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voj;l\me VI, 

],()NDn.\ : 

GEoitcK ]u:ll Axn soxs, 


X ?i'l&38 

P 11 E F A C E . 

lu Lnngiug to a close the. Sixth Volume of the ' Cieiieahigist ' 
it is once more iny pleawaut duty to temlcr my thanl^s to 
my contributors and suUscrihi'rs for their continued assistanee 
and support. 

The Visitations of Lincolnshire and Berkshire, and the 
Calendar of Lambeth Wills, all now completed, will 1 trust 
prove of iiei-manent use lo the genealogical emiuiiers. The 
series of JLarriage l^ieences from tlie Diocesan llegistry at 
Worcester connnenced in this volume is, with the exception 
of I'avei-'s collection now in conrse of publication hj the 
Yorkshire Archieological Associati(m, ] believe, the iirst attempt 
to illustrate one of tlio most valuable sources of genealogical 
information, and will serve to ih'aw attention to the use of 
this particular class of Records. By devoting the greater 
IHirtioii of the Genealogist to the production of such matti'r 
ns may be of us,. to 'working' genealogists, J hopr to juei-it 
the continn.'d ;ipp,vcialion of those who havr enabled me to 
complete six Nolumi's of a magazine devoted to the interests 
of a very limited ciicle of readers. 




8ir Ak-xan.kT Balliol o! Cavris. Dy John A. C. ViNt ent 1 

Family of Kekeu icU. By W. F. Caktku 8 

The Descendants of Alice I. i.-le. By Hknuy Maiiilliku 12 

Note on the De Braosc, &c. I'f.ligree. By Sir Wn i.iam It. Dhakk, K.S.A lU 

Cradock of Lougliboroupl.. By W. 0. Di (kk Fletciikii, M.A lii 

Calendar of Lamlieth Wills -^iS, 127, 217 

Giants nf Arms to 1{, Orfoi d-H,,lto, Sir S.dii^liUry DaveD].urt, and Thomas 

Norelifle . . . 33 

Family of Tivells 3C 

Pedigree of Julian. By llKMiT Waunek, F.S.A f-l 

Canterbury Wil'^ 48 

Extracts from the Kegister.-^ of White W.iltham. By F. A. Bi^iydhs 49 

Byper of L:uuice,-ton. I'.y Edwahi) Ki-<.;, B.A , K.S.A. Soot f.7, 123 

Visitation of lierkdiire, IC^ 4-G. Edited l.y Wai,T];ii C., F.S.A 65 

The Origin of the Foley Family. I'.y H. Svo- kv (!ii*ZKHHOOK 117 

I'-digrce ..f Castelion. I'.y J . I'. ICvinvAKKii ,. 13G 

rrime of Iluntingdou. I'.y H K-.uv Mauii Mir. 13S 

Vi.siiation of Eincolu.hire U.'.rJ. I'.diled l>y C. MnvAl.FE, F.S..\. 14u, 2.-,(i 
llruccs of Cultmaluudie, Ac. Bv .Majuk W. Biu'eR Akmst[ 102, 20J 


Pedigree of Boissier. By Hknby Wauneh, F.S.A 168 

M.-iri-iage Licences in tlie 1 Hocesmi Itegi-try at \V..ivostei\ \'y T. P. Wadlkv, 

M.A 177,217,310 

Joseph hciiiuel Chester, D.C.L. By Gki)i:ge W, Makshali IS'J* 

Tho Kumnray Match of EU/.al.eth Courtenay, By John A. C Vincknt . 193 

Mr. Joseph Foster on the Uetnrn of :\reinber.s of Parliament 2'JO 

Pedigree of William Smith, Kongo Dragon rur.-tiivai.t. By J. Pail Pslaniis.F.S.A. --'ll! 

Feet of Fines. By Walter Kve 5i2!t 

Do Braose Family. By Ui dl.ey G. Carv Klwks, F.S.A 23G 

Mr. Joseph Foster and the Lyon Omce. P,y fifOli.iE BniNlcri, Lyon King of 

Arms 2di 

Pedigree of Orovis of Moseloy Hall. By FvKK.vr.i. Gueen, F..S.A 3uJ 

Notice of the Case of Hmiter 310 

Errata 329 

Notices of Books : — 

Biijliotheca Coinubien-is. 15y G. C. Boase, and U'. P. Coikt.ney CI 

History of the Wrays .,f Glcntworth. By Charles Dalton (,i 

William Penn'., tlriu'iii,ilPi.,pu,-,il Iw, fouii^hng Philidelphia C,,; 

The Genealogy of the Fauiiiy of Il.iMcw.iod. By Kev. F. Haslewodd ... 63 

The Bibliographer Ci 

I'reliminaries to a Hi.-tnry of i he Cowley Family f,4 

The Earldom of Mar in Sunshine ;iiid in Shade. By Ale.wnoeii, Haul ok 

CiLUVEOliU and iLiLCA. i;e.. 184 

Gene.dogical Meinoii,- ,,t the lieliliu I'.onily. I'.y JouN K. Kciil.IN, M.A. 188 

A Memnrial UlMnry of "lie ( 'ain| J.el]..^ ..f Mell,,rt. By M. A. OA.irinLt 1 S'l 

Pede.5 I'inium. I'.y Walie: Ku IPO 

Bfcords ..f St. MK-ha^lV P.n;.~l. Chiinl,, P.i-liop's St,.itfnrd. By J. L. 

Gi.As.sturK ]iiO 

Genealogy of the Yonn-inan I'amih. Ilv ll.w ui Vol .\( I'll 


Deeds relating to Cluuities .jf WaiidsworUi, By Waij-er Rye 191 

Reminisceuces of Jaiiies C. Ager. Tliii-d ]::dition. By Chari.ks Cowley . . I'll 

The Book of the Varian Family. By Sam. Bmggs 192 

Memoir of the JIoHiicux Family. By Gjsbohxi; Molineux 203 

Famou.s Pivovces of All Age.s. By Charles Cot.'ley 254 

The History of the County Palatine, and City of Chester. By George 

Orjierou. Sc'Cund Edition. By Tuo.mas Helsry 322 

A Deseription of the Monument and Effigies iu Porlock Church. By Maria 

^ Halliday 324 

Record.s of the English Province of the Society of .Jcsns. By Henry Foley. 325 

Chronogrami5, 5000 and more in numlier. By James Hilton, F.S.A 32G 

A Genealogical Account of the Mayo and Elton Fainilie«. By C. H. Mayo, 

M.A : 328 

"lex 330 

Clje #ei!ealcsgi0t» 


A paper in the last Volume (xiii) of Arcluvologia Cuntiana, 
written by the Rov. W. A. Scott Robertson, describes (among 
other things) the remarlcablc effigy of Isabel tie Cliilham, 
Countess of Atliole (who died in 1202), now remaining in the 
crypt of Canterbury Cathedral. This lady, first married to David, 
Earl of Atliole, had for her second husband Alexander du Balliol, 
of Cavers in Roxburghshire, whom Mr. Robertson, following the 
beaten track of error, sots down as brother of the Scottish King 
in the following passages : — 

"This crown had been packed among the luggage of John 
Baliol, claimant of the Scottish throne, ■\sdiosc sister-in-law, 
Isabel, Countess of Athol, had been buried in tliis cryjit, not far 
from Bcckct's Tomb, seven years before, in 1202. Alexander 
Baliol, her second husband, -was, in her right, lord of Chilliam 
Castle." (p. 512.) 

" Isabel de Chilham, who was twice married ; first to David, 
Earl of Athol, and secondly to Alexander Baliol, brotlier of the 
Scottish king." (p. 52:3.) 

It is true that Mr. Robertson is supported hj Mr. J. R. Scott 
who, in Memorials of Scott of Scois-hnU, supplies yet one more 
brotlicr to John Balliol, a " William Baliol le Scot," called 
"youngest surviving brother of the King and of Alexander Baliol, 
Lord of Chilham Castle, Kent." This personage, though a clerk 
in holy orders, is appropriated as the founder of the Scott family 
in Kent ; and ]\Ir. Scott ingeniously evades any difficulty on this 
score by i-emarking that lie was " clerk " to his brother Alexander. 
Granting the kinship of those two,' there is not one jiarticle of 
proof tliat either was the brother of John Balliol, King of Scotland. 

I turn with reluctance from the temptation of showing that the 

' Tli.U tl.oy wei-o brothci-H is by a voeonl (Oh.-ii>toi-]Ioii30, Soi.tcli .locumeiit-i, 
Hox 100, No. 187), in SL^;v^llso.■.l'.^ DociimaiLi !c^. i, -235. U.iboH llavniii (Heron), 
rector of ihi clinroli of Kor.U-, an I a-ljuuct to tlio chunbjilain of Suotlan.l, ucknuw- 
K'bro.i Hint ho )ia.s roceivcJ on Kri.liy, 21 Marcli, 1231-2, 'Mo auiaino AWk- .lo 
lHll[ioIo] Canici-ai-io acociu i.ei- in uuu aoinini Will'i do i!ai[iol^.] fralri.i oui, c'.orici, in 
I'arto Bolnciouid vailioruiu inuoiuin," Vit Us 8d. 

VOL. VI. 1) 


basis of this Scott pedigree is utterly delusive. It rests, and rests 
only, on hazy tradition, on loose conjectures and random assertions 
by Philipott,^ adopted with easy credulity by Hasted in his 
History of Kent,' and then quoted by the family historian as 
" authority," without a trace of anytliing bearing the humblest 
likeness to evidence. 

In order to fix tlio ideirtity of the eminent person, whose name 
heads this paper, it is necessary to consider — 

1. Who were the brothers of John Balliol ; 

2. Was Alexander, of Cavers, one of them. 

In appealing to Ed^\'ard, as Lord Paramount, the several com- 
petitors for the Scottish crown were compelled to set forth their 
pedigrees. There are extant six copies of the Notarial Record, 
which details the proceedings leading up to the judgment given. 
Two of these I have searched for that part of Ealliol's petition 
which states how the right descemled to liim from his mother. 
With the exception of a slight difference in spelling her name, 
and the use of capital letters, the two are identical. That which 
I now proceed to quote is from Tower Miscellaneous Rolls, 
No. 75, m. IS :—' 

" De Dervorgulda descendit ius ct dcbuit descendere Hugoni ut 
filio ct heredi. Hugo obiit sine herede do corpore suo, et descendit 
ius et debuit descendere Alano ut fratri ct heredi. Alanus obiit 
sine herede de corpore suo, de quo descendit ius et descendere 
dcbuit Alex'o ut fratri et herede. Alexander obiit sine herede do 
corpore suo, vnde de ipso descendit ius et descendere debuit Joh'i 
de Balliolo ut fratri et heredi qui modo petit Jus suum ut ille qui 
exiit de sorore primogenita de regno impartibili. Et supplicat " ic. 

John de Balliol, dic(l=j=Dervorgoyl, died 28 
before 27 Out. 12C8 I Jaiiy. 1289-90 (Inq. 
(Iiiq.r.3H.III,u»43). IS Edw. I, n» 28). 

1. Ill 


,gli, died ..p. 

1 1 1 
2. Aim, died 3.)i. 3. Alexander, heir to 4. John, bro. & heir 


6G1I. Ill, nO 

(dead at dale of hh bro. Hugh, died of Alexander ; aged 


,nd before 10 

Inq. on ]lu;;li, e.p. before 13 Nov. 40on 29 Sept. 12S0 ; 

Apl. : 

1271 (Fine 11. 

!.<•. 7 March, (i Edw. 1(1278). became King of Scot- 

.05 H. 

, III, in. 11). 

1271-2). land in 1292. 

It is seen, then, that John l'.,alHol had tlu'ee elder brothers, 
whose decease without issm^ liTt liim heir to whatever right was 
derived from his mother; ami tliis ]ioint, being matter of history, 
need not 1)C pursued furtlier. Dngdale states that there was one 
more brother; and, in narrating the life of this person (Bar. i, 

' Rueli as;— "whom I dare aver ii|ion proliable grounds %vere onV-inally called 
BalioU ;" "and it id probable tliat . . . tbi.. I'ai.iily . . . altered the Xauie of IJalioll . , . 
and .-iSEunied f.n' llie f.iluie (he Name of Seot '■ ( Villaye Uantianum, p. 313). 

' Hasted, uitliont lu-evious warning, let-i drop the words "and Philipott adds," 
proclaiming therel)y the Kourre of hi-i information (iii. 291). 

' Trinted in Trynne, iii, filB. For the ulhej-, eeo llyraer's Fa'dcra (now Edit.) 
i, pt. 2, 770, 


525), distinguished as Alexander Balliol of Cavers, allildes to Ins 
"Ijcing of the Retinue with that niagniticcnt prehite, Anthony Beke, 
Bishop of Duvliani, and Patiiarch of Jerusalem, in that expedition 
wliicii King Edward the First made into Flanders" in 1297. It 
miglit have been added that, in the campaign against the Scots 
winch resulted in the battle of Fallcirk, he was again with the 
same Bishop who led the second division of the English army on 
that memorable Saint Margaret's day in 1298 ; and that the same 
Alexander was at the siege of Carlaverock two years later.' 

Mr. Scott, knowing that conflicting statements have been made 
as to the parentag'e of Alexander of Cavers, assumes in an 
elaborate note the tone of one who, after carefully weighing the 
evidence on both sides, proceeds to deliver judgment : — 

" However, the derivation and circumstances attending the 
duplicate names of Alexander as la-others in one family what 
tlioy may, it is clear that by far the greater numl>er of geirealogists 
have given an unhesitating opinion that Alexander, Baron Baliol 
of Cliilham, Kent, was brother of John Baliol, the unfortunate 
King of Scotland, before his excommunication and exile, Baron 
Baliol in the English peerage. Dugdale, Burlcc, Glover, Boys (in 
Patrician), Wccvci-, I\[orant, Chauncy, Hasteil and Philipott, and 
many others, support this view ; and, lastly. Sir Harris Nicolas, in 
his 'Roll of Carlaverock,' a comparatively recent pviblication,- in 
a long aird exhaustive biography strongly asserts that there 
were two Alcxandej's — the elder of whom lie describes from 
authority as 'Alexander illius Johannis de Balliol,' in contra- 
distinction to Alexander de Cavers, afterwards known as of 
Chilham, 'sons' of John Baliol of Barnard Castle, founder of 
Balliol College, and Devorgilda, niece," &c. (Memorials, kc. 
p. S9 note). 

lie seems not to be aware that the repetition of a statement 
by any number of persons in )io way adds to its truth. As will 
be seen presently, the answer to this long list of writers is ample 
and complete. But, to take one, Sir Harris Nicolas. In spite of 
his acquiescence in the general belief, what does he feel himself 
constrained to admit ? Why, tliis : — 

"No evidence' has been discovered to establish that this 
Alexander wa,s the brother of John, King of Scotland, but not 
only is lie so described by Dugdale, and in a pedigree in the 
CVillege of Arms compiled by Glox-er, in a MS. entitled " lUorum 
l^Ingnatunr Steuunata quorum luereditas, delicientibus m.asculis, 
ad fcoininas devoluta est." Philipot, No. 4. ?«. f. -ll ; but many 
iacts render it highly probable, as they show that Ik; \vas a man 

liim. Sir J'iMiici.s l>al-r.ive u tliuro socn to Iwvo cai-cruUy sopaiidL-a this Ak-xamlcr 
U.'UiiU otlu-r ^^l,o wa.s the son of Joliii llalliul (llio ohU:r). 

■ .^'iryr ,/ Cxrlam-ock ^<y Nicliolas lliinis Nicolas. Loiuluii : 1S23, dto. 

' Sir JLirria's own itahcs. 


of considerable importance in Scotland, and for some years held 
the ofllce of Chamberlain of Scotland." (Siege of Carlavcroch, 
p. 319, note). 

As if tlie man himself had foreseon what mic;lit happen, he 
placed on record the names of botli his father and mother, so as 
to leave absolutely no room whatever for doubt or difficulty. In 
the cartulary of Binham Priory,' Norfolk (Cotton I\ISS., Claudius 
D xiii, f. 151 b), is the following: — 

" Carta Alex, de Balliolo de quibusdam ten-is et tcnementis. 

Seiant jiresentcs et futuri quod Ego jUex. de Baliolo filius Ilenr. 
de Balliol', concessi dedi et hac presenti carta mea confirmavi 
Domino Cristiane de ilaunlea^ Amite mee omnes terras efc 
tenemcnta cum suis pertiuenciis sine vllo retinemento quo m' 
acciderunt in parte jnea Jure hercditario post mortem Domino 
Lore jAiatris mee et Gydonis' fratris mei in villa de Dersinghara 
in Comitatu ]Siorthf[olcie] Habcnd. et tenend. eidem domine 
Cristiane et hercdibus suis et suis assignatis omnes terras et 
tenemcnta predicta cum suis pertiuenciis sine vllo retenemento de 
Capitalibus dominis feodi illius libere quiete integre bene in pace 
Jure hercditario in pcrpetuum Eeddendo inde annuatim eisdera 
Capitalibus dominis tVodi illius servicia inde debita et consueta. 
Et nichilominus ego predictus Alex, et heredes mei Warantizabi- 
mus acquietabimus et defendemus omnes predictas terras et omnia 
predicta tenemcnta cum omnibus suis pertincnciis contra omnes 
gentes xp'ianos ct Judeos inperpetuum. Et pro prcdictis concessiono 
donacione Carte mee confirmacionc warantizacione acquietacione 
et defensione dedit m' predicta domina Cristiana in excamlium 
omnes terras ct tenemcnta sua cum omniljus suis pertiuenciis sine 
vllo retenemento que liabuit in Heyham in parochia de Wcl- 
comestowe in Estsex'. In cuius Eei testimonium huic Carte 
sigillum mcTmi apposui. Hijs testibus : D'no "Walt'o de Estsex' 
tunc vie. Estsex', D'no Will'o de Wilewe, D'no Henrico* do 
Balliol', D'no Henrico persona de Kemtone, Will'o de Wales, D'no 
Roberto persona de Hertfortingeber', D'no Johanne de Kodeswelle, 
Joh'c do Gelham, Calfr' de Say, Petro filio Joh'is, Petro de Wen- 
dene, ct aliis. Dat. apud Ware vj" die Aprilis Aamo Regni Regis 
Henrici filij Regis Joh'is L" sexto'" [1272]. 

Nothing can lie clearer than the statement here made. 
Alexander de Balliol declares himself to be the son of Henry and 
Lora de Balliol, and moreover sliows l^y the tonus of his grant tliat, 

I Foun.lca by Peler do Va!o}-nc-3. (Diig.lalc, Mon., new edit, iii. 315). 

« bo the name ni.pcaid Imo ; but in tlio I'ublio Itceords 1 fcdio it to be double "u" 
— "w." In this cartuhiiv ^l. 150) is " Cristi.iri de iiaulc." 

s At the battle of ICv.-hani, An-u^t 4, 12ii5, uiidLT .Simou de jrontfoH, when ;dl lost, Guy do llalliol. hi.s standard-bearei-, refused to quit tile Held, aud died with 
bi-s master. (Lord llailes' Amiah of iicolUiml, i. i;i5.) 

> A JItnry do r,alli..l held the Kootory of Heidiigton in Hertfordshire. On tho 
voidaneo of tho hviiiK' by hh deatli, Alexander d.: Ualliol preaoutcd Uia sucecsaor 
Jauuoiy 11, 1291 (Cluttcrbuek's UcrtjonUhire, ii, 2SS). 


after the death of his mother, Lova, ami liis l:)rothor, Guj', he 
acquired an estate of inheritance in wliich his aunt, Christiana de 
JIau]c, was a co-parcener. Elsewhere in this cartulary I find the described inditiorcntly, as " Cristiail de Maulc," and " Cristi- 
nnanr do Valonijs" (f. LjO), in a deed dated at Sheringe on Sunday, 
7 Nov., 1277 ; and " Cristina de Valonijs " (f. lol) in another deed, 
dated at London on Monday, 14 Nov., 1278. So that we begin to 
surnrise that Lora de Balliol and Christiana de Maule were sisters 
and co-licirs, who bore before nianiage the surname of Valoynes. 

In a quo uuranio^ G Edw. I. (Nov. 1278), Clu-istiana de 
Valoygncs claimed to have certain liberties in her manor of Hcrt- 
fordingbiri (Plertingfordbury'), which she held "in propartcm" 
of the inheritance which ^\-as of Peter de Valoygnes ; and she 
produced in evidence the charter of Henry I, granting to Peter 
all lands, fcc, as they were held in the time of the King's father 
and brother. Slie tendered also a charter of Henry II, Avitncssing 
that the King granted to Robert do Valoygnes all the fee and 
land, &c. which Peter his brother held. Following her plea that 
lier said antecessors died seised of these liberties Avhich had 
descended to her, a verdict with judgment was given in her 
favou)-. At the same time it was ordered that Alexander de 
Balliol and William Comyn shoxild .sliow "quo warranto" they 
used certain liberties in other manors in the county, which they 
held " in propartcm de hereditate predicta." 

Again, Cristiana de Maule" says that she liolds the manor of 
Ilertfordyngebure "in projiartem cunr Alex, de Balliolo et Johanne 
Comjm." On account of John Comyn being a minor, the matter 
is ]iostponed untij he reach his lawful age. 

^ Further (Inq. IG Edw. I, No. 21), it is shown tiiat Isabel de 
Valoynes was one of the heirs of the barony of Viiloyncs, that 
Gumiora (wife of Robert Fitz^^'alter), was formerly heir " tocius 
Ixyonie predicte;" and that tlie right of Isabel descended to 
William, her son and heir (under ago at his motlicr's death),^ and 
from liim to the John Comyn abo^"e mentioned, who was his 
(William) son and heir. 

It is obviously impossible to do more hero than glance at the 
proofs, that there were three co-heirs of the barony" of Valoynes, 
married to Balliol, Maule, and Com;yaa respectively; but the 
following record, which brings them together, can scarcely be 
omitted, and is therefore quoted iir full :— 

'"Hom-icus de Baillool, Lora uxor ejus, David Cumyn, Isabella 
"xor ejus, Petrus de Jlaudon' [s/t;] et Christiana uxor ejus redduut 

f..r(r i 

1 I'hicila dc quo uriraiilo, 

(fnliolSlS), 11. 


i...„.l 1 

runf (if .such NVITO nc-L-.k 

<1) of the iiitci 



, repic 

ciUiiii; onu iuid the s.iuio 

l,or.un. fl'ta. 

'la dc quo 


cJ before 17 A|.ril, 12D3, leaving William, Lcr Eou aud litir, aged 10, or 17. 
en. Ill, u° ib.) 


coinpotum do Ix niavcis ; .scilicet, singuli corum, xx m. dc fine pi'o 
rclevio ,s\io do tcrri.s quas CUiristiana, (juo fuit uxor W. dc 
Mandovillc quondam coiuitis Essex., de rcgc tonuit in capito. In 
thcsauro xx m. per Hour, dc Jjailloel. Et debcnt alii xl m." (Pipe 
Koll, 17 Hen. III. Noif. and Suifolk.) 

Again ; — 

"ilex pardoiavit Henrico do Baylol et uxori eius terciam 
partem Centum libravum per quas idem Hcnricus et Petrus do 
Mauulc et ]3avid Guniyn participes ipsius Henrici finem focerunt 
cum Rcgc pro rclevio suo et pardonavit eidom Henrico terciam 
partem C marcarum quas idem Hcnricus et participes sui pro- 
miscrunt Pogi. Et mandatuni est Baronibus de Scaccario quod 
ita licri ct irrotulari t'aciont. Teste ut supra (i.e. apud Wcstm. x 
die Jan.)" [ Roll, 22 Hen. III., m. 20.] 

The ]neml)ers of the Valoyncs i'andlj' had a remarkable faculty 
of mentioning their relations witli tlie utmost particularity ; and 
Christiana dc Jlandoville inherits this quality as well as the estate 
of her ancestors. She, describing herself (Piuham Reg., f. 183 b.) 
as Countess of Essex and a widow, speaks oi her decca.sed hus- 
bands, William de Mandcville, Earl of E.ssex, and Reymund de 
Burgh (Burgo), in confirming the grants to Binham Priory made 
by Robci't do Yaloynes, lier grandfather, Robert Eitzwaltcr, her 
father, and Gunnora, his wife, her mother. Among the witnesses 
to this deed is the name, " Gondreda de Warenne soror mca," and 
Cluttcrbuck (Counij/ of Jleriford, ii, 277), apparently on no 
stronger ground than the bare mention of her name, makes this 
Gundrcd the niotlior of tlic three co-heirs ; overlooking the fact 
that if Waiter, son of Robert Fitz-'Walter, had been (as hcrcstated) 
by Gunncira, the first wife, he must infallibly have inherited his 
mother's estate. It is clear, therefore, that he could liave been 
only of the half blood. Moreover, Gundred, whether called a 
sister, as being of the half blood, or as otherwise related, was not 
a party with Christian de JIandcville and her husband, the Earl 
of Essex, to the fine levied on the Octave of Saint Martin, 5 Ilcn. 
HI. (IS Nov. 1220), by which the advowson of the church of 
We-stlcc in Norfolk was confirmed to the Prior of Binliam and his 
successors (Binham Reg, f. 140). Nor is there a trace of her 
executing any deed of I'oloase or quit-claim, joint or several, so 
that it nuiy be concluded that in Chri.stian centred the inheritance 
of the whole A'aloyncs estate. 

More direct evidence at this point is desirable, for it must be 
admitted that the degree of relationshi]i to the Countess (;f Essex 
is ridt made out; but, seeing that the three co-heirs undoubtedly 
li(irc i]\>- Mirname of Yaldynos, the natural and obvious inference 
is, (lint liny descended from a vounger son of the main line of 

The following outline pedigree sets forth what stands on 
documentary proofs. The first three generations arc duly re- 


corded in deeds quoted in Dugdale's Ilonadicon (ed. Caley) 
vol. iii, p. 845 : — 

Peter de Valoynes, ^emp.^pAlljreila, sister o£ 

Wm. Conq. and Hen. 
living in llOS. 

EliJu Dapifc 

William. Roger de Valoyne?, liviug iu 1130=pAgne3, who surv 

(Pipe Roll, 31 Hen. 1). I her husband. 

I I 

Peter de V.aloyiir? Hubert de Valoym ,s-=l 

ra.irried Gundiod dead before 10 (_ 

de Wareunc, but 119-1 (Rot. Cur. l!c, 

died s.p. i, 11). 

(ieoftVev, died 
(CI. U. i) John, 

Gunnora de V.-'.loyiies, sole davi.=j=Robert Fitz- Walter, said to=pHosc, 2nd 

lieir, married before 13 Oct. 
119l» (Rot. Cur. Regis, ii, 41), 
hcii- to her uncle GcofTrey and 
living 27 Dec. 1207, but dead 
before 18 Nov. 1220. 

William de Mandc-= 
viUe, Earl of Esse.x, 
died before 10 Jan. 
122G-7 (Close Roll, 11 
out issue. 

-Christiana, dau.'and heir of Gunnora,=Reymund de Burgh, 
wife of Wm. de Slandeville IS Xov. 2nd husband, living 20 
1220 (r,i':]'-;i i;-', f. MO), wife of Get, 1227 (Fine Roll, 12 
R. de I'.'i. ;. '■:■ ■■: i. '::j7 (CI. R. 11 Hen. Ill, rn. 0.), died 
Hen. HI 1 :. ! p. before 25 before 17 Julv 1200 

May 12.;.. vi lii. i>. I, IKii. Ill, m. S). (Fine R. 14 Hen. HI, 
in. 4). 

The special descent here given might ho greatly strengthened ; 
but the facts, /is they stand, arc absolutely impregnable. What- 
ever further proofs may be discovered, they will serve l.iut to 
confirnr and fortify what is already known. In order to bi'ing 
this paper within a reasonable compass, I have been lurwillingly 
compelled to forego quotations from printed books by writers of 
repute," who have buoj'cd the course, and warned the unwary off the shoals and quick.sands of "authorities." The 
curious reader may consult Dugdalc, Eanks, and Nicolas (ed. 
Courthope). lie will then see how they are all hopelessly wrong, 
and how one and all have failed to give any intelligible account 
concerning the extinction of the ancient barony of Valoyncs.^ 

John A. C. Vrn'cknt. 

' I will refer only to lIod^'M.n',; A;,,-1!,,. 
rc.h^n-ec), and to Riddell's (Jolai) 'J'r.ids, Ia 
'■■'■•■' ' 183.1, Svo., p. 217 (fnvOuy: 

nUvlaud, vol. ii 

Burko iu Ej^Urict I'tcmQC (ISOo) altogether uuait.i the ua 

p. 42 (lor PalHol 
i/, .(c, rdiditc tu .-^cutlaiid. 


In tlie Visitation of Cornwall p\il.i]islied by tlie Ilarleian Society, 
there is a pedigree of the Kekcwiches of Catchfrench, which is 
enlarged by some materials that happened to come under my 
notice. I propose therefore to give aljstracts of these proofs, and 
also to add one or two stray notes relating to the origin and 
history of the family. In Burke's ' Landed Gentry ' it is said 
that the Kekewiches came out of Lancashire, but whether this 
statement is founded on anything inore than family tradition I 
do not know, though if it is true, the Cornish family is, I prc-,ume, 
from the same stock as that of which the following jicdigree 
(proved from the Townley Collections) is given in volume xcv 
of the Chctham Society's Publications. 

Joliii lie Kekewyke of Dorby=p... 
(iucom. Lauc), d. 13S3. 

John de KckwN-k uf=j=... 
Claghtou. I 

liiclinrd de Kelcwyk, son and 
and a minor in 1411. 

These Ivekewyks, it may safely be presumed, took their name 
from Keckwick or Kcckewich in Bncklow Hundred, near Runcorn, 
Cheshire, a small manor which appears to have belonged to the 
Buttons from the time of Heniy I until the beginning of the 
sixteenth century, and they Avere doubtless of tlie same family of 
Kekewykcs as Simon and "W'illiani do Kekewyke mentioned in 
the note at the end of this article. 

Wliether a younger son or a sub-tenant of the Duttons took 
the name of Kekewick, I cannot say, but the latter nltei'native 
seems improbable, as the ]3uttons had a residence in the manor, 
and so small a place would scarcely contain two families of 
importance. Possiblj-- also the Lancashire Kekwjdcs may have 
been stray .settlers from Kekwjdc who settled in the neighbouring 
county, thus gaining a ]ilace-name without having been feudal 
projirietors : consid(;ring, however, the raidi to which they had so 
early attained, I consider this last supposition the least probable 
of the three. 

In the notes to ihe above jiedigree I find mention of a deed, 
dated oOth Edw. 1 11, bviwecn William do Kecwyke, chaplain, and 
John de llaydceb and .li-li.'uina his wiiv, daughter of Thomas do 
Button, so that llu-ii' is soiihthing t<.i sliinv a connection between 
the names of Kek\\yk and JJutlun, ami, qvAinlain va.hat, to 
strengthen the first of the three theories 1 liave suggested. 


Accepting then the descent from Lnncashiro, it seems very 
probable tho.t the ancestor of the Cornish KekcAviches was 
some adherent of the Lancastrian cause, whoso services were 
rewarded by the hand and dower of a South-country heiress, and 
to show the probabihty of this, I shall point out hereafter that 
the match with an heiress of Talcarn may have taken place 
between 1480 and 1490. 

In the absence of any positive proof as to the Lancashire 
oi-igin of the Cornish Kekcwichcs, it may perhaps be worth 
while mentioning that there was at one time a family living at; 
and taking their name from Kenwick or Kenswick in Worcester- 
sliirc, and in Nash's History of that county, it appears that the 
Ih-st sjdlable was sometimes reduplicated, so that in the time of 
]']dward I Walter de Kekynvidch or Ivekenwich appears as a 
landowner in Kenwick. • In the face, however, of a recognised 
family tradition, and without any definite information to decide 
the point, there seems oidy a very remote possibility of any 
connection having existed between the Worcestei-shirc and the 
Cornish familj^, and I sliall so.y no more about it. 

The Yisitation I have referred to above assigns the following 
coat of ai'ms to the Kekewiches of Catchfrench :— 

Quarterly, 1 and G, Kekewich ; 2, Arg., three bars gcmmelles ; 
o, Talcarn ; 4, Bardfield (Arg. on a bend Azure three fleurs-de-lys 
Or; 5, Quarterly, Or and Gu. on a bordure Sa. eight escallops Arg. 
The same coat as the second quartering is assigned by Pajiworth 
to Marshall of Lancashire, but it is curious that he assigns the 
same coat, with the addition of a canton Ermine, to the name of 
Lardwcll, wliile^the coat here assigned to Bardfield is by Paj)worth 
a<;signed to (among others) Bradfield, Delamere of Essex and (with 
the bend engrailed) to Holt of Sulfolk. Perhaps there has been 
some mistake, a]id the fourth quartei-ing was for Holt and brought 
in the fifth quartering, which is the coat of a SufTolli family, 
namely the lleveninghams. The Visitation pedigree begins with 
Ceorge Kekewich, who is doubtless tlie son and heir mentioned 
in the following Inquisitions post mortem and will : — 

I. Liq. p.m. 3Gth Hen. YIU, No. LSO, Cornwall. The Jurors 
say, that John Kekwieh died seised of the ^Manor of 
Talcarn and of 7 messuages, .•j:)0 acres of land, IGO acres 
of pasture, 4.5 acres of meadow, 21 acres of wood, and of 
"230 acr. jampnorum '■!. biuere," frc. And Geoigc Koke- 
wicli is his son and hiir .ifjcil ihiriccn. 
II Inq. p.m. 3Gth HeJi. \'lll, jNos. G1, 0."). From which it 
appears that vVliee fninnTly wife of John Kekewich had 
been seised of iln' ihiiiku- nf Duralburgh and of lands in 
Ay.sshcton and T1im_\ ms, tliat she was daur. and heir of 

' (•/. TIic AiiKlo-Kormiii. ].rnm, of I.iin.-oln .is Liciiicolo iu ICing-slcy's 
Utrowiird the AN'ukv,' chni). x.\i. 


William Innc, Esq., son timl heir of Sir Jolm Inno, tliat 
her niarriayo settlement, on marriage ■with John Kekewich, 
Avas dated G Hen. VIII, and that the marriage itseli' took 
place in the foUo-iving year ; that she was dead leaving 
no issne Lcfore the 4tli oi' February 27 Henry VIII, when 
John Kekewich made some agreement with her heir, John 
Kenne, Esq. 
John Kekewich is found to have died in the year of the Inqui- 
sitions, and George his son and licir is aged sixteen. The heir of 
Alice, the late wife of John Kekewich, is found to be John 
Kenne, Esq., son and heir oi John Ivennc, son and heir of ... 
Kenno and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of the above-mentioned 
Sir John Inne. 

III. Will of John Kekewich of Margetting, Esq, P.C.C. 
(Alenger 34.) 
To bo buried in the parish church of J\Iai'getting.' 
George my son £200 "& all my plate in Cornwall in 
th'ands of Sir Robert Sominer late pryor of S' Germans." 
Mary & Agnes my daughters each 200 marks, 
The residue to my wife Thomasyn and she Executrix. 
John Blake Gcntilman Supervisor. 
Dated lo^'- September 34 Hen. VIII. 
Before giving the tabular pedigree derived from these proofs, 
I will just point out that they serve to throw back the match 
with Talcarn at least as far as the father of John KekcM'ich, 
since it is plain that his second wife Thomasyn was not the 
heiress of Tjijcarn ; had she been, her husl)and would not have 
been simply' seised in fee of the ilanor of Talcai-n, but jointly 
with or in right of his wife." It may be therefore that John 
Kekewich was the issue of a match with tlie heiress of Talcarn, 
and, judging by the date of his marriage, it is very likely that his 
parents were married about 1400. The foregoing proofs exhibit 
the following pedigree : — 

Sir Joljii Iiine.=j=... 

I I 

Elizabeth !.=(=... Kcime. Willinm Imic, E?q. 

.'i.p.=Julin K 
ry M.rgarc 


John Keiino, K,~q. George Kekewich, Mary K. Agnes K. 

cousin & licir to son & heir. Luni 

Alice. 1029-32. 

1 DouUlcs.s JI.uio,-, lli,i;-iii i:-ex. 

» U in a eiiriuii., ti : : t'. . m iho Talcarn iiciligrcos no i.ialcli with the Kckcwiche.q 
is fihowii, ami tlmt, ili ,;, h • ti, ,1 in Kapex, they continued to bo .styled 'J'alemn of 
Talcarn until the i.'.vuit'.vuth erutury. Terhaps they bruiighl back the manor from 
the Kckcwiches. 


This George Kckcwicli i.s said in the Harleian Society Visita- 
tion of Corn-wall to have manied a daughter of Edward Courtenay 
of Lkanrack, but in Ilarl. MS. 4031 are some notes apparently 
taken by a herald from the information of his son, another 
Clcorge Kckcwich, and from these it appears that George the son 
)iad seen the arms of Kekewich at their ancient dwelling in 
Essex, and that George the father had married " Buller's daugh- 

William Fowler Oartee. 

Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Tlie following i.s an .ilmost literal copy o£ an abstract of five deciU relating to 
Haltou, near liuncoru, made by John itarlantl, E.sq., of Manchester, F.S.A. The 
deeds tUem.selves are in the pos.-je.ision of 'William Eeaniout, E.=iri., of Orford Hall, 
Warrington, who, at the request of J. Panl Rylands, Esq., F.S.A., kindly lent me the 
abstracts to co]iy. Of these five decd.s, only No. II is dated ; and is apparently of the 
same date as Nos. I, III and V ; while No. IV may be later the others. 

I. I Geoffrey son of Robert of the pajish of Ilaulton have given etc. to William 
t;nn of Simon de Kekewyke half a scli^.n of l.unl lying between tlie lands of AVilliam 
W.alena and Hugh Oldknave To have &e of the chief lord of his fee &o Yielding 
tlierefor yearly to the lord iu capite due sei-vice and custom &c. Witnesses — Pct«r de 
llovebrugge, William the son of Gannet, John Pillekat, John the Porter, Hugh the 
H.iy-ward and many others. 

IL I John Totau of H miUnn Invn .-iv^n X-e tn William =0,1 „f Simon de Keke vyko 
tlie fourth part of an ,ici ■ ■ f 1 ; ' ' ■ - . : , .• ,. |',,,.,.i ,,,,.,.. , f .. : j.h one end abuts 
up to the Kouwerande 1 ■' - > 1 , : in the teiritory o£ 

ll.milton Tohave&e. W. . . , : \ Ji , \ '.-s Simon del 

IVter de Hovcbru?:^p, V, lui ill I : , , .! ', 1 ,1! !i 1 1 vward and many 

olher.^. Givinat llai,iUouou\\'' :, , , ;■ Mla-k tlie 

in thalOtl' YL-avc.f King Kaw;i.l : i;. 1 ; ■. 1 .. ■ \ iillSl?) 

111. T John the Porl'.n- of IL- ■ •: ' ■,,.,■.- \\ . ,,r,n of Simon do 

Kekewyke and Felicia his will- ^- ■ , .,,; 

of thovillof Ilaulton near thr x, • > 

the wife of Itobr-rt tlie Park.!-. T^ !.,-.,'.. \>.V'; • I:, li , 1 , w 1 '- 
SUnvnvd of H.aulton, Henry del Eiialie O.rn ivrrivcr, Peter de Ib.vcbiuL': 
the Miller of Haulton, John Pileat, William Brid, Hugh Massey all of th. 
many otliers. 

V I Richard Lether h.ave given f,c. to William son of Simon ,le Kekev 
solion of landin the vill .a II > . 1 : ■ :■, it ' 1, ■ W i! i. I:.>\:' i-t ,t 

' There waj a Peter Kvl.«v.-I,e who took the B.A. degree at Oxford on the 
flh Julv, ir.l.s. Iu Hari M.S', ].-,(■„;, ;. IS, Auiie, daughter .and heiress of ... 
i:.keuicli of lOsse.x is said to li.ive Ijcen married,— first, to John Shciiu;;ton of 
M.'.lhurn, Wills, and their gramlsoii had a grown-up f.unily in lOJl ;— sccuudlv, 
to Nicholas Stephens of Cheseldeu, \\'ilts. 



Having been for some time past engaged on the same rescai-ch 
as your correspondent, Mr. Stephenson, I am aljle to give the 
extended and, in some resjiects, corrected information contained 
in the following pedigree, the whole of which is capable of being 
verilled from parish register.s, wills, &c. The one point on which 
I now most require proof is the same as that raised by Mr. 
Stepheixson, viz., the marriage of Margaret Lisle with a Whitaker. 
There really seems to be very little doubt that it is as stated in 
the pedigree, but I should very much like to find some piece of 
evidence, such as the register of the marriage, which would put 
it entirely beyond question. Lady Alice Lisle (or more properly 
Dame Alicia Lisle) in the codicil to her will, dated in 1US2, 
mentions her daughter Margaret, the wife of Mr. Whitaker ; at 
the same time there was living at Burgate (Foi-dingbridge), about 
four miles from Moylcs Court, the seat of the Lisles, liohert 
Whitaker, and from the entry of her burial in the parish register.s 
of Fordingbridge, on the 27th of March, 1G8G, we find his wife's 
name to have been Manjaret. ]\Iust not this Ije Margaret Lisle ? 
We have yet further evidence from various sources, the chief 
being these : — First. — Jeremiah Whitaker Newman, an old and 
respected resident of Ringwood, who died in lSo9, and was a 
grandson of Jeremiah Whitaker, had in his possession a copy of 
Robert Whitaker's funeral sermon, and on it he had written, 
" My great gTandfatlv^r's funeral sermon ; he married Margai-et, 
daughter of John Lisle, Chancellor of England, and Alicia, his 
wife, who was beheaded at Winchester." (Signed J. Newman). 
Second. — Tlio Nicholson branch of the family have a ring, which 
has always been handed do\vn from mother to daughter, and 
which is said to have been given by Alicia Lisle to one of her 
daughters on the eve of her i.^xocution ; and moreover it has 
always been understood in the family that they Avere descended 
from that ill-fated lady. 'J'h/rd. — Charles Crooke LLsle, the 
grandson of Alicia Lisle, in his will mentions his godson Charles 
Lidc Wliitaker, who is proved to be a grandson of Robert and 
ALargaret Whitaker ; and -l<'n'miah Whitaker, the father of 
Charles Lisle Whitaker, in his will leaves memorial lings to 
" Cha" Crooke Lisle Esq. fc liis Lady," as well a.s to Mrs. 
(Triphena) Grove, a daughter ol' Alicia Lisle, Lady Russell, her 
daughter, and Miss Russell, the daughter of the latter. It is 
difficult to understand this cldsc coiuiexion between tlicsc two 
families, cxccjit by believing fiiat Margaret Lisle did marry 
Robert Whitaker. However, as this has been questioned, i 
should be very much obliged if you or any of your numerous 
coiTcspondcnts can tell me wliei'c to find the necessary proof of 



the marriage of ilai'garct, dciuglder of Alicia Lisle, with Robert 
Whitaker ; or, assuming that I may possibly be wrong, with a 
Whitakcr oi" any otlicr Cliristian name. At the same time I 
should like to find the baptism and wii;e's name of William 
Whitaker of Riugwood, grandson of Robert and Margaret, and 
wliose life must have been compi-ised within the years 1700 and 

Henry Marillier. 
19, Gotha-strcet, South Hackney, E. 

1st, Mary Elizabctli,= 
dau. of Sir Henry 
llobart, Kt. and Bt. 
in 1630, d. 17 Sop. 
1G33 iniiermothcr's 
liouso at llighgate, 
and was bur. in the 
chapel there. 

=Jolin Lisle, Esq., 2nd son= 
of Sir Wni. L., Knt., b. 
circa 1G09. Took the Par- 
liauientary side in theCivil 
War, and became one of the 
Commissioners of tlic Great 
Seal, &c. mider Cromwell. 
Fled at the Restoration, 
and was assassinated at 
Lausanne 11 Aug. IGCl. 


BridgetL.=plsl, Re 


as wife 
of... lion 
in 1682, 

I I 
Mary L. 


L'lid, He/ekiah .Mahella 

Usher of Botli livi 

Bi^ioton, i\[as.s. in 1GS2. 

John L. of Moylos Court, Esq., ni.=T=C 
at DiLdcn, co. Hants, 20 May 1 679, 
bur. there 21 Aug. 1709. A\'ill 
daUnl 17 Aug. 1709, and pr. 30 
of same month. 

dau. of ... 
Oct. 1C84. 

2nd, Alicia, elder dau. 
and co-heir of SirWhite 
Beconsawc of Moyles 
Court, CO. Hants, b. 
circa 1G17, m. at Eb 
lingham, co. Hants, 23 
Oct. 1636. Executed 
at Winchester by order 
1685. AViU ^dated 9 
June 1G82, proved 
11 Xov. 1C89. 

Anne L. Xot 21 

in 1G82, la 

llarfell.audd. 17 
Feb 1708. 

I I 
Bi'consawe L. 
living in lG3t: 

1 William L., 
second .son. 

Feb. ICSO, 
1-iur. there 8 
Mar. 1081. 

Ciias. Crooke L., of= 
iMoyles Court,|., 
bap. at Dibden 18 
Oct. 1681, bur. there 
20 Nov. 1721. AVill 
dated 20 Nov. 1720, 
pr. 22 Dec. 1721. 

of Tev 

CO. iS( 



Triphena L.= 
was wife of 
R J. Lloyd in 
1682, a wi- 
dow ill 1G94, 
and in 1695 
wifoof Robt. 
Gi'ovc of 
Feme Ila, 
CO. Wilts. 

=Richd. Llo,yd, 
citizen & linen 
draper of Lon- 
don. AVUl da- 
tod 23 Jiily 
andpi'. 11 
Sept. 1686. 

]\Lav"arct=pRoljcrt Whitaker, son of 

1st, Lord Jamcs= 
Russell, 5tli son 
of tlic Duke of 
Bedford and bro- 
ther of the un- 
fortunate Lord 
Wm. Russell. 
Died 22 Mar. 

Will da- 
ted 14 
173.5, pr. 
29 iSIar. 

Triphena^Thomas Scawi>n, 
Russell, Esq., M.P. for 
living in Kurrcy, living 
1737. 1735. 

Lisle was 
wife of 
aker in 
1682. .See 
codicil to 
her mo- 

=2nd, Sir 
Lart., of 
Tower, CO. 
Lane., liv- 

W., b. 
M A up 

James W. 
b. 10 June 

o.s.r. in 


jMary W., b. 
29 Dec. 1680, 

1,. 251)>T. 

Robt. W. of Reade, co. 
Lane. Rap. at radiham 
19 ]\ray 1638. Admitted 
at Jfagd. Coll., Camljr., 
30 June 1656. Ejected 
by the Act of L^'nifuiinitv 
1662. Settl,;d at Ihir- 
gate (Fordingbridge), co. 
Hants, where he kept an 
academy, and was first 
nnnisterof theDisscnting 
congTegationthcro and d. 
Jan. 1718. His wife 
Marqarei Irar. at For- 
dingbridge 27 Mar. 1686. 

Jeremiah Whitaker. Born at P-nrgate^^ 
22 Apr. 1679, bm'. at Charll.m ^lar- 
.shal, CO. Dorset, 12 Aug. 1719. Will 
dated 7 Aug. 1719, pr. IT Feb. 1720. 

-ls(, . 

Jeremiah W., Jam.'s AV., of Ring- 
eldest s<.u, m. wood, living 176 7, 
and had issue. m., no issue. 


I I 

JolmAV., J..lin W., 

Robt. AV., b. M :\rar. 
1680, Independent 
minister of Ringwood. 
O.s.r. in 1767': 

Ann, dau. of John llaskoll. 
Rur. at Cliarlton .Marslml 
June 1718. 
, living in 1719. 



Elizabeth "\V., Charles izWe W., William Whitaker of= 

bur. at Chavl- bap. at Charlton Ringwood, second son. 

ton ]\Iavslial, Marshal 21 Apr. Wasdeadinl767. Loft 

1 June 1715. 171 C, living 1720. only two danghtcrs. 

Itlargarot Whitaker, elder dau.,=j=II?nry Maudsley, bap. at Clapham, 
b. ab' 1737, m. twice, 1st Joseph co. York, 2 Feb. 1725, ni. 20 July 
Laundy, 2nd Henry Maudsley, 176.3, d. at Woolwich 22 Doc. 1780. 
d. at AVoohvich 2 Deo. 1792. Had seven children. 

Isabella Mauds-= 
lev, b. 19 ]\Iay 
17GC, d. 1830. 

Ann Niclii 
son, d. in 

=Wni. Nichol- 
son of Roch- 
had 11 child 

=Rev. II. T. Ella- 
combe, Rector of 
ClystSt. George, 
CO. Devon, now 
living (1881). 

Henry Nicholson Ellaeombe, 
Rector of Piitton, oo. Glouces- 
ter. l\Iar. and has issue .seven 
daughters and one son, Gilbert 
Wcmys Henry, 1j. in 1SG8. 

Ann j\Iaudslev,=Wm. Hartshorn. 

b. 10 Sep. 17C9, 
d. 31 Aug. 1846. 

Had 7 children. 

I / 

Isabel HartshorD,=i=IIenry jNra]'illior, 
b. 20 Dec. 1793, b. 26 Mar. 1803, 
m. in 1827. nowliving(1881) 

Charles Henry j\Iarillier, b. 31 Aug. 
1834, d. 30 JMar. 1875, leaving one 
son, Henry Currie, b. 30 June 18G5, 
and three daughters. 


Henry Jlaudslay of Lambeth, the=f=Sarah, dau. of Ed. Tindalo of 
celebratcdengineor,b.22Aug.l771, I Slcaford, co. Line., bap. 30 Apr. 
m. 20 Sept. 1791, d. 25 Dec. 1831. 17G0, d. 29 Mar. 1828. 

of Lambeth^ Knight's 
Hill, Norwood, and J3an- 
.'-teadPark, co. Surrey, b. 
1 Juno 1792, m.l Sept. 
1821, d. 23 Apr. 1864. 

Prime, b. 
10 IMar. 
1789, d. 4 
Mar. 1855. 

jNIaigaret 1\I., 
b. 25 Jlay 
1791, d. 19 
May 1828. 


-George John 
Jackson, m. 
18 Nov. 1818. 

H. nry ]\raudslay, M.= 
ln4. C.&:\r.E., Chc- 
vili-rof theOrderof 
Hirist (Portugal), b. 
15 June 1822, m. at 
alive 1881. 

=Emily, dau. of 
Stephen Iluck- 
cnham of Lod- 
diin, CO. Norf., 
at Loddon, 


5. Stewai-t J., m. & has issue. 
4. lli'iii'v Lord J., m. iV: has issue. 
3. JIaigaret J., m. John Corlelt 

& has issue. 
2. ■\Villiam J., m. & has issue. 
1. Georg(! Maud.slay J., d. 1880, 

leaving issue. 




Referring to Mr. D. G. Gary Elwes' remarks in the ' Genealogist,' 
vol. V, p. 147, upon the discrepancy between the statements 
of one of the authorities cited in the De Braose portion of 
the pedigree appended to my article on tlie parentage of Blanche 
Audlcy ('Genealogist,' vol. iv, pp. 09-75), and the result of 
his, Mr. Ehves, researches (of \^-hich I was not when I wrote 
it aware) into the liistory of the De Braose family, I think it 
right to state that Mr. Elwes did me the favor to communicate 
with me on the subject in April ISSO, when the article appeared 
in the ' Genealogist,' and that in reply I pointed out to him that 
my object in writing it was to correct an error which occurs in 
the Heralds' Visitation of Cornwall in li>20 as to the parentage 
of Blanche Audley, who married Robert Hatch of WoUegh, co. 
Devon, but that I thought tlic publication of the abstract' of the 
King's Writ to tlie Sheriff of Devon of 23 Nov. 1.392 might bo 
useful to ariy genealogist disj)osed to undertake the task of working 
out the pedigrees of some of the baronial families I mentioned, 
and of reconciling the conflicting statements in the several 
authorities Avhich I quoted. 

I further-pointed out to ilr. Elwes that my authority for the 
sketch pedigree apj)ended to the article, so far as the portion of 
the statements as to the De Braose family now in question was 
concerned, was Glover's pedigree, Harl. i\lS. S07, pp. G9-70. 

I avail myself of this opportunity of correcting an error in 
relation to the ilartyn family, which inadvertently crept into 
the sketch pedigree by wlileh 1 illustrated the King's Writ, and 
in the revision of which 1 li;i\e adopted Mr. Elwes'"view of the 
De Braose descent, instead of that given by Glover, and I have 
inserted some adiliticin;il dates and references to documents in 
elucidation of the piMli.'irr. 

Wini:-im de Brios,-, 
of lir.imbor, il. TJl 


11 ,-M;.lil 1.1 di- St. V.iloiy, strirved to dcalh 
1 l>y King John at Wiiulior lilO. 

Lorcttii,C>mule.-.uf r.rUvsf. 
Block, CO. n.'von, to Irriu.. 
niul llu. h.Av.-i ut her' 

> in 


It to 

low Willinmdenrixnse.n 
.»■ .■M.'it .■50U, .sturvc.l 
• UU to .loall. ^vitl, hi, 
mother 1210. 



rMitiM.i, ilm. of Ralph 

Icy, to. SuiToV, <1. l.!IO. 



1) 1391. 


iHeniy de Tracy, I. 

ill fee to her ami 

EurU8tai)le, ob. 2 VAw. I | lier lieirs of Tawstuck by yift 
(1273-4). from her nuiit Loretta. 

Eva, only (1aughter.'=f Guy do r.iian,' ob. 35 I'.lw. I (1307).^ 
1st husb. ^Nicholas, found next heir=p2nd husb. GcofTrey de Cam- 




b. »Nicl 
of Nicho 

olas War-=f 
la.s 3rd Ba- 



■tyn, ol 

. vit. 




> 'ul.nut 

; :-,7, 




ore l::.- 

, (It 




wife ,ra 



to her SI 

cond hud 


ry de Tracy, and aged 
31 yearn at his death' 
in ]'273, ob. ante 7 and 
8 Edw. I (1270-80.)^ 

William JIartyu,'' aged 25 on death of lii.s grand-=f Eleanor (stated by Dugdale 
father Nichol.a.s Baron Martyn in 1282,'' wliou he I to have been dau. ot \\'il- 
did homage to the King,^ aged 50 10 Oct. 2 Edw. II, liam de Mohun). 
1308," ob. 1325, I 

nq. p.m. 2 Edw. I, Xo. 32 

oil 2 Edw. I, m. 10, cited in 'C.den- 
inagc,' vol. i, p. 729) of the Ma. lyii 

Malli,:, I..... .. . .,. , , :;. ■ ;.i. .,.; ::, ■ .;..., ,. ;■;'..;, !:..••■• I • , ■ v. .,.i 

d. .and li. ol' Ht-i„.v .1.' 11.1. .>.' Jiul U,i, lo ..1, IU..1 .., ui.l b.- . ■: -il.r 

document above rnited with the bl.itements contained iu the : ' _. i ; , I, 

No. 32, Devon, froia whicli it appears that in 1274 (eight yeai-.s i./'. ■ ., i i,'i 

.alleged husband) Maud do Bryan ^vas the wife of (JeHeiy do Cai..M.,. i ... i.iaid 
■to bo the next heir of her Grandfather, who died 2 Edw. I, "or Kin,,-,' and wlueli 
Maud «:,,< tlieii 31 vear.s .1.1. !She was dead previous to 1279-SO (Coram Kege Koll, 


Nu. 49, 

,;.■.! f..r 

Martin and bv hi 

, \ 


.1 r.ry 



U5 " 


1 11 


..11, M 

Inq. p.m. 

Inq. p. Ill 


ct. 2 

. Ill, 

iiy 17 Edx 

■. 111. 


10 1 


1, X... 




, m. 1 

In.j. p.m. 

2 Iv 

w. I 


•t Ceiieal,' vol. vi, ].. 152, altl 
eat predecessor, conimittu.l an 
the christian name ol "Wil 

Imas, 7-8 E.hv. 1, N... 49, m. 7. 
N,'. 51; also County I'lacita, 


]stlius-=Eleanor,' who on jartition \vi 
h:\nA. leinesent.-itivc of licr sister J.wii as 
., Hast- colieircascs of their hn.ther William 
iiigs. Martyn. became entitled to 'J'aw- 

stock. Was Uving 8 VAw. HI, wlien 
cm 20 January 1334-5 slie and her 
then husband", Philip de Culumbar, 
were jtarties to a Fine to uses for 
settling Tawstock after dealh of 
lier sister in law Margaret on her- 
self and her hu.sband ri.ili]. de Co- 

lli the=2ndhusb. 
nan as Philip de 
illiam Cohun- 


William Mar-=Margaret, 

tvn* ^nc- 


ceeded to Taw- 

Lord Has- 

stock as son 

tnigs, sur- 

and heir, and 

vived her 


thereof in fee, 

and liad 

ob. 13-2G= 3.p.' 


for dower, 

«Joan,i widow of He 
Laey, Earl of Lineol 

T 2nd husb. Kicholas do Audloy Baron 
I Au.Uey of Helegh, ob. 1319.-' 

AliccVl"^'''!''' 1st wife.=pJamcs de Audley of Helcg 
riet Joan, da 

.,f 211 Januaiy 1331 
1300, sp." 

h., obtained .eisin of Taw- 
Jiasset 1300, ub. (13'Jl-2) 

nd h,, and-j=2nd wife. 

jb. 1 Aj.iil I Isabel, 
liri:;r..', dan. of 

dcA SMargaret,=rFulk Fitz 

• All livin- 5 cventua.lly 

May 1370, ch, with 
Ide '..and all dead her half 
sister Joan 

AuaU.y.= s p. ante 

- January 

James de ! 13'.ll-2.'- 

Fli/.abeth, sis- 
ter and h. of 
John, eon &h. 
Sir William 
Cogan, Knt. 

1 Inq p.m. 10 IMw. Ill, lat No. f.l ; iil-o County Pbril.a, Devon, No 
Trinilv, 17 I'.dw. HI. 

■' Kill's Writ to Sheiiirof Devon (IG Rich. H) K!02. 

3 Inqs. luu. 10 r.dw. Ill, No<. f,0, r.i. 

* l-,(/,- Coram Koge Koll, Michaelmas, 7-8 Kdw. I, No. 49, m. 7 





Joan,' eklei- sistor=f=Sir J 

.Im Fulk l^itzwaryn,' found li. 


nnrl eventually coh. Tou.-l 

rt, of his great nnele Tlionias , 



with her half sibtcr ub. IJ 

-0. Aiulley.nn.l then(13!ll--2)ag, 


Margaret Fitz- 

2 years and npwards (liad Ta\ 



John Tou-=r... I'>'lk FiU- 

l,it wife.= |-S;i-i:irl.:ndlr:uikfMrdr 

•^■2nd wi 


warren, 7th 

Klizabrtli, 1 (,-...fSir!bn,vlI,ii,k- 

d:in. 1 

Baron by 

heirother fnnl bv hi. « li. Kii/a- 


writ, ob, 

br..ther | bah. il. ;,nd li. .-i Su' 

of H.ilL 


Fulk. 1 llidi. ytavlaon). 

Jolni 'J'oucl 

ft," nni1cr=F.. 

William liourchier, Lord Fitzwarin 


age Jan. 1301-2 [Suni- 

jureuxoiis,3rd.sonof William L.n 




kJourcUicr, Farl of Fwe, by Anne, d. 


ron Auillcy in 1405]. 

and h. of Thomas of Woodstock, iJul 
of OlouccKter. 



TliiK family is'cntly a luaiich of the family of Cia<lock, 
of Ricliuiond, CO. York; of whicli pciligrces will Ijo fouml in 
P]antnc;(jiiei-HaiTi,soii'.s York.shirc, Suvtecs' DurLam, Nichols' 
LcierskTshire, frc. (Sec 'The Gencaloo'ists' Guide,' pp. 118, .'.07.) 
AVilliam Cradock, who died in ISO-), and John Cradock, who died 
in 1833, Lotli ibsed liookplates of these AliiiS: Argent, on a chev- 
ron A;^nre, (lu'cc p,'arhs, '(Jr. Ckest: A bear's head proper nuizzlcd 
Gules. Motto: Nee temere, nee tiniide. How this branch was 
connected with tlic Richmond family is not certain: perhaps some 
correspondent may !>e abk' to clear u)) the point. 

John Cradock, "of Richmond, co. York, died in 17')3. Letters 
of Aduion. to his eliects v/ere ^lanted by the Consistory Court of 
Richmond, in May ]7"i3, to Ddiothy Cradock, his widow and 
relict. The Rondiiien were Ids widow, John Cradock, of Rich- 
mond, o-entlenban, and Willi.nii Crudock, of Lincoln'.s Inn, gentle- 
man, Ry his wifi^ Dnnitliv, h.' h.'id (wo sons — 

(1.) John Crn.luek, of birh ii.l, -vni loman, born 1723-1; 

died 1 Fubrniiiy, 1777, at Lou-hborough co., Leices- 
ter, a^t. r)3; biiiird ui. Luuohborou-li. On an altar 
tomb in the ( ^Imivli yaid he is called "Jolni Cradock, 
late of Riehmoihl, iii the county of York." He was 
residuary devisee iiiidci- the Will (proved at Richmond, 
G November, l7"ilM of his "cousin," Richard Fox, of 
]3romi)ton u]ion Swnic, s(m of Clnislopher and Dor- 
othy Fox. 

> King'd Writ to Slurilfof 1 Won (I Kieli II) Ki'.U. 


(2.) AVilliani Cradock, of wliom next. 
William Cradock (secoml .sou oi' John and Dorotliy,) was bap- 
tized at Richmond, 4 June, 1727. He left Riclnnond early iii 
life, and settled in Lougliliorou,L;'h, wlicre he pur.sued the profes- 
sion of Attoniey-at-law. In 17'):> ho is descrihcd as of Lincolns' 
Inn, Middlesex, gentleman. He married at Longhhorough, 2 
September, 17G.5, Elizabeth 2nd. dau. of John Davys, of Lough- 
borough, and aunt of the Ptt. Rev. George Davys, D.D., Lord 
JJisliop uf reterborougli, descended from Edward Davys, elder 
brother to Sir John Davj-s, the poet and Attorney General for 
Ireland. [Arms of Davys, entered at Dublin, Sable a fesse ermine 
between three cimjuefoils argent: Pedigree in the 'Genealogist, v. 
25.] He liad estate.-^ at Barrow upon Soar, Hatlic^n, and Lough- 
borough, kc, in CO. Leicester, and at Richmond. Ho died at Lough- 
borough, 30 November, ISO'), ret. 78; bin-, at Loughborough. T.S. 
Will proved P.C.C. 11 March, LSOG. His widow, ICIizalirth, died 
28 June, 1821, ret. 71); bur. at Loughborough, T.S. They had 

(].) John Cradock, of whom lieveafter. 
(2.) William, born 19 Feb., 17C7, bapt. at Loughborough 17 
April, 17G7; lived at Belton, co. Leicester; died unni. 
2.5 May, 1S2G, a,'t. 5!3; bur. 2Sth at Belton. 
(o.) Lucy, born G Juno, 17G8, m. Rev. William Wilkinson, 
B.A., rector of South Croxton, co. Leicester, had issue 
Jolni, William Cradock, Sheldon, and 2 daus. Wm. 
A\'ilkinson was also rector of Eolkesworth, co. Hunt., 
1807; Losel>y, co. Leic, 1814; and Sproxton and Saltl jy, 
1§^8; he died at Spahling, co. Lincoln, wliere some uf 
hi.s descendants are .still living. 
(4.^ Joscpli, born o Jan., bapt. at Longhbur(jugli 20 ]\farL-h. 
1770; lived at Leamington; died unm. 12 Aug., IN.]."), 
ajt. Go; bur. 17th at Loughborough. T.S. Will 
proved P.C.C. 15 Oct., 18:15. 
(5.) Thomas, born S June, 1772, d. 4 Oct., 1783, set. 1 1, bur. 

at Lou-hborough. T.S. 
(G.) Eerdinan.lo, born 29 Aug., 1774; d. 8 Feb., 182G, ajt 

52; bur. at Loughborough. 'J'.S. 
(7.) Elizabeth, born 3 Feb., 1/77; d. umn. 9 June, 1S3G, ret. 

59; bin-, at Loughborough. 'J'.S. 
(8.) Sheldon, born 21) Sept., 1778; lived at Leicester; mar. 
at South Croxton, 28 Jan., 1810, Elizabeth Firmadgo, 
of Leicester; and had issue Sheldon Firmadgo, who 
d. young; died 17 June, 18(j4; buried at Scraptoft, 
CO. Leicester; Will jn-oved at Leicester. His wife and 
son were also Ijuried at Scraptoft. 
(9.) Thomas, burn ,, ( )rt..b,.r, 178G, at Loughborough; Lieut, 
in 27th, alLi rwaids Captain in 85th Regt., and hono- 
rary Major; serve<l throughout the whole of the Pen- 


insular AVar, inelmlinL;- tlio two sieges of Badajos, and 
was severely woumled at Waterloo; he mar. Florence 
Eliza, dau. of . . . . , and had issue — a dau. 
Florence who ninr. . . . Horrock and died s.p. 
He was afterwards one of the poor Knights of Wind- 
sor; died at Leicester, 5 April, 1 Sol, ret. G(J; bur. at 
Lou'dihorough. T.S. There is a stained Avindow in 
Loughborough Chnreli, erected by his bruthor Slieldon 
to his inemory. His widow died at Nice 31 July, 
1877, a3t. 82. 
John Cradock ('eldest son of William & Elizabeth) was born 
2G February, 17GG; bapt. at Loughborough 1 April, 17GG; lived 
at Loughborough, and was an Attorney-at-law, and afterwards at 
Woodliouse Eaves; he mar. 2G Jan. 1792, at St. Peter's Notting- 
ham, Mary, dau. & coh. of the Rev. John AUeyne. [.See Pedigree 
of Alleyne in the 'Reliquary,' vol. xxi., 2.5G. Through this mar- 
riage tlie Cradocks have a direct Royal Descent from King Henry 
HL]; he died 28 March, 1833, xt G7; bur. at Loughborough 23rd. 
T.S. AVill dated 25 Feb., 1833. Mr. Cradock was Lord of the 
l\Ianor of Walton on the Wolds, co. Leicester. His wife died 11 
Aug., 1807, D?.t. 41, and was bur. at Loughl:>orough. T.S. The 
Arms of Alleyne, as given on John C's bookplate, were Argent a moline Sable. They had issue, 
- (1.) John Cradock,-bapt. at Loughborough 22 Sept., 1792; 
lived at Loughborough, and was an Attorney-at-law; 
a noted foxlumter with tlie Quorn Hunt, it is com- 
puted that he rode after tlie hounds about 400 miles 
a weer"; was Lord of the Manor of Walton on the 
Wolds; mar. llrmietta Maria, dau. of Robert Piper, 
esq., of Yorkshire; died k]\ 17 June, 1838; bur. at 
Loughborougli. T.S. AVill ]iroved P.C.C. 7 June, 
1839. His widow rcinanird 19 Jan., 1842, the Rev. 
Joseph Place, Rectoi- of Gieat Casterton, and died 
S Aug, 1872, leaving two sons Robert Place, and 
Williain Gordon Place, M. A., Cantab., a Solicitor at 
Leicester, and two dans. 
(2.) William, of Melton Place, St. Par 
borough 2G April, 179!-; died t 
38; bur. 27 Apiil, 1S33, at St. J 
(3.) Thoma.s, of whom h.'reaftrr. 
(4.) Edward, of Aslibv de la Z:.ueli, c 
Helen's, A.shby 'do la Zuueli, II 
of Henry WJiitby, of Alber~l..i 
Whitby, in 'I'.urke'.s handed C 
Jan., 1S.-..S; bni'. at ANhby de I.n ; 
25 March, ]>S7(;, at. (i!).' Tliev 
Liverpool, gvnt., b. 12 .Maivh.'l^ 
Fry; and Mary Catheiine m. a 

llCl-as; bapt. 
unm. Anril, 
lames' West 

at Lough- 
, LS33, ';et. 

-0. Leicester 
Xuv„ 183(1, 
lie, M. 1\, |1 

, 111. at St. 

]■: liza dau. 

I'edi-ree of 

id .h.mI is 

Jiad issne, ! 
hJS; Klizalu 
it Holy Trii 

Sluddoll, ,if 

•th m.J..liii 
lilv, Ashbv 


dc la /uucli 9 Oct., 1m7o, James ITemy Young, of Alj- 
Loti Hall, N. Lam-asliivo. 
(.5.) FerdinaiKlo Kolunt, of Louglilim-ouRli, i^cnt., b. tliovo 
April 17'.)S, m. lliivy Smith of Loiighbovough ; died 2 
July, 1S71', ;et. 7G; bur. 7tli at Loughborough; they 
had i.-sue, John, Ferdinando George (iu New Zealaud), 
111. Amelia Luiui, .Alary Ann m. Thomas Heiuy Barnes, 
Katherine Siiiilh m. Leonard Robert Jjiirrow.s, and 
Eliza Aniol.l, 
(G.) Mary Pcnrlope, m. oO May, 18:17, Kdward Mortimer 
Green, of Ashby de la Zouc'h. [Sec Pedigree of "Green 
of Od.slone Hill," in 'Burke's Landed Gentry.'] 
(7.) Cathci-iue All' yn.', m. 10 June, 1839, Georgica Hawkes, 
of TaltoH Ibjii ;r, eo. Worcester, esq., and died 3 Aug., 
18J'2, leaving two dans. Clara who n\. 9,G Nov., 18*74, 
at Newbohron Stoure, George L. Field, 17th llegt., 
and Catherine. 
(8.) Joseph, of Stanford, co. Notts, died int. and unin. 13 

Nov., 1838, xt. 3'J; bur. at Loughborough. T.S. 
(0.) Catherine JMorris, died in her infancy; bur. at Lough- 
borough. T.S. 
Thomas Cradock, (3rd son of John and Jlary) of Q,uorn Court, 
CO. Leicester; bapt. 8 Sept, 17!):.; m. Oct. 1811, ibxry Oetavia 
dau. of Harry Grovor, of lleuiel Hempstead; a Solicitor at 
Loughborough; Lord of the. Manors of Walton on the Wolds and 
Lough liorough ; died 7 Sept., l.S(i3; bur. at Quorndon. T.S. Will 
proved at Leicestu-r- 8 Oct., 1803. lie hail issue, 

(1.) John Davys, of Quorn Court; b. G April, LS-i-'S; Lord of 
the Manor of J.oughborough; Cajjtain of Prince Al- 
bert's Own Lrjcrsteishire Yeiniianry Ca^'alry; a So- 
licitor at Lo,v.hl.or.,uuli. 
(2.) Thomas, of Triii. Coll. Cand.ridge, m. 3 March, 187 -•'., 
at Quinton, (^-atl'ii'rine Louise Jane, dau. of Corbett 
Holland-Corbett, ol' Admington Hall, co. Gloucester, 
J.P. and ]).L. I Sec I'r.liLTree of Holland-Corbett of 
Admin-ton Hall, in 'I'nnke's Lan.lrd Cicntry'.] 
(3.) Jlarv, m. Tlir Krx. ( ;|,;nlr., Geor-e Ander.son, Pvcctor of 

(1.) Catherinr Olara. m, .lol,n Henry Paget, of Buck Hill, 
Lou-hbon.u-h. {Xi'v I'rdi-ree of 'Paget of Ibstock 
and'Huddiii'Mun, in •Innhrs Landed Gentry'.) 
(.").) Ivhilv Annr, in. ;;(! .Iiinr, 1 ssO, at Quorndon, J. Hawkes 
Wi', r„|., ,.r Tniii,!.' I'.alsail. co. Warwick. 
Some acconnl .if (^hiMin (', (hr present seat of the family, 
and its hi>toii,' ,•>-,.. HI,-, Hon <. n\MI he bmnd in T. It. Potter's 'Pain- 
blrs round L,md,l.:.|.ne;l,.' 

'I'hn following <\ill>, \-e,, oj' Ciadoek were proved at Ivich- 


1G21. Cradock William, of Bal.lcrsdailc, R. W. Inv. S May. 
[Brother i'Mr. Dr. Cra.lock" iiirntiMii.?.!.] 

1752. " Sheiaon, of Hartt'ovth ; p. Gillin-, cs'i. Will 

17.5.'J. " .John, of Richmonil. Admon. 

17.5G. " .Tohn, of lli.u'h Fivmington. Will. 

17G7. " Antony, of Harkasi.le.'p. Grinton. Adnion. 

17G9. " William, of Harka.sid(.', p. Grinton. Adniun. 

1819. " Clui.stophcr, uf liartforth. Admon. 

There are douhtlcss Honic Wills of Cradock at York; and the 
Eichniond Vavhh Registers probably contain many Cra^.loek 

W. a. DIMOCK-FLETCmCK, M.A., Oxford. 


( Continued from Vol. v, p. SiO;. 

Derby, Robovfc. Lanygablauefurd. 

Derby, "Willimn. Tyvyn,i,'loii. 
Dcrham,, ]>nrM'. 
Dcspcnccr, EdwarJ li', ]\.iit. Tuwl^i-.lmiy. 
DcYiies, Robort, uf Siulliurv. 
Dibbcn, Tliomas, uf DhuIi.mI St. .AFarir. 
Digg, Roger. lI.Tliain. 
Diggo, Jolni. Rector of ]'.i^^]iniH..^l,nn!e. 
Dixon, XicTiolas. Rector of Chr.sthuut, 

Dockyng, William. Reclov of Codvclavr. 
Doayngtoii, Jolui. Caiimi nf l^x.'t.r. 
Dogct, Waller. Citizen of Lou, bm. St. 

Leonard, Eastclieap. 
Dole, William, of r.-ltmie, Co. AMlt.s 

Dobnan, sfr SaAvtell 
Doubl.^, Walter, of Conie.s in Sussex, 


Dounto)!, Thomas, g.'nf. Ipswich. M'hitr- 

friars, London. 
Dowman, Elizalietli, nf Ciiipcwie. 

Drane, William. Yoxfnnl. 
Drapur, Hu^h, of Phr-lr frM. 

DiVWe, Unlnat. Clli/rll ,,f P,:,(l,. 
Lr.'Well, .Inlin. .\lvh(|.Mrn,l ,.f KxrlrV. 

Dromniv, John, l;!.!,,,), of. St. .Mary 

Somerset, Loialon. 
]Jni, Thomas, of SoUtllColeju.Vla ReUvn-e. 


348" Cllirlivle, P. 

14. -IS 

4G1'' rili.lirlr, 4'. 

I lO.s 

34-^ ^b.iion. 


1)0' SudKun-. 

11.') 3 

301'' Eniipr. 


418^' Wliit'^ifl, 1'. 


70'^ Sudhuvv. 


80'' Sudbury. 


1C9'' SlalTnrd. 


1C9'' flnclirlr, V. 


170- Aruudrl, 1>. 


•223' Courleney. 


415'' Wliit-ifl, P. 


50'' 53'' J\ist moi 



202'' l^empe. 

1 I'J'J 

40' Mnrl,.n. 


57'' :\lni-t,ui 

1 108 

MS' .\nnidrl, P. 

1 i.-.o 

ISS' Slntinid. 




437'' Cliuhele, P. 


315' Kempe, 


Pinvy, Xiilu.Lis, nf Srl,rll,,n,l. 


72'' Sta 

])nlrV, ]^.lM■ll, tl,r rhlrv. of 1 1 . ll i-lnn. 

1 L)S 


PUUM.-Ililr, AVllli;,l,l. l;.T|M,nri),.ll,.f.,r,l. 

] 1 1 

221" Annidol, 1'. i. 

])urv, H.-niv. Virir n[ Si. .luM. 


394'' Chirhol,., P. i. 

DulU.ii, Tli.'.nins, K,,l. 


293'- Chi.diclo, 1'. i. 

])yrr, T1i...„:h, ,-,f ^Vvlt,.n. 


202'- Amndrl, P. ii. 

Dygou, Tlio, n:,s. 


292^' Kcnipe. 

lviMl:uiiulcr r,i;„< L.u.hI,,- AVilli.ii,, uf 

Scvrnoaks, K.ut. 


197'' Land, P. i. 

Ivistman, A-n<-=, of D.^viitm,. 


416'' AVhilgift, P. i. 

Katwe'll, Thninas, uf Wyiitcilxune 



4I2MVliilyift, P. i. 

Eboracru, I'liilii.iia, ])url;,-,s Pna Ar lu-ul 


Vocta. V.mivA at AVr^niiusln-. 


4 28^'ChirlH.h., P. i. 

Ecliyngl.ain, Thomas, Kut. 



Edd™, John, of Saxlon, (|.iohatr only.) 


192^' Anunlol, V. ii. 

Edmoi.,1, Strph,.,,, of Monk.lon in ].k. of 



385^' Chi.dulc, P. i. 

*Eawara 111, Kill- of Kn-lunl 


97'' Sndbnry. 

*Ea\val-.l, I'rincr of W;,l,.s. 


90'' Sudlmvy. 

Eawanl, Jolni, .)f Xonvi.h. 


05' Stall'ord. 

Eilyjulon, I'.islio,, ,,f AViurh.sUr. I'.uri.a 



110' Langhaui. 

Ekwilon, Canon of Ex.'trv. 



175'' Avnndrl, P. ii. 

Ely, John. South Lynn 


192'' Arnnd. 1, P. ii. 

Elyiiglni-, Thomas. Si'ntm.r iv \vil! ,jf. 


l.-j' Warliain. 

Elys, Koh.'it, of X'orwi.h. 


23'' Morion. 

Emund, TlK'JfTias, cni.pllaniis. Ayh'sliani. 

140 4 

540'' Arundd, V. i. 

Eii-ae, Guyclianlus ,h'. Kail of iluntin-- 

don. ,SVv'])'An'jlr. 

Evghuni, Kalph i;i.hoi, of r.atl, and 



1G8'' Arnndrl, P. i. 

Eri.ynghaiii, Tlionia., Knt., Xovwirh. 


40.3' fhirh.lP, P. i. 

El'thuni, flolH'ii. lirrtor ,,f M.ailon. 


513'' Arnn.hl, P. i. 

E.-^cot, John, fili/rn of London. 


278'' Kcmiic. 

Esmond,, .if Aylfdiani. 


540'' Arund. 1, P. i. 

Estconii, .lolin. Dran'of St. :Mailin lo 

CIrand, I.nndnn. 


401'' ChiclRJe, P. i. 

Estfcld, William, Knl. London. 

14 45 

139' .Slallord. 

EslivfoHh, ,Iohn. Hon,,,.. 


192'' Arnndrl, P. li. 

]',n-r, Cvlhrll, of Wadhmst. 


IIG'' tirynd.dl. 

Eyrn.s, Xicliolas, ,,f llanislcy in pavLh of 

■\Vindjovnc :\iynslcv. 


288-' AVhit-ifl, P. i. 

Ev.Tard, Thoma-s of Ayl.shani. 


540'' Arnnd. 1, P. i. 

Evcvist, Edward, of Chiddin-slonr, Kmt. 


2G8' Al.l.ol, P. i. 

Kuril, Williani,of Hrrn.niKrnl.yronian 

. 1589 

272' Whiijill, P. i. 

Kxall, An-u^lvu, of V..vrll, Innhold,-,'. 

159 1 

4 11' AVhii-ifl, P. i. 

*\:srUy, .lohn Holland Dnkf oL St. 

j;ath.;iine hy the Towcr. 


ICO' Slallord. 


Exoter, Thomas, ]^ukc of. 

LI 26 

399'^ Chicliele, 

P. i.. 

Eyreinyii, "William dr. Keclor of Castel- 

liishcby, Nortliants. 


188'' Arundel, 

P. i. 

Eacy, William. St. Coluiub Major, 



191- Stafford. 

Ealstofi; Thoinas. I'.ishop of St.. J)avi.l',^. 

LurioJ al St. David'.'^. 


173- Islep. 

Fane, John, of Clicrinqton, co. Wills. 


415'' Whit-ift 

, P. i. 

y-.uw, Peter, of Wileott. 


412'' Whitgift, 

P. i. 

Eantlcroy, Juhann, W" of Jiilin. 


125- Stad'ord. 

Faueoncr, "William, Ivnt. C'aleys. 


278- Chichele, 

P. i. 

Eehri'^ Jolm. Kector of AViiit'ert.m. 


543'' Arun.lel, 

P. i. 

Fold, Thomas. Dean of Hereford. 


322'' Chiehele, 

P. i. 

Fen, Christian, W° of Kirkhy Cane. 


64- Staflord. 

Eenys, James, Kt., Dfis de Saye and Sele. 

Greyfrlars, London. 


190'' Staffor.l. 

Fcriby, John, Esq. Chertesey. 


473- Chiehele, 

, 1'. i. 

Ferrers, William d(!, Diis de Grohy. 

]juried at Ulnescrofto. 


128'' AVhitllrs 


]'\'rrys, lvo2,ev, Knt. Ilurslmonccaux. 


178- Stailord. 

Ferrers, William, Dns de Crohy. 


127- Stailord. 

Ferrars, dna ■Slargaret, wife of Sir William 

of Groby. 


81'' Sudbury. 

Ferronr, William. Citizen of London. 



Ferthyn-e, John, capellanus. Oleiford. 


Ill'' Stalinrd. 

Fetplace', Walter, of Southamiiton. 



Feyth, John. Cilizen of London. 

1 153 

310" Kenipe. 

Finnis, Willian), of St. Margaret at Cliife, 



273'' Whit-ift 

, P. i. 

Fische, Jolni, of I'akenham. 


54" Morton. 

Fischer, John. ]]urgcy3 of Thetford. 


11'' .Morton. 

Fisslier, Jolin. Fulliam. 


259- Kemp,.. 

Fitz Ilerberd, Edmund, Knt. Shennan- 



219'' Courlen, 


Fi(z ILi-h, Robert. Bishop of London. 



,'P. i. 

Fitz ]?auf, John, Kid. 


171'' Chichele 

', 1'. i 

Fitz Eol)ert, Pobert. Lond,.n. 1434 445'' Cliieh(4e, p. i. 

Fitz-Wauter, Walter. Dunni.iw. 1131 432- Chichele, P. i. 

Fitz Water, Walter, Dns FilzAVat.r. 1408 254- Arundel, ]'. i. 

Fitz Waryn, Ivo, Knt. 1412 270- Chichele, P. i. 

Flory, John. Cloford, Soiu, i:M. 14 15 144'' Stailord. 

Foog, Joan, W" of Sir Tho,,,,. ,, Ki.l. 1 120 337'' Chichele, P. i. 
Forde, William de. Eector.if All Hallows, 

Bread St. London. 1107 253'' Arundel, ]'. i. 

Fordhani,, Bishop ,,f Kl v. Mii,", 389- Chi, lei,., p. j. 
F.ireman, Pi,lKir,l, ,,f .Mvll,niii parish ,,f 

Pritw,ll, CO. J.:ss.s\. ■ 1571 296" Parki^r, P. i. 

Fosl.'r, Pi,|,ai,l. Bath. 1123 36.5- Chieliele, P. i. 

l"oul,shui>l, J.,hann. Bertumh'y. 1415 290- Chiehele, P. i. 
Founder, srr Caime. 


Fowlcv, Eainuiul, of Kyko. 1199 58'' :\rnitoii. 

Fowler, Jului. 1445 G9^ StiiUor.l. 

Foxe, Jolni, of Eccl.js. 1498 24'' M,.it.m. 

Frainptun, Walk'r. lliistul. 1388 227" Cuurl.'ury. 
Fraiicklyii, John, of Secnde Ucwv, co. 

Wilts. 1j91 41G' Wliil-ift, V. i. 

Frajiks, Joliii, clerk Salisluny. 1433 477'' ChicliLlr, 1'. i. 

Frcrc, AVilliani, of Keppvs. 144.-) G8'' Staliurd. 

FreslifonI, Meliola.s. Freslifor.I. 1591 447^' Vriiitgift, P. i. 

Fretoii, Kegel'. Dean of Chiehe.sler. 1381 '195", 203" Courteiiey. 

Frilona, Wallrr. Koctor of AMvutun. 137G 83'Siun,u,v. 

Frye, Julm, of Salisbmv. 1407 40'' Ar;;iuli4, P. ii. 

Frysourc, Philip, of WeMcv. 1452 310" Iveiiipc. 

Fulcombo, Alice, of llitlie in ICeiit. 1588 2C1" WHiitgift, P. i. 

Fulford, James. 1581 207'' Whitgift, P. iii. 
Fuller, Thomas, of Great Yaniioutli, 

Shipman. 1418 177KSlaflnv,l. 

Furbeshow, ilargery, of AVesloii. 1445 GP' Sinllnrd 

Fuy.stour, William, Citi/ru of Salisbury. 1419 332'' Chieliele, P. i. 

Fylcole, Johaiin, of l,nnl.>n, W". 1453 295" Xempe. 

Fynchaiii, John, of I'vnch.iin, grnt. 1499 34" IMortoii. 

Fysher, TlMaa;,., ,,f 1; lili.n:.; Mil. 15',ll 4 17'' Wliit-ift, P. i. 

Fyiu-halii, WilHaui. J'ai,-,-iM.r Cli.'ha.tliaiu. ll'J'.J GO'' IMullou. 

Calaiule, William. Ke.t..v .,f li,.,l,4nril. 
Ga'iot, i\lice, wiLh.w of Thomas. St. 

]\fichael (iwm, Loi;.lnii. 1435 4G1'' Cliidiclr, ]'. i. 
GamuU, John. Canon ..f Welk Keelur 

of Yevill. 
Gardyner, Jnhii, of PmuMne. 
Garmoncle, Thomas, ti[ L'lrwvr, gi'nt. 
Gaye, William. Stokehold. 
Geen, see Smvth. 

GcflVeye, Agnie.s, of Charinge, co. Kent, W". 1 559 309" l'„rker, 1'. i. 

Gclys, Alice, wife of Henry Gely-s. 1423 3G4" Chichele, ]'. 

Gcnotto, Kobert. :\lildenhale. 1410 192" Arundel, P. 
Gerard, Ivateriue, ■w" of John, jVldeniian 

ofKorwich. 1451 191'' Sla (lord. 

Gcrveys, John. Cirencester. U53 281" K.'Uip. 

Gcwise, John, of Congham. 1499 4G" :\lorlon. 

Geyst, Thomas. (Probate onl v.) 1113 191'' -Arnndrl, P. 

Gilbert, John, of Penenden, in Kml. 15S'J 205" ■\\-liil.;ift, P. 

Gilbert, John. Pishop of St. 1 lavids. 1393 IGO' Annul. 1, P. 

CJilh.vl, Poher). P.ish..p of L.iud.iii. M4S 1U5» Stallord. 

(;, Kdward. ];,4wviidni,. MPS 17.V' Slalb.rd. 

Ginnn-, lin-.r, <,f r.u.kfril.i, vmnian. P'-sO li".)'' Crvn.l.ill. 

Girling, Pi.-haid, (.f .NnilhlM.irnham. 1115 7 1" SlMinrd. 

Gisors, John. St. .Mailni Viulrv, London. I:;SI) lU7 ' .^udlairv. 

Glaser, John. Krelor of Slisted, i;, 140'J 107" Arundel, P. 


251" .\nind-l, P. 

PI 02 

197' .\rui..dol, P. 


410' Wliif.,in, !■ 

J 112 

4S7'' OorhrL', P 


Glasbrokc, James, of Harrow on Uic Hill, 

taylor. 1558 10'' Post inortcm Poli. 

*Gluur(.st..r, Aliniora Ducliess of. l.^D'J 10.",' Avunad, V. i. 

Oloucvslav, Thomas, Esq. U4G 1 If.'' .Stall'or.l. 

Glover, Jolni, of'nacn in Kent. 155'J 1 !'■ Post mortem Puli. 

Gobet, :\rawte, W". St. Ck'orge Colgate, 

Norwicli. '" 1-1'JO 28'' :\r(.rtoii. 

Goa, Jolili, of AVol,viil-e, in Pari-^li of St. 

James near Taunton. Glie.lJun. 1591 « )'' AVliit^iff, P. i. 

G.Klestre, Roqer. 13G8 129'' Whitllesev. 

Go.l.wvk, Joim dc. Pvector of Clyve. i:!97 15(1" Arundrl, P. i. 

Godefiave, Tliomns. Old Romney. 142G 4-G'' CJiicliele, P. i. 

Godfrey, Jolni, of Tenterden. 1589 2G5'' WliitKift, P. i. 

Godvey, Edmund. Kcctov of Roungliton. 1445 G7^' Stalford. 
Goglie, lo>'_;c'r. A'icar of M.awncell Gamorgc 1558 GO''' Pole. 
G.ilafre, Jolni, Knt. Friars minors, O.xon. 1393 155^ Arundel, P. i. 
Golandre, William. Hector of Pedrford. 1422 3G7'^ Cliichele, P. i. 
Gold.-, John, capollanus. I'.o.xele. 1406 331'' Arundel, P. i. 

Gohlsmyth, John, of Sholtisham. 1498 IG'' :\[orton. 

Goldyngton, Robert de, Ent. 1383 20G^' Courteney. 

Gooddaye, Robert, of .Sabrid-eworih, in 

Hartford.shire, yeoman. 
Goodiu, "William," of Otterdeii, co. Kent, 

Goodl.ihe, GeollVey. Isleworth, :\liddx. 
(loold,', John, clerk. 
(ioo.S ];!nd. Citizen of Xorwieli. 
Gore, William. Aldrvn-lon. 
Gorgis, Theobald de. ' Wiuton. 
Gouide, Joanc, W" of Estbrent. 
Goundenhnm, Thomas. Langford, 

Gowcr, John. Tiii^ Pokt. St. Mary 

Overy, Southwark. 
Ginvty, John, of Cley. Norfolk'. 
Graey, Hugh, capellanus. Eondon. 
Grailii, John, Knt. Major Lrml. :;,ilii. 
(irandisson, John. T.ishop of l.xeter. 

Buried at I'lxeter, 
Grandis.TOn, Otto de, Knt. Oltriy St. 

jNIarv, ]">evon. 
Grate, John, of Ij-iswich. 
Grainicestre, Thomas. Connim for |.rn\ lie; 

will of. 
Gray, William. Pisho), of l.ineoh,. 
Gray, R.,bert, of M'ellvs. 
Greene aH.fx Ibwne, Eli/ibrlh, of ( 'oin- 

inrrford.' in jiaridi of L'alnr, ,■,.. Wills. 1590 I IG'' ^\•lli^i^, P. i. 
I'.irni,., j'.dinond, of Svs.'well. ) 199 51)'' Mnilm,. 

';ivgo,i, ]{,,b,.it ■ 1413 ISG^' Auindel, P. ii. 

Greue, ,rr Paylly. 


85'' Post mortem Poli. 

14 52 
1 380 

309'^ Park.T, P. i. 


211'' Aniiid.l, ]>. i. 

172'' ChirlM.Js ]'. ii. 
4S7' Cldrh.4.', p. i. 

IOC' Sudlairv. 
43V'' Whitgih, P. i. 


51 ' Arundrl, P. ii. 

1 lOS 
14 45 

25G'',\rui,drl, P. i. • 
7(1'' Stalloril. 



182' Arumh'l, P. i. 


103'> Whitlleseye. 


1 18^' Islr], 

13'' .Morton. 


217'' Courteney. 
45S'' (l,i,l„.l,,' P. i. 
4 2''Mortn„. 


Grcnc, Jolui. Citizon of Lon.lon. 1-152 2GC' Kciiipo. 

Grene, Joliii. Keclur of CastiKninLe. 1115 130'' StMHonl. 

Greue, Jolm. Kootor of Cli,-n vii- ll:U 41'.)- Cliirli.'lc, T. i. 

Grenu, John, of Stivtliaiu. M12 103'' Aiun.ld, P. ii. 

Grwie, Rifltanl, piccst. St. Gll.'s, Xnrwicli. M'J9 I'J- ]\lorton. 

Grcnc, EMuii-a, of .Soutlielniliam. 1499 55'> .^lorton. 

Grcne, William, of Asslic. 1499 58'' Morton. 

Grevcll, William. Campcacn. 1401 183^ Anuulcl, R i. 

Grevylo, John, Esq. Dioccsr of AVorccstcv. 1445 128" .Stalford. 

Grey, Kichard. Dns de WvRon supur Wye. 1442 488^^ Chichcl.-, P. i. 

Grey, Robert. Demynstrc. 1419 340' Chijlirl.., P. i. 
Griffith, lulward. Parson uf Pusper, in 

Su.?sex. 1558 47'' Post morlem Poli 
Grofhert, Rarah dc. (widow of K.^ljurt.) 1371 120' Whitllcscyc. 
Gryndham, "William, capellanus, of Liid- 

garsalc. 1444 125''' Stafford. 

Gunner, Roger. 1580 129'' Grindall. 

Gwyford, Sir RoLert. 1372 igi" Conrteiiej'. 

Gyliby.s John, of P ran cast re. 1498 22'' Morton. 

Gyl.bes, Walter. Canon ,if ICxi'ter. 1411 1C7'' Arundel, P. ii. 

Gylloid, John. St. P.^t.^r, ExrU'i: 1492 130'' jNlorton. 

Gyftord, R..beit, i:>.|. W.-tni, und.r E--e. ] I IG 114'' 

Gy-Mcs, Richard. .Al,.,vl,ai,t.f Lvnn. ■"■" 1J53 285'' Kempe. 
Gyldcwyn, Gilbert <le. .^f. ^leliolas, 

Rochester. 13G9 103'' Whillh'seye. 
Gylvt, Ayues, of Winisboi-,AVe in Kent, 

W". 1587 27P Wliil-ift, P. i. 

Iladbnch, William. St. .[n],n, Clnkenwell 
JLulde, Richard, of Ke.lrr.-ne in Kent. 
Uaggar, Geo,,;,, of Kppi...^ i:-..x, 1 ),aper 
Ilalden, AViliiani. Abl-v of "I'.miit 

Halfpenny, AVilliam, of P. pll,,!d, baker. 
Hall, :Sidi,Jas, of Stone in ll^e Vie of 

Oxney in Kent. 
Halle, Amicia. Or.-, Sie .■x. 
Halle, John. ]Iel]i,e_l.v, Su. ex. 
Hallnm, Robert. Hi.le>|..,i S.di.lmiv. 
Halsham, lluL;h, Knl. W. eo.-,...t,de. 
Hanforth, lb-;,rv. SI. IMm.],, IX.-t,.,-. 
Hankefoid, ^Viiliaul, Knl, Mnnklri-],, 

Hanlev, William <le, el.-ilc 
Hanslap, Henry, clerk. ^Vil.dna•, 
Harbur-h, Henry. Cahnii of S,,li .buiv. 
Hanlvie,', Thomas, ,,f In-hun. 
llaid'vn-, John, of (.■l,\v.le. 
Hareu.ll, John. lji,-h..p of Pall, and 

^Vclk-•. 138G 2l8''Conrlenev. 




ol, P. ii. 

15 so 



ift, 1', i. 




P. i. 








ift, 1^ i. 




ift, P. i. 


4 2G' 


de, P. i. 



Chi eh 

■Ir, p. i. 

1 117 



■le, P. i, 

1 111 


h; P. i. 

11 '.12 






h; P. i. 

1 3S3 




] l-"i2 

1 ■"■ 1 ' 





dr, P. i. 




I.', P. i. 


llarlyng, Tliomas. Canon of C'liirlirstcr. 1122 SCS"- Chicliule, V. i. 
llnrman, Agnes, "\V°. St. Petor .Mancroft, 

Norwich. 1499 J C' Morton. 

Harris, Joanp, of Sontli Pethorton. 1591 217'' AVhilyift, P. ii. 
llarrjson, Henry, of St. Savionr's Soutli- 

warko. 1.558 92'' Post nir)rtcm Poli. 

Hart, A^icholas, of Snargato in Kent. 1589 2GG'' Wliitgift, ]'. i. 
Haryngtoii, Jolni de, Knt. Dns .b 

Aklyiigham. 1117 31P Chicliele, P. i. 

llasec, Henry. .Sv.lvnglionrne. 1-107 3G^^ Arundel, P. ii. 
Haseley, Thomas," Xni: Sulmiaishal of 

England. Cnil-le'd F,i „-, i,..„don. 1119 174- Stafford. 
Hash.y, Joliu. nf Cliirhrsl.r. 1411 157'' Arundel, I', ii. 
Hastynges, Agnes de. Countess of Pem- 
broke. Minorosscs, London. I.jGS 119'' Langhani. 
*Hastvnges, Jolm do. Earl of Pendjrokc. 1376 gP- 99" Sudl.ury. 
Hathewev, Thomas. Marloburgh. 1424 378'' ChieliMe, P. i. 
Hattfrhl, Thomas. Bishop of Durham. 1381 107'> Sudhurv. 
Haustine >,Iia>i Pye, Eicliard, of Cloford. 1591 439- Wl.it_;ift, P. i. 
Hawley, Thomas, Knt. liurgh super Payne. 1419 333- Chiehele, 1'. i. 
llawyle, Jolm. Kector of llimwoi'th, 

Norfolk. 1407 543- Arundel, P. i. 
Haxoy, Thomas. Treasurer of York 

Cathedral. 1424 382- Chiehele, P. i. 

Hayton, Thomas. Morton. 1431 42.3'' Chiehele, P. i. 

Havwode, Tliomas. Vicar of Poun.lestowo. 1431 444- Chichide, P. i. 
lle-litedburv, William, S.T.P. Urduv 

of Irkhani and Canon of Sarum. 1372 12G'' Whittleseve. 

ll.'isaunt, Alexan.ler. 1452 2GG'' JC.'.npe. 

Ibdr, :\Iattlie«- atte. Prituvll, Essrx. 1390 207'' Cnuilcney. 

llele, AVilliam atte. Prilcwvll. 1390 237'' Court.'n.'V. 
llelles, Gilbert de. Hells in jarish of 

"\Voodnesborou-h, Kent, liuii.'d at Cod- 



20G- Islep. 

Helwoldyng, Nielmlas, of Heme. 



-, P. i. 

llehvoldyng, Agnes, w" of Nicholas, of 



420- Chicheh 

_■, P. i. 

Henbri-ge, Piehard. Sei-cant at Ann.s. 

St. Mary .Matfehai, London. 


15G'' Anindrl 

!, P. ii. 

Ibaidye, Kobnt, of Troll.'. 


417- Whilgif 

1, P. 1. 

H.'nneslhor]r, John dr, r\ryl:, :\faslc'r of 

St. Katherine by the Tower. 


1G,3- Arundel 

, P. ii. 

Heron, William Knt. Lo,d Say. 


219'' Arundrl 

1, P. i. 

Herrison, John, of Thornb on I'.i'jiop. 

1 115 

G2'' .Stalioi'd. 

Herst, or llur>t, Agnes, of l.ondo:,, \V". 

1 1.M5 

31G'' Kempe. 

Hert alkiK Kaynold, ,,r Di'vins. 

14. -.2 

298- K..M,p>.. 

Hetersete, John. Rector of \\l,.lt,.a,iv. 

11 OG 

3G'' Arundrl, 

P. ii. 

Hevy, Thomas. Kector of St. ^Margaret 

Patens, London. 


29G'' Keliipe. 

Hewes, John, of ITumstede in Kent. 


Gl- Post moi- 

Irni Pol 

Hewk, John, of Poton, 


153- Arunde 

1, P. ii, 


Hoyclon, Yicav of Lan-ham. 
Iloyward, Jolin, of IJiooustliorpe. 
Ilcywortli, William. ]!i.sliop of Covcutiy 

and Liclifiekl. 
Hillary, Kntlioviiie, ^vifo of ]^>-er. 

Waleshalc All Saiiit,^. 
Hillary, Roger, soninr, Chief 

Justice of King's 13encli. A\'al.sak'. 
Hillary, ilargarot, w" of Rog.T. 
Hillc,'Ko1)ert. Oatyngliangor. 
Hill, John of Spaxton. 
Hill, AVilliam. N.irwicli. (I'lol.atc only). 
Ililles, William, of I'liuldcy and I'eving- 

ton iu ]vent. 
Hodges, Agno.'!, of Stowgui-.<-('y. 
Hodges, William, of Hnnspill 
Hody, John, Knt. Woollavington, 

*noland, Thomas. Iviil of Kent. Buried 

at ISrunc, Lincoln. 
Holden, Thomas. Oxford. 
Holden, John, of Great Yaiinnulh. 
Holder, John, the older, of Churcham. 
Hole, William de la, Yirar in llxeter 

Holme, Richard de. Cau'.n of York. 
Holle, Richard, of Colrythe. 
Honcston, William. Coidinm. 
Honyng, John. Rcctr.r of Snoryng. 

Hoolhe, Rol)i.rt. Citizen and Y'axchandh' 

of Norwich. 
Horc, Richard. Provost of ^Vells. 
Home, John. 

Hor.sham, Richard, of Upchiicli.', co. Ken! 
Horsman, Richard, of V.rvUni Jlcndii;),, 

Horton, Roger. Cruxhale. 
Hortcrest, Andrew, of IJeynham Kt. 

Honiide, liichard. St. Andnw.-s Churche 
Houton, Adam. I'.islmp of .St. David.^ 
Howard, Margar.'f, A\'", I'.ast A\-iuch, 

Howell, Hughap liice ap. 
HowFc, William, of Criddade Kt. Sanip.on; 

CO. Wilts. 
Howys, John, of (;launiford. 
Huhl.erd, Elizahelh, of Deeclcs, AV". 
Hugelct, Richard, of Ksl Techam. 
Hngham, William. Yicar of Norlhgale, 



Arundel, 1 
Arundel, 1 

P. i. 
'. ii. 








31 S'' 



P. ii. 

P. i. 
P. ii. 


413^' AVIiit-ift, 
438'' Whitgift, 

P. i. 
P. i. 
P. i. 



' Clnehele, 

P. i. 



' Arundel, 
■ Chiehele, 
' Cranmer. 

]'. i. 
P. i. 




' I'rrkham. 

' Chirli,:),., 
'■ Siallnrd. 

P. i. 
P. i. 



'■ Aruiehl, 

P. ii. 




,. 1399 



^' Sfairord. 
- I'ailcrr. 

P. i. 



■' Chiehele, 

, 1'. i. 



I'nst morl, 
'•Com tun, 

cm Poli 

15 GO 



!■' Cliirhrk 
1' I'aikev. 

■y, r- ii 



411'' Wliituift 
3i;'' M.aln,,. 

59'' .Mnllnll. 

220'' Arundel 

, p. i. 
, p. i. 


29S'' Chiehek 

-, p. i. 




340-^ Chichflo, P. i. 



17:2' Chich.Io, P. ii, 



249'' Ai-undul, P. i. 

1, Liii- 


236" Aruiulel, l\ i. 


114^ Stafibrd. 


1 111 

152^^ Arundel, P. ii. 


403'' Wliilgift, 1". i. 

risli of 


404'' Wliit-ift, P. i. 


430^ Cliicl,.!., P. i. 



225" Bancroft. 


153'' Arundel, P. ii. 

nugw'ctl, Jolin, of Cliartham. 
llulvcrston, AVilliam, of Ilevenyngl 
lluinbleton, Alan. Kector of Kow] 
Ilundclby, Robert, clerk, of Alford 

Huiigcrford, Sir Walter. 
Ilungerford, Joliann, w" of Sir Tl 

rinnt, Simon, of Enford. 
Hunt, John, of "Woodsliawe in par 

Wotton Bassett, yeoman. 
Ilnntc, Ralph. Citizen of Bath. 
Ilnrst, see llcrst. 
llutclicn, Agnes, of Ycadingc in 

of Hayes,'w 
Ilutchin.'!, see Chappcll. 
llydo, John atto, of Sudbury. 

James, Robert, Esq. Dfis do Borslall. 1431 

James, John, of Cholsey. 1590 
Janson, Clementc, of Boneragc, co. Dorset, 

in par Crambornc. 1571 

Jasper, Robert, of Asshc dioc. Rochester. 1389 

Jens, Robert, of Fordle. 1499 

Jcspar Jones (sie), W. Rie. 1558 

Jcssopc, Andronicus, of Penshcrst. 1615 

Jewc, John. Wyflesconibe. 1415 

lucent, Androwe, of Ilalden, co. Kent. 1566 

Ingclosc, Henry, Knt. Horsham prior}'. 1451 

Inglond, John, of Stanton. 1498 

Ingloso, Henry, Knt, Xorwirh. 1451 

Joce, Isabel, widnv. St. Paul's, Londi.n. 1449 
*Johanna, Pi'iucess of Wales. (Fair Afaid 

of Kent). 1385 

John, "procurator eeclic do Bisshop. sans date 
John, Canon of Wells. 1411 
Jones, Alice, of St. Martins in the Fii4ds. 1558 
Jones, John, of Luekington, husbandman. 1591 
Joscp, John. Snoryng' Magna. 1499 
Ilsley, Edward, of Allesford'^, co. Southamp- 
ton, shoe-maker. 1635 
Islcp, Ralph, capcllan'us. Canterbury. M20 
Isely, John. Sundre-ssh. 1375 7S' Siidbi 
*.)ule,rs,' I'lizaboth, Countess of Kent. 

Winchester. 1411 151'' Arm 

425" Chichele, P. i. 
409'' Whitgift, P. i. 

43' Parker, P. ii. 

356'' Courteney. 

56'' :Morton. 

54-'^ Post Mortem Poll 

274^ Abbot, P. i. 

294" Chichele, P. i. 


192-^ Stafford. 

IS*- Morton. 

297" Kcmpo. 

308'' Kcmi)e. 

213 Courtenc)'. 
51'' Arand.4, P. ii. 
162"ArundrJ, P. ii. 
84^' Post :\fortei]i P,.li, 
417'' Whitgift, 1'. i. 
44'' jAIorlon. 

143'' Laud, P. i. 
3;!G^ Chi.hrle, P. i. 

1, P. ii. 

Kegw.nih, Ro-rr. 

Kelly, ,K,hn. Kuclor of Caudu.,: 

Kendal, AVilliam, of Stone. 

1418 32^Chichel, 
1417 ISP'Slallnrd 
1413 201' Arundel 


Kcndalc, Roger. Citizen of London. St. 

Paul's. 1453 30l>' Ivempo. 

Kent, Lncy, countess of 142-4 371'' Cliieliele, P. i. 

Kent, Robert, lledccorn. 14S3 109'' "Wavliani. 

Kent alias Bradford. Adam. 1559 48'' Post niortcni Poll 

Kent, Countess of. Sre Julrr.s. 

Kentwode, Reginald. Dean of St. Paul's, 

London. 1441 47G'' Cliieliele, P. i. 

Korvile, Robert, Knt. Wyggenale. 1418 325'' Cliiehele, P. i. 

Kinge, Margarete, W", of j.awliugc in 

Essex. 1590 270'' Wliit-ift, P. i. 

Kiricl, John, Knt. 137G 9(5-' Sudlniry. 

Knap, John. Prode Sunmicrford. 1558 75'' Post mortem Poli 

Knighton, Marmaduke, of IJunlicd Jfarie. 1591 418'' AVliitgift, P. i. 

Knolles, Thomas, senr. Cili/.en of Lon- 
don. 1435 450-^ Cliieliele, P. i. 

Knolle.s, Thomas. Citizen and grocer,'of 

London. 1445 154'' StalTonl. 

Knolles, Robert, Knt. AVliilefriars, Lon- 
don. 1404 24.5%247''Aiundel,P.i 

ICnolle, Thoma.s of Lynstod, co. Kent. 15C0 309'' Parlcef, P. i. 

Knyght, John, of Metyugham. 1498 41'' Morton. 

Kryel, Letitia, wife of Sir John, Kt. 

KykhiU (?), ^ee Rykhill. 

Kynipton, John, of 11 worth, co. Cambridg 

Kyng, Katerine, of Wighlyngham. (Pro 
bate only). 

K;yng, AViiliam. Citizen of Xorwieh. 

Kymvoi'th, Riehard. Ciliz(m of London. 
St. Mieha.4, Cornhill. 

Kynwolnuusli, ^Villi:nn, eh'ik, treasurer. 
St. I\Iarlin le grand, Lnjidoii. 

Laadc, William, of Terynglon St. Clement 

Lacy, Peter, Rector of Xorllillel.^. L'575 88'' SmllMiry. 

Ladde, Androwe, of All Saints in dioc. 

of Chichester. 1580 ISO'Cryndall. 
Lanibc, Richard, of Langfoid, jiusband- 

man. 1499 2()' .^^ll■ton. 

Lamberds, John, of AVlirpslidc 1199 53' .Mmluii. 
♦Lancaster, Henry J)uke of. Iliuied at 

Leicester. 13G1 172' l.slei.. 
Landefer, Thomas i.f LyiHliam, ,0. Wilts, 

husbandman. 1590 415MVliilL;ifl, P. i. 

Lane, Riehar.l, of Fi- li. boin,. in Sll^.v^-. ir.5y 50' I'ost, moit,.iii I'ol 

Langedon, Thomas. I'.i-lio,, of l;o,i,r-l, r. ).1:{3 402'' flii.hrjr, ]' i 

*Langeleo, Edmund <.f, Duk,- of York. 1402 191'' .\iini,lel, 1' i 

Lanvode, Katerine, of llriin;;l,,nii. 1415 09- Stalloid, 



104'' Arundel, P. ii 


318'' AVhitgift, P. 1 


198'' .Arundel, P. ii 


188^' Stafl'ord. 


352'' Clii.4iele. 


31'' Morton. 



To All and Sixcular to -wlioiu lliese presents shall couic »SV/- Gi-ovjc 
Ktujlcr Knight Gakter Printii)al King of Arms Ruliih Biijland Es(nurc 
Clarekceux King of Arms ;uid Edmund Ludgo Esquire Norroy King 
of Arms send Greeting. Whereas His ^Majesty by Warrant nndor His 
Royal Signet and Sign INIannal Viearing date the tenth day of Jnne last 
siguiacd unto tlie :NIost Noble Bcrunrd Edicanl Duke of Norfolk Earl 
iSiarshal and Hereditary Marshal of England tliat He had been graciously 
pleased to give and grant unto Richard Orford of Trinity College Caui- 
Inldge Esquire only son of John Oi-fvvd of Mancliester in the County 
Palatine of Lancaster Esquire by Elizabetli his wife now deceased llio 
only .surviving dauglitor of Ruhck JLHl of Chamber House in the Paiisli 
Roclidalo in tlie said County Palatine of Lancaster Esquire also deceased 
His Royal Licence and Authority that lie and las Issue may in compliance 
with a clause contained in tlio last Will and Testament of liis said late 
^Maternal Grandfather Robert Holt deceased take and use tlie surname of 
HoLTE in addition to that of Ori'ord and boar the Arms of Holtb 
Quarterly witli tliosc of Ohford, Hoi.te in the first Quarter, sucli Arms 
lieing first duly exemplified according to the Laws of Arms and Recorded 
in the Heralds Olllce otherwise the said Licence and Permission to lie void 
and of none oflcct. And forasmuch as tlie said Earl jMarshal did by 
AVarrant under his hand and seal bearing date the twenty -first day of July 
last authorize and direct Us to grant and cxenqilify such Arms accordingly 
Kkow Ye therefore that We the said Garter Claresceux and Norroy 
in obedience to His Jlajesty's command in pursuance of His Grace's 
AVarrant and by Virtue of the Letters Patent of Our several Offices to 
each of Us respectively granted under the Great Seal of the United 
Kingdonr of Great Ih'itain and Ireland do liy these presents grant and 
exemplify nnto the said Richard Orford now' Richard Orford-IIoJtr the 
Arms following that is to .say Quarb^ily First and Fouith Eriniii'' tiro JJar.-; 
I'litjrailcd Ay.nrc over all a File Oidr.i thcrron tiro Crof:.ic^ Fufiy. in r/iiif 
and a Phcoii iu ha-^e Or for llollr, S, ,:.,ik1 and Third Or, tiro rhrrn-onct.< 
fahle between three Fleurs-dedis Arnr,' orn- nil a Fens Vert thereon a (in i/- 
hoinul current Arr/enf for Orfird, And for the Crest of Holte, On a 
Wreath of the Colours, Ui»iii a Mount Vert a Hqnirretl xijnnt projier 
charijrd on the Shoulder irith a Cms^ Fatee Or .-iuji/.ortiui/ irith tlie forr- 
jiair.-! a Pheon mounted on a Staff and jUqhted tia' Head don-nirard^ Or. 
And for the Crest of Oisford, On a A\'reath of the Colours, Out ofRii.<hi:i 
proper a Demi C'rei/Jwund An/ml rhara-d mi the Keel- irith tiro Chrre- 
romh >:,d>tc holdimi brficeeu the j,a,r. a 'Fli'iir-dedi.< Azure as the sam.' are 
iu the Margin hereof more plainly .lr,,i,-(,d to be borne and usrd for ev.T 
hereafter by him the .-aid Rirhard Orf-rd Iloll,- and by hisl^sue pursuant 

'Jrr. Orfora H.,ltu (who bailt ,-111.1 i,M,lr,l ;it, Toikington LuJ-u, ikmi- Stcukpoit 
C.I. Cluster) miinict Aim,., d.ui-lit.i- ,.i Mr. Tli„iii;is, of .M.u|.I.-, C, 
f'li.-t.)-, li\it (lu'd witlumi, i.s.siii' ; th.; ;inas, lluid'orf, caiuiut now be boi ac by ;\iiy 
l'iv-..)i i.iilKr singly or .is quarU-liiiys. 


to the tenor of His Mnjesty's said Sign Manual and according to the 
Laws of Arms. In Witxess wliercof Wo tho said Garter Claren'oeux 
and iSToRROY Kings of Arras liavc to these Presents subscribed Our Names 
and affixed tlic Seals of Our several Offices this First day of August in 
tho Sixth Year of the Keign of Our Sovereign Lonl George the Fourtli 
by the Grace of God of [the] United Kingdom of Great Ih-itain and 
Ireland King Defender of the Faith, &c., and in the Year of Our Lord 
One thousand eight hundred and twenty-live. 

George Nayler, Garter, 

Principal King of Arms. 
Kalpii r.iGLAN'D, Ckirenceuj;, 

King of Arms. 
Edmd. Lodge, Norroij, 

King of Arms. 
Solicited by James Catiiekowe Disney 

Somerset Heralh 
Recorded in tlio College of Arms London. 
CiiAS. Geo. Young, 

York llcraU and Register. 


iimrpnRErs), c.i;.,, p.c, I'^-c, and da:\ie maria 

ins WIFE, 17 MAY, 1S3S. 

To ALL AND SINGULAR to whoni tlicsc Presents shall come, Sir Enljih 
Bighind, Knight Garter Principal King of Arms, Sir William Woods, 
Kniglit, Clarbnceux King of Arms, and Edmund Lodge Esquire, Norroy 
King of Arms send Grecti'ug, "Whereas Her jMajesty, by^Varrant under 
Her' Royal Signet and Sign'^ Manual, bearing date tho Fourth day of iSlay 
Instant, signified unto the jNlost Noble Bernard Edicard, Duke of Nor- 
folk, YyMl "^Marshal and Hereditary ^Slarshal of England, Knight of tlic 
]\Iost Noble Order of the Garter and One of Her Majesty's Most 
Honourable Privy Council, that she had been graciously pleased to give 
and grant to Sir Satnahuni rri/ce-nnmjdirei/g, of Brandiall Hall, in the 
County Palatine of Chester, Kn'i-lit (Coui]. anion of the :Mo3t llonouralile 
Mihtary Order of the Uatu, ili'lilary Kniglit Commander of the 
Hanoverian Guelphie Order and Rear Admiral of the Fleet), and unto 
name Maria, his Wife, natural daughter of William l)aren]iort, late of 
Bramhall Hall aforesaid, Es.iuirc, deceased. Her Royal Licence and 
Authority that thev may from motives of aifectionate regard to the 
Memory'of tlio said Wi/liam Darenport, hmccioith take and use the 
Surname and Arms of Darmport only, and that the said Surname and 
Arms may in like manner lie taken and borne by the issue of their 
]\Iarriage, f.\\^V Arms beim; lirst d>dy exeuiplilled .according to the Laws 
of Arms and recorded iu'thc Herald's Office, otherwise tlic .said Royal 
Licence to 1)C void and of none cfl'ect. And forasmuch as the said Earl 


j\LiKlial did by Wnrrant under His linnd and Seal Leaving date the 
eleventh day of the same month authorize and direct Us to exemplify 
unto the said Sir Salashimj Pnjri'-n/oiqiJ/rei/s, now Sir Scdii^huri/ Dacm- 
pnrt, and to grant and exemplify unto the said Dame Alaria I'njce- 
Jlinnjihrei/s, now Dame Maria Davenport the Arms of Davenport rer- 
jiectively, Know ye theeefoke that "We the said Garter, Clarexceux 
and NoRROY, in ohediencc to tlic Royal Command in pursuance of His 
Grace's Warrant and liy Virtue of tlic Letters Patent of Our several 
Offices to each of Us respectively granted, do by these Presents exemplify 
unto the said Sir Saluahnrij Davenport the Arms following that is to say 
Argent, a Oheveron lietu-een tliree Cross Crosslets fitehee Sul'le, a Cantoii- 
Anire for distinetion, And for Crest, On a Wreath of the Colvnr^ A 
Man's Head propter, around the neeli a ropo Or, cliarged (for distinction) 
on the Neelc with a Cross Crosslet fdeliee Salle, as the same are in tho 
]\Iargin hereof more plainly depicted to be borne and used for ever here' 
after by liinr the said Sir Saluslruri/ Davcn2wrt, and by the issue of his 
said jVIarriage, And AVe do further by tho Authority aforesaid grant and 
exemplify unto the said Dame Maria Davenport, the Arms following 
that is to say Anjent a Chevron hetu:een three Cross Crosslets fifclire Sah'le, 
irithiii a hordurc vmvij Axure, as the same are in the ilargin hereof im- 
paled with those of her said llusband to be borne and used by her the 
said Dame Maria Davenport, the whole pursuant to the Tenor of .the said 
Royal "Warrant and according to the Laws of Arms. Ix AVitnesm 
"Whereof We tho said Garter, Clarenceux and Xorroy Kings of ArDis 
have to these Presents subscribed Our Xamcs and affixed the Seals of Our 
several Offices, tliis seventeenth day of May in the First Year of the 
Reign of our Sovereign Lady Victorlv by the Grace of God of tho 
United Kingdom of Great IJritain and L'oland, Queen Defender of the 
Faith, &c., and in the Year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred 

(Signed) Ligland, Garter. 

William AVoons, Ctarenveaj; 

Edmd. Lodge, Isorroy. 

Recorded in tlic College of Arms, London, this sixtli day of June 1S3S. 
CuAS. Geo. Young, 

Yoric Herald ^y Poyjistn: 

Forasmirch as the vertimi.-: and wrll-dcscrvinge are and onglit in all 
oquitio to be distinguished fnim imu of meaner and ba.ser coiuliliou and 
in all ages and all Comonweallhrs it liathe been houldon as a liegular of proeoadinge for tlie encouragmcnt of others to addi: tn tlic 
Worlhie some tribcn or sigiic of Imniiure lo rcmayne to jiostrrilie. Tn 
ivgard thereof 1 Richard S'. C'^.-r Xnimv Kingo'f Arms (hrin- (ivwhv 

informed by per.wns of g lC,v,|,lr..r il,,. o-,,,,,! laudable and v,-i1r,,us 

Gnndition as al.-;o the Gnililni inlil.r raiiia;;' an.l,. of .■\Ia,;is(rarvr the 
whichc Thomas Korclille of Cu.ale (iomcivall in the CuuuLeye of Voikc 


Esqiiior liatli long tiiuo boviic and exorcisod, do by tlie^e presents gevo 
graimte and Assigne unto hym tlie said Thomas Xorcliflo and to liis 
yssue and postoritic Cortcn Anncs and Ensigiies witli Blazijn Holme and 
Tymbro as manifesto tokens and evident Demonstrations tlierof vilz. 
Azure five Lozaunges voided in Crosse Or a Cliicfe Erniyne. And to bis 
Creaste on a Torco Or and Azure a CJreyliowndc seiaunte Or (sustayning 
•with his righto forefooto a Lozaunge jVrgente) collcred Azure, Jilanteled 
Azure Doubled Argcntc As in the JIargent here depicted more plainely 
appcaretli, To have and to lioulde to the saido Thomas Norcliffe and 
to liis saide yssue and posteritie tp beare and shcwo for Crcast and 
Anns of tliem with their proper Dilferances in Shield Coat Armour and 
other^\^se and therein to be invested at their libortie without impcdimcnto 
letto. or interruption of any person or persons. 

In witness whereof I the saide Richardc S'. George Norroye Kinge of 
Armes have to these presents put to my hande and Seale of my Office the 
XI"' dayo of .Julye in the yeares of the Raignc of oure gratious Soveraigne 
Lordo James by the grace of God Kinge of Englando France and Irelando 
Deffender of y" Faitho &c. the fowrthe and of Scotland the XXXIX"'. 

The arms and crest of Xorcliffc arc depicted in the margin, and there is 
an elaborate border in colour, with the portcullis and crown, rose and 
crov\ni, and tlie thistle cro^\■nod, and eiglit flowers of various kinds. There 
is also the following inscription : " Scno and allowed in the Visitation 
taken 31 Augiist in Anno 1612, by me Eichard S'; Goorg, Xorroy King 
of Amies." 

The seal bears the usual coat of arms of Norroy and the inscription, 
" S. Officii jSTorroy Kegis Armorum Boreal. " 


In the 'East Anglian,' vol. iv, p. 31 ; (lie ' Gencalogisi,' vol. i, p. 35 ; 
and in the 'Reliquary,' vol. vii, p. 14G, some notices of tliis uncommon 
surname will be found. I can add a few particulars to them, and shall be 
glad of any other notes on the name. 

The pedigree given in the 'Genealogist' is a copy of that in the 1G84 
Visitation of Cambridgeshire. To this I add, that Aiiue wife of William 
Lyng, was buried at Fulbourn, Soth ISlarch, 1G83 (Elomefield's Collec- 
tanea, p. 37) ; and that the will of j\Iathias Twells, :\Iayor of Lymi 
Eegis in IGGG, is dated 27th February, 1G7G. Testator is described as 
'of King's Lynn, co. Xorfolk, merchant.' jSIontions his lands at Ter- 
rington St. Clement and Terrington St. .John. Ilis four children— Robert, 
Elizabeth, Frances, and }»lary; his wife's brother, :Mr. John Uirno ; his 
wife Mary; she proved the will in P.C.C, 27th April, 1G77. (Ilale 42). 
This ].edigree, to which I can add the folluwing notes, is continued from 
Kolvit Tw<^lls, of Wisbech, in the 'East Anglian.' 

i:iizalK'tli (daughter of Richard Baldwer, "and wifu of Robert) Twells, 
mad.' her will, 3 Octob.T, 1G75. She mentions her late husband Robert 
Twells, of Wisbech, deceased, gent., his last will dated 3 April, 1GG7. 
My two eldest daughters, :Nrargarct, now wife of Edward Leigh, Dr. of 
riiysic, and Elizabeth now wife of Ciabricl Armstrong, E.,.|.,''aud men- 


tions the deaths of Jane ami Katliciiiie their late sisters. IMy daugliter 
Jlary. My brother James Bahhvcr, gcut.i My sons Jolm, ami Koljert 
Twcils, under ago. John to go to Univcrsitj'-, and to he allowed £C0 a 
year till he is 21 for his maintenance. 20s. apiece for rings to my 
brothers and sisters, James r.akhver, Kichard Ijaldwer, and John Baldwcr, 
Margaret, Jane, and r)orothy lialdwcr, and Jane wife of my brothur 
James. Adm'on, in P.G.C., to James Baldwer guardian to Jolm Twulls 
the executor a minor, 20 .June, 1G7C. Proved by said John Twells, 
3 April, 1680. (Benco 73.) 

This Jolm Twolls was of "Wisbech at the time of the Visitation in 
IGSl, and after of Brougliton Astley, co. Leic'r. Sec his monumental 
iiisciiption, Nichols' Leicestershire, vol. iv, p. G2. His will dated ."0 
i\lay, 1720, was proved by his son John= Twells in P.C.C, 27 Octolier, 
1721 (Buckingham 191). He mcntioms his daughters Mary Twell.s, 
and Jane Twells. Mary was 'of Leicester, spinster.' Will dated 7 
Novcml.ier, 1755, by which she bcrpieaths to 'niece JNIrs. IMary Giffard 
who now lives with me £500.' To Ann Cleypole wife of Edward Cley- 
]iolo of Belton, co. Kutland, gent'n £50. Land.s at Cambridge to Edward 
Twells of Royston, Esij. tjister Jane Twells of AVaiuflcet, co. Lincoln. 
John sou of said Edward Twells. Clodfrcy another son of said l'jb\-avd 
Twells. Appoints Edward Twells executor, and he proved in P.C.C. 
y Februarv, 1758. (liutton, 57.) 

Kobcrt Twcils (son of Robert Twells and Elizabeth Baldwer) was 
buried at Wisbech, sec ]\L L Watson's 'History of Wisbeacb,' p. 268. 
His will is registered in P.C.C. (Isham, 82). He mentions his daughters 
Ann, ^Margaret, Camilla, and Dorothv. This will was proved by his son 
Ed^val■d Twells. 

Dorolliy Twills' made her will as of Leicester, sjiinstcr, 21 January, 
1750. She mentions her .sister Ann and her husband George Law ; her 
."lister Camilla and her husliand Thomas Law ; and her sister JMargaret 
Twells. Her nephew ]Mr. Thomas Life. Her brother Edward Twells 
proved the will in P.C.C. 13 July, 1751. (Busby, 221.) 

I have the following notes of wills of Twells in Nottinghamshire : — 

John Twellcs the eldest of Watnaw Cantlawe in parish of Gresloy, co. 
Nottingham. Gives to Mr. Westaliio six shillings to preach funeral 
sermon. Lease of farm -\vhcre 1 m'w dwell to Elizabeth my wife. 
Daughter Elizabeth. Two younpxM dniglitris. AVifc to be executrix. 
Brother Charles Jameson. Wilin's rs, William Jameson and Patrick 
Cocke. Proved by relict 10 Fel)nuiry, 1628, in Exchequer Court at 
York. (Vol. 40, fo. 311.) 

The will of William Twells of Burton Jorce, co. Notts, yeoman, is 
dated 13 Nov. 161G, To be buried in the church of Burton Jorce. 
Eldest .son James Twells. Second son John Twells. Tliivd sou William 

' J.iiacs r.iMw.r. vlll Yv.xca in r.O.O. G ^\.r:. l':i-, .;Mi; ,1 l-^^i-'l, ,1,.,, .,t 
lV-t.Tl\,l„„,, ...l , , : ,.,^ i;i.-l.anni:,ia»vr, :^.' i ■ r .- i '-:■.■'■ 1 :':.,■. 

'Iwri- (if Lung Sutton admon. of wliosc c.stvlo was gniuted to Jolm Ti 

M.'l. in' xi.liol.V Lulcoacr, iv. 0-2. 

Uiiiicil nt All S.iiut^, Lciccilor, ^7 Jaiuuay, 1750-51. Pai: Jiijiskr 


Twolls. FouvUi son Xirliolas Twells. Youngest son George Twclls. 
Anne Foxe and John Voxc hvv son. ,lolin Mooio my sister's son. Sons 
James and John executors. ]5rotlier Thonrns Twells, and John Lilly my 
brother in law, supervisors. Proved in Exchequer Court at York, 15 May, 
1617. (Vol. 31, fo. 533.) 

"Will of Charles Twells of Xottingliam, dated 19 October, 1625. To 
be buried in churchyard of St. i\Iarie.s. Gives timber, etc., to son John 
Twells and makes hiin executor. Son 'William Twells. Daughter Eliza- 
beth Twells. ;Mv lease at Lenton for two acres. Proved bv said execu- 
tor in Exchequer court at York, 4 Jlay, 1G26. (Vol. 39, fo. 400.) 

" Ellen Twells of Xottingham servant with Elizabeth Trivett of the 
parish of St. Peter's Nottingham," in her will dated 22 July, 1598, 
desires to be buried in the churchyard of St. Peters. Bc({uoaths to 
brother " ^Nicholas Twells of Candjridgc 20'' Avhich my brother Charles 
owetli me." To sister ilargaret 10'' which niy brother Charles oweth nie. 
To my brother John 2^ Names Antliony Eginglon. " ily sister ^Mai'gery, 
licr child Elizabeth Birclio." Dost gown to sister Lirchc. To my brother 
Thomas liirche lO" to buy him a bible, and appoints him executor. lie 
proved in Exchequer Court at York, 4 August, 1598. (Vol. 27, fo. 355.) 

I have examined the ■wills and administrations at Lichfield of pcopJc 
of this name from 1656-1820, and the following are all I could find there. 

Thomas Twells of Codnor in the parish of Ile.ynor, co. Derliy, labourer, 
Adm'on to his widow ilary Twells, G October, 1721. Goods appraised 
at XS 13s. 6d. 

Adm'on of Elizabeth Twells of Taniworth, dated 13 January, 1730-31. 

"Will of ]\ratthew Twells of Kingswintord, co. Stafford, glass-engraver, 
dated 7 JS'ovember, 1800. Devises his real estate at 'ChiUwcll, co. 
Kottingbani, to his sons John Twells and James Twells in trust to sell, — 
interest to wife i\jin Twells for life', — remainder to lu's children Jlathew 
T, John T, ISUij T, James T, and Charles T. Proved by John and 
James Twells llie executors named in the will, 9 April, 1801. 

Besides the wills already mentioned I have noted in the Prerogative 
Court of Canterbury, the adm'on of Christopher Twell (.vv'c) of Pinchbeck, 
CO. Lincoln, to George Twell his son, Katherine Twell his relict having 
rononnccd. (Act book for 1058, fo. 30.) Also, adm'on of Richard 
Twelves (.s7'f) of PJackwall in the i.nri -li «f Stepnoy, co. IMiddlesex, tolas 
daughter Anne wife of John liowyr, 2:! .May, 1 GG5. 

The will of John Twell (.s/V) ,,r' lli,' iKnisli'uf Christchurrh, Citi;^en and 
Draper of London, is dated 20 .liilv, 172S. To bu lavd in Ihc diurchyard 
of the ])arish of Camberwell. To uiv uiro. >[ary Applcvard living with 
me £100 at her age of 21. M'' Mary Ibiwson of Ifacknev, sjunslcr. 
Madam Booth of Hackney. iM'VAnn II..UM,n nf lVterborouL;Yi. Brother 
Stcplien Twell attorney at Law al l.inr.Jn. AVife Jane Twell executrix 
■ - - - ■ n-, 1732. (Bedford 298.) 

.if Clnistehureh, London, 
->latn,., mad.' h. v will 2G 
nf Lniul,,,, AVall. Hi; 

;i.iik nf Ad.ii.' Hill. :\p- 

■1 Williams and his wife. 
vile. Daingerlicld Taylor 
or, lie proved 3 August, 

and residuary legatee. Slio ]i\n\ 

.r,\ -1) 11 

Jane Tw,..ll of "Warwick La„ 

r in the 

who T take, 1u be lli(! widow ol 1 

llr la.l ,. 

Odobrr, 17 IS. :\l(.iiliniis, fl 

ani'i . N 

daughlrvs Ann ami .laim Nruh. 

n. M'' 

Join, Woh'sbm of Waiwhk 1 .a 

nc. M' 

Godson Kobcrt llorue. ,losr,ih 


of street residuary h'g.i 

ter, and 

1758, (llultou 252.) 


Tlic will of George Twcll of St. fliles without Cripi.L'gato, Innkeeper, 
in wliicli he mentions his brothers Stephen, Christopher and John; his 
son George ; and appoints liis Avife Ann executrix', is registered. Heme 14. 

The Avill of John Twells of the parish of Saint George the Martyr in 
the CO. of Surrey, gentleman, is dated 29 Is^ovcmher, 173.3. The only 
persons mentioned in it arc his brother Joseph Twells, and his (testator's) 
wife Isalx'll who is appointed executrix. She proved 29 December, 1733. 
(Price 322.) 

The will of Richard Twells^ of Xcwark upon Ti-ent, co. Xottingham, 
gentleman, dated 24 April, 1744, was proved in P.C.C. by Sarah Twells 
Ins relict, 1 1 Scpteml.icr following. He devises lands upon trust to the 
Kcv'' Mr. James Gibson of Kirtlington, co. Kott"' clerk. T^Ieiitions Ids 
\vife, and his tliree daughters Elizabeth, Sarah, and Mary Twells, and his 
estate at Sutton St. JNIary which he had with his wife. ]]y a codicil 
dated 12 July, 1744, lie devises his estates to James Gibson, John "Wych 
of Stamford, and the Revd. jNIr. Warburton of Erougliton in trust to 

Amongst my miscellaneous notes on the surname of Twells, I find 
the following. 

Thomas Twells gave money to Ihe poor of Castle Doningtou, by will, 
in 1700. (Nichols' Leicestershire.) John. Jonathan, John, and Thomas 
Twelves, all residing at Castle Donington, voted at the Poll taken for the 
CO. of Leicester 17 Dec. 1719. (Poll for co. of Leicester, London, 1720, 

In the list of Bankrupts in the 'Echo' newspaper for 8tli Seiif 1S69, 
occurs "Twells, John, Exeter, Commercial Traveller." 

ilr. Richard Lionel Grose, of Grove Villa, Ealing, assumed some iev 
years since, prajjrio niolii, the surname of Twells. He was of St. John's 
CoU. Cambridge, and in no way related to any person of the naine. The 
prol.iablc reason for this change of name was that his mother Jilrs. Grose, 
married for her 2'"' husband, the Rev'' John Twells, Prebendary in Lin- 
coln Cathedral and Rector of Gamston, co. Nott'", liy whom she had no 

In the printed list of Cambridge Graduates, I am rinalle to identify 
the following persons; John Twells of Christ's, A.L. 1691; Leonard of 
Jesus, A. B. 1704; Thomas (fellow) of Johms' A.B. 174 1, A.^sl. 1748, 
S.T.B. 175G. 

Leonard Twells' was made M.A. liy Diploma at Oxfonl, 7 Dec., 1733, 
and D.D. July 7, 1740. Leonard Twells of Brasenose was B.A. 4 Nov. 
1736. Some letters of Leonard Twells of Jesus College, Cambridge, 
will be found in Xichol's 'Literary Anecdotes,' vol. i, p, 465. 

In the General Cemetery, Nottinghain, there is a monument to 
'Alfred Twells, died 23 June, 1874, agl'd 67 ; and Eliza Twells, relict of 
tlic above, died 3 Feb. 1877, aged 69.' 

The following arc iiotes of nionumcidal inscriptions in the churehyard 
at Loughborough, co. Leicester: — 

John Twells died 22 Aug. 1812, aged 82. Sarah his wife died 24 
Jan. 7, 1831, aged 76. 

' Sec h'u biiriiil, ]k 43. 
' "- Uector of St. JbiUliew, F li.Iay-stri-i't. S.-,- his buri:.l, p. IG. Aatli.a- of ;i Lock i>u 
Di'iuouiat's, and other work>. Ste Watt's BiHiytiiuta IJiitauuica, vul. ii, v. I'-ti. 


Josepli Twnlls' died 2i April, 1831, a-cd 40; and llannali liis uifc 
did 26 April, 1831, a-od 35. Jolm Twcll.s,' Tarisli Clerk, diixl 31 July, 
18G2, aged 73 (liariud in the cemetery.) 

John Twell.-^, juu^ eldest son of Jolui Twells, cLu'lc of this parish, and 
I'Jizaheth his wife, accidentally drowned in the river Soar, in the evening 
of Friday, June 23, 1837. 

Edward TwelLs sou of John Uie clerk, died 5 July, 18G7, aged 31 
years; and Joseph Twells, another of his son.s, died 21 March, 1SG7, 
aged 17 years. James Twells, Accountant, and General Commission 
Agent, also a son of the clerk, was liA'ing at 51 Church gate, Lough- 
horough, ill 1878. 

The following notes of probates and adni'ons arc from the Act Books 
at York :— 
1713. Juno 20. Probate of "Will of John Twells of Kewark, gent., to 

Sara Twells his relict.— iV,'/r,,r/,- Ad Bool: 
lCGG-7. :March 8. William Twells of Xottingham. Adni'ou to Eliza- 

betli his x^\ict.—Nvt(!i,q]nmi rmn Bhiqhni,, Art Bnol: 
1GG8. October 29. Matthew Twells of AVatnall. Adm'on to ]\rary his 

widow. — Iliid. 
1G71. Xov. 4. Probate of will of Henry Twells, gent., of Nottingham, 

to Anno Twells his relict.— //;/.?. 
1G77. May 15. Probate of will of Anne Twclcs of Nottingham, widow, 

to Kichard Greasley her nephew and universal legatee. — Ihid. 
1G77. November 22. Probate of will of William Twells of Nottingham 

to Mary his relict and .sole cx'x.—lbid. 
1G85-G. March 22. Probate of will of John Twels of Nottingham to 

Jlary Twels Ids relict.— //</<?. 
1730-1. January 11. Probate of nuncupative will of .Alary Twells of 
Barton to Robert Perkins and ^Mary wife of Charles Freeman, 
1734, Decendjcr 7, Probate of will of William Twells of Nottin-liam 
to Mary Twells his relict.— /A/-/. 
^Matthew Twells is charged for two liearths in Auston, co. York, in 
Subsidy Poll ;.;{;, AVest Riding, co. York, IG Car. 11, 

John Twells, clerk, is charged for four liearths in AYeston, co, Lincoln, 
in Subsidy Roll lit. 

Twell or Twells was a name eoiinuoii in Lincolnshire, and is no doubt 
an abbreviation of Atwell. A pedigree of At^^■eli is entered in the 15G2 
AHsitation of Lincnlushire, ncc ' Genealogist,' vol. iii, p. 345. The will of 
AVilliam Attwell of AYainileet is registered in the Consistory Court at 
Lincoln, vol. for 1.^75, book ii, fo. 190; and that of Thomas Attewell 
of llorncastle in the. vol. for 1G17, book i, f... 7G. The undermentioned 
will of Twells's will also be found in the records of the Consistory Court 
at Liiieohi. 

Yol. for ICll, book ii, fo. 39. Richard Twell nf Quadrin-, hushand- 
maii. Dated 21 Alay IGll. Son Kdnmnd Twrll, ui.d.a' age. My father 

li ,111.1 .loUn wav brutliors. Tliey smiH of .Mui 'I'wcIIh nf Kegwcill,. 
,ij;c! is eiitcreiliu the K,.;istci- nf HI. M.irlin's, Linuinglmni, -Julm Twi-lti 
itli, ljiicln;lui-, iiiKl ihuy lliadL41 of tUi.s ])ari,sli, miiuster, married tSeiit. 9Lh. 


Kicliaid Blades. EJmond Cols. Edmoiid Twcll my brollier. ^Vifc 
Joan executrix. Slic proved 25 June, 1611. 

A^ol. for IGll, Look ii, fo. 16'!''. Kobcrt Twcll of Eullingljorowc. 
Undated. Katlierine wife of Thomas Annger, and their two children. 
Ellen my daughter the wife of John Morric. Edward son of my said 
daughter ; the other three children of said daughter. Wife Agnes, and 
.son Richard exccntors. Loth proved 13 September, IGll. 

Vol. for 1G30, fo. 477. Augustin Twoll of Donington, co. Lincoln, 
husbandman. Dated 15 July',^ 1630. To be buried in churchyard of 
Donington. To James Skiner my sister's son £i ^^•hcn twenty years of 
age. Jane Skiner my sister's daughter. Joliu Twcll my son, nnder age. 
lilary Twell my daughter. The tlii-ec children of Edward TweU my 
brother. The four children of Lcnard Twell my brother. The two 
children of William Browne of Quadringe. "Wife jAlary solo executrix 
and residuary legatee. Eobcii Shepard and John Belton, supervisors. 
Proved by relict'l7 Nov. 1030. 

Vol. for 1631, book ii, fo. 206, John Twells of Linwood, co. Lincoln, 
labourer. Dated 3 i\Iay, ICSl. Wife Anno TweUs executrix. Father 
in law Robert lilowe and John Blowe my brother supervisors (no probate). 
Vol. for 1639, fo. 777. Richard TweU of "Wigtoft, labourer. Dated 
13 Nov. 1638. Son Richard TweU. Sou "Wili'iam TweU, under age. 
Daughter Frances Twell, under 20. Bridgit Parkin my daughter in law, 
ruidor 20. "Wife Frances sole executrix (no probate). 

Vol. for 1615-6, fo. 453. Richard Twell of Billingborough, Taylor. 
Vol. for 1619, fo. 91. Toljias Twelves of Edenham, co. Lincoln, hus- 
bandman. Dated 5 Nov. 1618. Grandchild Alice Twelves. Daughter 
Anne wife of Humphrey Priest. Sons Peregrine and Thomas. The 
children of Humphrey Pilest and Anno his wife. Son Edward and 
daughter Alice executors. Witnesses Edw. Queeny, Jolm llockerstone. 
Proved by liolh executors 21 April, 1649. 

Vol. for IGGl, fo. 857. Tweles of Trusthorpe, labourer. 
Vol. for 1662, f.i. 333. Robert Twellos of Long Leadenham, co. Lin- 
coln, yeoman. Dated 3 Feb. 1662. Son John Twelles, eldest daughter 
Anno TweUes, youngest daughter Mary Twelles, aU under age. I\bu-y my 
now wife sole executrix. Proved 27 Feb. 1662. At fo. 327 of this Vol. 
there is a lioud entered of jMary Avidow of Robert TavcUcs. 

Vol. for 1663, fo, 94. Robert Twcll.s of Little Hale, labourer. 
Vol. for 1668, fo. 219. John Twells of Whickeuby, in co, Lincoln, 
yeoman. Dated 21 January, 1668. To be buried in churchyard of 
Whickeuby. Elinor TwoUs of Stainfrild my mother. Sister Elizabeth 
Twells of Stainfield. Brother Williaiu Twells. Brother Jerome Twells. 
Wife JIary sole executrix. She pr.jved 11 Feby. 1G6S. This is from the 
original will which is .seeded with a .swau, not however drawn as a crest, 
there being no torco. When the Twells's of Cambridge in 1681 tried to 
persuade the Heralds that they ^\i■y>\ ciilitlcil to coat-armour, Iho crest to 
which thej'' laid claim was a sw.m ]iiMpfr. iS'C ' ( Icuealogist,' i, 35. 
Vol. for 1669, fo. 10. Charles Twll, (,r (uvat Hale. 

„ „ fo. 2SS. Slr|,|„n 'I'wellsof ,Swluesheud(nuueupative). 

„ 1670, fo. nOT'. ,loliii Tw^llrs, ,,t Long Leadenham, yeoman. 
„ 1671, fo. 150. ];i<:liard'i'w.H,;,,.f Long Leadenham, yeoman, 
„ 1673, fo. 140. George Twell, of Creat Hale. 





. Jnl, 




lanl 'I 



. 9. 




Vol. for 1C75, fo. 20.5. Robert TavoILs of ] relprinqlunu. 
„ 1G77, fo. 2G3. John Twdls, of Helpringliam. 
„ 1C79, fo. 592. Eicliard Twell, of Bicker. 
„ 1G81, fo. 142. Eoljert Twcll, of LiUiiigl.orougli, tailor. 
„ „ fo. 492. Elizabctli Twoll, of Heoldiigtoii. 

(Examined to 1085.) 

Fro.m the r.vMSii llEGisTEns ov Newaek, Nons.i 
Tivolla and Mrs. Sarah M.ison. 
i\rll.-< and Flizabcth Twentyman.- 
,rJ TwcUs and Jlrs. Elizabotli WUarburtoD.' 
1683-4. Jan. 3. Leonard s. Mr. John Twclh.* 
16S5. Sep. 10. Mary d. „ 

1658. May 8. Thomas s. „ 
1692. Dee. 30. Sarah d. 
1693-4. Meh. 23. Kichard b. 
1691-5. Mch. 7. Joseph 
1713. July 27. John 
1716. Dec. 6. Sarah 
1718. June 12. John b. „ 
1719-20. Mch. 5. Joseph p. 

1721. Aug. 26. Ehzabctli d. 
1723. Sep. 24. Twentyiiian e. 

1724-5. Mch. 18. Itiehard s. „ ) rr,-^^ 

Hannah d. „ J ^'""'• 

1727-8. Feb. 10. Jlary d. 

1730. May 21. Sarah d. 

1731. June 17. JIary d. 
1734. April 6. George s. 
1734 5. Mch. 21. Ann d. 

16S6-7. Feb. 16. Flizabcth d.ui. of Mr. John Twell.s. 
1687. Aug. IS. M.ary „ 

1659. Dec. 24. Mary wife „ 
1696. Oct. 1. John son „ 
170S-9. Feb. 10. Jo,?cph Twelk. 
1712-13. Jan. 1. Mr. John Twcll.s.'' 

1720. July 16. A cliild of Mr. Fdchard Twelves. 

1722. Aug. 19. Sarah dau. of „ 

„ Sep. 25. Child of Mr. Twelves. 

„ Nov. 26. iTohn son of „ 
1725. Dec. 22. Elizabeth wife of Mr. Eicliard TutIv,^. 
1728-9. Jan. 3. Child of .Mr. Twell.^. 
„ Fob. II. 

• For these and mo.^t of the subsequent citraota I liavo to thank Col. Choster, 

= Mar. lie. ArcMcaconni of Noitimjhum. Kichard Twells of Newark, gent, and 
Elizabeth Twciityuiau of H,ime .<^pin3ter aged 22. Thomas Twells of Newark ' phar- 
ni.acopojia' bound. 2 Jan. 1715. 

ni.acopojia' bound. 2 Jan. 1715. 

3 1726. Feb. 2. liichanl Twells of Newark, Att..rnev nl. 

Law, aged 30, and 

Klizabeth Wavburtcn ..f same spinster aged 26. Mm: lie. Arclnh 

ac'nini of N<4tm. 

*,: ArelnUaconrn „f Knlli„:,hn,„. 1678. 1 ). e. -J. .b.I.i 

, TwJlls ..f Newark, 

m.xsler <if the l'"ice Silii.c.l of Newark, aiul Mi.iy Wighlmau .> 

1 Newark, spinster, 

dau'r of -W illian. of Newark, Ivci". 

Mon. )i,s" for John Twrll.s about 39 years nia.^ter of Newa 

ik School who tUed 

i Jan. 1713, aged 61. Sa 'Dickinson's Newark,' page 2i 


1720-30. Mch. 24. Twonlvmnn son of Mr. Richard Twolls. 

1732. June 16. Ckild of Mr. Twells. 

1734-5. Feb. 5. Georgn son of Kichard Twelves. 

1735. Aug. (— ) Ann daughter of Mr. lliohard Twelves. 

1736. Sept. 21. Child o£ Mrs. Richard Twels. 

1737. Jlay 23. Elizabeth, irife of Mr. Twell.s. 

1741. Nov. 6. Elizabeth, dau. of Mr. Richard Twelv.s. 
1743-4. Feb. 21. Richard Twelves, jr. 
1744. July 20. 5Ir. Richard Twells. 
1750. May 12. Mrs. Elizabeth Twelves. 

Mar. Licensks, from AEc,'HDEACO^'RY of Notiingham. 
1G7J. June 9. George Twolls of St. Maiy'-s parish, Nottingham, labourer, a bachelor, 

aged 22, and Isabel Simons of same, spinster, aged 19. 
1726. Ocf 1. 'William Twells of Kingston on Soar, co. Nottingham, Bhoemaker, 

bachelor, aged about 28, and Mary Rcet of same, spinster, aged aljout 27. 

From the Parish Reolsters of All Saints, Leicester. 

Saplisms. y 

1731, Nov. SO. Mary dau'r cf William and Mary Twelves. 
1736. March 13. Martlia dau'r of William and Maiy Twells. 
1739. Jau'y 28. Ann dau'r of William and Jlary Twells. 

1730. Sept. 22. William Twelves and Mary AUcu. 

From the Parish Registers of Wisbeach.' 

1704. Aug* 25. Anne dau'r o£ Rob' and Marg' Twelves. 

1705. Oct. 10. Elizabeth dau'r of same. 
1700. Dec. 19. Margaret dau'r of same. 
1707-8. Jani 6. Mai ie dau'r of same. 

1708-9. Feb. 16. 'Camilla filia Roljti Twells, gcnerosi et Margaretro uxoris ejus." 

1710 'Edwardus filius Rob" Twells gcnerosi etMargt" uxoris ejus.' 

1715. April 7. 'Dorathia filia Robt' TweUs, Arm. et 5Iargt»' ux'is ejus.' 

1640. Dec. 16. Katlierine Twells, wife of Edward Twells, gent. 

In 1662 Robert Twells signs as churchwarden. William Twells signs as church- 
warden in the vears 1621, 1622-3, 1037, and 1638. 
1709. April 3. Maria lilia Rob'- Twells gen". 

From the Pauisii Registers op St. Margaret's, Lynn Regis.' 
1656. March 6, Mathias .son of Mr. M.^lliia.-. Twells, born 25 Feb. 
1C57. M.iySI. Eliz.Jjclh Twelve? d' of Mr. Mathias Twells. 

1659. April 23. Francis dau. of Mr. Jlathias Twelves. 

1660. Nov. 8. I'obort Twelves sou of Mr. Mathias (the name is corrected to Twells iu 
a later hand.) 

1661. Nov. 14. John Twells the son of Mr. IMathias. 
1665. Aug. 16. Mai7 Twelves d"- of Mr. Blathias, Aid". 

1667. May 1. Mary Twells d- of ]\Iatlu,ts Twells, Esq., Major. 
1C67. May 10. Jlathiaa son of Mathias Twells, Esq., Major. 
1G91. Aug. 27. Mrs. Mary Twells. 

From the Parish IlEoisTKiis of St. Mary's, Nottikgham. 
1504. July 21. Robert Ilawtou and Elizabrth Twelles. 
1596. June 12. Thomas liiroh and Maiyorv 'I'wellcs. 
1610-11. Feb. G. Robert Twells and Ulizabei 

' These extracts add to tlu^ pedigrees iu t! 
^ The burials for 1666 aud 1667 are ccrtifi 









I by 

.„t Angli 



nd the 
;lls, E 

J '0 



1625. May 18. Thcma.s Twolk's m<\ Marpcarct Smyth. 

1629. Aug. 1.3. John Dclx'll and J'.liz.ibeth Twclls. 

1633. Oct. 5. WilUara Watson and Elizabeth TwcUi 

1635. Aug. 3. George Tw.-Us and Mary Turner. 

1637. Aug. 15, Henry Twelts and Margaret Kirke. 
(Examined to 1754.) 


1592. Aug. 24. Edmoud ton of Henry Twellci. 
1594-5. Mch. 17. Katheriuo of „ „ 
1698. May 26. William .son 

1599. Oct. 28. Elizabeth dau. of John Twills. 

1600. Nov. 16. George eon of Henry Twell.s. 

1601. Oct. 11. Anne dau. of John Twells. 
1601-2. Feb. 6. AViUiam .son of Cliarles TwoUs. 
1603. Apl. 25. sou of Heni-v Twells. 

Kov. 6. Mary dau. of John Twells. 
1603-4. Mch. 8. Eliz.abeth dau. of Cliarles Twells. 
1604-5. Feb. 15. Leonard sou of Henry Twclls. 
1606-7. Feb. 21. Fulcke son of John TwcUs. 
1607. Mch. 25. Dorothy dau. of Henry Twelk. 
1609. Apl. 20. George son „ „ „ 
1612. Kov. 15. Thomas „ „ „ „ 
1618. June 7. AViUiam son of Edward Tn-ell.s. 
1627. May 6. Tliomas sou of Thomivs Twclls. 
1629. Apl. 19. Theodora d,au. „ „ „ 

1631. Apl. 24. Amie „ „ „ „ 

1634. Sep. 14. Samuel son „ „ „ 

1635. Ucc. 13. Bridget dau. of Thomas & Margaret Tw 

1636. Juno 12. Elizabeth „ „ „ „ „ , 

1637. July 23. Samuel .son. „ „ „ „ , 

1638. Sop. 30. Kichard son of George & Alice Twella. 
1039-40. Jan. 19. Mary of George Twells. 

1674. Dec. 11. Samuel sou of Mr. John ,t Su^.onia Twel 

1718. Aug. 24. John son of Willi:iin ,', ■'.:',, T.v.lvcs. 

" Oct. 23. Ann dau. of Hcni\ „ ' '..>lve; 

1720. Nov. 2. John son of Hemv c\ ' ,: i . ■ !•. 



1500. Oct. 25. lleury, infant of Henry Twells. 

1603. Apl. 10. Fuleko .sou of Johu Twell.s. 

1614. Juno 8. Anne wife of Charles Twells. 

1610. Apl. 10. Edward Twells. 

1617-18. Mch. 8. K.athcrine dau. of Heiuy Twclls 

1623. Juno 15. Isabel, sister of Cliaile.s Twclls. 

1024-5. Jan. 25. Henry Twclls. 

1026-7, Mch. 2. Johu Twells, a poor man. 

1029. July 8. AVilliara Twcllcs, wlicclw.ii^lit. 

,, „ 22. Mary dau. of l!..l..-it Twells. 

1630. Apl. 27. Thomas son of Tln.mas Twrll.s. 
1G34. Sep. 16. Sanuiel .son of Tlioma.i Twclls. 

1635. Nov. 10. Anne d.ui. , 

1630. Apl. 26. Bridget , 

1066-7. Feb. 18. Mr. William Th.IIs. 

1677. Oct. 20. !\Ir. William Tw. Kcs. 

174S-9. Feb. 27. Marv, wile of .Mi. Thomas TwcU 

175.>*. Mch. 15. Thomas .son of „ 

1761. Mch. S. Catherine dau. „ „ 

„ Oct. £0. Mr. Thomas Txvdls. 

(Eiumiucd to 28 Feb.. 


Fkom the Papish REoiSTi;rs of St. Peter's, Nottikoqam. 
1C2C. July 8. John Twelles k Elizalictli Liuley. 
1029. Apl. 18. Jmnes Wiitkinson & lOlizabetli Twelle.^. 
1G44. Apl. 22. Uobei-t Vcrnum & Klizabeth TwcUes. 
ICJJ. Bee. 2tf. ^Villiam Caguloy & Tlieo.lorc TwolLs. 
(Examiuca to 1743-9.) 
157S. Dec. 21. Nicholas son of llichard Twels. 
1C26. May 7. Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Twells. 
1C50. Dec. 11. George son of George <t Mary Twells, of St. Mary'a. 
1052. Apl. 7. John son of John &. JIary Twells, of St. Mary's. 
(Examined to 1710-1.) 
\t,7S-9. Moh. 12. Richard Twells. 
l.TOS. Jtdy 25. Ellen Twells. 
1G03. Dec. 23. Margaret Twells. 
1054. Nov. 7. Margaret, wife of Henry Twelves. 
1G71. July 28. Henry Twells, Gent. 
1C7C. Nov. 23. Mrs. Anne Twelves, widow. I 

1CS4. Apl. 11. Jane Twelves, ^^'U\o^v. 

(Examined to 1740.) 

From the Parish Registkhs or St. Nicholas, NoiTiNcnAM. 
1C31. Aug. 21. Robert Twells & Jane Rowland. 

(Examined to 1754.) 
1611. Dec. 8. William son of Robert Twells. 
1613-14. 31. Jolni „ 
1016. July 23. Marydau. of R.i.-t T'r.iu,. 
1019-20. Eeb. 11. Robertson ^i r \ ■ i 

1632. Apl. 25. Alice dau. of 1' 
1035 Mch. 30. Thomas audi: 
1037-8 Mch. 4. Henry son of J 1 
1038. Nov. 4. Mary dau. of R. 

. M .,.; i;..l,ert&Janor,. 
i.nv .V TaxlJ\'S. 

(Examined to 1754.) 

1624. Dec. 24. Eliz.abcth wife 
1031-2. Jan. 27. Mary 7'«r//«, 
1039-40. Feb. 23. Henry son of 
1054. Nov. 7. JIargaret wife of 

of Robert Twclfcs. 

Henry Twells. 
Henry Twells. 
(Examined to 1754.) 

From the Parisi 

I Registers ok Soutiiweli., co 

ISOl. Nov. 30. William Twell 
tliis pari.^h-by banns. 

Is, of St. Mary's, Nottinghanr 

1722-3. .Tan. 22. William son ol 

t M^ wi" -1 :' i;:'i.,,i,u--Tw 

and Ann Robinson of 

1724. Dec. 28. Kallieriue.lau. of .M'. t: : I. 

1725-0. Mch. 14. William son of TUm,., 

1727-S, Feb. 20. Mary son of .Mr. Tb.-n, . ,', K i:i. . 

1722-3. Jan. 24. William .son of William Twells. 
17-JO. Juno 7. William son of Jlr. Thomas Twells. 
1757. May 31. Mr. Twells, a),..thooarv. 
1779. Jleh. 13. Jlrs. C.itbaiine Twells widow. 
1793. Feb. 21. Amy Twells. 
liO:). Nov. 12. MaryTvyells. 
1S07. Ajil. 3. Calhoriue Twells. 

' E.wmincd to ISC; 


MARnuQE Licence -Bishop of London's Registry. 
1703-4. Feb. 9. ^Valter W0II3, of St. Clement Danes, bachelor, aged 30, and M'rs. 
Dorothy Twclls of Bomo, sijuister, agod 21, with consent of her father Jlr. John 
Twells : to inarry at St. Andrew'<j, Holboru. 


BO.sTON, CO. lil.NCOLN. 

ICSC. May 2. Charles Twelves & Abigail Quinsey. 

1019-50. Fob. 21. Sarah dau. of William Twelves. 
IGOO. Sept. 20. Mary dau. of ^\'illiara & Mary Twelves, 

1085. Dec. 22. William Twells, sojourner. 

St. Giles, City of Oxford. 
I7IS-IO, Jan. 22. Edw.ard Twells & Ann l^nglish— by Banns/ 
St. MAEQAnET's, Westmikstkr. 
1740-1. Feb, 10. Jolni Twells & Margaret Coats— by licence. 
St. James, 
1G97. Aug. 3. Tlionias Tweh of Ca.stlo Douington co. Leicester and Jlaiy rre3ton of 
St. Clement Danes— Lie. Bp. Lond. 

St. Gile.s, CniprLEGATE, London. 
1GC7, Not. 7. Robert son of Robert Twelves, merchant- consiimption. 
„ „ 13. Elizabeth wife of Thomas Twells— childbed— St. Foster's. 

St. Matthew, Fiiiday Street, London. 
1741-2. Feb. 24. Leonard Twclls, D.D. Rector— chancel vault. 
St. Anne, Blackfriars, London. 
1701. July 30. Elizabeth dau. of John & Sarah Twelves. 

St. Mahtin in tttf Fields, Middlesex. 

1GG3. Nov. 12. Charles .son of a..- . ; 1 ', :i, Twelves— born 10"'. 
1CC6-7. Jan. 24. Williamson of tir.. , i - :h Twclls-born 22^. 
1G78. Aug. 25. Charles son of Jtlni : .; i .\. ;i i calves- born 28 July. 
1080. Oct. 0. Tobias „ „ „ „ „ „ —born 5"'. 

ICGl. Oct. G. Charles Twelves-infant. 
1G71. Oct. 30. John Twells, " imer." 
1C71-2. Jan. S. Charles Twells, ■' puer." 
1G7C. July 21. Jane Twelves, " i.uella." 
„ Nov. 17. Richard Twelves, " i.uer." 

Lexton, CO. Notts. 

l.-.SO-l. Jan. 10. J'..i,Ui..l,,i,iew Twells & Barkwood. 
1027. May 2?. Aull,.ii,v 'I'l^well >V l-:ii/.ab,-th Tw.-lls. 

Dec. 3. Kichard Hulhwrtt k Amie Twells. 
1712. Aug. 1. Tliomas Twelv.s & Amy Xewham, ..pinster, both of Newark. 

15S5. July 30. Joane wife of Bartholomew Twells, 



Conimunicatcd by HICNIIV WAGXER, Esq., F.S.A. 

Jacob Jullian, Huguenot Rofugoo,=j=JcanBC Gourgaz, of 
eettled in Geneva, Switzerland. I Somniicrcs, in Lan- 
Dead in 1719. I Ruedoc, France. 

Jcau Jullian, soltled in Lonilon, in=f=]\Iarguerilho, dau. of Antoino 
parish of S. Bartholomew's, and elected Elisson, of Sommitres, after- 
a Director of the French Hospital G wards of Bern, m. circ. 1720 
Jan. 1748, d. ... 1754. Letlo's of (betrothed at Bern, 22 Nov. 
admon. granted to his widow Jlar- 1719). "Will of 21 Jan., jiro. 
garet, 2G Mar. 1751. in P.C.C. 13 Juno, 1771 
(258 Trevor.) 

Peter Bartholomew Jullian, =i=^Iavy, dau. of Henry Jacomb, son and 

b. at Geneva, 10 Dec., and 
there bapt. in the Temple 
Ncuf 31 Dec. 1723, d.... 1776 
or '77, and bur. in Churchyard 
of S. Bartholomew's, London. 

I nil child of "William and Mary Jacomb, 
and grandson to Dr. Thomas Jacomb, 
one of the Puritan Coadjutors at the 
Savoy Conference of IGGl, b. 2 May 
1730, m. at All Hallows' on the Wall, 

II May 1757. 

Kev. Peter Jullian, B. in 
Hatton Court, Thrcadnecdlo 
St., 1 March 1758, Jesus 
Coll., Oxford, B.A. 1790, 
M.A. 1792, and a Fellow 
of Dulwich College, d, unm. 
... 1813. 

T.cAvisa !Mary, 
b. 24 Jan. 
1 759, and d. 
in infancy. 

Frances jMarga- 
retta Mary, b. 
21 Dec. 17G], 


b. 2G Sejit. 
17G3, anJd. 
in infancy. 

jMary Aunc Han if, 
IMarcli and bapt. :it 
not Find; 1 April 1 
at .Mullock, c/i. D. 
Oct. 17 9G, d. at 'J'r 
Dec. 1811. 

I. b. 7-rRov. David Bird Allen, Trim 
Coll., Oxf., B.A. 1791, M.A. 
1794, Rector of Burton in 
Rhos, CO. Pembroke, and J.P. 
JO for CO., Prebendary of Brecon, 
and Rural Dean, b. IG Feb, 
17G9, d. 31 Dec. 1S31. 

Issue, C sons, of wlumi 5 married and have issue. 
For continuation, see Burke's Lamlcd Gcnlnj, 
under Allen of Bicton. 



In Part I of the Appendix to the Eiglith Report of tlic Historical 
MSS. Commission will be found two lists of Wills which M-ere 
proved, dm-ing vacancies of tlic See of Canterbury, before the 
Commissary of the Prior and Chapter of Canterbury, to whom 
the jurisdiction of the Archbishop's Prerogative Court reverted, 
" Sedo vacante." 

These Wills are 481 in number, and as they relate to persons 
who, for the most part, possessed considerable property, and Avho 
died in various parts of the province of Canteibury, tliuy arc of 
great and general value. 

The report states that these Wills "never came within the 
cognizance of the officials of the Archbishop's Prei-ogative Court," 
and that " it would be in vain to make a search in the Will Office 
in London .... for information concerning them ; " and, " in 
fact, this register contains four hundred Wills which, up to the 
present time, have been unknown to genealogists." 

But an examination of the Prerogative Court registers, now at 
Somerset House, shows that of the 4S1 AVills thus entered in the 
Prior-and-Chapter's book at Canterbury 422 are registered (and 
indexed) in the London series, and these have been coiistantly 
used by genealogists and others. 

Amongst the remaining 59 Wills, wliich are registered in the 
Canterbury book, but not in the London series, will be found 
several interesting names — e.g., Tho. Barnardiston, Knt. of Bar- 
nardiston ; Wm. Sutton, Rector of St. Stephen's, Walbrook, 
London ; John Legh, gent, of Addington ; Wm. Purches, Lord 
Mayor of London in 141)7 ; Adiian Whetliill (father of Sir Richard 
W.) ; Geoffrey ^Dormer, of Thame ; and Hugh Pemberton, Alderman 
of London. 

Readers of tho 'Genealogist' who possess a copy of the Report 
should note therein that the .5!) Wills which are not to be seen in 
London are as follows (the names mentioned being inclusive) : — 
P. 332, column i. — John Tyall of Colchester, and from J. llervy. 

Dean of Hereford, to Tho. Hynton. 
P. 334, column ii. — John Gooday, Tho. Barnardiston, Kt., and John 

Merecroft, gent. 
P. 33.J, cohunn i. — Eli/,: Charles to John Legh, and Will: Purches 

to Geoffrey ])ornicr. 
P. 33.J, column ii. — Ric; Dawson to Rubert Welymet. 

J. C. C. S. 


Commuuicatcd liy F. A. BLAYDES, V.^q. 

1505. Sept. 14, was Ixiplised lillizalictli Logging y" danglitor of Simon 

Loggius, gout. 
15C7. Sept. 2i, was baptized Joaiio Dcffyckc, y" da\rL:litev of .Tho. 

Deffycke, cleako of Eatooii Colledgc (.John Drthick, puLliquc 

iiotai-ie of Aeton College.) 
1571. Sept. 16, was baptized Elle,n Loggins y daughter of Siniu 

Loggins, gent. 
157 1. July 7, wa.s baptized Rafc Noiys y<= soimc of Robert Xorry.s. 
157G. Feb. 4, Itiu, was baptized Joyce tlic doclitcr of Robert Xoris. 

1 578. Jail. 16, Edwarde Paule tlie soiino of Richard Paulc was Baptised. 

1579. Juno 14, Elizabeth Blower the daughter of John Blower vicar 

was baptised. 
1579. Juuo 28, Roberte Norris Uio sonn of Rol.)ert Xorris was baptised. 
1581. Ootob. 29, Woldon Xorris the souue of R.iberte Xorris was 

15SI. Aug. 26, Thomas Pagett tlic Soime of ^^'illialn Pagctt was 

] 581. Poc. 2, :\rary Blower the daughter of Jolin Blower vicar of "Wliilo 

AValltliam was baptized. 
]58(. Dec. 25, Elizabeth Pagett tiie daugliter of William Pagvlt was 

1;)90. Nov. 9, Thomas Xewberyc the soune of Thomas Newberyo was 


1591. March 4, Isabcll daughter of Thomas Xewliery baptized. 

1592. ]\[ay 18, Hughe sonne of Leonard Avelin gent. Bapti. 
15'j:',. ^ilay 12, Katherino Daugliter of .John Blower vicar bapti. 
1."'95. Oct. 29, Ursula the dan-htcr Tliomas Xcwbcary was baptyzc.l. 
1597. June 25, Margaret the daughter of TIkuikis Xewljmy was 


IGOO. March 8, Thomas tho sonne of Roberte Xorris was Baptized. 

IfiOl. I\Iay 11, Robert tho Sonne of Thomas Xcwbcrrv. 

lGi)2. May 13, Xicholas the sonuo of :Mathewe Frewiii. 

IGOl. Xov. 2.5, William tlic sonc of Willin. Fhiddyer. 

IGOG. Sept. 28, Roberte Xewberry the sonne of Roiicrte Xcwlicia'v. 

1G09. Oct. 15, Katlierine, the daughter of Robert Xewbcrv. 

IGIO. Krpt. 21, Thomas the sonne of I'luddyer. 

IGll. Sriil. 1, Anne the daughter of Robert Xewben-y. 

1 G 1 ■■'.. Oel. :',, l-:iiz:d.eth the dau-htei- of Robert X,.\vl)Jrry. 

lGl:i. J'rb. C, Su.-;anna the dau-liter of Fnniris Xewl.evi'v nviil. 

\'>\ I. .Se],!. -Jl, Elizabeth the daugliter of Framis Xewl.'eiry eeiit, 

1G15. (Ki. l:(, Kathcrine the Daughter of Rob a !e ^ewbeiry!^ 


IGIG. Feb. 17, Charlus the soiuic of Francis Newberry gont, was bap- 
tized aiul was burriod. the 23 day followiiiij;. 

1C17. June 23, I^Iargarctt the Daughter of Lewis James gout, was 

1G17. Aug. 17, Tlionias tlic sonne of Richardc Welden gent, was bap- 

IGIS. Sept. G, Maiia lilia Ludoviei James gencr. Baptizata fuit. 

1622. Sept. 12, Kadulplius lllius Roberti Xewborry. 

1622. Jan. 9, Margareta, filia Roberti Wiuclic serui Regii, 

1623. March 1 i, !Mavia liha Francisci Xewborry goner. 

1624. Feb. 20, Gratia sine Gracia filia Roberti Wiuclie. 
1627. June 16, Elizal,etha, fiha Roberti Winche. 

1630. Dec. 21, Tlionias hlius Dni E.hnundi Sawyer miUtis. 
1G32. July 1, Riehanl y"-' son of Robert Winch. 

1632. Sept. 11, George the sonne of John Lightfoot of Woodstrcot 
London Esquire. 

1632. Dec. 19, Su.-sanna, the Daughter of Ilcnry Xewborry gent. 

1633. Sejit. 20, Robert the sonne of Sr. Edmond Sawyer Kniglit. 

1634. Oct. 22, FraneiR the sonno of Ilcnry Xowbcry gent. & Francis 

liis wife. 

1631. Fob, 3, Anne the daughter of S''. Edmond Sawyer Kt. .and Anne 

liis Lady wife. 
1C35. Feb. 19, John yi; sonne of Henry Xewborry gout, & Francis liis 

1C35. Feb. 23, Arthur ye sonne of Sr. Edmond Sawyer Kt. and Anne 

his Lady wife. 
1637. Aug. 15, ilary daughter of Sr. Edmond Sawyer and Dame Anne 

his Lady wife. 

1635. Oct. 13, llonry the sonne of Ilonry Newberry gent. 

1038. Jan. 21, Elizabeth, the daughter of Sr. Edmond Sawyer Kt. & 

the Lady Anne his wife. 
1611. Xov. 24, Aiinc the daughter of ^y. Edward Laker gent was 

1613. Jan. 25, .Alargarot the daughter of Sr. Edmund Sawyer Kt. & 

Anne his Lady. 
1 G IS. .starch 16, Elizabeth the daughter of :Mr. J,.hn Leigh & Elizabeth 

his wife. 
1671. Jan. — , John the son of , ffinch Esq-'. & Dame Sarah his 

1C73. June 24, Chapman and Joaiia being"(Twines the soim & dauglitor 

of John ilineh of llVens Esq. & Dame Sarah his wife were 

Baptized one Mi.hom.'r Day. 
167r). July 13, ir.nry the sunn of John Finch of n'eeiis Esq'. & Dame 

Sarah his wilV, 
1678. June 25, lf,,iin;,li llie Daie.'.hler of Thomas ^^lontaguo of Lanlons 

gent c^- ibninah his wile. 
167S. June 20, Edn, 1 tlie souu ,.f Ihncb of Focus Esq and 

Dame S;u;l1, 1,,s „ ile was liaptizcd and was buried the 3 day 

of July inlloui,,;.:. 

IGSl. June 13, ,l,nie the d.uediti I of Thomas Mountaguc of Lintoons 
Gent \- Hannah his wife. 


ICSl. Oct. IS, Sarah tlic aauglitev of Edmund Sawyer of Iloywoo.l 

Esq. & Dame Mary his wife. 
1C81. Oct. 2G, Finch tlie son of Edmond Sawyer of Heywood Esq. 

and ])amc Alary his wife. 
1G33. Marcli 27, Jlartha yo Dauyhter of Thomas jNIountaguy & Hannah 

liis Avifc. 
1CS3. Nov. 22, Eihnund the sonne of Edmund Sawyer of llcywood 

Esq. and Dame Jlary his wife. 
1GS5. July 8, Jolni tlic sonno of Edmund Sawyer of Heywood Es(j. & 

Dame I\rary his wife. 
IGRG. ]\Iarch 27, Mary tlie daughter of Edmund Sawj-er of Heywood 

Esq. and ])ame Jlary his -wife. 
1GS7. July 1, Geo)'gc the sonno of Edmund Sawj'cr of Heywood Esq. 

and Dame Mary his wife. 
ICSS. Oct. 31, Francis the sonne of Constantine Phlipps Esq. & Calli 

crine his wife. 
1C89. July 26, Elizabeth the daughter of Edmund Sawyer E.sq Sc D. 

Mary his wife. 
1701. Jan. 28, Thcophilis the .son of Richard :\Ianlove Esq. and Dame 

I\rary his wife. 
1703. Aug. 29, Eobcrt the son of Richard Maidove Esq'' & ^b. ^Mary 

his wife. 
1701. Juno 4, Thomas the son of Thomas Loveday of fleens gent and 

Sarah his wife. 
170.">. Apl. 29, William the son of Thomas Loveday of fleens g(;nt. and 

Sarah his wife. 

1707. Aug. 10, Selby the .son of Thomas Loveday of fleens gent, and 

Sarah liis wife. 

1708. Sept. 19, Thomas the son of Thomas Loveday of ffecns gent and 

Sarah his wife. 

1709. Doc 19, Mary the d.aughter of John Sawyer uf Heywood Esq. 

Sc Dame Anne his wife. 

1717. Feb. 27, Sarah the Daughter of John Sawyer of Heywood Esq. 

fc Dame Anne his wife. 
1719. Apl. 4, Jane, the daughter of John Sawyer of Heywood Esq. & 

Dame Anne his wife. 
1719. July PS Arabella the daughter of James Hayes Esq. & Dame 

Mary his wife. 
1721. July 19, 'Elizabeth the daughter of Charles Winch and Suanah 

his wifr. 
1727. Aug. 1, Robt. son of ye Honble. Col. Jno. Sawyer & 'SI". Anne 

his wife. 

1730. Feb. 21, Herbert son of Jno. Sawyer ]■:sq^ au,l Ann his wife. 

1731. .May 27, Sarah Daugh''. of Char: & llli/.: Wiiieli. 

17 IG. Dec. 30, James the son of M^ John Lee of W.-.-ky and Mary 
his wife. 

1718. Oct. 23, Anne the daughter of M^ John Lee of Woollry and 

I\lary his wife. 
n.-'l. Xov. 17, Anne the Daughter of Stephen Lamport and Elizabdli 
his wife. 


1755. Jan. 27, William "\Vol)l) the .=;oii of John W.^iman awl Mavy 

ThcoaoMu hi., wife. 
1757. Feb. 10, Chai'lcs Uk; .^ou of John Weniuan and Mavy Thco.losia 

his wifu. 
1759. July 2, jMary Thoodosia the daughter of John Wennian & :^[ary 

Thcodosia his wife. 
17C;l ^lay 18, John Lee son of the Rev'i. Ric'. Ileye.^ & Lois his wife. 
17GC. Feb. U, Xathaniel Cowpcr tlie son of Thomas Luuchicv & Catli- 

c-rinc his wife. 
17GS. June. 7, Anne,, Daughter of ilr. John Leo & Dorothy his wife. 
1700. Aug. 14, Dorothy „ 

1770. Sept. 4, n.'uvy i'iuk the son of Ih: John Lee & Dorothy his 


1772. Feb. 2, John the son of ^Fr. John Lee & Dor.ilhy his wife. 

1773. iMay 7, Elizabeth the daughter of 2^Ir. John Lee & Dorothy his 


1774. Oct. 31, :\rary and I\Iartha the Twin Daughters of W. John 

Lee & Dorothy his wifi'. 

177C. July 17, Thomas the son of :Mr. John Lee of Woolley & Doro- 
thy his wife. 

1789. Sept. 29, AVliitmore, the second son of Bajitist Hniart Esq. e<t 
Sophia his wife whose maiden name was Wliitmore was born 
& baptized. 

1770. .Sept. IG, I'bipps Vansittart the son & thirtheenth child of the 
Rev ])'■. Arthur Onslow Vicar of this Parish & Francos his 
wife (whose maiden name was Phipps) was born the 2'"'. & 
baptized the IGtli of September. 

15G5. June 11, .llio Dellykc clrk & Dorithe Beeche. 

15CG. ?>lav C, weiv marryed Tho :\r<iontagve .t Katlicrine Tamo. 

15G0. ,luiie 12, wu' maried Rafl'e Xvebcryeet Kathei'inc llatche. 

15S9. Apl. 10, Henry IMitchell gent, and :\largarett Sharpe wydowc 
were married. 

15S9. Nov. 9, Thomas Newberye and A'rsula drove were mar. 

1590. Xov. 21, ]\liehael Sidiiham gent, and Dnrotliy lludsun wiilowe 
were mar. 

1500. Dec. 9, Thomas Durrham of llurstc gent, ami Edith Webb 

(„r ]V,lh,/)hY viitue of a licence. 

1501. Oet. 27, .lohn CrnwtiOi.' aii.l I'.lizalieth Ilodsde.n were mar. 
1595. Sr].t. 7, Mader I'.dwaidr Dawes of Londianle streetc in London 

nuMvrvaud .Misliirs ^W'lldou Daughter of Thomas 

Wellden of Shotesbronl;,. j:s,|„vcv Wr.v inar. 

1509. ^]i\\ 28, Thiimas ^\'r^^ f iV, Idn^ in tlie Counlie cf 

'SonimersrU gent, and .M''^ Ebzalielh .\nneys tl,e dau.;hl..r 

au,l li.vic of ,luhn Xi.rreys of lleywoodde in this parrish 

(if WhUr W-.Mv.un I'.sipivrc were mar. 
IGOI. Oil. 2.'., AVllliam l-lu.l.lwr aiid Chiistyne Oltwell were married. 
IGOl. Nnv. 21, Xcwlu'iTve and Anne Xuwb.arve 
IGOG. Aug. 1, Vin.vllt(;oddard.■^vido^v>■rand^•rsula^\•^vberrye widowe 

IGU, 0.4. 20, Rnbrrt Powle and I'dizalielh Manhoode wore mar. 


IGIG. .Sq>t. 10, Kirhanl AWlUrii yvid. and :\rilliLv„l .l;,i,„s w, ,v ,„:,v, 
lC-21. July 10, Kichaid Sluwiloii gcut. and M'". l".ly/.al.ulli Ihuwii.: 

were mill'. 
1G21. Oct. 29, Eobort XewLcrry .senior and :\rary Thompson ^vydo\v 

were mar. 
1G27. Jan. 28, Jdanncs Poole gener. et Anna Duyilalo vidua eoimlali 

fuevunt in coniugio. 

1030. June 1 I, Thomas Newberry et Elizaljetha :\renre coniuncU fuerunt 

in jnalrimonio. 

1031. Apl. II, Nightingale et Jolianna Newberry coniuncti 

1G31. Kept. 22, James Winch and Anne Blackc were mar. 
IGIO. :\ray 31, Thomas Bennett of liray gent and ]-,ar!)ani Taylor uf 

the foresavde i)'ish by virtue of a licence M-eiv mar. licit'. 
IClo. Apr. 10, :Mi'. iiVauci.s Steplicn.. ni Ib.nley in 111.' County nf Oxfm-d 

gent, and ^l'"". Jane Simp^nu ,,f tliis ji'i-h wen' iiiar. licre. 
1G19. Feb. 10, Christopher Goi'i'oway A" .\nue Newberry ^^■ere mar. 
IG.jO. jSfay 27, Kobort Bennett & EIi/:il>etli Wincli wiildo\v were mar. 
lO.jl. June 1, John Coaker ,t Isabella Newberry were mar. 
ICOl. Nov. 25, Thomas Grove w"' Hannah Winch of Biav. 
1002. Feb. 20, Kichaid Winch of Bray '.^'cnt. w"' Auw Winch of 

]\ravdeidiea,l and' p'isli bv verlue of a licence fro' the 

Lord 7\rch Bishopp. 
IGGl. June 20, William Newberry .\: Susan Enlrs bolh of Laurence 

Waltham by vertuc ofaliccnc liom Ihe Lord Arrh I'.rdiopp. 
1051. Apr. 3, John Noble widdowcr and b.ln.r laireis widdow were 

married by lii.s honour Ihe gourrnor of -.vindsoiv. 
105f. Aug. 7, Kaljili Ih'ownc of New AVnelM.,' widwoor .^ b.llm Ncw- 

1051. Nov. 29^ Mr. Charles AVeldone gmlJcman and Alargraelt Dewell 

■n of Laurence AValllia' ^ent. .t Elizabeth 
of liichard l-.dwards of tliis p'ish. 
ver ..f Ileywood Es.f and Dame Alary 
■ the' .MTOud dauidil-r- <.f .b.hii llinch of ircnis J-.s,p Both of 
this parish were mar. 
1G!SG. Jan. 20, Er.ancis Chorry of Shotlesbrooke l-.sq with Dame^ I'diza- 

bclli Fincli of lliis I'ar. 
1G9I. July 10, Edward f)a1by uf S.iint Laurcn.e I'ari.-h in Heading 

'gent, ami Airs Joanna lllneli. uf this I'ari.sli were niav. 
170:;. Alay 2, Cliarles AVeidon of llie Parisli of Sholtesbrooke and 

]\lary Sawney of I, Ids i'.irish were mar. 
1712. Apr. •JL'.bimrs AVinrh and .\nne i.oek of AViiiklirld were mar; 
bv liconrr. 

1731. Srp(.'-_'G, Siinoi, Coihrl, ..out, and Afi-. Alary AVoodward. 

K'.IL'. .Inly 9, K.V'. Cleulc; Snolb of Alderii.anbnrv .V Al' : Ann 

widowe was burird. 
■f Thoma.. Newbcrr> 



1. 19, Charl 


I'dwards d 




i(. 2, Ediiiu 

id s 



13, Airs. 



!, Alaieai 



17, Kobe 


1C05. Juno S, Ilciuy Norreys gout was bur. 

IGIO. June 13, A-inoiulcsliam tlic sonnc of Willyaiu Dayc of Erayc 

Es(iuvi;r was Imr. 
1G12. Oct. 18, iluglic Davics gent, was buried. 
1G12. Dec. 2, KoLcrt llig^'cs gent was bur. 
1G12. Dec. 20, Sir .Joliu Xorrcys knight Decca.^od at Ilcywooddc the 

Twcutietli day of Deo"-. 1G12 but lyelh Interred att Bray 

Anicmgst liis Anccstor.s there. 
IGl-J. Feb. 28, Susaiuia tlio daughter of Francis Newberry gent was 

bur. tlie last day of February. 
IGIG. :^rar. 19, ,To]in Iliggs gent, was bur. 
1618. Dec. 16, Thomas Browne gener. sepultus erat. 
1G18. Mar. 18, Anna uxor Roberti Newberry sepulta fuit. 

1620. Dec. 5, M''. Siniou Rous deji'ted this naturall lyfc tlic vth day of 

December Anno Dni 1G20 at Westminster and there lyeth 
Interred in St. jMargarett's clmrche. 

1G21. Apr. 27, Tlic Right Honorable Lady Elizabctli Countess of 
Kelley departed tliis naturall lyfe 27 Aprilis 1C21 at Ilcy- 
wooddc but lyeth Interred att Ingleflelde. 

1C23. May 6, Edward Norreys gent departed this naturall lyfe in white 
waltham the vjth day of ISlay 1G23 but was carryed to Bray 
and there lyeth InteiTcd amungst his ancestors. 

1623. July 22, Maria filia Fraucisci Newberry gener. sepulta fuit. 

1G2-J:. Aug. 9, Radulphus iilius Eoberti Newberry sep. erat. 

1621. Sept. 3, Johainia uxor Thomaj -Montague sep. fuit. 
1626. Apr. 2G, Catlierina fdia Roberti Newberry .sep. fuit. 
1G29. July 4, Catherine lliggcs sepulta fuit. 

1630. Aug. 23, Elizabetha Norreys vidua sc]). fuit. 

1G3G. May 22, Arthur ye sonne of Sr Edniond Sawyer Kt. was bur. 

1637. Juno 13, Thomas !Montegue was Inii'. 

1637. j\Iarch 21, Thomas the sonne of John Knight gent was bur. 

1638. Aug. 9, Thomas Iliggs was bur. 

163S. Jan. 21, Sarali, the daughter of John Knight gent, was bur. 
1640. June 26, Charies the son of Charles Longfield gent was bur. 
1643. Nov. 10, WiUiani the son of Sr. lulmond Sawyer Kt. was bur. 
1645. March 7, M'\ Elizabeth Gardiner the wife of M--. Roger Gardiner 

gent, was bmr. 
IGIG. Aug. 20, Richard We.stcott sen. .L;eiit was bur. 
IGIG. Jan. 23, M". Anne Newbury was biirycd. 
1GI7. Sept. 29, ffrancis the wife oi" M^. Richard Cleer was buried. 
lG,-)7. May 2, :srr. Phillips was bur. 
lCii7. June 1, iM''". Tree was bur. 
IC.V.i. May 13, Tho. Sawyer Genllcmanc buried. 
1G;V.). Sept. 11, ^Mr. Tho. Sawyer's child was bur. 
IGGl. Mav 22, Roi,'er son of Roger Gardner Esq. 
IGGl. ,lan". 21, Ric'liavd We.stcol't sen. gent. 
1GG.\ Scj,(. 7, Gen,;,,. Sawyer nf l',allin-h;i' in the county of neref.u-d 

F.Ml'-. d\in.; Ilicre b,. in- the .-.onne >l- lieire of' Sir Edmuiul 

S;,wv.T, «.,. buried hen'. 
IGGG. Ai-I. 19, M.iiy I'rideaux widduw the Relict of Jolin Fridcau.x 

late bad r.i.-hnpp of Worcester. 
IGGG, Dec. 2, Ann the \vife of Mr. John ^\\■stou. 


1009. Fob. It, IMr. Eilnmml .Snwvor sounc of ,Sr lulnmiul Sa^vvn- Knt. 

1070. Au-. 2, ^ViUKiiii Xc.ile s,.nne .^- liciiv to Sr. Taul Xril.^ juit. 

1071. Jnn. 3, .Tolm tlin infant .sonn of John liiucli Esiiuire ^V: Dame 

Sarali his ^\•ifc. 

1072. May 18, was lluricd ]\ri', Riclianl Ifavdiii-'' vican'j dc Alb. 


1072. Fell. 28, Mistres Chapman of liincs. 

1073. Juno 1.^, Kichard Wtslcotc .sen'", of llcidoy viion Tlianies was 

1674. Oct. 1, Chapman the .sonn and lieirc of .J<.hn llinch of llecns Esq 
was Bur. 

1074. March 14, Thomas Camusa child ye sonnc of flrancis Bickerlon 

of Chancery Lane London was lluried heiv. 

1075. Jlay 31, .Tohn the sonnc and lieire of .John Leo of ye Inner 

Temi>le London Esq. was licer Lnried. 
107.T. July 1, iSaniUpll drove of London Esqr was beer Buried. 
107G. June 21, Sir Edmund Sawyer of Ifeywood ICnight was Bur. 
1070. Feb. 7, Henry ye Sonne and heire of John flineh of il'eens Esq. 
1078. July 3, Edmond the soiin and Heire of John liincli of il'eens Esq. 
1078. Aug. 0, Dorothy tho wife of Roger Gardner of Kingstone vppou 

Thames gent was bur: hccr. 

1080. I\Iay 28, Richard Westcot gent decca.'iin<; v]ii>n Thames was Bur. 

1081. Aug. 11, Dn)uc Elizabeth flinch widow of the i)ari,^h of West 

Ham Bernells in vc County of Essex was Bur. 

1082. Oct. 10, John IHnch of flVens Esij. was Bur. 

1083. July 12, Martha an infant ye Daughter of Thomas [Montague of 

Lanpooney gent wa-^ liur. 
1083. Dec. 14, Finch the sonne and heire of I'.dmoud .^.iwyer of H.-y- 

wood Esq wa-s Bur. 
1085. June 12, Edward the sonne ,<;■ lu^ire of luhvard Sawyer of lleywood 

1085. Oct. 20, Richard Cleare Clrk vicar of this parish living and 

deceasing in tlie parish of Shottcsbrook was there liuryed. 
1085. :\Larc]i 0, Sarah the wife of John Leigh of Ileens Esq. was ]5ur. 
1088. Xov. 2, Francis tho wife of Constantine Phipps Esii. was Bin-. 
1G90. June 18, Thomas, son of Constantine I'hipps of the I'.iiish of St 

Dunstans in the West J>ondon was Ihiryed here. 
1091. Xov. 26, Constantino the son of Constantine I'hipps of \hr VmIAi 

of St Andrews irolborue, Lond(jn Esq^ in llie Coimly of 

Middlesex was B.uiyed. 
1097. Jan. 10, Edward Sawyer of Ileyworul I'sr, was Bur. 
1701. March 22, [Mrs Sarah Carbonell of (lie r, ,.f Si. Dlavc's Hart 

street Lnn.lon, was i;ur. 
1701. Sept. 7, Anne n„. dau.^htcr of Constantine Thippsof.St. Andrew's 

linlbnn, London Ivq. was bur. 
no:!. .Tan. 29, Mrs. M.ny Sa« ycr of llic pal i I, of Saint Audivus 

Holl,on, i.ondim in \r Conolv of ,\|, widou- was 

Buried here. 
1707. Aug. 23, Martha an infant dau^^htc ,.f :\l,. Thomas llaws,.! the 

Parish of Chri.4, Church London was buiycd. 
1707. Oct. 13, Kichard Manloyc Esq. was Bur. 


r08. Sept.. 27Ui, ^hs. Anne Yraton of tlic paiisli of Saint IMicliacl- 

Koyall in the City of London was y>m: 
10. Jan. 19. Mrs. iMary Ca.sli of the parisli of Saint Andrews llolbom 

London was ]jur. 
'12. Aug. 23, "William Yieldall gent, died here and was buried at 

■13. :\ray 1, ;\rrs. Janc Pliipps who died in the Taiish of St Andrews 

llolborn London was Buried licrc. 
'11. Sept. 15, Penelope the wife of Stcplieii Lamport Gent, was Bur. 
'1 1. Nov. 27, Janc the daughter of Jolm Sawyer Esq. was Bur. 
'I.'). Sept. S, Thomas Hawes of the Pari-sh of Christ Churclr Cittizen 

of London was Bur. 
I 20. ^ilareh 2.5. John an Lifani son of Jolm Sawyer Esq. was Bur. 
r21. Sept. 14, Th.'ophillus I\fanlove of Eastliamstead, r.ent. was Bur. 
]May 2t, William York of the Saiut ?>lacliell in the eilty of 

Oxford Esq. was Buried here. 
"24. ISLiy 12, Jane Puncom wid. was Bur. 
■2G. Jan. 6, j\lr. Richard Bassett. 
'27. Sept. 17, Mr. John Hawcs Citizen of London. 
'28. Nov. G, Lady Dowager Phipps. 
'28. Marcli 19, ^Nlrs. York of St. Giles's Oxon. 
29. Feb. G, Wra. Phipps Esq. 
■33. June 17, Jeriiiiiah Oakley Esq. 
'33. S''- 16, ]\irs. iSIary ?iIanlovc of Esthampsted ^^■idow. 
IG. June 1."), .Alary, tlie daughter of Francis Lee & Elizabelli liis 

wife, an Lifant. 
17. ?iiay 3, James Phi]ips Esq. 

17. Fell 19, 'William JMaekwovth Prned one of tlie f...undlings. 

18. X,jv. 8, i\rary the wife of .Mr. John Lee of WooUey. 

■'>0. Sept. f), John Sawyer Esq. of llevwood buried in Linnen. 

■'' I. Aug. IS, ]\fr. John Lee of AYoulley. 

.-.G. Aug. 27, Mi: Goodall Tarn.'. 

r>'.l :\Iarch 2, James Theobald l'>q. 

r,'X June 2o, jSIrs. Elizabetli Theobald, 

709. June ,5, j\lrs. Elizab-lb Tlirnl.dd (■<;,■.) 

709. Oct. 4, ]\Irs. :\laill,,,, Mairintt. 

rCO. March G, Henrv S.wy.T ll,.. eldest son of Anthony Sawyer Esq. 

"70. Apr. 11, ]\Iv. l.aiiivi,,,. |;,iron. 

'70. Oct. 20, :\rrs. AiiiM' Sawver lleliet of J„1hi Sawyer Esq. 

'70. Oct. 20, :\Irs. Aiiiir Tii;v; I'^m in lliis l'ari.,li and died in it SO 

Dec. 13, Antlioiiy Sawyer I'.sq, of Ileywood Lodge buried in 

Aug. 12, Sl>-|,l,rn l.:iiii|, 

Nov. 22, Mrs. Alirr (;,;,„|. 

N.A-. 10, Mi^. I I,/., brill lliiniell n-ed SO. 

.bill. 21, .b.|,„ I'.nnnH i: ,|. 

i-rb. C, .Mis. Maiv Can... 

An;;. 12, Lniii...! riiailollr .MMiitolieu an infant, 

June 10, Mr. Henry Ealwa-.-er. 

rvrER. 57 

1797. Jan. 8, Sir Ecnjamin TeLLs Knight. 

1707. Aug. -i, :\Irs. ])urotliy Li'e. 

1708. Jan. 28, ^h: Eubcrt Laurmco I?acon from Keading. 
1800. May 2G, llcnry Eucl;slonc Esq. 

1800. Aug. 17, Mr. William Fahvas.scr. 

1801. July 11, Mr. John Windsor. 

1801. Nov. 27, !Mr.s. ElizahcUi Ycanion Buek.stonc. 

1803. Eel). 3, Mr. Eusebias Windsor. 

1803. ilar. 4, Mi-a Elizahoth Windsor. 

1803. May 3, John Ecc Esq. 

1803. j\ray 11, Mr. Francis Falwasscr. 

1803. Nov. 23, Mr. Ruhcrt Canu. 

1804. Jan. IG, John Greene Esq. 

1807. Aug. 9, Susanna TcLbs wife of Sir Eenjarain Tebh.s. 

1808. Nov. G, Mr!3. Jane Bacon aged 48. 
1808. Dec. 15, Mr. Basset Leo aged 68. 
1811. June 1, Mr. Francis Stanley Grant. 

1811. Oct. 25, Mrs. Ann Eailcy. 

1812. Sept. 26, JMrs. Sarah Falwasser. 


By the l!ov, EDWAKD KIXO, L.A., F.S.A., Scut. 

Tlii.s family socm.s, at one time, to have lieeii of .some import- 
ance in Launccston and the ncighbourliood. Tliey possessed 
Madford, in Launce.ston ; TreRmarrow, in South Petlierwin ; 
Pipcr'.s Hill, in Wemngton ; Trcdawl, in Altarnnn ; and live 
parts of Coleshill, in Li.skeard. There ^Ya.s also a branch at St. 
Steplicn'8-by-Salta,sh. At what date they settled at Lannce.ston 
i.s uncertain. 

The of the family there, of ^vhom mention i.s found, \va.s 
Sampson Pypcr, one of the eight aldermen named in the Charter 
of Confirmation of the Municipal Borough of Dunheved, other- 
wise Launccston, in the year i^>rio. This is probably the .same 
Sampson Pyper whose name appears in the fifth entry in 
Registers as father of Digory Pyper, baptised in 1559. 

The In-st of the Launccston and Tresmai'row line was Phillippa, 
sole cln'ld and heiress of Hugh I'ypcr, Esq. Slie married Richard 
Vyvyan, Recorder of Launccston, second son of Sir Richard 
Vyvyan, oV Trclowarrcn,, and died l\n.y 7th, 177E Jiy 
her Tnsm.'irrow, Trcdawl, and the five parts (if Coleshill, ])assed 
to the Vyxyans. 

It secnis"strnuge that no ixdign'o of th.' Pyjirr family n]>p.'ars 
in any of the Jleralds' Visitations; and this ■omis.sicm is' the more 
•singular, inasmuch ;is John Estcott, of .Lamiccston, father-in-law 

58 pypER. 

of Sir Iliigli Pypcr, was Deputy Herald for Devon and Corinvall. 
There ai-c merely two or three incidental notices. In Harleian 
MS. 3288, fol. 1(33, the marriage of Sampson Piper, gen., with 
Elianor, dan. of William Stowford, i.s given; again, in 3281, fol. 2-">, 
in the pedigree of Charles of Plymouth arc three generations of 
a younger son — 

Pyficr do Lauiiccstou, gcur. 

Johein. Piper=p"' 
Attayntcd. I 

In the Additional MS. 18,4'i8, is— 

PiPKR OK Tr.EsMERE £500 Per Ann. 
■■• Pijier of LaiincCbU)n=f=-- 

Sir Hugh Piper nf=f=D.i. of P.irr of 
Trcsmere. I ICxetcr. 

Philip ripcr=pl'^i. of Cut of 

}h,gh Plpor. 

In the Vitfiiatiou of Cornwall, in 1G20, undrr (he family ..f 
Uotson, of Hey, is a William Piper, who marrii/d iilizabeth dan. 
of John Dotson, of Hey. 

These are the only notices of the family in the 
Such being the case, the following extracts from the Registers of 
St. Mary iMagdalcn, Launceston, and copies of the monumental 
inscriptions there, may he of some interest. extracts aic 
not brought down to the present time, as the elder line merged 
into the Vyvyans ; whilst some of the younger branches seem to 
liave died out, and others to have sunk veiy nmch in the social 
scale, and to liave become " day labourei's," &c. 

The baptismal entries are here given only d(nvn to 1700 ; 
the marriages are tals'cn as low a.s 17oG ; whilst the burials 
are given to 1754, in order to include those of the main lino who, 
previous to 1700, appear in the baptisms and marriages. 

Of the Yyvyan entries such are appended a.s have been 
incidcnlally met with, 


155U. D.Tciulici. Till' xxx'i' dnye Digory llic .somic of Saiiip.suu I'ypcr 
15GI. June. Tlic .\ii.i"' daye John the «oiuie of .Saiii)'::.on Pyiier. 

PYPER. 59 

15G3. Julie. The third daic A.qncs the dnn^'hter of Snni]ison Pypcr. 
15GS. Julie. The viij"' daic Elizabeth the daughter of Saiusou J'iper. 
1570. December. The xiij'-'' daic Grace the daughter of .Sainp.son TipcT 

1573. Aprill. The xxviij"' daic Honour dauglitcr Sampson Piper. 

1574. Jlarch. The xxnj"' dale Elner daughter of Sampson Piper. 

1574. June. The xxj"' daio Hugh the ponne of Arthur I'iper. 

1575. April. The xxviij"' dale .Jane daughter of Sampson Piper. 

1575. December. The xxv"' daie Grace daughter of Arthur Piper. 

1576. February. The xxiij"' daie Henry sonno of Arthur Piper. 
1576. March. The xiii,j*'> daie John sonnc of Sampson Piper gen'. 
1579. October. The x"' daie Jane daughter of Arthur Piper. 
1581. January. Tlie xxvij daie Katherine daughter of Arthur Piper. 
1584. October. The v''' daic :Mary daughter of Arthur I'iper. 

1586. April. The vij"' daie Dorothy daughter of Arthur Piper. 

1587. January, xxv"' daie Eliner daughter of Arthur Piper. 
1589. December. Tlie iiij daie Honor daughter of Arthur Piper. 
1591. June. The xj daie Arthur son of Arthur Piper. 

1593. Xovember. The xix daie Sampson sonne of Arthur Piper. 

1596. March. The xxx"' daie George base sonne of Honour Piper. 

(Kcgister-s defective from 1610—1614.) 

1617. October. The elcventli day, Maria daughter of Arthur Pijier gent. 

1620. November. The xxvj daie Will'" son of Arthur Piper gent. 

1622. I^Iarch. First daie Arthur son of Arthur Piper. 

1625. !Mny. xix''' day Honor da: of Arthur Pyj>er gont. 

1628. Octolier. Tlio 12 daic Roger sonne of Arthur Piper gen*. 

1G34. August. The 24 day Eicliard sonnc of Sampson I'iper. 

1641. The 22"^ August. Arthure the son of Hugh Piper gent. 

1649. November. The 5. Hugh sonne of Arthur Pijipcr gcnl. 

1651. I\rareh. 28 Thomas tlie sonne of Arthur Pijicr gent. 

1654. The 20"' of Juno wag borne Mary the daugliter of Arthur piper 


1655. November. Tlie Cth day was borne Emliey dau: of Arthur piper 

165G. February. Tlio Third was bonie Margaret the daughter of Arthur 

Piper gent. 
1G58. November. 11th was borne Grace the daughter of Arthur Piper 

gent, and bapt the 23"''^ day of the same monlli. 
1661. December. The 6"" Homier the daughter of Arthur Piper gent. 
1663. Julye. The 13'" Arthur the sonnc of Arthur Piper gent. 
16G4. September. The 4"" the same day William the sonne of Arthur 

Piper gent. 
1668. August. Y' 23"' Robert the son of Arthur Piper gent. 

1670. January. Yc l'' Honer yc d.aughter of Arthur Piper gent. 

1671. Dccendjcr. Yc 3"' Hugh yc son of I'liillipp Piper gent entered info 

y" book. (This entry occui-.s again in the licgiiniing of tlic mw 

IGG,"). Feljruary. Y" 1'' Sampson y'" son of Arthur Piper. 
167G. IMareh. Y" 11"' Pobert y" .«on of Arthur Piper. 
1G78. Noveiid^er. '^'e da : of Arthur I'iper. 
1G79. Ffiauccs. X" da. of Arthur I'ijier gent. 

60 PYPEE. 

1C81. Jnmwry 22. "William yc son of Arthur Pipor. 
1700. iMavcli 27. ElizalicUi yc tlui.i^htpv of Saiiii)son Piper. 

There arc iiuiiierous other entries of this name, but after this time the 
family seems to have docayeJ, and become "day labourers," etc. 

1593. October. The 5'i' dale were maryed John Guld.son and Elizabeth 

1596. A]iri]l. The xix dale were maryed Thomas Collyns and Honour 

1599. Septemljer. Tlie .xxij"' daie were maryed "William Seamer and 

Katherinc Piper. 
1G04. September. The .second daic were maryed Hugh Piper and 

1605. July. The xv"' daie were maryed Thomas "Wise and Deliorah 

Piper, vid.' 
1607. June. The xv"' daic were maryed Anthony Dennis gent and 

]\fary Piper. 
1612. j\laie. The xxv"' daic were maryed Arthur Piper and Ffrancis 

1675. June. Y'='21"' Arthur Piper gent and Hester Vigurs. 
1G85. April. Y" 25"' Thomas Piper and ^Mary Dennings of Poughill. 
1736. Nov^ Y' 27''' Joseph Pyper gent and Elizabeth llelson, Licence 

dated ^'ov•■ ye 26 1736! 

L.MViiiTTOx Eegisteiw. 

1610. Hugh Piper and Mary Escot wero marr; 8 of May. 

Anno dfii 15G2. :\faye. 


1574. «rptemb,.r. Tin 


1582. February. The 1 1 "' daie was buryed John son of Arthur 1 'iper. 

1588. August. The 10"' daie buried Elnor daughter of Arthur Piper. 

1590. Jaimary. The 20th daie was buryd Piper Cai.taine. 

1592. August. The second daio was buryed :\rr. Sampson Pi]icr g.'ut. 

1593. Deeendjcr. The 22"' daie was buryd .SainpM.n son nf Arthur 

1605. April. The second daie was buryrd Huit;h Piper gen'. 
1620. Januarie. The 17 daic Arthur I'iprr tie- cldrr gm'. 
1G29. June. The 13 daie burird l^ogcr the sun nf Arthur Piper 


1630. December. The M day was P.urvcd Ifranrrs wife .,f Arthur piper. 

1631. April. The 9 day was P.uryed Ij.mour da: of Arthur piper g.-nl. 
1633. Decemlier. The 7"' day was P.uryed Mrs. .Margaret D: Y. 
1639. October. The .".O was iiuried Henry Piper gent. 

1611. August. The last, day was burye.l Mary wile nf ]|n-h Piper -en. 
16-12. NoVendjer. The 2 day was buryed Arthur son of llu-h Piper 


rn he coulinH.J.) 
' This 1i.-1.ui:l1i \v,i,. lima twice iiiiiirica iu ti-ii uiouUi..^ ! IK-r Ih.-^t husbaiul, tlugU 
V\\Kr, died iu Ai-riK 1000. 

The .XX 

j"' was buryed Jnl 

n si.nne 

of S 


■was burved Ehidi 


■ of S 


^cticiJS of 3tiol\ 

BiBLioTiiiyjA ConxuniENsis, a Catalogue of Works relating to the 
County of Counwall. By G. C. Boase and W. P. Courtney. 
Vol. III. Loiuloii : Loiignians, Green and Co., 1S82, 8vo. 

Although the first two volumes of tlie Bibliotlioca Cornubicnsis have been 
some time before tlie public, it may not be useless to remind our readers 
tliat thoy arc of much wider vangi' than their primary title would lead us 
to suppose. They comprise " n rafnlr„iiip of ilc irr/'/iJu/.-i, both manuscript 
aiidpniitn!, of Corinshno n, ami •>/ „;,,■!■.-■ i-rlaluhj tn flir Guunfij of C'oni- 
H-uU, wi'/Ji hinijraphiad mrinni-nn,Jo and cnpl.jii,: I'trrnri/ rcfn-cnces." How 
comi)letely and consciontiou.sly this titlo-page description of their contents 
has been carried out, may bo seen by a glance at the three well filled and 
well printed volumes which form the sum of ^Messrs. Boase and Courtney's 
labours. The enormous amount of time, industry, and patience, necessary 
to the compilation of such a book is not likely to meet with pecuniary 
reward, but it deserves, and will doubtless obtain, one more lasting, the 
credit of having for tlie first time made a County Bicliotheca, wortliy 
the name. 

It is difficult to realise how so much information can Vie condensed 
into so small a space. The most obscure tract, penny broadside, news- 
jiaper, or magazine article, printed in our time, or in the unrcmembered 
past, worthy of remembrance, or worthless, are all calendared here. This 
book is to each of these a Bibliographer's Manual which supplies a complete 
collation, and of their author.s, a complete Biograpliical Dictionary. How 
the authors have managed to find out so many genealogical particulars 
concerning obscure and unknown writers is perfectly astonishing. This 
work will be consulted with profit by students of all classes interested in 
Cornwall, whetliev tlieir hubby be History, Biography, Genealogy, 
:\Iiiu.ralogv, Theology, or any otlirr subject. 

Thr third volmn.' toMi;.Vi., ■ b I ; of Acts of Parliament, civil war 
tracts, papcis ivLitiiig lo niihiu:;, inw. papers and sucli like, and a supple- 
mentary catalogue of aulhoi,-, cinid iu extent to that in cither of the 
other volume.'^. " The list of civil war tracts will save future historians an 
immense amount of labour, and tin; heading " Mining" may Vie consulted 
with erpial advantage. A very useful index concludes the volume, but if 
we can delect signs of iucoin)ih't,rii. ■ss it is here. "\Ve think that an index 
livble lli,j size might have \>rvu m.ide with advantage, and that the 
references should have been iiiaile on a more comprehensive plan. For 
instance, there is as much iircd of a ivfiavnce to "Pattens worn by 
women," p. 25.3, as there is of " I'astics /.c divisions of an orange," p. 
1313. It is also jaizzling tu know wliv iu tlic body of tlie work the pedigree 
of Leigh should 1)C referred to as jainted in the :\[iscellanea Gencalogica 
only, when it is also to be found in Col, Vivian's book, the Harleiau 
Society's Visitation, and in that conuiieiiced by Sir N. II. Nicolas, 


Tlicso aro, indood, merely oversights, tlic wondor is how jMcssrs. Boaso 
and Courtney have managed to compile so exliaustive a work. It ouglit 
to be placed on tlie shelf of every Cornisliman, as veil as on those of all 
■who are interested in the history of the county. 

History of the Whays of Glentworth, 1523 — 1S52, By Ciiaru;s 
Dalton, F.R.G.S. Vol. II. A. King & Co., Aherdecn. 1881, 8vo. 

We have already noticed(vol. iv.,p. 130), the first volume of this work. Mr. 
Dalton is content (vide preface) to frankly acknowledge the mistakes he 
made in his former volume, to defy his critics, whose " province it is to 
find out mistakes," and to discontinue ^;?(i'Zi's7i»i^ his Look. The volume 
before us is privately printed, because " there are so very few of the many 
descendants of the AVrays who take any interest in tlieir progenitors." 
Though vain enough to fancy that we are able to detect matter for 
criticism, we feel that under the circumstances it would be as uselesa 
to point out errors to I\Ir. Dalton as to throw water upon a duck's 
back. "\Ye congratulate him upon the completion of his labours. 

This volume is divided into three parts and an appendix, and concludes 
with a very useful index to both this and the previous volume. 

Part I. contains an account of Sir John A^'ray, 3rd Baronet of dent- 
worth, a)id of Capt. John Ilothanr, the Parliamentary Connnander. Of 
Sir John but little is known, save that he made two good marriages — 1st 
with laizabeth, widow of Sir Symonds D'Ewes, and 2ndly with Sarah, 
d.aughter of Sir John Evelyn. Capt. Ilotham married Frances, daughter 
of Sir Juhn "Wray, 2nd Baronet of Glentworth. His untimely end is a 
matter of history, and the details of his career, culled by Mr. Dalton 
from various printed sources, form an interesting chapter in his book. 

Part II., chapter i., details the lustory of Sir "William "Wray, 1st 
Baronet of Ashljy, who, like his father, Sir Christopher, was a zealous 
Parliament man. In 1C45 he was elected M.P. for Great Grimsby in the 
place of Gcrvase Holies. He was created a Baronet at the restoration, 
and died in 1GG9. This creation became extinct about March, 1GS5-C. 
Chapter ii. gives an account of Sir Henry Vaue, whose writings, says 
Clarendon, "treat, all of them, of religious subjects, and arc absolutely 
unintelligible. JS'o traces of eloquence, 'or even of common sense, appear 
in them." Chapter iiL is devoted to Sir Drury "Wray, 9tli Baroi\et of 
Glentworth, who was Lieut, in Hemy Cromwell's life guard, and settled in 
Ireland. j\Ir. Dalton calls him one of the le;uling characters in the "Wray 
family, as from him aro descended, through the feuude line, the represen- 
tatives of some of the best families in Ireland. Kather an emjity honour. 
Chai)ter iv. gives particulars of the Selwyns and Faringlons, drawn from 
Mr. Bazeley's "Records of Matson and of the Selwyns." 

Part III. This is the most interesting portion of the book, the first 
chapter devoted to Sir Cecil "Wray (13th Bart.) ]M.P. for "Westminster, is 
as annising, as the second chapter, which details the history of the last 
AYrays of Glentworth, is pathetic. Sir Cecil was succeeded by his first 
cousin, the Kev. Sir A\'m. TJUithorne Wray, who only enjoyed the title 
for three years, and died at tho age of 87. His son. Sir "\\'illiam James 
Wr.ay (15th Bart.), died just a year after him, at the King's Head Inn at 
Coventry, and with lii.m the family became extinct. i\Ir. l)alton has not 


troubled himself to discover even the n<ainn of his wife, or the place of 
his burial ; but, apropos of his death at an inn, iudulf,'os in repeating the 
oft-contradicted story about the Duke of liuckinghani'a dying " iu the 
worst inn's worst room." 

lit an Appendix is given the will of Sir Christopher Wray, Lord Chief 
Justice, a grant of arms to Leonard "Wray, and some register extracts. 
The History of the Wrays is an amusing liook and worth reading, but 
evidently not intended for tho critical in matters of pedigree. 

William Penn's okiginal Troposal and Plan for the FotJNniNQ 
AND Building of PniLADELriiiA. James Coleman, Tottenham, 
1881. 8vo. 

This reprint will no doubt be of great interest to many of our American 
subscribers and friends. Few booksellers know better than ilr. Coleman 
how to cater for the taste of our Transatlantic cousins. Besides containing 
a general description of tho province of Pennsylvania, its soil, air, ^vatcr, 
seasons, and produce, both natural and artificial, and " the good encrcaso" 
thereof, with plan of tho city "newly laid out," there are lists of tho 
original purchasers of 1000 acres and upwards, many of whose descendants 
sur\-ivc at the present day, and who are, we presume, tho present 
aristocracy of Philadelphia. To this is added a list of persons holding 
property, about 1720-30, with particulars of their holdingsj; and 
another of " tho good and true men" who signed the original Declaration 
of Independence in 1770. On the last page Mr. Coleman has added a 
short account of Pliiladelphia, in which we are told that as a manufacturing 
city, no city, with the oxcejition of London, in the world, can compa c. 
AVith such a recommendation ^Ir. Coleman's little book ouglit to find 
more than enough Philadelphians to speedily exhaust this edition. 

The Genealogy op tue Family of IIaslewood, .Stafkordriure and 
Warwicksuike Branches, also the Bai!Baik)i:s I'.raxch. By 
Revd. Francis Haslewood, London ; ]\Iitchell & Hughes. 
1881. 4to. 10s. 

The readers of tho 'Genealogist' aro doubtless already well acquainted 
with tlie carefully drawn pedigree of Sir Thomas Haslewood which 
appe.ared in our first vohnne, and also witli tho genealogy of the Shropshire 
bi-auch, which appeared iu the ' jMiscellanea Gcnealogica.' In the present 
broi'hure, wliich is privately printed, tlie descent of the Stall'ordshiro, 
^Varwickshire ami Barbadoes families of the name is traced with that 
caro and accuracy which ren<lers Mr. llaslewood's previous contributions 
to tho genealogy of the name of permanent value. Tlie oidy point which 
appears to need explanation is the engraving of the arms of Mrs. King.sley, 
who was a daughter of Richard Haslewood, of the Barbadoes branch. 
Tiio arms of Kingsley, with a shield of pretence, are there impaled with 
Hazlewood. It would be interesting to know why the shield of lu-etmee 
appears, and also on what authority tlic arms of Haslewood were usrd by 
Ibis branch, whoso pedigree only begins in 17 1>0. .'Vu index, worthy all 
praise, completes the volume. 


Mr Ilaslowood is still prosccutiuK his researches into tlie history of 
tho B.amc, and will be much obligc.l to any of our readers wIkj can 
assist him with register extracts, wills, monumental inscriptions, or other 
material relating to it ; and also to the Dcring family, llis address w 
—St. Matthew's Rectory, Ipswich. 

The Eibliogeapher, a Journal of Look-I.oee. No. 1. December 

1881. Elliott Stock, 62, Paternoster liow. Price l.s. 
Similar in size and type to his popular magazine, " The^AntiquaiT," Mr. 
Elhot Stock now comes forward as tlic champion of Bibliography with 
"Tho r.iblio-a-apher." The taste for collecting rare and curious books is 
Ho^icw; the taste for studying their history and their contents is of 
modern orowtli. If we wish to estimate the future of jNIr. Stock s Aiaga- 
Einc by the contents of the first number, it is only necessary to direct 
tlio attention of our reader.s to Mr, Lradshaw's article on Clodfned van 
derlla-^en Mr. Blades on ]]ercula, and to the columns headed JNotcs 
and Nc^vs," which present a irmtnA of what is doing in the Biljliographic 
World. Mr. Stock has foreseen a want, and provided for it well. 


1881, 120 pp. 35. 
Tins little tract is of necessity of a very cL.'mentary charaeler. ^ It 
commences with the assertion that the Cowley Family nzay ha^'e existed 
Ion" before the lloman Conquest, and identifies it with Culego in the 
Doomsday survey. "The English language had been eniiched with the 
letters <p and i/ long before cither of them embellished this ancient 
cor'nomen." It proceeds to enumerate various persons, more or less 
notable, of the name in this country and America, and of cwrse starts 
upon the popular delusion that all persons of the same naiiK' iuv dusc-ndud 
from a conunon ancestor. 

Stephen Cowley, an admirer of J. .ha AVeslry, wlio died early in tlui 
present century, is tho founder of the American family as to wlioso 
ancestors and descendants the writer seeks information. The Kev. Edwai^l 
Cowley, founder of the Shepherd's and Children's Folds, New York, is 
the most notable member of the f.mjil)'. He is compared with ' tlio 
sahitly Bishop Camus, who r-pe...t...lly declined bishoprics of the lust 

" ''*^Jud"e Cowley, of the Boston Bar, well known as a writer on Divorces 
and Divorce Courts, is another worthy representative of tins surnanie. 
Information relating to the family should be addressed to the Ivev. 
Edward Cowley, 100, i::ist .VJnd Slnvl, New York City. A\ e ].rcsume 
hois the writer of this lilLlr look, and ro-phil:,nthropi.^l of the Saintly 




(■Continual fi-nm Vul. v, j). 2RS.) 

MUXDY c.f Xfwbury. 
MMS.—SaU; on a cros^ cn'jmilrJ Anjcnl fu-n Jozovjc^, of lh'\fi>lJ. 
CuKST.— ^1 lorqxmTs head cnaol !<'-ihh' hemiiia', fire i.-^otiii'j fn 
vioidh proper. 

Hem-y Mimdy of-=j=Ainici., da. of ... I'.cckon- 
Biapsdeii, CO. 1 sli;nvu of liurgli Clt-avc, 
Wilts. CO. South'toii. 

I I I 

Anthony Mun(ly=f=Tlorotliy, da. to ... John. 
of Bidcsden, 3 I ISlasun of Tidworth, — 

son. CO. Wilts. I'Mnu 

Anthony. John Mundy, an-f=Judith, da. to Winifivd, relic 

Attorney at Law- ' '■■■■'■' -' '' '''" '-— 


JVLLUlili-'^ ilUlJtH>U I ... r K'lCl 01 01 iJ'.HIll lux Oi 

andnow^Iayorof Peniston, co. Salisbury. 
Ncwhnrv, IGGi. | Y.irlc^ 

r I 

Robert Clarrard, now reimly-=Judith. ]■ lizalioth. 

Steward of Newbury. 

KKLSOX of Chadleworih. 

Ail.MS.— &<We, a ero^sflor'j Or, a h'uJ Gahs. 

William Nelson of L(.udoii,-f=-d)<-irotlij', da. of John 
Chief Prothonotary of tlie I Suiith, Serjeant at Law, 
Conion Pi cas. j of ]juclnnghani. 

Thomas Nelson of Chadleworthr-r^larv, da. to Stei,hen Puckett 
CO. 13erks, ob. 1G17. of Colne, co. Wilts. 

I'dizabeth, the relict of 
Thomas Castilion of Ben- 
ham \'aleiu;e. 

I\Iary, ux. Tle.mas 
Pda^rave, Re(;tor of 
lluiley in]?erk.s. 

iK.rnlhv, da. 
l'o-H;k of \V, 
P. Iks. '1 UV. 


•.f Jnhn-pY'illi.ini Xrl-on of (/had 

la. of Kieliard 

L.bbnf 1! 

I r 


!:) Mar, UU 

.1., 1 


I M 1 

Thomas Nel-on, sou Atme. Jane 

and lirir, a't. -Jt, 2LI 

Mar ICG I. Mary. 



NEVILL of Jlilliiigbcre, 
Arms.— C^H a saliirc Or. 
Chest. — A hull jwssaut picl. 

Sir Henry Xcvill, Kt, of Billing 
here, Scig'r AnibnssaLlor in France 
ok 10 July 1G15. 

=Ann, da. to Sir Henry 
Killigrcw of Cormvall, 

3. Richard 
Doctor of 
the Civil 
Law ; lie 
had a da. 

1. Elizahoth, 
iix. Sir Henry 
Berkley of 
Yarlington, co- 
Somerset, Kt. 

Sir Eichard Brookes Edv.-ard Lcwknui 
of Norton, co. of Deiiham Hall 

Chcshtre. eo. Suilulk, Kt. 

y of 

2. Frances, 
Eichard AV 
Apledorcombe in the 
Isle of Wight, Kt., 
and Barl. 

5. Dorothy, ux. Eich- 
ard C:itelyn of AVing 

Sir Henry NeviJl oi=j=ElizaLeth, da. of Sir=Sir John Thorow- 
Billinghere in co. Jolni Smith of good of St. John's, 
Berks, Kt, ob. 29 Ostcn Hanger, co. Clcrkcnwell, 2 vir. 
June 1C29. Kent., Kt. 


1. Katherino, 
ux. Sir Tho- 
mas Lunsford, 
Lieut, of the 
Tower of Lon- 

2. INIary, 

3. Philli 
pa, ux. .. 


2. Hoiiry^^Elizabeth, sole da. 


and heir of Richard 
and niece andheir of 
Edward Staverton 
of Heatldey Hall, 
"Warfield, co. Berks. 

L Eichard Nevill of I'.ellingbore,=|=Ann, cldrst da. of Sir 
Esq., now one of the Justic(\s of John Haydon of Ba- 
the Peace, and Deputy Lieut. | conthorpc, co. Norfolk, 
for tliis CO., ret. '18, 28 Mar. Kt., Lieut, of the Or- 
1CG5. dinancetoKingCh. L 

I I 
L Anne, In 
M Feb. Ifil 


1 1 
3. Elizabi-lh,boi 

1 5. Frances, 


2:i July 

G iMay 1G57. 




2. l^u 

i.ird, bom 

4. K.atherine, 
burn 23 Jun.- 

12 Oe 

. IGfif). 




NOKE of rreisUiill. 

Arms.— Or, on a ffss Sahle hetwp.en time le.npards faci.-i Gules a.f many 

crowns of the fiel'l 
Ciii;sT. — A lion's gamh erased Gules entiled with a croirn Or, Imldinrj an 

arrow Gold harhed and fligltted Arr/cnt. 

Richard Nokc of nray,=f=Dorotliy, da. 
CO. IJcrks. I of ... 

William Koke of=Margaret, da. to 
rrcisthiIl,co.l3iTk.?, The. Kodkyii of 
Gent., ob. circa. Grcystocko. 

John Nokc of Stan-^ 
field {? Stanfor.l) co. 

William Nokc=r^rartha, da. of 

of London, 
CJent., ob. circa 

■1. Henry Noke, 
bur. at isiiahan 

l^dmund Hunt 
of Nurf , one of 
the Att'ies of 
the Exch. 

Agnc.=?, ux. "Wil- 
liam Lloyd of 
Olfley, CO." Hunts. 

Stamford (? 

3. Cliarles Noke, 
bar. in the l!ar- 
badoes, lGGl-5, 

2. William Nokc of Lon- 
don, jMcrch.ant, ob. s.p., 
and bur. at Surralt in 
the Indies 1G58. 

\. Richard Noke of London, Cient 
eldest son, now going to live i 
Earbadoes, tet. 45, Nov. 2, IGCG. 

Anne.=[=Simon Hopper of 
Richmond, co. 

\. Robert. 

I I 

Martha. Jai 

NOYES of Trunkwood. 
Xnws.—Argnit, three, cross cros.lrl.-^ in lend Sahle. 
CM-.iT.—A dure Argent, in tar hal; an olive hranch Vert. 

Peter Noy,.s= 
of Andnvor, 
CO. Hant^. 

=AgneR, da 

•of .T„ 



IVtiT Xojr.s iil'-plCli,inoi', 


of Jkisiug, CO. Hants. 

I " I 

Peter Xoyos of-f^Wiiiifivd, da. of ,To]ui 2. John 

Trunkwood, fct. AVliite of tin.' liniui- Noyes. 
39, 1GG4. T.inple, Esq. 


Peter Xoyc,';, John. Samuel. "Winifred. Katherine. 

eldest son. — — 

"William. Susan. 

OFFL]' Y of Woodley in Summing. 

Am\»..—A,;jri,t, on a crns.^ flnrij hiiu-m, fun,- Cnnil^li diou./h-: prnji. 
a lion rampant ijanhuif Or, k mullet fur 'h'lf'civiicr. 

"William Ofllcy of Putney, =p]Margaret, da. and heir to 
CO. Surrey, Esq. Kalph Crew, of Co. Chcsh. 

"William Oniey^rSu.^ 

anna, cla. ani 
of ... "WarJall. 

Anne, ux. Xevill Lora- 
more of London, Citizen 
and j\Ierehant. 

"Will am Oflley of "Wood--T=Annc, da. of Julm 
levin Sunning parish, co. I Harrison of Hur,-<t, 
Perks, D.C.L. co. Ik'rk.s. 

William Oniey, a:t. 5, Anne. 

25 Mar. 1GG5. 

OX LEY of "Windsor. 

AuM.s. — (J,; throp piles wrrtiiuj near the Ini.^c Gules. 

a mnllet Sahle. 
Cmz^i.—Oul (,f a ilurul rurunrt Or an ra,jh prope. 

John Onlcy of ...,-|-J:inc, da of. 
CO. Ncilirinn. I ^Varrni. 

a ennton Ar.ient 



I I 

I'ranccs, ux. (h 

Aline, ux. "\Vi 
Gooiluinn, citiz 


citizen of 

KirhMxl Onley,-=t-Ai 


TayL.r of 


o -1 „^- rnnv.rn Sniiuel Onloy of Wind-=rK'>lli"-ine, da. te 
Samh, ux. Ocoige ^^^^^^^^ ^^ MercliautTjohn Davenport, 
l.Tof Lonaon,fet. 50, ^^rereliant Taylor 
30'Mav. 1GG5. of London. 

Oiigley of Mayd- so 
stone, CO. Kent. Ti 

John, son and lie 
9, 30 I^Iar. 1GG5. 

PACKER of Sliillingfoid. 
,,.-G^dc,, a cross h::e,gii Or, h:{,re<nf.nn- ,-.-. ^^''r'^^^^^V^;^^^ 
Per chevron Azuro and Or n, r]u>'f /"o .hilruns .,f tlu ..,u,,i. 

John Packer of Westminster, oneT=Philipra, da. nf 1 
of thcClerkcsof tlie Privy Seale. 

■is Mills 

,f Sonthami> 

John Pac- 1. 3'>lizaheth, ux. John 
rv, ]^r. of Ihwvnc, Esij., now 
hiVick. Gierke to the Lords' 

House of Parliament. 

obcrt Packer of Shil- 
iiuford, CO. Berks, 
,sq., -MV. for Wai- 
n-ford, ret. 53, 20 

da. e: 


-1. "William Pac---=rJane, da. of 

ton, CO. 15erkf 

Tho. Saun 
ders of Wool- 


I I 

Im P.aekev, son Anne, 

dheir, .Tt.'.l, 20 dyed 

ilv IGCG. oun' 

1. Kohert. 

2. John. 

"I I 

L Isah 

2 Kalh., ux. John 
(loll, Esq., (if Hor- 
ton, CO. Derby. 

- Philip Parker-rT-al.el.da.of.SiiPohert 
of Ci.H.mbrid-e, I l'.ail;l;y,Kt.,somelime 
CO. Kent. • one of the J. J. of the 


3. Ka 
1. Tel 



PAGE of Biay. 

Jolin l';ic;o, AVurdrol.u Keepcr-=T=:\lavy, da. and lu'ir fif ... Fowler, 
to Kin- Henry YIII. Alderman of L(nulon. 

2. Kandolpli Page of^... da. to ... Edri.lgo 
3!]av, CO. licrlcs. I of .... co. Midd.x. 

1. Arthur, 
ob. .s.p. 

I .11 

Jolin Page of=j=Janp, da. to Simon Mary, nx. ... >Toyco, iix. 

Bra)', olj. 165G. Wincli of Pray. Powney. I'owney. 

Jane, u> 

I I 

2. Tliomas=Franccs, da. of ... Koy- Llianor, ux. 

of Piaj'. .^ton of Culliam, co. Samuel Nel- 

Oxon. son. 

]'.lizal)olli, da. Rieliard=j=]. Simon Page of-pElizabeth, da. to Hugh Web.s- 
Uo))^ of ^^'e■^t AViek- I P.ray, fct. -lO, 28 ter, citizen of London and 
ham, CO. P.ueks. Mar. 16G5. relict of Winder of Winlield, 

John, son and heir, sot. Sarali 
15, 28 1\Iarc]i 1CC5. 

r "I 

Eazarus Elizabeth. 

PALMER of Wokinc'har 

Ai;m.s. — Quarterly, 1 and 1, Chcqiii/ Or and B<thl,\ on a clurf Gtdc.-i tico 
mulfrf.^ of Ihr fird ; 2 and 3, a fc^s hdwcm three unnulds. 
V. Sir Edw. ]'.y«he, Clar. 10 Car. 

Ciii;sT.- A lalbot svjunt Ermiiwk. 

Pieliard Palmer of=t=Eliwbelh, da, of John Pall 
AVokingham. of Wokingham. 

-S Ki 


of John Pal- 

.-.p. ..f W..kingl 
oil. 1G37. 

Kuhard :\Iead of nier of 
Soullirrry, co. Kyc, co. 

Pucks. Sussex. 

da. of ... 
Gary of 
Lewes, CO. 














i-istoratLaw, now 

iMsll I 

in Coin, for tlic 



Peace of this 
Cuuntv, a't. 53 



of Oliver 

I I 



Piclianl r^ 
son and he 





da. of 

Kichurd. Mark. 

PALMER of Ilatford. 
Ahm.s. — Bahl<\ a chevron Or between three ere/cents Anjeiit. 
Chest. — A dragon Gules. 

William Palmer^ 
of Wadsdcii, co. 

pFrances, da. of ... 
CO. Bucks. 


'Thomas Palmer of Newcastle^ 
uponTyno,ob. 1G40. Matilda, 
da. of ... Andrew Millard of 
London, Sur;;eoii, 3 ux. 

■■... da. of ... Copley 
of Long Langford, 
CO. Berks. 


Thomas Palmor-pJoano, da. of Ral 

-f llatf. 
P.<rks,at. IG, IS 
:\Iar. IGCL 

Pi-oll of Chav 
(Cliarlow), CO. 




11 ja- 









I I 



Thoma,-?, .son 
and h.' 
19, 18 Mar. 





PJ-.ACOCK]-. uf Cliawloy. 

llobeil I'eMcockc, T.uia=f=... 
Mavor cif York. | 

unvnj lo::evr 

AViUiam Tcacocko, a-p. 
younger son. I 

Richard rcacockeof-rMav^^avet, da. of ^JichoU 
Scotter, CO. line. 1 Allcmson. 

2. jihn Peacocko^pMary, da. of^TUcona. l^ JV.nian. 

of ChawlPY, CO. 
]^,crks, oh. 1615. 

1. An.,,nx^Tho„i.. 
]),.,l,r, luctor of 
Audlrv, en. Oxon. 

Citiz('n and Jlcrchant Tailor of 

2. Mary, ux. John ElizahcUi, nx. 

^loorc of Clicstor- George Lrown, 

ton, CO. Oxon. of co. Kent. 

.,..lnn-,ux. 5. SuLnna, jllm reacoekc^Martl. d.aud GM 

,1„1,„ AV.-- nx. Thomas of Chawley in 

t.nnf Thistle- Holt, Kernr- the of 

^v,.rlh (L-le- derofAhing- Cnnn.e.r, a Ma- 

u..lh), eo. don. j.,rof]'uol. 

liuir of John garet. 
TuV)old idia^ 
Theohald of 
Chilswell, CO. 

I I 

,- ' ■ TT 1 i.-v.n,r.,.s ill of Edward Anne, 
yranrisreacocke.pli.nicis iia oi j n 

of Chinvlev, 1-1. Ml.lynof M.n.sterLovell 
58, 10 Mar. If.lll I eo. Oxon. 

1 I 


l-van.-i.. Thomas. Itehn,!. 
CK^rhs, Koherl. .l-hu. 

Ui'liaiu. Sanmel V'.dwaid. 

■1 111 

1 enrv. Mar 

Kli/.ahrlh. Anne. 




PJ'AKCK of OaklieM 

Tlionias IV'iircf uf=f=. 
... CO. ])ucks. I 

of ... Yoke 

Tlioiuas; IVarso of=j=].)nrothv, da. of ... 
Xcw Wiiulsur. I (? Xokc) of ..., co. .Sii 

Charlc? Pfarco of=T=l-:iizabet]i, da. and sole Godfrey. 

WoklicM, (Oak- licir to RowlaiidJolin.-iou — 

field), CO. Berk.^. of I.ondon. J-JizaLctli, s.p, 

inc. Doi'uth 

PEKKIXS of Ufloii. 
Akm,S. — 0;-, rt/r'.-w ,hinnilrr hrt,n;:n .o'.r hilht.- Kninn.' 
Chk«t. — A ii'utn aj'i>Ii' ■•'faU.-'rl and IrarrJ /,r"/"r. 

Franci.s Perkins of^- 
Uflon, CO. IVrk.s 


'uinf Ca 

of JnllU 

moiv, CO. 



s, Ks,,. 

1 '~ ' 

3. iM-anccs, iix. 
Kdu-. Codiin;.'- 
loiiinco. Wills. 

2. Klizal.dh, ux. 
William ISlouiit 

of Wclhnus,., rn. 





1. :Mar-ai 
... St. Ci 
CO. llrrts 


JUlllrr ..f 

I I i 

G. Mary, ux. f.. Winifivd, ux. Pranris IV.-^ 

■Inlm liide ..r Arlliur Mamvar- kins, o1,. 

Hid... Pud, CO. in-uf I'.r.MMJill, lOflO. 

P.crks. Ivn. 

Pr.niris Pn-kiiis ,,f Uftoa, cm. 
.P>crk.s, a't. 11, 25 Mar, IGC"). 

=Pranccs, vo. nicest d.i 

to lltinAAVillrll-Mlldi 

of liur-ldcliair (Pmr 
klrlunv), .-,,. lU'iks. 



PIGOTT of iriitfora aiul ]\Iarcli;un. 

Arms. -Qiuulerly of 6, 1, Snhfc, Hirer vrillplrl-:^ Anjcnt ; 2, Air/ait, three 
hitgle Iwrns Sahlo, driuncd Or; 3, Anjcnf, <i. t^nltlro cvcjraihd 
Sable, on a chief of ihe. second ficn vudlefs of the field; i, 
Argent, on a cro.'^s mo/rculed Bahle another plain of'th<i field 
hetwcen four innlkln of the second; 5, Azure, a linn rampant 
within an orle of cross crosslets fifchee Or ; 6, Gnles, freity 
Argent, on a chief Or a lion ramjinid gordant of the field. 

Chest. — A grc^'hound couchant ib'ahle. 

Francis Pigoll of iratfonl,=[=:\Iargavet, da, of Allan ]]ullcr of 
CO. IJcrks. Aston, co. Xoiili'ton, E.sq. 

Alban Tigolt of= 
]\Iardiam ami of 

Jane, nx. Tho- 
mas I'.aynavd 
of "Wnnslrow 
in Sonieisclsl). 

■Jlargarc't, da. and 
colicir of Randolpli 
A\'colov of London, 

Ralpli Pigott=pElizabeth, da. 

of West Char- 

of ... Goro of 
Wallop, CO. 

2.,ludith, lOdf.t 
Pigolt. da. of Dr. Paul, 
l^.ishop of Ox- 

I I 

3. Ealph Pi- 
golt of Ful- 
forJ in I\Iar- 
chani Parish. 

I\Iary, nx. Bal- 
thazar iJcar of 

Francis Pigott of=Elizabelh, da.and 
Marchani, Esq., hcirof ...Lawson, 
now one of the Citizen and Mer- 
Deputy Licuten- chant Tailor of 

ants and Ju.stico 
of the Peace for 
the County of 
Berks, :et. 50, IG 
Mar. ICGl. 

London, and re- 
lict of Francis 
AVafson of Chinch 
A.ston, CO. Salop. 

PILE of Okcniarsli. 
AuMH.-Argrid, a rro.^s hrtirern four pre<sion nails Gnles. 
CitrsTs, — ()/// nfn coronet on oidel,,pe\, he,,d Or horned Gnle. 
Old of a coronet a jvJiran in her pietg. 

Sir Gahri.l Pile of^^... 
Couijilnn, CO. Bucks. 



Sir Francis Pile of=T=Eliziiboth, da. to Sir Francis ropliam 
Compton, Bart. of Ilounsticet, co. Som. 


Sir Seymour Pile of 
Cliilton, CO. Wilts, 
mar. Elizabeth, 3 
da. to Sir Hunry 

Cabricl Pile of=Francc.s t .la. 
Okemaishintlie tr, Sir Henry 
l>arishofChaiUe- Jfoore of ]"a\v- ]]crks. ley, co. Lerks. 

Joane, da. to ...=|-Sir Francis Vi 
Still, 2 ux. Kt. and 13an. 

=Mary, da. to Samuel Dinicli 
of Puscy, 1 ux. 


PLOMER of New Windsor. 

AiiMS. — Per f'fs florii rovntcrJlor>j, three marthjts. 
Crest. — A dcmi-liuti mmpanl Gulo! holdiii'j a garh Ur 

Walter Plomer, Citizen=|=... da. to ... 
of London. I dc la Cice. 

3. Thomas, 

1 1 
2. Edmund, ]. Jnlm- 


1,1. to- 


mar.... 3 da. 

mar. ... da, PI.,.,,,., 

John Pa 

'e of 



to ... Sly- of Lm„ 

Harrow (. 

n the 


of London, 

ford. don. 




Win.lsor, al 
I^Iar. icon. 



da. t, 







id (.t 




■... Mi 


CO. Hei 

I'lict ..f W; 
(if Mockh; 

Jolni Plomer, son A), lie. 

and heir, al. 0, 30 

Mar. 1CG5. Elizabelli. 

I I 




PLUMl'TON of New ■\Vina.-;or. 

ARyii.—A^urr, jlrrf„.;U :„/.:, Or '.">rh r/uir.jr,! ,r!th m, ,>r,il!„p Gale 

Hum-y]'lumiitoi,,Ciliz.-n=pAiiiio, ,l;i. I., Aii.licw Olioinc, Citizen 
ami Baiter of Londdii. I aiul Mercliaiil T^iyk.r of Lou,lnn. 

1. Ilcmy riuiup- Elizal.etli, .b.= 
ton, mar. Cliri^- to Kieli. ?*Iar- 
tian, da. to llciuy shall, Citizen 
Ap Price. anin)rapi'rof 


=A7uUew l'luni]i— =Marv, da. to Tlio. 
toiiofNcwAViiid- ] fairs uf l'.rl;e- 
sor, cTt. G2, ;J0 l.nin.., en. IWrks 
Mar. 1CG5. (Kent), relict of 

Citizen and i^Ier- 
ehant Taylor of 

t I I II,, 

AVilliam. Ricliard riinnplon, IMargaret. London. 

— eldest sun. 

Andri'W. Elizabeth. 

I'OKDAGE of ]!i;,.llii 

AhMS. — -i/-./'7//, <> fr,, rhnjH,/ Or mo? a,:lr.<, In rlnrf ihrn 

of thr h-l. 

Clll-ST. — .1 'lr<vj'jii'.< lira,) Or rnniHliifj jhiiiir.< nf jirr pmin 

Samuel, Citizen=f=Eliza1ielh, da. ... Tayln 
and Grocer, London. I Citizmi of London. 


John rordai;e=f=:\rarv, .la. (o ... 


of L.radfield, 

Lanr nf Trdliurv 

r.'lirt of 


CO. y,rYk^, .Tt. 

(Tenhuvy), <-n. 

Thomas Fal- 

GO, 2.') ]\rarch 


dn,., Citizen 


Imry, co. (iloc). 

of L..n,lon. 

Ill I 

duhn. KamuellVrda.4e,snn=r1)niras, vnnn-osl d,i, 

— and heir, a't. 30, 'J.') I AVdli.nn l.anjm,,,,. 

William. March 1GG.5. Lnndmi, Mrrcliant. 


Charles Povdage, :et. 3. 

I I I 
in :\rarv. 




I'OTTKNGKR of Jlui-l.nrl,!. 

Amts.—Prf hcwl Or ami Suhh; a h,iul hcpw/t/ Aiynit iiml Gtilcs hrtwoen 
mx Jlcnrs-drMs cn„nfrn-hai>grd. 
A Putt., p. Sr. Kdw. I'.ysshe. 
Chest.— .4 Jkur-ilr-Us S>M- c!wn/,J. ,r!lh Ihr •<■ hccngc^ A,;jnnt. 
Motto. — •" (Innli.-; n'/a finis ila." 





r of^ 




. to 


itts and 







■ t u{ 







way of 

John. 2 .son, juar. RichaRlPof--j=Aravy, da. to John 'Ma 

Anno,da. toWil- tcn-cr, ol. 

liani AVithns (,f 1C59, 1 .s,j 

ManyDownr, CO. 

I I 


I I 

I I 

J!rowne of llur- William 

clcrc(l!ur-hckTc), Turner of 

CO. liant.^. Kuadin-. 

Walter ]^l-=--=], da to . 
longer. (i)ven\vay of Mid: 

liam (CO. Peik.s). 

I I 

Sarah, late 

Kalhcrine, w. to Ifopkin 
Vau-han of Cdhiit ('? Cal- 
dicott), c. MoiiniouUi.Esii. 

POU^'T of South Moreton. 

AUMS.— n,iarlcrly, 1 an.l 4. Oiilr-^, lim in-,„js cmijun,,;! Aninil, a hu,;hi 

engrailed Or ; 2 and ?,, Azurr, a luurr Argr,,/. 
CinWT.— J ,jrnjlu„ind\< had wing.d Anj. ,d gurgrd Or. 

Gcor-e Pount of Pianipton.-pMar-ery, .la. i>f 
CO. llnnt.s. ... C!o,-liii''. 

I 11 

Ifenrv Pount of-|"l)..rolh\vla. ..f Pi.liaol An.hew, Clor 

So>illnH.>rl.m, ai. I Whisll.r ..f Suulhuior- s.;,. f.-^y 

78, M Mar. ItiGl. t.iu. 



Susanna, da. tn-f-TucharaPounl,— :Nravy, ib. of 2 
Clcnicut Mav- son ami lu'ir AViliiani 
tin, lately one at. 3l', 1 J ]\Iar. Tippinc; of 
His Majesties 1GC4. Draycutt,i;o. 
rensioncis. Oxen, 1 ux. 



Susanna. Ilenriotla 

rOWLE of Shotleslnook. 

Arms. — A:it)r; ( 

/(V.S Ermine hdwa 


thr(jp lions rami 

a„f Or. 

CitEST. — A iinkorn's hcail. 

Henry Powlo of-^Aun, da. to 

Colno Aliens (S. 

... Poole of 

Ahhvin's), CO. 

Cotes, CO. 



Henry Po\Yle=i 

rK.atherine, 2. Wi 

liam, !Mary, r 

X. Ann, ux. .. 

of Shots- 

da. of I\Ia- s.|i. ... Ijarl 

or Ilinson of 

broolce, co. 

thew Ilar- of Ihn> 

t. Ahlsworth, 


bert of Mon- 

CO. Gloc. 

Sir Kiel 


larJ 2. ITi^nrvM- Elizahotli, si.'^ler 



TowleofSlioLs. T.,wl,.. 

tothel-ord New- 

(lied young. 

Lrooke, \k\. of 

port of lli.uli 

the liath to 


K. Charles II, 


aH. 35, 28 Mar, 




PEATT of Cukvsliill. 

AuMS. — Argent, on a cliecron Suhh: hcticceu three pell nts earh cliure/ed with 
n martlet of the fiel'l, as rnrmy rnasclei Or. The hidgc of 

Ckest. — A wolf's head per pale Arg-'nt and Sable gorged Or. 

Sir Henry Pratt, sometimc=j=i\rary, da. to 
Slierift' and Alderman of I Thomas Adams 
London, Ivt. and IJart., of Wisbitch, 
created 28 Jidy IGIO. eo. Carnbr. 

F.lizabetli, 1 mar. to Edward 

Sir Gcorgo=f=]\Lirgaret, da. 


l;.il;erof Tew, CO. SomVett; 2, 


to Sir Ilum- 

Pratt, had 

to Henry Pratt of Wcldon, 

ret. 58, 9 

jihrey For.-;- 

only Jilar- 

CO. Xorth'ton; 3, to Edwin 

iMar. 1G65 

ter of Aldcr- 


IV'iiIe of London ; 4, to Francis 

(?of Coles- 

maston, co. 

I'liibps of the Middle Temple, 

hill. See 

]!erks, Ki. 

Loudon, Esq. 



and Part. 

Sir Henry Pratt, son and heir, ;et. IG IvLay. 

anno snpradict. [dyed Jan. the 10, 1G73-'1.] 

PUREFOY r,f Wadley. 

arterly, 1, Qnarterhj, one and jovr, Aznrr, three stirruj^s Or 
(Purefoy); in-o and three, Sahle, three pairs of de.rler hand.^ 
conjoined Argent (Purefoy). 2, Qnarterli/, one and four, 
Ermine, two and three, paUj of si.c Or and Unle,-: (Knighiley), 
3, A::ura, on a fcss Or hetieeen. threr s/irarheads Argent a 
greyhound courant Salle (Unton). •(, Sitl:h\ a chevron Ermine 
between three crescents Argent (Clover). ( In an esciitche<in 
of pretence. Quarterly, l' and 1, Or, tim bars Gnbv each 
charged irlth three 'water bnwirtr. Arand ( Willonebby). 
2 and 3, A::,ire, three el mpir-fni'l., Ar,,<ul n-ilhin an arte' of 
eight rn.,, cn>^<lr/. Or (l^n..]],.,.. ! Tilurv). 

dcrtcr ganiillrl gra.:j>ing a J-ralu-ii tilling .y.rar all jirojicr. 

I'dward Purefoy of Sli: 
(SliaLlone), eo. Puck.s. 

-I .ioyee, ,1a. a 
I Puiefny „f 

r.-^ ,.f Gef 
n, CO. L( 



EJv-ard PuiefdV, Mcc. 


1 1 


tor of Kiittesfuia (? 





Latsfonl, CO. nine), 



oh. s.p. 


mar. ...da. 


' of 

(,f Cal. 

wickc of Laii^'funl, to. 



cott ii 




Dorotliy, sister to K(lwanl,=r;corL;erun'foy-=f=>r^irv, Aa. ami lieir of Sir 
Lord Denny, relict of Kd- of Dravlon, nl,. | \-,,l,'ntinc Kniglillry of 
ward Piirc-foy (? Hnrvc^y) of 1G22. | ^\^ nAUj (co. IJ^-rks), o1). 

Wonnlry, co. llrrtfor.i. I 1G17, 1 u.x. 

Anne, da. and eolieii^C; 
of Sir Francis Darcy l.ornll Jan.lGO.^i, 
of P,ronffor.l, co. ' ob. 1600. 
Midd., Kt.,2ux. 

Piuvfny,=[=Anne,da. and colieir Eclwan 
of Sir TliMMias (llo- ol,. .s.p. 
v,T of Hav.-, CM. 
Midd., 1 ux. 

ilM I I 

2. Henry. Knightlev I'ure- 1. Jane, 

— foyofSlialdcston, ux. Cliris 
4. Thomas, niar. Maw, da. tophcr 

— coheir of ",Sand- Ilalcs of 
.5. William, ford of Pohhin- Covculrv 

— CO. Kent. 
C. Valentine. 

George Purefoy= 
a't. 35, 21 Mar 

Kalherino, da. a 
coheir of Sir Uci 
Willonghoy of ]; 

2. ]\ran 
ax. The 
na.s Jer- 
,ard, cc 

1. ICliz.ahclh, 
ux. Anlhonv 

CO. Warw. 

X Anin>, nx. 
of Pcmvar- 
Iham, CO. 

r.. ])ov.,ihv, 

nx. William 
I'lU'efoV of 
CO. ^Varu•. 


"I I 
4, liubert. 

I I 
C. Charle.'^ 

3. Knighllc 
now liviu''. 

Lorn M 
Aug. lGri2. 



rUSEY of Pusey. 
XuMB.—Guks, ihrcc hars Anjmf. 
Cnr^sT. — A leoj'anl jxtssani grinhiitf, Enniii''. 

Richard Tusoy of Puscy,=pMaiUm, iLi. of 

CO. Leiks 

,=T-,Haium, H:i. 01 , 
Aider of Wantfl 

n 1 I I I 

Thomas. liichard rusoy=T=^ravv, da. of ]MarLha. J^Iary, ux, 

_ of rusr.y, ob. ... Bla.c^raveof — , 

^V)lliam. 2 Aug. 10.55. Wantage, co. iMavgarct. Alderman 

]!erks. of London. 

Richard Pusey, .Tt. 11, 
18 Mar. ICGl. 

PYE of Pariiigdon. 

A115I3.— Quarterly of C, 1 and G, Eniuna, a h.nul fnxllij dnlf^ ; l', tiahh', a 
lion paminf Anjciil ; 3, J'it pale Uuhts and A::uri; a liuit. 
ratiipant Sahh- ■•<(ipiiii(iliiii b/'licccii tin' pans a tree eradiadeil 
Vert; 4, Gide^ titrrc i<tirnqis Or; 5, On, a cliOLrron helwcen 
three ravens Snh/e a-i mninj emdlnps Or (Croker). 

CUINT.— .4 CrogS-Cr0s4rt fddtr.r hriirrn, two Wlnij.i Anj^'id. 

John Pyo of the Muc 
CO. lleref., Gent. 

Andrews of 

:ieir of Rogci 
CO. lleref. 

John Pyo of lhc=rAnne, da. of Richard de la P.ero 
Mrcnd,' Gent. I in Hereford, Kt. 

Walter Pve of=t=^r 

Walter I've ol=T=.\laii'arel, cUdesi 
the Meend. to Pliili)! Price. 

lest da. and cohei 

' i I 

Waltor=pJ,,ano, da. of jMavy, <la. and=|=Sir Robert Pyo of Far- 

William Rud- leir tu Jiihn 
liallof Rud- (Jinlcrnfllatis- 

hall, CO. lleref. lonl, , n. Gloc., 

^^ii W,.!t,r I'v,. of -Kalh 
•d.-M-nd. Kl. Saun, 

ingdon, CO. Perks, XL, 
Auditor of tlic receiiit of 
tlie ]'A-ehe,|ner U^ JC. 
.lanirs and K. Cirarhs 
1 and 11. 



Sir Rolicrt Tye of= 
Faringdon, Kt., 
one of tlio equer- 
ries to liis inc.'lie. 

^Anno, (la. of 2. vSir Juim Pye,=i=Rcbccca, da. of 

John]Iaiiipdcii Kt. and Lt., of 
of ][a;n}ideii, Ilenie, co. 
CO. ]jucks. ])erby. 

Nioholas Kaynton 
of luifield, CO. 


Edmniid. Hampden Joliii. CliarlesPye, l\Iary. Eliz.iljctli, 

— Pye, eldest — eldest son, — — 

lliclianl. son. Pobert. act. 12, 1GC4. Pebecca. Anne. 


READ of Aploford. 
Akms. — GuJes, a saUire hcticceii four garhs Or. 
CnnsT. — On the shimp of a trcn raguUc a falcon with icin'js crjyandcd all 

Sir Thomas Read of Barton, =i=Mary, da. and coheir to Sir John Brockctt, 
near Abington, co. Perks, Kt. I Kt., of Brocketts Hall, co. Herts, 


Thomas Pcad,=f=j\Iary, da. lo Sir Thomas Cornwall, 
-son and heir. I Kt., Baron of Burford, co. Saloii. 


=:jarv, dr... 

Edward Read 

=JanG, da. of 


ton Read 

of Sir Gil- 

of Ipston, CO. 

Thomas Ac- 

da. to John 

of Ship- 

bert Corn- 

Oxon, ajt. 37, 

ton of 

Allen of 

ton, CO. 

wall, Ba- 




Ox on. 

ron of 

CO. Wore,, 1 

Berks, Esq., 



2 ux. 

1 1 


1. Anne, ux. 



l\rary, ux. 


ob. young. 

ux. Brid- 

John Corn- 



stock Hait- 

wall, 3 son 

Ob. S.p. 


ford of 

of Gilbert 

to Sir Gil- 



beit. Baron 

of Burford, 

Anne, da. and colieir of=j=3. 
ller.ry Knap of Oxford. Be 

fhomas Ivead of A]ih'ford, co. 
iks, :et. 30, M >Iar. lGG-1. 






READ of :\Iarc]inni. 

Arms." 0/J a hend three shoveUers. 

Thomas Kcid of Cray's Iiiii,=j=... 
CO. Midil., ]) 

Enianuell Ri'ad=i=^rargai'et, da. of Edmond Broome 
of London. I of Jloltoii, CO. Oxon. 

John Read, Vicar of= 
Marcham, co. Berks, 
a3t. 42, IG May 1GC4. 

^Amy, cddcst da. of Untou 
Crook of i^Iarston, co. O.^on, 


II I . 

Union. Francis. 


I i I I I 

Jolm Read, .Jane. Bridgelt. 

ret. 13. Anne. Cliristian. 

RICJIE of Sunning. 

Ahm.s. — 0/', on a saUire raguU Guh'n, fii-o cro-^s nnssMs filclire of fhe 

field, in chief the hmlrje nf u'htcr.—Pcr Garter, 1G5G. 
Conlirmcd ayain by Sir Edw. Jjyssli, Clm: K. (f Arme.s, to Sir 

William liich, Bart., and I)amo i\Iary, -wife to Sir Robert 

Gayer of Stoko, November tlio ... 1GG3. 
Cui:bT.— ,1« imned iu-m and hand jmipi^r holdimj a crvsg cron.^Iel fdchre 


Tliomas Riclie of (]ic-f=Anno, da lo Thonia^A 
City of GIoc. ^Macliin of co. Gloc. 

Barb.ira, da.= 
lo Gilbert 
Moru-ood of, CO. 

.-et. C3, 11 Marc 
ICCl, ob. 1GG7. 


rElizaboth, da. 
to William 
Cockayn of 
Luiidun, ]\Ier- 

Anue, 1 mar. to 
Toby Clements of 
Cloe., 2 to John 
llanbury of Fec- 

Leic, 1 ux. 

chant, i ux. 

kenhani, co. 



Sir William Rii 
Bait., a_'(. 10, 
March IGGl. 



, I\Iary, ux. Si 
of .St..];e, CO 
the Bath lo 1 

r Rnbert Caver 

Buck., Kt.'of 

uii- Chailcsll. 



ROBINSON of Cooldiam. 

Arms. — Verf, a rherron Ernnne Mircru thin hticl-fl frippoid Or. 

Cm:si.—Onf <•]' a mural corvnd G>'l>j.-: a >hmi-ln'cl; salient Or. 

of Cookham. 

i=j=!Margaret, da. 
to ... Potter. 

EicliardRobinsoii=j=Cliristian, da. to ... 
of Cookliam. Fishor of Cookham. 

Richard Holunson of Cookh 
.Tt. CO, 28 Mar. 166r>. 

=Aiin, da. to riiilip Dorrcll {1 Darrell), 
one of the Auditor.-; of his ^Majesty's 
Court of Excliequcr. 

Pliilip, son and heir, 
ret. 16, 28 Mar. 1GG5. 




ROGERS of AVar-ravo, 

Amis.—Arr/rnt, a dr<(./on's hwl rrn.<p,J Vai hnblliiQ in the mouth a <Jr:,if 
■ hand cq^paum'r rru.ol Gvltv. 

Roger Yau,L;han, 3 .sou of Phihp Yaughan=f=... 
of Tretour (Tretowerj, co. Brecknock. 

Jolni Rogers c,f I,l,uiLalli.':r-=,-Jane, da. of ... 'Whitehall 
(Lanvaehcs),co.Moni]iouth. of Bloxwieh, co. Stafford. 

Nathan Rogersof=^S 
Ford House in 
CO. P.erk.s a-t, L'7, 
L'.5 Mar. 1005. 

.':anna, da. Hannah, ux. 

d ;:ole luir Thomas lierington 

f ll.iny Knj-d of ]lishopt(.n,"co. 

[JMud Hou,-e. Hereford. 

Ford RoL;er.s, sun am 
heir, a'l. I. 



KUDYARD of Wostwooaiiay. 

Arms.— Quarterly, 1 ami 1, Argcnf, frdh/ Sa!'!r a caid-m. aiil:< ; 2, a 
hear sal! i:nt ; 3, Gii/rs, on a Iimd t/irr,- frr/oi/-^ s',),pr,l ]'crf, 
OH a canfon Or a lion's fare of tin- fulJ. 

Cki:-3T. — A Saracen's head proi)er. 

Sir rjcujaiiiin RuJyarJ, soinctimo Surveyor^KIizaLelli, da. lo Sir 
to the Court of Wards and Livorics. I Henry Harrington. 

William Rudyard of "\Vcst=j=Sara]i, da. and coheir of Sir Stephen 

Woodey (Woodhav) cu. 
Esq., Ob. ICGl. 

Harvey of Xorthton, Kt. of tlio llatli 
to K. Charirs I. 

2. William, Ik-njaniin liudyard, pod and Jlarv. Elizabeth, 
heir, ret. 9, 23 11m: IGGl. 

SALTER of Cookhani. 

Robert Salter of Cookham,=^=Elizabeth, da, of Chi 
ob. 1G4,5. I Grove of Pen, eo. ]5ii 


Robert Saltcr= 
of Pray, 

Jilizabetli, da. to 
Thomas Grcnc of 
Amerdeu in the 
CO. Bucks. 

John Salter of Elizabell), mar. 

Rhemenham, George Grove 

CO. Perks, and of Pen, co. 

of Pen, CO. Pucks. 

SAMPOP^E of ]\loulsf,ad. 
AiiMs.— yl,-,/.'/(/, o cliei-mii Snhl' hrlinrn lln-rr nnilhls A.jiire j.irrrnl Or. 
CkioT,— /I hull's hrml erased holding in Ihr Mouth three ears if wheat. 
Thomas Sanibornc of Sunning, ^= 

co. Perks and O.xon, 




Thiv.. I Kichar,! S:unbo.-no of==Klizal.cth,an^c,f Richard 

Slok'rs Farm, near Stanger of Cholscy, 

bcldn.'hani. ' Berks. 

ll,,my SauilH:,rucn=-\nn, da. of AViUiaui 
of Moukford, I Talker of Suunu.g, 
CO. 15crks. I'-sq. 

KieLvd Saml,on>e, xi. 7G,yPoroU,y, <ln-'£ Kicl.ard 
2.3 IMarch, 1G65. I tomyns of Gliol.ey. 

Henry Saniborne, son=^Iary, da. to ... 
and heir, a't. 13, 1 005. Terry of Ahmgton. 

Joseph. Ecujauiin. 


SAUX])EKS of Woolston. 
.',//,/■■ nnd Ar^r-nt, three cl^h' 


Thomas Saunde! 
AYoolston, CO. Be 

:dt- cnt-xd 

John Saunders Thomas Sannders=f=Martha, da of 

a 15arrcslcr at of Woolsion, son | ... lleydell ol 

Lawc. -1"^^ lioir. 



3. Thomas, 

2. Anlliony, 

mar. Plufbo, 

mar. ... the 

da. to Alexau- 

widow of ... 

Cleevo of 


Bhn.sden, co. 



1 1 

John Tho 


uuiders. son , 

Jolin Saunders 
of WooLslon, 
.Tt. -14, 21 Mar. 

Cleeve of 
CO. AVills, 

of Jane, ux. 


Packer of 


ton, CO. 


.s Saunders, 

1 heir, at. 20 

aun. 2i:*lar. ICGl. 





In IJi-PiN-CTdX Church in the County of Bciksliire, on 
lyiii- in tlie middle of the nav of the churcli (on a bnv 

Here lycth t!ie Lodyes of John Saund.Tt: & | 
Anne his wife buth Lome in thid Tarisli 
w'cli I Jolm had Two wives th'ono named 
Joanc' I & liad issue by his 1 wife 5 sons & 
2 j dau, who departed this life the 2G day 
of December Ao. jrui 1599. 
]n the west wall of the South crosso of this Chuivh is a fayre Ar 
iiMuument adorn'd w'^^ carved worke & Guilded but noe Coat of A 
whrr.'iu lyes the Statue of a man in a Barrester'.s Gowiie and over 
this Ins.'ription : — 

Reader this monument presents | the Iileraory of Juhn 
Saunders of Woolston in tlie County of Derlcs Estp, 
Justice of the Peace in that county & well experienced 
in the com'on lawos of En;4and ; hec rendered his 
Soule to God the 29th day of April 1G3S and this 
portion of sacred earth preserves his Body Vi-'ch is 
scqucslred for the resurrection. Hec was happy in 
his marriage with Margaret one of the dau. of John 
Evclyii of Godstonc in the County of Surrey, Esq., 
att wlicse charge this monument was erected and by 
whomc hec had children, Elizabeth, Marg'tt, Thomas, 
Elizabeth and Letticc. 
Mr. Saunders of :Mid,T;iam, lately a IJurgesse of rarliament fur 
lin^ford is son to this John. 


SEYMOUK of Eamborne ^V.)odlands. 

Thomas Seymour of=]=Jano, da. to Jolm We 
Lambornc Woodlands, I of Stodley (Studeley),^ 
CO. Berks. Wilts. 

1. Thomas, 

2. R.I 

'er .'■ 





of Ed. 



..1, s.p. 

of Lar 


■ AVf 




of ^lu 






c, eo. IJ 


Thomas Sev n nr-pTan<', .la. (o John Edue.nd, 

LamliurneW.Mdh.nds, I Kv.4nu of Euubornc now liv- 
ift. 37, 21 :\lar. IGill. Woodlands. ing, ICCl. 

i I 

:i Ey^te 

I I 
■1. Join 

I I 







SlIEEWOOD of East ircn.Iml. 

AlMH.—Ar.fjif, <i chrrmit Gules hctircen IJimc (oi-trniir. 

Cl!i:.ST.— J )'hnnr of six j'ro.cnds' fiothrr-- prop>'r. 

,J..liu Slicnvood of East=j=.,. da. ami liuir of ... Y. 
Ik'ndred, CO. ]Viks. I of llwidrcd. 

Edward Sherwood of=rCoH.*limcc, da. of Willi, 

East Hem 

1. An, ux. Xirholas Ooldinn'of 
the City of Wiiiclicstcr. 

2. .loan, u.x. AVilliam Yaldeii of 
Luviii-loii, CO. ^Vilts. 

Saunders of Xewlm 

.". Coustancp, relict of Xalhauiel 
■\ViImorc, Citizen of Lomlon. 

l-.lizalielli, ux. Kichard Os^'ood of 
Duuu.'tl (Duiiliead), co. Wilts. 


John Shr 


•, da. to 

2. Edward, mar. 

3. Wil 




1. Vatrs 

Ilannali, da. to 

mar. .. 

a;t. i:>, -1 


of !■ 


... Forstcr, Citizen 



of London. 

I I 

Edward Sherwood. ^[ar^ 
ret. 5, sou and heir. 

Sin-.liWOOD of Ea>t Hendred. 
AitM.i aud Ci;est as in Ihr last redigree, (' crcscnd for dlifcmicc. 
John Sherwood of J'ast Hendred, eo. ISerks.-,-... 

ThouiasShrrwood,2son,of=^Katherine, da. lo ... Head 
E.ast Hendred, oh. IG.^ ^' ' 

2. Chvisliau, 
of Keadin-. 

of Chilton, CO. I'.erks 


?,. Constance, 


.fEa,t Hendred. of Chnlsey, 
CO. Lerks. 




Ali<;e, rulict of=Tliomas- 
Tlioiiiiis Good- Shcr- 
wiii of Coiiip- wood. 
l"ii, CO. Lurks. 

Jolm Sherwood of= 
Eerks, xt. 51, 21 
Mar. 1GG4., 
da. to John Clarke 
of Ardiii"toi), 2 ux. 

John Sliorwood, 1 sod, ;ft. 15. 

S;\IALBOXE of Sluvciitoii. 

=Amjr, da. tq 
Tliomas "Web- 
ster, Citizen of 
London, 1 ux. 

William Snia 
of Stcvcntoii. 

ie=rlsal)<l, da. of , 
I of Stevcnton. 

I I 

2. William, .John Knial- 

niar. "Marv, bone of Ste- 

da. of Eil- venfon, ;ef. 

niond Weeks 40, IG IVLiy 

of Drayton. IGGl. 

^Plnllis, d;i. 4. Henry, mar. 
of In-aiieis INIargaiet, da. 
Truelock of to Thomas Stc- 
Aplefnrd. yens of Steven- 






1 Rmalbf 
heir, a'l. 


1 1 


SMALliONi; of ."^f 

Edward Small..a.r ..f-Y'Alir,., ,1a. of 
Stevcnton, co. I'.iaks. ... Stowe. 

Kirhard >Small..a,r^-Kath.iin.', da, of ... KowL.nd 
of .Stevontun. I of ll.uvwell, eo. link.-. 




Kicli.inl .S)nMll)onc=j=Jane, da. to John St^'vcns 
of Stuvcnton. of Stevcnton. 

IJidiarJ Snial-=Elizal.ctl., da. 
bone c.f. Si. ■veil- of Tli.nnas 
ton, ,Tf. 35, 21 Stevens of 
HJar. IGGl. Slcvenlon. 

2. Edward. =-~=Katlierin., da 
of ...Kol.iii'ni 
of East Ilau- 

1 1 



3. Anne, iix. 
AVood of 

4. Eli7,al.elll, 

ii.x. ]{icliard 

5. Editli, 
ux. Kicli- 
ard ILird- 

dndgc of ];icw 

SMALEONE of Boeldnylon. 
Jolm SnialLoncof j;oekliauipton=f-Dorolhy, da. of AVilliani :\r..lyncs 

(? liockinglon). CO. V, 

)f .Al,,nj.,y\vell (M. 

]{oeklianipton, :et. 
40, 23 Mar. IGGl. 

Eliz.abetli, da. to 
K.iwland .Seudaiiii 
of Trewor-an, co. 

Alarv, u\-. Afaiti 
I'ysion of I,onj 
more, near Keat 


I I 

I I 
■1. Clure. 


Cliarles. John. Tlionias Siiialbor 

— .Sou and heir, wt. 21. — — 

Henry. 3. Francis. 5. Mary. 

C'ovlificil liy — Kmalcbonc. 

.S.ME.ATON ..f Tbakliam. 
AlMS.—A::ior, rt/(w hctirmi tln-rr /J,,>i,,h ^-Ii'im Oi: 
CnKST.— .'1 j,anut Vcr/. 

da. ( 

Thunias Sniealnn of, 
the ^•orlh Kidin-, CO. Yoik. 





2. Lconanl=j=I'<.ilK-l, ilii. of Robeii 

Thomas Siiicatou KosaTuoinl, 

Sinenton of 

Soutliby ofTocklin-- 

of Ciiltoii, .'^oii ux. Tliomas 

tlic North 

loii, in the East Kul- 

aud heir. Jackson. 


in- CO. Yf.vk. 

1 1 1 
-William Ann. ^\avy, (Ia.= 


t Siucalon of=^Auu, da. to Joliu 

SmrMtoii — of John 


ick iu tlic Winchcomhe of 

of llewth- :\rary. I'.lacklra. li 


of Thatchaui, llcmvick (co. 

^vait, sou ofl!atli,co. 

CO. y, 

■rks, n^t. .'il, J'.crks), rdict of 

and lii'ir. .Soiiicrsut, 

23 M 

irch 1664 ; Alexander Cusand 

1 ux. 


Jane, da. to of Cusand (sic, hut 

"William Eyston of q>ierc'), co. South- 
Est Ilenwike, co. ton, 2 ux. 
Berks, 3 ux. 

John, sou and heir, a?l. 1 S, 
23 Mar. 1661. 

SMYTH of Euscott. 

Thomas Smyth of Euscott,=pE]izabeth, da. of ... Ivehlewhhc 
CO. Eerks. j of Kodburne, co. A\'ilts. 

Thomas Smvlh of Eu.scntt,=j-Anne, da, of E.dmon.l ("Ir.'-ory of 
ob. 1650. " Coxham (Cuxliam), co. O.von. 

1. Ehccbe, ux. 3. An, ux. Ed- 
llcnry Gregory mund Gregory 
of London. of Euscott. 

•1. James, mar. An, da. of 
AVilliam Gregory of Lon- 

2. Tvfary, ux. E. 
bort l!abl)of 
CO. Berks. 


1. Elizabetli, late 
wife to Eobe.rt 
Rogers of IJean, 
CO. Hants. 


.1 .b.lni,inar da 

■ lulm Clark of llun. 

George Smith of= 
Em scot 1, at, ;iS, 
18 Mar. 1661. 

=Lettice, da. ..f Edw: 
Heylvn of Eurfor.l, 
CO. Oxou. 

5. Eavd, of Eisseler 
(Bicester, CO. Oxon), 

2. Th( 

I I 

Ileylyu S, 
— and heir, : 

3. Edward. .Afar. 1601 

'\ \ 


-SOUTUBY of Aplcton. 

Arms. — Or, a chevron hriiccni thrvc <ijijiJc.-< C,'iilc.<, a Midi'/ /or difference. 

Ceest. — A demi-lwn raiiijKiuf Or hohlhui in Hie de.rter pan; an (q)iilG 

Eicliard SoutliLy of Carcswell, co. Berks.=T=... 

1. Jolm Soutliby Kobcrt Soutliby=j=Aii]ie, da. of 2. Tlioiuas Soutliby 
of Cnrcswell r.sT" of Ai.leton.rct. CO, Jolm :\ra volt of Abini^don. 
next Pedigree.) 10 Mar. IGGl. ofAbin-don. 




Kobcrt Soutliby, .=ni 
and heir, tot 20, IG 
Mar. IGGJ. 



SOUT]ir>Y .if Caioswrll, 

Arms.— Scutum Gontilitiuui sivc Palludimintuiii ct Chri.'.ta Joh'is 
Sout]il>y dc Careswell in co. Jl.jrks, Gen. fil. ct hniTcdis 
]{ic'i Southby, til. Jo. Southby, Exojuiilifieal.i .singula sibiq. 
lierf(libu.s pnsterisq. snis conlirmata in ]i'pclnuni unacuui 
jiropria cornndom dcscripta jier moo, GuiliL'hn. Scajjar, Garter: 
]\-incipidern Jie.ijnn Arnmr'ni dat. sub nianu nu';1 ct sigillo 
odicii mc), decimo die monsis Fob. An° Kogni Regis Caroli 
7 A° iJ'ni 1G31 ;— II port d'Ur, una cherrron eidra tred 
roniines de G'iieide'< ot ])ouv son tynibrc sur unc Heaulme et 
fortillon de scs coulcur.s Une demij lion ramii'l d'ur tenant en 

sun jiidtee vne poiw de 
Argent; par nioy, Guillau 
d'ATine.-< dr, Anglni... 

inrnle^, Ic ]\Iantealc rouge doubK 
me Sengar, GartUrr ]'rincipall Bo; 

J.)lin Ruulhbv . 
CO. ];vrk.. 

f Care..well,=r--- 

liicbard S.mlbby ..f-rJ:"!'', <ddest da. ..f 
Careswell.ob. IGOG. 1 I'V.uar.l Keat of 

Locking, CO. Berk,-, 




Ti^wlctt of==2. Thouias Soiillil.y^-^fary, da. of 
CoUfls, CO. of Stanford. (Sec Sir "William 

"Wilts." nextPcdujnc). Gardiner of 

..., CO. Surrcj'. 

3. EoLertSouUi- 
by of Apk'ton, 
CO. Berks. 

1. JohnSouthby of Care.swcll=T=Eli/-aljetli, da. and licir of 

in parisli of JBuckland, 
Berks, Esq., now a Juslico 
of Peace for tliis covinly, 
cTt. G7, 18 I^Iar. IGGl. 

William "Wiseman of Ste- 
venton and Sarah, da. and 
heir of Giles Crouch of 


Kalhorine, ux. Gi'oflry 
Daniel of St. :\!ar;j:a- 
rcts. CO. Wilts. 


Anthony.=Anne, eldest da. of 
\\'illiamlveinp, an 
Attorney of the 
Marshalls Court. 

Southby.-rK'^'l'C""^ 'l'^- 'i"'^ '^''^^^'' ""■■• ^^''11'-"^^ '^''■"'^^ 

heir, :rt. heir of Robert of Denford in the parish of 

Strange of Somer- Kintbury, co. Berks. 

ford, CO. Wilts, Esq. 

son and 

I I 

Strange. John Southbv, 1 s.m, Kathe 

_ a't. 12, IG Mar. IGGl. 

Richard. Sarah. 

SOUTH I;Y of Stanford. 
AUMS and Cni:sT as under Soiilhby cf Apletoii, cwli charirJ "uth a 
crr.rrut fur <l!jlcn un, 

Thomas Sonlhbv of Stanford, 1! snn.-,'Mary, di. of Sir AVilliam Gardiner 

John Soulliliy, .snn=f=Su^;u 
and heir, :et. 28, da. I. 
IGMar. IGGl. ... 1' 

Jane, ux. Vincent Barrev, 
son of Yinc.iil I'.arrey of 
Thame in Ox.m. 

Thomas Soulhby, son and hrir, ict. 3, IC Mar. ICGl. Susanna. 


SPARK E of Fincliamsl('il 

Kiehai'd Sparku of Widiliiigton nall,=f=.. 
CO. Essex, Lairistiu' at Law. I 

EoLcTl Spavke of AV 

-.11 n.all.=|=KIiMlietli, 

.1 I 

Riciiai'd Spaiko='>raUicw, da. Peter Spaikc of^-^.JoaiiP, da. to 

of Widdhigtoii to ... AVanl Fincliainsti'd, Pliilip Martin 

Hall. ofAVctliers- co.Pxn-ks, tvLSf), of ^ravlborow, 

field, CO. 11 Mar. 1601. co. AVilt.-:^. 

SPIER of Waigr.LVi'. 

Amts.— 0/', tioo rhi^iron.<: A:jmr hdvpn, tlvm irrfnlj., ..Ilppd J'r/, 
cresceid for diffcri'iia: 

Richard Spifi of TTolcoml)C=T=?irar.garft, da. nf Anlliony 
GraiiOT, CO. Oxon, I Elincs of Poidiicv, co. Oxon. 

Anlhonv ^pirv of nol,:i,i,iLc=p=r.arlKu-a, cld< st da. of Sir Franris Castiliou 
Graiine.'ol). 1041. I of Penliaiu Valrucc, co. i;.rk.<. 

Anthony, now=]-'ranr,;.s,ih 

of Oakinqliam. to Thomas 

Pryan of 

Tliame, co 

2. lu'ancis=:\rary, da, of ?,. :\rary, ux. 
Spi,'r. HulJIi ]-:.lniund 

of lhv>irn, Sinitiiof 

CO. Perl 


I I I 

2. Parhava, nx. 1. ^Ln-.arcl, ux. Richard Spioi 
Daniel IVrot William Sclhai of War-rave, 

oflJravfon, of Everslcy, co. co. Perks, a't 

CO. Oxon. Hants. 32, 11 Mar. 


d'.lizaheth, da. of 
R..h,rt Turner 
atlas Ferrers of 
CO. Perks. 

'^ Aiilhony. 'I.Charles. Richard, snu and Elizaheth. Susan. 

__ ' lieir, ;rl. 12, 11 

3. John. Mar. IGGl. 



SQUIl'.]', of H.^iling. 

Arms.— Or, ilirrn hnlh pa-^smit Sahlc. 

John Squibb of Whitchui'cli,^Aiinc, da. to Jolm Spamor (Scyiuer) 
CO. Doiset. I of llanforil, co. Uoreet. 

Eobert Squibb of=rFi-ancc.s .la. of E.hvarJ ,Tr,lm Squibb of 
Eca.biig, 'jA. 58, I Castlo of Truro, co. Wliitcliurch. 

11 Mar. 1GG4. Corn wall 


Arthur. Joliii. Robert Squilili, son EHzabctJi. Anno. 

— — and lieir, ajt. 22, — 

Edward. Arnold. 11 ."Mar. ICGl. Judith 

STAFFORD of Eradfiold. 

AiiMS.— Quarterly, 1, Or, a chrvron Guhv ^i caiit<r„ Ermhir ; 1, rnlij of 
six Gules and Or, oiin cldef Azure a Inm j'H-^-anit e/anlnit of 
iho second ; 3, Argent, a clirrron hrtirrrv. Hirer engloi' licads 
erased Sahle ; 4, Anjeut, a dieenni Gidrs heia-een ihrec 
unicorns' Iirads Ar.urc. 

Thomas Staflbrd of Bradficld,=pAnn, 
CO. IJerks, Ivsq. 

Sir Franris 
Kt., 15'J9. 

licst of London. 

Sir Read=}iral).d, da. to Richard 
Stadbrd, Staffi.-rton of "\A'ai'liel(l 
Kt., ob. and relict to Nicholas 
s.p. Williams of Burgh- 


2. ]':d\vard Staflbrd, -pAnn, da. t.) ... Doewray of 
I Chamber House, co. ]!.'rks. 

Sir l',dv,ard-|-Al:n-v, sole ,hi. tn Sir 
Stallbr.l, Kt. I ^Villiam Forster of 

Aldermaston, Kt. of 

the liath. 

IJridgeb ^biry, ux". ... Aslon 
of Lond<in, draper. 



3. Willi.ira=Elizabcth, da. to 
Stafford. ... Anderson. 

I i I 

2.IIunipliry Mary. ^ ^y^^^i 
Stafford. — V young. 

Anne. I 

FAlward Stafford,=t=Eliz.iljetli, da. to Charles 
E^.j. I Chiehc.ster of Ireland. 

Edward StallV,rd,= .., da. to 2. Charles Slaff:.rd, 

Mar. 1CC5. 

STA'MPE of Speenliamland.^. 
eounu't Ar.jrnt ; 2 and 3, Oiil'.^, frrlhj Anjruf, a d,trj oj lit- 

Chest.— .4 ih-ini-hor^c rampant Arijnif, a lu/iJhl for dljjrrcncc. 

Tliomas St.anipc= 
of rcasnioro, 
CO. Lerks. 

::*rary, sister 1.. Tlmr 
I)enloii of Chiveley, 
CO. I'.erks. 

John Slanipc=pElizab.'th, da. to ^lary, late wife Ann, rtdict of 
of reasnioie, Jo. ISomne of to ^Villian, Clrovc lUrnard Lyfor 

ob. 1G22. Charlin;; (f' of Crove. ofWanta-e, 


Thomas Stann.e of Abi-ail, ux. tleorpe Ooodwyn 

Spoenhandands let. of jiiadford, eo. Wilts. 
23. 2:'. Mar. I GUI. 

I I I 

1. Elizabeth. 4. Phillis. 

3. ^birv. 



STROUGiriLL of T.arkham. 

Arms. — Argent, a chevron between six esenlhips Gules] 
Crest. — An nrm in armour embowe'l pmper hol<llng a spear Or point 
Argent downwards. 

John Stroucihill of Lida^pSibil], da. of ... 
(LyJd), CO. Kent. I -Wilco.x of Li.lJ. 

Jolm Stronghill of=pSusan, da. to Alexander Slioplioard of 
Lidd, ob. 1G18. I Pea.?einai'sh, co. Sussex, Esq. 

Juditli, 3 da. to IIcnry= 
Colt of Colt Hall, CO. 
2 ux. 

Laildiaiii, CO. 11: 
xt. 50, 11 :\Iar. 

of=j=:>ra-daluiie, 2 da. t.) 
,SoiiUiCote,co. J]el-ks, 
Kt., 1 ux. 

I I I 1 I 

Juditli. Henry Stvou-liill, John, 

— ret. 9, 11 JMarcli ob. s.p 

Lridgctt. IGGl. 


Ma-d;dene, mar. 
to Jolm Dean of 
Oxemvood, co. 
"Wilts (Berks). 

TAILEUR rdias DANYILL of Windsor. 

William Taihur alius Da 
of ..., CO. Es.*ex. 

=^Joanc, da, of Sir Jolm Awbrey 
of ..., CO. Glani'ir. 

AVilliam Tailcui'=T=^rary, da. to Nicholas Williams 

alias Danvil 

1. I\Iary, ux. 
Wcldon of (;,if,k. 
liani, CO. I'.crks. 

4. Jane, ux. Walte 
r.arnes of Sliaftos- 

of Llanfoist, co. IMon 

I I 

2. Joyce, ux. :\Ialhew 3. Mar-aroi,nx. 
Wild, Cit. and Leather- ... Pope, Hector 
seller of London. of Milbury, co. 


5. Martha, ux. John Tailcuv, 

Samuel Davis b.d., ob. 21 

of Chester. Dec. IGGl. 




"William Tiiilruv, .d;,(. 1 ),nivill,=T=l'>ancps=, da. and cnliciv 
now Suvvi'yor ,,1' tli.' Wial;,-; ..f I of Sir William Park- 
Windsor Ca<^tl.' and St, uaid ■>{ liiiisl, ,,n\v Wavdni ..f 
the Forp^^t of AViiidsor ;,„d i | his. Alaj-sti,.; Mini. 
Coll. of Foot in tin; Ariiiv ..f '. 
K.C. L, ret. 53, 30 ^hn: IGC".. I 

2. John. AVilliani, son and, Anne, nx. Tlioni.i,-. Va( 
rrt. 17, 30 Mav. 1005. of C»\\r\, co. I'.fik.s ]•- 

TKTTF.KSIIALL of lMnulKL!ni..4oad. 
ArMa—Sahh; u chrffvii hda-cca lltrce thjns j,n.<m,d Or 

George Tuttorsliell=|=Katliorinc, da. to 
ofFinchanisled, ... Perkins of 

CO. ISerks. Uftoii, co. J'.erk-^. 


Coustanco, nx. 


Gcor-o Tettpi 

^hall=rKlizal.uth, ,1 

1. of Elizahoth, nx. 

■\VilIiam Smith 

of Fineham.slL 



'.i-L;c John l)onca.stl 

of Hardwirkr, 

oL. IGC.ti. 

of .Sla|ilefor 
CO. Wilt?. 

1, of, 
CO. Perks. 

George Tcttorshall of=j=:Mary, da. of Henry 
Fincliamsted, lilsq., 
;et. CI, 8 Mar. IGGl 

Marv, ux. John 
Aslill of llastlcdon Lvford of ..., 
(Pasildcn), CO. iierks. co". iJcrk.s. 

Mary, nx. Cliailes Howard, iv 

4 hrother to Thoma.-, Duke 2 
of Norfolk. 

TIPI'IXn of Kinlhnrv K; 

Amis.— Quarlcrlv, 1 and -1, Or, nn a Irml nuircvird Vrrt Ihrrr ),hr,„u o/ 
thrjU.l ; 2 ami 3, Ar.j.'ui a rhn'n,,, j>„hi of six A::nrr and Or. 

CnvsT.— Out nf a r,,yu,i,l Or ,ui unlrhq,r\-^ l,nid V, rl all !rrd and inaurd 
of tlir Jir.^l. 



r.artliolomew Tipinng of-r^Iavtlia, da. to Rolicvt Doyloy 
Sliabington, co. Dei-I;s. | of ^rcrton, co. Oxon. 

r.artliolomew Tipping^ 
of Stokenchurcli (co. 
Oxon), 2 son. 

John Tipping 
of Stokencliuvc 
CO. Oxon. 

■EHzabctli, da. of Thomas Tipping, cldost son, 
John Barker of mar. Katherine, da. to Henry 
Hurst, Esn. Samborne of :Moulsford (co. 


Elizal)oth, relict 
of John Whistler 
of ll.'nley. 

Tipping of da. to... 
Kiiitlnny .Icnnys of 

I'.aton, CO. llarewoU, 

Ijorks. CO. Berks. 

Martha, late wife to Frances, 
... Stokes of Had- ob. num. 
nam, co. Bucks. 

TOOKER of Abingdon. 

Abms.— T''/'/, oil a bend Arf/f^nl, ihnc human hearts Gules. 

Cur.ST.— yl hinnaii heart Anjnd encircled lelth a ducat coronet Gules ; 

Aniitlirr, atiiinian It- art (Juh's sunuouuted hi/ a ducal coronet 


Charles Tookcr of 

Charh's Tn„kcr of 
Abingdon, H't. 21, 
iG Mar. 1CG4. 

Annc, da. and coheir of 
Delaliaye, in eo. Hereford. 

Clnistiau, dx to John S.iUthby K.^bcrl Tookr 

II M . 

Anne. Chri.^lian. 



TOOK Eli of ]'ai;„. 

Jolin Tookor of Exeti 

Thomas Tookcr, soiuc-i 
time .Sheriir of the 
City of Exetjr. 

Ilem-y "Wliito of=r\Iavy. 
llcntlaiid (Ileii- 
Ihin), CO. rc'iu- 

^'icholasTo(jkcr=T=.Mi!ic(.nl, .In. of Job 
of Slioibomc,co. Jl.'ck, Miiiist.-i' of 
Gloc. Stan way, co. Oloc. 

Gabriel Tooker of thc= 
Park of Earintjilon, ret 
35, 18 Mar. IGCl. 

'Mary, da. of John 
Cox of Colcsliill, 

CO. Berks. 

Jolni, son, ami lieir, a't. 1. Susa 
9, 18 ^lar. ICCl. 

2. Marv. 3. Anne. 

4. I\Iar 

TKU.MEULL of East Ilanii^teaa. 

Arms. — Argctif, ihi-ct hidls' hraih cruscl Salle, liorncil and Janr/iird Azure. 

Crest. — A hiiU's lipcij cnisod SaUe, honied Azure hreidhhuj fire proper. 

John Trumbull of=j=Elizabetli, ,1a. to ... 
Ciaven, cu. Yoik. I of Yurksh. 

William Trumbull of East llanii.stea.l, co. 15crks.,=f=Debor 

sometime Af;ent bi 

Ih for K. Jauies and K. 


Cbarle.s I at Eruxels in Eiabnnt, an,l al.o one „f 

of 1 

-llriii.^', CO. 

tlic CkTks of his Ma'ties I'lixy Cnmsell, ol.. 1C05. 


Jolni Elizabeth, (la.=f-^^'illlam Trumbnll,=Marv, da. 

and to Oeor-e Ko- 

of llast HampsteLl, of Kiehard 

Ki.'h. AVhit- 

Elisa- duli-b AVerk- 

iinNv (,ne of the Libb of 


betli, lierlin of the 

('l.ol,^:ollheSi-nrtt CO. Oxon,, CO. 

ob. citvofAVestin. 

and III Commissi. .n Es.|., 2 ux. 


E.l). EsiJ., 1 uv. 

of llie r.M.ef.irtlds 
('o.,a'l. GO, 30 Mar. 


II II 1 M 1 

2. Kalpli. .l.Chailes. ^Villi,,m 1, Eliz.ibetli. 3. M. 

1 1 

r- 4. Anno. 

■— 'J'nimbull, — garet. 


3. Geor-c. Ti. IVter. snnaudhcir, 2. Deborah. 

5. D.iro- 

a't. 21. 




TU15B of East ClmllMW. 

Jole. Tul.b of Cliallow,=T=Eli7-'^ljclli, .Ix to ... Strattnu 
CO. r.oiks. of Kiiigjtou Lisle in co. IJurks. 

Jolin TuM. of P.nst Chalk.Ny,= 
tot. 7<i, 21 Mar. IGGl. 

2. Richard, mar. Elizal)elh, 
da. to Joliii Ca.stle of AVooscy 
{I AVoolev, G miles S.E. of 

lie, da. to ... El-arof Ortou 
the iiarisli of Kiiilbury. 

Jane, \ix. Jolm Smith of 
West lldsley (lisle v, co. 

John Tiibh of I'-ast Cliallow,=j=:Mar,c;aret, da. to John 

CO. P.erks, son and heir, fet. 
45, 21 Mar. 1C61. 

l^.landv of Lctcoml) 
Basset't (CO. IJerks). 

I I 

Anne. Margaret. 


TUCKER of Farington Townc. 
\m^.—A:.inr; on a chn-ron cmUdtkd and counlir-ni^latilrd Argcni 
hdurcn (hn-e .^k hoivu-: naiaut i.ropvrfira ijuttvaf dc poix. 

Ci;,-sT,— ^ dcmi hors" huWing a iridad, cdl j-ypcr. 

TULL of Draddeld 

Giles Tull of Midgiam,=f=^I; 

to \Villiani ].\\ane 


IMavv, da. to--=Jethro Tull 
... Earnior of W..all,uru. 
of Cholsey, co. I'.eiks. 
CO. P.erks. 

of rKniyhursl, Hants. 

James Tull of r,radfield,=-.. 
CO. Ilcrks, .<;on and heir. 

I I 

;ilrsTull Susan, 

'f Wallmgton. Jo. Eai 

Sarah, lix. "Walter T^Iaiy, nx. 
Diekini-'. Thomas Paly, 



TUKP-EKYILL of ]]ray. 
Ai\yK.—Ch'qii>j Or and Gnlcs, a y>.-'.y Enninc, a trefoil sUppcdjur dl. 

CiiEST.— /I// cinjh dl.phiiiol Snhic, tin- .same dlffcrcHCL 
William Turhurvill of=r=... 


?lci-, CO. Gloe. 

of Civcnccstci-, 
ob. 1G18. 

=Anu, .la. 
of lUay. 

1 1 
M 2. P'ranccs, ux. 1. Ann, laic ux 
iuili John Chcii-y AVillia]u llallaj 
of Cook-luun. of Windsor. 




Avon of 

1 1 
"\Villiain=Y=]rannah, Ann, iix. 
Turborvill dn. toJolm ...Carcw 
of]!ray,;et. Whil field of IpsAvicl 
32,28^far. of liray. co. .SuU'. 

Hannah, about 3 months old. 

To Sir ]■d^vard Eys^^hc, Kt., Clarcnccux King of Armos. 

ThLs is to certify that 'Williani Turhcrvill, late of Cirencester in the 
County of Gloucester, Grandfather to AVilliani Turbervill, now of r>ray in 
the County of Berks, was con.-jlantly and assuredly reputed by myself and 
my father to be a branch of our family l.iy a yomiger son, though I cannot 
directly express of what younger son he is deserridud ; to the end, there- 
fore, that Ihe memory of himself and his deseeiulaut.s may be henceforth 
bettor preserved, my earnest re.iuest is that he may be allowed to bear the 
arms of our family with such a distinction as you shall think most proper, 
and -without doing wrong to any others of our house. lu witness whereof 
I have hereunto .subscribed my n.ami- and put to my seal of armcs the 
eight and twentieth day of ]\Iarch in the year of our Lord 1CG5. 

Ill the presence of David I'.arrv, Antiiony Tukbekvill. 

John Turbervill, lien, r.esllaud. 

TUKBErvYIT.L of I'.radley in Cookham. 

-Qu:.rleily, 1, Turbervill, vUlonit fh" dlf-rnire; 2,aules, three 
clivennnh Anjcnt; 3, aaarlerhj, Argent and Onhs, in the 
.second, and third qtiorterg a fret Or over all a fes.s A::ure ; 2, 
Ar^/enf, a vheeron between three eajles' heads craned iSablc. 
Over the ichole shield a bend sinit-ter. 



Cliristoi.hiT Turl.rrvill of-,-1 )fnius, ,1a. to 
]'ii:llyiu', CO. {.i]aiiio)-L,';ni. I LcAvis '\Viuue. 


ti. ^ratUicw llar- 

beit of .Swanscv,, 

Cliristoplier TurLurvill, Es.].-i=Mavv, da. to Sir Echvard i\raiiscll 
I of ^loryaii, CO. GlaiDoi'gaii. 

Anthony TuiLm 
]5radlcy in Co 
and ]\.nllync. 

vill of^ 


']\Iai'y, da. and licir of 
JolmEarmerof Lrad- 

Joliii, pon ami heir, at. 32,=f=Annc, da. to Christopher Andcrlon 
28 ^l;n: 106,"). I of Lostock, co. Lane. 

I I I 

Anthony. Jolm. Chn.'itoi)licr Turhcrvill, 1 

TYLER of Clewor. 
A HMS. — On n frst! hrtirccit (iro Uoiif! jiassciiit ij'iyi'anl jidhlrc ilirce crescci/l/. 

Cr.ic^T. — A dcvii-l/nn rarnjiant Anjpiit pvllclrr liolJItig hrticccn the iiaics a 

Tliomas Tyler, Citi/i'i 
llaherdash'er of Lmd, 

-pJudilh, da. of George 
l'']ynt of Lcindun. 


AVilliain=^=^ravy, da. of 2. Josc),h Ty-=pAnno, da. to Aniyc 


Tho, .Miller 
of Km 


liMunic of Al- Ellen. 
dersgateStrecf, — 

J.ondon. Ileste: 

1 I J'"li'l' 

AViilia.n, .M,n and heir, Judith, 

eel. If., oU Mar. lOCr.. 



YACIIELL of New "Windsor. 

.\ini?.— Quaiicrlj-, 1 aiid 4, JlcniJi/ of !>ix Ermine and Azure; 2 

Anjrnt a c/ici;v,i Sahlc hrttrcni three cods Gules. 
Ckkm.— yl huir,-! [/ainb cuiqiol ai tlie kme Arrjent hoiqied Or. 

Thomas Vaclioll of Colley,=T=Asnos, da. to William 
CO. ISerk.?, Esii. I Justice of Keading. 

1. "\Valtc-i==F,lizaljetb, da. of RoLcit 3. rrancis-j= 


Luc of CO. Lucks, Kl. 

. l<rancis-j=... -J.. Joliii vaciiei 
raclicll. I ob. s.p. 

Thomas Vach 
ob. 1C.58. 

=l\rarqarot, da. to CHwc 
IMcverel], j\r.D. 

Thomas Vachcll=Annc, da. to William 
of Now "Windsor, Taileur, ulias Danvill, 
rot. 23, 30 Mar. now Surveyor of the 
1665. workcs of Wind.sor 


Lotitia, ux. Tho- 
mas Denton of 
Warnell, co. 

WARNFOKD of Euckland. 

-Per f'ss ewlxittlrd Argcid ard Salle i>ix, crosses patec coun/e 

... da. of .Sh 
Avard Fcttip 

, Kt. 

^Thomas Wamford: 
of Scvcnhampton, 
CO. Ecrks (Wilts). 

='Mary, da. to Henry 
Shelley of Warming- 
luirst, CO. Sus,scx. 




Tilary, iix. Albon, Ifenry Warn-=i=Ann, da. of Judith, 

l-ilrs of Ecctory ford of Euck- I ... Eisherof iix. Tho- 

lif llolton, CO. land,p.'t.38, 18 I Eiddiii-ton masEetti- 

Oxuii. l\lar. 106!. I M'irk, co. j.lacc of 

"Wills. Feruham, 

I Esq. 

ud Warn f(ird, son and Jh- 
ut. 10, 18 Ilia: IGGl. 



WATERMAN of Holt. 
Hugh Watcrrann of Taiigley, co. Hauls/ 

John "Walcrman of Tangley.-pDorothy, da. lo Thomas Xoycs of Charlctou 
ob. Sc'iit. 1GG5. I in tlic p'sh of Amlovcr. 


Thon-as. Anne, xix. John AVaternian=j=Elizabcth, Dorothy 
— William of Holt in tli " 

Walter of p'sh of Kiutlniry 
Tangloy. a.t. 40, 23 Mai 



a. to Rich. nx. Jo. 
Elandey IlaskerJs. 

of Holt. 


Jolin, Blandoy Waterman, son and heir, Elizahclh. Mary. 
2 son. £ut. 13, 8 Mar. 1C65. 

WELEECK of Reading. 

Leonard Welbcckc of Gari^ington, eo. Oxon.=j=Frances ... 


Richard Wclbecke=T=Dorothy, da. of E.lward AViliiam Wclbeck, 
of Reading, 8 son, I Dant of Eaubury. eldest son. 

ob. 1GC2. " 

j ^ ^1 

Leonard Welbecke^pMargery, da. of George L Richard. Robert, 
of Ra'ading, ret. 59, Winthurst of Stonr- 
11 Mar. IGGl. bridge, co. AVorccster. 

I I I I I I 

Leonard Wclbeck, Sarah. Ann. Elizabeth. Mary. I^Iar 
ret. [). 

WEl.TiQX of Sliottesbrook. 

AiiMs. — Quarterly, 1 and 'i, Argcnf, a c.ivqucfoil Gidrs on a cldcf of the 
second a dcmi lion nmi}i<tid of ilie fidd ; 2 and 3, Arijcid, on 
a chevron Scd'lo three i!-callo2'(: Or on a chief of the t-ccond a 
lion pa^^sniit rcjurdant. 

Lrest. — A de: 

(uqicad Anjent [/iittcc dc Mmj. 



William V^Mun .:.f Sliutti.sbrooko,= 
CO. Jierl;.^. 

■]. John==Su.saiiiia, da. to Thoi 

AVcldon. jNTarliii of Lawrriice 


^rai-niet, ,li. and .nlirir of B. 
Clarke of Stivallcv, c... ]!ci'ks. 

I I 

I I I 

G. CI 

7. Tlioiiias. 2. Iviclianl, s. 
5. KoLevt, s,n 


GcorL;c M cliliin^=LlizabL'tli, 1. Ann, iix. 2. Joyci', Elizalu 

of Shotti.^;l)io(ikL-. da. to John ... 'Wcslbury iix. ... ux. ... 

Hwscy of of Clnisl- Ti-il.ick (Jkin-l 

Win^diuld, cliuicli ill oflluilcy. co. I'.i'i 

and lianas- llainpnliirL'. 
tor at Law. 

AVKLIXIN nf Cookham. 
AiiM.s and C'iii«T as in tlic iircicdiiiL,' rciligvec. 

Ann, da. I 
For.-l.rof ( 
liani, 1 iix. 

=pOcoi-e Weldon nf-i=:\riu-v, da. (o William 
C.-,„khaiii,co, T.rik.s I SeiT'anl of Waldridgc 
ob. circa IGIG. co. I'.ucks, 2 nx. 

I I I 

Gooi-o Wrldon— Maiv, da. of William Wcldui, Cbw 

of Cookliam. William of Cookbam,a-1. 51, 

T:nhuv,i/iaj 28 Mar. IGC.-.. 


WESTllOlir of Xcw Wiu.lsor. 

. to Sir iM-anci.s Ci:nvlcy 

Clcor-c Wcslliovp of--, -A 
Conii.m-li, CO. York. I n\ 

]'ranci.s Wc-thorp of , S, 
Stanslicld, CO. Suir. I of 

o Thos. Lil 
ai, CO. Snir. 

IS WcslhoriM.f XrW- 

AVilHl-or,rO. 1',: 

ao :\iar. iGcr.. 

Susanna, d.i. to ,1,,],: 


Jolm. 3. Clcor-c. Thomas, son and heir, Susanna. Eli/a 

ait. 17, 30 iAIar. 1CG5. 



MIIITE of Fyfiekl. 

Akms.— 6'///w an unmiM Or icithni a l>n,:J,ii-r S>il.f,j dnnyr,/ irill, rUihl 
ivtoilcs ofilicfichi on a canton lynti,,'; a lion nunj'nnl of lh<' 

Ckest.— yl« ostdch Argent hakol and h^fjed Or. 

I'raucis AVliitc of=j^?*ravi4;ivot, sistur to Sir Thomas 
Fifu-kl in Iluiks. I I!aa-liot in co, Gloc. 

Tlionia.s AVliito of FinLkl,,lilli, .la. to Sir Cliavl, .^ AViscnian 
oil. circa lGt2. of Sparsh.jU Court, co. I'.crk.s 

1 I \ n 

Mary, 1 mar. to John Charle.s=j=Janc, da. 1 rancis !Margarc 

Aklworthof Let comb KcL,'is, AVhitc, 
CO. Derks, and nc\t to ^"ich. oh. 
Mallclt of the :\Iidaie Tcjn- 16G: 
pic, 2 sou to Sir Thomas 
Mallett, Kt,, sometime one 
of the Justices of the Jvin^'s 

if.lolin White of 

:^lallett Fitield, Jane, 

of En- ret. 24, IG 

more, CO. r^Iar. ICGl. 

Charles AVliite, ict. G, Frar 
IG :\Jar. IGCJ. 


WHITE of WokiuL'liani. 

M^\^.—Arii,nt,acli<^rron Gnh^, l.lum, Hum j,oi,lnj<vj^ Vnl nilhlna 
burJarc A::nrr rhoro.,] ,.;//, i.n hcMut^. 

Sir Thomas Wliil^' nf Snutl 
Warnborowe, co. llant.<i, Kt. 

Sir IJichard T^Hute ofT=])orothy, eldest da. of Franri,. Wine 
South Warnborowc, Kt. I condje of IJucklebury, c. I'.iicks. 

I I I 

Thnnins| ,lohn While ,.f AVokiii-- 

— V'j.p. ham, CO. ]'.crks, son and 

Henry ) heir. 

=.lovce, .■Idesl da. of Gilbert 
C'.min.;.bv .if :\b.nin^|..u'.s 
Court, CO. llercfor.L 

I I AVhite, AViiiifre.l 

.son and heir. 



WIGIITWICKE of Marostoii, 

Ani;3. — Quart ovly, 1 awl 4, Azure, on a chnn-on Arrjoat hdwcen ihrec 
plipnin; Or as miau/ cro.-'scs ]iutco Gidc.-i; 2, Ar</ent, three hiuirs' 
hewh coiq'cl Snbh, a chi>'/ of the second; 3, Azure, a (ju.rh 
Or hetweea three liezants. 

Crest. — A demi tiger ranqmnt Azure holding heiween the jwjcs a pheon Or. 

Francis "VVigiitwicke of=j=]\rai'f,'ai'ot., da. to ^NFatliew Moretou 
Wightwicko, co. Staff. | of Int^k-ton, co. Staff. 

SamurnVigl.twirkr, 3 ?ou, of :\ra 
iiiilo;; X.E. of Xewljur}'), Esq., ol 

i=j=.\iai'f,'ai'ot., (li 
of Iiigk'ton, 

-Ion (n^ 

= Abigail, da. to ... Wriyht 
of ... CO. Essex. 

.Tolm"\Viglit-=Jaiie, da. and 3. Ilunificy, 2. Francis Abij,'ail, ux. 

mar. to Le- mar. Tho- Ilcnry AVil- 

titia, da. to inasine, liams of Gwcr- 

da. to ... iicvitco, Brcck- 

Dcnvs. nock. 

cko of coheir to Edw. 

Marcston, Pricliard of 

fTt. 34, 23 Llancavach.c 

Mar. 1GG4. Glamorgan. 

WILCOX of Lray. 

-Gidrx^ a lion rampant Argent, on a clii< 
Cornish choughs, Hable (? Colubrooke). 

Richard AVilcox of- 
Tysoo, CO. Warw. 


I\Iary, da. to l?obcrt=j=Thomas "Wilcox of Crcswnll=j=Jndith, da. to ... 
Scroop of LewL'nor, in the parish of Bray, co. I Bland, citizen of 
CO. Oxon. Berks, oh. 9 Sept. 1GG2. London, 1 ux. 

Joyce, \Tx. Till 
Lane of Brad 
CO. Berks. 

Katherine, ux. John 
Curie of Buttermere, 
CO, AVilt.-^liire. 

I I 

Marv, ux. Thonias= 

I'.dward llarhert Wilcox, 
of Arhorflcld, 
o. Oxon, 

J':ii:^,al)eth, da. to reregrine==Marv, da. 

Thomas ll.aM-es AViloox of to Willian 

of the parish of Crrswell, Hester 

St. :Martins in fri. 11, 28 of Thaim', 

the Fields, Mar. ICCJ. co. Oxon. 
CO. :\Iid.lx. 

Anne. 2. 'Williaiu. Peregrine, ict. 11, son and heir. 



WILKINSON of Lawrence Walthaui. 

AnMS.— fi'/fK af-ss Vail- in chief a vnicorn covrant Or. 

CnE:iT.—A wolfs head Or holding in (he mouth a wing erased Argent. 
Thomas \Vilkinsoii=f=IsaLel, da. and heir to Cluistoplicr 
of Eland, CO. York. I Wilkinson of Eland. 

Galuicl Wilkin.son of Upper Winchingdon=f=^rargory, da. of Richard 
and liy.slmp "Woodburne (Wrst orBishoi ' 
Woburn), CO. VmcU, ob. 17 Dec. 10-38. 

3. Eichard=Katlicrine, da. of 
Wilkinson. Thcmuis Holme.'? 
of Wexliam, 
CO. Uucks. 

1. Thomas Wilkinson,=nc.'>ter, da. of 
Vicar of La\Yrencc WilliamUawloyn 

Waltham, co. Iterks, of Gookham, 
ict. 5.J, IS Fob. 1CG4. co. Berks. 

liak-erof Uxbrid-e, 
CO. .Mid^ 

2. John=Su.^anna, 
Wilkinson, da. of ... 

4. lSIathc\v= 

Gabriel. IVfarv, ux. Thomas Collier of Fulpl 
(,v/r/but 1 Eullirnok), eo. Oxon. 

WIL^IOTT of Cl.arlelr.n. 

Ahms.— ylr;/'/(/, on «/',« Gnles hetween three eagles' heads erased Bahlc a 
■iinieorn couchant between two Jleurs de lis Or. 

Crkst.— ^ drmi panther rampant gardant proper holding a hattle a.rc 

Sir George Wilmott of Cliarl(;lun,'p>rar.;aret, da. of Kiehard Aldworlh, 
Kt., Ki. G3, 21 Mar. IGGI. I Citi/.eu of London. 

J*rary,Ja. to Edw. 
llnngcrford of 
CO. Wilts. 

W'iiliam \Vilmott,-=nelena, da. of John, 

21 -M: 

iS, Lord I' ..f lliuton 
yt. Cieorge, CO. .Soni. 

George Wiliiioll, dy,'d ijonnge. 
CerlifieJ l.y Sir Oeo. Wiluiot, Kt. 



AVIXCII of FifieM in T.ray. 

^HMs.— Quarterly of G, 1 ami G, Anjcnt on a fr.<, a,ih:s fhr.-e ,-,v-x.s- rmg-<H.'< 
Or, OH a canfov A::in-r fin- flcinv ,/■' lis „f ihc ihnd (Wiurli) ; 
2, Or a Jinn rmnpmit S'i'l,lr, a chirf ni,h„/. .1 of iJu- srn.,,,1 
(Loggins); 3, Qwntrrhj j,cr >.« iwh nfr,/ !,, Ihr jir.l </:,arla- 
an Clone's hcul miscJ S„hlr (Loggins) ; -1, Ar<j"»l a. clwcroa 
hrlurni thrrr i„,i,i i,,-],is Soh/r (Stalirrton) ; r>, Aiytiit a rro/s 
tiahh- in dr.drr cliirj ,i jhnr ,lr li. „/!/„: ,r,;,n.l (llayaock). 

CiiKST.— ^ lion's h'Wl affroiiire ihuyilhi rroniicd Or lda\-t'n iiro "pmrs of 
the so-oml headed Ar<jrnt. 

Robert Wincli of=^..., da. of llobcrt Lutnian 
• Bray, co. JVrks. 1 ..f Cnokliam, w. I'.irks. 

Simon ^Vinr 
of I'.iav. 

.=Ann, (la. r,f 
... iMonta- 
guo (if 

Elianor, .la. ami lu'ir of Kob-rl Loggins 
f,f Str.m.l in lUay [wliicli Robert 
Loggins mar. Ilic da- and htir of 
Stiiil'iilon (if Warfiuld, whoso ancestor 
mar. tlju da. and hdr of ... ITydocki-.] 

1. ]-:iizali..4li, 2. I'.lianor, nx. Sim 

n.\-. AVilliani Lccklry of Lilield 

I'owm-'V (.if r.ray. 

3. Jane, ux. Riib 

Thonws Pago of ]" 

of ]>ra)'. ]'ra} 


rdWinch-r^rarv, da. of 

4. Mary, nx. Jolm 

Tliomas Maryott Teriman of Farn- 
(if Culham, CO. liam Royal, co. 
O.xon. lUick.^. 


Wineb (if=i 


da. to 



, ux 




ret. 31, 


rt Lish. 

p Jubn 



28 Mai 

. IGC.".. 

nf i; 

of R. 



I I 

Richard. 3. RoIm 

Simon Winrh, son ; 
Kt. G, 'JS Mar. IGG." 

rir, :*r:i 


AVINCirCO.Mr.E of liacklebury. 

Ai!M3. — Azuro on a cJiriron engrailled hetween Hirer; Cornish chow/J/s as 
many cinqu/'foils of the fi'hl, on a chief of iha second a 
flenr de lis hetuceii t/ro .tpr-ar heads of the first, on a canton 
'Anji-ut the had>jc of Ul/lcr. 

Ci:est.— /I sta,i's head qnaricrJij Or and Aznrr ]„,ras c<mnlerchaii<i<'d 
holding in thr mouth a hranclt Vrrl. Vide ]'att., libr., 3G'. 







irv, ( 


of ■\V 





all. 11 

,rv (Ha. 





of ^^'u 





IJerks, i: 



1, CO. 




Anne, ux. ^[;iiv, ux. i. A\ illiam. ]lcni'\-=j=Lliz,iboth, I'l-ances, 
JMinon.! Ynmv\> Winch"- da. of iix. Fi'an- 

Jirunin^,' ] lililc-^liv conibc, CJeorge cis I'cr- 

.,f ... 'in of Little Esq. :\rillri'of kins of 

llamp- Stoke, co. | .Swallow- Uftdn 

.sliiiv. Oxon. lirld. Court, co. 

I I5^'l»- 

ll.nrv Winchconil.c of liur-liull.nvv (r,acklc-=f=France,s cLlcst, da. to 
l.uiv), I{1, and Ikivt,, ob. 1G07. ,SV^,//// aj,nd I Cull Thomas ][uwar.l, i 
l;ur_;hulliuiy i)ec. IGGT. son to the Eavl of Duik- 


ITenrv, son and heir, 
at. .< 1GG5. 

WIS];M.\N of .Spaishnjt Park. 

AliMS. — S'd.Ie, a rherr,ni Ermine hrtn:ccn Hirer, walnid leares f? rrowls) 

Ci!i;sT.— .1 tn„;r Or /.,.rl Arge„l on the tnp a dnni Mnor hahit.'d in mad 
all /.,■.,/„ ,-, /// thr ,h,-trr hand a dart and in the sinister hand 
a Jh.nnin.hirld of tlm jirst. 

C.'ilifieai.y I'diii. WLscnian, ICsq. 

F.dnnu.d Wi.<enMn of Slrvenb.n, co. IVvk-s-r-Aniie, da and heir 
Ks,|., a y..„n,Lvi' snn of Tle.nias Wiseman nf t„ AVilliam Hawkins 
Tluirnham, co. .Sulk j of Lnndon. 



Mary. Ja. of AiithoiiY=j=Sir Charles '\Viseman=j=Lc'c,da.of XicholasCon 
Blagravc of BuImaKh, of Stovoiiton, Kt., oli. I of Liustcdo, co. Bor 
CO. Berks. 1635. (Suff.), 1 ux. 

4. Francc.<?, «x. Tho- 
mas Hall, now carvoi 
to liis Highness the 
Duke of Yorke. 

C. Letticc, 1 ux. (o 
Edw. Gottrcll of 
Wanting, 2 to Kichard 
Pcttifer of "Wanting. 

.1 i I 

Elizaheth, ux. !Mary, ux. Bennett Ilohlj.s of 

Francis Knowlcs Ardiiigton, co. Berks. 

of Stanford, 

CO. Burks. Lee, died unni. 

2. Judith, ux. Geor-o 

5. Kather 

Goodlalce of Letcouibe 

liiel.anl 1 


of Soulh't 


I I 

7. Bridget, ux. ...Unton, 3. dane, ux. Tliomas 

2 son to Union Crooke, Wliitc, Beeb-r of 

Serjeant at Law. "Whitney, co. Oxon. 

Susanna, da. (o John=i 
Clark of A)(liiigton, 


j=Edniond Wiseman of-= 
Sl,ar.sholt Bark, Esq., 
;et. 4.2, 21 :\rar. IGCl. 

r^Duleihelln, 2 
of , Samuel L) 
of Tusev. 

1 1 1 1 

Katliorino. Su.^anna. John. Edward. 

I I I 

Charles "Wiseman, Samuel. Wi 

1 son, ffit. 18, — 

21 Mar, 1G61. Edmund. 

Mary. Am 


AVOLLA SCOTT of Sutton Courtney. 

An-sfx—Sahlr, a lend hdwrcn Rix martlcU Or. 

"William AV,.llascott-j=-.- 
of Shinheld. 



Edimiiid "Wollns- 
cott of Tidmarsli, 
CO. Berks. 


'Mary, da. and co- 
licir of Tliomas 
IIiilso of Sutton 

William Wol-=:\rary, da. 
lascott of Shin- and lirir 
field. of (Edwar.l) 



Edmund. Dorutli}'. Thomas ■\VolIascott=f=Eli/.alicth, da. of Alexander 
ofTidHiaiv-h,ob.circa Plirtiiihu/e (Fettiplacc) of 
Susanna. 1G50. Swinconilio, co. Oxon. 

Ill I 

Edward. James=FranccP, da. Tliomas Wol-=|-Xallu 

— Wol- of Kalph El- lascott of Sut- 

Franci.?. lascott. drington, ton Courtnov, 

Citizen of »t. 34, IG Uiu: 

London. IGCl. 

(.f ^\'illiam 


of Sliiidield, 





jMartin Wolla.seolt, 
son and heir, ret. 3. 

I I 


I I 



WOLLASCOTT of Woolhami.ton. 

Aior.s.—Qunrtrrlv of G, 1 ami G, Wolla.^cott ; 2, Or, a Uov p,t>imni SahJr ; 
3, (/,il.:-:,,sho,!cl/erA,ycnl; i, Argr,,/, a clirrrt,n. ( br/aroi 
finrr I.Hijh' honis Saiiln ; ,5, Anfiil, on a head ^Sahln cotused 
Enniws llirec cinqwfoHn Or. 

CliEST. — ()/;/ ,,f „ rnrnncf Or nil r,v/h-\i ],md A:: 

Wollasu^ttofvAnn, da 

rc-iccnf for (h'jl'crcnce. 
heir to i:dward 

Sliinfield, eo. IJerl^a 


•jhvaid i- A 


la.rnlt. 1'. 

Will aui 

vol,. VI. 

Marlili AVollasc.ilt of 
.SlMiilivld, -.vl. 70, -J,-) 
.Mareli 1GG5. 



SlW.Ul, da. of Sir Ka-=-AVilli:nil AVnll:,so.ti-T-Sus:,„, ,l;l. of 

WimI L'hivkc of I'uvin-- of M'olliainptnii, Mlriiiv I'nvv, 
ton, CO. ]'.in'l<s, 2 ux. J'',sij. l)o( t,ir .if i'hy- 

sic, 1 ux. 

I 1 

Mary, iix.Jolin Haw- William A\'jl--=f=li 
kinsof XasliiuKcnt. la^.otl. I ]' 


Kathfl-il.P, .la. 
1.1 Thomas \\'«: 

AVOODDESOX of Now Win.l 

■William Wood.I.'^ou of--,- 
11)0 Cilyof Wiiichosl.T, 1 

Ivonar.l W,.n,l.l,..o.i„ of Xow^ 
Wiu.lsni- .,1,. IGJG. 

2. :\rai-avol, ux. Willi; 
AV..i'tliin-(nii, Ci(i/,.-u a 


.\iino, .1:1. ami h.'ir t...r.,lm C 
of Siiil.'l.'V (si,:, 1iul ? Su.jkl.'N 
c... Woro.' 

r,. Kli/ali.-tli, ux. Audi 
l'aiaii'4(oii,, and la 
K,.cloi-of ilrav. 


1. Anno, ux. T 

.liia,^ p. .lie 

■, }>lai-avot, da. an.l- 


pl..hll Wo,,d.l,'S.,l 

Jiool.n-of I'.inii, 


S c.laav of .lam.'.^ 

.if X.'w Wiii,l..,i 

1 vii-. ; Jol.ii 


, I'linlant.ifClrWor, 

:<■[. .-.1, :-!0 .Mar. 

lloctorof Xi'.; 

it.iu (.\il..i 

, c... Jioiks. 


to. Ifaiil.s), an. 

i;,o., 1' vii- 
• llayr.^ , 

and Alrxan.], 

f 1 ] 

"" r 1 

Clowov, 3 vir. 

5. ]{icliard. 

.'!. c;o..i-.'. 

C. Leonard. 

4. Samuol. 


,T..liii W.v..l,l.....-,n, .^on ]. Sarah. 3. :\larffiivt, 
an.l, at. 21, I'-O — — 

Mar, IGG.-i. 2. Marlha. 1. Su-anna. 



YAT]' (if Ihuldaiul. 

An.MS. —Quarterly, l,r/ fcs^ liedrrr,,. flm-e ijatp.<; 2, Sal'h; a ,■]„.■ rmn 1 
hrln-riM ihi'co orsceiifg Enmiifl (Goddanl) ; 3, A:::irr, a /,; 
Jifr hx.'i'jii/i'fi hctwecn ilirce hidcW h/fuJs ('/■nsi J ; 1, Or, a 
cminul'il coiisod Sable; on an eaciichcon of ^'ft'-nr'- tl"' '" 
of Uhirr. 

Chest.— O^/ of a ronmct Anjnit a <junt'.-> h>wl Snllc Innial nf /!,, 
collaml Or. 

Sir Edward Yatc=|=]\a(horine, sistor of Sir llonry 
of Buckland, Dart. I JJakur of Sisinghurst, co. Kent, 
Xt. and Eart. 


Sir Jolin Y;,te o 
Buckhmd, ]!avt. 

Olary, da. and colicir of !^^ary, nx. Charles 

lluniiiliry Packington Vm-U of Linton in 

of Clmdde.sley Corbelt, CaiuLridge. 
CO. "Wore. 

I I I 

Edward, -nn Al.igail, ux. SirCharle.s Yatc^ 

and heir, .li,d Charles, Vis- of Euckland.Kt. 

at rari.s IGIJ, count Fairfax andl!arl.,:et. 30, 

M,. of Ireland. 18 M;ir. IGGl. 


=EranceR, da. A] 
ofSirTlionias Ini 
Gage of Ferle, 
];art. [ob. 

I I I 

John, son and heir, fet. .3, jMary. Elizal> 
IG^] 18 Mar. IGGl. 

(,SVv r.iuki 

it iind Kdinct Baroiu-tru-s). 

YATE^^ of Westbrooke. 
AliMs and CiiKST, without the quartering^;, same as Yate of Eueklam' 

dolin Yates of plane, da. and eoheir to Kirhard 
l.vfnrd. I Go.ldav.l of Ul.hani, eo. Wilts. 

Davlliolnuirw Yateof F..rMha,i 
Jinks, Mast.rof Arlsin Oxf. 


riiilip Yates of AV.'st.l.v, 
in F:iriiiit;li'n, i.L. 1G.')G 

Ill, ,1.1. ..f ... Fisl 



ro. AVllN. 

I'liiiipi.;!, ux. Kli/alH.tli, Thnniii 

AVilHaiuM-rs ux. .Inlm Yatr<, 

of l[o.Uli.m Saaicr of ob. .^.p. 

(lIo<ls.m), r,, Chilton, 

AVilts. CO. ^Vilt.<. 

Vat..s..[ AV. 

ZIXZAX of Tylrliurst. 
AUMS.— J:-«/v', a fal-nu u-ilh irimjs- r.ri.i,,,^.! j„:>,vr o„ a ror].- ( 

dexter Clu-rf un e^tnll. nf ihr /,/../. 

Sir Robert Zinzan of=p... ila. of ... AVestcolt of ]Ian.=:aker, 
St. Albania, co. llerls. Kail, co. Statlnra. 

3. llumy Zin-=Elizabeth, 
zan of Walton do. of ... 
upon 'i'liamcf!, Aklur fif 

CO. Sum 

:\rarv, ux. Dulcibella, 
...IHyby. ux. ...AVil- 
lianis of St- 

S-- Si.'is7nun.l Ziuzan of ^role=;cy,=(=:srar--aret, fla, of Sir riiili] 
CO. SurrcY, oli. 1 023. I Slorley (Sli,lley) nf co. Xc 



4. Cliaili'S Ziuzan, luar. 

1. :\[ar^^arct, 


1 Klizabrtb, aa. to ... 

ux. Itobirt 

ux. Jol 


riuuic of K.scx, :; 


Kllnn ( 

Elizabeth, da. tn ... 


5. John. 

Stanton, ],.i).,3 ... da. 
of ... ]Io-' of Scot- 
land, ^vherc he lives. 


r-^, one nf the das. 
, „f Sir P,.|,.r Vanlore of 
J. Tvh-h,u..t, Kt. andlLirl. 



ux. Eobe 

of Tvhli 

CO. J HI k.-^ 




nf I'hysie 

I I 

Su.sanna. 1 da., ux. I'elei 

Loouanl Lawrence, — 

Citizen and Jeweller lleni 
of London. 


Ifcnry, snu and -Maiy. Jane, 
lieir, '.et 28, 25 

:\lareh, IGG.A Llizabetlr France 




Li "Xoifs nn.l Qunirs," :,tli s. ii, p. 2(;2, I exjnvsscd luv lirlk-f 
tliat RiclianI Foley, tlio aneLvstor of the ciuioblr-llaiiiily of that 
name, was a native uf IJiidloy, and Jiot of Stouiljiiili^'c as is 
generally supposed. 

According- to the pedigree given in'.s ' Worcestershire,' lie 
was the son of Edvxird P'oley of Stourbridge; but not only is 
there no trace of this Edward in the Parish Registers of OM 
Swinford (the parish in which the town of Stourbridge is 
situat';<l), but tlie very tirsfe Foley entry therein is tlie baptisui, 
in 10:!!, tif Richai'd's j'oungest son John, who was living un- 
iiiarriecl and aged oO, at the Visitation of ^Vorcestcrshire taken 
in l(i.s2. 

Sir Simon Degge informs us that Richard Foley was " first a 
seller of nails, afterwards a forge-master, and a very honest man 
at Stourbridge in Worcestershire." He died July (i, 10-57, ari'l 
was buried at OMswinfoi'd on Thursday, July 9. He is stated to 
have ac(iuired his wealth and position by disco\"ering the method 
— then a secret —cm]iloyed by the Swedish (or the Dutch) f'.'r 
slitting ii-on into rods for the ]iurposeof making nails ; an<l in tiie 
article before referred to 1 gave one versiun i,f Die sbay <.f Ids 
adventures in se.nrli nf ilii< s.Mnvt. Aii.itli^'r vri-si..;! is -ivcii in 
riayfair's 'Rrltish Family xVnti.piities,' ii, 217. V,n[h .lescil.e 
hin\ as a man of very lunnble position. In the one he i> 'a 
ii<ldler li\ing ni'ar Stourbridge," who wandered, as a strolling 
minstrel, b. Iliill, and thence, without funds, worked his i)a<-ajV; 
to the Swedish in.ll port, ' he "l,rgg,'d mA Ii. Idled his 
wav" to the in.ii-works, where bv jiretendin-' to Im^ li;dr-wir:-.d, 
he "was received by the v.nA.'mrn without suspicion, and 
ex'entuall}' succeedcl in acipiiriiig the knowledge he \\ as in search 

]u Playfair's version he is " one Richard Folev, a nailer, and 
rather addiete.l b. the alediouse," Jle i. s.-iid to' have been 
day drinking wh.'ii his wif.' enler.Ml to tell him that the cow v, a.s 
sei/.ed f(jr rent. 

" Up rose Kicli.wl, and fw,,,,. tlul lie slinuld iirwv he l.,M so ,._aii, 
and Mwav he w.-ut, and wa ; ,>nl, s,-.,, ,,.aiu for ll,,v,. vravs, u k :: he 
lelunuMl fniia Jlollaml willi lli.- luvnljn,, of tlir dillin- iiiill. ii iiad 
Avnrked l,is i.assa-e out tlnir, aii.l inaintaiiHMl l,n„M.lf l,vhr;';s,. sii.l 
ptivi.i:' nuay/»/f. In ll.i> inauu.'Hir « at in(ri-\ al -, in lla: i-' '-of 

^liUin- null ^vhi'i'c no sU.ur'cl.s were allow cd to eiiUa'. 


"Tlie f.inlisli lui.n- Avas lint rulmitlra f,,i- ,a -rcat liMi-fli of lime, Init 
after two veais ivtuiiiiii'4 at iiilcrviils, ahvays longer ami loii-iT, lie was 
Ictin, lui.l'saw tlie iiatuvo of tlic iiiacliiiu", which imleeil is ulMliat is 
necessary to sec in order to get it made. AVlicn lie returned to ]'!uglaiid, 
ho .soon found luonied penph^ to support him ; for it is clear he must liave 
been a man of great mind and ingenuity. 

"Before lie died lie huilt and endowed an hospital, still maintained, on 
a great scale for an individual." 

This afiaii' is said to liave luippenod in tlic rcio-n of Cliavlos II, 
whereas Richai-d Foley died liet'ore tlic Rcstoi-atioir ; and as early 
a,s the year IGKi was of suilieicnt social importance to be deemed 
Avorthy to fill the oliice of ilayov of his iwtive to^vu, Dndley. 
Moreover tlio liospital of -which Playfair speaks was built and 
endowed by his son Thomas in the 3'ear KiTO. 

According' to his monument in Oldswinford church I^oley was 
aged 77 at his death in lGo7. This would place his birth' in or 
about the j'ear 1580. Thore is no difliculty, therefore, in 
identifying liim witli " Richard sonne to Richard Foly," who was 
baptized at Dudley in that year ; and it is certain that he lived 
at Dudley until about the year 1G30, when he removed to 

There is no doubt that his father was "Richard b'ooley, of 
Duddeley, Najder," whose M'ill Avas proved at ^Vorcester, 
March 4, IGOO. 

The testator directs his body to be buried in the parisli church- 
j'-ard of St. Thomas in Dudley, and ho gives to Anne his wife 
two kine, a lieifer, a bolster, a pillow, and liis best brass pot. 
" To the four children I ]md by her two weynling calves and two 
pieces of pewter. To my dauglitcr Katherhie Robyiison my 
wliite-faced heifer, and the greate cliestc that standeth in Gerry 
Smitli's shop." To his two sons John and Edward Foole}^ 
featlier, Szc. Residue to Richard Fooley, his son, whom ho 
apjioints sole executor. Richard Shawe, of Dudley, and John 
Fonley, testator's brother, to be overseers. 

The following entries occur in the Dudley' registers : — 

1577, Dec. 24, Katharen dau. to Richard Foly^bapt. 

1580,^' .... nirhioxl Sonne to Richard F„b/ ha jd. 

]5S1, Dec. 13, Edward son to Richai'd Foley bapt. 

1501, Oct. 9, Thomas Mason and Katherine Foley mariicd. 

The last entry refers, undoubtedly, to Richard's daughter 
Katlierinc Robinson, for I learn from other sources that ilason 
was "(dins Robinson." 

The long will of "llichard Foley, of Stourbridge, in the 
comity (,f 'Woreo.trr, Clent.," is dated 27 June, 1G57, and was 
pro^ed in un the 7th of Decendier following by Alice 

' M.u-.Tv, wii'c to Kiclunl Foly, wai .il.ju Ijuiiul tlierc iu FL-briuiry, liS8. 



if St 

i\-. JScsiJos liis fliil.livn, \:e„ .V-c, lie 
, tlioi acc.'asr.l, iiii.l Ills— trstatov's— 
lii-.ithrr IvhvaiM. \\r al-o nanir^ tlio 
u,l.ri.l"v ,.,v,.(r,l l,v liiiu in which li:- 
Iswinfoi-.l ail. I Stnm-hri,Iuv purcliasol 
Jlocko, ami Nidiohis .A.M,'nhnj,.k,;. 
Dvi.llcv, Kowlrv, \-c. His OVITSCCI-S 
Ihihci't, nii.lhi,^'s,,u.s iiihnv Ivhvavd 
'J'lie will is attrstr,l l,v Daiiirl 
uas .l.'wkcs, nii.l i;olau.l Al]Hn-t. 
hajitisiu 1 have not, was also a 

Anmist >S, 1G41, a.uil it 

kS. lie -ivL'.s to !iis 
cliildiTH, K.lwar.l, Jolm, Richard, aii.l Alico, five .shillings each, 
and Ids dw.dhn-- lious.', with stabk', shojis. orchard,-;, bams, .Vrc, 
in Dudlrv, to Ids wclM.clovcd wifr Alic, whom hr makes sole 
executrix'. His lav,thrr Tdchard to he overseer: and the 
inventory was nia-le (uitcr oUns) hy " Richard Foley, of Stour- 
bridge, y'eoii, an." 

.Richard l-'oley was twice niai'ried. 1 liavc not hecn able to 
discover the name and i.arenta-e of his tirst wife, but lie had 

his jeliet and ,s,,le 
mentions his broth 
,e-,,d.son Richard, s,„ 
mansion in the t iwi 
then lived, and lands in 
of Sanuicl lloltofte, Jo' 
Likewise lands in ]vin\ 
were las sons Thomas ; 
Ty.son an.l Henry (llo 
Titterie, dohn Tlindev, T 

John, the i,rother. Whose baptism 1 1 
nailer at Dudley. He nia.lo his will 
M-a.s pr(r^■ed at Worcester in October, 

1. ];ichard, bajitize.l at Dudley, 27 :\larch, lOOS, 

2. Katherino, married to ... Cuniherlii.tge. 

:). .Mar-erv, married at Dudley, Nov. 4, Ki^;!, to William 
Wldtc. ^ " 

Tlie .son Rxichard is stated to have been thrice marri.'d, 
hut M-as livin- at J.oneton Hall, Stad'oi'd-^hire. in lii.SL>, without 
survivine male i.ssue. •■Jl.. issue," .savs the pedLove in Nash, 
" liichard, who died .s.jr : and Tluauas, who manied, and l,ad one 
daiie-hter." It ajq.e.ars frnm hi,; lai liei-',-, will that his //r,^/ wife 
was .Abn-aret I'.i'in.Uev, the ^isb'r of his father'., second wife, and 
that he had i,.ne liieh.ard, J,,sias, ■riiomas, Lydia, an,l Hannah 
the two latter beine^ described as ".laueRters of the said Richard 
by his first wife Margaiet Driidey." Hind the bdlowiuL; in the 
Dudley registers : — 

1. Anno'^, dan. of Richard Foley, jun., bapt. 27 June, lOGO; 
bui. 2S Jan., l(;:!G-7. 

2, Pvichard, M,n of the same, baj.t. I'Vb 1(1, ](]:',l-± 
••!. Jo.sia, .son of the sam.', bapt. Jan. 2,s, ]G:\:lA. 
4. bydia, dau. of bdchard and Mar^.aret F.-ley, 

o. llaniia, dau. of the same, bapt. Tday :W, 1(;;!7. 

<i. Thomas, son of the same, bapt. June is, |(i:!li. 

The .second wib' of llieb:ird Foley, the eld. 

d.aiediler of Willi;im 1 bindl,' v, of Willenhall, an.l si-.ter of ( i.'oi 

I'.iimlley, of the lly.le, Kinv'er, c. Stallord, ironnia ;t,er ; by her. 
^vllu wa:. buried at UldswintWd, May 2«, lUU-j, ai,'ed 7'', he had 

t)cb 1, 



tlic followiii!:;- furthei' issue ; all, except Jolm ami Samuel, Ijnptizeil 
at Dudley— 

1. Anile, liapt. Sept. 21, 1(111; mar. at Oldswini'iu'd, ^lay 28, 
1G:J2, to William Novmau.sell, of Wolverhampton. 

2. Edward, bapt. Oct. 24, Kilo. According to the pedigrees 
he was mar. Ijut died s.p. " Edward Foley, gent.," wa.s bur. at 
Dudley, ilay 12, 1G5G ; and several children of Edward and 
Mary Foley were bapt. there. 

'S. Prisci'lla, bapt. Dec 17, IGb'). fhr was mar. lirst, at Old- 
.swinford, Nov. 2:1, 1035, to Exechiel V\'allis,' of IJiistol ; and 
secondly, alioiit 1()G5, to Henry Glover,- of Stourbridge. She 
was buried at Oldswinford, Ajn'il G, 1GS7. 

4. Thomas, bajit. Dec. 7, 1G17, the founder of OUlswinford 
Hospital. He purchased Witley Court and numerous other 
landed estate.s, and was grandfather of the first Lord Foley. 
According to his jnonument in Witley church, he was born Dec. 
3, 1G17, and died Oct. 1, 1G77. 

5. Honor, bapt. Dec. 30, 1G19 ; mar. to Henry Pretty. 

G. Margaret, bapt. Maj'' 27, 1G22; mar. to Edward Tyson. 

7. Robert, bapt. Sept. 19, 1G2-1<. He was of Stourbridge, and 
served the office of Sheriff of Worcestershire in 1G71, in which 
year he had a grant of an augmentation to his arms;' from him 
sprang the Foleys of Stourbridge, now extinct. He was Imried 
at Oldswinford, Dec. 1, 1G7G. 

8. Samuel, of Ireland. His baptism has )\ot been found cilhcr 
at Duilley or Old.swinford. For liis issue and desce)idaiits see 
Nash and the Peerages. 

9. Sarah, bapt. April 7, ]G2n; married first to Jolm Paker, 
(son of Gregory IJaker of Stourbridge), and secondly to George 
Hill both of Pridgnorth. 

10. Jtilni, bapt. at 01ds\\-inford, Jidy 20, 1G31 ; a tin-key mcr- 

1 The luiac of " F.z.-ld.'ll \V,.M;-" .I'.-nrs i„ tU-, li l ,1 Vr.; i .] imi ivl.o wltc 
(liscliiiiii.MlatUicYi^it;iti.,i,,,i ::- .,M I -i liiiv in Ih- ;, f//.,' , ' :.■ . '-■.n,).. 1-IG.) 
In tlio 'C!c.itloin:iu's ^l.-a/ii,, / l-.r ( i,m,,I„,,-, IM-, ,.. "i;. i . : r. , ii.;. l.-nl K,,lrv, 
<\:\tr,\ ]7l;i, t...l,,l,u llaMM-, 1,1 ,.•■,.,, I,,.. .iMTinili- 11. m. J'.axi ■■. in n> .1 -, , , .r':'r„t.s Ui.i.t 
liis l.,ia„lii|. Kli.Hikl wriki " t., Ml . IWi/h.-: U. infunn you li.w Uir r.dvs go at i'.nstnl fair." 
];o)H-it iMilry, of Ktoiiiliri.l-.i, in a li-ltcr dated 1UC3, refei-s to his "kinsman, Mr. 
Iticli.ud Walli^." CSrc my " ll.a.ildry of M'orccster.-ihirc," i). .533.) A Samuel W.dli.-j 
attests a I'uley deed of lO'.IS. 

• II. my (ll.ivei- fonial.-.l a Jniily at Stourbridge, known as "Glover's Cliarity." 
lie was laiiir.l at 01.1.winf„r.l, ^..v. i!, lllSt). liU will is dated Sept. 3, lOSO, but was 
n..t pr.iv.d till Xov. 2, 17)'/. II.; Iia.l, l.y Pn.scilla hi.s wife, the following is.sue, bapt. 

ll.iiiv, 1. .in Jan. 23, and bapt, Feb. 12, ICrin-G. 
I'li-. lit ., l.orn Deo. 31, |il:.7, an.l bapt,. IPlli Jan. followint;, 
Ib.iiii.b, b,.rn IVo, .S, and b,ipl. 1 1, e. 21,t, U^jS. 

On ■•\ I N.,v., ICISI, " M„rs Val.s, Mh,], and Jlis, IViscilla CL.ver" were mar. Tliey 
lia.l i lie bii.alla, b,,|,l. ,l,,„, Vli, lii.M-r,, and ll.nrv, bajil, 21 M,iv, 1 liSli, 

-M.i;,.il, lir' v,ii.- ..1 ,Mr, 11. any (il.iui, w,,i bur. June 25, lobS ; and ".Mis. IbninaU 


cli.ant, uninaiTied cand aged oO, in 1GS2. ]fc was " of SUiurliridg'o, 
Es(|.," i» ](i7«. 

The suUsefiueiit Iiistory of the Folcj^ family will lie found in 
tlic paiijos of Nash and and in tho various Peerages. 

I cop3" the f ollo^\■ing• from an old manu.script' in my possession : 
" Foley of Whitley beareth Argent, a fess ingrailed betwecno 
tlu'ee cinquefoyles within a border sable. This famylie hath had 
great fortune, for the world hath favoured them soc that from a 
meane estate they are rose to great possessions. Master Foly, 
now living, liath beene pronroted firste to be High Sheriff of the 
countie, and knight of tlie sliire in Oliver that usurper's time." 

Richard Foley sealed two deeds (paves me) dated respectively 
IG-iG and IG-iS,-' with these ai-ms impaling Per pale, a chevron 
betw(^en tln-ce escallops, for Bi'indley ;'' but he was disclaimed at 
tho Visitation of Worcestershire taken in IGS-l', as was also his 
son Ilichard, of Longton, at the Staffordshire Visitation in IGGo-i. 
How these arms were acquired does not appear. In the grant of 
an augme;itation to Robert Foley, in 1671, it is recited that he 
had " for some time borne" tho said arms; and in thoHarl. ^IS., 
1172, is a note that "Thomas Foley, Esq., of Great Wliitloy 
Court, in Com. Wigorn, bears the Foley's arms without the 
the augmentation." 

To revert to the romantic story of Foley's discovery of the 
inm .slitting secret, — there is very little douljt that the real hm-o ijf 
tho story was a Brindloy. Anyhow Dr. Wilkes, the Stahordsliire 
antiquary, so states. " Here," he says (speaking of tlio Jli/de,) 
" was the iirst mill for rolling and splitting iron tliat was erected 
in England. One Brindloy, whose posterity enjoyed it till about 
twenty years ago, went into Germany, there acted the ]iart of a 
fool, and from thence brought this excellent macliinc, which has 
been so serviceabhi, and has brought so much money to this 
country." Dr. Wiik'is \\-as born in 1G91 and died in i7G0. As 
he lived at Willenliall lie must have been personally ac(piainted 
with the Brimlleys of that place. George Brindloy, Foley's 
brother-in-law, lived at the Hj^dc ; he was the son of William 
]5i'indley of Willenhall, and we learn from a pedigree in tlie 
lla.rl. MS. 2119, drawn up in 1G.37 by Randal Ifolme, for 
" Mr. Samuel Smyth, of Sutton Coidlield," that \\'iliiam 
Bi-indlcy had four daughters, of wliom tln-ee were married to 
Foleys, viz.: Alice, llu; eldest, to " Pdc. Folev, of Stourbridg, 
CO. Worcest, ;" Margaret, the src..n.l, to " llieh'd Folcv, of 
Dudley, son of Richard by Ids first, wife;" an.l Johann.a, the 
third, 'first to '^ ICdward Folev, of Ih-islow, and secondly, to 

a by Uu 


Tlios. J;ick.s(jii, of Bi-isiuw." The ynnn^vst dan-l't t, Mai-Mrt'L, 
was the wiiV of tli(^ aluivsai-l Sanmel Suiytli. 

The following- wills and adiuiiiistratioiis will i'lutlier illustrate 
tlic Foley jiedigiee :— 

Tjiomas Foley, uf Chadwick, in the parish of Bronisgrove, co. 
Worcester, yeoman. Will dated G Feb., 1(5-53, and proved at 
Westminster 2!) April, Kio-l. Witnessed by Leonard Symson, 
Francis Westwood, and (the mark of) Francis Stnbbs; mentions 
his "loving friend and kinsman }>\v. Puehard Foley, of Stonr- 
bridg, gent.;" his wife Margery; liis sons Thomas and .h.)hn ; his 
six datigliters, Agnes Foley, Catherine Foley, Christian Foley, 
Jlar^ery Foley, Jlary Westwood, and Frances Bowyer ; and his 
father-in-law, Francis Stubbs, who then occupied" a fai-m at 
Chadwick, belonging to the testator; his wiiV Ahu-i'ry to be 
executrix, and tlie said Francis Siubbs and llielinrd Foley o^■elsecl■s 
(11.1 Alchin). 

THO.Af.\.s FoiJCY, of Chadwick, yeoman; will dated Dec. 3, 1007, 
and proved at Worcester, April 24, 1GG8 ; to Sarali liis wife a 
bond for XlOO " lor payn^ent of £."-0, with consideration for the 
same, whennn .Jolni 'bolev ^-tamletli b,.,und unto me;" to his 
eldest son Thomas eei tain 'p^i'c'ls of land, conditionally that lie 
should pay to his younger biother William XlOO; to his son 
John certain other l"ands,"conditionaIly that he shunld i>ny to his 
younger brother William .€.jO ; also to his son .lolm — whom he 
ajipointcd sole executor — all his e'oods ami cliaKels. ()'>i;rseeis, 
William Eussell, r^' Uowley, an.l John Foley, of IJoxvley. 

Jonx FoLKY, of Bowley ]vcgis, co. St.'iiibrd ; adniinist rati(.)n 
granted at Worcester, June 23, IGCS, to John his son. 

John Folky, of Kowley llcgis, Nailer; administration granteil 
at Worcester, Oct. 2G, IG.Sl, tcrisabella, his relict. 

Isabella Folly, of llowley Pvegis, widow ; administration 
granted at AVorcester, April lO, IGOT, to John iM.ley, ye,iin;in, 
her son. Inventory taken Dec, 1G9G. John Barkes, . f K.iwley, 
Nailer, and John Smalhvood, of the same place, Nailer, .'p.iincil in 
the bo)id. 




V. Tl.r 

SOlli WHS Imiic.l :Mrs IToiiouv Colli 


rill, Tl 

!.• l:U]i w.Ks lUnird Artlmi'riiM,-:;,. 


Tl.c 15^'' M-aslUuiLMniisAlic'i'ii 
Tlic ll'MrnsLuiiod Wus.uiua Uir , 


ii)cr "'■II 

t in th,. Chiinc'll. 


r'l. '\^' 

22"' KntlRTillr V Wifr of ArtllUl'] 


i>-. Y' 

12'MVilli;u,is.n, of'ipcr. 



(Conlbiiicdfrvin ;>. CD)- 

1G13. July. Tl.r SOlli whs Imiic.l :Mrs IToiiouv Collin-' vid. 


1G55. ScvlriiilM T. The lo^" \vasr.uriLMmi-sAlic,']'i|iri-iut]icCl 

IGGl. ]).T,-i,il,,.r. Tlic 11"' «-ns Luriod Wus.uiua Uir dauylitcr of Arthur 


1G7G. Jaii>. y 17"' KolMit sou of Arthur I'iju.r. 

1G77. :\[av, V 14'" KoI.ert v<^^ son of Arllnir rii.rr. 

1G77. .Aia'rdi. Y- 22"' riiilif. Piper Esiir. 

1079. Xovvuilirr. \' 22"- :\[arv ]'ip,.r of Tresijiavrow wid. 

1G87. July. Y-- 2G"' S'' Hugh i'iper Kni-lit. 

IG'JO. J^eptoiiilicr. Y'^' 3"' was buryeil Margaret y'^ duu-hter of Williaui 

1090. October. Y' 10"' Chaee v' dau-hler of AVilliaui Piper 
1G91. :\lav. Y'- 21"" Williaui Piper labourer. 

1091. Noveiul/. Y^- 28''' Orare 1 'iper wid. of S' ytepheu.s. 

1700. April. IS"' :\rrs llesler Piiier, wid. 

1701. January. Y" 7 Lady Sibrlia Piper. 

1701. February 28. Aniu; daughter of Sauip-on J'iper. 

1707. J\lay. X- IG iMargaret I'iper. 

1711. May. 23 Phillip son of Sanip.son Piper. 

1711. January. 3 Susannah dagter of Bajupsou Piper. 

1712. Oetobrr. 23 P.dward son'of Sampson I'lin r. 
1712. Noyeudi. 1 Plis: wife of IIuuli Piper, Ks,,''. 

1710. :\fay. Y'' 7"' P.lizabelh y- wife of Sauip on Piper day labourer. 

1722. Al)^ 7"' Joanna y" ilauu : of Sampson I'iper Dav labourer. 

1750. Jan. Y" 27"' Sanijisou Pyper. 

1751. Oct. Y» 29"' Hugh Pyper P.s(i'-. 


1731. >lay. Y- 21"' Philip y son of Piehard Yyyyan Ksnr. 

173G. Peby. V 12"' Klizabrth vM)aug: of Pieh : Vvvyan I'.so- 

1738. June. Y^ 27"' Picbard y'son of Iti.barLl ^'yyyan, I's,,''. 


1730. Mar.-h. Y'' 5"' :\rary y- daug: of Pi,!,: A'yyyan. 

1738. Peb-v. Y» 20"' Elizabeth V daug; of Piehard Yyyyan. 

17-11. Aug. 13"' James, ye s,,n of Piehard Yvvvan Ps,p-. 

1771. Jauv. 18 Piebard Ywvau F.s.p', PerordeV. 

1771. Mav. 11 Philippa. widou- of Pieh.nd Y 

1771. July. 20 I'.dw' Merrin Waller „„, of Ph 
1791. March. 27"' Plulip \'yv\an hs^p. 

' Dau. of Sam|).3uu Piper yciit, Uipl Aiail -JS VoTu. 


Munnncnl.-d InH-nrtious. 
0.1 a llat .urn. imw iu tl>,. patlnvay outsiac the clmnccl .hvn- is- 

//,,■,. //r,. //,- /;."'//• 

of Artlmr tlir 

sou of Cniitaiuc 

lluyh riper -L'ut. 

ami Mario Ins wife, ^vllO 

was tlic (laii-liler of 

Captain .lolniEste.ilt 

Alderman >K: twiec :\rayor 

of tliis Town, he was 

Imricd tlio first" day nf 

Noumbcr Ano 16-12. 
A slal) in the lloov of the north aisle, has the folh^win-- 
?ijtvc hull) H)c Ijotnj of 
Eijoiuns ^"oUingr, nful tolia 
mnvirt ]iHiiuuv lu daunbtcv 
of Snmpriou i-^'ptv sent anti 
toas Inuirt lljc J 5 tiau 

];elo\v is a qnartcvcd shield— r t 1 

1st & 4Ui [Sable] on a chev. hetwrcn three doves [ai-i.j 

live guttecs de sang. (Collins, of ])evon.) 
•-'ud .t 3rd [Argt.] a diev. between three magpies, in'!'. (I ipei- 
\t the north-cast angle of the north chancel aisle is a laiyc lua. 
„„;,u,nent nf marble, surinonnte,! with the ri,,er hatchment, viz. _ 
guarterly. l.t, Argt., a eliev, S:,. between thive -'''^^''^ ^'^;^^r,,'Z^^ 
•Jiel, Algt., a chev. between thlv bnd> Nl, .1'l'- "1 tli.'-^ 

3id, Ar-t., two l)ar.s, and a canton. Azure, (rair ') 
llh, lam., a lleuv-dc-lis, Sa, on a chief of the, .sc.oiul, an 
cstoile, Or. ((iaer.) 

idv. ki 

Hekk lies the b.Hly 
of Colonel S'- Hugh I'iper Kt 
],ii'uteiiant Oovernour of the Koyal C ilad''l 
and Island „f I'l.YMOUTii, Captain of the Castle ..t Lxox, 
Constable of the Castle of Launoestox, 
one of his Majesties Justices of the I'eaee, 
]-or the Counties of Devox A: Coknw.m.e ; 
an Alderman and lopivsmtative hi IMihament 
Vor the ll.moucu of DrxiiEvm. 
11,. .s,.,ved iu th.. Civil Wars, as an Kiisign, laeulenanl, and 
Cap'und.rS. i;„„Ai:o\ S' I'.r.vii.i. 1 1 UANVH.M. K^ 
■Utl.eSie.eof lY^MoMU, tlie batlb's ofSlrallnuand l.ansdou 
\vb..ehew,,.NV,an,d,.d,nlh. .\e'b,-VTh;eb>V -l,oll!,roe 
tl... Should.T. ll,sK.,lal.sw,avse,|Ue,|,,d-! Ljlhebump 
I'.nliaiuent ro.lo, l,o\,,llv to hi M.eL-r and l;,juied 
SoNKKlloN, Kl.NO CiiAi;i.i> ill- I'll; I. 
lleded Julv -Jill. ItiST, a;Md 7U. 
1 Th. t..,. hue l.:v. t.a-u cut ell. ' Tl.c It>;.i,tc. ha. " tile ,Uund d. 


Ncnr Iliin is r.uiic.l Dame ^^iiiella llis Wif.' (;i 
Dau^likT (if John- I'aiir of tlio Citv of I'Ikktbu (ion') 
Wio Died J any -Iti. 170-i Aged fSo. 
liolow llic two kiicoling figures — 

Here lies the body of Cap' riiiLLU' Viver (Son of 

S' Hugh I^iper Kn'' & Dame Sibella his Wife) 

Constaljlo of tlio Casth; of Launcestox and 

an Alderman of this 15orougii. lie married 

Mary Daughter of lIuMriiRY (!aer 

of PiiYMouTii, CJcnt., by AVhoni he liad 

Two Sons Hugh and Granville. 

He Died March 21^' 1G77, Aged 32. 

On a tahlrl nrar fiie former— 

Sacred to the Memory 

of Eiciiard Vyvyan of TRl■:s>^r arrow 

in the County of CoENWAf.T. Esq"' 

(Second Son of S'' Riciiaud ^'vvYAN 

of Trelowarbi;n liar'') 

r.arristiT-at-Law and Recorder of Launckston 

who died .lan> ll"i 1771. 

Aged G9. 

Near In'm lies Piullippa liis AVife 

Daugliter and Jlciivss ,,f ITugh I'vrER Ksq"- 

who died .Afav 7'" 1771, 

Age.l 07. 

Near them arc tlie Remains 

of ]Mary Eliz"' & ,Iames their ihildren 

& E. M. ^V. Yyvyan their Crandsnn, 

who died in tlioir Infancy. 

liKNEATII tllis StOnO 

are d(>posited the remain.s of Hugh Pvper 

of Tresmarrow 

in the County of Cornwall Esij'' 

(Eldest Son of Phillip Pvper l-'.sq'' 

and Grandson of S'' Hugh Pvper K')'d this life. 

Oct^' 25M. 1754 

Aged 83. 

Near hin, IJrs I'li/.mikth Ids Wife 

(I)aip.;liter (if Siiklston' Calmadv of Lavwood 

in til.., Coniitv nf Dr.voN, Es,,) 

who di.d Oct'"- 27"' 1712. 

Aged 39. 

In the north aisle is a large monument, reaching from the pavement to 

the roof, of coloured and vei 1 marbles, with full length ligures of Faith, 

Hope, and Charity, Justice and Truth. On the top are marble busts of 
Rich. Wise ai'i.! Granville i'yper, with two shields, one bearin": S.iblu, 
three chevrons lam. (Wi>e); llie otlua-, Arg., a chevron b.aweeii three 
magpies, Sal.h; (Pyiier). Tli.' leiiire has the following— 



Granvilli ]^vi)fi', AnuiL;eii, 

Et Kicavdi, Guiiuiosi, 

Hujus Muiiicii.ii quomlam Aldeiiiiannram, 

Quorum Keli(iui;c laovtalos Batliouitc 

III Agro Somcrscltciiisi sitre suiil. 

A'lque Vnaiiiiucs et conjuiictissiini Sua A'ita fuenuit, 

Ita post nioitem jam iion sunt divisi, 

I'idissimum Anieonim Par. 

lllo, cum ad tcueudam suam Sauitatcm 

]5atlioniain coiieesset. Pluritide convptus 

Ibidem oLiit Apnlis xvj*'', a.d. ,mdu(Jvu"'° 

.'Etatis xxxviu"". 
Ilic Lauiiccstoniaj moriens Julii xxvii""' 
a:d: MDccxxvi ; J'^tatis LXiv'", 
LatlioidiC juxta siueres Domini Aiiiantissimi 
Et cliarissimi suos deponi Vnluit. 
Hoc Ccnotaphium (}ilouumciilum mutui CMnnii Auoris, 
Et Summa^ .sure Observauti;o, 
^Munilicoutissimumipie Semper enluit) 
Supreiiiis talndi.-; liic fieri jussit 
Kicliardus "Wise, Gen''' 
Vt igitur tam piis :Mandatis satisfaeercnt 
Jrarmor lioe. 
Ytrius.pi.' yW-mnvw Sa.-mm pn.u.ruiit jus IlercdeR 
I'iiilippu, Welsl, rl (-■.ulirlmus Courli, 
In Till], Al.b.'.y Church is tliis inscription over tlie remai 
Ciranvilh- Piper— 

Ilic Suljtus Jacet 

Granville Pypeh, 

Xii])er lie Afailford, Juxta Launceston, in Ag'ro Cornuli. Ar. 

I'hillippi Pyiier, Anni : lilius natu miiiiiiiu,-;, et 

Ilugiinis ]'yper mil: uon ita pridem munimenti apnd PHmnllui 

et Insulfe adjacwitis, I'ricfecti, A'cpM^-. 


Ingcnij viridi ct Eleganti.s Genij Lenigni et anueni 

Gcstus decori gratissima comitatis temper!, e \'eneiaudi, 

Amicitiie cnrdat;e, lldiu amicissimfo, (}ai cum 

Convalescontffi gratia, has solis aquas inviserit iirimo in 

]\lulimiuo fatiscens In ipso /I'^tatis (lore maligna 

Decusiis, et brevi oppressns mortalitatem cxuit, 

Ai>rilis die decimo sexto, Alio .I'.tatis Supra xxx 

currente octavo, Salutis reparata; muccxvu. 

Cujus memi.iriie Sacrum, hoc dovotis.simi iii'ctoris 

Monumentiiiii luliens nuercnsq' po.suit 

IvICUAllDUS "WlrfE. 




Latimor, AVillinm. Civsclmrnc in Cl.yve- 

Iun,l. " 1381 108'' .Su.ll.uiy. 

Lnumk, KuluTt, Kilt. Citizen of Luml.)!!. 13G7 209' Cmrtmey. 
Latuulcr, .«■" ]']a*i,l:niiulur. 
Lccitc'i', William, of Banvielic pryov, co. 

0x011, liu.sliaiulinau. l.")G9 27G'' ParkiT, P. i. 

Lcclic'fonl, llriirv, --f Chavlewo.l,'. 1380 i!2g'' Courtem^v. 

Lecsc, Dyoni^ia atto, relict of ^^'illialn 

attoLccse. 1401 214- Arundel, P. : 

Leniiia, AVilliam, Pislioj) of Worcester. 

Bnrie.l at Chicheater. 13..3 ] 29MVliittle«cye. 

Lcicli.'Jvkeii, :>Lirtiii. Canon of Exeter. 1430 435'' Chiclielr, P. 
Lr.-ciup, PirlMiJ, Knt. ])ii.^ de ISolton. 1401 202' Arundrl, P. : 
Lr-iiuis ];o:;.r. Dus de Poltun. 1403 204^ Arundel, P. 

Li'^crup, ytq.hen. Dfis de Bcntloy. 1405 40'' Arundrl, P. ii 

Lese, dua Lora ate. 
Le.?e, Thomas, of Little Puiioud. 
Lcvcndele, Frances, of St. Jolm liajilist, 

Islo of Tlianet, tayk.ur. 
Levcrer, Kirliard, Esq. ^Vcslnn Culvylr. 
Lcvcringe, John, of llenton .St.. (_leoig(% 

Levorton, Alan. Kector of Hai-i.'tsliaiu. 
Levcssoii, Kalcrine, of Great Yaniiouth. 
Lcwcnthorp, John. 

Lexliam, Th.jinas de. Canon of Hereford. 
Levbouni, Juliana de. Countess of Hunt- 
Lcyke, Kolieil, of Wyneton. (Prul)ate 

Leyii^-, Joliu, (if Batcsford, co. Suffolk. 

LeVston, John, of ]]ci-h. 

Lichfeld, Tliomas de. Citizen of ^Wirces- 

Lisle, Juhn Viscuiit, Kt. 
Litlel, Edward, of Plninp.4(ad, Kent, 

Lodelowe, A-ncs dr. (Pmbate only). 
Lonibe, William, s,nr., „f Wvnioudliam. 
Londosdale, Kobert, Es.|., ..f Nnrwich. 
Lon-e, Richard, of Lavni:;ton I'mum. 
Lorch, William, of Xcv,- Wvud-.-mv. 
Loryii- WiUiain. Can..,, ,,f Sahslmrv. 
1-ot, John. 
Lotoft, John, uf the Pishoi.ric of Elv. 


100'' Sudburv. 


G4^' Staflbrd. 


271'- Wliil-if(, P. 


4 02-Chiehelr, P. 


442'' AVhil^ift, P. 


414'' Cllieh,;].., 1'. 

144 5 

G5'' Stailbrd. 


454- Chichele, P. 


203'' Courtenry. 




19 1'- Arundel, r. 


191- Arundel, P. 


55' .Morton. 


17G' Arundel, P. 




135'' Cranmor. 


22G'' Courteney. 


39'' ]\lorton. 

14 IG 

138'' Stailbrd. 


417MVhiti;ift, P. 

1 107 

51- Arundel, P. i: 


290'' Chieliele, P. 



229' Aruiid. 1, P. 


Love, AVilliara. Ecctor of Sybhcs.lcimc. 1437 403 ' Cliichelc, 1'. i. 
Love, John, the }-ouiiger, of Gowtliiuste, 

CO. Kent, yeom.iii. 1559 309' Parker, P. i. 

Lovcl, Gawfii, of AVrettou. 1499 37^' Morton. 

Lovell, Jolni. Dfis Lnvdl an.I Ilulon,!. 1408 255'' Arundel, P. i. 
Lovcll, John, of Stysted in Deanery of 

Bockingo, liusLandman. 1590 275^> "Wliitgift, P. i. 
Lovelich, Jolm. Kector of St. xVlphege, 

Cantcrhury. ' 1438 403'' Cliiehele, P. i. 
Loveync, Nicholas, Ivnt, Poplar. Pens- 1375 80" Sudbury. 

Lownde, Adam, of Ke.synglond, llaxter. 149G CO'* ^Mnrton. 
Luc}', Lady Alienore, late wife of Sir 

Walter, Kt. Grey friar.s, W. wester. 1415 15G' Staflurd. 

Liiddhani, John. RL^ctor of Godnier,.haiii. 13S9 i'3C" C'nurtnev. 

Lyndo, William, of Stokelisle, co. Cxford. 1452 2C7'' Kcinpe." 
Lyndefeld, John. Archdeacon of 

Chichester. 1440 472'> C'lnrhele, P. i. 

Lyndewodc, John. Lyndewode. 1419 330' Chichcle, P. i. 
Lyndcwode, William. Lishop of St. 

Davids. 1443 142'' Stallurd. 

Lyndvych, John. Ilavcrill. 1408 IOC' Arundel, V. ii. 
Lyngg, Richard de. Archdeacon of X..r- 

wich. 1355 337'* Mep. 

Lynne, John, of Marthaui. 1445 GO^ Slallord. 
Lyntoii, Thomas do. Rector of Clyve near 

Rochester. 1387 225'' Courtcney. 
Lyonnc, Jlargarct wife of Thoma?. Ash- 
ton, Somerset. 1402 195' Arundel, P. i. 
Lypizate, Nicholas, of Wells. 1405 2l'3'' y\rundel, P. i. 
Lystor, John, of ]!anham. 1415 71 ' Slallord. 
Lystcr, Roger. Citizen of Norwich. 

Machon, John. Up\vcll. 1499 21" Morton. 
I\radoc, Llcwcllen. Son uf Pishop r,f St. 

Asaph. 1373 88'' Sudhurv. 
Madockc, Edwardc, of Teynlon, co. Ox- 

ford, yeoman. 15C0 51'' I'arkcr, P. ii. 
Makcnade, AVilliam de. I'reston juxta 

Favcr.sham. 1407 242" Arundel, I\ i. 

Makercll, John. 1423 3G3" Chichcle, P. i. 

j\raldonn, John. Provost of Oiiel. 1401 198" Arundel, P. i. 

Malyns, Re-inald, of llentou. 1430 42G" Chichele, P. i. 

Mandion, John, of Leyham. 1403 205'' Arun.lcl, P. i. 

]\lankywoll, Thoma.s. Pridri,.,rt, 1445 141" Slaflord. 
Manny, WalU'r de, Knt. Cliarteihouse, 

London. 1372 120'' : hittle.seyp. 

]\rarache, .lohn. Canteihury. 1420 33G'' Chiclude, P. i. 

I^Iarchaunl, Ihu'li. Cili/rn ..f l.oiidou. 1452 2G9" Kempe. 

Marcliauut, William. Ideniie. 1422 370'' Chichele, 1\ i. 



U.wchc, Marc;-arot, of Lonii, [Lvnn.] W« 

lato wife of William ^farchc. 1 19S 25'' ^Morton. 

Mavche, William of llio. Sonlli Yaniiuutli. H13 ]9:V' Animl'l, T. ii. 

Mavcliexon, Pc-rcival. MercliauL of (ieima. Mil IGS'' StalVonl. 

Markolo, Kolicrt. Citizen of Lomlou. 1420 T.-l t' CliirlK-lo, P. i. 

Marker, Thomas, of Boccles. 1 193 24'' :\lnitoii. 
Marsliall, Thomas. "WexchaunJcler of 

Caiitcilnnv. 1118 .335" Chididr, P. i. 
Marshal], ]{(.1icrl. Citizen and grocer of 

London. 14 IG 15- Stallmd. 

]\rartyn, John, of Wramiilyii-liam. 1145 72^' ytalf-ud. 
Marlyn, Fernand. IMcrehaut of A'ernien 

iuBislcaye. 1414 127-^ Slallord. 

Martyn, .Tohn, of Wurmf-ay. 1498 10-' :\lorlui:. 

Martvn, linh. vl, of ^Ve^t^rl,ara, uvnt. 155S 08'' Post morl. Pnli. 

MarlVn, William. Lostwilhiel, O-rnwaU. 1493 131--^ :\rorton. 

j\ra.scall, Robert, liishop of Hereford. MIC 300'U:hieli.i-, P. i. 

Mason, Th< anas, of Shropham. 1415 71'' Slaflnrd. 
Mason, Jolm, of co. Oxford, hn.sbandnian, 

Horlyc. 1571 C5'' Pavlcr, P. ii. 

Mason, Eohert, of Maglifeld in Sussex. 1558 10' Pnst mnvt. Puli. 
Massfill, Thomas, of Much Peringdon in 

Essex. 1559 89' Po.4 mort. Poll. 
JIa.sscngcr, Thomas. Kcctor of Scliviup- 

lyng. ■ 1499 37'' ^^forton. 
Masters al/as AVeavcr, John, of Bi. Iciiell 

ill parish of Staple. 1592 4 11" Whitgift, P. i. 
]\rattesson «?»/-• Solcr, Thomas, of Monas- 
tery of St. Benedict lluline. 14 45 72'' Staflor.l 
Mathewe, William, of Goo..ley, co. links. 1593 399^' Whitgift, P. i. 
Mauresward, ^Margaret. ]!ramiilun juxta 

Dvngle. ' 1125 387^' Chiehele, P. i. 
Maui'.C I'll 'I'' Saiicln, dila dc Santo 

:\Iainv,. Si.ixrulall. 1409 4 3'' Arundrl, P. ii. 

Maydenhilli, .luhn. Dean nf Cliiehestev. 1407 210' Arundrl, P. i. 

Maygood, Kalpli, of Wyglilon. 1445 59'' Stallbrd. 

:^ravhe^^■e, William, of \\'h..psl,.d... 1499 54^' :\ror(on. 

Maj-rer, Thomas, of Wvgenliale. 14 4 5 07'' StalVonl. 

}i[aynavde, ,l,,lni, ,.f Wvlbiun, Sussex. 1580 129'' Gryn.lall. 

Meatcalf.', .Inlm, of Te'iil-id.-ii. 15G0 309'' Parker, P. i. 

Mrdrfnid, Uirhaid. Bislmj, ,,1 Salisbury. 1107 237'' Arundel, P. i. 

Medrfoid, Wallrr. l)rau..[\V,l]s. ■ 11:^1 359'' Chieh(4e, P. i. 

:Med]aia', .1.4,:,. i:,. 1\ ii-lia.ii. 1102 199'' Arundel, P. i. 

Mrlrh.'bnni, '\-irar of \\-v,,lliam. 1101 207'' Arundel, F. i. 

M.auburv, Sunon. n[ Salisburv. 1123 :!G3'' Chiehelr, P. i. 
MniiiM-:-, Mrhnlas, ,,f llolie Cr-.e nrar 
uiitull,,. Wall,- „f n,e cilir of Canler- 

buiir. 1581 139' Wliit-ift, P. i. 

Mrw, .lohn. Ka.lOrrkhaHI. 1420 311', ]>. i. 

Mri<do„, .lolm, I'relorof Thurk.'ston. 1121 390'' Clii.hrlc, P. i. 
Miehrll, .Nirliolas. St. Thomas A-iueducf, 

l.niidon. 1118 177' StalToid. 


Mi.-l.cll Tliomas, cf Noru-OM.l. 1 C07 2-^;V' lliui.Tufl. 

MichcU' J..]i.ii,ii, cf WalllH'nswvk, 149S ;iG'' Morton. 

^lichcU, JolMin,, Avi.lnv of An.livw Mu. 
and of Thniiias ]{oc1k', St. Maiv, W'ol- 

notl,. M'^-'' 28-1' Krnipo. 

^li.Ml.tun, Thomas, Koctov of Multon. l:'.81 lO.V' Couitcnay. 

:\Iillc, Chri.^tiau atte, AVifL' of Nicholas. -„ . , , ,> ■ 

Fyfcdo Nuvile. M21 303^ (Jhich,de, P. ,. 

Milks Eamundc. 1452 SO/'MKOiupc. 

]\rili-etli fonucilv Cokavn, P.i'atrix, relict 

of AVill"> Aldcniran of London. 1148 ICV'. Stalhu-d. 

]\rilton, William. Dean of ChichcstcT. U21 37 1'' Cl.idicle, 1 . i. 
:\[ilton, John. Hector of St. Sampson, , , t^ •• 

Cricklelade. (I'rohatc only) 1407 75' Arundel, P. n. 

i^Ioluin, t-er ^ifoiin. 

Moldyne, KoLorf, Citizen and Pinar of 
of Christflnurh in Lond.m withii 
Molten, .?'v Pee.-ton. 
Mono, (Jeofflev. St. Clement ]")ane3. 
Mone, Cnv. Pi-hop of St. David's. 
Mongomerv, Jolni, Knt. St. Maiy Crace 

Montcv, Kohevl. Clerk of the Hanaper. 
:\rontraver.s, Aun.s, dna. Loii.lon. 
i\rontaoute,Thmnasde. Kavl of 
Montcfort, Pelcr .le, Knt. Lord Ileal 

]\lo<.r, .l,,hn. Citizen of N,.rwirh. 
Moore, John a, of Thorp. 
]\rorc, Thomas, clerk. London. 
j\rore, Thomns atlf, of Clialuecroft in 

parish of ]'a^cham. 1374 78^' Sudl 

.' - , " 1 r. r. o ,-.-b T >,._.! 


82^ Post niort. l\ 



1G2'' Slallord. 
210'' Arundel, P. 


17 5'' Stall'ord. 
18G'' Stall'onl. 
78'' Sudhurv. 
400^' Cld.h.'lry, 1 


111- Whiltle.rv, 

105'' Ann.dcl, 1'. 
.^kS- ^loiton. 
:i49'' Chich.'le, P 

Mores, Jol: 

L558 57M' niorl. V«'. 

Morgan, ])avid, .dLlandair. 1504 1 80^' Parker 

^lorgan! Philip. I'.whop of l^dv. 1435 454^> Clnehcle, P. 

]\roruyll, John, of ] Irathfeld. 1550 54^' Po.t mort. 1 ol 
iSforle, AVilliam de, Knt. Hallin-hurn 

]\ragna. 13"i1 lOP' Sudhurv. 

Morleo, Cecilia ,le. Dna de Aldchy. 1380 221--' CuuLcnay 

^fovlee, Anne, dua de. Norwich. 142C 400n;h,chele 1 . 

Morten, Kiehard. IGU 270' Ahhot, P. i 

Mortimer, Hu-h, Ks,i, Tewke.hury. 1415 202'' CT.chdc, 1 . 

*^rortimor, Esuem dc K,o4 ,1,. la Marehe. 1382 188'- (_ ourtmay. 
♦Mortimer, I'lullippa de. Couidcss de 

]., :\larclM. 1381 1S9'' Cointeiiay. 

Moll.', JohuMl." elder. I'oxlcv. 1383 207^' Courtenay 

Mottisfoul ,lohn. Vicar of l.vde. 1420 3 10'' Chiehele, P. 
Motlrnu,, Adau, de. I'reecitor of Salis- _ 

l„„.v 1415 277" Chichclc, P. 

Mouni Johaune de, dun. de Dounsler. 1404 218" Amudcl, P. 


Moiintaqu, Elizabetli. Ccmnte^s of Salis- 

l,uvy.' 1414 2G8''CliielK'ley, P. i. 

jMoimLif^u, J.iliii. IJroUior of the ]".arl of 

Siilisbnry. l.'!88 23G'' Courtcnay. 

UroHiitnmi, William. Earl of Salisbury. 1387 1.59" Aninaol, P. i. 
^rnuiitforte, .John, Kut. 1151 SO*' Kcnipr. 

Mounke, Thomas, of :\rcrkisliall (Probate 

only). 1413 193'' AruiuW, P. ii. 

*:MoM-brav, John. Duke of Norfolk. 

A-xholnie, Lincolnsh. ^ 1432 434- Chichcle, P. i. 

Jloyser, "William, of Promleigh in Kent, 

ISIugL^e, Vrilliani. Dean of Windsor. 
i\Iulburue, Jolm. Kalisbury. 
Mul.sho, Henry. Ciedyngton. 
Mulso, Thomas, of Xcwton parva, co. 

Multon, Thomas, of Crowmcre. 
IMulwanl, Kichard. lluvgcss of Kerlion 

in ^^'ales. [Cacrlcon, co. ilonmouth 1] 
Jilundys, Olvve, W, of Norwich. 
Muskliam, Kobcrt de. Parson of church 

of Overe. 
Miiston, Jolm. Foderinghey. 
Jlyddleton, William, tlie eliler, of West- 
ham in Kent, ]",S(|. 
:\fyelu41, William, ,.f llarple. 
j\lyller, Agnes, of (.'laplon, in parish of 

i\fYllvnchop, Jnhn, nf l-ve. 
:^lvii..l, AVilliam. IppisVirhe. 
:\Iyiit.'r..n, John, of West.ui in Z-iylandc 

Nashe, Nirholas, of Ncwe Windsor, tanner 
Ne.'Ir, Tliunias. Pviniore, .Aliddx. 
N.rl, William. CiU/.en of Chichester. 
Nevill, Thnmas. Dns de Fernevall. 
Newton, Kichard, Jvt, Judge nf the 

Common Ph'iis. Yalt'in. 
Newall, Kichar.l, of fnylanv M..rlimrr. 
Newedegale, .L,hn (I'mbalc n,dv). 
Neweulnii, CrMllivv. Wr.t Wi.khaiii. 
Newman, Maivavl w> nf Tlmmas. 
Niwmau, IJnliril, nf TJMTston. 
Newman, N'liMina.,, ,.f Ma-hfeld. 
Nich.ills, ,l,,l,i,,,,r.\,|,,n KeViHs, en. Wilts, 

Ni.hnln, Tllnmas dr Saurln', K„l. 

Nich.ilas, l;,..l,,rnl-(),i,vugln„. 

Nicolas rt//V,..-Tn|,,„. Wdliam, ,lrik. 
Nirnjs, llni.aHt, lii.hop of SI. llavid<. 
Nnl.ys, Jnhn, nf Castnn. 


G4'' Pnst ni.irt. 



201'' Courtena 



327^' Claclicle,' 

P. i. 


401" Chichele, 

1'. i. 


131" Stall..rd. 


29'' Morlnn. 


358' Chichclr, 

P. i. 


45'' :\[..rlnn. 


214'' Cniirfcne 


J 23-' Chichele, 

"p. i. 

1 557 

G2-'' Post mort. 



4G- Alorton. 


445'' Whit-ift, 

P. i. 


103-^ Cramuer 


13^ :\Iorton. 


430' Whilgift, 

, P. i. 

1 590 

409- Whil-ift 

, P. i. 


12r Stallnrd. 



1'. i. 


235'' Arundel, 

P. i. 


1G9- Stafford. 

15. -.8 

3.5- Pnst mort. 



22G'' C'nurtcnav. 


179- Arundel, 

P. i. 


C2i' Stalford. 

1 145 

G8'' StaUbrd. 

1 .").'> 7 

10'' Post mort 

. Puli 


4PV Whilgift 

, p. i. 


79- Sudbury. 


119- Whittles 



258'' Kempe. 

14 33 

4 38- Chirhrie 

, P. i. 


15' Mnrlnn. 

132 'LA:\rr.KTri will: 

Xoion, AVilliam. ,,f lla.lnilinin. 


221' Arundrl, P. i. 

>;ol«S Williiiui. K.rtoi of St. Tflor, 


14 -20 

39.3' Chicle le, r. i. 

Nolly, Join,, C;ii.- ( o„lv). 

1 f 1 :i 

19 1'' ArinnKl, P. ii 

Noon, IsabcU, wif.- of Sii' IMmun.l, Kul. 

1 loi; 

.MU'' Ariin.lrl, 1'. i. 

Koou, Kdimni.l, Knl. Sl,<lF,uy. 

1 ll:"! 

1!»S.' Arunclrl, V. ii 

Xonuan, 'WaUr, of li.inrw. llr. 


27'' .Mortnn. 

Xoriiiaii, Kicliaitl, of Niiimiiiylon, lius- 



2G7^^ Whit-ift, P. i 

Northlmi-li, :\li<l,a,l Ciiuon of Cl.irli.'st( 

•r 1381 

207'' Convtcnay. 

NortlHTn,'^Bailliol,.iuew. Krctov of jllvk- 

Ivng and Rullrsby. 


38'' ^lorton. 

Nortliow, Simon. Canon of Cl.i.lirstrr. 


409" Chichclc, P. i. 

Xorllnvodo, John, Knt. 


lOU'' Sudbury. 

Norton, Andrew, of Soiitlirhuhani. 


.-.C' Morhm. 

Norton, Clenicnl, of the towiiT' of Aus- 

trop, CO. York, yeoman. 


270'' V'hit-ift, P. i 

Norton, Elizal..'tli, late wife of llirliai.l 

Norton. ]iuniliam. 


2G' :\lov(,m. 

Norton, Thomas. St. Teter, ^il■i^lol. 


1,^1'' StallorJ. 

Norton, John, of Dcptfov.l, veoinaii. 


13.V' Cranmcr. 

Norton, Richard, licctor of' St. ^laiv at 

Strondo, London. 


207'' Couvtcnay. 

Notto, Thoinas. Vicar of Oaselv, co. 


11 98 

27-^ Morton. 

Norwich, r.p. of. Sre Aloxandrr. 

Ollon, David. Vicar of Kirkol.-n in 



2(17" K'l'nipc. 

Olyett, John, of Dcnvrr. 


1. -.4 ''Parker. 

OlVver, Tliomas, of Jlurwa-d,-. 


.'>0'' Post niovt. Poll 

Ondel.v, John, cl.rk. Flan.>l,-,1,.. 


202" Arumhl, P. ii 

Orchard, John. Coltrh",!,. 

144 7 

IGI" Slallbni. 

(hvhanl, Ki.liar.l, of Kv,al... 


47G' Chirholc, ]'. i. 

Oniu'sl,v, -M.arv, wif,- of Avtliiir, Ks.,. 

ISlackfnar.s l.ondn,,. 



Orychc, Tliomas, of Kodio.t.i'. 


GU' Post niort. Poli 

(WH>rnc,Jol,n,of Ihavo, CO, r,rik>, v.M.ina 

n. 1.-.91 

411' Whil-ifl, P. i 

O.'tilcr, Th..nia.s of Ware. 


IGk' Annidrl, 1'. i. 

0.strichr, Thomas St. AUnn Wood St., 



279M<o„,p,.., Johann, w", of London. 

14. -.2 

Otclryc, Kohcil. London. 

] 130 

iG()' n'i!'h'i.', p. i. 

OtrrN-, Ko^rr. Clavcil.V. 


224'' Couiirnay. 

(Iiuh'l.v, s,r Ondrhv. 

Ovo.MV,, of'Xrwiuarkrl. 


313'' Kcnipo. 

OviTlun, Clrnirnl, nf SI. Nicholas al 

^Vadc in Ido .if Tli.mrl. 


179'' ( birh-lc, P. i., John, k..,,. 


237'' .\vund, 1, ]'. i. 

(»ul,.n, Lnkr, „f .N,.w>udon in Kml, 


2GG' ■\\4iilv:ifl, 1'. i, 


^"'!"i-^'v''ullnl'' "^ ■^^""^^^''■'■' '"•'''■'"'" i:,92 179 Wlnt.ift, V. ii. 

(,>::::i!;vj:r".i..ias. st.,vu.. ,,^,a,M,v.i 


rachet,.Toln.. St. C.:.OV.s„ale, Can- 33,. chi,.l,.lc, l>. i. 


radNX.t.n, Jnl.n, K..1. St. Au-la-w L.m- o-.y. Krmp. 

1 -11 T ,,,1,,,, i4-_l^ -( •> J^' "4 • 

hill T.nKl,,, __ 711. Stallnnl. 

la.g. .l..ln, "f -n n tuiu lO:.' Ann.lrl, 1'. ii. 

!Sn;;:'ll:':nv::isi,v,;.l,,^:: 1115 gi^s...,..,!. 

J.;., ,,„;W,ll,a,n,AH„l,..,n.,fCau- ^^^^ .3,, ,,„,„„,,. 

1. ''piilin K..lvn.tun 1107 5i- Avun,!.!, 1'. i. 

ralm.r, William, F..,,- !? ^o-i, rhS t Pi 

1-anU-v Kicha.l, of co. r;i,n„:..t,r. 2o ob Lhu^ U , 1 . 1. 

r,, Mar,an.t. Mal,.slMl.. H^J '^Vm' n l. V 
Vavker, Uciiiv. 

1112 iGi' Avuiia.i, r. 

I'aib'v, ^Vi'llialM, "f r.'ti 

J'anali, ^Villiani, nf lia. 

ran-ott/riuana., of^lurl, ^Inv.nn I-.-k- bO 1 

ra™U,K.l,a„.,,.fMn,,„nL,„,, ^^^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^ 

3>,i:;':T;:;n: Ca,,,.n,,fll,n.f,a,L 

I'avrVs, .lokn, oi UM. 

Parous, Isabol, of Cbatwallc in par. C 

dvtoii, AV". 
Tasscle, Ivlinun.l, Kiit. I'v'i.naidynln 

1.-,S9 2<i:V'^Vl,i(:..ri, I'. 
ir,9t 2-':)' \Vhil;-,ili, 1'- 

ir):)S GO'' I'n 

1111 2G1M 

looS a^ i'oA y\'n\rui IMi 

1558 GO'' roll'. 

132G 158-^ ]^•Yllolas 

russi'lewc, ^rattlK'W. Cilizm of Lonar.n. oo-^h .>or,, ( 'ouit- 

(IVoNvills). ^ l^SG 22_,-G Lo.ut. 

ratman, John, nf S,a,lhw„l.l, 108 ^^G ,^ V' ■ ,,^. 

I'atvik, Kcainakl, nf Wy„rlpl . y L^b- __OLomUua\. 

Patvyngton, ^1,,'!-.. li.-lar "f ^t. ^_^_ 310. Chiclal.., 1' 

l>ua"'i'li.a, Kut. l^^O 101" Su,lbu,y, 

Va.,l,.,Mana,l.Sa,.,:t.. l^a..,-,., , .. ^^_^. ^^^^^ ^^_^,,^_^^^, 

rav,rTiio,na- E-^.l Kokrbniur, lianl^. 1117 1 Gk' S .allnnk 

l>;;V:;:Th:anas: V;,aV..,S,,,u:io,l.,n. 1115 Gk;S,,,n.,.. 
I'aM,. Til. 


IV.lir, Willi 

"CalL. ' l^OG ^Gl' Anil 


l>,.,kl,;nn, Jul,,,. .\,rl,l,islK>i, of Cai.t.r- 



1G4- Arundel, 1>. i. 

IVcclir, .Icllll. Cilizrll ,.f LdnJoIl. 


1051' Sudburv. 

IVult, Xirl„.l;,s, ,.r .NM.wi.l,, r^y\ 


ll-'^rnvlon. " 

J'rko, .l..lni, ..r 'J-akr-1,., ,n. Ihuitill-anll. 


38.5>> Cldehelc, P. i. 

I'rkh.lUI, .lanirs, nf WlnllMlll. 


1 7 G'' Arundel, V. i. 

IVkliaiii, Kr^inaM. Wmthaiii. 


250'' Arundrl, P. i. 

]Vkliaiil, Aliro uifr f.f Rryilialil, 



251' Arund.'l, P. i. 

rdhai,:, Jolili, Kill. ]{nk,.ilsbri.l-c. 


411' Cliicliel.', P. i. 

IVll, L'lianciit, .if -Ma-lilirlil, co. .Sussex, 




]Vnt..ii, ];..L'.T, of llnnnii-'slKnu. 


2G8'' Kenipe. 

]'ciiw..illiai,.,, ilrik. Ktyi4rar 

Alcliicli. L'aiit. 


472'Cl,iel,rln, P. i. 

IVrcy, 'Hiomas. f.islmp of Xonvicli. 


105'' WKitllesrve. 

]',Tnt, JIulIi. .Xnitl. ( 'unvv, Suliirrsd. 


4S7' Chielirlcy, ]'. i. 

IVlott, .Inlin, of Unit Maikrt. 


25^' .Morton. 

]'rsc.KL ]iidianl, of Tlieniyltlioi-p. 


20''^ ]\forLon. 

rcti'grcwc, Tliiiiiias, of ^vL■s,^'^avt'. 


59'' ^rortoii. 

IVvm'll, KadiciiiR', ivliet of Sir Andrew. 


90^' SudLurv. 

Vr^y^,■Vi■Y, ]l,.oli. T,Laii.lfor,l Fnrm]i. 


185'" Stailnrd. 

IVvckc, .l.iliii, (.f l'u(kiii-lo)i, CM. Somiisi't, 



415MVl,it,uift, P. i. 

IVvkc, Thomas, of Lvnu y.y'i. 


G9'' Slallnld. 

J'liiJil-p, William. ])ns.k llar.L.llf. 


480'' Chiehele, P. i. 

]'l.ili|.r, William a]. .Tnlni, nf Kr^vvll, 



177'' Pnrk.'r. 

I'l.ilil.j., Svmon, nf ]ianliam. 


71' Stailnrd. 

l'liilili|.es, sr,' ^\]n[r. 

I'liilpys, William. Citizen of liath. 



]'k'wc, .lohn, of Wiestwiaiii. 


C5'' Pest :\lnrteni Pol 

I'le.sselcy, ]^erlnr nf Sutlillete. 

St. ,M'aitiii In, ].ni„lnn. 


1 23- Lau-liam.- 

]'lum|.lnii, llniiv. 


170'' Park.r. 

riumptni,, .Inlni,' Cilizeu of Xnrwi.-li. 

1 115 

170''Cliielielr, P. ii. 

]'..l,', .Mi,han|,l,.la. Karlof Siilfnlk. flulL 


283' Cliichele, P. i. 

]'nle,AVilliam, 1 )uke, eVe., of Sullnlk. 

fharterlinusr, Hull, 



I'nlr, AVilliam, nf Jialllru. 


321'' Ckielirle, P. i. 

]'nllar.l, llarnakas, ,.f llaiin-r in Kent. 


2GG'' Whit-ift, P. i. 

I'.illai.l, William. ]'ai-n„ ..f T.ui.-nr, in 




I'nltnn, Thnmac. J;i.O,np ,,f Wnrce.>ter. 



.i38''Chi.liele, P. i. 

J', l;i,l,al,l, nf Vrllviler, Cn. Mi.Mx. 


310' Kri,,,,,.. 

I'ni.Mi.,,-, ]',|ai„l,.' ,lna ,lr. I.nwvs. 


1(J9'' Ann, del, P. ii. 

l'nnyne;^;.-s, Mar^aivt, (f,.n,M.vly 

Crnwcmnr.) St. Maitin Oi-ar, Knmlnn. 

14 48 

]G7'' Stailnrd. 

]'nnw,L;rs, Mirhaeld., Knt. I'oliynyrs 


5'', 98' AVliiUleH've. 

' Kxtiacl lilil; 

LAMBl-ni Wl 



]'(.iivn-rs, .loan, uif.; ,,f Sir Mirliaol dc. 



100'' Wliittleseye. 

r.Miyngus, Thnnias. ])us ilc 8t. Jolui. 



405'' Chichclo, P. 

IViiyny.s Tli..nias d.', ICnt. iG K 

d. in. 

84' Sndl.nry. 

Poiivn-L's, liicliaid, ])ris do I'.myuyus, 


223'' Conrtenav. 

I'ope, Alice, of V.vr, W: 


51'' .Aforton. 

Popo, Thomas. ]:„■-, .s of GIoucoUt. 


174'' Arundel, P. i 

]'op,., Tl,o,„as, of Koxl.v. 


28'' Morton. 

]'opl,a,„, Hrnvv. ],'n-tou. 


311'"Chiehule, P. 

I'orU'.r, Jolin. of llvr. 


52^' >rortou. 

Po.ssL'walcr, Kol.oil. Jir.-tor of Sampford, 



203'- Arnndcl, P. 

Posted!, Ki<:hard. Canon of Sali.diurv. 


17:l'' \xmn\r\, P. 

Pottui-, Kolicit, of Casloii. 


15' .Morton. 

rotyn, AVilliani. ]'ivcL>nt.>i- of Suuth- 



192' Arun.hl, P. i 

Pottyn, IS'icholas. 


192'' Arundel, P. ; 

Pountfrcyt, ^Villiani. Kectov of iSt. 

Niclwlas, Calais. 


1 50 > Arundel,!', i 

PoyucK, John, seiir., of ^"ol•th AVokuiidun, 



1 19'^ Stalfui'd. 

Poyt, John. Eeclovof Eslliedviv.,'. 


5111' Arundrl, P. 

I'raty, Richard. Dishop of Chi.du'stcr. 


128'' Stallord. 

Prei.ste, Kdniond, of Pyinior in pavisli of 



272' Ahbot, P. i. 

Preone, William do. AVoohvich, Ivcctor of 

Lymmyiif;, K'nit. 


220'' Arundel, P. 

Preston, Pctov do. Citizen of Loudon. 


99' Sudhuiy. 

Price, Symon. Citizen and ^Slurcer of 



409'' Warham. 

Prickesiuld, John, of Misterlon in the 

parish of Crcwkeme. 


4IG' Whitgift, P. 

Priscotte, John, the elder, of Xewport in 

the Isle of AVight. 


21)' Whil-ift, 1'. 

I'rocurator, John, ecc'lie di; r.i--liop. 

51'' Arundel, P. i 

Prymc, Amahle, of Thriplowr, es.. Cam- 



317'' Whilgift, P 

Purdy,']^iehard. Keclor of Iclivntrham. 


11'' . Mori. .n. 

Purdy, John, of llcylcsdoi, juxla Nor- 



C2^' .Stafford. 

Purvyann.', William, of Oulwoll. 


40'' .Morton. 

I've, .v-v llanssin... 

IVcll, Johanii, ^^■■ of John, of 



IGl'' Arundel, P. 


{Tu be CO, 



.OS S, 3 .c^ 

= Ih- 

o ;=: 5 

— "S :-• 5 2 « 


^. 1 o i 

li " 


'Fr,"§ b. 

?, -^f<i 

^' X o ~ 


~ i^ ^ 

tc ;; C 

X r3 o r- 


S: S 

li o ? — 

'r', - 

.^ ^ ^ - 


-5 e S 

2 2 "~"'~ 

r-j- - ^ ^ 


"^ x; ^ -d 

S " c ^ 

""^ tz 

P' e 


r^ '-" 


II — _^ 

" 5, 

o :. -r 

c -r: -i .,- 


l5 ^ S c iT' 


o Jt 


r S 'g S 

S. ~5"^. 


"^■g.:! S 

6 5^ j'g 2 


'-' "r5 •; 

'o P-. ?*-i 


?^ ^ s ; -1 

.2 .S '^ ''• 

3 5 r 


lo'i ," ^ .; 

5-.'^ 3 ■; 

/^ ^6 


cw s:^L 

■*s !| 


-^ s :!v^ 

-S o « ? 

^ -s t' 

.2 .^ S cS 


-pq a. H -S" Z -J 

■§ ^ -^ "^ ^ " 

5 - :; 5-.^j s 

i 5 ."§ o ■-£ 

t; 'i ? ^ 



AiiKiii^' Cniit. lv,'cit..ii T,oi<.'l]'.s ( arc two rclafiii- t(i the iniwTia.^r 
of W'ivT Lvi-h of 'lli-li Lui-h, Ks,j,, aiul Elizal.cth Castdion. Tho fn-.t 
,.f tlicso isdak'd 11 Xovomber, i'J Elizabctli [1587], Win,- an iiidcntnvo 
"iK'twcon John l!aptist Castillion, oni' of (lie Kii'Oiiis of Hit Majo^^ty's 
jiivt'vio Cliainbcr csiniirc of tlii' one party and l\'t(3r Loij,'li of ]Iii;hlri'_'li 
CO. Oiester, esquire of tlic other party." It witiiijsscs tliat the said I'cti-r 
Loigli shall hcforc " the feast of tlie Nativity of our Lord CJod next athr 
the date hereof" niarrv " Ehz.aheth CastelHoii, dauglitor of thr .sud 
John Baptist, if the law.s of I[oly Churcli will it permit and suII'.t." The 
marriage portion of EHzaheth Oastellion was £400, wliich was to l,e paid 
in four instalments "at tlie now dwelling house of the said John J'.aptistc, 
heing in Kinges Steeet in the City of Westminster." I'eler I.eigh 
agree.s to make a covenant with Henry Seckfordc, Ivsij., I'raueis (.'as)illi"n 
and Valeidine Castilion, Gentlemen, 'settling an anmnlvof £S0 ..ii the 
.said Elizabeth. Tlie indenture is .signed " llv me Daptiste Castilinii " 
and sealed with tlie Castilliuu arms, Peter Leiub, A'alentiiu' Caslillion 
and others signing as witnesses. The other deed is an indenture ,l;,ted 
8 February, 30 Elizabeth [l.")87-t;], made between "Peter Lei-he ,,i 
Iliglic T>eighe, co. Chester, Es(pure, of the one part and Henry Seckf.u-d 
of London, Esquire, Francis Castilion of London aforesaid, gent., and 
Valentyne Castilion of the Middle Temple, London, gent., of the oilier 
]«rt." It settles cert.iiu laiid< in trust for the benefit of " Elizabelh 
Leigh now wife of the said iMer l,.igh," as directiMl in the indenluiv of 
14 November, 15.S7,whieh is menlionrd. It is signed by "F. Castilinu" 
and "Val. Castillion," and has two seals bearing the Ca-'tillion arms. 

PtNSAllN, AutUOELK, N. \VaLE3. 

J. P. E.^nWAKKli. 


Mordaunt Chase of :\liltonT=:\lar\ --...1 
Ernest, CO. Beds. | ... ' i 

... Prime.^^... Sir Thomas Promsall, Kt.=j=]i;iizabeth, 
I __ I dan. and h.^ir. 

Phihp Priin- of Ilem-=T=?ilarv, dau. of Sir=William .le.iv, :\l,iv,„ 
ingfoi.l .\bbo(s, near | Tim's. PD.nisall, and .>fl 1 mitiu-d..,, in 17Ul. 
Huntingdon, .\dm\m ; uidnw of Thinl husband, d. 1 727. 

grant, .d to his wid. 
-Alarv Prime, 21 F 
171G. (.Vdiu'nn 
P.C.C. 17 Hi). 

Tliin-mnitou. :\bir. ^Vill pro, bv his widnw 
three times. Will .Marv de.av. (P.C.C. 
jan, 173.-). (P.C.C. 112 Earrant.) 
'J I'ueie.) 

I "^ I " " I 

Philip Prime ..f (;.,dman--p...i:nl)crtsou living Samuel, Anne, 

che.-t.'r.Huntin-don. WjII I 172'A |.\n Jdlui livniL; li\iug 

l.r. 1729 bv his mother, 1 I'lime bnr. at (;nd- 173.;-. 173.:.. 
Marv .leav. (I'.C.C. 81 I m^iiMie ter :)0 Mar. 
Abbott). ' I 1731.] 



1 1 

riulipl'riinr, AVilliani (J 
living 17-_'9. Jcnv sa 
Wasa.-uds.p. Primo, Ijo 
in 1744. livill,^' in 17 


...,,1, ?) Prime 

llohav. 1 n 

n in 17l'0 ui' 


J 1 1 
Maiv. Annc>V.Vli(c 

^ t.wins,l,ap.22, 

AViiliaiii Imr. 2(i .Mar. 

Poaccck. 1729. (Cod- 

1 nianclicstijr 

1 Kegi->tcr,s). 



lillgOttifC, SdlULT.SCl Uousr, 

h.l758, ,1 1818. (AaiuVm 
ill r.C.C. Nov. 1818). 

-Ann, .lau. of ... Tlioip Anur.-rTli". Krv. 
..r CO. IVds., d. 1828. AVillian, 
(Adm'on 111 P.C.C. IVar.H-k. 
Apr. 182S). ^, 

Thomas lTruvvMiuukIay=j 
and Kniylit's Hill, Xnv- 
wood, and of Lamlwtli, 
111. 1 ,Sqit. 1821, d. -n 
Aug. 18G1. 

=Elisal,ctli Ann 
I'limo, b. 10 died 
.Man 1789, youi 
d. 1 .Mar.l8.^),^. 

g. b. 1791, 

if tlio 
ng Ullicc, 
d.' uniu. 
!G Glostcr). 

ia, mar. 

Eli.sdjelh Ilaniutte, 
mar. James Edwaid 
Tyrio, 0, .s.p. 1879. 

Thomas llunv^ 
niav. and lias 
issue a dau;.,'ht 



Emilv Ma 

and has i* 

Henry Maudslav, b. 15 Juno 1822, M. Tnsts.=Eiuilv, dau. of Strphun 
C. & ^\. ]■:. ' Of Hill House, P-raiiieitoii, ISmdccnhani of Loddon, ep. 
CO. Xorf., and al the Westminster PaUieit Xorf. mar. 29 Jan. 1879, 
Hotel, Eondon. bur. at Eoddon ^\\v'. 1879. 

The foivgning pedigree ha. hem c.i,„| 
tors, and is, 1 veiituie tn think, t-k 
poinl.s : — Eirst, I shoiiM iilsc |o .il.i.du 
Kon of tlie second PhiHp Prime, et '\li i 
fmm family letters; and. semndly, ,, . h 
It wnukl appear that le- was ,l..>e,nded 
Derbvslniv, rail, er than fn.m eiile,- \W 

Caml'.rid-e, ,.r the elder one ..f I'lil 

brid-esliiiv, as .s,,me ,,f the m,!!. nf 

wills and parisn regi 
plete except as lo tv 
nation al)nut (0 Joseli 
e no knowlcdL,'!' exee 
itagc of the lh-1 Phlli 

from the North, aii.l 

Charles duviuL' the f 

.sliire in Mil-. I .Major 

vidual, was disckume. 

points, or any part oi 

I'.i, G.jtii.i titrcct, 8.Mit 

o|- ; 

.Ma.|o,. P,i„,e, ^ 

ho cai 

.i| ,,• 

■nr the assistance 

..f Kn 


ah.-s Visitation c 
haj.s the v,a'V s 

r IVrl 
■of iIk 

he V 

•ry much ohliged 

llK.Mtv Mm; 




(Continued frvM Vrl. \,pu'j,: 017J 


AiiMS. — Or, tlnrc pilfS merlin;/ ncai- the Ijase Awix, within a b,>r,lnre in:/niil.,l /in 

licnds ci-iised -h/or (LJ'jiidi.sli). 
Chkst. — .( 'jreijhound conraid reijurdiint Kemim, euHni'td (Jr. 

William Diyaii of Bulliiigbniok, o». Line. 

Thuiiias Eryaiiof I!ulliiigbrook,=i=... da. of Conny of Bj,.^iiigtli. 
Thoiuns Iliyaii ofT=>t."g.i"'t, <!;.. of 2. John BryMii. 



•anruHe aj Ih. 
le/i.jM the Ci 

I I 

John llubnt Brv.m, Alice iix, 
ichani Ceoi-e 

,nni,l. Fairfax of 

.)/■ Yolk.shiie. 

Anne. 1 
U''le of 1 

! 1 i 1 

2 ll7///»m. 


r.SVovi, da. ../ 



•,1 ire. 1 


of Unllin- 

Juloi Norinii 




inl. 1 

3. John. 

bro,.k, 1 son 

of Cotterdnd- 




iif ... J 

and hen- a|.- 

in eoin. 



: to 


i. Amh;n: 


in Mo 

' Clerk 

rnf ... 



■[. lluh,ri ];r,itiv,^-Miirlhi, dn. tif 'X .Inhn Uri/nii, 3. Willinm. Marth' 

IGOJ ill June. I Lomurd CunMek diid ijonnrj. 

A sonn, slUl-lnrnr. 



s )ln 

(.VM of T.nter.l 

Ml, en. Ki 





a,i, eo. Li 

'" 1 

Jolm Bulge,, ot CreeUai, eo, Liue 




ami fan- Or, a km rampant Azayc char.jal with a„ uanuh A,vje„t ,roa,d 
linrtorMrcc poles salle. 3, ilulcs, on a dn.ron Ov three c.lo,lcs .-al.le 
(CoblKun) ; in the fens point a rose Uules. 
-.4 falcon risina Ermine belled Or and dacalhj r/orr/cd Or chanjed on the IreaH 

Sir Thomas Burgh, Kt. of the Cl;u-ter.=f Jl^vrgciret, da. to Lord Koos. 

Sh- K.Uvard Burgh, Kt., Lord of^fAnnc, da. aud lioh- to Sir 
Geynsbuvgh (Gainsborough). | Thoma.s Cubham, Kt. 

. da. to ... Tyrwhilt. 

wife tc 




1 I 

Auno 1 ... wife to 

mar to ... 8ir William 

l;n.-ir.-2tu Ml..-'i.ivcs 

wife to rdchard=f... da. and 

r.a..,=ctt, Cnii.-tantine I one cf tlie 
,n of r.,.wdl.;v, I heiv.s ..f 

C". S.dop." I Grillitli 

I Hinton of 

I Hinton, co. 

Salop, I'.sn. 

, the I.-.loo£ Wi.L'bt. 

Anst^.—Arr/cnt, on a eh.iron A:in-c thr,r rorered ca),s Or. 

Ckkst.- .1 hor^^ head era,cd quarhrl.j Ar.jenl and Sal.le. 

Humfrey Buller.r • 'l^'- "f • '■''•: 

onv roller of .-^rn-f-arrl. da. of .Vr<rv=(- ■/,.<,•/« li:,,»alr 
; ,„d Stow \(>,-i",n,.JJ:l„,han,.ei. a n,l l,r,r „/ S,. 
' Orun j;d.r.:rd,Jhusb 



3. Autlu.ny 

4. JoUu of 

5. }Iciiry. 

of O.trs. 

11 ]!utler^l".lizal 

al,, da. of Geo.-.- 
of Ashby. 

ilio da., 


Cha.lfS r.iitle 
of Cotes. 

r^n.aiglas, .la, 
of Scothaiii. 



Tliomas Mtlebiu- 
of Staiusby, CO. 


John Butler, Kllen Tutkr, llinafnn Llthhuyii. i. Chmh-}. \. Klrjildh. 

1 son, iliid at ilifd at a son and heir, uuir — — 

Ids birth. quarter old. Ward to lar Mojcsl,/, :}. J'hJijK 2. /lurvthij. 




]. Eduioiid 6avt\vri-ht, .-^mh and 2. aeorgoCartwrl-ht ot-f 
licir ; he was of Norwcll. Kormanby, com. Line. 

nke j D..,:,tl,y, ux. 
I of,:,,,u.r.,ke 

1. John Cartwright of=j=Maryaret, dn. of Milliani 
Kormanby, Gent., s.>u I Swane of Kiie«.sall, co. 
and heir. 

1 1 

1. Frances. 

1. Will 

.,m C, 



1 1 
.■!. Am 


Sion .-ui 




2. Milliccnt. 



CLAYTON, Xo. 1. 

Clayt^juof York>hire.--r., 

]!ieliard Clavton i,t =Ann.', d.i. of Uub^rt L.- 
Al.i.leby, CO. "Liue. .,f Mu.crolt, ,-... Vuik, 




f:l- It I 

CLAYTON, Xo. 2. 

(No arms in tie Visitation in the Ojlcc.) 

. (adiled).— /'«• yn/c Azure and Gules, a lion rampant Or. 

tlie booke of Cluiioli notes U\ke 
1 tliese amies wiUi tliis wrigUtiii 

lercd to itr. Chn/lon of Clat/ton under nv/ liand these nr 
in my hla»h hooh of entries, lie cam out of Clayton Hull 
n the Yorhh. booh- at London. 

John CUiytou of Cl:iyton,=r... 
CO. York. 


Itobcrt Clayton of C'layton.=f Ellen, da. of Rafe Reresby 
of 'J-hiibcr-, CO. Yolk. 

Rafe riavt 
ana of ]:.■: 

on of Chytoii=f 
,c„.L:nc. 1 

Kllzabeth, da 


CO. I 


1. ClnWo,,lK-r 
Clayton of Clay- 
ton af.^d. and of 
Lea, i:.s,|. 

nf. da. ..f John 
oth of Killing- 
mo, CO. Line. 



3. R; 

fc Clayt..n, ]-liza 
d, but had ncvr, 

Aillmr Clayton— Mary, da. of Thomas Rutlcr 
of J.ta ■ ] of Cowt.-)n, CO. Line. (! Cowl- 

ton, CO. Nott). 

I I 

Thomas Cl.iyton, 2. ^Villi:lm Cl.ivton, son 

J. s-o. ■ heiraiM.a.cntasyct ]^t 


Aims (.added). — Quarlci-ly, 1 and 4, Salle, three dores Ar'jent, a ere.^eci.t Or f.,r 
differcnre (Columbell). 2 and ;',, Or, three bars Azure a borJure Units 

Thomas Culmnbcll of Varley eo Vcrhy.' 

John Columbell of J\irlei/.-r- 



Ihurij CuhnnhcU of Ihirk 

Ilcnri/ CulumUU of Darln/.-^rVcatrb; da. of J„hi, Vrodh,, 

Roger Cohunbell of =f... da. of ... RdUslci) EVr.ahHh. 1, vy. ICuivclu 
Barley in com. I o/ Holkslcij. uUat^ IjUhct. ~\ tu U'UliaM 

Derl.y, K*q.. si.n Stuijurd of JSotkam. 

and licir of Homy. 

1. Geo.rre=fKlizat.ctIi, .1,.. ami h 
Oilrfmbell. I of ... StoL-kwitli of 
Stnckwitli, CO. Line. 

2. Francis, s.p. Bennett, da. of I?oger=rL Henry ColumbcU=Anne, da. of . 

- Foljambe of SkcL'liy, of Darlcy. ofHi'dil.m-.. o 

3. John, s.p. younger br. to «ir widow of Uei 

Godfrey tlie eldei-. Barloe. 

C.lmabell of Sir 
of iJarley, Freelr 

I I 

2. no,lfrey^jrar-aret, da. of (;rn.c, iix. 

William Xeedlrim Crorgr 

of Colby .and of I'.l.ukw.U 

Tlir.rn.-iett, CO. of l;l,u kvveil, 

Derby. Co. Derby. 

Ill II 

l.]'..imett. 1. Frane 

ob. s.i,. 

•C.ibimbell, 4. Fr.inei-.. C. Jb' 
Iirir appar- — 

years .ild, o. I'o.ror. 7. Jol 


(This Podigrec commcm-Cf 
and eoiitimie.s n.s in llio Vi 

apparent, about -1 year.s old, 

he marriage of /„/„, Copledike and Marg.iret Etto 
1 of loOl, giving the i.-<suo of Tlioma.s and l[e.-<t 
pie of Calai.s, as, Thomas Copledike, .s,,u and lu 
Jlaiy ; and Kh/.abeth.) 


' dicrou h'iKnn time loinls of collon Ayr/ail, a honhi 




1 1 


Alice, ux. Tho. 

1 1 

1. Rafo Cotton ot'=^=:Margcry, da. of 


ux, John 

Pipe Ridware. Knyvcton of 



Underwood, co. 

Aune, ux. Edw. 

— ■ 





ux. Tlio. 


after hi.s brother. 

2. Ric. Cotton: 
of .. Maplcton. 

Dorathy, da. of 

I I 

da. of=f4. John Cot-=f- Jane, da. S.Thomas 

... Beardmore Bartholomew 
of Thedlie ]5alderaton of 
(Thedlethorpe.) Burton, co. 

ton of 

Burton near 


of ... 

Cotton of 
? Gryn in 

1 1 1 
L William 2. Robert 3. Edw 
Cotton, Cotton. 

\n\. 1. Mary 

2. ji;;ry 




Arms. — Argent, a lion rampant Salic in dexter chief a cinqucfoil Guks. 

John Cres^aV of Bliborough, co. Linc.,=p... 
descended from a younger brother of 
Crcssy of Yorkshire. 

Robert Cressy of=f Elizabeth, da. of Thomas AVygnn of 
Bliborough, sou I Bliborough by Ellen only da. &; heir 
and heir. of Hen. Ascough of Ceton (Seatou), 

CO. Cumb. 

, Nicholas Crossy. 


. Jame.i 

John Crosby 
of Bliborough. 

4. Walter. 

An^s.—Ar(jcnl, three cAeironcls braced Salle, on a chief ./ the second three miiUdi of the 
first, a crescent Uulcs for difference. 

Sir James (a note suggests Ilolert) Danby=j=... 
of Thorpe, co. York, lit. I 

2. TliMiaa-s n.inby, St,in>lird pDraee, da. of ... M.ircall 
Bearer t. Tle.mas IJoke of of .^Lireall, eo. Liue. 
Norf.ilk :..t I' Field. | 



FAmie, aa. of 






IX. Scij 

Danby was 

Joliu IJilk-sby 

had a 


i>^ Sa 

■ill Uokil 

V ' 


a meichant 

of Billesby, 

of Co 


00. V. 


of Hull, son 

CO. Line. 


& heir. 


Gmce, nx. John Tlimnasnanby=f Jane, da. of JLargaret, Andrew 

ARhbnrne of of ]!iller,by, .son William nx. Ivieliard Danby of 

Humber.stone, and heir. | Armstrong Dixon of Grimsby. 

CO. Line. I of Corby, Hull. 

CO. Line, 

Thomas, dieil young. 


Arms.— Quarterly, l,^;i()rr»v, / , '• -. ,, , „:a.Hcs 3, 1, 1, Or (Darnell). 2, Argent 
a saliire cnr/miM I: : . ' ,. //si'.c j)oi'?i^' (?»/i;j5 (Gourney). 3, Or 

c hack's Jicad £■«?-(■;.,,-. . . ,- II, .;r. ' 4, Harry of ten Ar'/cnt and O'lihs ; 
a lion ram]Hmt Or, a-.m iial j.a- jiatc uftlie first and second (lir.anilon). 

Sir Arthur Darndl, Kl.^... 

Richard Durncllj... 

nomas Gournp>i.=f-Alice, da. 

nenrn Gourneij.-^Kullf 
Sir 11 

lid heir to ... Ihlion 

William. John Ikvnel' .-^- . . 


■ill. da. and heir to 
iUinm lU-andon, Kt. 

...da.of .,.= 
Cole, 1 ux. 

-James Darnell 

-pChri.stian, da. and coheir 
to Henry (Jorney. Loke 
in Avseougli his Hue for 
tliis Gurney. 

\ 1 
Elizaheth, ur. 
Walter Axcougk. 


Jolm Darnell,- 
,son and heir 
of Jame.s by 

= ... da of A,n,e, v.r. nvhcrt Adam Darnell of. 
Doekwra. Mooda-urd. Thondiolnie, co. 
Line, Ksq. 

Anne, 2 da, of 
Tl.M.nas M.rssenden 

1 1 1 
2. John. 1. William Darnell, Anne, nx. Kubert 
son and heir of Join.. AVoodv.anl. 


Marv, ux. 
Silvester I'.ioug 



Tliomas Dar-- 
1 nell of 

son and heir. 

-H.'len.da.and Frances, ux 
heir ..f Join. llafeVavas. 
Sla..l..wof ofSpaldint; 
Stiekford, CO. c). York. '^ 

?il:,bell, ux. 
.-, lle.nvLyonof 

i.., 'Iv.M.O-d, CO. 

iM..'|.|n-., Esq. 


ine. da. and on. 
parent, ir.HJ. 


of the ?. ICll-zabeth, da. n 




Arms. — Argent a lion slatani Ictwceii three crosses pate'c Jitchee Gules. 
Crest. — On a ducal coronet Or a lumh close Argent leaked proper. 

Johu Diglitoii of Woodsom, co. York.=f=Elizabet.Ii, da. of Tliomas Suthill 
I of Sutliill Hall, CO. York. 

John Digbton of Woodsom.^lao.hel, da. of William Savell 
I of Halliford, co. York. 

AgiieB, da. of=Jolm Dighton=pElizalx-tli, da. of ... 
John Copley of Woodsom. Eobinson, widow of 
of BatelyHall, ... Kay of Woodsom, 

CO. York, 1 ux. 2 us. 

i. Ilem-y Dighton 
of London, mer- 
chant, ob. s.ii. 

Jolm Dighton of =i 
(? Ilackthoine), 
CO. Line. 

pMargaret, da. and 
heir of John Bee 
of Carleton, Co. 

ob. s.p. 

Effra, ux. William 
Warljerton of London, 

1. John^ 

-Grace da. and coheir 
of Richard Atkinson 
of Barton vpon 

1. Debora.ux. Ed. 
Maulani (Malliain), 
of Old Bradley, co. 

1. John Ditjhton. 2. Atkinson Dijhton. 3. L'dmond Dighton. 

DIGHTON, No. 2. 

Crest. — Per jmlc Gules aiul Argent an antelope passant countcrchanged, on a chief 
divided as the field Or and Azure two crosses formic fitchee also counter- 
changed, a crescent for difference. 

CiiT.iT.— A siuirrc! sejanl per pialc Argent and Qulcs collared Or cracking a nut of the 
last, a crescent for difference. 

Robert Dighton of Sturtou, 
CO. Line, Esq. 



Joyce, da. and heir to William 
Paul, sou of John .St. Paul 

2. Christopher. 5. Hubert. | Elizabeth, mar. to 2. Jane, nx. Sir 

— — I William Dally.sou John Mini«on 

3. Thomas. C. Williaui. of Laugliton, co. of Carlton and 

— Line., Ju.stice of Whcnby, Kl. 

4. Gilbert. the Bench. 

Edmond Digliton=j=lCli 
of Sturton. I of 

Ron & hcii 

Kobert Dighto 
aolli.sbie, CO. Li 
and of Vnam 

til, da. ot ... JIall 3. Anne, nx. Willi 

ted, CO. Line., i'Jsq. of Laughtun. 

^[—Jnne, da. to Thomas 1. Joieo, iix. 

.-., .M,is.,ingbeard of John Thorpe 

11, lir.iytoft, CO. Line, of Cla.xbic, cc 

2 ux. Line. Geut. 


2. l\Iar 

3. Faith. 



Anus, — Argent, tivo bars IclKccn Ihrcc mullets of six jioinls fiahlc piei-ccd Or. 

Crests.— I, A cubit ana erect icsled jicr pale crenelle Or and Azure cuffed of llicjirsl 

holding in the /lantl proper a mullet as in the Anns. 2, Ssine as No. 1, 

but the hand grasping tl,c mullet. 

James Dongbtieof Plerisii.-v.-T-iu' 

I I I I I 

Eafe Doughtie=pClnisliaii, da. of Jolm 2. Thoma.s. 4. Anthony, 
of Pleasley. I Tyas of Kotheram, co. — — 

York. 3. Christopher. 5. Mathew. 

1. Christoplier--f=Jane, da. of Jolm 2. Thomaa. WUliam Fit?. William, 3 
Doughtie of I Rocka of Kocka — son of Thomas l'it.-5 Wil- 

Pleaisley. Hall. 3. James. liam of Mablethorpe. 

Robert Doughtio of=j=Katliciin, da. and coheir Margaret, da. and coheir, 
Louth, CO. Line. 1 of ■\^'illiam Fitz William ux. ... Clark of Welborue, 

of Louth. CO. Line. 

William Doughtic=Aune, da. of 
of Louth. ... Fisher of 

2. Thoraas= 
Doughtio of 
Bostou, CO. 

fKatherin, da. of 
John Woodthorpe 
of Abbey Graugc, 
CO. Liuc. 


1 1 
1. Winifred, 



1 1 1 
3. Mary. 

i. Margaret. 

1, Anth 

2. Barbara, 
ux. Ldw. 

6. Dorothy. 

now livi 

I I 

2. Richard=T=Margery, base 3. Kobert 

Doughtie. I d.a. of Duughtie 

- Icliir. of Bos- 




An}.i8.— Argent, a cross Sable, in dexter chief a Jlcur-dc-lis Gules, a crescent ( 

for dijjerenrc. 
Crest. — A magpie proper chnryed ivith a crescent on a crescod as in the Ani 

Kcclcston of Ecele.stou, co. Lanc.,=F--- 
Esq., a younger house. 

1, William Eccleston 
of Eccleston. 

John Ecclcston--Mary, da. of William, ux. Sir Richard 
of Klsham, co. Smytli of Uborne (? Marlyn of London, Kt., 
Line. Woburn) CO. Bed. late Lord Maior (1&93), 



Arms. — Argent, a cross Idiccrn /oi 
John Elmc 


O.rnhli choughs Sahlc ; 
ilias Aylmer of Norf.=^ 

John Elmer, al's Aylmer, Bishop=j=Jn<leth, da. oi Robert=iV(t(/irt)iiri Trnhcn. 
of London, Archdeacon of Lincoln, King of Audley End £sq., 1 husband, 
oh. 5 June 150 Ji. in lOs.^e.x-, ob. IGIS. 

son, of 
Ball (in 
CO. Essex. 

2. Thoophi-=MaiT, da. 
Iu3 Elmer, of Willi.ini 
Archdeacon Newce of 
of London. Hadbam, 
CO. Herts. 

3. John Elraer=f=,SLi3an, da. of George 
of Risby, CO. I Sampson of Haik- 
Linc. 1592. stead, co. Sufl'. 

One readyo but not yet come. 

I I I 

4. Zacherie, 5. Nathaniel. 
ob. 1 Auejl. — 

ieS7, s.p. G. Tobias. 

I I I 

7. Edmond, Judith, v.x. Elizabeth, ux. 

ob. 9,5 July WilUamLinch John Folliotl of 

1621. of Staple in 



Arm.s (added). — Quarlerly, 1 and 4, Gules, a lion rampant vair(, 2, Arrjcnt, n fes 
Amrc in chief a label of five points Oulcs. 3, Argent, a bend waoi/ Sable. 
Sir Adam Everingham o£=p... 
Evenngliam,co. York, Kt. I 


Sir Adam Everingham of=f=... da. of Sir George IIaatiiig3 
Everiugham. I of ILatfield, co. York. 

Sir John Everinglu 
of Hokeby, Kt. 

-K'athcrin, da. and heir of ... W.adcsley 
of -Wadciley Hall, co. Yoik, Kt. 

Sir John, Thoruaa Everingham=j=Jlar(;arnt, da. of Sir John I!urton=3/a)'5r(ir(!(, da. 
vide of Staynburgh and 'J'honiaK Went- of Kynesley in I of Mathcm 
York: Rokeby, co. York, w..rlli of Bret- co. Y^ork. Wcnticorth of 
Esq. ^ I tun, CO. York. Brclton. 

Henry Everingham=r^turiel, da. of Sir Jc 
of Staynburgh. Eurtou by a fniiii 
wife, also ,'nml ,-,114 1 
of Dowaab.l. 

Henry EverinRli,-.m of- Ai;,!.' , da. 
Barton upon Humbcr, Wm.iImh 
son and heir. Y..,i,, Kl. 

m Thomas Burton of=p£'?,-cn6f(/,,, /a. 
r Kynsl.A, ob. in of Ktehard 
eir vita pi.iris. York. 

,.f Sir Thomas Pow.s.abel, da. and 
if ^Valton, CO. sole heir, ob. s.p. 


■raneia,=Elizabcth, da. of 2 
Ideat son .and heir ]iieh:.rd Jloir of 
ppareut, 15112. Grantham, co. Line. 

H.i.ry. L Jfnriel.ux.Eichard S.Isabel, 
Atkinson of Barton nut yet 
upon Humber. mar. 



FITZ WILLIAMS.—Lo:cmj!/ Argent and Gttks, a muUcl Salic for diij'crcncc. 

Crkst.— Oh« of a ducal coronet Or a triple plume of ostrich feathers Ar'jcnt, a similar 

John Fitz Williams of Grcnes Norton in=rHcleii, da. of 'William 
Noiihtou, C son of Sir John by Eleiior Yillcra of Brooki-sbie. 
his wife, tla. to Scene of Drayton. 

to=T=Sir William Fitz=f=Milliceut, da. to 

WUliajn of Ga 
park Ha 

Licliard Sack- 
■yle uf Bucklu 

William T= Agues i 
de St. Hudson. 

William Fitz Franci.s Fitz William=rElizabeth, da. to 
William, son of Kempston, co. I William do St. 
and heir. Bedford. Piere. 

Frances, da. to Sir Jaraes=Henry Fitz Willia 
Fuljatnte, 1 ux., he had Seampton, co. Li 
by her noc issue. .son and heir of Fr:i 

. of=f Elizabeth, da. to Henry 
;., I Ascoiigh u£ Blyborough, 
cis. CO. Line, Esq., 2 us. 

lerny, 2. William 
I young, Fitz William, 

L Eli7abL;th. 3. Mary, died 4. Jlildred. 

— young, 16S;>. 

Anne. Kit 


/. William ,.f ICIi/abrtli, -i da. to Sir Kol. 
CO. Line, i:.'!- of K. tl.l.y, to. Line, Kt. 

crt Tirwitt 

Hobert Fitz William, 
eldest son and heir 
apparent, of the age 
ot 19, 1&P2. 

2. Willi.u.i. 1 (ie.agc. Charles. 

lOlizabcth, m 
John Wythe 
wyke of Cla 
CO. Line, Esc 

r. to 


2. Dorutliy, wife ti 
Roger A..cough of 
CO. Nott. E»ii- 

1 1 
Jlary, mar. to Uogcv L Bridget 
llallnn of CIry, now — 
of Mablelthoip, E-.:.i, 5. Susauuah. 


G. Jlester. 



Arms.— Quartoily, 1, Or, on a chevron Giihs hdirccn three grlljins' heads crnfcil A-urc 
two lions comhaltint Anient (GardiK-i). 2, Ermine, on a fess Ouks, three 
Jleurs-i!c-Us Or (Hanllieaur or Havliyii). S, Ar;/cnt, a eross patonnc Gules 
(CroFssholmo). 4, ,^'ible, a eheiron hcivxcn three bugle horns strinr/ed Argent 

SUPPOUTHRS. — Tioi tigers Sable siwllcd Or, breathing " Jier" '/'roper. 

Ckest.— yl Saracen's head fall fared proper erased eit the ncrh Gules, v:rca(hcd about 
the temples of the last and Azure, on his head a cap Or. 

Thid arms ami crest was given to AVilliani Gardner of North Hall pre,-i do la Ville 
de Bishop Norton enter comte do I.incon, ICsq., by Thomas Gartier' Kt. (dias Gartier, 
and Thomas Bcnolt, 8 March 18 H. S, 102(3. 

Sir Osborne Gardner oi"=p... 
Otley, CO. Lane. 

Gardner.y... da. 

Theobald Gardnrr.TMnud, da. of Sir Tho. Novell 
ihy Oa.tle. 

Sir Anthony Gardner, K1,.=j=Bridgctt, da. of John ICntwysell, Esq. 

Jvi,.=p iJrKigci,t, ua. 

John Gardnerrr-lCdilli, da. of Thomas 
son and heir. I 

'homas Gardner, Kt.=f=Kditli, da. of Sir John 
I Holland of Denton. 

I I 

2. Edmoud Gardner, =rKose, da. of Jlobert 1. J..1: 

Ksq. nVorsleyof\Vor..ley,Kt. ob. s.. 

ardner, Esq.=rAlice, da. of Ivlnw 
I Gerrard of Ihyne. 

--Isabel, da. of Thomas Lilhoui of 

Should be " Wriothcsley, 



Kdmoiul Ganliicr, sun=f 
aiul heir. 1 c 

;;.i-l.ara, da. of Sir John 1 
( 0..kall, Kt. 

Su- Thomas Gariluer, Kt. 

"Jlabcl, (la. of Kic. Lhoi 

„. „,! 

Sir Tliomas Gardner. =T=Klciior, da. of Sir John Sav.ige, Kt. 

2. Thomas Gardner of=j=Amie, eldest da. and coheir of 1. Edmond ■ 
Bishop's Norton, co. William Hardbeaue of Uishop'.s Gardner. 
Lino. Norton, co. Line. E.sq. 

1. AVi!Iiam=i=Elizabeth, dn. 
of lUehard 
Fit?, William 
of Calais, Kt., 
brother to Sir 


... da. of ...=p2. Henry Gar- 
Loi-ymer of I ncr of AVad- 
Bartou, 1 diugliam, co. 
ux. I Line. 

Ciccley, da. and Thoma.s. 
heir ux. Thomas — 

Booth of Killing- Edmond. 
holme, ... CO. 

•2. I'hilip=f=/3)'Wiif<, da. 

by the 

of ... Booth 
of Killing- 

:I.?abel, da 
of ... Chii 
sey, 2 ux. 

1 1 





of Otithhcrt 





•. Chilton 







1 \V1 

Heirv Gardner. 

rJoane, da. of 


1 1 
Maud, ux. 


of Kirton in 

Peter Flusher 


Peter Lee. 


Liud.say, 2 son. 

of Lewes iu 



Slartha, u 



Mao', ux. 





ux. ... 




1 1 


3. Isabel, 
liiehard L 
of Kirton 





3. George, 

4. John. 


AliM.s.-Cinarterly, Gcbiry and Endcrby, a^- in tic VLvloli.,,, of ir.Ol. 
Crkst (added). — 7'hv) yrds in S'l/titr 

John Ge.lncy of Endeiby, eo. Linr.^T Mabel, d.v. of Vincent Grantham. 




Catheriu, ux. Chii.itoplier 
Eveth of T^iickeiiliam, 
CO. Midd. 

Elizabeth, ux. George 
Kyeth of Lyss, co. 

Andrew Gedney of=^ 
Enderby, sou aud 
heii-, hath 2 sons 2 
daughters as fol- 

rDorotliV, "x. of 2- Juli" Gediiey.=(Anno) da. of 
Sir Wm. Skip- (Ricl.ard) Kocl.e 
withof (-Inucsl.y, of Little Grimsby. 

1. Richard=fRoso, d 
Gedney of Humfre 
of Endoi-bv, Littlebe 
eon and " of Staiu 
heir. j 

1 1 1 
of 2, John.=f=JIary, da. of 2. Catlieriu. Mary, ux 
y 1 Jo)in Arden George 
ry of Sibsey, co. AsUby of 
by. Line. Qucnl.y, 


1. John 
Gedney, 16 
years old 


2. Richard, s.jx 

3. Thomas, s.p. 
i. Andrew, s.p. 
5. Edward, s.p. 

Mary Gedney, ux. 
]\'illiam llvnston 

Troth, 1 «.c. Sir 
Henry Fookcs, 2 
to ... Loclcton. 

Rcrcsl'i of 
CO. Line. 

1. Andre 



Amis.— Gules, tirohars Or, each charged with three muscles ofthefickl, on 
a leopard's Jacc]; an unnvlet for difference of the second. 

Chest (added).— ylii antelope's head erased rjuartcrbj Argent and Sahlc charged with 
four mascles countcrchanged attired Or, an annulet of the l«stfor dijjcrcncc. 

Richard Goring of Winterton, cc 
a son out the hou.-ic of Garndtone 

Linc.,=fJoane, da. of Thomas 
u com. I Thacker of Sibsey, co. 

1. Peter=^ 

=Katho-in, da. 


2. George Goring 



Nicholas Girli 


of Winterton, 


of Win- 

ton of Normal 


mar. ...d.a. of... 



CO. Line, I'stj 

I'enithorne of 
Gool, CO. Ebor, 
Gent., and lui.l 
2 daughters. 







iix. Tlio 




en, Y,.,k 


1. Henry. 




of Wii 

Mid had issue. 

-Ellen, da. ..t 
IMw. r.illes- 
by, Esq., of 
CO. Line. 



Alexander Cciiiig of Wintertoii,=j=Elizribetl., da. n£ Tli< 
Gcut., son and heir. | K.itufte of Co. York. 


I I I 

1. Peter 
son and 
heir ap- 

1592. ' 


Be it remenibrcd that there i.s a pettegree of tliis family -vv'ch I have seeiie in the 
month July 1(330, made by Paklns, with a seale on it of many descents from the first 
Eichard (of this descent), wliich are all false and no credit to be given thereto ; the 
crest in that pettigree is a demy drur/on, volant Or. 

Witness my hand, R. Mundy. 

GILF.y. Xo. 1. 

-Quarterly, 1 and 1, A-.m-c, a f(ss v-avij hctvcc 
three' lions prissunl Or a rhkf Arijcnt ^Gl 
three coicrcd cups Or (Pillott). 

CiiF.ST.— ,4 loner Or with a dragon's head . 
door Anjcnt. 

nrj from the top and the tail out of the 

John Gilby of West RandaU=rAf, 

nes, d.a. of Robert Drugh of Sa 



ndale) in com. Line. 


Salttieatby, co. Line. 



2. Thomasi~i;ii:ahdh, da. 

1 1 1 

in William 

J:dmonsnn of eom. 

Gilby. of Tkoma.^ 


Pernars, 2 to 


CaMforth of 






Doruthy, nx f!ri/aii 



Cathcrin, vx. 


Thomas Bell 


of York. 

1. John Gilby ,=r^''i"'l'''>^"« ''•>• 2. George=f=Elizabeth, 

of Willi; 
Whitt of 
Louth, CO. 

Gilby of I of Charles 
Stainton | Fitz-^\■iUianl 

1. John Gilby, 
son and heir 
apparent, 15 
years old. 

I I I 

2. Anne. 

3. Su.san. 


only d.t. as 
yet, 16y2. 



GILliY. No. 2. 

Jobn Gilby of R.indan=f Agnes, da. of Robert 
(Rjivcnd.ilc) in Line, F,.-q. I Brugli of Sallaljye. 


George Gilby of Staintou iii^rElizabetli, da. of Ilcniy Hausard 
CO, Line, son and heir. of CockeswolJ, to. Lii 

2. George Gilby 
of Stainton af'' 

John Gilby of 
Stainton, "son 

Tristram Gilby. Margaret. 

i. William Gilby=fAuue, da. to ... L.angton, I of ... wife to Tliomr.s 
Gent. Broxholmeof Line, Gent. 

No issue as yet, 1592. 



thru- h,.ar6 Ar 

,1 Or (Goehe). 2, Argc 
''!tttnl Ordumlbj croi 
■, Or. 5, Ermine, a i 
'•/i o chevron belu-cen i 

■A ciihitarm erect vested jici' pale cmbattkd Or ami Argent grasping 
proper a dragon's head erased Azure. 

Matlrew Goclic, caiitain=f Margaret , da. of 
of Tankervile. I Richard Moythe. 

Geffiey Goehe of the Forest ..f=f=Elizabeth, da. .and he 
Dcano, CO. Glouc.,sonandlieir. I Avery Treherue. 

1. John Goehe of=f Jane, da. ,and heir of 
Newl.and iu the I James ]!ridge.s of the 
Forest of Dean. Forest of Dean. 

JIaude, ux 
John Farlai 
of Ihistow. 

2, Anthony, 

Kol)ert=T=Margaret, d 
.■he of I of Sir Walte 
ih.ell, I Mantell of 
Nott. Heyfi.vd, eo 
I North'ton. 



A I B I 

Robert=Jiiditl), d,i. of Banmby Goohe 

Goclie. Ilciiry Fislier of of Alvingham, 

Greens Norton, co. Line. 

CO. North'toii. 

^Mary, da. of Tliomas 
Darrell of Scotney iu 
CO. Kent. 

1. Mathew Goch 

,=rA\ico, da. of 

1 1 1 
2. Thomaa 

5. He 


1 1 
1. Anne 

sou and heir ai 

- Thomas Cunny 




of Bas-sUig- 
thorpe,co. Line., 

3. Robert. 

1 Enq. 

4, Barnaby. 


AuMS —Quarterly, 1 and 4, Chequij Argent and OiiUs on afcss Anirc three dexter hands 
mailed or the first (Ooodh.and). 2 .and -3, A'-rjcnt a ehcn-on Azure betxceen 
three lions rampant Gidcs (Harvvc). On an escuchoon of pretence, Barri/ 
of six Ermine and Oulcs three cres<-cnts Salle an ammht Or for difference 

Crksi.— An armed arm cmhowed proper hohling a sword Arcjent hilt and pomcl Or. 

John Thoresby of=f=.Toane, sister and heir of John, uncle and heir to John, son and 
Cro.\by, Esq. I heir to Koger, sou and heir to Roger Aystcrby of Crosby. 

^ --| 

Andrew Goodhand of=rMargarct, da. of Join 

Kenerlemond alias 
Kyrman (? Ivirkmond- 
lc-5Iire) in co. Line. 


of her father 


John Thoresby 
of Croxby. 

Tliomas aoodhand=f Jane, da. and co-heir 
of the same place, I of ... Ilarvye of Clye 
son and heir. (? Olee), co. Line. 

Jennett, da. and 
Bole heir, ux ... 

Charles Goodhand ofT=Jane, da. of ... 
tho same place, son 1 I'ulherby of 
and heir. Korni.iiiby. 

John Oood-=fMaudlyi 
Land of lh( 
sanio place 

' Yorksh 


.u! .,„„ I 

,1, William Korll 
of Lon.lon am- 
had insue. 

Wclbv of Jb-'iill' 
in lloll.nid, coi 
Line, and hail i.<rti 



Anne, da. of^pWilliam GoodIi.ind=T=Anne,<l,i.and co- 
Oeorge Gilley, j of tlie same place. | lieir of Augustin 
of Stayutim, AWaterton of 

CO. Line" 2 ux. Messinghain. 

William Good---f=EIle 

id of Wold 



John Haven 
of Salt-fleet- 

Thoma-s Good- 
hand of the 
s.ame place, bou 

Ruthe, da. and 
heir to William 
Erightman of 
Paris garden in 
CO. Surrey, 

William Goodhand. Thomas. Kacliel. 


The Abms, Crest and Pedigree are the same as those in Tlic VisiUition o/1504, 
except that John Goodrike, who mar, ... Ilutton, is called ... Gooderick (as the name 
is spelt thronghout), and hi.s son Edward is called William, and he has a da. Mary 
besides Eliz.abeth and Catberin, whose husbands are not mentioned ; llichard Good- 
rike, son of Richard and Alice, is called "Attorney of the Augmentation Court," and 
is said to marry Dorotiiy, da. of ... Badbye of Esses (which is probably right) ; the 
Eccond wife of Lyon Goodrike is said to be ... da. of -. Sapcotes of Lincoln, and widow 
of ... BrincUcy of Boston ; and Dorothy, the wife of Richard Goodrick, is said to be 
da. of John Jermyn of Debden, co. Sufi'. (This is clearly wrong) ; and Lyon Goodrike, 
son of Edward, is called son and heir ajipareut, 1592. 


Arms. — Quarterly, 1, Ermine, a (jriffln snjrcant Quhs, leaked and clawed Azure, a 
crescent for difference. 2, (/uhs oim. crescent ... an estoile Or. 3, Arc/ent, 
tico lors Azure. 4, Arr/ent on. ii clieuron betioeen two crescents in chief and a 
cross crossia f.tchcc in base Sable a mullet Or, a crescent for difference. 

Edward Gi-antham= 
of Lincoln, Escj. 

Tliomas Grantham, Pni-son 
of P.ranston, co. Line, Chief 
Knight of the Rodes. 

, of John St. Paulo 
?o. Line., ICsq. 

mr. to John Gc 
erby, co. Line. 




Vincent Granthrim= 
of Lincoln, son and 
hoii- ; his 2 ux. ^\ as 

-■.. (la. to ... 2. HughGr 
Sutton of of ]J..., c(j 

Lincoln, R-iq,, Gent. 
1 ux. 

itham-rJo.ine,da to 

Thomas Vincent Grantlii 

Grantham 2 son, mar. and 

of Langton, is.^ue ; he was b; 

mar. and had the 2 ux. 

Thoma.s Grantham=j=F,li!!abeUi, da. and one 
of St. Catherines I of the heirs of Sir John 
jnxta Lincoln, son | Downham of Notts, Kt. 
and heir to Vincent. I 

Vincent Grantham o!=r-] 
St. Catherines, Kt. o 

Thomas Grantham, eldest son ; 
heir, yet within .ige, 1502. 

Robert Grantham 2. Mary, ux. Catherine, ux. 

of ..., E.sq., notyet Thomas Apleby Craycroft of "\Vui- Jiatiiew Amci 

mar., 1592. of ..., and had thoriio, co. Line, of Witteuby, 

no issue. Esq.,!>.nd liad issue. Lino. 

JIathew Amcotts 

Arms —Darry of si£ Argent and A\ure, a bend r/ohony Or and Oaks, a cre:.rrnl of lie 
third on. another of the last for diftrinec. 

Richard, Lord Gray=^... da. of Thomas, Lord 
ofCodnor. I Roos of Kendall. 

1. Richard, Lord=pJane, da. of 2. John Gray of P,arton=... da. of Sir The 
Grayof Codnor. I Sir John ... in Reilall co. York. Roldey. Kt. 

Richard Gray ofyUrsuln, da. of Willi.un Disney 
Kingerby. of Norton Di.sney, l^sq. 

George Gr.iy ..f Kyl™an,=-^^I;u■L^lret, da. of ... Deyne 
CO. Line, Esq. of 

William Gray of Irturd, co.=f-Mai?.uet, da. ofMalliew 
Line., F.sq., .^^on and heir 1 Anicotcs of Wi 
niipareut, 1602. 

eir 1 Anicotcs 
I eo. Line. 

1. John Gi 
and heir a] 

2. Gcwge. 

3. William 

I I 




Ar.Ms (added). — Quarterly, 1, Or, tico bars Azure, in ddcf a Uon pnssant ijanlnnt of the 
second (Gregory). 2, Aryait, a chevron Sable a chi.f indented (iides. 3, 
Azure, three vudlcts Or. i, Gules, three cushions Lrminc tassded Or. On 
an escutcheou of preteuoe, Gules, a sword in bend Anjcnt point -upwards. 

Crkst (added). — Out of a ducal coronet Or a maiden's head prop/cr vested Gules c 
of the first. 

William Gregory of Stony Middletou, eo. Dei-ljy.=f... 


Roger Gregory of II 

ger tiregory ot ilaxov=f-'.Margaret, da. ot 
the Isle of O.-dioIiue. ' of Oiiston in the 

Mary, da. of=pRoger G 

CO. Derby, 

I Jiobert Brock- 
( lesby of Glont- 





Thornton of 





Langlon, Co. 


Line, 1 vlr. 


of Not- 


2. Koger=fMarga 


of Laug- 



ton), eo. 

William Gregory,=f=Elizabeth, 

1 sou and heir aji- 

li.arent, 1592, of 

JSarnbj Dun, co. 


Gilbert Gregory. 

f Chris- 
of Langton 
and his CO- 


Rcirjer Grcrjory=iJanc, da. i/ 

of Stoekuith, Sir Wdliam 

1G.73. Gee of Bishop' 

Burton, co. 



Aii.MS (.iddod).— T'ai'c Argent ffultec dc poi.c and Gules. (added).— yl lion passant Ermine collared Gules. 

Sir William Grcsley of ... in eom. Lcic, Kt.y. 


... Gresley, 3 Bon.-p... 

William Gresley ot Sallanhe, co. Devon.- 

William GresleyT^Ko^n, BiHler of Sir George Blount 
of Saltiushe. I of Kyul':l,t, eo. Salop. 

John Gresley of Lacebv, CO. I /i7i:,i/„7/,, ,/„. 2. Thomas Ursula 
line., l«.r, eaptaino, 1592. „/... IWman. - 

I 3. William. 


t'illiam Gresley. Ambrose. Kli-ahcth. 



Arms. — Per pule A:urc and Onlcs, a lion rampant Argent (quarteving, addition) Sahle 
a fcss Ictwccn three close helmets Argent r/arnishcd Or (Drayner). 

Vide a descent in the old Vissitaiion of Olosfcrshi 
... Ilalton of ...=f=... 

: descended of this family. 

2. Robert Halt on of John Uolton 

Worlebie and of Worlcbie, co. 

Killiugbolme, co. Line. 
Line, 06. s.^J. 

John Di-ayi 
of llogi'sdo: 
CO. Midd. 



CO. Bedf. 

Robert Halton of Cleo,= 
CO. Line, Sergeant at 
Law, nephew and heir 
of Robert. 

2. Sir William 
Haltonof..., CO, 
Line, Kt. 

Joane, da. of 
John Drayner 

Thomas Drayner=Elizabeth 
of Hogcsdon, Morgan. 

ob. s.p. 

2. Mary Halton, ux. 4. Robert Halton of Sau 
JohnWard of London, bridyicalh, com. Herts, 
son of Thomas Ward 
of Carlson Curiae, 
CO. Lcic. 

1. Fr.ancfs Halton, 
iix. Thomas 
Massinyherd of 
IBrcnloft] CO. Line. 

Sir .1 
of Mablctl 
Line, Lord of 

nalt0UT=:\tary, da. of Willi; 
pe, CO. Fitz A\'iIIiam of 

blethorpo, Esq. 

I I I 

Elizahcth. 2. Pwgcr, 

— Irothcr 

Mary. and heir. 

i. Joh,. 

I 1 
5. Qeorrjc. 

6. Philip. 

1. William Halton, AV/. Ron & VoiT=lIanim, da. of Sir William 
apparent 1692, oh. IG Seplr. IGU.'f, Wray of Glcntworth in com. 
scpidt.apudOlcrkcnwellnighLondon. Line, Kt. and Bart. 

Ai.MS and CiiF.ST aa in the Visit.ation of 10C4. 

by and lltterley, Esq., 
lived in the time of Iv. E. 
B and n. 7. 

... Greene of=j=M.ary, da. and heir of 
Noilhtonsh. I Sir H.nry .Sleight, 

Kt. of WnUhrop, CO. 


George Hamliy of=f=Mnrgaret, da 
EroUeUby, Esq. | of ... (Jrccno 


. A| 


1. Edward Hamby=[A7inor, da. of 
cf Brockleaby, sou Joliu Booth of 
and heir, had issue. KilUngholme, 
Vide Suff. CO. Line] 

I I 

A^ucs, ux. Anne, ux. Thomas 

Kicliard Reed Dale »i Auford 

of Wrangell, and had issue, 
and had iasue. 

2. John Haraby of JIaUby,=^Jane, da. of Kichard 
ona of the auditors of the I Pickering of Loudon, 
Treasury. Gent, 

I \ \ \ r~ " I 

Judith, iir. Alba, ux. Eska, ux. Wd'iuin Anne, ux Cun-^jtanco, ux. 

Ocoiyc Fish 'WilHam Hales Cade, sun of \ Henry Clark Thomas Mar-ih 

of Southill, of Hepping- WiUianx Cc'uU nf I of Aslnvell, of Loutli, Gent. 

CO. Bed. ton, co. Kent. Romford. 

I i Tl 

\. Williaiu Hamby of 2. Edward II,iml.iy^f=Elizabeth, da. and sole 4. Alleyne. 

T.athwoll, unm. 1502. of Auford in Line. " I lieir of Francis Keade, — 

oh. ei Jan. lOJG. 4 sou of Richard. 3. Richard. 

Jane, 1 da,, 

3. Jiichard. 


Frauds Hamby, s..n a 



heir, 4 years old 159'-' 

4, William, 

6. William 

of Tathu-dl 1027, a 

Ob. S.p. 

maricd Ursrda,dau. of 
John Garrard, Kt. a 
AkUrman of Luixhm. 


AliMS (.added),— Quarterly of C, 1 and 6, Han ard, 2, Gtdes a oy.w patmr.c Argent in 
dc.vtcr chief an escallop of the last. 3, Argent a lion rampant doable tailed 
Oules duecdlii crowned Or. i. Argent a fess Saile between three magpies 
proper. 5, Gules on a bend Argent three eagles displaced Vert. 

Okhst. — A n arm erect sicerc Or caj'cd Argent hand proper grasping a mullet of the second. 

Motto.—" Ca:U sub-sunt." 

Md. I am credihiie informed hg sundrie men of good worship that there is no heir 

mtde lireing within the com. Line, but such as arc defended of a bastard. 

Richard Hans.ard of Biskerth(.rpr,=p... da, of ... Saint Paul of 
CO. Line. I Snarforth, eo. Line. 

Ellen, d,a. of ... Thompson, =pIIauiond Hansard of^,.. 
1 wife. I Skartha, co. Liue. I 

I I 

1. Ricliard Han,s.ard-j=Hester, d.a. of Thoma.'j Is.abel, nx. Jolin 

of W.altam, co. Line. I Foster of Barduey, Smyth of North 

CO. Line. Kelsey. 




2. Marie. 





ux. Tlioma.i 


, 3.ThL. 

s, 4. Nallianiek 




OF Sir.M]il'Rr;iI in SHETLAND 



Except a short notice in ' The Bruccs and tlie Ciimyns ' by 
Mrs. Cumminj^-Bruce, no account of these branches of the Bruce 
family has (so far as T kno-\v) appeared in print, and I now 
propose to give as full i:)articulars of them as I have been able to 

Bruces of Cultmaluxdie. 
Lucas Brus, 1st Laird of CaUmalundie. — Lucas Brus, 4th son 
of Sir Alexander Brus, 2nd Baron of Airth, and 3rd of that 
branch, married 149.5 Katherine Barber, heiress of Cultmalundie 
in Perthshire, and obtained with her that estate. She is supposed 
to have been heiress of line and grand-daughter of Robert Brus, 
2nd son of John Brus, r,th Baron of Clackmannan, who married 
the heiress of Gray of Cultuialumlie ; by her Lucas Brus had 
issue 1 son — 

Hector Brus, 2nd of Cidtmalundie, ivho vxis father of 

John Brus, 3rd Laird of Cultmalundie. — John Brus succeeded 
his father and married ' Euphame daughter of the 1st Lord 
Elphingstone, she having previously lieen the mother b}' King 
James V of Robert Stewart, afterwards created Earl of Orkney, 
By her John Brus liad issue 1 son Laiu-ence. 

[Some say there was another son Robert, ancestor of Bruce of 
Sumbui-gh, but this is not certain.] 

Lxmrcnce Brus, Mh Laird of Cultmalundie and 1st of 
Muness. — Laurence Bruce succeeded his father and married 1st 
in 1559 Helen Kennedj-, and in 15GG was surety" for Sir Hew 
Kennedy, who was in feud with the Lord Oliphant. Laurence 
married 2ndly Elizabeth, daughter of Patrick, 5th Lord Gray,' 
Laurence Bruce being uterine brother to the Earl of Orkney 
(who had 2Gth May, 15(i5, a grant of the crown lands in Orkney 
and Shetland, and on 25tli September, 1509, a charter under the 
great seal ratifying an exchange of his abbacy of llolyniod with 
Adam ]'.otliwdl, fur tlie temporal estates ""of Uic ■|;ishop of 
Orkney, these laiids were erected into an Earlduin in I ■').S1), was 

' Douglas Peerage ; Lord Kli'hing.stonc. 
* 'Briiocs nud the Cumyiis,' !'• 3^7- 
' Douglna Pccri\go ; Lord Gray. 

BRUCE. 163 

appointed by him in 1571 Fowde of Zetland, wliich apiwlntmont 
caused liim to settle there, where he built tlie castle of Muness. 
Laurence held the office of Fowde of Zetland for a long period, 
and from the following extracts, his mode of performing liis 
duties does not appear to have given satisfaction to the 
islanders.' — " Laurence Bruce of Cultmalundie cftir the cuming 
of Lord Robert Stewart Fewav of Orkney and Zetland to the 
dominion of the said Countrees, ohtenit from Lord Robert the 
office of Fowde of Zetland, to collect the Scatt &c. was his 
duty." He appears to have changed the weights and measures, 
in order to assimilate them to those of Scotland, so " a general 
complaynt before the regents grace " was numerously signed " the 
ferd and fyf th dayis of Februar 1 57G." There appears to have 
been complaints of " Sinilry ' inhal)itants of the countrcis of 
Orkney and Zeitland against Lani'cnce Bruce of Cultmalindeis 
1st Nov. 1570." On 2.3rd February, 1570-7, there is an 
obligation^ recorded by Laurence Bruce, of Cultmalindy, on 
appointment of Admiral depute of Orknej- and Zeitland. On* 
August oOth, 1577, there is a complaint against Laurence Bruce, 
of Cultemalindeis, by the " awnaris of the ship callit the ilarie 

Laurence Bruce '•' raised an action in the Court of Session in 
IGOG, against Pati-ick, 2nd Earl of Orkney, the Earl's servant Capt. 
Allen, master of the ship Dunkirk, having boarded his Cultma- 
leendies ship on liis voyage to Scotland, took his household men 
and servants prisoners, struck an<l dragged them and detained 
them prisoners ; took them to land and kept them m prison live 
or six days. The relevancj' of this summons was tlisputed Ijy 
Council for the Earl, but his objections were overruled by the 
Ijords. Mrs. Cununing Bruce" says, "at first when Cultmalundies 
shi]) appeared in the little bay of Muness, the inhabitants lied 
and lud themselves as from the vikings of old ; but soon seeing 
him with his handsome lady and beautiful children, to walk on 
shore, and then quietly return to their home on the billows, 
they gathered about him and assisted in collecting materials for 
the tower which his people were already beginning to construct, 
and afterwards lived peaceably and prosperously \mder his sway, 
although it was long before any native would slee]i umler his 
roof.. In Laurence Bruce's time the islanilers lirst began to 
cultivate the English language." 

In 1592' Lauivneo Bruce joined with Bishop Law and others 

' ' Bnices and the Ciimyns,' p. 3:3.S. 

- Regi.sU'i- of tlic Privy Council of Scothnd, vul. ii, p. 41.'.. 


in a supplication to ilie Lords of the articles against Patrick, Earl 
of Orkney, for inva-ling tlie Udal rights of the lan.lowners. 

The Castlo of Muness Ijuilt b}' him is situated on the shore of 
the island of XJnst, and is now in ruins, hut over the principal 
entrance is an armourial stone much defaced, and beneath it 
the following lines in good preservation: — 

THE ZEIR OF fiOD (?7; 1598. 

The curious old bronze-door knocker of the castle, with the 
name and arms of Andrew Bruce of Muness upon it, was 
exliibitcd, and a short paper read on it before the Society of 
Antiquaries of Scotland January 10th, ISSl, by the permission of 
its present possessor, John Bruce, junr., of Sumburgh, and an 
etching of the castle, with some details, was also exhibited at the 
same time by J. T. Irvine, F.S.A., Scot., of the Close, Lichfield. 

Laurence had issue Ijy his 1st wife 2 sons and 1 daughter — 

1. Alexander succeeded in Cultmalundie. 

2. Andrew, pi-ogenitor of the Muness branch, vale page 1G5. 
Helen married 15SS Adam Sinclair of Brow. 

Alexander Bruce, oth Laird of Cidtvudu nJir. —Ahxamhy 
the elder son, succeeded his father in Cultmalundie. He is 
mentioned as heir " apparent " of Cultmalundie, 1.587, and "fiar " 
of that place' April 2(;th, 1G05, so that his father must have 
transferred that estate to him before that date. He is mentioned 
in 1G22 as " Auld Cultmalundie,- and as bring then much broken 
and impoverished owin-- to the truulilrs his sons had involved him 
in. Ho married Jean, daughter of tlie 4th Lord 01iphant,= and 
liad issue 2 sons and 1 daughter — 

1. Laurence " apparent," IG IS. 

2. Alexander, " his brother," 1G18. 

Helen married Roljert Jloray of Abercairnie. 
Laurence, the elder son, called Junior of Cultmalundie, slew 
20t]i June, IGlcS, Havid Tosach, jun., of Moneyvaird. The 
following extract refers to this transaction ':— J une 20, 1G18, 
" at twa afternoon David 'J'rosack j'^ of Moneyvairt was slain in 
the south gate of Perth by Laurence Bruce j'' of Cultmalindie, his 
brother, and divers others their associates. The twa that was 
with Moneyvairt were deadly hurt but died not, the otlier 
David Malloch had his right" hand clean stricken oil' frae him. 

> PitMiiii'.-) ' Crimiiml Tiiil-s' vol. ii, p. ijd. 
' Cl.ainbci-s' 'Domestic Aii.k.U of!,' vol. i, ]>. 430. 
' DoHglna reerage ; Lonl Olipliaut. ,,,,., 

* Cli^imbors' 'Domeatic Aimalaof .ScoUana,' vol, i, p. 4S6. Fli-iiiing s MS. Aavocatca 

BRUCE. 165 

This done in a moment of time all tlie committers thereof 
cschcrrit out of the town before any of the townsmen heard of 
any such thing. No one seems to have immediately .suft'ered for 
this outrage, but four years after (1G22) the Privy Council 
informed the kinc; that Cultmalindie V>esides banishing his twa 
sons and a servant, had offered 1000 crowns by way of assythnient 
to the friends of the slaughtered man and £2000 to the two 
men who had been mutilated. Tliis paid, it is added, lias 
altogether luidone Auld Cultmalindie, for his estate is exhausted 
and wrecked and he has become very weak of his judgement 
and undcrstamliiig ly tlic grief of these troubles brought upon 
him, quilk were tlir oeeasion of his wife's death and of the evil 
circumstances of thr banishment of his sons and friends, now by 
the space of four years, in the whilk exile tAva of his friends of 
good rank and quality has departed this life." Wo hear no more 
of this family of Cultmalundie after this, except that Andrew 
Bruce of Muness (uncle to the oH'enders) obliges himself to pay 
1000 marks scots to Patrick Cruokshank ; how as he procures 
the king's remission for Laurence Bruce of Cultmalundie in 
Perth.shire, for being airt ami }iart in the slaughter of David 
Toshack, y' of Moiieyvairt. 

The Arms of " Bruce of Colpmalundie " are emblazoned in 
an lieraldic manuscript, in the possession of the Ivarl of Crawford, 
supposed to be of date IGOo to l(il2, and to have belonged to the 
2nd Sir David Lindsay, Lyon King at Arms, as follows : — Or a 
saltire and chief Gules in dexter chief a mullet Argent. 

In 'Noble British Families," Part iii, jmge 20, Bruce of Cult- 
malundie is given— Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Or a saltire and chief 
Gules, in centre chief a mullet of the lirst. 2nd and 3rd, Gules a 
lion rampant within a bordui-e engrailed Argent. 

Tlie Arms of Cultmaluinlie are not registered in the Lyon office. 

BltUCKS 01'' iiUXESS. 
Alexander Bruce, 2vd of il/in/c.xs.— Andrew Bruce, 2nd son 
of Lawrence Bruce, -Ith of Cultmalundie and 1st of i\Iuncss 
remained with his father in Shetland, his eldest brother living 
on the Perthshire estate. lie a,]i]iears to have finished, or 
at any rate embellished, tin; Casllc of Sluness, as his initials 
a])})car between the corbels under uue of the hanging rounds or 
tunvts of the castle, his nanir and ai'ins are on the door knocker 
lirr\iously iLientioned and a |iicci' (j1' wood carving taken from the 
castle (now in the jiossessidn of Mr. Irvine, F.S.A. Scot.) bears his 
arms impaled with Sinclaii-. It is not clear at what period, or 
under what arrangement, if e\er, he became the actual owner of 
JIuness, as he is^ called "Tutor of Mmiess" when he obliged 
himself to pay iOOO ,,iarl;s on hi; nejihew's account as before 
mentioned, and from (his it would ;ipi'ear that he Avas then hold- 
ing the estate for his nephew LawreJiee, as ho ^\■as then probal.ily 


the liead of tliu family ; it is not unlikely that he was enabled 
(owing- to the trouLIes in which the ehler branch was involvecl) to 
niake'^tlie estate his own, at any rate he founded the distinct 
branch of JIuness, and liis descendants possessed that estate till 
the extinction of the family in the male line. 

Andrew Bruce married Isabel Sinclair (said to have been of 
Quendale) and by her had issue 1 son and 1 daugliter — 
Andrew succeeded. 
Marjory married Tiobert Bruce of Sumburgh. 

Andrew, 3rd oj ilfi/.i'fs.s.— Andrew the son succeeded 
in Muness and marrieil Ursula, daughter of Rev. G. Jlouatt 
of Fetlar, and by her had issue 4 sons — 

1. Hector succeeded. 

2. Arthur married and had issue, 1 son Andrew, and 2 

daughters ; this line is extinct. 

3. Ajidrew married 1st Margaret, dau. of Sinclair of 

Houssa and by her had issue 2 dauglitcrs — 
Ursula m. Geo. Pitcairn. 
Margaret m. 1st, J. Hendry. 
2nd, J. Buchan. 
He married 2ndly Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. — Ross of 
Northmaven. He was tutor-at-law to Andrew and 
John, sons of his brother Hector, dui-ing their 

4. Gilbert of Cli\-oeast succeeded eventually in Muness 

and was last male of the familj'. 
Ilccior, -'/th of Miincss. — Hector, the eldest son, succeeded in 
I^Iuncss. He married Barbara, daughter of John Sinclair of 
Quen<la]e and by her had issue -3 sons and 2 daughters — 

1. Andrew succeeded. 

2. John married Grizzel, dau. of Roltert Bruce of Sum- 

burgh, died 1703, leaving 1 son, Charles, drowned on 
his way to College. 

3. Robert drowned leaving Peterhead 1717, s.^i. 
Ursula married Stewart of Bigtown. 
Margaret married Scott of Scottsliall. 

Avdrcv; 6ih cf Mimc-^s. — Andrew, the eldest son, succeeded 
in j\Iuness, he was drowned: the following extract probably 
refers to him : — ' " By such a sudden flan [squall] the Laird of 
Jluness is said to have perishnl the former year, when within 
sight of his own liouc and all that was in the boat with him, 
nine or ten jiersons, but one s.rvnut who escaped upon the keel." 
Andrew married 1st a dau-lib r n( Sinclair of Quendale and 2dly 
a daughter of Sinclair of Duubealh. He had no issue by cither 

' IJiMiuFs •Di.',,uii.U..ii uf Oikiicv .iiul Slatlmd .iikI I'iiikciU'n's TravcU,' book 

BRUCE. 167 

of his wives and the estate appears to have gone to his uncle 
Gilbert of Clivocast eventually. 

Gilbert last of Mv/ness. — Gilbert Bruce of Clivoea.'^t (" -tth son 
of Andrew .3rd of Muness") married j\Iargaret Bruce of Sumburgh 
and liad issue 2 daughters — 

Ursula married Scott of Vocsgarth. 
Marjory married John Gauden. 

By a sasine recorded dated 20th February, 1718, disposition is 
made by Gilbert Bruce of CHvocast in favour of George Pitcaim, 
nierchant of Lerwick (who wa.s husljand of liis niece Ursula, 
dau. of his brother Andrew) of the lands of ilancss and others, 
apparently the whole remaining estate of the family, the com- 
pearance is stated to be upon the grounds of the ilanor Pkce 
or Ca.stle of Muness. By this deed Gilbert reserves for himself 
and his spouse Margaret, daughter of William Bruce of Sum- 
burgh a life rent in certain lands ; on Gilbert's death the family 
of Bruce of ]Muness became extinct in the male line. 

In the Lyon Register i, 254, is the following registration : — 
" Andrew Bruce of Mowancs [Jluness] descended of the family of 
Cultmalindc Boars two coats quarterlie first Or a saltjT-'e engrailed 
Gules on a chief of the second a moUet of ye first, be the name of 
liruce. Second Gules a lyon rampant be the name of Gray the 
third as the second the fourth as the hrst. Above the shield a 
helmet befitting his degree, ilantled Gules doubled Ai-gcnt, next 
is placed on ane torse for a crest a dexter hand erected holding 
a heart proper. The motto in ane cscroll, ' Ouuiia vincit amor."' 

The arms of Andrew Bruce 2nd of Muness on the old door 
knocker before i-cferred to are as aljove but the saltire is not 

(Tu le conlinucd.) 



!3 -3 






S ?8 





I g W I ^ _| S^ 
M o g c «- "^ b"^ P o " "^ I '^ "^ fe 

: '^ ? b -" s f? 






"o o 




if III 




^-rt c 

"? I'cT 


g g .jj o 5 ij o 


.2 -- » 

^g t^" 0-^15 


11^ i^^ 

fe ^ 3 c -s .>.- 


&°f|i|^ ci 





i 1.. ^ 











1 ? ;§ t" 

11 — ^^^^^^ 






II 1 m S.W O d r^ l^i a 

.?-^ I Ih- -> 









CO "o ^ i Kj ' 









1^ 3 


KJ^OW •£ 

!L • c<i 



i £ ^.^"-^ 


1.1 § 



c-i -2 = B ..-T 



t:; s ^ p; '^ 


-'S J^'' 


§; .S^8 

5 - S 

I i§ ^ -^ 2.f 2 1 1 S Sf 

On^rt W: 



•S^b ^ 


I'^^lf^.H 'M VI ill 

6 ^ ;i g 5 c 

;; 73 :n 



-.2 c-O r7:xm 
K J .o S ? '.^ S 

'►^ W « "p-'^ a r. '>3 :5 X' 'r^ 

4 -3 ~ ^ " ^ M 

-, y "J^ 5 ", ^72 




^ t> O £ < o 


1 O "f ^ I !« I 
§■"'£0 ^ t; " 


< .5 rj S 

"^ t, - 

K T 



in >5 -S £ > -3 

■Mo a S 


11 ^i^li 






g^o £-^t;-?3S 


■< V? « Ji 

^"^ V S 



_2 Sa-fc,-^ §-i 

g 8 . s sct;^ 



(liS'c^^o i|^ 



« J;3 

^ S '~ a -e ^- P. 


•Eg I M d 

■5^ SO 
3^ 43 

■3 ^ ra I (S S 2 


^ "^ s -I i^r 

M ^ = n 

►3 B?i 



■Jo's CO 

■o -* K '^" 


S b <u 

11 Ih^ 



C ^ P3 -g ^. 

►3 ^ "o fi s; ; 
5 fcS >;,. 




III Ji^.ii I 

;3 .- .S 





H fe 



^ til 



3 g 

"^ c" 





•3-s H" 





fi ,i 

or Sf^ 



-C H 

■ « 

") -2 

(U ^ 

;s <i 

oT 's ~ 

1 ? 

"= -5 "s 12 


^ H y; .-. 


. . 

'd c 

-^ t? 


1 3 


■S 3 







--^ 2 

-.g o 





• S a 



:5 = g 

1:i||S || 

.fen -a-i ^- 

ill! yijfv;: 


-3 .^l" 


-i aS 6 











11 ''': 

- — ^ 

^^ Silo^N"^!:.^ 


« -" 


I'll" I i-4'^^ t^i^ l"s^ 

£3 I 


1 1 y.|1 .lI'c'S 








" g 


s f? 



log ? 




?r S S .g 








^ .g 


1 ^ 
















■^ !^ -■ '-! '' 

H i 6 - 

u >. 

U< vi'y S 




Particulars of some of thera, with occasional anuotations. 
By THOMAS PROCTER WADLEY, M.A., Rector of Naunton Boaucliamp. 

14IC, Jan. 27. Ricliard son of Sir John lioaucliamp knt. and Elizabotli 
StafToril, da. of Sir Humphrey Staflbrd knt. Licence to iMaster 
RoLert Carrowe, master of arts, and Sir Jolm Wellys, rector of 
Alcoster. The marriage to be solemnized in the chapel or oratory 
\vitliin lliu manor of the said Sir Jolui lieauchanip near Alcester. 

1532, Jan. 31. John Catysbee, of the diocese of Hereford, and Margaret 

]31ounto of Chaddosley. The marriage to be solemnized after one 
publication of banns. 

1533, Ajir. 22. "William Longs of Llocklcy and Grace Eniottes of 

1531, Apr. 30. John Coombe, the younger, of Astley, diocese of Wor- 
cester, and Kathcrino Quynye of Stratford, llanns to Ije once 

Aug. 19. Robert Thorneton and Alice Grevill of 'Weston. Licence 
to Iho rector of llalford. 
1511, Nov. 21. William Lokcyard and Elizabeth Wenlockc of Wick 
by Pershore. 

Jan. 28. Hugh Hall and Agnes Wynsmore of Lye, co. Worcester. 
1579, Aj.r. Edmund CoUes and Elizabeth Greno of Lighe. 

Apr. 22. John Smythe and Joan Grenc of L^pton Snodsbury. 

.May 15. Richard Harrison and Ann Duffild of Tardcbigge. 

May 18. William A\'()rster and Ann Hudson of ^^'■ar^vick. 

May 18. John'erafte and .Alargery Archard of Lighe. 

Juno 12. Robert Hasolton and Elizabetli Basset of Eckiiigton. 

Jidy 23. William Harryson and Islavy Parsons of Overbury. 

Oct 5. Thomas Tusten and Grace Tailer of Elmley-Castle. 

Oct. 12. Henry Bailies and Ann Goorle of Kempsey. 

Tlie family of G'orle is ancient ; the episcopal registers at 
Worcester making mention of John Gourll of Kompsey, clerk of 
the diocese of Worcester, and canon of the cathedral church of 
Chichester, 21 A]ir. 1452. 

Oct. 17. George Croft and Ann Langslon of Sedgebcrrow. 

Nov. 21. John Toms and Kalhcrine Wyly of Alcester. 

Dec. 23. George Shipside and Ann Hall of Worcester. 

Jan. 7. William Coolccs and Mary Clyfton of Beoley. 

-Ian. 27. William Abington and Ann'Crankc of Churchill. 

Jan. 28. John Cookes and Philip Lunche of Doddcrhill. 

Jan. 30. Richard Gn-ggo and .Margaret Rubertcs of Overbury. 

Jan. 30. Henry Hdl and Elinor Binl of the city of ■\\N.rcester. 

I-"cb. Richard Bromich and Elizabeth Wakeman' of Ih-omsgrovo. ' 

I'Vb. 11. Humphrey Feeld and Margery Petford of Haselor. 


1579, Feb. 15. William I'-ovy and Susan .Symons of llie city of Wur- 


Feb. 21. Hriiiv SLi'avnc ami Jnan WiMo of 'Wureostev. 

1580, Apr. John Xanphaii'aiul Iliiagct lloucliior of IVmlock. 

Aiu-. 2,^. 'William Cliiia K<->i. and Apoloiia :Mucklowc of Konipsov. 

Apr. 30. Ciil.'s llarw.'U and Alice .Medwell c.f Evesliam. 

July 4. Cadwalladei- Lyme and Winifn-d Thn.ckmorton of 

July IG. Daniard lialdwiu and ElizaLetli Thorn of Hampton 


It should 1)0 Great Ilamjiton, in tlic registers of wliich parish 

the mai'riage is recorded. 
July 20.— O^icJ and Lucy SlieMon of Aljlierton. Licence to 

the vicni of Honington. 
Aug. 13. John AblH.rfnrlh and Elinor Li^.,n ..f Oivat Witley. 
Sept 8. Eirlianl ];..l.nis and .Mar.MMV (HUMlnr n[ S]„.]dey, 
Oct. 1. Anilionv ]lui-,-:,-maii and M.nv Jn^iaia <•( Wnlford. 
Oct. 21. dolin Morrice and Katlierini Lvanee of Lrelforton. 
Oct. 22. AVilliam liovy and Dorotliv Simon.s a/ia-! Glargit. 
Nov. 12. Edward iNlatliews and Jan"e Cro.sby of ^Vorce.ster. 
Jan. 4. AVilliani liailies and ]\lartlia Ilanbury of Feckenhani. 
Jan. 7. Giles ■\\'ebbe and Larbara Dingley of Strensliaui. 
Jan. IG. John I'aekington and Ann Ivhvardes of Clainos. 
Jan. 18. John Jiouchier and ^Margaret Greue of St. Switliin'.s, 

Jan. 2G. Thomas Good\\'yn and Ann Barlccr of Stratford. 
Jan. 27. Tliomas Penne and Marv Ihadshawe of Worcester. 

1581, i\]ir. 15. Kicliard Lilly and Mary 1 )a\vkes of St. Swilhin's, 

May 12. Ilumjihrey Acton and Mary Pigeon. 

The Pigeon family wa.s of liadsey, co. Worcester. 
June 1. John Langston and Joan Cooke of Ai'ele\-. 
July (June?) 1. Anthony Marshall, clerk, and 'j'-liener Lisshop 

of Evesham. 
June 5. Thomas I'hilliiis an.l rornthv Cutbeid of I'lyfnnl I'lavell. 
Aug. G. George WaL;stall' and Alie,.' Turner of Idyfnnl l'la\ell. 
Aug. G. Gilbert Lacehnn.M., clerk, and Ursula T.mdinson of 

Cloeve Prior. 
Aug. 30. Fulro More an.l Mizabeth Iving of lluneyborne. 
Sept. 13. Thomas Sponnrr and dulian Adams „f ^V.,r,■es(er. 
Sept. 21. William lloltam and Alice Kyland of Mer.-,toji, /.c. 

Jlar.ston, eo. Glouee^li/r. 

Sept. 23. Humiihrey Lest : 

Old Philip Afaning 

of ILir 

Oct. 20. Jnhn KnoMesford 

and r.rid-.'t liah-s 

.if .'^nil 

Oct. 21. Francis Tondu'sai 

id Aim WnnthMI ,.] 

:' Sahva 

^;ov. 21. Kiehard Labitnl ; 

iiid Ann Gnnu.ll n 

f K.'iln 

1582, Jan. 18. Jubu Artnn and . 

\un Grose of ^\■-lv 


Feb. 17. .lohn Hanburv an 

d .luyee W-Alrv ,,f 


Apr. 27. I'hilip lladdnrk,. 

■lerk; and Eli.mer 


at SedjMbrrrow .May 1. 

Wa^- 1, Edmund Lou and ■ 

loan porter of Gla 



IfiSi, ^^,l3• 19. Rolioi-t Jaiiios and Alice Ilyf-nic of Ilnnoyliorno. 

' May 19. Kolint Sahvay and Alice rulehousc (///</■.• rurtiiiaii of 

- June 2-2. John Perkes and Joiic Henley of Becslp,/ ? 
July 28. John Eobins and Emma Walford of ClavcrJon. 
Aug. 15. John Copley of Biedon and Katherinc Over. 
Sept. 12. Stephen Eumney and Judith Perrot of Worcester. 
Sept. 29. Ralph Ilorniold a)id :irai-^ai-et Liyon of :^[adl■esrleld. 
Oct. 5. Matthew Fitzheilurt and Jane Throckmorton of Wanvick. 
Oct. 24. Richaul A^'ann-)- and Aiar-aret Grivell of Alcester. 
Xov. 3. ]\ratfhcw Persons and iMances Evence of Ilanley. 
Xov. 19. John Alen-ell and Dorothy Kiggs of Grafton Elyford. 
Xov. 27. AVilliam Shaxpcre and Ann "Whateley of Temple 


The great poet's marriagedjond hear.s date 28 Nov., 1582. 

There is no other record of the grant of a liceiicc to any one of 

the name in that year. The early registers of Temple Grafton 

arc missing. 
Dec. IG. Simon Andrews and Ann Freman of Bloekley. 
lice. 29. William Runniey and Jane Wvatt of Wc.rce.<;ter. 
1:>S3, Jan. 20. Keiny llanbury and ElizabelJi Jelleryes of AVorccster. 
Jan. 22. l"raiu-is Evett and Ur.sula Tillam of Alarlley. 
Feb. G. liol)cit Ilavward and Joan Bennett of Clecvc Prior. 
Feb. 9. Tliomas Kevo and Kalhrnne Amaiies of Salford. 
Apr. 27. John Torpley and A-n-^ Kriu\Mnn of Binton. 
yin- 28. Thomas Handbury and i;ii,i..r Pooler of Elmley. 
June 21. John Coombes and J::iizabeth Kinersley of Stratford. 

Slurried at Growle, co. Worcester, June 23. 
July S. William Bourton and Elizabeth Quiny of Ilatlon. 
An- 7. John Bound and Ann Hobday of Bradley. 
Au;^. 1.-,. Iburv Heincs and Ann Blunt of Alyeehurch. 

Thr f.iinilv kjleiiiws of Alvechurch intermarried with that of 

Dineley, lords of the manor of Peopleton, in 17SG. 
Oct. 17. Anthony Jugins and Ann Butler of Inkberrow. 
Oct. 29. Kiehard Cloydon and Dorothy Cliedell of Long Compton. 
Xoy. 28. Hugh Lingard and Afargaret Vise of ICvesham. 
Xov. 30. Jolin Garn.l.-rtou and Joan Purser of AVicklesford, !.>: 

Wixfonl, CO. Warwick. 
Dec. 21. William Simons and Margaret Wil];es of Worcester. 
Jan. 12. John Mallet, clerk, and Dorothy Hill of B.ronis-voye. 
Jan. 13. iMlmund Ockley and Ur.sula Seaverne of Shrawley. 
Jan. 18. Humphrey Edgock and Margery Perkes of C.itlu'ridge. 
Feb. 1. KnluTt Hobday and Alice Moye'of Feckodiam. 
Frl, •_' I. TliouKis Dussell and Frances Wine of Fladburv. 
l''^t, .Vpr. 20. lialpli Hubaud Es,,. and Ann Daston of T.roadway. 

Married at I'.ioadway, ro, Worcest,.r, Apr. 23. The re-ist.^r of 

that p.nidi also ivronls the marria-e. of Mr. ,lol,n Huhand and 

Mrs.;,beth I'oole, 12 Nov., KiOG. 
Apr. Dyaid an,l Susan lluller of Strenshani. 

The lui til place of tl,e autluu' of " Hudibras." The name first 

occurs in tlie Strcusham registers in 1575, Sept. 19, the dale of 


tlip mnrri^i-o of Williiua ]',:i.l-,..r md i:ii/al.itli P.utlev. 
1584, May 2. Kalph .M;,, clnk, nu.l .Mm-viy Uulmn- of Ilalisowen. 
May 5. Ricliar.1 IMwaids ami Aim Tliomi's of Sahvaiw 
May 9. Thomas SIh^LIo,, aii.l Ann Mavten of Bcoloy. 
May 23. Kiclianl ]snti .i.,! Jan,. Gcw-o of Eckiu-ton. 
JiUR. G. Thomas Alhn ami JUizabeth Riduwlsou of Pewliore. 
June 27. .)ohii tiilrs an.l [sahrl Stono of P.reJicote. 
July 2. Thomas W.nvk.y ami Mai-ciy Colsoii of Astluy. 
July 21. Thomas Dow^..- ami Jane lluband of OmlxTslov. 
Nov. 23. Aim llaiaisou and Oliver .Alasficdd of jLlJnslir'l.l 
Due. 10. Thomas Smith and ;\rar-orv Ooode of Milton. 
Dec. 21. Laurence IJushell and ?^larv AVoodward of Tnkl.rrrow. 
Jan. 7. William Ilanowc and Chrisiian Yomaiis of I'.idfonl. 
Jan. 19. Hugh Ilatlou and Dorothy IVcsley of HanljuiT. 
Jan._ 20. Thoiiias Adams and ^ilargaret Wiliiam.s of AklJniiarston, 

i.e. Alderminslor, co. AVorcester. 
Jan. 22. Sir Thomas Hiirris and Alice ]3rackenton of South 


Tlie marriage is recorded in the S. Littleton registers, whiih 
also give the burial of the said Thomas, who was "Chaiilyn" of 
the parish, 17 Nov., 1592. 
Jan. 28. Sir 'William Marshall and Elizabeth Clerk of Elmbridge. 

A licence to serve the cure of Elmbridge was granted to William 

Marshall, clerk, 3 Jan., 1583. 
Jan. 30. William Smith and Joan Gibbes of Stretton on the Fosse. 
Feb. 1. Robert A\'ells ;iud Sarah llrondey of A\'orcester 
Fob. S. William Jeflcryes and Elizabeth Walshe of Witley. 
Pel). 8. Kicliard Skaio and Bridget Palmer of IJarton on the^ Heath. 
Feb. M. WMrr Palmer an,l Sibil Palmer of llimbleton. 
Feb. 14. William Koiikins and Ann "\\'illersey of lii.lford. 
Feb. 24. Francis Jami'S and .lam- Sheldon of Pma.Iwiv 
33 Elizab., Seiit. 2. AVjlliam Symonds .,f Cn.ule, -rnt., and Jdi/abeth 

llobbie of Rou.s Lench, widow. 
42 Elizab., Aug. 2. AVilliam AVells aini.s Auston of Woll.Tsie, co. 

GIouc, yeoman, and Ursula Hedges of Church Iloneybonrne. 
Aug. 23. Thomas lleircs of Upton "Warren, " wyerdrawer," and 

Elianor Bcrecroft, of the same place. 
Sept. 17. Thomas llunle of Alceslei', yeoman, ;iud Mar^'erv 

Egcocko of Feckenham. " 

Oct. 3. William Ew.ais and Anne Sharthascll of Pidford. Pond 

signed by Thomas l;.,v,.y of Pi.lford, co. AVarwirk, husbandman, 

and Edwar.l Jioovey of ,S(. Martin's, Worcester, clothier. 
ICOO, Apr. 14. Thoma. il,,s,.l«..d,. and Elizabrth Dvn.-lry „f Crop- 

Ihorne; Thomas l:i;.;..:^ Iv;,,. and Edward Arehbo'ld gei'il., both of 

the city of W.a-.v.l-a, b.^in;; Imuml. 
Aug. 24. William IJMiikin; nf the city of W.ircester, weaver, and 

Ann Aboil of Inkbriinw. 
Aug. 27. William of Elndey CasHe, gcnl.,nnd Alice 

Townesend of Cmpilnane. 
Feb. 9. Thomas Twil I „■, ,l,ak, and Ann Hair, bnth ,,f Church 

Honeybourne ; he, and James Ashwyn, of the same parish, being 



13 K]iz;>li.,l'cb. 11. Tlionws Ilmi-htnii ..f Fcrkingliam, co. ^\^.I^■esful•, 
yciit., iind Margery ISailif nf St,,kc-]iiinr ; l-Ahvard I'.nnviie of 
Inkbcrrow, yeoman, one of llu' ]>artiis ImhuhI. 
May (1) 5. Jolm AVingu uf Tioain-to,,, eo. W..r.;,slrr, and 
]\Iargery Antec of the same parish ; Kobert AVinge of I'.ricklo- 
liani[iton, ami George Kecke (signs his name Kcxc) of JJkickwell, 
in Tredington, yeoman, being buund. 
July 15. "Koger Grisohl of ' Kownton, ,-o. AVurwick, \veaver, and 

Joan Sadler of Grafton. 
Sei.t. 5. William Gremcliill and Kli/.abrlh Harper, botli of 
AVarwick ; AVilliam Grcenehill df Nauntun I'.eucliaiiip, yeoman, 
one of the parties bound. 
8ept. 10. Gilbert Underliill of Clent, eo. Stafionl, .'Inthier, and 
Isidiel llarret of Kidderminster. 
IGUd, Vvh. 21. l".(bnund ]>:astoourt of Tetbury, eo. Glonerstcr, and 
Margaret Folly of I'irton, co. Worcester, maiden. 
.Mareii 9. John Dower of .Martley, co, "Wore, husbandman, and 
i'.bzabeth Ingram. 
9 .lamrs 1, .luno 24. Eieliard Xurri^ of Chariii-lon, co. GIouc, and Joan 
llobdey of Fcckcnham, co. "Woic. ; Henry llobdey of Fecken- 
liam, gent., being bound. 

The name of this Feokenham and Inkbcrrow family is other- 
wise written in tlio Visitation of AViirwick-hire taken in 1G19. 
Aug. 1.3. Jolm Trytl'lye of llvcsliam and J.,v,r Cowley, 

His name is written i'/"'/// in ili,' Alihot's Mojion register, 
which records the marriage. 
Aug. 18. Jerrard Procter antl .Mary HMbd-ye, botli of .Slri'llun on 

tliu I'osse. 
Aug. 2.3. George Partridge and l.u-ri A^ldiie of St, Andrew'.^ 
Droitwich, maiden; Adam ParUigv of J )r.iit\vich, gent,, one of 
the parties bound. 
Feb. 13. Kichard Gibbos, widower, and Alice Gotterell, maiden, 

bolh of Stratford-on-Avon. 
Feb. 15. William Marchall ..f Graft. .u Flyford, yeoman, and 
Jlargery Starkey of llonoybourne, widow; Kobert Turner, of 
I-ong .Marston, co. Glouc., being one of the parlies lioimd, 
ICl], Aug', 13. Thomas Charlett of Cleevc Prior, yeoman, and .Margaret 
I'.ades of Cougliton, co. Warwick. 
Oct 14. John Lillic of lieoley, miller, and Dorotliy IMallct of 
Alvechurch, maiden. 
ICn, Aug. 2G. Walter Pullingham of Xannlnn I'.eauchamp and Elioncr 
Jones of IJradley, maidm, 
Nov. 20. John Acton of Upton nu Sevrru an.l :\rarg.iret Tandy of 

the same parish, wiilow. ■ 
]>er. 9. Wells and i:iizabetli .\shwine, si.inster, both of,.rd-..n-Avon, 
IVb, I. ,l,,],n Slulrr and Marv Lilly, spin.t.r, both of Ahn-ler. 
1G12, July I. Charles Jlel tt of Cl.rvr Prior .nid .\nn Cole of SaUord, 

July I. .Sir G.M.rge Winio,- ,,f Cplon W.invn, knt, and lurl,, and 
Mary Snuth, da. of Sir Charles Smith of ^Vootten Wawcn, knt. 


1G43, July 20. Juliu Cos, clurk, of Holt, and Elizabeth Hooper of 

Kiif^liock, iiiiiiacn. 
July 30. John li.ill ..f Flifnr.iyiavell and Mary Hobday aUa^ 

L.acy of Hanbuiy, )naidi'ii. 
Aug. G. Edmund Suniiau of Nauufon Leauchanip and Jane 

Tonilinson alia.'^ Jlaker of >Stoultou, spinster. 
Nov. 12. Nicholas Lcehniore of ffaidey Ca.stle, Escj., and rcnelope 

Sandy.s of All Saints' in Worcestc^r, 

Tliis Xichola.s l,(ird Leclnnero, a Jlaron of the Exchequer, kept 

a diary, in Avhi,li, under the date 10.31, Sept. 3, he made an 

entry relatin- tn the battle of "Woreester : " The battell began on 

the west sidr llir .iiv (in those Very fields where my brother in 

law, Colonel] I'.dwvn Sandys, lle^ 23 of Sept. lG42,'fought with 

Prince Kufjert and reeea\ed \\\r_ wounds whereof afterwards 

(1 Dec. 1G42) he died, liut was ended (and was .sharpest) on the 

east side." 
Dec. 31. Thomas lluband of Kous T,ench and :\tary lJr.;w of 

Inkberrow, maiden. 
Jan. 26. Jolin Savadge of Inkljerrow gent, and liridget Uyson of 

33oriiiston, maiden. 
Feb. 11. Thoma.s Jiallanl and Aliee Hobday, spinster, both of 

16i3, Apr. 3. (icorge Roberts, S.T.P., of Henibledoii, ISueks, and 

Mary Sheldon of Litth^ton, maiden. 
Apr. 8. Robert Timbrell of Ipsley and Ann llolliocke of 

Aug. 4. William Harbateh of lid;berr..w and Joyc'C Huband of 

Salford, maiden. 
Oct. 2. AViUiam ( lanrtt of_ ISidfovd and :Mary Parker of Exhall, 

Jan. 9. (labriel Young, the vonng.r, of Cliobliam, eo. Surrey, and 

Elizabeth Eetehmore of Han'ley Caslle, maiden. 
Eeb. 7. Nicholas Eilly of AViteld.oJd, in 1 lodderliill, widower, 

an<l IClizabcth Kind)erlv of I'.i-omsLiove, maiden. 
l^larch 9. John Ellins ,.f Abbot's Morion, baehelor, and Ann 

Chapman of Bidhjrd, maiden. 
March \i. Thomas Eangston of llinlon on the (heen, co. Glouc, 

and Mary Stoakes of Sed-eberrow, widow. 
1611, May 1. Nathaniel Jord.m of Taunton Peaueliamp, bachelor, and 

Alice Woodward of Throckmorton, maiden. 
Aug. 1, George Hyde gmt. an.l b;iizab,.lh Fox, spin.ster, both of 

Aug. U. John P.eareroft gent, and I'rances Vernon, spinster, both 

of Hanbury. 
JN'oy. 2. AVilliani Freeman, rector of Strett.m on the Fosse, and 

Sophia Harrison, of the parish of Holy in i','r>liore, maiden. 
Dec. 21. ]\faurice Walsini;ham uf Coughton, widower, and Aim 

Paldwyn of Longdon, in Tn-dinglon, maiden. 
Jan. 2',J. Thomas 1 »,e_;aid of (iraflon I'lvfnnl, wi.lower, and Joan 

lleniminge, of tl,.' .-ame pansli, .^pin^ter." 
1615, Aug. 2'J. ^Villialu Child ol Shiawley E.-.p and Elizabeth Sparree 

of the city of AW.ieeoter, .-pin^tei. 


It i:5 curious tliat Loth Ur'si.' sui'iiauics occur ;is lx'lou.i,'in,i; to the 

same pari.s]i, tliat of I'owick, near "Worcester, on a suli.siily-rull 

,latcaiEawar(liii;(No. ^) Tliomaa Sparry, being taxed ij'.vj''., 

ami Tliomas Child, i,i^ 
lGJ-">, Sejit. 6. Wilham Sale, hachclor, and Joan llemiuiugv, widow, 

hoth of Inkberr.nv. 
Sept. 21. Anlli.iuy Jaine.s of Temple Grafton, yeoman, and Ann 

Jones of llinton on the Green, spin-tir. 
Oct. 2-5. Francis Godfroo of Ahhct's .Mnrtnn, hachidor, and :\rary 

Englisli, of Eou.s Leneli, sjiiiister. 

John le En-leys was of lliis parish of Lench in 1327. How 

long the Godfrey family had been at :Morton does not apjiear. 

The marriage of a Francis Godfrey of Abbot's ^lorton and Frances 

Rmithe of Xorton is given in the registers of Xorton-with-I.<'neh- 

wick, 31 Jan., 1611. 
Jan. 29. Sir Henry Fetherstone knt. and Frances da. of Sir Henry 

Herbert of Kilibcsford knt. 
Fel). 8. Kobert Foly of Stourbridge, bachelor, and Ann Uhirton 

of the city of Woi'ccsti^r, .spinster. 

Prior to the year IGGl, then; seems to be no regular and 

continued record of the grant of marriage licences at "Worcester. 
IGGl.Apr. 17. AVilliam Holmes of IJidford, cordwaincr, aged 23, 

bachelor, and Hannah liolter of I'-ckinglon, about 2-}, maiden. 
Ai.r. 20. I'.chvard Plinnb of Tiddin,i;ton, co. Woi'c, about -10, 

widower, and Kli/.abcth Hastinges of the same jilace, about 21, 

maid .servanb 
June 11. John ?ibiriis nf Hivlf-ulon ^ent., about 10, widower. 

Mid Mary FuiLt of Long Maislon, co.'(;l<air., .ibout 21, maiden, 

her parents bolli dead. 
Juno 11. Kobert Morris of llrclfoilo,,, yeoman, aliout ;;0, bachelor, 

and Susanna Greene of the same pavi>.li, about 21, maidi'u. 

Lc Neve does not appear to liavi' known lo what place this 
family of Morris belonged ; but he assigns to ihem a coat of 
arms: J'r,/i,,rrr., „f Kiii./hf.^, p. 418. 
June 2C. ]^.bert Solh'rs of A\'on:ester, a]TOthccary, about 24, and 

Hester Poole, about 17, da. of "William Poole of lloneybourne. 
Aug. 3. Walter Steward of Inlcberrow, about 25, bachelor, •■ind 

Alice Hill, da. of Hum].hrcy H.ll, of Feckenham, about 19. 
Aug. 31. Tliomas Hunt of l.lndrry in Inkberrow, gent., .about 27, 

bachelor, and Ursula Cliapman of '.Marlelilf in Pidford, about 21, 

Sept. 4. John :\lalten of Cburchill. husbauduian, about 40, and 

Mary Fincher of Haekctt's I'aonjd.ton, 2 1, da. of Koger Fincher. 
Oct. 5. John Kobin.son of lidibcirow, carp.ul.r, 28, bachelor, and 

Cicely Hobday ((/(W.s- Lacy, ,,| l^ckridiam, about 27, maiden. 
Oct. 2G. Jhuics r.askeryilc of f.dow.', co. Kadlu.r, genl., 22, 

and Flizabrth Crillin of I'.ickmardi, about 21, a maiden; her 

parents dead. 
Nov. 1. Ni-bolas K,.kc of r.idford, aboul .Tl, widower, an,l 

f.leanor Pound of AlccNlrr, about 2 1, maidm. 
Jan. 18. John Wadley of N'ewent, co. Glouc, about 23, and 


jSSS- ss,:"- ,S"- "'"" -^' '"^''^" ■ ^'"^^"^-'^ "^^ 

''''"';:^l„w;. J';"v" l^?'^^"^l-n. ...f stoke Wor, geut.,al,out 40, 
' •' ^ ' r>:" ChMimuu, of Tardebigoo, about 40, Widow • to 

be iiiaiTied at Jhdfonl or Stoke Prior ' 


irr- J''"^■^"»'^fI'"•^l"-*'->l-'"t24,u■aide^. "'"' "^'"^ 

16G., March 29 Kichard Andre^-es of Donn.sto,., 30 and 

.Sarah Hayncs, about 30, da. of Francis Hayues, .f'l.f;. me 

place, Imsbaudmau. ^ "-■=>' i w'c same 

i ci tatiier dead, lier niotlier consentiug. Licence apiil ed for bv 
Geo^^ bale, shoen.ker, of Bulford, .4^re the marrii^ ^H I 

June 14. Cornelius AVood«-ard of Peoplcton, clerk about 50 

^HnW oMh"'''"^' ^-'-'■^I"'^'-ow, tanni^4, and Alice 
iaed bv t T l;-;>'^!'. .''bout 20, nuudcn ; t]>c statement 

Kierllni. ""mplnxy and l,y WUiam Tomes of 

Sept. 20. -NVini.-nu Coleman of ] 

30, and Alice Deane of Jiidfurd, about 1)0, Lm 

^Wirce.sloi', about 

Untitts o! il\oahs. 

Tar, K.>iu,oo>i or ,b .S,n,„„nh asi, Siu™ bi'mno .',00 Yr„„ 


llic peerage law of Scotlaml— a siiliject wliieli lie had sUidicd under il., 
;,'rpntest master, the lato Juhii Kiddell — cuiitains a vindication of the 
ancient historical dignity of 'Mnv against the recent attempt of the 
Conniiittee of Privileges of the llonsc of Lords to extinguish it. 

It might It jiriori have been thought dilHcult to make the qiumtio 
vx'ila of the iNIar Peerage intelligiljle to geucral readers ; but Lord 
Crawford has done more than this. Handling his subject with the 
strictest historical impartiality, he also invests it with an interest that 
never allows the reader's attention to flag, and at times makes it as 
picturesquely exciting as a romance. 

The ancient and—pficf Lord Eedesdale — still existing Earldom of ^lar, 
the solo survivor of tlie Celtic ilormaerdoms of Scotland, carries us back 
to at least the twelfth century, where Lord Crawford's account of it 
begins : but we can here do no more than allude briefly to those salient 
jioints in its history that most directly affect the question in dispute. 

The Salic or Lenidiard law never prevailed in Scotland, and lands and 
dignities went invariably by the operation of law to heirs general or heirs 
of line ; those occasional settlements on heirs male which were allowed 
after the accession of Eobert I being always treated as exceptions to 
the common law, and looked on with disfavour. The Earldom of !Mar, 
in the end of the fourteenth century, went in succession to two Countesses 
in their own right, iLnrgaret, Avho was also Countess of Douglas by marriage, 
and Isabel The nijifiis of Countess Isabel by Alexander Stewart, 
illegitimate .son of the " "Wolf of Badenoch," is a well-known episode in 
Scottish history. This desperado, after a murderous attack on that laily's 
first hu.sbaud, laid siege to her Castle of Kildrunimy, compelled her to be 
his wife, and on 12th August, 1-lOi, extorted from her a charter which, 
had the King confirmed it, would, on the failure of his issue by Isabel, 
have given the earldom to his heirs instead of her's. Piut, failing such 
confirmation, the writ was but a worthless bit of parchment ; and weak 
as was the law in those northern jiarts in the reign of Eobert III, the 
outrage was too flagrant to lie altogether condoned. The King refused 
liis confirmation ; but a compromise was adjusted : and after a dramatic 
scene at Kildrunimy, of which Alexander's renunciation of the charter 
of 12th August formed part, Isabel granted on 9th December I'lOl, a 
new cliarter to her husbancl, giving him a liferent right, but with re- 
mainder to her own heirs in the Earldom — which charter the King duly 
confirmed, so that it became the ruling investiture. Isabel soon died 
childless, and the acknowledged rights of her next heirs, the I'^rskincs 
(descended from a grand-aunt of Isabel), were tlius postponed till 
Alexander's death, which occiirred in 11:35. 

Li 1138 Eobert Lord Erskiue established his ri-ht by the usual legal 
form of service before a jury, and became Earl of ^lar. lint the Crown 
had in the meantime entered into possession of the valuable terrritories 
of the Earldom, and was loathe to give- them up ; and James II and 
his advisers, after t' nii'nrizin.i,' fur a length of time, in l-ir>7, reduced Earl 
Eobcrt's retour by a 'Snvice negative,' based on the plea by the 
bastardy of Alcxiindri-, nr in virtue of a transaction between him and 
James I in M2C, thit Earldom fell to the Crown. Either pnttext Avas 
worthless, ina;-nnuh as Alexander was only a liferentcr: but to jirovo 
him not to be so, the unconlirmod and invalid charter of August 1-101, 


was, liy an npou and shamolcs.s perversion of justice, reared np hy 
Cliancellor Crichlon as against the valid and confirmed cliarter of 
December UOi. 

Miglit thus triumphed over right till 1565, when Queen ]\[ary, learning 
the story of Lord Erskine's wrongs, was " moved by conscience" to make 
liim the fullest ])ossible reparation, and granted him a charter restoring 
to liim that Earldom of Mar, of which, as heir of Countess Isaljel and 
Earl Kobert, lu; and his forbears had been unjustly dejirived by the acts 
of her jiredecessors. This Lord Erskinc is known in history as the 
Ecgcnt ]\Lar, and tjie Earldom thus restored to its lawful owner was 
enjoyed by him and inherited by his descendants in nnliroken succession 
for iivc gcneratiojis. 

In 1715 John Earl of Mar, who headed the rising in favour of the 
Stuarts, was attainted. But for his attainder his only surviving child. 
Lady Frances Erskine, would, it was universally admitted, have succeeded 
him as Countess in her own right. The attainder was removed, 
not in her time, but in the next generation, in the person of John 
Francis luskinc of Mar, her son. It no doubt happened tliat the restored 
Earl had also become next heir male of the family : but by the direct 
admissii)n of those who had the strongest interest to take an opposite 
view, his light was derived from his mother : and the Act of Restoratioir 
expressly restored him as "grand.son and heir of line" of the attainted 
Earl. Had females been excluded from the succession, the Earldom 
would indeed nev«r have come to the F.rskiiies ; and therefore also when 
in 18GG ]'>arl John Francis stiller died without issue or brother's issue, 
the succession of his sister's son was acijuii-sced in as a matter of course 
by every one, includin- the lieiv male roll.itrral, the l;,te Earl of Xellie. 
liy and liy, liowrver, L.ird KMllr nnn.miitvd liis, claimed bv 
l)elili.iu til llir Cr.iwn, not. tlic' J^arldoiii licl.l bv Cratiiev, bv Isalu'l 
Douglas, and by Kobert i'.rskine, and ille-;illv witlilicld ti-oin 'tlir four 
following generations of Erskines, but an l^aildom ni-\ir ]»■{,, rr luaid of, 
and sujiposed to have been created by <|Mii'cn .M,nv in ia\nur of Lead 
Erskine, not by the charter by which" slio restored 'to liiiii and his Iteirs 
fi.c. heirs of line) his rights 2)rr mii<h/m jii^lliic (which was imagined 
only to confer the lands), but a patent a few weeks later giving him a 
new-fangled "peerage-earldom" of !Mar, with a dillerent remainder from 
that of the restoration charter, namely, to the heirs male of his body. 
The law oilicers of the Crown, both for England and Scotland, )iaturally 
pronounced the hypothesis on which this claim was built \nitenable ; 
nevertheless the House of Lords, on \\v rcpnit of the Cnmniittce of 
I'rivileges, transmitted their oin'iiion, on wliidi llie Crdwn a.ted, that the 
Earl of Xellie (the J.resent Earl, his futlicr liaving died dnvin- the 

.■ •' Karldnm of 

depend.'nce, „f tlir r. 

ase), 1 

.ad made nut bis 


Marcivaled in l.-.G:.. 

The pr,.f..und ast. 


irnl whir]. Ibis ,1, 


when the of 

it. -wrl 

■r exaniincl, as the 

sc arc 

of Lord Ked,.Mlal.. : 

md tl 

ir latr Lonl Cbch 


unfortunatr dirtu of 
Lord Cam.lrn, who, 1 


aw loidsot ec 
cv, eminent as Kn.; 

h'sb 'li 

in Seotli>b histon. 


Is, and prrccdrnts. 


in direct opposition 1 

:o the 

la'w of .Scotland, b 

ait it 


tliat tlicir autliors expressly repiuliateJ the application or, rather rrducHo 
n,I „h.->Nrdnin, wliieli is made of the)n by Lords llcdesdalc and Chelmsford 
in tlic Mar case. These two formulated dicta are, 1st, " Lord Mansfield's 
law," that titles of honour must in dnjiin be presumed to go to heirs 
male of the body ; from whence it was inferred that ^Margaret and Isabel 
were Countesses by a new creation by " patent " in favour of their 
resjiective husbands, and that neither Earl Robert nor any succeeding 
Erskinc down to Queen Mary's time had any rightful chniu to the ]'2arldom 
of Mar. 2ndly, "Lord Camden's law;" that a charter of " comitatus," in 
which the title of Earl was not specifically mentioned, gave the lands 
onl}' and not the dignity : ergo it was inferreil, Queen ^Mary's restitu- 
tion charter was but a grant of the lands of the Earldom of !Mar to Lord 
Erskine, who must moreover have acquired the dignity of Earl of ^^lar by 
a separate patent, and one — agreeablj' to "Lord Jlansfield's law" — with 
limitation, not like the restitution charter, to heirs general, but to heirs 
male of the body! "\\nule such is the "liypothcsis built on a hypotlicsis" 
of Lords Redesdale and Chelmsford, the fact, well known to all jiersons 
conversant witli Scottish records and charters (for it is really a question 
of fact, not of law) is, that all charters of "comitatus " carried thi? title, 
of \vhicli there was very rarely any separate mention ; and that ikj 
sp]iarate patent of the dignity of Earl was ever heard of in Scotland till 
IGOO. The furllier errors of the Committee, including the resuscitation 
of the unconfirmed charter of August 1401, as against the valid one of 
December 1101, the setting at naught of solenni decisions of the Court 
of Session in 1G26, and the charge made against tlu^ Tr.;, surer llarl of 
fi-audulent!y destroying the imaginary patent in IGOG, witli the \\vw of 
getting a higher precedence than 1-3G5, are exposed and refuted in detail 
by Lord Crawford. 

But if the ICarl of Kcllie is to be regarded I'.arl of .Afar m resjiect of 
this resolution of 1505, it does not follow, as seems to have been at first 
imagined, that the heir general, who never claimed this newly discovered 
title, is, since the decision of 1^75, any less Earl of i\Iar, di'. jin-c and dc 
farto, than he was when he succeeded by right of blood to his uncle in 
18G6. That the resolution is not tlius two-edged has been admitted by 
the House of Lords itself in 1877. Nevertlieless the heir general has 
been practically dcljarred from voting at Ilolyrood by a]i ex. fada iiregular 
order is.sued by the House of Loids licfore tlu'ir resolution had been 
confirmed by the Queen, and Ims licen subjected to other disabilities, 
from' which it is to be hoped tbat means may shortly be found to 
relieve him. 

At a recent meeliug for llir oI,.r|,i,,u of a K.'i)rescutative Peer, the 
dissatisfaction of a Ln-c hod.v <.r llir Seoltisli Peerage foun<l expression 
iiiniilier against the reception of tlic 
1 of Mar; ami tlie question has now 
ipf Srijtland as more than a jiersonal 
of I lie tiibunal (or more properly 
li lliiir riglds are discussed, threaten- 
1 ami eLiiinants of jieerage. Lord 
ieli il is didi.idt to gninsav, that tlui 
if Mirli .jueMioiis is slill, 'a.s it was 
A S,ssi,,n. The jiivisdiriion of the 
age clauuo wa.^ exercised till I'.ir on in 

in protests by 
vote of the ']•: 
come to be rcj 
one, the unsa 

arl of 

eell of 
by tlle 
ry elia 

commission of 


•j befol 

ing serious jie 
Crawford uku,, 

rils to' 
(aiiis, o 


proper and le,. 
before the V^ 
Supremo Couif 

iio„, in til" t 
, of Scotland 


lasl contury ; and Ihc ]iractico -wliich has grailually sprung ii]i of Scottish 
claimants petitioning tlic Sovereign aiul being referred to the House of 
Lords is, according to liis view, in strictness only a sort of irregular 
arbitration, devoid of strict legal sanction. lie advises a return by 
claimants to the constitutional usage which has been discontinued, " not 
from any Idclicg on the part of the Court, but from the action of 
claimants only." Such a coidri'lcinps as that of ]\rar could certainly not 
have occurred lind the case been brought before the judges of Scotland, 
and argued on both sides by counsel learned in tlic law of that country. 

Genealogical Memoirs of the Echlin Family. By Johx R. Eciii.ix, 
M.A. Edinburgh [1882], 8vo. Second E<lition. 

Some years ago Jlr. Echlin printed a manuscript in his jiossession 
entitled " Memoirs of the ancient families of the Echlins of Pittadro," 
by George Crawfurd, Esq., to which he added an ajipendix setting fortlr 
the more modern lineage of the family. This has been long since out of 
print, and he explains in his preface the nature of this srrond edition, .so 
well that wc cannot do better than give his own words :— 

" I have thought it well to prepare a Second Edition of the little 
work — a spcniid edition I call it, although, as will be seen, it departs 
considerably from tlic jilan of the fir-^f, in that ISIr. George Crawfurd's 
'Memorial' — tlie basis and starting jioint of the first edition — is not here 
given at length ; the greati'r part of tliat performance having been found, 
on investigation, to lie a wnik (sn far as the Echlins were concerned) of 
pure iniaginaliiin, nianifc,-,lly diiiwii up in pilausilile fulfilment of an 
entrusted eomnii.-sion." .Much as>istanie has been adonled the author of 
this compilation by !Mr. K. R. Studavt, a genealogist well known to our 
readers as one of the best authorities on family hislorw 

The Ecldins of Pittadro, chiefs of the nanuj in Scotland, ih^'scend from 
"William Echling, Laird of Pittadro in 14.57, whosc^ line ended in Henry 
Echlin of that ])Iace, early in the seventeenth century. The account given 
of them is followed by an exhaustive note on the Arms of the Echlin 
Family, which sets forth the variations of the coat borne. There is 
.ilso a facsimile of a grant of a Crest to John Echlin, eldest sou of 
Robert Echlin, Bishop of ])own and Connor, a iirelate described as 
the " Root and Founder of the Irisli branch of the family." lie was a 
cadet of Pittadro. His descemlants are carefully traced out to the 
present representative, the Rev. John R. Echlin, the author of this 
memoir. From tlie .second son of Robert Echlin, grandson of the P.ishop, 
arc descended the Echlins, P.aronels, whose luifortunate histiuy is well 
known to the readers of Burke's " A'icissitudes of Families." Their 
jiedigrec is given in A])pendix 1. The eurinu^; ivader will do well to 
compare it with the account given in Mr. Fnstei's P.aronelage. Tin; 
pedigrees difier somewhat ; as to whicli is tlie mo;:t. correct tlie facts cited 
do not warrant us in fonning an npinioi,. ()tl„.r bianrhes of the Echlins 
are dealt with in \W ,-.iilis,.,nieiil pngrs of Appendix. .Mr. J'xhlin has 
produced a very iis.^l'iil, and to all a|i]M'araiic.'s jiviiialc, airount of this 
ancient family, which must be c(iii.sid.ivd as the foimdalioii stone uiitni 
which may be Imilt a superstructure giving a detailed and juovcl family 
history. So far as it goes the book is good, the greatest fault we have to 
find with it i.s, that it has no index. 


A ]\Iemorial History of the CAMPBELLa of ISIelfort, Argyllshire. 
By Margaret Olympia Campbell. London, 1882, 4to. 

" The wish to perpotuntc tlie noLlo and patriotic duty of a race during 
all time remarkable for their fidelity to their sovereign and to tlie cliief 
of their clan " is the authoress's apology for a very interesting and 
elegantly printed liislory of this branch of the great Clan Campbell of 
Argyll. The chief defects in it ai-o, that the genealogical statements it 
contains arc nnsupported by references to wills, parisli registers, and 
documents of such a nature as are necessary to prove tlio coniieclion of 
its various members, and the absence of any index wliatever to its 
contents. The statements made rest therefore solely on the autliorily of 

Tlic lands and Barony of Jlelfort were granted by King David Bruce 
to Sir Archibald Campbell of Lochaw in 1343, and continued in his 
family till sold by Col. John Campbell in 1838, but there still remains 
ill the possession of the family the small property of Kilchoan, situated 
at the western extremity of the estate. No account of a Highland family 
would be thought complete which could not toU some mysterious 
story, and liero we are given one of a singular and apparently 
inexplicable kind. There is a light which ajipears at times, over one 
sjiot on a bank near the river Oude, an<l which, on approaching, 
disappears, to the terror of the beholder. Curious to relate, wlien the 
present possessor of the estate was making a new road, it necessitated a 
cutting through this bank, which brought to light two stone coffins, of 
which the stones were simply placed together \\'ithout any fastenings. 
One of them contained tlic ashes of a man, the other the remains of a 
female with a necklace of oriental character, and a bracelet. It is over 
this spot the light is seen. A bridge has been Ijuilt there the 
river, but notwithstanding the cofllns and their conlents were buried in 
Kilmelfort clmrchvard, tlie light still remains. 

The Campbells' of ^Melfort are traced from Xeil, son of Sir Colin 
Campbell 11th kniglit of Lochaw, who died in 1340. Between him and 
Xige, who probably fell at Flodden, 1513, only tu'O genenitious are 
given ; these seem too few in a jjcriod of 173 years ! 

The Campbells appear to be remarkable f(jr the number of inciiibers of 
the family who have done good service to their queen and coiiiitiy in tlie 
Army and Navy, among whom may be mentioned Sir Patrick, Sir Colin, 
and Sir Alexander Campbell, Bart. Tiie various .services of these gallant 
ollicers are duly recorded. 

Pedigrees of the :\[acdouga]ls of ]\racdougall, ^raclachlans of :\rac- 
lachlan (Iwhvnot of ' that" Ilk,') and of the Camerons of Lochiel, as 
well as the descendants of the Campbells of :\relfort in the female lino 
arc given. Notes of Charters and Deeds relating to the Melfort proiierty 
are placed in an appendix. 'I'liese ought, at all events the earliei- ones, 
to have been reprodured in faesin)ile, and in all cases to have been 
lirinted >ii dii'iigo. 

The illustrations and general get up of this volume are all that can lie 
desired, and it will form an elegant addition to the drawiii ; table 
literature of every descendant of the house of ^lelfort. 


Pedes Fixium. Edited by Walter Eye. Xonvicli, 1881, 8vo. 

Tlio fines indexed in this little reprint from tlie publications of tlie 
Norfolk Archaeological Society extend from 3 Richard I to the end of 
John. In an introduction 'Mi: Rye explains in an exceedingly clear and 
conci.?e manner the olyects and form of a final concord, tlio nature of 
tlieso documents, and the best way of consulting tliom. It is impossible 
for us to do justice to the valuable remarks he has made without 
repi'inting the greater part of his introduction. He has generously 
consented to allow such ])art3 of it as are of more than mere local interest 
to ajjpear in our next number, and to supplement tliem witli furtlior 
information on the subject likely to bo of use to those ignorant of the 
vast amount of valuable genealogical information this jiarticular class of 
public records allbrd. 

TirK Records of St. Michael's Parish Church, Bishop's Stortford. 
Edited by J. L. Glasscock, Jun. London, Elliott Stock, 1882, 8vo. 

Some time ago Mr. Speechley, cliurchwarden, undertook Hk' task of 
examining the papers preserved in the vestry of llishnp's Stuilfoid 
churcli, in which he was assisted by Mr. Glasscock. Tlie h\un' intirrsting 
parts of those papers, the whole of which are kept in tlie vesiry of St. 
Micliai'l's Chunb, iiiv now placetl before the public. Tliey co)isist of the 
clmrcbwardcns' acruiuils from U31 — 1847, or at all events parts of them. 
There is nothing to ijidicatc liow far tliey are given in their entiretj'. A 
list of the vicars from 1332, and cliurchwardens from l-iSO, to tlie 
])rcscnt time, accounts relating to tlic Guild St. John tlie Baptist, 
inventories of church goods, 1537, eliurcli ri^ntals rirra Edw. IV., 
Ric. Ill, and 21 Hen. VIII., tlie chuiehw:,id.i,s' b,,ok, 1GI2, accounts 
of the collectors for the poor, extracts from lln' ovcisi'i'i's' book, i^-o., \-c., 
and lastly a most useful list of monuniLulal in.sciiptioiis, both in the 
cliurch and churchyard. A good index of names com})letes the volume. 

Great credit appears to be due to tlie vicar and cliurclnvardens for 
their care of the documents confided to their keeping, but the other 
parish autboi-ities ajipear to have counterbalanced this by a piece of ruthles-s 
neglect :— 

At the allluial vcstiy iiK:rt,ing, M.iuli .'.., l^.-.l, it •Jus.Jiul Ihal llic Ass^.^laiit 
Onrseci- should be cmpoircrcd lo iriuuir all luu.L-i Ulowjiiui to Ihc ^nirish froui the Corn 
Kxchunyc, and lake charjc of them at hi.i (iirn re.skkiicc.'" 

It is not to sii|ipos(^ tliat the next consignee of these 
ancient documents will be tlir r.uldr man. 

The notes to the chuivliu.udrn-.' a.vuuuts arc; useful, but many 
more might liave been add.d \\i{\\ advantage, ij/., lliat gaiig-tyde 
()). -13) means Rogation week. If, Imucver, we 'have too few notes u/tlie 
cliurchwardens' accounts, the oiiiissini, is m.iilc up for by rather overdoing 
those to the inventories of cluiivh -..mIs,— those on Chalice, Cruetts, Cope, 
Alb, etc., being we think unnecessary. Obis, /.,'. albs, is delined as 
".satin ma.le at Ihug.s," owing to the Jigurc referring to the note being 


]ilace(l against that word instead oi against " brcdgis," tlio old writing 
for Brnges. The. ewer and basons ^^'ere used in the service of tlic Mass, 
and not for tlic font as stated in note 17. 

'Mv. Glasscock, in his preface, apologises for not liaving included the 
Parish Register in his work on account of the space it woidd occupy, 
asserting with much truth that extracts o;i/y arc worse than useless. 
Essex antiquaries have to thank liim for a very useful and i)istructive 
book, and a valuable contribution to local topography. Wc trust that it 
will prove sufficiently successful to induce him to print the: Parish 
Register as a companion volume. Such a publication would be (piite as 
much, probably much more, appreciated than his present volume. 

Gexeai-ogy and Biogkaphical Sketches op the Youxgman Family. 
By David Youxgman, M.D. Boston, Mass., 1883, 8vo. 
This little fanuly record gives a clear and interesting account of the 
descendants of Francis Younginan, who was living at Roxbury, now a 
part of Boston, as early as 1G84. The name is uncommon in the United 
States, not more than a dozen of his descendants in male line being in 
existence at the present time. Dr. Youngman considers, apparently ^vith 
good reason, that the name came to England from Germany, and that its 
original sjielling Jungman was anglicised into the present form. "We 
ranniit bestow greater praise on tlie evident care and accuracy of tlie 
wi-iter, than by saying that his jiamphlet is absolutely free from the 
usual rubbish regarding English ancestors which distigaires most American 

Deeds Relatixg to PAursii axd OTiiEn Ciiaiuties of ^VA^■nswoItTIl. 
By Wat.tee Rye, 1881, 8vo. 
In the vestry of the church of Wandsw.irth arc preserv<Hl upwards of 
forty old documents relating to tlie irarisli charities. The laslc of editing 
these documents was wisely confided by the A'estry to Mr. "Walter Rye, 
who lias performed the labour with that care and accuracy which always 
characterize his handywork. Ilis report on the administration of tlie 
charities is satisfactory, no great irregularities having crept in. Indeed, 
the printed parish accounts show that Forsyth's Charit}', the income of 
which is _£."> 5s. lOd. per annum, makes an annual expenditure of 
.£'11 12s. 9d., a feat wo recommend to the consi<loration of the vestrymen 
and churchwardens of other parishes, whose charities ^aro not usually so 
Well administered. 

Remixiscexces of James C. Aveu axh the Town of Avi;it. Tliird 
Edition. By Ciiaules Cowley. Lowell, Mass., 8vo. 
James Cook Ayer was the eldest surviving son of Frederick, son of 
Elislia Ayer. "When seven years old he losl, his father by death and 
commenced the battle of life. His success in the .struggle is the suliject 
of these page.--, and will be read with interest as well as profit by those 
who are f.iitunate eiinuvh to see a copy of Judge Cowley's amusing 
nan-.Uive. His grandfal lii-r, .James Cook, was engaged in'tho llanncl 
in.uiufaetuie, and w.lli hnu the b.,y, when only eleven years ,,ld, made a 
cunliacl to attend the picker in his mill for four cents an hour. " Tliis 


anxious and aspiring boy actually worked t^yonty hours a day on his 
gi'andfalhcr's picker, in order tu earn four cents an hour. It was not 
from more that he did this, for when ho had saved about 
fourteen dollars out of his earnings, lie lent it to his grandfather, taking a 
note for that amount, hrarin;/ intercd — mark his early care to liave his 
money earning more money — and then made a present of this interest- 
bearing note to his widowed mother." 

His industry was er^ualled, if not surpassed, by his ability. At one 
time lie made himself master of the business of an apothecary, and the 
University of Pennsylvania gave him the degree of M.l). At twenty-one 
years of age he invented a rotary steam engine ; he also invented a 
system of telegrapliic printing, and nunil.>ers of niachincs. To follow out 
the history of his varied successes is beyond the scope of these pages ; 
suffice it to say, that he died at the comparatively early age of GO in 1878, 
the architect of his own fortune, and that fortune no less than ten or 
twelve million dollars. Judge Cowley deals with his subject in an nble 
and entertaining manner, and we can assure our readers that the lih; of 
this remarkable man is well worth reading. 

The Look of the V.^uiax F.\mily. Ly S.ui. Luiggs. Cleveland, 
Oliio, 1881, Svo. 

In this volume ]\Ir. Biiggs, whoso compilations on the Briggs' family 
we have already noticed iu the ' Genealogist,' gives a clear and well 
written account of the descendants of Isaac Varian, the first of the 
name in the United States. Various traditions are current as to his 
origin, and i\Ir. Briggs is of opinion that he came from Holland, to 
which country he or his predecessors hail migrated from France. He 
was settled as a butcher in New York as early as 1720, in which city he 
has always been considered as one of the "fathers of the guild." Ho 
died about 1800, and must therefore have reached a great age, at all 
events nearly 100. Several portraits of the most distinguished of his 
descendants adorn this volume, including a very pleasing one of its 
laborious author. 

Notices of persons of the name in France, Canada, and Ireland are 
prefixed, together with some observations on its origin. It is in the 
opinion of the writer a corruption of Yarin, i.e. Guerin, which in 
the Teutonic dialect signilicd "lover of war." It seems, however, to us 
that it might almost as easily be considered a corruption of Yarignon. 

Apropos to the assumed Xornian origin of the family ^Mr. Briggs gives 
a very amusing chapter, entitled " Xorniaudy and tlie Xoriuans," wliicli 
includes a collection of proverbs relating to tlinse unprincipled villains 
from whom we are so fond of boasting descent, and whose rapacity forms 
the point of most of them, c.(j. " Xinety-nine pigeons and one Xorman 
make one hundred robliers." The ' preliminary discourse,' or as we 
should call it, the 'preface,' is exceedingly amusing, and may be read 
with profit by those who are bent on cross-questioning their maiden 
aunts on matters genealogical. A capital index, and a few blank pages 
for additions and corrections, a novel feature in books of this kind, close 
the volume, which is exceptionally well [irinted and got up, and reilecls 
much credit on the ability and industry of its compiler. 



The death of Col. Chester has caused a feeling of genuine 
sorrow in the hearts of all English genealogists, and created a 
breach in tlieir ranks which time is not likely to fill up again, at 
all events in our day. The results of his extensive research, 
always given with the most open-handed liber-alitj' to anyone 
interested in historical or genealogical pursuits, Vait best known 
and appreciated by the class of students to wdiose interests this 
Magazine is especially devoted, render it not only a duty but a 
pleasiu-e to record in these pages, inadequatelj^ tliongh it be, some 
tribute to the generous friend and genial correspondent whose 
work- is done. 

Joseph Lemuel Chester was born at Norwich, Connecticut, 
U.S.A., .30th April, 1821. His father having died while the son 
was quite young, the future genealogist was left to face the 
battle of life dependant solely on his own endeavouj's. According 
to the ' Supplement to the Cycloprfdia of American Literature,' 
published in ISGG, "He commenced the study of law in New 
York in 1S3S, but aljandoned it for a branch of the mei-eantile 
profession, in which he was engaged in that city and Pliiladelphia 
until about 1S.")2, during the whole of which time he was a 
freijuent contributor to tlie weekly and monthly press, under 
various signatures, that of '.hdian Cramer' being the one best 
known to the communit3^ lie' tlun became connected with the 
Philadelphia pi-oss, both ther(; and as a corresponding editor at 
Washington. For a time he was one of the assistant clerks of 
the United States House of llrprrsrntatives. Since 18.5S lie 
has resided in London. His carlii'i' jmblications inchnle ' Green- 
wood Cemetery, ami other I'ucins' (12mo, New York and 
Boston, 1813) ; 'The Persona,! Nan,iti\v of Mrs. :\rargaret Douglas, 
a Southern Woman, who was Inqn i unnd for One IMonth in the 
Connnon Jail of Norfolk, midrr tlic Laws of Virginia, for the 
Crime of Teaching Vvvr Colourcl (.'l,ildren to llrad' (12i,io, 
I'.oston, 18.31); 'Life of John Rogers, the Marian PioLo-.Alartyr, 


with Biographical Skctclics of some of Iiis Descendants,' &c. (Svo, 
London, 18G1, pp. 452). Tlio last mentioned work, one of nineh 
labour and research, has received tlie nnqiialilied connnendation 
of the English press." 

Col. Chester came to England in 1858, and was employed here, 
in an official capacity, during the Civil War. Tlie primary olyect 
of his visit was, however, to investigate the history of the Pilgrim 
Fathers, and the genealogy of his own English ancestry. lie soon 
made his mark here as a genealogist of great ability and pains- 
taking research. He was one of the founders of the Harleian 
Society in 1SG9, and a member of the first council of the Royal 
Historical Society in 1870. For the former he edited the Parish 
Registers of St. Dionis Baekchurcli, St. Mary Aldcrmary, and 
St. Thomas the Apostle, London ; and was at the time of his death 
engaged in editing, in conjunction with Dr. J. J. Howard, the 
Visitation of London in 1G31<, of which one volume has already 
appeared. His greatest work, and that by wdiich he has 
earned a place amongst English men of letters, was the editing 
and annotating ' The Marriage, Baptismal, and Burial Registei-s 
of the Collegiate Church or Abbey of St. Petei-, Westminster,' 
London, 1870, 8vo. On this book he spent ten years' labour, and 
theji generously allowed tlie Harleian Society to issue it as one 
of their publications (vol. x), his sole object being to leave 
it as liis legacy to the nation which he was wont to say liad 
always treated him kindly and whose Inispitalile sjioics lie ncNi-r 
intended to leave, and 'ivlaTe at lengtli, as In: always \\is]ii'd, lie 
ha,s found a final resting-place. It has been said, with much 
truth, that scarcely a modern book appears relating to biography, 
genealogy, county or parish history, that is not indebted more or 
less to the investigations of Col. Chester. 

The 'Westminster Abbey Registers' are so well Icnown to 
the readers of this publication, and the historical Nahie of the 
notes to them appreciated by so widc> a circle, that further 
comment on theui here would be quite suj)eilhi()\is. 'i'liey were 
not unappreciated by his own comitryiuen, for, in recDgnition (jf 
his labours on this worlv, Columbia Collegi', Nrw York City, 
an institution from wliicli such a ei)in|)liiiiciit is an hoiKiur, 
conferred 0)i him tlie lu.nornry d.givr of bL.D. in l,s77. (),i (.lie 
22nd June, bSSl, our (Avn I'nivcrsily of Oxford gave him the 
degree of D.C.L., a recognition of his sei'xiees to English literature 


inore lii_c,'lily valued by liiin tlian any otlicv lionouv Ijcstowed 
11)1011 liiiii. Tliore was only one ilistinctinn he would have 
•greatly appi'cciated which he never livel to attain, hut to 
which he had a far better right than of the distuigui.shed 
foreigners on whom it is lavishly bestowed, that of Hon. F.S.A. 

It is, however, the object of this notice to place on record a 
]iennaiient testimony to the noble nature of the man, rather than 
U) detail his labours or give an account of his life. 

His jiersonal appearance was in every way characteristic. Tall, 
of stout build, well propoiiioned, with long flowing gray beard, 
and a peculiarly kindly expression of countenance, he naturally 
prcpo.ssessed those with whom he came in contact at first sight, 
and his quiet and unobtrusive manner at once commanded respect. 
( lenerous and genial in disposition far beyond most men, he was 
at the same time highly sensitive, and felt keenly any want of 
gratitude on the part of those who obtained his assistance in their 
researches, while, on the other hand, the most trivial attention 
shown him was accepted and valued with childlike simplicity and 
delight. Ever ready to afford to anyone who asked him all the 
aid which his large collection could supply, he spent half his tune 
in replying to the enquiries of his numerous correspondents, and 
it was rarely, however much trouble it imulveil or tiim.' it took, 
that the desired information was not sujtplicil liy return of post. 
Tho only return he c.vpected, though fur that hf never asked, was 

Incessant work, and the sedentary life which it enforced, 
naturally told on what was to all appearances a robust constitu- 
tion, but till within a few weeks of his demise, the gout, from 
N\hich he fvecpiently suli'ereil, was his only serious complaint, lie 
ristmas, as he ha<l been in the habit of 
is residence in ICngland, at the house 
■, anil seeme.l, thou-li j.erhai.s a little 
uial liealth and spirits. Jii February he 
.■nemy the gout, and though lie did 
al nothing serious was anticipated till 
is medical attendant. Mr. Cooper, sus- 
■eriiig from disease ,,f tlie nature of 
.-.tlTof .May Sir James Paget, and ])r. 
rd him, and' pn.nouneed the ease to be 
nil- in the stomach of considerable size 


nt a fo 

■tnight CI 


ng diu 

ing most of h 


his fri, 

id' Mr. Cokayn 


s aetiv. 

much in his u 


s attac 

ved by his ol( 


, rally 

as soon as usi 


• end oi, when 1 


•ted tl, 

it he was sul 


ern.-d t 

iiiiour. On tlu 


.Non, o 

(lll}-s, exaiiliu 


Uof a 

cancerous tum 


and long standing, Ijiit not of necessity innnediately fatal. These, 
or some such words were told him by Sir James, and since that 
time he seemed to lose all heart, and I believe never wrote a line 
more. He continued however to sit up in his libraxy on an 
invalid couch, and though his voice became feeble, was able to 
converse with his friends till the 23rd of May, when, though 
weak, he apjjcared much as usual ; but on that night came an 
attack of bronchitis, then an abscess in the throat, and though 
he appeared to recover from both these, soon after miilnight his 
strength gave way; and on the 2r)th he gradually sank, and at 
10 a.m. on tlie 2Gth expired. 

On the last day of the month his funeral, which was of a 
private character, took place at Nunhead Cemetery; a large 
number however of his poorer neighbours (among whom he had 
so long resided, and to whom he had ever been a liberal and 
most kind benefactor) were present. The American Embassy 
was represented by Mr. E. S. Nadal, one of the Secretaries of 
Legation. Tlie service was read by Dr. Bradley, Dean of West- 
minster, who thus, on behalf of himself and his Cliapter, testified 
the respect due to one who had done so much toward-; ilhistratiu" 
the history of their glorious Abbey. 

Nothing more remains to be told, unless it be to add that of 
the many good (pialities exemplilied in his life his genial 
disposition was the most striking. Having acquired knowledge 
himself, l)y imparting it to others he made the best possible use 
of it, and thus derived the truest and noblest enjo-.-ment from 
its possession. In this respect he has left behind him a bright 
example, an.l taught a iis.-ful lesson. His too early death has 
caused a general and le artfelt feeling of sorrow amongst all good fortune \i, \\ :is to come in contact with him. We 
.shall see his kindly face no more, no longer learn our work 
under liis able guidance, an.l though we caimot wish to recall 
him from tlu- reward (,f a life well spent and of work well 
done, our lieaii is still linin;ui, and 

"It mom lis that dust .sliould part." 

GeDIIGK W. M.\liS)lALL. 



On inquiring where anything is to be learnt concerning 
Humfrey Courtcnay of Bickleigh/ I am referred to the Courtcnay 
pedigree, printed in vol x of the Arcluuological Journal. There 
I find, as answering to tlie individual I want, the single word, 
" Humphrey," among tlie issue of Sir Philip Courtcnay, of 
Powdcrliam, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Walter, Lord 
Hungerford. Yet sticking fast, T am next sent to the life of 
Thomas Carew in Prince's Worthies of Devon. Now, I am glad 
of this, because I must own to a great partiality for the gossiping 
Vicar of Berry Poraoroy. The artless simplicity, and even 
familiarity, of his style, and the easy manner with which he 
copies from a preceding writer, while altering here, and touching 
up there, combined with a credulity that seems illimitable, 
impart to his LIVES a delightfully quaint flavour, and surround 
his hero of the moment with the halo of a concentring interest. 
There is no reason, then, to doubt that, in this instance, he will 
be true to himself. I am not now concerned \vith the 
individuality of Thomas Carew. Let him only be the husband 
of Elizabeth Courtcnay, and I shall assume that he is correctly 
called the second son of Sir Edmund Carew of Mohuns Otter3^ 
Prince shall tell his own story (Worthies of Devon, p. 17G) 
which, as a matter of course, will not be his story, but that told 
beforehand by some one else : — 

" You may pleaso to know tlicn, that Bicklegh ia this Shire, was 
somtimo the Inheritance of the honorahlc Family of tlic Courtcnays of 
I'owderliam Castle ; which was wont to he a Portion for a younger Son 
of that House. At length it came to bo settled upon Humphry, tlie 
youngest Son of Sir Philip Courtcnay ; who dying before las Father, left 
liis only Daughter and Heir unto his Care. Sir Philip entrusted her over 
unto Sii' William Carew (Thomas's eldest Brother) who had married his 
eldest Son's Daughter, Cousin-German to this Lady. ilr. Thomas Carew 
living with Ids Brother, became very familiar with this young Fortune, 
Courted her, and won her good Will ; wliicli having obtaim'^d, he secretly 
by Night, carried her away and married her. This he diil, not only 
contrary to Sir Philip her Grand-father, and Sir William his Brother, 
their Likcing and ^\ppvobation, but to the high Displeasure of them both: 
For the better pacifying whereof, after due time of Consiileration, con- 
eluded, nothing would conduce more thereunto, than Absence. Being 
young and lusty, of an active Body, and a courageous Mind, liaving 
in him, the inlierent seeds of hereditary Virtue, he resolved for the 
Wars ; and soon found an Occasion suitable to Ins Inclination and 
Kesolulion ; which thus hapned : 

' In llayricAge Uundreil, near Tiverton, 


The Scots taking tlie Advantage of K. Ken. Stli's Absence in France, 
invaded England. Against \vhoni, Tiiomas Jiirl uf Surry (whom tlic 
King had made his Lieutenant iu the I^orth at his Departure) raised a 
potent Army, of live and twenty thousand jNIen ; Tinto whom, Iris Son, 
the Lord Howard, Lord Admiral of England, having the King's Navy at 
Sen, brought a great supjily of good Soldiers, well appointed for the War; 
among Vi'hom was this Mr. Thomas Carew." 

Knowing the authoi", one is quite prepared to find that he has 
laid Westcote imder contribution. Without any desire to inflict 
a double dose upon the reader, I quote just so much of Wcstcote's 
account as may serve for comparison with the narrative of 
Prince, who, it is only fair to add, acknowledges by a marginal 
note the source of his information : — 

"This gentleman (was second brother to S'' William Carowo of Mohuns 
Ottrye knight, both sonns to Baron Carew slayn at Turwjme^ as he sate 
in Counccll w"' the shott of a great peeco An: 1513:) maried the only 
daughter & Heyr of Homfry Courtney esquier Lord of iBickleye (a 
younger sonne to S'' Phillip Courtney of Powderham knight, who had 
maried Elyzabeth daughter to the Lord Ilungerford) w<^'' Homfryc diyng 
before his father, left the care of his daughter vnto him. And he agayn 
intrusted her to the oversight of S'' William Carew, w*'' whom our esquier 
Lyncd. Beynge both in one howse, they were soon familiar, and yt was 
not longe err he wonu the young geutlewoemans Loue, w"^'' they kept so 
secret, that he maried her Sc Caryed her away err the matter was any 
way suspected, wherby he incun-ed the highe displeasure both of her 
grandfather S' Phillipe Courtney & of his brother. The w"'' to regayn 
agayn after a tyme of dew consideration, bejmgc younge and of an able 
and actiue bodye, beyng borne of a warlyke race & liauing in him the 
inlierent seeds of hereditary vertue " &c. 

Although there are no positive dates to tliis romantic talc, they 
may be readily supplied from these two things ; that lier grand- 
father. Sir Philip Courtenaj^ was yet living and highl}^ displeased 
with the conduct of this "young fortune"; and that she ran 
away (" by night," adroitly interpolates our reverend friend) 
shortly before the battle of Flodden Field was fought. Now, 
there can be no doubt that Sir Philip Courtenay died IG Dec. 
14G3 (Inq. 3 Edw. IV. n° 29), or that the battle was fouglit in 
Sept. 1513. Having regard to this great interval, and, even 
allowing for error in crediting Sir Philip with having lived on 
till 1513; to have been born before his death, and so to have 
become his ward at all, it is clear that this young lady could not 
have been, at the time of her marriage, a day less than fifty 
years old. 

This astounding result may well justify the suspicion that 

' jrisprintcl ' 

" in A Vino of Jhronshir 

^ in 1G30 (ed. Oliv 

-Ito.))). 107, where ihe 

eoiies| Minding p.issago n 

ay be foun,d, but 



there must be somctliintf wrong ; and so it proves on investiga- 
tion. Tlie name of Ilumfrey Courtonay is continually found 
during the early years of Henry VII. among the jurors summoned 
to Exeter, and serving on Inquisitions post mortem. So far from 
dying before his father, he outlived Sir Philip by many years, in 
fact, until (20 or) 23 April, I'lOG. Moreover, his heir was found 
to be his grandson (son of his deceased son, John), also Humfrey, 
and then (149G) aged seven years. This youth survived his 
grandfather but a very short time ; and, as among the posses- 
sions inherited by him were included the manor of Erode Nymet 
and the a,dvowson of the church there, which were held of the 
Duchy of Lancaster, inquiry was ordered to be made before the 
Feodaries of the Duchy in the County of Devon. 

" Where as (says tlie King's writ) Ymfrey Courteiiay cousync and 
lioire vnto Vmfrey Courtcnay squier is now late Docessed & held of vs 
certoync landes & tencnieiites in Brodenymet in oure said Counto by 
kuyghfes seruice as of oure said Duchie & Died in cure Warde his 
lieiiu being w'iu age : by reason Whereof the Custodye & kepingo of the 
said laudes & also of the said lieire to vs of right apperteynethe & 

bolongithe. Whorforc We Wol & charge yon 

Yevenc at oure Palays of Westm. vndre oure seal of oure saido Duclio 
the ixth Day of ffeu'er' The xij"' yore of oure Reigne [9 I'cb. 140G-7]." 

By office taken 20 March, 149G-7, it was found that the 
younger Humfrey died on Saturday after the feast of the 
"rurification of the Blessed Virgin Mary last past (-i Feb. 149G-7); 
ami tliat Walter (Jourtenay was his brother and heir, aged five 
years, and then (at the date of the inquisition) in ward to 
Edward Courtenay, Earl of Devon (Duchy of Lane, Inq. p.m. 
Vol. ii. n" 84). 

The conjunction of these two names, Plumfroy and Walter, 
rendnds me how close was the union between Humfrey (the elder) 
of Bickleigh and his brother. Sir Walter Courtenaj'. Their names 
frefjucntly occur together as jurors in Inquisitions^ mortem; 
they were joined in trust-deeds; and, in acting for themselves, 
mutually enfeoflfcd', dno the other. In death they were dividecl 
by some year.s. Sir Walter suiviving his brother till 7 Nov. 1505, 
on which day he died, leaving "yet a^ain a Walter, his son 
and heir, aged fifteen. In the inquisition taken on his death 
(21 Hen. Vll. n° 5G) recital is made of a deed, bearing date 
2 .May, 1495, by which he cid'cofl'cil certain persons, and among 
them John Gourtena3^ esquiiv, who (with other co-feollees) had 
deceased prior to the datr ..!' thu inquisition, 15 January, 15U5-G. 
'i'his, I have little or no dmdit, was the son and heir apparent of 
Humfrey Courtenay of P.ickieigli (also a feotleo of Sir Walter, 
and likewise stated to be deceased); for the only contemporary 
of the same name, Jolm Courtenay of MoUand, did not die until 
ihe year 1509 (Inq. 1 Hen. VJIl. n" ."> ; .3 Hen. VIII. n" 34). 

But, to return to the tirat-named young Walter (sonof John 



Courtenay), who was foiTnd heir to his Ijrothcr. Nothing further 
is known of him, although one would suppose that at his deatli 
an inquisition should have been taken for the same reason ' as 
before. Elizabeth Courtenay is not rea.ched even now ; and it is 
not till half a century later that we learn such pai^ticulars as 
prove her identity, and this only by the office (37 Hen. Viil, 
pt. ii, n» 2.5) taken at Exeter 3 April, 1546, after the death ot 
her husband, Thomas Carcw. 

It is especially recorded here that Elizabeth Courtenay, whom 
ho married, was the daughter and heir of John Courtenay, esq., 
deceased ; and that, long prior to her marriage, she was possessed 
in her own ri^dit of the manors of Bykeleighe (yearly worth £20) 
and Brodenymett (yearly worth £8), as well as certain premises 
in Borington. No clue is given to the date of her death, but 
Thomas Carew survived her, and held as tenant per legem Aivjlie, 
having by her a son, John Carcw, his mother's heir. 
The precise words are : — 

" Qui dicunt super sacrameiitnra .=;uum quod diu antca quod dictiis 
Thomas Carewe in dicto breve nominat-u.5 aliquid habuit in IMancnjs do 
Bykcleiglic et Brodenymett cum suis pertinenciis in Comitatu predicto, 
necnon in vno ]\resua[,'io vno Gardiao Sexaginta acris terre prati ct 
pasture vocat' Braggysfiayes in Borington in comitatu predicto quedani 
Elizabotlie Courtenay fdia et lieres Joliaunis Courtenay amugeri defuncti 
fuit inde seisita in dominico sue ut dc feodo Et sic inde seisita cepit in 
virum predictum Thomam Carewe et ijdem Thomas et Elizabelhe fuerunt 
mai-itali secundum legem eedesiasticam ct habuerunt exitum inter cos 
Johanneni Carewe adhuc superstitcm. Etpostea dicta Ehzabetli' obijt ct 
diotus Tliomas Carewe earn supervixit ctse tenuit intus in dictis Mancrijs 
et ceteris premi.ssis et fuit inde seisitus in dominico suo ut de hbero tene- 
raento pro tcrmino vito sue ut tenens per legem Anglie. Post cuius 
qnidcm Elizabeth' mortem Eevercio dictorum Jlanoriorum et coterorum 
premissorum descendclwt et de Jure dcscendere dcbcbat dicto Jolianni 
Carowe ut fUio et liercdi eiusdem Elizabeth' ct postea dicto Thoma sic ut 
prefertur seisito existente idem Tliomas obijt sic inde seisitus." 

Thomas Carcw died 2 Feb., 1545-G ; and John Carew before- 
named, his son and heir, Avas aged thirt3'-two years. Of the 
latter I find no more' than that, on the death of Humphrey 
Prydcaux, esq. (Inq. 4 Edw. Yl, pt. i, n° 52), certain lands m 
lilynghani and Fyncton were found to be held of John Carew 
of 'Bickcleghe, esquire, in socage by fealty only. 

> It U to bo olKcrvoJ, howpver, at tlie time of tlio dcalli of Thomas Cnrow 
(2 Feb, tlie nw.ior of Br..afiiymett was hel.l (into- alia) of Sir Antony 
King.sto.,, knt. and Dumc Mary. Lis ,vife (iis iu lior right), of Ihoir Manor of Ca.Ue- 
Icitrhc; bnt, a.^ we have Been above (p. lHo), this manor of liroaunymet was held m 
1.1117 of tb.' ki.if, 1..S o( hi.s Duchy ..f L:uu-a..ler. 

2 1 kni.v.-, cf lum.-e. what i= faid l.y ^Sir Wi.i. Polo (CvlUdwns) ot him, and also of 
the nTu.uii.i-o ui 1,1. f.thcr. Xotwiihstanding, 1 elect to eoufiiio myself atriclly to 
the docuuiciU3 uiidti- cs.uuinatiou. 


In the inquisition taken after the death o£ Ilumfrey Covuieiiay 
(11-12 Hen. VII., n" 82) reference is uiade to his son Philip, 
cm whom the manors of Clawcton and Wobernford were entailed. 
Wliat otlier issue he had (beside his cklest son, John, _ who 
}ircdeceased liiui) does not appear here ; but, in the inquisition^ 
(22 Edw. IV., n" 51) on William Merwode of Westcote, taken 
at Exeter 29 July, 14S2, from a certain Joan being called one of 
liis daughters (vniws fd' didi Ilumfri), it would seon that 
there were others. This Joan (or Jane) was t]ien_ already 
married' to William ilerwodo the younger, son and heir of the 
William Merwode lately deceased. The last-named had grnnted 
to llumfrey and Walter Courtenay, esquires (with others), certain 
lands, M'hich these feoffees rc-granted "quibusdam Will'o Mer- 
wode, per nomen Will'i Merwode Junioris lilij et heredis dieti 
Will'i in dicto brevi nominati, et Johanne vxori sue vnius (for 
uni) fil [iarum] dicti HumiVi," To hold to them and the heirs 
of their bodies, with remainder to the right heirs of the said 
William named in the writ. 

This William Merwode, who married Joan (or Jane) Courtenay, 
is named by Katherine, Countess of Devonshire, as among her 
feoffees who, having been seised of certain lands to her use, had 
deceased' prior to the date of her will, 2 May, 1527 (ArcJurolo'/. 
Journal, x, 53). There was great intimacy for a long sulisequcnt 
period between the family of Marwood (as the name gradually 
came to be written) and that of Courtenay ; arising partly, no 
doubt, fronr the marriage above mentioned, and partl3% from the 
tenure of property in "Honiton, Colyton, and elsewhere in East 

Before 1 had fully learnt the necessity of verifying every 
genealogical statement, made in any and every quarter, written or 
printed, I contributed a short paper to Kotcs and Queries (4th 
y. ii. 17-i). Relying on Lysons' Devonshire (ii. 4-i-i) and the 
Ilarleian MSS., I then alluded (p. 175) to the " two^ co-heiresses, 
icmp. lilizabcth," being daughters of the last John Marwood of 
Westcote. In point of fact there were three, as I discovered not 
very long afterwards ; the third' being Katherine, married 
first (before 20 March, 1577-8), to John Cole of Euckland 
Toutsaints,' by whom she had issue ; and secondly ( Ijcforo 

' \Vn.Ufr Cmirten.iy, esquire, h the second on the list of jurors. 

' Tliw uuuri^ij/e ia found in .all peaigrueij of this family entered iu the ll.iileiau 

^ The said William died 25 January, 1519-20, loairiug John Merwode, hU sou and 
licir, ngod thirty years (Inq. 11 lien. VlII., n" :)4.) 

• 1. Elizabeth,"ni.inie,l to Juliu CliiLhe.sler of Hall, near LnrnBtaple.— 2. lOleanor, 
married inA, tu T,. 1-. i W;. I), i ,i . ; ,1 . c.a.dly, at Meriyoode (Jlar^vood) 12 Vvh., 

i;.7S-.i,t.,(.'i,.,i!> r, :,. , ■ ; : , ;. i o.) 

' A elK.,„l,,\ ,„ 1 . , , ;, . I I il luar Kingsbridge. The will (S CoUiani, 

r.C.U.) of "John Cole ol i;iul,!.ii.>i. 'iout-autes iu tho county of Devon Kaquier" 


22 April, 1585), to Thomas Cosewertlii (Inq. 27 Eliz., n" ISO). 
As there is little prospect of my rcturninj^' to the subject 
in the above-named, or in any other periodical, I seize this 
chance of making the correction. 

Regarding the title of this paper, if I have demolished the 
story of the marriage, as told by Wcstcote, and repeated by 
Prince, who is followed in turn by Cleaveland,' I feel no obliga- 
tion laid upon me to either reconstruct the tale, or suggest a 
possible cxjilanation. This course may be safely left to the fancy 
of the reader, if he be so minded. 

Tlie few facts proved may be conveniently arranged in the 
following form : — 

Sir Pl)ili]i Com-tenay of Pow-=j=Elizabetli, dan. of Walter, Lord 
derliam, Knt., died 16 Doc, I Hungerford, KG. She cUed U 
1463 (liiq. 3 Edw. IV, n° Dec, 1476 (Inq. 16 Edw. IV, 
29). I n" 77). 

I I I 

1. Sir "Wm. Otlicr.s. Hinnfrey Couvtcnay of Bicklcigh,=f=... 

Courtenay.kiit. esq., in 1463 (De Banco E., East. I 

aged 35 (then 3 Ed. IV, m. 131); died (20' or) 

esq.) at his 23 April, 149G (Inq. 11-12 | 

fathcr'.s death. II. VII, n" 82). a 

is d.itod 15 Dec. 1582. The lestrvtoi- meutions his father-in-law, Mr. John Marwood, 
Katlirine (Katheren) hia wife, Alire and Joanne Cole (to each. 400 mark.s at her age 
of fifteen year.'s, and not before), liis daiigliters, and .Ti.lin Cole lii.-i nm and heir 
apparent (whom lie made sole e.xccutor.) "And I duf .";. n ■. nnl ,1. n. :-v cozen 
M' ]>hiUip Cole of Slado M' Edmonde Ueynoldcs | i ! 1;. , !l," as 

hie name is written among the wiluesjcs] and my I-: . i , 1 . i to be 

my Ouerseers to see this my will to be performed." l.ti.w . . i ,i>iiaiai.,L:...u..ii, with 
the will annexed, were granted 4 li'eb., 15iiC-7 to Catherine Cole alias Co.sewarthe, 
his widow, and to Alice Cole alias Southcott, his daughter ; the previous letters 
(Adm'ons 1596-6), granted 19 March, 1595-0, and regarding the deceased as intestate, 
having been quashed. By iuquibition (25 Eliz., n'' 1C9) it was found John 
Cole the son was aged four years, five montln, and 7 days at the d.-ite, 11 April, 
25 Eliz. (1583). He died 13 April 1595 (Inq. 37 Eliz. part 1, n" 76), leaving two 

sisters. Ids co-Iieira ; viz., Alice, agel ei^'lii " " ' " " 

younger, esquire (.afterwards Sir <: i 
afterwards married to Sir Tlioma.^ I'l- ! 

' He may be the "Itocc.avcr vi ih. I> 
recorded in thr Visit, ili.'ii "i IGJ" u;. .' • ■ 
50.) Th.'Tl ,:. '■' V, :■■. i!..,. , ■ ■ 
under '■ 1-, ■ 1 'I ' 

•norotlii- M .VI,' .11 I ■ r 

4031, f. h!', i: :.: p. I - l' h; 11: ■ , 1,, M, 
London (Ha.l. S ■.-, i, ir,;; u,:,l tli ,( I...- hl.l 
who died .•!. ji. ; as will «-s a danu-l.trr, l),,roi 
(Harl. ■(031) h;nd to have nnewed thr eiit: 
at his death \\ilhout issue, his uncle ICdwar 

'Jlislonj of the t u»r(ci!ni/s, p. 279. Th 
is also to be found iu Kisdon's Hunnj of th 

' Duchy of Lancaster, luq, p.m. Vol. ii, u" 8 

uocn, the wife 

of Oeorgo Southeott the 

^■ .,■',, I'tll and 

Joan Cole, aged 6i.\teen, 

: ,•: v,. 11 (Sir 

W. Pole, Colkcliuns, 272.) 

1 < 1 '■■unvall 

' but this match is not 

, :r,,uf "C 

osworth " (Harl. Soo., L\, 

■ ) ' r.wn to 

lave had issue, although, 

: .;■-.. ii'gie 

is said to have married 

' . . 1.1, inC 

irnwall." By Harl. MS. 

-M. ' :,.n and 

leir of John Cosworth of 

l.y lus VMt,., A^^n 

■.s St. Aubyn, a son Jolm, 

liv, 'SNif to K,-i 

d.dl." This John is here 

ifuhich his f:,t 

vr had cut off, whereby, 

d Cusewai th (Cc 

sworth) succeeded him iu 

e same account 

n a much abridged form 

c County vf Un-u 

I (cd. 1811), p. 76. 


1. John, s. & h. dii 
iu his father's hfctii; 
(ap]iavi;ntly Tct livii 
2 May, 1^95). 


Joan, mar. to 
liviii.C-' ^Villiam ]M<'r- 
20Ocl., wodo, liL'fuvc29 
H9G. July, H82. 

1. Ilumfrey, heir 
aged> in 149G; 
died 4 February, 


Walter, licir to 

Elizabetli, cvent-=y 

his brother, 

ually licir to iicr 

acjed five iu 

brotlicr ; pre- 


deceased her hus- 


lied 2 Feb'ry, 

John Carew, s. & h. aged 32 in 1516. 

No doubt there is a certain baldness about tlic foregoing 
pedigree ; but of .set purpose I abstain from travelling " beyond 
the record," deeming it better to be content with so much, or so 
little, as is capable of direct proof, than to take in more Avithout 
the time or opportunity to test its accuracy. 

By constant use of the Public Records, one comes across in- 
formation which, though limited and partial, yet frequently 
clears up some doulitful point, or disproves some overconfident 
assertion. In the modest guise of applying such items to the 
service of correction, I shall liope to make an appearance from 
time to time in these pages. Errors which it is nobody's business 
to correct are complacently adopted without inquiry, quoted, re- 
quoted and passed from hand to hand, until at last the cre<.lit of 
so many persons stands committed, that it is hard to gain 
credence for the truth. Take, for instance, a volume of Berry's 
Coumty Genealogies, in which a man is made grandfather to his 
own brother, with a difterence of not more than thirteen years 
between their respective age.s. Or, to mention another case sup- 
ported by a great show of evidence. An infant, said to be held 
at the font by distinguished .sjionsors in one year, actually 
becomes the father of another infant baptized in the year fol- 
lowing ; the later event only licing recorded iu the register of 
the parish. Nevertheless, the fiction of the earlier baptism, by 
dint of persistent repetition, is not only universally accepted, but 
reputed to be historical. 

John A. C. Yixcknt. 

1 Duchy of LauciBter, luq. p.ta., Vol. ii, \\°. 8 J. 



In his 'Collectanea Genealogica,' commenced in Jnne 1881, 
Mr. Foster has begun an alphabetical list of all the Members in 
the three kingdoms, " with details of their services and short 
biogi-aphical notices." This is to include "the identification of 
individuals when practicable," and corrections of mis-spellings, 
inaccuracies and omissions in the official return made in 1880. 

Of this return Mr. Foster speaks somewhat cavalierly, saying 
that "the authoi-i ties may well lose confidence in their index;" 
and that "thcldcltcs of the readers for the press as well as of 
the compilers are, I regret to add, more palpable still." 

The return was compiled from the original records by the 
proper officials ; it is, wc shall venture to continue to think pace 
Mr. Foster, a most valuable and authentic record. Containing, as 
it does, an enormous number of names of persons and places and 
of dates, no one would expect that it should be absolutely free 
from error. 

If Mr. Foster had gone carefully over it and corrected these, 
he would have done good service, for which every student of 
history and genealogy Avould have been gi-ateful ; but he would 
have filled very few pages of his periodical. He has, however, 
preferred to print a separate list for each kingdom, which is to 
contain every name "supplemented with genealogical notes;" 
and he adds — "this is peculiarly my own ground." 

A casual glance having led us to doubt whether the promises 
so made to his subscribers as to accuracy, identification, kc, were 
being fuHilled, we have gone over the "pages llo-l7G, devoted in 
Part V to jMembers of Parliament — Scotland. They begin with 
the family of Dundas, of which so many members have sat in 
Parliament and on the Judicial Bench. The genealogical notes 
seem to be cliicfly taken from such readily accessible sources as 
Douglas's 'Baronage,' Burke's 'Landed Gentry,' Brunton and 
Haig's ' Senators of the College of Justice,' kc. 

Now we would not wish altogether to condonni this method 
of proccdui'e, as it is quite possible by a judicious use of scissors 
and paste, and by making careful exti-acts from the best sources 
of information, to save a good deal of labour to searchers after 
knowledge. But we would ask Mr. Foster to refrain from 
printing and circulating any more of such nonsense as his pages 
are full of. 

For instance, Colonel James Dundas Avas not grandfather, but 
great grandfather of the late George Dundas, C.Jl.G., M.P. 
Thoma.s Dundas, M.P., 17U8, did not purchase Fingask and 


CaiTonhall ; these estates were bought by liis father Thomas, a 
merchant ami bailie of Edinburgh. Sir Walter Uundas did not 
sit "as a minor baron" 1G09 and afterwards. This is a mistake 
which occurs on almost every page ; after 1587 the ininor 
barons ceased as such to attend Parliament, the representative 
system was established, and tlie proper designation is " Com- 
missioner for the sliire of Linlithgow." 

Dundee, tlie provost of, 152G. might easily have been identified 
as William Carmichael. 

At p. G2 it is asserted that James Cai'michael, Commissioner 
for the burgh of Dundee (Mr. Foster calls him M.P. — a designa- 
tion never used in Scotland then) 1.593, was son of Gavin 
Carmichael and grandfather of James, first Lord Carmichael, 
wliose grandson was created Earl of Hyndford. This remarkable 
statement is a mere conjecture, and it is highly improbable that 
a member of an old Lanarkshire house, son-in-law of Sir Hugh 
Campbell of Loudoun, hereditary shcrift' of Ayrshire (his wife 
being cousin of the reigning sovereign James VI), moved ofi' to 
the east of Scotland, and set up as a burgher in Dundee ! Gavin 
and James were " of Hyndford," but this is suppressed. David, 
Earl of Crawford and Duke of Montrose, the most powerful 
noble of his time, married Margaret, a daughter of the family of 
Meadowfiat, in Lanarlcshire, and this alliance, and that of John 
Carmichael with Margaret Countess of Angus led to the settle- 
ment in Forfarshire of several of their kinsfolk. In 1481, George 
Carmichael witnessed an instrument on an agreement lietwecn 
the Earl and Sir Thomas Maule of Panmure. Henry Carmichael 
M-as made rector of Lethnot before 1493, and Canon of Brechin ; 
and in ]497 acted as procurator iwhilis Domine Mavgardc 
Cannychdl ducisse onontis rosarum. In 1505 the Duchess 
made a grant for requiem masses to be sung in the Catliedral of 
Brechin for the souls of her deceased husliand and of this Henry. 
Peter Carmichael, in 1501, had part of the lands of Dron from 
the Abbot of Arbroath; and in 1525 there is a tack from the 
Abbot honorabili vivo ct mnico suo Fcfro Carmychell de Dron 
ct Eufu'inio Veviys spovso sue licrcdihus suis, d-c. Some of 
these, no doubt, were ancestors of the Commissioners to Par- 
liament and of the family of Carmicliael in Forfarshire, where 
the name is still to be found. 

Eliott, Sir Gilbert, of Stobs, " knight liannerct at the battle of 
Scone, 1G43." These few words contain the greatest possible 
amount of error that could be conveyed in so short a simce. 
Gilbert Eliott was not a knight liannerct (the statement is 
borrowed from Plaj'fair's 'British Family Antiquity,' vol. viii, p. 
2G5) ; there was no battle fought at Scone or anywhere else in 
Scotland in 1G43 ; CharlosI left Scotlaiul in November, lG41,and 
was not in his northern kingdonr in 1(1[3 at all to create^ k-nights 
banneret ; Eliott was knighted but not nt Scone and not till ei^ht 


years later, that lionour having been conferred on him, then a 
Lieutoiiant-Colonel, by Charles II, at Largo, 14 Feb., 1G51. 

Eliott, William, of Stobs, m. Elizabeth, da, of Sir James 
Douglas of Conons ; this is a misprint for Cavers copied from 
the same page of Playfair's work. 

Entakine, Laird of, a misprint fur Enterkine ; it would have 
been easy to identifj^ him as David Dunbar. 

Ewart, among the mcrabei\s of the south country family of 
this name is included Nicholas Udivaii who was of a race of 
rich Edinburgh burgesses, name and arms being altogether 

Fletcher, Sir Andrew, Lord Innerpeffer, " eldest son of Robert 
Fletcher of Innerpeffer and Beuclo." These words are a copy of 
a very incorrect statement and a misprint given p. 272 of Brunton 
and Haig's ' Senators of the College of Justice.' Beuclo stands 
for Balinscho, sometimes written Benscho, which then belonged to 
the Lindsaj'' family and was afterwards acquired by the Fletchers. 
Sir Andrew's father was a burgess of Dimdee. 

Forres, David, 159D ; the name is Forrett. 

Gartshore, Alexander, did not succeed his brothers, one of 
whom left descendants ; he was a merchant in Glasgow and 
purchased the family estate. 

Gibson, Sir Alexander, of Durie, was not son of Sir John l:iut 
of Sir Alexander. 

Gilmour. There were three baronets, Sir Alexander, Sir 
Charles, and Sir Alexan<ler, not four as stated. Sir John, the 
Lon.l I'residcnt had certainly four, peidiaps five, wi\-es. 

Glaidstains, Herbert, "possibly a son of John Gladstanes, LL.D., 
Lord of Session, 1542." No ; the judge, who was a Lanarkshire 
man, left no issue. Herbert who sat for Kirkcudbriglit evidently 
belonged to the old family in the Stewartry and in Dumfrics- 
shii-c, where they long possessed Over Kelwood and other lands. 

Glassford, Henry, of Dougalston, " ? son of John Glassford of 
Dougalstoun, co. Duinlsarton, merchant, who m. 2ndly, 21 March, 
1769, Lady Margaret Mackenzie." He was son of this John by 
his second wife Anne dau. of Sir John Nisbet of Dean, Bart.; 
Lady Margaret was the third wife. 

Graham, John, of Fintrj^, 1G78; a mistake, he was not a com- 
missioner to Parliament but commissioner of su]i]ily for Forfar- 
shire. The accoiuit given of his marriage is copied from Burke's 
' Landed Gentry,' and dilfcrs from that in all pedigrees of the 
lady's family, Scrymgeour, Viscount Dudhope and Earl of 

Grant, Sir Alexander, of Dalvey, " This baronetcy is discredited, 
and it is believed that this M.P was tlie lirst to "revive it since 
the death of the grantee Sir James Grant of Dalvey 1095." It 
was not Sir Alexander but his father Sir Patrick who on 22 
August, 1752, was served heir male of his cousin Sir James, 


wlio liad been created a baronet of Scotland by patent dated at 
Windsor, 10 August, IGyS, with remainder to liis lieirs male. Sir 
Patrick cntei-ed his arms in tlie Lyon Register, 12 Jauuarj-, 1753, 
when he was recognised as a baronet and tire arms conlirmed to 
liiin were those recorded in 1G73 by Sweton Grant of Gartcnbcg, 
father of tlie first baronet. 

Sir Alexander, whose title Mr. Foster tries to discredit, had, on 
8 July, 17G1, the benefit of the most direct recognition that it 
was in the power of the Crown to aflbrd, as he had a Royal 
"W'arrant for supporters in which ho was styled " our trusty and 
well-beloved Sir Alexander Grant of Dalvey, Baronet." This 
and the supporters were recorded in the books of the Lyon Court 
15 April following, and the title has regularly descended to the 
present Sir Alexander, Principal of tho University of Edinburgh. 

Grant, Charles, of Waternish, m. Jane Fraser of the Balnain, 
not Balmain family. Balmain in Kincardineshire is a ditferent 
place from Balnain in Liverness-shire. 

Hall, Sir John, of Dunglass, " son of Robert Ilall of Dunglass." 
This is not the case, Sir John, who was a merchant burgess of 
Edinburgh, bought Dunglass 1GS7. 

]Iamilton, Lord William; the adjective "notorious" a])])]ied 
to his father, the Duke of Hamilton, seems to call for explanation. 

Hamilton, Sir Thomas, of Preston. The baronetcy conferred 
on his son Sir William is said to be extinct. The late dis- 
lini^-uished Sir William Hamilton, Professor of Logic in the 
U]iiversity of Edinburgh, was served heir in ISIG, and the 
evidence in this case Avas got up with unusual care and complete- 
ness by himself and the eminent peerage lawyer, John Riddell, 
advocate. The title is now vested in his son and heir Sir 

]l:innay, John, 15S1, "probably son of Alexander Hannay of 
Kirkdale, co. Galloway, who i)urchased tlioso lands in 1582." 
Galloway is not a county; Kiikdale is in tho stewartry of 
Kirkcudbright, and was ac(pnred iu i5.'J2 by Alexander, uncle of 
I'alrick Hannay of Sorbie. 

Hay, Sir Adam, is said to have " assumed tlie baronetcy on the 
death of his brother John, M.P.," and Sir John is called " sixth 
baronet by assumption," with a n^fercncc to " Chaos, Foster's 
' Jiaronetage.' " The pedigree of this familj^ has never, as far as 
we know, been called in question. It is admitted by William 
Chambers, LL.D , who, in his ' 1 1 isi.nry of Peeblesshire," has an ill- 
natured notice of the service !) Nov., JS05, of James Hay of 
Hay.stoun, physician in, .-is heir male general of his 
cousin, Sir James of Smithfirl,!. l;.n<,iirt. On the S Feb. follow- 
nig he was recognised as a barujua by l^yon in tlic entry made of 
bis arms, which were those rceoi.h'd iu 1072 by his ancestor, 
Mr. John Hay of Haystoun, Cleric of Sc:.sion. 

jVnother family of this name, unwarrantably thrust into 


"Cliaos" by Mr. Foster in his 'Baronetage,' is Hay of Aklerston. 
This in a title as to -which there is no dubiety at all ; it never 
became dormant ; when Sir Henry Hay-Makdougal died without 
male issue in 1825, he was succeeded by his cousin, Sir Thomas, 
son and heir of Alexander Hay of Huntington and Mordington, 
who had registered arms in 17G1. Sir Thomas being an ollicer 
in the army, had to satisfy the authorities before his title could 
be inserted in the Army List ; he submitted his pedigree and the 
proofs of it to Sir George Nayler, Garter King of Arms, who in 
April, 182G, sent a favoui-able report to the War Office, which 
was acted on. Tlio present Sir Hector Hay again registered 
arms in the books of the Lyon Court in 1875, as a baronet. 
His title having the sanction of Garter, Lyon, the War Office, 
and the Home Office in correspondence between Sir Thomas and 
the late Sir Robert Peel when Secretary of State, hardly loses 
much by wanting Mr. Foster's approval. Perhaps, however, his 
Baronetage may be "discredited" by the way in which this 
and other genuine titles are spoken of. 

Hay, Robert of Strowie, son of Francis of Stowrie (sic). 

There is one correction made in the ' Collectanea ;' Pitarrow, 
1592-97, belonged to a Wishart, not to a Carnegie. 

Mr. Foster is very particular, riglitly we think, in stating 
illegitimacy of birth ; but there is one case at least in the pages 
we have just gone over, where he has left a blot of this nature 
uni-cmarked upon. 

Misjirints abound. For example, page 28, McKredie should be 
M'KerJie ; page 4G, Hinkhill should be Kinkell ; page 82, 
ClaiiViogie should be Claslochie ; page SG, Bogichan .should be 
Boquhan ; ]iage 104, Pittendemiie should be Pittendrum ; page 
117, Bemhills should be Benchills ; page 117, Harene of Foots 
Crag should be Harene of Footscraj' ; jmge 131, Beaford should 
be Bearford; page 133, Farson should be Fairfull ; same page, 
Mues should be Lines ; same page, Tonliy should be Tojiley ; 
page 14G, Lantoune should be Lautoune ; page 148, Ljniton 
should be Synton ; page 171, Colness .should be Coltness ; page 
174, Cambusnetham .should be Cambusnethan. 

Li conclusion, if we may offer a piece of advice to the editor 
of the ' Collectanea,' it would be that he should confine his 
labom-s to the pretty wide held of English genealogy. Tlie 
langiiages, laws, forms of legal procedure, kc, in Ireland and 
Scotland, arc .somewhat diilerent, and he has evidently not a 
suflicient acquaintance with tliem to qualify him to speak as an 
unquestionable authority. The correction of his Peerage is a 
worlc that may well occupy his time. 

We have turned to the accounts of some of the latest created 
peers, and find them all to contain errors. 

Lord Dcrwent's dexter supporter is blazoned a lion murally 
crowned ; the woodcut gives an eastern croAvn. 


Lord Tweedmouth's proved and registered pedigree is not 
satisfactory to Mr. Foster, who makes some odd comments. We 
shall only say that James Marjoribanks did not renounce the 
c.KCCutry of his sister Margaret ; Joseph is satisfactorily proved 
to be son of James, both having been merchant burgesses of 
Edinburgh; the James said to have died in April, 15G9, never 
was as Mr. Foster gratuitously asserts identilied with James 
the father of Joseph. 

The Earl of Home's arms are incorrectly represented ; the 
Douglas coat should not be in the centre of the shield, but in 
the centre of the second and tliii'd quarters. 

The coronet of a peer Mr. Foster evidently looks upon as a 
mere ornamental toy, which may be omitted altogether as Earl 
Sydney, Viscount Taali'e, Baron l)e Tabley, Earl oi' Tankcrville ; 
placed below the shield as Viscount De Vesci, Lord Dorchester, 
Earl of Eldon ; or hoisted up above the crest as Lord Ljmdhurst, 
Lord Lj'veden, Lord Marjoribanks. The coronet is incomplete 
without its crimson velvet cap, which seems to be entirely 
discarded in these illustrations; its proper place is over the shield. 

Has Mr. Foster not thought it worth while to reflect on the 
obvious enough meaning of the word supporter ? 

Supporters ought to sustain the shield, not to scramble up 
upon it and knock it down as Earl of Airlie, Earl of Chicliestor, 
Viscount Clifdoi, Earl of Cottenham ; nor like the savages in the 
Eavl of Kimberley's achieveiiifiit, indulge in a scrinmiage, in 
which it is plahi that the shield will come to griet'. 

S * * * 



(CoiUinucd from parje 107.; 


William Bruce, ist of Smnhiirijh and S>/mbisicr. — William 
Bruce, called " Nevoi " [nephew], " Gousin," " Scrvitur," and 
" Follower," in various documents, of Laurence Bruce of Cult- 
inalindie, accompanied his relative to Zetland when appointed 
Fowdrie there in 1571, as secretary or clerk; what his exact 
relation.ship to Laurence was, is uncertain, but there can be no 
doubt that he was closely connected, and of the same family. He 
appears to have iunuediately ac(]uired property as he is called 


William Brace of SjinHistcr in a discharo-c dated 1572.' Ho is 
one of the Assize in a Court held at Suudjurghe, 5th, (Jth, and 7th 
August, 1G02, where he is again mentioned as William iSruce of 

On 20th Novembci-, 1005, William Bruce of Symbister ob- 
tained a charter' of " his sixpennies lamls in Soumburgh, 

In 1G05 William Bruce of Symbister' enters into a contract 
with the Earl of Orkney. In IGOS he^ joined with Bishop Law 
and others in a supplication against Patrick Earl of Orkney. 

4th February, IGOft," a decreit of spulzie is granted by the 
Lords of the Coimcil to William Bruce of Symbister against 
Patrick, Earl of Orkne3\ Tlie Lords decreed against the 
defendant for the losses sustained to the amount of £8,34G scots. 
On this occasion Earl Patrick, taking advantage of William 
Bruce's absence, made a raid upon the House of Sumburgh, 
which he burnt down and plundered. The oi'iginal is a very 
interesting document from the details it gives of the property 
tlnd household goods of a gentleman of that period and locality. 
The Earl of Orknc5''s house in Dunrossness [the Jarlholf of 
Sir W. Scott's ' Pirate '] is about two hundred }'ards from the 
House of Suml)ui\gh. 

In 1019' William Bruce of Symbister and his son Andrew had 
a Charter of Confirmation of 4th part of the lands of Nakitfield 
in Fife, and in 1G24'' the same parties had a charter of part of 
the lands of King.sbarnis in Fife. 

William Bruce married Margaret Stewart, widow of William 
Sinclair and daughter of John Stewart, piior of Coldinghame, 
natural son of King James V by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John 
Carmichacl of Crawford, as proved by the following extract : — 

"Olavc Sinclair of Bi'ue" according to the custom then observit 
of the countrei of Zetland Be his latter will and testament 9th 
day of February 1570 dividit his hail landis amongst his three 
sons James, ]\Iathe\v, and William, The said William Sinclair the 
third .son got an enfol'tment of his portion under the King's 
Great Seal at Stirling 5th ilarch 157.^, and conform thereto was 
formly infeft in tlie said lamls. This William Sinclair married 
Mai-garet Stuart daughter of John Stuart abbot of Coldring- 
liame, Brothers daughter to Robert Earl of Orkney, upon whom 

' Sumbnigl. Cl...iter.^. 
1 ]!.T..vas ..f Cnnl (_!.■ 

, EainVmrgh. 

_'h\l.;,vtur clKst, .-111,1 i.iiMisla.l : 
, I'.i, Xu. 104. 

J-, ShcriQ' Clerk'.-) cfTice, Lerwick, 


he bci;at S sons Francis, Robert, and James. After the death of 
tlie said William Sinclair, the said Margaret Stuart married 
William Bruce of Symbister to her second husband, who was a 
servant and follower of Laurence Bruce of Cultmalcendie half 
brother to the Earl of Orkney and Foudrie of Zetland, and after 
liis marriage the said William Bruce sat doune in the said 
William Sinclair his dwelling place, and midled with the hail 
movables, and took possession of the maist part of the lands that 
belonged to Umquhile W. Sinclair, his wife's firat husband. In 
the meantime the said Laurence Bruce of Cultmaleendie, Sheriff 
depute of Zetland, finding the said Francis Sinclair unlcgal, and 
understanding that the said William Bruce at his own hand had 
midled with the most part of the said Francis Sinclair's lands, he 
thereupon as Sheriff [Quhilk was all the pretext he had] took 
occasion, and possessed himself with one great part of the rest of 
Francis Sinclair's lands, and disposed the same to Andrew Bruce 
of Muness his son, and gave him enfeftment thereon, tho he had 
no right himself." The rest of the document does not bear on 
family history. 

AVilliam Bruce was alive in 1024, as he had a charter in that 
year. He had issue by Margaret Stewart 2 sons — 

1. Robert, who succeeded. 

2. Andrew, mentioned in two charters formerly (juoted. 
Eohcrt Bruce, 2nd of Sumhurgh and Symbister. — Robert, the 

elder son, succeeded in Sumburgh and Symbister. Tliere is a i 
sasine in favour of Robert Bruce, son of William Bruce of 
Symbister, 1621. He married Margeiy, daugliter of Andrew 
Bruce of Muness ^ [contract of marriage between Robert Bruce 
and Margaret Bruce of Muness with consent of Andrew Bruce, 
her father, 1G25], and by her had issue 1 son — 
William, who succeeded. 
William Bruce, Srd of Sumhur</7t and STjnibisfer. — William, 
the oidy son, succeeded his father in Sumburgh and S3 mbister. 
He was retoured ^ heir to his father, Robert Bruce of Symbister, 
April 19, 1G42, and in the same year to his* grandfather, 
William Bruce of Soundebrough. He married 1st, Elizabeth 
Sinclair of Scalloway,' [contract of marriage between William 
Bruce and Elizabeth Sinclair of Scalloway, he receives as her 
portion SOOO merks scots, dated IG Ki], but by her had no issue. 
He married 2ndly, Margaret Sinclair of (j),iK"ndale, by whom he 
had issue 3 sons and 3 dauohters — 

1 Si.mbuvgl) Clicirter clicsl. 

•■ nui. 

' 'InqiiiBiliones Goiieralon,' : 
' Sumbuigli Charter cheat. 


1. Robert succeeded in Suinlnir^-li. 

2. Laurence succeeded in Symliistcr. 

3. Andrew ' is retoured " haeres conquestus " of Robert 

Bruce of Sounburgh, his grandfatlier June 22nd, 1C72. 

Robert, 4ih of Sumburgh. — Robert, the eldest son, succeeded 
his father in Surabiirgli only. In 1675, March 20Ui, he is as' 
" Robert Bruce of Turrcll," served heir of William Bruce of 
Symbister, his great grandfather. He niarrietl Barbara Stewart 
of Bigtown. There are charters '' of Robert Bruce in favour of 
his spouse Barbara Stuart, IGSi, and of the same to the same, 
and their 2nd son Laurence, IGSG. 

By Barlmra Stewart Robert Bruce had issue 2 sons and 2 
daugliters — 

1. Robert obt. s.p. 

2. Laurence succeeded. 

Grizzcl married 1st, John Bruce of Muncss. 

2nd, Thomas Hunter of Lanna. 
Srd, Simon Fraser. 
Catherine married Charles Sinclair of Scalloway. 
Laurence Bruce, 5th of Smnburgh. — Laurence, second but 
eldest surviving son, succeeded his father in Sumburgh. He 
married 1st, Elizabeth Cricliton, and 2nd, Anne Catanach. By 
his 1st wife he had issue ] son — 
Robert J3rv.ce, Gth of Sumburgh. — Robert succeeded his father 
in Sumburgh. He manied Alicia, daughter of Sir Alexander 
Dalmahoy of that ilk, Bart. [dis]iosition* to .A.]icc Dalmahoy by 
her husband Robert Bruce, l7o."l], and by her had issue 2 sons 
and 2 twin daughters, died young — 

1. Laurence obt. ».p. 

2. John.succecdcd. 

John Bruce, 7th of S" mhnrq],. — Jolm, 2nd but eldest surviving 
son, succeeded in Suinburgli. lie ^va-; an advocate, and married 
Helen Hunter of Lanna, liy whom ho hatl issue 2 sons and 5 
daughters — 

1. John succeeded. 

2. Robert. 

Helen married Admiral Alexander Fraser, R.N. 
Elizabeth mnn-ied Rev. .rtilm ]\Icnzies of Lerwick. 
Catherine L^isula married Robert Bruce of Symbister. 
John Bruce, Sth of Sumbirrgh.—.Ti^m, llie eldest son, succeeded 
in Sumburgh, lie was a eonunander K.X,, died Iboi, married 

' ' In>|ui-;ti..iiL.s Genorales,' xxxii, 309, 6510. 
» Ilji,/, xN'.ii, luP, ;-,7'Ji!. 


ElizabeUi Hunter of Lanna and b}' her had issue 2 sons and 
2 dauglitors— 

1. John succeeded. 

2. Robert obt. s.p. 

John Bruce, OlJt. of Sumh)ir<ili. — J.ilm, the eldest son, succeeded 
in Suniburo-h 18:3L born 1798, is J. P. and D.L. for Shetland, 
married 1832 ]\[ary daughter of John William Nelson and by her 
has issue G sons and 7 daughters — 

1. John, heir apparent, born 18-37, J.P. and D.L. Shetland, 

married ]\Iary Dalziel da\i. of Ralph Erskine Scott. 

2. Thomas Eraser, Lt.-Col. Gth Punjab Infantry. 

3. Robert Hunter. 

4. James Park, obt. s.p. 

5. George Hector, R.N. 
C. Frederick Walter. 

Anna Maria. 

Helen-Elizabeth m. Rev. Thos. D. Wingate of Strom . 



Julia-Edith, obt. s.p. 

Anne- Jane, obt. t<.j>. 

Laura-Blanche m. E. M. N('Ison. 
Return of owners of land 1S72-3 : — 

John Bruce of Sumburgh owns 12,338 acres, value 

£1,701 12s. per ann. 
John ]h-uce, Jr. of Sumburgh owns 210 acres, value £71 

])er ann. 
Arms of Bruce of Sumbui-gh : — 

Or a saltire and chief Gules, in centre chief a mullet 

of the Hrst. : A dexter hand hohling a heart |>roper. 
Motto :— Omnia vincit amoi'. 


Laurence nnice, I..f „f the .~<ei„n-<,te of Sijmhhler.-- 
Laurence, 2iid son ,.f William, .Sid of Sninburgli, by Elizabeth 
Sinclair of Scalloway, had the estate of Syiubist'T in' Unst from 
his father. He married Margaret Stewart and by her hai.l issue 
2 sons and 1 daughter — 

1. John succeeded.. 

2. Robert of Chalester married Grizzel Nicholson of Loch' 

end and by her had i.ssuQ 4 daughter^— 

TOL, IV, y 



1. Margaret in. Robert Bruce of Symbister. 

2. m. Leish or Lee. 

3. Grizzel m. Rev. J. Hay of Unst. 

4. Elizabeth m. Charles "Nivin of Wiudhouse. 
Robert Bruce of Chalcster, having no son, left his estate to 

his nephew and son-in-law, Robert Bruce of Symbister. 
Margaret married Charles Nivin of Windhouse. 
John Brace, 2nd of Symbister.— John, eldest son, succeeded his 
lather m Symbister, he married Grizzel Stewart of Bigtown and 
had Lssue 1 son — 

Robert succeeded. 
Robert Bruce, 3rd of Si/mbister.—'Rohei-t, the only son 
succeeded his father in Symbister and his uncle in Chalester, he 
married his cousin Margaret Bruce of Chalester and ])y her had 
issue 2 sons and 2 daughters— 

1. John succeeded 

2. "William of Burravoe succeeded his brother. 

A daughter married Rev. W. Jack of North Maven. 
Grizzel married Rev. John Barclay. 
John Bruce-Stewart, Uh of Symbister.— John, the eldest son 
succeeded his father in Symbister, he married 1st, Clementina 
daughter and heiress of Stewart of Bigtown and assumed the 
name of Stewart, by her he had no issue. lie married 2ndly, 
Clinstma Giilbrd of Busta and by her had issue 1 daughter- 
Elizabeth' married Jan. 1771, Sir John .MitclieH of West- 
shore, Bai-t. 
mUiavi Bruce, 5th of Symbide.r.~\\i\h?,m Bruce of Burravoe, 
on his elder brother's death without male issue, succeeded to 
Symbister. He married Grizzul Hunter of Lanna and by her had 
issue 1 son and 1 daughter — 
Robert succeeded. 
Margaret married Robert Jack. 
Robert Bruce Gth of Symbister.— hiohcvi tlie son succeeded his 
father in Symbister, he was a writer to the signet and married 
Ursula Katherine daughter of John Bruce of Sumburgli by whom 
he liad 4 sons and 1 daugliter— 

1. John obt. s.p. 

2. Laurence, obt. s./j. 

3. William succcoded. 

4. Robert of i;uira\'oo married Mary Young and liad issue 

3 sons and 2 dau'diLors. 

1. RolxTt. 

2. David. 

3. William. 

Helen marri.^d l^ibcrl, Hunter of Lanna. 

' ' GemlcmaVs Mng^,' J.ui, 1771, and Burke's 'Estiuct BaroueUce. 


WHIium Brucr, 7lh of S>jinhhter.~\\l\\wM, lliird but eldest 
surviving son, succeeded his fatlier in Syiuljister, lie was an 
advocate, and mai-ricd Agne.s daugiitcr dt' William J. McCrae and 
by her had issue 8 sons and 7 daughters — 

1. Robert succeeded. 

2. William. 

3. Laurence. 

4. Alexander, obt. s.p. 

C. Andrew, Capt. 4th Punjab Infantry. 

7. Farquhar, Lieut. GGth llcgt. 

8. George, Lieut. 2nd Regt. 

Ursula Katherine married 1st, li. Wootlman, W. R. 

2nd, G. H. 11 Hay, L>.L. Shetland. 

Margaret died young 

Thomas Ann died young. 

Thomas Ann married \\ . Fearnloy. 

Robert Bruce, Sth of Syinhistc)'. — Robert, the eldest son, 
succeeded his father in Symbister, he died 187o, having married 
Anne, daughter of Archibald Simpson, and by lier had issue 
S sons and 1 daughter — 

1. William Arthur succeeded. 

2. Archibald, obt. s.p. 

3. Robert. 

Maria died young. 
Williavi Arthur Bruce, 9th of Si/mhisfcr. — William Arthur, tlie 
eldest son, succeeded his father in Symbister, born liSC"], is a 

Return of owners of land, 1872-3 : — 

Tutors and Curators of William Arthur Bruce of Sym- 
bister, 25,180 acres, value £-2,"')i 8s. per arm. 
Amis, crest, and motto the same as Bruce of Sumburgh. 

W. B. A. 


Chaules R. 

WlIERE.VS Wek are grationsly pleased to conferre vpon our 
Wellbcloved Subiect s^ William Neale of Wnll.istoii in our 
County of Northampton K'. & vpon y'' heires ]\l;ili'> of his Body 
lawfully begotten y' dignity of a Baronet of this oin- Kingdome 
of England, w'h all the privilcdges fc Imuuityes therevnto 
belonging & to discharge him of y' sume of One thowsand ninety 
& live pounds, vsually paj^d in respect of tliat dignity. Our 
Will fc pleasure is, y'. you accordingly p''p;n'e a "Bill for o"" 
signature in vsuall forme, conteyniiig the said Grant ,.^' discharge 

' Couliibutv 1 hy J. P. Eai-w.-ikiT, Ehij., .M.A., F.S.A, 


& for soc doing this sliall be y'' Wan-ant. Given at o^ Court at 
Oxford y"^ 2G'''' day of February lG4-5[6]. 
To our Trusty & wellbelovcd 
our Attorney or Sol- 

licito' Generall. _ 

By his jMa^'"'* Coinand 

Edw. Nicholas. 

Baronets Warrant. 

£>}dm-sed .—Oxiori\ 2G fcbr. 45[6] 

S^ W. Neales Wani. to bo 
a Baronett. 
The above is an exact copy of a paper ■\vliich wns found in a niisccl' 
lancous collection of deeds, &c., recently jilaced in my hands for 
examination, j\fay I ask is anything known of .Sir William Xeale ? I 
have not succeeded in finding him in any list of Baronets. 

OF ARMS. A.D. 1G05. 

The interesting document, of which the following is a copy, is 
the property of Mr. George H. Birch, A.R.I. B.A., one of the 
Honorary Secretaries of the London and Middlesex Archceo- 
lorjical Sociefy, and has been kindly lent by liini for publication 
in The Gcnealo<iist. 

The pedigree is neatly wriltrn on two skins of vellum, joined 
together, making a roll 3 ft. 3 in. in length and 1 ft. 1 in. in width, 
and the arms are painted with rather' more care and exactness 
than usual. The signatures of William Segar, Garter King of 
Arms (who was knighted in IGIO), Richard St. George, Norroy 
King of Arms (also knighted in IGIG), and William Camden, 
" surnamed the Learned," Clarenccux King of Arms, add very 
considerably to the interest of this pedigree, apart from the 
historical value which it possesses as an oliicial record of the 
descent of, and a Continuation of Arms to, an industrious and 
well known mendjer of the College of Arm.s. 

William Smith was created Rouge Dragon Pursinvant, 23 
October, 1597, and retained that office until his death, 1 October, 
IGIS. An account of liis life and a list of his ^v()rks will be 
found in The ■pnrllcuhir desrripflon of Eivjhtnd IhSS, <tc., 
printed in colours and edited bv Mr. Wheafley, F.S.A., and 
]\Ir. Asldx'C, F.S.A., in 1879. 

Some iVw additions liavc been madi' to tlie pedigrer in a later 
liand, and tliese are di.slinguished by round brackets. J )escrip- 
tions are jdaccd within sipiare brackets. 

J, Paul Ryi.ands, 

Middle Temple. 



J||5|^|p^^_^ <l^<l 

dof a yonge 




5 s i 


'S m 







H ^ 




Jolm Smith 
Sonne of S'' T 

'S s 
g g 





£ S "= 








2 -r- O 

^ -2: ~^"^ ~ C 
S< 5 S S c"! ^ 

^-TTr^" . -5 '"^ c? '^ 

- C rn 

I "2- 

O :-: ^ ^ > ^ :? ^ P ^ 



.."o coo 

S < ^?>« ?^ 

a - "- o 

TO '3 ' 

o .2 g a ^ 

^,.~ =o -^ o id. «•-■'■: 

tr ~ '^ 



,2 ic-2 - H 

2 ■- cc 

- S ..:5 1- ^ 

o ^ m 

"'5 ^ <; ^ 



g ^ ^ - to 

f5 J-< 



2 S 








2 ^9 



_gH^ gc? 

4-uH it 

" S-^P 

2^^o-S si's 

8 a 

^o o ^ ^ o 

5 c- o 

O o 



(Continual from p. 135.) 

Pyuanlo, Julni, of JLiuIstun. 

Pyors, AVilliam. Dcaii of Suutli Mallyng. 

Pygot, Alice. Dunsta])le. 

Pylclic, John, of Estderhain. 

Pyle, Kubdit, seiir., of CarUon Eoodc. 

Pyiikomy, Arnold. Hector of Tyryiigton. 

Dine. Xorwich. 
Pynnell, John, of P)rinkworth. 
Pype, Henry, of ISlofcld. 
Pytt, John, of Eye. 

Raby, John, clerk, iJurhaiu. 

Eadclyf, John, of Ilonydcn, co. Suflulk, 

Eadclyir, John, Knt. 
Eadniyle, Kalph, Esi|., Alhornc, Sussex. 
Eaget, Matilda. I'iddletrenthido, co. 

Ralegh, Thomas. Asteley. 
Rand, John, of Pagrave. 
Ranfeld, Henry, of Hampton. Rouen. 
Rason, John, of Oxford. 
Ravenser, Richard. Archdeacon of 

Raufi', William, of London, gent. 
Eauls, John, of Xorth Perrott. 
Eaulyn, Robert. Canon of St. David's. 
Raundes, Richard de. Rector of Xorth- 

molton, Devon. 
Raynhull, Robert. Vicar of St. Cross, 

AVcstLMte, Canterbury. 
Raynold', .<,'e Hert. 
R.aynolde, John, of Framfvlde. 
Readc, Nicholas, of Pucksled. 
Reade, IvLvard, of Tcnterdrn. 
Rede, R.J.ert. Pishop of Chi.:hestrr. 
Rede, Thomas. Citizen of Salisljurv, 
Eced, William. of Chiclicster. 
Eced, AVilliam. Treasurer of Chichester 

Reed, John, of Crowmere. 
Rccdham, John de. (I'mliafe mdy). 
Rocs, AVilliam, K.s.i. .\..vwicb. 
Repyndon, I'hilip de. Lishnj. of Lmculn. 
Rove. John, of AWstfarlcgh. 




478'' Chiehele, P. i. 


309" Kempe. 


43'- ^loxUm. 


44'' Morton. 


197^' Arun.lcl, P. i. 


414MVhif-ift, P. i. 


54P AruiMJel, P. i. 


103" Cranmer. 


171" Arundel, P. i. 


331» Parker, P. i. 


459» Chiehele, P. i. 




364" Chhh.le, P. i. 


219'' Arundel, P. i. 


172--' Chiehele, P. ii. 


32.5'' Chiehele, P. i. 

65'' Parker. 




47PChie]ielc,"r. i. 


440'' AVhitgift, P. i. 


301" Clii. hcle, P. i. 


170'' Arundel, P. i. 


305'' Chiehele, P. i. 


8" Post Aforlem Pol 


167'' Abbot, P. i. 


26.5'' AVbil.^nff, P. i. 


275" Chi.'liele, P. i. 


365" Cliirhele, P. i. 


212'' Court enay. 


149"Arundel, P. ii. 

14 99 

46' Mortr,n. 


194" Arundel, P. ii. 


51- Arundel, P. ii. 

14 24 

373'' Chiehele, P. i. 


109" Arundel, P. ii. 



Koyncs, Tlinmas, of Watlyiigton. 
Reynaklo, Jolui, of Xonvicli. 
Keyiioia, William. Citizen of Loiulon. 
Keynolds, John. Citizen and barber of 

London, before the city of Kouen in 

Eicon, William. Reotor of Riissebroke. 
Rikyngliale, John. of Cliiohester. 
Ringe.steile, Thomas. ] of Bangor. 
Ringstedc, William, of Cockthorpo. 
Ringwode, Alice, of South Pikenhani. 
Risslieton, Richard. Friar'.s preachers, 

Robertis, William, of E.xton. 22 

Roche, Joan. Sc Miclioll, Joan. 
Roger, (?) Jolm, of Kew(;on. 
Roger, John. Ijriancston, Dorset. 
Rogers, Raufo, of Sutton Valens, in Kent. 

Rogger, Henry, of Pulham St. I\rary Iho 

Rokcwode, John, of Stanefeldc. 
Rokis, Jolianne, of Great Yarmouth, w". 
Rolf, Jfargaret, of Copdok in Sufl'olk. 
Romayn, Thomas. Laml)elh, and St. 

Ifary Aklcrmary, Lojidon. 
Rome, Robert, of Frcshford. 
Rondolf, Alice, ^^■° of Thomas R.^ndolf, 

Citizen of Sarum. 
Roo, John, of Hethill. 
Roo.s, Robert. Pipcwcll. 
Roos, Robert. Ewelme. 
Roos, William dc, Knt. Dns de ILime- 

Roos, William. Rector of WcllMim. 
Roos, Robert, Knt. Son of Wdliam, 

Lord Roos. 
Roper, Richard. Burgess of ]lri,stol St 

JIary Redcliffe. 
Ropor, Henry. Taunton. 
Roperc, John, of St. Dunstan'.^, Canter- 
Rouhalc, Ricliard. V, 
Rous, Baledwin, Esq^ 
Route, John, of Soui; 

Rowd, Thomas, caj,"". 
Royewell, Jolm. Rector of .SouthlHi-l, 
Ruddc, John. (Probate oulv.) 
Rule, John, of Wcilnesbuiy.' 
Rnmpayn, Richard. Isle Abbotts, Soiiier.-^cl. 



.f CI 







321' Morton. 
44" Morton. 
261" Kerape. 

3241' Ctnchelc, P. i. 
543'' Arundel, P. i. 
413^' Chichele, P. i. 
245'' Islcp. 
G6'-' Stifford. 
70'' StallbrJ. 

389'' Chichek, P. i. 

6G'' Stafford. 
47G'' Chichele, P. i. 
11''— 13'^ Post Morton 

64'' Stafford. 

3G8'' Chichele, P. i. 

17'' jNIorton. 

24'^ Post Mortem Pob', 

2G0 Kovnolds. 
447'' Whilgift, P. i. 

433--' Chichele, P. i. 
36'- Moiton. 
17G Stafford. 
387^ Chichele, P. i. 

271'' Chichele, P. i. 
194'' Arundel, P. ii. 

1448 no-- Slalford. 



14 15 
Ml 5 

118'' Stalford. 
130" .Alorton. 

189''.\rundel, P. i. 
17,s''Aru„dr!, P. i. 
1-kS" Slalford. 

l^.T-" AVhit-ift, P. i. 

G3" Sl;.llnv,l. 

512'' .Annnlel, ]'. i. 
103'' Anindrl, p. ij 

130'' Clli.'hr],., P. ii. 

185" Stafford. 



Euasell, John, Ivnt. Strcngesham, Wor- 

Rust, Sir William, of Stoke Asshe. 
Ryclicz, Joliii, capellanus. Clii'ist Church, 

Can tori mry. 
Eyculff, Thomas. Holy Trinity tlic Leas, 

Rye, Rofjor. Cantorhury, Charing, etc. 
Ryliel, William, Knt. Rochester. 
Rykhill, Rose, w" of AVilliani, Knt. 
Rynwolmcrssh, "William. Clerk of the 

Treasury of England. 
Rytherchc, Eogei-, of Pantcge, co. iMoii- 

mouth, yeoman. 

Saint John, Johanue wife of Sir Edward. 

Saint John, Matilda, Lady. 

Saintlo, John, Esff. Bishops Clecve, 

Salernc, John dc, of Idenne. 
Salisbury, John. St. Martin, Salisbury. 
Salmon, William, chauntrypriest of 

Salmon, John, of Jliddelton, in par. Prit- 

well, CO. Ess"x. 
Salopia, Ralpli. Bishop of Bath and 

Samborne, Robert. Canon of Wells. 
Sambroko, Thomas, of Compton Martyn, 

Sammcll, John, senr. Mellys, Somerset. 
Sanden, Jolm. Ashton Rowadc. 
Sargaine, Agnes. 

Sartelere, William. Citizen of London. 
Savage, Arnold, Knt. Bobbyng. 
Savage, Elionora, relict of Sir Arnold. 
Savage, Kathcrine. Bobbyng. 
Sawtell alias Dolman, John, of Alter. 
Say, Matilda, wife of GcoilVcy. Eriars 

Preachers, London. 
Sayrc, Tliomas of Breccles. 
Says, Richard, capellanus, of London. 
Scales, Roger. Dfis dc Nowsell. 
Scapeya, [Shcpey,] John dc. of 

Scarburgh, Robert, son and heir of Ivichard, 

lato of Kensington. 
Scarclyir, Robert. Rector of Schyre, 

diocese of Winchester. 
Scarle, John dr, clerk. Reclur of St. 

Bride, London. 

1404 222'' Arundel, P. 
1445 62' Stafford. 


127^ Stafford. 


262'' Kempe. 
388'' Chichele, P. 
213'' Arundel, P. i 
321'> Chichele, P. 


352 Chichele, P. i 


255- Abbot, P. i. 


219'' Courtenay. 
.314-' Kempo. 

1447 162'' Stafford. 

1415 286'' Chichele, P. i. 

1406 39" Arundel, P. ii. 

1499 40" Morton. 

1571 296" Parker, P. i. 

1363 244' Islcp. 

1382 201" Courtenay. 


123'' Stafford. 


138'' Stafford. 


181'' Stafford. 


416" Whitgift, P. i 


311" Kempe. 


338'' Chichele, P. i 


81^ Sudbury. 


459'' Chichele, P. i 


440" Whitgift, P. i 


106'' Whittlesoye. 


10' Morton. 


305'' Kempe. 


222'' Courtenay. 

1360 169''I.sIep. 

1453 306" Kempe. 

1412 158" Arundel, P. 

1403 200'' Arundel, P. 



Scavcr, Roliert, of Cluru in Eark.sliiro. 
Scaunt, A7illirtm. Citizen of Loniloii. 
Sclicltriiiii, Kobf.rt., of Tlioniluim Lisliop. 
Sclionswoll, Tlioma^-. Tyseliurst. 
Scotte, William. Lrubornc, Kent. 
Scrace, Thomas, of Bolun in Sussex. 
Seagrave, John de, Knt. Bictbj-, Cha- 

cnnibe, Derljy. 
Scales, Roger. ' ])on'lii.,-,trr. 
Sebrond, Mildred, ^V", ,A Lyd in Kent. 
Seburgh, John, of Colchester. 
Seevyer, Thomas, of Loweliam, hii^Land- 

Segcford, Ednnuid. Norwich. Rale. 
Selby, Eiehard. St. Dunstan-in-thc-West, 

Selke (?Telke), AVilliani. Rector of 

Seller, Walter. Recl,,r of Ideiine. 
Sellers, William. Jlishup " S.-dtonien." 
Sely, John. ]!iu-gess of JJiistol. 
Seymour, see Mauro. 
Sengilton, Thomas of Xcrth Cove. 
Septvan.s, AVilliam, Knt. 
Septvans, Elizabeth, relict of William, 

Sesbvitenden, John, caiiellanu.-^. ]!iyn- 

Scsse, John, of Berrowe. 
Sevensterre, Jolm.' St. :Mary AVoul- 

clmrch, London. 
Seward, John. Friars Minors, Dorclie.-l(_'r. 
Seyntclere, Thomas, Esq'', Est-rensled 
Sc-.yiiteclcre, Philip, Knt. rensluirsl. 
Seyntleger, John, ICsq.. Uleund^e (?) 
Shardelowe, Roljcrt. I'reccntor of 

Sharjjc, Thomas, of Smarden. 
Sharpp, John. Jurat of Rio. 
Sharpyng, John, of lladdisco. 
Shaylc, Thomas. Citizen of London. 
Sheiford, -lohn. Crnnn of Wells. 
Shelley, Richard, l^.ct.n■ of Swannes- 

Sliepcvr, John dc, Dcaiiflf Lincoln. 
Shc,.|ianlr, .I,,hn, of Queen Cliarllnn, 

Shctlcr, ,lnhn, of ,Sli:ii.|, niche. 
Shiryiiglon, Walln'. AV^ddone. rrcbcn- 

dary of St. Raul's, London. 





78^ Post Mortem Poll 


G-2^ Stafford. 

170^' Arundel, P. i. 

443'' Chicheley, P. i. 

48'' Post Mortem Poll, 

110'' Islep. 
222'' Courtenay. 
270'' Whit-ift, P. i. 
4 7'' Arundel, P. ii. 

4-11'' Whitsift, P. i. 
307" Kemire. 

1447 159^' Stafford. 



127^ Stafford. 
'J 02'' Chichele, P. i. 
473-' Cliichcle, P. i. 
201'' Arundel, P. ii. 

10'' I\Iorton. 
IGl'' Stafford. 

147 1G2--' Stafford, 


LI 00 
LI 00 




250^' Arundel, P. i, 
437'-' AVhitgifl, P. i. 

193"' Arundel, P. i. 
193^ Arundel, P. i. 
296'' Chichele, P. i. 
254'' Arundel, P. i, 
483'' Chichele, P. i. 

205^ Courtenay. 
309" Parker, P. i. 
304'' Whitqift, P. i. 
09- Stafford. 
259'' Kempe. 
123 Stafford. 

170'' Arundel, P. ii. 
150' Arundel, P. ii. 

4 17--' Av: 
4;i5i' \V 

aft, P. 
;ift, P. 

1447 170' Staflord. 

Conimi.j.sery Court. 



Sliortcr, Thouuis. Stanos. 

Shorter, William, of Whetlcy, co. IJerks. 

Sliv.:wsljury, Joliii Tallxit, Earl of. 

.Sl'.ivwsbury, sm Salopia. 

Sideiiham, Simo:i. lUslwp of Cliiclicster. 

Silvester, Eobert, of LlofL-l.l. 

Skclton, William. Hector of St. Vedast, 

Loudon, aiid A-sliljury, Berks. 
Skei.per, William, of Tlictford. 
SkcYth, Thomas, of Est-derham. 
Skidmore, Sir Kiehard. Par.^ou of Kud- 

Skothowo, Simon, of Saxthorp. 
Skynner, Stevyii, of Ledbury, dioc. 

Skynner, Thomas, of Bee.ston juxta Myh- 

Sleford, John de. Keotor of Balsliam. 
Smith, Henry, of Sowthchurche in E.ssex, 

Smithc, William, of Tonbridgc. 
Smyth alias Geen, Philip. Bristol. 
Sijiyth, James, of AVilton. 
Smyth, John, of Attillji'i-g. 
Smyth, ISLargareto, \V°, of Wurmegey. 
Smyth, Richard, Shorne, Kent. 
Smyth, Thomas. Citizen of Londfm. 
Smyth, Thomas, of Estwalton. 
Suayth, Henry, clerk. 
Snavth, AVilliani. Adynton. 
Siieiliiig, Thomas. 

1 558 


81' Post ]\rortom Poli 
410'' Whit-ift, P. i. 

463" Chiclielcy, P. i. 
CO'' Stafford. 

1448 102" Stafford. 
1498 14^ Morton. 
1445 71--' Stafford. 

Somer, llenr^', Es.j''. Cliancellor of the 

Soler, see ilatteson. 

Sumer, Peter, of Ciaiiobrookc in Kent. 
Somercrofte, John, capellanus, of Ihiyh-s- 

Somerset, John, Earl of. 
Souclic, Elizabeth la, late wife of Sir 

Will'" do la Souche, Knt. 
Southam, Thomas. Archdeacon, Brrks. 
Southcote, Thomas dfis de. 
Sowman, Kobort, of Briston. 
Sowthtleet, John. Sowthllcd,. 
Spackman, Anno, of XorthllWc, n,. Kmi. 
Speham, John, of Shorham. 
Spelman, Thomas, of Mekl I'.lyn^'hani, 

Spenser, Jolian, late servant of my Lady 

Anno Skropo of Estharlyng. 
Spiccr, Ilichard, of Calverl'ey. 


104" Cranmcr. 


38" Morton. 


59'' Polo. 


27" Morton. 


187" Arundel, P. i. 


27G" Whitgift, P. i. 


03" Post Mortem Poli. 


129'' Stafford. 


3G2'' Chichele, P. i. 


64" Stafford. 


41" Morton. 


273'' Kempe. 


292'' Kempe. 


70" Stafford. 


198" Courtenay. 


43" Arundel, P. ii. 


47'' Post Mortem Poli 


183'' Stafford. 


274" Whitgift, P. i. 


27 7*^ Kempe. 


48" Arundel, P. ii. 

11 OS 

2:>:V' Arundel, P. i. 


213" Arundel, P. i. 


315"' Kempe. 


13" I\rorton. 


58"PostMorlrm Pol 


273'' Ablint, P. i. 


?,[■:,- Chichele, P. i. 


20" Mnrton. 


45" Morton. 


30P' & 281" Kempo. 



Spraiigcr, Ellun, W", of Jlilton. 

Spryngtliorp, Jolui, clerk. 

Stablegafe, Edmund. Caiitcibiiry, Clirist- 

Staiford, Anne, Countess of. Gloucester. 
*Stairord, Anno, Couute-ss of. Lanthony. 17 
Stafford, Ednrund. Bishop of Exeter. 
Stafford, Fulkc. Friars preachers, London. 
Stafford, Hugh, Earl of (2 Avills). 
Stafford, Hii-h, Earl of. 
Stafford, Humj)hrey, sen', Knt. AbLoteg- 

Stafford, Elizabeth, wife of llumphrey, 

sen*'., Knt. Abbotesbury. 
Stafford, Hunijihrey, of Hoke, Dorset. 
Stafford, Ealph, Escf, Worcester. St. 

Lawrence I'ountney, London. 
Stanle, Thomas, clerk. London. 
Stannard, Ednmnd. Citizen of Norwich. 
Stanshawe, Kobert, Esq'., of AUorly, co. 

Staustin, William, Triest and Scholar of 

the Uni\xnvity of Oxfor.l. 
Stardlyng, ^^'illiam, Knt. 
Steavman, Thomas, of Greenwiche. 
Steel, William, clerk. Charleloii. 
Stevens, John, of Xorton under Ifamden, 

wollen weaver. 
Stevens, William, of Overton, co. AVilts. 
Steven.s, AVilliam, Precentor of Wells. 
Stcvynson, Thoma.s, of '\'\^^lpo(lll. 
Stegge, John. Burgess of f^ynn. 
Stone, John. Canon of Wyn-ham. 
Stokeman, Edmund, of ^frthrwnld. 
Stokes, John, Esq'^., of Soutliwarl;-, 
Stoky.s, John. Jiector of Gy.-.lynghani, 

Stokys, John, of Romene. 
Stonestretc, Laurence. 
Stopan, Christian of Ifolynghorno. 
Stopyndou, John. Archdeacon of Dorset. 

St. Dunslan-in-thc-Wost, London. 
Stoves, John, of I'ydcle. 
Stowe, Thomas. Citizen uwd liilow 

chandler of London. St. Mirli:iel, 

.fSt. I'aul'.sLo 

i9 IL 




, Thoui 

as. Dean 





Straxhill, A\' 

illium. C 




205'' Whitgifl, P. i. 


381" Chichdc, P. i. 




479' Chichele, P. i. 

H. vi. 

479-' Chichele, P. i. 


319'' Chichele, P. i. 


162^ Arundel, P. ii. 


220^ Courten;i.y. 


219" Arundel, P. i. 


nS'-* Arundel, P. ii. 


173'' Arundel, P. ii. 


485" Chichele, P. i. 


268* Kcmpe. 


44'' Arundel, P. ii. 

14 OG 

540' Arundrl, P. i. 


159'' Stafford. 


168'' .\rundel, P. ii. 


256" Arundel P. i. 


57" Post Mortem Poll 


120'' Whittlcseye. 


441'' AVhil-ifl, P, i. 


396'' Wl,iiL;ilX, P. i. 




31* :Morton. 


170" Chichele, P. ii. 


SO'' Sudbury. 

14 45 

07'' Stallord". 


380" Chichele, P. i. 


541'' Arundel, P. i. 


209'' Arundel, P. i. 

■n. vi 

52" Stafford. 


227" Arundel, P. i. 


148" Stafford. 


149'' Parker. 


84''l'ost]\rortera Poli. 

14 05 

225'' Arund,4, P. i. 




182" Stafford, 



Stratford, llobort. Bishop of Chichester. 

Stratton, John. Citizen of Norwich. 

Straungo, UalJwin, Knt. 

Strccho, John. Oxuburgh. 

Stretton, Robert, Bishop of Coventry and 

Strode, Stephen. (Probate only.) 
Strongo, Robert, of Crowmere. [Cromer.] 
Stridelyn'^ton, "William de. Bishop of 

St As.aph. 
Stward, John, Knt. All Hallows, Stain- 
ing, London. 
Sturmyn, John. Euwenny in Wales. 
Stury, Alice. Hampton Lovot. 
Styllc, Thomas, of Cowdeuo in Kent. 
Styuccle, "William. Rector of Blecheloy. 
Sudburn, Robert, of Hallysworth, co. Suif., 

Sudbury, Thomas, Keeper of the College 

of St. Gregory of. 
Suetirlon, William. Rector of Erpyugham. 
Sutton, Jolni. 

Suttonc, Rpger de. Rector of Cherryng. 
Swaynson, Richard, of Wythyham, in 

Swether, Richard, of Lynn Epi. 
Swynncsey, Robert, of (xloucestcr. 
Swynborne, Thomas, Knt., Little Ilorkes- 

ley, Essex. 
Swynoshcved, John do. Rector of 

Lyniyng. Canon of Exeter. 
Sybbcthorp, Robert. Rector of Mayden- 

Syler, Edmund, of Blofeld. 
Symond, ^'ie!luias, Lnndon. 
Syrapsou, Roger, of Debtford Stroud in 

Syward, Roger, of Dorchester. 

Tailor, William, of South Berlyngham 

Talbot, John, of Romenc. 

Talbot, "William, Knt. Whitchurch. 

Talbot, seo Shrewsbury. 

Taskcr, Richard, of Burstow, Surrey. 

Tatershalo, Richard. Citizen & Baker of 

Taunk, William. Chief Baron of the 

Taylor, Julm, of Bydenden, co. Kent. 
Taylour, Tliomas, of Hyde, yeoman. 
Tebbe, liichard, of St. Bartholomew. 









135" Islop. 
GSb Stafford. 
295»> Chichelo, P. i. 
312'' Chichele, P i. 

211* Courtcnay. 
198» Arundel, P. ii. 
12'' Morton. 

1382 196" Courtenay. 

173* Stafford. 
387« Chichele, P. i. 
266^ Chichele, P, i. 
62^ Post Mortem Poli. 
244'' Arundel, P. i. 

1498 35" Morton. 

147'' Arundel, P. ii. 
68=^ Staflbrd. 
323" Chichele, P. i. 
100" Sudbury. 

54'' Post Jlortem Poli, 

70" Stafford. 

149" Arundel, P. ii. 

157" Arundel, P. ii. 

125'' Whittloseye. 


233" Courtenay. 

62" Stalford. 

41" Arundel, P. ii. 


61'- Post Mortem Poli. 
229'' Courtenay. 

14 25 

194" Arundel, P. ii. 
200" Arundel, P. i. 
389" Chichele, P. i. 


275" Abbot, P. i. 


178" Stafford. 


85'' Sudbury. 
309" Parker, P. i. 
273" Whilgift, P. i. 
373" Chichele, P. i, 



Tendoryns, AVilliam, Esq"-. Ilolbroke. 


431''Chiohele, P. i 

Thomas, Jolm, of "Wyndielsc. 


308^ Kenipo. 

Thomas, Eichard, of Scvenshic (?J, co. 



278'' Abbot, P. i. 

Tlioriton, .Tohn, Esif. Camelegli. 


105'' Arundel, P. ii. 

Thorp- Edmund, Kut, AsRlnvdlcUi..,rpo, 


SIS'- Chichelo, P. i. 

Tlior]i, Rol.crt de, Knt. Cliancelloi- of 



12G» Whittleseye. 

Thynghull, William de. Canon of Lich- 

field. Koctor of Bishupsbornc. 



Toft, KoLcrt, of Wlieatacrcbuvgli. 


72" Stafford. 

Tollock, Thomas, of Hornyngesham. 


348" Chichele, P. i. 

Tolymonde, William. 


ni" Stalford. 

Tompson, George, of Depford. 


G7*Post ?iJortrmPoli 

Tomsson aUas Adams, John, of South- 

fleet, in Kent. 


SS'* Post Mortem Poli 

Tonge, William. Yicar of Aston. (Pro- 



129'- Chichele, P. ii. 

Tonge, Scmannus de. Faversham. 


2G7'' Chichele, P, i. 

Toole, Joseph, of Latcliyngdon, in co. 



123MVhitgift, P. i. 

Topclyff, Kobert, of Canterbury. St. 

l^fargarct Patens, London. 


119" Stalford. 

Toppe, see Kicolas. 

Trevenant, .Jolm. Bisliop of l[.r,.ford. 

1 104 

207-' Arundel, P. i. 

Trcwe, Eobert. Burgess and J)!,.]...!- of 

Lcnn Bnsshopp. 


30- Morton. 

Trewyn, H.-nry. Wolwyeh. 


349'' Gliirhrlr, P. i. 

Trewyii, Thomas, Es(f. Eriars ]\linors, 



307- Cbidl.'lr, P. i. 

Trcygor, Jolm. Goryng. 


214- Arun.lrl, P. i. 

Trillek, Thomas. P.ishop of Rochester. 


12G" Whittlrseye. 

Trussel, William, Knt., of Cublesden. 


105- Smltmry. 

Tryvet, Elizabeth. Canterbury. 


442», P. i. 

Tudenhani, Gooftrcy, of Ilillyngton. 


09" Stalford. 

Turk, John. Can.m of Sali^buiv. 


190-^ Aruiid.l, P. i. 

Tye, Robert, Knt. Bar.ham. 


1G8'' Cliielirle, P. ii. 

Tykcrege, John, of Eranfvld, co. Sussex-. 


7" Post Mortem Poli. 

Tympl.'y, Roger, of Ii.piswiche. 


13" ;\lorton. 

Tyrell, Edward, S.piver, the rldur, Dun- 

ham, Chelmsford, Essex (2 Wills.) 


48S" Chichele, P. i 

Uflord, Isabell .!.•. Cuuiitcss of Sullnlk. 


29.5" Chichele, P. i. 

Ulford, Robert dr. I'arl of Snutlil\,|rk. 



109- Wl,ittlr.scyc. 

Ufford, Williaui dr. Earl of Sullolk. 


191" Courteuay. 

Ullerslon, Rirl,:,ul, ran..,, of Sali.burv. 


3G2" Clnrhele, P. i. 

Iljiton, Jolm dr. Canon of Salisbury and 



153V'\rundel, P. i, 

Vsslier, John, of Eol.sham, 


21" Morion, 


UsNher, Robert, of Secud Rove, co. AVilts. 1591 -IM'' AVliit-ift, V. i. 

UveJale, Thomas ilo, Knt. Tychoseye. 13G7 11 i' Lan-luuu. 
Uvcdalf, William, Esq''. St. Maiy Oveiy, 

Southwark. 1149 17G' StafloRl. 

Vans, Richard. 141 S 324'-^ ChicheK., V. i, 

Vaus, William do. iraydcnslaii. 13GS 121'' Lan,L;ham. 

Yaux, Richard, of Kellyng. 1 145 C4'' Statlnnl. 
Yen; John de. Earl of Oxford. :\roiiks 

Colne, 1359 159'' Isle],. 

Veer, Matilda de. Countess of Oxford. 1412 IGT' Arundrl, 1". ii. 

Veer, Richard. Earl of Oxford. 1415 301^^ Chiclirlr, ]'. i. 
Veer, Tliomas. Earl of Oxford. Clum- 

cellor of England. Colne, Essex. 1371 118M^^liltleReve. 

Vcggescombo, Robert. Canon of Exeter. 13S1 200'' Courtenay. 
Vernon, Henry. Citizen and Serivenfn' of 

London. 1558 81'' Tost Mortem I'.ili. 

Vincent, Richard. Citizen of Loiidmi. 1452 275'' Kempe. 

Violet, Robert, of Beckiiam in ICml. 155S GO^' l^ost Mortem Pnli. 
Vynter, Robeit dr. ,AIav<len.-,lau. Uoxlcy 

Abbey. " 13G8 120' Langhani. 

W-.vh, Jolm, of Lristok 1 104 223'' ArundM, V. i. 

AVakervn- John. Ihshop of Norwich. 1425 383'' Cliirlirl,., ]'. i. 
A\'alde-rave, Ricliard, Knt., si'ii''. liiircs 

St. Marv. 1410 49' Arundel, 1'. ii. 
Walden, John. Si. llutliulomcw, Smitli- 

Jield. 1417 310''Chichrh., V. i. 

Walden, Roger, liishop of Leiidm,. 1405 227" Arun.lel, 1'. i. 

Walderun, William. Citizen ..f Lmulon. 1121 371" Chichele, 1>. i. 

Wales, Joan, Princess of. 1385 213'^ Courtcnay. 
Waleys, Matilda, wife of Augustiu. Holy 

Trinity Priory, London. ^ 1355 101'', 108', 109'', W.. p. 

AVall, Robert. (Prob.ito oidy.) 1413 192'' Arundel, P. ii. 
Wallere, Katcrine, relict of Thomas, of 

Lambcrhurst. 1423 374'' Chichclr, P. i. 

Walsh, James. Rector of Stn.klM,,. 13GS 117M,anL;liam. 

Waller, Richard, of Dikeleld, in Sussex. 1558 8" I'ost yUnU-m I'oli. 

Walthani, Roger. Fordyngbrigg. 1409 lOG'' Arundel, P. ii. 

AValton, Robert do. Rector of Clyve. 137G 92^' Sudliurv. 

AVard, T..nis,.n, of East FarlciLdi, spinster. 1G15 27P' Abljot, 1'. i. 
Warde, Thomas. Caimn of AViUesdon. St. 

Paul'.s. 1452 2.-)7'' Kcmpe. 

Ware, Henry. P.isboo of Chieliesl.T. 1420 33:,' Chiehel,., P. i. 

Ware, .luhn, of Seale i'u Iveul. 15.-,8 57'' P.isl .Muil.'iii I'nli 

Wareyn, Kdiiuiud. l/il izeu of P.mdon. 1453 295''Kempe. 
Warham, Rul.erl, of Ahelev, c. I'saex, 

gentleman. " 1529 100' ^Valll,lm. 

Warnnvell, Robevl. Citi/eii cf Salisl.ui'y. 1117 1 I'.)'' Slalloid. 
AVarmynton, Richard .le. of Adc's- 

ham". 1378 100'' Sudbury 


AVarro, John. Iliiljurdaslicr of Soutlnvavk. 141G 188'' Staifonl 
Warro, llo'^n- la, Kill. Monastery of 

SwynsliL'vi.l 1370 llGMVliiUk'Scyc. 

Wamai, Kc-inaia. irvac. M08 SD.V Arundel, P. i. 

AVanwyk, Guy .Ic. " ISoO IGOMGC' Mep. 

Ware.wyk, William. Ciii/.cu and I^Iercor 

of Salisbury. Hi5 137'^ Staflbrd. 

Waterton, Hugh de, Knt. llarlcy. 1109 107^ Arundel, P. ii. 

Watford, John. Keclor of Sncryatc. 

Maghfeldo 1368 107^' Whiltleseyo, 

Wattes, John, of Downham. 1499 .57'' jNlorton. 

'VVaynflete, John. Capellanus of Bnrlenli. 1 125 385^' Chiehele, P. i. 
Wayn, John, of Thornham Bishop. 1415 G2'' Stafford. 

Weaver, b-er blasters. 

Webl), Roliert, of Lanqridgo. 1591 444" Whilgift, P. i. 

Webber, Phillippc, of Spaxton. 1590 43G'' Whitgifl, P. i. 

Wego, Henry. Rector of Lamero, Wales. 1112 119" Wtailord. 
Welde, Henry. Rector of Wikham P.rowrs. 1420 338" Chieliele, P. i. 
Welles, Clement, clerk. St. Nicholas 

Olavc, London. 1452 2G0' Kompc. 

Welles, John. Alderman of London. St. 

Antoine. 1442 484" Chiehele, P. i. 

Welles, William de. Bishop of Rochester. 1443 122'' StatTord. 
Wells, see John. 

Wennyng, Adam. Helgey, Norfolk. 1445 70" Staflnrd. 

West, John, the younger, of Basingstoke. 159G 281" Whitgifl, P. ii 
West, John. "2suncius de Seaceario 

apud Westminster." 1429 420" Chiehele, P. i. 

West, Thomas, Kiit. 1415 297" (.'In.diele, P. i. 

West, Thomas, Knt. Twviiham. 1105 20si' .\ruii.lel, P. i. 

Westburv, AVilliam. .lu-liee .4 C<.iiimnn 

lieiuh'. Wesllniiv, Wills. 1448 ISO'' Sluiford. 

Wrslhurp, .luhn, ■ 1408 255^' .\riiiid(4, P. i. 

AVestmnv, Al.'vn, of Walberiswyk. 1499 57'' .M orlon. 

West, ,11, 4'hoiii;is. Pirsuii of ('astre St. 

Wethereld, William, of Ipswir],. 
Wheler, J.ihii, of llovedni, 
Wlielp.lale, Ro-.r. Bishop nf CaiHsle. 
Whetill, John, of Shai.p.wieke. 
Wliiehele, John, ..f New Wvndr.ore. 
Whidvi.L'ton, Ri.hard. .Mdmaan of 

AVhile, .lolm, Knt., of Konvirli, 

While (//Aw Phlllippes, r.r.nlyr, of lluil 

AVhile, William, scnr. Soull, Mallvn... 
Whiteehuieh, Agnes, lal.', of W" i 


Whilehuivhe, Rirhaide, of Sto.4;well 
parisli of UlsNviek, 




14 50 




55" ; 




Cliichele, P. i. 



Whitgift, P. i. 



' Arundel, P. ii 



■Cliichrle, R i. 


5 1 1' 

■ Aiiiiid, 1, P. i. 


4 38^' 

' Whilgifl, P. i, 


20 1' 

■ (,lii;hele, P. i. 


1 28' 

■ Clii-4iele, P. i 



' Parker, P. i, 


AVhityiigliam, Robert. Citizen of London. 

St. Ciiristoplior. 1^07 1G9^' Arundel, P. ii. 

Whityni^liani, Robert, Knt. A-sshcrcg-c. 1452 2G9^ Kompe. 

AVliitington, Cecilia. I'aunteley. U52 2G0MCenipe. 
AVhynderton, William, of Ivist Sutton, co. 

Kent 15G0 308'' Parker, P. i. 

Wl.yne, John. 1583 94- Whitgift, P. i. 
Wicestve, Henry, Es(^^ St. Botolph, 

Aldgate, London. 1449 178'' Stafford. 
Wic.lio, Jolm. Master of Collegiate 

Clmrcli of Lvngfeld. 1445 128- Stafford. 

Wigge, William, of Xorwich. 1499 29^ :Morton. 
Wifkyn, "William, of Tylney, eo. Norfk., 

hu.sbandman. ^ 1584 337MVhitgift, P. i 
Williamsono, Roger. Haberdasher of 

Southwark. 144 5 17G- Stalford. 

Williamesone, Thomas, of Lvnn Epi. 1415 G?" StallVird. 
Windsor nliio^ Christopher, Thomas, of 

Northcott, CO. !Midilx., veoman. 1G15 2G6» Abbot, P. i. 
Winter, Rieliard, of Cokliam, in Tarkshire, 

bargeman. 1590 398MV]iitgift, P. i. 

Withi, John. Vicar of Audeley. 1414 120" Chirhele, 1'. ii. 

Witherinersch, Richard. Heigham. 1409 4G'' Armulel, P. ii. 

Wodehnuse, .John, Esq'. Norwich. 1430 420'' Chiehele, P. i. 

Woduland, Richar.l. Rector of Lambeth. 1376 82^ Sudbury. 

Wolle, Peter, of Upwelle. 1498 2P Jlorton. 
WollcsliiU, William. Crevfriars, London. 

Yerdeley, A7oreestersh. 1452 291M<;empe. 
Wood, R'ichar.1, l^s.j. North Ta^vton, 

Devon. 1492 1.30- Slair.ud. 

Woodc, Ro-er at, Cdovor, of Lvnn Epi. 1445 G9i' Slallnrd. 

Wodhull, dohn, Kretor of OrpVngton. 1:182 205'' Court.aiay. 

Wonlf..,, Richard, of Stonbrego. 1559 G3'' .Mortem Poll. 

Worsthnrp, .lohn. 1413 1G7'' Arundel, P. ii. 

Worth, dolin,Kut. 1391 238-' Courtenay. 
AVotton, John. Master of Collegiate 

Chureli of 1 117 309^' Chiehele, P. i. 
Wotton, Nicholas. Lord Mayor of Lou- 
don. Pokton Malherlie, Kent. 1447 1G6" Stallbrd. 
AVrangvll, John son of Alaude. Xvrkested. 1411 154b Arur.del, P. ii. 
Wright, Mar-aret, of Kiinborle. ' 1145 GG" Slallbr,!. 
Wroston, John, Es,l^ P.rodrhrulon. 1429 41U'' Chi.hole, P. i. 
Wryiicho, William, of Upwellr. 1497 23 
Wydevyle, Richard, sen'. Maydeslun. M41 482'' Chirhrl,., I', i. 
Wvkeh'am, William. Hislu.pof Winchrsb.r. 1 lO:'. 212'' Aiundrll.l". i. 

AVvkehirst, AVilliam, sn 

l^ St. Mary Crave 

. 14i:i 172' Amndel, P. ii. 

AVvkeme're, Adam de. 

Dean of South- 


1381 212- C.aulouav. 

AA'vkkenden, AVilliam,. 

■f Cowdeu in Kent 

. 1558 59-Pnsl Mnitrni 1'. 

AVvleocke, John, Cili, 

vu au.l Draper of 


1558 87"l'ost .Mortrm i'. 



AVvlcokr, John. IVilvjidon. 

AVylson, UUx, ^X". St. Towlie in Silvor- 

Wylton, Jolm, E.sq''. AVolton at Stone. 

^\''ylughbv, RoLert, of l^^re.sby, .'juu''. 

■\^'yn, Gryffytli ap Eden. 

Wyiieliester, Ilonry, of Chiehester. 

AVynde.soro, Alicia, diia. Upniyiister. 

AVyncwyk, John do. Ti'i.'a.siirer of Yorlc. 
lluyton, IMonketon. 

Wyngeffld, ^lai-eiy dn'a de. 

Wyngefeld, Eol.eit, Kiit. Letliynsliani. 

"\Vyns]iir.^t, John. G.mtlieri^t. 

Wynti'inghain, '\Mlliam. Citizen of Lon- 
don. St. ?>ravy Magdalen, Old I'ish 

Wyntyr, Thomas. St. Paul'.s, London. 

AVyot, Richard. Langley Mareys. 

AVys.^yng'.sete, John, of London. 

WytclyfV, John. Rector of iror.5tedcavnes. 

Wyth, ]\Laiirice, Knt. St. Botulph, Al.lei's 

Wyrt, jNIargaret, of Gloucester. 

Yerd, Jolm, Eisq''. Chehani, Surrey. 
Yevcre, Thomas. Tod3-ngton. 
Yo]ig, Henry, of Ludlow. 
Yong, Thomas, clerk. 


471''Chichele, P. i. 


81'' Post Mortem Poli 


212'- Arundel, P. i. 


157'' Arundel, P. i. 


1 S3'' Parker. 


147'' Parker. 


188'' Arundel, P. i. 

( 40" Whittleseye. 


} IGi^^ Lslup. 

1-1 OG 

541' Arundel, P. i. 


297'' Kempe. 


44- Arundel, P. ii. 


291" Konpc. 


172- Arundel, P. ii. 


424» Chichelc, P. i. 

1421 399'' Chichele, P. i. 

1383 297- Courtenay. 

1383 205- Courtenay. 

1405 331- Arundel, P. i. 

1450 188'' Stafiord. 

142G 414- Chichele, P. i. 

1538 102'' Cranmer. 

1375 97- Su.lhurv. 

Yong, Richard, liis 

iiop of R.irhcstei 


323- Chich 

ele, P 

Yongp, Anthony, of 

Lighe next Toi 



203- Aliho 

t, P. i. 

Yonge,,;w. Pr 

.;,v,,st of Wvn-h: 

im. 1 IDS 

107- .Vrun. 

lel, P. 

*York, Ivhvard, l)u 

k.' of. Fudiyngl 




284'' Chi,-li 

itde, P 

York, ,rc. Laugelee. 

*York, Philippa, 1 )u, 

lllcss of. 


4 28- Cliicli 

,ele, P 

Yorpe, John. Mer.4 

on. (Pmluleo, 

dy.) 1413 

103- Aran, 

lei, P. 

Zogoso alias lir.idgare, John. 

1409 109'' Aruud( 1, P 

Codeman, .lohn. A 
Stork.', CI, 
AVilliams, l;i,hanl. 

H7//.S' af, i„,t i„ J 
f M.^. ..f .\n,i, 

l;,-d~. 1.-, 

.am in Y 


■nt. 159U. Jhid. to. 87. 




Topograpliers have, I think, unaccountably neyhjcted the mass 
of inion nation which tlie Feet of Finr.-i aflbrd. Tlic labour 
necessary to carefully go through the unindexed files is no doubt 
immense, but the I'esults are so valuable that an account of a 
manor or locality is incomplete indeed without such labour being 
undertaken. As far as regards Norfolk, Le Neve iio doubt 
supplied Blomefield with notes of most of the more important 
lines, so our county history is probably more i^erfect in this 
respect than any other ; but there are many instances in wliich 
important topographical and genealogical facts have been passed 
over. Moreover, at the time Lc Neve aiid a few others were 
working so industriously, very slight interest was taken in 
families which were not or had not been in a knightly or gentle 
position, and no notes were taken by them of the names of the 
small freeholders, many of whose dcscemlants are now of 
importance in the county. Nor did the vuriovuvi readings of 
the names of localities, of the utmost value in tracing their 
dei'ivation,^ nor the inunense wealth of field names, interest them 
in any way ; indeed we may roughly say that if a i\nc did )iot 
chronicle the descent of a manor or advowson, or give some 
pedigree information a1)0ut some armigevous famil}', it wa.s 
passed by unnoted. 

One discovery arising from the analysis I have made of tlic 
Norfolk fines for Richard I and John is, I think, of very 
considerable importance, and tliat is that the fines for Norfolk 
vastly outninnber tliose of any other county. Indeed, for the 
reign of Richard I Norfolk has 2!).'], while l^edfordsliire, ]3erk- 
shire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cumberland, Cornwall, 
Derby.shire, Devonshire, and Dorsetshire tot/cthcr only have 
231. — Cooper on 'Public Records,' ii, p. l.')]. Coupling this with 
the facts that in the Norfolk fines there is a nmch greater 
pi'oportion relating to small holdings of five acres' and under 
than in a)iy other county (a fact which points to numei'ous small 
freeholders),^ and that in the early Norf\)lk lines )iow before us 
we come across an uiuisually large proportion of Scandinavian 

"- Tl.,; M-k'ur'u of'tnidn- el Mn..l,i,.lr, w:,.. in ll , infanrv. 1 ;l..iii.-n.L1, ..v r.itl.ri- IiIh 
cmtmu.-itor I'aikin, ha.l " w.ii'.t " „„ tlu' l.i.iiu ; i,.mi Iv' .v.i y lil.Hv-iiiun.. Mrrimlii.^: 
to him ramc from " watii." 

' 1 li;wc gi-iive doulit.i wlhllirr an "am-" dim ».i-, n..l nnuli Ini^.-i thinliio 

* Mr. GrciMi.,lrct't rciiii'iM., mc the i-n, . nmiil.. r ul Noilolk L-nlM,,, ,.n Uic 
l>c JJaiicv rwlU 1a\us out tiii:. 


names, wc care drawn to the conclusion that we have hero strong 
evidence tliat the Noiman kings were wise enough to leave tlicir 
jicar kinsmen tlic ]3anes undisturbed in their hokUngs to a very 
mucli greater extent tlian lias hitherto l^eon suspected. 

The point is so historicaHj' interesting that I hope I may he 
excused if 1 devote some space to it. Perhaps as good a ^vay to 
show the marked difference in race between the inhabitants of 
our county and those of some of the shires will be to compare 
the number of Christian or fore-names occurring in the fines for 
llichard I and John for Bedfordshire, Berkshire, and Buck'ing- 
hamsbire (which I have extracted, not without considerable 
trouble, from vol. i of the printed fines published by the late 
Joseph Hunter for the Record Commission in 1835), with those 
occurring during the same period in Norfolk. The Bedfordshire 
names mnnbcr in all 91, the Berkshire 90, tlie Buckinghamshire 
105, while, even without counting connnon names, such as John, 
William, <Scc., there are no less than .322 for Norfolk, very many 
of whom are Scandinavian. 

Tlie Norman and other continental names which occur are not 
as numerous as would be expected by those who fancy that the 
Norman Conquest literallj- flooded all England with Normans 
and Frcnclimen. Of course many of the A filius B entries wcie 
meant for A " Fitz " B, so it is ditllcult to ascertain exactly what 
numerical projjortion of tlie landowners were Ndrman ; but I do 
iKit think that more than 110 Norman or l-'rench names' occur 
in the 801 fines. 

But, however the people came by their names, it is very 
interesting to find in a list of surnames occurring moi'O than six 
hundred years ago such every-day Norfolk names as Bacon, 
]3ayfie]d, ]3arrctt, Burrell, Calejr, Cobb, Colman, Cooi^er, 
Hammond, Durrand, Coss, Gurney, Londa, Reyner, Rye, Rix, 
Swan, Swatman, Tliirkcttle, Tuck, Ulk, and Walpole. 

The rarit}^ of nicknames or by-names is remarkable. All I 
have come across are about t^-enty, viz., Godsaule," le Cat 
Wudccok, Colli le. Swan, Cuckuc, Heron, Crowe, le Neuman, 
Kinesman, Wisman, Freman, Yvvelhume, le Blund, le Brun, le 
Cris, ]\'inper, le Gay, le AVile, le Curteis, and le Gros. 

Nor are the tra<le or occupation names a.s numerous as might 
liave birn cxjicctcd, viz., ]\[ercator and le Marchand, Faber, 
IMsop and I'li'C"]-!, (dericus, Sacerdos, Diachonus, le Jbiinnc, 
Cocns, l''e\dratius, Falconar, Forester, Bedell, Carpentarius and 
Carjienter, I'armentarius, Camerarius, Ilostiarius, Janitor, Pin- 
cerna, Molcndarius, le Fliltere, le Norreis, le Spicer, lo Eschcr- 
nnsiu-, le l'V\crc, le Veantie, i^^jc. 


A.s, rouglily .speaking, about one thuiisau'l ami lifty varictitis 
C)i' names occur among the parties, attoniies ami tenants, in the 
fines printeil liercat'ter, it is rather strange tliat imt i|uitr tlireu pi'r 
cent, of them .should be nicknames or trade names. 01' the 
remainder, abiout two hundred and forty were of the ty])e " A 
the son of B," about fourteen were singk' names, such as " Ivo," 
and the rest for the most part were of the form " John of 
Snoring," ' " Hugli of Skerdeston." 

So far I have dealt with the people and their names — we now 
come to the localities mentioned in the fines. Not the least 
reward of the ilry labom- of indexing was the discoverj^ of over 
fifty localities which cannot now be traced in the county, and 
wliich escaped even the research of JMr. Mumford. 

More interesting still are the very numerous lieM-names, df 
wliich no less than four hundred occur. As charters and deeds 
of this date are verj"- rare, anil when iliry do oceiu- seldom do 
more than sjiccify the name of the niaiKir ui ad\invson conveyed, 
I have thought it worth while to aiian;.:!- Llicse names under 
headings as well as I can, asking my reader to treat Icnirntly 
my versions of hitherto unknown jilaeos, ^vllieh will no doubt 
receive many correctiojis from abler hands. 

The list affords a tenrpting field for conji'etiin', but, brin^- no 
" scollard," I will leave this to others, and -will only ]H)iii( ynt 
that we may recognize hero many of our favourite lit'ld names, 
.such as Fouracres, Sevenacrcs, and Twelveacres ; Homefield, 
Northfield, and AVcstfield. Many of the " gates " would seem to 
refer to the way to or direction of an adjacent village, (\<j., 
Brancastergate, Stanhoegate, and Wintertmigate. 

Several of the names are unmercil'ully Imig, !•.</., lilaeunMc- 

hevedland, Burwennesne\dieland, Kaimliie 


id, Dude- 

graven verwang, and Dimeher.sseswang. V> 
can be classified under the terminations — 

esides the nan 

les which 

Acre. Cross. 
Beach, or Dech. Cnindel. 
Br.akes. D.ale. 
Bridge. Dele. 
Brooin. Delf. > 
Bury. Dicli, or Dike. 
Bush. Den. 
Bnsks.' Don. 
];y. V.wl 
Cot. F,,llgate. 
Croft, Fen. 






Clrave. "■ 

Hago^or lloge. 




' V.iii:, lions are r.iro, but two luny lie noted, " 
an,l Alan .Ic Kn;;leficld. otliorwise I'llius .Mmi'll (|.. ] :;-) 

1 r,oi,u -.,11 of KoU 

•if (p. lib) 

" JUirlvv i'V T^ii.-jylu', I'rt'ini't. l*.ii"\iii'iruiii, }i. .nj. 

' Dolpli.a .iKiin wbirli emplies itM.jf into a l.n-.r 

.1 .K-f.,1 I'l .e'.l.MiV ' I'l .i\ lii.-i il \\"..i il.' r.l' I ill, iilii Im 

diaill- a .lyk.. ^vhi 


(K'lVCtl.- — J il ii^^iH. U .-^ 1 MU IIK l.U U ui ilti tu l,,ni' I'lll Mil - . 

* A salt water (i,l,il eie.k, 

» No doubt u-e.l ill the «a,,o of ditch or tl. n,h, 1 >,ii, 

» " Still u-icd in Nu.folk lui u hedec,"— Ualliwell .s ■ 1 

i,.h ;//■.(,■, 



Hulo, nr Hales. 






Ho, or How. 


Town's end. 









Wong, or Wang.3 




Meadow, Mi;\v. 





There are forLj' i 

midcntificd places 

i, viz. : — 









Staiiaue [?Stanhow]. 

Ikiehcnrstic (?Eeret- 






r.roelic, le 




La Drave. 





Diiive, La. 









Fredur, a.l. 







Occasionally wc liud in the fines entries intereating I'or many 
reasons. Thus Hiiniphry de Uerlliam in 8 Ric. I sold, for a 
lunidj'ed shillings, land to Ralph de Herlhain (possibly his 
lirotlier), for his equipment to Jerusalem, probablj'' in the fifth 
Crusade then being in.stituted by Pope Innocent III ; and the 
objection naturally felt by large landowners to their sub-tenants 
gixing land into mortmahi, which did no service, is well instanced 
by Evn, daughter of Hawis de Morlai, granting lands to Ralph de 
Torcy and his assigns — " prastercjuam viris religiosis." Other 
instances of this exception will be found at pp. 35 and 09. 
Vineyards are mentionc<l at p. 187. 

'.I'he nominal or \niusual considerations are also interesting,, 
a pound of pepper; a pound of cummin ; a pound of incense; a 
pair of gloves ; a pair of white gloves ; a hawk ; a hawk of the 
iirst 3'ea)' ; a pair of gilt spin's ^\•orth (id. ; four barbed ar]'o\vs ; 
two horses; a black horse of the third and another of the sixth 
year ; a horse worth 10 marks and the return of a deed ; a robe 
worth 2 marks; a mantle and tunic; two dresses and a gold 
ring; two mallards ; two capons at Christmas; a Inillock ; 0,200 
" sticks" ol' eels ; I'reedom from toll ; a gold ring and participation 
in the luiielits ol' a monastery, and similar participation without 
a ring. An early instance of " licjuidation bj' arrangement" 
occurs where a credittir releases a debtor who owes him 30 marlvs 
for a cash )iayment of three marks. The consideration is occasion- 
ally aliseni, but its most usual forms are — 

valliiy aud a plain ; 



1. Cash, or crush and regrant of part of tlic land in fee, or 

cash and life annnity, or cash and rent (i.e., purcliaso of 
a perpetual lease at a pveniium). 

2. Exchange for other land, or exchange for other land and 

cash, or exchange' for other land for which rent is to be 
paid (i.e., exchange of freehold for leasehoh.l). 

3. Rent, or rent and the grant of some other property, or a 

yoar'.s profits, or a release of arrears of rent. 

4. An annuit}' in perpetuity or for life. 

5. The regrant for life at a rent or free of rent {i.e., a loan 

for life). 

G. The regrant of part absolutely {i.e., a partition). 

7. Tlie regrant of part subject to a rent or subject. 

Two instances occur of persons not parties to the luie taking 
benefits by it, and the reader will find numerous cases in whicli 
the " calling to warrant " fiction occurs, thus showing ho'w naich 
earlier it was in existence than the invention of recoveries. 

In the 10 Hich, I (No. 95) a condition is made that if the 
consideration is not paid by the grantee it shall be so fiy a third 
pei'son named, who is not a party to the fine, a singularity I have 
never seen elsewhere. 

A few words on the Feet of Fines themselves may not be 
inappropriate. They are written in a very small writing on 
pieces of parchment about as long as, l)ut narrower than oneV'. 
hand, indented (jr notched along the to}), and are as a nde in 
good condition. 

From tlie following exact transcri]it of one of them a better 
idea of their form and contractions may be gleaned than from 
any dcserijjtion, however ample. 

11 -H iiiial 9roid f,"i 111 Cur l)jn V.,';-' a], ^oiwir Ann.. Kcgiii R 
Kie vij" Die Sabb fuslu See :^hlrg Cuiii Will tie f;la\ ill ~l Osb lit 
nuicT, Sim (le Tatcsh JusUc Dni }lvj,'~l -\lijs liil,'lil.3 ] hii Keg' 
tc ibi(T psciiiih5 Turiiob Jo Hicfenl i.efl Ada .Ic N.'ivferd ten 
do . viij . aer c pUn i Sj^.liaiii . un assa' dc iiioitr, ancrs.-m-i^ .su'iuofi 
fuit Int CO.S i cur pfala ; .SciU .[d id Ada cGces.sil eid Kebl bedib' 
sui.s leta pdrrnu fia' cii pliu tnieiid de .mi t lieilib3 sni.s i Keildeinlo 
In auuali sex dniar ad fest' .Sn Mieb . t a.l xx . sm] ,1,. Srutn;T: 
vi d t ad I'lu.s : plus . i ad iiiiu'' '. uiiii' ji ei Qsurludin,. ; [, j, h" 

c:HTS,S01ie id Knb dcd' dee Ade tlia I'.i/.iulia 

The above exteii.led reads tlms- 

llec est liiialis cuiicordia facta in curia Domini Regis 
apud Norwicum anno regni Regis Ricardi sejitimo, die 

234 rfiET OF FINEa. 

S.ililiaii I'o.sto Sancte JMavgavcto, Coram Willuliiu) do Olanvill 
et Osljcrto filio IIei-\-ici et Siiuono J'; ratcshill, Justiciariis 
Domini Kcgis, ct aliis lidelibus ])omini Regis &c. ibi'leiii 
prescntibii.s. Inter llobertum de Hickt'ord petentum, ct 
Adam de Ncrei'ord tetentem, de S acris cnm pertiiientiis in 
Sparliam. Undo Assisa de niorte antecessoris sunuuonita 
fiiit inter eos in cui'ia prefata ; scilicet quod idem Adam 
concessit eidem Roberto et heredibiis suis totam predictam 
terrain cum ]iertinentiis Tenendam de se et lieredibu.s suis : 
Reddendo inde annuatim sex denarios ad festum Sancti 
Micliaelis, et ad 20 solidos de scutn.gia sex denarios, et ad 
plus plus et ad minus minus, pro onmi consuetudine. Et 
pro liac concessione idem Robortus dodit dicto Adc tria 

And translated, thus — ■ 

This is tlic final agreement made in the Court ol' (our) 
Lord the King at Norwich on the Sabbath day, in the least 
of St. Margaret, in the 7th year of King Richard, before 
William de Glanvill, Osbcrt Fitz Hervey, and Sin^on do 
Pateshill, Justices of (our) Lord the King, and other faithful 
(servants) of ((jm') Lord tlie King, i*cc., there present, between 
Robert de ]Iickford (the) demandant, and Adam de Ncrei'ord 
(the) tenant of eight acres witli (thcii-) appiutonances in 
Sparham, concerning Avhich an nssi/.c al' m(;rl d'aimcestor 
■was siniimoned between them in the aforesaid court. 

Namely, that the said Adam granted to the said Roliert 
and his heirs all the nfoi'csaid land with (its) appurtenances. 
To hold of liim and his heirs, paying therefor yearly 
sixpence, and for evei-y twenty shillings of scutage sixpence, 
and for more more and for less less, for all service. 

And the said Robert for this grant gives to the said 
Adam three be/ants, 

■ The vohnues pulili.shed by the Record Commis.sion in 18;35-1'4' 
under the title of " Fines sive Pedes Finium," cover the reigns 
of Richard I aird John, but conqnise only Beds, Bucks, Berks, 
Candiri.lge, Cornwall, Cnnd.erlnnd, IX'rby, Devon and Dorset, 

but I brlii've , 

,r tlu' Wllole ot 

' iMi-land 


iiKule an 

still cxiM, a s.'id moiuiiiiri 

it of wasted l.a 


Few indeed 1ki\ e been 

|.riiUed. .^lr. 1 


t is ] 


calenilar to the Kentish li 

lies, and 1 am 

doing tlle 

■ saint 

• for tlio,- 

for Norfolk, but 1 know, 


Tt is n..t until llie 1,1 

Henry Vlll t 

liai there 

are a 

iiiv olliei' 

indiee, whatever to (he 

lilllS.'' .Vllteli 

or to (he 1 


ai'ned dal 

' T1..M r,a.n„ly,>,v,, lVwN..|n 

l.,lr„ 111 ll,.' l;r,,„,l 

nirnr |,nir,., 

l.n,- to 


fme-,, ^^l,i^■ll Iwvl. I.cui iinlcl hy ,, 

liv.itr ,..|l.,l,.,..,-| 

.I.lly l.r Nev 

0. iitll 


au iuCnilcsiiudlly .,uiM ,i |iuiiiMi, 

uf the lilKv Ihill 

tlirv arc lie 

;irly u: 

-rlo.v-. Holi 


the lines Ihcmselvcs ' must lie scarclied ; unless rei'crencc is made 
to the Lansdownc ilSS. ."JOG, .S07, and ."lOS, which ai'e apparently 
the original calendars, or entry books for the reigns of Edward HI, 
Richar<l ] I, Henry IV, and Hemy V, and which are easier to search. 
From the reign of Henry VHl, however, the Index to (the 
Notes or duplicates of) the Ftnc>i, which gives short notices of the 
fines of each term arranged umler the counties to which they 
belong, becomes available. 

From Hilar}', 4 George II, these books give numerical reference 
to the lines. 

Up to the 32nd (ieorge ][ these indices gives tlie Cln-istian 
names of the parties, ami the )iame of the locality as well. 
From the 1st George III, ho\ve^■er, the entries run thus — 
Bell I Townley | Millett 
Millctt being the attorney's name. These indices tieing, though 
not aljihabetical, easy to search, are of course very valuable. 

Thr Bnoka of Kn'trka of Fines, which extend from IGll, arc 
arranged in a similar way to the last-named series, but gi\'e a 
littli; more information, viz., the oitry mentioned above in them 
•stands thus — 

297. Henry Hell Es.| Pit <fe William Townley .t Mary his 

wife k oiher.s Hefts in Wrettone— MilJidt, 
But the chief use of them is that the late volumes of this scries 
give references to the actual nundjers borne by the lines. 

Lastly, the Kinij's SUcer Buols (which exist fi'om the reign of 
Elizabeth), Ijut owing to damage done them by lire are inconsult- 
ablc until that of George I) give yet more information al)Out the 
property and parties, e.g., the above referred to entry is thus 

20/. Norfollc Heiu'v ]3ell F.s(i" V\i W" Townley .<: in/4 
8 St Hil l^.jb' ■ ^J^iorpe & Ann !\[ary his wife 
defts of 2 mess 1 barn 1 sta 2 cur 
2 gar 1 or 20 La 20 mea 20 pas c*c 
com of pass for all maun of catt with 
the a)i])*^ in Wretton & Stoke llcry 
Bfore Harvey Goodwin & Jno Houchen 
gents by com 21) Deer 38 K Geo 3 

comitiuii, ili.strue, !.iivc.M'i.;u.-Uoi.iai,.o.s to ,m.,i„c ..f tlnir l\nc^, c.y., 1 Ik.vo iny.self 
coni|.iU-.t .<ome tor Nork.ik f..!' I, Jolm, Henry HI, K.lw.ard 1, Homy VH, 
)Uiirv VllI, IO.lNvar.l Vl, lui.l M^irv ; :ui.l tli.rrc aie OUcmliU-.s (mo.stly from the 
LeriiunuL; to llicliar.l 111) for r,.-,ls, llrrks, r.ud;., C:inil.riag.', (Vnnvnll, Cui.iberlaii.l, 
IVvM,, iHil.v, n,,r.-rl, i:,-MX, la.u.r. .I.r. .ma V,..ks, ana .some colleution.s for 
r,u,l,>.',,, 1 \\V lnM.,M.o,a. ,l.f, :1 Ml wl.ieliuill be fouml at |.. L'2 of 

t'la.iiao^; for 111'- lei^o, Mf lleniy \ll .uhl \ 1 1! Ill the Kouiid lioom at the Record 
Oilier, Nos. •-:•-' (for lua.x ...e No.'-Jil) .iiid oo. 

' Wiiieh are Ijouud up in thin bundle, or [..irto of l\vcuty.U\-e. 


Other ways of getting references to fines there are, as by 
searching the Extrods fi-om Tl^;v7.s of Covenant (Alienation 
Oflice), of wliich tlicro are one hnmh-ed and thirty-live volumes, 
coiinnencing 157G (Index to same dating from HIGl); and the 
Gonconh of Fim-s; (Connuon Pleas), which licgin Mich. 1, 2 
Elizabeth ; but as they ai-e generally more troublesome to find, 
and give less satisfactory information when found, I think the 
three series above detailed will suffice for the amateur genealogist. 

It should not be forgotten that the fines relating to two or 
more counties are ke])t and indexed separately and should l;ic 
specially searched when parishes are near a county border. There 
are good modern calendars of these " divers counties " tines as 
they are called. 


ICoiUinurdfroni IV. v, _;>. -.yii.) 

rii,vPT)-,i; VI. 

Williain Ar IVan... | 1 220-1 200] ,-,t (lir tiiii,' .,f his father's 
<lralh in I2;i2 was alK.ut twrlve yrars nf a-o. aixl the 
custudy uf his i,rr,-.un, lands, \-c . v/as '-ranl.Ml l.y tlir King to 
I'eter de JUevanx. This an-angcniciit did n..t, liowcvcr, last Ioul;-, 
as in the Tower Coram Rcge lb)!] -,, is II, niy III, No. -i, m. 20, 
Southampton, there is an account of tli.' anv,(, lirjuix' the King's 
Justices at Westminstrr ,,f r.trr Ar r.irvanx, wliu was subse- 
queiitly at ih- ].rtiii.iii ,,r tlir CJianc'llMr (lialib dr Xcvillc, 
Bishop of Wiiwlu'slr,') .IdiN.'ivd: aftrr wliieli {\u- Lur.l „f Win- 
chester (Roger dr (^)uiu(■y) ^vas snininuiu'd to appear before the 
King at Wimlsnr I,. slio\v cause why he had distrained the same 
Teter to aiijiear t<. iviider his aceounls and b, briu"- before the 
Kin- Willi, i,n .-e„ ,/„./ //,/;• nf .lulni dr /bvf-sv,,' .a„ appears 
elsewhere m tlie reemds. I'eter s.'iit inesseii-ers to the Kin." to 
ask a sab. eondu.a, N\l,ieh .^lanted, l,e would eonie an<l make' bis 
peace with the l\iiiu, but as the luesseie^eis l.ion.^ht no letters, 
they were sent l.aek to obtain tli.iu, and on liis sendin.^ them the' 
Kin- widi til., adsiee of bis eouiieil. -rante.l letters of sab' 
conduet (.1 the I'.'ter, As he still did not eome the Kin'.' 
sent to hi,,, ee,(ain pel.oUs, |o wbo,,i I'eter oli;.,vd a b.i-,„ ,,? 
),eaee, wliiel, ll,,. Kill', lejeele.l. \\-,,iou. ,„.> o|i:,lio,,s ,.,vsued, 

and I'eler ..Ifeivd to siuivnde, all his laud, lo ll,e Kii,-- uu 
condition ol' beii,._;' allowed lo ,vtaiu (he eu-iodv of (he land and 
heir of .lolm deHivu-a, except the castle, of' Sweinescyc and 
ihciidjre, but to this the Kin- did not a-ree. Further ne-uti- 


ations ensued. At tliis point unfortunately tlie roll i.s mutilated. 
Mr. Cartwright in his 'Rape of Brauiber,' p. 17^, gives a some- 
what long account of this business, quotir.g from " the MS. 
collections for Dugdale's JJaronage, by the late F. Townsend, 
Esq., Windsor Herald, referring to Vincent's collections, No. 9, .'>," 
as follows :— " A ikird [order] u'f(s sent hy Sir John de Arrjentinr, 
who V((s dlrcdcd to hring h,,rl o„ onsuvr. Pdry iold Vnu that 
UH he hroiujld ',,0 hUrr, „j rrrdrnrr, hr should <,;,r 1,1,,, ,w 
(inmver, hut ihut he iivid,! smd, leltn'x t„ the ]\"t,i<i hij o messen;/er 
of Ms own, vdto votUd be <it the Court <is soon as he. His messen- 
ger found the Kintj at Tevjhesbiiry, and. informed him from 
Peter that ]tc could not send the hoy, as he vas ill, for proof of 
vhieh he r,fcr,rd hi„i to the Kln'fs o/-,) ',i,rsscn[/er. But' Sir 
Jo],, I d,' A,yr„i;„,- luld ,1 dim ,;'„t si, ,,-,/. II, ;,ii,rr)y,ed the Kiaq 
that he hod In,,,,, I II,,' ,,,.„JI,'s.,i,„d ,,,„l „;ll, ,d:inU/alo7rjehh(ek 
Simnlsh hor^e, vdih Peter, lro'„i the t„va „f Rosse iovnrds 

Whether Peter was acting out of pure fiicndship to his ward, 
or was actuated by cupidity for himself, is diflicult to determine ; 
the result was certainly detrimental to his own intere.sts, for the 
King took away from him the custody of the lands, &c., and 
handed it over to hi.s own brother, Richard, Earl of Comwall, 
who appears to have held it mitil William came of age. It is 
probable that Peter was a true friend to William, and seeing 
what treachery had befallen his ward's ancestors from the King's 
father', was fearful of trusting him to the tender mercies of tlio 
jn'csent King. AVilliam seems to have been much troubled by 
law suits with various members of his family fi-om the time of 
liis coming of age to his death. 

From tiie Fim; Rolls we iind that in 12:J4, IS Hun. TH, m. 4, 
an order was given to the Sheriff of Gloucester to take into the 
King's hand the manor of Tetteburie and other lands late of John 
de Brause, and hi 1235, 19 Hen. Ill, /,*. 13, that the King gave 
tlie custody and marriage of the h, I ,:■: n\' .John de Brause to Earl 
Richard [C'o/H.. Eic.] This was .'illei- (liesu pi'ivilegos had been 
taken from Peter de Rievaux. In 12 1."., 2f) Hen. HI, m. C, the 
Barons of the E.xeliequer made a ilruiniid frum 
for a debt of his father, John d'- I!., wliieh was ivspited to morrow 
of All Souls, 30 Hen. HI. 

From Coram Rege Rolls, 32 Ibn. Ill, No. 70, ■,;/. 2(1, we iind 
him vouclied to warranty Ijy Waller de ('lill'drd and Mai-gery his 
wife [i.e. his own miitlier|, \v]\n :iie delVud/uds in an imp.-u'lance 
between them and Cladusa, lli,' wile ,,1' balpli .le .Mortimer the 
jilaintilf, touching tlie dower of llir s.-iid (.'ladusain Kiml.iii and 
\Vassin-t,o)i, and tlie King eon. man. Is that th.' inq.arlanee be 
heard l.efore him in the ,,ct;ive .,f St. Michael wlieresoever he 
.shall then be in Iviglan,! ; [(da.lusa was the widow of William's 
great uncle Reginald de Braose ; see jiediyrtc, vol. v, p. 147.] 


From same Rolls, "i Hen. Ill, No. 7^, la. 14'', in Sussex we find 
Juliana, wife of llichard de Grenestod, deuiandinL;- ayainst Walter 
de Clifibrd a third part of two knights' fees in Orenstetl and Ho 
as lier dower, also that Cristiana was dau. and heir of said Ric. 
de G. and that Jolm deBrewse M'as formerly husliand of the wife 
of tlie said Walter. 

Again, ;35-o(J Hen. HI, No. IG, Michaelmas, rn. -jG'', in co. 
Euckinphani, William puts in his place Roger de Andover, oi' 
Roger le Cumander, against Walter de Clillbrd and Margaret his 
wife of a plea of covenant, and in Kent he puts in the same 
against Matilda Lungliespey of a plea of warranty of charter, and 
in Houthton he puts in the same against Allelina, wlio was the 
wife of Robert le .Savage, of a plea of dower, and against ^latilda 
Liuighespey of a plea of covenant. This latter lady was his half 
sister and daughter of the above Walter de Clifibrd and Margaret, 
William's mother. 

In the same Rolls a few j^ears later, 40 Hen. Ill, Hilary term, 
pleas at AVinchester before the Justices in Eyre, No. 101, ■;//. 2, 
Sussex, we fiiid the essoigners of Walter de Clifibrd and Margery 
his wife" appearing against William de Brewese of a plea where- 
fore he seized a certain man of the said Walter and ilai-gery and 
a certain horse driving their victuals in the Jving's lughway 
towards Chichester, and impriNonrd the said man and took the 
victuals from him and wasted them, against tin:' peace. William, 
it is said, made many defaults, and tlie Slieiifi' wa.^ ordered to 
have his body in Easter term at Wilton. 

From the same Rolls and same vear )ii. I'', Sussex, we find 
William amrrced for a false claim against Walter de Clifibrd and 
Margerv his wif(! of a jdea of eoxenant, and at the same reference 
tliat^ Walter de Clifibrd and Mnr^ciy his wife were amerce.I for 
a claim against the said William of a pli:i of as :./.(.■ of novel 

It would seem that this A\'illiam Avas of a ijuarrelsome dis- 
position, as he evidently fell out with bis own mother and sister. 
A (piarrel with the latter occurs again somo yeai-s later, for from 
the same source as the forl'^■oinu■ we find in 'J'rin. Term, 5G Hen. Ill, 
No. 170, m. 12 [1270], i>K-as iK-fore the .lustitcs in Evre in Kmt. 
5.-) Hen. Ill, that John (fifiard ainl Matilda his wilr, who is of 
full age, as it is said, demand a-.dnst William de Brewese the 
manor of Wi<rl,„,„ as the riudd, of the saim- .Matilda, and which 
she liad .lemisrd to William wliilr she was undei' a-c. William 
replies that be bad it by i'roliinrjit of and that a fine wns 
levied between thrm in 4:i Hen. Ill [i2.V).] .lohn an. 1 Matilda 
rejobl that the fine was made while Matilda, was under a-e and 
ill the cu.stodv of the .said William her biotlur in the parts of 
Wales, an.l that William e;uis,.d tb- line 1,. be levied by a certain 
false attorney not of .Matilda's aj.pointm.nt, w lu. did not appear 
in court. At Michaelmas Term TK'as at Westminster same year 


a copy of the said Fine, dated 43 Hen. Ill, between Wm. de 
] and Matilda, who was then tlie wife of William Loiige.s- 
pey, of the niai\ov of Wi/chum is produced, and a writ to the 
Justices of the Bencli [Coin. Pleas] of same date is quoted cei'tify- 
ini^- tliat ilatil(.la had appointed as her attorneys Wm. de Weston 
and Simon de Thorn in the imparLanco summoned by writ 
between the same parties of warranty of cliarter, to the end 
tliat William de B. shoukl keep with Matilda a •covenant made 
between tlicm touchiuL^- the manor of Schorham and Kynkosbnrn 
[? King's Bavn.] William here answers that ilatilda must then 
liave been of full age otherwise the King would Jiot have per- 
mitted lier to api:)oint an attornej^ &c. 

Judgment again deferred to Hilary Term, when the parties 
appear, and John and ilatilda further say that the said William 
de Weston was of the houseliold of the said William de ]]raose, 
and that no jiart of the fine came into Matilda's hands. 

Judgment was again postponed to Ti-inity Term, when it was 
at last given before the King and Council' for William on the 
ground that the King and his ministers would not have received 
the attorney if they had not first seen the party who appointed 
him and considered her to be of full age and in a fit state to 
appoint one. 

In .5.5 Hen. HI there is a final concord from the Feet of Fines 
for Kent, No. 1149, between Giles de BrcMnise Pit. and William 
lie Brewuse Impedient, concerning this manor, which proves that 
W^illiam had granted it to Giles, probably liis younger binllii'v, 
or his son by his second wife (" he huvhuj liml the manur nf the 
fj'ifl of MiiUhla ].u iiiir^i„ ijr"), as well as a manur called Luke- 
dale, to h.-LUn liiin au.l ids heirs of tlic said William and his 
heirs, rendering yearly during William's life XoOO sterling for all 
services due to William, and doing the services liue to the chief 
lords of that fee, power to distrain being reserved. After 
William's death, Giles and the heirs of his body shall be quit 
from the payment of tlie said £-300, and shall hold liy the service 
of one pair of gilt spurs, or Gd. at Easter. If Giles die s.p., the 
premises to remain to right heirs of William. 

On the dorse of this is a note tliat lieniy de Lasc}' and 
Margaret liis wife put in their claim. Tins last note shows that 
litigation as to this manor had been going on all this time, as 
Margaret, wife of Henry ile Lasey, Earl of Lincoln, was only 
daughter ami heir of the aliove Matilda by her first husband 
William Langespee, and in Assize Roll f<ir Kent in this year, 
55 Hen. Ill, ^', 5", m. 70, John Gyllkrd and .M.dilda his wife clahu 
against William de Bi'cuse this very manor, ^\'illiam nmkes the 
same ])lea as formerly that Matilda granted him the manor, and 
refers to a fine levied in the octaves of the Purification [2 March, 
12.59], 43 Hen. Ill, between him and Matilda of this same manor 
Mdiich she thereby gave to him. Who and her ])rcsent husband, 


John Gytlanl, replj' that she was at tho tlino slie made the grant 
nniler age and in the custody of the said William liev hvother in 
the parts of Wales, so that the said William falsely and in deceit 
of the King's court caused that lino to he levied, and Matilda 
never appeared in court to le\'y it. No decision l>eing given 
postponement was made to octave of St. Michael at Westminster. 
So that William contrived to filch from his sister some of her 
property ; we may infer from this that in 4."i Hen. TIT, Matilda 
and William's mother, Margaret was dead, though Uving in 
40 Hen. III. From the Feet of Fines for Sussex conunencing 
about ')l Hen. HI, Michas., No. -3, William commenced making 
fines with diltcroiit people for certain sums of money that they 
might free ihcinsch rs from tlie " ftisfavos anil servicef!" that were 
due from (etiruit- ni' diHrrrnt Imlilin^s in the way of " vjurcl and 
murage" to the ea-,tle ul' lln mlnv. William's chief stronghold in 
Sussex, tliough, fr(jm the ninnher of documents found dated at 
Cnepp Castle, a Inuiting seat of his, it is probable that he moi-c 
freipiently resided at the latter than the former. From No. o to 
10 of the Fines of tliis .51st year of the King are all arrangements 
of this ki)id between William and his different tenants described 
as tenants of the Honour of Brembre, and in the ■52nd year are 
two more, Nos. lo and 17, of the same nature, and again in the 
oGth year is another. No. 92, but this last is unlike the foregoing, 
for William Ijinds himself and his heirs to ]iav Roliert 'e Pureleg', 
clerk to Simon le Draper of Windirstcr, twrlve man^s of .silver 
j'early during his lifetimi'. Tliis njipcais to In- for the piir])ose of 
retaining the advowson of ilie chuieh of West (rri nsfcdc. In 
Edw. I's reign he continued to make bin's, and in i'mndle i, 
No. 100, 9 Edw. I, is an important one as I'ollows: — 

Hilary Tenn. "Between Amicin <lr Kim:^, Countess of 
Devon, and WlWnuii i!r liinniy,, eoiieeiiiiii- the manor.; of Chcse- 
ivorili, GrciislnJr. and H;/<li l;/u</l„,i. 'file' Countess grants to AV. 
de B. for term of his life, with remainder to J\ii-Iiiu-<1 his son in 
tail, then to Pclcr, Richard's brother in tail, then to iMargarct, 
tlieir sister in tail, &c." William gave ii'MK) for this grant.' 

The abovii is (hflicult to umlerstand, as the properties tliorein 
named were already William's, and J can only suggest as 
his children mentioned in it were by the third wife, that 
wishing to make a jirovision for thi'iii independent of his 
.son and heir by his first an.l liis son by his second wives, hu fiist 

• ii Ivhv. 1. Ill leSl XhU \\\ 



., ^.||., 

iter 1 

■f fl 

(Hi W 


1 ill n 

,11 hh laiiiLs 

.f tl.o 









lii.s ficlclity 

,■ liav. 


wi », 

1 stal. 



;,a 1 

■y I- 

i, p. 20, his 
,lc.vvely„ iu 

it. Cii.i] 

t ti 

, tlir 1 


V ..1 


■c- c 




at Ku 


■ l:j 

th A 




assigned these properties to the Countess of Devon, and paid her 
tlie above line to insure tlie land descending as he wislied. If 
this was the case, lie subsequently sutfered much for his fore- 
tliought, as in 15 Edw. I, Coram Eege Pioll, Easter, m. 30 (Majus 
Recorduni) we find a jury of twenty-four knights was sworn to 
inquire whether William de Breuse, William de ^sshefold and 
Philip de Ho unjustly disseized Richard, son of William de 
Breuse, of the manor of Cheresworth in Horsham, tlie moiety of 
the manor of Westgrenestede, fcc, and the manor of J^ydelington 
in Brembre. William complains that the said Richard had pre- 
viously brought an action against him and tliat he (William) had 
made answer that he had enfeolled Amicia formerly Countess of 
Devon, who afterwards granted to himself for life, witli remainder 
to said Richard in tail, then to Peter, brother of Richard, in tail, 
frc, and that he only granted them to the said Richard at will^ 
whereas the previous jury of twelve falsely swore that he had 
quitclaimed to Richard, so that Richard recovered against said 
William. [The son recovering against Ids father.] 

Tlie same jurj^ is to decide whether W. de B., Richard do 
Bronilegh and otliers disseized Heniy de Whinteway of his free 
tenement in Fyndon, Wassington, Horsham, Bradwater and 
Northirst, which IK. dc B., says Ilc.nru do W., had recovered by a 
false verdict as above. 

"The jury finds that the said William de B. cnfcofied [the said 
Richard and Henry] and afterwards xuijustly disseised tliem, as 
the two former juries haii found ; therefore he is ordereil to be 
taken into custodj'." 

Whether William ever was taken into custodj^ for the above 
alleged oftcnce does not appear. 

By fine, 14 Edw. I (Easter), Bundle 2, No. 5, between Willktm 
de Breuse and Henry de Wylcweye, the latter granted to the 
former for life the manors of AVassington, Scgge^vyko, Findon, 
&c., then to Richard liis son in tail, then to Peter, brother of said 
Richard, then to William, junior, brother of Peter in tail, then to 
right heirs of the said IF. de B. [senior.] Another document I 
have found concerning this Ii.'udii is in Originalia Roll, 19 Edw. I, 
m. 3, wherein the eschaitor is (■oiiiiiiaiulcd to seize into the King's 
hands the lands of William dr Hiviis, G January [12t)0-l] and'in 
m. 7, the King has taken tlir liuin,i;;c of William ilc Breu.s, son 
and heir of W, dc B., deceasid, and lu.brrt Tibotoft, Justiciary of 
Wales and warden of the lands (jI' Cowlicr, is command(,'d to give 
him seisin of liis father's land ., ni-iin'm- tu the King tlu' jiower 
of dowering Mary, widow cii' .s;n.l IT. ,/, />'., unless s1ic w ill rocoivu 
them of the assignment of ilirs.ii.l W'illi.-im, sun ..f W. 1st .March 
[121)0-1], similar cuniuands I,, (l,r ,,„■], :.L„i- eitra Tiviituni an.l 
liis sub-^^.scli.-.'U.r in Su^-cx, ( ;i„n<'., Krnl and Wills. Tlu-ie is also 

a rrb'ivilf.. in iliis in llir \',],r Koll of lliis ymr l'..)' h^nss^-x. 

In givin.' this William's marria-es, \-c.,' 1 do not a^'ree with 


former gencaloo-ists concerning his first one, for though Isabel, 
daughter of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, has always 
been attributed to him as his fii'st wife, on turning to the 
account of that family there can be little doubt that this is 
an error. Gilbert de Clare, the first Earl of Gloucester and 
Hertford, certainly had a daugjiter Isabel, but she was married to 
llobcrt de Brus, according to Banks (see ' Dormant and Extinct 
Baronage,' vol. iii, p. 181), and this is the only Isabel de Clare 
that I can fimt who was likely to have been the wife of this 
William. I am convinced in my own mind that his first wife 
was Alina, a dau. of Thomas de Multon of Gillesland, and I think 
I have proved this in ' The Castles, Mansions and Manoi's of 
AVestern Sussex:,' 1879, pp. 278-9, wherein is the substance of two 
A.ssize Rolls for co. York, 7 Edw. I, ], 1 and 20 Edw. I, I, 3 m, 
20d. In these Rolls a Roger de Coleville and Margaret his wife 
are mcntione'l, and the annexed short pedigree shows how they 
were interested in the nratter according to my version of the 
de Braose family : — 

I . .1 

William de Braose, b. circa=i=-l. Alma de Richard di 
1220, ob. 1290. Multon. B: 


■ of=FRo!'cr dc Colevile. 


There can, I tliijik, l)e little doubt from the reading of the 
above Assize Rolls that William de Bi-aose, on his marriage with 
Alina, had a demise from her father or brother Thomas dc 
Multon of the manor, or a third part of it, of Thorgramby, in co. 
York, and that he for some reason or another as-signed it to his 
brother Richard de Braose, M'ho in his turn assigned it or some 
portion of it to his daughter ilargaret, wife to Roger Coleville. 
It must always be remembered in dealing with this part of 
the pedigree that there were some douljle connections between 
William and Richard de Braose, as the following sketch shows' : 

William der.raose,=f=Matil. la de Fay, ob. cir.'a 1249.=j=2. Roger de Clere. 

1. John do=j=J[argaret, dau. of=2. 
Braose, oc. Llewc-lyu P. of N. CI: 
1232. I W.ales. 


custody of 

the lands of 1, an.! 

1 of the bono 

Car..l.v. l.i, 

,1- ; Maiita-e 


Col.'vill, |.r 

Lsrntod a ]iL'ti 


of William 

de Br., was gi 


Walter do 



only dau. 1 ob, 1252-3. 

& heir. 1 


■of XlOOa, 

u\ an annual payment so long a., the 

liam de lir. 

, during the minority of the heirs, the 

olovile, dec,, which he held of the King in 

iiarle in Bv 

•Cham, West l!v,-liam (Bytham) and 

1. InlSK 

dw. 1, Margaret, widow of Kogcr de 

ng her ,l.«v 

rv. .^t this time I'.icliard, the broth..r 





(1. 1290. 

Main branch. 

Q=j=Alina tie 

;, Multon, 

I 1st wife. 

to Willi.iiii au< 
llichard de 

rJ de=FAlice le Ku.^ 
lu. & licir, 
lie, olj. 130 

Siiffulk branch. 

only=l. Richard 
b.c. Liuige.S])ee, 
ob. s.p. 

1. William Lo! 
s. & h. of Willi; 
of Salisbury. 


=HL-nrv de Lasov, Earl 
of Lincohi, ob.'lSll. 

Alice, dan. & heir. 

Fi-oii) this cause there were continual arrangements nml lo-avrange- 
iiients of the property that came to the family from tlic ile Fay 
connection, and so long as they contrived to lilch I'rom outsiders 
the de Braose were not paiticular as to what nietlioils were used 
for so doing, though amongst themselves they were perhaps more 
scrupulous. William i:irobably had only one son Ijy his first wife, 
his successor in the barony, fcc, by name William. (See next 
chapter). He married for his second wife Agnes, daughter of 
Nicholas de Modes, who is said by Cartwright (' Rape of 
Bramber,' p. 174) to have given the manor of ICnolton with her 
in marriage. By her ho had only one son Giles, and as liis line 
did not last long, I give the following outline of it. 

In Originalia Kofi, 23 Edw. I, m. 10, the King took the fealLy 
of Giles de Brewose of co. Oxford, who married P3eatrice, daugh- 
ter and heir of John de Saint Elena, for the lands of the said 
John, saving to Juliana, the wife of said John, her reasonable 
dower. The issue of this marriage was one daugliter Lucia, of 
the date of whose birth proof is given in Inq. p.m., S Edw. IT, 
No. 08, and that she married Robert Mautravers. The first 
witness was Richard llinne, aged GO, who says that Lucy was 
born at Buckingham in the Feast of Pentecost, 2') Eilw. I [2 June 
1297], and was baptized in the church of St. Peter in the same 
town ; that she attained full age at Feast of Holy Trinity last 
past [10 June loi:l]; that her mother Beatrice died about the 
same feast fourteen years ago, and that the said Lucy was then 
in the custody of Giles her [father], and she ^^■as of the age of one 
year and upwards. 

Another witness, Walter de St. AndrrM-, says she has completed 
her age of fifteen years and ujiwards, and this lie Icnows because 
the motlier of the ,said Lucy .lied at Ruckinuliam this side of tlie 
Feast of ]i,,ly T.iuity, 2(i K.hv. I, 1 .lime 12!),s, and tiien the said 
Lucy was of the age of one year and upwards. 


Another witness, Ricliavd de Thours, says that John de Kym- 
hcllo, steward of the saiil Beatrice, mother of the said Lucy, died 
oio-ht days after tlic death of said Eeatiice in 2G Edw. I, when 
said Lncy was one year and upwards of age. 

Sir Giles's second wife is said by Cartw°right (' Rape of Bram- 
bcr,' p. 174) to iiave been Maud, daughter of Eustace de Wliit- 
ney, by whom he had a son Jolni. The Inq. p.m. on Giles himself 
taken m 33 Edw. I, No. 73, states that he held the manor of 
Buckingham of the total value of £29 9s. 10]d., and that his heir 
was his son John, aged three at the Feast of St. Augustine the 
Apostle of the Angles [2(5 Jlay 130-i.] This inqu'isition was 
taken on the IS March, 33 Edw. I [130.J.] In the same document 
is a writ to the Escha-tor South of Trent, dated 24 March 
33 Edw. I, from the King as follows :—•' Although we have 
understood by Inq" that Giles de dec'd held of us the 
manor of Crowelle, Oxford, by the the law of England of the 
inheritance of Beatrice formerly his wife dec'd as of the honor 
of Christchurch Twinham, nevertheless wishing to be certain 
whether the said Giles held any thing of us as of the crown or 
not, request you to make inquisition &c." The outcome of this 
request or mandate was an in(juisition held at Oxford on G March, 
33 Edw. I, wherein the said Giles is proved to have held the 
manor of Crowell foi' term of his life of the inheritance of Beatrice 
daughter and heir of John de St. Elena formerly his wife. Lucy 
daughter of said Giles and Beatrice is his next lieir and' was of 
the age of 7 years on the Feast of St. Michael last past [29 Sept. 
1304]. From the above we find that his daughter Lucy was 
heir to all his first wife's propertj^ but that his son John by his 
second wife, aged three, was heir to his father's property. Hutchins 
m his ' History of Dorsetshire,' 3rd edit., iii, 1.57, states tliat in 
30 Edw. I, Giles do Braose had license to alienate the manor of 
Knolton which ho inherited from his mother to his uncle Roo'cr 
de Moelis [E. Coll. Glover Son,.] Grig., 20 Edw 11, rot. C, he also 
at the .same reference stale; tl,at in llorton church there was a 
hne monument with arl^^. s^m.V of cross-crosslcts and a lion 
rampant with a fleur-.lf-li;; .,n tl„- shoulder to Giles do Braose 

In his account of W...Mll;iMds, vol. iii, 1.51, he states that it 
anciently belonged to Ni<-li.,l,,:, de ^Moeles of Cadbury, who ,"ave 
it in frank marriage villi hi; d.nighter Agnes, second wif!- to 
Wilbani d- i'.ivwosa, i;,u,,n (Juw.t, who by 'her had Sir Giles do 
Brewusa, \,,v<[ ,,1' Knoll,,,, .■uid Wu,„llauds, who died 33 Edw. I 
Nvliose s.mJohn left an ,„,ly ,\:n,:\Arv, ,„arried to William Frome 
of Woodlands, and thai ,1, |,as,,,l l,v a, to the Filiol 
family. He also states (li.-,l, ,i, I'o JMw. 1 1 1, .)„lin de Brewes held 

i" Wudrland knights I,,, lonnriiy ]uH by Uilus de Brewes- 

thus (l„, ]>,„^ appars 1„ h;,^,. ..ndrd in heiressrs, though, if the 
l"^t' '•■■'l- ::iv.-n IS eo.rrrl, it srrms cniiuus tliat tin's John was 
not suuimoned to Bailiamcat as a Bai'on, instea.l „f his lirst 


cousin Thomas, son of his half uncle Peter, son of his grandfather 
by his third wife Mary de Roos, on 2o Feb., IG Ed\v. Ill, []:3-i2] ; 
ii'either did he, as far as I have been able to discover, ever lay 
claim to any of the de Braose properties beyond those he held 
in Buckingham and Dorsetshire. 

Williaiii married for his third wife Mary de Roos [whom we 
may presume to have been the daughter of William de Roos of 
ITainelek, who died 10 Edw. 11, as from an ln<j. p.m.,-11 Edw. Ill, 
1st Nos. 4, we find her great grandson John de Breouse holding 
the manor of Wynesthorp in Yorkshire of the Lord Thomas de 
Roos of Hamelck liy fealty, l^eing worth yearly £18 2s.] and by 
her had three sons and one daughter, Richard, Peter, William and 
Margaret ; the latter liecame the wife of a Ralph de Camoys, and 
appears to have had granted to her for her life as iiart of her 
marriage po)-tion the manor of Little Bookham in Surrey ; see 
Inquis., 33 Edw. I, No. 2G-1, which consists of a writ to inquire 
whether it would be to the King's damage if he licensed Ralph de 
Camoys and Margaret his Avife to grant their manor of Little 
Bookham in Surrey (^'hich is held of the King) to Mary, widow 
of William do Browosa, to hold for term of her life, with remain- 
der to said R. and M., 2 Feb. [1300], and an inquisition which 
finds that it is not to the King's damage, fcc, dated 21 April 
[1303] ; it also mentions that R. and M. held the manor of 
Flockesthorp in Norfolk and the manor of Wol... in Suttblk ... 
The latter part of this incpiisition is defaced. The sons will be 
treated of in due coui-se. 

William de Braose the father succeeiled his father John, who 
was killed by a fall i'rum his horse in 1232, and in 20 Hen. HI, 
the Barons of the Excliequer were ordered to defer till y" morrow 
of All Souls the demand of 2.") m., which had been made upon 
William for a debt of his father John, and in 3-5 Hen. Ill to 
s\ispend a demand of X,')2 made on him for the debts of Reginald 
de Breus, as William liad rciirrscnted tlial hr was not the heir of 
Reginald.' K.,rrri>t,i Uol. Fnima, rn. (>. 

In 41 Hen. Jli, whni Llewelyn a], taitliu menaced the marches 
of Wales with a great ariuy, William was connnanded by the 
King to defend his own marclies about Gower, and the next year 
he had a military summons to attend the King at Chester. 
(Burke's ' Ext. Peerage.') 

William was one of the jiludued for Kin- Ib'nrv's 
abiding the award of Lewis, King of Fiance. In :! Ivlw, I 'lie 
was appointeil assessor fur Surrey and Sussex nf tlu' b"itli grante<l 
by the prelates, earb, barons, and others of the Idngdom. ' In the 


next year lie was one of the magnates present in the council at 
Westiiiinster (12 Nov.) oji judgment being given against Llewelyn. 
(Palgravcs 'Writs.') 

In 4 EJw. I a general proffer of knights' services to the King 
being taken at Twedemouth, 10 Sept., William acknowledges and 
offers service of 2-1 knights' fees for his lands in Sussex and 
Wales to be performed hy Wm. de Hemester, John Testard, 
Thos. Quintin, Eob. de Arundel, John llussell cum 5 equis 
coopertis. (Madox, ' Baron. Ang.,' 216). 

He was present in full council when judgment was given 
against Gilbert de Clare Earl of Gloucester and Hertford claiming 
the castle and borough of Bi-istol. In 5 Edw. I he was summoned 
for military service against Llewelyn, and he and his bailifls of 
Gowcr were ordered to prohibit his vassals from furnishing pro- 
visions or supplies to the Welsh rebels. He prolfered the service 
of 2^, Iviiights' fees in Brenibre, and 1 knight's fee in Goer per- 
foriiird liy liiiiiself, and 2 knights and 1 serviens. Appearing on 
his u\\u l-rhalf his service during 40 days was transfeixed by the 
King to E<lmoiid Earl of Lancaster, to be performed mider the 
latter in West Wales. (Palgrave's ' Writs.') 

In 10 Edw. I, ho was summoned to perform military service 
against the ^^^elsh and to muster at Rhuddlau 2nd August, but 
was aftel•^vards di.scharged from his attendance there, and ordered 
to continue in West Wales nnder the command of the capitancus 
in those parts ; the next year he \\'as again summoned to perform 
military service. 

In 15 Edw. I, he was enjoined to reside on his demesnes and 
lordships until the rebellion of Resus' the son of Mereduc be put 
down. [Abb. Piot. Orig., ro. 9.] In the following year he M'as 
ordered to abstain from violations of the peace, and to appear 
before Edmund Earl of Cornwall and the council in the quinzanc 
of St. jMichael (13 Oct.) to propound any grievances which he 
might have sustained. 

In 1-0 Edw. I, there was a writ of (juo warranto against him 
for the liljerties he claimed in Tetbury. whfreupon it was found 
tliat Tetliury was an ancient borough tn\\-n, and that in the same 
he had a market, fair, view of franlqiledge, i.e., tumbrclls, pillory, 
and stocks. [' Plac. de quo warranto,' p. 2.")9. Lee's ' Hist, of 
Tetbury,' p. 17.] 

In 17 Edw. I, he was again enjoined to reside on his own 
loi-dshl]is and <lemesnes for the purpose of protecting them horn 
Resus tlie son of iieredue (Palgrave's ' Wiuts'), and the following 
year in the full Parliament at Westminster (Close Roll, 18 Edw. I, 
m. 10; he consents, together with the other magnates and proccrcs 

, 17 VAk. I. [.Vvl.illV, uu 
lu ^\■illiam•b gr;mai';ithcr. 

. y\,- 

iV.lii'i 1x0. 


m'a f 

;ic;.t gi-iii: 

ul K.u 


then present, for liini.self and the communitas of the Icingilom to 
tlie grant of the aid for marrying the King's eldest daughter. 
He joined in tlie letter addressed to the Pope on behalf of the 
earls, barons an<l proceres of the kingdom, comjjlaining of the 
attempt made to appropriate certain prebends of the cathedrals 
of York and Lincoln to the Hospital of the Holy Ghost and the 
Basilica of St. Peter's of Rome, and in the same year lie confirmed 
to the nuns of Aconbur}^ the rents of ten houses in Tetbury 
given them hy his father John de Braose. The writ of " diera 
clausit extrenunii" upon his death was tested at ^Ysherugge G Jan. 
18 Edw. I [1291.] 

(To he continued.) 


(ConVunialfr,.m p. ^^\.) 

On \>. 178, the d.-ite l.'i82 ought to have been placed two lines belo-.v ; nud ou the 
next page, 1533 should be four lines lower. 

Entry omitted :— lC-14, Jan. 18. William Venners of Alceater, \\idi>wcr, and 
Martha Ealdwyu of Longdoii in Tredingtou, co. Wore., spinster. 

16C2, Sept. 20. George Lunne of Birlingliam, about 28, Ijaclielor, and 

Elianor Coolces'of Tanlebigg", 25, maiden; her fallicv dead, her 

mother consenting. 
Oct. 11. Thomas ITub:in(l .,[ IVencliall in Ecckcnliam, gont., 

about 27, bachelor, and .Maiy Savage of Eeckenliani, about 21, 

maiden; bcv father dead, her mother Islxcy S. consenting; 

testified by Jolm Savage of Lradlcv, gent. 
Oct.18. Samuel AIsop ol' (jDvmtrv, alx)ut 22, baclielor, and j\lary 

Jones of Evcsl)am, about 2'J, maiili'ii. 
Oct. 18. Eoger Partri,l-r (,f \\-..ivr.slcr, elotliin-, 21, and Hester 

Xcmp.son, aliout 25, (la. nl' (Irm-y Jvrmpson of .'^nuth Litlloton, 

Nov. 12. Aiilhony .Ailwn,, 

widower, aud Sarah ll-niiie 

maiden ; her parents drad. 
Nov. 19. George Hunt of N;i 

Alice Cooper, about 'M, da. 


the .< 



about 30, 
abmt 20, 


1 Cv< 

., 10, liai 
■per of 



^rorttneSu';rrf^r"';;^' of Inkben.ow, about 40, widower, and 

^oitune Muis of Grnllon 1-lyford, about -10, maiden. 
Dec. 4. Thomas HavaKc of Dorm.stoii, 2G, baclielor 

Q „ ^T, '^''''''"''- "* J-'orm.stoii, 2G, baclielor, and Hester 
Smalbrook, 22, da. of Kicliard Smalbrook, of Droitwich 

launders, 23, maiden, botli of Inkberrow. 

"^n" 1^?' - Tlio"ias Blicke of luklierrow, 'yeoman, ao, and Maiv 
Ilacklett of Peopleton, about 32, widow ^ 

1 t oJ''°'"'!^ ^''^"■■'' ''^^^""t 30, widower, and .Mavery Poole 
about 30,^_maKlen, botli of Dormston ; allec.Uion bv WilW,' 

Poole, of tjic same parish, \-eoman. "''"' ' '""''"'' ^°" '"^ 
Peb. 19. James Ellins, of Abbot's .Morton, about 18, and Elizabeth 

Alexander «/,„. AVeaver, of the of Bidford, about l" 

maiden; allegation l>y Edward Cha mian of Lidford , ., 1 ' 

las day of Feb. William Smith of llaselor, about %, widower 

wllw"''' ''' ''""' ''' '" '' ^^'' ^y^ "f Lap-ortT.; 
Marcl, 1. Fulk<- of St. Helen's par in AVnrcestev 

about_21, baehelor, and Alice Moseley of the iun^ ^Ir. 'lbo?:rS: 

''l^^^^rolSLS:" '''''"' '^''■''''' '''^'--'-^' ''' 
"Vlni^i'^" ^°'"i, ,^'°"-">gto" of Spetehley, 37, widower, and Jane 

Ilolxlay of Inkberrow, 3G, widow. 
'^v^'t^'i ^J"',"'''' ^''■■""'=^' °f I'^Oi'--^ Cleeve, barheh.r and Alieo 
Kylnnd of the same place, about 20 ; her father dead 'h mot 
l<rance.sEylaud cons(Mitin.'. , hh m.juiti 

June G ^-icholas Eeynoltls, about 21, and Mar..tret Tebbs 
aboutlO, maiden, both of Inkberrow ^ ' 

Z E;,- Jn"'" '^^'>'-'Sl;an,, of Stoke Prior, gent., 10, widower, 

Juno 30. Kichard Gibb,:s of Strellni, m, fl,„ 1' c ■ . -- -i 

»,ui..» m.j„„., „„„,. ^v,.„,v .„■ ;i:'':,,;r;,',;;;\;;;'iT5: 

July 14. John Dabil,,tt of Mund.,li,]d llarrold in Hr.anvud ,■„ 
Hereford, gent., al,oul 2:>,,.],,,. nnd f ilh,.,-;,,,. M" , ,? ' ' , 
Wichenford, 21, maiden. "'"■■""' ^''"i' ""^ M a.^hburne of 

July 31. AVilliam Soh^v of Chinvliill <lin,.,.^, ^f ii- 

Bushell of Claines ^ ' ' '^ ' " ''^ ^^'''""'^ 

The Sheldons had bren r.ivvi.iiKlr ,.,„ n ,.< ii 
ll.e Savages. John Sava!:!: ^'^Z " x ^^ j!^:, '"''"yf ■^"''' 
Inkberrow) in ICOG, in which v,. ,v •,.■:.„',, 'V" 

«tBuckland,co.Glo„c., he mariLl Anne d.of Geo;; S°S:r 

s.:;S'a;:^M.i;;T:;; ■^i^oit^pt.fiGi;''^ '"'-'- ^^ ^-^^ 

Augu.t 6. Thomas Bushell of Ckevc Prior, about 2C, bachelor 


and Cicely Sheldon of Abljerlon, about 22, maiden ; their fathers 
dead : allegation by Tobias Bnshell of Clainos gent. 

Aug. 22 Francis Eichardson, clothier, of St. Andre-w's in "Wor- 
cester, about 25, Avidowor, and Anne, daughter of Thomas Perks, 
of the same parish, maltster, about 20, maiden. 

Sept. 25. William Poole of Donuston, 33, and INIargaret Everton 
of Stoke Prior, 27, maiden. 

Sept. 26. RicJiard Fullwuod of Little Alnc, about 28, and Alice 
Huband of lukberroiv, aljoiil 17, maiden, grand-da. of Thomas 
Drewe ; her father dead. 

Oct. 10. Stc]ihen Round of 3-1idford, aged 18, whoso parents are 
dead, and ]Mary "Walker of Hilborough (in Temple Grafton), 
21, maiden ; to be married at Grafton or Salford : allegation by 
Artlnu' "Walker of Hilborough gent. 

Nov. 4. George Throckmorton " of Cookhill in Inkberrow, about 
21, and Sarah Dorke of All Saints' par. in Evesham, about 22 
maiden. ' 

Nov. 1 1. Henry Fincher, 20, son of Eogor F., mason, of Broughton 
Hackett, and Catherine Farmer, of the same parish, 25, maiden. 

Dec. 9. Thomas Saunders of Bristol gent., about 25, and Abin-ail 
Bonner of Cow-honeybornc, about 19 ; her father dead, her 
mother Anne Bonner of the same place, widow, consenting. ' 

Feb. 19. i\Ir. Henry Jackson of Inkberrow, clerk, about 33, and 
Mercy Sands of Holt, about 28, maiden. 
1664, April 16. William Ryland of Cleeve Prior, 21, and Anne Bemiett 
of Halford, co. "\\ arAvick, 27, maiden ; her parents de;id. 

I\Iay 14. "William Cliaundlor of Kington, 35, and Alice Greene of 
Naunton Bcauchamp, 35, maiden. 

July 4. Francis Hall of Bromsgrove, 24, and Anne Foley of the 
same place, 25, maiden. 

July 27. Thomas Cookes of Samborno (in Cougliton, co. "Warwick) 
26, and Isabel Jones, 18, da. of Edmund Jones, of the same place 
gent. In this yc;u- Thomas Coulees purchased the estate of Bidford 
Grange, wlierc he died 21 Oct. 1674. The Bidford registers re- 
cord the liaptisms of his sons Thomas, Edward, and Robert. His 
memorial si. mo in the floor of the church of that parish describes 
him as " of y" Anticnt family of y Cooks of Bently in y-^ Parisli 
of Tarbick m y*^ County of "Worcester." Isabel, his widow, re- 
married "William Johns of Evesham, and, dying in 1685, was 
interred " beside her mother "Winifred " in All" Saints' church in 
that town. 

Sept 17. Ralph Tayler of AVdland g,mt. and Penelope da. of 
Nicholas Letchmoie of Hindiv C.sllc ]■>,, ' 

Oct. 4. Humphrey Mnyo of' Buddenham, CO. Hereford "cut '''•■' 
and I\Iary da. of A\'iIIiani Janett of Aldington (in V.-mUvv) 21 "'' 

Oct. 6. John M-alson of P.ivtforton, 21. and :Margai'et Cox of 
Cleeve Prior, 31, maiden ; U, be married at Bidfurd. ^ 

Oct. 24. Gravenor ,i!ou^ Grosvenor Dvson of I'.nvell, co Stafford 
upwaids of 20, his father dead, and ^lary Bionnvich, about 24, of 
the diocese uf Hereford, da. of Francis Bromwich gent. 


Nov. 15. Thomas Mcisoii of Shipston on Slour gent., about 24, 

and Anno Kosc, about 19, da. of 'William Rose of llmingto]i gent. 
Nov. 22. Thomas Goddin of Salporton, co. Glouc, 32, and 

Dorothy Arnold of Exhall, 18. 
Nov. 2G. John lluband of lievington in Salford, 23, and Joan 

Boult, 2.5, da. of llcnry B. of Feckcnham. 
Dec. 3. Thomas Milbornc of Spernall, 23, and Anne Holtam of 

Wclford, 25, maiden. 
Dec. 24. Jolm Ilamdcn (Ilolmden) of Crowle, Esq., and :\rrR. 

Elizabeth Winford, da. of Sir John Winford of Astloy, lent. 
The Crowle registers give the marriage of Robert Ilolmden, 

Esq. and Anne Penrioe ; and the baptism of their son John, 

7 Jan., 1G32 ; also the baptism of John, sou of John Ilolmden, 

Esq. and Elizabeth his wife, 18 Feb. 1666 ; and the burial of 

Robert Ilolmden, gent., 1 Jan. 1686; of John Holmden, Esq., 

13 May, 1691, and of Robert Ilolmden, gent., on the 3rd of Jan. 

following. j\Irs. Elizabeth Holmden, it a]ipears, died in 1720. 

This family, or at least the Crowle branch of it, is now represented 

by tlic "Worcestershire Ampldetts. ■ , 

Jan. 13. Jolm Butler of Feckenham, 30, and Elizabeth Perk.s, 21, 

maiden, her parents dead, and .she " vnder y' Tuic'on" of her 

brother William Perks of Feckenham, yeoman. 
Jan. 26. Thomas Savage of Redmarley Dabitott, gent., about 23, 

and Lucy Coventry, about 18, da. of ]\Iary Coventry, of that 

parish, widow, 
^larch 20. Richard Perkes and Anne Cookes, both of Catshill, 

diocese of "Worcester. 
1G65, Apr. 8. Rowland Smyth of Lindridge, co. "Wore, about 40, 

widower, and Hannah Clarke of Great Witlcy, about 32, maiden, 

da. of Richard Clarke of Wacton, co. Hereford, gent. 
Apr. 22. Thomas Miles of Ilasclor and Alice Jackman of IJintou, 

Apr. John "Walford of Binton, about 30, and Elinor Gaywood of 

Bishampton, about 20, da. of I^Iargery Gaywood, wido^^•. 
Apr. 29. Samuel Emms (in the margin IJme^sJ of Bishampton, 

about 28, and Margaret I'.lnckc of Xaunton, about 30, maiden. 
May 8. George Stratford of i'.arlon on the lloath, gent., 28, and 

Anne Thorne, 24, da. of (ieorge Thome of ShuiUey, co. Glouc, 

June 3. Thomas Beale (if y" Biiiow, 24, and Anna Xanfan of 

Birchmorton (Birt's l\Ioi-toii), 21 ; her lather dead, her mother 


An interesting accon 

nt ( 

,r tli(^ Na 


will l)e found i 

n Graze- 

brooli's Hcrahfn/ of IF 



,,. 39: 


Sept. 14. Siuion Clarke 


, Esq., 

about 27, liach 

clor, and 

l^lrs. ]\[crcy Brace, 2t 

, d; 

1. nf n,. 

Iq. Br 

ace, of Doverd: 

do, Esq. 

Simon CLuke, wlir, wa. 

llnl- Frl, 

1 grandson of S 

ir Simon 

Clarke of S;,llo,,l, ,:,., 


JlUlrl., il 


n 1, sucrred,. 

d to the 

title on Ihr dr:,lll ..f hi 


11 Ir Sll- .1 


Tlir lainily ciilc 

ivd llicil- 

pedigivc al llio N'lMl.ili 


uf WanM 


V in l(;i9 ; and 

a-aiii in 

1682, at which time 




bauaiel, was 1 

ivmg at 


jMoreliall in Wixford, co. AVavwick, and liad issue, by the said 

Mercy, two sons and two daugliters, the eldest, Simon, being then 

cet. 15. 
Sept. 2G. Jolm Field of llaselor and Mary Cockbill of Great Alno, 

Sept. 28. Syinon Gierke (v!r) and ]Mary Parsons, maiden, both of 

Spornal!, co. Warwick. 

The Spernall registers give the marriage, in 1GG-"), of Simon- 
Clarke Parker and itary Parsons. 
Oct. 10. John Vernon of Hanbury, clerk, and Sarah "\V}ld of the 

par. of St. Peter in Worcester, maiden. 
Oct. 14. Edward Earnes of Dormston, about 30, and Alice Kem- 

mctt of Grafton, 24, maiden. 
Oct. 16. William GuiUam of Bidford, widower, and Elizabetli 

Flcclier of Everton (Ebrington ?), co Glouc., maiden. 
Oct. 28. Edward Beutley of Kington, co. Warwicl;, and Anne 

Foley of Stourbridge, maiden. 
Jan. 9. Thomas ]Si"anfan of Liirclimorton gent, and Mary Laiigston 

of JIanley widow. 
Jan. 13. 'Eichard Ilatt of Upton Warren, about 26, widower, and 

Anne i\Iason, about 23, da. of William Mason of RushoclvP. 
Jan. 27. Xicliolas Lane, about 20, liis parents dead, and Elizabeth 

da. of Stephen Wadley, aged 19; both of Eldersfield ; tlie said 

Elizabeth sister of Edmund Wedley (sic). 
Fob. 21. Edward Harrett of Inkberro-i\', husbandman, about 32, 

widoM'cr, and Mary Gibbs of Aston Cantloe, 32, widoM'. 
Fob. 27. Francis Tandy of Abbot's :M(jrton, 24, and Anne Ellins, 

about 16, da. of John Ellins, of the same parisli. 
March 19. Edward Ileminge of Haselor, about 22, and Susan 

Gibbs, about 22, da. of Francis G. of the same parish. 
]\larch 20. Anker Phillips of Inkberrow, 26, and Alice ilore of 

Bricklohampton, 24, maiden. 
166G, Apr. 28. Thomas Knight of Flyford FLivdl, 37, widower, and 

Anne Izard of Dormston, about 44, maiden. 

There has recently been a discussion in JS'otes and Cliierin.-i a.s to 

the origin of the surname Izar<l, or Izod. It was probably Isold 

at lirst ; Latinized Isolda, and also, it ^vould appear, Ii<odia, in 

mediaival times. Tlie register at the church of Cheltenham 

records the burial of Izod llornebie, widow, 29 March, 160G; 

while that of Pinvin, co. "\^''orcester, cojitains the marriage of 

Christopher Baldwyn of Asliton, co. Glouc, and Isard Smith of 

Pershore, 21 May, 160G. 
May 15. John More of ]',idford, .'lO, widower, and Anno Fletcher 

of ISinton, 30, maiden, da. of William Flrtiher of Drayton. 
June 22. William Durham of Willersey, co. Glouc, yeoman, 26, 

and Sarah Marrice (Morris) of Bretf'orton, 28, niiiidcn ; Jane 

Marrice of the same place, widow, consenting. 
June 30. Richard Lane of Severn Stoke, about 32, and Elianor 

lieavans, about 2,'), da. of lulmund i!. of the same place. 
Aug. 7. John Cooke, about 22, and Debura Thonibury, about 32, 

maiden, both of Ilirlingham, eo. Worcester ; her parents dead. 


Aug. 11. William ^Marshall of IMartluy, co. Wore, about 29, and 
Bridget Ijriuloj', about 22, da. of Richard IJ. of the same place, 

Aug. 16. Richard Lord of Stratford, 40, widower, and Anne 
Richards, of the same town, 3G, maiden. 

Oct. 5. William Jorden of Baydon, eo. AVorc, clerk, aljoul 27, 
and Sarah Littleton, alias Tinker, cf the Cathedral jircciucts, 
Worcester, about 21, maiden, da. of Philip Tinker, clerk. 

Pliilip Tinker A.M. Ava.s instituted, in 1640, July 13, to the 
vicarage of Overbury, co. Worcester, the register of wliicli parish 
contains the l.iaptism of Sarah da. of Philip Tynkcr, vicar, and 
Mary his wife, 27 ilarch, 1645. He sometimes called hiiiisclf 
"Littleton aliat) Tinker," but seems to have preferred omitlin.L^ the 
former na)ne. He continued to hold the lienefice until lG."i9, or 

Oct. 13. John Callowe of Donnston, 22, and Margaret Phillii)S of 
Inkberrow, 22, widow. 

Oct. 27. Thomas Twyning of Wyrc Piddle, 26, and Hester Dinglj- 
(Dineley), 25, da. of William ])."(. f Xaunton J'.eauchamp gent. 

Xov. 1. Thomas ^Milward of Alderminster and iJlanco Ashwyn of 
Honcybornc widow. 
1667, May 11. Thomas Windle, about 27, and Aimc Hunt, about 24, 
maiden, both of Inkberro\^-. 

May 11. Tlionias Pield of Evesham, 24, and Bridget Kitely 
(Kighley or Iveighley), 20, da. ..f Giles K., of Shennell in South 

TIic Keighley family of Lilllelon, according t.. their pedigree, 
Harl. MS. 1352, migraU'd to that parish from Alveeliurcli, co. 
Worcester, to which place \]\i'\ liad gone frnm lii-ldp, co. Lancas- 
ter. One of them. Sir ]'liili[i J\i'jhhii, l;iit. (as ho wrote his 
name) was jM.P. for Eveslunn, tn^'vilier witli Sir Thomas Bigge, 
knt., and died in 1605. The above mentioned Giles .sigiud 
" Kcighly" in the S. Littleton parish accounts. 

June 20. Thomas Hobday, «/»/,s' Lacy, of BrnuglitLUi llarkelt, 
about 23, and Grace Sh;nv, of Jving's Xorton, about 27, mai.len. 

July 20. John Hunt, bachelor, and Elizalicth Dingly (Dineley), 
maiden, both of Xaunton IJeaiiehamp : to be married in the 
church of St. Jilichael in P.cMhvardiue, Worcester. 

This family of Hunt became again cnnueeled by marriage with 
theDinelevs in 1S09. 

Aug. 24. _ John Chapman of JSroome and Isabella Allen of Wiggles- 
ford (AVixford), maiden. 

The register of B.i.shamplon gives the mairia-e ..f Edw. Chapman, 
of Broome in Ili.l/onl, and Mary Dannee .,f I'.iinl, y. 2 1 May, IC IS. 

Sept. 30. !• r: 

nieis Da 

y, 10, wi.lnwcr, and Alice 


s,2:i, maiden, 

both of Abb 

:<V^ Mol 


Dec. .1. .b.h 

11 Alexai 

iider of llid|-,.rd and .Vniu 

• Haiti; 

nn of Abbot's 

.Morton, ^^ id 


Dec. 27. .b.i Siiia 

rl of Ardeii's Grafton an 

d Klia 

nor M,.oic of 


Av.iu, 11 


Jan. S. Gil 

e.. Tur> 

,-ey of Xorth Piddle ai 

lid Jal 

le Greene of 

Dormstou, i 



Jan 30. James Stephens of Xorth Littleton and Grisse^on 

Baldwyn of A.shlon-uuder-IIill, oo. Gloucester, maiden 
Feb. 3. Richard Fincher, 30, and Mari,'ery Lacv m;,,^ Hobdav 

21, maiden, both of Broughton Hackett. ^ ' 

16C8. Apr. 20. Stephen Kichardson, of the city of Worcester, and Isabel 

Littleton of liolt, in the diocese of Wore, maiden, 
ilay 19. Jolm Gower of Inlcberrow gent., 40, wido\vcr and 

Anne Ballard, about 19, maiden, da. of Francis Ballard of Abbot's 

May 28. John Hill of Ilaselor and Ursula Rutter of Norton 

maiden. ' 

July 2. Thomas Wilmott of AVolverley, diocese of Wore clerk 

24, and Joshua Smith of the same place, 23, maiden. 
July 3. AVilliam AIsop, about 32, widower, and Judith Frowlo 

about 40, widow, both of Strcnsham. 
July 23. Benjamin Graunt, about 22, and :\rary Ashwyn, about 

20, maiden, both of Exliall. 
July 25. Robert Featherston, 25, and Elianor Powell, 24 da of 

David P., both of Abbot's :Morton. ' 

Oct. 10. Mr. Gyles Parsons of Overburv, abnut 2r. an,! Flizabeth 

Freeman of Batsford, about 24, maiden.' 
Jan. 20. Francis l^ynelcy, about 36, and Mm-x IMen about •''■••) 

maiden, both of Charlton (in Cropthornc). ' , -., 

Jan. 30._ Richard Young and Sarah Bathurst, 19, maiden both of 

All Saints' par. in Evesham. ' 

Jan. 30. Robert Dyson and Frances Gore, widow both of Ink- 

berrow. ' 

Feb. 2. Samuel Clarke, 23, and Sarah Baker, about 30 mai.len 

both of Abbot's Morton. ' ' 

^^'^ "/■<,. ^f'-T ^'^'"'S'l'l'^y of Fawsley, co. Xorlhanipton, Esr, 

about 21, bachelor, and Sarah Foley of Great A\'itlev, co. Wor- 
cester, about IS, maiden. 

See the Knightley pedigree in Howard's Mhcdianm Genea- 

loyica et Ileruhlica, vol. i, pji, 129-133. 

(To be continued. J 

notices oi jilnoks. 

Memou! or tuk :\rouxi:ux Family. |;y GisnoHxi: Moiivbuy FRCT 
London: 1882, 4tu. '' •^''■^■'- 

The family of Molineux is l,:,.,.,! f,,„„ William de Moulins, or de 
Mo ines, Lord of .Sephton in the In,,- „f tl„. Con.p.eror. The Earls of 
Sefton represent the eldest line, and ,,il„.r b,:,nel,es llourishe.l at ]ulcrl 
Ion, Teversall, Castle Dillon, co. Avur.-.U et. Vivi n n , \ " I 
AVilliam de Moubus, was made ca^teUan -of £,v;.^:;,r'b; iLi^^do 


Poictou, Earl of Lancaster; his descendant, Sir "William ilolynenx, 
distinguished himself under the Black Prince, and was made a Knight 
Banneret in 13G7. He was father of Sir Richard ]\tulyneux, who had 
three sons, Sir Richard, who signalised hinrself at Agincourt, Adam, 
Bishoji of Chichester, and Rohert. Sir Richard last named liad eight 
sons, of whom the oldest was ancestor of the Viscounts ^Nlolyneux and 
Earls of Softon, and the second, Sir Thomas, of the IMolincuxes of Tevcr- 
sal and ]Mansfield ; of the other six no account is given. The first 
chapter is devoted to carrying down the liistory of the eldest branch, 
the second to that seated at Teversal and Haugliton, and the third to the 
Staffordshire and Sussex family descended from Francis ilolyneux of 
Mansfield, brother to Sir John Molyneux, third baronet, of Teversal. 

From Sir Thomas Molineux (second son of Sir Richard above named), 
descended Sir John Molineux, Knt., created a Baronet 29 July, 1011. 
The elder lino of his descendants became extinct in the person of Sir 
Francis Mohneux, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, in 1812, with 
whom, according to Burke and Courthope, tlio titL: iilsn ici minatod^. This 
appears to be a mistake, as Francis Jilolyneux of .^i,lll^ Ip M, i.,. Xotting- 
ham, second brother of Sir John Molyneux, thud I', imii.i, left issue 
Darcy Molyneux, Sheriff of that county in 1687, wlio had two 
surviving sons, William and John. Darcy Molyneux, grandson of 
Wilh'am, assumed the title on the death of Sir Francis, and died at 
Sheepscar, near Leeds, in 1816, without issue. Since his death the 
Bavductcy has been in abeyance. John Molyneux, brother of William, 
however, left issue, and in his heir male the title still appears to exist, 
lie is said to have "settled in WolverhinriptMU at the commencement of 
the eighteenth century, where lie en-nu. d in tlie iron trade," to have died 
in 1754, and also to have left a will prov.d m that year. On the subjci.t 
of the itlenUtij of Xottinghanishiie John with John of Wolvoihamptoii, 
the author of this work is most provokingiy reticent. His descendants 
are traced out in chapter iii. 

Tlie Irish branch of the family, now represented by the Rev. Sir J. C. 
Molyneux, Bart., descended from Daniel Molyneux, Ulster King of 
Amis, 158G, is supposed to be descended from Sir Thomas, second son of 
William Molyneux of Sefton, Knt. Banni.'ret, but no evidence is offered 
of the supposition. Both the above points might probably have been 
cleared up by a little original research, and \vould have added to the 
value and interest of ^Nfr. Molyneux's book; at all events, much more than 
the elaborate account of a garden party in 1830, and simihir matter, all 
very well in its way, but of no genealogical interest. 

This book is very well printed, and has doubtless cost its compiler 
nuicli time and labour, but in order to render it complete as a geuealogiral 
monograph it requires sueli additions as would result from original 
enquiry, and — an index. 

FvM<irs Divoucios of At,l Agks. By Chart-ES Cowi 

Printing Cnquny, L"Well, Mass. 2nd edition, 8vo 

A colleetion of nut:,l,le divoiv.. cMSc'S ,-annnt but pn^.ess I 

tl ; it is ,lrnvn, i., dnulit, iron, ;,n nnplea 

cviniin.d jn,T.|.n.denee, l,nt lias its use in exlnl.itiiu; " li 
action and lu pn.iriple, and not as he is usually ,li,nv 

, Pen' 

le inter 

,t iKirt 


of (. 

f . >r 

as he 



by poe 

ts a 



speculative philosoiihcrs," — at least so said EJmniul Buike. Judge 
Cowley lias managed to condense a vast amount of amusing informatiou 
into liis little book of less than 300 pages ; his error is that he has 
attempted too much. Details of Divorces alone wnidd liavo sulliced to 
fill a larger volume, and eminent persons whose ma(riiii(iiLi;d dilUculties 
never reached the final stage, might have been left \iii(nu|,l, ,1 with those 
whoso misfortunes have become Public Kecords Ijy being Ijniught into 
Co\irt. Such cases are those of Nelson, Warren Hastings, Charles 
Dickens, Lady Grosvenor, and Caroline Norton wliose literary efforts 
aided the passage of our present divorce laws. It is also bad taste to 
describe the Mav(iuis de Caux, the quondam husband of Adelina Patti, as 
a "bull called a maniuis, though a worthless scalawag." 

Leaving Patti, the learned author details the troubles of Vashti the ill- 
starred Queen of Ahasuerus, Philip of jNIacedon, and Cicero. His chapter 
on Mary Queen of Scots is one of the best in tlie book, and tliose on 
George Sand, Frances Howard Lady Essex (afterwards Countess of 
Somerset), Barbara A'illier^, the Duchess of Kingston, and Cardinal Fcsch 
the nncle of ]N':i[ mKoii, will be read with interest. The tragic story of 
Naploeon and .loscpliin.', those of George the First, and of Queen Caro- 
line, "Queen Consort of the last and meanest of the Four Georges," 
bring us nearer to our own time. " The latest divorces," writes the author, 
" in the Royal Family of Great Britain, were that of Leopold, who on 
becoming King of the Belgians divorced Caroline Bauer, the famous 
actress, whom he had married after burying the Princess C/harlotte ; and 
that of the parents of the late Prince Consort." The last name which 
occurs in the volume is that of the Rev. John Weslej', for whom widows 
again and again proved more than a match. The widow Vazeille, who he 
married at last, tormented him by her outrageous jealousy and abominable 
temper, and bnidrnrd and Kaddencd thirty years of his public ministry 
Kings :iii(l l".iiip(iMis, \\', minis ami Statesmen, learned Divines, and fair 
reprrscntalivrs of t!ir d^ im, all act their parts in Judge Cowley's 
semi-comic tr.igudy. (Jue is almiist tempted after perusing it to come to 
the cimclusion that all eminent men have either been bad husbands or had 
bad wivi's, getting into matrimonial troulile one way or the other, and 
that if they have nr.t actually figured in tlio Divorce Court it is rath.'.r 
from want of opiioilunit v than anything else, in fact iheir misfortune, nut 
their favdt. 

An enlarged ami revised edition is contemplated by the author of this 
entertaining volume which forms a chapter in the vicissitudes of families 
as yet unwritten, and to which our accomplished Ulster might well 
turn liis attention, and illustrate as he so aptly could currciife cctlamo. 



("Continued from page IGl.) 


Abms. — Azure, two bars Ermine between sixestoitcs Or, S, 2, and 1. 

... da. of ... Forster^... ILarmon of tlie I!ishop-=..., da. of ... Gramcs (? GiaLani) 
of Auwike, 1 ux. I rick of Durham. of CumburlaiiJ, Esq. 

... Archibald Harrison of=j= 
Keisbye, co. Line, 3 sun. I 

Anno, 1 ux. to Cnlhbert 
Gat;> ; 2 to llobrrt Itu.s- 
lyng, and had i.s.-<ue by 

Maude, ux. Fr. 
Bnjjus uf \Ve,it 



1 u\ 

. 1i 




ill ut 






1. Thomas=^Katherin, da. 3. John Har- Joane, da. of=T=2. Anthony Isabel 

Harrison of of . .Stockwith risen of Kox- John Thomp- Harrison of Wilkin 

Rci.<ibev, of Stockwith, bye, he son of ... and | liuilon .son, 2 

Gent.,Chiuf CO. Notts, and had widowof John | .StnUier, ux. Esq. issue. Leeds. co. Line. 

I I I 

1. William Harrison, eldest son 2. Francis. 3. Archibald. 
& heir apparent, 1592. 


Arms.— HatclilT, quartering, Or, tiro bars A-.urc, a lion rampant Gul,: 
Clil'.sT.— As in the Viiitalion o/ ir.lJL 

John M.itelifr of^Anno, da. of Richard 
Hatclili;21H.«. llansaid, Hsq. 

L William Hatclifl'=,=AnMo, pister or aunt 2. William 
of natcliir. I to Sir John Thim- — 

blel.y, Kt. 3. Hubert. 

i. Nichol 
mid issu 

Thomas llatcliir of llatelilf, , Ant 

clerk of tlie Green Cloth lo 11,. ;ii;b of Ad. ling- ia.sue, 2 Gondii and of Wold 

H. 8. I ton, CO. Surrey. daughters. Newton. 

Isabel, 1 to... 
Hu.,twavte, 2 to 
... Ann^sley. 

I I 

I'-liz.abeth, iix. I'Mmund Edith, ux. 

llonlen of Piur/irnrk-s in Skorno of i 

Uooilhiirat in co. Kent. Liuc. 



1. William Hatcliff=j=Aune, da. of Sir 
of Uatclitf, ob. 1. | William Skip- 
Eliz. with, Kt. 

2. Tlioma3=pAniie, da. 

Jl.itclill'. I Edmonds 


i:v5 Hateliff,=j=Judit 
& heir. I Ayse< 

1. William=..., da. andUeir 2. Oeorg 

Hatcliff, 24 of ... Kay, Cla-k Halelitf. 
years old, of the Green 
1592. CLotk. 

5. Christoi.her. 3. Faith 


Arms. — Quarterly of G, 1, Or, a ffrei/Jiound coiimnt SaUc betiocea three leopards' faces 
Azure, a bordure engrailed Gules (Heiincge) ; 2, Gide."!, three garbs Or 
(Preston) ; 3, Arjent, two bars and a canton Gtdce ; 4, Gales, a cross p'ltonce 
between four trefoils Or ; 5, Vert, on a fcss Anjcnl, a boar passant Azure ; 
6, Aryent, a cross Jlor'j Sable. 


John Hcnncge of IIayntou,=pElizaljeth, da 
CO, Line, Esq., sou and iieir, | of John Pros' 

.Tolin Hennego of Haynton,=plvatherine, da, of Thomas Wimbishe 
Esq,, son and lieu-. | of Noctou, co. Lim 

I of No 

John He 
ncge of 


Sir Tliouias--=Katherino, 


Hcnnego, da. to Sir 


Kt., Ciiief Jolui Skip- 

i son. 

Gi-iitli-i,ian with of 

oltUoPrivio Ormosby, 

Chamber to CO. Line, 

K. If. S. Kt. 

ami hfi 
of Kalpl 

Sir Thomas Hci 
Vire Chauibalail 

Movie Finehof-l 




OlyfT, da. to =George IIen-=Eliz.vbetli, da. ami sole 
Thomas Bret- ncge of Hayii- heir of Sir (Ri^^^liard) 
ton of Fel- ton, Kt. Soiithworth of Wood- 
mingbam, co. rising, co. Norf., Kt. 
Norf., 2ux. 

John Hen!iege=Jane, da. 
of Kyrkbye, of Lewya 
Esq., 2 son. "Wing- 
field, Esq. 

William Hennege of Beuyngwovt 
CO. Line, Esq., 3 son, had to his 
ux. Jane Brissels. 

,=f=Anne, one of the da's and heirs of Ralph 
2 Fishborne of Fishborne in tlie B'pricli 
(of Durham). 

Nic'holas=l. Anne. 2. Katheiyn, 
Wilson promised 

of ... to William 


George Hennege, 1 son and heir a[ 
5 yeais and 3 quarters old, 1592. 


=B:u-bara, da. of Sir George 
Thomas Guilford Hennege, 
of Kent, Kt. 2 son. 

Margaret, da, of John Man of Long=j=Thomas Heyton of=AHce, da. of 

Sutton, CO. Line, and of ilargarel 
his wife, da. of Heury Huuston of 
Walsokeu, co. Line., 1 u.\. 

Long Sutton, dos- Dave of . 
cended of Heyton co.'u.-ion, 
of CO. York. U.X. 

I I I 

1. John Heyton=f Florence, da. of John 2. Tlioraas 
of AVestcrkele Re.ade of Wrangle in — 

(West ICeal). Holland. 3. Jeffrey. 

1. Vincent Heyton, 2. Thomas. 4. Richa 

eldest SOD, of tli'u age — — 

of 16 years, 1592. 3. Anthony. Audrey. 

Arms.— Holbeach. 


id Itolbeach of Ho!beach=f. 


Thomasllolbeaeh of Fil!ongleY,=p.. 
CO. 'Warw., Gent. " | 





1. Thomas Holbea 
'"■" ' ■ Bri.rl.y 

ofFillongley. .... 


:.f Thonnis llo 

Holbeach ... Dal.iidg- 
of Fil- court of 
longley, SolDiull, co. 







= -\ni. 



1 1 

m Hul 

Alice, wife 



irli ..! 


of liicharc 



nt (c 


Fisher of 

of Y 











f Fil- 

Edward Holbeach=j=Julyan, 3 da. to John Portington 
of Stowc, Esq. I of Sawclifte, co. Line, Esq. 

I n \ ^1 

Thomas Holbeach, Charles. Iloger. Anno, only 

1 sou and lieii- ap- — 

parent, 1592. Edward. 

Atims.~ &(We, a ch 

(lift ci-ccl habited pin-' 


John Ion of Ba 
CO. Lint:., Cent. 


Ciigndhd Or hctii-ccn three d'nrs Ar^jci 
\c hand I'iroixr hohlii 

,=f Agnes, da. of ... Bi.vncr of 
I ]'".ast Drayton, co. Notts. 

Gregory Ion of Filling-=j=..., Sisley, da. of Jolm Broxholii 
liara, CO. Line, Esq. I of Kyrton, co. Line. 




John Ion of 




i\-. Join 

first son, 

third son, 


Ireland of FiUi 



le of 

ob. s.p. 

ob. s.p. 

Esq., J. P. 


, Gent. 

.7 EN y SOX. 

Alice, da. of T/iOMUS^pThomas Jeiiyson of=/.«nj, d,i. of ... !'rp„s „/ Cmirn 
Lanes of Newton, co. I LHn-nhaui \\'est.- ham in oun. C'mn'i., /m!/, issue " 
Nor/. 1 ux. gate, CO. X.uf. /» A'..;;/.,//.-. 




3. Francis Jeny- 4. James Jenyson of^=Elleii, da. of ... Holnies=j=Richard Med- 
son of Buruliam Keddyngton, co. Line, of North Weston, co. | cali'e, 1 
WestKiito, CO. 3 husband, and as yet Line, mar. to her 2 hus- 

Norf., eon and 

baud Kiehohu 
of Stepinj 

I I I 

Ellen. Anthony JlcdcaU'e, Mary 

son and heir. 

Ahm3. — Quarterly, 1 and 4, Or, a water bougcl Sahlc on a chief of the second thr 
bezants (Johnson); 2, Gtdcs, on a bend oj the first surmounilnj another Va 
three fieurs dc lis Argent. 

Ckest. — Out of a coronet per ixde jlrrjcnt 

A Patent by Clar. Cooke. 

^l:inrJS expanded counter- 

Redhead of Giinibleby,=j= Alice, da. and heir to William 
CO. Line. I Atkirk of Grimbleby. 



lolmson ofT-.\lice, da. of ... Redhead, heir to 
CO. Liuc. her mother the da. of Atkirk. 

John Job 
Norttpu, c 
and heir. 

ison of Wood-i 
0. Norf., son 

=Amie, da. of Edmond Thimble- 
thorpe of I'ouLsham, 2 son of 

aIucu. 2.A,L 
re-orvl!ri.- Th..iiia 
Wivetnn in I'.osvile 
orf. Kent. 

U.S. ICIi/abeth, da.- 
of Geor-e 

of Tlii].ible- 
tli..i|,r uf 
Fo.d.ham, 1 


s..n of 
Tl. aw- 
ay te. 


-Elizabeth, 3. JIargaret 
da. ..fTho- nx. Thoma. 
mas Quad- Bluudevile 
riiigoflrby, of Xewton 
CO. Line. Elotmau, co 

apparent of the age 
of 19 years 1592. 

'- Vrt'hur 

1. . 


1 1 
Susan. Durolhy. 



AliMS.— Quartcilv, 1 .iii.l 4, Aunr, a cross hchccai four leopards' heath Or ; 2 aiul 3, 
Ermine, letvecn a c/,eerun and a chief Sable, a leopard's head Or, a mullet 
for difference. 

Chest. — .4 uoai Aryenl catinj the cars of a fjarh Or, a mallet f>r difference. 

John Iviiigston of=j=Maigrtret, da. of Ricliant Empeiiiigliam— Cbrist.>],)icr Kclk of 
Grimsby, co. Line, I of Griin.sliy and widow of ... Gousell, I Grim.9ljy, 3 Im.sli. 
2 husb. her 4 husband was ... SapcoUo. 

I I 

John Kingsto 
of Grimsby. 

William Kflkc nf=p>biKdalv 
Grimsbv, Es,j., now I ...-Whit 
maior of Grin\s-idL'e. co. Line 

Elizabeth, onlv da. and licir apparent, 1502, Elizabeth KelUc.onlycda 

U.V. Frcchcdc Jlollis of Grimsbi/e, son and heir and sole heir apparent a 

of Sir Ocriis Jlollis. ' yet, 1592. 


-Quarterly of C, 1 and C, Salle, a saltirc niyxdcc Argent (Kyddal) ; 2, Or, on a 
fess Iciinen four fleurs dc lis Gules tuo fcurs dc lis of the first (Davill) ; 
3, (Ilolbcach) ; 4, Or, on a chief A:.urc three lions' heads coupcd of the. field 
(Lambert) ; 5, Azure, three bends coU7itcr componi/ Or and Gules (Barkwokh). 

-A (joat's head erased Argent daralli/ yorr/cd attired and bearded Or. 

William Kyddall of South^ .Margaret, da. of William Dalysone 
Fereby, co. Line. I of Laugliton, co. Line. 

John Kyddall of^r^ 
Soutli Fereby. 1 c 

f Ca, 

la. <.f J..ln. Eland 
ton, eo. Vork. 

Anne, ux 
Uafe liest. 

Willi.mi Kvd-T=Rnsai 
dall of the of Iv 
s.u,u- pl:,ee, with 
Esq. (Hay 

V,. A 

>* If: 


■ ri 1 " 

h. 1. Thomas. 
^.•, a. i:dm..n.l. 
4. Adam. 

1 1 1 

1. Jtargare 

2. Elizabet 

3. Anne. 

1. lOdward Kyd 
.son and heir app: 


2. John 1. ] 

1 1 



.. Kniglit of ...=j=... 

I I 

Jane, da. c.f=r 1 • Kclmo.;.!— ..., il ux. 2. William Kin>ht 

John Hiitcl.. I Kiii-lit of I of Scarll, CO. Line, 

inson of I,inc. | Line. had is.sue. 

I I 

L ■William Knight=fnoiathy, da. of 2. }lobcH=rPerris, (hi. oj 

of Kermington, CO. I Thomas ]i;ili.'i of Kniyhtof] ... Ilai/dovk 

Line. ..., CO. Line. London. of London. 


Jane, only da., died /sane A'«iy/i(=] )orathy, da. of Mary. Martha 

at six weeks of age, of the Cili/ of George Elli.s of 
and a3 yet he hath Lincoln, IGS'l. AVytliam in c. 
no more, lfj92. Line. 


Ani-n. — QuarUrli), per fcss indented Ermine and A:.ure a i/natrcfoil for difference. 

William Laeon of Ladl.roke, 2 son=j=... 
of ... Lacon of Willey (co. Salop). I 

Ricliard Lacon=f=Jaue, da. of Tliomas Foster 
of Ladbroke. j of Reaton, co. Line. 

Richard Lacon of l!ybyo=f C'hrirttian, da. of William Stalyn 
(Riby), CO. Line. of (Northivold), co. Norf. 

rd Lacon of l!ybyo=f Clirirttian, da. 
■), CO. Line. of (NorthAvold 

I I 

Klizabetb, da. of=rKd«;nTl Lacon=Marv, da. of John Wright John, mar. Jane 

John Truwsdale I of Tetney, co. of Skiptoii in Craven, co. of William Galle 

of Telncy, 1 ux. Line. York, 2 ux. hath i.ssue. 

Thomas Lacon, 1502, 
son and heir apparent. 

LACON. No. 2. 

George Laeon of Wil!ov,~. 
eo. Salop. ■ I 



I I 

1. Kioliard=j=Elizaljeth, tK of 12. AVilliam Lacon=rDoratlicy, ila. of William 

Lacou of I Gforge Crake of of Hehnswell, eo. i Smytli of lluuiburstonc, 

Dalby. CO. York. Yoi-k. j co. Line. 

I i I i I 

Elizabctl., (la. I.-^abol, ux. Doratliov, Herbcrt=f Anne, da. of Klizabetli, 

ana o.lioir, ux. VAs\-.m\ ux. Williaiu Laconof 1 Xivl.nhw u\. llafo 

Tlioinas I'ltz Fitz Wil- llonslfy of Hum- | )',lmiac,~toi, Uiirannan 

William,, .s .,/,./• liams, bro- .-^kirpeii- berstono 1 of ll;.llou-h- .rfllastrop 

ll.nnfrui F,l. ther of beck. Urn, cu. " co. York. 

Willla US oj Thoma.^. Nott.s. 

Ct/ijjxi-orth. |_ 

I I I 

William Lacoii, T)ovAi\iiix. ux. Frerhnk 2. Susanna, iij-. Iri7/m»i 

fii-st son and licir Ho'lis vf Gi-imsb;/ hi co. Ice!: of llallom, co. .Yolt. 

apparent, li'Ji. Line. 


Arms. — Qiiartnly of 11, 1. Onlrs, r c^icrron Arncnt a rJiiff chcqini Or and Azure 

Ar/i>' ■' ' r ' ■ • ' ;...(■ 1 /■,■ IK , a lion rampant, 

Au'f. < ,;.■ ' . 'i.'.,:c/u'rronbcticccii 

thru . ' ' '■ y. ' - ,'■>..;;, .1 ' ■'. " i:!"'rru}i Cii'jra'dccl 

Gii'.,i. .... , • '\\iU-^,:.-.,J::nuinc,ona)c.<sGides 

thru.: '' '• , :■ ■ ' < n,d,i,u,uhmirianlvithln.nhordin-c 

avir..'. ■ ■ ■ . , , , . (/i(te (Colvile) ; \\,Gidcs, frctli; 

Ary.r'..:!r./.. , , , ,., ,-.;, ( , I '-^c.ton). 
Ciu; ,1.-^1 Uons h..,d,ro6cd Arjnit rjorj.d rill, a /c»- clicrjuij Or nnd Aiure. 

Hugh Fitz Larabart.=f.. 

Henry Fitz Lambart.=i=-- 

John Fitz Lambart of Skipton 


da. of ... Conyei-s. 

John Fitz Lambart, 12-17.=,=..., da. of ... Clapham. 

Jolm de I.anibart.^f.. 


I ■ 

Thomas dc L.imbart.=p..., da. of ... (' 


Tlioma.sde Lambart.-,-... 



rt.=f • 

})<:nry de Lambai t=f, da. aud col 
of Skipton, I of John Lambert. 


Alkn Lambavt 0/ OuUon=i^... 
in the BisJioprici.: 

Godfrey Lambart.=fKli/abotli, da. and coheir of 
I William AVhitacrc (^^"hitaker). 

., da. of ... =Thoma.s Lambert=f ..., da. lO heir of Ikn 
ux. of Skipton. I ira-fs, 2 u'x. 

1. John 3.Christul,her=fAI;ue^i,da. ofThnma.^ 2. John Lam-=p..., da. of ... 

Lambart. I.ambart. {liiehjrd written bort of Skip- | :\Iedhop of 

over) Bullock. ton, Junior. Jledhop, E.sq. 

John Lambart. =f=MavKar 

Linnhai-t nf SUd 

=f=MavKaret, da. of Aiiiery Can- Thomas Lombart of I 
of Thornton, co. York.' icoi-Z/i, co. Camhridyc. 

Thoma.i Lambart=pSu 

'A Kir M-alter=T=ArlImr AValpok- 

Dyniock of Scrivcl.O.y 
and widow of ArtlinV 
Walpole of Linehbick, 

2. Dymock. 

nf I'inchbeck, 
Lo. Line, Esq. 

Klizabeth, da. of 
Kobert Stanton of 
Stanton, co. Notts, 
Esq. 1 ux. 


Zachariidi r,ur-=-Susan, da. of 
ton of Surdeet, Arthur Wal- 
co. Line. jiole, only 

child by hie 


age 1.V.12. 

2. William Lambart, 
H lucnths ol,l 2 <.f 
SrpI ember U.'.I2. 



Philip Lauain of Lnnam=pAvicc, da. of 
(Luvenham), co. Suff. I ... Page. 

i ~ " 

1. Jolm Lanain.=i=JMargaret., da. ot Henry 2. 

I Petcheof ... 

Thomas 2. William La 

Lanam, of Stratford, 

had 2 da's Suff. 
and heir.-!. 

Rich.ard Lanaui=f=Alice, 
of Wfllon, CO. I Sheflii 
Line, 1592. Lino. 


•Elizabeth, da. Joane, nx. ... Barbar 
of William of liarfok^Ea-stBerg- 
Bei-iy of holt in Suff. or West 
Lanam. Bergholt in Essex). 

Dorothy, only child and lieir 
apparent as yet, 1502. 


AiiMS. — Quarterly, 1 and 4, Anjcnl, a fcss O'lilcs hctu-ccn three carjlcs displai/cd fjahle 
(Leeds) ; 2 and 3, Per sinister bend Gules and Vert a chevron L'rminc, a 
crescent for dijfcrcnce. 

Cbest (added). — On a staff rarjidcc Vert a eoekutricc with iiin'js mldorscd Or cuinhcd 
and prattled Oules. 

Philip Iwjlcljcrt of Molcs-=^..., da. and heir of Sir 
crofl, CO. Yorl: I Po^er de Scoter, Kt. 

Roger In<jl chert of Molescroft= 
and Bcicrhi/. 



of Molcscroft.=r-- 



Pobcrt Inylcbcrt of Molcscrofl.=^.. 

rt Leed.s of JIole.^croft.=ri7|-M6rM, da. 

and h 


ert Leeds 

of Molescroft.=i=.. 

am Leed 



A I 

Robert Leeds of jrolescroft.=f=... 

John Leeds of Molescroft.= 

Robert Leeds of Liiseby,=j-Eliz:xbetli, du. of Henry Pnitiug 
CO. Liuc., Ksq. I ton of SawcliU', co. Line., IC-sij 

Edward Leeds of=j=3Iargaret da 
Lascbye, Esq. of Wintriiigl 

0., Esq. 

1 Robert Leed 
of Wintringhaiii 
CO. J/inc, 
ob. s.ji. 

2. Edward Lee 
of Winterton, 

Orau.llyn, da. of Agne;., ux. Thoni 

Anthr.iiy Por- Jledk-v in St. :\L-. 

tington of Tid, co. Cambr. 

Liidijcr 0} 

1 . RobcH^^Elhahcth, da. 
Leah of I of PhiVip 
Moles- Constable of 

cvoft, CO. \ Il-V.WOK?, CO. 

Yovlc. I York. 

ux. Mkhad 

Elizabeth, u:. 
B..,ylc,j of 
Colby, CO. 


InylcbcH, son iind heii; . 
old in May 1633. 



(Tliis Fcdigi-ee connucnces with tlie marriage of Thomas Littlebiuy and Margaret St. 
P.aule and gives tlie de.seent of his son Humphrey as in tlie Visit<iti"n of liSij.caA 
that of liis son Edward thus :— 

ICdward Littlebnry of=f Barbara, da. of Edward 
AVinsbie, co. Line, 5 Tirwitt of Staynfield, 
son (of Tliomas). co. Line, Esq. 

Thomas, 1 
son and heir, 


4. Margaret. 


-Out of i^ 

Hi, a bordn, 
hauk Or, i 

a crescent fm 
■ent for eUfTer 




1. CliristoplKr=rJ<.anc. da. ..f !!(.■ 



n,. Ma!. 


Jan,., ux. 


iH-rL Cbivt .n (.f 

had y 




Flixborough in 


Teunant of 

CO. Line. 


Uubrrt Luwiiil of=f Cass((»r?ra 



1 1 

M'intciton, son 

of Edmn 



and heir, nun: to 








Struhii in 


co. Line. 

da. of ...,of llon- 

Line:. En 

inston, CO. Line. 

Cassamlra. 1. Ldvcnd 

■?. < 


3. Alcxa 


1 1 

— Loiond. 






Afms.— &(W<-, time rjrcijkc 


luh conrant Argent collared Gules, a hurdurc cnyradcd Or. 

Ambrose JLachell=j=... 
of liougliton, CO. 




nifred, d 

I. of ... 



n.x. A 





e, CO. 


-0 of j;. 



■s of H 








nib., 1 


1. Robert Machell=f Anne, da. of li 
o£ Swabye, co. I Ahmson of Wu 
Wcstm. bie, co. Line. 

Eichard Machell, son 
heir apiiareut, 15[I2. 


Arms. — Anjcnl, on a cherron be, 

Tliis pedigree coninience.i v. It 
licir of •■■ Angevino and eonlii 
Christoplier, son of Sir ICdwio, 


«-/ mullets Or (Marh-y). 

Maili.son and ... d;L and 
.<iloli,m of U,G4, making 
n, and making Alice, his 




heir appaieiit, </ 1 K^beit Wil 

..., co! ..., Kt, I lianison ot 3. Tl.uuia: 

1G30. I Walkerin-- — 

hiim, co.Nott. 4. Kdwarc 


(la. of 2. Clement. 3. Faytli. 2. Jaii 

4. Dorothy. 

1 i I , 

\. f:dKard=rAnnc, Oa. of 2. mnnfrc!/.=rC'ornc!ia,cla.ofJIaii-ii 3. Thomas 


Duportof Shccpshed, — 

CO. Lcic, v;idow of Thcodo 
Rafc Scgrair. 


1. Jnfkoni/ 


1 1 


Madison, 12 

5 years 


years old, 



years old, 




Ahms.— Quarterly of 6, 1, Aiurc, three ejualnf;',, 
charged icith a cross }vilee O'ules i>I 
Argent on a croxs humcltcc hctuxcn ;. 
of the first (:\IaFsiiigbear(l) ; 3, /:, - 
■ I, SaUe. three Ir 

Aroeut (Ih 

crosslets Ar^ 

A lions head 

rjuttcs d'Or. 

Ui.lav) ; 5, Axitre, a In. 
,«(Ui'-aytoft); 0, IVw, - 
rased Azure chanjcd will, 

/,„: an orlc of 
/! lattirc hclicecii 

John r.raytoft.=r Alice, <la 

tn Williau, 

Thomas JIas.sinsbeara.=rJ.ine, da. and 

=pj.ine, (la. 

Augustine Mas.iinglieard.-r-.., 
Bon and heir. I Kir: 


Thomas Mafsingbeard <.t=f Francos, da. t 
Gunby, CO, Line, Ks,]., I Fitz ^Yi)liams 
son ami heir. tliorpe. Co. Li. 

bcard, B.J1 
and heir, 

2. Jlary. 

3. Flizaljcth. 

0. Ihidget. 



Akms, — Or, on a 
Chest.— 0«« of i 

ss Sable five flctivs dc lis of the fild. 

roncl Or an car/le's head between two wings Argent. 

George Morysone of '\Valthain,=f=. 
CO. Line, descended uut uf 

Tliomas=j=Bridget, d,a. of Sir Wiliam 
Moyiie I Hausard of North Kelsey, 

Thomas Morysone of Cadby,=f=Elizabcth, da. and one 
CO. Line., Esc]. I of the coliehs. 

2. Thomas Morysone 

3. Fynnes. 

of Sandon, co. Herts, 


mar. Ellen, da. of 

4. Henry. 

Edward Powlter of 


f-. liichard. 


1. Jane, ux. Jol 
Allington of Swy 
thorpe, CO. liin 
Esq., and hath 

Jlu^senden of HeUng, 
CO. Line., Esq., and as 
yet hath no issue, 1592. 

Edward Morysnne of the .same=i=ElizahetIi, da. of Uobei t Wingfield 
place, Esq., Si^.u and lieir. I of Upton, co. North'ton, E.^q. 

2. Robert, dii 
in May 15t 
;ut. 3 years. 



now SIX 

now 6 

of age, 

years, 1 


Mounlfort a younger son of Kyluhurst-- 
(Kinghurst, eo. Warw.) 

Tlioma. M.mnlfort of Kirton=f=Isabel, dx of ... Chi 
in Liudsey, eo. Line. I of Xorthton. 

Dorotliy, da. of ...=[^Heniy Mountfoit of Gains-=f Alice, da. of Itobert Wharfs 
Curteys of co. I borough in co. Line. I of Clixbie, 2 u.x. 
Nott. I ^1 


1. Thomas Mary, 1 in;u-. 2. llenrv. 3. Charles. 1. Margaret. 

Mountfort, to ijie. Hanks, " — — 

son and heir 2 to John 4 John. 2. Jane. 

npp,arent,1592. l'a^i^ll of ... 



Akjis. — Or, a cross cnyraiJed'Gi'lcs in dexter chief n Cornish cliow/Ji SfiUe, mcmbcrcd of 
the sa-oml, within a hordurc Azure, eharjed v:ith ten plates. 

John Mu3sendeii.=i=Anne, da. of ... 
I Topcliff. 

1. Sir Tliomas Mussen- ..., da. of ... =2. James Mus.seudon=f .... da. of 
deu, Kt. (see tlie I'i'si- I u.\. of Great Lymber. ..., 2>ix. 

rodOTi 0/15G4). 

.. , da. of ... Cr.aycroft=pBarnard Mussenden=..., da. of Ange- 
of CO. Line, 1 ux. I of Great Lymber, sou vj-ne of Lincoln, 

and heir. 2 ux. 

1. James Mussenden.=i=Elleu, da. of Robert Hopkinson of 2. ^YiUiam. 

Kervington, in co. Line. 

L Jane. 2. James Catherin, da.=fl. Richard=Catherin, 

— Musseudcn. of James liar- I Mussenden da. of WU- 

2. Mary. — rington of tlic | of Groat ham Frec- 

— 3. Jolin City of York. Lymber, man of 

3. Anne. JIussenden. son and heir. Line. 

I I 

Wilham Mu.isenden, Margaret. 

eldest son. 


Tliis Pedigree commences as in the Visitation of 15CL 

Robert Newcomen of=f Alice, da. of Sir Willir 
Saltfleetby, 33 C. L I Suniercots, Kt. 

Robert Newcomen ol-r^^f,lr.,arct. dn. of Sir Wdii, 
Saltlluutby, 10 E. 2. I Jlnrdinj:halt. 

William Newe.iHien of Palt-^, da. of Sir Will,, 
fleetby, 3S ]•:. 8, ob. Mu4. ■ | JUa,nUnle ,.f Norf. 





William le Newconieu c£t=. 
Saltfleetby, ob. 14D2. 

William le Newconien of=i=^1?(Vf, du. and heir of WiUin,, 
Sallfluctby, ob. 1460. 

i=r=ii(((-f, (la. aim iieir oj wiu 
KiU'j of Gaiusboroio/h. 


Martyn le Ncwcomcii of=f.l/rtC,/, da. of Si,- WiHiam Sundford 

Saltfleetby, ob. 153li. I of Thorpe Suhni. 

1 \ I 

2. William loNow-=... Bryan Nairomci Mary, v:c. Twha-t 

comenof S.altHeet- I of Saltfnlby, had Buryk of co. Line. 

by, ob. 1545. 2 vyivcs. 

Richard le Non-coiiien of =j=Margaret, da, and heir of 
— — — Nether Toyntou, co. I Tlininas Jlaydeuwell of 

George. James. Kobeit. Line, had brothers. Nether Toynton. 

Thomas le=rElizabeth, 

John Ncw-=f^..., da.of... 

WiUiani Aac-- 

fhahd, da. 


da. of Tho- 

comcn of Jlcnshav- of 

comc'i of 

of ...Hemp 

of Nether 

mas An- 

Scrivchhy. Scricehby. 

Gan-hy in 

sail of Seri- 


drews of 
Redycb, CO. 

CO. Line. 


Wore, Gent. 

Samuel le Ncw-=rFrances, da. of Tli. 
comcn, of Ne- I mas Mas..i„-bear.l c 
ther Toyntou. Braytoft U.ill, ICsq. 

Thomas le Newc 
n and heir app; 


Arms.— Quarterly of C, 1 and G, Argent a lioir.i he, 
Gales (NcwcomeiO ; 2, Hablr on a eh 
/cW(King of Gain^borouKli) ; ;f, Hal. 
rests Or {( irenlield) ; 4, Gnl.x on a 
(Bleveuson of Boston) : 5, ,S,/,/,- „ ,/„■, 
a bordurc all Arycnt (Fereliy ol Voi 

CiiHiT. — A lion's ffnmb eonpcd and creel ^able. 

MoiTO (added).—" Numiue nitor." 

d erased Sable I, 
eeron Ari/enI I' 
s a eherrua ■ . 



This Tedigreo commences with the marriage of Bryan Newc 
Gronfield, and continues his descent thus : — 

and Margaret 

Anne, da. of John=;I>ryanNewcomc.n=j=MarKaret, da. and heir of John 
Nicholas of Purley. of Saltlleetby, co. Grenfield of Barmburt 
Line, Esq. York, 1 ux. 

1 I 

John Ne\vcnmen=pAHce, da. of John Gascfiigne 2. Charles Newcomen 
of S:Utfleetby. I of Lasingcroft. of the Exchequer. 

I I 

1. John Newooraen=Mary, da. of 2. Thonv 

of Saltlleetby, Esq. | John Skipwith of a I'rict. 
Waiiisgate, Esq. 

3. Stephen, Mary, ob. s.p. 
a Student in — 

Cambridge. Jayie. 

Ill III I 

1. Ellen. 1. Richard Newcomen, 2. Joljn 3. Alice. 5. Elizabeth. 

— eldest son and heir Newcomen. — 

2. Mary, apparent, 1592. i. Anna. 

Arthur Ormesbye=j=Dorothy, da. of 

of Ormcsbye, co. 
Line, Esq. 

Hanbye of 
I'rocklesbv, co. 

Thomns John Ormesbye,- 
Orme.sbye, 2 son, brother 
son and heir and heir to 
ajjparent, Thomas, 
ob. B.p. 

=D.jrotliv, da. 
of Robert 
Hustwayte of 
Cotes and of 
Bradley, Esq. 

obot Ormrsbve-fMarv, 'la. of William Haven = Margaret 

(Irn.r.sbve, sn„ 1 Tb .MSowU.r, of Wold who hati 

dheir. " 1 Mr„..„i;rr In Newton. issue two 

Her sons and 

two das. 


Arthur. f>m a 
heir ajipanut, 
of the age of ! 


I 1^ 




AnMS (added).— Quarterly, 1 and 4, Gules, a chevron hctv.ccn three leopards' heaJs, a 
for difference ; 2 and 3, Oules, on a cnUle Or a stork Anjtnt 


Crest (added).— -d IcopmVs head 'jardunt erased Or ducall^ i/onjed Gules, 

John of the Lees mar^^llchn, da. of Itoyer North of 
Norton. I Walkerine/ham, co. Nott. 

John Parker of Ni 
Lees, CO. Dcrhy. 

Thomaa Parkur of Norton, = 
CO. Darby, 2 son of Jolni 

Thoma.s Sutton of-r.. 
Sutton, CO. York. I 


2. r:..bert P,u-l;er 
of Norton. 

Thomas Suit. 

Agnes, ux. George | Elizabeth, ux. Thonia.'i Howslowo of Howsl.jwe 

Mawreof co. Derby, 
and had issue Ar- 
thur and other.^. 

Hall, CO. York (? 

the parish of Ecclcsfield W. llidiii 

1. Thom:xs Parker" 

2. Isaljel 

Anne, dj. of Ja 
Ashton of Kilki.Ki 
CO. Deiby, 1 ux. 

2, liiehard Parker of Brami-t 
CO, York, mar. and had issu 
da's and hciis. 

2, Nicliolns Parker, 3. Robert Parker of 

Vicar of Thru.ston Madda Hall, (i M.'ad- 

.■t. (Thurstone), co. owHall,nearTin3ley) 

York. CO. Y'ork. 

4. Fi 





PEAKE. No. 1. 

ARMs.-re./,o«ac7u-n-on A,yaU brtwcc, th-ee Uo„.' hauls erased Or as mam, en 
crusslels Azure. •' 

Crest.-.'I lion's head erased Or y.Ulee de snnr, transfixed tkrovgU the moiuh ,ntl, , 

arrow Ardent Jiijldcd Or. 
Motto. — " Ncc tarde nee tenicrc." 

This Pecligi-eei3 the same a.s tliat in tlie Visknthn nf ]".04 Ijut mvcr- 7'iVhnnl 
second son Thoma.s (5« next Pe.lis.-ce) an,l states tliat" Wi'lliain, the sun„f^;ol,e, 
IS mar. and Iialh issue, 1592, and give.s HumlVey a da. Jane 

PEAKIC. No. 2. 

AnMB.— ,SV(mf as in last Pedigree with a crescent for dhlcrenrc. reckc of^^Anne, da. of ]!<..-cr O 



Robert Pceke 

of Warton. Robert 'w...... 

son of Wall; 

ingliam, co. 

Nott., 1 ux. 

Jlargery, da. of--r2. Thoma.ST=Klizabeth, da. 3 Ai 
Peeke of of ... Wlior- 
Saxilby, wood of co. 

CO. Line. Staff. 

1. George l'cak=Aliep, < 
of Ilonicastle, Pu.bert : 
CO. Line, son of Horm 
and heir. 

I I I 
. jMarllii 

. Jane. 

. Debor; 

All (five) by the 2 nx 
2 sous, Sto]j}ien and 

., and also 


Akm,s (,ill but the first eoar adilod). — Quarti'rly 1 J'rminc o 
l,cliean Or- 2 Uate.. on a ehcrron Arj.'nt, l.Ueeen 
reaardant Or three pellets a crc.seent of the seeond fo, 
Z, Argent, on a cherron Icticecn three crescents (inles an , 
4, SuUc, a fcss bctieccn three cscalops within a hordnre . 

Willian. Pondr 
liarkston, en. l.i 

Thomas Pell of ]rulter-f= 
Willoujldnj. I 

.^■, ICt. 



Willoughby, co. Leic, 

.„.. I 

John Pell of Wultcr=f . 

Ilobert \Vyther=f=Janc, da. & heir to 
of Barkston. I John Ponder. 

I and heir. 

1. AVilllani Pell ,.f=r-l/;<-f, lit. and 
Waller Willou-liby. | hcii-c. 

Alice, da. of Heurv Fln,v.i=j^Tlinnia3 Pell of Walter ^ 
of Laugar, eo. Nott., 1 u.x. 1 Willuughl.y. 

^Alice, da. of William Thorold 
of Mansion, co. Line., 2 ux. 

1. Edwara=i 
Pell of Wal- 
ter Wil- 

=Amie, da. 2. Tli<.inas 

of Pell. / 



ell the 

4. ]!obert=fKathorin, da. of 
Pell. \ A n,j,„tlnui- An- 
thony Porter uf 

1 Pellon. 


]. Tliui.ias Pell, liad 2. Thomas P 

inmieKd^ard, Ison. ,/.,u,r/n; liad 

Williani, 2 sc 

Margaret, da. of-f=3. Sir 
Kdw. Tirwittof 1 ..f i) 
Staiiifield [A-(. Line., 
and/lurl.ll ux. 

Richard Pell, .son and 
heir apparent. 

Richard Pe 
mblebv, e 


FKatherin. da. of 
Anthony Meeres 
Kirton in Hul- 
I.uwl, 2 wife. 

Aone. oh. s.p 
buried at St 
Gile.^, Crippl 
gate, London 



1 1 

, Vl -U'l, / >'.■ /;./,• ,,-/ K i.I.. MM, 

. /■'■ ■ ..'■ ' ■ ■ . •, ;- ,•■ 1'-, ', un 

of (•„',,,,;,,., //,,,'■,„ ;„ //„',„■,-/' eo. 
BcdJWd. Line. ' 

1 1 1 
Mary, vx. 2. Thomas 
Xic. Snuilh Pell. 
of Thcdic- — 
thorpc, CO. 3. Partholo- 
Linc. mew Pell, 
one year old 

ykt, !««/■. to'his:.' v'IfcJndUk 
a. of Jlirhard IJridston, lidc 

-\l:i::.,hrth. d 
Wdhnia W, 


„f .svr ISDG. 


u. Null., 

Kathcnn. 1. Uiehnrd 2. ]V,l!i„n. 

— I'dl. 
Anne. 3. Anth.^ny. 


i. John. 



(This Pedigree and (1,,. Arms are tl,„ Hnme as those in the Visltntwn of Vn'A, bnt 
the IVdigrec gived Kieliaid and Anno liis wUe, 2 children, Francis and Klizabeth, 
besides Henry.) 



Arms. — Qunrlerlv, 1, Sahle three mill picks Argent; 2, Argent on three bars Sable 
six cinque/oils nf the field, 3, 2, 1 (Darrell) ; 3, Gules, a fess Or between 
three men's heads covped at (he shoulders Argent (Edye) ; 4, Per eheiron 
Salle und Argent, three elephants' heads erased counterchanged (Sanders); 
n trefoil slipped for difference. 
Cekst. — A greyhound couchant collared Argent charged on the breast with three mill 
pick} Sab'c and on the body vith a trefoil slipped Gules. 
... Pigott of=f=... 
Beechamiitoii. I 

I I 

Thomas Pigott of 'William Pigott of=f=Isabel, da. of ... Heyth=John Fowlkesof 

Beechampton, sou of Beecliampton, I of Wliypsnett, ? Wheat- Passenham, co. 

and Iioir. co. Bucks, 2 son. hampstead, co. Ilertf. Northton, 1 vir 

I 1 

Kdward Pi-.iU of=^Jano, da. of Uandolpli 2. Krancis=pJoane, da 

j-toft, CO. Line. Litlcv of Orby, co. Line. rig.jlt. 


I I I 

George Pigott. Francis. Isabel, da. and heir. 


Ahms.— Same as under Pormont in the Visitation of 15C4. 

(This )icdigreo cuuunencc-s with the marriage of Geoige Pormort and Margai 
Scamblesby as iu the Visitation o/ 1^04 under Pormont, and continue.s tlma,) 

Lyon Pormort,=j=Dorothy, da. of Hamon Sutton 
sou and heir. of Washingburgh, co. Line. 

n n I ~r\ n 

2. George. 4. Gregory. Thmdove, .snn 1. Susan. 3. Klynor. 

3. Christopher. 6. luhv.ird. ,a.s yet, l;/.i2. 2. Klizabeth. 4. Dorothy. 


Thoma.>> Portington of=i=Catherin (Jul inn urilten orcr), da. and heir 
Portington, co. York. of Robert A.-ke of Aske, co. V.irk. 

i \ I r r I 

Thomas. Anthony. George. Margaret, n..:. Richard Anne. 


Henry Portingtoni-Mnrv (Maad written over), da. ot 
of Portington. Sir Kdiert Tirwitt ot Fetleby. 



John rorliiigCon of roi-tington,T=/lHiif, rl;\. of Juhu LiUigton of Langton. 

Thomas rortington of Poi tingt.)ii,-j=E!izabeth, da. of Sir WilUaiu 
now of Sawcli:V (South of Appk-by) 1 Slcipwith of Skipwitli, co. 
iu com. Line. York, Kt. 

I i III 

John rortington, 1. Anno, ux. William 2. Elizabeth, 3. Frances, 4. Vrsuln, 

son ami heir ap- Skii.with of Unue.iby lyfl2. 1592. 1592. 

parent as yet, in coin. Line. 


AliMS. — Qviarterly of C, 1 and C, /,'/■/,..,- , ./ h , ; -. , ',,/ li^Irj ; 2, Arycnt, a chnron 
bctmcn three leicrcls .■.", - I l-.verick); 3, Ermine, a 

fess Oula (VievnM.k); -i, A. . - . , russ crosslds Jitchi A-urc; 

5, Arijcnt on a scUtirc ^uJ'!' j - *:'■•/, -/ /.;-. ■':'-' J'Urgh). 

ChksT. — A mom's head affronlec proper covped bdoK the shoulders and lerealhed about 
the temples Ardent and Gules. 

Richard Quadriiig of (Juadriiig,-f ... Catlieriii, du. and heir of \Yilliam 
CO. Line, Ksip | Levcricke of Erby, co. Line, I'^aq. 

William Qn^idring of Krliy, had to^rA<;ne.s, da. of Thoma:i Kvmc of 
his 2 wife ... <la. of ... Tctfurd. Friskney, d. Line, Esq. 

William Quadring of Erby..=^I,sabel, da, to Thomas Langholmo 
son and heir. I of Conyholme, co. Line, Esq. 

William Qua.lring of F.rby, ICsq.^r Joiio, da. to ... Harding of Bridgwater. 

Margaret, da. to Thomas=j=Thomas Quadring of Erby==Anne, da. of John West 
- ■-- .... ' of Aug.5thor|,c, CO. York 

Uymoke of Nortli Carlton, | near Hurgli, co. Line. Es< 
CO. Line, 1 wife. 

I I I 

1. Elizabeth, ux. 1 Thomas 2, Kuth, ux. William 3. Anne, ux. Kobert 

Foraett, 2 George Johnson Segrave of Scalford, Suward of Thorpe, 

of Thwayte, CO. Line. co. Leic, Esq. co. Line. 

Robert Crayeroft pProtasye, 2. William Quadring-pAnne, da. of Fr.i 
of Burgh, CO. lo.ilyda. of i;rl.y, ICsq., sun | Mauby of EUamc 

Line. to 1 ux. and heir. Line, ICsq. 

I '" 'I " I i 

Thomas (V.y.ruft, 1, Ann.-, un. 2. I'.l./.dnUi, 'I'homa., 1 «nn, 

sonandlieir. Willi uii I'.umne im( yet luai. died young. 


Arms. — Ari/eiU, a chevron ciiyrailcd Onlcs hctuxcn three snakes noircd Salic their heads 
toimrds the stnister. 

Thomas liiidlcy of=f... da. r\iid heir to ... 
Haltoii, CO. Liuc. I Hiimfny of ]Ialtou. 

Thoma.s Kadk-y of IIalt,ou.=r... 


Thomas R;\dlBy=j=Biidgett, do. of Charles 
of llalton. I Yerbiirgli of Yerburgli. 

William Hadley of=f=.\mie, d.i. of William Symcutes 

[11 liitUltjy Ul-p.AUIJl.', Oil. 

rgh, 1592. of Louth 


L Elizabeth. Henry ll.idlcy, 3. Mary. 

— sou and heir — 

2. Dor,athye. apparent, 1592. 4. Franc. 

Aims. — Ar//ent on a. lend Salle three ruses of the field. 
Chest. — A leopard passatit Or. 

of Mi 

iln, i: 

llenrv, had 3. 
Hie, Joane. 



1 1 1 

2. Edward. 

3. Kichard. 

of S.. 
an. I 

i. Thomas. 



Iti.liard l!o,soter of-p.Mioo, da. of 
SoiMirby, eo. I.ino., I IMniun.l Bollc 
F.>.i. of S..nicibv. 


]. Elizabeth. 3. Cicely. 




-Pulil of six Arrjcnt and Azure mi a lend SaUc three annulets Or ; on ai; 
e.-icuchcoii of pretence, Or, i/u a chciron duk's httvxcn three Jlcura de lit 
Vcrl cu maiiij martlets of the last (Hiltoft). 

— .1 leolfs head Sable devouring a chdd proper. 

William Sanderson of=f ... 
TickhiU, CO. York. 

Lambtou uf Lambton. 

1. Nicholas-T 
of }!evcsby, 

=-Annc, da. of 
Sir William 

CO. Line, i;t. 



1 1 
.Alice, n:c. 2. ];obcrt=f=,-i«Hf, da. of 
ChrHnpher Sanderson. John S,n,/th 
ICyreofco. o/A>;,;„^. 

1. William, 


. Joh,; K,„ne. 

Hubert 'J 

„... .d!..4hters 
'i-njiill. died youiiy. 

Alice, Margaret, 

3.p. B.p. 

John f- 
Hayle^ i 
in Esses 

h, da. of-fa. N 

myth of 1 Sand 

lEpping, ofK. 



3. llobert Sanderson,- 
3 son and heir. 

of V 
CO. 1 

tham of 

th, nx. John 
v.-idalc of 
.ft of K.stoft 
ora. York. 

1 1 
Robert Sanderson Anne, 
of Kevesby, ob. 10 John 
Feb., 1501, at the of Sta 
lijc of fit years, s.p. com. I 

nx. Sir 
injott in 

1 1 

Kathcrine, 2. Hubert, 
ux. liandall s.p. 
Johnes, ob. 




3. Thomas Sander.son of=^Dorathii, ehi. and 
Stratford Jiou; co. Midd., \ .■<ole heir of niehard 
lirinq in Juh/, IIJJI. \ .Vadeson of . , eo. 

Judieeof the I'caec. I Line. 


]. Sir Nicholas=f=:\Iildrccl, da. 
Sanderson of Saxby, I and heir of 
Kt. and Lart. John Hiltoft 

Viscount Castleton. \ of Boston. 

.Vildnd. 1. Ni. 

I I 

2. William. 

3. Geor-e. 
i. Itobcrt. 



s.-Or, a chief Ac 


ThomM Santon of Santon,=f=... ,1;,. of Tliomas PortinRtoi 
CO. Line, Lsq. | of ]\,rtiiigtou co. York. 

Anthouy Santon uf Saiitoii.=f-Maigant, -la. „f WiUiaia 
^1 ^^loriey of',co. Line. 

Aniic, da. of Nicholas=j=Thom.-,.s S,-n,t.on=pTroUi. <la. of John 

Girliiigton of Norman- I of Santon, Ivsci, 
vill, CO. Line ' 

LuUinghara of 
liromby, co. Lini 

Antliuny Santon, .son and 2. Katlienu. 3. Elizabeth 
heir njipaicnt, 1592. 


uid 4, Sar,tr th 

AH.M3.— lat Quarierly. 

for difference ; ■ 

Gules, impaling (, 

(Deiiham); 3, a> 

(Haydon) ; 4, Gw 

double in bass thci. 
CuiiST.— .1 fjouff head erased Argent horned Or a crescent on a crescent for dijj 
John Sapcottes of Elton, co. Hunt., Esq.=j=... 

dovecotes Argent a crescent on a crescent 
'"< ". .I.-/-"' a fcss dancctte betvven three roses 

;,' ■' '■ ' ''^ 7'. <^"l<:'< four fusds in fcss Ermhw 

ni chicj a label of three points Azure 

- ■ - -.; Argent two single in chief and one 

'l>ilal3 ami pidc^tals Or (Arches). 

... Siiiicotte.s=^... Fishbornc of^ 
of Leicc.'ster I Fi.sliborne, 

Tou-n. CO. Durham. 

Sii ,Iohn &^vcoiiei=Ellzab(ih,da.and 
of ]':it..n, Kt., oh. cohcirofSirJohn 
i Jan. 10 If. 7. JJenhan. 

1. Hobert, a 2. IIcury=T=Jane, da. and 3. William, 

Canon of Sapcottes I one of the a Canon of 

Leicester, of Lincoln, heirs of ]Job. Lincoln 

"''■ ''■I'' Smyth. 8.11 

L JohnSapc, 
of Tharfieia, 


... d 
... S 
of Si 


. of 



t ][, 


1. M-illiam 

2. 1 


, onli 
ux. S 


and heir, 

1- J7u 

Ic as vt 
nms JJt 


Burton j da. and 
of Cotes, coheir. 
B-P- CO. Line. 

2. Edward SajK-otteT-Anne, da. of 
of Lincoln, had 3 I Thoma!) Burton 
"■'^•^•■^- of Cotes. 


<>t-r/;/innorda.„f rwb. 
j .'<apcolc vf l/lun 




John TlioiX'.->bye.=i=Joaii, sister :m 
I John, son am' 
of Sir Kobei 
I Aystcvby, Kt., 

U- and lieir of 
-11 ami heir 
■I Sir Kosrer 

John Thoro9bye=f . 
of Croxley. 

Joiine, da. and heir=f=John Sheffield 
of Tlioresbye of I of Butterwicic, 

Crosby. | 3 sou of Thoma.s 


Robert Shcffiehl, son and 
heir, of wliora the Lord 
Sheffiekl is descended. 

Cliristoiiher Sheffiekl, 3on=^Elizabeth, one of the da's, and 
aud heir of John, Lord I eoheir.-i of . . . I'yllett of Weltou, 
of Croxby. ^| eo. Line. 

John Sheffield-pDorothy, da. of Ale 

of Croxby. Anieottos of Astrc^ 


Ml I 

2. Henry. Joano.=T^Xichola.s Dow.s 

— of Tetuey, co. 
1 . Philip, now Line. 

of ]n.L~to\ve, | 

CO. Lino. Do\vson 

— of Tetney. 

Vincent SliefricId=Klizabetli, <" ■. 
of Croxby, son and one of the 
and heir. heirs aiiiiarcnt. 

Aems. — Aiycnt, three bars Oules, in chief a rjrei/hoiiiul 
hordurc cii'/mitcd 'johontj of the last and Azure. 

It SaUe cuUeu-cd Or 

...da. of ...Ti 
of Kcteltiy, 1 v 

ritt=T=Sir Sldp\vith=j=Agiic.s, da. of . 
, CO. Leic, j 

I of Ormisl.y, ( 
I had 2 wives. 

Sir ^Villianl Gauyn Skipwith, base 
Skipwith, to Sir William hi time 

son and heir, of his widower '.s estate. 

I. Joane, ux. Tl 
of Saltlleetby. 

Marg.iret, ux. Clai-.!, 
Ilaringtou of Griu..-1 

(irace, (1 
eo. Line 


1. of John JaiK', 

if Salbye, Willi, 

, Esq. Ma.v 

but 1. 

iKi.cda. to 
1,1. ux. Antl 
of Wvnth.., 
id no i.^.^iie. 

i.., „ ; 

of Jkirtuii iipun 


3. Tristra 

I"" ""■"■'■""■• 




Arms (added) — Arcjcnt, a saltire Azure. 

Constantync Slater of Great=j=AUce, da. of 
Hampden, co. Bucks. of co. Jlidd. 

1. Robert 2. John=i 
Slater of Slater of 
Great Great 
llamp. Hamp- 
den, den. 

=Joane, da. of 
Henry Little- 
page of Great 
Musseuden, co. 

3. Thomas. 

4. John. 

1. John Slater 
of Princes Ris- 

1 1 
4. William 
Slater of 

Ill 1 

6. Antlionv Slater 9. Thnn 
of Great H.'mij.den. of U.xbi 

— Midd. 

7. Richard Slater of 

5. James 
Slater of 

tcr of ){i 

3. Constantyne= 
Slater of Upton, 
CO. Line. 

rt Sla- 





nucl Slater ot 





S. Michae 
Great Ha 


■r of 



•Alice, da. ot 
William Ra- 
vening of 
Great Marlow, 
CO. Bucks. 

IL Francis Slater 
of Wickhara. 

12. Griffith Slater 
of Ri.sboriiugh. 

I I 

Philip, ux. Anue, ux. 

Richard John Ing- 

Dai-set of ram of 

BedUoe. Bledloe. 

I I I 

3. Mary. 2. Franei 
— eldest so 

4. Mabel. 

William Smylli of Hackthorn,= 
CO. Line, Esq. 

R<,l„Tt Snivth 

:i. William SinythT=J,ine, da. and co- 
uf of Suinmenston, I heir of William 

heir of William 
I l,illi..uni of Fc-n- 



.[.her Smyth .if 

Fcnl.v.^Aimsda. t 
n- anil Cotr.s, ,■,,. 1 

.T.ilni r., 
• ill.- . \Md..w to 

heir t 



" "' ^'* ".-'''■>■■ 


la. and lu ir to Wi 
K,„lie of Anlal.v, n.. 1 
ui.low tu Blui.nt,-to 



AliMS (added). — Aiycnl, u fcss danccitCc hciv 
Crk^T. — A (allot passant Of. 

,1 Wclbournc,=rJr.ii'garet, dn. . 
I Clarke of Welbc 

William Smyth of Homiing-T=Catlicri 
ton, CO. Line, Gout., son and j Porter 
heir. Line. 

, (V.\. of Austin~r/(0/«»7s Disiici/ of 
A Belton, CO. Carlton, co. Line, 

Elizabeth, da.=j 
of George 
Sherrard of 
Leii., Esq. 2 

=Wllliam Sniyth=j 
of Honnii.gton, by his iirst 
wife no issue. 

=Mary, da. fand co- 
heir] of Edward 
Husthwayte of 
Branch in Holland, 
in Line, Gcarijc 
ISlcshi of Bhshii, 
CO. Line., Esq., her 
1 hush. 

ux. EdNvard 
of Strobye, 
CO. Line. 

Eleior, u. 
Whitt of 
Sturton. ct 

VathcHnc, nx. WWiam Shcjqmnl 
(of) Lawjton, ok /ai„: 

2. Edimrd 



L Charles S 
first son an 
apjiarcnt 15 


myth,=Marv, da. of Wil- L ]• lizabell 

1 heir liaui' Langton of Jiuljcyt Low 

■)2, olj. Bennington in ^\^\nttrlon, 

Hollnnd. Line, Esq. 

d'of lircslc 
CO. ham, c 

e, V.,: Anthou 
1 of KiUni'i 
0. Line. 


AliM.?. — Quarterly, \, Sullc on a chcirun cnr/railal Iclwccn si.t crosses pati'c ttlcht'c Or 
three Jlctirs dc lis A::Hrc each charged with u plate; 2, Azure a bend 
cotiscd Or in sinister chief a rjrijjin's head erased of the second (Billcsdon). 

Chest. — A falcon's head erased Sable f/uttec d'Or holding in the he-tk a Jish proper. 


of Ih 

.ondon, temi.. H. 7, 150S. I Billesdou of London, maiur, 14S4. 

|,„ ..,.„,, 

\. John Sniyth=f.\ndrey, da. of Jol 
of Epimip, CO. I^vne of IJokwo. 
Essex, Esq. I Hall in Es,-,ex. 


A I 

Kichola.'s Smytli of=f Alice, ddcst da. and 
Thedlethorpe in I of John Bouvylc of Sp; 
CO. Liuc. CO. York. 

OirhnrjUyii, of . 
to ... Thickko, 

I II i 

Nicliulas S.nyth,T.J/,„.,,/, da. of 1. E]i/„tbctli, 2. Susannah , 

.-.nlysn,, and heir RicUnl Pdl ob. youivj. Francis Gvcna 

eilTiict, \W2,\of IJ^mbkhi, - son of Sir John 

aiul Urni.j ill co. Line, Kt. Richard, 

uno. 1G31, Jan. oh. ijouwj. 

EliMhctk, u 

Anvc, ».c. 
of Ihxrsdcn, 
CO. York. 

Cuthcvin, lu 

Trainham, c 
Line, Clerk. 


1. John .Snu/lh, 
19 I/cars old, 

I I I 

.'f. Thomas. S. Charles. 
5. Francis. 0. Richard. 



WiUiain Staiilow, son and=f Dorathey, da. o 
heir, was of Stickford, co. ... Tliiuiblcby. 

A daughter, iii. 
... Fulstowc of 
CO. Line. 

John Staidow^ 
of Stickford. 

Olargaret, d 
Angustiu P: 
of Belton, 

Ellen, da. and hi 
Darnell of Thorji 

Helen, mar. to Margery, ux. Eichard 

Wdham Vachell Scoche of Peter Han- 

of CO. Line, 2 to worth, co. Line. 
0,5wald Wimbish. 

lent, ux. ThouKLs 


'i a chccron hctucn ihr 

Is Ciilrs fl.s' man, 
nlhu-cd Oulc.^ ,j'a 

cuts of the field, 
daml nnjcd Oi 



1. Robert Siitton=; 

da, and 2. IIainou=f=Emlyn, da. of 

coheir of 
... i;oy.s. 

Sutton of 



Elizabeth, ux. 
William Turney 
of Cavenbie. 

Henry Sutton of Wellingore,=j=jrar-aret, da. of Robert Hus.sey 
died before his father. | of Linwood in co. Line. 

(Continued as in the Visitation of ICiQi, describing Ambrose Sutton as 
of Burton, 1592, and giving him a second son, llamun, " lunctyl.c," 
and stating that his eldest son, Robert, ob. s.p.) 

1. Hamou Sutton=j=Eli2abeth, da. of 
ofWashiugburgli. I ... Kitz William 
of Clayworth, 
CO. Nott. 

2. Nichola.s Sutton=Alice, da. of 
of 'Willoughton, Robert Arneway 
CO. Lino. of Calais in 

France, Gent. 

1. Jane, ux. l!..bL-rt 
Erocklesby of Glont- 
worth, CO. Line, 
Gent., and had issue. 

2. ]\Iargaret, ux. 
Bolles of Quadr 
in Holland, co. 
Line, Esq. 

1. Nicholas Sutton=pC.itherin, da. of 
of Washingburgh. Lyonell Skipwith 
of Cathorp. 

Hamon Sutton, son 
and heir apparent. 

Mary, ux. Thomas 
York of Ashby, co. 
Line, Esq. 

Hamon Sutton of Eromptou,=f=. 


Ahms.— ^lr;;fn(, ilirec pahs Salic hctwccn four miiUcln in Icin? of the so'omi, a mscnti 
for dijja-cncc. 
This pedigree is the same as in the Visitation of 15G4 down to the marriage of Sii 
Richard and Catherine, and continues thus : — 


1 1 


n Tlumbleby 




1 1 


1 1 

ob. s.j). 

as in t 

ho Visitation 

of :5G4, 




ih 3rd da. 

Alice instead 






of Lu 


2. Riclmrd Thi 
of Grimsby, ]5 

John Thinibleby, eldest 
and heir apparcjit, lij'Ji 

Juyoeof CO. ,S..nuT.-,et 




Adam TyI■^vhitte of Ketelby, co.=f=.. da. to Lord Lomloy. 
Lincoln, li^icj., eon and Iieir. I 

Sir Robert Tyrwhitte,=pElizabctIi. da. of Sir John alias 
Kt., son and Iieir. I Richard Watcrto)i, Kt. 

Sir Williaiii Tyrwhitte, son=rJ««f, da. of Sir Robfrt Constable 
and heir, Kt. and Lanerett. I of Flaiubnroiigli, Kt. 

I 1 I 

Sir Kobcrt Tvrwliitte-r... da. of Sir George Agnes, vifc to Thomas, Eli;,heth u-ife 
of Ketclby. I Taulboye,., Kt. Lord lUmjh. to Sir ]Villi„m 


SirWilliani Tyr\vliitte=r/,OTif/, da. to ... Girlington of 
of Ketclljy, Kt. I Nornuuiby, co. Ijinc., Esq. 

Sir ]!obert^Klizabet 
Tyrwliittc Oxcnl..ric 
o£ Kctelby, 

I. to ... Nkiinvil 
William, both 



of Scotter 

i I I 

Charles Bntlcr=Donglas, 3 da of 1. Tiutli. 
of Cotes, CO. Jlannaduke. — 

Line, f^on and 2. Elizabeth, 
heir of .Vnthony. 


Robert Tyrwliittc of Seolton,=rAnne, da. of Edward 5. Ro 

eldest son and heir ai>iMrent I Has.'iett of Fledboruwe, 
of Marmaduke. eo. Notts., Esq. 

Marmaduke Tyrwhitte, son and heir apparent, 2. Robert. Elizabeth, only 
now about 4 years old, July 23, 15!)2. da. as yet,' 15t)2. 


Ausis.—Oidcs, lirn Icirs yemdks Arycnt on a chief of the second a crescent Sahle. 
CllKST.— -■! iC'onan's head eonped at the shoulders, rested, crined and crou-ncd all Or, i 

John Thornhill 
CO. Vork, 2 .sun. 

■[ Tl 

ninhill,=f-.\m,e. da. of 
1 Sandall of ... 

chard Tlioiiihill of 2 
on, sun and hen- 

f U« 

iar.i Thornhill pEllen. 

-Ion, eo. Line. 1 .Mar.-li 

1 eo. I,i, 

la. ..f Willi.- 
II of Crow 


in Tl 

ornhill of Ow,sU)n. 



IS (nildeil). —/;«)■(', a lion's head erased ifithin an orlc of ciijhl rross cross/cts Ai-yeiit. 

Tlii.mas T()\vtl.liyo/i./sl!vth.M-=f=C'icjl.-y, da. of Jnhii Aystrrby cf co. Line, 
of Towtliby, C.I. ].iii.'. " I AnMs.-^Aiycif, a'saUnr SaUc. 

William To\\ thby=rJr,iri,in, cbi. of Roger Combcr\yorth 
of TuwUiby. I of Coinbei\yortli. 

Bridgctt, da. of Jolm Roauey=j=Tli()inas To\ytliby=..., da. of Alexander 
of Stoke Uoancy, co. Som., | of Towthby. ' l.aiigton, ob. s.p. 


r^n \ ~ ~ ^1 

1. France.';. 1 6. Jolm Towthby^Dorca.^;, da. of Aiine, ii\-. John 

— I brother and heir I Edivavd .\ys- .Skiiiwith of 

2. F,d\y,ar.l j i to Edmond, no\y coiigli of North Ormesby, co. 

— yz of Towthbv, E.S.I. I Cottcs, CO. Line. 

Line, Esq. 

Edmond. J 


L Elizabeth. 3. Tahitha, ux. Gcorjc 1. Riehard To^ytllby, 2. William 

— Asierhy of East lloaion eldest son 'and heir — 

2. Jane. in com. Line. apparent, 1592. 3. CJeorge. 

4. Ed^vard. 


AiiMs.— .SnWf, a lourv triple Vmercd Or. 

Sir Willlain Tovcrs Kt.=F. 

I I 

WiUiani Tovers son ,i- heir. John Tutms of Thornnel; co. Linear.. 

, ^ 

William Toiccrs of Thom.vk.-, ... da. of ... Dallison. 

William Towers of P.ishopaTnoral h. y, da. ,ind one of the Ila.ik Tovers 
Korlon, CO. Line. I heirs. ..f ... .M.m.. ..f More of Thornock. 

Hall, CO. Voik, i:..„,. 



1. Nicholas Tuwevs of Heytoi 
in com. Nott., mr>v. and bac 
issue ; lie was son and lici 

2. John To\versT=iI'""K''""et. <'•''■ f'f J"!'" Teade 
o£ Blytou, CO. Line. 

3. William To 
of Thornock, ( 
Line, Gent. 

1. Edward, son 
and licir ajipai- 
ent 1502. 

BiMt'ct, da. and sole L William Tower.^, son Mabel, only 

heir of liichard Cosbye andheir apparent, 1 .'.02. da. as yet, 

of Great Nott. . 1502. 

2. Nicholas. 

Anne Ton; ,■, . . 
ux. Richar-I 
Esq. son t,f I: 
thcMidOh y. 
to her 1 hash. 1 
in com. North. 

I I 

Anthony, reter, 
ob. s.p. oh. S.JJ. 

I I 

William, G. Arthur Towers 

ob. s.2\ bur. in the Tower 

of London, s.}'. 

4. John Tnwer3=f=^?!re da. of Walcrnoti 
London of Thornock. of co. York. 

:a /:„/. of 


Wdliam Towers a Alii 

child in Ao. 1G31. 

Mxn^.—Arqcnt a rhi r,n,: /-/.,,;, ,■/,.,. /,,''' 
'addiliMH ; ■.' : ^ , ■■ ' 
the lir.t n . , ■ 

r/Wrfs Or ,;i i-.,i..v-,l. , , J, " '. 

CiLEsT (added).—.! tower .Sable towered Arycnt. 

William Tourney of Coiivenbie,'-^ I'.Ii.'abeth, da. of Ilamon Sutton 
in com. Line. ' ' j of Washingburgh, in com. Line. 

Sish'V, da. of Sir Ceor^'e Talbt 

I I I 

, John Tournev=rJanc, da. of 2. William. 
sister t.i the L:idv Dvumkr, | ,.f Cavvenbie, " I ... St. i'aul. — 

rdiet Wdll.nn Ln^iUbn. oant and I'.s.]. 3. Christopher. 

Co-/<f/r of Oeorje, Lord Talhn,ies. \ 

I mizabeth, 

A mar. to ... 



Aiitliony Tour)iov- = M;uT d.i. ■ 
of Cayvenbie, Ks.j. j ,A Ihni-I, 

Jolin Tourney 
of Cavonbie, 
Ksq., son aud 



2. Willi 









3. Tri.t 


nf Kil 

CO. Y 



1. Isabel. 3. Anne. 5. Katherin. 

2. Honor. 4. Margan-t. ■ 6. Elizabeth. 

Each of these dauglitors described as "da. and heir apparent as yet.— July 19, 159 


Arms.— jliyf/i/, on a lend Vert cotiscd Gides three Hons J5n.?sfrn< t/ tht Held. 
Crfst.— ^ hiers lead 'jardant proper utlind Or. 

Pr. William Harvey, Clar. 

William Walpole.--^-... 

01 J(.hn,Staveley 
of Stickney, 1 

Theodore -fAnne, da. of ... Kead 
^\•alpole. of Yorkshire. 

id beii=Fli.>b.-rl Walpole=r)orutli: 


Jane, da. and .sole In i.-, ux. Charl 
Jiiearde.s of Uold Hall, e,.. Y.^rk.,da. of . 

,. of Sir Kdnv.nd T-Thomas Lambert, 

of .Serieelsbv, Kt., j and heir of John 1 

bert of Skipton, 2 

I I 

I'.du-ard, ^on Charles La.nbert, Willia.ii 

and heirap- 1 son, now bein- 2 son 

.'t Jane. 

.. VJ. 



William Westled of= 
■Winthorpe, co. Line. 

William '.Vestle(l=Fr:iiicts, da. 1. ...iix. ... '2. Anne, u.-c. ,3. ElizaliHli, 

of liraytuft ah'' i.f William Jla.xwill ..f OilliriL Han'^avd Kicluud HigsJ 

Gent. I Simcotte.?of lir.iytott. of Louth. of I'naytoft. 

I Louth, CO. 

William We.?t!ed, son and 
heir apparent, 1592. 


AHM^ (tlie quarlcrin-s .-ulrle.l).— Quarteilv of T.. 1 an.l C, S„hl, , „ ,nJf ,„lh„l Or, /,/ 
vhirf three Cftr.iks ./ the h,M : 2, A.iirr „ linn r.,,„j,.n,t vith on „rlr 
often 0)m-.s- crusshln Ar:icni (Brnytoft) ; 3, Cherjui/ Or ami (,«/,.,■ .,„ a rhirj 
Arrjent (i l^oii pasamt ^'((Wf (Comberworth) ; 4, Ar:/enl tar, bars inyraihl 
liable ; ;">, Arr/iiit a chevron letteecn three martlrtx Siilik. 

CiiKsT.-.i dcmi vulf mlirnt Or. 

^MavRara, ,la.of ... Sonffo: 

I 11 I 

» ih,. war. to I ...» da. mm: Thomas WiUon o}^ 
IknloK,^. I to ... I'rice. Cnchlrelh, co. Jfrrl- 

/onl, rUlc llKirr- 

I - 7 

... a .la. ,nar. to F.,l„ioi„l Wils,,,,, ..,.h and=r... 

...Il,„ojr..i.loo. hoir of Thuma.^. I 




Anne, dn. of Sir=pl. Tlioniiis Wilsoii^Jaue, da. and liei 

• of Sir 

■\Villimn Winter, JC of the Rciuu.sts llieliard Kmpso 

1 and 

Kt., of Lidney, and Secretary of widow of John I 


CO. GIoc. State. of Essex. 

Y.ia. SOI 

Anne, da. of 
AVilliani Heneago 
of ]>enowortli| 
CO, Line. 

1. Mary, nx. l!o! 
in CO. WurifkL: 

George Ueljjra 
of Leicestcrshii 

Charles AVilson, i 
years old, 1592. 


AR\is.—Ai-r/ent, three truhnts Salle, in chief a mullcl plenril Oiilcf. 
Ciii:.ST. — A f/oat passant Ayjcnt hvoicMng on a shrub I'tr/, and chavjed v 
pierced Oul,.i. 

AViUiarn Worthington r.f^pMargaret. da. of ... AVad.lingto 
Welborne, eo. l.ine. | of Waddington, in com. Line. 

3. llirhiM-d Wo, tliington-f Margaret, da. of 

..f Denton, City 

lomas Ai.idley 
of Ifaiigh, widow 
of Hob. \\'eb.^ter. 

Franci.s AVorthingtnn ^fargnret, iix. Williani 

tlieTitv of Lincoln. Line. 

; .% J'al^ 

John Wright ,.f MarlcelT-Jane, ,1a. of J„hn llawlv 
Itasen, CO. Line. I of IClkh.gtoi,, co. Line. 

r~ I 

1. Jolm Wrludil ol>.\nne, da. of John 3. 'i'liomas of tlie 

the ha 

'■• ■' ■ r''"'""- 



Jaines AVriglit of=pJ. 
tlie same place. 

lit of=pJ()aiie, (1.1. rrnil ,-olieii- of T 
xce. I Muiison of .South Kelsty. 

James ■\Viiglit, son aml=rEliz;ibeth, ila. antl coheir of Edward 
heir, now of liradley in I Ilusthwaite of Littlecoates, in com. 
com. Line. Gent. Line. 

4. ]:<lsv.ird., 

;'. William. Judith. 


Arms (Added).— .Sume as ■Wythernwyke In Visitation of 15GI,. 
CiiKST. — A liislanl dose Aiyent, u-ingcd Or. 

The 1 coate and crest was granted to John AVytliernwvke of Claxby, in corn Line 
by William Harvye, Clur., by a patent dated at London, 20 of March, 15C2, 5 Q. ];h/ 

,I..h„ Wythernwyke=p.. 
of Claxbv, CO. Line. | 

.igh=f Mau.l, da. and heir of Sii 
I Tlionias lirabouthe of 
Cl.ixby and Norniaobv, Kt 

■ yke of C'l.ixby.----JL, 


John Wythernwyke of CI: 



le, da. of ... Scopho 


2. Oliver Wythern- = 
wyko (.f Claxby, 2 
brother and lieir to 

-..Dorathv, da. of 
Towlani, wido\v 
to ... Stanton of 




/. .son and heir. 

=... da. of 
CO. Line. 


John AVvtliernwYke 
Cla.xbv, l.'-,U2, n'lar. 
hi.s 2 wife, Klizab 
da. of Williiim 1 
William of .Mablaho 


pCathenn, da. 
of Thoioaa 
Lith'bcrv of 
1 wife. 


nx. Crinla, ox. 

ob. ycnnij 

John, died young. 




Arms. — Qiimterly of six. same (is YARbououon in Visilotioii (/IjGJ. 

T/us pcdiyrcc commavcs with Cltarlrs Yerbuiyh, huAa„d of Ajncs Skipi 
Kliznhdh Ncwcomcn, mill thus conUmics (he ikxrcnt front /its/ 
son Edmond (in lite Visitation o/l.'jOl called Edward : — ) 

Yerburgli. da. of ']"ho^^. 

Ursula, ] mar. lCdmoiid=T=Margaret, da. of Vincent 

to... mdle, J Yerburgli Grantham of St. Kathe- 

(y Tliuinas Hall of Lincoln, rino'.-^, near Lincoln, and 

of Yerbiirgh. had 3 wives, widow o£ ... Fulnetby. 

Charles Yerburgli=Barb.ira, da 
of 'W'illoughby, A\-illiarn \\\ 

of Yer- 

^Vadc uf 

^Elizabeth, da 
of lluinfrcy 
Litlebcrv of 

Elcuor, da.=pFrancis Yerbuigli=f=Frances, da. of 
of Voherl of Jlostrop, Co. I Leonard 'Wray 
Farmory, | Line. | of Yorkshire, 

Yerburgh.-T Elinor, da. of Tho. Clifford 
of Biackeuborowo in coin. 

Henry Yorburgh, not 
one year old, 1S92. 



r.y GEORGE BURNETT, I-y-n King of Anns. 

Wliile il is usually undesirable for a public offieer to vr\i]y in 
print to accusiitions levelled against his official conduet, tliis rule 
admits of occasional exceptions; and I cannot Imt nunilur 
among such excrjilions a ]iaper of sixteen pages headed " 'J'lie 
Lyon Office and tlic M,■l^iori^;^d^s family," in the July part of Mr. 
Foster's ' Collectam a ( ;> iieaiogica.' This attack on the adminis- 
tration of the Lyon Office has l>een called forth by a review in 
the 'Genealogist' (si'pra p. rZOO) of a portion of the same ' Collec- 
tanea,' entitled " List of Jlembers of Parliament, Scotland." 
Wlien Mr. Foster undertook to re-arrange, correct, and supple- 
ment from a Ingher genealogical stand-point the official return of 
Scottisli menil>ers of Parliament, those who Icnew the ca)-e with 
which the return had been framed, and the en\inent qualifica- 
tions of the gentleman who liad the charge of it, had mis^■i^-^ngs 
regarding Mr. Foster's capacity for the task which he had set 
himself. That these misgivings were well-grounded is shewn in 
the review alluded to, a paper, I maj^ remark, which does not 
bear the full signature of Mr. Stodart, my coUabondcur in the 
Lyon Office. But for Mr. Stodart's unusual courtesv in ini'oi-m- 
ing Mv. Foster that he was writing such a review and allow in-' 
liim to see it in proof, Mr. Foster would neitlier ha\i' been 
entitled to speak of the article as Mr. Stodart's, nor cnal)led to 
bring out his rejoinder, as lie has done, almost simultaneously 
with the review. While giving an emphatic denial to the insinua- 
tion that the review in (piestion was inspired by myself or any 
one else, I am authorised by Mr. Stodart to say that he does 
not retract a line of it. 

Lr the case of all, or nearly all, the numerous errors pointed 
out, it will be seen liv tlicjsL' \vlio take the pains to compare pp. 
200-20-1. of the 'Genealogist' with ])p.73-7o of Mr. Foster's article, 
that Mr. Foster is compelled to aekn<nvledge himself in the wrong: 
and I think few Scotsmen who know anything of either the general 
history or the i'aniily history of their country will cojisider it 
hypercritical to protest against tlie resuscitation of the long- 
exploded failles which meet us in such books as ' Playfair's 
British Family Antiijuity,' or will regard as trivial mistakes 
the substitution of "Douglas of Conons " for "Douglas of 
Cavers," or the assi'rtion that a battle was fought at Scone in 
KM'.') in which Charles I (who had two years prcviouslj' left 
Scotland) made Sir Gilbert Elliott a Knight Banneret. In the 
concluding instalment of the ' List," issueil .subse(|Uently to I\lr. 
Stodart's criliri-m, there is a ])r\id(nt abstention from " identifi- 
cations " or (lio e ;reiie,'iln-ic:il ndiet'S which Mr. Foster calls 
"peculiarly' bis "own grtaiml" The name, however, of "Sir 
John Wauclu'i.e of Xiddry, Knight Marischal," will snprise those 

MR. J0SP:PH foster and the LYON OFFICE. 295 

who know anything' about the history and hoMers of that office. 
Tlie person meant is, of coiirse, .Sir John Wauchope, Knic;lit, of 
Ni<l(!ry-j\Iarischal. Tlie Wauchojies of Ni(l(hy are among the 
best known baronial families of the south of Scotlaml, and 
have inherited from the fourteenth century to this day the 
lands of Niddry or Niddry-]\Iarischal, so called because origi- 
nally bestowed on them by the Keiths, hereditary Marisehals of 
Scotland. To an average well-educated Scotsman a mistake of 
this kind is not less startling than the story of the Banneret 
created at the battle of Scone. 

While there would be an olivious impropriety in my entering 
in this place into a discussion witli ilr. Foster regarding the four 
Baronetcies which he discredits on his p. 75, I ti-ust there is 
none in my calling attention to a small but telling indication of 
how little he is qualilied to speak ex, catliedva on the subject. A 
slight knowledge of the history of the house of Grant would have 
sufficed to make him aware that " Sweton Grant," which he 
accompanies with a " sic" was neither a misprint nor an error of 
Mr. Stodart's, the unusual name Sweton (from the classical 
Siirtonius) being notoriously prevalent in this branch of the 
Grant family. A separate notice of Sir Alexander Grant of 
])al\ey in the " Addenda " to the " List" contains a characteristic 
specimen of a sort of misi-epresentation in which Mr Foster is — 
notwithstanding his ultroneous disav(.)wal of the charge of 
'■ special pleading" — too prone in indulge. " Sir Alexander," he 
says, " had a grant of Supporters frnin tlie l>y.,n Office, 8th July, 
17<>1 ; ami it is seriously ar^Ui'd that tliis ^vas the most direct llie Crown could ,-ili;,id. Tliis is n.^ws indeed ! The 
Crown and Lvon King ol' .\riiis were exiilently synonymous 
whrn (ieurge I'li was King:" On r.'t'ei ] ing to Mr. Stodart's" paper 
(p. -lO:]) it will be seen that the "diivit recognition" adveited to 
was, not a grant of SupporliTs from LvoiC as is here recklessly 
averre<l, but " a lloyal Wa.raiit for Supporters" (of course bV 
(MMn-c 111 an.l addressed to Lv,,u)" in uhici, lieu, -is styled, 'Our 
trusty and well-beloved Sir -Vlexandrr ( ;r,ant of I ),,Key,'" 

Uegarding the general charjc ..f churlishnrss hurled against 
Mr. Stodart and the Lvon ()lli<-e, it is foituiiatelv possible to 
" ' solier, iVom Foster's ' Col- 
in tlie lacfacc to Foster's 





ip drunk ti. 

J i'hili 

• I'ei 


ge ' : — 




■vr.llv : 

r .\ri 

111.1 ( 

as t 

iilev ,L;lvat nl ,1 

lis, fnr tllr ' allnr 
o .Mr.' K.hv: 

:nd I'.l 




Wlln h; 
,,s well 

IS gel 
ig atl 
as r 

.entiiiii in cti 

.tr,l sr\ 

1 uaan 


participate in tho feeliii,t;s of gratoful satisfaction which I am unable 
ailei;[uately to express. Geor;:!e Euriiett, Esq., Lord Lyon Kin.u; of 
Arms, and Eobcrt EiJdlc Stodart, ]':sq., Lyon Clcrlv Depute, have very 
cordially rendered nie similar services with reference to Scottish families 
and their armorial ensiyns." 

It is indeed the fact tlmt Ijoth Mr. Stodart and I gratuitously- 
expended mucli time in .supplying Mr. Foster witli information for 
the Scottisli portion of his work, l^isappointcd we certainly were 
when the book appeared at the absence of tlie promised accuracy, 
the scantj^ and confused character of the pedi-i-ci' nntici-;, and the 
disproportionately large space accoj'iled to tin- ivni'itr-L relations 
— sometimes by female descent only — of a few sriretrd families. 
Nevertheless Mr. Stodar-t continued to reply with patience and 
courtesy to Mr. Foster's numerous letters, even after strong 
grounds existed for suspecting that his enquiries were prompted 
by other motives than the wish to improve his book. 

WHule the main subject of Air. Stodart's review is the 
" corrected " List of Scottish ilemljcrs of Parliament, the paper 
closes with a few remarks bearing on the ' Peerage ' volume for 
1882 ; and it is one of these criticisms that has roused Mr. Foster 
to a warmth of language regarding Mr. Stodart, myself, and a 
Peer whose genealogy he had called in question, to whicli it would 
be difficult to find a parallel except in Land League oratoiy. 

Inteniperate language, however, is so well umlerstooil to lu,' 
.suggestive of a bad and not a good cause, that Jlr. Foster's 
diatribe would not have moved me to break silence, but for 
certain serious mis-statements of fact contained in it regarding 
matters which (to say the least) ovjjld to have been within his 
knowledge. To explain the nature of these mis-statements a 
little preliminary narrative is necessary. 

Sir Dudley ilarjori banks, Part., was raised to the peerage on 
12th October, 188], as P>aron Tweedmouth. Though the descent 
of his family from I' Mnrjnribanks of Ratho, a Lord of 
Session and Clerk Itcgi-tir in ili'' reign of Queen Mary, and tlie 
representative of tlie I'annl)- (jI' Marjoribanks of that Ilk in 
Dumfrie.s.shire, was wclbkiidwii, and the family genealogy had 
been at various times agmid dcil investigated, it so happened 
that no detailed ]M(li'_;ivc oi' (be j\Iaijoribanks Baronets had 
ever appeared in liml. r's 'I'nTage ami Pjaronetage.' Tins 
omission was supplied in Ihe issue oi' bs^S b\- the inseitiun 
of Lord Tweedmontbs p.. Ii^.ve, ne;uly in the form and wurds in 
wliich, after the usual cin I'lil in\ ■■- ligation,' it had been recui-ded 

V f.ii 111. (.. .xiilaiii tlmt ,a rcoorilerl or imtliontinitiil 

' It is. 


ips, 1: 






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ill the Lj^on Register of Genealogies in 1SG8, but witli one or two 
collaterals added who are not in the recorded pedigree, and a 
misprint or original clerical eri-or in the christian name of the 
ancestor of the line of Balbairdie, Avhose name does not occur at 
all in the registered pedigree. 

Foster's ' Peerage ' has the advantage of appearing a few 
weeks later than Burke's : and its author, burning with zeal 
without knowledge for the demolition of sham pedigrees, hastily 
set down the descent in question as one of those genealogical 
fabrications which it was his mission to expose ; and, after getting 
a few searches made in the Scottish Commissary Records, he 
denounced tlie first three steps of the pedigree given by " some 
authorities" as unreal and impossible. The pedigree in Burke, 
following the oHieially recorded pedigree, stated that Joseph Mar- 
joribanks, merchant in Edinburgli (whom Mr. Foster admitted 
to be Lord Tweedmouth's aiicestor), was second son of James 
Marjoribanks, a younger son of the above-named Lord of Session 
and Clerk Register. Mr. Foster's contention was, that, although 
the Lord of Session had a son James, alive in 1576-7,' 3'et, in 
respect that a Jarjies Marjoriliaiiks (who avowedly could not be 
the same, inasmuch as the confirmation of his will shews him to 
have died in 1.5G0) had Jio son Joseph, therefore Joseph could not 
have been the son of James Marjoribanks, the Clerk Register's 

The non seqwitur in this argument (if argument it can be 
called) requires no comment. Mr. Foster, then only beginning 
that investigation of the Marjoribanks pedigi-ee which seems as 

is Riidi as to mrtke an error, particularly in an important ur e.sseiitial iioint, t>.\treincly 

(lie l-y..n I >i ■ I ■ - r hirtiir-ri til, 111 l"..r over-laxity. lufallibility is claimed by 

- Til,' i<iil , - . , , 111 ',i;/m///i(i nrl>:i, ■! noted at length in order to shew that I do mi iiii,i|in, Ml. J ..,,l,ur',s aifjumciil. it may be remarked in passing that the 
Smii"!i 111 1, iiiijiihiueJ does not occur hi the recorded pedigi-ee, though he appears in 

■ [yMi,rr,., ,liiMntli, accnrdinp; to some authorities, claims to be descended from 
Tliuiiia. M M I .,,' ,,' ^ .,vli,. wa-; a i.f Se-.-^iMn ir.4!l, ^vitli titlr^ ■■! T.-id ll.itho, 
&c., \-.-., il , ', V .;i ,1,11,1-, uhii ili-l ill 1,-1-1, l,,iviir; t:,.. ,,1,,. S\i:i,iiand 

Joscpli. ..I r,.:,' : ,' ',. ' ,, i,'li,iil ■. In 111,' :i,^-i,iiiil ivi,.iT.dl,i llii n- 1 11, ,1 I ^,i. /,;■;;».(, 

fur to ^Ik'u- tli,(t A counter-de.scent can easily be constructed from the wills of indi- 

'■ .Mar^'.uil, .liughter of the deceased Thomas Marjoribanks of Katho, made her will 
yO .Inlv, ]-.7\i, a|.pointed her brother James an o.vecutur, but he renounced on ur 
about 21 Feb,, 1570-7. 

".lames Marjoribanks. burgess of Ivlinbur-h, made his will and inventory 8, 
ir.G'.i (and died that month;, ennlniiir,! -2 I'el.. loM ; mentions, iiiUr (liius .sou 8ymon 
and brother .S\ limn, but no .lii„|,l, i, iiiim,], 

"As it is needless to point oul l!,,il .liii:.', Mai-i.iiiliaiik,^ uhodied ir.i;!! (not in I'.Sl 
.as stated} would be uniiMo u. ,,,,o.i,ir,, m 1 ..i 7. ,so it is alnio,t si,|„alluoils to add, as no son .lo,s,.,,h is n,i,»,l 1,\ . I, ours m lf,i;!>. I.oni Tw.a 



3'ct to lie liis sole acliievemeiit in Scottish genealou-y, was unaware 
of the existence of an entry in the Edinbuvqh burnh records of 
the admission of .lusoph Mavjoi-ibanks, "second son' of umciuhile 
(the late) James Marjoribanks " as burgess and guild brother, the 
subsequent discovery of which, joined to his previous knowledge 
that the James who was not the Clerk Register's son had no son 
Joseph, must have slightly shaken his conviction of the impossi- 
bility of Joseph being the son of the James who was the Clerk 
Register's soil We, in fact, find two contemporary merchant 
burgesses of E.linl.urgli naiuc<l James Marjoribanks, unquestion- 
ably related to ..ii,. iiiiotli,.]-, and one of them .son of the Lord 
of Session and Clerk Register, figuring lar-ely in documents and 
records of the period ; and, in the light f)f a very much ]arr.-er 
range of evidence than Mr. Foster has printed, it niay not always 
be easy to determine which JaiJies a given .locument alludes to 
Ihis identity of name forms a difficulty in the way of traciii'-'- 
some ramifications of the Marjoribanks iaudlv ; but the difficulty 
does not extenrl to Lord Tw'eedmouth's branch, for this reason 
among others, that wliile the burghal records shew that Lord 
Tweedinouth's ancestor was second son of one of the two Jameses 
this cannot have been the James whose will proves him to have' 
had no son Joseph, and must th(Tefuie be the other, the Clerk 
Register's son. 

Mr. Foster, however, though sensible ,,r tlie Haw in his oliieetion 
as originally put, does not abandon it, but eiidea\<Jiiis to prop it 
up by a new hypothesis suggested by jm cntiy in tlie Ivliiibur-li 

Cuild Register in l5(;:]of athiid .la s, soji' of Simon Maiiori- 

banks, on wb-.m be prefers lo lix ll„' iiateiiii'tv of ' 
This third Jaine,-;, bow.ver, seems to have ,li,.,| ion aft.-r 1 'is 

""'Hiion eitbei- or'l,i,n or ..f bis so,, ' .los''pli. ■ 'xTmTvZu.v 
■•^V'Ts not, 1„. it remembered, that the identitvof boni Twe,.!- 
nu.utbs ancestor .lames, with .).-,i„es, son of the Clerk Reeist,-r 
IS insntiiei.ntly jn'oved, but that their identity is "capable ,,i' 
disprool absobite." Such disproof he at hvast has not,.d 

A word about Mr. l'''s new objeetioiis to tbi' iec(jide(l 
pedigree. In his 'Peerage' be admitted, ro„b,nn,,bl v fo tint 
pedigree, that l':.l\v;ird .M.-u joi il,-uiks of 1 1,-, II v.-n.l-. wb',, nriirie,! 
Agnes .Murr.-iy in Kns:, was balaT of Kdw;n/l .Marjorib.'in'ks 'o'f 

is that llietw., Ivbvar.b were one 'wl'io'wis ( Ji^.e'n rim '' I ' ''I'l" 
lias a .s,.nsational p;uagrapl, headed " Disp.'oo of the exist'enee of 



tlic MO-calltMl evvoi' is connected witl),<anil greatly aggravateil by, 
tliu speciticatii)n of KiSS in tlic ullicial pciligree as tlic year of the 
younger Edwanr.s birtii. " This date," he says, " is a fabrication 
jnire and simple," and "now admitted by the Lyon Clerk 
Depute to be so." The reader who ha.s followed me tluis far will 
perhaps not bu greatly surprised to learn that this date of IGSb 
has been added by Mr. Foster at his own liand to what he calls 
" Pedigree No. 2." It occurs in no pedigi-ee in the Lyon Oflico, 
registered or unregistered, and in no printed account of the 
family, except I\Ir. Foster's. If Mr. Foster is right in calling it 
a "fabrication, pure and simple," this can only be so in the sense 
of its being a fabrication of his own.' Putting out of view 
this "fabric^^ited" date, tli.' so-ealled ■' Disproof of the existence 
of Edwanl :\l,u;iuriban]^s Uw y.nniger." will be iVMUid to rest 
on the absence of any register of Edward's liaptisiu, a sort of 
negative evidence to which persons conversant with Scottish 
parish registers will not attach much value, and secondly on a 
suggestion of motive. " Was it," Mr. Foster asks, " because the 
second marriage took place only a few months after the first 
wife's death that Lyon evidently shrank from perpetuating what 
seemed to him a family scandal ?" Most people will .smile at the 
idea of a second marriage of an ancestor who liveil two hundi-ed 
years ago within a short period of his first wife'.s death being so 
serious a blot on the family escutcheon that it had to bo concealed 
or suppressed. On the other hand, it is just possible that some 
persons may look on the short interval in question as I'aising a 
jiresumption in a matter regarding which Mr. F(jstor can produce 
no i)ositive evidence, that the two ladies were not wives of the 
same Edward. liad the Lyon Oifice peiligree adopted the 
.'dirrnati\"c of one I'jdwanl 'with two wives, is tliere no reasrm to 
susi)ect that Mr. ]''oster would have split this one Evlward into 
two ? 

Mr. Foster in like manner, if J understand liim aright, suggests 
that the wife of the first Edward was not really Agnes Murray 
but Jean Murray, as her name was thus entered twice over in 
connexion with her interment in the CJreyfriars Churchyard. It 
happens, however, that if buried (or even twice buried) as Jean, 
.she was tln-ee times brought to bi.'d as Agnes; and, had the 
recorded pedigree called her Jenti, Lyon might pcrli;ii)s, with 
more apparent reason, have been taken to task for not cn.lling 
her Agnes. 

I have perhaps said more than enough about the objections to 

il.NS .sreu..^ to Ijavc b.-eu cvulvcd i.s ,t IcUer 
IT. vx|irL-.ssiiig .111 oiiinion Uiat IGSS iiiiylil 
r I'Mwaiil's Ijirtli. It surely exceeils the 
ihf^" to cuiivort ri private cxprc-sBion of 
itn .-111 nfficiiil decl.iiatinn hy, nnd to 


cut of xUiloh tl,^ 


iswcr to one by : 

mMv Iv t 

li.. ibilc of tli,. 

.UMliy »cc. 

iicU'd to "bpcci: 

f iin nffic^ 

i-r of tlir Lyon 


tlie ofticially recorded pedigree, which 1 would have altogether 
abstained t'roin noticing, had they stood alone; it is graver 
matter that has induced nic to appear in print. I have already 
said that one and only one Jlarjori banks pedigree is recorded in 
the Lyon Register. Mr. Foster prints three separate pedigrees, 
which he designates Nos. 1, 2, and 3 ; and he deliberately asserts 
that all three are recorded or oflicially authenticated in the Lyon 
Register, and No. 3 at a later date than No. L In point of t'act 
No. 1 is the sole officially authenticated pedigree. No. 2 is the 
pedigree in Burke's ' Peerage,' in which the clerical slip or mis- 
print in the name of the Balbairdic ancestor is made the most of 
as an accusation against the Lyon Office, and the already men- 
tioned "fabricated'' date of 1G88 introduced. No. 3 is a [lortion 
of a private manuscript of older date than Sir Dudley Marjuri- 
bank's (Lord Tweedniouth) application to have his pedigreo 
recorded. It may be described as an attempt from a limited 
amount of inaterial to construct a conjectural pedigree of the 
diflerent branches of the Maijoribanks family. Those portions 
of it which Mr. Foster has printed, and to a far greater extent 
those portions which he has omitted, contain much matter 
avowedl_y hypothetical. About its author.ship, or its merits or 
demerits, I need here say nothing. Though, "in the Lyon Office," 
in the sense that multitudes of pedigrees printed and \vritten are 
in the Lyon Office, it has no official character, is not authenticated 
or recorded ; and could not have been recorded, as much of it 
purj^orts to consist, not of statements capable of strict proof, but 
of guesses more or less probable. By Mr. Foster's own account, 
it became kncjwn to him only through some notes from it coni- 
municated to him by a member of the elder (Balbairdic) line of 
the Marjoribanks family, who had been allowed to copy it in 
whole or in part, and whose courtesy Mr. Foster has requited by 
making his jK-'digrec the subject of a separate and distinct public 
attack. That Mr. Foster, on first getting Mr. Marjoribanks' notes, 
jumped to the conclusion that they were taken from an official 
Lyon Office pedigree, is conceivable enough ; but it is months 
since he was undeceived by Mr. Stodart, who distinctly and 
pointedly explained to him the true state of the case, and, when 
furnishing him with an authentic copy of the only pi'oved and 
registered pedigree, informed him that the original of his " No. 3" 
belonged to a class of jirivatc and unrecorded documents, to 
which it was discretionary with Lyon to grant or refuse access. 
staking every allowance for mere obtuseness of comprehi-nsion, 
it is impossible to exonerate j\Ir. Foster from the charge of reck- 
less assertion, when, after what was told him at the Lyon 
Office, he prints his No. 3 as an officiall}' authenticated pedigree, 
"taken from the Lord Lyon's account in the Lyon Office, Edin- 
burgh," and makes it the ground of a wholesale impeachment of 
the Lyon Office, and a proposal that Lyon and Lester (whose 


complicity remains unexplained) should be abolislied, and tlieir 
duties transferred to the English College of Arms.' 

I wish it then to be distinctly understood that the gravamen 
of my complaint against Mr. Foster is, not that he lias en- 
deavoured to discredit a proved and recorded pedigree, but that 
he has set up two other documents as proved and reconled 
pedigi'ecs which he knew not to be such, in order to discredit the 
Lyon OUicc Viy pulling them to pieces. 

Mr. Fostei''s boast that he is "more conversant with Sct)ttish 
genealogy .... than the present authoi-ities of the Lyon Office" 
makes it interesting to glance over his opinion regarding the 
existing sources of information on Scottish genealogy and topo- 
graphy as cxpi-essed in the preface to his " List of Members of 
Parliament." Ho assigns the highest place among trustworthy 

'The only inl.T-i wln'.Oi .'i--, Kin- ..f \niM I .-mi l,,- ^Mi.nosH,! (,, l,:ivo in i i '.i,, 
banks of tl,.a 1,1.. 
admitteiUy iiilierituJ 
grandfather's dt-atli ; 
and probably at evt-ii 
Now, witlinul.„;Mii 
to me fur (In ,. ' ^ ■ i 
that of all (Im ■ y: 
oflicLil .s.-niiiu|.., 

'J 1... Ill, 11 .M;., 

I the estate ol 
.and in 1639, on 

a later <late, a ; 


reign of Chul.' 11. 
of armslioil, 1.-. il„- 

sortof visll.ilh-n .ii . 
to be "di.-pn.v.Mr' 1 
this record, 1 bavr li 
in tlie light of the , ■ 
fore take a hirgo aur 
Balbairdie M-as in I':, 
admitted reiiresent,;, 

liv, 'th,. gr:.,i,l,- 

atii.n ot the ia'ni 
efore the entry in 

1 ■ i iM,^t,> except. It ih.iv- 
■ i-i that Th.imas Marjniibanl.s ,.f 
i, 1,: 111, of the Ilk. The d-atl, nf the 
il,-ii nf ii,./ Mv.iid ■I'hnmas of U,allio, w,,s fiuitu 
it ; the relati.iiiship wa^ necessarily near, and the parties were in a public 

Both omcially .-uid niiom.i.illv I flieref.,ro contend tli.d Thomas Mari..ribank.i of 
r.alb.airdie was in V.rJ i r|,ix.-ciitativc of Mnrjoril, inks of ll,:,l Ilk. 11..- wa^ a-liMiltcdly 
6onof Join, of r.i.n.Hi.lic: but who v.a- .loln, ol r,aU,,ui,lir .' The tcnMtivc |.cdi-ree 
puts him chmi, ,1, piob.iMy liiolhrr of the ,-.vo,„l ■phMncn oi' K.aho, but (hi.s 
sUatomcnt is carclullv L'u.udod be a icm irk that the cadence ot his b.inp; .-o li 

inferential and no! d'ncd. .Mr. bo, in- ,„|,lncrH .■lid-ncc that J'lionias thr s-c 1 

of a postl, unions rliild, .;lhl ai-'lcs lint iu.cnui.h as no ,-o.tliuiuo„ , rliild 

that r.albairdic has bTomc u pn -cnt.ativ ' .M;u jonb.niks of that Ilk. lias .Mr. 

lu-oduc'cdYva p:occ,', .,f «hich III.' lo-V'',',n|\'h. "be'ttel'.' ' " ' '"' '""''" ' ^ '" "'' ""' 

J'.albaird.c-selncUamdiip of Ins tauuly is hou ev. r be no means bound up v, ill, the 

hypotli(,.,is of a t\un birth. V.irious d.ites and documents, of which the comj.iler of 

cx),l,ination th d .Mill .M.n j,.ribanks of llalbairdie' was b'r.",tli'er'"ot tlc'Tlc 'nia^of I'alho 

wl.ov,, ::;., r, !■■ c ...1 Thomas of inherited I i. ■ ; : , o v ■ , : ■ .nt- 
u:i'.. .■■\ ,M,Ic. r.ut the use which has been m.. , ' : ■ ' . date 

>ai ■ c [ r, ' , . : ::,-■ Cl.-rk Depute renders it here n, ■ ,. ,.■ to 

ad. I 111 ii, l,..v,, .. I |.i. ': ,'i!c this hypotheai.i may seem, I .am nut :iii .ci ii:- Ua- it as 
tin oflicial uttcr.uicc. 


autliorities to " Wood's Peerage by Doug-las/' If tlie book meant be 
Douglas' Peevago oilited by Wood, this is an ojiinion in whicli 
few people in" Scotland who have made genealogy a study will 
quite coincide. Still less will Scottish genealogists agree with 
liis remarks regarding a class of works, of which, in their beai'ing 
on Scottish local and'goneral history and genealogy, it is, accord- 
ing to their uni\-ersal opiniDO, iiii])ossible to exau^erate the value, 
"those great Club S.,ciriir<," lir says, ■■ tli- Iloxburgh, the 
Bannatyne, and the Maiilaiid, wli.i miglit \n\vr edited and printed 
so much valuable material, have iiraet,ieally missed tlieir mark: by 
catering foi- the jiowerful few instead of the majority of the 
nation." ° The only possible meaning of these words is that the 
books in question were printed for the subscribers only instead 
of tlie general public, a charge to which Mr. Foster's "Collectanea" 
is equally amenable. It is truly a novelty to hnd a writer who 
calls hiniself an expert in Scottish genealogy, disparaging a series 
of books, whose appearance constituted nothing less than an era 
to the Scottish historian, antiijuary, and genealogist. " Missed 
their mark!" Why, where would the Scottish genealogist now 
be without the aid of the chartularies of the bishoprics and 
naonasteries, and .the large mass of documents, many of them of 
the highest intei-est, illustrative of the history of our leading 
i'amilici;, which were formerly inaccessible to the ordinary 
student ; not to speak of a wealth of contemporary chronicles, 
and the admirably digested repertory of topograpliical and 
genealogical infoi-ination regarding the dioceses of Argyle, the 
Isles, Ross, Caithness, and Glasgow, which constitute the tlii-eo 
volumes entitled " Origines Parochiales Sc<i(i:e." Notwith- 
standing all that has been done, and well dour, liy tlie Surtees, 
Chetham, Camden, and other societies. Englishmen have not yet 
accoiii))lished for England, consiilering its wealth in HKHicy ;ind 
materials, all that has been done for Scotland bv the llanmitNJH', 
MaiLland, Spaldhig, and Abbotsford Clubs." If .Mi-. l''usivr 
believes that the great recui-d seholars who edited dul) 
books would have better i'.\j,cndrd their energies in work similar 
to his " Collectanea," he' is cniiilcd to his opinion; but hr will 
find few to agree with him lliat the result would ha\ e been 
" a joy for ever." 

From the general censure dc'ilt out to all works bearing on 
Scottish genealogy cxcrpL "Wood's Peerage by Douglas," 
Mr. Foster is pleased to exempt ' the record publications now in 


progress, e.g., tlie Great Seal Register, tlic Privy Council Ilegister, 
and the Exchequer Rolls " ; but, it is added, "as these principally 
refer to the fit'tecuth century, they can only throw light on a 
small portion of the period embraced in this work." 'J'he mild 
praise liere accorded to the five volumes of the " Exchequer Rolls," 
gratifying as it is to their editor as a set off' against the 
liard things .said of him in anotlicr capacity, woukl perhaps 
have been moi-e highly prized hail ilr. Foster shewn nrore 
acquaintance with the " Privy Council Register," an inspection 
even of the cover or title-page of which would have informed 
liiin that the four volumes of that series do not deal with the 
Hfteenth century at all, but are exclu.sively concerned with the 
second half of the sixteenth. Of tlie works of the Burgh 
Recoi'ds Society, which fill up one portion of the grouml which 
he asserts to be inibroken, Mr. Foster seems to have never heard. 
If I am unfortunate enougli to be luiable to concur with 
]\Ir. Foster's estimate of liimself as an authority on Scottish 
genealogy, I must add that I have no \\i^\\ to discourage his 
undertakings generally, and least of all his "Peerage." His 
competition with Sir Bernard Burke has had the wholesome 
result of stirring up Ulster King of Arms to improve vei-y 
greatly his annual publication, which, if susceptible of still 
fui-thcr improvement,' must lie allowed to be as yet the best work 
of its kind. And, if \\r. seriously aspires to entering on tlie field 
of Scottish genealogy, 1 Wdulil advise him to begin at the right 
end, by a careful perusal ol' sndi standard authorities on Scottiih 
history as will ])ivsltvc him frmii being misled l)y stories like 
the Battle of Sc.m ■, and bv the aeqiiiMtimi of such 'a knuwled.,. 
of feudal law as will him t„ distinguish betwen'a 
general and a sp.H-ial -r\iee, and of such a rudimentary 
acquaintance M'itli the pinp.T sDuree-, of information as is to 
be picked up fnwu that e-,ernl haiell"...k, the late ifr. Cosmo 
Innes' 'Scottish Lena! Anli(iuities.' Thence he mi'dit advance 
to the .study of Rodger's' Keudal Fuims; lllMelTs 'Peerage and 
Consistorial Law,' and tlie dispai-agi'd Club Imoks : and let him at 
the same time add tn his library Chalmers' ' Caledonia,' and not 
oidytho new, but the uld s-iiesof ree,„d jiublicatiuas. And 1 
cannot forbear fnrther euuiiselling him, if he Iiuites for success, to 
be more courteous, and to direct ins attention to liuildiie.- up as 
well as to pulhiig down. Had half the labour wliieli has been 
expended on his unsuccessful crusade ai;ainst Lord 'Iwei'dmouth's 
pe.lio-ree been devoted to eonvelinu theshoiteomin-s, sup],lement- 
ing the defects, and jnuiiiii- Die exnbrianei's of his ' j-eera-e," 
Uiat book would have had :i e!i;ine,. ,,]■ l.cing greatly bett.'r and 
mure trustworthy' tlian it is. 



































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-S .2 3 "S ^ t' ' ; 

.2 ?: r ui - g -'■ -7 ^ 













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rt !5 '-" 

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E-' .-^"^ ?.^ ^ 

o < I I S j^ 


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£'-'■(5 9 5 

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— c .5 o 1 ~- 



^^=-2 4 

aTlj o „- "-' 

— c^-e-Er; 

« -^. v° o- i 1 

<i-S^<;^ ! 

buried a 
17 Dec. 

i -. .1 

S -5 Jh" en <=> 1 

S "T. x° „ -S -H I- 


at Kii 

Sep. 1 
Aug. 1 

"o " . o" i 



... Hal 
CO. St 



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H ^n 

O t: -f ^ " %^ 





fa O (li t- r5 ■!= X ► 

3-? S „ 


W-- ' ■ ■- 

Florence Maud Thomas Herbert 
Audrey, l>orn at Sboubridge. bom 
Mount Aboo in at HytheinKent. 
Punjaub 26 — 
Jan. 1S68. Charles Gre\-i3 

11 liig 


: fi 5 5 -s I = , ^- ~ ^ e 

WHMQ S^'OC -3-S,ti 

■ a ■^ ?: £ . 



_ n rt .5 :^ n r1 

e b ri "S ^ s -5- a ^ 

00)^^9 = ^ o 

"^ iP i'" 1? 

-g |S^"^|i-s 


«-3 §a ^jBa; 

e Sc/: xj^ s^; 

C'^'^^ § §;i;3 «_jj; 





In France, EepnLlican ami Democratic as she is, not a year passes in 

Avliicli the Courts of Law are not called upon to decide several disputes 

as to the right to names or arms or Loth. 

In Scotland on tlic otlicr hand where wo live under a hereditary 
monarchy, have a numerous aristocracy most of wliose chiefs hold tlieir 
Lands under strict entail, and where interest in famih' history is widely 
felt, such cases are rare. Siiu:e the <;(iii(('sl in 1 S 1-9 "l.rlween the heir- 
general IMr. Sinini-Cuniiiuli;iiii.- c,f Cnpiin-tuii .-nid tlic heir male Sir 
Kobert Keith Dii'k-Cuiiyii,L;li:im ..[ l'iv-t..nlicM,, for the Kuppmiers 
granted in 1771 tu Sir Alu.\ander Diclc, whicii is reported in Seton's 
L'lir and Practice of HctrdJi-i/ in t^collaiid, it does not appear the Court 
of Session has been called upon to intervene in a family difference, 
turning on such a point till 7 June last year when the case of Hunter 
V. HunterAVoston came before the Lord Ordinarj^. 

The in Scotch entails which make the assumption of the sur- 
name and arms of the entailer obligatory, vary much in wording and in 
stringency They seem to be divisiljle into three classes. 

First, those which oblige the heir in possession and the husband of any 
fenralc heir who shall succeed to assume the surname and arms onlv. 
Instances arr tlie entail of Lord Oimv HOU, Alrlvrr Campb.-ll of Ask- 
nish]797, Cull, nr of il„. .Mount, L^IS, Lontiiio of Ardoeh 1757, and 
Koss of Crni,,;irlv 17S;!. 

Second, tlio-c uhirh bind thr h.'irs to assume tho surname, and arms, 

but express] V allow 11, er raiue aiel another ,.,.,t t.- \,r borue :,l,,ng 

with them. Th.'vaie ll,e tei'uis of entails of .Maemilliiu ,.f .Sl,o,lhope 
1830, ^Murray of renuvl,„,d 17S1, Maekeu/ie ,.f Newhall \SOX 

v\ of Ikiddin^toi, 1S.-,1, in consi.leratiou 
ir Mr. lliulli,. th,-n in i,.3ssession of tl„' 
,vid,-s ll,:,i the heir succee.ling sImH b,';,r 
the alius, di'signation and cognizanc of 
;toi, '• ill th,' eiiief place." 
,-lat,'S e.Ncut,'.! m 1SG2 by the lat,' 
eyond this ,.v,ui ; it pi-oyides that if tlu^ 
:, tlu' Kaildon, ;,n.l , 'States of ll,,,,,,' he 
n,l name of of J)ou,.|as ;,ud 

■MM-uted 111 ISlI) b/Rnbei-t V'aldua.ll 
,-ent ,.f his wife .Mrs. I'k.nnnra lliinler, 
le heiis suee,.ediug and tl„' l,Uslu,,ds of 
, us,., luMi-, an.l conslantly r,'lain the 
.aial ,.f the family of lluntersi.uin." 
very e,.mui,,n,as'(iartslHn-e of ( lailsliuiv 
eadi.., L,.cli,.re, &c. 172 1-5, Crahanie of 

The entail exeeut 

e,l l,y tl,.. K 

of the p,-,sition of 

his'u.-xt ll 

entailed estate ,,f .le 


the surnami' of llai 

uiltou, ai„l 

the house aial fiiuil 

v,,f il.a.hli, 

The entail ,,f ll 

I,,. Douglas 

Countess of Hom,' <. 

;,"'s a step 

heir in possession si 

".shall al,,ng wilh 

ll,|. an,,-; 

others ab,iye meiili, 

,11, ,1 Us,- an, 

tion of Hon,,- in ,l,i 

.■f,,s -hi-- 
,-li as that 

Hunter 'of ll,,uf,,s 

ton, with e. 

all female leais se 

i.v.v.liug ■' 

surname of lluul.u- 

au,l e,.at an 

Entails with this 

limilali,,n ai 

109-1, Malclm of ( 

Ira.ige, Lai 


Morphie 17*13. The lieirs have frequently in the exercise of a discretion 
evidently left to tlieni and which has only now been cliallenged in tlie 
case under consideration, postponed the surname and arms conveyed by 
tlie deed of entail to tliose they bore when the succession opened to them. 
It would be very easy to multiply precedents but one will sutlico as it is 
recent, includes, if tlie sporting plirase is permissible, " a double event," 
and was aff<irded by the procedure of a well-lvnown gentleman of liigh 
position. Tlie late Sir Ah^xander jMaitland, Bart., M.P. for :\Iidlothian, 
inherited tluuugli his mother, the heiress of a cadet branch of the family 
of Gibson of Durie, the entailed estates of Cliftonhall and Kersic. By 
the terms of the deed executed in 17S6 he was bound " to use and bear 
the surname and arms of Gibson of Cliftonhall." Justly proud of 
paternal descent from a historical house of which William ]\Iautelent 
lived at tlie end of tlic twelfth century, wliicli gave birth to AVilliam 
Maitland of Lethington tlie statesman of the troubled time of Queen 
Mary's reign, to a long line of Earls, and which attained ducal rank in 
1G72, Sir Alexander althougli possessed of no paternal estate called him- 
self Gibson-ilaitland and placed his own arms in the iirst quarter. 

In 1865, on the death of his cousin german Charles William Kanisay 
Ramsay, he became possessed of the extensive estates of Barnton, Gogar, 
Sauchie, Eannocklnirn, &c., under an entail dated 25 Dec, 1807, 
containing a clause binding the heirs who shall succeed " to use, bear, 
and constantly retain the surname of Ramsay and the coat armorial 
and designation of Ramsay of Barnton." 

Sir Alexaniler still kept his own .surname as the principal one, becoming 
Ramsay-Gibsou-TNlaitland, and with the sanction of the Lyon King of 
Arms marshalled his arms thus : — First and fourth, ^Maitland ; second, 
Gibson ; third, Ramsay; with the crest and motto of Maitland only. 

Having cleared the gnmnd so far and shewn the practice, wo now 
come tu llic ca<e in which an ill-advised attempt to reverse this practice 
lias so signallv f:iiliMl. 

The family df iluiitn- .,f llunter^lou is om' .,f tli.' oldest in lli,; West 
of Scotland"; they may descend from WilMnius A'eimtor, wlm, in or 
about 11 IG, witnessed an inquisition as to llic possrssimis of the See of 
Glasgow, but of this there is no pro. if. On tli(^ :i8 Anuust 12'JG at 
])erwiek-o]i-Tweed Ayliii.,,. 1,. lI.nit.Te di,l homage to Edward 1, and 
ajipended his seal (wmild ii \vti- lill in existence) to the same deed as 
Blair, Eairlie, ^hnv, Duidop, Ciuiro,,!, B.ovle, Blair, Wallace, and otliers, 
all mciubrrs of well-kii..\vii A\i hue r.LiiiiliVs, his nei-hbours. 

William Ihnitar in 137 I linl a noun tln.iter of the lands of Ardnele, 
afterwaiils known ;,s Anirlrl I iinlri , ;,n,l jattcrlv as llunterston, situated 
in thr jMiisl, ,.f W.-.t Kill.iHlr in AMslnre. 

TIh. l.iuds and rl,:.rtn-, 


liell tlll.'r 

is repl-odueed in f,lrs! mile in 

I'at.T.-on's J/;.tnr,/ ,.f ,[,„■ 
.Mrs. llunlriAVrslon, who i 
the family, allhoU:^li ucv, i 


'/ 11 ■/./''"", 

are, botl, in the jlossessiou of 
f the giante,.. The estates of 
I free harony, hold direct of 

the crown ; its sUCrr^M^r 



s have always maintained a 

leading position in llir disli 
of tlie Forest of Little Cm 


and In'ld tl 
ae and Pro 

,e_ hereditary olhces of keeper 


They intermarried with : 


■ of Keislan 

d, Lord Cathcarl, :\fonfgomerv 


of GifloTi, Hamilton of Tormnco, Cranfurd of Anchonamos, t^-c, and 
subsisted in tlie direct male line till the death in 161G of Eobert lluutin' 
of Iluntcrslon. This gentleman in IGll executed a resignation of his 
estates, reserving his life rent, in favour of Patrick Hunter, sou of 
William Hunter in Bonoberric Yairds, who had married his eldest niece 
Jean Cuninghame. The estate thus remained in possession of a Hunter, 
but Patrick's exact line of desc(mt is unknown. 

A second break in the male line took place in 179G on the deatli of 
Robert Hunter of Hunterston. Flis only child, who married, was 
Eleonora Huntei- of Hunterston ; her husband Robert Caldwell assumed 
the surname of Hunter in addition to and after his paternal name, and 
executed the entail still subsisting. Their son, Robert Hunter of 
Hunterston, died on 14th March, 1880, when for the third time the 
succession ])assed to an heir general. His youii'^ui' diniLjhter is wife of 
Robert AVilliam Cochran-Patrick of Woodsidr aiid l.udyland, MP. for 
North Ayrshire; the elder, Jane, who succocdcd t<j lliuilciston, married 
in 1863 Lieutenant-Colonel Gould Read "Weston, a younger son of the 
family of Weston of Lane House, co. Dorset, and descended in the direct 
male lino from that " notable and singular man " Robert Weston of 
Weeford Co. Statl'ord, Lord Chancellor of Ireland in the reign of 
Elizabeth, whose noble living and godly dying are recorded by his 
contemporary Holinshed, [Chrouiclcs, ed. 1580, ii, 116, 136], who, 
although Imt a cadet, cuuld trace paternally througli the Westons, seated 
for generations at Hagley Hall, near Rugeley, to the parent slock at 
Weston-uuder-Lizard in Staffordshire, from which ho derived bulh his 
name and his origin. Lieut.-Colouel Weston followed the course taken 
by Sir A. Maitland and many others in similar circumstances, jjrelixed 
Iho surname of Hunter to his own name and quartered the Hunterston 
Anns in the second and third quarter.s. For this he applied for and 
obtained tlie Roval kirencc ; he re-istercd the quartered arms in the 

" " " " " ' ----- — j.^^^ 


books of 11, Klr^ll.l, C 

olkur .,f Ar 

Ill.S, il 

md Mrs. Hunter- Weston aj 

for atid receiv,.,! tlir ^ 

s.nrtion of t 

h.' 1 

.yon King of Arms to ear 

co.ats of Weston and 

llimler (|i 


,v.l in the same way an. 

supporters allow.d to li 

Of Lite falllr 

It is difli.ult to s,.. 

e what Li.', 

il.-C. AVest.m e.ail.l have 

besides what lie (bd d. 

, to put him.- 

.If . 

■..iiipletely nt n</!,' bjtli in 

lan.l and in Scolhii,(L 

There was, however, 

one porson 


. herself and th.' fam 

which .■^he bekin-s au-i 

lloved. Alis 

s Ma 

l-aivt Hunter, sisler ...f til 

laird of Hunleislon, is 

a far 


n.,.l in life ; her two ni..e.': 

families so that tlu' < 1 

lai,.'.' ,.f li.a 

■ su,- 

e.'s.i.-.n uu.l.a- th,' entail i, 

set down as next to n. 

-n.'. .SI,,., 1 

\-.-r, thoti-lit prop, a' to rai 

actiiiii against Mrs. IJu 


that .an 'irritancv had h 

.VI, iii.Min-.-d 

(liat thi' ,,a- .Mr.s. 11 

AVeston bad " aniillrd 

List and f.n 


1 h.a' li'^bt till., an.l intei 

llie who],, rnlailod Inw 
naluMlly dr;id," keeaib 

to llie arms Ihriv is :,,„ 

Is in Ih.. s:,l 
^.' slie ".lo.- 
■..:it arni..ri.-il 
.Ih.-r L;roiin, 

; 11. .1 
1 .d 1 
1 ,,f 1 

.,iiii..r,,s if tl„. e.,i.tiaveiu.r 
now use l...:,r and n'tain th 
:l,.. family of 1 h.iil..rsl.ain. 
i.'li..n stal.'.l, vi/., that th 

now borne is not th 

at use.l l.y 


entailer ai„l by the family 


Uj^vanls of two luimlrcd j'cavs " and which was matriculated iu the 
Lyon Kogister in 1810, just hcfovc the execution of the entail. 

There is prima facie a certain amount of truth in the last statement ; 
a change has been made not for the or second time in the arms of 
this family, hut no change has l)oen made by the defenders,' so that upon 
them no responsibilitj- rests. 

The evidence as to the early arms is unfortunately meagre ; there are 
no old seals known, there is no ancient carving in stone on the mansion 
house or at the family burying ground. 

In a herald's collection of the latter part of the reign of James V. is 
given, Hunter — Argent, three hunting horns Vert stringed Gules, and this 
tliore can be no douljt was a very ancient coat of this the princii)al family 
of the name. 

Other j\ISS. give various coats for the name, without adding any 
territorial designations, which probably were the bearings of other 
families. Eobert Porteus who was ap]3ointed Snowdon Herald ,at the 
Restoration made a very complete collection of Scottish arms ^^'l^ch is in 
the Lyon Office and was spoken of by the late John Eiddell in very 
laudatory terms. It contains Hunter of Hunterston ; Or, three blowing 
horns Veld bi'aiidesed Gules; a/ifr,-, Runtevslrmf, Verd, thiee dogs 
Argent colhnxd Or, on a chief Argrnt tlnvr Inmting liorns Verd 
liraii.lewd GuL's. 

The latter is the coat whioli, during what may be termed the mi<ldle 
]ierioil, would appear to have been used by the Hunterston family, but 
their reprcsi'ulative unfortunately did not obey the Act of I'arliament 
jiassed in 1C72 making a general ii"_;istration of arms compulsory. 

This, however, was nnl Imrnr in iimre modern times, for on llii' iiiunu- 
ments creeled at West Kilbi id.' In Patrick Hunter of Hunlcr.^ton who 
died in 17.38, and to Janet tlie wife of his son Robert Hunter 
in 1791, another is carved, tliree dog collars and a chief charged with one 
luinliiig liorn. 

That this was not altogether an error or a fancy is proved by tlie entry 
made in the Lj-on Register, lG8o, by Jchn Hunlar merchant iu Ayr 
"descended of the fannly of Huutarstonn "; A'crt, three colLiis Or, on 
a chief indented Ardent as many bugles of the first stringed ami gar- 
nished Gules. 

In 1810, the entailer as already stated, placed arms on record and the 
coat fixed on was the one which is given semnd by Porteus, and which 
certainly was neither the oldest nor the ]auvs(. 'I'lie blazon is : — Vert, 
three dogs of chace courant Argent coljaicd Oi\ (Ui a rliief of the second 
three hunting horns of the first stringed Gul.-s. Crest: A greyhound 
sejant Argent collared Or. Alolto : " Cuisum iH-rlln",,," 

In 18G5 hissnii, II. e l:,le Mr. Huutei-, presenled an a],|)Iiealiun to the 
Lord Lvon in wliie), h.. piaved lliat the older euat of the familv ini^ht be 
ratified to him and his descendants, and for. the distinetion of sup],orters 
on the ground of his reju'esentation of an ancient race lioldiuL; din^et of 
the crown and long also in the enjoyment of ihehere.litarv olliees already 

Tills appiiealion was favourably re.vived. Tlie anus w.av l,la/onoil~ 
Or, tliive liiiiiliiig lionis Yerl Kari'iislied .and slriii-ed Cul.'S ; aial the sup- 
iHirters are — Two greyhounds ]in.iper gorged m ith auliipie crowns Gr, 


Xo one witli any knowlclgc of heraldry wouM liesitate in saying that 
this cliangc was an improvement, tliat three hunting horns alone are a 
more distinguished coat than a shield with a chief and six charges. At 
any rate it was the older coat ; it has been restored under the sanction of 
the best authority ; it has been attacked and successfully defended in 
court of law, and we trust that it may be borne for centuries to come l.y 
the descendants of :Mrs. Hunter- Weston. There is besides a standing 
proof that the change met with the approval of the pursuer, as when she 
erected a monument at West Kilbride to the memory of her sister, 
jNIiss Janet Hunter, she placed upon it the arms which have since 
become so distasteful to her, not as she inight very well have done those 
borne by her father, and till recently by all the family. 

Tlic case came before the Lord Ordinary, Lord Adam, and in au 
interlocutor, 27 June, 1881, he found for the defenders with expenses. 
His Lordship in a note, remarks that there is no obligation in the 
entail to "use the surname of Hwiter only" ; that " the defenders took 
the proper and appropriate course in order to have it ascertained and 
determined what arms they ought to use"; that the arms challenged luul 
been sanctioned by " the authorities, duly constituted and empowered to 
regulate such matters," and had been " used by ]\Irs. lluntyr-Wealon's 
imnrediate predecessor for fifteen years before she succeeded to the 
estate " ; that the pursuer stated that she did not propose " to take any 
stops to have that patent (that of 1865) set aside either by reduction or 
by proceedings before the Court of the Lord Lyon or otherwise " ; that 
the deed of entail could not be held to refer particularly to the arms 
registered in 1810, but that it "merely ordains the use of the coat 
armorial of Hunter of Huulerstnn, whatever that may ho." 
^The Scottish bar can no Inn-or boast of .such learned specialists in 
matters of peerage and heraldic law as .lolin Eiddoll, James Maidmc'iit, 
Cosmo Inues, and Mark .Nainci-, l,ut will. Ihc Dean of Faculty (Kiuncar) 
and Messr.s. ?\rarki)itush and l'c:ii.-.nn fnr llic pursuer, the Lord Advocate 
(Balfour), .Solicitur-Geucral (A.lier), and Mr. ,1. P. ]'.. Kobertsun for the 
defenders, the merits of every point in disi)nte must have been ex- 
haustively brought out. :\liss Hunter unfortunately for herself but 
perhaps fortunately for the defenders aijjiealed. 

The case went before the first division, and on 31 January last the 
judgment of Lord Adam was unaiumously confirmed and additional 
expenses given. We do call this fortunate, as the weight of authority is 
now such that no such case can ever be tried again by any sane being. 

The Lord President (lii'dis) went fully into the (piestions in dispute, 
and Lords Deas, ^lurc, and ."^liand each made a few remarks and 
concurred. The Lord President said as re-ards the surname that the 
condition in tli.> entail had been cnniplie.l with, and tberefore as regards 
the lirst .■uniplaint it .se.nicd lo Inni " to be entirely unfounded," 

With regard t.i tlic aims liis l..rdslii]i cmild not s,.e lew any jud-niont 
the Court .'ould prnnoiinee ,,n the .picstion „( whether ,,r 1 s 1 or 
those of l.^f',:, weiv the prnpe,- oat nf the family, cenld have tlic .-liLditc-l 
decree of ellcct witlmut a reduction ot the |,ioe,.,.,lnies in lie- latter 
year. That Lvon was the |,ro,Ma' ollicei' to delemiinc what was tlic proper 
coat of arms of anv nian who was entitled to wear arms, and l.y Ins 
indemcnt and authority every one who uses armorial healings in this 


country was bound, and tliat tliat judgment was not sulijoct to the review 
of tliis court. 

It would be a very strange tiling if tliey wero to pronounce a judgment 
in effect directing the heir of entail to use another coat of arms than tliat 
used by her father since 186.5, which would subject her to the penalties 
mentioned in the Act of 1672, as a condition of her being allowed 
to take possession of the estate. 

The Court must assume that the true coat was that sanctioned in 18G5, 
that to quarter this with tlic arms of Weston was not a contravention of 
the condition in the deed of entail. 

His lordslii}) was clearly of opinion that Liout.-Coloncl and ilrs. 
IIunter-"\Veston could not do anything but what they did, and that they 
had done quite rightly. Lyon and Garter agreed, and it would l)e i-ather 
a remarkable thing if tlie juu'suer was right in her contention that they 
were in the wrong upon a simple matter coming under their authority. 


" To tlie memory | of the following jicrsoiis : | Geo. Newlmul, of the city of | 
liilstol, Jlerclit, died 28 April, 1721. | Eli/."', hi.s wife, danglitei- of Edwd | Tockiiell, 
of Bristol. Jhnvh', died | the 15"' April. KT.U, ,ige.l SO yeur.s. | W', Gen', 
died '23 Jb,v, I 17-';, :.i-a Ml. .Maiv, lii.s « ilV. died | 21 Sep', i7'10,;iged 4'J, I lOli/."' 
Kewland, fi.u,! ,'„>,,, in, t [ to the al.nv,', ilied 29 Feb., 17-14, | aged ii veins. | 
lOdud Newl.,i,>i, c^iiiMl ni ll,,i-r, i di.d L':i May, 1773, aged 55, | mid isbuiie<liii 
I.niuleii. I Nrul.L.Hl. lien', di.'d h .\..v'', | 17S2, nged 70. I M.ary Ann, Ida wife, 
danghtei- to I W'" and ihuy Marsliall, died | 4 Janiiai v, 1784, aged GO yeais." | 

Also the following in the same cluiidi :— 
" Here lyetli the body of George Newlaii.l, of 
dejiarted thi.s life April y« 28"', 1721." 

" Sacred to the memory of George Newhnid, of TocUnell, iti thi.s ]iarish. Esq''. 
A man jio.'^set^s'd of every virtne tlnit lulcroM Ihr (.-liii-stian & the gentleniau. He 
lived sineeielv helov'd, & died trnly I.lum nlr.l the li'l' d..v of ,hin"'J-, 17111, in the 48'!' 
ve:u- of his :ice. Thi.s inonnnienl uas ,1, ,l.d l.v his wid<iW as a testimony of hii 
worth & her esl.-em." 

B. H. n. 



(Con tin ucd from p. S5J. ) 

Entries omitted:— 1465, May 18. Thoma.s B.atem:in Esq. and Margery Turel (?) ; 
to be married iu any proper place witliiu the diocese of Worcester, without any 
publication of baim.^. 

1530, May 15. Thornas Sheldon .ind Elena Bragden. 

Oct. 8. 'William Acton and Margery Redinge of Birlinghani. 
Nov. 3. John Heynes and Margaret Hybot of Inkberrow. 

Nov. 24. John Newport and JIargaret Syngar of St. Andrew's parish in 

1531, Jidy 25. Thomas Nevell and Agnes Grevell ; licence issued to the curate of 

Aug. 4. Kich.ard Wheler aliaa Quyllcr of Stoke Prior and Elizabeth Eiode of 
Ehnley Lovet. 

1532, Nov. 27. Jolin 'Wynesmore and Agnes ap Howell ; licence to the curate (.f Lvghe. 

1533, July 12. Riohard Whytney of Bcdwin, diocese of Sarum, and Elenor C'ro'ft of 

Hauley, dioc. of Worcester. 
Jan. 28. John Butt and Joan Hyet of Erliiighara. 

1534, July 24. John 'Wylde and Ann Cowper of All Saints' parish, Worcester. 

1535, Apr. 20. George Walshe of Northfield gent, and Elizabeth Lytleton of I'rankley, 

1540, Feb. G. JoIpi .\-tri,,.,iv ^m^ll'i. m-t \.J.u,i 1, 1. -.> .I>o city of Worcester. 
1543, May 23. Tl,. ■ : W V!:;. i. .i; - : I i. , : ' - i v Rawlyns of Suekley. 

16S2,Nov.l7. .I.^lu, Mniui, ;n,.l Mu ,.1. : ,\:i l.^-v ... ,^;-.,.ll.".n. 
15S4, Apr. 25. .Julai j;iiii;lcv ana .Mkl- e'.,,. ..i i l\i..i.l. 

Sept. 20. Thomas IVime and Ann \izar of St. Nicholas's parish, Worcester. 
1661, May 30. Henry Attwood of AVolverley, co. Wore., gent., about 22, bachelor, and 
M.ary Gower, about 19, d.a. of Abel Gower of St. John's in Bedwardine, 
Oct. 30. William Mills of Claines gent., about 31, and Elizabeth Brace, .about 

22, da. of Philip Brace of Doverd.Ue, Esq. 
Dec. 28. William Middlemore of London " Checcemounger," .about 26, bachcloi-, 
and He.ster Dyson of St. Nicholas's in Wore, about 22, maiden, her parents dead. 
March 2. George Bagnall of St. John's in Bedwardine, Worcester, gent., 
about 30(?), and Mary Lisons of St. Andrew's in Wore, about 20, da. of 
Thomas L. 
lGC2,Jan.3. Si'i,,] ll'iii'., .,; '.i: s.-v ' ,m W, : . , ,', •!;,;. l:i, ;i,„1 Mary 


July ■-'11. N: 
of "Norton, 'J 



Feb. 15. "0 



Studley, 2.-., 



Feb. 23. 'i'h. 

s A 



Man-li 12. W 
llanburv, in 





May J.-i." Ni. 
city of \\-oi-c 
Sept. 20. Jo 


us I! 

Eatington, n 



1CC9, Apr. 1.^1, 



-ml., ;il" 



i.f Great Ahi 

.r Fnr.l, in tlio diocfsc of W,,roc 
111 RoMnrt of Gloueostor, about 


Apr. 22. Edward Waldroii, nA- 30, and .Saudi lloovcy, kU 25, 

inaidci), both of Alccster. 
May 5. John Gore, about 2 1, and Kli/.abctli da. of Thonia,< James, 

about 21, both of Inkl.eviuu-. 
Slay 29. John Iloltoni ,>i l.iltli- 1 ).a-in-tnn, al,out 2.-., and ^Fary 
da. of -Winiam Oold of Or.uvh L.'iirl,, y,-inan, .d.uut 2S : to bo 
married at Abbot's :\birt(in ur ]',i>]i.\m]<l'>n. 
June 17. Edward Oliver, let. 30, widower, and l':iizabeth Toms, 

a?t. 21, maiden, both of Long Croin])ton. 
Juno 17. Henry Lane, ait. 2G, and .Margaret llemingv, a-t. 28, 

maiden, botli of Ha.'^clor. 
Sept. 2.5. Tlionias King-s xi. 32, and Ann Sparry, iqiwards of 22, 

maiden, both of Kington. 
Oct. 1.5. Edward .Tames of All SainN' i,, AVoic. " Cricker," 21, and 
Elianor Knotesford of St. Helm's in ^Vo^e., 23, maiden; lier 
fatlicr dcail. 
Uoc. 2. Francis Wollnier of Droitwich and fllianor Jlraec of Uovur- 

dalc, maiden. 
Jan. 7. George Bagnall of St. John's in IJedwardiue, widower, and 

Hester Robin.sou of Xauntou lieauehanip, ^\■itlo\v. 
Jan. 26. Henry Poole of Ivempley, co. (Hone, 30, and Elizabctli 
Richardson of Knightwiek, maiden. 
1670, May 12. John Ereeman of Saintbury, widower, and :\rary Huliand 
of Salford Prior, miude)i. 
May 13. John Allen of AViglesford (Wixford), 20, and Frances 

Ryland of Haselor, 21, maiden, 
ilay 18. John Kite and JMargery Bird, maiden, both of Evesham. 
William Bird, or Byrd, of the town of Evesham, Attorney at Law, 
entered his pedigree at the visitation of AVorcestershire in 1083 ; from 
which it appears that he then had three daughters, viz., Jlargeiy, wife of 
John Keyt of Broadway, co. Wore., gent.; Anne, wife of John I'.rawm' of 
Saintbury, clerk ; and Hannah, wife of .Tohn Goodwin of Wi'ston-sub- 
Edgc, CO. Glouc. The said William, aceoi-.linL; to the pedigree, was son of 
AVilliam Bird of Hampton, near lucsliam, Atlojih y at LaAV, father, 
William of Bretforton, married Mary " da. of . . . Rutter of Bourton- 
on-the-Hill, co. Glouc." It should be JSllrhaii Rutter, of Clniatua. 

Aug. 10. George Kings of Castle jMorton, about 23, and j\Largaret 
Goode of Redmarlev Daljitott, about 22, maiden ; her parents 

Isbury, clerk, widower, and 
A alow. 

bout 52, bachelor, and Anne 
her father dead, 
n, chandler, about 22, and 

.■, walowrr and Catlirrinc 

boll! .37, widower, and 

Aug. 18. John Slade of 



Faith r.ridgrs of nioughl, 

ai liac 

krlt, \\ 

Sej.t. 10. .b.bu :Moms.,f 


•ton, al 

Holtom of, about 

2 / , ma 

iden ; 

Nov. 15. William Kiid^o 

of E' 


I.sabel Jones, 22, da. of Tl 


Dec. 10. Giles l.awivm- 

of 1' 


Littleton of Xaunlo,, |;,.:n 

., wid. 

Jan. 7. Edmund Noal.' ol 


on, Es 

of If.anl.'V Castlr, ,n;,idru. 

Jan. 11. 'l^ichanl I'nks 

of Inl 


Elii^abeth (hvevesof Don 



Feb. 15. Jului Sunnoii of Naimtnii Dcaudiaiuii, baclu-lor, and 

Anne Jcilni.son of Kliulcy Castle, luaideji. 
Feb. 23. Sackvil Crow of co. Carniailli.'u, Ks,,., and Anne Kouso 

of Ron.sclcncli. 
Feb. 23. Edward AppLdicn, widower, and Joyce Ilarba^e, widow, 

both of Inkbcrrow. 
Feb. 25. Thonia.s Cox and :Mary Lies, maiden, l)oth of Bidfor.l. 
]\Iar. 1. Thomas IMosely of liinton, about 41, widower, and Alice 

Kussell of Grafton, co. AVavwick, about 31, maiden. 
1G71, Apr. 29. John Paddey of Stock and Bradley, about 31, bachelor, 

and Abij^ail Callow of lUshanipiton, about So", da. of John Callow. 
May 0. AVilliani Harvy of Inkberrow, 20 and upwards, and Drid-cC 

Eaton, about 21, da. of Roljert E. 
May 6. AVilliam Fell of Charlton, ab.nit 32, and Lnev l^aldwvn 

of Ayshon in Beckford (Ashton-uiider-IIiU), en. (douc!, about 27, 

maiden ; her parent.^ dead. 
June 30. :Moses Greene of Kadway, ro. AVarwirk, .about 2S, and 

Isabel Stanton of Abbot's Abalou," about 21, maiden; her father 

July 11. Thomas Carter of Bidford, about 38, widower, and Joan 

Izard of I'ebworth, co. Glouc, niaidm. 
July 2G. John Tommcs, widoM'er, and k'ranees Jordan, inaiden, 

botli of Stratford-on-Avon. 
So])t. G. AVilliani Mallibarof AVi-glesford, about 30, widower, and 

Mary Chapman of r.roonic in Bidford, about 32, maiden ; allegation 

by Maurice Allen of tlie former place. 
Oct. 12. Thoma.s Comiiton of Eddington, iet. 27, ami Callierinu 

AViggin of ]!ishop's Itchington, rot. 24, maiden. 
iS'ov. 3. AVilliani Cookes of Feckonham, gent., about 21, and 

Mary Rca of Powyck, about 21, maiden. 
Nov. 18. Francis Ballard, about 18, and Anne Clough of Abbot's 

Morton, about 16, maiden; allegation by Francis Ballard of Aljbot's 

Morto)i, father of tlie aforesaid Francis. 
Nov. 15. JIaurice Allen of AViglesford and Frances Tayler of 

Knowle, maiden. 
Nov. 23. Richard Toms of Snitterfield, rot. 22, and :Mary AVard 

of Long Mar.ston, ajt. 19, maiden. 
Dec._ 6. Richard Parsons of llasclor and Anne Ileywood of Airo^v, 

Dec. 20. Kempe llarwarde of Ilarvington and Elizabeth Carter of 

Bloekley, maiden. 
Feb. 3. 'AVilliani ];irb:nd.uu, about IS, widower, and Elizabelli 

Dipple, ab.nit 10, u,d,,w, l„,(bof I•,nml^-rnve. 
Feb. 10. M,„|nn ,.]■ Leigl,, bachelor, and Lv,sset Doverdale 

of C'rowli', iiiaidiii. 
The parish n-ister „f Gnal .\l,,lv, ni ivmrds the bmial of Mrs. Lissct 
Morcton of Leigb, wid<i\\, -J .\piil, J 7 1 7. 

Feb. IG. ^ linbeil 1,,,,_,,„, ,',|' I,,,,;,; .Mu.ton and Anne Dewes of 

CoUgbtoil, rn. \\-:,nM.'l,, IILIlden 

Feb. 22. W ilb, 
pole of Feckenl. 

Sarah Ar 


March 5. Joliii AValsha.ii of Knill, co. Ileivf.n,!, K.=,,., upwar.l- of 

30, anil Klizali.'th Li-nn of .\r:i.M.n-.^lirM, co. "WorvsUt, ul.out i\s, 

1G73, Api-il l. Samu.'l I )n-ar.l of Tiinitv Coll,-,., Oxfuv,!, and J.ydia 

])u-ava of Lavfonl, maiden. 
The lii-st occiinvnoe (appaveiillv) of this naiiK^ in (lir AVonv^trr pr,,lialr 
oilier is uniler th.' date 27 Ort, 1 .1 1 I , when ( leni-e D.nmrt >A Cmftoii 
Flvfnid made his will. All his -or.ds and lands i.,'his wife Alice, for her 
u.e and the elnldoaiV. J[y father Wdliam. Will proved 7 March, 
l.")!!. The episropal re-islers record the onlinati.iii at "Worcester, a.s a 
secuhir acolyte, of ];o;.,'cr Dugard, of that diocese, 21 I'eh., 14GG. 

A\n: 10. Thomas Burton of LoiiLjiioi- Salop, Ks(p, ahoiit .'50, and 

Elizabeth lierkh-y of Spetcldev, about 19, maid.n. 
May 25. Thanias Fleet of Claiiie.s 31, and :\Iary A\-adley of Ihe 

Uerrow, 26 and upwards, maiden. 
June 8. Thomas Pigeon of Badsev, about o."), bachelor, and 

Elizabeth Smith of the same place, about 23, maiilen. 
Aug. 12. John Darby of I\loore in Fladbury, upwards of GO, 

widower, and j\Iary Dinglcy, of Cropthorno, about 10, maiden. 
Sept. 5. John "Woodvati- of Hatfield, co. Hertford, gent., and 

Anne Field of the boron-h of Evesham, maiden. 
Sept. 18. ■\Villiaui Cuest of Dirmingham, mercer, about 21, and 

Elizabeth Halloway of ^Varwick, about 21, maideji. 
Sept. 20. Christopher Roberts, about 37, and Alice Latham, about 

22, maiden, both of Inkberrow. 
Sept. 30. AVilliani Wakeman of Tewkesbury, -ent., and EliKibeth 

i^oursc, maiden. 
Oct. 7. Jolm :\rarehall of South Littleton, 31, bacludor, and .Mar- 
garet Aslnvin of Brctforton, 40, maiden. 
Oct. 26. Simon Cowley of Alibot'.s Morton, tanner, about 28, 

bachelor, and Elizabeth Kobbins of Salford, co. AA^arwick, about 

30, maiden ; her parents dead : Simon Cowdey and Francis Tandy 

of Abbot's j\[orton, yeoman, being bound. 
Nov. 28. William Bnshell of r,l ngeworth ami Ur.sula Clarke of 

Bishop's Hamjilon. 
Doc. 30. Thomas I'artington of Kidderminster, gent., bachelor, and 

Mary I'racc, maiden ; to bo married at Doverdale. 
Jan. 7. John Applebec and Hester Godfrey, maiden, both of 

Temple Grafton. 
Jan. 22. John Clarke of Creal Hampton, g»ait., and Winifred 

Callow : to be married at Tlirocknu.rton. 
Feb. IS. >rark Dincdey of the par. of Cropthorne, gent., about 31, 

bachelnr, and Mrs. ^Mercy Cookes of Feckeidiam, alxmt 40, widow. 
lG7.'i, March .■11. William Jenint;s of Bidford, about 24, bachelor and 

Ane,ell,,l,.. wis, ,fHillborougli in Temple Grafton, .about lit, maiih^n- 
lHa^ paoa.l - d.^ad. 
Aj.r. 1. Ueiirv Kin.h, r of llmnghton Hackelt, wi,l,.wer, and ,I,.aii 

DowhTof Tai,l,.lu-;,., mai.len. 
Apr. Ht. AVHlrim l:lu,k..[ Naunh.n, ,■,;,. Won-., about 35, wi.lower, 

an,l Maiv I'.dl ,if Abbertnn, about 2(1, mai,len. 
Aj.r. 21. ' Wdli.on Wi,Mow,s of I'.h.ekh.y, 30, and Mary Kecke of 

Long 2iIar,-ton, i-o. Glouc, 23, maiden. 


Apr. 21. AVilliiun Pcrkcs, about 2G, ami Jane Farre, 26 and 

Ujnvards, niaiilcii, both of rowiclc. 
]SIay 22. William .Icuings of TcAvkcsbuiy, about 23, barlKlor, anil 

j\Ir.s. Judith Tci-bervile of Hill Croomc, co. Wore, about 19, maiden. 
Juno 7. William "Winsmove, upwards of 2i, and IJeatrix Lilli'}', 

about 20, maiden, both of All Saints' in Worcester. 
Juno 11. Kobort Lawrence of Creklade, co. Wilts, .1,'ent., about 22, 

and :\rargaret Littleton, of Tershore, about 16, maiden. 
June 17. Philip Ceeill of Dufl'rin, co. jMonmouth, baeheloj', and 

Klizalieth Hastings of Daylesford, maiden. 
Juno 21. Kichard lieinictt of Priors Salford, upwards of 43, 

widower, and Elizabeth Dinglcj of Church Lencli, 33, widow. 
June 28. John Ilayiies of Donnston, 25, and Anne Auster of 

Tibberton, 20, maiden. 
July 2. Edward Coly and Anne Higgius of Eranldc.x-. 
July 5. William Harvey of Inkberrow, about 21, and Sarah 

Glover, of tlio same place, about 21, maiden ; her parents con- 

Sqit. I?! Jolm llubrrn (Ilnbandl) of Salford, about 30. wi.lower, 

and Anno Jones of Grafton Flyfurd, about 23, maiden. 
Oct. 8. Joseph Lacy alia-i Hobday, 23, and Faith Paidgcs, 21, 

maiden, both of Bronghton Hackett. 
Oct. 10. Henry Kempston and JIarv Clover. 
Oct. 17. Kicluuxl I'nw.H, 28, and ?>largaret Welsh, about 22, 

maiden, b,.tli cf Abb-lV ^lurtMU. 
Oct. 20. OthiT WiiiM.iiv (in tlv maruin H7«'^.-"/-) son of the Lord 

Winsourof Hewell in Tardobigge, aged 11 m- lli.rr;,l.nut^, ba.;helnr, 

and :\lrs. Elizabeth Turvy of liredon, co. Wore, 11 ..r thereabouts, 

Dee. 6. Thomas Pilkington of Cleeve Prior, about 22, and :Mary 

Asliwyn of Elndey Castle, 21, maiden. 
Dec. 27. John Harward of Bidford, 29, and IMargcry I'ayton of 

the same parish, about 20, maiden ; her parents and guardians 

Jan. 10. Thomas Ilolliocke of Broughton Hackett, about 35, 

widower, and Elianor Hunt of jS'aunton Beanehamp, about 24, 

maiden ; her parents living. 
Jan. 30. William 1 )ugard of Dodderhill, about 27, and Elizabeth 

Elvinsof Uaubniv, ai-oul 27, widow. 
Fob. 28. Kirhard ll;M^^oo,l of Dodderhill and :\rargcry Fincher of 

Brongliton llarlHI, «>low. 

March 11. Willi 

,011 Sam 


of lin 

Kid\\av, i-o. W(nv,, widower. 

and .luditli Towi 

iislniid o 

1 .\lv, 

■Sloll, ( 

■o. ^\■a^^virk, maiden. 

Kiebard Symouds in 

111, / 

'/, nil 

l-."l, 111 

mlious the arms of Sanibarh 

as occurring in the wesi 

W llli|o\v 

oi r, 


y elaueh. It is the peculiar 

coat of the family of S.i 

ln/l:ifli o 

.f (1l. 


Azure, a foss Gules between 

three garbs of the .soco 

nd. and 

nil bo 

traced, though the glass is 

nwtilated. The name 

or. Ill : 1 

ii. 1 ii 

1 tho 

r.madwav registers in 1515, 

June 6, tlir dillr of ll„. 


:■ of 1 


, S,nnb,,;h.' gent, and Isabel 

Ellins. TIl. r^,.r..y,\ , 

.' 0- li 1 ; , 

,t W. 


-lilo that George Sambach, 

doac-on, w,i< mounted 1 

oth. p,, 

ri,.li e 


of Little Cond)erton, 3 Feb., 



]\[nrcli 21 Simon IJalcor of Abbot's Morion, about 21, and 
Elizabeth Leiglit of Inkberrow, about 26, maiden. 

1674, Ain-il 25. Robert Vernon of Hanbury, bachelor, and Elizabeth 

Sniitli of Stoke Prior, 23, maiden. 
May 5. William Court of Feckenham, about 24, and :\Iary Ilobdey 

uUa$ Lacey of Hindlip, about 23, maiden. 
May 18. Thomas Barrett of Broughton Hackett and Hester Bell 

of King's Norton, maiden. 
June 12. Edward Kettleby junr. of St. Clement's, London, gent., 

about 22, and Uvs. Anne Gower of St. Jolm's in Bcdwaidine, 

about 22, maiden. 
Juno 27. Eobert Dizon of Bradley, co. Wore., about 60, widower, 

and Joyce Appleby of Inkberrow, about 54, widow. 
July 10. Edwar.l Morgan of Bromsgrove, 22, and Millberrow 

Wadley of Bromesberrow, co. Glouc, about 30, maiden. 
Sept. 30. Samuel Richardson of All Saints' in Worcester and 

Elizabeth Tillani of St. Helen's in the same city. 
Oct. 30. Thomas l^crlces of Feckenham, set. 23, bachelor, and 

Anne Harris of Inkberrow, aet. 24, maiden. 
Nov. 18. Anthony Ashwin of Bretfoiton and Dionysia Cooke of 

Jan. IG. Mr. Robert Brooke of Alcester, about 29, wido\\-or, and 

Elizabeth Kecke of Piidford, about 20, maiden. 
Jan. 23. Jlr John Archer of WolLind, about 40, widower, and 

Elizabeth Allen, of the same place, about 33, widow. 

1675, Apr. 10. John Pearkes of Stoke Prior and Elizabeth Tristram of 

Bel liroughton. 
A]n-. 22. John Thornbury of Xaunton Beauchamp, bacludor, and 

Mary Newcombe of Clifford, diocese of Gloucester, widnw. 
May 31. Jolin Ilennuge of Haselor, ret. 27, bachelor, and Sarali 

As]ilin of Temple (irafton, iet. 22, maiden. 
June 9. John Ashton of Churcli Honeybournc, about 24, and 

IMary Charlett of Cleevc Prior, about 23, maiden. 
June 9. Humphrey Hall of Kidderminster, 25, bachelor, and 

Anno Walmisley of tlic city of Lichfield, about 24(?), maiden. 
June 15. Robert Freeman of Blockley, bachelor, ami Isal)el of Inkberrow, maiden. 
July 19. John son of John Charlett of Cleevc Prior, -■■nt., about 

30, bachelor, and Anue Smith of X( wbold Paoy, about, 2."), u-idow. 
Aug. 1. Richard Woolrich of " Wdl^ihaiuptnu " and Anne Paino 

of St. Swithin's in Worcester, maidrn. 
Sept. 25. Arthur Oiarlett of Fladbury gent, about 23, bachulor, 

and ]\Irs. x\nno Bearne of Omber.slev, about 23, maiden. 
Sept. 27. Ricliard Nash jun. of St. I'eter's in Droitwicli, bachelor, 

and Mary Berkley of Colheridge, 22, maiden. 
Oct. 23. Samuel Attwood of Uverbury and Elizalielli Sowley of 

White Ladies Aston. 
Oct. 30. Edward Holtom of Salford, .lincese ,)f W.n.vster, about 

32, and Hannali Cambden of Maiston, co. Gloucester, about 40, 

Nov. 27. Jolui Palmer uf Gr.iftnu Flyford, about 2i^, and Elizabeth 

Hunt of Nauuton BeaUehamp, abnut 28, widow. 



Doc. 31. Thomas Jleucc of Tewkesbury and Tlcstor Twining of 

Naunton Ik'aucliamp, widow. 
Jan. 1. Ilonry Lane of Hasolor, widower, and Elianor Biddlc of 

Temple Grafton. 
Tlie episcopal registers at Worcester speak of a Geoffrey Biidcl as of 
Temple Grafton in 1373. 

Jan. 12. John Greene of Iladsor and Elianor Peiinell of Salwarpc, 

Maicli 23. Robert jMiles of Arrow, about 34, widower, and 

Margaret Jakewan of Haselor, 25, maiden. 


The History op the County PAi.ATrxE Axn op the City of CnpsTEii. 
By GEOiiGE Ohmkrod, Esq., LL.13. Second By Thomas 
Helsby, Esq. London, George Routledge and Sons. 18^2 Eolio 
3 vols. 

Both the Editor and the Publishers of this new edition of one of our 
bc.«;t County Histories may bo congratulated on having completed their 
labours in so short a period as less than eight years. AVe cannot give a 
bettor idea of the time, work, and trouble, wdiich liavo been expended on 
this edition than by quoting their own words : — 

" The History of Cliesliire now consists of tlie worlcs of three antliors 
viz., Sir Peter Lcyei'ster, ^Nfr. Oi mernd, and Mr. Helsby— tlie first bein.' 
the writer of the l'inl,-,„iiri,a, mid l.i.lury of the Bueklnw hundred; the 
second of very cousld.-ralilr a.ldiiimis to both, and also of the history of 
the rest of the county ; wlulst tlie third, as Editor, has not only msdo 
very numerous corrections of the former, but become the autlior of 
additions which all but reacli to the full extent of the history written by 
Mr. Ormerod. In other words, excluding Lcyeestcr and the Vale Royal 
Onnn-ud is now witliin aboul ] .',0 pages of being dmihlnl. But as in 
addition to tliis, tli,' VAx\ur ha rxamined and correcte.l by far the greater 
part of the whole r„i,:;ii,al hi, lu,y, it may fairly be claimed that the work, 
by these entire labours, is „„„■,. than dnuliled. It now virtually consists 
of SIX volumes, each being of ahnut the size of tlie .smallest of tlie orirrinal 
edition. But the three-v<,lin,i,. nf tlie original edition lias° for 
convenience, been adlieivd tn; and l,^ villi,,., nf f],ese numerous and various 
addilioms, the work is unw |,„M, |„.l al a |.,i,v which, in proportion to its 
enhanced value, s^a^vl^ ,vr,,|. A,,/,' that of the edition of 1819." 
Moreover many illuslial uais havr Im,,, addr.l, ,.sp,riallv the engravings 

of arms nearly all uf wlnrl, a, w, a„d a,v a great imi'.rovcment on the 

Old bocks, t e.ugh as w,: liav. b,l,„,. nMiiaiked tie; panaches and plumes 
would have been better i.iiiitic ,1. 

Those who are curious .mo,,;;], Io s,,,. for themsrlvrs the enormous 
amount of work, research, und learning, which .Mr. \{v\A<\ has brought to 


bear on tliis boolc must not mnivly content tlicm.sclvcs witli reading tlic 
admirable preface he lias written, but carefully turn over his volumes 
pacje by page, when they will be able to form an idea of how extensive tho 
additions are, and how minute, the most trivial correction having been mado 
with as much conscientious care as the longest note, or tho most elaborately 
re-written pedigree. There are of course errors left uncorrected, but 
certainly not more than one -would expect in so large a book, and these 
are chiefly in minor matters such as tho blazon of arms. Many coats 
might have been better described, and mistakes such as that in the 
pedigree of Hall of Hermitage (vol. iii, p. 130,) where a connection is 
claimed with Hall, Bishop of Exeter, on account of tlie similarity of the 
arms, corrected. The coat mentioned was gi'anted to the Bishop, and so 
could not have belonged to these persons, who are described as descended 
from Michael Hall of Greet, co. Salop. Quere Gvcpf, in which case an 
entirely dillerent descent might he easily made out. 

There is one, and only one, great defect in this now edition of Ormerod, 
and that is that there is no index -worthy the name, or of the liook. 
At the end of volume three there are a few pages of references called a 
General Index, but to render such a book perfect there ought to have been, 
full and complete indexes of persons, places, and arms, as well a General 
Index to the whole work. Till this omission is supplied both the use 
and the popularity of this new edition wiU be much diminished. 

Mr. Ilelsby's memoir of Dr. Ormerod which is inserted in the preface 
will he read with interest, and whilst it keeps alive the memory of onr of 
our most accomplished antiquaries, also reflects credit on Mr. Ilelsby's 
ability to do justice to the labours of his predecessor. 

We do not altogether agree with ]Mr. Ilelsby's view of the method 
followed by Dr. Ormerod, when he gives us to understand that Dr. 
Oi-merod ]iurposely confined his accounts to the manorial estates and 
jiurposcly iiiiiitted collaterals in the construction of his pedigrees, and that 
iiis chief riile was to trace the descent of each manor "without indulging 
in any siipriflnity of proof." All this was n-iore likely owing to the 
general disregard for the details of topograjihy and genealogy prevalent 
at tlie beginning of tho century, and to the dilUculty of collecting mati'rials 
wlien there were no railways and no penny post, and when our national 
recor<ls were as a rule unavailable, than to any fixed purpose on the part 
of the author. Our idea is that tlie pedigrees in the new edition should 
have been fully worked out, those of new families added, and all the 
monumental inscriptions given. Such additions would no doubt liave 
involved ten years more labour, and doubled or trebled the present size 
of tlic book, but they would have been well wortli waiting for. Jlr. 
Helsby has performed his tiWik .so well as Editor, and we find his company 
so agreeable, that we wish he had become Continuator also. He has 
attfudnl to the weightier matters so ably that it is jiainful to find him so 
exceedingly jubilant at liaving rejected the 'mint, anise and c\nuiaing ' 
which would be more i)opul:ir with Ih.' iiiassrs ..f mod.Tn Cli.'sliir.' men, 
than the 'judgment and tnitli ' h.- h,is displayd in lii:, Ircaliuenl of the 
dry bones of Dr. Ormerod. 

Mr. Helsby gives a capital account of the various changes which have 
laki'u place since the days of Ormerod, but lie forgets that tho writer of 
a County History should never lose sight of the fact that lie is writing 


for posterity, and tluit tliese changes liave bronght about a new order of 
things whicli reader the standard of what is required in a County History 
very different to wliat it was in 1819. The history of a county is no 
longer exclusively the history of its country squires, it is tlie history also 
of its trade and manufactures, and of its tradesmen and manufacturers 
and of their families too, for in point of wealth and political importance 
ttrey have in many counties, Cheshire among the number, taken, or are at 
all events rapidly taking, the place as well as the land of the old noblesse, 
and their doings, pedigrees, and arms, will be of as much interest in two 
centuries to come as those of the Yorkists and Lancastrians, Roundlieads 
and Cavaliers of days gone by. 

No man is better fitted for the task of ^^Titing the modern history of 
Cheshire than 'Mr. Ilelsby, and we trust after he has taken his well earned 
holiday we shall again find him employed in such congenial work. 

A Description of the ]Monumext and Effigies ix Poplock Cnuucn, 
Somerset. Ey Makia Haluday. Torquay, 1882. 8vo. Price, 12s. 
It is not often that so much trouble is taken to identify the old 
monuments which adorn many of our country churches as Jlrs. Ilalliday 
has devoted to those at Porlock, nor is theii- history and the detail of 
their ccmstruction, as a general rule, traced out with the scrupulous care 
and accuracy which render this book a model of ^^•hat might and ought 
to be done for many similar evidences of departed greatness. 

Collinson, the only historian of whom Somersetshire can boast, describes 
the effigies as that of "a KniijJif Tonjilar and his Lady," and Savage, 
more cautiously, as "recumbent effi.nies, male and female." A patient 
examination of the liistory of the manor and its lords, togetlier with the 
crest figured on the helmet of the knight, convinced Mrs. Halliday that 
the monument commemorated one of the Ilariington family, but the 
difliculty was to decide which, for there were several of the name. Sir 
John Harrington, fourth Baron de Aldingham, co. Lancaster, married 
Elizabeth daughter of Edward Courtenay, third Earl of Devon, on whom 
the ilanor of Porlock was settled at marriage. He died in 1418, and by 
his will charged his !Manor of Uggeburgh Avith the maintenance of two 
priests to celebrate divine service and pray for the souls of his father, 
mother, and all his ancestors. This direction appears to have been 
complied witli, as, when filty-.six years afterwards, Cecily Bon vile the 
gi'cat grandaughter and only surviving descendant of Elizabeth Courtenay 
by her second husband Sir William BonviUe, K.G., and through her 
grandmother, who was daugliter of the fifth Baron Harrington, the brother 
and heir of Sir John, fuurtli bamii, his heir also, thus representing in 
blood both Sir John and Eli/.alieth (Courtenay) his wife, had in the Mth 
Edward IV letters patent to found a chantry in Porlock Cliurch " two 
perpetual chaplains," who wcii^ Ui nlcbrate divine service at the altar of 
llio Chapel of the BJc.-.-.d Muiv, aiv mentioned. The erection of the 
tomb was evidently thr wmk ..I Ihii t'lcily, at the time when .she carried 
out the testamentary wi<lii:. ui 1m i- nrrut-grcat uncle the fourth Baron. 
Tlie filets wliich identify tlir pii ,i]i lu wlioin tin' tomb was erected are 
Worked out with great ingeiuiilv Ky llir autli..r ..f this little book, and the 
dry dct.iils whi.Oi pr.ive the euiT.Tli,..-;.. ,,f allnbutii.g the efiigies to the 
fv;.urth Baron and his Lady are ^<, wrll by the historicnl account 

Notices of books. 325 

given of tlie eminent persons who figure in tlie line of descent that an 
air of roniiinco is added to that wliich would (ithcrwise be regarded by 
most people as a lecture in English Histor\-. 

We must not omit to mention that tiiis l)n(.k is cliarmingly illustrated, 
every detail of the tomb and of the cliurch, with graphic descriptions by 
Mr. Roscoe Gibbs, being given. There is a homeliness of detail in Plato I 
(the interior of the church) wliich is very jileasing, and worthy of imitation 
in similar works. It is rarely that we have the lileasure of noticing a 
book of local interest which is so well written and got up, and of so much 
sterling value. 

Records of the English Provixce of the Society of Je.sus. By 

Henuy Foley, S.J. Vol. VII, Tart i. London, Burns and Gates. 

1882. 8vo. Price 2Cs. 

This is the first portion of Mr. Foley's promised ' Catalogue of tlio 
deceased members of the English Province of tlie Society of Jesus,' the 
intended publication of ivhich was announced in our fourth volume, 
p. 212. It embraces letters A to Q, and may be described as a bio- 
graphical dictionary of the English Jesuits, and is, as such, a valuable 
contribution to biographical literature, breaking up new ground, and 
affording genealogical particulars of a class of men whoso lives and actions 
liave hitherto been a sealed boolv to the general public. No one is better 
qualified for the task than ilr. Foley in wliom the Jesuits have found a 
painstaking and careful liiographer. 

Prefi.xed is an introduction giving a collection of materials for a 
future history of the English Mission and Province of the .Society, in 
the meantime providing the reader witli an historical outline of such 
history. " Li addition to a number of interesting particulars respecting 
the early ISIission of the Society in England, now for the first time given, 
a complete statistical history of the English Province, with its numerous 
colleges and residences at homo and abroad, will be found in detail almost 
year by year from its first formation in 1619 until the temporary 
supression of the Society, effected in 1773 through the overwhelming 
revolutionary spirit which regarded the institute of St. Ignatius as its 
bitterest foe. This result has befn oblnined firmi original catalogues of 
the English Province. An analy.-is nf ih- ^.' is t>'iitained in the introduc- 
tion, supplemented by historical iiiill^i- ( -iiuciIimI with the Province." 
In this -series of the Records we have a i-:.~ami: uf all the previous volumes. 
The most interesting part of it, to genealogists at least, will be given in 
the second portion of this volume, a collection of aliases togetlier with the 
real and assumed names adopted by members of the Society in times of 
persecution, upwards of 900 in number. It will be remembered that Mr. 
Foley printed privately a list of these aliri.<!/?s in 1875 (see 'Genealogist,' 
vol. i, p. 29G); this list has been very consideralily augmented during the 
progress of " The Records" through the jiress, and its issue to the public 
will ))Iace the means of solving many a diilicult genealogical point within 
reach of those interested in llie liistory of our old Catholic families whose 
suflVrings and persecutions Mr. l-'oley has dune so much to illustrate. 


Cheonograms, 5000 and moke in nujiber, exckrpteh out of various 
authors and collected at many places. i!y j.uies iillton, f.s.a. 
London, Elliot Stock. 1882. 4to. 

"We arc much indebted to ilr. Hilton for this contribution to thn. 
historical literature of a subject understood by few, and unknown to most, 
of those Genealogists whom a knowledge of chronograms will sometimes 
help to fix a date unwritten in the usual way. A chronogram has been 
defined as " an inscription in ^vhich a certain date or epocli is expressed 
by numerical letters." The word chronogram is said to have boon first 
used in some verses addressed to the King of Poland in 1575. Beyond 
the brief articles in English cyclo]j:cdias, and in German and French 
" conversations-lexicoiis," no collection of chronogi'ams has ever been 
published, if indeed such has ever been made. The canon for composing 
a good chronogram is thus laid down by Mr. Hilton, it "ought to convey 
a pertinent allusion to the event ^^■hieh it commemorates, the sentence 
should be concise, and .should contain no more iiumeiiral letters than are 
necessary to form the date." Addi.son delinoJ llinn in llio 'Spectator' 
as "tricks in writing, requiring nnich time an.l liiili- li'iin ity." Chrono- 
grams are most frequently met with in the rqi. Mining countries 
of Europe, rarely in England and France, and smuiiy at all in Italy. 
They occur als'o in Oriental countries, es|Hvi;ill\^ie the Arabic 
language is or has been in use. They were -wiitti'u in Hebrew as early as 
1208, and came into use hi Europe in the 14th century, but were chiefly 
in vogue during the 16th, 17th, and part of the 18th centuries. 
Chronograms may be seen inscribed on buildings and monuments or 
tondjs to record the date of their construction, and very frequently on 
medals commemorative of events in European hi.stoiy. The current coins 
of a country are seldom chronographic, those of the free city of l^uremberg 
being a prommcnt though rare example of tliis method of dating. Books 
contain a great many chronograms, a long poem or even a whole book 
having been so comjiosed representing continuously one particular date. 
Those who peruse this boolc will be able to estimate the enormous labour 
and extensive rcscarcli of its author among this almost forgotten class of 
literature. There is one peculiar value attached to a chronogram in Jlr. 
Hilton's opinion, he says: — "A special high position may be taken for 
them if viewed in relation to tlie service they can render to history ; they 
are to some extent a memento of history written in its own locality, when 
found engraved on buildings, monnnnMils, and medals, or inscribed in 
local archives; llu' d:ih' nf ;in insciii.tinn may be obliterated, but a 
chronogram as an ius( liplion lias an ((pial if not a better chance of 
remaining legible than a <late ex]iressed by four figures, and thus it 
certainly has a value peculiar to itself." 

Those who desire to .see for themselves what chronographic printing is 
like will do well to refer to the chronographic imitation of Thomas a 
Kempis' Dc Imitaliime Chri^li, publislied in 165S, rarli liiir of whirl: to 
p. 87 is a succession of chronograms giving the date IG'iS. A copy will 
be found in the I'.riti.-h Mu<eu''m, /-r-ss war/,- 11 109 aa. 

Tlie chief inlrr.'st in .Mr. I liUon's book, .so far as English genealogists 
are concerned, lies in Inn lirst c]ia|itrr which all'ords ntimerous examples 
of the use of this me'lliod of notation as applied to seimlehral inserijitions 
and historic events, and this is the iiorlion of the work to which wc wish 

Notices oi* books. S27 

Rpccially to invite attention. Tlie date of the ileatli and also llie age of 
Judge Doddridge are thus given on his monument in Exeter Catliodral : — 
nYnC ohIIt DoDerIgVs jVDeX = 1(3-28. 
EN Ipse I,etho eXtIxgVItYr=73 
DoDerIgIVs IVDeX CarVs=1G2S. 
The monument of Ludovic Stuart, Duke of Eielunnnd and Lennox, in 
"Westminster Abbsy, contains tlii.s clironngram to mark the date : — 
AN IgnoratIs qA'Ia prIkCei's et VIr MagnYs ohHt nuDlK==lG53. 
See 2 Samuel, iii. 38. 
At Clifton on Teme, AVorcester.-;hire, the date of the great bell is thus 
given :— 

iienrICYs Ieffreyes kenelmo DeA"oYIt=1GG8. 
A book published at London, Hugo Grotin.-<, his Somj'linjia/icas, with 
annotations by 

feanCIs goLI1s]\IItii=1G52. 
has no date on the title page beyond tliat which is thus clironograpically 

To give more examples is unnecessary, the above are sufficient to show 
the use of chronograms as dati' iiiail;s, and the reason why those whoso 
tastes lead them to collect nioniiin.'iital inciiptions should learn to under- 
stand the purport of the long Idlers whicli often prove a puzzle to the 

Mr. Hilton's book will well repay perusal; besides being very well printed 
and illustrated, it is pleasantly written and exhibits a thorough knowledge 
of the subject, and the result of an enormous amount of painstaking 
research. Not only genealogists, but historians, numismatists, and all 
lovers of curious and out-of-the-way books are much indebted to him for 
furnishing thcni with an admirable guide to a term incogniia in the 
byways of English literature. We trust our readers will respond to Mr. 
Hilton's request to contribute any chronograms they may find to liim 
(60, IMontagu Square, ^Y) and thus enable him to add further illus- 
trations to a subject which he has made peculiarly his own. He says 
farewell to liis reader in a clironogram which illustrates the use of such a 
method of writing, for it tells us that his work was jinishtJ in 1881, 
whereas tlie title jtage bears date 1882 : — 
CoVnxEoVs reaDer 
I pInIsii wItii this 



HAPPY TO Yh roth. 


Unfortunately, like .ill thiiij^s Innuan, it is nr.t perfect, see his own rule ! 
Had l,e o.uut.d lli.^ 1 ill TiiiM It uu.ild have inadr, 1SS2, AVliirhever 
'year it involves,' however, we wish liiiii hapjiiness in the ri'sult of his 


A CJexealogicai, accouxt of the i\lAYO AND Elt'on' Families. P.y 

Charles JIeuheut Mayo, M.A. London, Whittingliuni and Co. 1882. 

4to. Price 21s. 

The plan adopted by the author of this book has been to point out by 
way of introduction the various families bearing the surname of Mayu 
whicli lie has met with as a guide to those who may wish to trace the 
genealogy of the surname more fully. The Eltons, from which four 
branches of the author's ovni family descend, are traced from John Elton 
alias Baker, Canon of Sarum, tlio founder of the Elton fellowshiii at 
Brasenose College in Oxford. Pedigrees of various families allied to that 
of ]\Iayo are given in an appendix, several of which are of value, as their 
genealogy docs not appear to have been recorded in print before. The 
work concludes with a tabular pedigree, showing a descent from 
Charles the Great, whicli is of little interest, and would in our opinion 
liave been quite as well left out, or at all events extended to Adam ! 
The name ^Mayo no doubt originates from the Christian name Jlatlie^v, 
and is variously spelt, as ]\Iayhowe, JIaynw, IMaylio-i^-, and I\Iay. Xo 
wonder therefore that it is met witli in \aii.ius Iwralili. s, and that several 
families, probably of entirely distinct ori^'iii, Inur it. Cornwall, Dorset, 
Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Northamiftuushire, Norfolk, and Suffolk, 
are all cradles of families of the name. 

TliG genealogies of the various branches of ^Slayo recorded in this book 
appear to have been worked out with mucli care and accuracy, and Mr. 
Mayo gives his autliorities for tlie statements he makes, and thus renders 
Ids work a record of permanent value. The ilayo's of Bodenhara, co. 
Hereford, are traced from Thomas Mayo of tliat place wlio died in 162.5. 

Chapter iv, and the subsequent chapters are devoted to an account of 
the descendaats of John Mayo of Devizes by his wife Joane daughter of 
William Playcs, to whom she was married 25 April, 1671. He appears 
to be the first ancestor of the author's family. Ko suggestion is olTered 
as to liis progenitors, or information given as to his social position, 
an omission wliich could probably bo remedied by reference to Town 
records. Subsidy rolls, or similar documents. It is probable, says ]Mr. 
!Mayo, tliat he was a scion of the family of Bodenhani, but this is evidently 
mere conjecture. Among his descendants are Dr. :\Iayo of Cheani School, 
Dr. Mayo Kector of St. George's, :\Iiddlesex, Charles iMayo, F.R.S., and 
Dr. Thomas Maj-o, F.R.S., all eminent men, and of each of them many 
interesting biogiaphical particulurs are given. Portraits and autograph'^ 
of tlie more notable members of the family adarn the book, wliich is not 
a mere dry genealogy but a readable and well written account of its 
author's family ; more than this, there is a capital index. All interested 
in the name of Ma^'o, or in the pedigrees of persons connected with it, 
owe a debt of gratitude to IMr. Mayo for writing an entertaining liook on 
a dry subject, and giving the public the result of his researches. The 
impression is limited to 250 copies a few of which are still undisposed of. 
Those who wish to secure a copy, and we can assure our readers tliat the 
book is worth buying at the low price tixo<l, should apply to the Key 
C. H. ]\Iayo, Long-liurton A'icarage, Sherborne. 



1676. Jan. 6, William (.i chikli ye s.jun nf EUzab.-tli WelMon widd. Wius buried. 
1691. Feb. 23, Elizabeth, the ^v^fe of Edsvard Dalby of the Parish of St. Lawrence in 

Rendinp;, Gent., \va.s Buryed. 
1695. May 1, Elizabeth Weldon was buried. 
1706. Aug. 9, Kebeckah the wife of George Yieldhall w;i.s Buried. 
1722. Jan. 13, John Sa^VTer was buried. 
172-''. Oct. 1.=;, S"'. Constatin Phips of London, was buried. 
1774. Jnly 27, Susannah Tebbs, an infant, was buried. 
1778. July 21, Bcnj. Tebbs, an infant from London, was buried. 

Page 197. Bishop was born 14 July 1721, ii.jt 1771 as st,ited. 
„ 263. JMc ( ' Buckinr/ton. ) 
„ 267. Dele (''AVis* or West) Shefford. 
„ 276. For Leeeheus rrad Zacchens. 

Page 2. Tabular peiligree line 6. For " 29 Sept. 1 2S0," read, " 29 Sept. 1289." 
for " Margaret's," read " Mary Magdalen's." 
For " St. John's " read " Jesn.s." 
For "Phlipps" read "Phipps." 
For "1770 "read "1790." 
Read " William Neile Esqr." 
After dece;\sing insert "at Henly vpon." 
For " Edward " read " Edmund " in both cases. 
B'or "wife" read "sou." 
For " 1697, Edward " read " 1698, Edmund." 
For "27 "read "28." 
For " Greene " reail " Grant." 
For "ye book" read "ye new book." 
For "1665 "read "1675." 

For "November yi^ " read "July ye 8th, Susanna y'." 
For " Dennings " read "Dennys." The Bl'huls are from 
Launceston Registers. 
71. In jjedigree of Palmer, for " Charlow " read " Challow." 
91. In pedigree of Smeaton, for "Henwike" read " Hendred." 
110. For " Hydocke" read "Haydocke." 

123. For " Lawhitton Registers " read " Launceston Registers." 
120. Line 9. For " anicorum " read " amicorum." 
104. Line 16. For " jun""' read " EBq^" 

170. W. A. J. de Villettes was Comptroller of the Household of H. R. H. the 
Duke of Kent. His will is dated 31 Jau.^ 1807. 

170. For " Sieur d'jUlaman " read " Seigneur d'AUaman." 

171. For "Andriennes" read " Audrienne." 

172. For " Aubord " read " An Ijord." 

173. John William Boi.ssier, born_1772, died at the siege of Lille 1792. Tho 
Rev"! Peter I'.dward Boissier h:«l a sou Edward Boissier, born 12 June, 
1825, died 1 Feb. 1839. 

174. For "St. John's Ken.sington" read "St. John's Kenningt^n." For "Sieur 
de Kuth," rend, "de Ruth." 

17.''.. Notol. For "M.agsc," read "Masse." 

170. Note 5. For "" read " G.C.H." 

176. Note 7. Fur "a Jasper" read "anil .lasper." 

176. Note 9. For " Ixvix " road "Ixxix," .add to note 6 "Ja.]ues de Montledier, 
fays, m. in 1619, Isabeau Rousset, and had a son Jean, 
who ill 1066 m. Marguerite Carlot, »nd probably bocamo by 
her father of the above." 


Line 28. 


Line 15. 


Line 24. 


Line 2. 


Line 22. 


Line 30. 


Line 35. 


Line 41. 


Line 10. 


Line 13. 

Line 46. 


Line 43. 


Line 50. 


Line 21. 


I N D E X 

Namoa in capitals refer to pedigrees, or whn 

eame page. 
Namca in italics show thiit the blazon of tlie ai 
The Calendar of Lambeth Wills is not iuclud 


frequently on the 

tliat paper being itfelf 

Abberforth, 178 

Arnold, 250 

Bailie, 181 

Abell, 180 

Ashburne, 140 

Bailies, 177 

Abington, 177 

Ascongh, 145, 146, 


Bailey, 57, 307 

Acton, 82, 178, 181, 316 

Ashbie, 181 

Baker, 50, 79, 109, 115. 

Adams, 79, 176, 178, 180 

Ashby, 153, 316 

120, 182, 2.53, 321 

Addeubrooke, 119 

Ashe, 1 48 

Baldei-ston, 145 

AirUo, 205 

Ashley, 69 

Baldwer, 36, 37 

Aitchi.TOn, 313 

Ashton, 273, 321 

Baldwin, 178, 2SS 

Alanson, 207 

Aslnvin, 180,319, 321 

Baldwyn, 182, 247, 251, 

Alder, 81, 116 

Ashvine, 181 

253, 310, 318 

Aldworth, 107, 109 

Ashwyn, 252, 253, 


Balies, 178 

Alex.inder, 2 -IS, 252 

Aske, 276 

Ball, 70, 182, 319 

AUeu, 43, 47,82,180,252, 

Asplin, 321 

Ballard, 182,248,253, 318 

317, 318, 321 

Astemore, 316 

B.4UI0I., 1, 7 

Alleyue, 21 

Asterby, 2S7 

Banks, 269 

AlUngton, 209 

A.sthill, 98 

Barbar, 265 

Alport, 119 

Aston, 11,95 

Barber, 102 

Alsop, 247, 253 

Athole, 1 

Barclay, 210 

AlUmtcig, 215 

Atkinson, 72, 147, 


B.ircrafte, 177 

AJitensteig, 215 

Atkirk, 200 

Bardfickl, 9 

Amaries, 179 

Attwell, 40 

Baril, 175 

Amcottes, 281 

Attwood, 247, 321 


Barker, 78, 99, 173 

Amcotts, 158 

Atwoode, 316 

Barklcy, 69 

Anderson, 22, 90 

Audley, 16, IS, 29 

Barkwood, 46 

Anderton, 103 

Aunger, 41 

BarkuvHh, 261 

AndrewcB, 184 

Austen, 180 

Barnaby, 282 

Andrews, 81, 179, /71 

An.tor, :V20 

Barnardi.ston, 48 

Andrews, 316 

A.. In,,,,., 15J 

Barnes, 22, 97, 251 

Angevine, 267 

AM^■.^ 181 

Barret, 181, 321 

Angcvyne, 259, 270 

Av. liri, 49 

Barrey, 93 

Annesley, 256 


Ban-y, 102 

ApOrimn, 2(5 

Aycr, i91 

Bartlam, 252 

Apleby, 158 

AvIiMi T, sec KImer 

Bartlett, 184 

Apletord, 103 

Ay,M.:oiigh, 257, 28 

Barwys, 207 

Applebee, 318, 319 

AllMcrb.i, 287 


Appleby, 3-21 

Aynterby, 287, 156 


Basset, 18, 177 

Appleyard, 33 

Bassett, 50, 141 

Ap Price, 76 

lliibb, 91 

B.iteman, 260, 316 

Archard, 177, 316 

Bathurst, 253 

Archbold, 180 

r.iU'Mn 50, 57 

Baxter, 120 

Archci, 280 

Hadl.y,., 157 

Baylcy, 266 

Archer, 300, 321 

l'.,.,l;.-.T, 180 

Bayly, 306 

Archpolo, 318 

r„i.|.4li..t, 107 

Bavn.-.rd, 74 

Ardrn, 153 

li.C".'!!, 310. .'U? 

Beale, 79, 250 

Armstrong, 36, 37, 140 

I'.aK.-lisvve, 184 

Be.-»r, 74 

Arncway, 285 

lUguley, 45 

Brarcroft, 182 

Bcardniore, 145 , 

Blount, 73, 159 

Bridges, 155,317, 320 

Be;irc, 198 

Blounte, 177 

Bridston, 275 

Be,irne, 321 

Blountstone, 282 

Brierlcy, 259 

Beauchami), 177 

Blowe, 41 

Brigg, 260 

Beaumont, 280 

Blower, 49 

Brigg.s, 192 

Beiivans, 251 

Bluck, 319 

Brightman, 157 

Beck, 100 i 

Blucke, 250 

Brincklcy, 157 

Beck1«y, 110 1 

Blundell, 184 

Brindley, 119 

Beoonsawe, 13 | 

Blundeston, 263 

BrimUcy, 121 

Beekonshawe, 65 i 

BluudevUe, 260, 270 

Brinley, 119, 252 

Bee, 147 

Blunt, 179 

Bri!5tow, 141) 

Beecb, 145 

Blurton, 183 

BrockeU, 8 J 

Beerhe, 52 

Board, 174 

Brocklesby, 159, 285 

Beesley, 180 

Boase, 61 

Brodcrwicke, SO 

Belgrave, 291 

Boges, 256 

Brogden, 100 

Bell, 154, 255,321 

BoissiER, 168, 176 

Broniich, 177 

Bcllasia, 295. 309 

Boissicj; 168 

Bromley, ISO 

Belliugham, '280 

Boisaier, 329 

Bromsall, 138 

Belton. 41 

BoUe, 267, 289 

Bromwich, 249 

Bcndish, 1 40 

Bolles, 278, 285 

Broode, 316 

Bendish, 140 

Bolter, 183 

Brooke, 321 

Bcnger, 53 

Bonner, 249 

Brookes, 66 

Benlowes, 290 

Bonnet, 168 

Broome, 83 

Bennett, 63, 75, 179, 181, 

Bonvile, 324 

Brough, 146 

248, 249, 320 

Bonvylc, 284 

Brown, 72 

Bentley, 251 

Booth, 38, 143, 152, 160 

Browne, 41, 53, 54, 69, 

Berchere, 168, 175 

Boovey, 180, 317 

77, 181, 283 

Berocroft, 180 

Borough. 289 

Broxholmo, 155, 259, 292 

Berington, 84 


Bruce, 162, 167, 205, 211 

Berkley, 66, 319, S21 

Bostock, 214 

Bruce, 165, 167, 209 

Kernack, 277 

Bosvile, 26n, 267 

Bruche, 11 

fimia/t, 268 

Bothwell, 162 

Brugh, 154, 155 

Ben-y, 265 

Botreaux, 19 

Bruning, 111 

Bertraud, 172 

Bourchior, 19, 52, 173 

BKVA^•, 140 

Best, 95, 178, 261 

Boult, 250 

Bryan, 140 

Bestland, 102 

Bound, 179 

Bryan, 94 

Bevercottes, 268 

Bourne, 96, 277, 166 

Bickerton, 55 

Bourton, 179 

Buckenham, 15, 139 

Bidden, 40 

Bovey, ISO 

Buckstono, 67 

Biddle, 322 

Bovy: 178 

Buckton, 257 

Bigge, 98, 252 

Bovill, 66 

Budcl, 322 

Bipge.s, 180 

Bowl and, 45 

Bui3.-ioii, 16,<<, 172 

Billesby, 146, 153 

Bowyer, 38 

Hullingham, 181 

mUtsdon, 283 

Boynton, 169 

Bnlla; 274 

Billesdon, 283 

Boys, 2K5 

Bailor, 275 

Bircli, 43 

Brabouthc, 292 

liullock, 264 

Birche, 38 

Brace, 250, 310, 317, 319 

Burgain.., 300 

Bird, 177, 317 

Brackenton, ISO 

BurdeU, 291 

Biron, 152 

Bradborue, 144 

BUKOKS, 140 

Bishop, 110 

Br.adley, 192* 

BUROM, 141 

BisKbop, 178 

Br.adahaw, 17C 

Biinih, 141, 277 

Blacke, 53 

Bradshawe, 178 

Burgh, 271, 280 

Blackford, 112 

Bragden, 31C 

P.urgi., 63 

Elackleach, 91 

BramK.len, 2S3 

Burrows, 22 

Blackwell, 144 

Brandon, 146 

Burke. 303 

Blades, 41 

Brandon, 146 

Bururll, 56 

niagravc, 65, 81, 97, 112 

Hrawnc, 31 7 

B.urnett, 296 

Blake, 10, 110 

Ih-aytnft 26S, 2S10 

l!urt<.ii, 149, 264, 280 

Bland, 103 

Brayto'ft, 208 

319, 2S9 

Blandey, 105 

Brercton, 213 

Boshrll.lSO, 218, 249, 319 

Blandv, 101 

Brereton, 213 

Bus.-^rll, 179 

Blcsby, 283 

Bretton, 258 

BusBir, 141 

Blioko, 218 

Bri.nn, 17 

Butcher, 31C 

BliGson, 47 

Brid, 11 




Butini, 172, 174 

Butler, HI 

Butler, 141 

Butler, 74, 143, 160, 179, 

ISO, 250, 2S0 
Butler — DauvcrB, 176 
Butt, 316 
Butts, 77 
Byard, 179 
Bysshf, 102 

Cade, 161 
Caldwell, 312 
Callow, 318, 319 
Callowe, 252 
Calmady, 125 
Calverley, 263 
Cambden, 321 
Camden, 21 Q 
Camock, 140 
Campbell, 189 
Campbell, 201 
Camus, 04 
Camville, 17 
Cane, 60, 57 
Car, 11 
Cftrbonnel, 55 
Carew, 102, 193, 

Carlot, 329 
Carmichael, 201,206 
Carr, 204 
Carrewe, 177 
Cartor, 318 
Cartwright, M2 
Cary, 70 
Cash, 56 
Castelforth, 1 54 
Castelion, 136, 138 
Castdion, 136, 137 
Castilion, 65, 94 
Castle, 95, 101 
Catanacb, 208 
Catelyn, 60 ^ 
Caljsbec, 177 
Cave, 268 
Caye, 316 
CecUl, 320 
Chabert, 169 
Chambers, 205 
Chapman, 55, 182, 183, 

184, 248, 252, 318 
Charles, 48 
Charlctt, 181, 321 
Chai.lton, 303 
Charlton, 309 
Chaso, 138 
Chauudlor, 249 
ChedfU, 179 
CAcnfi/, 137 
Cheney, 137 
Cheney, 2S3 
Cherry, 63, 102 

Chessall, 173 

Chester, 189* 

Chichester, 90, 197, 205 

Child, 17S, 182, 183 

(Uiilham, 1 

Chilton, 152 

Chipley, 209 

Chipsey, 152 

Clapham, 263 

Clargit, 178 

Clark, 38, 91, 112, 14S, 

Clarke, 90, 106, 114, 250, 

Clayton, 142, 143 
Clai/ton, 143 
Clayton, 267 
Cleare, 55 
Cleer, 54 

Clements, 83 
Clerk, ISO 
Gierke, 251 
Clever, 320 
Cleydon, 179 
Cleypule, 37 
Clif'den, 205 
Clifford, 293 
Clint Ml, 141 
Clough, 318 
Clutterbucke, 316 
Clytton, 177 
Coaker, 53 
Coats, 46 
Cobham, 141 
Coclnan-Patiick, 312 
Cockayn, S3 
Cockbdl, 251 
Coeke, 37 
Codrington, 73 
Cogan, IS 
Cokayne, 191' 
Cole, 181, 197, 198 
Cokhrookc, 108 
Coleman, 63, 184 
Colles, 177 
Collie.-, 109 
Colling, 123 
CoUings, 124 
Collins, 124 
Colombcll, 274 
Colson, 180 
Colt, 97 
Columbar, IS 


ColumhcU, 143 
CvUllc, 263 
Colv, 320 
Colivns, 60, 145 
Co,nh,r,rorlh, ^87, 290 
Conil.. iw..rth, 290 
Cvu,}„u,:nr, 136, 137 
Con.p^ugne, 136 
Compton, 318 

Corny n, 5, 6 
Comyns, 86 
Coningsby, 107 
Couny, 140, 156 
Constable, 266, 285 
Constantine, 141 
Conyers, 263 
Cook, 191 
Cooke, 112, 142, 14S, 178, 

251, 321 
Cookes, 177,247,249,250, 

318, 319 
Cookson, 145 
Coombe, 177 
Coombes, 179 
Cooper, 247 
Cope, 257 
Coplej,71, 179 


Copledike, 279 

Corbet, 53 

Corlett, 15 

Cornwall, 82 

Cosbye, 2S8 

Cosewerth, 198 

Cosworth, 198 

Cottenham, 205 

Cotterell, 181 

Cots. 41 

Cotton, 144 

Cotton, 144 

Cotton, 169 

Cottrell, 112 

Couch, 126 

Court, 321 

Couutenay, 193—190 

Courtenay, 324 

Courtney, 61 

Coventry, 250 

Cowley, 64, 191, 255, 2 58, 

Cowper, 158, 310 

Cox, 100, 182,154,249,318 
Cradock, 19—23 

Cradock, 19 

Crake, 263 

Cranke, 177 

Crawford, 184 

Crawfurd, 183 

Crawley, 106 

Craycroft, 158, 270, 277 

Cresst, 145 

Crcwy, 145, 263 

Crew, 68 

Crichton, 208 

Croft, 177, 316 

CroUr, 81 

Croker, 81 

Croiuweli, 62 

Cr....k, 83, 309 

Crooke, 13, 112 

Crookshank, 1C5 

Crosbio, 173 

Crosby, 178 


Cro3e, 178 

De Braose, 16—19, 236- 

Dickins, 101, 255 

Cross/wlme, 151 


Diokson, 256 

Crunch, 93 

De Brus, 242 

Digby, 116 

Crow, ,318 

De Burgh, 7 

DiGiiTON, 147 

Crowtelie, 52 

De Camoys, 245 

Dbjhton, 147 

Cuiiiuglinmc, 312 

De Caux, 255 

Diilington, 141 

Curie, lOS 

De Clare, 242, 246 

Dineley, 252, 319 

Curteys, 209 

De Clere, 242 

Dingley, 178, 252, 319 

Cutberd, 178 

De CliUbrd, 237, 238, 242 


De ColeiTlle, 242 

Dingley, 252 

Dabitot, 178 

De Fay, 16, 242 

Dipj.le, 318 

Dabitott, 248 

Deffycke, 49, 52 

Diauey, 158, 2S3, 285 

Dabridgcourt, 259 

De Gallatin, 170 

Dixon, 140, 146 

Dalby, 53, 329 

De Gasparin, 172 

Dizon, 321 

Dale, ICl 

Degge, 117 

Dookwra, 146 

Dallison, 287 

De GlanviU, 234 

Docwray, 95 

DiiUyson, 147 

De Greuested, 238 

Doddridge, 327 

Dulmulioy, 20S 

De Hemester, 246 

Donaldson, 309 

Dalton, 62 

De Herlham, 232 

Dalysoiie, 2G1 

De Hickford, 234 

Dorchester, 205 

Danby, 145 

De Kyrabelle, 244 

Dorke, 249 

IJcnibv, 145 

De la Bere, 81 

Dormer, 48 

Dandridge, 90 

De la Cree, 75 

Dorrell, 84 

D'Angelnis, lOS 

Dolahaye, 99 

Dotson, 58 

Daiiiel, 93 

De la Rive, 169, 171,172 


Daniictt, 247 

De Lasey, 239, 243 

Dougktie, 148 

Daiit, 105 

De Moeles, 243, 244 

Douglas, 171, 185, 186 

Danvill, 97 

De Jlontledier, 175 

189*, 202, 329 

Danvill, 104, 100 

De Morlai, 232 

Doverdale, 318 

Dapifer, 7 

De ^lortimer, 237 

Dower, 180, 181 

Darliy, 319 

De Multun, 242, 243 

Dowler, 319 

Dai-ey, 80 

Do Noreford, 234 

Doxvnes, 100 

D'Areiig, 173 

Do Neville, 230 

Downham, 158 

Darling, 170 

Dcnham, 280 

Dowson, 281 

Dahnkll, 146 

Donham, 280 

Doyley, 99 

Ihiniell, 140 

Donni,-., 60 

Dra.;iner, 160 

Da.iu-il, 284 

DiMinv, SO 

Drayner, 160 

iMrrrV, 270 

Doniiys, 329 

Drew, 182 

Danell, 81, 156 

Denton, 96, 104 

Drewe, 249 

D.irset, 282 

Donv.H, 108 

Drope, 72 

Dast..ii, 179 

De I'ateshiU, 234 

Du Bruc, 168 

Dauiice, 252 

De Quincy, 236 

Duokott, 65 

Davfxi'Oht, 34, 35 

De Pdevaux, 236, 237 

Duinid, 177 

Darcnport, 35, 308 

De Koos, 245 

Diigard, 182, 319 320 

Davenport, 09, 303 

DeSaussuro, 170,171 

Dugdale, 53 

Davies, 54 

De St. Andr..v7, -4:i 

Du.nare.sq, 173, 176 

IktriU, 261 

Do St. Kl.n... 213,211 

Dunbar, 202 

Davis, 07 

De Sootcr, 205 

Dunch, 75, 112 

DoStaol, 171 

Duucom, 56 

Danis, 20 

De 'rabjcv, 205 

Dundas, 200, 201 

Davv,^, 20 

Dotliiok, 49 

Duport, 268 

Dawkes, 178 

Do Tliorn, 239 

Durham, 251 

Daw:>on, 48 

DoTouriKM, 17(1 

Dorrham, 52 

] lay, 252 

DoVorm.nonv, 170 

Dutlon, 214 

Daye, 54,258 

De Vo.sci, 205 

Duttou, 8 

Do Andovur, 238 

DkV.u.kt.k.s, 108-176 

Duval, 175 

Di'in, 97 

Dewoll, 53 

Dye, 248 

Do. mo, 101, IS 1 

D'lCwo.., 02 

l/ylko, 145 

Do .ArL'onliuo, 237 

Dowo.s, .'IKS 

Dyinock, 264 

Do Aum.l.a, 240 

Do \VI,itn,.v,244 

Dynioke, 141, 277, 2S8, 

Do A-,luf,.!,l, 241 
Drbrll, 44 

Douhursl, 33 
Doyno, i;,;i 

Dyncloy, 253 

Do l;..,k, 175 

Diok, 310 

Dyugley, 180 

iJo liraokol, 171 

Dick.Cnnyngli.ini, 310 

Dyson, 182, 249, 253, 316 


Kttdes, 1 81 
E alca, 63 
Eailain, 155 
Kastcourt, 181 
Eastou, 73 
Eaton, 318 
Eeclcslo7i, 148 
Eden, 253 
Kdyhury, 305 
Eilgoek, 179 
Edmonds, 257 
Edmonson, 154 
Edridge, 70 
Edwards, 53, 180 
Edwardes, 178 
Edye, 276 
Eeles, 104 
Egeocke, 180 
Eginglon, 38 
Eland, 2fil 
Eldon, 205 
Eldrington, 113 
Elgar, 101 

ElioU, 201, 202 
Ellaconibe, 15 

EUins, 182, 248, 2r.l, 820 

Elliott, 290, 294 

Ellis, 262, 275 

Elmf.u, 149 

Elw4;r, 149 

Elmes, 94 

Elphiugstone, 1C2 

Ellington, 263 

Elton, 116, 328 

ElviuR, 320 

Elwaiea, 75 

Ernes, 250 

Emms, 250 

Einottes, 177 

Emperinghain, 261 

Empson, 291 

English, 46, 183 

Entwyaell, 151 

Erskine, 185, 1S6, 301 


Estcott, 57 

Estofte, 154 

Estiang, 169 

Etheiington, 284 
Ktton, 144 
Evance, 178 
Evenco, 179 
Evelyn, 62, 87 

KVKKlNUIIA«,ll:l, M9 
V;vcrt..n, 2-iy 
Evett, 179 
Ewart, 2112 
Ewens, 180 
Eyre, 144, 273, 279 
Eyetou, 87,90, 91 


I Fabri, 171, 172, 174 
Fairef.ix, 1S4 
Fairfax, 115, 140, 313 
FairfuU, 204 
Faldoe, i6 
Fahv;i.^ser, 56, 57 
Farington. 114 
Fanner, 101, ICS, 249 
Farniury, 293 
Farre, 320 
Farson, 204 
Favre, 168 
FayoUe, 169 
Feamlev, 211 
Feather.^tou, 253 
Feeld, 177 
Foild, 184 
Fell, 318 
Pcrcby, 271 _ 
Ferguson, 173 
Fernars, 154 
Ferrers, 94 
Fesch, 255 
Fetber^tone, 183 
Fetliplace, 104, 113 
Field, 22, 65, 251, 252, 319 
Finch, 50, 53, 55, 257 
Fincham, 140 
Fincher, 183, 249, 253, 

Firmadge, 20 
Fischer, 1 69 
Fish, 71, 161 
Fishborne, 258, 280 
Fisher. 84, 104, IIG, 148 

Fislnvicke. 281 
Fitzh.-.l.Lit, 179 
Fitzliervcy, 234 

I'it/Aval't'er; 5, 6, 7 
Fitzwarvn, 18,19 
Fitzwilli.un, in, 148,152 
154, 160, 285, 292 

FlTZ-WlLl.lAMS, 150 

Kitz-\Villiain.s, 263, 268 
Fleet, 319 
Fleetwood. 80 
Fletcher, 72, 202, 251 
Flower, 275 
FlowTe, 215 

Fhiddver, 49, 5J 

Fliisher, 1 52 

FIvnt, 103 

FuLKY, 117, l-'2 

Foljai'nt.e,'M4 ' 
Folliott, lilt 
l-oUy, 181 
Fulv, 18:i 
Kookes. 153 
Forbes, 176 
Ford, 84 

Forman, 1 59 
Forres, 20.' 
Forret, 202 
Forsett, 277 
Forster, 79, 88, 

Foster, 161, 262, 
Kotherby, 156 
Fotherbye, 143 
Foulkes, 308 
Fowler, 70 
Fowlkes, 276 
Fox, 19, 65, 182 
Foxe, 38 

Fra/er, 208 
FrcchvUe, 144 
Freeman, 40, 1 
253, 270, 317, 
Freman, 179 

, 253 

1-ry, -li. 
Fryer, 114 
Fuljambe, 150 
Fullwoorl, 249 
Fnlnetby, 281, 293 
Fulstowe, 284 
Furley, 1 S3 

Gadbery, 155 
ftrcr, 124 
Gaer, 58, 125 
Gage, 115 
Galland, 102 
Galle, 262 
Gannet, 11, 51, 
Gaudnku, 15 


54, 55 

Oardi/ner, 151 
Ganiderton, 17 
Garrard, 65, 16 
Garrett, 182 
Gartshore, 202 
Garwood, 268 
Gascoigne, 272 
Gate, 256 


George, ISO 
Gerard, 304 


GEniNO, 153 

Gerard, 75, 151 
Gibbes, ISO, 181, 248 
Gibbs, 251, 325 
Gibson, 39, 202 
Gibson-Mai tland, 311 
Giffard, 37, 238, i 

GifFord, 210 
Gilbert, 144 
Gilborne, 80 
Gn.BT, 154, 155 . 
Oilby, 154 
Giles, 114, 180 
Gilley, 167 
Gilmour, 202 
Girllngton, 153, 158, 

284, 286 
Glaidstainos, 202 
Glassock, 190 
Ghissford, 202 
Olover, 79, 
Glover, 80, 119, 1' 

Gobion, 203 
GocHE, 155 
Ooche, 155 
Godarda, 257 
Goddard, 115 
Goddarde, 52 
Godtree, 1S3 
Godfrey, 1S3, 319 
Goddin, 250 
Gold, 317 
Golding, 88 
Goldsniitli, 327 
Goldson, 00 
Gooday, 148 
Goode, 180, 317 
Goodier, 178 


Ooodhand, 15G 
Goodhand, 256, 292 
Goodlake, 112 
Goodman, 69 
Goodwyn, 90, 178 
Goodwin, 89, 235, 315 
Gooile, 177 
Gure, 74, 253, 317 
Gorle, 177 
Gorney, 146 

Orant, 154 

Hamry, 160 

Grant, 56, 57, 202, 203, 

llamden, 250 

295, 329 

Hamertan, 273 

Grantham, 157 

HamUton, 203 

Grantham, 157 

Hampden, 82 

Grantham, 152, 279, 293 

Hanbary, 83, 178, 179 

Granville, 124, 125 

Hanbye, 272 

Grauut, 253 

Handbury, 179 

GnAY, 158 

Hankford, 19 

Ora,j, 158, 167 

Hannay, 203 

Gray, 162 

Hanowe, 180 

Greasley, 40 

Hansard, 161 

Grken, 309 

Hanbard, 154, 155, 256 

Green, 304 

269, 280, 290 

Green, 22, 304, 308 

Harbage, 318 

Greene, 57, 109, 159, 160, 

Harbatch, 182 

183, 249, 252, 318, 322, 

Harbert, 78, 103, 103 


Ilarbyn, 151 

GreeuehiU, 181 

Hardbeane, 151 

Greenway, 77 

Hardbeanc, 152 


Harding, 90, 277 

Grogge, 177 

JIardinge, 55 

Gbegort, 159 

Hardingshall, 270 

Grcaory, 159 

llarenc, 204 

Gregory, 91, 307 

Harene, 204 

Grene, 85, 177, 178 

Harewell, 89 

Oi-enfuld, 271 

Harfell, 13 

Grenfield, 272 

Harington, 174, 281 

Grkslhy, 159 

Harper, 181 

Gredeu, 159 

Hairett, 251 

Gresley, 283 

Harrington, 85, 270, 324 

Grevel, 316 

Harris, 180, 321 

GreviU, 177 

Harrison, 256 

GuEvis, 304-309 

IlmTison, 256 

Greris, 304 

Harrison, 68, 177, IS 

Griffin, 161, 183 

182, 316 

Gri-sold, 181 

Harryson, 177 

Grivell, 179 

Hartford, 82 

Grose, 39 

Hartshorn, 15 

Grosvenor, 255 

Harvey, 85, 289, 292, 

Grove, 12, U, 52, 53, 55, 


85, 96 

Harvy, 318 

Grover, 22 

llarrye, 156 

Groynton, 15S 

Harvye. 156 

Guest, 319 

Harward, 320 


Harvvarde, 318 

Gunnell, 178 

Harwell, 178 

Gwavara, 279, 284 

liarwood, 320 

Oylliird, IM 

Haselton, 177 

Haselwode, 180 

Haskerds, 105 

Hacklat, 248 

Ha-^koU, 14 

Haddock, 178 

Hatlewood 63 

Hale, 180 

Has^ett, 2S6 

Hales, 76, 80. 161, TS 

Hastings, 18, 149, 255 

Hall, 112, 147, 177, '203, 


249,293, 306, 321, 3j3 

llastingc-s, 183 

IhiUidaij, 268 

llateho, 52 

Halliday, 3-'4 

Hatrliir, 156 

Halloway, 319 

Hatuukkk, 256 

H.M.ION, 160 

IhUrliffe, 256 

Jliillon, 160 

Hate, 251 

Halton, 150 

Hatherley, CO 



Hatton, 180 

Hinson, 78 

Hunt, G7, 183, 247, 252, 

llauKhtou, ISl 

Iliuton, 141 

320, 321 

Haule, 87 

Hinie, 36 

Hunto, ISO 

Haven, 157, 272 

HoUirt, 13 

HrNTFi!, 310, 315 

Havilton, 11 

Holibie, 180 

Jiania; 313 

Hawes, 55, 56, 108, 150 

Hobbs, 112 

Hunter, 208, 209, 210 

Uawkes, 22 

Hobday, 179, 182, 183, 

Hurst, 11, 173 

Hawkins, 111, IH 

248, 252, 253, 320 

Hussey, 285 

Hawlcs, 87 

Hobdey, ISl 

Ilusthwaite, 291 

Hawlev, 291 

Hobs, 70 

Husthwaite, 292 

Hawlej-n, 109 

Hockerstone, 41 

Husthwayte, 256, 2S3 

Hawton, 43 

Hodsdeu, 52 

Hustwavte, 272 

Hay, 203, 204, 210, 211 

Hobdev, 321 

Hutchinson, 262 

JIai/ilod; 110 

Hogg, 116 

Hnthwett, 46 

Haydock, 8, 202 

Hogliti.n, 14 

Hutton, 157 

Haydocke, 110, 329 


Hybot, 316 

HaydoD, 66 

Holhcach, 261 

;/!/(/f, 137 

Baydon, 280 

Holland, 151 

Hyde, 137, 182 

Hayes, 51,114,328 

HoUand-Corbett, 22 

Hycrne, 179 

Hay-Makdougal, 204 

Holies, 62 

Hyett, 316 

Haynes, 184, 320 

Holliocke, 182, 320 

Hynton, 48 

Hayward, 11, 179 

Hollis, 261, 263 

Head, 88 

Holloway, 77, S6 

Hedges, 180 

Holmden, 250 

Hedley, 266 

Holme, 121 

In-gi,ebeiit, 265 

Hemes, 179 

Holmer, ISO 

Ingleby, 288 

Heires, 180 

Holmes, 109, 1 S3, 200,273 

Ingram, 178, 181, 282 

i[clio,i, 146 

Holt, 72 

Helion, 146 

Holtam, 178, 250 

Innos, 204 

Helsbj, 322 

HOLTE, 33 

Ion, 259 

Helsou, 60 

Iloltc, 33 

Ion, 259 

Helyn, 72 

Holtofte, 119 

Ireland, 259 

Heminge, 251, 317, 321 

Holtoni, 317, 321 


Hemminge, 182, 183 
Heinpsall, 271 

Hooper, IS 2 

Hopkins, ISO 

Isott, 180 

Hendry, 166 

Hojikinson, ■;;70 

Izard, 251, 318 

Heneagc, 291 

Hojiper, 67 

Henley, 179 

Horden, 256 

Hennkgb, 257 

Hore, 13 

Hmncrje, 257 

Home, 38 

.lack, 210 

Uciiihaw, 214, 305 

Honicbi,-, 251 

Jacknian, 250 

Hcnshaw, 214, 271, 305 

Iloniiold, 179 

Jackson, 'l5, 91, 122, 249 

Herbert, 183 

llorrork, 21 

Jaconib, 47 

Heron, 1 

HorS.M,.:M,, 178 

Jakeman, 322 

llersey, 106 

Horslrv, ->;:i 

James, 306 

Hervy, 48 

HollKin,, 0-.; 

James, 50, 63, 93, 179, 

Hester, 108 

H..„.l,r„, T'.l, 


Hewett, 273, 279 

ll.,„.l,.y, 'V.i 

Jameson, 37 

Heyes, 52 

Hnv. lM^:,,^ H 

Jansey, 173 

Heylvn, 91 

ll..w;,,,i. W, 111, 255 

Jarrett, 249 

Heynes, 179, 316 

HoH.ll, :!I0 

.larvis, 144 

Heytli, 276 

ll.,w»l,,vv,., 273 

Jeav, 138 

Hkvton, 258 

llow..on, 3S 

Jelfe-ycs, 179 

Heywood, 318 

Hul.:.M.I, 179, ISO, 182, 

Hide, 73 

217, 219,250, 317, 320, 

Jenings, 319, 320 

Higges, 54 


Jenkinson, 293 

Higgins, 290, 320 

}\nU,u, 3.!0 

Jennyi, 99 

Higgs, 54, 179 

ll.nlh.l.n,, -liV.S 

Hilclesley, 111 

llml iui], ;,i! if,o 177 

"l , " i''," ' 

Hill, 177, 179, 183, 253 

Hul.U' 113 ' 

■/_',''""' '.'- 

Hillary, 18 

j/iimirn;,/,, 2SS 

.'leiniyn'. 157 

Jliltoft, 279 

Ilun.'fu.vstnu, 290 

Jcrvii), SU 

Hilloft, 279, 2S1 

Hiing,.,l,„,l, 109, 193, 198 

jL-wkr's, 119 

Hill«n, 289, 326, 327 

llmmton, 1.53, 258 

Johnea, 27i» 


JohuB, 219 

Johnson, 260 

Johison, 260 

Johnson, 73, 277, 318 

Joyies, 305 

Jones, ISl, 1S3, 247, 249, 

305, 317, 320 
Jordiin, 182, 313 
Jordeu, 252 
Joyce, 285 
Jugius, 179 
Justice, 104 

Kay, 147, 257 
Keat,.92, 94 
Keblewhite, 91 
Kecke, 181, 1»3, 319, 321 
Keighley, 252 
Kekewich, S— 11 
Kehewich, 9 
Kelke, 261 
Kelley, 54 
Kemmett, 251 
Kemp, 93, 2S1, lSi,217 

Koini.,t..n,179, 320 

Ken.lall, lUS 

Kennc, 10 

Kennedy, 1G2 

Kef-.ell, t.S 

KettU-l.v, 321 

Keyt, 317 


KlU'l^t,:.. -J.-.l 

KinWU, 171 
Kin.-.c-y, 21 f, 
Kinlon, 206 
Kirliy, 63 
Kiike, 44 
Kit.', 317 
Kitcloy, 252 
Kn.q., S2 
KNL.iir, 21.2 
Kn.^l.t, ;-l, 2 

Knyveton, 144, 145 
Ki/inc, 2SS 
Kyme, 277, 279 

Labat, 174 

IjACo'n, 262 
lacon, 262 
Lacy, 152, 182, 18: 

253, 320 
Ladyer, 266 
Lambart, 263 
Lamlart, 263 
Lambert, 261 
L:unbert, 264, 289 
Laiiiblou, 279_ 
Lamport, 51, 56 
Lan-^m, 265 
I Lane, 76, 103, 25 

317, 322 
Langholme, 277 
Laughorue, 76, 114 
Langston, 177, 178, 

182, 251 
Langton, 155, 277, 

Larke' 159, 319 
Latb..m, 151 
LaugUton, 266 
Lanton, 214 
Law, 37, 163, 206 
L^iwrenoe, 116, 317, 
Luvson, 74 


Leehmove, 182 
Le Omte, 171 
Le Cumander, 238 
Le Draper, 240 
Lee, 51, 52, 55, i 

104, 152,210 
Lkkds, 265 
Leeds, 265 
Leeds, 142 
Leek, 263 
LuKngleys. 183 
Le Fort, 169. 172 
Leggatt, 142 


Ldyh, 137 

Leigh, 36, 50, 55, 
143, 25C, 248 

Leigbt, 311 

LciijMon, 304 

Leighlnn, 304 

Lei^,h, 210 

Lcuche, 177 

Le Kus, 242, 243 

Lci-crett, : 

Lewe3, 243 
Lewis, 319 
Lewkuor, 66 
Leyoesler, 322 
Libb, 65, 100 

Life' 37 

Lightbourne, 103 

Li''htfuot, 50 

Ligon, 178, 179, 319 

Lifbourn, 282 

Lilley, 320 

LiUie, 106, 181 

Lilly, 38, 17 8, 181,132 

Liuch, 149 

Lingard, 179 

Linley, 45 

Lisle, 12 — 15 

Lisons, 316 

Litlebery, 292, 293 

Litleburv, 142 

Litler, 276 

Littlebery, 153 

LiTTLEBUllY, 266 

Littlepage, 2S2 

Littleton, 184, 252, 253, 

317, 320 
Lloyd, 14, 67 
Lock, 53 
Lorjrjins, 110 
Loggins, 49, 110, 313 
Lokeyard, 177 
Lomley, 2S6 
Longe, 177 
Longespey, 239, 243 
Longlield, 54 
Lord, 252 
Lorymer, 1_5_2 
Loubier, 175 
Lound, 283 
Lova-irk, -in 
I,ovwlay, 51 
Lovell, -274^ 
LowND, 266 
Lownd, 266 
Lullin, 168, 170 
Lumley, 239 
Lunsford, 66 
Lunghespey, 238, 243 
Lunn, 22 
Lunue, 247 

I Machdl, 267 



Maclnu, 8.3 

Mawre, 273 

Mues, 204 

Mackenzie, 202 

Maxwell, 290 

MUNDY, 65 

M'Kevlie, 204 

Maydenwell, 271 

Mund.i. 65 

McKredie, 204 

Mayo, 249, 328 

MunMii, 291 

Macleay, 176 

Mayott, 92 

Mun.son, 147, 292 

Madeson, 279 

Mead, 70 

Murray, 29S, 299 

Madison, 267 

Meades, 316 

Mi.F-rave, 141 

Madock, 214 

Medcalfe, 260 


Madysou, 142 

Medhop, 264 

:ilussuub:n, 270 

Magse, 175 

Mcdlicott, 306 

Mufe-sendcD, 146, 267, 269 

Maitland, 311, 312 

Medwell, 17S 

MaUiam, 147 

Meeres, 275 

Mallctt, 107, 179, ISO, 

Nadal, 192* 


Men/.ies, 208 

N.anfan, 250, 251 

Malli'uar, 318 

Meore, 53 

Nani.ban, 178 

Malloeh, 164 

Merecroft, 48 

Nasi,, 321 

Malteii, 183 

MerreU, 179 

Naville, 168. 172 

Man, 258 

Merwode, 197, 199 

Nayler, 204 

Manby, 277 

Meverell, 104 

Neale, 211, 212, 317 

Mandeville, 6, 7 

Meryman, 43 

Necker, 170, 171,175 

Manhoode, 52 

Middlemore, 316 

Neile, 55, 329 

Maniug, 178 

Midleton, 266 

Nef^ox, 65 

Manlove, 51, 55, 56 

Jfillionip, 250 

Nelson, 65 

Mansell, 103 

:Hik.s, 250, 322 

Nelson, 70, 209, 255 

Mautell, 155 

Miller, 11, 103, 111 

Newbeury, 49, 50 

Mautravoi-s, 243 

Mills, 69, 316 

Newberry, 53, 54 

Munuaviny, 73 

Mihvard, 252 

Newberve, b-J. 

Mai:, 1S4-1SS 

Mimio, 243 

NewboiiVne, 159 

M.iiTnll, 145 

ilimhuM, 214 

Newbu.y, 54 

Jlan-hant. 309 

Mitclicll, 52, 210 

Newce, 149 

:\Iaivli.ill, ISl 

Mohmi, 17 

New.Hirnbe, 321 

M.arillirr, 15, 139 

Molincux, 253, 254 

Nkwcumkn, 270-272 

]\[aria, 2IS 

Molyne.-, 90 

Nnrmncn, 271 

Mariselialle, 11 

Molvneux, 13 

Newcomen, 293 

Marjoiil.anks, 204, 205, 

Montacufr, l;i 

Newh,im, 46 

290, 297, 29S, 299, 300, 

Moi.taKue, 50. 51,52, 54, 

NcwinL'ton, 248 


55, 110 

Newland, 315 

V„rh,i Vu 

:^Iontf„rt, 4 

Newman, 12 

^laIrio^ -l-A, 170, 3:'9 

Newport, 78, 310 

]\Iani..U. :.r. 

Moiitolieu. 56 

Newton, 38 

M.'u^l,. ir.i 

M..i,t/., 170, 172 

Nevel, 316 

Marshall, 76, 174, 17s, 

JUiore, 3.V, rl. 75, 252 

Nevell, 151 

180, 252, 286, 315, 316, 

Moray, 164 

NEVii.r., 66 


More. Mil, 17S, 251, 2S7 

Nerlll, 06 

Marten, ISO 

Moreton, 31 S 

Kevin, 68 

Martin, 17, 78, 94, 106, 

Jlorgan, 16o. 321 

Nicholas, 71, 212.272 

113 " 

MolUSON, 26. 

Niclioi.-ion, 15, 209 

M.artyn, 17, IS, 148 

Murhua, 2ii9 

Nightingale, 53 

Marwood, 198 

Morkv, 15.3, 2S0 

Nisbet, 202 

Maiyott, 110 

Morrie, 41 

Nivin, 210 

Marys, 281 

Morrice, 178 

NoVile, 53 

Masfield, 180 

Moriis, 1S3, 251, 317 

N(na.:, 67 

Mason, 42, 65, 250, 251 

Mors 116 

i\uke. 67 

W.-issr, 329 

Mortinur, IS 

Noke, 73 

Ma'-.srv, n, 116 

Morton, 31S, 

Xoiici.ii-FK, 35, 3C,, 26S 

Morwood, 83 

Norrllth; 36 

Muf.!:,,„il„,n-d, 2i;3 

Mo.„.l,.y, -m, SIS 

Norniansell, 120 

]\Ia.-..sin'i,'l.c:na, 147,271,, MO 

N,.rreys, 52, 54 

Mas.sii,-l,Lr.l, 160 

MouaU, 160 

N,irri.s 49, 53, 181 

Matljtws, 178 

Mo, .Ml,. UT, 269 

North, 156, 273 

Matliias, 17i! 

Move, 179 

Norton, 1 10, 255 

Mnuclsl.iv, 139 

Moyin' ''69, 319 

Man.lslr'v, 15 

Moytl,;, 155__ 

Nowdcn, 210 


NoYEs, C7 
A^oycs, 67 
Noyes, 105 

Oakley, 5fi 
Ocklcy, 179 
Offlet, G8 
Offlci/, GS 
Ogle, 140 
OUIhaii[/!., 213 
Ol.lhauuli, 213 
Ol.lkiiavu, 1 1 
Oliphiuit, 1G2, 1G4 
Oliver, 317 
Ommauuey, 307 
Oligley, 169 
Oni.ey, 68 
Onlc;/, 68 
Onslow, 52 
Ohvoud, 33 
Orford, 33 
Orkney, 206, 207 
Ormerod, 322 
Ormesby, 272 
Osborne, 7G 
Osgood, 88 
Ottwell, 52 

Owen', 305 
Owgan, HI 
Oxcnbridge, 2Sr, 

Paikeu, 69 
Pucker, 69 
Packer, 86 
rackingtun, 11 5, 1 
Paddey, 318 
Page, 70 
Paye, 213 
Page, 75, 110, 21 

265, 282 
Paget, 22, 191* 
Pngett. 19 


, 321 


Palmer, 113, IS 
Paly, 101 

Parkhurst, 'j; 
Paikin, 11 
Pan; 124 
Parr, 58, 125 
I'arsons, 17 i, 

ParliTigton, :! 
Partridge, IS 
Partngo. 181 
I'ulon, 111 






eynian, 1 14 


tt, 93, 109 


„, 136 


n. 136, 320 

ek, 139 





■:, 274 
, 271 


CE, 73 


es 321 


11, 176 












■rill, "lyj 



S 179, 251 



Ns, 73 



IS, 73 


rkiiis, 40, 93, 




249, 250, 




94, 179 



.s. 179 





), 265 
■il, 1:7 
.s, 51 

/■ir'.r, 121, 1 
]'il„-i, 21 
I'lUaiin, 16G 


Plomer, 75 
Plomcr, 75 
Pluckwell, 69 
Plumb, 1S3 



I'LUMi-roN, 76 

Plumpton', 156 
Pocock, 65 
Polelioiise, 179 
Ponder, 274 
Ponder, 2/4, 275 

243', 249, 317 
Pooler, 179 
Pope, 97 


Pordarjc, 76 
P0R.110HT, 276 
Porter, II, 178, 27! 

Porteus, 313 


Portiiigtoii, 259, 26 
Portmaii, 179 

Poiuit, 77 
rcuxH, 305 
Powell, 253, 320 
POWLE, 78 

Poule, 78 
Powle, 52 
Powlter, 269 
Powney, 70, 110 

Praed, 56 
Pratt, 79 
Prott, 79 
Pi-eedy, 181 
Preston, 46, 257 
Preston, 257 
Pretty, 120 


, 79, SO 



PUSEY, 81 

•Robinson, 45,90,118,147, 

Sandhafh, 320 

Puscy, 81 

183, 317 

Sanders, 276 

PVE, 81 

Robynsou, 118 

Sandf.kson, 279 

Pyc, 81 

Roche, 153, 282 

Sande,-son, 279 

Pyllett, 281 

Rocke, 119 

Sandei-son, 283, 284 

PynchcskM-, 152 

Uock.s, 148 

S.'indford, 80, 158, 271 

Pyi'EK, 57— SO, 123-126 

Uodkyo, 67 

Sandon, 279 

Pyramus, 172 

Rodney, 2H7 

Sands, 249 


ROGHHs, 84 

Sandys, 182 

QuADniNG, 277 1 

Hu'/crs, 84 

S ANTON, 280 

Quadrinrj, 111 

Rogers, 91, 189* 

Santon, 280' 

Quacbing, 260 ' 

RokebT, 146 ! 

Sapcotes, 157 

Queeuy, •11 j 

Rokley, 158 j 

Sapcoitks, 280 

Quinsey, 46 

Rolaz du Kosey, 1 68 

Sapcottcs, 280 

Quintin, 246 ; 

RoUesley, 144 

Sauxdei;s, 86 

Qmny,179 \ 

Rods, 141,158 

Saunders, ^6 

QuvUer, 316 

Rose, 250, 267 

Saunders, 69, 81, 88, 248, 

Qu'yuye, 177 

Ross, 166 


RossKTOH, 278 

Savadge, 182 

Raclcliff, 148, 152 

Rossetor, 278 

Savage, 152, 1 84, 217, -248, 

Eadlky, 278 

Kotheram, 292 


RmIUii, 278 

Round, 183, 249 

Savell, 147 

Ramsay, 311 

Rous, 54 

SaviU, 146, 275 

Randolph, 184 

Rouse, 318 

Sawney, 53 

Ravening, 282 

Rousset, 329 

Sawyer, 50, 51 

Rawlins, 252 

Rovston, 70 

Saivyer, 53, 54,55, 56,329 

Rawly ns, 316 

Rudge, 317 

Scarablesby, 276 

Rayner, 259 

Rudhall, 81 

Scawen, 14 

Raynton, 82 


Scene, 150 

Rea. 318 

Riuh/ard, 85 

Scherer, 172 

Read, 82, 83 

Rumney, 179 

Scobell, 173 

Read, 82, 83 

Runcovere, 11 

Scoche, 284 

Read, 289, 290 

Russell, 12, 14, 1-22, 246, 

Scopholmo, 292 

Re,ide, 161, 258 


Scott, 166, 167, 174, 209 

Redliead, 260 

Rutter, 253, 317 

Scroop, 108 

RecUnge, 316 

ityder, 275 

Soudamore, 90 

Reed, 140, 161 

Rye, 190, 191 

Searaer, 60 

Reguier, 175 

Ryeth. 153 

Seamor, 95 

Reresby, 106, 143, 153 

Ryland, 178, 248,219,317 

Seavernc, 179 

Reve, 179 

Ryther, 287 

Seckford, 13S 

Revesby, 286 

Sedgwick, 77 


Sackvyle. 150 

Segar, 216 

Reynell, 198 

Sadler, 116, 181 

Segi-ave, 268. 277 

Reyuoldes, 198 

St. Aubyn, 198 

Sellon, 168—176 

Reynolds, 248 

St. George, 73, 216 

Sellon, 94 

Ribye, 27& 

St. John, 136 

Serjeant, 106 

Ricivrdes, 289 

St. John, 136 

Seymcr, 95 

Richard, 169, 252 

St. Paul, 147, 161,288 

SKY.Monii, 87 

Richardson, 180, 249, 253, 

St. Paule, 157 

SLaler, 181 

317, 318, 321 

St. Piere, 150 

Shallcross, 215 

R.CHK, 83 

St. Valery, 16 

Sharpe, 52 

niche, S3 

S.iladin, 175 

Sharthascll, 180 

KiddLll, 185,203 

Sale, 183, 184 

Shaw, 252 

Killi.t, 1.18, 172 

Sales, 168 

Shawcros, 216 

Ki.lov, 133 

Saltkh, 85 

Shawcro^sr, J15 

Kolilleil, 316 

Sallniarsli, 267, 283 

Shawe. 118 

llul.liiu., 319 

Salway, 179 

Sha.Kpcri', 179 

H"l«Tls, 1S2. 319 

Samliach, 80, 320 


K..bc.t.-, 177 

SAMiaui.NK. 85 

SholliL'ld, 156, 2ti5. 281 

U.,bort>oii, 138 

■S(n,dm-iii; 85 

Sheldnii, 178,180, IS.', 218 

Rubins, 178, 17'^ 

Sandu.rno, 99 

249, :il6 

llMlUNbON, 84 

SauM'son, 119 

Shullev, 10 1 

i:obiHson, 84 

Sand, 255 

Shellun, 2b0 

' Sandall, 286 

Shepard, 41 



Shcpheard, 97 

Slieppard, ] 60, 2S.! 

Sheriiigton, 1 1 

Shernird, 283 

SiiiiHwooD, 88 

a/ieruood, 88 

Slienvood, 116 

Shiiisiilo, 177 

Shoulji-idge, 308 

Rhutt, 307 

Sidlpy, 268 

Siduliiiin, S2 

Siiucottes, 290 

Simons, ^3, 178, 179, 31B 

Simpson, 53, 21] 

SincUiir, 164, ]()6,20fi, 207 

208, 209 
Skaio, 180 
Skai-lett, 143 
Skerne, 256 
Skiner, 41 
Skipwith, 281 
SUpvH/,, 281 
Skipwith, 153, 257, 261 
272, 277, 285, 286, 287* 
SLATiat, 282 
««ta-, 2S2 
yl:.<le, 317 
Sleight, 160 
Slylord, 75 
Smalbonk, 89. 90 
SnialLirook, 248 
Smallwood, 122 
Smart, 52, 252 

S.MJ!ATON, 90 

Smcaton, 90 

Smeweii, 102 

Smith, 212—216 ' 

Smith, 213 I 

Smith, 22, 53, 65, 66, 94 

98, 101, lis, MO, 160 

180, 181, 248, 251 253 

319, 321 
Smith-Cuniiiglmme, 310 
S.MVTH, 91, -282, 283 
Smyth, 283 
Smyth, 44, 121, 122, 148 

161, 177, 250, 263, 265, 

275, 279, 280 
Soley, 248 
Sollers, 183 
Soinercots, 270 
Somorscallos, 282 
Sominor, 10 
Songer, 290 
SorTHDT, 92, 03 
Sniithh}/, 92 
Soiithliy, 91, 99 
Southcott, 198 
Suiithworth, 258 
S,>«ard, 277 
Sowley, ISO, 321 
Sowtlio, 272 

Spauke, 94 
Sparree, 182 
Sparry, 183, ) 
S|.ic.T, 88 
SriEH. 94 

, 94 

Spooner, 70, 17 
Spiingett, 307 
Squiiib, 95 
S</uib/j, 95 
Staffrrton, 110 
Stafiertou, 95 
Stafford 95 
Stafford, 95 
Stafford, 144, i; 
Stalyn, 262 
Stampe, 96 
Stampe, 96 
Stanger, 86 
Stauley, 184 
Stanlow, 284 
Stanlow, 146 
Stanton, 116 

292, 318 
Starkey, 181 
Starnbnigli, 292 
Staveley, _'S9 
Stavert.n, 53, 6( 
Staynfifid, 266 
Stephens. I I, v:i 

Steward, 183 
Ste^vart, ! 62, 1 1\ 
206, 207, 208 
Still, 75 
Stoakes, 182 
Stock with, 143 
Stockwith, 141, 
Stoddart, 294, 2 
Stok&s, 99, 278 
Stone, 180 
Stowford, 5' 
Strange-, IS 9.0 
Strangw,,.!,, 151 
Stratford, 250 
Strattr.n, 101 
Strdlcy, 110 
Stkofiiiim.i, 97 
Struutihill, 'h 
Stn.arl,, 26i;, 207 
Stiihhf,. 122 

Sy.lnry, 205 
Symcoto.s, 278 
Symonds, ] 80, 320 

I Symon.s, 178 
I Symson, 122 
j Syugar, 316 

Taaffe, 205 

Tailer. 177 

Tailluii, 97 

Taileur, 104, 105 

Talhoi/rs, 288 

Talbo'ye.-i, 288 

Tame, 52, 56 
Tandy, 181, 251,319 
Tankerville, 205 

Tdtmhall, 98 
Taulboyes, 286 
Tayler, 248, 249, 318 
Taylor, 38, 53, 76 
Tebb.s, 57, 329 
Temple, 144 
Taberville, 320 
Terrv, X6 
T«t:,nl, 246 


Thaeker, 153 

Thella.son, 172,174,1; 

Theobald, 56, 72 

Tm.Miii.KKV, 2S5 

Thhnhhh.i, 285 

Thimbleby, 256, 2S1, 2 

ThimbletUorije, 26u 

Thomas, 305 

Thomes, 180 

Thomp.5oL., 53, 161, 2 

Tiioresby, 1.56 
Thoresbye, 281 
Thornbury, 251 
Thorne 2 ,0 
Thorol.l. 275 
Thorowgood, 66 
Thorn, 1 78 
Thornbury, 321 
Thorneton, 177 
TnoiiNiiiLL, 286 
Thornhill, -i&ti 
Thointon, 159 
Thorp, 139 
Thorpe, 147, 235 
ThrockmorUin 178 17 


, 138 


Titterie, 119 

Twittio, ISO 

■\VaIshani, 319 

Tolson, 76 

Twyiiing 252 

Wal.she. ISO. 316 

Tombes, 178 

TyMll, 48 

Wal.singha.n, 182, 184, 

Tomes, IS-l 

Tyas, 148 

Walte.-, 105 

Tomlinson, 178, 182 

TVLKM, 103 

Warberto.i. 147 

TouniK.;, 318 

r^lkr, 103 

W.arburlon, 39, 42 

Toms, 177, 317, 31S 

Tyriu, 139 

\V,irclall, OS 

Toiil.v, 2(M 

Tyrrell, 169, 175 

AVar.l, 91, 160, 300, 31 

ToiileV, -.'04 

Tyrwitt, 141 

Waki.e, 307 

TooKEii, 99, 100 

Tyson, 119, 120 

Wanic, 305 

Tookcr, 99 

Wanlo, 305 

Toolev, 140 

Uncarman, 203 

W'arenne, 0, 7 

Tojicliir, 270 

Uiukiliill, 181 

Waunkoud, 104 

ToiH-liflr, MI 

Union, 79 

Wamlord, 104 

Torpky, 17'J 

Union, 112 

M-arren, 68 

Tos,icl,, ICl 

Usher, 13 

Washborne, 248 

Tosliaok, lOO, 2SS 

Tofciu, 11 

Vachell, 104 

Watku.-man, 105 

Toucliet, 19 

Vm-leU, 104 

Walcrtoii, 156 

Towc-U, 46 

Vachell, 98, 284 

Watcrton, 149, 157, 28 

To^^•l.:.LS, 237 

Vai.oyne.s, 1—7 

Watkinson, 45 

Tovo-,, 287 

Vane. 62, 44, 74, 142, 2 

Towiisciid, ISO 

Vanlore, 110 

W.aurhui.e, 294, 295 

Towulcy 2.-.->, 21/1 

Varian, 192 


TuwiisliuDcl, 320 

Vaniey, 179 

Webb, 52 

TowTiiiiv, 2S7 

Vas,,er»t, 170, 176 

Webbo, 17S 

ToMhy, 287 

Vaugliaii, 75, 77, 84 

Webster, 70, 89, 291 

Trade, 248 

Vava.ior, 140, 289 

Weekhcrlin, 100 

Tracy, 17 

Va/.eiile, 255 

Wedlev, 251 

Trallbrd, 151 

Vtunbh^, 214 

Week^, 89 

Tree, 54 

Venneis, 247, 310 

WKLliKCK, 105 

Treljcrne, 155 

Vcinet, 171, 174 

Welby, 52, la6 

Tribick, 106 

Vcrimn, 21 4 

Welcome, 259 

Trigg, 56 

Vernon, ISJ. 2i:.l.,;)ti, 321 

Weklen, 50, 53 

Tristram, 321 

Vernnm. 45 

Wki.dox, 105, IOC 

Trivett, 38 

Vigurs, 60 

11VW„», 10.5 

Tromlnii, 108, 17 i 

Villeis, 150 

Uel.lni, . ■; !)7 3''9 

Tro,-:iclc, 104 

VilleUe.,, 329 

Weldone, 53 

Tro«>.lale, -62, 279 

Villier-s, 2.:.5 

Welldon, 52, 53, 329 

Trurlork, 89 

Vincent, 199 

Wells, 4 0, 87 \Mj, 181 

Tiu.Miir].!., 100, 179 

Wellys, 177 

Tnnnhi'll, 1 Of' ' 

Vizar, 316 

Weksh, 32, 120 

Trus.sdl, 213 

Voke, 73 

Welymet, 48 

Trygoll,, 279 

Vvn-AN, 123 


tA 101-, 125 

Wenmau, 52 

TubolJ, 72 

Went\vo}lh, 149, 154 

Tucker, 101 

Wa.l,ln,,.|on, 291 

Wesley, 04, 74, 255 

Ti'l.1., 101 293,'277 

TL-uniaiviLi,. 102 

Wa.l.„ley, 14 9 

Westabie, 37 

Turhn-Ml, 102 

Wa.ll.y, 177, 183, 184, 

Westl.ury, 100 

Turul, 316 


Tun.tT, 44,77,94, 178, 181 

War I'lir.'lV^" 

Wesleutt, 54, 55, 110 

TniMV, 2.N,s 

M'al.rnian, 177, 319 

Wisllloi;!' 100 

run,c,i. 288 

Wal. 317 

Wr.vM.n,, 290 

Tunny, 28., 

W .,!,■„,. 11, 51, 72, 89. 31 

Turreltim. 170, 171, 172, 

Wall,,,,!, 179, 2.-,0 

Westu,„„l. 122, 184 


Walrlave, 279 

Wetherell. 90 

T.irvy, 320 

Wall,,,. 17,v. 21:-, IllO 

Wil(,„l„ill, 214 

Tmv.y, 2.V2 

Wall... 29.1 115 

TosU,,, 177 

W.illl,., l.'O 

Whallev, 293 


Waliui.d.'V, 321 

Whaila'ni.,n, 42 

^\ AUnl.K; 2811 

Wh,„l\ , .69 

Twiniug, 322 

ir.i//.../r, 289 

Wbalel.y, 179 

W«l|,ule, 264 

Whcler, 310 


Whclhill, 48 
Wliistler, 77, 99 
Whilam, 263 
Wliitacre, 264 
Whitaker, 12, 13, U, 15 
Whitby, 21 
WuiTE, 107 
While, 107 
White, C8, 100, IV2 
^Yhiteha]l, S4 
Whitfield, 102 
AVhitt, 164, 261, 283 
Whittoii, 100 
Whonvootl, 274 
Whytney, 310 
WicbehaL^o, 197 
Widdowe3, 319 
Wigau, 152 
Wiggin, 318 
Wigbtman, 42 
Wirjhtmche, 108 
Wigley, 159 
Wikes, 263 
Wikes, 264 
Wilcox, 108 
Wilcox, 108 
Wilcox, 97 
Wild, 97 
Wilkes, 121, 179 

WlLKI>fSON, 109 

Wilkinson, 109 

WiU.iii,..,,, JO, :,-r, 

\\ ill.. 1,1 ,- ;'- ;i7, 10! 

WiNOlI, "ilO 

Win,'],, no 

WiiKli, 50, 










:.o, 306 












2.-S, 269 


., K 















r, 181, 291 



, 105 
















9.0, 107 



.1, 7 



V,' 2 






V\'0HTHINGT,1N, 291 

Wiji-lhinjlon, 291 
Wortliiugton, 114 
Wii.vT, 62 
Wray, 160, 293 
Wright, 291 
Wright, 108, 153, 203 
Wrixon, 307 
Wyatt, 179 
Wyrb, 39 
wVgan, 145 
Wylrl, 251 
W'ylde, 316 
Wylv, 177 
wVn.^niore, 177 
WViiosmovo, 310 
W'qtha; 274 
Wytlicr, 275 
Wiilhcrnw:,kc, 292 
Wytheiiiwykp, 150 

YhI.Icii, 88 
YARBORducn, 293 
Yaiborougb, 154 
YiTE, 1 15 
Yutc, 115 
Yates, 1 1 3 
Yalcs, 116 

Yaxley, 259 



\V,lln,.ill., :n 


\\ill.,ii -hl,\, s,i, 275 


Will,,..,., N- 

\\',„.,1 , '.: 

\\lMl,,ll, 1U'1 


ii',/,«o«, mil 




W<hon, 290 


Wiuibish, 2?4 


Wimbishe, 257 


149, 285 

2914 X