soul, and these are given another chance, in an- 
other body, under posibly different environment, to express that 
higher impulse that urge which is within each soul from the 
beginning of eternity. 

Is it possible, then, to cease thinking about the purpose for 
which we were placed upon this earth; can one be satisfied with 
living for a few short years, and again pass on into uncertainty ? 

And man, as he ponders over the problem of existence, sees 
in the natural world about him the counterpart of which he him- 
self is expected to do; he hears the one great command from the 
Creator of the Universe for Development. He recognizes that 
his very existence is dependent upon growth ; that he must unfold 
and develop in order to produce, and production in man's world 
means evolution, progress. He gleans the lesson from the de- 
velopment of the caterpillar that life is continuous, and eternal; 
that neither the idea which produces the plant or animal, nor the 
soul of man can die; that these are eternal and can not be de- 
stroyed. That reincarnation is but the effort of the great God of 
the universe to cause man to help man to inspire man to bring 

Fundamental Laws gg 

forth the perfect creation, and that perfect creation — if the soul 
of man is indestructible, and lives forever — includes the build- 
ing of an eternal, everlasting body. Reincarnation, in the ordi- 
nar}' sense conveys the idea of putting back into a body which 
rather leaves the impression of putting the soul back into tlie 
same old body, at least the same material. We have seen how, 
in nature, in the plant world, the old is resolved back into the 
original elements, and transmitted into the new, the young, the 
grov.'ing, and it is not therefore strange that this idea has growTi 
apace witli the strengthening of the belief in Reincarnation. One 
can readily comprehend, under tlie law of conservation of en- 
en^y, hew, in a stnse, the soul, in its reincarnation, uses the re- 
fined old body, for the building of a new structure. 

And so, Reincarnation is tlie great opportunity of man to 
start to build where construction ceased at death. After death, 
the soul is powerless to develop. It is then in the resting stage, 
much as the caterpillar was in the cucoon. It can then act only 
through the law of attraction, and is waiting to be attracted to 
those of the same vibration or power of attraction in the flesh, 
who v/ill again give it the opportunity to take up another body, 
and start its new constructive process. You will remember in 
the ztcry of creation, the allcgor)' is given that "There was no 
man to till the soil?" The soul has no power to develop while 
in the soul world. It must develop through the instrumentality 
of the mind, which only takes its scat of authority when the 
child inbreathes its first breath. The Soul receives its impres- 
sions through the five senses of the body and it must have a body 
and a mind in order to develop itself, as well as to in turn "till 
the gn:uTid" (body, material) so that body may be raised to the 
highest, tlirrugh the refining fires of the soul. And at birth, 
the period of development starts. Man is given that governor, 
that guide, that director, which has the power to use or discard 
all the forces of the universe in his ongoing. And that Director 
is the INIind. There can be no building without an ideal, a plan, 
and that plan, that ideal must be held by the mind. The mind 
tlr'nks, and it sets to work all the great substances, the ethers 
of the universe toward the acccmpli^hment of its purpose, wheth- 
er that purpose he toward construction or destruction. Without 
tbe mind, mv.n wGn''d he l-ut as inert, innnimate piece of cla}-, 
jvithout the power to create, or even move. The [Mind is the 

90 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

governor, tlie constructor, the tool which shapes the destiny of 
man towards everlasting life, or toward the destruction of the 
body, in which latter event the soul must again go through the 
process of reincarnation in order to again have the opportunity 
which in its last incarnation rejected. And in this opportunity 
which is given man, he is placed, as is ever}ihing else in the 
universe, plant, planet, animal, God, under the law of cause 
and effect. God has endowed man with the greatest of all nat- 
ural faculties, the Mind. As a man thinks, he creates, and he 
has the power and opportunity to create that which he wills. 
If he, through the knowledge of this law, and the love and ideal 
in his heart, should miss the mark of perfection, he, through the 
law of Reincarnation, will be of such high vibration that he will 
be attracted in his next reincarnation to parents who will 
give his soul every opportunity to express, in the highest envir- 
onment, that which his soul craves. Do you remember how 
clearly the Bible states this, when Jesus asks his disciples 
"Whom do men say that I am?" And the answ^er is given that 
some said he was Elisha, and various of the other spiritually de- 
veloped men who had lived before him. But when he asks his 
disciples, his faculties who he really believed himself to be, the 
answer, came, "Thou are the Christ, the son of the 
living God;*' the goal, the ideal was thus established in his 
mind, and the building continued for its attainment. 

Friends, this question is one which every individual soul 
must himself work out. Suggestions may be offered, but pri- 
marily, it is a matter of individual unfoldment and satisfaction. 
No one can think your thoughts for you; no one can develop 
you, but others may point out what the ideal, the ultimate is 
and must be, and from their suggestions, you may be able to 
build a new building, from which you may receive the inspira- 
tion and hope which your soul has long craved. 

No one wishes to die. Everyone desires to live and to live 
forever! If it v;cre not intended that we should inhabit this 
earth, what would be the purpose of coming here at all ? But all 
men have not understood the process of living. They have not 
understood the w'onderful law under which eternal life may be 
constructively established. They have not known that any de- 
structive thoujzht towards another results in ])odily destruction 
for the thinker. And so they have gone on blindly, as has the 

Fundamental Laws 91 

animal, and the law of Reincarnation has been forced to take 
care of them in order to give them another opportunity to ex- 
press that which it was meant for them to express. And this 
process must of necessity go on until the individual realizes the 
attainment, the purpose of creation, of existence — what he him- 
self is and must be. This may take centuries. God knows no 
time, and eventually the problem will be worked out. 

But there is no need for delay, in the perfecting of the body 
and the doing away with this continual endless reincarnation. 
The soul which knows, need not cease its growth, need not go 
through the sorrow of the passing out, and the derangement of the 
change of environment; it may remain and build as God has 
intended it to develop and build. It may use that wonderful 
builder, the Mind, and create, fashion, shape its body into the 
picture, the ideal, the plan which it holds in mind. And this 
is the lesson, the practical every-day lesson which all must get 
out of the contemplation, the knowledge of the laws under which 
all things manifest. 

The plant returns, rebuilds; the caterpillar changes its 
form, involuntarily, and because of the urge of creation within 
it; fruit, flower, and tree produce under the law of "Like pro- 
duces like," and the process is involuntary, because they are not 
given individual initiative. The animal falls under the same 
law, and produces after its kind, without the opportunity, the 
faculty to build any more than an animal of itself, because the 
possibility of conscious Divinity, the Soul, was not emplanted 
in it at creation. But Man, Man the image and likeness of the 
Creator, has both the Soul and the Mind. He has both the God- 
embroy, and the Architect himself. God has said to him, 
through his reason and through his Intuition: "Son all that I 
have is thine; thou in me, and I in thee, and if thou wilt recog- 
nize me, follow my laws, these things and greater shall ye do; 
nothing is impossible to you.^* And the great masters of all times 
have sho\\Ti man the possibility of the God-hood; the body has 
been perfected, made indestructible by these who have in times 
past followed the Intuition within their hearts, and have con- 
sciously, slowly, step by step, thought upon thought, builded a 
God-mind, a Christ Soul, an Imperishable Body, through the 
observance of the one great law of "Cause and Effect" — "as a 
man thinketh in his heart, so is he" — and the listening of the 

92 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

God Voice within the Soul, for the guidance, the direction, the 
hope, the inspiration of the Almighty. And so, man is put under 
the higher law. He is given volition and freedom to accept, to 
use, to appropriate these wonderful forces and powers of the 
Universe, or reject and cast out of his mind and heart the de- 
sire for the uplift the guidance of the Great love, for man's per- 

Then wliat is the true lesson of Reincarnation? Is it nec- 
essary for us to die in order to be given another opportunity to 
build the ideal which should be in every heart ? Docs God wish 
us to die? Can God die? If not, why should the Son of God 
die? Friends, true Reincarnation is the conscious, unceas- 
ing, unfaltering building into the mind and body, the ideal of 
the illumined Soul, and through the bringing forth of tlie illum- 
ined Soul, the Christ, the becoming of the Son of God, the un- 
changeable, the imperishable image and likeness of God him- 
self, that which is through all times, and has all of the proper- 
ties and powers of God himself. Reincarnation to the student of 
the Soul, is the transmuting of the baser desires, the baser ideals, 
the baser metal, into that fine, high, pure, beautiful entrancing 
ideal, and the conscious, loving, all-engrossing desire of the mind 
and heart to build that ideal here and now. Then there will be 
no more need to return and perfect that which before had been 
a failure; then will all the things be under the dominion and 
control, the management and subject to the disposition of the 
soul which has attained. Then will the work have been finished, 
and sorrow and distress will have been banished from out of the 
life of such an one. 

God's ideal of you is Perfection. God does not mean that 
you shall have sorrow, sickness, death. God wishes you to have 
joy, peace, and the happiness that comes only from a true rela- 
tionship with the All-happine?s. Look about you, and behold the 
beauty of the unfolding rose; take its lesson of quiet, calm, trust- 
ing unfoldment, with only the one thought in its heart, only the 
one ideal ])eforc it, that of tlie expression of the perfect flower. 

Can v/e not all, in our on Jijoin.n^, emulate the example of 
this l,'lo.-srm, by steadfastly, unfalterinpjly, undoubtingly, hold- 
ing?, mcmcnt by moment, the ideal which God has set before us; our?elv'"s to the Great Sunlight of Wisdom which is 
continually shining within the Soul; warmed by the heat of a 

Fundamental Laws 93 

love which will bum out all dross; guided by an unfaltering 
loving hand and the voice of Intuition within the Heart; sustain- 
ed by the great Strength which is ever at our call, until we are 
finally brought into that dream of the ages, that hope, that ulti- 
mate Ideal, where the last enemy will slink out of our lives, be- 
cause we have set up the standard of the Perfect man, the Christ, 
the Son of the Living God ? 


Wc look about us in our every-day activities, and we see 
tlie rocks, the flowers, the trees, the fruits, tlie animals, and other 
men and women like ourselves. We gaze out of our windows, 
and see the rivers, the lakes, and the mountains. On the balmy 
Summer evening, we see the magnificent planets, the stars rival- 
ing the diamond in their brilliance, and here and there we see 
on the horizon, the little fluffy clouds floating in the azure spaces 
like down puffed out of the hand of some mighty being. We 
see the moon moving majestically along the pathway of the heav- 
ens; and the sun by day, in its wondrous brilliance, shedding 
heat and light upon mother earth. We look, and lo, everything 
on our planet gazes heavenward. The flowers lift their heads 
toward the sun; the grass springs up in all its luxuriousness, 
stretching its blades upward towards the light; and as we be- 
hold the beauties about us, we feel a lifting, an exuberance as if 
something wished to soar into etherial heights. The Soul en- 
tranced by the wonder of creation, rises above the commonplace 
and sordid things which sometimes occupy our thoughts, and 
refuses to be trammeled in the expression of its ideals, in the 
glory of its freedom. 

And the question arises in the mind of the thinker and 
student of life and living things: Whence came this creation; 
why is it? And, seeking, reaching back as far as the human 
mind can conceive towards original cause, one is confronted in- 
evitably with the proposition : If all these things came from One 
Source, why are they all different? Why are they not manifest- 
ed in the same way; why is not all creation a succession of trees, 
or flowers, or rocks, or animals, instead of the entrancingly dif- 
fuse and varied forms among which we are? 

These are questions which have confronted humanity ever 
since man has been a thinking entit}^; and in the consideration 
of these problems, and as a means of offering an explanation for 
them, there have arisen two great schools of thought and re- 

Fundamental Laws 9S 

search. In times gone by, these were diametrically opposed to 

each other in their teachings; but gradually as each discovered 
certain laws on its plane of research, they have been converging 
in their thought, and coinciding in their opinions, until in our 
day the expression "Science proves Religion'' has become almost 
axiomatic. One is the great materialistic school, or Science; the 
other is Religion — a Religion not as based upon some dead, 
orthodox belief, but a Religion of growth, of expansion, a liv- 
ing vital Religion, which recognizes man's return to his Cre- 
ator, and realizes the laws under which he may become the 
shaper, the moulder of his ov/n destiny, and bring himself into 
Immortality. Every individual in tlie Universe has belonged, 
consciously or unconsciously to one of these great institutions. 
There is no half-way point in the declaration of one's intentions 
and beliefs. Either the man has believed himself a "worm of 
the dust," a materialist to whom Nature says: Everything in the 
manifest universe must follow my law of disintegration and 
oblivion," or else he has believed that somehow, somewhere, 
through the Great Creative Forces and Substances of the uni- 
verse, there was the possibility, the opportunity for unfoldment, 
development, which would turn back the natural tide of the 
dissolution of things into the elements and make toward that 
perfection which knows no change. 

And thus, we have these two seemingly opposed schools of 
thought, which seek to offer the explanation of why these things 
are, and what they may be. 

!Man is fundamentally a materialistic being. He has, ever 
since birth, given most of his attention to the satiation of his feel- 
ings, his desires, his appetites, and thus, in most instances, he 
has been content to go on satisfying these faculties and senses, 
taking the materialistic basis as the real, and explaining every 
phenomenom which presents itself, through deduction from his 
starting point. He has gradually discovered laws through which 
he is able to arrive at different conclusions, and these laws seem 
to be definitely established, notwithstanding the fact that the 
text book of Chemistry of fifteen years ago is practically worth- 
less in the present-day field of scientific research. And such has 
been the experience with practically all the investigatory efforts 
of man. But among all the Sciences, Chemistr}' is the one upon 
which the materialist basis his ultimate hopes of solving the 

96 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

riddle of existence. It is the chief among the physical branches 
of knowledge. It is the key that unlocks to him the door to that 
which he knows of nature, and reveals its beauty to him. This 
Science, although young in years, is a giant in knowledge of 
materialistic things. It seeks to tell us what matter is; shows 
us its different grades and qualities, and teaches us its compo- 
sition and pature, leading us back to the primary invisible inert 
condition, and shows us its primary unity and simplicity. Chem- 
istr}', aided by the other sciences, teaches us all we know about 
matter. By its aid we can resolve matter back to its primary 
elements, to its original gases. 

Chemists claim may divisions of matter, four of which they 
call the "principal gases," the heaviest of which is carbon, the 
lightest hydrogen, which is fifteen times lighter than air, and 
beyond which they have not been able to investigate, claiming 
that the next step in deduction would result in nothing. But 
the Chemist realizes that as these lightest gases cannot be re- 
duced lower, nor destroyed, this form of matter always was. 

And right at this point, in steps the Religionist, as we will 
call him, the follower of Religion as the means of attaining his 
ideal, and says that the conclusion of the Chemist is a natural 
one; that the Chemist, the materialist is dealing with material 
things, with the effect side of the proposition, and that the cause, 
the real, lies beyond the discovery of the mind, the microscopes, 
the reason of man, and that Spiritual Things can only be spir- 
itually discerned; that back of all manifestations is the one 
Great Creative Substance; that this is Spirit; that only the de- 
velopment of the heart, the illumination of the Soul of man, can 
finally bring him to an understanding of things as he sees them, 
and offer man the satisfaction which he seeks in the problem of 

So, again, the whole proposition is resolved into an indi- 
vidual search for satisfaction. Each Soul must for itself find 
the solution in and of itself. No other entity can map out the 
path of development and produce development, without the 
acquiescence of the one for whom this growth, this expansion is 

So, for the puq^ose of this lecture, we desire to offer some 
of the salient points which have been brought forth in the re- 
searches of men in the past, not only what has been discovered 
by Scientists, but also that whicli has been attained and taught 

Fundamental Laws 97 

by the spiritual masters and adepts who have gone before us. 

Primarily, regardless of how refined it may be, matter is 
always inert, and cannot move itself. Evolution is growth, and 
if matter takes on new forms, grows, as we term it, there must be 
some moving force which takes hold of the particles, and forms 
them, molds them into shapes, changing, renewing, construct- 
ing and making them continually over some new pattern; and 
that process must be towards some definite end or purpose, be- 
cause we can not conceive of this being done at random, hap- 
hazardly, or in accordance with no law or purpose. It follows, 
then, that if matter is inert, and can not of itself have motion, 
this moving Force, which prompts and guides the formation 
and the reformation of matter, must be a definite, though seem- 
ingly intanG;ible force, exercising Intelligence in its activities. 
We, through Physics and Chemistry, know something of the 
properties of Light and Electricity. We know that these two 
forces work under definite, unerring laws, and have discovered 
some of the laws under which they work. We know also, that 
these forces or properties are subject to the direction of the laws 
under which they work, and that they, of themselves, inherently, 
are not creative in their nature and do not exercise primary 
initiative, that is, are not thinking, directing forces. We can not, 
then, escape the conclusion that there is something more than 
mere force as the primal cause of the things we see about us, for 
force, like matter, is inert, non-creative, and without direction, 
can not be set in motion, or become productive. Hence, we see 
that there must be intelligence manifest before there can be de- 
velopment, or even growth. 

Material Science has not learned what Electricity and Light 
are. It has been able to learn somewhat of the effect of light 
upon certain elements, and organisms; to measure its velocity, 
its penetration, and ascertain certain phases of its vibration; 
it has learned what electrification is, and to a certain extent, has 
discovered in what manner it operates, and some of the laws 
governing its action. But, as heretofore suggested, the cause of 
these manifestations is still unknown. 

Transcending the material evidences of electricity and 
light, we see visible manifestations of a superior intelligence in 
the creations about us. There is demonstrated attraction and 
repulsion, sensation, instinct, reason and intelligence, and the 

98 SiXTY-EiciHTii Convocation 

Religionist again offers the explanation that these things are the 
result of the manifestation of what he calls Spirit. One can not 
doubt that these faculties and propensities are inherently the re- 
sult of the activity of matter, because matter of itself has no 
action. It also follows that if this guiding intelligence, which 
we call spirit, were removed from matter, matter would be de- 
void of its forming intelligence, its holding-together, adhesive 
pov;cr, and would of necessity decay, or lose its fonning power 
and shape. 

The conclusion can not be escaped, that if there is a prin- 
cip>lc, or Spirit which is the basis of material manifestation, that 
Spirit can net be v/eii^hed by any known scales, however delicate- 
ly constructed, nor dees it occupy exclusive space; nor is it inert 
like matter. In other words, it is in no sense like matter, be- 
cause, as a matter of logic, if it were, it would be matter. 

INIatter furnishes material to form physical bodies, but can 
not, by reason of its inertia, furnish either life or intelligence. 
Spirit, then, of necessity furnishes principle to produce sensation, 
in:3tinct, reason, intelligence, and, according to the Religionist, 
Immortality. And at this point, the Religious adherent almost 
maliciously injects the query: "What is matter, anyway?'* But 
whatever it is, the fact remains, that if Spirit is removed from 
ever so perfect a material body, all life is gone, and we have the 
primal elements. 

Spirit, like matter, is of many grades of fineness and mani- 
festation, according to the amount of spirit and development of 
the form in vrhich it functions. Spirit being in ever}ihing, in 
proportion to the fineness of matter and perfection of form, we 
see it manifesting according to the certain laws, in the magnetic 
iron; the cliarming serpent; the fascinating woman; the mag- 
netic man. It ilashes in the air; sparkles in the mineral; blooms 
in tlie vj:ota^)le; feels in the worm; thinks in the animal; rea- 
Fons in the human; shines resplendant in the soul, full of love 
and v.isdom, radiant with immortality and eternal life, the 
hiiihest Intellii^ence in the universe. 

\Yc IvdVQ tried to contrast in a brief manner, the bases UDcn 
v,l:ich the tv/o great schools of thought are founded. We have 
sut-.q:e!'ted the properties cf matter and Spirit; v:e have tried to 
show their relationship in a manner that would harmonize with 
the great laws which we only dimly comprehend, realizing, how- 

Fundamental Laws 99 

ever, that all laws work identically on the different places of their 
manifestation — always does cause produce effect, no matter what 
the field of operation of that law may be. But let us go a little 

We find matter diffused through space, and principally con- 
centrated in certain locations, as in planets, for example, and the 
world we inhabit. If matter is thus concentrated, is it not rea- 
sonable to suppose that Spirit also has its center of activity, its 
Source? Reason tells us that if we could find any planet or 
sphere which is different from matter, or is not matter, it would 
be the other principle, which we call Spirit. The question arises : 
How do we know planets are matter? The answer is suggested 
by our material senses. We know they are matter, because they 
have the qualities of matter; they are heav}% solid, opaque, do 
not radiate heat or light, and can not either move themselves or 
other planets. 

Let us consider then, if there is any known orb or sphere 
which has none of these qualities, but has qualities directly op- 
posed to those of matter, and exactly like the qualities of what 
we call Spirit ? We look up into the heavens on a bright hot day, 
and we are confronted with the possible solution of our question : 
Embodied matter is planet. Could not embodied Spirit be the 
sun? We have here the two phases of the proposition, showing 
the relationship between them. Matter concentrated into spheres 
makes worlds; Spirit concentrated in spheres, makes suns. Plan- 
ets, having the properties of matter, can do nothing of them- 
selves. Their motion and light is given them from the Sun. Tlie 
sun, true to Spirit moves and lights, and gives life to all w^orlds. 

Let us closely follow the explanation of the Religionist, in 
his effort to prove to us that the sun (wuth the assistance of mat- 
ter) does all that is known that Spirit can do. It is known that 
the sun acts electrically, and attracts and repels, moves, and 
controls all planets. Electricity is a manifestation of Spirit. 
The suns light up all worlds, and all space where they shine. 
Light is not matter; light passes through matter, like other grades 
of spirit do. Spirit light shines on particles of matter, and il- 
luminates them, making them reflect light to us. But light is 
clearly and grandly a spirit manifestation. 

The Sun throw's out its heating power, and acting on, and 
tlirough matter, warms all matter, and passes through matter, as 


100 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

matter can not do, therefore clearly proving that heat is not mat- 
ter, and must, therefore, be Spirit, and comes from the sun, the 
only source of Spirit. 

The sun throws out its spirit electric power, and magnetizes 
atoms, minerals, vegetables, insects, animals, and humans, and 
all these throw out their received magnetism in proportion to 
the amount received, and their will and ability to so radiate. 

Spirit from the Sun, acting through its suitable manifesta- 
tions of heat, light, electricity and magnetism, acts upon invis- 
ible, primary matter, attracting, heating, illuminating and con- 
densing it by its own laws of Spirit power, thus concentrating 
primary matter into atoms; atoms into nebula; nebula into com- 
ets; comets into spheres; spheres into planets; planets into 
worlds. Spirit acts upon gaseous matter, and converts it into 
water, the most negative of all matter, thus making itself, as 
we are told, a proper mate, for, it is reasoned, it is not good that 
even the Sun should be alone. 

Gradually, as this cooling orb gave the hardening crust, 
almost imperceptibly came life. At this point, leaving the ab- 
stract, life becomes more intelligent. The Spirit, Sun, shone 
upon the moistened matter earth, converting the surface of the 
hard sterile rock into living soil; and out of this same living soil, 
by the power of spirit fructifying the vitalized matter, sprang 
into growth tlie lower forms of vegetable life, scarcely in degree 
above the mineral. And the same fructifying generating process 
of spirit went on vitalizing and refining matter, and thus gradu- 
ally produced higher, and yet a higher and more perfect form 
of vegetable life, until the perfect tree, with its glistening leaves, 
scented flowers, and luscious fruit proclaimed the perfection of 
the vegetable kingdom. There was life, perfect vegetable life, 
in all its magnificence and grandeur; there was life and growth 
and perfection. Still there was yet no intelligence in all the 
boundless realm of nature, because there was as yet no organiza- 
tion competent to produce or employ intelligence. The organism 
which could transmit or embody that Intelligence had not yet 
evolved. But nature went on with its creative process of Spirit 
Povrcr and unchanging law. 

From the highest vegetable to the lowest animal life, there 
is no more stretch of power or change of progressive law than 
there was from rock to soil, or from soil to vegetable — ^all are 


Fundamental Laws 101 

but parts of the same creative process and manifestation of Spirit 
Power. Then, from the lowest to the highest type of animal 
life, the process is analogous to the production of the higher 
vegetables from the lower. All Nature is a process of evolution. 
As all vegetable life develops from the lower, to the higher, so 
does all animal life evolve, through the working of the same 
natural law, by the same unchanging, illimitable and exhaust- 
less power of Spirit. All came in harmony with Law, and in 
proper order. There was no "missing link" in this chain of 
creation, nor can there be a disturbing of the natural sequence 
of unfoldment, for if there were, it would be contrary to the law 
of cvoluticn, growth, and one can see witliout much study that 
if the law of creation were not absolute and unchangeable, the 
whole order of the universe would be disturbed, and nothing 
would be certain. For instance, in such a state of uncertainty, 
the planting of a peach seed might produce a lion; or the fru- 
ition of the acorn be a crop of snakes or Hottentots. 

We can thus plainly see the growth, development, and va- 
riety cf vegetable life, as it is produced by cultivation, circum- 
stances, climate and soil, and that the great varieties of species, 
with their dcp;rces of perfection, ccme from the one or at most the 
fev/ original stocks, low down in the vegetable scale, as in com- 
paratively modem time, we find that all varieties of apples, 
apricots, pears, quinces, and other fruits, came from the one 
original rose-bush, and that all cherries, plums, peaches and 
similar varieties came from one little insignificant poisonous 
plum-peach of Persia. Thus, tlie growth, development, variety, 
and perfection of all vegetable life, foreshadows, prepares, and 
proclaims the growth, development, evolvement, and ultimate 
perfection of animal life — IMan. 

Animal life began without intelligence, and through the lav/ 
of positive spirit acting through negative matter, evolved into 
or up to Intelligence. Ccmmcncing with the lowest form of life, 
and developing through the progressive grades of animal growth, 
up to sensation, instinct, reason and intelligence, the hope of 
humanity, of those who pin their faith upon the possibilities of 
conscious evolution, is that the ultimate, the climax of all hu- 
man endeavor, of all evolution, may be attained — Immortality. 

Tracing animal life in its development from the quadru- 
peds, to quadrumana and duomana, up to humana, there is a 


102 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

gradual ascent, and plainly marked line of lineage; an unbroken 
chain, not as Darwin, Huxley and Spencer have suggested, a 
*'missing link." There can no unbridged chasm be found. Na- 
ture is complete in all her works. From the lowest animal, to 
dog, ape, baboon, monkey, orang, gorilla, chimpanzee, up to the 
Terra del Fuegians, who are entirely witliout civilization, or 
improvement, who apparently have not even the intelligence to 
procure themselves the necessities of life, and are naturally 
most beastial in their habits. They are so low in the scale of 
human development, that scientific explorers have not as yet 
been able to classify them, whether with man or beast. The 
next links in the chain of development of man are the digger 
Indians, the Bushmen, and the Andaman Islanders; then suc- 
cessively, the Guinea Negroes, the higher grades of Africans, the 
Indian, the Malay, the Mongol, the different grades of Circas- 
sians, and then from the lowest Britton. who was a wild, war- 
like person when Julius Caesar, one-half century before Christ, 
landed a settlement of Roman soldiers in Great Britain, to the 
highest American — one vast chain of evolutionary progress. 

Thus have we set forth briefly the contentions of the Ma- 
terialistic and the Religious schools of thought. As we before 
said, all development is a matter of individual concern and en- 
deavor. But we would fall short of our purpose if, after taking 
the subject to this point, we did not draw some conclusions which 
would be of benefit in the development of those who are desirous 
of carrying forward to yet greater and higher attainment, this 
possibility of the ultimate evolution of which man has always 
dreamed, and to that end, we desire to sum up, in a few brief re- 
marks some suggestions as to how tliis may be accomplished. 

We have to-day the greatest civilization which the world has 
seen for ages. There is at the present stage of human develop- 
ment the acutest awakening of the intellect, and the greatest re- 
search into occult things which the world has ever known. But 
can we say that humanity has evolved to the highest attainable 
goal ? Reason tells us that the present high standard of human- 
ity is the evolvement of the lowest form of life, through the suc- 
cessive stages of perhaps plant, animal, and human development, 
and that this development, in the first stages at least, went for- 
ward without the faculty of individual intelligence; in other 
words, that there was no individual initiative of intelligence or 


Fundamental Laws 103 

reason. What, then, are the possibilities of a Soul endowed 
with that precious jewel of reason, the Mind, of attaining heights 
beyond man's wildest dreams and fondest hopes? Is the step 
any greater from the present day man or woman to tlie Christ, 
than it was from the lowest forms of animal life or the most 
primitive mortal to the man of to-day? No thinking man or 
woman can gainsay this proposition. Added to this, we have 
the assurance, the promise of those who have gone before us, 
that it shall be; and it does not really matter how long the 
journey may be, the ultimate attainment is as inevitable as is 
the existence of God himself. 

Everywhere we sec the evidences, the earmarks, the indica- 
tions of development. Things of fifteen years ago are called 
"old-fashioned,'* because they no longer meet the needs of pres- 
ent day civilization, and are no longer up to the standard set hy 
the human race in even that short space of time. Thought is 
far more advanced along all lines than it was even five years 
ago, and the stride of civilization has been rapidly forward. 

Looking back over the development of the plant and tlie 
vec;etal:le kingdoms, we find that the progress in times past was 
slow. Thousands of years were reciuired to even add a petal to 
the rose. In the animal kingdom, it took thousands of years to 
lcn';t!icn the neck of the desert antelope so that it could eat the 
folia^:^e from the tall trees, and develop into what wc call the 
Girai.o. But in all tliese evolutions we see that the main prin- 
ciple cf true development was absent, that of Intellir;cnce. As 
soon as that faculty was added, grcv/th became rapid. Now, in 
our civilization of to-day, with the higlicst degree of intelligence 
ever manifested by the hur.ian race, cliangcs take place so rapid- 
ly that things become "out of style" or "old-fashioned" over 

This advancement, this standard of thought pertains to all 
fields cf industry and all branches of human knowledge. 
Tlircuy.h the apj^lication of the brain of man, we see the ordi- 
nary 'MirA plum transformed into the luscious nectarine. By a 
seric':'^ rf in'.ernKnulin^^s of breeds, horses, drgs, and our domchlic 
and v.; Id animals are almost rendered unrecognizable as sprin;.^- 
ine U-a:z their original species. And the mind m.ust i)ause in its 
contemplation of things, and wonder, if such results are obtain- 
able, perceptibly, consciously, by tlie application of the intelli- 

104 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

gence of the human brain to the lower forms of life — ^the plant, 
vegetable and animal kingdoms — what possibilities may lie 
dormant within the human soul, which, through the application, 
the concentration, the lifting power of the human mind, might 
be manifested, and raise the whole being into immortality. 

If tlie grain of wheat and the flower seed can go into the 
soil and then grow and reproduce after their kind, without the 
initiative of a guiding intelligence of their own, but only through 
outward conditions, and the Divine impulse within their hearts, 
can any reasoning human being gainsay the possibilities of at 
least a proportionate development for man? The flower seed 
can only produce after its kind; it can not make or change its 
growth, except through outside conditions and influences. It 
has no individual initiative. The soil may stunt its develop- 
ment, or make it grow luxuriantly, but, without these outside in- 
fluences, it will always be the same kind of a flower. But the 
moment there is intelligence added, in the form of a Burbank, a 
variety is obtained which does not, as it were, recognize itself. 
It changes from a seeded variety to a seedless fruit; it evolves 
from the most common to the rarest variety of which we can 
conceive. And through w-hat ? Through the outside influence of 
a guiding intelligence, a brain; a brain which can take the forces 
of nature, and through the laws which nature decrees, mould the 
substances of the universe into that which it wishes to bring 

What a lesson man may derive from this ! The key-note of 
all creation is development, evolution. The impulse of all the 
forces of the universe is onward, ever onward and upward to 
higher, finer, newer manifestations, and forms of life which will 
express and show forth the highest expressioi.s and possibili- 
ties of the Creative Force back of them. And to man are given 
the wonderful advantages of Intelligence, combined with Soul, 
express and show forth the highest expressions and possibilities 
to express the ideal which God holds in his mind of him. Man 

Fundamental Laws 105 

has the greatest opportunity of all creation for his development. 
He has that wonderful shaper, that maker, that guider, that 
governor, the Mind. The Mind is the master builder that takes 
the substance of the universe, and if it will listen to the guid- 
ance of the soul, it may build an eternal habitation. It has the 
opportunity, and the authority to take the Divine Essences, and 
like the sculptor, mould out of the substance of the universe the 
ideal which it holds in mind ; to make an imperishable body, to 
construct a Divine Mind, and build an Illuminated Soul. 

And from whence is it given this authority; from whence 
comes this power? Always from within. All development or 
unfoldment, all evolution is from within out. Nothing develops 
from the outer inwardly. Nature is an unfoldment, not a sur- 
face growth. Everything must come from the idea, the root, the 
heart. Heart development is soul development. Mind develop- 
ment must eventually gradually give place to the heart guid- 
ance, and without any guidance, nothing can be accomplished. 
And with these wonderful faculties of mind and soul, man has 
the most glorious opportunity that can be afforded anything in 
the universe. His mind permits him to comprehend the con- 
structive laws; his mind shapes the course of events, prompts 
him, gives him the opportunity to conmiune with his fellows. 
Through his mind he creates continually. Body and Soul, and he 
is guided in all of his activities, through conformity to laws 
which the mind permits him to understand. Mind is the start- 
ing point, the guide through the entire creative process. 

Through the use of his intelligence, the law of Cause and 
Effect says to man that as he sows, so shall he reap. He knows 
that he cannot build without a plan, and he takes Into his heart 
the highest ideal which he can conceive, and sowing love, beauty, 
purity, thoughts of the highest of which he can dream, he builds 
ever onward and upward toward the attainment of that ideal 
in his heart. As he grows, gradually the mind becomes refined, 
and the soul is built into the image and likeness of God. The 

106 Sixty- Eighth Convocation 

mind then gives place to the Soul, and as the Soul is manifest, 
the body becomes quickened and spiritualized, imperishable, 
and the ultimate of creation is reached, the final Evolvement, 
the Perfect Man. Intuition then has taken the seat of reason, 
and communion, conscious communion with God is established, 
and the Soul wings its way upward and still upward into ether- 
ial realms, until it can say, with the Master, "I and the Father 
are one." 

This is the purpose of evolution. All nature proclaims that 
it is a possibility and must be accomplished, and the wise man 
and woman will take the hint v/hich has been given by the evo- 
lution of the centuries, and set the feet unfaltering, steadfastly 
upon the path which leads to the "Mark of the high calling of 
God," even the Christcs, tlie Son of the living God. 


Initiation is not, as it is popularly conceived to be, a system 
of believing, or system of ritualism. Ceremonial initiation is 
really no initiation in the generic sense of the word. Ceremon- 
ialism has its proper place. The inculcation of moral lessons 
and ethical principles helps men to a broader outlook of life, and 
to fonnulate tlieir ideals. But, in and of itself, it has no power 
to make the candidate different than what he was before the 
ceremfniy. Ceremonial initiation is merely the outer symljol or 
tlie picture of the inner growth every individual must experience. 
It holds up to the candidate an ideal of life to strive for, if he 
would become better, healthier, happier and attain mastership. 
It is a symbol to the candidate of an inner growth to be experi- 
enced by putting the true teachings into practice. Otherwise, 
ceremonial initiation is meaningless. Just as we employ in the 
kindergarten pictures with which to instruct the childish mind, 
so is ritualistic initiation necessary to picture in concrete form to 
the candidate abstract truth which he is otherwise incapable of 
grasping. No matter how beautiful the system of morals may 
be which is taught through ceremonial initiation, if the candidate 
does not put into practice the lessons he is taught, if he is not 
helped to understand them, if he is not shown how to apply them 
in his daily living by a system of living and training, and if 
thereby he does not experience an inner growth, he dees not re- 
ceive the inner meaning of the degrees. By no stretch of the im- 
agination can you conceive of an individual becoming a master- 
man through a ceremonial initiation. Yet thousands of intelli- 
gent men pay a fee to some Fraternal organization with the idea 
of being raised to the plane of Mastership in a few minutes and 
through a ceremony. And the Fraternal organization that prom- 
ises to give the candidate *Xight" and make of him a master- 
man, and fails to do so, is obtaining money under false pretences. 
No one can bestow upon you any power, grow1:h or increase your 
status in life by a mere ceremony. Can you conceive of an 

108 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

artist, a musician or a successful business man being made such 
through a ceremony? 

Real initiation is inner growth and development. It is the 
process of eternal becoming. It is the acquisition of intelligence 
and wisdom. From the cradle to the grave man experiences 
growth and change, physically, mentally and spiritually. Physi- 
cally, our bodies are continually undergoing cliange; mentally, 
we do not think today as we thought yesterday; and spiritually, 
we are ever receiving "more light." 

When man is consciously guided by his intuition and wise- 
ly directed by a system of teachings and training which acceler- 
ates his growth and unfoldment of his spiritual Taculties wc 
have the true initiation which the True Rose Cross Fraternity of- 
fers its students. True initiation teaches the laws of health, 
development of mind and the building of an illuminated Christ 
soul. In true initiation the student earns growth and advance- 
ment only through effort and through living of a life in con- 
formity with scientific principles tried and tested; and true 
mastership is earned through development of soul. The candi- 
date becomes the master in fact and in not in name onlv. In 
true initiation, higher self-hood is gained through self-develop- 
ment; while in ceremonial initiation titles and degrees are con- 
ferred and bestowed upon candidates for so much pecuniary con- 
sideration and v;ithout any effort of self-mastery on the part of 
the candidate. How foolish and childish for men to think they 
can obtain advancement in the unfoldment of their being without 
development and overcoming. No artist ever reached his goal 
without havinsj worked for it. No man in anv line of endeavor 
ever attained the topmost rung of the ladder of success except 
through work and self-mastery. 

Within every man are implanted latent faculties and poten- 
tialities for liim to make use of and unfold. Just as the poten- 
tial rose is in the plant, so is the master or Christ soul in embryo 
in every man. Just as the seed has the potential plant, so has 
man the potential master-man. But, whereas, tlie seed has no 
free-will to develop itself into the plant, but must wait to be put 
into the ground for germination, man, the highest in the king- 
dom of life, is endowed by his Creator with free-will and free- 
choice, which enables him to unfold his potential Christ and 

Fundamental Laws 109 

raise himself to a higher being, whenever man wills and chooses 
to do so. 

At birth we are given our working tools — a body, a mind 
and a seed, a Divine Spark from the Father, a potential Christ 
or soul. And we are given a span of years on this plane of life 
within which to employ our working tools for a purpose, and that 
purpose is to develop the germ soul into the master or Christ 
soul and attain sonship with the Father. And when the candi- 
date is helped by a systematic training to accomplish this pur- 
pose, we have true initiation. 

This is the meaning of life. We are not bom to suffer and 
stagnate and die, but to live and grow and develop from plane 
to plane, ever higher and higher. The working tools, body, 
mind and soul — are not given us so that we can make of them 
stinking temples and employ our minds to generate power for 
selfish purposes. True initiation has no other object in view 
than the soulual development of the individual. 

Initiation is birth into new and higher understanding. It 
is the development of one^s intuition, enabling the individual to 
grasp a larger measure of truth. Alas, how densely ignorant is 
mankind of intuition, that divine channel in man which is the 
connecting link between himself and his Creator! We gain 
knowledge through the mind, but wisdom and Divine direction 
is obtained through intuition. Initiation or the introduction into 
higher truth is by way of intuition. 

Truth is as infinite as God. Therefore, truth cannot be 
circumscribed within a narrow circle for the convenience of man. 
There is no limit to the wisdom of God, and there is no limit to 
cur growth in understanding and the acquisition of wisdom, un- 
less we limit ourselves and refuse to grow. When a man denies 
tliat there are higher possibilities for him by that very thought 
does he exclude himself from a higher life. When a man says 
he cannot do a certain task even before he has tried, by that 
very thouglit has he sealed his failure. The great mass of man- 
kind build around themselves a fence and refuse to venture out. 
How are they going to know what is beyond if they fear, to do, 
to think and to try? No one limits man but himself. Man is 
the individual point within the circle of his vision of truth. If 
his vision is narrow, his horizon of truth will be narrow. The 
more we unfold, the greater we increase the circumference of the 

110 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

circle of our vision, and the greater expanse of truth we come in 
contact with. 

The storehouse of God's wisdom is vast, and it is there for 
our ure and for us to draw on. But if we have not developed our 
faculties, what have we by which we can draw on that store- 
house? Tlie savage and the musician both listen to the same 
divine melody, but how differently are they impressed, due to 
difference in tlie development of the musical perception. As the 
connecting link between us and God's wisdom is intuition, it is 
our duty to develop our intuition, so that we can absorb more 
truth and wisdom. The unfoldment of our intuition is initia- 
tion . 

True initiation is evolution on the soulual side of man. A 
man may have physical perfection, he may acquire mental acu- 
men and Ills mind may become a storehouse of facts, and yet be 
far from truth and spiritual understanding and from master- 
ship. Many men reach a high plane of mentality, and yet are 
evil at heart, where is their wisdom? Physical culture is good; 
it brings health and physical well being. But physical culture 
alone cannot bring us spiritual understanding nor does it teach 
us how to build an immortal soul. !Mental culture enables us to 
become acciuainted with the physical sciences and mental laws 
which are useful to man. But mental culture cannot develop 
intuition. The greatest progress the human race has made and 
is making is on their spiritual side which concerns itself with 
internal i^rovvth. !Man evolves from darkness and is^norance 
into liglit and truth through the development of his soul, and this 
is true evolution and initiation. 

The greatest progress of the human race is not done in the 
physical laboratory, but in the laboratory of the human heart. 
In the hc\irt base passions are changed into pure gold of love. 
V/ transmuting evil tendencies, refines his nature and de- 
vclcps grod-ncss or God-ness, he is fulfilling his mission in 
life and is treading the path of evolution. When man can ad- 
vance from hating his enemies into loving them, he has made 
the hig'icst progress he is capable of. We can measure the re- 
actions tliat take place in the test tu])e, but who can measure the 
wonderful reactions that take place in the laboratory of the 
human heart? \Miat difference is there between the uncivilized 
and civilized man? Is it a physical difference, a matter of flesh 

Fundamental Laws HI 

and bones? Is it a mental difference? The ignorant man can 
be taught a great deal of the mental culture of today. Is it not 
rather a difference of the spiritual make-up? The savage cannot 
grasp abstract truth such as virtue and forgiveness. This un- 
derstanding of the abstract dealing v/ith morality is not a men- 
tal process. Were it so, then the criminal would not be a crim- 
inal. The criminal class are mentally capable, but spiritually 
they are dark. The difference between the race of today and 
that of the Roman Fmpire is not due so much to mental culture, 
but in a change of heart — which is tlie spiritual side of man. 
We can no longer sit in an arena and derive pleasure and en- 
tertainment from watching wild beasts mangle human ])eings. 
What is true of the race is also true of the individual. True 
initiation aims at a change of heart in the individual. 

True initiation is through regeneration and purification. 
Regeneration is rebirth or birth into a new life. To become re- 
generated is to become bom again, not only in mind, but in body 
as well. It is possible to create a new body, younger and health- 
ier. Purification is freedom from grossness, from impurities 
and from base and vile habits. Purification is not only of the 
body, but of the mind and heart as v/cU. The ideal man, the 
one who has developed the Christ soul, is he who is of pure and 
healthy body, of sound and powerful will and of loving heart 
that throbs for hunmanity. A martcr-man is as wise as a ser- 
pent and innocent or pure as a bal^e. 

Initiation is life. Life is a scliool. Life is an onncrtunitv, 
and every moment of our life is a change — a variation of oppor- 
tunity. This we must become conscious of. If we let our op- 
portunities go, we are the losers, and we go down the scale of 
life bv some degrees. Everv man w\\o is bA)rn to this wcrld, 
v.-icthcr he knovrs it or net,^^ the initiatory patli of evclu- 
tirn. The difference betVvcen the average man, and Xh? man 
who takes up the path of inner init'ation or soul devolopmcnt as 
trur:!it bv the n^reat and true Ro^e Cross Fratcrnitv is that, whore- 
as the average goes throui;h life Mindlv, not knov/inc: what 
he is aiming for, nor vrhithcr he is drifting to and perniits h''s 
divine possibilities and potentialities to remain dormant and 
undeveloped, the student or Soul Science is constantly conscious 
of an ideal bcfcre him towards wliich he concentrates every 
ounce of his strength and every minute of his life and is scien- 

112 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

tifically directing his energies towards the development of his 
latent potentialities. The student is hastening his freedom from 
karmic conditions and from slavery to bound destiny and is 
working towards soul illumination or Christhood. The first is 
like a piece of driftwood in the grip of the rushing current, 
helpless to direct its own course; while the latter is like the able 
swimmer, who breasts life's currents and is able to direct his 
course whither he wills against tide and wind. Which do you 
desire to be, drift wood, or a masterful swimmer? 

Life is not only an opportunity, l)ut a gift. It is not a curse 
and a misfortune as some believe. If you believe in a loving 
God, would he curse you by giving you life? If God is love, 
then out of love for man has he given him life. Then life is a 
blessing. This life of ours is one grand opportunity given us to 
unfold, to grow, to gain experience, and through experience, 
wisdom. It is a school on a great scale; and every experience we 
encounter furnishes us with a problem to solve — and solve w-e 
must. For, Nature, unlike a lenient and forgiving teacher, 
knows no excuses and expects from us an accounting and a cor- 
rect solution to her problems. Then why run away from the 
problems of life, when you know you cannot escape them? 

Initiation is by way of the crucifixion of the son of man. 
That is, the earthly man with his false appetites, his prejudices 
and vices, his sensuous loving desires, and the craving of the 
flesh to be indulged in apj^etites that degrade and pull down, 
must be hung upon the cross. Man has indulged his body so 
long not with what he desires, but with what it desires, that he 
has become a slave to its desires. And the average man's mind 
is like a runaway horse. He has no control over his thoughts. 
The thoughts control him and they are for the most part destruc- 
tive in character. Just as long as a drug fiend feeds his body 
with drugs the apctitcs are satisfied; but let him deprive these 
appctities of their stimulants, when they will fight for their 
verv lives. And in like manner, as long as the individual sees no 
necessity of depriving the appetites of his body and mind and 
keeps indulging them, he is unmindful of the slave that he is. 
But as soon as he begins to assert his mastery by depriving those 
appetites of their desires then he faces a battle w^hich requires 
strong resolution and indomitable will to gain mastery. As long 
as the individual has no desire to reach perfection and gives in 

Fundamental Laws I13 

to his body and mind, there is no struggle; but when he begins 
to nail upon the cross the unnecessary and the useless things, 
then doc3 he find cut what a slave he is. This is not a struggle 
for a day. It is a matter of time, of patience, of perseverance and 
of continual trying. But each time he gains strength and the 
appetites lose their power. 

Progress on the path of initiation is by way of sacrifice. 
But do not think it is nccc?sar)' for you to sacrifice an}^hing that 
is worthy and good. What is required is that you give up the 
things that arc unncccssar}- — the things that are so much dead 
weight. Just as we expect the growing child to give up its toys 
as it reaches the adult state, so do we expect that the man who 
desires progress on the path of initiation to give up the childish 
and unimportant things. When man has lived a life of delu- 
sion when from infancy he has been taught to regard the im- 
practical as practical, and the practical as impractical, the things 
that are not necessary seem essential. 

Initiation is the great climb up the steep and rugged ascent 
to God. It is a rcu5;h and rugged journey. To make progress 
one must divest himself of all unnecessary impediments. The 
higher you climb this path, the more one must free oneself of 
unnecessary luggage, ctherv/ise they weigh the candidate down 
and prevent h^'s ascent. And on this steep ascent, to make head- 
way, the candidate must overcome beasts that are stationed along 
the journey and that fight his progress. For instance, you will 
have to overcome the beast of pride. 

Pride stands in your way of obtaining wisdom. It malies 
you cling to things that are not necessary to your growth. It 
blocks your path and would keep you down in ignorance. It is 
no easy matter to kill the beast; you will have a long struggle 
with it; but you will have to overcome and utterly destroy it, if 
ycu de-ire to ascend the path to wisdom and God. After all, 
pride is net necessary to your welfare. If then it becomes es- 
sential that ycu part company with pride, will you love it so 
much as to prefer its ignorant association to making progress 
on the path ? 

Then you must meet the beast of laziness. To the death 
with this beast. It would have you temporize and procrastinate. 
It w^hispers into your ears soothing words lulling you to sleep. 
It would make you believe that there is no hurry to climb life's 

114 SiXTY-EitiHTH Convocation 

path, that there is plenty of time, that somehow or other you will 
advance v/ithout putting forth effort. This is a hard beast to 
overcome. He is subtle in his arguments. You are offered a 
life of ease and indulgence. Laziness would convince you that 
no climbing is necessary to advance on the path of God, and 
that nature will take care of you. Mental laziness is the strong- 
est beast that rules humanity. The people will not think, but 
let others do the thinking for them. Do not listen to the seduc- 
tive pleading of this beast. Realize that growth and progress is 
to be had only at the expense of effort and work and systematic 
training. Nothing that is bom or produced is bom of laziness, 
but of struggle and of effort. A muscle is developed through ex- 
ercise; a voice is developed through hard work. If no effort required for our evolvement and spiritual unfoldment, and 
if all were equally created in the image of God, then at present 
every individual of the race should be on the same plane of de- 
velopment. We should be all alike, think alike, feel alike. If 
nature takes care of us and evolves us, whether we want to or 
not, tlien nature would have taken care of us all alike and we 
would be now on an equal footing. But the fact of the matter is 
that no two individuals are alike and every one is on a different 
plane of evolvement because every one puts forth different effort. 
Some are farther on the path of evolution than others, not be- 
cause nature has been partial to them. Effort and practice and 
self-mastery is the keynote to growth and progress. To make 
headway in spiritual unfoldment is to make effort now, wisely 
and systematically. 

We will not enumerate the many beasts the traveler on the 
path of initiation must overcome to reach the summit, which is 
mastership or Christhood. But the effort is worth while. Power 
and wisdom is gained only through experience in overcoming. 
Understanding of Divine law is gained through application and 
practice in our daily living. True initiation is conservation of 
our bodily and mental forces and concentrating them for build- 
ing character, manhood, soul and attaining Mastership of Christ- 
hood. Ordinar}' living leads to diffusion of our forces, stagna- 
tion and death. While true initiation is concentration and leads 
to power and immortality of life. 

Soul building recognizes that man is a triune being — ^body, 
mind and soul. In order to obtain the most efficient results, 

Fundamental Laws 115 

each department of man's being must be given equal attention 
through co-ordinating and harmonizing the training so that one- 
sided development may be avoided. The aim of initiation is 
perfection, and to attain perfection, man must begin with his 
foundation or body. For upon the strength of the body rests 
the strength of the nervous system and the power of the mind; 
and a powerful mind is required to build the Christ soul. Just 
as in plant life, we have at one end the earth and at the other 
end the product of creating, the beautiful rose, so in man, the 
foundation is a strong and healthy body, and the product of our 
living, creating and developing is a beautiful soul. As in the 
plant the essences of the earth go for the production of the rose, 
so in man, the strength of our body should go in building soul. 
But if the plant has parasites living off it, the essences of the 
earth go to feeding the parasites and never build tlie rose. And 
in man, if he is a slave to his parasites, the beasts that are in 
him, the essences of his body are wasted in feeding the appetites 
of the beasts, and there is no energy left with which to build the 

It is possible through a systematic training of the body, 
mind and soul to accomplish in one life what it would take 
thousands of lives to do. We can if we will by concentration of 
our efforts on one ideal hasten our development from a plain 
ordinary unregenerate mortal to a sinless Master-man or Christ 
soul. This is what all the great Masters, prophets, Messiahs and 
Christs have taught and it is taught today by the true Rose Cross 

True initiation is an inner growth and unfoldment of one's 
spiritual faculties leading to Illumination and immortality of 
soul while external or ceremonial initiation is pure ritualism 
and merely symbolic of the inner initiation or growth. We de- 
clare that the "initiation" as practiced by most fraternities, so- 
cieties or orders of today is external initiation only and is purely 
ceremonialism and ritualism. These bodies have long lost the 
true "word" or the true logos or science of teaching the candi- 
date inner development leading to illumination and immortality 
of soul. In pantomine they conduct the candidate through a 
ceremony but they do not know how to teach that Divine science 
which enables the student through years of training to develop 
himself into a master soul. Most of these bodies, fraternities and 

116 Sixty- Eighth Conv(x:ation 

societies, so-called mystic and occult, can offer their candidates 
only ritualism and external initiation. While the true Rose 
Cross Fraternity, insists now, as it has always in the past, that 
the seeker after truth, first of all, pass through the inner initia- 
tion or growth before the ceremonial part shall be conferred upon 

The true Rose Cross Fraternity is first of all a school of 
spirituality, but it is also an order, in that it has a ritual and a 
ceremonial initiation. However, it is not a degree peddling in- 
stitution. It docs not take money for its instruction nor does 
it accept money for the conferring of the ceremonial work. 


I'lie law of evolution is a reality. Nowhere is it more evi- 
denced than in man. But Man must comply with this law, 
which is the law of growth, in order for him to experience the 
operation of the law of evolution in his life. In other words, in 
order for us to manifest the law of growth, we have to comply 
with Divine law and live in accordance with its rules. We have 
to assume an active, positive and co-operative attitude towards 
the law, and not remain passive or indifferent to it. Passivity 
is stagnation and not growth. Growth implies activity and 
change. A close study of mankind, its various peoples and races, 
the spA'age, the semi-civilized and civilized — discloses to us the 
operation of this law of evolution. And by it also we account 
for the differences between individuals. Some have more heart 
and more intelligence than others, and, in consequence, are fur- 
ther advanced on the evolutionary path than others. Of the 
white race today, there are those, who, in their unfoldment and 
growth, have far outstripped the rest of mankind. These are the 
thinkers and leaders, who mould human thought and give direc- 
tion to civilization. 

In the study of man we perceive that the law of evolution 
is operative principally on his spiritual side. The more highly 
evclvcd the man, the more spiritual he is, or the more soul or 
goodness he displays. As soul in man is his highest plane, and 
the connecting link between him and God, the more soul he has, 
the nciircr God man is. And the more Godly a man is, the more 
of soul he is. 

In the van<ruard of tlie human race, there are those individ- 
uals (a few only) who have far outstripped the rest in develop- 
ment of their souls, beyond the imagination of tiie average man. 
As the di Terence between an Edison and a savage is immeas- 
uraMy grc;^t, so the difference between an average man of today 
and an evolved Master Soul of Christ is still greater and be- 
yond the common conception. If we admit that the race has 

118 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

evolved spiritually, from the savage to the civilized state; if we 
admit that the race today manifests more of heart, goodness, 
justice and mercy; we must admit the truth that if the race has 
evolved thus far, it is capable of evolving still further. And 
when we accept this proposition we must accept the statement 
that there are those individuals, who through living a life in con- 
formity with Divine Law, and who, through training in soul de- 
velopment, have so much advanced in the evolvement of their 
souls, that, to the average man, they indeed have become super- 
men, angelic beings, master souls, Christs and Gods. As the 
race is evolving towards God, naturally these highly developed 
men stand nearest to God. 

From time immemorial, there has been an organization of 
these highly developed souls, banded together for one common 
purpose — ^to teach mankind Divine law to show mankind how 
to live their lives in conformity with Divine law so as to hasten 
their evolution towards Godhood, to warn them against false 
teachings, to originate movements tending to improve conditions, 
and to train men to lead the race into the paths of righteousness. 
This organization or Fraternity has existed in all ages, under 
different names and exists today under the true Rosicrucian 
title. It trains men to become master men, master souls, Christs 
and Messiahs. It has always guarded the pure teachings of the 
masters from profanation. It has never taught openly; for it 
recognizes that the race is not as yet prepared for its sublime 
inner mysteries. Its esoteric teachings are only for the few of 
the race who have evolved to the point where orthodoxy, creeds 
and ritualism no longer satisfies, whose motives are pure, and 
whose desires are holy, and who hunger for a meatier spiritual 
diet. It has ever kept its sacred teachings of its master uncorrupt- 
ed and beyond the profane, the vicious and the ignorant. Today 
as never before, in a spiritually more enlightened age, the true 
Rosicrucian Fraternity offers its sublime teachings to the worthy 
and the true student. 

From this great Fraternity of great souls have been sent 
trained master souls, great Messiahs and Christs to lead the 
people back into paths of righteousness, when the people had 
wandered away from the truth. When a time arises when the 
people through false teachings have drifted away from Divine 
law and have sunk into misery and degradation, and when it 

Fundamental Laws 119 

becomes imperative to point out to them the true path, these 
great leaders come to teach Divine law and how to apply the law 
so as to evolve oneself to Christhood, 

Every age and every people have had a great Messiah or 
Christ or Saviour, sent by the Great Fraternity. The Chinese 
had their Confucius; the Scandinavians Balder; the Egyptians, 
Osiris; the Greeks, Hercules, Bacclius, Apollo and Hermes; the 
Indians, Krishna; the Persians, Mithra and Zoroaster; the 
Hindus, Buddha, and the Jews, Moses, the prophets and Jesus. 

These great teachers having been instructed by the same 
Fraternity, taught the people the same mysteries of the Kingdom 
of Heaven. A close study of all the great religions will disclose 
to the earnest student that the basic principles are the same in 
all, since their origin is the same. 

During the life of these Masters, only a few of the people, 
disciples and students, understood their teachings. But the great 
mass of the people never wholly accepted the teachings. After 
the masters passed away, as the teachings spread, designing and 
ignorant priests substituted the word for the spirit, creed and 
dogma in place of Divine truth, and so corrupted the true teach- 
ings that the mysteries of soul building were lost to the people. 
As in the past so today, the churches have lost the grand science 
of soul building and can offer only blind belief, creed and 

The teachings of the Masters or Christs concerns itself v/ith 
the science of soul building. But ignorant and selfish priestcraft 
of every age, having lost this grand science, and desiring to con- 
trol the people, have substituted a worship of form and ceremony 
and idols. Instead of teaching the people Divine law, they have 
set up these great teachers or Christs as Gods for the people to 
worship. So that the Chinese worship Confucius, the Jews 
Moses, the Egyptians worshipped Osiris, the Persians Zoroaster, 
the Greeks Apollo and Hermes and the Christians worship 

Today, after two thousand years of the last great Master 
Teacher or Christ, v/e meet with conditions if not more serious 
than at any time in the past are at least as bad as any history 
records. We have vast fertile acreage, yet the people are land- 
less ; we raise more food than we can consume, yet large numbers 
of the people are hungry; we have an over production of wear- 
ing apparel, yet many of the people go naked. Never in the 

120 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

world^s history was education so easy of access, and our librar- 
ies so full of books, yet the mass of the people are ignorant. 
Courts dispense injustice instead of justice. We have self-seek- 
ing and corrupt politicians instead of wise and just statesmen 
and councilors. Religion is not a matter of science and philos- 
ophy with the people. It has become a blind faith in creed and 
dogma. The priestcraft having lost the spirit of the true teach- 
ings of the masters, having become ignorant of Divine law, and 
not knowing how to teach the people the science and philosophy 
of soul building, and observing that their grip on the people is 
loosening, are attempting to revive and gain back their authority 
through frenzied emotionalism called revivals. Poverty, misery, 
disease and early death stalk the streets. Society is miserable, 
sickly and unhappy. Surely, no apologist can be found who is 
so dull as not to admit the utter failure of our present civilization. 

Instead of considering the Master Jesus as a leader come 
to teach the science of soul building, the people worship Him as 
a God. And by deifying the Master, they place His life and His 
teachings beyond them. For they reason with themselves^ "who 
can do like Him he being a God or bom of God?" 

The great teachers or Christs never claimed anything for 
themFclves but that their mission was to teach the people "the 
way, the truth and the life" of the initiatory path, leading to 
development and immortality of soul, through living of a life 
in conformity with Divine law and training in soul building. 
These Christs were trained leaders, who were bom in the flesh 
like you and I, and who through development and training only 
in accordance with the teachings of the great Rosicrucian Fra- 
ternity, had developed their soul and attained supreme illumi- 
nation or Christhood. Christhood was earned by them, and so 
can you earn it if you will live the life that they did. 

What is Christ? Christ is the illuminated or developed 
soul. Ever}' man has the potential Christ in embryonic form, 
which through training can be developed into an illuminated soul 
or Christ. And this training is offered today by the great Fra- 
ternity of Masters. So that when we speak of Christ, or !Mes- 
siah or Saviour, we mean those great teachers of mankind who 
attained tlieir position only through training in Soul Science. 
And their mission among mankind was to teach this glorious 
science and philosophy of soul building, and by their exemplary 

Fundamental Laws 121 

life be a model to the people. The difference between the aver- 
age man and a Christ is in soul growtli. The average man pays 
no attention to his divine possibilities, while the Christ, through 
a life of training under ^Master teachers, has unfolded his soul 
and made himself a Divine being. 

The Fraternity of Masters or illuminated souls has always 
exifted and exists today. They are ever ready to point out "The 
way, tlie truth and the life." But they cannot force their teach- 
ings on an unwilling public, nor do they desire to court death 
at the hands of ignorant mobs. *'Seek and ye shall find; ask 
and it shall l.>e given you; knock and the door will be opened 
unto vcu.'' The individual must of his own free v/ill and accord 
seek sc:ul development and wisdom, and a v/ay is found v.hcreby 
the cr.rnc.-t seeker will meet the true teacher. 

Jc'us said, *'Think not that I come to destroy t]ie law, or 
the prcp]:ets; I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill." Tlie Di- 
vine lav/s were given to the people by Moses, as by all other 
iMer^sialis to all people in every age. But after Moses passed 
avviiy, the people turned their backs on Divine law and drifted 
back into materialism. When Jesus came, no one among tV.e 
pecple including tlie priesthood, understood Divine law ond the 
scienre of soul development. The mission of Jesus, then, was to 
fuL"!il the kiw and the teachings of the prophets, fur he wns in 
hr-rn-jny Vviih them; and by his exemplary life to sliow them 
"Tl:e way, the truth and the life" or how to unfold their soul 
and repch supreme illumination or Christliood. 

The question arises, can a Messiah or Christ change tlie 
ma: s cf the pecple? Kistor>' proves this has not been done. For, 
con^ldi^r, the many great teachers who have ay')peared before the 
pecj)le to brino; them out of darkness into lii^ht. What have 
they a<TcmpIi:"hed with the mass? The people in the pT-e.=ent, 
as in t]»e past, still v/orship form; they still cling to creeds and 
ccaTiK.u'ali^m. If in the past they worshipped tlic golden bull, 
they worship today the golden calf. They still think that they 
can f^a'Ti pa.Ivntlon and heaven throudi mere l-lind belief onlv in 
\hz cliv'nitv of cne man, forcettinf^ that "the wav, the truth and 
the life" is not based en belief alone but on sculual devcl:p- 
ment end train in ?▼. 

Commcn sense leads us to see that no ^Messiah, not even 
Gud himself, has the power to change the people from one state 

122 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

into another. God having endowed man with free will and free 
choice, and having constituted him a free moral agent, it would 
be a contravention of His own laws were He to compel mankind 
to mend its ways. Man must of his own free will and accord 
square his actions by the square of virtue and thereby gradually 
grow into divinity. If God has not been able these many thou- 
sands of years to turn the people from their erring ways, how 
can anyone, who is less than God, do that which God has fail- 
ed to do ? And to claim that a Christ can transplant the people 
bodily into heaven whether deserving or not, is to place a Christ 
on a higher plane than God and stamp God as a failure. But 
God is not a failure. He desires his offspring to come to him of 
their own accord in due time and season. And coming to God 
is a matter of growth and soulual evolvement and training in 
Soul Science, and not a matter of compulsion or overnight con- 
version. God is soul, and to know God, one must become soul- 
ually developed, which is a matter of years of training in soul 
science under a Master teacher. How foolish it is for the peo- 
ple to still think that they can be converted and become regen- 
erated through blind belief alone. 

The race today still thinks that when a Christ will come, 
he will lead them direct to heaven and save them from their suf- 
ferings, and forgive them their sins and give them plenty and 
bestow upon them growth without their working for it, if they 
will believe in his Divinity. It is a fantastic dream, this idea of 
waiting for Christ to relieve mankind of the responsibility of 
paying for its sins and of working for its growth. If we sub- 
scribe to the golden rule, "As ye sow so shall ye reap," and if 
mankind has sown plentifully of sin, who will do the reaping? 
Can God set aside his own laws ? If God is all law, how can he 
set us an example of law breaking? Mankind must pay the 
penalty for transgression of Divine law and no one can stand be- 
tween us and Divine law. All that these Christs can do for us 
is to teach us the initiatory path of soul development and how 
to gain immortality of soul now and here but they cannot live 
this life for us nor pay our debts, nor grow for us, just as much 
as no one can eat or drink or sleep for us. 

The Masters never taught that the Messiahs through their 
sacrifice would bring salvation to mankind. This pernicious 
doctrine has been given to the world by a designing priesthood 

Fundamental Laws 123 

for selfish reasons and has been acquiesced to by the people who 
are only too glad to believe in doctrines which will promise them 
most at the expenditure of least effort. Man is laz}' and he likes 
to believe in teachings which best suit his lazy notions and 
which do not require from him effort. Set up a system of 
thought whereby one can be absolved from reaping what one 
has sown by mere blind belief, and you have hordes that will 
follow you; but teach the people individual responsibility, and 
they will stone you. 

No one, no matter how Godly he may be, can live the life 
for others, or relieve them of their burdens or bring them salva- 
tion. If the people had the right kind of manhood, and felt a 
Man's responsibility to their God, their neighbor or themselves, 
they would not expect any one else to pay their debts, or the 
Master's death to save them from just punishment. Yet mil- 
lions of mankind today, as in the past, are waiting for some 
Messiah or Christ to come down from heaven, to lead his Godly 
life and to die for them, so that they, without doing anything 
worth while for themselves, can reap health, happiness, growth 
and immortality of soul and be transplanted into some far off 
place called heaven. 

The law of God is individual responsibility. Every man 
must first rise to that plane of intelligence where he feels his 
individual responsibility for his thoughts and acts. And when 
he arrives at this stage of his evolution he no longer sits idly 
by waiting for some Christ to drop down from heaven to relieve 
him from his burdens, forgive him his sins and make an angel 
of him. 

All these Messianic expectations arise from the erroneous 
teachings given to the people by ignorant priesthood who having 
lost the science of soul development teach the people that these 
Messiahs are Gods and that if they, the people, believe thus, 
they will be saved and absolved from past errors. What a fright- 
ful thought to hold and how blasphemous it is of God ! 

Let us understand clearly the meaning of Messiah or 
Ihrist. Christ is not a man. Christ or Messiah is the developed 
or illuminated soul in a man. All the great Masters and teach- 
ers of the human race Moses, Buddha and Jesus, were bom in the 
flesh, like you and I, and who through training in Soul Science 
as taught by the great Rosicrucian Fraternity today, as it has 

12 i Sixty- Eighth Convocation 

done in the past, had become the Christs or Illuminated Souls. 
But every man has the same opportunities and the same possi- 
bilities of becoming Christs. If only one offspring of God could 
become the Christ, and it were denied the rest of the race, and 
if the race were denied soulual development and were doomed 
to death and extinction, then it were better for the race not to 
have been born at all. But the great teachers never taught that 
they were the only begotten sons of God. On the contrary, they 
pointed out the path of attainment and Christhood for all who 
were v;illing to overcome and work for immortality. Je:-us said, 
**Vcrily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth onto me, the 
works that I do, shall he do also; and greater works than these 
sliall lie do; because I go unto my Father." Jesus did not mean 
blind belief, active faith supported by works. His disciples were 
were earnest students of soul science, builders of their spiritual 
temples, v;ho lived their lives in conformity with Divine law and 
who were in training under him. They were not mere blind 
followers. And he promised them that they would do greater 
w^orks than he v/as doing. If it were possible for his disciples 
to do the works that he was doing, why is it net possible for oth- 
ers to do likewise? Do you think that the science of soul build- 
incj as taught by Jesus and the other Masters of old has been 
IcFt? It lir.s been lost to the people who have never accepted 
these teachings, but tliev have not been lost to the few earnest 
students in every age, who have always kept the pure Christie 
teachings alive. 

Jesus said plainly, "The kingdom of God cometh not with 
o!)ser\'ation. Neither shall they say, lo here, or lo there. For 
bek-old the kingdom of heaven is within you." Each individual 
is a Christ in the making. Christ is soul. Each man has the 
germ or christ child within him. It is his Messiah or Saviour 
which tJiroufth training under a Master teacher will make of him 
a master man with Christie powers. It is for each man to bring 
forth and unfold his saviour, and no man can do it for him, 
just as no one can eat for him. xA.nd the kingdom of heaven is 
within each individual. It is for him to find it. "The kingdom 
of God ccr.icth not v;itli observation." No one ever attained his 
Christliocd by waiting for some other Christ to do his w^ork, just 
a^ no one ever became a ball player by watching some other ball 
player X'lay. 

Fundamental Laws 125 

Two thousand years ago Jesus came to teach the people 
soul development. He attained his illumination of soul or be- 
came the Christ. It is now up to the people to accept his teach- 
ings in spirit, to become students of soul science. And when the 
people travel the path of initiation of soul development, they will 
have become the Christs, and then does the Christ come to them 
a second time. 

Do not wait for some external Christ to come. The saviour 
or Christ is within vou. And it is ever readv to become manifest 
in your lives when you are ready to take up the training of soul 
development. But remember that belief in immortality of soul 
is not sufficient to make of you immortal. The great Fraternity 
of blasters v/ant students who are willing to work. They do not 
care for mere followers who are satisfied with faith alone. The 
great Masters are ever ready to help the earnest student who is 
desirous of unfolding his soul and become a Christ. And today 
through Soul Science we are offering these teachings in all their 
purity and simplicity. 

^'Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear 
my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will 
sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh will I 
grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame, and 
set down with my Father in his throne." 

How many of you realize that your soul is urging you for 
its unfoldment? How many of you hear its voice and are will- 
ing to open the door to tlie Christ within yourselves ? 


From time immemorial there have existed two schools of 
thought, the one standing for the suppression of the freedom of 
thought by the masses, and the other for the freedom of the in- 
dividual, individual development and initiative. 

For convenience sake, we will call the first, the Devolution- 
ery school, and the second, the evolutionary school. The First 
School denies the principle of evolution as applied to the indi- 
vidual, while the second considers that the law of life, which is 
the law of growth, is for differentiation and individualization. 

The Devolutionary school has no faith in the people, con- 
siders them incapable of governing themselves or thinking for 
themselves, and has no higher hope for the masses than a life 
of labor and slaving for the privileged few at the top. Those 
who belong to this school are men who have attained superior in- 
telligence, but are selfish, self-seeking, ambitious for power, and 
are obsessed with the desire to rule and govern. They are the 
backbone, brains and power of the dominant church and politi- 
cal parties, the two main instruments of power that have con- 
troled and are controling and governing the public mind. And 
whenever possible and convenient, the church and the state, 
which is usually a political machine, have united to share the 
power of control over the people. For both recognize that they 
are dependent upon each other to maintain their authority over 
the people. The diurch by teaching fear and respect for au- 
thority can influence the people to become submissive to the 
governing powers, and the state by passing laws can protect the 
church from untoward influences. The established church has 
always stood for every movement which would curtail the free- 
dom of the individual and make him subservient to its authority. 
In every age and among every nation we find this to be a fact. 

The Devolutionery School has the greatest contempt for the 
intelligence of the masses and believes that the greatest good for 
the common people can best be obtained by centralizing the pow- 

Fundamental Laws 127 

er of government in the hands of a few individuals, whom God 
created with superior attainments for the express purpose of 
acting as his viceregerts on earth. They would deny the people 
freedom of thought and of choice, and consider themselves best 
fitted to think and choose for the needs of the masses. They 
consider individual development and initiative as inconsistent 
to centralized power and dangerous to its authority. They are 
self-appointed God^s agents on earth with powers to forgive 
sins, remit transgressions against Divine law, and give a ticket 
of admission to heaven or condemn souls to hell depending on 
the attitude of the individual to their authority. 

On the other hand the Evolutionery school stands squarely 
for individaul effort and initiative, and individual free- 
dom of thought and of choice. They consider that the 
law of evolution as applied to man is for differentiation and 
individualization, and that any interference with this law brings 
about dire results. For a time only can authority hold back 
the progress of the masses in individual unfoldment. But as 
this is contrary to the law of nature, nature has its way of rid- 
ding itself of intollerable conditions, resulting in cataclysms, 
revolutions and wars. 

The evolutionary school would work in harmony with 
nature and allow the individual full liberty of unfoldment, free- 
dom of thought, belief and choice, in so far as it would help him 
grow, without interfering with the freedom of others and with 
no injury to society. This school thinks that the world can be 
made better and mankind be best benefitted only through the 
development of the individual and that as he grows, unfolds and 
is made to understand and recognize individual responsibility, 
is he in position to help himself and his fellow-men. When man 
is taught that as he sows, so will he reap, that every act and 
thought produces definite results, good or bad, according to the 
deed and thought, that no one can stand between him and his 
Creator and delegate to himself authority to forgive sins com- 
mitted, and that every sin committed brings about just punish- 
ment commensurate with the performance of the act, then the 
individual will begin to feel moral responsibility and will be 
careful as to his mode of living. The danger in allowing a few 
persons to control the public mind and conscience lies in the 
fact that it breeds an opportunity for developing selfish, self- 

128 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

seeking and power-mad men. Such men are unfit to be entrusted 
with the interests of the people, for they can use their power for 
evil and for self as against the best interests of the people. Such 
men would keep the people in darkness and in ignorance and 
would stifle individual effort, lest the masses wake up and re- 
move them from power. 

Authority is the result of a few individuals at the top dele- 
gating to tbcmsclves powers and prerogatives, and constituting 
themrelves the control to judge, to rule and to dominate. In 
time you may be sure they will see to it that they will instill and 
foster respect from the people for their authority. 

And in time the people come to worship this autliority as a 
fetich or idol to such an extent that they fear to think for them- 
selves. So that if any new teacher arises or new ideas are push- 
ed forth which might be contrary to the teachings of the estab- 
lished church and political machine in power, no matter how 
beneficial it might prove to the interests of the people, the au- 
thorities perceiving the danger to their power, immediately en- 
deavor to suppress the new teacher and his teachings, on the 
grounds that the new teacliings are heretical and inimical to the 
v.clfare of society and the teacher is an enemy to the people. 
And the people having become like sheep, having lost the pov/er 
to think for them?:elves owing to mental paralysis from fear, 
cannot think or judge for themselves as to the truth or falsity 
of the new teachings; but, comparing it with the established or 
r.uthoritative teachings, and finding no harmony, condemn both 
the new teacher and the new teachings. Remember the experi- 
ence of the Master Jesus wdth the established church of his day 
and its authorities. And this has been the experience of every 
great teacher in every age. 

So effectually have the self constituted authorities taught 
the people for thousands of years respect for their authority that 
the masses have lost the power to think for themselves. They 
h.ave become slaves to authority, which robs them of free-will and 
frcc-clioice, and which denies them freedom of action, and stifles 
initiative — the greatest factor in man, which if rightly exercised, 
leads to the greatest amount of good. As long as the people are 
rcyoted dovrn to authority, they are helpless and at the mercy of 
unscrupulous and selfish men in power. 

The greatest w^eapon in the hands of authority, which en- 

Fundamental Laws 129 

ables them to control the masses, is fear. The people are im- 
bued with fear for this or that, are bom into fear, live a life of 
fear and die with and on account of fear. And those in author- 
ity have encouraged the people to fear, for herein rests their con- 
trol and power. If the authorities would encourage the people 
to think, instead of fear, they would soon lose their hold on the 
public mind. 

The people actually sleep away their lives through fear of 
being awake. They fear to breathe, they fear to think for them- 
selves, they fear to cross authority, they fear to live their lives 
in accordance with the dictates of their conscience and live rather 
in accordance with opinions outside of themselves. They 
fear disease, they fear death, they fear to express themselves and 
they fear to assert themselves. Fear has become so rooted in 
their nature as to paralyze their thoughts and make of them mere 
automatons subject to the control of authority. Many grand ideas 
have been stifled and many noble desires have been suppressed 
because of public opinion which is really authority. For, strict- 
ly speaking there is no such thing as public opinion; for few 
people have a mind of their own, but think and do what their 
authorities desire them to think and do. 

The subjection of the people to authority is manifested in 
every department of life. Through fear the people are in bond- 
age to the authoritative school of medicine. The people submit 
to inocculations, to unnecessary pain and torture on account of 
their submission to authority. In science, in religious thought 
and in every phase of life it is remarkable how tremendously 
powerful is the control of authority over the masses. This con- 
dition has always prevailed. Individual effort and freedom of 
thought has always been in conflict with authority. 

Every great thinker, every great master and teacher, has 
been subjected to the greatest trials, and in many cases have met 
death, for daring to teach the truth and to assert their individu- 
ality. Remember the experience of the Master Jesus with the 
authoritative school of his day. "And when he was come into 
the temple, the chief priests and elders of the people came unto 
him as he was teaching and said, by what authority doest thou 
^ese things?' And who gave thee this authority." Moses ha-'* 
die same experience, "And Pharoah said, who is the Lord that 

130 Sixty- EiGirrii Conv(x;ation 

I should obey his voice to let Israel go? I know not the Lord 
neither will I let Israel go." 

The Devolutionery school in all ages, represented by the 
authoritative church and state, has never been friendly to prog- 
ress ! and if any advancement has been made, it has been accom- 
plished in conflict and in spite of authoritative teachings and not 
because of its support. 

Ah, if the people would only have the courage to do, to 
think for themselves, to live a natural life and to act in accord- 
ance with the dictates of their higher promptings, what a beau- 
tiful world this would be. 

If the people would only be taught to exercise their God 
given faculties instead of depending on authorities for their 
welfare what a change in the social economic and religious 
thought of the world we would witness. But the Devolutionery 
School desires the masses to be dependent upon them so as to 
strengthen their power over them. And tliis pernicious teaching 
has been inculcated so long that it has become imbred with the 
people to the extent that they are satisfied with things as they are 
and assist the authorities in fighting any change no matter how 
beneficial it might be to their interests. Jesus said to the people, 
"And think not to say within yourselves, we have Abraham to 
our Father." What matters it what the people believe in? One 
system of authoritative belief is as good as another, as long as 
the people are compelled to blindly worship a system, instead 
of truth itself. No belief, no matter under what name, or in 
what age, unless accompanied by works, and unless it encourages 
independent thought and individual unfoldment, has ever ac- 
complished any good in this world. It is not what the people 
believe in that counts but it is what they do and how they live, 
and how happy and contented society is. And judged by this 
standard, all authoritative systems of the Devolutionery school, 
depending on the blind worship of the masses, are negative and 
destructive in tendency. 

The only authority one needs to guide one's footsteps and 
tlie safest one to go by is the conscience within each person. God 
has placed in each human breast a greater judge than any mortal 
judge, and that is the conscience, which is the voice of God 
speaking to us through our soul. Man is endowed by his Creator 
with free-will, free-choice, a conscience and a mind. Evidently 

Fundamental Laws 131 

God intended us to exercise these faculties — to think for our- 
selves, to choose for ourselves, to will and to judge for ourselves 
— otherwise, had he not intended us to use these faculties, but 
expected us to depend on authorities, then why has He endowed 
us with those faculties at all? If a man is made in the image 
of God — to will, to do, to think and to create — he will attain his 
higher self-hood only through the exercise of his God given 
faculties. And this pre-supposes individual unfoldment. 

Under most authoritative teachings, these faculties are 
asleep in man with the result that the people are compelled to 
depend on their authorities to do their thinking and choosing 
and deciding; whereas the scheme of creation is for individual 
unfoldment of faculties and tlie exercise of same for individual 
advancement and growth. Conscience if rightly exercised and 
frequently consulted will never fail us in determining the true 
from the false the right from the wrong, the essential from the 
non-essential. There is no higher Authority than God. God 
having created us, He has not forsaken us, nor has he left us 
without a guide. And this guide is our intuition. But man 
chooses to turn his back on his intuition and God and listen to 
authoritative advise outside of himself which in most cases is 
not to his best interests. 

"A noteworthy thing about the teachings of Jesus and the 
power he manifested is the fact that he never theorized. He 
spoke as or.c ''having authority" And the authority he obeyed 
was the God within him, represented by his Illuminated Soul. 
His mission was to teach men to use their God given (acuities. 
And because he charnp^'oiis the cause of the individual as as^ainst 
a.<7ainst tlie irtercsts of the authoritative church and state of his 
dav, he v^-as rut to death. It has ever been thus. 

« ' A. 

11: e hope of mankind is in the welfare and intelli.2:ence of 
its individual members. Those nations wb.o have given their 
citizens greater opportunities for initiative and intelligent un- 
foldment are more efticient and further advanced in civilization. 
History is rcnletc with examples to illustrate this point. And 
nov.-here is it more evident than in the present great conflagra- 
tion in Europe. And this conflagration if it will teach the vrorld 
any lessons will advance the cause of individualism and bring 
home the truth that a people's greatness and efficiency lies in 
giving the individual freedom of action and freedom of unfold- 

132 SiXTY-hiGHTii Convocation 

ment restricting this freedom only to the extent of preventing in- 
terefercnce with personal rights. 

Any attempt to dam a stream results in a flood. And to 
attempt to prevent the individual growth of a people is as futile 
as daming a stream. Evolution is for differentiation and indi- 
vidualism. We perceive that the more civilized a people the 
more unlike are its members. In proportion that a people have 
encouraged individualism in just that proportion have they 
prospered ; and in proportion that a people have been suppressed, 
in that proportion have they shown barbarism, stagnation and 
decay. History is replete with examples of the downfall of na- 
tions because of the suppression of individualism. 

Individual unfoldment is the only solution for the welfare 
of the race. It is the law of growth. It is nature in its con- 
structive operation. If the world is to become better we must 
start with the individual; and as he unfolds becomes more re- 
sponsible, a moral being, he raises his envionment and influences 
for good of his fellow-men with whom he comes in contact. He 
becomes a "lighted city on a hilltop." A man who evolves towards 
Godhood, and who becomes a morally responsible being, realizing 
his accountability to God for his thoughts and acts, will be a 
more law abiding citizen, a better Father and husband, and will 
display more respect for the rights of his fellow-men. Individual 
unfoldment teaches a man self-respect and respect for the wel- 
fare of others. The greatest nations in the world have been 
those who have zealously guarded the principle of life, liberty 
and the pursuit of happiness for all its citizens. This nation 
was founded on this principle and this nation has thus far 
prospered because it has protected its individuals in their pursuit 
of life, liberty and happiness, and has offered its citizens the 
greatest opportunities of individual expansion and assertion. 
And this nation will go down, if it ever will, because it will have 
trampled this principle in the dust and attempt to suppress in- 

We recognize that governments cannot by compulsion and 
lc,':;Islation bring about a condition of goodness, virtue and in- 
telligence among its people. We recognize that this is an indi- 
vidual problem, and that it is a matter of growth. We recog- 
nize that the function of governments is to give its people the 
greatest individual freedom of thought and of action. 

Fundamental Laws 133 

We have heard so much that men are bom free and equal. 
This is not so. There is no equality of men. We are bom free 
to live to use our will for the accomplishment of laudable under- 
takings to choose a worthy life, to attain noble ideals, and to 
exercise our God given faculties ; but we are not born equal. No 
two individuals are alike because no two individuals have lived 
alike or developed alike. The law of nature is for differentia- 
tion. The only equality that men possess in common is the 
equal opportunity to do, to develop and to accomplish. We all 
have the same opportunity to enrich our hearts with goodness 
and love and to evolve towards Godhood. Men and despotic 
governments may deprive us of material wealth and enslave our 
bodies, but they cannot rob us of spiritual wealth nor enslave 
our souls. We alone are the masters of our soulual destinies. 
We alone can free our souls from material despotism. We alone 
can make our lives a blessing to mankind or an abomination to 
our fellow-men. We alone are Gods or devils in the making 
depending on the path we chose to travel. God has given us 
all Divine faculties, which through our own efforts and the 
training in soul building offered by Soul Science can help us 
overcome all adverse circumstances. 

In our lectures here we speak a great deal of self-develop- 
ment and unfoldment. To the one who is not entirely ac- 
quainted with our teachings it might appear as if our teachings 
are selfish in that the individual is concerned with his own wel- 
fare only and might become so rapt up with his o^^ti particular 
grov/th as to forget the welfare of his fellow-men. There cannot 
be tme individual development if based on selfishness. Tme 
individual unfoldment is based on tme unselfishness. There 
can be no progress except through self-sacrifice for mankind 
Only through service for our brethren can we gain wisdom and 
power and our growth on the path of attainment will be in pro- 
portion to the amount of service we give to mankind. There 
was no selfishness in the life of Jesus. He attained his great- 
ness and power through a life of self-sacrifice for mankind. And 
the student who desires to grow to do and to accomplish must 
pattern his life after the life of Jesus. The person who truly 
seeks self-development does so with the thought only that by his 
growth and attainment he can do more for his fellow-men. If 
be desires to help his fellow-men will he not be of greater help. 

134 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

if he becomes stronger, healthier, happier and wiser? We can 
give only as much as we possess; if we possess little we can 
offer but little; but if we possess much, how much more we can 
be of help. 

The Master has said, "whosoever will come after me, let 
him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me."' The 
individual who desires to be of real and true service to mankind, 
must first deny or give up one's baser or lower self, and take up 
the cross of self-sacrifice and be prepared to be crucified on the 
cross of authority. Just in proportion that the individual gives 
of his time, labor and life, in helping his less fortunate brethren 
to a realization of a better day, in that proportion will he receive 
from God wisdom and power. 

Soul Science recognizes tliat the hope of the world for a bet- 
ter day lies in individual betterment. In proportion that indi- 
viduals become self-helpful, morally responsible, thinkers, in- 
dependent of external authority, exercising their free-will and 
free-choice, will the world become a better place to live in. Our 
environment is what we make of it, individually and collectively. 
Our environment is the reflection of internal stales or conditions 
within ourselves. And wlien we improve ourselves, we improve 
cur environment. Therefore the starting point is the individual. 
And Soul Science teaches the individual to help himself, to be- 
come real men and real women, for women have an equal share 
in the world's work. Soul Science teaches men moral responsi- 
bility and individual accountability; it teaches men to become 
free, free from the domination of external authoritative teach- 
ings, free from slaver}' to debasing environments. Soul Science 
teaches intuitional developments, that inner voice of the soul, 
that Godly authority within us. For man's unfailing and in- 
fallible authority is within himself, and not outside of himself. 
If man is in full possession of all of his Divine faculties and if 
he develops intuition, he has within all the authority he needs to 
guide him to righteousness, to wisdom and power and to free- 

"Blessed are they who hear the voice, 
"Thrice blessed are they who obev it" 


Tho' little thought or attention has been given the Law or 
Reincarnation among the peoples of the western hemisphere, it ib 
neveretheless a fully accepted and established law among many 
of our brothers of the eastern climes. Nor is it strange that our 
eastern brethren should have perceived and accepted this prac- 
tical solution to all of lifers questions long in advance of the peo- 
ples of the western world. For it is from the East but inter- 
perted by the West, that every true philosophy and religion has 
come. It is from the East that we must look for all the spiritual 
knowledge and enlightenment that is to enlighten and illumine 
the western mind. So from the East, from whence came all true 
prophets and teachers, all true religion and philosophy, shall 
gradually come to all mankind the only true and practical teach- 
ing that shall redeem the world — that embodying reincarnation. 

And what is reincarnation? Reincarnation is that process 
of chancre and rebirth by which the soul, or ego, takes on a new 
life, a new body. It is the rebirth of the soul into a fleshy body, 
thru' which body the soul may take on such experiences, may ac- 
cumulate such luiowlcdge, may attain such growth, as will further 
its advancement towards its destined goal — back to the Father 
from whence it came. 

For in the beginning the soul was with God, and in its 
desire to know and experience both good and evil, was sent forth 
into tlie world of flesh; there to be tried and tempted of the 
flesh; there to know, and experience — and to overcome. And 
with the soul, both as its protector and its judge, God sent forth 
his great Law of Justice, or Karma, "As ye sow, so shall ye 

Governed and guided by this great law, each soul has 
gone forth from the Father of all, to come down into the very 
deptiLS of materiality and sin, there to experience, to know and 
to overcome, and finally thru' overcoming to come again unto the 
Fatlicr. For by this experience this knowledge of good and evil 

136 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

and by the overcoming of good over evil, the soul proves its di- 
vine right and comes as the true Son, back to the house of the 
Father from whence it came. 

In this light, this earthly life of ours may be likened to a 
wonderfully equipped and systemized school, thru' the many 
grades of which we must creditably pass before we can hope to 
pass on into the higher heavenly schools. And what are the 
lessons to be learned, but the experiences thru' which we pass? 
If we learn our lessons well; if we profit by our experiences; 
then we pass into a higher grade where other lessons, other ex- 
periences, teach us greater truths and fuller knowledge. 

But if we refuse to learn and study; if we refuse to apply 
our experiences, can we expect to pass on into the higher grades 
of truth and knowledge? No, Life's school is as our material 
schools. When the short term of one life is over, if we have 
failed to learn our lessons; if we have neglected to study and 
apply our experiences, then we must again return to the same les- 
sons, or experiences, until we have mastered them, and become 
eligible for a higher grade. And how, may I ask, are we per- 
mitted to come again into life's school to study again its lessons 
of experiences, but thru' the process of reincarnation. 

As souls, we have been placed in God's great school of life, 
hut the soul can only experience and learn life's lessons while in 
the body of fiesh. Governing this great school is the one all 
sufficient law, the Law of Justice, or "as ye sow, so shall ye 
reap." Since all, or material, is subject to change, shoula 
that change called death for one reason or another come to us 
before we had met every requirement of this great law, think 
you we would be permitted to leave this great school, with our 
lessons but partially learned ; with our desire for true and high- 
er knowledge but partially satisfied ? 

No, in his love and mercy, as well as in his requirement for 
the fulfilment of the law God permits us to again take on the 
earthly body — to again pass thru' the state of physical birth, 
thus re-enetering life's school, reaping the experiences of past 
sowing, and sowing the seeds of greater experiences in time to 
come, thus giving us the opportunity of learning life's lessons 
and coming up into a higher grade or class of understanding and 

In this light, is the law of Reincarnation then such an 

Fundamental Laws 137 

absurdity? Is it not rather the only plausible solution to life's 
numerous and mystifying problems? We are taught that God is 
just, that he is love and mercy; but without reincarnation as the 
explanation can we look upon conditions as they exist among 
us today, and truly believe in His justice and mercy? No, a 
thousand times, No. Is it justice that one should be bom into 
the squalor of poverty, misery, and disease, while another, thru' 
no apparent worthiness on his part, is given all that life has to 
offer in health, success and happiness? Is it justice that one 
should be bom a genius, gifted with unlimited talent, while God 
should see fit to send another into life with not a single means 
of attaining the desired things of life? Can you see the inno- 
cent and pure in heart polluted and wronged by veritable demons 
in the flesh and with no explanation, no reason why, with no 
hopes of compensation to the wronged or just deserts to the 
wrong-doer can you close your eyes to such conditions, and be- 
lieve in the love and justice of a merciful Father? 

Such is indeed a blind belief. For no man whose eyes are 
open to the unhappy, sinful, evil conditions existing among us 
today can refrain from calling unto the great God of us all and 
exclaiming with all the anguish of his heart "Where, Oh Lord, 
is justice?" And to this man of deep and sorrowing heart this 
man of love and compassion to his fellow man comes the solu- 
tion — Reincarnation. To him comes the realization that in this 
great world of ours are many souls of varied states of growth 
and experience. Souls buried deep in the depths of materiality, 
sowing seeds of hate, malice, licentiousness and destruction. 
Other souls, reaping the result of evil sowing in past lives, suf- 
fering seeming injustice and undeserved punishment. Some 
sowing seeds of labor and effort to be enjoyed in lives to come, 
while others are reaping a life of success, as a result of past 

With this solution he can look upon the world of peace 
and happiness to some, and misery and degradation to others, 
and say that God is indeed a loving and merciful Father permit- 
ting each soul to reap only that which is just, whether good or 
evil, according to that which he has sown. 

In this light, he sees and understands why one individual 
may come upon earth and with seemingly little effort on his part, 
attain the very heights of success and fame. Take, for in- 

138 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

stance, one such as Mischa Elman, who at the age of twenty-one 
was considered and recognized among the world's master vio- 
linists. Can we believe that all that expression, heart, melody, 
and musical perfection was brought out in just one life, and at 
such an early age? No, in the light of Justice, one sees that such 
an one has no doubt suffered, labored, and deprived himself of 
the necessities of life in lives gone by, for the master}' of his 
profession. That thru' his hard work and earnest desires in tliis 
life he is reaping the reward of the sowing in the past. For in 
the light of Justice he knows that the present is but the reaping 
of the past, and the future will be but the result of the present. 

But, you ask, if there does exist this law of Reincarnation, 
and if we have lived before, why have we no memory of our past 
lives? If we are strong enough to look back and read our past 
history God would have endowed us with that faculty. But we 
are v^eaklings and if we were to see our failures our misdeeds 
of our past we proljably would not have the courage to work 
and strive for better and nobler things now. 

Man spends time enough as it is reviewing and repenting 
of the events of his past, often holding himself back from further 
advancement. What then, v.ere the incidents, the blunders, the 
events of our past lives suddenly revealed to us ? Not only would 
we be restrained from pushing forward but without doubt we 
would give way under this great mental strain, and end our 
lives in the madhouse. Again we see the justice of God. The 
Wise Creator vrants us to see the present and the future — to look 
aliead net backwards. In time thru' a gradual streni^thening 
and cleansing of the soul, we may some day be sufficiently strong 
to look upon our own soul and know what that soul has been in 
the past. But that should not concern us now. It is a mark of 
wisdom to fcrp^et the past and not harp on what has been, but to 
take up a new life, and through good works we will l>e able to 
amend for the blunders of the past and build peace and happi- 
ness for the future. 

Reincarnation is by no means a newly advanced idea or 
theory. Rebirth, or reincarnation was tau^zht by Jesus. In 
speakinq: of John, the Baptist, he said, "And if ye will receive it, 
this is Elias, v;hich was for to come." Jesus told the people 
that John was the reincarnated Elias. Elias was one of the 
prophets that lived five hundred years before the birth of John. 

Fundamental Laws 139 

As today, there were few among them who realized the full 
meaning of Jesus' words. But there were, and are, those who 
sought the inner meanings of these words and recognized the 

No master, or teacher, has ever taught the law of Justice 
more clearly than Jesus. His golden rule, "Do unto others as 
you wish that they should do unto you," is but another way of 
exprcbsing the law, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." 

Again we find him admonishing his followers to agree 
quickly with their adversaries, lest they be cast into prison, 
from Vvhich there is no release until the utmost farthing be paid. 
Here again is the law of absolute Justice, showing that if we sow 
seeds of wrong-doing against our brother, we shall not be re- 
leased from tlie effects of this wrong doing until full compensa- 
tion is made. 

Jesus taught absolute individual responsibility. He taught 
that each individual thru' his own sowing of deeds, reaped the 
result cf such sowing, whether good or bad. Never did he teach 
that he came to release them from the effects of their own reap- 
ing thru' mere belief in him. Jesus came to "show the way." 
In otlicr words, his mission was to teach mankind how to sow, in 
order to avoid undesirable reaping. He never taught that belief 
in h:m would cancel their past debts. In fact, he plainly stated 
that "should they be cast into prison, they should not be released 
until ll;e farthing was paid." He told others to follow Ilim 
and they tco should do even greater things than he, and should 
also come into sonship with the Father. He also told them 
there no way but by the cross, implying that each one must 
bear his own cross. 

In none of Jesus' teachings do we find a basis for the orth- 
odox lelief of vicarious atonement. Viewed in the liglit of jus- 
tice, it is clearly perceived that such a belief is a false one; 
one contrary to Divine Laws. If Jesus taught that as we sowed, 
so should we reap, could he deliberately contradict this law by 
teaching them the doctrin^* 6_f vica ri ous a tonement? Could he 
teach them the individual responsibTTity" of their every thought 
and deed, and then take tliis responsibilitv awav from them bv 
cO'erinr^ to atone for their sins if thev would but believe on him? 

'l\i^ true mission of Jesus was to show man his relac'on to 
himself, to God and to his fellow man. Jesus came to show man 

140 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

how to think and live that he might come to a better under- 
standing of himself ^that he might know his purpose on earth 

and might be brought to a realization of his own individual re- 
sponsibility in shaping his own life and destiny. 

Some there were who accepted these teachings in their true 
meaning, who applied them to their own lives, thereby becoming 
true masters and leaders of man. But many there were who were 
not willing to apply the Master's teachings as they really were, 
who were not ready to recognize such laws as would bring them 
to a realization of their ovm responsibility. These it was, who 
set up the false standards of religion, who preferred to set Jesus, 
the man, before them as one to be worshipped and adored, 
rather than take his teachings into their hearts and become like 

Like cowards they sought to hide behind his merits and 
good deeds. In blind faith they held up his life before them and 
claimed it as their own. They would steal Eternal Life by per- 
mitting Him to bear their sins, while they went unpunished. 
Thru' their cunning and deceit they would defy the absolute law 
of Justice and defraud God himself, by receiving the man in- 
stead of his teachings, which they knew would bring them to a 
responsibility of their own sins. 

It is the same in the present day. There are those masters 
and teachers on earth who would teach man that he is absolutely 
responsible for every word and act. Those who would show 
him tliat as a soul sent forth from God, he must come again unto 
the Father, not thru' the efforts of another, but thru* his own 
efforts and experiences. There are those who know and under- 
stand the Divine Laws governing the growth and development of 
man, who can bring man to a knowledge of his own soul thru' 
that system of living which the Master Jesus taught. 

Today, as Jesus, there are those masters and teachers of 
the Divine Law, who are earnestly striving to bring mankind to 
the real Truth, that he may know and understand the workings 
of the immutable law of Justice and bring his life into harmony 
with this law. Who know that only thru' the recognition and un- 
derstanding of the law of Reincarnation is it possible to perceive 
the workings of the law of Justice. For then and then only can 
man realize that everything about him, his conditions, his en- 

Fundamental Laws 141 

vironment, his success, his failures are his exact due, brought 
about thru' his own efforts in time gone by. 

Such a teaching naturally necessitates that man put aside 
all cowardly thought of evading the consequences of his own 
deeds thru' various forms of belief and repentance, and places 
him in the position of a true man, strong in the love and justice 
of God, ready to grapple with his own life's problems, and thru* 
his own suffering and untiring efforts, to come forth the victor 
over every weakness, every sin. It is such a teacliing that dis- 
closes the fallacy and uselessness of any ceremonious doctrine, 
creed, or belief, which would lead man to believe that he could 
gain anything, even Eternal Life, tliru' the efforts, or at the ex- 
pense of another. It teaches clearly that every individual is a 
separate being, apart from his fellow man, in that he is abso- 
lutely accountable to God for his own soul, its growth and de- 
velopment into sonship with the Father. 

Such a teaching is Soul Science, for as its name implies it 
teaches the science of training, developing, and knowing the 
soul ; showing man how the soul was sent forth from the Father 
into the world of flesh that it might take on experiences, com- 
prising botli good and evil, that it might overcome, and thru* 
overcoming become the Christ, the True Son of God. 

Soul Science has as its basic, fundamental principles the 
law of absolute justice, or "as ye sow, so shall ye reap," and the 
law of reincarnation. It recognizes that the one is not complete 
without the other, for without Reincarnation, there is no Justice. 
Reincarnation is the only solution of the law of justice. Rein- 
carnation explains why a certain condition, a certain event, or 
happening, is just. And without such a solution man may in- 
deed look upon the conditions and scenes of misery about him 
and see only the workings of an awful and unmerciful God play- 
ing with man as his fancy sees fit. 

Like the true Christie teachings, it shows a man how to sow 
that he may reap desired results, both in the present as well as 
the future. It guides and trains him in this school of life, teach- 
ing him to stand upon his own merits, to honestly pass his own 
examinations if he would creditably finish the course. It shows 
him the utter folly of wasting his study hours in idleness and 
mischief and then stealing and copying from another when ex- 
aminations come. 

142 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

Soul Science holds before its followers the one standard, 
that of Love ; helping him to love his neighbor as himself. This 
is made possible thru' the understanding of the law of Reincar- 
nation. For when others persecute him or seek to wrong him, 
like Jesus, he can say ^'Father, forgive them for they know not 
what they do." He realizes that they are brother souls, w^ho 
thru' past as well as present mistakes, have not as yet reincarnat- 
ed or come up into the higher classes of this great school of life, 
where they have the knowledge of the higher laws of love. He is 
then more able to overlook their misdeeds and show compassion 
and tolerance towards them, for full vrell he knows the law, that 
they shall reap as they are sowing and that in time they shall 
be their own judges, and that in wronging him they are but sow- 
ing Kanna, which means accumulated indebtedness to the law of 
Justice, for which they must compensate at some future time. 

In this light it is easily understood how an individual can 
come to liold no ill will or malice against his fellow man, and can 
come to love and forgive, to serve and guide his erring brother 
just as Jesus loved and served his fellow man. 

And this is the life that Jesus came to teach the people to 
live. Is it any wonder that the forces of evil tried to frustrate 
his plans by inducing the people to accept the man Jesus in- 
stead of his teachings. For had the people accepted the true 
teachings of Jesus tv»'o thousand years ago, the evil powers should 
long ago have lost their hold upon their hearts and the Kingdom 
of Heaven, the Universal Brotherhood of man would be estab- 
lished amonc; us. 

Hovv' successful the forces for evil have been in bb'nding 
tlie people is easily seen in our materialistic sciences, our relig- 
ions of l>l:nd faith, doctrine, and ceremony of today. How cun- 
ningly tliey have fixed the attention of man on the exterior, 
modninglcss issues of life, preventing him from seeking his cen- 
ter, his soul, his God within. 

They have shown him a God outside and apart from him- 
self — to be feared and dreaded, instead of allowing him to know 
that Gcd dwells within his o\mi bosom as his guide and strength. 
And v.'hen any great teacher, such as Jesus, dares come among 
the people to show them the real truth, how quickly they snatch 
the kernel of truth from the mouths of hungry men, and give 
them but the shell of doctrines, creeds and ceremonies, upon 

Fundamental Laws 143 

"which to feed the starving soul. How deftly they center the 
people's mind upon that which is apart from themselves by 
holding up the man, the teacher, as a God to be worshipped, 
rather than his teachings which they know would lead man to 
know himself and his God, and which would end their hold on 
the hearts of men forever. For full well do thev who are evil 
know that once man is brought to see real truth; once he is 
brought to a realization of his soul or God power within, the 
cliarms of evil will no longer temi)t him, for tliru' tlie strength 
of the developed soul within he is master, not slave — he is con- 
queror, not victim. 

Docs it surprise you then, that the pov/er of evil permeates 
our materialistic sciences, even our religions ana pliilosonhies of 
today ? 

Do you wonder tliat our sciences embody and support such 
ideas as those of chance, of fate, and of destiny; that they con- 
sider and measure man's success bv his abilitv to outwit his fel- 
low man? That they permit such outrages as vivi-section, 
causing the harmless and innocent ones of God's lower kingdoms 
inconceivable pain, in the blind pretense of helping mankind? 
That they support such practices as vaccination, thus innoculat- 
ing the human race with the vilest of poisons? 

Are you surprised that our religions of today teach every- 
thing but Divine Truth; that they would hold tliis false belief 
and that before the eyes of the people to keep them from seeing 
their true selves and their divine possibilities? Do you v/cndcr 
that such doctrines as those of vicarious atonement and remis- 
sion of sins have become the fundamentals of our relisrion tcdav? 

W'lien true religion has been lost to the people, and v^hen 
ccrditiwDS become almost unbeara!)le, there is a desire amonrj 
them for a Messiah or Saviour to lead them back to the sinmle 
teachings of the Masters. The people have V-ccn led to l^elieve 
by fal.-^e teachings that when such a ^lessiah would api^jear, he 
would i;e sent bv God to rescue them from their sufferings, re- 
store order and bring peace, prosperity and happiness to all who 

At the time of Jesus the Jews were looliing for a Mcr-iah to 
come. Throughout the centuries they have been looking for a 
Messiah and today some of them are still locking for one to ap- 
pear. And in like manner many Christians today are looking for 

144 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

the return of Jesus. Every people in every age have had Mes- 
siahnic expectations. They have been led to believe that their 
troubles would be over when these Messiahs would appear; and 
that by some magic process these Divine teachers would forgive 
the people their sins, and would make them wise, beautiful, 
healthy, happy, and transplant them direct to heaven without, 
the people, being required to do more than professing a belief 
in the divinity of the Messiah or Christ. 

Such is the race belief fostered and encouraged by false 
teachings. Yet what is the witness of history? If we are to be- 
lieve that civilized Man has been on earth for the past hundred 
thousand years, and we have authority for our statement, there 
have come at various times great teachers to instruct the people 
in Divine law and how to live a life in conformity with Divine 
law. They have failed to interest the majority of the people. 
Only a few understood the teachings and lived them. While 
the mass blindly believed and set up the Christ as a God, and 
never practiced what he taught. These Christs failed to bring 
lasting peace. Most of the great teachers have been stoned, per- 
secuted and crucified. Neither Lao-tze Confucius, Zoroaster, 
Buddha, Moses or Jesus brought peace on earth or succeeded 
in getting the majority of the people interested in the science of 
soul building. The people have always found it easier to be- 
lieve in dogma and creed and have shown a marked disinclina- 
tion to practice Divine law. And you may be sure a designing 
priestcraft in every age has seen to it that the people were en- 
couraged in this for selfish reasons. 

And our modem philosophies! Who can estimate the evil 
results of the teachings of the thousand and one "so called" re- 
ligious, destructive philosophies and cults of today? Philoso- 
phies that teach negative and destructive systems of living set- 
ting forth such theories as will lead man into the great sea of 
nothingness, of no use to himself or his fellow man. 

How deceptive is Evil! Truly it comes as a wolf in sheep's 

Let us seek then for the real Truth, the Truth that shall 
redeem the world. The truth that embodies such sciences as 
recognize the workings of the Divine Law, both in man's treat- 
ment of his fellow man and God's creatures of the lower king- 
doms: such religions as teach man's individual responsibility and 

Fundamental Laws I45 

the Universal Brotherhood of man: such philosophies as pro- 
pound only positive constructive modes of living and thinking, 
bringing him into the higher development of body, mind and 

And where shall we look for such a truth — where shall we 
seek the light that shall illumine the world? We are told that 
"as the lightning cometh out of the East and shineth even unto 
the West, so shall the Coming of the Son of Man be." Let us 
turn our minds and hearts then towards the East, towards its 
morning light of truth, and let us bow down in reverence and 
obedience to the great and divine laws it would teach us, coming 
forth from the very source of Truth itself. For from the East 
shall come our redemption. 


There is not an individual, no matter how materialistic or 
atheistic, during a crisis or when in great trouble, but consciously 
or unconsciously will turn to God or the Invisible Cause of all, 
with a prayer or appeal for help. As long as conditions are fav- 
orable, tiie materialists and skeptics, who scoff at God and re- 
ligion, will never think of prayer, but let them face a crisis 
or find themselves in dire distress, when they consciously utter, 
as the first words, "Oh Godl Help me!" 

The nations in Europe who are at war and who are denying 
God by breaking every commandment of God in this most unholy 
war, are yet appealing to God with prayers for help and success. 
No matter how low and degraded an individual may be, yet by 
his desire for life and for better things, is unconsciously praying 
to an invisible power, God or Nature, for help, for strength, for 

What is prayer? Prayer is desire. True prayer originates 
in the heart and is always referred to the heart? True prayer 
is true desire. The desire or hunger which begins in the heart, 
for life, for happiness, for help, is the prayer of the Soul. Prayer 
is the voice of the heart and soul calling to God for the tilings 
man needs and by his helplessness is unable to obtain. 

If our prayer, our desire, is strong enough, it leads us to 
put forth effort to obtain that for which we pray. But if our 
prayers or desires are feeble, they are too faint to be of force or 
power. A feeble electric current will not produce sufficient mo- 
tive power to move a street car, but a powerful current is produc- 
tive of results. And so it is with prayer and desire. If prayer is 
too feeble, it does not move us or anybody to activity, to bring 
about a fulfillment of what we desire. But if our prayers are 
powerful they are productive of results. 

WTiile prayer or desire begins in the heart, we use our 
minds as instruments to bring about the realization of our pray- 
ers or desires. 

Intense desire of the heart is real prayer, and the greater 

^••'•*»«-» '-'■^i" •■■■•. •-.••■*«>~^».<r -.•« »-~.'i -,.. '. ^-^f ;;^ 

Fundamental .Laws . I47 

the intensity with which* we desire or pray, the greater power is 
there in our prayer. 

There are two kinds of prayer, selfish and unselfish. Sel- 
fish prayer may also be divided into two classes. "There is *sel-' 
fish prayer or desire for the self irrespective of the desires and 
wishes of our fellow beings. Thus, if a raincoat merchant prays 
for rain, which rain would benefit him but would prove injurious 
to others who need clear weather, it constitutes selfish prayer or 
desire. Needless to say that such prayer; which would bring 
harm to others, is contrary to Divine Law% .and is never answer- 
ed or fulfilled. It is regrettable, that most people pray selfishly 
without a thought as to the welfare of their fellow man. And it 
is just and good that such prayers are 'not answered, and works 
for the protection of the selfish individual. Were selfish prayer 
to be answered, working harm and * depriving others of what 
they desire, the man who prayed selfishly would be responsible 
for the harm to others, and he would be*sowing evil, the reaping 
of which would prove burdensome to him. We have no right 
to pray selfishly for those things, v^hich 'in their fulfillment, 
would prove injurious to others. Comrnqp .'sense* and' a' sense of 
justice would indicate to the individual that 'selfish prayer is most 
undesirable and contrary to God's plan. . ; ^ ' 

Then there is prayer for the self, the higher self. This 
class is proper and laudable, for it is true' desire or prayer for 
the welfare of the real self within us. Thus if we pray for spir- 
itual light and understanding, for health, for happiness, we are 
not desiring the things which would be against the interests of 
our fellow man, which would harm our neighboi". 

Unselfish prayer is the highest form and most worthy of all 
prayer. Where we pray or desire things for the w'elfare of 
others, without a thought for ourselves, it constitutes the noblest 
kind of prayer and v;orks to our greatest benefit. Contrary to 
popular opinion, the prayers which result in greatest good and 
benefits for man are net the selfish prayers but those unselfish 
desires for his fellow man. In giving is when ive receive. In 
praying for the welfare of our neighbor, we assume that attitude 
of our being most conducive for the reception of an inflow of 
goodness to ourselves. When we are praying unselfishly in the 
interests of our neighbor, .we are jreally, praying for our own best 
interests; and" when we pray selfishly for our own interests with- 

148 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

out a thought or care of our neighbor, we are really praying 
against the best interests of ourselves. 

True prayer is true, earnest, intense unselfish desire — 2l 
desire to live a better life, which will bring us nearer to the heav- 
enly Father and enable us to become our brother's keeper and 
help our brother carry his burdens. The desire or prayer to be 
of service to God and our neighbor, to help God reclaim his 
wandering children, is the desire of our soul, when once it is 

There comes a time when every man feels the necessity of 
prayer; and that time is when he, like the Prodigal Son, tired of 
living a materialistic and sinful life, begins to return to the 
Father. It is then when he needs prayer most — ^prayer for light 
and truth and guidance to light the wearied footsteps of the 
wanderer back to his Father's house. 

Prayer does not necessarily have to be formal, for there is 
no particular efficacy in some set or formal prayer; but the 
power of prayer is in the earnest desire and concentrated force of 
that desire. When praying earnestly and sincerely, it is not nec- 
essary to repeat the psalms of David or any other prayer from the 
Scriptures. Nor shall v/e be as the hypocrites that Jesus speaks 
of; for he says, "And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as 
the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the syna- 
gogues and in the comers of the streets, that they may be seen of 
men. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward. But thou 
when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast 
shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and they 
Father which seest in secret shall reward thee openly." "But 
when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathens do: for 
they think they shall be heard for their much speaking." "Be 
not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knowest what 
things ye have need of, before ye ask him." 

True prayer is true desire, and an instinct of refinement 
prevents us from voicing our deepest desires openly. Whether 
the desire is for something we need for ourselves or it is for the 
good of another, it becomes true prayer only when it comes from 
the heart and soul. Such prayer cannot be voiced in public 

If you feel strong and intense on some particular thing, can 
3'ou go about telling it to others or will you reser\'e your feelings 
and enter into the silence? 

Fundamental Laws 149 

Seek the Father within you. Commune with your soul, which 
is of the Father. It is not necessary to look for God in a church 
or synagogue. God is everywhere. Wherever there is life tliere 
is God. God does not dwell in some particular building only, 
such as a church, to the exclusion of the rest of the universe. God 
hears cur prayers v»'herever we may be, on the mountain top or 
in the valley, within a church or without it. Whether we express 
our desires pu])licly, with eloquent language, or we assume an 
attitude of kneeling or standing in apparent devotion, we are 
merely soothing our intellect and are issuing forth lip service and 
not true prayer. If the prayer does not come from the heart, it 
avails us nothing. Our Father in heaven will only hear such 
prayers that come from the heart or soul. 

If we pray just to be heard of men, we are hypocrites, for 
we are tlien posing and not truly serving God, but the baser self. 
The mumbling of a few passages and the singing of a sacred 
hymn does not help us or bring us any nearer to the "Kingdom 
of God." A hymn is sacred only when you make it so by the 
intense and unselfish feeling you put into that hymn. When there 
is no earnest desire in the heart for either the development of 
your own higher self or for the good of your neighbor, behind 
your prayers, those prayers are not effective. 

What material food is to the body, so prayer is food for the 
soul. The oftener we pray, and the greater sincerity and earnest 
and intense feeling we put into our prayers, the more food we 
give our souls, and the greater peace we feel within ourselves. If 
the body needs sustenance for its upkeep and upbuilding, then 
the soul, the real and lasting part of ourselves, also needs sus- 
tenance for its peace and upbuilding. Those that have gone 
through die experience of having lived an atheistic life without 
prayer and have turned to soul development and prayer, know 
the difference between the two paths and the value of prayer as a 
factor for peace, happiness, health and success. 

Many pray selfishly and when they do not realize what they 
pray for, become disappointed and lose their faith in prayer. Do 
these realize that possibly the things they selfishly desire may 
be injurious to them, and it is really a blessing in disguise if they 
do not obtain their desires. A child may desire a knife, and 
may be disappointed in not getting its heart's wish; but after 
all, is it not for the protection of that child that its desire is not 

150 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

granted? In most cases individuals pray for things that either 
may injure them, or for things they do not deserve, or have 
not earned. 

One person may desire riches without his putting forth ef- 
fort to obtain it. This prayer is not deserving of answer, for the 
reason that it is a selfish desire. In such a case the person has 
not earned riches, has not deserved it and has not worked for it. 
Wealth in this instance would prove baneful to this individual 
since it might lead him into a life of luxury, idleness and evil, 
which would not only injure him but might also bring harm to 
others. We are apt to appreciate and value more that which 
we have worked and struggled for than that which we have ob- 
tained without any effort on our part. God helps those that 
help themselves. And in proportion that we help ourselves does 
God give us help. God denies us nothing. It is we who deny 
ourselves health, strength, youth, wealth and soul development, 
by our not desiring or praying strong enough for these things, 
by our not striving hard enough. True, earnest prayer will lead 
us to work for that which will earn for us the things we desire. 
From this we learn that the fulfillment of our prayers, our de- 
sires, can be obtained only through work. Work and effort does 
us good. 

If we pray or desire health, we must earn it by living that 
kind of a pure life most conducive to health. Some who are sick 
pray for health. If all sickness is due to wrong living, unless 
the individual changed his mode of living and thinking and 
prayed for wisdom and understanding whereby he might be led 
into living a purer and better life leading towards health, any 
cure would be merely a temporary relief, and would not do that 
individual any lasting good. So that prayer for health without 
being accompanied by a change of living and thinking and the 
putting forth of effort to gain health is in most cases not an- 
swered or fulfilled. And justly so; for the reason that only that 
will do us lasting good and will advance us in deveolpment and 
raise cur status, for which we have to work and to strive for. 
Because it is in the putting forth of effort is where we advance 
ourselves and not in mere wishing. 

When Jesus healed he always tested a man's faith, and 
after healing always remarked, "Go thy way and sin no more." 
Jesus knew that it was impractical to heal a person and at the 


Funda:mxntal Laws 151 

same time permit him to continue in habits that foster disease. 
He did not cure their mental, moral or physical ailments by 
some magical power, thereby robbing them of the exercise of 
their faculties and capacities. But he instructed them and 
showed them that in order for their prayers to be answered they 
had to change their mode of living and thinking and had to work 
for what they wanted. 

The person that prays for health and does not stop "sin- 
ning," or does not stop breaking the laws of healtli is foolish to 
expect the realization of the fulfillment of his desires. 

Faith without works is dead. Prayers unless accompanied 
by constructive thinking and doing are not ansv/ered. It is well 
to have faith in the Father and feel that we will realize our 
heart's desires ; but are we always worthy of the things asked for ? 

Are you working to elevate yourself and free yourself from 
materiality, or are you satisfied merely to ask and not to give? 
if vve desire to receive, are we always willing to give ? Remember, 
the giving must precede the receiving. Works and deeds that 
we do for others constitutes the most effective prayer. 

The heart knows its deepest needs. It knows what others 
need. The heart's sincere desire is always simple; it requires no 
repetition; it requires to be held silently and soulfully. Through 
such prayer does the heart realize that the Father knows and 

Silent prayer is true prayer. When in the silence we can 
meditate and cencentrate more deeply. When trying to figure 
out some problems, where have you found the best place to solve 
them? Is it in a crowded room full of discord, or alone in your 
private room or study? The best time to communicate with the 
Father is when alone and in the silence. Shut the door and be 
alone. Close the door to the outside world, the world of mater- 
iality and discord, and commune with your soul. 

Is there any particular place where our prayers will be 
heard more than in any other place? The answer to this ques- 
tion is covered in the conversation of the Samaritan woman 
with Jesus : 

"Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that 
in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship." "Jesus 
saith unto her, Woman, believe me the hour cometh, when we 
shall neither worship in this mountain nor yet at Jerusalem, 

152 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

worship the Father." "But the hour cometh, and now is, when 
the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in 
truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him." "God is^ 
spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit 
and in truth." 

The same conditions that existed in the time of Jesus exist 
today. Today as in those days, the people still cling to the be- 
lief that one place is holier than another; that God dwells on the 
mountain and not in the valley; that God dwells in a church 
and not without; and that therefore their prayers have some 
magic power when uttered in a church. We build beautiful tem- 
ples to worship in, and think we have shut up God in a place of 
our own making, and believe that this place is more sacred than 
any other building. 

God is everywhere. Just as the sun shines on every leaf, on 
every plant, on every living creature, so does the love of God 
shine everywhere. 

The prayers that the people offer in a temple do not be- 
come more sacred than if they were uttered in the home or some 
other place. Is the prayer of the hypocrite more acceptable to 
God just because it is spoken in a temple? Can the thief, the 
liar, the adulterer, find grace with God by merely praying in a 
certain temple? 

God does not care where we pray, or how we pray, or in 
what tongue, so long as our prayers come from the heart, are 
sincere, are unselfish, are for some worthy aim and ideal, and 
are accompanied by faith and works. 

Man in his ignorance ond superstition thinks that some 
particular place is more sacred than others just because he wishes 
it so. But some day he will wake up, "the hour will come," 
when he will realize that no particular place is more sacred 
than another. The Father seeks those that worship him in 
spirit and in truth, and he cares not for our lip service. Man 
may ever be so humble, may live in a hut, may wear rags; but if 
his life is pure, if he loves his enemies, is kind to God's crea- 
tures, is forgiving, is ever ready, to help his neighbor and is 
truly living a life of service to God and his fellow-man — such a 
man is truly worshipping the Father. 

If God is like unto ourselves, he will discriminate between 
the worship of the pauper and the rich man, between the wor- 

Fundamental Laws 153 

ship offered up in a temple or in a humble cottage. But if 
God is All-Love, All-Goodness, All-Truth, AU-Merq^, Omni- 
present or present everywhere, he judges us by what we think and 
what we do, rather than by what we say and where we say it. 

"The hour cometh, and now is." There is no particular 
time or day in which to worship the Father. Why wait for 
Sunday or Saturday or some other day? Is God asleep the rest 
of the week? "The hour cometh and now is" when man will 
realize that he must not wait for a certain day to worship the 
Father, and that the rest of the time he can remain content just 
because he has repeated a set prayer on Sunday. Every day 
should be a day of consecration for us to worship God and serve 
our fellow-man. 

The time comes to every individual when he awakens to the 
truth that not what comes from the mouth, no matter how beau- 
tiful the words, gives him salvation, but what he thinks and does 
and how he lives. 

Just as the flower, the leaf and every blade of grass turns 
to the sun, the visible manifestation of God, for light and life, 
so every soul turns to God for consolation, for comfort, for light 
and for love. 

"The hour cometh and now is" when man realizes that only 
through the fulfilling of the law of love can we understand and 
know Divine law. But in order to understand this higher love, 
the love that overcomes and forgives all, we must live the life 
which gradually will initiate us into the understanding of this 
law. We must rise up to that plane of Divine understanding 
before we can become conscious of the law of love. The more 
of love w^e have and practice it, the more of God we will possess 
and the more Godly we will become. This constitutes true wor- 
ship of the Father. 

To do the works of the Father — ^to help the afflicted, to for- 
give the sinner, to love our enemies — is manifesting in our daily 
living true love. This is true prayer and true worship of the 

We gain nothing by entertaining thoughts of hate and ill- 
will towards our fellow-men. If we send out thoughts of love, 
we naturally attract love. We must expect the same equivalent 
if we send forth thoughts of hate and malice towards others. // 
our minds are full of constructive thoughts of love and purity 


154 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

towards aU, we insulate ourselves and thoughts of hate will be 
powerless to affect us. 

No matter how trying circumstances may be, we must not 
forget to control our thoughts, emotions and acts. We must al~ 
ways be ready to forgive those who wrong us. If the Father 
continually forgives us our trespasses and gives us many chances 
to rectify our mistakes, why then should we not be more than 
happy to forgive those that wrong us? It is our duty to return 
goQd for every evil act. 

Many individuals seek retaliation for evil acts committed 
against them. They still cling to the old belief, "An eye for an 
eye and a tooth for a tooth." This they interpret literally. Moses 
never taught man to return evil for evil. This law of Moses is 
the same as the law of justice taught by Jesus, or "as ye sow, 
so shall ye reap." If you think evil of others, and return evil 
for every unkind act towards you, it stands to reason that each 
time you will reap what you have sown. If you curse another, 
you are cursing yourself; if you judge another, you are judging 
yourself; if you condemn another, you are condemning yourself. 

Ignorance is the root of all evil. Those that persecute us 
or despitefuUy use us are ignorant of the laws of action and re- 
action. They do not realize what the effects will be and what 
they are bringing into their own lives. If we have knowledge of 
the power of love, and live in accordance with the Divine Laws, 
we then will often be able to turn our enemies into friends and 
we will receive health, life, wholeness to the body; purity, good- 
ness and power, to the mind; wisdom and illumination to the 
soul. That is how we will pray for those that despitefuUy use 
and persecute us. Not merely think about it and in our minds 
temporarily forgive them but in our hearts send out thoughts of 
love to them — ^that is real prayer. You are progressing and at 
the same time helping your brother for he cannot help but feel 
your vibrations of love. 

In the Lord's prayer of Jesus, in his sermon on the mount, 
we have the summing up of what true prayer is and should con- 
sist of. Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed by Thy name. 

First of all where is heaven? Most people think it is a 
sphere or another world we go to after death. Heaven is a state 
of existence or a plane of being. You make your own heaven 
or happiness. It is for you to seek the Father in heaven or the 

Fundamental Laws 155 

conscious soul within you. As the Father is in heaven, so is the 
soul enthroned within the temple of man. If we violate the Di- 
vine laws and sin against the Father we are cursing our own soul 
by the same act. The soul in the temple of man, like the Father 
in heaven is supreme. Whatever we do to our own soul will leave 
a mark thereon, and we will suffer the consequences. When we 
do wrong to the soul, we do wrong to the Father which is in 

"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth, as it is in 

The world has been led to believe in a kingdom of heaven 
after death. The world is also waiting for a Messiah to come 
to establish a kingdom of God on earth. But this kingdom 
cannot be universally established on earth until all men obey 
Divine law. The kingdom herein referred to is the establishing 
of the rule or kingdom of God within our own selves. It is up 
to us individually to do the will of the father on earth, and thus 
find the kingdom of heaven here and now. We know that 
heaven is not a place, but a state of being, and all men have the 
privilege of reaching this state. As the Father in heaven is per- 
fect, so can all men become perfect, if they seek to establish the 
kingdom of rule of heaven within themselves — ^this is finding the 
soul within our own temples. 

"Give us this day our daily bread." 

Jesus here tried to show the people that bread does not 
come for the mere asking; but, if we have faith in the Father and 
if we are willing to do the work He gives us to do, we will re- 
ceive the bread that is our due. God is not a parasite; He is a 
worker. If man will cease trying to live the life of a parasite, 
and will do his duty he will receive his bread, that is, his just 
reward. "Give us this day our daily bread," is equivalent to 
saying: Give us this day some worthy task to perform. Daily 
bread is not only of the body, but also of the soul; and as man 
obeys the law, or the Will of the Father, he will be given the 
bread, or the food, that satisfies the hunger of the soul. Just 
praying for something won't get us anywhere nor bring us our 
wants. Asking is not enough. Set out and do the thing and 
you will get it. Ask for the strength to perform the task and 
not for the food or work to fall from heaven. 

"And forgive our debts, as we forgive our debtors." 

156 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

If we desire our Father's forgiveness, we must forgive those 
that wrong us. Forgiveness does not mean freedom from suf- 
fering for misdeeds. If we do wrong, if we do that which harms 
another, which defames him mentally or physically, or if we 
deprive his children of bread, for such things we must suffer 
the natural consequences. We may receive forgiveness for the 
wrong, and yet, under the Divine law, we must suffer for the act. 
We have sown, therefore we must reap what we have sown. 
Unless we forgive others the Father cannot forgive us; and, even 
if the debt is paid and the wrong righted to all outward appear- 
ances if there is not full forgiveness of the heart, tlie soul will 
not blot out the memory of the act. In this prayer the Father is 
identical with the verdict of one's own soul. 

"And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil : 
For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for 
ever. Amen." 

God does not lead a man into temptation, nor does he de- 
liver him from evil. God gives man the law and it is up to man 
to follow and obey the law. If God were to lead us into tempta- 
tion, he would be no more perfect than our worst enemy. "Lead 
us not into temptation" is a request to the Father, or to the soul, 
to guide us, and to lead us in the way of righteousness; it does 
not imply that the Father would purposely lead us in any other 
than the right way. This prayer is an appeal to the Voice of 
the Soul, to our Intuition, to show us the right of way, and to 
lead us in the path of Truth, Justice, Love and immortality. 

If we pray in the above manner, then surely will our pray- 
ers be realized. Have Faith in the Father and his works first 
then live the life that wil Ihelp you to realize your oneness with 
the Father. True earnest prayer is but a step toward the goal, 
the finding of the kingdom of heaven within us, or the soul of 


Man is a threefold, a triplicate, and yet a fourfold, being. 

This statement may seem contradictory and inconsistent. 
How can a man be both triplicate, a perfect representative of the 
triangle, and also, at the same time, a fourfold being, a perfect 
representative of the square? Seemingly, tliis is impossible. 
Actually, it is true, and admits of the closest and most scientific 
investigation and analysis. Then, let us consider man as body, 
mind, spirit, and soul. 

The body is the foundation of the whole being. The seeker 
after spiritual things, or the things of the Soul, has a tendency 
to discount the body. Nevertheless, to him who seeks the things 
of the Soul, to him who seeks Immortality, and especially, to 
him who seeks Mastership, the body is of first, even of supreme, 
importance. Mastership cannot be reached unless the body is in 
normal condition. 

Let us reason for a moment from the analogy of building 
a house. Suppose you, my reader, desire to build a house. Let 
us suppose that you have sufficient means to build a magnifi- 
cent palace. Moreover, it is your desire to build such a palace. 
Therefore we work on the supposition that you have both the 
means and the inclination to build a palace. 

If you are wise, your first step is to go to a first-class archi- 
tect. To be sure, to do this, you must first make up your mind 
to be willing to pay his price. For, bear in mind, all men who 
have mastered their trade, art, or profession are expensive men. 
Mastery and expense always go together, they cannot be sepa- 
rated. For this reason, we say in the Sacred Schools, "You al- 
ways pay for what you get." Having placed your plans before 
the Master Architect, it remains for him to work out these plans 
and personify them on paper in drawings. But bear this in 
mind, you must follow his plans; otherwise, so far as you are 
concerned, all his work will be in vain. 

I am thus plain with you and thus precise, because I will 

158 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

emphasize these particular points again when we come to apply 
them to the Great Work of Building the Soul. 

Now, after receiving your perfect plans and drawings from 
the architect, you will, if you are wise, go to a first-class con- 
tractor, or builder, one who is known not for his cheapness, but 
for his ability and his skill. When you confer with the expert 
contractor you will note one thing above all others : he will insist 
on having a firm foundation. In fact, he will give his first and 
most careful attention to the foundation. And why? Because 
the entire palace must rest on the foundation. And no matter 
how perfect, no matter how strong, the super-structure, it is ac- 
tually no more nearly perfect and no stronger than is the foun- 

The question of building a house, and this argument, will 
appeal to you as a fact, for the simple reason that it is a ma- 
terial subject, something you know from experience, something 
you can see. Or, if you have no practical experience, you can 
easily get the facts by going to a master-builder for his opinion. 

Now, my Brother, just exactly as it is with the building of 
a palace that is to stand, so it is with the body and the Soul. 
The body is the foundation on which Soul Building rests. It is 
the house itself, in fact. And just as is the house so may be 
the Soul. Note that I do not say. As is the body, so will be the 
Soul. Neither do I say. As is the body, so is the Soul. For 
it is possible for the body to be put in perfect condition, and then 
stop there. To put the body in perfect condition is necessary as 
a preparation for Soul Illumination; but, in and of itself, it is by 
no means sufficient. It is correct to say, As is the body, so may 
be the Soul. When the body is brought to a state of normal 
functioning in all its parts, it should be accepted "as a sign unto 
you" tliat the Soul likewise may be brought into a state of normal 
functioning in all of its departments. Physical development, 
and a normal physical condition, is the foundation of a perfect 
Soul Structure. And this foundation must be built before you 
begin to erect the super-structure. To be sure, the body as it now 
is, in its abnormal condition, may be used as a basis of Soul 
Building. But, in this case, you are doing exactly like the fool- 
ish man who rears a grand palace on the sand as a foundation. 
To be sure, the sand is some sort of foundation. But you re- 
member what the Master Jesus said about the man who built his 

Fundamental Laws 159 

house on the sand. The fate he predicted is the probable fate of 
him who is foolish enough to attempt building on the sand. The 
house may stand for years. Yet again, it may become a wreck 
or be swept away by the first storm. 

Thus it may be with the one who is foolish enough to think 
that the body has nothing to do with the building of a Soul. To 
begin the work of developing the mind, and to begin the process 
of Soul Illumination, without having first prepared a firm 
foundation whereon to build, is like building a house on the sand. 
And, sad to say, there are very many who are thus foolish. They 
only find that the first storm, the first great test, leaves the body 
a wreck, and the Soul without a fit habitation. 

The preparation of the body for Illumination of Soul needs 
just as careful an architect and builder as does the building of 
a palace. The wise student will take care in choosing a system 
of development. He will not follow just any system of develop- 
ment that comes to his attention. He will be careful in his se- 
lection of an instructor. He must make sure that the one who 
gives him instruction in regard to physical perfection is one who 
has had a large experience and marked success in restoring men 
and women to a normal physical state. 

And, as the building of a palace, bear in mind that it 
will not benefit you to receive instructions, no matter how skill- 
fully prepared, unless you follow them to the letter. They are 
given for the purpose of being obeyed. They are given for the 
express purpose of being applied to the needs of the individual 
life. Unless this is done, die building will be imperfect, and 
become useless in time; and your work may be worse than if it 
had not been done at all. 

Let me repeat, then, the body is the foundation in the Great 
Work. And the attention you give it, is every bit as important 
as the attention you give to the Illumination of the Soul itself. 
From some points of view, it may be even more important that 
the building of the Soul, being basic and fundamental to it. 

There is but one difference between the building of a pal- 
ace and the building of a body as a fit habitation for an Illum- 
inated Soul. In the building of a palace, you go to an architect 
for the drawing of your plans. In like manner, you go to a 
Teacher to prepare plans, or a system, for restoring the body to 
normal functioning. But, unlike the case of building a house, 

160 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

you can not go to a builder to erect your Soul structure, or to 
restore physical perfection. These you must do for yourself. 
You yourself must do the work of physical development. A 
teacher can give you the instructions, the plans, the program, of 
daily routine to be followed; but he cannot build for you. Even 
the knowledge of how can do nothing for you unless you obey 
instructions and apply the knowledge to your own case. You 
must build according to the plans. This means the living of 
the life itself. When you live the life you grow into the power 
that such living confers on him who so lives. 

So much for the body, the foundation of the building. 
We now come to a consideration of the mind. The mind has 
much to do with the building of an illuminated Soul. It has 
much to do even with the building of bodily strength; for it 
is the mind, as a reasoning and thinking power, that decides 
upon the truth or the falsity of a statement or a system of 
teaching. If the mind fails to accept or to approve of a system, 
naturally the indi^ddual has no incentive for following or obey- 
ing that system. Consequently, in that case, nothing can be 

The mind is that in man which accepts or rejects a state- 
ment, that which decides in regard to the truth or the falsity or 
the plausibility of methods and ideas and principles. The 
mind in man is that part of his nature which exercises free- 
will and free choice. The mind also gives the impetus or the 
desire and inclination to act according to the decision made 
regarding any matter. The mind also furnishes the will-power 
to execute thought in accordance with desire. In the last 
analysis, these three great departments include all the func- 
tionings of mind : thought, feeling and will. For ordinary pur- 
poses, mind may be defined as that in man which thinks, feels 
and wills. Every mental state or mood may be reduced to a 
thought or a feeling or a condition of will, or rather to a com- 
bination or a blending of thought, feeling, and will. A given 
thought stimulates or provokes a corresponding feeling and a 
corresponding state of will. The acts of a man's life corre- 
spond to the triple blending of thought, feeling and will, which 
dominate him at the time of acting. 

It is taken for granted not only that you, my reader, are 
interested in Soul Culture, but that, to a greater or less degree, 

Fundamental Laws 161 

you believe in it. In order to believe in a thing, you must 
know enough about it to have a basis for belief or a reason 
for belief. Knowledge, which gives basis for belief, is of tut 
mind. The thought and the attention and the interest you 
have given to Soul Science are evidence of the working of your 
mind. The mind, that in you which thinks and feels and wills, 
has accepted the principles of Soul Science so far as you com- 
prehend. Your attitude of mind toward Soul Science is a 
blending of thought, feeling, and will. Interest and a desire 
to know more and to understand better, and the desire to follow 
and to obey the principles of Soul Science come under the 
category of feeling. The purpose and the determination to live 
in harmony with these principles, the force and the energy that 
enables you to execute your determination — ^this comes under 
the category of will-power. Your understanding of the princi- 
ples involves thought and reasoning and judgment. As you 
become more and more interested in the subject, you give up old 
ideas, habits, and beliefs, and accept new ideas, habits and 
beliefs. To be sure, your desires and purposes are not strong 
enough to enable you to give up the old life entirely. But, in 
time, as you study more and more deeply, you will believe more 
and more sincerely in the principles of Soul Science, until at 
last your faith and desires are strong enough to force you to 
give up the old life for the new. 

The processes of mind action, being metaphysical, are 
difficult of explanation. But the process of leaving off one 
belief or desire or habit and the taking up of another is virtu- 
ally the same as change of habits through the influence of as- 
sociates. It is largely a matter of association. In the case of 
reading and study, it is association with ideas instead of with 
persons. Ideas, thought, and feelings are environments as 
truly as are persons and conditions environments. The seeker 
after truth changes his thought-environments to constructive, 
elevating associations; and the process taking place in the mind 
is virtually the same as the process of change in one's char- 
acter through a change of personal association. 

Mind is the directing power, the builder of Soul. Mind is 
not the architect. The mind is not qualified, in its unawakened 
state, to map out or plan its own building. To be able to do 
thiS; it woiUd have to be a perfect mind in a perfect body 

162 Sixty- Ei(;hth Conv<jcati()n 

and would, thus, being perfect, need no super-structure. But 
those who hunger for something better are the ones who have 
been living the abnormal life. The abnormal life is not cap- 
able of devising or mapping out plans for a restoration to nor- 
mal conditions. The patient is not capable of prescribing for 
himself. The mortal must have the Immortal to perfect plans 
and methods and principles for mortality to follow, in order 
to attain Immortality. The body is the foundation on which 
the Illuminated Soul is to be built, yet the mind is the directing 
power in rebuilding and in regenerating the body as well as in 
building the super-structure of Perfected Soul. Mind gives 
the understanding, the purpose, and the will-power necessary 
for following a system of teaching. 

In the school of life there must be teachers. The owner of 
a ship would not think of taking a man from the streets and 
entrust to him an ocean vessel, even though the inexperienced 
man has a compass in his personal possession. Before allowing 
the man to sail the seas and the oceans, the owner of the ship 
would instruct him and train him and give him practical ex- 
perience in the use of a compass. In like manner, though the 
truth-seeker is sure of his desire to know the true life and to 
live the Immortal life, he must not get the idea that he is suf- 
ficient unto himself. Because he desires aright is not a sure 
sign that he is capable of going aright. He must realize that 
he needs instruction and guidance, that his being is abnormal 
and therefore incapable of devising for himself a perfectly 
normal career or chart of instructions. Therefore he needs a 
Master Teacher, one who will be a safe guide for him until he 
is capable of sailing the seas of life, a free and independent 

In the vast multitudes, the mind centers in the head. In 
the head, that part of the brain where the nervous system cen- 
ters, the mind has its throne. During the process of regener- 
ating and rebuildintr the body, and during the first stages of 
Soul Building, the mind has its seat, its home, in the brain. 
Be it known to all men, a truth first given out by the Rosicru- 
cian School, that the brain, the nervous energy, and the repro- 
ductive power are all of one and the same material; and that 
which affects and weakens one of these will affect and weaken 
the other two. They are one and indivisible. They cannot be 

Fundamental Laws 163 

separated one from the other. And, furthermore, they are the 
physical base of the Immortal Soul. 

The mind is constructive or destructive in its operations, 
according to the philosophy of life accepted by the individual. 
Ordinarily, man unquestionably accepts the philosophy as 
taught from time past, which admits that we are born, Ave live, 
and we die, and that after death we inherit bliss or damnation 
according to whatever we j^cccpted or rejected the sacrifice of 
one who voluntarily gave his life a ransom for us. This system 
of belief is destructive because it leads us to lean, not on our 
own God-given power, but on that which was done by another 
centuries ago. 

At just this time when there has been exposed a scandal in 
connection with the military schools of the country, we find in 
it basis for an argument. In a certain military school where 
many young men are being trained for militar}' service, the stu- 
dents availed themselves of plagiaristic methods of passing the 
examinations. Instead of relying on hard study and honorable 
means for mastering problems in the military branch of gov- 
ernment, they employed illegitimate means of procuring the 
answers to questions. Not being willing to work for themselves, 
they accepted the work of others, giving tlie impression that it 
was due to their own efforts. As a result the whole country is 
horrified at this sample of thievery, and regards that manhood, 
the choicest manhood in the countr}', is degraded thereby. 

Yet something similar to this has been the basis of a re- 
ligious or philosophical teaching which is accepted as honorable 
or even godly. Ycu demand how. You accu'^e me of degrading 
the race. You ask for proof. Here it is. The Master Jesus 
came to earth and lived a life that effected certain results. He 
lived it as an example and an undeniable illustration of the fact 
that such a life will brim^ such results and that such a life can 
be lived by man. What has mankind done? It has held this life 
up before us as a perfect redeemer of others, teaching that Jesus 
lived such a life for the sake of savin g; those who believed the 
fact that he did live a perfect life. They teach that merely to 
believe in the perfect life and death of Jesus will save a man 
whether he himself lives the perfect life or not. In other words, 
it is not necessary to live the perfect life oneself, if only one 
believes that Jesus was tlie Son of God and that he lived the 

164 SiXTY-EiiiHTH Convocation 

perfect life and gave it by his death to the world. This doctrine 
advocates tliat we simply take the life of Jesus and claim it as 
our own, and that we thereby "pass our examination" creditably. 
In exact parallel, humanity is doing and has done, in so far as 
the true life, the Immortal life, is concerned, exactly what the 
military students have done in their preparation for military 

This principle is destructive. The thoughts and the con- 
clusions and the acts growing out of such a doctrine are de- 
structive in their tendencies. It is for enlightened man to teach 
his fellow men that this doctrine is perverse. The doctrine 
of accepting from another salvation that has not been honestly 
earned for oneself is a destructive doctrine, and leads to a de- 
structive life. If enlightened man does not endeavor to coun- 
teract the destructive tendencies of a teaching by instilling true 
principles of life and conduct in the hearts and the understand- 
ing of mankind, then destruction is at hand for the nations, 
just as destructive doctrines were the cause of the fall of the 
greatest empires that ever existed, Egypt, Greece and Rome. 

The vast multitudes have accepted this doctrine, this de- 
structive doctrine, of the divinity of stealing the life of another 
and calling it their own. The result of this perilous teaching 
is seen in the European war now waging, the most destructive 
of any war that has ever been known. It is full of hatred, full 
of cunning, full of the foulest deeds that man can think of. 
At the basis of it is this erroneous principle, that men may do, 
during life, all the foul, deadly, damnable things in the cate- 
gory of wickedness, and that, when examination time comes, 
they may hide their "flunking" by claiming the perfect life of 
another as their own. This thought held in mind, this destruc- 
tive principle, causes men to live and to act in accordance 
with the thought and the principle. As a man thinks, so will 
he act. This is shown in the fighting of the millions of sol- 
diers, who have been brought up in the thought that to steal 
the life of another is just and right and will be honored by 
God when we cross the Border. 

We stand, each one, as an individual creature. As an 
individual, each one must work out his o\mi salvation. We 
cannot lean on the merits of another, not even of God Himself. 
We must become masters of our own thoughts and acts, and 

Fundamental Laws 165 

must work out our own Regeneration, our own Immortality. 
Like boys in military schools, we must solve our own problems. 
To refuse to do so, and to accept the work of another and use 
it as our own, will bring its own appropriate punishment. The 
penalty is death to us as individuals; we must return to the 
melting pot of nature and become part of the whole, which God 
will have to rework in order to bring out something worthy of 

This more than anything else will convince the truth- 
seeker of the one, of many ways, in which thought destroys the 
soul. As we think, so do we act. And, according to the life, 
so will be the Soul. It is not thought directly which destroys 
the Soul. It is the acts caused by the thoughts which cause 
destruction. The mind thinks and feels. These thoughts and 
feelings, if strong enough, cause us to act; and the acts destroy. 
The Master Jesus taught that the Soul that sinneth, it shall 
surely die. Thoughts cause us to act. Acts drain the body 
and the Soul of those forces which give life and strength to both 
body and Soul. If they drain body and Soul of life and energy, 
in time they cause the Soul to die. 

How can we drain the Soul, you will ask. Not so difficult 
to answer as you may imagine. 

The brain, which is the base of the mind, and the nerves 
and the generative forces are of one and the same material. 
There are many acts, or rather one act performed in many 
ways, which drain the system of this force. Now, bear in mind 
that the Soul can not exist unless it can draw its life from these 
centers. When you realize that these are acts which can drain 
dry the brain and the nerves and the generative centers, you 
will understand that when these three centers are drained dry, 
the Soul can no longer draw from them; and therefore it be- 
comes starved in like manner as the body starves when it has 
no nourishment. Remember the Law of Hermes: "As above, 
so below." The law of the body is in harmony with the Law 
of the Soul. As there is food for the body, the supply of which 
can be exhausted, so is there food for the Soul, the supply of 
which can be exhausted. 

How terribly destructive the throwing away of nerve, 
brain, and generative forces may become, is indicated in the 
Bible in the history of Moses in connection \^dth the Children 

166 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

of Israel in the wilderness. The ravages of this destroying 
power had become so great that Moses had to find a remedy, 
and a method of teaching his people how to conserve the forces 
that build Soul and Immortal Life. 

In the ordinary individual, the mind centers in the head. 
As the individual overcomes self, and nears true Mastership 
and Illumination and Immortality of Soul, or, as our Church 
Friends say, as he becomes "saved," the seat of the mind is 
changed. As the Soul awakens gradually, so does the power 
of the mind give way and become centered in the Soul. Thus 
it will be that, when Illumination actually takes place, the 
thoughts no longer center in the mind of the brain, but in the 
mind of the Soul. Thus the seat of government for the indi- 
vidual is moved from the head to the Great Center where cen- 
ters the Soul, and reason will have given place to Intuition. 
Be it known that Intuition is the Voice of God. It is the Voice 
of God that speaks through the Illuminated Soul. While the 
voice of man and imperfect reason speaks through the mind 
of man. 

The Spirit of man, being non-individual and impersonal 
force, is the connecting link, which holds together the different 
departments of man's fourfold nature. It is the link that holds 
the Soul to the body. When this connection takes place at the 
first drawn breath of the infant, the functioning of the brain 
takes place, and there is mind. 

In this is found the reason for holding, as does the Great 
School of Soul Science, that man is triplicate, the Equilateral 
Triangle, when perfect, and that he is also fourfold, the per- 
fect Square. He is actually body, mind, spirit, and Soul. But 
he is, in actuality, also body, mind and Soul, since the Spirit 
is not an individual entity, but is merely a connecting link, a 
pervading energy or life force which animates and functions 
through the vital organic processes of body, mind and Soul. 
The Spirit is really God or a part of God. Without the Spirit 
nothing can exist. Spirit is Life. Spirit is the Life Principle. 
It is impersonal, universal, non-individual. It is the personal 
property of no one, for it is God. The lowest and the most 
unsightly creature on earth as well as the most Godlike man 
has part of this Spirit. It is the life of both just as the life of 
the fruit gives life to man and to beast, and as the deadly; 

Fundamental Lx\ws 167 

poison is enabled to send the most enlightened man to the 

The Spirit, or Life Principle, is confusedly rendered in 
the Bible. This leads to misunderstanding, and inclines one to 
consider Soul and Spirit as the same thing. It must be remem- 
bered that Spirit is not peculiar to man. It cannot really be 
called a part of man. Therefore, in true knowledge, man is a 
triplicate being, a perfect representative of the Triangle. Spirit 
is impartial and imparticaled, belonging to all living things, 
good and bad, destructive as well as constructive. 

It remains to give special attention to the Soul. Roughly 
considered, man is simply an animal with the possibilities of a 
god. He is, roughly speaking, a personality, with the possibil- 
ity of becoming an individuality. When he develops individ- 
uality he is developing Godward. All men are bom as per- 
sonalities. They are given the privilege of becoming individ- 
ualities. The seed is within them. The food for the seed is 
within them. And they are given the privilege of using both 
the seed and the food of the seed. 

It may be crudely stated that all men are bom with Souls. 
But, in taking on flesh, the Soul is covered by the flesh in the 
same manner as an acorn may be covered by and buried in the 
ground. The acorn is the oak in embryo. Planted in the earth 
under proper conditions, it will germinate and develop into 
the oak. In like manner, the body is the ground or the soil in 
which the soul is buried. The ground or the soil of the body 
is as necessary to the germination and development of the Soul 
as is the soil of the earth necessary to the germination of the 
acorn. The body, being material substance, is heavier than 
the Soul; and the Soul sinks into it and is covered. There is 
one part of the Soul which is not completely covered — ^that is, 
the longing for something better and higher. This longing, this 
cry, makes itself felt and heard from time to time. 

In many lives, there are several forces at work. The Soul 
cries for better things. But environments, associations, relig- 
ion and philosophy tend to cover the Soul still further with 
hindrances; and, in the vast number of cases, they succeed in 
covering it so fully tliat even the conscience, the cry of the Soul, 
cannot be heard. Then nothing remains but the mind, which is 
purely intellectual, and heeds nothing except the religion, the 

168 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

philosophy, and the standards of life usually accepted by man- 

On the other hand, in some lives, the cry of the Soul to 
find light and its proper sphere is heeded; and the person comes 
in contact with books and teachings which have to do with the 
Immortal life. The cry of the Soul acts as a stimulus and an 
incentive to the brain and causes the mind to accept the truths 
presented. In the acceptance of these truths, there is the possi- 
bility of a gradual awakening of the Soul; and then man becomes 
the possessor of an individuality. He becomes, in fact, an in- 
dividuality plus a personalit}^ He is reaching toward God- 

The mind is the judge in the lower court of existence. It 
is cold intelligence. Mind is ever cold. It is not in touch with 
things immortal, because it is itself only mortal. It therefore 
accepts and comprehends only the things of the mortal plane, 
things accepted by the majority. As mind, it may become all- 
powerful; but it cannot become Immortal. In fact, it may be 
said that environments always control it, because it has no power 
to step beyond the limits of physical comprehension. 

But the Soul has an urge; and if the mind reads and studies 
concerning the Soul and Immortality, or if the mind is slightly 
awakened to the truth; then, this, together with the urge of the 
Soul within, will cause it to question. In the questioning, in this 
possibility of dissatisfaction with material and merely intellect- 
ual things, is found the salvation of the Soul. Gradually it may 
come to seek deeper and deeper until finally the Soul becomes the 
ruling power. 

In regard to fineness and density of substance, mind is next 
to physical matter. It is to be classed as a force rather than 
substance, and is far finer than is the material body of man. 
Like the nerves and the generative forces, it is not spirit, neither 
is it matter. It is the link between the two. But the Soul is 
finer than the mind. It is a Fire. The purity or the grossness 
of the Fire depends entirely on the purity of the Soul. As man 
understands immortal principles and begins to live the true life, 
tliis Fire, which is at first completely hidden in the material 
and is very gross, gradually becomes more intense. As its in- 
tensity increases, it bums away, not only its own dross, but the 
dross surrounding it. In time, it becomes a Living Fire. Then 

Fundamental Laws 169 

it is part- of the Godhead, and lives or exists on the Throne of 
the Temple. Where this Throne is, none but the Initiate can 
know. This information cannot be imparted by word of mouth. 
It must be found by the individual for himself. Like Moses, 
man must find it in the Burning Bush. 

Yet let it be remembered that mind is of supreme import- 
ance in that it is the directing power. When the mind accepts a 
constructive philosophy, it will gradually cause the entire being 
to work in harmony with that philosophy. The more the being 
W'orks in harmony with such a philosophy, the more purified 
will become the Soul. As the Soul becomes purified and vital 
and dynamic, it gradually usurps the place of the mind. At 
last, the Soul itself rules on the Throne; and the mind acts only 
as the acceptor of the things that are to become part of the Soul. 
The reign of the mind is at an end. John, the Baptist, has been 
imprisoned and beheaded to make way for the Christ. 

To sum up: man is composed of body, mind, spirit and 
Soul. The body is of the earth, earthly. Its tendency is 
downward. This tendency man must overcome. To overcome 
this tendency is the price man must pay for becoming discon- 
tented with his original oneness with God, and desiring to ex- 
perience conscious Immortality. The body has the appetites of 
the flesh, which are contrary to those of the higher realm. These 
man must overcome, these and his earthly desires and appetites. 
In the overcoming will he receive strength to ber. 

Next comes the Spirit of man. The Spirit is of God. It is 
impartial, impersonal, universal. It is in all things, but returns 
to God as things die. Thus, the rose is given the spirit of life, 
which it retains so long as it lives. At death it returns to God, 
not as the spirit of the rose, but as the spirit of God just as it 
came from Him. Being impersonal and impartial, the Spirit is 
neither good nor bad. It simply is. It is God because it is life. 
It is given to all so that all may work out their own destiny. 

The mind is the ruling power. Mind is given to man, not 
because it is of God, but because man has the right of choice. 
The mind has the power to choose. Like life, it is neither mortal 
nor immortal, but is the result of combination. The Soul alone 
belongs to man, as his very own. Properly speaking, the Soul is 
man. Before the earth life, it existed as an Immortal Being, not 
knowing love or pleasure, being unconscious as to sensation. It 

170 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

was not satisfied to be, but wanted to become a conscious indi- 
vidual. This dissatisfaction forced it from the Kingdom; and, 
as it can know only by taking on flesh, it entered flesh and ac- 
cepted the earth life. But this condition was imposed upon it : 
it could not return to the Kingdom until it had worked out its 
own salvation, by making the mortal part of its nature immortal. 
The Immortal must raise the mortal unto Immortality. 

The Spirit, being life, is of God. But the Soul is free from 
God in that it has free choice, and man must raise it to God 
through his own efforts. It is the fundamental Laws of the four- 
fold culture of body, mind, spirit and Soul that the Illuminati 
in its Soul Science teaches. Moreover, it is this four-fold Phil- 
osophy that is the base of all teachings in the Sacred Colleges 
as now being instituted throughout the world. 


In the early Christian church and in the religious life of 
the early Christians, the Invocation of the Saints, as it was 
termed, was accepted as an important part of life. It is one 
of the fundamental doctrines of the Apostles' Creed, and there 
stands as a monument to this feature of religious service. 

Gradually, as men wandered away from the true religious 
life — the life of service and helpfulness — ^the secret of tlie In- 
vocation of the Saints was lost. By the vast multitudes who are 
devoted to the church today nothing is known of the Invocation 
of the Saints except the mention of it in the Apostles' Creed; 
and to this little thought is given as to its real meaning. 

By no means did belief in the Invocation of the Saints orig- 
inate with the early Christians. It was handed down to them 
from a still earlier religious practice. In its original form it was 
known as Invocation of the Hierarchies, or Invocation of the 
Guardian Angels. This feature of religion was powerful in 
primitive custom, especially among the Egyptians. Adherents 
of this practice believed that all interests of human life and all 
elements of nature are under the care of superior Hierarchies, or 
Guardian and Ministering Angels. 

With the ancient Initiates, religion w^as more than a for- 
mulated creed. To them it was a reality.- To them it was 
life. A certain part of their time was given up to religious 
practices, just as certain portions of time were devoted to man- 
ual labor, to eating, to sleep, and to procuring the necessities of 
life. They understood the soul and its mysteries. They under- 
stood that man is a composite creature, and that the body is only 
a part of his being, that body and soul are co-equal each with 
the other, and that body and soul have each a duty to perform — 
the body to nature and the soul to God. This understanding of 
the composition of man gave them a clear comprehension of 
prayer as a means of putting soul and body in correct relation 
with God and nature. 

The Initiates, however, did not follow a formal system of 

172 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

prayer. Prayer to them was more than lip service. They un- 
derstood Hierarchic celestial rulership, and recognized inter- 
mediary powers and potentates in the management of the uni- 
verse. As in the government of the people there is one supreme 
ruler with many officers of subordinate rank to execute the 
laws of the supreme ruler, so, according to the conception of the 
Initiates, the universe is the product of one Supreme Creator and 
Ruler, one Supreme Divine Being, but with Him is associated a 
corps of subordinate being and powers through whom the work 
of the one Supreme Ruler is performed. These subordinate 
beings were termed Hierarchies, or celestial Potentates, or Guar- 
dian Angels. They guarded the destinies of men and performed 
the Will of the Infinite in all things. 

This unquestioning recognition of Hierarchies or angelic 
hosts made prayer to them an actual Invocation through which 
they came into conscious touch with the Hierarchies or angelic 
forces. Thus, when they proved worthy and were sincere in 
their demand, they received help in accordance with their Invo- 
cation. By the Priesthood of Egypt, Initiates were instructed 
in the laws and the principles of Invocation. By the priests 
of Melchizadek also were Invocations fully taught. Indeed, the 
laws and the teachings of Melchizadek were the foundation of 
Egyptian Initiation. It was these teachings with which every 
neophyte must become familiar before he was permitted to min- 
ister to the public. So long as the great Priesthood of Egypt 
continued to exist, up to the time of the usurpers, all kings were 
trained in these principles. And no one could become a king 
until he had first become an Initiate. For this reason they were 
called Initiate or Priest-Kings. 

It must not be thought that the people generally understood 
the Invocation-religion. The people then as now repeated form- 
ulas, witnessed beautiful and impressive ceremonies, and be- 
lieved in them, with meagre comprehension of the truth on which 
formulas and ceremonies were based. Today, however, it is a 
question whether even the minister at the head of the flock knows 
what is meant fundamentally by "Invocation of Saints." 

At the beginning of the Christian era, there were not many 
of the Initiates left. It was an age of change, an age in which 
the old had to give place to the new because the old had been 
abused. Yet, so strong was the belief still held in the Invocation 

Fundamental Laws 173 

of the Hierarchies that it was incorporated into the Creed of the 
Apostles, founders of the early Christian church. Instead of 
being retained in its purity as an article of faith in the Invo- 
cation of Hierarchies — ^beings and forces pure and powerful in 
the service of the One Supreme God — it degenerated into a mere 
verbal expression of faith in the Invocation of Saints — ^men and 
women who had gone on before. 

Some may claim that it is more reasonable to believe in 
the Invocation of Saints than in the Invocation of the Hier- 
archies. Let this argument beanswered by questions. How did 
God effect the progress of the world and of mankind before 
saints existed? How is it that the world continued to exist and 
the work of the world was performed before the Chrsitian church 
was founded, when so-called heathenism is supposed to have 
reigned? Or, if the world could exist and progress enough to 
make the coming of a Messiah possible, why could it not con- 
tinue in the same manner without the help of saints? 

Moreover, it must be remembered that God does not canon- 
ize men. Men are canonized as saints by men, mere human be- 
ings. And history shows that the lives of many who have been 
registered as saints were by no means exemplary according to 
accepted standards of uprightness. Is it reasonable, chen, to 
suppose that any good could come from invocation to those who 
may not be superior even to the invocant himself? How can we 
expect good from the practice of Invocation unless the ones whom 
we invoke are on a plane far superior to human knowledge and 
power? A marked contrast indeed between Invocation of Saints 
and Invocation of Hierarchies is seen when it is remembered 
that the Hierarchies are none other than the Eloim, creative 
forces and potencies associated with the Infinite. 

There is ever>' evidence for the belief that Invocation of 
Saints, as referred to in the Apostles* Creed, has descended from 
the Egyptians. Its form has been modified, and it has degen- 
erated into an article of faith merely, whereas formerly among the 
Initiates of Egypt it was a sacred daily practice, a feature of 
worship, or, better, a feature of life, essential to each day. 

Through all Sacred Scriptures, whether it be the Bible of 
Christianity, or Buddhism, of Brahmanism, or of any other re- 
ligious system, is to be found the doctrine that there are guardian 
or ministering angels watching over the destinies of men. It is 

174 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

a fact generally admitted that men of the early church when 
under persecution were guarded, guided, sustained, protected, 
by angels, or angelic presences and influences. Not only these, 
but, according to general acceptation, prophets and seers of all 
times have been administered unto by angels sent by the Lord to 
save them. By priests of the Church of Melchizadek and by 
Egyptian Initiates these ministering spirits were called Hier- 
archies, or Eloim; and Invocations to them were in harmony 
with the specific work performed by the particular Hierarchy 
addressed. Now it must be remembered that prophets and seers 
and holy men of old invoked the help, guidance and protection, 
of Higher Potentates long centuries before the Apostles* Creed 
was a possibility. Therefore, it was not saints — canonized men 
of the church — who saved and helped those who appealed to the 
Higher Powers. 

These things indicate that Invocation to Higher Forces 
was not original with the early church. From every point of 
view it seems plausible to claim that it was a modified form of 
the old Initiate-Priest service of the ancient Egyptian Priesthood. 

Nevertheless, Invocation of Saints, as a relic of the Invo- 
cation of Hierarchies rests upon a true and a firm foundation. 
In its essential features, Invocation of Hierarchies should be re- 
vived and become a part of the religious life of every human 
being. It must be revived before religion can be what it once 
was, a livmg, powerful, life-giving reality. 

In the ancient worship, a part of the ser\'ice was devoted 
to the Invocation of the Hierarchies tliat have guard each over 
some particular territory of the Kingdom of God or the King- 
dom of Nature. Thus, in sorrow, in sickness, in failure, in 
misfortune of any kind — in fact, in all things which affect the 
destiny of man — ^there is a particular Guardian and Ministering 
Angela or Hierarchy, which has charge of that domain of human 
life. Moreover, there is also an Invocation adapted to the needs 
of each department of man's nature. This Invocation, issuing 
in humility, faith, and sincerity from the heart of the suppliant, 
and being directed to the Hierarchy exercising guardianship 
over that department of human interests, unfailingly secures the 
help of the Hierarchy invoked. 

Superstition this ! Possibly. But in that case let the church 
at once proceed to cut out of the Apostles' Creed its expression of 

Fundamental Laws 175 

belief in the Invocation of Saints; for it is one and the same 
thing stated in different words. 

The new church, the coming church of man, recognizes the 
truth that underlies Invocation of Hierarchies, as practiced in its 
original simplicity by Initiate-Priests of all ages. It regards that 
Invocation of the Hierarchies is a possibility, a verity, which 
should be understood and practiced by all men. It is in fact, 
the very foundation of true religion. It is the essence of true 
religious life. It is the secret of true prayer. 

Mankind generally is coming to recognize this great truth. 
Aye, even the established church is coming to see it. But the 
established church cannot now step backward and make Invo- 
cation a part of its service. It has waited too long and such an 
innovation is clearly impossible. 

The Right Reverend Arthur Ingram, Bishop of London, re- 
cently, in one of the annual services in the Church of England 
Congress held at Southampton, made a plea for the restoration 
of the saints. He made a plea for the restoration of that aspect 
of tlie doctrine of the communion of saints to which every Chris- 
tian reciting the Apostles' Creed is pledged. 

It is well said that history repeats itself, and that there 
are cyclic returns of customs and practices. Let us remember, 
however, that history repeats not verbatim , or word for word, 
but that, through the experience of a lapse from a worthy prac- 
tice, history revives the practice in purified form. 

For many centuries, aye, for ages before the Christian era, 
Invocation of the Hierarchies existed as the foundation of re- 
ligious worship and religious life. In measure, the early church 
recognized the facts underlying Invocation of Hierarchies, and 
attempted to incorporate the principle of Invocation in their re- 
ligious system. They failed, however, to make it an actual liv- 
ing fact, apart of daily life. They failed to instill into their 
adherents the necessity of daily use of Invocation according to 
individual need. As a result, the practice degenerated into a for- 
mality, and, being deprived of life, became lost to view, until at 
the present time little is known of it except the incidental men- 
tion of belief in communion of the saints as recorded in the 
Aoostles* Creed. 

And now, after many centuries, leading men of the church 
are beginning to see what humanity has lost through being de- 

176 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

prived of this essential feature of religious worship. !Man has 
gone from one extreme to another, from irreligion to irreligion, 
until he has no firm foundation on which to stand. He keeps 
waiting for something to come to him which he can accept, some- 
thing which, to his reasoning mind, has a firm basis. All this, 
some few of the established church are forced to admit. And 
the plea of the Right Reverend Ingram for the re-establishment 
of the Invocation of the Saints voices the conviction of these few. 

But the established church, having long ago parted with 
the service of invocation, cannot restore it. They have lost the 
Key, the mystery, to it, the real significance of it, and it is to 
them a dead letter. Moreover, even if they possessed the Ritual 
of Hierarchic Invocation, they could not reinstate the service, for 
the reason that their adherents would not "stand for" such a rad- 
ical, though natural, innovation. Consequently, the church will 
be forced to do the best it can until the new church — ^the church 
with the ritualistic, invocative service — will have become strong, 
so useful, so natural, that the old church will be absorbed in it. 

By no means is the established church to be condemned for 
having lost its hold on Hierarchic Innovation. It has done all 
that it could, all it knew how to do. When the change was made 
from the so-called heathen era to the Christian era, everything 
had to be given up that was of the old; and, though much of the 
outer form of the old was given up so as not to savor of the dis- 
carded worship. Consequently, that which had been a living, 
vital reality became no more than a part of the creed of the new 
church, a doctrine to be accepted as correct teaching, but not a 
truth to be lived. 

The age in which Hierarchic Invocation is demanded by 
the people is not far distant. In fact, it has already begun. The 
old Ritual of Hierarchic Invocation, of which history gives lit- 
tle information, has been faithfully preserved and is in the care 
of the new church, the church now in process of formation.* This 
means the ushering in of a new era, an era made possible by 
the cyclic ebb and flow of human progress, an era in which his- 
tory revives in purified form a religious practice formerly hon- 
ored and cherished by Initiates of old. It is to be an era in 

♦The Order of the Magi, Degree "Priests of Melchizadel" 
uses the complete, ancient Ritual in all its beauty. 

Fundamental Laws 177 

which men will demand that the priests or the clergy of the 
church to which they belong shall be conversant with the entire 
ritual of invocative intercession. More than this, they will de- 
mand priests who are qualified to use invocative prayers in their 
behalf. They will be satisfied with nothing less than priests, 
teachers, ministers, or leaders, in whom they have unwavering 
confidence both as regards purity and sincerity of motive and 
as regards superior ability in the effective and the intelligent use 
of invocative power. 

The time is come in which men and women generally, seek- 
ers after truth, demand as leaders and teachers those who are 
qualified to give authoritative instruction and to impart vital 
knowledge. The people demand basic knowledge concerning 
religious practices. They require the reason, the why, and the 
wherefore, for religious customs. When they are convinced that 
a certain religious practice is based on undeniable principles and 
that it is powerful and effective for the needs of daily life and 
that it is regenerative in its influence, they will be satisfied with 
nothing less than definite and authoritative instruction in regard 
to it. They will demand the knowledge that can be tested in 
personal experience. They will demand the knowledge that en- 
ables them to make intelligent use of the practice according to 
thir owTi needs. Such knowledge, such instruction, will soon be 
in demand regarding Hierarchic Invocation and Invocative 

The new church of the present age will not fasten creeds 
and articles of faith en its adherents; but it will teach vital 
truths, truths which are not only to be believed but also to be 
lived. The new church will consider daily life and daily needs. 
Its Invocations will be such as have to do with the conditions 
in which its members live. Invocation will be something which 
calls for the help that is required by frail, groping humanity. 
It will bring its people into touch with those powers which they 
seek. ^ 

In accordance with the cyclic rhythm of historic changes, 
the time is ripe for a replacement of emphasis on Hierarchic 
Invocation. Mankind is reawakening to the beliefs held by the 
ancient Initiates. It is well to know that God is all, and that 
without Him is nothing. But it is also well to know that He 
.works in a multitude of ways, that he works through 

178 SxxTY-EiGHTii Convocation 

those which are less than He, and that He ministers to 
mankind through powers and potentates, which, though 
inferior to tlie Infinite and intermediary, are specifically quali- 
fied to satisfy human need. As God works through human 
agencies, so does He also work through Hierarchic instrumen- 
tality. And no part of the multiplicity of human interests is 
left without its appropriate guardianship and protectorate from 
the invisible forces. 

Here again, by way of analogy, may be brought into use 
the Law of Hermes, "As above so below, and as below so above." 
As in human government, so in celestial. To gain a hearing in 
any given department of governmental administration, a man 
does not appeal to the supreme power direct, but to the subordi- 
nate povv'cr to whom has been entrusted authoritative supervision 
in tliat particular domain. For a matter of importance that 
concerns the army or navy or the treasury, we do not tliink 
of directing our communication to the President, or supreme ruler 
of the nation. Rather we address the department in whicli our 
concern is classified. If we do not know the name and title and 
how properly to address the one to whom our communication 
should come, we seek the desired information, and make our 
communication in conformity with accepted usage. 

Similarly, it is reasonable to think of God as the Supreme 
Ruler of the universe v/ith subordinate powers as co-workers and 
co-rulers. In celestial powers there is this difference. They are 
true to their divine nature, true to God, and true to their work; 
their motives are clean, pure and unselfish; they must grant 
or refuse a demand according to the justice or the injustice of the 
request. Whereas, in national and in state management, officers 
and executive are biased and hampered by human frailties and 

It is likewise reasonable to think of Hierarchic powers, or 
Eloim, as having appropriate titles and designations by which 
man must appeal to them and by means of which he must in- 
voke them. The title or name or designation of a Hierarchic 
power is important, however, not as a mere arbitrar>' require- 
ment. It is to be thought of as the Key to the vibration to which 
that particular Hierarchy responds. Thus, to use the correct 
appellation of a deific potentate and to make use of a suitable 
formula serves as a means of bringing the invocant into contact 

Fundamental Laws 1/9 

with the power sought. Titles and degrees, as designations of 
honor or station or authority, have no place among the Eloim. 
To inform oneself of the correct title and the appropriate formula 
by which to address a given Hierarchy or deific power, and to 
become slcillful in the use of it, is to awaken in the invocant that 
subtle vibratory force which puts him in harmony with the par- 
particular power invoked. On the human plane, address to a 
superior power must conform to correct usage for conventional 
reasons; on the celestial plane, for reasons vital and funda- 
mental, without which it is impossible to reach the vibratory 
realm in whicli that deific power dwells, but with which it is 
possible to strike the chord of his vibration. 

All tlicse things the Initiates who have been faithful to 
the true laws have long recognized. All these things they have 
privately taught, though usually under a code, or secret system. 

But at last the time is at hand in which it is made possible, 
and in which it has even become necessary, to speak plainly and 
openly. Even the modem church Father is beginning to recog- 
nize the truth and the reality that underlies customs followed 
in the days of primitive religion, customs which the established 
church of the present day never had; for, though reference is 
made in the Apostolic Creed to the Invocation of Saints, the fact 
remains that Invocation of the Saints has never been observed 
by the church. And, on account of the failure of the church to 
teach and to practice a vital religon and a religious life, it has 
failed in its aims, which, admittedly were of the best. And men 
are leaving the church with no thought of returning to it. 

But, in the horizon, in the East, as the sun rises on a June 
morning, comes into view the new church, the new order of 
things. The Illuminati and their Inner Priesthood are again 
beginning to teach the people a living, pulsating vital, livable 
system, a system throbbing with force and power. They are 
again establishing among the children of men a religious system 
as glorious, as divine, as life-giving, as was ever practiced by 
the ancient priesthoods when religion was pure and undefiled, 
when the priests of the Temple, admittedly, had great power, and 
were the teacher-healer-rulers of the people. 

Let it not be thought that when such a church is establish- 
ed the service will consist of an Invocational program merely. 
Nothing of the kind, the service will admit of variety and will 

180 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

appeal to the varied interests of man's composite nature. There 
will be place for music which will lift the souls of men from the 
commonplace to the divine. Sermons should be lectures or ad- 
dresses of real instruction, food for thought, of practical value 
to the soul, something more than flowery oratory which has 
neither aim nor end. 

Let it be clearly understood that the establishment of In- 
vocative Prayer to the Hierarchies would in no sense do away 
Vi^ith prayers of devotion and adoration and gratitude to the One 
God, the Father over all. Invocative Prayers to the Hierarchic 
Powers, or Eloim, would be only for specific purposes, while the 
devotional prayer would continue to be addressed to the One 
true and only God. Invocative Prayer to the Hierarchic Powers 
and Potentates would be in case of sickness, in case of sorrow, 
or in the many other specific cases; but the spirit pervading the 
entire service would be devotion, and worshipful adoration and 
gratitude, directed to "Him in whom we live and move and have 
our being." One form of prayer would supplement the other. 
The two forms of worship would be in full harmony with each 
other, and not, as some might think, a false worship or worship 
of false gods. 

In short, prayer of worship or adoration or gratitude would 
not be directed to Hierarchic Potentates, for all worship is direct 
to God. Invocative Prayer differs from the prayer of worship 
or adoration in this point: it is distinctively and exclusively, as 
the name indicates, a prayer in which a particular Hierarchy is 
invoke for a specific purpose and with a specific request. In 
passing, it is worthy of mention that the most beautiful and im- 
pressive magical rites and Invocative Prayers in the system of 
the ancient Initiates are those which invoke the Hierarchies for 
"wisdom and an understanding heart." This is definite ana 
soecific, and who can question the desirability of a specific 
Invocation for wisdom and an understanding heart? 

Furthermore, another great change is to be advocated — that 
is, the inauguration of true family worship. The time was when 
there was a family service once, twice or three times a day. The 
head of the family acted as priest for the home. He led the 
members of the family in daily worship, following a formula, 
or a system of worship. 


Listening, we hear; looking, we see; in the silent spaces 
long vanished scenes and events are before us. Passing from 
the busy sounds of outer events to the inner stillness we hear the 
murmur of the rising tide of human souls breathing upon these 
western shores, and afar the music of wave beats as this human 
sea of souls is driven in this present age, seeking evolvement 
higher on the spiral scale here and now; souls from the long 
past; the many bearing stains and darkened records of former 
misspent incarnations; some blackened and seared by awful 
deeds; some dwarfed and misshapen through former warped 
and selfisli lives; some just beginning; some utterly lost, their 
individuality appearing in their present bodies for the last time; 
and the jew bright and shining ones who have afar back "wash- 
ed their sins away in the 'Blood of the Lamb,' (the meaning of 
which is: blood symbolizes regeneration; the 'Lamb' is the Uni- 
versal Christ — Principle; hence "washed in the blood" means — 
regeneration through attaining to Christhood, which can be done 
by no man except with the help of the Great Brotherhood, after 
he himself chooses and wills the mastery over his own lower 
self; and even the Master Christ, Jesus, required such help). 
Each human is to a large extent what his soul makes him to- 
gether with his traits inherited from his physical ancestry; on 
the other hand his soul is just what he has made it himself in 
his past lives, and will be for the future just what he is now 
making it and will make it in his present and future lives; this 
implies most certainly that whatever is his lot he has made just 
tEat for himself. This brings us to the fact that the Great Mas- 
ter Jesus was not such because He was originally any greater 
in soul than any other beginning soul, but that He was in that 
incarnation just what He made Himself in past lives, no mat- 

182 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

ter how few or many they had been. Moreover, tlie physical 
ancestry which each soul seeks in reincarnating, in so far as 
such can be supplied by the world at the time being,is determined 
by the character which its past lives have given to that soul. 
Hence both the soul and personality of which any humans find 
themselves possessed and whatever Karma may oe attached 
thereto are just what they themselves have made them. We see 
through soul vision an ever increasing host of souls reincarnating 
in a powerful and growing civilization; growing In knowledge, 
prosperity, material power, and to a certain extent in spiritu- 
ality. Bom again into the flesh; to the darkened vision of their 
unillumined fellows and to themselves these present bodies and 
this life, changing, fleeting, and soon passed, appears to tliem as 
the whole sum of their existence, and as the beginning and end 
of their experience in this world. But the Illumined Brother, 
through the soul's eye which has opened for him because of his 
ov/n self-evolvement either in this or in his past lives, beholds in 
each personality a hidden being which in its beginning was 
endowed with potentialities capable of attainment to either God- 
hood or to Devilhood just as its subsequent lives in the flesh 
might choose to follow the right hand or the left hand way, and 
accept the opportunities for good, or for evil, constantly being 
offered in every life, and on every hand. Thus the Illumined 
Brothers of the bright and shining souls among this host per- 
ceive in every human this Being, in varying states, according as 
it has fared at the hands of its previous personalities, in some 
it is bright and shining like unto their own; in others it is re- 
vealed in every grade of evolvement or destruction, for as it has 
been builded so is it; for this Being, lost to many who are now 
living for the last time, and grievously disfigured in others, and 
in thor.e who have climbed the heights — shining as the stars of 
the firmament — is the human Soul. And conscious, higher visu- 
ality, reveals in each human soul its past ; and some there are in 
whom this inner hidden Soul-Being has reached its end and this 
life is the finish, for deeds of darkness and sin, or too long pro- 
crastination in seeking the right hand way destroys the Soul. 
In the many immortality is still within their reach if they so 
will ; while the White Souls need return no more to this vale of 
tears unless it be to further help humanity. And so we view 
the great host in their reappearance in physical incarnation; the 

Fundamental Laws 183 

skies bend above us, the broad land receives us to her bosom, our 
beautiful Isis of old is here with us, her beauty is apparent for 
those who know her, our long lost power and glory and riches is 
again returning to us here in the flesh, we eat and drink and are 
merry as we have done so many times before; but let us remem- 
ber that each time we return and fail to follow the right hand 
path, or procrastinate our seeking the way, our souls suffer and 
atrophy accordingly, and the "balances will find us wanting" 
even though we do no great wrong; for the balance becomes in- 
creasingly wanting in greater degree each life we fail, and this 
must be equalized sooner or later when the final adjustment is 
required though it removes both soul and body out of existence 
to meet the deficiency; for there are two great forces at work in 
the universe; they are good and evil. They are guided and 
directed by intelligent beings for above the human. Neither of 
these may interpose directly in our lives, for the law of being 
of the human determines that he shall be entirely free to choose 
either of these forces as he may himself elect; but the law also 
determines that he shall be fully responsible for his choosing and 
must himself meet the consequences of his clioice, be it immor- 
tality or eternal death. Plenty of opportunities are given by the 
directors of both forces to each and every human; they come 
to him in the seemingly ordinary affairs of his every day life, 
though to the undeveloped personality they are never understood 
as such directly, or as representing the Universal Christ forces 
as one aspect, and the Universal Devil forces as the other. Only 
the Illuminated human interprets in each person, and event, and 
circumstance, their real meaning and the source from which they 
come; for the profane world knows nothing of the universal laws 
nor of the intelligent beings who operate them. But though 
unconscious of these higher laws every human endowed with a 
soul which has not been destroyed and therefore a conscience, 
and a mind and reasoning faculties is capable of knowing 
through intuition, and of choosing between right and wrong. For 
the law as well as the "Progenitors of the Race" from which mo.n 
has derived his free choice, have also given him the faculties 
to do his own conscious and intelligent choosing. A single real 
injustice occuring anywhere in the universal whole would de- 
stroy all there is, for a universal unbalance w^ould result. Man 
does indeed cause great injustice to his fellows and to the lower 

184 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

living things but the Law of Karma is equalizing these re-estab- 
lishes equilibrium, and thus whatsoever a man suffers for his 
misdeeds either in the life in which they were committed, or in 
lives following*-is just. Man is the only portion of infinite 
creation that creates injustice, and sins; for even the evil spirits 
depend upon Man to accept and carry out the wrong which it is 
their office and aspect to revise in potential, but which it is his 
free choice to refuse if he wiU, and this therefore makes him 
wholly responsible for the effects. When the sum of injustice he 
creates sufficiently accumulates, its equalization may involve the 
destruction of the whole planet upon which it occurs as with 
Lucifer, or the very land beneath his feet as with the lost conti- 
nents of Lemuria and Atlantis of this earth. It is for these rea- 
sons that Man's injustice, which is the only injustice anywhere, 
does not wreck everything there is, for if he is constantly caus- 
ing injustice, through retribution he is as constantly required 
to equalize and re-establish the balance he has perverted. While 
it is the individual Karma caused by the individual which brings 
sorrow and destruction to the individual, it is the general Karma 
accumulated by the whole race which reacts as general suffering 
upon the just and the unjust, and destroys planets and conti- 
nents. And so we view the incoming host from the past; a host 
of souls of every grade, and state, and degree of perfection or 
destruction; some bright and beautiful, some hideous and dis- 
torted and warped according as they have fared during their 
sojourn in their past bodies and earthly lives, some lost beyond 
redemption. Between these high and low soul states we per- 
ceive every possible variation of evolvement and development 
among these souls; as they have been builded so are they now 
according as the lives have chosen good or evil, kindness and 
love, or injustice and wrong as to whether these have made them 
bright and shining, or dark and sorrowful, or black with de- 
spair. O hidden memories of the great past! like a long river 
flowing on through ever changing scenery, now through broad 
meadows sunlit and calm, again through rocky defile rushing 
with spray and roar, shadowed between high and dark mountain 
walls, on and on toward the great sea of the absolute through 
rise and fall of empires and dynasties and always the same souls; 
some not far from the end, some the headwaters just left be- 
hind and others becoming lost in the desert sands.. These mem- 

Fundamental Laws 185 

ories, for the majority, lie buried in their sleeping souls which 
have never yet been awakened by them, for the soul cannot be 
awakened by lives lived for physical bodies however passively 
good these may be, or how much worship is devoted to an unseen 
and unknown Deity in the abstract; it can only be properly 
awakened by seeking the masters to be found associated to- 
gether in the Great Mystic Fraternities, such as that now known 
as The Fraternity Sons of Osiris, is among the best and oldest. 
It is safe for no man to attempt soul awakening alone. He will 
be assailed by the Black Brothers on all sides and without the 
protection of the true masters is almost certain to fail and per- 
haps be lost. Without the true training before the awakening, 
the experiences of that awakening together with the pressure of 
the terrific flood of memories of his past lives will sweep him 
eitlier into the "madhouse or the grave," in his unprepared con- 
dition. How much less will lives of wickedness and selfishness 
and sin awaken the soul ; indeed such lives serve to sink it deeper 
in unconsciousness and finally the fatal coma from which it can 
never be awakened and the soul through sin, and procrastination 
as well, go out into the eternal night of oblivion. For others, 
these memories and the soul awakening is yet a long way off and 
largely through failure of the carnal to seek the way of life 
which requires constant determined search and denials and ef- 
forts to find, and the sacrifice of worldly pleasures and ease and 
selfish aggrandisement, and the giving up of visible things for 
such as are invisible for long, until the awakening reveals them 
in glory and beaut}% which cannot be shown, however, to the 
man "dead in sin and frittered away lives." There are others 
we perceive who have sought the "way of life and light" and 
have entered the path and are faithful disciples; to these each 
day brings them nearer to soul awakening and illumination and 
the eternal memories locked within them. For the few who have 
awakened, memory stretches back across the span of ages through 
life after life, and race beyond race upon this earth and afar 
back to sunken continents and lost civilizations. To these the 
world's story is an open book and the history of mankind has 
been repeated over and over again and always ending the same 
in failure and retribution, and always for the same reasons, and 
always through his own fault and voluntary failure and because 
he has chosen to follow the left hand path and has accepted the 

186 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

things of the "Black Brothers" which pleased his carnal nature 
and afforded him wordly advantages but which in tlie end have 
invariably destroyed his soul. This host now appearing upon 
the arena of this growing civilization and coming hither for a 
new trial; through soul-memory we view the experiences which 
they bring of far off Lemuria, of beautiful Atlantis, of sublime 
Egypt, of ascetic India, of Magian Chaldea, of philosophic 
Greece, of cruel Rome, of Mosaic Judea, and of other countries 
and epochs. The memories of those forgotten ages brings be- 
fore us the awful mistakes which first destroyed the great con- 
tinents of ancient Lemuria when the world was in her youth; 
where Mother Earth writhing in torture and burning with un- 
quenchable fire, because her children had turned her green 
bosom into a human slaughter house and a den of iniquity, 
finally gave up the struggle to save them and dropped into her 
ocean grave. And later on rises before us beautiful Atlantis, 
Queen of the Sea, man's paradise on earth where the human 
attained to physical perfection and beauty never before attained 
and never again to be equalled in this Manvantara, and where 
his knowledge and attainments have never to this time reached 
so high a plane; here again the same host of souls coming over 
from lost Lemuria and incarnating in the beautiful bodies of the 
Atlantean Fourth Race created so tremendous an unbalance of 
injustice and sin that the safety of the whole planet demanded 
adjustment. Then it was, that, unable to harmoniously equalize 
the balance and meet the sweep of eternal justice for the pro- 
digious Karma created by those she had cradled and sheltered 
and given freely of her plenty, as the stroke fell, staggering under 
the terrible load of wickedness and accumulated evil, unable to 
longer withstand the shock of the cosmic forces lashed into fury 
and struggling for equilibrium; our mother land, lovely Atlantis 
with all her wonderful achievements, sank beneath the blue 
waves in death and oblivion, that the injustice of her children 
might be atoned through her destruction as well as theirs. For 
when great unbalance has been accumulated through the wTong 
actions of men the whole earth is affected by the general Karma; 
when this becomes sufficiently great that it cannot be balanced 
through destruction of the inhabitants themselves then the ven' 
earth itself beneath them will also be torn and convulsed and 
disappear as to its former conditions. But though all went down 

Fundamental Laws 187 

and destruction overtook the dwellers of Lemuria and Atlantis, 
and equilibrium in nature was re-established, yet the Karma 
against them has not been fully requitted even yet, nor the bal- 
ance of past misdeeds equalized. There is still in the "cup of 
sorrow" for these now appearing here portions to be finished, 
both from those long ago races and from later ages. We see 
again in the panorama of memory these same souls in later civ- 
ilizations building, in other bodies, empires and kingdoms, and 
greatest among these, Egypt the fallen. Down through the long 
dynasties of Pharaoic glory memory recalls the scenes of mag- 
nificent beauty, of sublime wisdom and knowledge, the mighty 
civilization of the flower of the Atlantean souls reincarnated ; the 
"mantle" of the occult power of Atlantis laid upon the shoulders 
of the Ancient Osirian (Priesthood) Brotherhood. However, 
compared with the majority, these were few in numbers; ad- 
vanced souls who had evolved along the pathway upward to 
mastery and illumination, and wholly worthy and true. And 
what is recalled of the great multitude of souls down through 
these ages? During the earlier dynasties the rulers themselves 
were also initiates ; and the people were guided and taught in the 
higher things and righteousness reigned and all things were well, 
and Eg>'pt in those days bloomed as the rose and was green and 
fertile. But the blackness of the past gradually awakened ; more 
of the souls of wicked ones of the past reincarnated, it was eas- 
ier, as before, to follow after the evil things of the flesh and ag- 
grandisement of self of the left hand way. The wickedness of 
former lives on the lost continents was still in them; the throne 
became corrupt and no longer lofty souls came do\NTi to incar- 
nate and rule the Empire; many of the Priesthood walked Ihe left 
hand path and became a band of sorcerers and black magicians, 
and only a few illumined souls any longer reincarnated and these 
were persecuted and their bodies often destroyed because they 
opposed the prevalent evils. Wrong and injustice accumulated 
and again, as in the forgotten past, piled high against these 
souls, and here it was Eg}'pt who had received them this time and 
nurtured them who must share the consequences with them for 
what she was innocent; for O what death and ruin has come 
upon every land upon which this galaxy of souls has appeared, 
which is now appearing upon this North American Continent; 
it is only the true ^lystic Brotherhoods who hold the keys to the 

188 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

knowledge of the vast desolation in the wake of these souls; it 
is we, knowing these things, who now strive and pray that we 
may prevent a repetition of these awful calamities again here. 
It is we alone, who knowing, work day and night to bring some 
measure of enlightenment of these things before these souls that 
they may be saved, which no amount of worship of intellect, or 
belief in any man or personal God or any other means short of 
true soul awakening which brings into conscience the memories 
of these past experiences will ever do. The mighty unrest and 
spiritual awakening now seen on every hand is truly a cause for 
tnanksgiving; but the land is filled with false teachings prompt- 
ed by writers and publishers, who, noting the general trend, are 
taking advantage of the call for light by writing and publishing 
purely spurious and imaginary doctrines simply for the money 
returns they bring. Moreover, self-appointed teacners abound 
plentifully who seek through imparting "original'* teaching of 
what they conceive will be most acceptable to the largest number 
of students for the largest amount of tuition to incidentally gain 
notoriety and an easy living. In this western civilization noth- 
ing can be accomplished without money; for few there are in- 
deed who will perform the slightest service without material 
compensation. The personalities of these souls of the past who 
so much need real enlightenment around us here have money 
for everything else except the promotion of the truth which our 
fraternities alone possess and which it is impossible to publish or 
teach without adequate means. While the mercenary who are 
traveling the left hand path still, as in the past, do employ every 
scheme and shrewdness of plan without stint to make a goodly 
showing before men as well as a financial success for them- 
selves; the great law rules that no Brother of the right hand 
path, who must give up these very things of the world to attain 
the full illumination, may use his influence to acquire personal 
gain or honor before men, unless these be voluntarily offered by 
others in the interests of the great cause of enlightening the race, 
for such enlightenment must not be bought nor sold for gain. 
And so we see great sums freely given for public buildings and 
show, for education of the intellect, for relief of the sick body, 
for war to murder, for personal pleasures and appetites and 
worldly honors, for greater comforts and conveniences, for spec- 
ulation; but nothing to bring before this great army of souls, 

Fundamental Laws 189 

enlightenment of their past, the meaning of the present and the 
fatal dangers of tlie future. O where is the great soul with 
abundant wealth who will arise to the occasion of a greater 
emancipation than our beloved Lincoln ever dreamed? The 
emancipation of a world ! Mankind has hitherto refused to in- 
vestigate or believe an>thing of the invisible; his consciousness 
and conceptions and perceptions and thinking have all required 
images, visible either to his outer eye or inner mind; anything 
beyond these he has never kno^n anything of; to attempt to teach 
the generality of men truth requiring perception higher than these 
images visible to his eye or mind is to make him an unbeliever, 
a skeptic, and too often an enemy to the one attempting to teach 
him. And yet, the only real perception is higher than any im- 
age or picture possible to be formed before the eye or mind, and 
hence no physical eye or mind ever yet conceived a reality but 
merely an image of it corresponding to the individual's ideal, 
which he, unable to perceive above his own ideal therefore never 
perceives the truth, and he moreover, unwilling to be led "across 
the unknown" to the higher plane of perception, remains for- 
ever in the darkness; and this is the main reason why the world 
has always repudiated the mystic, and followed the "flesh and 
the Devil," and has required visible churches and means of 
worship and religions, and has constantly fallen by the wayside, 
and piled up accumulated Karma and brought destruction upon 
the very earth they inhabited, and why these souls must further 
suffer, now here on earth, in these present and in future bodies, 
for the long lurid trail of destruction and desolation and still 
unrequited Karma which has followed them all along the way 
in the past; and this is why this race, as a whole, will continue 
to dwell in spiritual darkness unless they can be reached and en- 
lightened and raised to the higher plane of perception ; and why 
they will continue to accumulate more Karma and sorrow, and 
eventually destroy these lands whereon they dwell just as they 
have destroyed everything pertaining to them in the past; for 
these are surely the same souls in new bodies coming up out of 
that long past. Illumination then, is the attainment through 
evolvement of the inner faculties of perception, of conscious and 
real knowledge which does not require visible images or forms 
for the operation of thought or memory; though indeed, where 
images are formed, at will, from such higher perceptions, they 

190 Sixty- Eighth Convocation 

will necessarily be truth, and not illusions formed from individ- 
ual ideals as is the case with the unenlightened. Who then will 
open their eyes? The churches have set up a man as an Idol 
to worship and teach simply that belief on Him, like ^'looking 
at the brazen serpent" in the wilderness, will save them, and 
leaving them in darkness as to where they really are, or who 
they are; though all praise should be given the churches for 
whatever good they have accomplished which has been much, 
perhaps as much as man would heretofore receive. Science has 
failed to reveal to man practically anything of his past ; or of his 
real nature; she is now blundering at the border-line of the im- 
known and must either accept mysticism as authority, or go away 
back again and try it all over, though discoveries are soon to be 
made of occult forces with which we were perfectly familiar in 
Atlantis, that may compel her to acknowledge the immaterial. 
Of what avail was science or formal religion to Lemuria or At- 
lantis in their dying throes? Had some of her influential and 
rich citizens devoted themselves more to promoting true mystic 
teachings among the people toward their enlightenment, rather 
than to their own sinful pleasures and position in the eyes of 
men, they might have been saved to this day; and all men rec- 
ognize that if the Jew had listened to Jesus and honored Him 
that Palasline would still be fruitful and fertile as it was then; 
but the rich follow after the science which busies itself with 
external things and repudiates the real, and reveals nothing to 
man of his soul which suffers on and on hoping for a day when 
it may enter a personality which will seek and find it and save 
it, for an ignorant personality long ago, when it began, may have 
filled this soul with such unfavorable things that it could rein- 
carnate next only in another unfavorable personality who still 
further filled it with unfavorable things and so it has been from 
bad to worFc. And millions are freely bestowed upon the churches, 
and the rich man sits in his pew each Sabbath, and listens to 
eloquent discussions of vicarious atonement whereby the Master 
Christ died that his *'Blood might wash away all men's sins" if 
they will simply believe that He was and is the "Son of God." 
But he never hears anything about all men becoming Masters 
and Christs (which they must finally do or be lost) nor does 
he hear anything giving him the slightest guidance or enlight- 
enment toward the knowledge or finding of his own soul that he 

Fundamental Laws 191 

may become such a Master and thus find real salvation which 
saves and in which there is certain immortality ; nor does he hear 
that there is a way by which he may gain full knowledge and 
come into possession of complete use of his own soul while he is 
still in the body. And finally tliese millions have not as yet been 
taught that all men are "Sons of God" equally with Jesus if 
they, like Him, choose as He did, and like Him enter the door 
to the Mystic Brotherhood, which is the only way of truth and 
ever has been such, and through the teaching of the Brothers be- 
come, as He did, Christs and Masters and Sons of God. What 
is the meaning when we say that Jesus or any other human is a 
Christ? It means that He has become, through evolvement on 
the "Mystic Path," a Master of Love! For the Universal Christ, 
and the Universal principle of love are the same thing, and any 
man who has attained to be a Master of this has become a 
"Christ." And no man ever attained to be a Christ except 
through the door of one of the Mystic Fraternities, and the Mas- 
ter Christ, Jesus, w*as a member of the Essene Mystic Brother- 
hood from whom He received His initiation. Who then is there 
among us that will, from his abundance, furnish the means that 
will carry the torch among this host of souls sitting in darkness 
upon these shores whose personalities in the future will pile up a 
Karma more deadly to this fair hemisphere, even as they have 
before in other lands, than pestilence or famine; for they will 
surely destroy their own bodies and the soil beneath their feet as 
before, unless we can succeed in teaching them and leading them 
to the truth and light, and the real facts of their past. Already 
the old traits are appearing among them and with the present 
awakening spiritually, the time is at hand "and the Bridegroom 
comcth" but there is little money to buy oil for our lamps, and 
the law demands that such money must be supplied voluntarily 
from those who are to be taught and saved, for they must first 
seek us as evidence of their sincere desire to know the Way of 
Immortality. In the long ago in ancient Egypt these same 
souls in other bodies committed great iniquities and wrongs and 
injustice, and the balance was broken as before, and the Karmic 
retribution overtook them and all things besides, and the tribute 
exacted by the law threw our Eg}'pt, the mother, which we, her 
sons, loved well, into the crucible, that the universal whole 
might be saved from the consequences of evil deeds through her 

192 Sixty- Eighth Convocation 

destruction and sacrifice in the purifying fire of equalization. 
And the fire has burned and seared our beloved mother whom we 
of the multitude so greatly wronged, and her glory and magnifi- 
cence is no more, her proud Empire is in ruins and desolate and 
alone, and only dead, gray sands, the ashes of her former beau- 
ey, are carried by the winds over her still burning desert wastes, 
and fair Isis has departed for aye, and all that remains, as in 
the long ago, is the lonely Nile which still flows past the scenes 
of other days. O what lessons these memories teach to those who 
have awakened soul vision to see. And now in these later days 
the ancient scepter of power has passed to thy hand, O America; 
the same power is transferred to thee that was given first to Le- 
muria, then to Atlantis, and to later civilizations. Those same 
souls from past ages are here reincarnating again but higher on 
the spiral according to their accumulated experiences. Many 
great souls are coming down to us from higher spheres to re- 
deem the race. In the better days of Atlantis there were many 
of these great souls incarnated who represent both the rulers and 
the priesthood ; and so long as the people listened to their higher 
teaching all was well, and harmony and peace and plenty 
abounded on every hand. But in later days they barkened no 
longer to the voice of wisdom and justice, but turned away and 
wickedness flourished and but few of the great ones any longer 
came to them. But after the destruction of Atlantis the same 
great souls carried much of the wisdom and knowledge, rein- 
carnating in later civilizations, principally in Eg}T)t, though by 
no means in her alone, where they were in representation, with 
as many disciples from the people as elected to like evolvement 
which were in early ages a great number; all these were organized 
for mutual co-operation into a general Order known as the 
Brotherhood of Osiris, the inner circle of which was known to 
the elect as The Grand Lodge of Initiated ^Masters, which has 
never ceased to exist to this day. In later d\Tiasties the Broth- 
erhood became kno^\^l as the Ancient Order of Osiris. It was 
really through this great Order that Eg}pt became what she was. 
All of the ancient symbolism originated in the Order; all of the 
wisdom of this classic land was taught through the Osirian 
Brotherhood brought down from ancient Atlantis through en- 
lightened and evolved and reincarnated ones of the Atlantean 
\\'hite Souled Priesthood, some of whom had acquired these 

Fundamental Laws 193 


things through untold aeons and evolvement reaching back into 
past Manvantaras. In later ages undoubtedly the greatest of 
these was the Great Master Soul reincarnating in the man Jesus 
to fulJ&ll the Messiahship of the age just passed, which soul be- 
gan its evolvement several Manvantaras afar back. And in these 
latter days we bow our heads in memory of the great dead past; 
for Egypt has fallen; no longer do the great soul-host of the past 
seek reincarnation upon her sacred soil; the Ancient Order of 
Osiris is no more as of old, though not entirely extinct, for the 
few still return to that land of ruin and loneliness. That host, 
once animating the great Egyptian people is coming here now 
and reincarnating on this free soil to act another great drama; 
they represent every state and aspect of character of soul accord- 
ing to the experiences each soul has acquired in the long past. 
(There are also many others here from other lands, and many 
great ones of other past Orders of Initiates not of Egypt, and 
who we duly revere.) Among this host now coming here are 
many good and noble souls who have never received the true 
enlightenment or entered the path but who have preserved in 
past lives goodness and purity without evolvement toward real 
soul awakening. There is little of individual Karma overhang- 
ing these, and if they could be brought to the full knowledge of 
themselves and of the real meaning of their lives the mystic 
pathway would surely open before them toward the glories be- 
yond, and the question arises, how shall we reach them? If all 
had been like unto these in the past even, destruction of the whole 
would not have taken place. But the wickedness of the majority 
created vast general Karma and these who were good and pure 
suffered at the last for the transgressions of the wicked. And 
moreover all of those wicked ones of these times whose souls have 
not been lost are returning again here, how then shall we avert 
the disaster ahead which these will surely cause unless we find 
the way to bring enlightenment to sufficient of their number that 
too great Karma be not accumulated? Looking out over this 
broad country we see many of the great souls of the Ancient Or- 
der of Osiris reincarnating in America, and many of these are 
uniting in the order whose name has been here changed to The 
Fraternity Sons of Osiris, with centers in the United States and 
Mexico. To recognize these great ones from other men is im- 
possible to the profane of the world; they come and go and fill 

194 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

all maimer of professions and positions and labor like other 
men and women; their power and greatness is in the silent places 
and unseen by ordinary men; the law forbids these to produce 
phenomena or to use their powers for their own personal pur- 
poses, or to influence other men against their own choosing for 
this would be depriving them of their rights of free moral agency. 
(The Black Ones, however, are also all around us and do not 
hesitate to use their powers over any who will yield to them, as 
may be witnessed on every hand.) Were the White Ones not in 
authority the Black influences would speedily create such wick- 
edness and Karma through humanity that ever3rthing would in a 
short time be utterly destroyed. (Reader, think not these are 
fanciful things; everything here written is perfectly visible and 
plain to any human being who will follow the teachings of the 
Fraternity and who has an undestroyed soul, and who thus at- 
tains to awakened higher vision and perception, and there never 
was an Initiate who was unable to see and know all this, and the 
only trouble is that we cannot get the majority to do the things 
necessary to acquire all of this knowledge and all of these powers 
also.) The Order, as in the past, seeks the enlightenment and 
illumination of the race. So long as Atlantis listened to their 
teaching was she great and good, and likewise later ^gypt; when 
these turned from the Councils of the Brothers of the Order and 
yielded to the influences of selfish men (Black Forces working 
through these) both fell after a time and are to this day desolate. 
No matter how highly illumined a soul may become, when 
reincarnating in a new body, that body with all its physical and 
carnal aspects must be overcome before its mind can be awak- 
ened and true Initiation again occur in that life for that com- 
bined body and soul ; and no matter how high the soul may have 
attained it is always possible for its carnal body to cause it to 
fall. We see here and now many of the high and white souls, 
and some of the Order who are not as yet awakened in this pres- 
ent incarnation and who are still unconscious of the great past 
and who will so remain throughout this life unless they come 
into touch with some of the true Mystic Orders and thus become 
enlightened. But there is danger of falling in with those of the 
Dark Path, and already the country is filled with religious cults 
and spurious organizations calling themselves Occult and Meta- 
physical; these are for the most part Black. The materialistic 

Fundamental Laws 195 

teachings and trend of the present time has developed a people 
wholly opaque and dark to the great transcendental realities per- 
taining to themselves and to their relationship to the past and to 
all knowledge of the souls within them, and indeed do they seri- 
ously question whether there is anything more than this material 
world and their carnal minds and bodies. This has created men 
and women inimical as ancestry for bodies suitable for reincar- 
nation of great souls and to such an extent that it is a matter of 
almost impossibility for such to return to earth safely, for this 
class of humans furnish bodies for their children of such car- 
nality, density and opacity to all soul influences and therefore of 
such difficulty of overcoming by the incoming illumined soul 
that it is in great danger of being overwhelmed and of falling 
again into bad Karma and spiritual darkness and being put 
very far back in its cycle, and of failing in this and subsequent 
lives of fulfilling its mission for long ages. Thus there are a 
goodly number of the Ancient Order and also of advanced souls 
who were with us in our mother land — Egypt — here now, who 
are unconscious of their higher beings but who rightfully belong 
to our great Order, The Fraternity Sons of Osiris. The question 
arises, How shall we reach them and save them from disaster? 
Knowing naught of the past or of their real selves, they con- 
stantly accept the carnal things of the flesh as an ordinary matter 
of course, and blindly follow after and grasp the tinsel and 
empty honors of a day, and the mercenary illusions of the pass- 
ing days, and the deception of appearances, as realities, and in 
the darkness of dulled faculties acquired from materialistic an- 
cestry, yield to the temptations devised and proffered in the 
guise of ordinary every-day events of life, by the Black Brothers 
cf the invisible, left hand Brotherhoods; who constantly seek 
their overthrow. There are many who, if they could be made 
conscious of themselves and of who they really are and of the 
past, would surely seek the Order and its teachers and thus come 
into their own in this life. The trouble is that the clouded and 
pen-erted minds of these refuse to accept the truth when we 
strive to present it to them. So long as we keep within the realm 
of this material world and of mere reason and intellectual con- 
cepts they are interested; but the moment we cross the line and 
endeavor to lead them into the real view of the realm of the soul 
and their higher being, and to reveal the real meaning of their 

196 SiXTY-LiGHUi Convocation 

lives, and the story of the past, and the true doctrine, and the 
purposes of all things, then interest stops and unbelief closes 
the door to their souls. Indeed, we see many here with souls 
which in the past attained high evolvement, wholly engrossed in 
worldly and selfish things and each day falling to lower levels; 
so material are the minds and bodies in which they have incar- 
nated that they care nothing for the future so long as they enjoy 
tlie sensual and illusory passing things of this life, and they care 
not if the whole earth is destroyed at some future epoch for the 
wrong doing of men if their present enjoyment or worldly inter- 
ests are not interfered with. O mighty Monad throng; once 
more another great drama is before thee; though among thee 
hath ever been found the worthy and the good, yet beforetime 
hast thou utterly failed and thy long pathway is filled with ruin 
and blood and tears. "O Sons and Daughters of our dearly lov- 
ed and once regal Egypt," here in number so many, would that 
we might gather thee within the guidance and protection of our 
great Order that hath overshadowed thee like a palm in a weary 
waste lo these aeons of ages of the past. "The present Order 
Sons of Osiris" is the same Order and directly continuous of 
the Ancient Order of Osiris which is as old as Egypt herself. 
The Order fully recognizes the supreme Mastership of Jesus 
the Christ. It accepts the disciple down on the world plane who 
is truly sincere, and develops him to the highest initiation and 
illumination and helps him to find the Christ within himself. 
As his consciousness awakens his past unfolds and in the eternal 
memory of his own soul he reads the story of his lives from the 
long ages gone before, and thus finds himself. His awakened 
consciousness becomes illumined and he comes into the attain- 
ment of universal knowledge, in which all things are made 
plain to him. He then realizes that the fleeting pleasures of the 
carnal fade into nothing when compared to such joys as these. 
The man of the world knows nothing of the friends and loved 
ones around him except as he has known them in this short life, 
and when he loses them at physical death, on his return to earth 
again in a new reincarnation, he knows nothing of them though 
they may be again with him in new bodies, while the awakened 
and illumined man knows them every one, body and soul. Read- 
er, the door of the Mystic Temples is never closed to the true 
seeker; the great teachers are ever ready to lead and help you on 



tlie way to all of these things which your soul must realize some 
time or be utterly lost, for if you do not overcome the lower man 
he v/ill surely overcome your soul and draw it down into tiie 
darkness of death. The choice is entirely with you; the teachers 
will never come openly before the world unless the world becomes 
wholly Mystic; and you must seek them of your own free will. 
May God be with you. 


Empire of the Nile; Land of the Eternal Pyramids; Do- 
main of the Ancient Paraohs. What memories lie buried within 
thy bosom, O land of the tombs and mummy. To interpret the 
mysteries of thy vast past is to know the secrets of the universe. 
Thy magnificent glory and wisdom of the past is no more. The 
stir and bustle of thy great civilization is still, and sleeps with 
thee and thy dead. Vanished are the courts of the Pharaohs, 
with all their pomp and pride. The desert wind touches tlie 
cheek of the traveler, lifting his mantle and shifts the listless 
sand of wide wastes over which ever and anon phantom mirage, 
oases of green, with springs of crystal water, flit in panoramic re- 
view. Wide stretches of waste under the sky, its solitude un- 
broken, save as beneath the blazing sun, s>'mbol of Osiris, across 
its desolate sands, fall shadow of pyramid, of lonely ruin, of 
caravan or Arab horseman. Wherefore art thou desolate and 
alone, green and fertile valley of the past? Whither has depart- 
ed the bloom and verdure, thy glory, thy wisdom and thy su- 
preme understanding? Aeons of ages ago, on the banks of thy 
silent Nile appeared a mighty and imperial people; and besides 
thee, ever flowing river, within stupendous temples was taught 
the Eternal Doctrine of the only Truth, of the Absolute, of all 
that is. Upon thy temple altars perpetual sacred fires told their 
story' of man's immortality, the story of the souFs fire. But, alas, 
thou art gone and only heaps of ruins remain to mark where 
once arose tlie wonderful structures of thy building. Whence 
tarriest thou, O beautiful Eg}*pt, Queen of the East, Daughter 
of Isis and Osiris? Hast thou taken a long journey to a far 
country and retum'st after many days again to thine own Neilcs ? 
From far away upon the Shores of Time her voice answereth 
across the ages: Sons and Daughters of mine, because my chil- 
dren barkened to the voices of the tempter and of the flesh, and 

198 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

forsake not their evil ways, and heeded not the counsels of my 
prophets, therefore, must I forever remain a wanderer and re- 
turn no more to my native land, which hath become desolate and 
forsaken. However, in these later days will I return again to 
earth among the children of men of other lands to such as shall 
heed my voice and serve our Great Father — God; and they may 
find me even the same Egypt; the same Isis and Osiris; manifest 
among the chosen, even among these of the Ancient Order of 
Osiris. And I will bless them abundantly, and watch over them, 
and teach them the way of Holy Wisdom and of Immortal Life, 
even as they were taught while we were together in our beloved 
country of days no more, Egypt the fallen. For behold my 
power and beauty and magnificence hath perished and departed 
in oblivious night in the long ago. Had my children listened 
to the voice of wisdom and turned toward the true light of Osiris, 
surely would my glory have endured forever; and throughout 
my cities and land would resound the music of the harps of a 
thousand strings; and over my arid wastes would yet be spread 
the mantle of exuberant fertility; and all the world would know 
me and honor me as in days departed. Yet though in power and 
glory I have departed from thence, there dwelleth apart, in the 
flesh, the remnant of that once might}' throng; few though the 
number may be, I say unto thee that its slender thread shall nev- 
er be broken; neither shall the presence of Osiris depart from 
that land. For surely shall the Supreme Council of my Ancient 
Brotherhood continue to meet as in the past, to watch and guide 
the destiny of mankind; though thrones rock and dynasties rise 
and fall. 

Had Egypt accepted the light and guidance offered her in 
days of her glory, her waste places and lonely desolation would 
this day blossom as the rose; but she would not, and, alas, how 
she hath fallen! 

How often in the long ago, in that far off land, hath its 
watchers gathered to study the star-lit dome above, and read the 
destiny of the future upon the scroll of the firmament. Locked 
in the ages that are gone, this knowledge slumbers before the 
outer world, but it never shall be lost, for the remnant of that 
great people dwelling upon that desolate soil and land of soli- 
tude will receive the great light. 

There is one all-pervading radiance, one presence, since 

Fundamental Laws 199 

earth began; watchful, brooding, omnipotent. Upon that lonely 
land falls still the light as in the other days; the light of Osiris 
the glorious. Even upon all the world falls his radiance, visible 
to all who understand and know. Not in burning sun, whose 
rays sere and consume upon a desert plain; or yet a vivifying orb 
falling upon more favored (favored to man of the present, that 
he may turn toward the giver of all good things) lands, calling 
into manifestation living forms of vegetation, is seen the real 
Osiris. The Ancient Brotherhood of Egypt worshipped not the 
visible sun, which they regarded as but a symbol; the modern 
profane would class the Ancient Priesthood of Egypt and their 
sublime Wisdom Doctrine of Isis and Osiris as "heathen wor- 
ship." Nothing can be farther from the truth. The Ancient 
Priesthood worshipped not the visible sun. Those ancient races 
were not benighted heathen any more than they were a part of the 
lower classes who knew not of the higher truths, through their 
own perverseness, even as there are plenty of heathen all about 
us even in these days. It is true that the vulgar and profane 
among those populations not comprehending the higher meanings 
of the doctrine; even as the same classes fail to comprehend in 
these later days ; demanded that some religious f ormology should 
be taught tliem (some formal religion has to be given to the 
masses to correspond to their crude views). All that could be 
safely revealed commensurate with their limited under standing 
(limited through no one's fault but their own), was given by the 
priests, and the ignorant masses largely interpreted the teachings 
as worship of the visible sun and other visible objects. Those 
who were sufficiently enlightened to enter the inner circle ever 
bore high aloft the torch of wisdom and deepest knowledge of 
God and His universe and its mysteries. To those who sought 
the great truth the temple doors were ever open. The earnest 
seeker for the higher truth has never been denied the teaching; 
and every assistance has been his for the asking since man ap- 
peared upon this earth. But in every age and race the real 
knowledge and higher way of life has ever been rejected by the 
majority (precisely as they are rejecting it in these days), who 
have only themselves to blame for the awful consequences of 
their mistake. Witness the destruction, for this very reason, of 
every civilization of the past. Behold how great is the heathen- 
ism of the present day ! The difficulty lies in the willful lack of 

200 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

understanding, in a self-blinded and materialistic race, which 
refuses the well of pure and living water, within, which is ever 
ready to spring up into eternal life and joy. Look out upon 
humanity of to-day and its desolate lives, a desolation more 
complete than Egypt's sands, and for the same reason. Search 
among our men and women, living in voluntary darkness, and 
only for self, where soul grows weaker every day, buried in ma- 
terial clay, perhaps already lost. Of what avail are a few empty 
honors, houses and lands, bank accounts, fine raiment? These 
are well when rightly used. Often do they become a curse to 
those who have devoted a lifetime to their acquisition; while 
perhaps in the very hour of triumph of possession, when the 
laurel-wreath of victory over worldly conquest is placed upon the 
brow of the seeming conqueror, will his hopes turn to ashes over 
some secret remorse, or God say to him, "Thou fool, this night 
shall thy soul be required of thee." For the bigot, the willfully 
ignorant, there has ever been only the outer husks of material- 
ism, just what they can see and demonstrate through mechanical 
means and materialistic chemistry. Intellect alone can never 
grasp the higher light For them only the empty symbol, the 
dead-letter reading of the book of nature as well as of the Holy 
Scriptures, and only the outer and external appearances of things 
must be their interpretation and understanding. To the Great 
Osiris, the Christ himself gave eloquent acknowledgement, and 
the influences of those days and their teaching and achievements 
will never be lost, for lol impressed upon celestial spheres, 
stamped upon every ruin and stone and grain of desert sand is 
the indelible record of the past; truly the soil of Egypt is sacred, 
and from the long silence of her tombs the voice of infinite wis- 
dom and omnipotent knowledgement is speaking for those who 
can hear. Materialistic science herself has reached the border 
line of the material, and is striving through the analysis of crude 
matter to pierce the veil beyond to find out what is beyond and 
back of matter. But the infinite can never be discovered by fin- 
ite methods. She must either accept the facts pertaining to the 
universe, known and taught by the Mystics ages ago, or fail and 
continue to remain within the night of materialism. 

Of our own race and time, what shall the record be? If 
humanity continues to refuse the freely offered light and Divine 
call, then will the race surely plunge again into an awful night 

Fundamental Laws 201 

of destruction and darkness, and from the few survivors the fu- 
ture race must slowly and painfully emerge and rise again. 
Every civilization of the past has repeated the same history. 
Each grew into power and greatness, and as it reached the zenith 
the opportunity was offered to turn from worldly sins and pleas- 
ure to the truth and light. All have failed. Will our present 
civilization fail? At present there is every sign that man is 
turning his eyes toward the true light. The world is i&Ued in 
these days with "cults" who are striving to climb upward; and 
the long lost brothers — ^to the world — of ancient orders are pre- 
paring to draw nearer to the children of men. Let us pray that 
all may be well. 

Brother, would you learn the path to immortality? Or will 
you cling to the world of change and illusions, of empty forms 
and dead-letter appearances of yourself and your surroundings — 
taking things and people for what they seem to be, including 
yourself, — or will you drink of the pure spring of water so 
graphically described by the Great Master — Christ? Who is 
there among you to enter the Great Stairway — F. O. S. O. — each 
step leading (progressive lessons from the Brotherhood) to lofty 
and sublime realms of spiritual wisdom, understanding and 
knowledge, to the understanding of the universe and of your real 
selves, to your realization of the Great Osiris? 


The name Fraternity Sons of Osiris is synonymous with 
the Ancient Order of Osiris and a direct lineal descendant of the 
Ancient Priesthood of Egypt, which was known as the Fraternity 
of Pun-t. With all this, we have ever been the same no matter 
what the name may have been under which we labored or wor- 

It is not an order of idle construction, but has ever been a 
leading hand in progress. Not bom of superstition, but of wis- 
dom. True, we do imderstand and master forces that to the un- 
educated appear as superstitious, yet, all is in accordance with 
natural laws. 

We acknowledge that our archives hold the history of ages 
and nations, supposed to be lost to the world, and that the an- 
cient wisdom is equally understood and practiced for the same 
initiation. That is, the same secrets that were given the initiate 

202 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

then into the greater mysteries are given the initiate of those de- 
grees at this day. 

In the past the object of the Sons of Osiris was to educate 
those who qualified to be received into the mysteries of nature, 
man's relation thereto, his mission upon this earth, his past in- 
carnations and whither he goes at this departure. Thus know- 
ing himself, his past, his future, he was no longer "a wanderer" 
upon the deserts of life, knowing not where he goeth or from 
whence he came, but became a useful factor in the great plan. 

In the first part, at present as in the past, by practicing 
benevolence and charity and doing good deeds amongst one an- 
other, we prepare ourselves for grander and nobler work in the 
great arena of life. In the past the Fraternity was the one great 
source from which flowed streams of sweetest waters to quench 
the thirst of nations. And however great the amount of pollu- 
tion, unthinking and evil persons have thrown into its crystal 
waters along its winding course, yet, the fountain has remained 
as pure as when the Egypt shepherd kings drank its waters and 
were blest. As it was in its past so is its future, for the Masters 
of the Fraternity have lived in harmony with the immutable law 
of heaven, and by so doing the wisdom has advanced apace with 
the world. Thus it was that its members have been the silent 
ones who have led the world when all seemed lost, for although 
silent and unnoticed, we have met to watch the heavens and pre- 
pare for coming events, centuries before the world knew of these 
occurences and to-day we meet as of old to prepare for another 
great change that will take place upon our earth. 

In the battles of the past, both visible and invisible, it has 
met the destroyer on the field and wielded the sword of right with 
a power triumphant. As a tender parent she teaches us our daily 
duties to one another, she admonishes us when we stray from the 
beaten paths of truth and right, and like a fond parent in sadness 
or misery, folds us to her breast and breathing upon us her 
powerful magnetism, heals us. When stem adversity, like an 
arrow sprung from the bow of an evil one injures us, she soothes 
and comforts us. Throughout life, from the day we first kissed 
her fair lips she has been a faithful guradian and friend. When 
at last we lay down this material covering to enter into a more 
beautiful and clearer abode, we have her silent hand to lead us 
through those to us unknown worlds. We sigh not for the end, 

Fundamental Laws 203 

for she has taught us the mysteries of life and death. Neither 
do we fear at our departure for she has driven fear from our 
breast and implanted hope and love. 

Bom of the Gods eternal in the heavens when Eg}^pt was in 
its glory, free from the cares of matter, she ever points to higher 

The present Order, now working under the name of Fra- 
ternity Sons of Osiris, while conveying the mysteries to the can- 
didate in the manner and language of the day has not departed 
from the ancient aim of the Fraternity. 

All sons of Osiris are practical persons who believe in 
progression and who uphold law and order in whatever land they 
live. They constitute what was once the most profound secret 
society known, and what is destined to become, in a few years, the 
same power for good that their number and strength was here- 
tofore. Every inducement is held out to those who desire to 
unite v/ith us that is consistent with our laws and usages. Every 
Son of Osiris is the sworn brother of every other brother tlirough- 
out the world. Those who once partake of the rites of love in 
full sincerity are ever held as brothers. They may, in opposition 
to right and justice, cause us to debar them from our meetings, 
but they are still brothers. 

In acts of benevolence and charity our hospitality is always 
extended to the deserving so far as within our power. Thus we 
have mitigated sorrow, helped the deserving to better and nobler 
lives, building the fires of emulation in each human breast, en- 
couraging manly efforts, strengthening the weak and cultivating 
self-respect. The doors of our Temple are ever open to the hon- 
est, upright citizen, nor can any man or woman otherwise un- 
qualified enter our temple because of wealth, fame, religion or 
politics, nor is any person debarred because of poverty. All who 
come with purity of mind, walling to obey the ancient customs 
and usages are bidden welcome into our ranks. 

The training is such that it meets the demands of each and 
every student. Each one is started in a given way at the very 
foundation. The training then commences, and as the student 
solves the problem and reports, so will he receive such additional 
instruction as he requires. This is kept up until he has reached 
the final initiation. 

204 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 


The Supreme Temple in convocation assembled, has re- 
adopted the name "Fraternity Sons of Osiris" as being more in 
harmony with the objects and teachings of the Order. 

The Fraternity will again resume much of the complete 
secrecy as before, especially is this so with regard to the secret 
school of the Order which shall furnish the candidate the inner 
work of personal training. 

The greatness of our Fraternity in the past wholly depended 
upon the greatness of its individual members, upon their powers 
as more than ordinary men and women, not as members of the 
Order, but as individuals. So must it again be in the future, as 
publicity exposes many of our grandest and noblest members to 
unnecessary risks, because of the malice and evil doings of evil 
destined organizations. Thus has decreed the first American 
convocation of the Fraternity. So must it be henceforth . 

As to our origin, no exact history exists as to when the 
Order was founded. Some say by the priests of Heliopolis, oth- 
ers by the Aryan tribes. Again there are in the Fraternity (in 
the Outer Courts) those who daim that the order has come from 
the greatest of Esoteric priests — ^Thoth (Hermes Trismesgistus). 
Again others in the western world claim that it was re-founded 
by none other than Jesus, the Initiate (see the book "The Son of 
Man"). This, however, does not alter the truths, as truth, as 
such, is unalterable. Each prophet or messiah has uttered the 
same truths that we hold dear. Thus none of them can claim 
originality, even though different words were employed to ex- 
press the same truths. We of the Supreme Temple say that the 
Fraternity, like truth, has always been and will always be, 
though its members may add to its ritual or subtract from it, yet 
the truth of its inner work must ever remain the same. 

This Fraternity appeals to those who have outgrown mere 
organizations and realize that their advancement depends upon 
their own efforts now as much as it did when they first learnt 
their alphabets in school, though the Fraternity teaches those 
who make effort to learn, yet each must himself bring out of him- 
self the greater truths. 

This fraternity has no connections whatever with any other 
body, yet frequently joins hands and assists others to accomplish, 
the good they have set put to accomplish, and therefore 

Fundamental Laws 205 

we are not at enmity with any other body that may be 

interested in the welfare of the human family. Those who 

desire the higher thought and vibration, will be attracted to us 

and will remain true to the higher self. Such as belong to the 

mere curiosity seekers will never care for more than the teachings 

of the lower degrees, others again will cling to us as particles of 

iron cling to the magnet. These are the souls that have made 

tlie Fraternity a name to sound with an echo down the corridors 

of time. 



On June 31st the last delegates who had been attending 
the Sixty-eighth (68th) Convocation of the Rose Cross Order 
left for their homes. 

On the 1st of July we began to arrange the material for the 
book "Fundamental Laws," containing practically all of the 
Lectures that had been delivered during the Convocation and 
also giving a great deal of additional matter and information 
concerning both the work during the Convocation and the work 
of the Rose Cross Order. 

As soon as all the material had been arranged, the book 
went to press and was ready for delivery within eight weeks 
from that date. 

This book is exceptionally valuable in that every article in 
it is really fundamental and therefore of great importance to 
every sincere student. It is a book of over 200 pages. On very 
fine book paper (we could not get regular book paper), bound 
in silk cloth, stamped in gold. Price $1.25. Price of this book 
would actually be about $2.50 but for the fact that donations 
were made by the delegates towards the expense of Publication. 


While the book "Fundamental Laws" or "Rose Cross Or- 
der" was in press, we arranged the third edition of the "Son of 
God." This book is too well known to need any description as 
it has been called the most important book of its kind ever is- 
sued. Moreover, the fact that this is the third large edition 
proves this. 

The book is almost the size of the regular $1.25 books, but 
as it is used for propaganda work, the price v/as made at 50 
cents in cloth or 25 cents in paper binding. 

Paper is the same as that of "Fundamental Laws" binding 
also the same in every respect. 

We shall endeavor to keep this book in print even thouj^ 

Fundamental Laws 207 

an edition a month will be necessary in order to do so. 


Less than three weeks after the book "Son of God" had 
gone to press, we found that not a copy of "Way to Life and 
Immortality" was left in stock, but that orders for it were com- 
ing in. We therefore at once put to press the second edition 
of this important book and are now able to supply all with copies 
who desire this book. 

Bound uniform with the other tv/o books. Is in silk cloth 
and stamped in gold. Price $1.25 delivered. 


This we consider a book of extreme importance at the pres- 
ent time for the reason that within the past few years not less 
than five different Orders, calling themselves Rosicrucian, with 
slight variations in title, have sprung up, and all of these claim 
to be regular Rose Cross bodies. 

The true Rose Cross was founded in America 68 years ago 
and has continued to exist ever since the foundation. 

In the present book the Life of Randolph is given and many 
extracts from newspapers all over the world. It is showTi that a 
United States Attorney had made the statement, to be used 
against Randolph, that he, Randolph, was Grand Master of the 
Rose Cross Order of the world in 1861. 

The student who does not desire to be defrauded, who does 
not desire to join a clandestine body, thinking he had joined tlie 
true Order, should get this book at once. 

It is printed on extra book paper, for reasons before stated, 
bound in beautiful silk cloth, stamped in gold. Price $1.00 
while the edition lasts. 


Our record, therefore, is four books within the short period 
of ten weeks. This will prove to all that there is a demand for 

208 Sixty-Eighth Convocation 

literature such as issued by this house. Order now. 


The Mystic holds that Masoniy is the basis of religion; 
rather, that the mysteries of Masonry are also the Mysteries of 
religion; that in Masonry is found the Key to the Mysteries and 
die Key to religion. 

The book is composed of quotations from the highest Ma- 
sonic authorities, and the mystical interpretation has been given. 

The compiler and author has one of the finest Masonic 
libraries in the country, besides having unlimited privil^es of 
consulting books and manuscripts on this subject. 

This book is not an exposure of Masonry, but is, from 
every point of view, friendly to Masonry. It is a frank discus- 
sion, a frank interpretation, of Masonry in its highest and most 
sublime form. 

It is a book for all those who dre interested in the philoso- 
phies, but is especially valuable to the sincere Mason. 

Printed on fine paper, in two colors, bound in beautiful 
cloth and gold. Price, $1.50. 




All books herein listed are part of the teachings formulated and 
given by The Temples of the lUuminati and Illumination 

Published by 

Allentown, Pa 

Soul Scienci^ 


The Mystical Teachings of the Master or 
The Christic Interpretation 

The old edition of the book called, "The Son of Man," 
is sold out; and so great is the demand for it that it has been 
completely re-written and much enlarged, and harmonized with 
the teachings as given by the Temple of Illumination. 

In the Preface is summarized the fundamental principles 
of the Christic Interpretation and the characteristics of the 
Christic Law, as advocated by the Temples of Illumination and 
of the Illuminati. 
Jesus an Essene, 

In this chapter is given an historic sketch of the training 
that Jesus received among the Essenes. The harmony is clearly 
shown that exists between the teachings of the Essenes and 
those of the true Rosicrucian Order; and the connection between 
the old Essenean Order and the Rosicrucian Fraternity as 
founded in America by Dr. P. B. Randolph is clearly shown. 
The Son of God. 

Here the expressions of Jesus, "The Son of Man," and 
"then Son of God," are used as the basis of interpretation. The 
esoteric significance of these terms furnishes the foundation of 
the Essenean Law and its interpretation. 
The Sages. 

In this book are given quotations from the great sages 
representing different nationalities, to show that the Illuminated 
Masters of all ages agree in regard to the essentials of a living 
Religion and Philosophy, and that all those who lived in har- 
mony with the Divine Law reached the same state of Soul 
The Cream of Christic Interpretation. 

In this book is found the cream of the Christic and the 
Rosicrucian teachings. It is a book that should be given to your 
friends, whoever they may be; and it is issued with this especial 
purpose in view. 
The Book Itself. 

The book is printed on laid paper, beautifully bound in silk 

Catalog of Mystical Books 

cloth so as to harmonize with "St. Matthew" and with "St. 
John." It is a $1.25- book; but, as we desire that it shall be 
used as a propaganda book, we offer it for 50 cents. 

A limited number of these books are bound in paper, and 
can be had for 25 cents. 

Some of the friends and the Brothers of the Illuminati 

have ordered as many as 20 copies in cloth, in order to use them 

as gift books. Do not miss obtaining at least one copy; and, if 

possible, order more to present to friends whom you wish well. 

• • • 


Second of the Text-books Issued 3y the Temple of 


Christie Power can be awakened only through obedience 
to the Divine Law. When we obey this Divine Law, then is the 
Christ Child bom within us; and, if we continue in the way, this 
child grows to manhood and enters into power. 

The millions are today looking forward to a world teacher, 
to a new interpretation of the Law; for they instinctively know 
that to understand the law, to live the Law, is to give man power. 

"Christhood^^ gives positive instructions concerning the 
power to be obtained through soul development. It not only 
hints at the powers, but it gives many clear instructions as to how 
to live in order that these powers may be obtained. 

The Christ. 

Showing who and what the Christ is. The Son of God; His 
Work; the Inner Man; how you may become the Son of God. . 
The Divine in Man. 

Showing that all men are Divine if they but awaken the 
Divinity within them. It elucidates the meaning of "Man being 
the Temple of the Living God." 

Giving the laws for the inner development which lead to 
Real Initiation. It also gives many of the laws and rules for 
Soul Development. 

Showing the necessity of forming a clear idea of what you 
wish to be. Also of the necessity of developing this idea. Full 

Soul Science 

mental laws are given. 
Power of Love, 

One of the greatest powers in the universe. It shows how 
all things may be accomplished. 
Christ and Osiris. 

Showing how the principles of the Christ and Osiris were 
the same, and much of ancient initiation is also given. 
Development and Employment. 

Proving that it is not necessary for the student to give up 
honest labor in order to become a Leader or Master. 
2'he Religion Demanded by the People. 

Millions realize that a true religion — a religion of the 
heart and soul — is much needed. Many grope in darkness, 
never finding light. The beauties and practical points of this 
religion are clearly set forth. 
Temple of Illumination. 

Giving a discourse on the Temple of the Illumination of 
the Soul. The religion that millions demand, but have here- 
tofore sought in vain. Leaders are wanted ever}'where. 

True Soul Science. Giving concisely, but fully, instructions 
that are alone worth more than the cost of the book. 

Explaining why prayer is, and is not, effective. It reveals 
this most important mystery. 
The Book Itself. 

The book is printed on laid paper, beautifully bound in 
silk cloth and side stamped in gold. It harmonizes with the first 
text-book, "Soul Science, the Way to Immortality." Price 75 

cents, postpaid. 

• ••••« 


The Coming Christ 

It is universally admitted among scholars that we are on 
the Threshold of a new Dispensation. This means that we are 
expecting a new Law, w-hich shall govern all things. To state 
this more correctly, we are expecting a new interpretation of the 
old Law, an interpretation that is at once practical and mystical. 

Catalog of Mystical Books 

" Centuries ago, when civilization had reached a state some- 
what similar to the present, when the time was ripe for a new 
Law Giver, or a Master who should anew interpret the Law, 
Moses appeared to the civilization of that age. 

Centuries later, when the dispensation brought about by 
Moses was nearing an end, and new expectations arose among 
the people, the Master Jesus appeared and gave a new Interpre- 
tation to the same Laws* interpreted by Moses centuries before. 

The old c)'cle is at an end, a new cycle has begun; and 
there is, among the people, anticipation of a new Age. As, in 
the long past, Moses gave a new interpretation to the people, 
Moses who had been taught and Initiated among the Egyptian 
Priesthood, and, as centuries later, the Master Jesus, also taught 
by that same Priesthood, then called the Essenes, so now, in the 
new Age, who other than the same School of Priesthood should 
give forth the New Interpretation of the Law? 

*^Soul Science, the Way to Immortality is the first of the 
text-books given out by this many-cycle-old school. In this 
book will be found a great many of the Christie Interpretations 
in harmony with the coming Age; for in this book is pointed out 
**the Way, the Truth, and the Life." 
Annunciation, or Conception. 
• • When the Soul succeeds in arousing the Mind and the Will 
to a desire for Truth, for Wisdom, and for greater Love, it is 
planting the seeds, or the Conception. Man cannot, and will 
not, accept of anything until there is something within him 
which tells him that it is truth. Thus, when we turn from an 
old condition to a new one, from an old belief to a new belief, it 
is a condition of Conception that has taken place. 
The Confession. 

Sorrow for old deeds and turning away from them, accept- 
ing new and higher belief in a just Law, and living in harmony 
with the Law — this is repentance. It is a confession; for to give 
up the old, and accept the new, is to confess that the old was in 
the wrong, 
Re-Birth — Baptism by Fire and the Holy Ghost. 

Few know the mystery of the Baptism by Fire. In this 
I book the mvstcrv is made so plain that all can understand it. 
I The Baptism by Fire is the coming into Conscious Sonship with 
I the Father— the Birth of the Christ, 

Soul Science 

The Coming of the Christ. 

The various theories and guesses of the unenlightened are 
completely changed into Light and Understanding, as the full 
truth is unfolded and the mystery concerning the Coming Christ 
is revealed. How will the Christ come? When will he come? 
Where will he come? 
The Judgment. 

The Judgment Day has been portrayed as a day of terrible 
trial. What is the Judgment? When is it? Are all judged 
upon one day afar off, or is there a judgment every day and for 
every one? The Judgment has no terrors for those who know. 
The Judgment is not a day to be thought of with terror^ but is 
something that we can change if we will. 
The Awakened Soul. 

The Soul that has awakened knows its birthright, knows 
good from evil, false from true. There are no more terrors of 
the Threshold when the soul awakens from its sleep and unfolds 
in Light and Wisdom — when Illumination is reached. 
Building of a Soul. 

The myster>' for the millions to know; for to know is to 
become free. There is a right way and a wrong way. The 
architect knows his plans of work, so should the soul builder. 
Every living human being must become a Soul builder in order 
to become Immortal. Many are building upon the sand, without 
knowledge of the rock of truth. 
Works and Faith. 

Where there is true faith, works will be manifested. Faith 
without works is dead. He who has true faith will do the works 
according to his faith. 
Understanding and Love. 

Those who know Love understand all mysteries. Love is 
the Key to Wisdom; and Wisdom unlocks the doors to Under- 

The meaning of At-one-ment. Unless we become at-one 
with the Father, we cannot know the Christ. To know the 
Christ is to become Illuminated. None can reach Immortality 
except through the Atonement. 

The real meaning of Crucifixion. Soul Science and the 

Catalog of Mystical Books 

Christie Interpretation alone can give the true meaning. 
The Passover. 

There are few who know the true meaning of the Passover. 
The Passover is not a feast to be held once a year, but has a 
deeper, a mystical, or occult, meaning. None can become Im- 
mortal, none can become one with the Father, unless they have 
gone through the Passover. 

Illumination is the resurrection of the Christ. The Resur- 
rection always comes after the Passover. 
The Christ. 

If we walk as he walked, we shall become like him. To 
walk as he walked is to obey the same laws that he obeyed and in 
the same way. Mere belief will not give us the Christ; but in 
believing and in doing alone is to be found the Christ. 

John the Baptist taught the Laws of the Mind, or Mental 
Healing; but Soul Science and the Christie Interpretation teach 
the Healing of the Soul. 
The Book Itself. 

The book is printed on laid paper, beautifully bound in 
silk cloth, and side and back stampel in gold. More than 200 
pages. Price $1.50, postpaid. 


St. John Mystically Interpreted 

A test was recently made by the Temple of the Iluminati 
to find out what subjects most interested those whose names 
were on their mailing lists. These subjects included "Soul 
Science and Success;" "Spiritual or Mystic Christianity," and 
the "Christie Interpretation." Out of five thousand names, the 
largest number was interested in Mystical Christianity ; the next 
largest number was interested in the Christie Interpretation. 

The book now offered to you is a complete and exhaustive 
Mystical Interpretation of the Gospel according to St. John, 
so well called the Philosopher of Love. 

Throughout the lessons of the book, the subject of Christ- 

8 Soul Science 

hood is exhaustively dealt with. Do not think that tlie method 
of attaining Christhood is only hinted at; for much more than a 
hint is given concerning the subject. Indeed, it is carefully 
emphasized from many points of view. The teachings of St. 
John are treated in their entirety, and are fully and completely 
explained so that all may live the Illuminated Life and become 
as the Christ. 

Throughout these lessons it is clearly shown that Attaining 
the state of Christhood means that he who so attains has reached 
Mastership, or Initiation. 
Soul Consciousness. 

To reach Christhood is to become Soul Conscious. Those 
who reach Soul Consciousness reach what several well-known 
writers have named "Cosmic Consciousness." 

Illumination is reached when the mind has become awak- 
ened and enlightened, and when through this awakening the 
Mind Forces are used in the building, or creation, of a Soul that 
is "Consciously Conscious. '^ 
The Goal. 

St. John recognized the one great Law — ^that the goal of all 
human endeavor is to become a Conscious Soul, a Cosmic Being, 
and that potential Christhood is nothing less than this. 
The Divine Law.* 

Unless man understands the Divine Law and obeys it, he 
can reach neither Christhood nor Soul Consciousness, and it 
was the labor of St. John to teach men this Law. 

St. John has been called the Philosopher of Love because 
the base of the whole work in the redemption of man, according 
to his teachings, is love. 
The Ancient Wisdom. 

The whole Philosophy is based upon the fundamental 
principles as taught in the Ancient Wisdom by the old Masters. 
Each Law is made plain, and, in many instances, appropriate 
illustrations are used. 
The Crucifixion and the Resurrection. 

The old Theological explanations are no longer believed in 
by mankind, and advanced criticism does not accept them. In 

Catalog of Mystical Books 

this book a clear explanation is given; and, in the light of the 
discoveries of the JEth Priesthood, it is shown, beyond the possi- 
bility of contradiction, that not only could Jesus, having become 
the Christ, arise from tlie tomb but that any man now on earth, 
if he will obey the Divine Law, can do the same. 
The Book Itself, 

The book is printed on laid paper, bound in silk cloth, 
and throughout is in harmony with, and a companion to, "St. 
Matthew." It contains 53 chapters or lessons, and can be 
used as a text-book in schools and colleges where "The Illum- 
inated Faith' is taught. Price $1.25, postpaid. 

• • • 


The Christic Interpretation of St. Matthew 

Who does not know of the unrest among the multitudes of 
today? Who is not aware of the fact that the many have lost 
faith in the established church of the present day ? Who is not 
aware of the clearly apparent fact that millions of people are 
seeking, here and there, for a new religion — a religion or relig- 
ious teaching, that is practical and can be applied in all the 
walks of life ? 

Many think that the Bible is a useless book, that it contra- 
dicts itself, that in it are found teachings which have been 
clearly disproved by science. 

But there is one thing these multitudes do not know. They 
do not kijow that there is nothing at all the matter with "the Old 
Book,'* they do not know that all that is in the book is actual, 
scientific truth. They do not know that the fault lies, not in the 
book, but in the interpretations of the book. 

In the Christic Interpretation, a clear distinction's made 
between those teachings of the book which should be considered 
literally, and those which must be considered symbolically. 

When this is done, we find that the teachings are practical, 
that they can be applied in ordinary life, and that to apply them 
means health, wisdom, peace of mind, and success in life. 

The Interpretation of St. Matthew is the first attempt of 
the Illuminati to give to the seeking world a clear interpretation 
of that Gospel. The interpretations are such as can readily be 
understood bj[ all. These La^vs can be applied in every-dajr 

10 Soul Science 

life; and to apply them is to find peace, it is to find new life, 
a new faith in God and His revealed teachings. 

To obey the Laws as interpreted in this book is to find the 
Christ, to find Conscious Sonship with the Father, and to find a 
religious faith that nothing can shake. 
The Higher Law, 

The Higher Law governs the body, the mind, the spirit, 
and the Soul. A clear distinction is made between these four 
departments of man's being. 

The Illuminati is the only school that makes this distinc- 
tion, and shows the reason for it. 

The wise know that it is not well to undertake any develop- 
ment unless one clearly understands what he is doing. To under- 
take to run an engine, without understanding the mechanism, 
and how to set it in motion, how to stop it, how to feed, and how 
to oil it, would be dangerous. It is just as dangerous to meddle 
with the human machine without an understanding of the Divine 
The Forces. 

The Divine Law controls all the forces in nature. The 
Divine Law and the Natural Law are one; but the Divine Law 
applies to the things of the Soul, while the Natural Laws apply 
to material manifestations. To break one is to break the other. 
True Guidance. 

The book is a guide. It is such a guide as all need who de- 
sire to follow the Path to Life, and Light, and Love, Occult 
and Mystical Laws are clearly interpreted, and the reasons given. 
Going Astray. 

There is no danger of the seeker's going astray if he studies 
these Laws and obeys them. 
The Forces and Their Use. 

All forces are for use; otherwise, a Wise Creator would 
never have brought them into existence. Wisely used, they will 
enable the seeker to make all the resources of his fourfold nature 
available and productive, so that he may create and execute 
plans, make his way through obstacles, and realize his highest 
ideals; in other words, an intelligent application of these forces 
will enable him to become and to accomplish. 
The Book for You. 

Catalog of Mystical Books H 

The book explains, from various points of view, the Divine 
Law underlying all things; and, if you become thoroughly estab- 
lished in its principles, there will be little likelihood of reaction 
from the forces you set into motion by your intense desires. 
The Book Itself, 

The book contains 265 pages; is printed on beautiful laid 
paper, bound in silk cloth; side and back stamped in gold. Is a 
standard text-book to be used in Soul Science schools and col- 
leges and in class work. Is used at the "Beverly School of 

Sacred Science" when in session. Price $1.50, postpaid. 

• • • 


Higher Soul Culture 

The lessons on Soul Culture in this book are a happy com- 
bination of two important features : first, they afford instruction 
concerning the fundamental truths of life expressed in language 
simple yet comprehensive; second, they afford practical sugges- 
tions concerning the application of these truths to the develop- 
ment of one's Soul nature. Thus, they satisfy two needs of the 
honest seeker, instruction and self-training. 

The book is not for the idle curiosity-seeker. It is for the 
one who is eager to find the truth and is willing to submit him- 
self to patient self -training that the truth may be unveiled to his 
own consciousness. 

These are rightly called lessons, in that they teach; they 
are rightly called "lessons in Soul Culture," in that they offer 
and explain simple practical methods by which the Soul Nature 
of man may be developed. It is a text-book, in that it gives a 
definite course of study, and gives general outline of a specific 
course of self-training. 

It is a book for the teacher because it is an excellent guide, 
in that the expressions are clear, yet condensed, leaving room 
for the teacher to follow his own inspiration in expanding and in 
illustrating the principles taught therein. It is a book for the 
student who has no teacher, because the instructions are so clear 
that he need make no mistake. 
Lesson One. 

Teaching that within himself each one must seek for, and 

Soul Science 

find, all power. Telling what to do, and how to do it, in order to 
develop the likeness of the Christ, the true Christisis, within 
Lesson Two, 

The beginning of wisdom and knowledge. Teaching the 
Science-Religion, the wedding of Science with Religion. The 
giving up of mere belief in the acceptation of reality. 
Lesson Three, 

Life is concentratfon. Concentration is accumulation. 
Accumulation is power. The Magnetic Center, its finding, 
development, and power. 
Lesson Four, 

The undeveloped soul within man, like unto a seed. The 
seeds that lie dormant, the seeds that spring up and die, and the 
seeds that spring up and grow. The Divine Spark within. The 
development of the Christisis. Man a creator. The esoteric 
teachings of the Masters. 
Lesson Five, 

The whole external universe is the outpicturing of the 
thoughts retained within the Infinite Soul. God pictures the 
universe in His mind, and it becomes. Likewise, man can pic- 
ture a universe in his own mind and cause it to become manifest. 
Material success and spiritual success. True success is one. 
The religion-science world. 
Lesson Six. 

The Master of Mysticism, Jacob Boehme. "God intro- 
duces His will into nature for the purpose of revealing His 
power in light and majesty to constitute a kingdom of joy." Will, 
the lever that lifts in any desired direction. How to use the 
power. Two aspects of the force. The grand faculty. 
Lesson Seven, 

Mind, not magnetic. Mind is electric. The Soul is the 
Magnetic Center. Mind the dynamo. Mind an electrical gen- 
erator. The laws of of creation. The great secret of personal 
Lesson Eight. 

The physical plane. The earth plane. The Soul plane. 
I^imitation is bondage. Limitation is not rcjality, it is not life. 
Life is universal, it is unlimited. We can draw from the Uni- 
yersal Center as much as we need. We are limited only as we 

Catalog of Mystical Books 13 

limit ourselves. 
Lesson Nine. 

"I and the Father are One." "I am in the world, but not of 
the world." The proof that man may live on the earth plane, 
But not be of that plane. All states are but conditions of mind 
and soul. Man is limited only as he limits himself. The voice 
of conscience is the voice of God speaking within us. 
Lesson Ten. 

The new life. In trying to find the universal life, you try 
to find the Christisis. The Christisis is the Son of God. The 
Christisis is the unity of man with God. The Christisis is the 
wedding of Science with Religion. The becoming One. The 
Soul is the life of man. The body is simply the necessary vehicle 
through which to manifest. 
Lesson Eleven. 

Individual responsibility. No one can escape from the 
law of cause and effect. It is absolute. 
The Book Itself. 

The book consists of an Introduction ana eleven lessons. 

One hundred and ninety-two pages, printed on one side of sheet 

only. Printed on 80-pound beautiful cream Alexander book 

paper, and bound in buffing, with back and, side stamped in gold. 

It is the text-book of the third year's lessons. 

This book may be bought separately. The price is $5,00. 

• • # ' 


Inner Aspect 

In this book, many of the aspects of the Divine Law are 
taught in their application to the life of man. 

The Laws here taught have to do with the Mystical side 
of life, things which concern the Soul, the Life after this; 
or, the Law concerning the present life in its esoteric sense, so 
that, when the present life ends, it will be actually a continuation 
of the present life on another plane of existence. 

These Laws, as here taught, are practical. We know that 
they are practical; for they are, in nearly every case, answers 
to questions received from some perplexed student. These expo- 
sitions of the Divine Law are answers to such questions as were 

14 Soul Science 

received from students in the Temple of Illuminati. We there- 
fore know that they are adapted to seekers* needs. 

These expositions of the Divine Law fonnerly appeared in 
The Initiates, and are demanded in book form, in order that 
the student may have ready access to various phases of the Fun- 
damental Law in its application to life. 


Around the word "Initiation" centers all the work that has 
to do with the student who takes up the higher Life, the life 
that is different from that which is ordinarily led by man. 
Moreover, there is no word in the English language which is 
explained in as many different ways as the word "Initiation." 
In this chapter, a sane, rational, and mystic explanation is given 
of the work of initiation; and to give careful study to the chapter, 
and to heed the instructions contained therein, would be the 
means of saving thousands from unnecessary suffering and from 
traveling the wrong path, a path which leads to disappointment. 
The Cause of Suffering, 

Man suffers. There is no gainsaying that point. But why 
fs it necessary that he should suffer? Is there a good reason for 
it? What is the reason? Does man suffer for anv other acts 
than those connected with the present life? Does he suffer for 
the sake of others? All these questions are fully answered and 
a reason given for it. No sincere student can afford to be ignor- 
ant of the great Law; for it will show him that both God and the 
Law are just, 
Man in the Great Beyond. 

What is the status of man in the Beyond? Is his destiny 
irrevocably sealed at the transition called death? After having 
lived a godless life during his earth existence, is he forever 
debarred from the opportunity to accept the divine standards, 
and to amend his ways in harmony with them? In this cliapter, 
the Kfe of man in the Beyond is made clear in every respect. He 
is taught the Laws and the conditions that make for the future, 
the life 'on the Soul plane. The Laws of growth and develop- 
ment are clearly taught; and he is shown just what is necessary 
in order to advance continually without being retarded by ignor- 
ance and false beliefs. This chapter alone is worth more to the 
sincere seeker than the cost of the book. 

Catalog of Mystical Books 15 

The Origin and the Seat of Evil, 

Is there evil in the world? There are those, so-called 
teachers, who claim that there is no evil. This claim is based 
upon the fact that God made all things and that when he made 
them He made them good. The School of the Christie Interpre- 
tation admits this fact; but it recognizes the greater fact that, 
when God made man, he gave him free-will, the right to use 
things for good or for evil, and that a good thing can be used for 
an evil purpose. The Law is fully *taught in this chapter, the 
reason and the cause for evil given, and clear instructions for 
the overcoming of evil through obedience to the Divine Law. 
The Status of the Soul, 

What is the Soul? Do all souls reach perfection? How 
are we to account for the different stages of development which 
different souls reach? 

This is one of the most important chapters in the book. It 
is clear, sane, and to the point It shows just what the soul is, 
where it is, and what it may be. It answers the question that is 
uppermost in the minds of the multitudes. 
The Law of Freedom. 

What , constitutes freedom? This is the question of the 
ages. All men desire to be free, to do as they think they should 
do; but few really know what freedom means. Very often they 
free themselves from one bondage only to come under a greater 
bondage. The old saying, "Know the truth and the truth shall 
make you free," is full of meaning; but we must know how to 
search for truth, where to find it, and how to apply it. 
The Law of Faithfulness, 

What constitutes faithfulness? To whom should we be 
faithful? All Divine Laws center around one Being, the One 
Being manifested in two. God the Father, or call Him what 
you will, is the One Being; man is but a part of that Being. To 
be faithful to God means to be faithful to the self. Faithfulness 
to these means faithfulness to all else; and to be faithful in truth, 
is to be a success upon all three planes of being. Faithfulness 
to the object underlies all real things in life, no matter upon what 
plane man may be. Before he can attain full satisfaction, man 
must understand the Law of Faithfulness. 
Protection Through the Divine Law, 

Can the mind of man be free from the adverse influences of 

16 Soul Science 

other minds? Is it possible for man so to live, so to think, that 
he need not be affected adversely by the perverted wills of other 
human beings? These questions are agitating the minds of 
many, especially those who are becoming awakened to higher 
ideals of living and thinking, and are seriously perplexed over 
the possibility of becoming victims of unprincipled wills. In 
this chapter, the Laws are fully taught, and, if obeyed, there 
need be no fear whatever. Frankly stated, this chapter is alone 
worth more to the student of the Mystic and Occult than the cost 
of the set of books ; for it means freedom from fear concerning all 
evil influences of whatever nature. 
What of God, the Father? 

In this age when unbelief seems to be rife, when men 
seemingly believe in nothing, not even in themselves, it is high 
time that consideration be given to that which our forefathers, 
in faith and love, called God. Men now, are beginning to pre- 
tend that there is no God, no beneficent force in nature. Sudi is 
not the case, and the Christie Interpretation believes that, when 
men are taught the truth concerning the Father, they will again 
believe, and, through their faith, manifest the goodness of the 
Father. False interpretations of mystic truth has been the 
cause of the present unbelief. A mystic and sane interpretation 
will bring men to have faith, and, through their faith, to mani- 
fest goodness, truth, and power. 
Prayer and the Unity of Souls. 

Is there power in prayer ? Can Souls be united in a prayer, 
or a Sacred Mantram, and does such unity give power, or bring 
an answer from the source of power ? These questions are fully 
answered. Moreover, this chapter, clearly shows the true meth- 
od of prayer, which is, in fact, concentration. It shows why such 
concentration should be had, and why Sacred Mantrams do 
possess power. 
The Unborn and the Divine Law. 

There is no greater need than that of teaching prospective 
mothers the laws that concern motherhood, the law that makes it 
possible for them to have healthy, bright, and desirable children. 
There is a Divine Law which has to do with this ; for this is the 
most sacred duty of mankind. The instructions given are clear 
and to the point. It is possible for every woman to obey them, 
and therefore possible for every woman to have children that are 

Catalog of Mystical Books 17 

desirable and an honor. 
The Book Itself. 

The book is printed en beautiful laid paper, bound in silk 
cloth, and in perfect harmony with the books, "St. John," "St. 
Matthew," and others of the Christie Interpretation The price 

is $1.25, postpaid. 

# # • 


Outer Aspect 

This book is a companion to the book, "Divine Law, Inner 
Aspect;" but it deals more with the Laws that have to do with 
success in life than with those Laws which concern only the 
Mystical, or the Inner, Life of man. 

However, it must not be understood that these same laws 
have not also to do with the Inner Life; for to break any Law 
that concerns the Physical being, or the material life, is also to 
break the Law that concerns the Soul ; but these Laws have more 
especially to do with the things of the physical plane. 

The Leaders. 

Men have said that in this age it is almost impossible for a 
man to succeed. The fact is, never in the history of the world 
was there such a demand for real, capable men and women. But 
they must be capable in the real sense of the word, they must be 
fully rounded out, proficient in the things they would undertake; 
and, above all, they must be loyal to that which they undertake, 
in other words, put their whole heart, mind, and soul into the 
work, and not attempt to dabble in this, that, and every other 
thing. The Illuminati, with its Christie Interpretation, needs 
leaders, true men and women; and there is power, contentment, 
and advancement for such. 
The Confessional. 

Can the confession, or rather, can any confessional have 
part in the work of the Illuminati ? To answer this question, we 
need but ask another: Is it necessary for men and women in the 
present age to confide in anyone? Is it necessary for them, at 
times, to relieve the mind of pent-up feelings? We do not 
endorse the old idea of the confessional; but we believe that 

Ig Soul Science 

human nature is much the same today as in the fore time, and 
that men and women need those in whom they can confide, and 
from whom they can receive instructions and words of encourage- 
A Promise, a Pledge, or an Oath. 

What of the promise, the pledge, or the oath, made by man? 
Is it to be upheld? Has it any place in the life of the modem 
man? These have been perplexing questions of many students; 
and the Christie Interpretation answers them clearly and fully 
and according to the Divine Law. 
Destructive Effect of Negative Yogaism, 

To the Western Mind, the terms, Adeptship, Mastership, 
Yogaism, Psychism, Yogi, Master, Adept, and Psychic, are apt 
to present vague and confused ideas. Moreover, in the present 
day, when destructive Occultism is being so widely taught, it is 
time to sound a warning so that the beginner may be protected 
from spurious occultism, from those teachings which would make 
him a mere machine, to be used by other beings, embodied and 
disembodied. The chapter is clear to the point, and spares no 
one, though absolutely impartial and just in its conclusions. 
Why is Man a Failure? 

What is it to be a failure? Why is man a failure? What 
constitutes a failure ? When we know what it is to be a failure, 
the reason for it and what constitutes a failure, then are we also 
prepared to find the remedy and to apply it. When we teach 
man the reason of his failure in every walk of life, then we can 
also teach him how to succeed, and this is one of the greatest 
works of the true teacher. This chapter on the cause of failure 
should be read, studied, and its suggestions applied by every 
man and woman in the world. The Laws applied will lead 
from failure to success. 
The Law of Vibration. 

Ever}' one interested in the Occult and Mystic desires to 
advance in the science and the art of Soul Culture. Soul Cul- 
ture is based upon absolute law, just as the building of a house 
is based upon absolute laws, laws which are known to the 
architect. Unless the student fully understands the Laws of 
Vibration, he cannot make much progress; and, the sooner he 
understands that every thought, every desire, creates vibrations 
which help him either to build up or to tear down, the better • . 

Catalog of Mystical Books 19 

Magnetic, or Drawing, Power of the Mind. 

In nature, magnetism is active force, or energy. It is a 
drawing, or attractive, power. It is a force that draws things to 
itself. It may attract life, or life-giving forces; or it may attract 
to itself that which produces death and failufe. No one can be 
truly successful unless he possesses the power called "magne- 
tism;" and the more abundantly he posses it, the more successful 
he will be. 
Highest Magnetic, or Mth Power, 

Within every living thing, there is a power, a force, called 
magnetism. This power, this force, this energy, may be in 
different states of manifestation: it may be latent, it may be 
inert, it may be in an active state; or it may be reversed — that is, 
the power may be negative and of no use to its possessor; or it 
may even be misdirected and thus be a positive detriment to the 
possessor so long as it continues to be reversed. Without positive 
magnetism, man is a failure, no matter what his status on the 
earth plane may be. Learn the Law and be free. 
thought and theMth Forces. 

In the forces produced by thought lies the secret of all power 
that man can ever obtain. By thought, we concentrate upon a 
given object; and, through concentration, we accumulate the 
power to obtain the thing desired. Herein is found the power 
that brings us either failtfre or success; and it is a lesson that 
all must learn in order to succeed. 

The common error concerning miracles is to regard them 
as effects without causes, sudden vagaries of the Divine Mind. 
Effects without cause contradict nature and all natural laws. 
A single miracle of this class would destroy the universal har- 
mony, and reduce the universe to chaos. It is customary among 
both the educated and the common classes to designate as 
miracles those things which the mind cannot comprehend. The 
chapter clearly explains the parable of the Master Jesus concern- 
ing the loaves of bread and the parable concerning walking 
upon the waters. 
The Book Itself. 

The book is printed on beautiful laid paper, bound in silk 
cloth, and in perfect harmony with the books of "St. John," "St. 


Soul Science 

Matthew/' and others of the Christie Interpretation. The price 
is $1.25, postpaid. 


All the articles as they appear in these two books appeared 
in '"The Initiates." We have about 100 copies of the **The 
Initiates" beautifully bound in silk cloth. While they last, copies 
may be had for $3*^. /\$^Cy 

By ordering a copy, you will have all that would appear in 
the two volumes besides some valuable additional matter. Order 
at once. 


The Exalted Life 

As the title indicates, this book deals with the Science and 
Art of LIVING — ^living the Highest Ideal possible to man. It 
pertains to the culture and normal development of man's entire 
beipg — body, mind and soul. 

The book recommends itself to the true seeker particularly 
on this ground ; it is the result of years of practical experience in 
teaching the Higher Life to students. Consequently it is not an 
untried theor>' nor something far removed from human need. 
It is largely composed of material that has already been used in 
personal letters to students in answer to their question regarding 
individual difficulties. It has satisfied the needs of others, w-hy 
not vours? 

The book recommends itself to the earnest seeker again, in 
the most helpful manner, in that it sounds a clear warning 
against certain erroneous teachings that may have come to the 
student and makes clear WHY they are erroneous. These sug- 
gestions and warnings alone are worth the price of the book to 
one who has wandered through many phases of modern teaching 
concerning the Science of Life; for fundamental principles are 
made so clear in this book that one can readily see wherein the 
error lies in other systems of Self- Culture. As one studies 
carefully The Exalted Life, something within says, "These 
principles and deductions are correct." 

The book presents the philosophy and general principles 

Catalog of Mystical Books 21 

underlying Self-Cultuie, including Health Culture, Soul Cul- 
ture, the natural method of Rejuvination of the body and conse- 
quent Regeneration of the whole being, leading to conscious 
Immortality of the Soul. 

The chapter on ''The Metaphysics of Regeneration and 
Immortality" deals with such unique topics as these (among 
others not to be mentioned here for want of space) : Interpre- 
tation of the *'Fall of Man;'' Distinction between soul and 
spirit; First and Second *Tall of Man;'' First and Second 
Resurrection of Man;" Correct use of the Sex Function in the 
process of Regeneration; Interpretation of the Tree of Life and 
the Tree of Death, the Flaming Sword, the Lifting up of the 
Serpent in the Wilderness ;> Women's exalted place in the work 
of the Regeneration of the race; Finding the Ineffable Light 
Within; The Bread and Water of Life; Physical and Spiritual 
Effects of the true exaltation of the sex forces; Correct Use is 
the Law in all things; Why a teacher is necessary in Soul 
Development ; Soul growth must be gradual. 

The chapter on "The Science of Youth and Regeneration" 
or "The Regenerate Life" is full of inspiration. It deals with 
the Laws that govern health, strength and beauty, under such 
topics as these: Consciously cultivating a youthful mind and 
body; Constant renewal of physical cells; Transmutation of red 
corpuscles into white; Sex power is Soul power; Proper use of 
generative forces in promoting, youth fulness and long life; The 
Elixir of Youth may be a reality; The Gospel of Life; Thought 
attitude concerning age and death; Destructive effects of fear; 
Repjeneration belonsjs to l)odv as well as soul. 

The closing chaj)ter of the book deals with Hygienic Laws 
under such topics as, The Natural Food of !Man; Bath for 
cleanliness and Bath for absorbing magnetism and for Soul- 
development; Correct Breathing; Value of Sun Bath. 

This book will be warmlv received bv the advanced student: 
for it presents in a new light truths already known to him 
together with many new aspects of truth. To the beginner it is 
indispensable; for it v.ill give him a correct start in regard to 
matters of fundamental importance, l^his book is worth while. 

Descriptiox. The book has 180 pages. Printed on good 
book paper and bound in cloth with gold stamp on side and back. 
A limited de Luxe edition was issued. This edition is in beauti- 

22 Soul Science 

ful Berkshire book paper and bound in «ilk cloth. The price 
of this to all is $10.00. 

This is a strictly private book and obligation of silence is 
required from all who desire it. 


No book ever issued by this house has sold so well, and 
given such universal satisfaction, as "The Way to Life and* 

This has well been called the most important book of the 
Age. Those who are no longer satisfied with the present-day 
presentation of religion, science, and philosophy, and who believe 
that there is something greater, deeper, and more sublime in life 
.than generally recognized, will find this just the book to en- 
lighten them regarding that something Higher, something 
Deeper, and something more Sublime. • 

The teachings of the book are in entire harmony with the 
article on "The Divine Spark." In fact, this is the most impor- 
tant text-book of the Illuminati. 

The book contains more than 200 pages, printed on fine 
paper, and beautifully bound in cloth. Price, $1.25. 


To those who want to get away from the poor, "worm-of- 
the-dust" idea, inculcated by many of the^ churches, no book 
ever issued is as important as this. This book teaches man so to 
live that he becomes not only a man, but even more than man; 
so to live that he will reach toward Godhood, toward all that is 
desirable, all that is worth while. 

It condemns the theory that man is a worm of the dust, and 
holds that man is not a weakling, but that he has within himself 
the germ of all strength; that he is not a slave, but a master; 
not a child of the devil, but a son of the Godhead. 

It is a book for the present age. It teaches a. sane, a virile, 
a powerful philosophy, and shows the way — to Godhood. 

It is a companion work to "The Way to Life and Immor- 

Catalog of Mystical Books 23 

tality;" and no sincere student should fail to obtain a copy of 

Printed and bound in harmony with the other book. Price, 

Those desiring further information concerning one or both 
of these books before ordering, should write for circulars. 


It is now becoming an admitted fact, by those who have 
given any thought to the secret philosophies, that the Rosicrucian 
Fraternity has been the Mother-Father of all that is truly 

The Fraternity is **as old as the hills," and has never ceased 
to inculcate a sublime doctrine, though often its work has been 
secret and silent for centuries at a time. 

Now that a new awakening has come, this book, giving 
much of the fundamental teachings of the Fraternity, is both 
timely and valuable. 

Book is printed on fine paper, beautifully bound, contains 
212 pages, 6 by 9 inches. For a limited time, the $3.00 edition 
is being sold for $1.50. 


It has been well said, that the Fire Philosophy is the basis 
of all religion, and of all religious mysteries. It is the underly- 
ing principle on which all secret Occult Brotherhoods are 
founded. This philosophy was the foundation of all ancient 
religious systems, and it is actually the life of every known 
religion at the present day. 

No one who is interested in any of the mysteries, in any of 
the Fraternities that teach a part of the mysteries, can afford 
to miss reading this book. 

In this work are given glimpses of nearly every mystic 
Order, of both ancient and mediaeval times, tracing the teachings 
from their first conception on the lost Atlantis, up to the present 
time. Some of the subjects touched upon are the Ancient Mys- 
teries, Secret Doctrines, Regeneration, the Finding of the Christ, 
the Templars and the Essenes, and Higher Initiation 

Printed on fine paper, beautifully bound, 265 pages. Price, 

24 Soul Science 


More than one-half of the Masonic scholars hold that the 
Masonic Ritual is nothing more nor less than a re\vritten ritual 
of the Ancient Egyptian Order. Be this as it may, it is true 
that the mysteries of Osiris were among the most sublime that 
have ever been taught by, or through, the Ritual of any Order 

This is a private work, and can be had only through an 
obligation of silence concerning its teachings. It should be in 
the librar}- of ever}' sincere seeker after truth, and in the library 
of ever}'' Mason. 

The Great Lost Secret which was reflected in the Ancient 
Initiation was tlie knowledge of God and His relation to nature 
and to man, and the knowledge of man and his relation to God 
and nature. The ancient Magi, Initiates, had an occult but 
absolutely science, wherein self-knowledge^ God-knowledge, and 
nature-knowledge were com])ined in an exact and mathematical 
system. Of the teachings of the ^lagi, the Hermetic and profane 
sciences which have survived, were mere fragments, and were 
in turn used as a vocabularv, more as a means to conceal than to 
reveal. It makes no difference whether w^e call these sciences 
Astrology, Alchemy, Magic, Mythology, Natural Sciences, Phil- 
osophy, or Metaphysics. The book, **The Mysteries of Osiris, or 
Egyptian Initiation," is not an exposure, but a true Key to 
unlock the Great Mystery. 

In language as plain as it is possible to write of mystic 
subjects, free from jargon, the author has given us in this book 
a true history and explanation of the Great Initiation. 

We cannot too strongly recommend a careful study of this 
valuable work. 

Students of the inner know^ledge will no doubt avail them- 
selves of this opportunity, especially since the edition is limited. 

The book is on cream queen laid paper, printed in blue ink, 
and bound in leather, gold stamp side and back, 260 pages, size 
6 by 9 inches. Price, $5.00. 

Write for special arrangements necessar}- to secure the work. 

Address all orders to 

The Philosophical Publishing Co 
AUentown, Pa. 


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ifen*- 'mW 6<rt^.: 7f