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1989 HArrER 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


all that glitters 


the golden years » . . 28 


going for the gold . . . 76 


solid gold . . . 104 


rich in style . . . 128 


golden opportunities . . » 142 


the midas touch . . . 180 


1989 HATTER 


Deland, Florida 
Volume 68 


■ . ''i ^'^'-"^ 

in looking back at the 1988-89 academic 
year, you may stop to think about what it is 
that makes Stetson special to you. Friends, 
events, faculty, staff, and acquaintances may 
come to mind as memories bring back the 
past. There is a certain element, however, 
that links people, places, and events together 
in a special relationship unique to Stetson. 
That element is the gold standard. 

This particular gold standard is what 
makes us proud to put Stetson University 
down on our resume. We have received an 

excellent education at a college rich in history 
and prestige. We know our professors, we 
know each other — we are not a number We 
are encouraged to grow personally through a 
wealth of organizations and student activi- 

The gold standard, therefore, describes 
our years here at Stetson. It is the standard 
against which all others are measured. 

Friends Scott Uguccioni and Derek Graver are skeptical when Ron Gironda 
insists tie bikes tliree miles everyday. 

^ \Jur qradu- 
ate School and 
meaical icnoo 
itudenti find that 
tneu are in Ine top 
part of their 
isei. ^V 


-^r. Kiier 

Taking a break from scooping 
cones for ttie BCM Ice Cream So- 
cial, Joan McCraney and Sherri 
Mitchem show their enthusiasm. 

Residential Life duties are never 
done. Area Coordinator Doug 
Wells gives some advice to resi- 
dent advisor Kim Summers. 

During a hectic Bid Day, Pi Phi 
Myra Phipps and Tri Delt Alicia 
Raffa step aside to discuss busi- 

•t' ^ N~V 

Well, we did it again! According to U.S. 
News and World Report, Stetson University 
was ranked as one of the top twenty compre- 
tiensive universities in the nation. This was 
the third year that Stetson had ranked in the 
U.S. News college survey but the first time it 
had been included in the national level. 

What is it about Stetson that encourages 
its community to strive for the highest levels 
of excellence, the "gold standard?" It is the 
positive competitiveness and goal-oriented 

thinking of the students. It is the commit- 
mentand availability of the staff and adminis- 
trators. It is also the dedication and creativity 
of the faculty Because of quality students 
and administrators, faculty and staff mem- 
bers who strive for high ideals in all areas o1 
education. Stetson as a whole will continue to 
maintain the gold standard. 

The Hat Rack patio is an ideal place for studying and snoozing — Maria Scale: 
and Ian Watson. 

Art History requires every last minute of study time. April Cullom took New students were received witti fanfare. Tlie FOCUS staff worked long and 
full advantage of that time outside Sampson Hall. hard to ready the campus for first day visitors. 

Stetson guys — not only handsome but oh so cool. 



H *< 

BCM members enjoying an ice cream social: Lean Bell, 
Erin Kassout, Terry Marten, Joan McCraney, Barbara 
McColley, David Taylor, Shellie Hinson, Lisa Herron, James 

Presidnet Lee opened his home to students, faculty, and 
other guests during FOCUS Week in September. 

golden moments 

W.,ao,ou do a«o,*e extra ,hin,s*atyo..o. 

■* activities. 

^„ D A develops 
Jamie Clark: Being anj.- ^^^ ^.^^^ ^^ 

ir^terpersonalsMlsa^nd^'^^^^^^^^^ ,^ ^^^,,s 

organization and ^^.^^''^J'J^^ \t gives you the 

students' lives. 

all that 

All that glitters on a campus 
such as Stetson's is the special 
people that make the college 
unique. And events like Green- 
feather, Parents' Weekend, and 
FOCUS as well as daily life allow 
students, faculty, and staff mem- 
bers to really shine. 

The year began with FOCUS, a 
week of activities to help new stu- 
dents feel more "at home. " Then 

Pi Phi's celebrate tlteir new sisters on sorority Bid Day. 

came sorority and fraternity 
Rush, two consecutive weeks of 
membership drives. Green- 
feather followed in October, with 
Parents ' Weekend winding up the 
week. Homecoming, held in 
March, finished the year with a 
bang! But the "little" things that 
happened in between these ma- 
jor events also provided us with 
memories that last a lifetime. 


p I- fi '111 ■■ p 

L.treeiinefi Irom s I InNtirin /"'(in 

With the choir from University Baptist 
Church from her hometown of Coral Gables, 
Jennifer McLean traveled to Jamaica this past 
summer. During the days there, the 55 mem- 
ber group taught Bible School to children in 
different towns. Jennifer recalls, "If you gave 
(the children) love and affection, they gave you 
so much in return." In the evenings, the choir 
performed a musical called "Army of the Lord" 
in various churches near Montigo Bay. 

Jennifer McLean in Montigo Bay with new found friend, Julian 



^ People who 
had just met us 
kissed us. But you 
won't find people 
smiling and greet- 
ing just anyone on 
the street. X 

— Bonnie Bellinger, 
on tier trip to France. 

V. I saw my limits. 
I was able to see 
what I could really 
do. X 

—Letha Rtiodes, on 
her summer trip to 
ropes course in Wolf- 
creek, Georgia 

V. It was the best 
experience you 
could ever have. 
We learned so 
much abut our- 
selves by crossing 
cultures. \ 

— Kris Hammock, on 
her trip to Kenya with 
the Summer Mission 

V It was a very 
good job; exciting, 
fun, and time-con- 
suming. "V 

— Carson Baker on 
singing, waiting ta- 
bles, and directing 
plays at the Farm- 
house Restaurant in 
North Carolina. 



Ukinhing of 0ou 

Mike's "summer" vacation 
lasted nearly a year as he 
spent time living and learning 
about himself and other peo- 
ple while participating in some 
unusual activities. He built ig- 
loos, excavated caves, 
climbed mountains, and 
joined in other fru/y wilderness 

Mike Whitehead scales new heights in Josh- 
ua Tree, California, 

Like many students, Stacy 
Megica stayed with her parents 
this summer. She, however, 
traveled to Zimbabwe, Afhca to 
see them. Her father, a foreign 
service officer, was stationed 
there. While there. Stacy went 
on safaris, saw Victoria Falls, 
visited villages, and even saw a 
witch doctor. 

Stacy Megica and Angie Akerman in an African 


Ouring the first week, new students were kept 
running witli a number of different FOCUS AC- 

"Friendly, helpful, reli- 
able, and honest," were a 
few of the words used to de- 
scribe the 32 super-students 
who made up the FOCUS 
staff. But exactly what was it 
about these upperclassmen 
that made them such a 
blessing to new students? 

"I really enjoyed the FO- 
CUS groups," said Laurie 
Burns. "Our advisor was 
really honest about what col- 
lege life would really be 

like. " 

"They knew what they 
were talking about." Kevin 
Maffett added, "If you asked 
them a question, they knew 
the answer " All of the fresh- 
men polled said they really 
enjoyed the activities. "I 
loved PLAYFAIRH" was the 
enthusiastic response from 

The recipients of the rave 
reviews were the FOCUS 
staff, a diverse group of up- 

Armed with helpful advice and a smile, FOCUS 
advisor Caroline Hunter helped freshman to get 
checked in and registered on move-in day. 

FOCUS Co-chairman Dave Whidden was awed by 
Dr. Lee's house. He and Co-chairman Tammy Fir- 
man were helping greet people at the President's 

perclassmen, representing 
many different majors, so- 
cial and extracurricular in- 
terests. Each member 
shared a concern for the in- 
coming students, both 
freshmen and transfer stu- 
dents. They were Friends On 

a real trip. -PuJ Wo, 

Cver^LJl) wl 

I ikrou^k iL 
as. -J(tn. 

Mom and Dad seem taken with FOCUS advisor 
Jerri Horton. New students and their parents 
met at Edmunds Center for an opening ses- 

The University Picnic was an informal way for new 
students to get more acquainted with faculty 
members and employees of the university. 

FOCUS sponsored a "Dating Game" as enter- 
tainment for the new students. Lucky bache- 
lorette Michelle Maas won night out for two. 

FOCUS advisor Mike Kelley chatted with Dr. 
and Mrs. Lee at the President's Reception. 
FOCUS sponsors the event every year to allow 
new students to meet the president and facul- 
ty members. 

Sorority and fraternity 
Rush were tield in mid-Sep- 
tember tliis year, witti frater- 
nity Rust) beginning just as 
sorority Rusfi ended. 

"Fraternity Rusfi was very 
successful and well-run this 
year, "said Amy Tamberrino, 
Student Life Assistant. "All 

together, fraternities 
pledged 143 new members, 
even more than last year " 
Bid day rounded out the 
week of Rush events as each 
fraternity's new associates 
cheered together as they re- 
ceived their bid cards. 
Many of the girls who par- 

ticipated in sorority Rush in- 
dicated that sororities could 
help them meet people, 
make friends, and adjust 
better to life at college. Mis- 
ty Mead thought, "Sororities 
consider friendship and indi- 
viduality as two important 
qualities " in their group. 

Pam Childers served as 
Panhellenic Rush chair- 
man this year She set up 
all sorority Rush activities 
and coordinated the Rho 
Chi advisors. Her efforts 
and those of the sororities 
paid off as 118 bids were 

bororities look 
for someone 
who is going to 
contnbute effort, 
interest, and en- 
thusiasm. A smile 
from someone is 
a great contribu- 

— Pam Childers 


SItlSON ^ - 

Theta Rock Cafe served as a backdrop for Thetas to meet potential pledges during 
coke parties. 

Service with a smile took on a wliole new meaning 
when you were greeted by Virginia Wolf. 

Careful thought and a side of fries. 

Everything should be perfect when they get here. 
Robin Kolenicki was there to malie sure. 

Jr don t touch it 





don t 




it ii! 



J^tudent "v 


that extra special touch 

How would you feel if you 
knew you were going to have 
to prepare food for 2000 
people, three times a day 
seven days a week, for ten 
months? This challenge is 
what faced the Food Service 
this year. According to Mr 
Elliot Palmer, the Director of 
Food Services, "In order to 
vary the monotony of eating 
the same kinds of food every 
day, the Food Services 
planned events like the Ha- 
waiian-style luaus. These 
were done in a cookout style 

outside the Commons, com- 
plete with pineapples, coco- 
nuts, and a roasted pig. A 
band was provided to add a 

festive atmosphere to the 
occasion. Another example 
was an Italian dinner that 
was served with different 
kinds of pastas and sauces, 
complete with red-check- 
ered table cloths. "We enjoy 
doing it, it helps break the 
monotony The more we can 
do it we will, " said Palmer 
The Food Service also held 
an open forum meeting 
where students could pro- 
pose any improvements for 
the Hat Rack or Commons. 

Where's the party? 

Upon encountering the 
odin the Commons, every- 
w on campus suddenly be- 
imes a critic. Despite the 
aditional negative views 
udents have of cafeteria 
od, many people do enjoy 
iting there and some even 
^mpliment the food. One 
udent commented, "I like 
fe food very much, al- 
}ough most people say 
hool food is not good. I am 
1 international student so I 

did not know what to expect 
of American food, but I like 
it. " Melissa Heck feels, "As 
far as cafeteria food, it's 
pretty good. It's certainly 
better than high school. " 
Many students would agree. 
The majority probably fall 
into another category. Most 
people use the commons 
strictly for social purposes. 
One student pointed out, "I 
think the food leaves some- 
thing to be desired, but it 

provides a good social atmo- 
sphere." One could detect 
that simply by the noise level 
during dinner time. 

There still remains those 
students who stay as far 
away as possible. One stu- 
dent was particularly skepti- 
cal, "I just double check 
what it is before I eat. I don 't 
touch it if the people serving 
don't even know what it is!" 

Only so much can be done 
to institutional food, but 

Food Service has gone out of 
their way to make the "Com- 
mons experience" a more 
pleasant one, with attractive 
displays and fruit baskets, a 
red and white awning for line 
three, and pewter bowls and 
dishes for the salad bar 

Teresa Grandia, an ex- 
change student, was excited 
about the homemade pies 
and cakes," I never eat 
sweet things, but the des- 
serts are very good. " 

Getting in the luau spirit, food senice mrliers 
greet every student with a lei — and a smile. 

Growing boys need a well-balanced meal . . . Der- 
rail Dumas, Frank Ireland, and Maurice Cowan. 

On-campus living: it's not just a 
dorm, it's an adventure. It is an ad- 
venture, however, that is shared by 
over 60% of students, enhanced by 
nearly 60 Residential Life employ- 
ees, and supported by major cam- 
pus funding. In fact, almost $1 mil- 
lion ivas spent in renovations of Ne- 
mec and Emily Halls this past 


Students are most familiar with 
the programming side of Residen- 
tial Life. From the beginning of the 
year, RA's plan creative programs to 
help residents enhance their out-of- 
classroom experiences. 

New residents at tlieir first liall meeting — Ester McClen- 
don, Catrice Jolinson, Raclrel Hoffman, and Yun Ciiong 
Ctiang. Tliey were told to bring sometliing special to them. 

Stetson Hall 1st West took a get-to-know-one-another trip 
to Blue Springs as one of their first social programs. 
Stephanie Pollaro, Karen Brown, Sherri Harlan, Danielle 
Jenkins, Jennifer Smith, Susan Glenn, and Cheryl Wagner. 



Stetsons v 

Rude is right! Cordis and Conrad halls presented "The Morton Downey 
Show," a panel discussion to discuss Stetson's current visitation policy in 
the residence halls. John Hansen portrayed the arrogant, obnoxious, and 
terribly RUDE Morton Downey. Kristen Jones, Jeff Arnold, and Kenny 
Littlefield were a few of the panel members who took part in the heated 

Resident advisors Tammy Elssesser, Kim Fugate, and Jenna Bevan relax at a 
University Picnic after a hectic week of intensive RA training. 

Great things come in 
pairs: peanut butter and jel- 
ly; Abbott and Costello, 
Greenfeather and Parents' 
Weekend! Once again, for 
the first time in several 
years, Greenfeather week 
hosted Parents' Weekend as 
the grande finale to its own 
festivities. The week in- 
volved many of the old 
Greenfeather favorites: the 
Mr. Beauty Contest, the 

sidewalk chalk drawing in 
front of the CUB, the Rock- 
a-thon, Miss Greenfeather, 
blood drive, a Fun Run, and 
other fundraising activities. 
In all, Greenfeather activi- 
ties raised over $24,000 for 
local charities. 

Parents' Weekend con- 
cluded the week with special 
events like the Parents' Fol- 
lies and introducing proud 
parents to new friends. 

students just don't quit doing charity worl( during 
Greenfeatlier—it was also a cliance to save a life by 
giving blood. 

Who's leading who here? Mike McNatt tried to get the 
better of Anne McGrath at the ATO Mudwrestling com- 
petition. He failed. 

The 1988 Miss Greenfeather Candidates: Back: Pam Childers, Julie Nichols, Stacey Megica, 
Shelly Minotti, Annette Wilson, Cami Anderson, Renee Cirlincione, Marilyn Marino. Front: Alexis 
Croft, Karlene Himburg, Medody Weber, Natallie Barth, Kim Summers, Letha Rhodes, Sheri 
Fields, Misty Mead. 

Pi Phis presented "It's a Hard Knock Life" to a crowd of proud parents during 
tlie Parent's Weeliend Follies. 

Perfecting tier culinary talents at the Greenfeather Carnival, CCM president 
Jackie Cinnotti made funnel cakes for the crowd. 

At the reception following Parents' Weekend Follies, students Elsa Trembour 
and Michael Weber enjoy the festivities with Dr. and Mrs. Robert Weber. 

Strutting "her" stuff to Tina Turner's "You Better Be Good to Me"— Pi Phi's 
entrant to Mr. Beauty, Brian Holcombe. 





May, 1989 




Dispute over 
Mascot . . . 

Rages On! 

Including a 
Look at future 

Reporter Headlines 
as Forseen by 
Sasha Mohammedas 
Jones . . . 


Hot Topics Seen in a New 
and Different Liglit 

By Glenn Kindred 
The Burning Question 
Remains: Wliat is a 

The plaguing question 
is still boggling the 
minds of students and 
alumni alike. Re- 
cently, the Sociology 
Department has con- 
ducted a study to an- 
swer this very ques- 
tion. Reportedly, the 
Hatter is either a dis- 
tant cousin of the 
famed Boston Celtic 
mascot or the San 
Francisco version of 
the Marlboro man. 

Other stories in- 
clude the continued 
Department of Biol- 
ogy study on plant life 
which is being con- 
ducted in the Holler 
Fountation. This 
study, the longest of 
its type ever at- 
tempted, is scheduled 
to be completed the 
day before gradua- 
tion, just prior to the 
arrival of Stetson's 

The issue of ethics 
n business has also 
:ome to Stetson. 

Sources have re- 
vealed that a multi- 
million dollar study 
will be conducted by 
the middle-level ad- 
ministration this 
summer in Tahiti. 
The study is designed 
to allow researchers 
to fully understand 
Tahitian leadership 
habits and their rela- 
tion to the ever-rising 
tuition at Stetson. 

Once again. 
Stetson received na- 
tional recognition as 
one of the "best values 
in higher education." 
Reportedly, graduat- 
ing seniors will re- 
ceive a Ronco veg- 
etable slicer and a 
Ginsu knife with their 
diplomas. A source 
within the adminis- 
tration commented 
that "it is exactly this 
type of incentive 
which really sets 
Stetson apart from 
schools like Prince- 
ton, Harvard, and 

The Student Gov- 
ernment is reporting 
a bumper crop of suc- 
cessful legislation 
this year. Among its 
greatest achieve- 
ments listed are more 
chocolate ice cream 
in the commons dur- 
ing the week, pencil 
sharpeners in the li- 
brary, and an increase 
in toilet paper in 
Davis Hall. 

And that's the way it 
was, during the 106th 
year of our university. 
Until the fall, may 
your heart be green 
and your summer 
long. And if you're 
leaving, never to re- 

Santa Usua 
Brings Toys 
Ciiristmas Right? 

Santa must have made a mistake. You're 
supposed to wrap the presents — not the 
people. Todd Aldrich got a little TOO caught 
up In the Christmas spirit. 

turn, may your future 
be half as rewarding 
as your time at 
Stetson. If it is, you'll 
have found success. 


Have you ever been considered "pushy?" The commons 
staff can use your talents as a conveyor belt efficiency 
expert. We need a few/ good men to make sure the trays get 
from the students hands ONTO the conveyor belt in as 
efficient a manner as possible. 

Convenient Hours Pleasant Conditions 

here will you be in 2000? 

^^mha Mohammedas Jones predicts 
Mure Stetson Reporter Headlines . . . 

Football returns — 
dominated by Delta 
Sigma Phi. 

Mutant tastebuds 
take over freshmans's 
mouth . . . demand 
real food in the com- 

Holler fountain 
cleaned weekly . . . 
disease due to foun- 
tain dunking down, 
reports the Health 

Coalition for Social 
Responsibility busted 
for gunning down 
workers at Nuclear 
Power Plant. 

Phys Ed require- 
ment reviewed — 
too many seniors 
failing because 
of it. 

Young Republicans 
and College 
Democrats brawl in 
the DuPont Library 
basement during the 
Presidential debate. 

Rolling Stones play 
at the Frat Row "pit" 
— students wonder, 
"Who are these geri- 

Hair transplant 
at the Helsinki 
Institute goes 
haywire . . . 
Doug Lee's en- 
tire body covered 
. . . Psych dept 
suggests sending 
him to Berkely to 
see if he's the 
missing link . . . 
Sociology dept 
wants to keep 
him . . . Student 
body claims him 
as their new mas- 

Greek Bible study 
sets up permanent 
study at the ATO 

All night party at Car- 
son-Hollis ends in 
breakdown of the bar- 
rier between the men's 
and women's sections. 

Commuters protest 
over not being noti- 
fied of class schedule 
changes . . . demand 
they be informed at 
least one week in ad- 

Sig Ep Sam stolen — 
Black Panther group 
held suspect. 

Pike initiate dies af- 
ter impaling himself 
on his own cane. 

Conrad Hall has a 
REAL fire! 

Student campaign for 
Bud Man and Spuds 
McKenzie for new 
mascots shot down. 
Students say they 
started the campaign 
because they lost 
Doug Lee to Berkley. 

Sigma Nu signs with 
Capitial Records for 
U.S. distribution of 
new hit single "Hey 

Pi Kappa Phi raises 
money for their 
Greenfeather philan- 
thropy by working 
weekends at The 
Golden Slipper as a 
male dance troupe 
named "PUSH." 

Lambs on hunger 
strike until 
Stetson puts 
mousse dis- 
pensers and 
hairdryers in all 


Elevators installed in 
dorms . . . Less her- 
nias reported . . . stu- 
dents no longer have 
to cart 40 lbs. of laun- 
dry upstairs. 

Rocky Horror 
Picture Show 
shown on Hulley 
Tower . . . Reli- 
gion dept cri- 
t i q u e s ... 

After weeks of ob- 
serving the ZTA 
house, security re- 
ports there was noth- 
ing going on. 

Due to continued riots 
all students are 
banned from Stetson 
athletic events. 

Ex-SGA President 
Catherine Deithorn 
becomes first U.S. 
woman President. 

AK Psi indicted for 
insider trading scan- 
dal of Stetson stock. 

Commons DJ shot for 
playing the Violent 
Femmes . . . Sniper 
says he did it for 
Tammy Faye. 




If your professors aren't completely satisfied, 
send unused portion to Campus Box 9500 for a 
10% refund. 


Dad didn't tell her he did it 
Now she's $5,000 richer!! 



John B. and the other 
founders of our beloved 
university had no idea that 
100 years later, students 
would be rocking the 
Rafters down in the distin- 
guished Carlton Student 

But they are. In fact, 
starting on February 11, 
students have found a 
whole new meaning to the 
word "weekend." Thanks 
to the Stetson Union 
Board (SUB), what was 
previously known as the 
Alley gameroom has been 
transformed into Rafters 

. . . gameroom/nightclub/ 
hang-out extraordinaire. 

Responding to outcries 
from the general student 
body concerning the deci- 
sive lack of things to do on 
weekends, SUB got busy. 
According to Rodney El- 
lis, SUB adviser, most of 
the renovations were actu- 
ally done by students. 
"They all worked very 
hard," he commented. 

Ellis told close inside 
sources that the Alley ac- 
quired its name in an un- 
usual way. When it was 
built in the 1950's, it was a 

bowling alley. An alley. 
After that, it lay dormant 
for quite some time, used 
occasionally as storage for 
the Campus Bookstore. 
When it was rejuvenated 
into a gameroom, the 
name "Alley" stuck, al- 
though, says Ellis, "none 
of the students remem- 
bered it as a bowling alley 
at all." 

Now, Rafters continues 
the tradition of being for 
the students, by the stu- 
dents. The Stetson En- 
quirer wishes it continued 

Stetson beauty Colleen Barry has become 
a famous face as well as double psychology 
and education major. 

Unknown to Colleen, her proud father sent her 
picture into a national spokesmodel contest for Gui- 
ness and Harp beer. Out of the thousands that ap- 
plied, the company narrowed it down to five semifi- 
nalists. Those semifinalists each won $5,000 and a 
chance to compete with one another to become Miss 
St. Patrick's Day 1989. As a semifinalist, she also 
won several all-expense paid trips and photo shoots 
in New York, Miami, and Washington, D.C. 

Manufacturers Top Out On 

Answering Mactiine Sales: 

Millions Sold to Stetson 

"Hello. We're not here right now but 
leave your name and number. BEEP." 
Stetson students are so spoiled that 
they get confused when a live voice 



By: Amy Tamberrino 


After the 12th of this 
month, you will find great 
academic challenges. But 
fear not! After the 21st, you 
will discover a newfound 
freedom. Seniors, your newly 
acquired freedom will bring 
you an overwhelming sense 
of joblessness. 


Constant cruising of the 

CUB will benefit you this 
month. Don't give up. Timing 
is everything Be persuasive. 
Your scope is only a smile 
away — and you've got the 
smile to do it! 


The full moon and seven- 
teenth sun signifies your en- 
thusiasm for dear Stetson U. 
Channel your energy in con- 
structive ways: paint your 
face green, buy a cowboy hat, 
and learn the alma mater. 


Your "bullish" nature will 
help you go for and get what 
you want Take off those 
headphones, check under 
your bed for your textbooks, 
try to remember where the 
library is, and get that 4.0! 


All the planets are 
aligned in a way that can 
benefit you, especially in 
this time of transition. By 
acting early you can cor- 
ner the market on card- 
board boxes and go into 
the moving business. 


Although this year is al- 
most over, you will find 
new and unique ways to 
get even more involved on 
campus for next year 
Consider Habitat for Hu- 
manity Republican or 
Democrat groups, orCSR. 


A crescent moon this 
month will signify big 
changes for you. Summer 
semester introduces new 
friends, challenging 
classes, hanging out by 
the pool, and a great tan. 
Inspiration will lead you 
to the top before long! 


Now is the time to ex- 
plore the world outside 
Stetson's campus; specif- 
ically Deland. Check out 
the museum, the airport, 
the YMCA, Blue Springs 
. . .and while you're at it, 
take a risk and be nice to a 


The sports enthusiast 

has a variety of opportu- 
nities to get involved, 
both as a spectator and as 
a participant But watch 
out for any stray punches 
at all events involving 
USF teams! 


This is your time to 
shine. Your financial aid 
is confirmed, your class 
schedule has no Friday 
classes, you got the exact 
room you wanted for Fall, 
and romance is waiting 
for you in your Tuesday 
morning class. 



Challenges await you. 

Follow up on causes you 
believe in by taking the 
appropriate actions — 
talk to your professors, go 
through SGA, take it up 
with SUB, ask an admin- 
istrator. You CAN make a 
difference at Stetson. 


A cluster of four planets 

point the way to creative 
successes. Ingenuity can 
help you beat what's 
beating you: notorious 
Stetson red tape, your 
neurotic roommate, find- 
ing time to "play!" 

College Republican 

Parties It Up 

With Bush Clan 

Avid college Republican Regina Brzozomki introduced 
herself to one of the Bush family bodyguards in order to 
get in close with the First family. Regina and a few other 
Stetson students attended the Florida Ball in Washington 
D.C. during Inauguration weekend as part of their winter term 
trip. Regina sought the opportunity to talk with Jeb Bush, the 
President's son who resides in Fort Lauderdale, and she was 
very impressed with his manner — "Upon talking with Jeb 
Bush, I told him that tomorrow must be the happiest day in 
his life because his father was soon to be inaugurated. He 
replied, 'The happiest day of my life was when my son was 
born. ' This humble attitude which I'm sure exists throughout 
the Bush family is one characteristic which will make the 
Bush 's a popular first family They seem so secure in their own 
self esteem that they don 't have to act or try to please anyone. 
Their character is of perfect New England breeding. " 

The Stetson Enquirer 

Copyright 19X8 by Stetson Enquirer 
Volume 1, No 1 

Editor: Susan Bowman 

Managing Editor: Amy Tamberrino 

Contributing Editors: 

Glenn Kindred 

Regina Brzozowsid 

Sasha Jones 


Homecoming was an out- 
standing success this year. 
More than 25 activities were 
planned for alumni and stu- 
dents to celebrate the 
theme, "Stetson Around the 
World. " The theme was cho- 
sen because of Stetson's 
strong international ties — 
180 alumni live abroad. 
Homecoming Co-chairman 

Donna Christopher and 
Doug Wells spent eight 
months in planning the 
weekend of events, which 
included a Presidential re- 
ception, a picnic in the 
Forest of Arden, an open 
house at International 
House, a host of reunion 
parties, and the Home- 
coming basketball game 

against Sam ford University. 
We won the game with a final 
score of 70-65. The largest 
success was the semi-formal 
Homecoming Reunion 
Dance at the Deland Hilton. 
Students and alumni rocked 
the night away with Home- 
coming King and Queen — 
John Joyner and Susan 


Homecoming Co-chairmen Donna Christopher 
and Doug Wells spent eight months in plan- 
ning "Stetson Around the World". 

A Hatter basketball star retired his jersey 
during the Homecoming game. 

Offensive player Jimmy Kuhl fought off the 
Sam ford Bulldog defense to gain this shot. 




DarraU Dumas scored two for Stetson in the second quarter. 

Team spirit ran high and paid off in the Homecoming Basket- 
baH game against Samford University. We won with a final 
score of 70-65. 

so^j^ j0m 

ft ^i 


Crowned at the Deland Hilton during tl\e Home- 
coming Dance were King lol\n Joyner and Queen 
Susan Colter. 

Future little Stetson 
alumni — their parents 
kept them busy with toys 
while they chatted with 
old classmates at the 
President's Reception. 

The Fun Run 1-mile road race started 
and ended at Edmunds Center. 



Demons and angels were portrayed by Inten/arsity mem- Juan Sanchez, proud representative of CCM, came decked 
bers in a skit called "The Champion" presented during out (complete with castanets) for the l^r. Beauty Contest. 
Parents Weekend. 

golden moments 


,. g^Jre at first 
> introduced me w c^ 

• «-"'.fJ«Hansr a"" ^e'sfa™.y. seve- 
re I- i/wi;:i.M=^ 


-=^ -"■-•■■7- \^':;-:^ 

. . ■> : ■'■:': 


To be a student at Stetson Uni- 
versity is to be ctiallenged every 
day, both academically and in ex- 
tracurricular endeavors. At a uni- 
versity such as Stetson, student 
involvement and achievement 
percentages are much, much 
higher than at large state schools 
or community colleges. This is 
true for many reasons: 1) It is 
easier to find out about the avail- 

able activities, 2) Students ex- 
pect each other to be involved 
and strive to do well on campus, 
3) There are a variety of activities 
in which to become involved, 4) A 
large percentage of Stetson's to- 
tal population lives "with " each 
other in the residence halls so it is 
easy to hear about new activities 
and to study together 

HT ^ 


Hypnotist Ken Wtiitener gets a little support from unknow- 
ing student, Niria Dominguez. 


Opinions, opinions, opinions! Every- tiiese unique opinions by asl<ing 50 stu- 
one has liis or lier opinion. Tlie intrepid dents their views on a variety of sub- 
Hatter yearbool< staff went in search of jects. Where do your ideas fit in? 

^^W ^ How many miles is Stetson from your home? 






f 1 

50-100 100-500 

500 + 

POINT TO PONDER: WMle conducting 
the survey. Hatter, Yearbook staff members discov- 
ered another opinion shared by many students. 
That is, if given the choice, they would prefer to 
shop at another book store with lower prices. They 
suggested that this might drive current book prices 
down, making them more competitive. 

^^M Do you smoke? 

A: 6% 

'C Ves 

M% No 


Do you 









Should the Hatters 
• have a football team? 





With the opening of the new 
• nightclub, the Rafters, will 
you be spending more 
weekends in DeLand? 

Did you 
kno^w • • • 

Stetson students are 

40% Business 
55% Liberal Arts 
5% Music 


* Would you prefer coed dorms^ 
men /women's, or both? 

Coed M/W Both 

24% 50% 26% 


2 If there was another branch 
of food service on campus, 
would you go? 

I yes: 92%> No: 8% 



# Would you pay $5 
for a better yearbook? 

A: 66% Yes 

18% No 

QS What is your 

religious affiliation? 


/ B APTIS T 2 8% ^^^^^ '■ i\ 


\ &ATK)LIC32% WlS^^ ?ENT JV 

\ ^Bi "]^aTHER2% 

\^^ j?EPI SCO PALI AN 2% 


# Do you /ilce f/ie Mad Hatter? 

I Yes 22%, No 64% 


# Do you have a better idea? 


># Most suggested keeping the Hatter theme 
but getting rid of the goofy little man. 


SUB Officers Cindy Lane, Lisa Kruclter, and Allison Scoggins braved the deadly Python at Busch 

A Year to 

Look Back; 

A Year to 

Look Ahead. 

!■• '9ri^ 


Friends forever — SasAa yones, Fay Theos, and Shirley Beal. 

Senior Missi Finn sitting back in style on the set of MTV's Remote ControL 
By the way, she WON!! 

Focus advisors Jerri Norton, Bill Gray, and Lynn Faust were ready to greet 
new students with a smile. 


^^'^ _y4 rtJe**^^' 

Miriam Abscal 


Dorissa Abbott 

Elementary Education 

As Eric reflects on his four years at Stetson, fie real- 
izes flow much more aware of others he is. The activity 
he enjoyed the most at Stetson was being involved in 
Forensics. It was an outlet for him and one that he 
excelled in by winning many awards, including second 
place in impromptu speaking at the Crimson Classic 
Tournament held in Alabama. He also enjoyed partici- 
pating in Model Senate. He was Senator Ford and won 
the Outstanding Senator Award. Eric found such activi- 
ties challenging and stimulating. The thing Eric will 
miss most after he leaves Stetson are his fraternity 
brothers and friends. He hates the thought of everyone 
splitting up and being scattered across the country Eric 
would love to be an undergrad forever, but feels he 
would get tired of the commons. 

Carson Baker 

Music Performance 

Evelyn Barba 

Elementary Education 

Catherine Barnes 


Matttiias Baxman 

Business Administration 




Kimberly Gossett was very involveain all aspects of cam- 
pus life, from religious organizations like Intervarsity and 
BCM to academic and honorary organizations like Sigma Pi 
Sigma and Omicron Delta Kappa. She feels that Stetson has 
pushed her to excel. Academically through physics and 
math, "I've been pushed to achieve and think analytically 
The fact that I'm leaving with that ability makes me think 
very highly of Stetson. "She received an Honorable Mention 
in a recent National Society of Physics Students Competi- 

Socially religious life organizations like Intervarsity help 
set the gold standard by which to live. Intervarsity is the 
most important group to her, "It gives you any opportunity 
you need as far as personal growth. " 

The atmosphere brought her to Stetson. "It is very per- 
sonable. In my Quantum Mechanics class, there is only one 
other student and whenever we have class, the professor is 
so easy to talk to, it is just like sitting in his living room 
having a chat. " 

Kimberly has a word of advice that helped her to succeed 
while at Stetson, "Continue to challenge yourself, gain 
knowledge and experience things. " 

Karen Brown 

Elementary Education 

Kristin Bucl( 

Elementary Education 

Rebecca Budner 


Kim Bunting 

Piano Performance 

^0^*^ U)Jt 

"During the winter term of my sopiiomore year, " 
Doug Welis recalls, "I went on an Outward Bound trip. It 
changed my view of myself and what I wanted. " Doug 
says he then realized tht he is more people-oriented 
than business-oriented. His activities as East Area Co- 
ordinator allow him to work with many different people 
each day and to feel like he can really make a differ- 
ence on campus. He says he tried to push himself to 
give 100% at all times, and that he finds his job as AC 
most satisfying when he sees it impacting positively on 
someone else's life. 

Doug advises underclassmen to get involved, push 
themselves and push Stetson. He believes that the stu- 
dents here are incredibly talented and that the faculty 
help them reach their full potential. 

He also urges students to participate on campus and 
work to strengthen campus-wide spirit. Speak up for 
your rights and push the administration to better the 
school as a whole. 

Katherine Byrne 


Annamarie Cairo 


Pamela Childers 


Donna Christopher 


Jacquelyn Cinotti 


5^^ ^nffcrit 

As president of his fraternity, Tim has enjoyed being 
involved with campus activities. He has seen a change 
over the year in the Greel< system: a movement away 
from stressing group social activities and limited ser- 
vice to being more concerned with involvement with all 
of Stetson and the DeLand community The IFC, Tim 
feels, played a part in this. While a member of the 
organization, Tim and IFC brought speakers to campus 
who discussed issues that involved all Stetson stu- 

The thing Tim says he is going to miss most is not 
being able to walk down the hall and see a friend. His 
advice to others is to enjoy their time at Stetson. He 
recalls, as a freshman, seniors saying how fast the four 
years pass. Only this year has he really come to realize 
how fast the time has indeed slipped away 

Bonnie Cleaveland 


Valerie Conaway 


Leslie Conerly 

Music Education 

James Connelly 


E. Channing Coolidge 


Paul Coyner 

Kevin Cronin 

April Cullom 

Timothy Current 

Todd Davis 






pat ^aso^ 

As a member of the soccer team and ODK, Pat 
proved that you can do what you really enjoy and excel 
in studies too. He came to school knowing one person 
but found it easy to make friends, especially through 
soccer In his first year here, the team had its first 
winning record and he won the MVP award. He served 
as team captain for three years and was voted to repre- 
sent Stetson at the TAAC Conference. Pat also enjoyed 
volunteering his time to coach young kids at soccer 
camps saying, with excitement, "It's the best thing!" 

Pat feels that he now sees what will benefit him in 
the future: a good education. He encourages everyone 
to enjoy college and believes that you can work hard 
and have fun at the same time. 

Marjorie Diephouse 


Sandra Dobson 


Niria Dominguez 

Political Science 

Kristin Dragland 


Laura Duckworth 


Michele Dukes 


Joel Dunahoe 


For Andrea, the first thing that comes to mind about 
Stetson is the people. She believes that what is unique 
about a small school is that you really get to know the 
people. Andrea found that she has gained more confi- 
dence in herself and that it is important to keep an open 

Being an RA is something she will never forget. She 
said she had a terrific hall, where it did not matter 
whether someone was a Greek or Non-Greek because 
of the unique sense of unity felt there. Andrea advises 
others to get involved. "It does not matter, " she says, 
"which organization one decides to join because they 
all provide positive experiences and teach you to work 
with others." After graduation she'll miss being sur- 
rounded by friends and the attention of her professors 
who made her feel like somebody and not just a num- 
ber Her advice: "Expect good things and they will hap- 
pen. " 

Duane Fernandez 

Church Music 

Robert Finkbeiner 

Political Science 

Laura Finley 


Melissa Finn 

Political Science 

Tamara Firman 


Stewart Foster 

Music Performance 

Daniel Fountain 


Mictiael Garguilo 


Shanda Gilderbloom 



J^atie 0^,n> 

Susan Gilliland 


Diane Goijburg 


Katie Byrne is a people person and slie says ttiat people 
are most important to her, especially Stetson people. She 
believes that Stetson is special because of the warm at- 
mosphere. You can get a decent education at a lot of 
schools, but you can 't find the friendliness. Even if you 
don't know people, you feel comfortable saying "Hi!" 

Katie also describes Stetson as a "diamond in the 
rough. " Stetson has been written up well lately in the 
media and people are starting to realize that it's always 
been a good school. 

Katie stresses one bit of advice from her years here, "I 
can't believe I'm a senior already Whatever you do, get 
involved NOW and enjoy yourself. Before you know it 
you'll be done and you'll never ever get a chance to go 
back. DO IT NOW! 

One of her most memorable moments of her Stetson 
career was spending winter term at a college in Kentucky 
"It was a totally different type of school and it forced me 
to learn a lot about myself. I think I came back a better 
person. " 

Kimberly Gossett 


Kimberly Gould 

Computer Science 

Sean Hamilton 

Social Science 

William Hamilton 


Paul Hamm 

Political Science 

pc^^ J4af^'"^^ 

As Captain of the baseball team, Pat has been a 
spirited "Hatter. " He helped the team win the Confer- 
ence and go on to play in the Southeast regionals last 
year where they beat FSU. Yeah!! Pat played first base 
and won the MVP award his senior year 

Stetson has helped Pat to be more organized. He also 
feels that Stetson has aided him in his spiritual growth 
as he participated in Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 
Pat is going to miss all of his close friends and profes- 
sors and says, "What am I going to do now?" which is 
probably something going through the minds of all of 
his fellow students. 

Kris Hammack 

Elementary Education 

Nicki Haun 

Computer Sci/Psychology 

Kathy Henry 

Political Sci/Sociology 

Michelle Hirrson 

Church Music/Piano Pert 

Christy Lynn Hoffman 

Sports Administration 

William Hoffman 


Linda Holloway 

Elementary Education 

Phoebe Houseman 


Ric Hughes 


Hurt Jonathan 

Matthew James 

Music Education 

Car^'"" Xh 

When asked what she will miss most at Stetson, 
Carmen smiled and exclaimed, "That rat on my hall 
named Ralph. " But seriously, the good friends that she 
made including faculty will greatly be missed. Carmen 
found that being active in the Music School had helped 
her to expand into other areas of campus life. She plays 
the violin and won a scholarship to the Congress of 
Strings held in Detroit. Carmen also helped to organize 
a benefit concert for the families of Mark Reed and Eric 
Cavendar who were in an automobile accident. She felt 
great to see faculty and students volunteering their 
time and working together Carmen hopes to leave the 
Music School in a better condition than when she came 
and says, "I'm ready to move on!" believing that she is 
prepared for just that! 

Laura Janeczko 


Lauren Klingmeyer 


John Roy Knight 

Business Administration 

Michael Koslii 


James Kuhl 

Physical Education 

Derricl( James Kuiper 

. German/History 

Icit^*"" YI/lcC^^ 


Laura chose to come to Stetson for academics and 
feels it was right to pici< a small school where the pro- 
fessors show a personal interest. Active in SUB and 
serving as its president her junior year, Laura feels that 
it was one other best learning experiences with Rodney 
Ellis. She has also won the J. OIlie Edmonds Leadership 
Award for all her hard work for the campus. Her favorite 
time of year here is Greenfeather She loves how the 
students pull together to work for a common goal and 
stresses how many don 't realize the power they have as 
a group in making a difference in Volusia County Laura 
feels, " You need to look back on Stetson and remember 
the times when you were successful and hold them 
when you face a new challenge. " 

Tammy Leek 

Mark Leetzow 

Anja Lehnertz 

Kara Lemons 

Monica Lewis 



Exchange Student 



Wendy Ann Lincer 

Business Administration 

Charles Preston Littie 


Melissa Little 


Carmen Llop 

Music Performance 

Bartley Longabach 


Kelley bursts with enthusiasm and school spirit when 
she thinl<s about Stetson and her four years here. She 
had never seen herself in a presidential position until 
she found herself doing just that as president of Sigma 
Tau Delta. Holding that office as well as others gave her 
the confidence and responsibility that she desired. Kel- 
ley enjoys doing community service activities with her 
organizations; these have included going to a day care 
center and Christmas caroling at a nursing home. She 
gets a lot of personal satisfaction and reward from such 
activities. Kelley feels that Stetson has allowed her to 
do things that she never thought possible. She feels it 
as both academically and socially stimulating. "Stetson 
challenges you, " she said, "and I learned to face the 
challenge. " 

James Patrick Mc Bride 


Laura McCarthy 

Elementary Education 

Suzanne McCasl<ill 


Joan Idell McCraney 

Music EOLcatior 

Kelley McNamara 


Mike is full of great aspirations and inspirations. 
Transferring from a large university, he came to Stetson 
as a Junior and went a fifth year to take advantage of 
the college experience. His list of activities is larger 
than most people's grocery lists. Among his favorite 
activities are SGA and Intervarsity As an early member 
of IV, he saw the organization grow from 15 to 130 
active members. Mike also feels that the years here 
have helped him to establish his own values and be- 

On the backof Mike's jersey is written: "KEEP'N THE 
FAITH. " This is a motto that he tries to live by As he 
looks back over his years at Stetson, Mike feels that he 
has tried to do the best he can. This is also what he 
would like to be able to say at the end of his lifetime. 

Michael McNatt 


Jennifer Meyer 

Business Administration 

Tami Morris 


Susan Mull 


Nancy Ann Nelson 

Computer Science 

Safari ^J 

Once Susan saw that she could get good grades she 
wanted to see how much more she could do. She recalls 
looking for ways to get involved and the Head Resident 
job seemed to be it. As the years went by the list of 
activities got longer She believes that Stetson started a 
process of bringing out the best in her and gave her a 
strong foundation to work with. Susan has also ac- 
quired a better understanding of herself and has 
learned to have fun and truly enjoy life. 

Susan says, "Stetson is like a big family to me, " and 
is going to miss the people that make who and what 
Stetson is. She advises others to "believe and have 
faith in yourself, but above all believe and have faith in 
the Lord. " 

Lisa Ottomanelli 


Christina Owens 

Social Science 

Angela Phillips 

Stephanie Pollaro 

Mark Provitola 

Anne Ralph 

Dee Rem ilia rd 






Anne recalls not being involved her first semester 
because she didn't know what to expect. She just 
soared after that and she can now say, "Wow! I'm one of 
the leaders on campus! That's scary!" She is really 
happy that she had an opportunity to get involved in 
campus activities and feels honored to have been se- 
lected a HR when only a sophomore. She was also a 
part of the core group that helped get Intervarsity off 
the ground which helped her to grow spiritually 

Anne believes that above all, she learned to take 
risks, which she encourages others to do. She says, 
"Sometimes you will succeed and sometimes you will 
not, but the only way you will truly fail is by not trying. " 

Catherine Rock 

Elementary Education 

Shannon Rogers 


Andrea Sauer 


urn Schapfeld 

Exchange Student 

Deanna Scherack 


Donna Schwiers 


Alison Scoggins 


Carolyn Seymour 


Iva Sherrouse 

Business Administration 

Lillian has found that Stetson helped her in many 
ways. Her interests expanded and she learned to inter- 
act with and relate to many different people. As presi- 
dent of her sorority and by taking part in other leader- 
ship positions, she feels that she has become a leader 
and is more aware of her potential. She says that every 
activity she was involved in helped her in some way 
One that she really enjoyed was working on the Stetson 
Homecoming Committee. She enjoyed talking with 
alumni and found that they were all very proud of Stet- 
son, both its past and its present. Lillian feels that her 
Stetson career was one stage in her life that she en- 
joyed and will miss. It was a time of growing and she 
hopes that, as she moves into the next stage, she will be 
able and allowed to achieve more great things. 

David Clinton Smith 


Douglas SobieskI 



Michelle Solomon 


Joe Spikes 


Barbara Stackpole 


Kelly Steele 

Music Education 

Patricia Setfik 


Katina Stevens 

Political Science 

Mia Sullivan 


Susan Terhum 


Douglas Thorton 


Carta Townsend 

" Social Science 

Looking back over her four year college career, Clau- 
dia was very thankful for being able to participate in 
leadership positions. She felt that there was a great 
deal of opportunity to get involved here at Stetson. 

Like many freshmen, Claudia was a little hesitant to 
get involved, but through her sorority and Student Gov- 
ernment Association, she began to really experience 
campus life. She believes that it is important to do more 
than just academics and that the small-school atmo- 
sphere encourages that. 

Claudia is a member of several honorary organiza- 
tions and enjoys participating on committees that in- 
volve students, faculty and administrators. This experi- 
ence has helped her to get to know members of the 
faculty and administration better 

Laurie Valentine 

Political Science 

Katherine Wahlstad 


Chris Walsweer 


Lillian Washington 


Michael Weber 

Kevin Weickel 

Sports Administration 

Doug Wells 


Margaretta Williams 


Pamela Williams 

Elementary Education 

English major Breg Moon takes a break from hours of hectic studying. 
Doesn't he loolt stressed? 

A year 



SGA Vice President Kristen Jones deliv- 
ered a speech at the State of the Universi- 
ty Address. 

Miclielle L Aland 

Astiley Alderman 

Christy Allen 

Pete Bianchi 

Kathy Bloodworth 

Kelly Bostdorff 

Susan Bowman 

Debra Bowrosen 

Sonya Bradford 

Beth Brantley 

Debra Bremer 

Ashlyn Brown Regina Brzozowski 

Linda Nutting Carter 

Anthony Chase 

Camille Chung 

Renee Circlincione 

Junior Hal Haller portrayed the image of COD in en Intervarsity presentation of 
"The Champion." 

Jacqueline Conlon 

Rhonda Dehart 

Allison Deimard 

Catherine Deithorn Denise Deshazo 

Dean Dittmar 

Patrick Dougherty 

Krista Erickson 

IVIichelle Faivre 

Robyn Farrar 

Joe-Ann Fergus 

Lydia Fiedler 

Isn't he just the cutest little thing? The pup found an admirer in fimy Bryant 

Steve Gegerson 

Lori Godwin Kris Godzik 

Dona Gowden 

Michelle Green 

Tammy Gregory 

Cindy Griffis 

Michelle Hall 

Benjie Harnage 

Elizabeth Harper Jennifer Hayden 

Mary Jo Hayes 

Gene Heitman 

Barry Hinckley 

■'Material Girl" Milte Cast lounged around while the Zetas showered him with 
gifts during the Mr Beauty pageant. 

Charles Howard 

Abby James 

Michelle James 

Linda Jamison Belinda Johnson 

Kendal Jones 

Kristin Jones 

Sharon Jones 

Jocelyn Jukes 

Kristina Kaplan 

Kathryn Keziah 

Beverly King 

Michael King 

Tom Knutson 

The Hat Rack Patio is a perfect place for studying, or just lianging around. 

Warren Krasner 

Arlene Leemkuil 

Laura Leslie 

Kayla Leichty 

Leslee Limeberger 

Tim Maloney 

Julie Mann 

Marilyn Marion 

David Martin 

Beth Mathis 

Barbara McColley Donald McDougall 

Julie McFall 

Anne McGrath 

Gregory C Miller 

Nicole Minard 

Keiaxing after a strenuous class— Heather Hopley, David Cornwell, and Kelly 

Andrew Morrison 

Maria Nicotero 

Ursula Noetti 

Brian Nolan 

Jennifer Nuthall 

Sally Padgett 

Patrick W Patterson 

Jeffre Pawlack 

Rachel Pedraza 

Hugh Pryor 

Amanda Raiford 

Charles Raleigh 

The library is a popular place to meet people, especially with a smile like Sam 

Norman Seachrist 

Michelle Sesta 

Susannah Shape 

Honey Silk 

Rosanne Socci 

Michael Starmer 

Debbie Stones 

Greg Stratakes Shannon Strickland 

David Taylor 

Charles S Teague, Jr. 

Fay Theos 

At a Religious Life Council retreat, Susan Chaplin was the recipient of a footwashing by Barbara McCoiley. 

Barbara Wipperfurth 

Caught in the act of pigging out, Jennifer Kjellgren gets clean-up duty at the TriDelt pizza 

A Year 
A Year 


Susan Blackmer Miles Bondurant Richard L Bowrosen Karen Britsch 

Mary Bryan 

Claudia Burke 

Tracy Caldwell Catherine Canouse 

Carl Capilia 

Tim Carignan 

Vickie Caro Connie Brooke Chambliss Douglas Clemmer 

Students are always willing to lend a helping hand — or, in this case, a helping 
arm for the Blood Drive. 

Tammy Davis 

Michelle Day 

Michelle Deland 

Vince Delasso Sherry Lee Demore 

John Dickson 

Lori-ann Dipenta 

Derrall Dumas 

Tammy Elsesser Jacqueline Evans 

Michele Fana 

Amy Fanzlaw 

Quinn Fazio 

Mil^e Fen wick 

Roger Fincher 

Lynell Finkel 

Erin Fitzpatrick 

Phi Alpha Delta pledges »/ere asked to discuss their wildest fantasy at a 
retreat. Julie Koehne liept them all speechless. 

Melinda Garrett 

Sherry Gibson 

Maria Oilman 

Angle Ann GInn 

Andrea G laser 

Barbara Goodwin 

Bill Greenman 

Heather Haag 

^ ^^F 

Chuck Hammett 

Laura Hardman 

Heidi Hastings 

Debbie Jones 

Chris Kauffman 

Marc Kaufman 

Peter Keelin 

Heather Kelley 

Wendy McWhorter 

Stacy Merritt 

Deborah Mikuta 

Christine Miller Sherri IVIitchem Shirin Mohammadbhoy Robert Moore 

Lorraine Morris 

Kimberly Odom 

Denise Oliver 

Claudia Palle 

Kim Palmer Rebecca Palmer 

Jackie Payne 

Scott Phillips Kim Prudhommedelodder Kimberley Quinn Charles Blake Rambo 

Mary Lee Razovich 

Mark Richert 

1" i fmui^jitA 
Laurie Riczko 

Derrek Riley 

David Rinker 

't<St. ^ 

Amy Rivenbark 

Toni Roszell Maria L Ruiz De Azua Wendy Ryan Anne-Marie Salamone 

Anna Salvage 

Lisa Satchel! 

Noelle Schaedel Monil<a Schilcher 

Todd Schryver 

Tracy Schultz 

Edward Seymour Susan Shiflett Amy Siegelman 

"'} fii 

Oan Harshaw on the Hat Rack Patio is debating whether writing a paper fits into 
his weeliend activities. 

Matttiew Spear Tracy Stromberg 

Jay Stryker 

Kim Summers 

Stacy Swanson Anthony Theodore Wesley Thomas 

Teri Tierney 

Krista Traister 

Lara Vaughan 

Lauren Vondrasek Eric Walmsley 

Katey Walsh 

Sara White 

Robin Wilkie Lucinda Williams 

Cyndi Vayo 

Drew Warren 

Jane Wendt 




^^/ ^^^1 


l^^yi i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l /^eg'ia Brzozomki gets excited when the yearbook photographers come around. 
Laurie Beth Woodham Tina Zarbo Carol Zimmerly 

Creating a culinary masterpiece, Cindy Geras and Stacey Smelcer talie a 
break from studying. 

A Year of 



& Change 


Floyd Absher Ronald Adams Vivian Aguiar Julie Akerman Andrea Alexander Tawna Alexander 

Scott Alper Stephanie Alper Cayce Balara Laura Barnao 

Jonathan Barr 

William Barron 

Vicki Bealer Barry Beauchamp Kelli Beechler Katherine Behring James Belcher 

Bonnie Bellinger Lisa Bennett 

Kara Berard Amy Bergen 

Amy Blake Blair Blinkhorn 

Stephani Bothwell Anne-Marie Brain Courtney Brown Robert Bullock Justin Bunch Robert Burkett 


Laurie Burns Amy Butcher David Caldwell Evarista Campbell Theresa Canouse Laura Captain 

Christine Carnacchi Karen Cerasa 

Yun Chang 

Dirk Clary 

Deseree Comrie Mark Conway 


James Cook Stacey Cooley Robin Crawford Annika Croone Jennifer Crowther Stephanie Darr 

Missy Debarardinis Patricia Denham Bill Depury Geoffrey Diamond Michele Diaz-Miranda Melissa DiMartino 

Vicki Engel 

How eager we are to go to class today! 

Jigtinasa Gajjar 

April Ginette 

Susan Glenn Rogelio Gonzalez 

iini ffiifti 
Tamara Goodman 

Raquel Grinnell Michael Grothmann Victoria Gruen 

Nada Guigis 

Lori Hamilton Jennifer Hammond Jennifer Hansen 

Jodi Hartshaw Melissa Heck 

David Hickey 

Ronda Hicks Shawn Higginbotham 

Melissa Hinds Mark Hirschfield Rachel Hoffman Mark Holmes Carrie Humphrys 

Tabby Hunt Deborah Ingersoll Ian Ireland 

Shauna Isaacs 

Amy Jensen 

Jennifer Johnson Kelly Kern 

Jeff King 

David Kinsey 

Donna Kuebler Laura Lancaster Eric Laney 

Jennifer Long 

Hanging out — Courtney Brown, Cindy Pape, and Julie Bevington. 

Cynthia McAfee 

Blane li/lcCarthy Julie McClure 

Jill McCready Jennifer McLean Stacey McShea Melissa Mead Stacy Megica Suzanne Messenger 

Uyen Nguyen Julie Nichols Megan O'Born Robert O'Neal Lynnette Ortiz-Estrada Sandra Palivoda 

Claudia Palmer Cindy Pape Maurine Parker Cara Parnelee Christina Pause Marci Pavlock 

Patrick Pfeffer Jeanie Phelan 

Robert Powell Mary Lynn Priest Cynthia Pritchett 

David Probert Laura Radiker Melanie Rashbaum Denise Ray 

Letha Rhodes Jennifer Roberts 

Lori Rogers 

Yvonne Sanchez Constance Satchell Maria Scales 

Sarah Scher 

Annette Scherock Laura Schmid 

Tracy Scott 

Zulema Seguel Denise Servat Patricia Shao 

BCM sponsored an ice cream social for new students. Obviously, they enjoyed it. 

Christina Stevens Greg Stewart 

Leah Strickland Margot Sullivan Shanna Taylor Glenn Teeter Chrissy Theos Stephanie Todd 

Stephen Walding III Lisa Wands Charles Watford Canover Watson Tim Wattleworth Sandy Weiss 

Denise Wilcox David Wilkinson 

Jennifer Willauer 

BIythe Williams Randall Williams Elizabeth Willis 

Stephanie Wilson Bobby Jo Wood Nickie Woodard Melanie Yearwood Robert Yee 




Hatters have control of the ball and are going in for the Ulark Leetzow, captain of the Men's golf team, shows off 
score. his talent. 

golden moments 

tp a bit of time and 

energy ' 

. Other people join fr^^^^'f J 
Steve Shaker - f ^^'PJ/ is a type of ^^at. 
• 'or sin^'l^rreasonM^^ f.n, etc. 

We all v/ar)t to do n lu 

.• you love it. And I love 

Jk A 

lt0i^gtt,ftMUm»dmH0^m^'M\ s^M/^' ' 

"•.,■■ ^I ^ 

■'-'-; » '-T^: '- 


' '• ■.''^.■S-'-l;"n"-' 


for the 

From horseshoes to soccer and 
from varsity basketball to golf, 
Stetson 's intramural and athletic 
conference programs provide 
students vi/ith a vital element of 
their education. 

Intra murals brings a variety of 
groups (fraternities, residence 
halls, sororities, commuters) to- 
gether to compete in a vi/ide 
range of sports. Although flag 
football may be the most infa- 

mous, intramural events also in- 
clude soccer, horseshoes, swim- 
ming, cross country, table tennis, 
bowling, volleyball, and badmin- 

On a national competition lev- 
el. Stetson athletes participate in 
an equally diverse number of 
sports. Basketball, golf, tennis, 
volleyball, baseball, softball, 
cross country and soccer round 
out the athletic program. 

Lady Hatters are flying liigh! 



This is the finest group of seniors I've ever had. ^ 
— Gary McKinley ^ 

When the soccer team 
achieved a record of 1 1-5-1, 
they knew they were good. 
They set a new Stetson 
record. For three weeks they 
were ranked in the NCAA — 
South top 10 poll and the 
goalkeeper Mike Estes, a se- 
nior, finished with a new Indi- 
vidual low goal-agalnst aver- 
age of 0. 85 with at least four 
shut outs to his credit. 

TrI-captains Pat Daxon, 
senior, Jason Russex, senior, 
and Mike King, junior, led 
the team by example. Pat 
Daxon was even nominated 
to the First Team All-Confer- 

ence (TAAC) and Second 
Team All South (NSCAA). 

Prior to the season, the 
team was picked to finish 
third In the conference. The 
team was looking for a great 
season and only a loss by 
penalty kicks kept them 
from an NCAA champi- 
onship tourney. 

Coach Gary McKinley has 
dedicated his life to becom- 
ing the finest technician in 
the game of soccer in the 
United States. Of the se- 
niors, he said, "This is the 
finest group of seniors I've 
ever had. " 

Lance Rodriguez listens carefully to Head Coach 
Gary McKinley and Assistant Bob Wilson before 
the start of the second half. 

Ralph Castro places a corner kick squarely to his 


a new 





Front Row: Jason Russek, Lance Rodriguez, Nick Yocca, Steve Knott, Jeff Williams, Patt Duff, Ed 
Funcheon, Ralph Castro, Mike Valdez, Sal Gioa, Thad Bostic, John Valdez, Glenn Brickey, Second 
Row: Coach McKinley, Paul Kelly, Kevin Daxon, Sean Moore, Mike King, Mike Estes, Jim Foley, Joe 
Linge, Brandy Boyer, Matt Brown, Pat Daxon, Coach Wilson. 

Jason Russek works the ball upfield, looking to 
pass to an open man. 

Jason Russek steals the ball from the right full 
back, pressuring a score. 




We have good players and we are playing as a team, i 

— Barry Hinckley < 

Mike 0' Sullivan took a dif- 
ferent coaching tactic for ttie 
golf team this year Instead of 
basing his lectures on tech- 
nique and talent, he focused 
on the mental side. "We have 
good players and we are play- 
ing as a team. Going into a 
game, w/e don't hope to do 
well, we are expecting it, "said 
junior Barry Hinckley. 

The men's and women's 
golf team play in tournaments 
throughout the year under co- 
captains Mark Leetzow and 
Connie Demmetia. Five peo- 
ple are chosen to go to each 
tournament. The top three 
players at the previous tour- 
nament are chosen and the 
other two positions are bat- 

tled out at 1:00 practices ev- 
ery day. 

"Winning the Stetson Inter- 
collegiate Golf Tournament 
was great!" comments sopho- 
more Jon Archard. Big games 
this year were against Hous- 
ton Baptist and Georgia 

Tom Creavy, freshman, 
finds collegiate golf very dif- 
ferent from high school. "Ev- 
erybody is a good player as 
opposed to only two or three 
in high school. " 

The women 's team made a 
turn around in the middle of 
the season when they picked 
up a coach and had a more 
enthusiastic and exciting 

Women's Golf Team — Members of tlie 1988- 
89 Stetson womens golf team are, Front How, 
Katie Byrne and Joanne Rundle, Middle, 
Becky Condon and Jill Gossard, and Back, 
Beth Dalson and Betsy Byrne. 






^^ s 






im^ MR 






''Now we 
to win; 
not hope 
to do 



Men's Golf Team — Front Row, Sean O'Sullivan, D.J. Holland, Mark Leetzow, Barry Hinckley, 
Connie Demattia, and Jon Archard; Back Row, Daw Klan, Jim Gilbert, Greg Harold, Don 
Carpenter, Roger Thompson, and Darrell Bryant 

Freshman Tom Creavy perfects his swing. 

Coach Mike O'SuHiyan tries to teach captain Mark Leetzow a few tricks. 



" This year was a rebuilding year. The next feww ill be 
crucial for the development of a strong winning pro- 
gram. A 

— Christy Hoffmann 

This year proved to be one 
filled witt) obstacles and 
challenges for the Lady Hat 
Volleyball team. Not only 
was it the first year with 
Coach Janiece Holder, but it 
was also a season with a 
young team. With only six re- 
turning players, including 
seniors Mary Margaret Enns 
and Captain Christy Hoff- 
man, the team relied on the 
enthusiasm of its six fresh- 
man. Although the team's 
season ended with a record 
of 18-23, they finished fifth 
in the Conference Cham- 

The team's strengths in- 
cluded veteran Michele 
McEntire and freshmen Cin- 
dy Benge and Tawny a 
Hartwick. Freshman Dana 
Allen said, "there was a 
bond between all of us, es- 
pecially the freshmen. We 
are all very good friends and 
I think that will be important 
in creating a strong founda- 
tion in the upcoming years. " 
Although the team will be 
losing two valuable seniors, 
this year of experience for 
the Lady Hats should contin- 
ue to make them a driving 
force within the New South. 

Freshman Tina Voss was one of the teams "enthu- 
siastic freshmen" who may carry the team to 
fierce competition in the next few years. 

Captain Cristy Hoffmann and teammate Mary 
IVIargaret Enns. 

Fill the 




for the 

Lady Hats 


^^tf^W^M* 1 


Volleyball: Front: Toni Roszell, Tawnya Hartwick, Patsy Paulk, Christy Hoffman, Mary Margaret 
Enns, Jodie Switzer, Tina Voss; Back: Coach Holder, Asst. Katy Barbour, Michele McEntire, Ashley 
Ferry, Dana Allen, Cindy Benge, Fatty Dailey, Trainer Chris Rawer 

The Lady Hats celebrated a victory and a hard- 
played game. 

Fatsy Faulk makes a save as teammate Cindy 
Benge gets prepared to help out. 





^^ We have the talent to go all the way, but ive have to 
remember to play as a team. VB 

— Coach Glenn WilkesX 

This year the Hatter Bas- 
ketball squad focused on 
working as a team. Sopho- 
more forward Bjorn Gehrke 
stated that defense really 
paid off and a much more 
effective defense was cre- 

Team work also paid off 
during an intense game 
against archrival IHouston 
Baptist where the Hatters 
overcame great difficulties 
in order to win their first con- 
ference game. As Tim Ja- 
cobs said, "It showed us that 
we could do it, when we put 
our hearts to it." 

Five seniors leave the Hat- 
ters this year — Captain 
Randy Anderson, Captain 
Jimmy Kuhl, Terry Johnson, 
Steve Colman, and Eric 
Cumbie. Another notable 
player is Bjorn Gehrke who is 
a member of the Swedish 
Olympic Team. Gehrke, 
along with a junior, sopho- 
mores, and freshmen hope 
to fill the leaving senior 

Another outstanding 
player is sophomore Frank 
Ireland. His position is point 
guard and he feels there is a 
good guard combination. 

Senior Terry Johnson shoots for three as the clock f 
runs down to thirty-five seconds. 

Number 40, senior, Eric Cumbie drives by three 
defenders laying up for two, startling Wake Forest. 

a most 








frenf ifoi»; Maurice Cowan, Alex Urosevic, Tim Jacobs, Terry Jolinson, Robert Willies, Frank 
Ireland, Steve Coleman, and Eric Cumbe. Second Row: '.ssistant coach John Ross, Assistant 
coach Frank Burnell, Head Coach Glen Wilkes, Oonnell Sampson, Derrall Dumas, Chris 
Desiderio, Tcbjorn Gehrke, Jimmy Kuhl, Randy Anderson, Assistant coach Terry Wuennenberg, 
Assistant Coach Conte Stamas. Head Trainer Glenn Brickey 

Terry Johnson taps the jump ball to mark the start 
of the Wake Forest game. 

Left: Senior Randy Anderson goes airborn from the 
baseline to get the points against Wake Forest in 
the Ocean Center January 12. 


Junior Maurice Cowman looks lor an open man as 
he fights off two Wake Forest players. 

Center Derail Dumas nails two points from the 
free throw line. 

% f^' %> 

V f 


i3^ m.^ 

Forward Bjorn Gehrke rises above the crowd as he 
places two right against the glass. 

Sophomore Donrtell Sampson looks for an open 
spot to drive around a Wake Forest player. 



COME ON STRONG '' " ^ - 
AND PROVE TO ^"^^ " 

^^This year we had a lot of 
the experienced girls on their 

good young players that kept 
toes ^k 

Coach Nancy NicholsX 

Winning the championship 
of the Hatter Classics was 
one of the numerous memo- 
ries the three co-captains 
IVIichelle Michael, Courtney 
Hall, and Anita Mathur will 
never forget about their last 
Stetson season. They have all 
been playing for the Lady 
Hatters since their freshman 
year. Courtney Hall remem- 
bers with a chuckle, "I gradu- 
ally improved. My freshman 
year I sat the bench. " 

Coach Nichols has been 
setting new trends during the 
five years she has coached. 
While improving the Lady 
Hatters from the bottom up, 
she also started recruiting 

girls from England. Sarah Fo- 
ley and Sally Bunyard are na- 
tives of England. Why come 
to Stetson? "Obviously for 
academics as well as basket- 
ball, " says Sally, "also the ex- 
perience in a foreign coun- 
try. " American basketball has 
a few different rules and 
tends to be more physical. 
Sally would recommend 
Stetson to any English player, 
but warns that you have to be 
able to handle being a long 
way from home for a long 

The Lady Hatters had an 
excellent year and look for- 
ward to another They know 
we are all behind them. 

Senior guard Michelle Michael works the ball 
while waiting for a teammate to open. 

Freshman guard Sally Bunyard fires for two 
agi'ist Bethune's Lady Wildcats. 





Front Row: Tracy Caveny (did not play), Skeeter Golden, Constance Satchell, Kim Odom, Sally 
Bunyard, Anita Mathur, Heather Lake, Second Row: Trainer Chris Ramer, Assistant Kathy Barnard, 
Alyce Allen, Michelle Michael, Cheri Nelson, Sarah Foley, Elaine Fisher, Courtney Hall, Coach 
Nancy Nichols, Assistant Amy Miller. 

The Lady Hatters pay close attention to Head 
Coach Nancy Nichols as she explains a change in 
offense used to defeat Bethune Cookman. 

Freshman forward Alyce Allen works up the middle 
and shoots adding two to the score against 

Fire up! 


^^ lie encourage croivd participation and cheer on the 
team! ^k 

— Julie Ann Furr^ 

The cheerleading squad 
continued old traditions this 
year by recruiting both male 
and females. It was a first for 
Jim Kuebler who had never 
cheered before. He found it 
"unusual at first because of 
the movements, " but then got 
into the swing of things and 
now thinks it is "pretty fun ". 

The squad practices for 2 
hours each on Monday, Tues- 
day, and Thursday. Besides 
working on cheers, they per- 
fected two half-time shows 
which included a dance num- 
ber, a pyramid, and a cheer 
Hard work went into every 
stunt they performed, but no 

matter how hard it is, they 
were dedicated to the student 

Coached under seniors 
Jamie Ball and Michelle 
Solomon, the cheerleaders 
are setting a new tradition by 
having students teaching stu- 
dents. They looked upon the 
year with great anticipation. 
The squad was very young 
and none of them had ever 
cheered at the college level. 
Quoted from the beginning of 
the year, Jamie said, "We are 
starting the year at the same 
level we ended last year so 
I'm excited to see how far we 

Sherry DeMore uses her gymnastics skills to fire 
up the crowd at a Hatter Basketball game. 

Julie Ann Furr cheers on the Stetson players while 
carefully balancing on Bret Bement's shoulders. 




Front Row: Julie Ann Fun, Sherry DeMore, Lauren Ross, Nita Nath, Chris Carnacchi, Charlie 
Allen, Second Row: Coach Jamie Ball, Jim Kuebler, Bret Bement, Andrew Ciambrone, Ken Kuebler, 
and Coach Michelle Solomon. 

Nita Nath does her job by keeping the crowds 
happy during halftime. 

Andy Ciambrone cheers for Stetson, being careful not to 
drop Nita Nath. 




^ All of our returnees played last year . . . we're on course 
to continue the positive trend the veterans have start- 
ed. % 

^ — Bill Furlong 

Although not a new face 
to the Tennis Team, Bill Fur- 
long worked as coach for the 
men 's team for the first time 
this season. Last year's as- 
sistant to Vicky Pate enjoyed 
returning to experienced, 
motivated athletes, and led 
them to a successful season. 
Four of his top five players 
were returning students, 
and proved to be a valuable 
asset to the team as a whole 
and to the five new fresh- 
men recruits. 

Vicky Pate concentrated 

her coaching efforts on the 
Women's Tennis Team this 
year. Newcomers and top- 
ranked Michele Diaz-Mir- 
anda and Julie Biak-Cin add- 
ed dimension to the already 
competitive and hard-driv- 
ing team. In January, when 
looking ahead, Coach Pate 
commented: "With the 
depth we have this year, 
competition for the top six 
will be tough. The players 
force each other to concen- 
trate and improve and this 
can only be a plus for us. " 

WOMEN'S TENNIS: Front; Patricia Van Byleiielt, Robyn Welsh, Kristin Smith, Lisa Ann Smith, Kami Hosteller; 
Back; Julie Biak-Cin, Sandra Buttermore, Jill Gilmmel, Assistant Coach Gary Marks, Coach Vicky Pate, Debra 
Bowrosen, Michele Diaz-Miranda. 

to form 



>* J 

a friend: 
Tennis player 
Mandy Stoll 

Mandy Stoll 

n a November 29 ceremony, students, teachers, and 

staff members dedicated a dogwood tree in memory of 

Mandy Stoll. Stoll was injured last April, just before 

the end of school, in an automobile accident She never 

regained consciousness from the accident, and died on 

April 22, 1988. 

The site chosen for the tree and surrounding landscap- 
ing is a corner directly in front of the Edmunds Center 
Azaleas and chrysanthemums were also planted, and a 
bronze and marble plaque marks the site. Funds for the 
memorial were contributed by professors, staff members, 
and students, and the area will be maintained by the Lady 
Hatter Booster Club. 

Stoll, at the time of her death, held the number 1 
ranking on the Women's Tennis Team. She played both 
singles and doubles tennis. 

Lady Hatter veteran Kami Hosteller lought top newcomers to receive a starting spot 
this season. She finished in the top six. 

MEN'S TENNIS: Front; Bill Curtis, Chris Shannon, Richard Cauley, Michael Haridopolas, 
Robert Norment, Ron Woodard; Back; Steve Gionis, Rich Derienzo, Gary Marks, Coach Bill 
Furlong, Jason Marshall. 

Sophomore Ron Woodard follows through on a point-winning shot. 




Start the 

^ We've got a lot of upperclassman and with that re- 
turning leadership, we hope to win the conference for the 

fourth year in a row. A 

^ — Coach Holder 

Six newcomers to the 
Lady Hatter Softball ushered 
in a new and exciting sea- 
son. Last season rounded 
out on a high note (out of 
their final 20 games, the 
Lady Hats won 18), and the 
new teammates worked to 
support that winning mo- 
mentum. At the beginning of 
this Spring, the biggest un- 
known was pitching power 
New pitchers strived to per- 
form for their team. 

Although the pitching 
staff was new, they enjoyed 
back-up from strong hitters 
and middle defense. Swartz, 

Camposano and Hauck pro- 
vide solid returnees for mid- 
dle defense, and Campo- 
sano, Swartz, Tankersley, 
and Hauck lead the way in 
hitting, extra base hits, 
home runs, and base-steal- 
ing, respectively. Isaacs and 
Hartwick brought with them 
more hitting expertise. 

Under Head Coach Jan- 
iece Holder, Assistant 
Coaches Katy Barbour and 
Mike Robinson, and Athletic 
Trainer Chris Ramer, the 
Lady Hats proved once again 
that they had the right stuff, 
individually and as a team. 

These Lady Hats played a hard season as they fought to uphold 
a fourth straight NSWAC Conference title. 

with I 

hot team. k»//>/M ^=i - -srf- 




Softball: Dana Allen, Lynne Camposano, Patty Dailey, Tawnya Hartwick, Janet Hauck, Shauna 
Isaacs, Denise Mikel, Cheri Nelson, Laurel Robinson, Gianna Stoker, Andrea Swartz, Robyn 
Swarti, Jodie Switzer, Sandra Tankersley, Head Coach janiece Holder, Asst. Katy Barbour, 
Trainer Chris Hamer 


learn leader Denise Mikel was Lady Hatter record 
holder for put-outs in a game, season, and career. 

Third baseman Andrea Swartz was a top returnee and also gained pitching experience last season in 
nine games. 



^ We have a strong outfield . . . we only lost four, and we 
brought in some Junior College Transfers. A 

-Pete Dunn 

Nineteen eighty- nine was 
the year for Stetson base- 
ball. The Hatters returned to 
the field this year with assur- 
ance after capturing the 
Trans American Conference 
(TAAC) Championship in 
1988. Stetson looked at 
over 40 prospects to fill the 
team during Fall practice in 
September, indicating that 
the Hatters continue to pro- 
vide a formidable program 
for its players. 

In looking over the 

strengths and weaknesses 
of his Hatter team, Coach 
Dunn commented first that 
the outfield is very strong, 
"We only lost four, and we 
brought in some Junior Col- 
lege Transfers. " He also not- 
ed that "our (overall) speed 
is better than average. " The 
only weakness he foresaw 
was a lack of depth in pitch- 
ing, but that, overall, the 
team continues to be strong 
and work well together 

Catcher and Co-Captain Tim Farrand took over as No. 1 receiv- 
er last year and started 56 of tite teams 61 games. !;>-v_3^*P^ 

Work with 

old pros 

to bring 

it all 



A dW 

Outfielder Mark Sempeles was the team's top hitter in 1988 
with a .356 batting average and made only one error during 
that season. 

Bsseball: Front: J. Taylor, M. PaoleW, M. Pinckes, S. Miller, E. Cooney, S. Shatar, 0. Fringle, P. Rodriguez, M. Cooney; 
Middle: Trainer C. Brickey, T Hickox, T. Knolson, B. Dryden, C. Risdon, T Farraod, C. Finley. W. Weger, K. Scherer, Asst. I. 
Altier. Asst. «. Hall: Back: Head Coach Dunn, T Riginos, I Taylor. K. Connell. K. Weickel. J. Waring. R. Murray. N. Tsamis. G. 
Tsamis, M. Sempeles 

Baseball America and Collegiate Baseball have picked 
the Hats to repeat as TAAC champs. 

Hatter starting pitcher Geaorge Tsamis has won 20 games and strucli out 220 batters over the past 
three years. He milled just 33 batters in 104 innings. 

• He's been 

The Dunn 


around; he's 

Looking Back, 

smart. A 

Looking Aiiead 

— Mike Sempeles on 

Coach Dunn 

Ten years ago, in 1978, Pete Dunn came to Stetson ... for ttie 
second time. At that time, tie took over as Assistant Coacti for tlie 
Hatter Baseball Team. Ttien, in 1980, tie became Head Coach, 
taking over for Jim Ward. 

These were not Coach Dunn's first memories of Stetson. He was an 
undergraduate student here, and served as co-captain during his junior 
and senior years. After graduating in 1970, he played pro ball with Kansas 
City, earned his Master 's degree at Georgia Southern, and then coached at 
Apopka High School. 

i^ow, in his tenth year of coaching at Stetson, he can easily be credited 
with creating one of the most highly-respected college baseball programs 
in the nation. He is among the nation's top 50 coaches in winning 
percentages and among the top 125 in total victories. Dunn's teams 
average 37 wins per season. 

Mike Sempeles, outfielder, says, "(Coach Dunn) demands perfection: he 
keeps the basic philosophy simple. He's been around; he's smart' Sem- 
peles believes that the team has one of the best coaching staffs in the 
country due mainly to the efforts of Pete Dunn. 


Junior infielder Dan Finley has collected 11 hits in 31 plate 
appearances for a .355 career average. 

Catcher Tim Far rand returns the ball. During the 1988 season 
he threw out over 40% of all base stealers. 


Head Coach Pete Dunn was among the nation's top 50 
coaches in winning percentage and among the top 125 
in total victories all in just nine years. 

Left handed pitcher Mike Wallace transferred to Stet- 
son this year as a senior and added strength and 
leadership to the team. 

Infielder Tom Taylor was new to the team but was expected to add power from the left side. 

' t ''«/*M*^/ 




^The girls are very competitive, but after that final gun 
sounds, they are still friends. ^^ 

— Ric Darlington^ 

"It's a chance for the stu- 
dents to play in a sport they 
wouldn 't normally play. Plus 
you are playing with friends; 
some who are athletic, oth- 
ers who aren 't, but it doesn 't 
matter " 

Ric Darlington was the di- 
rector of intramurals and 
said that the sportsmanship 
meant the most to him. In- 
tramurals offered sports 
from ping pong to football to 
swimming. Members of the 
intramurals were fraternities 
and sororities along with 
groups like BCM and resi- 
dential life. 

Claudia Epting, Zeta, said, 
"I think the increased partic- 

ipation in men's intramurals 
had been impressive — so 
much that an intramural 
game is attended almost as 
much as a collegiate sports 
event. " 

"There was a friendly 
competitiveness and im- 
proved quality of play, " com- 
mented Valerie, Phi fvlu. She 
also said that generally there 
was good organization and 
an increase in a number of 

Intramurals are headed in 
the right direction and only 
good is to come. Possibly in 
the future there will be an 
All-Star team in which the 
"cream of the crop " compete. 

This Fi Kapp is running up for a pass during a 
footbail game. 

other s 
aren't; but 
it doesn't 
matter. " 


Phi Mtt football powerhouses — Amanda Raiford, Kris God2ik, Andrea Fair, Christine Pickett, 
Dawn Pilot, Sam Cluett, Maria Lacina, Valerie Patton, Radiel Payer, and Kim Moss. 

Phi Mu Kim Moss skillfully dodges her opponents. 

Leslie Brock saves the ball in a Theta volleyball 



Obviously, he is excited about today's game. 
Sigma Nu's going out for the pass. 





Phi Eta Sigma members Kim Holmes, Milie Kelly, Nlicliele 
C'dnamucio, and Grace Wong participate in an induction 
ceremony for new members. 

BCNI members serve (with a smile) faculty and students at 
their Ice Cream Social, held in the beginning of the year. 

golden moments 


„ a student s m .^qx \n tn 


What makes Stetson students 
Solid Gold? Not only do they excel 
in a variety of challenging sub- 
jects in class, students shine in a 
variety of campus areas outside 
of their academic pursuits. There 
are over fifty organizations open 
to interested students, including 
scholastic, honorary, religious, 
political, and service-oriented 
groups. The Department of Stu- 

dent Life, located in Flagler Hall, 
coordinates all campus-affiliated 

Well over three-fourths of the 
student body participate in some 
kind of extra-curricular activity. 
Organizations provide members 
with a way to meet people, devel- 
op leadership skills, and learn 
more about themselves and oth- 

SUB (Stetson Union Board) members welcome comedians 
and entertainers tlirougliout tt\e year for their Top Hat 
Entertainment series. 


There are four campus organizations associated with the business 
school. The Accounting Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Chi Theta, and 
the Stetson Marl<eting Association all promote extra-curricular 
studies in business related topics within their special fields. They 
sponsor guest speakers, special topic discussions, career prepara- 
tion, interviewing tips, as well as socials throughout the year to allow 
club members to get together on a friendly level. Field trips are also 
beneficial in that they give members first hand experience of relations 
in the business world. These activities help prepare club members for 
work in the "real world" by giving basic business foundations. Each 
club also provides their members with opportunities to serve in lead- 
ership roles that will provide them valuable experiences within their 
chosen careers. 

Phi Chi Theta: Front: Margarie Diephouse, Marli Leetzow, Margo Williams. Second Row: Tammi Firman, Miriam 
At>ascal, Mindy Turner, Michelle Faiure, Karen Clarke. Back: Bartley Longabach, BillEoodbee, Ted Bohne, Scott Alper. 

Alpha Kappa Psi: Front: Dr. Booth (ad- 
visor), Karen Blosch, Michele Dukes, 
Kim Nofi, Glen Martin, Emicly Koula- 
varis, Sharon Morgan, Amy Thomas. 
Second Row: Robert Ottison, Joanne 
Giangregori, Lee Tranford, Kris God- 
zik. Bob Hamilton, Nancy Williams, 
Leslie Brock, Betty Hollenbeck. Third: 
Greg Stratakas, Krista St. John, Greg 
Miller, Erin Jowascz, Stacy Merritt, 
Suianna Mollis, Caroline Hunter, Ken 


We're getting ready for 
m-j the real world . . . but is 
the real world ready for 

Members of Phi Alpha Delta enjoy the great outdoors (and Members of a variety of clubs and groups participated in 
great food). Greenfeather activities such as the Rock-a-thon, the blood 

drive, and the Chalk Art contest. 

Stetson Accountancy Club: George Hentschel, Greta Camp, Dee Dee Parsons, Michele Dukes, Tina Carantaas, Janice 
Kabieseman, Grant Harbin, Kellie Taylor. 

Stetson Marketing Association: Front- 
Wendy Lincer, Vikki Hodgkins, Joel 
Dunance, Ted Bohne, Joe Hess, Don- 
na Christopher, Laura Duckworth, 
Terry Barrow. Second Row: Pat Dixon, 
Mary Tyler, Debbie Broe, Andrea 
Glasser, Shirin Mohannadbhoy, Tara 
Edwards, Nora Matamoros, Darcy He- 
drick, Dave Negip. Back: Melissa 
Giarrusso, Katie Byrne, Amy Dunham, 
John Knoght, Shanda Gilderbloom, 
Andrea Clavert, Laurie Nason, Christy 
Allen, Dr. Barnett. 


Many students feel the best way they can contribute to Stetson is 
through service clubs. These clubs include Circle K International, 
Student Government Association, Stetson Union Board, Stetson 
Coalition for Social Responsibility, and Delta PI Alpha. 

CKI is an extension of Key Club, and one of their community 
service projects is working with the elderly at the Hugh West Gerontol- 
ogy Center SGA represents all the students of Stetson in its issues, 
concerns, and operations. SUB is the major coordinator of campus 
activities such as movies, Top Hat entertainment, MTV, and trips to 
Medieval Times and Busch Gardens. CSR sponsors speakers and 
special events like Project Feed-a-Family and the Jamaica Relief Fund 
for victims of Hurricane Floyd. Delta PI is a new organization for 
women that provides many activities for its members. 

Delta Pi Alpha: (Front) Laura Schmid, 
Amy Blake, Uyen Nguyen, Karyn Nus- 
sey (Pres.). 2nd row: Jennifer Vidal, 
Anna Salvage (Vice Pres.), Cara Par- 
melee, Belinda Montalvo, Julie Mann 
(Secretary). 3rd row: Melanie 
O'Shaugnessy, Deirdre Stevens, Kim 
Prudhomme de Ladder, Georgia Nel- 
son, Carolyn Seymour, Robin Willie 

From Ja- 
maican Re- 
lief to Hugh 
West, stu- 
dents al- 
ways lend a 

CKI: Karen Yoder, Marci Pavlock 
(Pres.). Back row: Terri Horton, Dave 
Martin, Mike Madison, Caroline 

'\^- f T t <'^ 

"Delta Pi Alpha 
offers something 
different. We all 
have such differ- 
ent personalities, 
but they blend to- 
gether in a good 
—Laura Schmid. 

■> .^ 


GOTCHA! Anna Salvage and a friend 
i pose for a picture at Delta Pi Alpha 

pledge party. 

Student Government— (Front) Tom Davis, Mark Leetiow, Catherine Deithorne, Kristin Jones, Krista St. John. 2nd roi 
Patrick Bell, Stacey Cooley, Leon Armbruster, Erin Jocoasis, Shelly Minotti, Bazil Tchvidjian. 3rd row: Michele Fang, Mik^ 
McNatt, Hay Holley, Raoul Sanchez. 4th row: David Whidden, John Knight, Joe Hess, Joanne Joyce, Heidi Pape, Dian 
Gianni, Donna, Chip Howard, Anna Croon. 5th row: Dave Smith, Brian Ray, Jon Hansen, Robert Moody, Glen Kindred , 
Claudia Epting, Eric Anderson, Kevin Keefe, Barry Beaucamp, PJ Mezera 

Kristin Jones, SGA Vice President, addresses students 
and faculty at tite State of tt)e University Address. 

Coalition for Social Responsibility— Front row: Shane Turpin, Bonn Roll, Kelly Kiser, John Kurtz. 2nd row: Wesley 
Thomas, Cliff Phillips, Karen Agnew, Stephanie Pollaro, Lynell Finkel, Tony Dasilva. 3rd row: Andrew Morrison, Mike 
Whitehead, Miles Bondurant, Laura Leslie, Michael Branton, Deborah Branton, Joseph Lee (Not Pictured: Eugene 

etson Union Board— Ftont: Abby James, Annika Croone, Jade Padgett, Alison Scoggins, David L. Merrill, Lisa Krucicer, 
lelly Minotti, Regina Brzoiowski, John Joyner, Sharon Jones, Melissa Finn, Lori-Ann DiPenta, Greg Miller, John Drye, 
tvid Martin, Thad Bostic, Kim Moeckel, Rodney Ellis, Cyndi Vayo, Linda Holloway, Phoebe Houseman, Lori Godwin, 
!ggy Threlkel, Greg Stratakes, Robin Wilkie, Guy Niemann, Laura Schmid, Heather O'Hanian (Not Pictured: Pam 



stetson is proud of its many religious organizations tliat provide 
activities and services for students. BCM offers activities such as 
Tfiursday nigtit vespers, care pacl<ages, an ice cream social during 
FOCUS, revival teams, and Personal and Mission Emphasis Weeks. 
Wesley House also provides fellowship activities and vespers for 
students, in addition to retreats, state meetings, and bible studies. 
Intervarsity is the newest religious organization on campus, formed 
only last spring. It is an interdenominational group of students who 
enjoy gathering in small and large groups to study the Bible together 
Finally, the Religious Life Council is composed of representatives 
from each religious group on campus. RLC helps to plan such events 
as ecumenical retreats, World Hunger programs, and the Yule Log 
Lighting ceremony 

Students enjoy fun 
and fellowship . . . and 
a common bond. 

"Wesley House is exactly that ... a 
house. We're like a family" 

—David Finkle 

RLC members, facing from left: Laura Lancaster, Stephanie Wilson, 
David Lawrence, Laura Schmid, Lucinda Williams, Alice Milligan, and 
Yun Chang. 

Wesley House: Front: Marilyn Taylor, Helen Maddox, Carol Zimmerly. Back: Kris Huklewski, David Finkle, Carson 
Baker, John Hicks (Director), Scott Cockerham, Patrick BelL 

Baptist Campus Ministry: Front: Cha 
plin, Herron, Goodman, Taylor, Baker, 
Wilson, Ingersoll, Slappey, Burns. 
Second row: Comrie, Hutto, Messen 
ger, McColley, Dr. Granger, Williams, 
King, Limeberger, Stewart, Johnson, 
Humphreys, Wellitz, Lawrence. Third: 
Louer, Mitchem, Hinson, McCormick, 
Bunting, Mrs. Duncan, Clarke, Ca 
mell, Laney, Woodard, McBride, Lan 
caster, Johnson, Martin, Teague. 
Fourth: Craig, O'Neal, Bartolotta, 
Beauchamp, Lee, Samuel, Bowman, 
Woodall, Williams, Van Hook, Hirsch 
field, Ray 

Religious Life Council Front Luanda Williams Terrosa Camell, Charles "RG" Granger. Back: Joseph Lee, David 
Lawrence, Robert Ciaig, Eric Walmsley. James McBride 

Intervarsity: Front: Rhodes, Holmes, 
Sanchez, McGrath, McNatt, Chaplin, 
Wilcox, Baranet, Haller, Hammack, 
McCagfrey, Burns, Brown. Second 
row: Lancaster, Isaacs, Bellingham, 
Ralph, Humphreys, Stewart, Weyd, 
Messinger, Threlkel, Nichols, Ginn, 
Ellis, Guirgis. Third: Sanchez, Greg- 
ory, Shape, Spear, Spear, Brauchamp, 
Woodard, Comrie, Barhao, Camell, 
Wilson, Goodman, Stover, Gibson, 
Surratt. Fourth: Gossett, Shingles, 
Jones, Tchividjian, Sanchez, Nieman, 
Cluett, Williams, Bryant, Mere, King, 
Lindsey, Starmaer, Williams, Ran- 
dolph, OePury, Murray, Smith, 
Springsdorf, Holley, Garthright, 
Maas, Padgett. Standing: Brown, Har- 
lan, Lacina, Funcheon, Akarjalian, 
Bowman, Bothwell, Lawrence, Roach, 
O'Neal, Hutto, Anderson, Robbs, 
Walmsley, Bazzani, Haller, Erickson, 


Stetson boasts of Its many scientific tionorary societies which rec- 
ognize students' outstanding achievements in some branch of the 
scientific community. Beta Beta Beta extends active membership to 
biology majors and holds field trips, an annual Spring Banquet and 
picnic, and monthly meetings. Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a society 
recognizing outstanding junior and senior chemistry students, while 
The American Chemical Society is oriented towards chemistry and 
chemical engineering professionals. Members are involved in field 
trips, special projects, and guest lectures. Sigma Pi Sigma, a society 
for Physics students, hosts banquets, inductions, meetings, and 
events with The Society of Physics Students. SPS also provides 
opportunities for Physics students or any interested students to meet 
together and to discover career opportunities. 

American Chemical Society: Diane Goijburg, Milce Keliy, Kim Bassett, Micliele Canamucio, Edwin Coolidge, Clianning 

Society of Fliysics Students: Front: 
Rachel Hoffman, Annie Akarjalian, 
Kim Gossetf, Raoul Sanchez. Second: 
Sherry Gibson, Michelle DeLand, 
Grace Wong, Rhonda DeHart. Back: 
Glenn Teeter, Kimberly Odom, Jay 
Stryker, Michele Canumicio, Anthony 
Jusick, Thomas Lick, Ian Ireland. 

')eta Alpha Phi members perform last spring In the final performance of Stover 
leatre last year. 

Playing with 
the Laws of 
Nature help 
students see 
the Light, 

Dr. Riggs goes lor the point at a Sci- 
ence Department picnic. 

2 P 

". . . and Kim Gossett 
agrees with me that 
Physics majors have to 
be weird!!" 

—Raoul Sanchez 

"When did you 
say initiation 
—Kara Lemons 

"Bondage and 
cleavage are a 
chemist's life." 
-Mike Kelly 

Gamma Sigma Ipsllon: Michael Wilson, Grace Wong, Channlng Coolldge, Diane Goijburg, Torld Lowther, Michael 

Beta Beta Beta: Front: Monica Lewis, 
Rhonda DeHart, Cynthia Anderson. 
Back: Charles Raleigh, Michele Cana- 
mucio, Jonathan Hurt. 

igma PI Sigma: Front: Kimberly Gossett, Raoul Sanchei, Grace Wong. Back: 
nthony Jusick, Thomas Lick. 


other Honorary organizations at Stetson include Mortar Board, 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Delta, and Theta 
Alpha Phi. Mortar Board is a senior honorary for students who excel 
academically and in service to the university Hatter Hat Day is a 
special event sponsored by Mortar Board. ODK is a leadership honor- 
ary that recognizes both outstanding student and faculty A society 
for outstanding freshmen, Phi Eta Sigma recognizes students who 
achieve a 3.5 or better GPA in their first year Phi Alpha Delta 
recognizes achievement in historical studies. Prospective members 
must prepare a major speech for consideration of initiation, and 
members participate in regional and national conventions. Honors 
drama students who excel in theatrical activities are considered for 
membership in Theta Alpha Phi. Membership is earned through 
work done in Stover Theatre productions. 

Omicron Delta Kappa — Front — Patrick Daxon, Claudia Epting, Raoul Sanchez. Middle — James McBride, Jaime 
Clark, Susan Mull. Back — Or Garth Jenkins, Carolyn Seymour, Carmen Llop, Anne Ralph, Tammy Firman, Mr. Gary 

Phi Alpha Delta — Front — K. Stevens, P Bell, N. Dominguei, S. Borriello, J. Arnold, E. Lasky, M. Schilcher, I 
Sherrouse. 2nd — M. Lindsey, M. Richert, J. Koehne, A. Fanziaw, C. Pause, N. Guirgis, D. Comrie, L. Burns, N. Spirtos. 
3rd — J. Napieracz, C. Garen, C. Eppard, ft Whidden, M. Scarborough, M. Wheeler 4th — M. O'Donnell, M. Lacina, 
C. Geras, D. Hayden, S. Smelser, I. Nason, J. Payne, K. Keith, S. Cox, C. Twonsend, C. Coolidge, J. Conlon. 5th — S. 
Blackmer, A. Preston, R. Kolenick, K Quinn, J. Matrundola, P Liveland, B. Doll, L. Riczko, C. Zimmerly K. Moeckel. 
Back — A. Theodore, B. Finkbeiner, T. Hoffman, R. Branning, S. Anastasiades, S. Sterns, R. Gonzalez, E. Adzima. 

During Phi Eta Sigma induction, Heidi Davis was honored with her certifi- 
cate and a friendly welcome from officer Kim Holmes. 

Getting shoved around was OK when it was part of the Phi 
Alpha Delta "trust fall" at the pledge picnic — Iva Sher- 
rouse and Heather O'Hanian. 

Phi Alpha Delta president Sandy Borriello just taking it easy at 
the Phi Alpha Delta pledge retreat. 

Theta Alpha Phi — Front — Car- 
ol Anderson, Carolyn Seymour, 
Helen Maddox. Back — Bruce 
Griffith, David Finkle, Jeff Paw- 
lack, Dean Alexander, Jim Dell'A- 

Mortar Board — Front — Anne 
Ralph, Jim Daughton, Kim Gossett. 
Middle — Carmen Llop, Claudia Ept- 
ing, Georgeanne Anderson. Back — 
Joellen Matrundola, Mike McNatt, 
Tammy Firman, Raoul Sanchez, Susan 
Mull, Mike Kelly 

Phi Eta Sigma — I98S Inductees — B. Bastin, J. 
Bevington, f. Brooks, J. Case, C. Cormany, S. Cox, H. Davis, 
T. Day, S. Dudley, M. Fitzpatrick, P Gibson, J. Gleason, B. 
Goodwin, H. Haag, L. Hardman, A. Harp, H. Hauptly, E. 
Him, C. Huthmaker, K. Kirkpatrick, D. Kratzke, K. 
Kuklewski, P Loquidice, R. Magaha, M. Maltby, S. Merritt, 
R. Moore, F Morris, A. Mumbauer, T. Murphy, J. Payne, S. 
Phillips, M. Phipps, B. Ray, J. Ray, N. Seachrist, C. Shuster, 
A. Siegelman, J. Soltys, J. Stryker, J. Williams, M. Wood, D. 
Zimmerman, M. Zunt. 1988 Officers — Kim Holmes, Mike 
Kelly, Michele Canamucio. 


A variety of organizations are available for students w/ho are inter- 
ested in becoming involved on campus, including Forensics, College 
Republicans, Sigma Tau Delta, Panhellenic, and Music School 
Student Advisory Council. Forensics members compete in state and 
national tournaments, gaining recognition for prizes won and unique 
individual performances. The College Republicans further the inter- 
ests and platforms of their political party by sponsoring campaigns, 
speakers, and lecturers. Students of the School of Music Student 
Advisory Council meet regularly to discuss issues of interest and to 
communicate concerns to the Dean. Sigma Tau Delta recognizes and 
encourages student achievement in literature and language. Mem- 
bers of the Panhellenic and Jr Panhellenic Councils are sorority 
representatives who meet to plan special programs, Greek Week, the 
Greek Banquet, and the staff/faculty Easter Egg Hunt. 

Panhellenic & Junior Council — Front — Julie Underhill, Jacid Elek, Leah Strickland, Kristy Mays. 2nd — Tina 
Mantovani, Michelle Fana, Samantha Smith, Denise Servat, Mary Lynn Priest. 3rd — Liz Fedele, Amy Tamberrino, 
Christie Kirkpatrick, Rebecca Palmer, Julie Bevington, Kara Berard, Melissa Giarrusso, Deborah Dooiittle. Back — 
Kathy Eccles, Laurie Woodham, Shannon Lundequam, Tara Suplick, Cassandra Wilkens, Tracey Thompson, Shelli 

Sigma Tau Delta — Susan Mull, Anna Marie Cairo, 
Barbara Stackpole, Kelley UacNamara. 

Participation in 
clubs allows us to 
express our- 
selves and per- 
sonalize our edu- 

A fitting place for college Re- 
publicans, Ray Holley, Louis 
Bokar, Bas Tchjin'dian, and 
Todd Parrish at the Deland 
Republican Headquarters. 

Panhellenic officers and ad- 
visor Amy Tamberrino attend- 
ed the Southeastern Panhel- 
lenic Conference in Mem- 
phis, TH. 

"Junior Panhellen- 
ic members are 
open-minded and 
enthusiastic about 
sharing the Pan- 
hellenic spirit. " 
—Kathy Eccles 

School of Music Admory Council — front — Nancy Guinn, Clint Cormany, 
Carmen Llop, Leslie Conerly. Back — Amy Butcher, Roger Hotto, Mark Reed, 
Thomas Damato, Wayne Foster, Clay Krasner. 

College Republicans — Front — Kris Colero, John Dickson, Bas Tchjivigian, Stacey Megica, Ray Holley, lllyana, 
Stephanie Bar. 2nd — Stacey Smelsor, Bob Finkbeiner, Stephanie Evans, Lisa, Raoul Sanchez, Mike McNatt, Nada 
Buirgis, David Mickey. 3rd — Michelle Fana, Robert Moody, Dan Fountain, Oscar Anderson, Robert Bullock, Eric 
Osterly, Dirk, P.J. Mezera. Back — Rafael Latour, Chip Howard, Glenn Kindred, Kelly, Eric Anderson, Anika Croon, 
Misty Mead, Susan Blackmer. 

Forensics Team — Front — Mike McFarland, Sally Osburn, 
Karen Kurad, Bobbin Palatnick, Jody Felson, Debbie 
Mikuta, Patric Jones. Middle — James Belcher, Hal Haller, 
Kelly Abbondondolo, Tracy Schultz, Kelly Kiser. Back — 
Oscar Anderson, Jeff Hoffman, Debbie Stover, Mark 
Richert, Julie Koehn, Kevin Keith. 


The Hatter, the Reporter, and Touchstone publications provide an 
outlet for creativity, opinions, and ideas v\/hHe enabling students to 
record their years at Stetson in publishable form. The Hatter Year- 
book Staff is organized under the leadership of editor Susan Bowman 
and is distributed in May. The Reporter staff , with the help of a new 
computer, puts the finishing touches on their layouts at the DeLand 
Sun News. Every spring, students look forward to their school's 
literary magazine, Touchstone. 

Also busy making a good reputation for the school are the Hatter 
Ambassadors. They represent Stetson by giving campus tours, host- 
ing overnight guests, and corresponding with prospective students. In 
addition, they are very active in all areas of campus life, including 
SGA, FOCUS, Intervarsity Residential Life, Greek Life, SUB, and 
much more. 

1988-89 HATTER STAFF: Front, Denise Oliver, Linda Carter, Amy Tamberrino (Advisor), Karen Yoder, Shelli Speed; Back, 
Jim Goodfriend, Broolte Cliambliss, Susan Bowman (Editor), Terri Kuliuck, and Dan Fenza. 

Hatter Staffers Dan Fenza and Jim Goodfriend sliooting ttie breeze 
in the Security cart Dan was a pliotograplier and Jim was tlie 
Hatter Business manager. 



SADORS: Front, Pam Childers, Sheila 
Cox, Lorraine Morris, Kimberly 
Gossett, Nora Matamoros, Tracy 
Stromberg; Back, Dave Martin, Bill 
Harrington, Erik Anderson, Brad 
Bowman, Dave Whidden. 

Dean of Admissions Linda Glover and Admissions Counsel- 
or Tres Mullis were in charge of pairing Hatter Connection 
Ambassadors with prospective students. 

Hatter Editor Susan Bowman was always being pulled 
around by her staffers. 

REPORTER: includes: Joe Roach, Regina Brzozowski, Kristin Koch, Scott Zacher, John Robbs, Erin Jowaisas, Mary 
Hastings, TJ. Louer, and Glenn Kindred. 

TOUCHSTONE: Mike Aumack, Ken 
Lynch, Erin Jowaisas, Allison Ash- 
wood, Rob Martin (Editor). 


stetson Synchronicity got off to a screaming start by sending five 
members to the UCA Ctieerleader-Pom Pon Camp in Tennessee this 
summer The squad of thirteen girls performed at many women 's and 
men's basl<etball games. Rho Lambda is a Greel< honorary for soror- 
ity women who excel in leadership. The Judiciary Council is elected 
by the student body in the spring. Listed among their many responsi- 
bilities are sitting in hearings to hear violations of the student code of 
conduct and traffic sanctions. Students who wish to match their 
abilities with some of the brightest participate in the Coliege Bowl, a 
quiz group which competes on a local and state level. The Fellowship 
of Christian Athletes is a religious organization which meets weekly 
to participate in Bible studies, camp-outs, and hear guest speakers. 

Building Bonds 
and Recognizing 
Clubs do 
more than 

JUDICIARY COUNCIL Peter Bebe, Jeff Bitteabittdeii Pam Childers, Michelle DeLude, Michelle Fane, Dan 
Bilbride, MnJowaisas, JohaJofueii Mate Kaufman, Julie McFall, Susan Mull, Joe Spikes. Dl SaiUiJenkim is 
the aMsor to Judidaij Council. 

FEUOmmP Of CHftmUH tmitxts: 
Front Rom — OamJ Itinse/, Chris Ratz, 
Tom Knutson, Scott Miller, Martj 
FHzpatiick, Brian BaOin; Second Row — 
Eric Walmsle^ Angel Ysaguiffe, Bebbie 
Stones, Rk Darlington, Catbf HarVej, Jim 
Chappel, Charles Lena, Morris HarUer, 
Back Row — Brian Palmer, Tronne 

COUECE BOWL (in alphabetical 
order): Ann Marie Brain, Tim 
Carighan, Debbie Ellis, Loreen 
Francis, Mike Furlong, Vickf Gruen, 
Jeff Harris, Terri llukuci[, Laura 
Leslie, Anne Mumbauer, Norman 
Seachrist, Jay Stryker, Store Uriah, 
Jan Zamojski; Adyisor. Dc Jenkins. 

Krista Traister and Shauna 
Fisher practice one of their 
routines for the next men's 
home baslietball game. 

Tom Knulson and Scott Mill- 
er simulate a car wreck dur- 
ing a Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes skit. They later dis- 
cussed the results of the ac- 

The (pom 
pon) squad has 
come far since 
last year and we 
look forward to a 
great future. % 

—Angle Ann Ginn 

RHO LAUBOA: Front, Oawn Pilot, Catherine Diethorn, Karin Rowland, Abby James, Pam Childers; Back, Sam Cluett, 
Shanda Gilderbloom, Claudia Epting, Patricia Riko, Lillian Washington. 

STETSON SYNCHRONICITY: Front Row — Angle Ann Ginn, Lucy McCaffery; Second Row — 
Angela Loethen, Lani Keller, Zuzette Estevez, Krista Traister; Third Row — AH Bernard, Pam 
Childers, Kara Meg Bachus, Shauna Fisher. 


"It's great when we work and work and then it all comes togeth- 

—Shelle Hinson 

The University Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Sleeper, spon- 
sors an annual Concerto Competition. Winners chosen in l<eyboard, 
voice, and orchestral instruments perform as soloists. The Jazz En- 
semble is open to experienced students, faculty members, and mem- 
bers of the community through an audition. The Jazz Ensemble is 
conducted by David Schmidt. Finally the Chapel Choir, conducted by 
Dr Robert Fort, is also chosen by audition. The choir performs a 
variety of sacred music for Wednesday Chapel services. 



r b 

f\^ T^ 







In action — the Symphonic Wind Ensemble turns on their magic for 
admiring audience. 

STETSON JAZZ ENSEMBLE (in alphabetical order): Floyd 
Absher, Lauren Baker, Brian Bolen, Jerry Cruitt, Tom 
Damato, Bob De Gaetano, Craig Deleppo, Ron Deleppo, Jim 
Franti, Roger Hutto, Clay Krasner, Brad Maffett, Wendy 
Ryan, Diana Ryder, Brad Shinn, Pete Waidelich, Warren 

Anthony Zecco awaits his cue as Christine 
Miller looks on. 

Thompson, Laura Lancaster, Danielle Martin, 
Sheri Margrave, Gretchen Stewart, Charles 
Hutbmaker, Ame Cividanes, Phillip Leddin, Arlene 
Leemkuil, Sally Bensur, Pat Warden, Marty 
Matteson, Jeanie Phelan, Kelly Dick, Kim Stewart, 
Laura Finley, Corrine Munn, Glen McCoin, Scott 
Stanley, Denise Ray, Rene Pittman, Laura Leslie, 
Cathy Rock, Lauren Baker, Susan Kuznicki, Janice 
Rubio, Anne McBride, Charles Watford, Brian 
Bolen, Warren Williams, Ron Deleppo, Elizabeth 
Hinckley, Nancy Guinn, Chris Cowell, Jim Frank, 
Chris Ewing, Tom Damato, Jennifer Peter, Wendy 
Ryan, Brad Maffet, Charles McKnight, Chance 
Morrison, Christine Miller, Anthony Zecco, Scott 
Cockerham, Kerrie Showalter, Jane Wendt. 

iniiniui imiiiHBBannnii innimti 


mil iy 

CHAPEL CHOIR — Lucinda Williams, Tammy Davis, Jami Haller, Sherri Harlan, Tonda Hicks, Yi- Yi Lo, Tracey MacLeod, 
Jennifer McLean, Ester McLendon, Suzanne Messenger, Alice Milligan, Shern Mitchem, Amy Rivenbark, Jennifer 
Roberts, Sherri VanWormer, Denise Wilcox, Cyndy Woodard, Laura Barnao, Rachel Faler, Renee Johnson, Katie Koch, 
Kayla Liechty, Leanne Neuland, Jon Barr, Clint Cormany, Steve Cragg, Robert O'Neil, Tim Smith, Rob Craig, Roger 
Hutto, Todd Hill, David Kinsey, Tim Murphy, John Philip, Blake Rambo, Brad Shinn, Mike Woodall. 


The School of Music provides a wide variety of opportunities for music 
and non-music majors to perform In all areas. For the music major, 
these ensembles contribute to the fulfillment of degree requirements. 
For non-majors, many of the ensembles may be taken for credit and are 
open, by audition, to students, faculty and staff members. The Sym- 
phonic Wind Ensemble performs regularly on campus and tours off 
campus. Conducted by Bobby Adams, this Ensemble includes In its 
repertoire selections from both the symphonic band and orchestral 
wind section literature. The Concert Choir, conducted by Dr Robert 
Rich, is a group of singers selected by audition. This group represents 
the University at conventions, at schools, and In churches. 

Students work 

overtime to 




The Symphonic Wind Ensemble performs from both the symphonic 
band and orchestral wind section literature. 

WIND £NS£l\tBLE: Flute — L. Leslie. W. Bickham, V. Caro, S. Bradford; Oboe — L. Baker, li/l. Maas; English Horn — C. 
Rock; Bassoon — I. Barnett, E. Hinckley, C. Zimmerly; Clarinet— S. Kuznicki, A. McBride, C. Walford, L. Bellingham, 
B. Connolly, S. Wilson, R. Jones; Alto Sax — W. Williams, S. Clifton, C. Oeleppo, R. Deleppo; Trumpet — J. Frank, C. 
Ewing, B. Williams, Nl. James, R. Damato, R. Hutto, T. Martin, E. Lacey, J. McCraney; Horn — C. Cowell, T. Fulkman, J. 
Wendt, C. Bickham; Trombone — J. Peter, W. Ryan, F. Absher, B. ftaffett; Euphonium — B. Shinn, 0. Meer, L. 
Hardman; Tuba — E. Cai/ender; Percussion — C. Morrison, A. Zecco, C. Miller, D. Fulmar 

The Symphonic Wind Ensemble performs under the direction of con- 
ductor Bobby Adams. 

Soloist Sherry Van Wermer sang with Chapel Choir during a service. 

CONCERT CHOIR: Front; C. Bickham, S. Hinson, S. Shingles, S. Lane, N. 
Fischer, C. Huthmalter, J. Otwell, R. Sapp, L Conerly; 2nd row; I 
Martin, M. Hill, K. Stewart, C. Mobly, J. Ray, T. Maloney, C. Balier, B. 
Johnson, M. James, J. Nutall; 3rd row; L Seeds, W. Kerney; K. Hearns, 
K. Clifton, G. Moon, K. Oanskin, D. Hickey, W. Aleshire, M. Parker, J. 
Evans; Back; L. Limeburger, A. Pearson, L Lam, K. Bunting, D. 
Fernandez, f. Quinn, R Hunt, D. Heard, D. Byrd, K. Erikson, K. Steele, 
B. McColley, £ Laney 


a friend . . . 

Last summer, Stetson violinist Mark Reed had the 
opportunity to play in France. A native of Anderson, SC, 
Reed had studied violin at the Mannes School of Music 
in New York. His hard work and immense talent payed 
off in the form of a full Stetson scholarship. Reputed as 
always remaining on everybody's "good list, " Mark, a 
junior, was also commended by his violin professor, 
Jennifer Savastano, for always having "drive and 
energy. " Mark's goal was to teach. "He wanted to be 
able to inspire other people, " said Savastano. 

On November 3, 1988, Steven Mark Reed, age 20, 
died from complications from injuries sustained in an 
automobile accident a few days earlier. 


Never known to shy away from a good 
time, students show their style & club 

Above: Jeff Hoffman, contestant on MTV's 
Remote Control, gets more than lie 
bargains for. Right: Jeff, again, surveying 
his spilled Doritos during "Snack Time. " 
His show was taped in December and 
aired March 14, 1983. 

Leon Armbruster, Boz Tchividjian, and Kristin Jones participate in 
an SGA initiation ceremony. 

Intenarsity members enjoy themselves and the carousel at Night 
of Joy at Disney World. 

Taking time out to smile 
for the camera are busy 
SGA President Catherine 
Oiethorn and Vice Presi- 
dent Kristin Jones. 

Intervarsily members 
perform for students, 
parents, and staff mem- 
bers in their Parent's 
Weekend skit entitled 
"The Champion." 

Nora Klatamoros welcomes members of her Rho Chi group Zahra Irvani and Sherry DeMove discuss plans with 
into their new pledgeships in many different sororities, newfound Alpha Xi Delta friend. 

golden moments 

.. . about bemgaraemberoi 
■aavonte thing aboui 
vour sororitV? 

, the close 

Michelle Ko«-,„V..e.;-w,...^^^^^^™^ 

>">"'' ' ' MPS me wt" 8 h (members "' 

the feeling 

_ the friendf'P^^ 3 family- I'k^ 
sue Voungk-n.^'^^, fiends. It 

, I'm at home. 

• ', > 

in style 

Members of greek organiza- 
tions make up over 45% of tfie 
total campus undergraduate pop- 
ulation, well over the national 
average for fraternity and soror- 
ity memberstiips. What makes 
fraternities and sororities such a 
strong force on campus? 

First, Rush is a well-publicized, 
organized, and ambitious way to 
introduce prospective members 
to the greek system. Secondly 

because there are so many mem- 
bers of greek organizations, even 
students who are not members 
become familiar with fraternities 
and sororities as a whole through 
contact with greek friends. Final- 
ly, greeks assert themselves in all 
areas of campus and community 
service, and individual members 
are active in many areas on cam- 
pus outside their own fraternities 
and sororities. 

Fraternity members enjoy their favorite luncli at tlieir 
favorite table in the CUB. 

ATil: Osborn McKelvey, Frost, VanCleef Gallon, Wilson, Joyner, Hayden, Fanna 
Eccles, Glancy Burke, Kurad, Madden, Hamilton, Homes, Nevin, Patterson, Silverman, 
Ysagurrie, Hugs, Tchividjian, Stickland, Conlon, Yee, Hundley Neiman, Finkbiner, 
Mattamorris, Miller, Nevin, Thurman, McNatt, Spear, Gegerson, Einheit, Cole, 
DeMerctiant, Gallagher, Burke, Doffenberger, Daughton, Opfer, Gerraci, Roach, Lynch, 
Hooper, Gerry 

AXSl: M. Patrick, 0. Scherock, R. Sapp, M. Williams, W. Lincer, A. Scoggins, T. 
Mantovani, C. Lane, K. Steele, S. Wolfe, C. Wood, S. Gilderbloom, L. Vaughan, B. King, J. 
Nealsey P Bradley S. Todd, H. O'Hanian, M. Priest, R. Crawford, S. Alper, N. Curgis, T. 
Bass, R. Welsh, C. Griffis, S. Scher, J. Tannenbaum, P Wagner, P Mere, R. Wharton, C. 
Allen, A. Deinard, L. Keller, K. Hougue, A. Leemkwil, S. Strickland, R. Farrar, E. Fochtman, 
A. Chadwick, L. Turner, K. Palmer, 0. Kasa, L. Beck, J. Furr, K. Abbondondodo, C. Dee. 


Ar.A: Lundequam, Nason, Fowler, Ball, Ugalde, Buck, Iravani, Hargraves, Akaijilian, 
Solomon, Carlin, Macam, Bacchus, DeMore, Beason, Fazio, Swan, Pape, Downing, B. 
Swing, Cassela, Carrol, Case, Hall, Roseborough, B. Bellinger, Chung, Creech, Crawther, 
Klaiber, Summers, Satchell, Clark, Gunter, M. Swing, Allen, K. Swing, Fisher, Dinh, Toth, 
Schifflet, Howard, Bergen, Berington, Weeks, Wilkins, Dryver, Payne, Wendt, Smiley A. 
Brown, C. Brown, Hines, Beyard, Phillips, Beechia, Willis, Bennett, Megica, Aguire. 

Two PXs take a pizza break during Rush. 


Despite the extensive negative publicity 
Stetson Greel<s received in tine previous 
year, initiates of bothi sororities and fraterni- 
ties returned ttiis fall stronger than ever Dur- 
ing formal Rush, 271 young men and women 
each pledged themselves to an extraordinary 
organization. Alpha, Delta, Beta? It all sound 
so confusing. What do the words mean? What 
do those letters represent? For a new pledge 
it means new friends, new commitments, 
and endless study hours. Of course a lot of 
parties come with the pledge pin, but all 
Greeks maintain high moral and academic 
standards. Not only do they allow students to 
gather socially but they enable them to de- 
velop excellent leadership and communica- 
tion skills. 

AXO and FIBO pledges show off 
their greek spirit. 

ATOs congratulate each other after scoring a touchdown. 

Alpha Xi Deltas talie a snack break during a long chapter meeting. 

AXO: Buckley, Armbrester, Sartor, James, Kraus, Paulack, Hess, Keubler, Keubler, 
Darlington, Merril, Vilaris, Roth, Howard, Burkette, Mack, Kaighan, Higgenbotham, 
Wildenberg, Harbin, Wiseman, Wilson, Halloran, Barbour, Feldman, Benson, Hayes, 
Blackwell, Quinn, Scott, Lawson, Hartley, Zielske, Huskey, Guanari, Goldwire, Adrian, 
Harnage, Harbin, Sobieski, Cox, Ray, Casbion. 

AAA: Malkasian, Dunham, Townsend, Matrondola, Hall, Danley, Thompson, Gabriel, 
Gilliland, Finley, Butcher, Con/an, Aland, Blumenkrantz, Edwards, Weber, Ginn, Lubach, 
Rogers, Finley, Dempsey, NIcClure, Raffa, Ray, Youngkins, Smith, Barnes, Dixon, Hunter, 
Holland, Coggins, Heist, Danley, Bittenbinder, Condon, EIek, Hammond, Akerman, 
Kjellgren, Theos, McGrath, Horton, Gironda, Laws, Stones, Poston, Hodgkins, 
Bittenbinder, Underbill, Ridneor, O'Brian, Woodham, Fisher, Hoffmier, Feikema, 
McKimis, Bergstrom, Jones, Bartb, Dallet. 

AXA: Sawca, Palley, Payne, Minor, Cannouse, Nicols, Hargreaves, Auffant, Mickey, 
Canouse, Divine, Dominguez, Shuster, Mullin, Vayo, Sahnnon, Pursell, Hughes, 
Schumacher, Shuckelford, Stevens, Losada, Krebs, Harris, Maloney, Hansen, 
Montgomery, Shaffer, Taylor, Holliday, Rauchegger, Whidden, Fordham, Wheeler, Lather, 
Clifton, Bevington, Carrol, Aland, Davenport, Broun, Brown, Farrell, Moody, Highfield, 
Suerez, Jones, Jones, Negip, Heussner, Zimmerman, Haller, Borntragger, Hamm, Fazio, 
Polcaro, Bemint, Fish, Van Alst, Scarborough, Sellers, Gilbert, Mines, Davis, Daniels, 

Jennifer Edwards and Lori Finn square off for the sack race. 


Remembering the fraternities: Delta Sig- 
ma Phii and Sailor's Ball; the Hooters 
and Phi Sigs; sororities caroling on the Row; 
battling for the P-Cup; the Alpha Tau Omega 
infamous Viking Party; more Sig Ep IHearts 
than Sig Eps; IPC and Order of Omega Men; 
Social Masters of Sigma Nu; the motorcycle 
gang of Pi Kappa Phi; the purple Reigh of 
Lambda Chi Alpha; the keg ban on frat row; 
life without the Pike fire truck; bid day brawls 
and frat row fun; Sig Eps and Bahama Blue; 
Greek Banquet and Chapter Excellence 
Award; Pikes always in ties and ATOs always 
in the mud; another house for Phi Sigma 
Kappa; Sigma Nus that never graduate; so- 
cials, service; leadership and scholarship; an- 
other year and 153 new men on the row! 

Chuck and Morris prepare to defend 
their P-Cup. 

Sherry Mullenex and her PX group are all smiles before their first party. 
Phi Mus stand with their new pledges on Bid Day 


ZTA: Stigner, Felson, Dick, Deithorn. Morris, Matamoras, Eccles, Anderson, Glenn. 
Grinell, Sauer, Blackmer, Ceras, Servatt, Hastings, Heal. Fugate, Jamison, Kubler, Kemp. 
Theos, Anderson, Beyer, Thompson, Stromberg. Ginette. Hall. O'Born, Tierney, Harper. 
Faivre, Gould, Cooper. Traister. Finn, Smith. Finn, Fergus, Sizemore. Casta, Speed, 
Quinn. Cohen, Newsome, Vondraself, Beal, Crandell, Goldblait. Jukes, Burgos, Mead, 
Granholm, Williams, McCaskill. 

KA0: Mays. Palmer. Zimmerly Pearson. Goijburg. Chang, Ojeda, Fields, Cross. 
Warren, Shope. Zarbo, Him, Day Brock. Isaacs. Minard, Mull. Phelps, White. 
Cleaveland. Warner. McGrath. Alba, Lindsey Turner, Kocsis, Sanchez, Shao, Hood, 
Strickland, Holmes, Carrington, Smith, Kirkpatrick, Davis. 

riKA: Lynch, Poreilli, Madison, Garvin, Wells, Ugaccioni, Frye, Gargvilo, Smith, Love, 
Shefsiek. Harrison. Hernandez, Whitney Kaufman, Clemmer, Drye, Rupp, Martin, 
Battaglese, Roth, Morin. Lunder, Scirrino. Neat. Johnston, Kovlavaris, Pfeiffer, Stalvey 
Waygood, Haridoplis, Stanley Steiger, Thorton. Tonini, Wood, Komninos, Semples, 
Pringle, Murray Pinkus, Connell, Kinsey, Synder. Bostic, Graver, Ray Wheeler. DePass. 
Cavlley Holbrook. Walton, Bittenbinder. Hartman, Koeniger, Curtis, Farmer, Rood. 

Thetas gather together around the fountain on bid day 



Remembering sororities: Means Rho Chis 
and Rush; 118 terrific pledges; ctiapter 
retreats; little sister pranks; ice cream so- 
cials; Fuzzybrothers; Alpha Chis at nickel 
beer night; late nights and long meetings; 
house managers and fire drills; Zeta Tau Awe- 
some volleyball; pearls for Pi Phi pledges; 
candlelightings and Coke parties; study 
hours; study halls and study buddies; Kappa 
Alpha Theta spirit kites; Tri Delts and their 
crushes and AXO with their Fool Around 
dates!; Arrowmen and Zetaman football; sca- 
venger hunts and Founder's Day Teas; more 
door signs and even more posters; the Phi 
Mus and tug-o-war, Jayne and Amy carna- 
tions and pansies, tears and laughs, sister- 
hood and sharing; friendships everlasting. 

Zeta's, Shirley Beat, Emily Beyer, and 
Claudia Epting welcome rushees in 
the house during Colte parties. 

Greg Rupp and Scott Lynch collide on the field while trying to catch a 

Alpha Xi Deltas dominated the Olympics during the 1988 Greenfeather 

nK<I>- Little Croft, Biancarosa, Cljatfield. Livingston, Werder, Cowen, Marshall, 
Gunslierg, Bastiiie, Holt. Kilpatrick, Jones, OeRiemo, Wllumsen, Smith, Wilson, 
Walsweer, Current, Gilmore, Burke, Poston, Bruns, Greenman, Conolly, Gelinas, Putnam, 
Heiber, Zarelia, Probert, Bernart, Weaver, Hatami, Kilbride, Laird, Crook. 


nB<I>: Erickson, Estevez, Scherock, Bloodworth, Scales, Alexander, Jensen, Childers, 
Moss, Tyler, Glaser, Garthright, McFall, Fedele, Giarrusso, Barrow, Klingmeyer, Edwards, 
Sroe, Leither, Brown, Threkle, Hiko, Padgett, Faust, Washington, Alderman, Rogers, 
Berhent, Lent, Duckworth, Civedines, Cowart, Varo, Surratt, Mahommaboy, Caro, 
Estevez, Cowden, Koch, Girven, Nunn, Sangster, Gibson, Migliore, Alexander, McKaferty, 
Kiper, Wilcox, Petri, Olsen, Koch, Mallory, Glass. 

v-i^J-Vfi^ na sf 


EN: Bohne, Johnston, Cicidanes Alper Baldwin Conway Korenivk Williams 
McDougall, Burkhalter, Schaffer, Cristoff Abscal Trentalange Donnell Harvey Taft 
Early, Pruggelski, Manrikque, Zimms Giblett Krammer Bump Wilkenson Matera 
Collany, Kujawa, Stevens, Valencic Duggar Tome Chowderbury Brody Alderman 

Rushees wait anxiously outside the Theta house for the next party to begin. 

y ^ 


New rules regulating Stetson greeks in 
1988 also came with new expectations. 
The Greek system was to be re-evaluated by 
Stetson 's Task Force. To help enhance a posi- 
tive public image on campus, the Intrafrater- 
nity Council and Panhellenic put together a 
variety of programs designed to educate and 
promote a better understanding of Greek Life 
at Stetson University Under the direction of 
Student Affairs, four separate programs were 
presented, entitled Greek 101. First a film 
was shown confronting the stereotypes and 
myths Greeks have received in the past. Two 
panel discussions were held for pledges on 
Sexual Rights & Responsibilities and Stress 
Management. Ending Greek 1 01 was a semi- 
nar concerning the legal liability of fraterni- 
ties and sororities. 

Will Frisbee, Jim Rult, and Rob Soell 
relax in the Sig Ep house after a long 
day of classes. 

Todd Jones, Bill Greenman, and John Walsweerget ready for an afternoon 
at Crow's Bluff. 

Darald Stubbs, Andrew Daire, and Jeff Smith show-off their manly attri- 
butes for the camera. 


XOE: Turney, Kemp, Lewis, Day, Hughes, Godman, Hoffman, Rutt, Penick, Flar, 
Hedrick, Bleck, Edwards, Weeks, Manel, Holmes, Soell, Costner, Foerster, Heulett, 
Wattleworth, Frisbie, O'Neal, Jowaisas, Eason, f/leer, Holt, Diamond, Jordon, Driver, 
Nittoli, Manuel, Farr, Alba, Swanson, White, Travis, Edgemon, Montalvo, Mier, Nussey, 
Strauch, Hayes, Bass, Thomas, Dee, Hiser, Anderson, Balara, Potkovic, Morano, Lynch, 
Long, f/lcKinney, Carbone, Apple, Paul, Hine, Abbondondalo, Glass. 

<^M: Fiedler, Stewart, Owens, Caldwell, Bevan, Pickett, Harrell, Barba, Jannelli, 
Anderson, Tranford, Jenkins, Captain, Siegelman, Nofi, Niccoli, Caren, Courtney, 
Salamone, Fana, Francis, Heist, Hicks, Mictchem, Eidel, Moss, Godzik, Birkner, Snijders, 
McCormick, Patton, Koehne, Schlicher, Doolittle, Brenner, Harlan, Lacina, Raiford, Faler, 
Fair, Weiss, Herald, Anderson. 

OLK: Lipham, Eisen, Felson, Stubbs, Daire, Watson, McBride, Ellis, Brown, Trembor, 
Weber, Bealer, Caldwell, Gullette, Morrison, Raleigh, Wilkinson, Owens, Ric, Hamilton, 
Tranford, Phillips, Merritt, Ortiz, Cline, Kelly, Stanley, Jones, Carpenter, Jones, 
Yearnwood, Baldwin, Kratzke, Smith, Lass, Carignan. 


Sig Eps dance to the sounds of Windjammer during fraternity rush. 


Greek Life, a major part of Stetson, gives 
men and women many opportunities to 
work witii ottiers on and off campus. The 
Greeks work with various philanthropies, the 
largest being Greenfeather, an annual cam- 
pus-wide activitity that raises money for local 
and national charities. This year the Greeks 
raised $10,000, over half of the donation. 
Also, the Greeks have their own individual 
philanthropies. For example, the Pi Phis and 
the Pikes have "Headstart, " a Halloween 
event to entertain the underprivileged chil- 
dren of DeLand. The Zeta's Trick-or-Treat aid 
the Children 's Methodist Home while the Sig 
Eps have an annual softball marathon to raise 
money for Muscular Dystrophy 

Joey Hoffmeir shows her Tri Delt spir- 
it at the Chalti art competition during 

Jimmy Cashion tries to outrun Henry Fordham during a football game. 
Sigma Nu quarterback Ken Falili practices his throw before the big game. 





stetson students rarely spend a week witliout making a Cafeteria food gets really old, so Stetson students take 
trip to Wal-Mart. advantage of the many fast food places near campus. 

golden moments 

^ i i^a'it three days a 
spe^^.'^ Til or two trips 

^^y ^frreV and at least one or t^-- 
^^''' Mart A^d Bellini's every otn 


TCbV. and various 

fast iood places. 


Advertising in a yearbook 
benefits not only ttie advertisers 
vjIio contribute but the students 
v\/tio keep ttieir yearbooks for 
years to come. Advertisers gain 
exposure in a publication that is 
referred to again and again. The 
Stetson Hatter is distributed to 
all students free of charge, so it 
reaches a great percentage of the 
student body The yearbook is 
also distributed to parents, facul- 

ty and staff members, busi- 
nesses, and professionals. 

Hatter advertisements, in 
turn, provide students with a 
source to refer to when looking 
for products, public services, res- 
taurants, and community re- 
sources. Parents and friends of 
seniors are afforded the opportu- 
nity to congratulate graduating 


ABASCAL, MIRIAM — Alpha Chi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4), Sigma 
Nu Little Sister {2, 3, 4 — Sweetheart), Stetson Marketing 
Association (4), Rho Lambda (3, 4), Phi Chi Theta (3, 4), 
Panhellenic Council (3 — Social Chairman) 

ABBOTT, DORISSA — Florida Student Leaders Association 
of Teacher Educators (3. 4) 

AKARJALIAN, ANNIE — Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (1, 2, 
3, 4), Alpha Xi Delta (2, 3, 4), Society of Physics Students {2, 
3, 4), Stetson Outdoors Club {2, 3, 4), Intervarsity (4), 
Stetson Cheerleader (1, 2), Catholic Campus Ministry (1) 

ALBA, MARIA — Kappa Alpha Theta (1, 2 — Historian, 3 — 
Social Chairman, 4), Alpha Kappa Psi (2, 3), Sigma Phi 
Epsilon Little Sister (2, 3, 4), Rush Counselor (4) 

ANDERSON, ERIC — Forensics (1, 2, 3, 4), Model Senate (3, 
4), Phi Alpha Delta (3, 4), Student Government Association 
Senator (4), Hatter Ambassador (4), Stetson Outdoor Club 
(3, 4), Focus (4) 

ANDRES, KEVIN — Alpha Tau Omega (2, 3 — Rush 
Chairman, 4), Yearbook Business Manager (3), Student 
Government Association (2, 3), Publication Board (3), Model 
Senate (2, 3, 4), Stetson Marketing Association (4), Pi Phi 
Little Brother (3, 4) 

ARBAUGH, DAWN — Psi Chi (2, 3), Batgirl (2), Florida 
Student Leaders Association of Teacher Educators (3, 4), 
Homecoming Committee Co-Chairman (4), Resident Advisor 

BAKER, CARSON — Concert Choir (1, 2, 3, 4), Phi Sigma 
Kappa (1, 2, 3, 4), Baptist Campus Ministry (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Ministerial Association (1, 2, 3, 4), Opera (1, 2, 3, 4), Theatre 
(3, 4), Theta Alpha Phi (4), Catering (1, 2, 3, 4) 

BALL, JAMIE — Stetson Cheerleader (1,2 — Co-Captain, 3 
— Captain), Alpha Xi Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, 
Alpha Kappa Psi (1, 2, 3), Miss Greenfeather Contestant (3), 
Stetson Marketing Association, Greenfeather Participation 
Co-Chairman (1, 2, 3) 

BARBA, EVELYN — Phi Mu (1, 2, 3, 4), Florida Student 
Leaders Association of Teacher Educators (3, 4), Catholic 
Campus Ministry, (4), Panhellenic Officer (4), Executive 

BARNES, CATHERINE — Intramurals Representative (2, 3), 
Winter Term Resident Advisor (3), Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4), 
Phi Beta Kappa (3, 4), Phi Alpha Theta {3, 4) 

BEHRENDT, JENNIFER — Pi Beta Phi (1, 2, 3, 4 — 
Treasurer), Hatter Ambassador (4), Delta Sigma Phi Little 
Sister (2, 3, 4), Stetson Outdoor Club (2), Resident Advisor 
(3), FS.L.A.TE. (3, 4) 

BENSON, JERRY MICHAEL — Delta Sigma Phi (2, 3, 4), 
Pledge Educator (3, 4), SMA (3, 4), SGA (3) 

BLOSCH, KAREN L. — Alpha Kappa Psi (2, 3, 4), Baptist 
Campus Ministry (1, 2, 3, 4), Inter- Varsity (3, 4), Circle K (3, 

BOHNE, EDWARD JOSEPH - Sigma Nu (1, 2, 3, 4), Phi Chi 
Theta (3, 4), SMA (3, 4), SGA (2), Yearbook (2) 


Carol McCoy, Owner 


235C N. Woodland Blvd.. Deland, FL 32720 
Student Discounts 

Luke . . . Proverbs 23:24-25 

Dear Andrea: ?¥. *> 

If at first you don't succeed, you'll get a lot 

of advice. We love you. Mom and DAD 

Dearest Tawna: ' 

Thank you for working so hard to make 

us proud of you. Remember, achieving your 

goals is your pathway to success. We love 

you. Mom and Dad 

Dear Charlie: 

We are proud of you and love you very 

much. Love, Mom, Dad and Babee 


Dear Gieorge: 

Congratulations! We are very proud of 
you and share your happiness on gradua- 
tion. Love, Mom and Dad 

J^««? V' 

Dear Jamie: 

? We are proud to call you our daughter; 
You are a rare and extraordinary girl. Love, 
Mom & Dad 


3» I? 5/'*«,f.^»>«» .J^-V, i*\>t<*-.4i' 


Always believe in yourself and what you 
can do. Then, to each conviction, hold your- 
self true! With love and pride. Mom & Dad 

We're one 

you can 

banl< on. 


135 North Boulevaid 
DeLand, Florida 32720 

(904) 136<ym 

Specializes in men's 
sportswear, tuxedos, 
and fine clothes. 



BROE, DEBORAH EILEEN — Pi Beta Phi (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Soccerette (1), Homecoming (2), SMA (3, 4) 

BROWN, AMY F. — Post Office (2, 3), Security Dispatcher (3, 

4), Mu Alpha Theta (4) 
BROWN, KAREN SUE — BCM (4), Inter-Varsity (4), Kappa 

Alpha Theta (4) 

BROWN, LISA GAIL — Phi Alpha Delta (3, 4), Inter-Varsity 
(3, 4), Stetson Union Board (3), Religious Life Council (4) 

(2, 3, 4 — President), Panhellenic Delegate (3), Nominating 
Committee (3); Rush Secretary (3), Jr. Panhellenic Delegate 
(2), FSLATE (3, 4), Delta Sigma Phi Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4) 

BUDNER, REBECCA ANNE — Stetson Baseball Team Tutor 

BUNTING, KIMLYN ANN — Jazz Ensemble (1), Phi Eta Sigma 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Resident Advisor (3); BCM Secretary (3), BCM 
State Secretary (4), MENC Member (4) 

BURKE, KENT DOMINIC — Alpha Tau Omega, Stetson 
Outdoor Club 

BUTCHER, SCARLETT ANNE — Delta Delta Delta (2, 3 — 
Social Chairman, 4 — Rush Chairman), Stetson Marketing 
Association (3, 4), Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister 

BYRNE, KATHERINE ANNE — Women's Golf (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Focus Advisor (4), Delta Delta Delta (2, 3, 4), Resident 
Advisor (3), SMA (3, 4), Parent's Weekend Committee 
Chairperson (3, 4) 

CAIRO, ANNAMARIE — Naca Rep. (2), SUB (1 — Vice 
Chairman, 2 — Historian, 3 & 4 — Rep. at large), CCM (1, 
2,3,4 — Off Campus Relations Chairman), Sigma Tau Delta 
(2, 3, 4 — Secretary), Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister (2, 3, 4), 
Spanish Club (4) 

Kappa Psi (2, 3), Kappa Alpha Theta (2, 3, 4), Resident 
Advisor (2), Rho Chi (4), Stetson Reporter (1), Rho Lambda 
(3, 4), Intramurals (2, 3, 4) 

2, 3, 4), Director of Public Relations (2, 3), Secretary (4), 
SMA (2, 3, 4), Toastmasters (3, 4), Accountancy Club (3, 4 
— Treasurer), Intramurals {1, 2) 



CHILDERS, PAMELA R. — Pi Beta Phi (2, 3, 4 — Publica- 
tions Chairman), Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (2, 3, 4), 
Panhellenic (2 — Secretary, 3 — Rho Chi, 4 — Rush 
Chairman), Rho Lambda (3, 4), Psi-Chi (3, 4), Parent's 
Weekend Co-Chairman (3), Homecoming Committee Chair- 
man (3, 4), Judiciary Council (4), SUB (4), SGA (4), Hatter 
Ambassador (4), Dance Team (4) 

CHRISTOPHER, DONNA MARIE — Hatter Ambassador (4), 
Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, 4), Psi Chi (2, 3, 4), Homecoming Hostess 

Kappa Alpha Theta (1,2, 3, 

Delta Sigma Phi (2, 3, 

DearCayce: -^^^ ^ 

One down, three to go! We're with you all 
the way! Love, Mom, Mr. "B" and Kim 

Dear Debbie: 

We love you and are extremely proud of 
you. Love, Mom, Dad, Kiley & John 

To Katie Byrne, 

"Friday's child is loving and giving." Con- 
gratulations on your graduation. May the 
future bring you the happiness and success 
you so richly deserve. Love, Mom, Dad, 
Peggy & Betsy 


}k U 


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^ V»ax Tina: 



"^^ We are so proud of you! We wish you love, 
happiness, and continued success! Love Al- 
ways, Mom & Dad 

Dear Eric: 

My great heart's desire is to see you active 
and performing once again at Stetson. 
Much Love and Thankfulness, Mom & Clay- 

Dear Donna Marie: 

"As always you continue to give us many 
reasons to be thankful we have you for our 
daughter!! Lots of Love and Pride, Mom & 


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(4), Parent's Weekend Co-Chairperson (3), SMA Manage- 
ment (4 — Vice President), SMA Membership (3 — Vice 
President), Stetson Marketing Association {2, 3, 4), Bat-girl 

Chairman, 2 — Chairman, NACA), CCM (1 & 2 — Lector, 
Eucharistic Minister, 4 — President, Eucharistic Minister), 
BCM (1 — Director of Fellowship, 2), RLC (2, 4), Phi Eta 
Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4), Junior Year Abroad — Madrid, Spain (3), 
Sigma Delta Phi (4), Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister (2, 3, 4), 
Spanish Club (4), R.A, (2), Wind Ensemble (1, 2) 

CLAASSEN, JAMES MICHAEL — Student Government 
Association (3, 4), Toastmasters (4) 

CLARK, JAIME ANNE — Resident Advisor (3, 4), University 
Athletic Committee (3, 4), BCM (1,2,3, 4), Intramurals (1,2, 
3, 4), Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4) 

CLEAVELAND, BONNIE L. — Kappa Alpha Theta {2, 3 — 
Rush Committee, 4 — President), OHE (3, 4), Honors 
Council Rep. (2), SOC (2), R.A. (3), Outstanding Junior 
Psychology Major (3), Mortar Board (4), Phi Lambda (4) 

CODNER, FAITH D. — Accountancy Club, BCM 


CONAWAY, VALERIE GAIL — Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister 
(3, 4) 

CONERLY, LESLIE MARIE — Concert Choir (2, 3, 4), Music 
School Advisory Council (3, 4), College Music Educators 
National Conference (2, 3, 4), BCM (4) 

CONNELLY, JAMES MATTHEW — Weight Lifting Team (1, 
2, 3, 4), Young Republicans (3) 

COOLIDGE, E. CHANNING — Gamma Sigma Epsilon (3, 4), 
Phi Alpha Delta (4), Delta Phi Alpha (3, 4), Alpha Delta Phi 
(1 & 2 — Cornell U., 3, 4), Crew Club (4) 

COOPER, MICHAEL RAY — Alpha Tau Omega (2, 3, 4), 
Zetaman (3, 4), Sweetheart (4), Honor Roll (3) 

Director (2, 3) 


Phi Mu (1, 2, 3, 4), Phi 

CRONIN, KEVIN LEE — SMA (3, 4), Accountancy Club (3, 4), 
College Republicans (3, 4), Toastmasters (3, 4) 

CULLOM, APRIL SUE — Zeta Tau Alpha (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Phi 
Chi Theta (2, 3, 4, 5), Socerette (2, 3), Yearbook Photogra- 
pher (4), Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (4, 5) 

CURRENT, TIMOTHY PAUL — Pi Kappa Phi (2 - Historian, 
4 — President), SMA (3), FOCUA Staff (4), Stetson Intra- 
mural Board (2), I.FC. (4) 

DAVIS, TODD P — Resident Advisor (2), SGA Senator (3), 
FOCUS Advisor (3, 4), Lambda Chi Alpha 

D.AXON, PATRICK ROBERT — Soccer Team (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Captain (2, 3, 4), Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4), Mortar Board 
(3, 4), SMA (3, 4), Homecoming Committee (4) 





The Country's Best Yogurt 

All of the Pleasure 

96% Fat-Free 
None of the Guilt 

Dear Jaime: 

"The world is yours. Go and collect all the 
#21's!'' Love, Mom & Dad 

Dear Faith: 

Shadows of life are lent to lead us to greeny 

pastures. Congratulations on your gradua- 
tion! Love, Mom, Dad, & Sisters 


"There is a tide in the affairs of men, 
when taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; 
omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound 
in shallows and in miseries." You have 
reached the starting line, D.A.F. 


Dear Andy 

Congratulations'*oii reaching a very im- 
portant goal! We love you! Mom, Dad & 
Bubs 1^%^. _;;^^'^^w-it _^-^ 


Congratulations! Wfe are very proud of 
you and love you very mu^h. ^od bless you. 
Love, Mom & Dad %t&^> . '^ ;.^ ' 

Dear Kevin: 

A wonderful son and great brother! We 
are so proud of your achievements and love 
you very much. Love, Mom, Dad, Brian & 
Kelly i^fc; 

The Country French 

Fleurs • Nourriture • Vins 

by Pat West 

Specializing in . . . 

• Fresh Flowers 

• Flowers By Wire 

• Silk Arrangements 

• Green Plants 

• Gourmet Food Baskets 
Gourmet Coffee 
Wine, Champagne, 
Imported Beer 

• Unusual Gifts 
and Decorative 

(904) 738-7908 

101 North Woodland Blvd. 

Suite 103 

DeLand, FL 32720 

Expert State Certified Commercial 
Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating 





*t^ ' 



^y*~ — 


DIEPHOUSE, MARJORIE JOYCE — Phi Chi Theta (1, 2, 3, 
4), Toastmasters (4), Accountancy Club (4), Peer Educators 
(3, 4), SMA (3), Greenfeather (4) 

Theta (3) 

Accountancy Club (4), Phi Chi 

DOMINGUEZ, NIRIA LUCIA — Model Sentate Treasurer, Phi 
Alpha Delta Financial Chair, Phi Alpha Delta Mock Trial 
Team, Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister 

DRAGLAND, KRISTIN MARIE — Alpha Tau Omega Little 
Sister (2, 3, 4), Alpha Kappa Psi (2, 3, 4), Phi Alpha Delta (2, 
3), Forensics Team {1, 2), Jazz Band (1, 2), Drama (1, 2) 

DUCKWORTH, LAURA LYNN — Pi Beta Phi (1, 2, 3, 4 — 
Asst. to President), Homecoming Committee Chairperson (3, 
4), Greek Week Committee Chairperson (3), SMA (3, 4 — 
Vice President Membership) 

DUKES, MICHELE LYNN — Alpha Kappa Psi {3, 4), Phi Mu 
(1, 2, 3 — Secretary, 4), Accountancy Club {3, 4) 

DUNAHOE, JOEL PATRICK — Soccer Team (2 — Varsity 
Letterman), SMA {3, 4 — Vice President of Programming), 
Homecoming Committee (4), Roland George Investments 
Program (4) 

EDWARDS, TARA ANNE — Pi Beta Phi (3, 4), Sigma Phi 
Epsilon Little Sister (3, 4), ROTC (3, 4), SMA (4) 

{2, 3, 4), Dance Ensemble (3, 4), Intervarsity (3, 4), BCM (3, 

2, 3, 4), Varsity Volleyball 

■ Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (1, 
(1, 3, 4), FSLATE (3, 4) 

EPPARD, CHRISTIE DEE — Phi Alpha Delta (4) 

EPTING, CLAUDIA KANE — Phi Beta Kappa (4), Omicron 
Delta Kappa (3, 4), Mortar Board (4), Beta Beta Beta (2, 3, 
4), Phi Eta Sigma (1), Rho Lambda (3, 4), SGA (3, 4), 
Homecoming Committee Chairman {3, 4), Zeta Tau Alpha 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4), Leadership Development 
Council (4) 

FAIR, ANDREA MARIE — Sigma Tau Delta (3, 4), Batgirl (3), 
Phi Alpha Delta (4), Phi Mu (2, 3, 4) 

FAUST, LYN — Pi Beta Phi (1, 2, 3, 4), FOCUS Advisor (4), 
Rho Lambda (4), SOC (3), FSLATE (3, 4) 

Concert Choir (3, 4), Winner 

Griffin Competition (3) 

FINKBEINER, ROBERT C. — Alpha Tau Omega (3, 4), Phi 
Alpha Delta (2, 3, 4), Hatter Ambassador (4), Model Senate 
(2, 3, 4), College Republicans (3, 4) 

FINLEY, LAURA M. — Delta Delta Delta (1, 2, 3, 4), Pi Kappa 
Phi Little Sister (3, 4), SMA (2), Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4), Baron 
Quartet (1, 2, 3, 4) 

FINN, MELISSA MARIE — Zeta Tau Alpha (2, 3, 4), Hatter 
Connection (2), Yearbook Photographer (3), SUB Represen- 
tative (3), SUB Friday Flick Chairman (4), Model Senate (3, 
4), Amnesty International (4) 


We are very proud of you and your effort. 
Love, Mom & Dad ^^j 1*4= \, 


We are very proud of your achievements 
— Congratulations. Mom & Ernies 

Dear Kim: 

Our love, prayers and pride in your 
achievements are with you always. Love, 
Mom, Sherry & Keri <^ "^^^^-^^ 

Thanks Stetson 
Big Brother 


Chef Owned 

Open Daily 5 pm 

Congratulations Daruld Stubbs & David Newell 



Dear Kent, 

Congratulations! You have been a 
remarkable son. Trouble free, stress-free 
. . . Thanks. We are blessed. Our message 
to you is found in 2 Thessalonians 1:11- 


Mom & Dad 


^*Our pride is only exceeded by our love for 
"you! Mom & Dad 

Dear Richard: 

Congratulations on finishing four years 
of fine work and good Tennis at Stetson! 
Love, Mom, Dad and Katie 

Dear Lyn: ' ^^^^T 

We're so proud of you! (Phil. 4:13 really 
works!) Love, Mom, Dad and Mo 


Uariety Of Hot Or C old Subs 

Tues.-Thurs. 9AM-8:30PM 
Fri.-Sat. 9AM-9:30PM 

Phone 736-1747 

FIRMAN, TAMARA LEE — FOCUS Advisor {2, 3), Co- 
Chairperson (4), Phi Mu (3, 4), Hatter Ambassador (2, 3, 4), 
Phi Eta Sigma (2, 3, 4), Mortar Board (3, 4), Omicron Delta 
Kappa (3, 4), Phi Chi Theta (2, 3, 4) 

FOUNTAIN, DANIEL LEONARD — Intramural Football (1, 2, 
3, 4), Alpha Tau Omega (2, 3, 4), Phi Alpha Theta (3, 4), 
Soccer (2, 3, 4), Softball (3, 4), College Republicans (3, 4), 
Greenfeather Chairperson (4) 

FOWLER, JANE E. — Alpha Xi Delta (1, 2, 3, 4) 

FUNCHEON, EDWARD JOSEPH, IV — Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Society for Physics Students (4), Intervarsity (3, 4), Greek 
Bible Study (3, 4), Association for Computing Machinery (3, 
4), Pi Beta Phi Arrowman (2, 3, 4) 

GABRIEL, TRACY LEE — Delta Delta Delta (1, 2, 3, 4), SOC 

President), SGA (3, 4) 

Pi Kappa Phi (1,2, 3, 4 — Vice 

GILDERBLOOM, SHANDA SUE — Alpha Chi Omega (1, 2, 
3, 4 — Warden, Scholarship, Executive Board, intramurals 
Rep.), Phi Chi Theta (2, 3, 4 — Social Chairman), 1st 
Runner-Up Miss Greenfeather (1), Miss Greenfeather Chair- 
man (2, 3), Greenfeather Chairman (4), Basketball Press 
Aide (2), SGA (1 — Secretary, Senator), SMA (2, 3, 4), Phi 
Lambda (3, 4) 

GILLILAND, SUSAN ANN — Delta Delta Delta (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Rho Chi Rush Counselor (3), FOCUS Advisor (4) 

GOIJBURG, DIANE LESLIE — Honors Program (1), Beta 
Beta Beta (3, 4), Gamma Sigma Epsilon (3, 4), Hatter 
Yearbook (3), Kappa Alpha Theta (1, 2, 3, 4), Theta House 
Manager (3, 4), American Chemical Society (3, 4), BCM 
Softball Intramurals (1) 

2, 3, 4), ACM (2, 3, 4) 

Zeta Tau Alpha (3, 4), CCM (1, 

GRANT, SUSAN L. — Phi Mu (1, 2, 3, 4), German Club (1,2) 


Army, Delta Sigma Phi, SMA (2), Order of Omega (3, 4), 
SGA (2, 3) 

GUINN, NANCY KAY — Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4), Wind 
Ensemble (1, 2, 3), Sonic Contours (2, 3, 4), Phi Eta Sigma (1, 
2, 3, 4), Music School Advisory Council (2, 3, 4 — Vice 
President), Honor Roll (1, 2), Dean's List (3, 4), Pi Kappa 
Lambda (3, 4) 

HALL, COURTNEY BLAIR — Women's Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) 

HALL, VIRGINIA SYLVIA — Hatter (1, 2), Delta Delta Delta 
(1, 2, 3, 4 — Philanthropy Chairman) 

HALLER, HAL MARTAIN — Cheerleader (3), Lambda Chi 
Alpha (3, 4), Intervarsity (3 & 4 — President), Greek Bible 
Study (3, 4), Forensics Team (4) 

HAMILTON, SEAN PATRICK — Phi Eta Kappa (1, 2 - 
Secretary, 3, 4, 5), Phi Alpha Delta (4, 5) 



10% Discount with Student I.D. 
in siiop 

20% Discount on a dozen donuts 

(around the corner from Spec's Music) 


1410 N. Woodland 
DeLand, FL 32720 


Dear Laura: "C5^ 

We are always proud of you. Love, Mom & 

Dear Kim: 

We are very proud of ydu and we toviVou 
very much. Love, Mom & Dad 

We, along with JP, Tony, James, Eddie and 
his family, share your deserved pride and 
happiness on your graduation. Our love ac- 
companies your bright future. Mom and 

Dear l(a£'^ 

Look at my buttons pop with pride. 
Daddy must^^^ J^^roud. Love, Mom & 
Maryellen ^jf^* 

Dear Kimmi 

You're doing great! I'm so proud of you! 
Love, Mom 


Let's make '89 Me year for the"Hatlr1rip 
to the Baseball College World Series! Love, 

Chinese — American Restaurant 
"Specializing In Cantonese Cooking" 

Banquet Facilities Available 

..^___^^^ — Hours: — _^^— ^_ 


Monday-Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

Except Holidays 


Monday-Saturday 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Sundays and Holidays 12 Noon to 10:00 p.m. 

734-0904 ,__, 

1329 N. WowJIanc Blvd. DeUnd L VSr 
"Take Out Senice Availble" 


P.O. Box 1149 


Since i9i2 

• Homeowner's • 

• Auto • 

• Life • 

• Health • 



Group Health 


232 N. Amelia Ave. 
DeLand, Florida 





HAMILTON, WILLIAM B. — Alpha Tau Omega (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Hatter Connection (2, 3, 4), FOCUS Advisor (3), Computer 
Lab Assistant (2, 3), Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, 4) 

HAMM, PAUL D. — Lambda Chi Alpha (1,2 — Executive 
Committee, 3 — Fraternity Educator, Executive Committee, 
Phi Council, 4 — Fraternity Educator, Executive Commit- 
tee, Phi Council, Football, 5 — Football), ROTC 3-yr. 
Scholarship, SGA (3 — Senator), College Republicans {3, 5), 
Alpha Delta Honorary Rosethorn (5) 

HAMMACK, KRIS LYNN — Pi Beta Phi (1, 2, 3, 4), Pi Phi (2 
— Music Chairman, 3 — Arrowman Coordinator, 4 — 
Chaplain), Intervarsity (4 — Small group leader. Executive 
Social Chairman) Kappa Delta Pi (3, 4 — Treasurer), 
FSLATE (3, 4), Parent's Weekend Committee (3, 4) 

HARBIN, GRANT LEIGHTON — Delta Sigma Phi (1, 2, 3, 4), 
FCA (2, 3, 4), Accountancy Club (4) 

Outstanding Effort Award, 4 — Captain, MVP) 

HARLAN, SHERRI K. — BCM (2, 3 — Vespers Committee, 
4), Intervarsity (3, 4 — Small Group Leader), Phi Mu (2, 3 — 
Treasurer, 4), Chapel Choir (2, 3, 4), Choral Union (2, 3, 4), 
Women's Chorus (2) 

HAUN, NICKI RENEE' — BCM (1), Computer Assistant (2, 3, 
4), Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister (3, 4), Psi Chi (3, 4) 

HEDRICK, DARCY A. — Pi Beta Phi (1, 2 & 3 — Social 
Chairman, 4), Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sister (1, 2, 3 — 
Sweetheart, 4), RA (2), SMA (3, 4), Greenfeather Represen- 
tative (2) 

HENRY, KATHLEEN ANNE — Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4), 
Little Hatter Mascot (2) 

HINSON, MICHELLE LYNN — BCM (1, 2, 3 — Officer, 4 — 
President), Phi Eta Sigma (2, 3, 4), Pi Kappa Lambda (4), 
Hatter Connection Ambassador (3), Hi-Notes (2, 3), Greek 
Bible Study (1, 2), University Chapel Committee (4), Reli- 
gious Life Council (3) 

HOFFMAN, CRISTY LYNN — Volleyball (1, 2, 3, 4 — Senior 
Captain), National Physical Education Club (4) 

HOFFMANN, WILLIAM B. — Sigma Phi Epsilon (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Order of Omega, Pi Beta Phi Arrowman, SMA 

HOLLOWAY, LINDA ANN — SUB (2, 3, 4 — Top Hat 
Chairman), FSLATE (4), Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister (2, 3, 


HOUSEMAN, PHOEBE A. — BCM (1), SUB (4), Phi Sigma 
Kappa Little Sister (2, 3, 4) 

HUGHES, RIC ARLEN — Alpha Tau Omega (3, 4 — 
Treasurer, HouseFather), Accountancy Club (4), Toastmas- 
ters (4), Golf (1, 2, 3), Psi Chi Theta (3) 

HURT, JONATHAN D. — BCM (1, 2, 3), Beta Beta Beta (3, 4) 

JAMES, MATTHEW MAYO — Wind Ensemble (2, 3, 4), 
Chamber Brass (2), Jazz Ensemble (3) 

We love you more today than yesterday, 
and not as much as tomorrow. We will al- 
ways be here for you. Love, Momma & 

'I I 


May God be with you in the years to 
come. Mom, Dad, & Katherine 


Your family supports and loves you dur- 
ing your four years at Stetson. Love, Dad, 
Mom, and Family 


"The Committed Paint People." 

Where sales and service are more than a slogan. We will 
do what we say we will do! We won't commit to something 
we can't do! Once we commit to something, WE WILL DO 


/ CM/t^M/^-^ (%^/td^^ 




We can't say it enough. 

Bamett Is Florida's BanR. 

II B,irntni [lanks nrt meniK-rs ot FDIC 




JOZSA, LISA M. — Hatter Connection (1, 2), FSLATE 
Treasurer (3, 4) 

KABEISEMAN, JANICE MARIE — Accountancy Club (3, 4) 


Chemical Society (2, 3, 4 — President), Gamma Sigma 
Epsilon (2, 3, 4), Phi Eta Sigma (3 — Vice President, 4), 
Society of Physics Students (3), Delta Sigma Phi (3, 4), CCM 
(2, 3, 4), Mortar Board (3, 4) 

KISER, KELLY — SUB Representative (2), Stover Theater 
Productions (1, 2), Study Abroad — Madrid, Spain (3), 
Sigma Phi Epsilon Hearts Club (4), Coalition for Social 
Responsibility (2, 4 — Secretary), Amnesty International (4), 
Forcnsics Team (2, 4), Political Science Honorary (4) 

KLINGMEYER, LAUREN E. — Pi Beta Phi (3, 4 — Asst. 
Treasurer), Honor Roll (3, 4) 

KNIGHT, JOHN RAY — Delta Sigma Phi (2, 3 — Secretary, 
4), SMA (3 — Policy Chairman, 4), IPR Lab Leader (3), 
Mortar Board (3, 4), FOCUS (4), SGA (4) 

KURAD, KAREN M. — Greenfeather (4), Alpha Tau Omega 
Little Sister (1), Parent's Weekend President's Reception (4), 
Forensics Team (4), American Chemical Society (2), SOC (3), 
Fund Run Race (3) 

KOSKI, MICHAEL — Delta Sigma Phi, Toastmasters 

KUHL, JAMES R — Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) 

KUIPER, DERRICK JAMES — German Club (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Society of Physics Students (1,2), Phi Sigma Kappa (2, 3, 4), 
ROTC (1, 2, 3, 4), RA (4), Ranger Challenge (2, 3), FOCUS 
(3), SUB — Friday Flicks (1, 2, 3) 

LANE, CYNTHIA DIANE — Alpha Chi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4), 
FSLATE (3, 4), Dean's List (2, 3, 4) 

LANEY, ELIZABETH ANN — BCM (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Concert 
Choir (2, 3, 4, 5), Ministerial Associaton (3 & 4 — Secretary, 
5), Hi-Notes (2), NATS (1, 4, 5) 

LAWRENCE, KIMBERLY A. — BCM (3, 4), Intramurals — 
Softball, Volleyball (3, 4) 

LEEK, TAMMY ANN — Kappa Alpha Theta (1 — Secretary), 
Psi Chi (3, 4), Alpha Kappa Delta (4), Computer Lab Asst. (2, 
3, 4), Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, 4), Dean's List (3, 4) 

LEETZOW, MARK WINSTON — Golf (1, 2, 3, 4), SGA (4), Phi 
Chi Theta (2, 3, 4) 

LEMONS, KARA RAE — Beta Beta Beta 2, 3 & 4 — 
President), American Chemical Society (2, 3 — Treasurer, 
4), Toastmasters (4) 

LEWIS, MONICA L. — Beta Beta Beta (3, 4), Flute Choir (3) 

LINGER, WENDY ANN — Alpha Chi Omega (1 — Vice 
President, 2 — Rush Chairman, 3 — Vice President), Phi 
Chi Theta Activities Chairperson, SMA, Greenfeather Com- 

LITTLE, CHARLES PRESTON III — Pi Kappa Phi (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Greek Week Committee (3), FOCUS Advisor (4), IFC Rush 
Committee (4), 1988 William Scott Fenlon Award 


ri^ i 'i 'i'i' i ' i'j ^ 


There's nothing good in this world which 
time does not improve; with us, it just keeps 
getting better! We love you very much. Mom 

Dear John Roy: 


Congratulations! We are very proud of 
you. We know you will succeed in all your 
endeavors. Love, Mom & Dad 

Dear Elizabeth: 




Congratulations on your achivements! 
We are proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad 



r^.ii^i^PiHip^ m&^% 

from the Kurad Family and Ruby . . . We're 
proud of youJ^, 

Dear Marcy: 

You did it, hon; We loyeuQu— r Gttd Bless. 
Love, Mack & Mom 

DearArlene: •,-'^F^*i|J.2^^-%'^>nj 

We are proud to be your parents. Keep 
^ming for your goals. Love, Mom & Dad 



1 Trial 

Lesson By 



Vincent Hirsch 


Course Benefits 

Self Confidence 

Self Defense 

Self Discipline 

Lose Weight 

Y.K. Kim's Tae Kwon Do DeLand 

136 S. Woodland Blvd., DeLand 




P.O. BOX 1 83 

DELAND, FLORIDA 32721-0183 


The Future's In Your Hands 



LITTLE, MELISSA KATHERINE — SOC (1, 2, 3, 4), Alpha 
Chi Omega (1, 2, 3 — Treasurer, 4), Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4), 
Tennis — Varsity (1), Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4) 

LLOP, CARMEN MARIA — Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4), Concert 
Master (2, 3, 4), Barron String Quartet (1, 2, 3, 4), Sonic 
Contours (1, 2, 3, 4), Phi Eta Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4), Omicron 
Delta Kappa (3, 4), Mortar Board (3, 4), Music School 
Student Advisory Council (2 — Secretary, 3 — Vice 
President, 4 — President), Student Affairs Committee Rep. 
(4), Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, 4), Dean's List (3, 4) 


LOVETT, CHRISTOPHER R. — Orchestra (1, 2), Jazz Ense- 
mble (1, 2), RA (3), ERAS (3), MICH (4), Head Resident — 
Nemcc (4) 

LOWTHER, WILLIAM TODD — Gamma Sigma Epsilon (3, 
4), American Chemical Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Beta Beta Beta 
(3), Society of Physics Students (3), Symphonic Wind Ense- 
mble (1, 2) 

LUTZ, STEVEN F. — Toastmasters (4) 

President, 4 — President), Concert Choir (1, 2, 3, 4), BCM 
(1, 2, 3, 4 — Director of Fellowships), Wind Ensemble (1, 2, 
3, 4), Music Advisory Council (2), Ministerial Association (3, 

MANTOVANI, TINA MARIE — Panhellenic (3 — Delegate, 4 
— Treasurer), Alpha Chi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4), Greek 101 
Chairman (4), Rho Chi (4), Delta Sigma Phi Little Sister (1,2) 

MASSEY, KEVIN MORRIS — RA (2), Head Resident (3), 
Alpha Tau Omega (2, 3, 4) 

(4), Rho Chi (4), Zeta Tau Alpha (2, 3, 4 — House Manager), 
Asst. Teacher of Spanish (2, 3), SMA (2, 3, 4), Alpha Kappa 
Psi (2, 3, 4 — Executive Board), Greenfeather Committee 
(3, 4), RA (3) 

MATRUNDOLA, JOELLEN — Delta Delta Delta (2, 3, 4), 
Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4 — Vice President), Phi Alpha Delta 
(4), Mortar Board (3, 4), FOCUS Advisor — Sub Committee 
Chair (3, 4), Women's Cross Country (1, 2), Intramurals (1, 2, 
3, 4) 

McCarthy, LAURA L. — sub (l, 2 — Vice President, 3 — 
President, 4 — Top Hat Chairperson), RA (2), FSLATE (3, 
4), Alpha Kappa Psi (2, 3, 4), Parent's Weekend (2), 
Greenfeather (2, 3), Honor Roll (1, 2), Dean's List (3, 4) 

McCASKILL, SUZANNE LEE — Zeta Tau Alpha (2, 3, 4), 
Alumnae Relations (3, 4), Women's Issues Series (3), Psi Chi 
(3, 4), FCA (1, 2), Coalition for Social Responsibility (1) 

McCRANEY, JOAN IDELL — Wind Ensemble (2, 3, 4), Pep 
Band {2, 3), BCM (2, 3, 4), Women's Chorus (2), Choral Union 

McNAMARA, KELLEY ANN — Kappa Alpha Theta (1, 2, 3, 
4), Marshall (3), Editor (1, 2), Sigma Tau Delta (4 — 
President), Women's Choir (2), Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister 
(2, 3, 4), Dean's List (3) 

Dear Mark: ^^T 

We're very proud of your achievements at 
Stetson, academic and on the golf course. 
Your dedication and hard work have paid 
off. Keep smiling and remember that we, 
love you and are proud of you. Mom & Dad 

Dear Jenny: ^ 

We are proud of your years of hard work. 
Congratulations on your graduation! We 
wish you much happiness and financial suc-^. 
cess. Love, Mom, Dad and Cath ^ 

Dear C.P.: 

There are three things which are real; 
God, Human Folly and Laughter. The first 
two are beyond comprehension, so we must 
do what we can with the third. Be happy — 
Love, G.S. & D.B. 






AMERICAN OWNED 1010 H. Woodlind Blvd. 
& OPERA TED Near stetson & Shopping 
Simi Owttirship 





Stay with Eppie Among the Orange Trees. 

Owner — Pat Reynolds 



Sue Belle 


100 W.Indiana Ave. 
DeLand.FL 32720 

©eorgetouine ^atr S^sign^rs 

Walk-Ins Welcome 

Open 10:00 a.m. Mon.-Sat. 

For Appointment (904) 734-1 91 7 


Dear Jason^ 



We're another year proud. With our love. 
Mom and Joe 

Miracles never cease. Congratulations on 
this great accomplishment. Love, Mom and 


Dear Crissy, 

'. Keep up the good work. We are very 
proud of you and love you. Love, Mom & 



• Prescriptions Filled 

• Eye Glasses 

• Large Selection of Frames 

• Gold Soldering 


Eye Exams Arranged — $30.00 
B 7384663 

Brandywine Shopping Village 

Known as the Contact 
Lens Center of Deland 


.^giig'Xyr''..'' . 0MM 


McNATT, MICHAEL WALTER — Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4), 
Mortar Board (3, 4), ACM {3, 4), BCM (3, 4), Intervarsity (3, 
4), Alpha Tau Omega (4 — Pledge Class Resident), SGA (4 

— Senator), University Academic Affairs Committee (4), 
Hatter Connection (3, 4), Greek Bible Study (3, 4) 

MEYER, JENNIFER A. — Presidential Scholar, SMA (3 — 
Publicity Chairperson, 4 — Regional Liaison), Phi Eta Sigma 
(3 _ Vice President), Yearbook (2), Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, 4) 

MICHAEL, MICHELLE LYNN — Women's Basketball (1, 2, 3, 
4), Cross Country (4), Intervarsity (4) 

MILLER, AMY JONES — Zeta Tau Alpha (1, 3, 4), Women's 
Basketball (1, 3, 4), Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister (3, 4), RA 
{2, 3) 

MITCHEM, MARCY — Phi Mu (1, 2, 3, 4) 

MOBLEY, CONYA LYNN — Concert Choir (3, 4), Opera (4) 

MOECKEL, KIMBERLY ANN — Phi Alpha Delta (3, 4 — 
Treasurer), Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4), Psi Chi (3, 4), 
Yearbook (3, 4 — Section Editor), Intramural All-Star (3), 
SUB Representative (3, 4), Touchstone (4), Amnesty Interna- 
tional (4) 

MORRIS, CINDA MARIE — Zeta Tau Alpha (1, 2, 3, 4 — 
Master of Ritual), Alpha Kappa Psi (2, 3 & 4 — Warden), Phi 
Sigma Kappa Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4), Greek Week Commit- 
tee Chairman (2, 3), SMA (4), Miss Greenfeather Runner-Up 
(2), Greenfeather Committee (4), College Republicans (4) 



MULL, SUSAN L. — BCM (1, 2, 3), Alpha Tau Omega Little 
Sister (1, 2, 3, 4), Kappa Alpha Theta (4), Phi Eta Sigma (2, 
3, 4), Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4 — Vice President), Head 
Residents (3, 4), RA (2), Sigma Tau Delta (3, 4), Mortar 
Board (4), Intervarsity (4) 

NASON, LAUREL DIANE — Alpha Kappa Psi (1, 2, 3, 4), Phi 
Alpha Delta (4), Alpha Xi Delta (1, 2, 3, 4), German Club (3 

— Secretary), Year Abroad — Freiburg, W. Germany (2), 
SMA (3, 4), Rho Chi (4) 

Young Republicans 

NELSON, NANCY ANN — ACM (2, 3), Friday Flicks (2, 3), 
Hatter (5), Study Abroad — France (4) 

NICOLS, JOSEPH J. — Lambda Chi Alpha (2, 3, 4) 


OTTOMANELLI, LISA ANN — Phi Eta Sigma {1, 2, 3, 4), Psi 
Chi (2, 3, 4), Outstanding Junior Psychology Major (3), 
Hatter (3), Dance Squad (3), Stover Production — "The 
World We Live In" (3), Intervarsity (3, 4), Greek Bible Study 
(3, 4) 

OWENS, CHRISTINA L. — Phi Mu (1, 2, 3, 4), Phi Sigma 
Kappa (2, 3, 4) 

PARKER, ANGELA KAY — Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (1, 2, 
3), Alpha Chi Omega (2, 3, 4), Phi Chi Theta (3, 4), 
Accountancy Club (3, 4) 


— peeb-suppei^ — • 

"We Solve 
Pool Problems" 

739 S. Spring Garden Ave. 
DeLand 736-3368 

Don & Janet Page 

Dear Tina: 

We are so proud of your success at 
Stetson. We wish you happiness in your 
quest of life. Love, Mom, Dad and Toni 


May God bless your life as much^^you 

have blessed our lives. Love, Mom and Dad 


Dear Theresa: 

'Atta girl, Teri! Love Ya, Mgiij,& Dad 



Dear Chris;?! 

Your happiness is our happiness. We love 
you. Now hit the books! Love, Mom & Dad 

Dear Joellen: 

May the rest of your life be as cheerful and 
as loving as the last four years at Stetson. 
We love you very much. Mom & Dad 

Best ol luck, Julie Anni Love, Mom & Dad 

Thanks For 




Woodworking Shops 

615 Hwy. 92 
DeLand, FL 

Now you can 
beuik at Stetson! 

At Florida National's BankCenter 

£ Florida National Bank 

Expect mere from usf 

Member FDIC 

Located at the Carlton Union Building 




PARSONS, DEBRA DEE — SMA (3, 4), Phi Chi Theta (3, 4), 
College Republicans {3, 4), Accountancy Club (3, 4) 

PATRICK, MELISSA SHAWN — Alpha Chi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Sigma Nu Little Sister (2, 3, 4), Social Board — Alpha Chi 
Omega (1, 2), Psi Chi (3, 4), Phi Alpha Delta (4) 

PETRONE, EUGENE JOSEPH — Coalition for Social Respon- 


PHILLIPS, ANGELA KAY — BCM (1, 2, 3, 4), Alpha Tau 
Omega Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4 — Sweetheart), Phi Eta Sigma 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Sigma Tau Delta (3, 4), Greenfeather Committee 
Chairman (3, 4) 

POLLARO, STEPHANIE LEE — BCM (1,2, 3, 4), Intervarsity 
(3, 4), CSR (2, 3, 4), Artists and Lecturers (4) 


RALPH, ANNE ELIZABETH — Kappa Alpha Theta (1,2 — 
Chaplain, 3 — Fraternity Educator, 4), RA (2), Head 
Resident (2, 3, 4), Intervarsity (3, 4), Hatter Connection (3), 
Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4), Mortar Board (4 — Public 
Relations Officer), Psi Chi (3, 4), BCM (1), Greek Bible Study 

REMILLARD, DORCAS ANNE — Gamma Sigma Epsilon (3 
— Secretary, 4 — Vice President), Phi Eta Sigma (2, 3 — 
Secretary, 4), ACS(1, 2, 3, 4), BCM (1, 2), Society of Physics 
Students (3) 

RICE, MARIA D. — Study Abroad — France (3) 

RIKO, PATRICIA ANN — Pi Beta Phi (2, 3, 4), Pi Kappa Alpha 
Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4), Rho Lambda (4), SOC (1) 

ROCK, CATHERINE LOUISE — Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Symphonic Wind Ensemble (1, 2, 3, 4), Woodwind Chamber 
Music (1, 2, 3, 4) 

ROGERS, SHANNON McLEAN — Phi Mu (1, 2, 3) 

ROLL, DONALD LEWIS — CSR (2, 3, 4 — Chairman), 
Amnesty International (4), Artists and Lecturers Committee 
(3, 4), SUB (2) 

Women's Volleyball (1, 2, 


ROWLAND, KARIN L. — Phi Mu (1, 2, 3 — Panhellenic 
Social Service Officer, 4 — President), FSLATE (3, 4), Rho 
Lambda (3, 4), Pep Band (2), Friday Flicks (1) 

RUSTIN, TARA LYN — Soccerette (1), Phi Chi Theta (2), SMA 

SCHEROCK, DEANNA LYNN — Beta Beta Beta (3, 4), Alpha 
Chi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4), Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 

SCHWIERS, DONNA KAY — Soccerettes (1, 2, 3), Alpha Chi 
Omega (1, 2, 3 — Chapter Relations Board, 4 — Rush 
Chairman), Sigma Nu Little Sister (3, 4) 

SCOGGINS, ALISON LEE — Alpha Chi Omega (2, 3, 4), 
Yearbook (1), SUB (2, 3, 4 — Special Events Chairman), 
Greenfeather Dance Marathon Chairman (4), Pledge Class 
President (2) 

Dear Misty: 

Congratulations on Miss Greenfeather 
and all your right choices! Always, Mom, 
Dad, and Mandy 

Dear Dawne: ' v"** 

You finally made it! We are very proud of 
you and your accomplishments. Love, 
Mama & Rick 

DearCinda: .^flj,^*^,. 

Congratulations to our dearest daughter. 
All our love. Mom & Dad , 



You Always Get the Best of Us 






The Class 




2000 Brunswick Lane 
DeLand, Florida 32724 

An Equal Opportunity Employer 



We feel so pleased to "have a daughter 
such as you. Jfou'te, Qjpgat! |.o^g^ Mom, Dad, 

Claudia Alexandlfa: 

You are the most precious gift that God 
could give us. Love, Mom & Dad 

Dear Dee Dee: 


Congratulations on your accomplish- 
ments. We are so very proud of you, and 
may life continue to bring you as much 
happiness as you have brought us. Now, go 
placidly!! We love you. Mom & Dad 




DELAND, FL 32720 

Good Luck 



SEYMOUR, CAROLYN D. — Theater (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Theta 
Alpha Phi (3, 4 — Secretary, 5 — President), Omicron Delta 
Kappa (4, 5), RA (5), Yearbook (2, 4 — Photo Editor, 5 ~ 
Photographer), Delta Pi Alpha (5), Canterbury Club (ECM) 
(1, 2), SUB (3 — Representative, 4 — Vice President) 

SHERROUSE, IVA M. — Transfer, Forensic Team (3), BCM 
(3), Phi Alpha Delta (3, 4 — Chairman), Intervarsity (4) 

SMITH, DAVID "SCOOP" CLINTON — Pi Kappa Alpha (2, 
3, 4), Cheerleader (2, 3 — Co-Captain), Alpha Chi Omega 
Big Lyre (2, 3, 4) 

SOBIESKI, ROBERT DOUGLAS — Golf (1, 2), Delta Sigma 
Phi (2, 3, 4 — Treasurer) 

SOLOMON, MICHELLE RAE — Cheerleader (1, 2, 3, 4 — 
Coach), Phi Alpha Delta (2, 3 — Social Committee), Green- 
feather Committee (2, 3 — Committee Chairman, 4 — 
Treasurer), Alpha Xi Delta (3, 4), Accountancy Club (4), 
Homecoming Committee (3, 4), Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (1, 
2, 3, 4) 

SPIKES, JOSEPH F — Judiciary Council (4 — President), 
SGA (2, 3 — Senator, Athletics Committee Chairman), 
Delta Sigma Phi (1, 2, 3, 4 — Secretary, Historian), Model 
Senate (1, 2), Judiciary Council (3), Order of Omega (3, 4), 
Accountancy Club (3, 4), Wheat Scholarship (3, 4), Student 
Affairs Committee (4), ABA National Mock Trial Champion- 
ship (1) 

STACKPOLE, BARBARA MARIE — Sigma Tau Delta (2, 3, 4) 

STEELE, KELLY DIANE — Alpha Chi Omega (1, 2, 3 — 
Warden, 4 — President), Rho Lambda (4), CMENC (4) 

Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4), 

SMA (3) 

STEVENS, KATINA MARIE — ACS (1, 2), SGA (1, 2, 3 — 
Senator), Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4), Phi 
Alpha Delta (3, 4), Reporter (2, 3), Catering (1, 2, 3, 
Intervarsity (4), Parent's Weekend Follies (3), SOC (2, 3, 
Judo (2, 3), BCM (3, 4 — Social Chairman), Model Senate (3, 

SULLIVAN, MARIE ELENA — Wrestlerette (1), RA (3), Pi 
Kappa Alpha Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4) 

TERHUNE, SUSAN FRANCES — BCM (1, 2, 3, 4), Phi Alpha 
Theta (4) 

THORNTON, DOUGLAS STOUT — Pi Kappa Alpha (1, 2, 3, 

TOWNSEND, CARLA MICHELLE — Delta Delta Delta (1, 2, 
3, 4), Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4), Phi Alpha 
Delta (4) 

TRAVIS, ROBERT SAMUEL — Sigma Phi Epsilon (1, 2, 3, 4, 
Order of Omega (3, 4), Pi Beta Phi Arrowman (2, 3, 4), RA 
Summer Conference (3) 

TURNER, ALLISON ELIZABETH — Kappa Alpha Theta (2, 
3, 4 — Vice President Efficiency), Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4), 
RA (2), Rho Lambda (3, 4) 

TURNER, DAVID H. — Phi Sigma Kappa (1, 2, 3, 4), BCM (1, 
2, 3, 4), SMA (3, 4) 





303 M. Woodland, DeLand 

Dear Zig: 

We are very proud of your accomplish- 
ments! Love, Mom and Dad 

To our son Clifford: 


May the road ahead be all you expected it 
would be plus much more. Love, Mom and 

Dad . .S 

Dear Dawn: §^-%^^^,if4^ 

Loving you and being proud of you is one 
of life's dearest treasures — You're special. 
Mom & Tiffy 

Dear Michael: *^2,:^:^'^<Ja-\ 

Wishing you ^ricf thnllatter Baseball 
Team a successful and fulfilling year! Go 
Hatters! Love, Mom, Dad & Elizabeth 

Renee: %^ 


We are so very proud of you, and love you 
very much. Mom and Dad 

Dear Jennifer: 


Our love and support are always with you 
as you grow and develop your Christian life. 
Mom and Dad 



Caa!^ O'/u^a^^Cy' ^eaiana 

4462 N. Hwy. 17 DeLand, Florida 32720 

(904) 985-5909 

Full Line Ad Specialty Distributor 

T-Shirts • Sweats • Towels 

Hats • Jerseys • Posters 

Cups • Stationery • Buttons 

Specializing in Silk Screen Printing 


Michael E. Keith, Ltd. 

Manufacturing Jewelers 

West Volusia Regional 
Shopping Center 

(904) 734-8114 

SIENICK STAirisirics 

UGUCCIONI, SCOTT ROBERT — Pi Kappa Alpha (2, 3, 4), 
SUB (3, 4), Intramurals (2, 3, 4), Hatter Connection Ambas- 
sador (3, 4), Order of Omega (4) 

VALENTINE, LAURIE ANN — Political Science Honorary (3, 
4), Intervarsity (3, 4), Young Democrats (3, 4), Religious Life 
Council (3, 4) 

VANECZKO, LAURA J. — SUB (1 — Concerts Committee), 
Wrestlcrette (1), Phi Eta Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4), Mortar Board (3, 
4), Pi Beta Phi (2, 3, 4), Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (3), Rho 
Lambda {3, 4), Homecoming Committee (4 — Spirit Chair- 
man), Pi Beta Phi (3 — Treasurer, 4 — Rush Chairman) 

Chi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4), Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4 — Staff), Rho 
Lambda (3, 4), Dean's List (3) 

4 — President), FOCUS (3), SMA (1, 2, 3, 4), Phi Eta Sigma 
(2, 3, 4), Beta Beta Beta (1, 2, 3, 4), Mortar Board (3, 4), 
Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4), Homecoming Hostess (3), Rho 
Lambda (3, 4), Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (3, 4) 

WEBER, MICHAEL ROBERT — Phi Sigma Kappa (2 — 
Treasurer, 3 — Vice President, IFJC, 4 — President, IPC) 
Parent's Follies (1, 3, 4), CCM (1, 2, 3, 4), SUB (1 — Rep. at 
Large, 2 — Fraternity Reporter), Order of Omega, Beta 
Beta Beta, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Sigma Epsilon 

WEICKEL, KEVIN R. — Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) 

WELLS, DOUGLAS ALAN — RA (2), Homecoming (2, 3 — 
Co-Chairperson) Area Coordinator (3, 4), Omicron Delta 
Kappa (3, 4), Pi Kappa Alpha (1, 2, 3, 4), Mathematics 
Scholar (3), Greenfeather Liaison (2), Intramural Sports 
Committee (2) 

WEYD, PATRICIA D. — Kappa Alpha Theta (3 — Editor, 4 — 
Chaplain), Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister (4), RA (3), 
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (2) 

WILLIAMS, MARGARETTA — Alpha Chi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Phi Chi Theta (3, 4), Bat Girl (2), SMA (3, 4), Press Aide (1, 2, 
3), Greenfeather Talent Show Chairman (3), Yearbook (1,2) 

WILLIAMS, PAMELA ANNE — Phi Mu (1, 2, 3, 4), FSLATE 
(3, 4), Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister (2, 3, 4) 

WILSON, ANNETTE MARIA — Alpha Tau Omega Little 
Sister (3, 4), SOC (3, 4), Greenfeather (4) 

WOLFE, SUSAN DIANE — Alpha Chi Omega (2, 3, 4), RA (2, 
3, 4), SMA (4), Wind Ensemble (1), Chapel Choir (2, 3), 
Choral Union (1, 2, 3), Intramurals (2, 3, 4), SOC (3, 4), 
Basketball Statistician (2, 3, 4) 

WONG, GRACE HAN MAN — Phi Eta Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Gamma Sigma Epsilon (3, 4), Sigma Pi Sigma (3, 4), Phi Beta 
Kappa (3, 4), ACS (1, 2, 3, 4), Society of Physics Students (2, 
3, 4), Concert Committee (2, 3, 4) 

WOOD, CATHERINE CHRISTINE — Alpha Chi Omega (3, 4), 
Study Abroad (2), Intramurals (3, 4), Dean's List (2) 

YARNALL, TAMMY L. — RA (3), Judo Club (2, 3), Psi Chi (2, 
3, 4), Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister (3, 4) 

Dear Garth: \M'''1m,^_^ ' ,j 

You are graduating, but may you ncverl 
stop asking those "Wh" questions . . . there 
is so much more ahead for you. I am so very 
proud of you and love you very much. Mom 

Dear Matt: 

To our sunshine — May you have cloud- 
less days. We love you. Love, Mom & Dad 

Dear Patty Sue: 

Our love will always be with you. Love, 
Mom & Dad 

CAVf I_f ^'^^ Memorial 
r JYlrl Hospital 

Ext. 126 

245 East New York Avenue 

RO. Box 167 

DeLand, FL 32721-0167 


West Volusia 
Memorial Hospital 

Ext. 1168 

701 West Plymouth Avenue 

RO. Box 509 

DeLand, FL 32721-0509 

"Caring For Life" 



Debbie Broe 
Jennifer Behrendt 
Darcy Hedrick 
Laura Janeczko 
Laura Duckworth 
Laurie Klingmeyer 
Lillian Washington 


Lyn Faust 
Tara Edwards 
Patricia Riko 
Kristin Koch 
Not Shown: 
Pam Childers 
Kris Hammack 


Thanks for the memories . . . 



113 E.Rich Ave. 

DeLand, FL 734-8666 

Lorrie Gates • Laura Eckert 

Michelle: \^m<?5,„ 

We're so proud. Mazeltov.^xive^ Mom, 
Dad, and Danielle 

Dear Stewart: 

Set your goals . . ■. Believe in yourself . . . 
Go for it! Love, Mom and Dad 

Dearest Leah Beth: 

Our pride and love is immeasurable . . . 
Continued success! Love, Mommy, Rori, 
Dayna, and Daddy 


Old College Try 

/Ml-y trl/ ^^ ^ 

n 1 : the daily preparation of student meals, with pro- 
fessional care given to the satisfaction of personal tastes, 
and with enthijsiasin of serving diverse and individual 
student needs. 

cS? Morrison^ ManagementServlces 



"The Personal Touch" 

644 N. Woodland Blvd. 
DeLand, FL 32720 

(904) 734-5711 

Joy — We honor you for your dedication to 
learning, your commitment to zdways giv- 
ing your best, and above all, for your spiri- 
tual life which enables you to use your intel- 
ligence and talent to inspire those around 
you. You are the Joy of our lives! Love, Mom 

, Dear NancjK^^^ 

^J^M«s joy and pride in a job well done. 

Congratulations on your graduation. Love 

you, MQiftJfe Dad 

' Dear Allisonr^ 

May your life be filled with as much joy as 
you have given us. Congratulations. Lov«» 
Mom & Dad \iWt^' 

1^: l^.^Jr^ 


Quality Printing 

printing rn company 

for Over 55 Years! 

Letterheads • Envelopes • Business Cards 

Business Forms • Flyers • Labels • Books • Programs 

Tickets • Newsletters • Four-color Process 


726 South Woodland Boulevard 
DeLand, Florida 


The Greeks 
Have Got It 

Alpha Xis, Phong Dinh and Maria Cassella snack on TCBY 
yogurt and donuts at a chapter meeting. 

At a Pi Phi Halloween party for local children, Shirin Moham- 
madbhoy uses her charm to make it all better for this little boy 

Zeta Shelli Speed helps serve at a Panhel- 
lenic block party for Christmas. 


Phi Sig Little Sis Mara Hayes parties at 
the Phi Sig house during Rush. 

Delta Pis helped out with kids from the 
Sugar-n-Spice daycare. 


Kevin Andres 
Rob Baldwin 
Kent Burke 
Kris Cole 
Mike Cooper 
Jim Daughton 
Bob Finkbeiner 
Dan Fountain 

Bill Gray 
Bill Hamilton 
Ric Hughes 
John Joyner 
Glenn Kindred 
Steve Soud 
Mike McNatt 

John Hundley 


Theta Psi Chapter 


Mon.-Thurs. 12-7 

Fri. 12-9 

Sat. 10-9 

Sun. 12-6 

320 South Spring Garden 

DeUnd, Florida 32720 


1422 North Woodland Boulev 
DeLand, Florida 32720 

Ramsay: w ^^^^ *?. ,* ^i \§n ^ ■ ■ v (| 

Work hard, have fun, and stay in touch%J 

Mom & Dad 



:Aj^-:-^sTi^:f^e >^i 

May you have a son some day that 
brings you as much joy as you hav^^ 
brought us. Love, Mom & Dad 

With love, to Margo '89 from Daddy 
Rog ('58), Mama Bear ('58) and the Fur 
kids -, r: - 

I love you and I am extremely proud of 

you. Love, Daddy 


Congratulations April! We're very 
proud and happy for you. Best wishes for^ 
a wonderful future. Love Always, Mom,^ 
Dad, & Paul . „: ^ 



Office of Student Affairs • Residential Life 



A Bright Tomorrow? 

Look to the Sun Today. 

Our full range of banking services can 

help you meet your unique financial goals. 

Look to the future. . .Look to the Sun. 

Member FDIC/©1982 Sun Banks of Florida, Inc. 


ZJke ^J4att 
J^tafl- SatuteS 
all ^J^at let's ana 
the Class of 89 1 
Ljo ^enl 

Taking honors at the Mr. 
Beauty contest were repre- 
sentatives Jim Daughton 
and Georgeane Anderson. 

Dr. and Mrs. Lee chat with students during the President's Reception. 




• Quality TShirls 

. Hats 

' Fashion Tops 

' Custom Lettering 

• Screen Printing 

• Quantity Discounts 
■ Infants to XXL 






108 N. Woodland Blvd. DeLand, FL 32720 (904) 736-3786 

Ronald L. Ferrell 

Graduate Gemologist 

'"I ClU s*' 

Good Quality Jewelry at Fair Prices 

West Volusia's Complete Jewelry Store 

115 N. Woodland 

(904) 734-3801 


the following -^ 
patrons fot. 
their suppqrt: 


Good Luck 


Stacy Elli s^rojIttyHa XJ DeVtan^g a'd^ 
Janie Fowler 

We Will Miss You! 


Mr. and Mrs. Vince Angela, Stuart FL 

The McCaffery Clan 

William Beebe, Mahwah NJ 

Terry McCarthy, Boca Raton, FL 

Ms. Brenda F. Bridges, Ormond Beach, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Moore, Venice, FL 

The H.C. Van Bylevelts, Miami, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Murray, Lakeland, FL 

John P. and June L. Clary, Winter Springs, FL 

Krebs Myton, Altamonte Springs, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Jayson Clodfelter & Amanda, Deltona, FL 

Dave & Nanette Nelson, Orange Park, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Stewart G. Coddington, Bloomington, IL 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald N. O'Born, Miami, FL 

Thomas E. Corkhill Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Pagano, Hazlet, NJ 

John B. & Margaret S. Crowther, Orange City, FL 

Joan Parcher, Nokomis, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Farmer, Springfield, IL 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Peter, Longwood, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Farquharson, Jr., Miami, FL 

Eugene Joseph Petrone, Jr., DeLand, FL 

MardlA Bill Glenn, Aurora, FL 

Jim, Linda & Troy Potkovic, Orlando, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. James Goodfriend, Ponte Vedra Bch., FL 

M/M Francois Prudhomme Delodder, Cape Coral, FL 

Leila D. Gosney, Ormond Beach, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Sciarrino, Hollywood, FL 

Cliff Grosney, Daytona Beach, FL 

Ellen Starmer of Brighter Birthdays, Chapel Hill, NO 

Barbara Heck-Englehart, NewMilford, CT 

Diego R. Suarez, Miami, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Hall, Altamonte Springs, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. G.S. Taylor, Jupiter, FL 

The John Hendersons, Brandon, FL 

The Thomas Taylor Family, Milford, OH 

Kathleen Hernandez, Miami, FL 

The Robert Tuccio Family, Ridgefield, CT 

LTC. & Mrs. Robert Earl Hine, Brandon, FL 

Jovanka & Voislav Urosevic, Kitchener, Ontario Canada 

Mr. & Mrs. Bert Jensen, Fort Myers, FL 

Robert Van Dyke, Jacksonville, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan D. Kaney, Jr., Ormond Beach, FL 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Vanhook & Family, Winter Haven, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Kinnear, Vero Beach, FL 

CoL & Mrs. Robert M. Weiss, DeLand, FL 

Jim & Joyce Kinsey, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 

Jim & Bonnie Wharton of Wharton Park, Orlando, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. John Koehne, Sarasota, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. John Wilber, Swanzey Center, NH 

Bob & Kay Kujawa, Arcadia, FL 

Gene & Levonia Wilkinson, Marietta, GA 

Mr. & Mrs. Leiand Lammie, Jacksonville Bch., FL 

James & Virginia Williams, Venice, FL 

Ruth C. Landrum, Neptune Beach, FL 

Marlene S. Woodward, Palm Beach Atlantic College 

Jaye & Bill Lather, Venice, FL 

Ray & Karen Worst, Darien, CT 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Lawrence, Westport, CT 

Shirley Wynn, Melbourne, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lee, Miami, FL 

Jan S. & Marcia A. Zamojski, DeLand, FL 

Doug Jones Longo, Tampa, FL 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McShea, Garden City, NY 

Marilyn & Kerry Lynch, Jupiter, FL 

Jim & Joy Miller, Tallahassee, FL 

Rod& Cindy MacLeod, Sarasota, FL 



Linda Nutting Carter 
130 North Clara 
DeLand, Florida 32720 



Day 734-0725 
Nite 734-5921 

127 East New York 
DeLand, Florida 

Sports editors Kim Moss and Paul Murray worii diligently cropping 
photos for the next deadline. 

Kim Moeckel types up copy lor the student section. 

1989 Hatter Staff 

Editor: Susan Bowman Advisor: Amy Tamberrino 

Bus. IVIgr.: Jim Goodfriend 

Photography Editor: Linda Carter 
Sports: Kim IVIoss & Paui IVIurray 

Classes: Kim IVIoeckel 

Faculty: Terri Kukuck 
Ads: Brooke Chambliss 

Clubs: Nicki Spirtos 

Greeks: Shelli Speed 

Editor Susan Bowman marks off pages that have been mailed to the 
company . . . just a few more left! 

The Staff would like to extend special appreciation to those people who offered their help or services 
to make the Hatter a success; Chuck at the Camera Store, the Print Shop, Missy Green at Delmar, 
Sports Information, Jayne Marlowe, and all those who contributed photographs. Thank you! 

—Hatter staff 


Housekeeping Supervisor Winnie Howard and Dr. Joiner Dennis Davenport addresses a group of students early in 
always have time to clown around with students. the school year. We miss you, buddy! 

golden moments 

■. o^rt of your io'^'^ 

. .Move working with 
R«ck Student Affairs J '7^^d y,,thful- 
Af't^^fntr Their friendliness 
,hfi students. '" , 

Anita BecK, c» ^^^^^c 

• the studef^; "b f,n. 

• nessmakemyjo 

ntf and Place- 

'"^fnKlts rewarding to bring ^ ^hat 

studentsJts ^,.3fy,ngtoseei 

the process anu 

\Nho, in a university of over 
2,000 students, well over 400 
employees, generations of loyal 
alumni, and countless support- 
ers, has that special "touch " that 
turns a piece of parchment paper 
into a diploma of high stature? It 
is the faculty, who commit them- 
selves to the complete and qual- 
ity education of their students. It 

is the staff, who work to make the 
students out-of-classroom lives 
as full and vital as their in-the- 
classroom experiences. It is the 
administration, who plans for the 
future and maintains the stan- 
dards of excellence in the pre- 
sent. Their Midas Touch helps 
turn a Stetson degree into gold. 

If. Col. Tarleton takes a dive off the repelling tower as 
M.S.G. Walker looks on. 

Tongue twisters no problem 
for Stetson's Lee 

See if You can say this three times real fast: Ineffable, 
effable, effanlneffable. 

I can 't even say It once. Wouldn 't know what I 'd said If I 
said It. 

But Doug Lee can say It perfectly. The Stetson Universi- 
ty president probably knows what It means, too, 'cause 
he said It several times at the school's recent convoca- 

Doug talked about how cats name themselves and how 
they have a secret name that no one knows but them- 
selves and no one can think of but themselves. It was an 
unusual mixture of T.S. Eliot, Broadway and the oracle at 
Delphi which ended with a challenge to discover oneself. 

Eliot described the secret name as an "ineffable, effa- 
ble, effanlneffable" name and Doug Incorporated that 
phrase Into his speech three or four times. It was a real 
verbal challenge and his staff was taking bets on whether 
he could say It without stumbling. 

But the president said It perfectly every time. Doug 
gets a Magna Cum Laude In tongue twisters. 

Reprinted by permission from tlie Daytona Beach morning Journal/The Volusian written by Ronald 

Dr. Louis F. Brakeman 

Dr. Pope A. Duncan 

H. Graves Edmonson, Jr. 
Vice President for Business and Finance 

Or. Carter C. Colwell carries the mace at convocation. 

Dr. John L. Pelham 
Vice President for Churcii Relations 

F. Mark Wliittaker 
Vice President for University Relations 

Dr. Clyde E. Fant 
Dean of the Chapel 

Ms. Linda F. Glover 
Dean of Admissions 

Dr. Gary L. Maris 
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. L. Douglas Strickland 
Dean of Continuing Education 

Dr. Bruce R. Jacob 
Dean of the School of Law 

Dr. E. Garth Jenkins 
Dean of Student Affairs 

Dr. James E. Woodward 
Dean of the College of Music 

Dr. William W. Wright 
Dean of the College of Business 








Dr. Mitchell Reddish, as- 
sistant professor of reli- 
gion, has an article, 
"Martyr Christology in 
the Apocalypse", in the 
current issue of the 
Journal for the Study of 
the New Testament, an 
international journal. 
During the summer, he 
also received a contract 
from Abingdon Press to 
write a book, "A Reader 
in Apocalyptic Litera- 
ture, " which will be used 
as a text in a Course at 

Dr. Stephen Robinson, 
~y^ assistant professor of 







music, was recently 
awarded a 1989 Nation- 
al Endowment for the 
Arts Solo Recitalists 
Grant. The $15,000 
award will be used to un- 
derwrite Dr. Robinson's 
performances of his 
childrens program, 
"Music from Around the 
World. " A portion of the 
grant will also fund pro- 
motional materials, in- 
cluding a video for the 




Dr. Wright, Dr. Hood, and Dr. Young take time out to cl\at about tl\eir busy day. 

Dr. Ann Jerome Croce, 
assistant professor of 
American Studies, has 
published an article in 
the Summer 1988 issue 
of the Journal Critique: 
Studies in Modern Fic- 
tion. Her article is enti- 
tled "The Making of 
Post-Modern Man: Mod- 
ernism and the South- 
ern Tradition in the Fic- 
tion of Walker Percy. " 







Dr Derek Barkalow, as- 
sociate professor of bi- 
ology and director of the 
honors program, at- 
tended the annual meet- 
ing of the National Col- 
legiate Honors Council 
in Las Vegas in late Oc- 
tober. There, he made a 
presentation entitled, 
"Collaborative Science 
Learning: Investigations 
in Cognitive Science. " 

Dr Margaret Horton, 
professor of education 
and director of student 
teaching, attended the 
annual conference of 
the Southeastern Asso- 
ciation of Teacher Edu- 
cators in Lexington, 
Kentucky held in late 
October. With other col- 
legues from education 
and business, she pre- 
sented "Verbal and Non- 
verbal Communication: 
The Foundation of Pre- 
service Teacher Educa- 
tion. " 






Dr. Steve Barnett, asso- 
ciate professor of mar- 
keting, was invited to 
serve as a discussant at 
two conferences this 
past year. One was the 
1988 National Retailing 
Conference, co-spon- 
sored by the Academy of 
Marketing Sciences and 
the American Collegiate 
Retailing Association. 
The other was the Mar- 
keting Education Track 
of the Southern Market- 
ing Association's annual 

George /?. Williams 

This year marks the seventeenth year here 
for George R. Williams, director of the Career 
Planning and Placement Center The center 
provides students with a variety of career plan- 
ning assistance. Most noteably, the Annual Ca- 
reer Exposition (A.C.E.), held this past Novem- 
ber, brings companies and government agen- 
cies to campus. Under Mr Williams supervision, 
A.C.E. provides students with the opportunity to 
talk one-to-one with prospective employers. 

Mr Williams was the first black student to 
earn a degree from Stetson. He was also the 
first black member of the administrative staff. 

Dr Nick Maddox, assis- 
tant professor of man- 
X agement, attended the 
Q November meeting of 
Q the Southern Manage- 
Q ment Association held in 
<]^ Atlanta. He served as 
-^ program discussant in 
•^ three divisions of the As- 
X sociation. Including 
(J) managerial consulta- 
^ tion, organizational be- 
havior, and manage- 
ment education and de- 





Dr. Allan Sander, assis- 
tant professor of phys- 
ical education, attended 
the Florida Association 
for Health, Physical 
Education, Recreation, 
and Dance convention 
in Hollywood October 
13-15. He presented a 
program entitled, "En- 
hancing Children's 
Knowledge of Fitness 
Concepts Through 
Learning Support Mate- 
rials" while there. 


Ronald E. Adams 

Data Processing 

Jack Agett 

Financial Aid Director 


"Our graduate school and medical school students find 
that they are in the top part of their classes. They have 
discovered that grade Inflation has not occured at Stetson 
to the extent It has elsewhere. They are surprised to find 
they are so good!" says Dr. Beller, Chairman of the Chemis- 
try Dept. He has been with Stetson for 35 years and Is 
leaving us this year. We will miss him. 

Bill Allen Norma Allen Fred Augustine 

Director of University Relations Financial Aid Management Information Services 

Susan Bauerle 

Events Soeaahst 

Anita Beck 

Student Affairs 

Or. and Mrs. Lee greet Or Stephen Barnett at the President's Reception. Deana Brorup 

Academic Computer Services 

Stephen L. Burley 

Director of Personnel 



After 30 years, this is Dr Messersmith's final year at 
Stetson. As Cfiairman of tlie Art Dept., Dr Messersmith 
says lie can see tiow Stetson stays top-ranl<ed among small 
universities academically "judged by the quality of students 
I've had and the success they've enjoyed in the field of art. 
Many are nationally known artists and educators. " Lucky 
for Stetson, Prof Messersmith is not leaving us completely 
He will remain as artist-in-residence and retain his studio on 



' i 

"5** ^SM 



0% ^ 




Cordelia Cone 


David L. Cross 

Small Business Development 

Dennis Davenport 

Residential Life 

Linda P. Davis 

Associate Vice President 
of Development 

Maggie Dobson 

Provost's Office 

Rodney Ellis 

CUB Director 

Sliaron Fischer 

Small Business Development 

Lucille Fitzgerald 

Management Information 

Jack F Fortes 

Alumni Development 

Delores Foster 

Counseling Center Secretary 

Julia Gepfricli 

West Area Coordinator 

Pat Germelman 


Darcy Granello 

Alumni Affairs 

Peggy W. Gunnell 

Assistant Director Financial 

Faye Hanks 

Development Secretary 



Wayne Hanks 

Director of Purchasing 

Lois Hanson 

Registrar's Office 

Jackie M. Hays 

President's Office 

Jeanette Judd 

Financial Aid 

Jackie Kersh 

Registrar's Office 

Virginia Koiin 

Registrar's Office 


RSfe: ^5^^^B 


■■^ s 


1 "---'-^ ^ 


jM J 

Keni Lanagan 

Public Relations 

Danielle Laprime 

Public Relations 

Grace M. Lasorssa 

Office of International 

Jayne IVIariowe Mary E. McBride 

Director of Student Life Management Information Services 

Joe Montgomery 


Carol Nak 

Counseling Center 

SftiiJ-Jung Lu 

Management Information 

Carol Nicfiols 

Financial Aid 

Zuia Parker 

Student Affairs Secretary 

Cynthia Recupero 

Institutional Research 

Dee Rutiedge 

Public Relations 



Dr. Ferland is the Director of International Affairs and a professor of 
French here at Stetson. He attended a Business French course in Paris 
last summer and wrote a critique of it that was published in the Summer 
1988 issue of Le Francais Commercial in France. Dr. Ferland sees 
Stetson as not yet at the pinnacle of success, but continually striving 
toward being the best. "To be the best, there is the need for an even 
greater commitment to excellence on the part of all areas of the univer- 
sity This will require effort and a redirection of activities away from the 
social and toward the academic . . . We must accentuate the intellectu- 
al, the compassionate, the human elements of the university " 

Donna Seller 

Registrar's Office 

Arlene S. Smith 

Counseling Center 

Dr. Theodore Surynt 

Management Information Services 

A.L. Wehrle 

Registrar's Office 

Bruce Weller 

Academic Computer Services 

Doug Hfe//s 

East Area Coordinator 

Jacqueline M. Wigmore 

Secretary Business and Finance 

Jill Woods 

Public Relations 

Judith Wright 

Director Counseling Center 

Richard Wright 

Data Processing 

Mark Young 

Counseling Center 

Director of the Baptist Campus Ministry, Rev. Charles F. Granger, clowns arount 
for the camera with some of the BCM members. !; 


Dr. Diane Braun 

Foreign Language 

Dr. Laura Doan 


Dr. Richard A. Ferland 

Office of International Affairs 

Dr. Robert Fort 


Dr. Bryan E. Gillespie 


Dr. Fred Messersmith 

Chairman Art Department 

Dr. Elsie M inter 

Chairman Foreign Language 

Dr. Donald Musser 


Jean Patterson Dr. Robert Perkins 

Philosophy Secretary Philosophy 

Elizabeth C. Pippio 

Religion Secretary 

Dr. Mitchell G. Reddish 


Barbara Schwanity 

English Secretary 

Dr. Nancy Vosburg 

Foreign Language 

Dr. James Wright 

Chairman Speech and Theater 


Elizabeth C. Pippio 

I have two daughters attending Stetson. I am excited to see 
how their professors and courses are challenging them to 
broaden their intellect and enrich their personalities. They are 
being exposed to new concepts, ideas, and information that 
previously was not a part of their lives simply because they did 
not have exposure to them. Both have changed their majors 
because of courses introduced to them within the liberal arts 
program, and are feeling enthusiastic and confident about 
their career choices. As an employee of Stetson, I appreciate 
the coursework generated by the professors with whom I work, 
but as a mother I KNOW what Stetson is all about. 

Dr. Catherine J. Coggins 


Dr. Elizabeth L. Dershimer 

Assistant Director 
of Student Teaching 

Jenrtie Durham 

Student Teacliing Secretary 

Dr. Donald G. Grill 


Dr. Elizabeth Heins 


Dr. George Hood 


Dr. Margaret W. Norton 


Dr. Jeanie Raffa 


Angela Russo 

Continuing Education 

Sandra Smith 

Continuing Education 

Dr. Robert Weickel 

Ptiysical Education 

Pat Benson 

Continuing Education Secretary 


Dr. Theodore Beiler 

Chairman Chemistry 

Dr. Edwin Coolidge 

Nancy W. Fallico Rodney Ellis, CUB Director, gives the sound system a last once over while 

Biology Secretary students prepare for the Parents Weekend Follies. 

William R. Furlong 

Chemistry Lab Manager 

Dr Jack Gibson 


Dr. Michael S. Gilbert Annette W. Gillespie Dr. Dennis Kletzing 

Math/Computer Science Math/Computer Science Chairman Math/Computer Science 

Dr. F.M. Knapp 

David Lawson 

Math/Computer Science 

Dr. Thomas A. Lick 


Dr. Elizabeth Magarian 

Math/Computer Science 

Dr Kevin RIggs 


Dressed for success, Dr E. Garth Jenkins officiates at Phi Eta Sigma induction. Qf Gareth Williams Nancy Wilton 

Math/Computer Science Math/Computer Science Secretary 


Dr. Neal B. Long 

Dr. NealB. Long, chairman of the Economics Dept., spent 
five weeks during the summer of 1988 as a member of the 
Fulbright Summer Seminar Abroad in China. He had a 
chance to study all aspects of China, but particularly, "the 
fantastic changes (revolutions) the Chinese people are 
bringing about. This experience is leading me to make sig- 
nificant changes in my course [on the Economics of the 
Soviet Union and China]. Other members of the faculty and 
staff have been doing similar things. " 

Dr. T. Wayne Bailey 

Political Science 

Dr. John Booth 


Dr. Bruce Bradford 


Dr. Gerald Critoph 

American Studies 

Dr. Ann Jerome Croce 

American Studies 

Dr. Paul Jerome Croce 

Visiting Professor of 
American Studies 

Denise Heist 

Psychology Secretary 

Dr. Evans Johnson 


Dr. A. Richard Kindred 


Dr. Neal B. Long 


Dr Richard Medlin 


Dr John K. Schorr 


Student Life Assistant Amy Tamberrino and Stetson Hall R.A. Susan Bowman 
enjoy tite newly renovated third floor lounge with Ame Cividanes. 

Dr. Kevin O'Keefe 


Dr Charles B. Vedder 


Dr. Malcolm Wynn 



Capt. James R. Carlen 

Military Science 

Maj. William P. Duke 

Military Science 

2LT Todd Gustafson 

Military Science 

SGM Jesse Joyce 

Military Science 

Jo Anne McComb 

Military Science Secretary 

SSG George Smith 

Military Science 

Lt. Col. James W. Tarleton 

Military Science 

MSG Joseph Walker 

Military Science 

Lt. Col. Tarleton ties his smss seat wliile talking to SGM Joyce. 


Dr. Brakeman, Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Fant answer questions at the State of the 
University Address. 

Dr. Stephen Barnett 


Dr Thomas Bear 


Dr. Michael Boyd 


Dr. R. Peter Heine 


Dr. A.J. Lerro 

Business Administration 

Dr. James Mallett 


Dr Daniel Rosetti 


Dr. J.C. Stevens 



Sims D. Kline 

Sims Kline, Director of the Dupont-Ball Library, believes that 
the resources and services provided by the library contribute 
to the overall excellence of the university "I think ive have 
made significant progress in this effort and we certainly have 
ambitious goals for the future. " In October Mr Kline complet- 
ed publication of the fifth volume of "Literary Criticism Regis- 
ter: A r\/lonthly Listing of Studies in English and American 
Literature. " The LCR lists articles, books, and dissertations in 
the field of literature and is subscribed to by librarians, depart- 
ments, and individuals in the United States and abroad. 

Benjamin Garcia 

Print Shop 

Starr Germany 

Switchboard Supervisor 

Terry Grieb 

Instructional Media Services 

Gene Heintzman 

Physical Plant 

Betty D. Johnson 



Eugene W. Wilkins, Sr. 

Physical Plant 

John M. Wimer, Jr. 

Physical Plant 





1m HxrMCK 


Sfeteon jreen is a perfect 
place to study on a sunny 

day. Dennis Campbell gets 
some last minute cramming 

Art teactter Dan Gunderson liad a ifaluable student assistant in Stacey Cooley. 

Entertainer Riclt Kelley was one of the SUB Top Hat Entertainers that came to 
Stetson. Jaclde Cinotti and Top Hat Chairman Linda Holloway grabbed him for a 

stetson beauties Nicki Spirtos, April Duncan, and Erica Wilcox had the opportunity to flirt with "Stud Man" at a 
taping of MTV's Remote Control. 

*\yj^Z Caught with clean up duty during Greek festivities — Stetson leaders Catherine Deithorn, Lillian Washington, and Jim 

^' "•'*-' V*-*4, Daughton. 

Photo by James Moc'i 

Putting together a yearbook is anything but easy and I didn 't believe that until this 
year, but there were a few special people who made it a lot easier than it could have 
been. First, all of my section editors were wonderful — Brooke, Nicki, Kim, Shelli, Kim 
and Jerri — Thank you. Jim Goodfriend is a miracle man for raising all the money we 
needed with no experience and so little time. I'm so glad that we chose you. Next, if it 
weren't for Amy I would have had repeated nervous breakdowns at every deadline. 
Thank goodness for her Never-Say-Die attitude and ego-boosting pep talks. Finally thank 
you to honorary staff member Jim, who saved me on more than one occasion and for lis- 
tening quietly while I frequently aired my frustrations. I love you! 

I hope that you enjoyed this year's edition of the HATTER and that somehow my 
contribution made it better 


Editor, 1989 HATTER